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May 23, 2019 – Ryan Finds Ava, a Runway of Real Women, Runway on Live, Runway Low Down & a Cooking Lesson


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General Hospital

Sam says, it’s finally happening. Outside in the car, Jason listens in. Sonny gets in the car, and asks what he missed. Jason says they just got started. Shiloh says he’s looking forward to completing the transition. He’s starting to sound like a mad scientist.

Brad tells Lucas, calm down. Maybe Willow had Shiloh’s child, but why does he think that baby is their son? Lucas says if Brad adds up what he just laid out, it’s the only logical conclusion. The child Willow had is Wiley.

TJ tells Jordan dialysis knocked her out, but she’s on the mend now. He asks how she’s feeling, and she asks where Curtis is. TJ says he’s sure they’ll hear from him soon.

Mac says Doc’s pulse is strong, and his breathing is steady. Michael calls the police, saying a man was attacked, but they don’t know the extent of his injuries. Laura runs in. and asks, what happened? Michael leaves to find Chase, and Lucy explains they were breaking down the stage. When the curtains opened, Doc was hanging there. Who would do this to him?

Ryan looks in on Ava. She downs her drink, and waits, checking that the gun in her pocket is ready. She asks if it’s Doc. She turns around, and smiles.

Sam tells Shiloh, look how tense he is. Not that she blames him after… He says, finding out the person he trusted the most had his child. She says he might be upset, even outraged, but she doesn’t think outrage is his thing. He says it’s not bad enough Willow did that, but it’s all the things they could have accomplished and done. In the car, Sonny says, Willow. That’s Michael’s friend. No wonder she was so terrified of Shiloh. Jason says, one thing at a time. Sam suggests Shiloh get back on track. Don’t let Willow ruin this night for them.

Brad thinks he and Lucas should go home and talk it through. Lucas says, then he must think there’s something to talk through. Brad insists Wiley isn’t Shiloh and Willow’s child, but Lucas tells him to open his eyes. How many times have they bumped into Willow? Brad acts like it’s just coincidence, but Lucas says Willow was in a panic when Brad wanted to bring Wiley to DOD. Brad says, even if all that is true, Wiley still belongs to them legally. Lucas says if Willow kept the baby from his biological father, they could lose their son.

Doc comes to. He sees Laura, and says, thank God. He was afraid something had happened to her. Mac says Ryan was there. They found Doc literally hanging from the rafters. Lucy tells him, rest, and wait for the paramedics.

Chase tells Curtis that the phone call was garbled. Take him through it again. Curtis says, he and Laura tracked down the woman who hired the kid to steal drugs for Ryan. They believed she was harboring Ryan, but when they went back, she was dead; stabbed in the chest. He woke up with a massive headache, and they were tied to chairs in a room filled with gas. Chase says good thing they made it out, and Curtis says, just barely. They had just gotten out when the whole thing exploded.

Michael offers to take Willow home, but she says she’s fine. He tells her, it’s okay if she’s not. Shiloh is a threat that will have to be dealt with, but she’s not in this alone. She says she’s beginning to realize that.

Doc says Ryan must have been waiting for him. He’d ordered roses for Ava to give her after her performance. Where is Ava?

Ava says, thank God he’s safe. She heard Ryan was back, and was afraid she’d lost him too. He asks if she’d be lost without him, and she says, of course (🍷); he knows that. She asks, what’s the matter? He produces a knife, and says she has no idea how much he’s missed her. She says, Ryan. He hopes she’s not too disappointed. She asks if he has any idea how much she’s prayed for this moment. And he knows her… Ryan says, she doesn’t pray. She says, desperate times. She moves closer to him, saying she can’t believe he’s there. He tells her, not so fast, my darling.

She laughs, and Ryan asks if something is funny. She says she just missed him so much. Ever since that awful night. She asks him, please, put the knife down, and he says, why would he do that? She says she wants him to hold her; put his arms around her, and kiss her. He says, the way his brother did? He saw him kissing Ava all over social media. It made him sick. Did she find comfort in his weakness? How could she be happy with someone who can never, ever challenge her? She says she does believe he’s jealous. He asks if he’s what she wants, and she says it’s pretty obvious what she wants. Look past his own jealousy and into her eyes, and see it. Doc was a poor substitute for the man she loved, but Doc was still the next best thing to him.

Sam tells Shiloh, take back what’s yours. Don’t let anything ruin this night. This is for them to be there tonight. He says she’s right. It’s time for her induction into the Trust. Jason tells Sonny, Sam is playing this perfectly, but this is where it gets complicated. If Shiloh follows his pattern, he’s going to drug her. Shiloh tells Sam that he has some tea to help relax, and ease the discomfort while she gets the tattoo. She says she doesn’t need it. She wants to experience everything. He knows how brave she is, but this insures a peaceful transition. She says she doesn’t need it, but he tells her, it’s for the best. Trust him. She takes it, and Jason says, she’s going to drink it.

A nurse asks how Jordan’s pain level is, and Jordan says, manageable. The nurse tells her to hit the button if she needs another dose. TJ says, interesting. Curtis just texted him from Michael’s phone. He’s back in Port Charles. He’ll be there asap, and tell his mom that he hearts her. Jordan wonders why he didn’t just show up, and TJ says he probably thought she was sleeping. She asks if Curtis said anything about Ryan, and TJ says he read her the whole text. She needs to know if Ryan is still alive. She says she wants to call Chase, but TJ is sure Curtis will answer all her questions when he gets there.

The EMT says Doc looks good, but recommends he get checked out and get a CT scan. Doc says he’s not the one in trouble. Ava is. Chase says she told them she had a safe place to go, but Laura says they need to know where she is. Felicia says, maybe she’ll kill him. A girl can dream.

Chase apologizes for ditching Willow, but she says she’s all right. He says something is bothering her, but she says, it can wait. He says, tell him, and she says, Shiloh knows about the baby. He asks how? and says she was on the phone with her lawyer, and Nina overheard. They got in a fight, and Nina made a dig about her not keeping her child. Shiloh heard her. Michael says they’ll make sure Shiloh goes nowhere near the baby. Chase tells Michael to make sure Willow gets home safe. She says she can get home herself, but Chase says she’s told them over and over how dangerous Shiloh is. Now he knows about the baby. Michael is going to escort her home. She says, it’s generous, but Chase says, it’s selfish. He wants her safe. She guesses she’s out-voted, and he tells her, be careful.

Doc says he’s fine, but Laura says sometimes symptoms don’t show up for hours. He says he was hanging from the rafters? Mac says his brother is nothing if not consistent. Lucy asks why no one is surprised Ryan is still alive and tried to kill Doc. Curtis says he just got a text that Jordan is awake. Laura tells him to go, and thanks him for saving her life. He says he’s got her, calling her partner.

Margaux walks in, and says she heard Ryan was alive. She asks what they’re doing to catch him. Laura says, damage control? A woman is dead because of her.

Brad tells Lucas that they should call Alexis, and ask what their options are. Lucas asks if Brad has any idea how bad is screwed up. If Wiley is Willow’s son, and didn’t let the biological father know, they might lose him. Brad tells him to stop. Michael asks Willow if her baby is his godson, and she says, yes. He says, how long…? She tells him, obviously, she knew Brad and Lucas were going to adopt him, but it was only after they knew each other, and Michael told her the name that she realized. He asks why she didn’t say anything, and then says, Shiloh. She says, Shiloh. Brad says, it doesn’t make sense. Why keep Shiloh, of all people, in the dark? He’s a great dad. Willow says, he’s a monster. Brad says Shiloh and DOD have helped him, and Willow says, DOD is a cult. Lucas says she gave him up so Shiloh wouldn’t know, and she says, yes. Now he knows.

Laura says Margaux called off the search, and at least one woman is dead. Margaux says she made an educated decision. Laura asks if that’s what she calls it, and Margaux says the Canadian authorities presumed he was dead. Laura says, it’s more like an arrogant assumption. Mac says Margaux has seen the records. She knows how many times Ryan has been believed dead and somehow survived. Laura says she and Curtis nearly died in an explosion because she called off the search. Ignoring this, Margaux says she’ll need statements from everyone. Chase joins them and says, nothing has turned up, but two of Ryan’s three victims are accounted for; Carly and Lulu, but they have no location on Ava. Mac says he warned them this was dangerous. It worked, and now he’s back. It’s time to bring the authorities up to speed. Margaux asks what the plan was. Laura says Ava and Doc pretended to have a relationship to make Ryan jealous, and bring him out in the open. Lucy says she knew Doc would never fall for that sleazy tramp.

Ryan says he has to hand it to Ava. If she’s lying, she’s putting on one helluva show. She’s glad he finds her heartbreak entertaining. He says there’s one thing she can do to convince him of her sincerity. Tell him about Kiki. Ava says, what about her? Ryan says he killed Kiki. As his brother would say, how does that make her feel?

Curtis sees Jordan, and asks TJ how she’s doing. TJ says, her infection is better, but her stress level is high. Curtis says that’s on him, and TJ agrees she was very worried about him. Jordan wakes up, and says, Ryan Chamberlain. Did Curtis catch him? He says they’ll talk later, but she says tell her now. Curtis says they found him. He got away, but don’t worry. Chase has the whole force out looking, and he’s there now. The machine she’s hooked to beeps wildly machine beeps. She says, Ryan Chamberlain is in Port Charles, and passes out.

Shiloh says, usually Harmony does the tattoo. She likes to make them large and ostentations, but he thinks a more intimate emblem would be appropriate. Sam mumbles something, and he says she’s his proudest student. I’m guessing he means the one he’s most proud of, but for someone who wrote a book, he don’t know good English. He says it’s only right that only his hands should touch her. Sam says, no, and he starts to turn her over. She says the tea was stronger than she thought. Jason says, it’s time. He and Sonny get out of the car.

Ryan says Ava must hate him. He killed her; the one Ava loved most in the world. Then he took her to bed to use her as an alibi. Ava says she loved Kiki, and grieved for her. She always will, but he had no way of knowing. She talked about how much pain and betrayal Kiki caused her. Ryan says he murdered her, but Ava says she knows why he did. He did what he thought needed to be done to stop her pain; the pain Kiki caused. The truth is, as much as she wanted to love her daughter, all that was left between them was pain. He didn’t take away what she loved the most. He freed her. What she really loves the most is him. She hopes he feels the same. He says no one will love her as much as he does. She doesn’t think they will.

Margaux says Lucy wasn’t part of the plan, and Lucy says apparently she wasn’t privy to their conspiracy. Margaux asks her to leave, since she’s not directly involved, and has no relevant information. Lucy says she has one thing to say passing. Margaux botched this horribly. Ta. Margaux tells them to give her details, and Felicia says it was her idea. She knows firsthand what it’s like to be the center of Ryan’s obsession, and knew he wouldn’t stay away from Ava. Doc says since the search was called off, they had to go on the offensive. Margaux says, so they took the law into their own hands. Laura says, someone had to, and it’s not a crime to lie about your relationship. Doc says they knew he’d come back to find her, and Margaux says, especially since she was with him. Felicia says they tried to make the relationship as public as possible. Mac says they did have ground rules. If he appeared, they’d call the police. Margaux takes Chase aside, and says they have a mess with a rising body count. If they can bring Ryan in, excellent, but if they think they’re in danger, they have the authority to use full legal force. Chase isn’t sure they’re allowed to do that, but she says she’s prepared to take responsibility. Just get the job done.

Curtis wonders why the hell he told Jordan about Ryan. TJ says he knows how stubborn she is. She makes her own choices. Curtis says, she’s about as strong and stubborn as they come. That’s why she’ll get through this. Monica blows past, saying she’ll be back with an update. She goes into Jordan’s room, and Curtis wonders why the Chief of Cardiology is there.

Jason and Sonny walk into the DOD house. Two dudes meet them, and one looks at Jason, and says, Shiloh doesn’t want him there. Jason drop kicks him across the room. Sonny tells Jason to go. He’s got this. Sonny and the other dude struggle for a millisecond, before Sonny slams his head into a table. Nice little fight scene.

Lucas asks Willow how they’re going to protect Wiley when his biological father didn’t give up his rights. She says he was never supposed to find out. She’d started a new life, and didn’t know there was a chapter of DOD there. When she found out, she made plans to leave. Michael asks why she didn’t come to him. She says she didn’t think he could help. Brad says, because Shiloh is an unstoppable monster, obviously not believing it. She asks if he’s ever met someone who could get around the law, and literally gets away with murder? Michael says he has. (Yeah, Sonny.) If she’d left when she wanted, he’d have never known. Lucas asks what stopped her? and she says, Brad did. He got involved with DOD, and wanted to take Wiley there to Shiloh. Brad says he didn’t know, but insists he wouldn’t have let Shiloh do what she thinks he would. From what he’s seen, he’s having a hard time wrapping his head around Shiloh being evil. What has he done? Michael says, blackmail, coercion, drugging people, and sexual assault for starters.

Jason goes into the attic room, but no one is there. He sees the teacup, with some tea still in it. Sonny follows him, and asks where they went. Jason says he thinks he knows. Sonny tells him, go. He’ll stay there and get answers from one of Trust members.

Monica comes out, and says Jordan is stable. They can see her when the nurse finishes, but she needs to talk to them. She’s stable, but they don’t know for how long. Cardiac arrest isn’t uncommon after surgery, especially if there’s an underlying heart condition. Curtis says Jordan is in excellent health; she takes amazing care of herself. Monica says, she has an underlying arrhythmia. It’s common, and not life-threatening. TJ says, except for patients on dialysis. Monica says she won’t be able to continue on dialysis much longer, but she’s at the top of the transplant list, and they’ll send out another alert. Curtis says Doc tested positive, and agreed to the operation, but Monica says, sorry. He has a separate medical condition that rules him out. At the moment, they have no viable donors.

On the phone, Chase says they need to send a unit to the gallery and Ava’s house. If there’s any indication as to where Ava might be, put out a bulletin out. Laura tells Doc he should get to the hospital. He says he will, if she does. At least he wasn’t in an explosion. He can’t reach Ava, and thinks this was Ava’s plan all along. Mac asks, what? and Doc says, justice for her daughter. Felicia says she deliberately lost contact with them so she could go after Ryan with no one to stop her.

Ryan says he saw Ava perform, and she was magnificent. She’s glad he enjoyed it. The whole time she imagined she was singing to him, but never dreamed he’d make his way to her so quickly. He asks if she believed he’d come back, and she says that’s why he jumped off the bridge and took her with him. He never intended for them to both die. They both lived, and she knew he’d find her. He says here he is, and she asks how he found her. He says he’ll always find her. She asks, is that a promise or a threat? and he says, why can’t it be both? She says he’s incorrigible. That night in Niagara Falls, he said they could travel the world, and leave Port Charles and everyone in it behind. Is that still possible? He says, is that what she wants? and she says, more than anything. He says she told him that she’d never leave Avery, but she says that’s how she felt at the time. Truthfully, as much as she loves Avery, inevitably, she’ll disappoint Ava, and the love will end. The only real, true, permanent love she has is right there. She never loved anyone more. In Niagara Falls, he said they make each other whole. He asks if she remembers she said he was her gift. She says, he was, and he can be that again. He says, that’s the question, isn’t it? Can he really give her what she needs?

Brad still isn’t convinced about Shiloh, and wants specifics. Michael says, what Shiloh did to his sister. He saw a threat. Willow tells them, Shiloh will do what he can to get his hands on Wiley. Michael says they have to work together to protect him.

Sonny looks through some stuff in the room. Margaux comes in. She says, funny. When he demanded they meet, she wondered if she’d find a body, and there’s two by the front door. He says, they’re just taking a nap. The place with an open door policy, didn’t welcome them with open arms. She says she has a serial killer on the loose. He says, the search was called off, and she asks what he wants. He says, her fearless leader. Where is Shiloh?

Shiloh carries Sam into the lighthouse. She asks where they are, and he says, a special place. The place where they’ll see their first new dawn together. It’s where she becomes his.

Curtis and TJ go back into Jordan’s room, where she’s on oxygen. TJ wonders how he’s going to tell his mom that she might just have a week. Curtis says he won’t have to. She ain’t gonna die. TJ says, not on his watch. Curtis says, Doc was a match. So is Ryan. I think they should just rip his kidney out of him with no anesthetic, and let Ava do it while they’re at it.

Chase advises everyone that if they see Ryan, let the police know. Keep away from him. Don’t follow him. Don’t engage. Understood?  Laura says the parameters have changed, and it’s escalated. They’re no longer trying to catch Ryan now. Mac says they’re going to use whatever action necessary to stop him.

TJ asks Curtis if he thinks that can save Jordan. Curtis says, maybe. They just need to get to him. Maybe his mom has a chance. Curtis kisses Jordan’s forehead, says he loves her, and jets.

Ryan says all he wanted was to fulfill Ava’s dreams. She says he is, just by being there. He found his way back, and they can be together, but… Ryan asks, what’s wrong? She says, it’s the knife. It’s disconcerting. He says, sorry. Force of habit, and I literally lol. Ryan can be funny. He puts it down, and says, now where were they? She says, right here, at the start of their happiness. Two halves of a whole. Ryan says, two sides of the same coin. She says they understand each other better than anyone else. She asks if he knows why, and he asks, why? She says, because neither one of them is afraid to watch the other die.

Tomorrow, Julian tells Brad not to say a word, Sonny asks Margaux where Shiloh is hiding, and Curtis tells Laura that Ryan might be Jordan’s only chance.

This week’s Project Runway challenge was to create dream dresses for civic workers who keep NYC moving. Instead of professional models, the designers dressed a postal worker, a sanitation worker, a teacher, a police officer, an EMT, and a ferry deckhand. The guest judge was Danielle Brooks from Orange is the New Black. The contestants met Christian at his atelier, The Curated, where he creates and sells his designs. We got the tour, and Hester said she wanted her own million story brownstone filled with amazingness. Me too. The message was to make high fashion more inclusive, and Christian said they would be dressing those underserved in the fashion community. We found out lunch breaks are to practice your runway walk.

It was take your designer to work day, and the designers got an idea of what the women were looking for. All of the contestants seemed to have a hard time custom making something, and not thinking solely of what they wanted. We heard not my thing a lot. Jamall, who had the deckhand, said she didn’t want to show her arms, and couldn’t seem to grasp the concept of a sheer sleeve. Garo suggested maybe it was just the upper arm she didn’t like, and no matter what the model’s size, he liked to cover that, saying, who wants the armpits? I know I don’t. Tessa made an executive decision to design pants until Christian reminded her the challenge was for a dream dress, and even if the judges loved it, she’d be going home, so she rethought that. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Hester felt she gave the client too much of what she’d asked for, and not enough of what she, as a designer, thought the client needed. Christian told Tessa that Brandon was going to get on her for the raw hem on some chiffon, but I like a raw hem. I love distressed materials in general, so it goes with the territory. When I saw an ad that said the show was brought to us by Maybelline, I said, yeah, I noticed. The product placement is quite heavy.

I’m not going through every single dress, since I’m not good at dress description, and they weren’t that exciting IMO. Let me put it this way, none of them were my dream dress. I did think the two that vied for winner were lovely though. Garo dressed his postal worker in a blue bodycon dress, with a sparkly off-the-shoulder neckline, and a detachable cape. Sebastian was my favorite, with a sanitation worker who had Disney princess in mind for a dress she wants to wear to her future engagement party. She walked the runway like a pro, and we found out she had been Miss Staten Island. Bishme got kudos too, for his teacher’s blue peplum number. I’m not a fan of a peplum waist, but had to admit, the way he draped this was unique and definitely wearable. On the bottom, was Hester (!), although she was the first to be safe. Her own prediction came through in that they thought the design lacked her personality. Also with a low score was Tessa, who blatantly refused to give her EMT client what she wanted. Brandon thought the dress was Tessa’s dream dress, not the client’s, especially since their favorite color was pink, and the dress was black. There had been pink accents, but Tessa removed them at the last minute, much to the client’s dismay. It was tough for the judges to decide between Tessa’s lack of passion and playing it safe, and Jamall’s incredibly uncomfortable deckhand. He’d made a strapless gown that lacked support and didn’t fit very well. It made me feel uncomfortable. Nina said, technically, it was falling apart. We flashed back to Jamall’s other curvy model flubs. The judges felt it was a mess of a dress that didn’t fit or flatter, and thought both of them had simple ideas that they couldn’t execute.

Sebastian was the big winner, with his pink off-the-shoulder retro confection. It had a flouncy, cocktail-length skirt, with a huge bow at the waist that reminded me of the ribbon candy you see at Christmastime. It got my vote too. The judges said he’d made his client feel special and beautiful. Danielle said it was important that the next generation be included in the fashion conversation, which I guessed was a fancy way of saying they need to make bigger sizes in designer clothing. She ended up having the wisest words of the night when it was a toss-up between Tessa and Jamall being out. She said, one of them talked more than she listened and the other was willing to listen.

While in my head, I kept repeating, Tessa out! it was not to be. I find her argumentative, and full of excuses. She even insisted that her client did want black, not pink. She pouts a lot as well, which isn’t an attractive quality. The worst part of all was that they fooled me by saying, Tessa… you are in. Wtf? Why? Why did they do that? usually it’s, [insert loser here] … you are out. The judges were gentle though, saying, clearly Jamall was an artist with a vision, who had unlimited promise. I think it was really a construction thing. He seems to have difficulty with technical stuff. Christian said Jamal got the warmest goodbye there he’d ever seen. On his way out, Jamall said that he learned had more to do, but was more confident, and going out into the world a whole new bitch. Next time, the designers’ visions of an experiential fashion show. Cardi B will be a guest judge, and Sebastian threatens to quit.

🍸 On a side note, Tessa and Bishme were guest bartenders on Watch What Happens Live tonight. Which, I might add, is on a break until June 9th. I swear, Andy is always on a break.

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