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May 1, 2020 – The Scene Of the Crime, Today In GH History, the Real Story, Ciao To Juicy Joe, Porsha Dishes, Goonies Reunite, One Dozen Quotes & Grooving


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Shahs of Sunset

Vida fauns over Baby Shams while out to lunch with MJ and Tommy. MJ says she had to cancel her baby shower because she was on bedrest, so she’d like to have a Sip N See to introduce the baby to everyone. In MJ’s interview, she says, traditionally, a Sip N See is having a few ladies in the living room to meet the baby. (Not according to Phaedra, RHOA. It’s more like a wedding with a baby, instead of a bride and groom.) She says, Persians put their own spin on things. They have it catered, decorate onesies, and tweak it a little. She tells Vida and Tommy that she wants a county fair theme. She’s thinking about having it at the Houdini mansion. Vida asks if that’s not better for Halloween, but MJ says it’s a gorgeous place. Tommy says it’s a beautiful mansion, and he thinks MJ can pull it off. MJ tells Vida that she talked to Reza, and saw everybody. Reza seemed genuinely remorseful, and said he was dropping the charges against Tommy. Vida asks if she’s inviting him to the shower, and Tommy jumps in, saying, no. She says she can’t because of the restraining order. In her interview, MJ says, in a perfect world she wishes Reza would be welcome, but there’s no way she can even entertain the thought until he drops the restraining order.

Reza and Adam go to a pottery making class. Adam asks if it beats Reza’s beekeeping thing, and Reza says the bee thing was amazing. He wishes Adam had been there. He had a really nice time, but then MJ said something to Paulina that upset her. Adam says, MJ is making a lot of people upset. In Reza’s interview, he says the reentry into his and MJ’s friendship is a bumpy flight. The attendants are still able to serve you, but there’s a lot of turbulence. He tells Adam, if his and MJ’s friendship is limited or not, Tommy having a felony record along with a newborn isn’t cool. He thinks karmically, the right thing is to not pursue criminal charges, and he’d rather do the right thing. Adam agrees, and says, at the end of the day, they’re in a great place, and everything is positive. He doesn’t care if Reza doesn’t go through with the criminal charges, but he still wants the restraining order in place. Reza says he totally forgives MJ and Tommy, and wants things comfortable for everyone, and to co-exist, but Adam says they’re where they’re at because of MJ and the Tommy situation, and he’s sticking by the restraining order. In his interview, Reza says he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do. He’s caught between two people he loves. Adam says he’s glad they’re in a better place, and moving forward.

Destiney takes her pup Frank Sinatra with her to look for a baby gift. She calls Mike while she’s at the store, but he says he’s not going to the Sip N See. He says he was going to come, but then MJ made Paulina feel some sort of way. That shouldn’t happen. Destiney says, sometimes the stuff comes out of MJ’s mouth is toxic. In Destiney’s interview, she says, when they were in Hawaii, they were talking about bonds and how friendships matter. Does Mike want to lose that? She buys $250 worth of baby stuff.

Assistant Sienna tells MJ, everything is good. MJ asks her to text the guests that she’ll see them at 2:30, so they’re not late. Everyone starts to arrive, and it’s an amazing set up; games, all kinds of fair food, a donut wall. Reza says, it’s very MJ, and Nema says, it’s the most Iranian thing in the world; a three-month-old having a DJ at their party. Mike texts Nema that he decided not to come, Destiney arrives, carrying a load of balloons, trying to navigate the million stairs up to the party in her heels.

Mike and Reza have some batting practice. At the party, Shervin tells Nema, GG isn’t coming either, and we see her having some dental work done. Nema says, what the hell?  In Nema’s interview, he says, whatever their personal drama is, this is about MJ’s son. Party planner Lenora tells everyone that MJ and Tommy are coming, as Destiney finally makes it to the top of the stairs. Nema tells her, Mike’s not there, and she says he felt some type of way (the phrase of the night) about MJ’s comment to Paulina. He’s feeling that she disrespected him; that’s his woman.

MJ tells Shervin, she’ll love GG from afar, until things change. Shervin says, Mike isn’t coming either, and wonders what happened to their ten year friendship. MJ says she feels bad about what she said to Paulina. She had her guard down, and it was in the moment, but she thinks Mike doesn’t want to show up. She thinks it’s a deeper emotion than hurt. She thought he cared, but he’s shown her nothing. He wants to look good in front of his girlfriend, and she’s glad he’s not there.

Nema tells Sara, he can’t wait for Mona to have kids. He won’t be having any, since his parents effed him up too much. Sara says, break the cycle, and Nema says, easier said than done. He’s afraid he’ll repeat the mistakes his dad did. Mona says, it’s his choice. Sara takes Nema aside, and says she lost her dad suddenly in a car accident. He’d just dropped her off at work, and her dad got T-boned in a high speed police chase. He died instantly. When she hears him say he can’t get over it, she thinks he still has a dad. Cherish that. Nema says, a lot of people chime in, but only a few get him to stop and think. He wants to think about what she said.

Tommy takes the mic, and says, his wife is the most legendary creature that has ever graced the planet. When he sees his son, he falls in love with her ten times more. MJ thanks everyone for coming. If they’re there, it means they love them, and it means a lot. Having her son is everything, and she hopes she gets to pass along the things her father taught her. Tommy says if Baby Shams grows up to be half the man MJ’s father was, they’ve done their job as parents. In MJ’s interview, she says, it’s a dream come true. She’s sad that some of her friends have shown that whatever they’re doing in their lives is more important than her baby. She toasts to Baby Shams.

Mom Fatima visits GG, bearing Persian herb stew, among other groceries. In her interview, GG says her mom is her best friend, especially through the pregnancy process. Her mother has been her human punching bag, but GG appreciates that Fatima has been there for her. She tells Fatima that she went to the doctor, and she’s starting the process again in a month and a half. She’ll be doing injections for five weeks. Fatima tells her, congratulations. In GG’s interview, she says, there was a crack in the road, and she stumbled, but she’s going to keep going. She shows Fatima the needle, and it looks gigantic. Fatima tells her, say it’s for the baby, so she can do it with satisfaction. GG says she’s getting emotional, and Fatima says she wishes GG will be a good mother. GG says she had a good teacher, and hugs Fatima.

Mike tells Paulina, he’s going to Sara’s freedom party. We flash back to the disaster of a pool party, and in his interview, Mike says, the last one sucked. Oh sh*t; here we go again. Paulina asks if everyone is going, and says, at some point, they all have to take responsibility for their own actions. Mike says he’s concerned about not going to the Sip N See. They meet Mike’s parents for dinner, and Mike wears a gold medallion that his grandfather had gifted his dad, and his dad passed to him. He thought, why put it in a safe, when he can wear it proudly? Mom Sue asks how his project is coming. In Mike’s interview, he says his parents have doubts about his capabilities. He tells her, it’s going really well, and his dad asks if he’s got proof. Mike says his project manager emails him several times a day on the progress, and it looks good. Sue says he’s almost there, and Mike says, it’s going to be a good year. Sue says she’s proud of him. It’s a big deal. Mike set his mind to it, and he’s doing it. In his interview, Mike says, all he’s wanted is for his parents to be proud. It only took 41 years.

Nema goes to lunch with Mona, half-sister Sara, and dad Fred. In his interview, Nema tells us that his dad had another child with his stepmother, but he’s always looked at her like a full sister. She’s starting at UCLA in the fall, and he’s proud of her. He tells a story about Sara shutting off the X-Box in the middle of them playing, when she was two, and him thinking, he can’t do this parenting sh*t. Mona asks Fred if Nema should have kids, and he says, every dad wants grandchildren. Nema says, no way, and apologizes for bumming everyone out. Fred comes around the table, and hugs him. Nema gets emotional, and goes outside, and his dad follows. Nema says he’s tired of being angry. In his interview, he says he didn’t cause this. The actions of his mom and dad did. We flash back to Nema talking to his therapist, and saying he’s more angry at his dad after reading his mom’s letter. He tells us, he’s had twenty-five years of small talk with his dad. Fred says he knows how much he hurt Nema, and doesn’t want him to suffer. Nema means everything to him, and he hopes Nema can give him room in his life, because he loves him. Nema says, they don’t talk, but his dad says Nema is his son, and he loves him. Let’s fix this. Nema says, at this point, it’s too late, but Fred says, they’re ready for it. He wants them to be close, and wants to help Nema. Nema hopes so. In his interview, Nema says they have had a sincere moment of closeness in years. It’s been like a game of chicken. When they get back to the table, Fred says he loves all of them, and Nema says he forgives him and his mom. He doesn’t want to carry it anymore. He can’t spend the next 35 years like the last ones. He suggests they have more regular meetings as a family.

Tommy asks MJ if Reza is going to be at Sara’s party. MJ says, the scene of the crime. Tommy says he has a bat in the car; he’s got a softball game. MJ tells him, no jokes like that.

In Reza’s interview, he says he left Hawaii thinking he’d be dropping the charges. But Adam is clear that dropping the restraining order isn’t an option.   

In Destiney’s interview, she says she has no issue with Sara. She dated Sara’s brother; however, the last time, it was a disaster. We flash back to that. She says she can still be nice and sweet; that’s who she is. Plus, she can rub it in his face that she’s cute. When MJ arrives, she says, do-over, and in her interview, she says she has hella PTSD just walking in. In Reza’s interview, he says talk about going back to the worst experience. He hopes he gets three, four, or five sheets to whatever wind. He blows a kiss to MJ, who tells Vida not to attack him. Vida swears she’s not going to attack anybody. GG sees Sam, and in her interview, she says she needs to have a talk with Destiney. She doesn’t know what Destiney saw in that guy. The way she talked, GG thought he would look like James Bond. WTF?

Reza and MJ step away, and he says he’s trying to avoid her mom. He says he was glad they’re in a good place, making forward motions, but when he walked in, he heard Vida talking about him to Nema. MJ says she wants Reza to say hello; just acknowledge her. Reza gives Vida some polite conversation, and moves along to the bar. Mike tells Nema, he’s yet to get an apology from MJ, and Nema says he thinks it was wrong of Mike not to show up for the Sip N See. Mike says there’s plenty of time for them to catch up. Reza joins them, and Mike says he wasn’t there either. Reza says, it was because of the restraining order. He’s not going to file charges; he doesn’t want a felony case for Tommy, MJ, or the baby. But as far as the restraining order goes, Adam feels safer with keeping it in place. They don’t want to risk another moment of impulse control. Nema asks if MJ knows, and wonders how their relationship can survive. In Reza’s interview, he says, Adam wants him to take a stand for him and their marriage. He’s going to respect his husband’s wishes. How can he not?

Nema asks MJ how it went with Reza, and she says she hasn’t asked if everything is dropped, and Nema tells her that Reza isn’t dropping the restraining order. He just said it. In MJ’s Interview, she says she’s really hurt. She doesn’t believe Reza would make that choice, to double down on something that damaged their friendship beyond recognition. He’d assured her that he was dropping everything in his power. She tells Nema that their friendship is built on lies. Destiney joins them, and Nema says, there’s drama. Reza comes in, and Nema says, perfect timing. A conversation came up about the restraining order. MJ says, everything they talked about was a lie. Nema tells her, that’s not what he said, and she says Reza also talked to other people, and she doesn’t like anyone else being involved. Reza says, what transpired in his household… and MJ says, he changed his mind? He says they’re not pursuing the felony charges, but what if Tommy comes back in six months with a gun instead of a bat? MJ says, so he’s worried about the future? and Reza says, 100%. MJ says if there’s going to be a future between them, please don’t do this. He needs to give her credit for 30 years of being his friend. That’s why she apologized. She’ll burn this house down if he doesn’t lift everything. He says he’s sorry, and she says she can’t do this. In Reza’s interview, he says he doesn’t want the restraining order to be the nail in the coffin of his friendship with MJ. But at the same time, he had to pick between two people he loves. He’s still married, and picked his husband.

On the balcony, MJ yells, these people are full of sh*t, and she doesn’t need to be there. In Mike’s interview, he says, they’re not a bunch of fair-weather friends. This has gone too far. How did they get to this place? In her interview, GG says, certain people will find a happier ending, and certain relationships are completely done. Reza yells for everyone to come and take a family photo, and the guests all gather by the pool. In MJ’s interview, she says she’s heartbroken and gutted. She was open to fixing the friendship, but wonders how they can ever get back from this. She leaves the party.

Next time – the Reunion.

💿 For the Record…

Today on GH’s Flashback Friday, it was an anniversary episode from 2014. I don’t remember seeing this, but I might have still been dealing with repairing the house after Hurricane Sandy. AJ died after Sonny shot him, Lucy was still married to Doc, Noah had broken up with Bobbie, and the Nurses Ball was on the horizon. Since there were flashbacks within this flashback, we saw three different Carlys, and saw Sonny when he was practically an infant. At the end, AJ was met by Emily, Edward, Lila, and Alan, and took the stairs up to heaven. Which is really questionable.


🩹 Ouch…

TJ got roughed up IRL too. At least he doesn’t have to go to work right now.


👋🏼 Goodbye Joe…

For at least the third time. I feel bad for the kids, but it’s probably time to quit now. Face it, he’d just be a thorn in Teresa’s side.


🍑 Past the Peach…

For some reason, my brain translated Phaedra to Rosa. Probably because of Porsha’s misunderstanding of the Underground Railroad. History and pop culture have somehow meshed in my brain.


🧗🏼‍♂️ A Gathering Of Goonies…

One more fun, creative get-together to keep you amused during quarantine.


🎺 Quotes of the Week

Remember, No one’s more important than people! In other words, friendship is the most important thing – not career or housework, or one’s fatigue – and it needs to be tended and nurtured. – Julia Child

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.Soren Kierkegaard

David is not a terrorist. He’s a Catholic. – woman being catfished on Dr. Phil

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. – Oscar Wilde

It is never too late to be what you might have been. – George Eliot

It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then. – Lewis Carroll

Well-behaved women seldom make history. – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

The most common form of despair is not being who you are. – Soren Kierkegaard

Nobody wanted to be in this situation. It is how we react to it that will define us as people. – David Toborowsky, 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined

You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?Rumi

Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.Voltaire

I had to think of a new and creative way to embarrass my children.Sarah Michelle Gellar on why she dyed her hair pink during quarantine, TheSkimm. (She sounds like my father.)

📝 Summing Up the Week…


You made it through another one. And I’ve added more things to my list of what I never want to hear/see again, like WFH (I’d actually thought it mean what fresh hell when I first saw it), and #alonetogether (I just want to be alone). The doors are slowly starting to open, and you’ll be out there again soon. See you when it’s time to sail away on Monday. Until then, stay safe, stay on your good behavior, and shake your groove thing like nobody’s watching. Unless they are.

April 2, 2020 – Doc Visits Cyrus, Soap Changes, NYC Minus Bethenny, Artistic Chefs, Chef Quote, Juicy Joe Passes the Time, Cabaret Drama & Almost Two


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I’ve consistently missed the beginning of the show every day this week, so why end the week any differently? <sigh> Sonny is taking Mike for a walk in the hallway, Molly has shown up to confront Jordan about TJ, and Doc pays Cyrus a visit.

On the phone Robert says, there’s nothing to be happy about, but the law doesn’t give them many choices. Laura says, that didn’t sound good, and he says, the information is going to be sent to Cyrus’s lawyers, who will ask for a writ of habeas corpus. Then a judge will look at it, and Cyrus walks. Laura says, that’s completely unacceptable. She won’t have that monster roaming free on the streets of Port Charles. He asks how she plans to stop him, and she says, watch her.

Sonny tells Mike, he’s got him, and Carly says they can come back. Brando says he just wanted to thank Mike for the summer at the track. He was ten years old, and obsessed with horses. Mike told him it ran in the family. Carly says, that sounds like Mike, and Mike says, Brando. Glady’s son. He remembers. Is Brando passing through? Carly says, Sonny is helping Brando open a garage in Port Charles. Mike says, good, and Sonny says, Brando is a nice guy. Brando says it was nice of Mike, and Mike says he appreciates him stopping by. He’s a little tired, so can Brando come by again some other time? Brando says he’d like that, and Carly tells Mike to get some rest. They’ll be there. Sonny walks Mike back to his room, and says it was a nice surprise visit. Mike says he doesn’t know Brando.

Curtis gets that Molly is upset, but it’s out of their hands. It’s time to accept it’s out of hers. TJ is a grown man, and taking time for himself. If the situations were reversed, TJ would respect her privacy. Molly says she’d make sure someone got a message to TJ, and not completely shut him out. Curtis says they don’t like how TJ is handling it, but it’s time they were all patient. She says she’s done being patient. TJ completely ghosted her, and is ignoring her texts and calls. She knows he’s disappointed, but this is vindictive and mean. Jordan says they don’t know where he is, and Molly says TJ is responding to Jordan, and asks if she’ll give him a message. She’s tired of the cold shoulder. They’re better than this, and they need to talk. Jordan says she’ll give TJ a message, but can’t guarantee when he’ll get back to Molly. Molly says Jordan knows how much she loves TJ, and Jordan says, she does, but right now, love isn’t enough. Molly says she’ll give TJ 24 hours, and then she’ll start a search herself. She’ll get Sam and Spinelli to help, and she’ll take out an ad in The Invader; have you seen this man? Jordan tells her to stop acting like a child.

On the phone, Laura tells someone she wants it as soon as possible. Robert asks if she’s going to keep him in suspense, or tell him. She says she’ll tell him when the time is right, and he says he hates being blindsided. She says Mac is out following leads on the warehouse and waterfront shootings, hoping they find something that ties it into Cyrus. Robert says, it’s more likely they won’t be able to, and Laura saysm the goal is to keep Cyrus locked up long enough to find evidence to make the charges stick. He says, suppose she succeeds? They know Cyrus can run his operation from behind bars. Laura says she told him that she wants to keep Cyrus locked up, but not in Pentenville.

Cyrus says, they brought in a shrink to get inside his head? Let him help Doc. No, he didn’t like to pull the wings off of flies. Doc says, but he did it anyway? Cyrus says they both know that’s not what he means, and Doc asks, what does he mean? Cyrus asks if this is how it’s going to go, and Doc says Cyrus’s first impulse was to insist he didn’t do something he thought Doc might ask about. Why that specific question? Cyrus says it’s what people like him ask, and Doc says, people like him; psychiatrists? Cyrus says, no, Methodists. I see we have another comedian behind bars. Doc says he’s interviewed many criminals like Cyrus, and Cyrus says, everyone wants to see what makes him tick. Why is that? Doc says he read Cyrus’s file. Cyrus says, and Doc has a fascination with him. Doc says, not necessarily fascination, and Cyrus says, but at least a healthy interest. He’s sure Doc has somewhere else he could be, but here he is. Doc says Cyrus’s second assessment was correct; an interest, not a fascination. Doc says he’s interviewed a lot like of men like Cyrus, and Cyrus says, but Doc has never met anyone like him.

Sam tells Jason that Spinelli followed Delores to her rendezvous. She’s having an affair with a councilmen, but they caught Spinelli taking pictures. Jason asks if it was in a hotel or motel, and Sam says, in the back of her car. Not the most discreet, but Delores threatened to arrest and charge Spinelli if he didn’t keep her secret. This also made it worse for Sam. Now Delores is determined to find something that will get her ass thrown back Pentenville. Jason says it’s time to stop looking for a way out; she was lucky she wasn’t thrown back in. She says her mom said the same thing, and he says she’s got to listen. If she thinks waiting is bad, it will be worse if she has to finish the rest of her sentence back in prison. Sam says they won’t see each other for a year and half. Is that what he wants? He says, no, but that’s what has to happen to keep her out of prison.

Mike tells Sonny, they’re trying to get one over on him, pretending they’re family. He needs Sonny to do something. Tell his boss that he needs to have security keep an eye on those two. Whoever they are, they’re up to no good.

Brando asks Carly if Mike is always like that, and she says, pretty much. She’s glad Mike recognized him, and he says, him too. That summer at the track is a good memory. She says, as Mike slips away, it’s important to remember the man he was. He says, Sonny is patient with him, and seems devoted. She says, when Mike was first diagnosed, Sonny worried that he couldn’t handle it, and couldn’t do what Mike needed. She never had any doubt. Family is everything to Sonny.

Molly says, it’s not being childish to want answers, but Jordan say she’s behaving like brat. Because TJ isn’t talking to her, she wants to call TV stations. She needs to get over it. She doesn’t want to see that her actions have consequences. She broke TJ’s heart, and he doesn’t want to be with her.

Doc tells Cyrus, that’s an intriguing statement. Does Cyrus think he’s more dangerous than other prisoners? Cyrus asks if that’s what Doc would like him to think, and Doc says he wants to know what Cyrus thinks. Is he more dangerous, or more of a threat? Cyrus tells Doc, he said he was more interesting, and Doc says, so he’s not dangerous? Cyrus says, he didn’t say that. Doc writes something, and Cyrus asks if Doc thinks he’s got him figured out. Doc says he’s documenting Cyrus’s veiled threat. When he asked if Cyrus was more dangerous, he refused to confirm it. Cyrus says, Doc thinks that’s a threat? and Doc says, a veiled one. It’s like when someone says, nice car. It would be a shame if something happened to it. Cyrus says, if he threatens Doc, he’ll know it. Cyrus wonders if he can ask Doc a question, and Doc says, of course (🍷); ask away. He asks if Doc could be perceiving an innocuous statement as a threat because of a manifestation of his own insecurities. Doc says, touché. He bets Cyrus is an excellent chess player. Cyrus says he never loses. Doc says, it’s been insightful, and thanks him. Cyrus says Doc never told him why he’s there. Doc says he’s doing a study about men behind bars, specifically solitary confinement. He’s been speaking to a lot prisoners. Cyrus has been helpful. Cyrus says, Doc’s name is Collins? Doc says, it’s a common name, but Cyrus probably recognizes it because his wife is the mayor. Cyrus says, Laura. She’s the reason he’s in solitary. Doc says, is she? Cyrus says, be sure to send his regards, and Doc leaves.

Trina tells Ava, after her dad died, Jordan went back over the files, and says her dad faked evidence. She told the Justice Department, and they’re going to let Cyrus out of prison. Ava says, that’s unlikely; it would be a major reversal. Trina says she doesn’t know the legal term, but her father is dead, and Cyrus is going to be out. How is that justice? The media is going to trash her dad, when he’s not a bad cop. Her father was a good man. Ava says she didn’t have a chance to know him, but from what Trina has said, she bets there’s only one person whose opinion mattered to him – Trina’s.

Jason takes Sam’s hands. He says it doesn’t matter how much they hate this. What’s important is she’s free, and home safe with the kids. She says, of course (🍷) it’s important, but so is finding a way to be together. He asks if it’s worth the risk? Her chance of going back to prison is worse than ever, especially now. She asks, what’s going on? and he says, Cyrus is attacking Sonny on all fronts. Out here, he can make sure she’s protected, but if she goes back, she’ll be in the middle of a war zone. Is Pentenville a co-ed prison?

Sam says she thought Sonny was handling Cyrus, and Jason says he’s working on it. It’s tough. Cyrus is powerful, and has a lot of people. Sam asks what that means, and he says, Sonny and Cyrus handle things differently. There are things Sonny won’t do that cross the line, and there’s no line Cyrus won’t cross. No one is off limits. Sam says she knows. He kidnapped Cameron and Trina, and used them as leverage. He says, they weren’t the only ones. Cyrus has TJ Ashford.  

Brando tells Carly, he mostly focused on the horses, but he got the impression that Mike and Sonny weren’t close. Mike was sorry for that. Carly says, if Mike hadn’t gotten sick, Sonny would have been okay with the distance. They both would have, but with Alzheimer’s, the distance isn’t up to them. You have to fight for every single moment. Brando says he doesn’t think he could do it, and Carly prays he never had to find out what it’s like. Sonny wanted to make peace with Mike before he slips away. Brando says, as much as he wasn’t happy at first about them keeping him there, he has to admit, it’s been good to connect with family. Carly says they enjoy having him there, even though they’re taking time to get to know him. Brando needs to get back to the shop, and Carly says she’s good. He leaves, and someone with very LOUD shoes goes by. Sonny comes back, and says he just left his dad. Mike doesn’t know who Brando is.

Ava tells Trina, nothing and no one can tarnish the love her father had for her. He’s her hero, and that’s all that matters. In a way, Taggert is Ava’s hero too. Trina says Ava didn’t know him, but Ava says she knows Trina. Her father saved her. He put his love for her above everything else, even his own life. That’s the true test of a hero and parent, putting everything aside for their child. Trina wishes there had been some other way, and Ava says she knows how important it is for Trina to keep her father on a pedestal. Trina says she didn’t put him there; it’s just where he always was. He was always a hero to her.

Molly tells Jordan, her not wanting to get married to anyone has nothing to do with how much she loves TJ. Jordan says, maybe not, but TJ gave her his heart and life, and she threw it back in his face. He got the message. She made a choice that served her, and didn’t care about TJ’s feelings. Molly says, that’s not true, and Jordan says Molly could have fooled her. Molly says Jordan made her point, and Jordan says, has she? Before Molly launches a search, remember TJ didn’t leave; she pushed him away. Molly says she’s got it. She never expected to break up with TJ, and she sure didn’t expect him do it through his mother. She leaves, and Jordan leans against the door. She tells Curtis, she had to do it. She had to stop Molly from searching. Curtis says, it will be okay, and she says she prays it worked.

Sonny tells Carly, his dad was scared. He thought Brando was going to hurt him. He wants Sonny to tell his bosses to beef up security. Carly says she’s so sorry, and Sonny says he’s got to go tell his dad that his boss is getting more men. He laughs, and she asks if there’s anything she can do to help? He says she’s done a lot already, and thanks her.

There’s a knock at the garage door, and Brando opens it to Molly. He says they’re closed, and she says, of course (🍷). It’s that kind of day. She guesses she’ll have to call a tow. She drives a hybrid, since it’s better for the environment. He asks what she hit, and she says, nothing; she went over a curb. The undercarriage is making a grating noise, and she doesn’t want to wreck the engine. He asks if there was any chance she was drinking, and she says she wishes; she’s totally sober. He asks if any other cars were involved, and if she needs the police, but she says it was just her. Sorry to bother him. She should have called a tow to begin with since the garage was closed. He says, on second thought, he’ll check it out.

Laura asks how it went, and Doc tells her, as expected. Cyrus is a narcissist. He made a subtle, veiled threat when his pride was hurt. He took exception to Doc minimizing how dangerous he was. She asks if they can lock him up, and Doc says, he’s sane. Under ordinary circumstances, he’d be opposed to that, but he has no problem recommending that he be moved to a psychological facility under medical supervision. Robert comes in and asks if that’s the plan. Laura asks how much he heard, and he says, enough to know it’s not going to work. Laura says she can have Cyrus transferred to Ferncliff, and Robert asks, for how long? She says they can keep him long enough for an extensive evaluation. Long enough to come up with a fresh case against him. Robert says Cyrus’s lawyers are going to take one look, and see it’s a ploy to keep Cyrus behind bars. Laura says she’ll argue that she wants him to get the care he needs. Robert says, and Doc will argue that it’s in his best interest. Doc says, exactly, and Laura says she’s not above doing what she has to, to keep Cyrus off the street, including having him committed. Robert says, it’s not going to work.

Mike recognizes Sonny, and asks, what took so long? Sonny apologizes, and Mike says, it’s all right; Sonny is there now. He hates hospitals. Can Sonny get him out? He just wants to go home. Sonny says, as soon as the doctors say it’s okay, he’ll take Mike back to Turning Woods. He remembers Turning Woods, right? Mike says, it’s a great place, but after that they get to go home, right? He doesn’t want to be around these people anymore; it doesn’t feel right. Sonny tells him to rest, and Mike says he’s tired. Sonny says, take a break. Close his eyes, and don’t worry. They’ll be waiting. Mike takes Sonny’s hands, and says, everything is going be all right. Sonny will see when they get back Bensonhurst; it will be all right. Mike lies down, closes his eyes, and drifts off.

Sonny goes back out, and Carly asks how Mike is doing. Sonny doesn’t know, and tells her to go home; he’s got to stay tonight. She says she knows how hard it is when Mike doesn’t recognize him, but Sonny says, he did. He knew Sonny’s name, the whole thing; he was great. Sonny sits down, and says, his dad wanted him to take him back to Bensonhurst. He looked Sonny in the eye, and he hasn’t done that in days. He said all he wants to do is go home.

Brando tells Molly, it’s not bad. It just needs some front end work. She asks if she should take it to the dealership, and he says, it’s up to her. She says he was nice enough to take a look, and she’d rather give him the business, assuming he can do the repair. He says, sure, and she says he doesn’t sound enthusiastic. He says he’s happy for the business, but she didn’t chose to come there, and he wasn’t recommend. She came out of desperation, and he doesn’t want to take advantage of that.

Ava says, any time Trina wants to talk, or even if she doesn’t, she’s available. Right now though, she’d like Trina to do something for her. Trina says, name it, and Ava says, call her mother. Let her know she’s safe. Ava knows what it’s like to worry about a daughter, no matter how angry she is. Trina takes out her phone, and calls. Ava gives her privacy.

Curtis tells Jordan, Molly will get over it, but Jordan says she can’t get over the look on Molly’s face. He says, when this is over, Molly will know Jordan was trying to protect her, and understand that Jordan loves her. She says here’s hoping it worked. Not just for Molly. Everyone needs to believe TJ is just dealing with rejection and disappeared. Curtis says, it makes sense, and she says she has to break Molly’s heart and destroy the reputations of the finest agents she’s ever met to make sure Cyrus and his drug dealing are off the streets.

Brando tells Molly, there’s no website yet; he just opened. She asks if it was a surprise, and he says he didn’t plan on opening a garage, not in Port Charles anyway. Long story. She says she loves them; the more convoluted, the better. He asks if she’s a novelist, and she says she’s a published author. She was sixteen at the time. He says, that’s even more impressive, and she says, it was a romance novel. Looking back, it was arrogant to think she could write about life and love, when she knew nothing. He asks if she still writes, but she says, not any more. Now she’s a law student. He says, so if she doesn’t like the repair, she’ll sue him. She asks if he can repair it, and he says he can. She says, at a fair price? and he says, absolutely. She says she’ll have no grounds. He says not to act grateful yet. He hasn’t drawn up the estimate. She says, it’s the perfect rotten end of a perfectly rotten day.

Trina tells Ava, her mom was glad she checked in, and Ava says she’s sure Portia would like to keep Trina at home, and not let Trina out of her sight. Trina says, normally, she’d hate that, but now, it’s not so bad. All of it is going to be coming out; the evidence her dad supposedly planted. It will be all over the news, and his name will be dirt. She’ll be the only one who remembers what a good man he was. Ava says, even if everyone loses faith, Trina won’t, and she’s the only person who matters. Trina says, it doesn’t feel like enough, and Ava says, she is; she was for him. Her father left behind an incredible legacy. Not just with his work as a cop, but with the way Trina saw him walk through the world. He shaped her, and she’s extraordinary. Trina is his legacy. They hug.

Curtis promises it will end, and Jordan will take Cyrus out. She wonders what’s taking so long. They have everything they need for Cyrus to vacate. He says she knows how it goes. They have to get the order in front of a judge. She says, and once they do, the most evil man she’s ever known is going to go free.

Laura asks if Robert is suggesting they just sit back and let Cyrus go free. He says the justice system isn’t perfect, but they can’t disrespect it. Doc says, not even if it was a random drug lord, whose body count was strangers? It’s a legitimate course of action. Robert says, it’s nothing to be happy about, but they have to get used to the fact Cyrus is getting out. And when he does, Laura will be in his crosshairs for what she did to him in Pentenville. Laura says she’s not worried about herself, but her city. Port Charles is going to see a spike in drug trafficking. She asks if there’s any other option to delay Cyrus’s release.

Sonny tells Carly, he thought watching his father fade away  would be the hardest part. His father knowing him, looking him in the eye, father to son, and pleading that all he wants  to do is go home; it’s the one thing Sonny can’t give him. This is hell. He can’t do it. Carly holds him, and says, yes, he can. She’s got him.

On Monday – tomorrow they’ll be airing their 56th Anniversary episode (originally aired on April 3rd, 2019) – Josslyn wants to find Trina, Jason tells Sam that he can’t do this anymore, and Carly asks Sonny what the hell he’s going to do.

🩹 The Hospital Skinny…

More on what’s to come for GH’s schedule.


The Real Housewives of New York City

We begin with the news of Bethenny’s exit, and how the cast found out, since apparently, Bethenny didn’t let anyone know. She could be caustic, but she was also intelligent, funny, and knew her way around a kitchen. And most important, every once in a while, blew her stack and said what was on all our minds. Life. Is. Not. A. Cabaret. Sonja feels abandoned all over again, and Ramona thinks it will be better; the women will be freer in spirit. In LeeAnn’s interview, a producer asks how she feels. LuAnn says, it’s hard to say. She’ll miss Bethenny, but the show must go on – without her.

LuAnn leaves the criminal court building, accompanied by Sonja. They hug on the steps, and LuAnn says, it’s finally over. She stops by a coffee cart on the corner, telling Sonja it’s her coffee guy. He says he thought she was finished, and in her interview, she says, it’s finally over; her probation is finished. It’s been almost two years. We flash back to LuAnn looking sad in court, and explaining to the others that she had to use a breathalyzer to drive. She says what people don’t understand is that she wasn’t fully present. This was always on her mind. It’s like someone lifted a ton of bricks. They sit and chat, and Sonja says, when LuAnn was first arrested, she didn’t care. She hit bottom, and thought things were great. Then she started becoming a cabaret star, and she wasn’t there for them. LuAnn says, what about her? Ugh. Same old. Sonja says she treated them like fans. In Sonja’s interview, she lists some of the ways LuAnn was a brat last season. The tantrum in the fish room, dumping Sonja after the AA meeting to go see her own poster, and coming back without truffle fries. That’s the real misdemeanor. LuAnn didn’t understand Sonja’s pain. As they hug, Sonja eats a pretzel behind LuAnn’s back.

Tinsley meets friend, and new cast member, Leah at the gym. In Tinsley’s interview, she says the summer was all about her. She moved on from Scott, worked on her lash line, and went to China, bringing back two puppies, Strawberry and Shortcake. She’s been focusing on herself, and it feels liberating. She met Leah a couple months ago, and Leah brings out her wilder side. She says what she feels, and has no filter. She also has a twelve-year-old daughter. Tinsley takes her hoops off, saying she feels like she’s losing  part of herself. Boxing trainer Martin says, nobody gives a f***. After the session, Tinsley and Leah sit and talk. Tinsley tells Leah that she only knew Chicago through Scott, but met Bruce while she was there. She doesn’t like his name, but she can’t change it. He’s been married twice and has three kids. In her interview, Tinsley thinks it’s the best way to have children; she can give them back. She tells Leah, she’s usually all-in immediately, but it’s the first time she’s being guarded, and not thinking too far ahead. Leah says she’s enjoying being single. She and her last boyfriend went to France, and on the flight home she asked what was going on with his divorce. He said it was on hold, so she told him that her p*ssy was on hold too. Ha! Good one.

Dorinda is still with John, and she’s prepping for his cooking class – i.e. her teaching him how to make lasagna. She tells him the doctor says she’s healing like a twenty-year-old, and he says she still acts like a twenty-year-old. In her interview, Dorinda says Carson Kressley was teaching her some Dancing with the Stars moves at a dinner party, flung her over a balcony, and she broke a rib. There was no mention as to whether alcohol was involved. She tells John, it forced her to look at things, and become dependent on him. In Dorinda’s interview, she says her injury made it necessary for her and John to spend time together. It’s been good, but weird; she’s not used to it. She confirms that familiarity breeds contempt.  They make lasagna, and Dorinda tells him about LuAnn. She doesn’t know why it’s a big deal. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she and LuAnn are in a good place, but their friendship had gone off the tracks. We flash back to mostly Dorinda being mean to LuAnn, and yelling, Jovani! during LuAnn’s cabaret show. She says, they’ve both transitioned to better places, and she’s not overthinking it.

Ramona meets friends Maria, Missy and Elyse, along with new neighbor/friend Mitchell, at a bar. In Ramona’s interview, she says she had a fabulous summer. She sold her condo, and has a new apartment on the Upper East Side, but she was living the Hamptons life. She admits she’s been escaping; masking something in her mind. She tells her friends that she feels like a youngster, but she’s sixty, and lacks direction. She feels empty and alone. In her interview, she says she has no important man in her life. Elyse says she’s surprised that Ramona feels that way, and Ramona starts to cry. Oh, yay. The bar buddy everyone wants. A weepy one. She says she wants a man to hold her, love her, and marry her, and doesn’t know if she’ll find one. I should add, an embarrassing bar buddy as well, since she’s LOUD.

Leah and daughter Kier go out to a juice bar. In her interview, Leah says, New York City is the best city in the world, and I tend to agree. She has a clothing line, Married to the Mob (which I’m actually familiar with), and lives with her daughter. They’re best friends, soulmates, and life partners. She doesn’t know if that’s healthy, but it’s the way it is. Kier is starting school soon, and Leah tells her to be herself, try her best, and don’t let the bitches get to her. Kier says her grandma told her that Leah was a horrible child. In Leah’s interview, she says their family situation isn’t traditional. Her baby daddy was her first love, and she thought they’d be together until they died, but they haven’t been together since Kier was two. Even so, he’s pretty much family.

Ramona visits Sonja, along with her pup Coco, who wants to romance Sonja’s pup Marley, even though there’s nothing they can ultimately do about it, since they’re fixed. Sonja says she’s been a recluse and has gas. Ramon tells Sonja not to send any of that her way. Sonja says she just took her daughter to college, and she lost it. In Sonja’s interview, she says when her daughter was in boarding school, she came home on weekends with her friends. The best Sonja can do now is be supportive about college, but she’s dying inside. Ramona says, when kids are away, they appreciate you more, and Sonja says she wants to give her daughter space. Sonja says, when she went to college, she flew the coop, and never looked back. The dogs continue to go at it.

Dorinda prepares for a party on the rooftop of Magic Hour restaurant. In her interview, she says she’s the entertainer of the group. You never know what you’ll get with Sonja, Ramona always invites the same thirty people, LuAnn’s parties always have a ticket booth out front, and who would Tinsley invite? Scott? We flash back to Dorinda calling Tinsley out on Scott and living in the hotel. Dorinda tells her makeup artist, Tinsley gave her a speech on how she didn’t want to hear conspiracy theories about her life, but she tells it like she sees it.

Tinsley tells her hair stylist that she’s anxious because she’s about to see the girls. The accusations about her and Scott are bullsh*t. We flash back to a Scott moment. In Tinsley’s interview, she wishes she understood why Dorinda is focused on her. Clearly something is going on in her own life that’s making her unhappy, so she’s projecting. Dorinda says she doesn’t know anything about Tinsley. The minute they go deep, Tinsley retracts like a turtle. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she doesn’t know if Tinsley has the ability to open up, but they’re not cocktail party talkers; they’re bad bitches.

Tinsley brings Leah to Dorinda’s party, and Leah wonders if there are any eligible bachelors to pick up. In her interview, Dorinda says she’s good at parties. She brings people from all different places and professions, and throws them into a room like a crazy soup, then puts the heat on high. Tinsley refuses to clink glasses because Sonja and Leah aren’t drinking alcohol, and it’s bad luck. I think that applies only to water, but Tinsley lives in her own world. She puts a drink stirrer in her drink, and then sticks it in theirs to make it okay. New rule. In Leah’s interview, she says she and alcohol have a weird relationship. She didn’t drink for nine years, and then started again six months ago. She enjoys going crazy. We see a clip of her telling Tinsley that every twenty times, she’s a hot mess and takes a loser home, wondering how he got there the next morning. The other night she drank too much, and lost Chanel bag along with her passport, so she’s putting it on pause. Everyone comments on Dorinda’s fabulous new haircut, which really does flatter her. LuAnn says she has her life back. In her interview, LuAnn says, it’s hard to wrap her head around the fact she could have gone to jail for having a drink, and now she can do what she wants. She worked hard to get where she is, and doesn’t want to give it up. She’s Lu and improved. Tinsley introduces Leah to everyone.

Dorinda welcomes everyone. She says, another summer is over, and she wanted to have an end-of-the-summer party, since they scatter during the summer. She tells them that she has a big surprise, and drag queen Chelsea Piers comes out (no pun intended), and performs Feelin’ Jovani, while LuAnn fights for the spotlight. In LuAnn’s interview, she says obviously Dorinda has gotten past this. It’s not an olive branch; it’s the whole tree. In Leah’s interview, she says she has no clue what Jovani is, and looks it up on her phone, looking confused when she finds out it’s a clothing designer. I guess she’s never watched this show. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, she loves hard, fights hard, and forgives easily. It seems ridiculous now. Leah explains she’s a native New Yorker, and LuAnn says, but she looks so normal. Leah says she doesn’t see herself tied down, but Ramona says she wants to be tied down. (Leaving those jokes for someone else.) LuAnn tells Leah, they’re kind of old school, since they were both married a long time. Leah and LuAnn compare arrests, and oddly enough, both attacked police officers. In Leah’s interview, she says she ran into a guy she had a crush on 4th of July, 2002. She was mid-kiss when suddenly five cops were beating him up. Her kneejerk reaction was to hit a cop, and he punched her, then smashed her face into the subway grate. Nice. She sued and won, and decided she’d been making bad choices, so she’d be smart with the money, and used it for her brand.

Tinsley asks Dorinda to come outside and talk. They sit, and Tinsley says she feels like they were friends, but had issues, and she wants to have a lunch date where they can talk. Dorinda says, about Tinsley’s text on conspiracy theories, she’s always trying to pull information out of Tinsley. She saw Tinsley in January, when she’d said she wasn’t with Scott, and a week later, she was having dinner with him. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, it’s about transparency. Tinsley has things going on, and they find out about them elsewhere. She thinks Tinsley is a riddle they’re never going to solve. She doesn’t know the answer. Tinsley wins. Inside, Sonja chats up hot guy William, who’s Ramona’s ex-lover. Sonja says Ramona is always going after her guys, so she’s turning the tables. She tells William that she’s not dating young guys, but if you don’t use it, you lose it. Leah doesn’t think he can handle Sonja. In her interview, Leah feels like William is the kind of guy who wouldn’t know his way around a woman’s body, rub you in the wrong place, and you’d have to explain it to him or he’ll just keep it up. Sonja says she doesn’t want to go home empty-handed. Wake up and smell the Sonja. Dorinda tells Tinsley, it’s not just her, but Tinsley says, actually, it is. Dorinda won’t listen to her, and keeps calling her a liar. Dorinda says, don’t put words in her mouth.

Dorinda tells Tinsley not to be tricky with her. Don’t ride up on her and make a statement. I have no idea what that means. Tinsley says she doesn’t give a sh*t, and what she thinks is that Dorinda doesn’t want to be her friend. Dorinda says she wants to know who Tinsley is, but Tinsley just wants to make a big statement, and it’s not going to work. Dorinda flounces off, and plops down next to LuAnn on a couch. She tells LuAnn that Tinsley came up on her hot, and told Dorinda not to be all gangster, but Dorinda said she is gangster. I think maybe she’s just mean. Tinsley said everybody knows her except Dorinda. Tinsley sits down in between Ramona and Leah, and says she only said she wanted to talk to Dorinda, and Dorinda said she was fake. In Tinsley’s interview, she says if she’s not talking, Dorinda says she’s hiding something, but if she asks for a private conversation, she’s fake. She can’t win. Leah asks, what’s going on? and Dorinda and Tinsley continue to bicker. In LuAnn’s interview, she says, she’s already been there, and the last thing she’s doing is inserting herself into this dog fight. She tries to switch seats with Tinsley, but Tinsley isn’t moving. Dorinda gets in Tinsley’s face, and tells her to shut her mouth. Leah asks if Tinsley is going to let Dorinda talk to her like that. Tinsley says she doesn’t care what Dorinda has to say, and Dorinda says, kindergarten is starting. In Leah’s interview, she says, Dorinda is like the snake in Beetlejuice, but scarier and meaner. Dorinda says this is boring her, and starts to walk away, but her heel gets stuck. Tinsley says, don’t trip (totally missing the opportunity to say, have a nice trip; see you next fall). Dorinda gets up close and personal again, and says her heel got stuck. The difference is, she bought her shoes. She didn’t lie on her back for them. She twirls around, but not nearly as well as Kenya, and walks away. Tinsley says, you’re a jealous bitch, bitch.

And away we go.

This season – parties, costumes, Ramona on a swing, Sonja falling, Leah says they’re all hot effing messes, LuAnn is back at cabaret, Tinsley wants to move to Chicago, Dorinda pretends everything is okay, LuAnn forgot how good vodka tastes, a trip to Mexico, a trip to a cornfield, revisiting the fish room, LuAnn swears she never screwed the pirate, and Dale wonders what’s wrong with her and Tinsley?

👨🏽‍🍳 On Top Chef, comedian chefs Ali Wong and Randall Park, who met during a fried rice competition where they went to school, gave the chefs their quickfire challenge of creating a fried rice dish, the winning chef getting immunity. The chefs had thirty minutes to make the best damn fried rice that was creative and inventive. Given a display table of ingredients, they were also to use at least one ingredient from the choices. You’d have thought they were going for rolls of toilet paper, the way the chefs grabbed the components they wanted. Kevin was the winner, using flaming hot Cheetos, hot dogs, and bourbon. I assume it tasted better than it sounds, since Ali said it was like a party in her mouth.

The elimination challenge was next, with the chefs going to the Getty Museum for inspiration. The challenge was to interpret a work of art on a plate, using four movements; baroque, neoclassicism, renaissance, and rococo. Since Kevin won the Quickfire, he got to choose first, and selected baroque. The rest of the contestants took knives from a block, each with a movement on it. After the museum, it was on to Whole Foods to shop for ingredients. Someone pointed out LOUD shoes, and I had to laugh, since I’d just mentioned that in the GH recap, and I wonder if it’s a thing now. The chefs were to tell a story through their choice of ingredient, and Ludo Lefebvre was introduced as guest judge.

Padma said they had some glorious, artful food, but had to choose one masterpiece. The winning spot went to Melissa’s won ton soup.

When the chefs on the bottom were called out, Padma told Karen that she ended up in the bottom because Kevin had immunity. In her interview, Karen made it clear how pissed she would be if she was out for that reason. She creeped me out a little during this episode. Not only did she practically hiss her displeasure about possibly losing, she most definitely glared at Kevin when he got the immunity in the first place. I also highly doubt had he not had it, he would have taken any chances. Joe said while the dish chosen didn’t lack artistry, it lacked the technique to present the artistry. Jamie had to pack up his knives and go for his dish being too dry. He said it sucked to leave this early, and wished he had delivered better cookery; there was no greater sin. His hope was in the Last Chance Kitchen, and to get back in the competition, doing the type of food he wants, the way he wants to do it. Next time, Kelly Clarkson is guest judge, and the chefs are challenged with a vegetarian menu.

🥠 The best quote came from Brian: I am not making baby Jesus today.

🐐 On Watch What Happens Live, we learned from Melissa and Joe Gorga that during quarantine in Italy, Joe Giudice is picking broccoli and chasing goats. Alrighty then.

👠 Don’t Pandemic Me…

One of LuAnn’s employees passive/aggressively called her out on Instagram.


But she’s not having it during this crisis.


👩🏽‍🚀 Almost Two Weeks In…

The good news is, chickens are still laying eggs, and the sky hasn’t fallen… yet. Shah you tomorrow.

February 22, 2020 – The Aftermath Of Brad’s Confession, NeNe’s Future, NYC Relief, NuBethenny, Tamra’s Reason, Reunion In Italy, Drita Is Free, Ariana Insured, a Half-Dozen Quotes Twice & Tap Baby Tap


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny comes in along with Michael, who’s holding Wiley. Carly says it’s good to see Wiley, and asks, what about Nelle? Sonny says, the cops have her. Lucas comes up  to Wiley, and says, hey, buddy. Michael says Wiley is a lucky guy. So many people love him. Julian says, he’s happy and safe, and asks Lucas if he needs anything. Sonny says, it’s been a tough night; Julian should probably go. Julian tells Lucas to call or drop by if he needs anything. Michael says they have a lot to figure out, and they will, but one thing they agree on is making this okay for Wiley.

Curtis says, body count? Is Jordan in danger? Taggert says he and Jordan both are, and Jordan says she doesn’t want Curtis involved, but Taggert says, he already is by being married to her. Jordan tells Curtis, it was an undercover operation for the DEA. Curtis says, and it came back to haunt them. Jordan says they were part of a four agent team, assigned to investigate a major drug trafficker, who covered the entire Pacific Northwest. He brought drugs in from Russia through the Canadian border, and distributed them to the western states. Taggert says, he sold drugs to everyone, from CEOs to middle school kids. Jordan says, they infiltrated the organization to get evidence and bust him. Curtis asks, what happened? and Taggert says, he covered himself well. Whenever they found someone who’d turn on him, they’d turn up dead. Curtis says, but here they both are; alive and unharmed. Taggert says, they got the break they needed, and Jordan says, they took the dealer down, and left with their covers intact. Curtis says, no one knew who they were? and Jordan says, that’s what they believed. Taggert says, until their partners turned up dead.

Nelle is put in the cell across from Brad. Brad asks where Wiley is, and what she did with him. She tells Brad, he’s despicable.

Willow wakes up, and Chase says she has a minor concussion, but she’s going to be all right. She asks, what happened? The last thing she remembers, she was watching Wiley. She sits up, saying, oh my God. Nelle was there and wanted to take Wiley. Chase says she was arrested, and Willow asks if Wiley is okay. He says, Wiley is fine; he’s with Michael, and she says, thank God. He says he has a lot he needs to tell her, and she says, it’s bad? He nods and she says, okay. Just give her a minute to be glad her son is okay.

Carly says, Michael is right. Wiley has had a confusing, big night. She knows he’s tired, and it’s past his bedtime. Maybe he’d like a snack first. Michael asks if Lucas wants to give Wiley a snack; they’ll talk later. Lucas says, yeah, and takes Wiley, asking if he’s if hungry. He tells Michael, he’s so sorry.

Carly tells Lucas that he has nothing to be sorry for. He didn’t do this. Bobbie says, no one is blaming him, least of all Michael. Michael says Lucas isn’t responsible, and Bobbie suggests giving Wiley his snack. She and Lucas go into the kitchen, and Carly says, what Michael did just now, giving Lucas time with Wiley, was so generous. Michael says he needs their help, and thinks Lucas could use Carly right now. Carly asks if Michael is okay, and he says he’s still figuring it all out, but he’ll be fine. Carly says Michael is a good man, and she loves him. She hugs him, and he says he loves her too. She goes to the kitchen, and Michael tells Sasha that he forgot to thank her for calling Chase. She says she’s glad she could help in a small way. Sonny says, now that Wiley is in the other room, tell him what the hell happened. How did Brad get his hands on Michael’s son, and keep it a secret for more than a year?

Curtis says, Bob Endicott, Jordan’s former boss, the one she said couldn’t have possibly OD’d. He was part of the team too? She says, and Mark Simon is also dead. Taggert says, also from a drug overdose. Two down, and him and Jordan left. Curtis says Jordan thought she shouldn’t tell him she has a target on her back?

Julian pours a shot of whiskey, and Ava runs in, asking if he’s all right. Is he hurt? He says, no, and she asks, what is it? He said he needed her, and it was an emergency. He hung up, and she thought she’d find him bleeding to death. He says, it’s nothing that simple, and she asks, what’s going on? He says, Brad confessed, and she says, to what? He says, Wiley isn’t Willow’s son; he’s Michael’s son, and Sonny’s grandson. The baby Lucas and Brad adopted was Nelle’s baby. He only saw the baby once. Lucas was in surgery, and Brad took the baby home. He laid the baby in his crib, and when he came back, the baby wasn’t breathing; sudden infant death syndrome. From there, things happened, and Nelle gave Brad the baby she’d had with Michael. Ava asks what he means by things happened, and he says, they switched babies by the side of the road. Somehow, Nelle convinced Brad to take the baby home that she’d had with Michael. Ava asks if Sonny knows, and Julian nods. She asks where Brad is now, and he says, in jail. She says he’s got to be terrified, and Julian says, he’s not the only one. She says, please tell her that he didn’t help Brad steal Sonny’s grandchild. He says he didn’t but… She says, if Sonny finds out… Julian says, he’s a dead man.

Chase tells Willow, it’s going to be confusing. She’s going to have a lot of questions, but he’ll do his best to answer them. The details are pretty hazy, but the central factor is undeniable. She says, okay… and he says Wiley isn’t her son. Nelle and Michael are his birth parents.

Nelle asks if Brad knows how she felt, waking up on a cold, damp road to find a dead baby in her arms. He asks what she’s talking about, and she says Jonah meant everything to her. He was the only thing she had left of Michael, and Brad stole him from her. Brad says, no. She said he had to take the baby. She asks if that’s the story he’s going with; he’s the innocent victim. He says she knows it was her idea, and she tells him to stop lying to save himself. She was overwhelmed with grief, and so was Michael. They were mourning a child they thought was dead because of him. Brad says she told him the baby would be better off if he and Lucas raised him. She didn’t want the baby anywhere near Michael. She says Brad was her only friend; stop pretending. Stop pretending he cares, when on the worst night of her life, he stole her child.

Julian tells Ava, a few days afterward, Brad told him that it wasn’t the original baby, and the first baby died. He said he’d gotten a new baby from some random homeless woman. Ava asks if he believed that, and Julian says he thought it was convenient, but it didn’t occur to him that Brad had helped himself to Sonny’s grandson. She says, Brad eventually told Julian the truth? and Julian says, eventually. She asks what the hell he was thinking. Why not go to Sonny the minute that loser told him that he’d switched babies? He says, unfortunately, Brad is his son-in-law, and when Brad came clean, Wiley was more than a year old. Lucas had time to bond with Wiley, and he wasn’t taking Wiley away from his son.

Willow tells Chase, someone made a mistake, and he says he’s sorry, but it’s true. Wiley is Michael’s son. She says, it doesn’t make sense, and he says he can explain. When Willow gave birth at Mercy Hospital on July 29th, 2018, Alexis brought the infant to GH, and delivered him to his adoptive father Brad. Lucas was in surgery, and Brad brought the infant home. Willow asks him to stop calling the baby the infant; his name is Wiley. Chase says, Brad placed Wiley in the crib, but when he came back to check on him, he wasn’t breathing. She says, no, and keeps repeating it as Chase talks. He says, Brad tried CPR, but the baby was unresponsive. Willow gets up, but sinks to the ground, yelling, no! He holds her, and says, it’s okay. I guess because he can’t think of anything else to say, since it’s clearly not okay.

Bobbie says she could wring Brad’s neck, and Lucas says he wishes he could hate Brad as much as she does, but he knows Brad. He knows Brad loves him and Wiley. Bobbie says, forgive her for not being kind and understanding, but Brad created incredible harm. That’s not love; it’s selfishness. Carly agrees, and says what Brad did was wrong, but at least they know Wiley spent his first year in a loving home. Lucas says Wiley gave it right back; he misses Wiley already. Bobbie says he’s Wiley’s father. It’s not like ripping off a name tag and moving on. Carly says Bobbie is right. No one expects him to stop loving Wiley. Lucas asks, what happens now? Wiley chomps on a cracker, oblivious to all the anxiety around him.

Julian tells Ava, the look on Lucas’s face when Brad confessed… He’d give anything not to see it again. She says, it was never going to end well. The problem is, eventually Brad is going to tell everyone that Julian was in on it. Julian says, it’s going to kill Lucas, and Ava says, Sonny is going to kill Julian. They have to get him out of town; out of the country. He says, if Sonny wants revenge, Sonny will hunt him down until he gets it. He’s not running. She asks what the brave act is for, and he says she should know more than anyone what it feels like to fail your own children. When Lucas became a father, he saw a crack in Lucas’s armor, and thought the relationship could be repaired. She says, with Brad in a constant state of panic, and him keeping the secret? He says he had a plan to shut Brad out, and the constant threat. She takes it the plan didn’t work, and he says, none of it would have happened if Lucas hadn’t gotten in that car.

Jordan says she was managing things, but Curtis says that’s not how they do things. When trouble is coming for her, he’s her first line of defense, not Taggert. Taggert says they were traying to figure things out without worrying their families. Curtis says, call Anna, but Jordan says, no. Taggert says they have to do it alone, and Curtis says he can’t believe this. As major drug trafficker has them in his sights, and they don’t want to call for backup? There’s something they’re still hiding. Taggert says Curtis is still jumping to conclusions, but Jordan says Curtis is right. They are.

Willow asks Chase how it happened. How did her baby get switched with Michael’s? He says, Brad was heading back to the hospital, but he was too emotional to drive. He pulled over same road where Michael and Nelle had the accident. Michael was trapped in the car; Nelle left him there. She must have given birth a short time later, since she had the baby with her when she knocked on Brad’s car window. He sits on the floor next to her. Willow says, which one came up with the idea? He says, Brad swears it was Nelle, and she says, of course (🍷) it was. She says that twice, so (🍷)

Michael says, when he and Chase got to the apartment, Nelle was on her way out with Wiley. He distracted Nelle long enough so Chase could grab her, and he took Wiley. He was holding Wiley like he’d done a thousand times before, but now he knew he was Wiley’s father. Sonny tells him to get used to the feeling like his heart is going to burst and he wants to give everything to his child. It doesn’t go away. Michael says he feels for Lucas, and Sasha tells him, they all feel terrible, but don’t let it stop him from feeling joy. It’s not selfish to be happy that his boy is alive. Sonny says both sadness and happiness in your heart is called being human. Michael says it’s not just about him. Wiley is losing the only parents he’s ever known. Sasha says, he’s gaining a father he already knows and loves, who’s always been present in his life. Michael says being the special occasion guy is a whole different thing than being Wiley’s dad, the one he trusts the most. Blood didn’t make Sonny his father. It was the way Sonny took care of him, and how he trusted Sonny. Sonny says, Wiley feels the same way, and knows in his heart Michael loves him. Michael wonders if the right way to love Wiley is to make him leave a house he already knows, with one of the fathers who he already loves.

Brad says Nelle knows what she’s doing won’t work. He’s not taking the blame for what she did. She says, all she did was pass out with a baby in her arms. Brad says she was wide awake when she told him to take the baby. She said it would make Lucas happy. It never would have entered his head if she hadn’t put it there. She says, now she’s a liar? He says that’s what she does. She cons people, and plants thoughts in their heads, so they don’t know right from wrong anymore. She says she’d just delivered a baby. She was weak and unconscious when he took Wiley from her. He says, what about Obrecht? She delivered Nelle’s baby; Nelle wasn’t alone in the woods like she told Michael. She says she had no idea what happened when she was alone. Waking up on the side of the road, all she remembers is that she had a dead baby in her arms. Brad says she has no idea what it’s like to lose a baby, and she says she lost Jonah. First Brad steals him, and now he’s telling her that Wiley loves him more than her. Brad says, that’s not true, and she says he robbed her of time with her son. He knew the truth, that her baby was alive. He says he’s going to make sure everyone knows Nelle gave him to Brad. He and Lucas gave him a home and family, and she’ll never love him the way they do. She calls the guard, and says Brad is antagonizing her. Get him out.

Taggert says, wait, but Jordan says, they started this. That means they’re going to finish it. Curtis says, she’s right. Taggert can’t come up in there saying they were working undercover with the DEA, and not give him the whole story. Jordan says, they’re not guessing about the attacks. The dealer knows who they are, and came there to burn her city down. She knows this because she went to see him at Pentenville. Taggert asks, when? and Jordan says he didn’t come out and say he was after them. It was what he didn’t say that alerted her to what he was doing. Taggert wonders what Cyrus is doing in Pentenville, and Jordan says he got moved. He was always good at making political connections. Curtis asks, who is this guy? and Jordan hands him a file, saying, Cyrus Renault. Curtis looks through it, and says, sounds like a good dude. She says they believe he’s behind the attacks on Sonny, but Curtis says, drugs are not Sonny’s thing. She says, Cyrus gets a fresh new market in taking over Sonny’s territory. Taggert says, after everything they did to put him away; now he’s back. He’s not going to surprise them anymore. He’s going to check with some people. He tells Curtis, now that he knows everything, go easy on her. She was just trying to protect him. Taggert leaves, and Curtis says Jordan never fails to surprise him. Tell him the full story. She says he won’t be happy she did.

Carly tells Lucas, whatever happens next, they’ll get through it together. Bobbie says, his sister is right. Don’t let what Brad did push him away from his family. Carly says, it’s hard. Lucas has every right to be angry, mad, and hurt. Let them be his safe space. Bobbie tells him, never forget he’s done an amazing job raising Wiley. Carly says, nothing can change that. Everyone came together to keep Wiley safe and make him feel loved.

Willow says, of course (🍷) it was Nelle. She hates Michael, and wanted to hurt him. What could be worse than… Chase says, Brad took the baby home, and when the police found Nelle, she had her baby in her arms. The took her to the hospital, where she gave the baby to Michael. Willow says, Michael talked about it in their grief support group. How still the baby was. He wanted to tell himself the baby was just asleep, but he could feel the truth. Even then, he didn’t want to let the baby go. He went to the chapel to ask God why, but God didn’t have an answer. Eventually, the nurse came, and he had to give the baby up. He said it was the worst moment of his life, and she thought she understood. She had to give her baby up when the nurse came to take him for the adoption. She was just missing her baby. Michael was grieving his. Now it’s her turn to grieve her child. She starts to cry.

Jordan tells Curtis, the four of them worked their ways into different parts of Cyrus’s business, but they couldn’t gather enough evidence to bring him up on charges. All that work for nothing. Curtis says he knows the feeling. She says she was in too deep, and losing touch with who she was on the inside. He says, the part of her that’s a mother, and she says she needed to go home, see her kid, and remind herself of what’s truly important. He says it sounds like she reached a turning point, and she says they’d been involved long enough to manufacture evidence, and leave a trail for the FBI to find. So that’s what they did. They framed Cyrus crimes he actually committed. Curtis says, it worked; Cyrus got life, but Jordan says, because they broke the laws they swore to uphold. They were just as dirty as Cyrus. Curtis says, no, no, no, no, no. They didn’t sell drugs to little kids; they saved lives. She says he should be upset, and he says he is. How could she not tell him, and shut him out when trouble came? If the roles were reversed, she’d be furious with him. She says he’s right. She was selfish, and didn’t want her undercover work to touch the life she has with him. He says she’s got to be all in, or it’s not going to work. She says, on the other side, he doesn’t know Cyrus. He’s a monster, and just set up base in their backyard. Curtis holds her.

Sonny says Michael is thinking of giving up his son? All he’d be doing is dragging out the pain. Everyone knows, and more important, Michael does. Even if Lucas moves to China, there’s no amount of distance that can sever that tie. They can’t fix what Brad and Nelle did, but can give Wiley the best life they can. Michael says he’s right about everything, but how does he tell Lucas? Sonny says, say the words, and Lucas will respect that. There’s only one way this can end. Michael knows this. Michael says he still wants Lucas in Wiley’s life, and Sasha says, tell him. It will be a different relationship, but that doesn’t make it any less meaningful. Sonny says, she’s wise; listen to her. Michael says he does. It just hit him, Lucas isn’t the only one facing a loss. Chase is telling Willow that the child she loved all this time isn’t hers, and her own son is gone.

Willow tells Chase, now she understands why Brad was so tense around her. She thought he was afraid she’d change her mind and take Wiley back. If she’d gone through with rescinding the adoption, she would have taken a baby that wasn’t hers, and when Shiloh tried to get custody, Brad could have stopped it at any time. All he had to do was tell the truth. Chase says, Brad’s weak, and easily manipulated. He’s been under Nelle’s thumb since they switched the babies. That’s why Brad was at Nelle’s parole hearing, and let her stay at his apartment. She’s been blackmailing him. Willow says, he let her.

Bobbie asks if Lucas believes it was all Nelle’s idea, and he says, Brad has told his fair share of lies, but it seems like something Nelle would come up with. Carly says it was the perfect opportunity to hurt Michael, and by extension, hurt her. She’s Nelle’s real target; the focus of Nelle’s envy and obsession. They’re collateral damage. Lucas says Wiley likes to be read to after his snack. Brad usually packs his favorite book. He digs in Wiley’s bag, and brings out a sippy cup. He says if you freeze them, it’s good for teething. Carly says, that’s sweet, and Wiley laughs. Lucas asks if she remembers when he asked her what the hardest part of parenting was, and Carly says, knowing what’s the right thing to do.

Jordan thanks Curtis for loving her, and he says, of course (🍷). He always will. Anyone who comes for her, will have to go through him. She says that’s not what she wants. She doesn’t want him to be the price she pays for her mistakes. He says he can protect himself, and she says, do that, and keep an eye on TJ as well. It will be easier for her to do what she has to. He asks, what is it she’s going to do? and she says she’s the Police Commissioner. No one is going to burn Port Charles down on her watch.

Julian tells Ava, she’ll want to steer clear. Brad is spineless, and could break at any point, and spill his guts. Ava says then they’ll have to intervene before Brad has a chance to give him up.

Nelle says she finally had a chance to be with her son, and now she’s trapped because of Brad’s terrible lies. The guard says they can’t have him badgering other prisoners, and takes him out. Brad says, she’s lying, and when he’s gone, Nelle smiles.

Willow tells Chase, she tried to like Brad over and over, but she didn’t; she couldn’t. Part of her knew what he was like. Brad is a lying coward who cares more about himself than Wiley. Wiley could have had his father the whole time, had Michael raise and love him, and now… He’s so young, and his whole world is upside down. Brad did this to him, his so-called father; the man she chose to raise her son. Chase says, she picked Lucas, but she says, no. She trusted her son to Brad, and Brad let him die. She says, oh my God. Brad traded him in like a faulty appliance. She cries, and says, there was no one there who loved him. No one knew him. She sobs, and Chase takes her in his arms.

Lucas brings Wiley out, and Michael asks if Wiley enjoyed his snack. Lucas says, he did; he ate all of it. Michael says, he loves his animal crackers. Lucas tells Wiley, hey, buddy. He knows his Uncle Michael, and knows how much he loves to play games with Wiley and tell him stories. He has a nice surprise. Wiley is going home with him. He gives Michael Wiley’s bag, and says, there’s more snacks, a bedtime book, and diapers. He tells Wiley, I love you buddy, and kisses the top of Wiley’s head. He gives Wiley to Michael, and tries not to cry. He says, take good care of your son, and Bobbie hugs Lucas. Everyone looks sad.

The acting was so good, even though I can’t relate at all, they had me tearing up.

On Monday, Nikolas needs Elizabeth’s help, Ava asks Franco if Nikolas and Elizabeth had an affair, Julian tells Brad that it’s on him, and Carly tells Sonny that Nelle is the mastermind

🍑 Like She’s Ever Going Anywhere…

They’ll have to pry that peach out of her cold, dead hand.



🗽 Make Room…

LuAnn’s life is once again a cabaret.


✈️ Life Beyond the Wives…



🍽 A Lot On Her Plate…

Although I thought the usual strategy was to just throw it.


🛌 It Would Be Weird…

Seriously. Did he think she was going to share his bed?


She should have just dropped the kids off.


🥂 That’s Good, I Guess…

Although it might have been parlayed into another season of Mob Wives.


🩺 Some Of Us Still Don’t Have It…

I’m on the get better or die plan myself.


🎤 Quotes of the Week

It takes a lot of time to be a genius. You have to sit around so much, doing nothing, really doing nothing.Gertrude Stein (I might have found my calling!)

Confidence is 10 percent hard work and 90 percent delusion, just thinking foolishly that you will be able to do what you want to do. – Tina Fey

If his grades get any lower, we’ll have to start renting him out as a speedbump. – Charlie (Charlie Sheen), Two and a Half Men

Every now and then I like to do as I’m told, just to confuse people. – Tamora Pierce

The worst part of success is trying to find someone who is happy for you. – Bette Midler

I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure. – Mae West

Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. – Coco Chanel (Love that! Now if I can just learn it…)

There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. – Nelson Mandela

The price of greatness is responsibility. – Winston Churchill

Death, taxes, and childbirth! There’s never any convenient time for any of them. – Margaret Mitchell

So, your kids must love the iPad? I asked Mr. [Steve] Jobs, trying to change the subject. The company’s first tablet was just hitting the shelves. They haven’t used it, he told me. We limit how much technology our kids use at home. – Nick Bilton

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. – Dr. Seuss

👠 Friday Night…

I went to see a revival Mack & Mabel on Broadway. I couldn’t find a version of this from the performance I saw, but close enough. Since no good time goes unpunished, this is an appropriate song for today. See you when the Dead return.

February 14, 2020 – Nina Takes a Leap, Kandi Wants Her Own, Joe’s Tribute, Gina Says Next, Lisa Identifies, Bong Shares, Stars Remember, Eight Valentine(ish) Quotes & Wishing You Love


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina throws a folder on Jax’s desk, and says it’s all his fault. She has to choose between Aruba and St. Martin, but she can’t look at the sand and water, or conceptualize the shoot. All she hears is his voice inside her head saying, come to the fun side of the island. He says, maybe it’s her subconscious talking. Nina asks what it’s telling her, and he says, come to the fun side of the island. She asks if that’s still an option.

Valentin looks at the Cassadine crest ring. He says he never had a use for it, and never even bothered to put it on. Now he’s learned it was never his to begin with. He looks up, and says, how did you do it, Helena? How did you pull off such a horrible lie? Helena is suddenly there, and says, Valentin, my son. Surely you’re smart enough to figure out there was no lie. It’s all the truth.

Sam and Alexis have dinner at the MetroCourt. Alexis remarks on how good the food is, and Sam asks if they’re not talking about the elephant in the room; Neil. Alexis says, is he here? and Sam says, he is. Alexis asks if he’s alone, and Sam says, he was, but not anymore. Alexis looks, and sees Neil sitting with Obrecht.

Sasha tells Michael that some Italian chain stores are interested in Deception. It would be great to branch out from the American market, but that’s as far as her expertise goes. Michael says if she steers clear of Brexit, a lot of the market is set up for expansion. The good news is, he has lawyers who can help set it up for her. She says, and the bad news? He wonders if Lucy will be okay with it.

Willow says, she must have expensive taste; the wine is good. He says, the wine guy comes through again, and she says, the wine guy is a legend. He asks if she’s leaving him for the wine guy, and she says, that depends. Are they still going climbing? He says she asks that like they’re climbing Mt. Everest. It’s at the Y, and they’ll be on harnesses with mats underneath them. She says, it’s kind of the same thing, and he says, it’s not, and she’s going to love it. They’ll have a great time. There’s a knock at the door, and Chase opens it to find Nelle there. She says she needs his help, and throws her arms around him. Chase says he thinks she just assaulted him, and Willow asks if it isn’t a violation of her parole. Nelle says they should be thanking her. Brad and Lucas are thinking of leaving town, and taking Wiley with them.

Sasha tells Michael, Lucy does like things just-so, but she’s made enough mistakes that if someone has a contribution, she wants to hear it. She thinks European distribution is making a contribution. Michael thinks she should go for it, and Sasha says it’s interesting how he honed in on the potential difficulties of working with Lucy. Is something going on at ELQ? He says, with his family, there are always difficulties, and she says, talk to her. He says, it’s funny. He never wanted to be CEO. Ned had a crisis, and threw the company in his lap. Sasha says, it must have been overwhelming, and Michael says, he made mistakes, but as he went along, he learned how everything works, and now he’s pretty good at it. But with the Quartermaines, being good is never good enough.

Brad visits Lucas, and asks how he’s doing. Lucas says, better by the minute. He wants to get out, and be with Brad and Wiley. Tell him about outside world. How was Brad’s day? Brad says, eventful, and Lucas asks, what’s up? Brad says, an opportunity fell into his lap out of the blue. Lucas asks if it’s a job, and Brad says it is. It’s in Portland. Lucas says, as in Oregon? and Brad says, that’s the one.

Alexis tells Sam, not that there was any relationship with Neil, but any implication of one has to be put in the rear view. Does he look interested? Sam says, no. He’s barely listening to Obrecht. She thanks Alexis for dinner, and jets.

Valentin tells Helena, he doesn’t remember much of his childhood in Greece. Living on the island, he doesn’t remember calling anyone mother. She says, his mother lived at the main house. He says he remembers getting the tattoo, and Mikkos dropping him off at boarding school. If he was a bastard, why was he provided for? Why would Mikkos draw up a will leaving him everything? She says, it’s simple. Mikkos believed Valentin was his.

Jax says he enjoyed kissing Nina. He could have gone on kissing her all year. She says, that would have been a long kiss, and he says, but she seemed uncertain. Given the world we live in, he didn’t want to seem like he was pressuring her or taking advantage. She asks if her job hinges on sleeping with him, and he says, the exact opposite, but they do work together. Nina says he is her boss, and he says he didn’t want it to look like he was taking advantage of his position. She says, funny he mentions that, and she closes the door. She says she consulted a lawyer, and as long as neither one of them are married, there’s no quid pro quo, and they’re both consenting adults – Jax says, check, check, and double check – it’s completely legal to do whatever they want. He smiles, and says it seems like with all the research she did, she wants to date him. Unless he’s wrong.

Neil tells Obrecht, he was hoping to get some work done, but she says, no one likes to eat alone. He says he’s a fan, and he only consults with his patients at work. She says she needs help now.

Alexis’s assistant calls, and she says she’s going out where she can hear better. She passes Neil’s table, and Neil says hi. He says he saw Alexis having dinner with Sam, but didn’t want to interfere with mother/daughter time. Alexis says she didn’t want to interfere with his… whatever it is.

Brad tells Lucas that Spinelli and Ellie are moving back to Port Charles, freeing up Ellie’s position. Lucas asks if it was offered to Brad, and Brad says he just got done with a marathon phone conversation. They’re willing to sweeten the pot, and make room for Lucas at the same hospital. Lucas says they must really want Brad, but Brad says, it’s not a promotion. The title is the same, although there’s more money. At first glance, it looks amazing. Lucas asks if Brad is excited, and Brad says he knows the timing is crazy. Lucas just woke up and is still recovering. Lucas says, the timing is perfect. Let’s move to Portland.

Nelle asks if she’s interrupting, and Willow asks, what business is it of Nelle’s what Brad and Lucas do with their son? Nelle says Wiley is her dearly departed husband’s flesh and blood; the only connection she has left. Willow says there’s no proof that Shiloh is Wiley’s biological father. Chase tells Nelle, it’s time to go, and if she comes back, he’ll contact her parole officer. She says he wouldn’t dare, but he thinks, given the nature of their past, it qualifies as stalking. Go. He slams the door behind her, and Willow asks if he’s okay. He says he doesn’t know, and she says she doesn’t know what pissed her off more; that Brad and Lucas are leaving, or that Nelle is taking an interest in it.   

Helena says Mikkos would amuse himself with the island girls, and stay away for months with his ridiculous mistress, the opera singer. Valentin says, so it was easy for her to conceal her pregnancy, and by the time he came back, it was easy to convince Mikkos that the baby was his. She says Mikkos surprised her, being more interested in Valentin than she thought he would be. Valentin wasn’t like the rest of them. He says, the Cassadines have tendency toward insanity, obsession, and megalomania, and she says, their appetites led Mikkos astray. Valentin was her son. He says, brilliant, and not crazy at all. Helena says, the perfect combination. He says, bravo. She managed to trick Mikkos into raising him as one of his own, branding him with the family crest, and leaving him his fortune. She says she was surprised when Mikkos changed his mind.

Nina asks Jax to look at it from her perspective. He’s probably the most stable guy in the world. He’s trustworthy and straightforward. He’s handsome and stable. He’s like an alien in the dating world. Every guy she’s been attracted to has been messed up. She doesn’t have a great track record with sanity, and all of this is different. Jax says, like trying on a new look, and Nina says, a whole new look. He asks, is the look right for her, or does she want to stick with her side of the island? She asks if his side is really fun. What if she goes to his side, and all she sees are spiders and snakes? He says he thinks she can dot every I and cross every T, and call a lawyer to get the green light, but eventually, it’s on her. She’ll have to take a chance, and he sincerely hopes she does.

Nelle sees Sasha and Michael at Kelly’s, and asks if she can’t have a night on the town without them following her. Sasha asks Michael if they should tell her that they were there first, but he says, don’t bother. He asks Nelle what he can do for her, and she says it’s really what really what she can do for him. It’s his last chance to make an offer for her ELQ shares, and it better be good.

Chase says Nelle is looking for a way to mess with their heads. She’s using Willow to get to him, and Wiley to get to Willow. Willow says, like at the hospital, where Nelle almost tricked her into letting her hold Wiley. Chase asks what happened, and she says Michael was trying to find Brad, and she had Wiley. A woman in a wheelchair showed up. She seemed nice, and told Willow about how she lost her baby, and Willow got the impression it had been recently. She asked to hold Wiley, and it was unsettling, but Willow felt bad for her. How stupid was she? Chase says, if she wants to talk stupid, allow him to introduce himself.

Brad asks if Lucas is serious, and Lucas says he’s had a lot of time to think. Julian is an ongoing problem that will only get worse. The only way to go about it might be to create physical space between them. Brad says, in Portland? and Lucas says, why not? It’s a great city, with a great climate. Brad adds, and great schools for Wiley, but won’t Lucas miss his family? Lucas says, especially his mom, but if it’s between that, and Julian always knocking at the door, she’d agree. Lucas doesn’t want it to sound like a complaint. Everyone was awesome, helping with Wiley while he was in a coma, but he wants to get back to their little family; just the three of them. He thinks he needs that right now. Brad completely agrees, and can’t believe they’re doing this. Sam walks in, and Lucas says he was literally just texting her. She says she was literally just pulling up to pay him a surprise visit. Lucas says, fate, and tells her that he needs a second opinion.

Alexis tells Neil to enjoy his evening, but Neil says, it’s not an evening. It’s not even dinner. Well, it’s his dinner. He blurts out, she’s a patient. Alexis says, if there was anything going on, it’s none of her business. She excuses herself, and goes out in the hallway. Obrecht asks if it’s something she said.

Valentin says, Mikkos was an egomaniac, obsessed with his bloodline. He couldn’t stand the thought of the woman who loved his grandson not being his, so he left his estate to Valentin. Helena couldn’t stand that, so she told him the truth. Valentin wasn’t his son. She must have relished having that conversation. She says she did; revenge was sweet. Valentin says, the most Cassadine of the bunch wasn’t even a Cassadine. Helena says that’s when he wrote the codicil, and Valentin says, but Mikkos died before he could publicly disinherit him, leaving the document in her hands. Helena says he’s doing well. Finish. Valentin says she hid the codicil in her portrait as a test. Nikolas had to set aside his hatred for her long enough to find the missing ingredient. She says the fortune was always meant to go to Spencer; that was the goal. He says, that explains how his daughter came to be. He never fully understood, but it wasn’t about Stavros’s child. It was about Helena having an heir from her line, and Luke Spencer. Helena says, my son. Congratulate her. She’s succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. She laughs, and he throws his glass at her, but she disappears, and it hits the wall. He storms out.

Nina tells Jax, before she takes a chance, she has to know why. He says, why what? and she says, there are less neurotic women out there. Why is he interested in her? Jax says he likes how he feels when he’s with her. They have fun together, and he likes being around her. She says her baggage is intense, but he says he likes a challenge, and it would be a challenge to show her that she’s not her baggage. She says he always knows what to say, when to say it, and how. Can he give her a guarantee? He says he can’t do that. He doesn’t know if they’re a match made in heaven, but they’ll never know if they don’t try. It takes a certain amount of risk. Nina says he’s never had his heart broken, but he says he has. He just chose not to shut down, and learn from his mistakes; acknowledge what went wrong, and embrace the good. He’s a believer in it, but he can’t make her believe. It’s not his leap to take. It’s hers. She kisses him.

Michael says Nelle thinks she’s won already, but the ELQ shares haven’t been probated. He’s in a much better position to weigh things out. He offered her money to go away, but if she doesn’t choose to, no biggie. He’ll sit things out. She says the stock is hers, but he says, there’s a 50% chance it will be found that Oscar was misled by a known criminal, and the bequest will be invalid. It could take up to ten years, but he has all the time in the word. Her, on the other hand… Nelle says he’s just like his mother; smug and superior. He thinks he knows everything, but he doesn’t. He’s about to lose Wiley forever.

Chase tells Willow, Nelle was compelling, and he felt bad. So bad, he let her play him. He went to Florida, and let her seduce him. If he’d just shoved her out of his hotel room and slammed the door, but he didn’t. He blames himself.

Lucas tells Sam, Brad got a great job offer, and Brad says, Lucas too. Lucas says, it means relocating to Portland. Sam says, wow. She thinks it’s awesome, and says, if she had a chance or a prayer of convincing Jason to move away, they’d be gone in a second. Julian is a pain, so they should get out while they can. Lucas says, his thoughts exactly. Sam says they might want to reconsider her as Wiley’s designated guardian. Brad asks, why? and she says she’s on parole. It’s not like she can hop on a plane if something happens to them. She asks Lucas to think about it, and he says he will. She says he’ll miss them, and tells them to promise to come home once in a while, since she can’t visit. Lucas promises, and she hugs him. She says she loves him, and thinks it will be good for all of them. Brad hopes so.

Valentin stomps past Alexis, and she follows. He goes out on the terrace, and babbles about the sun, moon, stars, villains, and fools. He says he has a compulsion, and leans on the railing. Alexis asks what he’s doing.

Jax tells Nina, this is his bedroom. She says she sees; it’s gorgeous. He asks if she wants champagne, and she says, again? He says, some things have to be celebrated, and pops the cork. He pours both of them a glass, and says, cheers. They clink glasses, and drink. He says, don’t worry. He has her. They start to get busy.

Nelle tells Michael, Brad and Lucas are moving to Portland, and Wiley will be on the other side of the country. Michael says, if that’s true, it’s their choice, and he’s happy for them. ELQ has an office in Portland, and he can visit every weekend if he wants. It’s good they’ll be far away from her. She tells him, go to hell, and walks away. Sasha says, that was fun.

Willow tells Chase, maybe she didn’t want to see Nelle that way, but he’s right. She’s exactly like Shiloh. She swears she knows the difference between someone too good to be true, and someone who’s just good. He shows her that every day. He says, funny. He was going to say the exact same thing. They kiss, and he says obviously she’s the real deal. He knew from the second they met. Even if she made him work for it. She says, maybe a little. Was it worth it? He says, every second, and they kiss some more. She pulls back a little, and he asks, what is it? Wiley? and she asks if he thinks Nelle said what she did just to get under her skin, or does he think it’s true, and Brad and Lucas are leaving? Chase says he doesn’t know, but say it was true. How does she feel about it?

Valentin tells Alexis, he’s enjoying the view. Is that a problem? She says, no, and tells him, congratulations. He’s not related to Mikkos and the rest of that dysfunctional bunch. It’s a win. He says, being Helena’s son is a step up? and she says he has none of the Cassadine crazy. Trust her, he got off easy. He tells her, have a good night, and leaves.

Sasha tells Michael, she’s impressed. Nelle was working so hard to get under his skin, but he gave her nothing. She has no idea how hard it hit him about Wiley moving. He says he’d like to think Nelle is lying, but she’s not dumb enough to lie about something so easily proven. Sasha says, Wiley won’t be in Port Charles, but Michael says he thinks it’s for the best. Sasha says he’s going to miss Wiley, and he says he will, and they hug.

Willow tells Chase, she wants to spend as much time as she can with Wiley while they live in the same town. She’ll cherish every minute, even though she knows it might not be the best thing for either of them. Her original intent was to never see Wiley again, but life happened, and she’s suddenly allowed to spend time with him. Chase says, it was a gift, and she says, completely, but every time she does, it’s hard not to see herself as his mother. She’s not, so maybe it’s better. Chase says, a good parent makes decisions based on what their kid needs, not what they need. She’s an incredible parent. They kiss, and Willow’s phone rings. It’s Lucas. She asks if everything is okay with Wiley, and he says Wiley is great. He was wondering if she could come see him in morning. There’s something important he need to fill her in on. She says she’ll be there.

Neil comes out on the terrace, and says he thought Alexis could use this, and puts his jacket on her shoulders. He asks how Valentin is, and she says, he’s having a rough time. How’s Obrecht? He says, gone, mercifully. She says he’s a brave man doing therapy with that one, and he says he’s realizing that. She tells him, goodnight, and gives back his jacket. They smile at each other.

Valentin looks at the broken glass, and throws the ring back in the bod. There’s a knock at his door. It’s Nelle, and he says he’s glad she could make it. She assumes he got her message. She’s ready to sell her ELQ stock. He says he’s ready to negotiate, and invites her in.

Jax and Nina bask in the afterglow. He says he’s really glad she took the leap, and she says, it’s the best leap she’s taken in life. His side of the island is really fun. He says, it gets more fun. He’s going to teach her to surf. She asks if she has to wear a wetsuit, and he says, he prefers she wear as little as possible. He tells her, they’re just getting started, and they kiss.

On Monday, Valentin tells Lulu that they can fight or compromise, Nina asks Jax if he has any regrets, Nelle tells Michael that she’s going to leave him and his family in the dirt, and Brando tells Sonny to tell him what he needs to know or he’ll blow everything sky high.

🍑 I’d Watch It…

I love the cast photo, although I’m sure it was photoshopped to death.


💘 Valentine Joe…

I don’t care how many tributes he posts, he’s not going to get Teresa to move to Italy any time soon.



🏡 As She Moves On, He Moves In…

It sounds kind of tight in that three bedroom house though.


🌨 A VanderBond Moment…

This is when my TV went wonky during Vanderpump Rules.


🏆 You Go, Bong…

Again, so pleased the awards were given to someone who so deserved it.


🥊 Not Forgotten…

While I only watched Y&R for a moment when Marc Singer had a stint as a villain, Kristoff St. John was in one of my favorite workout videos, Kick Butt.


👩‍💻 Quotes of the Week

Love is taking a few steps backward maybe even more…to give way to the happiness of the person you love. – Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne

Sometimes what we want isn’t what we need.Gena Showalter

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.Lao Tzu

The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers.Sydney J. Harris

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. – Jean Anouilh

Music is life. That’s why our hearts have beats. – Unknown

Love is the hardest habit to break and the most difficult to satisfy. Drew Barrymore

If I could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. If I had the gift of prophecy, and if I understood all of God’s secret plans and possessed all knowledge, and if I had such faith that I could move mountains, but didn’t love others, I would be nothing. If I gave everything I have to the poor and even sacrificed my body, I could boast about it; but if I didn’t love others, I would have gained nothing.1 Corinthians 13 (NIV)

💝 Summing It Up…

Whether you’re loving the one your with, think love is a many splendored thing, can’t help falling in love, or you’re all out of love, I hope the day dedicated to love was everything you wanted, or at least not too hard on you.

February 6, 2020 – Lucas Has Visitors, Tuxedoed Runway, Afterward, a Bit O’ Live, Chefs Back, Parry’s Pup, Wife Ban, a Revelation, Over It & Bad


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Taggert comes by Jordan’s office, and says he’s glad he caught her. Her phone rings, but she doesn’t answer. Curtis leaves a message for her to call him.

Anna brings Emma home, and asks if she’s happy to see snow. People say there are no season in California, but the seasons there are just gentler. They get real winter in Port Charles. She asks if Emma remembers the ice rink, and thinks they should go. They can rent skates. Emma asks if everything is okay. I have to add, Emma has grown into a gorgeous young woman now.

Finn tells Sam, he supposes a person can get desensitized. They’re used to risks to themselves, and don’t perceive how they can bring a risk to others. How do you get someone to listen who doesn’t want to? Sam supposes the person making the big mistake is Anna, and the mistake she’s making is about Peter.

Brad wants to see Lucas, and Carly tells him, take a deep breath first. He goes into Lucas’s room, and sees Bobbie by the bed. Lucas’s eyes are closed, and Brad says, oh no.

Laura opens her eyes, and Doc says, there she is. She says, sorry. She was so worn out from the visits from her children, she needed a nap. He asks if she wants visit restricted, but she says, no. Her kids needed her. They needed her reassurance. She can’t say she blames them.

Jason tells Michael, the shootout came from a drug trafficker with a long reach and a bad reputation; Cyrus Renault.

Sonny picks up the prison phone, and Cyrus says, Mr. Corinthos, we meet at last. Sonny says, Mr. Renault, and Cyrus tells Sonny, please call him Cyrus. Sonny leans forward and says Cyrus made a big problem for himself, and he’s not sure Cyrus can solve it.

Doc asks Laura, who wore her out more; Lulu or Nikolas? She tells him, it’s hard to say. Lulu is falling in love with Dustin, and isn’t sure what she wants to do. Nikolas is up to his neck in dysfunction with Ava, and doesn’t want to admit it. She didn’t have the heart to tell them that their mother had been shot, and was too tired to listen. Doc says, so she listened anyway. Jason walks in, and says he hopes he’s not interrupting. Laura says, not at all, and invites him in. She asks what she can do for him, and he says he’s just checking in to see how she’s doing. She says she’s fine, and Doc says she shouldn’t have been in that situation to begin with. Jason says, Sonny had no idea there was going to be an attack, and deeply regrets her involvement. Doc says, not as much as Laura does, and Laura asks if Sonny knows who’s responsible. Jason says, he’s working to address the situation, and Laura says, tell Sonny that she appreciates his concern. As his friend, she’s happy he and his family weren’t hurt, but as mayor of the city, she’s not about to allow Port Charles to be ground zero for a mob war. Whatever Sonny is doing to address the situation better not include violence or retaliation. Jason says she’ll pass on his message. He leaves, and Doc says he guesses she told him.

Cyrus tells Sonny, his only problem is with the Feds. They sentenced him to life without parole for something he didn’t do. Sonny says the Feds must like him. Why was he transferred to Pentenville? Cyrus says, bureaucracy works in mysterious ways, and Sonny says, not for him. He keeps what’s his. Too bad Cyrus didn’t think about that before he tried something stupid.

Brad says he knew it was too good to be true, but Bobbie says, Lucas woke up about an hour ago. Carly says, he’s sleeping, and Bobbie says, it’s part of the recovery process. Brad hugs her, and says he was so scared he’d lost Lucas. Bobbie says, when he was in a coma, Lucas wasn’t sleeping. His body was actively fighting to get better, and he’s exhausted. He’ll be in and out for the next few days. Brad says he’s not leaving Lucas’s side. He’s going to be there until he wakes up. Julian asks how long it will be, and Bobbie hopes not much longer. She’s going to check with the neurologist on his tests. Carly says she’ll take Wiley, and give them time together. She looks at Julian, and coughs, then says, or not. Brad tells Lucas, wake up, and Julian asks what he thinks he’s doing. They need to get their story straight. He told Lucas the truth before the accident. What is Brad going to say when Lucas brings it up?

Anna thanks Emma for taking the guest room. Violet saw Emma’s room, and it was love at first sight. She’s generous. Emma says she’s so excited to meet Violet in real life, and Anna says she’s just like Emma was at that age. She’s precocious, and loves to read, draw, do crafts, and play make believe. This morning, they were playing Avengers, and Violet was Captain Marvel. She was Nick Fury, and Peter was the bad guy. Anna tears up.

Finn tells Sam, he’s just talking; don’t take what he says literally. Sam is aware they don’t know each other well, but assures him that she can be trusted. He’s not the only one who thinks Peter is bad news. Robert is on his side. Finn says, that would be a first, and Sam says she promises Robert is determined to put Peter away.

Emma asks Anna if everything is okay with Uncle Peter. Anna wonders why she’s asking, and Emma says Anna seems like she’s trying too hard to be happy. She seems sad underneath, and there are tears in her eyes when she talks about him. Anna says Emma is perceptive. She should know better than to try and fool her. Emma says she doesn’t need to; what’s wrong? Anna says, it’s convoluted, with a complicated history that really should stay in the past, and not be dredged up. Emma asks if she’s talking about Peter, and Anna says she is. When Peter was younger, he didn’t always make the best decisions, but he’s done everything possible to make amends, and turn himself into a better person and make better choices. He’d prefer his mistakes were left in the past, but some people won’t let him. Emma asks, who?

Sam tells Finn, Robert offered to broker a deal. A new parole officer who’s less strict, so she can spend more time with Jason, providing they give him something big, something incriminating. Finn says, on Peter? and she says, yeah. She wants her family back together, and thinks they can help each other. If he has any damning information, he has to tell her. At least before Peter hurts Anna.

Sonny says he understands Cyrus’s strategy – go big or go home – but this time, it was a very public attack on Sonny and his loved ones. There was an attack in Brooklyn, and two in Port Charles. If it had worked, Cyrus would have been able to take over, but guess what? It didn’t. Sonny is still standing and Cyrus is twisting in the wind.

On the phone, Laura asks someone to have Jordan call her back asap. Curtis comes in, and says he’d offer to pull some strings to get her call through, but shouldn’t she be recovering? Doc says he made that point, and Curtis says, no luck? Doc says, not even a little. Laura says she has responsibilities, and asks what she can do for Curtis. He says he was about to ask her the same thing. She says she doesn’t know who’s behind the shooting that landed her there, but she intends to find out. Curtis says he knows she has her own security detail, but he’s more than willing to provide backup. She says, as much as she appreciates it, it’s not necessary. She has information that she wasn’t the intended target; she was collateral damage. Curtis asks how she can be sure, and Doc says, it was confirmed by an inside source. Laura says that’s why she needs to speak to Jordan. She saw Jordan and Marcus Taggert conferring the other day, and bets it has something to do with the latest flare up of mob violence.

Jordan says it’s good to see Taggert, and he asks how she’s holding up. She says, if he stopped by to get Sonny’s statement, they’re going off of what they received from the NYPD. He says he’s not there to bring Sonny to justice, and she says, sorry, Captain Ahab. Has he abandoned his quest for the great white whale? Spill. Why is he there? He says he got information on their friend Bob.

Chase finds Willow outside of Kelly’s, and she asks, how’s work? He says, pointless and frantic. Everyone is rushing around, but there’s been no resolution. They know the target, but don’t know who’s responsible. So far, they have no leads. What about her? He’s not so stressed she can’t tell him about it. He asks if she’s heard from Brad, but she says, not since he told her that he doesn’t want her taking care of Wiley. Chase says Brad’s husband is in a coma, and it’s probably misdirected anger. Give him time to cool down, and he’s sure Brad will reconsider making Willow Wiley’s nanny. If that’s what she wants.

Brad asks Julian, what’s wrong with him? and closes the door. Julian says, his son woke up, and he’s worried about something Brad said. Brad should be as well. He told Lucas that Wiley is Michael’s son. There’s no way in hell Brad is bringing Julian down with him. Lucas says Brad’s name, and Brad jets to Lucas’s side. He says, you’re awake. Apparently, Julian isn’t so concerned that he’s not willing to talk about this right in front of Lucas, asleep or no. What a jerk. I sometimes wonder if the actors ever tell the director, no; I refuse to even say this. It’s too stupid.

Curtis asks who Taggert is, and Laura says she thought he knew. Taggert was a detective at the PCPD a long time ago. He was actually in the trenches during the last mob war. Doc says Taggert left more than fifteen years ago, and Curtis says that explains why he doesn’t know him. Does Laura think the shooting brought him back? She says, possibly. She doesn’t know what other connection he’d have to Port Charles. Maybe Jordan. Curtis says, what about her? and Laura says, they knew each other from work; she bumped into them at the PCPD  the other day. Curtis says he’s headed there now. He’ll tell Jordan that Laura is trying to reach her. He suggests Laura try to pencil in recuperation between work. Doc says he hears that, but she says, no promises. Curtis leaves, and ponders a while in the hallway.

Jordan asks how Taggert got his hands on Bob’s records. They had to have come from Bob’s personal physician. Taggert tells her, don’t ask questions if she doesn’t want the answers. She looks through the folder, and says, just like Bob. He had two check-ups a year, and was a total hypochondriac. There’s no shortage of bloodwork, but no traces of drugs on his last visit. It was less than a month before he died, so he got addicted in a couple of weeks? It’s a stretch. Taggert says, there’s definitely been foul play.

Cyrus looks at the guard, who makes himself scarce. He asks Sonny if he follows football. Sonny says he loves it, and Cyrus says, then Sonny will understand his perspective. A preemptive strike is like a hail Mary pass. If the team scores, the player is a hero. If the ball is intercepted, he’s benched or fired. Sonny says, it’s not a game, and Cyrus says, it’s a negotiation.

Jason tells Michael that they’re doing research on Cyrus; how he works and who he knows. All they know is he’s in Pentenville for a Federal drug crime. Michael says he was running his operation from prison, and Jason says, that’s for Sonny to worry about. Michael says he wants to know what they’re dealing with. His phone rings, and he says he has to take it; it’s his grandmother. He listens, and says, wow. Thanks. He tells Jason, Lucas woke up from his coma.

Brad says he didn’t know if Lucas would come back to him, but he did. He loves Lucas so much. Lucas starts to sit up, but Brad tells him, take it easy; he’s been through hell. Lucas asks if his mom is there, and Brad says she’s talking to the doctors. Lucas says, they were in an accident? and Brad says, they were driving on Thanksgiving when the brakes went out; they don’t know what happened. He asks if Lucas remembers anything about being in the car or the accident.

Sonny says, Cyrus wants to negotiate? Cyrus says Sonny gets 10% of everything he moves through Port Charles. He guarantees no merchandise will be sold in Sonny’s location; he can keep the market to himself. Sonny says he’s not interested, but Cyrus says he should be. Every day Sonny refuses to allow Cyrus’s produce to move, it costs him money. He doesn’t care about himself; he’s rich enough. But if you don’t change with the times, the times will destroy you. So do they have a deal?

Willow tells Chase, she’d love to be nanny again, but she doesn’t want to get her hopes up. She was almost embarrassed at how important the job was to her. Chase says she has no reason to be embarrassed. She says, being a part of Wiley’s life is a big deal, but seeing him every day, maybe it was too much. He says, how so? and she says, maybe she was so happy being close to Wiley, she blurred the lines she put up when she chose adoption. Her phone rings, and she says, it’s Michael. She takes the call, and tells Chase, good news. Lucas woke up. Chase says, Wiley’s got his dads back. Willow looks at him.

Lucas tells Brad, he doesn’t remember being in the car, and Brad asks, what does he remember? Lucas says, he came home from work. Elizabeth got Terry to cover for him, so he could see Brad; he wanted to hash things out between them. That’s all he remembers. Brad says, that’s okay. None of it matters now. Lucas sees Julian, and says, dad? Julian says Lucas knows how to scare someone. He understands Lucas is still pissed at him about Halloween. There was no excuse. Brad says Julian has been his rock the whole time. He doesn’t know how he would have gotten through this without Julian. Lucas asks about Wiley, and Brad says he’s there, and lets Carly in. Carly says Wiley thought he’d never ask. She brings Wiley over to Lucas, and puts him on the bed.

Finn tells Sam, there’s something he wants to say. Her phone rings, and he tells Sam, she should take that. Sam says nothing is as important as what he was about to say. Finn says he’s sorry about her parole situation, but he’s got nothing to give her on Peter. He gets up, and her phone rings again. It’s Jason, and she asks, what’s up? He says he just heard her brother is awake.

Anna asks if Emma is sure she’s all right on her own, and doesn’t want Anna to drive her to see Epiphany. Emma says she likes the walk to the hospital, and wants to see the park, the library, Rice Plaza, and her old school. Anna says she’s a little young for nostalgia, but Emma says she likes to see places that were important to her. She can stop by the MetroCourt and say hi to Uncle Peter. Anna says they’ve become good friends, and Emma says, even though he’s miles away, he’s been a good uncle to her and Noah. She tells Anna not to listen to anybody. They don’t know Peter like she and Anna do.

Jordan says she knew Bob’s death was suspicious. They need to get the investigation reopened. Taggert says, it’s circumstantial, but she says if they give them Bob’s background, they’ll see it too. Unless… What if this has to do with what they did? They said they’d take it to their graves. He says, it looks like Bob kept his end of the bargain, and Curtis walks in.

Anna thanks Emma, who says the people who are judging Peter don’t know him like they do. They have to keep believing in him; he deserves their faith. Finn comes in, and says it’s a nice surprise. He’s impressed how Emma got there on her own. She says, it’s no big deal, and he says she’s a seasoned traveler. Anna says, she’s independent now. She’s going to see Epiphany on her own. She tells Emma to be back by dark, and if it starts to get late, call, and she’ll pick Emma up. Emma says she’ll give them plenty of time to… talk.

Lucas says, let him get this straight. He was in a coma longer than Sam served time for manslaughter? Sam says, funny. She’s glad he still has his sense of humor. Lucas says, it’s fully intact. Michael says, they’re happy he’s back, but not more than Brad is. Sam asks when he can go home, but Bobbie says they don’t want to risk moving him yet. They’ll keep an eye on him for a few days before he’s discharged. Julian asks Brad to step outside with him. They need to take care of some administrative work. In the hallway, Brad asks Julian, what’s up? Julian says they need to get their story straight now. Brad asks if he didn’t hear Lucas say he doesn’t remember, but Julian says, what if he does? Then what? Brad says, that’s a big if, and Julian says, it’s a big possibility. Brad thinks Julian should calm down and chill. For once, Brad feels like everything will be okay.

Jordan hugs Curtis, saying she didn’t know he was stopping by. He says he was visiting Laura, who’s been trying to reach her. Jordan guesses she’s been busy, and Curtis says, this would be…? She introduces Taggert, and says they go way back. They were colleagues during her stint at the DEA. Curtis asks if Taggert is still in law enforcement, but Taggert says he’s retired. Curtis wonders what brings him back to Port Charles, and Taggert says, coincidence. He used to live there, and he’s visiting old friends. He didn’t know Jordan was Commissioner. They just ran into each other today. (D’oh!)

Cyrus tells Sonny, he’s offering an olive branch, but Sonny says he doesn’t want peace; he wants Cyrus gone. Cyrus says Sonny is going to be disappointed. He has personal reasons for moving to Port Charles, and he’s there to stay. Sonny says, you never know. Cyrus is far from his base of operations. Accidents happen.

Finn tells Anna, Emma is great. Anna says she should have been more patient; she’s sorry. Finn says he should be apologizing. He was wrong. Anna says, okay, she accepts. She thanks him, and says things are a little strained between them. He says he can’t pretend they’re not, but he doesn’t want to be the guy who runs out when things get tough. She says, that’s not like him, and they kiss. He says there’s something he needs to tell her. He ran into Sam at Kelly’s. Sam and Jason are determined to find a link between Peter and the attempt on Franco and Andre’s lives. Anna says, Jason is relentless, and Finn says, Robert knows, and he’s working with them.

Cyrus tells Sonny, it’s true; prison is dangerous. But he has supportive friends. Sonny says he has friends in Pentenville and Port Charles too. He doesn’t trade in Cyrus’s merchandise, but he knows people who do. Unfriendly people, who can be expected to go against Cyrus. It could cost Cyrus his life. Sonny hangs up, and Cyrus smiles.

Jordan tells Curtis, today is the first time she’s seen Taggert in ages. (Double D’oh!) She can’t believe it’s been so long. She wishes he’d come at a better time, but maybe they can catch up before he leaves. He says he bets TJ is bigger than he is now, and she says TJ could give him a run for his money. Taggert says the three of them should do dinner, and Curtis says, that sounds nice. How long is Taggert there for? Taggert says he’s there for the time being. It was nice meeting Curtis. They shake hands, and Taggert says he’ll see them around.

Sonny calls Jason at the hospital, and Jason asks how it went. Sonny says they’re in for a fight. The son of a bitch isn’t backing down.

Doc supposes he can’t hide Laura’s phone and pretend it’s lost. Laura asks what kind of mayor she would be if she dodged the phone during a mob war. He says, Sonny is an old friend. Is she going to reach out personally and ask him to keep the peace? She says she’s sure Sonny would avoid it if he could, but she’s afraid whoever is responsible is forcing his hand. That means there could be more collateral damage.

Chase says, amazing, and hugs Willow. She says she’s thrilled. Lucas’s family must be over the moon. He asks if she wants to see them, but she says she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. She doesn’t want to intrude. Chase doubts it would be an intrusion, but she says she doesn’t want to cross the line. Lucas is out of his coma, and God willing, will recover, and things will get back to normal. He says, doesn’t she want that? and she says, of course (🍷), but she won’t have a role in Wiley’s life anymore.

Carly asks if Lucas is okay, and Lucas says he’s fine. She says she’ll take Wiley, but Lucas repeats, he’s fine, just tired. Bobbie says his body is exhausted, and Carly suggests they leave, and give the two men some time. She’ll bring Wiley back in the morning. Michael says he can take Wiley for the night, as long as his dads sign off on it. Lucas thanks him, and Carly gives Wiley to Michael. They all leave, except for Julian, who stands there like the jerk he is, with his arms folded. Lucas flashes back to vague memory of Brad telling him Wiley is Lucas’s son. Brad asks, what is it?

Tomorrow, Nina tells Valentin that they have to move on from each other, Lucas says Brad was working up to a confession, and Nelle accuses Michael of bringing her there to kill her.

🎩  On Project Runway, Victoria decided she wanted and deserved to be there. I didn’t get a vote, so there she stayed. We found out the tuxedo was named in 1886 after Tuxedo Park, a place for the rich and elite. No surprise, Billy Porter’s tuxedo gown was talked about as modern, innovative, and a reinvention of the tux. The designers were challenged to show a modern take on an old classic. They were told that use of satin was what made the difference between a tux and a suit. That was news to me, so now I’m going to have to check that out. Christian said they weren’t monsters, so help had been brought it – the designers who’d already been eliminated. The eliminated contestants chose who they wanted to work with, in order of how their names were drawn. Jenn chose Brittany; Tyler picked Delvin; Melanie wanted Geoffrey; and Veronica went with Sergio, after saying in her interview that she’d never work Victoria. Chelsey selected Nancy; Alan had a mental blackout, and went with Victoria; and Shavi was left with Marquise. Since there was one extra eliminated designer, Asma was left to go get a cab home. (Not really. I don’t know where she went.) The designers had their choice of male, female, or non-binary models, since tuxedos are for everyone. Sorry, not me. I can’t imagine a tuxedo on my short self. I would look like I was playing dress-up. In his interview, Alan said Victoria was a solo designer, and didn’t work well with others. She barely works well with herself. For the two-day challenge, they were given a $600 budget, and 30 minutes at Mood. By the first commercial, Victoria was telling Alan to shut up. Delvin went for powder blue material until Christian was like, um… and he switched to an emerald green with a print for the lining. Geoffrey decided on a jumpsuit, saying the judges vibed on them. Victoria went with a gown, and Sergio, a backwards tux, saying he was thinking outside the box. This was a puzzling statement, since even I know that’s been done before.

Everyone got a night out at a rooftop bar, and the next morning Sebastian, winner of season 17, brought breakfast. He said the competition had changed his life, with the CFDA helping him launch his first collection, and finding him buyers. His advice for everyone was not to look at the other designers – in other words, don’t compare – and to go with their first idea. Geoffrey was very weepy during his interviews, and unsure of what his next move would be. Victoria said she only wanted Alan for moral support, and wouldn’t really let him help. He mostly did things like get water for her. Christian told Geoffrey to reassess the details, and he decided to streamline. After sleeping on it, Brittany decided she didn’t like the grey color scheme she’d chosen, and opted to change the design rather than make something she wasn’t proud of. For the outside of the jacket, she used the print she’d originally meant for the lining, and created black shorts to go with it. Nancy poached Tyler to use as a model, since he was the same size as hers, making Delvin extremely irritated. In Victoria’s interview, she groaned that Nancy kept doing the same silhouette, even though that’s exactly what Victoria does. Asymmetry mean anything to her? Marquis said he was getting his inspiration from the military – he’d been in the ROTC in high school – and wanted his design to be crisp and clean.

Delvin, Brittany, and Victoria were trashing Nancy, saying her tux looked like a glamorous garbage bag. Unbeknownst to them, she wasn’t far away, and heard every word. I laughed when Delvin realized; his face was priceless. Sergio told her that it was their problem, not hers. In Sergio’s interview, he thought all they saw was her age, but she would sneak up on them. While Nancy was on the buttonhole machine, it broke down, and Delvin said that was the second time Nancy had been in his way. That’s like the millionth time he’s been a jerk. Christian said they didn’t have buttonhole machines in his day, and he did okay. In her interview, Brittany pointed out that Sergio’s backward tux was a direct copy of Celine Dion’s iconic look.

The guest judge was Thom Browne, three time CFDA designer of the year. Brittany was a stand-out, but for all the wrong reasons. She should have stuck with the grey palette. The jacket wasn’t awful, but the lapels were weirdly thin, and the shorts were horrifying. At this point, I figured she was on her way out, even though I desperately wished it was Victoria. I don’t like her, and wouldn’t want to work with her, or even know her. Unfortunately, Victoria somehow whipped together a gorgeous jacket with a long, asymmetrical skirt that revealed a sparkly garter – the one thing she let Alan do. Karlie said the model looked like a sexy villain in a Bond film, and thought the whole show was amazing.

The judges felt Geoffrey’s jumpsuit was minimalist, and he stayed true to the challenge. On the other hand, Nina said she didn’t get tuxedo from Delvin’s look, and Brandon said it looked like a leprechaun in a corset. Personally, I didn’t think it was that bad, but I agreed with Sergio, when he leaned over and told Nancy, karma. Thom said the look was too safe. Victoria got high praise for combining feminine and masculine details, boosting confidence and power, while still embracing femininity. Everyone loved the open back that had a satin strip running down the middle. Nina thought Marquise’s tux made his male model look regal and powerful – I have to add here that his model was super-hot with a bangin’ bod – and Brandon said Marquise let his ideas fly; he just needed help anchoring and executing them. Thom said he loved male cleavage, by which he mean a show of the ankles. I actually thought, flood pants, when I saw it, but okay. His tux had a horizontally pleated jacket, with a pant/skirt combination, and Thom said he would have pleated the skirt. I agreed, nodding my head, like Thom cares. Brittany was mortified from the jump, and said she’d never done menswear. Karli’s face was like, WTF? and Elaine said, it was hard to look at; there was so much wrong. She was shocked it was Brittany’s design, and said, it was like a douchey Hamptons party look. (Ha-ha-ha! They probably would wear that on Summer House.) Brandon said, it was a mess, and I thought the whole thing was just sad. Thom said the proportion was the hardest thing for him to take, and if she was going that way, she should have gone even shorter, and pushed the limit. Sergio – who needs to either get it together with his causes or stop throwing them in there – said he went with the backward thing because of the state of the country. Everyone thought they knew where he was going, but he did a 180 by saying we should go back to the 1950s, when everything was better; a house was affordable, and a family could live on one income. Granted, he’s right there, but Elaine pointed out that the 50s wasn’t a great time for people of color. She told him that his messaging was frequently off, and he should stick to fashion. Because somebody had to, Nina brought up John Galliano’s backward tux that Celine Dion wore to the Academy Awards. Sergio claimed he’d never seen it, and absolutely no one bought that. Nancy got all excited about her sleeveless print tux, and babbled endlessly. Brandon said he wished he could do interviews that way. People asked what his inspiration was, and he’d say he didn’t know. Thom said it didn’t speak tuxedo to him, and thought she was playing it safe. Nobody seemed to like it very much, which surprised me. It wasn’t anything I would wear, but I thought it was something different, and looked terrific on the model. The judges were so negative, at this point, I worried about Nancy being out.

The judges deliberated, and Sergio, Marquise, Geoffrey, and Victoria were on top; while Delvin, Nancy, and Brittany were at the bottom. Brittany’s placing was obvious (they were all like, what the hell?), but the judges said Delvin had too many things going on, and Nancy’s tux wasn’t anything they hadn’t seen before. Karlie thought the brocade was overwhelming, and she was underwhelmed with the design.

Marquise was the big winner, the judges saying his garment was well-tailored, and that he’d reinvented the tux. He had the confidence and ability to extend and challenge himself. He said it was an honor to be able to come back and prove his worth. In his interview, he was especially honored by Thom’s approval, and was thrilled he got to show the judges why he shouldn’t have been eliminated. It is pretty cool that he got brought back, and then won a challenge.

The judges said the bottom three missed the mark for different reasons, but one look was a clear failure. I knew then, Brittany was out. She looked miserable. Delvin was crying, but I’m not so sure it was for her. I’d hoped it was because he was humbled after trashing Nancy, but it was probably because he just escaped by the skin of his teeth. Brandon told Brittany, it was painful to see her go, but sometimes a devastating thing brings you back to life. He suggested she use it to propel herself to other great things he knew she was capable of. Through her tears, she said it had been an honor to be there, and she looked up to all of them. It had been a crazy ride. She got a Karlie hug, and in her interview, said she disappointed the judges and herself. She had thought she’d be in the finale. I thought Sebastian was right in saying you should go with your first idea.

While backstage, Brittany bemoaned there being nothing to be happy about or proud of with her tux look, Christian made his usual appearance to gently tell the loser it was time to clean up their space. He told Brittany, he was so sorry. She’d have to endure this a little longer. It was the Siriano Save, used at last. He said he thought she’d lost her way, but she was talented and her work was amazing, so he wanted to save her. We saw a clip of Christian telling the judges about his decision to save Brittany, and the judges being all happy. In her non-exit interview, Brittany said she had to show she was worthy of Christian’s save, and not let him down.

Next time, a tie-dye challenge, and Leslie Jones is the guest judge. I love her!

👓  After the Runway…

See Christian interview Sergio, and a dog in a bowtie.


🕵🏻  Omg, I guessed the secret word on Watch What Happens Livefashion – before they showed it. True story. Christian was on, and inferred he didn’t buy Sergio’s political statements.

🍳  Top Chef All Stars will begin cooking on Thursday, March 19th.

🐕  Good Brad…

Another happy ending for a rescue pup.


🍊  Two Amigas Down…

So you think Vicki is going to get married now? Or will she just wait until the ban is over?


🛥  A Surprise For the Captain…

Methinks there might have been one or more terminations had Captain Lee really known what was going on.


🖤  He Felt Nothing…

I doubt she cares very much, but he is freaking rude. Good riddance, I say.


🧨  Valentine Flipside…

She knows the struggle is real.

February 5, 2020 – Sonny Faces Cyrus, Marge Celebrates 20 Years, TMI Already, NJ Tidbits, Goodbye Spartacus & the Other Elvis


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Violet says Peter will never defeat her, but he says they’ll see about that. She pretend shoots him while he stalks her. Finn walks in, and Violet says they were playing superheroes; Peter is the bad guy. Peter says, Violet’s choice, not his. Finn asks where Anna is, and she comes in with Violet’s backpack. She thanks Finn for the update on Laura, and asks how work is. He says, busy, and she says she let the time get away from her because they were having so much fun. Now Violet is late for the bus, so she’ll have to drive her to school. Finn asks Violet if they moved Halloween to January and didn’t tell him. Violet laughs, and says, no. He suggests she put something warmer on for school, and turn back into Captain Marvel when she gets home. She asks if he’ll still be there, and he says he wishes he could, but he has to go to work. Violet goes upstairs, and Anna says, Peter is good with her. Peter says, she’s a great kid. He can’t wait until she and Finn are married, and he and Violet are officially brother and sister.

As they walk into the MetroCourt, Maxie tells Nina about an idea for the Deception launch – the wedding of Crimson and Deception. It could look like an invitation. Nina isn’t sure she wants to talk marriage so soon after what happened. Nina sees Jax, and asks what he’s doing there. She says she heard about the shooting, and asks if Josslyn is okay. He says, physically Josslyn is fine, and she asks, what about him? He says he’s not handling it half as well as Josslyn is. He wants to focus on work. Nina says, work is good. Not good, like it’s a diversion, but it’s good to concentrate on something you can control. Alexis joins them, and tells Jax that she’s sorry she’s late. Jax says she’s right on time, and shows her to their table. Maxie says, what was that?

Alexis asks how Josslyn is doing, and Jax says, well; for someone living in an armed fortress. It’s Carly’s idea for her to stay there, but after what happened, it’s up for debate. Carly thinks it’s safer, but how do they know she’s not in the line of fire? He says he’s handling it, and asks how it’s working out for her, and she says, not well. He knows how she feels about unfinished business and family. He says, that’s why he invited her for coffee. She asks if he’s going to apologize for not telling her Nikolas was alive.

Michael tells Nelle, the boathouse has heating and plumbing, and is fully furnished. Her bags have been packed. She says he’s arbitrarily banishing her to the boathouse, while Sasha gets to stay in the main house. She didn’t pretend to be someone’s daughter, which is called fraud. Sasha says she wasn’t convicted for attempted murder. Michael says it’s best they stay away from one another, and Nelle asks why Sasha gets a free pass when she lied? Sasha says she’s in no position to judge anybody, and Nelle says, Michael does have a type, but why not put Sasha in the toolshed? Sasha says because she’s sleeping in Michael’s bed.

Julian shows up at Brad’s, and says he comes in peace. He’s brought cappuccino, from Perks, of all places. Brad wonders, why he doesn’t believe Julian comes in peace? He’s trying to keep his head above water, and Julian’s keep pushing it under. Julian says he knows he’s been hard on Brad, but it stops now. He’s here to help. Brad asks, what’s the catch?

Sam runs into Kelly’s, telling Spinelli that she’s sorry she’s late. He says, no apology necessary. He trusts all is well after last night, and Sam says, yeah, but her parole officer doesn’t think she should be with Jason. Spinelli says he doesn’t know what’s worse, keeping them apart or knowing Peter is a bad influence. Sam says that’s why she wanted to meet.

Jason tells Sonny that the guy who shot up the warehouse got loose, and their guy is dead. Sonny asks about the gunman, and Jason says he’s not a problem anymore. Sonny asks if he told Jason anything, and Jason says the gunman told him who he was working for before he died.

Anna tells Peter, she’s glad he stopped by. Emma is coming to town, and thought maybe she could be Black Widow. They say goodbye, and Anna asks Finn if everything is okay. He says she left Peter alone with Violet.

Jax tells Alexis, if he had it to do over again, it would be different, but at the time, he thought it might put Spencer in danger if Valentin knew Nikolas was alive. Alexis says she thought he was too smart to get involved with the Cassadines and their schemes, and he says maybe he’s not as smart as she thinks. She asks why he’s acting humble. What happened? He says, nothing, aside from hiding Nikolas and protecting his daughter from a mob war. She asks, what else is going on?

Maxie asks what’s going on between Nina and Jax? Nina was on the brink of babbling. Obviously something is going on, and if Nina doesn’t tell her, she’ll find clues on her own. She’s a great emotional detective, and she’ll figure it out. Nina says, if Maxie must know, she and Jax kissed.

Martin arrives at the Quartermaines’, and says Nelle texted him to come. She said she was being falsely imprisoned, and kidnapped. Sasha says she wishes. Michael says Nelle is unhappy with her current living situation, but he has a solution. They can increase the offer for her ELQ shares. Once she signs them over, she’ll have all the money she needs to move wherever she wants. Martin asks what the offer is in terms of numbers, and Michael says he had a proposal written up this morning. Nelle looks at it, and rips it up. She says, better, but not nearly enough. She’s not going anywhere.

Julian tells Brad that he was sitting with Lucas, and he realized how selfish he’d been. He needs to do what’s best for Lucas and Wiley, not just himself. Brad asks what that looks like, and he says he’d like to help take care of Wiley, and in turn, that will help take care of Brad. Wiley cries, and Brad goes to tend to him. Julian takes a plastic bag with some pills in it out of his coat.

Spinelli asks if Sam is going after Peter, and says he’s all in. Peter is unworthy of Maxie’s love. By chance, he saved Andre and Franco’s lives, and Maxie has taken his heroics as redemption. Sam says, she and Jason don’t buy it. They suspect Peter hired the gunman. Spinelli says, Peter shot him. Why thwart his own plan? Sam doesn’t know. To cover his tracks, or he had second thoughts. Maybe he had a change in heart to win Maxie over. Spinelli says, now Maxie is living with him. Sam says, if they’re right, Peter had a bigger part in the original memory transfer than he claims, and scrambled to cover his tracks. If she and Jason can find solid evidence, they can be together again.

Jason tells Sonny that he knows why it was hard to break the gunman. It wasn’t money; it was fear. Carly comes in, and Sonny says they’re having a business discussion. She says if it has to do with who targeted their family, she deserves to be part of it. She, Josslyn, and Michael were almost shot. She deserves to know who tried to kill her children, and what Sonny is going to do about it. Sonny says, let’s hear it, and Jason says, Cyrus Renault. Carly asks who that is, and Sonny says, a drug trafficker. He’s a heavy hitter who funneled drugs through Russia to the US, and paid off officials so he could operate in both countries. He has a reputation for being ruthless, and you don’t want him as an enemy.

Julian takes a pill out, and puts it in Brad’s coffee, shoving the bag into a container on the bookcase. Alexis is suddenly there, and says thank God he’s here. Brad’s been arrested for opiate use. He was found passed out, with Wiley in his crib, unattended. Julian guesses Brad cracked under the pressure of taking care of Wiley by himself. Alexis says, in the meantime, Wiley will need a new place to live until his fathers get better. Julian says Wiley can come home with him, and Alexis says he has a big heart. When Lucas wakes up, he’ll be grateful. This is just in Julian’s head, and he drops the pill on the floor. He fumbles to pick it up, when Brad comes back in with Wiley. Brad asks what he’s doing.

Jax tells Alexis, he’s been busy, and spending all of his spare time at work. Alexis says, Nina is dramatic. How are things going? He says, Nina isn’t letting her current situation get in the way of work. She’s a good thing for Crimson, and he wouldn’t know what do without her. Alexis says, something is happening between them.

Nina tells Maxie, she was upset about what was going on, and Jax wanted to give her a tutorial on the fun side of the island. Maxie says, what? and Nina says he brought champagne and some amazing cheese. They danced in the office. She was so happy; smiling and laughing. It just happened. Maxie asks if he’s a good kisser, then says, what is she saying? It’s Jax. She’s sure he’s a great kisser. Nina says, Ava barged in, so things are still unresolved. Maxie says, resolve them, but Nina says, it was just a moment of madness. Maxie says, or is she interested in Jax? Nina looks over at him.

Anna says she didn’t realize Finn felt so strongly that he wanted to keep Violet away from Peter. He says, Peter has killed people. He doesn’t appreciate Peter threatening his daughter, even if it’s just pretend. Anna says he can’t think Peter would hurt a child, but Finn says Peter’s done other damage. He’s been talking about this with Sam. Anna asks, what did she say? No. What did he say? He tells her, he said nothing, but he’s wondering how Peter is going to explain his ties to the man who tried to kill Andre and Franco.

Nelle tells Michael that she’s not changing her mind. He says the Quartermaines will contest her right to the shares, and tie her up in court for years. She says, after some thought, she thinks the boathouse is charming. Michael says, staying there isn’t going to drive the price up; take it and go. Sasha tells her, think of it as a fresh start, but Nelle says she has to be in Port Charles because of her parole. She might as well stay close to the family. Martin requests to confer with his client in private, and he and Nelle go into the living room.

Nelle says, if Martin is going to tell her to take the offer, save his breath. It’s not enough, and she’s staying put. He says she really loves Michael that much, and she says, for an attorney, he’s not that bright.

Jason says Cyrus has never been this far east, and Michael wonders why. Jason says, to eliminate the opposition, and clear the way to Port Charles. Michael says he’s not part of the business, but Jason says if Cyrus thinks there’s any obstacle, he’ll have to remove it. Carly asks how he can be stopped, and Sonny says, it’s not easy. Jason says he’s been running his business from Federal prison, and Sonny says, from everything they know about his operation, they’ll have to strike back, and strike back hard.

Alexis says she liked it better when Jax was mad at her. Did he sleep with Nina? He says, no. They kissed. That’s all.

Nina asks Maxie how she could be interested in Jax. She just left Valentin. Maxie says she was playing Valentin, and was out for revenge.

Jax tells Alexis, it happened without him thinking, but it was nice.

Maxie tells Nina, it sounds amazing. Go for it.

Alexis says she wants Jax to be happy, but Nina comes with a lot of baggage. Is he sure he can handle her? Alexis’s phone rings, and she steps away to take the call. Jax messes with his phone, and Nina sits down. She says she hopes she’s not interrupting, but can they talk?

Michael is surprised Nelle didn’t push back harder, and Sasha asks if he thinks she has a plan. He says, she always has a plan. This isn’t going to get resolved as easily as he’d hoped.

Nelle says, Martin thinks she loves Michael? She laughs, and says, he thought that was her reason for rejecting the offer. That she’s hoping if she hangs on long enough, she can get him back. She says, hell no. She can do better than Michael.

Julian tells Brad, he almost slipped on one of Wiley’s toys. Brad says he hasn’t been great at cleaning lately. He thanks Julian for the coffee, and says he needed a break. Julian tells him, sit; take a load off. He’ll feed Wiley. Grandpa will take care of everything.

Anna asks if Finn thinks now is the right time to have this conversation. He’s been up all night, and hasn’t slept. Finn says, that’s true. Then again, every time he asks, she dodges the question, like she’s doing now. She says she and Peter had a good talk. He ID’d Eurotech as one of Faison’s companies, and said he worked there. He said a lot of people did, and one of Faison’s associates could have easily targeted Andre. That’s probably what happened. It’s a connection to Faison, not Peter. Finn asks if she knows anyone besides Helena, Faison, and Peter who was involved in kidnapping Jason and Drew. She says, not by name, but it’s not like there’s a detailed record. Peter knew nothing about the assassin, and the authorities need more than a work association to link him. Finn says, how about her?

Sam tells Spinelli, Brice said Peter paid him to implicate her, it would make sense that he’d be behind the attacks on Drew and Andre. Spinelli starts to get up, saying he doesn’t want Peter anywhere near Maxie and the children. Sam stops him, and says, Maxie can’t know anything until they have solid evidence. Spinelli says, true. Peter will just talk his way out of it again. Sam says, that’s where Spinelli comes in. He says, do tell.

Jason tells Sonny  that he got a lead on Cyrus’s Canadian entry into the US. They should be able to track his shipment. Sonny says, do it, and tells Jason they uncovered something in Cyrus’s DOJ file. He’s not at Thompson Penitentiary anymore. He was taken out in the middle of the night; a top secret transfer. Carly asks where he went, and Sonny says, Pentenville.

Nina says she was telling Maxie how supportive Jax was when he brought the champagne and cheese to her office. He hopes she liked it, and she says she did – a lot. She’s very grateful, so that’s the reason she was acting weird when she ran into him. She doesn’t know how to act around him. He tells her, take it easy. The kiss shouldn’t have happened. She says, no?

Peter finds Maxie at the MetroCourt, and tells her that her office said she’d be there. She says she’s eating with Nina, who’s otherwise engaged. She asks how Anna is, and he says, better than he expected. He, Violet, and Anna were playing Captain Marvel. She says, Violet adores him, and he says, Emma is coming to visit, so next time, they’re playing Black Widow. Everyone is making an effort to include him in the family. She says, tell her everything, and he flashes back to Anna telling him that his link to David Black didn’t make it back into the case file. The incriminating documents are out of reach. He tells Maxie that Anna is very supportive. It’s nice to know she’s on his side. Maxie says, of course (🍷) she is. She’s his mom.

Anna asks why Finn can’t trust her judgement. He says he has to ask. He loves her, and the truth is, she has so much unresolved guilt, she wants to believe anything Peter is telling her. Anna says, maybe, but it could be the truth. He asks what Robert thinks, and she says, that’s meaningless. Finn asks if Robert is going to find anything incriminating, and she says, no. He asks how that’s possible. What isn’t she telling him? She says when she gave the file to Robert, she kept back Peter’s resumé and David’s employee record. He says even if she destroyed the documents, there’s still a connection. She says, it’s tenuous, and won’t hold up in court. He says that’s not her decision to make. If Peter wasn’t her son, would she still think he was innocent?

Sam tells Spinelli, as Georgie’s father, he has every right to insert himself into Maxie’s life. He doesn’t know if he can be cordial to Maxie’s boyfriend, but Sam says Peter might get suspicious, and there’s only one choice. Spinelli says, hack his computer, and she says, exactly. There’s probably a goldmine of information in there. Just don’t put himself at risk. He says with Maxie, Georgie, and James involved, it’s worth the risk. He’ll do it, even if it takes him all the way to Mount Doom.

Nelle says, Martin deals in facts, and the fact is, Michael is never going to love her, but she couldn’t care less. He’s not sure he believes her, or that Michael does. She asks if he’s ever heard the term, misdirection. You get them to focus on one thing, and they don’t see the trap until it’s too late.

Michael asks if Sasha is sure she’s not having second thoughts. She says, every time she sees Nelle, she’ll whisper, boathouse. Michael asks if Nelle got to her, and she says, no. He says, it’s okay. He’s the first to admit that sometimes Nelle lands one. Sasha asks if he thinks she’s like Nelle.

Martin asks what Nelle is really up to, and she says the longer she lives with the Quartermaines, the more they’ll want to get rid of her, and the more they’ll pay her to go away. She needs enough to live well for the rest of her life. She’s going to be too busy to work. He asks what she’s going to be doing, and she says she’ll have plenty to occupy herself with. New cult leader perhaps? Just a thought.

Anna asks, if Violet hadn’t entered Finn’s life, would he be more willing to see the good in Peter? When they get married, Peter and Violet will be brother and sister. He asks if that’s still the plan. Let him know. She asks what he means, and he says, when they got engaged, they talked about being married by now. But then she decided to take off for six months. She says, he told her it was okay. He says he doesn’t remember being asked. Violet comes back, and Anna makes a fuss over her getting dressed by herself. Finn says he’ll take Violet to school, and Anna asks if he’s coming back. He says he’s not sure. He has a lot to think about. He leaves, and Anna looks like she’s going to cry.

Maxie and Peter invite Alexis to join them. Seeing Nina with Jax, she sits down. Peter asks what she thinks about Nikolas’s return from the dead. She says, if it’s for The Invader, no comment. He says, change of subject. Tell him about something he wouldn’t want to publish.

Jax says he’s Nina’s boss; it’s inappropriate. She says he wasn’t sexually harassing her. He says, call it ill timing. She’s still dealing with the Valentin fallout. She doesn’t need him to make it more complicated. He thinks they should put the kiss behind them, and move forward as friends. That’s right. Jax just put Nina in the friend zone.

Michael tells Sasha, nothing Nelle said can hurt them, and Sasha says, he’s right. She can’t let Nelle get to her. He says as soon as he figures out Nelle’s end game, she’s out of their lives for good.

Nelle says she has one shot, and Martin asks, what’s the magic number? She says she’ll know it when she sees it. She needs an offer high enough so she can leave Port Charles forever. He says she talks as though Michael is no longer part of the plan, and she says, he’s not.

Brad drowses, sitting up on the couch, and struggles to wake. He thanks Julian for the time out, whatever the reason. Julian says he’s glad to help. Brad looks like someone who needs a break. He asks how the coffee is, but Brad says he hasn’t tried it yet. It would be nice if they weren’t at each other’s throats anymore, especially with Nelle out of prison. Julian says they need to work together, and Brad says they both forgot Lucas. Julian says they have to make sure he has something to come home to. They clink paper coffee cups, and toast to the to the future.

Sonny says, the timing of Cyrus’s transfer wasn’t a coincidence. Jason says, he must have pulled some strings. He’ll check to see if any politicians have received extra compensation. Maybe Cyrus made a new political connection. He leaves, and Carly asks if Sonny has dealt with Cyrus before. He says, no, but he’s stepping up to his reputation; no warning, no open negotiations. Carly says, if he operates out of the Pacific Northwest, why is he coming after Sonny now? Sonny doesn’t know, but he’s going to find out.

Jax promises Nina it won’t happen again. She says she’s not worried he’s going to ambush her with another one. He says, so are they free to continue as friends? She says, colleagues, and they shake hands. She says she should get back to work, and he says, Alexis left, so he should get going too. Nina heads back to Maxie’s table, and Jax goes to the elevator, looking back at Nina before he gets in.

Maxie says she’s proud of Peter, but why did he back off? Peter says when Alexis didn’t want to answer questions, and he realized he wouldn’t want Anna or Violet intruded on. Nina tells Maxie that she has to get back to the office. Maxie says she can go, but Nina tells her to stay and enjoy her coffee with Peter. She’ll see her later. Maxie tells Peter that she thinks she should probably go. Spinelli appears, and says, gracious greetings. It’s a joy to see them both. Can he join them?

Finn literally smacks into Sam at Kelly’s. She asks if he’s all right, and he says, obviously not. She says he must have had a rough night at GH. Has he gotten some rest? He says, not yet. He walked in… forget it. It’s not important. He starts to leave, and Sam says, wait, grabbing his arm. She asks if the something unimportant has anything to do with the conversation they had about protecting their children. He says, what do you when someone you love makes a mistake so big it could cost someone their life?

On the phone, Anna confirms with Robin that Emma is on the plane. She’s so glad Emma is coming to visit. She’s just the person Anna needs to see.

Sasha tells Michael, sorry for her moment of doubt. She won’t pay any attention to Nelle. Nelle can’t scare her off. Michael says, no matter what Nelle is planning on, they can get through it together, and they kiss.

Martin wonders if Nelle is going to enjoy being the houseguest from hell, and she says, let the games begin.

Brad’s phone rings. He listens, and says, what? Oh my God. He tells Julian, Lucas is awake.

Carly tells Jason that she got into it with Jax. He wants Josslyn to live with him. He’s worried about her safety, and she doesn’t blame him. Should she pack the kids up and go to California; get a place on the beach? Jason asks if Jax would let her take Josslyn. Sonny won’t let her take Avery. Is she going to leave Avery leave behind? And Michael’s not a kid anymore. Carly gets it; it’s impossible. Jason says, it’s just too soon. Cyrus had the advantage, but not anymore. He’s far from his home base, and they’re going to shut him down quick. Carly asks, what if they can’t? and he says, if it becomes too dangerous, he’ll tell her, and they’ll figure out what to do next. She takes his hand.

Sonny picks up the visitor’s phone at Pentenville. Sitting on the other side of the glass, Cyrus says, Mr. Corinthos. We meet at last.

Tomorrow, Julian says no way is Brad bringing him down, Sam tells Finn that he has to tell her if he knows anything about Peter, Laura says she was collateral damage, and Sonny tells Cyrus that he made a big problem for himself.

🍻 On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa had forgotten the ID she and the girls needed to get in to see His Royal Juiciness. After making a few frantic phone calls, she was able to get in by showing them copies sent by Hot Joe (i.e. Joe #2). She said Joe #1 looked tired, and they had to visit through glass in this facility. At Dolores’s place, daughter Gabrielle was home, and about to go to vet school in the Leeward Islands, as she couldn’t get into any of the US schools. More power to her. My GYN was schooled in the Philippines, and he’s fabulous. Dolores said she was a realistic pessimist, and didn’t want to make a move to the new house with David without a commitment. She wasn’t keen on seeing someone else move in either, since she’d overseen every detail in creating it. Jennifer told husband Bill about Jackie having money, and Marge’s upcoming party. She felt bad about calling Jackie cheap. Bill told her to think about apologizing to Melissa, Joe #2 told him about Jennifer throwing the plate. Jennifer said she was just trying to get Melissa’s attention, but he said two wrongs don’t make a right, and suggested she carry a bell.

Melissa went to dinner with her mother and sisters, since she needed a dose of her family. They discussed raising kids during their teen years, and Melissa wondered when Antonia was going to stop being obnoxious. She told them about wanting another baby, and that the doctor said she was in prime condition. Her mom said she might have one egg left, and they toasted to that. At Teresa’s house, Bro Joe came over to fix a sink leak, and they talked about Gia going to the prom with Frankie Jr. Even I’m excited about that. In his interview, Joe #2 thought Teresa should stop spending money on attorneys for Joe #1, but understood the girls wanting their dad to be there. Teresa said Joe #1 told her to find someone else, and he feels nothing for her. Joe #2 told her that he never thought Teresa had a good relationship. Joe #1 never treated her the way she should be treated. He felt a real man could open up and say I love you.

Jackie visited with her dad Barry, and had arranged for some professional organizers to do their thing, starting in the kitchen. Some stuff was a little messy, but he was hardly a candidate for Hoarders. Jackie told him that she was concerned there was nothing in his fridge except mashed potatoes and iced tea. He said he hadn’t had a steak or pork chop in nine years, since he’d had lap band surgery. He couldn’t stand to gain five pounds, and said he weighs himself every morning. In her interview, Jackie said that her father’s yo-yo dieting had been a contributing factor to her eating disorder. She told him that his it’s almost worth it comment was almost an insult to her. There were times she licked ice cubes for dinner, but all he saw was the result. She knew anything they said to one another came from a place of love, but wanted him to understand that his insensitivity hurt. He seemed like a cool guy.

Marge got ready for her business anniversary party, and Joe #3 hoped his friends knew what cocktail attire was. Jackie admitted Marge was the best hostess ever, but told Bill that she’d had it with Jennifer. Bill said the guys had been busting his chops because of the way she acts, and said that she was frustrated sexually. Jennifer promised there would be no scene at Marge’s party, but we’ll see what happens. Marge told Joe #3 that she was considering having security at the party.

In her interview, Marge told us her brand was all about affordable luxury, and how you can make things amazing on a budget. She said she was unsinkable, and she and Marge Sr. would always be each other’s sidekicks. David didn’t show, and Jennifer wasn’t entirely sure David existed. Dolores told everyone she’d rented a house at the Jersey shore, and she wanted all of them to come, husbands included. I said a silent prayer that they never rent a house near me. Dolores felt her role in the group was peacemaker (really?), and she thought going there would bring them to a better place. Melissa said if someone was an a-hole, she was going to tell them that they were an a-hole, and Jennifer was being an a-hole.

When Jennifer got there, she barely acknowledged Melissa, and in her interview, Melissa wondered how Jennifer could throw sh*t at her, and then walk by giving her a lame wave. How about being an adult, and apologizing for being an a-hole? Marge said she told Jennifer, no hysteria, and I noted Marge’s housekeeper dresses better than I do. In Jackie’s interview, she said she thought Jennifer and her husband tolerated each other because he works so much, even though she spends every penny. Jennifer didn’t want tension at the Shore, and told Jackie that she felt terrible. Jackie said she’d ruined the trip, and Jennifer tried to throw Marge under the bus by saying she’d repeated a private conversation. In her interview, Jackie said, now it’s Marge’s fault. Jennifer needs to take responsibility. Jackie told Jennifer that it had been a number of times, and she wasn’t sure they mixed. Jennifer got pretty pissed that Jackie wasn’t having it.

Jennifer went running to Marge, saying Jackie was rude, and she told Jackie to take the stick out of her ass. Dolores said she didn’t want fighting on the trip. Good luck with that. Dolores said the husbands get along, and in Marge’s interview, she thought maybe the testosterone would calm the estrogen down. She told Jennifer to give it a rest. As for the husbands getting along, it looked like that might be on shaky ground. Joe #2 confronted Bill, asking what was up with his wife throwing food at Melissa? He said she’d also thrown a glass at Melissa before, and we flashed back to that. Melissa should have popped her one then, and been done with it. Bill said he couldn’t hold Jennifer back, and Joe #2 suggested he bang her more; she was frustrated. Bill walked away, and Joe #3 said he couldn’t take it. In Dolores’s interview, she said she didn’t want the husbands fighting because people could get hurt, and we flashed back to some tussling. Marge made a speech, telling everyone how she started her business on the kitchen table with no money. Her mom showed her how important it was to be independent, and they needed to raise and inspire strong women. She toasted to twenty years, and hoped for another twenty.

Dolores told Marge about Bill getting bombarded. In her interview, Marge said the event was a miracle – no glasses went flying, and no one embarrassed her – but the Jersey Shore was going to be a freaking sh*t show.

Next time, Gia’s prom and the trip to the Shore.

🏖 Tonight, Summer House won the award for TMI, and images I will never get out of my head. Amanda said she needed to stop picturing it – it being a sexual act that happened between Carl and Lindsay – and I said, no, I do. There’s already all kinds of yelling and sh*t, and it’s only the first week. I still can’t believe these people all have good jobs, and can afford to stay at a palatial home for the summer, while I go to back porchville for vacation.

🤸🏼‍♂️ In Giudice News…

Milania turns fourteen. It seems like just yesterday she was singing about wanting to grow up.


Same old Juicy.


👴🏻 I Had No Idea He Was 103…

I mostly included this so I could tell you how I mixed up both Mitt Romney with Mitch McConnell, and Kirk Douglas with Charlton Heston today. Take that, Samuel L. Jackson. I’m not Laurence Fishburne! We don’t all look alike!


💕 Getting the Valentine Ball Rolling…

I’m not much for the Hallmark channel, but I do love this song, especially this version.

January 31, 2020 – Some Dust Settles in PC, Salt Lake Parties, VanderSuit, Bachelorette Breakdown, Freeing the Juice, an Engagement, More Mud, a Breakup, Close To a Dozen Quotes & Groundhog Tune


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


🌞  And we’re back.

General Hospital

At the warehouse, Carly asks if Jordan can get the ambulance there faster, and Gladys tries to comfort Brando. Jason has shown up, and Jordan asks if he can tell her what happened.

Josslyn is at the hospital, where Chase asks if she can retrace her steps for him. Josslyn says she went to the pier because she’d left her journal behind. That’s when she saw the shooter. Chase asks if he was headed for Sasha and Michael, and Josslyn says he was, but she thinks it was really Michael he wanted, and she had to warn him. If she hadn’t, the shooter would have killed him. Chase says Michael is lucky to have such a brave sister. She saved his life.

Michael arrives at Sonny’s, and asks a guard how everything is. The guard says, no sign of trouble, and Michael says Sonny is taking Mike back to Turning Woods. He wonders how things are at the warehouse, but the guard says Tony hasn’t checked in. Michael says he hasn’t heard from his mom either. Dev comes in, and asks, what’s going on? The place is crawling with guards and he can’t go anywhere. Michael tells him, something bad went down.

Finn tells Nikolas that it’s terrible to have forced Hayden to abandon her child. Nikolas says he never intended it to go there, but Finn says, he did. His greed cost Violet her mother. Nikolas says, temporarily; Hayden will come back. Finn asks if he’s supposed to take Nikolas’s word for it because he’s a prince. Finn says Nikolas thinks he’s gotten away with it, but promises he won’t.

Jax thanks Elizabeth for taking care of his daughter, but she says she didn’t do much. He says he appreciates it anyway, and he’s sorry for what Nikolas did to Hayden. Jax regrets enabling him. Elizabeth asks what Nikolas did, but Chase interrupts. He thanks Jax for letting Josslyn answer questions, and says he might have some follow-up. Jax tells him to call any time, and he says Jax’s daughter is a brave young woman. However, Jax should have a talk with her about the difference between brave and reckless. He moves on, and Elizabeth tells Jax that whatever he has to say can wait; Josslyn needs him. He says it kills him that Hayden can’t be with Violet, and she says, thanks to Valentin. He says, Valentin isn’t the one who forced Hayden into hiding.

Ava tells Valentin that criminals who get off on bail often go on to convictions. He says she inspires him. How many times has she been charged with murder, and beat the conviction? Nina says, enough, and Valentin says he’s made mistakes, but loving her isn’t one of them. He’s not stopping until he gets back everything he lost.

Gladys tells the EMTs, please help. They can’t let her son die. An EMT says they’re ready to move, and Gladys says she’ll ride with him. Jordan tells her, go ahead; an officer will take her statement later. Carly says she’s going too, and asks Jason to tell Michael that she’s okay. Jordan tells Jason that she got an update from the NYPD. Sonny was the intended target in the Brooklyn shooting. On the pier, it was Michael, and then they have the warehouse. The coordinated attacks begin with him.

Dev asks if Josslyn is okay, and Michael says, she’s fine. Dev asks why she didn’t come back, and Michael tells him, she’s at GH; her father wanted her checked out. Dev says, thank God no one was hurt, and Sasha thinks Michael should tell him the rest. Dev says, there’s more? but Michael’s phone rings. It’s Jason, who asks if Michael is okay. Michael says, he, Sasha, and Josslyn are fine, but Laura was shot; she’s in the hospital. Jason tells him about the warehouse being targeted, and Michael says his mom was there. Jason says she wasn’t hit, but she went with Gladys to hospital. A guy was shot, and they’re riding with him. but he doesn’t have any more details. Michael says he’s got it, and Jason says the police are there. He’ll call when he knows more. Jordan says Jason might express his gratitude by cooperating for once.

Valentin tells Nina that he misses her. All he thinks about is that they belong together. Ava tells Nina not to humor this nonsense. Valentin doesn’t know what she needs. Nina says, everyone thinks they know what she needs today, and asks what Valentin wants. He says, her. He always wants her, and deep down, she feels the same way. They can work it out. She says, it’s over, but he says he doesn’t believe that. They had a life at Windymere; her, him, and Charlotte. She says the life they had there is long gone. Doesn’t he get it? She was in it with Ava. Valentin needs to get it through his head that she helped them take him down.

Jax tells Elizabeth that Nikolas recruited him to help get him back to Port Charles, where he knew there was a document that could reinstate him as heir. He recruited Hayden as well; her job at Aurora was just a front. They were both helping Nikolas. Valentin caught on, and targeted Hayden, pressuring her for information. Elizabeth says Hayden must have thought she had no other option than to leave Violet. Jax says, it’s not that simple. Valentin offered Hayden money for information. Nikolas found out about it, and wanted to get her out of town before she talked. Nikolas staged the attack that forced Hayden to leave. Elizabeth says, he wouldn’t do that, but Jax says, he did. Hayden was an impediment in his plan, and he moved her out of the way. Elizabeth says Jax knew? and Jax says he found out after Hayden disappeared. He confronted Nikolas, who told him everything. He tried to reach out to Hayden, but her phone is off, and he has no way to trace her. Elizabeth says she can’t believe Nikolas would do this to Hayden and Violet. Separating a mother from her child is despicable. Nikolas approaches, and Elizabeth cracks him one across the face. He’s been getting a lot of that lately.

Jason tells Jordan, the Brooklyn shooter is dead, and she says, Jason killed him. She talked to the NYPD, and knows what happened. Surprisingly, Jason wouldn’t talk without his attorney being present, but the waitress exonerated him, and the NYPD is satisfied it was self-defense. She is too. She knows there’s no way Jason wanted a gunfight in the middle of a restaurant. Jason says, no, he didn’t, and she wonders who targeted them in Brooklyn. Who knew they’d be there?

Elizabeth asks Nikolas what he did to Hayden, and Nikolas supposes he has Jax to thank. Jax wisely says he’ll give them some space, and jets. Nikolas says he was going to tell Elizabeth, and she says Hayden helped him pull off his plan, and this is how he repays her? How could he do this to her? Him, of all people. Valentin tore him away from Spencer, and forced him into hiding, and he did the same thing to Hayden. Nikolas says he never intended for it to be more than a few days. He thought Hayden would check in. He didn’t know she was going to make herself unreachable. Elizabeth says Violet means everything to Hayden, and he convinced Hayden to leave to protect Violet. He knows Hayden doesn’t do things halfway. She’s disappeared without a trace, and they have no way of finding her to tell her it’s all a lie, staged by her friend Nikolas. She says he has to go find Hayden. Her daughter needs her.

Jax lets Finn know that he told Elizabeth the truth. Finn asks if he wants a thank you, but Jax says, no. He regrets his part in it. If he’d known what Hayden was going to do, he would have stopped Nikolas. He asks how Violet is, and Finn says, it’s hard coming up with excuses when Violet asks for her mother. What would Jax tell Josslyn if Carly disappeared? Elizabeth tells Finn that he’s needed in the ER. A second shooting victim has been brought in.

Several of Sonny’s guards are in the hospital waiting area, and Chase asks if one of them is visiting a patient. The guard says nothing, and Chase says he didn’t think so. The PCPD is providing security, so they can go. The guard doesn’t move, and Chase says if he and his boys don’t leave voluntarily, he’s going to arrest them. He thinks Mr. Corinthos has had enough trouble today, and sure as hell doesn’t need more. Sonny’s security team leaves.

Dev is obviously upset, and Michael tells him that he needs to calm down; it will be okay. Dev asks how he knows, and Michael says he doesn’t, but Dev can’t imagine the worst. Josslyn, Carly, and Sonny are safe. Dev asks what they do now, and Michael says, wait it out. If Dev wants to do something to help, he can be with Avery. Michael suggests Dev watch a movie with her; make sure she feels safe. Dev says he can do that, and goes upstairs. Sasha asks if Michael really thinks that will calm Dev down, and Michael says, it will make him feel less afraid. He and Morgan used to do it with Josslyn. She says, comforting Dev seems like second nature, and wonders how many times he’s done it before. He says, calm someone down? and she says, or explain away someone trying to kill him.

Ava says she’s confused as to why Valentin is still there. He heard Nina; there’s nothing left there for him. He says Ava doesn’t speak for Nina, and Ava says, nor does he. He’s deceived her time and time again. Now beat it. She and Nina have important things to discuss. Valentin asks Nina to hear him out, and she asks, what’s left to say? He says he loves her. Nothing he’s done was with malice. He can still make her happy. Ava says he’s delusional. He thinks if he says he acted out of love, it will absolve him of the lies and betrayal. In reality, the sad truth is, he doesn’t know the first damn thing about love.

Josslyn comes out of the ER with Jax, and sees Gladys, who says, it’s nice to see a familiar face. Jax asks, what’s going on? and Gladys says, it’s such a disaster. She doesn’t know what to do or how to help. Josslyn says she’s helping just by showing up; it will be okay. Gladys tells her, that’s sweet to say, but she can’t relax until she hears it from the doctor. She saw her boy, lying there shot and bleeding. Jax asks who she’s talking about, and she says her boy Brando. He got shot saving Carly’s life. Carly joins them, and hugs Josslyn, saying she was so worried, and asking if Josslyn is okay. Jax says Josslyn got the all clear, and Josslyn says she’s allowed to leave. Carly says, thank God no one was hurt, and Josslyn says she didn’t hear. Carly says, hear what? and Josslyn says, Michael was with Laura on the pier, and Laura’s been shot. Gladys says, this night is getting worse and worse. Carly tells Jax and Josslyn that Gladys’s son saved her life. They had to stop by the warehouse, and suddenly some guys started shooting. The bodyguard got Gladys into the office, but Carly was stuck outside with bullets flying. A guy showed up, and pulled her to safety. Gladys says her boy is a hero, but he got shot. Carly says, it’s not bad; he’ll make a full recovery, but Gladys says, he lost a lot of blood. She can’t lose her son; he can’t die. Josslyn says, he’s in great hands, and Jax says he’s glad he’s okay, but what’s going on? Carly says, it’s all a mess, and he asks where Sonny is. He saw Sonny’s bodyguard there. Carly says he’s getting Mike settled back in Turning Woods. There were two attacks out of town. Obviously, someone is making a move against Sonny, and Jason is talking to the cops at the warehouse.

Sasha tells Michael, she’s not naïve. It’s not like she hasn’t heard who Sonny is. Michael asks if it’s a problem now, and Sasha says, after he nearly got killed, it might be. He says he knows it’s awful, and wishes she didn’t have to go through this. She says she’s terrified, and he says she has a right to be. He’s experienced things like this before, and learned how to handle a crisis like this. She asks if there will be more, and he tells her, it’s hard to say. His father is a powerful business man, and gets unwanted attention from time to time, but it’s Sonny’s business, not his. Sasha says either the gunman didn’t know that or didn’t care. He didn’t see Michael Corinthos, the head of ELQ; he saw a target. If not for Josslyn coming back, he could have died in front of her. She doesn’t think she can go through that again. He holds her, and says, it’s okay. She won’t have to.

Chase joins Jordan at the warehouse, and she says Tony was just taking her through what happened. She asks Tony to tell her again, and Tony says, it was a normal afternoon. A shipment of beans had just come in. They were offloaded, and the workers were gone. Carly stopped by to drop off some paperwork, and brought Dev’s grandmother with her. Gladys wandered off, and Tony went after her; that’s what the shooting started. Jordan says, he saw it begin? and he says he put Gladys in the office, and returned fire. Carly was pinned down, and there was no way for him to reach her. Chase asks if it occurred to them to call the police, and Tony says they were a little busy. Jordan tells Tony, continue, and Tony says, the gunfire came closer, and was about to reach Carly, when this guy swooped in to cover her. Jordan says, Brando, and Tony says he didn’t recognize the guy, but he must be a professional the way he covered Carly and got her to a more secure location. The gunmen shot at them until they ran out of ammunition, then took off. Jordan says, they shoot up a warehouse that’s the property of a powerful alleged mob kingpin, and just leave?

Tony says he doesn’t know what to tell her. The gunmen were shooting, then they were gone. Chase arrives, and she asks if Tony minds retracing his steps again with Chase. Tony says, no, and Jordan tells them to get started while she talks to Jason outside. She and Jason step out of the warehouse, and Jordan says, hypothetically speaking, if there was an attack on a warehouse, would the shooters run out of ammunition and leave? Either they’re the most incompetent gunman ever, or Tony isn’t telling the whole story. Jason says he wasn’t there; he can’t say. She says, of course (🍷) not. She admires him on some level. He’s raised non-incrimination to an artform. Taggert shows up, and says he knows from past experience how uncooperative Sonny and his associates can be. She says tell her about it.

Jax tells Carly that he’ll take Josslyn to his place, but she asks him to take Josslyn back to Sonny’s. It’s well-protected, and Michael, Dev, and Avery are there. It will make Josslyn feel better – and her. Jax says, Brando saved her life; impressive for a supposed dead guy. Carly tells him that she doesn’t know why Gladys lied, or if it really is Brando, but she’s sticking around. She wants to find out why Brando got dragged in, or if he was involved with the whole thing.

Valentin tells Ava, before Nina, he didn’t know trust or love. He thought love led to misery and unhappiness. He supposes he wasn’t far off, but he didn’t know the big picture; the joy and connection of knowing someone completely. Of having someone love him back, without judgement. He didn’t know what it was like, but he does now. Ava says he’s just wasting his breath. He says Ava doesn’t know a thing about love. That’s why she’s easy to manipulate. Ava asks what he’s talking about, and Nina says she’s trying to do a job. Both of them need to leave. Ava says she has some redecorating to do in her castle, and Valentin says, good luck with that. Ava says Valentin’s taste is ostentatious and pretentious, which makes sense, since he was pretending to be a Cassadine. Not to worry. She’ll have the place spruced up in no time. Nikolas walks in, and she adds, with the help of her husband. Nina says she has to make a change in security. She can’t take anymore. Nikolas says he figured Valentin would weasel his way out of jail, so he took the liberty of drawing up some paperwork. He hands Valentin an envelope.

Valentin takes the papers out, and says, it’s a restraining order. Nikolas says to keep him far away from Windymere, and adds, keep reading. Valentin says, nice of Nikolas to arrange a DNA test. Nikolas says Valentin can refuse, and he’ll petition the court for an order, but that will be a clear indication that Valentin is not a Cassadine. Valentin says Nikolas doesn’t see it; he’s so caught up in revenge. Helena is playing him. She set him up from beyond the grave. She left a trail of breadcrumbs to what he wants most – to be the prince – but Valentin is the rightful heir. Valentin Mikkosovich Cassadine. Nikolas is the punchline to Helena’s last pathetic joke.

Gladys tells Carly that she can’t stand waiting, but Carly is sure Brando is having excellent care. GH has the best doctors in the state. Gladys says, Brando has always been brave, with no thought to his own safety. Carly says she’s grateful Gladys’s son saved her life… Gladys says, but? Say what she’s thinking. Carly says Gladys told them that Brando was dead. Why say that when she knew he was alive? Finn comes out, and Gladys says she’s Brando’s mother. She asks how her son is, and Finn says, he’s stable. The bullet passed clean though. Gladys says, prayer is working, and he tells her, keep it up. The bullet missed all key organs and arteries. Gladys asks if she can see him, and Finn says, of course (🍷). Gladys goes inside, and Carly thanks Finn. Finn says he was just doing his job. Whoever bandaged Brando on the scene did good. Carly says, thanks, and he says he’ll make sure she gets updates.

Elizabeth leaves the bag with Brando’s personal effects at the reception desk.

Josslyn goes back to Sonny’s, and Dev hugs her, practically knocking her over. He says Michael told him what happened; he was worried. Michael says he told Dev she was all right, but Dev says he had to see for himself. Jax says Sonny has enough security guards to start a football team. Sasha tells Josslyn that she didn’t get a chance to thank her. If she hadn’t called out, things could have ended differently. She saved Michael’s life. Michael agrees she did, and Josslyn says he owes her big time. Jax tells her to get some rest, but she says she’s not doing anything until her mom gets home. Jax says Carly and Gladys are fine, but whatever happened at the warehouse was bad; they could have been killed. Dev says, a shooting at the warehouse and pier at the same time must mean something, and Jax says, nothing good.

Chase tells Jordan the preliminary findings match Tony’s story – to a point. There were two shooters outside, and three inside; Brando, Tony, and Brent, who worked there. An associate chased the gunmen, and didn’t return. Taggert says, he probably grabbed a gunman to hold for Sonny. Jordan introduces Taggert to Chase, and tells Chase they worked in the DEA together. Taggert says it was after his tenure at the NYPD. He and Sonny worked different sides of the same street in Brooklyn. He’s not there in an official capacity, but asks Jason, if he was, who might try to take over Sonny’s territory? Jason says he’s not answering any questions without his attorney present. Taggert says, some things never change. Sonny must have pissed someone off. Jordan says, Sonny is at Turning Woods, getting Mike settled. Tagger says, Mike was involved? It must have been pretty traumatic for him. Jordan is glad Sonny is taking care of Mike, but when he’s done, she has plenty of questions.

Carly sees Brando’s stuff, and noses around. She slides something out of the bag.

Elizabeth sees Finn, and tells him that Jax told her about Nikolas. She’s still in shock. He tried to justify his actions, but keeping Hayden from Violet is unforgivable. Finn says Violet misses her mom very much, and Elizabeth asks how he’s doing. He says he loves Violet, and wants to be the father she needs. Elizabeth hopes he doesn’t feel alone in this. He has Anna for support, but she doesn’t want him to forget that he’s officially part of her family now. Violet has a lot of people who love her, including three cousins who’d like to see more of her. Finn says it’s kind of her, and suggests arranging a playdate. He can’t believe he said those words, and she tells him, get used to it.

Valentin tells Ava and Nikolas, enjoy their brief stay. Don’t go crazy redecorating. Ava married his nephew, and thinks she married a prince, but he’s nothing. Nikolas tells Valentin to stay away from his home. Valentin says he still has his true love, and Ava says, too bad it’s not reciprocated. She imagines there are a lot of fine-looking upstanding men who will be lining up to treat Nina better than Valentin did. Valentin says, maybe she’s right, but they can’t love her like he does. Nina says, goodbye, and he says, for now. He leaves, and Nina smiles at Ava.

Josslyn tells Sasha, a random guy showed out of nowhere to help, and he was shot. Her mom insisted on waiting at the hospital with Gladys. It’s was Gladys’s son Brando who saved her life. Jax says, Dev’s father.

Carly looks at a photo of Dev and Gladys.

Jordan says, three shootouts going down at the same time is no coincidence, and Chase says, if it’s connected to Sonny’s truck getting stolen, it’s a huge escalation. Taggert says, they wanted to get rid of the competition fast and final, but Jordan says, the good news is, they failed. Jason and Sonny are still standing, along with their families. She tells Jason that when he talks to his lawyer, he might want to think about all they stand to lose if this blows up into a mob war. She doesn’t mean territory, but their families, and innocent bystanders. What’s coming for them has no code. It’s going to be public and ugly, and she’s going to stop it if she has to take him and Sonny along with them.

On Monday, Willow tells Brad to manage Nelle or she will, Gladys asks Brando what he’s doing in Port Charles, and Carly asks Sonny why they’re doing this to him.

🧂 Some Non-News…

It’s not very exciting, but there’s not much on the new Wives yet.



👎🏼 Bad Employee…

I guess the law of averages says into all businesses, some d-bags must fall.


👰🏻 Just Can’t Get Enough…

Ariana breaks down the breakdown.


👙 Yeah, Well…

It’s not like he probably wasn’t doing this all along.


💍 Moving On…

Eternity meaning, until someone better comes along.


⚾️ It Never Ends For Meghan…

I’ve noticed that taking ownership is the new not taking responsibility.


💔 Kinda Saw It Coming…

Their relationship had it’s ups and downs, and I was rooting for them, but it’s not a surprise. What is a surprise is that they’re being publicly nasty.


🛎 Quotes of the Week

It’s almost time to die. – Judge Judy upon finding out how many people in the courtroom didn’t know who Rip van Winkle was.

Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense. – Gertrude Stein

So often in life, things that you regard as an impediment turn out to be great, good fortune. – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Artistic growth is, more than it is anything else, a refining of the sense of truthfulness. The stupid believe that to be truthful is easy; only the artist, the great artist, knows how difficult it is.Willa Cather

I had to learn who I was again through animals, because animals know who you really are. – Kim Novak

Sometimes when you least expect it, the tables turn and that scary feeling that has taken hold of you for so long somehow turns into hope. – David Archuleta

It turns out, nature is more imaginative than we are. – Abraham Loeb, a theoretical physicist at Harvard (I’d say God is, but okay.)

Putting a guy who’s in the closet in the closet? It’s like gay nesting dolls. – Max (Kat Dennings), 2 Broke Girls

Let me start with anger management. Don’t piss me off. – Pao Mayfield, 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk

It feels like a summer camp for drunk third graders. – Kate Chastain, Below Deck, referring to unruly guests

My mother always used to say: The older you get, the better you get, unless you’re a banana.Betty White

🦡  To See Or Not To See…

Just please don’t drop the groundhog. (That was the closest thing to a groundhog emoji I had.)

January 29, 2020 – The Scoop On GH, Jennifer Is a Jerk, New Same Old House, Another Ripple, Another Loss, Handsy Jax, Don’t Do It, I’m With Beau, a Reprieve, It’s Coming & the Drug Is Love


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Here’s what I got. Supposedly, ABC is letting the new episodes loose now. I checked their site, and it’s showing the episode with the shootouts, so I’m ahead by two. When this airs on real TV, I’m not sure, but if the site has them, On Demand should have them too. On Demand has been akin to the devil during this blackout, listing an episode as new, when it’s a random rerun. Merry Christmas, Shiloh! Anyway, I’ll keep my eye out for news, and recap again as soon as they’ve caught up to me.

What ABC says:


What Soaps In Depth said:


About Brando (and it sounds like a good theory):


The Real Housewives of New Jersey

When we last left, Jennifer had tossed a fork and plate at Melissa in a restaurant because she has absolutely no manners whatsoever. She said, blah-blah-blah, don’t talk about my kids, when no one was talking about them. She’s one of those people who likes to change the narrative to suit themselves, and it’s working my last nerve. Apparently, Melissa’s was also being worked, since she said she wanted to pop Jennifer one. Jennifer left, staring daggers at Melissa the whole way to the car, and since we’re in middle school, Teresa and Dolores went with her. Marge wondered why Teresa always leaves with the uninjured party, which is a good question. The topic of Jackie not eating was addressed, and Jackie explained that people don’t understand about how difficult it is getting past an eating disorder. We saw a clip of her watching a video of her younger, overweight self with her father, and he said, it was almost worth it. While I’m sure he didn’t mean it in a malicious way, that’s really an awful thing to say. She told Marge and Melissa about eating only apples and canned tuna during a trip to Mexico with her husband, and putting herself into treatment when they got back.

In the car, Jennifer claimed she didn’t want people criticizing Jackie, when she seems to be the only one doing that. As soon as they got back to the house, she started making noises about leaving, and of course the other Musketeers, Dolores and Teresa, said they’d go too; Teresa saying, since they all came together, they would leave together. When Jennifer told Jackie that she’d be leaving, in Jackie’s interview, she suggested Jennifer take her kooky tequila-ass self and walk back to NJ. I couldn’t have agreed more. Melissa asked Teresa to stay, and Jackie wondered if she was back in high school. (Thank you.) Teresa decided she didn’t want to choose friends over family, and in a rare move, did the right thing and stayed. Jackie said she’d wanted the weekend to heal wounds, but it was worse than ever.

The guys also got together over the weekend – Joes #2 and #3, and Frank Sr. – for drinks. It wasn’t lost on me how when the men get together, the atmosphere is the opposite of the women getting together. The guys always encourage each other, and have a lot of laughs. If there are any altercations, they’re solved in ten seconds with a beer. They have so much more fun than the women do, and no one throws anything. Well, maybe a football. In the Hamptons, the remaining women – Jackie, Marge, Melissa, and Teresa – went out to dinner to a restaurant on the water (gorgeous!), and somehow it was uneventful. Probably because Jennifer had taken her tequila-ass self home.

Back in New Jersey, Melissa told Joe #2 that Jennifer got gangster on her, and asked why crazy people intrigue Teresa. Joe said Teresa was going through something, and they give her attention. Despite her legal/financial troubles, Marge was celebrating 20 years in business, and invited Marge Sr. for a visit. She said she worried about Marge Sr. more than Marge Sr. worried about her, and now that Marge Sr. was in Manhattan, she felt like a kid again, who didn’t want her mom to go to work and leave her alone.

Teresa met Joe #2 for drinks and apps, and told him about Not-So-Juicy Joe saying no one would want her, since she had so much baggage. Joe #1 said Not-So-Juicy was just trying to mess with her head. On the way to taking the girls to see their dad, Teresa realized she’d forgotten her wallet, and they had no ID. The problem was, they were already an hour and a half into the trip, and had to be there at a certain time. To be continued…

🤽🏼‍♀️ Tonight, Bravo aired a half hour of a Summer House retrospective/sneak peek of the new season. The best blast from the past was Amanda saying Kyle was like one of those little dogs humping your leg. You just want to kick him off. And then getting engaged to him. As for the future, from what Kyle told us, we should expect them to act like family – drunk, obnoxious, and dysfunctional, but in a loving way. While I think all families are dysfunctional to a degree because they involve people, he’s not describing my family. Although it might explain why he’s the way he is. There will be a few new faces, and the good news or bad news, depending on how you feel about the show, is that the people are all still awful.

🏀 A Sad Six Degrees…

That crash was far reaching, and a lesson in how temporary our life here is.


💔 Another Farewell…

Bidding adieu to a grande dame of the soap world.


🍹 Hunk Being a Matter Of Perspective…

And how did Lance Bass get involved?


🍾 Brittany Continues To Get Jaxxed…

Watch What Happens Live viewers gave their marriage six years, but how do we know she doesn’t just want to torture him for life?


🍜 It’s Not About the Pasta Either…

For the record, I’m on Beau’s side. Tom seemed cool early on, but he’s kind of a d*ck.


👠 The Queen Of Second Chances…

I doubt there’s much LVP doesn’t have the power to do, but she does tend to give many do-overs.


🐲 If We’re Still Here In 2022…

And maybe old George will have those books finished by then.


💋 Because It’s Almost Valentine’s Day…

Okay, it’s not that close, but this never gets old. They’re like Riff Raff and Magenta 2.0, and Oscar Isaac is yummy.

January 15, 2020 – Nelle Reveals Herself, Mother’s Day In Jersey, Joe Obvious, Officially Uncoupled, Surprise Losses, Drama In the Hills, VanderMoments & Atmospheric January


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly tells Sonny that Avery and Donna are down for the count. She wonders when Ava will tell Avery about her new stepfather. She can’t believe Ava and Nikolas are married. Sonny says he doesn’t know who’s blackmailing who, but it’s not going to end well.

On the phone at the MetroCourt, Nikolas says he’s very much alive. He’s taking the Cassadine Industries jet, so file the flight plan. Ava joins him, saying she’s sure Laura is tied up at city hall. Is it so wrong to keep her handsome new husband company? She kisses his cheek, and he says. people are watching. She says, you bet they are. They’re the new hot couple. It’s a story of redemption – her – and resurrection – obviously him. Since she’s not going anywhere, get used to it. He says they’re married until he gets the codicil, and she says, even after, it’s not over. Until then, they have no reason not to spend time together. He says, yes they do.

Lulu tells Dustin, as much as she’d like to blame Brook for everything that’s ever gone wrong… Dustin says they obviously have a history, and she says they do, but even Brook doesn’t deserve to be grabbed by some slimeball. She says watching Dustin was hot, and he says chivalry is his thing. She says she likes it, and speaking of history, they seem to have some of their own, Dusty.

Brook says they have to let her go, and Chase says she assaulted a police officer. She says it was an accident; she was trying to hit a civilian. He asks if she’s aware that it’s a crime, and she says the forced grabbing of an intimate part of her body without her consent is a crime. Chase says, it won’t be without consequences, and looks at some paperwork. He tells her it says her last name is Ashton, and she says she changed it. Ned comes in and says she’s telling the truth. Brook is a Quartermaine through and through. Brook asks if she can go now, but Chase says, no. She asks Ned what he’s waiting for, and tells him to do something. Ned says Chase heard his daughter; lock her up.

Olivia puts out coffee, and Tracy says it looks like Olivia has been setting up board meetings her entire life. Olivia says, a compliment from Tracy? Tracy asks her not to tell anyone. She has a reputation to uphold. Olivia says she knows Tracy wouldn’t be acting nice unless there’s something in it for her. Let’s have it. What does she want?

At Shiloh’s memorial, the veiled woman says she didn’t know Shiloh long, but they shared a special bond. After all – she removes her veil, and we see it’s Nelle – he was her husband. Michael says he’ll start. What’s she doing out of prison? Harmony asks what does she mean, her husband? Nelle says she’ll answer their questions in order. She tells Michael, good news; she’s a free woman. And to her dear old cellmate, she’s Mrs. David Henry Archer. She removes a glove and shows off her ring, saying, they’re all her guests.

Carly tells Sonny, two people gaslighting each other isn’t a basis for a marriage. She wonders what Ava could have… The lightbulb comes on, and she realizes Ava must have the codicil, and is using it as leverage against Nikolas. The house phone rings, and Sonny says, of course (🍷). He tells Carly, she’s not going to believe this. They go to the door, and Stella is there. Sonny asks, what happened? Did the weather get so bad she got homesick? Stella says, something like that. Sonny wonders why he’s the only on not surprised, and Carly says she reached out to Stella to come and talk about his dad.

Ava says she needs to give Nikolas a gentle reminder. He hasn’t signed the post-nup yet. He doesn’t see why they need it. She has the codicil, and while she’s holding on to it, he’ll have to go on with this sham of a marriage. Ava says, just because it’s out of revenge doesn’t make it a sham. Their marriage is very real. A good spouse provides for their mate in case the worst happens. He says he’s not signing, He’s waiting for his mother. Ava says she can be the witness. Nothing says official like a signature from the mayor. He starts to read it, and says, she wants an island of her own? She says the Cassadines own a chain of them. What’s one tiny island? He says the water is shark infested, and she says she’s been swimming with sharks her whole life. She tells him not to be stingy.

Brook tells Chase, her father is obviously joking. The pervert should be charged for sexual assault. He told her to stop singing, she told him to shove it, and he put his paws on her.

In the interrogation room, Lulu says, then he put his hands down Brook’s pants. Laura asks what Brook did.

Brook says, so she slapped him, and tried to push him off, but he grabbed her. That’s when Lulu told him…

Lulu says she told him to keep his hands off Brook, and he said, back off, sweetie, and shoved her. That’s when Dustin stepped in, and grabbed him by the collar, and told him to keep his hands to himself. Dustin says, words were exchanged, there was shoving… and Lulu says before they knew it, somebody called the cops.

Chase says Brook hit him with a beer bottle, and she says she was trying to hit the guy who touched her. Ned asks if he’s in custody, and Chase says, he’s in a holding cell. Ned asks if Brook is all right, and she says, it happened so fast; she just wants to go home. She asks why Ned is against her, and he tells her he’s not saying the guy shouldn’t be punished. He’ll talk to Robert. She says Linc started it. Just drop the family name, and take her home. He says she spent years running from the family, and all it stands for. Now she wants to use the name to get out of trouble.

Tracy tells Olivia, she does have an ulterior motive, and it should appeal to her. Michael is a lovely young man, decent and polite. Olivia says, coming from Tracy, it doesn’t sound complimentary, and Tracy says it will take more than boyish charm to fill the Quartermaine shoes. Olivia says that’s the real reason Tracy is back. She wants to force Michael out. Tracy says she has no shares, vote, or say. On the other hand, Olivia’s husband has all three.

Michael asks how the hell Nelle got out. She tells him, like Shiloh said, keep believing and good things happen. It’s no wonder she wanted to honor his memory. Pentenville’s not the most romantic place, but it was good enough for them; her, Shiloh, the chaplain, and a witness. Daisy says she was honored to be included. The ceremony was beautiful, and deeply spiritual. Nelle says she’s sorry she didn’t tell Harmony; she didn’t want to break Harmony’s heart. She tells Willow, it’s a shame she feels she has to deny everyone’s feelings for Shiloh, especially since she took something precious from the time she was with him. Willow says she took her son, and Nelle says, Shiloh spoke about Wiley all the time. He spoke about reclaiming him, so they could be a family. Now he’s gone, and the responsibility falls on yours truly.

Sonny says he doesn’t know what’s left to discuss, and Carly says, hear her out. Stella says she didn’t come to preach. Carly says she asked Stella to come talk to Sonny; not as some expert in the field, but someone who cares deeply about his father. Sonny hopes Carly paid Stella’s airfare, and Stella says, first class, with a room at the MetroCourt, but she would have rowed there if she thought it would help his dad. Sonny says they all love him, and want to do the right thing. Did Carly tell her about the new trial? Stella says she’d heard about it, and did some research. It does sound promising; however, Mike’s condition is more advanced than the patients in the study. Sonny says that’s why they can’t afford to wait until all of his father is lost. Stella understands, and her heart goes out to him, but while he’s holding on to Mike, what is Mike holding on to?

Nikolas tells Ava, let’s get something straight. She says she lives for clarity, and he says she lives in his home. They don’t share a bed or a future. Once he has the codicil, they’re going their separate ways. She tells him to listen to himself. Codicil is all he ever says. What’s the point of marriage if it’s not forever? He says, till death do us part, and she says he won’t kill her. He asks why she’s so sure, and she says she could be wrong, but she doesn’t think she is. As for their marriage, he’s not going to get what he wants until she gets what she wants. So sign. She lifts her martini glass, and says, to true love…

Brook asks why it’s okay for Ned to change his name, and he says she did it to get out of a contract. He did it to embrace the family. She doesn’t seem to be interested in that. Brook says he wanted the power, influence, and privilege that the name affords. He says they could use it at the shareholder’s meeting, and she says what better place to take her rightful place in the clan. Laura, Lulu, and Dustin come out, and Brook thanks Dustin for the rescue. She tells Lulu, always a pleasure. They leave, and she says if they can go, so can she. She’s the victim. Chase says he spoke to Felicia and Mac, and they’re willing to let it go, as long as they’re reimbursed. Ned says he’ll cover the damages, and Brook says she’ll pay him back. He says, she will, and Chase uncuffs her, telling her that she’s free to go. Don’t let him see her back there. She promises he’s seen the last of her, and leaves with Ned.

Michael says Nelle isn’t getting involved with his godson, but she says it’s not up to him. He says he’s going to check her story, and she tells him, do that. He steps out, and Nelle says, out of curiosity, Willow chose Brad to be the baby’s father? Willow says, Brad and Lucas are Wiley’s legal parents. Not Shiloh, even if he was alive. Nelle says, harsh. She’s not trying to take Wiley from them. Not yet. Harmony asks if she’s planning to in the future, and Nelle says she didn’t say that. Jason says he wouldn’t worry about it, and she says, it speaks. She forgot he was there. He asks how she made parole, and she says, Harmony was set free, so was she. Harmony says she had remorse for her crime, and got early release. Nelle says, unlike Sam, who shot Shiloh in the back. She owes her release to Ryan Chamberlain. If he hadn’t tried to escape, she wouldn’t have risked her life to protect society at large. They’re welcome.

Jason sees Michael in the hallway, and tells him, Nelle just wants attention. Don’t give it to her. Michael goes back in, and says, now that Nelle has made her big entrance, what does she want? Nelle says she’s not greedy. All she wants is what belongs to her.

Sonny tells Sonny, they’re family, and Stella says, as much as he loves his family, is he willing to take Mike from his surroundings and routine, take him away from the one place he knows and trusts? Sonny says the doctors told him what might happen when they had the evaluation at the clinic. It’s better than doing nothing. Carly says they’re not doing nothing. Stella says Mike has people he trusts, a place he knows, his family nearby, and Yvonne. Sonny says, Yvonne is on a feeding tube, and Mike keeps asking where she is. Carly says he thinks if Mike is away, he’ll forget about her, and Stella says, he might know she’s missing, and it will be worse. Sonny says, it might give Mike more time. Even if it doesn’t work, he’ll know they tried everything. Stella says, that’s easy to say, but how is he going to feel if they try, and it still doesn’t work?

Nikolas tells Ava that he wants a lawyer to look at the post-nup before he signs. Laura arrives, apologizing for keeping Nikolas waiting. She says she didn’t know Ava was joining them, and Nikolas says, Ava was just leaving, but Laura tells Ava to stay if she wants. She’s not thrilled about the marriage, but they’re adults. What they do is on them. Spencer is another story. Ava says, Spencer doesn’t know? and Nikolas says it doesn’t concern her. Ava says she cares about Spencer, and now she’s his stepmother. It does concern her. Nikolas says Spencer doesn’t know he’s alive. Laura was right. It’s not something he can tell Spencer over the phone. Hello, it’s me, your father. I’m not dead. That’s why he’s flying to France to see Spencer tonight.

Dustin goes back with Lulu to her place, and she asks him to come in. He says, it’s late, and she says, nice try, Dusty. How does he know Brook? He says, it’s not that fascinating, but she says she’ll be the judge of that. Start at the beginning, and don’t leave anything out.

Walking into the mansion, Brook tells Ned, she had no choice. Should she have let Linc put his hands all over her? He says, of course (🍷) not. If she wants to be a Quartermaine, she has to think like one. Be smarter, and less impulsive. Olivia and Tracy join them, and Brook asks what they’d do if a man asserted his power by grabbing their butt. Tracy says, break his hands, and Olivia says, kick his ass. Brook says, that’s what she did, but Ned says, she went on the defensive and it escalated into a barroom brawl. Brook says it looks like everyone is at a meeting, and Tracy says, they are, but it’s no surprise their CEO is MIA.

Chase goes back to the memorial, and Nelle says sorry he got dragged in. She’s sure she can clear things up. Chase asks if Willow is okay, and Willow says, fine so far. Nelle says she just realized. Harmony said her daughter had a new man in her life, but she had no idea it was him. Good for her. She’s glad someone has filled the void Shiloh left. Not that anyone can. Chase says, for once in Nelle’s life, she’s telling the truth, and Michael says, she is. She’s Shiloh’s widow; the wedding was legit. Nelle says, it was true love of course (🍷).

Sonny tells Stella that he’s done his share of gambling, and knows the odds aren’t good. Carly asks, why risk it just to postpone the inevitable? and he says if it gives Mike more time, it’s worth it. Jason comes in, and asks if it’s a bad time. Stella says she has to get settled at the MetroCourt, and thanks Carly for the room. Carly says she deserves a night of luxury. Stella says she’ll be around if they want to talk, and Sonny says he’ll walk her out. Jason sighs, and Carly asks how the memorial was; how’s Michael? He says Michael is fine, but she needs to count to ten. She asks, why? and he says, Nelle showed up at the memorial. She made parole.

Nelle tells Willow and Harmony, the three of them should grab lunch sometime. They share a special bond. First Shiloh, now Chase, with Willow. Harmony wonders how they could share a cell, and she didn’t realize Nelle was delusional. I dunno. For years she didn’t realize Shiloh was delusional. Chase asks Nelle if she said what she had to say. Willow says, she said plenty, and Harmony says, yet she said nothing at all. Nelle says she has another appointment; she’ll see them later. She asks if they could do her the biggest favor. Hold on to Shiloh’s portrait, while she finds a place to hang it. She leaves, and I wonder what happened to the other people who were there, and disappeared.

Dustin tells Lulu, it was open mic night at a bar in lower Manhattan. He was nursing a beer, and working on writing some music, and he heard Brook’s voice. He looked up, and she was in the spotlight. Lulu says, Brook can sing; she’ll give her that. Dustin says Brook came down after her song, and started taking drink orders. Lulu says, she was literally working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, and he says, that much is true. I die laughing. Lulu asks if they sang outside of a convenience store. She’s seen that movie. He says, it ended as soon as it started. She dumped him for a piano player. She says, a guy as amazing as him, dated someone as dreadful as Brook, and she dumped him?

Michael arrives at the meeting, and Brook says she hopes he has his body armor on; knives are out. Tracy thanks him for joining them. It’s nice that he found the time. Ned asks Pascal where they’re at, and Pascal says, the roll call. Should he go over it again? Michael says, no. Pick up where they left off. Pascal says Tracy is there for Dillon in absentia, and Tracy says she has his proxy vote. Pascal says, Michael is present, so that concludes it. Ned says, there are several items on the agenda, the first being the question of selling Oscar’s shares.

Sonny thanks Stella for coming, and Stella says, but she should mind her own business. Sonny says she’s family as far as his father is concerned. What happens is her business. She says Sonny is still taking Mike to New York, isn’t he?

Carly tells Jason that Pentenville threw Nelle a jailhouse wedding before they cut her loose? Why bother? The only reason Nelle bothers with anything is money, revenge, or both. What did Shiloh have that Nelle can use?

Laura says Nikolas is flying out tonight? He says Spencer deserves to hear it from him, and he wants to see his boy. Laura says, after all Nikolas has done, he’s not going to pull a vanishing act. Ava tells Laura, don’t worry. She’ll make sure Nikolas stays in touch. Nikolas asks how she’s going to manage that, and Ava says, because she’s going with him.

Harmony asks what the hell that was about, and Chase says, it’s classic Jenelle. He says he can take Harmony back on his way home, and Willow says there’s something he needs to know. It’s about Wiley, not about her. Brad is overwhelmed, and Michael was concerned Brad doesn’t have enough support. It escalated until Brad turned to her and practically begged her to be Wiley’s nanny, so she’s going to help take care of him. Harmony thinks it’s a good idea, and Willow says, it’s a temporary situation. At some point, Brad won’t need her, Chase asks if she really thinks she’ll just be able to walk away.

Pascal says, Oscar has fifteen bequests, but Michael says, something came up that’s a major impact. Tracy suggests they stick to the agenda, and Brook says, Michael is allowed to talk. Michael says Oscar left his shares to Shiloh, but Ned says that’s in probate. Now that Shiloh is dead, they revert to the family regardless. Tracy says, the shares couldn’t find a better home in the hands of Olivia and her precious son… Olivia says, Leo, and Tracy says she knew that. Brook says they should put the shares where they’ll do the most good. Ned says, Olivia and Leo are family, and more than deserving. Michael agrees with Ned, and Brook calls Michael an idiot. She asks how he can be CEO of a major company, and not see a power play is being set up. Don’t let them do it.

Nikolas says he’s flying solo, but Ava says he’ll face the pain of a difficult reunion with her by his side. He says it’s not her place, but she says, it definitely is. She owes it to Spencer. She wants him know she’s trying to atone, and make sure what’s rightfully his is acknowledged. Laura reminds them, this is about Spencer, not redemption. Nikolas owes it to his son to be honest with him. Nikolas says, of course (🍷), and Laura says she wishes she could trust him. She misses being able to. All she’s asking is for him to think of Spencer, not himself – if that’s possible. Laura leaves, and Ava says she likes that woman. The more she knows Laura, the more she likes her, and the more glad she is that Laura is her mother-in-law. Nikolas says, a technicality. Ava says she hasn’t been to Europe in years. She’s going home to pack. Is he coming? She tells him, think of it as a honeymoon. Separate rooms of course (🍷).

Dustin tells Lulu, believe it or not, that’s how the story ends. Good guy, bad girl, bad girl breaks good guy’s heart. Lulu is glad Brook has terrible taste. He says Brook had a way of pushing his buttons. Lulu says, not just his. Brook is the absolute worst, and had everyone walking away from her. He says Brook did him a favor. Writing music wasn’t for him. He discovered teaching, and never looked back. Lulu says, not even after he came to Brook’s rescue? He says he didn’t know it was her, and would have done it regardless. The guy was a creep, but he has to admit, if it was anyone else, it wouldn’t have escalated into a low grade riot. Lulu says, no nostalgia? and he says, the last thing he needs in his life is a wrecking ball named Brook Lynn. Lulu is glad hear that. They cuddle.

Willow tells Chase that she hopes one day that Wiley will know who she is, and she’ll help him understand why she chose Brad and Lucas to raise him. Everything is up in the air right now, and all that matters is Wiley being loved and cared for. Harmony says let her know if she can do anything, although she knows she has no right to ask. The first thing she did was use her grandson to lead Willow back to Shiloh. She’s ashamed of that, and more than anything wants a chance to make it up to the two of them. She owes it to Willow. Willow says she’ll see what Brad says, but she’d like that very much. Harmony goes out to wait for Chase and Willow, and Willow says they’re alone now. Let her have it. All the reasons he thinks it’s a bad idea for her to take care of Wiley. He asks if she thinks she can handle it, and she says she does. He hugs her, and says, so does he.

Stella tells Sonny, every day is precious. Is it worth risking Mike’s fragile quality of life to roll the dice? Sonny says he knows it’s a long shot, but even if it’s one million in one that it could work, he’s taking the shot.

Carly tells Jason, Shiloh was out of money when he died. One of his followers had to post bail. They know Nelle isn’t a follower, and has no spiritual motive, so why?

Olivia asks if Tracy thinks she doesn’t know she has an angle. Tracy says, fill her in on the angle Olivia thinks she has. Olivia says she’s her own person, and not just voting the way Ned wants. Ned says he trusts her judgement. Brook says, Michael is either in a naïve state or doing a masterful job of sucking up. Pascal says, yay or nay, and Brook calls him Fish and Chips. He says, she’s delightful. Nelle walks in, and says, there must be some mistake. There’s no way they started without her, right?

Tomorrow, Lulu wants Nikolas to tell her that he’s sorry, Sam tells Alexis that Nelle is Shiloh’s widow, Olivia says they’re going to make Nelle’s life a living hell, and Sonny says he needs Jason’s help.

👠 Highlights Of New Jersey…

On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa told Joe #2 that she got a lot of calls inquiring about the men’s line after the fashion show, and because Teresa is defending Danielle, Margaret is going crazy. The fertility doctor called with their test results, and Melissa was more than okay, but Joe #2 had only 3 swimmers out of what should have been 15 million. Everyone found this hysterically funny, and the doctor said quitting a supplement he’d been taking should fix things. Marge had success with a drag queen brunch, and decided to have another one, as well as a Mother’s Day brunch. Because Teresa had been incommunicado, Marge decided not to invite her. Jackie agreed they weren’t in a good place, and Marge had to do what she felt was right. Jackie decided to invite the women to her Hamptons house, hoping they’d bond. While they were having a pedicure, Teresa told Dolores that she wanted to matchmake Gia and Frankie Jr., and Dolores let it slip about Marge’s brunch. She suggested Teresa talk to Marge, but Teresa wasn’t having it if Marge didn’t want to invite her.

Mother’s Day happened, and Teresa’s girls made breakfast. She said she was lucky to have them, and that Mother’s Day was difficult for her since she’d lost her mom. She griped that Marge knew it was difficult, and should have invited her. The girls gave Teresa a card, and counted down to Teresa crying over it. Joe #1 called, and Teresa told him that the girls had gotten her a necklace with her name on it. Since everything has to be about him, Joe claimed he’d gotten a name necklace for Teresa a while back, and criticized her for not remembering. Their daughters said he must be right, and in Teresa’s interview, she said it started out being a beautiful day, but Joe always gets the girls to go against her. She said she was no longer tolerating his disrespect.

At Marge’s Mother’s Day brunch, the drag queens greeted the guest moms, and flower crowns were passed out. We also learned, champagne for breakfast is totally appropriate. The drag queens put on a show, and Jennifer’s mother said she’d never been to anything like it. Up until then, the wildest thing she’d seen was the ugly naked guy in Times Square. We saw a photo of the Naked Cowboy, who wears briefs and is hardly ugly. Melissa was shocked that Marge didn’t invite Teresa, but Marge said they hadn’t talked at the fashion show, and Teresa was pissed because Marge said she was an embarrassment. Marge admitted to being embarrassed about her own behavior as well. In Melissa’s interview, she said Marge had only seen the namaste Teresa. It was her first rodeo with the going from zero to ten Teresa. At the brunch, the moms and daughters told stories from when they were growing up. They showed a picture of Marge Sr. as a young mother, and wowza! She was gorgeous. Everyone ended up crying. Jennifer noted that when the drag queens were performing, there was a lot of arm crossing and squinting from her mother.

Dolores said David didn’t think it was important when she asked him to show up for things, and he took advantage of her kindness. Maybe he doesn’t want to be seen on TV with this water-throwing, ponytail-pulling group. At least we’re actually seeing him this season. Jennifer asked her mom what she thought about the drag queens. Her mom said Dolores told her they were men, and she said, you’ve got to be kidding? which I guess is a compliment. Jennifer thought her mom had come a long way, and said she was raising her own children to be accepting of people  She brought up her brother being gay, but her mom wasn’t very comfortable talking about that, saying she was old-fashioned, and it was his life. If he’s happy, God be with him. Jennifer wanted her mother to be happy that he wasn’t living a lie.

Marge helped Marge Sr. do some organizing. In Marge’s interview, she said Marge Sr. claimed she wanted to be more of a mother, but they’re keeping their roles as they are. Marge is the mother, and is going to fix Marge Sr.’s life for her. Teresa didn’t want to go to the Hamptons because It was pouring out, and she was in a bad mood. She told Dolores that she was busting ass, but the kids take Joe’s side all the time. Dolores told her to put her foot down. No surprise, Jackie’s house in the Hamptons was fabulous. Marge told Melissa, at some point, you have to decide what’s right and wrong, and you can’t be friends with a certain type of person, by which I assume she meant Danielle. Melissa agreed, but said you can’t tell someone who to be friends with either.

When Teresa got there, she thanked Jackie for inviting her – and thanked Marge for not inviting her. So we started that way. Marge wanted to talk later, but Teresa said they were in the same friend group, and everyone else was talking about it. Marge said she had intended to invite Teresa, and even brought her a goody bag, which I thought was really tacky. I would never give someone a goody bag from a party I didn’t invite them to. Teresa didn’t want it, and I didn’t blame her.

Next time, more of the Hamptons, and Jennifer directs some loud and stupid at Melissa in public.

🎩 Like We Hadn’t Guessed…

Juicy Joe is old-fashioned? Really?


💔 It’s Official…

What we already knew.


😥 Unexpected Roll Call…

Reality stars lost before their time.


🔥 It Didn’t Take Long…

Again, not liking the mob mentality, no matter who the target is. Denise skated through her first season. I guess now she has to pay the price.


No surprise Brandi would be involved.


But definitely surprised this might be the reason.


🍸 SUR, the Gift That Keeps On Giving…

Obviously, Ariana was not an English major.


January Reaches Its Half Life…

Wherever your January is, I hope it’s going well. And if it’s not, it’s halfway over.

December 23, 2019 – Finn Becomes Scrooge, Vegas Meets Spring Break, Upcoming, OC Rehashing, Tinsley Opts Out, Wasted Trips, Cynthia Shares, Non-News, Real News & Christmas Wish


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Monica reads to the kids in the hospital, finishing The Night Before Christmas. Finn tells Anna that he doesn’t want to get stuck on the road, but Anna says, the party isn’t over. She’d like to say hello to some of their friends, and spend time with Maxie and Peter. Violet is also enjoying herself. Violet runs up and says she’s loving this party, and asks if she can play with her friends. Finn tells her to stay where he can see her. Chase comes by, and tells Finn, it’s once a year. Can’t he get into the spirit?

Tracy (yay!) says they’ve made their contribution, and Monica has read the story. It’s time to eat turkey and open presents. Monica says it’s about Edward and Lila’s legacy. Maxie tells Peter that James loved the story, but he’s getting tired, and they still have to go to grandma and grandpa’s.

Anna tells Finn that Violet is happy playing with the children, and Felicia’s party is still going on. Finn thinks the party will be a distraction. He’s all for good will and cheer, but not for shrugging off telling kids the lie about a chubby stranger coming down the chimney to give them presents. Anna hopes he didn’t tell that to Violet, and suddenly Violet is there. Anna tells her that Finn is in poor spirits, since he got coal in his stocking last year because he was naughty. She takes Violet with her, and Robert says Finn is a real Scrooge, hooking a candy cane on Finn’s pocket and walking on.

Curtis announces that the storm has taken a turn for the worse. The roads are closed, except for emergency vehicles. Tracy wonders if they can hijack a snowplow. Monica says there are plenty of activities, and treats, and  tells the kids to have fun. She gathers them for another story. Anna tells Finn that she hopes Violet didn’t hear what he said. She took the precaution of reinforcing that Santa only comes to children who believe in him and love him, but Finn has to open his heart to the Christmas season.

Michael tells Monica that he found a classic. Monica takes the book from him, and says, A Christmas Carol. Some of it is a little scary. Are the kids okay with that? They all yell, yeah, and she begins to read. Marley was dead to begin with. There was no doubt whatsoever about that.

A clock strikes midnight. Finn as Scrooge sits up.

Monica reads, Oh! But he was a tight-fisted hand at the grindstone, Scrooge! a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner! Anna asks Finn if it sounds familiar, and he says, subtle. He gets it. He’s not brimming with Christmas cheer. Tracy says he’s a man after her own heart. He says that’s why she’s his favorite patient, and they hug. He asks what brings her back to town? and she asks if it can’t just be family. Anna says, see? She’s not all bad, but Tracy says, the true meaning of Christmas is long gone. It’s turned into a retail bonanza. Anna tells them that they deserve each other. Finn says they could do worse. Tracy asks, which one is his? and he points out Violet. She says Violet is beautiful, like her mother, and Finn says, she is.

Monica continues to read how Scrooge liked to edge his way along the crowded paths of life, warning all human sympathy to keep its distance, was what the knowing ones call “nuts” to Scrooge. liked to edge his way along the path of life. Once upon a time—of all the good days in the year, on Christmas Eve—old Scrooge sat busy in his counting-house…

Scrooge hands Bob Cratchit (Franco) some paperwork. Scrooge’s nephew Fred (Peter) comes in, and tells Scrooge, merry Christmas. Scrooge says, humbug, and Fred says he doesn’t mean that. Scrooge says, he does. What reason does Fred have to be merry? Fred asks him to dine with them tomorrow, and Scrooge says, ugh. Fred asks, why? and Scrooge asks why he got married. Fred says he fell in love. Scrooge makes fun of him, and says, good day. Fred is sorry Scrooge is so resolute, but he’s going to keep his Christmas cheer to the last. Merry Christmas and happy New Year. He tells Cratchit, Merry Christmas, and Cratchit returns the sentiment. Fred leaves, and Scrooge tells Cratchit, another sound from him, and he’ll celebrate by losing his situation.

A man asking for a charitable contribution (Curtis) comes by the office. He tells Scrooge, At this festive season of the year, Mr. Scrooge, is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for the Poor and destitute, who suffer greatly at the present time. Many thousands are in want of common necessaries; hundreds of thousands are in want of common comforts. Scrooge asks if there are no prisons, and if the work houses are still in order. The man says they are; he wishes he could say they were not. Scrooge is happy to hear it. He supports those establishments, and they cost more than enough. The man says, many can’t go there, and many would rather die. Scrooge says, if they would rather die, than they’d better do it, and decrease the surplus population. He bids the man good day. The clock strikes, and Scrooge says the man wasted what was left of the workday. It’s time to close. He supposes Cratchit is hoping for tomorrow off. Cratchit says, it is customary, and Scrooge says he supposes Cratchit will want the whole day, but be here all the earlier the following morning. Cratchit thanks him, and tells him, merry Christmas.

Scrooge heads home. A couple of children ask for a penny, but he tells them, to the poorhouse with you. Go! At home, Scrooge has a dinner of what looks like wine and ribs, not the usual Dickens fare. His housekeeper Mrs. Dilber (Monica) says he’s eating in bed again. Perhaps the house is too big and empty for him. He tells her, that will be all, and she takes his tray.

The clock strikes midnight. Scrooge wakes. Marley’s ghost (Tracy) floats through the door and glides in. Scrooge quakes, pulling up the covers

At the hospital, Anna asks Chase if Finn has always been wound up so tight. He had a family, and she wonders what’s to blame for his lack of Christmas cheer. Chase says their father went overboard. They had actual sleigh bells that chimed throughout the season. She says, that might be it, and Finn says, you think? Violet finds Finn, and says, the story is getting scary. She asks if he’ll sit with her, and they go back together. Monica reads that Scrooge fought against his senses.

Scrooge asks who the ghost is, and the ghost tells Scrooge to ask who he was. In life, the ghost was his partner in business, Marley. Scrooge doesn’t believe it, thinking it’s just a dream brought on by indigestion. Marley tells him, hear me. His time is nearly gone. Marley explains that he wore the chain he forged in life, link by link and yard by yard, having made it of his own free will. He’s there to warn Scrooge; Scrooge has yet a chance and hope of escaping the same fate. Scrooge asks, how? and Marley says he will be visited by three spirits, each arriving at the stroke of midnight. Without them, he has no hope of escaping the same fate. Marley starts to fade, and Scrooge calls for him to come back, as he fades away. Scrooge wakes up, and laughs, saying, it was just a dream.

The clock strikes midnight, and The Ghost of Christmas Past (Josslyn) arrives. He asks if she’s the spirit whose coming was foretold to him, and she says she is. He asks who or what she is, and she explains she’s the Ghost of Christmas Past. He says, long past? and she says, no. Your past. She tells him to rise and walk with her. He puts on his robe, and she tells him to take her hand. Reluctantly, he does.

The ghost and Scrooge appear at an outdoor party in the park. Fezziwig (Ned) tells everyone a holiday party couldn’t be more welcome. He tells them to eat, drink, and be merry. Scrooge says, it’s old Fezziwig alive again. He was Fezziwig’s apprentice; Fezziwig taught him everything. Young Scrooge (Chase) is approached by another man (Michael), and Scrooge says, it’s him with Dick Wilkins. They were in business together. Fezziwig says, no more work tonight. It’s Christmas Eve. Time to enjoy themselves. Wilkins asks young Scrooge, what’s wrong? and young Scrooge says he has no interest in a celebration. Wilkins tells him to suit himself. Scrooge tells the ghost that Fezziwig threw the grandest parties. The ghost says, a small matter, to make these silly folks so full of gratitude. He’s merely spent a few pounds of their mortal money. Is that so much that he deserves praise? Scrooge says, it’s not about money. He has the power to render them happy or unhappy; to make their service light or burdensome. The happiness he gives, is quite as great as if it cost a fortune. Belle (Willow) kisses young Scrooge’s cheek. Scrooge tells the ghost, it’s Belle, the love of his life

At GH, Violet asks Finn, what next? and he says they’ll find out together. Monica reads, he was not alone, but sat by the side of a fair young girl in a mourning-dress: in whose eyes there were tears, which sparkled in the light that shone out of the Ghost of Christmas Past.

The ghost says Scrooge and Belle were engaged. What happened? Belle asks if young Scrooge can’t stop working for one night and dance. He says, Christmas Eve is not a holiday in and of itself. Wilkins says Scrooge isn’t interested in having fun, since he’s just standing there. Can he steal Scrooge’s lady for a dance? Belle says she’d be delighted, and they dance. Young Scrooge starts to leave, and Fezziwig asks where he’s going. He says he has figures to review, but Fezziwig says, it can wait. Take a moment and enjoy life. Otherwise, it will pass by him. Young Scrooge leaves anyway.

Now in Scrooge’s office, Belle tells young Scrooge that he’ll never stop loving anything more than money. It’s not a marriage she wishes to be part of. He asks what she means, and she says she’s sorry, but she cannot marry him. She leaves, and Scrooge tells the ghost, show him no more. Let him home now. But the ghost says she has one more thing to show him.

An older Belle (Anna) and an older Dick Wilkins (Robert) are on a stroll. Scrooge says, Belle. Wilkins says he ran into an old friend; Scrooge. He went by the office. Belle says, he was working on Christmas? and Wilkins asks if it surprises her. She supposes not. She says, poor Scrooge. He’s all alone in the world. Scrooge tells the ghost, please take him back. She takes his hand, and they disappear. Scrooge wakes, and says, it was but a dream. The clock strikes, and he says, no. It can’t be twelve again. Surely the clock is broken. He hears laughter, and a voice says, hello, Scrooge. The Ghost of Christmas Present (Obrecht), reclines on his couch. She says, just in time. Look upon me.

Reading to the children, Monica says, I am the Ghost of Christmas Present, said the Spirit. Look upon me! Scrooge reverently did so. It was clothed in one simple green robe, or mantle, bordered with white fur.

Scrooge says, I learnt a lesson which is working now. To-night, if you have aught to teach me, let me profit by it. The ghost tells him to touch her gown, and when he does, they disappear. Scrooge asks where they are, and she says, it’s Christmas day, this very year. Doesn’t he recognize his own nephew’s home? He says he’s never been there. Fred and his wife Clara (Maxie) are entertaining the charity man and his wife (Jordan). Fred tells them, then his uncle called Christmas a humbug. They laugh, and the man says he’ll spare them what Scrooge said when he asked him to give. His wife says Scrooge is rich, but it does him little good, and the man suggests they don’t bother with Scrooge anymore, and carry on with the game. Fred does a pantomime, and the man’s wife says, an animal. Fred says she’s correct. The man asks if he roams the streets, and Fred says he does. The man asks if he travels alone or in a pack, and Clara says, Scrooge! Fred says, right you are, and they toast to Scrooge. The ghost holds out her arm, and Scrooge touches her robe.

Scrooge and the ghost look into a window. The Cratchit’s eldest son, Peter (Cameron) tells his mother (Elizabeth), Tiny Tim (Aiden) sang the sweetest of all. Cratchit says she should have been there, but Emily wonders who would cook dinner then. Scrooge says he knows these people. It’s Bob Cratchit’s house. They look so happy with so little. Cratchit toasts to Scrooge, the founder of their feast. Emily says, Scrooge is a hard, silly man, and Cratchit says, it’s Christmas day. She says she’ll drink for the sake of her husband and the day, but not for Scrooge. They toast, and Cratchit suggests they say grace. Merry Christmas and may God bless them. Tiny Tim says, God bless us, every one, and starts to cough. The ghost turns away, and Scrooge asks if Tiny Tim will live. She says she sees a vacant seat at the chimney corner, and a crutch without an owner. Scrooge says, tell him Tiny Tim is not going to die, but she says, if these shadows remain unaltered by the future, he will die, but if he has to die, he’d better do it, and decrease the surplus population. She holds out her arm.

Back at his house, Scrooge asks if the ghost is okay, and she says she exists only for a brief time. The present is waiting. He’d do well to remember that. She fades away leaving only her holly crown. The clock strikes midnight again, and Scrooge holds his head. The wind blows through the house, and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come stands before him.

In the real world, Monica says, for in the very air through which this Spirit moved, it seemed to scatter gloom and mystery. Ned asks if it’s not too scary, but Anna says, they’re loving it. Monica continues, it was shrouded in a deep black garment, which concealed its head, its face, its form, and left nothing of it visible save one outstretched hand. But for this it would have been difficult to detach its figure from the night, and separate it from the darkness by which it was surrounded.

The ghost reveals its face, and it’s Ava. Scrooge asks if she’s the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, and she nods. He says she is about to show him shadows of the things that have not happened, but will happen in the time before us. He fears her more than all the others, but knows her purpose is to go him good, and he’s prepared. He goes with her.

They appear in a graveyard. Fred says he doesn’t know what he expected, and Clara says, the people who showed up, did so for a free lunch. He says, some might yet arrive, but she says, he was a miser, poor soul. Good riddance. Fred repeats, good riddance, and they leave. Scrooge wonders why they’d says such a thing, and the ghost pounds the ground with her cycle. Mrs. Dilber and another servant (Brook) go through some belongings. The servant says, if wanted to keep them after he was dead, he would have been more natural in life. He would have had someone there instead of gasping his last alone by himself. Scrooge says he sees the case of this unhappy man might be his own cycle.

At the Cratchit’s house, Peter says, cheer up mother. The man to whom they were in debt to has passed. He saw the man’s servants gathering his possessions. It will give them time to get back on their feet. It’s the one piece of good news they’ve had this Christmas season. Cratchit comes in, and Emily asks where he was. He says he was at Tiny Tim’s grave. He wanted to make sure to wish him a merry Christmas. He holds his wife, and his son comes along the other side. Scrooge sees the crutch next to the fireplace, and says, no. It can’t be. Tiny Tim dead? Surely the future can be changed; can it not? The ghost looks at him, and turns away.

Scrooge and the spirit stand in the graveyard once more. Scrooge asks why bring him back to show him this man’s grave again? The ghost points, and he sees his own grave stone.

Scrooge says the spirit’s nature has interceded for him, and taken pity on him. Assure me that I yet may change these shadows you have shown me, by an altered life. The ghost walks toward him, and he falls into the grave.

Mrs. Dilber draws back the drapes, and Scrooge asks, what day is it? She says, Christmas day, sir. He asks her to say it again, and she does. He says he hasn’t missed it. The spirits did it all in one night. Surprising the hell out of her, he kisses her, and runs out. Outside, he sees the same kids who asked him for a penny. He says, sweet children, do you know the poulter on the next corner; the one with the prize turkey in the window? Buy it. He gives them each a crown, and tells them, run like the wind.

His next stop is Fred’s house. He bursts in, and says, merry Christmas to his nephew, his nephew’s wife, and guests. Clara says they weren’t expecting him, but he says he can’t stay. However, he would be remiss not to wish them a merry Christmas. It’s high time they settle the question of Fred’s inheritance. He’s family, and should be regarded as such by the court. He asks Fred to pardon his previous unkindness, and to stop by after the holidays. They’ll make arrangements. He says he must go, and jets. They’re all like, wha-a-at?

Scrooge goes to the Cratchit house, and Peter answers the door. Scrooge gives him the turkey, and tells him to take it to the kitchen. He asks Cratchit to accept it as a sincere apology. It’s come to his attention that Cratchit is long overdue for a significant raise, and his salary is going to be doubled. He doesn’t want to keep them from their Christmas feast, and says he doesn’t expect to see Cratchit in the office until after the New Year. Tiny Tim says he doesn’t have to leave. They’d be honored if he joined them. Scrooge says he’d like that very much.

They hold hands around the table, and Tiny Tim says, God bless us every one.

Monica reads, Scrooge was better than his word. He did it all, and infinitely more; and to Tiny Tim, who did not die, he was a second father. Ever afterwards; and it was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge. May that be truly said of us, and all of us! And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless Us, Every One! Everyone applauds.

Curtis tells everyone, the roads are cleared. They’re good to go. Brook bets Tracy can’t wait to get back to her house, and away from the riff-raff. Tracy says she thinks she’ll stay and help out. Ned shrugs at Michael and Brook, and follows her. Anna tells Finn, it worked out. They’ll be on their way soon. Finn suggests they go by Felicia’s Christmas party, and Anna asks, why the change of heart? He says it’s the first time he’s experienced Christmas as a father, and for a moment, he saw it through Violet’s eyes. Violet tells Finn, it was the best story ever. He says he thought so. And it was a nice reminder that Christmas isn’t just about the presents. It teaches us to love, be charitable, share the joy, and all that good stuff. Anna thinks it’s not a bad idea to keep it in their hearts all year.

Violet says, God bless us, every one. Snow falls, and the camera pans out to show the scene is inside a snow globe.

On Christmas Eve, there will be a repeat encore episode, GH is preempted on Christmas for football, and on Thursday, Nelle asks to hold Wiley, and Mike says someone took his wife.

Below Deck

Smoke inundates the galley. In her interview, Kate knows it’s not Kevin’s fault the exhaust fan is broken, but why is he using the grill? If she didn’t have a blender, she wouldn’t push margaritas. She tells Courtney, some of the signs of the apocalypse are smoke, children, in-laws, and diarrhea. The deckhands bring in the water toys. In Ashton’s interview, he compares Rhylee’s knots to a child learning to tie their shoe laces for the first time. The way she’s doing it is dangerous and frustrating. He needs everyone to rush and get everything done, and they’re wasting time trying to untie her knots. Kevin prepares lunch, and Kate asks for all available deck crew. Kevin thinks the grandparents will be happy with his Greek style lunch. As lunch is served, Albert says there must be two of Kevin. There’s no way one person cranked all this out. Everyone is happy. Kate says it’s the first time family style has worked out.

Captain Lee calls engineer Darrian to the bridge – a rarity! Darrian says the exhaust fan is a mystery, and the captain says, the hits just keep coming. Still at lunch, Albert says they nailed it, except for the beach excursion. Scott – who seems to be the whiner of the group – says he’s not sure it was really treacherous, and thinks they would have been fine. Because he’s a boat captain? An engineer? A map reader? He’s an asshat for sure. In Brian’s interview, he says he always has fun with Courtney until someone else arrives. Then she puts her guard up. He likes her, and wants to spend more time with her.

Master Pearson is hesitant about the slide, and Rhylee says, you know what they say about the slide?. When in Thailand… I don’t think anyone says that, but it works, and Pearson goes down the slide, giving his dad a high-five afterward. Captain Lee tells Kate that the ride back for the grandparents is going to be there in fifteen minutes. Kate says it’s a genius way to deal with the in-laws; just have them for lunch. Kate tells him the primary wants him to join them for dinner; it’s a roaring 20s theme. The captain asks if there’s going to be bathtub gin. The boat comes, and the grandparents leave. Ashton doesn’t want Rhylee doing anything, and she says, nice team work. He tells her to take a break.

The captain puts on his tux, admiring his reflection, and saying, looking GQ. In his interview, he says, when things don’t go as planned, they have to pull out all the stops. Tonight, he’s going to dress up, and help get the guests in a good mood. A gentleman doesn’t leave home without his tux. It’s just good taste. The guests get ready for dinner. Kate says the deckhands are going to hate them, since there will be feathers everywhere. In Kate’s interview, she says she used to love theme parties, and was good at costume parties in her 20s. Darrian gets the fan going, and creates a record of us seeing an off camera crew member twice in one show. Kate says she loves him, calling him a superhero and a legend.

Captain Lee joins the guests, telling them it’s his best Titanic Halloween costume. Kevin is making steak and broccoli soup, with crème brulee for dessert. He says the guests haven’t had the best experience, so he’s knocking it out of the park. Pearson says the soup is laaaaame. Kate tells Kevin the three words she heard were delicious, wonderful, and really good, which is really four words. Ashton radios Rhylee to meet him and Tanner on the bow. He gives them lines, and asks them to practice the bowline knot. In Ashton’s interview, he says it’s a knot that’s easily loosened. Even if they only gain an extra five seconds, he knows from personal experience that five seconds can cost a lot. Ashton says Rhylee seems to have an issue, and she says it’s not something she’s used a lot. She doesn’t know what to say, Ashton says the less she says, the better. In this situation, he’s her superior. Geez. While I can understand that Rhylee should learn the way things are done on that particular boat, that was a little aggressive. In Rhylee’s interview, she says Ashton doesn’t respect her as a co-worker or a person. Ashton tells her not to come there with her attitude again. Rhylee says she’ll just keep taking his. They’re her issue now.

Kevin sings that his steak is the best steak in world. Albert thanks Captain Lee for bringing out all the water toys, and the captain asks if Pearson wore the slide out. Pearson says he did. Aston says he’s watched Tanner struggle with knots, and Rhylee needs to learn. Tanner ties one satisfactorily, and Ashton says Rhylee takes everything he asks as a personal attack. Elsewhere, Rhylee says she’ll stick to polishing. In her interview, she says, it’s not the only kind of knot. Ashton is being a classic child, and she thinks it’s BS. It’s not fair to her. She helps serve dinner. Pearson whines, and mom Torrie thinks it’s bedtime. She tells Pearson that he’s making a scene. Kate tells Kevin, Master Pearson is having a tantrum. Torrie comes into the galley, and tells them no dessert for Pearson since he’s not behaving. She tells Pearson, next time, listen to mommy, and takes him off to bed. Kevin gives Kate some crème brulee, which she appreciates. The captain tells the guests that he has to finish some work, and they thank him for joining them. Ashton tells Kate that Rhylee is up if she’s needed. Kate goes to bed, and Simone tells Courtney that Tanner keeps coming to her, saying he just wants to make sure they’re one the same page, and that it’s casual. It’s making her uncomfortable. Courtney says, it’s awkward, and Simone says she’s not acting like she’s in love. That’s not the case.

Rhylee tells Kate that she’s tired of Ashton acting like she’s not there or does poorly. Kate says, as long as things are safe. In Kate’s interview, she says she commiserates. Ashton isn’t easy to deal with, but at the same time, Rhylee has to learn to take direction. She doesn’t feel like she’s dealing with mature individuals. She tells Rhylee that Ashton is an a-hole.

Final day of charter. Tanner tells Brian about Ashton taking a power stance with Rhylee. You don’t talk to your superior that way. Brian is glad Ashton is finally standing up. It gets hectic. Tanner says, Rhylee is never wrong, and Brian says, you should just do your job. Tanner says, it’s all you can do. The guests are up, and coffee is made. Albert is surprised that Kate remembered he likes honey. Kevin asks Tanner, what’s going on? and Tanner says he was telling Simone about keeping it casual. In her interview, Kate says Tanner wants it done, but this must be his first boatmance. Boatmances don’t end. You have to ship out

Ashton tells Brian that Tanner filled him in on their conversation about Rhylee. Brian says he’s just putting it out there, but he’s in for the last two charters. In Ashton’s interview, he says he thought maybe it was just him, but if another crew member is saying the same thing, it’s probably not going to change.

Kevin makes pancakes, and tells them, rise, baby, rise. He checks out how the guests are doing, and Albert says, the experience has been great. The captain calls Kate to the wheelhouse. He explains that a tender is going to pick up the guests, since they have to take on fuel from a barge. He says he’ll knock out the tip meeting while they’re fueling, then tie up, and knock over their flip. In his interview, he says every country has different rules and regulations. Instead of going straight to the dock, they have to tie to a barge for fuel. Kate tells Albert that they’ll be departing on the tender.

Brian asks Courtney if she wants to go for a drink before the crew goes out, and she says okay. It’s time for the crew to change into their whites, and Captain Lee calls everyone to the aft deck, where there are hugs and goodbyes. Pearson says his favorite part was the slide. Albert says, it was a wonderful vacation, and Kevin knocked it out of the park. Torrie says they were great with the kids. Her only bummer was that they couldn’t go to the beach. Other than that, they had a great time, and they were happy they were able to come. She’s an idiot. Pearson wants to be a captain when he grows up.

The crew gets excited about a dog riding on the fuel barge. The captain calls the crew to the crew mess. He says he thought it went well. The interior was great, and the guests were happy, and Kevin nailed it. The tip is $16,500; $1500 and change each. In her interview, Kate says it’s not the tip she was expecting or hoping for. There were children and several itinerary requests. She admits there was a day filled with smoke, and Ashton canceled the beach party. They were probably docked a grand for that. They’re living and working together, and being stressed out for one reason; to make as much money as possible. She’s tired of doing all the work there. The captain says they’re heading to the dock, where they’re going to get as much done as they can. The boat docks.

Brian asks if Ashton minds if he leaves early to take Courtney for a drink. Courtney tells Kate that she’s grumpy because she has to leave at 5. In her interview, she says she needs at least two business days’ notice for a date, but she likes Brian, so she’ll suck it up and go. She complains that she has nothing to wear, and Kate says she’s never seen this side of Courtney. Tanner says he’s going to have a heat stroke. Tanner wants to go out, but he’s afraid if he talks to another girl, he’ll be hearing about how Simone is jealous. I’m like, wtf? She just said she wanted him to be respectful. I don’t think she was jealous at all. Ashton calls his mom, and says it’s different being in the leadership role. She’s just glad he had no accidents. In Ashton’s interview, he says he’s had issues in the past with his parents. They divorced when he was five years old, but in the last few years, they’ve become extremely close. His mom asks if the other lady is okay, and he says, Kate is Kate. You never know what you’re going to get. She tells him to laugh or make a joke. In his interview, he says it was hard to let his mom know when he went into yachting. He knew she’d be sad not to see him. It effects all of them in that way; they’re not with their families as much as they want to be.

In her interview, Courtney says she’s anxious. She hasn’t been on that many dates, and dates are weird. You want to be emotionally prepared. Emotionally prepared? What kind of dates has she been on? Tanner asks Simone if she wants to have a drink on the sundeck, and Courtney and Brian leave. At the restaurant, they sit outside, and Brian asks if Courtney wants champagne. She says she doesn’t think it exists in Thailand. She tells him that she’s super grumpy, and he says he’s trying to cheer her up. In Brian’s interview, he says, Courtney is hard to please, but hopefully, she’ll come around eventually. He wishes he had a puppy. He suggests he and Courtney have a drink, go back to the boat and relax, and have a good time tonight.

Tanner says Simone kept asking about them, and he wants to be honest. He wonders if they’re on different mindwaves, but Simone thinks they’re on the same one. He says they have two weeks left, and it would be unfair of him to lead her on. He doesn’t want to be an a-hole. She says when he said he just wanted to have fun, she knew what he was saying. He says he doesn’t want to hurt her, and she laughs. He says she’s a cool chick, and in her interview, she says, what the hell? He’s the definition of a f***boy. She’ll just smile and leave. She tells him that she appreciates it, and thinks he’s great. They’re good.

Courtney tells Brian she’s slowly getting lower in her chair. She doesn’t really want to go out tonight either. In Brian’s interview, he says, it’s disappointing. All the time and effort he put into arranging the date, and it feels like he’s taking her to the dentist. It was supposed to be fun. She should have just said she didn’t want to go. They go back to the boat, and Courtney says, tonight is going to seriously suck. I think Courtney seriously sucks. She’s acting like a brat.

The crew gets ready go out. In Simone’s interview, she says she’s not that girl who wants to make a guy upset by looking good, but she does want to try to punish Tanner a little. When she looks sufficiently hot, they leave for shore. Ashton says, Smashton is coming out, and tells Brian that Courtney is a keeper. Kate asks if Courtney is playing it aloof. Courtney says she’s not. She just doesn’t know him well. She’s never going to either, if she keeps behaving the way she is.

Bangla Road, Phuket. It’s like some kind of circus. Almost like the end of the original mini-series of The Stand when they’re in Vegas. Ashton says, this place is alive. In Kate’s interview, she says, Bangla Road is the most wild place on the planet. It’s like Vegas meets spring break. You can see a ping pong show, get a piercing, a tattoo, and an STD all at the same time. Where else is there a Starbuck’s next to a donkey show? They go to a club, where they get bottle service. No surprise, Courtney doesn’t want to be there. Ashton yells at Courtney to wake up. She tells Brian that she feels sweating and gross, but he says she looks amazing and wonderful. In Courtney’s interview, she says she wants to go, but the thought of being alone in a taxi in Thailand for an hour is unbearable. The club might be scary, but outside, it might be scarier. Brian says, Smashton is out of his cage. In Ashton’s interview, he says, it’s been a hard few days’ work, and this is the perfect playground for Smashton. He can feel Smashton wanting to come out and have fun. Kate asks Tanner about his talk with Simone, and he says, she was cool about it. Kate says, Simone is the hottest girl on the dance floor; she’s looking good. Tanner says he’s always wanted to hook up with Kate, and she says he’s twenty-five; he’s a kid. She tells him, calm down. He says, this is his song, and goes out on the dance floor. He ends up dancing, along with Smashton, on some kind of stage thing. Courtney looks sick. Kate tries get her up, but she won’t budge. Courtney and Brian leave, and Courtney gives him a kiss in the taxi. Rhylee and Simone get in with them, and the others get in another one.

Ashton kisses Kate, who wipes her mouth. In her interview, she says she hasn’t given any signs that she would want this opportunity. She doesn’t care how drunk she is – even blackout drunk – she doesn’t make out with someone accidentally twice. She moves to the back seat next to Tanner. Ashton keeps trying to reach back and touch her, and she tells him to stop. He says if she gets drunk, maybe she’ll get lucky, and she says she’s never been that drunk, and he’ll never get that lucky. In the other taxi, Brian gives Rhylee and Simone roses out of a bouquet he bought, and gives the rest to Courtney. Courtney says he’s cute.

Ashton says Tanner’s mom is cool, and Kate asks what’s going on with Ashton’s mom. For whatever drunk reason, Ashton takes offense to this, and says, that was a weak blow. She says they were just talking about Tanner’s mom, and she asked how his mom is. He asks if she thinks she’s a better person for calling his mom out, He turns around in his seat, and tells her to get TF over herself. He tells Kevin, that’s his family, and Kevin tells him, it’s all right. Kevin wisely asks the driver to pull the van over. Ashton gets stupid, and Kevin tells him, calm down. Ashton punches the car door. Seriously, wtf?

Kevin tells Ashton, calm down, bro. Ashton says she has no right to bring his family into it. What gives her the right? In her interview, Kate says, this is not okay. It’s like Ashton morphed into the Incredible Hulk, but it’s not incredible being stuck in a small space with him, and being the target of his anger. Brian kisses Courtney, and Rhylee and Simone tell each other how beautiful they are, and talk about how much fun they had dancing. Tanner tells Ashton, they’re heading back; let’s chill. It doesn’t matter. Ashton quiets down, and Tanner leans back in his seat. Kate says he did very good, and she gives him a peck. He clearly wants more, and knocks over a bunch of beer cans, saying, Jiminy Cricket.

Brian tells Courtney that she looks beautiful, and she thanks him. Tanner says he’s effed up. Kate wonders where Rhylee is. When she finds Rhylee, she says, Ashton is a psycho. He showed it. Ashton and Tanner go to the galley. They make toasties and get the galley full of smoke. Kate says smoke is the least of her concerns. She’s concerned about Ashton’s behavior. Simone asks Courtney if she wants to eavesdrop. Ashton says, it’s his crew, and he’ll manage them as he sees fit. He’ll tell her when he needs advice. She says she didn’t know making fun of Tanner’s mother was a management issue. He says she needs to be put in her place. She’s disrespected his deck crew. Kate says they were talking about Tanner’s mother, and she complimented Ashton’s mother. Ashton says Kate knows less than she thinks. She thinks she knows everything, and he’s sick of her and her attitude. She thinks she’s better than the rest of the crew. He asks Tanner what he thinks, and Tanner says Kate gets away with more than other people do. Ashton is like, ah-ha! and says Tanner is supporting his viewpoint, although not quite. Courtney tells Simone, this is going to be awkward tomorrow. Kate says they can find another chief stew. She quits.

Rhylee follows Kate to her bunk, Ashton says, Kate attacked his family, and he got emotional. Where is he even getting this? Kate says she’d like to gracefully get off the boat. Rhylee says, right now? and Kate says she can’t stay in this environment. Rhylee gets that, and Kate says, then don’t argue with her. She has enough money; she can get a hotel room and a plane ticket. She wants to gather her things, and looks for her phone and passport. She tells the cameraman to tell his friends in the control room that she’d like to go. They can figure it out. Just get her off this boat.

Next time, Rhylee asks if Kate wants to talk to Captain Lee, a producer asks where Kate is going, and Kate says don’t follow her.

📺 Project Runway will be back on January 2nd, 2020, at 9 pm, and Laverne Cox will be guest judge.. This Thursday, December 26th, Part Three of The Real Housewives of Orange County: Reunion will air at 10 pm. The Real Housewives of New Jersey and The Real Housewives of Dallas will be back on January 1st at 8 pm and 9 pm, respectively. Sure. I’ll be spending my holiday evening watching that. Like I’ll tear myself away from my personal annual Downton Abbey marathon. American Idol will premiere its new season on February 16th, at 8 PM.

🍊 A real quickie on The Real Housewives of Orange County: Reunion, Part Two. If you think about it, they should really just call it what it is, a rehash. Not much happens, except a stroll down the show’s Memory Lane with tons of clips, and the women yelling at each other over issues they’ve finally managed to forget about. So basically, same sh*t, different day. Which was exactly what we saw tonight. One of my personal highlights was finding out that Braunwyn spends $4000 to $5000 a month on groceries. She said this included, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan diets, like it would make a huge difference at that price point. I also enjoyed the misuse of words, like when Tamra mistook free range for free reign. There was a big discussion on accountability, or as Housewives lingo would put it, owning it. Kelly and Vicki hugged it out, with Vicki saying she was over the pig thing, and Kelly sort of apologizing, but adding that she’d felt backed into a corner. We’ll see how long that lasts. The show ended with Vicki screeching at Braunwyn for her display of nakedness, yelling that they don’t do that on her show, and totally ignoring Kelly, who suggested she tell Tamra the same thing. Vicki also made sure that we again knew She. Started. The. Show. Next time, we can look forward to Vicki telling the show to eff off.

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