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July 5, 2018 – It’s In the Pub, Wild on TLC, a Single Quote & Oceanfest


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At Sonny’s place, Milo tells Mike about Lucy losing her clothes at the Nurses’ Ball. Mike asks if Sonny was ever part of the Magic Milo act, but Sonny says he leaves the stripping to the professionals.

Stella asks Griff about a patient. The form is illegible, and there’s no barcode. Griff says he saw the patient in the ER, and things were rough. Stella tells him she was hired to provide social services, not to translate the Rosetta Stone; meet her halfway. He’s abrupt with her, and she tells him the fact that he has a medical degree doesn’t entitle him to impose on anyone.

At Charlie’s, Julian looks at article in the Port Charles Press naming David as Kiki’s harasser. He tells Ava that he can’t believe it. He needs to decide what to do. Ava asks, decide about what? and he says, how many pieces he’s going to be in when he’s found.

Franco startles Scotty at the park, and Scotty asks if he wants to get the life insurance to pay his wedding bills. He doesn’t understand why Franco set up a meeting with him, and Franco wonders why Scotty wanted it to be in the park. Scotty says he can’t be too careful. They have him double crossing his own client. Franco says that David should have thought twice before harassing Kiki. Now he’s going to get what he deserves. Scotty tells him not to be so sure about that. David just gave him a piece of evidence that will put Kiki in the crosshairs.

Kiki meets Alexis at The Floating Rib. She tells Alexis that she got her hours slashed, while David gets to keep living his life like nothing happened. Alexis tells her not if she has anything to say about it.

Kim and Oscar walk into Charlie’s. Oscar is wearing a dress shirt and tie, and Julian tells him he looks good, and Oscar thanks him in a snarky way. Kim explains that it’s the first day of Oscar’s internship. Julian says he’ll bring some breakfast, but Oscar says he can’t eat. He just saw something that made him nauseous. Julian says, one ginger ale coming up, and Kim tells Julian to surprise her. She asks if Oscar is ready, and he says he’s ready for her to stop wasting time with Julian.

On the phone in his office, Drew tells someone that the company is covered if David sues. Sam comes by, and asks if he has a minute.

Kim tells Oscar that she won’t tolerate him being rude to Julian or anyone else. He says she still has feelings for Drew, and she says she has feelings for Julian that are reciprocated. Oscar says Drew can’t help it if he doesn’t remember his feelings for her. Kim tells him it’s natural to want his parents to be together, but wanting something doesn’t mean it will happen. Oscar thinks she and Drew have been conferring, and asks what Drew said about him.

Sam tells Drew that they’re not sure if Peter left town voluntarily or was abducted. Drew knows that Jordan hired her and Curtis, and asks how she’s liking her new job. She says it’s going slow, but she likes it a lot. They’re looking into the motive of revenge. Drew doesn’t think he can help, but Sam says he worked closer with Peter than she did. She asks if he mentioned an enemy. Drew doesn’t think Peter ever talked about much that was personal, and for sure nothing negative. Sam says she’s worried about Drew. Peter told her that he was going to do a memory reversal procedure with Andre, and had offered him the flash drive in exchange for breaking him out. He’d said Drew turned him down, and was going to do the procedure without it. Drew says, that was the plan. She hopes he’s changed his mind, and he says he decided it wasn’t worth the risk. He couldn’t do it to the kids. Sam says he made the right choice. She thinks he’s great exactly as he is, and Scout and Oscar love having him as a father. Drew says he owed it to them not to live in limbo. He says today is the start of a new life. He got the papers, and it’s official. They’re divorced.

Kiki tells Alexis that she’s made notes on every close encounter with David. Alexis says it will be helpful in structuring the case, but no more publicity. If Lulu wants a follow-up, tell her to wait until the trial starts. Kiki says the waiting makes her anxious, but Alexis says it will give her more time for putting the case together. With Francesca’s cooperation, she’s feeling more confident, but it will still be an ordeal. She believes with their poised and careful testimony, the jury will throw the book at David. Alexis gets a call from Franco. He’s looking at the picture of Griff and Kiki hugging, and says Scotty showed him something that could have an effect on Kiki’s case, and not in a good way.

Milo tells Mike that Epiphany is his biggest fan, but he had to tell her dollar bills don’t cut it. He doesn’t come cheap. Mike asks if Sonny knows Milo, and Milo says they go way back. Sonny asks if Mike took his meds today, and Mike asks if Sonny is checking up on him. Milo says that’s what families are for, and Sonny says he’s been checking on Mike for a long time. Mike leaves to take his medication, and Sonny tells Milo that he’s sorry. Milo tells him not to apologize. Mike is doing better than his mother did. She also had Alzheimer’s.

Drew says, papers are filed, and boom, two people who were once in love are no longer married. Sam starts to cry, and apologizes. She says she thought they should share Scout equally. He asks why she’s giving up Aurora, and she says she thinks it’s best for the company to have a sole owner; it cuts out the uncertainties, since Peter turned out to be a fraud. He says he can handle the fallout from Peter. Why give up something that’s half hers? Sam says Drew made it for them to run together, but they’re not together anymore. She thinks it’s best for the company – and them – to have a clean split. He guesses that’s it then, but she says, not quite.

Oscar asks Kim again what Drew said about him, and she says, next to nothing, but they agreed the past is in the past. In the here and now, they’re his parents and love him. They want to help in making choices that are best for him, but that’s as far as it goes; they have separate lives. Oscar says he’s glad she cleared it up. He tells her that he doesn’t want to be late, and gets up. She says she’ll tell Julian they’re leaving, but he says, stay with Julian. He’d rather walk.

Julian tells Ava that Oscar’s not his biggest fan. Ava is glad he’s willing to spill blood for Kiki, but wants him to stay out of it. She’s going to see how the trial shakes out. He asks what if it doesn’t go her way? She says then she’ll put David in his place. If the justice system fails, she has a plan.

Alexis tells Kiki there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that they got a leg up on Scotty’s defense. The bad news is the defense is going to portray her as a slut who asked for it.

Milo tells Sonny that his mom passed away two years ago. Sonny wishes Milo had told him, but Milo didn’t want to be a burden. Sonny says she was young, and Milo says, it can go that way, especially with women. Although she wasn’t Max’s mom, he and his family helped, and Diane found a good care facility. He doesn’t know what would have done without Epiphany. She got him to a place where he could talk about it. Sonny asks if there’s anything he can do for Milo, and Milo says, learn from his mistakes. The disease is relentless. The end is predictable, but the day to day, not so much. He tells Sonny to be with his father, enjoy the moments, and don’t be too proud to ask for help. There’s nothing bad about it. We all get weepy, and Sonny hugs Milo.

Milo says that Max asked him to drop something off, since he’s at the dentist. He gives Sonny an envelope, and says Max told him it’s everything he could find on the thing Sonny asked him to look into. Sonny says, he can’t get more vague, and Milo thinks that was the point. Sonny asks him to tell Epiphany that he owes her for supporting Milo, and he owes Milo for telling him about his mom. Talking to someone who understands it, helps.

Kiki realizes that David took the photo, and Alexis says he keeps out creeping himself. It was taken at GH, and the hugging wasn’t sexual, but it’s close. Kiki asks when it was taken, and Alexis tells her on April 24th. Kiki says, that was before. When Alexis asks, before what? Kiki says the Nurses’ Ball. Griff was comforting her after David’s harassment. Alexis asks Kiki if there’s anything she should know. It’s not be good be blindsided during the trial.

Griff has another referral for Stella. She says it’s legible and he found a bar code. He promises to be more careful in the future, and tells her, for the record, he doesn’t think having a medical degree entitles him to impose on her or anyone. He says a lot of male staffers are worried about Kiki’s allegations, but their silence isn’t consent. They don’t like a colleague imposing unwanted advances on anyone. He wishes they’d opened their eyes before this happened.

Scotty tells Franco that he just shared privileged information with him, and Kiki is a big girl. Franco says, it doesn’t matter how old she is, and Scotty says it sounds like he’s familiar with the experience.

Kim introduces herself to Ava. Ava says it’s about time. She wondered what gave Julian the extra spring in his step. Julian says, look no further.

Sam tells Drew that she’s sorry the vows they said didn’t last, but she’s not sorry they made them. She’s grateful for their time together. He saved her life, and helped bring their daughter into the world, and she’s grateful they’ll always be bonding over her. Drew says he’s grateful for the love they shared. He’s sorry it has to end this way. Sam is too, but she had to stand on her own and start over for the kids and herself. She misses what they had, and thinks she always will. She says it’s a new start for the both of them. She gives him her rings, and hopes it’s a good one. Drew says a lot of things went wrong, but the rings represent real love. He asks her to hold on to them for Scout. They hug, and he tells her it’s going to be okay.

Scotty tells Franco it looks like he struck a chord. Franco says, you know what they say about a broken clock. (I had to look this up – it’s right twice a day.) He tells Scotty not to be like that, and Scotty says, like what? Concerned, interested, dare he say fatherly? He knows Franco thinks he’s a deadbeat because he came into Franco’s life later. He’s tried to help, but Franco has a cloud hanging over his head, and it’s noticeable. He says Franco has an inner circle, but he can’t get in there. Franco admits he hasn’t shared a rather sizable demon. Scotty asks if Franco doesn’t trust him, and Franco says, if he does, it might change things. Is Scotty ready for that? Scotty says he is. Franco tells him that he didn’t have anyone like him when he was little. Just Drew and Betsy, who wasn’t equipped to deal with what was happening, and he was just a little kid.

Oscar goes to Drew’s office. Drew says they have a busy day ahead. First, he’s going to meet the head of the press, and going to shadow him. Then they’ll poke into the newsroom, but there’s some clerical stuff to take care of first. It’s not exciting, but it’s important. Drew notices that something is wrong, and asks, what’s going on? Oscar wonders if he ran the itinerary by his mom, since they report to each other behind his back.

Kiki tells Alexis that she’s already given her all sexual history, and asks if she should make a PowerPoint presentation for the jury. Alexis says she’s looking for a bad relationship that could be used to support her as the aggressor. Kiki says she never came on to or slept with someone as part of an agenda. Alexis says the last thing they need is a surprise, and Kiki says, there won’t be one.

Mike comes back downstairs. Sonny asks if he took his meds, and he says, yes, nurse. He asks what happened to Milo, and Sonny says he had to leave. Mike says Milo is a great kid, and Sonny says Milo and his mom have been taking care of his family for a long time. Mike says, unlike Sonny’s father, who didn’t take care of him. Sonny says sometimes he did. He followed him to Croton. Mike tells him to forget about it, but Sonny says, it’s important. Where did Mike take the body?

Scotty tells Franco the dark cloud is starting to make sense. He wishes his own father was there. He would know what to say, since Scotty isn’t equipped to handle it. He’s sorry Franco was hurt, and wishes he could have stopped it or helped him. He says he’s sorry, and Franco says he appreciates it, and thanks him. Scotty says if he gets something on David, he’ll let him know. They hug.

Kiki tells Griff she needs to talk to him away from the hospital.

Ava tells Kim that they should have dinner. Maybe Griff could come; she’s been wanting to get the boys together to have a good time. Kim says the last double-date she was on was in high school. She got food poisoning, and she’d like another shot at it. They decide to come up with a date that fits all of their schedules.

Drew tells Oscar that he doesn’t report to Oscar’s mom. Oscar says, if you say so. Drew says it’s important that Oscar respect him, and he didn’t betray any confidence. Oscar asks why he told her that Oscar wanted them back together. Drew says after the awards ceremony at Kelly’s, Kim wondered why Oscar had suddenly soured on Julian, and realized it was because he wanted them together. Drew didn’t confirm or deny. Oscar says he’s not a lawyer; he’s Drew’s son. Drew says it’s not exactly a secret that he doesn’t want Julian with his mom, and it was easy to presume. He told Kim that it was a natural thing to want. They have their own lives, but they both love him. They have that in common, but that’s as far as it goes.

Sam sees Alexis, and says she’s checking in. Alexis asks, as a daughter or a client? and Sam says, both. She just found out the divorce papers were executed. Alexis tells her that she knew they went out today, and if she checks her voicemail, there’s a message about it. Alexis wanted Sam to hear it from her first. She asks if Sam is okay; she wants the truth.

Mike talks about doing some small-time jobs for Charlie’s family, and Sonny asks if he went to the city after Croton. Mike says it was decades ago, and Sonny says there’s no statute of limitations for murder. Mike says he saw Sonny bury it, and he moved it; why isn’t that enough? Sonny says Mike told him that he moved it closer to home. Did he move it to Port Charles?

👿 Here’s where ABC breaks in to tell me that Scott Pruitt resigned. Because it can’t wait ten minutes. This time, I tried to go legit, using the ABC website to fill it in – they did come back for the tail end – but I had to watch fifty commercials just to get five minutes worth of show. I think next time I’ll continue to go rogue and use the pirated version. Sorry Clorox, BMW, and Secret antiperspirant.

Drew tells Oscar that he was just trying to get on the same page as his mom. Oscar says he’s sorry for snapping. Drew says it’s no one’s fault. His mom did a fantastic job of raising him. Drew promises he won’t tell her anything said in confidence.

Sam tells Alexis that the day Drew left her, he got in a fight with Jason. The PCPD called her, and she went down to the station to pay his bail. When he came out, he just walked past her, and she felt like no one, nothing. She guesses it was rock bottom, so when Alexis asks how she feels, she’s devastated that her marriage is over, but thinks she made right choice. They can both move on with their lives. Alexis asks if she can do anything to make it easier, and Sam says she’s the best mom and lawyer a girl could ask for. Alexis says she’d better be if she’s going to win Kiki’s case. It’s a little tricky, but she had a breakthrough this morning. Sam asks why she’s worried then, and Alexis tells Sam that she’s assuming her client is keeping something from her.

Franco tells Ava that Scotty agreed to reach out to Alexis and share tactics, so they know how David is spinning things. Ava says their strategy appears to be working’ they might not have to use drastic measures. Franco tells her about David having a photo he took of Kiki and Griff. Ava wonders, what photo?

Griff meets Kiki in the park, and asks, what’s going on? She tells him that David took a photo of them hugging. She doesn’t want him to be blindsided on the stand, and says they’ll also have to be prepared for her mom to ask questions. She says Alexis bought her explanation, and he asks if Alexis knows what happened. Kiki says she didn’t tell her; it has nothing to do with the case. Griff thinks it might help her fight the case. Kiki tells him there’s an old saying that three can keep a secret if two are dead. She adds that if her mom finds out about them, they might as well be dead. Scotty is listening in from behind a tree. I realize that lawyers could spin something like this, but I fail to see how it would be unusual for Kiki to hug Griff. He’s her mother’s boyfriend, and technically, as well as weirdly, could become her stepfather if he and Ava ended up getting married.

Kim asks Julian what all the boxes are for. He says he’s been cleaning out the back room. He wants to see if it can be expanded to give him more private space.

Sonny tells Mike the foundation of the pub was laid the same year he turned eighteen. The same year he buried the body and Mike moved it. He asks if Charlie helped Mike, and Mike says Sonny had a problem and they took care of it. Sonny says, it’s in the pub, isn’t it?

Kim tells Julian that he’ll never know what he might find under the façade. Old buildings are loaded with quirks. He says, whatever is buried in these walls, he can handle it.

Mike tells Sonny that the Feds would have to bust up the foundation to find the body.

I am loving this dead body storyline.

Tomorrow, Maxie says maybe she and Lulu can help each other like they used to, Ava tells Nelle that she’ll defend herself by any means necessary, and Peter asks if anyone was told he’s there. I assume the Scout came back for his bugle.

🐒🐐🐪 If you love animals, I highly recommend My Wild Life on TLC. Bobbie Jo and Jerry Abrams have a blended family all under one roof… three children, nanny, Naa Naa and 81 fur babies. The animal siblings include, a zebra, camel, kangaroos, llamas, wallabies and a recently adopted sloth. While there’s been some concern from animal rights groups about such a variety of animals living together, it looks like it works for them. Their website also states: We are a USDA licensed facility and highly trained to care for each of our unique animals. All of them are up to date on their shots and received lots of daily attention from our staff. Just don’t try this at home. I think the first season might be over, as I saw a couple of reruns late night, and don’t see it listed in the guide right now, but you can watch episodes for free here:


☝ One Good Quote…

Even though you may want to move forward in your life, you may have one foot on the brakes. In order to be free, we must learn how to let go. Release the hurt. Release the fear. Refuse to entertain your old pain. The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you back from a new life. What is it you would let go of today?Mary Manin Morrissey

🎡 The Fourth…

Tonight’s Southern Charm was a rerun from last week. I was actually kind of glad. I didn’t mind watching Ashley make a fool of herself at the polo match again, and while I can’t wait to watch her make a supreme fool out of herself at Patricia’s Winter Wonderland Ball, I’m happy to call it an early night. There’s been a heat wave, it’s not burning in my heart, and I spent way too much time on the boardwalk yesterday at the annual Oceanfest. It’s really a glorified flea market, with the addition of sand sculptures and fireworks, but it’s a tradition in our household. We never stick around for the fireworks, because, our dogs. It wasn’t too horrible this year. We blasted music and talked very loudly with each other, and now the dogs are afraid of us instead. JUST KIDDING. But it worked. Along with the grilled hamburger we occasionally slipped them.






May 11, 2018 – Nelle’s Shower Gets Exciting, 90 Day Journey, Quotes Worth Heeding & Moms


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny tells Jason that if they dig up what he did, his life will get blown apart.

At the MetroCourt, Anna leaves another message for Robert. She writes an email to Henrik from his mother. She says now that Faison is dead, she can tell him the truth about why she was forced to give him up when he was born. Valentin sits down and says she’s been avoiding him.

Curtis sits with Nina, and tells her she’s all work and no play. She says if her brother’s letters are any indication, she’s always been cool and interesting. He says, the ones he found in Peter’s office? She thanks him for a job well done, and gives him an envelope. He says it’s his pleasure, and amends that to extreme pleasure when he sees what’s inside. He asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want him to do any extra digging, but she says she was just angry. She was being paranoid and overprotective about Maxie. Peter isn’t a threat.

Peter reads his mother’s email, and says he can hear the excuses already. He leaves a message for Valentin to call him – now. Sam drops by, and says she’s given more thought to what they discussed.  She was surprised he told her it would be better off if she left. She asks him, why?

Carly yells, screw you, Ava! and throws the penguin mobile against the fireplace. Olivia says they all know how she hates Ava. They know what she did to Morgan and Connie – and her – but if she can keep her cool, so can Carly.

Jason tells Sonny it’s been decades. There’s nothing to connect him to the body. Sonny wouldn’t say that, since there have been major strides in forensics since then. A young kid on his first job made the mistake of burying the gun too. If they find a partial print and run it through the system, it will be Christmas for the Feds. Jason says they’d better get moving then.

Peter tells Sam he didn’t mean to imply the company would be better off without her. To be honest, Drew is more invested in the company. It might be difficult, if not impossible. for them to work together. It’s in Drew’s best interest if she walks away.

Curtis needs Nina to help him pick the right one. He shows her his phone, and she asks if that’s what she thinks it is. He says he’s going to propose to Jordan, and needs help in picking the perfect ring.

Valentin tells Anna that he can’t get ahold of Robert; he seems to have fallen off the grid. Anna says that’s what good agents do. Valentin wanted to follow up on the conundrum box with him. He put some thought in it, and remembers seeing one like it on Cassadine Island. He offers to have it dug up, but Anna passes that to Robert. Valentin is surprised she doesn’t want to check it out herself. He says Robert made it sound urgent, and he thought it had something to do with Henrik.

Carly says Ava brought Avery to the shower to flaunt it in her face. Ava says Avery is her daughter, and she’ll bring her where she wants. Carly says that’s only because she threatened to send Mike to prison. Ava says she’s like Carly, and will do anything for her children. Nelle apologizes, telling them to blame her. Carly says she’s not sorry; she’s thrilled. Monica reminds everyone that it’s a baby shower, and now it’s been brought to a halt in an argument about penguins. Bobbie says that’s not what the fight is about. She knows Nelle did it on purpose. Monica says it’s her shower. If she wants penguins, she can ask for penguins. Carly asks if her mother is the only one who sees Nelle for the snake she is.

Olivia suggests they play the baby bag game, where they guess what’s in the bag without looking at it. Olivia tells Carly that she knows it’s hard. She doesn’t like Nelle any better than Carly does. Ava hears her, and asks why come, let alone host the shower? Olivia says the baby is a Quartermaine, and after what Nelle pulled, Carly has every right to be skeptical. Nelle starts to interject, but Olivia suggests she quit while she’s ahead. Bobbie tells Carly that she can’t go in guns blazing. If she won’t do it for the baby or Michael, do it for herself. It’s not the battle to be picking right now. Carly steps away and takes a pill.

Nina looks through the rings. Curtis knows it will hurt one person and he’ll have no true peace, but it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. He and Jordan keep running away, and end up in the same place. Their last resort is to surrender, and promise to honor their bond every day for the rest of their lives. Nina says this is the one. It’s poetic yet honest, dazzling yet direct, and undeniably romantic. It’s like Jordan is for him, and him for her. Curtis looks at it and says she’s good. Nina says she is, and also happy for him. He’s been a good friend, indulging her with the investigation. He says she thought something was wrong, now it’s not, so that’s good news. She says Peter is on the up and up, and asks him to tell Sam that she was wrong. He has the best of intentions.

Sam asks if Peter thinks it’s impossible for them to work together. He says not to sound insensitive, but they’re getting a divorce. It would be better to have one CEO than two who are struggling with one another. She says she’s made her decision, and she’s staying. She tells him to let everyone who expressed concern know that she’s back and not going anywhere.

Anna tells Valentin that Robert is personally taking over the search for her son. She’d lost perspective, and her health suffered for it. Valentin asks if it’s serious, but Anna says she just needs to rest. She’s fine, and doesn’t need his sympathy. She needs to focus on the family she already has, and not be fixated on making things right with her son. Robert pointed out it might have a negative effect on Robin. Valentin says it’s shocking, but he agrees with Robert. She should focus on the  child has, not the one she doesn’t know.

Maxie comes into Peter’s office, and tells him that Nina showed her the folder he put together. He takes it that he owes her an apology. She asks if he’s kidding. Both she and Nina are beyond grateful. For Nina, it’s a keepsake of her brother, and for Maxie and the baby, it will be a window to what Nathan was like growing up. He wishes he’d given it to them sooner. When he sees it from Nina’s point of view, he can understand why she was suspicious. Maxie says Nina now sees what a good guy he is.

Nelle feels terrible. Monica opened her home to make this beautiful day happen. Carly has every reason not to trust her, but Nelle has to make it right. All she wants to do is build bridges and make amends. Olivia says now is not the time, but Nelle says what better time is there than when they’re celebrating the baby. She tells Carly that when she wanted name the baby Morgan, she was sincere. Carly says she has no reason to believe her, and Nelle says she’s right; she doesn’t. Josslyn says Nelle didn’t mean to be insensitive; she just wanted to do something nice. Carly is sure that’s what Nelle told her. Josslyn says even when Nelle told her that she admired her as a mother, and trusted her with guardianship of the baby, even that was a mistake. She just wanted to honor Morgan. Let her make things right.

Maxie tells Peter that Crimson is donating the programs. Peter laughs, saying he just wishes Nina would tell him something ahead of time. Maxie says Nina’s motto is that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. She wishes it didn’t mean she has to attend. Peter feigns shock, and says, Maxie Jones missing the social event of the season? She must be feverish and delusional, and needs to go home immediately. She tells him that last year, she was in Portland and missed it, so she and Nathan were going to do it up this year. She suggests sending an intern so they understand with glamour there is always pain. Peter says, or they could go together; he would appreciate the company. She says it would be easier to go with a friend, if he doesn’t mind walking the red carpet with a very pregnant lady. He says they’re on.

Carly tells Nelle that if she wants to make it right, stop saying Morgan’s name. She says Nelle only wants to hurt her, like with her friendship with Josslyn. Nelle is using Josslyn because she resents their loving family, and wants to destroy it. No one is buying her noble victim act. She doesn’t want to make amends or honor Morgan, she just wants to get Michael back. And everyone knows he’s too good for her. Nelle runs out of the room, crying. Monica says, so much for playing nice.

Jason and Sonny arrive at the field in Croton, using the Star Trek transporter. Jason says, they’ll be breaking ground any day, and Sonny tells him, this is it; between the columns and the water tower. He suggests they get past the nostalgia, and do what they came to do.

Bobbie tells Monica it’s a sensitive subject, and Monica says no one knows better than she the pain of mourning a son; ask Sonny. She suggests Carly suck it up, and treat Nelle with courtesy, and if she can’t, fake it. Josslyn asks if she couldn’t be nice for a change. Bobbie says Nelle was baiting Carly all afternoon. Josslyn says Nelle is insecure, and tries too hard because she loves Michael. They’re having a baby, and she’s the reason Josslyn is alive, if that counts for anything. Carly knows how badly Josslyn wants Nelle to be a good person, but wanting something doesn’t make it true. Josslyn asks if Carly is going to hate Nelle for the rest of her life, and blow up at every birthday party. She asks if Carly thinks Nelle will want to bring the baby to their house if Carly is going to fight with her. If she doesn’t make things right, Nelle will give up on them, and make her family with the Quartermaines. Josslyn will have to choose, and she doesn’t want to do that. She’s always telling Josslyn to take responsibility; why can’t she? Whatever Nelle did was wrong, but Carly was out of line. Why can’t she say she’s sorry, and forget it? Bobbie says Carly isn’t wrong, and Josslyn says, her too. She asks Carly, who’s more important, Nelle or her daughter? Carly says that’s ridiculous; Josslyn is her heart. Josslyn says, then suck it up and apologize. She wants to see her make the gesture. I want one of those giant balloons with a tassel. Carly says, okay, she’ll apologize to Nelle.

Jason and Sonny dig. Jason says it’s packed tight. He doubts anyone has been out there since Sonny was. He asks how far down, and Sonny says six feet; that’s how far he dug. Sonny has to take a break. Jason keeps digging. Sonny says that Skully had everything he wanted; money, respect, and power. What he wanted most was the power. His dad didn’t have it, and he knew it would cost him, but he didn’t care. He had two choices – be powerful like Skully, or weak like his dad. Here they are thirty years later, his dad is starting to lose everything, and it’s brought him back to the place it started. How about that?

Anna tells Valentin if he and Robert agree, who is she to argue? He asks if she’s being facetious, and she says, actually, she’s not. Faison stole a lot of her time, and now he’s gone. She hopes to make up time with Robin, who’s on her way to visit. Everything is on hold until after the Ball. Valentin says, for what it’s worth, he’s sorry. She’s in pain is he she knows he is this odyssey looking for Henrik search for peace hopes she finds it thanks him don’t know if sincere as sincere as he is he leaves

Carly seeks out Nelle in the nursery. She says Monica went all out. Nelle says at least somebody cares about the baby. Carly says she’s sorry. Nelle had no reason to know penguins were Morgan’s favorite. She’ll love the baby with everything she has. Nelle knows she will. Carly says as distasteful as it is, they have to call a truce. Nelle asks how she proposes they do that?

Nelle picks up the blanket she’s been knitting. Carly asks where she got that? Morgan had one just like it; her mom made it. Nelle says she had no idea. Carly says it’s her. All of it; the scarf, the calls. She smashed the picture, and put the note on Carly’s car, sending her to Morgan’s grave. Nelle asks if she’s feeling okay; she’s not making much sense. Carly says she sees what Nelle is doing, and it’s not going to work. She underestimated her. She’s good, but it’s over. Nelle says if she didn’t know better, she’d think Carly was losing it. The situation is perfect for getting Carly to smack her while she’s pregnant. Then she can cry in Josslyn’s arms. It’s not going to happen. She sees Nelle for who she is. Nelle says she’s carrying a baby that Michael loves. She says he appreciated that she was there for him when Avery disappeared. Carly says she was circling like a vulture to make herself look good. Nelle says it’s because she loves him. She’ll be there to ease the pain about his grandfather, and they’ll tells stories to the baby about him one day. She’s there for all of them. If Carly needs anything, just say the word. Carly says, it will be a cold day in hell. Nelle says, if she didn’t know better, she’d think Carly was having a breakdown. She must recognize the signs. She did when she threw Nelle’s breakdown in her face. She shouldn’t throw stones, since she spent time in a mental hospital herself.

Sam sees Maxie at the MetroCourt, and asks if she’ll be her date for the Nurses’ Ball. Maxie says she just promised Peter she’d go with him. Sam says she can fill him in on what happens. Nina tells Curtis good luck, and when he leaves, Maxie sits down. She wonders why everyone needs luck. Nina says she can’t tell her. Maxie says that something is happening, and she wants Nina to hear it from her first.

Curtis tells Sam that it’s off; Nina pulled the plug. He don’t know what Peter is selling, but Nina is buying it wholesale. Sam says if they keep it quiet, he’ll think he’s in the clear. He’s involved with too many people she cares about. She’s not letting it go.

Peter looks at an email from his mother, saying she wants to finally get to know him. He asks, is that what you want, mom?

Jason says they should hit the body soon. Sonny keeps thinking about when Jason came to work with him. He didn’t intend it to be the rest of Jason’s life. He didn’t know he’d rely so much on him. He can’t have own life because Sonny has trapped him. Jason says he chose his own life, but Sonny wants him to know he’s not taking it for granted. Jason says Sonny, Carly, and Michael are his family; they’re good. Sonny gets a flashlight. Jason hits something. It’s a dollar sign money clip.

Carly says it was all a ploy. Nelle set her up with the shower gift. She’s using the baby shower to hurt her and freak her out in front of Josslyn. Nelle says it must be a banner day for her, and a tragic one for Michael with his mother unbalanced and dangerous. She’ll have to get checked out before they let her have access to the baby. Carly says, think again, bitch. She’ll never get away. Nelle says, watch her.

Sonny remembers it like yesterday, the dude he buried flashing wads of cash. Jason says that’s all there is. There’s no body.

Anna types an email from Henrik’s mother. She tells him, for his own protection, not to trust Valentin Cassadine.

Curtis tells Sam that Nina might be satisfied, but there are too many unanswered questions. He suggests they work together.

Nina thinks Maxie going to the Ball with Peter is great. It’s good for her. Maxie says, so she doesn’t need the speech where she valiantly, but unsuccessfully, promotes Peter? Nina says she thought he was hiding a deep, dark secret, but he’s just a thoughtful guy. Maxie says, I told you so, and Nina says it’s the only one she’s going to get. She’s sorry she was overprotective. With Nathan gone, she thought it was her job to watch out for Maxie. She thought he’d want it that way. Maxie says, he would, but Nina says she took it too far. Her heart is in the right place, but Peter isn’t someone Maxie needs protection from.

Peter reads the email about Valentin. Valentin shows up at his office, and asks if he’s disturbing Peter. Peter says, on the contrary. He just left a message demanding Valentin call him back. It’s better face-to-face when there’s an important matter to discuss. He wants to know if they’re on the same page.

At the shower, everyone is playing Olivia’s baby bag game. Brad guesses, a toy. Olivia says every child under the age of six months thinks everything counts as a toy. It’s a wooden spoon.

Upstairs, Carly says she will not let Nelle get her hands on her son. Nelle leaves the room, and Carly makes a grab for the blanket. They struggle over it at the top of the stairs, and no surprise, Nelle falls down them. I’ve been wondering if something like that was going to happen.

On Monday, Jordan says she’s not ready for marriage, Jason thinks the body was moved, and Monica wants to call the police.

💍 In anticipation of the new season of 90 Day Fiancé (May 20th), TLC has been taking the pieces of each couples’ story shown throughout a season and putting them together, adding a new branch to the franchise tree. Tonight, was Jorge and Anfisa: Our Continuing Journey, and I couldn’t resist. They had a journey, all right. I never did quite get a handle on these two. I hadn’t seen them in the beginning, so that part was new to me. Apparently, Jorge had quite a thing going with dealing medical weed, as well as designing packaging for it. He’d designed a bag that didn’t let in ultra-violet rays or something like that, and it kept the weed fresher. You’d think that would have set him up for life. He’d told Anfisa that he was a millionaire, and they had traveled a bit together, but after she got here, she found out he was actually in debt. Jorge lost his job, although that wasn’t clear if it was because Anfisa kept interrupting his $15K drug deal with screaming mimi phone calls. While I totally get that she felt she’d been duped, she reacted like a toddler, throwing many literal temper tantrums. On the other hand, Jorge had the emotional range of a potato, so maybe she was just trying to get a reaction. Any reaction. She wanted to live the good life, but with Jorge, it was less than mediocre. The final straw came when Jorge’s sister accused Anfisa of only spreading her legs for Jorge when he had money, and he just sat there like the emotionless sack of flour he was during the entire relationship. She walked out, finding a life of her own. These two were just bizarre. At times, they seemed like bad actors, their conversation and mannerisms stilted and wooden.

The really weird part came during The Couples Tell All episodes (what you call a reunion). They arrived together, and were sharing a hotel room. During all three episodes, Jorge intimated he had some juicy information about Anfisa, claiming it was something she wanted to keep hidden. Even though the host eventually had a two-on-one with them, Jorge never really spilled the beans. Was she a hooker escort? A stripper An exotic dancer? Part of the Russian mob? A potato farmer trying to capture him? What? We may never know. Another question on my list for God when I meet Him. She made it clear she’d expected a life of luxury and Jorge didn’t deliver, and the rest of the couples were of one mind that this was not a love match. Still, there were glimmers of humanity, like when Anfisa cried at the civil ceremony. Although she could have been crying about the United States not being the land of opportunity she’d thought it was.

ℹ Quotes of the Week

I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.Louisa May Alcott

Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today. – Will Rogers

Dead isn’t what it used to be. – Man in Black (Ed Harris), Westworld

If somebody is being mean, they’re probably really not happy. If you’re having a great day, you don’t walk past someone and yell, ‘Freak!’ If you’re happy, you say, ‘I love your skirt!’Melissa McCarthy

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😵 For the Not-So-Traditional Moms…


🐕 🐱 🐠 For the Pet Moms…


🙌 And All the Other Kinds of Moms…


March 30, 2018 – A One-Night Event at Luke’s, a Half-Dozen Quotes & Some Happys


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Mike looks at a family photo. In a voice-over, Sonny says he’s been thinking about memory; how much it defines us, and how much our character is built from it. Loyalties, personalities, and our souls are a response to what came before. It’s the sum total of connections we’ve made and people we’ve lost. The building blocks of our identity. Without them, who we are is lost to us. While he’s talking, we see various characters getting an invitation to a one-night event at the MetroCourt.

Sonny, Michael and Dante are wearing tuxedos. Mike asks why they’re dressed up. What’s the occasion? Sonny says it’s a surprise.

At the MetroCourt everyone is has gathered for the event, dressed to the nines. Sonny tells Mike, welcome to Luke’s.

Mike asks how he did it. Luke’s is gone; it burned down years ago. Sonny says he got thinking he missed it, and asked Luke about bringing it back. Luke gave his blessing, but Sonny was never a hands-on kind of guy, and has no experience. He asks Mike what he thinks. Mike says give him a second. He goes to the bar, and tells the servers to put their phones down, make sure the customers have drinks, and encourage them to mingle. Mike asks who the act is, and Olivia-Q tells him that Eddie Maine is playing. She reminds Mike of who she is from the old neighborhood.

Doc says Mike is jumping right in, and back to his old self, Michael thanks him, and he says some patients respond to nostalgia. The hypothesis is, a walk through the past brings the memory to the forefront. Mike asks if he should card Lulu, and she likes that. Sonny thanks his sons, and Dante says Mike smiling is all the thanks they need. Carly says it brings back lots of memories for her, not just for Mike.

Elizabeth talks to some of the other staff about remembering their first day at GH. Doc says he was intimidated by Dr. Hardy. We see an old clip of Audrey and Steve at the hospital. Monica says he had high standards, but led by example. He built the hospital into something they could be proud of. The group toasts to him.

Felicia and Mac knock on Maxie’s door, and tell her to stop hiding and open the door. She lets them in, and asks how they knew she was hiding. Mac says, years of experience. She knows they want her to go to the MetroCourt. Felicia says for tonight, it’s Luke’s, and she can come in the front instead of sneaking around the back like she used to. Maxie says, as cool as Luke’s was, if she got a chance to visit the past, it’s not where she’d go.

Mike calls Lucy boss. She says she’ll never forget her partner, and he tells her it’s nice that she remembers; everything about her is unforgettable. Lucy tells Doc, nice work, and Doc says, it’s entirely a Corinthos family project. He just advised them. She tells him that he gives the best advice.

Alexis asks for sparkling water, and Mike says he’s in recovery too. He has a gambling addiction. He threw away a lot of good things. She tells him that he’s looking good, and he says, it works if you work it (12-Step lingo).

Bobbie thanks Scotty for coming. He says he did this for her. He doesn’t have much use for Sonny, but respects what he’s doing for his father. Bobbie suggests he pay tribute to Lee by being the man Lee wanted him to be. We flash back to a very young Scotty with Lee, telling Lee that he wants him to be his lawyer because he’s the best and his father. Scotty says he almost ended up a dogcatcher instead of a judge because he goofed up when Bobbie brought Luke to town. We see young Luke and even younger Bobbie, when Luke first arrived. Bobbie tells Scotty that she’s always thought he didn’t hate Luke as much as he pretended to. She calls them frenemies, and he says Luke kept his life interesting. Bobbie says his secret is safe with her.

Sonny asks Mike how it’s going. Mike says it’s a good crowd, and asks Sonny when Brenda is going to get there. He says it always takes her forever to get ready.

Bobbie thought Mac and Felicia were bringing Maxie, but Felicia says they couldn’t get her to come. Bobbie asks if she can try.

Olivia asks Ned if he has stage fright, and he says, always. He tells her that Mike asked if his grandparents are coming. He says they had a rich, full life, and Olivia wishes she had met them in their prime. He says his grandfather was a schemer, a manipulator, and charming. His grandmother was grace personified, and could keep him in line with a word. A precious clip of Lila and the original Edward is shown. Olivia kisses Ned, calling him Edward Quartermaine.

Monica tells Michael that he’s thoughtful, and must have gotten the recessive gene from Lila, not his grandfather. Alan obviously cared about people, and if he hadn’t damaged his hand trying to kill her, would have made great a surgeon. Michael is like, what? She says she was cheating on him. We see Monica and Alan fighting in their heyday. She says no one could make her angrier or laugh harder. Even though there were times she never wanted to see him again, she misses him every day. She hugs Michael. Mini rant. Killing Alan off was a HUGE mistake. I didn’t watch the show for a long time after that. Then they made an even bigger mistake, bringing him back as a ghost, trying to correct their first mistake.

Maxie tells Bobbie that she already told Mac and Felicia that she can’t go. Bobbie says she’s there to change her mind. It’s a onetime event. Miss it, and it’s gone; no do over. Maxie says she can’t handle going to a party. Bobbie tells her it’s not a party. It’s a gathering of friends to help Mike, who’s losing his memory. Maxie says everywhere she turns, there are memories of Nathan. Memories of what she lost, and what the baby lost. She doesn’t want them; it’s too painful. Bobbie says she doesn’t mean that. She lived through it, and knows the grief. You want to forget about the good as well as the bad, because you think you can’t go on. Bobbie did, and BJ goes on in Maxie, just like Nathan does in another baby. She tells Maxie to embrace the future, and live life with joy and purpose. Maxie says she doesn’t know how to do that. Bobbie says she’ll figure it out. Bobbie promises Maxie is stronger than she thinks.

Sonny introduces Anna to Mike, who says, Robin’s mom. He tells Anna that her daughter is impressive. As they walk back to the party, Anna tells Sonny that Mike is right. The most terrifying moment of her life was when she thought she lost her little girl. She spent weeks searching, and when she found her – we flash back to when Anna reunites with Robin, who’s about five – she swore she would never let her go. It’s difficult to keep promises. Sonny says all they can do is love their kids, and be the best they can for them.

Carly asks Jason how many memories he has of this place, and he says, a lot. Carly didn’t spend much time there. Luke blackmailed her into staying away when he found out she was Bobbie’s daughter. She can see it from his perspective now. He wanted to save her mom from the conniving wench. Jason says she wasn’t a conniving wench, but she says she was until Michael was born, and he saved her. Jason says, him too, and we see Jason holding Michael as a literal a baby. Michael asks why they’re looking at him, and Carly says they were just talking about him as a baby. Time flies.

Anna tells Sonny it’s a wonderful thing he’s doing for his dad. Sonny says it brings back a lot of memories. He tells her that Robin used to spend a lot of time at Luke’s. It was twenty-three years ago. We see Robin lying in a bed with Stone. A younger-than-I-can-remember Sonny asks if he’s dead. He is, and Sonny takes Robin’s place in the bed. Sonny tells Anna that Stone was nineteen. He’s been gone longer than he lived. Anna says he still lives on in Robin’s heart, and Sonny says he feels the same way.

Olivia welcomes everyone to Luke’s, and thanks Mike. She says, for one night, and one night only, give it up for Eddie Maine. Ned sings Love Will Have the Last Word. I don’t know this song, but figure that’s the title, since that lyric is repeated a bunch of times.

Maxie shows up at the MetroCourt. Mike remembers her, and congratulates her on expecting. He says it will be the best thing ever to happen to her. Felicia tells Bobbie that she doesn’t know how she got Maxie there, but thanks. Bobbie says, to honor those they lost is the price of living. Maxie is already figuring out that when you help someone else, you create a miracle. We flash back to the moment Felicia realized Maxie received BJ’s heart. I remember that scene. It was absolutely draining. Felicia thanks Bobbie for her daughter.

Alexis tells Ned, nice job, Eddie. He says, thanks, Angel. She says, Eddie’s Angel, and we see him finding her on his hotel room bed with a rose in her teeth. Alexis says it was the most embarrassing moment of her life, adding that’s saying a lot. He says she would have made a helluva groupie.

Mac remembers Luke buying Lucy’s shoe during her striptease/auction at the Nurses’ Ball. It’s agreed that Lucy always goes all out – even if she’s hanging from the rafters in her underwear. Lucy says that was only one incident among her many triumphs. We trip down the Memory Lane of various gowns Lucy wore to the Nurses’ Ball. Felicia brings up Doc and Mac dressing in drag, and we flash back to them shaving their legs and dressing up a la Bosom Buddies. (I miss that show!) Doc says he hated it at the time, but looking back, he’s had a great friend in Mac.

Sonny tells Dante and Michael that this night was the best gift. Dante says he made it happen. Sonny says what good is all the hard work if he can’t pull strings for family? Dante asks if Sonny ever had any regrets. Did he ever feel that it came at too steep a price? Sonny says one thing in particular, and we go back to when undercover Dante tried to arrest Sonny and got shot. We see Olivia telling him, you just shot your own son. Dante tells Sonny that he liked him, in spite of all that. Now he has an excuse to like him. Sonny says he can’t take credit for the man Dante become, but he’s grateful Dante is his son.

Jason thanks Monica for coming. She says she and Sonny aren’t great friends, but Mike is a good man. It’s not wise to spend too much time looking back, but it’s not bad to revisit the past once in a while. Jason says he’s starting to learn that, and remembers the two of them way back when. Monica says Jason intervening when she almost killed Pierce, made her realize her son loved her. Jason says of course he loves her. She’s his mom. They hug.

Carly asks how Sonny is, and he says, right about tonight. He’s thinking about all the people he’s lost. If it wasn’t for Carly, he’d have blown it all to hell. We see when they first said, I love you. Carly says he’ll always be a part of her. He’s a hard man to love, but nothing worth having is ever easy. They kiss.

Everyone dances as things wind down. Eventually, there’s no one left except Sonny and Carly. They dance and kiss, and Sonny asks Mike if he’s ready to call it a night. Mike says, one more for the road, and pours two shots of whiskey. He tells Sonny that when he moved upstate, he worried about him, but it turned out to be the right call. He’s done well; better than Mike expected. Sonny says, much better than he deserved. Mike says, the cocky SOB doesn’t give himself enough credit, adding, you did good, son. He’s proud of Sonny. They clink glasses, and tear my heart out. Sonny tells Mike to go ahead to the elevator; he’ll follow. Sonny almost starts to cry, but regains his composure. He says, to a helluva night. May tomorrow be even better.

We end with the camera focusing on the neon sign that says, Luke’s.

I loved this episode. You did good, GH.

On Monday, Anna knows Griff is keeping a secret, Finn asks Alexis to be serious, Lulu asks Peter to help Sam, and Sam says goodbye to Drew.

🔊  Quotes of the Week

Whenever the world throws rose petals at you, which thrill and seduce the ego, beware. The cosmic banana peel is suddenly going to appear underfoot to make sure you don’t take it all too seriously. — Anne Lamott

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.Xun Kuang

Hell is other people.Jean-Paul Sartre

You stole that from me during the Black Plague. – Radu (Anders Hove), Subspecies IV, confirming how petty vampires can be.

People need to respect each other’s views and have an actual dialogue instead of insulting each other and calling each other a terrorist or a racist because you don’t agree.Ryan Moore

Silence is true wisdom’s best reply.Euripides

Image result for clipart passover Happy Passover!

In honor of the LORD your God, celebrate the Passover each year in the early spring, in the month of Abib, for that was the month in which the LORD your God brought you out of Egypt by night. – Deuteronomy, 16:1, New Living Translation

Image result for clipart cross Happy Easter!

But very early on Sunday morning, the women went to the tomb, taking the spices they had prepared. They found that the stone had been rolled away from the entrance. So they went in, but they didn’t find the body of the Lord Jesus. – Luke 24:1-3, New Living Translation

🌻 Happy Spring!



January 18, 2018 – A Suspect Super, a Girl & Christmas Explosion


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Molly, TJ, and Kiki come into Charlie’s with a load of their belongings. Molly tells Julian that rushing across the street to rescue them wasn’t necessary; they can take care of themselves. He tells her to let her righteousness keep her warm, but when she blows her tests, don’t blame him.

Alexis meets Ned at the MetroCourt. Now that he’s running for mayor, he needs expert legal counsel. He asks if she’d like to join the campaign.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Laura that she’s glad about her running for mayor. She has no doubt Laura will work for the people of Port Charles, and not use the office for her own gain. Laura says the only downside is, she’ll have to take a leave from the hospital board, but they’re keeping her seat open in case she loses. Elizabeth wonders what would cause that to happen, but Laura says it’s not a what, it’s a who, and his name is Jim Harvey.

Jim visits Franco at the studio. He asks if Franco is suffering from artists’ block, and calls him “Bobby.” Jim is quickly becoming the most annoying character on the GH canvas.

Nathan tells Maxie it’s their anniversary, so he painted the nursery for her. She says she can’t think about their anniversary or paint. The only thing she can think about is how Lulu outed him as Faison’s son. He tells her that he volunteered, and she says it’s a typically heroic move, but shortsighted. Lulu should have known better. Faison could be outside right now, waiting to get his hands on Nathan or the baby. There’s a knock at the door, and Maxie freaks, saying that’s him now.

We see Faison looking at Lulu’s article. Well, I think we can safely assume it’s him, even though we don’t see his face.

Laura tells Elizabeth that Jim has no boundaries or shame. Elizabeth says he wants to buy Franco’s studio. He said no, but she thought maybe a change of location would be good. Laura says she has to convince him not to sell, especially to Jim. She suggests if he wants a change of scenery, that he could get a write-off by renting it. She tells Elizabeth that there’s strength in numbers. Developers will promise people the moon to convince them to sell, but they don’t care about the people they’re displacing. All Jim cares about is the almighty dollar, and they’re going to stop it. Elizabeth says, spoken like a true leader. Laura tells her not to underestimate Jim. He’s going to fight them with everything he’s got.

Jim tells Franco he stopped by because he was visiting Franco’s neighbor, Vince. He says Vince is selling, and Franco says he’s sorry to see him go. Jim says Vince claims the light is no good, and Franco says that’s because of the construction causing them to live in the shadows. Jim says Vince made a wise choice, like most of the neighborhood. He asks what the point is in being the last man standing? Franco says, still being standing? Jim tells him why stagnate, when he can be in a beautiful, modern place somewhere else?

TJ admits Julian is right about them needing to focus. Molly knows, but she hates him being right. Kiki says they’ll figure it out soon, and Molly says that’s why they were organizing the rent strike. Lurking nearby, Julian says he’s sure her mom would want to know about that. Molly says she’s having lunch with her boyfriend, Dr. Bensch, and she doesn’t want to interrupt.

Alexis tells Ned that she can’t work on the campaign; she’s really busy. He says Molly mentioned that she’s seeing a doctor, and it was the reason she couldn’t join them for Thanksgiving pizza. Alexis is appalled that he thinks the only reason she can’t do it must be because she’s seeing a man. He’d better watch it, since he’s running for public office. He says he’d appreciate a straight answer, and she says she doesn’t support his platform. Ned says he’s trying to improve Port Charles; what’s not to support? Alexis gets a text from Julian, and tells Ned because of his platform, her daughter just got thrown out of her apartment on Charles Street.

Nathan tells Maxie to calm down. Everyone is on the lookout, and Faison won’t get within a mile of them. There’s more knocking, and Dante says it’s them. Maxie says if that includes Lulu, she doesn’t want to see them. Lulu says they’ll just keep trying, and they have something for their anniversary. Nathan lets them in, and Lulu says she tried to pull the story. Maxie says she shouldn’t have written it in the first place. Nathan says she just gave him a platform for something he wanted to do anyway. Maxie tells him that she knows. It was a misguided attempt to rid the world of his father, but Lulu was trying to build her career, and should have thought it through. Dante says he didn’t want her to do it, and Lulu should have gone about it another way. Lulu asks if Maxie can forgive her.

Faison crushes his cigarette as he reads, nicotine stained relic not fit for family.

Jim tells Franco that he enjoys helping people like Vince, and Franco asks if displacing residents and destroying neighborhoods is just a hobby. Jim says if Franco starts painting again, maybe his mom will come back. Franco wonders how it turned into a conversation about his mom, and Jim says he called Betsy, but her phone was disconnected. He asks if they had a falling out, and Franco says Jim doesn’t need to know the ins and outs of his personal life. Jim remembers how much Franco meant to her; she adored him. He says whatever went wrong, Franco should use the opportunity to sell his place, get a new one, and reconnect. Franco asks where Vince is going to go, and says maybe a change would be good. Elizabeth walks in, and says that’s the last thing he needs.

Kiki says Dr. Bensch convinced her to go into pre-med, and he’s a great guy. TJ says they haven’t had a chance to talk, and Kiki says maybe they will, now that Alexis is dating him. Molly is glad she’s moved on. Alexis and Ned come in, and Alexis asks why they were evacuated. Molly says it’s a gas leak, and Julian says what a coincidence after they organized a rent strike. TJ says it’s just a scare tactic, and they’ll be back soon. Laura joins them, and says she just talked to the fire chief, and the tenants have been evacuated indefinitely. It’s possible the infrastructure was compromised (because of a gas leak?), and the building might be condemned. She congratulates Ned. Another building he can demolish in the name of progress.

Lulu says she and Maxie have been through a lot. She’s too much like a sister, and she’d miss Maxie if she wasn’t in her life. Maxie says she’d miss Lulu too, and so would the baby. They hug. Dante says they have everyone from the WSB to state troopers on alert, but Maxie says Faison is a master of disguise. He fooled Anna, and he could be anyone. Nathan tells her to take a breath, and remember the baby needs calm. Maxie knows he’s right, but it’s hard when the baby’s newly discovered grandfather is the world’s most wanted, and could be closing in on them.

Faison opens a new pack of cigarettes. The bag says, Port Charles Smoke Shop.

Ned says Alexis is making an assumption that he has something to do with Niagara Equities, or that they have something to do with him. She says she knows Jim is a big supporter, and now the residents are being harassed by having vital services withheld. Molly says it’s been so cold in the apartment, they could see their breath, and TJ adds they’ve had to use the gym to take a shower. Ned says new buildings will be safe, and the old buildings aren’t. A gas leak is a serious hazard. Laura thinks someone could have sabotaged the gas line; Ned must know that happens. Ned says he also knows old buildings fall apart. With the infusion of capital, they can be upgraded, and be made safe again. Laura says it sounds great on a bumper sticker, but the people will be priced out. Ned says more tax revenue is good for the city, and things like public schools. Julian calls Ned “Ted,” and says being a Quartermaine, he never struggled for a damn thing. (If I remember right though, Ned didn’t always know he was a Quartermaine.)

Elizabeth asks Jim to give them a minute. Franco says he thought she wanted him to sell, but Elizabeth says he wants to erase Charles Street. If Franco holds out, he can’t tear down the building and build a luxury high-rise. Franco tells her that he can’t seem to create here, but Elizabeth says it’s not about the space; it’s about the space inside. Something is going on, and when he figures it out, he’ll paint again. She gets a call about her wedding dress, and tells him not to sell the studio. She leaves, and Jim comes back in. He starts looking through Franco’s work, and Franco tells him not to rummage through his things. Jim says he’s looking forward to Franco’s future creations. Franco thinks maybe what he needs are answers, not a new space. He asks Jim if there was another kid around his age around, when he was hanging out with Betsy.

Lulu says Maxie almost missed her surprise wedding because she let her imagination run wild. Maxie says Faison wasn’t involved. Lulu says Nathan had to track her down, and the wedding wouldn’t have happened. If that had been the case, she wouldn’t be able to give Maxie this. She has a box, which she says is part one, and part two is in hallway. Maxie says it’s intriguing. She and Lulu go out into the hallway where there’s a bassinet. They see a guy messing with a door across the hall. Maxie shouts, Faison is outside! as they run back in.

She tells Nathan she saw him, and so did Lulu; he’s outside the door. Dante draws his gun, and opens the door. Nathan tells the guy, hands up, no sudden moves. Dante asks who he is, and he tells them that he’s the new super. Dante gets his ID, and says it checks out. Nathan says sorry about the mix-up. He matches the description of a guy they’re looking for. The man says, Faison. A couple of uniforms on the curb told him to be on the lookout. Nathan and Dante go back in the apartment, and Nathan says it was a mistake. It’s not Faison. Maxie asks if Nathan is sure he’s not wearing a mask. He suggests the put the bassinet in the nursery.

Jim remembers a little boy, Andy, and Franco asks what he remembers about him. Jim says he died suddenly; he thinks from a heart problem. Franco says he didn’t die; Betsy lied. Jim asks why she’d do that, and Franco says it was a custody thing. She was afraid she’d get in trouble, and thought he was better off at an orphanage. He tells Jim that Andy is a Quartermaine. Jim thinks that’s a helluva story. He’ll have to ask Ned to introduce them. Franco says Andy lost his memory. Jim asks if it’s amnesia, and Franco says the result is the same; he has no memory of his childhood. Jim is glad he survived, and tells Franco to get in touch if he changes his mind. Elizabeth comes back, and asks if everything is okay.

Ned says the decision to move forward won’t be made by him or Laura. It will be made by the people of the city by a vote. Laura tells him not to be disingenuous. The Quartermaines can afford a press push. Ned claims they’ve always been socially conscious. They need to drive profit, but not at the city’s expense. If they profit, everyone benefits. Kiki says not if they can’t afford to live there. Ned says they’re only replacing some of the buildings, but Laura says they’ll save a few apartments in the basements or facing walls. Then they’ll have a lottery for the hundreds of people who want to live there because this is their home. Alexis wonders where they’ll go, and Julian asks if Ned will be putting them up at the mansion. Ned asks since when is Julian a champion of the common people? He grew up privileged, and mobsters don’t pay taxes. He says he and Laura disagree about policy, but Julian doesn’t give a crap. He’s jumping on the bandwagon to impress Alexis. He just wants her to forget he put a knife to her throat.

Julian tells him to leave Alexis out of it. She has nothing to do with it, and it’s not about impressing her. Ned says he’s the same criminal he’s always been. Julian says Jim offered to buy him out, but he turned him down, and suddenly a brick came through his window. He’d thought it was Sonny at first, but now he thinks it’s Jim. Ned starts bringing Alexis into it again, and Julian shoves him. There’s almost a scuffle, but they’re pulled away from each other. Laura says they have to be better than that. It’s the anniversary of Mary May Ward’s death, and they shouldn’t disrespect it. Jim suggests she’s exploiting a relationship with a legendary community figure, since he’s been on the scene all of five minutes. Ned tells him that they were close, and did a lot for the community. He respects Laura, he just disagrees with how they should move into the future. Laura says at a certain point, Ned will be judged by the company he keeps.

Alexis tells Laura, sorry her personal life got dragged in. Laura says just last night, they promised a clean campaign, and Alexis says, until it’s not. She offers her services as campaign legal counsel. Laura says that’s wonderful. Her phone rings, and she steps away to answer it. Julian tells Alexis he’s sorry Ned put her in the middle, but she says it wasn’t his fault. On the phone, Laura asks how bad it is, and when they’ll know.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Jim was pawing through his artwork without asking. He’s determined; Franco will give him that much. He’s been canvassing the building, and even brought up his relationship with Franco’s mother. Elizabeth asks if Franco is sure he doesn’t remember him, but the only thing Franco knows is that he doesn’t trust him.

Maxie says it’s the best anniversary ever. She thanks Nathan, and thanks Lulu for the bassinet. Lulu tells her not to forget part one. It’s their wedding cake. She did fall into it, but the caterers cut a section and safely froze it. It’s tradition to eat it for good luck on the first anniversary. Maxie says if there’s any time they needed luck, it’s now. True story. We froze the top layer of our cake after the wedding for the same reason. Since our freezer was not that big, we kept it in my in-laws’ freezer. The day before our anniversary, my husband’s younger brother was rooting around for something to eat, and ate it. I just can’t imagine it tasted all that great.

Faison looks at an article about Anna being involved in Carrrlos’s death. He looks at the wedding announcement for Nathan and Maxie.

Maxie feeds Nathan some cake, and toasts to her wonderful husband, and two best friends. She loves them. Dante says, good cake. Lulu tells them good luck, health, and happiness.

Alexis asks what the kids are going to do now. TJ says they just grabbed whatever they could carry. Alexis says they’ll live with her until they can figure it out. Julian suggests some coffee for the road, and Alexis says she saw him making espresso for his new friend. He says they’re both moving on. Isn’t that what she wanted?

Ned asks Jim about the brick, but Jim says Julian probably vandalized his own property to generate sympathy. With a friend like him, Laura doesn’t need enemies. Everything will work out in Ned’s favor.

Elizabeth wishes she’d never opened the door. Between what Laura said, and the way Jim is pressuring people, she doesn’t like him. Franco doesn’t think he’s going away any time soon. She says the people are happy; why not leave them alone? Franco tells her people like him don’t back off when money is involved. He can’t criticize people like him though. They’re the only ones who can afford Franco’s art. Elizabeth says he creates it, but he’s not responsible for who buys it. He wishes could find out what happened between Jim and his mom.

Jim tells Ned to trust him; he’s in a good position. Ned says no way is he getting this district to vote for him, but Jim says there are other districts. He says he’ll walk Ned to his car. He wants to find out about Andrew. Anyone with the Quartermaine name can be used as leverage for the election. Maybe Jim should run for mayor. He’s so up in everyone’s business.

Alexis thanks Julian. He’s glad he’s able to keep eye on Molly, but Alexis says Molly will be living with her now. Laura has to jet, and tells them that she has to withdraw from the election. She’s not running for mayor. I read Lucas is coming back. Might this have something to do with him?

Lulu tells Maxie that according to Olivia-Q, they should refreeze what’s left, and save it until the baby comes home. Maxie thanks them for making their anniversary special. Dante says wait until next year. They’ll be spending it worrying about keeping the baby out of their pots and pans. Nathan sees the super still messing around. He tells Maxie that everything is going to be okay. There’s a beautiful life ahead for her, him, and the baby. She wants to deal with the cake, but he tells her, later. They kiss, and exchange I love yous. She says she never thought her heart could be so full.

Faison looks at the wedding announcement. He circles Maxie’s face with a pen, and keeps circling it maniacally until he tears the page.

Tomorrow, Laura says the campaign is over, Anna tells Obrecht that Faison’s time for hurting people is over, and Sonny tells Jason that Sam will love him forever.

🚆 Occasionally, I mention a movie that I think is outstanding, and last weekend, I watched Girl on a Train on cable. If you don’t have some idea of the story by now, you’ve probably been living in a bank vault, but in a nutshell – an alcoholic woman gets involved in a murder, but no one believes a damn thing she says, because she’s an alcoholic. I’d already read the book, so there were no surprises there, but Emily Blunt was spectacular. If I didn’t know better, I’d think she showed up drunk for the scenes that required it. She wasn’t afraid to ugly cry, and I’d like to know why no Oscar nomination for her? I’m baffled. Even if you know the plot, it’s worth watching for her performance alone.

😴 Calling it a night. It still looks like Christmas exploded around here. I’m officially one of those people who, when I’d pass their house, I’d yell, Christmas is over! Judge not and all that.

🎄 What Happens When You Put “Christmas Explosion” in Google Images…


ChristmasExp3 ChristmasExp2




💃 Lady Gaga is her own Christmas Explosion 💃

December 22, 2017 – Christmas in Port Charles & a Christmas Quote Quartet


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nelle tells the baby not to worry. Mommy will think of something.

Sonny tells Michael to quit working while he decorates the tree. Sonny says last year they were drowning in sorrows and grief; they’ve come a long way. Carly jingles Morgan’s ornament, and asks if they think he got his wings. She isn’t sure how he’d like them, since he hated putting on a sportscoat.

Molly sets the dinner table. TJ suggests not putting Aunt Stella next to his mom. Molly thought there was truce, but he says today isn’t the day to push it

Stella tells Alexis that Thomas was born on Christmas. Alexis says it must be a bittersweet holiday. She says, like our Lord, he was taken too soon.

Julian remembers a Christmas past with Alexis. Someone knocks at the pub door. Ava is bearing a gift. She tells him she came to celebrate the season and congratulate him on his new life. Julian appreciates the gesture, but wonders what possessed her to bring Griff.

Laura says barring a Christmas miracle, she doesn’t think they’re getting married tonight. Lulu hears someone at the door and asks if someone ordered a miracle. It’s Laura’s mother. Laura can’t believe it. She welcomes Doc into the family. Dante asks how she worked it out, and Leslie says she has a close friend who’s a storm chaser and flew her there. The storm wasn’t the problem; the icy roads were. They had to rent an all-terrain vehicle. She introduces everyone to Marcello, her significant other. Maxie says there’s no one to perform the ceremony, but Lulu says Leslie can. I was joking, but I guess she is a minister. Laura says no, she can’t.

Jason arrives at Sonny and Carly’s. Carly says she gets to bask in the attention of her favorite men. She hasn’t done that since Michael was a toddler. Michael says he wants to know how he wound up a Corrinthos and not a Quartermaine.

Ava says Griff was driving her to church, and she asked to stop. Would he prefer Griff wait in the car? Griff says he would have, but didn’t want her slipping on the ice. She asks if Julian wants to see Kiki later, but he says she hates him. She asks if he’s just going to sit in an empty restaurant, and he tells her to light a candle for him. They leave and Julian pouts. No Santa for him.

Alexis asks TJ to turn up the heat, but TJ says the super isn’t around today. Molly has made tofurky. TJ says his vegetarianism is a recent development. Curtis says it must be really recent, since he was chowing down on burgers yesterday. TJ says he’s more vegan at home. Alexis finds out Kristina sent Molly a present, and says she hasn’t spoken to her in weeks. Stella thinks Alexis should call her – since she still can.

Michael says if the DNA test proves the baby is his, he’ll need to know some things. It will help him make decisions for his own child. Carly tells him she was a messed up young woman, and blamed his grandmother. She had an affair with Bobbie’s husband, and everyone was miserable. One night she ran into AJ when she was looking for Jason, and they got busy. She told Tony he was the father, but AJ suspected the baby was his. They both tried to prove she was unfit, so she told the lie she knew would save her – that Jason was his father. She ran to find Jason in the rain. Jason says he was in the middle of a meeting when she showed up. She told him she’d done something he wasn’t going to like, but she was wrong. It was the best thing that could have happened to him.

Leslie says she married Laura and Scotty. Laura says that’s her point; she feels it would be wrong. Doc agrees not wants specter of Scotty hanging over the vows. Marcello says something in Italian. Leslie tells them that he can officiate the wedding.

At Molly and TJ’s, the lights are out, but there’s no outage or blown fuses. Molly says they paid both the electric and gas, but they’re off. Alexis suggests her house, but the roads are closed. Curtis says has to be something open. Stella suggests Charlie’s. Alexis makes a soap opera face.

Curtis bangs on the door, but there’s no answer. TJ suggests going back to the apartment for veggie dip, and Curtis adds, cocktails. Ava and Griff show up, saying they spun out on the icy roads. Ava yells for Julian to open up. He hears Alexis say, forget it, and opens the door. They all come in.

Leslie tells everyone that Marcello has married American couples in Italy, and the unions are legal and binding. He doesn’t speak any English though.

Carly says AJ filed for custody, so she came up with a plan. Marry him, drive him back to drinking, prove he was unfit, and get sole custody. Michael asks why Jason didn’t stop her, but Jason says she makes her own choices. He realized she’d never stop fighting until she got Michael back to him. He didn’t want Michael torn in two, so he left Port Charles. Carly says then she and Sonny got involved. AJ was willing to give her a divorce, but wouldn’t let her have Michael. Sonny says he blackmailed AJ, and Carly moved in. He was afraid to be a father, but overnight, he loved it. Carly lost their baby when AJ pushed her down the stairs, and they almost broke up, but basically Michael connected them. Carly says they had his back, but she learned to be a parent because of Sonny. Michael asks if having him made her a better person, but she says, no; loving him did. It’s one thing to give birth, and another to be a parent. The doorbell rings. It’s Nelle. She collapses in Michael’s arms.

The girls prep Laura for the ceremony. Leslie says it’s a perfect time in her life. Bobbie asks if they’re ready to move on to the good luck charms, and Maxie says they can’t afford to ignore them. They already have the something new and blue covered, and Bobbie says she has the something old and borrowed. She’s loaning her Aunt Ruby’s handkerchief. She tells Laura to feel free to put it to good use. Aunt Ruby always said, tears of joy are a gift from the angels, so cry all she wants.

Nelle says she’s so sorry. She was going to get dinner, and nothing was open. She was driving home, and came to a downed tree. She didn’t know what to do, so she got out of her car. Sonny brings her some broth. She swears she didn’t mean to come there. She started feeling faint, and no one was at the gate. Sonny says the guards have the night off, and Jason’s here. She says, you’re Jason, and Jason says, you’re Nelle. She tells Michael that she thinks she and the baby will be fine.

Julian tells his guests what the menu is. Molly says she and TJ will handle it, since they were hosting the family dinner. Ava tells Stella that she hopes to see her at gallery again soon. Jordan is surprised they know each other, and says, that’s right, Stella brought back the sculpture Jordan gave her. Stella says she donated the money to the homeless in Thomas’s name. Jordan asks if she has to bring him up in every conversation. Stella says she’ll never stop missing him. To ask her to on his birthday, is asking too much. Curtis begs for peace on Christmas, and Stella says she’d leave if she could, but is stuck with Jordan instead.

Julian brings up a Christmas kiss that he and Alexis had. She asks him not to take a walk down Memory Lane. He says he doesn’t want her to erase all the memories; they weren’t all bad, like the kiss. She’s not interested in revisiting anything. Griff interrupts, but Ava says he’s just making sure Alexis is fine. Molly and TJ slip out while everyone is arguing.

At the chapel, the bride walks down the aisle. Ooh, she looks gorgeous, in a midnight blue, silky, off-the-shoulder gown with a tiny train, accessorized with sparkly jewelry. Marcello begins, and Leslie translates. She says he’s sorry he doesn’t speak English, but love in any language is the same; selfless, joyous, enduring, and beautiful. He starts the vows, and Doc doesn’t need a translation for those. He tells Laura that what started as a quest to solve a riddle, turned into love between them. His best decision ever was answering her ad, but he didn’t know it would turn into finding the love of his life. Laura says she thanks God every day for having him in her life. She never thought she’d get to do this again. How would she know a year ago, when she flashed Santa, she hit the jackpot? She vows to stand by his side, no matter what. She’ll love him every day for the rest of her life. They exchange rings, and Marcello pronounces them man and wife. Everyone applauds.

Ava apologizes, but Jordan says this is their family, and how they do things. How does she do it? Leaving a path of destruction and just saying, sorry? Griff says they’re all stuck here. Can’t they put their differences aside, and be decent for one cold Christmas night that means so much to so many?

Laura thanks everyone for braving the elements to share the ceremony with them. Lulu says Italian is the language of love, so it was perfect. Nathan tells them that there’s been a weather alert, and Dante says they can’t go anywhere until the crews get out there. Doc says there’s going to be a delayed honeymoon, and Lulu adds that it’s a friends and family wedding night.

Jason asks if Carly is okay. She tells him no, but she’s not staring a fight on Christmas. It’s what that snake wants. Jason says, probably, and she tells him not to tell her to be compassionate. Then she wonders how it’s any different than her showing up on his doorstep. He says she didn’t show up to manipulate him, but as a friend. She still remembers the relief when he didn’t judge or turn against her. Instead, he gave her a place to stay and money. She remembers she has present for him. It’s a keychain, and he says it looks familiar. She tells him she couldn’t find an exact replica, but it’s similar to the one he gave her, and is mostly symbolic. It’s the key to their house. He’ll always have a home; this is his home. He says he knows that, and she tells him, welcome home, and hugs him

Griff says it’s a night of peace, harmony, and forgiveness. Julian tells him that he should practice what he preaches, and asks if there’s any takers for forgiveness. Stella says forgiveness is a gift, and badgering it out of someone produces an empty gesture. Jordan wonders if Stella is an expert on forgiveness now. Stella says those who willingly destroy others’ lives always want to be forgiven. Curtis tells them that the kids just wanted to host a decent Christmas dinner, and as the adults, they should be supportive. Julian says they’re not there. Griff volunteers to look for them, and Julian calls him Dudley Do-Right. TJ and Molly come in, and tell them to stop fighting. TJ explains that the homeless shelters are filled to capacity, and they have no blankets. Someone suggests the tablecloths, but Julian has a better idea.

Leslie toasts to the happy couple. Dante welcomes Doc into the family, but says he already felt like a part of it. Maxie steps aside, and Nathan asks if she’s crying. She tells him it’s from happiness. She can’t believe that this time next year, they will be celebrating their baby’s first Christmas.

The food is brought out at Charlie’s.

Carly says Nelle’s room is ready, and there’s an extra quilt. Nelle doesn’t want to be any trouble, and Carly says it’s no trouble; they have plenty of room. Nelle thanks Sonny for the broth, and tells everyone Merry Christmas. Michael takes her upstairs.

Sonny asks Carly if she’s okay. She says she is, because Nelle can’t win. She can cause heartbreak, but they’ve been through worse than Nelle, and they’re still standing. They have each other. Sonny toasts to those they love, those they lost, and those who came back. He wouldn’t be standing there if not for them. They always have his back, and he’ll always have theirs. He loves them, and says, to family.

I doubt they have a new episode on Christmas, so…

On Tuesday, Nathan tells Kim his concern about the medical history, Jordan asks where Lulu got the evidence, and Peter wants to know who actually owns the company.

⛄ Both Z Nation and Once Upon a Time have finished their seasons, so unless something incredible comes along, see you after Christmas. My two must-see movies over the weekend will be the musical version of Scrooge with Albert Finney, and the Rat Pack film, Robin and the Seven Hoods. Hope it’s a happy and a merry one for you!

🎄 Quotes of the Week 🎄

Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is happiness because we see joy in people. It is forgetting self and finding time for others. It is discarding the meaningless and stressing the true values.  – Thomas S. Monson

Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God and family and to create memories that will last forever. Jesus is God’s perfect, indescribable gift. The amazing thing is that not only are we able to receive this gift, but we are able to share it with others on Christmas and every other day of the year. – Joel Osteen

I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. – Scrooge, Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

God bless us, every one. – Tiny Tim, Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol


And to All a Good Night

December 20, 2017 – Lomax Holds a Meeting, Siggy Holds a Grudge & Four Days


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nathan says there’s something wrong with the records. It’s probably nothing, but he has follow-up questions for his mother.

Well, I don’t think George Stephanopoulos is going to answer those questions, but he’s suddenly on my TV.

🎥 Missing Reel 🎥

It was only ten minutes, and I figure it’s not worth hunting for. Faison isn’t here yet. Ha-ha! Julian says Griff seems to pick and choose who deserves forgiveness. Griff says Ava is different, and Julian asks why, because she defrocked him? Griff says she’s really repentant, and wonders if Julian has ever even admitted the things he’s done are wrong. Julian says Griff has no idea. He just came to drop off gifts, but clearly it’s a bad time, and Griff and Ava have things to discuss. He gifts and runs.

Lulu fills Peter in on the election. She tells him about finding all the ballots, and says the polls suggested Felicia would win. He says polls aren’t always right, but she says it seems Felicia’s opponent stole election – how’s that for a story?

Laura asks Doc how it went with Dante. Doc says he’s on board, and asks about Lulu. Laura says Lulu was always supportive, but she’s distracted by the story she’s working on. She says Doc knows how it is when sets her mind on something. Laura looks through the pub window at the town hall meeting. Doc says he wonders where Lulu gets it, telling Laura that she’s scowling while shooting hate rays at the mayor. He says her fight is his fight.

TJ, Molly and Alexis talk at the pub. Julian walks in. Molly accuses him of being on the mayor’s side, saying since he couldn’t destroy her mom, he’s going to try to destroy the neighborhood. He says they’re on the same side. He’s a small business owner now. She asks what business he owns, and he tells her she’s standing in it.

Griff apologizes for putting Ava in the middle. She says she’s the one who did it, and he says he should have kept his anger in check. Ava says she loves her brother, but he’s smug and arrogant. If he regrets anything, he’s good at hiding it. What Griff said is true. He asks what about her, and she says that she’s somehow more worthy of forgiveness? He says he’s seen a change in her.

Nelle reads the paper at Kelly’s. She remarks that something is interesting, grabs her stuff, and walks out.

Michael meets with Ned at the pub. He says if Mayor Lomax gets her way, the people’s lives will be turned upside down. They’re going to lose their homes, and he’s not sure ELQ should be a part of it. Ned says he didn’t have a problem with the redevelopment years ago, but Michael says they weren’t tearing down people’s houses. Ned asks if he wouldn’t prefer a family who cares about Port Charles getting involved. If someone else gets the project, it could be worse. Michael tells him that he’s not saying no – yet.

Julian tells Molly that he decided it’s time to make an honest living, and used the media company sale to buy the pub. Molly asks Alexis if she was hoping to run into him, but the mayor interrupts, saying the town hall meeting is coming to order.

Lulu shows up at the station, and Dante asks what’s going on? She tells him that she needs his advice as husband, not a cop.

Mayor Lomax talks about a building a privatized park, and how it’s going to be a new chapter for the neighborhood. They’re going to make Port Charles a mid-sized business district. Molly asks what about the families who live there, and the students? Where will they go? The mayor says they’ll take questions later, but Julian says he wants to hear what they have to say, so she agrees. TJ talks about his family being new to Port Charles, and how he and Molly are renting a place there while working toward their degrees. He’s concerned about the property values skyrocketing even if they stay. The so-called progress will drive people out of their homes. Lomax says one of the reasons rents are rising is because of the influx of students living off campus. Molly says she’s deflecting by bringing in an irrelevant statistic that may or may not be true. Lomax says that TJ said his family was new to Port Charles, and Laura gets up, saying hers isn’t.

Maxie tells Felicia that she’s feeling a tsunami of doubt and anxiety. She’s never cared for an infant before. What if she’s not good enough to be a mother?

Obrecht meets with Nathan at Kelly’s, and asks what’s so important? He tells her he was on his way to drop off the medical records, and noticed some inconsistencies. She says she looked them over herself, and between her Swiss accuracy and German precision, pronounced them flawless. Nathan says Victor seemed to be in perfect health, but there’s no evidence he was tested for beta thalassemias, when it runs in the family. (I looked this up, and it’s a blood disorder.) He wonders why.

Ava tells Griff that she has a lot to atone for. When she committed those sins, her brother was a part of it. Griff doesn’t want him leading her down the wrong path, but she says she can falter on her own, despite his best efforts to redeem her. Nelle asks if she’s interrupting, but Ava tells her that Griff is on his way to work. He leaves, and Nelle asks if everything is okay. Ava says, just fine, and Nelle says she saw that Ava is hiring an assistant. Ava says she’s hired.

Laura says she’s been a resident in Port Charles since she was fifteen. It’s the place she calls home, and raised her children there. She thinks she’s qualified to speak to the historic significance. What drew her there was that it was charming and affordable, but what kept her there was the people. She talks about Mary May Ward, and how she fought passionately to preserve the community. She explains that the dock workers first settled the neighborhood, and turned it from a sleepy hamlet to a bustling city. It was a haven for diversity when the rest of the country wasn’t. She tells everyone to look at the pictures that are hanging up. They’re not just a reminder of who they were, but who they are. The city shouldn’t push out the working class, but help them thrive. She has nothing against progress, but not at the expense of their past or the people who live there. She encourages everyone to vote, and vote no. Peter just looks at her, while everyone applauds. I wonder what’s up with that guy.

Felicia says Maxie is already an excellent mother. Maxie says she was careless and selfish, and Georgie was taken from her. Felicia says she went through a troubled period, but look at her now. Maxie tells her that she’s a train wreck with great hair, but Felicia says she’s successful with a loving partner. Everything will be fine.

Obrecht tells Nathan that he’s been tested for beta thalassemias, and doesn’t have it. She says fatherhood brings out a healthy paranoia in men. The doctor will tell him all is well, and he can stop worrying. She leaves, but outside, she gets a really weird, complicated look on her face.

Lomax says they’ve heard from the rezoning committee and the residents. The only thing left is the vote next month. She adjourns the meeting. Doc tells Laura that she was amazing, and everyone gives her kudos. Molly says Laura would make a good politician herself. Laura says Port Charles is lucky to have young people willing to fight for its history.

Julian says Alexis has been there twice since she found out it was his pub. She tells him that she came for her scarf, and thanks him for defending her daughter. He says he was just doing what he thought was right; it’s a new thing he’s trying, and still figuring out. Molly asks Alexis why she’s talking to him, and says no matter how hard she tries, Alexis can’t shake him.

Nelle is surprised Ava is hiring her just like that, and Ava says her staff found other jobs after the fire, and she knows how good Nelle was at her job with Carly. Nelle says she knows how that ended, but Ava says it wasn’t because of poor work. Nelle tells Ava she’s not a saint. Ava says no one is, and she has no husband for Nelle to prey on, so they’re okay on that front. Nelle hopes the reason is that she’d be a good fit, not to stick it to Sonny and Carly. Ava says that has nothing to do with it. Just like it has nothing to do with Nelle applying for the job. Touché.

Michael tells Ned that everyone made excellent points. Ned says they had emotional appeal, but at the end of the day, it comes down to dollars and cents. Michael says it’s purely business, but he’s not sure; there are a lot of facets to consider, including public scrutiny. Ned thinks that’s a valid concern, but if they don’t give their support now, Lomax will find some venture capitalists who will. They can count on the project breaking ground as long as she’s the mayor. What say you? I think there’s going to be a new election once the fraud is exposed, and Laura will end up as mayor.

Dante tells Lulu that if she’s right, there’s going to be a huge controversy. Lulu says good, but Dante says Lomax could accuse her of making up fake news. Lulu says she’s thought about that, but major changes are happening because she won the election. If she didn’t win legitimately, the voters have a right to know the election was stolen, and that their voices still count for something.

Maxie says Felicia is right. Felicia says first trimester hormones aren’t blameless. Maxie and Nathan will make great parents, and she and Mac will always be there.

At the hospital, Nathan runs into Griff, who tells him congratulations. Nathan asks if Griff could do him a favor and look at the medical records. He needs to know if they belong to his father, or if he’s being lied to again.

Tomorrow, Monica tells Ned that she’s not turning away family, Maxie interrupts the wedding, and Jake doesn’t want Jason there. Saw that coming.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa is going bike riding with Siggy and Danielle. She tells the others she’ll meet them later. Teresa found a local private chef, so she, Dolores, and Margaret are taking a cooking class. She’s hoping the food works magic on Siggy and Margaret. Food, the universal language.

Teresa Dolores and Margaret go to the market for what Teresa calls “ingredientses.” Oooh, nice market. BTW, they just put the eggs in a bag when you buy them. Good to know. Dolores came from a huge Italian family, and thinks in another life, she was an Italian lady who stayed home, cooked and cleaned. That’s always been a dream of mine. Not really.

Melissa meets the bike guy, saying it will be the two of them if the girls don’t show, but Danielle and Siggy finally join her. Siggy tells us she had her bags packed, but decided to concentrate on the people she loves. I guess that means everyone except Margaret. Danielle says the bike is hurting her who-ha. Siggy is excited about a drama-free day. They stop to take pictures. Today, Siggy is an honorary Italian.

The chef gives the girls aprons, and they start with pasta. He tells them they’re not using a machine, and proceeds to concoct it with his hands. Margaret says no one ever married her for her cooking. My joke has always been that my husband didn’t marry me for my cooking in the kitchen. Dolores is happy, and doesn’t care if the others kill each other at this point. Margaret is concerned about being in the same room with Siggy, since Siggy is a loose cannon. Next is chopping beef for steak tartar. Teresa chops it on a wooden board, and gets splinters in the meat. Apparently, she was a little too enthusiastic, and tells us it’s the first wood she’s seen in a long time. BA-DUM-CHH!

The bicyclists stop for some champagne in the park. Melissa asks Danielle how she and Siggy’s talk went, and she thinks it went well. Siggy can’t get over Margaret’s insensitivity. Melissa says Margaret is harsh, but she’s not a hater, and Siggy overreacts. In her interview, Siggy says she’s never seen people ignore bad behavior (really?), and thinks she expected too much. She says the holocaust is part of who she is. Danielle – who seems to be the new voice of reason – says Siggy has a script of how she wants people to behave, but Margaret doesn’t know her rules. Melissa says they’re not dismissing her feelings, but Margaret has feelings too, and she’s also upset. In her interview, Melissa says Siggy needs to meet Margaret halfway, but she doesn’t think it’s going to happen. The best they can hope for is things not getting worse. She says if you’re going to cry, do it when you have to go back to New Jersey. I second that.

Teresa has visions of shaking the champagne, and squirting the other girls when they come in. Margaret doesn’t know what to say, since it will only be used against her. If the pasta is delicious, Siggy will say she choked on pasta once, and Margaret is trying to kill her. Everyone sits down, and Teresa makes a toast to friendship. Siggy is uncomfortable, and trying to put on a brave face, but hopes Margaret doesn’t talk to her.

Margaret thinks everyone is skirting around the obvious – the last time they ate together, they were thrown out of a restaurant, In her interview, Melissa says Margaret is in the position of damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. Melissa asks Margaret to come with her to get some water. Outside, she says that Margaret is being quiet, and asks if she’s okay. Margaret says it’s still raw. Melissa tells her about talking to Siggy, and doesn’t know if they got through, but they made an attempt to get her to understand. In her interview, Margaret says if they weren’t such a great group, she would fake her own death.

When they get back to the table, Siggy is in the middle of telling everyone that “Hitler” is a trigger word. Teresa says when she came home, hers was “jail.” In her interview, Margaret says she doesn’t understand Siggy, but won’t use it again. She tells Siggy she didn’t know it would hurt her to her core, and would never have said it had she known. She apologizes, and gets silence. Siggy barely looks at her. I’m just going to say it. Siggy is the biggest, most immature a-hole on the planet. Vote her off the island.

In her interview, Margaret says she gave a genuine, heartfelt apology, and got crickets. Danielle thanks Margaret, and Teresa says it brought tears to her eyes. In her interview, Siggy doesn’t care what Margaret says, she’s not making up. Siggy tells us that you don’t get over a comment like that in 24-hours, so she just concentrated on eating her meal. The next course is announced – steak tartar with woodchips. Ha-ha!

Back at the ranch Teresa’s house, the sink is leaking. Joe #2 arrives to fix it. He asks Milania if she can get him a dry rag, and she tells him he can get it himself. He asks to talk to the girls. He tells them that their mother is going through a lot. She works hard to support them, and they’re not easy. They can actually be a nightmare. He thinks they should do something nice for her birthday, and they decide on a surprise party

Margret says trip has turned into an international incident, and she needs a break from all the emotion. She takes a bubble bath. Siggy decides to spend time with Teresa today. Danielle is going to the shoe factory with Margaret because she’s a shoe geek. Melissa is going for gelato with Dolores.

Melissa tells Teresa they have one last dinner, and she wants to acknowledge what Margaret said.

Siggy admits to Danielle that Margaret said a nice thing. Danielle tells her it took a lot of courage. Siggy said she wanted an apology, but when she got what she wanted, she didn’t return anything. Dolores says if Siggy made amends with Danielle, it’s none of her business, but if Danielle tried to counsel her, she’d throw her ass out.

Danielle asks Margaret if she’s excited about going to the factory. She is, but says she has to put the pedal to the metal to get her shoe line out. Danielle tells her about Siggy, saying that Margaret went out of her comfort zone, and Siggy can’t give back the same thing she wants. Margaret says it wouldn’t be genuine. Siggy aligned her with a hate group, and she doesn’t want apology, but wants Siggy to acknowledge that’s not who she is.

Melissa and Dolores discover that Italy still has phone booths, and take pictures. They’re never making fun of tourists again.

Danielle thinks she might have a shoegasm. Margaret wants to make sure she’s on the same wavelength as the manufacturer. They check out the production department. She asks questions, and finds out that one pair takes three hours to make. She says she might be able to move past that because of the superior craftsmanship. She loves the factory, but the price point turns out to be a little high, so she feels it’s not exactly the right fit. I’m not sure if the pun is intended or not, since Margaret didn’t notice.

Teresa asked the chef to recommend a beautiful place to pray for her mom, and she takes Siggy to where there’s a gorgeous rendering of Jesus. She tells Siggy since she didn’t share the beach memorial with her, she’s sharing this. She doesn’t know what she’s going to do without her mom. Siggy says Teresa being away gave her mom an opportunity to bond with the banshees girls. In her interview, Teresa says she gets angry about the time she missed with her mom, but she’s glad her daughters were able to spend that time with her. She tells us that Siggy really does have a good heart. I think Siggy thinks she does, but it’s very selective. Siggy tells Teresa that she’s been holding a lot in. It started with Margaret calling her “Soggy.” Oh, for the love of all that’s holy. This woman is worse than a dog with a bone. Teresa thought they were done with that. Yeah, so did everybody else, since Siggy said they were. Teresa says she was called an adultery [sic] by Kim D, but Siggy thinks the hurt is the same. In her interview, Teresa doesn’t. She says for one you go to the hospital, and for the other, you put on a Band-Aid. Teresa thinks Margaret doesn’t realize how sensitive Siggy is, but says she did apologize. Wait for it… Siggy says that Margaret should have apologized that night. Teresa tells her, in all the chaos, when would she have been able to? Siggy promises to think about it. I have so many things to say, it would take up volumes. During the commercial, I jet over to the show’s page on Facebook, and many people are thinking the same things, so I refrain from posting, but like a few.

Melissa and Dolores wander around. Dolores says her man doesn’t demand a lot of attention, and it bothers her that he doesn’t care if he doesn’t hear from her in 24-hours. She says at her age, she’s not into just dating, and having Frank around is the best of both worlds. She goes out on dates, then comes home to Frank. They stop to eat. Dolores says having Frank around makes her realize she wants more than David. Melissa brings up Margaret’s apology, and says she was shocked. Siggy looked like she saw a ghost. Dolores tells her that Siggy isn’t emotionally ready to respond. If she wanted to respond in a snobby or nasty way, she would have done it already, but she contained herself. I can actually understand that, but cluing everyone else in might be a thought. Melissa says that Margaret always acts like the bigger person. Siggy called her anti-Semantic, and she needs to take that back. Dolores says she has Siggy’s back, but they need peace. Melissa says she knows why Dolores hangs out with men all the time.

The ladies get dolled up for their last dinner. Melissa stops by Margaret’s room. She can’t believe they’re leaving tomorrow. Melissa says she got Margaret a little something. She appreciates the invite. In her interview, Margaret says she’s glad she was introduced to Melissa. She’s Margaret’s spirit animal. Melissa gifts her with a charm bracelet, with the charms all reminiscent of Milan. Margaret tells Melissa that she was the most positive part of the trip. Melissa says it was good of her to apologize, and Margaret says she didn’t even know there were trigger words until she met Siggy. Melissa hopes Siggy can find it in her heart for taking back her comment to Margaret. She wants it cleaned up before they go back.

The table has a gorgeous fresh flower centerpiece; I think they’re peonies. Teresa says they have a private room in the hotel. If it gets out of control, the damage will be contained. Melissa reminds them that they have an early flight. She says let’s make tonight memorable, and enjoy it. Siggy says last night, Margaret gave a sincere heartfelt apology, and thanks her, saying she needed time to process. She starts getting weepy, and says she doesn’t think anyone should reference Hitler. She must really hate Vincent Bugliosi, who wrote an entire chapter in Helter Skelter about the parallels between Charles Manson and Hitler. Margaret says she’s sorry, but does Siggy genuinely feel she’s anti-Semantic?  Siggy says she wants to believe she’s not, but it wasn’t out of the sky. All the moments she felt attacked, and then the Hitler statement. Siggy doesn’t know where it came from, but if it hurt Margaret’s feelings, she apologizes. In her interview, Margaret says she’s trying to take it the best way possible, but it’s Apology 101. You shouldn’t be sorry for how someone feels, but what you did to make them feel that way. Thank you. My example is, I’m sorry they’re dead, instead of, I’m sorry I murdered them. Margaret says Siggy aligned her with a hate group, and her relationships outside are mostly with Jewish people. A remark like that is relationship ending, career ending, scathing, and hurtful. Siggy says how she felt could ruin her life. Margaret told her she said “Soggy” in the heat of the moment, not thinking it would hurt her, but she doesn’t think so. Melissa thinks Siggy doesn’t understand the gravity of what she said, and it would be a huge leap from that, to her really thinking Margaret is anti-Semantic. Siggy says it’s like she brought Margaret to a wedding, and was deserted at cocktail hour. Oh ho! This is why she’s so unreasonable. She’s jealous that her friends like Margaret. Margaret asks if Siggy thinks she’s always compassionate; she doesn’t always keep to her own rules. Siggy says she’s far from perfect. Margaret says if she gives herself a pass, she needs to give one to others. She would never say something to hurt her on purpose. In her interview, Margaret thinks she had no choice; she was forced to bond with the others, and Siggy realizes she’s here to stay. Teresa says all of them are friends. Dolores says let things mend, and it will all be good. Who would have thought Teresa and Danielle would make up? On that note, Margaret invites everyone to her Studio 54 disco birthday party, and everyone gets all excited.

Next time, Teresa poses, Margaret talks to her ex about the kids, Teresa apologizes to Danielle’s children, and Melissa has a not-listening-to-anyone attitude.

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December 3, 2017 – The Dead Invade the Sanctuary & Christmas Shopping Cheer


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



The Walking Dead

Rick sits in the container. Someone opens it. It’s Tardis Jadis and her cohorts. He tells her it’s not too late; the offer stands. Join them or die. She takes his photo. I guess this is a thing now? She tells him to turn around, and she takes a picture of his nakey behind. Her assistant drafts a letter. He asks why the pictures, and she says, after. He asks, after what? and he’s closed back into the container.

Eugene ponders his crappy life, and takes notes. What he knows, what he doesn’t know, and things he wasn’t aware of. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Dwight. He’s well aware Dwight is the fifth columnist. He’s been charged by Nathan to figure it out, so needs him to cease and desist his back stabbery. In exchange, he’ll keep what he knows to himself. Dwight grabs him by the collar, and sits him down. He says the Saviors are finished. Negan is finished. This place, what it’s been, is over. Food and water are running low, the workers are angry, and the Saviors are scared. All he has to do is nothing. Wait, and let it play out. He asks if Eugene can do that. He’s seen what happens, heard the screams, and smelled the burning skin. Dwight says that’s coming. Once you do those things, you become them, and there’s no going back. Eugene says he thinks about being safe a great deal, and it’s what’s important; what cranks his shaft. He says it’s not perfect, but they’re Saviors, and they save. He tells Dwight his cloak and dagger is on the QT. Just do nothing to anyone within the walls of the Sanctuary, and it will stay that way.

Eugene goes downstairs, where the zombies are clamoring at the windows. A Savior tells him he could use some help; Gabriel is getting worse. He has an infection, maybe more than one, and it’s only a matter of time. Eugene wishes he could help. He wishes for Razzles too (do they still make those?), but if wishes were horses and all that. Dude asks him to stay with Morgan, while he tries to find some Chinese herbs; maybe Eastern medicine will help. Gabriel nearly coughs up a lung, and tells Eugene to sit; Eugene looks worse than he does. Eugene says, he looks like a potato in a sh*t casserole, and sits.

Gabriel reaches for some water, and Eugene helps him drink. He coughs some more. He asks if Eugene is going to help him get Dr. Carson out. Eugene tells him there’s a Wilkes-Barre of walkers out there, and he doesn’t see it happening. He’s a small person, who doesn’t stick his neck out for anyone but himself, and stays in his lane. Gabriel just wants him to do the right thing. Eugene wonders what the definition of that is, since it’s different things to different people. Not going by other’s definitions has kept him staying vertical, when so many have gone horizontal. Gabriel tells him it requires faith, and the trusting belief that God is guiding him, and has a plan. Eugene says that’s absurd. Gabriel says he’s a man of science, but not long ago, would have found it impossible to believe that the dead could walk. (He has a point there.) Gabriel says maybe it’s not impossible. He’ll know what the right thing is when the time comes. He takes Eugene’s hand, and when Eugene takes it away, he sees a red dot on his thumb.

Morgan sees the zombies outside the Sanctuary through his gun site. He hears Daryl say he’s got something. Daryl drives up in the truck.

A Savior whose name I don’t remember visits Eugene. She asks if he’s fixed her boombox. He asks if she’s not distressed they’re trapped. She says she was already trapped. He asks if it’s possible for him to have the second bottle despite the delinquency. He needs it. She asks if he’s making jet fuel, but he says he needs it to sleep. She gets it; she needs help sleeping too. She tried to stop this. They came to him, and asked for help. He could have changed this place to something better, but took care of himself. She gives him the bottle, saying she hopes it helps, but it won’t. Negan summons Eugene.

Daryl says, make it happen. He tells Michonne to cover him. He’s going to crash the truck through the zombies and into the into the building. Michonne is concerned that they’ll be killed, but Daryl says  the workers are on other side. Michonne says it’s risky. Tara says they’ll work with what they’ve got, and Morgan says they’ve got him; Daryl is covered. Rosita thinks they should wait it out; it could go bad. Tara says it almost did go bad, and Daryl says they don’t have the Kingdom anymore. Rosita says Rick went to talk to the scavengers, and thinks they should wait for him. Tara says she knew about the weapons, but didn’t say anything, and look what happened. Rosita says it’s happening without her; she’s out. Michonne decides to see it through, but Rosita asks if it’s easier to risk everything than stay and wait. Michonne says she used to believe that, and Rosita says she wishes Sasha had realized it. Daryl says let’s go, and he gets in the truck with Michonne.

Negan sits at the head of the boardroom table with Lucille. Eugene sits down. Negan tells him if things don’t get fixed soon, a lot of people will die. His people, not him. He’s too good at this, but he doesn’t want to see them die. He doesn’t want to see Eugene eaten. It’s about pooling and organizing strength, and he’s strong. He wants to make sure Eugene knows he knows that. Eugene says their pages are utterly and completely one and the same. Negan holds out his hand. Eugene starts to kiss it, but Negan says he was going for a handshake, and tells Eugene to stand up. He understands the confusion; he rarely does this sh*t. Not many get mutual respect from him. Eugene says work needs getting to, and leaves. Negan smiles.

Eugene works on the boombox. He examines the speaker. He goes to the basement, wearing a miner’s headpiece with a light, looking around in the dark. He sees Sasha’s coffin, and flashes back to her bursting out of it, zombified. He opens it and finds the iPod he gave her. He sniffles a little.

Morgan tells Daryl to cut the engine before he draws walkers. This should be awesome if it works, or even if it doesn’t. Tara gets out to go for a cover spot. Daryl asks Michonne if she’s up for it. She says she came to see for herself if things would work, but she doesn’t get to know that. None of them do, but she does know things are working now, and they need to trust things will keep working. What they’re about to do, is it worth risking that? Daryl says it is for him. She hopes it works, but she can’t do it. She says she shouldn’t, and gets out, looks at Tara, and walks away. Tara says he has Morgan and the snipers; they can do this. Daryl says they will.

Outside on the second floor, Eugene sets the iPod up on a glider that looks like it’s made out of a kite. He talks into the recorder, and says stuff I don’t understand. Dwight tells him not to turn around

Tara runs around the compound, and sees the zombies trying to get into the Sanctuary. She radios that she’s there and ready. Morgan is ready. The lookouts are ready.

Dwight tells Eugene to get up, and back away from that thing. He has a gun, and Eugene gets all shaky. He says he’s attempting to save people’s lives. If Dwight kills him, he’ll be killing a great many innocents. Dwight asks if he’s aware that Negan is going to kill all his old friends. Eugene says they were former traveling companions. Dwight says he’s working with them to keep people alive. They can get rid of Negan, they’re almost there. Eugene says Negan ain’t the dyin’ type. Dwight says he is, and he’ll either execute Eugene or he can take his chances of being shot in the back. Eugene turns the iPod on, and cranks up the sound. The glider takes off, and floats above the zombies. Wtf? I guess he’s trying to lead the zombies away using Dolly Parton. Dwight’s hand shakes.

Daryl starts the truck. Dwight shoots at the glider rather than Eugene. Tara just shoots. Eugene turns around, and Dwight is gone. Morgan shoots. Daryl drives. Eugene ducks. Daryl puts cinderblock on the gas pedal to hold it down, jumps out of the truck, and it slams into the building. Morgan says, clear to the south. Daryl and Tara run as the zombies swarm into the Sanctuary.

The Saviors shoot at them, but they’re way outnumbered. Eugene has a panic attack. Dwight can’t believe it. Regina machine guns, but why bother? Just run. Eugene freezes on a landing as the bodies pile up at the bottom of the stairs, and they still keep coming. Eugene just blinks at the zombies reaching for him.

Eugene goes to Gabriel’s room, and says his invitation is declined. He won’t end up like Sasha or him. He can’t do this. Judge him, but he’s staying alive, and doing what takes to lock that down. He’s going to make sure Dr. Carson stays right there, since staying alive requires his expertise. He’ll survive; it’s all he knows how to do. Morgan is like, go to hell.

Negan tells Eugene he hopes Eugene realizes the storm of sh*t (his favorite word) he’ll be dumping on Rick as soon as he’s clear of the sh*tstorm Rick dumped on him. He asks how it feels to be his second, and to save people. Eugene says it feels great, and he’s solved some other problems. Negan is thrilled that Eugene has made more bullets, calling him magnificent. Eugene agrees he is. Regina and Dwight come in, and say that the dead have taken over the lower level. Negan tells them that Eugene has solved a way out of this mess, and he says he has a topper Dwight looks at him, I’m sure thinking he’s a gonr. Eugene says he’s fixed the intercom. Negan asks if that’s it, and Eugene says, sorry. That kind of thing cranks his shaft. He leaves.

Alone in his  room, Eugene listens to the shooting. He shivers and cries. He should cry. He drinks the liquor straight from the bottle, throws up, and drinks some more.

Rick is hauled out again. A scavenger takes him to the trash heap, and forces him to his knees. A zombie with a helmet is brought out, snapping and snarling. Jadis says, time for after. Rick pops the guy holding him in the nose, and manages to fight, even with his hands tied. He grabs the stick the zombie is attached to, and twirls the zombie around in a circle, so that it nails everyone else. Until it’s head pops off. Rick goes after Jadis, who has a gun, but he trounces her anyway. He gets her on the ground and puts her face a few inches from the zombie’s head, which is still alive and gnashing its teeth. He tells her the others won’t attack today, but they will. They can play their games, draw pictures, sculpt all the sh*t they want, but he’s leaving; maybe they should just run. I agree. They’re not super effective. Jadis signals her people to lower their weapons.

Rick asks if they’re done, and she says, yes. He helps her up. He tells her the Sanctuary is surrounded twenty deep. He tells her to come with him. When the others meet them, they’ll ask for surrender. He alone kills Negan. He asks if there’s a deal, and she says, after, the Saviors things; their things. Rick says, all of theirs; a fourth. Jadis says she gets to sculpt him, and he says no sculpting. His boots and clothes now. I think she likes him.

Rick leads Jadis and company out. He sees some zombies feeding on one of his snipers, and shoos them away. He uses the radio, asking if anyone copies, but there’s nothing. He takes the gun and climbs up the tower. He focuses on the Sanctuary, and sees it empty of zombies. He’s like wtf? but shakier.

Next time, they just have to survive the night, Maggie and Jesus join up with the others, and the big confrontation with a shocking (they promise) ending happens. It’s a 90-minute mid-season finale preceded by a marathon starting Saturday night.

😵 That’s all she wrote tonight. You try dealing with the AOL upgrade that’s more like a downgrade while finishing your Christmas shopping.

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November 22, 2017 – A Quartermaine Tradition, Quotes of Gratitude, a Holiday Wish & Vintage Thanksgiving


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

So how will the Quartermaines end up with Thanksgiving pizza this year when everyone is going elsewhere?

Carly tells Sonny the turkey is too big, but he thinks it’s fine. He tells her to worry about the guests; he’ll worry about the turkey.

Oscar arrives in a tie. His mom told him to upgrade his look. Josslyn wonders where she is, and worries she figured things out, but Oscar says she forgot the pie she’s bringing. Josslyn says it seems like he doesn’t want his mom to meet her parents. He says it’s not them; it’s his mom. She’s cool, but can be a little much. They kiss.

Stella and TJ arrive at Alexis’s house. Curtis is stopping for extra cream – a nod to last year’s Thanksgiving when Alexis went out for some, and never came back. David comes out with appetizers.

At Lulu and Dante’s place, Ned arrives with fresh rosemary for Olivia-Q. Lulu demands to know if Maxie is pregnant. Ned is looking forward to turkey with all the fixings, and Olivia says the pizza place will wonder what happened. He says no one’s at the mansion this Thanksgiving; there’s a first time for everything.

Andrew is there. He looks at the family photos, and I already want to cry.

Jason asks Sam if “he’s” there, and Sam says no. He asks to come in. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but he says it’s important. He needs her to tell him what she wants him to do.

Stella says there can never be too many hands; how can she help? Alexis says TJ can help by fixing the remote.

Curtis keeps messing with his phone, but Jordan says she doesn’t think his contact will run into Andre before they break the wishbone. He wants to be there for Andrew, but she says she needs his head in the game now. Stella opens the door.

Sonny tells us it’s all in the Creole seasonings. Michael is distracted with something on his phone. Sonny asks if it’s business, but he says it’s Nelle. Carly tells Oscar that she’s looking forward to meeting his mom as much as he must be looking forward to watching football with the guys. Josslyn tells her Oscar isn’t a football fan, and she says he can battle over the wishbone them. She has some advice though; Sonny likes to win.

Monica didn’t expect to see Andrew. He asks where everyone is. She tells him she was supposed to be in Mexico, but her flight was grounded. She’ll have to find her harmonic convergence experience at home. He says he’s going to Alexis’s house, but wanted to make sure they’re still good. First it was Carly and Sonny, now Robin thinks the other guy is Jason. He’s being told that everything he remembers, and his life, belongs to someone else. He ran into Robin at Elizabeth’s. She’d taken one look at the other guy’s face, and now he’s a stranger.

Jason tells Sam about Diane trying to hunt down his fingerprints. She asks why he’s telling her this. He says eventually, Diane will prove he’s Jason Morgan, unless he tells her to stop. Sam asks why he’d do that and stay in limbo? He says he has nothing to prove. He knows the truth, and can live his whole life never using his name again, if it’s easier for her. She says it’s impossible, and he’s making it harder.

Nathan tells Dante not to mention Man Landers; he’s heard it all. He’s glad his in-laws are celebrating with Anna, and Dante says he’s just delaying the inevitable. Dante tells him there’s something weird about Maxie, and Nathan is like, just today? In another room, Lulu wants to know if Maxie is pregnant. It’s Lulu and Dante’s anniversary, and she tells Maxie that she can’t deny an Italian a request on their anniversary. It’s in The Godfather. Maxie says she’s not Italian. She does have something to tell her, but not yet. Lulu insists it must be that she’s pregnant, but she says it has to do with Man Landers being exposed by The Invader.

Curtis gives Alexis the cream, and she promises to keep the culinary upsets to a minimum. Jordan asks if Stella brought her dressing, since it’s the best she ever had. David checks on the bird. Molly tells Alexis that David is sweet and helpful, and asks if she’s is going to be reaching out to Kristina today. Alexis wonders how Kristina is doing, and Molly tells her if she wants to know, reach out herself. Alexis isn’t doing this right now, and Molly says how about if they talk about Dr. McDashing?

Michael tells Sonny that Nelle wished him a happy Thanksgiving. Sonny is surprised they’re still in touch, and Michael says he’s still her landlord, and it’s best to be nice. He tells Sonny that it just didn’t work. Carly comes in with Oscar. Sonny asks if he wants beer, adding that he’s just joking. Carly suggests his sense of humor might be lost on people who don’t know him, like Oscar’s mom. She should be there any minute. Sonny tells Michael to make sure the guards are out of sight.

Monica tells Andrew his relationships with them are all real. He says now he’s just some guy they’ve known for three years. They’ve always been there for each other, but they think the other guy is Jason. How long until his family feels the same way?

Sam tells Jason that he has to choose between fighting for his life or giving it away. He says her husband is going out of his mind over this, and thinks he’s Jason. He remembers everything, all of it. Sam says suddenly someone told him it’s all a lie; what is he expected to do? Jason says that’s why he’s there. He’s willing to step back, let her husband use the name, and they can go on with their lives. Sam asks what would happen to him?

Molly calls Alexis a secret keeper, and she insists she’s not keeping secrets. Molly asks why Alexis didn’t say anything about inviting David, and she says she just found out he was going to be by himself. All Molly cares about is that his name isn’t Julian. Jordan asks David how it’s going with the real estate, and he explains he’s looking to move, and likes the area of Charles Street. Stella asks if that’s not where that woman set up her herb shop; the crazy lady who almost blew up the hospital. She saw her attorney on TV, reading a statement from her, admitting that she forced her brother to commit crimes. Molly looks at Alexis.

Sam asks Jason what he’s going to do? Climb on his motorcycle and ride away? She wonders if Carly and Sonny would let him go, and he says he’d explain why he had to leave. Sam tells him that they’ve spent five years missing him, wanting to hear his voice, believing they’d never see him again. Now they have him back. She doesn’t think he should leave. There’s a lot of sighing, and Jason says she saw the way her husband reacted to the DNA test. It wasn’t good, and this will only make it worse. Sam says let it get worse. The only way to move forward is to know the truth. That’s what she wants. She wants to know who’s Andrew Moore and who’s Jason Morgan. He says he’ll tell Diane to keep working. She, Max, Milo, and Epiphany are having Thanksgiving dinner together. She doesn’t know what’s crazier, Diane cooking, or Sonny giving the guards the day off. He says Milo is cooking, and tells her why the guys ended up with free time. They laugh about Sonny hiding the guards. Jason says they’re not gone completely; he’s just not advertising it. Sam says, good luck with that, and to tell everyone happy Thanksgiving. He says he will, and the same to her. Danny comes downstairs, and recognizes him as mommy’s friend from the hospital.

Monica tells Andrew that he’s not losing his family. He says he never thought he’d lose Sonny and Carly either. She says they’re not family, but she is. She tells him family doesn’t cut and run; they stay, and that’s what she’s doing. Andrew asks what if they find out he’s not family, which is stupid, because he’d still be family regardless of which twin he is. She says it doesn’t make a difference. They’ve formed a relationship in the last two years. He knows that, but sometimes thinks he’s not really himself. Either way, he’s grateful she’s his mother. Monica says she’s grateful he’s her son, and they hug.

Josslyn asks Oscar if he uncovered any more clues. He says he followed up on the guy they found online, but he’s gay, and never had any interest in women. Back to the drawing board. Josslyn says it’s okay; they’ll fine him. She tells Oscar to have faith. Sonny tells everyone heads up. He got a call from Nico, and Oscar’s mom is on her way up. Oscar says their lives will never be the same. Oscar’s mom arrives, and it’s Tamara Braun who used to be Carly. I wonder if it feels weird for old Carly to be working with now Carly.

Stella wonders if she said something wrong, and TJ tells her that Olivia-J is the sister of Alexis’s ex-husband. Curtis asks if Jordan knew about the press conference. She says the DA had just informed her that Olivia is taking the rap for everything, saying she coerced Julian into helping. Molly asks what this means for Julian, and Jordan says hopefully his appeal will be denied, but it’s possible he could be released. Andrew comes in, and asks where Sam is.

Danny asks if Jason is coming to his grandma’s for Thanksgiving. He wishes he could, but he’s having dinner with friends. Danny asks if they have a dog, and says his other grandma does. He wishes he was going there so they could practice; he’s teaching her tricks. Jason says he hopes he sees that someday. He leaves, and Danny tells Sam that he likes him; he’s nice. Sam says he’s special. You just know that kid is going to spill the beans to his not dad.

Oscar’s mom, Kim, exchanges pleasantries with Sonny and Carly. Carly says she’s glad they’re finally getting a chance to talk, and Sonny tells her that she raised a good kid. She hopes they’re not creating extra work, and Michael says it gave his dad an excuse to get the biggest turkey. Josslyn and Oscar go upstairs to check on Avery. Carly says she thought they’d disappear before Kim’s coat was off. Kim says they have a lovely place. Obviously, organized crime has been good to them.

Laura tells Ned that she heard he’s back at ELQ. He says just when he thinks he’s out, he gets pulled back in. He’s excited about the Charles Street redevelopment. Laura reminds him that she fought ELQ’s plans to build a toxic waste site there, but he tells her that Michael is environmentally friendly. Olivia-Q brings out the turkey.

Lulu is thankful that their family is stronger than ever now that Charlotte is a part of it. Ned is happy that his family has merged with Olivia’s. Olivia is grateful to get to know Monica better, and improve her communication skills. Doc is grateful for Laura, and convincing her to marry him, and Laura says it will be fun planning the wedding. Yeah, probably when you’re planning one for the fifth time, it’s less stressful. Nathan is grateful for his wife’s boundless patience. Maxie is grateful for her new job, her husband, her daughter, and good things to come. On the phone, Ned asks why Monica didn’t tell them her flight was canceled. He tells her to come over; there’s a plate with her name on it. She says it’s no big deal, and she’s fine with a turkey burger. She tells him to just enjoy the holiday. He smiles.

Sonny tells Kim that he’s a coffee importer. He doesn’t want to bore her with his business, but tells her to ask him anything. Michael gets a call from Ned, and steps away. Kim says she’s done her best to honor her son’s privacy, and hasn’t pressed him for information, but she’s done her due diligence. She knows what they are. Sonny tells her not to pay attention to bad press, but she says his name is attached to a long list of concerns. Carly says Oscar gave them one excuse after another not to meet. Kim admits she’s very busy with work, and he’s on his own more than she’d like, which can lead to bad decisions. Carly says Oscar and Josslyn have been together for months, and they’re great together. Kim isn’t objecting; she doesn’t think the relationship will last long enough to be a problem. Josslyn is Oscar’s first girlfriend, and he’s Josslyn’s first boyfriend. They’ll eventually get bored and move on. She knows that they’ve kept Josslyn out of the public eye, and is willing to let it play out with minimal friction. Sonny says he can’t fault her logic. The kids are young and new to this, but he’s not betting against them just yet.

Sam and Danny arrive at Alexis’s place. Andrew asks what happened that he beat her there?

Olivia-Q finishes putting out the food, and lists all the dishes that are on the table. Maxie watches as everyone loads their plates, and starts to get sick. Olivia hands her a plate, and she makes a grab for a napkin, knocking over the entire table. She runs to the bathroom.

Alexis brings out the turkey, trips, and drops it.

In the bedroom, Nathan suggests calling a doctor, but Maxie says she’s not sick. She’s been trying to tell him for days that she’s pregnant. He asks, like having a baby pregnant? and gets super excited.

David tells Alexis it’s good as new, and she says she’s sorry. He didn’t have to stay behind to help her clean up; she dropped the turkey. He says it’s not bad, but she says it’s a disaster, like her life; she’s the turkey. He tells her she’s a glorious, intriguing, attractive disaster. She wonders why he doesn’t want to run back to his bachelor pad after what he’s seen and heard, and then kisses him.

Carly tells Kim they probably won’t be spending their lives together, but Josslyn and Oscar have a special connection. She would know that if she spent time with them. Kim says she handled this badly, but Carly respects her. She’s also not one to let things go unsaid. Kim says she doesn’t have time to beat around the bush. Carly says it must be tough being a single mom, and asks if Oscar’s father was ever in the picture.

Sonny comes out, and announces fifteen more minutes. The doorbell rings. Kim tells Carly the situation with Oscar’s dad is complicated. Jason comes in, and Sonny introduces him to Oscar’s mom. She says, “Drew.” Uh-oh.

The entire crowd arrives at the Quartermaine mansion, bearing pizzas. They descend on Monica, singing, We Gather Together. We see a family tableau, framed by Olivia-Q’s decorations. I bust out crying. Hey, I grew up with these people and the traditional stuff gets me every time.

A rerun tomorrow, and football on Friday. Next week, Sam asks what Andrew is really afraid of, Kiki tells Griff that Ava has dropped looking for a new surgeon, and Jason tells Kim that she’s mistaken him for someone else.

Quotes on Gratitude, Giving Back & Doing Good

I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual. It is surprising how contented one can be with nothing definite – only a sense of existence… O how I laugh when I think of my vague indefinite riches. No run on my bank can drain it, for my wealth is not possession but enjoyment.Henry David Thoreau, The Portable Thoreau

No, you do not have thousands of years to live. Urgency is on you. While you live, while you can, become good.Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

This is what you shall do: Love the earth and sun and the animals, despise riches, give alms to everyone that asks.Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Live all you can; it’s a mistake not to. It doesn’t so much matter what you do in particular, so long as you have your life. If you haven’t had that what have you had?Henry James, The Ambassadors

The growing good of the world is partly dependent on un-historic acts.George Eliot, Middlemarch

The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them. — Ida B. Wells, The Light of Truth (Amen, sista!)

Let us be good, let us be young, let us be sincere! Evil is nothing but vanity; let us take pride in the good, and above all, let us not despair.Alexandre Dumas, fils, The Lady of the Camellias

We cast a shadow on something wherever we stand, and it is no good moving from place to place to save things; because the shadow always follows. Choose a place where you won’t do harm…and stand in it for all you are worth, facing the sunshine.E. M. Forster, A Room with a View

No generous mind delights to oppress the weak, but rather to cherish and protect. – Anne Brontë, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Reflect upon your present blessings—of which every man has many—not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.Charles Dickens, Sketches by Boz

🍂 Happy Thanksgiving

Since Bravo is showing movies, and Star is a rerun, I’m calling it a night. I’ve got to get that turkey in the oven at 3 am. HAHAHAHAHA! Not really, but I’m looking forward to a buffet at the local Hilton on the beach. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with food, family, friends, and gratitude. (I couldn’t find a word that started with “f” for that last one.) See you on the Z Nation side on Friday.





December 18, 2016 – Vintage Christmas Holly Jollies, a Little Atlanta & a Small Dose of Medicine


Now for Something Completely Different

While there are some Sunday night shows I’m watching, like The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Married to Medicine (see below), nothing is happening with the shows I’m blogging, so I thought I’d share a little Christmas humor.

In 1979, I was young, single, and living in NYC. I still went home for Christmas though, and a friend of mine stayed at my apartment in Manhattan that year to babysit my cat, Eric. (So named after Monty Python‘s Eric the Cat.) When I got back, I found this note. In explanation, my railroad flat was once a hotel room and had a decorative fireplace. And be forewarned, there are curse words ahead.

Christmas Eve, 1979

Dear Theresa,

Well, I was here! Where the hell were you?

After all the trouble I had getting here, too. Do you realize how goddamn hard it is to guide 8 reindeer through New York City? They all want to stop and look at the tall buildings and buy pretzels. They all bugged the hell out of me, trying to con me into taking them to Radio City.

Then, trying to land on that goddamn filthy roof of yours. Doesn’t anybody clean around here? There was so much fuckin’ pigeon shit around, Dancer slipped and almost ended up as flying venison.

Then I struggle and squeeze, and damn near burst my spleen trying to get down the chimney. I finally make it through – and you bricked up the fuckin’ fireplace!

I had to climb all the way back up to the roof, walk down the fire escape and get in through the front door. (If Jane didn’t leave your key for me – I wouldn’t have even gotten in!)

And then, do you think I could go up in the elevator? Oh no! I had to trudge up those cruddy stairs. Four whole flights I walked!

So I get in, finally. And where are you? Gone. I don’t even get the satisfaction of sneaking around so you don’t wake up. It’s the best part of being Santa Claus, goddamn it, and I couldn’t. If it weren’t for your crazy cat sleeping in the sink, it would have been a total loss.

By the way – do you know your cat is fencing stolen goods? I found a whole mess of TVs and stereos… well, never mind.

And the topper of it all. The thing that really, really burns me up is that you didn’t even leave me a goddamn glass of milk and a few lousy cookies! Nothing! I open the fridge and – nada! Not even a lousy j!

Thanks a heap, Theresa.

All in all, you really fucked me over, and don’t think I’m gonna forget it!

Santa Claus

P.S. Just stopped by on my way back from Ohio. So there you were! OK, all’s forgiven. But next time, drop me a note if you aren’t going to be in. You know my address. Merry Christmas.


🎅 Wherever you are, Jane Lindberg, you’re still making me laugh after almost 40 years.

👒 A quick note on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya and Matt’s relationship seems to have taken a nosedive, which I find sad, since it looked like she’d found the right guy. Unfortunately, he’s shown a somewhat violent temper, and broke one of her garage door windows during an argument. Not a good sign. It’s hard to tell if they’ll end up working things out. I think it depends on whether or not Matt is willing to go to some kind of counseling. Kenya’s father has been a real champ though, supporting her all the way, and even trying to talk to Matt himself.

Phaedra is still the same self-righteous a-hole. There’s no way I could be friends with her. She has to be the phoniest member of the Housewives franchise, and that’s saying a lot. If you look up “two-faced” in the dictionary, her picture is there. Porsha has a new old boyfriend, whom she dated years ago. She decides to bring him to a family dinner, where he’s barraged with questions about his “intentions.” Even Jesus gets an earful during grace.

I often get distracted by the outfits on this show. Especially when Phaedra wears some kind of poufy thing. Or a hat. I was twice as distracted tonight, when Phaedra and Kandi met for a disastrous lunch. Kandi called Phaedra out for everything she’d ever done since the earth cooled, and Phaedra pretended she had no idea what Kandi was talking about, and Kandi must be crazy. But I digress from my digression. Kandi was wearing a gorgeous, but busy, off-the-shoulder dress, in a humongous floral pattern, and Phaedra was wearing some white concoction that I kept trying to figure out. I don’t know how I was supposed to concentrate on the conversation. All I know is, it didn’t end well.

🚑 As for Married to Medicine, this one is like watching a train wreck for me. You’d think that a group of women who are doctors and/or married to doctors would be somewhat mature, but no. However, it’s flabbergasting to see how incredibly childish they are. Hats off to Dr. Jackie, often the only voice of reason. She finally blew a gasket last week, while doing a nude photo shoot for breast cancer awareness. She’d invited the girls along for support, but they couldn’t stop their loud, petty quarreling for five minutes, and she had to kick them out. It’s a shame that a show that could have so much going for it, frequently reduces itself to Jersey Shore status. I’d also love to know where they find these people. What are the odds of a medical maven also being the first to start a bar brawl? That’s not to say the ladies are one-dimensional – this season’s storyline about Simone’s missing father is heart-wrenching – but they’re not kids and need to learn when to put a lid on it.