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May 10, 2019 – Kristina Confronts Shiloh, a Repressed Smile, 90 Day Update, OC News, What’s New With Lala, James Is the Worst, Don’t Go, an Answer, Six Quick Quotes & I Won’t Do It Either


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Finn checks in on Jordan. He says she looks busy, and she says she’s working. He thinks it might be time to take a leave of absence. She says she can handle it, and he says he knows she can, but it’s her remaining kidney he’s worried about. She says he wins; she’ll take a break. He asks, how many weeks? and she says, ten minutes. She thought he said Doc was a match. TJ overhears and comes in, saying that’s great news. Finn says, not so fast.

Toronto. On someone’s porch, Curtis says she has four kids and is taking care of elderly parents. Even if she wanted to help Ryan… Laura says, when would she have the time? She says, at least their cover is holding up. Curtis says they’re from Revenue Canada and there’s a discrepancy in the records. He hopes no one sees through it. He says, four down, and nineteen to go. Laura says, who knows? They could be behind the next door. Curtis says, true, but so could Ryan.

At Charlies with Doc, Ava is disappointed that Julian isn’t there. She thought he’d be the perfect litmus test for their relationship. He knows her almost better than anyone else. Doc wonders why she didn’t let Julian in on it, but she says, the fewer people who know, the better. He asks if she thinks so little of Julian, and she says at least her brother doesn’t kill people for sport. Doc says he doesn’t need a reminder of the damage Ryan did. Ava says that’s why they need to convince everyone that they’re in a caring relationship. If she didn’t know better, she’d think they were having their first lover’s quarrel.

At their hotel, Peter says, sorry the flight was so long, but Maxie says, it’s not the journey; it’s the destination. He doesn’t think that’s the saying, and she says, it is today. It’s everything he said, including the pressure free separate rooms. She asks if they should see what’s next for them?

Alexis calls Kristina, and leaves a message asking if Julian gave Kristina her job back. Sonny knocks at the door. He says he came over to see how she and Kristina are doing. He knows them being under the same roof isn’t easy. Alexis says, it’s not a problem right now; Kristina isn’t there. He asks where she is.

Shiloh tells Kristina that he had a feeling right here. He puts his hand to his heart. He knew today would be the day he saw her again. She says here she is. She goes inside, and he says, welcome home.

Finn says TJ is a medical student, but also the commissioner’s son. Maybe she’ll listen to him better. Despite a donor being a match, why would they question a potential donor? TJ says they do a battery of tests to make sure the kidney is safe for the patient to receive, but also that it’s safe for the donor to give in the first place. Finn says, exactly right. TJ says, speaking as the commissioner’s son, does Finn anticipate a problem? Finn says, no, but it’s medicine, and there are no guarantees. He’s going to check on the tests now, and give them time to talk.TJ asks how Jordan is feeling. She calls him Dr. Ashford, and he says he’s not a doctor yet. She tells him that she’s practicing, but he doesn’t want her to jinx it. She says other than being anxious, she’s not bad. He hopes she’s playing games on her laptop, but she says she’s working. He tries to take the laptop, but she hangs onto it. She says the upside of being stuck there is that she gets to see more of him. He’s glad her spirits up, but wonders if she’s covering for Curtis. He hasn’t seen Curtis around, and wonders what’s up with them.

Laura and Curtis leave an apartment, and Curtis says, that was aggressive. At least they know there’s no way she arranged the pharmacy break-in. Who would have guessed she was a tax collector? They could have been turned in, but it was a good save with the fake ID. Laura says she came prepared. He says please tell him the next one is a nurse specializing in amputations. She says, close. From what she found out online, the woman volunteers at two hospitals, likes tall white men over forty, and here’s the kicker… He says, she loves strays. Laura says they might have s winner. So let me get this right. She found all that out about this woman, but didn’t know what the last person did for a living? Okay.

Ava says the way Doc is glued to his phone, she doesn’t know whether it’s compromising the idea of their relationship or making it more realistic. He says he was hoping for good news. She ask if everything is okay. She knows he misses Laura. He says Laura is in Canada searching for Ryan. Ava says, no doubt, he’d rather be with her, but he’s doing more good here. They have to be seen public if their plan is going to work. Does he mind her asking what he’s waiting for, if not Laura? He says he’s waiting to hear from Finn. Ava says, he’s not sick, is he? He says, on the contrary. He’s hoping to donate a kidney to Jordan. He’s a match, but before he can donate, he had to go through some tests. He’s hoping to hear soon. She says, he’s just so not his brother. He says he should hope not. She supports his decision, but they are in the middle of a sting. It will be hard to be seen in public if he’s in the hospital. He says he’s talking about saving a life, and she says she’s talking about finishing the bastard off once and for all.

Alexis explains to Sonny that Kristina is trying to get her job back, and he’s surprised she believes Kristina. She could go back to Shiloh the first chance she gets. Neil arrives, and Alexis says they could use an expert. Sonny thinks she should lock Kristina in her room, but she opted to let Kristina go. Which one of them is right?

Shiloh asks if Kristina wants some tea, but she says, no thank you. He says she seems anxious, and she backs up when he tries to touch her. He says her family said she was taking time away to rethink her life. She says that’s exactly what she was doing; rethinking her life and choices. He says, good. That means she’s coming back stronger than ever. She says she’s not coming back. He says he’s disappointed, and she says she’s sorry he feels that way. He says he misses her more than she knows. She says, since she’s no longer a member, she’d appreciate it if he gave her Pledge back to her.

Sonny appreciates everything Neil has done, but his part is finished. Neil says it’s not. He was retained to treat Kristina, and there’s still work to do. He’s questioning whether Alexis should have let Kristina leave. He says they can sit tight and see if she goes back to Shiloh, or chase her down, and guarantee she does. It’s up to Sonny. Sonny says, fine. Alexis thanks him. Neil knows they have their differences, but once they got going, they were a good team. Miss Tait survived her experience, and it was a pivotal moment when she told Kristina about it. He thinks she got through. Kristina knows Shiloh poses and emotional and sexual threat. Alexis did the right thing. He thinks they should trust their daughter enough to let her go.

Shiloh says Kristina can’t simply take back her Pledge. She asks, why not? It’s not like he needs it for anything. He says, that’s not the point. That’s not how this works. She says it’s up to him; DOD is his operation. He tells her, it was a symbol of good faith. She wonders where all that crap about loving her for her goodness and spirit went when he was planning on raping her. He says he’d never do anything like that, and she says he drugged her. He lead her to the attic, had her put on that sister wife dress, and gave her drugged tea. He insists it was Valerian root, just to make her comfortable. She says it was to make certain she wouldn’t protest having sex with him. He says he doesn’t know who she is. Who put these ideas in her head? She asks if he wants a name, and he says he would love a name. She says the name is David Henry Shiloh Archer – him.

Ava tells Doc that they shouldn’t be fighting. They’re supposed to be love birds. He says imagine how annoyed Ryan will be when he finds out Doc is donating an organ to the official who exposed him, and his soulmate is by his side. She says, that’s good. They should milk it for all it’s worth. He asks how they do that. It’s not like they’re surrounded by paparazzi. She says, who needs them? She takes out her phone, and he says, a selfie? She says, a convincing one. Pucker up. She kisses him, and takes the picture.

Jordan tells TJ, Curtis is out of town working on a case. He asks, what kind? and she says, a missing person. He asks if the missing person could be Ryan. A few weeks ago Curtis asked him about a list of medications and what they’re for. One of them was for clotting purposes, and he doesn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to make that leap. Curtis is looking for Ryan, isn’t he?

Peter and Maxie come into the hotel suite with a bunch of shopping bags. Maxie says, the shopping. Who knew? She takes out a tiny beret, and says James is going to rock this. Peter says there’s nothing James can’t rock. She says she’s having the best time. He says, him too; except for the weather. He didn’t realize it would be cold. He was hoping to have their first meal al fresco, so they could watch passersby and he could show her off to the world. She says, everything is amazingly beautiful, and he says, like her.

Alexis is sure Kristina will walk through the door any minute. Sonny asks when she left, and Alexis says it was about an hour ago. Maybe she went to get coffee, or visit Valerie or Sam. Sonny says, as long as it’s not DOD. Neil says they need to let Kristina be an adult. He thinks she’s healing, and doesn’t believe she’d let Shiloh influence her anymore. Sonny says, unless he holds her Pledge over her head.

Shiloh tells Kristina, calm down. He suggests they talk through it, and make peace. She says, no. She doesn’t want to listen to him talk circles around her. She’s leaving and wants her signed Pledge and recording. He says it was her gift to him. She may have lost faith in DOD, but he has the utmost faith in her. <yawn>

Jordan asks TJ to keep it between them, but he says he has to tell Molly. They don’t keep secrets. She says they’re still young. She asks if he swears they’ll keep it between themselves, and he says, of course (🍷). She says he’s right. Curtis is searching for Ryan. He asks if there are any leads, and she says, a few. He guesses it’s an okay reason for Curtis not be there.

Doc asks if Ava is all right, and she says she’s fine. She just needs a minute to post it on social media. He says her hands are shaking, but she says she’s totally fine. She asks if he wants her to send it to him or should she just share and repost? He says it seems to be the digital way of being a couple today. She says, it will drive Ryan crazy. She’s done; his turn. He gets a text from Finn that his test results are in, and needs to go. She says she’s going with him; his doting girlfriend. In for a penny… Ha-ha! The look on his face.

Curtis knocks on the door, but he doesn’t think anyone is in there. Laura sees the mail spilling out of the mailbox, and looks at it. She says, it goes back for months; as far back as when Ryan was in Port Charles. Curtis says they might as well cross it off the list. Inside the house, someone watches them.

Maxie suggests she and Peter bundle up, take a walk, and find the perfect place to watch the sunset. He says she knows how to make the best of a situation. She knows he had a plan, but the things they were going to see aren’t going anywhere. She’s sorry it isn’t the first date he’d intended, and he says, the best laid plans. She asks if that’s Shakespeare, but he says, Douglas Adams, and before him, Robert Burns. She says, it’s perfect. He says for him too. She says, kind of French counts, and he, absolutely. They kiss.

Curtis says when Laura first insisted on coming, he thought he’d have to mind his P’s and Q’s, and be on the straight and narrow. She says, she is the mayor, and he asks, how is it the mayor got personally involved in the search? She wants to see Ryan brought to justice for the people he hurt. He says, and Ava? She says they’ve had differences in the past, but no one deserves what Ryan did. He says Ava has been spending a lot of time with Doc. She must feel some kind of way. She says she does, but it’s not her business. He says, at this point, he thinks they’re making it everyone’s business. It’s all over the news and social media. Laura says she has no control over what people say or do. Curtis says it’s almost like they’re making themselves a target to flush out Ryan, so they can take matters into their own hands. She says that’s why they need to find Ryan before he finds them. Curtis says, especially since Doc is a match for Jordan. He wants the question of Ryan settled before the transplant.

At the hospital, Finn notes that Ava is there too. Doc says he’ll just tell her what Finn says anyway. They’re very close. Finn is sorry, but Doc isn’t a suitable kidney donor. Doc says, he’s a match, but Finn says his glucose levels are too high; he’s pre-diabetic. He imagines it was brought on by the ordeal of being malnourished at Ferncliff. I’m not sure what that says about how they feed the patients there. Doc says, so he’ll eat right and exercise, but Finn says they need the kidney sooner than he’ll be able to provide one. Doc says there has to be something he can do. Finn knows he’s disappointed, but there’s nothing more he can do.

TJ tells Jordan that Kiki liked Finn, and he agrees. Jordan says, Finn is proof you can be wildly successful without a discernable bedside manner. TJ says, in watching Finn, he thought could specialize in infectious diseases. Jordan says whatever he decides to do, he should do because he loves it, not because someone else thinks he should, even her. She’s happy and proud of him, no matter what. Finn comes back, and says, sorry. They can’t use Doc.

Alexis says, if Shiloh is going to use the Pledge, then good. Sonny says, that’s easy for her to say. She’s not… He looks at Neil. Neil says everything is confidential, unless he’s planning on committing a crime. Alexis says, extortion is a felony, but Sonny says only if they can prove it. She says, Kristina will testify, and so will Willow. It’s to Shiloh’s benefit to keep it a secret. Sonny says, he seems bulletproof. He asks Neil when they can question Kristina about it.

Shiloh tells Kristina that he’d be remiss if he wasn’t honest. She says, about the Pledge? and he says, about her. She’s changed drastically since she left. She says her eyes have been opened, but he says she’s closed them, and her mind and heart. She was thriving there. She found her passion and heart. Even if she walks out the door like this, the door will always be open to her. He hopes she walks through it again soon. Kristina walks out, and Shiloh looks a little worried.

Peter and Maxie kiss some more, and Maxie says, hold that thought. She has a teeny errand to run. She saw a lingerie boutique in the lobby. Tonight is not the night she’s wearing her flannel PJ’s to bed. She’ll be right back. She leaves, and he smiles.

Laura asks if Curtis is saying Doc offered to give Jordan a kidney. He thought she knew. He didn’t mean to break confidence. She can understand why he’d want do that, and asks if it’s already been scheduled. Curtis says it needs to happen soon, but there are still hurdles before it’s a go. He knows they want to get out of their sooner than later, and Laura says they can work while they eat. She asks how Jordan is doing, and he says she was fine this morning. He’ll hear later if Doc is the donor.

Doc tells Ava that he wanted to do it; he needed to, in a way, make amends, Ava says, it’s a noble gesture. He says, it was a way to help save the commissioner’s life. It was tangible; giving part of himself. A way to make up for one life that was taken. Ava says, that’s not how this works. He can’t make up for the lives someone else took. Her daughter is gone, and nothing will make up for it, or any of Ryan’s victims. He asks if there’s nothing he can do, and she says, forget amends and making it even. Focus on the possible; being a good person, the good man that he is. He says, is he? She says he is, and leans in to kiss him. He backs up, and asks what the hell she’s doing.

Finn tells Jordan that Doc’s body needs his kidney, but they get new donors all the time. TJ says, it’s a crapshoot, and Finn says they can talk about alternatives. He knows TJ isn’t a match, but does she have any other family members? TJ says she never talks about her relatives. There has to be someone out there. A cousin, an aunt, a second cousin?

On the phone with Harmony, Shiloh says, as he predicted, the dummy Pledges were stolen. Luckily, they were moved to a safe location. I’m thinking, the lighthouse.

Sonny tells Alexis that Sam is working on getting Kristina’s Pledge. She says it’s his turn to call Kristina. She already did and got voicemail. He asks why she doesn’t call again, but she says if she calls, it will sound like she’s badgering Kristina. If he calls, she’ll think it’s adorable. Until he judges her. Then she’ll hate his guts. So be adorable, and don’t judge. Kristina walks in, and Alexis says her dad came by to check on her. Neil came to see if there’s anything she wants to talk about. Sonny hears she went to Charlie’s to try and get her job back. He asks how that went, and Kristina says, fine. He asks where she went afterward. Neil asks how was her first day out? She says Julian was a little mad, and it was harder than she expected, but still not as hard as going to DOD. Neil asks how that went, and she says, not great. She made it clear to Shiloh that she won’t be coming back. Alexis asks how he took it, and Kristina says, he was hurt. Sonny asks if she’s okay, and Alexis says she’s clearly upset. Alexis asks what Kristina said. Kristina says, nothing he could predict, and nothing he wanted to hear. She said, goodbye. She just wants to be alone, and goes upstairs. They all look at each other.

Ava is so embarrassed. She’s sorry, and asks Doc to try and understand. She was so in love. Doc says, with Ryan, and Ava says, no, with a man she thought was Doc. That Doc understood her. He accepted and loved her as she is. She knows he was a lie, and a monster. He murdered her daughter, and then climbed into bed with her for an alibi. For a moment, she forgot. She asks Doc to forgive her. He says what Ryan did to her was horrific. He’ll do what it takes to make it right, including pretending they’re in a relationship. But he wants Ava to understand, he loves his wife. Ava says she understands, and she’s sorry. It was just a momentary confusion. He says, understood, but if she gets confused again, he’ll shut this whole thing down. That seems just a wee bit harsh. Her lips didn’t even get that close to him.

Jordan says her family is scattered. She’s not in touch with anyone. Finn says she could give a DNA sample to one of those website that help people find family members. She says she’ll think about it. I have the feeling she doesn’t mean that, but the topic will be revisited. Finn’s sorry. He wishes he had better news. He’ll check in later. He leaves, and Jordan tells TJ that they’ll get through this. She promises everything will be fine. TJ says, okay. How?

Peter pops champagne. There’s a knock at the door. He opens it, and Maxie breezes in. She says, shopping success. And she got a bonus. Look who she found. Curtis and Laura come in. Maxie says she overheard the clerk telling them the hotel was booked up. Laura says they’re working on an investigation, and they thought they’d rest up while the worst of the storm passes. Maxie says they have the room, and obviously she couldn’t leave them stranded, so she invited them to hang out there. Peter says, welcome, and tries not to act disappointed. I try not to act like I must have missed a crucial point in the story. I assume there was a storm, and Peter’s plane got diverted to Toronto?

Alexis thinks they all know what went on at DOD. Sonny says Shiloh threatened to use Kristina’s Pledge. Does she think he’s pissed enough to blackmail Kristina? Neil knows this is important, but it’s a problem for later. They should focus on the great that happened. Sonny says, what great thing? Neil says Kristina faced Shiloh, and it was her first day of freedom. She faced the man who tried to brainwash her, and made every effort to separate her from her family. And what did she do? Sonny says, she came home. Neil says, not just home. The home of a mother she has a contentious, turbulent relationship with. She chose her family. Take the win. Sonny says, he’s right. No matter what happens, they have their daughter back.

On the phone, Shiloh says he had the feeling someone would try to get ahold of Kristina’s Pledge. He has it somewhere safe and sound for whenever they need it.

On Monday, Alexis is glad Julian did it, Ned says Oscar had a plan, and Josslyn says it’s the last thing she wants to do; she’s not ready.

😏 Today, for the first time ever, I saw Judge Judy have a hard time not smiling, and that includes the times children have testified. A dude went on for a bit about what a fan he was, and her mouth twitched for a while. He was kind of a cool older guy. Like a peripheral character from a Spike Lee movie.

💍 90 Day Fiancé has yet another spin-off Pillow Talk – Mondays at 10 pm. This is a fun show. Another take on People’s Couch, various cast members watch the shows from Happily Ever After? that have other cast members in them. Did you follow that? David and Annie are one of the couples commentating, and it’s shown a whole other side of them. They’re actually very funny and fun.  Anne laughed so hard at one point, she gave the best quote so far: My squid come out of my nose.

The franchise has also been showing Our Journey So Far, both a retrospective of couples from previous seasons. Tonight, Melanie and Devar were up, who I hadn’t seen much of previously. I thought Devar seemed like a super nice guy; good to and for her son, despite her family’s concerns, which were understandable. His mom already lived in the states – she left Jamaica when he was nine to support the family – and she’d already been petitioning to get him here. It was also disconcerting when he said once he started working, he wanted to send 90% back to his sisters in Jamaica. But, they seem to love each other, and I did see them on one of the reunion shows. They looked happy, and that’s all that counts, right? At least he isn’t like Pedro, who is a total mama’s boy a-hole.

👰 Past the 90 Days…

These two are on their second divorce filing. He seems way to young, and she seems like she needs heavy-duty therapy.


On the other hand, these two are sweet. Balancing it out a little.


🌴 Meanwhile, In the OC…

Tamra and Kelly continue their feud.


And Vicki celebrates being engaged to a wet blanket. But at least he’s not Brooks.


💋 Love Me Some Lala…

I find the whole 50 Cent thing a little disturbing though.


As always, she rocks a fashion statement, but I wish this had been a tad more colorful. It washes her out.


👎 Not Loving James So Much…

I think it’s not about the pasta or Lala. This dude has issues all on his own.


I wouldn’t want a lipstick named after him either. Although I love her attitude. If it makes money for her, it’s all good.


🍸 Not Far From LalaLand…

I can’t imagine a Beverly Hills without LVP. Is this the beginning of the end?


🚫 In Totally Unrelated News…

I know I’ve always wanted to know the answer. What is the that he won’t do?


🌋 Quotes of the Week

A man is known by the company he keeps.Aesop

The only sure weapon against bad ideas is better ideas. – Alfred Whitney (If only we could get some of those going.)

Art is either plagiarism or revolution. – Paul Gauguin

In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. – Alice Walker

You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog. – Harry S. Truman

We generate the results in life that we think we deserve. – Dr. Phil (Booyah!)

⛔ Me Neither…

I also won’t sing Meat Loaf songs at karaoke. A bunch of drunk people do not want to hear a ten minute story song at midnight. The exception: Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad. A mere five and a half minutes.



April 25, 2019 – A Good Day In Port Charles, Runway Elegance, 90 Day Approaching, Watching Live & Funny Lady


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Laura and Doc lounge around, kissing, and saying I love you. Laura says she’s been missing his last name and can’t wait to use it again. He says, it might be a while. She asks if he’s meeting Ava and Felicia today. He tells her it’s the last thing he wants to do.

At The Floating Rib, Ava asks if Felicia is ready to put her plan into action. Felicia says she has one problem. Ava asks, what’s that? Mac comes out, and says, me.

Josslyn and Oscar practice their song on the terrace at the Quartermaine’s, but Oscar is feeling tired. Josslyn thinks they’ll be blown away at the Nurses’ Ball, and he perks up a little.

Cameron goes to the hospital for his community service. Elizabeth wants him to know she’s the only mom he’s got, and she loves him. Eventually they have to find their way through this. He’s not exactly communicative, and moves on. Epiphany asks how that went, but Elizabeth doesn’t know.

Outside Kelly’s, Anna thanks Robert for coming. He says, before she starts, there’s nothing she can tell him that will make him believe he was with Alex. If she wants to torture herself, he’ll hold her hand through the entire miserable episode, but he knows why he fell in love with her. He knows she gave birth and she’s Robin’s mother. She says he’s right.

Carly meets Bobbie at the hospital, and thanks her for being there. Bobbie says it’s always good to have an extra set of ears when you’re listening to the doctor. Carly says genetic testing isn’t her favorite, but Bobbie says it’s standard, and nothing is set in stone; it’s just theoretic. Carly says she and Sonny just want someone to say the baby is healthy. Bobbie is surprised Sonny isn’t there. Carly isn’t. He’s dealing with a situation – it’s not dangerous, but it’s important. Bobbie says, more important than Carly and the baby? Carly says, that situation is urgent; hers isn’t. Bobbie asks if there’s any chance Sonny is using it to keep his distance. Carly says, maybe a little. He doesn’t want her to die, and if everything goes okay, the baby will be a whole sibling to Morgan, and a living reminder of the son they lost. Bobbie says, it’s a gamble in more ways than one. Carly says Sonny has to deal with things his way, and she has to deal with them her way. She just wishes their ways were the same, but they’re not. Bobbie says she’s not alone. She’s there for Carly, whatever she needs. Bobbie’s phone rings, and they go in.

Drew asks Josslyn how it’s going, and Josslyn says, Oscar fell asleep. Monica says, what’s better than a nap in the sunshine? and I’m in. Josslyn says she has an errand to run, but she’ll be back. After she leaves, Kim says she’s so grateful for Josslyn. What she’s giving Oscar is such a gift. Monica thinks Josslyn would say he’s given her just as much.

Elizabeth tells Epiphany, it is what it is. Cameron just hasn’t bonded with Franco the way the other two have. Maybe he’s resistant because of his age. Maybe it’s because of who Franco used to be, or maybe both, but she can’t seem to fix it. Epiphany says, don’t. You can’t force people bond. Elizabeth loves her son; he loves her. Elizabeth says, and he loves his brothers. Epiphany says they’re good people. That’s what matters. They might bump along for a little bit, but eventually find out they have more in common than they thought. Elizabeth wants to bridge the gap, but Epiphany says they have to build that bridge on their own. Elizabeth says it’s no Brady Bunch, and Epiphany says, reality is more complicated. People say give it time for a reason. Sometimes it’s the only way.

Anna says she owes Robert an apology. He warned her about going down the rabbit hole, but she did anyway. Robert loves the apology; it happens so rarely. What made her come to her senses? Anna shows him the bracelet, and asks if he remembers it. He says she saw it at a stall in Castellammare. They were halfway through their mission, and she had to have it. Of course, she had no money, so he bought it to shut her up. She says she wore it through the whole mission, and through Robin’s conception. When she saw the picture, it was like a freight train hit her. Alex never had this. Robert says he was never with Alex. He was always with her.

Elsewhere, Finn looks at the engagement ring.

Felicia makes herself scarce, and Ava asks Mac if he’s not tired of living in fear that Ryan will show up and finish his twisted game. She wants more than that. Mac says she wants to bump Ryan off, and he doesn’t blame her, but she’s not getting Felicia involved in a murder conspiracy. Ava says she wants to bring Ryan to justice, and Mac says they’re not helping to kill him. Whatever she’s cooking up, keep it to herself. Felicia comes back, and asks if everything is all right. Ava says they all have the same mission – to keep Ryan from killing again, whatever it looks like.

Doc says the part he played, the sin of treating Ryan in secret… Laura tells him to try and stop beating himself up about it. He says he is. That’s why he’s teaming up with Ava and Felicia. It’s part of his amends, but they’re also right. The best way to lure Ryan out is to make him believe Ava has taken up with his hated twin. Laura says, a necessary evil to bring Ryan to justice. She says it’s hard for him be around Ava, isn’t it? He says, yes. What his brother did, the shambles he made of her life… He could never say this to her, but he knows why Ryan killed Kiki. It wasn’t a random, spur of the moment thing, or because she was young, beautiful, and blonde. He did it because she was Ava’s. Maybe to impress her, or it was what he thought she wanted, but he thinks Ryan did it to make her more vulnerable, and to need him. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. Kiki is dead because her mother got involved with his brother. Laura says it’s not Ava’s fault either, and Doc says, no, it’s Ryan’s, but it circles back to him. That’s why it’s physically painful to look at Ava. Her life will never be the same, and he played a big part in that. Laura hugs him, saying it’s painful for her too. She doesn’t want him near Ava, but if it’s what has to be done, they can get through it, as long as they’re together. He says he shut her out once, and can’t tell her how much he regrets it. He’ll never do it again. There’s no way he’ll do this without her. She says lucky for him, he doesn’t have to.

Kim feels Oscar’s forehead as he sleeps on the terrace. She goes inside, and Monica asks how their boy is. Kim says sleeping. No surprise; he had a rough night. Monica asks if the headaches are worse. Kim says they are, and his left side is weaker. Monica says she can call Terry and have a consult about pain medication, but Kim says, no. Oscar is working on a song for the Nurses’ Ball with Josslyn. It’s as if they’re trying to turn back the hands of time. Monica says, if that was possible, she’d join them.

Josslyn sees Cameron at the hospital, and asks what the hell he thinks he’s doing. He says, community service? She says he promised to be there for Oscar. He says he will be, after he’s finished. She asks when was the last time he saw Oscar? and he says they texted last night. He’s sorry he’s strong, and Oscar is sick and dying, but he doesn’t know how to handle it. Josslyn says, when Oscar is gone, he’s gone; there’s no looking back. Oscar needs Cameron to be there for him. Cameron says he’s got it; freak out on his own time. Right now belongs to Oscar. He asks if that’s what Josslyn does, and she says, yeah. He hugs her, and she asks where he’s been. He tells her that he’s sorry.

Carly’s OB asks how she’s feeling. Carly says, great. The doctor asks about nausea and fatigue, and Carly says, so far, so good. Bobbie asks how Carly’s blood pressure is, and the doctor says she’s in range. Carly knows that can change, and promises she won’t ignore medical advice. The doctor wishes all the patients were like her. She says Carly’s first son was born prematurely, which could be caused by hypertension. It’s all the more reason to keep an eye on things. Bobbie says Carly has lots of extra eyes on her. The doctor asks about her other pregnancies, and Carly says Morgan’s birth was normal, and the doctor has the records for Josslyn. Michael had a heart defect, a hole that was corrected, and there have been no other problems. The doctor asks if Michael doesn’t have a different father, and Carly says, yes, but she’d still like the baby monitored. The doctor says they’ll do a test later in the pregnancy, and asks if she has any other concerns. Carly says her daughter has kidney disease, but the doctor says most renal diseases aren’t inherited. Carly asks, what about being bipolar? Her husband is, and she wonders what the chances are of the baby inheriting it.

Anna tells Robert that she’s sorry she opened that horrible can of worms. She doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. Robert says, she’s in love. Finn wouldn’t be his first choice, but he does something for her, and he’s got her spiraling. Anna says, that’s so Robert; thinking he knows her better than she knows herself. He says he does. She’s dredging up mistakes from her past to convince herself that she shouldn’t be happy. For a smart woman, she’s a basket case. Correct him if he’s wrong. She says that’s one of her favorite pastimes, but she thinks he might be right. He says an apology and this? He takes out his phone to record the moment. Anna makes him put the phone away, and says she thinks he might be right. She’s afraid to be happy.

Robert tells her, of the two of them, she’s made the most progress in turning her life around. At this point, she’s attracting her own misery. She says, true, and he asks if she wants his advice. She says, no, but he says, here it comes. Let the past stay where it is; in the past. They can’t change it, and at this point, she needs to start moving forward. Allow herself to be happy. How she does that is her business. She says one thing she doesn’t regret is falling in love with him. He says, that makes two of them. He says, there were disasters, and she says, a lot, but they have an amazing daughter to to show for it. They hug. Finn arrives, and Anna waves to him behind Robert’s back. Finn says, good news, or bad?

Mac says he’s on board – to a point. Ava says Ryan needs to be dealt with, and if the cops won’t do it, it’s up to them. Mac says if Ryan gets shot execution style, they’ll all be in trouble. It will be premeditated. They can call Ryan evil, but it doesn’t give them the right to assume they can commit murder. Doc walks in, and says, that’s quite an assumption.

Cameron asks Josslyn how Oscar is doing. She says, he’s tired and weak, but still Oscar; playing music and writing poetry. Cameron adds, telling lame jokes, and Josslyn says, absolutely. She tells Cameron, this is it. They’re not getting any more time with him. He asks how she’s so chill with this, and she says she’s not. She can’t stop and think, so she’s trying to make as many memories as she can. He says she’s amazing, but she says, no. She asks if he’s coming by the Quartermaine’s today. He says he is, but he needs to get something first. Josslyn starts leave, and Cameron says he knows he’s been a crappy friend, but swears he’s there for her. She knows.

Monica sits near Oscar with Scout. She pats his leg, and he opens his eyes. She says, sorry to wake him, but Scout wanted to show her big brother her toys. Oscar says, cool. Monica tells him that Josslyn has to run an errand, but will be back soon. He says, Scout is so little. She won’t even remember him. Monica says she might not have the memories, but she’ll know him; they’ll tell her stories. Oscar thinks it would be cool if Scout climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with their dad in his place. Monica says, please don’t mention that. She’d like to live a little longer before she has a heart attack. Scout might not have memories of him, but part of her is connected to him through their father. And that is forever. He’s glad something is. She takes his hand.

Drew comes back to the Quartermaine’s, and Monica tells him Scout is having her nap. She asks how lunch was, and he says he’s never eating again. Even after he told Olivia he wasn’t hungry, she kept piling food on his plate. Oscar says he had no idea how many different kinds of pasta there were. Monica thinks Olivia is making some of them up. Oscar tells Drew that he should take Scout to Mt. Kilimanjaro, and Monica suggests something more local. There’s a great hill in the park. Drew asks, what’s the thrill in that? Monica says, no thrill equals safe. She wants to take a picture of them, and goes to get Kim. Drew asks how Oscar is doing, and Oscar says, it’s a good day.

Anna tells Finn, when she saw the bracelet in the picture, she felt sorry about the crying, hammering, and sleepless nights. The whole thing was stupid. Robert says, it’s not the first time, and won’t be the last. Anna says she bought it while they were on assignment, and Robert asks, who bought it? She says he did, and she had it the entire time. Finn says, meaning Alex never did. Robert says, Robin is, and always will be, their daughter.

The doctor tells Carly, a bipolar parent does give a child a genetic vulnerability, but it’s by no means a given. She asks if Carly’s husband has other biological children, and Carly says, three. She asks if there are any symptoms. Carly says Dante is fine. Kristina is iffy, but she doesn’t think that’s the problem, and Avery is too young to tell. The doctor says there’s no test for it, and it can skip a generation, but they should concentrate on what they can control. The mother staying healthy and informed. She says if there are no more questions, she’ll tell the staff that Carly is ready for the test.

Drew finds Elizabeth and Josslyn in the sitting room, and he says, Oscar just woke up from a nap. Elizabeth asks how he’s doing today, and Drew says, it’s been a good day. He’s says Oscar is with Monica and his mom, and asks Josslyn to hold up a minute.

Oscar says he was thinking about something, and it has nothing do with how he feels about Kim. She’s his mom, and the most important person in his life. If it’s okay with her, he’d like to add Quartermain to his name. Monica tells him, by the way, he’s already a Quartermaine, like the rest of them. Oscar feels lucky to have found this family, who welcomed him, no questions asked. He wants the name to be part of his legacy. Kim says, Oscar Nero Quartermaine. He asks what she thinks. She thinks finding his father, and the family that came with him means a lot to Oscar, as it should. Do it. He asks if she’s sure. It doesn’t change… Kim says, anything between them. She knows. Do it. Monica thinks it’s an honor that he wants to add the family name to his. They all smile.

They go back inside, and Drew asks if they want to fill him and Josslyn in. Oscar says he’s changing his name. From here on out, he’ll be Oscar Nero Quartermaine. Cameron arrives, and says, way to boost his social status. Oscar asks if he’s jealous, and Cameron asks if he’s kidding. The Quartermaines are insane. No offense. He says he went home to pick up some cards; his mom always brings them out when they’re sick. Josslyn asks what’s with the bag of peanuts he has, and he says they don’t have chips. Monica brings out a case, and suggests they use these. Oscar’s great-grandfather was a dedicated poker player. Oscar thinks maybe they should stick with the peanuts, but Kim says he’s a Quartermaine now, and it’s part of Quartermain tradition. Cameron says they need a fourth, and Oscar asks Drew. Josslyn says as long as he’s not a sore loser. Drew doesn’t know. He’s never lost.

Doc tells Ava that she’s only ever seen the good side of Ryan. The one in love with her, who would do anything to make her happy. She hasn’t seen his vengeful side. She says Ryan hasn’t seen hers either. The woman he knew was a grieving mother, so devoted and human, who would let him lead her anywhere. Now she knows he killed her daughter, and she’s going to make him pay like no one ever has. Doc says they’ll do what they need to, and see that he does.

Anna says she’s never been so relieved. Robert says except when Robin turned out to be alive. Anna says, that was a miracle, plain and simple, Robert says miracle describes their kid; she’s perfect. Finn is happy for her. Anna says she is too. Robert says, there it is – happiness. She says she’s not looking back anymore. She’s going to focus on the future, and make the most of every moment. Finn says, sounds like a plan.

Anna thanks them for being patient. She’s sorry, and Robert tells her, do away with the apologies. Enough is enough. Anna wants to FaceTime with Robin, and goes inside Kelly’s to freshen up. Finn thinks she’s not completely over the memory thing. Robert says he just watched a woman claw her way back from eternal purgatory. It will be fine. Finn says, yeah, and Robert tells him, learn to read the signs better. Finn is sure Robert could teach a class. Robert says, if it could ensure Anna’s happiness, he would.

Epiphany calls Carly in for her test. Carly thanks Bobbie, and Bobbie says, good luck. Carly says she’ll take all she can get.

Laura sighs, and looks at her phone. She calls Lulu, leaving a message for her to call back when she has a chance. Laura has a lot to tell her.

Ava says, so they’re all on board. Mac just wants to say it one more time. They trap Ryan, and turn him over to the authorities. Felicia says she’s in. Doc says he is too. Ava says, all right. Let’s get started. The sooner Ryan believes they think he’s dead, the sooner they’ll be rid of him.

Oscar raises Drew twenty dollars. Josslyn and Cameron fold. Drew asks if Oscar is bluffing, or has a hand. Oscar says, one way to find out. Drew says he’s out, and Cameron asks what Oscar has. Oscar shows his cards, and says, nothing. Drew wants the hand back. Monica tells Kim and Elizabeth, if there was ever any doubt that Oscar was a Quartermaine, it’s gone now. They laugh, and Cameron deals another hand.

Tomorrow, Anna asks why Robert keeps giving Finn a hard time, Carly tells Sonny that Avery deserves an answer to her question, and Oscar asks to speak to Jason alone.

👗 On Project Runway, the contestants were to interpret elegance inspired by weird items in one of Brandon Maxwell’s see-through button bags. The designers picked from ten bags, drawing lots to see who went first, second, etc. The range was pretty wide; peacock feathers, a blue display hand, a silver mirror set, a mini Grecian bust, an orchid, a bottle of rosé, dollar bills, headphones, lemons and limes, and a perfume bottle. Another word thrown around a lot by the judges and Christian, was restraint. There was a flash challenge photo shoot, where everyone took pictures of their own models. This had something to do with audience votes, and I still have no idea who won. The big winner was Jamall, with a black and white plaid strapless gown that was really gorgeous (I love a nice plaid!), and looked like a different dress from every angle. Sonia was out, basically for being boring. Her effort was a lovely slate strapless gown with a slit on the side. I’ve started to wonder if there’s any other kind of gown but strapless, since bridal dresses seem to have gone that route too. Sonia’s problem was that she didn’t finish the kimono that was supposed to go with it, giving the model a scarf/sash instead. In her parting speech, she said, as you get older, you realize not everything is where you shine. She was glad for the opportunity, but also glad to get back to her own thing. The twist here was that, had she not had immunity, Hester would have most likely been gone. IKR? The designer we’ve come to expect wonderful surprises from, landed a dud. She decided to take a chance on a gown she’d always wanted to make – with pasties on top. This actually might have been a daring, progressive choice. God knows, we’ve been seeing it for years at music awards shows, but not in a way you’d call elegant. However, her fabric of choice was taffeta. Making pasties out of taffeta turned out to be a bad, bad idea. The darts caused them to be pointy, and they ended up looking like, as one judge described them, lime green fortune cookies. Nice try, but no. Even the model thought the idea was poorly executed, but then again, they were attached directly to her skin with fabric glue. Yikes. The other big loser was Tessa. Not for her runway project, but her attitude toward curvy models. She got dressed down by Brandon, and quite a few people on Twitter, because of her concern in working with a larger form. She just stopped short of being genuinely insulting, but Nadine already covered that a few episodes ago. What bothers me even more, is neither Tessa or Nadine are what you’d call slim, so… If you’re going to design for people, design for people, and shut up if those people are not your ideal shape.

💍 In preparation for the upcoming new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? – this Sunday, May 5th, at 8 pm on TLC – I checked out the preview. The station also revamped last season’s 90 Day episodes to capsulate the individual couples’ stories. I’d forgotten how irritating these people were. Like the way Pedro’s mother says his name, with the emphasis on the dro. Really, just Pedro’s mother in general is irritating. It also brought back other fond memories, such as Libby and Andrei’s idea for a wedding in Moldova getting squelched by her family. And how, every time I hear Moldova, I think it sounds like a country Groucho Marx made up. You can check out the trailer for the new season here:


📺 I can’t handle Judge Judy’s new hairstyle. It’s just not right. I thought it was a messy bun, but on Watch What Happens Live, Andy gave her a mazel for a ponytail, and showed a side view. I find this change less than mazel-worthy. I wouldn’t give it a jackhole either, but if there’s some shout out for no, just no, that’s what I’d give it. And while I’m on the WWHL subject, the hysterically funny Jackie Hoffman was a guest this week. She’s visited the Clubhouse before, and IMO is one of the best guests they’ve had on. Besides having a talent for comedic spontaneity, she has an impressive acting resumé. I was absolutely blessed to see her in Hairspray on Broadway (along with Harvey Fierstein!), but the list is quite long. If you get a chance to see her in any capacity, do.

😂 And While I’m On the Subject…

I literally lol’d when she talked about LuAnn and the fish room.








March 6, 2019 – Convergence At the Falls, Doggate Dominates the Bahamas, NYC Begins, NJ Ends, Judy Wears a Bun, Creeper Hoppy, No More Juice & Thursday Song


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Chase tells Laura that Doc is safe. They’re transporting him from Ferncliff right now. Laura doesn’t understand why she has to be there; she’s perfectly fine. Finn explains about the virus to her, and says once the virus is neutralized, it’s a simple procedure to restore Doc’s vision. She wants to see the commissioner, but Chase says, she was hit by a car and has internal injuries. She’s in ICU. Finn says, her condition is serious, and they’re doing everything they can.

Jordan stirs, and Curtis asks if she can hear him. She says she has to tell him something. He says she was in an accident, and she’s in the hospital. He’s grateful she’s awake. He tells her, rest. She says there was a set up for the killer, but he says they already know and know who it is. Ryan Chamberlain. All along it’s been Ryan Chamberlain.

Ava tells Ryan it’s more rustic than she expected, but he says there are amenities, and a charming footbridge where they can over to Canada. He wants to leave their options open. He’s arranged for them to be married at a charming (WOTD), picturesque chapel. After that, it’s five star all the way. He tells her explore the room; he’ll get the luggage and meet her inside.

Ryan opens the trunk, and takes out the suitcases. He tells Carly, isn’t that better? She can almost stretch out.

Jason goes to the reception desk at the hospital. He tells the nurse he found Carly’s phone in the garage, and asks if she was admitted, but she says no one by that name was checked in.

Julian puts up the closed sign at Charlie’s. Kim shows up, and he asks if something is wrong. She asks why something has to be wrong to see him. Maybe she’s there because something is right.

Trina asks what Cameron thought of the movie. He wishes Mary Poppins was real, and his mom would hire her. Trina says he’s a little old for a nanny, but he says his brothers aren’t. He makes the observation that Mary Poppins really fixes broken families. Trina asks if he thinks his family is broken. He says he feels that way since Franco moved in.

Oscar tells Josslyn it takes forty guys to close the valves at the same time when the falls shut off at night. She’s like, what? and he laughs. He’s sorry; it’s too easy. She says she thought he was hallucinating, and hits him with a pillow. He says she’s so beautiful, and he loves her. They kiss. Oscar asks if she’s sure she’s not with him because she feels sorry for him. Josslyn says when she looks at him, she sees him. The cancer is a part of it, but just a small part. When she looks at him, she sees the incredible, smart, sensitive, seriously cute guy she fell in love. The guy who listened and understood, and accepted her from the first moment they talked at her party. The one where no one was supposed to be drinking. She didn’t know what it was like to fall in love. She imagined it, watching rom-coms, reading books, dreaming up scenarios. He thought she was too busy climbing mountains. She says he was wrong. She dreamt about it, but it’s nothing like the real thing. He’s sorry about the breakup, but she says, don’t be. Everything about loving him has been wonderful. They kiss

Jason calls Olivia, and asks if she’s seen Carly. He tells her to let him know when she shows up. He has her phone. How can Jason possibly be this dense?

Doc is wheeled in, and Laura runs to him. He says it’s good to hear Finn’s voice. Chase leaves with the officer who brought Doc in, to get a full account of Ferncliff, and what Do said in the car. Finn needs to check on Jordan, since he’s the only doctor in the hospital today. Doc asks if Ryan hurt her, but Laura says it was a car accident. He asks if Ryan has been caught, and she tells him, no; he’s still out there. Jason sees Doc, and asks if his blindness returned. He thought there would be no reoccurrence. Laura says he wasn’t treated; it was actually Ryan. Doc says his brother has been impersonating him for months, while he was locked in Ferncliff. Laura says she’s going check Jordan. Jason wants to ask Doc some questions, and he says they can talk while the nurse preps the IV. Jason says the patient in the room next to Carly was his brother, wasn’t it? Maybe they should just periodically shake down Ferncliff for people who aren’t supposed to be there.

Jordan struggles to sit up, saying she has to get back to work. The killer is out there. Anna says she has a team on it. Curtis says, first things first. Tell him what she remembers. She says it’s not that clear, and he asks what the last thing is she remembers. She says she was on her way back into the hospital. She was leaving a voicemail, and a car came right at her. She says, Franco. She has to tell Chase that he needs protection; he’s cooperating with the investigation. Curtis says, they know. Franco is in ICU. She asks if something happened, and he says her plan worked. She says, Ryan Chamberlain is dead, but Curtis says, not so much. Apparently he’s been impersonating Doc months. He tried to kill Franco, but Franco managed to get away. She asks how badly he’s hurt, and Curtis tells her, don’t worry; just rest, and he’ll be back. In the hallway, he tells Finn to give it to him straight. Finn says she’s much better. Her blood pressure is stabilized, and there’s no sign of infection. The remaining kidney isn’t processing the fluids they’re giving her, and while they’re waiting on a transplant, they should start dialysis. Does Curtis want to tell her?

Jordan tells Anna, the frame-up was too good, and with Franco’s history, she told him the only option was to cooperate. She heard the interview. It was chilling and compelling, and she’s not surprised the real killer showed himself. She thought Ryan died over twenty years ago. Anna says the body was never found. Jordan says he made himself indispensable to the investigation. She should have known. Anna asks, how would she? They all thought he was dead.

Ryan comes back in to Ava naked in bed. She says since the suitcases were in the car, she had nothing to wear. She hopes he doesn’t mind starting the honeymoon tonight. He says they could travel the world, and he would see nothing as breathtaking as her right now.

Julian asks if everything is okay, and Kim says everything in her world is going well. She watched her beautiful boy take on another day. Sometimes the simplest act of bravery is putting on foot in front of the next. From now on, she’s going to enjoy every moment of every day. She says this is where he comes in and asks how he can help. She has some suggestions. He likes where this is going, and she pulls down the shades.

Trina and Cameron play cards. He says he used to play with his mom and brothers. They had game night with no phones. He remembers going easy on Aiden, who somehow beat him for real. He doesn’t remember the last time they did it. Trina asks why they stopped. He says, Franco, and she asks if he’s not a card player. Cameron says, don’t know, don’t care. He didn’t want be around Franco, pretending that he’s a good guy. It was bad enough his mom fell for it, but seeing his brothers believe in him, he couldn’t be a part of it, so he wasn’t around for the pseudo family togetherness. He wishes he’d gotten through to his mom before they got married. Trina says Franco pled guilty, and his mom still thinks he’s innocent. There’s nothing he could say or do to change her mind. She’s going to ride this train to the end. He asks what he should do, and she tells him, be there for his brothers; they need him. Hopefully, when Franco is in prison, his mom will let it go. Cameron says, it’s not bad advice, and Trina says she’s actually very insightful.

Ryan tells Ava, gazing into her eyes and holding her is what he appreciates the most. Holding her, he feels invincible. She never felt so needed and at home before. It’s a gift. Everything about him is a gift to her. He believes they came to each other to heal each other’s wounds, and they have the rest of their lives to do it. That’s all she needs to know.

Jason tells Doc that he heard the patient next to Carly screaming, but Doc stopped him as he was about to look. Doc says he did it to protect Carly, but Jason doesn’t buy it. He thinks Doc just didn’t want him to see that it was his brother. Doc says he’s exhausted, and it’s too complicated to explain. Jason says the patient was listed as Wilson, and Carly thought there was a connection, but Doc blew her off. Doc says if anyone talked to him in the last five months, they were talking to Ryan. He asks where Carly is, but Jason doesn’t know.

Ava puts on Ryan’s shirt. He likes her in it, and says she’s glowing. She says it’s the locale and the company, and being away from Port Charles and all of those people. Ryan says they don’t have to go back. Why let the toxic naysayers pollute their relationship? She says she’s not giving up Avery. He understands, saying he just got caught up in the moment and her beauty. She goes to take a shower.

While Ava is showering, Ryan takes an envelope out of his bag. Inside is a passport. a wad of cash, and tickets to Singapore. He says, the springboard to the rest of their lives. He’s sorry about the kids, but he’ll make sure this makes up for the one Ava lost and the one she left behind.

Julian tells Kim that he’s buying a lottery ticket. He doesn’t remember when the Jeromes had such luck. Kim says he’s the only Jerome getting lucky tonight. Julian tells her about Ava stopping by, and how she was going to Niagara Falls and eloping tonight. He was worried, but she insisted it was fine. If there’s one thing he’s learned, it’s not to get between Ava and what she wants. Kim says Ava deserves happiness after what she’s gone through. Julian isn’t sure he can get used to her with Doc. Kim kisses him, and he says they should take it to his room. She pushes him against the bar, and says, no. They get busy.

Laura sees Jordan, and asks how she is. Jordan says every time she took Doc’s advice, she thought it was based on his experiences with his brother. She never imagined he was the killer. She says she’ll give her resignation, but Laura tells her, don’t be silly. No one knew he was still alive. She was living with him and never suspected. He never would have been flushed out if hadn’t been for Jordan; it was her plan. Jordan says that’s what Anna told her. Laura says, no more talk about resigning. She needs to focus on her recovery. Laura needs her in tip top shape. Chase comes in, and says, good to see you, boss. He needs to talk to Laura, and they go into the hallway. Anna tells Jordan that her team needs its top cop back. She tells Jordan that she’ll be fine, and she loves her. She’ll check in later.

Finn tells Curtis that Jordan as a good chance with the transplant. In the meantime, dialysis patients lead normal lives. Curtis says, or some semblance of it. He says, she’s strong; she can handle it, and Finn agrees, she can. He says, it’s good to lead with that, and Curtis goes back to Jordan’s room.

Chase asks if Laura can think of where Ryan might be. She tells him, find Ava, and he’ll find Ryan. Chase says he’ll try to locate Ava, and she tells him, be careful. Ryan is so infatuated with Ava, she thinks he’ll stop at nothing to be with her.

Josslyn can’t believe Oscar’s story about not eating. Oscar says, those days are gone. He needs to hydrate, since he doesn’t want to feel nauseous. Josslyn goes to get water. When she’s gone, a headache comes on, and Oscar slides off the bed to the floor. Josslyn comes back, and tells him, breathe. She yells for help, and I wish she’d quit shaking him. I don’t think that’s helping. Cameron and Trina run in, and Josslyn tells them that Oscar is having a seizure. Cameron gets on the phone, and calls an ambulance, explaining about Oscar’s brain tumor. He gives them the address, and tells Josslyn, they’re coming. Josslyn tells Oscar to stay with her. She wonders, what does she do? Wow. She made it sound like she could handle this kind of thing if it happened, and you’d think she might have educated herself a bit. I know she’s a teenager, but she’s no dummy, and she’s been through this scenario before. Underground with no one for miles.

Laura asks the nurse at the desk if Jason is still there. She says he was there a few minutes ago

Anna tells Doc that he was an unwilling participant. Cabot laid the groundwork, and Andre did the memory transfer. Finn says the virus became active in a select period of time; the symptoms manifesting regardless of when the serum was taken. Doc says that explains why he and Ryan went blind around the same time. Finn says the procedure is quick, and relatively simple. Doc can’t wait. He was afraid he’d never see Laura’s face again. He thought he was going to die. Anna tells him, rest, and Doc says it’s important they catch Ryan before he claims another victim.

Jordan gives Chase instructions on what she wants done. She wants Margaux to know that Franco will be changing his plea. Curtis tells her, that’s enough for now. Chase says, he – the whole force – is glad she’s back. Curtis asks if Jordan wants medication, but she needs a clear head. She can’t conduct a manhunt from bed. He says, no can do. They have to talk about what comes next.

Ava lays out a white dress. She wonders where her shoes are, and thinks they got left in the car. She gets the keys from Ryan’s bag, and goes out.

The ambulance comes. The EMT says Josslyn will have to follow and meet them there. Josslyn tells Cameron this is worse than when they were in the catacombs. Oscar isn’t waking up

Curtis tells Jordan the accident was serious. He’s glad she made it out alive, but she needed surgery. She asks, what is it? and he says she broke two ribs, and they lacerated her left kidney. It was a grade four injury. She’s guessing that’s bad. He explains the kidneys regulate blood pressure, and hers spiked, so they removed it. She nods, and says, okay. She can still live a full, healthy life with one kidney. Curtis says the other was also damaged; not quite as bad, but she’ll need dialysis, and eventually a transplant. She says she’s not going to the station after all. He knows it’s a lot, but he’s glad she’s alive. Deep in his heart, he knows she’ll be okay. She asks if TJ and Stella know, and he says they’ve been a great tag team, helping him understand medicalese. They both said she’s strong, and can manage until the transplant. Jordan says she’ll have to keep up with the rules she’ll need to follow. Meanwhile, a killer is on the loose, and it’s his job to find him.

Jason goes to Charlie’s, and asks Julian where Ava is. Julian tells him to have Sonny call or text her. Jason says Carly is in trouble, and Ava might be the only one able to help. Julian wonders why Ava would help Carly. Jason says if he has to track Ava some other way, and Carly gets hurt in the meantime, he’s holding Julian responsible.

Ryan comes out of the bathroom, saying the shower gave him an appetite. He sees Ava is gone. Outside, Ava can’t find her shoes, and says they’ve got to be there somewhere. She looks at the trunk.

Finn tells Anna that he doesn’t envy Curtis having to tell the woman he loves that she’s in for the fight of her life. Jordan has a million questions and concerns. Curtis says it’s a lot to process, but they have a lot of time to think about options. She says she’s just a little freaked out. She’s been healthy, and took it for granted. Curtis says her good health was an asset, and she’s glad she was diligent about working out. Curtis is too, for a number of reasons. She asks if he’s flirting with her, and he says, of course. He loves her very much. They kiss.

Chase finds Doc looking for Laura. He thought she was with the commissioner, but was pulled away for questioning.

Julian tells Jason that he’ll deal with the consequences. Kim says Ava and Doc were eloping, and headed for Niagara Falls. Jason flies out the door, and runs into Laura. He tells her about Ava, and says he has to find them. She says she’s going with him, but he says he has to do this alone. She says she’s known him a long time, and asks what would Sonny say. He says Sonny would tell him to take hr. Let’s go.

Julian leaves a message for Ava, saying if Jason shows up, it’s not to say congratulations. Kim’s phone rings. It’s Josslyn, who says she’s sorry to call, but Oscar had a seizure. Kim asks where they are, and Josslyn tells her, Niagara Falls. Oscar was taken to the Niagara Medical Center. Kim says she’s on her way. She tells Julian that her boy is in trouble.

Cameron almost smacks right into Ryan outside.

Ava says her shoes better be in the trunk, and opens it.

Next time, Sonny asks what else someone sees, Kim tells Drew about Oscar, Ava wonders what happened, and Ryan can’t let Cameron go – not yet.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

We start off with everyone’s take on Doggate. Dorit is now saying that Lucy bit the children several times. She thought she gave the dog to someone who loved her, and it blew up in her face. To top it off, people are talking.

Teddi says last night was a sh*t show. She doesn’t understand why LVP tried to manipulate her. She’s not the most easy-going, but not out to sabotage anyone. Honey, you are a grown woman. Nobody made you say anything. That was all you.

LVP doesn’t know why she’s getting the blame. She went out of her way not talk publicly, now Dorit is siding with everyone else. Dorit insists it’s not about the dog, but her. LVP says her priority has always been the dog. She has no idea how sort out this whole bloody mess.

Still in the Bahamas, Dorit books a snorkeling trip for some of the ladies, Erika invites Teddi to play golf, and Kyle calls LVP to go shopping. LisaR, Camille, and Denise go with Dorit. They stop first for fancy drinks that are mixed using a bike.

Erika tells Teddi that she started taking golf lessons, and out drove Tom. It was the first and last time they played together. In her interview, Teddi says with all the bullsh*t going on, she’s glad she and Erika put aside their differences. She’s excited for the opportunity to golf, especially since it’s not in a group setting with all the opinions flying. Erika is good. I suck a golf. Teddi is sure her three-year-old is better than she is. All she knows about golf is the Tiger Woods cheating scandal. Erika tries helping her, but Teddi might be right about her kid being better.

Dorit’s group goes snorkeling. On the boat Dorit whines that she feels like she’s been rolled over. Denise is confused; she doesn’t know the whole story. She also does rescue, and says not every dog is suited to everybody. Dorit says she adopted a previous dog, but it bit her kids, and she took it back. Alrighty then. I get what this brainless twit did. It’s possible the kids might be too rough, but regardless, she did do it right the first time by returning the dog to LVP. I would bet the farm, the reason she didn’t do that the second time was because she was afraid LVP would think she’s a serial returner. She tried to be slick, and it backfired. She did speak to LVP the day after she sent Lucy to another home. Camille thinks that’s the issue, and Dorit should have called LVP before giving the dog away. In Camille’s interview, she doesn’t understand why Dorit waited, but thinks it could be because it was the second dog. Thank you Voice-of-Reason Camille. Dorit insists, it’s not about that. She and LVP talk all time. Camille says, that’s what makes it worse. Dorit keeps saying, that’s not it, but in her interview, Camille thinks she was shady. LisaR says something stupid about LVP creating the situation. What is wrong with these women? Don’t answer that. The list is too long.

LVP wants retail therapy, saying, it’s the best option. Kyle says she was already looking at watches. LVP picks up a huge tote bag, and says they can put their anxiety in it, but Kyle says, it’s not big enough. LVP says she didn’t sleep well, but they’ll talk after she focuses on something happy – i.e. shopping.  Kyle doesn’t think anyone ate; they were so upset. LVP says they’ll talk in a minute. They check out the jewelry. Kyle asks if LVP has talked to Dorit, and she says she did this morning. Kyle asks how it was, and LVP says, fine. IN her interview, Kyle thinks LVP is stubborn, but not talking won’t help. Kyle doesn’t buy anything, saying she has her eyes on bigger things, like a Rolex.

Erika asks how Teddi feels. Teddi didn’t like the shift at dinner. It made her look vindictive, and she wonders why LVP can’t be up front. In Teddi’s interview, she says you don’t warn someone that somebody else knows something about them. Why not? Erika says, it looks like a well-orchestrated plan to turn two women against each other. Teddi asks if she thinks it’s a lie, that LVP’s staff told her damaging information. She didn’t tell anyone. We see a clip of her telling Kyle. Teddi says she knows the employees were told to tell her by LVP. In Erika’s interview, she says LVP made a critical error in judgement. She thought Teddi would do what she wanted. Teddi tells Erika that she doesn’t want to pull out proof, but Erika says she might have to. Because we’re twelve.

The ladies go snorkeling, but in her interview, Denise says, not a fish, not a flower, no coral, nothing to look at. LisaR says, not even a snail or a turtle. Just sand. They get out of the water. Shouldn’t the captain have known what location was good?

LVP and Kyle have reserves a cabana in beautiful cover. LVP heard there are baby flamingos there. They have a butler, and order dinks and food. They drink some wine, and Kyle says it was weird how LisaR was chiming in. Because they’re close, Kyle can tell LVP what it looks like from the other side. Teddi thinks she was set up, and Dorit thinks that LVP was counting on Teddi bringing it up.

Teddi says it would be done if LVP just said she made a mistake. Erika says Teddi was fed bad information on purpose. Teddi says she’s going to be accused of not letting things go. Erika says she wouldn’t let it go.

LVP says John was out of order. We flash back to John asking Kyle if she recognizes Lucy. LVP says he shouldn’t have talked about it. We see a clip of a phone conversation between LVP and John, where he says he’s not her employee; he’s her partner, and she doesn’t control what says. LVP tells Kyle that John has his own agenda. Kyle thinks he’s upset with Dorit.

Denise asks what LVP would have to gain by setting Dorit up. LisaR gets on the protect-your-children-at-all-costs bandwagon, saying Dorit did the right thing. Protect your children, and tell everyone else eff off. She’s such an ass. Dorit could have confined the dog, and called LVP. It’s that simple. Dorit seems like the one who had an agenda. To keep her stupidity a secret.

Here come the baby flamingos! Just wandering into the cabana. They are the cutest, fuzziest little things, and I desperately want to hold one. LVP asks if their keeper feels like a parent because she raised them. In her interview, LVP says she’d like to hang out with the flamingoes, rather than those other silly old birds.

Everyone makes phone calls home, and then gets ready for dinner. LVP calls Teddi, and asks if she can talk for a second. Teddi comes to LVP’s room, and immediately asks if she’s getting an apology. LVP would like an explanation; she doesn’t understand. Teddi says LVP is smart, and that’s what makes it a bummer. She says from the get-go, she was told that LVP wanted her to know about the dog. There were direct instructions to tell her. LVP insists that’s not the case. In her interview, Teddi says it’s a boldface lie. She asks if LVP didn’t text Dorit about her knowing, and LVP says she did. She knew their history was tenuous. If she hadn’t told Dorit, and Teddi brought it up, there would have been another problem. She wanted to clear it up before it started. Teddi wants her to apologize for putting her in this situation. LVP says she’s sorry Teddi is in the situation, but she didn’t tell her employees to get involved. She wanted to shut it down, and stands by that. She asks if Teddi wants her to call John. Teddi says she thinks LVP is creating sh*t because she got busted. She needs to get her story straight. Teddi says she’s not doing this, and blows out, running into Dorit on her way. She tells Dorit, it’s not fair. She tells LVP that she’s smarter than she’s leading them to believe, and she’s not being LVP’s pawn. In her interview, Dorit says LVP has been her friend, and they have a history, but the person she has a precarious history with is defending her. What is she supposed to do? I dunno. Take your head out of your ass and quit trying to cover it?

Kyle calls Mauricio. She’s sent him pictures of the Rolexes she’s interested in. She didn’t want to buy anything that expensive without discussing it first. In her interview, she says after the robbery, she knew she couldn’t replace everything, but little by little, she wants to add to her collection. She tells Mauricio that it’s tax free. He’s good with her buying it. BTW, it’s over $10K. Teddi knocks on Kyle’s door. Both Kyle and I note, that face. Teddi asks how clear Kyle was when she spoke with LVP, and Kyle says, very clear. Teddi doesn’t know how LVP could possibly be confused. She came for an apology, but didn’t get one. Instead, she’s irritated. She asks if she’s supposed to just sit at dinner and smile now. Kyle says, yep.

LVP tells Dorit it’s bullsh*t that she told her employee to talk to Teddi. It looks like John is making things up. Dorit basically ignores this, and says she doesn’t want to be late for dinner.

The ladies cross a footbridge to get to a gorgeous table by the water. Everyone is having trouble navigating it in heels. Camille says she’s going to have good time. She’s having bread tonight. Kyle asks what everyone did today, and LisaR says they didn’t see any fish, but had fun. Dorit and LVP show up last, and Dorit apologizes for being late. In Erika’s interview, she says she doesn’t know what happened before dinner, but it doesn’t look good. Kyle tells everyone about the shopping and says she has something being delivered. LVP is giving the side eye all over the place, and no one even talks to her except Dorit. In her interview, LVP says they didn’t even acknowledge her. She feels about as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool. LisaR (who I just typo-ed as liar – ha-ha!) tells Denise the food doesn’t fit with their white trash palates. In Denise’s interview, she says she likes toasted cheese and burgers. Fancy food is pretty for an Instagram photo, but she prefers the kids menu. LVP tells Camille that she wants to get to the bottom of it, and in her interview, says she and Kyle are leaving early. Kyle is getting Sofia off to school, and she has a scheduled event.

LisaR toasts to Dorit, saying it was a lovely time blah-blah-blah. Dorit is glad everyone is there, even though there were some unpleasant moments. Camille hopes they work it out. It gets really quiet, and Kyle asks how Teddi’s day was. Teddi says she had a good beginning to the day. She wishes she felt better about things, but she doesn’t, and she’s not going to sugarcoat it and make small talk, because she’s not effing fake. Dorit knows exactly how she’s feeling, and believes everything Teddi said. Teddi thanks her, but says, it feels yucky. Oh please. In her interview, LVP says, Dorit stands for nothing. She should have loyalty for the friend who’s had her back for two years. With friends like these… you know the rest. LisaR gets all dramatic, asking, why is this happening to Teddi Mellencamp? Why? LVP gets up, and says, it’s fine, but has to get up at four. She’ll discuss it individually, but she’s not doing it there. Dorit begs her not to leave, and in her interview, says it reminds her of when LVP left the dinner with her and Kyle last year. We flash back to that. LVP tells Kyle that she doesn’t want to hash it out now. In Dorit’s interview, she wants to say she believes LVP, but needs to be true to herself, and needs to process everything. For Dorit to process anything could take our entire lives. I don’t blame LVP for leaving. This was yucky all right, but not in the way Teddi would like us to believe.

Kyle follows LVP. LVP says she wasn’t even there five minutes, and they’re all acting like she’s a bitch. At the table, LisaR says Teddi shouldn’t have been put in this position. She has empathy, since she’s been where Teddi is. Teddi says she’s never once told a lie, and they’ll never hear her tell one. Just a little self-righteous – and unbelievable. LVP tells Kyle she doesn’t understand. Something is wrong, and she wants to figure it out. Denise wants clarity, and asks if they think LVP set it up, and isn’t admitting to it. Teddi says she has proof, and shows them a text from John. Kyle comes back, and LisaR jumps her, asking if it isn’t the case that LVP doesn’t always tell the truth. Kyle says she’s closest with her, and LisaR asks if LVP has ever lied to her. Kyle says knows who LVP is. She’s not saying it’s okay, but it part of who she is. LisaR demands an answer as to why LVP did this, and Kyle says she doesn’t have one. She’s not responsible for LVP’s actions. She knows this about her, but loves her; LVP is her friend, and everyone has both a good side and a bad side. LisaR asks when do they say enough is enough? The only sane one (well, Denise seems sane, but she’s not really in the mix yet), Camille, says she doesn’t know what happened, but there are people she’s wanted apologies from for years, and sometimes it never happens. In her interview, Camille says every woman there has done something to hurt someone else. We flash back to Kyle putting Camille down, and Dorit calling her the c-word. She says, friendship is about moving on, and life is too short to hold grudges. Teddi whines, who wants to live like this? Good God, Camille isn’t asking you to marry LVP, just be nice at dinner. Erika says Teddi doesn’t want to pretend to be nice to someone who screwed her over. Erika says she’ll give Denise $1000 to knock on LVP’s door, and asks her about it. In Denise’s interview, she says her Spidey sense tells her not to get on LVP’s bad side, and she doesn’t need the money. Ha-ha! Smart chick. In her interview, Erika says Denise was married to Charlie Sheen and she’s afraid of LVP? I actually think Denise isn’t afraid of anyone, and was just being funny in her interview, but who is Erika to dictate anything? Does she even know who Denise is, offering her a pittance? Erika says had fun anyway. Kyle’s Rolex arrives, and she puts it on. She asks for Rolexes on the rocks.

LVP tries to call Ken, but the call keeps dropping. She finally finds out he’s not home

At 4 am, LVP and Kyle are in a limo to the airport. Kyle says she had some fun after dinner, and we see clips of them making fools of themselves at a club. In her interview, she says they were perhaps a little overserved. We see a clip of Kyle and Teddi rolling around on the floor, and Kyle says she’s made better choices in life. She tells LVP that she was having shots two hours ago. LVP didn’t sleep much, and starts talking about what a-holes these girls are. In Kyle’s interview, she says she slept for two hours. She can’t listen about Lucy right now.

Dorit has the ladies to her suite for breakfast. In her interview, Denise says, they even dress up for breakfast. They’re lucky she put an effing bra on. I die laughing because that sounds exactly like something I would say. So far, I love Denise, but I also loved the reality show she had for like, five minutes, with all the animals and her cute, single dad. I was disappointed when it wasn’t renewed. LisaR says they had little bit of a late night, and this old broad doesn’t recover like she used to. She says she enjoyed night, but woke up feeling doom. Omg, does she ever not dramatize something? In her interview, Dorit says her friendship with LVP extends beyond the two of them, involving PK and other people. She hopes they work things out, and she can rebuild her trust in LVP. She tells the ladies that she wants ownership and an apology, but that’s not where this is going. It’s time to pack.

Ooh, seeing an aerial shot of Lisa’s home, it looks like a Polly Pocket village. Harrison! LVP tells Ken she didn’t have a good time, even though that’s what she went for. She felt left out. She needed a break, and the women kept hammering at her. She tears up, saying Ken doesn’t know what it’s like. He tells her that he got John to print out all the texts between him and Teddi. Teddi asked him to have the dog there when she went to Vanderpump Dogs, and she would say it looks like Dorit’s dog. WTF? We flash back to John asking if Kyle and Teddi recognize the dog. Her text says, either way, it will come out. LVP can’t effing believe it. She wonders how Teddi could have set her up, when she’s emotional anyway, and encourage her friends to turn against her, when she sent a text telling John to have the dog there. What does that say about her character. Ken thinks Dorit will go crazy when she sees this. Nah, she’ll just sit on the fence like always.

Next time, Sofia goes to college, denies says she’s getting married, and Erika tells Teddi not to back down.

The Real Housewives of New York City

We flash back to six months ago, and LuAnn being excited for the future. We see a headline saying Luann’s children are suing her, and another that she’s back in rehab. We flash back to Andy asking Bethenny if there was an intervention. She says, there were a few people there. We see a headline saying Dennis has been found dead. The producer asks if Bethenny can talk about Dennis, but she can’t say anything.

Tinsley has a car delivered from Chicago in a massive truck. Sonja walks her pup in the park. LuAnn talks to Victoria, saying she added Girl Code to her show, and asks if Victoria would sing it with her. Bethenny does a photo shoot for Skinny Girl jeans. She cries in the bathroom, but doesn’t want to. Ramona says she renovated her apartment to sell it, but likes it now. Dorinda meets friend Luke in the park.

Dorinda wants a real walk. Luke says she looks good. She says if Carole can do it, she can. She’s decided to spend time doing her, and has been exercising and being healthy. She says, nothing good happens after a couple of drinks. She doesn’t handle alcohol well, and we see some clips, including the clip! clip. Luke tells her people have said she gets nasty, but Dorinda says it was only LuAnn who said that, and she was deflecting. I believe it if you believe it. Luke says LuAnn isn’t one to talk. Dorinda says in a year and a half, LuAnn has made a lot of erratic decisions. She was married, divorced, arrested, assaulted an officer… Luke says, some people don’t even do that in a lifetime. Dorinda says, she went to rehab, came out, was still drinking the whole time, and went back into rehab. She wishes LuAnn well, but it’s not healthy for them to be around each other. In her interview, Dorinda says, at this moment, they’re in a place where they need a minute.

Bethenny’s friends Jimmy and Gina come for lunch. In her interview, Bethenny says Dennis passed away three weeks ago. His daughter called her crying hysterically, and she started screaming. She tells them about the letter she wrote to Dennis, and how Brynn added underneath that she misses him. Bethenny starts crying. In her interview, she says she’s never felt like this in her life. Nothing matters though. He’s gone; there’s nothing to say. Jimmy says he had two friends die last year. You have good days and bad days, but he doesn’t think they’d want him to be sad. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, time is healing the wounds, but then she feels guilty. She’s trying to do what he would want. The bottom line is to enjoy life, and live every day like it was the last. She jokes that they should take their tops off and have an orgy.

There’s no food at Sonja’s new apartment, and no closet space. Ramona arrives, and tells Sonja that she has two dates tonight. In her interview, Sonja says she feels lighter not living day to day at the townhouse. She loves the simplicity, and is in the park every morning, developing a deep connection with her poodle. Sonja tells Ramona that her daughter wants pink walls, and a black lacquer door. Ramona says the color scheme gives her a headache. She tells Sonja that her apartment is going on market. She needs something new and fresh. She asks if Sonja is going to the Hamptons next weekend, and Sonja says she’s riding out with Tinsley. She doesn’t want Bethenny to be alone, but she’s there if Bethenny needs her. Ramona says, you think you’ll live forever, but time is limited. In Ramona’s interview, she feels badly. Bethenny doesn’t have that many close friends, and relied on him. Sonja says the dog wants to go out three or four times every day; he has friends in the park. Ramona suggests it as a way to meet men, but Sonja says she wants to meet someone through friends of hers, not the dog’s friends.

LuAnn is in Sag Harbor. Her friend Barbara drops by while LuAnn is changing her Vespa. LuAnn suggests they go to town for lunch. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she and Barbara met when their sons went to summer camp together. LuAnn makes a flower arrangement for Barbara, and has an espresso maker for her. She says she’s grateful for Barbara. The things going on with the kids were overwhelming. She’s glad she went back to rehab. She needed a change, and fell in love with the house upstate, but couldn’t get a bank loan. She wanted to sell the house in the Hamptons, but her kids didn’t like that idea, and joined their father in putting a legal hold on it. It was upsetting, and she had a relapse. She says when the sh*t hit the fan, Barbara came to her rescue, along with Bethenny. In her interview, Barbara says she was there with Bethenny and Ann; LuAnn’s Charlie’s Angels team. She was a mess. Barbara watched the mistakes LuAnn made with Tom. We flash back to the party where Barbara said LuAnn would rather go ahead and get married, than admit defeat and call it off. She didn’t want LuAnn to make another mistake, and encouraged her to go back. LuAnn says she goes to meetings every day. She gets weepy about her kids, and Barbara hugs her, saying it’s great that they see her sober. LuAnn says she can’t slip again. Barbara says she won’t. In her interview, LuAnn says going back a second time, she wasn’t proud. She failed, and it’s not easy to live sober. She takes it day by day; it’s a struggle. They leave for lunch on the Vespa.

Tinsley is out shopping, and Dorinda joins her. Dorinda asks about Scott, and Tinsley says last year, they traveled a lot, but this summer they settled in Chicago. She got to play hostess at a party for his employees. In Tinsley’s interview, she says she’s an optimist. She thinks this time it’s a lot different, and better. They’ve talked about marriage and babies, and he knows what kind of ring she wants. They’re on the same page. Dorinda asks if Tinsley cooked, and Tinsley says she helped grocery shop. Dorinda confesses there were many nights she catered, but put the food in the oven like she made it herself. It’s all about presentation. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Tinsley asks if Dorinda has talked to LuAnn, and Dorinda says, nope. In her interview, Tinsley doesn’t know all the facts, but two big egos aren’t working out. They talk about Bethenny. Dorinda says they’ve all been through things like this, and you need to let people do it at their own pace. Just be there if they need you. It’s a personal journey.

Sonja’s assistant, Taylor, makes toast for Sonja’s breakfast. She brings it to the bedroom, and Sonja says she wondered what was taking so long. There’s no explanation, but yeah, toast shouldn’t be that complicated. Sonja tells Taylor to make sure the shoes are being shipped out. In her interview, she says, Taylor is like a breath of fresh air. She has no window coverings, and says thy have to measure and paint before the blinds can be put up. In Sonja’s interview, she says it feels great in the new apartment, although she would have liked the blinds up already. She says her Netflix and Chill guy is coming, so she wants to put something up. They duct tape towels to the window. Sonja is worried they’ll fall while she’s having sex. She says at least they’re monogrammed; that’s classy.

Swimming instructor Boris arrives at Ramona’s. She’s not good swimmer, and tells him about the boat ride from hell. She says she’d die out on the ocean. They head outside. Ramona hopes she can concentrate on swimming, since he’s cute. Mmm… meh. He starts with the breaststroke, which is all she can do. She practices while keeping pool noodles under her, and makes suggestive remarks.

Tinsley and Sonja head out. They’re going in style in a Bentley. Tinsley hopes she can drive it. She hasn’t driven in five years, but she was a good driver before; she should be a good one now. Um.. maybe not. Sonja is nervous. She says she’s a good driver, but she’s a control freak. They’re finally on their way. Sonja likes to take the bus, but she’s letting Tinsley drive, since she’s excited, and it’s time well spent with her friend. Tinsley swears she knows how to drive, but isn’t sure if she’d pass a test. She has no idea how to get to the Hamptons. Sonja doesn’t want to die.

At her house in Bridgehampton, Bethenny sets out food. Assistant Meg says she hasn’t had a luncheon in a while. She says she invited LuAnn over, but hasn’t seen her since the intervention weekend. LuAnn arrives, bearing a pie. Barbara doesn’t want to come in empty-handed. She goes to her car, and brings out a toolkit. She’s a DIY guru, and always has a spare of her tool line for when the going gets rough. LuAnn presents the chocolate mousse pie to Bethenny. In her interview, Bethenny says she’s known Barbara for years. LuAnn’s relationship to her is an enigma, but they both live in the Hamptons, and Hamptons people gravitate to each other. Someone sent Bethenny a picture of Dennis. She says she’s fine, but it threw her off. LuAnn says it’s her right to be fine or not be fine. Barbara says she finds it therapeutic to use a hammer and pound something. Bethenny makes a joke about Barbara liking a pounding.

Ramona sets out food. Dorinda arrives, and mentions how she always brings a fabulous candle. This time, she’s put it in a tote from LuAnn’s wedding. Ramona thinks it’s bad luck, and doesn’t want to touch it.

Luanna asks if Bethenny invited Sonja. Bethenny says she texted Sonja, and said she can stay there. LuAnn says Ramona always guilts her into staying.

Ramona tells Dorinda that LuAnn is in a bad place. She looks good superficially, but inside, she’s broken and trying to cover. She’s not acting rationally. Dorinda says part of healing is being humble, and Ramona says, never going to happen.

LuAnn tells Bethenny that Ramona is a liar. She made up a story about her at a party. Barbara was with her. Ramona claimed she was asked to leave, but she hadn’t wanted to stay; there were too many people drinking. Barbara confirms that they left after a short time. Bethenny asks why Ramona would make it up, and Barbara says, she loves spreading lies. She and LuAnn were dancing at a club once, and Ramona asked LuAnn, what’s she doing there? LuAnn told her Barbara was her friend, and that’s how she knows Ramona. Ramona runs into her, and acts like she doesn’t know her. In Barbara’s interview, she says she’s probably met Ramona fifteen times, but Ramona never has any recollection. She doesn’t think she’s forgettable, but apparently Ramona does. LuAnn says the real issue is, Dorinda is really angry with herself. Bethenny says Dorinda gripes that she was always there for LuAnn, and uses it as an excuse. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, the small things build up and become big things. LuAnn thinks Dorinda has hatred for herself. She’s not the Dorinda that LuAnn knows.

LuAnn says Dorinda isn’t reaching out. Barbara asks what LuAnn would say if she did. LuAnn thinks that’s pointless, since she hasn’t.

Dorinda tells Ramona that she hasn’t not seen to spoken to LuAnn since March. She gets teary, saying she was hurt by it. Ramona tells her not to cry. LuAnn isn’t in a good place; she can’t help it. In her interview, Ramona says, Dorinda has a heart of gold. She gets angry fast, but forgets fast.

Barbara says she’s known Dorinda forever. In her interview, LuAnn says Dorinda shows no sign of remorse for the way she behaved. She’s not seeing Dorinda unless she reaches out.

Dorinda doesn’t know what to do. In her interview, she accuses LuAnn of being on her high horse on another level.

LuAnn doesn’t know if she’s going to the clambake. Bethenny says if she’s feeling emotionally unsteady, she has to do what she needs to. LuAnn would rather not see Ramona either.

Dorinda tells Ramona that she and LuAnn need to give each other space. She feels like LuAnn thinks she should bend the knee to her. Where are we? Winterfell? In her interview, Dorinda says if LuAnn thinks she’s self-righteous or sanctimonious, it doesn’t help mend the relationship. Ramona says maybe LuAnn will come to her senses on her own. Dorinda says they need space.

Luann says she’s not apologizing to someone who hurt her. She hasn’t healed, and it’s unhealthy.

This season, a circus, pool floats, a naked chef, making out (with each other), Dorinda insists she didn’t heckle LuAnn, Tinsley isn’t leaving NYC without a ring, Halloween, Jill, Ramona is into hot sex and I don’t want to know, Bethenny feels guilty about Dennis, a trip to Miami, Sonja falls under the table, Christmas cabaret with the Countess, Bethenny tells the Countess life is not a cabaret, lots of yelling, Bethenny calls someone a sicko, Tinsley is miserable, and Bethenny toasts to being in a good place.

🍷 On The Real Housewives of New Jerseythe Reunion, Part Three – Teresa admitted that if Joe #1 got deported, the long distance thing wouldn’t work for her. She already established last week that she wouldn’t be hauling the kids to Italy. She said she and Juicy Joe had discussed it, and they both believed they’d move on if he had to leave the country. Joe #2 felt Joe #1 deceived Teresa, and she has the right to do whatever she needs to. Andy asked if she reached out to any of the Trumps, since she knows them, but she said no. That made me wonder if she really wants him back. If Kim Kardashian can get a total stranger off the hook, why not make an attempt?  Since by Part Three they’re running out of material, the guys were invited to join the magic circle. Frank, Bill (Jennifer’s husband), Evan (Jackie’s husband), and Joe #3 sat behind their SOs. When the guys did taglines, Joe #2 got in the Housewife spirit by using a gold curtain or blanket or something, as a dress, saying, I don’t flip tables; I have sex on them. Danielle was paraded out, and said she was in the process of divorcing Marty after a whole two months, but they were still living together. I’m not sure how they’re working that, since they also have mutual restraining orders. Danielle claimed to want it out of the public eye, but everyone agreed it was all over social media. The thirst is high with that one. The wedding details were rehashed, and we found out Marty is still friends with the dudes, which doesn’t surprise me. After seeing clips of Danielle throughout the season, Andy asked about a sex toy she had received at her bachelorette party. Danielle said what we were all thinking, after all that, that’s your leading question? There was a lively discussion about how Danielle ruined Mary’s life, and only got married for the TV exposure. We received some of the new gift that keeps on giving – Marty being tossed in the pool by Joe #3 and the Marge. We got a blow by blow from Marge herself, and an endless rehash. Although I do have to say, some of the women had a point that he could have gotten hurt, especially since it was dark out. Teresa was gifted by several cast members, and seemed more embarrassed than anything else. At the end, the girls gave Andy a surprise – a rich kid’s toy car. The kind they can ride around in, along with a tiny tracksuit. Each Housewife also gave him a piece of advice on being a parent. There was a group hug and we were out.

🔱 Judge Judy was wearing a messy bun in court today. I almost went into shock. It was like seeing my dad in jeans for the first time.

🍴 Something had to give on such a TV-crowded night, and it was 24 Hours to Hell and Back. Since it was the two-hour finale, I’m hoping to see it On Demand in the next few days.

😵 Why Won’t He Leave Her Alone…

Suckerfish Hoppy is at it again.



🍊 The Juice Is Running Low…

Is this the end of Juicy Joe and his childhood sweetheart?


🎼 A Thursday Song…

Because there’s nothing the internet doesn’t have.