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June 3, 2018 – The Stadium is Under Attack, a Few TV Tidbits & Not Done


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

John isn’t looking too good, but Naomi tells him to stay with her. He says he got her note. She and Morgan drag John behind a car, and away from the shooting. Morgan tells Naomi he’s john’s friend. She says she’ll get medical supplies, and promises to be back. He says he knows she will.

Mel says they have to get out of there. Alicia hits one of the Vultures. Mel starts the ambulance he’s driving, but Naomi says she needs the field kit from the back. He’s like, too bad, and keeps driving. She runs after the ambulance. As the distance becomes longer between them, the back of it blows up. Alicia is standing there with a grenade lancher, and tells Naomi that they took her in. Naomi says it’s not what she thinks. Naomi runs back to John, and tells Morgan they have to get him out of there.

Luci sees Charlie. Charlie says she’s sorry. Luci has gun pointed at her, but shoots some other guy. Al keeps filming. Morgan tells her they need to get John out. She says she’s not part of story, and Morgan says if she hides, a good man dies. The story is almost finished, and it doesn’t have to be that way for John. Al pulls her mega truck next to John, and opens the gun portal. Alicia puts her hands up, and Naomi and Morgan get John inside. Al says, gotta move.

Morgan tells Charlie they won’t hurt her. Charlie wants to make sure Mel is okay. Morgan says Mel is gone. She needs to come with him, or she’ll die. She gets in Al’s truck. Alicia, Victor and Luci shoot at the back as it’s driving away. Naomi tells Al to go to the stadium. Al says it’s supposed to be gone, and Naomi says, it’s not. Al says Naomi is supposed to be dead, and asks if she wants to tell them what else they got wrong.

[Before] Planting is happening at the stadium, and everyone pitches in. Nick says it won’t be ready for months. Madison says rations will get them through. He asks if she’s ever thought they wouldn’t make it, and she says, plenty of times. He asks what got her through, and she tells him, thinking she didn’t want to be out there; it’s way better in here. Douglas radios, saying they have a visitor. It’s Charlie. Nick asks why she’s there, and she says she needs their help.

[Forward] Morgan tells Al that they don’t have much time, and she says she’ll get him there. Charlie realizes he’s Nick’s friend. He knows what she did. Why did he save her? He says, because this has to stop some place.

Naomi tells John again to stay with her. She finds a tin of Scrabble letters on him. Morgan says he’s been looking for her, and never gave up all this time. Naomi says if you try to protect someone, you wind up hurting them. Al asks what happened; what did she do to them? Charlie says what happened wasn’t Naomi’s fault. It was hers.

[Before] Outside the stadium, a zombie pounds at the car Mel has crashed. Alicia says he’s breathing, but to be careful. He might have lung damage. Charlie insists Mel was trying to avoid the accident. There’s an argument as to whether they should just leave him there. Alicia says, if they leave him, will he make it? Nick says the Vultures lost and know it, and now they have supplies. Charlie says she lied before, but she’s not lying now. She asks Madison to please bring him back with them. Nick says they just started replanting. Madison says, If it’s a trick – Charlie says, it’s not – they’ll handle it. She says Naomi put a gun to her head when they first met; now they’re replanting thanks to her.

[Forward] Alicia sees a Vulture zombie and cuts him down. She tells Victor to wait. She sees someone crawling toward her. She squats down, and Mel reaches out. She asks how long Charlie was with him, and he gurgles something unintelligible. She says, you know what? It doesn’t matter, and smashes him in the head with the butt of her weapon. She should have left him for the zombies

[Before] Mel is handcuffed to a bed at the stadium. He asks what he’s doing there, and Naomi tells him that he has broken ribs. He asks where Charlie is, and Madison says she asked them to help her; she’s fine. He says she needs to let them go. Naomi says he has a serious injury. He says they’re not safe. Madison tells him that he’s said that before, and they’ll make it. If his brother and their crew try something, they’ll handle them. Mel says he and his brother are the ones they need to worry about.

We see a bus load of zombies, trying to get their hands out of the boarded-up windows.

Victor shows the Vultures’ numbered flags to Madison, saying that’s all that’s left. She says maybe Mel is telling the truth. Nick asks Charlie if she thinks Ennis is leading them there, and she says he wouldn’t do that. Madison asks if she’s sure. She tells Victor it will be tough, but they can do it. He says they have cars running the length of the railway. Madison asks if they’re full of dead, and Victor says, they were. She asks how many, and they go through the flags; the highest number is 735. Madison says no one goes in or out without them knowing. She tells Nick to take Charlie to her room.

Mel nearly coughs up a lung. Naomi tells him take the deepest breaths he can. When she gets close to help him, he pulls a knife on her, and tells her to take him to Charlie. Naomi pooches him in his broken ribs, takes the knife, and says not to make her break his cracked rib. He’s here to keep him breathing. He says they won’t listen to him. She’s new; maybe she’s been out there for a while. Maybe she was at another place that went down. Maybe knows what he does; what happens to people who stay. They die, and everything they’re fighting for dies with them. It doesn’t need to be that way for her. This place isn’t worth her life. He asks her to come with them. If she helps them, they’ll help her. He has the feeling she knows he’s right.

Madison pries the boards off of a concession stand. Naomi approaches. Madison says she needs the needs the lumber to reinforce the walls. Naomi says, it’s not safe here, and Madison says it will be. Naomi thinks they should consider what Mel is saying and think about leaving. Madison says that’s what the Vultures have wanted since they showed up. Out there, things don’t get better. She built this place for her kids; so they can have something close to a real life. Naomi says if she wants to protect them, she has to disappoint them. Madison says she thought about walking away. She told Alicia to prep a car just in case. She saw it on Alicia’s face, like she was chipping away at what they built. She told herself she wouldn’t use it. Naomi thinks she should reconsider. Madison asks what he said to her, and Naomi says he didn’t have to say anything. She’s been on the wrong side of where Madison is. Naomi doesn’t want to see it happen to her. What she built for her kids isn’t worth risking their lives – or hers.

Madison continues to accumulate boards off of various structures. Mel coughs some more. Madison says if he wants to go; go. He asks why, and she says while he’s here, he’s going to try to turn the others against her. He asks where Charlie is, but Madison says she’s not going. She can’t let him risk Charlie’s life.

Everyone is helping to reinforce the walls. Madison tells them to open the gate, and get the Land Rover. Mel wants to go. Victor says he might die out there. He’s there because she didn’t give up on him; what’s different? Madison says, open the gate, or she will. Mel gets in the car, saying they won’t make it. Madison says, if Charlie goes with him, whoever Charlie turns into won’t be Charlie anymore. He tells her the walls won’t hold, and Madison says she’ll keep Charlie safe. Mel tells her that’s what her parents said, and died in front of her. Don’t make her go through that again. Madison says she wasn’t there; it wasn’t them. He says they’re trying to be the type of people who are extinct. She draws her gun, and says, no one’s gone until they’re gone, and he drives away, wounds and all. The gates close again. Madison tells them not to think about what Mel said.

Nick tells Madison that she should have made him stay; He wouldn’t have taken Charlie, since he can’t get far. Madison says he’s not getting far without Nick and his sister protecting him. Nick asks if she remembers when he said he was afraid of who he was out there? He was really afraid of being away from her; she showed him the way. She finds him when he’s gotten lost. He felt found here, like he’d finally starting to get it. Letting a guy kill himself because they’re afraid of him. doesn’t sound like what she wanted them to find out.

Charlie says, he’s gone, but he’s hurt? He’s not going to make it, and he’s her friend. Alicia says she put a radio in the car, and it’s on. They should let Charlie see if he’ okay. They call, and Madison asks if Mel can hear her. He coughs, and she asks where he is and if he’s all right. He coughs some more. The signal is lost, and everyone looks grim and sad. Charlie says they have to help him.

More reinforcing goes on, and Cole hopes it holds whatever is coming his way. Alicia says they have to go out. Victor asks Nick if Madison knows they’re leaving. Nick asks, is he letting them out, or what? Victor knows they’re going after Mel, and says their mother did the same thing for him. Who is he to stop them? He lets them out. As they get on the road, Nick says they’re going to find Mel, and help Madison remember why she built this place.

One of the Vultures starts a truck full of zombies. A woman says, you know what to do, and he drives off. Behind him is a whole caravan of trucks.

Naomi finds Madison to tell her that she’s not going. Madison says, in that case, they’ll find her a new bedroom. Naomi says if she starts pulling boards off the showers, she’s chaining herself to the pipes. Madison says she forgot how it was for her kids to look at her like that, but it would it be worse if they didn’t. She guesses she taught them something after all. Naomi says whatever is going to happen, will happen soon. She’s prepping the infirmary.

Nick sees the Land Rover, and radios Victor, says they found him. Victor tells him to get back with due haste. Nick nails a zombie. Alicia says Mel is in rough shape. Nick hears something, and tells her to kill the headlights. They see the trucks coming toward the stadium. The trucks drive past without noticing them. Nick radios Victor, telling him a convoy is coming his way.

Victor tells Madison to sound the alarm. Madison is surprised Victor didn’t try to stop Nick and Alicia. He says they needed to do it, and she says that doesn’t mean she has to like it. Cole says, that’s not a convoy. We see only two headlights. Madison radios Nick and asks if he’s there, but he’s still a half-mile off. It’s an ice cream trail, leaving a trail of… blood? Gas? Something. Nick radios Madison, who tells him to just in get inside. Alicia says maybe it’s a trap, and here come the trucks. Ha-ha! My heart is beating faster.

The trucks line up in the parking lot. Luci asks what’s happening. Madison explains that Nick and Alicia are out there. Lots of zombie rumbling is coming from the trucks. The Vultures set up ramps. Ennis whistles, and signals for the trucks to be opened. Zombies stagger down the ramps. I think it must be gas. Someone is going to get these zombies lit.

Madison radios Nick and Alicia to come inside. and here we go, the gas is set on fire. The zombies crowd Nick’s car. Madison runs down. Victor tells her she can’t go out there. She says her kids in the parking lot. Is he going to stop her? He says, no. He’s coming with her. Luci says she’s coming too. In the car, Alicia asks how much ammo the have, and Nick says, not enough, reminding me of Sheriff Hague (Michael Biehn) in Planet Terror. Madison says there are too many zombies for them to drive through, and Nick says they can’t last much longer. Douglas says they have to get the fire out before anyone can leave. Victor tells him to shut up and open the gate. Alicia radios Madison, saying she’s sorry they had to come out to try and save him, but they couldn’t just hide. They didn’t mean to do this to her, but it was the right thing to do. Zombies grapple at the car. We see the flames reflected on Madison’s face.

[Forward] Al drives past a burned ice cream truck. Naomi says don’t stop; there’s no time. Morgan asks if she’s sure she’ll find what they need. She says she set up the infirmary herself. Any supplies that were taken, were taken from the outside; no one would go in there. Morgan says he thinks he knows who Al is; he’s seen it. She says he doesn’t know who she is. She’s a chick with layers. Me too. I am so one with this show right now. Al tells them to hold on, and she drives through the closed gate into the stadium. The dust clears, and there are a million zombies scattered all around. They grasp at the truck.

Next time, the mid-season finale (sigh) – Madison has nothing else to lose, Al thinks someone will want to know what happened, Naomi tries to save John, and Al machine guns the crap out of some zombies.

Excellent episode!

💍 I only saw pieces of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? and will be watching it in its entirety at a later time. However, I saw enough to wonder what the blip is with Chantel’s family? Are they bad actors? Are they on something? Like a high dose of Valium? Even Chantel has inherited their strange, wooden monotone – in two languages! No wonder Pedro is looking to book back to the DR, but I still think there’s something crooked about the mother/sister grifter team. And note to Molly – all men call watching the kids babysitting. Even when the kids are their own.

🎭 Sadly, Imposters has been canceled:


🙏 In happier news, Preacher will be back on Sunday, June 24th.




May 10, 2018 – Nelle Opens the Mystery Gift, Naomie Apologizes, Tidbits & Friday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Lucy walks into the locker room at the PCPD. Dante stops her, and she says she’d hoped to run into him. He asks how she got back there, and she says she must have taken wrong turn. He says he’ll walk her out, but she won’t budge. She tells him that every year his mom helps with the Nurses’ Ball while he’s escaped performing; why? Lucy hears someone singing in the shower, and says that’s what she’s talking about. Chase comes out in a towel, and she tells him that he’s hired.

Monica asks if Nelle is ready; the guests are arriving soon. Nelle says it seems like she just came to town alone, now she’s been embraced by the town’s most beloved family, and is really a having shower where everyone is coming to support her or show respect. Monica says she’s come a long way. The doorbell rings, and Monica says it’s showtime. Carly comes in, and asks if the macaroons showed up. Nelle says everything came as promised. Carly says she always keeps her promises. The balloons are really cool – gigantic things with tassels hanging from them. You could ride off somewhere on these.

Alexis is at the MetroCourt, and Finn asks to join her. He owes her apology. He was sharp with her, and she was just trying to bring him and Chase closer. She admits to overstepping, and he says she means well. Maybe some broken families can be fixed, but not his. It’s broken and can’t be repaired.

Mike asks where Carly is, and Sonny tells him she’s at the baby shower for Nelle. He says his caregiver keeps saying things like, “how are we today?” so he came down to find his pint-sized living doll. They have a floor puzzle going on. Sonny explains she’s not there this week; she’s with Ava. Mike remembers she has joint custody because he screwed up.

Nelle tells Carly it’s nice of her to help out today, and Carly says today is all about family. Ava arrives with Avery. Carly tells Avery today is going to be a great day, and Nelle looks at her like, ugh. Monica says it’s a wonderful surprise, but doesn’t recall seeing her on the guest list. Nelle says she included Ava. How could she forget the person who supported her when everyone else turned their backs? She takes Ava to the gift table, and Ava says, clearly, she’s not doing well so far. Nelle tells her to just do her part, and Griff will never know she took a picture of the DNA test.

Josslyn is glad Nelle included her, and Nelle says they share a bond like no other. She’s glad Bobbie is letting bygones be bygones, and Bobbie says she’s about to be a grandma as well. She asks Carly if she’s okay. She shouldn’t be surprised that Nelle invited Ava, but Carly says at least she gets to see Avery. Bobbie tells her, never let them see you sweat. Carly tells her about the trip to Puerto Rico that she and Sonny planned. She doesn’t understand why Monica can’t see what Nelle is up to, and Carly says she has reinforcements at her side. Nelle hears her, and wonders why she thinks it’s some kind of contest. Carly suggests they set their differences aside and focus on what’s important – the baby.

Alexis tells Finn about her brothers; one was a bully, and the other her protector, who went crazy and died. He says there’s one glaring omission; Valentin. She says no one had contact with him. He says she does now, but imagine if, against her wishes, he attempted to reconcile them. She says he can’t compare his father to hers; Mikkos was diabolical. His family is dysfunctional; hers are the Cassadines. She says they’re not at a meeting right now. He can talk to her.

Lucy introduces herself holds out hand, but Chase holds on to his towel. Dante introduces him, and Lucy says she’s not going until she gets what she wants. It would be a shame to hide his beautiful… voice inside a stinky locker room. She suggests he share it with the world and sing at the Nurses’ Ball.

Mike tells Sonny that if he hadn’t taken off with Avery, and gotten confused and scared, she’d be where she belonged. Sonny says it was an accident, and no one is pointing fingers. They just have to figure out how to make the custody agreement work for Avery. That’s the most important thing. Mike gets up, saying the house is too quiet. His whole life is vanishing, but one laugh from Avery makes it okay. Sonny says he misses her too.

Carly takes Josslyn and Avery to the kitchen for macaroons. Brad arrives, and Bobbie wonders what’s going on. Carly asks where his other half is. Brad says Lucas is working, so he’s there to represent. He and Lucas will be parents soon, and he’ll be coming over for playdates. Josslyn says they can have grown-up dates too, and not to forget the certificate she gave them. He says it’s in a place of honor on the fridge. Avery comes out with Carly. Ava takes Avery’s free hand, so she’s between them. Josslyn tells Ava that Avery won’t get lost on the way to living room. Ava says it’s her week with mommy. Olivia asks if she’d like to go to the playroom with Leo, and Monica moves everyone to the living room.

Finn tells Alexis when he was a kid, his dad was his hero. He was a professor at a prestigious university, but when he came home, he always had time for Finn. When his mom got sick, he stayed by her side. Alexis asks if that’s why he wanted to become a doctor. He remembers his father telling him that his mom had an incurable disease. He felt angry and helpless. He was young and naïve, but told himself that he’d wipe out incurable diseases, and make a difference. Alexis says he did, but he says, not soon enough. She asks what happened after that, and he tells her his dad remarried right after she died.

Chase says he needs to get dressed, and Lucy promises not to peek. She’s not taking no for an answer. It would she a shame not to share his amazing voice at the Nurses’ Ball. He’s never heard of it, so Lucy explains that it’s a legendary tradition, a magical night where they all come together and create awareness for HIV/AIDS. Chase says he’d be glad to give a donation, but Lucy says they need his talent. He says they’re cops not entertainers. Dante tells him that they all do it; it’s like a brotherhood thing. If he wants to fit in with the community, the best way is the Nurses’ Ball.

Monica welcomes everyone, and thanks them for coming. She says the house has seen share of good and bad times. It’s been shaken to its foundation, but like Port Charles, it’s still standing. The Quartermaines seem to be dwindling, but now new family members are coming into the fold. She’s going to be a great-grandmother. She makes a toast the baby and the future generations to come. Wow.  I’ve been to quite a few showers, and not once has someone started it off like that. Nelle toasts to Brad and Lucas, who are bringing a new edition to the family too. Carly and Ava give the evil eye to each other.

Max makes small talk with Mike. Sonny tells Mike he has to stay on schedule with the nurse, which Mike tells Max is code for butt out. He goes upstairs, and Sonny asks Max if there’s any word on Croton; how Mike knew or if anyone else knows. Max says nothing yet. Maybe Mike heard second hand, or followed him. Sonny says one of Skully’s guys could have talked, but how would Mike know to ask? Mike was barely in his life then.

Olivia brings out macaroons, and says it’s time to play a game. Nelle says, first, she has a gift of her own to give. She presents Carly with the most precious thing she possesses.  Carly makes a sick face. Bobbie tells Nelle it’s her day, and she hasn’t opened her gifts yet. Nelle says it would mean the world to her if Carly opens her gift first. She insists. Carly says it is her day. Nelle tells her after the other set was damaged, she redrafted the guardian papers. She meant what she said. She wants Carly and Sonny to be the baby’s guardians; they’re the best choice. She just wants them accepted in the spirit they’re being given. She wants the baby to have a loving family. Carly is just sitting there, and Josslyn says it’s a beautiful, loving gesture. Can’t she accept it in the same spirit? Nelle says Carly was her first friend in Port Charles. Bobbie says, before she stabbed her in the back, and Olivia says, it’s not a reality show. Cue the wishing well.

Alexis tells Finn his father isn’t the first widower to seek comfort. She asks if they’re still married, and Finn thinks so. She asks if they’re happy, and he asks if he’s being cross-examined. She says it’s an occupational hazard. Finn says she did nothing wrong. She tells him from what she’s hearing, he seems to be taking out his resentment of his father on Chase. It’s been years, and she wonders why he can’t cut his brother some slack.

Chase says if Dante vouches for it, he’s in, and Lucy says he won’t regret it. She tells him to head over to the MetroCourt, and schedule his rehearsal and get his costumes going. Standing behind Chase, Dante looks like he’s barely keeping it together. Lucy says, since he’s new in town, she’s sure he needs someplace to live, and gives him her card. Dante can’t contain his laughter at this point.

Max tells Sonny that he has good news. The field is still empty. Sonny says Mike definitely knows something. Maybe doesn’t matter how, but what does. He can’t keep secret; he has no edit button. Max says he has two options. Either leave it alone, and hope they don’t believe him; or dig up the problem and move it, which could bring renewed interest. Sonny asks if Max is telling him he’s screwed either way.

Olivia tells everyone to put in a gift and make a wish. Josslyn puts in Good Night, Moon, and says she wishes to be not just the baby’s aunt, but their best friend. Ava also has Good Night, Moon, because it’s Avery’s favorite. She wishes the baby brings peace, love, and a very long maternity leave. Brad tells her that he wouldn’t mind second book for his baby, and gives her a membership to the children’s museum. He hopes the baby grows up in a world where they never stop making wishes. Bobbie puts in a map to grandma’s house, so they’ll always find their way to her. Monica says it’s a Quartermaine tradition to give a bond, and wishes it reaches maturity as the baby comes of age. Carly says Nelle is right; Nelle gave her the most precious gift to give or receive, and she accepts in the spirit it was given. She’s putting it in the well until she and Sonny can sign it. She wishes it will never become necessary, but if fate intervenes, the baby will be in the best of hands. Nelle can count on it. Geez, that was a cheap gift. She could have at least thrown in some macaroons and a balloon.

Finn tells Alexis that he’s not a fan of reminiscing. She says whatever they talk about remains between them. They’ve both experienced rock backgrounds, and she won’t judge. He appreciates it, but for the preservation of their friendship, they should make a pact that they won’t try to fix each other’s dysfunctional families. Alexis says it’s a deal.

Dante tells Chase, the coast is clear. Chase says Lucy is intense. He looked up the Nurses’ Ball, and it is quite a tradition. He knows they were thrown together when Dante’s partner passed away. He can’t imagine how hard that was, and didn’t expect to be accepted right away. He still feels like a stranger, but making a fool of himself for a worthy cause means a lot. He asks if Dante read the report on the warehouse break-in. He thinks forensics should have been copied, since they might see something Dante missed. Dante tells him to enjoy the Ball.

Sonny thanks Max for following up, and tells him to thank Milo. Max says they have his back. He thinks maybe Sonny should go with his first instinct; what happens in Croton stays in Croton – six feet under. Sonny says it might not be that easy. Mike comes down. Sonny asks how long he’s been there, and Mike says, long enough.

Olivia brings out a Diaper Genie, and tells Nelle that she’ll thank her later. Josslyn says it’s a lucky baby, and Nelle says she got that right. She still has one she didn’t open from Ava. Nelle gushes over the wrapping, and asks what it is. Ava says, open it and they’ll all find out. Nelle hates to open the last gift on what’s been the best day of her life. She thanks them for their generosity, and hopes to look back on the day with pride and joy. She starts to open it, and Ava says, wait.

Finn asks if Alexis would like to come over, and she asks if he’s Inviting her to see his etchings. He says he doesn’t have etchings, but has something else he can show her. She has a court case, and says, another time. She says his charming per makes her want to know his past, and he says he’ll dial down his unlimited charm. Finn sees Chase walk in, and says, here we go again.

Sonny tells Mike they were discussing business, and asks what he heard. Mike tells him, what he said about Croton. Sonny asks what he knows; it’s the second time he’s mentioned it. Mike says maybe he’s confused and his mind is playing tricks, but this he knows; they’re building something in Croton. Sonny looks puzzled.

Carly asks if something is wrong. Ava says Nelle was sad about opening the last gift, so she should save it to open on a day she’s not feeling so great; or she and Michael can open it together. Nelle says she can’t wait to see it. I can’t either. It’s a cute penguin mobile. Nelle raves about it, and says, it’s to die for. Josslyn looks at Carly, and asks what’s wrong. Carly says, Morgan loved penguins, and Ava knew that, didn’t she?

Alexis tells Finn that she didn’t mastermind this. She didn’t know Chase was going to come waltzing in there. Chase says he’s not waltzing; he’s singing. He stopped in for coffee before rehearsal for the Nurses’ Ball. Finn says he didn’t know Chase sang. Chase says there’s a lot he doesn’t know about him, but that’s what he wants, right? Chase leaves, and Finn apologizes to Alexis about thinking she set him up. She says maybe that’s not the only thing he’s wrong about.

Lucy comes back to the locker room. She tells Dante she was just in time to change the program. Dante can’t believe he managed to get Chase to sing; telling him the whole department was involved, was just an act. Lucy says she already told the printer, but Dante says it was just a prank. The only one who will be performing is Chase. Lucy says it’s not very sporting of him. She’s not too crazy about him co-opting the Nurses’ Ball for a practical joke. Although Chase does have lovely voice and he’s easy on the eyes. She doesn’t want to sound shallow, but looks do mater. Dante says, don’t tell him. it will spoil the fun.

Sonny asks Mike what he thinks happened. Did he see something? Did someone tell him a story? Mike says he knows what he knows. Max comes back, and tells Sonny that new construction is set to begin in the field.

Carly says this was deliberate to remind her of Morgan. Ava says it’s a shower gift. Carly says she used him when he was alive, and she’s still using him to hurt her. Ava says he’s not the only child in the history of the world who likes penguins. Carly says he’s only one she tampered with. She grabs mobile and throws it against the wall, saying, screw you, Ava. Ava looks at Nelle. Everyone is stunned.

Tomorrow, Carly calls Nelle a snake, Valentin asks Anna if she’s avoiding him, and Nina asks Curtis if it’s what she thinks it is.

Southern Charm

Cameran calls Jason from the car, saying she has a stubborn cervix. They might induce her next week. In her interview, she says he’s desensitized since that’s his life every day – women having babies. She tells him not to do that “we” stuff, since she’s the only one who will be in labor.

Kathryn calls Marshall, the owner of Gwynn’s (an upscale store), wondering if there’s a position available. She thinks it would be a great place for her to start, as they taught her a lot about her personal style. He says they don’t have a lot of turnover, but asks to talk to her on Saturday morning.

Naomie goes to her father’s restaurant, Nico, and gives orders in French about how to move the tables. He had several restaurants in France, and is opening one in Charleston. They’re having a pre-opening tasting dinner. She’s pretty aggressive for a French girl.

Craig meets Austen for beer. Otherwise known as Austen’s research and development. Austen says Naomie is cold-blooded. Craig feels badly for Peyton, since she just moved there. We flash back to Naomie being a huge a-hole at the Halloween party. Craig is laughing because it’s not him.

Naomie tells her father about the party. She thinks Peyton is using people, and it disgusts her, but she said some not very nice things. Right. Like I think she really believes Peyton is using anybody. How so? Even if she was flirting with these guys, why is that Naomie’s business. Her father tells her life is not about aggression, but being nice. She still questions Peyton’s intentions. Peyton is trying to say it’s a misunderstanding, but she heard Peyton was flirting with Craig. Her father, who is apparently no dummy, asks if that’s really the problem, and that she has to solve it. He tells her respect is the magic word in life, and she has to apologize.

Craig tells Austen that Naomie doesn’t have to like Peyton, but her problem is, she doesn’t know how to apologize. As if on cue, Naomie calls Austen, and tells him about the pre-opening. He says he’d love to come, and asks if her ex is invited. She says yes, and it’s cool if he brings Peyton. She feels bad about making her cry (as well she should). She’s not convinced she’s wrong, but owes her an apology. She asks for Peyton’s number, and says she wants to invite her. I’d be afraid she’d stalk Peyton.

Austen calls his sister Katie. He’s driving to the brewery, since his parents pushed him off the ledge to make something happen. He’s thinking of producing a beer of his own. He doesn’t have his recipe yet, but knows what he likes, and he and Thomas (not Ravenel) are putting their heads together.

He arrives at the Thomas Creek Brewery. Thomas shows him around. In his interview, Austen explains that with contract brewing, you find a brewery that already has equipment, so you don’t have to spend money on that. Kind of like subcontracting. Austen likes the grapefruit idea. Thomas thinks it works, but the passionfruit can come across medicinal. Austen wants to make a good beer with citrus for the beach and boat, that’s still tap ready. He asks what the next steps are, and Thomas says a test batch is about four hundred bucks. Austen says it would be kick-ass.

Shep picks up Cameran for lunch. She wants to do a lap down Labor Lane. Shep has no clue where that is, and she explains that back in the day, women would ride down Chalmers Street, hoping the jarring from the cobblestones induced labor. Shep says he thought they were having lunch. He doesn’t want to be there when her water breaks. They go down the cobblestoned street, and Shep has Cameran laughing so hard, she says she wants to pee. He tells her they’re not doing a second lap.

They go to the restaurant, and Shep asks how it will work if Jason is at work when the baby comes. She says she’ll need a ride to the hospital. Shep doesn’t think he’d be good in a tragedy, and amends that to emergency. Cameran says now that she’s entering a new phase, what’s next for him? Shep says he’s doing some traveling, but she asks about goals, and evolving as a man. She thinks he’ll have to expand his horizons to meet a woman. In her interview, Cameran says she’s no psychic. We see an old clip of her predicting he’d be married in two years. She says he’s not the marrying kind; he’s the banging kind. He says he thought he’d end up with an English or Australian girl, because the men are buffoons. Cameran can’t believe he just called himself a buffoon, and thinks maybe he’s savvier than she thought.

Craig visits Patricia. She asks about the break-up with Naomie, and he says it’s good to get rid of the toxicity. He tells her about his life coach. She asks if he’s changed. He says it just been a week, but he has to start somewhere. Patricia says she talked to the people who run her company; they make high-end products covered with dogs and cats, and want him to design a specialized pillow to manufacture. Too bad they don’t make products covered with dog hair. I’d be rich. Craig tells her it’s everything he said he wanted. Not to be dramatic, but it’s a big break for an upcoming artist or designer. Some people would cut off an appendage for it. In her interview, Patricia says Craig can be a knucklehead, but an endearing one. She wants to help him. He says he’ll make a prototype of each, and asks if she wants it cheeky. She says it can just come to him.

Kathryn hasn’t interviewed for a job since college. She says she might not have the prerequisites, but has faith in herself, and thinks she can figure it out. She goes to Marshall’s office, and meets with him and his assistant, Madison. She says the store is like a second home. Marshall asks how she sees her presence in the store contributing to their culture. She tells him she’s been shopping there for so long, and knows the atmosphere. She feels that she could add to aesthetic brainstorming. In her interview, she wonders why the eff she can’t put a sentence together, He tells her sometimes it’s hectic, and they have to juggle a lot of balls. He asks how she handles stress, and she asks for some water and a moment to think. I’m surprised that she’s blanking out like this. Incorporating having to deal with the kid situation in her answer about stress, would have been perfect. Madison says Kathryn knows the goals they’re trying to achieve as a brand. Kathryn thinks she can contribute to the customer experience, and would like to get more people her age shop outside of King Street. Madison says it’s good to keep the conversation going, even if there’s no spot open right now. Marshall says if she doesn’t hear from them, to call.

Shep goes to Chelsea’s salon for a haircut. He’s getting leg surgery, but says he’s not slowing down. She says he is like a pirate, referring to his Halloween costume. She asks if he’s going to the restaurant opening. She can’t believe Naomie invited Peyton, and thinks Naomie feels bad. She asks if Shep would pick Austen or Craig for her, and he says, Craig. He tells her that Austen is having fun downtown, and is like he was two years ago. In her interview, Chelsea says Shep is making Austen seem like the bad guy, but she doesn’t see her and Shep as more than friends.

Thomas and Ashley get ready for the pre-opening. He brings her wine in the bathroom. He tells her that Kathryn is going. She says she’d texted Kathryn, but hasn’t herd back. She wanted to bring up trick-or-treating. We flash back to Kathryn telling Thomas it was too soon for that. Thomas tells Ashley if she wants to piss Kathryn off, go for it, but no response means no. In his interview, Thomas says he understands not wanting to share special moments with a woman who may or may not be in his life for a long time. Ashley wants Kathryn to know she’s not trying to take anyone’s place. Thomas jokes she’s just trying to take away the father of her children. Ashley is not amused.

Everyone trickles in to Nico. Naomie tells Cameran if she delivers there, she has to name her Nico. Cameran says Austen seems taller, but he says it’s just because she’s wider. Danni heard there was drama at the party. Thomas flirts with Kathryn. In her interview, Kathryn says he does it naturally, not to piss off Ashley. She doesn’t think he knows Ashley is there, and feels bad for her. Shep tells Austen he talked to Chelsea, and she trimmed his hair. Cameran thinks Austen and Chelsea are rekindling things. Shep tells her that he thought he and Chelsea had a moment at the salon. Cameran says he blew his shot, and he asks why. We flash back to Cameran telling him that he was too aggressive with Chelsea. Austen talks to Chelsea on the patio. She tells him that Shep barely let her cut his hair; it was more like a counseling session. She tells Austen what Shep said about Austen being him two years ago. Austen says he’s not up until 5 am, and Chelsea asks if he’s going to say something to Shep. Austen says, no, but it’s interesting. In her interview, Chelsea says sometimes Austen has no backbone. He cares too much what everyone thinks, and it’s an unattractive quality. I agree.

Peyton arrives. She sees Naomie, and tells Kathryn that she’s never been spoken to like that, and she lived in LA for five years. It’s like middle school. Kathryn says she got that right. Naomie approaches Peyton, and thanks her for coming. They stand there while crickets chirp, and Naomie asks to talk to Peyton on the patio. In her interview, Naomie says her reservations aren’t gone, but her dad was right; she needs to apologize. She tells Peyton that she owes her a big apology. She’s sorry about the way she attacked her; it’s just a defense mechanism. Peyton says she’s not after Craig. She knew had to do with him, because if someone is that angry, it has to do with love. Naomie says she projected her anger at him on Peyton, and cut her down without knowing her. She’s sorry. Peyton forgives her. In her interview, Naomie says she realizes the root of it is that she’s not over Craig. She and Peyton hug.

They sit down for dinner. Ooh, a seafood tower! Austen sits between Chelsea and Peyton, and Shep tells Whitney that he’s sitting between his two paramours. Whitney says he’s working overtime. They sound like a couple of middle school girls. Whitney tells Shep that Chelsea is on to his shenanigans. Shep slides outside. Thomas and Ashley have some PDA at the table. In her interview, Kathryn is shocked and proud that she gives zero f*cks. She’s glad she’s not that person.

Kathryn joins Shep outside. He ask if she had fun at the party. He gets nostalgic, remembering how they became friends. We flash back to four years ago on the beach, when Shep taught her to surf. Austen tells Whitney what Shep said was upsetting. He shouldn’t lie to make himself look better. Thomas and Ashley go out, and tell Shep they had to leave; sh*t is being talked about him. Inside, Whitney suggests bringing Shep into the conversation, and goes to get him. Austen is like, that’s okay, but Chelsea says they have his back. Whitney calls Shep in. Shep tells Austen that all he said was that Austen was having fun Downton. Austen says Shep claimed it reminded him of himself two years ago, and he thought that was a misrepresentation. He was trying to make himself look good, and Austen look bad. Shep says if it was perceived that way, he apologizes. They shake hands. In her interview, Chelsea says she keeps waiting for Austen to man up, and seeing herself with him in the future, but it’s not happening. Whitney is glad they resolved things. Austen suggests he and Chelsea get out of there, but Chelsea isn’t receptive in the least, and tells him to stop.

Next time, Cameran might be in labor, Patricia suggests an ultimatum to Ashley, and Thomas and Kathryn have dinner.

🍹🍸 Loving Jared on Southern Charm New Orleans. He’s the Yoda of the group. Also loving Uma Thurman on Imposters. Both shows are worth watching.

⚠ The new, and I think final, season of Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce begins Thursday, June 14th.


February 22, 2018 – Chasing the Disco Ball, a Bit of Chef, a Ramble & a Margarita


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Michael tells Mike a funny story about Morgan. Mike is sorry he didn’t get more time with him. Michael says he has more stories if Mike is sticking around, but Mike says he has a sweetheart waiting for him back home. Michael assumes Mike got a clean bill of health, and Sonny says he still has a follow-up. Mike says, he’ll be fine, and don’t worry.

Griff looks over Mike’s test results.

Nelle gives Ava a box of chocolates, thinking she could use a pick-me-up. Ava says she tries not to eat her feelings, and tells Nelle to enjoy them. Griff calls; he wanted to hear Ava’s voice, and misses her. He’s sorry about Valentine’s Day, but she says it’s not the day that’s important; it’s him. After she hangs up, Ava asks Nelle for the candy back, and shovels some into her mouth.

Carly tells Nina that she’s sorry about the office being like this. They couldn’t get in during the investigation. She’ll have the carpet replaced. Nina asks her to do it quickly. She wants all traces of blood removed. Maxie walks in.

Jason visits Sam’s office. He tells her that he couldn’t find Drew, and Sam says he’s at a meeting. Jason wants to talk about the Port Charles Press. Peter comes in, saying sorry to interrupt, but Sam says his timing is perfect. Jason has questions about the PC Press. Jason asks what about running an article on Faison’s will.

Brad meets with Alexis. He tells her that Lucas had an emergency surgery, and couldn’t make it.

Nelle looks at a sculpture at the gallery, and says she could use a statement piece for her apartment. Ava says it will look great in the place Michael is selling out from under her. Nelle says she has an upgrade coming, and it’s going to be a mansion next. She tells Ava about Monica inviting her to watch the election returns, and how everyone was happy and hugging. Ava says she’s practically part of the family. Nelle says not yet, but soon. Ava tells her to be careful and not to get over-confident. It’s one thing to be friends with Monica, but another to lure Michael from Carly’s clutches. Nelle says she’s going to be firmly back by Michael’s side, with Carly nowhere to be found. Michael walks in.

Maxie tells Nina sorry she’s late. Nina asks what she’s doing there, and she says, working? (This brings to mind when I walked to my first NYC job during what the city considers a blizzard. There were only two people at the office, and they asked what I was doing there. I said, coming to work? Being from Ohio, and never even having had a snow day, it wouldn’t have occurred to me not to show up.) Nina says she didn’t expect Maxie back so soon, and Maxie tells her to consider it a happy surprise. They’re behind, and reinforcements have arrived. She can’t stay in her apartment forever, so they’re both winning. Carly tells Maxie how sorry she is, and asks if there’s anything she can do. Maxie suggests some coffee, and Carly goes to get it. Nina tells Maxie she needs more time. Maxie asks for what, and Nina says processing what happened and grieving. Maxie says Nina lost Nathan too, but she’s at work. She asks if Nina thinks she’s more fragile because she’s pregnant, and not to be like everyone else, telling her what she needs. What she needs is to get back to work, and forget about the gaping hole in her life. She sees where the blood stain is covered with a cloth, and Nina makes up something about dropping her breakfast.

Sam is surprised at the idea of Jason wanting to publish anything, but he thinks it’s their best shot at finding Henrik. He tells Peter about him and Drew being beneficiaries in Faison’s will. Peter says it makes no sense. Jason says he turned their world upside down, and he’s not done yet. In order for one to claim what was left to them, the other has to die. Peter wonders what Faison could possibly offer that was worth it. Sam says Drew would get his memories back. Peter asks what Faison dangled in front of Jason, and Jason says, his son.

Sonny paces in Griff’s office. Mike tells him to take a walk. Sonny says he’s worried about Michael, and Mike says his son can take care of himself and so can his father. This fidgeting is driving him nuts. Griff comes in, and says he looked at Mike’s MRI and PET scan. They can rule out a stroke, and a number of other degenerative conditions. All but one. Scans don’t tell whole story, but coupled with the other factors, Mike has Alzheimer’s.

Carly stops by Brad’s table, and he tells her that they’re talking about the adoption. She says good luck, and he asks her to join them. He could use her input. She says adoption is a personal thing, but he says, please, and she sits. Alexis has good news. There’s a prospective mother who’s seriously considering letting them adopt her baby. The catch is that the mother insists on a semi-open adoption, and to remain anonymous.

Michael asks Nelle, what about his mother? Nelle tells him that she was saying she hopes his mom is nowhere near the childbirth class. He doesn’t think that will be a problem. Nelle thanks Ava for giving her time off and being supportive, and leaves with Michael.

Mike asks Griff what is it called again? and then tells him that he’s joking. Sonny doesn’t think it’s funny. Mike says he doesn’t have Alzheimer’s like Sonny has no sense of humor. He says he can go to ten different doctors, and get ten different opinions. Sonny says Griff is the best neurosurgeon there is. Mike says he knows you can’t really tell if someone has the disease until after they’re dead. Griff says that’s true, but the protocol for the diagnosis is sound; it’s been honed for decades. Mike tells him to keep on honing, and starts to leave. Sonny says he’s not going anywhere.

Maxie thinks the layout needs something. Her phone dings. She looks at it, and continues what she’s doing. It’s dings again, and she asks Nina if she knows how to turn off notifications. Nina asks if she needs to be somewhere, and Maxie tells her that it’s an appointment made months ago. She throws the phone across the room, then says, sorry. Nina tells her don’t ever be sorry, throws her own phone across the room, and says, there! Maxie laughs, and Nina asks what the appointment was. Maxie says childbirth class starts today.

Peter says Faison set the will up to mess with them; don’t play his game. Jason says he needs to find Henrik, who was involved in the memory mapping. Peter asks where the will comes in, and Jason says he left his estate to his son. He didn’t specify which one, and they believed it was Nathan, but it could draw Henrik out of hiding. Peter says he could get his answers, but Jason says he doesn’t need them. He’s curious as to why Henrik kept him alive, but it won’t give him back the five years, and won’t change anything. It could change everything for Drew though.

Brad says, so the mother gets all the information she wants, but leaves them totally in the dark, and has the right to show up one day. Alexis says that’s the open part. She tells him to mull it over, but the mother has asked that it be squared away as quickly as possible. Alexis leaves to do I don’t know what, and Brad asks what Carly thinks. She thinks she would have serious reservations if she were him.

Maxie tells Nina that Nathan signed them up. He was giddy about being her coach, and now she can’t believe she has to do this alone. Nina asks what time the class is, and Maxie tells her twenty minutes. Nina says let’s go. Maxie says she can’t ask Nina to do that, and Nina says she’s not asking. The issue is already late, and there are more important things at play, like her niece or nephew’s birth. She wants to do this. Maxie says she can call her mom, but Nina says, it’s Nina or bust. She wants to do it; she needs something to do. Maxie says it will be helping Nina as much as Nina is helping her.

Jason tells Peter the bottom line is Henrik is still alive. He could have a solid lead, and is worth drawing out. Sam asks what if it has the opposite effect, and makes him run? They should sit back and wait. He kept Jason alive for five years, and he’s here. If that doesn’t bring him out, she doesn’t know what will, now that Faison is dead. Peter leaves to take a call. Jason asks why not run the article?

Sonny says he’s not an expert, but trusts Griff 100%. It’s more than Mike being his father. Something is off, and it makes sense. It explains the missing money, the wandering, and what happened at Kelly’s. Mike tries to make it sound like he’s just getting old and forgetful, but Sonny says it’s beyond forgetting. Mike says Sonny wants him to be sick, and paid for a fake diagnosis. He wants to get rid of him for good. Mike tells Griff that he messed up bad when Sonny was a kid. Sonny says that’s got nothing to do with it. Mike says  the hell it doesn’t, and asks Griff if everything is confidential. He tells them not a word to anyone. Sonny asks where he’s going, and Mike says to find better company; someone who actually gives a damn.

Epiphany welcomes everyone to childbirth class. She sees they have a full house. Maxie sees Nelle with Michael, and says, you’ve got to be kidding.

Carly tells Brad that the mom wants to know everything, but wants them to know nothing about her. If she’s hiding, it’s for a reason. Carly wants them to be parents, and hopes works out. She leaves, and Brad calls Amy at the hospital. He asks if Lucas is out of surgery yet.

Mike startles Ava at the gallery. He asks what the place is, and she tells him an art gallery. He says it’s not right, and she agrees art isn’t for everybody. He says she doesn’t work here, and she tells him it’s her place of business; she owns it. He says no; this is Luke’s.

Sonny calls Max, and tells him to make sure Mike doesn’t go anywhere if he shows up there. He apologizes to Griff for his father’s anger and denial, but Griff says it’s a common reaction. He tells Sonny that he’s welcome to get a second opinion, but he knew before they did the scans. He’s treated others in Mike’s position. It’s just a matter of how they got there, and how fast; otherwise, it’s all the same.

Sam tells Jason why risk it? She’s worried they’ll scare Henrik off. If he’s thinking she’s afraid for Drew to remember because it will change things, she’s not. He’s desperate to remember for himself, her, and the kids. Even though they thought they were the same person, there are so many elements that make them different. She thinks everyone is trying too hard, like it’s a race to reclaim the memories, and it’s not. If they find the flash drive, great, but if not, life goes on. She says it’s like couples trying to get pregnant. They finally adopt, and then it happens because they stopped stressing. She thinks that could apply here. He laughs, and says he wasn’t clear where she was going, but he’s trying. I’m laughing because Brad and Lucas are the only ones adopting around here, but it’s highly unlikely they’d get pregnant on their own.

Peter returns, and asks where they stand on the article. Jason says scratch it. He’s going to keep looking on his own. Sam says sorry that she told him to stick around for nothing. Peter says it’s not for nothing. The whole Faison thing is fascinating to outsiders, although he realizes it’s a nightmare for them. He says for having thought they were the same person, Jason and Drew are nothing alike.

Griff tells Sonny that all patients respond differently to treatment, and Sonny asks what the options are. Griff says there are medications that can slow the progression and mitigate the symptoms. They also have therapy for how the patient can manage their life. The average life expectancy is four to eight years from the time of onset, but they have no clear picture of when it started with Mike. Sonny says they would if he’d checked on him. Griff says it’s not his fault, but Sonny says it is.

Mike tells Ava that he manages the place, and she’s not one of his people. He asks if Luke brought her in, and she says, Luke Spencer? Mike says he’s the owner; it’s his club. Ava picks up her tablet, and says it’s a misunderstanding. Luke did own a club on this site, but it’s gone. She shows him an article with the headline, Luke’s Club Lost in Fire. She says it burned to the ground years ago.

Epiphany wants to get started. Maxie is annoyed that she has to sit next to Nelle. Epiphany says they’ll go over the signs of labor, and the natural progression. Maxie tells Nina that she wishes Nelle wasn’t taking up so much room, and tells Nelle to move back. Nelle says if she moves any more, she’ll be in the hallway. Maxie says that’s perfect. Epiphany says they’ll have time for chatting later. Nelle asks what Nina is doing there, and if Maxie couldn’t find anyone sane. Maxie asks if Nelle couldn’t find anyone to love her.

On the phone, Brad tells Lucas that they have to agree on the option not to know the birth mother. They can offer the child a loving stable home, and that’s more important. Alexis comes back, and he hangs up. He tells her that he just talked to Lucas, and they want to go forward. They’re good with the semi-open adoption. Alexis says she’ll get the ball rolling, and he can’t believe they’ll have a baby in a few months. She says if all goes well, and he asks why it wouldn’t. Alexis says the mother likes them, but she also asked for more background information. That means an in-depth look at their lives and families. Brad says she’ll find out about Julian.

Nelle leaves the class, and Michael tells her that Maxie is grieving; she’s lashing out at everyone. Nelle says it still hurts to be told she’s alone. He says when comes to the baby, they’re a team, and asks her to go back in. Her phone dings, and she says it’s a reminder about a project she’s doing that’s off and running.

Carly picks up the phone. She says, whoever it is, she’s over it. She listens, and gets an odd look on her face.

Griff tells Sonny there’s no time for assigning blame. He needs to prioritize, and needs to get Mike to accept his diagnosis and formulate a plan of action. He says it’s better that he decide now, than have the decision made for him later when he can’t.

Ava asks Mike if she can call someone. He says, Luke, but she tells him that Luke doesn’t live there anymore. He asks if she’s one of Luke’s enemies, and if she works for Helena. He stumbles into a pedestal, and breaks a sculpture. Ava says she’s calling the police. He runs out, and she tells the police her gallery has been vandalized.

Carly looks confused. Jason walks in, and asks what’s wrong. She says she got a call. She doesn’t know who it was from, but it was just a sound. An explosion.

Peter tells Sam that he didn’t mean to get personal, but she says he’s right; they’re two different people. Jason cut his losses, and moved on, but Drew is still searching for a resolution. She can’t blame him. He doesn’t know who he is, and she can’t imagine what that’s like. Peter can’t either. Sam says it doesn’t change the past five years; what’s done is done. Jason lives in the here and now, and Drew is still struggling. Peter says it’s complicated all around. He wishes he could help. She says, unless he knows the whereabouts of the disco ball with the flash drive in it… and he says he can’t help there. In the hallway, Peter flashes back to picking up the disco ball and looking at it. He opens it to reveal the flash drive.

Tomorrow, Anna asks Andre what took so long, Epiphany hopes Elizabeth is right about Franco, and Sonny asks why he wasn’t warned.

🍜 On Top Chef, the contestants’ families joined them, and they had to make dishes from their childhood years. Moustache Joe made something with pig’s feet, which is just a no for me. I did have relatives who ate this while I was growing up, but lobster and crab aside, I don’t like to eat anything that looks like it did when it was alive. I made the mistake of buying a piece of fish once that had a surprise tail. The instructions said to soak It overnight, and in the morning, a tail had unfolded from the underside. I had to throw it away. Kerry went home after making some beef stroganoff that Tom said didn’t “tie together,” whatever that means. She wasn’t going out sad though, having gotten in the top four, which is pretty impressive. I was thinking about the difference between this and Hell’s Kitchen/MasterChef. While the competitive focus is still there, the Top Chef contestants seem more mature, and there’s a lot less yelling and goofiness. In a way, the shows actually strike a nice balance. Next time, the contestants head to Aspen.

👨 Speaking of Mustache Joe, he was the bartender on Watch What Happens Live tonight. Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller (Sam and Drew, General Hospital) also bartended this week, as they were in town for a GH event.

🎭 I know I said it already, but I’m very much looking forward to the new season of Imposters, beginning April 5th.  I don’t remember why I watched it the first time – there was probably nothing else on – because it’s not really my thing. I never watched any popular mystery and clever dialogue shows like X-Files (I tried), Moonlighting, CSI, Orphan Black, or even Murder, She Wrote – except for the one episode guest starring Marc Singer. So it was a surprise that I enjoyed it so much. Game of Thrones hit me the same way. While I love horror, and some sci/fi, medieval fantasy was never on my short list. Yet I was hooked five minutes in. Ditto for the books.

🍹 I Don’t Drink Them, But Have One On Me…






February 14, 2018 – Drew Confronts Jason, Eddie Doesn’t Know When to Quit, Imposters Marathon & a Valentine


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Today’s GH is brought to you by whatta pita. I’d missed the beginning because my computer decided to update suddenly (never again am I getting an HP; it will be Dell and only Dell, or custom nerd made), and then there was the school shooting in Florida, after which the show never came back on. But thanks to my trusty online sources, I saw it anyway.

Curtis brings Jordan flowers at the station.

Sonny and Carly start to get busy. They think Mike is upstairs sleeping, but he walks past, saying just pretend he’s not there.

Amy tells Griff he looks amazing. She hopes it’s for anyone except Ava.

Ava finds Nelle still at work in the gallery. She says she might as well, rather than hang out in the apartment Michael is selling so he doesn’t have to deal with her. They did have happy memories there though. Ava asks if she’s giving up already.

Kiki joins Molly and TJ at The Floating Rib. She’s afraid she’ll be a third wheel, but TJ says every day is Valentine’s Day for them. They love each other more and more every day. I’m sure this makes Kiki feel a lot better. Molly thinks she and TJ are the only uncomplicated couple in Port Charles. She might be right.

Sam gives Drew a Valentine card from Danny to his “other dad.” Drew asks what she got, and she shows him a humongous heart necklace Danny made. She was wearing it under her shirt, and I wonder how uncomfortable that was, since it’s so big.

Jason also gets a Valentine card from Danny. He asks if Danny has any Valentines, and Danny says three, maybe four. Wow. He’s a ladies’ man already.

Mike has decided to run to the local flower place and have flowers sent to Rita. Carly is on his side about not forgetting, but says it wouldn’t be the end of the world. He says he stopped listening once she agreed with him. Sonny and Carly explain about this thing called ordering online, but he says he’s an in-person cash kind of guy, and doesn’t do online.

Ava asks if Nelle is having second thoughts, but Nelle says she has to defend herself. Ava tells her that’s the spirit, and don’t take her eyes off the prize. She says anything is possible. If they work hard enough, all their dreams can come true.

Griff tells Amy he understands she’s grieving, so he’ll chalk her unkindness up to that. She tells him not really, but go with it. He says he feels awful too; Nathan was under his care. Amy says there’s a huge difference between him and that woman. He calls Ava human, and says anyone can change in surprising ways. He suggests she open up her heart. When he’s out of earshot, she says he’s in for a rude awakening.

Spinelli sees Kiki at the bar, and they introduce themselves. He tells her about being blissfully committed, but his significant other is on the west coast. He’s staying to offer Maxie support. It’s her first Valentine’s Day as a widow. So why is he at the bar? He orders an orange soda.

Molly asks Sam where the kids are, and after a couple more questions, Sam realizes that she’s trying to find out if there’s somewhere she and TJ can be alone. Sam tells her to go ahead to Alexis’s place, and don’t do anything she wouldn’t do. Sam shows Drew her passport with her new name – Samantha McCall Cain – and he says it doesn’t get more official. She says that’s her name for better or worse. He says hopefully, when they find out who he really is, it will be better.

Danny tells Jason about how much candy he had at school, and finally confesses he’s not feeling well. He wants his mommy.

Sonny tells Mike that he’s driving. Mike says he’s a New Yorker; he’s used to walking. Sonny won’t take no for an answer. Mike says that Sonny thinks he’s going to gamble, but Sonny says that isn’t it. Mike tells him one misunderstanding, and now he’s going to be watched. Sonny says there was no money missing, and he believes Mike. He tells Mike to go ahead and go. Carly bundles him up like he’s three. He tells her not to treat him like a child, and she says don’t act like one. He calls her a pita, and she says he is too. When he’s gone, Sonny asks what Carly thinks. She thinks he wants to buy flowers, and that Sonny should believe him.

Jordan wishes Curtis a happy Valentine’s Day. He thinks it will take more than a bouquet to make today happy. He says she’s throwing herself into work as a way of grieving for Nathan. She says the double-edge is that everything there reminds her of him. Curtis tells her to take a break. The only way to truly honor him, is if they truly love each other.

Jason tells Danny they should try to solve it themselves. Danny says Sam gives him ginger ale, but Jason doesn’t have any. He says club soda is almost the same and they can try that. No. It isn’t. Club soda doesn’t have ginger in it.

Molly tells TJ they can have Alexis’s place to themselves. He asks what they’re waiting for.

Kiki asks Spinelli if he doesn’t want a shot. She wanted to get the party started, but TJ ad Molly don’t do much of that. He’s good with soda, and she says more for her. Spinelli wonders why she’s drinking alone on Valentine’s Day, and she says it would have been her and Dillon’s one-year anniversary. Clearly, they didn’t make it. She downs another shot.

Sam asks if Drew remembered something. He says, not exactly. He and Kim had a disagreement because he taught Oscar to defend himself. They worked it out, but she told him about getting in fight in San Diego, and it almost felt like a memory. Sam asks if he’s afraid that if he remembers his old life, he’ll feel differently about his new one, but he says he doesn’t want her to feel differently about him. Sam says that won’t happen. She wouldn’t change anything. She loves their life. Her phone rings. It’s Danny calling while Jason is in the kitchen. He tells her that he doesn’t feel so good, and asks if she can come.

Kiki left her badge at the hospital, and tells Spinelli she’ll catch hell if her supervisor finds out. Spinelli says it’s noisy in there, so he’ll step outside and call for her. At the bar, she makes a call to Dillon. She asks if he can talk.

Nelle checks the recorder. Griff comes to pick up Ava. Ava says it’s his first Valentine’s Day as a civilian. He tells her that he wasn’t exactly locked away in a monastery in the Himalayas. He even went to the movies and watched TV from time to time. On Valentine’s Day, he held a service in honor of St. Valentine and his legend. Ava and Nelle ask about the legend, and he says Valentine was a priest in the third century, who became the patron saint of love. He secretly performed weddings between Christians when the emperor had banned them. He was imprisoned, and ultimately killed. Ava is like, geesh, and Nelle says, so romantic, but Griff says he sees it that way.

While Griff talks, we see Carly and Sonny, Curtis and Jordan, and Danny and Jason.

Griff tells them that Valentine was fearless. He had the courage to do what was right, and put everything on the line. He put manmade laws away, and refused to listen to anything but his heart. The emperor gave him a choice; renounce his faith and live, or refuse and die. He stood up for his beliefs.

Danny is feeling better. Jason asks what wants to do, but there’s a knock at the door. It’s Sam.

Griff concludes his story, saying Valentine’s faith and love made him immortal. Love never dies.

Sam says Danny called. Danny asks if he’s in trouble. They tell him no, and Jason says at least he knows Danny can use the phone in an emergency. Jason tells Sam that he thinks Danny ate too much chocolate at the school party. She brought ginger ale, but Danny says he likes club soda now. She calls him fancy, and says let’s go, but he wants to stay. He asks if they’ll both put him to bed.

Jordan asks how Curtis got lake trout in Port Charles. He says he wanted to get her out of her funk, and thought about Baltimore when they were waiting for Buzz. He remembered their bad history, and how somewhere a spark lit up between them there. So, he asked Stella for an assist, and she cooked it up for him. Jordan is having a hard time believing Curtis asked Stella to help woo her, and she actually did it. He says a brother has to do what he has to do, even if it means asking his auntie to play Cupid. He did it to make her happy.

Kiki asks Dillon if someone is there. She asks if it’s the same woman as before, and then says never mind. She doesn’t want to know. She’s amazed at how quickly he’s moving on. She knows they’re not together anymore, but thought they had something special. She tells him to go to hell. TJ tells her there’s been a change of plans. Molly says her mom has an empty house. Kiki gets it. She says Spinelli is around, and he’s a trip to talk to, so go have fun. They leave, and Spinelli comes back. He tells her that Amy located her badge, and put it in her wallet. He asks if she’s okay, and Kiki tells him everything is great, especially now that he’s there. She puts her arm around him.

Griff says he’s going all in with Ava; she’s his first Valentine. He says their table is waiting. She asks if Nelle is going to be all right, and Nelle says she’s just going to finish up. Griff gets a call. He hopes it’s a reservation confirm, but no such luck. A patient is insisting on seeing him, but he doesn’t think he’ll be long. He apologizes, and Ava says she’ll call the restaurant. Griff leaves, and Nelle hopes their night isn’t ruined. Ava says, not yet anyway. Griff’s story got her thinking. Nelle says, her too. Michael might have broken up with her, but maybe he didn’t stop loving her. She doesn’t think you can completely turn it off if you’re really in love. Ava says she’s had doubts about love. Nelle asks if she and Griff have declared their feelings. Ava says not yet, but tonight might be the perfect night to do it.

Danny asks for a story. Sam thought he was tired, but he says he’ll be “tireder” after a story. He wants them to take turns. She and Jason get on either side of him, and Jason starts to read. Danny falls asleep. Sam says she’ll stay and make sure he’s out.  Jason leaves the room.

Curtis tells Jordan that they need to grab every moment they have together, and live life to fullest. He tells her she’s coming home with him.

Amy tells Griff that she’s sorry she disturbed his night, even if it was with Ava. She says she’s trying, and he appreciates the effort. She shows him a card a little boy gave her. Griff tells her that when he grows up, the boy won’t forget the kind nurse who took care of him.

Ava tells Nelle that she needs to do what St. Valentine would. Nelle says, be a martyr? but she says, no; tell Griff how she feels. She sees Nelle’s outlook has improved, and asks if she’s ready to move forward. Nelle says, absolutely. Ava asks what she has planned, and Nelle says the same thing Ava does. Ava asks if she’s giving Michael a Valentine he’ll never forget. Nelle says, not Michael, and leaves.

Drew goes to Jason’s, and asks if everything is okay. Jason tells him that Sam is making sure Danny is asleep, but it was nothing serious. Drew says Danny called Sam from Jason’s cell phone. Drew has to hand it to him. He has one hell of an act going on, and thinks he’s above it all.

Sonny realizes Mike left his cell phone at the house, and thinks maybe he should look for him. Carly tells him go, and he can make it up to her later.

Jordan wants to know she did something that made today count. Curtis says they need to make tonight count too. She calls him every girl’s dream, but he says she’s the only one that matters. He says, may tonight be the best night of all, and the worst of nights to come. She promises she’s not going anywhere, except home with him. They kiss.

Kiki knows Spinelli has a commitment on the west coast. So did she; look how that turned out. He thinks it’s time to call it a night, and wants to get her a car. She takes the phone out of his hand, saying she’s not calling it a night. She touches his face.

Amy tells Griff about Kiki leaving her badge, and that she seems to be drowning her sorrows. She’s with a reliable friend though. She can’t be in safer hands than with Spinelli. Griff gets a text from Ava saying forget about the restaurant. His story about St. Valentine inspired her, and she has something to tell him. Griff texts back that it sounds good, and he’s almost finished.

Sam starts to leave. Danny tells her that he loves her, and that it was fun with them reading to him.

Drew says that Jason pretends to be a martyr (word of the day), but he’s passive aggressive. He hasn’t given up anything, especially not Sam. Why doesn’t he admit he’s like everyone else, and out for what he wants? Jason says he’s just living his life. How Drew deals is up to him. Sam comes out, and they leave. Drew gives Jason the eyeball.

Nelle goes to a pay phone. She takes out the recorder. After seeing unknown caller, Carly picks up the phone, asking if it’s Mike. She hears a weird voice say, I’m here.

Tomorrow, Anna tells something she’s never told. Ava tells Griff she loves him, and Sonny tells Michael something is going on with Mike.

If Loving You is Wrong

Walking through the jail, Lushion tells the prisoners just because they’re locked up, doesn’t mean they get to make a lot of noise. Ha-ha! He sees Stephen bringing in Randal and Brad. Stephen says they got in a bar fight. Randal wants his lawyer. Lushion tells him to relax, and asks if Stephen was there. Stephen says they were at Pickles, and he was outside warming up his bike. He tells Lushion, they’re all yours; he’s out of there. Lushion asks Brad what happened, and Randal wonders why Lushion is asking him. Lushion tells him to calm down and sit down. Brad says Randal followed him to the restaurant. Somehow, he knows when Brad leaves the house like he has a tracker on Brad’s car. Randal tries to interrupt, but Lushion tells him be quiet. Brad says Randal came over to the table, started a fight, now they’re here. Lushion asks who threw first punch, and Brad says Randal did. Randal says Brad hit him with a bottle. Lushion has Brad uncuffed, and tells him that he’s going home. Randal calls Lushion a low-down SOB, and an Uncle Tom with a badge. He’s letting Brad go, like he let Eddie come after him. Lushion says he was going to let both of them go, but since Randal doesn’t know how to shut up, he can stay there. He keeps calling Lushion Uncle Tom while he’s being taken away.

Marcie’s phone rings. It’s Ian. He asks if she’s all right. He’s sorry, but she says it’s not his fault. He didn’t realize Randal was that bad. She wonders how Randal knew where she was, and Ian asks if he’s stalking her, but she doesn’t think so. He says they have to do something; he wants to help her. She just wants the papers signed. He says he’ll call Larry, and she hopes he has better luck than she did. He asks why she didn’t tell him she was pregnant, and she says it’s not his business. He thought they were bonding (how metrosexual of him!), and she says she didn’t mean to snap. He says Randal is a piece of work who would make anyone snap. He has some ideas. He thinks if he sees Larry face to face, they can figure something out. She just wants it to be done. He says they’ll talk tomorrow, and promises it will be okay. When she hangs up, Marcie feels pain in her stomach.

Esperanza gets home, and sends the sitter on her way. She checks herself out, and goes to her bedroom window. She lets Stephen in. Assuming she doesn’t want the neighbors to see, what’s wrong with the back door? Aren’t they a little old for this? She pushes him onto the bed, tells him don’t say anything and don’t move. She starts to undress him, and tells him not to touch her. He does, and she smacks him. He finally grabs her, and they go at it.

Alex sees Brad pull into the driveway. Brad checks his car, and finds Randal’s tracking device. He goes into the house. Alex finds him sitting on the couch. She asks what happened, and he says, nothing. She’s concerned about him nursing his hand, but he says he’s fine, and he told her not to talk to him. She says Randal was out of line. He says he’s asking one more time. Did she talk to Randal earlier? She says she didn’t. He asks if there’s anything she’s lied about, but she says no. He says one more lie, and he’s walking out. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small; he wants her to be honest. It’s her get-out-of-jail-free card. Just tell him. She says tell him what, and he says anything he doesn’t know. She says she’s telling him the truth about everything. He says just tell him now, but she says she hasn’t lied about anything. He says, okay, and tells her to go to bed. He’s sleeping downstairs.

Natalie rattles around the bedroom, waking Lushion. I didn’t think that poor man ever slept. He tells her it’s 5 am, and she did it on purpose. She insists she didn’t, but he says she wants to know about Kelly. She repeats that she didn’t, but since he’s up… He says she’s okay. Natalie asks about the lawyer, and he says she’s got a public defender. He looked him up, and Natalie says she saw his file. He says the one that said private, and she says he left it on the kitchen counter. She wants to get Kelly anther lawyer. Lushion asks if she has money for that, and she says he does. Her son doesn’t know what’s going on, and needs to see her. He says Kelly was talking about them taking him in if she loses the case. Natalie asks if he said yes, adding that she has three kids already. She wonders where Kelly’s family is, and Lushion wonders why she doesn’t know. He says Kelly won’t be convicted, but Natalie doesn’t like it. He says Kelly being in jail or taking in Justice? She says both, and that Justice needs help. They have to help Kelly get another lawyer. Lushion tells her to stop stressing, and she says he needs to start. He’s not there with the kids all day.

Esperanza tells Stephen he’s snoring and needs to go home. He says he’s leaving, and she thanks him for not arguing with her. She tells him that he can use the front door. She asks if she’s just sex to him, and he thought that’s what she wanted. He calls her confusing, and doesn’t think they should do this anymore. She says that makes two of them. She has her reasons, but what are his? He doesn’t like the feeling of her doing him a favor. He comes over, they have sex, and she puts him out. There’s no real time together. She says it’s too much. He says he’s trying to get to know her. All he knows is the shell she shows the world. She asks him to stop. He asks if she’s been hurt that much, and she tells him to just go. He says it’s the last time, and leaves.

Eddie is waiting outside on Stephen’s bike. He tells Stephen, three hours and fifty-three minutes, and Stephen says she likes it slow. Eddie says his daughter is in there. The only reason Stephen is still alive is because he’s FBI. Stephen asks if Eddie doesn’t think shooting random people isn’t coming back to haunt him? Eddie thinks Stephen’s ass deserves shooting. Stephen his ass deserves it. Stephen tells him to get off the bike; he’s out of there. Eddie says he calls the shots. Stephen says shoot him; show how much of a badass he is. Eddie says he’ll take his time, and Stephen says he’ll be waiting. Now get off his damn bike. Eddie gets up, and says he pays the mortgage there. Stephen tells him that he’s not leaving until Eddie does. Eddie goes to his truck, smiling. Stephen drives off, and Eddie follows.

Randal is being let out on his own recognizance. An officer cuffs him to a bench, conveniently across from Kelly’s cell. He asks how she is, and she tells him to leave her alone. He says she shot him, and she says someone’s going to shoot him if he doesn’t leave her alone. Randal asks what he did? Love a woman, and she turned on him, like Kelly and Travis. She bought the house to try and keep him. It will all come out in court. He’s testified in many cases like this; a scorned woman who can’t give up a man, and would rather see him dead than be with someone else. Randal reminds her that he’s a shrink, and says if the DA doesn’t call on him for the case, he’ll give him a call. He was there, and saw the whole thing. Poor Travis didn’t stand a chance with her being a cougar, running after young men. Kelly calls for the guard, and tells him Randal is harassing her. He tells Randal to be quiet. Randal says he will – until he calls the DA and tells him that he wants to testify. He should call Reverend Cain, and see what he has to say. Kelly has her eyes closed, and he says he knows she can hear him. She’s going to jail for a very, very long time. First Ramsey, then Travis. Two murders on her doorstep, and her poor son. Kelly tells to shut the hell up. Randal says her son is all alone because his mama had a gun and killed a man. Kelly tells him again to shut up, but he keeps goading her, calling her mother of the year. He says she doesn’t love her son, just her gun. Kelly says she wishes she had it, and could blow his brains out like she did Travis. Randal laughs, and tells her to look up. She sees the camera, and he says she just made it easier to prosecute her. She’s so dumb, he just walked her in to it. He laughs, and says that was fun; he’s good. Omg, he’s the worst. Actually, I don’t know who’s worse, him or Eddie.

Eddie goes to the container where he’s holding Larry. Larry is in bad shape. He tells Eddie it’s enough; he wants to go home. Eddie says that’s not happening. He checked, and no one has called, not even Larry’s wife. Everyone must hate him as much as Eddie does. Larry says he’s had his fun; enough is enough. Eddie picks up the plastic bag, and Larry begs him not to, saying he’s sorry. Eddie calls him arrogant, and grabs him by the collar. Larry says he can’t breathe, and asks for a safe word, but Eddie asks why. Larry says so he doesn’t kill him, but Eddie says that’s what he’s trying to do. It’s real life; he doesn’t play games. He is a killer. Larry says they’re a lot alike. He’s a man who likes stimulation, and likes to be punished, but there’s a point where it’s enough. Eddie says Larry doesn’t know anything. Larry tells him that he’ll give him whatever he wants; he has tons of connections. Eddie doesn’t want anything from Larry. He puts the bag on Larry’s head. Larry falls to the floor, and Eddie tells him that he’ll be back.

At the hospital, Marcie asks Dr. Ross if she’s okay. The doctor says they’ll find out. Marcie’s stomach is in knots, and she says this happened during her first pregnancy. She can’t lose this baby. Dr. Ross tells her calm down, and focus on good things. They have to run some tests. The doctor has Marcie control her breathing. Marcie asks for her phone, and tells the doctor to call Brad. Dr. Ross asks if she means Alex’s husband. Marcie says he’s a friend, and his number is saved under My Future (oh please). The doctor makes the call.

The phone rings, and Alex picks up. Dr. Ross asks to speak to Brad. Alex asks why, and the doctor says Marcie is in the ER, and wanted her to call. She can’t say why. Alex says he’s asleep. Dr. Ross knows it’s uncomfortable, but asks Alex to wake him. She says she can’t – and won’t. The doctor knows it’s awkward, and Alex tells her to call Randal; it’s his baby. Dr. Ross says Marcie specifically asked for Brad, and asks if she can leave a message to call. Alex says sure, like we think that she’ll pass it along. Brad comes in and asks who it was on the phone.

Next time, Kelly doesn’t want to make a deal, Brad finds Marcie, and Lushion asks Eddie where Larry is.

⛳ Bonus point – Larry wanted the safe word to be golfer.

🎭 Bravo is having an Imposters marathon, starting on Monday at 8 am. Even the ad said to set your DVR, because who is sitting around watching TV at 8 am on a Monday? Okay, it’s possible that I could be, but still, what happened to using the weekend for those kinds of things? It’s not like there are a whole lot of episodes. Regardless, I hope you give this show a look. It’s worth it. It’s a little different, has fun plot twists, and strikes a nice balance between amusing and dramatic.


💖 Albeit Late, But Because I Care…



February 8, 2017 – Franco’s Muse is Back, Scary Chefs, a Cuppla TV Tidbits & the Truth


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Kiki asks Elizabeth about the reception. Elizabeth says they’re having a hard time picking the right venue. Ava suggests the gallery, and Kiki thinks it would suit them. Elizabeth says she’ll run it by Franco. He has a lot going on

Franco paints a stairway to heaven. I don’t really know what it is, but it looks like a black light poster from the 70s.

At the hospital, Nelle thanks Michael for coming to the appointment. He doesn’t want to miss anything. She suggests calling the baby by its name, unless it a problem.

Carly asks Jason how he likes his new decor. He approves, and thinks he’ll be comfortable.

Alexis asks Sam how things are going. She says, great, all things considered. Faison is dead, and the only lead they have is his newly discovered son Henrik.

Peter tells Drew that he’ll stay on board until they find a replacement. Drew refuses to accept his resignation without an explanation. He can’t walk away without saying why he’s going. Peter says he accomplished what he came to do.

Anna asks Valentin if he ever crossed paths with Faison after leaving the WSB. He tells her that for a seasoned professional, she’s making a mess of this. He’d play this game with her, but his wife wants her gone, so he suggests they cut to the chase. Why doesn’t she just ask him what happened to the child she had with Faison? She asks what he’s talking about, and he asks if that’s all she has. She’s a wonderful liar – it’s what made her a great spy –  but he understands the paradox of a secret too painful to keep. She starts to leave, and he tells her to go ahead and run away, but she’ll never get the answers she came for.

Michael says he knows Nelle meant well, but thinks they should come up with something else. Nelle says she thought it was a good way to honor Morgan’s memory, but Michael says it brings up painful memories about their loss and the mistakes they made while grieving. Nelle assumes it’s Carly who doesn’t want it, but Michael says he doesn’t either.

Elizabeth sees Franco’s painting, and says it’s illuminating. His muse is back in full force. He tells her the best way to work things out is with a paintbrush. She asks if this is the result of his session with Doc. He doesn’t want to give Doc all the credit, but it was Illuminating. Elizabeth thinks she knows what the painting means.

Carly babbles to Jason about having the boys over. She says now it’s Jason’s turn; it’s his place. The boys will visit, and they’ll make memories. He hopes so, and she tells him, don’t hope; make it happen. He’s the most determined person she knows. When he decides to do something, he does it. She tells him to decide to have a relationship with his boys. If anyone tells him not to, they’re wrong.

Peter tells Drew that he’s still in shock from the shooting. He was lucky to come away spared, but Nathan didn’t. He didn’t see Nathan get shot, but he saw the aftermath with Maxie begging him not to leave her. He tried to staunch the bleeding, but not enough. it sounds cliché, but afterwards, he questioned his life, and if wants to spend it behind a desk. Drew asks if he’s going to the Himalayas to search for enlightenment, and says maybe he should just take some time off. Peter says he knows what he needs to do. Drew tells him that since he’s been there, the revenues are way up, and so is the readership. Peter says he told Drew the company had potential, and he’s glad to realize some of it. Drew tells him that he’s part of the Aurora family, and he hates to see him leaving. Peter thanks him, saying up until now, he didn’t know what it was like to have family.

Valentin asks Anna if she isn’t tied of running. She says she’s tired of him talking in riddles. He says he was clear; he knows she had a child with Faison. She asks how he came to know? He talks about a school in London much like Hogwarts, but it was a spy school. There was a beautiful princess at the school, and a crooked man, ugly as a troll. He knows what happened on a dark sinful night, when the princess went to Brussels where a midwife was waiting to help deliver a child. Anna runs to the door. He says he thought it was Alex, but it was her all along. She asks why he’s doing this. He asks if she doesn’t want to know, and she tells him he wasn’t there. He tells her to let him finish the story without interruption, and she comes back in.

Elizabeth says the painting is Franco crawling out of a dark place into something new and unknown. He says that’s more than Doc would say. Elizabeth is proud of him, but doesn’t want to interrupt. He tells her she’s the most important thing to him. She explains how Ava offered the gallery for their reception. He thinks that’s uncharacteristically generous, and she was probably trying to impress Kiki. He’s glad though, since he thought they’d have to set up food trucks outside the brownstone. They decide to have lunch, and discuss the plans.

Nelle tells Michael she thought naming the baby Morgan would help the contention. He says it was after Morgan died that she drugged his father and pretended to sleep with him to hurt his mother, Naming the baby Morgan will only bring back old pain. His family doesn’t deserve that, and neither does the baby. He suggests they wait until the baby is born, and come up with a name they both like. She asks if he means a name he likes, and asks if there’s anything else he’d like to dictate. He tells her that he wants to discuss anything they can compromise on, and be by her side as much as she’ll let him. She calls him exasperating. One minute, he’s unreasonable, and the next, he’s incredible.

Jason tells Carly that Danny is coming over. He’s nervous about it, since Sam has always been there. Carly says Danny knows he can trust Jason, and is safe with him. Jason asks how, and she says she’s sure Danny senses that his mom feels the same way. Sam knows that if she needs him for anything, he’ll come through. She knows she’s safe with him.

Sam explains to Alexis how Jason and Sonny figured out Faison had another son – Henrik. They think he was involved in the switch with Jason and Drew. Alexis asks if he’s still at large. Sam says she and Drew didn’t know the truth until after Faison was shot. Drew accused Jason of withholding information, but she thinks he wanted proof before saying anything. Alexis wonders if Sam had been alone, would Jason have told her from the beginning? Sam agrees that he didn’t want to put her in the middle. Alexis says, like when they kissed on New Year’s Eve?

Drew tells Peter that if he feels the same way tomorrow, he and Sam will respect his decision. Peter doubts that he’ll change his mind. They part company.

Sam tells Alexis the kiss was mutual. They talked about it, and it’s over with. Alexis suggests she keep her distance just to be safe. Drew calls Sam, and tells her something came up at work. She says she can meet him at the office, but he says he’ll come to her. They need to talk, but he’ll explain when he sees her. She tells Alexis that she needs a favor.

Valentin continues his story. In spy school, the crooked man was hopelessly in love with the princess, and hoped to win her over with a daring act of devotion. He hoped she would see the real him, past his physical defects. Her most obvious weakness was ambition. She wanted to leapfrog over the other recruits, and wanted to bring down the biggest baddie – Cesar Faison. She knew he was already fixated on her, and saw an in using his weakness. Anna says she wanted to destroy him. Valentin says he saw her when she stole away from school. He followed her. Anna says he should have stopped her, but he says this isn’t about him; it’s a story from his perspective. He asks if she wants him to stop, but she says, no. He says he followed and watched as she blended in. He watched her go through a door and come out in disguise, looking like a common call girl. She fooled everyone but him. He followed her out of London, and she went to pub where Faison would be. He was drunk when she sat next to him, and she got him drunker before she left. Rumors were flying that she’d stolen intel from Faison. No one knew how, but he did, and knows she got more than she bargained for. Anna tells him to stop it, but he says she’s made it this far. If she leaves now, she’ll miss the best part of the story.

Anna doesn’t deny her ambition, and isn’t apologizing for it. She wanted the glory of bringing him down. He was sick, and paid women to impersonate her. She thought she could pass herself off as one of them. Valentin says it was a dangerous game that went further than she expected, which brings them back to Brussels. He talks about the creaky stairs the midwife had to go up. Anna wonders how he could know that. He says she took a spontaneous leave of absence from school. There was a lot of speculation, but a contact told him where she was. By the time he got there, the room was empty with no sign of a mother with her child. Anna asks how does he know what happened, and he says he never did. She just confirmed it. She just confirmed she knows nothing whatsoever about birth control too.

Drew tells Sam that Peter tendered his resignation, saying he did what came to do, whatever that means. Sam thinks maybe he was shaken up over the shooting. Drew says he asked Peter to take time to think it through, but he seemed certain. Jim intrudes, saying the fates conspired in his favor. Sam introduces them, and Jim says he plans to be a major advertiser when the Charles Street project kicks into gear. Drew reminds him that’s if the proposal passes, but Jim thinks it will. He goes to the bar to get drinks.

Franco and Elizabeth come in. Franco sees Sam and Drew, and says it’s busy; maybe they should go somewhere else. Elisabeth says she’s ready for comfort food and beer. She tells him that if he’s going to stare, he should just say hello. He thinks Drew would prefer he play in oncoming traffic. They sit, and Jim says, hey, Bobby, small world.

Kiki doesn’t want to overstep, but asks Michael and Nelle if the baby is okay. Nelle says they’re just there to sign up for mom classes. She says she’s exhausted, and asks Michael to sign them up. She leaves, and Kiki says, so Michael is getting his Lamaze on; she wants a video. He says that’s not happening. She’s glad to see he’s getting along with Nelle, as long as she understands. She says they seemed affectionate, but Michael says Nelle understands there’s nothing between them. Actually, there is. It’s called a baby.

Ava tells Nelle it looks promising, and Nelle says the baby is bringing them closer. Ava asks what about Granny Carly, and Nelle says that’s a bit of a setback. Ava says that Carly is not going to give up without a fight, but Nelle says she won’t have fight left in her after what she’s planning. The details have yet to be finalized, but she might need Ava’s help to pull it off.

Jason tells Carly that Sam wants him to keep his distance. Carly insists Sam needs for him to wait until she can admit her love for him. Alexis comes by to drop Danny off. Danny thinks the place is cool. Carly says great taste runs in the family. Danny is puzzled by that, and Jason explains she means that she picked everything out, and is glad he likes it. He tells Danny welcome to his new place; it’s Danny’s new place too.

Danny brought Jason a present; a drawing of him and Annabelle II. Danny tells Jason about a Star Wars game he likes, and Carly says what a coincidence. There just might be Star Wars stuff in his room. He and Jason go to check it out, and Carly asks Alexis why Sam couldn’t bring Danny. Alexis says she had a work issue. Carly questions if it’s really that she can’t trust herself around Jason. Because Carly knows how everyone in the world thinks and feels better than they do.

Jim sits with Drew and Sam. He says it wouldn’t hurt to have a mayor who’s pro-business, and asks if they’re planning to endorse anyone. Sam says that would be unethical, since her mom is a candidate, and Drew is related to Ned. Jim asks if it’s Drew as in Andrew. He’s putting it together for the first time, and explains that he used to know Drew and Franco when they were kids. He dated Betsy, and used to call them Bobby and Andy. Sam asks if he knows anything else he can tell Drew about his past. Jim says, not much. He and Betsy broke up, and later he heard Drew had died, but that turned out to be untrue. He’s clearly alive and well. He says what a crazy coincidence that the three of them are in the same town. They were meant to reconnect. Drew stares at Franco.

Valentin tells Anna that he had the word of the midwife, but never knew for sure. Now he knows the truth; she gave birth to Faison’s child. Anna says the child had a monster for a father. Valentin agrees. That’s why he never told anyone. Crying, she thanks him, and asks if he knows what happened to the child.

Kiki tells Michael she’s celebrating with her mom about getting into med school. He tells her that the hospital is throwing a celebration for incoming students, but she says it seems to be a couple’s thing. She doesn’t want to go and be interrogated about where Dillon is. Michael tells her not to let him ruin her moment. She should go to the party and celebrate. She says she’ll think about it.

Ava asks Nelle how she can help. Nelle says she’ll need more flexible hours. She’ll get her work done, but needs extra time for the baby’s sake. Ava tells her to consider her hours as flexible as she needs.

Jason asks Carly if she wants to stay for dinner, but she says it’s a big night for them. They should order pizza and watch basketball. Jason asks what kind of pizza Danny wants, and Danny says whatever Jason is getting, calling him dad. Carly tells him to get used to it. It’s who he is to Danny, and always will be.

Sam asks if Jim can shed any light on Drew’s past. Jim says Drew is lucky to be alive after what Bobby did. The little psycho tried to kill him by shoving him down the basement steps. Drew gets up to go after Franco, but it’s all in Franco’s head. In reality, Jim tells Drew that he was always building things. It’s not surprising that he built a company. He’s looking forward to them doing business together. He leaves, and Sam asks if it’s her, or was he holding something back? Drew was wondering the same thing. Franco looks at his lucky rabbit’s foot.

Valentin tells Anna that the midwife said she couldn’t bring herself to look at the baby. He assumes it’s because if she did, she would never let go. The midwife told him that Anna begged her to find the baby a home; a place she could grow up happy, healthy and unaware of her father. Anna says, she? Valentin tells her that she had a girl. Surprise!

Kiki tells Ava that she wants to go to The Floating Rib, but Ava says she deserves champagne, not a bib. They’re going to the MetroCourt. She says maybe soon, she’ll have something to celebrate too.

In the hallway, Carly’s phone rings. It says unknown, and no one is there when she answers. Nelle hangs up at a payphone. I haven’t seen one of those in years. No wonder Jim thinks Port Charles is behind the times.

Franco and Elizabeth get ready to leave. Drew gets up, and asks why Franco never told him that Jim knew them as kids. Franco says it’s ancient history. Drew picks up the rabbit’s foot that Franco dropped and hands it back.

Valentin tells Anna that the story has a happy ending. The midwife honored her wishes, and found a happy home for the child. She never knew who her father was, and Faison never knew she existed. So Anna got what she wanted. He tells her good night, and she leaves. Outside, she smiles, and says she wanted a girl.

Peter’s phone rings. He answers, telling the caller they should be aware he’s leaving Port Charles. Valentin says that would be a mistake.

Tomorrow, Nathan’s funeral.


Mike’s girlfriend, Rita (Suanne Spoke), was also the NYC bartender who helped Jason hide when he was on his way back from Russia. He gave her Huxley’s “lucky” watch, so I wonder if this is ever going to factor in. I’m sure that watch was more than a watch.

🍰 This week’s Top Chef had the contestants cooking up desserts in the Stanley Hotel, which inspired The Shining. The challenge was to create their worst nightmare on a plate. For the most part, it was disappointing. One cook had been afraid of seeds as a child. Okay… Another cook wanted to recreate an egg exposing an unborn chick when cracked, which he claimed was a real thing. It was all I could do not to scream at the TV that this is a misconception. When you crack open an egg, and there’s a spot that looks like blood, it’s not a pre-peep; it’s a discoloration. In order to produce a chicken, an egg has to be fertilized. By a rooster. Farmers aren’t going to do that if they only want eggs. Bruce ended up having to pack his knives because of some undercooked barley. At least it wasn’t risotto, although oddly enough, he had wanted to cook it like risotto. Step away from anything risotto.

😬 This weekend, AMC will be having a Walking Dead marathon, as well as a preview of season 8B. When did seasons start sounding like apartment numbers?

🎭 Imposters returns to Bravo on Thursday April 5th at 10 pm. It’s a great show and worth checking out. Lots of fun, lots of drama, and lots of surprising twists.

✋ What’s up with this “my truth” business? The truth is the truth; there’s no yours or mine. What people seem to mean is their point of view of the truth. Everybody has one, but usually the real truth lies somewhere in the middle. #StopItPlease




April 19, 2017 – Conscious Coupling & Un in PC, NYC’s Wives Invade the Hamptons & Some Extra Stuff


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jordan’s knight in shining armor, Curtis, arrives. He tells her the armor is spiritual. He has something amazing in mind, and holds up a leather bag.

Tracy mulls over Samira giving her Edward’s journal. There’s nothing in it to explain why Samira’s mother had it. Tracy looks into a box, and takes out a carrying case that says ELQ on it. Monica startles her, saying she knows what Tracy is doing, and to be honest for everyone’s sake.

Brad hassles Finn. He says Finn should have been booted from the hospital. Finn tells him to take it to Monica. Brad says he only got off the hook because he donated the money to the hospital. Finn gets the glory, while Brad is out of a condo. Finn suggests Brad repeat everything while he does this – and walks away. He runs into Griff, who says he’s Finn’s new supervisor.

Michael asks Sonny if he’s still thinking about going to South America. He says Sonny should leave Port Charles immediately, before the mess he made gets worse.

At the station, Carly tells Jax that Josslyn wants her to help with anything possible, so she’s gotten him an attorney. She opens the door to the interrogation room, and Nelle is there.

Tracy asks Monica how she’s not being honest. Monica says she’s grieving for her father all over again. Tracy says it’s time to face the ugly truth; Monica has learned how to read her. She says she’s trying to prove things in her own way. Samira appears, and thanks them for putting her up for the night. Tracy says she’s thought of new possibilities. Samira thinks she’s rethinking the painting, but Tracy explains that it can be traced back to her because she declared it with customs. She says even if it was possible, she’s not giving up her father’s legacy.

Hayden looks at a picture of her and Finn on her phone.

Griff is responsible for Finn’s drug testing. He says he’s not judging, and he’s there for Finn. Finn says he gets it. Griff has the thankless job of watching while he pees in a cup, but he doesn’t have to share his feelings; he doesn’t need a priest. Brad acts all skanky, listening from around the corner.

Michael tells Sonny that Jax was incarcerated overnight. He says Sonny put the whole thing in motion. Sonny says that Jax did that a long time ago, and now he has to pay.

Nathan tells Carly that Nelle has to make a statement. Nelle says she wants everyone to hear what she has to say.

Griff tells Finn that if he pushes away everyone trying to help, his recovery is going to be difficult. Brad takes notes.

Curtis produces a bowling ball. Jordan asks for pointers. Curtis gives her the ball, and some tips. She drops it, and it rolls away. She says she’s sorry to her neighbors downstairs, and Curtis says they’d better get used to noise. They start to kiss, but TJ knocks on the door.

Monica asks for a moment with Tracy. She tells Tracy that she knows how important the painting is, but this is an extreme situation. Tracy brings up the customs issue, and Monica says that if Samira gets caught, they can say she stole it. Tracy says that if Samira ends up in prison, that would be making a bad situation worse. Monica says she’s right, and Tracy wants that for her ringtone. She says it’s happening too fast. Samira showed up out of the blue and for all they know, she’s working with Larry. Monica suggests asking her some more questions.

Monica sits Samira down and says they want to know about her family life. Samira says she’d rather talk about their family. She sees how much Tracy loved her father, and talks about his kind eyes. Tracy says that Samira doesn’t know anything about Edward and never will.

Finn comes to Hayden’s office. He wants to talk about their last conversation. She says he needs to focus on his rehabilitation, and unless it’s hospital business, there’s nothing to discuss. He says compared to not talking to her getting off drugs should be easy. He’s wondering if when he gets through this, if she would give him a chance to make things right between them.

Nathan starts recording Nelle’s statement.

Griff asks Brad what he wants. Brad says it gives him no pleasure, but he feels it’s his duty to tell him what he knows about Finn.

Finn isn’t asking Hayden to be there while he’s in rehab, but wants to know if he’ll have a chance later. She says she’s been thinking about her decisions. She tells him how her father had always insisted on a huge Passover celebration, and he would talk about family, work, and unity, and how hard work pays off. Meanwhile, he was ripping people off right and left. All that talk about what truly mattered was a lie, and she ended up just like him, a liar and a user. Then she met Finn, but even though he brings out the best in her, she can’t make promises she might not be able to keep.

Tracy tells Samira that Monica forgot her manners, and Monica says people often wonder if she was raised by wolves. Tracy says that Monica married into the pack, but she requested breakfast for Samira. Tracy asks if she would like some orange juice, but Samira says she couldn’t eat a thing.

Michael asks Sonny why have Jax arrested for something he would have done himself? Sonny says that wasn’t his intention; he only wanted the confession as leverage. Michael wonders for what, since he wanted Jax to leave. Michael says that Jax isn’t the reason that Sonny and Carly broke up. Sonny says the reason is over; he didn’t sleep with Nelle. Michael says it’s about Morgan.

We don’t hear Nelle’s whole statement, but she ends with saying that she won’t be pursuing legal action. Carly asks if Jax is free to go, but Nathan says not yet. Carly says she’ll be back, leaving Jax and Nelle alone. Jax asks Nelle why.

Carly asks Nathan if it was enough. She says Sonny has a recording of Jax’s alleged confession, but she wants to know if Jax can be prosecuted using Nelle’s statement.

TJ returns Jordan’s laptop that he borrowed. He says he finished up early, and asks if they’re a couple now. They both stammer, and TJ says he’s been there. Jordan says they were just discussing going on their first date. They haven’t figured out if it’s serious yet, but would he be okay with that?

Tracy understands that Samira is worried and can’t eat. She says she’s the same way, but starving herself isn’t going to help her or her daughter. Samira asks for some water, and Tracy gets it. Geez, could she spare it? There’s like two inches in the glass. She says that she got Samira some new clothes and maybe she’d like to change. Monica leaves to make some calls.

Samira thanks Tracy for her generosity. She was hoping to convince Tracy of her sincerity. with the journal and ring. Tracy says she’d be happy to compensate her, but Samira says her father would want her to have them. Tracy says he wanted her to have the painting. Samira says maybe they can explore some other solutions. When she goes upstairs, Tracy puts the water glass in a plastic bag.

Griff tells Brad that he’s not at liberty to discuss Finn, and it would be inappropriate for Brad to ask about him. Brad says he’s on his way to the lab, and he’ll take the sample there, as he takes it from Griff’s hand. Why is Griff letting him do that??? Especially after what he just said.

Finn tells Hayden that he’s sorry for the interruption. He’ll send her a budgetary proposal through interoffice mail, so she doesn’t have to see him. Hayden says in order to stay clean, he has to follow the rules, and asks if he can do it.

Michael tells Sonny that if Morgan was still alive, he and Carly wouldn’t be doing this. They never did this kind of damage, and she’s forgiven him for worse than Nelle. She can’t get past it because Morgan is dead. When she wouldn’t forgive him, Sonny did something worse. He wanted to push her away, but it’s not going to lessen the grief; it will only add to it.

Nelle tells Jax that there are a lot of reasons why she wants to let it go, but she doesn’t want to hurt Josslyn anymore. She says what happened is on her father, not Jax. Jax says he’s still partly to blame. Nelle says he was willing to do anything for his daughter, and her father saw her as a way to get money. She’s not going to punish him for doing what she would have wanted her father to do. She tells him to tell Josslyn. She says something bad happened to her, and she had the choice to do something good, but instead chose to feed her own anger, lashing out and hurting people. She ended up hurting herself just as badly. She says an old friend told her that you can carry hurt with you or focus on the good and move on, and she’s trying to do that.

Nathan tells Carly that if victim refuses to testify, it shouldn’t go any further.

Finn tells Hayden not to worry. She says that she needs to know he’ll stick with it, with or without her. He says he’ll be fine with her or not. He leaves, and Griff walks in, wanting to talk about the budget. He can see that Hayden is upset, and he says he knows she’s worried about Finn. Well, she should be more worried than she is, since Griff is so loosey-goosey with Finn’s drug test.

TJ tells Jordan that the situation is odd, but he loves the both of them, and wants them to be happy. He hopes it works out, since it will be awkward if it doesn’t. He’s got to leave, and Curtis tells him be good, study hard, and you are the future. Curtis tells Jordan that they had to tell TJ, and that he seemed surprised, but he’s basically coming around. Jordan says he’s concerned about what happens if it doesn’t work out, and Curtis says she seems like she is too. She admits that she is.

Tracy sees Finn at the hospital. She says a situation has come up where she needs his help.

Michael tells Sonny that Josslyn is heartbroken. She already lost Morgan. He says Sonny isn’t thinking with his right mind. He’s grieving, and it’s messing with judgement and sense of perspective. It has nothing to do with him being bi-polar, but losing his son. Michael says he needs to find a better way to deal with the loss, rather than hurting everyone Morgan loved. Michael tells Sonny that he can try to fix it, but first he needs to know where Jax is in regard to the charges.

Nathan tells Carly that he’s taking Jax to the lawyer. Carly has something to say to Nelle.

Jordan tells Curtis they’ve been through a lot. Her attraction to him is definitely real, and they’ve both made a lot of mistakes in life. If they start this, and it blows up in their faces, she doesn’t want it to destroy their friendship. Curtis says that he shares her concern. She asks what now? He says there’s only one way to find out if it’s a mistake or real – do some serious bowling. I love Curtis.

Hayden says she can’t discuss it right now. Griff understands, but he’s hoping for the best. He thinks if Finn stays on the straight and narrow, it will be fine.

Tracy asks Finn to focus. She needs a DNA test done.

Monica wonders where Tracy went. The doorbell rings. It’s a man looking for Samira. He wants to speak to her now.

Michael tells Sonny that Jax is being released.

Carly thanks Nelle for not pressing charges, and Nelle says she wants the pain to stop. Carly says she’s on to her now. Almost everything Nelle has done, she did too. She says that Nelle wants to look good for Michael. She wants Michael to think he’s gotten through to her and she’s changed. She may want to believe she’s good enough for Michael, but she’s a damaged, screwed up little girl, who will end up trashing everything good she’s given. Carly says she’ll do everything she can to stop her.

Tomorrow, Tracy wants no questions asked, Franco thinks Jake is in serious trouble, and Nelle asks Carly when it’s going to be enough.

I have to mention how annoying it is to me when Carly says Nelle is just like her, then denies her the same graciousness that she ended up getting. She slept with her mother’s husband, for Pete’s sake. (Who is Pete anyway?) I’m sure I could look for some deep-seated psychological reason, such as Carly really doesn’t like herself, and is treating the Nelle the way she thinks she should really be treated, but I don’t have time.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Luann and Dorinda go to Luann’s house in Sag Harbor. Bethenny and Carole are staying at Bethenny’s place, and Bethenny is threatening to lock up Carole and Donald Trump in the guest house together. Bethenny talks to Carole about Sonja being bitter because she wasn’t invited to the Berkshires.

Sonja tells Tinsley about the talk she had with Luann. In her interview, Tinsley says if Sonja wants a friendship with Luann, she’ll have to drop talking about Tom.

Dorinda tells Luann that Sonja keeps talking smack about her. Luann tells her that Tinsley is living with Sonja right now. Dorinda says Sonja keeps talking about being sober, but for all they know, she could be drinking tequila through of a crazy straw at this very moment. She received a picture of Sonja and a stripper at Luann’s shower, and thinks Sonja’s life is in chaos.

Tinsley asks Sonja how she’s going to feel about seeing Dorinda. Sonja regrets not having her at the tea party, and says that two wrongs don’t make a right. Sonja and Tinsley compare underwear.

Carole wants a mellow weekend, since she has election stress. She’s feeling malaise. Please. She talks about Ramona getting irritated with her at the tea party when she was talking about the election. In her interview, Carole says Ramona isn’t interested in politics, and Bethenny says it’s all Carole talks about – all roads lead to the election. She adds that Carole doesn’t want to talk to anyone who isn’t on what she perceives as her political level. I can tell I’ll be gritting my teeth through this season, the same way I do when I go to Facebook.

Luann, daughter Victoria, and Dorinda go for a boat ride. Dorinda misses having a boat. They talk about Luann losing her countess title, which just now dawned on her daughter. In her interview, Luann says that Countess is part of who she is, and once a countess, always a countess. We all admire the fall colors in Sag Harbor.

Carole and Bethenny go for some acupuncture. Can they stick a needle in Carole’s brain so that she stops talking? Carole tells the acupuncturist that she’s stressed. In her interview, Bethenny says she’s never heard Carole say she’s stressed, and has wondered at times if she even had a pulse. Bethenny gets something done on her back. The acupuncturist looks at Carole’s tongue, and she also shows him fungus on her toe. Bethenny tells her that he’s not a podiatrist, and he’s like yeah, you need a different kind of healer for that. In her interview, Carole says Bethenny is in a secret, quiet hell due to suckerfish ex Jason Hoppy. Bethenny gets some cupping done. She wonders if Luann is going to say anything about the Tom thing in Miami when they get together, but Carole thinks she’ll keep it moving rather than face having a real conversation.

Bethenny and Carole arrive first for dinner. They see Ramona’s ex business partner at another table. Ramona arrives from visiting Avery. She claims the kids in Avery’s dorm look at her as a friend, but my guess is that they look at her as an anomaly, and probably an embarrassment. They look at pictures on Ramona’s phone while she fishes for compliments.

Dorinda and Luann arrive. Dorinda is anxious. She hasn’t seen Bethenny since the reunion, and there was a lot of tension. She and Carole talk about the election being scary, stressful, and close. They move on, discussing Luann’s house addition. Bethenny asks Ramona if she’s coming to the election party, but she feels like Carole already hit her over the head with it. Bethenny says that Carole doesn’t want people there who aren’t “informed,” and Ramona says everyone has their own interpretation. In her interview, Carole says her party is bi-partisan and everyone is invited…sort of. Huh? I certainly can’t imagine it being bi-partisan in any way.

Ramona asks Bethenny if her daughter has been approached by anyone since Bethenny did “soft porn” in her past, and it was in the tabloids recently. I missed that. She says yes, Diane Sawyer tracked her daughter down at the schoolyard. Ramona expresses concern, but Bethenny blows it off. In her interview, Bethenny says if anyone had brought it up, she would have just made some self-deprecating remarks, but Ramona is trying to embarrass her and has hit a new low. She says she needed the money and had wanted to be an actress at one time. Ramona says she doesn’t like Bethenny being defensive. Bethenny says it was a cheesy movie where she was a murderer. Ramona is all insulted because Bethenny doesn’t care. In her interview, Ramona says good friends should be able to ask each other questions. Luann says she doesn’t think Bethenny wanted Ramona to bring up her ex porno life, and Bethenny is like, you do realize I can hear you, right?

Bethenny says she thought Luann wrote a book on etiquette. Luann asks if what she said was wrong, and Bethenny says not if she’d said it to her, but it’s wrong to speak about her like she’s not there. She tells Ramona that she looks a bit wild, and Ramona says she doesn’t like Bethenny’s attitude. In her interview, Dorinda says she’s starting to sweat, and Ramona has the delivery of a lead balloon. Ramona tells Carole that because she doesn’t have children, she doesn’t understand. In her interview, Carole compares Ramona to Donald Trump and I want to cry. I’m hoping I don’t have to stop watching this. Ramona says Bethenny is rude, and Luann seconds it, but Bethenny says she doesn’t care what they think about her. Luann declares that Bethenny has shown her true colors, and doesn’t care about anyone except herself. In her interview, Luann gripes about Bethenny not asking about the wedding plans. Ramona calls Bethenny a witch, and decides to talk to Luann, deliberately turning away from Bethenny. Bethenny says she’s been called a witch and wicked, and she’s leaving. In her interview, Luann talks about Bethenny insulting her in the Berkshires, and how she didn’t leave. That was pretty bad. She thinks Bethenny should put on her big girl pants and stay. Carole gets up to go next. She thinks suckerfish Hoppy is enough; Bethenny doesn’t need this from Ramona.

Tinsley and Sonja arrive at Sonja’s house in the Hamptons. Sonja can’t wait for Ramona’s dinner party (why?), even though she wasn’t invited to stay at Ramona’s house. Sonja shows Tinsley to her room, and acts like an idiot bouncing on the bed.

Ramona, Luann, and Dorinda go to a winery for lunch. They discuss the previous evening. Ramona acts like she didn’t say anything outlandish, and just presented a hypothetical situation of concern to Bethenny. Luann says that Bethenny can dish it out, but not take it. In her interview, Dorinda says she didn’t even get to take a breath before Ramona started talking about it.

Bethenny says Ramona likes to find dirt about someone and bring it up. Truth! This reminded me of when she walked off the first (I think) reunion because Alex McCord had done some nude art photos. Bethenny is glad she doesn’t have to go to Ramona’s. She did get Ramona a gift, and Carole suggests she put her own name on the card and bring it. She’s kidding, just in case you questioned that. Bethenny is going to pick Carole up from Ramona’s later.

Dorinda tells Luann and Ramona about Sonja’s smack talk on Facebook. Filing that under who cares? Dorinda brings it up on her phone, and says she’s done. She doesn’t want to ruin Ramona’s party, but she might not be able to help herself. What happened to her telling Luann that she was going to act like a lady? Dorinda says Sonja is going to get it tonight.

Sonja tells Tinsley that Dorinda doesn’t have manners, but she wants to get back to being social friends and move forward. Tinsley is concerned that Sonja will be upset if she likes Dorinda, but Sonja says that won’t happen. Tinsley is nervous, and Sonja says it’s her fault.

Ramona sets things up for her dinner party. People we don’t know arrive, along with Dorinda. Dorinda shows Ramona more comments about her that Sonja posted. She says she’s going to make an effort to be cordial. Like that has ever happened.

Commercial break that annoys me. The first one is Maya Rudolph advertising Seventh Generation cleaning products, when she also advertises Clorox. Aren’t those opposite ends of the cleaning spectrum? Then I see Jeffrey Tambor promoting Tide, and wonder how much more money he needs? I can’t stand it when wealthy, well-known actors take jobs away from starving artists.

Carole arrives at Ramona’s place. Dorinda tells her about Sonja’s online comments, and how she said she’d never go to Luann’s tacky wedding. Dorinda says she has a mole, as in an investigative person, and has a file on Sonja a mile wide. Dorinda isn’t on the martini train tonight because she’s stalking prey.

Sonja says in her interview, that her MO is to never confront. She doesn’t deal with the elephant in the room, and is all about decorum. She and Tinsley walk into Ramona’s house.

Next time, the dinner commences, Carole tells Bethenny that it’s a nuthouse while Bethenny watches from outside, Dorinda informs Sonja that you need an invitation to go to a wedding, and Ramona is disinvited to Carole’s election party.

A Quote that Can’t Wait for Friday

Do one thing every day that scares you.Eleanor Roosevelt

🙌 Imposters has been renewed! It will be back in 2018. Hopefully, I’ll make it until then.

😹 Michael Rapaport is always hysterically funny on Watch What Happens Live, and tonight was no exception. He makes me literally lol.

April 11, 2017 – Sonny Sees Jax, No One Gets the Baby, Beverly Hills Reunites & Imposters Bids Adieu


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Lulu brings Rocco to visit Dante at the station. She’s all ready for her visit with Charlotte. Dante asks what she’s afraid of.

Hayden is having coffee outside of Perks, while Curtis runs the steps. She’s adding an extra kick to her coffee, and offers him a bottle in a paper bag. He accepts, saying he has to stay hydrated. She’s hiding from Finn because she wants to get back together and is scared he’ll say yes.

Finn isn’t doing too well. He’s like forget it, and we see he’s given himself a shot. But it’s a dream.

The hooded figure goes through Alexis’s house. He looks at a photo album. Alexis arrives home.

Carly tells Sonny not now. He asks if she heard him right, and repeats that he wasn’t unfaithful after all. I’m going to say this again. That wasn’t what she was angry about in the first place. Why would this change anything? Another case of the man not listening and/or hearing what he wants to hear.

Alexis goes into the house and sees a light is on. She asks if anyone is there. Kristina walks in, and Alexis almost crowns her with a laptop.

Hayden tells Curtis that she left Finn with a list of rehabs. Curtis says he knows Finn hurt her. He wanted to kill him, but Finn is legit; he’s a good guy, but the detox was rough. Hayden says he called her out on all of her insecurities. Curtis says he was out of his mind. Hayden says if it wasn’t true, it wouldn’t have been in his head, and he doesn’t trust her. Curtis says Finn loves her, but he needs to go to rehab and it’s a long road. She can’t fix it or save him. If she tries, she’ll end up losing herself.

Hayden’s phone rings. It’s Finn. She asks if he’s okay, and he says not really. He wants her to come over. She asks if he’s called a rehab, and he says he needs to see her.

Sonny explains about the recording to Carly. He says a girl who’s cold-hearted enough to set him up, would have recorded the act, but she only recorded the aftermath. He says that Nelle drugged him, and that’s why he blacked out. He says it should have been a clue, since in all his years of drinking, it’s never happened before. Carly asks if he has proof, and he tells her Nelle confessed. He says they can be together now, because he didn’t listen to what the problem really is.

Lulu tells Dante she can’t wait to get to know Charlotte, and that she’s bought Charlotte a bunch of toys. Dante says she seems nervous. Rocco gives Dante some cookies. He tells Rocco they’re the best cookies ever, even though that’s doubtful from the look on his face. When Rocco runs off, Lulu tells Dante about Rocco adding extra salt. Dante tells Lulu that gifts or cookies won’t make Charlotte love her.

Finn tells Hayden he does trust her; that’s why he asked her to help with the detox. She says he didn’t have anyone else. He says he’s ashamed of how he treated her. She tells him that he needs help that she can’t give him, and to please find it. She hangs up. She puts more liquor in her coffee, and Curtis says she did good. She asks why she feels like crap then.

Finn tells Roxie that he blew it. Hayden wants him to go to one of those places. He doesn’t think he can handle 28 days without practicing medicine, Roxie, and Hayden, but if he doesn’t go, he’ll lose Hayden forever.

Kristina doesn’t think a laptop is a very good weapon, and Alexis says she’ll use a fireplace poker next time. Kristina points out that it’s weird, and Alexis is still jumpy. Alexis says it seemed like someone was in the house, and tells her about the light. Kristina says maybe she forgot that she left it on. Alexis tells Kristina about Nathan’s visit, and Kristina says he talked to her too.

Carly wonders why Nelle would confess now. Maybe she’s lying because she likes Michael. Sonny says as soon as she said she drugged him, he knew it was true. No matter how drunk he was, she’s not his type. I guess he’s never heard of beer goggles. Everything after that, is on him. He tells Carly how much he loves her, and asks if this can be over. Carly looks at the wine on the table with the two glasses, and says it can’t.

Alexis says Nathan had no right to question Kristina. Kristina says they just ran into each other, but he was more worried about Alexis than anything else. He thinks she might be withholding information and putting herself in danger. Alexis says she’ll call Jordan, and tell her to make Nathan back off. Kristina asks what she could be hiding at this point.

Finn calls Tracy because he needs a good dose of the truth. He gets voicemail, and apologizes for what he said, calling her the best friend he’s ever had. He tells her that he misses her. He decides to go out for some fresh air.

Hayden thinks that Curtis talking to Finn is a good idea. He needs a friend, and she can’t be one. Curtis has been where Finn is, and can possibly get through to him. Curtis says he can’t convince Finn to go to rehab any more than she can. She gets up, obviously drunk. She tells Curtis they should go shake their booties and dance the night away. He says she’s crazy, but in a good way. She kisses him.

Sonny asks Carly if this is about his ultimatum, and says that he didn’t know where to go. If he’d just said something that morning, they could have worked things out. He knows he’s not easy to live with, and that Nelle shook her faith in him. He says nobody knows him in his core – the ugliness, anger, and brokenness – except her, and she loves him anyway. He needs her to love him, and he loves her. He says they can do this, and asks her to come back. Tears roll down her cheeks, and she says that she’s sorry, but he has to listen. With perfect soap timing, Jax pops out while putting on his shirt.

Dante says Lulu should just be herself. Lulu said she tried that, and Charlotte hates her. She was thinking about her needs instead of Charlotte’s. Dante says the more time Charlotte spends with her, the more she’ll get to know and like her. He tells Lulu to just be present and listen, instead of using bribery. Rocco joins them, and asks if Lulu will love Charlotte more than him.

Sonny tells Carly that didn’t take long. Jax says it’s her business. Sonny asks if it bothers him that he’s a back-up or a side piece. Carly tells him not to be ugly. Sonny says she crucified him for months, for a mistake he didn’t make, and the first chance she gets, she spreads her legs. Oooh! Jax tells him to apologize and leave, and Carly says let him go on. Sonny says Carly can’t last five minutes without a man in her bed, and that makes her a bad wife, but a great whore. Carly smacks him.

Alexis tells Kristina that she’s not hiding anything, but Kristina doesn’t believe her. Alexis says it’s going to sound “out there,” and Kristina says she can handle it. Alexis tells her that she feels like Julian isn’t dead, and it’s something tangible. She hears someone knocking, and there’s no one there; the phone rings, and ditto from a number she doesn’t recognize. She says she knows how Kristina felt about him, but Kristina says she can’t tell Alexis how to feel. She accepts Alexis’s grief, but that doesn’t explain phantom phone calls or knocks on the door. Alexis tells her about the credit card and phone call from the gas station.

Curtis tells Hayden to take it easy. She says there’s an attraction between them, and she’s free now. He says she’s wasted. He likes her a lot; she’s beautiful, smart, and edgy, although she’s sometimes a pita, but they’re friends. He doesn’t want to waste that or take advantage of it. She tells him to make her forget, and kisses him again. Mimicking Jax’s timing, Finn walks out and sees them.

Finn says he thought he’d get some fresh air, and asks what they’re up to. Curtis says it’s not what it looked like. He says Hayden cares about Finn, but he has no one to blame but himself. She’s drunk and reckless because of him. If he doesn’t want to get help, Finn will crash and burn, and take her along with him. He says he’s been there, but Finn is worse off, considering how long he’s been using. He says it hurts to admit you need help when something has control over you. The addiction is controlling him, and he’d better take help or he’ll lose Hayden. Finn says he loves her, and walks away. Hayden starts crying, and Curtis holds her.

Carly tells Sonny that she’s sorry he’s hurt and found out the truth too late, but he doesn’t get to come in her house and name call. He says she wanted the truth, and she lists all the recent lies he’s told her. She says for someone who prides himself on his word, he’s the biggest liar of all. She says it’s never going to be different and he says that’s right, because they’re done. He slams out. Jax asks Carly if she’s okay. She says no, but she will be.

Alexis tells Kristina that she has unresolved feelings for Julian. She wants to believe that what he said in the letter is true, and she never got a chance to talk to him about it. Kristina says she had a huge loss and serious trauma; it’s going to take time to recover. Alexis thanks her for talking her down. Kristina suggests she stick around, and maybe spend the night. She finds the photo album on the floor. Alexis says she’s sure she’d put it away, and Kristina says it was open as though someone was just looking at it.

Dante tells Rocco that they love him more than ever, and Lulu says he’s everything. They’re just excited about him getting a sister. Dante says no parent likes any one kid better than another – it’s the law. Lulu says they love them both. Rocco asks if that means Charlotte’s dad loves her too. Dante says he does, but a judge needs to sort things out. He asks if Charlotte is going to live with them, and Lulu says for now, they’ll just visit with her. Group hug.

Curtis gives Hayden some water. She apologizes. Curtis says his ego can always use a boost. She asks what’s wrong with her, and he says only small stuff. She’ll bounce back with or without Finn; she’s too stubborn not to. She wonders if what Curtis said made a difference, and if Finn is further on road to recovery or worse off.

Finn meets with a cliché-looking drug dealer. Actually, he’s a cliché-looking drug dealer who also looks like he stepped out of the 1960s.

Carly looks for some legal contact information. She tells Jax that Sonny is going to lash out, and she’s not going to let him trample over her. She has nothing to feel guilty about. Jax asks if she is feeling guilty, but she says no. They shared something special about them. She says she should feel guilty because she gave up too soon – at least Sonny thinks she did. She says she fought for as hard and as long as she could, but she’s done.

Alexis says she was showing Diane some old photos. Kristina goes down Memory Lane, and Alexis says it was nice while it lasted. She says she’s tired, and Kristina asks if she wants her to stay over, but Alexis says she’s fine and don’t worry. She isn’t going to put herself in any danger, just to bed. Kristina leaves.

Alexis looks at the photo album. She discovers that pictures are missing.

Tomorrow, Nina asks Valentin if he’s hiding something, Brad gets good news, and a dead body is found.

If Loving You is Wrong

Alex tells the judge to check the birth certificate. He asks who Brad is. Randal insists he’s the father, and the judge asks if he’s taken a paternity test. He’s annoyed that Randal is wasting his time. He says it’s obvious neither one of them is a fit parent. He’s going to order that the baby be placed in foster care. Until paternity is established, neither one of them is going to see the baby. He kicks everyone out of his office.

Randal follows Alex and blocks her way. He tells her she can’t stop him from getting his son, and she says she just did. She hates the day she met him, and he says that makes two of them. He does that creepy smile, and says he has the upper hand. He’s going to the police to tell them that she set him up. He says her mother told him, so that’s proof. Alex says big deal; she’s dead. He continues being all weird, and talks about her parents getting killed. He says her parents were evil people, and he sees it in her. She smacks him and he laughs. Omg, I hate this guy. He asks when the funeral is being held, and if there’s a hillbilly fund in a mason jar for it. He tells her that she has nothing anymore, not even her baby boy. She asks him to hold her purse. Oh, okay, she starts yelling that he tried to rob her. He throws the purse back, and a taxi comes out of nowhere and picks her up.

Someone named Diane knocks on Kelly’s door. It’s her ex’s mother. She looks around, and says it’s a nice house. She asks if her son’s money bought it, but Kelly doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Diane asks why he’s in jail for fraud then. Kelly asks why Diane is there, and Diane says for her son; he needs a place to stay. She says Kelly owes him. Kelly doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to stay there because of Justice. Diane finds his name ironic when his father didn’t get any in taking the fall for her. Kelly apologizes, and Diane says she’s not that sorry, since she’s free. She insists on Kelly helping him get back on his feet. Kelly says that’s not going to happen. Diane tells her not to make her show how far she’ll go when she’s been wronged. Kelly says she’s just looking out for her son, and Diane says watch her look out for hers.

Lushion talks to Lamont about Andrew. There’s been no trace of him. Pete calls. He’s getting sprung from the hospital soon, and going into protective custody. Pete isn’t thrilled, but Lushion says it’s for his own good. Pete says Eddie isn’t God and couldn’t even find him under an alias. He tells Lushion that he’ll keep in touch. Someone has to know where he is, and he trusts Lushion.

Randal stomps into the station. Lushion asks why he’s there, and he says to make a complaint. He’s supposed to talk to Rick, and asks if Rick is a good guy. Lushion says he is, and asks why Randal dropped the lawsuit against Eddie. Randal says he moved on to something better. Lushion says Eddie told him that he saved Randal’s life, but Randal says if the other guy hadn’t shown up, he’d be dead. Lushion asks if he saw another officer there, and shows him Andrew’s picture. Randal says he was a little busy, so no. Lushion asks if there was a shootout before they arrived, and Randal tells him that only Alex had a gun, and was holding it to his head. He claims she set everything up. He explains that the FBI told him to talk to Rick. Lushion asks if he’s sure he wants to go through with this. Randal says that’s Lushion’s problem; he wants to let Alex and Eddie go. Lushion tells Randal to leave Alex alone, but Randal insists that he did nothing and she tried to have him killed. He does the creepy smile thing, and says he’s letting nothing go. Lushion says it’s just going to get worse, and Randal says that’s his plan. Rick comes by, and Lushion introduces them.

Randal sits at Rick’s desk. Lushion tells Rick to take what he says with a grain of salt. He asks how bad the house is, and Rick says he needs a crew. Lushion asks if there are any leads, and Rick tells him they got DNA and hair from the house. Lushion wonders if they’re looking at someone, but Rick can’t say.

Eddie comes in the breakroom to bug Esperanza. He tells her internal affairs is driving him crazy. That’s a short putt. BA-DUM-CHH! She wishes she could burn some sense into his ass. She asks why he was in the office, and Eddie tells her to ask Alex. He says they’re trying to figure out what happened. He says Alex called her parents and had them kidnap Randal, and the DA is trying to find out about her. They see a news item about Andrew going missing. Esperanza says that should be of interest to him.

Lushion gets a crew out to clean the house. It says cleaning service on the van, but that’s not how it works. There’s a van that actually says “crime scene” on it that cleans up crime scenes. Not a regular cleaning service. I know this because, unfortunately, I lived next door to someone who committed suicide.

Lushion sees Brad parked in the driveway of Alex’s house. Brad says her car isn’t there, and Lushion says she totaled it. Brad asks if she’s okay, and Lushion tells him to ask her. He asks if Brad is all right. Brad says he’s fine, and asks what Lushion is doing there. Lushion explains they’re moving in, and gives Brad props for rescuing the baby. Brad says he did what he had to. Lushion calls him humble, and repeats that he should talk to Alex. He says the one thing he can’t do is protect his heart from her. Lushion says he has a lot of heart left, and he can fix it. Brad says he doesn’t want to, and Lushion asks why he’s there then. Brad doesn’t know, and Lushion says he has nothing to lose. A delivery truck comes. and Lushion has to run. Lushion tells the driver he has to come back. He needs a few more hours.

Natalie sits by Joey’s bedside at the hospital. Kelly comes in with flowers. Kelly asks how he’s feeling and he says like he got shot. She tells him that she brought flowers, and he says he’s not dead. Natalie tells her not to pay him any mind. She can tell something is up with Kelly, and Joey tells them to take it outside.

In the hallway, Natalie asks what’s going on. Kelly tells her about Ramsey. Natalie is shocked and sorry. Kelly says they’re looking for suspects. She says she hardly knew him, but Natalie says that doesn’t make it any less sad. She knows there’s something else, and tells Kelly to spill it. Kelly asks if a man has ever been abusive to Natalie, and tells her about Travis. She says he’s like a different person, and she doesn’t know what to do. Natalie suggests shooting him in his ass. Just pull the trigger one good time; she doesn’t even have to mess up her hair. She tells Kelly to get a gun. Kelly says she has a meeting to get a restraining order. Natalie says that’s good, but a gun will restrain him too. She’ll call her girl Michelle, and she’ll help Kelly. Kelly wants to focus on the restraining order. Natalie says she told her.

Alex looks at a family photo and cries. She’s cleaning the house, because when in doubt, scrub something. Esperanza knocks on the door. She says she called, but Alex says sorry, she needed time alone. Esperanza says she heard what happened and she’s sorry. She asks if Alex needs help with the funeral, but Alex says let the county deal with it. Esperanza thinks she’s being harsh, but Alex says they don’t deserve any dignity. She wants Esperanza to drop it.

Alex asks why she’s there, and Esperanza says she was checking on her. Alex says she’s fine and not to tell her she isn’t. Esperanza asks how the baby is, and Alex says the doctor says he’s fine. She tells Esperanza he’s been put into foster care, even though she had nothing to do with it. Esperanza thinks she called her parents to help her to get rid of Randal. Alex asks if she’s there to aggravate her, and Esperanza says she’s there to help. She knows that Alex went to see them. She shows Alex some phone records and pictures. Alex asks if she’s an investigator. Esperanza says she’s trying to get ahead of Alex being charged as an accessory to murder.

Esperanza says she can get in a lot of trouble. She tells Alex to drop the attitude, and asks if she never wants to see her kids again. She says that Alex has to come up with an air-tight excuse before someone comes around. She says protests have already started, and things can get ugly fast. Her father was part of an anti-government militia. She needs to come up with a good story; she can’t negate seeing her parents. She should say that she was trying to prevent Randal from harm, and not deviate from the story, no matter what. She tells Alex she was never there. Alex thanks her ,and they hug. (I guess Esperanza doesn’t realize Lushion is two houses away?)

Alex wipes her tears away.

Kelly can’t get in to see the attorney because he had an emergency. She asks if there’s someone else they can recommend; she can only come on her lunch break and needs to file the restraining order. She says it’s urgent, and the secretary says she’ll phone in the morning. Totally unrealistic, since I’m sure they would steer her to someone else. She has to get to Justice’s game, and asks for security to walk her to her car. She calls Justice, but he says the other team had to forfeit, so the game was canceled. He tells her that Travis is giving him a ride home. Kelly stares in silence at the phone.

Next time, Diane comes to Kelly’s office, Louise suggests that Alex could have cheated on Randal, and Lushion talks to Alex.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – The Reunion, Part One

Kyle gives Dorit the skinny on reunions. Along with her gorgeous German Shepherd. Dorit realizes she’ll have to put her big girl panties on. To change it up a little, we get pre-reunion observations from the women in their home settings. We also get mini flash forwards. Next is the getting ready. LisaV tells Andy not to be mean.

And so we begin. Hmm…I’m not crazy about Eileen’s outfit. The outfits as a whole aren’t that dazzling, except for LisaV, Dorit and Erika. LisaR and Erika are wearing the same shoes, and Lisa informs us that she’s not wearing underwear. Andy talks about people on social media calling Dorit “Doritos,” and she says with a name like hers, she’s used to it. Everyone talks about how their names have been made fun of. Andy asks Erika about being chosen for Dancing with the Stars, which at this point, hadn’t started filming yet. LisaR says it’s about pacing yourself, and thinks Erika can go all the way. She has the same dance partner that LisaV did, and they joke about that.

We jump right in, with Andy talking about how Dorit called Erika “cold.” We flash back to various interactions between the two of them. I just know it’s coming – Pantygate. We end up with the Hong Kong dinner where Erika lost it. The T-shirt dress is discussed. Oh, for God’s sake. A fan thinks Dorit wanted to pick a fight with Erika from day one, but Dorit says they got off on the wrong foot, and it wasn’t her intention. The first Pantygate mention is dropped, and Dorit says it was meant to be playful. Erika says there’s a bit of truth in all kidding, and that’s how you get away with sh*t. I tend to agree, but the reactions to that went way overboard and for way too long.

Dorit says you can’t live a life walking on eggshells. Andy asks LisaV if Erika is being fair in saying Dorit talks sh*t, and Lisa says in all fairness, Dorit does talk a lot. Andy asks Eileen about Erika’s reaction to her saying that it’s not like Dorit killed her child, and Eileen says she didn’t feel personally attacked. She realized something else was going on. Erika says she didn’t want to break down like that, but it is something she thinks about occasionally, with her son being a police officer. We find out that Erika leant Eileen her glam squad as a peace offering. LisaR says meltdowns happen, and Kyle says it was like someone took over Erika’s body. They agree they all felt bad for Eileen.

Andy asks Erika about being the mom of a police officer. She says you know anything is possible. She doesn’t want to make a big deal about it, but she does get scared. He lives with her, and only when he pulls up after work, can she relax. She says he gets ribbed at work about the show. They talk about her sensitivity, and how she reveals herself slowly. Kyle says being sensitive can make you extra guarded. They discuss Erika’s trip home, and when her mother apologized for being hard on her as a child. We see a part of their conversation we hadn’t seen before. LisaV asks if Erika went the opposite in raising her son. Lisa says her parents weren’t demonstrative, so she lavished affection on her children. Erika says that her mother was loving, but made her grow up quickly. She talks about still giving her son hugs and kisses, and how much he hates it.

Andy says that LisaV, LisaR, and Eileen tried to co-exist, but it didn’t always turn out well. What a stupid choice of words. We flash back to some of their interactions. Part of the problem with these reunions is that they bring back old stuff people have gotten past, they relive the moment, and get pissed off all over again. Eileen says she was right about LisaV not being so nice. They talk about the Yulan documentary. Eileen says she wanted to bridge the gap by going with Lisa to watch it, and Lisa says there was a connection. Andy asks if it brings LisaV joy to see LisaR in the hot seat, and she says Andy likes it more. Nice return. Kyle thinks she does a little. LisaV says she likes a lot about LisaR, although sometimes she wants to strangle her. LisaR says that she’d thought they were cool when she was invited on the Hong Kong trip, and LisaV says a lot of things came up in Hong Kong. We flash back to LisaR being an idiot at the dinner. LisaR says they had a powerful moment, and they start talking about a mutual friend who passed away. Andy says he feels like they’re on the path to good things. He’s a regular Papa Hemingway tonight.

We move on to Dorit’s accent, and flash back to some Dorit moments. Andy asks why Boy George lives with them. She says she has a big house and extra room, and he lands there between gigs. (At one time, PK was his manager.) They talk about the flack she’s gotten for her parenting, and how many domestic helpers she has. Kyle says she never had s nanny, but it depends on the parent’s working life, so she’d never judge anyone. Dorit speaks Hebrew, Italian, Spanish and English fluently, and somehow, we go back to the accent thing. LisaR has to be shown the video to be reminded she called Dorit’s accent fake. Andy tries to stir the pot, but it doesn’t happen.

PK is going to join them. Andy asks how Dorit feels. She hopes the women don’t attack him, and that he gets to have his say. Andy asks how Erika feels, and she says it’s not her show. Alrighty then.

We get a glimpse of the Beverly Hills lifestyle, and flash back to various shopping trips, vacations, parties, and purchases. Andy asks if any of them will wear tonight’s outfits again, but most of them say no. Kyle has a section of her closet devoted to scary moments on the show. Andy suggests a clothing museum. We revisit Dorit’s $230,000 Bentley. They talk expensive cars for a while. We find out that Erika’s glam squad flies business class. Well, unless they’re on the private jet.

We see a little of PK behind the scenes. Dorit tells him to just be himself. Andy asks how he feels, and he says a bit nervous. We find out his name is Paul. Andy asks how he got so rich, and he says he started richer in real estate. Andy asks if his nosiness is natural or is he getting involved where he doesn’t belong, and he says maybe 50/50. And here it comes…

We flash back to the source of Pantygate, and see clips from its formation. Andy stupidly asks why it makes Erika uncomfortable, and she says the whole thing is embarrassing. Dorit has to insist once again that she didn’t think Erika did it on purpose, because for some reason, Erika is deaf to those words. Dorit says it was like saying don’t talk about a pink elephant in the room, and Andy – once again the soul of eloquence – asks if she’s comparing Erika’s who-ha to a pink elephant. Kyle says Erika was asked if she was wearing underwear, and didn’t volunteer the information. Well, really she did. Kinda. Erika says it’s gone on too long. PK says it wasn’t like he sat there and stared. LisaV says she didn’t think it would be such a big deal, since Erika wears a c-word necklace. Erika says that’s different than being told that you’re doing something like that on purpose. Because again she can’t hear that no one ever said that. If they had, we’d have seen the video ten times already. PK tells Erika not to call his wife a nasty person, and she says she’s not. She’s calling PK a nasty person for what he said.

Next time, round part two, LisaR again asks if people were doing coke at Dorit’s dinner party, Kim joins the group and tells Eden not to take her inventory, Erika tells Dorit to get the f out of here, and LisaR walks out.

🎭 Tonight, was the Imposters finale. If you haven’t been watching, I highly suggest you marathon this on On Demand. It’s fun and flirty, with a plot of twists and turns. In the final episode of the season, we got a glimpse of Maddie’s past and saw her first con. At the end, almost every character got conned as well, and Uma Thurman made a brief appearance. While there was promise of more intrigue to come, to date, Imposters hasn’t been renewed or canceled. I’m hoping for a second season. This show is like a breath of fresh air.

🚤 Below Deck Mediterranean starts Tuesday, May 2nd at 9 pm, and will have female captain this season. Although I’m looking forward to the new shows, I’ll miss Captain Lee.