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December 3, 2018 – News of the Murder Spreads, Vanderpump Still Rules, a Boat Bumps OC, Last Salute, OGs & Dancin’ Captain


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I miss the first minute or so. It’s Jason and Sam going blah-blah-blah.

Alexis tells Jordan and Margaux the clock is ticking, and they need to get Griff before a judge. She says they both know they have the wrong guy. Jordan says, the investigation is ongoing. They’re holding him until they know more. Alexis suggests they get him before a judge in a timely manner, or be prepared for a confrontation in court or the press. She leaves, and Jordan says she doesn’t like it, but Margaux says the evidence is all they’ve got right now. Outside, Curtis tells Jordan that he has intel that might be relevant to the case.

At the MetroCourt, Sasha tells Valentin that he couldn’t get her out of Port Charles fast enough before. He says he was wrong. Her leaving now could jeopardize him and Nina getting back together. It’s the last thing he needs. She says she’s not lying to the cops, and if the cops start asking questions, their story could unravel. Nina appears.

On the phone with Michael, Carly asks if he wants her to pick him up at the airport. He’s good, and she tells Sonny, as usual, instead of thinking about himself, Michael was asking about Avery. Sonny says he told Pilar to keep the TV off until they get home. They’ll have to let Ava decide how tell Avery that Kiki is gone.

Julian says Ava isn’t in the apartment, and not-Doc says she must have slipped out the kitchen entrance. Julian figures not-Doc is worried about the same thing he is. Ava decided to take justice into her own hands.

Ava tells Griff that Kiki had the brightest of futures. He took Kiki’s life, and now she’s going to take his. She takes out the gun.

Sam tells Jason that Oscar agreeing to the medical trial is a big deal. Kim and Drew must be relieved. Jason says the procedure isn’t certain, but she says it’s better than certain death. He says he told Oscar he’s there if Oscar needs him. Sam laughs, and says he and Drew are talking, not fighting; it’s nice. He tells her not to get carried away. She says it’s nice to hear that, and it would be really nice if they acted like real brothers. Jason isn’t sure about going that far. No matter what, it will always be complicated.

Nina asks if something is wrong, and Valentin says Sasha is worried Kiki’s murder is going to be pinned on her, like Griff. Nina tells her, don’t worry. That’s why Diane is on retainer; she’s the best. Valentin says, she’s a shark. One you want on your side. Sasha says Kiki is dead, the police want to question her, and now she needs at attorney. Nina says it’s better to be prepared. Diane advised her that Sasha shouldn’t volunteer any information unless she’s there. Valentin tells her to fly under the radar. Chase approaches them, and says he needs Sasha to come to the station.

Julian leaves a message for Ava that if she’s thinking of doing something stupid, don’t; call him. Not-Doc asks how sure Julian is that she’d do something drastic. Julian says she’s capable of taking a life. Griff is in custody, so if she makes a move, game over. Not-Doc says, the police station. Julian says when Ava is like this, there’s no telling what she’ll do. Not-Doc says he’s making assumptions. Does he thinks she’d take that risk. Julian says he knows Ava better than him. Neither one of them want her going away for the rest of her life. Not-Doc says they certainly don’t.

Griff tells Ava that she doesn’t want to this. She says, shut up. She’s let him win long enough. He says once she pulls the trigger, there’s no coming back. How will she feel when the truth comes out? She knows him, and knows he didn’t do it. She says she thought she knew him. She thought he had honesty, integrity, and sincerity, but he broke her heart by betraying her with her own daughter. He’s nothing but a conman; a good one. He tells people what they want to hear, so they fall in love with the hope of redemption. He makes them feel special, like it’s an honor to be loved by someone like him, and takes everything. Self-esteem, dignity, pride. Did he do that to Kiki too, before he killed her? She must have been scared to have the man she loved take her life. She’s not letting him get away with it. She’s making him pay.

Sam coughs, and feels like a loser. Jason says she can’t help it if she got sick. She says she wanted to make Thanksgiving special for the kids. Jason says, it was. Danny saw the parade, and the kids ate pizza at the Quartermaine’s. That’s not so bad. Sam says, they are Quartermaines, so they’re definitely destined to eat pizza because of the Thanksgiving curse. Please tell her there’s no Quartermaine curse for Christmas. Jason says it’s not a curse; just a set of random circumstances. She asks how long it’s been going on, and he figures since 1994. Sam says, two years, four maybe, could be considered random circumstances, but twenty-four is a curse. Alexis walks in, and says, sorry. She didn’t expect to see him. Sam wonders if they didn’t have this conversation already. Alexis brought soup, and Jason says he was just leaving. He goes, and Alexis gives Sam her mail. Sam asks what kind of soup, and Alexis says, chicken noodle from Kelly’s. Sam says it’s her favorite. Alexis says she shouldn’t have let Jason leave, since he should hear it too. Kiki is dead. She was murdered.

Jordan thanks Sasha for coming in, but Sasha says she didn’t have much choice. Nina says Sasha doesn’t have to say anything until her lawyer is there. Sasha says she’s going to be in court until the evening, and Margaux says they have the right to hold her. Nina says she’ll stay, but Sasha wants it over with. Nina reminds her that Diane told her not to say anything, and Jordan says both Nina and Curtis need to stay outside. In the hallway, Curtis says he knows Nina thinks he stabbed her in the back, but he had to tell Jordan; he had no choice. Nina says he did and he knows it. Don’t think she won’t remember.

Sonny tells Carly that he got some information from his guys at the PCPCD, and they arrested s suspect. Carly says, that was fast; who? He asks if she’s ready for this, and says, Griff. Carly says, that’s impossible, and he says they always look at the boyfriend or husband first, but they have evidence that points toward him. Carly says, omg. They had a fight there the night before she was killed, but she doesn’t think he did it. Sonny says, it doesn’t feel right. They had their moments, but it doesn’t feel right to him.

Griff tries to talk to Ava, but she tells him, shut up, again. He tells her, look at him; he’s no killer. He couldn’t take a life, especially Kiki’s. He knows she’s grieving; he is too, but look in the deepest part of her heart, and she’ll know he’s telling the truth. Ava says maybe he didn’t do it, but he’s not any less responsible for where he sits. He might not be the one who stabbed her, but he destroyed her just the same. He poisoned Kiki’s relationship with her mother; breaking their bond, and turning them against each other. Jumping from her bed to Kiki’s. Because of him, they weren’t speaking when Kiki died. They never got a chance to make things right, and Ava never got a chance to hold her daughter one more time, and tell her that she loves her. Tell Kiki that she’s her girl, and that’[s all that matters. They would have found their way back to each other, but it’s too late now. She’ll never hear Kiki say she forgives her or loves her. She’ll never hold her daughter in her arms again because of him. Griff says she’s so desperate for someone to blame and to kill. Go ahead. Pull the trigger.

Sam tells Jason that it doesn’t make sense. Kiki is a sweetheart. She asks what about Dr. Bensch, and Alexis says she thought of that too, but they’re focusing on one suspect. Sam asks, who? and she says Griff. He’s been arrested by default. They want to make it clean and tidy, saying the boyfriend did it. Sam says Griff doesn’t seem like that guy, and Alexis is worried about him, Sam’s sister, Julian, and even Ava. Sam asks about Molly, and Alexis says she shut down. She and TJ were close to Kiki; it’s going to be hard on them. It’s senseless, and makes her want to do something for her daughters. She asks if there’s anything she can do for Sam, but Sam says just being there is all she needs.

Jason goes to the MetroCourt. Carly says she missed him on Thanksgiving, and he says he was with Sam. No surprise, Carly is all interested and full of questions. He says he got to be with the kids until Alexis picked them up. Carly says, details? and Jason says, no. He tells Sonny that he spoke to a guy in Jersey, and there has been no warrant issued on Jeanette, and no indication that she’s a suspect. Carly wonders why, since Sonny wore a wire, and Jeanette confessed. Sonny says Margaux couldn’t go through with turning her mother in.

Jordan tells Sasha it came to her attention there was a significant incident involving her, Ava, and Griff. Sasha thinks maybe he should wait for her lawyer, but Chase says no one is accusing her of anything; they just want her story. Sasha says she didn’t know Kiki well, and she’s sorry about the misunderstanding. Once she decided to stay, Kiki offered her place. It seemed like a perfect fit. Unfortunately, she acted on misinformation, and it didn’t end well. She was told they were only casually involved; friends with benefits. Griff was attentive to her; not hitting on her, but he seemed like he was interested. She started flirting with him, and Kiki didn’t like it. She came see Sasha at work, and said she and Griff were serous, and Sasha had to move out. Jordan asks how Sasha reacted, and Sasha says, annoyed at first, but when she thought about it, she thought it was for the best. Whatever is going on with the three of them, she wants no part of it. Jordan says, the three of them, and Sasha says, Griff, Kiki, and Ava. Ava was the one who told her it wasn’t serious, and Sasha realized she was setting up friction between them. Jordan asks how she came to the conclusion she’d been drugged, and Sasha says she woke up naked in bed with Griff.

Ava says Griff is trying to confuse her. Griff says he doesn’t give a damn. She’s not the only one grieving. He’s lost everything. He tells her, go ahead, take the one thing he has left; his life. She doesn’t care about the truth. She just needs someone to blame. Julian comes in, followed by not-Doc. Ava tells him to go; he’s not a part of this. Julian says she doesn’t want do this. It’s not what Kiki would want; her in prison. Avery already lost a sister. She can’t lose her mother too. Ava asks not-Doc what to do.

Not-Doc says she already knows what have to do. He told her to stop letting people step on her. Is this how she’s going to handle this? Is this who she is? How she’s going to show the world, don’t cross Ava Jerome? Not-Doc says she’ll feel a moment of relief, ecstasy maybe, but it will be fleeting. Then they’ll lock her up like a caged animal. That’s what her enemies want. Don’t let them win. She gives him the gun, and he holds her.

Sasha tells Jordan that she confronted Ava at the MetroCourt, and called her on her lying. Jordan asks if Ava admitted it, and Sasha says, no, and she was just happy to be out of it. She ordered room service, and the tray came up about fifteen minutes later. She had soup, and that’s all she remembers until she regained consciousness, and woke up naked in bed, with Griff running out after Kiki. She pieced it together later. Griff got a text from her phone to meet her, but it was deleted. He was knocked in the head, and in bed with her, when Kiki found them. Jordan asks if she’s saying it was staged, and Sasha says she didn’t do it herself. She was under the impression they’d reported the incident. Jordan asks if she saw Ava after that, but Sasha says, no. Kiki and Griff thought it was payback because Griff was involved with Ava first. Ava considered it a betrayal, and they were sure she wanted revenge. Jordan says she’s sorry this happened to her, and thanks her for her cooperation. They don’t have any more questions right now, but she needs to stay in town in case there’s a follow-up.

Chase walks Sasha out. Margaux says, this changes everything, and Jordan says, to put it mildly. TJ calls Jordan, and Margaux leaves.

Curtis tells Sasha it was cool of her come there. He knows she didn’t sign up for this. He asks if she needs a ride, but Nina says she has it covered. He’s done enough already. Margaux tells Curtis that he did the right thing, but he says, that doesn’t mean it feels good.

Carly tells Sonny that’s just what they wanted. Margaux knows her mother is guilty, and hasn’t turned her in. It’s the leverage they were looking for. Sonny doesn’t think they need it. She’s not gunning for him, and she’ll be busy now looking for Kiki’s killer. Jason is like, whoa, what? Sonny has to take care of something, and leaves.

Sonny goes to Morgan’s grave. He says he’s sorry he hasn’t been there, but he thinks about Morgan all the time. Not a day goes by that he and Morgan’s mom don’t talk about him. He’s always present. Sonny misses him so much; Morgan is always in his heart. He keeps telling himself that Morgan is happy and safe, and in a better place. Now Kiki’s there too.

Carly tells Jason that she always liked Kiki. Kiki was always welcome in her home. I guess we’re skipping over the part where she was really pissed that Kiki broke up with Morgan. She says Kiki is a big presence in Avery’s life – was. Another loss Avery won’t understand, thanks to that wreck of a mother. She tells Jason that Griff was arrested. Jason says he doesn’t know Griff well, but he helped when Jason was in Russia, just to be kind. He doesn’t see anything violent in Griff. Carly says she did see him and Kiki arguing. Jason asks if she’s telling the police, but Carly knows how something like that can be misleading. She knows he didn’t do this, and the killer is still out there.

Chase comes into the interrogation room, and asks, what’s going on? Who let them in? Not-Doc apologizes. His client was overcome with grief, and wanted to face her daughter’s killer, but he put a stop to it. Chase asks Griff if that’s correct, and Griff says, that’s what happened. Chase tells not-Doc to see that she gets home.

Carly tells Jason it’s been a hard time for Josslyn. She doesn’t know how much he’s heard about Oscar, and Jason says he knows Oscar has a brain tumor. Carly asks who told him, and he says Oscar did. He ran into Oscar on the docks. He could tell Oscar was struggling, and he swore not to tell.

Alexis asks Sam how it’s going with Jason, and Sam thinks she already told Alexis. Alexis says he was taking care of her because he’s that kind of guy? Sam says if she didn’t know better, she’d think Alexis approved. She picks up a piece of mail, and asks, who sends an envelope without a return address? She opens it, and it’s a newspaper obituary for Leland Powell. Alexis sees it, and asks if she knew him. Sam says she could say that. He was her husband.

Jason tells Carly that he tried convincing Oscar to talk to Josslyn. Carly says she should be furious with him, but it never does any good. Josslyn convinced Oscar to go through with the trial. She’s a strong influence on him. She thinks her love will save him. If she stays by his side, he’ll get through it. She sees it as just a bump in the road to a happy ending. What if there isn’t? She’s young. What if she has to watch him die, and doesn’t know how get through? She’s the lucky one. She’s happy, healthy, and strong. Jason says it will be okay, but Carly says, Josslyn is too young for this much death. She hasn’t been this afraid and confused since Morgan.

Sonny tells Morgan, it’s wrong. They should both be alive; it wasn’t their time. It shouldn’t have happened, but they have a strong connection, and they’re there now. If he could ask one thing, it would be that the two of them look after each other. He tears up, then see Margaux is there.

Valentin asks how it went, and Nina says Sasha gave her statement. Sasha says she just wanted to get it over with. They told her not to leave town. Valentin knows she wasn’t staying indefinitely, but it wasn’t like she was leaving today. He doesn’t think Griff had anything to do with it, so the killer is still out there. He wants to keep her safe, and suggests she stay at Windemere. It’s the safest place there. Sasha says, no, but Nina says, he’s right. Nina says if it would make her feel more comfortable, if Valentin wouldn’t mind, she’ll stay too. He thinks that’s an excellent idea. If he wouldn’t mind. Please.

Julian is still at the station, and talks to not-Doc on the phone, finding out how Ava is. He sees Chase, and asks if he can go. Chase says he can. He knows Julian’s sister is grieving, but suggests he keep a tighter leash on her, and for her sake, keep her away from Griff.

Curtis goes to Jordan’s office. Jordan says TJ is taking it hard. He’s angry at the world, and she can’t blame him. Curtis doesn’t think they have the killer. Jordan says she doesn’t either, but thanks for the tip. She asks if Nina is furious, and he says she’ll probably give him the cold shoulder for a couple of days, but she’ll come around. He asks what she thinks about Sasha’s story, and she says it opened a whole new avenue of investigation, and possibly pointed to a new suspect.

Ava and not-Doc go back to her apartment. He asks how she’s feeling, and she says, like an idiot. Partly because she went there in the first place, but mostly for not shooting Griff while she had the chance. She pours a drink, and he says she did the right thing. She doesn’t know. Griff is so good at telling her what she wants to hear. She believed him when he said he didn’t kill Kiki. She can’t trust it. If he’s not responsible for Kiki’s death, who is? Not-Doc says, he is.

Tomorrow, Epiphany asks Anna if she’s out of her mind. Mac says he’ll make Peter’s life a living hell, and not-Doc tells Ava that he killed Kiki.

Vanderpump Rules

The SUR employees arrive for work. Tom forgot his earplugs, and knows it’s going to be loud. James and Raquel come in with James’s equipment. Billie is now full-on blonde.

Jax makes a turkey sandwich for Brittany. In his interview, he regrets 99.9% of the decisions he made last summer. We flash back to him being his a-hole self. He resigned from SUR, but didn’t take the Florida opportunity. He took the dream girl instead of the dream job. He says he took Brittany for granted, and was adamant about working hard to get her back. In her interview, Brittany says she’s glad she stayed. For some reason, her heart wouldn’t let him go. He even buys her tampons. She knew he had something better inside. Jax farts, and I’m hoping that’s not the something better she was referring to. She’s not looking forward to tonight. She supported James, and for no reason, he rapped about Jax and another girl.

James raps about Jax screwing Faith. Tom is like, no, dude. In his interview, James says he doesn’t feel bad he said it; only that Brittany was standing there. It’s his art. Do you think Kanye effing apologizes? I have no words.

Brittany tells Jax that she came home and cried. He has no patience anymore, and it seems calculated.

Tom asks if James has had any more texts, and James says, enough with the threats. In his interview, Kanye James says that he and Jax were great. Then he got serious texts, saying he’s going to hurt James and ruin his life. They’re back to square one. Raquel says James needs to be more sensitive. Ya think?

Giggy! Lisa and Ken come into SUR. She and Lala commiserate. In her interview, Lala says her dad passed away. He had a stroke, and got in an accident. He taught her to be kind, and was nice to everyone, even the sketchy boyfriends she brought home. Lisa says it’s hard. You don’t want to talk about it. People say they’re sorry, and you become emotional. In her Lisa’s interview, she says it’s been five weeks since she lost her only sibling. Her brother passed away from suicide. They were like twins. It’s been difficult, but we have to move forward and make the important people in our lives proud.

A customer asks Scheana if she’s seeing anyone, and she says, several. In her interview, she says Rob broke up with her. When he picked his fantasy football team, she didn’t make the cut.

Brittany is worried about James doing it again. Jax never wanted to punch someone so much. He says if James wants to take it further, he’ll knock James out. He goes in with Brittany, and Peter wonders why he’s there. In Jax’s interview, he says he tried with James, but he keeps pushing. He thinks James is testing him. It’s almost like he wants Jax to hit him.

Jax asks to talk to James outside, but James says he’s working. Jax tells him that he’s not invited to any events for him and Brittany. He’s gone out of his way for James. James says he knows, and in his interview, tells us about the limited edition supreme underwear Jax bought him, while we see him posing in it while looking in the mirror. James says he keeps apologizing. Jax says he made Brittany cry in front of everyone. James asks if Jax hasn’t done something without thinking twice. Jax says it was calculated, but James insists it wasn’t, and Jax wants to get him fired. He made a mistake. Jax asks how many he’s made, and James says, lots. Jax says it’s going to be a long summer for him. Jax walks away.

Tom asks Lisa if everything went okay, and she says, for a horrible situation. James tells her Jax was screaming at him, demanding a conversation. Besides him being oblivious to Lisa having more important things on her mind, that’s a flat-out lie. I can’t stand Jax, but he wasn’t screaming. Lisa tell him to go back do his thing. Tom explains what happened, that James was rapping about Jax and Faith. In her interview, Lisa says it’s inappropriate and inexcusable, but she’s sure he thought it was funny. She says we can all rap and take the piss out of everybody, and raps about Jax kicking James’s ass. Alrighty then.

Stassi and new boyfriend Beau meet Schwartz. In Stassi’s interview, she says, after four years of dating Patrick on and off, he broke up with her on their four year anniversary. I didn’t like him very much anyway. She’s happy with Beau. She can be herself. He’s the funniest person she’s met, he loves her friends, and she wants to be around him all the time. She gets weepy and says it’s embarrassing. Beau says every day is an adventure. He already seems a million times better than Patrick. Schwartz says he’s striving for balance, and explains how doing twice as many half shots is better than doing full shots. Six times the comradery, half the alcohol. Jax joins them

Schwartz asks if Stassi and Beau are out of their honeymoon phase. Jax asks if they go to the bathroom in front of each other, and Beau says just to pee. News for Jax; some people like to keep it that way too. Jax tells them he had a conversation with James, and said he’s not invited to any of their events. Stassi says James is such a girl.

James turns it up at SUR. Ken, Lisa, and Giggy! get ready to go. Brittany hugs them. Lisa apologizes for James’s behavior, and Brittany says it’s not her fault. She wasn’t there, and Brittany didn’t want to bother her. It was embarrassing, and made her cry. Lisa tells her just because James is saying it’s music, doesn’t mean it’s not inappropriate.

Jax says, James made a girl cry, and Stassi calls him a douche. Jax tells them he’s proposing to Brittany on Thursday. Tomorrow he’s seeing the ring. Stassi asks if she’s the first girl to know. Schwartz says Jax needs to tell people so bad. In his interview, Jax says, no one knows. Well, Schwartz, Tom, and Stassi. Maybe the hot dog vender and an Uber driver. The only person he’s worried about telling the secret is himself. And maybe the hot dog guy. He tells them not to say anything. Stassi says eight months ago, she would have said he doesn’t deserve Brittany, but she’s noticed a giant change. But he has to understand that if he does one more thing to Brittany, she’ll find new ways to crucify him.

Katie, Lala, and Kristen go to piercing place. Owner Brian says it’s going to hurt them more than it will hurt him. Funny, since the dude’s look is as far from cliché as it gets. And geez, it’s just an ear for God’s sake. I did mine myself. Kristen asks Lala if she thinks Randall will like it. Lala says he likes her because she doesn’t give a f**k. In her interview, Lala says now that his divorce is finalized, she can tell everyone his name. It’s Randall. Except they were kind of outed on Flipping Out, since he was a client on the season’s final episode, and she was there. Lala feels like last year, James betrayed her trust. She wonders how he can stoop so low, when she was a good friend. Their friendship is non-existent now. She and Randall saw him at Coachella, and James said they knew each other inside and out, if you know what I mean. Randall was not okay with it, and James doesn’t deserve her friendship anymore. She tells the other girls that he walked into SUR like nothing was wrong. Kristen says Brittany has been nothing but kind to him, and she’s had enough. In Kristen’s interview, she says you don’t treat Brittany like sh*t, and don’t embarrass her in front of everyone at her work place. Piercer Brian says it only hurts if you’re a bad person. Afterwards, Lala says James treating everyone like they’re disposable is disgusting. Katie says, times up on James. In her interview, Kristen says she’s the MF-ing karma police. Beware, James Kennedy; it’s coming.

Giggy! Ken and Lisa go to Villa Rosa. Tom and Schwartz meet them, and Tom gives her flowers. Schwartz asks how she’s holding up, and she says it’s difficult, but she’s feeling closure. She’s been working her butt off, getting ready for TomTom to open. They have a five-week deadline, and she hasn’t seen them. She’s needs their input, and a detailed cocktail list. The menu is being carefully crafted, and she needs drinks to match. And she doesn’t want a bunch of cocktails infused with weed. Schwartz says, just one. He says they have some sexy shots, and we see clips of them creating new cocktails. In his interview, Schwartz says he has stuff written on various papers, in his phone, and something on a tissue, and he needs to streamline it. Tom is working on a signature shot glass for people to take home, and a clear diamond ice cube press. Lisa says they have to keep their eye on the big picture. Pandora already has a cocktail list, and they need to coordinate. In Lisa’s interview, she says she can’t wait forever. They could have a smoking Persian pussy with a feather up its ass, and unicorn urine spiced martinis. That’s great, but she needs to see it. Schwartz explains they’re working on a bar food menu, and want to put it together. In Tom’s interview, he says Lisa told him to please handle the cocktails. Why is Pandora overseeing it? Why call it TomTom? Apparently, he isn’t listening as to why she needs the list yesterday. They leave, and Lisa wonders if they’re taking CNBG or whatever.

Brittany and Stassi take their pups to the dog park. Brittany asks if they did anything fun with Jax. After a long pause, Stassi says… shots. In her interview, Stassi says she’s angry at Jax for giving her the information that he’s about to propose. She’s sweating everywhere. Brittany says Jax is hoping that everyone can tell he’s making a change. It’s so much better, and she’s happier this year. Stassi is glad. She legitimately thought Brittany needed to get out. Brittany says, it sounds crazy, but it felt like they were supposed to be together. Then he finally made a change. She gets teary.

Jax, Schwartz, and Tom visit jewelry designer Kyle Chan. Jax is taking Brittany to Malibu, and proposing tomorrow. In Tom’s interview, he says obviously, he and Ariana have been together longer, but it’s not awkward that Brittany and Jax are getting married first. I’m honestly not sure if he’s serious or not. They’re taking an Uber there, but he hired a limo to go back. The others will be waiting for a surprise. Kyle brings out the ring. Jax explains that it’s out of his price range, but his father left him some money, and he’s using it for the ring. He can think of his dad when he looks at it. That’s actually very sweet. Can it be that Jax Taylor is not the worst human being on earth anymore? Who will take his place? In his interview, Jax says six months after his father died was a turning point. He wanted to go into a hole for a while and drink himself silly, but Brittany asked him, please don’t. She helped him, and he made a huge turnaround. Tom says he hopes it isn’t because Brittany was there for him, but Jax says, absolutely. After everything he put her through, she had his back and handled everything. She’s his soulmate. How can he not want to spend the rest of his life with someone who would take care of him like that?

Brittany tells Stassi that Jax went to Florida for a while, and she went to Kentucky, where she hung out with her old boyfriend. In Brittany’s interview, she says they did sleep together. We see a clip from Brittany and Jax in Kentucky, where they met Aaron at a bar. Brittany says one of the things that pulled them back together was that Jax couldn’t stand the thought of her being with someone else.

I’m impressed with the ring. It’s big and square; 3 carats. Kyle says it’s normally $70K for the stone alone. I assume Jax is getting a discount, but we don’t know how much. Tom says that’s how much the first house he lived in cost. Jax thanks his dad. Schwartz tells him that he did good.

Jax tries to hide the ring box, which is big. It’s too obtrusive in his pockets, so he puts it down his pants. The Uber arrives. In Jax’s interview, he says Brittany is trying to be romantic, putting her hand on his leg, but it’s too close to the box. He tells her that he has to go to the bathroom.

Schwartz makes cocktails. Stassi says she can hear a shaker from a mile away. Kristen thinks Jax is definitely proposing tonight. Stassi says, no. In her interview, Kristen says Jax sent her a suspicious text about meeting at the El Coyote tonight. She tells the others she’s pretty sure he’s lying to her. Stassi goes into the kitchen, and makes all kinds of frustrated gestures at Schwartz. She thinks she’s going to break out in psoriasis; she’s so stressed.

Brittany and Jax get to a restaurant called Neptune’s on the beach. The weather couldn’t be better. It’s really a cute place, but patrons have to use a Porta-Potty. Jax thinks it has character. It does. Except for the Porta-Potty.

Katie thinks it doesn’t make sense, but it’s too soon. In her interview, she says It was only almost a year ago, they were listening to a recording of Jax telling Faith that he was never going to marry Brittany. We flash back to that. Katie says she can’t say they haven’t fixed their relationship, but she doesn’t think they have. Stassi says she can’t do it anymore, and tells them that they’re so intuitive. Kristen reads Jax’s texts out loud, and doesn’t even listen to what Stassi is saying. Stassi says, Jax is proposing right now. Katie doesn’t think they should get married right now. Kristen says, Brittany has been waiting for this since she was born.

Jax leaves his wallet on the table when he goes to pay. He’s nervous, and checks to see how long it will be until the food arrives. He says his head’s all over the place. We flash back to when Jax tells Brittany that he chose the dream girl over the dream job. In his interview, Jax says it would be the most absolutely perfect moment, if the ring box wasn’t jabbing him in the balls. He’s never been this nervous. Their order number is called, and he asks for a tray. He puts the box on it, and brings it to their table. He gets down on one knee, and Brittany asks if he’s serious. Everyone looks. Brittany cries. He asks her to make him the happiest man in the world, and be his wife. She says, yes, they kiss, everyone claps and takes pictures. Jax says he’s an engaged man. He can’t believe he’s saying that. He puts the ring on her finger. He thinks he did good. In Brittany’s interview, she says she knew he had it in him to take a wife someday. She’s happy it’s her. Hey, I’m happy if she’s happy. Even if I’m still skeptical, and always will be.

Next time, the surprise after-party, Ariana wonders if Jax is going back to his old ways. Jax asks for his job back at SUR, and Kristen is going after James.

🌴 Sorry, I skipped The Real Housewives of Orange County: Reunion – Part Two. For whatever reason, they’ve been airing it on Sundays, which is a conflict. Last week, Bravo reran it on Monday, but tonight, they premiered Unanchored, a reality show about nine friends who cruise to the Bahamas. It’s no Below Deck, and already it’s smelling like Summer House. The cast seems possibly more mature, but that remains to be seen.

🐎 Farewell, Captain Parmenter…

I had such a crush on him on F Troop.


⛅ Not Sure It’s My Dream Crossover…

But it will do. O Come OG Faithful though?


🎭 A Man of Many Talents…