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September 9, 2019 – Scotty Makes a Plan B, the Captain Confronts Travis, a Thought, New World & Tuesday Cheer


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny goes to Charlie’s, and asks Julian if there’s any problem with the sale. Julian says, there’s been a temporary delay. He has some details to deal with before he hands it over to Olivia. Sonny thinks it will pass inspection. Julian asks, in return for what?

Michael sees Willow at the hospital, and asks if everything is okay. She says, it’s never been better. She had an interview for a pediatric teacher at GH, and it went great. Good thing she’s not an English teacher. She says she’d love to work with kids again. Michael says he’s on the board, and they’d be lucky to have her. He’ll tell them that. She says she has a good feeling so far, and asks how Sasha is. He says, she’s out of danger, and headed toward a full recovery. She doesn’t know yet, but a room full of flowers is being delivered. Willow says, go big or go home. She’s glad to hear Sasha is better, and Michael says, between Sasha’s recovery and Willow’s new job, it sounds like they’re headed for a good spell. It’s way overdo. Brad comes by with Wiley, and Michael says, this day keeps getting better.

Jordan looks at a map, and tells Curtis, they confirmed Drew’s takeoff, and have the window of when the plane was in the air. Curtis asks her to tell him Drew’s plane was spotted, and he’s alive and well.

Andre opens his eyes to find Monica by his bed. She says she’s been reviewing his chart. His levels are good, and he’s maintaining. He says, that’s good to hear. When you see the Chief of Staff in your room, you think it’s dire circumstances. She says he sure knows how to make an entrance. He says her staff saved his life, and he’s grateful. He didn’t expect it, the way he left things. She says, maybe he can make up for his mistake. He tells her if this is karma, he’s hoping to improve his. She asks if that’s why he came back; to restore Franco’s memory? With his experience, she’s worried he’ll be successful. He doesn’t follow, and she says if he restores Franco’s memory, he’ll erase the memories of Drew’s life, and all the things she never had a chance to know. If he pulls it off, she never will. I can’t express how surprised and annoyed I am that Monica’s focus is solely on herself, when the only two people it involves are Franco and Drew. And in the grand scheme, how important could it possibly be? She does not need to know about his third grade teacher.

On the phone, Franco wants Scotty to push harder to get the charges dropped, and get the ankle monitor off. Scotty tells Franco to trust him. He has a plan to secure Franco’s freedom. Franco says, if Scotty can’t manage that, he’s getting a new lawyer. After Scotty is finished with the call, Elizabeth says he doesn’t have to tell her what Franco said. He wants his freedom so he can be with the woman he loves. A woman who’s not her.

At Kelly’s, Sam tells Jason the charter company refuses to give her any more information. Jason says, the cops and WSB are involved now. Sam says, Drew’s plane disappeared almost 24 hours ago.

Sonny tells Julian, the coffee is bad. It’s too bad he stopped serving Corinthos premium blend. Julian says, the price is too steep, and hopes Sonny gives Olivia a discount. Sonny says he’s going to do everything to help make the new and improved Charlie’s Pub a success. Julian asks if Sonny is there to tell him not to let the door hit him on the way out, but Sonny says, on the contrary. He came to give Julian a goodbye present. He gives Julian an envelope of cash, and Julian says, what gives? Sonny says Julian has something he wants, and he’s paying for it.

Michael holds Wiley, and asks if Wiley missed him. Willow asks why they’re at the hospital, and Brad says Wiley is supposed to be in daycare, but he was being fussy. He decided to bring Wiley home. Michael says, Wiley misses his godfather. He asks if Wiley is sick, but Brad says, no. He just has overly protective parents who love him. Willow says they’re awesome parents, and Michael tells Brad that’s what Obrecht said in the elevator. Brad asks what she said exactly.

Jordan points out the line of the approximate flight pattern, and Curtis says, there are escalating tensions there. He says, they were flying over international airways, right? Jordan says, the WSB has no reason to suspect there was hostile action in the air or on the ground. Curtis says, what about on the plane, like a skyjacking? She says, Drew was the only passenger.

In his hotel room, Franco does push-ups. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Monica. She asks if she can come in, calling him Drew.

Elizabeth tells Scotty, Cameron was in the park, and walked up on Franco and Kim kissing. She’s guessing it was passionate, since Cameron seemed pretty shocked. He overheard Franco ask if Kim would leave town with him. Thank God for the ankle monitor. Scotty asks what Kim said, and she says, Kim didn’t agree, but she didn’t refuse. Franco is determined to leave as soon as the monitor is off. Scotty says, that could be sooner than later. Chase didn’t identify himself as a cop. At best, it will be a misdemeanor. The moment the ankle monitor comes off, Franco is going, with or without Kim. Elizabeth asks if there’s nothing more he can do, and he says he’s still working on the plan to commit Franco to Shadybrook. Elizabeth asks if it’s possible, and he says, there’s a legal precedent. As Franco’s wife, she can have him committed and make medical decisions for him. He’ll file the paperwork, but wants her to know something. In their quest to win him back, they might run the risk of losing him altogether. I’m wondering why they’re not more on top of that plan already.

Jason tells Sam, they know Drew met up with Andre, and booked him a flight back to Port Charles. After Andre got back, he got in a car he’d thought Drew arranged, got stabbed, and Drew never arrived. Andre getting stabbed and Drew’s plane vanishing can’t be a coincidence.

Julian tells Sonny, one of the many perks of leaving Port Charles is not having to do business with him. Sonny hears him. He says his dad has a real affection for Charlie’s. Julian says, he has a fondness for the basement, and what’s buried there. Sonny says Mike loves the old photos. If Julian has more, he’d like to buy them. Julian says he has a full box in the back; why? Sonny says he wants them for his dad’s room at Turning Woods; a link to the past. Mike is getting old and fading. It will give him something to hold on to for as long as possible. Julian tells him to keep his money. The photos aren’t for sale.

Michael tells Brad, Obrecht was surprisingly human. She said Wiley was lucky to have two loving dads. Willow says, Wiley is lucky. Why is Brad upset? Michael says, Obrecht can be snarky, not to mention dangerous, but she seemed sincere. Brad says, she’s most dangerous when she’s being sincere. He forgot there’s something he has to do, and hopes Wiley isn’t upset to go back to daycare. Michael suggests Brad leave him, and Willow says they have the time. Brad says Bobbie was supposed to pick him up. He’ll tell her to come there instead. Michael says they got this. Brad says Wiley is his whole life, and tells Wiley to never forget that. He leaves, and Michael apologizes for volunteering Willow. She says she’s not complaining. Any time with Wiley is a gift. Michael says she must have mixed feelings, and she says, it’s indescribable. She loves Wiley completely. She knows he’ll never be hers, and his fathers are just being nice, but she also knows it has to be awkward. Michael says she did the hardest thing; giving Wiley a great life. She says, Wiley has two amazing dads, but his godfather is pretty terrific.

Franco thanks Monica. He appreciates her calling him Drew. She says that’s how he knows himself, and ow she gets a chance she never thought she’d have. He’s experienced Drew’s past when there was no way before now. He asks what she wants from him, and she says she wants to know all about his past; his youth, his upbringing. She wants to know about his first crush. All the little details she would have known if she’d had the chance to raise him.

Elizabeth asks Scotty, what alternative do they have? Should she ask Andre to wipe her memory as well, so she can forget that she loves Franco and what that love means? He’s her husband, and she wants him back. Scotty says, he does too, but what if it doesn’t work? Then what? He’s institutionalized, and living life in limbo? His spirit will be taken. He’ll be talking to a service dog named Coco, and he’ll hate and blame them. Is she wiling to run that risk?

Sam asks Jason, who else would be threatened by Drew’s memories? Jason calls Jordan, and asks if she has any updates. Jordan asks how soon he and Sam can get there? He says they’re on their way.

Elizabeth tells Scotty that she needs to see Andre, and ask if can do the procedure. They can decide after that. In the meantime, just try and stall. Jason and Sam walk by, and she asks if there’s any news. Sam says they’re on their way to see Jordan, and Jason says they’ll let her know. They move on, and Scotty says he has an idea where they don’t have to commit him, and he won’t hate them. Elizabeth asks, how? and he says, plan B. He tells her, go see Andre, and he’ll do what he does best. When she’s gone, he calls Sonny.

Sonny says he should have known Julian would leave like he came. Julian says Sonny’s money is no good. He’ll give him the box. Sonny asks, what’s the catch? but Julian says, there is none. He likes Mike; he’s a good guy, and Julian doesn’t need the photos. He hopes that one day Leo takes care of him as well as Sonny is taking care of Mike. He’ll drop the photos off at Turning Woods. Sonny says he takes back calling Julian classless, but it doesn’t change their relationship. Julian says, understood. Sonny gets a text saying Scotty needs to see him. Brad comes in, and Sonny says, Wiley is getting bigger every day. Brad says he just left Wiley with Michael, and Sonny says, he’s in good hands. He tells Julian, bon voyage, and leaves. Brad asks Julian what he means, and Julian says they were settling an account. From the desperate look in Brad’s eye, he can tell there’s a problem. Brad says, the problem’s name is Obrecht.

Willow says Michael as a way with little ones; it’s his positivity. She’s seen it over and over, with her class, and with his little sister. He’s not naïve, but not cold either. He sees the good, and the possibility of good. He says they have plenty to be positive about. Sasha is on the mend. Willow says she’s moving in with Chase, and he says, it’s a big step. Congrats. She says, Shiloh is behind bars and out of her life, and Wiley’s too. Michael raises Wiley’s sippy cup, and says, to happy endings.

Jordan tells Curtis, the plane never made it from point A to point B. Curtis says it’s five thousand miles of desert. They could be anywhere or nowhere. Jordan says she has no location, and no more information. They ran a check on the aircraft, and everything was in order. Jason and Sam arrive, and Jason asks, what’s wrong? Sam says she’d been talking to the charter company, but they shut her off. Jordan says they need a deeper dive. The pilot and co-pilot don’t exist. They’re just names, photos, and resumes. They’re ghosts. Curtis says, whoever the pilot is, is anonymous, and Jason adds, as anonymous as the guy who tried to kill Andre.

Elizabeth visits Andre, and he says she thought she’d seen the last of him, huh? She asks how he is. She’s sorry this happened. He asks how Jake is, and she says, good. He was good, until someone turned his stepfather in to a stranger. He says Einstein regretted his role in devising the atom bomb. Andre knows how he felt. If he could turn the clock back, and destroy his research, he would. He promised Drew that he’d try to undo it; that’s why he came back. Someone was willing kill him to stop him. Elizabeth is glad they failed, for his sake and Franco’s. She asks him to tell her if it’s possible to restore Franco’s true memories. Can he bring Franco back to her?

Sonny meets Scotty outside Charlie’s. He says, it had better be important. Scotty says, it’s important enough that he’s coming to Sonny with his hat in his hand. He needs help, and as much as he hates to admit it, Sonny might be his only hope.

Jason explains that Drew had gone to return money Shiloh stole. Shiloh and another guy were stealing fuel, and selling it on the black market, and Drew found out. Shiloh’s partner got killed, but not before he went back to the US and hid the money. Sam says Drew knew where it was, and Jason says he went back to Afghanistan to donate it to humanitarian efforts. Sam says he got a location on Andre, and went to Ethiopia to get him, Jason says, two missions, and two possible motives to prevent Andre from restoring Franco’s memory, and prevent Drew from his destination. Shiloh doesn’t need access to Drew’s memories anymore, and why risk a possible murder charge? Someone else must need to stop them both. Jordan says, someone with the resources to do that.   

Andre tells Elizabeth that he wouldn’t have left if he didn’t think there was a chance of success. Elizabeth asks, how much? and Andre says they both know there’s no certainty in medicine. His research suggests, since Franco never lost his memories the same way Drew did, he might have a chance at a reversal. But even if Andre recovers in record time, there’s another factor. It’s untried with a lot of risks. What if Franco doesn’t agree to be treated?

Monica asks how Franco likes his accommodations. He says, everything is temporary; the ankle monitor, his digs. Drew gave him money, but he’ll probably go through it pretty quickly. Monica says she can help him, but he says, no thanks. As soon as the monitor is off, he’ll be on his way. No offense. It’s just easier. Monica tells him, he knows what they say about the wheels of justice, and he asks if she’s telling him with the Quartermaine influence, it will take longer. She says she could, but won’t. The last thing she wants is for him to stay against his will. He asks how he can help her, and she says, tell her about his past; growing up. What’s his favorite movie, and his taste in music? He says, Lawrence of Arabia. Unless it’s around the holidays. Then, It’s a Wonderful Life. The story about a man who sees the world the way it would be if he never existed, and gets a second chance. She says it’s her favorite movie too.

Sonny asks what makes Scotty think he’d lift a finger to help Franco. Scotty says Franco became someone who could be admired. He traded places with Cameron, and did everything to bring Ryan in. Sonny says, that doesn’t excuse what he did. Like it or not, his son has a horrible history. Scotty says they all have histories, don’t they? Franco had his history stolen from him. He had his life with Elizabeth and her sons stolen. Sonny knows what like to lose a son, and Scotty knows what it’s like to lose a daughter. Sonny asks if Scotty is saying he owes him, but Scotty tells him that he’s saying, from one father to another, they’d lay their lives down for their kids. He’s just trying to save his. Sonny says he understands Scotty’s motive. What does he want?

Julian tells Brad, stop borrowing trouble, and leave it alone. Brad says, Obrecht was there when Wiley was born. Obrecht delivered Wiley. I’d actually forgotten that. Julian asks how she delivered Wiley, and Brad says, karma. He’s wondering if it’s one huge cosmic joke. Of all people, why the hell was it her? He knows her, and she could blow the whole thing. They could lose Wiley. Julian asks how Obrecht delivered a homeless woman’s baby? She was in police custody, and escaped. There was an accident on highway, and the prison van almost hit the car Michael was driving. He says, son of a bitch, Brad. Brad says, see how bad it is? Julian says, Nelle walked away, and gave birth to a stillborn son, but Brad says, she didn’t. Obrecht helped deliver her baby. Julian says, Sonny Corinthos’s grandson is Wiley. Brad stole Sonny’s grandson, and dragged him into it.

Willow says she’s excited, and Michael is confident she’ll get the job. He’ll put in a good word. She says, being around Wiley adds to her excitement. She tells him, she’s sorry. Here she is going on about being given a second chance to be with her little boy. She asks him to forgive her for being inconsiderate, but he says, it’s totally fine. He’s happy for her, and Wiley. He looks at Wiley, and says, he never noticed before…

Franco says, who doesn’t want to see an angel get wings? Monica says, it’s one thing she knows that she didn’t know yesterday. She’d like to know a lot more while there’s still time. He says he has nothing but time. That’s what he hears from his lawyer anyway. He says he’ll tell all of his stories; the orphanage, his time in the service, meeting Kim. Monica says, and in return? He tells her, Scotty is doing everything he can to keep the case open, and the monitor on his ankle. In turn, he could use the Quartermaine influence to turn that around get his freedom. She’s sure there’s a way to expedite the hearing, and he says, they have a deal. They shake hands.

Scotty tells Sonny, just between them, there’s a chance Franco could be Franco again, but he’s not sure Franco wants to go back be the guy he was. Sonny doesn’t blame him. Scotty says, Bobbie told him that Sonny was trying hard to help Dante, but Sonny says, the situation is different. Scotty says, here’s the deal. There may come a time when he needs to detain his son from leaving Port Charles. If that day comes, will Sonny help him?

Elizabeth tells Andre, let her worry about Franco’s consent. He needs to work on getting better. He says he doesn’t want to mislead her. It may not work way the way they want or at all. She asks if this could be permanent, and he says, that’s one possibility. She asks what the odds are that Franco will come back, and he says, one in four. She asks, what are the other three possible outcomes?

Sam says if Andre can describe his assailant, maybe they can be questioned. Jordan says, that’s definitely the way to go. Once they have a name, they can find a link to Drew. She’ll try to set something up with Monica. Jordan’s phone rings. She listens, then asks them to repeat it. She understands, and asks them to update her when they know more. She says, the WSB found wreckage in the Gulf of Aden. It’s Drew’s plane, and there’s no sign of survivors.

Michael tells Willow, Wiley doesn’t look like Shiloh. He guesses that’s a blessing. Willow says now that he mentions it, Wiley doesn’t look like her either. Michael tells her, his mom said blond, bald babies all look like Winston Churchill. Josslyn did. Willow asks if Josslyn knows he’s comparing her to Winston Churchill, and he says, she grew out of it. Him, Josslyn, and Wiley looked exactly the same. When they were Wiley’s age, they looked like triplets.

Brad tries to jet, but Julian says, no he doesn’t. Nelle is Wiley’s birth mother, and Michael is his birth father, right?

Scotty tells Sonny, there may be a way to reverse Franco’s memory , but he’s hell bent on leaving town. He punched s cop, and he’s wearing an ankle monitor, and Scotty can drag that out, but he may have to make alternate arrangements. Sonny says he’ll take it into consideration. Scotty says, legally, he can’t keep Franco in town. Can he count on Sonny and his goons to keep him there? Sonny says, from one father to another, he’ll do his best, but he can’t make promises.

Elizabeth says she needs to know all the possible outcomes, and Andre says, one, it works. Franco’s memory is restored. Two, there’s no effect. Franco retains Drew’s memories. Three, Drew’s memories intensify, and Franco has greater recall of Drew’s life. And four, the physical trauma is too much to bear, and Franco is left in a permanent vegetative state.

Jordan says she needs to touch base with Robert. She tells Curtis maybe Robert’s contacts at the WSB can help. She leaves, and Curtis tells Sam that he knows whatever he might say isn’t enough, so he’s just going to speak from his heart. This is Drew Cane they’re talking about. He’s going to be okay.

Monica asks if Franco wouldn’t be more comfortable in the family house. She clarifies that it’s her house. Her husband gave it to her as a wedding present, but in the decades since, the whole family has been living there. Drew has stayed there, and they have plenty of room. He says that’s not part of the deal, and she says she just thought it would save him money. There’s a knock at the door, and Franco says it’s probably Scotty. Monica opens  the door, and it’s Jason. He says he’s there see Franco, but he has something important to tell her too.

Tomorrow, Peter asks why Andre is still alive, Elizabeth says Kim is making things worse, Brad admits to Julian that he stole Sonny’s grandson, and Carly tells Sonny, the sooner he admits it, the better it will be for everyone.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Ben tosses Travis into the taxi, and tells him to effing lay down. In his interview, Ben says Travis is paralytic. He makes Travis sit in between Jack and Aesha, so he doesn’t fall out the door. Aesha says, he just has to sleep it off. Ben and João get him back on the boat, where he passes out.

In Hannah’s interview, she says Anastasia isn’t on her game. She wants to give Anastasia a simple task for a confidence boost. She needs to up her game. Hannah sends Anastasia to look for table décor, while Ben shops for supplies. When he gets up, Travis asks what happened, and finds out he came back and went to bed. In his interview, he says after a black out, there’s always a bit of dread. He’s been working two years with no time off. He’s sick of the lifestyle, and drinking is a bit of an escape. João asks, what’s happening? and Colin says, I’m dying; kill me. In her interview, Captain Sandy says Travis is a strong deckhand, but she smells alcohol on his breath. It’s not the first time, and it concerns her.

Ben and Anastasia go to Old Town Antibes. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she’d pick third stew over chef any day. Ben says the shop displays are incredible. He wants to use the French market culture to give him inspiration for the next level. He asks for silver plated domes, and the shopkeeper goes to look for them. In Ben’s interview, he says it wasn’t the greatest start, but he knows his strengths and weaknesses. He doesn’t want to set himself up for failure. If he fails, the whole boat fails. Anastasia isn’t finding anything, and he tells her, think outside the box . She says she’s trying, but she’d rather go back empty-handed than bring crap.

Aesha finds her stuffed toys sitting on the bunk, one with a beer, and the other with a cigarette in its mouth. In her interview, she says it’s every girl’s dream to have a thoughtful guy. When he’s hidden her teddies, she knows Jack has thought about her. The producer thinks she said titties, and Aesha dies laughing. Anastasia tells Hannah that she couldn’t find anything except classic bullsh*t from China. In Hannah’s interview, she says, as the chief stew, anything that’s wrong in the interior is her fault. Captain Sandy radios Hannah, João, and Ben for a preference sheet meeting.

The primaries are Jennifer and Patrick, and they’re bringing their close friends. The entire group wants to advantage of whatever the yacht and crew have to offer. One guest is allergic to a lot of stuff, and Ben says she got a rough hand, but they can cater. They also want an all white theme party, and Hannah tells the captain that Anastasia didn’t find anything in the way of decorations. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says when she gives an order, it’s not a suggestion. If Hannah sent Anastasia to get table settings, and she comes back with nothing but excuses, it’s on Hannah. The captain tells them, the Med is unpredictable, and hopes it goes well weather-wise.

Hannah tells Jack about how wasted Travis was. In her interview, she says it brings back the situation with her brother. She’s becoming less feeling sorry, and more pissed off. Now he’s just being selfish. Captain Sandy tells the crew to get in their whites.  João says Travis is quiet, and Travis says he hasn’t had any rest in forever. He was burnt out before they started the season. In João’s interview, he says he knows Travis is at the end of his rope, but he’s hoping Travis just pushes through the last few weeks. He tells Travis, just maintain. João tells Colin that Travis isn’t in a good place. He wants to try and keep him motivated.

The guests arrive. Patrick is wearing a shirt that says, Alcohol NOW, and I cringe. Sandy welcomes everyone, the guests are given champagne, and Hannah gives the tour. Jack asks how Travis is feeling, and Travis tells him, ask in two weeks. In Travis’s interview, he says, it’s unbalanced. He misses his friends and family. They’re more orientated about enjoying life rather than work. Captain Sandy says, it’s a little bumpy, and Ben says he forgot what it feels like. Bumpy is an understatement, as it gets pretty rough. Hannah asks if the guests are okay, and a couple of them want wristbands. Various things fly around. The captain says once they’re around the corner, it will get calmer. They’ll get through this, drop anchor, and all will be well.

Colin radios Anastasia, asking if she wants the iron on. She says she forgot to turn it off. In Hannah’s interview, she says in some ways, she feels bad for Anastasia; her head’s all over the place. But where is the annoying perfectionist who wanted to please her? Ben sends out lunch, once the anchor is down. Hannah is worried about asking Ben questions. In her interview, she says all she can do at this stage is support Ben. They need happy, makes-good-food Ben. Not the crazy, volatile walking-on-eggshells Ben. The deck crew gets out some of the water toys. Patrick thinks alcohol and motorized water sports isn’t a good match, but they go out on the jet skis anyway.

In the crew mess, Travis tells Anastasia, five months is enough of this sh*t. It’s depressing, so he drinks, then he’s not in a happy place. Ben chops onions for what he says is the best chicken in the world.  Travis says he’s tired as hell. A guest bounces on the trampoline. Patrick falls off the jet ski, making his prophesy true. João goes out on another jet ski, and Colin takes the tender, telling João to watch out for the ferry. Patrick is barely hanging on. Someone asks, what’s happening? and Jennifer says her husband doesn’t know how to get on a jet ski. Colin brings Patrick back in the tender.

Ben says he’s been relying on the broiler; cold food is inexcusable. In his interview, he says no one is harder on him than him, and his heart can’t take another disappointing charter. He cooks the oxymoron of jumbo shrimp, and some other shrimp that still have eyeballs on them, which is a little disconcerting to some of the guests. Colin tells João that he captains a ferry as a hobby. João says, in four years, he wants to be a captain of a yacht, and he’ll call Colin to come out and see how he likes it. In Ben’s interview, he says there aren’t enough words to express his hate for the galley. It’s incredibly small and incredibly cluttered. He spends more time looking for things than preparing them. Anastasia orders 200 eggs. In Hannah’s interview, she says Anastasia gives 110% when she’s helping Ben, but when she’s working the interior, they get a solid 70%. It’s not fair, since she’s the third stew.

Jack and Aesha fool around. João and Colin pick up the eggs. Travis looks bummed. Ben gets his cloches (the food covers). He says, a cold breeze is whipping through the boat, and the cloche is the answer. Hannah thinks the food won’t fit under it, but Ben says, it’s his galley, he can bend the rules and make it fit. In João’s interview, he says he drove the tender over the line, and the line got sucked in. It’s a major rookie mistake. He tells Captain Sandy what he did, and she laughs. In her interview, she says she loves when a crew member takes responsibility. You break it, you fix it. João goes under the boat to see if he can retrieve the line.

In her interview, Hannah says, at her worst, Anastasia is still better than a good June. In João’s interview, he says he knows Travis is over it, but he’s glad it hasn’t affected his work. He’s a good deckhand. Anastasia radios for one of the deckhands to take out the trash for the chef. Oddly enough, this time she’s the recipient of the excuses, and she finally says, deck crew, please, someone take out the effing garbage. Captain Sandy repeats it, and Travis gripes that he’ll prioritize the interior. The captain says, yes he will. Don’t piss her off with his effing attitude. In Travis’s interview, he says Ben is perfectly capable of doing it himself. This is bullsh*t.

The guests do shots. João is successful with the line. Captain Sandy calls Travis to the bridge. She asks if that was his comment she heard. He says it was, and he says they’re constantly running to do everything for the interior and galley. She knows he’s frustrated, and agrees they take advantage, but tells him to come her with any problems. In her interview, she thinks Travis is struggling, and it has to do with alcohol. She tells him to bring his concerns to her. He’s doing a phenomenal job. She says she’d appreciate it if he didn’t respond like that over the radio, and gives him a hug.

Ben says not only does he have to be amazingly on form, so does the galley, which is his partner. The table looks pretty, but it’s no Kate table. Ben makes a deconstructed Caesar salad, and Hannah brings one back, telling him that the guest is allergic to anchovies. I’m guessing she probably just doesn’t like them, but regardless, it was on the preference sheet. In her interview, Hannah says, Ben effed up. Make it right, and they can be on their way. He quickly makes another salad. Hannah says it’s hard to switch gears between service and the galley. Ben says, it’s frustrating. This place is so cluttered and dysfunctional; he’s losing his mind. In Colin’s interview, he says, Hannah had no problem bossing Mila and Anastasia around. He’s never seen her step back like she does with Ben.

Jack writes a poem for Anastasia. Your head is fat, you have a nice tw*t. Your box is furry like a cat. You are lovely. Love, Jack. Everyone laughs, and Jack leaves it on Aesha’s bunk. In his interview, Jack says he’d like to think he’s done a few romantic gestures in his day. He tattooed his ex-girlfriends face on his arm – after knowing her two weeks. He shows us, and it’s huge. Ben wants to find whoever designed the galley, and kick them in the effing face. He burns himself, and in Hannah’s interview, she says the crankier and more volatile Ben gets, the more she reacts, and the dynamic of the boat blows up. Ben says it’s enough to make him want to give up cooking for good. Hannah asks if he wants some icy water, but he snaps that he’s fine. In her interview, Hannah says, it’s obvious there’s an issue with the burners. If it was her, she’d work the menu around it, and use the oven.

The dinner plates are cleared, and Hannah tells Anastasia, the cabins are perfect. Aesha finds the poem along with a rose. She reads it to the others, and says she’s so lucky. Animal House aside, I’m not really into juvenile humor, but these two are cute. Jack goes on anchor watch. The food just keeps coming, and I wonder how much these people can eat. Captain Sandy comes up, and is pleased with the guests’ response. One guest calls the food picture worthy, which I guess is high praise in our InstaWorld. Ben asks if it was hot, and Hannah confirms it was. In Ben’s interview, he says, finally. What a breakthrough. The cloches work. Guest Deana looks like she’s falling out, but says she’s just resting her eyes. What my dad used to say before he started snoring in his recliner. She mumbles something unintelligible, and Ben asks if they’re hammered. Hannah says, not all of them. Captain Sandy tells Ben, there were accolades for the food. In her interview, she says, Ben has problems, and he solves them. He’s a pro.

Desert comes, and Ben follows it with a pitcher of hot chocolate ganache. Deana tries to stick her tongue in it as he pours it over her dessert. Hannah and Aesha clear the table, and Ben tells Hannah, sorry. In her interview, Hannah says, Ben might be a roller coaster to work with, but the guests love the food, and Sandy is happy. Keep the crazy coming if you have to. Captain Sandy calls Hannah to the bridge. The guests go to the lounge, and drink some more. The captain wants to find out if Travis is drinking. She smelled alcohol on his breath this morning. She asks if Hannah has seen anything, but Hannah says, not at work. There are issues when they go out though. Captain Sandy says she has to talk to him – not to reprimand, but an informal one-on-one. If there’s a problem, she wants to help. Hannah says she tried, but he doesn’t think he has a problem.

Travis goes to the bridge, and Captain Sandy says she wanted to spend time with him, since they never do. She tells him, she basically smelled alcohol on his breath, and he says he doesn’t drink on charter. She says she’s coming from a place of compassion because she’s been there; it’s an addiction. She can’t stop at one glass of wine. She has to have the whole bottle, then another one. It got her nowhere, and sometimes incarcerated. In her interview, she says alcoholism runs in her family. She couldn’t predict her behavior. As a result, she would drink and drive. She was always in the hospital, and one day, she wanted it to be different. Travis doesn’t think he needs it, but when he’s stressed, that makes it worse. To be honest, he was burnt before he came there. The captain says, it’s not normal. In her interview, she says she hasn’t had a drink in 29 years, because someone had a conversation with her like she’s having with Travis, and it changed her life. She tells him that she sees so much potential in him, and suggests he stop for thirty days; detox, and see what it feels like. It’s not an easy road, but it changed her life. In his interview, Travis says Captain Sandy opened up to him, and he respects her more for that. They hug. Captain Sandy is big on hugs. In Travis’s interview, he says he doesn’t see himself as having a problem, but if the captain is getting on him about it, he’d best reassess how much he’s drinking in his down time for the rest of the season. Then he can say he has it under control.

Captain Sandy asks Colin to drive the yacht out of the harbor. In Colin’s interview, he says the last part of the boat he hasn’t broken is the bridge. He’s nervous. The captain instructs him as he goes. The anchor is home, and Colin drives them out. Captain Sandy says, good job. They’re on their way to Antibes. The captain doesn’t think it seems so nice out there, and the boat rocks again. Ben says, oh sh*t. In the captain’s interview, she says, these kinds of swells can be dangerous. The most important thing is to move to calmer water. She calls João to the bridge. In Ben’s interview, he says he feels like he’s been spoiled on land. João is afraid they’re going to lose the tender. A guest literally crawls out of their cabin, and Anastasia says, man down. In her interview, she says, this ship is scary.

The captain wants to get out of this, and radios all crew that they have a situation.

Next time, Jack officially asks Aesha to be his girlfriend, a risotto fail, Ben complains about the service, and Captain Sandy tells Hannah to step up and do her job.

🚤 I was just thinking, even though they’re probably around the same age, these people are a world away from the cast members on Vanderpump Rules in maturity. It’s like we used to say at a church I once attended. I’m not judging, but I can’t help noticing.

👔 New show It’s a Man’s World, premieres on Tuesday, October 1st at 10 pm, on Bravo. The show follows four women who masquerade as men to see how it looks from a man’s viewpoint. If nothing else, it looks interesting, and the makeup is amazing.


📣 It Ain’t Monday…

So might as well be happy about it.