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July 10, 2018 – Obrecht Pretends To Be a Kinkball, Justin Visits Wyatt & Hannah Has a Fake Birthday


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Jason tells Sonny to guard himself when it comes to his father. He has a lot going on, and he’s handling it as best he can. Sonny wishes he thought that way. Jason says if Sonny needs help with anything, let him know. Sonny asks about Peter, but Jason says he’s out of it. He hates that Peter is out there, but respects Anna’s right to handle it how she sees fit. Sonny says, he’ll walk away clean, but Jason says, maybe not. The PCPD hired Sam and Curtis to find him.

Sam meets Curtis at the MetroCourt. He’s surprised there’s no apology, and she asks, for what? He tells her that she woke him up at the crack of dawn. She calls him a baby, and he says, babies need their sleep. He says that the MetroCourt uses the Port Charles laundry service, and whoever was pushing that cart is not an employee there.

Finn tells Franco that there’s a part of this that’s not computing. The notes are about the PK Sinclair book. Why would Wyatt say that Obrecht was holding someone captive? While Peter isn’t necessarily responsible for her son’s death, do the math. Franco says he doesn’t like math, but if he’s doing it, he’s got it. He thinks Finn doesn’t really care about Peter. He’s just interested because of Anna.

Peter tells Nina that Wyatt promised he’d tell someone; the police could be there any minute. If they find them both there, it’s over for her; there’s no going back. Or, she could set him free. Nina says, then what? He’s in no shape to go anywhere. He says he’ll die or get caught. Either way, if the latter happens, and she’s set him free, he won’t implicate her. He won’t even mention her name; it’s a win-win. It’s a fair shot, especially for her. She can go back to her life with no consequences. He asks her to make the best choice for both of them. She walks to the bed, and starts to untie his wrists.

Doc visits Carly, asking if she’s ready for their session, or a visit. He asks how she is, and she says, fantastic. He wonders why he doesn’t believe her, and she says because she’s in Ferncliff. She asks if he brought the cards, and he produces a deck. He tells her that he’s happy to play poker, but since they’re here. how about using the time explore where she’s at? She asks if he’s still on that, and he says psychiatrists are persistent that way. She says, so he wants to explore her grief over Morgan.

Chase asks Nelle what she’s doing, and she says, looking for bridal gowns for pregnant women. He says she’d look beautiful in anything. He tells her the marriage to Michael isn’t going to work, and they both know it.

Jason asks Sonny what angle Michael is working. He wishes it didn’t involve marrying Nelle. Michael joins them, and says he’s glad they’re together. There’s been a development, and the wedding has been moved up. He and Nelle are getting married tomorrow.

Curtis tells Sam that the employee on duty called in sick. Whether they were a no show or really sick, they didn’t crack under questioning, but the employee who worked that night didn’t clock in until forty-five minutes after the time stamp on the security footage. All of the other employees were on other floors. The odds are increasing that someone was in the cart. Sam adds that there was no sign of Peter leaving the hotel.

Franco tells Finn not to overreact. Finn says, who’s overreacting? There’s only a guy tied to a bed who Obrecht is keeping prisoner. Franco says Obrecht isn’t thinking clearly; she just lost her son. Finn doesn’t care about Peter. He just cares about his girlfriend. Finn says he’s right. He doesn’t care, but Anna does. She needs to find her son. He’s going to do everything he can to get Peter out of the cabin alive. Finn gets in the elevator. Franco realizes Finn is definitely not changing his mind, and gets in the elevator with him.

Sonny asks Michael if it was Nelle’s idea to have the wedding as soon as possible, but Michael says it was his. He needs to be locked in for his strategy to work. Jason isn’t on board with it, but Michael says it’s not his decision. Sonny agrees, and says he trusts Michael to make the right one.

Carly tells Doc that Morgan’s death was a gift to Nelle. It gave her the edge to get to their family, and Carly walked right into it. She wanted to believe Morgan could come back. Doc says her feelings are natural and understandable, but she says he has to include Nelle. Carly says Nelle came to see her yesterday. Doc says it must have been an unwelcome visit, and Carly says he has no idea. Doc asks what she wanted, and Carly says Nelle wanted her to know she’d forgiven her, and managed to smile while she said it. After that, she jumped to goading, and told Carly a story about how she took Josslyn lingerie shopping. She doesn’t believe it, but Nelle saved the best for last. She and Michael are getting married. She had the ring to prove it, and was waving it under Carly’s nose. Doc asks about her reaction, since she seems calmer than he would have expected. Carly says that’s because she played it perfectly. She smiled, said all the right things, and outplayed Nelle. It’s the first time she’s felt like herself in months. Doc says, the real Carly. Carly says she finally turned it around, but she doesn’t understand why it took so long to get there. Doc says, since on they’re on the subject, why don’t they explore that for a while?

Nelle tells Chase that Michael loves her. Chase asks if he’s told her that, and Nelle says, it’s called forgiveness. Chase tells her, even if he says it, how long will it last? She says Michael doesn’t care what his family thinks, but Chase says, deep down he does. What if he divorces her? She’ll be stripped of everything, including her baby.

As Obrecht reaches the cabin, Finn calls her name. She accuses him of following her, but he says he and Franco were just out for a stroll. Obrecht tells them that she should call the police. Finn says, she should, but Franco says it’s not necessary. She asks if he supports this witch-hunt. Finn is harassing her to look more virile to his scarecrow girlfriend. She tells them it’s her special place where she comes to be alone. Franco encourages Finn to leave, but he kicks the door to the cabin open. Obrecht follows behind him, saying he’s breaking and entering. The cabin is empty.

Nelle says Chase clearly thinks her marriage is doomed, and needs to look at it objectively. He says he’s trying to help her. She asks if she’s supposed to leave the father of her baby. For what alternative? Chase says, him.

Jason tells Michael that Nelle is in a league of her own. No one has been able to handle her so far, even Sonny. Sonny says he didn’t see it coming. He’d been dealing with his dad, but now he sees it. Everyone does, even Michael. When he told Carly to have faith in Michael, he believed it. Michael says Nelle is overconfident. She got rid of his mother, and thinks she can do whatever she wants now; it makes her vulnerable. Sonny says Michael is a born strategist. After Sonny killed AJ, it was like looking at a stranger. It hurt like hell, but it was brilliant and it worked. If Michael wants to take Nelle down, he will.

Carly tells Doc the shower was the icing on the cake for Nelle. Carly gave her what she wanted. She was a furious, out of control person she didn’t even recognize. It helped create the divide with Josslyn. She couldn’t sit back and let Nelle spin her psycho wheels. She wishes she’d never been on the stairs, and Doc asks why she was. Carly tells him that Josslyn wanted her to apologize, and Doc says, so she was trying to repair things with daughter. Carly says she went upstairs, but Nelle’s taunts continued, then she had the baby blanket. She knows Nelle’s end game wasn’t never to fall down the stairs, but when it happened, it couldn’t have ended better. She and the baby were fine, and Carly came out looking certifiable. It’s not like her to let someone have that kind of power. She was focused on stopping Nelle, and keeping her out of Michael and Josslyn’s lives; she lost perspective. She could have fought Nelle in her sleep before. Doc asks, before what? It was about protecting Michael and Josslyn, the way she couldn’t protect Morgan.

Curtis says Sam was spot on, and they should concentrate on who was wheeling the cart. Sam says she went back, and focused more on the footage. She found something that might narrow their search.

Obrecht asks Finn and Franco if they found what they wanted. She tells them to leave the premises, and she’ll be expecting payment for the door. Franco tells Finn there’s nothing to find, but Finn wonders about the picture. He sees the restraints still tied to the bed, and asks where Peter is. Tell him, or he’ll get the cops; her choice. She asks Franco if he believes this nonsense. He says he doesn’t want to, but it is a little suspicious; tell them what happened. She says the boy did see something shocking, but it’s not what they think.

Chase tells Nelle that he believed in a girl who walked into the police station in Maine. Deep down, what she wants is to be loved and seen. He saw her, and swore she saw him too. Nelle says he followed her because he wanted payback; his fury is showing. Chase says he is angry; with himself. He didn’t take care of her when he had the chance.

Carly tells Doc when Morgan died, she was handed her first true defeat. Doc asks if she never lost before, and she says, not like that. She’s struggled more than once, but was always able to dig her way out, but sheer force of will or it just got better on its own. When Michael was in a coma, she refused to give up. She had Patrick perform experimental surgery, and Michael woke up. Doc says, Morgan won’t, and she says she hasn’t been able to come to grips with that. Even though he grew to be big and tall, she can still feel him in her arms like a baby. What happened to Morgan shot her instincts into overdrive. She didn’t want to fail her other kids the way she failed him. She takes responsibility. Ava came in her house, and tampered with Morgan’s medication. She and Sonny knew how hard he’d worked. It was a victory Ava took away from him, sending him on a downward spiral, and they knew it. They knew something was off, but didn’t want Morgan to know. They wanted him to think they had faith in him. He died doing something crazy because they were afraid to rock the boat. Doc thinks it’s difficult to get from point A to point B with that.

Michael thanks Sonny. Jason says it’s not about faith. He trusts Michael. Michael asks, why not on this? Jason says he loves Michael too much to let him throw his life away. Michael says the PCPD is backing him. Sonny wonders since when, and Michael says, recently. Sonny tells Michael that he wants to know everything.

Obrecht tells Finn and Franco it’s been a difficult time for her; losing her son was more pain than she could bear. She looked to others for relief. Kinky sex with a willing and adventurous partner. The boy did see someone tied to the bed, but not Henrik. Finn asks if Franco is buying this, and Franco says it’s not like there’s anything really incriminating. She says they failed to find Anna’s precious offspring. He’s out there somewhere, but hers is gone forever. Finn and Franco leave.

Sam tells Curtis that she couldn’t see a face, but she zoomed in on the shoes. She shows them to Curtis, who acts like he’s been blinded, saying, what are those? She says they’re sturdy work shoes like a lot of people wear. She tells him to look closer, and points out a heel, or what passes for one in unisex shoe world. Curtis asks if she thinks it’s a woman, and she says, bingo.

Obrecht sees Nina outside, and tells her Peter is gone. She tells Obrecht that he’s in the root cellar. He’s still secure, but exhausted. He can barely move, and it will take both of them to carry him.

Jason tells Michael that he’s out of his mind. Michael insists it’s going to work. Jason says he can’t do this to his parents, but Michael says it has nothing to do with them. Jason says they’re just getting back on their feet after losing Morgan, and Michael says to stop guilt tripping him. Jason says he’s just giving Michael the facts. He’s the one kid that Sonny and Carly raised together; he’s the heart of the family. Michael says his child is his heart, and it’s being held hostage. Jason says Nelle is crazy, dangerous, and violent. Michael says she’s in their lives because of him, so it’s up to him to fix it. This is the only way. If he doesn’t do this, Nelle will have as much say as he does in their child’s life, and he won’t have it. He would do anything to protect his child. Jason says that’s how his parents feel, but it’s his child, his choice, and his risk. Michael tells Jason not to take it away.

Doc tells Carly when terrible things happen, we can blame one thing or another, but it doesn’t matter. She’s endured the worst thing that can happen to a parent, but she’s here; living and breathing, and focused on moving forward. He asks what she wants her life to look like now, but there’s a knock at the door. It’s Sonny, who was told the session was wrapping up. Doc says, it is, and tells Carly that they’ll talk soon; she did the work. She gives him his cards, and when he leaves, Sonny hugs her. She’s glad he’s there, but why? He has something to tell her, and she says nothing can be worse than Nelle marrying Michael. Sonny says, even if they’re getting married tomorrow?

Franco says there was no sign of Faison Junior, but Finn says the restraints were there. He thinks they should get the police to dust for prints and look for DNA. Franco says if they find Peter, they’ll arrest him. Is that what Anna wants? Finn says it’s preferable to him being dead. Franco thinks he should discuss it with Anna first and get her approval. Finn walks away, and Franco messes with his phone.

Obrecht says Nina lied to her. Nina says she protected Obrecht, and to give Peter the meds as promised. Not that he deserves them. Obrecht says she knew Nina would fall prey to his so-called charms. Nina says he’s weak, and if it wasn’t for her, Obrecht would be in police custody. Obrecht wonders how Franco and Finn knew. Her phone dings, and she says it’s a text from Franco. Finn is thisclose to alerting the authorities. She tells Nina there’s been a change of plans. Forget the confession. They need to rid themselves of their prisoner, and leave no evidence. Obrecht comes at Peter with a pillow.

Chase says Nelle turned him in, but he can’t deny that he believed in her innocence. He would have done anything to prove it, but he didn’t get the chance. She asks if he really expects her to fall for this. He asks why it’s hard for her to believe someone loves her. He’s loved her since the first moment he laid eyes on her, and he’s thinking he always will.

Carly asks Sonny whose idea it was to move up the wedding, and Sonny says it’s Michael’s plan. She hopes he knows what he’s doing. Sonny does too, and asks how she is. She says, as well as can be expected. He asks how the session went, and she says they talked about Morgan, and how his death shaped everything that came after. She didn’t realize how her guilt affected things; it was her part in what happened. Sonny says their part. She says Morgan had been fine, but spent his last couple of days dealing with his bipolar disease. It was his choice, and they wanted to have faith in him, but knew something was off. If they’d trusted their instincts as parents, their son might still be there. Sonny holds her.

Nina says Obrecht is insane. She can’t kill him. Obrecht says, a life for life sounds good.

Sam shows Curtis the shoes on a website called Sesso Sesso. He says whoever has Peter is a female, and they’re going to find out who it is. Sam has a feeling they know them, and Curtis says he does too. Jason comes in and asks to talk to Sam. Curtis wonders who the kidnapper is.

Nina tells Obrecht not to try that again. Obrecht says, or what? Nina says she doesn’t want to know. The police could be there any minute; they have to hide him. Obrecht wonders where, sine the entire city must be on alert. Nina says Obrecht is going to listen to her now. She’s not killing him. Obrecht says, from where she’s standing, she has no other perspective.

Finn calls Anna, and leaves a message. He knows she’s busy, but it’s important. It’s about her son.

Jason wants to talk to Sam about Michael. A courier arrives, gives her an envelope, and she sets it down. Jason tells her that Michael is considering doing something dangerous, and told him not to interfere. She asks if it’s for his kid, and says, as a parent, it’s his right to take chances. Jason should understand. He’d take any risk for his kids, and no one could stop him, but she gets it. To him, Michael is one of his kids. He says he can’t stand by watch and watch it happen.

Chase understands Nelle acting impulsively to save herself, but Michael isn’t the man for her. Just because they share a child doesn’t mean they should rush into marriage. It would be the worst thing for her and the baby. Michael appears, and tells Chase to get away from Nelle. He asks if Nelle is okay, and she says, now that he’s there. Before he leaves, Chase asks if this is for her or the baby. Nelle thanks Michael for showing up. Chase was dredging up the past, and he’s delusional. Michael says that’s one more reason to get married tomorrow. He talked to Ned, who will be glad to officiate. Nelle has some things to do, but Michael says he has one more thing discuss.

Carly says they can’t let Morgan’s death be for nothing. They need to learn from their mistakes, and trust their gut. Sonny says, and protect their kids no matter what. He tells her that they’ll survive this like they’ve survived everything else. Carly knows they will.

Nelle asks Michael if there’s something wrong. He says he just wants the business stuff out of the way before the wedding. He wants her to sign a prenuptial agreement, and asks if she has a problem with that.

Sam tells Jason that Michael grew into a man, who learned from him how protect the people he loves, no matter what the cost. It’s hard to stand back. Jason says he doesn’t know if he’s strong enough, and Sam reminds him that he told her, sometimes we have to force ourselves to do what we don’t want to. She says, speaking of things she doesn’t want to do, and picks up the envelope. She tells him it’s the divorce papers. Her marriage is officially over.

Tomorrow, Nelle wants to talk to a lawyer, Chase wants to talk to Finn about their father, and Peter tells Obrecht to choose between revenge and freedom.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Benny is arrested for robbery and attempted murder. Hanna says they’ll figure it out. Benny struggles, insisting he didn’t do it. One of the officers asks if there’s anything in his pockets, and another one pulls out stacks of cash. Benny says he borrowed it. As he’s put in the car, Hanna says she’ll call a lawyer.

Hanna tells Candace every time she comes around this is what happens. Candace asks why they arrested Benny, but Hanna says, don’t worry about it. Candace wants to help, and Hanna asks, like she helped with Quincy or helped with the drugs and the car? Candace says Benny is her brother, and Hanna asks if she knows that. Candace tells Hanna she just wants the money, but Hanna isn’t letting her near it. She’ll give it to the FBI first. Candace says, no crime was committed, and Hanna tells her to move out of the way; she’s not getting a damn thing. Candace tells Hanna not to make her show how evil she can be, but Hanna says she sees it all the time. Candace asks if she wouldn’t rather own her house. Hanna says she works for what she owns, and Candace says, she does too, but Hanna doesn’t think selling ass is a job. Candace says if Hanna doesn’t give her the money, she’ll make her. Hanna would like to see her do that. Candace says, okay, like I say okay sometimes, when it really means, just try it and see what happens.

Erica asks David if everything is okay. She leads him to the bathroom where there’s a bubble bath with rose petals in it. She made him a bath and there’s champagne. He says it’s early, but she says they’re mimosas and have orange juice in them. They get in the tub. Erica wants him to relax; no thinking about crazy exes or burning cars, and no talking about it either. He has to tell her one thing though. He needs her to be careful. Things are different now; he raised the bar. She asks what he did, and he says he hit Veronica; it just happened. He went over to tell her to stop with Jeffrey, and she wouldn’t listen. She started pushing and slapping him, and he lost it. Erica says, it’s okay, but he says, it isn’t. Erica says he needs to forgive himself. David says for all those years, Veronica was his wife and he protected her. Last night, he hit her. Erica says she pushed him, and he’s only human. He says it wasn’t him, and he can’t believe he did it. She wishes her ex hadn’t abused her, but this is different. Veronica abused him; she broke the window in his house, and set his car on fire. She tells him to forgive himself. He asks if she can forgive him, but she says he doesn’t need her to; it’s okay. He’s safe there, and she loves him. He loves her too. They get busy in the tub.

On the phone, Veronica says she’s tracking it. It has the address, and she’ll meet them there. Her doorbell rings. Dude asks why she summoned him, and she gives him a picture, saying it’s his target. He says he’s got it, and hands it back. Veronica wants her too, and he’s also got that. He asks where his money is, and she says he’ll get it when it’s done. He says he’s not a rookie. She says, he hit me, and she’s on that roll again. Dude says he’s got her, but needs something. She throws some stacks of money at him, because apparently, this is how people keep money around the house in Savannah. He says it will get it done. She tells him don’t call, and don’t text; she’ll reach out to him. He says, nice house, and she tells him to put it out of his memory. He’s never going to see it again. He says she’s still cold blooded, and she says he’d better know it. He asks how she wants it done, and she says, big, with big explosions; now get out. He finds the dark side of her attractive, and she asks what would she do with his broke ass?

After dude leaves, Veronica’s phone rings. It’s RJ, who asks how she is. She says, fine; bye. He wants to see her again, but she isn’t in the mood to be a sugar momma. She tells him to find someone else, and ends the call.

At the Artisian, Gia says RJ must really like Candace. He says he’d like to hit that. He knows she gives Gia a hard time, but she can learn a lot. Gia tells him that Candace beat Rocky’s ass with a golf club because he crossed her up. He says maybe Rocky shouldn’t have done it. Gia says he does have it bad. He tells her he’s going to make enough money to go to LA. He’s going to be a huge star, so she should get his autograph before it’s too late. Gia says she had big dreams too, but she’s still in Savannah. RJ says he’s not her, and she says he’s right. A bandaged-up Rocky asks to see RJ. RJ meets him in the back, and asks if he really crossed Candace up. Rocky asks if he knows anything, and RJ says he’s Team Rocky not Team Candace. Rocky says, don’t worry; she’s going to be taken care of. He knows RJ likes her, but she’s not what he thinks she is.

RJ calls Candace and says, you got dude real bad. She tells him to speak proper English, and he asks what happened with Rocky. Candace tells him that he doesn’t want to mess with her. Crazy as she is, she needs him and Gia, and they can get enough to get out. RJ says he’s in. Candace says a convention is coming in town, and they need to run them hard. She also needs to find some muscle. RJ wonders for who, and she says, her mother for one; call them now.

Sarah’s phone rings. It’s Jim, wanting to say hello. She says she gave him what he wanted; leave her alone. He asks what she’s wearing, and she says she’s not doing this. He asks if there’s any more evidence. He wants them left with a circumstantial case. She says he has the main, but he says he wants it all. She says the only other thing is his son. Jim says he’ll handle Wyatt. Sarah hopes he’s not going to hurt him, and Jim asks if she thinks he’s a madman. (Actually, yes.) She says no, and he tells her if she did, he’d have to start demanding things. She mentions the whore in the bar, and tells Jim that she’s an undercover informant, trying to uncover information on him and Candace. There’s a prostitution ring at the hotel, and the bartenders and manager are in on it. They think he might be too. That’s all she has. Jim calls her a good little girl, and thanks her. When the call is over, Jim says, son-of-a-bitch. He has something to do with a prostitution ring.

Jeffrey asks for drink at the hotel bar. RJ thinks they met in jail, but Jeffrey doesn’t remember him. RJ says it must have been someone else. He calls Gia, saying, nice shoes, nice watch, nice money. Gia says she saw it, and approaches Jeffrey. She tells him that she loves his shirt, and runs her hand down his sleeve. She asks if he’s checking in and if it’s his first time. Jeffrey says he stays there a lot, and she introduces herself. When she gets no response, she says, and his name is…? Jeffrey says, gay, and I laugh. Gia says nice to meet him, but he says, no. Gay as in meaning he’s not interested. She says, a girl can hope. She wanders off, and RJ tells Jeffrey, sorry; she always wants to flirt. Jeffrey says she’s a hooker, and RJ hopes he’s not interested; a married man like him. Jeffrey says he’s not married; he’s gay RJ says he thought so. He kind of has radar. Jeffrey asks if RJ is gay, and RJ says he is. He thinks Jeffrey is cute, and asks if he’s seeing somebody. Jeffrey asks if he’s flirting, and RJ says, yes. Jeffrey is flattered, but in no mood. RJ offers to do all the work, but Jeffrey repeats he’s not interested. RJ says, yet, and gets him another drink.

Jim approaches Gia. She says she’s glad to see him. He tells her that he has a room.

Wyatt needs a fix, but the nurse says they can’t do that there. He wants to get out, but she says they can’t do that either. She says she’ll get the doctor, and Justin walks in as she walks out. Wyatt says he’s not supposed to be there, but he just wants to talk. Wyatt has nothing to say, and Justin says, since he’s all tied up (BA-DUM-CHH!), he’s going to listen. Wyatt yells for the nurse, and Justin says he can scream all he wants, but they don’t like him that much. Justin tells Wyatt that he has a belt. He can tie it up, so Wyatt can hang himself. He’s just there to assist him. Wyatt tells him to get the eff out. Justin says he has heroin, but Wyatt says he’s not doing that. Justin says, no junkie can refuse it. Wyatt is keeping Jeffrey from him. Wyatt says he’s not gay, and Justin says, neither is he. Wyatt calls him a sick son-of-a-bitch (phrase of the night). Justin says Jeffrey loves Wyatt. He tries to hide it, but Justin knows it. He can see Wyatt wants the heroin; he’s starting to sweat. He has it bad. Justin can see it all over his body. Wyatt stares at the baggie in Justin’s hand. Justin says he can’t resist, and Wyatt tells him to put it away. Justin says he can just slip it into his arm, and Wyatt says, I’m wearing a straitjacket, dumbass. Justin says he’s actually pretty good, and can use another spot. Justin pulls out some works, and says he’ll just cook it up here. Wyatt tells him to put it away, but Justin says he needs it. He can’t just kick on his ow

Justin wonders what Wyatt has that he doesn’t. He touches Wyatt, and says, nice, but he’s got Wyatt beat. Wyatt tells him to get the hell out. Justin says the heroin is coming with him, which is fine with Wyatt. Justin suggests he take it, and Wyatt asks, why? So Justin can kill him? Justin says, no; so Wyatt can feel better. Justin puts some heroin in the spoon and heats it with a lighter. The nurse walks in and says he’s not supposed to be there this long. Here’s a clue – the heroin wasn’t supposed to be there at all. Wyatt says Justin is a friend of his, and they were just talking. The nurse is like, no, and Justin saunters out.

I have finally found a hospital more lax than the one on General Hospital.

Jim sees Oscar, and tells Gia go to his room. He asks Oscar where his damn money is, but Oscar doesn’t have it yet. He says he’s sorry, and Jim says, stop telling him that and get the money. Oscar says he will as soon as he finds Candace. Jim asks what happened to his head, and Oscar says, long story. Jim wants to know how much David told him, and who his sources are. Oscar says he has his ways, and Jim hopes he was told Jim is a real son-of-a-bitch when he’s wronged. He tells Oscar there are things worse than death, and Oscar says he doesn’t like being threatened. Jim gets knocks Oscar up against the wall, and gets his head in a viselike grip. He bets Oscar doesn’t like this. He’s running out of time. Oscar needs to find the bitch, the money, and the time to leave. Oscar pushes Jim away, and says he’ll find the damn money.

Jim goes to his room, and says he missed Gia terribly. She says she’s here now, and Jim says, yes, she is. First things first, he wants to know everything she knows about Candace, and everything Candace told her. She doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He tells her that she’ll see how badly it goes for her if she plays games. He knows she’s a DA informant; they can start there. What has she told them? She says, nothing; she hasn’t said anything. He asks if she’s been wearing a wire, and she says he saw her naked. He wonders why not? She says she was supposed to get him to relax, then start to wear one. He believes it, and thinks it might actually be a good thing he can use. Gia says she doesn’t want to go deeper, but Jim says it’s way too late. She says she has to leave; she can’t do this. He says she’s not leaving until he’s done with her. They have a new arrangement; no more cash on the dresser. He tells her to take off her clothes. She begs, but he grabs her, and pushes her onto the bed.

Hanna waits at the station. Kathryn comes out, and Hanna asks what she’s doing there. She says she had to take care of some things. Hanna tells her that Benny was arrested for the thing she told Kathryn about. She called Marty while she was driving there, and he said he was on his way. She knows he didn’t do it. Kathryn says Marty will get him out and get him off. Hanna hopes so. She thanks Kathryn, who has to go, and talks to the desk sergeant.

Kathryn cries in the car. Like a heart-wrenching cry. I want to cry watching her. If she cries much longer, I’ll be sobbing uncontrollably over my keyboard.

RJ gives Jeffrey another drink on him. Jeffrey asks if he does this for everyone, but RJ says just the ones he likes. He thinks Jeffrey is cute, and asks if Jeffrey thinks he is. Jeffrey says, just a little. He thinks RJ is pushy, but RJ says he goes after what he wants. He suggests they talk about it in his room, but Jeffrey doesn’t think so. RJ tells him to bill the drinks to his room, he’ll get the number, and go up on his break. Jeffrey is all, no, and leaves to sit at a table.

Candace calls RJ, and asks if he’s seen Oscar. They make plans to meet later. She tells him she’s coming through the lobby. He asks if she’s sure she wants to do this, and she tells him, don’t question her. He needs to know their next move. She asks if anyone is watching, and he says, no. She crosses the lobby.

Candace’s elevator door opens, and Oscar jumps in. He knocks her all around the cab, and drags her out. On his floor, I presume. He passes some guests and say she had too many shots. He brings her into his room, and throws her on the couch. He asks her where the money is, and slaps her. He keeps asking, but turns around for moment. When his back is to Candace, she pushes him out the window. I gasp. Wow. That was quite a little scene.

Next time, Kathryn tells Hanna that Wyatt shot Uncle Vinnie, Wyatt tells Kathryn that he hates her and Jim, and Veronica tries to get Melissa from Hanna’s house.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Josh hassles Adam about getting some food. Hannah tells him that they were waiting on the last guest, and Adam wonders why he has a guest is in the galley. He’d thought they were communicating. Dinner is finally served, and Adam comes upstairs to explain the dishes. He had me at crispy leeks. Josh pronounces it Michelin Star food. Hanna tells Adam again that the last guest wasn’t seated. He tells her if there’s a next time, asks the primary if they should start serving.

João wants to upgrade his position. In her interview, Captain Sandy says she sees how hard João has been working, which makes her love him. This annoys Conrad, who says he’s been working his own ass off.

Kasey finds some animal masks on a guest’s bed, and shows Jamie. Jamie puts on the unicorn mask. In her interview, Kasey wonders what role playing in the bedroom is like. Snort-snort.

The guests proclaim dinner incredible, and move to the Jacuzzi. Some animal masks appear, and I don’t want to know. Josh tries to flirt with Kasey. Brooke asks if Conrad is thinking about a future with Hannah. Conrad says he likes her, and it would be nice to see her away from the boat. In his interview, Conrad says the boat is an environment where everything is heightened, and there’s no escape. You want to find a rock, and Hannah surprised him. Everyone finally turns in.

Adam pops breakfast buns in oven, and makes breakfast sandwiches that look like they’re to die for. He shows Kasey how to serve with several plates on her arm. The guests are impressed with the breakfast sandwiches. Colin tells Brooke if he could rearrange the alphabet, he’d put U and I together. Everybody goes, aww. Not really.

The yacht shoves off to Capri, and anchor is dropped in a new area. Kasey, Jamie, and Colin are setting up lunch on shore. Adam gets testy because the food should have been in the fridge. Hannah doesn’t think it’s a big deal, and tells him just put it in until she asks for it. Conrad drops the others off at the pier.

Hannah tells Brooke that in her eight years of yachting, she’s never been on the boat on her birthday. She thinks the decorations they have are tacky. In her interview, Brooke feels tension coming from Hannah, because she likes João. She wants to show Hannah that she cares about their friendship, and even though it’s not Hannah’s birthday until the fall, she promises to plan something special.

Colin tells us there are no mountains on Long Island, so he’s thrilled that lunch is at the top of one. The view is spectacular. Coming over in the tender, Josh says the girls look like Jackie O. Conrad welcomes them to Capri. The food is delivered. Everything and everyone has to go up in these little cars like a ski lift. At the yacht, João gets jet skis out. In her interview, Captain Sandy says he has a great attitude and he never stops

The guests are literally in the clouds, and more than thrilled. Hannah says they’re crying; it’s a good sign. Josh toasts to good friends and an amazing trip. Conrad asks Hannah about a second date, saying could do something like this. Colin thinks João should ask Kasey out. João he doesn’t want to be with anyone, but gets drunk and flirty. He doesn’t want a relationship, but likes the attention.

The guests go into town. Hannah and Conrad take a selfie and kiss. In her interview, Hannah says Conrad has a softness and vulnerability. She’s developing genuine feelings, so it’s confusing. Brooke talks to Adam about Hannah’s birthday. Adam says Hannah makes him nuts, but they have fun together. The guests return to the yacht.

Adam says the picnic isn’t as glam as he likes it on the boat, so he’s doing up dinner. A lot of amore, but not too spicy. Giant swells start to come up, and the captain says it’s getting rough. Two of the guests gets sick. Captain Sandy says it doesn’t look good, which isn’t something you want to hear from your captain. She decides to slowly cruise back to Naples. Kasey gets sick, but rallies. The captain explains they’re going to the mainland where they’ll be protected by the mountains. I note there are tiny white lights throughout the centerpiece, and the sick guests show up anyway. I would too, even if I had to crawl. Hannah tells Adam the sick guests requested chicken soup. In his interview, Adam says they just went over it. We flash back to him telling Hannah if it’s not requested in advance, it won’t be made. He says had he known there were sick guests, he’d have prepped something more effective, like with ginger. Chicken soup isn’t going to cure their seasickness. Adam likes a lot of control, but my take is that the guests are supposed to get whatever they want, whenever they want.

Captain Sandy says it’s getting calmer as they head inland. I’m pretty sure I’d eat this dinner, even if I thought it was going to return later. Hannah asks the captain if she wants to eat. Captain Sandy says she can’t now, and Hannah goes to put it in the fridge. The captain changes her mind, and tells Conrad to bring it anyway. Hannah doesn’t understand why they’re even having service in this weather. Captain Sandy grows impatient waiting for Conrad. She says it’s frustrating, and he looks like an idiot. She calls him to the bridge, and finally goes downstairs herself. She tells Conrad, who is talking with Hannah, that when she calls him, don’t stop to have a chat. She goes to get her own food.

Josh says this is the yachting life; at the mercy of the sea. The captain is like, wtf? with Conrad, and says he’s obviously lost focus on his primary role as a crew member. Adam sets some pasta on fire. The entree is saffron risotto lobster, and I’m in. Anchor is dropped in Naples. Conrad tells Hannah that the captain wants him to set up the slide at 7 am, and bring it back up at 10:30. He doesn’t understand the logic. The guests take their unicorn mask and go to bed.

It’s the last day of charter. Josh says it doesn’t suck, and asks for a breakfast sandwich again. Jamie asks Colin how long he’s had the feels for Brooke, but he insists he doesn’t. She asks why he doesn’t want to talk, and he says it’s 8:30. He doesn’t like talking until half past ten. I’m with him there. Hannah tells Kasey that she’s having a fake birthday dock party. Kasey thinks Brooke is kissing ass.

Captain Sandy is irritated with pretty much anything Conrad does or says. Brooke tells João about doing the dock barbecue. Anchor is pulled up. Conrad tells Hannah about the captain almost biting his head off. Captain Sandy sees some stuff that should have been done, and tells Conrad he has to make them a priority. Conrad doesn’t understand what her problem is.

The crew changes into their whites. None of the guests are happy about leaving. Josh says it was bucket list beyond, the food was incredible, and the staff made the trip. He hopes to do it again. Conrad tells Captain Sandy that he thinks there’s been a shift in communication and the way they work together. She says it’s the Hannah thing that annoys her. In her interview, she says Conrad has to figure out who he is, the bosun or Hannah’s boy, and pick one. Whoa.

There’s a fake birthday party committee meeting. Adam doesn’t know what Hannah likes, other than wine and cigarettes. Hannah tells Conrad that if the captain doesn’t want the bosun communicating with the chief strew, fine; they won’t talk. In her interview, Hannah says they’ll see how smoothly the boat runs when they don’t talk.

At the tip meeting, Captain Sandy confuses me with that euro thing again, but it’s $1080 a person. Even she thinks it’s not as heavy as it should be, but tells them not to take it personally. She commends João for his hard work. She says they have to turn the boat around, but they’ll have time off tomorrow. She scored a day at the beach club for them. In her interview, Kasey says she’s gotten through the wrath of Hannah and seasickness. João calls some friends who are just outside the port, and invites them to Hannah’s party, saying, a fake birthday for fake person. Jamie says Conrad’s mind has evacuated the premises.

Adam, Brooke, and Conrad go into town to get decorations. Adam talks Conrad into getting Hannah a pair of Crocs because she hates them. In the crew mess, João tells Colin the beer tastes like bad decisions coming. Everyone gets dressed, and Kasey announces that Hannah is, thirty, flirty and thriving. Colin thinks he has a good connection with Brooke, but he’s the worst at reading girls, and isn’t sure if he’s stuck in the friend zone. Yep, he’s the worst. Everyone gathers on the deck, along with a stray cat. Adam barbecues, and Hannah declares it the best birthday ever. Brooke tells João’s friend that João is a nice guy, but acts like a bit of a d*ck. She finds it amusing. João thinks the penny dropped, and he knows what he wants. It’s Kasey, and Brooke looks bummed.

Conrad gives Hannah the Crocs, and says it was his idea not Adam’s. Hannah thinks thirty is the age where you stop loving birthdays. She freaks over the pink Crocs, puts them on for a second, and throws them into the water. It’s time for several cakes. Hannah and Conrad have a cake fight, and chase around. They kiss at the top of a bridge. Adam says it was anti-climactic, and everyone boos. Brooke tells Adam it’s a love triangle. João says he’s happy for once, but he’s probably just drunk. Conrad says it was his first food fight. Believe it or not, I’ve never had a food fight. Or been in a bar fight. And I’ve been in some pretty dicey bars. Brooke asks how João is doing. Adam says it was a proper dock party. Brooke tells João they have blatant chemistry. In her interview, she says she doesn’t want any regrets. She asks him how he feels, and he kisses her. What I feel is that he’s a d-bag. Colin is like, whaaat? Kasey calls bullsh*t.

Next time, Hannah tells Brooke to stay away, Jamie gets very sick, primary horrible guest Kenny returns, João cries, and Hannah pours her heart out to Captain Sandy.

🌅 Calling It a Morning…

And hoping the editing was on point.



July 3, 2018 – Nelle Visits Carly, David Pimp Slaps Veronica, Tales from Bravoland & Independence Day Fun


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Michael says he told his mom that he’d look out for his family and protect them. Sonny says his mom is his family, and she’s in Ferncliff, thanks to Nelle setting her up. Sonny wants to tell her about the impending marriage before someone else does. Michael says there’s something else she needs to know.

Julian and Kim go to The Floating Rib, and see Brad and Lucas there. Sam asks Lucas why he’s so serious, and he says he needs Sam’s help.

Terry and Elizabeth go down Memory Lane. Cameron, who’s aged quite a lot in a very short time, comes downstairs, and Elizabeth introduces him to Terry. He leaves for the fireworks, and Elizabeth tells Terry that he’s a pretty responsible kid. Terry says, so he’s nothing like they were. Franco comes home, and Elizabeth introduces her childhood friend. Franco says Elizabeth told him that Terry was her first kiss. Terry says she’s proud of it, but she went by he at the time.

Oscar unpacks a picnic at the park. Josslyn asks if there’s room for one more. He says he wasn’t sure she would show, and she apologizes for ripping his head off the last time they were together.

Rupert tells Carly that she has a visitor. Nelle says, hi, grandma, explaining to Rupert that Carly is her baby’s grandma, not hers. Rupert asks if Carly wants him to escort Nelle out. She says, no, but wait outside; she won’t be long. Nelle says the place is worse than she imagined. Carly tells her maybe one day she’ll find out for herself. Nelle says, someone is in a bad mood, but she has news to make Carly’s day. She’s been thinking long and hard about the damage that’s been done, and has one way to make better. Nelle says she forgives Carly.

Michael tells Jason and Sonny that his mom warned him about Nelle, and he has to pay for his mistakes.  paying for his mistakes. Sonny doesn’t see it that way, and wants to protect Michael. Michael says Sonny has; now it’s his turn. He’s going into the marriage with his eyes wide open. Sonny says, it’s a losing battle. Michael says to tell Carly it’s going to be okay. Even if he’s lying, say he believes in Michael.

Terry doesn’t want to intrude, but Elizabeth and Franco ask her to stay. Terry asks if Franco is weirded out, but he says he’s relieved. He had been a little jealous. Terry appreciates the candor, and Franco says Elizabeth could have clued him in to… Terry explains it’s called gender transition, and that Elizabeth didn’t know. They drink to surprises.

Lucas and Brad talk about including everyone in family gatherings, and ask Sam if she’ll be there. She says Danny loves being a big brother, and will take on a new cousin like a champ. Brad says this is really happening.

Kim asks if Julian wants to talk about it. He wonders what there is to talk about. She says his son and daughter are there, and not even looking in his direction. He’s glad they’re spending time together. He’d like to be a part of it, but thinks it’s too late to be a father to them. Kim disagrees, at least with Lucas. Maybe he can’t be a full-fledged father, but he can have a relationship. She saw them at the hospital, and it’s not lost on Lucas how hard he’s tried. She thinks he has a chance.

Josslyn says Oscar seems bummed. He tells her that he hates his mom being with Julian. He knows things are hard for Josslyn with her family right now, but Josslyn says they can’t do anything about their moms tonight, so they should enjoy what they can control. They have an awesome spot for the fireworks. They kiss, and Cameron appears, asking if he’s interrupting.

Carly can’t believe Nelle came all that way just to say she forgives her. Nelle says it’s an important part of healing. Carly says making peace means so much to her. Being in there isn’t ideal, but she sees how much she needed it, and is going to do whatever work it takes to get back to her family. Nelle says, ever growing family, and Carly asks how she’s feeling. Nelle says, wonderful. Michael is waiting on her hand and foot. The pregnancy went by quickly, and there’s been a lot going on. Carly says Nelle has been busy, but Nelle says, never too busy for her.

Sonny tells Michael that he does believe in him, and to take care of himself. Jason tells Michael these are not normal circumstance. Nelle will do anything to get what she wants. Michael says, she wants him. Sonny says they don’t know what she’ll do now. He and Jason explain about the flyer, and how Nelle was trying to make Carly believe his brother was still alive. There’s no line Nelle won’t cross. Michael says he’s smart enough to call for help if he needs it. Sonny has to go, and tells Michael to be careful. After he leaves, Jason asks Michael why the hell he’s marrying Nelle.

Brad thinks it’s the perfect time, and Sam asks, for what? Lucas says they would be grateful if she’d be their baby’s godmother. She’s an amazing mom, and they know if it came to it, she’d go to the ends of the earth for their kid. She’s in, and they make a toast to the godmother. Julian approaches the table, and hopes the baby arrives safely, healthy, and happy. They thank him, and he says he wants it for both their families. Lucas says they’ll let him know when the baby arrives. He goes back to his table, and Sam says her first order of business as godmother is to advise they don’t let Julian in the baby’s life.

Terry says she wasn’t brave; she was scared to death. Elizabeth says that’s why she’s so brave. Franco asks if there was a turning point, and Terry says the older she got, the more trapped she felt, until she couldn’t stand it. Elizabeth can’t believe Terry didn’t tell her. Terry says back then, she just felt like something was off, but she was comfortable and could be herself with Elizabeth. Elizabeth wishes she’d been there to offer support, and Terry says she didn’t know. Elizabeth asks about her parents. Terry tells her, at first, they didn’t know what was happening. Terry acted out with negative behaviors, and they just wanted her to get better, but when it meant that they had to acknowledge she was a girl, no one wanted it. Least of all her brother.

Josslyn explains to Oscar that she and Cameron grew up together. Cameran tells him how they got married in elementary school, and Josslyn ate the licorice ring. Cameron asks how Oscar likes Port Charles, and Oscar says Josslyn has been showing him the ropes. Cameron tells them he’s life-guarding this summer. Josslyn says Oscar has an internship with his dad, and she’ll be reporting for duty as a camp counselor. Cameron says they can hang out.

Nelle gets Carly some water. She says she’s been spending time with Josslyn; they have special bond. Josslyn is excited about becoming aunt. Carly says Josslyn is growing up, and Nelle says, in more ways than one. Carly asks what that means. Nelle says Josslyn confided in her about her relationship with Oscar. It sounds like things are heating up. She hopes Carly doesn’t mind, but she took Josslyn to buy some lingerie; nothing trashy, but age appropriate. Whatever that means at age fourteen. Carly says she trusts Nelle implicitly, and Nelle says then she won’t mind that she asked Josslyn to be her maid of honor. Michael proposed. She asks if she can call Carly mom. Carly says she’s speechless. Nelle says she couldn’t believe it either. The alone time brought them closer with no interference. Carly asks when, and Nelle says, as soon as possible. They’re going to be a true family from the start. Carly thinks it’s amazing. Getting married for the sake of baby is great, although those marriages don’t always last. She married AJ for Michael’s sake. Nelle asks if Carly doesn’t think Michael will love her, and Carly says he put a ring on it, but just because a couple can make a baby doesn’t mean they should be married. Nelle says, not her and Michael, and Carly tells Nelle that she’s right. Rupert tells Carly she has another visitor. Sonny asks what the hell Nelle doing there.

Michael tells Jason to let Nelle think her plan worked, and that he’s in love with her. Over-confident people make mistakes. Jason says she killed her last fiancé; he’s risking his life. Michael says he gets it. Nelle is dangerous and evil and all those things. He’s not pretending she isn’t, but she’s carrying his child. She put his mother, and Jason’s best friend, in an institution. There’s no limit to what she’ll do, but she’s not playing him again. It’s his turn, and he guarantees he’ll win.

Sam tells Lucas he has an I-feel-bad-for-dad face. Lucas says Julian did what he wanted, and respected the boundaries. Sam needs to stand down. Sam says, not when it comes to Julian. She strongly suggests he do the same.

Kim tells Julian that wasn’t so bad, but he says he can feel the arctic chill. He doesn’t expect things to change. He’s concerned about Lucas not knowing anything about the birth mother though. She can snatch the baby back at any minute, and he doesn’t want Lucas robbed of the chance to be a father.

Terry tells Elizabeth that her brother hasn’t spoken to her since her transition. Elizabeth says she must have felt betrayed. Terry says he thinks she just decided she was over being a boy, and would rather be a girl, but she was finally reconciling her physical and emotional sides. Franco says she was freed to be seen for who she really is. He gets it. He knows the pain of rejection. They agree it stinks.

Carly tells Sonny that Nelle came to tell her that she and Michael are getting married. Sonny thought she was getting her ring sized. Nelle says the jeweler is close by. Sonny says he can’t stop the marriage, but he’s not letting her get in his wife’s face. Nelle says she’s glad to brighten Carly’s day. Carly tells her to give Michael a hug, and when she’s gone, tells Sonny, this is not happening.

Michael tells Jason the mistakes his parents have made were because they let emotions get in the way. The baby is 100% innocent, and he’s going to protect it at all costs. He needs to make Nelle feel comfortable, secure, and loved as long as it takes to exonerate his mom. Right now, he needs to focus on the baby. Jason says he couldn’t do it, and respects him for that. He tells Michael that every time he lies, it will cost him. Michael says he knows it, and Jason tells him not to give up his soul for her. Make sure he can live with his choices. Michael says he can live with anything, as long as his mom and the baby are safe.

Kim realizes that’s why Julian wanted to know about the records. He says he wants to know the deal with the birth mother – and father. Does the father even know? He doesn’t want anyone hurt in this scenario, especially his son. Kim tells him that he’s not a party. As much as it stinks, it’s out of his control. She asks, given his experience, if it’s hard to be with her because of what she did to Drew.

Lucas tells Sam that he loves and is grateful to her. They drink to the baby.

Jason goes to the footbridge.

Elizabeth wishes she’d been there, and Terry asks if she thinks she could have talked sense into her brother Sean. Elizabeth says she could have been a friend and listened. Terry says she’s doing that now, but Elisabeth wonders why Terry didn’t confide in her sooner. Terry says for one thing, she was gone, and Elizabeth was her Biz. She couldn’t stand the thought of rejection. Elizabeth realizes Terry thought she wouldn’t accept her.

Cameron has camp training early, and leaves. Oscar says he seems like an okay guy, but he’s not going to lie. He likes it being just the two of them. Josslyn says, her too.

Carly tells Sonny that Nelle is dangerous. He says Michael knows, but she says Nelle is psychotic dangerous. She’s a sociopath who killed her last fiancé. Does Sonny want Michael to go next? Carly tells him that he has to do whatever it takes to stop it.

Julian says he doesn’t judge Kim’s choices about Oscar. The situation is different. She wasn’t trying to keep Drew from his son. She says she could have worked harder. He says she did the best she could. She did what was necessary, and he respects her decisions. She says, then instead of jumping to the worst case scenario with the biological parents, he should think that they’re doing what’s in the best interest of their child; giving them to a good home. Julian says he wasn’t able to protect Lucas growing up, and doesn’t want him to get hurt. Kim says, getting hurt is part of the job. He thanks her for listening. He appreciates her solid advice – and her.

Terry tells Elizabeth that she’s knocked on a few doors, and not many have been as warm and welcoming. Elizabeth says Terry is her friend. She loves her, and nothing will change that. She asks if Terry would like to stay with them, but she has a consult in morning. Elizabeth is excited that she’ll be working at GH, and says she has to come to the wedding. Terry is her oldest friend. Terry agrees, as long as Elizabeth stops calling her old. She’s happy Elizabeth found Franco. She tells Franco that Elizabeth has a huge, compassionate heart that was meant to be shared with someone like him. He says he’s a lucky guy, and grateful. Terry leaves, and Franco hugs Elizabeth.

Sonny says Michael is doing this because he feels guilty. He’s been beating himself up for getting involved with Nelle, and her ending up in Ferncliff. Carly says they’ve already lost Morgan; they can’t lose Michael. Sonny tells her that Michael is a grown man. He trusts Michael, and she needs to trust him. She says it’s Nelle who she doesn’t trust. She might kill him out of spite. He says Michael’s got it, and she asks if he’s got Michael. He says, always. Sonny has some good news about the flyer on her car. He says, invisible ink, and laughs. Carly calls Nelle a bitch, and asks if he can prove it. He says not that Nelle is behind it, but they’re trying. Until then, everything has to stay as it is. Carly says, so she stays in there, and Michael marries Nelle.

Michael asks how the sizing went, and Nelle says, actually, she went to visit his mom instead. She wanted to tell her about the engagement personally. She thought if she could explain how much she loves him and the baby, it would make it easier, but no such luck. Michael doesn’t think it’s a good time to reach out. Carly is still in recovery, and needs space. Nelle apologizes, saying she was so happy, she wanted to share it, and give Carly a piece of joy to hold on to. She asks Michael what if Carly never accepts her, and he says, then so be it. He loves her, and him, her, and the baby are all that matters; they’re a family. He doesn’t think his mom will shut her out forever. Things change, and eventually she’ll give in; she has to. Nelle hopes he’s right as long as motivated by good intentions everything will be fine

Sam brings Danny to the footbridge. Jason asks if Danny is there to watch the fireworks. Danny tells him that his mom says it’s the best view ever. Sam says she was telling him about how Jason built the bridge. Jason says he wasn’t out there with a hammer, but he paid for it. The old one had been special to a friend of his, and over time, to him too. Danny asks if Jason will watch fireworks with them, and Jason says he’d like that. Sam smiles.

Elizabeth and Franco sit on the couch, talking about the visit from Terry. Cameron comes in home early. He tells them that he saw Josslyn, and she’ll be being working at camp. It should be cool. He stomps upstairs, and Franco says, teenagers. The fireworks start, and they stand outside. Franco says it must have been hard for Terry, not being herself. He forgives Elizabeth for making out with Terry. They kiss.

Everyone goes outside at The Floating Rib. Oscar and Josslyn watch from their blanket. Oscar tells Josslyn that he tried the cologne and really likes it.

Nelle tells Michael, next year, they will be a family. He says, perfect.

Sonny has to go. He tells Carly, the next time, the celebration will be hers; he promises. They kiss.

On the footbridge, Danny sits on Jason’s shoulders. Jason and Sam smile at each other.

Tomorrow the show from January 17, 2018 will be aired. Why that one? Who knows? On Thursday, Stella tells Griff not to impose, Oscar tells Kim to stop wasting time with Julian, and Drew tells Sam they’re divorced.

The Haves and the Have Nots

RJ asks David, what the hell, and David says get out of his face. Veronica can’t believe David really hit her. He says after all he’s done for her, and all the sacrifices he made for her. The new house was supposed to be hers after she burned the other one down. She starts freaking out, and hopping up and down. David says she’s made his life hell. RJ tells David to go, but David tells him to mind his own business. Veronica says she has this. She’s going to show him how bad it can get. David tells her to give it her best shot. She says when they got married, she had two rules. One, that he not cheat on her, and two, that he never lay a hand on her; now he’s done both, and he’s with that heifer. He says he never cheated on her, but he had to see her with Benny in the paper. He gave up on her ass. She says he doesn’t know what cheating is, and he calls her insane, telling her not to go near his son or Erica. Stay out of his life. She says, you’ll regret it, and repeats it in a singsong way.

RJ asks if she’s all right. She screams at him to get out, and keeps singsonging, you’ll regret it. After RJ leaves, she repeats, he hit me, over and over. She gets her phone and sits on the couch. She calls Derek, who tells her it’s the middle of the night, but she doesn’t give a damn; she needs some help. She needs some numbers for a partner in crime. He says he’s not doing this, and she says, don’t tell her what he’s not going to do. She wants the numbers at her house by the morning. He says he’s not in that life anymore, but again, she doesn’t give a damn.

Jeffrey sits in the middle of the trashed condo. David comes in, and asks if he’s okay. Jeffrey keeps saying he’s sorry, and David tells him to stop that; his mother is a mess. Jeffrey says she didn’t do this, and David asks who did. Jeffrey tells him, Officer Justin, and David asks if it was before or after they had sex; Veronica told him. Jeffrey says, after, and he knows David is going to tell him to end it. David didn’t know there was something to end, and Jeffrey says, he doesn’t know there is. He likes Justin, and he needs help. David says, so does Jeffrey’s mother, but she won’t change. He says, this kind of behavior leads to bodily harm, and asks if Justin has been abusive. Jeffrey says he has, both physically and verbally. David wonders if Jeffrey didn’t study this in psyche class.

Justin comes out, and says he’s sorry. David says he didn’t know Justin was there, and Jeffrey says, that makes two of them. Justin says he’ll pay for it, but David asks if he can afford a $16,000 couch. Justin says, no, but he’ll try. David says Jeffrey is an adult. If he chooses to be involved with someone like Justin, there’s not much he can do, but Justin needs to get help. Justin says he knows, and David says he’ll be watching. Jeffrey’s mother is nothing compared to what he’ll do to protect the well-being of his son. He asks Jeffrey if he’s sure this is what he wants, but Jeffrey doesn’t know. David tells him when he figures it out, let him know. He has to leave before he gets sick. He tells Justin the misusing of his son makes him want to throw Justin off the balcony, and tells Jeffrey that he’ll have new furniture sent over. He leaves and Jeffrey tells Justin that he’s serious, and asks why he came back. Justin says to beg forgiveness. Jeffrey tells him that he says that a lot, but he’s forgiven. Justin says there’s a program at the department where he can talk to a psychologist, and Jeffrey says he needs to. Justin asks if it works and he gets better, will Jeffrey move in with him? Jeffrey tells him to just focus on getting better. Justin says he will, and Jeffrey says, get out. Justin says he loves Jeffrey, and wants him to say the same. Jeffrey says, I love you; bye. Justin leaves.

DA George is told they have footage from across the street from the bar. An officer asks what’s the hold-up with the Cryer case, and George says the family is strong. They’re connected, and he needs every bit of ammo he can get. The officer asks, what about the son, and George says, he’s a drug addict; not a good character witness. They look at the footage that’s focused on the bar. George wonders what Wyatt is doing there, and then sees Jim, and wonders what the hell he’s doing there. The officer says the witness didn’t see them, but recognized this guy, pointing to Benny coming out the door. The witness said he was the assailant. George says, it’s Benjamin Young. He was hit with a car by Wyatt, and the family covered it up; what’s going on? The officer says the witness claims he’s the guy, and George tells them to bring Benny in.

Sarah asks for evidence to check against a case. The deputy, who obviously thinks she’s hot, lets her into the evidence room. He tells her a shift change is coming, and to hurry, because he doesn’t want anyone to know he let her in. She takes out a box, and puts something in her purse, presumably the bullets. She thanks him, and leaves.

Hanna calls Kathryn. Neither one of them slept well. Kathryn tells Hanna that she called the attorney. Hanna thanks her, saying she thinks the police will be breaking down her door any minute. Kathryn tells her to calm down, and not to worry about the cost. After the call ends, Hanna takes out her laptop, saying she has $32.00 in her account. Not anymore. It’s $8 million now. What bank is that? The interest rate is phenomenal. She calls Kathryn back, and gets voicemail. She leaves a message saying she can’t accept it, and to call her back.

Jeffrey visits Wyatt, who’s still in a straitjacket. Wyatt says he’s been in restraints all night. Jeffrey tells him that he looks better, and will get what he needs. Wyatt wonders if it isn’t illegal to keep him there, but Jeffrey says he said he was going to kill himself. Wyatt says he was kidding, and Jeffrey says they don’t know that. He tells Wyatt that his mother will be coming, and he’ll be fine. Wyatt says they’re going to kill him, and tells Jeffrey to go. He leaves, and Wyatt lies down.

On the phone, Sarah tells Jim, it’s done. He asks where it is, and she says she’s getting rid of it. He asks how he’ll know, and she says, when the case is dropped. He wants proof, but she says she’s not sending him proof. He tells her that he wants it brought personally. Do it, and they’re through. She asks how she knows he’s telling the truth, and Jim says she’ll have to trust him. Sarah says that will never happen. He knows how dangerous this is. He says, bring it. He’ll text the address, and make sure she’s not followed. She says, no sh*t.

There’s a knock at Veronica’s door, and she says, there’s a doorbell, boy. Derek comes in, and she asks if he got her numbers. He puts a paper on the end table, and starts to leave, but she tells him, not so fast. When she calls, she needs for him to come. She doesn’t care what he’s doing. Unless he wants her to call his parole officer. He says, some things are worth going back to jail for. Why not leave him alone? He’s living a clean, honest life. She doesn’t give a damn. He owes her, and she always collects. He asks how much is enough? and she says when she decides it is. He wonders if she knows what he was in for, and she asks if he’s threatening her. He says call him again, and yes. She laughs at him, and says she can’t wait to need something else. She says, they better be good numbers. When he leaves, she can’t believe a damn convict is threatening her.

Benny is surprised to find Hanna at home, and she says she’s not going to work with this thing hanging over their heads. Benny says it will be fine, and she says, she knows; she got a lawyer. She doesn’t want to use Veronica, and they can afford it. She checked the account, but her boss put too much in. Benny wonders why Kathryn is being so nice, and asks, how much? She says she’s going to use it to pay for the lawyer, and give the rest back. Kathryn calls back, and Hanna asks if she’s lost her mind. She put over $8 million in Hanna’s account, and she can’t accept it. Kathryn says she didn’t put it in there, and Hanna asks, who did? Kathryn has an idea, but can’t talk right now. She’ll call Hanna back. Hanna tells Benny it’s a mistake, and starts to call the bank. He says, it’s not a mistake.

Candace’s phone rings. It’s Benny, who asks how much money she put into the account. When Hanna hears the money came from Candace, she freaks. Benny insists he told Candace it was a joint account, and she says they have to move the money. He asks where it came from, and she tells him, it’s legit. She’ll explain when she gets there, and don’t let Hanna touch it. Benny tells Hanna that they should hear what Candace has to say, but Hanna says they’re not keeping it. He says they don’t know where it came from, and Candace says, it came from the devil.

Charles practices a speech, and Landon tells him it’s perfect. He’s going to knock the ladies dead again. He leaves to check on their departure times. Another member of Charles’s staff is there (another guy who has no name), and tells Charles to be careful of Landon. He doesn’t see it, the way Landon caters to him. Charles says Landon is a good guy. Dude says, he’s gay. Charles says, no, but dude says, yes. Now Charles feels stupid, having talked to Landon about women. Dude says Landon is smitten with him, but Charles can’t believe it. He says Landon is a professional and won’t cross lines, and he’s not so sure Landon is gay. Even if he is, so what? Dude says, just be careful. Charles says, they’re adults. Landon can’t do anything to him. Dude says that’s not what he means. Some of the staff are whispering about them. Charles says, ridiculous. Dude says Landon is territorial. All the nights in Charles’s room, the staff is wondering if there’s more to the relationship. Charles says he’s done with the conversation. He doesn’t want to hear it again. Landon comes back, and tells him the car is ready.

Erica looks at an ovulation test. She calls Rocky, and he tells her about Candace beating him with the golf club. He tells her be careful, but she says she still has to work a john. He asks how it’s going, and she says, better. Today, she’s ovulating. He tells her to be careful, but she says, this one is worth it. She needs him to apologize to Candace, and he says, hell no. She says he’s on the inside, and she needs it to happen; just apologize. She needs to know what Candace is up to, and he’s the only one who knows her. She’ll pay him when payday comes. He asks how much, and she says they only deal in millions. He tells her to let him get out, and he’ll think about it.

David goes to Kathryn’s house. He needs Jim to talk him down. Veronica made him come out of himself; he had to pimp slap her. Jim laughs, and David says it’s not funny; he feels terrible. Jim says, about a bitch who tried to burn him alive in his own house? David knows it sounds crazy. Jim asks how hard it is when you pimp slap someone, and David says she flew across the room. Jim can barely keep it together, and says he gave that bitch some wings. David says it was a lot of rage, especially for him. Jim thinks David should have let him take her out when he had the opportunity. David asks where Kathryn is, but Jim doesn’t know and doesn’t care. David says Veronica is going to retaliate, and it will be brutal. He thinks she’ll go after Erica first. Jim asks if she’s the girl living with him, and says David is smitten. David admits he is, and Jim asks what he knows about her. David says he’s not marrying her. He had Oscar check her out, and Jim snarks that’s a real confidence builder. Oscar had better get his money back. Candace put it in Benny’s name. David calls her a clever fox, but Jim says he’s a clever fox watcher, and he’s not playing in the trash anymore. Sarah comes up the walk, and Jim says, here comes his get-out-of-jail-free card. David should leave – plausible deniability.

Sarah gives Jim the evidence envelope, and says, we’re done. Jim says, not quite, but she means it. He repeats, not quite. He wants to show her something upstairs. She says it’s his wife’s house, and she’s not doing that. She’s done, and she means it. She walks out, and Jim smiles.

Candace goes to Hanna’s house. Benny asks where she got the money, and she says she blackmailed someone powerful. Hanna says, first Jim, now the man running for President. Candace says she’s talking to Benny, and she’s not telling who. He needs to open an account, and move the money. She’ll give him a million dollars. It’s for the tow yard and house; she wants to make it right. Hanna asks how can she make right what she’s got wrong? Candace says she was talking to Benny, but Hanna says, it’s her house. Candace asks, is it? Candace tells Benny that she’ll leave the money in the account for him, and that thing. Benny tells her to watch her mouth. She asks if he doesn’t want a fresh start. Benny says someone is going to be after her; they always are. Hanna tells her that everything she does, comes back around; it already has. Candace says she’s heard that before. Hanna is like a broken record or an R&B song – or is it an old Negro spiritual? Hanna says this is the kind of mess that her baby got killed over; is she crazy? Candace says she needs the money. Hanna calls it death money, and shows her a picture of Quincy Jr. She asks if Benny is going to be a criminal too, and why can’t Candace look at the picture? She tells Candace, it takes two signatures, and Benny says, she’s right. Candace wants to know why Hanna is like this; so self-righteous. She tells Benny that she needs this, but he says he can’t do it without Hanna. Candace tells Hanna that the money is hers. Hanna says it’s blackmail money, not her money. She won’t give it to Candace, but she will give it back. Candace asks, to who? Hanna says, the FBI. They must be looking for it.

The doorbell rings. It’s the police with a warrant for Benny, and they arrest him.

Next time, Candace wants her money and says, don’t make her show how evil she can be; Justin visits Wyatt, and suggests he hang himself; and Candace calls RJ for some muscle against her mother. Who will get revenge first?

😵 Apparently, Jill Kargman Isn’t the Only One…

Lisa Edelstein (Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce) doesn’t remember the 80s.


🍹 Because I Just Can’t Get Enough…

#hiashley is a thing now.


🍹🍹 Ditto…

T-Rav is a problem.


🌀 A Twirling Tide No Moore…

Kenya is no longer bringing the drama.


AmericanFlagHeart  Have a Fabulous Fourth!

Keep your pets inside, and enjoy your holiday! I’ll be partaking in my annual viewing of 1776. I probably learned more about the Declaration from that film than history class in high school. While flawed, our forefathers did their best, as we all do.



🐣 Waiting for the Chirp, Chirp, Chirp…


July 1, 2018 – A Raging Raccoon Finds Peter, Million Dollar Listing’s Bad Day, the TV/TV Nots & an Idol Memory


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the shower, the stragglers are talking about what they’re grateful for. Obrecht says she’ll post it on social media for all to know and appreciate. Maxie is grateful for bringing James home. On the side, Obrecht tells Nina that she wishes James was coming home with his father as well. Nina suggests he’ll be visiting them in Pentonville, if anyone finds Peter. Obrecht insists no one will find their guest.

Peter yells for help. Someone lifts up the mat outside, gets the key from under the mat, and opens the door. It’s a boy who’s some kind of Scout. Peter says, thank God, and says the boy has to help him.

Nelle tells Michael it happened fast. It sure did, since they already have a license. He thinks they skipped a step, and shows her a ring. He wants to make it officially official, but she says she can’t accept it.

At Pozzulo’s Sonny tells Jason he got a text from Spinelli, saying, the invisible is visible. He asks if that’s some kind of code. Jason tells him Sam borrowed the flyer from evidence. Nelle wrote the message in disappearing ink, and Spinelli restored it.

Carly does crunches, and hears more knocking. It’s not SOS though.

Maxie asks Sam what the plan is to track down Peter. Sam says there isn’t one, but Maxie tells Sam that she already talked to Jordan. She knows Jordan hired a PI firm, and who is better than they are? She asks if there are any leads, and Sam asks, why? She thought Maxie was hoping he vanished. Does she really want him found?

Curtis walks in, and approaches Nina. He says she’s not returning his calls, but she says she’s been working hard. He asks for a private word, and Obrecht comments that she can smell the cigars he’s been sneaking. She says she’ll arrange the onsies in ascending order, according to their aesthetic value. She steps away, and Curtis asks Nina what she said about his ankles. He tells Nina that, thanks to her, they were able to search Windemere, and Valentin is in the clear. She says that’s one thing he didn’t lie about. Curtis is curious as to why she didn’t ask, if Valentin doesn’t have him, who does?

Peter tells the boy that he knows it must look strange; it’s strange for him too. He introduces himself, and finds out the boy is a Port Charles Pioneer Scout. They’re troop calls themselves the Raging Raccoons. He was there practicing his bugle, and heard shouting. He found the key and unlocked the door, but he’s going now. Peter begs him not to go, and asks if he’d like to earn another badge.

At the PCPD, Chase tells Jordan that he wants to brief her about a potential conflict of interest. He says she’d asked why his career took an early nosedive. It was because he became romantically involved with a suspect, and it compromised the investigation. She appreciates his honesty, but he says she might change her mind when she finds out the suspect was Nelle.

Michael asks if Nelle changed her mind about marrying him, and she says can’t help but think about Zack. He says, that’s what every fiancé wants to hear, and she tells him that when Zack gave a ring, fate realized she was happy, and couldn’t have that. The next thing she knew, he was gone. Michael asks if she thinks fate will strike him down. She says she’s never been allowed to be happy. Michael says, it was an accident, not because fate had it out for her. He doesn’t want to hide what they have from fate or his family. He wants to show they belong together, and once the ring is on, they don’t have to worry. She tells him, it’s big, and he says it can be fixed. She says he always looks for the good, but his mom is going to be dead set against it.

Sonny asks Jason if it’s enough to take to court, so they can pin it on Nelle. Jason says, not yet, but at least there will be an official record. Diane can subpoena the evidence, and use it to validate Carly’s statement. Sonny says, Nelle messed up. If she left this behind, so there must be something else. Sonny says, they’ll be ready.

Carly looks up the code, and says, held against my will. She asks, aren’t they all?

Maxie tells Sam that she knows Peter had a rotten childhood, and growing up with Faison couldn’t have been easy, but Oliver Twist was never an accessory to murder. At least she doesn’t think so; she almost fell asleep during the movie. He still has to pay for his part in Nathan’s death. Bobbie interrupts, saying something is going on at the Quartermaine’s, and Michael asked them to be there. She and Lulu leave. Sam asks if Maxie needs a ride home, and Maxie says she’s not letting her off that easy. Tell her what the plan is. They sit down, and Sam says they’ve ruled out Peter having help, at least not from a friend. Maxie asks if they’re thinking it’s an enemy.

Nina tells Curtis If Valentin doesn’t have Peter, maybe he reinvented himself and fled to another country with a new identity. Curtis says they have another theory, but it’s a work in progress. When it’s solid, he’ll let her know. He leaves, and Nina tells Obrecht, they have a theory. Obrecht says, so did Aristotle, until Newton came along. From the moment she took Peter, she’s crossed every T and accented every O. Nina jets, and she follows.

Peter asks the Scout if a raccoon is a badger, but he says it’s a wolverine. Peter says that’s even cooler. He asks if there aren’t badges for community service, and courage; and isn’t the highest level life-saving, like if he rescues someone drowning? Peter says he can earn all three at once, if he gets him out. The Scout asks if the head Pioneer put Peter up to this, but Peter says, no. It was a crazy lady, like the wicked witch. The Scout says if Peter doesn’t know the head Pioneer, he knows nothing about badges. Peter suggests the Scout say he’s sick, but the Scout says he’s not supposed to lie. Peter shows the Scout his hand, saying it’s infected, and asks him to bring the head Pioneer there, and hurry. The Scout says he would, but the barbecue is starting. Maybe he’ll bring Peter something after. He leaves, and Peter sees that he left his bugle. Geez, no badges for that kid. He should have them taken away.

There’s more knocking, and Carly gets out the phone. She looks up how to signal, stop, I can’t help you.

Michael thanks everyone for coming. Ned tells him that Monica is in surgery, and Drew is in New York on business. Sonny and Jason come in, and Michael wants to let them know he and Nelle are getting married. They probably think it’s sudden, but the baby is going to be a Corinthos-Quartermaine, and they want it to be part of a loving family. He asks them to welcome the future Mrs. Michael Corinthos.

Curtis site with Maxie and Sam. Sam tells him that Maxie already figured out they’re working for Jordan. Maxie says if they think Peter’s enemies are involved, start with her. Sam thinks they definitely should.

Coming into the cabin, Nina tells Obrecht she knew they shouldn’t have left him. Obrecht says she secured more antibiotics, but she was pressed for time, so couldn’t get much. She asks if Nina took out his gag, but Nina says, no. Obrecht tells him to wake up, and he asks about the shower. Nina says it’s none of his business. Obrecht gives him the antibiotic shot, and says she brought cake and another treat. She wants to know what they missed while they were gone. Peter looks at the bugle.

Carly knocks back, stop, can’t help you. She hopes it did the trick. The door opens, and it’s Doc. It’s not time for their appointment, but he was concerned. She says she’s fine, and still here. He asks if the patient next door has attempted contact again, but she says, not a peep. It’s been quiet, but that could change at any moment. He tells her to let him know if the patient does anything to upset her. She asks if there’s any reason she should be worried.

Michael says congratulations would be nice. Olivia says, let her be the first, and Ned interrupts, saying it seems sudden. Michael says babies bring people closer together. Bobbie tells them, over her dead body, adding that she’s just saying what everyone else is thinking. Nelle says she knows they’ve had their differences, and Bobbie says she’s been nothing but trouble, and tried to destroy Bobbie’s family. Nelle says she was lied to, and she tried to make amends. Bobbie says she tries a lot, and God help them when she succeeds. She tells Sonny to do something, and Sonny hugs Michael. He says Michael is his son and he loves him, and he hopes to hell Michael knows what he’s doing.

Curtis says Sam can’t think Maxie took Peter. Sam says she’s the one Peter spent the most time with, and she knew him best. Maxie says she thought she knew him. Curtis says he’s a great liar, and as a recovering addict, Curtis knows the best weapon is the truth. He must have had unguarded moments with Maxie, and Curtis thinks he might have let private thoughts slip. Maxie says the only thing she knows, is that he hated his father, and must have been happy when Faison was killed.  He said he didn’t like talking about the past. Curtis wonders if maybe it’s someone loyal to Peter’s father, avenging Faison’s death. Maxie asks if they think Peter is dead, and Sam asks if she cares.

Peter tells Obrecht and Nina that while they were gone, he had a poker night. It was hard shuffling and dealing, but he managed. Opening the beer with his teeth took skill. Obrecht tells him, no answers, no cake. He says he had a vivid dream, and asks if koalas are native there and speak Italian. Nina tells him to stop talking. She tells Obrecht it’s been too long. Julian almost found him, and they were almost late to the shower. Obrecht says they made it in time, although the onsies were less attractive than she wanted them to be. Nina says she has a magazine to run, and a divorce, and asks how much longer? Obrecht says, as long as it takes. She leaves to get supplies from the car, telling Nina to just think about Maxie and James with no husband or father. When she’s gone, Peter says it’s the last shot at redemption for the both of them.

Chase explains to Jordan that he opened a cold case from another jurisdiction. He didn’t want to take action until another crime was committed, because it might look like bias, but now, Nelle has framed Carly. He tries to give Jordan his badge and gun, but she says he seems to be doing good work. What does he need? He says jurisdiction to pursue in Port Charles what he started in Florida. She asks why he thinks he’d be more successful. He says he’d like to think he’s learned about himself, being a better cop, and Nelle. She had the advantage last time, but not this time. She asks if he’s sure about that, and he says his feelings died in Florida, but Nelle doesn’t know that. She thinks he’s still infatuated with her.

Doc says Ferncliff is wall to wall with the psychologically complex, and Carly says, some are even patients. He tells her, touché, and says they have to treat them as individuals, and also manage their coexistence as a group. He’s waiting for a bed in the general care wing for her, but here, the patients are dangerous and delusional. She says her record says the same thing. Does he believe they’re more dangerous than she is? He says, they can be.

Sonny isn’t going to pretend he’s happy. Bobbie says Jason is supposed to be Carly’s best friend. Jason says he doesn’t like it any more than she does, but it’s Michael’s choice. He’s his mother’s son, and if Jason tries to stop him, he’ll just be more determined. Michael hopes Jason can wish them well, and Jason wishes them all the happiness they deserve. Sonny says they’re not turning their backs on Michael, especially when he needs them most. Michael thanks them for the love, but asks them not to talk like he needs to be rescued. Lulu asks if it will be a long engagement, and Olivia says they can have the wedding there; how about September? Nelle says they don’t want to wait, and Michael says they want to get married as soon as possible.

Maxie tells Sam that she doesn’t want Peter to die. She wants him to pay, but not with his life. Sam says they’re supposed to be celebrating life today, and Maxie says she’s going to focus her energy on baby James. She leaves, and Sam asks what Curtis has. He tells her the security footage shows that Peter entered the hotel the same day he disappeared. Sam says, but they have nothing showing him leaving. He tells her, they do now, and shows her somebody pushing a laundry cart. She says that’s not Peter, but he says, it’s not who’s pushing the cart, but who’s in the cart.

Peter tells Nina not to be like her crazy aunt. She has every reason to hate him, but she’s not about revenge, and it’s all Obrecht wants. Nina says, Obrecht’s son is dead, and her brother is dead. Peter says he’ll regret it every day of life, which doesn’t look to be much longer. The police will figure it out, and she has to stop it while she still can. She wonders why he thinks anyone will find him, and asks what happened. He said he was just thinking. He’s leaving here alive or dead, but either way, it’s not good for her. He tells her to help him, and make Obrecht pay. Nina says he doesn’t know Obrecht; she’s never had to pay for anything she’s done, and she’s not starting now. Peter says the only person who can keep Nina out of prison is Nina. What is she going to do about it?

Doc tells Carly that as a psychiatrist, he believes in the insanity defense for those are truly insane, but frowns upon using it as a legal loophole. Carly says if she had it to do over again, she’d sit in Pentonville until she proved her innocence. Doc says, in layman’s terms, she’s not crazy, but she’s locked up with the seriously crazy. She might as well use the time to work on herself. She’s still grieving. She’s strong and resilient, but it can work against her. She forced herself to soldier on. If she unpacks the feelings about Morgan, she will have gained something. At least Nelle won’t push her around anymore. She says she has to stay strong, and is hesitant to revisit the pain. Doc says it might give her agency over it, and besides, they have to talk about something.

Nelle says that, other than Michael, the only opinion that matters is Josslyn’s. She asks if Josslyn is okay with it, and Josslyn says she always thought they belonged together. She is thinking about her mom though, and Nelle says she’s been thinking about her too. Sonny bets she has. Nelle is hoping when Carly is better, she comes home and accepts the baby – and her. She asks Josslyn to be her maid of honor. Josslyn says, of course, and Bobbie throws up her hands. Bobbie is about to drag Josslyn out, and Lulu says they’re not married yet. Bobbie tells Josslyn they’re leaving. Ned tells Olivia that he’s glad Nelle can’t get her hands on any shares of ELQ. Nelle tells Michael that she’s afraid the ring will fall off, so she’s going to the jeweler. Michael tells Sonny and Jason that he thinks it went great; didn’t they?

Sam and Curtis agree that it looks like someone could be hiding in the laundry cart, but Sam thinks they should focus on who’s pushing the cart. They have the date, time, and image; finding the dude ought to be easy.

Obrecht says she tried to find the most savory foods to bring back; she enjoys tormenting Peter. He tells her sauerkraut and Limburger mean different things to different people. Nina says she has a magazine to run, and a stepdaughter to raise. She tells Obrecht that false imprisonment and intense interrogation aren’t hobbies for her. She leaves, and Obrecht says she’s not completely without heart. She’ll give him a sliver of cake. Peter says her kindness knows no bounds, and she tells him, but first, they’re going to continue their collaboration of the sequel to The Severed Branch. He has to tell her story. He says it’s not ending the way she thinks it will, and looks at the bugle again. He’d better quit looking over there, or she’s going to figure it out.

Jordan tells Chase what he’s proposing is risky, and potentially fatal if everyone isn’t on board. The PCPD will hold up its end, as long as he does the same. She starts to tell him if anything goes wrong… and he says, it won’t.

Jason tells Michael he meant it when he said Michael makes his own choices, but he also has to live with the consequences. Sonny says, if he lives. Michael says he told Carly that he was going to protect his family, and that’s what he’s doing. Sonny says Carly is stuck in Ferncliff because Nelle set her up. Can he imagine what it’s going to do when she finds out they’re getting married?

Rupert tells Carly she has a visitor. Nelle walks in, saying, hi, grandma. She tells Rupert that Carly is her baby’s grandma, not hers, in case there’s any confusion. Rupert asks if Carly wants her escorted out, but Carly says no. She tells him to wait outside though; Nelle won’t be long. Nelle says it’s worse than she imagined, and Carly tells her she might find out for herself soon. Nelle says she has news that will make Carly’s day.

Tomorrow, Elizabeth introduces Terry to Franco, Jason asks Michael why he’s marrying Nelle, and Sonny asks Nelle what the hell she’s doing.

💰🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, we saw some apartments bigger than my house. One of the potential buyer’s actually got so lost in 50 Cent’s house, his broker had to call him to find him. Fredrik was co-listing with Jennifer, and wasn’t too happy when Jennifer got an offer on 50’s house, and talked to him without Fredrik. They eventually got full asking price, which made Fredrik happier. Alas, it was not to be, as 50 decided to give the house to a charitable organization he started for afterschool programs. He does seem like a really nice dude. Fredrik felt good in spite of himself. I was only half-paying attention to Steve, since I was watching the show while going through a stack of mail as tall as my forearm is long. He was trying to sell an apartment that was next to the construction of another building which would eventually block the view. Of course the apartment was fabulous, but that was a tough hurdle. He didn’t end up with a sale, but he did display one of the best selling maneuvers I’ve ever seen. Since the building was all glass, he pointed out how it reflected the water view beautifully. It did, but, wow. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons. Ryan had the worst day ever. His visa to China was held up because of the political climate, and it turned out he’d have to wait weeks, maybe months, to get cleared. Sadly, since he couldn’t make the meeting in Singapore the next week, he lost out on the listing. Not only did he lose the China thing, another seller dropped him because they wanted the broker to have an image closer to their target buyer; someone slightly older with kids in private school. Next time, Emilia and Ryan discuss IVF, and a seller tells Fredrick his ideas are cockamamie. Now there’s a word you don’t hear often anymore.

FYI, Tuesday night, July 3, The Haves and the Have Nots will be airing a new episode, but Below Deck Mediterranean is a rerun.

😭 Ryan’s Day Brought This Song to Mind…

It was the worst when they used to play this during the loser’s montage on American Idol. And then they’d make them sing one last time.

June 26, 2018 – Michael Plays Nelle, Veronica Plays with RJ, Mediterranean Interruptus & Puppies


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Dante brings Chase coffee. Chase asks if it’s laced, but Dante says that’s not his style. Chase tells him they’re on the same side. He just wants to protect Dante’s family. Dante says he just wants to bust Nelle.

Nelle looks around the floor for Morgan’s cologne bottle, and remembers Josslyn being there. Michael wonders what she’s doing on her hands and knees, and she says the prenatal yoga is working wonders. He asks if she’s for her perfume again, and she says she never loses things. He tells her to relax; he found it.

Outside Kelly’s, Kim has bumper stickers to announce Oscar’s prestigious writer award. She says one day they can say they knew him when, and Drew tells him not to forget the little people. That reminds me of my old roommate telling me that I once talked in my sleep, saying I wanted to thank all the little people who drive me around New York. Josslyn – who looks unbelievable in an off-shoulder red dress with a keyhole neckline, and freshly waved hair – takes a picture of Oscar and his parents. She looks bummed.

Jason tells Sonny that Carly is hanging in there. Sonny thanks him for taking the job. Jason says he was fired.

Carly is restless. She wonders what’s going on. She remembers Jason giving her the phone, and telling her to save the battery. She takes it out from under the mattress, and I wonder if she’d really get any bars in there. Mary Pat comes in, and Carly holds the phone behind her back. Mary Pat asks, what’s that we have in our hand? As we used to say, is that the royal “we,” or are you pregnant?

Jason thinks Doc gave him up, and tells Sonny that Doc was afraid he’d be recognized. He didn’t want to end up being taken off the case or booted from Ferncliff. Sonny says, so he’s going to protect Carly, and Jason says, maybe. Either way, he’s out. Sonny says, but Carly’s in a good position, right? but Jason says, no, she’s not.

Mary Pat tells Carly, no secrets. She’d thought she made herself clear. Carly explains that Doc thought she should keep a diary, and asks if it’s against the rules. Mary Pat says not as long as she can read it. Carly says it doesn’t seem fair for Mary Pat to read her private thoughts. Mary Pat says it’s her way or not at all. Magically, the phone turned into a notebook. Mary Pat reads that Carly is even getting used to being called Caroline, and is on her way to being a Ferncliff all-star. Carly hides the phone while Mary Pat is reading. Mary Pat asks, why the change of heart? Carly tells her that Doc changed her meds, and Mary Pat asks if she’s getting to be her old self. Carly says she’s getting there, and Mary Pat says too bad she can’t share the news with her friend Jason. He’s gone, and not coming back.

Oscar suggests taking a picture of Josslyn, since she got a star athlete award. Josslyn isn’t into it, and Kim says she took a ton of her accepting the award, and will send them to her parents. Kim and Drew go into Kelly’s, and Josslyn tells Oscar that she got him something to celebrate. She was right about his brilliance all along. She gives him a compass for when he goes hiking, so he’ll never get lost. He says, it’s so cool. He loves it – and her. She has one more thing, but it’s not wrapped or full. She gives him the cologne, explaining that she opened it to smell it, and it spilled. He says he never wears cologne, but he’d like to try it.

Michael tells Nelle that she put the perfume in the medicine cabinet by mistake, and she says, baby brain strikes again. He thought she’d be more excited, but she’s been more stressed since Chase sent the T-shirt. She says it’s creepy how he’s following her. Michael says he told Chase to back off, but she doesn’t think sending her a T-shirt from their favorite Florida bar is backing off. She’s considering reporting him to the commissioner. Michael says, like she reported it when they slept together?

Dante tells Chase that he doesn’t trust him. Why didn’t he come to Dante about Nelle earlier? A psycho is now sharpening her knives for the next victim; probably his brother. He already lost Morgan. He’s not losing Michael too.

Jason tells Sonny that Carly is in trouble. The nurse in charge is a bully and control freak. She hates that Carly’s not afraid of her, and wants to break her. Sonny says Doc can look after her, but Jason doesn’t know how long she’ll wait. He’s concerned she might do something on her own.

Mary Pat knows Jason is one of Carly’s dearest friends. She even named her son after him. Carly asks how she found out, and Mary Pat says, that’s to be filed under none of your business. She can’t have anyone interfering with her recovery or she’ll be stuck there forever. Knocking comes from the room next door, and Mary Pat yells, stop that at once!

Oscar says it’s the second-best part of the day. The first was seeing his parents being proud of him. Josslyn thinks it must have been surreal. Oscar says he hoped for that growing up, but didn’t think he’d get it. Josslyn is happy for him. He asks if she’s thought of writing to her mom, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. He asks what’s up with Nelle? They’re close, and he was surprised she wasn’t there today. Josslyn wants him to shut up about the ceremony. It’s just a stupid certificate. Her family has more important things to do. Her father is across the world doing something green, her brother runs a huge corporation, and her stepdad is dealing with his father having Alzheimer’s and his wife in the loony bin. It’s nice that his family has nothing better to do. She tells him to enjoy breakfast, and stomps off.

Chase tells Dante that he’s sorry about Morgan, and worried about Michael. Dante wonders why he didn’t come forward, but Chase says Nelle played him once, and he wanted to be sure. The two people working on the case couldn’t be closer to a conflict of interest. The case has to be airtight. It’s the only way Nelle can’t use their bias against them. Dante says, let’s get to work.

Nelle can’t believe Chase told Michael about her reporting them. She says, of course she’s the one at fault. Michael says he was reprimanded, it almost cost him his job, and the case went away. She says that’s not why she reported him. He hounded her, threatened her, followed her around for sex, and even said he’d falsify evidence. It was a nightmare. She was terrified of going to prison for a crime she didn’t commit. She didn’t want to be a victim, and if he was abusing his power with her, who says he wouldn’t be doing it with other women? Michael thinks she did the right thing with Chase, just not with him.

Drew tells Kim that he’d been gearing up for more embarrassment than a bumper sticker. Maybe T-shirts, signs, and pompoms. Kim insists she’s a cool mom; calm and collected. When she gets overly excited about something that’s borderline out there, she runs it through her Drew filter, and thinks how he would react. He has good instincts where Oscar is concerned. She asks if she can pick his brain, and he says it’s been picked and prodded already; why not? She wonders if Oscar has said anything about Julian. He used to be fine with him, but since they started seriously dating, that’s changed. He wants his parents together. She’d thought she talked him out of it. Drew says he probably understands intellectually, but being a kid, it might take a minute for his emotions to catch up. She says he’s at an age where his father’s advice is invaluable. She’s glad Oscar has him. Drew is too.

Michael asks why Nelle didn’t tell him, and she says she didn’t want him to misinterpret it. He says he would have believed her. She says their relations hip is fragile, and one wrong move, she’ll be out the door. He says he’s here for her and the baby – always. She can’t tell him how much that means to her. She feels badly about blowing Josslyn off when she was upset about her mom, and wants to apologize. Michael suggests joining her, but Nelle thinks she’ll open up more if it’s just her. He says, ah, girl stuff. He’ll be there when she get back. She kisses him, and when she’s gone, he wipes his mouth. I go, oooh.

Chase tells Dante about interviewing one of the workers where Zack and Nelle got their kayaks, and the plug was definitely left in it. Nelle leaped into Zack’s kayak for a big kiss before they shoved off, and could have taken it out then.

Jason tells Sonny that he doesn’t know what it’s like in Ferncliff; it’s worse than prison. In prison you get yard time, and form alliances, as long as you can defend yourself, you’re good. They have Carly in the maximum-security wing, and before Doc got there, they were heavily medicating her, and watching her all the time. He says it’s like it was in Russia, but Carly’s not wired for this. She needs a goal; something to fight for. Josslyn comes in, and they ask about the certificate, but she says it’s no big deal. Sonny congratulates her, and asks if she knew she was getting it. She says everyone had so much going on, she didn’t want to bother them, but he says he would have made time. She’s obviously upset, and Sonny says he’s proud of her. Jason is too, and says no one would be prouder than her mom.

Carly tells Mary Pat that she thinks the patient next door is trying to make contact. Mary Pat is concerned, and says he’s dangerous. It’s best to ignore him, and under no circumstances engage. Carly’s only business here is her and her recovery. Carly asks if Mary Pat can tell him to keep it down; it’s hard to ignore. She tells Carly to try. Carly needs to take care of herself and Mary Pat will take care of him. Carly asks if he’s okay, and Mary Pat says every patient receives expert and appropriate care. She leaves, and Carly takes the phone from under the blanket, and puts it under the mattress again. More knocking comes from next door.

Sonny has to take care of something, and asks if Josslyn wants to have a celebratory dinner. She says it sounds good. Sonny leaves, and Josslyn tells Jason that he doesn’t have to babysit her. He says her mom would be happy. Josslyn wishes she could tell her that she messed up. She didn’t visit when she had the chance. Jason says Carly loves her, and nothing will change that. Josslyn is worried that Carly thinks she stopped loving her. Jason says, people make mistakes, and Carly never gives up on the people she loves. Josslyn is just like her. She’s her own person, but has a lot of her mom in her. He says she’s lucky. Carly is the strongest person he knows. It’s hard, but he’s going to get her out of there. Josslyn says Carly was ecstatic when he came home. She said, whenever she falls, he’s there to catch her. She believes in him more than anyone. Jason says, she’s coming home. Josslyn cries, and he holds her.

There’s more knocking, and Carly almost knocks back. She tells herself, don’t do it. She does crunches, saying, stay strong, stay focused, go home.

Mary Pat goes into the knocking patient’s room. She says she told him what would happen if he didn’t stop. He refuses to cooperate, and she’s a woman of her word. She brings out a syringe.

Chase tells Dante everything is circumstantial. Dante asks if there were any witnesses, and Chase says he interviewed everyone, and came up cold. Sonny comes into the station, and asks to talk to Dante.

Oscar comes into Kelly’s. Kim asks what’s wrong, and where’s Josslyn?

Josslyn is writing to her mom. The the doorbell rings. It’s Nelle, who asks if Sonny is there. Josslyn asks if she wants to see him, but she was hoping to avoid him. She’s sure Sonny blames her. She wanted to apologize. Josslyn was upset, and Nelle didn’t show her the attention she deserved. Josslyn says she feels better now. Nelle tells her that she had a half empty bottle of cologne in her purse when Josslyn was at the Quartermaine’s. She asks if Josslyn happened to see it.

Jason goes to the Quartermaine’s to check on Michael. Michael says he’s still alive, and Jason says it’s not a joke. He’s putting himself in danger. Michael says he can handle it, but Jason says, look at his mom. Michael says it’s his fault. He knew Nelle took advantage of his family, but he was convinced he could be her hero. The dominoes fell from there, and he put his mother in a mental institution. If he has to risk his life to get her out, so be it.

Carly sees Mary Pat walk by. She looks out, and there’s no one in the hallway. She knocks on the wall.

Chase asks Sonny how Mike is, and Sonny says they’re taking it one day at a time. Chase is sorry he was hard on him, but Sonny says he was just doing his job. Chase says he’s determined to do it better. As they walk to somewhere more private, Sonny tells Dante that Chase turned out to be all right. Dante says, we’ll see. After Sonny leaves, Chase asks, what now? Dante says he has an idea.

Oscar tells Kim that he said something stupid, and Josslyn walked out. He was going on about having his family at the ceremony. Drew tells him, welcome to the wonderful world of relationships. He says it will be fine. Oscar says Josslyn is going through a lot. Drew tells him the important thing is to be there for her. She’ll eventually want to talk, and Drew bets it will be to him.

Nelle asks if Josslyn saw the bottle. Josslyn says when Nelle’s purse was knocked over, her backpack spilled with it, and she picked it up by accident. Nelle asks if she can have it back. Josslyn says it was half empty, so she threw in into recycling. She didn’t know it was important, and asks if Nelle wants her to get another one. Nelle says, no, but at least she knows she’s not going crazy. She has to leave and run some baby errands.

Jason tells Michael that Josslyn isn’t doing well, but he convinced her it would be okay. Michael says his family is crumbling, and he has to make this right. Jason says, they will. He asks if Michael has had any luck with the computer, and Michael says the hacking is paying off. He has no proof yet, but he’s getting close.

Oscar shows Drew and Kim the compass. Kim says it’s a thoughtful gift. Oscar says she also gave him some cologne, and Drew says, look out. Kim tells him to remember the one squirt rule, and he puts some on. Kim likes it, saying it’s understated. Kim and drew have to go, and he thanks them. It’s great seeing both of his parents.

Josslyn wonders what to write. I’m the worst because I didn’t visit, and now it sucks? She digs in her purse, and takes out two bras. The security tags are attached, and she tries to get one off. Good luck with that. I bought one where it was left on by accident, and I had to go back to the store and ask some guy to take it off.

Chase tells Dante as pathetic as it sounds, he thought he and Nelle had something real. Dante says she trusted him. There’s no reason for him not to reach out, and see what shakes out.

Michael tells Jason that Nelle had the shirt sent to herself.  Her game was to remove Chase from the case. She thinks she has Michael eating out of her hand, but he’s playing her. Nelle is going to make a mistake, and he’ll be there when she does.

Nelle walks into Kelly’s. Oscar sees her and they make small talk. She asks if he’s wearing cologne, and he says Josslyn gave it to him.

Jason tells Michael that Nelle already made a mistake. Spinelli could follow the lead to the scarf and baby blanket. He thinks Michael should back off, but Michael says he’s just getting started.

Mary Pat comes back to Carly’s room. Carly says the patient stopped making noise, and Mary Pat asks if that’s not what she wanted. She doesn’t discuss patients’ care. She’s still confused about how Jason happened, and is going to be filing a complaint, but in the meantime… Sonny comes in. He must have thrown her a couple of hundred. They kiss.

Tomorrow, Julian asks Alexis if she’s serving him a subpoena, Francesca tells Michael there’s something he doesn’t know, and Sonny tells Carly that Nelle will pay.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Justin holds a gun to his own head, and another to Jeffrey’s. Jefferey says Justin is right. Justin says he didn’t want it to end like this. Jeffrey says he’s not scared of him. Go ahead; do them both. He might as well. Jeffrey is sick of his life too. Justin puts the guns down. Jeffrey says, just like he thought, and punches Justin in the jaw. Justin calls him an a-hole, but Jeffrey says, no, you. If Justin ever does that sh*t again, Jeffrey promises one of them will leave in a body bag. Justin asks why so hostile, and Jeffrey tells him to get his sh*t together, and stop following him. He’s going to talk to his friends and do what he wants. Justin doesn’t own him. Justin says he’s trying to protect Jeffrey. He admits his behavior was crazy, and Jeffrey says it was downright stupid, and don’t do it again. Justin says he’s going crazy about Jeffrey, and Jeffrey says, no, just crazy. Justin says, maybe that too. Jeffrey tells Justin that he’s going to his dad’s. Justin, who has a hard time taking a hint, says he has a place for them. Jeffrey says he’s leaving.

Mitch runs into the bar, and asks bar dude where Uncle Vinnie is. Still bleeding on the floor. Mitch calls an ambulance, telling them Vinnie is bleeding out, but he still has a pulse. Bar dude is on another phone, saying they need an ambulance yesterday. Vinnie must be pretty hardy. He’s been lying there, bleeding, for two weeks now.

Jeffrey comes back to David’s condo, and it looks like a tornado hit it. Justin says he told him not to come here. Justin says Jeffrey shouldn’t have gone to Wyatt’s, and Jeffrey tells Justin not to blame him for his own behavior. This is not okay. This is his father’s place. Justin asks if he’s sure it’s not some other guy’s place. He apologizes, saying he just got so mad. Jeffrey knows how he gets. Jeffrey does, and he doesn’t like it. He tells Justin to get out. Justin says Jeffrey can’t stay here; the place is torn apart. Jeffrey asks if he’s insane. I’d says the answer is yes. Justin tells him to come to their house, and Jeffrey asks if this is why he did this. Justin says he did it for the two of them. Jeffrey doesn’t know how to help him. He doesn’t know what to do with him. He tells Justin to get out now. Justin says, so he’s not coming over? and I laugh. Jeffrey asks if Justin is hearing him. He pushes Justin toward the door. Justin says this really hurts him.

Meanwhile at David’s new house, Erica slips out of bed. She calls Rocky, and asks why he’s contacting her this late? She’s working. He tells her that Candace and Veronica are going to burn her bad. He heard them at the bar. They want her dead. She asks what happened between him and Candace, and Rocky says he got burned on a deal. He says whatever she’s into, she needs to get out. He suggests she come work with them. They have a good thing going at the hotel. Erica says she’s passed that; she’s not twenty-one. He says she’s signing her own death warrant, but she says she’ll handle it herself. She sneaks back into the bedroom. David is awake, and asks who she was talking to. Erica tells him it was her sister. His phone rings, and it’s Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells him the apartment was ransacked. David says he’s on his way. He tells Erica that he is done with Veronica. She offers to come along, but he tells her to stay.

Standing on her bed, RJ dances for Veronica. David calls her, saying he’s tired of what she’s doing to Jeffrey. He asked her to leave him alone. He tells her not to make him come out there himself. Veronica says she has a lovely man-boy trying to get her attention. She tells RJ to say hello to her husband, and he says, what’s up, husband? David says he’s asking her one last time to leave his son alone. She says he’s so busy worrying about his son, when he needs to worry about that whore he’s with. He says, don’t make him come over there, like he’s her dad. She tells him if he does, bring a condom. She’s not touching him after that girl. She’s laughing the whole time, and David asks if she thinks it’s a joke. She says he is a joke; running around with that child. He says, what about Benny and the boy she’s with? She tells him if he can do it, she can. She says she’s got a full man over there. He’s twenty-five, and old enough to be his big sister. He doesn’t care what she does, but leave Jeffrey alone.  She says, when he stops acting like a girl. David says he’s not surprised Jeffrey is gay. He repeats, leave Jeffrey alone, and she tells him to leave that whore alone. She wants that bitch dead. She wants his son acting like a son. David is no longer listening, and is getting into his car. He drives off, and Erica watches from the window.

Jeffrey visits Wyatt, who’s in a straitjacket. Jeffrey says it’s for his own good. Wyatt tells him to go to hell. Jeffrey says he’s calling Wyatt’s mother. Wyatt asks, why, and Jeffrey says because she loves him. Wyatt says she took all his money, and Jeffrey says that’s not a bad thing. Wyatt asks if Jeffrey is on her side, and Jeffrey calls him really paranoid. Wyatt says the least he can do is sit with him. Jeffrey says he’s fine, and his mother is on her way. Wyatt says she’ll kill him. She took everything he had. Jeffrey says when Wyatt uses drugs, he gets paranoid. Jeffrey leaves, and Wyatt calls for the nurse. He sees Vinnie go by on a stretcher.

Candace calls Gia, and tells her to call the bar. She wants her to tell Rocky that she’s having a problem with a john, and needs him right away. Tell him to come to room 3048. Gia does as she’s told, telling Rocky that a john is being rough. He says he’s on his way. Candace tells her get to the room.

Mitch waits on the stoop for Benny. Mitch asks Benny to tell him what happened. Benny says, when he went in there, Vinnie was on the floor. Mitch asks if he’s saying he didn’t do it. Benny says Mitch knows him. He knows he didn’t do this. Mitch says Vinnie is in the hospital, and they don’t know if he’s going to be okay. He wonders why Benny didn’t call the police or check Vinnie’s pulse. Benny says he wasn’t thinking. Mitch says maybe he was thinking if Vinnie died, he wouldn’t have to pay back the money. Maybe he went to return it. Vinnie wouldn’t accept it, and roughed him up, so Benny did what he had to do. Benny says Mitch knows him. Mitch hopes so. Mitch says, it doesn’t matter how much he knows Benny, his family is ready to go to war over this. Vinnie described him. Benny says it’s not true. Mitch says it’s not good for him. He’d better hope Vinnie lives. If he’s lying, and Vinnie dies, Benny is dead. Benny asks if Mitch will talk to them for him, but Mitch says, no; he’s on his own now. Mitch warned him, and there’s nothing else he can do. Benny asks how long he has. Mitch doesn’t know, but he should stay inside, lay low, and watch his back.

Holding a golf club, Candace tells Gia that she’s going to show her what happens when someone double-crosses her. Gia asks, who? and Candace says, Rocky. Gia asks what she’s going to do with the golf club, and Candace asks what does she think? Gia says she doesn’t like violence, and Candace says, you’re in the wrong business, bitch. Watch and learn. She’ll make Gia a bottom bitch yet. Rocky knocks at the door, and Candace tells her to get him in there. Rocky comes in, and Candace says, want to snitch? and beats the living hell out of him with the club. She says if he ever tells anyone, she swears she’ll kill him. She tells him to get out. He half stumbles and half crawls out the door, bleeding like a stuck pig. Candace tells Gia to clean up the mess, but first, make her a drink. Gia is like, whoa. Candace sits on the bed, and takes off her red bottoms. I note how sparse the minibar is.

Benny goes inside the house. Can his day get worse? Hanna asks if he talked to Veronica, and he tells her that he did. She’s going to help in the morning. Hanna has been praying the police won’t bust down the door, looking for him. He just wants sleep, and she says she can’t. She’s glad he’s not worried; he has more faith in that woman than she thought. She doesn’t like it, but he says, what choice do they have? Hanna says, Kathryn, and Benny say she already got them the house. He doesn’t trust her. Her son hit him with a car, left him for dead, and he lied to her. Hanna says she also paid his hospital bills. He says Hanna went back work for her, and she says Kathryn is paying her double, plus a promotion. He says she comes down on Candace, and him for the tow truck. She tells him not to try turning it around on her, because he can’t. She didn’t tell him to borrow money from a gangster. She asks if Veronica is working for free, and Benny says she is. Hanna says he’s going to pay her. Just like his sister, he’ll be selling his ass. Benny says she’ll have to let him handle it. Hanna says, watch her put his ass back in jail.

Kathryn finds Jim watching the news, and asks if he’s seen anything. He says only that some guy got stabbed in a bar. He’s in the hospital in critical condition. He’s alive, so he might talk. Kathryn says maybe that’s a good thing. Jim wonders how in the hell it could be, and she says they haven’t been the best parents. They’ve covered his sins for way too long. It’s cost them greatly. She says Jim is in denial. Wyatt needs to pay for what he’s done. Jim says he’s not having this conversation. Kathryn thinks Wyatt should turn himself in. Kathryn asks if they’re going to continue not letting him deal with his consequences, and Jim says, why start now? Kathryn says if they want a different result, they have to do things differently. She’s going to turn him in. Jim asks if she has any idea what he’s going through, trying to keep her ass out of jail. Her phone rings, and it’s Jeffrey. He’s calling about Wyatt. He explains he got Wyatt committed, and says he’s in the psyche ward at the hospital. They’re not letting anyone see him yet, but he’s in good hands. Jim asks what it was about, and Kathryn says, nothing, and just leaves. Jim says, these damn women.

RJ swims in Veronica’s pool, and I’m jealous. He tells her the water’s nice, and she says, so is the view. She’s smoking a cigar. That Veronica. Always full of surprises. He tells her he’s always been into older women, and asks if she’s thirty-five or thirty-six. She says she’s still trying to figure out what she wants from him. She likes to study her prey before she attacks. He says he can handle that, but he bites back. She says, this should be interesting, and kicks water at him. He gets out, and suggests they get into the drink. They go inside.

Gia talks to an older guy in the hotel hallway. Once again, I either don’t catch his name or she doesn’t say it. It’s my only gripe about this show – they don’t say names enough. He tells her that he’s been calling, but she says she’s got nothing. He asks if Gia has anything on her informant. She says she’s trying to play it right. He says Candace is a murderer. Gia says, he’s telling her, and he asks if Candace said something. Gia says, no, but she beat the hell out of Rocky. She says he has to give her more time. He says Candace has someone high up helping her, and he wants to know who it is. She’d better bring something to him. She says give her a chance. She’s got this.

Veronica and RJ laze on the couch. There’s banging on the door. David storms in. He says she ransacked his condo on top of burning his car. She says, that, she did; the condo, she didn’t. He says this is what happens when she drinks. They start getting loud, and she asks, what are you waiting for, bitch? She starts getting crazy, singing, whatcha gonna do? over and over. David grabs her, and she gets in his face, poking at him with her finger. She calls him a simple bitch, and slaps at him. He cracks her a good one, and sends her flying, surprising all of us.

Next time, Wyatt tells Jeffrey that his death is on Jeffrey’s hands, Kathryn tells Hanna to call Marty, Rocky tells Erica to be careful, and David tells Jim that he pimp-slapped Veronica.

🙏 Deferring the Mediterranean…

It’s late, so I’m postponing Below Deck Mediterranean until tomorrow. Otherwise, I’ll be editing until four am. Like Erica, I’m not twenty-one, and it’s been a long week already. I hope this puppy picture will make up for it.

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June 19, 2018 – Doc and Jason Meet, Veronica’s Bachelorette Life, Kasey Gets Caught, Puzzled & My Speed


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna talks to Finn on the phone. He’s back in Port Charles. So is she. They’re in bed together. I guess talking on the phone in close proximity is their new foreplay.

Alexis tells Sam that she’s officially disentangled from Aurora. Sam tells her that she has a new business going with Curtis. She believes a clean break is best for everyone. Alexis thinks she should have a clean break from all the relationships in her life. Sam asks if that’s because of her sessions with Doc, and Alexis says they’ve been eye opening. Sam asks if that’s in a good way, and Alexis says, it’s in an oh-boy-do-you-have-a-lot-of-work-to-do way.

At the PCPD, Chase looks through files sent to him by his old partner, Abby, and sees Nelle’s picture.

Nelle pushes her food away, telling Michael she’s not hungry. He asks what’s going on. She asks him if he remembers her telling him that she ran into someone she knew. It wasn’t a coincidence. They came to Port Charles to see her.

At the hospital, Elizabeth looks at a wedding magazine. Scotty asks if it’s going to be black tie or in-and-out Vegas style. She says somewhere in the middle. He asks where her sense of adventure is, but she thinks they’ve had enough. They’re keeping it simple. Just them, and the people they love most.

Franco tells Doc he wants to give Elizabeth the wedding of her dreams. She deserves more than he can give her. Doc asks what that looks like, but Franco doesn’t know if Elizabeth is an ice sculpture person. He doesn’t even know how he feels about fireworks and chocolate fountains. He tells Doc that there will be male strippers, but tasteful, nothing gaudy. Doc says, what? and Franco says Doc is his shrink; he’s supposed to be listening to him. Doc apologizes. His mind wandered to another patient. Franco acts shocked that Doc has other patients besides him.

Carly asks for a newspaper to see what’s going on at home, and gets a puzzle instead. Mary Pat says, this is home – for the foreseeable future at least. Mary Pat tells Jasper there’s something different about the new patient, and asks if he gave Carly her meds. Jasper says he did, but the dosage changed. Mary Pat wants to know on whose authority, and he says Dr. Collins. She says she’ll look into it. Jason pushes a custodial supply cart around, and acts like he’s mopping the floors.

Anna tells Finn that she doesn’t want to brag, but she thinks they’re both pretty good at it. Finn agrees. She says, it’s crazy, and he asks, which part? She says, all of it; him, her, them here being happy. He says it’s been a long strange journey, but they made it. His phone dings. Anna asks who he’s texting, and he says, Emma. Robin told her that they’re an item. Anna takes the phone, and scrolls through the texts. She reads that Emma could tell her grandma was lonely. Finn says that’s true-ish. She reads a thank you from Emma for making her grandma happy. He says she can argue that if she wants to, but they get busy again.

Chase remembers an interrogation room in Blue Cape, Maine. Nelle is brought in. There’s a filter on the camera, so everyone looks younger. He asks if she knows why she’s there. She says she lost the man she was in love with, and everyone thinks she’s responsible. She asks if she looks like a killer. In the present, he flips a quarter around his hand.

Nelle tells Michael the officer who investigated the accident is working for the PCPD. He swore he didn’t know she was living there. She tells him it’s Chase. He says Chase is Dante’s new partner, and she says, of course he is. Michael says he’s met him, and his first impression wasn’t great. The way Chase handled the situation with Mike didn’t sit well, although he helped people like Josslyn during the earthquake. Nelle says maybe he’s changed, but back then, he was as ambitious as they come. He did anything  to get ahead. She remembers him telling her someone deliberately tampered with the kayak. She says it wasn’t her; she loved Zack. If he knows what that feels like, he’d know she’s innocent. Nelle tells Michael that he wanted a conviction.

Scotty tells Elizabeth that he has time left on his tux, and would like to get his money’s worth. He asks how things are going with Franco, and she says, never better. He says it must be nice to come out the other side.

Doc tells Franco that If anyone deserves a happily ever after, it’s them, which brings him to his wedding gift. Franco tells him about a crockpot he saw, but Doc was thinking about something more in his skill set that’s worth more than money. How about some free sessions with him? Franco was under the impression he was cured. Doc says he’s made enormous progress, but in cases of revelations like his, there can be aftershocks, set-backs, and things he can’t predict. He’d like to help them through that pro bono. Franco says Doc really likes him. Doc supposes he does. Franco thanks him, not just for the gift, but everything he’s done. Doc asks if he’s accepting, and Franco says he may be looney, but he’s not an idiot. But if Doc finds himself near Windom’s, the crockpot is only $39.99.

Mary Pat asks Carly how we’re feeling. She says, much better, and Mary Pat says it’s not so bad, is it? Carly agrees, and she says, that’s the spirit, Caroline. Carly quietly says, it’s Carly, but when Mary Pat asks what she said, Carly says, nothing. Mary Pat tells Jason he’s doing an excellent job. He’s all, yes, ma’am. He and Carly look at each other.

Anna tells Finn that she still has stuff to work through with Robin, and he says she will. She says she feels so much lighter; there are no secrets between them. She didn’t know it would be so freeing. This is the first relationship she’s had without holding back part of herself. He asks how it feels so far, and she says, amazing and scary. It’s uncharted territory. Finn says it is for him too, but they made it this far; they can figure it out. They kiss, and he asks if that was her. She says, no, and we assume one of them has cut the cheese, but he says her stomach is angry. They decide to get breakfast.

Alexis tells Sam that she barely knew her mom, and put her on a pedestal. She never thought about how her mother influenced her, and in not such a positive way. Sam says her relationship with Mikkos was not good. Maybe that’s why Alexis is drawn to dangerous men. Alexis says she’s repeating a literal pattern; choosing men who can’t give her what she needs. Sam says half the battle is recognizing the problem. Now she just has to fix it.

Chase looks at Nelle’s picture. In his memory, he asks Nelle whose idea it was to vacation in Maine. She says Maine was her idea, but Zack wanted to get out of Florida. His family can be possessive, and they look down on her. He wanted to put distance between them. Chase asks what about the kayaking, and she says it was her idea; she loves the water. She starts to cry, and he gives her some tissues. He asks if, when the kayak took on water, she tried to help Zack. She says, of course. She wanted him to get into her kayak, but the current was strong and the water was choppy, so she held out her oar. Abby is also there, and asks why she didn’t go in the water after him. Nelle says they both would have died. She was in an impossible situation. Either watch her fiancé drown, or drown with him. She asks what they would have done?

Michael tells Nelle that she doesn’t have to talk about it, but she wants him to hear the truth from her. In the interrogation room of the past, Chase asks why Zack changed his will before they went on vacation. Nelle says he insisted. He was furious with his family, the way they looked down on her. Chase asks if she tried to convince him otherwise. She says she tried, but he refused. He was loving and generous. How can you say no to a man like that? In the present, Michael says it sounds like Chase was hard on her. She says he has no idea.

Jason mops his way over to Carly, and asks if she’s okay. She says she should have listened to him. He says there’s no time for that, and she says it’s bad in there. He tells her not to think like that; she’ll panic. She knows what they want to hear. Say the words; play the part. She can do it. Carly calls Mary Pat over. She’s finished her puzzle, and asks if she can have a lanyard. She’s itching to make bracelet. Right. Like they’d give her a lanyard, when you’re not even allowed to have laces on your shoes.

Franco tells Elizabeth they’re getting therapy on the house. Doc says the gift is rather Franco-centric, but she says it’s the perfect gift for both of them. Doc says he’s looking forward to the wedding of the century. Scotty says, so much for simple.

Anna sees Alexis and Sam at the MetroCourt. They make small talk, and Anna wishes she and Robin lived in the same city. Alexis agrees that she’s lucky. Anna leaves, and Sam tells Alexis that was big of her. Alexis asks what Sam wanted her to do; she’s happy for them. She has bigger fish to fry than Finn. Sam says, cheers to that.

A Post-It note on Chase’s folder says, some cases are better left cold – Abby. He remembers Abby asking him if he’s going to charge Nelle. He tells her that his gut says she didn’t do it. Abby thinks she plays the helpless victim more than he realizes, but it’s his case; his call. He tells Nelle that she’s free to go. She thanks him for believing in her. He asks where she’ll go, and she says, probably back to Florida. It’s the only place she knows. At the PCPD, he looks at the folder some more, and sees a postcard from Florida.

Michael asks if Nelle walked away and never looked back. She says she tried not to, until Zack’s sister dug it up again. If it was all part of a sinister plan, wouldn’t she have waited until after the wedding? It doesn’t make sense. Michael says there’s no point in getting worked up. She tells him running into Chase shook her up a little. He asks if Maine was really the last place she saw him. She can trust him. At this point, they have no more secrets, right? She says she saw Chase again when he followed her to Florida. We see Chase in a hotel room. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Nelle. They smile at each other. At the MetroCourt, Nelle pulls back from Michael.

Michael asks what Nelle thought when Chase reached out. She says she didn’t know what to think. Zack’s family was accusing her of murder, and threatening a lawsuit. She was helpless and alone when he came to see her. At the hotel room, Nelle tells Chase that she should have called first, and asks what he’s doing in Florida. He says he doesn’t like to see an innocent person suffer for something they didn’t do. He asks if Zack’s family is still hounding her, and she says, all day, every day. Knowing she has his support helps. She asks how long he’ll be there, and he says, as long as she needs him. They kiss. At the MetroCourt, Michael asks if he… She says no; it was consensual. She was drowning. She knows it’s a poor choice of words, but it’s the truth. He was her lifeline. She knew something was off, and it was a mistake, but she grabbed on with both hands. I’m thinking that’s a poor choice of words too. Ha-ha.

Chase looks at the postcard. He remembers the same scene in the hotel from his point of view. He answers the door, and says he thought they were meeting at the diner. Nelle says she couldn’t wait to see him. He’s only wearing a towel, and she promises not to peek. She tells him Zack’s family is still hounding her, and she says they can’t stand trash like her with the country club crowd. He says she’s not trash. She kisses him. In the present, he rips up the postcard.

Anna texts Finn not to come down, but when the elevator doors open, he’s there. She thinks The Floating Rib might be a better choice. He sees Alexis and agrees. She sees he’s texting Felicia, and grabs the phone from him, asking, what is this?

Mary Pat sees Doc. She says she’s glad he’s there. She understands he altered Caroline’s medication. He says that’s his prerogative as her doctor. She says he might have considered running it by her first, but he says, with all due respect, he doesn’t run anything by her about his patients. How he treats them is between him and them. She says then he leaves and she’s stuck with the mess. Jason hears everything.

Doc tells Mary Pat that he’s not following. He asks if there’s been a problem this morning, and she says nothing she can’t handle. He says if there’s any change, to let him know. Until then, he’s confident the dosage is correct. Doc sits with Carly, and she thanks him for dealing with it; she feels better. He says it’s good to see her out and about. She adds, and lucid. He tells her she’s on the right track. Stay the course, and he’ll be able to approve her release soon. He asks if there’s anything he can get for her, but she says she has everything she needs. She looks at Jason.

Elizabeth tells Scotty that Franco thinks he owes her a huge extravaganza, but in truth, all she wants is him, her boys, and her friends. Franco says she’s perfect, and Scotty says, pretty damn close. She says has to say that; he’s her father-in-law. He says, not yet, but soon. She and Franco start kissing, and Scotty tells them there’s a broom closet around the corner. They ignore him, and continue to kiss.

Sam wishes Alexis had the chance to know her mother. Alexis does too. She wishes she’d been able to raise Sam, but Sam says she didn’t turn out bad. Alexis says she turned out great; probably better than if she’d raised her. Sam sees the watch, and asks if it’s new. Alexis explains that it’s her mom’s watch, and Valentin gave it to her. Mikkos had given it to her mother, probably as an apology for something horrible that he did. Sam asks if it’s part of Alexis rediscovering her past, and she says Valentin told her it showed how much her parents loved each other. Sam suggests it’s his way of playing mind games. Alexis considered giving it away, but can’t seem to let it go.

At The Floating Rib, Finn tells Anna the last thing he wants, is to rub Alexis’s nose in it. Anna suggests a trip. He asks if she means him and her, and she says, no; her and the bartender. She thinks if they go outside of Port Charles, they can find their place. They throw out ideas, but it seems like they’ve both been everywhere.

Chase closes the folder, and flips the quarter. He remembers he and Nelle in bed getting busy, and then getting busier. He tells Nelle that he’ll take care of everything.

Nelle tells Michael that Chase promised to help protect her. Instead, he became obsessed. What if he’s there to finish what he started?

Scotty leaves. Franco asks Elizabeth to reassure him for the last time that she’s okay without her family at the wedding. She says everyone she cares about will be there, and she’s glad his therapist is coming. He says Doc will keep him sane, but she says, not too. She likes a little crazy. He thinks he can handle that. We see him sending private messages on MyFace to her family members.

Finn says, Detroit, and Anna says she’s never been. He tells her to put it on the list. She says she likes cars, and he says he likes Motown. He says it’s unfamiliar, but nice, having a meal in a pub with no eminent danger and no emergencies. A busboy drops a tub of dishes behind him. Finn gets a text, and starts laughing. Anna says she’s not even asking who it is; who is it? He tells her that Mac is really funny.

Alexis tells Sam that Valentin also gave her a picture of her mom wearing the watch. She thinks Mikkos might have taken it. She looks a bit like Sam, and doesn’t look like victim, but like her mom.

Nelle remembers the afterglow with Chase, saying they have to choose to trust each other. She complains that the room is hot and she’s thirsty. He offers to get her something from the diner. She says she’s not going anywhere. When he leaves, she takes out her phone and makes a call. She says she’s a concerned citizen who wants to report some inappropriate behavior of an officer. In the present, she smiles.

Chase finds Michael sitting on his desk, and asks what he thinks he’s doing. Michael says he could ask Chase the same thing. Nelle says he’s stalking her. Is he?

Carly asks if Doc can have her moved to a more mellow wing. He says unfortunately, it’s overcrowded, and the only available room is in the super max wing. She tells him that’s what Mary Pat said, and he promises as soon as there’s a bed available, she’ll be moved to the main wing. She thanks him for checking on her. He says he’ll be back soon.

Doc sees Jason and says his name. Mary Pat and Jasper notice. Jason and Doc look at each other.

Tomorrow, David tries to hire Alexis, Jason tells Carly things will be better now, and Michael confronts Chase.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Benny gets the gun, and bar dude falls to the ground. Dude asks Benny not to kill him and to take his wallet. Benny doesn’t want his wallet, and dude asks what he does want. Benny says he didn’t do this, and dude says he believes him, like he’d be saying anything else at this point. Benny puts the gun down, repeats that he didn’t do this, and jets.

RJ (since it’s become clear that’s his name, I’m going with it) wants to talk to Candace. He tells her that Rocky gave her up. He saw him talking to that guy, saying she had pictures taken of the screen. He knows she’s avoiding Rocky. Candace says he’s sneaky, but RJ says he’s clever like she is. He wants her to teach him how to be as good as she is in bed. She says she’s a woman, and he says, who better to show him? She suggests he find an older woman at the bar. As a matter-of-fact, she has an assignment for him that will be worth his while. Dance for her, and keep her drunk. He can sleep with her if he wants to. He’d rather sleep with Candace, but she says, when he grows up. She’ll text the address. She tells him not to drug her. The old bitch might die. He says if it’s a guy, he’s coming right back.

Jim sees Oscar in the Artisian lobby, and asks where his money is. Oscar says they have a problem. It wasn’t sent to his account. He had it sent to the account Jim gave him, but then Candace –  Jim says, Candace Young? Oscar says she somehow switched it. Jim says he looks nervous, and Oscar says he’s sorry. Jim doesn’t want to hear sorry; he wants to hear how it got into her account. Oscar explains she drugged him, he overdosed, and when he came to, it was gone. Jim says, Candace has his son’s entire inheritance? and Oscar says he’ll get it back. Jim smiles, and tells Oscar not pay attention to his demeanor, but what he’s saying. That bitch conned him once before, and he swore it would never happen again. Oscar has twenty-four hours to get the money. Oscar says he can’t, and Jim says, then he and that bitch are dead. Jim acts like they’ve just been telling jokes, says, I love ya, Oscar, and leaves.

Benny meets Mitch, who had a date, and is now waiting for his ass. Benny says something bad happened. He went to give Mitch’s uncle the money back. Mitch asks if he was threatened, but Benny says he’s dead. He didn’t do it though. He went to the bar, and he was lying on the ground, bleeding. Mitch says, Uncle Vinnie? surprising me, since I didn’t realize the drug dealer was also Uncle Vinnie. Hanna hears them arguing. Mitch says he told Benny not to borrow the money. Mitch leaves, and Benny goes inside.

Hanna asks what Benny did. He says, nothing, and she tells him to stop lying. He says he doesn’t want ot upset her, but Hanna says she’s already upset. She says, it’s the money he had; she felt in her spirit it wasn’t right. She asks how he got it, and he says he borrowed it from Mitch’s family to get a truck, but then he didn’t want it. She asks why not, and he says because they’re in a bad business. He thought about it and wanted to give it back. He went to the bar, and Mitch’s uncle was dead, but he didn’t do it; he swears. Hanna tells him that he needs a lawyer. Benny says a dude saw, and started shooting at him. They wrestled, and he took the gun and ran. Hanna asks the Lord to help her. She’s going to get Benny some help. Benny says Veronica got him off before, but Hanna’s not calling her; she’s going to Kathryn. Benny says he got himself in this mess; he’s getting himself out. Hanna wonders why won’t he ever listen, and he says he’s sorry, but he’s going.

Vernonia flips through a magazine, when there’s a knock at the door. She thinks it’s Derek, and says she knows he changed his mind. Who could turn this down? She opens the door, and RJ walks in, saying Candace sent him to keep her company. She doesn’t think so, but he says he could use a drink, and takes hers. She asks how old he is, and he says, old enough to drink. She laughs, saying she sent a school boy over. RJ says he’s twenty-five. Veronica says she has a son a little older, and he thinks it should be fun for her. He suggests some music, but she needs him to leave. He tells her that she needs to be entertained, but she says she’s a grown ass woman, and nothing he can do –  He opens his shirt. She looks at his abs and thinks it could be interesting.

There’s a knock at David’s door. He tells Erica that he’s sick of her. They go downstairs, but it’s Jim. Jim says, that bitch is up to it again. She took the money. He sees Erica, and says, oh, David has a whore here. David says, she’s not a damn whore, and tells him to watch himself. Jim says, sorry; she doesn’t look like a whore. Erica excuses herself, and goes back upstairs. David tells Jim to apologize, and asks, what the hell is his problem? Jim says Candace got to Oscar, and then got to him. She took Wyatt’s inheritance. He says, that bitch is dead. David says it doesn’t sound like Oscar. He’s been working with him a long time. Jim says ex-cons are all the same, and he sure as hell did something. David says he could bury Oscar and he knows it; Oscar wouldn’t cross him. David says he’ll call Oscar in the morning, but Jim says he won’t be breathing; call now. He gave Jim some bullsh*t story about Candace drugging him. David thinks it’s plausible, but Jim wonders how Candace could have the passwords. David says she can be resourceful. Jim insists she and Oscar are in this together, and David says, fine; he’ll call.

Erica calls Candace, telling her that Jim is there, and they’re talking about her. Jim wants to kill her, and said she and Oscar are working together. Candace hangs up, and Erica calls her a bitch. We should have a drinking game with that word tonight.

David thanks Oscar. He tells Jim that he believes him. Jim says he doesn’t, but David says he jumps to conclusions, and passes over clues. The money was wired into the Cryer Company account with Benefit and Trust. Jim says, Lloyd. He calls Lloyd, telling him to get his fat sweaty ass up and talk to him. He asks if Lloyd opened a Cryer Company account, and finds out Veronica told him to set it up. David is like, what the hell…? Jim asks if any money was wired in or out. Lloyd doesn’t think so, but goes to check. David says Veronica and Candace are like oil and water.

Erica calls Candace back. Candace tells her, call again, and she’s coming over there. Erica says she’ll want to hear this. Jim called the bank, and found out about Veronica opening the Cryer account. Lloyd is checking on the money wire. She tells Candace she’s just trying to help, and Candace tells her to shut her mouth and listen to what they’re saying.

Jim discovers the money was wired yesterday, then wired out a few hours later. He asks who owns the account. It’s an LLC, and he asks who the members are. Lloyd says, Candace Young. Lloyd wonders why he didn’t see it, and Jim says, because he’s an idiot. Lloyd tells him the money was wired to the personal account of Benjamin Young. Jim says that’s just great. He hangs up and asks if David knows anything about this.

Erica tells Candace that they know the money was sent to Benny.

Veronica thinks she should have been divorced a long time ago. RJ is surprised she’s divorced and lives like this. Damn. He took care of her. She says his age and ignorance are showing. He doesn’t think a woman can have all this on her own? He says not where he’s from. She asks where that is, and he says, Douglas, Ohio, where the women depend on men. Veronica says, welcome to her world; she’s her own woman. He asks if men depend on her, and she wonders if he’s looking for a sugar mama. She says, better keep looking. He tells her, she says that now, and she says, and she’ll keep saying it. There’s a knock at the door, and RJ asks if he should hide. Veronica laughs, and says she told him she runs this. She opens the door. It’s Benny, who needs to talk to her. RJ asks if that’s his cue to leave, but Veronica says it’s his cue to go upstairs and wait. She kisses him, and calls him little boy.

Veronica asks what Benny wants. He says he’s in deep, and needs a lawyer. She says to tell her, and he starts giving her the story, but she says, no. Tell her how sorry he is for disrespecting her with Melissa. He says he really is sorry. He explains that he borrowed money from a guy, and went to a bar. Upstairs, RJ looks around, and pockets some jewelry while he swills champagne from the bottle. He looks in Veronica’s closet, and steals a few more pieces. He finds a safe, and feels around it, but it has a keypad and alarm. He lies on the bed and laughs. He’s going to get all this bitch’s money.

Charles asks Landon, what if he moved to Savannah? He doesn’t want to go back to Detroit. Landon says Candace is there, and Charles says, that too. Landon doesn’t think he should do it. She’s a powder keg looking for a spark; his heart can’t be trusted and she can’t be trusted, especially after losing her son. Charles says maybe why he should go. He likes her, and asks if they can make it happen. Landon says, okay, and Charles points out that it’s the only way see her without raising suspicion. He tells Landon to set it up. Landon starts to help him off with his shoes, and Charles asks what he’s doing. Landon says everyone is going to be bending over backwards for him, and he should get used to it. He’s going to be great. Charles appreciates it, but Landon says he does it because he wants to. Charles asks Landon if he’s never had a woman who’s driven him crazy, and Landon tells him, can’t say that he has. Ha-ha! Charles feels sorry for him. Landon suggests a drink, staying up late, and watching cable news, but Charles wants to take it easy tonight.

Benny swears that’s what happened, and Veronica says he just gets into more and more sh*t. He tells her that he doesn’t need a lecture, and asks if she can help. She says she can, and he knows what she likes. He says, it’s serious, and she says, so is she. She tells him to take his clothes off. He asks if she’s kidding; she has a boy upstairs. She says maybe she wants them both. If a man can do it, she can’t see what the problem is. Benny says all she does is compete with men. She asks if the police came to see him, and he says, not yet. She asks if there was any surveillance, and he says there was a camera there. She tells him to go home and go to bed. The longer he sits there, the hornier she gets. She loves the bachelorette life. She says the police around there don’t work that fast, and tells Benny to go home. He heads for the door, and she says, this is when he’s supposed to say, thank you, Veronica for always helping me. He says he appreciates her being there for him. She says to tell his triflin’-ass mother that she said hi. She laughs and asks, where are you, little man boy? She has some stuff to show him. She goes upstairs.

Hanna goes to Kathryn’s house. She tells Kathryn that it’s her son. She doesn’t know why this keeps happening. Benny borrowed money from a gangster, and when he went to give it back, he found a dead man. Kathryn asks where it happened, and Hanna says some bar. She needs a lawyer. Kathryn says she’ll handle it; Marty will help her. Hanna knows Benny didn’t kill that man, and Kathryn asks what she meant by gangster. Hanna says, Mitch Malone’s family. Kathryn asks if Benny told her exactly what happened, but Hanna says, no. He wants to call Veronica, but she’s not dealing with that devil. Kathryn says sometimes it’s better to deal with the devil you know; she’s the best. Is she willing to gamble Benny’s future? Hanna says she’s not using her. Kathryn says Benny is an adult; it’s his decision. Hanna says, it’s too much. Kathryn hugs her, and says she can stay there, but Hanna has to go home. Kathryn promises to call Marty in the morning, and have him call Hanna, but if Benny signed with Veronica, there’s nothing she can do about it. Jim walks in, and Hanna leaves.

Jim asks what that was about, and Kathryn says Hanna’s son; he’s in some trouble. Jim says, you bet he is. Candace took the money. Kathryn wonders how the hell she did that, and asks if he’s still messing with her. Jim says she got it from the guy he hired to recover it. He says he’ll take care of it, and asks what Hanna was doing there. Kathryn tells him that Benny was driving under the influence, and got arrested. She said she’d call Marty. Jim asks if Benny is in jail; he needs to talk to him. Candace put the money in his name. Kathryn guesses he’ll have to wait until Benny gets out.

Jeffrey comes to Wyatt’s condo, and tells him, come on. Wyatt asks where they’re going, and Jeffrey says, to a facility. Wyatt says he’s not going, but Jeffrey says, too late; he already called. Wyatt is a danger to himself. They’re outside, and he can either come voluntarily, or they’re coming in and getting him. He’s suicidal. Wyatt says, they wouldn’t do that, and Jeffrey says, it’s done. Wyatt says he killed a man in a bar. He was trying to kill Wyatt. Jeffrey says he needs to contact the police; it was self-defense. Wyatt says, a guy is dead. Tell the doctors downstairs that he’s not going to rehab. Jeffrey calls, and tells them to come up and take him. Wyatt says Jeffrey is supposed to be his friend. Jeffrey says, he is. That’s why he’s doing it. Wyatt says Jeffrey is worse than his parents. There’s a knock at the door. Justin comes in. Well, we weren’t expecting him.

Jeffrey says he told Justin to stop following him. Justin claims he was just making sure Jeffrey was all right. He heard them yelling. Jeffrey says he’s not supposed to be there. The medical team comes in, saying they know Wyatt wants to do harm to himself. Jeffrey says, yes. Wyatt says they’re taking him against his will, and Jeffrey tells him, it’s done; don’t fight. Wyatt struggles with them all the way out the door, grabbing on to the frame like Sylvester the cat.

Jeffrey tells Justin he shouldn’t have come, and to go home. He doesn’t want to see him. Justin tells Jeffrey, please don’t say that. Jeffrey makes him crazy. Jeffrey tells Justin that he said to go home – now. He’s sick of looking at Justin’s face. Justin says his home is wherever Jeffrey is.

Justin pulls out two guns, pointing one at Jeffrey’s head, and the other at his own. He says, if he can’t have Jeffrey, no one will.

Next time, Hanna confronts Benny, Kathryn wants Wyatt to have consequences, and Mitch’s family is ready to go to war.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Conrad and Hannah kiss at the club, while Brooke sits outside, bummed. Adam asks if she wants alone time, and tells her not to let her emotions get the best of her. He tells her that she can cry on his shirt; it’s polyester. She thinks he’s nice, and he says ditto. In his interview, he says she’s beautiful and sweet, but not his type. It’s time to go back to the boat. João tells Kasey that she’s a flirt. Conrad and Hannah continue to make out on the bus. Colin says João is macking with everybody. Shouldn’t that be, making on? Kasey wants a guy who won’t take no for an answer, like her dad did with her mom.

Back on the boat, Hannah flashes Conrad. They sit on deck and drink some more. He says emotions are new to him. Brooke stuffs her face with who knows what in the galley. Hannah says she’s not supposed to like Conrad like this, and he says him neither.

It’s 7:30 am in Naples. In his interview, Conrad says he’s breaking every rule he has. He just wants to have fun. He knows they snogged everywhere, and Hannah is like, we did? He liked a girl on his first boat, and regretted not telling her. He doesn’t want that to happen again. Brooke tells the others she told Adam she liked him, and feels like a d*ck. In her interview, she says she needs to relax.

Jamie tells us that if she’s having a good day, it’s because she had chocolate milk. It’s her happy place. Hannah asks the stews to be super careful with the laundry, since there’s a bunch of pink stuff.

It’s preference sheet meeting time. Derrek and Iliana are on board. He’s an executive recruiter, and they’re thanking the couples that are coming along for their friendship. They’re open to anything the chef prepares. In his interview, Adam says it sounds incredible on paper, but has PTSD from the last charter. It says they might bring fun things from home. Whatever that means. Captain Sandy is excited. João tells Kasey that if she needs someone to tell anyone eff off, he’s her man.

Hannah has a meeting with the stews, and tells them they need to get Kasey up to speed, so she’s not woken up to make coffee. She asks if Kasey feels confident. It said on her resume that she’d done silver service. Kasey says she never actually did that. Hannah leaves to get the resume. In her interview, Brooke wonders how she thought she’d get away with it. She’d hate to be Kasey right now. Brooke explains silver service is fine dining. Hannah brings her resume in, and goes over some of it. Apparently, her barista training consisted of turning on a coffee machine. She doesn’t remember ever doing silver service. In her interview, she says she gave her resume to a friend to polish. She didn’t know they’d made it so high end. It made her look like a super human, and she isn’t. Hannah says she assumed Kasey could do it. Kasey says she takes responsibility, and Hannah says she feels stupid and lied to. Kasey says she didn’t know it said that, and Hannah says it’s her responsibility for what’s on the CV (which, I assume, is yacht speak for resume). Hannah says she’s in the middle of the season with a stew who doesn’t know how to make coffee. I know how it is to give your resume a boost. I walked by one once becomes familiar with. But you’d better be able to catch on quickly if you do that.

Colin calls his mom. He tells her the food is different from nana’s, and he likes New York pizza better than the pizza in Italy. In his interview, he tells us that he only lives a few blocks from his mom.

Hannah goes to the bridge. She tells Captain Sandy that something wasn’t making sense with Kasey from start, and her CV is a lie. She explains barista training as opening a thing, putting in a pod, and pressing a button. She doesn’t know what silver service is. In her interview, Hannah says lying is fire-able offense. The captain suggests they get through the charter, then deal with it. In her interview, Captain Sandy says third stew is an entry level position. Hannah should have trained her properly by now. How can she when she’s doing both jobs?

Hannah tells Conrad about Kasey lying. Conrad says she’s effing done. He thinks she’s getting a helluva lesson. He tells João that she lied on her CV. Captain Sandy tells everyone to get uniformed up. The guests arrive, and are welcomed to the boat. Champagne is served, and the tour is given. Adam asks Brooke for first impressions. She thinks they’re genuine. She wishes she could avoid Adam, but can’t on a boat. The anchor is released, and we’re on our way.

The guests say it’s phenomenal, so we’re off to a good start. The captain wants everything secure because of the wind. João complains that Conrad has no checklist, and he’s waiting for Conrad to screw up.

Today’s lunch is extreme salad, and garlic lemon chicken. Kasey has a headache. João offers to put covers up for lunch. Captain Sandy thinks he has initiative and will be a leader. Lunch is served. There’s also poached lobster tails and herbed potato salad. They tell Adam to do what he wants for dinner.

The swells are down, and anchor is dropped. Derrek has brought a blow-up bull for the water. We all think he said pole. The captain tells Conrad to be more on deck, and less about Hannah or he’s going to piss her off. She says he has his nose up Hannah’s butt. Colin rides the bull. Adam tells Kasey she’s a New Yorker; she’s got this. In his interview, Adam says, you’ve got to fake it till you make it. That’s all she was trying to do. The guests play in the water. The bull stands alone.

The table is set amid blue gems and coral. Adam says for the guests to trust him, lights a fire under his ass. Kasey says she might have only done day charters, but she thought an entry level position on a super yacht couldn’t be harder. She has a psychology degree. Hannah points out her cleaning mistakes. In her interview, Hannah says private charters have a high standard, and she’s not really cutting it. Kasey thinks she’s doing it fine. Hannah says she was hired under false pretenses. Get up to speed or fired.

The guests are restoring Adam’s faith in humanity. He’s making seared tuna so good, it’s insane, along with crispy wontons made with love. One of the guests starts helping to clear the table. Hannah begs him not to, but he says he does it at home – and laundry. He follows her to galley, and she tells him that he’s not at home; he’s on holiday. Brooke tells Adam that a guest is helping Hannah. He says he needs the time during plate clearing to plate the next course, and Hannah did nothing to prevent the guests from screwing him up. She tells him about it, and laughs. He says it’s effing annoying.

The next meal is a seafood extravaganza of mussels, clams, prawns, and local fish over spaghetti.  I am dying. Conrad says a lie has consequences. João says he took opportunities where he could by faking it, but if you get caught not being able to make it, you’re screwed. Adam makes carrot cake, and Hannah calls it a cookie thingy. Adam thinks she’s more distracted than usual. He’s going to lose his sh*t if presents as cookie thingy.

The guests turn in. Conrad goes to Hannah’s bunk. Kasey looks over her duties.

Kasey thinks she’s on the verge of being fired. João says while a couple of things on her resume weren’t true, they should have been checked. She thinks a chief stew can have her fired, but she can’t without Captain Sandy giving her okay. In his interview, he says it’s a misconception that someone one step above you can get you fired. If the captain is happy with your work, you stay. The anchor is in the pocket, and we’re on our way to Capri. Brooke is having tea. She’s going to chill out in her room after her cry. João doesn’t want her to ignore him.

The guests take pictures. Hannah tells Brooke that she’s going to Capri, and Conrad tells Jamie she can go too. It’s so beautiful, I wish I could come along, but only if there was a Star Trek transporter, since I hate the process of traveling. Jamie says the view, culture, and people are unbelievable and stunning.

Kasey asks Captain Sandy how to make her coffee. In her interview, Kasey says she wants to keep her job. If it means kissing up, that’s what she’ll do. The deckhands struggle with the slide. Colin says it’s the worst invention in the history of life. There’s too much rubber and too many hoses. He says he sounds like he’s describing a sex scene. João says he’s used this kind of slide before, but Conrad is getting pissed off. Conrad tells João if he disagrees, just go with it. In his interview, João says Conrad’s ego doesn’t want to look undermined. If he doesn’t want him to make his job easier, he won’t.

Iliana says she’s not leaving, and I don’t blame her. Captain Sandy is happy with how and how much João is working. In his interview, he says that’s all that matters. Kasey vacuums the bridge. We never saw that on Star Trek. Back on the boat, drinks are served, and the toys are in the water. The table is all mauve and candles and ruffles João doesn’t want Brooke to have the wrong impression. She says he didn’t remember telling her that they had chemistry. He wants to start over, and asks if they can get together on their off time. She agrees.

Adam thought he couldn’t do anything right until these amazing guests showed up. Now he’s getting his mojo back. Dinner is New York strip and many delicious vegetables: tiny roasted potatoes, creamed spinach, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes. That same dude starts clearing. Hannah is like, no, and takes the dishes from him. Adam tells her dessert is not close to being ready, and to say no; it’s her job. She says, sorry, but he’s sick of excuses. She tried to physically him, but there was nothing she could do. Adam says it’s never her fault. Kasey whines about minute details she might overlook, João tells her keep on keepin’ on, and smile. They flirt, and Jamie wishes they’d please stop.

Hannah gives the guests a shot, saying it’s a palate cleanser before dessert, which is key lime pie. Adam visits, and gets lots of complements. Conrad laughs over size of a wine glasses. Hannah wonders how he can make her smile when she’s having such a sh*t day? Kasey says Operation Kiss-up to Sandy is still underway, as she cleans the captain’s cabin. Captain Sandy say Kasey has come a long way; she’s impressed. Hannah mumbles that she’s f-ing dumb. Hannah feels taken advantage of and lied to. Captain Sandy explains that she doesn’t play favorites, but rewards initiative. She tells Conrad to take over the anchor, and calls João to the bridge.

She’s letting João drive them out. The captain shows him nautical stuff, and tells him he’s in charge. In his interview, Conrad says João must have golden bollocks. All he does is get praised. João jokes that he’s the captain, and he’s living the dream, as Conrad takes out the garbage.

Next time, Brooke asks where she stands with João, guests celebrate their 10th anniversary, Hannah is frustrated, and João is an a-hole again.

❓ Question Mark Over My Head…

Big Brother is apparently coming up to its 20th season. How could this happen? It’s one of the few reality shows I can’t seem to make myself watch. I’ve tried, but it’s a no.

💤 About My Speed…


June 12, 2018 – Nelle Meets an Old Friend, Jim Wants the Bullets, No Pleasing Some People & Tuesday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason plays pool by himself. Sam brings him a beer. She thinks he could use it.

In the empty courtroom, Nelle tells the baby her plan worked like a charm. Now that Granny Carly (ha-ha! I love when she calls Carly that) is in the snake pit where she belongs, Nelle is going to get everything she ever wanted. Chase walks in and says, Janelle, it’s been a long time. She asks what he’s doing there. He says he thought they should catch up, after she bailed on him and ditched his phone calls.

Spinelli plays with Georgie at the Quartermaine’s. Michael thanks him for coming; he needs to focus on what he can control. He tells Spinelli that he couldn’t crack Nelle’s password in time, but wouldn’t know where to look even if he got into her computer. Spinelli says the Jackal has what he needs to unmask Nelle’s shenanigans.

Peter reaches for a shard glass. Outside, Obrecht is on the phone with Nina. She says she trusts Nina was able to strengthen her resolve, and Nina says she’s revaluated her priorities. Obrecht tells her to come back now. Peter manages to get the shard, and cuts at his bonds. Note to self: use metal bonds during a kidnapping.

Sam asks if she’s supposed to just stand there while Jason runs the table, and he says, sorry. She tells him that Curtis canceled their meeting. They’re working on a case, and going into business together as PIs. She says it’s better than sitting behind a desk. She’s not cut out for that, or fancy clothes and suits. She realizes he’s wearing a suit, and says it looks good on him though. He says he wore it for Carly. He had to testify, for all the good it did. Sam asks what happened, and he says Carly was sent to Ferncliff – again.

Drew is taking Oscar for the weekend. Kim says if she’d known he was moving, she wouldn’t have asked. Oscar feels that he doesn’t need watching, since he’s fifteen. Drew says he’s looking forward to spending time with Oscar. He cleared his schedule, so they can watch a movie or go to a game. Oscar suggests a documentary on global warming, and Drew says it sounds cheerful. He thought Oscar was okay with his mom going away. He says he is, even if it’s with Julian. Kim gives him a look, which he takes as his cue to leave. Kim tells him that she loves him, and to be good. After he leaves, Drew asks what that was about; he thought Oscar liked Julian. He asks if Julian has done anything he should worry about. Kim says he was fine with it when they were just friends. Now that their relationship is evolving, Oscar is full of warnings. Josslyn has a bad history with him; not personally. Drew says she’s friends with Alexis’s daughters, and he did a number on Alexis. Kim says Julian told her about his past, and wants to distance himself from who he used to be. She believes him. Drew hopes she knows what she’s getting into. Kim says he has the responsibility of a teenager for the first time. She hopes he knows what he’s getting into.

At the hospital, Julian sees Lucas. He tells Lucas that he’s meeting Kim; they’re going out of town for the weekend. He has no idea where. He gives Lucas a folder, and says he hired a PI to track down Cheryl’s roommate. She was able to fill in some details about the family. He also filled in his. The Jerome family might not get much of a mention, but he can’t know his birth parents without the information.

Chase tells Nelle that he’s been a detective with the PCPD since February. He’s surprised they haven’t crossed paths. Meeting in a courtroom feels like karma. He says he was called to testify, and imagine his surprise that the victim was his good old friend Janelle. She says at least he’s on the right side this time. He says he’s all about justice. Nelle tells him that she needs to rest. Reliving her ordeal was traumatic. He asks, more or less than sitting in kayak watching her fiancé drown?

Spinelli tells Michael to meet his new best friend, the Raspberry Pi. He can customize it to do what he wants. Michael talks into it, saying, catch Nelle lying. Spinelli says that’s not quite how it works. It has every possible numeric combination, and he should be able to hack Nelle’s computer with it. Michael asks what he looks for once he’s in, and Spinelli says it will monitor the computer. If Nell does anything duplicitous, they can catch her in the act. Georgie wants to see Maxie and James, so Spinelli takes his leave.

Peter struggles with the glass. Obrecht tells Nina that she needs her back, pronto. She knows what needs to be done, and Obrecht says she can’t be trusted with that snake charmer. He lies with his father’s impunity. Peter cuts himself, and knocks something off of the nightstand. Obrecht runs in, and takes the shard from him, saying, someone’s been naughty.

Jason says Sam knows Michael was kidnapped when he was a baby. Carly bad post-partum, and left him with Michael while she went to Florida. When she came home, she couldn’t even hold him. She got better little by little, and was able to take care of Michael on her own, but then he disappeared. Jason doesn’t think he’s ever been so scared. They had no idea where he was, and finally, Dr. Tony Jones got caught. At the trial, he was found not guilty because of a breakdown, and got community service. Carly lost it, grabbed one of the guard’s guns, and shot him. As a mother, Sam gets it. Jason says she got sent to Shadybrook for two weeks, even though she should have been home. Sam asks what went wrong?

Josslyn asks Michael if he’s heard anything, and if it’s bad. He says it’s not great, but it could be worse. The judge found Carly not guilty by reason of insanity; she’s not going to prison. Josslyn asks what that means; is she going where Morgan went? Michael says she was remanded to Ferncliff, a state facility for the criminally insane. Josslyn says that’s not their mom.

Nelle can’t believe Chase is throwing her past in her face, considering the day she’s had. Chase says there are worse things, like drowning in icy water. She says she doesn’t need the stress. He’s sure she wants what’s best for the baby, like Zack’s family wanted the best for him. Chase wanted to give them closure. When the evidence swung in her direction, it was already too late; he was falling in love. She asks if he fell all the way. He almost kisses her, and asks if it matters. Somebody reported him for inappropriate behavior. There was an investigation, the case was thrown out, his career derailed, and she dodged a murder charge. It was her plan all along, wasn’t it?

Talking into the phone, Nina tells Obrecht to stop rejecting her calls. Maxie asks if Obrecht is okay, and Nina says it’s just a dropped call. Maxie thinks she seems frazzled. Nina says Obrecht is really frazzled. James being born reminds her of Nathan. Nina wants to check on her, and Maxie suggests coming along, since she can identify. Nina says she’s nervous that Obrecht will unload on her, and she has enough to worry about. She’ll text later. She swears she has it under control.

Obrecht says she turns her back for one minute, and Peter tries to escape. He asks if she can blame him. She definitely can. He should have been reflecting on what he did. He says he didn’t kill Nathan (except Peter says him, since he’s not allowed to speak the name). Obrecht picks up a baseball bat, saying she’s going to discourage any more attempts at escape. She does this weird thing with the bat, not touching him with it, but almost like she’s slicing down his body. She pulls out the arm that he cut, and promises she won’t take any pleasure in this. Then she says, who is she kidding? The bat comes down.

Jason tells Sam that he found a sympathetic judge. He had the release papers, and went to Shadybrook. He was told she had a psychotic break; she thought her pillow was Michael. He knew she was faking it, and sure enough, he found her singing a lullaby to her pillow. He’d never been so mad, and told her she was going to trap herself, but it was too late. She was remanded to Ferncliff for four months, and missed the time with Michael. She convinced herself that she was going to prison, and he was going to start a family with Michael and Robin. When she panics, she does the wrong thing. Sam asks if that’s what happened today, and he says the worst part is, she did exactly what Sonny and Diane wanted her to, and went with the plea. Technically, it worked, but she was sent to Ferncliff. The person who belongs there is Nelle.

Nelle tell Chase that she never used him; she cared about him so much. When she lost Zack, she felt like the world was ending, and there he was. He made her feel like she still had life ahead of her. His support meant the world. She knows what they did was wrong, but her intentions were pure. In another time and place, she could have loved him too. Chase says, but in this time and place, she found someone else to love. She has a talent for latching on to the elite. She says she’s not apologizing for having good taste. He says her child will be the heir of the two most powerful families in Port Charles. She says, somebody did their homework. If she didn’t know better, she’d say he was stalking her.

Josslyn tells Michael that their mom wouldn’t push Nelle on purpose. Something is wrong. Maybe she had a breakdown like Morgan. She should have said that during her testimony. Michael says there’s nothing she could have done or not done to change things. Josslyn says she could have stayed out of it, instead of forcing their mom to apologize. Michael says no one forces their mom to do anything. She says she never thought their mom would lose control, and he tells her that she can’t second guess everything. It’s over, and they have to figure out how to deal with it, and how get her out of that place.

Spinelli brings Georgie to see Maxie. Georgie is excited to see her, and can’t wait to see her new brother. She wants to draw James a picture, and Maxie sets her up in the kitchen. She mouths, thank you, to Spinelli as she takes Georgie into the other room.

Nina hears Peter screaming, what’s wrong with you? She runs in, and asks Obrecht what she’s doing. Obrecht says he was trying to escape.

Jason explains to Sam that Nelle set Carly up, making her believe Morgan came back, using her grief as a weapon. He didn’t see until it was too late. He tells her about the scarf and the break-in, saying Nelle was Carly’s assistant. She knew her way around the hotel, and probably had the key to Bobbie’s house. She was the obvious suspect, and he missed it. Now Carly is paying for his mistake.

Nelle says Chase is making her uncomfortable. He followed her there, and she’s barely thought about him. He’s not surprised. She got to walk away; he stayed to clean up the mess. She says what they did was immature, but they were consenting adults; it was a mutual attraction. He says it almost trashed his career. He had had to rebuild his reputation, starting again at the bottom in Boston. When there was an opening at the PCPD, he took it. She asks if it’s just a coincidence, and he says, funny how that works. She says, hilarious. He gets close, and speaks into her ear. He says, it seems like a small place. He’ll probably see her around.

Michael tells Josslyn there’s not much they can do for their mom; at least not yet. The psychiatric evaluation will take time, and they have to be patient. He says there’s nobody stronger than their mother. There’s nobody or anything that can keep her away from them. In the meantime, stay strong and keep living life. There’s nothing more important to their mom. Josslyn starts to cry, and he holds her.

Oscar is impressed by the Quartermaine mansion. He tells Drew that Josslyn told him how Julian messed up things. Drew says, that’s true, but some people change. If his mom is happy, that’s all that should matter. Oscar just thinks there’s someone else who can make her happier. They go inside, and Josslyn runs to Oscar, throwing her arms around him.

Maxie tells Spinelli that Georgie is hard at work on her masterpiece. Spinelli says, since they have a moment of solitude, how is she? She assumes he’s referring to Peter being Henrik, and says she’s sad, angry, and desperate for revenge; pick one. He tells her it’s okay to miss Peter’s friendship; it was was important to her. She says she turned to him, and pushed away the right people. He tells her self-recrimination over something she couldn’t control is a waste. She has amazing things in her life that far more deserve her energy. She says he’s right. She needs to focus on James, and pretend she’s not consumed with what Peter did. He’s probably on the other side of the world, with a new name and a new life, and he’ll never pay for what he did.

Nina asks if Peter is okay, and wraps his wound. He says he’s not okay, and if she wants to help, she has to get Obrecht to back off. He doesn’t deserve it, and she knows it. She says he should have thought of that before he got her brother killed. He asks if she thinks she can control Obrecht before she goes too far? Nina looks sideways at Obrecht.

Julian tells Lucas that he’s sorry he said the wrong thing. It wasn’t his intention to upset him. Lucas says maybe he should focus on Kim, and not Lucas’s contract with the birth mother. Julian says she can change her mind, but Lucas says they knew it going in; there’s nothing they can do about it. She was adamant about anonymity. Julian says that doesn’t mean he can’t hire a PI, and Lucas says she could revoke her approval. He’s not willing to risk it. He knows it’s a foreign concept to Julian to play by the rules. Kim comes out, and Lucas thanks Julian for the information. He leaves, and Kim asks if they’re getting along. Julian tells her not to jinx it. He asks where they’re going, or is she blindfolding him? A trip out of town is a big move for a second date. She says it’s local, and gives him some bug spray.

Jason says it could have been worse if Carly had said she was innocent, but she basically admitted she pushed Nelle, and she didn’t. Ferncliff is a horrible place, and she’ll carry that for the rest of her life. He has to find proof that Nelle set her up. Spinelli is getting access to her computer. She had to buy the scarf somewhere, and she had to be in the parking garage to leave the flyer. Sam says that won’t prove she didn’t push Nelle, but Jason says it will prove Nelle is a liar, and cast doubt. Diane can take it to the judge, who can vacate the verdict. He knows what he has to do, but doesn’t have much time to do it.

Michael sets up the Raspberry Pi on the computer. Nelle walks in, and he tosses the cord behind him onto a chair.

Spinelli tells Maxie that nothing she does to Peter will bring Nathan back. She knows, but wishes she could see him grovel in misery. He tells her not to let it distract her from the good stuff. Georgie brings out her finished picture, and Maxie says, as usual, he’s right. She’s going to focus on the good.

Peter tells Nina, for his sake and hers, end this. Obrecht tells him, silence. Unless he wants her to immobilize another limb. Nina says she thought Obrecht wasn’t going to hurt him. Obrecht says he won’t suffer permanent damage. Doesn’t she think James will suffer, never knowing his father? The pain Peter inflicted will stay forever. Obrecht says she’s getting some air, and tells Nina not to mollycoddle him in her absence. Nina gives him some pain medication from the first aid kit. He tells her Obrecht won’t take too kindly to it, but she doesn’t care.

Julian takes it they’re headed for the great outdoors, and Kim tells him they’re going camping. She used to go to Big Sur with her parents, and there’s nothing like waking up in nature. She shared it with Oscar, and thought she’d share it with him. Julian says he’s never been camping (really?), but he has a complicated history with cabins. Kim thinks it sounds like a good campfire story, and lucky for him, they’re staying in a tent. Her phone dings, and she says she has one more thing to take care of. He asks her if an anonymous birth mother would have hospital records. Kim says she would still be considered a patient until she gives birth. He says he was just curious. Yeah, I’m always curious about things like that out of the blue.

Jason tells Sam that Carly only has so much patience. Sam says she did it before, but he says it was a long time ago, and this is a different situation. Nelle is free, and she’s more than a liar; she’s a psycho. She wants to hurt Carly, even if it means hurting Michael, Josslyn, or the baby. He’s not going to wait, or Carly will start making plans. He wishes he could talk her down. Sam tells him not to even think about checking in. He says he’s not. Sam knows he did it for Michael in Pentonville, but he was a kid, and Carly is a grown woman. She might hate it, but she can handle herself. Jason says maybe she doesn’t have to. Sam just gave him an idea.

Michael asks if Nelle finished with the DA. She says that was the plan, but the DA was busy. It doesn’t matter; she just wanted to think her. Michael says, for sending his mom to Ferncliff? and Nelle says, for protecting her and the baby. Michael says she seems jumpy, and she says it’s been a long day. She ran into someone knew from Florida in the courthouse. Michael says, what a coincidence, and she says, it was.

Chase looks at a picture of him and Nelle.

Tomorrow, Franco confronts David, Curtis asks Nina for help, and Sonny thinks he can use Mike’s idea.

🔅 GH trivia (sort of): I saw James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) on a rerun of 2 Broke Girls tonight. This is the second time I’ve seen a cast member on that show. Donnell Turner (Curtis) played a police officer in another episode.

The Haves and The Have Nots

When we last left, Benny had gone to the bar and discovered the dead dealer. Then, one of the workers discovered Benny, drew a gun, and called the police.

Benny says he didn’t do it, but the dude insists he saw him. Benny says he walked in and found him like this. Dude says the dead guy is a mob son. Benny’s whole family is dead.

David and Erica watch as the firemen put out their cars. She asks if he’s okay. He is, and she says that’s all that matters. He wants to know why she’s smiling, and she says it’s a beautiful night to sit by a fire. He’s glad she can laugh. She says it’s ridiculously funny. He can agree with ridiculous, but not funny. She says you can’t let stuff like this get you down, but he says she did with her ex. She tells him when she was little, she dreamed of living in a house like this with a man like him. He asks if that included a crazy ex-wife. She says a man who’s loving, kind and nurturing; she’s never been taken care of, and didn’t think it would ever happen. He deserves it too. He tells her that she does the same for him. She suggests a deal. She’ll continue to do this for him, and he does the same for her. They shake hands, and he kisses her.

A fireman tells David it was definitely arson, and asks who might want to burn the cars. David says he doesn’t know. The fireman gives him the reports, and suggests he talk to the police. He recognizes Erica, and asks how she is. He helped her change a flat once. She says, thanks for that, and he tells them to have a nice night. Erica tells David that she doesn’t remember him, and he asks if she thinks he knows her ex. She hopes not. He asks why she won’t give him his name. She says he has enough to deal with, and they’re together. Just let the crazy exes deal with themselves.

Oscar bangs on Candace’s door, as she watches from the peephole in the room across the hallway. The maid tells Oscar that she checked out yesterday. He goes into the room and looks around. She watches as he leaves. Her phone rings. It’s Veronica, who needs to see her. Candace says, too bad, but Veronica says she’s not kidding; she needs to talk to her about David and Erica. She threatens to close the account, but Candace says it’s already closed. Veronica says she’ll call Jim, and Candace tells Veronica not to threaten her. Veronica wants to meet at the Artisian bar, but Candace says she can’t go there. Veronica needs to see her, and she says she’ll think about it. Veronica says, do that, or she’ll start thinking too.

Jim calls Sarah. She wonders how he knows she just got back from court, and he says he has eyes everywhere. She’s avoiding him, and it’s not the way to get on his good side. He needs to see her, and she says she can’t. He says because he’s using his nice tone, she thinks it’s a request. It’s not. Two hours, same room. Kathryn comes in, and Jim asks if she talked to Wyatt. She says he wants them dead, and Jim says, he could have told her that. She asks if the murder has been on the news, and he says, not yet. It’s just dive bar; anyone could have done it. Kathryn says they’re enabling him, and it doesn’t help. Jim tells her to remember the last time Wyatt was in jail; he can’t handle prison. Kathryn wants Veronica too, but Jim points out that she was in the room when Kathryn shot the DA. He says he’ll handle the new DA. He has a plan, but it requires him in a hotel room with another woman. She says, it always does. Jim says she wishes it was her, and she laughs, saying that train left the station a long time ago. He says, interesting choice of words, and she tells him to shut up. She walks out, calling him impossible, and he says, so is she.

Candace meets Veronica at the Artisian bar. She asks what Veronica wants, and says she’s drunk, Veronica says, she noticed. She asks what Candace is doing about David, and Candace asks what would she like? Veronica asks how good that girl is. Candace says she trained her; she’s really good. Candace asks how much David is worth, and Veronica says, not much, about $16 million. Veronica has all of his information, including passcodes. Candace asks for them, but Veronica shakes her head, saying she wants another drink. She wants David to hurt like she does. She tells Candace, broke bitches think everything is about money. Candace tells her to snap out of it. Veronica says he yanked her away from her soul. She wants him to fall so deep in love, he can’t resist her. Then, she wants her to dump him. She thinks Erica is in it for the long haul, and she’s falling in love. Why wouldn’t she? David is a remarkable man; sweet, handsome, smart. He left her, and she knows his tricks. Candace thinks she needs to get laid. Veronica says she’s already had Candace’s brother, and Candace offers to send someone to her. Veronica tells her not to be sending her ghetto friends over. She wants Erica to dump Davis. Candace says she will. When it’s over, Veronica wants her in the street. She wants to see her on fire. Rocky keeps coming over to clean the table next to theirs, and Veronica says she needs him to take the place of the blind maid at her house. Candace says she’ll send someone over, and don’t call her again. She leaves, and Veronica demands a good martini, saying this one’s bad. It must have vermouth in it.

Hanna washes dishes Melissa says she’ll do it. She asks what Hanna does, and Hanna says she’s a housekeeper; what about her? Melissa was in college before she got recruited for Jeffrey. Hanna is sorry she got caught up in this. She asks what Melissa’s plan is for her life the baby. Melissa doesn’t know. She’s taking it day by day. Hanna says she was caught in that situation with two babies. She only went to church or work; one was a refuge, and the other, a way out. Melissa says she’s not big on church, and Hanna tells her to rely on God. He’ll be there when no one else will. She believes it; she’s seen it. Melissa appreciates her words, and can’t thank her enough. She really was a good person until all this happened, and she went along for the ride. Hanna says she’d better start steering the boat. She asks what Melissa knows how to do. She was studying law, and Hanna suggests she pursue it. Melissa say she has no money, which puzzles Hanna, since she had a wad of it the other nights. Hanna says what about student loans, and tells her not to give up so easy. Melissa says all she wants to do is give up. Veronica ruined her life, and she’s not going to stop. If she comes at Melissa one more time, Hanna is going to watch her steer the boat. Hanna’s phone rings, but she tells Melissa they’re not done talking.

It’s Derek, who asks what she did to him. He can’t stop thinking about her. She says it’s a lame lie, and he says it’s not a lie. He asks if she wants to go to the beach on Saturday; he knows a nice place. She agrees, saying she can’t remember last time she went. He says it’s a date. The joke and flirt, and Derek gets another call. He tells Hanna to hold on. It’s Veronica. Oh… no. She says her washer isn’t working. Derek says he’ll take a look tomorrow, but she says it needs attention tonight. He says it’s late, but he’ll come. He tells Hanna someone has a washer overflowing, and she tells him to go do his thing, and they’ll talk later. Oh man. These two really make me smile, and obviously the addition of Veronica to the mix can’t be a good thing.

At the Artisian, LJ/RJ says it’s not fair. Gia tells him to let it go. Rocky tells her to go find a john, but she doesn’t know which guys are vice. LJ says he’ll tell her. Candace has Rocky pissed, and he’s not taking it; she’s ripping him off. Gia asks how, and he tells LJ to go help her. Oscar comes up to the bar, and says he needs a double. Rocky says he needs Candace – she got him. Oscar tells him to be specific. Rocky explains that she had someone take a picture of his computer screen, and got his passwords. Now she has a lot of money. Oscar wonders why Rocky is telling him, and Rocky says he thought Oscar should know. He thinks it’s wrong. I literally lol. Oscar asks if he can call her down, but Rocky says they’re not talking at the moment. He thinks she’s an evil bitch, and wants to see her get what’s coming to her. Oscar says that makes two of them. Sarah arrives, and asks for a triple of something strong.

Jim sees Sarah at the bar, and tells her, let’s go. Gia sees Jim, and tells him she’s sorry about the other night. She wants to make it up tonight, but he says it’s not good night. She says she can make it one, and he tells her not to beg. It makes her look desperate. She says she’s desperate for him, but he’s already walked away. Sarah follows.

Landon sits at a bar and makes a call to Jeffrey. He asks if Jeffrey is still with that crazy-ass. Jeffrey asks if he’s drunk, and Landon says he’s a little buzzed. He thinks he made a mistake and needs help. Jeffrey is listening, and Landon says he thinks he fell in love. Jeffrey thinks that doesn’t sound like a mistake, but Landon says, he’s straight. Jeffrey says, now look who’s in the hot seat, and Landon tells him, don’t rub it in. Landon asks how he gets over it, when he wants to be around him all the time. He asks if Jeffrey is still in love with Wyatt, and Jeffrey says he always will be, but he knows he can’t be with Wyatt. Landon doesn’t know how or why it happened; it’s crazy. He asks how Jeffrey is, and Jeffrey says he’s not doing this; sorry. He ends the call. Landon needs more shots – immediately.

Sarah goes to Jim’s room. He asks. why so gloomy? And she says it’s hard not to be. She’s not comfortable with him asking her to spy on an investigation. He rips her blouse open, saying he’s making sure there are no wires. She says she wouldn’t incriminate herself. She tells him, let’s get this over with, but he makes her wait while he sips his drink.  He tells her to take off her clothes. She takes out a condom, saying she’s not touching him without it. She’s healthy, and would like to stay that way. Jim says he is too, and tells her to take off her clothes and get on her knees. She says she’s not doing this. He tells her to walk out, and watch her life fall apart. She says she’s dealing with a wicked element, and it will never be enough. Jim says eventually, he’ll tire of her. She insists she’s not doing it without a condom. What does he want. He says he already told her. He says the judge has given the order, and she may approach the bench; crawl to him. She does, and he laughs, saying he missed her.

Jeffrey’s phone rings. Justin is asleep beside him. It’s Wyatt, who tells Jeffrey that his parents got to him. Jeffrey thinks maybe it’s for the best, but Wyatt wants them dead – and can do it. Jeffrey asks if he’s high, and Wyatt says, high or not, he wants them dead. He asks if Jeffrey is still in jail, and Jeffrey says, obviously not; he’s at his dad’s condo. Wyatt begs him to come over; he needs to tell him something in person. He really did it this time. He killed a man in a bar. If Jeffrey doesn’t come over, he might not be there. He’s going to do it like his sister. He ends the call.

Justin asks what it takes for Jeffrey to stop talking to Wyatt. Jeffrey thought he was asleep, and Justin says good thing he wasn’t. Jeffrey says he needs to go there, and Justin says he’s coming too. Jeffrey says, no, he isn’t; he’ll just start something. Justin promises he won’t, and says, if nothing is going on, why not? Jeffrey says because he’s out of control. Jeffrey says this is why they won’t work out. Justin insists they will. Justin tells Jeffrey that before he lets Wyatt have him, he’ll kill all three of them. Jeffrey tells Justin if he says something like that again, he’ll never talk to him again. He leaves.

Derek arrives at Veronica’s house. She says she lied. She wanted to see him. He says he’s not here for that, and she says, why not? He says he’s not doing this. She says he did it before, and he says, it was years ago. She says she got him out of jail, got him back on track, and got him jobs. She tries to kiss him, and he says, yes, but he didn’t think he had to pay one day. Veronica says he will not deny he, but Derek says he’s sorry. She says, okay, it’s like that. Walk out, and all his secrets go with him. There will be no one to protect them. He tells her to do what she’s gotta do. She says she will. He says he’d have more respect for her if she’d seduced him than blackmailed him. Now he has none. He leaves.

Jim tells Sarah that she keeps getting better and better; she’s been practicing. She gets weepy, and he says, no tears; he’s not doing tears. She asks why he keeps doing this to her, but he says she’s there of her own free will. He needs one more thing; then they’re done. He needs the bullets. They’ve tied the gun in with the gun that killed his daughter. Sarah says it’s evidence, and he says, not his problem. She says she’ll go to prison, but Jim tells her, do what says and she won’t. She asks what if she gets caught? Jim says, it’s simple – don’t. He tells her, bye now, and I wonder if that’s some nod to The Dukes of Hazzard.

Back at the dive bar, dude says he caught a burglar, and asks if the police are close. He tells Benny not to move. He has his gun pointed at Benny, but his hand is shaking. Benny says he’s getting his phone. He knows the Malone’s nephew. Dude doesn’t believe he knows the Malones, and says the next time Benny moves, he’s aiming for his head. Benny tells him to calm down. Dude wonders where the hell the police are, and Benny rushes him. The gun goes off, but dude is just shooting the air. They struggle.

Next time, Veronica asks if LJ wants a sugar mama, Jim gives Oscar 24-hours to get the money, Jeffrey calls rehab for Wyatt, and Justin points a gun at Jeffrey and himself.

Below Deck Mediterranean

We’re still with primary Honey, and the people who don’t know what they eat.

The guests are late for their own Great Gatsby party. By more than two hours. The table centerpiece is Gatsbyed up. The fabulous tuna tartare comes out, and the guests do shots. One guests doesn’t want no more of her appetizer. Pizza is delivered for the crew. João says if he doesn’t do his job, he gets fired, but if Adam doesn’t do his, he’s placated. I guess João has no idea what’s going on.

At midnight, the entrée is served. A guest asks for French fries. In his interview, Adam says guests like these are the reason live s in a van. I wonder if he’s down by the river. He says his lifestyle keeps him sane. He’s happy with nothing. He makes a strawberry cake with white icing and strawberries on top. In his interview, Conrad says his kiss with Hannah takes him back to the playground. The wind is too strong for candles. Hannah remembers she has a sparkler candle, and sets off the fire alarm with it. When Captain Sandy finds out a sparkler set off the alarm, she’s effing pissed. The guests are thrilled though. The captain tells Hannah, never do it again. She put the boat, the crew, and guests at risk, and it’s unacceptable. Brooke tells Hannah it’s effed up. The crew is still cleaning at 3 am, and the last of them go to bed around 5 am.

It’s the first time Kasey is doing breakfast service alone. Now that she’s not getting sick, she’s getting the hang of it. A guest asks for a bloody Mary. Kasey mixes vodka with tomato juice and hopes the guest is too hungover to notice. She has someone wake up Hanna, who wonders what the guests are doing up so early. The guest does not like his bloody Mary, and I don’t blame him. Hannah is miffed about having to get up, but smiles and says it’s okay.

Captain Sandy says it’s time to pull anchor. Hannah apologizes about the alarm to Conrad, but he slept through it. Jamie asks who João prefers between Brooke and Kasey. He can’t decide, and she says while they’re all figuring it out, she’ll be sitting with a bottle. Anchor is pulled. Colin sweet talks a breakfast bun that does look pretty good. The guests give all kinds of weird orders. In her interview, Hannah says they’re never supposed to say no, and the guests are taking advantage. Adam thinks Hannah could do better in nipping problems in the bud before they get to the galley.

They drop anchor in another area. Conrad seems to be losing it. He’s having problems remembering words. The water toys are launched. Hannah gives the guests their orders. Honey tells her if she’s in LA, they can trade places, and she can make them work. Hannah says she’ll make them sick of her, which isn’t lost on Honey, who wonders if it was a slip that Hannah is sick of them. That might not have been a slip. Captain Sandy asks Hannah to the bridge. She apologizes for her strong reaction to the fire alarm. In her interview, the captain says it bring her back to the fire she had on the Red Sea. There were pirates, a crew member nearly jumped overboard, and it almost ruined her career. Maybe she overreacted, but Hannah won’t do that again. The guests are even demanding with the toys, yelling for jet skis, water boards, paddle boards, and a Sprite. Brooke says she’s missing her sister’s wedding, and the guests are not respectful of the crew.

Jamie says she’s all about the outdoors, and is finally getting to do what she loves. The guests get drinks delivered to their float. The captain tells Conrad that he’s scattered, and not efficient. She tells him to put the toys in the water whenever they anchor, and to pay attention. He says he’s needed to micromanage, since he doesn’t know what everyone’s strengths are.

Brooke calls home. In her interview, she says she wanted to travel the world at someone else’s expense, but she’s missed a lot of things. She feels selfish and guilty. Adam says he’s not plating for dinner; he’s doing a spread. He’s going to beat them at their own game. If they want effing food, he’ll give them some effing food. João says since Brooke pushed him away, it’s easier to flirt with Kasey.

It’s lunch time. Captain Sandy compliments João on being self-motivated. Adam makes all the food in the world. He says, no question, Brooke is on the ball when it comes to serving. A guest whines that he needs his bun toasted <insert joke here>, but it’s been done already. Adam needs to let them know what they can and can’t eat, so he goes upstairs to explain it. In his interview, he hopes if he literally threw the kitchen sink at them, they might back off. Brooke says lunch was at quarter past five. It’s going to be another joke dinner.

Kasey thinks Hannah treats her like an idiot, and gives her no opportunity to expand. She’s being locked in the dungeon laundry room. Brooke says João is coming across like a womanizer, so she’s steering clear. It’s the requested kosher shabbat, and Adam has made beef, fish, and tofu for the vegan. Hannah asks if Conrad looking forward to tomorrow night. She’s ready for a glass of wine first thing .

Brooke does the table in blossoms, shells, blue glass faux gems. She doesn’t think it’s very Jewish. Hannah finds that her good clothes were put in the dryer, when she’d asked Kasey not to do that. Maybe Kasey will get the expansion she wants if she conquers her first task. Adam thanks God that it’s the last dinner. He’s hoping for the best, and expecting the worst. The vegan guest asks Hannah if the croutons were cooked in butter. Hannah disappears, no doubt drowning herself, and Brooke finds out it’s olive oil. The guests need a food explanation again. Kasey turns down the beds. Captain Sandy thinks Conrad is focused somewhere else. In her interview, Hannah says the job is hard enough without having to pick up the slack. What’s frustrating about Kasey is, in her head, she’s doing a good job. The guests complain the steaks are cold. Hannah hates these people. She tells Adam it has nothing to do with his food; they’re gross human beings. In his interview, Adam says the steaks were still warm when they came back. Screw his life. Actually, Hannah said that exact same thing earlier.

Hannah redelivers the steaks. Brooke is weeping in the kitchen. She’s feeling guilty about missing her sister’s wedding. Honey didn’t like the food and didn’t eat. Wtf is wrong with her? She could have asked for something else. They’ve been doing it the whole trip.

Colin has pizza for breakfast. In his interview, Adam says there’s nothing not to like about Kasey, but he’s been doing this long enough to know if someone has it in serving. She doesn’t. Captain Sandy asks Conrad to the bridge.

She wants Conrad to give commands for anchoring, and learn communication. In her interview, she say she wants to reel him back in. Everyone seems off. They’re probably exhausted. Conrad drives the boat out of anchor, and they dock. I’m sure everyone is thrilled, except the guests who won’t be able to order everyone around in the real world. The captain wonders where this Conrad was all charter. The crew changes into their whites. Adam says it’s like Moses parting the Red Sea. Now get the eff off his yacht.

Honey tells Captain Sandy that they had an incredible time. The food was almost always awesome, but the steak was cold. She almost forgets the tip, and tells them to come to LA, where they can have them running around. At this point, I forget what the blip they do. When they’re gone, the captain says the envelope doesn’t weigh as much as the last one. It doesn’t surprise her. Hannah shakes it off. Brooke says there’s a weird smell in the crew mess, and João says there wasn’t until she got there. I laugh, but she doesn’t think it’s funny.

Hannah shows Brooke a copy of Kasey’s resume, and says it doesn’t line up with what she knows how to do. Brooke says she gave her resume a boost, but Kasey took it to a new level.  She might as well have said she was a brain surgeon.

The captain says, well done. From the moment the guests stepped on the boat, until they left, the crew maintained their smiles and professionalism. The tip is $12K, but it does not reflect their work. In her interview, Hannah says, sh*t tips from sh*t humans. She would have paid them that much to get off the boat. The captain tells them to drink abundant amounts of alcohol, and eat like kings and queens. Hannah asks everyone to help do a video for Brooke’s sister. Afterwards, Captain Sandy says thanks for making her cry.

The crew gets ready to go out. Adam says he’s wearing white pants; it’s serious, and Hannah has her hooker earrings on. They go to a restaurant, and I realize this show is part food porn for me. Brooke admires Adam’s tattoos. Hannah tells Conrad that he’s a sweetheart, and she’s a bitch. Conrad says he sees a side to Hannah other people don’t. In his interview, Conrad says he wants to know her better, but likes to keep his professional and private life separate. He asks Hannah out to dinner, as in a date. João says Kasey is hot. Hannah asks if Brooke likes Adam, but Brooke doesn’t know if Adam likes her. In her interview, Hannah thinks Brook is too innocent for him. They move on to a club.

Hannah pours vodka from the bottle directly into everyone’s mouths. In her interview, she says there could be an issue with an on-board romance, but she’s got pep in her step, so it’s all good. Adam talks sex with Brooke. In her interview, Brooke says if she likes someone, she struggles with flirting. Maybe she should be honest and say how she feels. Drinking and dancing happens; then, more drinking. Hannah and Conrad kiss. Kasey wonders if they’re hooking up, and says something is going on. Conrad is a little hesitant about the PDA. In his interview, he says their relationship isn’t something he wants to flaunt. They’re two department heads, and he wants to keep the respect of the crew. It’s headed downhill.

Next time, the primary is an executive recruiter, Brooke tells Adam she likes him. the captain wants Conrad to be more on deck and less about Hannah, and Hannah wants Kasey off the boat.

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June 5, 2018 – Drew Changes His Mind (Again), David’s House is Bugged, Kosher Honey, Scrubz Success & I Need Sleep


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Diane talks to Sonny about Carly’s medication. She says it’s Exhibit A. The more medication she’s on, the better. Jason says he’s still looking for proof of her innocence. Diane asks if he has any, and he says, no. She says then there is no evidence. Sonny says, good.

Alexis looks at Mikkos’s picture. Sam comes by, bringing snacks. Alexis asks if they’re having an impromptu movie night. Sam says she needs her advice, and Alexis says she doesn’t have to bribe her with snacks. She asks what’s going on, and Sam says it’s about her divorce.

Kim goes to Drew’s office, but he’s not there. She sees the assembly flyer on his desk, and picks it up. She notices the DNR underneath, and wonders what he’s thinking. I wonder how every stranger that walks by is allowed to root through your office at Aurora.

Lulu tells Dante that he should be impressed. She waited to watch the latest episode of House Hunters International, although she did break open the wine. He tells her that the WSB is breathing down their necks. Lulu says she heard Jordan’s head is on the chopping block. He asks who told her that, and she says an unnamed source in Ned’s office. He asks if his wife or a reporter was doing the asking.

Diane tells Sonny that the trial starts tomorrow. Jason wants more time, but she says she pushed to have it earlier. Sonny says the sooner she’s in Shadybrook, the better. Jason says the sooner he proves her innocence, the better (which is apparently the phrase of the day). Diane says he doesn’t have much time to spin it. Jason tells them that Spinelli has been working night and day. Carly didn’t imagine any of it; she’s not crazy, and Nelle’s fall was an accident. Diane says because of an altercation over a baby blanket that no one saw, and Nelle says doesn’t exist. He can’t prove that, but she can prove Carly’s irrational behavior, and doesn’t need his help to do it.

Lulu tells Dante that got off on the wrong foot, and asks him to sit with her and have a glass of wine. Dante says it’s been a long day, and she says he can talk to her. He asks if she means as his wife, not a journalist. He says Henrik/Peter was behind bars, and now he’s gone; it’s demoralizing. Lulu doesn’t think he’s gone; not the way he left things with Maxie. Dante asks if she thinks he’ll want to make amends, and she says he cares what Maxie thinks. She believes he cared about her. Dante says Lulu doesn’t know a damn thing except the lies Peter fed her.

Felix and Stella have a drink at The Floating Rib. She asks how Mike is, and Felix says Mike cleaned him out at checkers; he’s a shark. Stella says he’s got skills to spare and charm to match. Felix says he put on quite a show at the Nurses’ Ball. Stella says Alzheimer’s is taking its toll, but he’s still in there. He’s a good man, and deserves his dignity. She’s grateful Felix is giving him that. Felix asks if it’s just him, or is Mike a special case? She says Mike has certain flair. He reminds her of someone she used to know. Felix asks about Curtis getting married to the commissioner, and she says the talk about her nephew’s engagement, the better. Jordan and Curtis walk in.

Alexis asks what Sam wants. She says she’s ready to leave Aurora, and wants Drew to have it. Alexis says leaving and signing away a valuable asset are two different things. Sam says they acquired the company together because they wanted to run it together. They’re not together anymore, and she wants him to have her half. Alexis points out that the company was purchased with Jason’s money. Sam says technically. Alexis says the deal was, they could both pay him back long term at zero interest. Jason did it for her. If he’d thought it was just for Drew, he might have sold the company outright. He might object if believes Drew is getting to reclaim the asset. Sam says Jason wouldn’t do that, but Alexis says Diane would. They’re not talking about a couch, and she’ll look out for his best interests. It’s a multi-million-dollar enterprise. Why should Drew get it? Sam says, Drew wants it, and she doesn’t anymore.

Drew’s assistant finds Kim in his office. She tells Kim that Drew is out, but she can leave a message. Kim says she can’t wait. She has to stop him from doing something dangerous. Drew walks in.

Diane asks Jason about the phone calls. He says Dante traced them, and they can prove they came from a pay phone close to where Morgan died. At first, they were hang ups. Then, on Valentine’s Day, Carly heard a guy say, I’m here. Nelle was using Carly’s grief to lure her only yards away from where her son died. Diane asks, how? and Jason says she heard an explosion. Diane asks if he found any evidence, and Jason says, no, because Nelle was playing a recording. She says it’s speculation. He insists it happened. Nelle made the calls, and has been torturing Carly, and he should have seen it.

Sam tells Alexis that she’s financially independent, and doesn’t need the company. She doesn’t want Drew to worry about paying it back, and would rather have a clean break. Alexis says she’s giving up a lot to achieve it, but Sam thinks it’s worth it. It’s better than dragging things out, like… Alexis asks, what? Sam tells her, nothing, but then says, like her and Julian. Alexis wishes she could say Sam was wrong. After the Nurses’ Ball fiasco, Julian was concerned, and made sure she got home. He came back the next day. Alexis says, nothing happened; just a moment, but it’s when she decided she needed therapy. She called Doc. She tells Sam it was just one kiss, and she stopped it; it’s not happening again. She went to see Doc because she can’t take it; the endless loop of her life, and how she keeps repeating the pattern of picking men who are horrible for her.

Drew asks Kim what’s up. She says, him first. She asks about the DNR, questioning there being no attempt to save his life, and just pulling the plug. He asks if she has the habit of going through people’s desks (thank you). She says she came to talk him, and thought he’d already gone. She wants him to think about Oscar. Does he have any idea what Oscar has to lose? He’s just getting to know his father. The procedure is risky, even if he has the flash drive, but he doesn’t. Drew says it’s not going to happen. He’s not going through with it.

Lulu tells Dante obviously, she went over his head with the Peter/Faison thing, and has been apologizing every day. She asks if he’s never made a mistake, and he says not one that resulted in… She tells him to say it; he’s never gotten anyone killed. He says that wasn’t her fault, but she gets so focused she doesn’t consider the consequences. She asks if he’s saying he doesn’t like the way she does her job. He says she doesn’t think things through. She wonders if he’s going to criticize her parenting or wifely duties, but he says he’s just having a conversation, and she’s making him sound like an ass. She says he’s making it really easy. He says he loves her, but doesn’t love her job or what it’s doing to her.

Diane asks if Carly said she found Morgan’s scarf or one that looked like it? Jason says Nelle found a scarf like Morgan’s, tore it, put blood stains and dirt on it, and left it on Carly’s desk. She asks if he saw it, and he says he didn’t because Nelle pulled the fire alarm and it was gone when they came back in. Diane says, again, it’s speculation. He says Nelle was Carly’s assistant. She knows the floor plan, and could avoid the security cameras. He bets that the fire alarm that was pulled is on the same floor as Carly’s office. He adds that Carly had a picture of Morgan wearing the scarf on her desk. Diane says, assuming he’s right, and Nelle orchestrated an elaborate scheme, that would be motive for shoving her down the stairs. He’ll be proving the DA’s case for her.

Lulu says the simple solution is her quitting her job, but Dante isn’t telling her to do that. He just wants her to include him. She asks if the same transparency goes for him. If she includes him on her assignments, he should do the same for her. He says it’s not a fair comparison. He took an oath. She has a code of standards where she should be vetting sources. She’s been a reporter less than six months. Maybe she should take a step back. She says it sounds like quitting. If she did that, she’d only resent him, and it won’t fix the problem.

Curtis tells Jordan that Stella is there, and she asks if running is an option. He says whatever she wants, but she thinks the only way to deal with it is to deal with it. Felix asks if they’d care to join the table, and Curtis thinks it’s a great way to celebrate. Felix tells him that his proposal gutsy and romantic, and congratulates them. Jordan is glad he didn’t slice her in half or make her disappear. Stella knows a good performance, and says his was the best at the Ball. She can’t wait to see what’s next. She toasts to what’s in store.

Kim is surprised Drew isn’t getting the procedure. Drew says it’s thanks to Oscar. She asks if he told Oscar, and he says Oscar doesn’t need to know. He came by to drop off the info about the awards ceremony, and they started talking about Josslyn, Carly being in jail, and how happy he is with the family. He realized that it would be selfish to go through the procedure. As much as he hates having Jason’s memories, he’s not risking his life. Kim thinks it’s the right decision, especially since Oscar needs him more than ever. Drew asks, why?

Alexis tells Sam that her behavior is no mystery; it’s classic. her father didn’t care about her, so she compulsively choose men like him because of unfinished business. She can name it, but can’t fix it. She wants someone to fix her. Doc is going to unpack her emotional baggage, starting with her father, which shouldn’t take long. She barely knew Mikkos. He was distant, intimidating, and had no interest in her. Sam looks at his picture. Alexis says except one time, when she was pregnant with Sam, he intervened. She thought maybe he did care, and was just afraid of what Helena would do, but if the most he could do was to protect her once, what kind of father was he? Sam says they both have a lot to figure out. Alexis says she never thought about him – it was profoundly upsetting – but she’d like to know if there was a sliver of good in him. Sam wonders how she can find out; he’s been dead since the 80s. Alexis says she has a way. Sam asks how many people could be around who knew him, and the doorbell rings. It’s Valentin, and Sam asks Alexis to please tell her that’s not who’s going to help her.

Sonny says he hates Nelle, but the last thing he wants is for Carly to go to prison. Jason wants to prove Nelle is a liar, but Diane says they don’t have it. At least six people, one of them Carly’s mother, heard Carly threaten Nelle. Jason says, fine. He saw Carly today, and they talked about her plea. He told her not to plead insanity.

Alexis tells Sam that Valentin is her historian, and Sam says Luke is more trustworthy. Valentin asks if it’s a bad time. Alexis says, no, and Sam says, it is, and he says he’s getting mixed signals. Sam wants Alexis to understand who she’s dealing with; Valentin and Peter are working together. He’s the one who stood by and watched Peter destroy lives. Valentin says he’s known Peter since child, and Sam says, when he handed Peter over to Faison to get revenge on Anna. Alexis is puzzled, and Sam says Peter is Anna’s son with Faison. She gave him up for adoption, and Valentin tracked the adoptive family down, making them hand Peter over. If he’s willing to be that vile and selfish to a child, imagine what he can do to her?

Lulu tells Dante that he needs to figure out how to find a way to get rid of his anger. She knows she’s not invincible. She did get in over her head with Faison, and let Peter manipulate her. Dante was suspicious, but she didn’t listen to him. Peter told her what she wanted to hear. She trusted him, but she’s not naïve anymore; her eyes are opened. Dante says, next time, some information might be helpful if there’s a police investigation. She says if she’s aware of anything pertinent, she’ll share it with her husband. He says, not the cop?

Kim says Oscar is in the throes of young adulthood. He has a good head on his shoulders, but he’s still figuring things out, and needs guidance. Oscar shows up, and seems miffed that Kim is there. She says she came to tell his dad about the award ceremony. Oscar says he told her that he was going to do that. She says he told her that he was going to clean his room, and she still can’t see the floor. Drew says Oscar is going to be an intern there, and Kim says, so she won’t have him on her hands the whole summer, glued to TV with a phone in his hand? She suggests they celebrate with ribs, and invites Drew along. She says, the night is young; it’s too early to call it quits.

Sonny can’t believe Jason told Carly to change her plea, and Diane says, there goes her defense strategy. Jason says she’s sticking to the plea. She said the same thing about there being more motive. She’d rather do a few months than risk being found guilty. Diane says it makes her nervous the other way. Carly is behaving rationally, and she’s trying to prove Carly is anything but. Sonny says she won’t have to go to prison; that’s what matters. Jason says she’ll be admitting to pushing Nelle and jeopardizing her grandchild. She’ll have to live with it for the rest of her life, when it didn’t happen.

Jordan and Stella are left alone at the table. Stella looks at Jordan’s ring, and asks if she’s pleased. Jordan says, very. Almost as pleased as she was to get Stella’s blessing. She knows things between them need to be repaired, but she’s not giving up. Stella tells her not to pressure herself. Things work out if they’re meant to.

At the bar, Drew congratulates Curtis. Curtis tells Drew that he was talking to Sam. She wants to get back into the PI business, and he suggested they partner up. There’s nothing solid, but he thinks it’s going to happen, and wants him to be aware. Drew thinks it’s a good move. There’s no one better. Curtis doesn’t want it to come between them, but Drew says, they’re good.

Valentin says he’s not denying delivering the baby to Faison, but he’s regretted every day since. Sam asks if that’s why he helped Peter escape, but Valentin says Peter pushed him into the cell and locked it. He has a better question. Why were the security cameras disabled, and where was the guard? She doesn’t have to answer. Valentin shows Alexis an envelope, saying it’s the initial payment from his primary source. It’s about Mikkos, and he thinks it will be valuable. Sam says Alexis doesn’t have to do this, but Alexis says, it’s the only option, but she will consider the source. Sam tells her to be careful. She tells Valentin that he has a lot of enemies. If he does anything to hurt Alexis, she’ll be his worst one.

Dante tells Lulu that they’re back to where they started. He can’t look other way if something is unethical. Lulu says they’ll figure it out together. It’s called compromise, and it’s what marriage is about. Dante says, why not? They’ve worked well together in the past. They seal the deal with a kiss.

Diane says Jason should be pleased that Carly is pleading not guilty, but he thinks they should be proving she’s innocent. Diane says she can present facts. She can’t prove Carly is innocent. Jason says, but she can prove Carly is insane? Diane says, no; not in her right mind, but she’ll need him to attest that there were no visible signs of a break-in, and that there were signs Carly was losing her grip. Jason says she wasn’t. Diane says if he says that Carly is responsible for her actions, and she gets convicted, how will he feel? He tells her not to call him then, but she says she doesn’t have a choice. Sonny asks Jason what Carly said when he saw her. Jason tells him that she said she’s going to do this and needs him to back her. Sonny says, then back her. Jason says he’s not going to lie and say Carly is crazy, because she’s not. Sonny glares at him.

Dante and Lulu make out on the couch. Lulu thinks they still have it, but they’ll know for sure next time their jobs cross paths. Dante says they’re off to a good start.

Jordan and Curtis are at the table alone. Curtis asks if Jordan is pleased at how things turned out, and she hopes it’s okay at the wedding. They just have to set a date. Stella sits with Kim, and asks about one of her clients. Kim says they’re doing great, and compliments Curtis on the great proposal; it was one for the ages. Stella says, enjoy while it lasts. Not every engagement ends in a wedding. A lot can happen in between now and then.

Oscar and Drew play pool. Drew tells Oscar to always ask for more work; it shows initiative and gives you more experience. Oscar promises he won’t take advantage of being the boss’s son. Drew says he started it for his family.

Sam brings a box to Drew’s office. His assistant, who must be getting tired of this constant traffic, says Drew left a while ago. Sam asks her to make sure he gets this, and gives her an envelope.

Alexis gives Valentin some paperwork, and says in the event of a tragedy, the bulk of his assets will go to Charlotte. He thanks her, and tells her that he’s given her the initial payment, but there’s more where that comes from. He’ll hand it over once the change is complete. She tells him that she’s changed her mind; she doesn’t want his help. He tells her if she changes her mind, she knows where to find him. She says she doesn’t want the envelope, and he tells her to throw it away.

When Valentin is gone, Alexis puts the envelope in the fireplace. She strikes a match, but just stands there with it, aflame in her hand.

Tomorrow, Obrecht tells Peter they have an eventful morning ahead, Carly asks whose testimony they need to worry about, and Nelle tells Michael that she’s being called to testify against Carly.

The Haves and The Have Nots

When we last left, Veronica had just walked in on Justin and Jeffrey getting busy at David’s condo.

Veronica’s eyes practically pop out, and she says she’s going to be sick. Jeffrey says, good. She’d hoped he’d changed. He’d hoped she did. He tells her to get her ass out of there. She’s shocked he’d do this disgusting act in front of her. He says he didn’t know she was there, but if she wants to stay, they’re going to continue. She says he’s really like this, and he says, yes, he’s gay; where has she been his whole life? She doesn’t know what to say. Justin suggests goodbye and I laugh. She thinks Justin is making him like this, but Jeffrey says he was born this way, and get her ass out. She’s done all the damage she can do. She says she came to help him, but he says, no, she didn’t. She says she came out of the kindness of her heart, but he says she doesn’t have any. She brought the affidavit for him to sign, and he asks if it’s the one where he’s supposed to give up Benny. She thinks he must be screwing Benny too. What she just witnessed – that’s it. She asks what’s wrong with him? He says he put knife in her one time, and asks if she wants to try again. She says, this girl (meaning Justin) is making him bold. Jeffrey says she’s making him bold. He’s sick of her. She begs him to come home, and then starts screaming her head off. She asks him to come, but he just sits there. She says she can fix this, and leaves, shutting the door behind her.

Landon goes over the schedule with Charles. He asks if Charles is okay, and Charles says, yes. He tells Charles he’ll be good at this, but Charles says, it’s sleeping alone. All he can think about is Candace. Landon wonders what the hell she did to him. Charles asks if Landon never had a crazy crush. He doesn’t know what it is. There’s the sex, but there’s also something he can’t explain. He knows she’s bad for him, but doesn’t care. Landon knows that feeling. Charles says he wants her here and now. They can clean her up, and he knows he can make her happy. Landon says, if Charles says so, and asks if he’s sure. Charles isn’t ready to give up on her, and asks if they can set it up. Make sure every scheme she’s running, fails. Landon says he’ll get his team on it. He’ll have to go old school on this one. Whatever that means.

Jeffrey tells Justin to stop for a minute. Justin says Veronica makes him crazy. Jeffrey wonders how she knew they were there, and Justin says she’s probably having him followed. He tells Jeffrey to relax. He’s here for him. Jeffrey asks who Justin thinks he is to him, but Justin thinks Jeffrey should answer that. Jeffrey refuses, and Justin says that Jeffrey is his. Jeffrey says he already told Justin that he isn’t, and thinks he should leave. He says it’s a mistake. He had a weak moment, and they had sex; that’s it. Justin says he’s not leaving – ever. Jeffrey says he’s not scared of Justin, and to stop with the threats. Justin says it’s not a threat. He’s gone too far, and given up so much. He can’t go back now. Whether Jeffrey wants to admit it or not, they’re together for life. Justin says he’ll make dinner.

Since I can find no info whatsoever on this character, we’ll call him LJ – for his alias Leslie Jackmore. LJ is in hotel room of the guy he picked up in the bar. He tells dude to turn around and bend over. When he does, LJ takes his wallet. He looks at the ID, and sees dude works at a college. Dude asks what LJ wants, and LJ says that’s a loaded question. Dude asks if his evil bitch wife is doing this, and LJ says, no, the evil bitch is him. He wants all dude’s money, and his watch. Dude says his father gave it to him (reminding me of Bob Balaban in Midnight Cowboy). LJ says he guesses he’s dude’s daddy now. Dude threatens to go to the police, but LJ says he’ll claim dude tried to rape him and took advantage. Dude is going to take the cards that LJ is letting him have, and get him ten grand. Dude says he’s not from there, but LJ tells him to figure it out quick. He takes dude’s ID, saying If he doesn’t, he’ll be on the news for taking advantage of a young kid. Dude says she really wanted it, but LJ says, not today, and leaves.

Oscar’s phone rings. It’s Jim, who says the money isn’t in his account. Oscar says, it is; he’s looking at the confirm. Jim doesn’t give a rat’s ass; he has no money. Oscar asks if Jim is playing games to get out of giving him the commission. Jim asks for the number, and Oscar says, it’s the Cryer Company. Jim says that’s not the account number he sent, and tells Oscar to check his text. Oscar says, sh*t; he’s right. He’ll have to call the bank and try to sort it out. Jim says he’d better do it now. Oscar wonders what the Cryer Company is. Jim doesn’t know, but it’s not his. Oscar hangs up and says, dammit! That’s what Candace was doing. Yep.

Kathryn tells Jim they need to talk about Wyatt. He says they always need to talk about Wyatt. They tried to cover up his crime, and he turned on them. Now that they have his money, he’s going to be madder. Jim says they can’t cover it up; he needs to pay for this. These are Malones, and they’ll kill him. Kathryn asks who the Malones are (really? and she’s from a prominent family?), and Jim says, the mob; they’re not playing around. These people don’t give a second chance. Wyatt is as good as dead. Kathryn says she’ll talk to him, and try to reach him. Jim says she’s been trying for twenty-seven years; good luck. She says he’s her only living child. She has to try. Jim says Wyatt is his only living child too. He tells her to knock herself out, but not to get her hopes up. She says she always has hope.

Hanna and Derek finish watching a movie. She says, good choice, and thanks him for dinner. He asks if she’s putting him out. She says it wasn’t planned, and she has work to do. He tells her it’s hard to leave. He doesn’t know what it is, but it’s like he knows her, and don’t act like she doesn’t feel it. She says she’s enjoying him, but they agreed to take it slow. She kisses him goodbye, and Benny walks in, saying, not this again. Derek leaves, and Hanna tells Benny he has business upstairs. Benny says Hanna let he stay, but Hanna says he shouldn’t have brought her. He’s too old to be laying with a girl and letting go. He says she’s too old to have a dude slobbering over her. He doesn’t like Derek. Hanna says he wouldn’t like anyone she dated, and go deal with Melissa. There’s a knock at the door.

Candace asks if she’s here, and suggests she and Benny talk outside. He tells her there’s no need, and she can talk in front of their mom. She says she wants to stop, but she needs to talk in private. Hanna says Benny will just tell her anyway, but leaves. Candace says Benny is the only one she trusts. She needs him to hold some money in his account. Hers is being watched, and she has to move it; it’s legit. He asks if she means like his tow yard and house were legit. He knows it’s one of her tricks and he’ll regret it, but says, fine. She says it’s a few thousand, and to text the number. He tells her that he has $85 in there, and needs it. She promises not to take it, and he texts the number.

Hanna comes back and asks what Candace wanted, but Benny says, nothing important. He asks for the car. Hanna says as soon as he tells her, and he says he’ll call Mitch. She tells him he has to do something about this girl. He slept with her, she’s pregnant and put out; he’s not leaving her on the street. He says it’s not his baby or problem. Melissa is suddenly there, and says, that’s right; she’s not. Hanna says she’s not a problem; she’s in a situation. Benny asks why Hanna is being nice to her, and Hanna makes him apologize. She says he will help her, because someone did for them when she was pregnant with him. A stranger helped until she got on her feet, and they’re going to help Melissa. Melissa doesn’t mean to be a burden. Hanna says she’s not, and they’ll figure it out when Benny gets back. Benny drops the loan shark money he’s been carrying, and Hanna wants to know where he got it. Melissa says it’s hers; she didn’t want Veronica to take it, so she gave it to Benny to hold. Hanna says she can get a place then. Melissa says she can, and Benny hands her the money. As soon as Hanna is gone, Melissa teases him, saying she’s not giving it back, but she does. He says when he gets back, they’ll look into getting her a place. She calls him big daddy, and says he’s got enough money.

On the phone with the bank, Wyatt says they’re supposed to protect his money. There’s a knock at the door, and Kathryn comes in. She sees he hasn’t calmed down. She tells him that his father has the money; it’s for his own good. He’s incapable of handling it. He’s high and angry; let them help him. He says they’re going to jail. He’s testifying against them. She says he left a man dead in a bar. Wyatt says he’ll tell the police that his dad covered it up. If he goes down, so does Jim. Kathryn asks why he can’t pull it together, and he says it’s because his parents try to control him. Kathryn says they’re trying to help, and he says, then give him the money. She refuses, and he tells her for his sake, and Amanda’s, she should leave. He wishes the cancer had killed her. She asks how he knew, and he says he knows a lot of things. If he can’t bury them in prison, he’ll kill them. She says he doesn’t mean that, and he tells her to stay there and see. She walks out, and he says, don’t come back.

There’s a knock at Candace’s door. It’s Gia, followed by Rocky and LJ, Rocky says they shouldn’t be seen together. Candace says she knows that; that’s why they’re in the room. She tells them she’s getting out of the game. Rocky says she started it, but she says she can’t do it forever. She came up. Rocky asks, how, and she says it’s not their concern. Gia asks what she’s supposed to do; Candace taught her how to do what she does. Candace tells them to keep doing what she taught them. Make it bigger, and grow it. That’s it; she’s out. She tells them to keep the money from last time, and Rocky says she really must have come up. LJ asks how they can follow in her footsteps. Candace tells Gia that Jim is a sure thing; the well runs deep with money. Work it; stick with him. LJ isn’t down with the guys, and she says he must know plenty of women; older, desperate, rich, and lonely. Make this make sense. She tells them to leave now, but she’ll always be there for information. LJ says they had something going; they were making real money. She tells him to pace himself. Impatience is his problem. When Gia and LJ are gone, Rocky says they were in this together, and he wants his cut. She says he took a picture. How much does he think it’s worth? Thirty bucks?  He says she’s really going to be like this, and she says she is. She tells him to get out, and make sure don’t say a word. She asks if his visa is still intact. She says they’re hustlers. There’s no honor in the game. Rocky says he’ll remember that. When she’s alone, Candace says, she’s out.

David and Erika say a bunch of boring stuff. She tells him she needs a break. She’s had more sex in the past week than in her entire life. It’s been good, but too much. He tells her that he’s sorry. The only woman he’s ever been with is – Erika says, don’t say her name; she’ll appear. He says, that woman is the only one he’s been this intimate with, but she’s different, better. He tells her to hold on, and goes downstairs. Erika follows.

David says he needs to check something. He feels around the furniture and knickknacks, and pulls something out of a vase. Erika asks if it’s a bug, and he says it is, and it’s not the only one. He keeps checking, and finds two more. Erika wonders if there are any others, and he says, possibly. Erika says, she’s ruthless; he knows how to pick them. He says he picked her, but she’s the right one. He says they’re probably being listened to, and Erika prompts him to go upstairs. He thought she needed a break, but she says it’s never too much when she’s with him. They hear an explosion out front.

Outside, both cars are on fire. Erika says, she’s really insane, and David says, she doesn’t know the half of it. Veronica drives away, and Erica calls the fire department.

Benny goes to the dive bar, and sees the dead dealer on the floor. He asks if the guy is all right, but a dude comes out, and says they’re not open until seven. He asks what Benny is doing there, and sees the dead guy. Benny says he didn’t do it. The guy pulls out a gun, telling him not to move. He’s calling the police.

Next time, Oscar confronts Candace, Justin threatens Jeffrey, and Veronica comes on to Derek. No, Derek, no.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Captain Sandy says Hannah isn’t being fair, doing preference sheets for the next charter, while there are still guests on board from this one. Hannah tells her that she was up until four getting the dents and dirt from the guests’ heels out of the carpet. She promises she’s trying her best, and leaves in tears. In her interview, the captain says the client is paying money for the full attention of the crew. Breakfast is cleared, and the garbage is taken out. Hannah cries in the bathroom. In her interview, she says to be spoken to that way after 18-hour days, and provisioning when she should be sleeping, is bullsh*t.

The guests get ready to leave. Hannah tells the stews to strip the beds when they’re gone. One guest wonders why her stuff isn’t fitting in the suitcase now. I identify, but that’s usually because I bought a bunch of crap. Captain Sandy calls the crew to the deck for goodbyes. In her interview, Captain Sandy says Jennifer didn’t complain, but she must have noticed breakfast service was bad. Jennifer says they had a good time, even if she didn’t get to see Sandy drive. She gives the captain an envelope, and it’s twenty minutes to the tip meeting.

The captain says she usually starts on a high note; however, this was the worst breakfast service ever in her experience on charters. She tells Adam is was thirty minutes before she got her omelet, and she didn’t get her toast until after sh was finished. Breakfast is the start of the day, and sets the mood for the client. In her interview, Hannah thinks Captain Sandy is frustrated because she didn’t get to drive the boat, and show her friends what she could do. Adam says, what about the dinner, but the captain isn’t having it. In his interview, Adam says he carried the charter, and a piece of toast negated twenty-eight meals. We see the mass quantity of things he had to cook and bake. The captain says it was the deck, as well as the interior. Not having the tender was a big one. She doesn’t want to have to tell Conrad what he needs to do. The tip is 12,000 euros. I miss how much that is each because my mind goes blank when she says euros.

On the bridge, Adam tells Captain Sandy that it has nothing to do with him; the toast was ready. She asks if he didn’t get the order, and he says they were coming late. Hannah overhears, and says it’s a crock of sh*t. If Adam is going to throw the interior under the bus, she’ll throw him twice as fast, and he’ll be hit twice as hard. The captain tells Adam that he took it personally. It’s not like she said he sucked at making toast. The crew cleans up. Conrad tells Kasey about his scars and injuries, because she likes scars. Adam says he has some from chicken pox.

The crew gets ready to go out. Cool. Here’s where they get drunk and stupid. They go to a sushi place. Brooke almost mistakes soy sauce for a shot. João swills wine, while saying as long as he sticks to gin and tonics, he’ll remember everything. In her interview, Kasey says he’s flirting with her and Brooke, but she keeps thinking of the guy he could be. Well, move on from those thoughts, because he’s not going to be. Adam says it’s a good restaurant; the service is excellent. Hannah excuses herself, annoyed by his comment.

Conrad follows Hannah, who tells him about Adam lying to the captain, and calling him rude and disrespectful. She says she’s letting it go or it will be an issue next charter. In her interview, she says she picks her battles with Adam. We find out Kasey plays the violin. João says he likes both Brooke and Kasey. Outside, Conrad tells Hannah about his father who was an example of what not to be. He blamed Conrad for the marital problems with Conrad’s stepmother. He and Hannah hug, and they go back in. The crew goes back to the boat. What? No drunken nightmarish rants?

Hannah sits on the deck, and Conrad joins her. They agree they like talking to each other. In his interview, Conrad says he sees another side to Hannah. It’s soft and nice, but you don’t screw the crew. She asks if they’re buddies, and he says he likes her. He takes a while to warm up. He kisses her on the cheek and hugs her; then moves in for a real kiss. I dunno. This could end badly.

Kasey says leaving the dock is her make it or break it moment. If she gets sick, she’ll have to leave, even though she doesn’t want to. Kasey calls João a wild card, and he calls her a mind f*ck. Brooke likes him, but sees them flirting. She reminds herself that she said she needed space, whether she half-meant it or not. Hannah tells Kasey not to put her delicates in the dryer again. Oh hell no.

The primary’s name is Honey, and she’s having a birthday with her closest friends and family. She’s kosher, and Adam says kosher meat is super expensive. It’s not just a diet, it’s a diet and religion. Honey also wants a Great Gatsby themed party. The guests are all big tequila drinkers, and have requested 1942. I wouldn’t know one tequila from another, since I hate tequila. The usual water toys are requested as well. Supplies are ordered and picked up. Hannah thinks the guests will be high maintenance, and she doesn’t trust vegans. One is vegan, and she doesn’t trust vegans. João asks Kasey if Jamie is helping her, but she hasn’t seen Jamie. Apparently, she overslept, so he hunts her down and gets on her for not working when rest of them are, telling her that she has an attitude problem. He says if Conrad isn’t there, he needs to know what she’s doing. In her interview, she wishes instead of being cocky, he’d just find her and tell her that she’s needed. She forgets, that would be the mature thing.

Brooke says she’s a hopeless romantic. I have to say it – and Kasey is just hopeless. BA-DUM-CHH! Brooke’s grandparents were married at sixteen, and have been together for a million years. Jamie cries on the dock, and Hannah sits by her. She’d been talking to her mom on the phone, and tells Hannah that she tries so hard. Hannah says she’s superwoman, and saved her ass. In her interview, Jamie says being the only female, it’s hard to keep up with the egos. Her parents run an auto shop together, and she says the workers still only went to her father when they had questions. Hannah gives her a hug, and tells her how great she is, and not to let anyone tell her different.

Hannah tells Conrad about the incident, that Jamie accidentally fell asleep, and João acted like an ass. The meat is delivered. In his interview, Adam says he once had a kosher guest who insisted that all meat products be removed from boat. The meat was worth a lot of money, and this has him nervous. Brooke reads out loud from a romance story. Conrad talks to João and Jamie. João whines that Jamie slept in extra, and Conrad says in the future, come to him. João is there to make sure the work gets done when Conrad isn’t around, but he’s not to tell someone off. Conrad is the one who dishes out the sh*t, João says Conrad talks about the hierarchy, but he doesn’t give João the status when he’s off the boat. Brooke is excited about Conrad and Hannah’s kiss. She thinks they’re a cute couple. Hannah hopes it doesn’t blow up in her face. In her interview, Hannah says yacht crushes aren’t a normal situation where you can date. The crew unloads the slide, and Captain Sandy says, team work makes the dream work, because she’s tired of using, let’s knock it out of the park. Brooke talks to Adam about a scouting party she’s planning. She likes chefs because they’re passionate and sensitive. Or in Adam’s case, immature and too sensitive.

The guests arrive, and ask for tequila shots instead of champagne, but it’s the wrong kind. The tequila is Don Julio, and Hannah says, note to self, there’s more than one 1942 out there. Again, I wouldn’t know. The luggage is brought in. The guests demand a tour, and ask if no one cares about them anymore. One guest asks if anyone cares that she has to pee. First the tequila, now this. Rich people’s problems. Hannah brings them chilled shots, and gives the tour. It’s always the part where I want to move permanently on to the boat. Honey is nervous about the food, and wants to talk to Adam. They’re ready to roll.

Honey explains that if she eats poultry or meat, she can’t have dairy for several hours. No one else is kosher. Adam gives suggestions. Hannah asks Kasey to clear the bar. Kasey says the medication is making her feel like a zombie. Hannah is calling about the tequila, and the guests whine that no one is there to help them unpack. The weather is fabulous, and the water as blue as possible. João suggests Kasey eat some bread. She tells herself not to be sick. Seeing the villages on the hills is breathtaking.

Conrad and Colin drop anchor. Colin says a yacht anchor is heavier than those on other boats, and can cause damage. Brooke announces lunch is ready. The guests say they’ll be drinking tequila with everything. As always, the table is beautifully set, in green with a touch of gold. One dude gripes about having Chinese chicken salad for lunch, and asks about the ETA on the 1942 tequila. Another guest wants to know what kind of lunch Chinese chicken salad is. I’ll remember that the next time I order it. Honey says they’re starving, and want pasta. Captain Sandy asks Adam how it’s going, and he says, apparently, it’s a five-course lunch. He makes some massive bowls of rigatoni, and pasta with shrimp for Honey. Someone else wants Alfredo sauce, and Adam says he’s never had this many ridiculous orders. The vegan guest wants to stay there and eat all day. Crap. I can’t even keep up with the requests. Adam needs Hannah to deal with the guests. Conrad tells them the slide will be loud when they set it up. João knows exactly how to do it, and thinks Conrad doesn’t know how. Honey eats three bites of the pasta and is full.

Hannah can’t believe how slowly Kasey is washing the dishes, and is going to lose her mind. She says Kasey doesn’t get the speed they need to work at. Captain Sandy says it’s not about coddling Adam, but giving him support. A guest bombards Adam with questions about dinner, and Adam says he’s just trying to follow the preference sheets as closely as possible. The captain says he’s one guy, and most boats have a set menu, and only provide for that. The guest admits that it could be they didn’t say enough, and asks for a surf and turf dinner. Then adds another 45,000 things, including a cake for Honey’s birthday. Adam says he’s screwed.

The guests use the water toys. Captain Sandy sends Conrad to pick up provisions. Hannah snatches the tequila from his hand as soon as he gets back. Adam says everyone eats something different, and half of them don’t eat same thing. He’s running out of pots,

Conrad says the guests want everything, then change their minds ten minutes later. In her interview, Hannah says she’s tired of emotionally unavailable guys. Conrad is a nice change. The guests ask to delay the dinner from 9 pm to 9:30. Adam hates these people, and says Hannah is a space cadet, making a bad situation worse. Brooke flirts with Colin, who pleads guilty of having a crush on her. He says she’s a breath of fresh air. They good around and look at photos. Hannah asks Kasey to do some chores, and wants to throw in some Adderall to get her moving.

Adam has just plated some incredible tuna tartare, and the guests are late. Hannah thinks she should have married for money when she was younger. Brooke says she could live in a van if she loved someone. It’s almost 11 pm, and Adam wonders why Hannah can’t manipulate the guests. Seriously, wtf? Hannah says there’s no sign of the guests.

Next time, João thinks Kasey is hot, Brooke thinks Adam is cute, a fire alarm sounds, and Captain Sandy is pissed.

💵 On Sell It Like Serhant, Ryan helped Jen, a struggling skincare salesperson at Scrubz in Farmingdale, Long Island. She wasn’t making a connection with the customers, had no enthusiasm, was withdrawn, and had terrible eye contact. Even better, she was living with her boyfriend’s mother, who was also her boss. Ryan had never seen anyone who needed his help more, but Jen resisted his help the most of anyone. He told her that when she told him off and walked away, it was the most powerful he’d seen her. She finally explained that her father had passed away two years ago. They were very close, especially since he’d been sick for years. He was also the glue who held the family together, and once he died, the world felt different, and was never going to be the same again. When they should have come together, the family fell apart. Ryan taught her communication skills, and how to steer a customer to the right product. She gained confidence, and not only did her boss keep her, she offered to set up Jen with her own business within the business. She’d already been doing facials, and would be adding waxing and makeup, as well as getting commission on any product she sold while performing services. Ryan wasn’t sure what happened, but said it was awesome. Jen allowed herself to be her again. Jen said Ryan helped her realize she can do anything if she puts her mind to it, and she knew her dad would be proud. Ryan finally got me choked up when he said he didn’t want anyone to feel the way Jen had, and he started to get teary. He says it made him feel good that she doesn’t have to feel that way, and it was the whole reason he did the show in the first place. This was the finale, and I hope they give it another season. It’s a feel-good show, without being sappy, and I can’t think of a better guy to have this gig.

😵 Have I Slept Yet…?