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July 24, 2018 – Margaux Plays Detective, Hannah Gets in Trouble, Tyler, Two Toms & Four Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

We see the headline: Fugitive found – Peter August in custody. Margaux bugs Drew, who’s sitting at the bar in the MetroCourt.

Nina visits Peter in the hospital. she wanted to make sure he was okay. He says she looks fantastic, and she says she runs a fashion magazine. They just kept her overnight as a precaution, but she’s on her way home. She tells him that Obrecht is in custody. Peter says he knows she was unraveling, but she starved and tortured him. He can’t be sorry she’s been brought to justice. She asks why he didn’t tell the police she was an accomplice.

Kiki goes to Alexis’s house. She doesn’t like Kiki’s look, and asks, what happened? Kiki says there was an article in The Invader about how accomplished David is, and how she’s exploiting him. Alexis says Scotty goes for the jugular, and knows how to work the press. She tells Kiki The Invader is just rag, and no one takes it seriously. Kiki says, until they do.

Ava and Griff see Julian, who tells them he’s staying at the hotel. He asks if they’ve seen The Invader’s article about Kiki’s lawsuit. Ava says it’s a good thing she’s reformed, or she’d be tempted to do something. Julian has some thoughts, but she tells him to hold on to them; they’ll talk later. After Julian leaves, Griff wonders, what thoughts?

Chase jumps rope at the gyn. Jason comes in, and asks if there are any updates on their plan. He’s worried about Michael. Chase says Nelle needs to be stopped, but Jason says, not if it costs Michael his life.

At the MetroCourt, Michael tells Nelle he thinks they should get away for a while. He asks if she wants to go hot or cold, and she says it depends on how she feels. He asks if she’s okay. She tells him that she’d feel better if her husband didn’t sneak off in the middle of the night, and she found herself alone. He says he had some dealings with the Japanese markets and didn’t want to wake her; she needs her sleep. She says she’ll tell him when she needs something. If he can’t or won’t give it to her… Michael says, then what?

Margaux tells Drew that she’s staying in the suite once occupied by Peter. She understands he’s been apprehended, and says, who knew he wasn’t who he said he was?

Peter tells Nina that he meant what he said. She’s a kind decent, woman. The only reason she got involved was because she wanted justice for her brother. He’s alive thanks to her. She says Valentin dragged him out, but he says he wouldn’t be there if she hadn’t intervened. She saved his life. Valentin arrives, and says there’s an old saying that when you save someone’s life, it belongs to you forever.

Griff asks Ava how Julian could help with the lawsuit? She says he’s always acting like he has the solution to everything, and knows better than everyone else. They’re about to go into the MetroCourt restaurant, and see Michael and Nelle. Ava suggests they go to Kelly’s. Griff asks if she’s avoiding Michael or Nelle. She says she doesn’t want to be reminded of the wedding. Carly accused Nelle of gaslighting her, and said she couldn’t have done it by herself. That’s Carly. Always blaming someone else. She says if they get room service, they could have breakfast in bed. He wants her to tell him why she keeps changing the subject.

Alexis says Kiki will be judged in a courtroom in front of a judge and a jury of her peers, not the court of public opinion. Kiki asks her to be honest. What are her chances of winning. Alexis says very good, but Kiki wants her to promise that, when it’s over, at the very least, David will be prevented from doing it again. Alexis says she’d be lying if said it always goes in the plaintiff’s favor.

Jason tells Chase, if it works, they’ll get what they want, but there are a lot of variables. They know Nelle isn’t predictable. She could get help without him, and they’ll have no warning and no way to stop it.

Nelle says, since the wedding, Michael has been distant. It’s like he has buyer’s remorse, and she doesn’t know what she did wrong. She just wants to be a loving wife and mother. Why is he treating her like an obligation; like he’s only putting up with the marriage? Michael says marriage is new to him too. He says, to be honest… never mind. She says, what? They have to talk about these things. He says he’s just worried about his mom. It’s bad enough she’s in Ferncliff, but now she’ll be there longer. Nelle thinks he’s right. She doesn’t want to talk about his mom. The stress is no good for the baby. Michael says, or her. Nelle says Carly is still coming between them. Whether she’s locked up or crashing their wedding, she’s always there; she wins. Michael says it’s not a competition. Hasn’t he proved that? She says, before. She keeps thinking about the ELQ benefit, where she showed up in the wrong dress. He came in wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt to make her feel better. It was a little thing, but it meant a lot. It showed he cared. She wishes they could be in that place again.

Drew tells Margaux that Peter appeared to be a CEO. He entrusted the future of his company to Peter, and Peter betrayed that trust. Margaux says people lie on their resumes all the time, but he says they usually don’t lie about their name. Peter knew his father was coming after him, but didn’t tell anyone. One of his best employees was made a widow, and his fashion editor, Nina, lost her brother. Everything Peter set in motion affected a lot of lives. He hopes she goes after him. She has a lot of questions, but they have to wait. Drew says a lot of them can be answered on the website, but she says, not all.

Valentin says it looks like Peter may have repaid him. Nina says by covering up her part. Peter suggests she not say that out loud. Three-quarters of getting away with something is keeping your mouth shut. He doesn’t want her to think about him one more minute. She has better things to do, and better people to worry about. She leaves, and Valentin thanks him for covering. Peter says he brought his father into her life, and he took her brother. Valentin says, no argument from him. Peter says that brings him to Valentin. How does he repay the man he thought was a friend, who destroyed his life?

Ava says if anyone is changing the subject, it’s Griff. When he heard Peter was in the ER, he shut down. Griff says he was frustrated. He couldn’t get ahold of Anna, and didn’t want to take out his frustrations on her. She asks if he isn’t worried about the DNA test. It won’t help him to tell anyone, and Peter is beyond saving. He says, it’s never too late for salvation. She says he can tell her anything. He kisses her, and has to go.

Nelle tells Michael that she’s getting a reminder from the baby about what’s at stake. She apologizes for being touchy. He tells her, no worries. The only thing they can do is move forward. She says, absolutely, and tells him to get back to the office, and don’t worry about her or the baby. They’ll be just fine. When he’s gone, she takes out her phone.

Chase tells Jason there’s always a risk when it comes to a sting. Jason says, Michael’s like is not an acceptable risk. Chase says, he’s not alone. They have the full cooperation of Jordan and the PCPD. He gets a text, and says Nelle wants to meet on the pier. Jason asks if he thinks she’s going to ask him to kill Michael. Chase says the clock is ticking. Jason says, what if they’re wrong? Either way, he needs to know exactly what she says.

Ava goes to Julian’s hotel room. She wants to hear his plan to help Kiki. He says there’s no plan. He’s withdrawing the offer. He can’t get involved.

Kiki tells Alexis that she’s read the statistics. Out of 11,000 sexual harassment cases, barely 6% end up getting justice. Alexis sees she’s been on the internet when she told her not to do that. She says they’ve been over this. It’s going to be difficult, but she has to be strong. Kiki says she’s doing her best, but she doesn’t know how much more she can take. Alexis hugs her.

Valentin tells Peter that he wishes he could fix what he did. Peter says Valentin handed him over to his father to raise him. Valentin says that’s why he broke Peter out of jail. He asks what he can do to balance their ledger? Peter laughs, saying it’s a great question. He wishes he had an answer. He tells Valentin not to worry. One day, he’ll be right again, and will think of something.

Griff asks Nina what she’s doing. She says, going to work, and he says, absolutely not. She says she can’t stay here. Her soon-to-be ex is overly concerned. He says he’ll sign off on her discharge if she goes directly home and rests. She can work from home, as long as it’s not stressful. She promises to stay stress-free. He thinks maybe someone should stay with her, and Valentin appears, saying that’s not a problem.

Jason punches the bag. Michael comes in, and says the traditional, what did that bag ever do to you? Jason says it’s good to see him safe and sound. Michael asks why he wouldn’t be, and Jason says he’s setting up his wife to kill him. Jason was there when Chase got the text. Game on.

Nelle waits at the docks. Chase arrives, and she says, everything he told her, everything he warned her about Michael, turned out to be true.

Ava says Julian can’t help defend his niece against a predator? Kiki could lose and her career could be tanked. He says he can help legally, but she says no one needs his legal help. He tells her that he wants to be a better man for Kim and her son. Charlie’s is a fun, legit place, here people come to have a good time. Ava says, people like Kim? She asks if he thinks it’s serious, and he says all he knows, is that if Ava can make it work with Dr. Do-Good, anything can happen.

Griff tells Peter that he’ll get the paperwork ready, then he’s done. Peter says it was unfair to tell him to stay silent when he found out Peter was Faison’s son. Griff says he made own choices. Peter says he must be relieved the secret is out. Griff asks if he looks relieved. I have never once seen Griff look relieved. Peter tells him not to worry; he’ll take it to his grave. Griff says the thing about a lie is that it makes it easier to tell another, and another, until – Margaux pops in and asks for a minute. Peter says he doesn’t know he, but she says he does now. She’s the DA. He thinks he should have his lawyer there, but she says it’s just a friendly visit to let him know that when he goes to jail this time, he’ll stay there.

Drew appears, saying he thought Margaux would be there. He asks if they mind if he joins them. He has some questions himself. Margaux says she can’t ask any unless his lawyer is present, and steps aside. Drew says when Peter was in prison, he offered Drew his life back. He’d like to know where the hell it is.

Valentin brings Nina to her hotel room. He tells her when she’s up for a visit, he’ll bring Charlotte by. She tells him mission accomplished, and not to treat her like an invalid. He says he pulled her out of a burning barn, and saved her life. She says, thanks, but he says he doesn’t need gratitude. He needs her. She says the relationship is broken beyond repair, even if he doesn’t accept it. It’s like science. You don’t have to believe it, just accept that it is. He says they love each other, and a life or death situation puts things in perspective. They’re still in love and still alive. He can’t promise to always pull her from burning barn, but he can show her in smaller ways. He puts his hand on hers and says, in her heart, she wants it to be possible.

Michael tells Jason that he cares about the baby growing up with a mother in prison. Jason says, it’s better than the alternative. Michael says they’ll ask questions at some point, and ask to see her. Jason says he’ll handle it. It will be okay because he’s their dad. They’ll feel loved and valued, and trust him. He gives Michael a lot of credit for putting his kid first, unlike Nelle. He tells Michael to think of the kind of mother she’d be; what she’d teach their child; there’s nothing more important than getting what you want. The baby deserves a loving mother, not someone who will use the child as a pawn to get what she wants.

Nelle tells Chase that Michael only married her to secure parental rights. He’s going to take the baby away. He’s leaving everything to the baby. He’ll divorce her, and because he’s a Quartermaine, she’ll be deemed unfit, and lose everything. She signed a prenup. Chase said he’d take care of her, and he’s a man of his word. The only way to protect herself is to stay married. Chase says the Quartermaines are crazy rich, but they would never hurt her to take her baby. Nelle says not them, but the Corinthos side. They want to take her out. He asks if that isn’t a little extreme, but she says they don’t just want her out of Michael’s life. They want her dead.

Alexis asks Kiki what she’s going to do. She says, stay focused, and binge cute animal videos online. She pictures walking into the courtroom, and seeing David’s smug grin, like she never had a chance. Alexis says, wipe it off. She wants a little more enthusiasm. She says, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Ava tells Julian it would make his day if there was trouble between her and Griff. Julian says, as long as he makes her happy, and she says, he does. He says he didn’t doubt it until she tried to convince him. He asks what’s going on, but her phone rings. She says it’s Alexis. Alexis says she needs to see her. Ava asks if it’s about Kiki’s trial, and Alexis says she’ll tell her when she gets there. Julian wonders what it’s about, and Ava says she’ll know when she gets there, and gripes about being summoned like a servant.

Drew tells Peter that he’d said there’s a flash drive with his memories on it. He used it as a bargaining chip. Drew insists it was a lie, and Peter never had it, but Peter says he did. He was going to give it to him, but then Obrecht got him. He was unconscious, and left it in the hotel room. There was an envelope with Drew’s name on it, but then, everything went dark. Margaux remembers finding the envelope. She says she’s going to leave them. She hopes Peter enjoys stay. It’s a spa compared to where he’s going next. Peter says Obrecht drugged him, but he had Drew’s memories. Drew says they both know Peter never indented to give it to him.

Nina tells Valentin not to think she doesn’t want to walk into her office, and see a beautiful flower arrangement. It breaks her heart, thinking of him, her, and Charlotte, sitting on the couch, watching TV. It will never happen again. He took Anna’s baby and gave it to Faison. An innocent child was given to a monster, because of his vendetta. If Peter wants to forgive Valentin, that’s his business. She can’t do that. He was a beautiful, innocent child, not a weapon of revenge.

Nelle says she heard Sonny telling Michael he’ll take care of the problem. She’s the problem. She knows how Sonny takes care of problems. Chase suggests telling Jordan.

At Alexis’s place, Ava says she hopes it’s important. Alexis says it might come as a shock, but she needs Ava’s help with something.

Griff sees Kiki at the hospital. She says she’s an idiot, and he asks, why? She says The Invader ran a mean, ugly editorial about her, and she read it. He says he did too. She says, and then he stopped and put it away, but she keeps reading it. She’s obsessed. He says it’s complete garbage, and she says, it gets recycled, and never goes away. She walks away.

Valentin tells Nina that he’ll back off; give her time and distance. She needs to miss what they have. Then there’s hope. She says Peter needed hope. If he had a time machine, and could give Peter a chance at a normal life, away from Faison – who caused them so much pain. Can he give that to Peter? Can he give her brother back? Valentin says he can’t. She says then there’s not a lot to talk about. She tells him to go away. Leave her alone. He leaves, and she leans against the door. He lingers on the other side, and finally walks down the hall.

Peter tells Drew, it’s the truth. The flash drive is out there. Drew tells him to stop. Even if he believed Peter – which he doesn’t – it’s too late. He has a life; the only life that matters. If he wants to make it right, good luck. Peter says, it’s the truth. He coughs, and says, it’s out there… somewhere. How X-Files of him.

Margaux asks the MetroCourt hostess if they have a lost and found; she lost an earring. The hostess opens a locked box for her, and Margaux pretends to look. She finds the flash drive, and hides it in her hand, saying it’s not there. When the hostess takes the box back, she looks at the flash drive.

Michael tells Jason he still doesn’t know if the good he saw in Nelle was ever there. In a way, he hopes it wasn’t, and she was playing him all along. If there was any genuine real shot at happiness, that person is long gone. Jason says he’s sorry Nelle isn’t the person Michael wants her to be, but all that matters is containing the threat, so the baby will be safe.

Nelle tells Chase that Michael’s father is relentless; his eyes are flat and cold. She’s just an obstacle to be removed. She doesn’t want to die. Chase holds her, and says that’s not going to happen. She asks what she’s going to do? There’s nowhere she can go or hide where he can’t find her. How can he protect her/ Chase says he can be resourceful when he needs to be. She says the only way for Michael not to become a widower, is if she becomes a widow first. Um… wouldn’t Sonny be gunning for her extra hard if that happened?

Tomorrow, Nelle tells Chase there’s only one solution, Michael tells Jason the trap has been set, and Alexis brings a group together for Kiki.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Kenny wants lunch to be carted to the beach. Adam knew he’d try to get payback, and says, let’s do this, even though it takes a couple of hours to set something like that up. Hannah never had an anxiety attack on a boat, and thinks it’s more than just Conrad. Captain Sandy is breathing down her neck, and she’s sharing a cabin with someone who’s seeing a guy she detests.

The tender is lowered, and everyone runs around trying to get the lunch packed and everything ready. Conrad is worried about Hannah, but has to concentrate on his work. They head for the beach with the supplies. Kenny and company get busy with drinking. Jamie is upset that she’s sick, and the captain tells her not to cry. She didn’t ask to be sick; just take her medicine and rest. Jamie says it’s horrible.

João and Brooke set up the tent, and Brooke decorates the table shells. Adam says with this industry and the echelon of clients, you don’t get a second chance. He wants to make sure the guests have the best possible experience. Kasey thinks the charter is running smother because no one is hassling her; she and Brooke are in sync. Adam thinks Brooke pulled off the fastest beach picnic in history. Kenny asks for the slide when they return.

Lunch is served, and Kenny asks if there are any onions in it. Brooke says, absolutely not, but he doesn’t trust it. Wife Amber says Adam is stepping up this time, but the day isn’t over. Captain Sandy thinks Conrad is laser focused, and jokingly asks, what’s different? Adam brings some food to Hannah. He doesn’t want to pry, but needs to ask if she’s okay.

Amber asks if João and Brooke are roommates. She says, no, but Amber says, sometimes? and Brooke gets embarrassed. She thought she was being professional. The tent blows away, but João catches it before it gets to the water. Captain Sandy washes dishes because she’s cool that way. All that work, and the guests are back, and ready for the slide. It does look like fun. Brooke says they loved the food, and the captain says they’re amazing, referring to her crew.

Conrad asks how Hannah is feeling. In his interview, he says his father dumped him and ran. He never wants anyone to feel abandoned like he did as a child. Captain Sandy wants to move the boat slightly, while leaving everything in the water. She tells Conrad to move the slide with the tender. João makes a suggestion, but Conrad says it’s sorted. João asks why not take his idea into consideration; he’s just offering advice. Conrad tells him to just shut his mouth and do his job. In his interview, João wonders why he needs to take orders from a bosun who knows less than him. This is just a wild guess, but because he’s the bosun and not you? In his interview, Conrad says he was expected to act with respect when he was growing up. João doesn’t like to be challenged, and can’t back down. He has to fight back. João wonders why his way isn’t better.

Captain Sandy looks in on Hannah, and asks if she ate. Hannah says she had a sandwich, and should be fine first thing tomorrow.

The guests drink like fish in the hot tub, which I suppose is appropriate. The captain says the picnic was the fastest set up in the history of yachting, and tells them that they were amazing. João thinks Conrad looks ridiculous towing the slide, but Captain Sandy seems to think it’s awesome, and takes pictures. She tells João he can drive the boat. Brooke is glad Kasey is mature and able enough to put aside their personal drama; they have a good working relationship. The guests get ready for dinner. Adam is ready to deal with Kenny; he’s in the right mindset. Anchor is dropped, and the slide is put back in place. The captain says there are many ways to solve a problem. There is no right or wrong, as long as it’s solved. I concur.

Everyone waits on Kenny and Amber to get in gear for dinner. Adam says it’s classic yachting. He preps to hold for this reason. Captain Sandy says it’s going to be a late night. Apparently, Kenny and Amber are napping, and Brooke says it’s her first time waking up guests. They could be hostile, but they might be mad if they want to have dinner and missed it. Dinner was supposed to be at 9:30. It’s 10 30 and Desmond wants to eat.

Brooke calls the room, saying she wanted to make sure they knew dinner was at 9:30, but they’re holding it off. In her interview, she’s worried, since Adam has an issue with not communicating. She wants to get it right. Adam is practically falling asleep. Brooke tells the other guests that Kenny is working on getting it together. She brings him coffee or tea or something. Amber isn’t feeling well. Brooke suggests starting dinner in ten minutes, and they’ll hold hers on the side. Brooke tells Adam, who says, let’s get this party started. He says she always tries to find solutions.

Hannah tells Kasey that she’s trying to keep food down. In her interview, she says anxiety debilitates you, and it spilled over into the workplace, but there’s nothing she can do. Adam wants to show what he’s capable of. He’s keeping it local, creating an appetizer with the figs he picked on the hike and walnuts. The entrée is a rib eye with twice baked potatoes, which sounds awfully good. Captain Sandy interrupts Colin’s downtime, saying they need him. She helps bring some plates up to the guests, and they ask if she’s eating with them. She explains she’s helping because they’re shorthanded.

Conrad gets in bed with Hannah. Colin says Brooke makes him feel like he’s the world’s greatest comedian. Amber makes it to the table. Give that lady an onion! Brooke thinks everything is going smoother without Hannah. She’s not second guessing herself, and has help. It’s better than usual. Colin makes up a Broadway song, and sings while he mops the galley, making everyone laugh.

Adam visits the dinner table. Amber tells him it’s the best potato ever. Finally, everyone goes to bed, and everything is quiet.

Hannah says she has two options. Go home and get healthy, or throw herself into her work, finish the season with her head held high, and make some money. Colin calls home, and says it’s crazy busy on the yacht. Hannah tells herself, it’s just a moment in time. Jamie does laundry. Kasey says João is trying, but she’s not going to be fake. She tells Hannah that Brooke thinks they’re all talking about her and João, but no one is. Hannah says Brooke goes from relationship to relationship. In her interview, Kasey says Hannah wanted to fire her, but now she wants to have mean girl gossip. It’s a power move, and interesting that she’s a chess piece.

Jamie doesn’t want to get anyone sick, but doesn’t want them to have a double work load. Adam calls Captain Sandy to the galley. He tells her that he has plethora of onions, and suggests having a scavenger hunt. The captain asks if the prize is an onion, which is exactly what I was thinking. She tells him it’s a brilliant idea. Breakfast starts. Hannah tells Brooke that Kasey really turned around, and everyone is happy. In her interview, Brooke feels betrayed, and isn’t entertaining any nastiness. Hannah thinks João came between them, and when he dumps Brooke – not if, but when – she’ll come crawling back. Brooke doesn’t care about Hannah’s opinion, but don’t take out on her.

Kenny tells Hannah that Brooke is awesome. They’ve been calling João Ice, like from Top Gun. Hannah hasn’t seen it, only clips, which Kenny finds shocking. I have to confess, I didn’t see it in the theater, and never paid enough attention when it was on TV to know what he’s talking about. Kenny says they were talking about putting them together, meaning Brooke and João, and Hannah says, interesting. She asks if they put Kasey with anyone, and he says, no. Before he even finishes the word, Hannah asks what about her. He says they all seem too young for her, and she says they’re very young. She feels like a grandmother. The most fabulous breakfast in the world is ready. Amber says, it’s everything you could possibly want. In his interview, Adam says he wants to prove he has what takes to satisfy a guy like Kenny. I could make a rude joke here, but I’ll let it pass. Jamie works and coughs. Captain Sandy asks if she’s okay, and Jamie says working makes her feel better. In her interview, the captain says Jamie has been on antibiotics, and hopefully past the infectious stage. She’s an adult, and the captain can’t force her to stay down.

Hanna makes suggestions for the guests’ itinerary. Kenny asks if Brooke and Ice can come with them to the mainland. She asks if she’s not their number one anymore, and Kenny invites her along. Colin asks Brooke how service went, and she says it was great, but too long. Hannah tells the captain the guest want to be taken out exploring, then dropped off at the beach for a couple of hours. Kenny wants to do a backflip off the wakeboard, when he’d previously said he wanted a jet ski. Captain Sandy tells Conrad it’s all about quickness, and he says he got mixed signals. In her interview, the captain says she’s forgiving. She understands that the crew is human and flawed, but she wants accountability. She tells Conrad that yesterday, he was unbelievable. She wondered, who is this guy? Guess who wasn’t on deck? Conrad says, no, but she shakes her head. He says he hasn’t spoken to Hannah, and the captain tells him not to revert back. Take a breath before he launches into something.

Kenny does some waterskiing… or something. Hannah tells Captain Sandy that they’re taking them to the cape. In her interview, the captain sys that Hannah looks great; refreshed. She bounced back; what she needed was rest. Hannah asks if they should drop the guests off, or stay and have a Coke with them. Captain Sandy is happy that Hannah pulled it together in a day, and tells her that’s fine, but don’t stay for hours. They head for the mainland, and set up a bar on the dock. Hannah says the guests want her to have a drink, but she wouldn’t put past Captain Sandy to give her a breathalyzer.

Brooke tells João about the tension with Hannah. He says it’s kindergarten sh*t. Conrad tells Hannah what Captain Sandy said. Hannah thinks the captain knows not to try that with her, because she’ll fight back. Does Hannah understand that Captain Sandy is her boss? Back at the yacht, the boat gets spiffed up, and dinner is prepared. At 7:30, they’re still not back, and the captain starts to get pissed. She says Hannah was down for 24 hours, and then jumps on a boat, while Brooke is stuck carrying the load. It’s not fair. She radios for Hannah to get back to the boat, and see her immediately. She’s not happy.

The clock ticks away, and the captain says Hannah is taking advantage. In the tender, Hannah says she’s just doing her job. Captain Sandy wants to fire her effing ass. João says, better them than us. Kenny says, it was awesome. Hannah goes to the bridge, and the captain tells her to get away, and go to her cabin. She’ll see Hannah when she’s calm. Hannah starts to leave, and the captain says she’s on the verge of firing her. Hannah asks, for what? and she tells Hannah to leave. Hannah freaks in her cabin.

To be continued…

No preview.

📺 The Haves and the Have Nots will be back in August. It’s just reruns in the timeslot right now. I have no idea when If Loving You Is Wrong is coming back. I miss Tyler Perry, but I’m grateful for the break.

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March 7, 2018 – More Earthquake Aftermath, the Burning Shed, What Up Bravo & Homina


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Things are shaking again in Port Charles. Jason tells Sam not to move.

Ned is at the station on the phone. It’s chaos. He asks for FEMA to get involved; he needs federal assistance. Good luck with that. He says he’s waiting ten minutes, and then he’s calling the White House. Alexis tells him that she hasn’t heard from either of her daughters since the quake.

Molly is brought into the hospital. She was hit by falling debris, and lost consciousness on the way there. Finn calls for a bunch of medical stuff. He tells Julian and TJ to wait outside.

Drew asks if Kim is all right. She’s okay, but Oscar not so much. His breathing is shallow again. Dante yells for Drew, but sees him smushed underneath the freezer door.

Sam looks through a hole in the floor, and tells Jason there’s nothing down there. He says if it shifts again, they could fall. She asks what they’re going to do, and he says he’s working on it.

Franco and Elizabeth go to the hospital. She asks him to check on the boys. Josslyn talks to TJ about Oscar. TJ says Kim is a doctor. He’s sure she’s taking great care of him, and Josslyn says he’ll be okay, and so will Molly. Amy tells TJ that he can come in.

Finn says Molly has a broken rib, but no internal bleeding. TJ is welcome to stay with her; she should be waking up any time now. He sits by the bed and takes her hand. He tells her that she’s going to be all right, but he needs a favor. He wants her to wake up and tell him herself

Ned says they’re coordinating the evacuation centers. Alexis asks if Jordan has heard from Molly and TJ, but she hasn’t. Alexis tells Ned that they were on Charles Street. Finn calls Alexis to tell her that Molly is at the hospital and should be fine. She asks about TJ, and Finn says he’s fine too. Alexis lets Ned know that Molly is stable, and asks him to tell Jordan that TJ is okay. An officer confers with Jordan. Ned tells her about TJ, and gets a call from emergency services.

Molly opens her eyes. TJ tells her that she has a broken rib, but Finn says she’ll be fine. She asks him to take her oxygen mask off. He says he shouldn’t, and she tells him that he can put it back after he kisses her. Done and done.

Dante shoves everything aside. Kim asks what happened. Dante tells her that Drew is trapped under a door, but he can’t tell how badly Drew is hurt. He needs help lifting the door, but Kim can’t leave Oscar; she doesn’t like the way he’s breathing. Dante throws Oscar over his shoulder, and says, let’s go. Kim follows.

Jason cautiously gets up. He tells Sam the doorway is clear. If she grabs his hand, he can pull her out. The trailer starts to rock, and Jason tells her to stay close to the ground and go slow. It rocks again, and Sam says if she moves anymore, it will go. She tells Jason to jump out; the trailer will protect her. He says, no, it won’t, and tells her keep going. Focus on him. She reaches out.

Finn tells Alexis to go right in, and that Molly will be fine. Molly tells Alexis that TJ saved her, but he says it wasn’t just him.

Julian asks Josslyn if there’s any word on Molly, and she says TJ is with her. He asks why she’s there alone, and she tells him that she’s not. Her mom is upstairs with Michael, and she’s waiting for Oscar. Julian asks if he’s okay, but she doesn’t know.

Olivia-Q shows up at the station, and asks Ned how it’s going. He tells her that he’s coordinating the state and federal services. He was just informed of a water main break, and there are people unaccounted for. Olivia asks how this happened, but that’s what he’d like to know.

Julian asks if Franco isn’t overdressed, and Franco tells him a natural disaster doesn’t care what your plans are. Dante brings in Oscar. Josslyn runs to him, but Kim tells her to stand back. She says Oscar will be fine, but his father isn’t.

Jason says he knows Sam can do this. He tells her don’t quit and never panic. The trailer rocks, and she slides back. She says she’s panicking. Jason holds out his hand, and says she can do it. He grasps her hand, and says he’s got her. Love twinkles out of her eyes, and I roll mine. He grabs her as the floor falls out.

Ned says the last earthquake there was in 1991, and it was a once in a ten-thousand-year event. Earthquakes don’t happen there, and definitely not every twenty-five years. Why this one? Jim shows up, saying his equipment is at their disposal. Jordan says Charles Street sustained the most damage, and Jim says it’s on a landfill and not stable. Jordan says he didn’t waste any time digging, and he asks what she’s implying. She says she’s just stating facts. He started digging immediately after the election. Jim says he has all the proper permits, and she says she doesn’t think the Faultline cares about permits. Olivia says it takes deeper digging to reach a Faultline; like if you’re digging for natural gas – she saw it on PBS. Jim offers to help in any way he can, and leaves the station. Ned tells Jordan that he gets she doesn’t like Jim, but now is not the time. The city is in chaos and people are hurting. They have to pull together as a community, and figure out who to blame later.

Dante and Franco go back to The Floating Rib. Dante says Drew is still breathing, and his pulse is steady. Franco says, good; that means they can wait. Dante is like, no it doesn’t. Franco says he gets it. He was pinned under a file cabinet for a couple of hours, but Drew will be mad if they screw it up and he’s paralyzed. A light falls from the ceiling, and Dante says if they wait any longer, and the building collapses, he’ll be dead.

Finn tells Kim that Oscar is going to be okay, but Kim says she wants him admitted for observation. Amy puts him on the list. Kim sits next to his bed, and says he did good. He’s strong and brave, and hung in there. He says his dad saved him.

Franco and Dante can’t get the door to budge. Franco thinks they should call the fire department, but Dante doesn’t think they have time. They talk about what they can use for leverage.

Jason and Sam jump out of the trailer door in slow motion.

Kim tells Oscar that all his life, she said she was the only parent he needed. She wonders if she made the wrong choice. His father could have been there all along. Josslyn comes in. She says Amy told her that he would be all right, but she wanted to see for herself. Kim tells her to stay, and gives her the seat, saying she’ll be back in a few minutes. Josslyn tells Oscar that she spent hours wanting to be with him, and now that she is, she doesn’t know what to say. The only reason he’s there is because he gave her his jacket, and it must have kept her warm enough, but at his expense. She thanks him for saving her. She hopes there isn’t a next time, but if there is, she’ll save him right back. Kim listens, and tears up. She walks away, and Julian follows her.

Franco uses his own legs as leverage. Dante pulls Drew out, but Franco is stuck.

Jim sees Elizabeth, and says he guesses she didn’t make it down the aisle. She says there was an earthquake, and things didn’t go as planned. He hopes he didn’t overstep, but they seemed to make each other happy. Elizabeth says they do. She and Franco are still getting married. They just need to pick a new date.

TJ tells Alexis that they were in front of their old building when the earthquake hit. They ran for cover, but Molly got pinned under an awning that fell. Julian showed up, and helped move the awning and carry her to the hospital. He doesn’t think she would have made it without Julian. Molly nods in agreement.

Kim cries in the locker room. Julian asks if she’s okay. She says she’s getting there. Oscar was treated for hypothermia, but he’ll be okay. Julian asks if those are tears of relief, and she says, mostly. Drew was trapped during the aftershock, and they had to leave with Oscar. Rescuers are getting him, but the building is unstable.

Dante asks Franco to hand him the crowbar. Franco is like, are you kidding? but Dante says he can’t hold the door and reach it at the same time. Franco manages to get it, and Dante props the door up with it. They both slide out before it falls.

Something explodes near Jason and Sam.

Franco and Dante carry Drew out.

Jason asks if Sam is okay. She thinks so. They look longingly at each other.

Drew is brought to the hospital. Finn says he has multiple contusions, and possible internal injuries. There’s no cubicle, so Finn examines him in the hallway. Dante tells them he was trapped under a freezer door. Finn asks how they got him out, and Franco says, physics. Drew asks about Oscar.

Josslyn tells Oscar it’s weird how things she thought were important don’t matter. She thought she would literally die if she didn’t wear that dress to the dance, and it got ruined by asshat Troy. She thought that was a tragedy, but a tragedy is an earthquake. A tragedy is being stuck in a freezer. A tragedy is after all this, if he’s not okay. Oscar smiles and opens his eyes. She tells him that she’ll get a doctor, but he asks her not to leave.

Kim tells Julian that she has to pull it together; she can’t stop shaking. Julian holds her, saying everything will be okay. She says he doesn’t know that, but he says they’ll hope for the best. Alexis comes in, and Kim goes back to Oscar. Alexis says not that it’s her business, but is Kim all right? Julian says Oscar was injured, but he’ll be okay. He asks about Molly, and Alexis says she’s doing very well, thanks to him. He says it’s no big deal, but Alexis says TJ claimed he couldn’t have gotten her out without Julian’s help. She thanks him. He asks if there’s something else, and she says Molly asked to see him.

Ned and Jordan give a televised speech. Like people must be glued to their battery-run TVs. He says in accordance with the state and federal government, the governor has declared a state of emergency. Jordan says there’s a mandatory evacuation for Charles Street, and the adjacent neighborhoods. Ned lists the places set up for triage, and says if a missing person needs to be reported, there will be coordinators at the sites. It’s a difficult time, but they’re coming together and helping each other, and will continue to do so in the days ahead.

Oscar tells Josslyn that he feels floaty and relaxed. Kim comes in, and Oscar says sorry he scared her. She says she can’t yell at him for being a hero, but don’t do it again. He asks about Drew, and Amy comes in, saying his dad is asking about him. Kim tells them that Drew is by the nurses’ station, waiting for a room. He has some serious bruising, but should be fine. Oscar says Drew can have his bed, but Amy says that’s up to the doctor, and he needs to stay there. Kim leaves to check on Drew.

Franco tells Elizabeth that you had to be there. A door fell on Drew, and he and Dante got underneath it to lift it off. Dante gets a call, and thanks Franco. Franco is like, that just happened; Dante just thanked him. Elizabeth says he saved Drew’s life. Franco says he needs a shower, and feel free to join him. Elizabeth says don’t tempt her

Kim tells Drew that Oscar is fine, and asked her to check on him.

Sam needs to tell Jason something. She knew it was him at the pier and in her hospital room. She couldn’t say anything because couldn’t hurt him. Jason says it’s okay. Sam says every day, she had to tell herself the nightmare is over; he’s alive. She told him to keep his distance, but she didn’t mean it. Every day she was hoping to run into him, so she could hear his voice or see his eyes. She’s not supposed to say this, but she doesn’t care. She never stopped loving him.

Molly thanks Julian for saving TJ. He’s glad he was there, and she says, so is she. Alexis looks hopeful.

Franco showers. Elizabeth joins him.

Josslyn tells Oscar that when it’s over, she’ll have to apologize to the cop who evacuated her from The Floating Rib. She wanted to stay, but he dragged her away. The whole way there, she threatened to sue him. She told him the PCPD has a bias against her family, which is true, and that they have the best lawyer, which is also true. Oscar says she sounds fierce, and she says she was total bitch. He’s flattered that she was fighting to stay with him, and she says she’ll always fight for that.

Kim tells Drew that Oscar will be fine. She can’t believe he trapped himself in the freezer, and Drew says love makes you do stupid things. She says it’s easier in San Diego. If you want to kiss a girl, you can just take her for a walk on the beach. She tells him that she’s sorry she was unfair to him and Oscar. She didn’t give him a chance to be a father. He says he might not agree with some of her choices, but he knows she loves Oscar, and he’s a great kid. He has a chance to know him now, and he’s grateful. She says she is too. If it hadn’t been for him… He saved Oscar’s life. Drew says they both did.

Jason takes Sam’s hand, and says he loves her. He didn’t say it until now because he didn’t want to pressure her. Sam says she made such a mess of the whole situation, but Jason says none of them did this. It was done to them, and there’s no easy or clean way out. No matter what, he knows she loves him and he loves her. If that’s all it is, it’s enough.

Tomorrow, Nelle says it’s not possible, Sam tells Drew she was with Jason, and Carly tells Sonny that he has to deal with his father’s Alzheimer’s.

If Loving You is Wrong

Brad tells Alex that she told him Dr. Raston switched the DNA tests. She lied to him again. Alex is like, homina-homina, and Dr. Raston says to tell the truth; she didn’t say it and she didn’t do it. Alex admits she lied. She just wanted Brad to calm down. He tells her to stay away from him. He’s done.

Randal says he’s confused. Did she do it or not do it? Dr. Raston says she didn’t do anything. Randal says he and his lawyer are going to burn some asses. He’s going to sue her. Dr. Raston wisely leaves. Randal tells Alex he has a degree; he’s a master in psychological warfare. He tells her to give up. She says she can’t beat him at anything, and he’s glad she finally sees that. He asks if the baby is his, and Alex says of course; he looks just like him. Can we please name the baby before he’s in kindergarten? Randal asks why lie, and Alex says she already said she’s sorry. He asks if Marcie’s baby is his. Alex says yes, and he asks how she knows. She tells him to check the dates. She points out where Marcie is, and tells him to go cause hell for someone else. She’s also done. He tells her skedaddle back home – really, he used that word – and he’ll meet her in the shed later. Don’t keep him waiting. He has someone else waiting for him.

Randal slips into Marcie’s room. She tells him that he needs to leave. He says he needs to check on his wife. He asks what’s wrong? Her body can’t handle the stress? She starts breathing heavy, and he asks why she miscarries all these babies; what’s wrong with her body? She tells him to leave. He says he’s there to encourage her. She’s going to have this one, and he’ll be healthy and happy. He asks what they’re naming him, and she says, Brad. He tells her it’s his, and they’re naming him Randal. Marcie insists it’s not his. Randal says, he’s mine. She wants him to leave, and he says we can’t always get what we want. Thanks for the Rolling Stones earworm, Randal. He says he finally got his child though. Marcie tells him it’s not his baby, and he says that’s not what he heard from Alex. She says they both know how honest Alex is, but he says he did some counting, and figured out the baby is his. He’s been having wonderful dreams abut his babies being raised by Daddy Randal. Marcie tells him to keep on dreaming. He says he’s stopping by Larry’s office, and Marcie says that he signed the papers; let her go. Randal says he didn’t sign them; who told her that? She says she saw them, and tells him get out. The light bulb comes on over Randal’s head, and he remembers signing something else for Larry. Too late to argue with Larry now.

Lushion goes into the interrogation room, and asks Kelly how the visit with Justice was. She says, too short, and he asks if she’s okay. She doesn’t know how she feels. He tells her to hang on, and she asks for how long? He says as long as it takes. Kelly says her son deserves better than her, and Lushion tells her not to talk like that. She starts crying, and says she can still see Travis and smell his blood. Lushion tells her to stop talking. He has someone who wants to see her. Pull it together.

Natalie – who has a big hand in this whole mess – comes in, and asks how Kelly is. She says Kelly doesn’t look so good, and Kelly still has enough of a sense of humor to say, thanks. Natalie says that’s not what she meant; she doesn’t look like herself. Her hair is still totally fabulous though. Kelly says she’s floating above, like she’s not there. She gives Natalie a paper, saying it’s a thank you letter. Natalie says no thanks necessary, but Kelly says she’s been a good friend and she’s grateful for her taking Justice. She tells Natalie to wait until later to read it. Lushion comes back, and Kelly thanks him. He says he’s going to get her out. Kelly doesn’t know how. Carl showed her what the DA has, and it’s bad. Lushion says she’ll get out, but she says she did it; she killed him. He tells her that he needs her to stop talking in there. Kelly wants to lie down, and Natalie promises to be back. Kelly says she loves them both, and Natalie says they love her too. Lushion walks out with Natalie, saying he’ll e back in a second.

Natalie tells Lushion maybe it wasn’t a good idea for Justice to see Kelly just yet. She thinks they should keep an eye on her, and Lushion says she’s monitored 24/7. He goes back to work, and Esperanza asks how Natalie’s visit was. Natalie says she’s worried, and asks if Esperanza is okay. She says she’s fine, but Natalie doesn’t buy it. Esperanza says she feels silly talking about it, but she’s been calling Steven and he’s not picking up. Natalie asks, didn’t she tell him that she didn’t want to talk to him? Esperanza admits she told him it was over, but he should still answer his calls; she thinks it’s rude. Natalie asks if they’re doing this when Kelly has such problems. Esperanza is afraid Eddie threatened Steven. Natalie tells her to move on. I’m distracted by Esperanza’s strange white highlights.

Brad comes back to Marcie’s room, and Marcie thanks him for staying. He was hoping Randal didn’t find her. She says Alex told him she was there, and that the baby is his. Brad says he’s done; he’s leaving and not going back. She lied about the doctor. He gave her a chance to tell the truth, and she lied again. He’s coming back to their place if she doesn’t mind. She says, of course not, and he asks if her boyfriend Ian will be okay with it. She says he’s not her boyfriend, and Brad says he seems protective and obviously likes her. Marcie wonders if he likes her enough to commit a crime. Brad asks if she wants him to murder Randal, but she says he got the divorce papers signed. That’s not like Randal. Brad says at least she’s divorced. She says if it’s not true, Randal will just be madder and worse to deal with. Marcie suddenly cramps, and tells Brad to get the doctor.

Esperanza needs to talk to Lushion. She’s genuinely concerned for Steven. Eddie knows what time he left her house. Lushion asks if she thinks Eddie did something. She doesn’t know, but they both know Eddie. Lushion says Steven can take care of himself, and he doesn’t think Eddie would do something. Esperanza says Steven isn’t answering his phone. Lushion says if he calls and Steven answers, she’ll feel some kind of way, but she insists she won’t. Lushion calls Steven, who picks up. He says he’s just seeing what Steven is up to, and Steven says he’s playing golf. Steven asks what’s going on, and Lushion says he’s got to go. Steven knows something is up, and then says, she’s listening, isn’t she? Lushion says, goodbye. Esperanza says he played the game, and she fell for it. She wonders if they talked about it, and breezes out, thanking Lushion. He says, this is why people should not have work flings.

Randal busts into Ian’s office, asking, where is he? Ian says he’s still out, and Randal asks, out where? Ian offers Randal a seat, and Randal asks if he looks like he’s in the mood for a damn seat. The SOB tricked him. He came to the house, had him sign something, and now the divorce papers are signed. Ian says that would be unethical; Larry wouldn’t do something like that. Randal says he did it, and now he’s divorced. Ian asks if that’s a bad thing, and Randal says, damn right. Ian asks, how so? and Randal says it’s not about divorce; it’s about revenge. He tells Ian the papers were filed a few hours ago, and Ian says maybe it’s for the best. He’s a smart, attractive guy. He could find another woman. Randal tells him to go to hell, and tell Larry to call him or he’ll be back, and he won’t be alone. He has friends everywhere. Ian says threats don’t go over too well around there, and Randal says he can back it up. Ian says he’ll be waiting. Randal messes with Ian’s tie before he leaves, because he’s fourteen.

Lushion goes to the box truck. He bangs on it, and asks if anyone is in there. He gets silence, and opens it, finding dead Larry. He calls for an ambulance – stat – and says, damn you, Eddie.

Alex arrives home, and calls Esperanza before she goes in. Esperanza asks what’s wrong, and Alex says she just needed to talk. She says she’s tired. What if she just gives in; gives him what he wants. Esperanza asks if she’s talking about custody of the baby, but Alex says that will never happen. Esperanza isn’t following, and Alex says she’s rambling. She’ll call back later.

In the hallway, Brad asks how Marcie is, and Dr. Raston says, it’s bad news; she lost the baby. Brad says it’s going to devastate her. He’d thought she was doing well. The doctor says the test they were waiting on was the one that told them they were trouble, but it happened before the results came back. Brad thanks her, and she says she’s sorry. She’s sorry about everything. Brad says, onward and upward. What is he? A Boy Scout? Dr. Raston thinks he should be there when she tells Marcie, and he says he’ll stay.

When they walk into Marcie’s room, she says she knows that look. Dr. Raston says she’s sorry; Marcie lost the baby. Marcie wants to go home, but the doctor says they need to keep her there. Marcie says Randal stressed her out; he wanted her dead. She repeats that she wants to go home. Brad says he’ll stay for a while, but she wants to be alone. When she’s by herself, Marcie bawls her eyes out.

At the hospital, Eddie tells Lushion he’d better have a good reason for calling him there. Lushion tells Eddie that they found him; take a look. It’s Larry, and he’s not so dead. Eddie says, damn, and Lushion says he’s awake and talking. He tells Eddie that kidnapping is a federal offense, and Eddie says he had nothing to do with it. Lushion says Larry told him, and wants Eddie in the room. Lushion also wants Eddie off his case, and Eddie says, too bad. He’s DEA.

Steven asks Larry what happened, and Eddie asks what happened in the truck? Steven asks how he knew Larry was in a truck, and Eddie says, lucky guess. Larry says he was playing sex games with a few people, and things got out of hand. Steven says, he wasn’t kidnapped? and Larry says, no, he wasn’t. Lushion gives Eddie a look, and Steven says they have no business here. Larry says, sorry about that, and asks to speak with Eddie for a moment.

Eddie asks how Larry is feeling. Larry tells him that he’s going to get even. Eddie says Larry started it, and Larry says Eddie went too far. Eddie says, no, he did. Larry says, okay, playa. He’ll be waiting; it’s coming. I’ll be looking forward to that.

When Eddie comes out, Lushion asks if he has something tell them. Eddie says to pop some popcorn and keep watching the Eddie show. He’s such a nut.

Randal pulls into his driveway. Alex walks over, and heads to the backyard. Randal asks where she’s going. Brad sees them, and keeps on driving. Randal follows Alex to the infamous shed, and tells her to get out. She closes the door. She tells him that she’s tired, and he says the weak are always tired. She says she is weak, and tired. He tells her get out, but she says he doesn’t mean that because he still loves her. He says she’s so wrong, and she asks why all the fire and passion? She’s tired of seeing him go through it, and tired of going through it herself. She’s just asking him one last time to please be done. Randal says she started it, and Alex says she knows it, but it doesn’t matter now. He tells her that she never apologized and meant it. She says she’s sorry for everything she’s ever done to him. She knows that sometimes he can be a real SOB, but she’s apologizing and hopes he can forgive her.

He says sometimes he doesn’t want to do it anymore either, and she says, then why? He says he thinks about the good times, and how much he loved her. Then he thinks about her and Brad. She tells him to hush. She knows, but it’s over; it’s done. They have a child to think about. She’ll let him see the baby; she’ll get him right now. Then they can really work on healing their friendships and families, and move forward. They can work through this.

Randal tells her to take her clothes off. Alex says that’s not why she came here. They’re not doing this right now. They have to fix this; that’s what’s important. She begs him, but he sinks down in front of her and starts pulling at her clothes. She asks if she’s smelling gasoline. Randal opens the door a crack, and smoke pours in. He can’t get the door open any further, and they start yelling. We see a crowbar keeping the door handles shut, and fire all around the place.

Natalie is sweeping up at the house. She sees her bag on the couch, and takes out the letter. She reads it, and grabs her phone. She calls Lushion. She tells him to check on Kelly. It’s a suicide note. Lushion runs to Kelly’s cell, and we see her feet hanging. He yells for help, as he tries to get her down. Let’s all say it together: Poor Lushion!

This was the finale, so no preview. They promised three huge surprises, and I guess we got them. Larry is alive, Randal and Alex might get burned alive, and Kelly might no longer be alive. We also had a couple of minor surprises. Steven was fine and playing golf, and Larry didn’t squeal on Eddie. I can’t wait to see what he has planned though.

Thanks to Tyler Perry for another great season of temptation!

⚡ Bravo was totally in flux tonight, showing Ice Cube’s Friday movies, and throwing in a new Watch What Happens Live with Broadway veterans Bernadette Peters and Victor Garber.

🚌 Homina-ing…


February 28, 2018 – Rita Ditches Mike, Lushion Hunts for Larry, Oprah Who & Supreme Cuteness


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

It’s Scout’s birthday. Alexis and Molly arrive for the party and Alexis reads my mind saying she likes Scout’s crown. Drew is bummed about the election, but Alexis says the people have spoken. Monica comes in, and says she’s pleased for Ned, but Alexis would have made a wonderful mayor. She gives Drew a silver creamer that belonged to Lila. She knows Lila would want Scout to have it. Oscar shows up next.

Kim asks where the customers are, and Julian says it’s because of the private party. It was easier to close for the day, and not have to kick customers out later. She says it means a lot to those who are excluded and to those brave enough do what’s right. She says, you’re a good guy, Charlie, but Julian thinks she doesn’t really know that.

Sonny comes to the gallery. He tells Ava that Mike is confused, scared, and counting on him to get him out of jail. She asks how he’s going to do that, and Sonny says she is. She needs to drop charges.

Michael comes to the station. Jordan tells him that she moved Mike when he was getting iffy, and he’s in the interrogation room. She says Alzheimer’s is heartbreaking for everyone involved. He’s glad to see Michael, and says he has to go home. Rita will be worried sick.

Rita shows up at Sonny’s place, and Carly introduces herself. Rita says Mike sent her roses, but then didn’t follow up with a phone call. Then Sonny called, and said he’d have to stay longer. She thinks it’s great he reconnected with his family, but she wants to see him. She asks if he’s there.

Franco walks into the hospital with his tie undone, and looking unkempt. He tells Kiki that he forgot something. Kiki says someone has the jitters. If she didn’t know any better, she’d think that he didn’t want to get married. Franco tells her that he and Elizabeth love one another, and she’s everything. Kiki says he deserves happiness. Enough with self-doubt and pity; the past is over. She fixes his tie, and says she’ll be at the church on the groom’s side. When she’s gone, he undoes his tie again, and strides off.

Kim talks about a little dog she had that barked at the big ones. She was a bully, but her bark was worse than her bite. Julian says he bites when provoked. Jim walks in, and wants a dozen coffees, but Julian says they’re closed. I’m wondering why the door isn’t locked. Jim insists Julian can manage a few cups of coffee. Kim offers Jim one cup to go, on the house. Jim tells Julian that he’s making great progress on the excavation, and the offer is still on the table. Julian says for a supposedly brilliant guy, he has trouble understand one simple word – no.

Curtis goes to the station. He needs Jordan’s help. He shows her some maps regarding Jim’s redevelopment. She assumes they’re public documents, but he doesn’t answer. He says the new developments are in white. She wonders what this means, and his guess is nothing good.

Michael reminisces to Mike about him and Morgan serving coffee at Kelly’s. Mike talks about them building things with the creamers. They agree those were really good times.

Ava tells Sonny that she’s not without compassion, but unless she presses charges, the insurance company won’t cover the loss. Sonny says he’ll cover everything. What will it cost to make this go away?

Franco walks into Doc’s office, babbling. He says he can keep a life-altering secret, get married, and lose Elizabeth if she finds out, or tell her, and lose her immediately. Doc says it sounds like he’s trying to convince himself to keep the secret. Franco says he wants Doc to tell him to keep it. He wants Doc to do his job, and tell him what he wants to hear. I’m not so sure that’s the job of a therapist, but okay.

Oscar gives Scout a baby toy that’s BPA free, non GMO, fat free, and free of everything else. He had no idea baby toys were so complicated. Drew says it looks like he covered all the bases. Oscar can’t stay because of the party tonight. He says his mom in chaperoning, and so is Josslyn’s mom. He’s going to feel like a dork dancing in front of her. Drew asks Sam if she’d like to chaperone with him. She says she never thought of herself as a chaperone, and he says he didn’t either. Sam asks if Monica will babysit.

Ava gives Sonny and itemized list, and he says he’ll go over it, and give her cash. She says he makes it sound like a hostage situation, and asks if he doesn’t trust her. He says that’s a silly question. She says Mike is her child’s grandfather, but thinks it might be best to keep them apart until Mike’s care is handled. She says it might be the perfect opportunity for a sleepover. She’s being accommodating, and making sacrifices for the sake of family. If he wants the charges dropped, he has to do the same.

Carly tells Rita that Mike is out with Sonny, and she doesn’t know when they’ll be back. Rita asks if she can’t call. She knows it’s an inconvenience, but she’d like to talk to him. Carly says she should talk to Sonny first, and Rita wonders why she needs clearance to talk to Mike. He was only supposed to be there a few days, and suddenly Sonny says he needs to stay longer. She wonders if it has anything to do with the missing money. Mike swears he’s not gambling, and she believes him; the money just got misplaced. Carly knows it did. Rita tells her sorry to be blunt, but what the hell is going on? Carly says it’s not her place to say. Rita says it’s obviously bad, and would appreciate some honesty. Carly tells her that Mike is very ill.

Doc asks why Franco is agitated, and he says he’s been having a dream. He and Drew are at the top of the stairs, and he’s telling Drew to go down. Drew wants Franco to go with him, and when he wouldn’t, he pushed him. He wouldn’t go down the stairs, so he made him go down the stairs.

Danny blows out Scout’s birthday candle, since, being only one year old, she has no idea what’s going on.

The dude who talked to Curtis at the redevelopment site comes into Charlie’s. Julian says they’re closed, and Jim says he’s with him. Julian says they’re still closed. Kim tells Julian that she has patients to see, but will be back later. She tells him to remember what she said about bullies. Dude tells Jim about the guy he saw in Jim’s trailer. Jim asks, what guy?

Curtis tells Jordan that the maps don’t add up. There’s a lot of information, but something is missing.

Mike knows what Michael is doing – checking how much is going on upstairs. He remembers the old times, but he’s not bothered by it. One day, he won’t remember, and he’s fine with that because he knows Michael will. He’ll remember for him. Michael says, always, but it won’t be for a long time. Mike asks how long they have to wait. When is Morgan getting there?

Ava asks Sonny if that’s so terrible. He tells her what he gives, he can easily take away. Kiki comes in, and Sonny congratulates her on med school. Ava wishes him the best for his father’s health, and he leaves. Kiki asks, what just happened? Ava says she just found way to common ground.

Franco tells Doc that he didn’t make it up, and neither did Betsy. He remembered what it felt like pushing him, and remembers the sound of the toy chest locking. Doc says it seems real and is clearly disturbing him, but he wants to show Franco a different perspective. Franco says he’s the one who has to carry it around in his head. Drew is all twitchy whenever he sees him, and is asking a million questions. He’s closing in, and any second he’s going to remember that Franco pushed him.

There’s a delivery of a giant teddy bear for Scout. It’s from Julian, and says Scout came from a long line of strong women. Sam tells Molly it’s clearly for their mother, and Alexis says there’s no need to make a federal case out of it. Sam says she told Julian that she wanted no part of him in Scout’s life, and this shows he’s not listening. Tell her again how he’s changed.

Dude tell Jim the guy’s name was Ed Winters, but Jim says there’s no Ed in the crew. Julian tells Jim that he’s locking up. Jim tells him that his hospitality is overwhelming, and tells dude they’ll check the security cameras. Julian looks puzzled.

Mike walks out, saying Diane is supposed to be there, and he’s supposed to tell someone he’s sorry. Sonny is there, and says it’s all handled. Ava took care of it. Jordan says she just got word, and is filling out paperwork. Mike is free to go. Mike says Ava is a stand up gal, and he should thank her. Sonny says there’s no need. He’s taking Mike home where he can take a shower and have lunch. Sonny is going to make the pasta he loves. Mike says he doesn’t have to ask twice. Mike thanks Jordan, and says he hopes it’s their last meeting – there anyway. Sonny thanks Michael. Michael can’t believe Ava dropped the charges. Sonny says it wasn’t free; it’s going to cost him.

Rita knew Mike was forgetful. He went for walks and would get lost. He’d call from the store, forgetting what he was supposed to get. Carly says he saw the best doctors, and it was confirmed. Rita asks if he won’t get better, and Carly tells her they can only slow it down. He’ll have good days, but the bad ones will increase. Rita says he could charm birds out of trees, and there was no bakery where he couldn’t wrangle a free cannoli. She asks Carly not to tell him she was there. Carly says they’re getting a plan together. Mike has a lot of support, and they’ll pay for everything. Rita says she can’t; she’s out. She can’t handle it. She’s not a nurse. They had great run, but she’s not his wife. Carly says it takes time to process, and it’s difficult. Rita says she’s a recovering gambling addict, and the first rule is to be honest with herself and others. She knows what she’s capable of and what she’s not. She’s sure that Sonny can take better care of Mike than she could. She’s sorry. She leaves, and Carly says, her too.

Julian makes a call. He asks how fast hazmat can be there.

Doc asks Franco about Drew starting to remember. Franco says he was fixated on the rabbit’s foot, and there must be a subconscious connection. Doc says that’s a good thing, and Franco says, in what universe? Doc says they’re in similar circumstances. They need to know who they were to move on, and each have pieces of the puzzle. They should consider searching for the truth together.

Alexis gives Sam a present for Scout; a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird. She thought of getting a first edition, but didn’t want Scout to be afraid to touch it. She wants her to love it, and love Scout from the book like she did. She hopes Scout will face and fight injustice, calling out for what it is. Maybe she’ll see that a lawyer can actually change the world for the better, and maybe even become one.

At the station, Julian wants to file a complaint. Sewage is backing up in his restaurant. Jordan asks if he doesn’t need a plumber for that, but he says it’s no coincidence with Jim breaking ground near him. Jordan says he can file, but without proof of a crime, it’s only a coincidence. Julian remembers the party, and realizes the kids will be disappointed. Curtis tells Jordan the white areas on the map include Charlie’s. If Julian declined the buy-out, why is it still included on the map. She says that’s a good question. She asks if Curtis thinks he committed a crime to acquire land. Curtis says the dude is dirty, an he wouldn’t put anything past him.

Kiki says that Ava looks victorious, like she won something. Ava tells her about Mike breaking the new piece. She didn’t know who he was, and called the police, but it got sorted out. Sonny is paying the damages, and she dropped the charges. All is well. Kiki asks what Ava isn’t telling her. Ava says Avery is having a sleepover with her tonight, and she hopes Kiki can join them.

Oscar and Drew show up at the hospital. Oscar tells Kim that Sam and Drew are going to be chaperones instead of Josslyn’s mom and sister.

Franco asks Doc why he’d go to Drew for help figuring out the past; Drew hates him. Doc says then he’s back to square one, living in fear and not knowing the truth. Franco says him coming there was a mistake. It’s not that Doc isn’t helpful, but there’s no way he’s going to figure this out before the wedding. He’s going to get married, and then figure it out. Doc says it’s his decision. Franco says that he loves Elizabeth, and he’s pretty sure she loves him too.

Oscar tells Kim it was nice to be surrounded by people who are his family now. He hopes Kim doesn’t mind, but she says she’s glad he has more people who love him. Julian sees them, and says there’s been a sewage backup at the restaurant. He’s sorry to disappoint, but they can’t hold the dance at Charlie’s. Hmm… let’s see… They could have it at Aurora, the MetroCourt, probably The Floating Rib, Kelly’s, the Quartermaine mansion… Yep, the night is a total loss.

Curtis tells Jordan that Drew is struggling with the same questions. He’s close to exposing Jim, but they need proof. He thinks the maps might be it. Jim comes roaring in to the station, wanting to report a break-in. Curtis turns away, but not fast enough. Jim says, that’s the guy. He wants him arrested.

At Sonny’s place, Michael takes Mike upstairs. Carly tells Sonny about Rita. She told her about Mike’s diagnosis. Sonny asks how she took it, and Carly says she was shocked and devastated. She also made clear that she can’t take care of him, and she’s on her way back. Sonny says, better now than later. It’s rough. Mike thinks he’s going home. Carly asks what they’re going to do.

Kiki tells Ava that she used that poor man to get time with Avery. Ava says she wouldn’t put it that way. Mike is perfectly safe. Kiki says Morgan was supposed to be safe. She used his bipolar to her advantage, and now she’s using his grandfather. Ava says she doesn’t get to see her baby; think about what it’s like for her. She saw an opportunity, and took it. Now, maybe can spend fifteen hours with her own daughter. She has no regrets, and Kiki should blame Sonny for backing her into a corner.

Drew sees Franco on the stairwell. Franco is about to go past him, and they stand in the same position that they are as children in Franco’s dream.

Tomorrow, Anna tells Finn that he needs to know something, TJ wants to get the party started, and Franco says it’s about time someone showed up.

If Loving You is Wrong

Randal tells Alex to take off her clothes. She can’t do it, and says she’s sorry, but no. He says if he doesn’t go after whoever did this, she’ll sleep with him? She tells him that’s not what she said, and wasn’t really going to do it. She just wants to be done. He asks what she’s saying. She says she would rather be at peace with him than enemies. He wins. Can they drop it? Can he not say anything to Brad, and not pursue it? He says she still loves him. She says yes, and he calls her a liar. He asks if she thinks about him, and she says she does. He asks what she thinks about. She says how angry she is with him most of the time, but there’s other thoughts. He asks, like what? She asks if he’s really not going to go through with this, and he says she needs to answer his questions. She says she thinks about how it was good; how he was good. He asks if it’s better with Brad, and she says it is. She doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, but he asks again if Brad is as good as him. She says he’s better, and he tells her to get on her knees. She says no, and he says, get out. She asks him to just talk. He asks if she thinks talking makes it any better. He yells at her to get out, and shoves her out the door. She begs him, and he closes the door to the shed in her face.

Natalie sees Alex coming back from Randal’s yard. She asks what Alex is doing. Alex says she was trying to figure this out and Natalie asks what happened. She says he knows about the DNA test. Brad had torn down a camera Randal had trained on their house. They thought it was disconnected, but he heard everything they said. He’s threatening to tell Brad. Natalie says Brad already knows, and asks if she’s missing something. Alex doesn’t know what to do anymore. Natalie tells her to stay away from Randal’s crazy ass. Alex says she’s just trying to ask him not to ruin her life, clearly not hearing the word crazy. She says she was desperate. Natalie says she has to smarter than this, and the first thing is to stay away from him; it doesn’t look good. She tells Alex, do not talk to that fool again; stay away from him. Only if he comes at her acting crazy should she do the same. Alex has to go, and gets in her car.

Lushion visits Kelly’s cell. He asks if she’s okay, and she says no. He tells her to hang in there. Ian is going to help. He needs to talk to her about Justice. He thinks it would do him some good if he saw her. She doesn’t want him there, but Lushion thinks it’s best if he talks to her. He needs to know what’s going on for his own good. She doesn’t want him to see her locked up. Lushion says if he doesn’t see her, he’ll draw his own conclusions, and kids his age take on things. He’s blaming himself. Why does she think he confessed? He wants to protect her. She doesn’t know if she can, and he tells her she can. He needs her to be strong. He’s going to arrange a visit, and he’ll set her up in the interrogation room. She asks if she can write a letter in there, and he says okay. He says he’ll be back, and it’s going to work out.

I’m thinking about the tape that’s being used against her, and what about Randal’s part? He’s a freaking psychiatrist, and he was obviously goading her.

Lushion calls Natalie. He tells her that Kelly wants to see Justice, and asks if she can bring him down in a couple of hours. She says she will. There’s a knock at the door, an Natalie yells, come in. It’s Randal. She tells him get his ass out of her house. He says he came to apologize. He was listening to the tape where Brad and Alex talked to her about the DNA switch. She says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and he says he just wanted to apologize. He accused Lushion and found out the kid was his all along. He thanks her for understanding. He says the doctor switched the DNA, and she has to agree it was wrong.

Natalie repeats she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Randal says had to be the doctor; who else could it have been? Natalie takes a large knife and stabs it into the wooden knife block. She says he thinks she’s an ignorant ass fool. She’ll sit here and talk to him and tell him something. He’s right. She’ll tell him something. She’s from the hood, and they don’t do that, so get his ass out of her house or they’ll take him out in little pieces too small for his bullsh*t. He says he likes what she’s done with the place and suddenly acts like he knows anything about décor. He adjusts a picture on his way out. Randal is batsh*t crazy, and might not believe Natalie, but I totally think she would cut a Randal bitch.

Lushion asks Eddie where he’s been, then says, that’s right, and shows Eddie where he was on his tablet. Eddie asks who said he could use those resources, and Lushion says he’s using them to find a missing person; he’s a local cop. Eddie asks if  he’s still playing that card. Lushion asks where he is, and Eddie says if he wants to know where Andrew is, call Rusty. Lushion says as much as he’s love to know that, he’s talking about Larry. Eddie says, who? Lushion gets it. Larry embarrassed him. He wanted to show him who’s the bigger guy, and roughed him up. But know this. Larry had better surface, and soon. Eddie says Lushion knows what Larry did and wouldn’t let him shoot Larry. Lushion says he can’t go around shooting people. Eddie asks why not, and Lushion asks if he did. Eddie says Lushion’s dumb ass wouldn’t let him. Lushion says whether he likes Eddie or not is irrelevant, and as much as he’d like to see Eddie crash and burn, this is stupid. Larry needs to be back at his desk in an hour, or there’s going to be a major problem. He’s not playing, and asks if he should send a squad car out there. Eddie tells him to do what he wants.

Esperanza sees Lushion, and he asks what’s going on? She’s come around there five times already. He asks how Kelly is, and Esperanza says fine; she’s seeing her later. She asks if he’s seen or spoken to Steven today, but he hasn’t. She says she hasn’t been able to contact him, and Lushion says it’s his day off. She says she didn’t know. Eddie wanders back, and she tells him to go to hell already. He asks how her boyfriend is doing, and she asks if Eddie did something to him. If she finds out he did, she’s going to the FBI. Well, she won’t have to go far. Eddie says when last he checked, Steven was walking out of his daughter’s house early in the morning. She asks if he’s watching her house, and he says he always is. She tells him to enjoy the show. She says if she doesn’t hear from Steven in one hour, she’s calling the FBI. Lushion tells Eddie to go somewhere. Esperanza moves along, and Lushion asks why Eddie is in his section. Eddie picks up a file, and says, Escada. He got a lead. Lushion says the only lead he wants to hear about is Larry. Eddie says they need to get back to the job their bosses want them to do. Lushion says he’s not working with Eddie until Larry shows up. Eddie thinks he’s stupid, going out there to get himself killed. He’ll be working on Escada case. I might as well say it. Poor Lushion. He has to do everything.

Lushion sees Carl, who says Kelly fired him. He thinks Lushion doesn’t seem surprised. Lushion asks why, and Carl says the DA made an offer; life without parole for both murders. Lushion doesn’t think that’s an offer, and Carl says it’s better than the death penalty, but Lushion says not if you’re innocent. Carl says being innocent is one thing, proving it is another. Lushion tells him that’s his job, but Carl says he can’t do it without witnesses. Lushion says she’s innocent, and Carl shows him the tape with Randal. Lushion is like, are you kidding me? He can’t believe this guy, and tells Carl he’s an out-of-control neighbor. Carl says the prosecutor has the video. Doesn’t Lushion see how difficult it is? Kelly should consider the offer. Lushion doesn’t think so, and Carl says then she needs to get another lawyer. Lushion calls Ian.

Ian asks if Lushion found Larry. Lushion says he knows where is, and is going to get him. Ian asks if he’s okay, but Lushion doesn’t know. Ian appreciates it. Lushion says he’s held up his end of the bargain, now it’s Ian’s turn. Ian says he called Marty, and he’ll be contacting Lushion. He owes Ian some favors, and is a rival of Larry’s. Lushion asks if Kelly can afford him. Ian says, no, but he’ll help get her started. He tells Lushion to have Larry call him.

Ian goes in to see Marcie at the hospital. Brad says she’s doing better, like Marcie can’t speak for herself. Ian tells her that he was worried, and she says she’ll get the papers to him. He says that’s been taken care of; he brought her good news. He asks if they can talk alone, and Marcie tells Brad it’s cool. When he’s gone, Ian gives her the divorce papers. Randal signed them. Marcie is all happy, and says she guesses Larry must have worked it out. She thanks Ian, and he says they’re already filed. He wanted her to be okay, and she says it made her feel better. He asks about the baby, but Marcie says she doesn’t know yet. No one is telling her anything. He asks if he can call later, ad she says, sure.

In the hallway, Brad tells Ian it’s insulting. Marcie is trying not to miscarry, and he’s worrying about his house papers. Ian says that’s not why he came; he cares about Marcie. Brad says he doesn’t know her’ it’s none of his concern. Ian says he cares about her and her health; why is Brad there” Brad says he cares about her too. Ian leaves, and Brad goes back in.

Marcie says Randal signed the papers; that’s why Ian was there. Brad says it’s strange, and Marcie agrees. She knows Randal wouldn’t sign unless he’s up to something. On the bright side, she’s free.

Natalie brings Justice to the station. Lushion says he’ll take Justice to see her, but he needs to talk to Natalie. He parks Justice on a bench, and Natalie asks if this is a good idea, and how long they’re going to be. Lushion isn’t sure, but says he’ll take care of him while Natalie gets the kids. Natalie leaves, and Lushion tells Justice that he’ll show him around.

Kelly waits in the interrogation room. Lushion comes in, and asks if she’s ready for this. She says she is, and he calls Justice in. He and Kelly hug, and he asks why she’s there. She says she’s okay, and he asks when she’s coming home. She tells him she’s working on it. He says that jails are for bad people, and Kelly tells him that she did something wrong; she shot Travis. Justice says he was trying to hurt her. What was she supposed to do? Kelly says she was supposed to keep asking for help, and not take matters into her own hands. She promises she’ll come home, and asks him about school. He doesn’t want to go; he wants to stay with her. She says he can’t. I have to mention that sleeping in the same clothes on a ratty cot with no shower for days hasn’t done Kelly’s hair any harm. It looks great. Justice doesn’t want to go back to Natalie’s, but Kelly says he has to. He says it’s all wrong and he doesn’t understand. Kelly knows, but says they’ll get through this. She’s getting a lawyer, and they’ll get through this. Justice tells her that he loves her, and wants her home. She knows, and loves him too. They’re putting it in God’s hands now. She says he’ll always be her baby, and makes him laugh.

Dr. Raston tells Marcie everything seems to be fine with the baby. She’s waiting on two more tests, but so far, so good. Marcie isn’t fine though. She’s stressing out. The doctor steps out for a moment, and Brad says she just needs to relax, and she’ll be okay. Marcie hugs him. Dr. Raston comes back, and asks if she can talk to Brad privately. Marcie asks why, but the doctor says it’s not about her.

In the hallway, Brad asks Dr. Raston if Marcie is really okay. She says she still has to get the last two results, but it’s looking good. She knows it’s none of her business, but asks how he’s involved. If she’s going to be both Marcie and Alex’s doctor, she needs to know what she’s dealing with. Brad says she’s not dealing with anything. Dr. Raston says Marcie’s baby is not her husband’s. She needs to know what’s going on so she knows where to stand. Brad says Marcie is a friend. The doctor says they seem intimate. He doesn’t know how it’s her concern, and she says knowing him and Alex is one. He asks if she’s a counselor now. She says no, but she did get a text and Alex is on her way up. She thought he’d want to know. He thanks her.

Here he comes jerk of the year Randal. He asks if she’s Dr. Raston, and then says there’s no easy way to say it. Is she the bitch who switched the DNA results. The doctor is like, I beg your pardon? and Randal says Alex said she did. The doctor says she’s calling security. Randal says while she’s at it, she’d better call a team of lawyers. He’s suing hell out of her and the hospital. She says she’d never do such an unethical, underhanded thing, and he says she needs to check his sources. As he’s leaving he passes Alex. Dr. Raston asks what Alex said to him. Brad says they’d never expose her, and the doctor says, about what? He says her help with the DNA mix-up. The doctor looks at Alex, and says she didn’t tell her that. Alex says no, but she told Brad she said that. Everyone makes soap opera faces.

Next time, Ian tells Randal that threats don’t go over well, Kelly can still smell Travis’s blood, and Brad tells Marcie that Alex lied. It’s also the finale, where they promise us three shocking surprises. I guess these short, long on hiatus seasons are good for the actors, who can have more variety of jobs, but still…

😁 I don’t normally watch celebrity magazine shows, but had ET on for a hot minute. Some cashier at a fast food place asked for Oprah’s name and how you spell it for her order pick up. Keven Frazier said, who doesn’t know Oprah? Well, apparently, that woman. And I honestly don’t think it’s a requirement.

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February 21, 2018 – Maxie Packs Up Her Memories, Eddie Goes Too Far & What Happens on Thursday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Lulu and Dante look at Nathan’s empty desk. Lulu asks if Dante is sure he wants to come back to work. He picks up the Yankee cup, and Lulu says he’s really gone. She can’t imagine how Maxie feels. Dante tells her not to blame herself. She says she can at least take steps toward making things right. She turned in her resignation this morning.

Peter sees Nina with Valentin, having breakfast at the MetroCourt. He tells her that she shouldn’t be thinking of coming back to work so soon. She introduces Valentin to him, and Valentin says he’s been trying to convince her to work from home. She says anyone remotely acquainted with her brother would know he’d want them to go on with their lives. Peter says he’s sorry he didn’t get to know him. He sounds like he was the best brother. Nina says he was.

At Charlie’s, Josslyn tells Oscar it’s a bad idea. He gets it that her family doesn’t like Julian. She says because their parents are dysfunctional, she doesn’t have full siblings, but they’re connected through Morgan, so are like brothers and sisters. She knows everything about Julian, and he’s bad news.

Kim sees Julian. They agree the election results sucked.

Alexis wakes up next to Finn, and says, omg. He wakes up, and looks startled.

Peter asks Nina to forgive him for being blunt, but her brother was shot in the office. Valentin asks why she needs to go back so soon, and she tells him that her brother wouldn’t want what Faison did to him to stop her from living her life. She has the privilege of going to work and going home, and that’s what mattered to him. He chose to protect and serve the community, and go home to his wife. He can’t do that anymore, but she can. She heads to the elevator.

Maxie puts the funeral flag away, and gets out a box for Nathan’s clothing. Sam comes by, and Maxie says she’s packing up his things, and donating them to charity. Sam thinks it’s too soon. Maxie says she tried leaving everything the way it was, but it just reminds her that he’s not coming back. It’s a realistic and concrete decision, not her imagination or magical thinking. It’s doing something, and someone can use his belongings. Sam asks when was the last time she and the baby ate; she brought food for three. Maxie says she needs to finish. It’s her responsibility. She’s the one needs to do this, and she’s doing it now.

Lulu doesn’t know if anything can fix the rift, but she’s going to try. She tells Dante she’s giving up her journalism career. It’s a start. Dante wonders if giving up something she loves is the answer. She says it won’t bring the happiness back, but she has other things to love, including Maxie. She means more than Lulu’s career. Dante says he loves her and kisses her. He says he’ll walk her out, and we see Nathan’s empty desk again.

Kim tells Julian that she guessed by the way he reacted last night, he still has it bad for his ex-wife. He thanks her for butting in and saving him from court costs. He offers her breakfast. She already ate, but says speaking of free things, she wants to ask him something.

Alexis tells Finn she’ll be out of his way in a minute, but he says no rush. He says, so that happened; spontaneous, post-election, surprise sex. Alexis says they’re consenting adults, and Finn says neither one of them was under the influence. He wonders if it’s still a mistake if they were both sober. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Anna, which is no surprise. Alexis says she found her shoes, and Finn asks if Anna can come back in thirty seconds. She says she’s there about the take-down of Cassandra’s drug operation. He tells her to wait, and Alexis guesses it’s not housekeeping. He says, no, it’s Anna, and Alexis says hopefully she’s come to her senses, but wishes she’d done it ten minutes later. Finn says he’ll see her at a meeting sometime. She grabs her earrings, and thanks him for not letting her be alone. He says he was happy for the company. She stumbles out the door, and says good morning to Anna. Anna comes in, and tells Finn they’re in a bit of trouble.

Julian tells Oscar that his mom said he needed a favor. Oscar says it relates to why he got punched, and explains about bullies at school beating up on their transgender friend and other outsiders. Julian says there are bullies everywhere. Oscar tells him that the biggest school dance is coming up, but the principal won’t let everyone come as they are. They want to have an alternative dance where everyone feels welcome. He asks if they can have it there.

A new cop unpacks his stuff at Nathan’s desk. Dante asks what he’s doing, and he says unpacking. This is going to be his desk. Dante wants to know who told him that, and Jordan says she did.

Sam helps Maxie box things up. Maxie brings out Nathan’s nightstand drawer, and asks her to go through it. Sam she sees a baseball autographed by Derek Jeter, and Maxie says it was her wedding present to Nathan. Sam says she can’t get rid of everything that was special, and Maxie says, yes, she can.

Valentin is concerned about Peter sticking around Port Charles. Peter asks if Valentin thinks he’s at risk from his father’s enemies. Valentin thinks he’s at risk from Jason. When he finds out that Peter is really Henrik, he’s going to be questioned. Peter says one of the reasons he’s staying is that Maxie finds him easy to talk to. Maybe because he’s a stranger, but she feels a connection since he was there when Nathan was shot. Valentin tells him to be careful. Once she learns who he is and that he’s responsible for the article, he’ll be exposed. Lulu arrives, saying she got Peter’s text. She didn’t expect to find him with Valentin, and asks if they know each other.

Nina stands in the doorway at Crimson, and says she’s going to do this, and make Nathan proud. She sees the police tape. She stands there looking around, and sees Nathan’s blood on the carpet. Wouldn’t someone have cleaned up?

Dante wants to talk to Jordan in private, which she was about to suggest. She tells him the new guy is Harrison Chase, and comes highly recommended. She thinks he can benefit from Dante’s experience. Dante doesn’t like it, but she says he doesn’t have a choice. She thinks he should take a bereavement leave.

Valentin leaves the table, and Peter tells Lulu that he was expressing concern about Nina returning to work so Quickly. Lulu says she’s responsible for bringing Faison to her doorstep. That’s why she’s resigning, and don’t try to talk her out of it. Peter says if she wants to take that responsibility, she also needs to take credit for his capture.

Nina stares at the carpet for a while, and starts to clean up. She scrubs at the blood stain and cries.

Sam finds a shirt in the drawer, and realizes it’s the one threw to Maxie during the Magic Milo number at the Nurses’ Ball. She asks about a handkerchief, and Maxie says it’s from the night they met. She was crying over Georgie, and Nathan gave it to her. Maxie takes the shirt, saying it has holes in it, and she’s going to trash it. Sam tells her to stop, and she says maybe she can auction it off to some crazy Ask Man Landers groupies. Sam is concerned that one day she’ll want to dive into the memories, and it will kill her remembering she threw them away. You’d think she’d at least want something for the baby.

Julian asks Josslyn what about the MetroCourt for the dance? She says her mother offered, but if he doesn’t want to help, fine. He sits down and says he knows all about bullies; he used to be one. He says the article that tanked Alexis’s campaign was because she put herself on the line for him getting beat up by some thugs. He was defending some inmates who didn’t fit the mold, and lost big time; so he gets it. He tells them that they can have the party there, free of charge. Oscar and Josslyn thank him, and Kim says, thank you, Charlie.

Anna tells Finn that the WSB contacted her, and they’re sending a representative to meet with them. She doesn’t know what it’s about, and Robert was unavailable. Finn asks what’s the worst that could happen, and Anna says they might feel his involvement compromised the mission. She was concerned she might end up getting him in trouble, and tells him if something goes down, she’ll protect him. Finn says he doesn’t want it or need it.

Oscar thanks Kim for the suggestion. She says it was all Julian. Oscar asks what’s going on with them, and she says nothing. They’ve shared a few meals, and had some laughs; why? Oscar says him being an ex-con and the mob stuff.

Julian tells Alexis that he’s sorry. It’s his fault she lost the election. She says she wouldn’t change anything, not even if it meant being mayor. His life is worth more.

Finn says Anna claims she doesn’t want to be with him because of the danger, but he can take care of himself. He says whatever danger she can dish out, he can handle it. She tells him they have to meet a WSB representative at the police station. He says he’ll meet her there after he takes a shower.

Dante asks if a bereavement leave is an order, and Jordan says he lost a partner. She strongly suggests he take a few weeks off. She tells him that he’s a great cop, and he says unless she’s ordering him, he’s going out to do his job. She says, fine, no leave, but will he go to counseling? She wants him to make an appointment with the department psychiatrist. He asks if she went, and she did. She says it kills her inside to bring in a newbie. No one can replace Nathan. Dante says he’ll go. When he comes out, Harrison is familiarizing himself with the cases.

Lulu tells Peter that she put her career before Nathan’s safety and Maxie’s feelings, and didn’t listen to her husband’s warnings. Peter says he handed in his own resignation. Like her, he felt responsible. He was there, but couldn’t stop Faison. He doesn’t know when the guilt will leave, but resigning from a job he loves isn’t going to bring peace, and he doesn’t think will for her either. Lulu says she’ll focus on her family. He says that’s important and wonderful, but it’s not journalism, the thing that lights a spark for her alone. If she gives it up, not only has she lost Nathan and Maxie, but a part of herself.

Maxie tells Sam that she can’t replay her life with Nathan over and over in her head. It will drive her crazy, and it’s not good for the baby. Sam says she went through it when she thought Jason died. She relived their life and the memories were painful. It was like breaking her heart again, but she did save things that were important to the two of them. She’s glad she did that, and thinks Maxie should do it for herself and the baby. She’ll want them; trust her. Maxie calls her clueless.

Sam says she was just trying to say she’s been there. She’d thought Jason died and grieved. The first months, every breath hurt; every step hurt. She’d lie in bed, and all she could think about was Jason until she exhausted herself and feel asleep. When she woke up, there would be a moment of hope, but each day the moment was shorter. Maxie is in a unique situation, but she’s been down that road and understands. Maxie says, except Jason is alive, and she only thought he was dead. Maxie watched Nathan get shot. She watched him die. She watched as they buried him. She knows where he is, and where he’s going to be forever, because he’s not coming back to her, or the baby.

Nina keeps scrubbing and crying. Valentin comes in. She tells him she can’t get it out, and cries in his arms.

Kim tells Oscar that she and Julian are just friends. Oscar says she came home with him the other night. She says he walked her home, and wonders what Oscar is getting at. He tells her whatever is going on, be careful.

Alexis tells Julian that it’s a good cause helping out the alt-youth. Who is he? Julian says he’s taking a page out of her book.

Finn and Anna go to the interrogation room, where the WSB guy is waiting. Anna apologizes for being late, and says that Finn is an innocent civilian. Finn says innocent being a relative term. She tells the WSB guy that she pressured Finn to be asset in bringing down Cassandra. Finn says he was pressured initially, but then he decided to be involved for personal reasons that his involvement initiated. He knew what he was doing. The guy says that much is crystal clear to everyone in charge.

Alexis tells Julian that she’s closing her headquarters. It would have happened whether she won or lost, and she’ll have no reason to come there anymore. Julian asks not even for the world class food? She leaves, and Julian gives some menu ideas to the kids.

Finn asks if his medical license is going to be revoked, and the WSB guy says, nothing of the sort. Anna asks why they were summoned. He tells them the WSB, along with the DEA, is awarding them the highest honors for their achievements. There’s going to be a ceremony honoring all those involved. He thanks them for their service, and tells them, try to have nice day, will ya? Finn says he did not see that coming. Neither did Anna. He says he’ll have to check his schedule; he might be receiving another award that day. Anna says it’s none of her business, but was that what she thought it was when she saw Alexis? She thinks Alexis is…  good for him, and abruptly leaves, jetting through the station.

Dante says, that was weird, and Jordan says, very. He wonders if he should follow to make sure she’s okay, but Jordan says he’s not getting out of this. She introduces him to his new partner, and Harrison says to call him Chase. Dante says, sorry about before, but Chase gets it. He’s sorry about Dante’s partner. Jordan hopes he’ll be at home there. Chase asks if Dante is a Yankees fan, and he puts a Red Sox cup on his desk. Dante scowls.

Peter tells Lulu not to let Faison take more than he already has. She asks if she’s supposed to keep writing like nothing happened, and he says, no, keep writing like everything happened. She should expose the bad, and use her work for the good of those she loves, even Maxie.

Valentin tells Nina that he’ll buy her a new rug first thing in morning. He asks to take her home in the meantime. She says he has work to do. He says when he walked in and saw her, it broke him. Imagine how it would be if Maxie walked in. She asks if they can get a new carpet before she comes back, and he nods.

Maxie tell Sam that’s the last of it. The shelter is coming to pick everything up, and she’s got to get to work. Sam says she understands the need to isolate, and Maxie thanks her for helping, and goes to the kitchen. Sam starts to leave, and takes one of the boxes with her. Maxie comes back out, and looks at the framed photos of her and Nathan. She takes them down, and puts them in one of the boxes, and tapes it shut. What on earth is the shelter going to do with those?

Carly tells Brad that she has serious reservations, Mike tells Sonny not to say a word, and Peter asks what Faison dangled in front of Jason.

If Loving You is Wrong

Brad asks Alex who was on the phone? She says it was Dr. Raston; she was calling about Marcie. Apparently, she’s in the hospital and was asking for him. He calls Marcie, but gets voicemail. He wants to call the doctor, and Alex says she has to look for the number. The doctor calls and Brad again, and he asks what’s going on? She says Marcie is having complications with her pregnancy. She needs for Marcie to calm down, and Marcie wanted her to call him. He says he’s on his way. Alex asks if he’s really going, and he asks if she’s really asking. Marcie asked him to be there. Alex offers to go with him. He tells her there’s no need, but Alex argues the point. He says seeing her is the last thing that’s going to comfort Marcie. Yeah, bad strategy. When he’s gone, she calls a friend to sit with the kids.

Natalie tells Lushion that they hardly spend time together, and it would be nice to know he wants to. He asks why she’s getting sentimental. She tells him go on to work. He says he’s not going anywhere until she talks, and he tells her that he loves her. She was thinking about the whole situation; all these men – and women. Eddie is a first rate a-hole, Randal is a horrible person, Brad is lost, and Travis was a devil. He tells her she got it all right, and I second that. She says, and then there’s him; he’s her rock. He’s solid, upright, and doesn’t cheat. She wants him to know she appreciates and loves him. He thanks her. She thanks him for helping Kelly and volunteering them to help her son. She thanks him for being her balanced man, and he says he’ll always balance her. They kiss, and she suggests he show her. No surprise, there’s a knock at the door.

It’s Esperanza. Lushion says he’s getting out of there. I don’t blame him. Esperanza offers to call him back, but Natalie says he has to get to work. Esperanza asks when Natalie is going back to work, but she’s liking the housewife thing. She says she’ll be better when Kelly is out. She talked to Justice, and found out Travis had been talking to him. Esperanza asks if they’re gong to talk to the lawyer. Natalie says Lushion is going to do that, and asks where Esperanza was last night. Esperanza says she had dinner with Stephen, and Natalie asks if she likes him. She likes the sex, but it’s over; it shouldn’t have happened. Natalie asks if she’s okay about it, and Esperanza says she’s great about it. Natalie says she has a “not sure” look on her face, but Esperanza says she wanted it to be over and it’s fine. Natalie questions her about looking at her phone. Esperanza says Stephen is corny as hell. She wanted what they had, but it’s over. She has to get to work. Natalie asks her to tell Kelly hi, and asks if she wants to see Justice. Esperanza says Kelly made it clear that’s a no, but Natalie thinks he needs to hear the truth from her.

Kelly meets with Carl. He’s been looking at the case, and the prosecutor offered her a deal. The family doesn’t want to go through a lengthy trial. Kelly doesn’t want a deal, but Carl thinks she should consider it. Kelly says Travis was stalking her and trying to kill her. Carl says they have a lot of evidence, and now there’s this. He shows her the tape of her threatening to kill Randal like she did Travis. He tells her the deal is life in prison; at least it takes the death penalty off the table. She says he’s got to be kidding. What about the evidence against Travis? He tells her that she’s making the case, but she insists Travis did this to her. Carl thinks she should consider it. She thinks he’s fired. She wants an attorney who’s willing to work. He says he was appointed because she couldn’t afford one, but he’ll tell the judge she wants someone else. She says she’ll find a way. Bye, Felicia Carl.

Randal busts into Ian’s office, asking where Larry is. Ian tells him to calm down and relax; sit down and let him help. He tells Randal that Larry isn’t there; they can’t find him. Randal asks if he’s covering, but Ian says they don’t know where he is. Randal needs to talk to him, and Ian asks if he can help. Randal says he didn’t help him last night, and Ian says he didn’t know Randal needed it. Randal wants to sue the hell out of everybody for what Brad did, which makes perfect sense. Randal says Ian saw Brad hit him, and he wants it added to the lawsuit. Ian says he’ll get on it. Randal tells him to get the tape from the restaurant before it’s erased. Randal asks why Ian was at restaurant with Marcie, and Ian says she sold him a house. Randal asks if he always has dinner with people who sell him houses, and Ian says just the cute ones. Randal asks if he thinks Marcie is cute, and Ian says he thinks he was making a joke. Randal says he’s not funny, and Ian says he’s been told. He wonders what difference it makes, since Randal and Marcie aren’t together anymore. Randal asks if he’s interested in Marcie, and Ian says, no; he’s just wondering why Randal is so hostile. Randal claims he’s not, but has every right to be. The guy who hit him had an affair with his wife. Ian says, from his understanding, Randal started it with Brad’s wife. Randal asks if that makes it right, but Ian says it makes them both wrong. Randal calls him a lawyer with moral high horse. This bugs me, since high ground would have been a better choice. Ian says he’s just balanced, and Randal tells him to balance himself into calling Larry. He asks if it’s like Larry not to call. Ian says, no, and Randal asks if anyone has called the police. Ian wonders why they’d do that, and Randal asks if nobody is worried. Ian asks why they should be, and Randal tells him that he pissed off Eddie, a racist SOB cop Randal filed a charge against. Ian says he’s on it. Randal says Larry could be dead. Ian gets on the phone, and Randal throws some stuff around on Ian’s desk, because he’s five.

Ian calls Lushion. He knows Lushion isn’t happy about Kelly, but he needs a bit of a favor. Randal was just there, and thinks Eddie might have done something to Larry. Lushion asks why, and Ian says because Eddie is a bad guy. He asks if Lushion can he look into it. Lushion says he will, and Ian adds for him to keep it confidential. Larry does a lot of drugs, and can pass out for days. Lushion asks if anyone has talked to his wife, and Ian says she’s part of the problem. He goes off with other women – and men – for days. Lushion needs a favor in return. Ian says he can’t help her, and Lushion says, yes, he can. Unless he doesn’t want Lushion’s help. Ian says if Lushion does this, he’ll look into a guy who might be able to help.

Meanwhile, at the container, Larry isn’t looking too good. He’s unconscious with Eddie standing over him. Eddie’s phone rings. Lushion asks where he is, and Eddie asks who Lushion is? His bitch? Lushion tells him some people called asking for Larry, and want to know where he is. Eddie acts ignorant. Lushion says that kidnapping is a federal offense, and wherever he is, Eddie better get him back safely, and now. Eddie says he doesn’t know what Lushion is talking about. Lushion says Larry isn’t answering his phone, and didn’t show up for a press conference and a meeting. Eddie asks what that has to do with him, and Lushion asks why he’s next to a box truck in the middle of nowhere. Eddie freaks out a little, and Lushion says if Eddie didn’t want him to know where he was, he shouldn’t have answered his phone. Eddie complains that Lushion can’t use the FBI tracking device, and Lushion says, yes, he can; he’s still building a case. He says Eddie better pray to God that Larry doesn’t want to press charges, and tells Eddie to get him home.

Eddie says Larry is causing him more problems than he knows what do to with. He needs Larry to wake up. He pees on Larry, and tells him to wake up; he’s going home, but I don’t think Larry is ever waking up again. Eddie kicks him, and nothing. Eddie says the games are over, and accuses Larry of playing dead. Oops! He is dead. Eddie curses Larry out, and leaves. He gets in his car, and pulls out. The stupidest human alive.

Brad arrives at the hospital, and Marcie thanks him. She says they haven’t told her anything, and she wonders why they’re not talking to her. Brad tells her to relax, but she’s worried about losing the baby. He asks what happened. She says she was coming home, and suddenly felt a knot in her stomach. She knew that bastard would do this; he wanted her to miscarry. Brad says she doesn’t know that, and to try and stay calm. Her phone rings. Brad tells her to turn it off, but it’s Ian. Marcie says she’s supposed to give him contracts today, and asks Brad to answer it. He does, but Ian is confused because Brad isn’t a very good secretary, and Marcie asks for the phone. She tells him that she’s at the hospital, and he asks if he should come. She says she’ll get the papers to him, but he says it’s not about that. She’s trying not to stress about the divorce and the baby, and tells him if he wants to come, she can’t stop him, but she’s okay. Ian gets the hospital info from Brad. After he hangs up, Ian tells his assistant to get Randal’s divorce files.

Randal leaves another message for Larry. asking where he is; he’s been calling all day. He hears the camera signal, and gets on his laptop. He sees a video of Alex telling Brad that someone switched the DNA. He jets out the door.

Alex gives instructions to the sitter. She walks out to find Randal on the porch. He says she did this to him, and shows her the video. He calls her a lying-ass bitch, and says she’ll pay for this. He says he’s been through hell, thinking she was with someone else. She says she’s sorry, and he asks who did it; who switched the DNA? She says she doesn’t know who it was, and he tells her not to lie. She said on the video that it was “somebody.” Who was it? She says she can’t tell him because she doesn’t know. He tells her that she’s a crazy-ass man even crazier; just tell him. She says she can’t give him that, and he says, okay. His lawyers will get it out of her, and whoever did it, he’s going to ruin them. If she thinks what did to her was something, just wait. He heads home, and she follows him, begging him not to do this. He tells her to get out of his yard, and goes to the shed.

Alex follows Randal inside. She asks him to hear her out. They’ve both made horrible mistakes. He says she has, and she says, no, they both have. He asks what he did except love her, and she says they’re both married. What they did was wrong for all of them. He trapped her. He knew where she was weak, what she liked, and what she wanted. He says he still knows, and she says he used it to cause hell. He says she had her father try to kill him, and she says he was trying to take her child. She didn’t know what else to do. Randal says she caused the war, and Alex says he pushed her. He promises he’ll end it, and she asks if that’s what he wants. He says her life is ruined; she’ll be far away, and his child will be with him. She says he’s having a child with his own wife. All she wants is for him to drop it; finish it, and be done. He says it’ll be done. He’s giving his lawyers all the information, and his son will be with him. Alex says he’s next door, and Randal says she won’t be soon. He tells her to get out. She says she knows he still wants her, and he tells her to  get out again. She says he does, and he can have her, if he drops it and doesn’t pursue it. He thinks about it, and asks how? She says anyway he wants. She just doesn’t want to lose her son or Brad. He tells her to take off her clothes. Good luck to her with not losing her son or Brad. There’s no way this is going to go well.

Next time, Lushion says he’s calling the FBI if he doesn’t hear from Stephen, Natalie threatens Randal, and Randal confronts the doctor.

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February 14, 2018 – Drew Confronts Jason, Eddie Doesn’t Know When to Quit, Imposters Marathon & a Valentine


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Today’s GH is brought to you by whatta pita. I’d missed the beginning because my computer decided to update suddenly (never again am I getting an HP; it will be Dell and only Dell, or custom nerd made), and then there was the school shooting in Florida, after which the show never came back on. But thanks to my trusty online sources, I saw it anyway.

Curtis brings Jordan flowers at the station.

Sonny and Carly start to get busy. They think Mike is upstairs sleeping, but he walks past, saying just pretend he’s not there.

Amy tells Griff he looks amazing. She hopes it’s for anyone except Ava.

Ava finds Nelle still at work in the gallery. She says she might as well, rather than hang out in the apartment Michael is selling so he doesn’t have to deal with her. They did have happy memories there though. Ava asks if she’s giving up already.

Kiki joins Molly and TJ at The Floating Rib. She’s afraid she’ll be a third wheel, but TJ says every day is Valentine’s Day for them. They love each other more and more every day. I’m sure this makes Kiki feel a lot better. Molly thinks she and TJ are the only uncomplicated couple in Port Charles. She might be right.

Sam gives Drew a Valentine card from Danny to his “other dad.” Drew asks what she got, and she shows him a humongous heart necklace Danny made. She was wearing it under her shirt, and I wonder how uncomfortable that was, since it’s so big.

Jason also gets a Valentine card from Danny. He asks if Danny has any Valentines, and Danny says three, maybe four. Wow. He’s a ladies’ man already.

Mike has decided to run to the local flower place and have flowers sent to Rita. Carly is on his side about not forgetting, but says it wouldn’t be the end of the world. He says he stopped listening once she agreed with him. Sonny and Carly explain about this thing called ordering online, but he says he’s an in-person cash kind of guy, and doesn’t do online.

Ava asks if Nelle is having second thoughts, but Nelle says she has to defend herself. Ava tells her that’s the spirit, and don’t take her eyes off the prize. She says anything is possible. If they work hard enough, all their dreams can come true.

Griff tells Amy he understands she’s grieving, so he’ll chalk her unkindness up to that. She tells him not really, but go with it. He says he feels awful too; Nathan was under his care. Amy says there’s a huge difference between him and that woman. He calls Ava human, and says anyone can change in surprising ways. He suggests she open up her heart. When he’s out of earshot, she says he’s in for a rude awakening.

Spinelli sees Kiki at the bar, and they introduce themselves. He tells her about being blissfully committed, but his significant other is on the west coast. He’s staying to offer Maxie support. It’s her first Valentine’s Day as a widow. So why is he at the bar? He orders an orange soda.

Molly asks Sam where the kids are, and after a couple more questions, Sam realizes that she’s trying to find out if there’s somewhere she and TJ can be alone. Sam tells her to go ahead to Alexis’s place, and don’t do anything she wouldn’t do. Sam shows Drew her passport with her new name – Samantha McCall Cain – and he says it doesn’t get more official. She says that’s her name for better or worse. He says hopefully, when they find out who he really is, it will be better.

Danny tells Jason about how much candy he had at school, and finally confesses he’s not feeling well. He wants his mommy.

Sonny tells Mike that he’s driving. Mike says he’s a New Yorker; he’s used to walking. Sonny won’t take no for an answer. Mike says that Sonny thinks he’s going to gamble, but Sonny says that isn’t it. Mike tells him one misunderstanding, and now he’s going to be watched. Sonny says there was no money missing, and he believes Mike. He tells Mike to go ahead and go. Carly bundles him up like he’s three. He tells her not to treat him like a child, and she says don’t act like one. He calls her a pita, and she says he is too. When he’s gone, Sonny asks what Carly thinks. She thinks he wants to buy flowers, and that Sonny should believe him.

Jordan wishes Curtis a happy Valentine’s Day. He thinks it will take more than a bouquet to make today happy. He says she’s throwing herself into work as a way of grieving for Nathan. She says the double-edge is that everything there reminds her of him. Curtis tells her to take a break. The only way to truly honor him, is if they truly love each other.

Jason tells Danny they should try to solve it themselves. Danny says Sam gives him ginger ale, but Jason doesn’t have any. He says club soda is almost the same and they can try that. No. It isn’t. Club soda doesn’t have ginger in it.

Molly tells TJ they can have Alexis’s place to themselves. He asks what they’re waiting for.

Kiki asks Spinelli if he doesn’t want a shot. She wanted to get the party started, but TJ ad Molly don’t do much of that. He’s good with soda, and she says more for her. Spinelli wonders why she’s drinking alone on Valentine’s Day, and she says it would have been her and Dillon’s one-year anniversary. Clearly, they didn’t make it. She downs another shot.

Sam asks if Drew remembered something. He says, not exactly. He and Kim had a disagreement because he taught Oscar to defend himself. They worked it out, but she told him about getting in fight in San Diego, and it almost felt like a memory. Sam asks if he’s afraid that if he remembers his old life, he’ll feel differently about his new one, but he says he doesn’t want her to feel differently about him. Sam says that won’t happen. She wouldn’t change anything. She loves their life. Her phone rings. It’s Danny calling while Jason is in the kitchen. He tells her that he doesn’t feel so good, and asks if she can come.

Kiki left her badge at the hospital, and tells Spinelli she’ll catch hell if her supervisor finds out. Spinelli says it’s noisy in there, so he’ll step outside and call for her. At the bar, she makes a call to Dillon. She asks if he can talk.

Nelle checks the recorder. Griff comes to pick up Ava. Ava says it’s his first Valentine’s Day as a civilian. He tells her that he wasn’t exactly locked away in a monastery in the Himalayas. He even went to the movies and watched TV from time to time. On Valentine’s Day, he held a service in honor of St. Valentine and his legend. Ava and Nelle ask about the legend, and he says Valentine was a priest in the third century, who became the patron saint of love. He secretly performed weddings between Christians when the emperor had banned them. He was imprisoned, and ultimately killed. Ava is like, geesh, and Nelle says, so romantic, but Griff says he sees it that way.

While Griff talks, we see Carly and Sonny, Curtis and Jordan, and Danny and Jason.

Griff tells them that Valentine was fearless. He had the courage to do what was right, and put everything on the line. He put manmade laws away, and refused to listen to anything but his heart. The emperor gave him a choice; renounce his faith and live, or refuse and die. He stood up for his beliefs.

Danny is feeling better. Jason asks what wants to do, but there’s a knock at the door. It’s Sam.

Griff concludes his story, saying Valentine’s faith and love made him immortal. Love never dies.

Sam says Danny called. Danny asks if he’s in trouble. They tell him no, and Jason says at least he knows Danny can use the phone in an emergency. Jason tells Sam that he thinks Danny ate too much chocolate at the school party. She brought ginger ale, but Danny says he likes club soda now. She calls him fancy, and says let’s go, but he wants to stay. He asks if they’ll both put him to bed.

Jordan asks how Curtis got lake trout in Port Charles. He says he wanted to get her out of her funk, and thought about Baltimore when they were waiting for Buzz. He remembered their bad history, and how somewhere a spark lit up between them there. So, he asked Stella for an assist, and she cooked it up for him. Jordan is having a hard time believing Curtis asked Stella to help woo her, and she actually did it. He says a brother has to do what he has to do, even if it means asking his auntie to play Cupid. He did it to make her happy.

Kiki asks Dillon if someone is there. She asks if it’s the same woman as before, and then says never mind. She doesn’t want to know. She’s amazed at how quickly he’s moving on. She knows they’re not together anymore, but thought they had something special. She tells him to go to hell. TJ tells her there’s been a change of plans. Molly says her mom has an empty house. Kiki gets it. She says Spinelli is around, and he’s a trip to talk to, so go have fun. They leave, and Spinelli comes back. He tells her that Amy located her badge, and put it in her wallet. He asks if she’s okay, and Kiki tells him everything is great, especially now that he’s there. She puts her arm around him.

Griff says he’s going all in with Ava; she’s his first Valentine. He says their table is waiting. She asks if Nelle is going to be all right, and Nelle says she’s just going to finish up. Griff gets a call. He hopes it’s a reservation confirm, but no such luck. A patient is insisting on seeing him, but he doesn’t think he’ll be long. He apologizes, and Ava says she’ll call the restaurant. Griff leaves, and Nelle hopes their night isn’t ruined. Ava says, not yet anyway. Griff’s story got her thinking. Nelle says, her too. Michael might have broken up with her, but maybe he didn’t stop loving her. She doesn’t think you can completely turn it off if you’re really in love. Ava says she’s had doubts about love. Nelle asks if she and Griff have declared their feelings. Ava says not yet, but tonight might be the perfect night to do it.

Danny asks for a story. Sam thought he was tired, but he says he’ll be “tireder” after a story. He wants them to take turns. She and Jason get on either side of him, and Jason starts to read. Danny falls asleep. Sam says she’ll stay and make sure he’s out.  Jason leaves the room.

Curtis tells Jordan that they need to grab every moment they have together, and live life to fullest. He tells her she’s coming home with him.

Amy tells Griff that she’s sorry she disturbed his night, even if it was with Ava. She says she’s trying, and he appreciates the effort. She shows him a card a little boy gave her. Griff tells her that when he grows up, the boy won’t forget the kind nurse who took care of him.

Ava tells Nelle that she needs to do what St. Valentine would. Nelle says, be a martyr? but she says, no; tell Griff how she feels. She sees Nelle’s outlook has improved, and asks if she’s ready to move forward. Nelle says, absolutely. Ava asks what she has planned, and Nelle says the same thing Ava does. Ava asks if she’s giving Michael a Valentine he’ll never forget. Nelle says, not Michael, and leaves.

Drew goes to Jason’s, and asks if everything is okay. Jason tells him that Sam is making sure Danny is asleep, but it was nothing serious. Drew says Danny called Sam from Jason’s cell phone. Drew has to hand it to him. He has one hell of an act going on, and thinks he’s above it all.

Sonny realizes Mike left his cell phone at the house, and thinks maybe he should look for him. Carly tells him go, and he can make it up to her later.

Jordan wants to know she did something that made today count. Curtis says they need to make tonight count too. She calls him every girl’s dream, but he says she’s the only one that matters. He says, may tonight be the best night of all, and the worst of nights to come. She promises she’s not going anywhere, except home with him. They kiss.

Kiki knows Spinelli has a commitment on the west coast. So did she; look how that turned out. He thinks it’s time to call it a night, and wants to get her a car. She takes the phone out of his hand, saying she’s not calling it a night. She touches his face.

Amy tells Griff about Kiki leaving her badge, and that she seems to be drowning her sorrows. She’s with a reliable friend though. She can’t be in safer hands than with Spinelli. Griff gets a text from Ava saying forget about the restaurant. His story about St. Valentine inspired her, and she has something to tell him. Griff texts back that it sounds good, and he’s almost finished.

Sam starts to leave. Danny tells her that he loves her, and that it was fun with them reading to him.

Drew says that Jason pretends to be a martyr (word of the day), but he’s passive aggressive. He hasn’t given up anything, especially not Sam. Why doesn’t he admit he’s like everyone else, and out for what he wants? Jason says he’s just living his life. How Drew deals is up to him. Sam comes out, and they leave. Drew gives Jason the eyeball.

Nelle goes to a pay phone. She takes out the recorder. After seeing unknown caller, Carly picks up the phone, asking if it’s Mike. She hears a weird voice say, I’m here.

Tomorrow, Anna tells something she’s never told. Ava tells Griff she loves him, and Sonny tells Michael something is going on with Mike.

If Loving You is Wrong

Walking through the jail, Lushion tells the prisoners just because they’re locked up, doesn’t mean they get to make a lot of noise. Ha-ha! He sees Stephen bringing in Randal and Brad. Stephen says they got in a bar fight. Randal wants his lawyer. Lushion tells him to relax, and asks if Stephen was there. Stephen says they were at Pickles, and he was outside warming up his bike. He tells Lushion, they’re all yours; he’s out of there. Lushion asks Brad what happened, and Randal wonders why Lushion is asking him. Lushion tells him to calm down and sit down. Brad says Randal followed him to the restaurant. Somehow, he knows when Brad leaves the house like he has a tracker on Brad’s car. Randal tries to interrupt, but Lushion tells him be quiet. Brad says Randal came over to the table, started a fight, now they’re here. Lushion asks who threw first punch, and Brad says Randal did. Randal says Brad hit him with a bottle. Lushion has Brad uncuffed, and tells him that he’s going home. Randal calls Lushion a low-down SOB, and an Uncle Tom with a badge. He’s letting Brad go, like he let Eddie come after him. Lushion says he was going to let both of them go, but since Randal doesn’t know how to shut up, he can stay there. He keeps calling Lushion Uncle Tom while he’s being taken away.

Marcie’s phone rings. It’s Ian. He asks if she’s all right. He’s sorry, but she says it’s not his fault. He didn’t realize Randal was that bad. She wonders how Randal knew where she was, and Ian asks if he’s stalking her, but she doesn’t think so. He says they have to do something; he wants to help her. She just wants the papers signed. He says he’ll call Larry, and she hopes he has better luck than she did. He asks why she didn’t tell him she was pregnant, and she says it’s not his business. He thought they were bonding (how metrosexual of him!), and she says she didn’t mean to snap. He says Randal is a piece of work who would make anyone snap. He has some ideas. He thinks if he sees Larry face to face, they can figure something out. She just wants it to be done. He says they’ll talk tomorrow, and promises it will be okay. When she hangs up, Marcie feels pain in her stomach.

Esperanza gets home, and sends the sitter on her way. She checks herself out, and goes to her bedroom window. She lets Stephen in. Assuming she doesn’t want the neighbors to see, what’s wrong with the back door? Aren’t they a little old for this? She pushes him onto the bed, tells him don’t say anything and don’t move. She starts to undress him, and tells him not to touch her. He does, and she smacks him. He finally grabs her, and they go at it.

Alex sees Brad pull into the driveway. Brad checks his car, and finds Randal’s tracking device. He goes into the house. Alex finds him sitting on the couch. She asks what happened, and he says, nothing. She’s concerned about him nursing his hand, but he says he’s fine, and he told her not to talk to him. She says Randal was out of line. He says he’s asking one more time. Did she talk to Randal earlier? She says she didn’t. He asks if there’s anything she’s lied about, but she says no. He says one more lie, and he’s walking out. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small; he wants her to be honest. It’s her get-out-of-jail-free card. Just tell him. She says tell him what, and he says anything he doesn’t know. She says she’s telling him the truth about everything. He says just tell him now, but she says she hasn’t lied about anything. He says, okay, and tells her to go to bed. He’s sleeping downstairs.

Natalie rattles around the bedroom, waking Lushion. I didn’t think that poor man ever slept. He tells her it’s 5 am, and she did it on purpose. She insists she didn’t, but he says she wants to know about Kelly. She repeats that she didn’t, but since he’s up… He says she’s okay. Natalie asks about the lawyer, and he says she’s got a public defender. He looked him up, and Natalie says she saw his file. He says the one that said private, and she says he left it on the kitchen counter. She wants to get Kelly anther lawyer. Lushion asks if she has money for that, and she says he does. Her son doesn’t know what’s going on, and needs to see her. He says Kelly was talking about them taking him in if she loses the case. Natalie asks if he said yes, adding that she has three kids already. She wonders where Kelly’s family is, and Lushion wonders why she doesn’t know. He says Kelly won’t be convicted, but Natalie doesn’t like it. He says Kelly being in jail or taking in Justice? She says both, and that Justice needs help. They have to help Kelly get another lawyer. Lushion tells her to stop stressing, and she says he needs to start. He’s not there with the kids all day.

Esperanza tells Stephen he’s snoring and needs to go home. He says he’s leaving, and she thanks him for not arguing with her. She tells him that he can use the front door. She asks if she’s just sex to him, and he thought that’s what she wanted. He calls her confusing, and doesn’t think they should do this anymore. She says that makes two of them. She has her reasons, but what are his? He doesn’t like the feeling of her doing him a favor. He comes over, they have sex, and she puts him out. There’s no real time together. She says it’s too much. He says he’s trying to get to know her. All he knows is the shell she shows the world. She asks him to stop. He asks if she’s been hurt that much, and she tells him to just go. He says it’s the last time, and leaves.

Eddie is waiting outside on Stephen’s bike. He tells Stephen, three hours and fifty-three minutes, and Stephen says she likes it slow. Eddie says his daughter is in there. The only reason Stephen is still alive is because he’s FBI. Stephen asks if Eddie doesn’t think shooting random people isn’t coming back to haunt him? Eddie thinks Stephen’s ass deserves shooting. Stephen his ass deserves it. Stephen tells him to get off the bike; he’s out of there. Eddie says he calls the shots. Stephen says shoot him; show how much of a badass he is. Eddie says he’ll take his time, and Stephen says he’ll be waiting. Now get off his damn bike. Eddie gets up, and says he pays the mortgage there. Stephen tells him that he’s not leaving until Eddie does. Eddie goes to his truck, smiling. Stephen drives off, and Eddie follows.

Randal is being let out on his own recognizance. An officer cuffs him to a bench, conveniently across from Kelly’s cell. He asks how she is, and she tells him to leave her alone. He says she shot him, and she says someone’s going to shoot him if he doesn’t leave her alone. Randal asks what he did? Love a woman, and she turned on him, like Kelly and Travis. She bought the house to try and keep him. It will all come out in court. He’s testified in many cases like this; a scorned woman who can’t give up a man, and would rather see him dead than be with someone else. Randal reminds her that he’s a shrink, and says if the DA doesn’t call on him for the case, he’ll give him a call. He was there, and saw the whole thing. Poor Travis didn’t stand a chance with her being a cougar, running after young men. Kelly calls for the guard, and tells him Randal is harassing her. He tells Randal to be quiet. Randal says he will – until he calls the DA and tells him that he wants to testify. He should call Reverend Cain, and see what he has to say. Kelly has her eyes closed, and he says he knows she can hear him. She’s going to jail for a very, very long time. First Ramsey, then Travis. Two murders on her doorstep, and her poor son. Kelly tells to shut the hell up. Randal says her son is all alone because his mama had a gun and killed a man. Kelly tells him again to shut up, but he keeps goading her, calling her mother of the year. He says she doesn’t love her son, just her gun. Kelly says she wishes she had it, and could blow his brains out like she did Travis. Randal laughs, and tells her to look up. She sees the camera, and he says she just made it easier to prosecute her. She’s so dumb, he just walked her in to it. He laughs, and says that was fun; he’s good. Omg, he’s the worst. Actually, I don’t know who’s worse, him or Eddie.

Eddie goes to the container where he’s holding Larry. Larry is in bad shape. He tells Eddie it’s enough; he wants to go home. Eddie says that’s not happening. He checked, and no one has called, not even Larry’s wife. Everyone must hate him as much as Eddie does. Larry says he’s had his fun; enough is enough. Eddie picks up the plastic bag, and Larry begs him not to, saying he’s sorry. Eddie calls him arrogant, and grabs him by the collar. Larry says he can’t breathe, and asks for a safe word, but Eddie asks why. Larry says so he doesn’t kill him, but Eddie says that’s what he’s trying to do. It’s real life; he doesn’t play games. He is a killer. Larry says they’re a lot alike. He’s a man who likes stimulation, and likes to be punished, but there’s a point where it’s enough. Eddie says Larry doesn’t know anything. Larry tells him that he’ll give him whatever he wants; he has tons of connections. Eddie doesn’t want anything from Larry. He puts the bag on Larry’s head. Larry falls to the floor, and Eddie tells him that he’ll be back.

At the hospital, Marcie asks Dr. Ross if she’s okay. The doctor says they’ll find out. Marcie’s stomach is in knots, and she says this happened during her first pregnancy. She can’t lose this baby. Dr. Ross tells her calm down, and focus on good things. They have to run some tests. The doctor has Marcie control her breathing. Marcie asks for her phone, and tells the doctor to call Brad. Dr. Ross asks if she means Alex’s husband. Marcie says he’s a friend, and his number is saved under My Future (oh please). The doctor makes the call.

The phone rings, and Alex picks up. Dr. Ross asks to speak to Brad. Alex asks why, and the doctor says Marcie is in the ER, and wanted her to call. She can’t say why. Alex says he’s asleep. Dr. Ross knows it’s uncomfortable, but asks Alex to wake him. She says she can’t – and won’t. The doctor knows it’s awkward, and Alex tells her to call Randal; it’s his baby. Dr. Ross says Marcie specifically asked for Brad, and asks if she can leave a message to call. Alex says sure, like we think that she’ll pass it along. Brad comes in and asks who it was on the phone.

Next time, Kelly doesn’t want to make a deal, Brad finds Marcie, and Lushion asks Eddie where Larry is.

⛳ Bonus point – Larry wanted the safe word to be golfer.

🎭 Bravo is having an Imposters marathon, starting on Monday at 8 am. Even the ad said to set your DVR, because who is sitting around watching TV at 8 am on a Monday? Okay, it’s possible that I could be, but still, what happened to using the weekend for those kinds of things? It’s not like there are a whole lot of episodes. Regardless, I hope you give this show a look. It’s worth it. It’s a little different, has fun plot twists, and strikes a nice balance between amusing and dramatic.


💖 Albeit Late, But Because I Care…



February 7, 2018 – Valentin Knows All, Kelly Gets a Lawyer, Happy & Sad TV News


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At Windemere, Nina talks to Valentin about funeral plans. Anna comes in, and Nina is like, seriously? She says if Anna has business with her husband, do it later. Anna is there to see Obrecht, but Nina says she’s resting, and she’ll give her a message. Obrecht comes out, and asks what more Anna could possibly want from them?

Sam brings Drew a potted orchid with a pair of tickets to Thailand attached. Drew asks what business they have there, but Sam says it’s a do-over for the honeymoon.

Peter meets Lulu at Kelly’s. He asks how she’s doing. She tells him the happy ending she was writing turned out to be an obituary.

Mike asks if Sonny slept all right. Sonny tells him that he set up the espresso maker he sent three Christmases ago. He asks where Mike has been. Mike says it seems like something is on Sonny’s mind, and Sonny tosses the bag of money at him, asking him to explain it. Mike doesn’t understand, and asks what it is. Sonny says, tell him, and asks again where he was. Mike says he goes for a walk every morning. He meets his friends for coffee, and sometimes they have breakfast; he has his routine. Sonny asks what about the money? Mike says if Sonny doesn’t know, that makes two of them. He has a side job, and he’s not an idiot. He knows what happens to guys who don’t deliver. Sonny asks what the $10K is doing in Mike’s cigar box? Mike doesn’t know, and says he didn’t put it there.

At Charlie’s, Jim asks if Julian has had a change of heart. Julian says his offer is generous, but Charlie’s is still not for sale. Jim says Julian knows where to find him. Julian says at his regular table, and if he ever sold Charlie’s, Jim might starve.

Curtis tells Julian that Jim isn’t smiling, he’s baring his teeth. Julian says he’s trying to start his life over, and doesn’t need this hassle. Curtis realizes that Julian isn’t just holding out; he’s not selling. Julian says Charlie’s is staying right where it is – in the middle of Jim’s plans.

Sam says she’s never been to Thailand, and as far as they know, Drew hasn’t either. He says everything old is pretty much new. She tells him that Monica will take care of the kids, and they’ll have their first real adventure as Drew and Sam Cain. They can make memories of their own, and have more adventures. He calls her ambitious, and says the word honeymoon has a nice ring to it. They start making out, and Alexis pops in, asking if they don’t have work to do.

Peter can only imagine how devastated Lulu must be. She says it’s nothing compared to how Maxie feels. She lost her husband, and Dante lost his partner. They both have a huge piece missing, and she set it into motion. Peter says they might take some small comfort in knowing someone who loved Nathan wrote the obituary. She says Maxie can’t even talk to anyone. He asks how the baby is, and Lulu says fine, but it will never know what a great father it had. Ned approaches the table. He complements Lulu on her byline, and says now that the election is in full-swing, they’ll probably want a one-on-one interview with him. Peter tells him to contact the paper directly, and Ned moves along. Lulu says, well, that happened, and Peter says readers recognize good talent.

Anna wants to search the grounds in case Faison left something behind. Valentin tells her to knock herself out, but he did a thorough sweep, and there was no trace. Anna has an envelope of Faison’s personal effects, and thought Obrecht would want them.

Sonny tells Mike that he took the time to come there because he heard Mike was in trouble. He finds out that Mike is a bag man, and has $10K in his cigar box. He can’t force Mike to take help, but he can reimburse Caruso, and Mike can keep the money. Mike says he doesn’t want or need Sonny’s help. Sonny says he doesn’t need Mike’s help either. Rita comes in, wondering what’s going on. She tells Sonny that Mike is too proud and stupid to ask, but they’re in trouble, and need his help.

Sam tells Alexis that she heard things at headquarters are a little intense, and wonders why she’s there. Alexis asks if they caught the attack ad. Drew did, and tells Sam that it stated Alexis makes bad decisions and is bad for Port Charles. Sam says she’s surprised at Ned. Alexis says he claims he didn’t know about it, but he didn’t have it taken down either. Sam suggests running a counter attack, pointing out that Alexis had enough sense to leave Ned at the altar. Alexis doesn’t think that would help, but she does need an endorsement. Aurora Media could say something pointing out the good she’s done. Drew thinks she’s a terrific candidate, and would like to help, but an endorsement from them would tank the campaign.

Lulu dabs at her eyes, and says Peter has knack of catching her at vulnerable moments. He tells her to be glad she can still cry; most journalists can’t. She says he’s been a great mentor. How is it possible she doesn’t know a thing about him?

Obrecht backs away from the envelope, saying she wants nothing to do with it. Anna thought she or Britt might want it, but Valentin suggests she take it and destroy it. Anna says she could, but not right now. Obrecht said he had a son; what about him? Obrecht says Faison killed the one pure part of both of them. Anna says she’s talking about Henrik, and asks if Obrecht can help find him.

Sonny tells Rita that he’d love to help, but can’t if he doesn’t know what’s going on. Rita says she’ll tell him everything, and he asks how the $10K ended up in the cigar box? Rita doesn’t know. If she did, she’d tell him. Mike says he doesn’t need her to defend him to his son. If his word isn’t sufficient, Sonny needs to get out. Sonny says he wants to believe him, but Mike says that’s not good enough. He says he’s sweaty from his walk, and needs to take a shower, adding something stinks in here. After he leaves, Rita says she knows Sonny hasn’t seen him in a while, but he’s not himself. She told him not to take the job; they’d find a way to get by. Although who can blame him? Is he going to stock shelves with high school kids? Sonny counts the money, and says it’s all there. That means Mike is telling the truth, at least about gambling. If he’d fallen off the wagon, it would be short. Rita says he’s proud. He’s been trying, and has succeeded for the most part, but he needs his own to believe in him. He’d rather die than admit that. Sonny understands, and she says if he wants to help figure it out, go easy on him.

Sam says Drew is right. An editorial campaign headed by Julian’s daughter is not a good idea. Drew says it’s not what she needs. It should come from the Port Charles Press. Sam adds that they made an agreement not to dictate content. She offers to take Alexis to lunch, and Alexis says it’s a nice consolation prize. Sam says they can strategize. They leave, and Drew looks at the tickets.

Peter tells Lulu that his life story isn’t that interesting. He wasn’t close with his family. His mom abandoned him as an infant, and his father shipped him to boarding school. Lulu asks if he had siblings, and he tells her that he had a brother, but he died before they had a chance to know each other. Lulu compares his life to a Dickens novel, and says he deserves better. He says he practices what he preaches, and wrote himself a better ending in spite of his family.

Nina tells Anna that Nathan is the only one who mattered, and Anna agrees he was a great man. Their loss must be profound, but Henrik could be out there following in Faison’s footsteps. Nina wonders where he’s been, and where he is now, and Anna says that’s what she’s trying to find out.

Sonny tells Rita that she’s right. Rita says Mike told her how he abandoned Sonny, and that his mother’s second husband was not a nice guy. Sonny says he’s already come to terms with that, but Rita says that doesn’t mean Mike doesn’t think about it every day. He didn’t know the money was missing, and she tells Sonny that Mike has been distracted, like there’s something heavy on his mind. She’s been worrying about him, hoping he’d tell Sonny. Sonny says she might have noticed they’re not sharing kind of guys. Rita tells Sonny that Mike’s face lights up when talks about Sonny and his kids. He’s proud of him, and despite the cranky bastard act, wanted to be someone Sonny is proud of. Cutting and running wasn’t the best way to do it, but Mike loves him in his own half-assed way. The last thing wants is to need him, but right now… Mike comes back in, and says Sonny is still there. Does that mean he believes him?

Ned goes to Drew’s office. He says despite the rough relaunch, they seem to be ahead of the game. He tells Drew that the family was denied the opportunity to have his back while he was growing up, but they would have, like they did Jason. He has their loyalty, and the family is standing beside him. All they ask is that he stand beside them as well.

Sam and Alexis go to Charlie’s. Sam remarks that Alexis is there a lot, and Alexis says campaign headquarters are across the street; it’s hard to avoid. She tells Sam not to worry. There’s no risk of her getting back together with Julian. Apparently, he has a girlfriend.

Lulu asks if Peter ever looked for his mother. He says he had a fantasy as a kid that she’d come back, but it didn’t happen. He was given to his father through an intermediary, and his father didn’t know who his mother was. His father ran the gamut from boring to unpleasant. He was self-absorbed and unfeeling, but business kept him away a lot, so Peter didn’t have to see him. He was a horrible person. Lulu asks if he’s no longer alive, and Peter says he’s been dead a while. He spent most of his childhood seeking approval, but there’s only so much dismissal and ignoring you can take before you don’t need it. That’s when he was able to break free.

Anna asks Obrecht if she has any idea where Henrik could be. Obrecht says she saw him as boy, but he’s long since grown. Anna says if he’s continuing to do Faison’s work, he needs to be stopped. Nina says, not today; not now.

Sonny tells Mike that he believes him. He tells him not to worry about the money. Things are squared with Caruso; he’s been paid off, and Mike can keep it. Sonny says he should take a vacation, and come meet Avery. He also hasn’t met his great-grandson Rocco, and Dante and Lulu would love to see him. Mike says he’s too young to be a great-grandfather. Sonny says he screwed up, but he can make it up by coming to visit. Carly would love to see him too. Mike asks what about Rita, and Sonny says he’s inviting them both. Rita says she has to work, but tells Mike to go. He says he’s not going anywhere.

Jim approaches Alexis’s table, and asks if she remembers him. She says he’s the one who accused Laura of exploiting the memory of Mary Mae. Jim asks to let bygones be bygones. Alexis says she could try, but apparently, he needs something from her. She invites him to sit, and he says he can only stay a minute. She introduces him to Sam, who says she knows he’s the face behind the Charles Street redevelopment project. He would love to discuss the details, since he did that for Alexis’s opponent.

Curtis comes in, and Julian asks what he found out. He says the guy who attacked his Aunt Stella disappeared. He was the only one injured, Jordan persuaded him not to press charges, and he skipped town. Curtis can’t figure out why. Julian says he might have been acting on someone else’s orders.

Drew asks if Ned is suggesting he stand beside the Quartermaines, or stand beside him. He wonders if Ned is looking for a personal endorsement, and Ned asks if that would be so bad. Drew says, to ask, no, but he’s going to tell him the same thing Sam told Alexis. They’re choosing to remain neutral. He appreciates Ned stopping by, and his kind words, but has to get back to work. Ned sees Alan’s cufflinks, and Drew says Monica gave them to him. Ned says that’s what it means to be a Quartermaine. (Cufflinks?) It’s not about choice, but a legacy. Recusing himself is a great strategy; it makes him more of a Quartermaine.

Lulu says Peter should get his memoirs down on record, if only for his own self-worth. Peter says his work was done by surviving. Sad stories about toxic families are a dime a dozen. Lulu says they’re all unique. Someone might read his, and not feel alone. He says if there are billions out there, there’s plenty to choose from. She thanks him for the distraction, and he says, what are friends for?

Nina tells Anna to have some respect, and give them time to grieve. They have to work out the funeral arrangements. She begs Valentin to get Anna out of the house, and leaves. Anna says she knows they don’t believe her, but she’s sorry. She wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t critical. Valentine wonders how critical something can be about a dead man. Anna wants to make sure everything about Faison, including his son, is wrapped up for good.

Mike appreciates the offer, but he has his routine; it keeps him steady. Sonny says they have sidewalks in Port Charles. Mike says he meets his friends for coffee, and Sonny says he’s got more coffee than Mike could ever dream of. Mike doesn’t want to be away from Rita. She tells him to go; it’s not Timbuktu. Everything will be there when he gets back, including her. Sonny tells him to come to Port Charles and meet his family. Mike agrees.

Jim has ideas for joint ventures between Niagara and Aurora. Sam says she’ll give his card to Drew, but she thinks what he needs is an ad agency. Ned comes in, and Jim leaves to join him. Sam asks if Alexis thinks Ned saw them. She says considering how hard he’s trying not to look at her, yes. Sam asks if she’s going to confront him about the ad.

Curtis wonders why a dude would mug someone, and then try to press charges after they defended themselves? I could actually see this happening in NYC. Julian says the street lights were out, and Curtis adds that the security cameras were too. Stella has been very vocal, and was arrested for assault, and now being made to look like the crazy bad guy. They watch Ned and Jim laughing together.

Peter goes to Drew’s office, and thanks him for the amazing opportunity. He’s tendering his resignation though. It’s time for him to leave Port Charles. Funny, he didn’t mention he’d only be staying a couple of months during the interview.

Anna asks Valentin if he ever crossed paths with Faison after leaving the WSB. Valentin laughs, saying for a seasoned professional, she’s making a mess of this. He can field her vague and ridiculous questions all afternoon, but his wife wants her gone. He tells her let’s cut to the chase. What does she want to know about her and Faison’s son?

Tomorrow, Michael says Nelle knows there’s no future between them, Elizabeth knows what something means, and Drew won’t accept Peter’s resignation.

If Loving You is Wrong

Brad drives off after seeing Alex talking to Randal. Randal laughs, and Alex tells him to shut up. She says he’s going to push her too far. He tells her that when she went to her parents, it was too far. She tells him to leave her alone and harass his own wife. She realizes he doesn’t believe her about Marcie carrying his child, and tells him to ask her. He asks if she hates Marcie that much, and Alex says she’s just telling him the truth. Randal says she needs his help to break up Marcie and Brad. She says yes, she does want him to break them up. She tells him to do what he always does, but he wants to do what he used to do with her. She says that’s never happening again. He says he’s going to ruin Marcie’s life real quick, and come back to ruin hers. He asks if he’s getting under her skin, and she says he almost lost his. She wishes her daddy had hanged him, and mentions she has a lot of relatives and friends back home. He tells her to give them a hog holler. She goes back in the house. He checks his phone to see where Brad is, and gets in the car.

Kelly’s new attorney, Carl Adams, introduces himself to Lushion. Lushion says he called a Marty, but apparently, he’s unavailable. Lushion asks what office Carl is from, and he says the Public Defender. Lushion says it must be a mistake, and give him a moment. Carl steps outside, and Lushion makes a call to Ian.

Ian is still out for dinner with Marcie. She sees the call is from Lushion, and Ian says he’s not answering. She thinks he should, so he steps away from the table. Lushion says he has a kid there from the Public Defender’s office. Ian says his recommendation was busy, and his hands are tied. Lushion says Carl looks like he’s out of high school, and he can’t believe Ian is doing this right now. Ian says he’s sorry. Lushion says the other lawyer didn’t call him back, and Ian tells him that Marty said no; Travis’s family is well-connected, and the case is getting press. Lushion says all the more reason Kelly needs a good lawyer. Ian says no one is going to take the case without getting paid, and Lushion thinks something else is going on. Ian says he told him everything, but Lushion isn’t buying it. He was going to help Kelly, and now he’s so cold he can’t even give a recommendation. Ian says it’s not like that, and to give Carl a chance. I hate Ian right now.

Marcie asks if everything is okay, and Ian says it’s fine. She asks if it’s about Kelly, and he tells her he can’t talk about it. He suggests dessert, but Marcie just wants water. Ian says he’s been out of the dating game for a while, and she reminds him it’s not a date. He tells her that she’s a rehearsal. She says guys have been using her a lot lately, and calls for the waiter.

Larry starts to come to, and Eddie calls him baby girl. Larry says he had his fun; Eddie needs to let him go. Eddie wants to enjoy it some more. He thought Larry liked being dominated. Larry says Eddie has a terrible reputation; he’s crazy. His department hates him, and he has several complaints against him. He’s racist, sexist, and homophobic. Eddie says he’s a lawyer’s nightmare, and he hates Larry. Larry says call it even, but Eddie says call him in power. He makes Larry repeat that he has the power. (♫ We got the power! ♫ plays in my head.) Larry says he hasn’t been to work all day, and it doesn’t concern Eddie? Eddie says he was humiliated, and punches Larry in the face. Larry laughs and says he loves it. Eddie picks up a plastic bag, and Larry says there are ways to do it; Eddie could kill him. Eddie says he thought Larry was turned on, but Larry says not by death. Eddie puts the bag on his head, and Larry struggles.

Carl asks if he can see Kelly now, and Lushion says they’re bringing her. Carl knows Lushion doesn’t like it, but says he’s good at his job. Lushion doesn’t doubt it, but Carl doesn’t believe him. He says people judge him all the time, but he really is good. Lushion says his opinion doesn’t matter, and leads Carl to the interrogation room.

Kelly asks if Lushion got the lawyer, and he says she’s been appointed one. He brings in Carl, who introduces himself. Kelly doesn’t understand, and Carl says he’ll explain it. Kelly asks Lushion to call Natalie and find out how Justice is doing. Carl apologizes, saying he knows it’s difficult. She says it was self-defense. He tells her that he needs to hire a private investigator to corroborate her story. I dunno about that. Everything is on record, and there are quite a few witnesses. Kelly says she has no money, and asks how he’s being paid. He says he’s a Public Defender, and she says she wants a real lawyer. He tells her that’s offensive. She says she needs individual attention. They have huge caseloads, and he’s probably used to doing deals with the DA. He suggests probation and time-served. She asks if he can do that, and he says probably not, but he needed a starting point. Right now, he’s all she’s got. When she gets another lawyer, he can fill them in. He asks what happened.

Natalie gives the kids dinner. One of the boys tells her there’s something wrong with Justice, and wonders when Joey is coming home. I’d forgotten all about Joey. Natalie doesn’t know, and he asks if Joey has seen Justice’s mom. Natalie asks if he’s been talking to someone, and he says it’s all over school. She tells him to go eat.

Justice looks pretty bummed. He tells Natalie he’s not hungry. He asks where his mother is, and she says Kelly had to go to the jail. He asks if she killed Travis; everyone at school knows. Natalie says she’ll let his mom tell him. He’s tired of being treated like a kid, and Natalie says he is a kid. She tells him Travis was trying to hurt Kelly, and she was protecting them. He wasn’t a good person. Justice says it must have happened after he was asleep. He tells Natalie that Travis had been talking to him; he’d been at the window. He told Justice that he loved him, and would always be there for him. Natalie finds out that Travis had asked Justice for Kelly’s financial information. He’d said he wanted to put money in her account, and told him not to tell. Natalie asks what else he did, and Justice says he was just helping his mom. Natalie tells him he has to eat something.

Natalie calls Lushion. Poor Lushion. I say that every week. She tells him it’s about Justice. He told her that the night of the shooting, Travis came to his window and was talking to him, and she knows how Kelly’s accounts got hacked. He says they’ll talk later, but Kelly asked if he’s okay. She doesn’t think so, and he says he’ll be there in a bit. He tells her that he loves her.

At the restaurant, Esperanza asks Stephen if Marcie and Ian are staring. Stephen says yes, but it’s no big deal. He jokes that he could threaten to arrest them, but says it’s not the end of the world if they find out. She asks why he wants them to know, and he says why not? Esperanza says, because they’re not together, and Stephen says, but they are. She wonders if it has to do with Eddie, and if they’re in competition. He asks why he’d be playing a stupid game, and she says they’re always measuring each other up. He tells her that she’s crazy. She says she was just asking, and he says he answered. Esperanza wants to get going, since her daughter is with a sitter. Stephen says since they’re not together, does she want to go Dutch? Good one, Stephen. She tells him that he’s paying, and not to follow her out like a puppy.

Lushion visits Kelly in her cell. She says it’s going to be bad, and he asks what the attorney said. He looked Carl up, and he’s pretty decent. She says she needs great. He tells her that Justice is fine, and she says tell him she’s okay. He asks if she wants him to visit, but she says no. She wonders what will happen if she never gets out. She needs to know what to do with him. Lushion says if that happens, they’ll take care of him, but she’s not being convicted. She tells him he’s done enough, but he says not until she’s free. She thanks him. He tells her they’ve got her, and stay strong.

Ian is hypnotized by his phone. Marcie asks what’s going on, and he says, nothing. She says he hasn’t been the same since Lushion called. He repeats that it’s nothing. She isn’t pretending to know him, but knows when something’s wrong. He asks what she knows about Kelly. Marcie says she’s a good person, and the kind of mother she’d like to be one day. She tries to be on the side of right. Marcie wishes he was representing her. She knows when someone has a good heart, and he does. He says most people don’t think lawyers do. She tells him that some, like Larry, need to change some things. She knows they’re friends, and Ian says they work together. She says it sounds like he doesn’t like Larry, and Ian says he respects him, but has issues. Larry didn’t even show up for work, and he had to stand in for a press conference that Larry asked for. Marcie thinks Ian should have his own practice, and he says easier said than done. She says it’s like getting out of a bad marriage. She hopes Larry can get Randal to sign the papers. Ian says if anyone can, it’s Larry. Marcie sees Brad, and tells Ian it’s his new neighbor. She goes over to talk to him

Marcie asks Brad what’s going on? He says he’s not good. He saw Alex talking to Randal after he’d told her not to. Marcie says they never learn. He asks what she’s doing there, and she says she wants him to meet someone. She introduces Brad to Ian, and tells him Larry just bought a house on the block. She asks if Brad wants to join them. Brad asks if she isn’t on a date, and she says they’re just celebrating Ian’s house. Ian asks about the schools, and Brad says they’re good; he has kids in elementary school. Ian says he has kids that age too. He saw baby carriage and a blonde on Brad’s porch. Brad says the blonde is his wife, and Ian assumes they have a newborn. Brad says she does. His wife had an affair with Marcie’s husband, and they have a baby. Not TMI or anything. Did it not even cross his idiotic mind that he might be embarrassing Marcie? Or her client? Welcome to the neighborhood! Brad tells Ian that Marcie’s husband lives next door, and is driving him nuts. Ian asks if he means Randal; he knows Randal and Larry are friends. He’s sorry to put things together, and sorry for the drama. Marcie says he didn’t bring it. Ian says he can deal without conflicts and chaos, and Marcie tells him that he can handle himself, but speaking of drama…

Randal appears and says hello like Flounder in Animal House, and I laugh. Marcie suggests they go, but Brad wants to stay. Ian says they were just leaving. Randal says he just got there, and he has some questions. Ian tells him, not today. Randal asks if Marcie is pregnant with Brad’s baby, and she she is. He asks if she’s sure. A birdie told him otherwise. She says his birdie is wrong, and Ian says, let’s go. Randal asks if she’s doing threesomes now, and she and Ian leave.

Randal tells Brad that if he finds out the baby is his, Marcie is going to be so pissed off about what happens. He’s about to follow them, but Brad grabs him, and punches him. They have a huge brawl in the middle of the restaurant.

Next time, Brad wants the truth from Alex, Randal visits Kelly in jail, and Marcie has a medical emergency.

 🎭 Good News & Bad News

😈  Channel Zero is back. This time with Butcher’s Block, and Rutger Hauer. Since it conflicts with my viewing schedule, I’ll probably have to watch it On Demand like last time. I hadn’t known that the stories are based on those found on Creepypasta. The one from Candle Cove is quite disturbing. You can read about it here:


🏰 Sadly, Once Upon a Time will be ending after its next, and seventh, season. The death knell of the Friday time-slot has spoken.



January 31, 2018 – I Blame Lulu, Karma Hits Larry & a Little New Jersey


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Nathan flatlines.

Lulu writes… Detective Nathan West is fighting for his life, his wife Maxie by his side… according to sources, Detective West went face to face with his father, notorious criminal Cesar Faison… She continues on, telling the story about Maxie being held hostage, and that they’re expecting their first child. Faison fled, but because of Nathan, Maxie and the baby are safe.

Jordan looks at a picture of Faison, and crumples it

At the hospital, Peter looks at the real Faison.

Amy gets Maxie out of the room. Felicia and Mac have arrived, and comfort her in the waiting area.

Amy charges the defibrillator. Griff works on Nathan. In the hallway, Maxie says, come on, Nathan.

Lulu writes… Wheeled out by paramedics, Detective West gave a thumbs up to his wife, a silent gesture that he would be okay, this would not be their ending. It’s the kind of man he is, strong, positive, reassuring others in the face of his own pain… The true definition of a hero.

Griff says, he’s gone. What the what? I swear, after reading the latest Soaps in Depth, I was sure it would be otherwise. Maxie cries, no! but Griff says he’s so sorry; Nathan is gone. Everyone is in tears, and I curse the TV.

Peter sees Sam and Jason outside of Faison’s room at the hospital. Peter tells Drew to take a crack at him, but be warned, he can’t trust a word that bastard says.

Drew and Sam go into Faison’s room. Faison says he sees Drew got the girl – Jason’s wife. He asks if Drew is there to thank him.

Curtis sits with Lulu at Kelly’s. He asks if she’s heard anything about Nathan, and she’s hoping no news is good news. Dante is with him, but hasn’t called. Curtis says he’s there to pick up an order for Jordan, and it’s going to be a long night. He asks what she’s working on, and she tells him an article about Nathan. He hopes it has a happy ending, and she says, it will; it’s got to.

Stella comes by Jordan’s office. She says her landlord is at it again; there’s no heat. Jordan says that’s awful, but Stella doesn’t want her pity; she wants something done about it. Jordan needs evidence of criminal activity, and Stella suggests she come over and take the temperature of the apartment, then find that greedy snake and arrest him.

Griff says he did everything he could, but the damage was too extensive. Maxie wants to see him, and I get distracted by Felicia’s terrific haircut. Amy tells Maxie to take as much time as she needs. Maxie tells Felicia that she doesn’t know how to do this. How does she say goodbye? She tells lifeless Nathan that he helped her recognize she had the strength to save herself, and asks if he remembers that from their wedding vows. She’s trying to find strength now, but it doesn’t work without him; nothing will. She talks about how annoyed they were to be chained together, but would give anything to go back to it. She couldn’t admit it at the time, but she’s standing next to the greatest man she’s ever known. She loves him and always will. She touches her stomach, and says they both will. She kisses Nathan’s hand, and I’m seriously confused. A secret well-kept, I guess, but I feel swindled.

Nina asks Amy if they have to take him soon, and Amy says there’s a procedure they’re supposed to follow, but no rush. Felicia tells Maxie that they have to go now, but Maxie doesn’t think she can leave. Felicia leads her to the door, and she takes a last look. Amy places his hand back under the sheet, thanks him, and says she’ll never forget. She starts to put the sheet over him, but Dante says he’ll take over. He tells Nathan he’s not going to make a big thing, since Nathan would just tell him to shut up. He was the best partner and best friend Dante ever had. He tells Nathan not to worry about Maxie and the baby. He has them. He puts the sheet over Nathan. Oh, I see. He gets to go in, but Nina doesn’t?

Nina can’t believe this is happening; it’s surreal. Valentin tells her how sorry he is. If he could make it so it never happened, he would. She asks him to check on Charlotte. She asks him to tell her that she won’t be there to tuck her in, but she’ll be there in the morning. She needs him to tell her that she loves her. He says he will, and leaves. Nina goes to Maxie, and they cry. She thanks Maxie for loving her brother. She was his world; she loved him like he deserved to be loved. Nina walks into the hallway.

Jordan gets a call from Dante saying Nathan is gone. She asks if he was taken to the morgue, and he says any minute. She hangs up, and tells Stella that one of her detectives was just killed in the line of duty.

Dante sees a message from Lulu, and calls her. He tells her to get over to the hospital. She asks if Nathan is awake, and he tells her to just get to the hospital. She wants him to tell her what’s going on, and he says Nathan didn’t make it. She’s like, no! and he says it happened fast. She asks about Maxie, but says never mind; she’s on her way. Curtis says he’ll take her.

Obrecht tells Dante that Nathan is dead thanks to Lulu. Dante says Lulu didn’t want this, but Obrecht says she made it happen because she’s a vain, shallow excuse for a human being, who had no idea what she was toying with. He did though, and should have stopped her. He asks if he should have stopped Nathan too. He wanted to take the risk. Obrecht says don’t blame him. He was naïve, and his courage led him to make a foolish choice, but Lulu put it in motion because of ambition, after being a reporter for five minutes. Dante says everyone is grieving, and she says, funny, she doesn’t hear him arguing with her.

Sam asks if it amuses Faison to play games with people’s lives. Faison asks her if she’s sure she wants to stay with the replacement, and tells her to go back to the man she loves. She says she’s not letting him play with her head, and Drew asks where the flash drive is. Andre put his old memories on a flash drive, and gave it to Anna. What did he do with it? Faison says he didn’t know it existed. Drew asks what his plan is. What’s his end game, and why keep Jason around? Faison says he wanted to kill Jason. He didn’t keep him alive. He’s too dangerous to have running around. Sam asks, then who? His son, who apparently Drew knows? Faison says, that’s correct. Drew asks where to find Henrik. Faison says let him out, and he’ll tell him, and he’ll answer all his questions. Drew says he’ll go the rest of his life not knowing a damn thing before he helps Faison. He’s going to spend his remaining days in prison; in a cage. Faison says let him make something clear, they still need Henrik. Drew hopes he enjoys hell, and Sam says they’ll find him on their own.

Peter asks Nina what happened. She says her brother is dead, and that SOB killed him. She asks Drew if that’s his room, and runs toward it. Valentin grabs her. She tries to get away, but he holds on to her, and she yells, murderer!

Jordan tells the people at the station that Nathan didn’t make it. It’s rough when they lose one of their own, and she knows they’ll join her in extending their deepest sympathies to the family.

Lulu gets to the hospital, and hugs Dante. He thanks Curtis. Curtis asks if Jordan is there, but he says not yet. Lulu asks how did it happen; how is he gone?

Felicia tells Maxie that she needs to eat, take a shower, and get some rest. Maxie goes back into Nathan’s empty room, and she thinks back to them feeling the baby kick.

Dante thinks Lulu should give Maxie some space. She doesn’t know what to say, and Dante says there’s nothing to say. She’s trying to put herself in Maxie’s position, but her mind shuts down. She can’t even handle the thought, and Maxie is living it. She feels terrible for them both. Nathan was Dante’s brother. She asks what she can do, and Dante says her being there is enough.

Jordan arrives at the hospital. Curtis asks how she’s doing, and she asks how Maxie is. He says beat up, as expected. She says it happened on her watch, but Curtis says she’s not responsible. She tells him Nathan is a good man, a good cop, and about to have a baby; it’s not fair. Curtis says it’s not, and holds her.

Felicia tells Maxie it’s time to go home.

Dante suggest he and Lulu grab coffee, and get some air.

Val brings Nina an empty coffee cup. I swear, they will never learn how to carry a cup so that it looks like it’s full on this show. He wishes he could do more. She asks about Charlotte, and he says she’s fine, and he followed her instructions. Nina says she used to tell Nathan that she wasn’t going to be there when he closed his eyes, but would be when he opened them. She says he’s never going to open his eyes, and cries.

Peter asks Drew if he got any information from Faison. Drew says he wanted to cut a deal. He’d help Drew find his son if Drew helped him escape. Peter says he’s sure Drew laughed in his face, and Drew says, something like that. Peter says Faison is a piece of work. Sam is thinking about Maxie, and how lonely she must feel. A couple of hours ago, everything was fine. Now, just like that, it’s not. It went from light to dark, and everything is different.

Amy brings out Nathan’s bag of belongings, but no one is left in the waiting room. She hugs the bag.

Peter goes into Faison’s room. He tells Faison that he looks positively cadaverous. They might wheel him to the morgue before he’s ready. Faison says Peter would love that, and Peter asks if he can he blame him. He asks Faison how he’s feeling, and Faison says like he was shot. Peter says he has to admit Jason does good work. He couldn’t have found a better spot. Faison says, enough; what does he know about a flash drive? Peter says he doesn’t owe Faison any explanation; he doesn’t owe him anything. He says their days together are over, and calls him dad. This revelation is about as astounding as when George Michael came out.

Mac and Felicia take Maxie home. Maxie thinks about Christmas, and the stockings hanging on the mantel, including a tiny one for the baby. In her flashback, Nathan says, it’s perfect, and the prospect of being a father will turn him to mush. Mac suggests going to their place. There’s a knock at the door, and Amy gives him the bag of Nathan’s belongings. He thanks her. Mac starts to put them aside, and Maxie asks what he’s doing. He says there’s plenty of time to go through them, but she wants to do it now.

Peter asks Faison if he has any idea how exhausting it was, year after year, seeking his approval, and constantly being rebuffed. A light bulb finally came on, and he wondered why he was trying to be like him; he’s his own man. Faison says he’s a boy; scared, weak, and worthless. Tell him about the flash drive. Peter says that’s so him – slapping him with one hand, and asking for something with the other. Faison wonders why he wasn’t killed, and Peter says he had a bulletproof vest. Faison calls him a coward, saying he’s always been one. Peter says Faison always taught him to plan ahead. Faison says he’s so pathetic, he couldn’t even kill Jason. Peter asks, why kill a perfect assassin, when he can turn him loose on Faison? All he had to do was keep him contained until he was ready to see Faison die, get out of the way, and let Jason take his revenge. Faison says his perfect assassin didn’t take him out. Peter says he’s grateful. Now he gets to watch as Faison basks in the harsh reality of what he’s done. Faison asks if Peter means him, but he doesn’t. Nathan’s dead. He killed the wrong son.

Maxie takes out Nathan’s watch, saying he was always on time. Felicia says, unlike her. Maxie says he always told her that she was worth waiting for.

Nina tells Valentin that Nathan didn’t like him. He kept reminding her that Valentin broke her heart. Valentin says it’s his deepest regret. Nina says she told Nathan it didn’t matter, and he gave his blessing. He’d rather see her happy than be right. Valentin says he respected Nathan. Nina says he was the only good thing in that horrible family. The penthouse in New York was hell; like a hall of statues. Nothing was real; everything was fake, except Nathan. He was real, warm, and love. Everything about her hurts right now. She cries, and Valentin holds her, saying he’s not going anywhere.

Faison asks Peter if Nathan is really gone. Peter says, thanks to him. Faison says he didn’t get to know him. Peter says that’s the best part. He’s so old and frail, he didn’t recognize his own son before he pulled the trigger. Faison tells him to get out. Peter says, no; he’s waited a long time. All those years, Faison felt so superior, and treated him like dirt, kicking him around, when all the time he was playing him. He asks how it feels to be out maneuvered by the son he despised? Peter feels amazing. He has the ultimate leverage; he has the memories on the flash drive. Even better, he’s working for Sam and Drew, and they don’t realize. He thanks Faison for a beautiful set-up. Faison tells him again to get out, and struggles to sit up. The machines he’s hooked up to start beeping. Peter says, living well is the best revenge, and he’s living great; high in the catbird seat, spending Faison’s money. It should be enough, but it can’t be. The real revenge is knowing Faison killed the son he loved and wanted, while the one he rejected is alive and well. He wins, and Faison loses at his own twisted game. Faison reaches out, and Peter slaps his hand away. The machinery goes nuts.

Valentin suggests he and Nina go home, and cherish what they have. Nina says she loves him, and he says he loves her too.

Obrecht goes to Nathan’s empty room, and smiles. She remembers him calling her mother on Christmas, and thanks him.

Peter asks if Faison’s not feeling so hot. Faison tries to ring for help, but Peter grabs the buzzer away from him, saying he taught him better than that. He leaves as Faison reaches out.

Maxie looks through Nathan’s wallet. She finds a picture of the two of them. She takes out his badge next, and there’s a song part. She puts his wedding ring on her index finger. She takes out his jacket, and remembers giving him the sonogram picture, and him putting it in his pocket. She pulls it out, and it’s covered in blood. She cries, and Felicia and Mac hold her.

Geez, this was rough on several fronts.

Tomorrow, Carly tells Michael she found out something about Nelle, Jason says Faison is dead, and Doc gets what he came for.

If Loving You is Wrong

Eddie tells Larry to drive. Larry says way to avoid a crime is not going to next location. (Or, never go to crime scene number two, as Bo Dietl says) Eddie asks if Larry wants him to shoot him right here. Larry says, yeah, and Eddie makes like he’s going to do it. Larry tells him to get out of the car, and Eddie tazes him. He does it twice more, but Larry still won’t drive. Eddie knocks him out and into the passenger seat, and drives away.

There’s a crowd at Larry’s office regarding Travis, and he’s obviously not there. Ian tells the assistant the he’ll try to call him.

Eddie chains Larry up in a storage container, the same way he was trussed up at Randal’s house. He asks if this is the game Larry likes, and tells him to wake up.

The assistant says Larry asked for a press conference. Ian can’t find him. Lushion calls. He says he’s not doing good, and Ian says join the party. Lushion says the attorney isn’t calling him back. Ian tells Lushion that he did the best he could. Lushion says one minute he’s ready to help her, and the next, he’s not. Ian says Travis’s family is there, and wants a press conference now. Lushion asks Ian to call the lawyer. Ian agrees, and goes out to the mob scene.

Alex is folding laundry when Brad comes in. He says he’s going to the office for a while. She asks if he’s coming back for lunch, but he’s not sure. She asks if he’s coming back at all, and he says he is. She tells him she loves him, and she’s sorry. He says, okay. She says she’s really, really sorry. She didn’t go over to Randal’s house, and knows he doesn’t believe her. He says he’s done with it. Alex wonders if he means her, but he says he said it. She asks what she can do; she’ll do anything. He tells her not to talk to Randal anymore, and walk away if he tries to talk to her. She promises not to say anything to him. She tells Brad again that she loves him, and he says he loves her too.

Eddie smacks Larry awake. Larry laughs, and says Eddie’s had his fun; let him go. Eddie says he’s just getting started, but Larry says he has to get to the office. He asks what Eddie hit him with. Eddie says his gun, but Larry’s kinky ass has probably been hit with worse. Larry says he didn’t do anything to him. Eddie says he was chained and humiliated, but Larry claims to have passed out. Eddie asks what he did, and Larry says dress him up; it was just for kicks. Eddie punches him. Larry tells Eddie to let him go, and they’ll call it even. Eddie says his girlfriend took pictures, and the whole department knows. He knocks Larry around. Larry yells for help, but they’re in the middle of the woods.

Esperanza visits Kelly in her cell. She’s sure it has to be tough, and Kelly says she has no idea. She’s trying to positive, and Esperanza tells her to fight for it and maintain her composure. Kelly says all she can think about is Justice, but Esperanza says they’re all taking care of him; he’s fine. Kelly thanks her. She still hasn’t heard from Lushion or the lawyer. Esperanza says she’ll check. Kelly says she needs to get out of there. She tells Esperanza that these people have done horrible things, and Esperanza promises they’ll figure it out. Kelly thinks Esperanza is looking at her weird. She knows what she did was wrong. Esperanza warns her not to talk in there, and says she’s on Kelly’s side. Kelly tells her to see how Justice is acting; he acts out when he’s stressed, and please go easy on him. Esperanza asks if she needs anything, and Kelly says, out of here. Esperanza says it’s coming.

Brad is leaving for work, and Randal asks if he’s been served; the lawsuit is coming. Brad says good, and to get the ladder, so he can kick him off of it again. Randal says he’s going to own Brad’s house and him. He already owned his wife. Brad says he’s owning Randal’s wife right now, and their baby is going to be a star. He’s a strong kicker, like how Brad kicked Randal off the ladder. Randal walks away. Brad says he can’t handle it when the tables are turned. Randal says he’s turned a few with Brad’s wife. He repeats the lawsuit is coming, and Brad says he’s looking forward to it. Randal goes back home, and Brad gets in the car.

Esperanza goes to see Lushion. She says she just saw Kelly. She’s concerned about the lawyer, and she asks what’s happening. Lushion is still trying to get him. Esperanza says it’s serious, and Lushion says he’s supposed to call. She says Travis’s family knows everybody. He asks what she’s suggesting, and she wonders if it’s a legit referral. They represent Travis’s family. Lushion doesn’t think Ian is like that; he’s known him for years. Esperanza says he seems confident, but she isn’t. They don’t have that much time. Lushion says the lawyer has been in court. Esperanza asks which one, and he asks if she’s playing investigator. She says he has his hands full, and she wants to help. He says not that full, but she’s worried about her… their friend. She could get life in prison. She says the mother is talking about how Kelly wouldn’t leave Travis alone. They’re all crying on TV, and very convincing. Lushion says she’s lying. Esperanza says perception is reality, and she doesn’t look like she’s lying. They know Kelly, but she’s being made to look like a different person. Lushion says he’ll make some more calls. He also thinks Esperanza should stop fraternizing at work. Things with Eddie went bad, and she still has to see him. She asks what he’s saying, that Stephen isn’t a good guy? Lushion says he’s a great guy. In the beginning it’s all great, but then things change. She should know the rules before she starts. Esperanza says Stephen told him, but Lushion says she did. She says nothing is going on. He tells her that her face is priceless, and she should tell it to someone else.

Alex walks the baby. Randal pops out. She says, touch the stroller, and he’ll regret it. She tells him to get away from her house. He wants to see the baby, and she says he’s not hearing her. He won’t move, and she says, fine, and reverses direction. He touches her arm, and she tells him not to touch her. He says she used to like it, and she slaps him. He laughs, and tells her do it again. He follows her, and she tells him to leave her alone. Natalie comes out, and Randal tells her to get her ghetto ass out of the conversation. She says she cut him once, and asks if he’d like a piece of hot lead to go with it. He touches her arm, and she falls on the ground, and starts flailing around and yelling. He says he didn’t touch her, but then runs away. Natalie asks where he’s going. I love Natalie.

She tells Alex that she has to do something about him. Alex doesn’t know what. Natalie says to get rid of someone crazy, act crazier, and suggests Alex set him up. Alex says she and Brad are trying to do something, but Natalie says she started it, so it’s up to her. Alex says Brad is back, but Randal isn’t making it easy. Alex apologizes, saying she shouldn’t have let Randal think the baby was Lushion’s. Natalie says she’s not mad. If she was, she wouldn’t be standing there now. Alex thanks her. Natalie says if she hears nothing else, hear this – she needs to do something about Randal. Alex doesn’t know what to do, and Natalie tells her to think about it. Alex asks about Kelly, and Natalie says she’s not good. Alex tells her if she can do anything, let her know. She’s glad Natalie is in the neighborhood. Natalie walks her back home, and invites herself in for a drink.

Marcie is on the phone with Esperanza as she meets Ian for dinner. She tells him she was talking about Kelly, and asks why he’s not representing her? He says Larry is representing Travis’s family. Marcie says, it’s so wrong, and he says, we’re lawyers what do you expect? He knows Kelly is a decent person, and she’s innocent; he spoke to her. Marcie says she’s good at reading people, and there’s something he’s not saying. She thinks he has a heart, and that makes it hard for some lawyers. He asks what she reads. She says he’s complicated and tries to act tough, but he’s a softie. She wonders how he knows Kelly is innocent, but he says she was his client and he can’t talk about her. Marcie says it doesn’t feel right sitting there, while Kelly is in a cell. She sees Stephen, and realizes Esperanza is with him. She tells Ian she’ll be right back.

Marcie says Esperanza told her that she was at work. Esperanza says her mind is all over the place, and introduces Stephen. Marcie explains she’s having dinner with a client who just bought a house. Stephen says they’ve met, and she says he looks different out of his work clothes. Esperanza says they’re just having an after-work drink. Marcie points out that she’s not dressed for work, and Esperanza says she had a change of clothes in her car. Marcie goes back to Ian.

Esperanza tells Stephen the town is so small. Now, all the girls will know. He asks if he embarrasses her, and she says no; she just doesn’t want them in her business. He says they’re adults, and allowed to have business, so let it go. She says they talk to Eddie, but he says no one talks to Eddie. He tells her to let him worry about it, but he gets it; she likes being in control. They talk about ordering, and Esperanza says she doesn’t drink much. Stephen says the last time they were together, she took the bottle like a champ. She says sometimes she needs liquid courage, and he wonders why with him? She says it came out of nowhere and happened fast. He asks if she’s enjoying it, and she says, let’s jut order. He tells her to relax. She orders tequila shots, and he says, so much for not drinking.

Alex rocks the nameless baby, and puts him in the crib. She hears Randal cackling and playing music outside. She jets out, and tells him to turn it down. He laughs, and she says she’s tired of him, spraying his car with the hose. He tells her to get her ass back in the house, but instead, she gets in the car. He pulls her out, and she tells him that he’s awful. Why did he tell Brad that she came over? He says because she did, but she says, no, she didn’t. Why is he doing this? Doesn’t he have any conscience? He’s surprised she didn’t know that already. He tells her that Brad and Marcie are having a baby, but Alex says they aren’t. Randal asks if she didn’t know Marcie was pregnant. She did, but says it’s not his. Randal asks who’s is it? She tells him to stop this. He asks again, and she says it’s his. I shake my head. She tells him to check the calendar, harass Marcie, and leave them alone. He asks if it’s his kid, and she asks if he didn’t hear her. Randal thinks she’s messing with him, but Alex says she doesn’t want to mess with him again.

Brad comes by, sees them, and speeds off. Randal laughs, and says, he gone.

Next time, Lushion asks Ian what happened, Larry says Eddie could kill him, and Justice asks Valerie if his mother killed Travis.

🍷 I also watched The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Reunion Secrets Revealed, and it was a lot of fun. These Secrets Revealed shows often have the best clips, or at least the ones where the women are having the most fun with each other. God forbid we should see that on the actual show. Two of the best scenes were a Latin dancing lesson, and Marty asking Danielle to marry him. I guess this makes number twenty? As Teresa said, sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs. We also saw Siggy getting along with the Marge. Too bad she couldn’t sustain that, and ended up being batsh*t crazy.


RIP Assman Landers Nathan