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October 7, 2019 – Making a Connection, a New Deck In Thailand, Valor’s Newbies, GG Has Good News, Mario Pushes Jill & Cohen Fire


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Great start to the week already, I miss a minute or two of the beginning. The bizarre thing is, I started off with extra time this morning. Such is life. Moving on.

Peter says, they’re all set. All they need now is the bride. Valentin wonders what the delay is, and Maxie tells him, it’s the bride’s prerogative to keep her groom waiting.

Outside, Obrecht wants to take one more picture, but Nina says, there will be plenty of time for that later. Lulu says she needs to speak to Nina. It’s important. Nina asks what’s more important than the happiest day of her life?

Obrecht is sure whatever Lulu has to say can wait until after the ceremony. Lulu says, it can’t. Nina says it’s her wedding day. She’s getting ready to walk down the aisle. Lulu says they have to talk right now; privately. Nina says, it’s never ending with her, and Lulu asks what that’s supposed to mean. Nina says she knows what it means. Michael arrives, and says Sasha looks incredible, and so does Nina. Nina thanks him, and he says he’ll see Sasha inside. Maxie comes out with two bouquets, giving them to Nina and Sasha. She says, Valentin is getting antsy. Let’s do this, people. Ready? Lulu says she has to tell Nina something that can’t wait.

Josslyn tells Jax that she didn’t know at the time, but Dev helped Sonny rescue Dante in Turkey, and ended up saving Sonny’s life. When Dev was on his own, he didn’t feel safe. Jax asks, from what? and Josslyn says, the people after him; she’s not sure exactly. Dev made it to the U.S., hoping Sonny could help him out. He came there first, but Sonny wasn’t home, so he went to Dante’s. That’s how she ended up at the police station. Jax says, what? and she says she wasn’t under arrest. Jax says he would hate that, and hate to be the last person to know. She says she went in Lulu’s house, and thought Dev was a burglar. He kept telling her that he knew Sonny, but it didn’t make sense. By then the police were there, but she called Sonny, and it was straightened out. The next day, Dev was there. Jax says, strange for her, and Josslyn says, it was pretty random, but he seemed nice enough. Sonny wanted to find a way to protect Dev. It wasn’t safe to send him back, so he made Dev part of the family. Jax says, his life was on the line, and she says, no one shared the details, but that’s the impression she got. He says it sounds like she didn’t get a choice.

Sam says, just because he wasn’t dressed for it, doesn’t mean Peter wasn’t headed to the gym. Jason says, there are no gyms by the pier. Sam asks if Dev is sure Peter didn’t say where he was headed. Dev says he was in a hurry, and not really paying attention, and she asks, what about at the hospital? Did Peter seem anxious? Dev says he was more focused on the police finding Shiloh. Jason thanks Dev, who asks if they think Carly is up for a visit. Sam says Sonny is in with her; maybe tomorrow. Dev ask them to give Carly his best. He leaves, and Sam says, Peter was definitely working with Shiloh. That had to be it. Jason says now they have to figure out how.

Sonny tells Carly, she needs to sleep. Carly knows, but she can’t stop thinking about how differently things could have gone. Sonny asks if they did, and she says, no. He says, Donna had an addressable, correctable condition, and they have amazing resources at their disposal. She says, so many don’t have them, especially the support of family. Sonny says their daughter will live a normal life, and Carly says, screw normal. She wants Donna to live a spectacular life. She tells him to say it again, and he says, what? She says, their daughter. He kisses her, and leaves.

Lulu asks Nina if there’s somewhere they can talk, and Nina says, the reception, or her office after the honeymoon. Maxie says, it’s not the time, but Lulu says if she doesn’t, it will be too late. Nina can’t believe this, and Maxie pulls Lulu aside, and tells her that she gets Lulu doesn’t like Nina with Valentin. She doesn’t either, but whatever Lulu is about to do, don’t. Lulu says Maxie doesn’t understand, but Maxie says she does. It’s hard to watch Valentin get his happily ever after, but don’t ruin it for Nina just because she doesn’t like him. Charlotte runs out, and says, the music started, and Sasha says, she’s on. Obrecht says unless Charlotte’s mother has other ideas. Charlotte asks, what’s wrong?

Lulu says they’ll talk later, and Nina says she can’t wait. She tells Charlotte, good luck, and asks Maxie if she has any idea what that was about. Maxie says she doesn’t, and doesn’t want Nina worrying about it. Not today. She tells Nina, break a leg, and goes into the church.

Lulu sits next to Dustin, and says she couldn’t do it. Charlotte was so excited and hopeful. Peter tells Valentin, it’s show time. Dustin puts his arm around Lulu, and everyone sits. Charlotte comes down the aisle, tossing rose petals, and Valentin blows her a kiss. Sasha follows, and nods to Michael. Here Comes the Bride begins to play, and everyone gets up. Obrecht walks Nina down the aisle.

Josslyn tells Jax, it’s not like that. She told them that she wanted to help. He says he knows, and she says, no one pressured or forced her; just the opposite. Her mom went overboard, asking her if it was okay. She hated that Josslyn was lying to him.  He’s glad her mom is looking out for her – and him. It’s an untenable situation, and needs to be fixed. She says, if the only fix is sending Dev away, it’s not the fix she wants.

Carly wakes up, calling out for Donna. Bobbie tells her, it’s okay. Carly says she thought the baby was crying. Is Bobbie sure she’s fine? She asks Bobbie to check on the baby, and Bobbie says she’ll be right back.

Jason and Sam goes to Spinelli’s hotel room. He apologizes that there are no snacks in the mini-bar, and Jason can’t believe he blew through it already. Sam says they didn’t come to eat, and Spinelli says he hasn’t received authorization yet from the court to check the recording out. Jason says, while their anxious to prove it’s a fake… Sam finishes, that’s not why they’re here. Spinelli asks if Carly brought forth another Corinthos, and Sam says, a baby girl – Donna. Spinelli says, Italian for great, noble lady. It’s fitting. Sam says, everyone is great, but that’s still not why they’re here. Spinelli is intrigued, and Sam says they think Peter has a connection to Shiloh. They need Spinelli’s help to narrow it down. Spinelli says, done.

Maxie tells Lulu, good call. She’s never seen Nina so happy. They go inside, and the minister says they’re here today to witness and bless this marriage. Marriage is a sacred trust, not to be entered into lightly, but reverently, deliberately, and honestly. He asks who gives Nina to Valentin, and Obrecht says, she gives herself, but on behalf of the family, she gives their blessing. She kisses Nina on the cheek, and sits. Valentin tells Nina that he loves her, and she says she loves him too.

Jax understands Josslyn’s impulse to help, and he’s proud that she wants to, but Sonny set this in motion. It seemed like a good idea, and she went along with it, but she’s just a kid, and her mom is married to… Sonny. Josslyn says, so? He says he’s looking at this from a closed perspective, and not looking at avenues other than his own. As her father, it’s his job to look out for her. Josslyn asks what he’s going to do, but he doesn’t know yet. She says, Dev is a good guy, and desperate to stay in the country. He’s not arguing with her compassion, but Dev isn’t his priority. He has to figure out what’s best for her. Sonny comes in, and Josslyn asks how Carly and the baby are. Sonny says, great, and the cutest. Josslyn can’t wait until the baby is older, and Sonny says, it’ll be a while, but worth the wait. Jax asks if Sonny has a minute to talk, and Josslyn says she has to meet up with someone. She’ll text if she won’t be home for dinner. When she’s gone, Jax calls Sonny a son of a bitch, and says he hasn’t changed at all, has he?

Carly asks Bobbie if Donna is okay, and Bobbie says, if by okay, she means perfect, then Donna is okay. She had a great feeding, a good burp, and is currently passed out. Carly can’t wait to hold her again, and Bobbie ask when that will be. Carly says, tomorrow. It feels like a long  bumpy road is finally starting to smooth out. Bobbie asks why Carly didn’t tell her what she was dealing with.

Jason tells Spinelli that Shiloh called him out of the blue, offering him information. Spinelli says, and he dangled Peter in front of Jason. Sam says they think there’s more to it, and Spinelli says, he didn’t think anything of it at the time, but he overheard Peter on the phone at Crimson the day Shiloh was being transferred. Sam says, the same day Shiloh escaped.  She asks who Peter was talking to, and Spinelli tells her, Peter said it was a colleague, currently working on the magazine. He insisted they’d better be finished by the end of the trial, and to keep him posted. Sam wonders what was to be finished, and Jason wonders who Peter was talking to.

The minister tells everyone that Nina and Valentin wrote their own vows; less work for him. Valentin says, ladies first. Nina says it’s no secret they’ve been there before. it didn’t end well, and she thought that was it. She’d never find the faith to trust, or the courage to let herself love again. She found those things in an unexpected place. The husband who broke her heart, rebuilt it to be stronger. He blessed her a million times with her beautiful stepdaughter, Charlotte, and added to that joy with her beautiful daughter, Sasha. She can’t express how much it meant. It’s forever changed her life in the best possible way. She was broken before, and he healed her. She didn’t think she could love him anymore, then realized she couldn’t love him any more. She loves him forevermore. He tears up, and thinks he should have gone first. He doesn’t know how to follow that. She may not have been his wife, but he’s always been married to her. She is always, has always, and always will be, the love of his life. He thanks her, and thanks whatever forces brought her to him. They’ll never be apart. They belong together. Two crazy peas in a pod. He’s grateful to whatever forces led him to her. Lulu flashes back to Valentin telling her, they need to stay calm and communicate as adults. There are some things she doesn’t know. She says she knows he’s a liar and murderer. Why would she believe him? Valentin thanks Nina for putting faith in him that he didn’t deserve. He thanks her for believing in him when she shouldn’t have, and thanks her for second chances. He promises her that he won’t waste it, just as he promises to love, honor, and cherish her, as long as he draws breath. The minister says, for formality’s sake, if anyone knows a reason why this couple shouldn’t be married, speak now or forever hold your peace Which, btw, they only say at fictitious weddings. Lulu says she has something to say. Valentin looks pissed.  I’m thinking I don’t believe what she said to Dustin that revenge has noting to do with it. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think I’d leave everyone have their happiness here.

During the break, there’s a commercial for a DNA kit, which is kind of funny, considering.

Sonny says Josslyn told Jax about Dev, and Jax says, yeah. Sonny says, here’s the deal. Jax can be mad at him all he wants, but don’t take it out on Dev. Jax says he’s not taking it out on Dev; he’s protecting Josslyn. Sonny asks, from what? and Jax says, whoever Dev is running from.

Josslyn waits at the café. Dev comes in, and she thanks him for meeting her. Dev asks if everything is okay, and Josslyn says baby Donna and her mom are fine. He says she had him worried. He’s guessing he should still be worried. She says her dad knows the truth about him, and Dev asks how he found out. She says she told him.

Carly tells Bobbie, it’s not about trust. Bobbie had so much going on with her diagnosis. Diabetes is a lot; all day, every day. She thought Bobbie had so much on her plate already. Bobbie says when it comes to her kids, she can always take more. Capiche? Carly says, capiche.

Sam doesn’t understand why Peter would be monitoring Shiloh’s trial. Spinelli says Peter tried to spin it, saying it was because he was a publisher, but Sam says, that’s what reporters do. Spinelli says he doesn’t trust Peter far as he can throw him. Sam says, he’s sleazy, and Spinelli says, that’s the word. Along with deceptive. Sam says, inauthentic, nauseating…  Spinelli says Peter should be imprisoned, like he did Jason. Jason says they have nothing on him yet. What about the colleague Spinelli mentioned? Spinelli says Peter called from a burner phone, and Sam says Peter will just say he’s calling an anonymous source for The Invader. Jason wonders about the surveillance cameras where the phone was purchased, and Spinelli says he’ll look into it, but right now, they should look into the world’s biggest motivator, and follow the money.

Lulu says she’s sorry to interrupt, but needs to speak to Nina alone. It’s not something that can wait. Charlotte asks what she’s doing, and Lulu says what she needs to say is really important. Michael gets up, and suggests he take Lulu outside for some air. Lulu says she doesn’t need air; she need to talk to Nina. Nina tells Valentin that she’s about to lose her mind, and Valentin asks Lulu to please leave. She says she’s not leaving until Nina hears the truth.

Jax says, it’s vintage Sonny. Hiding behind innocents who love him. He uses those who love him as a shield, like he did Robin and Brenda. He continues to use Carly. Jax has watched for years, as Sonny hid behind them, but he’s not letting Sonny put Josslyn’s life in danger. Sonny says he can’t send Dev back to a country where there’s a bounty on his head. Jax says Sonny invited Dev into his daughter’s home, and Sonny says, where nobody can find him. Jax says, what if it goes wrong, and Josslyn gets caught in the crossfire? He can’t live with that, and wants Dev out. Sonny asks if he’s threatening to take Josslyn, and Jax says what he wants to do is protect Josslyn and Carly.

Josslyn tells Dev, her father asked, and she couldn’t lie anymore. Dev says he totally gets why she told the truth. How did he take it? She says, he wasn’t thrilled, especially since it’s illegal. He wants her safe. She tried to convince him to leave things the way they are. He’s not going to turn Dev into ICE, or have him deported or arrested. He’s just worried about her and her mom, and when her dad is worried, he usually does something. She just doesn’t know what the something is going to be.

Carly says she’s still scared, and Bobbie says, there’s nothing worse than fearing for the well-being of your child. Carly says, what if she’s not enough for Donna, and the challenges she’s facing? How will she help Donna get through them? Bobbie says it’s no secret they haven’t always agreed on Carly’s choices, but there’s no stronger or more committed and loving mother than she is. Donna’s condition is correctable, and she’ll be okay. Carly says she’s grateful. Bobbie says, no matter what, she’ll always be the support and help Carly needs. Carly says she loves Bobbie so much, and Bobbie says, back atcha. Always and forever.

Spinelli tells Sam and Jason, success! He’s accessed Peter’s bank account records – for research purposes only. Sam says she sees a lot of zeros. Peter withdrew $35K in cash the same day Shiloh took her hostage on the Haunted Star. Jason says, Shiloh could have used Peter’s help to get away, and Sam adds, he could have facilitated Shiloh’s escape, Spinelli says he wants it to be true. And not just because Peter should get what’s coming to him. Sam says, it will break Maxie’s heart. Spinelli says Maxie was planning on making Peter part of his daughters life. He’s been playing along, because Maxie will say it’s just a grudge, but it’s more than that. Peter is vindictive, deceitful, and evil. Jason says they need to prove he’s guilty, and Spinelli says, then prove it they shall.

Valentin says no one has any interest in anything Lulu has to say. She says she’s not going anywhere, and Nina asks the reverend to take Charlotte to the playroom downstairs. Charlotte doesn’t want to go, but Nina explains it’s an adult conversation. She’ll get Charlotte as soon as they’re done. Valentin says something to Charlotte in French, and she goes with the minister. Nina says Lulu is being s spiteful little bitch. Maxie gets between Lulu and Nina, and Lulu says she doesn’t care what Nina thinks. Nina says Lulu doesn’t care about anyone but herself. It makes sense given their history, that Lulu would ruin this day. At least she’s consistent. Lulu says she has to tell Nina that Sasha isn’t really her daughter.

Bobbie says she brought Carly something. Technically, it’s for Donna. She hands Carly a gift bag, and Carly looks inside. She takes something out, and says, BJ’s music box. Bobbie says, now it belongs to BJ’s little niece. Carly asks if Bobbie is sure she wants to give it away, and Bobbie says, BJ would want Donna to have it. Carly says, it’s perfect, and thanks her. Bobbie says, let her dance, and Carly opens the box. Music plays while the ballerina twirls.

Josslyn says she wishes she could tell Dev nothing is going to change, but she knows her dad. Dev thinks it’s cool. She says, which part? and he says, her and her father. It’s an honest relationship, and he acts on her behalf. Even if they don’t agree, they still respect each other. Josslyn says Dev has that too; someone looking out for him – Sonny.

Jax says the only reason he doesn’t take Josslyn out of there now, is that Carly just gave birth to a baby with special needs. She has enough stress; they don’t need to pile it on. Sonny says he and Carly are on the same page, but Jax says he saw the look on Carly’s face. She wasn’t happy. She wanted to send Dev to boarding school. Sonny just doesn’t care, does he? He wanted to ram this new family member down everyone’s throats, play the big hero, and feel good about himself. He always knew Sonny was selfish, but Sonny just took it to a whole new level. Sonny claims he loves them, but Jax actually does. He will protect Carly and Josslyn, no matter what. Sonny asks what Jax means, and Jax says he’s late for a wedding, and jets. Sonny wonders what to do about Dev.

Spinelli wonders if Maxie should get a heads up, but Jason says they’re just operating on a hunch. Sam says they’re not close to their objective. Until they know what the connection is, they’re going to sit tight. It’s going to blow some people’s worlds apart. Jason says that’s why they need to know the truth. Spinelli hates that Maxie is getting in deeper.

Nina asks, what did Lulu say? Lulu repeats that Sasha isn’t her daughter. She’s sorry. Nina asks if Lulu has to ruin everything, and Lulu says she overheard Sasha and Obrecht talking at the bachelorette party. She’s sure Valentin is in on the whole thing. Nina says it’s turning out to be a party; is it a conspiracy? Maxie says there were three DNA tests, and Lulu says she’s just repeating what she heard. Nina says she heard wrong. Nina looks at Sasha and says, tell Lulu that she’s her daughter.

Tomorrow, Jordan tells Curtis that someone is pulling the strings. Ryan tells Ava that she needs him as much as he needs her, and Nina says one word from Sasha can end this once and for all.

Below Deck

Kate is excited to be in Thailand. It’s been on her bucket list for years. She’s hoping it goes better than last year. Captain Lee says, the scenery is impressive. Ashton says this time, he’s in a position to lead, but he still wants to have a lot of fun. New chef Kevin says he’s made waitresses cry, but thinks that’s behind him now.  New stew Simone says her friends would describe her as the life of the party, and other new stew Courtney says she likes yachting, but not working. She’d rather sip champagne on the beach, but she has to make money. New deckhand Brian is from South Africa. He grew up a wild child, and works hard, but what’s life without a bit of fun? Other new deckhand Abbi says she’s always been one of the boys, and loves to prove people wrong about her. Third new deckhand Tanner’s motto is GVO – good vibes only. Kate says she thinks it’s possible for them to be one big happy family, but it never lasts long.

Phuket, Thailand. I will refrain from jokes. Kate tells us that Thailand is unlike any other place. It’s beautiful, the massages are great, and she loves pad Thai. Captain Lee complains about the charts having no depth indications on them. He asks Kate if she’s ready, and shows her what she has to work with, noting there’s a new chef. She looks their sheets over, and he says, Ashton is coming back as bosun. Kate says, he’s earned it. He tells her the Valor hasn’t changed much. She’s a cocky old broad.

Everyone arrives. Simone and Courtney meet Ashton, and Ashton goes to the bridge to say hi to the captain. Captain Lee says Ashton’s got both feet. Ashton says he’s healthy and strong, and excited to be bosun. In his interview, Ashton says he has 100% more pressure this season. He had to manage himself last season, and that in itself was a challenge. The captain shows him the deckhands’ sheets, and says he has some good talent. Ashton confirms guests are coming tomorrow, and the captain says they’ll try to keep him alive this year. In Captain Lee’s interview, he says, last season, Ashton displayed the qualities of a bosun. He’s hoping Ashton steps up to the job, because babysitting ain’t  happening.

Kevin introduces himself to Kate, and she tells him that he’s bunking with Ashton. In her interview, she says if she had a dollar for every crazy yacht chef she’s worked with, she’d have her own yacht with a crazy yacht chef.  We flash back to the various crazy chefs over the seasons. She says, Kevin looks like Tom Cruise mixed with Hugh Grant. (I don’t see it, but okay.) She’s hoping he’ll break the crazy mold, but God has a wicked sense of humor. In Kevin’s interview, he says he’s worked for six years on super yachts, and cooked for some very important people. His standards are high, and he expects the others to match him if not better him.

In her interview, Abbi says, growing up, they didn’t have a lot of money. She moved to Greece on a whim, and her family thought she was crazy, since she had a full scholarship to law school. She had a gut feeling though, and her gut is her best friend. Ashton and Kate make small talk. Kate meets with the stews. She asks Courtney about her experience, which has been one season. Kate asks what her favorite part about being a stew is, and she says, meeting the guests. She’s uncomfortable with service, since she’s not used to servitude. In her interview, she says she was an only child, and she’s more used to being served. In business school she learned nothing, and possibly lost brain cells, in addition to having loans to pay back. Simone tells Kate that she needs guidance with housekeeping and laundry. Kate says it’s going to be super hectic, and they have to mentally prepare. In Kate’s interview, she says, in her experience, when she asks stews to do things, they start to think she’s picking on them. We flash back to Rocky and Lori. Kate says she’d love it if they could get along and get the job done. Since Simone has more experience, Kate makes her second stew. She shows them the galley and pantry, and introduces Kevin.

Abbi asks Brian if they get American TV in South Africa, and he says, it’s not like it’s animals running around everywhere. Ashton welcomes the deckhands, and asks for a quick chat. Brian is the most experienced, and is made lead deckhand. Ashton tells them he wants everyone to try and get along, and pull together for a good season. They’re given their bunks, and unpack. In Kate’s interview, she says they have a hot crew. Every one is hotter than the next. They’re so hot, Ashton is the least hot. Everyone learns where everything is. In Ashton’s interview, he says when he thinks of being a bosun, he wants to be someone who’s respected, but also approachable. Last season, Chandler didn’t make things easy. We flash back to the nightmare that was Chandler. Ashton’s goal is to communicate, and that they all be on the same page. The boat is cleaned, and Kevin preps the galley. In his interview, Tanner says he loves being a deckhand. He wishes he hadn’t gone to college, and just became a deckhand immediately.

The captain calls a staff meeting. He welcomes them aboard, and introduces first officer Tate and engineer Darrien, who we will never hear from again. He tells the crew the usual, don’t embarrass yourself or the boat. If he has to bail someone out of jail, they go straight to the airport. In her interview, Abbi thinks the captain is intimidating AF. Captain Lee tells them , safety is of the utmost importance. Last year, they had a near catastrophic incident. We flash back to Ashton’s accident. The captain can’t stress the radio enough, and tells them it’s time to make money and show the guests a good time. The provisions come in, and Kate tells them to prepare themselves for provision apocalypse. In Kate’s interview, she says the heat there is a silent killer. In two minutes, you’re drenched, and feel like you’re going to pass out. It’s effing hot on the boat. In Abbi’s interview, she says she’s a psycho perfectionist. Abbi asks if Brian is close with his parents, and he says his dad passed away. He has a five-year-old daughter in South Africa, who’s the love of his life. Her mother is the first girl he kissed, and they were together three years before it went south. In his interview, he says, having a daughter was a big reality check. He used to be a big drinker, and needed to change his ways. He’s been in the industry for three and a half years, and wants to be a role model for his daughter. If he messes up on the job, he lets his daughter down.

The captain calls Ashton, Kevin, and Kate for the preference sheet meeting. The primary is Michael Castellano an entrepreneur, who’s bringing girlfriend of six years, Samantha, and some close friends. He wants to have a private, surprise candlelit dinner with Samantha, and have a live violinist. The captain says they can’t screw that up. In Kate’s interview, she says, this is advanced level service. Two dinners with two stews who don’t like service, which makes it scarier. Captain Lee says, Thai tops the list of their favorite cuisines, and they want an island excursion as well. Courtney tells Simone that she’s the worst at laundry. In Simone’s interview, she says there are no people of color in the industry, and she wants to learn to be well-rounded. She’s worked hard to get there. Courtney gets frustrated with the wrinkles on something she’s trying to iron.

Kevin asks Kate if there’s a label maker, since he wants to label the spices. Kate loves the concept, and the label maker, but thinks it’s secondary in priorities, because there’s so much to do. In her interview, Kate says she’s easy going, and knows not to upset a chef, but they have guests coming tomorrow. She has a label for him – OCD.

Kate goes over wine list with the stews, and asks who’s comfortable making drinks. In her interview, Courtney says she knows what drinks are because she likes to drink. Kate gives Simone instructions about laundry. Ashton tells the deckhands, if something is obvious, fix it. Last minute tidying and finishing touches are done. Kevin prepares vegetable tacos for the guests to snack on. Kevin says he’s serving lunch family style, but Kate thinks it would look better on a plate. In her interview, she says, family style is a gimmick. It looks like a feast, but the chef doesn’t have to think about a plating composition, and she has to carry and wash more dishes. She asks the stews to get the pantry as clear as possible.

The guests arrive, and are greeted with the usual champagne, along with a lei from Kate. The captain says Kate will give them a tour, and they’ll get this party started. Kate does the tour, and the captain is right; the boat hasn’t changed much. The robo-toilet is still there, and working – for now. Ashton puts Abbi on the bow with himself, and Tanner and Brian on the stern. In Ashton’s interview, he says it’s a new crew, and a new job. The captain has his eye on Ashton, and he can’t mess up. All lines are on deck, the all clear happens, and the captain pulls out. Tacos are served.

In Kevin’s interview, he wants to make a good effort for the first lunch. At the end of the day, it’s all down to the food. Everything needs to be perfect. The guests sit on the sun deck, and Courtney serves drinks. In Kate’s interview, she says, Courtney is good at service, and Simone is great at laundry. They’re so nice and respectful, it’s refreshing. Simone asks what time lunch is, and Kevin says, as soon as they’re ready for it. He’s waiting for Kate, who went to change. Michael wanders down, wondering if they can get a cheese plate. In Kevin’s interview, it’s the first lunch, and he’s embarrassed. He wonders where Kate it. Simone stands outside Kate’s room.

After standing there stupidly for a while, Simone finally knocks. Kate says to tell Kevin lunch is as soon as possible. In her interview, Kate says she’s trying to change, and feels like a mom who wants two minutes to go to the bathroom. She’ll be out in a second. Go play with your brother. The scenery is breathtaking, and the water a vivid green-blue. They drop anchor, and the guests are seated for lunch. Since they’re used to the food being plated, the stews forget to set out plates. In Kevin’s interview, he says, it’s service 101, and they haven’t even got a 1. In Kate’s interview, she says, usually, chefs plate the meals. Kate tells Kevin that the carrots got left behind in the confusion about the plates, and he says, it’s just the first meal, and they need to be positive not negative. I’m shocked when instead of smacking him, she says she is positive. She’s just relaying the facts. In his interview, he says he’s not letting her screw him up. If it’s not perfect, it’s just the first charter. The guests love it, and one says it’s the best lunch he’s had today. A guest asks if they need to wait an hour before going in the water, but another says they’re mom’s not there, so it’s okay. That was funnier than the best lunch joke.

In her interview, Abbi says she had a year’s experience on a sailboat. She’s comfortable with lines and driving a tender, but she’s not used to rushing; it’s wild. The water toys are put out, and the guests dive into the water, some of them taking out a kayak. There’s a blue mountain in the distance, and I realize I’m staring at it with my mouth open. It’s just so awesome. Kevin says he’s making a Thai dinner tonight. He worked in a Thai restaurant, and loves the flavors using the fresh, spicy, and salty ingredients. Ashton tells the deck crew to change into their blacks. Ashton has them bring the toys in. It’s 8 pm, and Ashton finds out they haven’t eaten.

Ashton tells Abbi to grab dinner. In his interview, he says he feels terrible that he didn’t give them a break. It’s part of the leadership role to manage that, and he’s already slipped up. It’s not okay. Kate tells Simone to turn down the master suite. Ashton tells the deckhands to let him know if they haven’t eaten. He needs them happy and motivated. In Ashton’s interview, he says he couldn’t ask for a better crew. If he’d gotten a green crew, he would have thrown himself off the boat, but he got lucky. The starter is tom yum soup, which I’ve never heard of, not being familiar with Thai food. The guests say it’s incredible, and it looks incredible. Kevin gets anal about the plates, and In Kate’s interview, she thinks the issue with Kevin is service. He’s particular, and he’s going to lose it soon. The main course is pork belly, with yellow curry and toasted rice. It looks just as good as the soup, and Samantha says, Kevin is a keeper. In her interview, Kate says, all yacht chefs are crazy or their food would be bad. Kevin just proved he can cook well.

The deckhands discuss the stews, and Tanner says Kate caught his eye. Good luck with that. In his interview, Tanner says the oldest woman he had was 58. They were playing darts, and one thing led to another. The next thing he knew, she was driving him to work the next morning. Samantha and Michael FaceTime with their dog Teddy, and it’s adorable. In Kate’s interview, she thinks they’re a beautiful couple, and the perfect example of a guy who has a lot of money and a very hot girl. Michael talks to Kevin about the private dinner, and says he’s going to propose. At the end of the dinner, he’s going to ask the important question. Kevin suggests filet mignon and lobster. Michael says he’s nervous, and Kate says, it will be amazing. Kevin suddenly isn’t feeling great; he’s getting stomach cramps. He goes to bed, and so do the guests. Courtney tells Kate that Tanner wants to bang her, and Kate says it’s flattering. In Kate’s interview, she thinks Tanner is the cutest thing ever – if she was in her twenties.

2nd Day of Charter. In his interview, Kevin says a stomach thing got him. He’s having massive cramps, but going to push through it. Brunch is served. Kevin runs to the toilet. In his interview, he says, this couple is going to remember this night for the rest of their lives, and he’s worried if he can get it all done. Kate says she’s sending Courtney to the beach. She’s going to be the cocktail waitress, and get drinks from the bar. In Courtney’s interview, she says she’d rather be anywhere on earth, including a garbage dump, than be at the beach in 90,000 degrees. Tanner goes along too. Kevin keeps running to the toilet, and asks Kate if they have any medicine. His stomach is churning . She goes to see what they have.

On the beach, Tanner and Courtney go to the beachside bar to get drinks for the guests. Courtney says it feels like she’s walking twenty miles on hot garbage. She whines about getting a polo tan, stepping on shells, and that she’d rather be doing anything else than this. In Tanner’s interview, he says he couldn’t date a girl like Courtney. He doesn’t know if she’s kidding, but he sees high maintenance. On the boat, Kate asks Captain Lee if they have a medical kit. He wonders if antacids would help, but Kate doesn’t know if they’d slow things down, or speed them up. In Kate’s interview, she says Kevin is about to cook the biggest meal in this couple’s lives, and she’s pretty sure he can’t do it from the toilet. In Kate’s interview, she says, something got into Kevin, and it wants out. Man down.

This season: Captain Lee says Thailand is unique and a sensory overload; cute elephants; disco; Ashton gets a request to strip; Captain Lee hopes it’s the last time he needs to have this conversation about the radio; Simone calls Kevin rude; Kate says choose wisely if you hook up with someone on a yacht; Abbi says waking up next to your boss is awkward;  Kate tells the deckhands, this is the most attractive crew she’s ever worked with; Ashton tells the captain, there’s a crew member who’s not bonding, and he’d like to go into the next two charters a man down; the tender gets stuck on shore; Captain Lee says if they don’t think he won’t fire someone mid-charter, they don’t know him; and Kate quits.

🚤 Sliding Into Season Seven Like…

Meet the new crew.


👶 Another Shah Baby…

And GG didn’t need a man to do it.


🍸 Just a Little Thirsty…

I think if Jill wants to be relevant, she’ll have to find something a little more current.


📖 G’mar Hatima Tova…

Have a meaningful fast.




















August 9. 2019 – Memory Download Complete, General Spoilers, Billy’s Exit, More On the OC, Jill Moves In, Fear Comeback, OctogenariQuotes & Coastal Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Peter goes to the Crimson office. Maxie says it’s been crazy. Valentin and Nina have decided to prioritize their wedding, happening next month, and Sasha collapsed. No one knows what’s wrong, but the hospital is keeping her until they do. In the meantime, she’s stuck doing Nina’s job, which she’s always wanted, but Nina has minions and Maxie is minionless. James has forgotten what she looks like. She rambles on for a while, then asks Peter why he didn’t stop her. He says he didn’t think it was possible, and it was a lovely symphony. She asks if it even made sense, and he repeats what she said, but more concisely, and asks how he can help. She says he can start with this, and kisses him.

Lulu meets Robert at Charlie’s. He thanks her for coming, and she says it must have something to do with Dante. He says, savvy as ever. He’s afraid he does.

At a nearby table, Willow gets a text from Chase. He’s sorry. It’s a work thing. He’ll be there soon.

Chase asks Elizabeth if there’s been any word. She says she tracked Cameron’s phone to 721 Dewitt. Chase says that’s the warehouse district. It’s a dicey neighborhood. She says she’s going to go looking for him, and Chase says he’ll take her there.

Meanwhile, at 721, Franco tells Cameron it will be okay. He’s enjoyed getting to know Cameron. He’s a good kid. Cameron says Franco is a good man. Franco says he needs Cameron to do him a favor. Tell his mother that Franco loves her. Tell her that he’ll be back. Cabot injects him. Cameron cries, and tells Cabot to stop. Shiloh pats Cameron’s head, which is really weird. He tells Cameron, if it works out, it won’t matter what he tells Franco. He asks Cabot how long it’s going to take, and Cabot says he’s starting the process now. There’s some kind of device on Franco’s head that looks like it was made by Fisher Price.

Robert tells Lulu that Dante suffered a major setback after the shooting. The facility wasn’t equipped with what he needs to be helped, so the Bureau moved him. Lulu says it’s bad news, but hardly a surprise. She asks what the new facility can do for him, and if the WSB is still going to help. Robert says the primary concern is Dante hurting himself or other people. The deprogramming has been postponed. Lulu asks for how long, and he says, indefinitely.

Maxie is thinking velvet tablecloths, and asks what Peter thinks. He thinks whatever she chooses will be perfect. He kisses her neck, and she says she’s supposed to be working. He says she was supposed to be working last time, but she insists she needs to work. He says, fine, and kisses her again. Work it is.

Shiloh asks Cabot if it worked, and Cabot says it’s in progress; look at the status bar. Shiloh wants the information he needs, but Cabot says he’ll have to wait until the subject wakes up. Shiloh asks when that is, and Cabot says, when he opens his eyes and asks, where am I, and how did I get here? Cameron tells Cabot that Shiloh isn’t letting them live. When he gets the information he wants, he’ll kill all of them. Shiloh tells Cameron that he’s had enough, threatening him with the duct tape.. He says if Cameron isn’t a good boy, he’ll tape his nose shut too. Drew and Curtis bust in, and Drew knocks Shiloh down and out. He runs to Cameron, and Curtis drags Shiloh back up. Cameron tells Drew to help Franco. Drew tells Cabot, stop it now, or he’ll put a hole in him. Cabot says, the procedure cannot be stopped or reversed. Unless it failed… Drew says he better hope it failed. Cabot says, the procedure can only function in the way it’s deigned. Forgive the metaphor, but it’s a one-way street. Ideally, when the patient regains consciousness, his consciousness will be that of Drew; the man Drew was in 2012. The screen says memory download complete. Franco’s eyelids flutter.

On the phone, Drew gives the address to the police. Curtis ties Cabot’s hands behind his back. Cabot asks if they must do this. It’s undignified. Curtis tells him not to talk dignity or fairness. Drew says, Franco had better live. Cabot says physically, he’ll be fine. Drew says, mentally…? Shiloh says Franco won’t be his friend anymore. He’ll be a Navy SEAL, or whatever the hell he was in 2012. Drew tells Franco that if he can her him, they’re getting him out of there. Hang on. He tells Cameron it will be okay. Elizabeth and Chase run in, and Chase says they were already on their way when he got the 911. Cameron says what happened is his fault; he’s so sorry. Drew says, no, it’s not his fault.

Robert tells Lulu that he doesn’t feel Dante is coming home. She says, ever? and he says, for the foreseeable future. He still has a lot of friends at the bureau. If anything happens, and Dante’s status is changed, he’ll be all over it. She says knowing Robert is looking out for him helps. He kisses the top of her head, and tells her, good luck. They’ll get through this. She says, she has to. He leaves, and Willow approaches the table, asking if Lulu is all right. Lulu says she’s the opposite of all right. Willow asks if she needs company, and Lulu nods. Willow sits, saying Chase was held up at work. God only knows when he’ll show up. She guesses it’s the downside of dating a cop. Lulu says they seem pretty serious, and Willow says, it looks that way, Lulu says, before Willow gets in deeper, she needs to know what it’s really like trying to build a life with a man drawn to danger.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that he’s sorry, but Elizabeth says, the only ones responsible are these evil men. Cameron says he should have run when he had the chance. Drew says he had nothing do with any of it. Shiloh whines that the cuffs are hurting him. It’s serious police brutality. Chase tells him he’s being arrested for kidnapping, assault, false imprisonment, and more charges that are pending. He gives Shiloh his rights as he pushes him out the door. Drew starts to release Franco, but Cabot says he can’t do that. Drew says the procedure is over, but Cabot says the equipment is sensitive. Only someone properly trained can safely disconnect him. The brain has to recover at its own pace, like a computer. If it’s shut down abruptly, everything will be lost. Drew asks if Elizabeth believes him, and Elizabeth asks if she has a choice.

At the hospital, Lucas brings Cameron out, and says he’s in good shape. He’s running every test on Franco, and will let her know as soon as he gets the results. Drew thanks him, and Lucas says they have a good neurology department. Elizabeth says she knows Franco is in good hands. Chase joins them, and asks how Franco is doing. Drew says they’re doing tests now, and Chase asks if Cameron is up for giving a statement. Cameron says he wants to be there for Franco, but Elizabeth says it’s going to take some time, and he should go while it’s fresh in his mind. Drew promises he isn’t going anywhere, and Chase says they’ll only be a few steps away. Cameron leaves with Chase, and Elizabeth says Cabot’s not a doctor. Doctors take an oath to do no harm. They don’t take a hostage for forced medical experiments. She says, what if Franco doesn’t wake up? Drew says, he will. Elizabeth tells him that he doesn’t know that. Drew says he knows Franco. He’s such a big pain in the ass, he won’t be snuffed out so easy.

Chase asks Lucas, does he think it’s necessary for Cabot to be at GH? They want to take him into custody. Lucas says throw him in jail, where he can’t hurt anyone. Epiphany tells Lucas, a patient is waiting in cubicle two. It’s Shiloh, and I make a loud sound. I also think Epiphany might have warned him. Shiloh says he was hoping it would be Lucas.

Maxie tells Peter that she doesn’t mind picking out the wedding décor; she has excellent taste and doesn’t mind helping. But she wonders if she’s crossed the line between being supportive and being enabling. Peter says, enabling the wedding? and Maxie says, enabling Nina to marry Valentin. He deeply loves her, but loving someone doesn’t make you a good person. It can make a bad person worse if they deceive someone they love into believing they’re good. Peter says, or she could just respect Nina’s choice, and throw a spectacular wedding. Maxie says, on one month’s notice, they’ll have to settle for tasteful. Peter says, everything Maxie does is spectacular. They kiss, and Robert walks in. He says, isn’t this cozy? He just came from seeing Lulu, and telling her that her husband has taken a turn for the worse. And here Maxie is wrapped around the guy responsible. Funny, how things always come back to Henrik.

Lulu bets the things Willow loves about Chase also make him a good cop. Honest, protective, loyal, brave. Willow says, he’s also funny, kind, and incredibly sexy. Lulu says, here’s the thing about cops who are also great guys. They feel an obligation to do the right thing. They want to protect society at large, especially their loved ones. The obligation is so strong, they no longer care about their personal safety. Willow says, that’s not just bravery, and Lulu says, it’s a weird mix of bravery and righteousness – and sheer male stupidity. Every time they walk out the door, you take a snapshot of the person you love, thinking it might be the last time you see them, but you think, don’t let it be the last time. You want to tackle them, and beg, please don’t go, but instead you say, bye, have great day, and watch for a few seconds after the door closes. Every. Damn. Time. Willow asks if Lulu regrets marrying Dante. Lulu says, not even for a moment. If she had it to do again, she would, in a heartbeat.

Shiloh asks how Lucas’s son is. He bets Wiley is walking. It’s amazing how he resembles his mother around the eyes. The strong chin is from his side of the family. His daddy had a strong chin. Ask Sam. Lucas says Shiloh doesn’t he has a concussion. He’ll be sore for a few days, and Lucas ordered antibiotics, just in case. He’ll have plenty of time to rest up in prison. Shiloh says, if he goes to prison.

Cabot tells Drew that his attorney will be in touch, so Drew can speak on his behalf if there’s a trial. Drew says he’ll be happy to testify, but Cabot isn’t going to be happy about what he says. Cabot says when his friend wakes up and tells him about the life he doesn’t remember, Drew will thank him. Drew tells an officer, get his ass out of here.

Elizabeth tells Cameron they’re bringing Franco in any moment. Cameron says he has to tell her something about when Franco found him. He asked Cameron to give her a message. Dr Cabot had knocked him out, and by the time Franco showed up, he was out of it. Franco yelled, and woke him up. Elizabeth says he must been terrified. Cameron said he thought if Franco found him, someone else could. Shiloh was worried about the same thing, and kept pressuring Cabot. She says he doesn’t need to talk right now; he’s safe. All that matters is that he’s safe. Cameron says, because of Franco. Franco convinced Shiloh to use him instead. He said people would be mad if he hurt Cameron, but because of Franco’s past, Shiloh would get a medal for using him. Cameron tried to tell Franco that she and the boys would miss him; so would he. She’s sure that helped Franco, but Cameron doesn’t know. Franco seemed scared. Franco was telling him it was okay, but he saw it. Then Franco asked him to tell her that he loves her, and he’ll be back.

Drew asks Epiphany if he can stay with Franco, and she says, of course (🍷). He asks her to tell Elizabeth that Franco is back, and she leaves. He tells Franco, he just wants him to know that his past, all those years, mean nothing to him in comparison to their friendship. He hopes that crazy experiment doesn’t work, and Franco wakes up the same person, and his past stays buried exactly where it belongs.

Elizabeth tells Cameron, Franco said he’d be back? Cameron says after that, Cabot gave Franco a shot, and he couldn’t answer anymore. She thanks Cameron for reminding Franco how much they love him, and for giving her the message. If Franco said he’d be back, She trusts he will be.

Maxie says how dare Robert? Robert says Peter is Faison’s son. He always has another agenda. Maxie says, Peter is not his father. He’s a good person. He made mistakes because of the lies his father told him. He’s not the reason they finagled their way in to see Dante. It was her idea. Peter came along to protect her. Robert says, and that brought them closer together. No one ever said Henrik was stupid. Maxie says her mom and Mac have both accepted him. Robert says, that’s their mistake. This guy is going to drag her down as low as she can possibly go. His advice is to run. Otherwise, she’ll be sorry she ever crossed paths with this dirtbag. Geez, did I get a different impression in the preview. What’s with Robert?

Willow doesn’t know where Lulu finds the strength. Lulu says Willow escaped a cult. She got away from a very dangerous man. Willow says, not far enough. Lulu knows Shiloh did a number on her. Sometimes she feels weak and fragile because he told her that she was. What she did was beyond bravery. She’s the hero of her own story. Given all the press Shiloh and what’s left of DOD have gotten, maybe she should get some press of her own. Willow asks what she means, and Lulu says she’d like to write Willow’s story for the Invader. What compelled her to leave DOD? Willow asks if Lulu is interviewing her, and Lulu says, off the record – for now. Willow says her parents were always searching for someone to guide them. Truthfully, to make decisions for them. When it was her turn to give up control of her life, it was easy, but when she got pregnant, she had to think for the baby and herself. She needed her life to belong to her. Lulu says she makes it sound easy. Willow says, when she realized she had control all along, it was hard to let go. Lulu thinks the story is a good idea. Not just for Willow, but those who read it. She tells Willow to let her know if she changes her mind. She leaves, and Willow’s phone dings. Chase texts he’s sorry he missed her. It’s police business, and he’s at the hospital. She jets.

Elizabeth goes into where Franco is, and asks Drew if there’s anything, but no. Cameron asks Drew if they can talk outside, and they leave together. In the waiting area, Cameron says he didn’t tell the police about this because he doesn’t know the situation; it’s so bizarre. Shiloh and the crazy doctor kept talking about wanting information only Drew knows, or at least used to know.

Elizabeth asks Franco to open his eyes. Say something silly so she knows it’s him. She knows he’ll come back because Cameron told her that he said he would. She trusts he’ll keep his word, and trusts how much he loves her. She says, please come back, and touches his face.

Drew asks Cameron if Shiloh said anything else? The smallest detail. Cameron says it was something that would allow Shiloh to disappear. Drew doesn’t know what that means, but whatever it was, it was important enough for Shiloh to risk everything, including Cameron and Franco’s lives. Cameron says, he had no right to do that. Drew says, no, he didn’t. Nobody does.

Elizabeth thanks the unconscious Franco for protecting Cameron. He’s a hero to Cameron now, like he’s always been to her. She has to admit, she’s sick of seeing him in a hospital bed. Give it a rest for a while. She was thinking about what he said to Cameron. She’s so in love with him, the world would be infinitely less wonderful without him in it. Cameron asks if he can join her, and she tells him, come in. He wanted to say how sorry he is, but she says, stop. He didn’t do anything wrong. He says, none of this would have happened if he’d done the smart thing and run when he had the chance. She says someone asked him for help, and it was the wrong person. She’s proud of his compassion, and of Franco, risking everything to save him.

Maxie tells Peter, she’s so sorry. Robert had no right to talk to him like that. Peter says his father tormented Robert and his family for decades. He can understand why Robert would want to protect her. Maxie says, that’s crap. Anyone who spends five minutes with Peter knows he’s transcended his father’s influence. If he hadn’t, she’d still blame him for Nathan’s death. Which she doesn’t. She’s accepted him, and so have Anna and Robin. And Mac doesn’t dislike him. It’s time for Robert, along with the rest of the world, to let him live outside of his father’s shadow. He doesn’t know if that’s possible. Lulu comes in, and Peter says he’ll let them talk. He’s going to get take-out. Maxie says Robert was just there, and Lulu says so she knows about Dante. Maxie says he was too busy raking Peter over the coals to tell her anything useful. Lulu says there’s not much to report, but she’s made her decision about Dante.

Willow runs into the hospital, looking for Chase. Lucas asks if she’s heard. Shiloh is shuttled past the reception desk, and sees Willow. He says, how touching his baby mama, and her pretend daddy. She asks what he did. Did he do something to Wiley? Lucas says he was just telling Shiloh that Wiley is at home with his father, who loves him very much. Willow says Shiloh isn’t Wiley’s father, and never will be. The officer takes Shiloh away, and Willow asks what he’s doing there. Please tell her that he’s dying. Lucas says, no, but she happen to notice his traveling companion? He’s wracked up more felony charges. He’s going to prison. Chase arrives, and Lucas says he’ll let Chase fill her in. She grabs him, and he asks what she’s doing there. She says looking for him. Thank God he’s okay.

Robert asks Curtis if Shiloh and Cabot actually tried the memory map process on Franco. Curtis says, they did more than that. Robert asks if it worked, but Curtis says they’ll have to wait for Franco to regain consciousness. If it failed, everything’s fine. If it didn’t… Robert says they’ll have to deal with the fallout.

Drew stops Shiloh, and says he claimed Drew had some information that could make him disappear. Shiloh says, the key to our future lies in our past. Zzzz… Drew tells him, knock it off. Cameron sees Shiloh, and runs toward him, but Drew grabs Cameron before he reaches Shiloh, who’s laughing his head off. He says, come and get me, kid. Cameron says he’s going to pay for this. He thinks he can just erase his stepfather. Shiloh is the one who should be erased. Shiloh says his stepfather wanted to do it. Cameron is his witness.  Drew tells the officer to get Shiloh out of there. Shiloh laughs like a hyena, as he’s led away. Drew tells Cameron, breathe. Cameron says he’s going to make Shiloh pay.

Lulu tells Maxie that she never wanted Dante to go after Raj. They never discussed it; it was a done deal, just like the divorce. Too bad. She loves him, and doesn’t want a divorce. She’s choosing to honor her vows. For better or worse; for sickness and in health. She won’t fight Dante in court, but if he wants to end the marriage, it’s entirely on him.

Chase asks if Willow wants water or bad coffee, but she just wants him to stay there. He asks what happened, and she says he texted her, saying he was going to be late because of work, then he landed in the hospital. He says he told her that he was at the hospital, not in the hospital. His job requires it sometimes. She says, all she saw was his name and hospital, and her imagination ran away. She thought something happened. She tells him, stop smiling; it’s making her feel better, which makes her feel stupid. He says he can’t turn it off when he’s around her. She tells him to promise never to scare her again like that. He says he’ll do his best, and they kiss.

Cameron asks why Drew stopped him. Drew says because assaulting a dirtbag is still a crime. Cameron and his mom have enough to worry about. Cameron says he never felt that helpless. Drew says he feels helpless too. He wasn’t there in time to save Franco, the way Franco saved him. Cameron says he saw Shiloh, and all he could think about was that Shiloh was walking around, after he took Cameron’s stepfather from him as he watched. Drew knows it hurts. He wants to get back at Shiloh for all the people Shiloh has hurt too. Hate isn’t a word they’re supposed to use or feel, but the predators and users… Cameron says, they deserve to be hated, and to pay. Drew says he’s right, but they have to go about it in the right way. The world needs less Shiloh and more Cameron. If he can take that hate and focus doing the right thing, he can get great things done. That’s why Franco put it all on the line for him. He knows the world needs more Cameron. Cameron thanks him. He can’t believe he’s saying this, but the world needs more Franco too.

Lucas tells Elizabeth, the good news is all Franco’s brain functions are operating as they should. Elizabeth says, so he’s physically fine. Lucas says, the bad news is, they don’t know how the drastically procedure impacted him. Elizabeth says, so until he wakes up, they won’t know how much Franco is still inside of him. Lucas says, yeah.

On Monday, Lucy tells Kim that one door shuts and another opens, Elizabeth asks Franco to fight and wake up, and Carly tells Sonny that he can do this.

🏥 Half-Spoiled…

Some of these we already know, but others are still a question mark.


🚑 Will Billy Be a Hero…

They’ve been wrong before though.


🍊 OC Tea…

And more on the OG’s demotion. Ouch.


🗽 But the Rent Is Too Damn High…

Jill Zarin has a new squeeze.


💀 See You When the Dead Walk…

Fear the Walking Dead returns Sunday, August 11th, at 9 pm.


📍 Quotes of the Week

The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values. – William S. Burroughs

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions. – Stephen Covey

It is downright aggressive to open a bag of salmon jerky in a contained area, and especially one where everyone is basically tied down to a seat (aka plane).Fodors.com (sorry, the author’s name obliterated by an ad. 😕

We don’t need to settle on a medieval solution for a 21st century problem. — South Carolina democratic representative Joe Cunningham on increasing border security by building a wall.

Make up your mind before time makes it up for you. – Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin), General Hospital

We’re not just behind the eight ball, we’re behind the whole pool table at this point. – contestant on MasterChef

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen. – Orhan Pamuk (author, My Name Is Red)

Guilt: the gift that keeps on giving. – Erma Bombeck

✈ Whatever Coast You’re On…

Or even if you’re just coasting along, enjoy your weekend.





































June 20, 2019 – Sonny Brings Home a Surprise, Dorinda Brings Back the 80s, More Than a Cup of Tea & Solstice This


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Neil sees Alexis at Kelly’s. She says they have to stop meeting like this, and he asks if she comes there often. Living in Jersey, he became a diner buff, and might become a regular there. She tells him Kristina said she’s doing well in therapy, but she didn’t get much more out of her. She knows; boundaries. He says he looks forward to seeing her at their regular session, and leaves.

Sitting at a nearby table, Diane tells Alexis, it’s an inspiring view. It’s nice to see her flirting with anyone who’s not Julian. Alexis says, that would be highly inappropriate; he’s her therapist. Diane says, it doesn’t look like the typical patient/therapist interaction. Alexis says, there’s a little more to the relationship, and Diane says, mmm-hmm.

Doc’s secretary, Heidi, says she’s glad the Board decided to reinstate him. He thanks her, and says he’s getting settled back in. She says it wasn’t the same without him. They’re lucky to have him back. He thinks he’s the lucky one.

Franco sees Drew at the hospital, and says he didn’t know Drew was back. Is he there to see a doctor? Drew says he’s fine. He just has no energy to go home. The jet lag hit him like a hammer. Franco asks how the trip was, and Drew says, it was a beautiful experience in a lot of ways, but also very hard. He and Kim had to do it for themselves. Oscar made it to the summit, where they scattered his ashes. It hurt like hell, but gave him a sense of closure. Maybe. Franco asks how Kim is, and Drew says, not so well. He doesn’t think it affected her the same way. She’s taking Oscar’s death hard.

Elizabeth brings Kim a vegetable lasagna, and tells her that the whole family is thinking about her. Kim asks if Elizabeth is pressed for time. She’s not, and Kim asks her in. She says the lasagna is thoughtful, and Elizabeth says she thought it would be one less thing to worry about. There should be enough for her and Julian. And probably half the apartment building. It’s gigantic.

Jason tells Carly that she needs to keep busy, and she asks how the hell she’s supposed to do that with Josslyn at the police station? Jason says she’s not in trouble, and she texted she was okay. Carly says whatever happened, it was serious enough for Sonny to go handle it in person.

Josslyn tells Sonny that she found the guy in Lulu’s house. She figured Carly would freak out, but she wasn’t in any danger. Sonny asks why she’s so sure, and she says the guy says he knows Sonny. Sonny looks through the window, and sees Dev (I had his name wrong, sorry). He tells Chase that he thinks they made a mistake with the kid. He’s actually a friend. He asks Chase to give him a second to clear it up. Chase says, be his guest, and Sonny goes into the interrogation room. Dev says, Mr. Corinthos, and Sonny tells him to call him Sonny. Dev thinks he could be in serious trouble, but Sonny says, stop that. First, what is he doing there? Why was he robbing Dante’s house?

I notice Franco has Luke’s old spot as the final headshot in the credits.

Franco tells Drew that it will probably take Kim time to put the pieces together. She’s lucky to have Drew. Drew says he’s trying. Franco says it’s a beautiful thing they did; taking Oscar’s ashes to Kilimanjaro. He admires it. Not many people get a tribute like that. Drew says, he deserved nothing less; he was a great kid. Franco agrees, and says if Drew needs anything, let him know. Drew appreciates that, and says if Franco is serous, there is something he can do.

Elizabeth asks how Kim is holding up. Kim says, it’s tough; the grief comes in waves. The morning is the most challenging, waking up and remembering Oscar is gone. Elizabeth asks how the trip was, and Kim says, beautiful. Elizabeth asks, what else? and Kim says it was really painful. There’s something about being on another continent, being far away from everyone she knows and everything that happened. Landing back in Port Charles is like another level and depth of pain. She doesn’t know what to do next. Elizabeth says she doesn’t know exactly what Kim is feeling, but Kim can lean on her. Julian too. Kim says, not really, and Elizabeth asks if something happened. Kim says she asked Julian to have a baby with her.

Carly tells Jason that she’s a mom. She can’t turn it off when it’s inconvenient. He says she seems more than worried. What’s up? She says she’s not excited about him going to Beecher’s Corners. What if someone recognizes him, like the cop who tried to arrest him? He says somebody has to figure out if Shiloh is involved in Douglas Miller’s death. She asks why that someone has to be him. Why not Spinelli, or Max and Milo? He says Spinelli’s been there already, and Max and Milo look like exactly what they are – bodyguards someone sent. She says Jason isn’t inconspicuous, but he says he can fly under the radar. If there’s evidence, they need it.

Michael says, Willow killed her father? She says, not literally, but it feels that way sometimes. He asks, what happened? and she says before DOD and Shiloh, they were a family. Her father wasn’t a spiritual seeker like her mother, but he supported and respected her. He followed her from one commune and ashram to the next. When she got involved with DOD, he joined too, but it didn’t last.

Dev says he wasn’t robbing Dante’s house, but Sonny says, the cops disagree. When they met, Dev tried to take his phone; he is a thief. Dev says he’s a professional, and Sonny says he was impressed. Dev says he steals from people who deserve it, but he made a mistake in Sonny’s case. He came looking for Sonny first. Nice estate. Sonny says Dev was at his house? Dev says he snuck in, and went to the front, but couldn’t find a way in, so he looked for Dante. He saw there was a break-in, and scared the guy off. He grabbed the bag, but he wasn’t taking anything. Then the girl came in, and jumped to the wrong conclusion. Sonny suggests they not get ahead of themselves. Why is Dev there in Port Charles? Dev says, it’s a long story. Sonny sits, and says they got the time.

Neil stands in Doc’s office doorway, and says he guesses they let just about anyone work there these days. Doc says, it’s been years, and Neil says, seven. The last time he saw Doc was in Boston at a symposium. Doc asks how he is, and Neil says, well. He has a private practice there. Doc says, if he’d known, he would have been calling about sharing a space, but the Board lifted his suspension. Neil says his patients must be relived, and Doc says, some. Others are too disturbed about Ryan, so he has lots of openings. Neil asks if he can pencil in an old colleague. Doc asks if he wants to grab a drink, but Neil says he meant for a session.

Alexis tells Diane that Neil is treating Kristina. Diane is disappointed. She thought Alexis meant there was more of a personal relationship. Alexis says Neil was treating her, and Sonny sought him out for Kristina. He’s an expert in recovery from cults. She’s grateful for that, but Diane says it must be awkward, sharing a therapist with her daughter. She thinks Alexis should find another therapist, and take Neil for a spin on her couch. Alexis says, put down the bow, Cupid. Diane says it wouldn’t hurt to have a romance. Alexis says Neil has an unusual style. It’s not what she’s used to. He challenges her, and she likes it. He doesn’t let her get away with making excuses. She doesn’t like it, but knows it’s good for her. The sessions are exhausting, but rewarding. Diane says, the hallmark of the best relationships.

Doc tells Neil to have a seat. He asks if it’s personal or professional, and Neil says, a little of both. He’s having conflicting feelings for a patient.

Sonny asks why Dev came to the states? The Bureau said they’d take care of him after he helped Dante escape from Raj’s compound. Dev wonders why he should trust the Bureau. Sonny says they have a long range, and Dev says they’re too powerful. For all he knows, Raj’s people have bonded with them. Sonny says, so he took matters into his own hands? Dev says he got some financing. There was a lot of money around Raj’s compound. Enough so he could get a passport and travel there. Sonny asks why Dev came to him. Dev says if Sonny doesn’t help, he’ll be deported, and he’ll be dead if they send him back to Turkey.

Franco tells Drew, anything he needs. Drew says maybe they could grab a beer sometime. Franco says, that’s it? and Drew says he thinks he might need a friend to vent to. He usually goes to Kim first. **Franco asks if he’s Drew’s second go-to? Drew says what he’s trying ask is if Franco thinks they can be the brothers they once were. Franco says, no problem. Drew asks what Franco has in the folder, and He shows Drew the flyer for the wedding. Drew says, it looks like an invitation.

Kim tells Elizabeth that Julian was being supportive, and before she knew it, she suggested they have a child together. More than that; she flat out asked. She knew it was impulsive, but once she said it, she really wanted it to happen. Elizabeth asks what Julian said, and Kim says, maybe sometime in the future. Elizabeth says, so he’s open to the possibility, but Kim says, he’s just being kind. She probably sounds insane, but she’s not trying to replace Oscar. Elizabeth doesn’t think that, but thinks Kim should consider why she wants a child now. Kim says, Oscar was the most important thing to ever happen to her. Since the moment he was born, every choice she made was about him; his quality of life, and his future. She wanted to show him how be a kind, caring, and generous person. Elizabeth says she did that. Oscar was all those things. Kim says, being a mother, nurturing another life, is who she’s become, and she can’t see herself not being that. She doesn’t know who she would be.

Willow tells Michael that her father was the first to realize something was wrong with Shiloh, and confronted him. Shiloh made a show of hearing him, but after that, he went against her father, and undermined him. Shiloh was pulling the strings, but she didn’t see that. Her father was driven out of DOD. He wanted to take her with him, but her mother wouldn’t let him. Truth be told, she didn’t want to go; she was so brainwashed and completely in Shiloh’s thrall. Every few months, her father reached out. He even sent a key to his apartment in case she wanted to visit, but she knew she was never leaving DOD. She ignored him for weeks. then one time he called the house, and said he was staying at a hotel in town. He begged her to see him. She sensed something was off. She could hear desperation, like he was in trouble. Shiloh was there when he called, and encouraged her to see her father. It was classic Shiloh. He acted like it was her choice, but he was setting her up to do what he wanted. Michael asks if they met, and Willow says they planned to meet at the hotel for dinner. When she was about to leave, her mom stopped her, and told her that Shiloh had decided it was time for her initiation ceremony. In that moment, she had to choose between DOD or her father, and she chose DOD. She cries, nd Michael holds her.

Jason tells Carly that he’s not going to Beecher’s Corners tonight. She asks, why? and he says, it’s late, and it’s a long drive. Carly says he’s afraid if he leaves before Sonny and Josslyn come back, she’ll go to straight to the police station. It’s incredibly condescending for him to save her from herself. He says he can’t stop her from doing anything. She says when he tells her not to do something, he’s always right, but she never realizes it until after the fact. He asks if she’s going to the station. She says, no, and he says what if he left. She says she wouldn’t go, but it would be harder to stop herself. He says, exactly. That’s why he’s sticking around. He thinks she’s doing the right thing by Josslyn.

Josslyn tells Lulu that Dev and Sonny obviously know each other. Lulu wonders how they know if he’s telling the truth. Josslyn wonders why he was robbing the house, and Lulu says, it doesn’t make sense. Sonny comes out, and Josslyn asks, what’s going on? He says he’s trying figure it out. Josslyn asks who he is, and Sonny says he’ll explain later. He asks to speak with Lulu in private. Josslyn looks at Dev for like the millionth time.

Michael asks how her father’s death is Willow’s fault? She says she let Shiloh and her mother get in her head. She should have known how badly her father needed her, but instead she made plans for breakfast with him. They were going to walk around the lake and talk; see where things were at. When he didn’t show up, she went to the front desk. They took her to his room. The door wasn’t shut, and the TV was on, so she went in. She found him dead on the bathroom floor of an overdose. She says it wasn’t an accident, and it’s clear it’s all her fault. She chose DOD over her dad. Now he’s gone.

Alexis tells Diane, one thing Neil said… and Diane says, Neil, Neil, Neil. She knows all the signs, and this is more than a professional interest. Alexis says she respects the boundaries between therapist and patient, but she is a little curious. Diane asks if she’s done any digging, and Alexis says, of course (🍷). Diane asks what she found, and Alexis says he was married, and lived in Montclair. She cut herself off after that, but the temptation remains. She’s trying to respect the boundaries. Diane says, of course (🍷) Alexis should, but that doesn’t mean she has to.

Doc asks if Neil has romantic feelings, but Neil says, it’s nothing like that. He’s clear on the boundaries, but the patient is struggling, and he feels invested in seeing things work out. Doc asks if he isn’t always, but Neil says it’s a different scenario. He and the patient share something in common, and he knows what they’re going through. If he shares his experience, maybe they won’t feel alone. Doc asks, what’s preventing him?

Carly tells Jason that you don’t foresee helping your kid with their grief. She’s just trying to be present, and give Josslyn space. Jason says the last thing she wants is to have Josslyn feel like she’s trying to make everything okay. Carly says it’s Josslyn’s nature to be strong and act like everything is fine when she’s dying on the inside. She wants Josslyn to see a therapist, but Josslyn is against it. Jason says, maybe she’s not ready. What matters is that she knows Carly is there for her, but it doesn’t mean fixing everything. Carly says, it’s tempting, but when he’s right, he’s really right. He says, it happens sometimes. She tells Jason the kids had a séance; they were trying to contact Oscar. She didn’t want to discourage Josslyn, but she’s afraid if Josslyn keeps doing things like that, she won’t move on. Jason asks if she told Josslyn that, but Carly says, no. Assuming she’s safe, maybe Josslyn being at the station is a good thing. It will give her something else to focus on for a minute.

Lulu says, Dev helped Sonny free Dante in Turkey? What’s he doing there? Sonny says, he was looking for Dante, and scared off the burglar. Lulu wonders why he left Turkey, and Sonny says, he’s afraid Raj’s people are after him, and he doesn’t trust the WSB. Lulu can’t fault him on that. Sonny says, if he goes back, he won’t make it, and Lulu asks what they’re going to do. Chase asks, what’s going on? and Lulu says she made a mistake. It’s as the young man described. He’s the one who scared off the burglar. Chase asks what led to this realization, and Sonny says, it turns out the young man is a friend of the family.

Elizabeth tells Kim that she doesn’t need have baby with Julian to be a mother. The title and experience is part of her; it always will be. Like Oscar will live on in his father and her. Kim thanks her. She thinks she needed to hear that from another mother. Elizabeth says, there’s no road map for what she’s going through. There’s no right or wrong way to process grief, but please be kind to herself. Feel what she needs to, and give herself time. Kim thanks her for not judging, and for the good advice and lasagna. She came at the perfect moment. Elizabeth says she doesn’t have to leave. She can get someone to cover her shift. Kim says that’s sweet, but thinks maybe she should crash and deal with the jet lag. Elizabeth hugs her, and says call any time.

Drew ask if Franco and Elizabeth aren’t already married. He remembers officiating at the ceremony. Franco says there was no celebration. They want a celebration with their friends and family, where they eat too much, drink too much, and dance a little. There was never a right time, but he feels selfish doing it right now. Drew says, life goes on. They deserve to be happy, and a wedding deserves a celebration. It would mar Oscar’s memory to let death impede the living. He’ll be there.

Doc asks if Neil feels he’s gotten himself into a tricky limbo, and Neil says, hence his visit. Doc says under the best circumstances, Neil can use his experiences as a template to help a patient get through. Neil asks, what if the issue isn’t past, and he’s still grappling with it? Doc thinks he already knows the answer. He can’t involve a patient with his personal life, and can’t unburden himself about his own struggles.

Diane looks on her tablet, and asks Alexis, Burn as in fire, or Bern like the lead singer for the Talking Heads? Alexis asks, what’s a talking head, and Diane says her right now. Never mind; she found him. She reads something, and tells Alexis, it’s nothing. Forget she said anything. All that will come up is related to his books. Except one thing. Alexis asks, what? and Diane says, a death notice.

Carly gets a text, saying Sonny and Josslyn are on their way home with a surprise. Nothing bad. She wonders what Josslyn is talking about. Jason says he’s taking off. She thanks him for waiting. She says, Josslyn will be okay. She’ll find her way a little at a time. He says, it’s all anybody can do.

Franco sees Elizabeth, and says he just had a difficult conversation with Drew. Elizabeth says she visited Kim earlier. She’s really struggling. They’ve experienced unimaginable loss. All they can do is listen and offer support, but Kim seemed better when she left. Franco says maybe Elizabeth said something that inspired her. Elizabeth says, maybe.

Kim calls Drew. She’s surprised he answered, and he’s not crashed out. He asks, what’s up? and she says she was wondering if he was free for dinner tomorrow. There’s something she’d like to discuss.

Willow tells Michael that she’s sorry for melting down. He says she has every right to grieve her father’s death. She can’t blame herself. She says she was supposed to be there with him. If she’d gone when he asked… Michael says they can go over hypotheticals all day long, but it won’t change anything. There’s no point in beating herself up. She was coerced, emotionally, if not physically. She should give herself credit for breaking free. It took incredible courage. She says, look where led her. What if Shiloh finds Wiley?

Doc tells Neil the boundaries are there for a reason. Sharing in the patient’s struggles is problematic, and muddies the dynamic. Neil says, so it’s not clear which one seeking help.

Alexis asks Diane who died? Diane shows Alexis the tablet, and says see for herself. Alexis reads, Joanna, beloved daughter of Neil and Deidre Bern. She says no wonder he didn’t want to talk about his personal life. He lost his daughter.

Lulu tells Chase that Sonny left. She asks what he’s thinking, and he says from the description Dev gave of the intruder, it’s interesting that the guy ran. He could have taken Dev down with no problem. Maybe he didn’t want any violence. Lulu says, it fits the pattern of the break-ins. Chase says between him and Lulu, it seems more than convenient that the kid turned out to be a family friend of Sonny’s. What’s going on? She says she couldn’t tell him even if she wanted to, and walks out of the station.

Josslyn comes back, and Carly hugs her. Josslyn says Carly is freaking out, and Carly says, yes, she is. Josslyn called Sonny from the police station, and has been gone for hours. What’s happening? Josslyn says she’s fine. Dev and Sonny come in, and Carly asks, who is this. Sonny introduces Dev, and says he’ll be staying with them little while.

Tomorrow, Shiloh asks if Alexis takes pleasure in his pain, Nina tells Jax that she has her eyes on the bigger prize, Josslyn asks Dev how he knows Sonny, and Sonny tells Robert it’s time to pay up.

The Real Housewives of New York City

When we last left Bethenny was freaking out, telling LuAnn she was a sicko, and to look in the mirror.

Bethenny says she doesn’t want LuAnn near her. She didn’t know she felt this way. Dorinda tells her she’s having a panic attack, and she says she can’t take it. Ramona thinks she should take a moment. LuAnn says Bethenny has pent up anger, but Ramona says she has pent up emotions. Now Ramona is upset that Bethenny is upset. In Ramona’s interview, she says she can feel Bethenny’s pain. She had an aha moment, thinking maybe she if she had given to Dennis what she gave to LuAnn, he would be alive. Wow. That’s pretty insightful for Ramona.

Dorinda and Barbara tend to Bethenny. Ramona tells LuAnn that they wouldn’t be having this conversation if they didn’t like her. She doesn’t seem to care about them. Bethenny asks if she called LuAnn any names. Dorinda says, she called LuAnn intolerable, and it’s true. Maybe it will help her. In Dorinda’s interview, she says Bethenny did what they’ve all wanted to do. There’s only so many times they can kiss the ring. Cleopatra wasn’t so adored. Tinsley tells LuAnn that they feel like she checked out. In her interview, LuAnn says, the hypocrisy is stunning. Tinsley and Ramona both went out separately from the group. Why is she the only one getting heat? LuAnn says Bethenny doesn’t want to talk to her, so she’s leaving. Dorinda asks if she’ll be up when they get home, but LuAnn says she’s going out.

In her interview, LuAnn says Denio has been texting her to go out, but she knows if she goes out, she’s going to drink. That’s where she is in her mind. Bethenny apologizes, and Ramona says she feels Bethenny’s pain. In Bethenny’s interview, she says it’s not entirely LuAnn’s fault. The irony just hit her. In Dorinda’s interview, she thinks Bethenny doesn’t recognize how much pain she’s in. LuAnn comes back to the table. In her interview, she says she couldn’t leave. She was standing on the curb, thinking she couldn’t throw away all her hard work for them. They’re not going to win. She’s not letting them break her. That’s part of LuAnn’s problem. She doesn’t just think life is a cabaret; she thinks it’s a competition. Bethenny says she’s sorry for screaming. LuAnn doesn’t know what to say. She feels terrible. It started with Barbara, and then Bethenny. She just wanted to talk calmly. Sonja says, let’s do. LuAnn says she’s sorry she’s been wrapped up in herself, and selfishly dealing with a lot. Dennis’s death was a major thing, and she wants Bethenny to know she thought he was a special guy; she liked him a lot. She didn’t want to keep bringing it up. She thought Bethenny had kind of moved on. Bethenny says she only wants LuAnn to be successful. She’s not mad. She was doing her, and bit off more than she could chew, was digesting it slowly, and vomited it all out. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, LuAnn is a mountain of insufferable. Strangers who have approached her are kinder to her. Bethenny tells LuAnn she has to make a change, and she hopes LuAnn really receives this. Sometimes the Band-Aid has to be ripped off. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she’s sorry. She gives up. Take the foot off her head now. Bethenny hugs LuAnn, and she asks if Bethenny is okay. Bethenny says she released it. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, maybe LuAnn will change, but you don’t see many leopards walking around with no spots. Bethenny tells them that she’s embarrassed, and LuAnn says, everyone had dinner and show.

Ramona and LuAnn get home first. By the time the others get there, LuAnn has gone to bed. Sonja says her clock is punched, and asks what they’re doing. Ramona says they’re doing it all. Bethenny says she has to change and pack. In her interview, she says she just wants to go to sleep, wake up, and talk to her daughter as soon as possible. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, everything in Tinsley’s closet is brand new. And not TJ Maxx new; I’m talking Madison Avenue. It’s not adding up. Sonja says trips are great for them. They get tense, but work it out. They decide to have a dance party, and Tinsley gets on the bar. She says she only busts out her super moves when she’s with the girls. Barbara says, it’s good girls gone wild.

Bethenny does some stretches. Dorinda asks if she needs help. Bethenny says, everything’s swell. Dorinda can’t believe how neat she is. Everything in her life is neat. She says Bethenny is brave, but Bethenny says she’s upset with herself. She assassinated LuAnn’s character. Dorinda says LuAnn assassinated her own character, but she doesn’t want to talk about LuAnn. Dorinda says, it was bad, and Bethenny agrees. She starts to cry. In her interview, Dorinda thinks it’s important for Bethenny to accept and acknowledge what happened with Dennis. She thinks if she runs fast enough, they won’t catch her, but they always do. She says Bethenny is highly functional, to the point that it’s bizarre. Bethenny says, it’s unhealthy. She’s going to take some time, and get through the holidays. In Bethenny’s interview, she says it’s been the most challenging year of her life (again challenging meaning biggest pita ever). She needs to put herself back together like Humpty Dumpty.

6:15 am. Bethenny asks what a trip would be without her being the last to arrive and the first to leave? But she always makes her mark during the short time she stays.

Everyone packs. LuAnn does yoga. She says she feels like she was hit by a truck. The instructor says they’ll get the truck off her. In LuAnn’s interview, she says, these are her friends, and this is how they make her feel about herself. She woke up with a knot in her stomach. She loves her life, and isn’t going to let them ruin it. Sonja calls Barbara, saying she can’t find Barbara’s earrings, but she does see a lot of spray tan everywhere in her room. That’s the problem with white houses. Ramona says she’s not going back yet. She’s going to Art Basil at the convention center with some friends. Sonja asks if she’s going out with her new fancy friends. In Ramona’s interview, she says, it’s cold in New York. Why leave Miami? Great people, great parties, great friends. She’s staying. Tinsley says she’s headed to Palm Beach to check in on her mom and her dog. Bambi was diagnosed with lymphoma, and is getting chemo once a week. Her world is crashing. In LuAnn’s interview, she says Miami isn’t seeing her for a while. She’s staying away from Florida for a long time. Dorinda says she’s used to being with these women. It’s like being cellmates.

Back home, Ramona and Sonja go to June Jacobs labs, where Ramona’s skincare line is made. Sonja says they’re like Laverne and Shirley, except they’re selling Ramona’s sh*t.

LuAnn goes to the studio.

Dorinda shows Bethenny her new apartment. Bethenny says she sees no evidence of John. Dorinda says, that’s because there is none. He doesn’t stay there, and neither one of them push it.  Bethenny say she wouldn’t know they were in a relationship, and Dorinda says, it’ll be seven years in March. Bethenny asks where sex happens. Dorinda says he comes over, they have sex, then he goes home. Now that Bethenny thinks of it, she’s never heard him in the background. Dorinda says she’s doing it for the dry-cleaning. She’s lowering the standards. In her interview, Dorinda says she’s gotten used to the luxury of dry-cleaning, and even has her thongs dry-cleaned. Bethenny says, it was rough last night. After her explosion, she was exhausted, but calm. It was an emotional release, and there was a change. In her interview, Bethenny says she doesn’t want negativity with LuAnn. She doesn’t have to get close to the fire anymore. She tells Dorinda that LuAnn has been texting her non-stop, and Barbara was texting her, saying LuAnn is manic about her. Dorinda says she didn’t do anything worse in Cartagena. We flash back to Dorinda telling LuAnn, at least she didn’t get a mug shot. Bethenny thinks Dorinda’s tirade was more rogue and guns blazing. Dorinda says she and LuAnn didn’t speak for eight months, and LuAnn is texting Bethenny two days later. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, Dorinda measures things in a vacuum, and doesn’t see the whole picture. She has to put the whole pie together. Bethenny thinks LuAnn has screwed her more. Dorinda says she doesn’t want a friend who requires her to be an audience. Bethenny says, even at her intervention, LuAnn was the star. She’s punched out.

LuAnn says this will be her fourth dance single, and she’s excited about it. She sings (using the term loosely), one day at a time; keep it cool and we’ll be fine. Feelin’ Jovani, and it feels so good. In her interview, she says when she comes out, people yell, Jovani! She thinks it’s become more of an adjective. It’s a feeling.

Dorinda’s friend Jon (not John) comes over. In her interview, Dorinda says she was a popular aerobics teacher in the 80s, Jon was her biggest competitor. She recently went to a dancercise class he was teaching, and they had a dance off. She thought they might have something, and she wants to bring it back. She wants to recreate an 80s class, involving the LBGTQ community, with the proceeds going to charity. If it goes well, they can do more. Jon says they’re going to restore having a good time. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, 80s aerobics classes were social, colorful, engaging, and fun. She wants to do something with the other women, and not talk about cabaret. She doesn’t want to talk at all, just dance and dress up.

Tinsley weeps. Ramona comes into her apartment, and Tinsley sobs on her shoulder. She says, Bambi wasn’t just a dog. Ramona says Tinsley has to calm down; it’s unhealthy. In Ramona’s interview, she hopes she’s not like this when Coco dies. Through her tears, Tinsley tells Ramona luckily she was there. She gave Bambi three kisses, and when she checked on him later, he was gone. She called 911, and the firetrucks came, but they couldn’t revive him. In Ramona’s interview, she says, this is major. Tinsley had no lashes on, no makeup, not even lip gloss. Wow. She tells Tinsley that she knows it’s hard, but Bambi is in a in better place. Tinsley says Bambi was twelve, and not old for a chihuahua; her last one was seventeen. Sonja joins them, and in her interview, she says she’s never seen anyone this hysterical about a dog, and this is coming from someone who had a dog funeral. We flash back to Sonja scattering her dog’s ashes, and ending up wearing some of them. She thinks Tinsley needs stability, and she’s glad Tinsley has them. Tinsley says if she has a kid, she’s naming it Bambi. Sonja says she should think that through; there’s no rush. In Sonja’s interview, she says Tinsley might want to rethink that. She knew a stripper with the same name. Tinsley says there’s going to be a viewing tomorrow, and explains how the dog is put in the freezer, and somehow thawed out for the final goodbye. She says, it’s nice closure. In her interview, Ramona wonders, who wants to hug a dethawed [sic] dog? Sonja doesn’t want her to be alone. She knows Tinsley doesn’t have Scott now. Tinsley says Scott was sweet and sent her a pair of shoes. She shows them a pair of Bambi shimmer sneakers, which are pretty cute. In Sonja’s interview, she says, it’s just another gift; not a bereavement gift for someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. I dunno about that. It seems like something he put some thought into actually. Tinsley says she doesn’t want to go to the aerobics class.

A small digression, but still relevant. I love my dogs more than anything. I love all dogs more than anything, but dog viewings are weird. When my father passed away, my in-laws took his dog, who retired along with them in upstate New York, and lived to a ripe old sixteen. A friend of mine had an animal cemetery plot – in the same animal cemetery where Richard Nixon’s Checkers is buried – and since you can bury more than one pet in a plot, she offered me the space for Fairfax. The ground was frozen when Fairfax passed, so Fairfax had to stay frozen a while too. When it came time for the funeral, they had a literal viewing first. I did not know what to do or think, and the people who worked there seemed straight out of the Addams family, and freaked me out a little. Anyway, it’s like a human wake, except in a smaller room. I loved Fairfax with all my heart, but it took everything in me not to laugh. Then, we trooped to the gravesite, Fairfax ahead, in a container in a wheelbarrow. My friend was with us as well, and at this point, I started thinking of the musical Oliver! when Oliver gets a job walking in funeral processions, and imagined us all wearing tall hats. I wanted the ground to swallow me up, since I could barely contain myself. So while my eyes were tearing as Tinsley sobbed, I couldn’t help but think about this solemn, yet humorous occasion. Okay. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

LuAnn visits Ramona. She asks how Ramona’s dating life is. Ramona says, it’s weird; nothing sticks. LuAnn says the older they get, the pickier they get. They know what they want. Ramona says she went to a dinner party, and liked a guy, but… LuAnn says, there has to be that chemical thing. I think she means chemistry. Ramona says she had it with Mario, and LuAnn asks how she feels about him. She says they went to dinner, and he was melancholy, saying he messed things up and misses his family. LuAnn asks if she’s thinking of going back. Ramona wishes she could, but too much has happened. They’re different people.  In Ramona’s interview, she says she doesn’t think they’ll ever get back together, but what they had was special. It’s good to be on nice terms. Ramona asks if LuAnn has spoken to Bethenny, and LuAnn says they’ve been texting. LuAnn feels like she was the punching bag for a trauma that happened. She’s trying not to take it personally, but it hurt. Ramona says it took gumption and guts to come back to the table. She couldn’t believe LuAnn did it. LuAnn says she knew if she went out, she would drink. In her interview, she says the women don’t respect her sobriety. She’s on probation, and has to use a breathalyzer three times a day. We see a clip of her demonstrating, and Dorinda asking what happens if you don’t pass. LuAnn says, they come and get you, and lock you up. That’s the reality of her life. Ramona says she doesn’t want to beat LuAnn up, but Bethenny was trying to point out that sometimes she seems self-absorbed. If she can, try to work on it. LuAnn doesn’t disagree, and says she owns it. Having said that, LuAnn moves on to the topic of her cabaret, telling Ramona that she’s gotten them seats at her Christmas show. It’s sold out. Ramona says they support and love her, but they don’t want to go again. They want something more social, so she’s throwing a surprise party for Sonja and Dorinda the same night. LuAnn can come afterward. LuAnn asks why she would do it on the same night, and Ramona says there wasn’t another one. LuAnn says she could do it any night. In her interview, Ramona says there was a group text where they decided they’d rather do something else. She tells LuAnn that they love her, but they don’t want to see a show they’ve seen a few times. LuAnn says it’s a Christmas show, and different from her other shows. In LuAnn’s interview, she says it’s disappointing to find they don’t want to support her. It’s like your parents not coming to your school play. No it’s not. Grow up.

Dorinda arrives in 80s gear, her hair crimped, wearing the obligatory leg warmers. In her interview, she says now she doesn’t want to do it. She realized she’s not in as good of shape as she was in the 80s. She wore these one-piece things back then, but left her body there. Ramona is dressed 80s Kathy Smith style, nothing too outrageous, but the required headband and leg warmers. She explains that Tinsley isn’t coming. She tells the women about Tinsley meeting her without lashes, and talks about the frozen dog thing. Life isn’t going the way Tinsley wants it. Dorinda says, she’s spending money like someone who doesn’t make it. In her interview, she says when you date a rich guy, your lifestyle is upgraded, but when it’s over, you have to come back down. That’s not happening in Tinsley’s case. Doesn’t her mother have money though? Ramona tells her about the sneakers, and says Tinsley is still in communication with Scott and not talking about the break-up. In Ramona’s interview, she says, if it smells like a fish, it’s a fish. Sonja says she left her 80s body in the 80s. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she used to teach aerobics to the nurses in the rest home where she worked. In Bethenny’s interview, she thought it would be cheesy and lame, and no one would do it, but says she couldn’t have been more mistaken.

Bethenny tells the women that she wants to have a S’mores and Whores party, where she’ll have a surprise for everyone. She thanks LuAnn for the jacket, saying she thought she bought something in her sleep. (Ha-ha! I sent someone a Christmas gift directly from Wayfair last year and forgot to tell them. They thought they ordered something they forgot about.) In Bethenny’s interview, she says LuAnn got her and Barbara cute, fuzzy jackets. She thinks it was just customer appreciation day. Dorinda says Bethenny destroys LuAnn at dinner and gets a gift, while she argues with LuAnn and gets crucified. LuAnn says she did it for her own reasons, and it has nothing to do with that. Dorinda says LuAnn was hysterical. We all go, huh? and LuAnn says she was calm. Barbara points out that it was Bethenny who was hysterical.  Dorinda walks away. In her interview, she says no matter what Bethenny does, LuAnn doesn’t hold a grudge, but for the rest of them, it’s different. Dorinda starts the class.

It’s no Crunch Fitness, but everybody has a great time. In her interview, Bethenny says Dorinda should do this for real. She’s great, and gets everyone excited. In LuAnn’s interview, she says, what happened in the 80s should stay in the 80s. Dorinda thinks it was a success, and Bethenny makes a juice toast to the best class ever. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, watch out, LuAnn. She might be all aerobics next year. LuAnn might have the Jovani, but she has the thong leotard. She might take this on the road. Ramona tells Barbara about the party, but says she knows Barbara is going to LuAnn’s show. In Barbara’s interview, she says, Ramona knows LuAnn’s show is the same night as her party. I know you’re not going to make it, so here’s your invite. Thanks for nothing, Ramona. Barbara tells Sonja she doesn’t think it’s being supportive of one another. In Sonja’s interview, she says they’ve been to LuAnn’s cabaret over and over, but it’s not nice to have an event at the same time. Only Ramona would do something like that. I agree, and even though I’m tired of LuAnn saying/feeling/talking about cabaret, I think Ramona totally did it on purpose and it’s beyond shady.

Sonja tells Ramona that she’s being sneaky, and she doesn’t understand why they have to be there at eight sharp. Why can’t they do it at nine? Ramona says the party is for her, so she’s coming. Dorinda doesn’t know yet, so don’t tell her. Ramona turns to Barbara and says, thanks for blowing it. Um… you blew it yourself. Sonja knew there was a party already, and Ramona is the one who just blew the surprise. What a creep she is. LuAnn tells Bethenny, if they don’t want to come, that’s one thing, but to throw a party at the same time is declassee. Bethenny agrees.

In Bethenny’s interview, she says she told Ramona that she didn’t think it was a good idea. It’s a blatant F-U to LuAnn. Bethenny suggests getting to LuAnn’s show early, giving support, and then getting together afterwards. Sonja says they can do both, and LuAnn tells them to come at seven. Everybody wins. Yeah, for a minute, until there’s a problem.

Next time – the finale – Christmas has arrived, the surprise party, Dorinda doesn’t like to be played, Ramona accuses Tinsley of still being with Scott, and Bethenny has a near-fatal allergic reaction. Not. Bethenny’s. Year.

🍵 A Whole Pot of Tea…

A cornucopia of Wives’ news.


I’ve never been Jill’s biggest fan, but my heart went out to her when she lost Bobby. I’m glad to see she decided life goes on.


I really liked Erika, but I like her less and less as time goes on. There’s a difference between body positivity and being deliberately provocative. While I’m far from a prude, it just seems like there’s something wrong with someone who has to put their butt crack in your face online. Another problem I have with it, is that young woman who aren’t so fortunate to look like Erika, will only compare themselves. Body positivity is when we see a fat chick in a bikini, not when we see someone who’s been pampered and poofed within an inch of their life, posing nicely while nakey.


Tinsley will survive. If they don’t hang onto Barbara and Tinsley, the show might lose it’s balance, and turn into RHOBH.


Speaking of Beverly Hills, It’s certainly been a year of ups and downs for LVP. RHOBH slowly sliding off my radar.


Like we didn’t see Teresa distancing herself from the jump. Cutting him out of Father’s Day is pretty harsh though.


I’m not crazy about either one of them, but I’d still take Shannon over Jim Baloney-o.


Vicki called it years ago. I haven’t always liked Meghan, but I think she’s an inherently decent human. I hope she dumps Jim’s sorry ass. I never liked him.




🌞 As If the Longest Day Wasn’t Enough…

Enjoy your Summer Solstice!






September 17, 2015 — GH & 100 New York Wives


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


General Hospital

I had an appointment – ok, I went to lunch with a karaoke friend – so I DVR’d it. Glad to see the hospital machines attached to Sonny are in working order now.  Carly was getting dangerously close to one of those tubes though, when she was petting his face.

Morgan is going apesh*t on TJ, grilling him about who Charlie’s boss is, and generally acting crazy. He doesn’t know. Accept it.

Lots of tension at the police station with the Dante/Valerie tryst, but no real moving forward with the storyline. I can’t wait!

Sonny’s daughter, Kristina, arrives on the scene at Alexis’s place. I’ve given up trying to keep whose kids are whose at this point. There are so many baby daddies and mamas, I need a scorecard.

Scotty has blackmailed Ava out of 5 million, in exchange for the flash drive that holds her confession to Connie Falconeri’s murder. Since this evidence has “disappeared,” Ava is a free woman. For now.

Julian is still swearing he’s innocent and more mushy stuff with Carly and Sonny, and Kristina and Sonny in the hospital.

The ending wasn’t bad though. Just when I thought it was nearly a total loss and I shouldn’t have bothered, Scotty and Ava arrive at his place to find it tossed. And no doubt the flash drive is gone. Morgan is also on his way to Julian’s with a gun.

The Real Housewives of NYC: 100th Episode Special

Eight years? Has it really been eight years? Only the OC Wives had been aired when NYC began, making them the beginning of the franchise. It was originally going to be called Manhattan Moms, but they don’t really explain why it was changed. I just can’t imagine it being called that.

In the first minute, this is already fun because they’re showing some clips from the Wives’ audition tapes, interspersed with individual interviews with Andy at the clubhouse. Right away, I miss Alex and Simon. And I don’t miss Jill Zarin, who declined to take part in this show. Because, you know, she is the be all and end all, and can’t believe it’s continued without her. You got fired. Get over it.

Ramona goes on once again about how weird she thought Alex and Simon were, especially since they never wanted to go out apart. Um…who’s still married? I know, I know, I’m being mean, but I’m not too fond of Ramona, who, despite her “new beginnings,” needs to get her nose out of the air. Ramona admits to not being welcoming to Alex and Simon because she felt they were co-dependent and didn’t like it. How mature of her. Simon always reminded me of someone they’d pick to be a contestant on Graham Norton’s made-up game, Gay or Eurotrash? Ramona had a lot of tense moments involving those two. And I think she’s weirder than the both of them put together.

There are some clips from the various trips they’ve taken, and I’m with the Countess, my favorite being their trip to Morocco. The markets look fabulous, and of course there was that bucking camel who almost threw the Countess. It’s interesting to see how the Countess has changed over the years. We’ve gone from “introduce me as Mrs. de Lesseps” to “don’t be all uncool.” In her underwear. Bethenny says she didn’t even know what a countess was before meeting the Countess.  To be honest, I don’t know all the particulars either, but my husband is a marquis and I can tell you that the title and three bucks will get you on the subway in NYC.

Interesting how some watched the OC show prior to being on the NYC one, but others didn’t. I’m not sure if I would or not. It’s almost like deciding if you should read the book before you do the movie. Almost.

Ha-ha! Bethenny says Jill can smell D-list fame like a dog smelling steak. I’ll bet Aviva can too.

Alex and Simon were nothing compared to Kelly, who didn’t even seem to exist on the same planet as the rest of us. Confusing Al Sharpton with Jack Nicholson is pretty out there. And today she blames the other women for an unmarketable time period after the show was aired. Like her behavior had nothing to do with it.

Oh yeah, here comes One Season Cindy. Remember her? Me neither. Heather says her first day of shooting was like the first day of summer camp. What kind of camp did she go to? Was this in the Berkshires?

The whole Jill/Bethenny feud – if that’s what you want to call it – was kind of sad. It seems that Jill thought of them as some kind of team, and when Bethenny’s career took off without her, she got mean. (Ooh, that almost rhymed.) Bethenny tells Andy that it’s not like she was in a girl band. Apparently, after that season ended, Bethenny thought all was well, but Jill waited until the cameras were rolling again to create a scene. She wanted to make Bethenny look bad, but it backfired, and she got fired. Bethenny says that Jill did indeed help to get her on the show, she became the most successful of the Wives, and Jill could have been along for the ride with her, but “pigs get fat; hogs get slaughtered.” In other words, she wanted it all, but ended up with nothing.

One of the greatest moments in Housewives history was when Aviva threw her artificial leg on the table at La Cirque, stating that it was the only fake thing about her. She tells Andy he’s welcome, and admits to having planned it. Um, we figured that out pretty quickly, since one of those isn’t removed in 5 seconds. Let’s hope not anyway. She says “somebody had to put their foot down.” What a card! When asked for her reaction to the leg incident, the Countess says her first thought was that there’s a dirty shoe near the silverware. I can’t say that I wouldn’t have thought the same. Bethenny also talks about how Aviva was concerned she might not make it onto the show, but Bethenny reassured her that anyone who’d slept with two of the Wives exes and had one leg would be a shoo-in. I’m a card too.

Another great shining Aviva moment. When she declared that Truman Capote was the ghostwriter for To Kill a Mockingbird. Enough said about Aviva.

Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about how, during the first reunion, it was brought up that Alex had posed nude and Ramona left the stage. (BTW, nice crotch shot as she was getting up – what a lady! I hadn’t noticed that before.) This was a seriously ridiculous moment. And it wasn’t even like she posed for Hustler or something. They were art photos. Ramona is bizarrely hypocritical.

Aww! Bethenny is getting all weepy and thanking Andy for the opportunity to influence other women.

Watch What Happens Live Special: Top 10 NYC Moments

Andy shows a “Housewives Playhouse” clip with Bill Hader, Amy Schumer & Judd Apatow reenacting the scene in Turks and Caicos where the Countess offers eggs a la Francaise as a cure all for everything. Judd is playing the Countess like she’s Al Bundy. I have the feeling he’s never seen the show. Bill Hader says he doesn’t even know who his character is, but is still better than Judd. Amy, of course, is admittedly the biggest Wives fan on the planet.

We’re treated to Sonja’s first caberlesque. She really is in amazing shape. We’re also shown clips of the Ramonacoaster and Sonja’s advice. There’s a Halloweave special that I don’t remember. How could I not remember this? Simon sings I’m Real, one of the many Housewives musical efforts, except he’s not a housewife and can’t carry a tune in a bushel basket. Not that it’s ever stopped anyone else.

The Countess singing is the number one moment? Really? Okay, maybe. It was certainly the most lively moment out of what we were given. I guess Andy picked these?

I wish Andy would have another New Year’s Eve party. Like the one and only he had where Giggy married Grandma Wrinkles. It was one of the best New Year’s Eves I ever had. And yes, I know how sad that sounds.

And, as always, we’re left with the eternal question…