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April 30, 2019 – Lulu Films Ryan’s Obsession, Dorit Won’t Budge, Ben Trashes Randal’s Place & Long Winding Week


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sorry, missed the first minute or two.

Stella finds Jordan unconscious. She asks if Jordan can hear her, but there’s no response.

Elizabeth tells Finn that she hasn’t heard from Hayden in quite a while. Why? Finn says there’s something he wants to tell her. The last number he has for her is disconnected. Stella calls for help, and Finn and Elizabeth run to her. Finn takes a look at Jordan, and asks for a gurney. He asks Jordan if she can open her eyes.

Curtis says, so Timmy doesn’t remember the name of the woman who hired him? Timmy says, offered to hire him. They didn’t exchange names. She was hanging out by the docks, and he found her there. Curtis says, it’s a small town. He was under the impression that everyone knew each other. Timmy says she was obviously not from around there. Curtis shows him the money.

Ava answers her phone, and says she can’t hear them. Who is this? Mac takes the phone, and asks who it is. He says, okay. No problem. He tells Ava it was a wrong number. It sounded like the woman was near a shipyard, which was probably why Ava couldn’t hear her. He thinks he scared her.

Doc tells Ava, it’s all right, but she says, a wrong number to a blocked line after the video was posted? She doesn’t think it’s a coincidence. Doc says, Occam’s Razor. In the absence of other evidence, the simplest explanation is the most likely.

Shiloh shows Sam his office, and says, nothing of interest. She asks why it’s locked. Isn’t DOD’s main tenet transparency? The full truth, no matter what the cost? He tells her office contains DOD’s chronicles, and it would be inappropriate to share them with her. She understands, and asks if the Trust members are allowed in. He says Trust members are afforded special privileges, and tells her that she needs to temper her inquisitive nature with patience. She says it means so much that she’s worth consideration. She wants to prove herself to him any way she can.

Valerie makes a call, and tells someone she’s getting creepy calls from a blocked number. She thinks her ex might be stalking her. She says, it’s not an official police request. She wants to keep it on the DL, but thinks they should be able to trace the call. She thanks them.

Alexis asks how long before she’s arrested for conspiracy and kidnapping? Sonny says he’s not the one who left his phone so Kristina could get it. Alexis says, sorry. She’s not experienced in kidnapping. Neil says Kristina wasn’t on long enough to tell Valerie where she was. Alexis asks what she said, but Neil says it’s privileged information. She asks if he doesn’t think the lines are blurred at this point. It would help to know what she communicated. Neil says they need strategy for their next session, but Alexis isn’t sure there will be one. Now that Valerie knows what’s going on, she thinks their time is about to be up.

Franco tells Drew it’s no secret the Quartermaine’s hate him, but he wanted to pay his respects to Oscar. Realizing his wording isn’t the best, he fumbles around, then says he’s the worst at this. Drew says he’s doing great, and tells him to go back inside. He says everyone in there hates him. He thought he’d just drop this off, and run away. He gives Drew a wrapped canvas, and Drew asks if he can open it now. Franco says he can hang it in Oscar’s room while he’s staying there. Drew unwraps a painting of a sunset with a tree in the foreground. He asks if Franco painted it. Franco says it’s kind of a departure. He had some paintings in the basement that Oscar and Cameron saw, and Oscar really liked that one, so he wanted him to have it. Drew thanks him, but Franco says, it’s just a gesture. He wishes could do something that counted. He’s sorry. Drew is too.

Curtis tells Timmy that he can have all of it if he tells Curtis what he needs to know. Was the woman American? Timmy says it didn’t sound like an American accent. He noticed a bumper sticker on her cat that said, North Madison High School, Class of ’94. It’s a few towns over, and this isn’t a destination for them, unless there’s something they have that the people can’t get there.

In a hospital bed, Jordan opens her eyes. Stella tells her, relax, and Jordan asks, what happened? Elizabeth says she collapsed, and Stella found her. Stella says she picked a fine place to faint. Finn comes in, and Stella and Jordan thank him. He’s glad she’s awake. He’s going to be the consulting doctor on her case now. Stella says he’s an infectious disease specialist, and he says her body is reacting to an infection in the remaining kidney. She asks what the course of treatment is. He says she’s allergic to penicillin, so they’ll try a different antibiotic, and see if it’s affective. Stella asks what happens if it’s not.

Sam says Shiloh told her that she might be ready for the next level, and he’d contact her. Shiloh asks if she’s being impatient. She says, maybe, but she wants him to know she’s willing and ready. Mark asks if he’s interrupting, and Shiloh says, no. Mark says he got distracted talking to other members, and asks Sam if they’re still on. He tells Shiloh that Sam offered to go to lunch with him, and help him choose courses. Shiloh tells them to go. He’ll talk to Sam later.

Neil tells Alexis and Sonny that he wants to talk about how they’re going to approach Kristina. The technique is called motivational interviewing. They can’t criticize DOD or the members. Kristina is too wrapped up in it, and if they criticize the group, they criticize her. The goal is to get her to realize for herself that DOD can’t meet her needs. Sonny says the sooner they clear Kristina’s head, the better. There’s a knock at the door, and Alexis answers.  It’s Valerie and Chase. Valerie asks if they can come in.

Alexis ask to what she owes this unexpected pleasure. Neil hustles into another room. Valerie tells Alexis they want to talk to her, and Alexis asks if it’s official business. Do they have a warrant? Chase says there’s no need for one; they just have a few questions. Alexis says she’s in the middle of something, but lets them in. Valerie says she didn’t expect to see Sonny, and he says, likewise. Alexis says they were just going over some legal business. Chase asks if Diane is indisposed, and Sonny says he has different lawyers for different business. And I say, man, for this being unofficial, they sure are nosy. Valerie says Alexis claimed Kristina was out of town visiting a friend, and clearing her head, but she got a call from Kristina from an unknown number. She had the call traced, and the phone is registered to Alexis.

Finn says, most patients respond well to antibiotics, but Jordan says, most patents have another kidney to fall back on. Finn suggests they not get ahead of themselves. Stella tells Jordan that she’ll give her some privacy to get settled. Jordan says, give it to her straight. If can’t beat the infection, what does it mean? Elizabeth gives her something to make her more comfortable. Jordan says, hopefully, the antibiotics will clear up the infection overnight, and no one will need to worry. If that happens, she’ll be an anomaly, since it usually takes at least a week. Curtis calls, but she doesn’t answer.

Timmy says Curtis promised him a hundred dollars, but Curtis says he asked for the name, not a high school in another town. He calls Jordan and leaves a message that he’s got a new lead. It might keep him out of town a while. He’d rather be with her, but hopes it leads to Ryan. I thought the high school was actually a pretty good lead.

Jordan tells Elizabeth, she might not want to be there, but she’s reasonably comfortable. Elizabeth says she couldn’t help notice that Jordan ignored the call from Curtis. Won’t he want to know what’s going on with her? Jordan says Stella probably already told him, but Elizabeth thinks he’d want to hear it from her. It’s our instinct to help the people we love, and the people we love are in the best position to help us.

Curtis starts searching online for the high school. Jordan calls, and he says he turned up something. He asks if it’s okay if he sticks around and follows up. She thinks he should get back, and he asks if everything is okay. She wishes she could say yes, but she has to tell him something.

At the MetroCourt, Lulu says Ryan’s memorial is getting a lot of views. Doc says, if Ryan is one of them, he believes they think he’s dead, and will come out of hiding. Felicia says, then he’ll do something rash, and make a mistake. Mac says, don’t count on the timeframe. He’ll need recovery time. Felicia says, don’t count on Ryan recovering. When he sees Ava is with someone else, he’ll come running. Lulu says they have to reinforce the idea Ava and Doc have bonded. Ava says, let’s do it, and Lulu takes her to where there’s better lighting. Felica tells Doc that Ava’s not the only one with a target on their back. What he’s doing is really brave. She hopes he’ll be ready for when Ryan returns.

Lulu asks if Ava is ready, and starts to film. She says this is part one of her exclusive interview with Ava Jerome, the object of serial killer Ryan Chamberlain’s obsession. She thanks Ava, and asks what she can tell the viewers about her relationship with Ryan.

Franco says he thinks he’s done there, doing the thing he does best, making everything worse, but Drew asks Franco to stay a while, and keep him company. He doesn’t need one more person who wants to put a positive spin on things. He might snap on them. His son is dying; there’s no positive there. He just found out he had a son, a piece of his past he can’t remember. The worst part is his son has worse, losing every inch of his future.

Valerie asks Alexis if she has any idea how Kristina was calling from her phone. Alexis goes into her purse, and says she knew it. She has Kristina’s phone. Valerie says, she had it without knowing? and Alexis says, it happens a lot. They have the same phone, model, and case. Chase says she didn’t notice? Sonny says Alexis avoids her cell phone. She forgets it or doesn’t charge it. It’s hella frustrating, and if you text her, you’re not getting one back. Valerie suggests Alexis activate the tracking on her phone, but Alexis says she already knows where Kristina is. Is she under investigation? Chase says, not at all. They just wanted to verify her whereabouts. Sonny says they know where she’s at. Alexis says they’re respecting Kristina’s privacy, so unless there’s a compelling reason, they’re not disclosing it. Valerie says they’ll be in touch, and they leave. Alexis asks Sonny what the odd are that they bought any of that. Sonny says, not a chance. Alexis is going to be under surveillance, and can’t go to the session tomorrow.

Lulu says, it’s tough to understand. Ava’s feelings for Ryan were genuine? Ava says, yes. He was there for her when she needed him. He picked her up when she fell off course. She had no idea Ryan was behind what happened to her daughter. She came to rely on him completely. The irony of all of this is, she thought it was Doc who she’d developed a deep powerful connection to. Doc, who accepted her as she as. He saw the good in her. Now she knows it was Ryan imitating his brother. That’s how she came to fall in love with him. She fell in love with a man pretending to be his brother. The real Ryan murdered her daughter. We see someone watching the interview. Lulu says, it must be hard to live with. Ava says, if there’s any silver lining, she’s not alone. There is someone Ryan hurt almost as much; his brother. His brother is remarkable. Now that she’s getting to know the actual Doc, not an impersonation, he’s a remarkable man, and an invaluable source of support. Lulu thanks her.

Mac says, Felicia has a point. If it works, Ryan is coming after Doc. Is he ready? Doc says he has to be. He wants to do whatever he can to capture his brother. Felicia says she wishes… never mind. Doc finishes, turned him in? So does he. He looks at his justifications and excuses, and can’t believe his arrogance and how foolish he was. Three people died because of him. His greatest loss was just as devastating other loss just as devastating. People lost their faith, trust, and belief in him as a friend. Mac says he can’t help anyone by being a martyr himself. Luring Ryan out is one thing, but being a target is something else. Doc says if it helps capture his brother, he’ll do it; no hesitation.

Lulu says, that concludes part one in the series, The Object of Obsession: Surviving the Monster I loved. Ava downs her drink.

Franco tells Drew not to let anyone tell him how to process grief; it’s different for everyone. He grieves every day, but doesn’t talk about it. What’s the point? He has to go through it. Go through the motions, and stay present for the people he loves and who say they care about him. He misses Kiki – until he paints. He’s waiting for the time when he sees everything Kiki accomplished and gave of herself. Someday, Kiki’s life will no longer be overwhelmed by her death. It will happen. It’s hard, but he does it because it’s what she would want. It’s slow going. Drew says, yeah. Franco says he’s making the worst of everything today, but Drew appreciates it, and says he’s been a lot of help. Franco says he’d like to be a help to Drew. He doesn’t always have to talk so much. Drew laughs, and Franco says they might not be blood, but they’re still brothers. He’ll always be there for Drew. Drew says he’s grateful.

Alexis tells Sonny, it’s not an official investigation, but Sonny says they suspect something is up. She’s in their sights, and can’t go to the safe house. Neil says he can’t stress how important is for them both to be there, especially her. She has the most contentious relationship with Kristina. It’s a critical time. Sonny says they’ll be trailing her with the phone, and they can’t risk it. He has experience distancing himself from cops. Alexis says, it’s not a bragging point. Milo calls, and Sonny has to go. Alexis asks what about Kristina’s therapy, and Sonny says they’ll discuss other options. He leaves, and Neil asks Alexis says, it could mean anything. He could put her in the trunk of a car to take her to the safe house, or take them all to a private island. Neil says, that would be a disaster. She says, the whole thing is. She asks which one of them is right? and Neil says, unfortunately, both of them.

Mark – who I didn’t realize is Milo, since he hasn’t been on the show since the earth cooled – says he’s sorry he pulled Sam away, but he had to make sure Shiloh didn’t catch her. Sam is glad he texted her when he did. She got distracted by something she found. She should have stayed on point. He asks what she found, and she says a picture of her and Shiloh that she didn’t know he was taking. Nothing damaging, but it reminded her that she can’t trust a word he says. Even if he believes she’s all in about joining the Trust, she needs to watch her back.

Shiloh goes into his office, and opens a file drawer.

Doc asks how it went, and Lulu thinks it was convincing. If he’s out there, they got his attention. Ava wishes everyone would stop saying if he’s out there. He’s out there. Now, the public needs to think she and Doc have actually fallen for each other.

In the fastest trip back from Canada ever, Curtis goes to Jordan’s bedside. Stella is so glad he’s back, and he says Jordan was just about fill him in on what happened. Stella says she found Jordan on the hospital floor, and called for help. Finn walks in, and she says he can hear the rest from the expert. Finn says, first, they have to see how Jordan responds to the antibiotics. If she doesn’t, given the condition of her remaining kidney, she’ll need a transplant as soon as possible.

Franco finds Elizabeth at the reception desk. She asks where he disappeared to. He tells her that Cameron told him about Oscar liking one of his paintings, and he dropped it off at the Quartermaines. Elizabeth says that was generous, but he says it was just a gesture. He talked, and Drew listened, but he wishes he could help. Elizabeth thinks he just did. They hug.

Drew looks at the painting.

Valerie and Chase go to the MetroCourt for lunch. Valerie is surprised Chase wanted to eat there. He thinks they should eat some good food while they can, and drink some triple espressos. They’re going on a stakeout to keep an eye on Alexis. Maybe it will lead them to Kristina.

Alexis looks out the window. Neil says she has an elaborate tea collection, and she says she can never have enough calming tea. She doesn’t see anyone outside. Not that she would have. Neil says they have to try a different approach. They can’t risk leading the police to Kristina, and they’ll be monitoring Alexis; watching her every move. Alexis said they’ll be watching her car, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be following her.

Milo tells Sonny that he tried to keep Shiloh talking, but he got brushed off. Sam says, thank God that Milo texted her when he did, but It wasn’t a total waste. She knows where Shiloh keeps his secrets. Shiloh told her members of the Trust have more privileges. That means she’ll have to become a member, but she’ll do whatever it takes.

Shiloh looks at the picture of him and blindfolded Sam. He says he knows all of her secrets, and can’t wait to see what she reveals,

Tomorrow, Ned asks what someone is doing there, Drew says maybe Oscar isn’t fighting a losing battle, and Oscar tells Josslyn that he feels better.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Erika and LisaR drive to Erika’s friend’s studio, Merge. In her interview, LisaR says she loves their relationship. They built it over time; it didn’t just happen. There’s a survivor and hustler in Erika that she relates to, and she gets a kick out of Erika. She tells Erika about the TV show she did called Merge. In Erika’s interview, she says LisaR is fearless, and admits her faults. That’s a real friend. Not someone who will never admit they do anything wrong.

At the studio they get on the rowing machine. The instructor says LisaR’s ass is weak. In her interview, she brags about an exercise video she made ten years ago, and we see a clip. It’s not super professional. So what have you done lately? Cardigans? They do an exercise that actually looks harmful for the lower back.

LVP and Ken look at marble for the kitchen. It’s like a lumber yard, except there are huge marble slabs all around. Giggy! Puffy! In LVP’s interview, she says they’re in the middle of a kitchen remodel, and it’s getting expensive. She has to keep a lid on the budget or she’ll be in trouble. She says she’s going to choose the one Puffy lifts his leg on. Sure enough, Puffy pees, but she says that one isn’t quite right. She tells Ken that PK called her. We see a clip of them on the phone, saying they miss each other. PK tells her to have her people talk to his people. LVP says she is her people. She says it’s hard having a conversation about something you both disagree on. It just goes around and around. In her interview, she says she hasn’t seen Dorit since the wedding, and they all think LVP gave the story to Radar Online. If Dorit is going to call her a liar, there is no friendship.

Dorit needs a Beverly Beach office, and has designer Mat whip something up for her. She says she can’t operate out of her house anymore. She’s ready for the next level. Growing the business has been like having another child, and she loves that the kids can play together. It’s bigger and more gorgeous than most people’s apartments. PK arrives, and Mat is off to his next design emergency. PK tells Dorit that they’re having lunch with LVP. Dorit says she never thought something would happen and the friendship would be dissipated. In her interview, Dorit says they have a history. We see clips from the past, including LVP defending Dorit at a reunion. The loving part of her wants to make things right, but she’s not doing it at the expense of her integrity. PK says Ken wants to put things back together. Dorit tells him that his throwaway comment to Kyle was a tad insensitive. He says he’s happy to apologize, but he’s not discussing it for weeks on end. And they will.

In the car, Kyle tells Teddi that Sophia is coming home for weekend. She asks if Teddi has talked to anyone, and Teddi asks if Dorit reached out. Kyle asks if she’s wrong, and we flash back Teddi saying anyone who knows Kyle, knows she would be hurt, referring to PK’s remark. Kyle says it cost her friendship with LVP. He implied she did something wrong, when she spoke up and told the truth. He should be thankful. She says she’ll survive. They park the car, and walk around Lake Hollywood. Deer! Kyle says this is what she loves about living in LA. Like you can’t see wild animals anywhere else. Teddi says she loves doing things she wouldn’t normally, like the RV trip. She doesn’t know how far they’ll get. it’s the size of a tour bus. Kyle jokingly asks, how many bedrooms? In her interview, Teddi says she loves camping. It’s living the simple life, even if it’s only 24-hours. Kyle says they’re the only ones who think it will be fun. In Teddi’s interview, she says she’s trying again to take them out of their comfort zones, and see if they can relax together. The worst case, one of them doesn’t make it home. She and Kyle take a selfie with the Hollywood sign in the background.

Denise meets Camille for lunch. Camille tells her that it’s been a hectic time; raising teenagers, and blending a family. Denise asks if she feels differently about getting married now. Camille says it was David’s idea to have a big wedding. She wanted something small, but she’s glad she agreed. In her interview, Denise says she and Camille met when Camille was married to Kelsey, and they’ve compared notes on public divorces. They’re definitely survivors. Denise asks how the concert was, and if she needs a drink to hear about it. Camille says she might, so Denise orders a martini. Camille says the concert was great, but afterwards, PK said something to Kyle backstage about how she can’t keep a best friend. Dorit tried to explain later, but Teddi jumped in. She feels like Teddi is a bit of a know-it-all. In her interview, Camille says, Teddi needs to take a seat. Her youth is getting the best of her, and she sounds like an entitled millennial. She tells Denise that she’s getting to like Dorit more, but thinks something is off. Denise spaces out as Camille talks about everyone. In Denise’s interview, she says Camille wont shut up. It’s making her feel like Camille will be talking about her next. It puts her in a compromising position. She loves everyone, and doesn’t want to tell them what Camille is saying. She doesn’t want everything to blow up. She asks Camille if everyone is going to be fighting on the RV trip. Camille says, it’s going to be the RV from hell.

Aaron and Denise watch the sunrise while having coffee. In Denise’s interview, she says they wake up at five am, have a little hanky-panky, get the kids ready, coffee, gym, and get the kids off to school.

Kyle makes Portia breakfast, leaving it on her bed. She tells the dogs not to touch it, which would be meaningless in my house. In her interview, she says they’ve always done attachment parenting, and Portia still sleeps with them at ten-years-old. Okay… She says they want it, need it, and they’re happy. Okay… again. She doesn’t think she’s spoiling Portia. She’s just taking care of her. It’s her job. Just a thought, but her kids also seem to have a hard time leaving home, and part of a parent’s job is to prepare them for that. Maybe they’re a little too attached.

Denise says her girls love Aaron, and like his cooking better than hers. Parenting teenagers is challenging. The girls fight over who’s wearing whose clothes. In her interview, Denise says they’re pushing the boundaries for independence, and it’s hard to figure out what battles to pick. Sometimes it’s better to let them work it out. There’s no real handbook.

Kyle thinks it’s important for children to know they’re the most important people in your life.  Her world revolves around them. Kyle puts Portia’s socks on her, as Portia picks at the tray. Omg, I was getting myself ready by the time I was eight.

At Villa Blanca, LVP tells Ken that Dorit and PK are coming by. Since they’re not open for lunch, Ken suggests getting sushi. In her interview, LVP says the lunch might be a conduit for putting the friendship back together, if they can find a middle ground. If Dorit says she believes LVP, they can move past it, and be in harmony again.

PK insists this will make things better. Dorit says she still has be true to herself. Friends can have a difference of opinion, but if they both want to find a way to move forward, they can work it out. PK wants them to find a compromise, and is leaving that to them.

The restaurant is all decked out for a celebration about gay rights in India, where homosexuality has just been decriminalized. Puffy! They sit down outside, and PK says it was cold this morning. LVP says she’s felt frozen out for a few weeks. They clink glasses, and Dorit wonders why LVP doesn’t seem very welcoming to her. LVP says everybody is focused on the Radar Online article. Dorit asks why LVP called TMZ instead of calling her, and saying it’s not true. LVP thought it would make a bigger statement. In her interview, Dorit says LVP should have called her to see how she was doing, instead of telling TMZ it was an outrage. Dorit tells LVP that they don’t talk via the media. LVP says one day Dorit is going to realize she was defending her, but she’ll find out too late that LVP was in her corner. In Dorit’s interview, she thinks LVP planted a false story, and then swooped in and defended her. LVP wants to say she was the one who saved Dorit. Dorit says it’s difficult to believe LVP didn’t do it. LVP says if Dorit believes she gave the story to Radar Online, they don’t have a friendship. Does she want LVP to take a lie detector test? PK wonders why they can’t just say things got effed up, and move. Ken says they can only move on if Dorit understands LVP didn’t lie, and is the best friend she’ll ever have. If she doesn’t, there’s no friendship. PK says Ken is trying to control their thoughts, but Ken says he’s trying to convince them that LVP is the most honest person they’ll ever meet. In LVP’s interview, she wonders why Dorit would want to have lunch with a liar. She wouldn’t want to be friends with a liar. Why would they? Dorit says she can’t believe LVP wants to throw away a friendship that she thinks is stronger and more powerful than this incident. LVP says everyone is bringing the gavel down on her just because they want to believe something. Dorit says LVP can say it happened, but Dorit loves her enough to put it behind her. Ken says she’s still saying she doesn’t believe LVP. Dorit says they can agree to disagree, but Ken says they can’t. PK thinks they’re looking at it too black and white. Ken says he knows PK is trying, but his wife isn’t. If she thinks LVP is lying, they can’t be friends. Dorit says she can only hear that someone doesn’t want to be friends with her for so long. PK believes someone in LVP’s camp leaked the story. LVP swears on her kids’ lives that she didn’t, and doesn’t know who did. PK accepts that, but Ken says his wife doesn’t. PK says he’s a trusting and forgiving person, and he can’t control his wife. Dorit says he’s asking her to dig deep, and not be true to herself. PK says he believes LVP. Dorit says, it’s painful. She cares about the friendship, but believes LVP had something to do with the initial story and the Johns. Ken says he’d like to be friends with PK, but… He and LVP go inside.

PK tells Dorit that she wasn’t helpful. She doesn’t think it’s fair. She doesn’t want a conditional friendship. Inside, LVP tells Ken that she doesn’t care. Dorit comes in, and tells LVP that she respects LVP and loves her. LVP wonders how, since friendships are based on honesty. Why would she want to move forward with someone she thinks lied to her. She gives Dorit cheek kisses, and says she loves her. Dorit wonders how she can say that, and LVP says, actually, she doesn’t. This is the first time she’s lied. In Dorit’s interview, she says it’s clear that LVP is still holding a grudge about Dorit saying she’s needy, and needs attention. We flash back to Dorit saying just that, and that LVP’s parents didn’t fulfill her love and attention needs. She says she apologized seven million times. We flash back to that too, but’s it’s more like three times. She says, it’s payback. Remember last year? There you go. A huge question mark hangs over my head about how she came to this conclusion. LVP tells Ken it would be easier to address Congress than talk to that bloody cow.

Yuk! Kyle cuts Mauricio’s toenails. She says as long as her husband is in the house with her, her job will never be done. A photographer comes to take holiday card photos. In her interview, Kyle explains that when she was growing up, her mother always did photo cards. They weren’t professional, but when she had kids, they became a big thing. And she’s going to keep doing it when they have kids. She asks if this is the most Sophia has slept since she went off to college, and Sophia says, yes; she goes to bed at 6 am. In Kyle’s interview, she says she’d worry if she didn’t think Sophia was a responsible kid. The equipment is set up. Kyle goes to get dressed, and tells Mauricio she needs him in jeans and a white button-down shirt.

Everyone sits on the stairs, and gets ready for the photo. Kyle suddenly realizes someone left the gate open, and they all run outside. Romeo is on the loose, and Kyle drags Storm back to the house. In her interview, Kyle says she always feels that her life is like Whack-A-Mole, and I totally relate. Somehow, the photos get taken.

In Teddi’s interview, she says her M.O. for having a catered dinner where the women are taken care of is – news flash – when they go camping, they’ll have to do it themselves. LisaR can’t believe the RV sitting in the driveway. She’s stressed out about it. In her interview, she says she doesn’t like to be uncomfortable. We flash back to her aversion to Harry’s tent. And that’s not a euphemism for anything. She says she doesn’t like to be trapped with anyone, and feels like she will be. In Kyle’s interview, she says she doesn’t like the awkwardness with her friends. She doesn’t want her anger toward PK to trickle down. She thinks she had every right to be angry.

Kyle says there are three tents with room for two and the RV. She’s assuming LVP isn’t coming. Teddi says she didn’t hear from her about tonight, and asks if anyone has talked to her. Erika says LVP texted her about the celebration of Indian gay rights. We see clips from the party. Ken dances with Giggy. Dorit says she and PK had lunch with LVP and Ken. The essence was that either Dorit believe LVP had nothing to do with the article, or they’re not friends. Everyone gasps, and this is so shocking, why? Denise says LVP needs to apologize, and Kyle asks if she’s a comedienne now. In LisaR’s interview, she says, you need to realize you can’t be perfect, and LVP can’t do that. Kyle asks why Dorit is trying so hard. Erika asks how PK feels, and Dorit says PK is the eternal optimist, and wants to continue trying. Kyle brings up PK’s remark to her, saying one of them should have called her. Dorit says PK didn’t mean anything by it, and he apologized to her. Kyle says it wasn’t really an apology. We flash to PK saying, sorry, it was just a joke. Dorit says PK wants to continue to be friends with Ken and LVP, and she’s the one who got tossed aside. Erika asks how that’s working at home. If it was Tom, she’d be showing up there. Dorit says the friendship isn’t more important than their marriage. Kyle thinks something else is going on. In her interview, Kyle thinks it’s odd that PK is protecting the friendship. Maybe it’s business or London secrets. She can’t put her finger on it. It’s probably nothing except he doesn’t want to lose his friends of thirty years. These women are so ridiculous. Dorit says, it’s a deep friendship, and Kyle says she’s better friends with LVP than PK. Dorit knows Kyle thinks so. Camille says she never heard about Dorit and PK until two years ago. Dorit says the people who have known LVP and Ken for thirty years know them. In Erika’s interview, she says here they are again, with these two arguing about who’s a better friend to LVP. We see a clip of the Dorit-Kyle-LVP triangle. Erika says LVP isn’t home worrying about either of those two. Dorit says their friendship isn’t based on whether Kyle heard of them. Kyle says friends know each other’s friends. Dorit says she doesn’t know all of Kyle’s friends, and Kyle says maybe they’re not that close of friends. Dorit can’t believe where the conversation is going. Kyle is hurting her, and she’s asking her to stop.

Denise says she can’t wait for the effing trip they’re going on. Ha-ha!

Next time, the RV trip – which is probably enough – grocery shopping, Teddi thinks PK is acting out, and Teddi confronts Camille about being two faced.

My two cents. I half-jest when I say LVP can do no wrong, but I totally get what she’s saying. If someone clearly stated they didn’t believe me about something – and this is kind of a big something – but still wanted to be friends, I’d wonder why too. What are they getting out of being friends with someone they think is a liar? It’s weird. I’m also with LVP on that I wouldn’t want to be friends with a liar. That’s actually a deal breaker for me. Obviously, it depends on the lie, but it’s definitely a cause for breaking up. She’s also not saying that someone from her camp didn’t leak it. She just doesn’t know who. Even Radar Online has said she had nothing to do with it. While they’re certainly not credible, the bottom line is, there’s no proof. There’s only a bunch of women speculating, with no real evidence. A guest on Watch What Happens Live tonight, Dorit said it was just a feeling she had. Dorit doesn’t get that LVP would always be thinking that someone who’s supposed to be her friend, believes she’s a liar.

If Loving You Is Wrong

Alex tells Ian to get off of her. He thought it was what she wanted, and she tells him, get out. He says, okay, Jennifer, and she says her name is Alex. He says she really doesn’t remember him? She sent him text messages. She says, it wasn’t her, and he says they met. They’re adults. If he’d known she was married, he wouldn’t have said anything. He was married too. She asks what he’s talking about. He says they met at the Maxine hotel. She told him about the break-up. She was so nervous, she kept looking over her shoulder. He doesn’t know why. She says, that never happened. He must be drunk; get out. He says he wouldn’t have said anything if he knew she’d be upset. He talks her down, and says he’ll take the divorce papers home, and bring them back tomorrow. She says he can call her with any advice; he doesn’t need to come. Well, she could do worse. He’s divorced. she’s about to be. and Marcie isn’t interested. so why not?

Eddie comes over to Lushion’s desk with to-go (empty) coffee cups. (I have this thing about actors not making it look like the cup is full. Where is the direction when it comes to this?!) Lushion says Eddie is a fool if he thinks he’s going to drink it. Eddie says he’s trying to be nice. Lushion says, no. Eddie doesn’t know how to be nice. What’s going on? Eddie says, when he’s being normal, Lushion thinks he’s up to something. Lushion says he’s always trying to raise hell. Eddie says, no secrets. He knows they’re FBI, and he’s DEA. They both want to take down the cartel. Instead of hiding stuff from each other, they should work toward a common goal. They should share information. Lushion likes it, and tells Eddie, go first. Eddie starts talking, and Lushion asks what this is about. Eddie asks why Lushion stopped asking him about Andrew. Lushion isn’t a quitter. Lushion asks if Eddie wants to tell him where Andrew is. Eddie says he knows as much as Lushion. He asks if Andrew is in protective custody. Lushion asks if he’s worried about something. He asks again if Eddie knows where Andrew is. Eddie says he has no idea. He came to extend an olive branch, and it’s not happening. He’s still trying to take Eddie out. Lushion says, with everything inside him. Eddie says, enjoy his latte, and Lushion dumps it in the trash. Eddie says, that’s $4.95, you son of a bitch, and leaves. Rick walks in and says he hates that guy. That was weird, Eddie was behaving like we’ve never seen him, and even his voice sounded different. What’s up with that?

Lushion tells Rick, join the club. Rick has something. He gives Lushion a file, and says he talked to Margaret. She gave him that. It’s a file of the women the church tried to hide, who were being stalked by Travis. Lushion says it’s exactly what they need. Will they talk? Rick says, they’re afraid to. Lushion says what they have should be enough. Rick asks if he can tell Kelly, but Lushion says, not yet. Rick says he’ll just tell her that they’ve got something good, and Lushion says, okay. He appreciates rick, and tells him, great work. Rick asks if he’s saying they’re going to get her off. Lushion says, they’re going to try.

Lushion calls Ian, and says he’s got something. Nine women who Travis stalked, and proof the church settled. Ian asks, how did he get it? and Lushion says, he got it. Ian says, does he know it’s legit? and Lushion says, he knows it is. Ian says it’s too close. If they go down that road, Larry already thinks it’s him. He’s still in, but has to think it out. Lushion says he’s trying to trust Ian. Be straight up. Ian says he’s in. Give him some time to figure it out. Lushion wants Kelly out, and Ian says he’ll call when he’s out of court. He asks how long Lushion has known Alex, and Lushion says, a while; why? Ian asks if she’s the type to step out on her husband. Lushion wonders if he’s asking if she’s available, but Ian says he’s just. Lushion asks him to come over with the kid lawyer later, and Ian says he’s on it.

Ian calls Carl, and says he wants to talk about a case. It has to stay very private. He knows Carl met with Kelly; it’s about her. Don’t tell a soul. He’ll text Carl with the address.

Rick beings Kelly some pudding. He says they got it. Several other women at the church, but they’re afraid to talk. Kelly says she could be stuck in there, but Rick says Lushion is talking to a lawyer, and they’re both going to talk to the DA. Kelly asks if there’s a chance they’ll know she’s not lying, and Rick says, yeah. She asks, how long will it take? He doesn’t know, but not long. They’re working on it. She thanks him for the pudding, and he thanks her for not hating him for not believing her. She says he didn’t know, but he says he should have; he’s an officer. Kelly says, she slept with him. She should have known. Rick says, it’s over now, but she says, no, it’s not. She’s in jail. He says they’re getting her out. She loves his confidence, and he says that’s how he feels. He tells her, if she likes pudding, she can always hit him up.

Dr. Raston calls Alex, to make sure she’s on time for the board meeting. In the time it takes for me to think, geez, she doesn’t ned a babysitter, the phone rings again. It’s Brad, who reminds her that he’ll be over today, and she needs to sign the papers. She says she hasn’t had a chance for the lawyer to look them over. He says he gave her 24-hours. Ooh, what a prince. She promises to sign them, and he says, nothing is changing. She has something to tell him first. He doesn’t care, but she says the baby’s not Randal’s. Brad laughs, and asks if she expects him to believe that. She thinks it might be his, and he says she’s out of her mind. There’s no way it’s his baby. Alex says the doctor told her sometimes genes skip a generation. He says there’s no one of that ethnicity in his family, and she asks if he’s sure. He wonders what kind of game she’s playing. She ask him to please double-check, and he says she’s insane. She better be there tonight to sign the papers. He hangs up, and Marcie asks what that was about. He tells her Alex says he’s the father. The DNA test said Randal isn’t the father. Marcie thought the results were switched, and Brad says he just wants the divorce. She’s out of her mind. He just wants to be free. Marcie says they’re almost there.

There’s a knock on Alex’s door. It’s Ian, who asks if he can come in. He promises whatever happened, it won’t happen again. He was drunk, and he’s very sorry. She lets him in. He tells her that Brad is pretty much taking everything. She gets the house, 50% of his income, and joint custody for two of the kids. He can get her more, but she says she only wants what’s fair, and Brad is being fair. Ian says, he’s only providing for two of the kids, and she says, it’s fine. She’ll sign. He says if she changes her mind, let him know, He’s really sorry, and asks her to please forgive him. He leaves, and she sits down.

Natalie gets the mail. Ben is driving by, and says, hi. She says she needed talk to him. He asks, what happened? and she says, nothing. His wife was saying Randal was looking into their house, and she was on her way to the store and saw him. He was looking with binoculars, and she wanted to let him know. He thanks her, and she says maybe they could close the curtains. He says his wife likes the light, but he’ll talk to Randal. Natalie doesn’t think that will do any good, but Ben says he can be convincing. She says she’s never known anyone who can stop Randal, and Ben says she’s never met him. She says, no, she hasn’t. She offers to get Lushion, but he says he’ll handle it, and thanks her.

Ben asks Tanya how she is, and sees the painting of Randal at the window. Ben says, it’s beautiful, and she says she’s been working on it all day. He asks what it’s about, and she says he’s just looking at the girl across the street. Ben asks if this really happened, and she says, no. He asks why the man is naked, and she says, he just is. She tells him that she made dinner. He looks beyond annoyed, and says he forgot something in the car. He leaves, picking up a spray can of paint on his way out the door.

Ben bangs on Randal’s door. There’s no answer, so he goes around the back, and kicks that door in. He grabs a bat, and goes absolutely apesh*t on the house. Throwing things out of the drawers, ripping up artwork, taking the bat to whatever is on the counters and tables, smashing things, and turning over furniture. There go a couple of glass tables. On the wall, he paints, bitch, next time I burn this down 😊 Smiley included.

At the meeting, Alex says Dr. Raston didn’t switch the tests. It was totally her. She lied to cover up something she did. The judge asks if she’d testify to that in court, and she says, yes. The doctor says, she also signed an affidavit. The judge says he’s heard enough; bring in Randal. Alex freaks, and Dr. Raston says he had to be a part of it. Larry comes in with Randal, and Randal says he’s going to fry this bitch for his pain and suffering. The judge says the board is satisfied that Dr. Raston did nothing inappropriate. He asks who the hell switched it, and Alex says they weren’t switched. Alex asks the doctor to explain it to him. The doctor says there were three remaining samples. No one switched the DNA. Randal asks, what went wrong? and she says there’s no way he can be the child’s biological father. Randal laughs, and says that’s why he’s suing the hell out of this place – for lying. Dr. Raston says he’s welcome to take the child to his own lab, and Larry asks to see the results. He looks over the paperwork, and Randal says, it’s his kid. Larry says he never saw a hospital put themselves under this much scrutiny. These tests are legit. He knows the hospital’s reputation. He asks if Alex would like to share., Randal goes cross-eyed, and guesses it’s not his baby. He says, okay, so she was cheating on him. He laughs, and says she’d do this to him. He starts getting manic, and Larry pulls him toward the door. He yell, this is my kid, and laughs some more. Larry pushes him out.

Esperanza calls Larry. She really wants the papers filed. He’s in his car, and says the office can file for her, but he needs to be present when she signs. She asks when Eddie will be served, and he says, today. He wants to make it easy for her. She asks if they can prepare them and shell call when she wants him to be served, but Larry thinks it’s a good time now. There’s a knock at door, and Steven comes in. She tells him that she didn’t want to talk at the station. She’s about to do something that could ruin Eddie. He’ll be mad as hell. She’s going to take full custody, and take his job away. He’s not going to take it well. Steven asks if she’s afraid of him, and she says, no. It’s how he’s going to act and react when he loses his job. Steven says it’s not her problem, but she says his job all Eddie has. Steven says, the guy is horrible, and she asks if she can count on him. He asks if she’s scared of Eddie, and she admits she is, a little. He’s going to flip out. Steven asks if Eddie has hit her, but she says, no. She just wants to know that Steven has her back. She asks if he’ll come with her to the courthouse, and he says, let’s go. She hugs him, and he says she’s shaking. She says, it never gets easier, and he says, that’s going to change.

Ben watches as Randal pulls in. Randal’s phone rings, and he asks what the hell they want. It’s Marcie, who says she heard it’s not his baby. How does it feel? She guesses he can’t make a baby either. How does it feel to lose every hope? He calls her an evil bitch, and she says, he’s the evil one. He’s the devil. Who was that whore sleeping with? He says she thinks it’s funny, and she says, yes. He has to live next door to her. It looks like now, neither one of them have kids. He says he just got started, and she says, her too. He hangs up, and goes inside.

As soon as Randal walks in, he starts yelling. He screams, Alex! although why he assumes it’s her and not Marcie, I have on idea. He paces around saying, are you serious? Stupid bitch! He says, okay. All right, bitch. He laughs, and says, you’re done. he paces some more, and storms out. Ben watches as Randal gets in his car.

Ian gives Larry some papers. Larry says Ian wouldn’t believe the day he’s having. Randal found out Alex’s kid isn’t his. Ian says, they had a kid? Larry says, so he thought. Today Randal found out that’s not the case, and he’s going crazy. Larry asks, what’s going on? and Ian thinks they have a problem. He thinks some officers are on to the settlement with the women in the church. Larry asks if Ian said anything, but Ian says, no. Lushion has been asking him to help Kelly out. Naturally, he said no, and Lushion said they’d found something. Lushion thinks he’s on their side, and he thinks he should play it in the middle. Larry says it’s hard to believe the loyalty is there if he is in the middle. He tells Ian, stay on top of it. Otherwise, it’s his ass. Ian says he’s all over it.

Lushion comes home, and tells Natalie that Ian and the kid lawyer are coming over. She needs to tell him something. Randal has been staring at the woman across the street with binoculars. There’s a knock at the door, and she says she’ll let him handle it. Ian comes in with Carl. Lushion tells Carl that he wants him to rep Kelly. Carl thought he didn’t want that, but Lushion says he changed his mind. Carl asks, what about Ian, but Ian says he can’t; there’s a conflict. Carl is going to walk into the DA’s office, lay out the evidence against Travis, and convince them to drop the charges. Carl says the DA is tough, but Ian says he’s tougher. He’ll give Carl all of his notes. Just pay close attention. Lushion tells him, just breathe. Ian says someone gave him a shot; now it’s Carl’s turn. They shake hands, and Carl leaves.

Lushion asks if Ian thinks he’ll be okay. Ian says, he’ll be fine. It’s textbook. The DA is a bulldog, but he’ll be fine. There’s a knock at the door, and this time it’s Brad, his lawyer, and Alex. They need a witness. Natalie tells Lushion that she said she would. Lushion didn’t know this was happening there. Alex signs, Natalie signs, and Brad gives the papers to his lawyer. He tells Alex, now she’s free to screw anyone she wants to. Randal or a random guy on the street. Don’t say that’s his kid again. She says he should take the DNA test, but he says he’s not doing a damn thing. He leaves, and Natalie says she’s sorry. Alex says she’s got to go, and Natalie promises to check on her later. Ian says he’ll see them later, and Lushion says he hopes it works. Ian says, it will be fine.

Alex cries on the way home, Ian runs after her. He asks how many men there were, and she says, excuse me? He asks how many men she slept with. She says, go to hell, and he says he knows it was her. He looked at all the profiles he got with a screen grab. It was her. He shows Alex her profile picture on his phone, and says, Jennifer. Is there any chance the baby could be his?

This was the finale. I think we’re going directly to The Haves and The Have Nots next week.

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April 23, 2019 – Shiloh Wants Sam to Shed What’s Between, Beverly Hills Meets Boy George, Who Is Jennifer & Late Earth


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Michael tells Kristina that he wants to be there for her, and asks her to come home with him. She says he doesn’t understand. She made a promise, and can never go back home. Alexis says, that’s not true; she’s stronger than she thinks. Kristina says Alexis thinks it’s so simple. She can just turn her back on DOD, and everything would be okay. Sonny asks why she can’t break away. Is Shiloh holding something over her?

Sam tells Shiloh that she’s ready to take the next step in her commitment to DOD. She wants to prove that her faith in him is as strong as his faith in her. He says, it’s almost time. Soon, she’ll take her place with him among the Trust. She asks what the Trust is, and he says his inner circle. The true part of DOD.

Chase goes into to Kelly’s with nuValerie. He sees Willow, and Valerie asks if he wants to order. He says he’ll have whatever. Valerie rolls her eyes, and goes to the counter. He tells Willow that he and Valerie are on the clock, but he missed her last night. What was she up to? Apparently getting a new hair color and cut.

At the hospital, Molly tells TJ that her sister is caught up in cult, and all she feels is dread. Curtis approaches with a quick question for the doc-to-be. He asks about a medication, and TJ says it’s an antibiotic. He asks about another one, and TJ says it’s an anticoagulant, and asks if someone lost a limb.

Laura goes to The Floating Rib. Felicia thanks her for coming. She thinks they need to clear the air Laura wasn’t aware the air needed clearing, but Felicia says it felt tense when they parted ways. Laura asks if she means when she and Ava proposed to use Ava as bait. Felicia says Ava can’t do it alone. She needs a new boyfriend to make Ryan jealous.

Ava tells Doc that they’re going to use his brother’s own hand to bury him. Doc says, Ryan is dead, but she says, he’s out there somewhere, waiting for his moment to strike, but she’s going to strike first, and Doc is going to help her.

Laura gets that Felicia and Ava want be proactive. It’s their right, but she’s just starting to put her life back together. She needs to leave Ryan behind. Felicia says, without knowing if he’s dead? Laura asks what the alternative is; to live in fear or consumed with revenge? Felica says, not revenge, justice. Laura says they’ll have to agree to disagree. Felicia takes out a journal, and says, you know what living in fear is? Read this.

Doc thinks it’s supremely unwise to engage his brother in a duel, but Ava says, it’s more of an ambush. He tells her, let the police deal with it. She says they’re not looking for him, the FBI has moved on, and the DA closed the case. It’s up to them. They need to spread the word that what’s left of Ryan is buried, and they’re moving on. Give him a false sense of security. Doc says he’ll come straight for her, and she says she’ll be ready. He says, Ryan will never fall for it, but she says, he will. He’ll be too focused on her, and the man helping her get over him.

Curtis asks if TJ has dealt with a missing limb, but TJ says it’s a guessing game they play. Did he guess right? Curtis says it’s privileged information related to a case. He’ll let TJ know when it wraps. Curtis asks about Jordan, and TJ says she’s not done with her treatment yet. He knows his mom is the queen of positive spin, and wonders if she’s as good as she says she is. Curtis says she was lightheaded, but that and fatigue are within the realm of symptoms. TJ says they can also be outside the realm, but Molly thinks if it was serious, Jordan would tell him. TJ asks if there’s anything Curtis isn’t telling him, and Curtis says there’s nothing he’s not telling him about Jordan’s health.

Sam asks Shiloh what she has to do. She’s more than ready. He says, soon, and she wonders why mention it if she’s not ready. Shiloh says, an aspiration. Sam says they have a connection, and are getting close. Try her. He won’t disappointed. She promises. Harmony comes in, and asks if she’s interrupting. Shiloh says they were just broaching the subject of the Trust. Harmony says, he told Sam? Sam asks if it’s a secret, and Harmony says it’s an invitation only membership. Sam asks how she gets an invitation, and Harmony says she has to prove her worthiness. Her journey has just begun, and her path is long and winding. Sam guesses that’s a no. She asks, who’s in charge? Harmony or Shiloh?

Willow says she has a friend who’s been studying, but isn’t sure that’s the path they want to take. Chase says it took a while before he decided to be a cop. Willow says, sometimes a commitment to anything is better than uncertainty. Chase says she’s a great teacher. She wishes she’d known that sooner, but he says she can use her experience to help her friend. She says her friend isn’t ready to hear what she has to say. Chase says, they will. Give it time.

Sonny tells Kristina that they’re all there help her. What does DOD have on her? Why can’t she walk away? She says she’s not scared. She can’t leave because it’s her home. They’re her family; a better family than this one. Michael says they all love her. She says they’re trapped in a prison of their expectations, and Alexis asks what that means. Neil thinks they need to take a breath, and asks Kristina to tell them more what she thinks their expectations are of her. She says they expect her to be a screw-up. They don’t trust her judgment. DOD sees her for who she is. Alexis says she’s acting like she didn’t exist before DOD; like nothing meant anything before. Kristina says she had no direction or purpose. She was lost, and DOD helped her find her place. She’ll be damned if she lets that go.

Doc asks if Ava wants him to pose as what? Her boyfriend? She says, confidant, lover; call it what he wants. All that matters is that Ryan sees he was replaced. Doc says, he’ll never believe it. She says he’ll never believe Doc swooped in to comfort his brother’s obsession? It will work. Doc says, it’s ill-conceived. Ava says, worst case, Ryan is really dead, and they’ve wasted their time. Doc says the worst case is failure of imagination. Say, for argument’s sake, Ryan is alive. He falls for the charade, slips out of her trap, and gets the drop on her. What does she think he’ll do? She could ask the dead women he left in his path, but she can’t. Ryan murdered them, and will murder her.

Laura says, it’s a dream journal, and Felicia says, nightmares. She had them after her first go around with Ryan, and for months after the fire. Tom Hardy thought a record would help her confront her fears. Laura asks if it helped, and Felicia says, it was a start. A manageable way for her to start talking about her feelings. Laura thanks her for sharing her personal feelings; she’s honored. Felicia says, there’s more where that came from. They cropped up again when the press about the twenty-fifth anniversary started. She hasn’t had a night without one since learning Ryan was alive. Lulu might want to keep a journal too.

Willow tells Chase, sorry. They could have hung out, since her friend couldn’t see her. He says, tonight? She thinks that’s good, and says she’ll get back to him. Valerie returns, and Chase introduces them. Valerie says they met briefly on New Year’s Eve. Chase suggests she make sure the car is still there, and she says she’ll do that. He tells Willow that he has to run, but if she needs someone to talk to, a sandwich, or moral support, call him.

Alexis tells Kristina that her so-called friends aren’t helping her find herself. They took advantage of her. Kristina admits she was at a low point when she ended things with Parker, but they showed her not to wallow in it, and gave her a way out. Sonny ask, at what cost? Kristina says, no price is too high. Neil asks if she’s happy, and she says not much, since she’s been kidnapped. He says, outside these walls, is she happy in DOD? She says happier than she’s ever been. He asks if she sees herself being happy ten years from now at DOD. She doesn’t see why not, and he asks if she can describe her future. Alexis asks where she’ll be living, and what she’ll be doing. Kristina says she’ll be doing good works, and spreading Shiloh’s lessons wherever they’re needed. Sonny asks if she wants to teach someone else’s lessons her entire life.

Shiloh wants Harmony to look for their friend (i.e. Willow). Harmony asks Shiloh to wish her luck, but he says luck is a lie. All she needs is faith in herself. He touches her heart, and concentrates. He tells her to take all her nerves and unease, bundle them in the palms of her hands, and give it to him. He can take it; bear her burden. She puts her palms on his chest. She thanks him, saying she’s recovered her strength to do what needs be done. He says she can do it, and she leaves. Sam asks what that was about, and he says she’s awfully inquisitive. He thinks it’s time they remedy that.

Alexis doesn’t recall Kristina ever wanting a job of service. She wanted to be a dancer, and was dedicated to that. Michael says he went to every recital. Kristina says, that was a hobby, not a calling. Neil asks if she still dances, but she says, only in clubs. Michael asks when was the last time she did that, and she says she has other priorities. Sonny says she was interested in the coffee business, and came to him with ideas about Perks. She wanted to learn the ins and outs of the business. Kristina says, so? and Michael says she liked it enough to go to business school, and wanted to intern at ELQ. Kristina says she was trying other things. Michael says he never thought she would limit herself. Neil asks if she can pursue a hobby, career, or relationship outside of DOD. Do they have room for her if she pursues something outside?

Outside Kelly’s, Valerie tells Chase the car is where they left it. He wants to swing by the DOD house. Valerie wonders why, and he says Shiloh is a real dirtbag. Valerie says she heard him speak once. Chase says, and…? She says she couldn’t agree more. Molly and TJ come by, and Valerie says, this should be interesting. She asks Molly how things are going with Kristina, and Molly says, things are going well. Kristina came to her senses, and left the DOD house.

Sam tells Shiloh that she didn’t mean pry; she’s just curious. He says she’s like him; searching and exploring. He didn’t mean to suppress her investigative spirit. The Trust is made up of DOD members, but there’s more to it than that. She says she wouldn’t wonder if it wasn’t a mystery. He prefers to call it intimate. The core members within it forge ideas. Sam understands why it has to remain exclusive, but Shiloh thinks she’d be an excellent addition. Sam says, Harmony didn’t think so.

Willow feels someone standing at the table, and says, back so soon? She looks up to see Harmony, who says, it’s been a long time… Willow.

Curtis tells Jordan that she just missed TJ and Molly. She asks about the stolen pharmacy items, and he says her brilliant son confirmed they’d be exactly what Ryan needed. They still don’t have much, and she asks about surveillance footage. Curtis says there’s nothing, but the pharmacy is in a remote location. He thinks Ryan is hiding somewhere nearby, and she says he needs to find out.

Ava tells Doc that Ryan thinks he knows what she’s capable of, but he has no idea. She can take care of herself. He says she’ll have to do it on her own. He has too much to lose. She says, like what? He’s a pariah in the town, GH shut him out, and he’s going to have a hard time finding new patients. Laura is done with him. Ava has a sudden realization, and asks if Laura has taken him back.

Felicia tells Laura that if Lulu is like her, she’ll be looking over her shoulder until Ryan’s death is confirmed. Laura says he’s probably at the bottom of Lake Ontario, but Felicia says they need to be sure. If he’s alive, their plan will draw him out. It’s their best shot at getting his victims and their families some measure of peace. Doesn’t she want that for Lulu? For this to work, they need her by their side, helping to paint the right picture for Ryan. They can’t afford to wait, because Ryan won’t.

Neil asks Kristina if belonging to the DOD community means she can’t commit to anything else. She says she’s fulfilled, and doesn’t need anything else. He says, that may change in the future. She says, the future is imagination. She lives in the present, and they refuse to look at that, because then they’d have to understand and accept what they’re doing to her. Alexis says she’s not free, and Kristina says she’s listened to what they had to say. Now she wants out.

Harmony asks if Willow is taking care of herself. She can’t see getting used to Willow’s new name, and Willow says it’s not like Harmony was the name she was born with. They take the names that suit them. Harmony says, names don’t mean much anyway. Willow can call herself anything, and DOD would take her back.

Valerie asks Molly if she thinks it’s okay for her to call Kristina. Molly says she can try, but she probably won’t pick up. She’s called Kristina a dozen times. Valerie ask where she is, and Molly says her mom said Kristina went somewhere to think and get her head on straight. Valerie says if Kristina checks in, tell her that she’s thinking about her. Molly and TJ leave, and Chase says, Kristina left DOD days ago. Valerie says, that’s great, and he says, as long as she left on her own.

Sam wonders when she can join the Trust, and Shiloh says, soon. He tells her, have patience. They’ll love and welcome her, but as the name implies, they’re bonded in trust with one another. They have to all agree to take her in their hearts, and she needs to prove she’ll take them into hers. She asks if that’s what he means when he talks about the Pledge.

Curtis says he need be there with Jordan. Jordan loves being with him, but she he doesn’t have to be constantly at her side. She can get through it on her own. She has the department behind her, and TJ and Stella will help. Curtis loves that she and Stella are on good terms. She says no one else is looking for Ryan, and she can’t use any resources. Curtis is the only one who can find him

Ava says Doc’s brother nearly killed Laura’s daughter, and she’s taking him back? He says they love each other, and they’re picking up the pieces. Ava supposes it helps that Laura’s daughter survived. Hers did not. She has no pieces to pick up, just a grave to visit. He’s truly sorry, but won’t shut out Laura again, not even to catch his brother. Ava says Laura would be in on it. Doc worked with her daughter at the hospital. He saw how bright and full of promise she was. His brother murdered her. If they have a chance to catch him, he doesn’t get to say no. He owes her.. He says he’ll owe her for the rest of his life, but hers is not the only debt he has to pay, and he won’t settle their account at the expense of his wife. He walks out.

Doc finds Laura at The Floating Rib, and she tells him that Felicia was trying to get her on board with their plan to flush Ryan. He says Ava tried to recruit him to pose as her new partner, so she can bait Ryan, but he said he wouldn’t do that to her. Laura’s phone rings, It’s Jordan, who says she might have a lead on Ryan. It’s not much, but worth looking into. Unfortunately, it’s in Canada. Laura says, it’s out of Jordan’s jurisdiction, but Jordan says that’s not the issue. However, she has someone to get him, if he’s there to be got.

Molly asks TJ, what’s wrong? TJ says she doesn’t want to know, but she’s asking anyway. He shows her some paperwork, and she asks if he stole his mom’s medical file. He says no; he copied it. Not the whole thing, just the analysis of her kidney function. Since she started dialysis, she’s been hiding something.

Willow tells Harmony that she’s not coming back. Harmony says she caused a commotion when she left. They searched high and low. Shiloh was surprised she was only as far as Port Charles. Willow says she’s happy. She has friends, a job, and a purpose. Harmony says DOD needs a teacher, and could benefit from her expertise. Willow says she teaches a real curriculum, not Shiloh’s beliefs. Harmony says Willow believed once, but Willow says, not anymore. Harmony asks if Willow knows how much Shiloh misses her.

Chase tells Valerie that Michael is worried about Kristina. She’s shut down since getting involved with Shiloh and DOD. He wonders why she’d suddenly take action after months of being in it. Valerie says maybe she called Michael when she left, and he asks, why not Molly, but Valerie says Michael is older and has more resources. Chase flashes back to Michael saying he can protect Willow because of his and his father’s connections and resources. He says what if Michael used them to take Kristina out of DOD. Valerie asks if he means kidnap her. Knowing Kristina, she wouldn’t take that well, and dig in even harder. She’d fight to go back. Chase says it could go sideways, and give Shiloh more leeway. Valerie says they can’t let that happen. They need to find her themselves.

Sonny says Kristina’s not leaving until they’re done. Kristina says they want to brainwash her, but Michael says that’s Shiloh’s M.O. They’re trying to wake her up. Alexis says Shiloh wants her dependent on him. He wants her to have no other choice but him. Kristina calls them hypocrites. She can leave when she wants. The only people holding her captive are her own family. She can’t do this. They said she could end it when she wanted. Michael asks if she has any idea where she lands after being in the Trust. She says they’ll celebrate her progress, and Michael asks, how? Kristina tells him, say it, and Neil says, enough. Michael says, damn right it is, and walks out. Sonny follows him out. Michael says he can’t stand seeing her like this. She’s not hearing them. Sonny says it will take a while to get through. Michael’s phone dings. It’s a text from Chase, asking him to meet at The Floating Rib. Michael says there may be another way. Inside, Kristina tells Alexis that they’re committing a crime. If they let her go now, she’ll forget it. If they keep her, when she gets out, she’ll have them arrested.

Shiloh tells Sam, when the time is right for her to join the Trust, the Pledge will be explained. She hasn’t completed her initial training yet. Sam says he always keeps her in the dark, and eager to want more. She’s only scratched the surface of his knowledge. He ask if she thinks she’s ready for the next step. She says she is, and he suggests they do it now. He takes off his shirt.

Ava tells Felicia that Doc turned her down flat. Felicia thinks he should do everything in his power to catch Ryan, but Ava says he won’t do anything to jeopardize what he’s got going on now. Laura took him back, and Ava doesn’t think Laura is going to let him go again, even if it’s just pretend. Not even if it helps catch Ryan.

Laura tells Doc, If Ryan is alive and out there, she wants him caught. Doc says, Ava’s plan is too dangerous, but Laura says, sometimes the best plans are. He ask what she’s saying, and she says, maybe Ava’s plan is not so crazy after all.

Curtis guesses he’s going to Canada, and Jordan says he won’t be gone long. It’s just across the border. He says it might as well be across the universe if he’s away from her. They kiss, and Curtis leaves. TJ sees Jordan, and hugs her. He’s like to have an honest conversation. Does she think they can do that? She asks, what’s going on, and he says he saw her records. He knows she’s in danger of losing the kidney she has left.

Kristina asks Alexis to trust her. Believe in her, and let her go. Alexis says she’ll go straight back to DOD. Kristina says that’s her choice. Make it stop now, and she’ll forget what happened. She doesn’t want to hurt Alexis. Alexis tells Kristina to do what she has to. So will she. Kristina is staying. Alexis goes outside, and tells Sonny that she had to get out of there. Neil says they have some work to do. Kristina reaches under the couch, and finds her phone.

Valerie goes to the DOD house. Chase calls, an tells her that he’s waiting for Michael. She says she’ll let him know what she finds. She gets an incoming, unknown call. Kristina says, come on; pick up.

Sam asks what Shiloh is doing. He says, revealing himself. Most people think the body is something to conceal. They have to get over that fear. Fears stop people from committing themselves. He asks her to reveal herself. What has she got to hide? He holds out his hand, and she takes it.

Michael tells Chase he couldn’t have better timing. He’s been thinking about Shiloh and DOD. Chase says, him too, and he’s been thinking about Kristina. What did Michael’s family do with his sister?

Harmony tells Willow that Shiloh wants her back. He loves and forgives her. Willow says she doesn’t forgive Shiloh – or Harmony. Harmony says she did nothing wrong. Willow says Harmony gave her over to Shiloh when her job was to protect her. Harmony is her mother.

Shiloh takes Sam to the attic. He says they’re going to shed what’s between; first, the physical, then the spiritual. Sam walks in, and he closes the door. Sam puts something in her waistband behind her. Shiloh stands there staring at her, while she starts to unbutton her shirt.

Tomorrow, Ava says Ryan is dead, Alexis asks who Kristina called, Shiloh wants to take it to the next level with Sam, and Sonny tells Jason to eliminate him.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Teddi and Kyle go to a place called Petite ‘n’ Pretty. Kyle says photographer Samantha reached out from Instagram for Portia to model a kids’ make-up line. Kyle says Portia is good at make-up, and would like to be a make-up artist or YouTube star. Teddi tells daughter Slate it’s for the shoot only. In her interview, Teddi says the world of make-up has changed since she was a kid. She didn’t want to wear it until 8th grade, and then it was black nail polish and black eyeliner. Her mom wasn’t thrilled, so then she died her hair eggplant. That actually sounds like a cool color. Kyle checks out Camille’s bridesmaid dresses, and doesn’t want to be one because it has a capped sleeve, which is not her friend. Mine neither. She asks Teddi when the RV trip is happening, and we see a clip of Teddi saying Edwin got an RV, and they should go on a trip. In her interview, she says Edwin got it so he could improve his tailgate experience. The rich – they’re not just like us. The photographer shoots some pictures of Portia and Slate.

In LisaR’s interview, she wishes Harry were there. He’s like a human Xanax. She calls Erika in New Jersey, who says tonight’s show is sold out, so she’s super excited. In her interview, she says it’s almost like going on a date with a really hot guy. LisaR tells her LVP didn’t show for Camille’s shower, and told Camille she wasn’t invited. We flash back to that. In her interview, LisaR thinks if you’ve been friends a long time, you should communicate, not just turn your back on them. She tells Erika that she asked Lois what she thought about the whole saga, and Lois thinks it’s bullsh*t Erika says she’ll be back tomorrow

Denise works out. She says she has a built-in trainer with Aaron. And a babysitter. In Denise’s interview, she says she loves working out with him. She forgets how hot he is. Every morning, they have sex and then workout, so it’s like a double workout. She feels bad about LVP not showing up again. We flash back to the dinner for Lois, and LisaR saying that LVP was working at PUMP, but sent her best wishes. She tells Aaron that she and LVP are having lunch. She thinks there was miscommunication and hurt on both sides, and should probably stay out of it. In her interview, she says she wants LVP to know the women still care about her. Being a mediator comes with experience. She had to do a lot with her ex-husband. She gets a text about the guy Sami is going to the homecoming dance with, and says it’s hard to watch her kids become adults. Aaron says they’ll always be her daughters. She gets weepy, and says she feels like she effed up a lot with their dad. She doesn’t want them to remember the fights, but Aaron says she protected them. In her interview, Denise says how she chose to relate to the dysfunction was to hide it from the kids. She doesn’t know if that was a disservice. She tells Aaron, life is short, and childhood is short. He says, enjoy every moment. He wouldn’t change anything about his life, because it led to him being there with her. Can this guy be any cooler? He says that he might have kids out there. She’s like, what? and he says he’s just kidding.

In Dorit’s car, Jagger plays a pretend guitar, and sings, rock and roll, over and over. They’re on their way to visit Kyle. Two-year-old Phoenix immediately accosts Kyle’s daughters. Dorit says she’s mature for two, and when she sees big kids, thinks obviously they’re her friends. She and Jagger hang with the girls, while Dorit and Kyle go outside. Dorit says she has a dream backyard, and Kyle wishes she’s had it when the kids were smaller. The dogs are rambunctious, and she says they’re a lot. She asks if they’re really seeing Boy George playing at the Greek. Dorit says didn’t invite LVP. She doesn’t want to exclude her, but doesn’t want to crowd her either. Kyle says she’s in the same boat, so she gets it.

LVP shows a friend her kitchen in progress. She says she wants to erase every memory from the past three months. In her interview, she says the negativity seems to have gone out the window with the renovation. It was $300K, but worth every penny. She’s distanced herself because she’s had no space for tears, sadness, or being under attack. Denise isn’t part of it, so she’s looking forward to seeing her. She meets Denise at Villa Blanca, and gives her two wedding presents, pink porcelain vases. I think they’re vases anyway. In LVP’s interview, she says she’s seen compassion in the way Denise interacts with children. She has an authenticity that LVP has warmed to. They order drinks, and Denise says LVP seems better, but they haven’t seen much of her. LVP says that’s been her choice. Denise says they love her, and she feels bad about Kyle. LVP tells her that when you swear on your children’s lives, that’s serious. The whole situation is ugly, and it hurt her feelings. She doesn’t need it in her life.

Kyle asks Dorit about LVP meeting with Denise. Dorit thinks Denise is going in with kid gloves. She’s had experience with similar personalities with her ex. Kyle asks if she’s suggesting LVP is like Charlie Sheen. Although they are both Virgos.

LVP tells Denise it was embarrassing and humiliating. In Denise’s interview, she says when she was humiliated in the past, the easy thing would have been to cancel interviews. LVP has chosen to retreat, but if she can’t explain it, you’d think she’d want to repair things; not throw away the friendships. Or at least want to defend herself if she didn’t do it.

Kyle says friends call each other out, and you grow and learn. LVP makes herself a victim. When she’s called out, she freaks out and bolts. She can’t face people. We see clips of past times when LVP has bolted. In Kyle’s interview, she says she wants LVP to come back and figure it out. In Dorit’s interview, she says since the Radar Online articles came out, she hasn’t seen or heard from LVP. She and Kyle had the argument. What did she do?

Denise tells LVP, friends can say hurtful things, but still respect each other. LVP says she was called a liar. You don’t treat people like that if love them. You don’t let a friend go to bed in tears. Denise repeats they still love her, and LVP says, it’s a shame. Denise agrees it is, and says LVP is fun and she’s missed. In her interview, Denise doesn’t get how LVP can just throw the women out. She tells LVP about the RV trip, but that’s a hard no. In LVP’s interview, she says even if Denise had said shopping with George Clooney in Paris, she would take a pass. It’s a definite pass on an RV trip. She tells Denise not to feel the need to defend her. Denise says she’s not, and LVP asks, why not? What kind of effing friend is she? They laugh.

Erika and LisaR pick up Teddi for the concert. They have a glass of champagne. In her interview, Erika says her first show was fabulous. They added a few more shows, but she has a few hours in LA. She can’t think of a better way to spend them. There’s a mechanical bull out back, and Erika says the last time she rode one was at her great-grandmother’s funeral. She clarifies that it was in a bar afterwards. Kyle and Camille join them. In Camille’s interview, she says she loves LisaR, but thinks she was extremely rude at the dinner. However, life is too short to hold grudges. Teddi’s youngest has a meltdown, not wanting her to leave. Teddi calls Edwin to help with the transition, and he peels the kid off of Teddi.

Dorit sees PK backstage, and he says he talked to Ken. We see a clip of him on the phone, telling Ken they’ve gone adrift. He asks why they don’t have lunch, and see if two old gits like them can sort it out. Ken tells him, LVP is tired of those women, and PK tells him not to confuse him and Dorit with Teddi and Kyle. He tells Dorit that Ken said he’d talk to LVP.

Erika tells the women about the tour as they travel to the concert on what looks like an empty bus. Teddi tells them that she sent a text to LVP. She whips out her phone, and reads the text. She hopes LVP is well. She knows they have an issue, and don’t see eye to eye, but thinks it’s best to move on. She has no ill will, and thinks they can co-exist in the group. In Kyle’s interview, she says, sure. LVP will just move on. Sorry Teddi. You’ll be in this for a while. Teddi thinks Camille should have said something to LVP about not being invited. In her interview, Kyle says Camille plays both sides of fence. Which is funny, coming from her. Camille says she and LVP have no beef.

The ladies go backstage, where there’s a nice spread. They eat and drink. Teddi says it’s not her first time at this rodeo. She loves the vibe, and seeing what the artists are like behind the scenes. Kyle asks if Erika has a backstage like this, and she says she does. Teddi asks if Erika gets in character before a show, and Erika says, everything is amplified and bigger. Kyle wonders about eye contact, and says in her fantasies, she would be talking to everyone in the audience. PK and Dorit enter with George. George tells them Gladys Knight is going on stage with him. Billy Idol is also there, and everyone gets excited. In LisaR’s interview, she says Billy is a gorgeous, sexy heartbreaker. She does know he was in his prime almost forty years ago, right?  Denise has been excused because of family night, but in her interview, LisaR asks if LVP isn’t PK’s best friend. Why isn’t she here? What is she doing? Why is it your business?

At Villa Rosa, we hear LVP whispering sweet talk. She brushes one of the pups (I think Schnookie), and tells him how wonderful he is.

Dorit tells the women that PK offered to talk to LVP and Ken. In Kyle’s interview, she thinks if PK has a breakthrough, it’s better for the whole group. Billy Idol arrives with some other people, and um… what I said. Mr. Chow’s (of the restaurant) daughter is with the group, and Teddi says she used to work for the restaurant. In her interview, she says, when she first moved to LA, her parents helped her move, but that’s it. So she got a hostess job. LisaR acts stupid meeting Billy. In LisaR’s interview, she says it’s cool being backstage, and hanging out with your idols in person.

Denise helps her middle daughter with homework. In her interview, she says she would have liked to go, but family comes first. She tells her daughter that she’ll probably never use that math in life, but at least she knows it. She and Aaron sit with the pups. He asks how things are with Charlie, and Denise says he filed to lower the child support. The press was right. She texted him, saying they could work it out discreetly and privately. It’s been twelve years she’s been dealing with this. In her interview, she says she never anticipated the journey she’d be on after her divorce. They had no prenup, and she didn’t ask for half of his money, because she’s not a greedy effing whore. How he blew all the money, she doesn’t know. (Probably on greedy effing whores. And drugs.) She says he should have given her half. She could have put it away for him.

The concert starts, and they embarrass me by screaming and dancing. Dorit loves margarita Kyle, who does splits and flips. It’s the true Kyle Richards. George introduces soul greatness Gladys Knight, who, I might add, did not meet with the Wives because she’s probably smarter than that. Erika has to run. In her interview, Dorit says it’s always exciting being with the girls, but this takes it to another level. George sings with a choir, and everyone lifts their phone lights, like we used to do with lighters. Admittedly, it’s safer, but it’s not nearly as atmospheric. In Kyle’s interview, she says there’s been so much negativity, it’ nice to laugh and have fun. It feels like they’re sixteen years old. Afterwards, they visit with George who says he called out a woman who was Facebooking on her phone all night. Kyle says she would worry about being vulnerable on stage, and PK says she can’t even get on with her best friend. Maybe she’s the one with issues. Kyle says he’s in the same position, and he says it was a joke. Kyle says LVP isn’t talking to him either, but he says he’s talking to Ken. In her interview, Kyle says the whole reason she got into this situation was speaking on his wife’s behalf. Now he’s giving her a jab, and getting into LVP’s and Ken’s good graces. Dorit says it’s the English way of joking, and knows it can be hurtful. Kyle says they’re in the same boat, but PK says he’s not. The ladies leave, except for Dorit. Outside, Camille says that was a nasty comment. Dorit tells PK that they don’t know him that well. He says it was a s joke, but she thinks he should say he’s sorry. Kyle tells the women that it’s disrespect to his own wife. Teddi says, whatever conversation he had with Ken got him there. Kyle says, good luck having sex with your wife tonight. The others laugh.

Dorit tells PK that what he said diminishes what happened. He says he made a joke, and she says she knows it. We all know it, since he’s said it five times now. In Dorit’s interview, she says PK’s great sense of humor is one of the things she loves about him, but he put his foot in his mouth, and it bit her in the ass.

The ladies hang out at the bus. In her interview, LisaR says PK loves to stir the sh*t. She knows because she loves to stir the sh*t. (At least she’s owning it.) Dorit joins them, and says she fully understands how Kyle feels, but she needs to understand the context. He’s comfortable with her and loves her; it didn’t come from a bad place. It was in poor taste and stupid, but he wasn’t being mean. Teddi interjects, and Dorit says let her have a conversation for two seconds. Teddi mumbles to Kyle that the way Dorit sai that was inappropriate, and Kyle says, calm down. Frankly, I think Teddi constantly butting in is inappropriate. In Teddi’s interview, she says when things get heated, she and Dorit don’t communicate the same way. She ask why Dorit is yelling at her, and Dorit says she won’t shut up. Can Teddi give her thirty seconds. In Camille’s interview, she says she and Dorit don’t have the best friendship, but she’s with Dorit on this one. Teddi is a know-it-all, and it’s not the right time to assert herself into the conversation. Kyle says her fight with LVP started because she was defending the two of them. Dorit says her fight is about her and LVP. Kyle says in defending Dorit, she had to be honest. In her interview, Teddi says it’s hard to watch them. They both want LVP’s friendship, and are vying over who’s the better friend.  Dorit and Kyle step away from the others.

Kyle says a joke is supposed to be humorous. On the sidelines, LisaR says jokes are supposed to be funny, and she doesn’t think PK or LVP are funny. She wishes she could have some British humor. Maybe they shouldn’t be friends with British people. In her interview, she says she wishes she could hide behind British humor, but she’s just an a-hole with iconic hair and big lips. Teddi wishes Dorit wouldn’t snap when there’s an issue. Dorit wishes Teddi wouldn’t constantly chime in. LisaR has joined them, and says maybe Dorit snapped because she’s sick and tired of it. Dorit says she’s sorry if she was aggressive. She didn’t mean to be, but she came down to set the record straight with Kyle. Kyle knows PK is a good guy. She was offended in the moment, but isn’t going to carry a grudge. In her interview, Kyle says she’s not going to hold on to it forever, but right now, she’s pissed off. Eff you, PK. That’s British humor.

Next time, Camille tells Denise that Teddi is a know-it-all, PK and Dorit have lunch with LVP and Ken, and Dorit thinks it’s difficult to believe that LVP didn’t have anything to do with it.

If Loving You Is Wrong

Alex looks at the DNA test, and says, oh my God. Dr. Raston says she retested the samples that were left. Alex says, this is real? and the doctor thinks Alex should have a conversation with Brad. Alex says they’re getting a divorce, and doesn’t see the point. The doctor says lies and secrets got her here, and it’s obvious she has another one. The board meeting is tomorrow, and she asks if Alex can make it. Alex says she will. Dr. Raston says she needs Alex there. This is her life and career that she’s never faltered in. Alex says she’ll be there. The doctor doesn’t know the results Alex was looking for, but can tell it’s a shock. She leaves, and Alex looks at the results again.

Eddie puts Esperanza in a cell. She says he thinks it’s funny, and he says, absolutely. She just stole from a restaurant, and now she’s just another citizen. He walks away, and she tells him, come back. He says he can’t hear her. Kelly is in the next cell, and asks what Esperanza is doing there. Esperanza says Eddie locked her up. It’s okay. When she gets out, he’s done. Kelly is sorry, and Esperanza asks if she’s seen Lushion. Kelly says, earlier, and Esperanza asks how she’s doing. Kelly says don’t worry about her. Is she okay? Kelly says she’s better. She’s trying to keep some faith. Esperanza says they’re all working hard to get her out. Kelly appreciates it. She misses her son, and Esperanza says she’ll bring him there when she gets out, but Kelly says, no. She’s not ready to see him. She can’t look into his eyes. Esperanza thinks it would do her good, and give her strength.

Lushion comes by. He tells Kelly that they came up with a good game plan. They’re going to talk over dinner. He says, hang in there, and Kelly suggests he tell Esperanza hang in there too; she’s next door. He’s like, what? and asks Esperanza what she’s doing there. Esperanza says, what does he think? Eddie. He unlocks the cell, and says Eddie keeps pushing the envelope. Eddie walks over, and says, no. Esperanza stole from a restaurant, and resisted law enforcement. Lushion takes her out, and she pushes Eddie. He says she’ll have an assault charge too, and if she gets behind the wheel of a car, a DUI. Lushion stops him, and Eddie asks if Lushion is going to hit him. Lushion says, no. He’ll call Steven to do that. Eddie says they think they’re funny. He’ll get Esperanza later.

Esperanza calls Larry, and leaves a message. She sees Steven, who asks, what’s wrong? She says, nothing, but he knows different. She says, Eddie, and she doesn’t want to talk about it. He says she’ not upset over nothing, and she tells him Eddie arrested her for not paying at a restaurant. She didn’t have her wallet, and asked him to pay. Steven says she had lunch with him? Why? She says why is he asking all these questions? She was just talking to Eddie. Steven asks, about what? and she says she doesn’t need him to know. She walks away, and Eddie walk up. He tells Steven, let that one go. That broad is bad news. Steven says the only bad news around there is him. Lushion tells Eddie, get to work, and tells Steven don’t waste his time.

Rick wants to talk to Lushion. He brings Lushion to the interrogation room, where Margaret is waiting. Rick introduces her, saying she’s the chaplain at Calvary and the prison. Margaret says she saw Kelly, and Lushion says she’s having a hard time. She tells him, Kelly said something that made her pray hard. She’s not the only girl. She thought the women were going crazy because Travis was a handsome kid. When Rick called, she began to pray. She doesn’t want to take anyone down. Lushion says, Travis is dead, but she says what if she’s wrong. Lushion suggests she tell them, and let them be the judge. She says her loyalty is to the church. Um… shouldn’t her loyalty be to God? Lushion wants to show her something, and brings up a picture of Justice on his phone. He says, her son. She’s a good mother. He knows a woman like her, a child of God, wouldn’t want this to go on. She says, this was a bad idea. She needs to leave. Lushion says she can break the cycle of pain, but Rick says, let it go. Margaret leaves, and Lushion says they shouldn’t have let her go. Rick says, this will take finesse, and she’s weak. Rick says he’s working on it, and they’ll talk later. Lushion says he’s seeing Ian tonight, and Rick says, be careful with that and what he says. Lushion says right now, they have to trust somebody. Rick says the church is like a bunch of gangsters, but Lushion just wants to hear what Ian has to say. He tells Rick he’s doing a good job.

Marcie and Brad go out to eat. She asks what this is about, and he says, it’s very simple. He was at work, thinking about her, and wanted to talk to her about something. She asks if she needs to brace herself, and he says, maybe. Will she marry him? She laughs, and says they talked about this. He says they talked about dating. She says he was just trying to work things out with Alex, but he says, it’s not going to work. She says they’ve been through a lot, and hurt. He says they both deserve better. He loves her. She says she loves him too; they’re incredible friends. He says that’s what makes it so perfect. She says, when he went back to Alex, that hurt. He says he had to make sure it was over, and she says what if she wanted go back to Randal to make sure. He asks if she’s seriously thinking about it, and she says, yeah. He says, really? and she laughs. She says that’s why they’re not ready to be in a relationship. He can’t even tell when she’s lying. He tells her, don’t do that, and she says, it was a joke. She says, it’s a little sudden. He shows her a round diamond ring, and asks her to marry him. She can’t believe he went this far. It doesn’t feel right, and she has to say no. He asks if it’s her boyfriend. She says she’s not into Ian. They’ve been over this. She asks him not to be disappointed, and he asks her to k about it. She agrees, and he says all he knows is that he doesn’t want her to be with anyone else. There’s no one else he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Larry sits on his car, looking over some papers. Randal pulls in, driving a surprisingly unsexy car. He tells Larry, go to hell, but Larry says he needs to see this. He knows Randal is angry, but he needs to see this. Randal says, go home, and Larry says, no. Randal says, fine. Stay out there all night. Larry says, please, let him in, and Randal says he hates Larry. Larry says he won’t after he sees this. They go inside, and Larry tells Randal, look at it, giving him some papers. Randal asks what the hell it is, and Larry says PIs fill it out for recent divorcees; all the dirt they can find. This is what was found on him. Randal says, it was a long time ago. Larry says Randal can see why he had him sign. Randal says there’s no way Marcie would know unless he told her this sh*t, but Larry says, it’s easy to find. Randal says it was settled out of court. Larry tells him, just because it was settled, doesn’t mean he was right in gaslighting a patient. He was fired from the hospital for it. Marcie could have taken everything. After some discussion about the word gaslighting – making someone think they’re crazy – probably for the edification of the audience, Larry says, mind games. Randal is good at it. Randal says it was never proven, and it was sealed. Larry says it depends on the kind of attorney, but he could be destroyed. He might not be able to testify, or be party to the jury selection. Randal tells him, get out. Larry says Randal should be thanking him. He saved Randal. Randal asks if he’s done, and Larry says, no. He wants a drink. He pours one for himself, and one for Randal. He’s not leaving until Randal apologizes. Randal says that’s not happening, and Larry asks if he hasn’t paid enough penance. Randal takes the drink. He tells Larry, keep trying him, and see what happens. Larry pours another.

Kelly sits on the floor of her cell, bummed. Rick stops by. She says he’s not in uniform, and he tells her that he’s headed to church; Calvary. She asks why? and he says he’s working on something; trust him. She says she’s trying to. After everything Travis put her through, it’s hard. He says he’s working on something to help her, but he needs her to be strong. He remembers when she reported Travis the first time; she was strong. She says that was before Travis beat her down. He says she still hasn’t run, but she says, look around him. She’s in jail. He says, not for long. She wonders how he can be so sure. He says he’s just asking for a little time. It will be okay. She has him and Lushion working on it, and they’re going to figure it out. She says, okay, and he promises he won’t leave her. he won’t let anything happen without a helluva fight, and they’re fighting to the end. He needs her to fight too. She says she’s doing her best, and he tells her that he’ll see her in the morning. Stay strong.

Randal tells Larry, get out, again, and Larry says, one more. Randal says he’s not playing. His phone rings. He says he’ll be going to the hospital, and he’s bringing his attorney. When he’s done with the call, he tells Larry to be sober and fresh for the meeting at the hospital tomorrow. Larry says, just so Randal knows, he’s going to keep harassing Randal until he forgives him. Larry gets in his, also unsexy, but still cool, car, and drives off.

Tanya strides up to Randal’s house, and knocks on the door. She asks him why he said those things to her the other day. He asks what he said, and she tells him, don’t talk to her again. He says, okay, and she says, stop looking in her windows. He says, but she’s so beautiful, and she says she’ll call the police. She’ll tell her husband. He laughs, and says she’s crazy. She says she’s not crazy. He thinks she is, and asks why she came over. She says to tell him he’s a liar, and don’t talk to her again. He says she’s the one who came over to his house. Don’t bring her ass over there, and he won’t talk to her. She tells him, don’t look at her naked, and he asks if she enjoyed looking at him. She says he’s a sad little man, and he says, clearly, she didn’t get a good enough look. Does she want to try again? He starts to unbuckle his belt, and she leaves. He tells her, don’t be afraid, but she keeps moving.

Tanya runs into Natalie on the sidewalk. Natalie asks if Randal is bothering her, and Tanya says, yeah. He’s been looking in her windows. Natalie is sorry, and suggests she close the curtains. Tanya says she needs the light; it helps her. Natalie says she should call the police. He won’t stop. Tanya says, he’d better stop. Natalie think she should tell her husband, but Tanya says, he already has enough on his plate. Natalie says she needs to tell somebody, and Tanya says she’ll think about it. She thanks Natalie for helping her the other night. She knows her husband told Natalie about her condition. It doesn’t happen unless she doesn’t take her meds. Randal watches from the open doorway because he’s creepy that way. Natalie says she’ll tell Lushion, and he’ll tell Randal’s ass. Tanya goes home, and Randal yells where’s Natalie’s car? Who walks to the grocery store? They don’t do that in this neighborhood. There’s no corner store, liquor store, check cashing place, or place to get her weave done. Welcome to the neighborhood. I’m not quite sure what that was about, since he described a lot of neighborhoods in NYC, and like convenience is a bad thing.

Larry is in his office, and hears a noise. He asks, who’s there? and Eddie says, his worst nightmare. Larry says, some people’s sweetest dream. Eddie asks if Larry is trying to take him down with Esperanza. Larry says he has no idea what Eddie is talking about. Eddie asks if Larry knows how many people have tried to take him down. Larry imagines quite a few. His fellow officers; rookies. They’ve tried, and failed. Eddie says, miserably. Larry suggests Eddie come by, but Eddie says he’s not into Larry’s fruity ass. Larry asks if he’s into Joey. They have a few mutual friends he met with earlier; Peter, Joey, Andrew. Eddie asks why the hell they were there, and Larry says, testimony against him. When he’s done with the case he’s handing to the DA, Eddie won’t need to be worried about him, but a gang of guys like him, doing far worse. Eddie tells Larry now is the time to stop before it gets extremely ugly. Larry says, it’s too late for that. Eddie says, if he has nothing to lose, he might as well take Larry out. I assume he doesn’t mean to the movies. Larry says not if he gets to Eddie first. Eddie says they’ll see about that, and Larry guesses they shall. He’ll see Eddie soon. Eddie walks out, and Larry asks if Eddie knows he has an ass like a Black girl. A loud laugh pops out of my mouth. I love Tyler Perry’s shows because the dialogue is so clever, and often very real.

Ian arrives at Lushion and Natalie’s house. Natalie tells them to talk while she checks on the roast. Ian asks how Lushion has been. Lushion says, anxious. Is he taking Kelly’s case? Ian says he’s doing it, and Natalie says, thank you, Lord. Lushion tells her not to take the Lord’s name in vain, but I’m not sure how that applies here. Ian says Lushion does realize it’s going to be tricky. He has to break client privilege to rep her. He has to figure out a way around it. Evidence can help. He can’t tell Lushion what it is. Lushion says Ian’s got to give him something, and Ian says he knows where to look. Rick works at the church. Lushion says, Rick is trying to get information. The chaplain said there could be more victims. Ian says, find the others. Lushion says, then what? How is Ian going to rep Kelly while working for Larry? Ian says he’d want Justice on the stand, but doesn’t think they’ll even have to go to court. If they have evidence, the DA will offer a deal. Lushion says, Kelly won’t take a deal. Ian says it’s an election year, and the DA won’t want to be embarrassed, especially in front of a public defender. Lushion asks if he thinks the kid can do it, and Ian says, it will change his career overnight. Get the evidence. Lushion says it would be nice if Ian would point him in the right direction. Ian says, it’s real close. Closer than he thinks. Now I’m trying to figure it out.

Alex knocks at the door. She thanks them for inviting her. Natalie introduces Ian, saying he’s the attorney she was telling Alex about. Natalie tells Ian, this is… Ian says, Jennifer. They’ve met. Natalie says, no; Alex. Ian says, Jennifer, and Alex says, no. She’s Alex. He says, sorry. He thought she was someone else. Natalie says she’s about to get dinner started, but Alex wanted to know if Ian could look over her divorce papers. Lushion is like, hey, but Ian says, it’s okay. He’ll do it; not a problem. Natalie says they want it by tomorrow. Ian asks why the rush, and Alex says, long story. Ian guesses they’ve got a long dinner ahead. Natalie says there’s plenty of wine, and calls Alex Jennifer. Ian apologizes again, saying Alex really looks like her. Alex hopes she was nice, and he says she was, extremely. Lushion asks if they’re ready to eat, and Ian says he’ll look at the papers after dinner. Alex says they’re at her house. She’ll get them later, and he says he’ll walk her.

For a long dinner, we see none of it. Alex and Ian walk to her house, and she thanks him again. It’s been tough. He says he understands. He does a lot of divorce cases, and it’s never easy, but this one is different/ He feels like there’s something missing from the story. Alex asks what that’s supposed to mean, and he says she just had a baby. He says she doesn’t have to tell him, and she says, maybe one day. They go inside.

Alex pays the sitter, and thanks her. She asks if Ian would like a drink. He says, sure. He lives across the street. She wants one too, but before she can get to the bar, Ian takes her in his arms, and is about to kiss her.

Next time – the finale – Tanya does a painting of Randal, Alex says she has no idea what Ian is talking about, Randal wants to get Dr. Raston fired, Ben trashes Randal’s’ house, and Ian asks if the baby is his. Which is what I’d been wondering since I saw him call her Jennifer on the commercial.

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April 16, 2019 – Willow Agrees To Help, Lois Is In Town, More Details, Eddie Makes an Arrest & Bunnygate


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly sees Michael at the hospital. She was supposed to meet Sonny there, but they had to reschedule. Michael says let him guess; Sonny is with Kristina.

Sam goes to the DOD house. She says Shiloh looks like she feels. He says he didn’t sleep, and asks if she’s seen her sister. She was going to ask him the same thing; no one has seen her. Shiloh says no one there has either. Sam says her mom hasn’t seen Kristina, and when they call her phone, it goes straight to voicemail. She knows she told him that Kristina can be a flake, but now she’s getting worried. Shiloh says they’ll find her together. They take care of their own at DOD.

At Charlie’s, Brad reads to Lucas from Shiloh’s book. All that matters is being present in the now. Doesn’t it blow his mind? Lucas says, mind blown. Brad doesn’t think he’s too enthusiastic, and Lucas says it’s just not his thing. Brad thinks they need to go to classes. It’s energized him. Lucas can see that, and Brad says there are courses for kids. They can sign up for a family seminar. They can bring Wiley. Shiloh loves him to pieces. Sitting at the bar, Willow overhears.

Valentin asks Nora how her visit has been, and she says, brief. Her case wrapped up already, and she’s headed for the train station. Valentin asks if she can stay put, but she says he’ll have to pay a retainer, and it’s gone up. He tells her to name her price. He needs her services again.

Nina walks into her office while on the phone, and finds Spencer in her chair. She asks what he’s doing there, and he asks if it isn’t unpleasant to have an unwanted trespasser in her sanctorum. He says that word is from the Latin. Nina says, get out of her chair; that’s from Nina. He has the same feeling as when he contemplates his exile from Spoon Island – his rightful home.

Franco sees Cameron sitting outside the principal’s office. He’s obviously been in a fight, and Franco asks, what happened?

Jason sees Elizabeth, and says he needs a favor. He shows her the cup, and asks if she can test the residue, no questions asked.  He wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important, but it’s family. The less Elizabeth knows, the better. Elizabeth says there’s a test that’s not the most precise, but it’s quick. Does he want to wait? He says he owes her one, and she takes the cup.

Michael tells Carly that he knows Kristina left DOD, but doesn’t know where she is. Jason joins them, and Carly tells him that Michael is asking about Kristina. Jason says he got her out before anything happened. That’s what Michael figured, but he wanted confirmation. Jason says, she’s in a safe place, but she’s pretty messed up.

Shiloh gives Sam a giant glass of water, and says he’s never seen her rattled like this. When they spoke this morning, she said there was nothing to worry about. She says Sonny hasn’t heard from Kristina either. It’s one thing for their mother, and Kristina’s sisters not to hear from her, but she’d never flake on Sonny. She thinks something is wrong, and Shiloh says they’ll find her together.

Brad tells Lucas that DOD has volunteer opportunities and workshops. Lucas says he’ll think about it. He agrees that Brad is less stressed; he’ll give him that. And he’s not popping antacids like he was. Lucas goes over to Willow, and says they met a few months ago. He introduces himself, and Brad says it’s crazy running into her there. He thought she was moving. She says her plans changed. She likes her life there too much, and doesn’t want to change it. Lucas says the need good teachers. She asks Brad if the book is good, and Lucas says he lives and dies by it. He’s a real believer. They leave, and Willow flashes back to Shiloh finding her, and saying he can always find her, even if she changes her name. She tells him she wants him to leave, but he says that’s not what he wants. She promised to never leave him, and she broke her promise.

Nora tells Valentin, it sounds like it’s of some urgency. Her calendar is full, but if he’s facing criminal prosecution, she can refer him to an excellent attorney in New York. He says it’s a family matter. She did a fantastic job when he was seeking custody of Charlotte. Nora thanks him, and understands he revised the agreement. He tells her that he and Lulu decided to share custody of Charlotte, for Charlotte’s sake. Nora says, mozel tov, reminding us that she’s Jewish, and Passover is soon. He says that Lulu has gone overseas indefinitely, without even a day’s notice.

Nina is sorry Spencer and Valentin are still at odds. She wishes they could make peace. He asks who she’s kidding. She’s part of it, and it’s on her to fix it. She asks how he’d like her do that, and he tells her, put a leash on Valentin; he’s her fiancé. Nina says he’s assuming she can control Valentin, and he asks what else marriage is good for. She says Valentin feels entitled, as does Spencer. She tells him, stop antagonizing Valentin and making him the enemy,

Cameron says his mom was supposed to come, but Franco says she’s at work, and he got the call. Does Cameron want to tell him how the fight started? Was it about a girl? It’s his shot to tell Franco before he hears it from the man. He’s just trying to help. Too late. The secretary asks them to come into the principal’s office. Franco tells Cameron, let’s get it over with.

Jason tells Michael that Kristina is physically away from DOD, but still connected emotionally. Sonny hired an expert to break the hold. Carly says they’re going to need family to show up, and Michael says he’ll be there. He asks how she is, and Jason says, angry. Carly adds, but safe. He knows how Sonny is. He’ll pull out all the stops to get her back. Michael says Shiloh will still be waiting, but Jason says he’s working an angle to take Shiloh down, and Sam is working another.

Sam suggests calling the cops, but Shiloh says she’s an adult, so they have to wait 24-hours before they can report her missing. He intends to find her before that. He has members out looking, and they can go to the hospital. Sam thinks she’ll do more good there, and Shiloh says, where Kristina isn’t? She says she can search Kristina’s room. Maybe she’ll find a clue. He’s not comfortable with that, and Sam asks if he doesn’t trust her. He does, but Kristina trusts them with her privacy. Sam doesn’t care if Kristina is in trouble. Shiloh agrees, saying it’s better to beg her forgiveness later, and find her now. He asks Daisy to help Sam search.

Jason explains that Sam is sending Shiloh off to search; then she’s going to search the DOD house. Carly says there has to be something there to use against Shiloh. Jason asks Michael if Willow gave him any insight. Michael says, he doesn’t think… and his phone rings. It’s Willow, who says she has to see him immediately about Shiloh.

Nora tells Valentin that Lulu’s departure was abrupt, but thinks when you’re attacked by a serial killer, you deserve a vacation. Valentin doesn’t disagree, but he’s not willing to send his daughter to Paris every two weeks. He’s the de facto custodial parent, and wants to amend the custody order. Nora asks him to clarify.

Spencer tells Nina that he wants to express his concern for Charlotte. He and Laura saw him at GH. Lulu is barely gone, and he wants to cut out Charlotte’s grandmother. Nina says he misunderstood, but he says they both know what Valentin is capable of. Take the blinders off, lady. Nina tells him, don’t lady her, and there’s a binding agreement. He says Lulu changed things when she went overseas, but Nina says Valentin has no problem with Charlotte seeing her grandmother, and will make it happen.

Franco brings Cameron to the hospital. Elizabeth asks, what happened? Franco says, good question, but Cameron’s not talking. Not to him or the principal. Elizabeth tells Cameron to wait for her in the examining room. Franco tells her neither one will say what happened, but the school has zero tolerance for fighting. They’ve both been suspended.

Jason tells Carly, Kristina was obviously drugged. He found her on the floor, with pillows all around. Carly says, he drugs them, and sleeps with them? and Jason says, that’s what it looks like. He found a cup lying next to her. It was metal, with engraving on the bottom; the same symbol some of Shiloh’s followers have tattooed on their backs. He took it to Elizabeth to have it analyzed. He wants to find proof that Shiloh is drugging his followers.

Sam tells Daisy that she’s got this, but Daisy says it’s what Shiloh wants. Nothing is as important as finding Kristina. Sam says they know she has her phone and wallet. She wonders what’s in Kristina’s drawers, and Daisy starts to go through them. Sam says it looks like most of her clothes are there. She must have left with a small bag. Daisy doesn’t get why Kristina left, and Sam says she doesn’t either. She was excited about her higher level of achievement. Daisy says, what a disappointment. It’s an honor to be chosen to be close to Shiloh. No one has ever changed their mind. They know what the consequences are. Sam asks, what consequences?

Michael meets Willow at Charlie’s. She’s glad he came quickly; she was afraid she’d change her mind. She’s willing to talk to Kristina, and share her experiences. Michael knows it’s not an easy decision, and Willow says she has one condition; non-negotiable. They can’t be anywhere near DOD or Shiloh. He asks if she doesn’t trust herself around him. Michael asks if she’s afraid he’ll get his hooks in her.

Shiloh sees Brad at the hospital, and asks how it’s going with Wiley and Lucas. Brad says, really good. He’s surprised Shiloh remembered him. Shiloh says their work together is significant. Every drop of water makes an ocean. Isn’t that from The Aristocats? Shiloh asks if he’s going to see Brad again, and Brad says he needs more Zen in his life. He wants to bring Wiley and Lucas. Shiloh says he shows a real aptitude, and Brad thanks him. He sees the cup in Brad’s hands, and I audibly gasp. He asks where Brad got it.

Nina tells Spencer that Charlotte loves Laura. Valentin won’t come between them. Spencer tells her to open her eyes. He needs her to get Valentin to back off. Nina says, back off who? and he says, him. Her knight in shining armor is blackmailing him.

Valentin ask Nora if Lulu can dictate that Laura get half-custody. Nora says, the short answer is no. She can express wishes, but has no legal ground. Valentin asks if there’s a legal avenue she can pursue, and again Nora says the short answer is no. They’d have to relitigate at that point, and then he can voice his own position. He says Lulu left without notice, and he wants to file for full legal custody.

Elizabeth tells Cameron, silence is not an option. He says he handled it. She doesn’t need to know what happened. It will only hurt her, Franco says she’s a strong person, and Cameron tells him, stay out of this. Elizabeth says, hey. He apologizes and asks if he can go, but Elizabeth says he’s not going anywhere until he comes clean. She’ll find out one way or the other. It’s better to find out from him. He says the reason he beat the crap out of Tyler was because he insulted Aiden, calling him a little fairy boy.

Carly asks what Jason thinks about the psychologist Sonny hired. He says he doesn’t like psychologists, and Carly says, still… Jason says he seems to know what he’s doing, but he doesn’t see how he can get through to Kristina. Carly asks how Kristina was, and Jason says, she was pretty out of it, but okay. It was good because she didn’t fight him, and gave him the code to her phone. Until she woke up. Then she was furious. He can’t say he blames her; he did kidnap her. Carly says, for her own good. He says it would help to get hard evidence against Shiloh to give to the cops. Carly is surprised he wants to work with the cops. He says he wants to make Shiloh disappear, but it’s best for Kristina if he goes to prison. She’ll see he’s a con, and it will break his hold once and for all.

Brad tells Shiloh the cup is something he has to test; why? Shiloh says, it’s his. It has special meaning, and went missing from DOD. He asks what it’s being tested for, and I yell at Brad to shut up, but he says, for drugs. Shiloh says he doesn’t now how anybody got it, but it’s someone who wants to discredit DOD and see it fail. Brad wonder why anyone would want that, and Shiloh says, some people don’t understand, and others want to see it fail for more personal reasons. Jason is so obsessed with his ex, he attacked Shiloh. Brad says it was given to him by a nurse close to Jason. Maybe he stole it, and convinced her to run the test. It’s amazing the lengths people will go to. Shiloh says, especially Jason.

Sam asks Daisy what the consequences are for walking away from the Trust. Daisy asks where she heard that term, and Sam says, Kristina maybe. Daisy tells her, forget it. The only people who are supposed to know the name, are a part of it. Sam asks what would happen if she mentioned it to Shiloh. Would she be shunned? Is that what Kristina is afraid of? Daisy says, Shiloh would never shun anyone, especially Kristina. She’s so important to him.

Willow tells Michael if Shiloh was planning on bringing Kristina into the Trust, he’ll be watching her closely. He says her family got there first; she’s with them. Willow says, Shiloh won’t let her go so easily. He stays with you. He’s still in her head now, no matter how many miles are between them.

Carly thinks getting Shiloh out of the way is the obvious solution, but Jason says Kristina is Sonny’s daughter and Sam’s sister. They should decide how to handle it. Carly says they’re too close to this. They’re not seeing Kristina clearly. They assume she can’t handle what’s happening. They’re really undermining her. They don’t have confidence in her, so she has none in herself, and pinballs from thing to thing, trying to find where she fits. Jason says, what if Shiloh disappears, and she breaks down completely? Carly doesn’t know, and he says that’s why they have to let Sonny and Sam decide. Carly says she’s just tired, and thanks him for letting her vent. He tells her, stay there.

Nina asks Spencer how Valentin could be blackmailing him. Spencer says Valentin wants him to tell his grandmother that Charlotte doesn’t want to visit her, but there’s nothing further from the truth. Valentin comes into the reception area, and listens. Nina says she didn’t realize Spencer and Charlotte were friends. Spencer says Valentin wants to cut his grandmother out of Charlotte’s life, and if he doesn’t cooperate, Valentin will sic the Feds on him. Nina says, the FBI? Spencer says Valentin will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He asks her to have a heart. Make Valentin leave him alone. Nina says, give it up. Tell his story to someone else. She saves her pity save for the actual helpless, and he’s anything but. He tells her that she’s a worthy adversary, and worthy of respect. It’s too bad Valentin doesn’t have any for her. If he did, he wouldn’t be keeping a secret with Sasha.

Cameron tells Elizabeth and Franco that Tyler and his friend kept looking at him, laughing. He asked what was up, and they said, nothing. He was about to leave, and Tyler said his sister told him all about Aiden. Elizabeth says, what about him? and Cameron tells her that she said he’s a little fairy boy. Tyler called him Gayden, so Cameron jumped him. They got hauled to the principal’s office, but Tyler won’t be running his mouth anymore. That lying piece of crap. Aiden is a little kid; he’s not like that.

Jason gives Carly a smoothie. She tells him that she’s going to turn into an orange. He tells her as long as she takes care of herself and the baby, he doesn’t care. She says it’s her other baby she’s worried about. Oscar had another seizure. Josslyn was with him. He’s sweet and romantic, and got Josslyn a digital watch. There’s a superstition that at 11:11, someone that you love who has died is reaching out to you. She guesses it’s a way to stay connected. She doesn’t know if she believes it, but they do. They played music, and were dancing, when Oscar collapsed.

Elizabeth says Cameron knows better than to solve problems by fighting. He’s not going to let that tool call his brother fairy boy. How can he say Aiden is gay; he’s a little kid. Franco wonders if the real problem is that he doesn’t want it to be true. Elizabeth says he’s not like the other kids his age. Cameron asks, why? Because he likes Princess Calinda and baking? Elizabeth says, none of those things alone or together would prove that conclusion, but it’s not their job to impose a label on him. It’s their job to love and support him, no matte who he grows up to be. Cameron says, right now, he’s in the third grade, but his classmates have siblings. Unless they’re going door to door, he has to do something. Do they just expect him to take it? Franco says, you bet, and Cameron asks if Aiden can’t be a little less gay.

Nina asks Spencer what’s going on with Sasha and Valentin. Valentin comes in and asks if someone said his name. Spencer says he was telling Nina about when Sasha interrupted them at Windymere. Something shady was going on. Valentin says they were just talking about people. Would Spencer like it if Valentin talked about him?

Brad tells Shiloh, if he doesn’t do something, Jason will keep coming after him. He should have Jason arrested for theft. Shiloh feigns concern that Brad and Jason’s friend will be implicated as accomplices. He says there was only tea in the cup. Just tell Jason, and that will be that. Lucas comes by, and Shiloh says they’ll talk later, and jets. Lucas tells Brad that he’s off tonight. Any chance Brad can knock off early too?

Daisy tells Sam that they’ve gone through everything; there’s nothing there. Sam asks if Daisy has any clue what Kristina might have been feeling. Daisy says, she was excited. Kristina knew it was a privilege. Sam says, maybe the privilege was too much, but Daisy says, Kristina knew what it meant. If she hadn’t been fully committed, she wouldn’t have made the pledge. Sam asks what the pledge is exactly. Daisy says, if Sam is fully committed, one day she’ll be chosen, and find out.

Michael tells Willow, it doesn’t sound like having sex with Shiloh is a choice, but expected. She went through the ceremony, and at the end he had sex with her; that’s coercion. She says he didn’t force himself on her, but offered her a place in the Trust, saying it was an honor. That’s how everyone treated it, even her mother. Her mother convinced her that she was special. It wasn’t until she went to school that she realized DOD was built on lies, and Shiloh was just a con man. He was her first; the only man she’d been with, and he used her. Michael says, her baby was Shiloh’s, wasn’t it? and she says, yes.

Carly tells Jason, Josslyn called the paramedics, and went with Oscar. Jason asks how he is now, and Carly says, breathing on his own, and awake, but he only has a few days at most. Josslyn is with him, and wants to be until the end. It’s taking everything not to park herself there, but she can’t do that. She has to wait until Josslyn says she needs her, and keep herself busy. Jason suggests they shoot pool, and she says, don’t tempt her. He needs to bust Shiloh. Nothing is more important than her and Josslyn. He tells her, just call him when she needs him. She promises, and they hug.

Elizabeth says, no one is asking Aiden to be anything other than who he is. Franco says this isn’t about making Cameron’s life easier. Is he upset about the kids talking trash about Aiden, or about who Aiden is? Cameron says he doesn’t want to deal with Aiden being teased; he loves his brother. Franco tells him, prove it by his support. He could have saved a lot of pain if he’d stepped up to the plate. Franco leaves, and Cameron says, he’s wrong about everything. Elizabeth says, he’s angry, and so is she. Cameron is angry and upset on his own behalf, not his brother’s. She leaves, and Cameron pounds the wall.

Spencer tells Valentin not to be hasty. Valentin says he wanted the truth. His phone rings, and Nora says she’s tracking a case that she thinks might prove useful. He thanks her for her quick action, but it’s not necessary. He’s not pursuing reviving the custody agreement. He’s sorry for the trouble. She says, it’s no trouble; he’ll get her bill. Valentin tells Spencer this is the last of his patience. Spencer isn’t getting another chance. Go. Spencer runs out. Nina asks if he really blackmailed Spencer, and Valentin says, he’s a kid. It was just leverage to guarantee the truth. Sasha tells him, don’t count on it. Spencer will do anything to make him look bad. Was there something going on with Sasha? He says he offered Sasha money to join her in New York, but Sasha said no. Nina says, she’s a proud woman, but Valentin says, not as proud as her mother.

Brad brings the cup back to Elizabeth, who’s talking to Jason. He says he ran the test. Jason asks what he’s talking about, and Brad says, the results are back. There were no drugs; nothing. Just tea and Valerian root. By the look on his face, Jason doesn’t believe it.

Shiloh comes back to DOD. Sam asks if he found Kristina. He says he checked GH and Mercy, but she wasn’t there. He thinks he knows what happened though. He thinks Jason kidnapped her.

Brad looks full of himself.  Lucas tells Brad that his paperwork is finished, and he’s heading out.  Brad says he was talking to Shiloh about taking the next class. How about it?

Willow tells Michael, as soon as she found out she was pregnant, she made her escape. She couldn’t let Shiloh find out. He’d mold his child into one of his blind followers. Michael is sorry, but glad she broke away. Shiloh got away, but she protected her baby and lost it. She says he has it wrong, but it’s her fault. She’s been lying to him. The baby didn’t die.

Franco tells Nina that they need to talk to their step-kids, Michael knows who Willow’s adoptive family is, and Jason asks Brad if he’s involved with DOD.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Returning to the show where I’ve started disliking people I used to like, or at least didn’t bother me. I’m still good with Denise though, and of course LVP can do no wrong.

Denise is getting ready to have Dorit over. She tells trainer Mikey that Dorit weighs an ounce, and probably won’t eat, but they have snacks. She makes some drinks, and says that Dorit has two little kids, so she could use a double. The seltzer sprays everywhere when she opens it, and she claims she’s not used to using it in her drinks. Dorit arrives and meets Eloise, In Denise’s interview, she says she liked Dorit right away. It was sweet of Dorit to invite her to the Bahamas, when Dorit only knew her a few seconds. There’s also a lot to talk about. She puts blankets on the couch so Dorit doesn’t sit on dog hair. Celebrities – they’re just like us! Denise is anyway.

They talk about how tight their schedules are. Dorit says she feels blessed, and adores her husband. Denise asks how long PK has known LVP, and Dorit says they go back to their London days. They’re close; like brother and sister. Denise asks if they’ve talked recently, and Dorit says, no. The last time they spoke was at Denise’s wedding. Dorit knows LVP cares for her, but believes the Radar Online article came from her, and that she then called TMZ. In her interview, Dorit says, if you have nothing to hide, why would you hide? Denise says she’s coming from a place where she was dragged through the mud, embarrassed, and felt like she needed to defend herself. In her interview, she says when she got divorced from Charlie, she would try to find out who was leaking things by telling them false information. If she saw it in print, they were out. She had to live in a bubble. Dorit wants to go back to trusting LVP, but Denise thinks it will take some time. They go outside to check out the beautiful view. Dorit asks how long they’ve lived there, and Denise says, just over a month. They wanted something simple, Zen, and peaceful. Dorit knows what she means.

Kyle sets up the place cards for Camille’s shower. She wants to make sure there’s no awkwardness. In Kyle’s interview, she says she wanted to throw Camille a shower because it’s an exciting time in Camille’s life, and she loves throwing showers. Seating is everything. She’s seen women come in early, and move place cards, so she’s got to watch out for those people, The last time she spoke to LVP, they had a big argument. Yay. We get to see some of that again. She wants the day to be special for Camille, and her OCD is in overdrive.

LVP’s kitchen is getting torn apart. Steven tells Ken – Giggy! – it’s too late to change his mind. LVP wonders what she was thinking. In her interview, she says she’s emotionally scattered. Everything is coming at her from all angles. She says, the last time she stood there, she was with a friend of hers, and we see another clip from the argument. She takes a couple of swings at the old kitchen with a hammer, and says, at least Kyle was only a bitch in the kitchen. If she’d followed LVP through the house, this might be more expensive. She’s looking forward to it being brighter; it was dark and depressing. She wants to make some tea, but finds a bottle of wine that’s preferable.

The corrupt Faye Resnick arrives, and asks Kyle if it’s okay to wear white. Kyle explains that it’s weddings where you shouldn’t wear white. I just shake my head, although I know someone who thought all guests were supposed to wear the same color at a wedding, not knowing that was only for the bridesmaids. Teddi says, it looks amazing, and asks if everyone’s coming. Kyle says she invited everyone. In her interview, Camille appreciates Kyle’s offer to throw her a bridal shower. It’s tough to move ahead, and she wasn’t sure if she’d find love again, but David made her believe in love again. LisaR says Erika texted that she’s in tour hell, and can’t make it.

At the rehearsal studio, Mikey says, they’re seven days away from… Erika says, greatness. Mikey says, that too, but their first show in Jersey. In Erika’s interview, she says it’s the final days of rehearsal. There’s no time for a social life, family life, or any other life but show life. She’ll catch Camille at the next wedding. Erika’s choreographer gives some notes. In her interview, Erika says, as a child, she had big dreams, but as you get married, have kids, get divorced and remarried, priorities change. Life takes a different path. When the road opened wide at age 35, she took advantage. We’re the masters of our own destiny. Follow your dreams, and have a kickass checkbook. While rehearsing, Erika gets a knee to the jaw, and I try not to laugh. Mikey asks if she’s okay. Erika says, no, but she doesn’t want to make it a big deal. She tells us, with live shows, anything can happen, but the show must go on. That’s the way it is. They do that circle thing, even though it’s kind of early for that. Doesn’t that come before an actual show?

LisaR tells everyone her mom Lois is in town, and we see a clip of LisaR greeting her. In her interview, LisaR says her mother is almost 91, so when she can spend time with her, every second count. Food and drink happens. Camille opens gifts, and gets a tiara, which she promptly puts on. Kyle thanks everyone for coming to celebrate Camille. She says they’ve had their ups and downs – we flash back to her calling Camille a liar – and she’s excited for her and David. They deserve happiness. Dorit tells Kyle she was with Kyle’s sister Kathy last night. In Kyle’s interview, she says one good thing about American Woman not being picked up, is she and her sisters are speaking again. Everything is good, and they’re having fun again. She traded one for the other. Camille asks where LVP is. In her interview, Camille says she’s disappointed LVP isn’t there. LVP doesn’t need to punish her. Kyle asks if she’s coming to the wedding. Everyone agrees that even when you’re having problems with people, you should show up. Are you kidding? With this crowd. Who wants to be eaten alive? Camille says LVP told her be strong when the same thing happened with her. Kyle thinks Camille should send a text saying LVP was missed. In LisaR’s interview, she thinks that’s being passive/aggressive, and Camille should say she’s hurt. Camille thanks everyone for helping her celebrate this special time in her life.

Kyle drives some weird little car to the Mediterranean market with Portia. In her interview, Kyle says she saw a guy driving what looked like a lux go cart. He says it was called a Vanderhaul, and she thought it would be a fun toy. Plus it was cheaper than a vintage Jag. She’s scared driving it though. At the market, she gives Portia her own basket. In her interview, she says, as a mom, she wants do everything for them, like her mom did. She tells Portia that she’s got this. There’s a problem when it comes to loading the car, since it doesn’t hold much. Kyle says it’s a fun car, but not functional. Don’t take it shopping unless you’re not hungry. She crams what she has in the car, and Portia has to sit on top of some of it.

LisaR, her daughters, and Lois go to a high-end spa. The doctor is surprised that Lois is 90. LisaR suggests an IV bag. In her interview, she says her mom is low maintenance. She’s never had a massage, a facial, or even a pimple. She’s kind of a freak of nature. Lois taught her; age is about attitude. If you feel young, you’ll be young. Nice try. She says Lois must think they’re crazy. Amelia says Harry is home watching the news on all their TVs. In LisaR’s interview, she says, since Harry came back from camping, the Kavanaugh hearings have everyone on edge. To see a woman being put in a vulnerable position, and being made fun of and not believed, is effed up. LisaR wants to try the infrared bed. In her interview, she says the purpose of the bed is… she doesn’t really know the effing purpose. The girls do cryotherapy, and scream the whole time. Not surprising, since it’s minus 140 degrees. When LisaR comes out, she says she’s like a new person. We could only hope. In her interview, she says this is probably all bullsh*t, but  she’ll buy it quicker than anyone.

In the car with Lois, LisaR says she’s buzzing, and could run a marathon. Too bad she’s not doing QVC today. Lois says she doesn’t watch it much; it’s boring. LisaR says, thanks a lot. They go to a restaurant, where there’s a private table, and the rest of the gang (minus LVP) gathers, along with some other friends. In Kyle’s interview, she says she loves when Lois visits. She’s hilarious. What woman this age travels, and is super cool and fun? How about Betty White? She says,  they don’t make them like her every day.  LisaR shows off her $5K tiny handbag. In her interview, she says she’s been low key with the big purse thing. She doesn’t spend a lot, but everyone wants a Hermes bag, especially where they live. They’re all superficial and effed up. Everyone talks among themselves. Denise says it’s surreal seeing LisaR’s girls, since hers are going to be that age soon. She wishes she could keep them young forever. The kids jet, since they have to get up early. What’s wrong with this picture?

Kyle asks Camille if she’s heard from LVP. Camille says she texted that she missed LVP at the shower, and LVP said she wasn’t invited. Kyle is like, what? and says, it’s such a joke. She didn’t leave a stone unturned, and shows Camille the message was delivered. She asks what Camille said, and Camille tells her that she said she didn’t know LVP wasn’t invited, and would have wanted her there. She shows Kyle the texts. In her interview, Kyle knows it’s not fun being honest with LVP, but can’t believe Camille just said she didn’t know. Lois thinks it’s bullsh*t. LisaR says she invited Harry, but it’s a big day politically because of the Kavanaugh hearings. Everything is changing. Camille says she has a different point of view. There’s not enough evidence. When you’re going up against something like that, you need to have witnesses lined up. She thinks if that happened, you would tell someone. Teddi doesn’t agree. Camille says you would tell your boyfriend or your parents. LisaR’s friend Robin says she was attacked in seventh grade, and never said anything. Camille says she was too, but she told people. LisaR says the woman told her husband, but Camille says that was years later. LisaR asks if Camille doesn’t believe her, and Camille says it’s a he said/she said situation. It pisses her off. LisaR says she’s not getting anything out of telling the world, and she’s a doctor. Camille asks if LisaR believes that anyone who holds a PhD is right. Teddi asks how Camille would feel if no one believed her. As usual, she asks stupid questions, since she came late to the party. Camille says that’s her priority. These are serious allegations, and she feels bad for the judge and his family. LisaR thinks she would be more empathetic, and Camille says, she is, but she’s also been accused of things she hasn’t done. In her interview, Camille says when she was going through her divorce, she was maligned. We flash back to a reunion, where Andy runs down a list of insults hurled at Camille. Camille says it’s horrible to go through that when you’ve done good things. She empathizes with what the judge is going through, since she’s been in that position. She knows what it feels like to be wrongfully accused, and humiliated all over the world because of lies. In LisaR’s interview, she thinks Camille comparing herself to Kavanaugh is weird. It’s not about Camille; it’s about something much bigger. She tells Camille that he’s going to be a judge for the rest of his life; it’s a big thing. Kyle says her mother told her to never talk about religion, politics, or sex in a public setting, and wants to change it up. Dorit says it doesn’t sound like a discussion about politics. LisaR thanks everyone for coming, and says this is for her mom. They all toast to Lois.

Kyle says, guess who’s there, and watching them. It’s her sister Kim. They wave to her downstairs, and Kim holds a menu in front of her face. We flash back to her returning the infamous bunny to LisaR at the reunion. Kyle goes downstairs, and Kim says, what are the odds?

Dorit asks LisaR how she feels about seeing Kim. LisaR says she’s fine with it. Kim is a human existing on the earth like she is. They wonder if Camille left, but she’s crying on the stairs. She tells Kyle that she doesn’t know why she’s so upset, but she’s been accused of things she’s never done. It’s horrible to be put in that position. Kyle says, it’s okay to have a difference of opinion. Camille asks her to be a bridesmaid, and Kyle says she’d love to. In Kyle’s interview, she says she never thought she’d be asked by Camille at the bottom of the stairs while she was crying. Camille goes back upstairs, and says she’s not going to make excuses for her opinions. LisaR asks if she hurt Camille’s feelings, and Camille says she’s been the victim of a smear campaign, and it hurts. LisaR sits next to her, and she cries on LisaR’s shoulder, which I find a tad hypocritical on LisaR’s part. Teddi tells Camille that he doesn’t have that power anymore. LisaR says she’s moving to a new life, and deserves it.

Kyles sister Kathy is there too, and Kyle wonders if life could get stranger. There are ten thousand restaurants, and by coincidence, they all picked the same one. She’s happy they’re on speaking terms. Kim congratulates Camille, as LisaR strides past her. In LisaR’s interview, she asks why she should give two sh*ts, and say hello. Out of sight, out of mind, and she’s not thinking of Kim. She tells Lois that she just walked by. Again, kind of hypocritical when she was just saying they were both humans, blah-blah-blah.

Back home, LisaR tells Lois that she’s stunning. LisaR is exhausted, with all these dogs. They went from one to three. Really? Three dogs is exhausting when you have all that money and can hawk dusters on QVC all night? Ugh. I like her less and less. Lois doesn’t know how she manages. LisaR asks what Lois thought about the dinner. She says it was wild. She never heard them talk about politics. LisaR says they usually don’t, but it’s timely. Women are now being honest about rape and sexual harassment, when they’ve been quiet a long time. Lois says she was lucky. She shouldn’t be here, and neither should LisaR. In her interview, LisaR says, years before she was born, her mother was attacked by someone she worked with. He picked her up at the bus stop, but instead of taking her home, drove down a deserted road. Lois says he had a hammer in one hand, and a knife in the other, and tried to rape and kill her, but the military police knew no one should be driving there, and followed him. They saved her that day. She was the first one where he went to jail. He was in prison for seven and a half years, and after he got out, became a serial killer, murdering sixteen to eighteen women. We see newspaper headlines about the Trailside Killer. Holy! Lois can’t remember what she told her. LisaR says Lois couldn’t smell anything, and had metal plates in her head, but told her a kid on the playground had hit her with a hammer. When Lois finally told her the truth (on WWHL, LisaR said she was eighteen when Lois gave her the real story), she was filled with sadness and empathy, but not just because it happened. Lois had stuffed her feelings. Lois says she didn’t want LisaR to grow up scared. LisaR thought Lois was overprotective, and Lisa never quite trusted people. She says she must have put out the energy that no one should screw with her. she’s one of the few people she knows who’s never been harassed or attacked. In LisaR’s interview, she says it takes courage to come forward. The least we can do is show them compassion. She tells Lois that she’s strong, and Lois says LisaR will probably live to be 105 or more.

Later this season, LVP opens her Vegas restaurant, Boy George performs, Erika performs, rock climbing happens, rosé all day happens, Brandi (blech) gets together with Denise, Camille’s wedding happens, Denise talks to LVP, Camille’s house burns down, and Camille and Denise argue. Geez. Maybe this show is getting too depressing.

🔎 For Love Of True Crime…

For more on the Trailside Killer, go here;


If Loving You Is Wrong

Lushion paces near Kelly’s hospital room, saying, dammit Kelly. The prosecutor (whose name I don’t remember and got tired of searching for) asks what he’s doing there. He says, guarding Kelly. She says that’s what she heard. She spoke with the doctor, and it turns out nothing is wrong with Kelly. Lushion says, that’s good, and the prosecutor says Kelly is getting escorted back to jail now. Lushion thinks she should talk to Kelly, but she says she has nothing to say. She asks if he didn’t see her press conference. He says they have mountains of evidence and she refuses to listen to reason. She says a jury of twelve will do that, and asks him to move. He steps aside, and two officers go in. I can’t believe how cool Lushion is being. The prosecutor asks what’s wrong with him; he needs to let this go. That girl is going down. She says he can leave now, and goes into Kelly’s room. She comes back out, and says, not so fast. He says, damn.

They have a problem. They don’t have the right key for the cuffs. The prosecutor tells Lushion to come back and uncuff her. He goes inside, and Kelly is in the bed. He’s confused, as we all are, but says… um, nothing. Kelly says she can’t go back. She wants to talk to Justice. Lushion says he’ll see what he can do, and tells her, stay strong. He uncuffs her, and says he’s working on this. He’ll see her soon. The officers come in, and I notice that, oddly, Kelly is wearing clothing underneath her hospital robe. The prosecutor tells Lushion, if she didn’t know better, she’d think something improper was going on. He says if he didn’t know better, he’d think she didn’t want justice. She says she does; justice for Travis. He was the victim. She’s talking the truth, and Lushion says, the truth is, she wants to be reelected. She sits on her ivory throne, and is so busy, she won’t take the time to see how wrong this is. If she did, she’d see they have evidence that Travis was stalking Kelly, but all she cares about is a win. She could care less about putting a good woman in jail for life. She says she’s not. She wants the death penalty.

Esperanza comes to Larry’s office. She wants to find a legal way to get her ex to leave her alone. Larry says, don’t they all. Tell him more. She says he’s harassing her at work, and threatens every person she tries to date; they’re scared to be around her. He’s making her life a living hell. Larry suggests a restraining order, but she says they work in the same building. Larry says they can get him fired for sexual harassment. She says they have a daughter together. She doesn’t want to go that route. She just wants to find a way to get him to leave her alone. Larry asks what route she wants to take. Esperanza says there are certain things she knows; dates, times, and dirty deeds he’s done. Larry says, tell him more, but she doesn’t want do that. He asks how she wants him to do that if she won’t tell him anything? She asks if Larry can hire someone to kill him. Larry says he can’t do that, and wouldn’t advise it. She says she was kidding. He doesn’t think so, but says, so was he. She doesn’t want to ruin his life, but Larry says, some people’s lives should be ruined. She doesn’t want a restraining order, or to file charges, and she doesn’t want to kill him. Larry doesn’t know how to help. Esperanza wants to threaten to take sole custody of their daughter if he doesn’t leave her alone. Larry says, if he’s as bad as she says he is, a judge will be more than happy to consider that. She thinks it will make him calm down. Has she met Eddie? Larry thinks they can do that, and Esperanza says she wants to speak to him first. If he won’t listen, she’ll move forward. Larry is more than happy to help. She asks what it will cost, and Larry says, off record, getting even with him is fine. Esperanza asks if he had a bad experience, and Larry says, he did, but he loved it. It was like rocket fuel for him. Esperanza leaves. Larry laughs, and makes notes.

Randal stomps into his house. He makes a drink, and nods to himself. He calls Marcie. She answers, what? like I do when I’m pissed at the caller. He says she thinks she’s so damn smart. She tells him, don’t call again, but he says he will. She thinks she’s smart. She says he made her lose the baby. She’s trying not to think about the pain he caused. She’s concentrating on work and moving on. She thinks this is smart actually. Randal loses it, and she says she’s past dealing with him. He asks if she’s going to run and tell Brad, and she says maybe she’ll send him to kick Randal’s ass again. Ha-ha! Randal says, yawn. He’s going to get even. She says, you do that.

Macie calls Brad, who asks how she is. She says she’d be better if she could get Randal to stop calling. Brad calls him an, indolent prick, which sounds nearly posh with his accent. Marcie asks if Alex signed the papers, and Brad says, not yet. She wanted a lawyer go over them. Marcie says, it’s probably for the best. If there’s no counsel, she could contest it, like Randal. She says there’s nothing she can do about it – except find a drug addict to kill him. Maybe Wyatt (HAHN) could use a job. Brad says she doesn’t want to end up in Kelly’s shoes; try and let it go. She says she’s trying; Randal isn’t. She wishes they could move away to another town. He does too, but the kids are there. She says she’ll be home at seven, and he asks if she’d like to go out to eat. She says she’d like that, and he says he’ll see her then.

Tanya sleeps on the couch. Ben sits in a nearby chair. She wakes, and says she slept a long time. He asks how she feels, and she says, better. How bad was it? He says, not that bad, and she says, don’t lie. He asks how much she remembers. She says she remembers being cold, and the neighbor, the psychologist. He came to the house; it was weird. She doesn’t want to talk to him again – ever. She wonders if everybody’s going to be looking at her like she’s insane. He says, they seem like nice people, but she says, so did the last ones. He says, that was different. She doesn’t like being stared at. She’s alone, in a new place. Ben suggests they get to know their new neighbors. Alex seems nice, and Natalie from down the street. Tanya says, not today. He asks what she’s going to do, and she thinks she’ll finish her book. He thinks that’s a good idea, and she says, she’ll make him lunch. He says, perfect. She apologizes, and he sits next to her. He says, don’t, and she asks why he stays with her. He says because he loves her. She gives him all he needs. She says she can’t give him a child, and he asks if that’s why she stopped taking her meds. She says she can’t have a baby, but she wants one. He says she can’t stop taking her meds. She insists she was fine until Randal talked to her. He says she thought she was fine. She swears she was, but he tells her, don’t do it again. After they get settled in, they’ll talk about adoption or a surrogate. She says they can’t afford one, but he says they’ll work toward it. She’s all the family he needs. He loves her. She says she loves him too, and he tells her, she’s going to be okay, and holds her. For a moment there, I thought I was watching a Tennessee Williams play.

Natalie calls Marcie to check on her. Marcie say she’s been having a hard time since she lost the baby. Natalie is sorry, and Marcie says she’s been through it before. At least she’s divorced. Natalie congratulates her, and Marcie asks how Kelly is doing. Natalie says, she’s better. Marcie says, no man is worth taking your life, and Natalie adds, especially a sorry ass loser. Marcie says Natalie’s got a good one. Natalie agrees, and says she’ll kill a bitch to protect him. She asks if the police talked to Marcie, and Marcie says, no. Natalie wonders why, and Marcie says, no proof, and if they do show up, Larry will handle it. Brad comes in with flowers, and Marcie says she’ll call Natalie back. She ask Brad, why? and he says she deserves them. She has a few more calls, and he asks if she can make them from the car. He has a surprise. They’re going somewhere nice. It’s their first official date. She says she’s ready, and they leave.

Sitting on the front porch, Randal looks at Tanya and Ben’s house with binoculars. Natalie sees him, and walks up to the porch, startling him when he sees her magnified. She asks what he’s doing, and he says, looking in the house. She says she’s going to tell Tanya’s husband, and Randal says he’ll tell him that she’s ghetto as hell. Like this is a threat. She says she’s cut his ass before. Tanya is a woman alone, and she’s not well. Randal says Natalie isn’t well, and she says he’s crazy as hell. He says, damn right. Welcome to his world. She wishes his ass burned up in the fire. She tells him that it was her, but he says that’s too smart for her. She says, you only need cheese to catch a rat. Leave that woman alone. She’s telling her husband. Randal says, go. Tell him.

At the station, Esperanza tells Eddie that she needs to talk to him. He says that thing she’s doing with her mouth is talking, but she says, not here. Somewhere more civil. He says, her, him, and her bedroom works. She doesn’t want to argue, and tells him to focus. He looks at her butt, and says he’s focusing. She asks him to meet her for lunch, and he wonders if she’s going to poison him. She says she has something to scare him, but he says there’s nothing scary about her unless she’s in between waxes. She says she’ll text him the restaurant. He says he’ll be there.

Ben leaves the house, and I wonder why Natalie didn’t go straight over there. He knocks on Randal’s door. Randal asks how his wife is, and Ben says, good. She said Randal talked to her. He asks what Randal talked about, and Randal says, the neighborhood. Ben asks if that’s it. Randal asks what she said. Ben says she has a mental illness, and Randal says he picked up on that. It’s a shame. Ben says, yes it is. They’re new in the neighborhood, and Randal can do them a favor by not talking to her. Randal says, that’s a little rude, and Ben says, yeah, but necessary. Randal says, okay. He won’t say anything, but she’s going to have another break. Ben says, she just needs to take her meds. Randal says, what if she doesn’t? and reminds Ben that he helped Tanya. Ben appreciates it, but says, don’t talk to her again. Randal asks if he’s the jealous kind, and Ben says, no; the loving kind. Randal laughs, and says, isn’t that cute? Ben tells Randal, have a nice day. When he’s gone, Randal stomps out of his house, and walks over to Alex’s, saying, no rest for him. He’ll make that crazy bitch even crazier.

Randal knocks on Alex’s door, and she lets him in. He says she looks good, and she says this is about the baby. He says, RJ, and she says, his name is Brad. He says they’ll talk about that, and she says they have a few things they need to talk about. She asks if he’s been drinking; that’s one deal breaker. He can’t drink when he comes over. He asks who the hell she thinks she is, setting ground rules. She says, please don’t drink, okay? He says, all right, and asks where the baby is. Alex says, upstairs, and he says, in the bedroom? practically wiggling his eyebrows. Alex says he’s here to see the baby; that’s is it. She needs to talk to him about the baby. She thinks there was a mix up at the lab, and wants another DNA test. He says she told him the doctor switched the results. Alex says, she didn’t. Randal says, then how did it come back that it wasn’t his kid. She doesn’t know, and he tells her not to play with him. Is she trying to trick him? She says, not at all. He asks did she sleep with someone else? and she says, no. He wonders, why take another test?  She says she was doing research. There have been cases where a child came out with a recessive gene, and looks like the great-grandparent. Randal asks if she has Black great-grandparents. She doesn’t, and he asks, does Brad? She says, no, and he asks what the hell she’s talking about. She says she needs to be sure, and he says, no. He asks if she’s saying is that she was with someone else, but she says she wasn’t. He says she told him that he’s the only Black man she was ever with. If that’s true, she doesn’t need to take the test. She says, forget it, and asks if he wants to see the baby or not. He says he wants a real good look. Who was she with? The mailman? She says now he’s just being ridiculous. He says all this time alone here, and there have been no other men? She says he’s paranoid. Forget she brought it up. He says he’s still suing the doctor. Alex repeats, she didn’t do it, but he says no way the test should have come back as not his. She says, doesn’t he want to know what happened? He knows damn well it’s not Brad’s baby. Don’t let him find out it’s not his baby. Does she hear him? If she thinks he did something to her before, let him find out that’s not his baby. She asks if he wants to see him, and he says he wants to study him. His face, nose, feet, hands, and fingers. Alex says, fine, come see his son. I would so not be alone with this guy.

Eddie meets Esperanza at the restaurant. She already ordered his favorite. Eddie asks if she’s going to tell him she’s dying. She wishes he’d apologize, and he says he’s sorry she sent her boyfriend to beat him up. Esperanza says he’s not her boyfriend, and Eddie started everything. He says her opening her legs started it. She says she didn’t come here for this, and he asks why they’re here. She says they’ve been doing this way too long. She wants to find way they can be civil, and co-exist for their daughter. He says he is civil. She says he’s the most uncivil person she knows. When they met, he was completely different. He insists this is the way he’s always been. He played the good guy to get her to fall in love with him. She asks if he won’t consider changing for their daughter, and if he’s just going to continue using drugs, harassing her, and everyone she knows. He says if he ain’t happy, no one is going to be. She says she’s tried talking, giving him the benefit of the doubt; she’s tried everything. She wants sole custody.

Eddie tells her, get out of here, and Esperanza says she doesn’t want him around their daughter without supervision. She has a list of sh*t he’s done that she knows about. He says, she’s serious? She wants him to leave her alone. He says he’d never hurt their daughter. She says when done talking judge, nothing he has to say will matter. He thinks Steven put her up to this, and she asks if he’s crazy. He yells that he’d like a side of get this bitch out of my face. She slaps him, and says she’s tried everything. Now she’s threatening him. If she puts the list she has in front of a judge, he’ll never see his daughter again. He says he’ll put her in a box, and she says she’ll get a lawyer. He calls her a bitch again. She slaps him again, and asks if he’s dense in the head. Get prepared; she’s calling a lawyer. He says she can’t afford one, and she says, wrong. Larry will take the case.

He tells her to get out of his face. She says, gladly. She fishes in her purse, but can’t find her wallet. He laughs, and asks if anyone wants free p*ssy. She’ll do it for a burger. He suggests she call her boy toy. He tells her not to think of walking out; he’s an officer. She say she’s not stealing, and he asks if she thinks he won’t take her to jail. The manager comes over, and says, it’s okay. She comes there all the time. Eddie tells him to get his fat ass away, and Esperanza tells Eddie to stop. He grabs her, and cuffs her. He says he should have done this a long time ago. Don’t make him hit her for resisting. He tells the restaurant patrons, enjoy lunch.

Dr. Raston goes to Alex’s house. She tells Alex that she’s been calling. They need to talk. Alex invites her in. The doctor says she had to go to the Board, and tell them what Alex did. She’s also talking to a lawyer today. Alex is truly sorry. Dr. Raston says she reran the test. She thought Alex would like to know the result before Brad does. She hands Alex a manila envelope. Alex reads what’s inside, and says, oh my God. She and the doctor look at each other.

Next time, Dr. Raston knows Alex has another secret, Esperanza tells Kelly that Eddie is done, and Tanya threatens to call the police on Randal.


🐰 It’s Not About the Bunny…

For several reasons. It’s going to be Easter soon, it’s way late, and in case you came late to the party.



















April 9, 2019 – Two Plans Are Hatched, LVP Celebrates Her Birthday Without Kyle, Tanya Has a Breakdown & Morning


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny introduces himself to Neil, and asks if he wants coffee. Neil just wants to know what he’s doing there.

Chase and Willow go to The Floating Rib. He asks if she’s sure she’s okay. She seems quiet. She says, other than DOD members, she’s never shown anyone else the tattoo. He’s glad she trusted him, and she says he needs to understand how insidious DOD is. Michael joins them, and Willow asks if his little sister is still involved with DOD. He says, she’s getting in deeper. He’s tried to reconnect with her, but it’s slow going. Willow says his sister is in more trouble than he realizes.

Sam goes to the attic, and looks in Harmony’s bag. She sees the tool roll, and looks through it. She says, someone’s getting a tattoo.

Shiloh greets Harmony, and asks if she’s met Kristina. She says she has, and prepared her for the ceremony. He asks if she played nice, and she says, of course. Kristina is a perfect candidate for the Trust. He’s glad she approves. Kristina also introduced her sister, and said Sam is a devoted student. He says, she’s learning. He asks if the supplies are ready in the attic, and Harmony says she’ll show him.

At the hospital, Curtis asks Jordan how dialysis went, and she says, it was a super-hot session. He says he should be jealous, and she says he might have reason to be. All of a sudden, she feels lightheaded. Curtis asks if she’s okay, and she collapses in his arms.

At The Floating Rib, Ava thanks Felicia and Laura for meeting her. She wants to discuss the problem they have in common – Ryan Chamberlain.

Curtis gives Jordan some water. She wants to get moving, and he says she just fainted. She says she was lightheaded; it can happen after dialysis. He wants a doctor to check her out, but she says she just needs to recover from the never ending calls from Margaux. Curtis says Margaux is relentless. Jordan says she chose to answer the calls, and chose to keep arguing about it. Curtis asks, about what? and she says Margaux closed the case on Ryan Chamberlain.

Ava says Ryan is MIA, and Felicia agrees he might still be alive. They need a plan of action. Laura wants to wait for the lab report to see if he was alive or dead when his hand was severed. Ava says, he probably chopped it off himself. Felicia wouldn’t put past him, if it would make the cops think he was dead. Ava says, he’s hiding; biding his time. Felicia says, he’ll wait. Give them a chance to get back to their lives and get complacent. Then he’ll come back for what he wants. Ava asks what Felicia thinks that is, and Felicia says, Ava.

Sonny tells Neil to have a seat. Neil is aware of Sonny’s reputation, but Sonny says the meeting has nothing to do with business; it involves a family member. He has a contact in security screening who said Neil has the expertise he’s looking for in rescuing people from cults. Neil asks what’s happening, and Sonny says, his daughter, Kristina. Jason says she’s heavily involved in the group Dawn of Day. Sonny says he needs Neil’s help to get her out of there.

Shiloh tells Harmony, before they go upstairs, he has good news. He found her. Harmony says, omg; where is she? He says, here in Port Charles. She’s been there for months. Harmony says she had no idea, and Shiloh says, obviously. Harmony asks if he’s seen her. He says, yes, and Harmony asks, how is she? He says, she seems well. As beautiful as ever. The only difference is, she changed her name. She goes by Willow Tait.

Willow tells Michael that she wasn’t entirely honest about her involvement with DOD. She used to be a member. She wasn’t even twenty, and it was the biggest mistake of her life. Michael asks why she left, and Willow says she knew she had to. He asks for specifics. Willow hesitates, and he says, Molly thinks Kristina has been brainwashed. Anything she can tell him would be helpful. She says, it’s hard to say. She came to her senses. Chase says Shiloh has been trying to find her since she left. He’s trying to lure her back. Michael says maybe Willow can talk to Kristina, but Willow says, members are taught to be distrustful of anyone who leaves. Shiloh instills intense loyalty, but he’s after more than loyalty. Michael asks if there’s anything criminal, but Chase says, nothing he can be prosecuted for. Michael wonders how he can help Kristina. Willow says if she’s been selected for the Trust, she’ll think it’s an honor to be chosen. Once you’re admitted, the way it’s set up, when you’re in, it’s almost impossible to get out.

Sam takes pictures of the instruments, and packs everything back up. She take pictures of the room. Outside in the hallway, Shiloh tells Harmony they need to focus on Kristina first. Sam hears them coming.

Shiloh and Harmony go into the room, and no surprise, there’s no Sam. Shiloh says, it looks good. The perfect welcome. He hopes Kristina isn’t having second thoughts. Harmony says she doesn’t know Kristina well, but she doesn’t think so. Sam was asking questions though. Shiloh says Sam is protective, but Harmony doesn’t think the words registered. Kristina is so eager, she asked to skip the pre-ceremony reflection. Shiloh asks if Harmony told her it was mandatory, and Harmony says, of course. She asks, what about Kristina’s pledge? and he says, it’s a good one. A truth about her family. It will be useful. Shiloh has to finish the preparations for midnight, and they leave. Sam comes out of hiding, and jets.

Sonny asks if Neil knows how things work at DOD. Neil says he’s heard about the organization, but his work is confidential. Sonny doesn’t care about ethics; he just wants answers. Jason looks at his phone, and has to run. Sonny asks what Neil has heard about DOD. Neil says it meets the general criteria of a cult. A charismatic leader, who gives vague promises of spiritual enlightenment. They’re xenophobic, and don’t trust outsiders. Their legitimacy comes from their leader, so Sonny’s daughter is in a cult. Sonny asks how they help her. Neil tells him, keep an open line of communication. The family needs to let her know they’re on her side. Sonny says they’re past that already. She’s cut ties, and there’s only one family member who has contact; her older brother. Sonny says he’s taking steps to remove her, and Neil says he hopes not by force.

Harmony tells Shiloh that she thinks Kristina will be a valuable addition to the circle. She’s bright, enthusiastic, and good with people. Shiloh says she’ll be beneficial. Now if they can just get Kelly… Willow to come home. Harmony reminds him that tonight is about Kristina. She’s going to prepare a drink to calm Kristina down. They walk to the kitchen, and Sam flies out the door and runs.

Michael asks Willow, what happens in the Trust? She says the member is given more responsibility. Shiloh makes them feel special, indispensable, but he’s just tightening the noose. He assures their loyalty. Michael asks what they have to do to be chosen, but she says, it’s up to Shiloh. He chooses the members, and decides when they’re ready for initiation. Michael asks what’s required? and she says, they’re asked to give themselves over to DOD in every conceivable way. After they commit, there’s no turning back.

Felicia tells Ava, if Ryan survived – and she thinks he did – he’s coming back. He literally can’t help himself. He fixated on her years ago in Texas. She saw him murder his wife, and she took Maxie and fled. He was so infatuated with her, he followed her. He was relentless, and showed up at her wedding to Mac with a bomb. He was sent to an asylum, killed his therapist, and escaped. He could have disappeared, but he came back and kidnapped Georgie just to get her attention. Ava is his new obsession, and she needs to be ready for his return. Ava says, exactly. That’s why she’s here. She needs to know everything about Ryan, so when he comes back for her, she’s ready.

Jordan tells Curtis that Margaux decided to go with the Canadian authorities on this one. She doesn’t want to spend any more time or money searching for Ryan or his remains. Curtis says if he’s still alive, he has no one looking for him. He’s been given a free pass. Jordan says she spent the entire time during her treatment arguing the point with Margaux, and got nowhere. He says, Margaux is wrong on this one, and she says, the cops can’t do anything; so he’ll have to.

Felicia says they need to take action; be in control, and seize the momentum. Lure Ryan back to Port Charles, on their timetable, not his. Ava says, that’s great in theory, but how do they manage it realistically? Felicia says, use Ava as bait.

Jordan says Curtis is the best investigator she’s ever worked with. He’s smart, intuitive, and better at documenting elements than any cop she knows. He hated the paperwork, and she says, the good news is, he’s no longer a cop, paperwork doesn’t matter. She wants him to go to Niagara Falls, and pick up where they left off. Find out who’s seen Ryan or who he’s spoken to. He asks if she thinks he’ll do better than all the professionals have. The case came up empty. She says he gets the kind of intel that cracks cases. She’d do it herself if she could. He says she’s in no position, and she says, but he is. And she needs it for her peace of mind.

Neil tells Sonny that he won’t be a party to kidnapping. Sonny says he didn’t say kidnapping, but Neil says, it was strongly implied. Sonny says, all Neil needs to know, is they’re getting her out. When she’s home, she’ll need to get her life back together. She’s smart, but just got lost. He says, a couple of years ago, his son was killed. He was a lot like Kristina; impulsive and volatile. In the end, Sonny couldn’t save him. He’s not going to have another child dead. He’s asking, please, can Neil help him get his daughter back?

Kristina comes downstairs, and tells Shiloh that she wasn’t sure what to wear. Shiloh says she looks lovely, but there’s a special garment. Another word no one uses, unless they’re in the fashion industry. Harmony says she’ll go get it. Shiloh asks if Kristina is nervous, but she says she’s eager, anticipating. Harmony told her what to expect, and she can’t wait. He heard she wanted to forego the personal reflection. She says she knows she’s ready, but he says it’s important to meditate. It’s the time to make sure she’s clear on devoting herself to DOD. The time to turn back. He wants her to be certain; it’s her choice. She says she is, but he thinks she should still meditate on the gravity of her commitment. Take the time to think. She’s always happy to be enlightened, but he didn’t really explain his part. He’ll be there, right?

Michael says, so it appears consensual, and Willow says Shiloh convinces the member it’s something they should want; an honor. Michael says, technically, no laws are broken. His phone dings, and he has to meet someone. He’s sorry to crash their date. and thanks Willow. He knows it’s difficult, but she might have saved his sister. Willow hopes so. Michael leaves, and Chase tells Willow that it was brave of her to share. She hopes it’s not too late. Kristina is almost totally submerged. She tells Chase that she can’t stand one more minute, and wants to focus on anything else that has nothing to do with DOD. He thinks he has an idea.

Jason meets Michael, and tells him that Sam is meeting them. She got some information on DOD. Michael says he did his best to get Sonny to back off, but they’re wrong. It’s worse than they realized. Sam joins them, and Michael says his friend Willow gave him some information. She was in the circle close to Shiloh. Sam says, the Trust. Michael asks if Kristina is in it, and Sam says, not yet, but she knows Shiloh is planning on initiating her tonight. She shows them the pictures, and Michael says, it’s exactly how Willow described it. Jason says, that’s tattooing equipment, and Sam says, a tangible symbol that you belong to DOD. You’re marked for life, but that’s just the beginning.

Felicia tells Ava, as long as Ryan is obsessed with her, use it. Ava says she’ll do whatever it takes, and Felicia says, lure him back. Laura says she can’t help them. Vigilante justice is never a good idea for the mayor. Ava understands her reluctance, but thinks Laura should leave before they discuss their plan further.

As they put on their skates, Willow says she’d never guess Chase was into roller disco. He says he’s never tried it. The ice skating was such a success, it was turned into a roller rink for spring and summer. She says it’s been a while since she skated. Chase says the last time he skated didn’t go so well. It was a birthday party he went to in high school. He was trying to impress a girl, and started going too fast. He couldn’t stop, and crashed into the DJ booth. She laughs, and he says, it’s not funny. He was called Wipeout for two years. He struggles to stand, and she says, come on, Wipeout. Now’s his chance.

Neil tells Sonny, once there’s an exit, the process has to be challenged. They need to show Kristina that her decision making process has been compromised, but she’ll resist. Believing her family is key. Sonny says, her mother might take convincing, but she’ll come around. She wants Kristina out like he does. Neil flashes back taking to Alexis saying Kristina’s father is impatient. He wants to get her out now, and deal with the psychological ramifications later. He’s prepared to kidnap her. Neil tells Sonny that Kristina is fortunate. Not everyone has the same level of parental involvement. With prior exits, there hasn’t been great success. Followers are taught to resist outsider’s opinions, and anyone who criticizes the principals and teachings. Sonny asks, will he help? Neil says his last exit therapy ended badly. He doesn’t think he’s the right person to help Sonny’s daughter.

Sam tells Jason and Michael that she overheard Harmony talking about how Kristina pledged to give Shiloh something. It’s about the family. Michael asks who Harmony is, and Jason says she’s Shiloh’s number two, and in charge of Beechers Corners. Sam says she’s there for Kristina’s initiation. Michael tells them that Willow said Shiloh chooses the criteria for the pledge, but didn’t tell them anything specific. Jason asks how Kristina is. Sam says, she’s excited to be part if Shiloh’s inner circle, and Michael says, she has no idea what’s coming.

Shiloh tells Kristina that he doesn’t participate in the actual ceremony. She thought since DOD was his vision, he would. He says, the Trust is a community within the community. It’s a special sisterhood, and she needs to bond with them. They’ve gone through the ritual already, and will welcome her into their company. She says, so he has no part in the initiation? but he says he never said that.

Felicia tells Ava not to let Laura’s goody-goody mayor act fool her. Laura is the real deal. Laura asks what they have in mind. She’s not committing; just asking. Felicia says, Ryan’s Achille’s Heel is his pride. He can’t stand when someone beats him. Ava says he lost it when Franco went public with his fake confession, and took credit for his genius. Laura says, when he held them in Ferncliff, Doc manipulated him by pointing out his mistakes, and it caused him to make more. Felicia says it was the same with her and Mac. Ryan lost all his common sense trying to tear them apart. Ava asks if Felicia is suggesting she find a new man and flaunt it. Felicia says it would infuriate him, and motivate him to come back to claim her for himself.

Curtis asks if Jordan wants him to head up to Canada and do a comprehensive search. Jordan says it’s the only way to know if Ryan survived. He says his wife is having a health crisis, but she says it was just dialysis. He says she lost one kidney, and the other is compromised. He needs to be there; he loves her. Jordan says she understands, but he’ll need more than that to get her to take it easy for the foreseeable future. She needs to rest up. If Ryan survived, and is heading to Port Charles, she needs to be ready. He says, gearing up to do battle with a serial killer isn’t resting. He might have to tie her to the bed. She says only if she gets to tie him up too. Her phone rings. He tells her not to answer if it’s Margaux. She says it’s the forensics lab. The results on Ryan’s hand are in.

Sonny says Neil is an expert at exit therapy, but Neil says there are other experts. He can give Sonny a referral. Sonny says he doesn’t need a referral. He can tell Neil is smart and perceptive, and he doesn’t want to waste time. He understands what Kristina is going through, and has the skill to help her. Neil tells him flattery isn’t going to help, and Sonny tells him to name a price.

Shiloh says after she’s welcomed to the Trust, he’ll complete the initiation. Kristina asks how that works, and he says she’ll find out when she’s ready. She’ll have hours to tell him all about what happened in her own special way. She can’t wait. Harmony brings her the garment for her initiation. Shiloh says he forgot; he doesn’t have a picture with Kristina. He asks Harmony to take one. She tells them, smile and say Dawn of Day.

Michael tells Sam and Jason, the honoree is left alone for fifteen minutes to reflect on their commitment. Shiloh makes a big deal about it being the final offer to back out. Jason says so he can’t be nailed for anything illegal. Michael says, he’s not there for the tattoo part, but afterward, he welcomes the honoree into the Trust by having sex with them.

Laura thinks baiting Ryan is practically suicide, but Ava says justice for her daughter is worth it. Felicia says they’ll have a safeguard, and Laura says, what kind? Say they’re right, and Ryan is coming back for Ava. If he believes she’s happy with her new man, he’ll be in a jealous rage. What’s to stop him from killing the two of them? Ava pats her bag, and says she has a handle on it. Felicia says, it’s risky, but if he’s out there, they need to stop him. Does Laura have a better idea?

Jordan tells Curtis that Ryan was alive when his hand was severed. Curtis says, the injury could have killed him; he could have bled out. Jordan says, or survived.

Willow tells Chase she had so much fun, and he lived up to his name. He says, the humiliation was worth it. He got to take her out. They kiss.

Sonny tells Neil, once Kristina is out, he can step in. Neil says he hasn’t agreed, and Sonny says he’ll pay whatever Neil wants. Neil says, it’s not about money. Sonny says, it’s about Kristina’s life, future, and freedom. She’s made mistakes, and this one could take her down. She needs to get her head on straight. Can Neil help her? Neil agrees, and says once Sonny has her away from DOD, he’ll step in. They shake hands, and Sonny thanks him. Neil says to let him know when he’s needed.

Michael says he has to tell Kristina, and Jason asks if he thinks it would change her mind. Sam says, not at all. Kristina is honored. Michael says if he can’t convince her, they’ll have to take her. Jason says he’ll handle it. It’s better Kristina be mad at him. It will give Michael room to help her. He’s going to talk to the bartender and establish an alibi. He leaves, and Sam says they have to hurry. Kristina is being initiated at midnight.

Shiloh leads Kristina is to the attic. She goes inside, and says, it’s amazing. She had no idea what was up there. Shiloh says only members of the Trust are allowed to see it, and soon, she’ll be one of them. He brings out a sheet, and says he’s transferred her pledge to print for her to sign. She says, like a contract? but he says, more like a safeguard; in case something happens to the recording. Kristina hopes he put it away for safekeeping, and he asks if she’s questioning the ritual and her commitment. She says she’s committed, and signs. I’m thinking she should be committed. Shiloh says, very good, and takes the paper. Kristina wants to make him proud; repay him for everything he’s given her. He strokes her hair, and says she’s such a special person. He tells her, enjoy the ceremony, and leaves. She waits and smiles, but her smile looks a little hesitant.

Tomorrow, Maxie asks Peter if he’s staying or going, Chase has something he hopes Willow is into, and Jason says he’s getting Kristina out.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I’m bummed before the show even starts, and oh great, we see part of the fight again.

24 hours later. Kyle tells the others (minus LVP and LisaR), they won’t believe what happened. She went to LVP’s because she felt bad. As a friend, she couldn’t say LVP wouldn’t do this. LVP wants her to swoop in, but when it comes not telling truth, she’s not willing to do that. In her interview, Kyle says she thought the issues with LVP were over, until Dorit found the article online. Immediately, the women assumed LVP was behind the story. As her friend, Kyle felt awful about the conversation behind LVP’s back. We see clips of that conversation. Kyle tells them that she wanted to tell the truth, and lay everything on the table, but it was angry and hostile. Ken said he hoped she’d told the others it wasn’t true, but she said she couldn’t do that. He said she wasn’t his or LVP’s effing friend, and to get out. Throughout her story, we keep flashing back to this total downer. LVP told her there was nothing left to say, and asked her to leave. She could have said she was sorry Kyle felt that way. Anything but this. Erika says, that’s not friendship; that’s bullsh*t. Zzzzz… Erika. I’m tired of her acting like she knows everything because she’s a C-list celebrity who dances around in spandex, and is moderately successful because she has the bucks and is on this show.

We see pink roses at Villa Rosa, delivered for LVP’s birthday. Giggy! Giggy licks tea from Ken’s finger. LVP doesn’t think Ken ever lost it like that. She tells Ken that kitchen designer Steven is coming. She asks why Ken looks worried, and wonders if it’s the expense or the thought of them not living with a cooking facility. It’s going to be more expensive than she told him, and he says he knew it would be. Steven arrives, and says he has good stuff to show her. LVP makes tea. In her interview, she says it didn’t feel right to have a big birthday celebration, since losing her brother. Ken and Pandora are throwing her a surprise party, so she’s just going along with it. She shows Steven a locket the kids got her, with pictures of them, Ken, and Nanny Kay. In LVP’s interview, she says she’s taken a lot of stuff from Kyle. We flash back to Kyle wondering who Nanny Kay is, and LVP says, it’s the little things like that, that hurt. She asks Steven when they’re starting. She wants a transformed space, and wants it fresh, bright, and positive. He shows her a cabinet door, and says they still need to hit the stone yards for options. She quite likes the countertop material. Steven says, it will be a lot of white; she’ll have a lighter, happier kitchen. In LVP’s interview, she says she hasn’t had a good time in that kitchen lately. Kyle was aggressive, and she wants a new beginning, and to create something gorgeous. She tells Ken the kitchen has a negative vibe, and she wants it gone.

Kyle meets Mauricio for dinner. In her interview, she says their date nights have changed over twenty-five years. It was all about the kids, then business, and now it’s where do they see themselves in ten years? Mauricio asks how her day was, and she says she likes to have a lot of balls in the air. He says he had a great day, meeting with amazing developers. A waiter grates truffles on the pasta, and Kyle finds out they’re $3K a pound. She tells Mauricio, a few weeks ago, she woke up thinking things felt different. There’s been a shift in energy. Mauricio says, things can’t be perfect all the time. She knows there have been problems here and there, but this feels sad. She still hasn’t spoken to LVP. Mauricio says they were such good friends. Kyle feels horrible, and still loves her.

LVP tells Ken she doesn’t want love like that. She wouldn’t love someone who she thought was manipulative and a liar.

Kyle tells Mauricio the only reason there’s an issue is because she didn’t stand up and say LVP wouldn’t do this. Mauricio is shocked at how Ken spoke to Kyle, and says, it’s unacceptable.

LVP tells Ken that he came on strong. He agrees, and says when Kyle picked on her, he saw red.

Mauricio tells Kyle that she should stand up for her friends, but at the end of the day, she has to be true to herself. In Kyle’s interview, she thought she and LVP were in a place where they would never fight again. She hates the bad feelings. She tells Mauricio that LVP holds friendship as a ransom. Mauricio says, she’s always been like that. Kyle feels sad.

LVP tells Ken, she can say she’s hurt, or that she doesn’t like what Kyle did, but she’s not going to stand there and say what an effing bitch she was. Oops. She just said it.

Dorit experiments with smoothies for PK, with help from PK’s assistant Sadie. In her interview, Dorit says, PK was diagnosed with diabetes before they met. It’s been a daily struggle. She tells Sadie, if PK doesn’t change his lifestyle, it will become irreversible. He can’t wrap his head around it being a serious illness. We see clips of him stuffing his face and drinking like a fish. She wants him to be able to enjoy what he eats, and he can, as long as it’s balanced. She and Sadie puzzle over the bullet blender. Sadie turns it on and runs. Dorit can’t shut it off, and Sadie ends up pulling the plug. They make a smoothie, and Dorit is the tasting guinea pig. In her interview, she says she’ll try anything to trick PK into eating healthier, but this is the most disgusting smoothie she’s ever tasted. If she can’t swallow it, there’s no way PK will. She tells Sadie that she feels like she’s drinking… Sadie says, compost?

LisaR, Denise, and Erika go to a flying yoga session. In her interview, LisaR say she’s game to try anything. Maybe she’s going through a midlife yoga crisis. Denise and Erika don’t five a f***. Those are her kind of people. Mine too, but I’m sticking with just Denise. The instructor explains how it works. They hang upside down, and LisaR asks if it hurts their Botox. In LisaR’s interview, she says it’s absurd, but it’s not like she hasn’t been upside down with her legs spread before. Well, maybe not upside down. They right themselves. In Denise’s interview, she says she’s up for any type of exercise, but she doesn’t get this or what it does. It’s one of those weird LA classes. The instructor congratulates them on their first inversion. Erika gets stuck. You’d think she’d be the one who could do it with all the jumping around she does on stage. In her interview, she says she will not be incorporating aerial work into her show.

Erika says she had a great time at the wedding. Kyle told her that she was going to see LVP, and LisaR says Kyle claimed it got heated, and they threw her out of the house. In LisaR’s interview, she says she’s seen Kyle and LVP fight and come back together tons of times. It must be devastating for Kyle. To be kicked out of the house is pretty major; a whole other level. LisaR wants to get together for Denise next Friday, since she couldn’t be there. Erika has rehearsal, and can’t make it. She’s excited the tour has sold out in Chicago. In her interview, she says, when you find out people are hungry for you, you want to go everywhere you possibly can. Forget your families; you’re on the road, so merry Christmas. Denise can’t wait to see her show. Erika says she’s welcome to jump on the tour.

Aaron puts up security cameras. Denise says now they can see if people sneak in or out. In her interview, she explains that Sammie is in high school, and that’s when kids start sneaking out. She started at fifteen. She’s putting up cameras, so they can catch her. She tells Aaron, at least they’re honest. They could have hid them. I don’t think I ever snuck out, but I didn’t always go where I said I was going. They do some barbecuing, since they’re flying solo tonight. Denise likes hanging out with Aaron. She feels badly for Kyle, and asks Aaron if women fighting is weird. Men are different. He says they just take it outside, and she says women go on and on and on. In her interview, she says, Aaron is a great sounding board for girl talk. He actually listens, and gives good input. She asks him if she should talk to LVP, and he asks what she wants to achieve by getting in the middle of it. She says her experiences with LVP have been lovely, and she’s been kind to Eloise. Aaron says it’s tough be in her position. They just met, and LVP appears to be nice. Denise says she doesn’t want to get on LVP’s bad side. If she did this, she plays dirty. In Denise’s interview, she says she’s encountered dirty players. At the time, she kept her mouth shut, but in hindsight, she’d fight fire with fire. Aaron says LVP will probably call her. If the opportunity presents itself, okay, but whatever happens, speak her truth. She says when she talks to LVP, she’ll see where it goes.

In her interview, Dorit explains that PK has type 2 diabetes, but is on the cusp of going into type 1, which is more serious and irreversible. She tries desperately to get him to eat healthy, but it’s virtually impossible to get him to eat vegetables. She’s trying to undo his lifestyle for something healthier. She checks his blood, and says, it’s 318. PK jokes that he’s close to a diabetic coma, but Dorit doesn’t think it’s funny. She can’t get through to him. In Dorit’s interview, she says he’s an impossible patient. He brushes it off, and says he’ll do it tomorrow, and it’s frustrating. If she saw anything was registering, she would feel hope. Jaeger asks Dorit to take the dill off his cracker or whatever. She tells PK there’s been no communication with LVP. He wasn’t aware they’d fallen out, and she says she wasn’t aware either. She has no idea where LVP’s head is. PK says she didn’t ask him to come to her birthday. Why didn’t she invite anyone? Dorit can’t answer for her. In her interview, once again she says she didn’t do anything wrong, and I scream in my head. PK says, when LVP is ready, she’ll tell him the way she feels. Dorit says LVP will get to the point when she wants talk, and when she does, Dorit will be ready and available. Until then, she’s getting on with life.

Teddi meets LisaR for lunch. Teddi says she’s been super busy. She’s started falling asleep giving her daughter a goodnight kiss. LisaR misses those days. She says, they go by fast, and then they tell you, get out. The others are joining them, but Denise is stopping for a drink with LVP before she comes.

Kyle calls Denise, who says she’ll be late. She’s meeting LVP at TomTom. In her interview, Denise says, like Aaron said would happen, she heard from LVP, who asked her to stop by. Kyle says it’s her birthday celebration. Denise doesn’t know if she can help smooth things over, but she’s willing to give it a shot. Kyle doesn’t know if LVP will respond, but asks Denise to tell her happy birthday. She hasn’t heard from LVP, but maybe Denise can bridge the gap.

My brain shorts out when I see Schwartz and Tom on the wrong show. It’s not computing. In Denise’s interview, she says her experiences with LVP have been lovely. She wants to be there for her. She doesn’t want to confront LVP, but wants to listen to her.

Teddi asks if LisaR has talked to LVP, and she says they had a little text. She’d tweeted a birthday tweet. We see a picture of her hands showing off cupcakes that have pills for decorations. In her interview, LisaR says it’s become a running joke for her and her family about her bag o’ pills. It started with LVP and Dorit. We flash back to them joking about her pill bag. She says everybody thinks it’s funny because she’s not a pill popper, and if she was, it wouldn’t be funny. People pointed out that it might not be funny because of LVP’s brother dying, and when she thought LVP might take it another way, she sent a text saying it was a joke. LVP texted back that she was glad it wasn’t intended another way because of her brother. LisaR tells Teddi that she didn’t know he died the way he did. Really? Because I did, and I’m not even part of their group. In LisaR’s interview, she says people told her it was in poor taste, and she was like, oh no. Teddi says she’d never think that, and thinks LVP knows that. LisaR says her sister died of an overdose, and she’d never make a joke about it. It’s a very sensitive subject, and understandably so.

LVP asks Ken who he invited, and he says nobody who will upset her birthday. LVP says it’s a sad situation. Kyle should be coming; they’ve celebrated every birthday together. We flash back, and I feel sad all over again. Ken says he’s not letting anything ruin it, so he couldn’t include Kyle and Dorit. LVP says she’s happy without them, but doesn’t look happy.

Kyle arrives at Beauty & Essex, and joins Teddi and LisaR. She complains about the traffic Dorit is next, and IMO, looks absolutely stupid with her boobs practically falling out of her dress, the neckline is so low and wide. It’s like something a Kardashian would wear. In her interview, LisaR says, Dorit looks good, but obviously, that gets a no from me. On the other hand, when Camille arrives, she looks adorable in a romper that’s age appropriate, or at least for the age she looks.

Denise waits at TomTom. In her interview, she says she’s waiting for a drink with LVP before the celebration. Guests are guest arriving, and she feels awkward. Some dude talks to her. She has no idea who he is, but she’ll talk to anyone in a bar. At least he’s being nice to her.

The girls order, and ask Camille about her upcoming wedding. In her interview, LisaR says she didn’t invite anyone to her wedding who made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. We flash back to Camille saying that about Dorit. LisaR wonders, who the eff does that? She asks if Kyle has talked to LVP, but she hasn’t. LisaR says Denise is meeting her for a drink, and Dorit wonders why Denise got invited, and not them. She’s known Denise for ten seconds. Maybe so, but Denise is cooler than all of the rest of them put together.

LVP arrives at TomTom. She greets a few people, including a lady who’s been carrying around a dog that’s really too big to carry around. Giggy! In her interview, Denise says she feels sad for LVP. She’s putting on a happy face, but she knows LVP has to feel sad that the other women aren’t there. Denise gives her a gift bag, and LVP asks if she wants to stay. Denise says she has another dinner; otherwise, she would. Maybe they can have lunch next week. In her interview, Denise guesses LVP forgot, but she knows there’s a lot on her mind. Denise says she knows about the discord, and LVP says it’s devastating to her. She doesn’t want to drag Denise in. Denise knows she feels… LVP says, attacked?There’s a pause, and LVP thanks her for coming.

Denise joins the girls. Kyle asks how married life is. Denise says everything is good, and thanks LisaR for putting the dinner together. She apologizes for being late. Kyle asks how LVP is, and Denise says, happy her friends and family are there. She told LVP that she wanted to get together for lunch. She doesn’t know her that well, and they have no history. She mentioned that she sees there’s discord, so she’ll see if there’s a way to mend it or not. In Kyle’s interview, she says not speaking to LVP, and not spending her birthday with her is weird. They’re always together. Dorit doesn’t understand why LVP is upset with everyone.  LisaR says she has no beef with LVP. Kyle says they were all talking until she went to the house; then everyone got cut off. In her interview, Dorit says when LVP is feeling hurt, she pushes everyone away. She’ll speak to them when she feels they’ve been appropriately punished. Denise thinks she was hesitant to talk because all of her guests were right there, but she seems to be doing okay. *See below for LVP’s explanation.

Giggy! LVP greets Kevin Lee and Mohamed Hadid. I guess she and Mohamed mended fences. Max says he heard she was having trouble with her friends. LVP asks who told him, and he says, Pandy. She doesn’t want to talk about it, and Pandora says she can count on them. LVP asks if Max isn’t working tonight; he must know the owners. JohnS tells her that they have something prepared for her. Maybe involving a stripper. Several servers come out with sparklers, followed with a cake carried by half-naked dudes. She says, thank God they have trousers on.  She thanks everyone for caring. It’s been a tough year this year, and she hopes for a better one. She loves them, and their friendship means everything to her. She thanks them for being there, and says, now, let’s party.

LisaR toasts to Denise and Aaron, and many happy years together. Kyle says, and the next bride. They toast to Camille. She says she doesn’t even remember being in bed with Kelsey. It was never that hot and heavy. She did learn a lot because of him, but the love petered out at the end. We flash back to how he screwed her over, and her saying the other woman doesn’t know she destroyed a family. Denise likes how Camille said, petered out; she’s using that. Kyle loves when Camille gets like that. We flash back to her saying Kelsey was a terrible kisser. In her interview, Kyle says it’s entertaining when Camille gets on a roll. You never know what will come out of her mouth. Denise suggests Camille have another drink. They discuss man-grooming, and Camille says she used to be a dental assistant, so she’s particular. She says before LVP got her teeth redone, she told her that she needed new caps; her gumline was receding.  In her interview, Dorit thinks Camille should zip it. In Teddi’s interview, she says she has issues with LVP, but this kind of talk is next level, and there’s no going back. Camille says she’s going down. Just bring her casket to the wedding.

*On Watch What Happens Live, LVP (a solo guest) explained that the reason she pushed away from all of them was because Kyle told her they all felt that way. While I’m on the subject, Andy is also starting to grow a beard, and no. Just no.

Next time, a surprise shower for Camille, LVP helps demo the kitchen, Lois is in town, and Camille and LisaR tangle about Judge Cavanaugh.

If Loving You Is Wrong

Tanya is freaking out, naked in the street. Lushion tells Natalie to call 911. Randal comes out and says, she’s in psychosis. Tanya says she won’t stop following her. Randal asks, who? but Tanya doesn’t know. He asks if she likes red; it’s a pretty color. She says she does, but then starts making rhymes. She tells him, all God’s children go to heaven. Dogs too. Randal asks if she’s ever had a dog, and she says she has, but the weeping willow tree killed him. He says she must be cold, and she says her skin is fur and warm. He asks if he can put a blanket on her, saying the elk in Yellowstone need covers. He puts the blanket around her shoulders. She accepts it, but then yells, no, no, no! and runs home.

Natalie asks Lushion, what’s going on? He says, it’s some kind of breakdown. He’s going to call the station, and have them do a welfare check. Randal says he’d better hurry, and Natalie says, like he cares. He says he doesn’t. She tells him, show some decency, and he asks, what’s that? He sees Alex is home, and says he’ll come by tomorrow after work to see the baby. She says, okay, and he tells her, wear something sexy. She goes back inside. Lushion starts walking toward Tanya’s house, and Natalie asks where he’s going. He says he’s waiting for the medic, and Natalie asks, what if she has a gun? He tells her, go in the house, but she doesn’t like this. He says, he need to help, but she tells him, let the professionals do it. He says he is one. Natalie thought she was off when they met her. Lushion asks if Natalie knows her name, and Natalie says, Tanya. She lives with her husband; he’s a firefighter. Lushion asks if she’s seen him in uniform, and if he works for Maxine. She asks why he’s interrogating her. She’s not one of his suspects. He tells her, go in the house.

Tanya’s husband pulls up. Lushion tries to get his attention, but he says he has to check on his wife. He runs inside, and Lushion tells Natalie, it looks like they have some new neighbors. Natalie says one is crazier than this a-hole, indicating Randal. Eddie drives up, and she says, even worse. Eddie walks toward Lushion, throwing money in the air, and telling Lushion to buy some rounds. Lushion and Natalie walk back to their house, and Eddie struts over to Alex’s place. She tells him, get away, and he asks, where’s Brad? She says he’s not there, and the kids are sleeping. She tells him to go home to his wife, but he says she hasn’t talked to him for years; he has no home. He sticks his foot in the door, but she says she’s not letting him in. He says she’s his cousin, and she says, go to hell. He tells her that he needs to use the bathroom, and asks where Brad is again. They trade insults until Alex finally tells him to move his foot. He says he needs to take a piss, but she doesn’t care. She pushes him out, and closes door.

Eddie goes over to Randal’s house. He says, this SOB, and pees on Randal’s lawn. I guess he wasn’t kidding. He walks around the yard, peeing, and up onto the porch. That Tyler Perry, always full of surprises. I can’t say I’ve ever seen this before. Randal opens the door, and asks why Eddie is there. Eddie says he’s taking a piss, and Randal says, get off. Eddie says, when he’s done, and moonwalks backward while peeing. I’m dying laughing. Randal throws water at him, and comes down to the lawn. He tells Eddie that he has no idea what’s coming for him. He heard what Eddie did with Larry. Eddie asks if she said how much it turned her on, and Randal says Larry didn’t mention that. Eddie says, she should have. Randal asks how much Eddie knows about Larry, and he says Larry is a punk, like Randal. Randal says he’s going to enjoy this. Eddie has more than met his match. The difference between them is that Larry is smart. He’s looking forward to this. I am too, and it’s probably the first time Randal and I will ever agree. Eddie says he lives for this. Randal tells him, enjoy his last days. Even pussy… cats like Eddie only have nine lives. Eddie says he runs this junk, and Randal wonders how well a lion does in the ocean against a shark. Eddie says any time Randal wants to dance, let him know. Randal can’t say it’s been nice knowing him, but he is saying, clean this up.

Ben tells Tanya to take her pills, but she refuses. He says she told him that she’s been taking them. What is she doing with them? She says she has been, but won’t take the one he’s trying to give her. He tries to force it into her mouth. Outside, Eddie hears them yelling, and runs over. He bangs on the door, says, police, and comes in with his gun drawn. He asks if Tanya is okay. She says she is, and he asks if Ben is hurting her. She says, yes, and Ben says, she’s mentally ill. He just made her take her meds. He tells Tanya to let Eddie know she’s okay. She toddles off to the bedroom, and Eddie says, one more word, and he’s taking Ben’s ass to jail. He closes the door and lowers his gun. He asks what Ben is doing. He heard her screaming. Take a sock, and ram it in her mouth so no one can hear it, or he’ll have all kinds of cops here. He doesn’t want that. Ben asks if he’s serious, and Eddie says, shut a bitch up, or everyone will hear his business. Ben says, it’s not that, and Eddie says he’s been there before. Ben asks again if he’s serious, and Eddie says, dead serious. He shakes Ben’s hand, and says, shut the ho up. Don’t make him come back. He leaves, and I’m guessing Ben is sorry he ever moved there.

Natalie asks if Lushion thinks it’s drugs, but he says, no. It looked like something else. She hopes Tanya isn’t dangerous. Lushion says he’ll keep an eye on her. His phone rings. He wants to ignore it, but Natalie tells him to get it. It’s Ian, who wants to talk when Lushion gets off work. Natalie suggests Lushion invite him for dinner, and Ian in says, okay. Lushion asks Natalie why she wants him to come over, and she says she wants him to help Kelly. Lushion says she’d better convince him. She turns her back to him, but he says she’s not sleeping now, and kisses the back of her neck.

At their apartment, Marcie asks Brad if he’s working today. He says he’s stopping by the house for Alex to sign the divorce papers first. He doesn’t think there will be a problem. She says that’s better than Randal. Brad asks how she got him to sign them, and she says she’s calling Larry, and asking him. As long as she’s free. Hallelujah! He thanks her for last night. Esperanza calls, and Marcie asks how Kelly is. Esperanza thinks she’s better, but she’s going to try and get more details today. She heard Randal signed the divorce papers, and asks how Marcie got him to do that. Marcie says, it wasn’t easy. Esperanza asks who helped her, and Marcie says, a lawyer. Esperanza says, the one who tied Eddie up? He’s so weird. Marcie doesn’t care; she’s free. Esperanza needs help, and Marcie asks, what kind? She needs to find a way to threaten Eddie; get him to leave her alone. She can’t do this anymore. She’s exhausted. Marcie asks if she wants Larry’s number, and she says it wouldn’t hurt.

Marcie calls Larry, and asks what he did. How did he get Randal to sign the papers. Larry says, it’s done. Marcie says, Ian said he filed them, so it’s legal now? She’s divorced? He says she doesn’t have to worry, and she says Randal is mad as hell. Larry says, he’ll calm him down. He thinks knows Randal pretty well. Marcie says she didn’t know Randal was into… Larry says, Randal had quite a past. She says, like what? Like what he did to Eddie? Larry says, something like that. She says, S&M? Larry says, that’s on him, not Randal. She says, not that it matters, but she would have liked to have known. Larry says she can trust him. Her ex was a bit of a swinger. Marcie says, whatever Larry did, she thanks him. He says it was the least he could do. She hopes it doesn’t come back to haunt her, but Larry says, it won’t. She tells him that she has a friend who needs legal advice, and she’s going to give him a call. She thanks him again. She looks at her empty ring finger.

On the phone, Randal asks what do they mean, telling him it’s filed. What if he didn’t know what he was signing? He says, go to the judge. What if his attorney tricked him into signing. It’s his word against the judge’s? Go to hell. He calls Larry’s office, and says, bitch, you know who this is. He calls all the time. Hello? I die laughing for the second time.

Alex and Natalie see the kids off at the bus stop. Natalie asks how Alex is, and Alex says, okay. Alex says, Justice looked okay. She asks if he knows, and Natalie says, no. He keeps asking to talk to her though. They’ll have to tell him something, but they’re waiting to see that Kelly is doing better. She asks if Randal is still bothering Alex, and Alex says she’s going to let him see the baby. Natalie asks if she’s sure, and Alex says, no, but she has to keep the peace somehow. Natalie says they’ve been over this, and Alex says she’s going to do another test. She doesn’t want to talk to him, but it’s her mess. She tells Natalie that Brad is asking for a divorce. She knew that was coming, and she’s not fighting it. She’s so tired of fighting. As long as he takes care of the house, kids, and everything else. Geez. She’s not asking too much. Good luck with that. Natalie is sorry, and Alex says, it’s amazing how one mistake can change your entire life in such an awful way. What can you do? Natalie says, deal with it. Alex says that’s what she’s going to do. Natalie asks if Alex saw Tanya, and Alex asks, what was that? Natalie says, Lushion thinks she’s mentally ill. Speaking of which… Ben runs up to them.

Natalie asks if everything is okay, and Ben says that his fiancé told him that she and the officer had helped. He thanks her, saying it’s better than their last situation. Now they have a police officer and psychologist on the same block. Alex says, Randal? and he says Randal talked to Tanya the other day. Natalie tells him, be careful with him. Everybody’s not what they appear to be. Ben says, okay. Tanya said he came by, so Ben figured he’d introduced himself. Natalie says, it may start that way. Alex asks, what’s going on? and Ben says his fiancé is mentally ill. She has to take lithium. If she doesn’t, she has delusions, and isn’t herself, but he promises they have nothing to worry about. Natalie asks if he’s sure she isn’t dangerous, but he says he tries to stay on her. Alex asks how he can tell when she’s not taking it, and he says she doesn’t know until she has a breakdown. He wants to trust her. Alex says she’s sorry, and Ben asks if she’s doing better today. She says she is, and asks how long they’ve been married. Since he’s been saying, fiancé, apparently she’s not listening. He says they’ve been together since high school. She just got sick a few years ago. Alex asks if it came out of nowhere, and he says, her mother had it, but they figured she wouldn’t. Natalie is sorry, and Ben says, just deal with it. Natalie tells him that they were just saying that. Ben gives them his number in case he’s at work and Tanya needs him. Natalie says he didn’t give it to Randal, did he? He says he was headed there next, and she tells him, hold off on that. Ben asks, why? Isn’t he a good guy? Natalie says, hell no. he’s crazy as hell. She lists all his psychoses, and tells Ben to keep his distance. Ben suggests she tell him how she really feels. He says he’ll stay away, and thanks them. He tells Alex that he’s glad she’s doing better, and he goes back home.

Brad pulls up. Alex asks if he wants to come in, and he says, unless she’s signing in front of the neighborhood. They’ll need a witness, and he asks Natalie. Alex says, it’s okay; she agreed to sign the papers. He’s brought a notary with him. They go inside.

Brad shows her where to sign, and I wonder if she doesn’t want to read it. Alex asks if Brad is sure he wants to do this, and he says he’s never been so sure of anything. Alex says she needs to read it first. Thank you. He says all she needs to know is, he’s divorcing her. She says she needs to read it, and he says he’ll wait. She says she needs a lawyer; someone to look at it. He says he’s not messing around, and she says, wait. Natalie suggests giving it a day. Let someone look at it. Brad says, after what she’s done? After everything she’s done, she doesn’t deserve the courtesy.  Natalie says, Ian could look at it; a day won’t matter. She won’t be a witness if Brad won’t let Alex talk with somebody. He says, it’s ridiculous, and tells Alex, 24 hours. Um… that’s not how any of this works. He leaves, and Alex cries. Natalie is sorry, and Alex says, it is what it is. She thanks Natalie, who says she should let Ian look at it. Alex says, okay, and Natalie tells her that he’s coming over for dinner. She can ask him then. She says, it’s going to be all right, and hugs Alex.

Outside Kelly’s room, Lushion asks if Rick was there all night. Rick says he was, and he’s staying there the rest of the day. He wants to be there when Kelly wakes up. Lushion asks, what’s going on? and Rick says he’s doing his job. Lushion isn’t buying it; there’s something else. Rick says he screwed up. He should have taken her more seriously. Lushion says, like when she told him about Travis? Now he’s feeling guilty? Rick says he went to Travis’s father’s church too, and Lushion wonders if everybody in Maxine goes there. Rick says, he’s a powerful man. Lushion says, his son was sick. Rick says he worked security for the church, and has information. Lushion asks if it’s on Travis, and Rick says he’s trying to get proof. The place is locked down like a cult. They’re coming for her; that he knows. Lushion says he needs everything he can get if. If Rick gets any information, he wants to know.

Lushion goes in to see Kelly. She says she slept so long, and he says she probably needed it. She says she doesn’t need to be chained up. Lushion looks around, and uncuffs her. She cries, and thanks him. He says, don’t tell anybody. She sits up, and he helps her out of bed. He tells her, don’t go too far; get her bearings. She asks how Justice is, and if they told him. Lushion says Natalie is looking after Justice, and they didn’t. She can’t believe she’s going to jail for the rest of her life, but Lushion says they’re not letting that happen. She says she told Rick about the chaplain who showed up. She goes to Travis’s church, and said there were other women. Lushion asks what her name is, and Kelly says, Margaret. He says Rick knows someone there too, and he’s working on getting information. He has more good news. Ian is going to rep her. Kelly claps her hands together, and asks if he’s really good. Lushion says, yes, but his partner reps the church. She asks how they can trust him, and Lushion says they’re having him over for dinner tonight. He’ll keep a close eye on him. She says what she wouldn’t give for a good breakfast. Lushion says it’s not a crime; he’ll get her one. He has to cuff her again, but she says it’s her, and where would she be going? He says if a nurse sees, he’ll get in trouble, but he’ll go to the cafeteria and be right back. He tells her, at least get in bed, and cover up. If anyone comes in, they won’t know she’s not handcuffed. She gets in, and pulls up the covers, and he leaves.

Esperanza calls Larry. She says she needs to speak to a good lawyer, and he says, at her service. She says she has a lot of crazy information about her ex, and wonders if there’s a way to get him to leave her alone. Larry tells her, start with his name, and she says, Edward Willis. He says, the officer? The one he tied up? It was of Eddie’s own accord. She knows he’s not into Eddie, but she needs to find a way to threaten him, so she can live her life. She can’t live like this. He tells her, come by the office.

Randal comes out of nowhere, and starts punching Larry. Where is the bitch secretary Randal is always complaining about? Randal is going to ask him one time only. Did he trick him into signing the divorce papers? Larry says he didn’t trick Randal, and Randal asks how he got them signed. Larry says, the situation is completely unhealthy, and Randal says he’s getting Larry’s ass disbarred. Larry tells him, calm down. Randal will thank him one day. Randal asks, why? and Larry says he’s locked in the past. They’ve always looked out for each other. Someone looks in, and Larry says he’s good. Larry say he knows what Marcie had on Randal.  With the emotional distress alone, she could take all that he has. She lost the baby, and was going to come at him for murder. All the pain and suffering he caused her; he’s seen stranger things happen. Randal says, don’t speak to him again. Larry says, don’t do this, but Randal says, never. Larry tells him, he has to let it go; it’s no good. Randal walks out.

Lushion returns to Kelly’s room, saying he’s brought the breakfast of champions, but Kelly is gone. Lushion says, damn it, Kelly.

Next time, Esperanza meets with Eddie; Eddie tells Esperanza if he can’t have her, no one can; Marcie is past done dealing with Randal; Randal spies on Tanya; Tanya doesn’t want to talk to Randal again; and Esperanza asks Larry if he can hire someone to kill him. I assume she means Eddie.

🌅 Get Me Some Glue…

It’s come to this. Up all night and bad jokes.




April 2, 2019 – Gail’s Last Indulgence, Worst Fight Ever, Eddie’s Plan Backfires, Potomac Return, Poor Dorit, a Bowl of Puppies & Charming Alan


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

We see everyone gathering on the tenth floor at the hospital. Scotty wonders who didn’t get an invite. Alexis asks if he’s ready. He doesn’t think he’ll ever be ready, but tells her, carry on. Alexis thanks everyone for coming to honor the final wishes of their beloved Gail Baldwin. She hands out envelopes, saying they each contain a piece of the original blueprint of GH as it was when it opened. Her instructions are to go to the location, and find an envelope with their name on it. Bring it back to the tenth floor, intact. Scotty says, no peeking. Monica says, the hospital has changed a lot. Some of the spaces are gone or there’s something else there. Leslie asks if she’s not up to the challenge, and Monica says, watch her. Maxie loves a scavenger hunt, and Lucy loves a mysterious envelope. Alexis says if they didn’t have the privilege of knowing Gail, they were invited with a special privilege. Bobbie asks what if they can’t find their envelope? Alexis says it’s important that they do. Scotty says he was in the habit of not listening to Gail, and every time he didn’t, it was a disaster. So he’s going to listen one last time while he has the privilege (WOTD) of doing so. Everyone holds up their envelopes, and says, for Gail.

Monica and Leslie both look in the locker room. Leslie says, of course Gail would put them in the same place. Monica says, the old cafeteria, where Leslie interrupted her lunches. Leslie says, it’s nice that they’ve matured. She finds her envelope, and says, hello stranger. Monica says, Gail used to say that all the time, and Leslie adds, even if she saw you the day before. Monica asks if Leslie has seen her envelope, and Leslie says, if she had, she wouldn’t tell her. Monica says, it’s a moot point. She’s found it in the shower. Leslie asks if it’s true the showers are co-ed now, and Monica tells her, welcome to the 21st century. Leslie says, imagine if they’d had them back in the day. Monica would have never left the locker room. No man was safe. Monica says, at least she lived a little. Leslie was busy being a saintly earth mother. Leslie says, it was better than being a slut. Monica asks what Leslie called her, but Leslie says she heard.

Bobbie looks at old pictures on the wall. Felicia expected her envelope to be waiting there, and Bobbie says, her too. Felicia says she misses BJ, but still feels thankful every day for the gift Bobbie gave Maxie. Bobbie says, it was Tony. She couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that BJ was gone, but he knew what had to be done. Felicia says, two little girls could have died that day, but one survived because of the hospital. Bobbie adds, and everyone in it.

Curtis tells Stella that maybe he’s making too much of Jordan going to Mercy. Stella says, at GH it’s the people. Their warmth and heart make the hospital extraordinary.

Laura asks Scotty how the envelope hunt is going. He can’t figure it out, and just wants to get it right for Gail’s sake. Laura asks if she can help him, and he says she smiles like she did when she was seventeen. He says if Gail hadn’t gotten him out of Greenwich Village, he would have never met her. They would never have had all that history. Laura finds his envelope, and he says it’s lucky they stayed friends. Laura says, very lucky. Scotty asks what she thinks is in the envelope, and she asks what he wants it to be. He says advice on how he’s going to continue on without Lee and Gail.

Franco sees Scotty, and says he’s sorry he didn’t let him know what was going on. He asked Scotty to defend the indefensible with no warning or explanation. Scotty says it was not his greatest day in court. Franco says to add insult to injury, he didn’t even reach out when Gail died. He never met her. He’s a terrible son; expecting the benefits of Scotty’s expertise, and the unending joy of his support. In response, he’s made no effort. Scotty says Franco just described him; how he treated his father. Gail to a lesser degree. He felt they’d always be there, and he didn’t have to put time in. He gets it now. It’s tough with the shoe being on the other foot. Now Franco has a kid going through some stuff, and he’s out of the loop. Kids should spend time with their parents. He gets it. Franco apologizes, and Scotty says he doesn’t hold it against Franco. He knows Franco is going through some crazy stuff; some legit, some not, but he’d never turn his back. Parents don’t do that. Lee would give him a stiff talking to. Franco says, and Gail? Scotty says, she was a little nicer, more accepting. He’s not like that, but Franco is his son, and he loves him. Because of him, he knows what his parents went through, and how much they loved him. He hugs Franco.

Julian tells Alexis that he didn’t know Gail. She says Franco didn’t either, but Julian says Franco is her grandson. Alexis says she had the privilege of being Gail’s lawyer for five years. She was a wonderful woman. Julian realizes she must have told Gail about them and she says she may have brought it up now and then. However misguided, she thinks Gail included him for her. She’s sure Gail’s intentions were good. She didn’t make clear it was over. Done, finé; forever and ever, amen. Julian backs her toward the wall, and she asks what he’s doing. He says he’s thinking maybe Gail was insightful. Maybe she knew Alexis better than she knows herself. He walks past her, and down the stairs.

Monica finds Lucy looking through her old Nurses’ Ball clothes. She asks what Lucy is doing, and Lucy says she was following the blueprint to where she had her old Nurses’ Ball dresses delivered. She has a fantastic idea. She wants to sell all of them, and donate the proceeds to the Ball. She finds a hankie with initials on it, and says, Alan could rock a pocket square. Monica says, he had panache. She asks if Lucy remembers when he opened the ball with a song from Cinderella. He made every woman feel like a beautiful princess. Lucy says Monica was always his queen. She was greedy, young, and stupid. She’s sorry. Monica says, don’t be. She’s not selling that, is she? Lucy shakes her head, and says it belongs to Monica. Lucy gives it to her, and I’m getting misty.

Sonny sees Laura in the chapel. He asks if she’s thinking about Gail. She says, yes, and life. She asks if he remembers the first time they met. He laughs, and says, yeah. She thought he was trouble with a capital T, but she could also sense a generous heart and an inner sweetness. Sonny asks if it might have been the dimples, and she says, a little, but she thinks it was just him. He’s a good guy in a bad guy’s clothes. He appreciates that. They’ve come pretty far despite the struggles and losses. Sonny appreciates her shining light on healthcare. She says he’s a big part of it. Watching him and his openness about his bi-polar illness. His honesty and experience gave her the strength to do the same. To show the world that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. It should be examined and dealt with, and it’s done every day there. Sonny says, thank God for General Hospital, and she says they’re in the perfect place to do that.

Max tells Maxie that he’s positive the vending machine used to be there. She agrees, saying he used to get peanut crackers that were probably there since the 1950s. She thanks him for being there for her after her heart operation. He could have refused to get the scar removed, but he says it was important to her. She says, now, she might do it different, but back then, she wanted to be normal, and not known as the heart transplant girl. Max says she’s way too spectacular to qualify as normal. He tells her that she’s wrong, and she says, be specific. He says if anyone told him that he’d find his greatest happiness in being a suburban dad, he’d have told them they were crazy. It took him a while to embrace it, but he’s never regretted it. He’s not judging, but the other guys don’t know what they’re missing. Felicia joins them.

Bobbie asks if Elizabeth is having any luck. Elizabeth says, no, and asks if this isn’t the old medical supply room? Where they had the metal cabinets with glass doors. Bobbie says those were long gone before Elizabeth became a nurse. Elizabeth says her mom isn’t the only reason she became nurse. It was also because of Bobbie. The night Lucky found her after she was raped, he called her. She was so gentle and kind. She knew what to say, and made her feel like she had control. Bobbie says she was so brave, and Elizabeth says she made an impact. Bobbie says she’s an excellent nurse, and she’s proud to have played a small part in that. They hug, and Bobbie finds Elizabeth’s envelope.

Sonny sees the plaque dedicated to Stone. He pauses in front of it, and smiles.

Curtis hopes Laura doesn’t mind, but a nurse saw her in the chapel, and he wanted to think her for not sidelining Jordan’s confidence in doing her job. Being commissioner means the world to her. Laura can see that, and her confidence is warranted. Her illness hasn’t slowed her down. She’s a strong woman, with a great support system, and a pretty good husband. He’s like, what? then laughs.

Carly sees Bobbie at the pediatric center dedicated to Michael, and tells Bobbie that she’s pregnant. She says they’re surprised and happy, and Bobbie is probably freaking out. Bobbie congratulates her, and asks what the doctor said. Carly says to be super careful about her stress and monitor her blood pressure. If the risk is above 50%, she may have to terminate. Sonny would say definitely. Bobbie asks what she says, and Carly tells her it will be her and Sonny’s second baby. Bobbie says it brings up Morgan, and Carly says she doesn’t want go there, but Bobbie says she can’t live her life in fear. Carly realizes that, but not knowing is a blessing. She’s grateful that she didn’t know the future for Morgan would be cut short, but it’s better than not having time at all. That’s how Bobbie feels about BJ. She tells Carly she has to be responsible, and Carly says, so far so good. Sonny joins them. Bobbie congratulates him, and says if there’s one thing she’s learned at the hospital, it’s that even if you can’t count on miracles, they do happen.

Bobbie asks how Scotty is holding up. He doesn’t know if he wants it to end. The Gail business is still keeping her alive. Bobbie says she’s alive in their minds and hearts. It’s a day for remembering. They’re still there after all this time; the redheaded nurse and the handsome boy next door. If she knew then what would happen, she wouldn’t change anything. Scotty says he would, but wouldn’t change that they’re still friends. They hug.

Doc tells Lucy that he’s completely lost. She looks at his blueprint, and he says she doesn’t have to do that. She says she’s helping a friend, and he says it’s better than he deserves. She says she’ll always stand by him. He says he doesn’t want to give her hope for something that’s not going to happen. He loves Laura, but wants her know that it wasn’t a mistake. Just because it doesn’t last, doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant to be. There’s a world full of beautiful things that don’t last. That makes it more special. She tells him that if he’s going to make her expensive mascara run, he’s going to be in trouble. She thinks she knows where he’s supposed to be, and takes his hand.

Leslie says Gail put them together on purpose, and Monica says, the reality is, there are more things that bind them than separate them. Leslie says even when she couldn’t stand Monica, she admired her. Monica feels the same, and says, it’s ironic. She thinks about all the yelling, crying, and hair pulling. Meanwhile they wound up with the men they were supposed to be with. Leslie says, too bad they didn’t think about that earlier. They could have saved the drama. Monica thinks Leslie likes drama, and Leslie says, maybe a little. Monica says they can look back, and smile.

Lucy leads Doc to the chapel, where Laura still is. Lucy sees his envelope, and gives it to him, saying, this is where he’s meant to be. She leaves, and Doc and Laura look at each other.

Doc asks how Laura is, and she says, okay. He misses her. She misses him too. He hates how he ruined this for them, but she says he didn’t; not completely. He says they’ll always have Paris, and she says she’ll always have his proposal, and how he tricked her into putting on that dress. It’s one of the best moments of her life, and it was with him. She’ll never forget it, no matter what happens. He says, no matter what happens, he’ll never forget she said yes. Leslie walks in, but says she’ll come back. Laura tells her, it’s okay. She tells Doc that she’s glad he’s safe. He leaves, and Leslie asks if she’s all right. Laura says, she will be, and they hug.

Lucy tells Scotty that she talked to Serena. She wanted to hear the end of Gail’s will reading, but the connection was horrible. Scotty says they should have had a love story like Lee and Gail. Lucy says they never seemed to get the timing right. They look out, and see Doc. Scotty says, it’s so complicated.

Laura asks how Leslie is doing with Gail’s death. She says, it feels different being with everyone. She thought it would be worse; too many memories, but it turned out to be the exact opposite. Laura says she was remembering when she was a candy striper. She was so proud that her mother was a doctor there. She was fortunate to have a role model like Leslie. Not that she followed her example. Leslie says Laura is her wonderful, compassionate, tempestuous daughter. She’ll always do things her way, but Leslie loves that about her, and couldn’t be any prouder. Laura thanks her, and they hug.

Epiphany asks Elizabeth how the envelope hunt is going, and Elizabeth says she found hers. Epiphany says, what a trip. Elizabeth says she was talking to Bobbie about her being an inspiration for her becoming a nurse, but Epiphany taught her how to be one. She leads by example every day. She advocates for the patients, doesn’t tolerate whining, and understands human flaws. Epiphany says she takes the most pride in teaching those eager to learn, who don’t think the know everything and criticize them. That’s Elizabeth. She’s receptive, works hard, and is always contributing. They’re a team. Elizabeth says she doesn’t always say it, but she couldn’t ask for a better colleague or friend.

Alexis asks for everyone’s attention. At Gail’s request, they’re to open their envelopes on the count of three. They open the envelopes, and inside is glitter. Franco throws his in the air, and puts his arm around Scotty.

Alexis reads a letter from Gail, asking them to forgive her last indulgence. As they’ve figured out, there’s nothing to find. She thanks Alexis for planting the envelopes, and says they’re probably wondering why they’re there. Why she orchestrated this wild goose chase. The answer is simple. She wanted to bring them back to a time they were together. She tells them to cheer each other on as they carry the work forward. They couldn’t ask for a better place or better friends. There are amazing times to come, and she asks them to cherish them, as she cherishes them.

We see flashbacks of everyone from the past, and all the moments they talked about. Yep, they did it now, and I was holding it together through the whole show. A song plays about wishing the clock could be slowed down because memories aren’t enough.

Everyone slowly goes back to work. Lucy hugs Scotty. Alexis leaves. We see…

Happy 56th Anniversary

and I feel a little old.

Tomorrow, Oscar wants to give Josslyn something more, Sonny asks if Michael has an exit plan, Jason tells Sam that Shiloh doesn’t go near Danny again, and Shiloh tells Kristina that once she’s in the Trust, there’s no turning back.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Denise and Aaron check out their wedding gifts. They’ve decided to postpone the honeymoon, since they both have too much going on. Denise can’t believe they put it together. We flash back to how late she was. In her interview, she says the difference between this wedding and her wedding to Charlie, is that her and Charlie’s wedding album was done the day she filed for divorce. At least they made it to opening the gifts. She tells Aaron, Lola said she was so happy. She feels like now they have a family. We see a clip of that. Aaron says he was nervous to get their approval. In Denise’s interview, she’s amazed at how well Aaron has done with the kids. He’s nurturing and present. She tells him, in one day he became a husband and stepfather. When he adopts Lola, he’ll be a dad too. Add water, and he has an instant family.

At Vanderpump Dogs, filming is happening. Giggy! TV producer Simon is there for the Puppy Bowl.  In LVP’s interview, she explains what the Puppy Bowl is, and that the rescue center was chosen to compete. Pup Violet is going to be playing, and it’s huge for them. Simon films LVP talking about the rescue center. She says they’re crazy about dogs, but wanted to create an environment that’s people friendly as well. She says the Puppy Bowl will be fun, but it will also help the dogs get adopted. That’s why Violet his helping out, and not Giggy. Giggy also had a problem with his heart (my heart!). We see a clip of the vet telling LVP that Giggy’s heart has aged faster than he has. LVP says he’s doing better. They’ve also gotten involved with getting a resolution to congress condemning the dog meat trade. It’s their first political step to stop it all over the world. it’s going to be streaming online tomorrow. In her interview, LVP thinks Teddi is a complete and utter bitch, but she’s done a couple of fundraisers, and every penny helps. There’s supposed to be one tomorrow, and LVP hopes Teddi goes ahead with it.

Teddi asks Edwin if he’s coming to the fundraiser. Normally, a spin class is twenty bucks, and the donate 60% of the proceeds. Edwin says, it’s a win-win for everyone. Teddi is uncomfortable, but she made the commitment. If LVP shows up, okay; and if not, okay. Before the dog situation, she’d partnered with Vanderpump Dogs, and it was so successful, they did two back to back. Just because they have issues doesn’t mean she’s not staying true to her commitment. She calls Dorit, and asks how it’s going. Dorit says, not good, and asks if Teddi saw the article in Radar Online. Teddi says someone sent it to her. Dorit thinks LVP is behind it, and doesn’t get it. She just saw her at the wedding. Teddi asks if LVP brought anything up at the wedding, but Dorit says, nothing. In Dorit’s interview, she says it’s hard to tell if everything is fine, but LVP’s actions are showing her it’s not fine. Teddi asks if LVP has called her, and Dorit says, no. Teddi says, it goes from one level to the next. Bringing her into it, bringing Kyle into it, and now bringing the press into it. We see a clip of Dorit telling PK that people’s perceptions are what they believe and read. If that’s true, people need to get off the internet. Teddi asks, when does it stop? She hasn’t heard from LVP regarding the fundraiser. The last time, John Blizzard came. Dorit says they’ll talk about it then.

At the CycleHouse fundraiser, Teddi wonders where LVP is. The biggest thing for charities is outreach, and she needs to show up. She’s surprised John Blizzard isn’t there, since she planned it with him. We see a clip of that. Lyndsey from Vanderpump Dogs shows up, and Teddi says, luckily, someone came, even if she doesn’t recognize them. She hasn’t heard from LVP. The other ladies trickle in, and everyone has snacks. Shouldn’t that be for after? LisaR caresses Erika’s handbag. She’s upset about the article, and asks if anyone knows who leaked it. Erika wonders, why humiliate Dorit? Teddi thinks it’s surprising that LVP isn’t there; it’s her own charity. LisaR says it’s hard to understand. Teddi says it’s a couple of minutes to go time.

At Vanderpump Dogs, LVP talks to Congressman Alcee Hastings, the Representative from Florida. He’s a huge animal rights supporter. He tells her the vote will be on at 5:40 tonight, and they’ll speak afterward. In LVP’s interview, she says the first the Congressman heard about the issue was through their endeavors. They called attention to it. We see a clip from LVP’s Dog Day. He contacted them, and said he hopes it passes if brought to the floor.

Kyle shows up last. LisaR wipes down her bike, saying it’s an OCD moment. There aren’t only germs, but sweaty germs. Kyle has no idea how to do this. The instructor says they’re doin’ it for the puppies. Class starts, and she screams at them. In Erika’s interview, she says, spin is aggressive. It keeps getting faster and harder, but she’s not letting these bitches see her suffer. In Denise’s interview, she says she does Pilates, but this is different, and the class is kicking her ass. At the end, the instructor says they made it, and gives a shout out to Teddi. Teddi thanks everyone. She’s grateful for her husband and friends supporting her. She says, regardless of the circumstances, real friends show up. I’m guessing she’s referring to LVP, but it’s not like they’re friends. Everyone has more snacks.

Teddi thanks the ladies, and tells them that they look great. They head out to Fig & Olive for lunch. Teddi says John was supposed to be there at 10 am, but at 10:10, on no one was there. Finally, they came at 10:30, but it was no one she’d met before. In her interview, she’s not surprised. If anyone confronted the employees, they’d have to lie. LVP lying is one thing, but forcing her staff to lie is another. Kyle says LVP had another event. She called last night and invited her to come afterwards. LisaR says she had something at the same time? and Kyle says it’s from 11 to 5, but she told LVP she’d committed to lunch. Denise wonders why LVP couldn’t come there first, but Kyle has no idea. Teddi says, Vanderpump Dogs is five minutes away. She could have shown up. LisaR says LVP is clever, and does a (bad) imitation of her saying she can’t possibly show up. She had another event.

Vanderpump Dogs isn’t getting a signal, and LVP says John (Blizzard) can’t do anything right. The TV says No Signal! like mine does when I use the wrong input; like it’s shouting at you. The other John (Sessa) fixes it. LVP tells JohnB to go pick up poops. They watch Congress do not much. Ken and Pandora arrive. The resolution urges all nations to outlaw the dog meat trade. LVP gets a special thanks. In her interview, LVP says, it’s a great gift and achievement. The vote happens, but no one is quite sure if it passed. JohnS calls their contact, and asks, what happened? He feels like an idiot, and so do I, since I didn’t understand it either. They find out it passed. LVP cries, and thanks everyone. Ken pops champagne, and it goes everywhere. LVP says, the US is on board to ban the dog meat trade. In LVP’s interview, she says it’s been them, shouting from the rooftops, walking the pavement. It’s an emotional moment, knowing it’s being acknowledged.

Dorit says she woke up to the Radar Online article about the dog situation. She knows LVP fed them the story. She asks if Kyle read it, and Kyle says she saw it everywhere. Dorit says, they’re not just her words; it’s the way she wants the world to perceive the situation. Kyle says she’s not there to defend herself, but LisaR says, she chose not to be there. Erika says, it’s indefensible behavior. In her interview, LisaR says Kyle struggles with doing the right thing and what LVP wants her to do. She thinks it’s a weird relationship. Kyle is very conflicted. Dorit says, even the verbiage she used; she knows LVP leaked it. In Erika’s interview, she says LVP most definitely manipulated the truth. Less than ten people knew about it. Now it’s out there. LisaR says LVP knows how to work it. In her interview, she says LVP told her how to plant a story. She told LisaR if she ever had trouble with the press and needed to leak her story, to call this person. She clearly knows how do it. Denise asks Kyle if she’s known LVP leak things before. Kyle says, everyone has done things like that, and like a prosecuting attorney, Dorit says, answer the question. Kyle says she has no proof or knowledge, since she doesn’t have a connection there. She doesn’t know. Dorit asks if she has in the past, and Kyle says, yes. In her interview, Kyle says she can’t say it’s never happened when LVP has been accused of it in the past. We flash back to an old reunion, when Adrienne Maloof accused her of leaking a story. Kyle wishes she could say it’s not true, but she can’t.

The waiter comes. Kyle asks if Dorit has talked to LVP since the article came out, and Dorit says why would she? She’ll just hear her lie and deny it. Kyle says, if she did it, it’s because she wants people to take her side. It’s basically between Dorit and LVP, and LVP doesn’t want to look bad. It’s her way of getting in front of it. Dorit says she’s not letting LVP peddle an untruth. Kyle says she’s going through a hard time. Teddi asks, when Kyle has a hard time, does she hurt people? Teddi thinks maybe Kyle can talk to LVP. In Kyle’s interview, she says she still cares and loves LVP as a friend, but she’s not there to speak up for herself.

JohnS says they’re crazy dog rescuers, but he loves it. JohnB asks LVP if he can text about it, and she says this is one time he can go rogue. LVP tells JohnS that she hates the negative talk around the center. Teddi is wrong, and they hammered her in the Bahamas. We flash back to that. JohnS wishes he could come for them, but she says what he did was good enough. It would have looked petty for them to cancel the fundraiser.

Denise knows it’s hard to believe, but she’s had bad press. She says the truth comes out over time; screw all this. At the end of the day, who gives a sh*t? In her interview, Denise says when there were negative things written about her, it was hard to have a thick skin, but the best defense is to say nothing. She gets that Dorit needs to protect her family though. Teddi says when it’s about an animal, the amount of people come at you and attack is beyond. Dorit says she lies awake, thinking someone will hurt her kids. She cries, and I think she can be Babydoll II. She says she’s scared. She’s getting messages. In her interview, Dorit says the article exposed her and her family in a vulnerable way. There have been comments that her children deserve to be bitten. Kyle says, it’s hard when you care about someone. Erika says, it’s disappointing.

Kyle visits her friend Sharon. She’s bringing a dress for Teddi to use in a photo shoot. Kyle points out that one of Sharon’s dogs is wearing a diaper, and Sharon says he will if he wants to live there. In Kyle’s interview, she says she met Sharon when she was dating Mauricio, and they both adopted dogs from the same litter, so it makes them related. Teddi arrives, and Kyle shows them jewelry she’s having duplicated. Some of the pieces are the ones her mom gave her that were burglarized. In her interview, she says she can’t replace what her mom left her. When she was growing up, her mom wore cocktail rings. Sharon is an incredibly talented in jewelry making, and she’s going to recreate the rings. Kyle says she was going over their conversation from yesterday. In Kyle’s interview, she says after the lunch, LVP went to TMZ, defending Dorit, but hasn’t said one word to Dorit. Teddi says LVP claims she fixed it up last night. Kyle wonders how you don’t have time to reach out to friend if you’re concerned, and not just for yourself. Kyle says she’s going to talk to LVP, saying she loves her, but this is the situation. She’s in a weird position. It feels weird being honest because cares about LVP.

Harry shows LisaR his food selections for camping. He just got back from mountain climbing in Canada, and he’s going back. He tells LisaR, you just add boiling water. She wonders why it works between them; they’re so opposite. She says how about Denise getting married in two days? She called on Wednesday, and the wedding was Saturday. She tells Harry that he and Aaron have Nicolette Sheridan in common. He says it’s enough to have in common, and asks what else? She says, there’s a situation with the women about a dog rescue. She explains about the two Johns, Kyle, Teddi, and Dorit, but Harry probably stopped listening when she said, situation with the women. She says it’s like a soap opera. Harry tells her, think of the drama as propaganda. It’s used to drive a wedge in to stabilize the group, so the person creating the drama can take over. In her interview, LisaR calls LVP, Lisa Vandertrump. Please. First of all, doesn’t Harry mean polarize the group? And yes, I know I think LVP can do no wrong, but in reality, Dorit screwed up, tried to get over, and Teddi is the one who made a big deal out of it. Even if she was being baited, she could have just dropped out and ignored the whole thing. I get why she might want to talk to Dorit, but there was no reason for her to involve everyone. It was only then when LVP started defending herself. Harry is testing out his tent. He says, mosquitoes can’t get in, but bears can. LisaR wonders, why do this? and he says he’s not in the bear’s food chain. They both get in the tent, She finds a dead mosquito, and says he couldn’t get her to do this. Maybe if she was medicated.

Kyle drives to LVP’s house. In her interview, she says she’s dreading it. In the past, she’s defended LVP, no matter what. We flash back to some of that. She says, this time it’s different. As difficult as it is, she has to be honest, and knows LVP will be upset. If she looks at how she’s raising her daughters, she’d tell them to defend what’s right. That’s what she’s doing, and it’s going to be absolute torture.

Kyle lets herself in, and congratulates LVP on the bill passing. LVP says she’s so excited. In Kyle’s interview, she says she’s been dreading this moment, but she has to have this conversation. It runs the risk of hurting their friendship, and she doesn’t want to do that. She tells LVP about lunch, and says the Radar Online thing came up, and Dorit was really upset. The article sounds like it comes from LVP’s camp. LVP only knows that she talked to TMZ when they came to the center. She put herself on the line. Kyle says LVP always told her to look for who benefits from a story, and it’s bad for Dorit. She said activists are coming after her. Kyle says she’s in a bad position as LVP’s friend. Ken (Giggy!) tells her to say it’s not true; it’s not. LVP says Kyle thinks she would leak a story, then give another one refuting the first one? Kyle tells her, that’s what everybody says. It seems like she’s trying to get ahead of it, so people believe her. They both talk at once, and Kyle says LVP isn’t letting her talk. She’s here as a friend. Ken says Kyle’s not LVP’s friend, and Kyle says she’ll defend what’s right. LVP asks if Kyle thinks she leaked the story about Dorit, and Kyle admits she does; it’s so blatant. LVP says this is a big shock. In her interview, LVP says when push comes to shove, Kyle doesn’t back her up. We flash back to some of that, and I think it’s more that Kyle doesn’t want to make waves. LVP thinks this is another case of that. LVP says she’s not saying she did something wrong when she didn’t. She’s a woman of integrity. Kyle says it doesn’t mean she wouldn’t love LVP. LVP swears on her children’s lives; on Giggy’s life. Well, she must be telling the truth then. Kyle says, maybe she cares more about her image than she does her friendships. LVP says she can show herself out. In Kyle’s interview, she says she want to say one more thing, and turn it around. She never imagined it would get like this. Ken shows her the TMZ interview on his tablet, and asks if that doesn’t sound genuine. She can’t be LVP’s friend when she says something like that. LVP would never say that about her. She’s an effing liar, and not LVP’s friend or his. He tells her, please go. Kyle says she’s here because she didn’t want to feel like this. Ken tells her, join the gang. They’re ganging up on LVP. Kyle says she cares about her, and LVP says they’re done. Ken says, a twelve year friendship, done. Kyle asks if she’s not allowed to be honest. She’s just telling them how it looked. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love LVP. She didn’t come to fight. LVP tells Kyle that she came there to say she’s a liar. Kyle says she has a hard time defending LVP, when they all think the same thing. LVP says if Kyle claimed she didn’t say something, she’d believe her. In Kyle’s interview, she says LVP is in so deep with what she said, there’s no turning back. How can they ever repair this situation? LVP tells Kyle to get the eff out of her house, and tells Ken that she’s done with Kyle. One of the dogs runs to the door as it closes behind Kyle, and I want to cry.

Next time, the yoga where you hang from aerial silks, Kyle tells the others what happened, and Denise doesn’t want to get on LVP’s bad side.

If Loving You Is Wrong

Steven single-handed beats up all four guys, smashing the last one’s head into their car window. Esperanza runs out, asking, what’s going on? Steven says he knows Eddie is behind this. Esperanza tells him, call the station, but he says he doesn’t need backup. He says, go in the house, and limps off. She makes a phone call.

Natalie’s phone rings. Esperanza asks if Lushion is there; it’s an emergency. Natalie says she’s tired of them calling for her man, but gives Lushion the phone. Esperanza explains that Steven was at her house, and four guys came when he was leaving. They got in a fight. Lushion asks if the four guys are all right. Steven is a bad boy. She says, they ran. Steven thinks Eddie sent them, and she doesn’t like the way Steven left. She’s never seen him that angry. She thinks he went to the pub to find Eddie. Lushion says, then Eddie should hide. She begs him to go to the pub. She thinks someone will get hurt. He says then she and Steven shouldn’t go there. There are a lot of police there; he’ll be fine. She repeats she’s never seen him like this, and Lushion says the only thing she knows about Steven, is that he wears purple drawers. She’s asking a favor; can he go? He says he’ll talk to Natalie, and hangs up. Natalie says, just go.

Natalie asks why Lushion is taking his time. He says he just realized he has to give Steven time to whoop Eddie’s ass. He’ll be just fine. Natalie says she understands him. He says that’s why he loves her.

Eddie sips his beer. Duncan and the guys come in. Duncan says Eddie didn’t tell them that bastard knew karate. Eddie says all of them couldn’t handle that punk. One guy says he needed stitches, and another says Steven damn near broke leg. Eddie says that’s what he gets, asking a group of ladies to do a man’s job. He can’t believe they couldn’t handle it. Steven comes in. The guys back up, and he sits. He says, so Eddie did send them. Eddie says he recognizes one of them, and Steven says maybe he’d like to join the other guy in the hospital. The bartender says he just had a brawl, and Eddie says there won’t be another one. Steven says Eddie knows he’s getting an ass kicking, and if he thinks these guys are stepping in, he’ll kill them. Steven sucker punches Eddie, then beats on him. Everyone just watches as he pummels Eddie’s face.

Lushion walks in, and tells Steven, enough; stop. Eddie says, leave him alone, and Lushion suggests he let this go. Eddie says he’s not letting it go, and Lushion says they’ll put that on his tombstone. Here lies Eddie, who wouldn’t let it go. The bartender wonders who’s cleaning this up. Lushion suggests Eddie, and leave.

Ian looks though some files, and pulls one out. Larry sees him, and says he’s there late. Ian didn’t think Larry was still there, but Larry says he was tied up (ha-ha!), and had catching up to do. He asks if Ian has Travis’s file. He thought he told Ian to get rid of it. Ian wants to talk about it, but Larry says there’s nothing talk about; give him the file. Ian says after everything Travis has done to her, Larry wants to bury it? Larry says, give him the damn file, but Ian says they need to talk about it. Larry says the represent Travis’s parents and the church to the tune of millions of dollars. They have an obligation to the client. Ian says Larry’s client, not his. Larry says Ian works for the firm; so does he. It’s a clear conflict of interest. Most of the sh*t they do there isn’t right. Ian says, this isn’t right. Larry says they’re defense attorneys. Since when do they give a damn what’s right or wrong, or the law? Ian says, because of everything Travis has done to her. Larry asks if Ian is sleeping with her, and Ian says, of course not. Larry says maybe that explains why Ian needs to take the paperwork that exonerates her. He’ll turn Ian over to the bar. Ian laughs, saying he’s got so much on Larry. Larry is sure he does, but he doesn’t play bondage with nine members of the bar association, does he? Larry says he could fire Ian, and when he walks out, so does his career. Ian hands him the file. Larry says if Ian has any copies or anything memorized, he strongly recommends Ian get rid of it , or he’ll eat his ass for breakfast. Ian tells Larry that he’s a weird dude.

Kelly calls for the nurse. The nurse asks if she can’t sleep, and Kelly asks her to loosen the cuffs. The nurse says she’s a prisoner. She killed that man, and needs to suck it up. She knows where she’s going. A woman being examined tells Kelly, stop asking. Kelly says she’s not talking to her, and calls for the nurse again. The woman says they don’t care. Kelly thinks she’s one of them; better than her. Kelly tells her, mind her own business. The woman says, or what? Kelly will kill her. They try to take the options out of the prisoners’ hands. A staff member comes in, and says take the woman back to her cell.  She introduces herself as Margaret; she’s the chaplain there. She asks if Kelly wants prayer, and Kelly says, no. Margaret says they all forgive her. Kelly asks who they are, and Margaret says, Calvary Church. Travis was a good man. Kelly calls for the nurse. Margaret says she’s not there to harm Kelly, but pray for her. Kelly says she should have prayed for him. Margaret says they prayed for his soul. Kelly asks, why doesn’t she pray that God reveals the truth? Margaret says she already knows Kelly stalked Travis until she killed him. Kelly says that’s what Travis did to her. Margaret says she’s not the first woman to say that. They all get jealous. His father is prominent and powerful Kelly asks, how many women said that? and Margaret says she did. Kelly tells her that she just said there were others. Margaret says they were talking about truth. Kelly quotes the Bible, saying, some trust in chariots, and some in horses, but she trusts in the name of the Lord, her God (Psalm 20:7). Margaret says she knows that one, and they throw Bible verses at each other. Margaret says, thou shalt not kill. Kelly says she calls herself a woman of God. Please asks God to reveal the truth. Please. Surprisingly, Margaret says, okay; she will. Kelly says, good. Now leave. They trade God bless yous, and Kelly calls the nurse. She says she’s having chest pains. The nurse says, all right, and goes back to her station.

Alex’s phone dings. Dr. Raston texts that she’s been trying to call her. Alex knows. Dr. Raston texts, they’ve known each other a long time. Alex is sorry. Dr. Raston texts what she did was horrible and unethical. What Alex said to Brad that she switched the tests. Alex needs to fix this. Alex texts she told him the truth, but the doctor texts, it’s not just that. She thinks there’s going to be a Board Review about how she handled it. Alex needs to let the Board know that she lied. Alex texts, she will, and Dr. Raston texts, she’ll get that scheduled. Alex asks, how could this happen? The DNA not matching? The doctor texts, it’s either a very rare mistake or Alex has another partner. Alex texts, there was no other partner.  Then it’s a mix up in the lab. She asks if there’s any way Brad could be the father. Dr. Raston doesn’t know. Alex tests, the baby is clearly mixed. What about the family tree? If there’s someone who’s darker? The doctor texts that she had a patient with a redheaded baby. The father doubted it, since here was no one in the family who was redheaded. Alex asks, what happened? Dr. Raston texts, the DNA showed he was the father. Sure enough, there was a grandparent who had red hair. Alex texts, so it could be possible? The doctor texts, it’s beyond a stretch, but it could be possible. There are medical cases, but she doubts it. They’ll talk about it when Alex talks to the Board. In the meantime, she’ll do some research. Alex texts, OK. Thanks.

A doctor tells Eddie, nothing is broken, but he’s going to be sore as hell. Eddie says he doesn’t need a doctor to tell him that. The doctor says he’s fortunate there’s no internal bleeding. Eddie says just give him the damn pain pills. The doctor writes a prescription, and Eddie looks at it. He says he’s a cocaine addict, and the doctor says he shouldn’t take it then. Eddie tears up the prescription, and throws it at the doctor, saying he needs something stronger. The doctor says he can report Eddie. Eddie says he can report the doctor. When he did Eddie’s prostate exam, he left his finger up there for some time. The doctor says he never gave Eddie an exam. He calls Eddie one unethical horrible person, but gives him a new prescription. Eddie suggests the doctor give him two or three of those. Just sign them; he’ll fill them out himself. The doctor signs a few, and Eddie grabs them, along with the doctor’s pen.

Eddie sees Kelly in the waiting area, and asks what she’s doing there. She tells him, get away, and a nurse asks, what’s going on? Eddie asks if she can’t tell him how she’s doing, and she says leave her alone. He sits down instead, saying she looks like hell. She says, so does he. He says she bought a house for a man, and killed two. They’re calling her the Black Widow. He touches her arm, and says, Black. He says she’s chained up like a farm animal; like a big ass mule ridden into the ground. She tells him, go away. He says he’d never say anything racist, and she calls for the nurse. He says, scream louder. He says, she’s so selfish. Hanging herself, and not thinking about anyone else. Suddenly, Rick is there, and asks what Eddie is doing. Eddie says, having a conversation with a friend. Rick tells him, get out now. Eddie says he doesn’t take orders from him, and Rick says, bounce. Eddie says he’ll let him have her, and tells Kelly that he’ll see her soon.

Rick asks if Kelly is all right. She says she can’t stand Eddie. She says she told the nurse she had chest pains, like Rick told her too, but she’s being ignored. Rick says the nurse is just mad because she has to do paperwork. He said he’d do it. Kelly asks if he’s been drinking. He says hours ago; he’s good. He’s going to be her guard while she’s there. She can’t believe they have her there; everyone is just passing her by. Rick says, it’s fine, and she says, easy for him to say. He’s not chained up. She asks if he can stay with her, and he says he wants to. He says he used to work security for the church, and she says he’s on Travis’s side too, but he says he’s not. Some things went down, and he thinks he can help her. She asks why she should trust him, and he says, what else does she have to lose? She asks if he knows Margaret, the chaplain. Margaret visited her, and said she’d been praying for her. He says Margaret means well, but Kelly doesn’t think she’s a great person. Margaret wouldn’t believe her, and said a lot of stuff against her. She also said there were others. She acted like she didn’t, but Kelly knows what she heard. Rick promises he’s going to watch everything. The doctor comes to take Kelly for tests. He wheels her away, and Rick follows.

Natalie’s phone rings. It’s Esperanza, who asks if Lushion is home. Natalie says, no, and asks what Esperanza is doing. Esperanza says she just likes Steven, and doesn’t want to see him get hurt. Natalie says Esperanza knows Eddie is going to act the fool every chance he gets. She needs to shut this down, once and for all. Esperanza says she’s tried everything; nothing works. That’s who he is. Natalie says, all this mess with Kelly; she needs to get this under control. She suggests Esperanza try talk to him. Esperanza says she’s tried that, thousands of times. Natalie means sitting him down to have a nice long talk. Esperanza asks if she thinks it will work, and Natalie says, hell no. Esperanza says, why do that again? and Natalie asks what else she’s got. Talk to him. Try to reason with him. Esperanza says she’s hearing Natalie, but can’t believe she, of all people, is saying talk. Natalie says she’s just giving Esperanza options. Just try it. Lushion comes in, and Natalie gives him the phone. He tells Esperanza, Steven is fine. Eddie is beat up pretty bad. She thanks him, and she says he needs to talk to her tomorrow about her, Steven, and this. They say goodnight.

Eddie sits in his car, when his phone rings. He asks to what does he owe this surprise? and Esperanza says she just wants to talk to him. He says he’s on his way, but she says, not tonight. He knows she wants some of this, and she tells him, stop. He says he’s sore as hell, but can work it out for her. She doesn’t know why she bothers with him. He says, what can I do for you, my dear? and she tells him, stop being an a-hole. He says, that’s like telling Lushion not be Black. She heard he got his ass kicked. She wants to sit down, have a nice lunch, and talk like civilized people. He asks what she wants to talk about, and she says, there are a lot of things they need to talk about. He says, she misses him, doesn’t she? She asks will he just have lunch with her? He says he’ll bring lunch to the house, and they can have a picnic on the bed. She hangs up, and shakes her head. He says, playing hard to get, and she says, it’s never going to work.

There’s a knock at Esperanza’s door. She swears if Eddie’s been sitting out there the entire time… It’s Steven, and she asks if he’s okay. He says he’s fine, and she tells him that she’s sorry she got him involved. He says, don’t apologize. He can handle it. She asks if he wants to come in, but he just wanted to say, sorry. He’s pretty scary, and can be monster when pushed. She says, Eddie was like that, but he says he’s nothing like Eddie. She asks if he thinks she’d like him if he was. Eddie became that. Steven says, he’s an addict. Eddie does more blow than the people they arrest. She didn’t know that. She didn’t think it was that bad. He says, it’s really bad, and she asks him not to hold it against her. He says he’s not upset with her. She says she’s been there before. Eddie has ruined so many potential relationships. He asks if she’s saying they’re together, but she says, no. He says, whatever she’s saying, she’s not losing him. it was a long, crazy night, and he wants to sleep, and give this some thought. She says she’s there if he needs her. He says, the monster she saw earlier? He’d never lay a hand on anyone she cares about.

Natalie tells Lushion that his phone was ringing. She’d put it on vibrate, so it didn’t wake the kids. He says it was Rick, and calls back. Rick says, Kelly is in the hospital. He’d told her to tell the infirmary she had chest pains, so she could be moved where she can get real help. She can talk to a psychologist while she’s there. Lushion says, that’s good. Rick just wanted him to know. Lushion tells Natalie what happened. She asks why he thinks Rick did that, and Lushion thinks he feels guilty about not helping her. She should cut him some slack; he was just doing his job. Lushion does think it’s a little strange for Rick to go that far. Natalie asks why he thinks that is. He doesn’t know, but he’s going to find out. She tells him, get some rest. She knows has to be tired. He asks what she’s doing, and she says, making the kids’ lunches for school. Lushion says he looked in on them, and they were sleeping. She asks how Justice was sleeping, and Lushion says, fine. She says, poor child, and Lushion says, he’ll be fine. She’s done a lot; all she can do. She say she’s hurting for them. She hopes Kelly gets off. Lushion does too. She says, that lawyer. How long has Lushion known him? Lushion says, long enough for him to be on his side. Natalie says she was wrong. If they need to spend the money to help Kelly, just do it. He says he’s working on something, and she says she can’t be that selfish. He knows where she’s coming from. She says, it’s a lot, but Kelly is their friend. He says they’ll do what they can do. She says she loves him; he’s a good man. He tells her, show him how much she loves him, when they hear a scream.

They look outside, and Tanya is on the sidewalk, screaming her head off.

Next time, Tanya freaks out, Lushion says it looks like they have some new neighbors, Brad tells Alex to sign the papers, Kelly begs Lushion not to cuff her, and Randal punches Larry out.

🏬 If anyone is still interested, The Real Housewives of Potomac is back on Sunday, May 5th, at 9 pm.

👠 Nobody Puts LVP In a Corner…

Please. Dorit should have thought twice about trying to get over. LVP and I stand by our stories.


🐶 Better Than Puppygate…

The Puppy Bowl.


👑 Presenting Prince Charming aka Alan Quartermaine…

And, oh yeah, the girl in the title role of Cinderella is Lesley Ann Warren.


March 31, 2019 – A Storm Hits the Dead, a Little Talk, a Little Tyler, Some Sparkle, Two Films & Doggos


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Ezekiel speaks into a radio. He says, it’s finally broke and they can’t fix it. They kept trying to hold on, but things fall apart. We see them trying to fix broken pipes, water spewing everywhere. He continues, the cold set in, the fires raged, the rot spread. We see the entire place is a mess. He says, there’s no one left to keep fighting. They have to know when it’s over; if only for now. They need help. Shelter. From the storms to come.

Daryl gives Lydia a plate, and tells her that she should eat something. In a voice over, Ezekiel says they’ll never forget the magic they felt in this place; the love. Carol goes through a memory box, Henry’s drawings, a birthday card, a tiger pin. She wipes tears from her face. Ezekiel continues, the acts of courage. Cowards die many times before their deaths. He looks at the constitution they signed, and touches it. The brave taste death but once. He blows out the candle, and all is dark.

Michonne and Aaron lead the people from the Kingdom out, some in a covered wagon, some on horses. Ezekiel holds the gate open, and they all go through. He and Carol close the gate, and Ezekiel mounts his horse. He says, as they head into an uncertain future, they must be valiant. All of them together.

While walking, Michonne talks to Yumiko, asking if the council has had no security resolution. Have they heard nothing from Maggie? Yumiko says, the council sent another letter, but they haven’t heard back. They see some spread out zombies in a field, and a dude whose name I don’t remember tells Lydia her people are watching them now. They followed the rules; isn’t it enough? Daryl tells him, lay off. Lydia says he doesn’t have to protect her; she started this mess, but Daryl says it doesn’t mean they get to talk to her like that. She doesn’t want to cause more problems. He says it’s their problem, not hers.

A quarter zombie makes growly noises, and they continue on. Daryl tells Carol, Henry wanted Lydia there when no one else did. She’s a good kid. Carol says every time she looks at Lydia, all she sees is him. Daryl asks what she sees when she looks at him, and Carol says, him. Jerry says they got a mother of a storm coming. Ezekiel says they’ll have to travel through the night, and get to a waystation before it hits.

In Alexandria, Rosita tells Gabriel, both the heaters are dead. He suggests keeping each other warm. Eugene comes in, and tells them all of the heat sources are in bad shape. Their best bet is an old school winter. Ezekiel says they’ll divide up, and go to the buildings with the largest fireplaces. Rosita says, they’ll stock up on firewood, keep toasty, and wait it out. Ezekiel says they can’t leave Negan; he’ll freeze. They have to let him out.

Two snow dusted zombies come out of the forest. Daryl shoots one, and Carol shoots the other. Ezekiel tells everyone to keep going; he and Daryl will catch up. Lydia lingers on the side of the road. The group walks past, and she’s gone.

Daryl pulls his arrow out of the zombie’s head. Ezekiel asks if he’s given much thought to his plan after this. Daryl asks, why? and Ezekiel says the past few months have been difficult for him and Carol. They could use a fresh start. He suggests Daryl stay at Hilltop, saying it would be easier if it was just them. Daryl asks if he thinks that’s what Carol wants, and Ezekiel says Carol wants the same thing he does. She wants to hold her son again. He’s not trying to be the bad guy. He just wants to get back a piece of what he lost; what they lost. After everything that’s happened, does Daryl think he can give them that? Daryl walks away.

Lydia goes through the woods. It’s cold and snowing. She sees a zombie stuck in the frozen lake, its head, upper chest, and one arm showing. She approaches it, and its jaws snap. She takes off one glove, and pushes her sleeve up. She puts her hand out. Its mouth gets close. She closes her eyes, and a tear rolls down her cheek. Carol sees her. They look at each other. The zombie is obviously frustrated.

Jerry tells Ezekiel, even if they haul ass overnight, they’re not going to make it to the shelter. They need to find a waystation. Ezekiel asks if anyone has a place in mind. Michonne says, yeah. Carol comes back with Lydia.

The group goes inside a building. Magna says, people actually lived here? Michonne says, welcome to the Sanctuary.

Sitting in a big room in front of a fireplace, Negan says he’s memorized every square inch of this room, and it still feels like a party. Rosita says, a party from hell. He says it smells like a barn, and they’re bored sh*tless – Judith says, language. He says, sorry, and continues. They have this hot love quadrangle to entertain them; it’s like Christmas. He asks Gabriel, since his girl’s doctor is also her baby daddy, does he wonder what’s going on when she has appointments? Gabriel says he could be less predictable, and Negan says, that hurts. Gabriel says they’d never let it ruin their long-standing friendships and mutual respect, and Negan says, that is a very mature attitude, Father Not the Father. Siddiq tells Judith not to stand so close to the window. Daryl said to take care of her until they got back to Hilltop, and they don’t know where he is. Negan asks if anyone smells something. Siddiq tells him, stop being an a-hole, but Rosita says, he’s right. Something smells funky. Eugene yells, get away from the fire place! And something causes a small explosion in the firebox.

Eugene says it’s as he suspected. He says a whole lot of complicated words very fast, which I take as meaning there was gunk in the flu, and they can’t build another fire if they still want to breathe. Negan says he missed Eugene, but Eugene can’t say the same. Siddiq says, without the fire, they’ll never get warm enough. Rosita says they should leave before the temperature gets any lower. Gabriel asks if they have a contingency plan. She says Aaron’s house. It will be tight quarters, but they’ll make it work. Negan asks if not one of them is going to untie him, and Rosita says they can tell Michonne it was an accident.

They bundle up and form a line. Eugene opens the door to a beginning blizzard.

Carol snoozes on the steps. A fire has been made in the Sanctuary. Daryl sits next to her, and offers her his flask, but she shakes her head. He says they’re going to make it, and she nods. She asks if something happened with him and Ezekiel, but he says, no. Carol says Ezekiel blames him, because can’t let himself blame her. She feels like she’s losing herself again. She’s trying to hang on but doesn’t know what she’s doing. She cries a little. Daryl says he could take her away. Keep her safe on his own. She asks if he wants to go, and he says, no. What does she want him to do?

Ezekiel breaks wood for the fire. He says, the snow has never hit this hard this early. It could last days, and they can’t; not there. Maybe he could bring back some supplies from a waystation. Michonne says she thought of that, but they could get caught in the storm, and end up worse off. She wants to see a map, and points out a waystation across the river. Aaron says there’s no way they can make it in these conditions. Carol says they need a bridge, but the creeks and ponds are frozen over. They can probably walk across it if they don’t all go at once. Michonne shows them it’s a straight shot. Carol says they didn’t agree to the borders; they’re hers, not theirs. Ezekiel says they don’t know how fight them yet, but Michonne says if they cross at night, they won’t know. Yumiko says they could be watching, and Daryl says, all the more reason to go. Ezekiel says not the elderly and children. They can’t take horses and wagons over the ice. Michonne says, on foot is risky, but they’re low on food, and the storm could make the roads unpassable for weeks. Unless they make it to a waystation, they’ll die.

Michonne tells Ezekiel, sorry. She wishes there was another way. Ezekiel wants to do right by them. The Kingdom fell. He should have seen it coming, and had them go out sooner. If it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t be there. She says, if not for him, they wouldn’t be there at all. The time they spent apart, she thought it made them stronger, but it didn’t. That… woman was able to walk among them because they didn’t know each other. They can’t let it happen again. They’ve come too far to give up the Kingdom. The Kingdom hasn’t fallen; it’s right there. The charter they signed means something. These people aren’t just his; they’re theirs. And they’re going to get them home. Ezekiel says if their seen crossing the border, it could start something. She says they’ll make sure they don’t.

The group starts walking. They come to the pikes where the heads were, and pause. They continue on.

The blizzard gets worse. They hold to each other. Judith hears Dog barking in the distance, and runs after him. Negan runs after her.

Ezekiel holds up his hand to stop. They see shadowy figures ahead, and Daryl shoots. Nothing moves. They move forward and see it’s zombiesicles. Michonne cracks their frozen heads off, and they shatter. Daryl signals to keep moving. They’re at the water, and Daryl says he’ll go ahead to check it out. Lydia hangs on the outskirts. Daryl tests the ice, and thinks they’re good. Ezekiel tells them, assume eyes are on the border. He tells Daryl to get others the ready. Daryl asks where Lydia is, and Carol says she’ll find her; get everyone across. Ezekiel says, let’s move. A zombie pops out of the snow behind Daryl. Another grabs Ezekiel’s ankle. This is not good.

More come out. They’re everywhere, grabbing at everyone. The group keeps moving, and zombie heads get stabbed. Daryl shoots at the ones coming out of the forest. Michonne works her katana. Someone asks if it’s them, but Michonne says, no. Jerry says, get them across, and gathers Nabila and their children.

Carol finds Lydia in a shelter, and asks what the she’s hell doing. Lydia doesn’t know, but knows she can’t cross the river. She knows what’s on the other side. The same thing as on this side. It won’t make their problems go away. It won’t achieve sh*t. They think it will make it better. If they hadn’t taken her, all those people would still be alive. Carol’s son’s is dead because of her. Henry said she was a good person. She shakes her head, and says, he was wrong. As long as she’s with them, it will never stop. She says Carol knows she’s right. There’s only one way to fix this, and she sees it. It can be Carol. No one else has to know.

The zombies keep coming out of the snow, and out of the forest. One gets Daryl down. He struggles with it, and it’s so close to his face. He throws it off, and grabs an icicle, stabbing it in the eye.

Lydia begs Carol, saying everything will be better when she’s gone. She takes the end of Carol’s pokey stick, which looks like it has a giant drill bit on the end, and points it at herself.  She says, this is how they keep from losing anyone else. She begs Carol, just do it. Lydia is sorry it has to be her, but it does. She’s too weak, like her mother said. Carol’s eyes fill with tears. She strides past Lydia, and jabs a zombie instead. She tells Lydia, she’s not weak. They have to go. She takes Lydia’s hand.

The storm gets worse. It’s hard to see and hear. For me too. Negan falls. He yells, but doesn’t see Judith. Dog barks, and Judith comes out with Dog; she has him tethered, and Negan picks her up. He doesn’t know what direction to go in, but Dog leads them. Good Dog. Negan sets Judith down behind a shack, and gives her his coat. He says something about nuggets – chicken nuggets? what? –  but I can’t hear above the wind. He’s hurt, and ties his leg with a piece of his shirt. He tells her they’ll get out of this, picks her up, and moves on.

It’s morning. Ezekiel and the others arrive at Hilltop. There’s a frozen zombie out front, and Daryl shatters its head. Lydia looks at a painting of Herschel. Jerry says Hilltop can be the new Kingdom, and wonders if they can make Kingtop a thing. Daryl tells Lydia, try to get some sleep. They head to Alexandria in the morning. Lydia says Hilltop seems nicer, and Daryl says, it is. She asks why he left, and he says, one day; try to get some sleep. Carol looks out the window. Ezekiel stands behind her, and says, they made it. She says, did they? She’s going Alexandria with the others. Ezekiel knows she has to do this, but he won’t ever stop loving her. She takes off her ring, but he won’t take it back. She doesn’t regret anything. He leaves, and she cries quietly.

The breakaway group gets to Alexandria, where Judith is waiting for Michonne. Michonne asks her what happened, and in typical kid fashion, Judith responds with, it’s cold. Michonne hugs her little boy. Daryl throws snowballs. He and Lydia play with the kids. Everyone joins in.

Siddiq tends to Negan’s wound. Michonne comes in, and he says, look who’s here. She thanks him for saving Judith. He always did have a flare for the dramatic. Negan says the last time they were there together, Rick had slit his throat open. This ain’t nothing. She’s a special girl, a damn spitfire, and Michonne has been through enough. Michonne tells him, get better. He says, Doctor Baby Daddy says they got caught in the storm with the royalty brigade. Is everyone okay? She says, does he care? He says he doesn’t know them from Adam, but he knows what it’s like to lose a kingdom, and see things fall apart. It sucks ass. Michonne says, the Sanctuary is a sh*thole now, and he says he could have told her that. All she had to do was ask. So they cut through their territory; ballsy. Michonne pulls up a chair and sits. She says they don’t even know if the Whisperers knew they were there. The point is, they came together and made it. Negan says, a common enemy, a common goal, and Michonne says, or facing evil brings good people together. Negan says, same thing. Except no one ever thinks they’re the evil one.

At the Whisperers camp, the most boring place ever, Beta tells Alpha the time away was good for the pack – and her. Alpha says, it has, but she made mistakes. Mistakes she can’t make again. Beta says, and she won’t. She’s strong. She says she needs to be, for what comes next. Beta says, she will be. She holds out her arms, and he whips her. She takes it like a man, and even smiles a little.

Ezekiel says they’ll make it through this winter of discontent. When the snow melts, and the winds quit, who knows what glories the summer may bring? We see he’s talking to Judith over the radio, and she says, maybe they’ll come back to the Kingdom. He says just because they’ve left the house, doesn’t mean they’ve lost their home. She says she’ll tell her mom that he said hi. Over and out.

After Ezekiel leaves the room, the radio crackles. A voice says, is anybody out there?

🔊 Melissa McBride (Carol) made a good point on Talking Dead tonight – Carol got to keep the ring. They also called the drill bit thingy on Carol’s pokey stick a rebar. Good to know. I guess.

😀 He likes me! Tyler Perry likes me again! Starting this week, If Loving You Is Wrong moves to Tuesdays at 10 pm.

💖 Sparkle Like No One Is Watching…

I knew Kameron’s Sparkle Dog line would be a hit. Check out how the other half’s doggos live.


🎬 Because I Still Pay So Much For Cable…

I try to actually watch those 500+ channels I get robbed pay for. This weekend, I took a look at Venom. Like Deadpool, it was better, and funnier, than I expected it to be. In a nutshell, a reporter doing an investigation on a dicey scientist’s experiment, merges with an alien, and becomes an anti-hero. I was surprised to see Escorpion (Emilio RIvera) from Z Nation show up, and there was also a very amusing cameo toward the end too. No spoiler, in case you haven’t seen it. Even the end credits were well done, although I haven’t seen a more obvious plug for a sequel since The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

Leaving that channel roll, I then caught a 2001 offering, Down – otherwise known as The Shaft. I’m not making a joke, that’s how IMDb lists it. You wouldn’t think elevators would be that creepy, but late at night in a big empty office building, they are. The familiar faces didn’t stop coming in this one. Mr. Tortelli, and the head vampire from The Lost Boys (Dan Hedaya and Edward Herrmann, respectively) Ron Perlman, and one of my all-time favorites, Michael Ironside. Who still can kick ass at nearly seventy years old. It was as Oscar worthy as Sharknado, but it had its moments, and it’s great if you don’t want to think too hard. Especially when the source of the killing is revealed. What was that? you’ll be saying to yourself. The best way to describe it is like The Poseidon Adventure, but inside an elevator, and without all the water.

🐶 In Case You Want To Brush Up…

The players in the Puppygate game. This is going to go on all season, isn’t it? Heaving huge sigh…


🐕 Better Than Monday…

An explanation of doggos.

March 27, 2019 – Shiloh Practices Forgiveness, LuAnn & Dorinda Make It Nice, Randal Meets the New Neighbor, Sorry Star & All Night


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Mike tells Sonny that he doesn’t like surprises too much these days, but Sonny says he’ll like this one. Sonny opens the door, and says, look who’s here. It’s Dante, who says he missed Mike. Sonny says Mike knows who he is, right?

Franco, Elizabeth, and Aiden go to Kelly’s. Aiden says he missed Franco. Franco wants to have a family meeting, and Elizabeth asks, what about? He says about them. Jail isn’t exactly the wedding she deserves. She says she’s happy. They’re a family now; that’s all that matters. Franco says, they’ll talk, and Aiden says he has a lot of recipes. Elizabeth sees a little girl at a nearby table talking on the phone about a party. She asks if that isn’t Kiley from Aiden’s class. There’s a party today? Aiden says, mom, but it’s too late. Elizabeth introduces herself to Kiley, and asks if Aiden is coming to the party. Kiley says it’s Bianca’s birthday today. I can’t believe Elizabeth is actually eavesdropping on a kid. That’s beyond helicopter parenting.

Chase meets Willow outside, and gives her coffee. You know, an empty to-go cup. He’s glad she took the night to think about leaving town. She can trust him to keep Shiloh away, and he hopes she can believe that, and tell him she’s staying.

Shiloh comes out of an examining room, where Sam is waiting. Sam asks if he got stitches, and he says, five. She’s sorry about this. He says he tried to keep it lowkey so there would be no record of Jason attacking him, but when he woke up, he was still bleeding. He had to come in. She asks if there’s any concussion, but he says, no. He’s hard headed. Kristina runs up to them, and asks Shiloh what Jason did to him.

Jason is in the interrogation room, and Jordan comes in. She says she says he’s put her in a dilemma, and hopes he can help. He tells her that he has nothing to say without his attorney. She says, understood. She went through his records, and he’s the guy who never loses control. He’s often been a suspect, rarely prosecuted, and never convicted. He doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t lose control either, until yesterday. He lost his cool for no apparent reason. Did Shiloh give him one? Does he know something about Shiloh and DOD that he’s not saying? Margaux asks for a word. Jordan tells Jason maybe this time it’s in everyone’s best interest if he cooperates.

Willow tells Chase that she’s sorry, but she’s handing in her letter of resignation. She has to leave immediately. He asks, why? He’s a detective; doesn’t she trust him? She says she doesn’t trust Shiloh. He’s relentless. He can’t find out about the baby. Chase says it was a closed adoption, but she says he’ll find a way; he’ll get someone to help him. That’s how he works. He makes people open up. Everyone at DOD seems kind and caring. There’s a sense of acceptance, like you belong to a family, but instead of building you up, he brings you down. He strips you bare.

Margaux tells Jordan that she has enough to prove assault, but Jordan says one witness is Jason’s ex, and the other was a waitress who admitted to being more focused on her customers that the altercation. Margaux says Jordan agreed the attack was unprovoked. Jordan says she was acting on information that Shiloh’s life might be in danger, but no name was mentioned. Margaux says it might be enough to prove attempted murder.

Mike looks at Dante again, and says, Dominick? Dante says, close enough. He used to be Dominick, but goes by Dante now. Mike says he used to be someone who was all there. Sonny gets a call, and steps away. Mike asks where in the blazes has Dante been? Dante says he took a job, and was gone too long. Mike says he’s gone sometimes even when he’s there, but Dante came back. Some parts of Mike might not be coming back. Dante says the best parts are still there. Sonny comes back, and Dante suggests they go out to wat. Sonny says he has things to take care of. Jason was arrested, and Diane is in trial until the afternoon. He tells them to go, and have a great time. Dante says, let’s roll.

Shiloh tells Kristina that he’s fine, He just needed a few stitches. Why is she there? She says she heard he was attacked; everyone at DOD is worried. When she heard it was Jason, she got scared. He asks why, and she asks why Sam didn’t warn him. Jason is a hitman. He’s worked for her father for years, and anyone who gets in her father’s way, he eliminates. And it’s not just guns; he’s strong. Sam tells her, that’s enough. Kristina doesn’t know what Jason does or doesn’t do. The stories she’s repeating are highly inappropriate and exaggerated. Kristina says what if he kills Shiloh next time? Sam says Jason attacked him because of her. She’s not defending Jason, but he lost his temper. He’d never try to kill Shiloh. Shiloh thinks Sam is correct. Jason misinterpreted him, and reacted with violence. He doesn’t condone it, but he knows where it’s coming from. Kristina says she doesn’t. Her dad is back in town, and she said she’d see him. She stomps off. Sam asks Shiloh what he’s going to do, and he says it depends on if Jason tried to kill him.

Willow tells Chase that he wouldn’t believe what she’s seen; the secrets that came out in workshops. Sometimes Shiloh used pressure. Other DOD members would come into the room with him, and together they’d keep badgering the errant member with hard truths. Chase says, brainwashing, and Willow says it’s not illegal, and no one would speak up if it was. She’s afraid she might crack under pressure, and say something about the baby. She can’t risk it; it hurts too much already. Chase asks where she’s going, but she doesn’t know yet. Somewhere she can be anonymous. He ask her to let him find a place, and set her up where she’ll be safe. She says she’ll handle it. He asks if he can visit when she’s settled, and she says, we’ll see. He says he’ll take that as a maybe, which almost always means no. She says she can’t think straight. She’s going to miss everything about this place; her students and him, more than he knows. He wishes they could have had a chance. She says she does too. He kisses her, and leaves.

Elizabeth ask Aiden why he didn’t say Bianca was having a party, and Aiden says he forgot. She says he and Bianca have been friends since preschool. Is he excited? He says, no. She said she wanted him to come, but he’s not allowed. Her parents didn’t want him there.

At the MetroCourt, Mike asks Dante if they didn’t go to a party there. Dante says they did, but Mike says the place looked different, like the club he used to work in. Dante says, Luke’s. They resurrected Luke’s for one night. It was a good time. He’s glad Mike remembers. Mike says he remembers other good times too, like the night Dante spent in a jail cell with him. Dante is surprised Mike looks at it as a good time. Mike says he’s always had a soft spot for Dante. That’s why he took Dante on as a tenant at Kelly’s. He knew from the start Dante was the right guy for Lulu. Has she forgiven Dante for being away. Dante says, he probably doesn’t deserve it, but he almost wishes she hadn’t. Mike asks, how come?

Kristina asks how Sonny is feeling. He says, good. He did what he set out to do. He brought her brother home. She ask if Dante is okay, and Sonny says he is now. How is she? Kristina says she’s doing great. Sonny asks if she’s sure, and she asks, why?  Her mom got to him, didn’t she? What did she do? Tell him hysterical accusations about Shiloh? That’s why he asked Kristina over. He’s siding with her.

Sam tells Shiloh that she didn’t want to say this in front of Kristina, but if Jason wanted to kill him, he’d be dead. Shiloh says maybe he should press charges for his own protection. Sam says she’s not making excuses, but what he said to Kristina is true. Jason overreacted; he’s an overprotective father. She’d hate for the boys to lose time with him. Shiloh asks if she thinks he’s a decent role model, using violence instead of words. Sam says, DOD teaches forgiveness. She read in his book, forgiveness leads to a lighter heart. She’s hoping he believes that, for Danny’s sake.

Chase asks Jason what he knows about Shiloh. Jason says he’s saying noting without his attorney. Chase says he set Shiloh up, waiting until he made the first move, and laid him out. He helped Jason out, and Jason’s attorney can subpoena his notes. The waitress stated he was provoked, but if the DA wants to press charges, she won’t make it past the first arraignment. He could have killed Shiloh, and wanted him to know it. Why? Is he threatening someone close to Jason? Because he’s threatening someone close to Chase.

Mike tells Dante that his mind is full of holes, but he can still tell when something’s wrong. Dante says, he always could, and Mike asks what he can do. Dante says this is in confidence, but Mike says, chances are, he won’t remember it to tell anyone else. Dante says, there’s an upside to everything. He didn’t leave because he wanted to; he left because he had to. Or he thought he did to keep his family safe. That’s why he went to Turkey. It was a mission turned into an obsession. Mike doesn’t think anyone has a problem with that. He caught the guy; he succeeded. Dante says, at what cost? So much happened while he was away, to him and the people he loves – none of it good. Mike says Dante seems the same to him. Dante says, on the outside, maybe, but not on the inside. It scares him. He’s afraid of what was done to him, and what he might do because of it.

On the phone with Bianca’s mother, Elizabeth says she appreciates the honesty. The hatefulness and closed-mindedness, not so much. Franco asks what she said. Elizabeth says she claims she tries to maintain a wholesome environment for her daughter. Franco says, she used that word? Elizabeth wonders what that even means, and Franco says they both know what it means.

Willow thanks Brad for meeting her. She’s leaving Port Charles, and wanted to see her son one last time.

Sonny tells Kristina, relax. He didn’t call her over to side with her mother. He misses her, and wanted to lay eyes on his girl. She thanks him, and apologizes. Everyone has been judgmental, but she appreciates that he’s been supportive. She says he and Carly should take a seminar. She knows he’s read Shiloh’s book, but brought a copy for Carly, and a pamphlet on the upcoming courses. She thinks they’d benefit from them. He says he’ll mention to Carly. He has to get something out in in the open. Her mother is concerned, and so is he. Kristina has had a tough couple of years, and he’s hoping she isn’t being pressured into doing something she doesn’t want to. She asks if he thinks she’s gullible. He says he has faith in her, and wants her to happy, but wonders why she’s choosing DOD over her own family.

Chase tells Jason that Shiloh has a cult. He’ll take anyone, but especially young women. If Jason finds any evidence that can be legally used against Shiloh, bring it to him. Help him send Shiloh to prison, instead of going there himself for murder. Margaux comes in, and tells Chase that she wants to go over his notes with him. He leaves, and Margaux tells Jason she doesn’t need to look too hard to uncover a motive. He’s jealous about the attention Shiloh is paying to his ex-wife, or her attention to Shiloh. It made him sloppier than usual. Maybe it’s the straw that’s going to break his back.

Chase tells Shiloh the commissioner is busy, and Shiloh says he’ll wait. He asks how Chase’s meeting went with Miss Tait; his child is in the best of hands. Chase says he didn’t expect a follow up, and asks what Shiloh was going there. Shiloh says reconnecting with an old friend, and asking if she’s going to return to DOD. Chase says, as what? A volunteer? A member? She didn’t seem receptive. Shiloh say she’s a valuable member of the DOD family, and greatly missed. He’s not giving up that easy. He asks Chase to let the commissioner know he’s there, and Chase says he’s on it.

Margaux asks if Jason is sure he has nothing to say. He asks if his attorney if there. Jordan says she’s in the middle of a trial, and will be there some time in the afternoon. Chase pops his head in, and says Shiloh and Sam are there. Margaux suggests they move to the squad room, and tells Chase to bring Jason. Margaux tells Shiloh his timing is good. How can they help him? He says he’s there to about accountability. He wants to address what happened yesterday.

Dante asks if Mike remembers when he took Avery, thinking she was Courtney. They were gone all night, and Dante found them in the stable. Mike says he wanted to show her the horses, and got Sonny in trouble. He didn’t want to, but he screwed everything up. He didn’t mean to, but he couldn’t help it; his mind played tricks on him. Dante says it’s happening to him too, because of whet he went through. His mind is messed up. He doesn’t know what he might do, or if he’ll remember he did it. Mike knows where he’s coming from, and he’s sorry to hear it. It’s a helluva thing.

Kristina wonders why Sonny doesn’t want her to be a better person. She’s following the path to enlightenment, and seeing the possibilities in her life. Sonny asks, other than DOD, where does she see herself in the world? She says DOD is her world. Sonny says, it’s a narrow world. Doesn’t she see herself as anything other than a follower?

Margaux tells Shiloh there’s something more serious, a possible threat made against his life. Shiloh says everybody is capable of that. He doesn’t condemn the violent, but heals them. He believes that can come to a place of compassion and understanding. Jordan says, that’s a lofty belief. He says he has to practice what he preaches, and wants the charges against Jason dropped. Sam gives a sly look at Jason.

Willow tells Brad, something came up. She has to leave town. She’s sure that makes him happy. He admits he’s relieved. Whenever he sees her, he pops antacids like candy. She says now that she’s out of the picture, he can relax. At least he has a conscience, and isn’t a deceitful or duplicitous person. She chose him and Lucas because she wanted her baby to be safe and loved, and to never know his father. Brad thought Wiley’s father was out of the picture. He ask if she’s leaving to be with him, and if he knows about Wiley. She says, absolutely not, nor will he ever. This is about her. It’s the last time she’ll see her son, or at least until he comes looking for he as an adult. Brad asks if she wants that, and she hopes he’ll want to find her, but that’s a long time from now, if it happens. This is all she’s going to get for now. She asks if she can hold Wiley. Brad tells her, how can he say no? and gives Wiley to her. She tells Wiley that she’s doing this for him because she loves him so much. Brad gets Wiley’s blanket, and Willow sees a DOD pamphlet in the stroller.

Franco says they have every right to be angry. If he hadn’t pretended to be a serial killer, he wouldn’t have made his past public. Their family doesn’t fit into Bianca’s mom’s stereotypes. He should call her himself. Aiden is a sensitive and superb human being, and doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t accept him for who he is. Elizabeth says maybe there’s something they can do.

Willow asks if Brad is associated with DOD. He says he met a guy, Shiloh, who suggest a course in peaceful parenting, so he’s going to sign up. His sister-in-law knows him, so he must be okay. He hopes it calms him down. He wants to be the best possible parent. She says he won’t need it. She’ll be gone, so he can relax. He says, if only. He saw another seminar on destructive secrets, and how to free yourself from them, so he might… He sees how tightly Willow is holding Wiley, and says he should probably get back. Holding him longer won’t make it easier.

Sonny knows Kristina is getting something good out of DOD, but she’s excluding her family in the process. With all this talk of enlightenment, he’s losing sight of his own daughter. She says she’s evolving. Sonny likes that, but she can’t make DOD her whole world; it’s unhealthy. She tells him not to judge her choices, but he says he’s her father. If he sees her going down a dangerous road, he’s going to say something. Kristina says, ironic. He says they’re trying to wipe out her identity and make her believe her family is worthless. He loves her too much to allow that to happen.

Margaux asks Shiloh if he doesn’t feel his life is in danger or Jason is a threat. Shiloh says no. She says given the statements of the two eyewitnesses that the attack was unprovoked, she can’t dismiss this. Shiloh says that’s where the accountability comes in. Earlier, Jason saw Shiloh with his son, and Shiloh thinks it ultimately triggered the attack. Any attempt on his part to get Jason to take a class with him, exacerbated the situation, and Jason snapped. He gets it. Jason may not forgive him, but he forgives Jason. He understands Jason’s pain, and hopes he uses it as a springboard to evaluate his situation. It’s time to let the healing begin, so let him. Margaux says she’s in no position to argue. She’s dropping the charges, and Jason is free go. Chase takes Jason for processing, and tells him to remember what he said. If Jason finds evidence against Shiloh, bring it to him.

Willow looks distressed, and Brad asks her to give him his son. She tells Wiley that she’ll always love him. Brad leaves, and she cries. Her phone rings. It’s Elizabeth, who asks if Willow can meet with her. Something happened with Aiden, and she wants to know more about what’s happening in his classroom. She’s at Kelly’s now, if Willow is available. Willow says, sure. She takes out the resignation letter, tears it up, and throws it away. Chase sees her, and says he couldn’t help notice that she threw something away, but tore up first. Please tell him it’s her letter of resignation. She says she never turned it in. She’s staying. They hug.

Dante thanks Mike for letting him vent. Mike says Turning Woods is serving turkey clubs for lunch. Yvonne has been gone a while, but she’s back now. Has Dante met his girlfriend? Dante says he missed that, and Mike suggests meeting her right now. Dante says okay. Mike asks if he knows how to get there, and Dante says he knows how to take Mike home. Mike says, how about himself? Does he know how get himself home? That, Dante isn’t too sure about.

Kristina tells Sonny that she’s an adult. She can think for herself, and make her own choices. He doesn’t get to control her life. It was him, wasn’t it, who sent Jason after Shiloh? He says if she thinks he’ll let Shiloh, or anyone else, take away his daughter, she’s forgot who he is. Kristina rolls her eyes, and stomps out, slamming the door. She’s getting good at that. Sonny looks angry.

Sam thanks Shiloh. She appreciates what he’s doing. He says her words mean a lot. He can’t be a mindful teacher unless he practices what he preaches. But if Jason comes after him again, he’ll assume Jason is beyond redemption.

Jason comes out, and Margaux tells him that Shiloh is an extraordinary man. Jason owes his freedom to Shiloh’s generosity and tolerance. Don’t count on it happening again. If Jason harms Shiloh, she’ll take him down. Jason asks the desk sergeant for his gun. The sergeant looks at Jason’s license, and gives it to him. He loads it and puts it in his waistband. He leaves, and Jordan is like, hmm…

Tomorrow, Monica says they have to prepare Oscar for the end, Nina hopes she and Elizabeth can put the past behind them, and Lulu doesn’t trust Valentin as far as she can throw him.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Dorinda tells Bethenny that she’s getting her nerve up to talk to LuAnn. LuAnn approaches them, and Bethenny says, it’s happening now. John wonders if he’ll have to clean up the mess. LuAnn joins them at the bar. Dorinda compliments her hat, and LuAnn says she’s having a bad hair day. In Dorinda’s interview, she says LuAnn is more afraid than she is. She can’t even make eye contact. She tells LuAnn that she misses seeing her, and LuAnn says they’ll talk another time. Dorinda says, it’s all about Sonja tonight. Bethenny feels like she’s in the way, and in her interview, says, this is a tension that has to be broken. Something has to happen for something to happen. LuAnn says, tonight’s not the night. In her interview, LuAnn thinks it feels fake. She jets back to the other side of the room, and Bethenny tells Dorinda that she thinks it went clean. Dorinda tells Bethenny that LuAnn told her they’ll talk another time. Bethenny says it’s all she wanted for tonight anyway. Dorinda says at some point they’ll have a watershed moment. The foundation is good, but they have to fix the windows on the house. In Bethenny’s interview, she wonders how far LuAnn is going to push things. It’s bending, but if it breaks, they might not be able to put it back together.

LuAnn tells Barbara, they agreed tonight is not the night, but they were cordial. Barbara says, it’s a start. Sonja says Tinsley is mad because she said Tinsley is not effable. She’s dressed like a doll to be put on a shelf. In Tinsley’s interview, she says, sitting next to these ho’bags, anyone would seem un-effable. Dorinda says she’s trying to be welcoming, and see if she can break the wall.

Ramona has a date, so she has to go. She tells Bethenny how sorry she is. In her interview, Bethenny appreciates that they didn’t get mired in conversation. She just said, sorry, and kept it moving. It’s best for both of them. LuAnn tells Ramona not to talk about her anymore, or she’ll burn Ramona’s dress, and Ramona will walk home naked. I’m not so sure that’s much of a threat. A girl Sonja met at the bar earlier comes by, and kisses Sonja. Like in a romantic way. Tinsley hides her eyes, and they kiss some more. Sonja feels the girl’s butt. In Bethenny’s interview, she says the girl was like a Venus flytrap. She swooped over, locked lips with Sonja, and disappeared. It was like a drive-by lesbian moment. Sonja says she saw them at the bar, and thought the girl was going to give her a card, not slip her the tongue.

LuAnn goes to God’s Love We Deliver for her community service. Under the rules of her probation, she has to perform fifty hours of it. She says she’s done it in the past, so she doesn’t mind. Since I have too (not because of probation; I was a volunteer), I’m curious, but we flash back to when she talked to some young homeless girls or something. Not exactly the same thing. Team leader Stephen shows her around, and introduces her to Chef Ryan. He’s made garbanzo and barley soup, which sounds pretty good. He gives her instructions on being a ladler. One straight scoop no double dipping. In her interview, LuAnn says she takes her community service seriously. Every ladle of soup is a reminder of what her life will be like for the next year. I’m assuming she means being tied to doing it, and not that she’s going to be in a soup line. She says, it’s not that easy to not double-dip; the ladle is heavy. She tells one of the women she knows that she saw her parole officer. She’s no-nonsense, and asked for her ID and car registration. LuAnn said she was going away on Friday, but the officer said, it’s can she go away. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she has to get permission to go away, there’s drug testing, and she has to be on her best behavior. Next to her parole officer, Dorinda looks like a lightweight, and LuAnn doesn’t want to mess with her. She and her friend clink soup containers, and sip some soup. Ryan catches them. LuAnn says, if you’re going to soup it out, you have to taste it first. He says that’s a first.

Tinsley is meeting her mom at a super fancy bar. She orders her usual, and champagne for Dale. Dale arrives with tiny dog Bambi. In her interview, Tinsley says her mom is by herself. She has Tinsley’s dog, but uses every excuse to see her in New York. She’s most at peace and calm when she’s with her children, even if she’s not peaceful and calm. Dale shows Tinsley her new shoes, and Tinsley is appalled that they’re from Topper’s new wife’s shoe company. I’m appalled too. Dale says she loves her things. Tinsley says she does too, but it’s her ex-husband’s new wife. Dale says Topper has the most beautiful baby she’s ever seen. We flash back to Tinsley crying over seeing a picture of her eggs. She’s happy for him; it’s all good. In her interview, Tinsley says her mom thinks she doesn’t know anything. Dale shows her a needlepoint she’s working on. It’s a stocking for Tinsley’s dad for Christmas. Tinsley says she wants one for Scott, and Dale says they’ll see how it goes. In Tinsley’s interview, she feels like her relationship is always on the chopping block, and she has to defend it. They still have things to work on, but they’re in it together. She’s invested time, and loves him. She’s going to do what it takes.

Sonja goes to the townhouse. She hasn’t been there since the renters left, and a new guy is coming. She does a smell test, and it passes. She finds some curtains are wet from leak that stemmed from the sky-roof. She wasn’t able to caulk, and nobody caulks a sky-roof as good as she does. She has to show the townhouse to a new perspective tenant. Dorinda comes by, and Sonja shows her the curtains. In Dorinda’s interview, she says Sonja shines in her new apartment, but when she sees Sonja in the townhouse, she gets a Paranormal Witness feeling. It grabs Sonja’s personality, and she’s manic. Dorinda tells her to take the curtains off until the leak is fixed. She’ll get Sonja a good deal on cleaning them. In her interview, she says everyone has a lot to say about John, but when it comes to dry cleaning, he’s a saint. She asks how Sonja feels there, and Sonja says as soon as she walked back in, it was a weight on her. She can’t wait to get the hell out. Dorinda tells Sonja that she saw an amazing apartment. In her interview, Dorinda says lots of fantastic things happened in her apartment, but there were also a lot of endings. It’s time to start fresh. She tells Sonja she immediately thought, this is her home. It’s on Sutton Place. Dorinda describes it as Londony, but I describe it as very expensive real estate. She says she feels elegant and grown-up, and she can walk to Bergdorf’s and have lunch. They take down the curtains.

Ramona meets her date, Marc. Omg, Marc and Singer. But believe me, he’s no Marc Singer. He slips in that he’s been to Paris as they’re saying hello. In her interview, Ramona says she doesn’t know which way to swipe, and went with a matchmaker she met at a speed dating event. She showed Ramona a photo of Marc, and he’s no red scarf guy. We flash back to red scarf guy, and yep. He’s not even that. She says he is educated, successful, and worldly, so she thought she’d give it a shot. He says he was born in Germany, but where he was conceived is more interesting. They order a bottle of wine, his deciding factor being he likes the soccer team from where the wine is made. He says he lived in Paris for two years, and speaks French and German. Ramona says she only speaks English, and sometimes not too well. In her interview, she lists her requirements. She wants a man who’s been married – Marc says he almost got married eight times – someone who doesn’t have to work from 8 am to 8 pm – he says he works all the time – someone who likes to be social – he loves total isolation – and someone with strong morals – he tells her he thinks it’s unnatural to be monogamous. Ramona says, do what works for you, and he says, judgment will kill you; it’s toxic. In Ramona’s interview, she says, there are a lot of red flags. He babbles about his views on marriage, even though she doesn’t want to hear it. His own statistics show only 10% of marriages work. She’s obviously not thrilled.

Bethenny has invited LuAnn, Barbara, and Dorinda to a lunch in Little Italy, where the attire is to be gangster. In her interview, Bethenny says, whether they punch each other, make love, or end up in a dumpster with duct tape over their mouths, something will happen. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she and LuAnn are on different pages, and there has to be some movement with group to break the tension. Dorinda is wearing athleisure and pink hair. Bethenny had to come from another appointment, and Dorinda thinks she looks like the prosecutor. Bethenny asks if Dorinda is nervous. LuAnn doesn’t really want talk, but they can’t say everything is rainbows and unicorns forever. She doesn’t want the unrest. In Bethenny’s interview, she thinks they both need to be accountable for what they did; cop to something. LuAnn arrives, in normal attire. In her interview, Dorinda wonders what happened to fun LuAnn. Maybe the Countess doesn’t do gangster. LuAnn talks about her new house; it’s midcentury and round. Dorinda explains that houses were designed that way to keep out the devil. The devil can only catch you in a corner. LuAnn says it’s good Feng Shui. In her interview, Bethenny thinks they’re both whack jobs. She doesn’t know what they’re talking about. It’s real estate. Barbara joins them, sporting a fedora. In her interview, she complains about LuAnn not dressing up. Just because she spent time in jail, doesn’t make her gangster.

Dorinda tells LuAnn she knows why they’re here. She loves LuAnn, and hopes they can work it out. She thought they were on a good path. She cares for LuAnn, and even if they can’t be friends, she wants peace. LuAnn wishes Dorinda well too. She doesn’t want to keep it going, and feel uncomfortable. She wants to move forward. Bethenny says, there’s no perfect relationship. Everyone has their own sh*t. Everybody makes mistakes. LuAnn says she’s gone over a lot of the things that happened. We see clips of Dorinda making a jerk of herself in Mexico. Dorinda says she apologized, and LuAnn says they were good until her cabaret show happened. We flash back to Dorinda yelling, Jovani! Dorinda starts to talk, but LuAnn doesn’t want the John story again. Dorinda says she was hurt that John wasn’t invited. Bethenny says Dorinda should just admit she heckled Jovani. Dorinda doesn’t think she did. In her interview, Bethenny says Ramona is the apologizer, but Dorinda is the denier. Dorinda thought they were past it, and they agree to give time. Dorinda says, if it’s meant to be, it will be. If not, everything has an ending. In Barbara’s interview, she says Dorinda can’t say that she’s wrong. She always has a excuse for everything, and is her own worst enemy. Bethenny doesn’t know why she did this. She doesn’t think they’ll ever get deep. LuAnn says it’s a truce. In her interview, Bethenny says she’ll be there with popcorn when they finally duke it out, but right now, they’re just making it nice. They toast to truth. LuAnn says they’ve put their guns down. Dorinda and LuAnn hug. In her interview, LuAnn says, the conversation is over. An apology isn’t going to happen. Just move on. Everyone seems happy. For the moment.

Dorinda welcomes her real estate agent, Laurie. In Dorinda’s interview, she says Laurie is a true New Yorker, and a bit of a broad. She looks like a bit of a broad. Like a tough old babe from the Mad Men era. All she needs is a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. Dorinda says Laurie sold her the apartment in 2001, and has stories that would knock your socks off. She opens champagne, and tells Laurie, it’s time to sell the apartment. She wants a fresh start. She got a new apartment, and doesn’t want this one empty. If she can’t sell it, she’s thinking of renting it out. Maybe in the future, Hannah will have a baby and want to move in. They take a selfie. Why? Who knows.

Sonja waits at a rooftop bar for Tinsley and Dale. She says Dale is her cup of tea. She learns things from Dale that make her a better person; she has good manners. Tinsley and her mom arrive, and Sonja shows them pictures of her daughter’s cum laude certificate. Sonja thinks Tinsley undervalues herself. In Tinsley’s interview, she says one week, Sonja tells her that she has a big ego, and the next week, she undervalues herself. Sonja says all the guys should be chasing Tinsley. Dale says Scott is a great guy, but she’d prefer him as a son-in-law. When she was their age, six months was enough to know. Tinsley says between their separations and breakup issues, they’ve technically only been together a couple of months. Dale says Tinsley isn’t giving it much more time, but Tinsley says she’s happy with him. She doesn’t need a ring, and she’s not getting rid of her boyfriend. Dale says, not another three years. In her interview, Sonja says Tinsley is in her pattern. She meets a guy, becomes co-dependent, and he treats her badly. She hangs around for a couple years, and all she has is empty promises and wasted time. Sonja says she has too many guys. She wants someone serious, with a life and friends of their own, who can take care of her, since she knows how to take care of a man.

Barbara visits Dorinda, who says she wants her apartment redone. She wants to spruce it up. Barbara agrees she needs the floors refurbished. She wants to reface the cabinets as well, but Barbara says she would rip out the whole kitchen. Dorinda says that will cost $100K, and Barbara tells her that she doesn’t know the right contractor. Geez. It’s not that big. I don’t think a small kitchen in a house would cost that much to redo. In her interview, Barbara says she’s taken aback. She expected Dorinda’s place would be more refined. Really? I wouldn’t.

They sit down with some wine, and Dorinda asks Barbara how she thinks lunch went. She says LuAnn was happy they moved past it, but was surprised Dorinda wouldn’t budge on an apology. We see a clip of LuAnn telling Barbara that she was dissatisfied not to hear some sort of ownership. Barbara asks her if she trusts Dorinda like she used to. LuAnn says, no. The relationship ha changed; it’s a different friendship. Dorinda tells Barbara that LuAnn is stuck. She feels sorry for her. She wants to victimize herself, and villainize Dorinda. She’s almost obsessed, and Dorinda thinks she should talk to someone. Are we hearing the same conversations? Barbara asks if Dorinda isn’t happy, and Dorinda says she felt great after the lunch. Barbara says they’re coming from two different perspectives. Dorinda tells Barbara, be careful. It’s looking like she drank the Kool-Aid. Barbara says she’s not like that. In Dorinda’s interview, she thinks Barbara doesn’t want to go forward.

Barbara mentions how Dorinda talked about LuAnn’s lawsuit. Dorinda insists that didn’t happen, but we see it did at a lunch with Sonja. Dorinda says she didn’t wave papers around; it was Sonja. Barbara asks if Dorinda expects her to believe Sonja was waving papers around, but Dorinda insists she did. In the clip, no one is waving papers, but Dorinda is clearly showing Sonja the paperwork on her phone. Barbara says it’s no one’s business, and she would hate someone talking about her ex and children. In her interview, Barbara says Dorinda should have shut the conversation down. She tells Dorinda, it’s not supportive of other women. In Barbara’s interview, she wonders if Dorinda ever takes any blame or responsibility for her own actions. If she’s drinking Kool-Aid, Dorinda is sniffing glue. Dorinda starts winding up, saying she’s been LuAnn’s friend for over thirteen years. She’s been ride or die. She starts to cry, saying she was there when no one else was around. She was there to the point of humiliation. I have no clue what she means there, since the only one who’s humiliated Dorinda is Dorinda. She says there’s only so much she can take; it has to end. Barbara can go if she’s going to aggravate her. She can’t have it. Barbara says, no problem. Dorinda can do the renovation herself. Barbara lets herself out, and Dorinda goes in her bedroom, and slams the door.

Next time, Bethenny feels guilty that her only way off the ride was Dennis dying, a doggy fashion show, and Halloween at Bluestone Manor.

If Loving You Is Wrong

Esperanza gets in the bar fight, jumping on Eddie. Some dudes separate Eddie and the other guy. Eddie says he’s cool. Esperanza leaves, and Eddie buys a round.

Randal looks out his window, sees Tanya, and smirks. For someone private, she has no window coverings. He gets out binoculars, and says, what the hell? I have no idea what she’s doing, but it looks like swirling something around in a jar. He laughs and says, all right. She’s putting on a show; here’s a show. He takes off his clothes, and stands in the window. She looks up, and he says, like what you see? You like that? We see his silhouette from her perspective.

Esperanza arrives home. Stephen is waiting. He’s glad she didn’t drive. He’s going to wait for his car; he just wanted to make sure she got home safe. She says, after the night had with Eddie. He started a barfight. He says she knows how to pick them, and she says she picked him. She asks where’s the girl he left with. Is he talking to strays? He says, not right now, and asks if her daughter is home, and she says, yeah. She left her daughter alone and went out. She’s with her grandmother. He asks to come in, saying, the porch light is on. He wants her. She wants him. He doesn’t want to play games. She tells him goodnight, and he says to stop telling him to go when she wants him to stay. She says she’s been with a lot of losers, and can’t afford another one. He says they’re not dating; what’s the big deal? She says they’re on two different pages. He asks what page she’s on, but she doesn’t know. He says she’s confusing as sh*t. She says she wants him. He says, that makes two of us, and she asks if he wants him too. She invites him in, and he says, on one condition. He leaves when he’s ready. She says, fine, and lets him in.

Duncan and his crew watch and wait in a car across the street. Duncan calls Eddie, and says, she let him in. What does he want them to do? Eddie says, stick to the plan. No traces. Duncan says he’ll cave Steven’s pretty face in. Inside, Esperanza lies on the bed, taking her clothes off. Steven gets into bed with her. The phone rings, but he turns the ringer off.

Randal calls Alex, and tells her go to the window. She’s not doing this right now, but he says he wants to see her when they talk. She goes, and he says she’s beautiful. She asks when he wants to see the baby. He says, now, and she says, he’s asleep. She’d rather it was when the kids were at school. He says, Marcie took the tapes; there’s no proof. Alex doesn’t care. She just wants it to stop. He says he’s divorced now. Soon, she’ll be divorced too, and they can finally be together. He knows she misses him. She repeats, she’s not doing this. She just wants to raise the baby together. He says they need to talk DNA, and she wishes he’d just let it go. Why can’t he drop it? He says maybe he’s sexually frustrated. She can help. She says she’s hanging up, and he says he’ll see her tomorrow. He punches in another number. He leaves a message saying Larry wants to avoid him, but all he wants is to hunt his ass down. He sees Tanya through the window. He says, you all the way gone, and stands in the window. He says, see you soon baby. Doesn’t he work? Don’t any of them work besides the police force? Even Eddie works more than Randal and Brad. Put together.

Ian pulls up outside his new house. He tells Marcie sorry he’s late. She says, it’s been a rough couple of days. She has his key. He says he just has to get furniture. She knows a great store, and has a friend who does interior design work. She can help him. He says he wants her help. He thought she was interested, but she says she’s not interested in anything right now. He says he’s trying to be a friend. Is she sure everything is okay? She doesn’t know if she’s coming or going these days. He asks if the SOB across the street is still bothering her. He’ll get him to leave her alone. She says, if he does that, she’ll take him to dinner – twice. He says he can be persuasive. She asks what else it will cost, and he asks what else she wants to pay. She says her husband cheated on her, but she stayed faithful. He slept with a friend and neighbor, and they had a baby. She fell in love with the same neighbor’s husband, but he didn’t want her. She thinks she’s paid enough got the rest of her life. He says she’s a beautiful woman. She can’t blame him for trying. Geez. No I’m sorry that your life is in the toilet? She says she’s tired. He offers to take her to dinner, but she says, not tonight. He asks if there’s any homeowners association whose rules he needs to follow, and she says, not at all. She drives off.

Lushion and Natalie do the dishes. Natalie says, it was selfish and unfair of Kelly, trying to take her own life. Lushion says she’s going through a lot. Natalie says she’s been through too much. She let a man get the best of her. Lushion says Natalie has never let him forget it. It’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes. She says she’s been there already. She’s more vulnerable with him than she’s ever been. He laughs, and she says it’s a sore subject for her. Joey is in jail (I forgot all about him!), the kids… Lushion says she has him. She says she appreciates him every day. She loves him. They kiss, and she says she hopes Kelly will be all right. She asks if he thinks she can see Kelly, but he says he had to sneak in. He looks outside, and she asks, what’s making that noise out there? He says Ian is moving in some boxes. He’s been ignoring Lushion’s calls. Lushion says he’ll be right back.

Lushion goes out, and calls Ian. Ian looks at the phone, and puts it back in his pocket. Lushion laughs. Ian brings in a box. Lushion waits outside, and when Ian comes back out, he says, so that’s what we’re doing now? Ignoring calls? He saw Ian moving boxes. It’s kind of late. Ian says he works late, and didn’t know Lushion was up. Lushion says maybe Ian didn’t want him to be up. He’s been ignoring Lushion’s calls all day. Ian says he was in court all day, then moving. Lushion says he’s been trying to reach Ian to talk about Kelly. Ian says he can’t help Lushion with that. Lushion says, she tried to commit suicide, and Ian says, no. Lushion says he was the one who cut her down. Ian says she doesn’t seem like the type of person to take her life. Lushion says she was humiliated. Travis took all her money, and she snapped and shot his ass. The one person who owes him favors won’t rep her. He sent a kid, almost his son’s age. He was terrible. Ian is sorry, but he can’t, and Lushion says that’s what makes him good lawyer. He doesn’t care about nothing or nobody. Ian doesn’t get why she tried to kill herself, but Lushion says he does get it. He tells Ian, sleep well, and starts to leave. Ian asks how she is now; it’s important. Lushion says, why? He doesn’t care. Welcome to the neighborhood. He doesn’t have to sneak in. Lushion won’t bother him. He knows where he stands.

Lushion comes back in, saying, some people. Natalie says, what? He says he wanted to get Kelly a good lawyer. Natalie says, an expensive lawyer. Lushion says she tried to take her life, and he didn’t even care. Natalie says, wow; that’s horrible. Natalie knows he has some money and wants to help. She knows how he is, but if he wants to give Kelly money for a lawyer, she’d appreciate him talking to her. She knows it’s not her money, but they have the kids. He understands. She doesn’t mind him helping, as long as he doesn’t hurt them. He tells her, let him handle it. He’s always thinking about them. They go to bed.

Brad knocks on Marcie’s bedroom door, and asks if he can come in with her. She says he can, and he gets in bed with her, putting his arm around her. He says she’s been amazing to him; he means it. She says, as he’s been to her. He’s sorry about the baby. She says, it wasn’t meant to be, and he says they’ll have one. She says, it hasn’t happened yet. She can’t carry. Brad says, maybe it’s not meant to be with Randal. She’s thought about that. She’s divorced now. Brad says he will be too. He’s giving Alex the divorce papers tomorrow. Marcie says, don’t be too sure she’ll sign them. She can make it ugly. He says he doesn’t want to because of the kids. If Alex has any decency, she’ll sign and let him out. Marcie says, she has no income, and Brad says he’ll have to hire a lawyer. As mad as he was at him, Larry is a good lawyer. He should give him call, or Marcie’s boyfriend. Marcie says he’s not her boyfriend. Brad says Ian wants her, and she says, a lot of guys do – except him. He says, that’s not true. If Alex signs, he thinks they should date. She laughs, and he says, if she wants to. She suggests they take it slow. She says, Randal and Alex will not like it, and Brad says, the hell with them. Brad’s phone rings, and he says, speaking of the devil.

Marcie says, don’t answer, but Brad says, she’s called ten times. it could be the kids. Alex says she’s sorry to bother him. Peter has a fever. If it stays the same, she’s going to keep him home tomorrow. She repeats she’s sorry, but he says he doesn’t care. She says the kids want to know when he’s coming home. He says tell them he’ll see them at school. He’ll pick them up and drop them off. She asks about helping them with homework, and he tells her, don’t do this; use the kids to get to him. She says she’s not doing that. She didn’t call to argue. He asks why she’s calling. Is she going to beg him to take her back? She says she doesn’t want that, and he asks if that’s reverse psychology that Randal taught her. She says he’s been drinking; she can tell. He says she makes him drink. She’s a loathsome bitch. She says he’s not speaking to her that way, and he says she deserves it. He’s coming with divorce papers, and she’d better have a damn pen. Didn’t he just say he wanted to talk to a lawyer? Did he just print out something from the internet? Marcie says, yeah, take it slow, and kisses him.

Tanya is unpacking. Randal comes out, and marches over there like Michael Myers from Halloween. He knocks on the door, and says he came to apologize that she saw him coming out of the shower. She says she didn’t. He says the house has been empty for so long, and she repeats that she didn’t see him. He asks if her husband is home, and she says, he’s at work. Randal holds out his hand, and introduces himself. She says they met earlier. She asks if he’s feeling better, and he says he’s fine; her? She wonders why he’s asking, and he says he saw her going to the mailbox, back and forth. She says she’s waiting for a package, and he says the mail comes after six. Wow, and I thought four was bad. He thinks should paint the wall in the living room red, and she sternly says, no. She doesn’t like red. He asks what her favorite color is, and she says blue. He says his bedroom is an off-blue. He asks what she does, and she tells him that she’s a stay-at-home wife mom-to-be. He says he’s a psychologist, and she says, great. He asks if she has anything to drink, and she says she was just unpacking. He says it’s not a good idea if you’re on medication anyway. She asks if he’s on medication, and he says, no; she is. She says she’s not, but he says he saw it on the counter. She says he can see from there, and he says his vision is 20/20. She says it’s for their dog; he’s around here somewhere. Randal says he has a bottle of wine. Throughout the conversation, she keeps fiddling with her shirt. It’s an off-the-shoulder Flashdance deal, and she keeps pulling it up. She says when her husband gets back, she’ll tell him that Randal stopped by. He tells her that she needs a better lock. Pointing to Alex’s house, he says, there’s a whore in the neighborhood who will spread her legs for anyone. The one next to her killed a man, and there were two people murdered in the house on the end. They should lock their doors and windows, hide the wives, hide the kids, hide the husbands. He says she’s seen what his penis looks like, and she thinks he should leave. He says, time to go, but keeps his hand on the door. He tells her that he just wanted to say, welcome to the neighborhood. She closes the door. She calls her husband (I assume), but he doesn’t pick up. She throws the phone, and sinks to the floor. I must say, this storyline is intriguing me.

Rick flirts with the nurse, and gets in to see Kelly. She asks what the hell he wants, and he says to check on her. She says, it’s too late for that, but he disagrees. He asks how she’s doing, and she says, how does it look like she’s doing. He says, dumb question. He apologizes, and she asks if he’s in on this too. Travis’s plan destroy her. He says that’s why he’s saying he’s sorry. He should have taken her more seriously. She says it doesn’t matter now; he’s dead. She wishes she could take that whole night back. One night that she doesn’t really remember. She heard him, and lost herself. Rick says he wouldn’t have stopped coming for her. People like him don’t, until they destroy your life. She says, he won, but Rick says, no, he didn’t. She says she’s up on charges for murdering Ramsay and Travis, but she didn’t kill Ramsay. Travis started messing with her son, and she couldn’t let that happen. He backed her into a corner. Rick says he’ll do all he can to help her. She says, it’s too late, but he says, it’s never too late. She says she’s in for life. Rick says they have to take her to a regular hospital; it’s the rule. She says she’ll be in handcuffs, and he says, one thing at a time. The nurse says, it’s time to go. He tells Kelly that he’ll be back, and the nurse says, not in here.

Larry picks up his private line, saying he got caught up at the office, but it’s Randal. He says he’s been calling all day. Larry says Randal wouldn’t believe what he’s been though. Randal says Larry had him sign a bunch of papers, and slipped the divorce papers in there. Larry says that’s absurd, and Randal asks how the hell it happened. Larry says, maybe he signed them when he was drinking. Randal says he’s coming to Larry’s office, but Larry says he’s leaving. Randal says he’ll come to the house, and Larry says, good idea. He’ll have his wife cook something, and they can catch up. Randal hangs up.

Steven tells Esperanza that he’s going home; his rules. She doesn’t want him to, and he says, all the more reason. He wants be in control, and says he’ll see her tomorrow. He tells her, sleep well, and she says she’d better not find out he’s meeting up with the girl from the bar. He says, what girl? He tells her, lock the door, but she says it will lock behind him.

He comes out, and the dudes from the car surround him. They knock him down, and start beating on him. They drag him toward the car.

Next time, Larry tells Ian his career will be over, Kelly tells Rick there were others, and Natalie hears screaming outside.

🌟 Regarding Star. As much as I love that show – I await Queen Latifah’s hair every week with bated breath – I wasn’t even aware it had started again. And since Tyler Perry hates me right now, and If Loving You Is Wrong is on Wednesdays, I’d be on overload trying to add it. Hopefully, I can catch up with On Demand on the weekends. Pardon me while I brood about this…

🌜 Not Quite…

But if I’m up much later, it will be. I’ll sleep in the next life.