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February 1, 2019 – Ava Interrogates Lulu, Motto Volunteers, Junior Chefs Return, Stassi’s Mom is a Jerk, Ten Whole Quotes & Blue


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

On his phone at the MetroCourt, Sonny tells his dad to check his schedule and pencil him in. He’s kidding. He’ll coordinate with the kids, and see him on Saturday. Brick sits with Sonny and asks how his dad is doing. Sonny says, if you ask him, he’s great, but they had to put him in permanent care.

There’s a knock at Kim’s door. It’s Carly. She’s happy to hear Oscar is going back to school. Kim asks if she’s looking for Josslyn, but Carly wanted to see how she’s doing. She brought bagels. She sees the scarf, and says, it’s pretty. She didn’t know Kim knitted. Kim says, calling it knitting is being generous. She was showing Drew her handiwork, and forgot to put it away. Carly says, so Drew was there last night.

Drew goes to Charlie’s, and tells Julian he wants to talk about favors. A housekeeper, car maintenance, meals. He’s sure Julian’s intentions were clear, but it’s time to stop. Julian says he and Kim might have broken up, but that doesn’t stop him from caring. Drew guesses that’s why he cheated.

Olivia-Q sees Ava come into the MetroCourt bar, and says she doesn’t want any trouble. Ava knows how Carly feels about her. Ava says she’s there for Olivia. Olivia can’t imagine what they have to discuss. Ava says she wants Olivia’s help to track down Kiki’s killer.

Alexis shows up at not-Doc’s office, saying she’s taking advantage of his open door policy. She asks if he has a few minutes, but he says he’s in the middle of something pressing. She says she should have known open door was a metaphor. He says, since she’s there, he’d like to talk with her. It has to do with his ex-wife.

Jordan sees Curtis at the hospital. She heard Lulu was transferred out of ICU last night. She’s sure Lulu’s family and the medical staff feel more secure with him there. He wishes he could do more. He really wants to catch the killer. She says he might get his wish. They have a suspect. Laura overhears.

Elizabeth asks Franco why he was working so late. He tells her that he wasn’t at work. He’s just going to come out and say it. The PCPD called him in for questioning. They thinks he’s the killer.

Laura asks Jordan if she heard right. The police have a suspect? Jordan says they brought someone in for questioning last night. Laura asks, who? but Jordan can’t share the details until they know more. Laura says they have her full support. Jordan asks how Lulu is, and Laura says, exhausted and frustrated. It’s weighing on her that she can’t remember. She finally got Lulu to sleep after some coaxing.

Lulu dreams she’s back in her office. The door handle jiggles, and she opens the door. She screams, no, no, no!

Sonny tells Brick that his dad is comfortable at Turning Woods. It was his decision. He even has a girlfriend there, but it wasn’t easy letting him go. They’d been thinking about it for months. It was time. Brick asks how Sonny is holding up. Sonny says, it’s pretty weird. For the first time since he was a kid, he felt like his dad was watching out for him.

Julian tells Drew that his relationship with Kim is between them, and doesn’t concern him. Drew says Oscar is his son, and Kim is his mother. That makes her family. She’s dealing with something painful; he doesn’t need to make it harder. Julian says, right. He hired a service to make it harder. After he saw them on New Year’s Eve, he thought it would help if he backed off, and cut ties, so Drew could take his place. Drew asks if he knows how bad he hurt Kim. Maybe he should do what he can to never hurt her again. Julian says, maybe he’s right.

Kim tells Carly, nothing happened, but Carly says she wasn’t implying otherwise. She knows they’ve been spending tome together with Oscar, and hopes they’re taking care of themselves. They should remind each other from time to time, and, for record, no one would blame them if… Kim says they’re the only ones who know what’s happening with the other. If they’ve found comfort in that, it’s not something they’re thinking about. Carly isn’t sure Drew feels the same way.

Laura tells Lulu that she’s safe, and to catch her breath. She was having a nightmare. Jordan says it was about the attack. Can she says what happened in the dream? Lulu says she was in her office, and someone was trying to open the door. She went to let them in, and was just about see their face, when she woke up. Jordan says it’s frustrating, but a good sign. Her memory is returning. Lulu says she still doesn’t know who attacked her, and killed Kiki. Jordan tells her there are methods to help unlock memories, but Laura says Lulu’s not ready. She needs to rest. Lulu says she won’t get any rest while that monster is still free. Laura says she hired Curtis for extra precaution. Jordan says he’s happy to help. Lulu is scared for everyone else. The killer is still out there, and could strike again.

Ava knows Olivia has no reason to help her, but whatever she thinks about Ava, Ava doesn’t think she had anything against Kiki. As a mother, she must want justice for Kiki and her own daughter-in-law. Olivia asks how Ava thinks she can help. Ava says when she first arrived in Port Charles, she was told Olivia possessed certain abilities; visions, premonitions. Olivia needs to use her magic to tell Ava who killed her daughter.

Olivia tells Ava that she’s sorry, but doesn’t think she can help. Ava says she has the potential to help another mother. She even did an act at the Nurses’ Ball. Olivia says, it was a joke; an act for charity. Ava asks if it was an act when she was consulted by the PCPD on cases. Can she do it again? Ava shows her a picture of Kiki as a little girl, and puts it in her hand. She also gives Olivia a piece of jewelry, saying, she loved sunflowers. She asks if there’s anything Olivia thinks would help; tell her. Olivia says Ava doesn’t understand. Her visions don’t make sense. She only sees the future; never the past. Ava says she can prevent him from hurting someone else. Olivia says it’s been years since she had them, and Ava says, please try. Olivia looks at the picture.

Elizabeth says, that’s crazy, absurd, but Franco says Jordan disagrees. He gets why they’d want to talk to him. That’s why he went in and answered their questions. He was sure he wouldn’t hear from them again. It’s been difficult to put that part of his life behind him, when darkness is harkening at the door. Elizabeth suggests he talk to Doc, but Franco says Doc dumped him.

Alexis tells not-Doc, as Laura’s attorney, she’s bound to remind him that she can’t discuss the divorce. Not-Doc says he hasn’t asked her to betray her client’s trust. All he’s asked for is a clean break, and no runaround. Alexis says, Laura isn’t stalling. He says he’s eager to move on, and she says she’ll do her best to expedite it. He says he also has to settle the matter of the prenup. He lost his copy. She says, not a problem. She’ll get him another one. He says she heard him out; the least he can do is reciprocate. What did she want to talk about? She says she wanted to start sessions again.

Ave says, anything? Olivia is sorry. She has nothing.

Brick tells Sonny that he’s sorry about Mike, and he’s just a phone call away. Sonny appreciates how he modified the house for Mike. He’s refusing to pretend; there’s nothing he can do. Mike thinks he’s going to be right back. He hopes Brick never feels this desperate. There’s also whoever stabbed his daughter-in-law. It seems the only way they’re going to get caught, is if they try again. Brick says, be patient; Lulu will remember. Sonny goes over to Olivia, and asks if everything is all right. Ava says they’re done, and leaves. Sonny asks Olivia what that was about, and Olivia says, grief. Ava is looking for answers; grasping at straws. She can’t say she blames Ava. Nobody knows where their boy is, and no one can reach him. He needs to know what happened to Lulu. Sonny might have something that can help.

Drew runs into Carly outside of Charlie’s. Carly says she just saw Kim. He asks how she’s doing, and Carly say she’s on her way to do more knitting. Drew says, nothing happened, and Carly says, Kim said the same thing. She thinks it’s great that they’re closer. It’s a difficult time, and it’s important that they have someone to lean on, and share things with. If he can be that, she thinks it’s great. He asks, why the sudden interest in his relationship with Kim? Not for his sake? She asks, who else? and he says, Jason and Sam.

Julian drops in on Kim, who says she’s getting ready for work. He says they have unpacking to do after last night, and she says, ya think? He let her believe that he slept with someone else. He says he never meant to hurt her. She says he did everything he could to drive her away, when Oscar took a turn for the worse. He says he shouldn’t have done it. He loves her. She says he has a funny way of showing it, and he says he wasn’t convinced mending their relationship was the right thing. He was glad they broke up. She asks, if he loves her, why is he saying that? He says he sees the way she and Drew look at each other.

Alexis tells not-Doc, the sessions were helpful. He asks why she stopped coming, and she says, hubris. She thought she figured it out. She wants to feel like she did when she and Julian were together. She has more work to do. He says he can refer her to a colleague. He can’t treat her as a patient again.

Sonny introduces Brick to Olivia. She asks how Sonny knows him, and Brick says he works in IT security. Sonny says Dante needs to know what’s going on. Brick says he’s trying to bust an arms dealer named Rog. Sonny knows that name. He says they’ve been trying to make contact, but don’t want to blow his cover. They need a third party; basically a friend. Brick says he’ll see what he can do.

Ava approaches Lulu’s room, and tells Curtis, she’s there to see Lulu. Lulu says, it’s okay. Ava says she heard Lulu is going to make a full recovery. That’s wonderful. Laura says they appreciate Ava’s concern, but Lulu has to rest. Ava says the police believe the same person who attacked Lulu killed Kiki. There must be something she can tell them. Laura says, Lulu isn’t up to this, but Lulu says, it’s okay. She tells Ava that she tried to remember. Ava snaps, try harder, and Laura says, stop it; this isn’t appropriate. Ava says she’ll never see her child again. She shows Lulu the picture of Kiki, and asks her, please look at it, and promise to remember who took her daughter. Ava is crying, and Lulu starts to cry. Laura says, how dare she?

Drew is sure Carly knows what’s going on with Jason and Sam. She says she does, and she’s happy for them. She’d be just as happy if he and Kim reconnected. He doesn’t remember her, but they share a past. Maybe that’s why they’re being pushed together now. Or maybe what they have now is strong enough on its own. He’s been fighting too long, and deserves a partner who knows everywhere he’s been. He says, that’s a tall order. Carly says, if Kim fits it, she’s lucky.

Julian tells Kim, maybe it’s not the kiss. Maybe it is. Or maybe he realized what she’s going through is impossible, unthinkable, and she and Drew need each other. He’d never forgive himself if he ruined her having a relationship with Oscar’s father.

Alexis tells not-Doc she thought he said come back any time, but he says that’s before his ex-wife became her client. He understands conflict of interest, and says he’ll give it some thought, and come up with the best referral. Jordan pops in, saying she’s sorry to interrupt. Alexis says she was on her way out. Not-Doc asks how he can help her, and she says she has questions about one of his patients – Franco Baldwin.

Elizabeth wonders how Doc could dump Franco. Franco says Doc claimed he plateaued, and offered a referral. He’s the only shrink that actually heard him. Elizabeth says they’ve been through a lot together. Franco can’t think about going through that again with someone new. Elizabeth thinks he should give it another shot. If Doc knew what he went through, she’s sure he’d see Franco.

Olivia asks Sonny how Lulu is, and he says, resting and recovering. She still doesn’t remember who did it, so Laura hired Curtis to watch her room. Olivia says, it’s good to be cautious. That’s another reason Dante should be there. Sonny says he’s been gone six months. No one thought it would last that long. They have to stay smart, and not blow his cover – assuming it hasn’t been blown already. Olivia says she’s worried. She’s a mother, and an Olympian at worry. What if something has gone terribly wrong? Brick comes back, and Sonny asks if he had any luck. Brick just looks at him

Curtis asks, what’s going on? Laura says Ava is on her way out, and she’s not coming back in. Curtis asks if Ava needs assistance. Ava and Lulu lock eyes for a moment. Ava walks to the door, and says she hopes Lulu will do whatever she has to, to remember. Laura follows her, and asks how dare Ava attack her daughter like that?

Sonny says if they find Rog, they find Dante, but Brick says he’s been off the grid for three years. Sonny suggests Brick contact one of his guys. Brick says he’ll stay on top of it, and tells Sonny, stop worrying. This ain’t over. They’ll get Dante home where he belongs. Olivia looks at Sonny. A lot of meaningful looks today.

Ava tells Laura, sorry she’s not sensitive enough for her. Her daughter was murdered. Laura says that doesn’t excuse her behavior. Lulu needs to recover, and pressure won’t help, especially if it puts her back in ICU. Ava is sorry. She’s just so angry and sad. She cries. Laura feels for her; she knows the pain, but Ava can’t do that to her daughter. Ava says she’s glad Lulu is better. She really is. She hurries away.

Curtis tells Lulu that he had the feeling the visit wasn’t going to end well. Lulu takes full responsibility. Curtis says, rest assured, he’ll be way more selective from now on. She can refer to him as the gatekeeper. Laura comes back, and thanks him. Lulu asks how she’s doing; it sounded nasty. Laura doesn’t blame Ava is frustrated. She just wants justice for Kiki. Lulu says the longer she can’t remember, the more likely the killer is to get away. She asks Laura to call Jordan, and ask her to come back. She has an idea.

Jordan says not-Doc has talked to Franco. He asks if they’re concerned that he’s the killer. Jordan says he’s important to the investigation. Not-Doc says sharing their conversations would be an ethics violation; he could lose his license and the trust of his patients. Jordan says she can get a warrant, but he makes no promises then either. She thanks him for his time, and he mulls things over.

On the phone, Elizabeth tells Cameron that he needs to come straight home to help his brothers with their homework. They need extra attention, especially Aiden, so don’t rush. She sees Laura, and asks if Lulu is okay. She heard Lulu was out of ICU. Laura says she’s physically stronger, but still can’t remember. She’s getting pressure from all sides; it’s a tough position to be in. She’s the only one who can ID the killer. Elizabeth says it will be a relief when they start focusing on the real killer, and quit wasting time questioning Franco. Laura flashes back to Jordan saying there was a suspect.

Carly knows Drew’s situation is extremely complex, but hopes he’s  paying attention to how he’s feeling. He hopes this isn’t a self-care lecture, and I identify. She says what kid wouldn’t want his parents together? Drew says Oscar has a lot going on. What if it doesn’t work out? She thinks that’s a fair concern, but what if it did?

Kim asks Julian why he thinks it’s okay to make decisions about them without her input? He says he sees her and Drew drifting back to one another. She admits they’ve gotten closer and are bonding as parents. No one else knows the grief and fear they’re going through on a daily basis. But she thought they had their own understanding. She misses how he made her laugh, and how special he made her feel. Things were easy with him. There was no cancer, no ticking clock, no fear. She misses him. He misses her too; a whole lot. She asks what they do now. He says maybe he messed up past the point of fixing it, but if he did, he wants her know how much she’ll always mean to him. She says, her too. He tells her if there’s anything she and Oscar need, let him know. Until then, he’ll see her around. She asks him to wait. She tells him that she does need him, and kisses him.

Sonny tells Olivia, sorry. He thought Brick could help. Olivia says he tried, and she appreciates it more than he knows. It looks like they’ll have to wait this one out. Sonny says, there might be one person who could help them reach Dante. Spinelli?

There’s yet another knock at Kim’s door. She says, it doesn’t stop. She opens the door, and Drew is there. He says, sorry, and she tells him, it’s been a busy morning with the door. She’s glad he stopped by. She wants to tell him face to face that she and Julian decided to give their relationship another go. She has to run to work, and breezes past him. He says, bye.

Ava goes to Charlie’s. Julian gives her some coffee, and says he wanted to thank her for her advice. She asks if that means he’s taking a vacation. He says he’s not leaving Port Charles. He has unfinished business to attend to. She knows the feeling.

Not-Doc writes, Franco? on his notepad. Franco walks into the office, and not-Doc says he was just thinking about him. Franco says his new assistant is ruthless. Not-Doc asks what brings him by, and Franco says he needs not-Doc’s help.

Terry calls Elizabeth, and she has to go. Alexis asks Laura if she has a minute to talk about – Laura says they’ll catch up later. She’s gone before Alexis can finish saying, her prenup.

Jordan returns to Lulu’s room. She asks if Lulu remembers something. Lulu says, no, but earlier, Jordan mentioned other methods that can help unlock her memories. She’s on board. Jordan asks if she’s ready to try hypnotherapy, and Lulu says, absolutely.

Franco knows not-Doc told him that he’d plateaued, but with all due respect, he thinks that’s wrong. His life is on the verge of falling apart again. This time, for something he didn’t do. He needs to deal with the feelings or he’ll do something to make it worse. No one knows his mind better. He made it possible for Franco to deal with everything he blocked out. He asks if not-Doc would consider seeing him again. Not-Doc says, excellent idea, and Franco is like, huh?

On Monday, Ava asks Chase what he’s doing to find the monster who killed her daughter, Lulu is all for hypnotherapy, and Sonny asks Anna for help.

🔥 On Hell’s Kitchen, Ariel won a tableside challenge and got a day in Malibu complete with horseback riding. She chose Bret to come along with her. Mia and Motto (no comment) had to prepare things for the bar – Mia called it the never ending pit of citrus – and do some general prep for that evening’s dinner. They claimed there were VIP guests and celebrities at the dinner, but they only showed Amber Rose. Who, I might add, was pretty excited about seeing Gordon IRL. Each of the chefs took a turn at being in charge, and there were deliberate sabotages in the kitchen to test the them; such as the wrong pasta for carbonara, swapping orzo for rice, and tuna tartare when it should have been beef. Another thing you never want to hear Gordon say is, who made this?

Motto felt he proved himself, but decided to put himself up for elimination. Bret was like, holy curve ball. Motto felt, at the end of the day, the place he needed to be was back home. He wanted to raise a family, and raise the culinary standard in Baton Rouge. He wanted to use what he learned to mentor others. Ariel wept at the level of Motto’s understanding of what he wanted. I agree that took guts. Gordon was actually speechless. Motto said it was an incredible experience, and he wasn’t giving up, but going forward. Gordon said he never met a chef so sincere, and when he was done in Baton Rouge and ready for his next move, call him. Motto left with his head held high. What brought him in was the opportunity to prove himself. He had rough starts and shaky moments, but stayed true to himself. The big city and spotlight might come in the future, but he was going back to push the hell out of the envelope. Gordon told them another chef would be leaving – now. He asked each of them why they belonged in the finale. They all said blah-blah-blah that they were ready for the big time. I had the feeling Gordon already knew his decision though. Ariel went through to the final round first. He said she’d been a consistent performer, and the change from season six was incredible. Bret crossed himself, and… to be continued. Next time, veteran Bret and rookie Mia will face off in a roller coaster ride of an episode.

🍕 MasterChef Junior returns on Tuesday, March 5th. It looks like Christina will be dressing up like one of those cake dolls, where the skirt is the cake part. Maybe you had to be there, but it looked really cool.

🍷 Mini Stassi Rant…

I think this article is unfair. Stassi’s mom was a handful from the jump, drinking too much, and putting Stassi down to her boyfriend over and over. Bleh. She treated Stassi like dirt and embarrassed her; then created drama, making the dinner about herself.


📣 Quotes of the Week

And that, my dear, is how you run an asylum. – Matron Grady (Judith Light), Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.Eleanor Roosevelt

Reality is a sliding door.Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sabrina can go from zero to bitch in about fifteen seconds. – Jerimiah, Return to Amish

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.Margaret Mead

Adults are obsolete children.Dr. Seuss

I’d play, but I have that hip thing going on. Meaning I’m too hip to play. – Earl (Garrett Morris), 2 Broke Girls, to Han, who’s forming a diner baseball team

I have no plans, and no plans to plan. –  Mario Cuomo (That sounds about right.)

Half a truth is often a great lie.Benjamin Franklin

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. – e. e. cummings

🐟 This Never Gets Old…

I find her beautiful, but I’m not sure if this dude is brave or stupid. Says the person who was only stung by a bee once – when she tried to pet it. I was four, okay?

January 25, 2019 – Robert Has Intel, Chefs in the Black, a Thief, a Question, Lucky Number Quotes & Rock


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam wakes up next to Jason. She touches his face and he wakes. She says, it’s real, and he says, yeah; it’s happening. They kiss and exchange I love yous. Then get busy.

Carly sees Drew at the MetroCourt. She asks how Oscar is, and he says, they released him this morning. He asks about Josslyn, and Carly says they had a long talk. Carly understands what they were trying to do; live like there’s no tomorrow. Drew says, Josslyn has a tomorrow.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she’d mainline coffee if she could. She hardly slept. He says, boys are awful; kids are mean. Aiden asks if he can play video games. Elizabeth thought he didn’t like them anymore, but Aiden tells her Jake said he’d play with him. She tells him, no online games. When Aiden is out of earshot, Jake asks if it’s because of what told them. Franco says it’s good he told them, and Elizabeth says she’s proud of him, looking after his little brother. Jake says he’ll make sure Aiden stays offline. He leaves, and Franco asks Elizabeth what’s up. She doesn’t know if Aiden is gay, or what that even means at this point.

At the station, Peter tells Anna that she didn’t have to stay all night. If he needs a lawyer, he’ll hire one. She says, in the meantime, she can help him with which questions to answer, and what to stay away from. He tells her that he doesn’t need saving. Maxie walks in, and asks if he’s sure about that.

Laura sits at Lulu’s bedside. She says the doctors are pleased with how she came through surgery, but she knew Lulu was a fighter. Their job is done. The rest is up to her. She needs to wake up. It’s time for her to open her eyes. Sonny comes to the door, and asks if it’s a bad time. Laura hugs him.

Not-Doc asks Ava how long he has to wait. She says, as long as the doctors tell him to. She can’t believe he’s in the medical field himself, and he says, they say doctors make the worst patients. He’s anxious to find out if his eyesight has been restored. Finn says his surgeon is here. It’s Griff, and Finn wonders if that’s a problem. Ava says, no, and Finn says he’ll leave them to it.

Robert is in the hallway, and says Finn is just the man he’s looking for. Can Finn get his ex to return one of his calls? Finn says, good to see him, and Robert asks, how’s the scar from the tracker installation? Finn says Robert makes a better spy than surgeon. Robert says he has intel on Anna’s sudden blindness.

Peter tells Maxie that she didn’t have to come. She says Laura promised to keep in touch. She asks how he is, and he says, better, now that she’s there. He wants her to tell Anna to go home. Anna says she’s not going anywhere. Jordan comes out, and says she has a few more questions. Peter tells Maxie that she doesn’t have to stay, but Maxie tells him, she’ll stay right there, and he goes into the interrogation room with Anna and Jordan. Peter doesn’t understand what’s happening, and Anna says he’s a suspect, and suggests he start acting serious. Jordan says the sooner he answers, the sooner she can eliminate him as a suspect. She shows him the shoe print, and says they found it at the crime scene. It’s a common type of shoe, and she noticed it matches the exact shoes he has on. Peter looks at Anna.

Laura says she held Sonny’s hand during Lulu’s surgery, now she needs to wake up. He says, she will. She asks if he’s gotten in touch with Dante, and he says he’s doing everything he can to reach him. Laura hates that he’s not there for Lulu. Sonny says Dante will hate it worse, if by the time they get to him, they’re giving him good news of a full recovery. Laura says, from his mouth to God’s ear. He says, she’s going to pull through. She’s strong, determined, and look who her mother is. Laura holds back tears

Carly tells Drew she’s glad both kids are okay. He is too, and she says they’re also clear on what not to do moving forward. Drew says. it’s a delicate balance. He wants Oscar to live life to the fullest, but at the same time, he wants to keep Oscar safe. Carly is so sorry. She doesn’t know how he’s standing. He says Scout helps. She makes him smile, no matter how the day is. I know what he means. I feel the same way about my dogs. He says, clearly, there are moments and people to be grateful for.

Jason makes breakfast, and Sam is blown away. Normally, her breakfast is something that goes from the freezer into the toaster oven. This is decadent. She says it’s familiar, but strange. Jason suggests they take it day by day, with no pressure to figure it all out now. He tells her that he’s hooking up with Spinelli today. She says Spinelli didn’t tell her, but the last time they talked, things were chaotic. Jason says Spinelli has been doing research, and looked into the emails from Linda Black. Jason gets a text that Spinelli’s plane is about to land. They’re going to meet at the MetroCourt. He offers to have Spinelli meet him at her place, but Sam says, no; he should go. She wants to get closer to figuring out what’s going on. Jason asks, what’s going on? and she tells him, don’t laugh. It feels like they’re back to the last time they were together. They were happy. He walked out, and she didn’t see him for five years. He says, this is different, and she says, why, because it’s light out? He says because he’s not walking into a dangerous situation, as far as he knows. He’s coming back. She tells him, sorry. She was having an irrational moment. It will pass. He says he’ll text when he gets there.

Sonny tells Laura, the police set up a tip line for leads on the killer. He wants to make a contribution to the reward. Laura wishes the didn’t have to offer a reward, but Sonny says it’s an incentive to come forward. She says it’s generous of him, and thanks him, but has to admit she has second thoughts about the tip line. The commissioner briefed her on the calls, and a few were well-meaning, but the majority were disturbing or from attention seekers. Sonny knows it’s frustrating, but still holds out hope. It only takes one person. Laura says, one person to lead them to the monster who did this to her girl.

Ava tells Griff that he looks like hell. What happened to his forehead? He has a cut above his eyebrow, and he says he had a shaving accident. She says he must have bad aim. Not-Doc asks if he should request a different doctor, but Griff says he’s capable of determining the success of the surgery. He takes not-Doc’s bandages off. Ava asks if he sees anything, and he says, only the most beautiful woman in the world. She kisses and hugs him.

Jordan asks Peter the size of his shoe, but Anna says, don’t answer. He says, twelve, and he’ll be happy to take his shoe off right now so they can examine it. Jordan says she might take him up on that. Anna asks if she can say if they’re the same size. Jordan says, if Peter is telling the truth, they’re not a match, but they still can’t be certain he’s not the attacker. Peter was the last person to talk to Lulu, and remains a suspect. Peter says he couldn’t possibly be the attacker. The night Kiki was killed, he was at Jordan’s wedding the entire night.

Peter comes out, and Jordan asks him to wait while they verify something. Maxie asks, what’s going on? and Peter says they can rule out him killing Kiki. Maxie says she can attest to him being at the wedding from start to finish. She tells Anna that Peter is in the clear, and Peter says she can go. Anna leaves.

Elizabeth tells Franco she was blindsided last night. Now she’s had time to think about what it means. Franco asks, what? but she doesn’t say anything. He wants to ask her a question, and wants her to be 100% honest; he won’t judge. If it turns out Aiden is gay, would it be a problem?

Jason texts Sam that he’s safe at the MetroCourt. Carly sees him, and hugs him. He’s like, ow, because his ribs are sore. She thinks he should get checked out, but he says he’s fine. She says he doesn’t know that, and he doesn’t have hypothermia, does he? He asks if he looks like he does. She says when he said he swam from the harbor, she assumed the worst. He says he’s better than he’s been in six years. She promises to be gentle, hugs him again, and says she’s so happy for him and Sam. It’s about time.

Robert tells Finn he’s been doing research on Anna’s virus. He has intel, but she won’t return his calls. Finn says she’s dealing with her son at the police station. Robert says he’s shocked Anna’s offspring is in trouble. He asks Finn to make sure Anna gets the information, giving him a folder. He understands they’ve shacked up. Emma told him. Finn say the whole family is involved. Robert says if he plans on sticking around, get used to it. His ex is high maintenance. Good luck. Finn says he can handle it. Robert says he thinks he can. The elevator opens, and Anna comes out. Robert asks if her ears were burning. They were just talking about her.

Maxie tells Peter that he should consider being nicer to Anna. He says he’s being questioned about a murder, that obviously Anna thinks he’s capable of committing. The police are just doing their due diligence. Maxie says Anna is his mother. Of course she’s exaggerating the danger. She’s worried, and mothers do that. She reminds him of rushing James to the hospital. Mothers overreact. As a mom, she’s all in favor of kids forgiving their moms. Peter tells her, he’s not saying he hasn’t, but maybe. Maxie asks if he can let her in; nothing bad will happen. He says he’s slow to trust. Maybe he has room for one a yea. He’ll focus on Anna next year. Maxie asks who it is this year, and he smiles.

Carly tells Jason that she has a million questions, but won’t ask. What happened is his business, but please let her tell Sonny. Jason says, go ahead. She’s happy, and knew it was going to happen. She was right. He thanks her for believing in them. She says now she has to run his life, and he asks how that’s any different. She says she wasn’t crazy about Sam at the start, but Sam loves Jason for himself, not for what she thinks he could be. She’s not trying to change him. She might almost be worthy of him.

Jason gets a text that Spinelli’s plane is stuck on the tarmac. He tells Carly that Spinelli flew in this morning, but he came there for no reason. Carly says he came there to tell his best friend good news. He seems lighter; like a weight has been lifted off. He says the hardest thing about coming back was seeing Sam torn in two. She questioned herself, and struggled to make an impossible situation okay. She would have hated for him to take off, so he stayed, and let her make her own choice. Carly says, of course she chose him. It’s always been him. Sam is the love of his life. He says he has to be getting back, and thanks her.

Elizabeth asks what Franco means. Lucas is family. He says she’s not answering the question. She can’t believe he asked. Of course she’d have no problem. He knows she’d love Aiden, no matter what. He says he’ll rephrase the question. She says, Aiden being happy is all that matters. He can be proud, because they live in a time when he can be who he is. Franco says some people might disagree. The world is a scary place. There are people out there who don’t see things the way they do.

Laura tells Sonny that she’s scared. They’re part of an undesirable club. They both know, sometimes the worst can really happen. She cries, and Sonny says, but it didn’t happen. Lulu fought off the killer, and the doctors got to her in time. She’s going to wake up and be okay, and she’ll have her mother by her side. Laura hugs him and thanks him for coming. He tells her if she needs anything, let him know. He tells Lulu, don’t stop fighting your way back.

Griff tells not-Doc, like Anna, he’s made an exceptionally quick recovery. Whatever the virus is, it only requires minor surgery to correct. Not-Doc asks if he can leave, but Griff would like to run some tests first. Not-Doc says as long as it doesn’t take too long. He has pressing matters to attend to. In Lulu’s room, Laura strokes her hair.

Sam refuses to call Jason. She talks to herself, saying she can text, how was flight? Then she says, no, and puts the phone down. She tells herself that she’s not crazy. Jason is in a meeting with Spinelli. Everything is okay. She’s not calling him.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she realizes there are more struggles in life for Aiden than his brothers. She hates it, but people in general are more accepting than when they grew up. They’re lucky to be in a city that fights against discrimination. She tells him, in some cities, it’s legal to fire someone for being gay. Franco says, someone has been on the internet. She says, they have something else to focus on besides whether Aiden is gay or not. They need to stop the bullying.

Maxie tells Peter a story about James breaking his grandmother’s window with a baseball already. She thinks James can go pro. Peter says his uncle will be cheering him on. Jordan comes back, and says the video footage confirms he was at the wedding, and has nothing to do with the murder. He asks if he’s free to go, and Jordan says, don’t leave town. He says he has no plans go anywhere. He looks at Maxie, and they hug.

Anna asks what Robert is doing there. Robert says she wanted information, and he thought if it was so important, he’d bring it himself. She asks if they don’t have people for that, or has his budget been cut? Robert looks at Finn, and says, high maintenance or high maintenance? Finn says she’s overthinking. Robert shows her a paper from the folder, and asks if a name jumps out at the bottom of the page. Who else worked with Dr. Cabot? She says, Kevin Collins.

Speaking of which, what happened to the real Doc, Kevin Collins? Last we left him, he was hatching a plan to save Laura. I’d say it’s a fail so far.

Laura says Lulu has always run on her own schedule, even when she was a tiny little girl. No one could rush her. So she’s going to try and be patient; let her wake up in her own time, but if could hurry a little bit, that would be great. Lulu squeezes Laura’s hand, and Laura says her name.

Carly says she has something to tell him that he can’t tell anyone. Sonny asks if he’s being indicted. Sam and Jason are back together. He says she’s been claiming that’s going to happen. She’s excited for them, and wants Sonny to tell her that she’s right. He says she’s right, and they hug.

Sam looks at her phone and paces. Jason comes in. She runs to him and hugs him. He says he told her he’d come back.

Jake and Aiden ask for a snack and soda. Elizabeth says yes to the snack, and no to soda. She says, it’s too early for sugar, but they can split a cupcake. Aiden starts to say it makes no sense, but Jake interrupts, saying they can still have a cupcake. Elizabeth hugs Aiden, saying she’s so proud of him. He runs to join Jake in the kitchen. Franco says, it’s going to be fine. She knows.

Maxie tells Peter that she has to pick up James. He’s at his grandmother’s, who only allows beachballs now. She asks if he wants to come. James would love to see him. Peter says not as much as he wants to see James.

Ava says she hopes Griff is taking care of himself. He says it’s just a cut. She says she doesn’t care, but Kiki did. She doesn’t think he’d want to disrespect her memory. Griff doesn’t want to talk about her. Ava says, talk about Lulu then. She understands the surgery went well. Griff says, Dr. Lacey is hopeful, and his prognosis is that Lulu will pull through. He confirms it looks that way. Ava says, when she does. Lulu can give her the name of the bastard who killed her daughter.

Laura asks if Lulu just squeezed her hand, and Lulu does it again. Laura tells her, good job. She’s getting the doctor. Laura jets, and Lulu’s hand moves.

Anna says it’s listed that Doc worked with Cabot. Finn says he claimed to have no connection to the Bureau or Cabot. Anna says, he lied. She wonders why he would do that.

Lulu opens her eyes. She sees not-Doc approaching her bed. He looms over her, and says, hello, Lulu.

On Monday, Shiloh says the mystery is solved, Robert says Doc may have had a secret life, and not-Doc tells Lulu not to fight it.

🔥 On tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen, the newly black-jacketed chefs had to recreate Gordon’s Eggs Benedict, while guessing the secret ingredients in the hollandaise. Seeing Heather’s eggs, for the first time ever in the history of Hell’s Kitchen, I thought I could do a better job. Gordon wouldn’t even eat Bret’s offering. There was stern talk about broken hollandaise, whatever that is, and Heather, Bret, and Motto were stuck on the obligatory clean-up duty. Ariel and Mia won the challenge, and some indoor skydiving. Not only was both Canadian bacon and prosciutto a factor, shallots and paprika were the secret to the sauce, and both chefs had each gotten one. The remaining chefs were also allowed to tag along on the outing. Bret did some tagging on the kitchen wall using Scrubbing Bubbles. The restaurant was crowded with everyone from a Rams quarterback to actors I’ve never heard of. It was the first time the chefs were going to be working together as one team. Mia was the worst, flustered as hell (no pun intended). After dinner service, Gordon said they had a great start, but couldn’t maintain It. It looked like Mia was going out the door, but in a surprise move, it was Heather; two chefs nominating her. She said her goal had been to be a good example for her son, and she achieved that. Next time, an intoxicating episode where Gordon is left speechless. Not even a bleep.

🔎 Sounds Like An Inside Job…

Geez. Lala turns her back for one second.


🌴 Temptation Island Is Back…


☝ Quotes of the Week

I am almost inclined to set it up as a canon, that a children’s story which is enjoyed only by children, is a bad children’s story. The good ones last. A waltz which you can like only when you are waltzing, is a bad waltz.C.S. Lewis, On Stories

Fill your mind with knowledge — it’s the only kind of power no one can take away from you.Min Jin Lee, Pachinko

I was built to fire once. Like a musket. – Doug (Kevin James), King of Queens

I’m drawing the line. Do not read the Latin. – Marty (Fran Kranz), Cabin in the Woods

A dead Cheerleader isn’t great for morale. – Coach Parker (Sean McNabb), Cheerleader Nightmare (Lifetime)

What do you have to lose? Certainly not your virginity. – Aalsa, 76-year-old, on dating younger men, Dr. Phil

Catfishing is when you go on the internet and pretend to be someone you’re not. You know, like everyone on the internet. – Caroline (Beth Behrs), 2 Broke Girls

🎷 May Your Weekend Do It Too…




January 16, 2019 – Oscar Begins His Future, New Show, Fun Couple, Bye Trev, Recommending John, Birthday Betty & Milania Can’t Wait


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the hospital, Alexis thanks a staff member for the use of the space. She says they can’t be disturbed unless the hospital is on fire. The woman says they all know how important the meeting is. Alexis looks at an envelope that says, to remain sealed until all parties are gathered.

Finn sees Anna in the hallway, and asks what she’s doing up. She wants to watch the sunset in the solarium, and he says it sounds lovely, but shouldn’t she be resting? She tells him that she’s going stir crazy. He says she was somewhat blind this morning. Would it kill her to rest? She says she’s not resting until she figures out how she caught the virus.

Nina fixes the book table, telling Valentin nothing is beneath her if she wants it done properly. He says she’s doing a lot for Lucy, but she says the book is about Port Charles. It’s good publicity for the city. It’s crazy how quickly they got on their feet after the earthquake. Valentin loves her civic mindedness, and she says she’s going to see if she can join the school board. She’s not running for an office; she just wants to contribute. Valentin asks for what reason, and she says, Charlotte of course, but she wants every child to get the best education possible. She’d also like some authority when dealing with Charlotte’s teacher. Valentin thinks Willow means well, but Nina tells him not to let Willow’s sweet face fool him. She’s threatened by strong women, and taking it out on Charlotte. Valentin says, speak of the devil.

Cameron uses a stick to pick up litter, the likes of which we’ve never seen before in Port Charles. Laura and Lulu come by. Laura asks how it’s going, and he says he loves it more than juvenile hall. Laura hopes it’s taught him to think his actions through before he gets in trouble, but if he does, taking responsibility is the only way to go. He asks if they ever got in trouble when they were younger, and Lulu says, no way; they were angels. Laura says, downright saintly. He says he’ll try to learn from them, and continues on his way. Lulu wonders if that will be Rocco ten years from now, and Laura says he’ll make it through like they did.

Josslyn and Oscar see Cameron, and Josslyn asks how the inauguration went. Cameron says it went well, but you’d think out of respect for the new mayor, people would throw their trash away. He asks what they’re doing, and Oscar says, planning their future.

Sam tells Jason that Kristina is dying for someone to go a seminar. As much as she doesn’t want to, it will get her closer to Shiloh. Jason thinks that’s exactly what Shiloh wants.

Cameron says he doesn’t need to plan his future; it’s been mapped out for him. He’s picking up trash, then has to write an essay to his drug counselor on why he doesn’t need pot to deal with his problems. Josslyn asks if the counselor realizes Cameron has never smoked. Cameron says he doesn’t by it, even though, in his case it’s true. Oscar says he’s sorry, but Cameron takes full credit for his stupid idea. He’s lucky it didn’t work out. He thinks it’s too cold out there for planning the future, but Josslyn says they’re going to the library, It’s warm, free, and has a lot of information. Oscar says they want to do as muchas they can in the time he has, reminding me of the Ghost of Christmas Present.

Lulu asks Laura how her first day was. Laura says it was good, but intimidating. Lulu is proud Laura took her ring off, and was sworn in using her maiden name. She knows it’s still a loss, and it hurts. Laura says if she lets herself go there, she’ll cry, and it’s not a good look for the mayor. She asks if Lulu will be home later, but Lulu says she’s attending the book launch. Laura says she’ll see Lulu there. The book promotes Port Charles, so the mayor should put in an appearance. She’s surprised Lulu is covering it, but Lulu says her story got nixed, so book launch, here she comes. Laura suggests taking bets on how many wardrobe changes Lucy will have. Lulu thinks the people there are bound to be at each other’s throats.

Nina is surprised to see Willow, who says Chase invited her to the launch party. She knows she’s too early, so she’s going to wait for him outside. Valentin says she’s welcome to stay, and Nina tells her to make herself at home, but she wants to see how far behind Chase is. When she leaves, Valentin thanks Nina for taking the high road. He tells her to be cordial with her enemies; they’ll never see her coming. Nina says Willow isn’t her enemy, but Valentin says, if she becomes one, it’s better to be on good terms. She tells him he has a devious mind, and he says he’s never hidden that from her.

Josslyn refers to the journal, and tells Cameron it’s a work in progress. They’ll have to revise some of it. Cameron asks if it’s anything embarrassing. She hands him the journal, and says, proceed with caution. He says, the dog show is crossed out, and Oscar says, see? She says they can watch Best in Show or spend more time with Annabelle. Cameron says, it’s not the same, but Josslyn promises it will be fun. Oscar says he doesn’t know much about Port Charles, and Josslyn says there are a lot of places Oscar hasn’t seen and done. They’re going to hit the high points.

Sam tells Jason that they already talked about this. He says it doesn’t feel right. He thinks Kristina is the on ramp, but Sam is Shiloh’s target. Sam say she used to be a con, and knows what she’s looking for. She’ll see it a mile away. Jason says they know his M.O. He gets people to trust them, finds out their vulnerabilities, and uses those against them. Sam says she’s not vulnerable, but Jason says, yes, she is.

Jason says Shiloh knows what she did, but Sam says she did it to take care of her brother. He says Shiloh will use it against her, and he hates that Shiloh can bring back that pain. She says she’s been through worse. He thinks maybe there’s another way. Why shouldn’t he go? Sam says Shiloh will take one look at him, and know he’s not interested. Everyone in the house will be on edge, and no one will open up to her about what’s going on in there. He tells her, be careful. He doesn’t trust this guy. She says, her neither, but Kristina does, and she has to figure out why.

Cameron says, Oscar has never been on the ferry? It’s cool. He suggest they take the north ferry; it goes to Sawyer. Josslyn asks why they’d want to go there, and Cameron says his mom likes it; they have a bunch of antique stores. Josslyn says they also have a high school full of cheating cheaters who cheat. Cameron calls her a sore loser. Their football team lost, and she’s not over it. Josslyn says the referee called a fumble when there wasn’t one. Cameron and Oscar laugh. She says it’s not funny, but Oscar says they’re in awe of her passion and school spirit. He’s glad he’s not from Sawyer, which they won’t be visiting.

Nina tells Valentin if she fusses long enough with the books, she won’t have to deal with Willow. She doesn’t like the way Willow treats Charlotte or her. She couldn’t love Charlotte any more than if Charlotte was her own, and Willow treats her like an inconsequential person in Charlotte’s life, with no real roll. Valentin knows how to fix that.

Finn tells Anna to rest, and she says he’s taking the guardian angel thing too far. He prefers saint, and doesn’t think she should push this. Anna tells him, if she lies down, she’ll get drowsy. Then she’ll close her eyes. Finn says she’s afraid when she opens them, she won’t see. She knows it sounds silly, but he says, it sounds reasonable. She says it would make her feel better if she knew how she got it. She asks if he’s found out anything with his research.

Monica congratulates Laura, who says Monica’s nephew ran an admirable campaign. Monica admits she supported him, but has every faith that Laura will do the city proud. Laura takes it Monica got a call from Alexis, and Monica assumes she did too. Scotty joins them, and tells them they’re gabbing when they have a lot to do, and hustles them in. Alexis tells them, have a seat, and thanks them for coming. She’s the executor, and there to read Gail’s last will and testament. She was instructed not to open the seal until they were all present. Lucy and Serena agreed they could represent them, as well as Leslie, who’s out of the country. She breaks the seal, and opens the envelope.

Sam arrives at Dawn of Day. Kristina is excited she came, and can’t wait to show Sam around. Daisy says it’s good to see her again; she’ll love the seminar. It’s called Unburdening Your Past. Shiloh welcomes everyone; visitors, friends, and wandering souls. It’s good to have them.

At Charlie’s, Drew appreciates Jason meeting him. He asks if Jason heard about Oscar. Jason says he knows the medical trial didn’t work; he’s sorry. Drew says the thing is, he and Oscar’s mother are trying to find a way to help him face the end of his life. Josslyn is a big part of it, and that’s why he needs Jason’s help.

Alexis reads the majority of Gail’s assets are in a trust, managed be a neutral third party. Scotty asks, what about the house, Gail’s book royalties, and personal stuff like his father’s watch? Those things are sentimental to him. Alexis says there will be a codicil to address personal items. There’s an education fund for any children Serena might have, with the hopes someone in the family carries on the tradition of medicine. The trust will be used to further endow mental health services at GH. Monica says, leave it to Gail to think of others. Laura suggests putting her picture on the memorial wall, but Alexis says, not so fast. There’s a catch.

Willow tells Lulu that Chase is stuck, and Lulu says she’ll buy Willow a drink. She can tell Willow all about what it’s like being involved with a detective. She wants to apologize again for Charlotte’s behavior. Willow says she doesn’t have to. As much as they don’t like it, bullying happens. Lulu trusts Charlotte has been an angel since the stern talking to. Willow is silent, and Lulu says, or not. Willow says she thinks another conference is in order, but Lulu says they’re there now.

Valentin tells Nina the last few weeks with her and Charlotte under the same roof is all he wants. He’s never been happier. Nina says, her too. He knows they said they’d take it slowly, and he agrees with that, but they are a family. He sees no reason for an arbitrary waiting period to postpone the inevitable. He asks her to marry him again.

Anna asks what Finn has found out. He says according to his research, the virus has been eradicated. Anna asks why she got it, and Finn says he’s determined who patient zero is. Arthur Cabot, an East German doctor. Anna says, wow, and Finn asks if she knows him. She says she knows of him. He did medical research for the DVX.

Nina asks Valentin if that’s a proposal. He says it’s a proposal for permission to propose. He wants to know they’re on the same page, but he’s afraid if he rushes things he’ll push her away. She tells him to continue. He says he loves her; he always has. He wants to marry her again, and rebuild their family with Charlotte; get on with living their lives as soon as possible. Is she interested? Lulu asks if she can have a moment, and Valentin says they’re busy. She says, it can’t wait. Willow shared troubling news about Charlotte. Willow was hoping to discuss it privately after school, but Valentin says whatever she has to say, she can say to Nina as well. Willow says she’s aware that Charlotte has been struggling with her grade in history; the subject matter doesn’t interest her. She’d been getting C’s, but last week, they had two quizzes, and she got an A on both. Nina asks what the trouble is, and Willow says she’d updated the seating chart. Charlotte is now sitting by her friend, Kendra, and she and Kendra’s quizzes had identical answers. Even the wrong ones. Nina says Kendra must be cheating off of Charlotte, but Lulu says, no. Charlotte is doing the cheating.

Josslyn and Cameron tell Oscar about how amazing the sugar cookies from Eckert’s are. They remember finding a hidden box. They snuck out, ate them all, and fell asleep. Cameron says they must have been in a sugar coma. By the time they got home, everyone was panicked, and they were in so much trouble. Josslyn says you’d think she’d have psychological scars, and hate sugar cookies. Oscar asks why they’ve never been to Eckert’s. Is it a long way out of town. Or in Sawyer? Josslyn says, no. She always wanted to take him there, but figured there was no hurry. Cameron says, okay. They’re going on the south ferry, and go to Eckert’s. What else? Oscar says he’s always wanted to check out the catacombs.

Shiloh thanks them, and tells everyone, the first step in self-actualization is to realize you’re not alone. People are in a constant state of past memories, and responsible for their own lives; no one else’s. He asks Daisy to assist him, and asks, who would like to share a painful memory, unburden themselves, and move on?

Drew tells says Josslyn is a lot like her mother, and Jason agrees. Drew says Oscar doesn’t have a lot of time, and he’s worried Josslyn is costing Oscar time he doesn’t have. Jason asks, how? and Drew says, by encouraging him to look for cure; a miracle that doesn’t exist. Jason isn’t sure what Drew wants him to do. Drew says Carly listens to him. Maybe he can talk to her, and she can explain to Josslyn. Okay I’m not getting this at all, since Josslyn made it clear that wasn’t happening. They were moving on to do fun stuff. Drew needs to get out more, or listen better, or something. I’m also wondering if this is a selfish move because he wants to spend time with Oscar.

At Dawn of Day, the group applauds a guy who shared, and Shiloh asks if anyone else cares to have a session. Kristina says she’ll go. He tells her to close her eyes, and think back to a memory that’s holding her back. One she keeps reliving over and over again. Daisy asks where she is, and Kristina says, her mother’s old house. How old is she? Seventeen. Is she alone? Kristina says, no. Daisy asks, who’s there? Her boyfriend, Kiefer. What’s he doing? He’s angry with her. Why? She blew him off to be with another guy. Daisy asks what he did, and Kristina says, called her a bitch for doing it in a dress he bought for her. What else? He slapped her so hard, she fell to the floor. Daisy asks if she ran away, and Kristina shakes her head. Why? She thought it was her fault. Did she break up with him? No. Did she tell someone? No. Daisy asks, why? Kristina says, she didn’t… and stops. Daisy says she didn’t want to lose him, did she? She was glad he was jealous. Even when he scared her and hurt her, him paying attention to her is what mattered. Sam says, that’s enough, and goes to Kristina.

Scotty asks Alexis, what kind of catch? She says, the hospital will only receive the endowment if the provisions are met. Monica asks if the provisions are listed, but Alexis says, it’s unclear. It says the parties will be summoned back for further instructions. Was Gail channeling Helena?

Nina says, first, Willow accuses Charlotte of bullying, and now she’s saying Charlotte is a cheater. Willow says, Kendra’s test scores have been consistent. If Charlotte is still struggling, she’ll be glad to tutor her. Nina says she definitely wants her stepdaughter tutored by the teacher who thinks she’s a bully and a cheat, and storms off. Valentin tells Willow that he and Charlotte have been studying together. Willow is right, Charlotte is very intelligent. And she’s capable of lifting her scores without cheating.

Sam asks what the hell is wrong with Daisy. Kristina says she was just trying to help, and Sam says, by saying Kristina felt like she mattered when she was being hit? She had no idea the relationship was like that. Sam says she thought Daisy was Kristina’s friend. What’s wrong with her? Kristina says, there’s nothing wrong. She’s carried the shame she’s been living through, and their support is helping her heal. Okay, this makes two people who’s lack of understanding is flummoxing me today. I would think Sam is savvier than this.

Finn tells Anna that he double-checked, and didn’t find any connection between the doctor and the DVX. Anna says, his name came up repeatedly. The DVX was interested in biological weapons; the kind that make the subject sick, or more susceptible to mind control – Faison’s area of expertise. Finn  says, not so random that she contracted the virus, and she says, not at all.

Lulu tells Willow that she and Valentin have differences, but for the most part agree on Charlotte. She believes Valentin has been working with her, and wonders if that’s possibly why she improved her score. It’s also possible Kendra was cheating. Willow says, maybe. She doesn’t know anything for certain, but she doesn’t think Charlotte is being malicious. Lulu asks what Willow thinks would drive her to cheat. Willow says she’s found when young students cheat, they’re motivated by fear of disappointing the adults in their life. Lulu says Charlotte’s family has been through a lot of changes lately. She’s sorry about Nina. She’s hotheaded, but means well. Willow says, clearly, she cares about Charlotte.

Nina tells Valentin that Willow thinks Charlotte is a bad seed. Valentin says he told her that Charlotte has been studying, and lifted her grade without cheating. Nina asks if Willow apologized, but he says he didn’t ask her to. He waned to tell Nina that he’s grateful for her defending Charlotte. Calling Charlotte her stepdaughter means, somewhere in her heart, he’s still her husband.

Scotty wants a closer look, and Alexis gives him the document, saying there’s nothing she hasn’t already shared. He says, so it basically says, to be continued. She’ll let them know when she learns about anything else. Alexis leaves, and Laura says, Gail left them with a mystery to solve. And now that I’ve mentioned it, what ever happened to the mysteries Helena left when she died? If she’s dead, which I’ll never believe. What about that tea pot in the painting?

Kristina tells Sam she brought discord from outside the process. Sam says it’s unfair. She’s dealing with her own trauma. Kristina says they’ll be happy to help her confront it and move on, but she says she’s just taking it in right now. Shiloh says they’ve all been there. He tells everyone it’s a good time to wrap it up. He thanks them for coming, sharing, and opening their hearts. Sam is sorry she embarrassed Kristina. Kristina says she knows it seems strange, but the group is helping her. She and Sam say goodbye. Shiloh thanks Sam for coming. She has one question. How is he qualified to run a self-help group? He says they all have darkness in their past. She should understand that more than most. He hopes she comes back. She says she will.

Drew tells Jason that he’s afraid Josslyn might make things harder. Jason says he’ll talk to Carly, but doesn’t think Drew needs to worry. Josslyn is like her mother, but he thinks she has the courage to face reality, no matter how much it hurts. She might be fighting, but she’ll fight to make sure whatever time Oscar has left is good.

Oscar tells Cameron and Josslyn that there are passageways that date back to the Civil War. Cameron says, cool! They should explore them. Josslyn thinks the entrances were closed off, but Cameron says, not all. At least that’s what he heard. Josslyn says, from who? and he says, some juniors and seniors found a way in. Oscar asks if he knows how, and Cameron smiles.  Yeah. We already know what’s going to happen here.

Tomorrow, Ava says she’s not going anywhere, Nina wants Maxie to be completely honest, and Lulu wonders why Doc has a list of Ryan’s victims.

🌺 I checked out Backyard Envy – another new home design show on Bravo – and I’m liking it. It’s nothing I’d miss Below Deck for, but a beach-inspired rooftop meadow? I’m in. The cast members are likeable as well. A discussion on how many plants sound like STDs made me laugh. One in four men will get eucalyptus this year.

😆 Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were a riot on Watch What Happens Live. They’re naturally funny people, but it was extra amusing seeing two relatively big stars discuss reality shows with such seriousness – and accuracy. I bet they’d be fun to watch TV with. I could see them doing People’s Couch.

🍴 I didn’t see Top Chef tonight, because Dr. Phil had a cyber-stalker on. How could I resist that? I did, however, enjoy the hell out of Hell’s Kitchen last Friday. You know it’s bad when Gordon stops everything in the restaurant kitchen, and says, come over here, to everyone on the team. Choclatier Valerie Gordon was a guest, and Trev was out the door, because of what Gordon called his downward spiral. And it was his third time being nominated for apron removal. Gordon told him he just wasn’t ready. He griped on his way out the door, proving Gordon’s point. Piss off seems to be the phrase of the season. Next time, three rookies and three vets will vie for black jackets, and an untimely injury happens.

😲 All I have to say about the end of Dirty John is, wow. It was well worth watching, and if you didn’t, it’s On Demand, and no doubt Bravo will rerun it. The acting is superb, the tension high throughout, and the ending a real shock. Having seen the real life subjects on other shows, I already knew what was going to happen, but it didn’t diminish any of the punch. I made noises out loud. Enjoy the marathon and the ride.

🎂 Happy Birthday, Betty!

Keep enjoying those hot dogs and vodka.


🎶 A Thousand Times Better Than At the Listening Party…

Either Milania woke up, or someone directed the hell out of her. This is actually pretty cute.




January 4, 2019 – A Killer Connection is Made, a Farewell, Some Bloopers, a Divorce, Back to the Kitchen, Hell, Roll Call, a Half-Dozen Quotes & First Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Marcus tells Sonny that he has nothing to say to him. Sonny says they both just want what’s best for Yvonne and Mike. They can’t make decisions for themselves anymore.

Mike wants to go to Turning Woods, but Stella warns him things might be different. He asks if she’s referring to the guy who says he’s Yvonne’s husband. He wants to take her away, but Sonny left to stop him. Mike wonders, what if he’s too late?

Curtis meets Jordan at the station. She thanks him for coming. He asks if she has any new leads on the murder, and she says, murders, plural. He’s always been her favorite person to bounce ideas off of. He tells her, they make a good team. She says there are three victims. The only thing they have in common is the killer. She needs a breakthrough.

Maxie and Nina arrive for the self-defense class Chase is teaching. Elizabeth walks in, and wonders if it will be just the three of them. Under her breath, Nina mutters that she hopes not. Willow comes in.

A town hall meeting is being held at Charlie’s. Laura thanks Julian for hosting. He says any exposure is never a bad thing. Maybe he’ll gain new customers. Lulu says maybe they’ll gain new voters. She wonders if the serial killer might deter people from coming, but Laura says, there’s comfort in being together; there’s strength in numbers. Not-Doc arrives, and says, absolutely. The killer doesn’t stand a chance. Lulu tells him if he came to make a scene, turn around now. He tells her, stand down. He was just getting coffee, and then he’ll leave. Laura says, that’s not necessary. He’s a member of the community, and always welcome. Ned tells Laura, bring it on. She says she plans to.

Julian sets up a podium, and introduces himself. He’s proud to host the meeting, and reminds them the election is just one day away. He turns the meeting over to Lulu. Lulu says she’s Laura’s daughter, and also her biggest supporter, but she’s not incapable of being fair and unbiased. She’ll try her hardest to be both. Ned tells everyone that he and Laura agreed. As long as Lulu doesn’t cut him off or mute his mic, they’ll be okay. Laura points out that he doesn’t have a mic. Lulu asks for questions.

A woman named Wendy gets up. She says she lives downtown, and asks what the candidates will do to bring more diversity among the staff appointees. As the current mayor, Ned goes first.

Chase says they’ll be getting started in a few minutes, and tells Willow it’s good to see her. Nina introduces Maxie to her as Charlotte’s teacher. Willow and Maxie talk about leggings. Elizabeth asks if Willow has done this before. She says, no, but thought it was time. Nina pulls Maxie aside, and asks why she’s being nice to Willow. Maxie says, why not? Lulu says she’s great. Nina says, of course she would, and walks away. Maxie wonders what she missed.

Curtis looks at the bulletin board Jordan has set up, and says she’s been busy. Jordan says the first order of business is to squash panic. Curtis says, easier said than done. She says Chase is teaching self-defense classes, the FBI has given them their full resources, and the state police have stepped up their presence. Curtis says she has everything under control, and she says, everything except a suspect. Where to begin? Curtis says, if Doc is right, it begins with them.

Stella tells Mike, whatever his experience with Marcus is, he’s a decent, loving man. Mike would be more inclined to believe that if Marcus wasn’t keeping him and Yvonne apart. They’re not children. They know what they need, and what they need most is each other. Stella says, it’s a blessing to find someone who makes you happy, no matter how late in life. Mike says the real blessing is that he makes her happy. Why can’t Marcus see that?

Marcus says it’s different for Sonny. He brings his father for the day, and takes him home. He sees Yvonne during visiting hours, and might as well be a stranger. Sonny says he’s sorry, but Marcus isn’t asking for pity. In sickness or in health is what they vowed, but he didn’t promise to give her a Christmas present from a man she’s only known a few months. Sonny says Stella calls them coping partners. They help each other in ways the two of them can’t. He didn’t want his father there. He wanted him home, but Mike insisted. Marcus asks, why? Sonny thinks Mike felt it was the next step, and he was afraid to take it until he met Yvonne. Then the place became okay. He believes Mike is helping Yvonne too. Marcus says, for the last few weeks. They’ve been married thirty years. This is just a blip; short term. Sonny says, being honest, short term is all they have.

Sonny tells Marcus, this disease is son of a bitch. He used to hold his breath when he’s see his dad, wondering if Mike would recognize him. Marcus says it’s hard the first time they don’t, and Sonny says he’ll never forget it. He suggests Marcus not have expectations. One day his father knows him, the next day he doesn’t. Marcus asks how Sonny let go. Yvonne walks in, wondering where Mike is. Marcus tells her that Stella is looking out for him. She asks who Marcus is, and he says he’s her husband. She says she doesn’t have one. He tells her it’s okay if she doesn’t remember; he does. Where they met, how they fell in love and married. Sonny slips out, and Yvonne demands Mike.

Mike asks Stella if she’s ever felt really needed by someone. Stella would like to think her nephews needed her, and there are the people she helps with her social work. Mike means someone special who really loves you romantically, and you love them back. Stella thought she did, a long time ago. He asks, what happened? and she says, hasn’t she told him? He says, if she did, it doesn’t a ring bell. Not much does lately. She tells him, life happened. She made a choice, and before she knew it, that part of life passed her by and it was too late.

Willow asks Elizabeth how Aiden is doing. Nina says, Charlotte is doing great; thanks for asking. Elizabeth says, she’s not the one who was being bullied. Nina says, Charlotte apologized, and Elizabeth says they appreciate it. Nina says it could have been nipped in the bud early on, but Elizabeth thinks it’s not the teaching, but the parenting, and she’s not blaming Lulu. Nina says that leaves her and Valentin. Maxie encourages Chase to start the class, and he tells them, time to focus – on the class. Chase says they’re here to defend their safety, and that of their loved ones. He can’t discuss the ongoing case, so the best they can do is put everything aside and get going. Maxie is the only one who’s enthusiastic.

Jordan wonders if someone is trying to impress them. Curtis says, like a cat leaving a dead mouse and expecting a reward. She says they’ve been in attendance at all the events, but Curtis says, not just them. He wants to make a list, but Jordan is ahead of him. He looks at her list, and says one name jumps out. Jordan says, Laura. She was in all three places. Curtis says, clearly, she’s not the murderer. Jordan suggests the killer knows her. Curtis says, or she knows them and doesn’t realize it.

Ned says his staff isn’t the most diverse. They’re mostly white males, but not by design. They’re pivotal economic players he’s worked with for years and trusts implicitly. And his trust isn’t misplaced. They brought the city back, and it’s thriving. Laura says it’s true they did a fabulous job, and stepped up in wake of the earthquake, but it’s a closed circle. The problem is, they only work with the people they know. She wants to widen the circle, and if elected, will bring in people from different backgrounds.

Chase tells the group to always carry flashlight. Nina and Elizabeth bicker. Nina accuses Elizabeth of coddling her son. Chase gets louder, trying to talk over them. Willow tells Nina that she doesn’t think that’s what’s going on, and Nina says it could have been avoided. Chase asks for volunteers, but no one gets up. He asks Willow to help demonstrate the bear hug, and how get out of it. She thanks him, since she was about to tell a mother where to shove her opinion.

Sonny returns, and Mike asks if he told Marcus not to take Yvonne. Stella asks Mike to get their coats. Sonny tells her that he talked to Marcus, but he doesn’t know how much luck he had. Yvonne showed up, and asked for his dad. He’s concerned about taking Mike back, and Yvonne not being there. Stella thinks the sooner he gets there, the sooner he can make new friends.

Jordan says, Alexis, Lulu, Chase, and Curtis says, a lawyer, a journalist, and a cop. Jordan says the killer likes to make a display in the most public manner. Curtis says, the deeper they dig, the less he’s thinking it’s about the two of them. Jordan agrees, and says the only thing in common is the missing driver’s licenses. There’s one other thing though. More specifically, one other person – Ryan Chamberlain.

At the meeting, Daryl gets up. He lives in the Charles Street district. He asks if Ned thinks his background as a businessman is a positive or a negative. Like Ned might say, negative. Ned thinks economics drive everything. New business raises the standard of living and property values. If they don’t have businesses, nothing else works. Lulu asks if Laura wants to add anything. Laura admires Ned as a businessman, but says government can’t be run like a business. It’s not for profit. It should be people coming together to decide how to best serve the public’s needs. Money is a factor, but not everything. Nor should it be. Everyone applauds. Not-Doc raises his hand, saying he has more of a statement than a question. He thinks it’s high time he made his intentions known.

Nina says the class is about owning their power, not worrying about if what might have been said is hurtful. Elizabeth says it is hurtful, and Maxie wonders how they expect their kids to get along if they can’t. Nina says she’s teaching Charlotte not to hold herself back. Elizabeth says she can do what she wants, but not with her son. Chase calls up Nina, who tells him, so far, it’s been very informative.

Not-Doc says it’s no secret his marriage is ending, but he has nothing but boundless respect and admiration for Laura. She gives selflessly to both her family and community. Ned is a fine man, but when it comes to the future of their city, it will be his honor to vote for Laura. He hopes they all do the same. Laura says it’s a lovely gesture, and she’d like to return it. If elected, she’ll become an advocate for mental health. She’s already made a tour of Ferncliff, and will do more. What’s the point of an influential position, if you can’t throw the spotlight on conditions that need it? She wants to be visible, and use her visibility for good.

Jordan tells Curtis the third victim was making a documentary about Ryan. He wonders if it’s a copycat, and she says anything is possible. She reminds him of another case they worked on, where all signs pointed to a mugging, but it turned out to be an insurance situation. Red herrings everywhere. She thinks it might be the same, where it seems to be one thing, but it’s another. She gets a call from forensics, and tells Curtis there hasn’t been a single trace of the documentary found. Curtis says they’re trying to remove any mention of Ryan. They’re not trying to repeat the murders, but top them. The killer is competing with a ghost. Jordan has all the Ryan Chamberlain files, and says, it’s time to bring the ghost back to life.

At Turning Woods, Mike can’t wait see his girl, but Sonny says it might not be possible. Yvonne and Marcus walk in. Mike guesses they should say their goodbyes, but Marcus says, no goodbyes. Mike wonders about the luggage, and Marcus says he was set to take her home, but spoke to Mike’s son. Or rather Mike’s son spoke to him. He said, when you love someone, you do the far better thing. Yvonne isn’t leaving. Sonny smiles. Marcus, not so much.

Mike gives Stella her gift, a big soft scarf. Marcus tells Stella that he wishes she’d known Yvonne before the Alzheimer’s. She would have loved her. Stella knows she would have; Marcus married her. She must have been an incredible woman. He says he used to see glimpses. The doctor warned him that he would lose her, but it’s one thing to hear it, and another to live it. Well-meaning people with well-meaning advice aren’t worth a damn. Mike tells Stella, it’s for cold winter nights, and puts the scarf on her. He tells her, Merry Christmas, and they hug.

Curtis tells Jordan it might be easier to resurrect a ghost than pour through the records. She knows there’s a link. Something in there links to that terrible bastard. She says, wait, and he asks what she found. She says it’s what she didn’t find.

Chase shows Maxie how to shake him, and strike palm to nose. He tells them practice with partners. Maxie tells him she needs to get back to the others before they start pulling hair. Chase laughs, and she tells him, it’s not funny. She might have to consider homeschooling. He shows her another move. He tells the class, it’s one thing be prepared, but if you’re not scared, you’re not paying attention. That doesn’t mean they’re a victim though. Make it nasty. Focus on eyes, ears, knees. Nina says, and the family jewels. Chase asks, who wants go first? This time, it’s everyone.

Lulu thanks everyone, and the meeting breaks up. Ned tells Laura, may the best man or woman win. Lulu says she was awesome; she had them eating out of her hand. She’s proud. Laura thanks not-Doc for the endorsement, and he says he meant every word. She says, so did she. If elected, Ferncliff, and every place like it, is on her list. Lulu has to get back to the office, and Laura needs to meet Sonny at the gym. Not-Doc watches them leave, and follows.

Chase says that’s all the time they have. Maxie asks if they’re seriously ready to kick predator ass, and he tells her that he wouldn’t mess with any of them. He tells the class, same place same time next week. Maxie tells Nina that she needs to keep as far away from Elizabeth as possible. Nina replies that Elizabeth said she has no restraint. Maxie says she doesn’t. Willow tells Chase, it was empowering; she enjoyed it. Chase asks if they could maybe go on real date soon, and she says, how about now? After all that drama, she could use a drink. He says, there was drama?

Marcus tells Stella that he owes her an apology. She asks, what for? and he says when she tried to intercede for Yvonne, he lashed out. He’s said she gave up the right to an opinion on his life a long time ago. She says, it’s true, but he says he wanted her to hurt the way he was hurting. It was unfair. She says, none of this is fair. She knows he was doing what he thought best. He says Stella always does, but part of him will always wonder what would have happened if he’s taken Yvonne home.

Mike introduces Sonny to Yvonne. She loves his dimples, and Mike says, everybody does. Sonny tells Yvonne that his father thinks the world of her. Yvonne says, the world is a big place, but Mike says, not really. If you’re lucky, you can hold her in the palm of your hand.

Jordan asks what’s missing from Ryan’s victim? and Curtis says, no driver’s license. Is it something he did? She says it’s not listed in any files, and he says, it could be a coincidence. They keep looking. Jordan says, no license… no license. Curtis says, nothing here either. Twenty-five years ago, Ryan took a trophy. Jordan asks, how did the killer know if the police didn’t?

Laura goes to the gym looking for Sonny. Not-Doc is in the shadows. He walks up behind her while she’s busy on her phone.

In loving memory of Donna Messina, 1959 – 2018.

On Monday, Julian says he and Kim agree the relationship is over, not-Doc says there’s been something he’s been wanting to say to Laura, and Jason is more interested in Shiloh’s life before he was Shiloh.

🎨 In Case You Didn’t Know Her…

Donna Messina, makeup artist to the GH stars.


🎢 Something Fun…

Imagine my surprise seeing Jennifer Coolidge from 2 Broke Girls in Ariana Grande‘s blooper reel. I said, whaaat? with a Polish accent. What’s Kris Jenner doing there? Your guess is as good as mine.


💍 But Did She Give Back the Ring?

Finally, after two years, GG is divorced. From a seven-week marriage.


😪 Still Mourning Z Nation, But…

I love any show that Gordon Ramsay bleepity-bleeps his way through, and I was finally able to catch the latest – eighteenth! – season of Hell’s Kitchen. Keeping it fresh, this time, it was Rookies vs Veterans. Tonight, the restaurant was transformed by Italian décor, and a five-course Italian menu was served in honor of the supporters of St. Jude and the Waterkeeper Alliance. Before the dinner, the red (dudes) and blue (dudettes) teams did a blindfold taste-test. A chef from each team was given a tiny ice cream cone, and had to guess the ice cream flavor – everything from tomato to jalapeno. The ladies won by a landslide, but the best part was, when an incorrect guess was made, a member of that team had to be pelted with spaghetti, doused with sauce, or have cheese grated over them. The reactions went from merriment to horror to anger. There were several actors at the dinner. No one super famous – Chad Lowe was probably the most recognizable name – but I noticed Parker Young from The Imposters, another show I loved and lost. The red team just did not do well overall, and at one point, Gordon had to take over in the kitchen. As one contestant said, When Chef Ramsay has to cook for you, you know you screwed up. At the end of service, he told the red team to piss off. Jose got sent home, with tears in his eyes, and Gordon got to tell the remaining red team members to piss off a second time at elimination.

🐀 If, like me, you can’t get enough Gordon, 24 Hours to Hell and Back will be on Wednesday, January 9th, at 8 pm. In the preview, we saw someone in the kitchen taste the food, and then spit it back into the pot. I don’t know if it gets much nastier.

📣 Roll Call of the Dead…

The celebrities that we lost (how careless of us) in 2018. I’m sure there are more than this, but it’s a good list.


🎤 Quotes of the Week

If you took a bad James Bond felon, and had him drunk on fireball, and then had him played by an emaciated Muppet, that would be less annoying than James Kennedy. – Stassi Shroeder, Vanderpump Rules

If you know something’s that bad, don’t put it on a plate. – Tom Colicchio, Top Chef

Don’t go into tributaries.Judge Judy, to litigant trying to change the focus

God has mercy. I don’t. – Padre Benito (Cheech Marin), Machete

The purpose of studying economics is… to avoid being deceived by economists. – Joan Robinson

I told him go on and live your life however you want to live it, but don’t bring down somebody’s else’s life.Lena McLin, R. Kelly’s high school music teacher – words to live by. Too bad Kelly couldn’t.

🎯 What Happens When You Google First Weekend 2019…

October 4, 2018 – Ava Gets Analyzed, Shah Repeat, Oklahoma Reboot, No Fresh Kitchen & Fun in the Apocalypse


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly comes downstairs and tells Jason that Mike is playing with Avery. Jason asks if he’s told her anything else. She says, about the gun or Croton? No. Jason wonders if Mike remembers what he told them. Carly asks what they should do, and he says, wait for Sonny. If Mike doesn’t tell him, one of them will. Carly thinks it should be Mike. It will help give Sonny closure. The house phone rings. At first, Carly says, tell her he’s not here, but then changes it to, send her up. Jason asks if it’s the DA, and she says, worse. She opens the door to Ava. She asks what Ava wants, and Ava says, her daughter of course.

Kristina comes downstairs, and Sam says, that’s the sister she knows, who stays out late like she sleeps in. She asks Kristina how the concert was, and Kristina says she doesn’t want to know.

Nina tells Maxie that she was right the whole time. Her daughter is alive. Maxie asks her to stop doing this, but Nina says she has proof. Her daughter is alive.

Peter sees Griff hitting the bag at the gym. Peter asks if that’s how he should treat a surgeon’s hands, but Griff says he doesn’t have to worry about doing any surgery. Peter says he heard Griff was suspended. Griff tells him it’s because of the unauthorized DNA test he ran on Peter.

Finn walks into the examining room to find his father with Chase. Gregory says he finally has his two boys to himself.

Not-Doc tells Felicia he’s grateful to get her all to himself. She says, what a coincidence. She was dying for some one-on-one time with him. She couldn’t talk at lunch with Lucy hovering. He tells her, nothing happened. Nobody died, and his marriage is safe. He asks what she wanted to talk about, and she says, about Ryan. What happened was horrible, but they have no reason to hide. They can be honest, and not sugarcoat. He agrees, and she can’t remember the last time they discussed it. He buried his brother literally, and buried him inside; it’s like pulling teeth. He doesn’t think they need to resort to creative dentistry just yet. She says they’re the only ones who really know what a horror show he was, and can tell the gruesome truth.

Maxie asks who told Nina that her daughter was alive. Nina says, Valentin, and Maxie makes a disgusted sound. Nina says he spoke to her mother. She said Nina had the baby, and didn’t miscarry. Her mother was afraid her baby girl would get her inheritance, and arranged for a black market adoption. Maxie tells her that Valentin specializes in lies, but Nina says, he’s not the one who found her. It was Curtis. He loves her, and would never lie. Maxie asks if he actually met her. Nina says, not only that; he had a DNA test run, and the test confirmed it. She shows Maxie the picture of Sasha.

Peter tells Griff, for what it’s worth, the hospital didn’t find out from him. Griff says he didn’t think so. He knows who did, and it doesn’t matter. It was illegal, immoral, and unethical. Peter says, and it didn’t even feel good. His sad attempt at a joke. Griff says he’s a bad audience right now. He did what he could, and he’s grateful Anna was okay with it. Peter tells him that Anna got a lead on Obrecht. Griff knows, and says Anna isn’t stopping until she knows he’s safe.

Ava has brought Avery’s ballet things, since she has class today. Carly says Avery is in a meeting and not taking visitors. She’s hosting an important tea party with her grandfather. Ava hopes not alone, and Carly says she’ll never know, and thanks her for dropping by. Jason says he’ll walk her out, and Ava asks if he realizes if it wasn’t for her, he’d be a zombie in Russia or dead. Carly wants to hear how she saved him again, and Jason says she gave him a paper clip. Ava says she gave him back to his family, and gave his family back to him. This is how he thanks her? He says he gave her the formula to get her face back. She says, his life and her face makes them even? Jason says Morgan was his godson, and they’ll never be even. She snarks about what a wholesome environment Sonny maintains for Avery, and Carly tells Jason to go. She’s looking forward to catching up with Ava. He leaves, and Carly says she’s impressed by Ava’s composure. It must be tough that the whole town knows Griff dumped her for Kiki.

Maxie asks Nina how Curtis found her daughter, and Nina says, lawyers, black market adoptions and channels.  She was raised by a single mom, and her mom has passed on. Maxie says it can’t be confirmed then. Nina tells her that Curtis said Sasha didn’t want to believe it, but he talked into a DNA test. He had it done at two different labs, and just got a confirm on the second. Sasha is her daughter. Maxie is happy for her, and asks when Nina is meeting her. Nina says, that’s not happening.

Not-Doc appreciates Felicia’s concern, but all this talk has had little affect on him. She asks how that’s possible. She’s been swamped with interview requests. He’s Ryan’s twin. Why wouldn’t they be more curious about him? He says he’s counting it as a blessing, and leaving it at that. He’ll be fine. She says he wasn’t fine for years. Has he forgotten about his breakdown He says, of course not, but it was a long time ago. He doesn’t live in that headspace anymore. Felicia wants to make sure he’s taking care of himself, and has a way to protect them both.

Gregory says he’s surprised Finn became a doctor. He didn’t like messy, and even cleaned his utensils a second time before eating. Chase says suggests the talk about Gregory. Gregory says he’s been to countless doctors. One suggested he had MS, but MS doesn’t disappear when you take antibiotics. Finn asks if antibiotics help, and Gregory says, temporarily. He tells Chase not to worry. The one thing his brother hates worse than him is failure. Finn says he doesn’t hate him, and Chase suggests Finn channel his energy into figuring out what’s wrong with Gregory.

Jason visits Sam. He asks how Kristina is, and she thanks him again for saving her life. He’s just glad she’s okay. She says maybe not okay, but she’s working on it. She has to leave, and tells Sam, feel free to make use of the privacy. Sam rushes her out.

Carly tells Ava that she’s a bit baffled as to why she put Griff on the stand. A woman as insecure as she is, letting the public know sleeping with her daughter. It’s not first time. All of Ava’s men prefer Kiki. Ava puts Avery’s backpack on the couch, and says she’ll expect Avery at the regular time tomorrow. Carly says Avery won’t be with her tomorrow. She’ll be with her family.

Maxie says Nina just found out her child is alive and well. Nina has seen her picture and knows her name, and she’s not going to contact her? Nina says, she’s not a baby; she’s grown. She doesn’t want to rip Sasha’s life away. Maxie says that makes sense, but she already knows. Won’t she want the test results? Nina says she did it thinking she’d prove she wasn’t Nina’s daughter. It isn’t always a slam dunk. Look at Peter and Anna. Maxie says, and if Nina doesn’t meet Sasha, Sasha has no chance to reject her. Might that be it?

Peter asks Griff if he’d consider working for him. Griff asks if he means as a personal physician, but Peter says, every good paper has a medical editor. He’s trying to turn The Invader into a good paper. Griff tells Peter not to take it the wrong way, but he hopes it doesn’t come to that. If it ever does, he’ll keep it in mind. He asks if Peter ever found closure. After everything that was done to him, did he find peace? Peter says, no. He did want revenge on his father, and got it, but it cost too much. Not just for him, but the people he used along the way. Peter leaves. Kiki has been listening, and looks at Griff.

Not-Doc asks how Felicia is going to protect them, and from whom? She says, the tabloids and Ryan Chamberlain groupies. They can issue a joint press release. Just a few lines, distancing themselves. One statement; their only response. Let the vultures feast elsewhere. Not-Doc asks what if they took the opportunity to guide the press? Tell the story accurately and with compassion. Felicia asks, for Ryan or the victims? and he says, everybody. She knows he believes Ryan could have been rehabilitated, but he was a monster the public wants to bring back from the dead. They can tell the truth, short and sweet, and end his notoriety and legend once and for all. Not-Doc says, all right; let’s do it. They’ll get together, and sort it out. He’ll page her. She asks if they’re back in the 90s. Not-Doc guesses the topic has put him in a time warp; he’ll text her. They’ll find someplace quiet and private, where they can think. She tells him to let her know when and where, and she’ll be there. It will be over soon; he’ll see. When she’s gone, he says, sooner than you think, Felicia.

Ava tells Carly the custody agreement is clear. If Sonny doesn’t abide by it, she’ll notify the court. Carly says the family will all line up in support of Sonny, including Kiki. She knows Ava banned Kiki from seeing Avery, and Kiki will point out her vindictive parenting style. Ava asks what’s so important about tomorrow, and Carly isn’t surprised she doesn’t remember. It’s the anniversary of Morgan’s death. Avery will be there to hear about the brother she no longer remembers. One day, Sonny will explain how Ava stole his medication and his sanity. She may as well have put him in the car. Ava says she didn’t know that would happen, and Carly says her son is dead because of Ava. Get the hell out of her house.

Nina insists she’s not afraid to meet her daughter, but her daughter might not want to meet or deal with her. Maxie can’t imagine she’d want to miss the opportunity. Peter walks in, saying he wanted to make sure Nina knew Anna was on a hunt for Obrecht. Maxie says she told Nina, like she said she would. Nina says, since he’s there, she’d like his take on something – for a friend. Her friend had to give a baby up for adoption years ago. She thought about her child all the time, and found out where she was as a grown woman, and she didn’t know she’d been adopted. Peter says, that’s tough. Nina says her friend is desperate to meet her daughter, but doesn’t want to disrupt her life. Nina wants to know his opinion. Should her friend try to have a relationship with her daughter?

Finn tells Gregory that he doesn’t think it’s life-threatening. He’s running some tests. If he’s right, they’ll figure out a course of treatment. Gregory says, as bad as it’s been, he’s happy to finally know. He’s tired of running in circles. Chase asks if there’s anything he can do, and Gregory says, join him for dinner. How about the three of them? Finn says his cases are backed up, but Gregory says, there are plenty of days ahead; pick one. Finn leaves to check on the test. Chase follows him out, and says, it’s just dinner. Finn says Chase asked him to treat their dad, and he will to the best of his ability. Chase needs to accept that’s as far as it goes.

Not-Doc is staring at Felicia’s picture on his computer, when Ava comes in. He says it’s a pleasant surprise, and she tells him, pleasant remains to be seen. He laughs, and says he has time if she’d like to talk. She says she’d like that very much, and sits down. He says she seems upset. Is it anything in particular? She tells him that she tried her hand at redemption and failed miserably. Was she wrong to want it in the first place? He says, go on. She says she did the honorable, moral, and right things, and was treated like dirt for sins she’d committed before trying to be better. He asks how she tried, and she says a good man convinced her that loving him could change her; that a better life was possible. She had hope, until he and her daughter betrayed her; humiliated her in public and in private. All the good she thought was inside is gone. He asks what’s in its place, and she says, rage. She was going to say, nothing, that she was empty and hollow, but she’s filled to capacity with nothing but rage. She needs to do something with it; something to them. She needs them to hate her as much as she hates them. She asks how crazy she sounds, and he says the way she described what she’s feeling was masterful. She asks him to tell her how to fight against revenge.

Sam brings Danny in, saying she has a surprise for him. He hugs Jason, and Sam says Danny is studying families, and how they come in all kinds of packages. She says she’ll get some snacks, and Danny can show his dad the book he made. Jason reads from the book. Some families have a mommy and daddy, some only a mommy or a daddy, some have two mommies, or two daddies. Danny says, like Uncle Lucas and Uncle Brad. Jason continues, some mommies and daddies each have their own house. Danny says, just like our family. Jason tells him, that’s right. Just like our family.

Nina tells Peter that he doesn’t have to answer. Maxie says, what Nina is trying to ask is, would it do harm to a child who’s now an adult, if the mother gets in touch after all this time? Peter doesn’t want to assume too much, since he doesn’t know the situation. This is just his opinion. His relationship with his parents was both horrific and non-existent, but he believes if love is offered to a child, it’s the child’s choice to accept it. There are no guarantees, but her friend might have comfort in telling her daughter that she cared. Nina believes it would, and Maxie says she should tell her friend. Nina says she has to get back to work.

Outside Nina’s office, Peter tells Maxie that he doesn’t know how helpful he was. She says he spoke from his heart, and it was exactly the right thing.

Not-Doc tells Ava, she says what she feels is rage, but what he hears in her voice is fear. Ava says she’s a multitasker, and can do both. He laughs, and says her anger is like a forcefield. He hopes that’s not too nerdy. Her anger is protecting her from something on the outside, but also something deep inside. What does she need protection from? She tells him that she has a recurring dream. Shrinks love dreams, right? In her dream, her baby girl is all grown up. She follows and watches Ava, and tells Ava that she sees her as she really is. Not-Doc asks, how? Ava says, ugly, scarred. Not-Doc says, that’s not true. He’s looking at her, and she’s beautiful. She asks if he has any brilliant deductions. Is Avery telling her that she’ll never escape the past bad things she’s done? All the ways she’s compromised to survive? Are the scars on her soul, if not on her face? In a typical shrink response, he asks what she thinks, and she says she doesn’t know. He thinks she does.

Finn goes back in the examining room, and Gregory says Chase went out for coffee. Finn says, that wasn’t necessary, but Gregory thinks it was. He just wanted alone time with Finn once in twenty years. He likes Anna. She’s smart and funny; great qualities in a partner. He knows Finn suffered when Reiko died, like he suffered when Finn’s mom did. He tells Finn it’s possible to find happiness again. Now Finn has moved on. Can he forgive Gregory for doing the same?

Griff watches Kiki use free weights. She asks if he’s okay, and he says, not really. They said no apologies, but – Kiki says, no buts. They slept together. They’re two consenting adults. He didn’t seduce or take advantage of her. She’s tired of pretending they didn’t want to. He can convince himself that he took advantage of her, or that she was tipsy, but it would be a lie. She invited him to her room. He says he could have not gone. Kiki says she could have done a million things, but didn’t. She wanted to be with him. Like she does now. Woo-woo.

Finn writes a prescription, and tells Gregory it should help with the discomfort. Chase comes back, and Finn tells them to enjoy dinner. He leaves, and Chase wonders what the problem is. It has to be more than Gregory getting married. Gregory says he’s been asking himself that for years. Chase is a detective; figure it out.

Ava tells not-Doc that she wants revenge on her daughter and her lover, but if they suffer the way she wants them to, it proves them right; she’s a horrible, wicked woman. If she does nothing, she has to let them go on unscathed, unpunished. How does she learn to live with it? He says, those are good questions. To be honest, not everyone is capable of tackling them with candor. He commends her. She says, for wanting to destroy her own child and boyfriend? He did save her life once. Not-Doc asks if it didn’t balance the debt when he took up with her daughter. She asks if not-Doc is saying he deserves it, but he says that’s not for him to decide. She’s surprised he’s not lecturing her about her moral failings, and wanting the wrong things. He says it’s not his job to lecture. His job is to make her hear herself, so she can decide what’s right for her. She says he’s been extraordinarily helpful, and thanks him. She’d like to see him again, and he tells her to set up a regular appointment. They can explore the concept of revenge and satisfaction together.

Maxie tells Peter that she’d passed along the information about Obrecht to Nina. Peter days he thought she might have forgotten. She says Nina’s fugitive aunt being hunted down by his spy mother? It’s not something she’d forget. He starts to excuse himself, and she tells him that he doesn’t have to bolt when he sees her.

Nina leaves a voicemail for Sasha, introducing herself, and saying she thinks Sasha met her friend, Curtis Ashford. She’s Sasha’s biological mother.

Griff is about to kiss Kiki, and says, only if she promises – she interrupts him, saying, no apologies; no promises. They start kissing passionately.

Jason tells Danny that he did a great job on the book. He learned all about families. Danny says the teacher said families are made up of people who love each other. Jason says his teacher is right, and Danny asks if Jason loves mommy.

Tomorrow, Griff tells Kiki there’s nothing stopping them, Maxie wants to know why Peter is avoiding her, and Oscar doesn’t want to go back to school.

🍹 A new episode of The Shahs of Sunset will be back next week. Tonight, Bravo took a trip down Memory Lane with the Passport Edition, which was really a repeat of Asa and Reza’s pilgrimage to the Iranian border during the Shahs’ trip to Israel. Next week is also the season finale. That was fast.

🐮 Sweet Home Oklahoma – underrated, and one of my favorites – has been rebooted, and turned into Sweet Home, premiering Friday, November 2nd, at 10 pm. The same cast will still be around, but it will focus more on Jennifer Welch – whose ex, Josh, is the only man in the world I allow a man bun – and her interior design business. You can read about it here:


🔥 Last week was so horrendous, I forgot to watch the Hell’s Kitchen: Rookies and Veterans premiere last Friday. I know I can catch it On Demand, but I like to watch the shows fresh. No surprise, it’s going to interfere with my viewing pleasure of Z Nation, which starts tomorrow. So, unfortunately, my Kitchen is going to be a little stale this season.

🎩 Speaking of Fresh…




September 19, 2018 – Ava Gets Slapped, the Dallas Wives Smash Things, a MasterChef is Chosen, Kitchen’s Coming, a Book, a Lawsuit & Food


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Valentin meets Curtis. He assumes connected with the woman in question. Curtis says there was a superficial resemblance, but that doesn’t mean anything. Valentin asks if she’s willing to cooperate with their investigation, and Curtis says she already has.

At Charlie’s, Nina tells Maxie she’s not going anywhere until Maxie tells her what happened in the elevator with Peter.

At the MetroCourt, Lulu tells Peter, no sensationalism or gruesome details. She wants the article to read like a long feature piece. Peter says, not like something from The Invader. She says they have to respect the victims and their families. He tells her they’re racing against clock. They’re not the only game in town, and already other publications and podcasts are scouting the location. Lulu says the difference is, those people will leave town when the story cools off. They’ll still be there. What happened, happened in their community. Peter says, point taken. Respect must be paid. He thought as publisher he should reassure the subjects that the story will be approached thoughtfully, especially Felicia. Lulu says she also happens to be Maxie’s mother.

Kiki sees Griff at the hospital, and asks if he’s back. He says the meeting was postponed at the last minute. Now he’s back to waiting. He doesn’t know when, or if, he’ll be reinstated. He’s in no mood for it today. Somebody ripped away the last thing he had left in world.

Still at the hospital, Michael tells someone on the phone to set up an HR meeting, and make sure the Chicago office is up and running by the first of the year. Carly hears him, and asks if he’s moving to Chicago. She tells him that she knows things are hard, but take a trip, don’t move halfway across the country. He says he’s sending one of his VPs to the new office; she made quite a leap. She’s concerned about the letter from Nelle, trying to hurt him. He says nothing Nelle does affects him anymore, but Carly says he’s internalizing his grief. He’s staying busy, and she gets it, but she needs to make sure he’s okay. Michael says he’s not okay, and doesn’t know when he will be. The best way for her to help is to accept that, and let him deal with his grief in his own time and his own way.

Griff tells Kiki that he got a call from the archdiocese. He’s been barred from receiving sacraments. She asks if it’s like excommunication, and he says it’s similar. He can attend mass, but can’t receive communion. He can’t partake in the rituals that defined his life. She wonders why now, since he left a year ago. He says it has nothing do with him leaving. He’s not supposed to be offering spiritual guidance, and he’s guilty of that. She says he’s a kind person helping people, not saying black mass. He says he’s not even supposed to live in a community where he acted as a priest. Someone called the monsignor and reported him. Kiki says they know who that someone is.

Ava stops by Charlie’s. She says it looks like the investigation has concluded, and Julian is just glad they’re not in the basement anymore. She asks if he has any insights, and he says, their bones, their problem. He’s glad to be back to business, and he’s moving forward with the renovations. He’d like some design ideas, and Ava says she’d start with suggesting he do something about the clientele.

Nina tells Maxie, no more evasion. What was up with the shirtless encounter? Maxie says, there was no shirtless encounter. Peter had a full blown PTSD attack, thanks to her and Obrecht. He was acting like he was okay, and keeping it together, but then got all hyper, and complained about the heat, even though it wasn’t hot. It was all she could do to keep him calm and breathing. She’s glad she could be there for emotional support; he’s been there for her. When they were breathing, she flashed back to being on the roadside in labor, when he was helping her. It was like déjà vu with the roles reversed.

Lulu hopes Peter isn’t going to try getting closer to Maxie using the trauma her mom suffered. He says he’d never exploit her. He considers her a friend, even if she doesn’t feel the same way. James is his nephew, and the only family he has left. Lulu says Anna is his mother, and Robin is his sister; why not start connecting there? He tells her that he has no control over other media outlets, but can control what they receive. He wants the victims to know they’ll be approached with respect and be protected. Lulu says, don’t. It’s the last thing Maxie needs. Her feelings are confused as it is. He asks, how so?

Valentin didn’t expect the woman to agree so rapidly, and wonders if Curtis offered financial incentive. Curtis says she’s not about that. She’s not interested in proving she’s Nina’s daughter; she’s interesting in disproving it. She refuses to believe she’s adopted, and loves the mother who raised her. Valentin says, we buy the story we’re given, and tells Curtis, proceed with caution.

Nina gets that Peter is a walking, talking grey area. He’s not totally evil, but not innocent either. She wrestled over if she should care when he was being detained by Obrecht. Maxie asks if that’s what they’re calling it now, and Nina says ultimately, she couldn’t leave him in a burning building. She understands, but empathy is one thing, and feelings are another. She wants to be sure Maxie is being clear. Maxie says when Nathan died, she felt empty. If she hadn’t had James, she would have withered and blown away. Peter was there for her the first few months, with no expectations. He was kind and generous, and she began to rely on his friendship; on him. When the truth came out, she was devastated. She let herself be vulnerable. The anger is still there, but is it right to blame what happened to Nathan on Peter trying to escape his father. Nina gets it and understands.

Lulu tells Peter that she wasn’t implying anything. Peter wonders if Maxie is willing to give their friendship another chance. Lulu says she’s still hurting. She’s just climbing out of the hole he made. He doesn’t want to hurt her; he never did. Lulu tells him, if he cares, stay as far away from Maxie as possible.

Griff tells Kiki that the monsignor wouldn’t give him the name, just that they expressed concerned. She says it was her mom, and that’s his guess too. She says, who else would it be? Ava showed her how low she could go when she got him suspended from the hospital. She’s says she’s sorry, but he tells her not to put it on herself. She says Ava is punishing him because of her. She took his job, now she’s taking his faith. He says, no one can do that. Even if he’s barred, his faith is his own. Kiki admires that, but says he might be able to turn the other cheek, but she can’t let Ava ruin his life like this. Lucy runs in, saying Griff was supposed to meet her in the lobby ten minutes ago to look at apartments. She has something fabulous for him. He tells Kiki, fabulous sounds expensive, and follows Lucy.

Julian offers Ava some coffee, but she refuses on principle. He tells her, as of today, he’s no longer proudly serving Corinthos coffee. He’s severed ties, and thinking about creating his own blend – Jerome Java. She asks if Sonny didn’t object, and he says Sonny never expressed any concerns. Ava wonders why so understanding, and if it has anything to do with the skeleton in the basement. She’s got the feeling he’s not telling her everything. Alexis magically appears, and says she was wondering the same thing.

Carly says she’s not telling Michael how to feel, or putting a timetable on his grief. He understand she’s trying to help him heal, but it’s out of her control; accept it. Carly says Nelle wouldn’t have been able to bait her if she’d worked through her grief over Morgan. Instead she buried it. That’s what he’s doing, working day and night. Michael appreciates that, but tells her not to worry. He’s dealing in his own way. She asks if he’s seeing someone like Doc. He says he doesn’t need that. She says, okay, then he needs to lean on his family. They’re strong; he doesn’t have to go through this alone. He says he’s lucky to have family; speaking of which… They see Lucas with Wiley by the elevator. Michael asks him how it’s going.

Alexis asks for a private word with Julian, and Ava says, all hers. Julian doesn’t know if he should get coffee or a stack of bibles. He’s feeling a cross-examination coming on. Alexis says Kristina was working behind the bar when the gas explosion happened, and Julian says he wasn’t aware of any danger. She asks if he had anything to do with the body, and he says good thing they didn’t unearth his time machine in the closet. The body had been there for decades; he has nothing to do with it. Alexis still doesn’t like the idea of her daughter working there.

Maxie is surprised at Nina expressing sympathy for Peter. She’s not saying he’s blameless, but there were a lot of variables with Nathan’s death, and it’s not fair put it all on Peter. Nina is glad she feels that way, but more for Maxie than Peter.

Peter tells Lulu that he’s trying to be a good friend; Macie was a good friend to him as well. He wants to make sure she’s okay. Lulu says she won’t be if he keeps intruding on her life. She doesn’t think he’s like his father. She wouldn’t be working for him if she did. She tells him to prove he’s the decent guy he claims to be, and do the right thing – back off. Let Maxie get on with her life.

Lucy tells Griff it was a great apartment, and goes over the amenities. She says an eligible bachelor is going to snap it up. Griff says he can’t sign the lease in good conscience; not until he hears from the review board. Until then, he has to economize and live within his limited budget. Lucy is sorry, and not just because she lost a big fat commission. She’s heard he’s a wonderful doctor. He’s sure that’s not all she’s heard. His fall from grace was very public. She says she’s been on both sides of the equation, and cheating causes a lot of pain on both sides. But she learned, just because you did a bad thing doesn’t make you a bad person. Everyone has foibles. We learn from our mistakes, and do better next time. She has no doubt he can manage that. She has an apartment she wasn’t planning showing, because it’s a little cozy (in realtor speak, it’s small), but it’s within his price range, and the building has character (in realtor speak, it’s old). He can move in right away.

Maxie tells Nina that when you can put down the blame and anger, you start to heal. Nina says it’s easier for her; she and Peter were never friends. He and Maxie were. Can she let the friendship continue?

Alexis tells Julian she’s spent most of like life keeping Kristina away from Sonny’s business. Julian says he’s not involved in the mob in any way. He has no ties, and doesn’t intend to ever again. He thinks what Alexis doesn’t like is Kristina working with him.

Kiki storms into Charlie’s. Ava says she didn’t expect to see her. Kiki says Ava moves heaven and earth to fix her face, but her soul is still same. Ava says her soul is none of Kiki’s business, and asks if that’s something she got from Griff. Do they say their prayers together before hitting the sheets? Kiki smacks her. Ava says she’ll let Kiki get away with that one because Kiki is her daughter, but just one. Kiki asks if she’s going to report it to the archdiocese. Griff was stripped of his sacraments; score one for her. Ava says she didn’t do anything. Griff slept with her while he was still a priest. He did it to himself. Kiki says Ava destroyed his life, and Ava says, payback’s a bitch. Kiki asks if she should look over her shoulder for the rest of her life. Ava says the next time she takes a lover, Kiki should try keeping her legs crossed. Kiki tells Ava to stay out of her life, and Ava suggests she do the same.

Valentin gives Curtis two envelopes. One is Nina’s DNA, and the other a check. It’s double his salary and expenses, plus an extra bonus for saving Valentin time. Curtis says, the job’s not done yet. Sasha isn’t interested. She agreed to the test to disprove their theory. Valentin says they’ll burn bridges when they come to them. He wants the test done at both GH and an independent lab. Curtis asks when they’re telling Nina about all this. He’s not just her employee; he’s also her friend. This is messy, and keeping it from her isn’t cool. If she rejects the idea, she’ll go to Sasha, and get her heart broken. Valentin says they need irrefutable proof, and if Sasha is her daughter, they’ll tell Nina immediately.

Ava tells Alexis to wipe the superior smirk off her face. Alexis says it’s not a smirk. Ava slugs back a drink.

Maxie says, embarrassing, and Nina says, no one is more deserving. Nina tells Maxie she’ll meet her at the office. Ava makes a weird face at Nina.

Carly asks if Wiley is there for his check-up, and Lucas says, six weeks. Michael says he looks strong, and Lucas says he’s a champ. He didn’t even cry. A nurse comes out, asking if she could have a word with Lucas about a patient, even though it’s his day off. Lucas he passes Wiley off to Michael, and says he’ll be right back. Michael tells Wiley that he’s his cousin.

Alexis hopes Julian will look out for Kiki. He says he’ll do his best, but it’s not a good idea for her to slap her mother. Alexis says it’s not a good idea for Ava to sabotage her daughter. Call her crazy, but she’s not comfortable with her daughter working for her ex. Julian would rather  go with weird, awkward, or messy. He doesn’t want to make it uncomfortable between them. Alexis asks why he hired Kristina in the first place. He says she might be a Corinthos, but she’s a Davis through and through. She practically demanded the job, then had the audacity to make fantastic drinks, and he was short-staffed. Alexis knows how persuasive Kristina can be. Julian says it wasn’t just that. He saw hope in her eyes, and he couldn’t resist. It was the kind of hope you have when you’re no longer used to feeling hopeful.

Outside, Nina tells Ava, that was quite a scene.

Carly tells Michael that he’s a natural. He says he feels more paternal than a cousin; more like an uncle. Maybe it’s the age difference. He says it would have been nice if Jonah and Wiley had played together. Carly says if it’s too hard, she can watch him, but he says it’s fine. Nelle wrote to him to mess with his head, but she’s right about one thing. He does find peace being close to Wiley.

Maxie sees Peter and Lulu, and asks if she can sit. Peter looks at Lulu, and says he has to be going; take his chair. He jets, and Maxie says, what was that?

Ava asks if Nina wants to gloat, and she says, actually no. She couldn’t help hearing the conversation. Ava says, her and half the county. Nina says her mother is dead. She’s not sad. She was a hateful woman, as Ava knows. All she did was use Nina. She asks if Ava knows where she’s going, and Ava says, enlighten her. Nina says her mother is out of second chances. She thinks Ava could go down the same road, and push Kiki away for good. Ava says her relationship with her daughter is none of Nina’s business.

At home, Kiki talks to herself as she changes, saying it’s like living in a sauna. She bangs on the radiator with a wrench. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Griff. Kiki asks why he’s there, and he says he’s moving in. He asks if there’s something wrong with the heat. I’m wondering why the heat would even be on in September, and does no one have an air conditioner?

Alexis says Kristina doesn’t share as much of her life as she’d like, and Julian asks what she thinks is going on. She thinks Kristina is lost; directionless. Julian says that happens to people her age; she’ll get it together. Alexis thinks Kristina is worried that she doesn’t have a purpose. He says that takes time to figure out, but she says every time Kristina is aimless, she jumps into something with momentum and rides it to hell. She keeps making the same mistakes, and isn’t learning from them. She’s repeating the pattern. Julian says Kristina is an adult, and has to come to the realization on her own. Alexis says it’s hard to watch. Julian knows how hard it is to break a destructive cycle. She thanks him for listening, and he offers to keep an eye on Kristina.

Lulu tells Maxie that she didn’t notice anything. Maxie says Peter practically bolted out of there when she asked to join them. At least he could have managed a, hey, how’s it going? Lulu says he’s a workaholic, and probably thinking about a conference call. Maxie wonders why he wouldn’t say something, and Lulu says maybe he’s understanding it’s better if he’s out of her life.

Griff says he Just signed the lease on a studio apartment. Kiki says the radiator is permanently set to tropical; it happens once or twice a month. The landlord promises to fix it, but doesn’t. If it’s hit in the right place, the gauge opens, and it can be shut off. He asks how, and Kiki tells him, watch and learn. She bangs on it. He takes the wrench from her, and they soap gaze at each other.

Nina is sure Ava doesn’t want to hear this, and Ava says, not from her; the woman who literally tore her baby out of her womb. Nina suggests Ava apologize to Kiki; it’s not too late. She couldn’t have meant what she said; Kiki is her daughter. If she’s the mother she says she is, she won’t let one minute go to waste. Ava says Nina isn’t a mother and never will be, and walks away.

Curtis talks to a doctor at the hospital reception desk, saying he called about a DNA comparison test. He’s already filled out the forms online. The doctor tells him that they’re all set. She just has to take the samples to the lab. He asks if she can put a rush on it, and she smiles.

Michael asks Carly how Mike is doing, and she says, okay. They’d love for him to stop by if he’s up for it. Lucas comes back, and asks if Wiley was any trouble. Carly says he was an angel. Michael says he should probably get back to work, and gives Wiley back to Lucas. Lucas asks how Michael is holding up, and Carly wishes she knew the answer

A doctor comes out, and says she’s glad Lucas is still there. He introduces her to Carly as Wiley’s pediatric specialist. She tells him that something troubling turned up in one of the tests.

Tomorrow, Ava refuses to lose her daughter over the likes of Griff, Brad asks what’s wrong with their baby’s heart, and Jordan tells Sonny the walls are closing in.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Brandi instructs her daughters to tell the social workers how amazing a mom she is. They proceed to say how she doesn’t do anything for them, and is always on the stupid phone. In her interview, Brandi says bringing Bruin home doesn’t mean the adoption is final. It can take up to six months. Social workers check in once a month to make sure she’s not batsh*t crazy. One of the kids says, mom is amazing, blah-blah-blah, done.

The social workers arrive. In her interview, Brandi says the first time was quite the experience. We see a clip of one of the kids telling them mommy’s favorite drink is wine. Brandi thinks she’s an amazing mom, but right now she’s under a microscope. Everything is presented to the judge, and if anything is misinterpreted, it could reflect badly on her. She’s open and honest, and her kids are like their mom. The social workers ask about various topics, and the kids make contrary remarks. In her interview, Brandi says her kids are being sh*theads. Bryan travels a lot, and it’s a lot of pressure to represent the both of them. She has to be perfect, and the kids are being sh*ts.

Kameron is leaving for the global pet expo. She calls Cort to say goodbye, and he tells her to have confidence. In her interview, she says she has a booth at the expo. If she doesn’t find a distributor, it’s the end of Sparkle Dog. Cort is shutting it down. She’s not the best traveler by herself, and is flying commercial. Cort explains how renting a car and getting your luggage works.

LeeAnne and D’Andra go for coffee and dessert. D’Andra asks about LeeAnne’s invitation to the Smashing Room. LeeAnne says they’re going to have a smashing good time, literally smashing stuff. D’Andra asks what it is, and LeeAnne explains that it’s about letting go. They share what’s upsetting them, and be vulnerable to the group, then smash whatever it is.  In her interview, LeeAnne says they’re all getting along, but they’re surface skating. This will give them the opportunity to be real and open up. In her interview, D’Andra isn’t sure if she wants to see LeeAnne with a plate in her hand. LeeAnne asks D’Andra what her plan is. D’Andra says her mother basically owns everything. The buck stops with her, and Dee told her if she separates her company, she won’t be taking the money she made there; she’ll have to start over without anything. LeeAnne says, welcome to the world. D’Andra says she’s at a crossroads. Her mother controls everything in her life. It’s mostly financial, but that bleeds into everything else. She has to pay bills, and cut out major expenses. In her interview, D’Andra admits she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. It’s hard to give up the lifestyle she grew up in and change course completely. She gripes about letting her cleaning lady go, and LeeAnne tells her that she’s lazy; she likes the princess lifestyle and it’s her own damn fault. In her interview, LeeAnne says if D’Andra could give her tough love in Beaver Creek, she can give D’Andra the same now. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it. D’Andra says it’s going to be a big adjustment, but she wants her business to last. In her interview, she thinks LeeAnne is being condescending, and it’s pissing her off. Rich pays for her household expenses. Girlfriends should listen, not lecture. She has a mother for that. She tells LeeAnne, if she stays laser focused, she’ll do it.

LeeAnne – who should not be wearing those pants – meets wedding planner and best friend Steve for drinks. She says he’s a ray of sunshine, and the best planner in the country. He loves her, and will want the wedding to be perfect. To my amazement, Rich joins them. In her interview, LeeAnne is glad he’s taking the time to come. And she didn’t have to use a lasso or handcuffs. He’s there because he loves her. Steve asks about Rich’s vision, and Rich says he hasn’t thought about it. LeeAnne thought wanted a say, and he says he’s there. LeeAnne is thinking five hundred to a thousand people. We had somewhere around one hundred and twenty, which surprised me. I can’t fathom a thousand gusts. Steve says, the guest list dictates what you can do for what you can spend. You can have eleven or five hundred people, but you start there. Rich says he left his checkbook at home. In her interview, LeeAnne says this is her one and only wedding. Who cares what it costs? She says she’ll be happy if they can narrow down a month and year. She suggests November, and Rich is like, okay. Steve says he has to be firm, so Rich says it again, more assertively. In her interview, LeeAnne says, D’Andra take note. They have an actual wedding date. Guess what? She’s getting married. Steve wants to do the bachelor party, and Rich asks if Stormy Daniels is available. I’m sure. For a price.

D’Andra visits Cary, who is still at her parents’ house. Oooh. She has three tiny dogs! Cary asks what’s going on with D’Andra’s mom, and D’Andra says her life is falling apart. She didn’t think at almost fifty, she’d be changing the course of her life. She probably won’t have a paycheck for a while. In her interview, D’Andra explains that her mother is the executor (wouldn’t it be executrix?) of her father’s estate. She and her husband could live on it, but she can’t run the company on it and live. Does she even realize what this sounds like to the average or – dare I say it? – poor person? She hopes her friends stay her friends. She’s going to need support. She gets weepy, and Cary hugs her.

In her interview, D’Andra says it took her a while to see what goes on in the world of Dallas society. If she can write check, she’s a valuable member. One of her friends lost all her money, and she was alienated be almost everyone; everyone scattered. She wishes she’d made different decisions; she’s falling apart, but hasn’t told anyone. She tells Cary that LeeAnne was in her face about how much she spends. Cary tells D’Andra that LeeAnne said she spends a lot, and only has $200 in her account. D’Andra says she has more than that. She was referring to when they went shopping in Beaver Creek. She wasn’t prepared to shop like that, and she said it out of frustration. She has five different bank accounts. She was talking about her shopping account. It’s humiliating that LeeAnne told someone else without her permission. Wow. And I’m not saying that because I disagree about LeeAnne telling Cary something personal about D’Andra; she shouldn’t have done that. I’m wowing because, shopping account. In her interview, Cary says she’s the last person LeeAnne should have told. She felt uncomfortable, and she wasn’t waiting for it to bite her in the ass later. Instead, she decided to be honest, and just tell D’Andra. D’Andra says LeeAnne will be sorry she said it.

At a board meeting, Travis talks about the education program being started for employees. He says, free education brings people to the middle class. He can help his employees and their kids. In her interview, Stephanie says she started the company’s Charitable Giving Initiative. She asks about offering screening for dyslexia, and tears up. We see a clip of her with son Cruz. She tells us that Travis was also diagnosed with dyslexia as a child. From the ages of four to nine, he was also in a leg brace or wheelchair. Travis tells them that college starts in a couple of weeks. He can’t think of a better way to reward the employees than by offering them education, and also the opportunity for their families to become educated. Education is the key to success.

Travis is leaving soon for a six-month program at Harvard on leadership. Stephanie asks if he’ll want her to bring the kids to visit, and he suggests they play it by ear. She says she gets anxious when she’s by herself; it’s chaos. Travis keeps everyone in line. In her interview, Stephanie says she constantly lets herself down, and it triggers depression. Travis tells her, be a leader, but she says she’s never been one. He tells her to relax. In her interview, she says that Travis isn’t giving her lists anymore, but she still feels internal pressure not to make mistakes. She doesn’t know how to handle things when he’s not home. He tells her not to cook.

At the Smashing Room, Cary isn’t clear why LeeAnne is wearing a mustache. Actually, she looks like a male aerobics instructor from the 80s. Or maybe one of The Village People on their off time.

On the way there, Brandi tells D’Andra that she threw candle one time. She ruined the hardwood, and she was like, damn. Throwing things isn’t for her. D’Andra says she’s furious right now. She shopped on the company card, and was frustrated, saying she only had $200 in her account. LeeAnne told Cary, but it was her shopping account. LeeAnne said it like she had $200 to her name. Brandi reminds Cary of when she’d said LeeAnne waits for someone’s weakness, and uses it to her advantage. We flash back to when Brandi accused LeeAnne of that at dinner. She tells D’Andra, it’s one of those things. D’Andra thinks LeeAnne is insecure about her own finances.

Kameron wonders about the mustache, as we all do. She wonders if LeeAnne feels more manly smashing stuff. The ladies ask about the expo, and Kameron says she has a lot of opportunity. In her interview, Kameron says the expo was above and beyond. She’s proud of herself, and can’t wait tell Cord, I told you so. LeeAnne passes out aprons. D’Andra says she’s never been this angry with LeeAnne. LeeAnne puts pink eye patches on them to get them in the spirit of what it’s about.

Owner and founder Donna owner gets the ready by passing out body suits. Donna says the space is big enough for them not to whack each other. She says you don’t have to be angry to go in, but you will be the first time you break something. Whatever you’ve been holding inside will come out, even if it’s years old. LeeAnne thinks they live in a surface world, and don’t address real feelings. Cary asks if this is going to be bullsh*t like the tea. We flash back to that. LeeAnne says they go to a lot of parties, and it’s exhausting to be the people they’re not. LeeAnne explains she’s dressed like the person inside. So, inside she’s one of The Village People? She says they don’t let each other see their real selves. They’re good at being fake. D’Andra says she’s never fake, and LeeAnne says if that’s how D’Andra feels, she’ll let her have it. This pisses D’Andra off more, and she asks what that means. LeeAnne says she hasn’t said everything she feels. D’Andra says LeeAnne told someone about her bank account; wtf? They’ve been friends for over ten years, and LeeAnne told Cary that she had only $200 in her bank account. It’s not helpful on any level. She knows things about LeeAnne that she’d never say to anyone. In her interview, Kameron thinks D’Andra is overreacting. No one would believe that. Was this her Starbuck’s account? D’Andra says LeeAnne doesn’t get to do it to her; she doesn’t have D’Andra’s back. She trusts LeeAnne. Carly says LeeAnne put her in a weird position. In her interview, LeeAnne says Cary took the opportunity to throw her under the bus with D’Andra. That wasn’t how she meant it. D’Andra says everybody in Dallas will say she has only $200 to her name. It’s humiliating. She thinks this is humiliating? Wait until she sees herself whining on this show.

D’Andra feels betrayed. She’s kept LeeAnne’s secrets; that’s the kind of person she is. LeeAnne owes it to her. LeeAnne says she wasn’t being malicious. It was a situation where LeeAnne wasn’t there to protect her. D’Andra says no one should be talking about it. In her interview, D’Andra says the other women have successful husbands. Hers is retired from the military, and she’s the primary breadwinner. There’s no option for failure. Kameron says she was blindsided. LeeAnne says she was trying to solve a problem, but shouldn’t have shared. In her interview, LeeAnne says D’Andra is clearly upset. She and her mom are always fighting about the company card. LeeAnne thought she and Cary were forming a trust, and wanted to include her as an additional problem solver. I believe it if you believe it, although I wouldn’t call it malicious either. She says She’d thought it was private, but it clearly wasn’t. Stephanie tells D’Andra she should never feel humiliated or embarrassed with them. They love her. Brandi says she grew up in a trailer, and it wasn’t even a doublewide. She goes back and visits sometimes.

LeeAnne asks if everyone wants to smash stuff. In her interview, D’Andra thinks LeeAnne is enjoying her financial troubles. LeeAnne should be glad she’s not smashing her damn head. LeeAnne tells Cary that she’d believed what she said would stay in Beaver Creek. Cary says what if she didn’t say something, and it came back later? She’d want to know. In her interview, Cary says last year she didn’t tell anyone what the others were saying, and it didn’t serve her. If you don’t want people to know, don’t tell her.

They start smashing stuff. Mirrors, vases, glassware. LeeAnne gives them magic markers, so they can write on the plates. D’Andra writes something, and says she’s good enough the way she is. LeeAnne asks if D’Andra accepts her apology; she loves her. D’Andra accepts it, and they hug. She says she’s still pissed off. Each woman smashes a plate as she speaks. Cary says, no more fear. She’s going to speak her mind, even if it pisses people off. Stephanie says she’s not perfect. Kameron wants to live the simple life. Everyone gets quiet. In her interview, Kameron says it’s a mixed blessing. She doesn’t have a schedule, where she’s booked months in advance. She has the time to be a wife and mom, and run Sparkle Dog LeeAnne says, in honor of the famous glass throw – no more danger. Brandi says she’s going to accept help. In her interview, Stephanie says Brandi is drowning in life, but doesn’t want people to know. Brandi admits she has a hard time letting people help. Cary says she’s offered a bunch of times. In her interview, Brandi says she has a problem with people watching the kids. She wants to be the mom that’s always there. She has a sense of pride about that.

Brandi talks to LeeAnne about telling D’Andra that she’s not her friend. In her interview, Brandi says she and D’Andra patched things up, and she thinks LeeAnne doesn’t like that they’re in a good place. She tells LeeAnne that she heard LeeAnne has a hesitation about D’Andra being friends with her. D’Andra says LeeAnne said she was concerned. LeeAnne says she told D’Andra that she’d gotten hurt. She wanted to protect her, but told to make her own decisions. Kameron says she was worried. She thought Brandi was a bad influence on D’Andra. She didn’t think D’Andra was the kind of person to put a quarter in her butt. It sounded like Brandi’s influence. Brandi is sorry she brought it up. if they don’t want to be themselves, don’t blame her. In her interview, Brandi wonders how bad an influence she can be to a grown woman who makes her own decisions. She is who she is. If they want fake, look in the mirror.

D’Andra says she’s in charge of her own decisions. Brandi says she has integrity and morals. She’s a good example for her children. She also likes to have fun, but if Kameron thinks she’s a bad influence, they don’t have to be friends. In her interview, Brandi says, for once, she cares about what people think because she’s being scrutinized. LeeAnne tells Brandi that she’d thought they were close, and she was deeply hurt. She told D’Andra that she’d been down that road, and it didn’t work out well. Because she’s D’Andra’s friend, she told her to be careful. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t attempted to try again with Brandi. Brandi says if they’re starting fresh, why would she tell D’Andra that? Cary says no one has the power to change anyone else. D’Andra says she’s done with this, and walks out.

Next time, Brandi and Stephanie meet a baby kangaroo, cary says Brandi is one of her best friends, and Cary confronts Kameron.

Lots of sharing of physical and mental challenges this season. Except for D’Andra who has rich people problems.

💭 Re Watch What Happens Live. Did LeeAnne have work done, or was that just heavy duty contouring?


Since it was the finale, and we went down Memory Lane, with clips of Ashley, Gerron, and Cesar. The finalists went to their home towns to prepare, where they were surprised by their mentors.  Gordon went to Opa-locka, Florida, meeting Ashley’s family and touring an amazing farmer’s market. He advised her to focus on the food; forget everything else, and she was ready to kick butt. Joe went to Nashville, showing up at Gerron’s school. He talked to the students about the impact Gerron has had. He told Gerron to think about a luxurious restaurant, and bring his food to that level. Gerron’s eyes were on the prize. Aaron went to Houston, and met Cesar’s family. Cesar declared he was bringing everything he’s got to take the trophy home.

Their opponents returned to cheer them on, as well as their families – and a live audience. The final task was cook the best three-course masterpiece. For the last time, the cooks went to THE PANTRY, where all the food in the world is. For the appetizer course, Cesar was making a squid ink infladita, which from the look of it, translates into inflated tortilla. Lobster was also involved. Ashley worked on a pan seared red snapper, and Gerron made a Nashville-style hot quail with quail eggs and fingerling potatoes. There was a tense moment when Cesar’s tortillas didn’t puff, but like magic, they finally did. Joe felt Ashley’s red snapper was overcooked and the heat aggressive. She took a risk, but her dish reeked of too much ambition. Aaron thought Cesar’s infladita was impressive, although Gordon thought it looked like a spaceship. Joe said Gerron’s quail should be spicy, moist, and crispy. If all that happened on his palate, it would be what they were looking for. After taking a bite, he said he’d never tasted anything like it. Then they paused for an ad. After they were done leaving us hanging, Joe says it was perfection Lots of things were going on, and they were all well done. Gordon said he’d elevated fast food and gave respect to his upbringing. When the big multiple-sided screen changed to ENTRÉE, I realized the structure of the show reminded me of the Westminster Dog Show.

Ashley made a pan-seared guinea hen breast, but focused on using every part of hen in the dish, incorporating her Southern roots with a French cuisine flair. Gordon called it perfection, which was the word of the night. He said he could die happy after eating it, which is pretty high praise. Cesar made a pan-seared duck breast with a mole, which (the more you know) is a sauce that apparently takes more time to make than they had, and was the subject of much discussion, Gordon saying there are chefs in Mexico who take a year to make it. Geez. I hope their patrons aren’t hungry. The duck was overcooked, but the mole defied the odds and was a success, Aaron said it was a source of pride that Cesar was wearing his pin, and Joe said he was no mole expert, but he knows good food. Gerron made shrimp and grits, in honor of his mom; it was their last meal together. Grits are not a favorite of mine, but by the way they were raving, I was thinking maybe I just haven’t had them done right. Gordon said it was too bad Gerron’s mom wasn’t present to see the grits elevated. Aaron said Gerron’s knife skills were lacking, but the flavor there, and Joe said he took it to another level tonight. He moved ahead, but stayed true to his story.

Gordon said it was the closest race they’ve ever had – the dessert was going to be the deciding factor. Cesar chose a flourless chocolate cake, based on the childhood sweets he loved as a kid. Gerron made an amaretto chess pie, and Ashley made something with a long name ending in ganache that I think boiled down to a cherry tarte. Whatever it was, it looked good. Gordon just got done saying it was so close, all three would need the dessert, when Cesar cut himself, and started bleeding all over the place. Like the trooper he is, he got himself patched up, and went back to work.

Gerron thought his plating was a disaster. It has seemed to be his Achille’s heel throughout the season, although this one didn’t look bad. Personally, I liked the teeny-tiny popcorn used as an extra. Aaron said his dessert was well-balanced, but a little sloppy. At that point, I started getting nervous, since that could make a difference. Gordon thought it was delicious, and Joe got up and hugged Gerron. I couldn’t believe I started tearing up. I must be getting old or soft or something. Joe told Gerron that he was wrong, something he doesn’t say often. He achieved the creation of a great dessert, and he was an honor to mentor. Cesar’s plating was very cute, with his cake sitting on caramel in the shape of a star. Aaron said he looked like he’d been in a back alley brawl with all the blood on his jacket, but called his dish finesse on a plate. It was a big bomb of beautiful chocolate flavor. If it means anything to you, Gordon said tamarin should always be included in caramel. Last to go, Ashley said it was a bittersweet moment. Joe called it an almost flawless, spectacular dessert. Aaron said it hit all the notes, but stayed singular to the structure – it was magical. Gordon said, well bloody done.

I started getting worried, wondering why Gerron couldn’t have been an art teacher. The judges discussed the dishes. Cesar got high praise for his mole, with Aaron saying he embodied what MasterChef was about – technique. Ashley’s duck was overcooked, but her dishes sophisticated, and she pushed to the maximum. Gordon said they were pure quality. Gerron had finesse (another word of the night), and was masterful with the quail. Joe said he had the most delicious, satisfying entrée, and it was the perfect end to his journey. Mean Aaron had to bring up his inconsistent plating, and messy work, but Joe countered, saying Gerron brought everything needed to go beyond. He cooked with passion and love, and couldn’t have been prouder. Gerron was at the top of his game. The mentor hats came off, and the judging happened.

The chefs switched places with the judges, and – YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! It was my man Gerron! He wished his mom was there. Joe said he did his mom proud, and he was honored to be Gerron’s mentor and friend. Gerron thanked Joe for giving him a chance when no one else saw his potential. Ashley said it had been a pleasure and a blessing, and there were lots of hugs. Cesar said the competition had defined what he was doing with his life and what he was passionate for. Gerron said he’d finally have the opportunity to go back and start a culinary program at the school. His dream came true. Turn up!

🍴 If you would like to fill out an application for the next season of MasterChef, go to fox.com/masterchef.

🔪 The new season of Hell’s KitchenRookies vs Veterans – will begin on September 28th. Sounds like an interesting twist.

🚣 The Stud of the Sea…

Captain Lee has a book coming out.


😵 More to Flip Out About…

Jeff’s troubles know no end.


🍰 Food Glorious Food…

A sampling from tonight’s MasterChef menu.

August 8, 2018 – Peter is the Luckiest Man Alive, NYC After Cartagena, Lots of Gordon, a New Wife, & It Starts the Same


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I miss the very beginning, because, dogs.

Dr. Klein (is it the same actor?) tells Finn that he’s in no position to make demands. Finn knows Klein thinks he’s way out of his depth right, but they need him or he wouldn’t be here. He wants proof Anna is alive before he looks at the chart. Klein leaves the chart and walks out. Finn says sorry if he hurt Klein’s feelings. In my head, I fill in that Klein is working for the captor(s) and someone important has an infectious disease.

Klein tells Anna, time to wake up. Anna asks what for, and he says, proof, and takes her picture.

Peter tells Robert that he thought he knew everything about his father, but he only scratched the surface. Robert’s colleagues are more educated than he is. Robert says Peter claims to have information they want; show him. Peter wants his freedom guaranteed first.

Maxie tells Nina that the advertising department was swept away with Valentin’s ad block. Nina says to tell them anyone can sell a fantasy with pretty copy; a lie is still a lie. Valentin appears, and says nothing about his love for her is a lie.

Drew tells Kim it will be a feeding frenzy to meet him at the reunion. She says she’ll handle it for him. Margaux comes by, and says, funny running into him. Drew introduces her to Kim. He says they met because of their mutual love for baseball. Margaux says she’s actually there on DA business, and leaves. Kim says, baseball, huh?

At the courthouse, Alexis asks what Julian is doing there. He says he’s there to support his niece. She says he should be proud of her. It took a lot of courage to bring the case to court. Julian wants Kiki to know she’s not alone. Ava told him about the meeting. He had no idea they’d put up with that kind of harassment. Alexis says so many men don’t realize what they’ve had to get over, put up with, and deal with forever. They’re angry, and if one of them isn’t, there’s a problem.

Kiki tells Ava that she has to sit across from David, and knows how he’ll look at her. Ava says, don’t look at him. Give him nothing. Griff says he’ll use the same tactics he did at the hospital, and try to intimidate her. He agrees she should give him nothing. Ava tells her to think about how many of them support her; they’re the ones who are important. They see her as the beautiful, honest woman she is. Griff says, absolutely.

Scotty tells Franco that people are unpredictable, especially under oath. It kind of gets to them. They have secrets that should go to the grave, or at least a shrink, but feel the need to unburden themselves, leaving nothing but shrapnel.

When Klein Is gone, Anna sits up. She takes out a small scalpel.

Robert tells Peter that he won’t go to Steinmaur if he provides information regarding the patients in the Russian facility. Peter says he’ll need it in writing, but Robert says that could take weeks or months. Peter asks if he’s supposed to take Robert’s word for it. Peter says just before Jason, Dr. Klein had a record of varying signs of success with the other patients. They were taken to Liechtenstein for further study. Robert asks, why not Jason? and Peter says he’d have to ask Klein. Robert thinks it’s just a stall to keep him out of Steinmaur. If this is a test, he flunked it. Peter asks if Robert is sending him to supermax, but Robert says Anna would never let him hear the end of it. He’s going to offer a compromise.

Finn tells Klein a photo could have been taken weeks ago. He wants to see Anna in the flesh, speaking coherent sentences. Klein says, or what? Finn says his patient is in bad shape, and there’s a mutation he doesn’t recognize. Unless he kidnapped a panel of experts on infectious diseases… Klein gets what he’s saying. Klein leaves, and Finn says, that went well.

Robert tells Peter that they’ll shelve the charges. Peter asks what that means, and Robert says he’s not exonerated, and the charges can be refiled. He’s free for as long as Robert says so. Peter says, so he’s under Robert’s thumb. Robert tells him, should he want to use Peter for a WSB op, he’s to offer his full cooperation. If he causes his mother or anyone else grief, Steinmaur will be waiting. Robert opens the door, and Margaux is there. He says, perfect timing. Peter is no longer a WSB problem. She asks Peter if he’s ready for her.

Griff tells Ava he’ll meet them at the courthouse. She says it means a lot for him to be there by Kiki’s and her side. He’s family to them. He leaves, and Kiki asks what Ava thinks of her outfit. Ava says she thinks she knows what Kiki is trying to accomplish, and it’s not going to work.

Franco asks if Scotty is sitting on information that could hurt Kiki’s case. Scotty says it has nothing to do with the case. Franco asks what he’s talking about; maybe he can help. Scotty says, hypothetically, how do you tell your friend that her daughter had relations with her doctor, ex-priest boyfriend? Franco says that hypocritical bastard. Scotty couldn’t agree more, but now that Franco knows the truth, what is he going to do about it?

Alexis tells Julian, sorry; this issue gets her worked up. He understands. She says between the dock thing, photoshop (I guess she’s become a meme?), and phone calls, she’s on edge. Julian says he’s angry, thanks to her. The therapy session she dragged him to made him pissed off. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got with the double standard he grew up with. It was screwed up. Finding a good woman to save, and at the same time, keeping the same woman under his control. He doesn’t know as he’s met anyone who wants to be controlled. Alexis wonders if it’s an argument or an apology. He says he’s done a lot of both. He wants to thank her for Kiki being able to conquer the world he grew up in. Kiki is fortunate to have her. So are Sam, Molly, and Kristina. She teaches them by example not to accept the world he grew up in.

Elizabeth tells Kim that she’s testifying on Kiki’s behalf. She was thinking of having Franco bring Cameron to the trial.

Ava tells Kiki that’s not what Alexis told her to wear. Dressed in a dark blazer, blouse, and slacks, Kiki doesn’t think it sends the right message. Ava asks if she thinks the conservative look makes her seem serious and believable. Kiki says she wants to be seen as professional. Ava says if she wears this, she’s saying one thing to David – you win. He’s taken her confidence and power. Don’t let him get away with it. Didn’t she hear what they said the other day? They haven’t battled so hard for her to surrender. Get in there and fight.

Peter asks if Margaux is there to discuss fraud charges. She says she’s not chasing him for a fake resume or a phony name. She can’t get traction on attempted murder without Anna either. It’s beyond her how he’s not going to prison, but his crimes aren’t her jurisdiction. Peter says if it’s not her jurisdiction, then it’s not her business. She doesn’t like the idea of releasing him back out into public. She asks if he knew that ID theft is a federal offense, and he says he didn’t steal anyone’s identity. She says he aided and abetted changing Drew’s identity. He says she’s reaching, but she says if she can prove it, he’ll go to prison.

Valentin says James is looking well. Maxie says James is none of his business. Nina says she and Maxie are working. He just wanted to tell her that he had the stables rebuilt, and Lumiere is coming home tomorrow. He also bought a mare, so she and Charlotte can ride anytime. Maxie tells him to stop using what’s important to Nina to get to her. He says what’s important to Nina, is important to him. Maxie tells him all children’s well-being is important to her, and he took Peter as a child, giving him to Faison. He says he also protected Peter most of his life. Maxie says Nathan protected Nina most of her life, and because of him, Peter, and Faison, he’s gone.

Klein brings Anna in, holding her up. He tells Finn that if his patient dies, so does she.

Maxie tells Nina the Interruptions are making work impossible. She’s going to tell them to bring the food to the office. She realizes she forgot James has a doctor’s appointment. Nina says she’ll go with her, and Maxie says she’ll cancel the order. When she’s gone, Nina says, Maxie is right. He’ll do anything to try to get to her. He’ll use anything; the magazine, her horse, Charlotte. He already took out major ads. She gets it. He professed his feelings. He thinks it’s love, but it’s not respect. He says he respects her, but she says not enough to tell the truth. She’ll be glad to give Charlotte riding lessons, but not when he’s there.

Peter is tired of explaining that he had nothing to do with the memory transfer. She says he was an accessory, but he says, not according to Robert. She tells him he wasn’t given an everlasting get-out-of-jail-free card. It’s on record that he had the flash drive with Drew’s memories. He says he’s not the one who stole them, and a digital download of memory transfer isn’t include in the definition of ID theft. She says he was trafficking stolen information, using it to bargain for his freedom. It’s extortion and blackmail, and he’d be deemed a flight risk. He wonders why she’s so invested. She says she’s the DA, and it’s her job, but he thinks there’s more to it.  She wants to use his freedom as leverage for something else. She says he made a mess, and it’s on her to clean up. He asks how they’re supposed to do that, and she tells him to give back Drew’s identity, and all the charges will be dropped.

Kiki comes out in a navy-blue dress with bell sleeves. Ava asks if she feel like more herself. She does, and she feels more like Ava. She never realized the battles Ava had to face. Ava says she’s had her share of challenges, but the first time, there was no social media; it didn’t exist. Harassment is harassment. She survived, and so will Kiki. Kiki says it’s her favorite thing about Ava; she’s a survivor. She hopes Ava knows how much she loves her; she’s sorry. Ava says she has nothing to apologize for, and hugs her. She says nothing in this world would tarnish her love for Kiki – nothing.

Franco tells Scotty instead of them saying anything, has he considered not putting Griff on the stand? Cross him off the list. Scotty says, it’s not that easy. David thinks the picture is his ticket to ride, and wants Griff to testify. Franco suggests they go directly to Alexis. Scotty hopes by we, Franco means himself. Franco says, fine. He’ll warn her so she won’t be blindsided in case Griff wants to unburden himself. Scotty says better Franco than him. Scotty says the wrong question can blow the case, and ruin her client’s life.

Klein leaves Anna with Finn. He asks if she’s okay, and she kisses him, saying not to worry; she’s fine. He asks about the wobbly thing. She says she doesn’t want them to know she’s fine. They’ve been giving her phlebotomy treatments like clockwork. He says she has health conscious captors. She asks if he was kidnapped outright, or was it a botched rescue attempt. He says his kidnapping is part of the rescue; he’s working with Robert. He was brought in to cure a patient he’s never met from a disease he doesn’t recognize. Finn says he missed her, and she says she missed him too. They kiss, and she feels the tracking device that Robert implanted in his arm. She asks what it is, and he says, the cavalry is on the way. She says they can’t have that.

Peter says Drew is a good man who deserves his life back, and Margaux asks if he’ll do it. He says he left the flash drive when he was taken by Obrecht. If anyone knows where it is, it’s her. Drew walks in and says he doesn’t think Peter ever had it. Margaux asks if he wants to press charges, but he says the flash drive is gone. He wants to focus on his life as it is. If she wants to continue, have at it, but if she’s doing it for him, thanks for nothing. Peter asks if he’s free to go. Griff comes in, and says he needs to see his patient.

In the hallway, Margaux asks Drew if he’s sure he doesn’t want to press charges. He asks what’s the point? Even if Peter was convicted, it won’t change anything. Peter is as much his father’s victim as he is.

Peter tells Griff they’ve kept each other’s secret; let’s leave it. He says he’s there for Anna. Peter has reasons for hatred, anger, and sadness, with nowhere for it to go. He doesn’t want Peter to direct it at her. Peter says, wouldn’t it be great if he wasn’t there at all? and Griff says he’s free to go. Margaux comes back, and says an officer will come by with his release, and to get out before she changes her mind and charges him.

Franco tells Elizabeth they need to get to the courthouse. She says she was just suggesting maybe Cameron should come, but Franco thinks the subject requires some delicate conversations. They’ll talk later. Griff asks if Elizabeth is still working. She says for just another few minutes, and he says he’s consulting on a case. He tells them how Ava stepped up for Kiki, and Franco says he’s a lucky guy, and makes a mean face. Griff guesses he is. He leaves, and Elizabeth wonders what’s up with Franco. She thought he liked Griff. Franco says, so did he.

Peter gets dressed. Robert says it’s his lucky day. Peter says he’s an object of mercy for the first time. Robert says it might look like he’s free, but Peter’s ass belongs to him. He tells Peter here’s a gift from the WSB, and tosses Faison’s lighter on the bed. Peter says it gave him satisfaction to take it when Faison died, but now he doesn’t need it. Robert suggests it might get decent price; Faison’s estate was seized. Peter says he doesn’t want his father’s money. Robert says he should try selling the lighter. Until further notice, he’s penniless.

Julian thanks Alexis for hearing him. She’s glad the therapy had the effect it did. He says his son also became a father. He thinks Lucas and Brad will be great parents. Alexis says, Julian too. He’s improving as a grandfather. He tells her to get the SOB.

Peter sees Nina and Maxie at the hospital. He says he has no right to ask, but can he see the baby? He tell James he hasn’t seen him since his big debut; he’s gotten so big. Nina asks if he’ll be leaving Port Charles. Maxie asks where he’s going to go now. Peter looks more like Tim Allen every day. He needs to ditch that beard pronto. Peter says he can understand why Maxie would want him to leave and never come back. Maxie says she doesn’t hate him, but it would be for the best. He says he’s lived in different places, running from his father his entire life, and this is the closest he’s come to having a real home. He’s decided to stay and give things another chance.

Away from Nina, Valentin gets on the phone, and makes arrangements with the warden to visit a prisoner. Donna Mills? I read she’s coming back.

Drew asks if Margaux is disappointed that he’s not pressing charges. She says she’s actually happy it’s freed her schedule. He appreciates the effort, and says there’s a hotdog stand near by. He asks if she’d like one. He imagines they have mustard. They leave together.

Anna takes out the scalpel to remove the tracking device from Finn. He wonders why they can’t be rescued, and she says personally, she’s not all for it. Whoever these people are working for is powerful and dangerous. Finn adds, and sick. She says they can’t find out who they are, and they will if Robert comes charging to the rescue. She removes the device, and says, now they’re on their own.

On the phone, Robert says he lost Finn’s signal. Do they have it? He says, dammit!

Anna and Finn almost kiss, when Klein comes back. Anna pretends she can’t stand, and Finn pretends to hold her up. Klein says it’s time to roll. Finn asks, where? and Klein says he’ll know when they get there.

Julian asks how the team is, and Ava says his niece is quite a warrior. He supports her one million percent. She appreciates it, and Ava asks if she’s ready. She says, damn right. Franco and Elizabeth come in, and Franco says, she’s got this. Elizabeth tells her that nurses are coming to support her. Kiki bets no doctors will be, but Elizabeth thinks he might be surprised. Franco tells Alexis that he has to talk to her before her case falls apart.

Tomorrow, Ava asks to talk to Elizabeth, Alexis asks Franco what’s so important, and David asks Scotty if he’s trying to throw the case.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Dorinda visits Ramona in the Hamptons. It’s Ramona’s first major renovation, and it’s uplifting for her. Dorinda says it looks like a whole new place. Ramona tells her it’s the best feeling next to having her daughter. LuAnn and Sonja arrive. Ramona says she did everything online. In her interview, LuAnn says Ramona now thinks she’s the queen of design, but there are no flowers; not even a chia pet. Everyone is still recovering from the trip to Cartagena.

Tinsley comes by Carole’s place. Carole says, not to overshare, but it’s the first day she’s normal in the bathroom. Tinsley says, not to overshare, but she got worse later.

Sonja suggests wearing diapers. We see a picture of her reaching into an overhead rack, and her diaper is sticking up over her pants. In her interview, she says she doesn’t like to use the lavatory on a bus, and with a diaper, you don’t know what’s going on down there. Really? Does that diaper come with a handful of Xanax? They relive the boat trip from hell.

Tinsley didn’t think it was that crazy. Carole says it could have ended totally different. In her interview, Carole thinks Tinsley is nuts. It’s like she was on a different boat. Tinsley says, true, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Carole says she’s been in abusive relationships, and it sounds like her her go-to reaction – everything is okay. It’s the same reaction with their near-death experience. Tinsley gets weepy, saying she can’t help the way she is.

Everyone is all TMI about their diarrhea at Ramona’s house. She tells them she’s having a showcase for her anti-aging cream.

Sonja is worried about renting the townhouse. She’s only seen three or four people, but they’re coming into the prime month for real estate. Realtor Kristi comes over. Sonja explains that when the snow melted in the yard, the poop underneath was revealed. She has to be all over the poop situation; she’s inundated. Kristi says the client is pulling up, so Sonja needs to go. Kristi says she’ll text when they’re done and meet with Sonja.

Dorinda visits Bethenny at her new place. She says you know you’re moving up in world when you enter right into the apartment from the elevator. Bethenny says she was excited to come home, but dreading it. Normally she’s very involved in her own move, but everyone worked hard while she was gone to get the apartment ready. Calling it home after a trip like that is sweet. She gives Dorinda the tour. In her interview, Dorinda says it’s everything you’d want an apartment to look like. It has everything that makes living in NYC easy. I have to note that the closet is bigger than my first apartment. Dorinda is still under the weather. Bethenny says she was the only one not sick.

Bethenny says Dorinda had a real moment with LuAnn. Dorinda doesn’t want to talk about it, but she’s still pissed off. LuAnn needs to look at the bigger picture, and how Dorinda has stuck by her. In her interview, Dorinda says after she tried to speak to LuAnn, she still doesn’t get it. Every statement was loaded. LuAnn depended on her for three years, so don’t school her now. A handshake is only good if there are two hands. She tells Bethenny that she feels like she’s in a good place with John. In her interview, Dorinda says they didn’t break up, but she wants to be in a growing space. Bethenny says she’s glad he’s not going anywhere. Just because you love someone, that doesn’t mean they’re the right person. In her head, she gave Dennis ninety days. She says he might end up alone, but Dorinda doubts it. Bethenny says she’s not sharing the closet.

Kristi tells Sonja that her client likes it, but what’s coming up in every showing is the construction nearby. She thinks the price should be reduced. She’s even been doing vetting to make sure they can afford it. Sonja says, if you can’t afford it, don’t look. In her interview, Sonja doesn’t care who likes her. She wants her price.

LuAnn meets Bethenny at a place where you make your own lipstick. Bethenny suggests LuAnn make Countess Cabaret. Oddly, LuAnn’s bag matches Bethenny’s jacket. In her interview, LuAnn says, now that Carole is out of the way, she and Bethenny have been reconnecting. Bethenny says she saw Dorinda, and she’s going to therapy. She says Dorinda doesn’t think she did anything bad. In her interview, LuAnn says she and Dorinda have had no relationship after Cartagena. She was horrified to know what her friend thought of her, and hopes she looks at herself. She tells Bethenny that she doesn’t hold grudges, but it’s like a knot in her stomach that’s not going away. She does forgive Dorinda though. Bethenny says Dorinda doesn’t think she needs forgiving. In her interview, LuAnn says it’s hard to ignore. She’s heard you hurt the ones you love most, and unfortunately, Dorinda loves her in the wrong way. Bethenny tells her that Carole has been hanging out with Tinsley. She’d said she wanted lighter friends. Light and young, with no responsibilities. In her interview, Bethenny says her relationship with Carole is like burnt marinara; you can’t fix it. If it’s burned at the bottom, you can taste it at the top. LuAnn tells her about Ramona’s house. She’d said it was a total renovation, and everything is white. The top on the kitchen island looks like a headstone, and where she keeps the bodies. In her interview, Bethenny says rehab was freeing for LuAnn. She now doesn’t care if what she’s saying is inappropriate. LuAnn tells her the house was freezing. There was no warmth and no character. She says Ramona was the inspiration for Money Can’t Buy You Class.

Carole meets Dorinda for dinner. She just came from a meeting with her agent. The Widow’s Guide to Sex and Dating is being optioned for TV. It’s been a transforming year. She also has a party coming up for her article in Cosmopolitan. Dorinda asks if she’s dating, and if she’s gone out with Brian, the scarf guy from speed dating. Carole says Bethenny texted him, and Dorinda says Bethenny claimed it was a mistake text. Carole tells her that Bethenny says not nice things about him. She thinks it wasn’t a mistake, and Bethenny is two-faced. Dorinda says Bethenny told her they’d hit a wall in Cartagena. Carole says she heard that too, but Bethenny hasn’t said any more. Dorinda says she saw the new apartment, and Carole says she was never asked to, which speaks volumes. In her interview, Carole says when they were friends, she was the first person to see Bethenny’s old apartment, and the new one pre-construction. It’s indicative of where they are. Well, I doubt Carole would call Bethenny for any firsts either. Carole says she’s seeing Bethenny for the first time, or maybe just clearly. She needed to reframe the friendship, and create boundaries. She thinks Bethenny creates her own story, or perspective, where Carole isn’t there for her. Dorinda says she starts the story where she chooses, and Carole says, where she looks good.

Michele from Cosmopolitan is hosting the party with Carole. The attire is athletic chic, since they’ve been to too many cocktail parties that are all the same. Heather Thomas shows up. In her interview, Carole says Heather supports her. She misses Heather, and it’s nice to feel a connection again. Tinsley and Scott arrive, with Tinsley sporting a Columbia sweatshirt. In her interview, she says she played tennis for them when she went to college there. Adam shows up with a trophy for Carole. In her interview, Carole says they still love each other. He was a good boyfriend. She doesn’t crash and burn relationships, the way some people do. She talks to him about work. In her interview, Tinsley says Carole and Adam’s break-up was harder on her than them. They used to take trips together with her and Scott. She’s glad he’s there supporting Carole, and hopes they remain friends. Heather asks Carole what her having a voice means, citing some talk from last season. She thought Carole already had a voice. Maybe it needs to be about her occasionally. Carole says Bethenny isn’t a bad person, but it needs balancing out. Heather says Bethenny is self-absorbed, and doesn’t realize it. In her interview, Carole says Heather knows Bethenny, and gets it. She doesn’t have to overexplain. A group picture is taken, and Dorinda runs in at the last minute. She looks sleek, and Tinsley says no one talks about the upside of the Columbia cleanse. Dorinda looks good. Adam congratulates Carole, and says they should grab coffee sometime. She says she doesn’t drink coffee anymore.

Bethenny picks up Sonja. They’re going where SkinnyGirl jeans are made. In her interview, Bethenny says if she can help keep Sonja’s ass covered, she’s done her part. Sonja tells Bethenny that Mr. Watch TV was over. In her interview, Sonja says she likes monikers, since she doesn’t want to put the names out there. He’s her Netflix and chill kind of guy.

Bethenny is involved in all aspects of the jeans line, and is obsessed. They’re slap-your-ass good jeans. Bethenny explains that Sonja also has a clothing line, and is along for the ride. Manager Bill says, this is where the magic happens, and he’s going to take her behind the curtain. Bethenny wants to be inspired and be involved. They go past some gigantic washers, and Sonja jokes about hiding bodies. In her interview, Bethenny says the difference between Sonja and Carole is that Sonja doesn’t take herself seriously, and they laugh a lot. Sonja says it brings back memories of FIT. She’s back in her element. I used to live a few streets down from FIT, and I miss my element. Bill shows them some jeans that enhance a guy’s male parts. They’re called BPD – Big Package Denim. Bethenny and Sonja laugh their asses off. Someone wearing those might scare me. Remember, it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.

NYC is experiencing some nasty, rainy weather, and Dorinda’s umbrella turns inside out. She comes by the dry-cleaning place to see John. The manager tells John that his wife came to see him. In her interview, Dorinda says they call her his wife because she’s always storming around the castle like she’s the queen. John has a nice lunch set up in his office, with flowers and everything. He tells Dorinda that he’s going to be on Rachel Ray’s show. In her interview, Dorinda says she’s never seen someone grow so much in six years. He wants to be the best man he can for her. She brings out the best in men. I have to admit, I’m impressed. We haven’t seen John much lately, and I wasn’t crazy about him, but it definitely looks like he’s improved. John says it’s been an amazing six years; it was effortless. Dorinda says she realizes that she has to communicate better. He’s working hard, but it’s important to take time out. In her interview, she says he makes her happy. Not everything he does makes her happy, but that’s life. She tells him about LuAnn’s cabaret, and says there will probably be an after-party.

Ramona arrives for her Ageless pre-celebration. She wants people to test it, and tell her what they think. The venue is restaurant Megu, and Carole tells Dorinda that the last time they were there, there was a huge fight. We flash back to Carole telling Bethenny get off her jock. They go inside, followed by LuAnn in a cute, feathery, lavender jacket. Tinsley has a new idea; Tinsley Travels – a vacation so amazing, you’ll literally sh*t your pants. I literally LOL. They toast to Ramona. Sonja brings in a huge shopping bag with shoeboxes in it. She’s brought shoes for everyone. She shows off the pair she’s wearing, and they are cute. In her interview, Sonja says the people who buy Ramona’s skincare are the same demographic as her shoes. LuAnn puts her pair on, and those are cute too. In her interview, LuAnn says Sonja took a little away from Ramona’s party, but she loves the shade. Ramona tells Sonja it’s about her skincare, not Sonja’s shoes. In her interview, Ramon says she’ll give Sonja ten minutes. I’m flabbergasted that she’s even giving Sonja any time. I figured she’d pitch a fit. Sonja says he didn’t bring shoes for Carole and Dorinda. They don’t support her, and she doesn’t think they’d wear them anyway. We flash back to Dorinda being obnoxious about Sonja’s family crest slippers. Ramona tells Tinsley that she’s worried about Bethenny. In her interview, Ramona says Bethenny claims to support women, but if she did, she would have come or at least wished her luck. She got nothing.

Carole is looking forward to LuAnn’s cabaret. LuAnn tells her that the beatboxer worked on Hamilton. We see a clip of LuAnn rehearsing with Sonja. Dorinda says LuAnn should be proud of herself. She’s sorry about their mishap. Is that what we’re calling drunken fits now? She says she’s always supported LuAnn, and she’s sorry. In her interview, LuAnn knows Dorinda feels the need to apologize, but she’s not interested in fake apologies. Show her by doing something about her problem. She feels bad when people can’t cop to their own bad behavior. She laughs, and says she didn’t mean to use word cop. In her interview, Dorinda says she’s looking for her own I’m sorry. She feels like LuAnn lacks self-awareness. Or maybe their friendship isn’t as important as she thought.

Ramona makes a little speech. As the drinking commences, Carole tells LuAnn that her skin never looked better.

Next time – the finale – LuAnn’s cabaret; John’s not invited, but Scott is; Sonja has a wardrobe malfunction; Ramona calls out Bethenny for being unsupportive; and Dorinda and LuAnn go at it.

🍋 On MasterChef, the mystery box contained oil, and the challenge was to make a deep-fried dish. The contestants had access to the full pantry, and Viking stoves got a plug. The pantry never ceases to impress me, since it contains everything you could think of. I also like to kid myself that I’d be a great cook if I only had one like it. The judges cooked along with the contestants. Aaron made crispy oyster tacos; Joe recreated a dish from his childhood in Italy – Fritto Misto – that featured calamari; and I missed what Gordon’s endeavor was called, but it included crab and caviar, and looked stupendous. The home cooks got to taste the judges’ three entrées, and I was jealous. Shanika, hopefully humbled from past episodes, was the winner here, with a pancetta apple risotto. She also got a spot in the top three. Safe from the next challenge, involving citrus fruit, she chose which contestants would have to cook something savory and which got the sweet side. Gerron was a smarty pants, begging for sweet, so of course she gave him savory, which was what he really wanted. I don’t know how she didn’t figure that out, since I was only half paying attention and guessed that was his tactic right away. I’m not crazy about fruit, but Ashely made a scrumptious layer cake that I would not have minded eating. Gordon pronounced it bloody delicious, and said she took a massive risk that paid off. On the opposite end of the spectrum, SJ made something that you couldn’t even tell what it was except a mess on a plate. He claimed it was a torte. Gerron and Ashley were the winners, but it was the end of the road for Ralph, who Gordon said did not have the technical skills to execute the challenge. He was sad to leave, but said he’d accomplished a lot, learned so much, and wasn’t giving up his dream of opening a Filipino restaurant. He felt like he was leaving as a better person and a better cook. Next time, Gordon gives a master class in filleting a halibut, and only the sharpest cooks make the cut.

😱 24 Hours to Hell and Back featured Patrick Molloy’s, a family owned restaurant and bar in Hermosa Beach, California. The original owners were a husband and wife, and the husband’s good friend. The husband passed away, and son Patrick inherited his share of the place. Mom thought he got too much too soon. Friend Fred also became Patrick’s stepdad. There was friction between Patrick and Fred, and the staff used it to their advantage, goofing off while Patrick and Fred were busy arguing. The staff complained that they didn’t know who to go to for anything, and Mom (whose name I never caught) was caught in the middle. To add to the pressure, she had developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. When Gordon asked Patrick why he thought business was bad, he said it was because they didn’t get a lot of customers. Instead of just staring at him blankly, as I would have, Gordon told him that the only reason they had any customers was that there were so few local places to eat. They were a last resort. Hell on Wheels showed the staff acting like idiots, arguing bosses, and an unsanitary, filthy as hell kitchen. Gordon called the kitchen a war zone, and said business was hemorrhaging starting with that. Screwing his shrink hat on extra tight, Gordon found out that Fred really wanted out, and there had been animosity between Fred and Patrick’s dad that was being carried forward. Gordon wanted to see freshness and vibrancy, and the owners on the same page. He did the usual, renovation, cleaning, counseling, and teaching them to cook, and at last Patrick stepped up. Disappearing into the night, Gordon’s mission was accomplished. Next time, a combative owner in Santa Barbara, and a gas container next to a furnace.

🔥 Hell’s Kitchen will return on Friday, September 28th.

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