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December 30, 2019 – Sam Gets an Invitation, Kate Decides To Return, an Opinion, a New Season, an Addition, the Captain Speaks & Another One


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly joins Jax at the pier, apologizing for being late. She asks Jax to fill her in. Now that the codicil is gone, what’s the plan? Jax tells her that Nikolas is gone.

Ava sees Curtis at the MetroCourt, and he says she seems chipper for someone who just lost out on a major art deal. She says, everything can change in an instant, and he says, or burst in flames. She says, whichever. There’s no point in looking back. Onward and upward. Curtis tells her, if she says so, and she says she’s convinced 2020 is going to be her year. I tell her, me too! She steps away to call Nina. She says, the wedding is just hours away. Is the bride ready for her moment in the spotlight? Nina says, it’s all set, but Ava says she doesn’t sound exited. Nina says she’s not, and Ava says, she ought to be. Valentin is about to get what he deserves. Nina says she’ll be leaving behind a lot of collateral damage. Charlotte brings in Nina’s bouquet, telling her, the flowers are there and they’re so pretty. Valentin tells Charlotte that Nina is on the phone, and Ava says she senses hesitation. Don’t back out on her now. Nina smiles at Charlotte and Valentin.

Sonny asks Gio how the special assignment is going, and Gio says he put the tracker on Carly’s car. She’s on Front Street, near Pier 17. Sonny says, she has no good reason to be there. What else did he see? Jason comes in, and asks if there are problems at the warehouse.

Sam goes to Turning Woods, and sees Willow. Willow says she was happy to hear Sam got released, and in time for Christmas. The kids must be thrilled. Sam says they’re pretty much over the moon, and Willow says Sam upstaged Santa. Now if Lucas wakes up, things can go back to normal. Sam says she heard Willow has been there a lot, and Willow says, kind of. Sam asks if she was on her way out, and Willow says she thought she’d stop and see if Julian needs anything. He’s been by Lucas’s side as much as Brad. Julian walks in, and says it’s good to see Sam.

Ava looks at her phone, saying, Nina hung up on her. She literally bumps into Laura, and says, sorry. Laura says, no harm done, but she wishes she could say the same about Helena’s portrait. Ava says, the auction took a bit of an unexpected turn, and asks how Charlotte is. Laura says, fully recovered; no signs of hypothermia. Ava asks, what happened? and Laura says, Charlotte took an unexpected dunk in the harbor. Luckily Lulu and Dustin were there to fish her out. Ava says Laura must be relieved, and Laura says she is. She asks why Ava burned Helena’s portrait.

Sonny tells Jason that Gio is examining something, and tells Gio to let him know what he finds. Gio leaves, and Jason asks if he can help. Sonny tells him, no, and says he’s glad to hear Sam is home. Jason says, things worked out for once, and asks where Carly is. Sonny says she’s running errands, and Jason says, maybe Gio knows. Sonny asks what Jason means, and Jason says, the job Gio is doing involves Carly, doesn’t it?

Carly asks if Nikolas left town, but Jax doesn’t know. After the painting was destroyed, he dissolved their partnership. Carly doesn’t get Nikolas’s motive. He knows his family is grieving, and he should fix it. Jax says, Nikolas has changed a lot since he’s been gone. He’s always angry, and the codicil is all about revenge. Nikolas could go bankrupt tomorrow, and Jax doesn’t think he’d care. He wants to destroy Valentin. Carly asks what about Valentin’s reversal of fortune that Jax predicted? With Nikolas gone, will it still happen?

Willow jets, and Julian wonders if she got scared away. Sam says, not by her, and asks how Lucas is. He says, there’s been no change, and she asks what the doctors say. He tells her, the doctors say Lucas might never wake up. Sam refuses to believe it. Lucas has too much waiting for him; he’s going to fight his way back. Julian says, Lucas shouldn’t have been in the car in the first place. He was supposed to be at work, but went home to see Brad. Now he’s unresponsive in a hospital bed. Brad walks in with Willow, telling her about what he did on Christmas. He knows Wiley misses Lucas, and it kills him how much Wiley has gone through when he’s not even two years old. Willow says she feels terrible about almost letting Nelle hold him. Julian says, what?

Ava tells Laura, she had nothing to do with it. Laura asks if they could please get past the point of denial. The painting was in Ava’s facility, and her staff was taking care of it. Now it’s a pile of ashes. Why would Ava help Valentin? Ava says she didn’t, and never will. She’s sorry Laura didn’t get the pleasure of denying Valentin something he wanted, but she tells Laura, don’t worry. People like him always get what’s coming to them. Laura asks what she means.

Valentin asks if they’re interrupting, but Nina says it’s just the art department; if it’s not one thing, it’s another. She looks at the bouquet and says it’s gorgeous, and exactly what she wanted. Charlotte thinks they’ll look pretty with her dress. Charlotte asks when they’re getting ready, but Nina says not for a few hours. Charlotte asks if they can go for a ride; she’s tired of resting. Nina tells her, it’s going to be a long night, but Charlotte says she feels fine. Please? Nina says, maybe tomorrow, and Charlotte asks if Nina can help her look for Electra, her stuffed horse. Nina thinks Electra is in the stables; Charlotte had been playing there yesterday. Charlotte goes to get her coat, and Nina says Valentin has a very resilient daughter. He says it helps that she has something to look forward to. All the setbacks and trials are behind them, and they’ll officially be a family in a couple of hours.

Valentin asks Nina, what’s wrong? She says she’s just worried about Charlotte. It’s easy to say things will be good, and they’ll be a happy family, but it’s still fraught with Lulu. He says after the first of the year, he’s going to discuss his petition to the court for full custody. Nina asks if he’s sure. Charlotte is comfortable with the arrangement, and while Lulu isn’t her favorite person, she is Charlotte’s mother. Valentin says she knows how hard he’s tried with the joint custody, but Lulu despises him too much. He’ll be generous with visitation, but Charlotte is going to be living with them. Besides, in a matter of hours, Nina will be her stepmother and have her for always.

Laura asks why Ava thinks Valentin is going to get what’s coming to him, and Ava says, doesn’t Laura? Laura says, of course (🍷), but she doesn’t know how or when. Does Ava? Ava thinks Valentin’s day of reckoning is coming soon. Curtis asks if he’s interrupting, and Laura says, no. She and Ava were just having a conversation about karma. Curtis says, what about it? and Ava says, how she always delivers. She’ll see them at Valentin’s wedding. Curtis asks if she’s going, and Ava says she wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Sonny tells Jason, Gio is tailing Carly, and Jason asks if it’s that bad. Sonny says, it’s not great. They had peace at Christmas, for the kids’ sakes. Jason asks if Sonny thinks following her is going to make things better, and Sonny says, at least he can protect her from herself. Jason says they’re under a ton of stress, and Sonny says Carly told him herself that she’s keeping something with Jax. Jason says if things get calmer, they can talk. Sonny wonders when his life has ever been calm, and says he knows what he’s doing.

Jax tells Carly that he’s reasonably certain Valentin is going to fall. She asks if he’s going to be the one to push Valentin, but he says he’s an interested party. He’s going to wait and see what happens, and step in. Carly asks if he’s going to tell Nikolas’s family that Nikolas is alive. Jax says, no. He doesn’t think it’s fair if he tells them, when they might not find him. He’s hoping Nikolas does the right thing, and comes forward on his own. Carly supposes a few more days won’t hurt. She can’t wait until it’s over. Sonny is suspicious. It’s getting tense at home, and the situation is getting worse. Gio listens in. Jax asks if Carly has been sleeping, and she says Donna had a bad night, and Lucas is in Turning Woods. There’s Josslyn and Dev, and now a surprise distant cousin is staying with them. It’s just a lot right now. Jax hugs her, and Gio watches. Jax tells her, if it’s too much, he’s always there for her.

Willow tells Julian that she had no idea; Nelle seemed so nice. Sam says, that’s her M.O. It’s all underneath. Willow says Nelle told her that she missed her baby, and she almost let her hold Wiley. Thank God Michael showed up in time. Julian asks where Brad was, and Brad says by his husband’s hospital bed. He had no way of knowing Nelle was at the hospital. Sam says she thought he and Nelle were friends. He doesn’t think she would have done something to Wiley, does he? He says, no. He knows how Lucas feels about Nelle. Sam asks if Brad can blame him, and he says, no. If they’re done hounding him, he’d like to get back to Lucas. Julian says Brad needs some rest. He should go for a walk, and get some air. They start to leave, but a nurse tells Julian that he needs to fill out some paperwork on his son’s behalf. He tells Brad, go to the pier. Brad says they can talk tomorrow, but Julian says he’ll be right behind Brad; it won’t take long. Brad leaves, and Sam tells Willow not to blame herself. She didn’t know who Nelle was, and Nelle has fooled plenty of people.

Nina hopes taking Lulu back to family court doesn’t work against him. Valentin asks, how could it? Lulu was supposed to be watching Charlotte, and she ended up in the harbor. Nina says, after Cassandra kidnapped Charlotte, Lulu can argue that Charlotte isn’t safe with him. Valentin says he could argue that too. She says, forget court for a minute, and legal technicalities. Remember the night Cassandra took Charlotte? He was so worried that his past was coming back to haunt him. Does he really think that’s over? Does he really think it’s behind him? He admits he has no shortage of enemies, but he can’t change the past. He can change his actions moving forward though, and make sure Nina and Charlotte are safe. That’s all he wants. No… The love they give him is all he wants. Charlotte comes in with a big stuffed horse, and says Electra was in the stable. She’s glad she found Electra, since she was worried the horse would disappear like her bodyguard.

Curtis says there’s no love lost between Ava, and Valentin and Nina. He’s curious as to who sent her the invitation; the bride or groom? Ava tells him, who said she was invited? Save her a seat. Laura says she’s not going. She has no idea why she was invited. Maybe for Charlotte’s sake. Ava is sure there are reasons, and hopes to see them both there. She leaves, and Curtis says, she is so up to something, and wanted to make sure they knew it. Laura says Ava really wants them to go to the wedding.

Carly thanks Jax for his support, and he says, of course (🍷). She says she may take him up on it, and he says she should. Brad comes along, and Jax asks if he’s okay. Carly asks if something happened, but Brad says, there’s been no change. He just needed some air. Jax says he has to go, and Carly asks him to keep her posted. She asks Brad if he’s slept at all, and he says, Wiley has been difficult. She says if he needs a break, he can leave Wiley with them. He says, no one is taking Wiley from him, but she says she didn’t mean it like that. What he’s going through is hell, but he doesn’t have to go it alone. He says he’s just pissed that Nelle almost held Wiley, and Carly says, she’s evil. He says he’s seeing that more clearly. If not for Nelle, he wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with. Carly asks how Nelle is responsible, while Gio continues to listen.

Sonny says he feels like Jason is siding with Carly, but Jason says, no sides. He just wants Sonny to consider that what he’s doing could backfire. If Carly figures it out, she’s going to push back, and make the situation worse. Sonny should just sit back, and let things happen. Sonny says he doesn’t let things happen; he acts. Jason asks if Sonny thinks maybe he’s taking action with this because he can’t with Mike. Sonny does admit it was difficult not having his dad there at Christmas, and Jason asks, what happened? Sonny says the doctors recommended Mike stay at Turning Woods. They thought he might become disoriented because of what happened on Thanksgiving, and Sonny agreed. Jason asks if he saw Mike on Christmas, and Sonny says he went there in the late afternoon, but Mike gets worse at night. Jason says he’s meeting Sam there; she’s visiting Lucas. He’ll check in on Mike, and let Sonny know how he’s doing. Sonny thanks him, and Jason tells him, try to remember, whatever Carly is doing, she’s not working against him. Instead of following her, maybe they could talk it out.

Willow says Michael talked about Nelle, but she always pictured Nelle differently; more openly menacing. Sam says, faces can be deceiving, and Willow says, anyone who knows Shiloh knows that. Both of their phones ding, and it’s an invitation. Willow asks if Sam just got the same chain text, and she says she did. They’re cordially invited to celebrate the life of Shiloh. Willow asks, who would want to celebrate Shiloh’s life? Harmony walks in, and says, hello.  I’m wondering why she would be there.

Nina suggests Charlotte sit and talk with them. Valentin tells Charlotte that he takes her safety seriously, but he didn’t hire a bodyguard. Charlotte says maybe her mommy did, and that’s why his picture is on her phone. She showed her grandma, and her grandma looked surprised. Valentin wants to get it straight. Charlotte’s mother has his photo on her phone? Charlotte says she saw when she looking through photos, and showed her grandma. Valentin asks if her grandma recognized him, and Charlotte says she thought so. She wants to go play, and show Electra the pretty flowers before the wedding. Valentin tells her, go do that. When she’s gone, Nina says, it sounds like Lulu and Laura are withholding information. Valentin says he’ll talk to Laura, unless Nina doesn’t want him to. She tells him, do what he needs to, but don’t be late.

Jax sees Laura and Curtis at a MetroCourt table, and says he didn’t realize Laura would be joining them. Laura says she didn’t realize it either, and Curtis says he wants to tell them something. Curtis says Jax retained his services on a new project that he thinks will be interesting to Laura. It might be useful in helping if Valentin takes Lulu back to court. Jax says he didn’t want to get her hopes up; Curtis is just doing some digging. She says, it’s too late for that. Fill her in. Jax asks if she remembers their conversation about Claudette. He has reason to believe Claudette is alive, and he wants Curtis to find her.

Carly says, Nelle is behind bars, and asks Brad how she could be involved in the accident. Julian joins them, and reading my mind, Carly says, there’s a lot of traffic on the pier. Julian says he and Brad decided to take a walk, get some fresh air, and talk things out. Carly says she’ll leave them to it, and tells Brad, don’t hesitate to call. There are plenty of people to pitch in with Wiley. After she leaves, Julian tells Brad, stay away from Carly. He doesn’t want Sonny to get wind of anything. Brad says, Nelle is back in Pentenville already. He talked to her by himself in her room. No one saw except the guard, who thought he was working. Julian tells him, stay away, or Nelle won’t be Brad’s biggest threat; he will. Gio keeps listening.

Jax tells Laura, he has it on good authority that Claudette was alive after her supposed suicide. She asks if he can tell her his source, and he says, of course (🍷) not, but he can tell her that he trusts them. They have no reason to lie. Curtis says Claudette could have possibly faked her death to get away from Valentin, and Laura says, or Valentin forced her to disappear, relocate, and change her name. Jax says, either way, Claudette has information that Valentin wanted buried.

Willow asks what Harmony is doing there, and Harmony says she has a job interview. One of the conditions of her parole is that she find employment. She asks Willow, what’s wrong? Is Wiley okay? Willow says, Wiley is fine. She’s upset because she got an invite to a memorial for Shiloh. Did Harmony arrange it? Harmony says, no, and her phone dings. She looks, and says, here it is. Whoever did this should have their head examined. As far as she’s concerned, the sooner Shiloh is forgotten, the better. The only good he did in the world was Wiley. Sam asks who she thinks is behind it, and Harmony says she guesses it could be Daisy, and a few others. They built their lives around Shiloh, and without him, they have nothing left. Sam wonders why invite them? She killed Shiloh. Why would they want her to attend? Harmony says, maybe they want to confront her and make her feel guilty, or maybe they want to forgive her; it’s impossible to say. They’re sick, sad people with their own agendas.

Willow says, as creepy as it is to know someone wanted a memorial for Shiloh, she’s glad Harmony isn’t involved. Harmony says, never again. She lost too much. Now, she just wants to do better for Willow. Willow says Harmony can do anything she sets her mind to, and Harmony says she doesn’t know about that, but she nailed the interview. She starts tomorrow. She asks why Willow is there, and Willow says she has a friend in long term care. Harmony says she’s sorry, and asks if it’s someone Sam knows too. Sam says it’s her brother. Jason comes in, and asks if it’s Harmony or Lorraine. Harmony says, a little of both. She goes by Harmony Miller now. She was fortunate to get early parole, and she’s glad Sam was too. She says it’s good see him. She wants to thank him for convincing her to do the right thing. She didn’t realize the power she had until he reminded her. Jason says she’s got a second chance; make it count. She says she intends to. She has to go, and says it’s good to see Willow. She leaves, and Sam asks Jason if he got the invitation too. Someone wants to have a memorial service for Shiloh. Willow says, and it’s not her mother. Sam says, Shiloh may be dead, but someone doesn’t want him forgotten.

Gio reports back to Sonny, who asks why Carly was on the pier. Gio says she was there to meet Jax, but seemed torn up about Sonny. Sonny says, she should be, and asks if they said anything about a secret. Gio says he got the feeling Carly thinks it will be over soon. Sonny says, maybe; maybe not. Gio says, there’s something else. After they left, Julian showed up, and was vilifying Brad. Sonny asks, what about? and Gio says, he mentioned something about Sonny and Michael. Sonny asks what he said, and Gio says he doesn’t know what he meant, but Julian warned Brad about going against Michael. Apparently, Brad’s kid ran into Nelle.

On the phone, Nina asks if it’s ready, and a lab tech at the hospital tells her, the DNA results are in. Nina asks her to send them over, but the tech says, they can’t be released without a signature. Nina says she’ll make a special trip, but please have them waiting. She has big plans tonight.

Jax tells Laura, ideally, Claudette has leverage they can use against Valentin. They know Claudette is receptive to financial inducement, but they have to find her first. Julian meets Ava at the bar, and Jax wonders what’s up. Curtis says Ava looks happy, and Laura says, she doesn’t look like someone who just burned a painting that would have put half a million dollars in her pocket. Curtis says, maybe she’s excited about the wedding. Jax asks what he means, and Laura says Ava told them that she’s crashing the wedding tonight.

Ava and Julian sit at a table, and Ava asks how he’s holding up. He says he’s keeping it together, but it’s been awful seeing his son like that. And Brad is driving him up a wall. It should have been Brad. Ava says, it shouldn’t have been either of them. They both could have been killed, and then what happens to Wiley? He says he doesn’t know, and she says, he really doesn’t? Who’s named as guardian in their wills? Julian isn’t sure, and she tells him to find out. And make sure he sees the most recent version of their wills. Trust her. He doesn’t want a codicil showing up and ruining everything. Valentin watches them talking.

Laura says they need more information before she can mention a word to Lulu. Curtis guesses it’s back to Canada for him, and Laura says it looks like she’s going with him. He’s not thinking about leaving tonight? Curtis says he has no intention of leaving his wife on New Year’s Eve. Jax asks if she and Doc have plans, and she says she thinks they do. At Windymere. She’s starting to think they should go to the wedding.

Omg. They’re showing the outside of the hospital, which rarely happens. Nina waits for the technician, and Jax calls. She says she can’t talk, but he says he wanted to give her a heads up. Ava is planning on crashing her wedding. She says Ava is the least of her worries. She’ll see him tonight. She hangs up on him, and the tech meets her. She signs for the envelope, saying, perfect timing.

Valentin sits at the bar, and tries to listen in on Julian and Ava’s conversation. Ava asks if Julian’s will is up to date, and he says he had it amended after Wiley was adopted. What makes her so interested all of a sudden? She says she recently had a crash course in codicils, and tells him to make sure his final wishes are spelled out clearly. Otherwise, it can cause a boatload of trouble.

Jason tells Sam that Shiloh has no family they know of, and Sam says they think it might be Daisy or someone like her. Willow says, even after everything that came out, Shiloh still has followers. It’s no less strange for them to invite her. She hated Shiloh, and testified against him. Sam says, it doesn’t make sense. Why would someone want Shiloh’s enemies at his memorial? Jason says, possibly someone is looking for revenge. I’ve decided Sam must have gone brain dead in the past year.

Sonny asks why Julian would care about Nelle, and Gio says he’s not sure, but he seemed pissed. Carly walks in, and says she never sees Gio away from the warehouse. What’s going on? Gio says he was on his way out, and leaves. Carly asks, what’s up? and Sonny asks where she was just now. She asks if it’s another interrogation, but he doesn’t know. Unless she wants to confess. She says she confesses that she’s sick of her husband treating her like the enemy. He says he wouldn’t if she just told the truth. She says he’s right. It’s time to tell him exactly what’s going on.

No preview, but it’s the time of year they show all of the credits, while a jazzy version of Jingle Bells plays. New Year’s Eve’s GH is a rerun encore episode, and New Year’s Day, it’s preempted for football.

Below Deck

Rhylee asks if Kate wants to talk to Captain Lee, but Kate says, no. Kate tells the camera people not to follow her, and walks off. The cameraman says, Kate is gone. Ashton tells Tanner that Kate said something about his family, and he crumbled. Family is everything. Don’t bring that sh*t up. Tanner tucks Kevin in. Rhylee says, Kate made it clear; she left. In Rhylee’s interview, she doesn’t know what Ashton did, but he was drunk out of his mind, and completely wrong. They have thirty hours until another charter, and without a chief stew, they’re screwed. Tanner asks, what’s going on? and Ashton says, a lot of emotional sh*t.

The sun rises. Rhylee wakes, and calls to Kate, but she’s not there. Everyone wakes up and gets their sober bearings. Simone wonders where Kate is, and Rhylee says Kate and Ashton got into it last night. Kate didn’t appreciate it, and walked away. Courtney says, no. The less people, the more work. They’re screwed. Ashton says Kate made a comment about his family, and it ticked him off. He doesn’t remember what it was though. In his interview, Ashton says he’s putting together pieces. We flash back to Smashton coming out. He says, it’s vague. There was too much alcohol, and things that needed to be dealt with. Kate came at him in the wrong way at the wrong time. We flash back to him screaming that she thinks she’s better than everyone else, but she’s not. He says he’s not proud of it.

Captain Lee checks the weather. Ashton calls the deck crew together, and asks where Kate is. Rhylee says, she left last night. She texted Kate, but didn’t hear back. Ashton says, sh*t. Someone needs to fill in the blanks. Tanner says Ashton kept saying something about defending his family; he was ticked off and it got heated. Tanner and Kevin argue over who calmed Ashton down, until Kevin says they both did. The captain radios for Kate, and Tanner says, sh*t. Ashton wonders if there’s anything he can do, and Kevin tells him, don’t stress out. In Ashton’s interview, he says he’s going to have to tell the captain. He radios Captain Lee, and asks to see him.

Simone tells Courtney, they have to iron, but Courtney says she’s not emotionally ready. In Courtney’s interview, she says you can use your worst nightmare to describe any unfortunate situation, but Kate being gone is truly her worst nightmare. She’s not happy. Ashton goes to the bridge, and the captain asks if he has sunglasses on so he doesn’t bleed to death. Ashton says there’s probably something the captain should know, and Captain Lee tells him, spit it out. Ashton says he and Kate had words. His family was brought up, but he doesn’t remember exactly what was said. It became heated between them, and Kate walked off the boat. The captain says, but she’s here now, right? and Ashton says they haven’t seen her. In his interview, Captain Lee says, Ashton has every reason to have fear and panic on his face. He asks, what happened? and Ashton says he doesn’t like to get angry or upset, and the captain asks, at what point in the evening was it? Ashton says they were on their way back, and the captain says, so it was late. In the captain’s interview, he says Thailand isn’t the place to be wandering around for a single female at three or four in the morning. They’re in the middle of a charter in Thailand, and it’s unacceptable. Ashton says he’ll do what he can, and Captain Lee says, please do.

Brian tells Courtney to have fun hiding. Kevin makes some kind of casserole. In Kevin’s interview, he says it’s not really a surprise that Kate left. She doesn’t give a flying about anyone, or the charter season. Good riddance. They have less than 24 hours, and the show must go on. The boat is readied for the guests. Courtney tells Simone the iron isn’t doing anything, and Simone says the iron knows Courtney doesn’t like ironing. Ashton tells the deckhands about talking to the captain, and says he shouldn’t have reacted the way he did. Rhylee says, Kate feels alienated, and Ashton says, she alienated herself. Tanner says Ashton got it off his chest, and Rhylee says he got everything off his chest. Kate being who she is, she’s not going to take it lightly, and she has the ability to make everyone’s life hell. The captain tries to call Kate, but it goes to voicemail. He says, dammit to hell. In Simone’s interview, she hopes if Kate doesn’t come back, that Captain Lee gets someone who will teach her something. That would be great. She wonders what she’s doing with her life.

Kate finally wanders back. She radios to all crew that she’s there; back on the boat. Captain Lee radios Kate, and Kevin remarks that she’s wearing last night’s outfit. In her interview, Kate says she’s not a quitter. Why should the a-holes stay on the boat, and not her? But she doesn’t have to be nice anymore. She doesn’t give f***. Kate tells Rhylee that she’ll own her part, but she didn’t do anything to warrant what happened. The captain waits on the bridge, saying, it better be good. Rhylee says Kate brought up Ashton’s family, and Kate says he wanted to kill her. Then Tanner kissed her. It’s the most ridiculous situation she’s ever been in.

Kate goes to the bridge, and Captain Lee says, WTF? Kate tells him that she’s sorry for any worry. He says the last thing he wants to do is have to try and find her. Kate apologizes, but says, in the moment, it was the best thing for her to do. He tells her, don’t do that again. In his interview, he says he’s disappointed and pissed. Kate is like family to him; she’s like a daughter. This sh*t is unacceptable. Screw everyone, and leaving. He doesn’t think so. He tells her that he has no idea what transpired, and Ashton has no recollection. Kate says it was a total overreaction on Ashton’s part, and the captain says she and Ashton need to rise above. He needs it to go away. Kate doesn’t think it will happen again, and he says he hopes not. In her interview, Kate says she doesn’t feel guilty about leaving. It was an intense situation. She doesn’t owe anyone anything. Perhaps she should have left a note for the captain, since he worried, but she came back. You’re welcome.

Tanner asks Simone how she’s doing. In Simone’s interview, she says she’s doing everything in her power to keep her head down and do her job. She’s not giving away her power. Kate says she would never leave Courtney. Ashton radios Kate, asking if she has a moment to chat. In Ashton’s interview, he says when he was younger, he had a bit of a temper. I’ll agree if by younger, he means last night. He says he comes from a broken home. His parents divorced, and he felt the need to defend his family. He still needs to take control of his own emotions. He doesn’t expect Kate to apologize, but he’s going to be the better man. They sit in one of the lounges, and he says he knows it got heated. I don’t know why everyone keeps saying this, since Ashton was the only one who got what you could call heated. He says he doesn’t remember what made him upset, but he doesn’t think his behavior was okay, so he apologizes. Kate says she completely accepts and appreciates it, and they hug it out. In Kate’s interview, she says, it’s not okay if you’re a maniac who needs help. She’s forgiving him out of pity. It’s good they work in different departments. She worked with Kevin all season; she can handle Ashton.

Time for the preference sheet meeting. Captain Lee says, they’re all good, right? and everyone agrees. He says, let’s get on with it, and tells them the primaries are Nicole, a behavior analyst, and Zak, an attorney. Nicole is bringing friend Lauren, also an attorney, and Justine, who’s a private chef. Nicole’s cousin Jamie is also coming. It’s both Zak and Jamie’s birthday, and they want a black and gold masquerade theme party, as well as fishing in the morning on the second day. In Kate’s interview, she says the guests seem high maintenance, but with Ashton’s antics lately, at least one is a behavior analyst and another an attorney. They can either help her figure Ashton out, or file a restraining order.

Rhylee asks Kate how she feels, and Kate says, it’s been an emotionally exhausting 24 hours. She doesn’t want to talk about, think about, or do this anymore. In her interview, she says, it’s been a horrible charter season. She’s deeply insulted to be on a boat with so many people who dislike her. No amount of money can make her tolerate disrespect from children and psychopaths. She’s starting to question what’s next, because she doesn’t need this sh*t. The provisions come in. Rhylee tells Tanner that Kate said he kissed her, but he says he didn’t. He knows he’d remember it. I guess not. In Tanner’s interview, he says he feels Rhylee taking the whisk to stir the bullsh*t. Then again, he doesn’t know. Maybe after all this time on the boat, he’s looking pretty good. Rhylee tells him that she’s disappointed. Courtney says she hates working and she’s grumpy. The captain calls ten minutes.

The guests are greeted with champagne. Justin tells Kevin that she’s a chef, so she’s watching him. The captain welcomes the guests, tells them Kate will give them the tour, and they’ll get this party started. Simone says, what an ass, referring to the chef. Cousin Jamie gripes about having to share a bed, and says she was told she’d have an actual room. In Kate’s interview, she says they’d all like their own room, but this is how many room they have. Her potential roommate Lauren says she’ll be odd man out, and Kate says she’ll make the Sky Lounge nice. Where’s Dorinda when we need her? In Kate’s interview, she says it’s because of guests like Jamie, she’s over it. They ship out. Kate makes up the lounge, and shows Lauren. Jamie gripes to cousin Nicole and Zak that there’s a room situation. She can’t share a full size bed with another adult woman. Zak says they’ll have to throw someone overboard, and calls her a trooper (for what, I’m not sure, since Lauren is the one with no room), and in another room, the other guests call Jamie an a-hole.

In Kevin’s interview, he can’t believe Justin said she’d be watching him. Just let him do his thing. He says their food preferences are across the board, so he’s making pizza. The water toys are put out, and the female guests discuss who’s hottest among the crew. Jamie drinks, saying, when in Rome… or Thailand. Nicole asks if there’s any pizza without cheese, pointing out that it was put on the preference sheet. Kate shows Kevin that one says, can’t have cheese, and Kevin says, fudge. But he doesn’t really say fudge. In Kate’s interview, she says, as a chef, if someone says they can’t eat dairy, pizza is not the first thing that comes to mind. In Kevin’s interview, he says, they have so many preferences, it’s bullsh*t.

Zak gets excited about the trampoline, and the guests put on their suits. The captain laughs watching some of the girls jump off the boat, and Ashton showering them off when they come back. In Ashton’s interview, he says Molly (who was never mentioned during the preference sheet meeting) is the type of girl he’d talk to in a bar; approachable and fun. She’s perfectly put together, but bosuns can’t hook up with charter guests. Be a good boy, Ashton. The other guests use the slide. Ha-ha! Zak slips and falls back into the water when he tries to get back on. Kevin makes matzoh ball soup, and the toys are brought back in.

Ashton tells Rhylee that he wants her to take the lead on the fishing trip. In her interview, Rhylee says, after last season, and Chandler not letting her go on the fishing trip, she’s excited AF to show off her skill set. Kate does up the table in black and gold, with coins, masks, and netting; and puts out gold chargers for the place settings. In her interview, she says she loves a theme party, but masquerades are a little creepy. Like they’re for swingers. Sure enough, one of the guests tells Zak he looks like he’s from Eyes Wide Shut. (FYI, I could not keep my eyes wide open during that movie.) The soup is served, and Jamie says only her cousin would go to Thailand and want matza ball soup. In Tanner’s interview, he says he thinks the flirtation is picking up with Kate, because he’s extremely delusional. He asks Ashton and Brian if he kissed her. In Brian’s interview, he says Tanner had better be careful with Kate. She’s a praying mantis, and will probably eat him after sex. Kate tells Kevin, the guests love the meal. They’ve been sipping on the boat.

Tanner puts on a mask, and says, I’m Batman. Kevin tells him, STFU. Kevin makes up plates with a serving of rainbow cookie, and a scoop of ice cream sitting on top of a short glass. Kate worries that they’re going to fall in during transport. Kevin tells the guests, it’s his first time making it. Jamie says, rainbow cookies are Nicole’s favorite. The cookie is declared delicious, and Jamie asks if they’re not getting a birthday cake. Overhearing, Kate says, oh fudge. But she doesn’t say fudge. In her interview, she says, they’re not friends on Facebook. How is she supposed to remember their birthdays? She tells Kevin, birthday, and he says, who’s birthday? She says, it’s supposed to be a celebration for the guests. He’d said he was putting candles in the cookie cake. He says he forgot, and she says so did she, but that’s because she was concerned with the balls falling. He knows how she gets when balls drop. He says he doesn’t even have candles, which you’d think would be a smart staple on a luxury yacht. Kate says they’re in trouble.

In Kevin’s interview, it’s no surprise that he doesn’t take responsibility. He says, since Kate quit, she’s been in Lalaland. They would do better without her. He makes up some kind of green shots, and gets a blowtorch ready. The crew sings Happy Birthday, and he lights the shots on fire. Jamie says she thought they forgot. Zak asks, who wants to fish? and Nicole makes sure they’re going to eat what’s caught, so it will be ethical. Agreed. Nicole goes to bed, and Tanner tells Kevin, nice job. Kevin says, if they’re lucky, they’ll get $1100. Jamie says, happy birthday to her. On the stairs, Lauren and Molly discuss Jamie, and Molly says she wants Jamie out. Kate tells the other crew members, they all hate Jamie. Ooh , this could be good. Like the one with the guest in the shame cocoon.

Ashton says he’ll listen to Rhylee’s instruction on the fishing trip. The guests load into the tender. He asks if Jamie is coming, and Nicole thinks she’s still n bed. In Ashton’s interview, he says Rhylee is the professional, so he’s giving her the responsibility. It’s her time to shine. Lauran asks to talk to Captain Lee, and he meets with her in one of the lounges. She says she doesn’t want to be a diva, but she didn’t know the dynamics of the room situation, and she’s been off put by someone not willing to share. She’s on a couch with no shower or bathroom. In the captain’s interview, he says he’s pissed. She’s sleeping in the Sky Lounge, and has no privacy or bathroom. That’s her luxury vacation. Jamie is being a selfish, insignificant little twit. He tells Lauren to go fishing, and he’ll see to it that she has her own room. When Lauren leaves, he tells Simone to strip his room. It’s the only room available. She has an hour and a half. He’s going to make sure Lauren has her own room.

On the boat, Lauren asks Rhylee what they’re fishing for, and she says, your guess is as good as mine. In his interview, Ashton says, something isn’t feeling right about the area. He doesn’t see any other boats. He calls the harbor master to find out if they can fish there. He tells us, sure enough, it’s not zoned for fishing. On the boat, the captain helps Simone to get all of his stuff out of the room. Simone asks if this is about the guest who wouldn’t share, and he says, doesn’t play well with others. Meanwhile, Jamie sips coffee, alone, on deck. Kate tells Simone that Lauren was being sweet, and had said it was fine, but it’s not fine. So now the captain is sleeping in the Sky Lounge.

Ashton brings the boat back, although why they couldn’t have just moved to another location is a mystery to me. Kate asks if they caught anything. When they say, no, she says, then breakfast is ready for them instead. The captain tells Lauren that she’ll be staying in the captain’s quarters, and Simone will give her the tour. Ashton gripes to Tanner and Brian that Rhylee looked to him to find a fishing spot, when it was her trip. One guest says they didn’t even touch a fishing rod. Ashton says they didn’t have supplies, and Rhylee should have had everything they needed. In his interview, he says, it’s one trip he thought would go smooth, since Rhylee is a professional Alaskan fisherman. So I guess she should have known about fishing zones in Thailand? He’s trying to keep his cool, but he’s fuming inside. He tells Brian that he’s going to have to speak to her, but Brian says, she’s not going to listen. She’s one of those peeps.

The guests order breakfast. Justine, and some quiet guy whose name I never caught, want to test the chef’s creativity, and leave their eggs up to him. Kate tells them, the chef is going to love this. In her interview, Kate says, Kevin is going to hate this. Sorry, not sorry. Kevin says it’s the worst breakfast order since he started. Lauren brags about being in the captain’s quarters. Kevin asks Courtney to find whatever she can that would be nice for an omelet. Justine and quiet dude think the omelets are salty, and Zak says his egg sandwich was too.

Ashton goes to the bridge, where Kate is doing some work. He tells he captain that they had a bit of trouble with the rangers. They were fishing in place you’re not allowed to fish. In his interview, Ashton says if there’s an issue where the guests might be unhappy, he likes to tell the captain as soon as possible. He’ll be pissed if a guest approaches him about it. He tells Captain Lee that the professionals on board should do more research. Kate says fishing isn’t exactly one of their main activities, and Ashton says he’s unhappy with some of the preparation, but he hears her. In Kate’s interview, she says, Ashton is making Rhylee look bad, and himself look better. It’s not cool. In Ashton’s interview, he says he doesn’t tell Kate how to run the interior. He wants to focus on his own team, and she should focus on her department. Zak tells Courtney about the over-salted omelets and his sandwich, and she apologizes, saying she’ll tell the chef. Justine says, chefs shouldn’t serve what they haven’t tasted, but it’s a common mistake. That’s one mistake I would never make. If I was a chef, I’d weigh a ton. Justine decides to talk to Kevin herself, and tells him that she wants to have a bit of an uncomfortable conversation with him, but it’s chef to chef. She thinks he should go more upscale. Everyone is talking about his cooking behind his back. Nicole is happy, but everyone else is like, we’re having pizza and matzoh ball soup? She’s just looking out for him. He tells her that he doesn’t need to be looked out for.

Next time, Simone decides she needs to train herself, Ashton takes the guests on an excursion, Tanner wants to make a move on Kate, and the captain tells Rhylee they have a situation.

📣 My two cents. I’m starting not to like Ashton. He has some major insecurities that end up affecting other people, and he cannot drink. The combination of those things is completely toxic. He totally overreacted to what Kate said, and he has picked incessantly on Rhylee. While he might have been right to go to the captain before one of the guests did, it was the way he presented it. What Kate said. We didn’t see the conversation about how the spot was chosen, but I also would have thought it was the bosun’s responsibility to know the rules and regs. She suddenly flew in from wherever to help them out. On the other hand, while I don’t like Kevin much either, what’s happening to him this charter is unfair, and terrible behavior on the Justine’s part. I compare it to an actor going backstage before another actor’s play, and saying they’re basically watching to see if there’s a screw up. It’s creepy. And Justine isn’t looking out for him; she’s deliberately trying to unnerve him. It’s creepy and mean.

🏊 Summer House is back for another season. Why? Who knows, but it starts Wednesday, February 5th. The promo promises that relationships sink to new lows, and it looks like Shep (Southern Charm) pays a visit. Why? Again, who knows? Slumming maybe. Here’s a first look.


Is the Van Down By the River…?

More on the new Deck in the franchise. Hint: Chef Adam lives in a van.


Straight From the Captain’s Mouth…

When Captain Lee found out what really happened.



🎉 Call Me Sentimental…

That’s the last GH of the year, so I’ll see you on Wednesday. I’ve done it all, from the sublime to the ridiculous, but whatever you decide to do on New Year’s Eve, be safe. Wishing you health, wealth, and all good things in 2020. This will always be one of my favorite New Year’s Eve songs. Like there are so many.


November 14, 2019 – Already Posted, Tea For You, a Reason, a Kiss, an Ex, an Engagement, Not So Basic, a Jerk, a Joe, Playing Dress Up, the Family Plath & Him That Has


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

As I thought, today’s episode was a repeat of what I recapped yesterday. If you missed it, you can go here:


The information about Friday’s episode is vague, but I’m guessing it’s going to be preempted. We’ll see.


🍵 Bravo had repeats of Below Deck again, so I watched a documentary about Preppy Killer Robert Chambers, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Edward Albee never gets old. In lieu of any new TV, here are some cups of tea I’ve collected.

🍸 At Least We Still Have VPR…

As much as I’ll miss her, I totally understand why she left.


😘 The Kiss Heard Round the Deck…

Kate stopped just short of going, ack! Pooey!


🏡 He’s Just Mad He’s Not a Housewife…

Who knew Frasier was going to be such a d-bag? And a full of it one at that. Camille barely even mentions him anymore.


💍 That Didn’t Take Long…

But it looks like Kelly traded up. Nice ring too.



👰 I Can’t Wait…

I’m sure the whole wedding will be next level.


Stassi is proving her beyond basicness.


💸 Another Reach For Relevance…

Frankly, I think Brooks owes us all some compensation.


Give the Guy a Break Already…

While I’ve never been a fan, I don’t think he’s being treated fairly. He should at least be able to come back to visit his family.


🎃 Yes. I’m Still Gawking…

What can I say? Like Shannon Beador, I love a costume. And yes, I looked at all of them. How many Halloween parties can the Kardashians possibly go to?


🐣 I’ve also been watching Welcome to Plathville – Tuesdays, 10 pm on TLC, my second favorite channel. It’s about a family that lives somewhat off the grid. While they’re not like the Amish – although the Amish aren’t even like the Amish anymore, so many have cell phones – Kim and Barry Plath have raised their children minus a lot of the media that most kids are joined at the hip to today. They don’t know who Justin Bieber is or have ever had soda; IMO not bad things. The Plaths aren’t tyrants, however, and it looks like we’ll be watching some new experiences for the kids in this limited run series. I can identify somewhat, at least in their surroundings, since I grew up on a pseudo farm, and being in the great outdoors is still a passion of mine. (I know, you wouldn’t think so, since I watch so much TV.) I wonder if the parents fear, as I do, that the exposure from the series will drastically affect the family, and not in a good way. Hopefully, these kids will never lose their core values.



🐕 It’s the Simple Things…

Forever to be missed, a man who knew what he got. And I get to go to bed early. Woohoo!












November 11, 2019 – Anna Makes Her Entrance, Abbi Bails On the Crew, Kate On Brandy, Cait’s Return, the People’s Vote, Silverware & Johnny’s Flag


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the PCPD, Jordan tells Jason that she can’t allow him near the Cassandra Pierce search. For one, he’s not a cop, and two, someone could say Sam helped Cassandra escape. He says Sam tried to stop her and helped the guard, but Jordan says, what transpired could be interpreted all kinds of ways. He needs to keep his distance.

Laura thanks Valentin for coming to the station. He says he didn’t have much choice. He was told he’d be arrested if he didn’t, but no one mentioned on what grounds. Laura says she asked the Commissioner to bring him in. He asks if it’s something specific, or is this just garden variety harassment? She says Cassandra escaped, and she thought he could help to find her.

Nikolas sneaks into Jax’s place via the terrace door. Jax turns on the lights, like what your dad would do if you were sneaking in after curfew. He says he left the door unlocked for Nikolas in case he was coming back. Nikolas says he tried calling Jax, but got voicemail. Jax says he got Nikolas’s message saying their situation was compromised. Nikolas asks where Jax was, and why he didn’t pick up his phone, but Jax says he’ll ask the questions. Where was Nikolas? Nikolas flashes back to picking up Cassandra at the park.

Finn sits on the couch, eating, reading, and using his laptop, as we all do. He starts to type, and the doorbell rings. It’s Hayden and Violet. Hayden asks if there’s any chance Finn is up for visitors.

At the cemetery, Julian says he hopes Lucas doesn’t mind him showing up. It’s fitting, since their first conversation as father and son happened there. Lucas says Julian rejected him for being gay. Julian says they’ve come a long way; he’s come a long way. Lucas doesn’t think so. His progress was an illusion. Julian hasn’t changed. He’s less homophobic, but he’s still a liar, and Lucas wants nothing to do with him.

Obrecht sits next to Brad at Kelly’s counter. She says he’s looking pitiful, and he says he didn’t ask her to join him. He’s not in the mood. Obrecht says his mood is irrelevant. They have a more pressing matter to discuss. Those tests he manipulated for her; what has he done to cover his tracks?

Lulu asks Maxie when Peter’s move-in date is, and Maxie says, in a couple of weeks. That gives her time to clear out a closet. She suggests planning a dinner for the four of them; her, Maxie, Peter, and hot Dustin. Peter needs more friends, and hot Dustin is great. Lulu says he is great, but she feels it’s too soon for a couples dinner. Speaking of dinner, she needs to get Charlotte home. She looks at the counter, but Charlotte isn’t there. She wonders where Charlotte went.

Valentin asks when Cassandra escaped, and Laura says, this evening. It’s very important that they find her. Like she needs to say this. That’s why Valentin was brought in for questioning. Cassandra’s first phone call was to him after she was apprehended. What did they talk about?

Jordon tells Jason that she’ll have to do a press conference. In the meantime, stay out of this. And they didn’t have this conversation. He says, got it.

Valentin says they dragged him there, and inconvenienced Nina. Nina says she wanted to come. They’re trying to make this Valentin’s fault. Laura says, no one is blaming Valentin. On his way out, Jason calls Spinelli, and tells him that Sam got a partial plate number from the van that picked up Cassandra. He thanks Spinelli, and says he’s on it. Jordan joins Laura, and Laura asks about Valentin’s meeting with Cassandra when she was in custody. Valentin says Cassandra wanted his help; she wanted to trade on their prior association. They knew each other briefly in Europe before he knew she was a criminal. When he found out, he broke it off. Jordan asks why he wouldn’t have ignored her call, unless she had leverage. Valentin flashes back to asking Cassandra if she’s threatening him with telling the police that his wife drugged her. Cassandra says, hardly. It’s not likely they’d take her word over Nina’s, but Nina doesn’t know that, does she?

Jax asks Nikolas where Cassandra is. Nikolas says he doesn’t know. He arranged for her escape, and she managed to escape from him. Jax asks, how? and Nikolas says she jumped out at a red light. He tried to reach Jax to call 911, but Jax didn’t pick up. He had to call 911 himself. Jax asks why Nikolas was helping her, and Nikolas says he thought Cassandra was cutting a deal. He couldn’t risk her telling anyone that he’s alive. He had to help her before she gave him up. Jax says, she’s a huge criminal; a drug dealer. Now he finds out, not only is Nikolas connected to her, he helped her escape prison. He didn’t sign up for this.

Violet asks if this is Finn’s house, and he says he lives there. Hayden says the hospital told her that he was gone for the day, so she thought they’d stop by. He says they saved him from a solo dinner of a turkey sandwich with a side of research. Violet says, what? and Hayden tells her, it’s Dr. Finn’s way of saying he was having a snack while working. Remember how he made her feel better? He has to study up, so he can make other people feel better. He helps lots of people. Violet is glad they’re friends, and Hayden says she’s glad too.

Julian asks Lucas, where is this coming from? Lucas says if he didn’t know better, he’d buy Julian’s innocent act. But he does know better. Brad told him everything. Brad never had an affair. Julian framed him, hoping to break them up, and didn’t care about breaking up Wiley’s happy home, or Lucas’s pain, or his love for his husband. Julian says, not true, and Lucas asks how he can say that. He deliberately set Lucas up to break his heart, thinking he’d shrug it off, and he could buy Wiley enough toys that he wouldn’t miss his other father. Julian says Lucas is wrong; it’s just the opposite. Lucas says Julian attempting to deny it, is how he knows Julian works. He denies everything until one day, the truth comes out. Is that how he wants to play this? Julian says he’ll tell Lucas the truth. He did stage the affair.

Brad tells Obrecht that he admitted to Lucas that he did extracurricular lab work for her. She asks why on earth he would do that, and he says Lucas was questioning his behavior. She laughs, and says, he’s just questioning it now? Brad has always been a furtive weasel. Brad says Lucas knew he was hiding something, and he needed a plausible explanation, so he confessed. She needs to keep her distance; no more special projects. She says Brad might repair his marriage, and perhaps that might work for him, but it doesn’t work for her at all. Brad’s marital problems will get worse when she tells Lucas that Wiley was stolen.

Lulu says she’s checked the whole building, and Maxie says there’s no sign of Charlotte outside. Lulu says, they know Charlotte is independent and impulsive, but she knows better than to wander off at night. When she calls Charlotte’s phone, it’s going straight to voicemail. Either Charlotte has the phone turned off, or she’s ignoring it.

Down by the docks – I’m not sure why anyone hides there, since it’s like Grand Central Station – Charlotte asks if Cassandra is sure Nina is okay. Cassandra says, Nina is fine, and she’ll stay that way as long as Charlotte cooperates. Charlotte says she is cooperating. She came with Cassandra, but all Cassandra has done is play with her phone. When is she going home? Cassandra tells her, be patient. If she tells the police what Nina did, Nina will go straight to prison. Charlotte says Cassandra promised not to; that’s the only reason she helped. Cassandra says, when Charlotte goes home, she’ll find Cassandra is a woman of her word, but she has to exercise patience. Charlotte’s parents put a tracking device on her phone, and Cassandra is a bit of a technical wizard. She knows how to turn it off. Charlotte says, papa needs to know where she is, and Cassandra says Valentin is lucky to have a daughter who’s so devoted. She’ll change her tune in the next year or two, but meanwhile, she suggests Charlotte try to be more pleasant. No one is finding out where Charlotte is until Cassandra wants them to.

Nikolas says he had no idea about Cassandra’s criminal past, and took the trouble to revive her solely to get information about Valentin. He thought they’d never intersect. Jax says, clearly, he thought wrong. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Jason who says he’s got to talk to Jax.

Violet skips around. She sees Anna’s ceramic bulldog with the Union Jack bandana. She asks if it’s Finn’s, and he says it belongs to a friend of his from England. Has she ever heard of England? Violet says, no, and Hayden says she’s never been there, but she’s a fan of one of their customs; the tea party. Violet asks if they can have one right now, and Hayden and Finn laugh.

Lucas says he’s impressed. He expected Julian to lie his way out. Not that it would have done any good. Brad recorded their last conversation, and he heard it himself. Julian says, all of it? and Lucas asks what he means. He knows enough to know Julian tried to frame Brad. Julian says he was trying to protect Lucas. Brad is into something shady, and he didn’t want it to blow up in Lucas’s face. Lucas asks, why not tell him? but Julian says Lucas would have confronted Brad, who would have denied it, which is what he does. Lucas would have been forced to choose between his husband and the father he just let back in his life. He would have chosen Brad, because that’s exactly what happened.

Valentin says Cassandra called him, and thought she’d blackmail him, suggesting she had incriminating information on him, and she was willing to give him up. He called her bluff. She knew nothing; he never committed a crime in his life. Jordan suggests he’s had ample time to cover anything up while Cassandra was with the WSB. He says she had nothing, and she knew that he knew that. That’s the last he heard from her. Nina says, when they thought Sasha was her daughter, Cassandra targeted Sasha, and almost killed her. Even though she’s severed ties with Sasha, she wants to see Cassandra punished. Valentin says Jordan had assured him that Cassandra had been extradited to the Hague to face trial. He’s answered her questions, now answer his. Why was Cassandra allowed to stay in Port Charles?

An officer calls Jordan over to the phone. It’s Lulu, who asks Jordan to send an officer over to Kelly’s. Charlotte wandered off, and she’s not picking up her phone. They can’t find her anywhere.

Jason continues to bang on the door. Nikolas hides. Jax answers, and says, sorry. He was out on the terrace. What’s the urgency? Jason says he’s there about Sam. She was on work detail, when Cassandra escaped. Cassandra hit the guard in the head, and Sam stayed to help. Whoever arranged her transportation could be charged as an accomplice. She met a guy driving a van, and Sam got a partial license plate number. He had it traced, and the van was rented using a credit card from Jax’s holding company, J. J. Jax Alaska.

Hayden asks Finn if he’s sure it’s okay to use the nice China. Finn says Violet seems skillful in pouring; she’ll make a good surgeon one day. Hayden says they’re using apple juice. The pour is the same, but there’s no chance of being scalded. When they have a tea party, they usually have more guests. Finn asks if Violet invites her friends, and Hayden says Bella and Otto join them; they’re stuffed toys. Bella has been around since Violet was three months old, and is very soft and well loved. Otto is an owl who came along when they were in a toy store in Italy. She told Violet that she could get whatever she wanted, and she wanted Otto. He’s wise-looking, and on the formal side; not the most approachable stuffed animal, until you get close enough to hold him. He’s soft and squishy. Finn says he’d like to meet Otto, and Hayden says she knows they’d get along great.

Julian says he was trying keep Lucas free of the hole Brad dug. Lucas asks how Julian justifies using cruelty and deception to help out? He’s not going to let Julian use family as an excuse. He’s done for good. Julian says, don’t do this, but Brad says, no; he’s done. No more lies and betrayal. It’s too exhausting. Even if he could take it, why should Wiley have to?

At Kelly’s, Lulu gives the officer a recent photo of Charlotte. He asks her to text it to him, and she does, while describing what Charlotte was wearing. She doesn’t know how it happened. Charlotte was sitting at the counter, doing her homework. Maybe she got impatient. She can be impetuous. Lulu suggests maybe she went to a pop-up T-shirt stand they passed, but Maxie says she checked there, and the stand is gone. Lulu says maybe Charlotte is out looking for it, and asks the officer, please, just find her.

Obrecht tells another officer that she didn’t see Charlotte. She’s sure she would have noticed; Charlotte is like a niece to her. Brad says he saw Charlotte earlier, but didn’t notice her leaving. He was talking with Willow, then Obrecht. The officer shows them a picture of Cassandra, and asks if they recall seeing her today around Kelly’s. Brad says there might have been a woman who looked like her, but he can’t be sure. The officer talking to Lulu shows her the photo. Lulu says her mother helped apprehend Cassandra, and he says, she’s believed to be in the general area. Lulu says her daughter is missing, and an escaped fugitive is on the loose.

At the station, Valentin is on the phone, and asks if they’ve seen or heard from Charlotte. Laura says her granddaughter is very headstrong and independent. She may have decided to head to Windymere on her own. Valentin says he just spoke to the launch captain, but he hasn’t seen her, and neither has the housekeeper. Jordan wonders if there’s anywhere else Charlotte could show up, and Nina suggests Crimson. She tells them to check the freight elevator and the sample closets. Laura asks Jordan to send a car to Lulu’s house. Maybe Charlotte went home on her own. Nina asks if Valentin is waiting for Charlotte to call, and he says, not Charlotte; Cassandra.

Charlotte tells Cassandra that her papa will give Cassandra what she wants. Cassandra can go away, and never tell about the bad thing Nina did. Cassandra says she’s going to wait, and give Valentin time to get good and scared. Charlotte says he’s never scared, and Cassandra says she has so much to learn. She’s the apple of Valentin’s eye, and he loves her without reservation. He’s terrified harm will come to Charlotte, and she’s going to take full advantage of that fear.

Jordan says there’s been no sign of criminal activity at Kelly’s, and no one remembers seeing Charlotte leave. Laura says there haven’t been any calls about Cassandra sightings since the call to 911. The PCPD is canvassing the area, but she’s concerned it was a diversion. While the authorities are concentrating on one area, Cassandra could have fled elsewhere.

Valentin tells Nina, Cassandra has Charlotte, but Nina says Charlotte was warned about her. Valentin says, Charlotte is a child, and no match for Cassandra. He doesn’t know how she did it, but Cassandra knows he’d do anything for his daughter. She’ll contact him soon enough. Nina asks if he’s going to tell the police.

Julian tells Lucas, life doesn’t go according to plan. He got to know his grandson, and Lucas. They bonded as a family, and it’s meant everything to him. When he saw Brad putting that in jeopardy, he tried to protect Lucas; it’s what parents do. He admits he overreacted, but Lucas says it’s more than making a bad choice. It was a calculated attack on his family. He’s not jeopardizing his family to give Julian another chance. He’s done. Julian asks, what if he says something to help Lucas understand? But he has to listen with an open mind. Lucas’s phone rings. It’s Brad, who says he’s at Kelly’s. Heads up. Charlotte disappeared, and they’re started to worry that she wandered into the path of an escaped prisoner.

Violet sleeps on the couch. Hayden says Violet was having so much fun, she didn’t want to break up the party. Finn hopes there will be more, but the first one will always be his favorite. She says, her too. She’ll give the dishes a quick wash, and they’ll be on their way. Finn suggests putting Violet in the guest room, and then doing the dishes together.

Jax tells Jason that he had nothing to do with Cassandra’s escape. Jason says he didn’t think Jax did, but thinks the card information was stolen. Jax says he charges most of his expenses to his Aurora credit card; the one from Alaska is only for international transactions. It could have been hacked. Jason asks if there’s any chance Jerry was involved, but Jax says, none whatsoever. Jason asks if Jax has any other ideas, and Jax asks if Jason has any leads. He takes it that he should expect a visit from the cops. Jason says Sam didn’t tell them about the license plate, but eventually they’ll trace it to Jax. Jax thanks Jason for letting him know. Jason looks around a little, and sees wet shoe prints near the fireplace. Outside on the terrace, Nikolas looks at his wet shoes.

Lulu tells Maxie that she doesn’t know how this happened; she was right there. Cassandra is at large. What if Charlotte ran into her? Maxie says, maybe Charlotte just snuck off to avoid punishment. She would have done the same thing at Charlotte’s age. Lulu hopes the worst thing is that Charlotte is avoiding a stern talking to and tough consequences.

Valentin tells Nina that the PCPD is incapable of handling Cassandra. He’s going to handle her himself, but he may need Nina’s help.

Obrecht tells Brad, she prays no harm comes to Charlotte. Brad says, she prays? She says, when the situation merits it. Brad might consider turning prayer. He could use divine intervention. Brad thinks everyone is overreacting. Charlotte is known to be a brat. She probably walked off. Obrecht says, typical. A girl who’s strong-willed and has spirit, is a brat. A boy would be considered assertive. Brad says Lucas is coming, and he and Obrecht can’t be seen together. She has to leave. Obrecht says she hasn’t had dinner. Brad is up to his neck in secrets, and expects her to keep them. Brad says, Lucas thinks it’s just one. They see Lucas about to come in, and Obrecht jets out the side door.

Jax tells Jason, the footprints could be from anybody. He has construction going on right now. People are coming and going. Jason says, none of it adds up, but Jax says Jason doesn’t think he’d help a drug dealer or jeopardize Sam’s freedom, does he? Jason says, Jax wouldn’t be withholding information, would he? but Jax says he’s told Jason everything. Jason says Carly and Josslyn are important to him, and he’d do anything for them. He and Jax aren’t always on the same side, but if Jax is in trouble and needs help, no questions asked. Nikolas watches and listens.

Nina asks Lulu what she did to upset Charlotte. Maxie says Lulu is upset about her daughter, and there’s no reason to start a fight. Nina says they all agree Charlotte probably took off. Does Lulu know the reason? Has she been repeating her allegations that Valentin is behind Sasha’s lies? Laura says, this isn’t the time or place. Nina says Charlotte wanted her and Valentin to be married, and Lulu disrupted that. Maybe Charlotte was talking about it, and Lulu scolded her. Lulu says they weren’t fighting. Charlotte was doing her homework at the counter. Nina says, so they were in perfect harmony with the family? Lulu says Charlotte asked to go to Windymere and check on Butterscotch, and she told Charlotte she’d think about it if she did her homework. Valentin gets a call from Charlotte’s phone, and asks, who is this? Cassandra says, who were you expecting, papa? and he asks where his daughter is.

Jason says maybe Jax would like to get closer to the edge, but now that he’s there, Carly and Josslyn can get hurt. Jax says he’d never put them in harm’s way, and Jason says, not intentionally, but if something went sideways… Jax says if he thought that was the case, he’d take Jason up on his offer. Jason hopes he means that. He says if Jax gets a lead on Cassandra, he wants to hear from him. Jason leaves, and Jax grabs something off the mantel and throws it, saying, son of a bitch. Nikolas comes in, and Jax says Nikolas took his credit card, and left a trail tying him to Cassandra’s escape. What was he thinking? He wasn’t thinking, was he? He’s an amateur. Give him one good reason not to hand his sorry ass over to Jason.

Obrecht listens while Brad tells Lucas that the initial theory was that Charlotte took off on her own, but Cassandra has escaped. She was spotted, and now he thinks they’re worried that she has Charlotte. Lucas says Cassandra targeted Sasha by weaponizing a virus. Does Brad think she was in there? Brad isn’t sure, but he was positive enough to ID her, so she might have been. It’s so creepy. Lucas says, it was dangerous. What if Brad had been in the middle of it? He doesn’t know what he’d do if something bad happened to Brad. Brad says he has no intention of leaving Lucas or Wiley. They hug, and Julian watches them through the door, all stalkerish, and totally creeping me out.

Hayden tells Finn that Violet is probably better off on a bed, and asks him to show her where the guest room is. He asks if it’s okay if he takes her, and Hayden says it is. He picks Violet up, still wrapped in her blanket, and takes her upstairs. Hayden follows.

Valentin tells Cassandra, he’ll meet her terms, but only if she follows his to the letter. Let Charlotte go, in public, in a safe place. Understand? He listens, and says, yes, he can do that. He’ll make arrangements.

Nina tells Lulu that her grudge has to stop. Charlotte loves her father, and she knows Lulu hates him. Laura says, that’s enough, and Maxie says it’s got to stop. Where’s Nina’s compassion? Laura calls Jordan over, and Valentin asks, what’s going on? Laura thinks it’s getting too crowded, and Valentin and Nina should wait at home. Valentin says his daughter is missing, and they’re being thrown out? Jordan says they’re being sidetracked when they’re in the middle of two active investigations. They should go. They leave, and Nina tells Valentin that she hopes it’s worth it. He says it might save Charlotte’s life.

Cassandra tells Charlotte, fate is good to bring Charlotte to her. She’s a great hostage. Charlotte wants to go, and Cassandra hates to disappoint her, but says she can’t give Charlotte back just yet. Charlotte says she heard Cassandra promise, but Cassandra says she needs to keep a close guard on Charlotte, so her papa is on good behavior. He’s a tricky one. Charlotte says Cassandra is a tricky one. She’s acting like Charlotte has a choice not to help. Charlotte starts to run, and Cassandra makes a grab for her. Charlotte kicks Cassandra in the shins, but Cassandra gets ahold of her, and says she’ll do as she’s told, or else. Charlotte says, or else what? and Cassandra says she knows how to hurt a little a little girl.

Anna appears, and says, unhand that child. Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?


Tomorrow, Hayden has dreamed of hearing Finn say that, Peter doesn’t buy it, Jason has questions about Cassandra, and Anna tells Cassandra if she unhands Charlotte, she’ll let her walk away.

Below Deck

Simone wants to give Abbi a hug. Abbi just wants to leave. The guests go wild on the slide. Brian asks Abbi, what’s wrong? and she says she needs to quit. In her interview, she says it’s not the right job for her. The perfectionism and level of professionalism isn’t for her. She’s used to knowing what she’s doing, and everyone wonders what wrong with her. She cries, and tells Brian that she’s always so happy all the time.

Kevin checks over his menu. Mccall asks Kate to give everyone fireball shots. Brian tells Ashton that Abbi is crying her eyes out. She’s not happy with her situation, and wants leave. Ashton asks where she is, and Brian says, in her cabin. He told her to relax and not worry for the moment. Ashton goes to see Abbi, and she says she doesn’t like the job, and wants to leave. Ashton says she doesn’t have to stress or feel bad. It is what it is. They hug. In Ashton’s interview, he says he does care about Abbi’s happiness, and doesn’t want her to be there if it’s not what she wants, but in reality, they’ll be a man down. He asks if she’s leaving now or finishing the charter, and she says she’ll finish. In his interview, Ashton says, it’s not good. They’re in a remote location, and it’s going to be a struggle to find someone qualified to replace Abbi. Captain Lee won’t be happy. In the laundry room, Simone says, it’s like it’s raining towels.

The captain stops by to see the guests, and tells them he has a water park scheduled for them. It’s basically a lot of different water toys on a floating platform. Kate says she might need Courtney for help with the Thailand party tonight. Brian and Ashton are going to be shirtless servers. She wants to simulate the feeling of being on a lot of drugs. Ashton says he needs to talk to the captain, and Captain Lee wonders why this isn’t giving him a warm, fuzzy feeling. Ashton says he’s noticed Abbi has been feeling depressed, and she’d like to leave the boat. She’ll ride out the rest of the charter, but Ashton thinks they should find a replacement asap. The captain asks if it’s the workload, but Ashton thinks it’s just different from where she worked before. In his interview, Captain Lee says, it’s a classic example of writing a check with your mouth your ass can’t cash. You’re on a beautiful boat in an exotic location, and getting paid for what most people would do for nothing, and you think life sucks. Are you kidding? He tells Ashton, they’ll probably have to do the next charter short-handed. It’s frustrating. Ashton says, he’ll get on it.

Tanner feels like sh*t. He tells Brian that he just needs water; his mouth dries out in a second. Ashton tells them, Abbi is going to stay until the end of the charter, but then she’s leaving. In Tanner’s interview, he wonders, wtf is going on? Abbi is a tornado of emotions. She just got engaged, and now she’s quitting the boat. Tanner hasn’t eaten in three days, and feels like absolute death. He has to push himself to get anything done.

Captain Lee is eating dinner with the guests, and Kevin is nervous. After the last charter, the captain isn’t his best friend, and has him by the balls. We flash back to Captain Lee reading Kevin the riot act. He has to think outside the box, and already has an ulcer in his mouth. It’s stressful. Kate tells Simone that she’s going to the beach with the guests. In Simone’s interview, she says she loves to see amazing places, and loves getting off the boat. No more laundry. Hallelujah.

The guests head out on the tender for Railey Beach. They play on the water toys. Ashton asks Simone, what’s happening? and she says she was basically a laundry machine. Kate is trying to get her out of the laundry room. Courtney isn’t helping. Simone doesn’t think Courtney has ever ironed. In her interview, Simone says she’s feeling more like the third stew than the second. She thinks she shot herself in the foot. Just because she’s good at something, doesn’t mean she wants to do it the whole season.

Kevin talks to Kate about dinner. He’s making beef tongue. In Kate’s interview, she makes a face that makes me literally lol. She says she’s not sure she’d be super-excited to have tongue in her mouth. She laughs at her own joke. She tells Kevin that he’s a maniac. It’s an interesting menu.

Ashton radios that the guests are on the way back. Kate ask how Abbi is, and Abbi says she’s leaving. This isn’t for her. Kate asks if she’s sure; they only have four and a half weeks to go. In Abbi’s interview, she says it’s hitting her all at once. She’s letting people down, and needs to come to terms with it. The guests struggle to get from the tender to the yacht, even with Ashton and Brian helping. I’m not sure if they’re drunk or just really uncoordinated. Kevin preps the tongue. In his interview, he says most people would think it’s blech, but he’s done it many times and it’s delicious. I’m an adventurous eater; I’d try it. Simone suggests Tanner drink some warm ginger beer. He heats it, and it bubbles over. He jokes, maybe next time she could make it for him, and be a real friend.

The centerpiece is a profusion of sea/Thai themed trinkets. Kate says, it’s like a children’s room .She feels like she’s fifteen again. Tanner continues to be sick. Brian says he doesn’t sound well at all. Sitting in the sky lounge, the captain asks if the guests had fun with the water park, and remarks that Mccall has great color. She gets all happy over the compliment. Brian tells Ashton that Tanner is still sick. In Ashton’s interview, he says he has the situation with Abbi, and now this. It’s a big boat, and it’s just him and Brian. Could this day get worse? Bring it on; he’ll take it all now. He tells Tanner to stay in bed.

Kate makes drinks in buckets that have several straws in them, and mushrooms floating on top. She says there’s so much vodka and other stuff in it, they’ll never taste the mushrooms. In the captain’s interview, he says, the presentation was good last night – as it should be every night. Over the top. It needs to be consistent. Go big or go home. If Kevin doesn’t do that, it’s time to pack his sh*t and leave. The first course is a dish using local scallops, and Captain Lee pronounces it outstanding. Kate tells Kevin, they’re loving it. In his interview, he says he’s taking a huge risk on the beef tongue dish. All he needs is one person to be a loudmouth, and say it’s disgusting. It could be his last meal. It looks good, not like what it is. He visits the table, and says he’d like them to try it. He doesn’t think it’s something they’d ever order on off a menu. One guest asks if it’s a brain, and he tells them, it’s beef tongue. Another guest wants to know who put that on their preference sheet. They’re good sports though, and everyone tries it, finding it delicious. Captain Lee says, a little tongue never hurt anyone, and someone says, that’s what she said. In Kevin’s interview, he says he’s killed two birds with one stone. He got the captain off his back, and the guests are super happy. He sings in the galley.

Mccall asks if the captain has heard of ping pong shows. He says he hasn’t, but imagines it doesn’t involve paddles. I don’t believe for a second he doesn’t know what they are. Even I know what they are. Kate asks Ashton if he and Brian can get painted. In Abbi’s interview, she says it’s been a hard day, and she never wants to work on a motor yacht again. She’s going to focus on her passion, sailing around Greece with Patrick. It’s what they both want, and it’s all that matters. Ashton asks Brian if he’s had his body painted before, and Brian says it’s his first rodeo. Kate says they’re wonderful canvases. In Brian’s interview, he says being painted for a full moon party isn’t his vibe, but he’ll take one for the team. He’s glad Courtney got involved. He’d rather her paint him than Ashton.

Brian and Ashton help serve some kind of flan dessert. Mccall fans herself, and says her mouth is watering. Kate asks if Courtney saw the penis ravine on Brian. I’ve never heard this term, but she’s referring to the abdominal muscle that makes a V toward the pelvis. (Does that sound clinical enough?) Kate says she usually doesn’t like that kind of body (I say, what?), but that muscle is pronounced. It’s aggressive – in a good way. The guests applaud Kevin. Kate thanks the guys, and says they did great. In her interview, she thinks all men should get penis ravine implants. They can even have a small penis if they have a big ravine. She laughs again at her own joke. Kate is feeling her bad self tonight.

The guests go to bed, and the crew cleans up. The captain goes to the galley, and says, about dinner… Kevin stepped his game up quite well. He can find no fault with anything, and he appreciates the effort. Kevin thanks him. In Captain Lee’s interview, he says, Kevin brought his A-game, but the fact remains that the food has to be at a consistently high level. He hopes the trend continues. They don’t do mediocre on his yacht.

Kate serves coffee, mimosas, and breakfast. Mccall says she had a great time. The captain knows how to take care of his ladies. Someone says, that’s what she said, which doesn’t really work here. Courtney is on laundry, and Simone does the cabins. Courtney brings the ironing board into the crew mess, and tells Brian that she hates ironing. Kate checks on Tanner, and asks if she can bring him anything, but he says, no worries. Ashton asks Abbi to pack before they dock. She asks if he’s serious, and he says, after the guests leave, they’ll have a meeting with the captain, and then she’s off the boat. In her interview, she says, it may be impulsive and stupid, but that’s who she is and how she deals with situations. Well, I guess that says it all then. Good luck, Patrick!

Kate asks if she and Captain Lee can have a chat. He says what he needs is green tea mouthwash. She thinks that’s the least of his worries. She tells him that Tanner is pretty sick. He’s been in his cabin all morning, in the dark, in bed, and didn’t sound well. In the captain’s interview, he says, Tanner is sick, Abbi is leaving; they’re dropping like flies. He can’t afford to lose anyone else. He tells Kate that he’ll get Tanner a doctor. Brian asks what Courtney’s parents do, and she says her dad is in finance and her mom didn’t work while she was growing up. He asks if they’re still together, and she says they are. He says, very cool. His parents divorced, then his dad died. They said it was a heart attack, but he OD’d on drugs. Courtney says, that’s sad. In Brian’s interview, he says he didn’t have a good relationship with his father. He wasn’t a good person, but it’s given him the motivation to be a good father. His family has seen a little chaos, and he wants to give his daughter the life he didn’t have, and be there when she needs him.

Anchor is pulled. Ashton says Abbi is upset that he told her to pack and go. What did she think was going to happen? Free vacation for you? Abbi tells Kate that she doesn’t know where to go. They just put her on the dock, and good luck? Kate says, that’s the thing about working in yachting; you’re not just unemployed, but homeless. She suggests Abbi go to the airport.

The guests don’t want to leave. Brian tells Ashton, Tanner is still feeling like sh*t. The captain announces the final approach, and they dock. Kevin helps tie the lines. The crew goes to the aft deck to say goodbye to the guests. Mccall says, the service was fantastic and the food was amazing, every minute of every day. She gives the captain the traditional envelope. After the guests are gone, Captain Lee wanders around the wheelhouse for a while, then radios Ashton and Abbi to come there.

He understands Abbi is leaving today, and he doesn’t have time for this. Abbi says she doesn’t want them to take it personally; she loves working with them. The captain says he doesn’t take it personally, but there’s protocol. He hands Abbi her passport and her share of the tip, and tells her that’s all he’s got to say. Ashton says he’ll help her with her luggage. In his interview, Captain Lee says, what’s he going to do? There will be a lot of things in life Abbi is going to bail on. She’s not cut out for yachting; yachting’s not for quitters. Brian says he feels bad about Abbi being in a situation she doesn’t want to be in, but work is work, and this makes it more difficult. In Abbi’s interview, she says, the hardest part is saying goodbye. She knows it’s the right decision, but she’s still having feelings of sadness. She tells everyone it was awesome working with them, and wishes them good luck. Ashton hugs and thanks her, telling her, get home safe. In her interview, Abbi says, working on motor yachts isn’t for her, but she’s happy she tried. At least she knows. She’s getting married at some point. She doesn’t know what she’s doing, but she’s excited to get back on the sailboat.

The captain calls the crew to the crew mess for the tip meeting. He says as they know, they’ve lost a member of the deck crew. He didn’t get or understand it, but it’s not for everybody. She’s been compensated and she’s gone; they’re moving on. He says, the girls were great. He can’t remember the last time he laughed so hard. He says, they left a nice tip – $19,000, $1700 apiece. He tells Kevin that he nailed it; he was impressed with everything. He has a doctor coming to see Tanner, and depending on what’s wrong, it’s possible they’ll be two down. They’ll wait and see how it plays out. They know what they have to do. Let’s go.

The doctor arrives. The captain gives Tanner his share of the tip. Tanner doesn’t think he can accept it, but the captain says he has no choice. It’s the way they do things. Captain Lee says the doctor is there for him. The doctor examines Tanner, and says he has a viral infection of the stomach, and gives him an injection. In Tanner’s interview, he says he had what’s called sweet belly. It’s a common bug, and nothing serious, but he’ll never eat a cheeseburger in Thailand again. The doctor tells the captain that Tanner should be better by tomorrow, and the captain tells Tanner to get some rest. He’s glad it’s nothing serious, and Tanner says, him too. He goes back to bed.

In Kate’s interview, she says she hopes Brian and Courtney hook up. Someone needs to be banging Brian. He’s so hot. Brian takes Courtney out on the tender to go swimming. In Courtney’s interview, she says she’d like to get to know Brian better. She’s usually attracted to a guy’s mind, and notices their body in retrospect. She doesn’t notice until she gets to know them. Well, that’s just weird. I can understand it not mattering, but not to notice? That’s weird. Brian asks what she’d be doing if she wasn’t in yachting, and she says being the lady of the house. Back at the boat, Simone tells Tanner she’s glad he’s alive. He says he should be back to eating soon. In her interview, Simone says she was hoping to spend some time with him. Her parts have been ignited.

Captain Lee makes a phone call. He says he knows they weren’t available at the start of the season, but he needs them in Thailand in less than two days. Pack a bag.

Courtney says she heard Brian had a daughter. He says he does, and asks if she has any kids, is she married, or does she have a serious boyfriend? She says, no to all of the above. He says, no serious boyfriend? Isn’t she thirty? She says she’s twenty-six, and Brian is embarrassed.

Tanner tells Brian that his FOMO is off the charts. Ashton asks Brian how it went with Courtney, and Brian says, good. Ashton asks Courtney if Brian got to her. Whatever that means. In Ashton’s interview, he says Brian and Courtney have a little flower garden growing nicely, but he doesn’t mind competition. I hate to break it to him, but I don’t think she’s interested. Everyone gets dressed, and they take a taxi to a club called The Library.

This place is lit. It’s humongous, and the décor is what you’d expect – lots of books – but they’re not all on conventional shelves, some are suspended from the ceiling. The bartenders would put those guys from Cocktail to shame, doing all kinds of crazy magic with shakers and shot glasses. Simone says, this club is the one. The music is amazing, and everyone is partying. Simone dances with Ashton, then the girls dance while the guys do shots. Brian tries to convince Ashton that Kate would go for him. In his interview, he says Ashton can be a c*ck block, and he wants to flirt with Courtney. He suggests Ashton have another tequila. In Courtney’s interview, she says, Ashton is trying way too hard. Ashton sees Brian kiss Courtney (nothing real passionate), so he kisses Kate. She asks him if it’s New Year’s. Why are they doing this? In Kate’s interview, she says, no. She doesn’t want to do this. Don’t use her mouth as a receptacle for your insecurity and jealousy. This is why she has trust issues. She tells Ashton, she loves him, but not in that way. She goes to sit with Simone and Courtney, and Simone says Kate kissed Ashton; she saw it. Kate says she did not. She pulled away. It was like he was her cousin, and she was scared.

Back in the taxi, Courtney says she just wants breakfast. She has her feet over the back of Brian’s seat, and he licks her foot. She says, that’s disgusting. Kate says she doesn’t want to be a spectator to their foreplay, and Brian jokes not to make it about him when it’s about the two of them. Kate jokes back, just leave her alone. On the way back to the boat, Ashton says they’re all walking zig-zaggy.

Everyone heads to bed. Ashton makes a plate of toasted cheese sandwiches. He asks if Courtney is into Brian, and says he knows she is. She says she said no such thing, and Ashton says he’s saying it. Brian comes by, and Ashton asks him to get some hot sauce. He brings tangy barbecue instead, and tells them, goodnight. In Brian’s interview, he says when Ashton drinks, he gets way too involved. He’s pretty sure Courtney will pick the better man. Ashton tells Courtney that Brian is into her, but he went to bed. Brain is his friend, but that’s not cool. He starts not making sense, and says, wait. He’ll start again. Courtney says she’s going to bed. In her interview, she says she finds it astonishing that Ashton is thinking he has any luck at this point. She can’t imagine anyone having less of a chance than Ashton.

Back at his bunk, Ashton says he wishes they had girls who wanted to have fun and bang. He’s tired of working so hard to get his d*ck sucked (a remark that has come back to haunt him). Kevin says, these girls have standards.

Next time, beer bong, Simone is hit on by a creepy guest, a beach picnic, and a new deckhand that Ashton already knows. I can find no information on that either.

🍹  Have a Little More Brandy…

And Kate thought it was going to be easy.


👠  She’s Still Cait…

I don’t know if this is the best choice for a comeback, but maybe the paycheck is good.


🏆  The People Have Spoken…

Not exactly my choice. The Kardashians over LVP in two categories? Please.


🍴  A subject line in an email I got today said, what your silver pattern says about you. I already know mine says, you got me as a wedding gift.

Flag: United States on Facebook 1.0 The Man In Black…

Salutes the red, white, and blue.










October 17, 2019 – Ryan Writes To Ava, a Rose By Any Other Name, LeeAnne’s Clarification, Captain Lee’s Hook-Up, Kate’s Goodbye & Bust That Ghost


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Ryan writes, dearest, Ava. One of the many joys of writing letters instead of emails, is the care he can take in expressing how he feels. No hashtags, no abbreviations, and absolutely no emojis for us. He writes in ink, but consider it his life’s blood flowing to her in a never ending stream of admiration and devotion.

At the MetroCourt, Doc tells Laura that he can wait with her a while. He’s going to Shadybrook to determine if Franco is competent enough to choose his future, or if Elizabeth will choose it for him.

Franco asks Kim, what’s going on? and she says they extracted information from the black box. It pinpointed where Drew’s plane went down. Franco says, Drew is dead, isn’t he?

Scotty asks Cameron, isn’t it true that his relationship with his stepfather hasn’t always been good? Elizabeth tells Cameron, answer honestly, and Cameron says, it’s true. Scotty says, isn’t it also true that he didn’t want his mother to marry Franco? Cameron says he wasn’t always Franco’s biggest fan, but that changed. Scotty asks, what changed? His attitude, or did Franco change, and become his true self, Navy SEAL Drew Cane? Cameron says, true self? Why is Scotty putting it like that? Scotty says, because that’s how Franco’s lawyer is going to put it. Did he start to respect and admire Franco when he became somebody else?

Brad meets Lucas at Charlie’s, and Lucas asks where he’s been? Julian says he has to take care of something, probably just to get away from them. Lucas asks where Brad was this morning.

Outside, Julian finds Ava sitting on a bench looking catatonic. He asks, what is it? Is she coming or going? She says she doesn’t know.

Laura sees Sonny, and tells him, congratulations. He says they’re going to bring Donna home soon. They named her after somebody in the old neighborhood. Laura likes it. She tells Jason that she’s sorry to hear about what’s going on with Sam. Jason says Sam killed Shiloh to stop Shiloh from killing him. Sonny asks if Laura has any idea how to present that to the Feds.

Laura doesn’t agree with their choice to charge Sam, but it’s their jurisdiction. She doesn’t get a say. Sonny says, being mayor, maybe she could make some calls, and let them know Sam’s been cleared by the PCPD. Doc says, Sam’s been charged with a Federal crime, and Laura can’t intervene. Jason tells them, the FBI is claiming Shiloh’s death happened in international waters. It’s their legal justification to get to him. Sonny says he’ll do what he can to get these bogus charges dismissed. Laura tells him her best advice is to work the system. Talk to Diane, and take her advice. And have faith Diane can prove Sam’s innocence. Sonny thanks her, and he and Jason leave. Laura says she hates her job today. Doc says he thought he had a tough assignment today, but all he has to do is determine if Franco is in his right mind.

Franco asks if the official confirmation has changed things for Kim. Does she have a sense of closure, or is she feeling worse? Kim says, it’s difficult to believe he’s gone. Even though he didn’t have his memories, he was Oscar’s father. When he came to Port Charles, and she realized he was alive, even though he wasn’t the man she knew back then… Franco says, whatever man he was, he’s grateful he was there for their son. She says, he loved Oscar, as she did, and felt the loss deeply. She cries, and Franco holds her. Franco says Drew only went to Afghanistan on his behalf, to take the black market money that Shiloh made, and give it to humanitarian aid. Kim says, he wanted some good to come from all the pain and loss. Franco says, Drew went in his place. If not for him, Drew might still be alive.

Cameron says he didn’t change his mind about Franco after Franco saved him; it was before. When Franco sacrificed himself and took his place, it was because of who Franco is, not Drew. Scotty says, good, and Elizabeth says, perfect. Scotty tells Cameron not to get cocky. Franco’s attorney is going to go at him twice as hard. He doesn’t want to sound over-rehearsed. Cameron asks if he should practice being unrehearsed, but Scotty says, no. Don’t be over-emotional, and just answer the questions; do not volunteer anything else. Cameron says he can do that, and Elizabeth asks, what’s next? Scotty says they’ll get Doc’s psyche evaluation. However, Kim’s lawyer will have one done, and it might be a whole different slant. Cameron says, Kim hired a lawyer? Elizabeth tells Cameron to go get a snack, but Cameron says he saw them kissing; he gets it. They don’t have to keep anything from him.

Ryan looks at the Crimson cover of Ava on his cell wall. He writes, her name is a palindrome. Perfection at either end, no matter how you spell it. No wonder she’s always in his thoughts, as he knows he’s in hers. His goddess.

Julian brings Ava into Charlie’s, and she asks for a martini. He wonders if it isn’t a little early in the day, but she says she needs a drink. Her phone dings, and she says, it’s the gallery. Someone will handle it, or they won’t. He says that’s not like her. When’s the last time she had a good night’s sleep? She says, sleep leads to dreams. Either she sees Kiki, who hates her, or Ryan, who adores her. Either one is unbearable, so she stays awake. Then she thinks of Ryan or Kiki. The only way to find peace is in a strong martini. So where’s his cocktail shaker?

Brad tells Lucas at Charlie’s, the lab was crazy today. Then he had to call some friends. Lucas says something I don’t understand, and Brad asks why Lucas is giving him the third degree. Lucas says maybe because Chase said he saw Brad at Nelle’s parole hearing. What’s that about?

Sonny tells Jason, they can get the evidence to disappear, but Jason has another way to clear Sam’s name. A way that doesn’t involve Sonny. He tells Sonny to call Diane, but Sonny wants to help. He told Alexis that Sam will walk. Jason says, she will. Sonny asks what’s his plan? Jason says, it always comes back to Shiloh. He talked to Andre, and he ID’d Brice (new information – Henderson has a first name) as his attacker; the same guy who helped Shiloh escape. Andre’s attack and Drew’s plane crash are linked. Sonny says they may need to find out who killed Drew. They leave, and Doc and Laura watch. Doc says he knows Sonny is a good friend, but there’s only so much she can do. She says she’ll remind him of that after his session with Franco.

Laura asks if Doc thinks Franco is incapable of making his own decisions. Doc doesn’t want to speculate. If he has any bias, he can’t make an accurate determination   She says that’s why he’s the best at what he does, but he says he has other talents. Like deciphering Helena’s weird portrait. She says, now that Valentin has thrown it away, they only have the one clue he found, and he says, Corona Vera, the true crown. She says, that would be Nikolas. He is the rightful heir. The portrait is the only thing Helena left him, and she thinks it’s strange that Helena let the fate of the Cassadine fortune rest on such meager clues. She feels like a cat chasing it’s tail. He says he likes cats; they’re independent, elegant, and have nine lives. She asks which one she’s in now, and he says, she’s right. There must be other clues. He says he needs to go to Shadybrook, and she needs to her meeting. They tell each other, good luck. Doc leaves, and Laura writes – Mikkos, Helena, Nikolas.

Kim tells Franco that it was Drew’s duty. He didn’t do it just for him, but for all of them, including Oscar. He and Drew shared more than memories and a name; they shared a son. Oscar would be proud of both of them. Franco doesn’t know how she does it. She’s so generous, although she’s clearly hurt. I make a raspberry sound. Kim says, it’s true. Franco says when he walks into the courtroom, people are going to believe he’s trying to assume the identity of a hero. He doesn’t know how he’ll manage that. Kim says when he talks to Doc, remember what’s in his heart and mind. If that remains true, then Drew Cane never dies. They kiss, and she leaves.

Cameron says Elizabeth doesn’t need to send him out of the room like a little kid. Elizabeth says there are details she and Scotty need to discuss. Scotty says, it’s legal business. He does it for a living, and it bores him to death. Elizabeth says she wants to make sure he’s taking care of himself; his homework, soccer, seeing his friends. Franco would want him to live his life to the max. Do for him, and her. Cameron says he knows what to do, and leaves.

Brad tells Lucas that Nelle reached out and asked him to come. She’s all alone in the world. Lucas says, there’s a reason for that. When you try to kill your fiancé, and send his mother to a hospital for the criminally insane, people tend to avoid you. Brad says Lucas knew where he was, and asks if this is some sort of test. Lucas says he was giving Brad a chance to be honest, but he couldn’t do it. He guesses old habits, like lying and Nelle, die hard.

Julian asks if Ava went to see Ryan, and Ava says she went to speak to the warden. When he refused to help her, she went to see Ryan to return his letters, and asks him to stop sending them. It only convinced him more that they were made for each other. Julian says she gave him what he wanted; a response. She rewarded him for stalking her. Ava says she wanted to get some control. She’s sick of being the object of his obsession. Julian says, forget Ryan. Take control of herself. Burn the letters, and forget them. She says she doesn’t have them. She left them to prove they mean nothing to her. Sonny comes in, and Julian says, now’s not the time. Sonny sits down, and says, don’t mind if I do.

Sonny asks if Ava wants to see Avery next week, and she says, of course (🍷). He says the last time, she canceled. Julian says, if there’s nothing else… Sonny says he has some business to take care of with Julian, and Ava says she’ll leave them to it. Julian asks her not to go, but she says, she’ll be all right. If she gets more letters, she won’t open them. She leaves, and Sonny asks, what’s wrong with her? Julian thought Sonny’s business was with him, and Sonny says Alexis told him that Julian is staying in town. Julian asks if he has a problem with that, and Sonny says, it depends.

Brad tells Lucas, he and Nelle used to be friends. He can’t turn his back on her. Lucas asks, why? She’s a reminder of the life Brad used to live; the life he swore he gave up for Wiley. Why does it seem to be back to before they were married? Brad promises he’s not that guy. He loves Lucas. Lucas says, then why did he have to learn Brad was at the hearing from Chase? It makes him wonder what else Brad is keeping from him. What’s the real reason Brad is seeing a psychiatrist? Brad says he told Lucas. He’s having anxiety. Lucas says, Shiloh is dead, and there are no more threats to their family. Wiley is safe, and that’s not enough? What else is Brad hiding from him?

Doc walks in as Franco is doing a jigsaw puzzle. He asks if it’s a good time, and Franco says, as good as any. Doc says, sometimes it helps if you separate the colors. It narrows the focus. Franco says, good tip. Doc says when they last spoke, he told Franco that he was a good listener. Franco says now Doc is here to prove he’s not capable of making his own decisions. Doc says he’s there to evaluate Franco, and draw his own conclusions. Franco is welcome to be evaluated by the psychiatrist of his own choice. Franco says, but this has already been arranged. It seems to him, the burden of proof is on Elizabeth to prove that he can’t make his own decisions. He’s guessing that’s why Doc is there. Doc says as Franco’s former therapist, he can judge Franco’s state of mind. How about if they focus on the real puzzle? Franco asks what that would be, and Doc says, him.

Elizabeth tells Scotty that Cameron is really committed to getting Franco back. Scotty says, when Franco comes back, they’ll make he sure knows how proud he should be of his stepson. Elizabeth says he will be. She asks what he wanted to tell her that Cameron couldn’t hear. Scotty says he got the preliminary witness list, and some people might be a problem. She says, such as? He says, her boss. She says, Monica’s not a psychiatrist, and he says, she’s not testifying as a doctor, but as a mother.

Kim tells reception nurse Janis that she’s there for a meeting to discuss her reinstatement. Janis says Dr. Hanover was delayed in surgery, and Kim says she’ll wait. She sees Cameron, and asks how school is. He says, fine; it’s everything else. He asks if there’s a place they can talk.

Jason goes to the prison to visit Brice. Brice says he knows Jason, and Jason says that makes them even. He knows Brice too. Brice doesn’t get it. What does Jason want? Jason says Brice made a serious mistake, and he’s going to give him a way out.

Julian gives Sonny an espresso, saying, consider it a peace offering. Sonny says he didn’t know they were at war – yet. Someone they know is very upset. Julian says, Olivia sent him. Sonny says, Olivia can take care of herself. She’s set on owning Charlie’s, and putting her personal stamp on it. Julian says, that’s the thing about life. They all have their disappointments. Sonny says, there’s the matter of Olivia’s deposit. He can complete the sale or return her money. He can’t have both. Julian asks if Sonny is Olivia’s foot soldier now. Is he there to make Julian pay or else?

Brad says he’s sorry. He should have told Lucas everything, but a lot of things are going on in Lucas’s family. Lucas says his family is Brad’s family, but he’s more concerned about a sociopath that tried to kill Lucas’s nephew. Brad swears it won’t happen again, and anyway, she was denied parole. Lucas asks, what if it had gone Nelle’s way because his support humanized her, and swayed the board? He doesn’t understand why Brad is acting like this. Talk to him. Brad says, there is something else. Something that has him losing sleep, and making him anxious as hell. Lucas says, tell him; what is it? Brad says, it’s Wiley.

On the phone, Laura says there was no message? Call his office, wait a few minutes, and call again. Ava sits at the bar, and says she’ll have another. The bartender says, another what? and she says, another of what she was having. He just looks at her, and she says, a vodka martini, three olives. Laura asks if she wants company. She was stood up by a lobbyist. Ava says, there are worse things. Laura asks if she’s still seeing the psychic. Ava says it was a waste of time. She didn’t need a psychic to summon Kiki. She can see Kiki on her own. She’s there every night in Ava’s dreams. Laura asks if she wants to talk about it, and Ava asks if Laura doesn’t have a ribbon to cut or a monument to dedicate. Hasn’t she got a husband to go home to? Ava takes her martini, and walks away.

Ryan licks the envelope, and calls the guard. He says this needs to go out in the next mail. Special delivery.  

Doc asks if Franco is aware what it will mean to Elizabeth and her sons if he refuses treatment. Franco says he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Is Doc aware that one of the outcomes could be that he’s a total vegetable. Doc asks if he’s afraid of the risk, and Franco says he’d be crazy not to be. Doc says he’s not there to determine if Franco is crazy. Franco is sure Doc has another word for it, like diminished capacity. Doc says he’s there to determine if Franco is aware of the consequences to the people he knows if he refuses. Are the people who know and love him expendable? Franco says he can’t be who they want him to be. Doc asks who he would be, and Franco says, himself. Doc says Drew died in a plane crash. He can’t be Drew. Or can he? Franco tells Doc not to put words in his mouth. He didn’t want that man to die. Doc asks if it doesn’t make it easier if he’s gone. One less Drew to worry about. Franco says he can only be who he is. Doc says, without his name; without his identity; without his art? Franco says he’s never held a paintbrush in his life. Doc says, but those hands have. There’s probably still paint under his fingernails. No matter how he protests or how hard he tries, he can’t get that one out.

Brice says Jason doesn’t care about him. Jason is definitely not there to help him, so what is it that he’s looking for? Jason says, his boss. Who wanted to help Shiloh escape? The same person who had him attack Andre and sabotage Drew’s jet. Brice is a busy guy! Brice says he has no idea what Jason is talking about. Jason says he’s talking about assault and attempted murder. Andre had no problem identifying Brice as the guy who stabbed him. Brice’s best option is to flip on whoever’s giving the orders. They know it’s not Sam, so who’s he working for?

Sonny tells Julian that this can be settled amicably. Julian says provided he gives Olivia what she wants? Sonny says, provided Julian holds up his end of the agreement. Julian says he knows a shakedown when he sees one. Is he playing hardball, encouraging Olivia to stick it to him? Sonny says, Olivia is family, and he looks out for his own. That’s why he knows Julian will do the right thing.

Lucas asks Brad, what about Wiley, and Brad says, it’s called parenthood. Lucas may have mastered it, but he has a different learning curve. He’s terrified of getting it wrong. Lucas says the only way that will happen is if Brad keeps things from him. Brad promises to do better. Lucas takes Brad’s hand, and says they’re a team. Talk to him. Brad says he loves Lucas, and he loves their son. He won’t let anything or anyone ruin what they have. I feel ripped off. Every time it seems like Brad is going to confess, he doesn’t.

Laura finds Ava, and says she got Ava a drink. She puts down a glass of water, and asks if she can join Ava. Ava says, something tells her that’s not vodka. Laura says, the mayor is still on the clock, and she thought Ava could use a change of pace. Ava thanks her, and apologizes about the cheap shot about Laura’s husband. She really does want them to be happy. Laura thanks her, and says she wants Ava to be happy too. Ava picks up the water, and says, here’s to happiness. Laura says, it’s bad luck to toast with water, and Ava says, her luck really can’t get worse.

Franco tells Doc that he has no memory of ever having made a painting. Doc asks if Franco realizes how he came to have his memories, and Franco says it’s been explained to him. Doc asks if he realizes that Franco, whose DNA he carries, voluntarily took the place of his stepson to save his reason, and possibly his life. Does he realize the last thing Franco said to Cameron before he ceased to be himself was to tell his mom that he loves her and he’ll be back? Franco says, that was him, not me, and Doc says, him is you. Does he realize the consequence of not choosing treatment, not just for himself, but for Elizabeth and her sons? Franco says, if he answers yes, he doesn’t care, and if he answers, no, he has no case. Doc says, that’s not an answer. Franco says, he does care about Elizabeth and her boys. So much that he’s telling them the truth. What happened to Franco was wrong and unfair, but it’s not his doing, and he shouldn’t have to sacrifice himself to undo it. He has to be himself. He doesn’t know how the hell to be anyone else.

Elizabeth says, if Monica is willing to give her stamp of approval and the Quartermain name to Franco, that could definitely sway the judge. Scotty says, crazy Heather is out of the question. He could call Betsy, but if it comes down to dueling mommies, they’ll lose. Elizabeth asks if there’s nothing they can do. Scotty tells her, he didn’t say that. A mother is a powerful weapon, but never underestimate fathers. They’ve got fists. They come in and duke it out. He’ll get in there and fight for Franco. They also have a secret weapon. Elizabeth says, Cameron.

Camron knows how much Kim misses Oscar. He misses Oscar every day. He knows how much worse it has to be for her, but taking Franco away from their family isn’t going to bring Oscar back. She says, as difficult as it is to accept, she shares things with the man he knows as Franco. Cameron says, he is Franco. He knows she’s hired a lawyer and a shrink to prove he’s the man she wants him to be, but that doesn’t make it true. He knows something she doesn’t about Drew Cane.

Jason says, the beard and glasses were a nice touch, but it wasn’t enough. Brice is looking at serous jail time. Brice says, supposing that’s true – and he’s not saying it is – why should he play ball? Jason says the Feds might cut him a deal if he gives up his employer, especially if it’s Peter. Brice looks at him, and Jason takes that as a yes. Brice says he’ll talk to his lawyer. He’ll see what the Feds are prepared to offer. If he likes the terms, Jason will get the answers he wants. Brice hangs up the phone, and says, they’re done.

Kim asks Cameron what he knows about Drew, and Cameron says he knows how much Drew meant to Oscar, even though he came along later in Oscars life. Franco means the same to him. He cares about Franco. Not just as his mom’s husband, or the guy with the weird sense of humor, or as his stepdad. Elizabeth listens outside the door. Cameron says, they didn’t get along at first. They fought. Franco screwed up, and so did he, but Franco was the first one to say he was sorry. He tried, and kept trying, no matter how hard Cameron pushed him away. He just wants to thank him. He wants to be good to Franco, like Franco was to him. He wants more time with Franco. Is that too much to ask? I burst out crying, thinking of my own father.

Franco asks Doc, what’s the verdict? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Doc says he’s heard all he needs to, and thanks Franco for speaking with him. He’ll let Franco finish his puzzle.

Ava asks Laura why she’s being so nice. Laura says for all of their differences, they’re a lot alike. Ava didn’t expect her to say that, and Laura says they have a lot in common. She knows what it feels like to  love so much, you have to find a way to go on when that person is gone. Ava says she doesn’t know how to do that. It just hurts. Laura takes Ava’s hand. Someone watches.

Lucas guesses it’s a good thing they’re seeing Neil together. If for no other reason than to convince Brad that their family deserves a happy ending. Brad says, from his lips to Freud’s ears, and they hug.

Sonny thanks Julian for the espresso. He’ll let Olivia know that Julian will work something out. He tells Julian, look out for Ava – for Avery’s sake.

Jason calls Diane. He says he talked to Brice, and thinks he got what they need.

Brice goes back to his cell, and sees the Ava cover. He says, man, she’s hot. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Eva. The apple and snake metaphor works for him. He’s cutting a deal, and should be out soon. Maybe he’ll look her up and show her a good time. Ryan clutches his pen tightly.

Tomorrow, Jordan tells Curtis this town is riddled with liars, Laura says she wants to help Ava, Jason says the Feds are going to find out they have no case, and Ryan says something terrible has happened, while blood drips down his hand.

Million Dollar Listing New York

Fredrik saw heather at the relaunch in L.A., and found out why Josh Altman is so pissed. Heather told him, although they’re all friends, Fredrik didn’t personally tell them that he’s opening a team in their office building, and they found out about it through an eblast. She said it was shady, slimy, and bizarre. Fredrik thought her reaction was bizarre, and I agree. Thoughtless maybe, but shady, slimy, and bizarre? Has the smog and traffic gotten to them? She insisted he must have an ulterior motive, but couldn’t explain what that might be. She told him that he’s screwed because he got on Josh’s bad side, and he’d ruined the relationship. Not too much of an overreaction. Tracy, David, and James (Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles) were also at the relaunch. When Fredrik told them he had a minor issue with Josh, David or James (I still have a hard time differentiating between them) said, welcome to the club. They told Fredrik that Josh gets angry when threatened, but Tracy thought Josh was just being a baby because Fredrik didn’t tell him about the new office. Fredrik’s brother Sigge has moved to NYC, and we found out that Fredrik has a second secret career – he and his brother write movies together. They were pitching a finished horror film, as well as working on a family drama, The Divorce, based on their childhood. Sigge was not too happy to find out Fredrik was considering a bi-coastal move, since he and his wife had left everything in Sweden to move next door.

Tyler started off optimistic, giving credit to life coach Vivace for making more money despite the market crash, and being happier, but his week took a down turn like the market. He’d lost the $10 million listing, which his bosses had been hoping for, and went back to his roots with the $3-4 million range. At first, it seemed promising, with rental tenants Alex and Lyndi (and dog Bonzo) wanting an upgrade as they were starting a family. He showed them an apartment in Turtle Bay in the East 50s. The views were incredible, Tyler telling them that it was a $10 million living room in a $4 million apartment. Alex was hesitant, saying he’d miss the downtown vibe. In Tyler’s interview, he said, in NYC, your neighborhood becomes part of your identity. I must have missed that memo when I lived there. The kitchen was too small for Lyndi, but they seemed happy with another apartment being sold by another agent. Tyler said agent/owners made the best sellers, since they could really point out the positive features. Unfortunately, once again Tyler’s hard work did not pay off when the buyers decided to consult with their parents, who thought they were in over their heads. Their budget dropped to $3 million, which Tyler thought was a warning sign that it could be a never-ending process.

Steve and Luiza, who was in her third trimester, decided on a name for their baby – Rose. This would make her Rose Gold, which could go either way in life. Either people will think it’s fabulous, or she’ll really get made fun of. Pam, from Corcoran Sunshine, tried to help Steve out with the dueling penthouse situation, but the Corcoran brokers refused to budge, saying they weren’t reducing the price or taking the other penthouse off the market. Steve told developer Joel that there was a disconnect between his and Corcoran’s strategy. He said he didn’t make a practice of walking away, but wasn’t comfortable staying on. It pained him, but he didn’t believe it was the right strategy, and couldn’t put his name behind it. He told us everything that he did from then on was to build a future for his family, and it made more sense to allocate his time to something more profitable.

Ryan was hired to sell a property in the Golden Triangle on the upper east side, which he described as the wealthiest triangle in the world. It was a classic Park Avenue apartment, a humongous property with loads of hallways and doorways, and even the molding on the marble master bathroom doorway was marble. The apartment had been acquired at $17.2 million, but the owners accepted his suggested to sell at $14.9. They agreed pretty quickly, which surprised me, but their assistant did says they just had too many apartments. Must. Be. Nice. Because of what Ryan determined was a waste of square footage, and a confusing floor plan, he knew the average person wasn’t going to be his buyer. He had diplomats in mind, since it was near the United Nations. Enter Kirk, a broker for a client he was pretty secretive about, which was cool with Ryan, who said he liked a little mystery. In his interview, Ryan told us that his spy name would be Colby Spokane. Kirk’s client had been looking for two years, and he’d shown them over fifty apartments. Kirk did think this might be the one, and was thrilled that it had a service entrance. In the meantime, Cory and Jacquie, of Tribeca ground floor loft fame, were suddenly balking at the $4.625 million being offered for their space. They wanted something closer to $5 million, so Ryan suggested going into contract, which would take time, and still showing the apartment to see if they could get a better offer. He explained that Tribeca had been hit the hardest in the down market, and the buyer would also have to be very specific. He compared the loft to the merchandise in Cory’s antique store, saying only a very specific kind of buyer would be looking for a stork made of spoons. I totally get this, since I sell a lot of vintage items. Ryan’s plan was put in motion, but in the end, the sellers ended up taking the original offer. In his interview, Ryan told us never to doubt him, but admitted he had doubted himself. It was a good week for Ryan, since he also ended up selling to Kirk’s buyer for $13.75 million. He said the market wasn’t bad; it was great. Most brokers just don’t know how to close.   

Next time, Tyler’s clients have concerns, Luis says no more Ricky Ricardo, and Ryan doesn’t like what’s about to happen.

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