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January 3, 2020 – A Reveal Before the Vows, the New Q Manse, Stanbury Split, Change Brews In the OC, The Countess Moves On, a Reminder & Wrong Year


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina tells Jax, she’s sorry, but she has no time to talk. He tells her, just listen. Whatever she’s planning, don’t. The only option that will leave any of them standing is for her to walk away – now.

In bed with Chase, Willow says she can’t believe he got a hotel room. They have a perfectly good bed. He asks if it’s a complaint, and says they can go, but she pulls him back, and says, don’t you dare. She likes the hotel and the bed, and loves the guy in the bed. Chase says that guy loves her too.

Sam tells Jason that this is the last time she can see him, and he asks, what happened? She says the only way she can stay free, is if she stays away from him.

Ned and Brook sit with Diane at the MetroCourt. Brook says she knows Diane is a master. If anyone can find a way out of her contract, it’s Diane. Diane asks if Brook consulted an attorney before signing it, and Brook says, no. Diane says she should have.

Michael asks if he’s told Sasha how good she looks. She says when she got there, and when they took their first drink, and he says, it’s not enough. He tells her to hit him with her New Year’s resolution, and she says she’s so excited to start over. She’ll be leaving Nina and Charlotte behind, but she’s grateful to have him. He says she’s stuck with him, and she says, promise? They kiss.

Maxie tells Obrecht that she looks beautiful; Maxie loves her dress. Obrecht thanks her, and drains her glass. Maxie asks if everything is okay, and Obrecht says she’s anticipating the festivities, whatever they may be. Peter says he thinks it’s called a wedding. Obrecht tells them that despite her sordid history with Valentin, he makes her niece happy. She hopes Nina chooses happy, and Maxie asks if that isn’t why they’re there. Obrecht says, from her lips, and moves on. Peter asks, is it him, or is Obrecht stranger than usual? Maxie says she’s not and never will be a Valentin fan, but obviously, Nina loves him. If a liar like Valentin can turn things around, maybe there’s hope for the rest of them.

Up on the tower balcony, Valentin tells Ava that he doesn’t change plans. He acts with precision, and she gave him an opportunity he can’t pass up. She asks, what opportunity? and he says she’s been drinking heavily, she’s in a fragile emotional state, and it’s icy up there. He pushes her over the parapet, and Charlotte appears. She asks what he’s doing out there. I am so angry about the turn this took. Why must Valentin continue to be a jerk?

Valentin asks Charlotte what she’s doing out there, and from behind her, Lulu says they came to look at the moon. Valentin says, it’s cold. Why don’t they look from the conservatory inside? Lulu says, that’s not a bad idea, and Valentin says he has a job for Charlotte. He tells Lulu that he’s glad she came, and asks Charlotte to check on the bride. He’ll see Lulu downstairs. Charlotte tries to look over the edge, but Valentin pulls her along.

Laura tells Doc, she tried to convince Charlotte that her bodyguard wasn’t real, but Charlotte insisted she saw him, and he was wearing the Cassadine crest ring. She compared it to her father’s tattoo, and described it perfectly. Doc asks if she’s certain it was a ring, and if there’s any chance Charlotte had seen it before. Laura says she’s never seen Valentin near one, and Nikolas was dead long before Charlotte came to town. None of it makes sense.

Sam tells Jason, it’s all her fault. If only she hadn’t gone undercover to take Shiloh down. Look what it’s done to them. Jason says, back it up for a second, and asks the officer’s name. Sam gives him Delores’s card, and he asks if she came in hostile at all. Sam says Delores was definitely expecting her to make a mistake. Jason says Sam didn’t do that. She just showed Delores the house. Sam says, yeah, but Delores got fixated on the stockings. She asked about Danny, and knew Jason was his father. Then she asked if Jason was living there. Jason says, first, Sam needs to understand it’s not her fault. Nothing could have been done to stop it. The officer saw his file, and knew he was Danny’s father. She came to the house gunning for him, not her. Sam asks if there’s any way to fight it.

Willow tells Chase, it’s been an amazing year, and Chase says, except for going to jail. She says, apart from that, she met him, they fell in love, and moved in together. He says, it’s been a pretty good year, and Willow says, she has the feeling 2020 will be even better. Chase thinks they both have that feeling, and they kiss.

Diane tells Brook, the contract is tightly written, and gives little wiggle room. Brook asks if it isn’t Diane’s job; she’s gotten Sonny out of worse. Diane says, not really. All of her clients are well-advised not to sign anything unless it’s been reviewed by her or another competent attorney, which Brook neglected to do. Her manager has exclusive rights to everything, until she provides her obligation. Ned asks if they have any options, and Diane says, if it was anyone else, she’d say there are none, but since they’re Quartermaines, the only straightforward solution would be to buy him out. Her phone dings, and she says she has to run, telling them, happy New Year. Brook says they’re in the middle of something, but Diane says she got a call to consult with a client who has her on retainer. As she leaves, Brook says, it was a text; not a call.

Sasha tells Michael that she keeps telling herself that Lucy is a good businesswoman, and she made the right choice. Is she boring him? He says, no; he’s interested. She says, if he’s so interested, why has he been looking over there the whole time? He apologizes, saying he’s close to his cousin Ned, who’s hands down the most Quartermaine of all of them; whatever good and bad that entails. Ned was distracted before, when he was mayor, but now that Ned’s daughter is back, Michael has the feeling they’re gearing up for some Quartermaine infighting. Sasha asks if that’s a thing, and he says, it is in their family. If he’s right, he could use favor from her. She says, anything, and he says he needs help keeping his perspective. He needs to appreciate the good things around him, and once in a while, she can make him smile. She kisses him, and says, like that? He says, yeah; just like that.

Jax tells Nina that she has two options; marry Valentin or destroy him, and neither is worth it. She says he doesn’t know that, but he says he does. Valentin is dangerous. He’s lied so many times already, does she want to marry into a dysfunctional situation because Valentin is a good father, and there have been a few moments he made her feel good? To be honest, plan B, her big revenge, is probably worse. Charlotte will get caught in the middle. Nina says she thinks about that constantly, and Jax says she should. Charlotte is on cloud nine about Nina marrying her father. If she takes Valentin down, she’ll take Charlotte too, and she doesn’t want to do that. She says, no, she doesn’t.

😠 There was a brief interruption here for remarks about the airstrike in Iraq. Sorry, I just didn’t have time to backtrack later, but I didn’t miss much.

Laura tells Lulu that Charlotte could end up resenting her, and Lulu says, true, but it’s hard. Laura gets it. She knows, no matter what else Valentin has done, he’s the father of someone they love. She’s not saying they should turn a blind eye to it, but Lulu needs to let go of some of the rage, at least around Charlotte. Not long ago, Charlotte blurted out that she knew they hated each other. Lulu says she hasn’t done a good job of hiding it, and Laura tells her to do better, for Charlotte’s sake. Inch toward the middle. She’d like to think, if Nikolas lived, it’s what he would want them do. I laugh, knowing how wrong that is.

Charlotte asks what Jax is doing in Nina’s room, and he says he came to talk to his friend. It’s an exciting night for her, so he’ll leave them to it. Nina tells Charlotte how beautiful she looks, but Charlotte says there’s no one prettier than Nina. She’s excited for Nina to be her forever stepmother. They hug, and Charlotte says she needs Nina. Papa needs her. It will be his happily ever after once Nina marries him.

Jason says he’s never been convicted, but Diane says, one nolo contendere is all that’s needed. He knew when he took the plea bargain, that it was going to follow him, and someone might use it as ammunition. He says, they let him out, and Diane says, because the police needed his help to apprehend Franco. In the eyes of the law, he’s a felon, and the officer is within her rights to make it a condition of Sam’s parole. Sam says, it’s fine. It’s nothing they haven’t dealt with before. They’ll deal with it again.

Martin tells Valentin, it’s almost midnight. Is he ready? Valentin says he never thought he’d be getting married in a room of his enemies. Martin says, it’s a humdinger, and Valentin says, if anyone had made the guest list other than Nina, he’d be worried. Charlotte runs in, and Jax isn’t far behind. They both sit.

Brook asks if Ned heard what Diane said about the option they have. Ned asks if she wants him to pay the guy off, and she says, yes. He says, no, and she asks, why not? He says she had a manager; her mother. It was her choice to leave, and go out on her own, signing with a supposed brilliant producer. Brook says he hit on her. After she signed. She realized it was less about her being a recording artist than arm candy. Ned asks if the producer forced himself on her, and she says, no, but he made it clear there were terms not specified in the contract that he wanted met. Ned calls him a pig, and Brook says, now he understands why she needs him to give the producer the money. He says, sorry. His answer is still no.

Sasha asks Willow what it’s like having someone head over heels in love with her. Chase is obsessed with her, in the most sincere way. She has the feeling when the time it right, they’re going to make the best parents.

Chase says Michael and Sasha seem good. Michael says it’s crazy, after all that happened, and Chase says he’s relieved that he didn’t have to testify in the fraud thing. Michael must be glad it’s over. Michael says, the lies are done, and Sasha has the Deception thing going on. The sky’s the limit for Sasha, and it’s all he wants for her.

No Nina yet. Martin looks at his watch. Everyone waits. Nina stands outside the door for a moment, and walks in. She and Valentin smile at each other.

Diane says she’s speaking not only as an attorney, but someone who has a vested interest in Sam and Jason’s happiness, and that of their children. In all these years, it hasn’t sat well with her that Sonny’s children have paid in a million different ways for the choices he made. If they’re going to do this, sneak around, and try to circumvent the stipulations of parole, Sam could be locked away for the full two years, possibly more. She has to ask if that’s a risk they’re willing to take.

Michael, Sasha, Willow, and Chase clink glasses at the MetroCourt, saying, happy New Year. Michael says, it really is, and kisses Sasha. Chase says, get a room, and Sasha says, like they did? Michael says Chase is making him look bad. Sasha asks what he and Chase were talking about, and Michael says, lies. He’s happy the drama is behind them. They clink glasses again, and Sasha says she has enjoyed so much of her time there though. She obviously fell in love with Nina as a maternal figure; she’s an amazing mom to Charlotte. But the whole time, she kept thinking, it’s not real; she can’t trust it. Willow says she gets it. Giving up Wiley was hard, but the second hardest thing was the lying and covering up, especially with Michael. When they would meet at the grief group, and she wasn’t telling him the truth, she hated every minute. They all turn to Chase, and he says, don’t look at him. He’s a cop; honesty is always the best policy. Michael says neither one of them would last in his families. The Corinthoses lie about facts, and the Quartermaines lie about everything, but the love is real.

Ned tells Brook and Olivia, happy New Year to the two most important women in his life. Brook says the countdown isn’t going to make her forget. She asks if he doesn’t believe that the guy was inappropriate with her, but he says he does. She can’t work with him again, but he doesn’t think throwing money at him is the solution. Now, he has the leverage, and can set the price, if he knows she’s desperate to get out. If she’d just read the fine print. Brook says it sounds like he thinks she asked for it, and Ned says, of course (🍷) he doesn’t think she wanted sexual harassment by a loser. She says, why not then? and he says if thought she was in danger, they’d figure something out. What happened was inexcusable, but she can stay there and regroup. Brook asks why she should give up her dream, but Ned says, the contract will eventually expire. Brook says, years from now, when she’s dead, or worse, married. Ned says the uncomfortable truth is, they’re Quartermaines, and there’s a world full of people who want to take advantage of them. If they give in just once, everyone knows they can be taken advantage of. Brook asks if he can’t just do it one time, but he says, that’s not how it works. Sorry. She leaves, and Olivia looks at Ned.

The Wedding March plays, as Nina walks down the aisle, which doesn’t take long since they’re in the living room.

Diane says she doesn’t want to know how good Sam and Jason are at avoiding surveillance. They only need to be caught one time. The parole officer is gunning for Sam, probably to get at Jason. The best option is to get Spinelli involved. Have him do a deep dive on the parole officer, and see if he can come up with something, like a conflict of interest. Get Sam assigned to someone new. It has to be done behind-the-scenes, or the officer could get more combative, or make a worse report. Sam says, so Diane is telling them the officer has total control. Diane says, for the moment, and Jason says, the best way to beat her, is to make her think she’s winning.

Ned asks Olivia what she thinks, and Olivia says, it was an amazing speech, but not one word landed. Ned asks, why? and she says, because Brook may have a tough exterior like Lois, but the Quartermaine who Brook is most like is Ned’s mother.

Martin officiates, but Valentin tells him, before the official stuff, he’d like to say a few words. He tells Nina, in this world, two things changed his life forever. First, his beautiful daughter, and then there’s her. He wasn’t certain she and Charlotte would ever meet; he thought they’d be separate parts of his life always. But then Charlotte came to live with him, and the most remarkable thing happened. He met the side of Nina that loved his daughter. She introduced him to a new level of happiness. She’s a wonderful mother, and he can’t imagine sharing his daughter with anyone else; like he can’t imagine sharing his life with anyone else. She’s it. She’s the one.

Ned says, it’s amazing how clearly Olivia sees his family. Does she want out? Olivia asks if he thinks his family drama is going to scare her away. He hugs her, and says she’s still getting her feet wet when it comes to the Quartermaines, but Olivia says she thinks she’s waist deep. Ned says they have a lot of flaws, but the one virtue in the midst of the chaos and backstabbing, is that they can take a moment to enjoy themselves, and see the big picture. He’s glad Brook is back in his life, and he can spend time with her. And he has Olivia, her love and acceptance, and her kicking him in the ass when he needs it. Olivia tells him, don’t ever forget it, and they kiss.

Jason asks how Diane got there, and Diane says, an Uber. Jason tells her, they’ll openly leave together. Sam says, it’s the last time, and Diane agrees. She says they can’t come face to face unless accompanied by their attorneys. Sam says, it’s not fair. This is how they’re supposed to bring in the New Year? He’s Danny’s father. Jason says, if there’s a fix, Diane will find it. He hates it, but they can deal with it. What they can’t deal with, is the kids missing her. He’d go prison for her, but they can’t risk her going back. They’re parents, and what’s right for Scout and Danny is to be with her, which means… He kisses her, and tells her that he loves her so much. She says she loves him too, and they hug. He leaves with Diane, gesturing to Sam with his index finger and pinky on his way out the door, which I assume means he loves her, and not that he loves heavy metal. Sam cries. In the hallway, Diane asks if Jason is okay, but he says, no.

Nina guesses she’ll say something too. Valentin has made her happier than anyone else in her life. She didn’t know what love was until she fell into it with him. What they learn when they’re kids, they think love is a fairytale. A happily ever after, permanent state of bliss, but that’s not love. Love has its ups and downs; beautiful transcendent moments alongside heart wrenching ones. But the happiness is worth the pain. On thing she’s learned, and knows for sure, happiness with him is so sweet. So no more secrets between them, right? He says, no, and I feel sick. Martin says, on that note, and reads the vows.

Just as Nina is about to say, I do, the door is kicked open. Nikolas stands there with Ava in his arms. Everyone is shocked, including me. I have to admit, that was good.

On Monday, Cameron says Trina should have stayed out of it, Lulu accuses Jax of being behind everything, and Nikolas tells Valentin that he loses everything.

🏰 To The Mansion Reborn…

To be honest, I didn’t even notice until Tracy mentioned it. I just thought it was a different part of the house.


👒 A Shame… I Guess…

They seem amicable, but who knows? I’m still waiting on Ladies of London to come back. I loved Caroline.


🍊 But I Like Braunwyn…

At least she makes it so one of these things is not like the others.


Oddly enough, in this article, she sounds like the only one not on her way out.


🍹 Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That…

Hey, as long as they’re not nasty or sloppy, if someone wants to drink to excess, that’s their business. Although LuAnn seems to be both. Just sayin’. I was surprised when she got brought back to court after outing herself about those two mimosas. I’ll bet she was surprised too.



❗ Don’t Forget…

The Haves and the Have Nots begins a new season this Tuesday, January 7th. As does Vanderpump Rules. I’ll have to see how I’m going to finagle that, since they’re both on at 9 pm. I’ll be glad to see HAHN again, and just as glad to stop seeing the ad for it on OWN every five minutes.

👂 A Yearworm…

I know it’s way off, but every time I hear 2020, this song pops into my head. Somebody make it stop.

March 7, 2019 – Everyone Heads For the Falls, a Stinky Fruit, Bad Actor Kelly, Caroline in Dubai & Here Again


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

In Ankara, Turkey, Robert and Sonny have coffee. Sonny says Robert’s friend better get there soon.

Jason and Laura drive toward the Falls. She kubutzes about his driving. Chase calls, and says Doc is fine. He’s on his way to surgery. She tells him they have reason to believe Ryan is on his way to Niagara Falls with Ava. She says, we hope to have more information soon. Chase says, we? and she says she’s with a friend.

Elizabeth paces at the hospital. Drew gives her an empty coffee cup, because no one is ever going to learn how to make one look like it’s full. He asks how Franco is, and she says, he keeps drifting in and out, but the doctors say he’ll be fine. Drew says, at least Franco’s name will be cleared, and everyone will know he’s innocent. Elizabeth wishes he had trusted her with the truth. Drew says Jordan probably swore him to secrecy. The bottom line is, they know it was Ryan Chamberlain, not Franco. Kim runs in, and tells Drew about the kids being in Niagara Falls, and Oscar having a seizure.

Cameron is shocked to run into Ryan. Ryan says, what are the odds? Cameron says his friends are waiting, but Ryan asks, what’s the rush? He can’t let him go now – not yet.

Ava opens the trunk with the remote. She sees Josslyn, and asks if she’s here with her mother. We see Carly unconscious in the trunk.

Sonny says if Robert’s contact doesn’t show soon, they’re out of there. Robert realizes in Sonny’s world, people turn up on time, but they’re not in his world. Sonny says he noticed that. Robert says they do a lot of sitting around before the action. He ain’t seen nothing yet. He reminds Sonny, it’s a small price to pay; his time for information. A woman asks if they’re interested in a diversion, and asks Sonny if she can read his fortune. Sonny says, some other time, but Robert tells him to let her read his palm.

Laura knows Jason isn’t big on explaining himself, but everything is happening fast, and she’s been locked in Ferncliff. She wants to know how did they get to this point? Jason says when Carly was in Ferncliff, there was a patient in the next room. He never saw them, but he’s pretty sure it was Ryan. He was trying to communicate with Carly using Morse code. Laura knew that already, and says Doc and Ryan would have switched places by then. Jason says he has a friend who’s an expert at cyber security; the best. He came up with the name Wilson. Laura says, Ryan’s alias. Jason says Carly went to question the guy she thought was Doc, and Ryan made up a story that the patient was a serial killer named Wilson Ritter. It didn’t check out, and then Franco gave an interview, saying he was a better killer than Ryan Chamberlain, aka Todd Wilson. Jason tells Laura that he kept the security footage. Ryan and Carly were at the hospital at the same time. Carly went to the garage, and her car was there, but her phone was on the ground. There was no sign of Ryan. Laura says, if Carly questioned him, does Jason think he did something to her? Jason says he couldn’t have killed her in the garage; there were too many people. He couldn’t move her to a second location either, so she’s locked up at the hospital, or he took her with him. Laura thinks they have to go through all the possibilities, but Jason won’t consider that Carly is dead.

On the phone, Chase says Ryan is on his way to Niagara Falls, if he’s not there already. He’s sent an updated photo, along with a photo of his traveling companion, Ava Jerome. He says Ryan is armed and dangerous. Lulu sees him, and says she got his message that they found her mom. Jason says she was there, but she left. Lulu asks where she is, and Chase says, it’s a complicated situation. Lulu asks, what’s going on?

Kim tells Drew about Oscar’s seizure and that the kids are in Niagara Falls. He says they’ll take the company chopper.

Cameron tells Ryan that he’s there with friends. Ryan asks if his mom is chaperoning, and Cameron says, sorry, but his friend Trina is waiting. Ryan tells him to have a good time. He won’t tell if Cameron doesn’t. Cameron says nothing, and gets the blip out of there.

Josslyn tells Ava that her boyfriend had a seizure, and the paramedics took him to the hospital. They wouldn’t let her come, so she called an Uber. She walks off, and Ava says she hopes it works out. She goes to the back of the car, and sees Carly in the trunk. She says, oh my God, what is happening? Ryan is suddenly there, and says, surprise!

Chase tells Lulu that Doc was admitted for surgery, but she thought he was on his way to Niagara Falls to marry Ava. Chase tells her that she needs to prepare herself.

Cameron, Josslyn, and Trina arrive at the hospital. The nurse asks if they’re family, and Trina says Cameron is Oscar’s cousin. When the nurse asks what side of the family, Cameron says his mom almost married Oscar’s dad. Josslyn says she’s Oscar’s girlfriend. She knows that doesn’t count as family, but he needs her, and asks the nurse to make an exception. Or does she have to find a way to sneak in the room? The nurse says she must be Josslyn; she’s just like Oscar described. He’s awake and groggy, but lucid. The nurse gives her the room number, and she goes in to see Oscar. He asks if Cameron is there too. He’s sorry he ruined their only night alone. She says he didn’t ruin anything; he had a seizure. Josslyn says they made it to Niagara Falls. Their road trip is definitely memorable. He says this is the only memory he cares about; right here, right now, with her. This is the time they’ve got, and all they’re going to get.

Cameron asks Trina if cousin was the best she could come up with. She says it would have worked if he’d played along. He says, sometimes the truth works, but Trina says Josslyn didn’t get in because she was honest. Cameron says it’s because Oscar is in bad shape. Elizabeth calls, and says she knows he’s in Niagara Falls, and knows Oscar had a seizure. Cameron asks if they can talk about it later. He knows he’s in trouble, but he’s in the middle of a crisis. Elizabeth says he got Oscar to the hospital, and she’s proud of him. He asks if that means he’s not in trouble, but she says, no. She tells him to let Oscar know his parents are on the way. She also needs to tell something about Franco.

Sonny doesn’t believe in fortune telling, but if it helps pass the time, the woman can give him a reading. Robert gives her his chair. The woman says Sonny’s lifeline is long, but doesn’t guarantee a long life; he still has to be careful about anything that might shorten it. Sonny asks what else she sees, and she says he has a fate line. Not everyone has one. She tells him someone he loves is in danger.

Ava doesn’t understand. Did Carly follow them, or has she been in the trunk all this time? Ryan says, it’s not a problem, but Ava says he can’t leave Carly there. He says, of course not. He tells her to go to the room; he’ll handle everything. She asks what he means, and he asks if she loves him. She says, of course, and he asks if she trusts him. He tells her, go back to the room and wait. She says, don’t be long. and he says she won’t have time to miss him. Ava leaves, and he closes the trunk.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that his friend just had a seizure. He thought Oscar was going to die. Elizabeth says Franco was cleared of all charges. Cameron says, and? She says, he’s innocent. Cameron knows she wants to believe that, but she says they know who the real killer is; Ryan Chamberlain. Cameron asks if he didn’t die a million years ago, and she says, that’s what everyone thought, but he’s been posing as Doc; they’re identical twins. He tried to frame Franco for the murders. Cameron says he just saw Doc, but Elizabeth says he’s at GH. Cameron says that means he was talking to Ryan Chamberlain. He gives Elizabeth the address of the hotel, and she tells him to stay at the hospital. Don’t move until Drew shows up, and don’t go anywhere by himself. She loves him.

Laura says as far as she’s concerned, she asked Jason for a ride to Niagara Falls. What he does when they get there is none of her business. She doesn’t want to know, and she’s not asking. Her phone rings. It’s Elizabeth, who tells her everyone is fine, but Cameron ran into Ryan at a hotel, and had no idea it was Ryan. Laura asks the name of the hotel, and Elizabeth says The Inn at Cascade Point. Laura asks her to tell Chase, and have him call the Niagara Falls PD. When Laura finishes the call, Jason calls Spinelli, and tells him to get into the mainframe at the hotel, and find out what room Dr. Collins checked into.

Sonny says he knows how this works. The palm reader says someone he loves is in danger, he gives her a few lira, and surprisingly they’re not in danger anymore. She tells Robert to tell his friend that she sees a child who is a man; a son. Sonny says he’s got a couple of those, and she says this one has his eyes. He’s the one in danger. Sonny asks how she knows this. She says she sees it. His child’s life is in the palm of his hands.

Oscar tells Josslyn not to leave, and she says she’s not going anywhere. He says, him neither, but she says that’s not true. He wants Cameron to have his car. He’s not saying it to upset her, he’s saying it because it’s real. He doesn’t want his stuff to go to waste. That’s why Cameron isn’t getting his telescope, but he wants Cameron to be constantly reminded about how he messed up the trip. She tells Oscar to stop doing whatever he’s trying to do, but Oscar says, it’s okay to laugh. He loves her laugh. He loves everything about her. She kisses him.

Trina tells Cameron that she’s not big on true crime, so she hasn’t been paying attention. She knows Ryan Chamberlain murdered seven women in Texas, and was killed in a fire. Cameron says, obviously not. According to his mom, Ryan killed all those people, and Franco had nothing to do with it. Trina asks if his mother is possibly blaming a dead man because it hurts too much. He tells her that his mom said Doc was at GH. Trina calls the hospital, and asks for Doc, then says she’ll call back later. She tells Cameron that Doc is having surgery as they speak. Cameron says that means he was talking to the real killer – Ryan Chamberlain.

Lulu says, so instead of burning, Ryan held Doc hostage at Ferncliff, took his place, killed three people, and tried to kill her? Chase says, yeah, and Lulu says she was so sure Franco was the one. She flashes back to the stabbing, and sees Ryan’s face replace Franco’s. She says, it was Ryan. When she couldn’t remember, she let him hypnotize her, and he convinced her it was Franco. Chase says, everyone thought he was dead. It was the perfect disguise and alibi. Elizabeth joins them, and tells Chase that she knows where Ryan is.

Ava has a drink, and paces. She sees her dress on the bed, and says, oh God. She puts presses 911 on her phone, but doesn’t hit dial. She says, he’s having a breakdown. Everyone said it happened before. How does she help? Ryan comes in, and says he sees she broke into the mini bar; he could use a drink. She says she took the vodka, and he says, bourbon will do nicely. She asks why Carly is in the trunk of his car. He says, isn’t it obvious? She’s a wedding present for his bride-to-be. Think of her as wrapped up and ready to go.

Sonny needs more convincing, since he’s a skeptical American. Robert thinks they should be on their way. The woman says after she shares her gift, this is the thanks she gets? and holds out her hand. Sonny gives her some money, and she says, really? He gives her more, and she says his destiny awaits him.

Trina says Cameron was just face to face with a serial killer. The upside is, his stepfather isn’t a killer. Cameron says he is, but he killed people before a brain tumor was removed. Trina says if she was related to one of the victims, she would dedicate her life to sending him to prison, but Cameron’s mom believes in forgiveness, and now Franco isn’t going to prison. He has to find a way to get along. Cameron says she knows how to cheer someone up. Trina says he has no right to complain. None of them do. No matter how dysfunctional their families are, they’re healthy. They have their whole lives to see any place they want, but this was Oscar’s last chance to see the Falls and be with Josslyn. It’s happening, and nothing they’re going through comes close. She tells Cameron, get over it. He says she’s harsh. Truthful, but harsh. She says, he can take it. Drew and Kim arrive, and Kim thanks Cameron for taking care of Oscar. Trina wonders if she’ll still be thanking him when she hears about the car.

Kim and Drew go in to see Oscar. He knows he’s in trouble, but they wanted to be together. Josslyn says she loves him, but his parents have to be with him right now. She leaves, and Oscar asks them not to be angry. Drew says they’re not angry; they’re furious. Kim loves him, but that doesn’t mean she’s happy he took off without letting them know. Drew says he had another seizure, and Oscar says, it was really bad.

Elizabeth tells Lulu and Chase that Cameron ran into Ryan. Lulu asks where? and Elizabeth explains that Ryan and Ava were going to Niagara Falls to elope. Ava thinks she’s going to marry Doc. Chase says he’s letting the Niagara Falls PD know, and steps away. Elizabeth tells Lulu that her mom is amazing. She was locked in the basement at Ferncliff, but was completely in control. Lulu should be proud of her. Lulu says she was manipulated by a psychopath. He got in her head, and convinced her that Franco attacked her. She can’t even tell Elizabeth enough that she’s sorry. Elizabeth says, Ryan fooled everyone. Even Lulu’s mother thought he was Doc. Lucy didn’t see it, and neither did Felicia. She thinks the woman he stalked and nearly killed would know. There were a lot of people who knew Doc better than Lulu, but they didn’t know Ryan took his place.

Jason thanks Spinelli. He pulls into The Inn parking lot, and takes out his gun. He tells Laura, stay here.

Ryan apologizes to Ava. He knows finding Carly like that must have upsetting. Ava doesn’t know what he did to get her Carly in there, but knows he did it to help her. He says whatever helps her, helps him, so technically he did it for the both of them. She says whatever impulse he had to do it, she’s glad it can be undone. They don’t need anyone or anything from Port Charles tainting their elopement. They should go ahead with their wedding and honeymoon, and deal with all things Port Charles when they get back. The sooner they get Carly out of the trunk and get her home, the better. She hands him a drink, and he says he wouldn’t worry about Carly. She’s already on her way. Ava asks, where? What has he done?

She asks where Carly is, and Ryan says, five miles east. At least she was the last he saw her. Ava asks if he dropped her off, and he says, in a manner of speaking. Ava asks, was she… in any condition to take care of herself? Ryan says she knows Carly is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. It’s her greatest talent, and one priority. Speaking of priorities, his is marrying her. He guesses he ruined everything. Ava isn’t sure what he means, and he says he saw her wedding ensemble. He’s not supposed to see it before the wedding. Ava says that’s only if he sees her wearing it, but seeing it laid out on the bed is fine. He wants to be on the safe side, and thinks she should wear something else. She says if means that much to him, and he says he’s waited his entire life for her; a woman who accepts, understands, and fulfills him. Now that they found each other, they’ll join their lives and fates. He wants everything to be perfect.

Sonny tells the fortune teller, enjoy the tip. He and Robert leave, and a couple of guys look like they’re going to follow, but the fortune teller gets in their way, delaying them for a moment, and telling one of them his future is dark. Outside, Robert asks what Sonny got. Sonny says, an address.

Cameron asks Josslyn how Oscar is. She says he seems okay; he’s making jokes. Trina says, attitude is important, but Josslyn says, it only goes so far. She’s tried to stay positive and put a smile on Oscar’s face, keep his spirits up. Sometimes they forget or pretend to forget for a little while. Sometimes they pretend it’s normal, but it’s not. He’s not. He’s running out of time, and one day he’s not going to be there for the next trip. He’s going to be gone. Cameron tells her not to get ahead of herself. There are still good days. Trina says, don’t waste time, and Cameron says, stay in the present. Stay with Oscar.

Kim tells Oscar when they get back to Port Charles, they’ll talk to Terry and Griff, and see what’s what. Drew says, in the meantime, they need to get him home. Kim says she’ll talk to the doctor, and see what’s next. They’ll all be together. Drew says they love him, and Oscar says he knows.

Chase tells Lulu that units are being sent to the hotel. She hopes they find Ryan, arrest him, and lock him up for good. She wishes they’d tattoo Ryan on his forehead, so no one will make that mistake again. I second that. Chase says, he had the advantage of hiding in plain sight, but this is a manhunt like no other. Lulu hopes they find him before he hurts someone else.

Carly lies unconscious at the bottom of a snowy hill.

Jason kicks in the hotel room door.

Tomorrow, Maxie asks if Peter ever says no, Robert tells Sonny they’re in the right place, and Jason says Ryan and Ava are headed for Canada.

🔪 On Top Chef, the Quickfire challenge was to incorporate the smelly durian fruit into a dish. I’ve never tasted durian, but it was described as a combination of banana, mango, and garlic chives, and stinking to high heaven. Like that dead skunk in the middle of the road. Soon-to-be father Eric said he hoped what his baby would be putting out wasn’t as smelly. It didn’t sound worth it, but maybe if I tasted it, I’d feel differently. Michelle won an extra hour of cook time with a sweet and savory shrimp dish. For the elimination challenge, the chefs were to incorporate their own heritage with the Chinese/Portugese flavors of Macau. James Beard Award winner Abe Conlon was the guest judge, and he took the contestants out to one of his favorite Macau restaurants, where family members awaited them. They had something called minchee, which I’d love to try. It’s made with minced beef or pork and flavored with molasses and soy sauce, served with a fried egg on top.  After that, they went shopping. Nothing better than an Asian market IMO. Sara had her heart set on matzo balls, and while they didn’t exactly have matzo, they did have some unleavened big ass crackers that she found appropriate. We learned that including soda water is the secret to good matzo balls. Michelle made a seafood dish, Eric prepared an Egusi stew with shrimp and dumplings, and Kelsey did a low country boil with shrimp. The Egusi stew uses ground melon seeds as one of its components, which did not go over that big, since it made the dish gritty. The judges didn’t make it clear whether that was the idea and they just didn’t like it, or he didn’t grind them fine enough. Sara’s big ass cracker matzo ball soup was the big winner. Tom said he wasn’t feeling the Chinese flavor in Michelle’s dish, and she had too much going on. It was her turn to pack up her knives and depart. Gail said it was that extra hour that backfired. Michelle went out disappointed, but proud. She’d gained closure in her personal life, and was more self-aware. She was ready for what the future had in store. Next time, the finale, where the chefs have to cook the four-course meal of their lives.

🎭 I haven’t seen the R. Kelly interview with Gayle King, but I saw clips, and puh-leeze. How dramatic can you get? If I’d been Gayle, I would have wanted to kick him one. Yeah, I wouldn’t be afraid of him either. He’s just a bad actor. The really sad part is, he thinks the public is that stupid. Maybe they are, but I hope not.

💂 I almost fell out of my chair. On Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, it looked like Tracy was going to get the opportunity to represent a property in Dubai. Then, in next week’s preview, we saw her visiting Caroline Stanbury in Dubai. She was a cast member of The Ladies of London, which I loved, but it never returned after the untimely death of one of the ladies. I remember Caroline having a house there. I’m all excited about this, which I know sounds sad.

🌞 Happy Days Are Here Again…

Well, Friday is anyway.





July 16, 2018 – The Wedding Must Go On, the Return of the OC, Savannah & Annabelle


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

As Ned says, if anyone can show cause that Nelle and Michael shouldn’t get married, speak now, Carly pops out of nowhere and says, hell no. Her son will not be getting married today. Sonny asks what she’s doing, and Carly says he knows what she’s doing. Jason tries to stop her, but she won’t have it. She refuses to let him marry Nelle. She says Nelle is not only dangerous, but deadly. Everyone is like, whaaat? Except for Ava, who gets on her phone.

Michael tells Carly that he loves her, but she can’t stop him; they’re adults and going to do what they want. She says it’s not going to end the way he thinks, and he says Nelle is the mother of his child. Nelle adds that they love each other. Carly says she wouldn’t survive if anything happened to him. Chase is on his phone. Sonny tells him not to involve the cops. He’ll call his lawyer and make it go away. He says the DA is gunning for him, and will make it into something it’s not. Carly isn’t a criminal; she’s a concerned mother. Chase says, too late. It’s on the record that she’s here after escaping from Ferncliff. Bobbie tells him that Carly is trying to save her son from making the worst mistake of his life. Carly says she’ll go, but wants Sonny to make sure it doesn’t happen. He says he’s coming with her, and Sam offers to take Mike home. As she’s being escorted out, Carly says Nelle didn’t do it alone. All the crap she pulled, she had help. She looks at Ava. So does Griff.

Bobbie says Ava wasted no time in calling the police. Ava asks if she should have waited for Carly to cart Nelle off to a stairwell. She was just looking out for a friend and her unborn baby. Bobbie says she was probably waiting with bated breath. She saw Ava at Nelle’s shower. When Avery called Carly mommy, Ava looked like she’d swallowed a cactus. Ava admits she resented how Carly kept her from her child, and Bobbie says this was probably the highlight of her year. Ava wonders if she’s the only person residing in reality, and Bobbie suggests she offer compassion. Ava says she’s fresh out. Bobbie says what Ava has done to Carly is going to come back to bite her, and she wants a front row seat.

Josslyn tells Oscar that she can’t believe what happened. Carly didn’t seem crazy. She kept it together, and was rational. She was different than she was at the baby shower. Oscar suggests maybe Ferncliff is helping her. Josslyn says she risked a lot to be there, and can get in a lot of trouble. It was obviously worth it to her to talk to Michael.

Ava asks what’s a wedding without drama, and if Nelle wants to take it from the top. Bobbie says they’re not seriously thinking of going through with it now. Nelle isn’t considering not doing it. She’s not letting Carly ruin the day. She suddenly gets a cramp, and Michael calls Lucas over. Nelle says she’s fine, and to go on with the ceremony, but she’s not fine. Michael leaves for the hospital with her. Her wedding bouquet lies on the floor.

At the PCPD, Sonny insists there’s no reason they should be there. Jordan says his wife escaped from Ferncliff, but he says she wanted to keep her son safe. Jason says, she didn’t do anything wrong, but Jordan says she overpowered the head nurse, and injected her with a sedative. It’s up to the judge to decide if she goes back to Ferncliff. Sonny says, or somewhere worse.

Sam tells Mike that she’ll take him home. He asks what happened to Michael, and Drew explains he had to take Nelle to the hospital. Mike guesses there isn’t going to be a wedding, and Drew says, not today. Drew decides to go with them.

Bobbie would say Nelle was faking, but she left before the I dos, so something must be wrong. Lulu hopes the baby is okay, and Brad says, not Nelle? Did it ever occur to them that she loves Michael and wants to start a family with him, and there’s no ulterior motive? Bobbie says it never occurred to her. Brad gets a call and steps away. Ava sees Griff, and says she’s been missing her handsome date. He says it seems like she’s been trying to avoid him.

At the hospital, Michael asks how Nelle is. Lucas says Kim is there; he can breathe. Nelle and the baby are fine, but they want to keep her overnight for observation as a precaution. She’s asking for Michael, and he goes into her room. He tells her that she gave him a very big scare. He’s glad nothing is wrong with the baby. Nelle adds, or her? and he says, of course. He thinks she should relax and get some rest, but she says they need to finish what they started. They need to get married tonight.

Michael says, not tonight, but Nelle says, if they don’t, Carly wins. He says it’s not about her, but Nelle wonders how he can say that. Francesca tells Michael that she can’t allow Nelle to be upset, but Nelle wants him to stay. Lucas asks how it’s going, and Michael tells him that Nelle wants to go through with the wedding. She says after everything they’ve been through, if they don’t do it now, she’s afraid it will never happen. Michael says, then let’s do it. Get married right here, right now.

Ava asks Griff why she’s be avoiding him, and he says, you tell me. She says she can’t, because she’s not. He says she’s distant, but she tells him that she’s worried about Nelle. Griff notes that in Carly’s parting shot, she looked at Ava. Ava says she’s used to being on the receiving end of Carly’s vitriol. It just proves she’s delusional, and clearly her paranoia has just been fueled. First, it was irrational hated toward Nelle, now she’s imagining a grand conspiracy. He can’t be buying into Carly’s ranting.

Michael calls Ned, and tells him they’d like to finish the wedding at the hospital. He say he’ll be there, and tells Olivia, apparently, they’re dead set on getting married tonight. They must want their child to have what Leo has; two parents, a house, and a loving relationship. Olivia says she’s not taking away from anyone, but maybe he should pump the brakes. Ned promised to come, and asks her to join him, but she says it would be too crowded in the hospital room.

Jason doesn’t understand why Carly did this. Jordan tells them about Michael taking Nelle to the hospital. Carly thinks she’s faking it; Nelle barely looked at her. Jason says they can’t prove it, so it doesn’t help her case. Michael calls Jason, and tells him they’re going ahead with the wedding. He needs his best man. Jason tells the others that apparently, Nelle is well enough to go through with wedding, and Carly says Sonny has to stop her. Sonny says, Michael has a plan, but Carly says, it’s not worth his life. Jordan tells Chase to try and have a chat with Nelle. Sonny says Carly’s goal was to get out of Ferncliff, but now she’s made it harder. She says her goal is to save her son.

Sam and Drew take Mike back to Sonny’s house. Drew says it’s been a long time since he was there; it feels like another life. Mike knows how he feels, but says, it is what it is. He asks if they’d like a drink. They would, and he asks how Drew and Sam met.

Brad sees Lucas at the hospital. Lucas says if he’s here for the wedding, it’s going down now. Nelle is determined to marry Michael tonight, come hell or high water. Brad says he’s there with news about the baby.

Josslyn and Ned show up at Nelle’s hospital room. Michael didn’t know if Josslyn would make it, thinking she must be upset at their mom’s surprise appearance. Josslyn tells him she said she’d be there, and she is. Nelle thanks her. Nelle says it must have been awful, hearing her mom spew horrible lies, but she must know Nelle’s heart belongs to Michael. She’d never hurt him. Jason arrives, and Ned says, it looks like the gang’s all here; let’s get this show on the road, sounding like someone out of an old Bob Hope movie. Chase lingers in the doorway.

Ned says no one would blame Nelle if she’d rather wait. They’d understand if she wants all the bells and whistles. Nelle says everything she’s ever wanted is here in this room. Chase disappears.

Sonny asks what Carly is thinking. She wants him to look Michael in the eye and make him understand. Sonny says it’s being handled, but Carly says, he’s not handling it, since he’s marrying a murderer.

Ned wants to cut to the chase. No, not that Chase. He asks Michael if he takes Nelle, blah-blah-blah, and he does. Ned says ditto to Nelle, and she does too.

Carly asks Sonny what the worst moment of his life was. He says she knows. She says they’ve been to hell and back, and lost people they didn’t want to, but she wants to hear him say it. He says when he pulled over and saw the wreckage of the car, and was told Morgan was gone. He didn’t believe it, and searched and searched. Everyone was watching and… He asks why she’s doing this, and tears up. Carly kisses his forehead.

Jason gives Ned the rings. Michael tells Nelle that he gives her this as a symbol of his love, blah-blah-blah, for as long as he lives. Nelle says the same, and they exchange rings.

Carly asks Sonny to remember the night he told her. She refused to believe it. She kept calling Morgan’s phone to make it not true, but when she realized she’ll never hold her baby again, it was the worst moment of her life, the worst pain ever, and she’s never going to feel it again. She refuses won’t lose Michael. Sonny says, so she drugged Mary Pat, and broke out of Ferncliff? She says she would do it again. She doesn’t care if people thinks she’s crazy. Sonny understands why, and isn’t sure he’d do it any differently, but now she has to go back.

Ned pronounces Nelle and Michael husband and wife. Michael kisses the bride.

Ava joins Griff at the bar. She knows Sonny is his friend. She doesn’t understand it, but accepts it. She knows he feels compassion for Carly, but he has to acknowledge that she’s completely irrational. He says there’s nothing medically wrong, and Ava says that proves it’s psychological. Griff says, probably, but not necessarily. Carly swore she got the message to go to the cemetery. Ava says, then poof! It was gone. Griff says Carly smelled his cologne too, and the both of them smelled it the other day. Ava says so Josslyn got Oscar the same cologne her brother wore. Griff wonders if it’s possible someone was wearing it when Carly smelled it. Ava says, at Morgan’s grave? He says, by accident or on purpose, but if it was real, how do they know the message wasn’t real? Ava asks how it could be there one minute, and gone the next, but he doesn’t know.

Josslyn congratulates Nelle, who’s grateful that she was there. Jason tells Michael that he’ll always have his back, and he knows it.

Sonny tells Carly that his influence is limited. Maybe he can get her out, but he doesn’t know how long it will take. He has to call in favors, but if he’s too obvious, the DA will shut him down. Carly says she’s scared, but can handle it and wait to get out, but she wants Sonny to get Michael out. Whatever it takes.

Francesca tells Nelle’s guests that she warned them; they have to keep it short. Ned says they still have to sign the marriage license. He asks if anyone has a pen, and Jason gives him one. I wonder if it’s invisible ink.

Jordan says Carly has been remanded back to Ferncliff pend judicial review. She’s sorry, and hopes it’s over soon. Carly tells Sonny to take care of Michael. He says, whatever it takes.

Ned presents Mr. and Mrs. Michael Corinthos. Josslyn takes a picture, telling them to say married. Nelle thanks them, and says it was nice to have a family member officiate. Ned says they’ll have a proper toast when the baby is born. He’s taking the license to be filed. Francesca says her patient needs some downtime, and they leave. Francesca congratulates the couple, and Michael guesses he should go too. Nelle doesn’t want him to leave on their wedding night, but he says they have the rest of their lives to make up for it. When he’s gone, she looks sadly at her ring.

Lucas asks Brad if it’s good, and Brad says, no; great news. Their baby passed the last checkup with flying colors. Their baby is perfectly healthy. It’s happening. They’re about to become parents.

Michael asks Josslyn if she wants a ride home. He says she seems distracted, and wonders if it’s because of Carly showing up. Josslyn says that, and a situation she doesn’t know how to handle. He asks if it’s about their mom. She says she’s worried about her, and Sonny, but they have Jason to make sure things are okay. It’s about Nelle and Chase.

Chase goes into Nelle’s room. He says he couldn’t leave without kissing the bride. Isn’t it supposed to be just the husband who does that?

Drew tells Mike that he and Sam used to be married. Mike is sorry to hear they’re divorced. Drew says maybe it’s not meant to be. Mike says he told himself that about Sonny’s mom. You have no way of knowing what’s will happen going in. You can only follow your heart. Sam thinks it’s time to get some sleep, and Mike says it’s time to mind his own business. He goes upstairs, and Drew and Sam clink glasses.

Jason asks Sonny where Carly, and Sonny tells him, Ferncliff. Jason say she did this for nothing. Now it’s going to get bad, with Mary Pat’s retaliation alone. Sonny says he should have known. She was calm and reasonable when she heard about the wedding. She did say she hated it, but didn’t act like she normally would. Jason says she knew the risk and the consequences, and no one on earth could have stopped her. Sonny has no control over Ferncliff, so Michael’s plan better kick into high gear, before Carly is in too deep.

Back at the Cliff, Rupert tells Carly that she had a sweet deal. Mary Pat doesn’t like her, but Doc was her guardian angel. Her husband even got special privileges for her. Carly says he’ll be grateful and generous if they continue. If they don’t, he’ll be disappointed, and nobody wants Sonny Corinthos disappointed. Rupert ask if she’s threatening him, but she says she’s stating a fact how is it going to go

Griff thinks they should call it a night, and Ava asks if he means together. She knows something is wrong, and he says he can’t stop thinking about Carly. She says, that’s just what every girlfriend wants to hear. Ava says she’s concerned about Nelle, and has Kiki’s trial to worry about. Weddings are supposed to inspire romance, and she’s feeling inspired. She kisses him, and they leave.

Sam says, Mike is right. All you can do is follow your heart. Drew asks, even if it leads to disaster? and she says, disasters happened every day, whether they’re brought on by ourselves or random. If you’re afraid to fall in love because you don’t want to get hurt, that would be a complete disaster. She thinks you would be cheating yourself. He asks if she had it to do over again, even knowing how it ended up, would she? She says when she signed the papers, she said she didn’t regret the time they spent together, and she never will. He kisses her shoulder.

Olivia asks Ned how the nuptials went, and he says short and sweet. Once it’s filed legally, they’re married. Lulu would have bet money that Carly could get through to Michael, and make him believe her. Olivia says, who said he doesn’t? It might be as bad as Carly says, but at the end of the day, Nelle is the mother of Michael’s baby. Like Carly demonstrated today, nothing changes your priorities like parenthood. They toast to the couple and their bundle of joy.

Sonny calls Diane to work on a strategy in light of recent events. Jason says they don’t have to prove Carly was set-up to make the DA look bad. Sonny says the DA wanted to get a Corinthos, and when she couldn’t get him, she got the next best thing. Imagine how embarrassing it would be. Jason thinks they might agree to vacate the sentences to make it go away. He calls Spinelli.

Carly tells Rupert that Sonny always pays his debts, whether he owes a favor or payback. I guess he’s also part Lannister. Rupert says he’s just an orderly, and does what he’s told. It’s Mary Pat she has to worry about never. She never lost control of a patient until her, and she didn’t like Carly to begin with. Any special arrangements will have to be made with her, but he doesn’t think she’s be very interested. He asks Carly why she did it, and Carly asks if he’s heard stories about mothers lifting cars off of their children. They’re true. When a child is in danger, a mother can do anything.

Nelle tells Chase that he almost had her convinced Michael didn’t love her, and was only obligated because of the baby. He had every opportunity to back out or postpone it, but he wanted to get married as much as she did. Chase asks, what now? A ring won’t stop Michael from taking her child; it’s just a piece of jewelry. If Michael really loves her, why leave her alone on her wedding night? He wouldn’t. He kisses her, and she moves to slap him, but he grabs her wrist. He tells her congratulations, and leaves. She gets out of bed.

Josslyn tells Michael, when she came back from getting ice, Chase was kissing Nelle. Nelle stopped it pretty quickly, but she got the feeling Nelle kissed back. Michael says he’s not worried about it. She says he’s not worried about his wife making out with another man? Michael tells her to trust him. He has everything under control. Nelle overhears from around the corner.

Tomorrow, Franco needs to tell Elizabeth something, the DA asks what Sonny and Jason’s involvement is, and Drew needs a new wife.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

They’re ba-a-a-ack! Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson are the newbies this season, replacing Peggy and Meghan.

Tamra and Eddie are moving. Eddie lived in the house with his ex, and Tamra wanted a place they could call theirs. Eddie wants a housewarming party but doesn’t want to invite Vicki. Tamra asks what if she apologizes, and he thinks that would be a start. In her interview, Tamra says it’s been baby steps with Vicki. She tells her mother about Eddie being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AFib), and needing heart surgery. They have to cauterize part of his heart. She says his body is letting him down at age 45. Her mom says she’ll have a hard time keeping him down. Tamra tells her that Eddie said he doesn’t want to die that way, and she starts to cry. Her mom hugs her.

Vicki asks Steve when he’s moving in, and he says he can’t be any more in. In her interview she says he’s been living with her for two months, but hasn’t done a change of address. She doesn’t understand why he can’t commit fully. She tells him how Shannon is hurt by David moving on. Brooks is getting married next weekend, but she pities the girl he’s marrying. In her interview, she hopes Steve proposes. She doesn’t like being alone, and wants a husband. She’s happy she and Tamra have been able to not harbor bad feelings and move on. She needed to make it right. She tells Steve that she’s keeping her opinion to herself from now on, and Steve says, some things are better left unsaid. She tells him the girls mean a lot to her.

Tamra directs the movers to where the furniture should go. They’re moving in while the house is still under construction, because they wanted to do it before Eddie’s surgery. Shannon calls Tamra, who says she has no sink, and it won’t be done for another twenty-eight days. She’s worried the others think the new house is something special, and it’s only 4000 square feet. Only. Shannon says it’s more special than where she and Kelly live right now.

In her interview, Shannon says it’s hard to be a single mom to teenage daughters. It’s disappointing that, after twenty years, her family is breaking up. She also went down to 4000 square feet. Boo-effing-hoo. She says each of her daughters is different with emotion but they all want their parents to be happy, and weren’t seeing it at home. She’s worried about she and David’s future at being co-parents. They’re only communication is through text and email, and it’s not pleasant. There’s a lot of bitterness on his part.

Kelly says dating post-divorce is like fishing with dynamite. She doesn’t like everybody, but it’s easy to find a date. She’s loving her new townhouse. In her interview, she says she and Michael had separated before for two years, but Jolie understands more now, and she’d rather they not be fighting. Jolie does her homework, and Kelly is no help. She says the only prime she knows is hers at 42.

Shannon meets Vicki. She’s trying not to obsess, and is down ten pounds. In her interview, Shannon says the last time she and Vicki interacted, she saw authenticity in Vicki’s remorse about she and David divorcing. We flash back to that at the reunion. Shannon says she has high hopes they’ll get to a better place. She tells Vicki that she and the girls are doing well, and they order breakfast. Vicki asks if Shannon’s heart is broken about David having a girlfriend. Shannon says it hurts to know how easily replaceable she is. The first couple of months made her sad. They talk about his posts on social media, and how Shannon found out that way. She says he’s doing what normal people would privately in a text. She thinks the girlfriend is young, and wants to be taken care of. Shannon says, after a lot of tears, she’s excited to see where this year will take her. Vicki says positive thoughts will being positivity to her life. I look to see if she’s reading a bad fortune cookie. In her interview, Vicki hopes Shannon knows she’s there for her. Shannon is glad they’re in a place where they can have a normal conversation.

It’s Eddie’s surgery day. He and Tamra leave for the hospital. She’s still trying to process it, but knows everything will get better. He says he’s a spartan, and she says, strong like bull, as my father used to say. She thinks she should be the one having issues. In her interview, Tamra says Eddie is tired of not being able to work out. His world is health and fitness, and when you take something away that someone loves, it changes them. She’s worried about the surgery.

Ryan and Tamra get coffee while Eddie is in hour six. She tells Ryan that she’s flustered. She gets the good news that Eddie is out. Ryan asks how it went, and she gets teary. She says they fixed the problem with AFib, but found out that his heart is beating irregularly, which makes him at greater risk for it coming back. Vicki calls, and Tamra says she’s holding up. She explains about Eddie’s heart still not working properly. Vicki offers to get Tamra a juice or something, but Tamra says she’s with Ryan. Ryan says, juice helps people in troubling times. Giving us our best quote of the week so far.

Kelly and Jolie go out for dinner. Vicki joins them. In her interview, Vicki says Kelly was unhappily married, and we flash back to that. Kelly says she’s doing well now. For the first time in her life, she’s doing things on her own. Vicki tells her David is dating a 34-year-old, and she hopes Michael finds a girlfriend. Kelly thinks Shannon should date, and Vicki says she has a friend of Steve’s for her. Kelly insists she’s not dating, but Jolie pipes up that she is, and Vicki says she knows way too much for sixth grade. Kelly thinks they should go on a ropes course to build trust. Vicki says she’s not good at athletic sh*t.

Tamra meets friend Emily in the park. Emily is a party planner by night, and a kickass attorney by day. They met three years ago, but something happened that pissed Tamra off, and they haven’t seen each other for two years. Emily says she’d invited Ricky to her 40th birthday party, but didn’t know the circumstances between him and Tamra. We flash back to Ricky making comments about Eddie being gay. Emily thinks she’s seen Gretchen once since then. In her interview, Tamra explains that Emily was hanging out with people that she needed to distance herself from. Tamra tells Emily that she never had anything against her, but saw pictures of them on social media and couldn’t be part of it. Emily understands, but at the time felt like she was in the middle and was like, screw you. She missed her though. In her interview, Emily says she decided to reach out after she was in therapy to resolve issues with toxic relationships. She thinks when the trust comes back, they’ll be great friends. They talk about Eddie’s surgery. He’s now at home, going crazy.

We watch Emily chase after her kids. She calls daughter Annabelle, her feral child, since it’s like they picked her up in the woods. She also has Luke and Kenner, three-year-old twin boys. She tells us she’s from Ohio and grew up poor. She was the kid in the free lunch program. Hey, I washed dishes in exchange for lunch. It pissed me off when, not too long ago, it was made to seem like a crime to offer a kid this option. It saved money and taught me the value of a dollar. Mini rant over. Emily feels appreciative of where she came from, since it made her who she is. She wanted an education and a better life. She tried to make good choices, and it worked out. Husband Shane comes home. She says they’d worked together, but never really dated. They became friends, and one day he asked her, hey, want to get married? on Google Chat, and she had nothing better to do. They got married a few weeks later. It’s their anniversary soon, and Shane says he got her a card. They lose Keller in their massive house, but he’s found on the couch.

In her yard, Shannon comes across the great leveler – dog poop – and picks up after Archie, who is adorable. Tamra visits, and asks if Shannon is staying there a while. Shannon says, no; she’s just renting. Tamra wonders if, when the divorce is over, she’ll get some money. Tamra feels badly for her, but says David has moved on, and it’s time for her to sign the divorce papers and figure out next part of her life. Shannon says she’s frustrated that in less than three months after her marriage of seventeen years ended, he’s found a girlfriend. In her interview, Tamra says she was the first to find out, and stalked them. She found out the relationship went back as far as when David and Shannon were still married. Tamra was worried about telling Shannon, but Shannon says it’s over; it doesn’t matter. Tamra says it’s time to take her ring off. Shannon says it doesn’t represent David, but that she’s a wife and mother. In her interview, Shannon says not be wearing a wedding ring means she doesn’t have her whole family together anymore. Tamra says it’s like the final step.

Shannon says she’s never taken it off except when she was pregnant. It will seem like she’s naked. She knows the marriage is over, and she never wants to go back. It’s tight, but she suddenly decides she wants it off. Tamra helps using some soap. Shannon tells Tamra to rip her knuckle off. It finally comes off, and Shannon says she feels naked and like her hands look old.

The girls drive to the ropes course together. Kelly wants to talk about her date. Shannon says she claimed she wasn’t dating, and Vicki begs to differ. The course looks high up and scary. Shannon says the activity is really about making a commitment and trust. Everyone has trust issues, and Vicki says they’re rebuilding what’s broken. They put on helmets and harnesses. Vicki falls over before they even get on the course, and we flash back to her doing a lot of that over the seasons.

The guide explains the course, and the girls start to climb up. Tamra and Shannon go first. Kelly asks if it’s scary. Shannon is afraid of heights, and says, eff you. Tamra encourages her to walk on these floating logs, but she says she’s not strong enough and starts to panic. From down below, Kelly says it’s nothing compared to what she’s been through, and it’s good for her daughter to see. Shannon says she’s kind of right. Vicki and Kelly start to go up.

Tamra tells them not to look down; one step at a time. Shannon explains how to get across to Vicki. The guide says they’re a group. Shannon gets stuck, but it’s also made the ropes trap Vicki’s hand, and Vicki starts squealing. Shannon starts crying, and somehow, Tamra helps extract Vicki. Kelly is the first to zipline back down. In her interview, she says it’s the most terrifying thing she’s ever been through. Shannon gets scared, and tells Tamra, if she dies, let the kids know she loves them, and tell David to eff off. IMO, the ziplining looks like the easiest, and least scary part, so I’m confused. Not that I’ll ever be doing one of these.

Shannon says she feels strong, and can do whatever she sets her mind to. She knows they have her back. They’ve all been though what she has, and are there to support and lead her through it. Tamra says it was a good thing for them to do. Trust is gigantic, and as friends, they have to help each other. There’s a picnic waiting, and they toast to a new beginning. In her interview, the OG of the OC, Vicki, says she’s learned her lesson. She’s moving on and having fun. They all cheer to Team OC.

Next time, Gina is introduced, Vicki has one more hurdle – Eddie, and Vicki tells Kelly not to care about Michael moving on.

🍹 Southern Charm Savannah started its new season tonight, but I only watched it peripherally. I’d been on the fence about it, but was starting to like the couple with the little dogs. Then they broke up. Now I’m on the fence again.

😔 Very Sad News…

Annabelle Neilson from Ladies of London has passed away. She was only 49, and so far, no details about how she died. I loved that show, and was praying for its return. She was one of my favorites too. She was quite the equestrian, and had gotten severely injured during (I think) the first season. She was a trooper though, and things seemed to be looking up. I wonder if there were eventual complications from the accident. Unfortunately, it also sounded like she was depressed.

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February 2, 2017 – Franco Gets Sprung, a London Note & TBT Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Ned And Olivia F are getting busy on the couch. Dillon interrupts because it’s breakfast time.

On the phone, Jordan tries to convince the new DA that Sonny is innocent. Andre asks if the Baltimore trip had any results. Jordan tells him that it wasn’t the one she’d hoped for.

Jason and Sam visit Sonny. He tells Carly that they’re doing research for him, and Carly asks what kind. He says they’re on the trail of Morgan’s killer.

Alexis asks Julian where he’s going. He says he’s moving out.

Elizabeth tells Franco she looked everywhere, and is sorry she couldn’t find him. He tells her that cold storage is all the rage. She tells him that there was a phone call from Heather, and some other friends dropped by. Ava has sent flowers, which all three of us find odd. Elizabeth wishes that Franco had let her in on what was going on, instead of kicking her to the curb.

Ned gives Dillon the bum’s rush out, and wants to get back to what he and Olivia F were doing. She has to get back to Leo, and Ned asks why he can’t stay there. She says that’s sweet, but he doesn’t belong there any more than she does.

Jordan tells Andre that the trip turned out to be a complete waste of time and energy. She asks how the rest of the wedding went. He says he was third party to a confrontation, but would have rather been dancing with her. They go into the interrogation room to talk. Andre says he’s kicking himself for taking the wrong stand with her again. He says she’s committed to her job and he loves that about her, and he’s sorry for the fuss he made. He tells her that she challenges and excites him, and he’s happy when he’s with her. He was disappointed, and he’s sorry he didn’t just say that to begin with.

Carly asks if Sam should be involved, but Sam says she’s just in an advisory position. Jason says they have a lead, and this is a strategy meeting. Sonny tells Carly about what they staged at the hospital. Carly wonders who’s watching them, and where the investigation is going. Sonny says it starts with Ava.

Julian tells Alexis that he’s going back to Ava’s. He says he was only there to get her sober. She asks what about the accident, and he says she wasn’t even there, and their business is done. She can have her house back. Unless she doesn’t want him to move out.

Jordan tells Andre that he’s a tough act to follow. She wishes she had his way with words, so she could tell him how much he means to her. She says the problem is on her, has nothing to do with him, and she’ll make it up to him. She’s sorry for making him feel like she wasn’t choosing him, because she does choose him. It’s him or no one.

Julian tells Alexis that he was joking. Alexis is glad they understand each other. She says she needs to see Sam, and Julian tells her that he probably won’t be there when she gets back, but he’s only a phone call away. I’m sure that’s very comforting.

Carly thinks it has to be Ava, but Sam says that didn’t check out. Carly asks if there are any other leads. Sonny says that if Julian lets his guard down, it could lead them to the source. Jason tells them that Winston is gone because the cops are looking for him, and since the case is considered closed, he should have leeway. Carly says when they find out who it is, she wants to know, and also wants to know what they’re going to do, before they do something they can’t take back.

Ned wonders why Olivia F thinks she doesn’t belong there. She says that she doesn’t want to confuse Leo. Leo has a home, and this isn’t it. Ned says it could be, unless she thinks things are moving too fast. She says she has to be mindful of steps they’re taking for Leo’s sake. Carly calls, and Olivia has to run.

Franco says he didn’t kick Elizabeth to the curb; he just wanted to take a pause while the Tom Baker thing was going on. Elizabeth says that a relationship can’t be frozen, like putting an electronic on pause, and Franco asks if he blew it. He asks what they have, and she says it depends. He left her behind to do things on his own, and she wants them to face things together or not at al. She asks what he chooses, and he says together. She kisses him.

Dillon tells Ned that Olivia F will have to toughen up to roll with the Quartermaines. Ned says she is tough, and to cut her some slack. He tells Dillon he doesn’t think she feels the same way he does.

Carly meets Olivia F. She wants Olivia to know something without knowing it – Julian is involved in something ugly. She wants Olivia to keep her distance, and keep Leo close. Olivia wonders if Carly talked to Alexis. Carly says that Alexis has a restraining order on Julian, so she doesn’t think she needs to.

Alexis visits Franco in the hospital. Elizabeth gives them privacy. Alexis asks how he’s doing, saying it’s a stupid question, since he’s in a hospital bed. He says he likes it better than a cold autopsy table. She tells him he did better than she did. She confesses that she was willing to let him take the fall for something he didn’t do, and she owes him.

Andre says he’ll talk to Jordan later about going out for drinks. Curtis comes in. Andre tells him sorry about the trip, but Curtis says some things are worth putting in the time. Andre leaves, and Curtis asks if she told the DA about Buzz disappearing. I must have missed something somewhere, because I hadn’t been aware he was gone. She says that the DA wants to hear his statement from him, and hung up on her. She says the DA is going to prosecute the case with what she has. Curtis asks if he proved himself to Jordan, and is on track to get back his badge.

Jason wants Sam to go to the safe house, but she says she doesn’t feel safe without him. He says he can’t do this without his family being safe.

There’s someone at the door, and Julian thinks Alexis has come back, but it’s sister Olivia J.

Curtis tells Jordan that he wants to do it right this time. He wants to take the tests, and go to the academy; he’ll even walk a beat if he has to. Jordan says if he wants his badge back, he’ll have to go somewhere else.

Olivia F says she already avoids Julian like the plague, and she has enough on her plate. She says things had been going great with Ned until this morning, when things got weird. Carly asks if one of his relatives are trying to blackmail her, because they’re good at it. Olivia says Ned wants her and Leo to move in. Carly thinks Ned wants to marry her.

Dillon reminds Ned about a sports car he bought that was all flash, but not worth the maintenance. He thinks Olivia F might look at Ned the same way – he looks great on paper, but underneath, he has issues.

Sam talks to Elizabeth. They both thank each other. Sam says they can call it even, and they shake hands.

Alexis tells Franco that she’s making amends. Franco says she’s not the only person working on atonement, and the only thing she has to do to repay him is to take care of herself.

Julian asks what Olivia J is doing there. She says she wants to see her brother’s love nest. He tells her to get out, and she says he takes orders from her. He says someone might see her, but she says no one did, and she probably wouldn’t be recognized anyway. She asks for a drink, but he says all they have is tap water. She wants to know if there’s been any progress.

Sonny asks if Jason needs more manpower, but he doesn’t think there’s time to train anyone. He says when he finds whoever killed Morgan, he’s going to deliver them to the police, and asks if that’s enough for Sonny.

Dillon asks Ned how many times he’s been married. He mentions that Ned was also married to two women at once, and says Olivia F might have doubts. Ned asks if Dillon thinks he should marry her.

Carly tells Olivia F that she could be mistaken, but Ned sounds like he’s looking for a commitment. Olivia says they’ve never even talked about it. Carly says maybe he wants to surprise her, and Olivia says she hopes not.

Elizabeth tells Franco he’s been released. She asks if he wants to go back to his place or come home with her.

At the hospital, Alexis thanks Sam for meeting her. She tells Sam that she cleared the air with Franco about something because it’s a step, and not to worry. Sam tells Alexis that she’s going out of town for a while. She says Jason and Sonny had a falling out, and Jason bailed. She says Sonny is backed into a corner, and Jason is afraid he’ll lash out at Julian. She’s going on a little vacation, and asks Alexis if she wants to come. Alexis says Julian has moved out, taking his bad juju with him, and she needs to stay to work her program.

Julian thinks that finding a scapegoat will take too much time, and explains to Olivia J how he drugged Jason. He says it must have persuaded Jason to drop the case. He says Jason has a family now, and puts them ahead of everyone and everything. Olivia asks what’s going on with GH.

Sonny tells Jason that he doesn’t even know who it is. If Jason catches her, and turns her in, so be it. Find out who murdered his son, and after that, it’s on him and no one else

Curtis tells Jordan that they had a deal; if he brought Buzz in, he’d get his badge back. She says that wasn’t the case. He says he can’t believe he’s so stupid that he let her play him. He tells Jordan that she and the DA just want to win, no matter who they screw over. Jordan says it wouldn’t work, but she’ll help him elsewhere. He says she wants him to leave town, so he won’t end up where she really wants him – in her bed. Jordan slaps him.

Olivia F thinks she’s having a panic attack. Carly asks why. She says look at her track record. The last shot she had at happily ever after was carted off to prison during the ceremony.

Dillon says he’s not telling Ned to skip a hundred steps and go to a proposal, but he needs to show he’s here to stay. Ned says he’s not getting any younger, and Dillon tells him not to turn it into a midlife crisis. Ned says it will be a crisis if he loses Olivia F. Ned thanks him, and asks how he got so wise.

Elizabeth says she’d like to take care of Franco if he wants. He says, her place it is.

Jordan apologizes. Curtis says it’s the new her – she’s so afraid of her passions, she has to keep them on lockdown. She says what happened was a reminder that they have too many unresolved issues to work together. Her life is the way she wants, and he doesn’t fit in it. He says to keep telling herself that. He’s going to keep doing him and stay there, so deal with it

Elizabeth parks Franco in the hallway, and goes to get his stuff. Sam thanks him for not turning Alexis in, but not to think for a minute that it makes up for what he did to her.

Jason says once he clears Sonny, he’s done. Sonny asks if he needs help. Jason says maybe. Curtis calls, and asks if Jason wants him back on the case.

Julian tells Olivia J that there’s been a lot of resistance led by Tracy. Olivia says he doesn’t want to disappoint her. Alexis walks in.

Tomorrow, Brick might have a solution, Nell gets flowers at work, and Alexis wants to know what’s going on.

🛳 Note: The Ladies of London finale will be on next Tuesday at 8 pm.

Throwing Back Thursday to Plato

Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

January 10, 2017 – Haunted by Mistakes on GH, Hunting for a Storyline in BH, Veronica’s Escape on HAHN & London Goes to Scotland


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly and Sonny get busy. But it’s all in her head. Bobbie welcomes her back to the world, and Nell says she’s a woman in love.

Diane tells Sonny that the trial has been moved up and the DA wants his head on a platter. She asks him why he’s smiling, and my guess is it’s the same reason Carly is. He tells her Jason is on the case.

Jason and Curtis find the underground office, but it’s been abandoned.

Sam goes to Ava’s place to find Julian.

Alexis starts to tell Julian about what happened at the roadhouse. At first, Julian thinks she’s talking about the accident, but she says she killed him. Julian thinks she’s hallucinating, but she tells him that she killed Tom Baker.

Franco brings up the picture of Alexis sitting with Tom at the dive bar on his phone, pointing out her drunken condition to Scotty. Scotty tells him he should know what it’s like to be judged. Franco says she’s been hiding her drinking; maybe she’s hiding something else.

Sam tells Ava it doesn’t look like Julian is there, and asks where he’s staying.

Alexis tells Julian she can’t do this. She wants to leave, but he asks if she was drunk. He says drinking got her into this, but it’s not going to get her out. Alexis asks if he thinks he can, and he says like it or not, he’s trying to help her. She says she doesn’t like it, or him, and doesn’t want his help. He asks if she wants to keep racking up bodies and victims.

Bobbie is surprised, and Nell says sorry to give anything away, but she got excited. Carly says nothing is definite, but she and Sonny are taking it day by day. Bobbie says it sounds like she’s leaning in his direction, but Sonny needs to hear her concerns and respect them. Carly says he’d never betray her trust again.

Sonny tells Diane that the evidence Jason has might confuse the issue – it points to Julian. Diane thinks that’s weird, but has confidence in Jason’s abilities. She says the DA is hungry to bring Sonny down, and they need to err on the side of caution. Let Jason do his work and they’ll do theirs.

Curtis and Jason go through whatever is left in the office. Curtis finds a foo dog stamped on the bottom with the “reincarnation” characters. The door closes as they’re talking, and smoke starts pouring out of the vent. Curtis left his wallet in the car, and is having a hard time popping the door open with what he’s got to work with.

Sam suggests she show Ava pictures from the shower, unless Ava wants to tell her what she wants to know. Ava says let’s get it over with, and asks what she wants. Sam says she and Jason have uncovered information about Morgan’s death, and there’s more to it than anyone knows. Ava drops her glass and it shatters.

Diane tries to go through questions with Sonny, but he’s not paying attention. She says that Max claimed Olivia sent over some food, and suggests they take a pasta break. Diane talks about Morgan while they eat. She says he wouldn’t want Sonny convicted for something he didn’t do.

Bobbie tells Carly that she’s thrilled, but it might not be good news for Nell, since Carly might start picking out her own clothes. We flash back to Bobbie grilling Nell about being in the bedroom. She says on the bright side, Nell might have more time to herself. Bobbie leaves, and Carly tells Nell that she’ll always need her. Nell suggests Carly take some time to put the family back together, and says maybe she wants to go get Josslyn, so they can discuss everything on the plane ride back from Australia. Carly agrees that she should talk to her about it before she gets home, and asks Nell to book her a ticket. This is possibly the stupidest idea anyone has ever come up with on this show. Why would Carly go all the way to Australia just to talk to Josslyn on the way back? Can’t she just pick Josslyn up from the airport and take her to lunch? I think that’s actually preferable to being a captive audience for twenty hours on an airplane. Carly tells Nell to take a break and spend some time with her secret guy.

Scotty says nothing amounts to anything, but Franco disagrees. Scotty says it’s sad, but big deal. Franco wonders why Alexis would come back to where her drinking buddy was stabbed. Scotty suggests it was the lawyer in her, but Franco says maybe she came back to the scene of the crime. Scotty says he’s throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks. Ha-ha! I love these two together, and have the feeling they improv a lot. Franco leaves to get answers.

Julian gives Alexis some water. She tells him that the night of Sam’s shower, the night he said he was moving in, she left Ava’s to have one more night of freedom. She wanted to be alone, so she went to the dive bar. Tom was there. It wasn’t the first time she’d met him, but she hadn’t known he raped Elizabeth before. He came onto her, and she told him to leave her alone. He wouldn’t, so she left, and he followed her. She says she remembers being in an alley and screaming. Tom had a knife, and she got it away from him. We see her cut him and tell him he messed with the wrong woman. I’m still not totally convinced she killed him though.

Sam tells Ava, sorry, she knows Morgan is a sensitive subject. Ava flashes back to switching his drugs with the placebo. She tells Sam that if the DA thought she could help, she would have been questioned. Sam suggests that Julian, and maybe Ava, might have had something to do with it.

Scotty calls Franco, telling him about a fire in the Asian Quarter. Franco says there must be ambulances to chase, and Scotty says he’ll see him at the MetroCourt later.

Julian tells Alexis that he would have noticed something was off, but Alexis says she doesn’t remember anything. Obviously, she called a car and got back home, but she doesn’t recall anything else. She says the police are looking at Franco, and Julian says that’s good – unless he has an alibi. Alexis says all she knows is that she was swinging at Tom. Julian suggests she might not have killed him, and it still might have been Franco. With soap timing, Franco knocks at the door.

Nell tells Carly the situation is complicated. Carly says she thought it might be long distance, but Nell says that would be simple in comparison; he’s otherwise engaged. Carly tells her to be careful. She says men who are unavailable tend to stay that way, but Nell says she’s tough, and if anyone is getting hurt, it won’t be her.

Diane is going into a pasta coma, and suggests that she and Sonny quit for the day. She asks him if he has any insight as to what to expect from Carly. He says they’re fine, and Carly will be supportive.

Nell makes plane reservations for Carly to pick up Josslyn. Bobbie asks if she’s leaving, and Nell explains. Bobbie says that Nell has a talent for figuring out Carly’s needs. Nell says her training in teaching has helped her understand people, although some people are easier to understand than others. She suggests she and Bobbie have it out, since she doesn’t get why Bobbie doesn’t like her. Bobbie says she thought Nell would never ask.

Carly visits Sonny, and he tells her about the meeting with Diane. The strategy is focusing on the bi-polar issue and using it as an explanation for what Sonny said at the funeral. Sonny doesn’t like it, but thinks that’s the way to go. Carly agrees. He appreciates her standing by him, and she says where else would she be? She tells him about going to get Josslyn and explaining their getting back together. She says she’ll be back for the trial, but if he needs anything, call Nell. Carly says she thinks Nell has been seeing a married guy.

Bobbie says she never said that she didn’t like Nell, and Nell says she didn’t have to. She asks why Bobbie doesn’t talk to Carly, instead of making passive-aggressive comments in front of her. Bobbie says Carly has done fine without Nell, and doesn’t need her jumping into business where she doesn’t belong. Nell asks what she’s ever done to Bobbie’s family, except giving up a kidney when she was too young to object. Oh, snap! She says Carly offered her a job, and she’s never begged, borrowed, or stolen. She says she earned her spot, and she didn’t have to do it on her back like Bobbie, who has no right to judge her. Bobbie says the real Nell just showed up and now they can talk. I hate to say it, especially knowing Bobbie is ultimately right, but Nell does have a point.

The fire is announced on the dive bar TV, as Curtis and Jason walk in coughing. Curtis says they’re lucky to be alive. He says it’s a wonder that Winston didn’t have a sniper on the roof. He tells Jason it’s all for naught, but Jason gives him the picture he found. Curtis says it’s nothing he can take to Jordan. Jason says they’re not involved with the cops, but Curtis says the hell they ain’t.

Sam thinks Ava is Winston’s boss. She suggests that Ava had to get rid of Julian and Sonny somehow, but didn’t count on Morgan getting in the car. Ava starts laughing. I honestly don’t see Ava as being that organized. It’s not like she was on top of things when she was gun running.

Franco tells Alexis they need to talk about Tom Baker, but she pretends not to know who that is. He wants her to tell the cops he wasn’t with Tom the night Tom was killed. Alexis insists she doesn’t know who Tom is, but Franco shows her the picture and says it shows otherwise. He says it looks like it was a humdinger of a night, but apparently ended badly for Tom. He tells her that he’s having a hard time getting the cops to believe him, and he hoped that she’d be principled enough to come to his defense. She insists the picture is photoshopped, and he says the only way it could be more her is if she was wearing a nametag. She tells him to get out.

Ava says Sam is being ridiculous, and thanks her for the laugh. She tells Sam to never change, since she’s priceless. Sam leaves, and Ava wonders what Julian has gotten himself into this time.

Jason says the best case is Buzz leads the cops to Winston, but he might get killed first. Curtis says the police can protect him, but Jason reminds him of how easy it is to get a cop on payroll.

Sonny asks Carly about Nell’s married boyfriend. Carly says she doesn’t know it for a fact, but he wasn’t around on the holidays, so it sounds sketchy. She has to pack, and Sonny says he already misses her. They kiss and Carly is all happy.

Bobbie tells Nell that she won’t be shamed about finding a way to survive. She says at first, she wasn’t sure about Nell, and thought maybe she was just resentful, but now she feels she’s right on the money; Nell has obviously studied the family, including her. Nell says she only cares about her job, and Bobbie says it sure isn’t the one Carly gave her. She tells Nell to watch it, since she’ll be keeping an eye on her. Sonny calls Nell and says they have to talk.

Curtis tells Jason that these people are dangerous, have an agenda, and know they’re on to them. He thinks Jordan should be brought in. Sam joins them. Curtis leaves without saying anything. Sam asks what’s up with him and why Jason smells like a bonfire. She asks if they were in the Asian Quarter. Jason tells her that they were, and asks if she found anything at Ava’s. Sam says that Julian moved out. She doesn’t think Ava is the woman they’re looking for, but she’s definitely hiding something.

Alexis tells Julian that she’s done, but Julian says far from it.

Ava leaves a message for Julian telling him about Sam’s visit. She says whatever he’s involved in, it stinks and is about to cave in.

Julian tells Alexis that Franco is just fishing, and all it proves is that she crossed paths with Tom. He says she never gave up on a client, and she’s not giving up on herself. But she has to be sober to do this.

Carly comes to the MetroCourt and apologizes for blowing off lunch with Bobbie. She asks Bobbie to keep an eye on Sonny and Michael while she’s gone. When Carly leaves, Bobbie says she’ll take care of the family and take out the trash too.

Sonny tells Nell that they need to come to a new understanding.

Tomorrow, Sonny wants to know what Nell told Carly, Sam thinks she knows who is in the picture that Jason brought back, Valentin and Nina have good news for Charlotte, and there’s also news about Claudette.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The lunch at Camille’s continues. Eileen tries to drag LisaV into the altercation with Dorit, even though Lisa is nowhere around. Dorit tells the ladies she has no idea whatever the past is with them and Lisa. In her interview, Eileen thinks that perhaps Lisa is manipulating the situation, because if someone disagrees with her, that has to be the answer. Dorit feels like she’s in the hot seat, and every time she has a conversation with Eileen, there’s a dig. Eileen says she can hold her own and she’s the one who gave Erika a pair of panties. Dorit says she was making light of something, but feels like the rest of them added a dimension that wasn’t there. In her interview, Camille feels like something is going on, but doesn’t know what. Well, she has been a bit out of the loop. Erika says they were just being concerned and protective. Eileen feels like nothing has been resolved; it’s only been made worse, and now she’s a villain in Dorit’s mind. No, Eileen, you’re a villain because in your desperation for a storyline, you’re dragging everyone else’s out way too long.

Kim meets with Kyle, surprising me by wearing curlers, because I didn’t know women still used them. Kim’s daughter, Brook, is having a baby, and the shower is being held at Kyle’s. Kyle isn’t thrilled with the word “grandma,” even though Kim is excited about it. In her interview, Kim says the old stuff is the old stuff, and she’s leaving it behind. We’ll see. Kyle discovers one of those heavy tag things still attached to Kim’s  dress, making us all wonder if she stole it. I have to add that she does look a lot better than she did the last time we saw her.

LisaR meets with Eden, who gives her a crystal to get rid of toxicity. Good luck with that. I doubt there’s a crystal big enough for this group. In her interview, Lisa says that she and Eden have a lot in common and connected pretty quickly. Eden lives a sober life, but tells Lisa that she shouldn’t be concerned about drinking in front of her. Lisa says that gene skipped her, but she worries about the kids. Eden talks about healing and living in the moment. She tells Lisa about her early life, and how her mother ditched her to go to the Hamptons the second she was born. Lisa says it’s a journey, not a result, and I wonder how many buzzwords and catch phrases we can cram into this conversation.

Erika meets with her creative assistant, and they check out the sets and costumes for her new video. She feels good about it, and says she’s making it happen. Whatever it is.

Kyle meets with a planner before they start game night. We flash back to the other game nights where things did not go well. Mostly due to Brandi. Since Brandi no longer exists in this world, Kyle thinks it’s going to be fun. They’re splitting into different random teams throughout the night.

After Kim arrives, Erika is next. Kyle is concerned about the mix of Kim and LisaR, since that’s another thing that hasn’t gone well in the past. Camille comes bearing a white orchid, followed by Eden. LisaV and Dorit bring up the rear. Erika says she’s never been to game night, but heard stories. LisaV asks if she’s wearing her bullet proof vest.

The ladies go outside for dinner. Kyle wonders where LisaR and Eileen are. Still in the limo. Eileen tells Lisa that things got “weird” with Dorit when they last met. How any of these women have navigated through life this far is a mystery to me. That wasn’t even close to weird. I’m telling you, Eileen is trying to create a story where there just isn’t one.

As they sit down to eat, Eileen and LisaR arrive. Kim is sitting across from LisaR, making everything awkward, especially since Lisa had no idea that Kim was going to be there. They talk about Brook’s upcoming baby. In her interview, Kim says she’s in a happy place and wants to leave their issues behind. Kim makes a stupid joke, and sees Eileen and LisaR exchange eye-roll glances.

It’s game time! Game dude Cal sets things up. The first thing is charades. One team is inside and one is outside, but I’m not sure what the purpose of that is. Dorit is given “Seinfeld,” and I would have no idea what to do with that one either. Moving on. I missed the name of the next game, but it sounds really stupid. It’s similar to charades, but you move another person’s body around to give the clues. Watching it, I amend my opinion to it being beyond stupid. Kyle tells us it’s finally been a successful game night and Cal leaves. That was quick.

Afterwards, the girls sit around chatting. Dorit asks Kyle about Eden. In her interview, she says Eden is what you want to be as a women, and even straight women could be attracted to her. Everyone sits around the pool, and Dorit tells Eden that she has sex appeal. She wonders if Eden is gay, but LisaV says that Dorit sounds like the gay one. She is being a wee bit aggressive.

Eileen discusses the panty thing with Kyle, and how Dorit thought she was being picked on. Erika joins them and Eileen calls Dorit over. Eileen starts off by saying she totally loves Dorit, so you know something is coming. She tells Dorit that she was just giving an opinion about Pantygate, and not attacking her. Dorit talks about the lunch at Camille’s house, and says Kyle told her that Erika might have unresolved feelings. In her interview, Kyle thinks Dorit feels guilty and wants to drag others into it, but we see that she did say that. Dorit thinks that Eileen is acting overly protective toward Erika, and when Eileen says it’s Erika they’re talking about, Dorit reminds Eileen that she’s the one who brought it up tonight. Dorit says Kyle was with her when she bought the underwear, and wonders why she didn’t say something at the time. Truth!

Dorit says Eileen likes to make a big circle of things. Eileen tells her to stop talking and that she talks too much. Erika says the problem is that it’s become bigger than it should have been, and she feels like the brunt of a joke. Kim can’t see why it’s a big deal in the first place, and in her interview, tells us she’s not wearing underwear right now. Thanks for the visual.

LisaR tells Dorit about how she texted Eileen when she felt she’d crossed a boundary regarding Eileen’s grieving process. We flash back to PK thinking that the death of LisaR’s father’s might have colored her attitude toward LisaV. Dorit intimates that Eileen influences LisaR. Kim says they do bounce off of each other. Eileen says they’re friends, but Kim thinks LisaR makes excuses for going after people, and says that she never apologized for being mean. LisaR says that her father was fine at the time, but the reason she attacked Kim was that Kim went after Harry. #WhatDidHarryDo? We flash back to the dinner in Amsterdam. LisaR suggests they talk about Kim’s arrest because that’s so relevant to the topic.

LisaV is like, oh come on, and thinks this is wrong on a few levels, with which I’m in total agreement. Kim asks if that makes LisaR feel good. LisaR says she thinks her intentions are good, but in her interview, she says she feels that Kim made a low blow and she blew back. Kim tells her that she’s fake and doesn’t tell the truth. Eden says as sober women, they both come from a good place, but have to lead by example. She thinks there’s something deeper going on. LisaR asks why Kim is angry with her, and Kim says she doesn’t think Lisa is sincere. Lisa asks what Kim wants, and Eden says they need to communicate. Kim says she’d like a sincere apology and Lisa apologizes, saying she’s sorry she tried to hurt Kim. In her interview, Lisa thinks it’s a moment of hope.

I’m convinced that both LisaR and Eileen are desperate for storylines, and being working actresses, are trying to create one for themselves.

Next time, a video pillow fight, a trip to somewhere that has wonderful blue water, and Eileen and Dorit have lunch. Duck. Run.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Kathryn attacks Veronica, who says she’s lost her mind. Kathryn tells her she lost it a long time ago. She chases Veronica up the stairs with the huge kitchen knife in her hand. They struggle on the stairs, and Veronica gets the better of Kathryn, shoving her down them. Kathryn lies, unmoving, at the bottom.

Jeffrey visits Wyatt in the hospital. Wyatt’s head is hurting, and when Jeffrey won’t stop pacing, he tells him to relax. He asks Jeffrey what he was talking about on the phone, but Jeffrey tells him he didn’t say anything and it must be the meds talking. Jeffrey decides he’s leaving, and tries to get out of the bed. Jeffrey tells him he’s in no condition to be going anywhere, and sure enough, he almost falls on his face. Jeffrey says that Wyatt is his friend and he loves him, and Wyatt asks why since no one else does. I’m loving Jeffrey’s sweatshirt, melon color, with exposed seams.  Wyatt is trying to get Jeffrey to leave, and tells him that his gayness disgusts him. Jeffrey says if he can’t look at him as a whole person and just sees who he sleeps with, that’s a problem. He tells Wyatt to get back in the bed. Wyatt says Jeffrey wants him, and Jeffrey says what he wants is for him to get better. He says he won’t always be there. Wyatt tries to leave again, but Jeffrey shoves him back down. Wyatt begs Jeffrey to take him home, but Jeffrey says no way is he taking Wyatt to his parents’. Wyatt says he has a secret apartment, and Jeffrey can stay and help until he gets better. He says he’ll get out one way or another. Jeffrey tells him that he’s full of contradictions, and Wyatt says most addicts are. Jeffrey is surprised that Wyatt admits to being an addict, and says he’ll talk to the doctor. Wyatt says he’ll be gone by the time Jeffrey gets back. Jeffrey leaves to answer a call.

It’s Candace calling from the car, and Jeffrey tells her that he’s been trying to get ahold of her. Candace says Veronica is lying, and he asks what Candace is going to do, since she killed Quincy and buried him in the backyard. Candace hangs up. I would too. Jeffrey calls back, and she asks why he would say such a thing when it’s him who killed Quincy? He says he knows, but she stabbed him too. She asks why he’s blaming her when he inflicted the fatal wounds? He asks if he missed something, and she says she was worried she was being recorded. Jeffrey says she knows him and he wouldn’t do that. He says that she dragged him into this kicking and screaming, and he needs her to get him out of it. He asks what the plan is, but she says she doesn’t know.

Candace asks how Jeffrey knew the police were there, and he says Justin called him. She asks if he can trust Justin, but he doesn’t know. She says she’s going to lay low tonight, but if the police are still there tomorrow, she’s going home. He asks what about him, and she says he has nothing to do with it right now, but she’ll call him.

Quincy Jr. helps Hanna with the dishes and she tells him how proud she is of him. He goes upstairs while she talks to Benny. She shows Benny a hotel address, saying they’ll have to share a room. He still thinks Candace is going to come through, but Hanna isn’t believing it. She says he still has his truck and can make some money from that, but realizes by his reaction that the bank wants his truck too. He insists Candace will get the money, but Hanna insists she won’t. She says she’s been watching Candace walk down this road for years, tearing people down. Benny thinks Hanna is the one tearing Candace down. Hanna says she tries to talk to her, hoping that she’ll reach Candace’s soul, since she knows she has one somewhere. Benny says she never encourages Candace. Hanna says she’ll never encourage her to do wrong, and he has no idea what she goes through. Benny suggests if she tries a different angle, Hanna might reach her. Hanna wants to go with Quincy Jr. to the hotel, but Benny says he’s staying there and waiting for Candace.

Benny tells Hanna she’s mad at the world and to go pray about it. Hanna says she just offered him a roof over his head, but he says he has one – his roof. She says she’ll be upstairs, packing and praying.

David asks Erica if she enjoyed their date and she says he’s a little rusty. He wonders if she’s referring to his age, but she says she likes older men. She says he did good, but seems distracted. She asks if it’s his ex, but he says it’s a lot more than that. He’s still trying to wrap his mind around the idea of a new life. Erica says this is his one chance and asks about Veronica. David says he doesn’t know her well enough, but she says that’s all the more reason. She doesn’t know either one of them.

He says they fell in love in college, graduated, got married, and had a son. They built a beautiful, exceptional life together, until it all unraveled. She asks about the affair, saying usually it’s an affair or money, but he doesn’t look like he needs money. David says she had one, but it’s more complicated than that. Erica asks if she’s the revenge girl, but David insists she isn’t. Erica says she kind of likes it. She’s free and unattached and they can see each other when they want to, and not necessarily to have sex. He says she’s mature, and she says she does like him. He tells her he likes her too, and she says it’s time for her to go upstairs to her room. He kisses her on the cheek and looks fondly after her. Then he gives a quizzical look, making me wonder what he’s thinking.

There’s a knock at David’s door. It’s Oscar, who’s obviously been in a fight. He asks if David has heard from Veronica, and when David tells him he hasn’t, says it’s a good thing. David isn’t too sure, since he thinks she’s cooking up a plan because he’s the enemy now. Oscar finds this surprising, since they have a son together. What planet has he been on? David tells him that Veronica doesn’t know where he lives, and Oscar says he’ll keep an eye out for any surveillance. He hasn’t found out anything about Erica, but says he’ll keep digging. David tells him he doesn’t need to, and Oscar asks if he’s serious about her. David says they just met, but he’s excited. Oscar tells David to keep his antennae up, and other parts of his anatomy too, and I laugh. Oscar tells David to let him know if he needs more help. David’s phone rings, and Oscar lets himself out.

It’s Jim. Jim asks if David has talked to Kathryn, since he hasn’t been able to get ahold of her. David asks why he’s still in jail, and Jim says he can’t get the judge on the phone. He asks David to go to the house, and tells him that he also needs War out of jail. David says that War has a rap sheet a mile long, but Jim says he knows that. He tells David where the spare key is.

Benny’s partner, Mitch, sees a guy looking over the trucks. When he asks what the guy is doing, he says his job. He was sent by the court to count cars. The guy tells him to talk to Benny.

Mitch calls Benny and lets him know what’s going on. Benny tells him that Candace is involved, and tells him to get his own truck out of there. He says they’ll talk later. Mitch says the truck is in his name, but Benny tells him to be on the safe side and to lock up. Mitch tells the guy to move his car, but he says nothing goes off the property. Mitch gets in his truck, showing him the registration. The guy insists nothing moves. Mitch says he understands, but he needs to move his car or he’ll move it for him. Dude keeps saying sorry, but if Mitch moves anything, he’ll go to jail. Mitch doesn’t care and backs out taking the guy’s car with him. He should have moved his car considering how well-connected Mitch is.

Candace drives up to her townhouse, which is crawling with police. An officer says she can’t go any further. When she says she’s the homeowner, he says they have a search warrant. She asks why, and he tells her to read it for herself. Evidence for a homicide. He asks if she knows Quincy Maxwell, and Quita comes up behind her, getting all loud. She says she knows Candace did something to Quincy, and the police are going to find out, and says Quincy loved Candace. If that’s true, I’d hate to see how he treats the people he hates. The officer tells the both of them to get back, and Quita makes a bunch of noise. Candace tells her if she says anything else, she’s getting her ass beat, and walks threateningly toward her.

Justin tells the other cops that they’re needed upstairs and takes a call from Jeffrey. Jeffrey asks if Candace is there, and Justin says that’s not a good idea. Jeffrey says, too late, she’s coming, and Justin says he’ll call when they’re done. He goes outside and sees Candace, making up a reason to talk to her. He makes Quita move, and Quita gets all pissed, flinging herself around. Ha-ha! Justin asks Candace how long she’s lived there, and she mentions Justin being there, and what happened between him and Jeffrey. He tells her not to threaten him. She says a threat would be telling his mother or going to the department. She tells Justin not to mess with her, and he says he was going to help her, but now he might show the officers the backyard. He says he’s all she’s got; either she trusts that or there’s nothing he can do. Candace doesn’t budge, and Justin relents.

War bugs Jim, who tells him not to worry; he’s getting out. Jim says to just get ahold of what he needs. War says pictures and negatives. He can’t believe Candace put drugs in his car (she didn’t), and Jim is like, why not? Jim wonders about Kathryn and why she’s not picking up the phone.

She’s still in the same position, at the bottom of the steps. Veronica is unsure of what to do. Yeah, don’t check her pulse or anything. She shoves Kathryn a little with her foot, but there’s no response. The door is still locked, and Veronica searches for the key. In the meantime, Kathryn comes to. She sits up. She groans, leaning on the banister. Veronica says she’s kept her there all night, now let her go home. Kathryn straightens up and tells her to get out. And this is even more unbelievable than the storyline – Kathryn’s hair looks absolutely amazing! We should all have every day be a hair day like hers. Veronica tells Kathryn that she’s bleeding, and Kathryn says that Veronica is too. Veronica asks for the key, and Kathryn tells her go out the window. Kathryn threatens her with the knife, saying she’ll never be okay after what Veronica did to her son. David walks in, and Veronica throws herself at him, begging for help.

My hat is off to Tyler Perry once more.

Next time, David tells Veronica to stay away from him, Justin has Mitch arrested, and Candace blackmails Justin with some photos.

 A little on Ladies of London. Caroline #1 invited everyone to Scotland. I’m guessing by the end of the trip, they’ll all be glad she’s moving to Dubai. I did laugh at Julie saying that Joan Collins Sophie is so far up Caroline’s heinie, that she’s practically her legs. Adela surprises us by her admission of trying to commit suicide, and gives the second great quote of the night about how you drink to drown your sorrows, but they learn to swim. Juliet is a moron who understands nothing because she’s so shallow, and calls Adela selfish. Crystal Carrington Sophie has the balls to call Juliet out on her negativity, so Juliet tells everyone that she’s going to show her what negativity really is. This is after she made Marissa cry, and in her interview, says that not only is Adela selfish for daring to feel depressed, but Marissa should just get over whatever her problems are. Insensitive much? And we learn that Catherine #2’s idea of casual is heavy on the sequins.

🎼 As usual, the soundtrack rocked! Is it on iTunes or something?

😎 Hmm… I just thought, I wonder if Caroline #1 is going to get her own spin-off, something like Live from Dubai. I wouldn’t mind seeing that. She also gave the third best quote: Is it bad to want to stab myself at my own dinner party?

January 3, 2017 – Connections are Made in PC, Pantigate Continues in BH, HAHN Returns & a London Quote


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Lulu and Dante take New Year’s Eve (Day? whatever) selfies, and Lulu comes across a picture of Charlotte. She tells Dante that they have to get her away from Valentin.

Valentin carries Nina over the threshold.

Alexis is passed out after drinking an entire bottle of a vodka brand I’ve never heard of. Sam tries to call, but there’s no answer.

Sam is concerned about Alexis not picking up. She tells Jason that it’s not like her to not answer this late. They decide to check on her.

Someone bangs on Elizabeth’s door. Well, I doubt it’s a criminal. They usually don’t knock like that. Make that debatable, since it’s Franco. He wants to talk. Elizabeth wants to know about the murder weapon and asks if the knife is his. He tells her it is.

Carly tells Sonny she can’t do this. He asks what’s wrong. She says she has to go, and he tells her not to start the new year by running away. She says she shouldn’t have come. When he asks why she did, she tells him that she got worried about life being short and wanted to spend time with him, but his business is his business and nothing has changed. He asks her to stay.

Franco tells Elizabeth that most likely, Tom took the knife when he took off, but his own prints and DNA are probably all over it, and they’re going to think he did it. Elizabeth says that he should be talking to Scotty. He asks if she believes he didn’t kill Tom Baker.

Julian tries to wake Alexis. Sam knocks at the door. Alexis struggles to wake up.

Nina asks Valentin if he’s been married before. He says she’s his first and only. She says she was married twice – the first time she was young and foolish, and the second, just foolish. He tells her the third time is the charm. She says they’re going to make it work for Charlotte.

Lulu thanks Dante for being so supportive, and tells him that they have to win in court.

Valentin tells Nina that Charlotte will love having her as a mom. Nina says that Lulu isn’t going to like it. She wants Charlotte all to herself, but she’s going to lose. Valentin says he doesn’t want to spend their wedding night talking about Lulu. He kisses Nina’s hand and says it deserves a beautiful ring. She tells him the ribbon ring that she has is priceless, and she’s never letting it go. They get all hot and steamy, and by that I don’t mean they’re taking a shower, but it does make me wonder how that “ring” is going to hold up in one.

Sam starts to let herself in, and Alexis meets Sam and Jason at the door. She tells them it’s late, and she’d silenced her phone. Sam says they need to talk to her. Now. Sam and Jason walk into the house past her. Hmm…looks like Julian cleaned the place up. Sam sees Alexis’s phone and tells her there’s three missed calls. Alexis says she can’t respond to calls she didn’t know about. Sam tells her that she has to be careful. She starts to say something else, and then asks if Alexis has been drinking. She probably stinks to high heaven.

Sonny asks Carly why they can’t reconnect. She says it’s happening too fast. Sonny tells her that he knows he’s put them through a lot, but deep down she knows they belong together. She tells him that she loves him, and he asks what she really wants. If her doubts and fears were gone, would she stay? She says she wants to. They kiss.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he didn’t kill Tom, and asks if she believes him. She says he locked Tom in a dog crate, and why shouldn’t she think he did something worse? And this was after he promised he wouldn’t go near Tom, not to mention their public fight. Franco says it’s a far cry from murder, and he’s not that guy. He says after Tom left, he had a life-altering experience and there’s no way the person he is now would do that. Elizabeth asks what happened.

Lulu worries about Charlotte liking Nina so much. She admits to being jealous, but what really concerns her is the bond between Nina and Valentin. Dante drinks to Nathan talking sense into his sister. Lulu says that Nina looked her straight in the eye and said Charlotte loves “us,” like she and Valentin were a couple. Dante asks why they were talking about Charlotte in the first place, and Lulu tells him that she might have mentioned she was going to fight for sole custody.

Valentin tells Nina now that they’ve consummated the marriage, there’s no backing out. He asks if she’d like to join him in the shower. She tells him he promised they’d go out for a New Year and wedding celebration, and she’s holding him to it. He goes into the bathroom, and she sees a gun when she’s moving his clothing around. Well, I don’t think it would be weird for him to have one.

Franco tells Elizabeth that when he was unconscious, he had visions of her and Sam and even himself. She asks what they were all saying, and he says it was what he needed to hear; he has to come to terms with who he’s become after the tumor was removed. He says he’s not a monster but not a particularly good person either; not as good as he thinks he is. He’s decided he should be better, better because of her. He wants to tell her how he feels about her, and she says she knows he loves her.

Alexis says yes, she was drinking, but she’s had a crap year, her life is a trash fire, and it was New Year’s Eve. She says she got hammered and finally got some sleep. It was a one-time thing, but she felt entitled. Sam says she was worried, but she’s glad Alexis is fine. Alexis asks what the dire situation is about.

Jason asks if she knows Winston, and Sam adds that they know he was there. Jason shows her a picture, and Alexis says he wanted to talk to Julian.

Sonny and Carly get busy.

Lulu tells Dante about the scuffle with Nina, and he tells her that she needs to stay away from Nina. Lulu asks how she’s supposed to do that, since she’s Maxie’s matron of honor. He says she can’t get into another fight with Nina, because it will make her look bad in court. Lulu asks how it could since she’s fighting Valentin.

Valentin tells Nina that she seems quiet. She says she has a lot to think about, starting with the gun she found, explaining that she wasn’t snooping, just cleaning up. Valentin says he doesn’t advertise it, but he’s licensed to carry it. She says she doesn’t like guns, and he says sometimes they’re a necessity. He hasn’t lived a blameless life, and it’s just a precaution. He promises he’ll never let her or Charlotte come into harm’s way. He tells her that he’s never let his guard down except for her.

Elizabeth reminds Franco about telling her that she’s the woman he loves when they were at the hospital, but it got lost in the confusion of his almost arrest. He says he does love her, and that he’s going to tell her about the ghosts of the past, present and future that talked to him. He tells her that he’s never going to lie to her, especially about something that matters, and asks if she believes him.

Alexis tells Jason that Winston thought she and Julian were still together, but she gave him Ava’s information and he left. She says he told her something about working with Julian and not for him. She wonders how Jason knew he’d been at her house, and Jason says he’d had Winston followed. Alexis has questions, but Sam says it’s late. She tells Alexis to watch out, and Jason tells her to call if Winston comes back. They leave, much to Alexis’s relief. She asks Julian about Winston, and then says screw this, she doesn’t want to know, just keep him away. She’s going out, and Julian tells her not to go drinking. She tells him what she does is none of his business, and to keep Winston out of her house.

Carly and Sonny bask in the afterglow. Carly says that Sonny owes Michael and Sam a thank you. He asks if they told her that “Sonny is great,” and she says no, but they did tell her to trust and believe in their marriage. She tells him Nell is on his side too. He says there’s something he has to tell her. Oy.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she believes him. He says that he knows the other stuff bothers her, and she says it’s a lot to process. He did something extreme, and then claims he’s changed. Franco says anyone can say that, but it takes time to really change. He tells her that ironically, he’s going to go down for Tom’s murder instead of anything he’s really done. He says no matter how he strives to change, there’s a possibility that he won’t be with her for her to see it. He says before this, he would have tried to convince her to run away, but it’s time to face reality. He might lose the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Lulu tells Dante that Nina is an outsider to this and always will be. Dante suggests they go home. On their way out, they run into Valentin and Nina. Valentin asks if they want to join them for a drink. He and Nina have news.

Sonny tells Carly that when they lost Morgan, he couldn’t see through his own pain and didn’t want to. She turned him away, but he doesn’t blame her for anything and is sorry his actions kept them apart when they needed each other. Carly says she’s sorry for punishing him, and he says he doesn’t want her to apologize for anything. They both said and did things they shouldn’t have. She tells him to stop. They’re here together now, and it makes sense to her.

Sam and Jason go back to the MetroCourt. Sam is concerned about Alexis’s drinking. Jason says maybe Winston was there looking for Julian, but somehow, he’s connected to Morgan’s death.

Julian texts Winston saying his daughter and son-in-law are suspicious. The reply text says, “we know.”

Alexis goes to the dive bar. The bartender says last time she was there on December 21st, she stiffed him, and maybe she wants to take it easy tonight. Alexis looks surprised.

Carly tells Sonny that she’s going to stay the night. Sonny asks what about tomorrow. She tells him that she loves and misses him, but it’s all undecided. He says that he’s grateful for tonight. She says she is too.

Valentin tells Lulu and Dante that he and Nina are married. Lulu says that’s absurd, and he tells her that’s sweet (I laugh), but it’s all legal. They explain how they used the priest from Maxie’s wedding that didn’t happen. Valentin says it’s going to do Charlotte a world of good. Lulu implies that he tricked Nina, but Nina tells her that she’s being insulting, and she’s the one who asked Valentin.

Sam asks Jason what he’s thinking. Jason wonders how Winston didn’t know that Alexis and Julian were divorced. Something doesn’t add up.

Julian gets a text from Winston saying they’ll take care of it. He asks what Winston means by that, and what is he going to do?

Franco tells Elizabeth that he’s not giving up, but maybe until the police come up with another lead, they shouldn’t see each other. He says he’s not a praying man, but he’s going to pray this isn’t the end for them, and that the truth comes out.

Alexis suddenly remembers the night she was there. And seeing Tom again. Ohhhh….

Tomorrow, Alexis wants to confess something to Diane, Anna wants Andre to help her find out the truth, and Nina wonders what will happen when Claudette comes back.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Please, God, can we stop talking about Erika’s lack of underwear? Hmm…maybe she left them in Lala’s Range Rover.

Erika has been working on her new video, Expensive. She talks to her assistant, or whoever he is, about the underwear that Dorit gave her. In her interview, she asks again why PK didn’t say something about it at the time. She thinks that Dorit is the type of woman who takes the fun out of hanging out with women. I don’t know what’s more annoying, the relentlessness of the topic or her ignorance as to why a man who doesn’t know her well would rather mention it to his wife than directly to her. Although, I guess she thinks he should have said something to his wife immediately? Omg, I can’t believe I’m even going on about this.

Dorit and PK are having a dinner party. LisaR has been invited, since she’s by herself while the rest of the family is off doing work things. Wow. Lisa is wandering around with a bottle in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. Apparently, she was met at the door with a drink, but you’d think someone would have relieved her of the hostess gift. No surprise, the food looks fabulous. I’ve always been an adventurous eater, so I get obsessed with the food at these parties.

LisaR talks about her apology to LisaV. PK tells her that there’s an old saying that you can’t put your head on someone else’s shoulders. I like it. Some guy named Elliot puts his two cents in, and it’s very poetic, but neither LisaR nor I understand anything that he’s saying. In her interview, Lisa thinks that someone filled PK in on the conflict since he knows more than she’s told him. NOOO! We flash back to the origination of the conflict, where LisaR used the M-word. Lisa mentions that her father had recently passed away, and PK suggests that might have influenced her perception. In her interview, Lisa isn’t liking that he’s analyzing how she feels, although I think he’s just trying to be nice. IMO, everyone is reading way too much into everything.

Lisa tells everyone that Eileen has lost six people in her family in the past year, and never told anyone about her mother dying just prior to the reunion. Lisa knew, but by some miracle never told anyone. PK doesn’t think Eileen’s silence was fair to the others, and Dorit agrees, but Lisa tells them it was survival for her. In her interview, Lisa thinks it’s odd that they’re giving their opinion on how anyone else should grieve, and I have to agree with her on that.

Mauricio has gotten a speeding ticket in the mail from driving with Alexia in the Ferrari. 600 Euros, whatever that adds up to. So is he supposed to send cash in an envelope to Italy or what? Kyle figures that he was driving about 112 miles an hour, and threatens to cut something off if it happens again. Here’s a hint – it’s not his arm. She says it’s been a real adjustment with the two of them working in different places on the planet lately.

Eileen, who is wearing the most magnificent dress ever in the opening credits, talks about Vince having been a tennis pro, which I had forgotten. He placed 25th, which is probably millions ahead of me. She tells Vince that she got a text from LisaR telling her all about the dinner party, and what Dorit and PK’s opinions were in regard to her keeping her mother’s death to herself. She doesn’t get why they’re judging her behavior, or how they linked it to the conflict with LisaV when her mother passed away after that. She thinks they’re trying to justify LisaV’s behavior.

Harrison! En route to somewhere, LisaV and Kyle go through whose husband might be shaggable, but Kyle asks why she’d downgrade. They arrive at a skincare facility, where Kyle gets a laser treatment on her face. After Kyle is finished, Lisa gets some kind of neck thing done, and they discuss vaginal rejuvenation. One of the assistants brings out a “probe” that looks like a huge laboratory test tube, and I don’t even want to know. Neither does Lisa, btw.

Erika and LisaR go to a Pilates studio run by Vidal Sassoon’s daughter. They use the machines, and it looks difficult. In her interview, Erika says that people think just because you have money, you don’t have to work hard to look good. I’ve never thought that, but I think it does give you more options. Afterwards, they stroll over to where Lisa first met Harry – Optical Connection. How romantic.

Dorit meets Eileen for a walk on the beach. It doesn’t happen though, because it’s windy and Eileen is wearing a dress. Which is what I always wear for a walk on the beach. In her interview, Dorit thanks Eileen for wearing underwear. Eileen invites Dorit out to Malibu for lunch with Camille Grammer, and they discuss the escape room event. Dorit thinks there was tension between herself and Erika. Eileen feels that Dorit blindsided Erika with the panties, and Erika felt like everyone was in on the joke except her.

Eileen brings up what was discussed at Dorit’s dinner party about her mother’s passing, and how she didn’t tell anyone. Dorit says she doesn’t remember the conversation. I’m not sure if she’s that scatterbrained or if she’s trying to avoid the topic. She doesn’t get what the context was, which flusters Eileen. She tries to explain further, but gets nowhere. In her interview, Dorit says that Eileen wants to give credence to something that apparently wasn’t that important. Eileen thinks the more she tries to clarify things, the more confusing she’s making them. Somehow, she manages to get her point across. I think.

Eden Sassoon, LisaR and Erika go out to lunch. Eden says her father created the “bob” haircut, but wasn’t that popular in the 1920s? Eden tells Lisa that her hair is iconic and to never change. Really? She talks about her younger sister dying in her 30s of an overdose, and tells stories about hanging out with celebrities in the 80s. Lisa invites her to Kyle’s game night, since the Richards sisters were part of the pack way back when.

Kyle drops off lunch for Mauricio and two of their daughters, who are working at his office. He’s excited about the girls working with him. Kyle says that she and Mauricio are having a hard time finding balance, and talks about making marriage and family being a priority.

Camille has a new home, and Eileen comes bearing a gigantic plant. In her interview, Camille says she doesn’t know if the ice will ever thaw between her and Kelsey, and I wonder if she’s gearing up to be on next season. Dorit arrives bringing a gigantic bottle of wine, and Erika brings a pretty large box of…something. The ladies go outside to eat.

Erika talks about her latest video and explains the process. In her interview, Dorit seems to think that Erika’s career is just a hobby, comparing it to Boy George’s gig. Even though Erika just had her ninth number one single. Dorit thinks that Erika doesn’t have much “performer allure” (?) in normal conversation, and is kind of reserved. They talk about being in your 40s, which Dorit seems to think brings confidence. Erika laughs because Dorit has only been 40 for a week. Eileen thinks you care less about what other people think and that it’s emancipating.

Dorit brings up what Eileen had asked her about the dinner party. I just hate how they beat things to death on this show. In her interview, Eileen thinks Dorit is trying to make her [sic] a problem when she isn’t one. Eileen interrupts Dorit, who asks Eileen to let her finish.

Next time, Dorit feels like she’s in the hot seat, another game night, Eileen tells Dorit she talks to much, and Kim Richards and LisaR go at it. Ought to be good.

The Haves and the Have Nots

I had to attend a dinner at a neighbor’s house, so I missed the first half of the show. Why OWN’s programs aren’t repeated immediately afterward, like just about every other station’s, is a mystery to me. The next one is at 3 am, and I’m not making it until then. The only two things of real import are that Kathryn has Veronica locked in the Cryer mansion and Justin now knows all about Quincy.

At Benny’s place (at least for right now), Hanna hassles Benny about not eating, but then says his appetite will come back. He wonders why she’s not mad about him, Candace, and the whole house thing. He says Candace is his sister, so he tries, but she is who she is. He says at least she paid the mortgage on Hanna’s house. Hanna tells him that she has a peace that passes all understanding.

She tells Benny she has $300 left and they can go to a hotel for a while. She tells him that Candace will never learn. Benny wonders why she’d do something like this, referring to her mortgaging everything, but Hanna says as long as he trusts in her, he won’t be able to believe in anything higher.

Candace knocks at the door. She tells Benny she can’t get the money, but she’s been offered cash to turn herself in, and thinks maybe then they can keep the mortgage. The other thing that might be important is that Oscar has offered her a place in some grand scheme, so maybe that’s where she’s planning on getting money from. She says she wasn’t expecting Hanna to be there, and Hanna says only until tomorrow. She asks what Candace would be turning herself in for, but Candace won’t say. Benny tells Hanna that it was for falsifying documents. Candace thinks she can change the banker’s mind. Hanna asks if she’s going to sleep with him, and Candace gets sarcastic, telling her yes, and if that doesn’t work, she’ll make the rounds of all of the bankers and their families.

Hanna doesn’t believe she’ll turn herself in, because that would mean taking responsibility. She tells Benny to pack his clothes before he’s thrown out on the street. Benny tells them he’ll just leave. Hanna says if Candace doesn’t go to jail for this, she will for Quincy. No one ever saw him come out of her house. Candace asks why she’s so interested. Benny says he’s not sitting by while she goes to jail, and Hanna asks how she’s going to learn anything. Candace says Hanna can live the way she wants to, but there’s more to life for her. Hannah agrees that there’s more to life.

Candace says she has some money in a safe. She’ll get it out, and if she has to go away, that’s the way it goes. She tells Benny she’ll be back, and leaves. Hanna tells him that she doesn’t get it.

David meets Charles, telling him congratulations. He thinks Charles will be the next president. David says his situation is hot, and it’s not going to help his campaign being seen with him. He says he’s sorry about Charles’s wife, and Charles says sorry about David’s pending divorce.

He goes back to the bar and sits with Erica. She asks how David knows Charles, and he tells her that he’d met him when he was running for senate. David gets a call from the county jail and steps away to take it. It’s Jim. David tells him if he apologizes to the judge, he’ll reconsider bail. Jim doesn’t want to, but David says it’s the only way. Jim says he needs to get War out of there too. He’s an ally, but in for drug possession. Jim doesn’t want to explain further, so David says he’ll get Wally on it.

David goes back to Erica, saying it’s just the two of them, and she says until his phone rings again. She’s cool with it though.

Kathryn tells Veronica she can be ruthless and cunning, and asks if she forgot that. Veronica says no, and Kathryn says she won’t now. Dammit. I know I missed some good stuff. Kathryn asks if they’re going to continue playing this game. She says it will just drive her further into this insanity, but that would be a good defense. She asks why Veronica did that to her son, and how she knew he was in jail. Veronica says she has clients from all walks of life and many sources. Kathryn wants to know about Wyatt’s cellmate.

Veronica says he was murdered. Kathryn asks what his name was and Veronica tells her, Milton. Kathryn asks what he was in for, and Veronica says murder. Kathryn says that Wyatt was assaulted as a child and says she knew it. Veronica tells her that it wasn’t supposed to go that far; she just wanted him to be scared. There’s a knife a little too close to Kathryn’s hand, and I’m guessing she’s going to use it at some point. Veronica says Jim was protecting Wyatt too much, and Wyatt needed to be frightened. She says she would never do anything to intentionally hurt him, and Kathryn asks how that worked out. Veronica says not good. Kathryn says not good for Wyatt, and not good for her at all.

Veronica asks what she means. Kathryn says she knows when Veronica is lying and telling the truth, and she knows how desperate Veronica is. Veronica apologizes, and says to let her fix it, adding that they’re friends. Kathryn says they’re friends all right. Veronica’s mother was a whore and her father played the numbers. She’s one of five children who all hate her guts. She needed a scholarship from Kathryn’s father, and she knows what Veronica did to get it. Yuck. She’s also technically in the red and in debt with the bank. Kathryn says she’s on the board of the bank and has power. She tells Veronica that the life she knew is going to be over, and tells her to leave.

Veronica says the doors are locked. Kathryn tells her that she’s going to realize the grave mistake she made putting that animal in with her son. She grabs the knife (called it), and says Veronica needs to die. Veronica runs and Kathryn catches up, slashing at her and cutting her.

Next time, Benny fights with Wyatt, Candace tells Justin he doesn’t want to go down that road, and Veronica and Kathryn struggle for the knife.

Ladies of London Quote

💋   If everyone’s calling you an a-hole, maybe you’re being an a-hole.Joan Collins Sophie referring to Caroline #1.


December 27, 2016 – A Ship Called Reincarnation, an Escape Room in Beverly Hills & Speed Londoning


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Wow. The celebrities have been dropping like flies. Carrie Fisher just passed away. Not quite as much of a shock as George Michael or Alan Thicke, but still, wow.

General Hospital

Valentin curses his life. Nina comes running in, and he tells her he lost something.

Anna is having coffee at the MetroCourt and Laura joins her. She wants to follow up about Valentin. Anna wonders what the Christmas thing was about, and Laura says he’s playing with them and needs to be neutralized. Funny, she never uses words like that.

Curtis and Jason meet Sam at Kelly’s. Jason tells her they’re no longer convinced that Julian is behind the bombing.

Winston tells the boss that he thinks Julian and Alexis have assumed relations and Julian is no longer convalescing. What? Ha-ha! Nobody uses the words like the villains use on this show. He says that they need to keep Julian in line. He needs to be reminded that there are consequences to any disobedience.

Alexis wakes to Julian’s face, but it’s just a dream. He calls to her from downstairs. Holy! She takes a drink before she even gets out of bed. I went to a party last weekend, and even now, just the thought of that makes my stomach turn.

Curtis tells Sam that they haven’t ruled Julian out officially, and they think he knows more than he’s saying. Jason says whoever did this used the van and deliberately left it to be found. Sam asks if they think it’s a set up, and Curtis says they’re not ruling out any possibilities. Curtis leaves to do “that thing.” Jason says he thinks both Julian and Sonny were set up.

Alexis asks Julian if it isn’t enough that he ruined her life and blackmailed her, does she really have to clock in? He says anyone would be worried if they knew how hard she was hitting the bottle. She asks if he doesn’t have someone to answer to, like a boss. Speaking of which…

Winston tells the boss that they have other means at their disposal, and he’ll deal with it right away. Maybe Winston is nuts and he’s really the boss. I don’t really think so, but this one-sided conversation is getting old.

Nina says she’ll help Valentin look, but he says he overreacted. He tells her that it’s an old photograph.

Anna tells Laura not to do anything, because she’s working with the WSB. Laura says she’s running out of time. Lulu is going to fight for custody, but if the court rules against her, Laura is afraid of what Lulu will do. Anna says Lulu should be careful or she’ll lose all access to Charlotte. Laura says if Lulu loses, she’ll eliminate Valentin herself. Man, Laura is feisty today.

Jason tells Sam that Sonny had controlled Port Charles for over twenty years, and Julian came along two years ago and took over. He wonders what if someone else wanted the territory? He talks about the pawn shop, and Sam says she’ll help to investigate. Lucas walks in. I forgot he’s even on this show, it’s been so long. Curtis calls Jason who tells him the pawn shop is closed. He’s going to track down Winston, but in the meantime the shop is unattended. Jason says he’ll get on that and jets. Lucas asks Sam about Julian’s accident, and Sam says she’s sorry she bothered visiting him.

Julian tells Alexis that he’s being supportive, giving Alexis someone to talk to. He says he’s the only one who knows how terrified she is that she won’t get back to where she was, and drinking isn’t going to get her out of it.

Anna says that Laura has every right to sacrifice herself, but they should make sure it doesn’t come to that. She promises there’s always something to be found with someone like Valentin.

Nina asks what’s up with the photo. Valentin says it’s a relic from his past, and it reminds him how far he’s come and how far he has to go.

Laura asks Anna what she’d do if Valentin came after Robin or Emma. Laura sees Lulu and says good-by to Anna. Andre arrives and takes Laura’s place at Anna’s table. He says Anna’s message sounded urgent.

Lulu joins Laura talk about Rocco’s new Christmas puppy. Lulu says the only thing missing on Christmas was Charlotte. Laura says she spoke to Scotty. Lulu wonders what court would let Valentin keep Charlotte. Laura says plenty of courts would do just that.

Anna shows Andre the photo, and tells him that an associate found it in Valentin’s possession. Even though the picture is from her early WSB days, she says Robert told her that Valentin never went through the WSB program. Andre says he could have gotten the photo and information from someone else who knew her back in the day.

Valentin tells Nina that the photo was sentimental. She says he’s doing it again – the mysterious thing. He drops a hint and pulls back, and it doesn’t work for her anymore. He apologizes, and says he doesn’t trust people very easily. She asks if they don’t both have to take a leap of faith and trust each other if they’re going to have a relationship.

Laura tells Lulu that they have to come up with a plan. Lulu says she’s Charlotte’s mom and wants Charlotte with her. She says she can offer Charlotte a safe, stable environment, while Valentin is a single parent and a murderer. Laura says that Charlotte is old enough for the court to take her wishes into consideration. They need to have their best strategy to win before they go to war. She suggests striking a deal and sharing custody.

Alexis tells Julian that she doesn’t interfere with his publishing business, and to stop acting like he cares. She says he’s delusional if he thinks you can love your wife and then try to kill her. He says what about when she kissed him last night, or is she going to deny it happened? Um…didn’t they already talk all about that last night?

Sam tells Lucas that ever since she got pregnant, Danny keeps asking when Lucas and Brad are having kids. Lucas says that Julian would want to place himself in his hypothetical child’s life, and he doesn’t want that.

Alexis tells Julian the kiss meant nothing, and unfortunately, she wasn’t drunk. She was trying to give him a tiny taste of how he treats her. Julian is about to tell her something that’s supposedly a bombshell, when the doorbell rings. It’s Winston. He says he’s there to see Julian and Alexis asks if he works for Julian. Winston says he works with him.

Jason lets himself into the pawn shop. The boss watches on the monitor. Curtis watches as Alexis lets Winston in, and says that’s just weird. Jason checks out the model ship.

Sam shows Lucas pictures of Danny on her phone, and he sees the Chinese food bag by accident. She says it’s just something she’s working on. He tells her that the characters don’t say “good taste” in Chinese.

Jason remembers Winston talking about the ship and how he’s holding it for a customer.

Curtis wonders what the owner of a shady ass pawn shop has going on with Alexis. He hears on the scanner that an armed and dangerous guy has broken into the pawn shop.

Winston comments that Julian has a lovely wife. She says ex-wife, and Winston says Julian must be doing something right. He asks for privacy, and Alexis says he doesn’t need to ask twice. After she’s gone, Winston says that Julian didn’t say anything about relocating, and keeping secrets doesn’t look good. The boss has asked him to show Julian something they’ve been keeping from him.

Andre tells Anna that one of her former classmates or instructors could have given Valentin the information. She doesn’t believe it. She says that Valentin enjoys provoking her, and everything is calculated. Whatever happened between them is personal to him.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s the one taking a big risk. If she has to trust him, he has to trust her. He says he’s spent his life not trusting anyone.

Lulu can’t believe what Laura just asked her to do. Laura says she’s afraid of the consequences Lulu will face if she doesn’t win. She’s asking the court to place Charlotte with a stranger. Lulu says that’s why she needs custody right now, so they can bond. Laura says strike a deal so she can do that, and they can bide their time until the circumstances favor them, and then pull the rug out from under Valentin. She tells Lulu that they have to be patient, but the WSB will get enough information to put him away. Lulu says if Valentin was a good man, she’d be glad to share custody, but she thinks Charlotte is in danger, and one way or another she’ll win.

Nina asks Valentin about the photograph. He says pain is useful and can keep him from making the same mistake again. There was someone he trusted, and he let her see the real him, and she made him pay a steep price. (Anna?) The only one he’s trusted since is Charlotte. Nina says there’s good news – if he let Charlotte in, maybe he’ll let someone else in.

Sam asks Lucas when he started speaking Chinese, and he says he just speaks a little. She asks him to translate. He says it seems to be saying “reincarnation.” I laugh because I totally misunderstood. I guess Good Taste is the restaurant name. I thought Lucas was inferring that the characters were not in good taste and cursed you out or something.

Curtis calls Jason and tells him to get out of the pawn shop; the cops are on their way. We hear sirens and Jason says, too late.

Winston shows Julian security footage of when Alexis hit him. Oh please, can we see him fly in the air again? Nope. Julian says she called 911, and wonders why he was told the footage was unusable. Winston says maybe someone got there first and took out the good parts. He wonders about Alexis’s standing with the bar association if this comes out. Julian says if he harms Alexis, and begins to threaten him, but Winston says Julian won’t let that happen, right? He lets himself out, and Alexis comes back downstairs.

Laura tells Lulu that the next step is for her to sit down with her lawyer and husband and plot the case. Lulu is surprised that Laura isn’t fighting her harder. Laura says bottom line, she has Lulu’s back, and Charlotte belongs with her no matter what.

Nina tells Valentin that they have to look for the photo, but he says someone took it. She wonders if it’s Charlotte, and he says someone else.

Anna tells Andre that she has a bit of a memory. She was young and walking down a corridor, and hears whistling – the same tune that Valentin taught Charlotte. Andre says with the intense training, her memory might not be reliable. Anna starts to tear up. She says even if it’s just a fragment or out of context, she has to get to the end of the memory. She has to walk down the corridor and find out what’s behind the door. She thinks the answers will tumble out when it’s opened. She wants Andre to hypnotize her.

Jason and Curtis come back to Kelly’s. Sam asks what’s wrong. Jason says good thing Curtis has a police scanner because he almost got caught. Curtis tells her that he called 911 to report a scary clown incident down the block to divert them. He says obviously, someone saw Jason.

A cop arrives at the pawn shop. He asks Winston about the security footage, but Winston says the cameras are just for show and haven’t worked in years. He says that the sirens must have scared the intruder off and nothing was taken.

Jason tells Sam that it wasn’t a total loss; he snagged the model ship. It has the same Chinese characters on it that are on the bag. Sam tells them that it means reincarnation.

Winston tells the boss that the model boat is missing.

Curtis wonders if the person Winston met with this morning might give them information. He tells them Winston was with Sam’s mama.

Alexis asks what part of Julian’s work includes her. She wonders why he’s so tense. Julian says if he didn’t know any better, he’d say she was worried about him. She tells him not to flatter himself.

Winston says that Julian has been put in his place for the time being, but he and the boss have a more urgent problem. It’s time to do something about Jason Morgan.

Because the shows are out of sync, there’s no preview, just the extra-long credits where they actually show everyone who worked on GH, which usually happens on Christmas Eve.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Erika is going to the CBS studio to discuss her part on The Young and the Restless, and she’s nervous. In her interview, she talks about when she first moved to LA and went on auditions, and how she’s a showgirl rather than an actress. She makes a good point in saying everyone hits their strides at different times, and she hates when people give you a shelf life, like if you don’t do something by a certain age, you’re done. Says who? she says. You go, Erika Jayne!

Kyle and LisaV meet for drinks. Lisa tells Kyle that West Hollywood is supporting her fight against the Yulin dog meat trade, and she wants to put political pressure on China. In her interview, she says she wants to make it her life’s work to stop dog torture. I love Lisa and want to know when I can move in. They joke about Erika not wearing underwear at the pre-white party kiki. Kyle thinks Dorit is just a little annoyed and not ready to let it go. Lisa says she likes her knickers. Me too.

Erika arrives at the studio, and Eileen meets her. She tells Eileen she doesn’t want to let her down. Executive producer Mal meets with them. We find out that Erika was (loosely) named after Erika Kane on All My Children. They discuss what kind of part she would like. She says she’s more like the hooker next door than the girl next door. He asks if they would like a scene together, and they would. In her interview, Erika jokes that she doesn’t want to single-handedly sink the show.

Dorit and PK take daughter Phoenix to the doctor. She wears a headband because she favored one side while sleeping, and it started to affect her skull. Dorit is hoping they’re getting closer to being able to take it off. They look at before and after pictures, and the doctor says she’s done wearing it. Dorit is ecstatic.

LisaR goes to do her QVC thing. She started with them after her stores tanked, and she has a “today’s special value” going on, which means you sell during a 24-hour period. I gotta say, the duster sweaters she’s selling are nice. She says her hustle has just begun, and you only get an hour’s sleep on a day like this. She’s happy that Harry is at the point where he no longer has to work, because there were so many years where he took parts just to support the family.

Lisa calls Harry. He wonders why she’s selling sweaters in the middle of summer, but she says she’s halfway to her goal. He admits they’re cool sweaters. Told you. Even Harry thinks so. (#WhatDidHarryDo) She asks if he talked to their daughters who are loose in NYC. He says he texted and tracked them, and they were where they were supposed to be. Like a kid can’t figure out a way around that.

Kyle just got back from the callback session for her show. She calls Mauricio and tells him how surreal it is seeing people playing herself and people she knows. She thought Portia was too young to audition, and it would also be too strange. She’s happy that they’ll be filming close to home, and talks about how difficult it is for her and Mauricio to be in the same place at once lately.

Eileen calls QVC saying she wants a sweater in every color. She nicely plugs the line while she’s on the phone.

Giggy! Harrison! LisaV and Ken visit their dog rescue. The manager thanks her for the donation. In her interview, Lisa explains that they started the foundation, and use both donations and their own money. Lisa wants one of the dogs, and Ken says every animal she sees, she wants. She says well, she did marry him. In her interview, she talks about how Ken made a U-turn in the middle of the highway to rescue a dog when they were first dating, and she knew she was going to marry him. He helps groom one of the dogs. They’re also doing a documentary and entering a resolution into Congress about stopping dog torture. Lisa says her life has gone to the dogs, and wonders how many you need before you look like a crazy person. The manager says she’s the wrong person to ask. So am I.

Dorit gets together with LisaR and Eileen, who go nuts over her shoes. Lisa calls her taste “exotic,” and Eileen is shocked that she just had a baby and looks so good. Dorit tells them about Phoenix’s skull problem, and that she’s officially on the other side of it. They talk about the various traumas their children have put them through.

They discuss Erika inviting them to an escape room experience. Eileen suggests no one drink beforehand. Dorit tells them about Erika’s lack of underwear at the kiki. She says she thought that Erika was wearing nude-colored panties, and then realized how hard her husband was staring. Not that she blames him. She says he told her later that it was uncomfortable, even though he couldn’t look away. In her interview, Lisa thinks Dorit is overreacting, and it would be easy to forget about crossing your legs. Um…I don’t think I’d forget. Lisa thinks they’re misjudging Erika because of her looks, and Eileen doesn’t think she was flashing on purpose. Dorit plans on giving Erika some panties, and Eileen wants to witness that.

Kyle meets Dorit for some shopping in one of those rich people stores that has like five dresses. Dorit tells her about having drinks with Eileen and LisaR. They talk about Erika, and Kyle says she doesn’t think Erika did anything on purpose. Dorit tells Kyle about what PK said. In her interview, Dorit says she thinks Erika has a good sense of humor, and buys a pair of lacy panties for her. Kyle thinks it could go terribly wrong, but wants to be there when it happens. What is up with these women?

Eileen tells Erika that Mal wants her to read, and the writers will come up with something for her.  The girls all meet at the escape room place. Dorit says she’s giving Erika a cheeky gift, since they’ve all seen her pretty little puss. Erika isn’t happy about PK seeing the view, and wonders why he didn’t say something. Well, he doesn’t really know Erika, and it’s up there with telling someone their fly is open. Worse. I’m pretty good with things like that, but not everyone is.

Erika takes the undies in good humor. Dorit says the whole thing took on a life of his own. Erika tells her that the only reason she wasn’t wearing underwear was because of the dress. In her interview, Dorit wonders how you wouldn’t know that you’re flashing someone. Erika tells her the more you talk about sh*t the worse it gets, so be careful. Dorit wonders if that’s a threat. She tells Erika that she didn’t want it to be a thing, and they act friendly. LisaV arrives. Erika tells her about the underwear, and Lisa says she already heard about it.

The host gives them instructions on finding clues, etc. It’s cool, like an old, weird apothecary – their adventure is called “The Alchemist” – but looks complicated like a Survivor challenge. They break into teams. LisaV is with Eileen and Dorit. In her interview, Lisa says that she’s escaping from both the room and Eileen. LisaR thinks she’s going to be trapped forever. It looks like fun, and they do pretty well, making it out of the room. Eileen is proud that she and LisaV teamed together, considering where they were a few months ago.

The ladies go for drinks afterward. They’re very proud of themselves. They talk about Kim’s daughter having a baby. In her interview, Kyle says the baby couldn’t come at a better time for Kim, who’s doing well with her sobriety. Kyle says they’re all starving because they’re not used to using their brains so much. LisaV asks what happened, since she wasn’t there for the delivery of the underwear. Omg, let’s keep beating that dead kitty horse. Lisa is disappointed that there isn’t more to the story. Erika says the only thing she feels badly that PK didn’t say something, and Dorit says what I did. Erika says it’s all good. Dorit tells her that they can always have a chat about it, but Erika thinks there’s nothing else to say. In her interview, Kyle says Erika seems cool, but probably wants to take this bitch down. They order another Margarita round. LisaV asks if they’re done with the conversation, and both Dorit and Erika say, “I am.” Wondering about Dorit though…

Next time, LisaR tells the others about Eileen losing her mother, Erika says someone (Dorit?) takes the fun out of hanging out with women, and the no underwear saga continues. 👙

Ladies of London mention. Caroline #1 thinks that her family should just blindly back her even if she does the worst thing in the world, so she’s very disappointed in Alexis Carrington Sophie. Her husband explains that what Caroline is doing is like drinking poison and expecting the other guy to die. Julie is worried that because her daughter likes coffee, the second she goes to university in Scotland, she’ll hole up in a coffeehouse and smoke marijuana. Huh? Marissa’s husband wants to move back to the states, but she’s not too keen on it. She says she’s had enough adventure this year to last her a lifetime. Juliet’s hair keeps getting lighter…and so does her brain since she’s been hanging around with Caroline #1. Caroline #1 actually surprises me by being less of an a-hole this week, finally listening to Adela, who’s going through a bitter and stressful time with her ex. Although it looks like she might make up for that next week, when she’s mean to Caroline #2. Who, btw, is writing a new cookbook, and tells a lovely story about how her passion for food came from her mother and grandmother, talking about picking mushrooms and berries in the forest. We also get a look at the estate she’s responsible for running. Sigh…

📻 And the soundtrack tonight was excellent!

December 13, 2016 – Tom is Trapped, Dorit is Celebrating & Caroline #1 is Just Plain Rude


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Tom says Franco can’t keep him forever. Franco says he’s in there because of what he did to Elizabeth and clearly he hasn’t been rehabilitated. He tells Tom he’s going to make sure that he never hurts anyone again.

Hayden and Finn are talking and all of a sudden she has a seizure, and the alarms go off.

Carly asks Michael what’s up with his outfit. He says Nell felt under-dressed for the gala, so he made some modifications. He asks if Carly has seen Nell, and explains she was gone when he came back to the terrace.

Nell asks herself why she went with Michael when she knew it was only going to make things harder. She looks at her scar and says it doesn’t change what Carly did, and she deserves what she has coming.

Sonny asks Jason if he’s going to tell Carly what happened between him and Nell.

Carly tells Michael that maybe they got their wires crossed. Nell wouldn’t just leave when they were having a good time. He says maybe she’s right.

Nell looks at the note from her father that she keeps in a music/jewelry box. The kind with the ballerina that spins around. Her phone rings.

Sonny says Jason can’t run to Carly and tell her. Jason says he wasn’t going to do that, but he wants sonny to. Sonny says he’s not easing his conscience at Carly’s expense.

Michael and Carly discuss Christmas plans. She tells him that she and Sonny are getting along, and she’s probably spending most of Christmas at his house. Michael asks if they’re getting back together. She says she didn’t mean to imply that, but they are getting along, and she thinks it would be good for all of them to be together.

Tracy runs into Hayden’s room and tells Hayden she’s going to be all right. Finn injects a stabilizer. It’s the drug he’s been taking, and Tracy says she thought he was running low. He says he is, and it won’t keep them both alive much longer.

Tom tells Franco that he paid his debt to society. Tom asks what Franco deserves. Franco says he was sick, and Tom asks what he thinks this is. Franco says he’s doing a public service and protecting every woman who’s unlucky enough to cross Tom’s path. Elizabeth knocks at the door. Franco turns up the music, and gives Tom a shock on the collar before he can say anything. Franco tells him if he tries to take off the collar, he’ll turn it up to Irish Wolfhound.

Franco answers the door. Elizabeth says she’s on her dinner break, and she needs to talk to him about Tom.

Finn says now that he and Hayden are sharing, it’s two weeks tops. Tracy says she’ll call Sonny, but Finn says the last time was a problem, and this time someone might call the FBI. He says Hayden was exposed to a concentrated form of the disease, so it’s hitting her harder, and the shot will only keep her going one or two days. Tracy tells him to get to work and quit hovering around her; the only hope they have is for him to find a cure. She tells him to get on it before she has to bury him, and he has to bury Hayden. Hmm…that sequence doesn’t sound right.

Nell thinks about Michael. Then she thinks about Sonny. She texts Michael.

Michael tells Carly that Sonny wants her there for Christmas, but she shouldn’t get Sonny’s hopes up. Nell texts him that she wasn’t feeling well. He tells Carly that whatever she decides, he’s there for her and he loves them both.

Sonny asks Jason if he wants him to make Carly’s holidays worse by telling her about Nell. Jason says Carly will understand. Sonny says it’s not like Jason never kept a secret; he pretended to be Michael’s father for a year. Jason says that was to protect them. Sonny says keep the secret and he saves a family. If he tells Carly, he risks breaking them up for good.

Michael knocks at Nell’s door as she listens to her music box. He brought chicken noodle soup, ginger ale and her coat. She apologizes for leaving so abruptly. She says she had been dealing with a guest that was sick, then she felt sick, and she didn’t want to get him sick. He says she doesn’t feel warm, and she says she took something. He says if they’re ever out and she feels awkward or bored, to tell him the truth.

Sonny tells Jason that he’s not having an affair. Morgan died and he made a mistake; that’s not going to happen again. He asks if Jason is going to play God and tell her. Carly comes in. She says she brought a Christmas tree, and Jason can help unload it. She says they have kids and it’s important that they have a good Christmas. She asks what she walked in on.

Elizabeth wants to come in, but Franco says no; she’d see her present. He’s working on something that he feels strongly about, and Elizabeth thinks he’s making her something. He says nothing in the store would adequately express what she means to him. He came up with the perfect idea, but it’s only in the beginning stages.

Tracy says she’ll look after Hayden. She tells Finn, physician heal thyself, and while he’s at it, heal Hayden. Finn tells Hayden he has to go away for a bit. She asks him not to leave her alone, but he says there’s work to be done. She tells him she has someone else now, and calls him daddy. She says he’s never thought anyone was good enough, but she’s the one not good enough. She starts to describe Finn and says he’d like him. Finn plays along. She says when she’s being difficult, he gives it back to her, and they’re good for each other. She says Finn means end in French, and he’s her end. She doesn’t need to waste time looking for anyone else. She loves him.

Finn says he’s right there, and Hayden asks what happened. He says he has her stabilized and she says she’s never getting better just worse. Tracy suggests she’ll get better if Finn gets to work. Hayden tells him when he finds it to come back, and he says he’ll be bringing skates.

Sonny tells Carly that he and Jason were talking about Morgan. She asks Jason if he knows who did it, and Jason says not yet, but he’s making progress. He says he knows the holidays will be tough, the first Christmas without Morgan, and wants her to know he’s on it. He says he cares very much about all of them and wants them to be okay. Carly says no promises, but they’re working on it.

Nell apologizes to Michael, and says she should have just told him the truth. Michael says it’s on him. She made it clear she wanted to keep things professional, and he twisted her arm to come. She says it’s not like she left because she was having a bad time; she was having a great time. She’s the one who should have held back to not blur the lines He says he needed a friend, and thought she needed one too.

Franco tells Elizabeth that it’s not like anything he’s ever done before, but if it doesn’t work out, he’ll get her a slinket, a blanket with sleeves. She says she’d rather have what he’s making, but she wanted to talk about Tom. She says she doesn’t want him making it worse when things are good right now. She says she doesn’t need him to vanquish Tom. He asks what that means, and she tells him that she doesn’t need him to be a hero; he already is to her.

Nell tells Michael she could use a friend. When Carly offered her the job, she thought it was exciting to start over, but didn’t realize how lonely it would be. Everything is unfamiliar and overwhelming.She wonders if she made the right decision, and thinks maybe her life in Atlanta meant more to her than she thought. He asks why she ran, and she says his mom is her boss and the job is the only thing she has. Michael says he’ll leave her alone. She says the truth is, she’d hate it if he never bothered her again. They both need a friend, and if things get complicated, so what? Life is full of complications.

The tree is set up. Sonny says no matter how many people are in the house… Someone will be missing, Carly finishes. She says they should all be together and miss him here. She says it’s supposed to be about joy, but if they’re together they can be sad together as Morgan’s family. She tells Jason he’s included too, and he thanks her. She asks him what’s on his mind.

Elizabeth tells Franco that maybe he’s not a traditional hero, but to her he is one. He says maybe they read different comic books, and that heros should do everything they can to keep everyone safe. She says Tom hasn’t done anything. Fracno adds, yet. She says if she could wave a magic wand and never see him again, she would, but neither one of them have that power. They can only move forward together. He says he wants that, and she’s like, just do it.

Hayden thinks Tracy is her mother. Tracy says she isn’t, and Hayden says that her father wasn’t her father, and now she doesn’t want to be her mother. She asks if she reminds her of the affair, a reminder of her life’s greatest failure. Tracy says that’s not true. She’s not her biggest failure, the only failure is her. She failed her daughter.

Finn yells at his notes, asking them why they keep failing (word of the day). He apologizes to Roxie for scaring her. He says if it doesn’t happen soon, Hayden will die. He’s thisclose and wonders what he’s missing. He gives Roxie some treats. He talks about her losing scales to make way for shiny new ones and has an epiphany. He talks about getting rid of what’s unusable to make way for what is.

Tracy tells Hayden that she wasn’t a good mother; she was harsh and judgmental and cold, but not because she didn’t care – she was inept. Even though she was raised by the sweetest woman, she put business and profit first. We realize she’s talking about herself now. Hayden says things can always change. Tracy says she doesn’t have to live the way she did yesterday, and she loves Hayden. Hayden says she loves her too. She says she found someone to love, but it’s too late to do anything about it.

Finn picks up Roxie and a syringe, and says maybe she’ll be saving Hayden’s life.

Elizabeth asks Franco to spend the holiday with her and the boys. He says he’d do anything for her. She tells him not to overboard with the kids. She has to get back to work, and asks him to meet her for coffee later. He says his project is at a critical phase, and he wants to keep going. They say good-by.

Tom fiddles with the lock on the crate, but stops when Franco comes back in. Franco says he wants them to get along in their time together, and doesn’t want to use the shocker. Tom says he doesn’t want to die, but Franco says he’s not that guy. Elizabeth has changed him. He’s not going to kill Tom, just end his life as he knows it.

Jason says it’s great to see two of his best friends getting along, and hopes it’s a sign of things to come. Carly does too. She says she’ll be in touch about Christmas, and leaves. Sonny asks Jason if he’s going to say anything.

Nell tells Michael that she really did have a good time. Michael says tell him if things get awkward, and she says she’ will. He leaves, and she goes back to her music box. She takes out a baby rattle.

Jason tells Sonny that it’s important that Carly heal, and she might not be able to if the truth comes out. But if she asks why he’s acting weird, he’ll make up a story. He asks that Sonny do right by his family, and Carly.

Tomorrow, Sam tells Maxie a secret, Ava wants to help Julian, and Alexis says she can’t do this.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I love how these girls always say some tragedy changed their outlook on everything, but it never happens. They’re still the same pot stirrers they were before.

Kyle picks up LisaR in her Lamborghini. Lisa says if her husband brought one home, she’d think aliens had taken over his body. Kyle talks about going to get burgers after Erika’s birthday party because they were starving. Lisa tells Kyle that her name got changed to Doritos on the phone when she tried to call. Then it changed to Cheerios. Autocorrect – always good for a laugh.

LisaV is doing some riding. In her interview, she says Ken bought her a horse when she was in her 20s and she’s loved them ever since. She talks about going to a show that’s like Cirque du Soliel for horses, and she’s getting one that’s retiring. She points out that his “winkie” is out, and tells him to put that back. No surprise, he’s beautiful. Lisa says she prefers animals to people and I’m down with that. She tells Ken about talking to LisaR at the party, and that Dorit has only seen one side of these girls.

LisaR tells Kyle how she’s come to believe you have to accept people for what they are. In her interview, Kyle says LisaV should either forgive both Eileen and LisaR or neither of them. I dunno. Doesn’t some of that depend on them?

LisaV tells Ken that Dorit seemed to enjoy herself at Erika’s party. She thinks that because she and Dorit have so many friends in common for so many years, she won’t be listening to the trash talk.

Dorit is getting ready for her own party. Her husband is putting it together all on his own. She says he’s not too good at detail though, so she consults with his party planner. She says she’s crazy until she knows everything is done. She thinks PK might be buying her a car for her birthday. She says if it’s Tiffany blue, she won’t be able to fake a smile, because that color should only be on a box with something pretty inside. I could argue that a Maserati is exactly that.

PK presents Dorit with a rose gold Bentley. She tells him he can count on her for a yes to anything for life. She goes for a test drive.

Kyle and LisaR go to the gym. Her daughter Alexia joins them. Kyle wants to spend time with her before she goes back to school in Boston. They do a rowing class.

Eileen gets hair and makeup done at the studio. The Young and the Restless is celebrating their 11,000th episode, and the cast is doing interviews about their favorite moments on the show. We flash back to Eileen’s first scene. She brings up the storyline when her character got an abortion. She says if she could do her own story arc, Ashley would be an Erika Jayne, slaying it in gay clubs. I think she has a girl crush on Erika.

Erika auditions backup dancers. Her 10th video is coming up. We see clips of her various videos, my favorite being How Many F**ks Do I Give? She’s looking for two things – can you nail the steps and are you sexy? She approaches things in an in-your-face way, and expects the same from her dancers. After some dancing, her assistant tells the dancers they can leave so the team can talk about them. They go through the resumes and photos. We see a picture of Erika when she was practically a toddler putting shows on at home. The dancers are chosen. Wardrobe is discussed. Erika is concerned about doing the splits in a bikini.

One of LisaR’s daughters is making zucchini pasta. She says she’d rather have regular pasta and I concur, although if someone else made it, I’d eat it. Lisa says her mother was not a great cook. She was big on casseroles, frozen dinners, and Jello. The girls say they think the only thing she’s ever made for them is macaroni and cheese. (Probably the Kraft kind.) Daughter Delilah has been going to casting calls in NYC. In her interview, and her sister is showing a little sibling jealousy.

Dorit’s party is being set up. I can assure you that means more than putting bowls of chips and dip out. Dorit is having an anxiety problem where her nose runs, and I’ve never heard of such a thing.

The guests begin to arrive, taken to the front door in golf carts. LisaV thinks it seems sedate, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. She talks to some soccer player who I have no clue about. Dorit makes her entrance, and is also hoping there’s more to the party than just having drinks in the living room. Lisa compliments her on losing the baby weight. She talks to Dorit about Erika’s party. Dorit thinks all the women were cool, but in her interview, Lisa says she thought Eileen was pretty cold to her and I agree.

Kyle and Mauricio arrive. Everyone compliments each other on how good they look. LisaR tells Dorit they’re practically neighbors. LisaV keeps throwing shade at LisaR, but LisaR thinks it’s progress. At least they’re communicating. In her interview, LisaV says she likes it when LisaR isn’t calling her a manipulative bitch. She tells Kyle she gave them the power to cause her pain, but now she’s taking it back. In her interview, Kyle says she doesn’t think Lisa ever gave anything away she didn’t want to.

Eileen thinks it seems strange for what happened between her and LisaV to just disappear. She says she’s trying to figure out how to be okay. She’s sure LisaR is too, but their approaches are different. She and LisaV make small talk, and it’s extremely awkward. Lisa says she sorry about Eileen’s father passing away, and Eileen starts laughing because she though Lisa was going to apologize for causing her angst last season. Please. Let it go already. How many sorrys does she want?

Kyle asks if Boy George is coming by, but Dorit says he’s on tour. Kyle is disappointed since she wanted to borrow some eyeliner. Erika shows up in a T-shirt, and in her interview, Dorit says the invite said “stunning.” In her interview, Erika points out that her T-shirt dress came straight off the runway. Well, it might have, but it did look dowdy next to the gowns. She looked like she was going to a totally different party. She gives Dorit a Chanel cosmetic bag that she wanted for herself, but they only had one. Everybody mingles.

Eileen tells LisaV when she offered condolences, she thought she was apologizing again. Lisa asks if she’s mad, meaning out of her mind. In her interview, Eileen says she doesn’t want any misunderstandings. In her interview, Lisa says hell would freeze over before she apologized again. Kyle thinks Lisa can be a little rude.

Dorit’s parents introduce themselves around. PK makes an announcement. He says anyone who knows them, knows they don’t do low key or boring. He welcomes them to Dorit’s Buddha Lamp.

He opens the door to a sort of disco. It has a sushi bar and all kinds of lighting effects. Dorit wonders how on earth PK was able to create this in their backyard. Erika says he did well – smoke, lights, ice sculptures, she’s down. There’s a wall of red roses that says happy birthday. LisaV says she knew something big was going on. Dorit is thrilled and says she couldn’t have done it better. The two Lisas dance with Kyle. In her interview, LisaR says she’s never going to get an apology, so she’s done the forgiving and she can move on. She apologizes to LisaV for being hard her, and LisaV is pretty shocked. She says it gives her hope for the future.

Erika is having water because she has a stomach bug. Great. Thanks for telling us after we’ve kissed you, hugged you, and shook your hand. She’s like that person who says they’re sick just as the elevator door closes. Everyone mingles, eats, drinks, dances and has a wonderful time. PK talks about his wasted youth. In her interview, LisaV talks about being glad they have mutual friends there, because sometimes her British humor gets her in trouble.

Eileen is talking with Dorit, and LisaV joins them. Eileen suddenly wonders where her husband is, and Lisa jokes that he’s in the corner with a woman, which doesn’t exactly endear her to Eileen. PK asks everyone to come out to the dance floor. He brings over a throne and has Dorit sit in it. He tells everyone that she’s the reason for his strength. He gets all teary and praises her, and everyone laps it up. She runs up on stage and hugs him. In her interview she says he outdid himself and has a beautiful way of showing his love to her. I’m definitely impressed.

LisaR thinks this is as good as it’s going to get with LisaV, and hopes that it’s closure and they move on. Eileen tells them about LisaV’s joke. In her interview, Eileen says she can take a joke, but also has an idea of who Lisa is, and thinks her British humor is a little loaded. Dorit jokes that she guesses that she’s not having a cake this year. Although there’s probably a two-story, gold-leafed cake hiding behind the neighbor’s house.

Next time, Harrison goes jewelry shopping, LisaR’s daughters teach her about dating apps, and Eileen says good-by to the family home.

A note on Ladies of London. Marissa’s baby is back in the hospital, so she missed the field trip to Mapperton. This means she also missed Julie telling us all about how the sandwich came to be named, and also that the Sandwich Islands in Hawaii are a tribute to the Earl of sandwich. Caroline #1 continues to be a rude, self-absorbed a-hole, or as Juliet put it, she’s turned into Madonna. She acts like a five-year-old during their time at the estate, not only arriving there three hours late, but being over an hour late to dinner. Unfortunately, Caroline #2 is feeling the repercussions of what she let slip to the press about her father’s illness, and his wife (of which there have been many) is being really nasty to her. This is a shame, since she seems like a sensitive human being. Next time, Caroline #1 continues to spread her lack of good cheer. Hopefully, three ghosts will visit her on Christmas Eve. 🎄

December 6, 2016 – Secrets Abound on GH, Below Deck Ends, Beverly Hills Begins & Ladies of London Gets an Honorable Mention


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Sonny tells Carly he couldn’t find the gifts. She tells him he was looking on the wrong side of the bed.

Michael asks Nell if they’re still on for the gala, which he just asked her to five minutes ago. Kiki walks into the office.

In the parking garage, Jason peels the name off the side of the van. Underneath, it says Derek Wells Media, which is Julian’s company. The light bulb comes on over Jason’s head.

Alexis tells Julian that he’s blackmailing her, but he calls it tough love. She sarcastically tells him his concern for the greater good is one of his finest qualities. He tells her that the ethics committee is the least of her concerns. Jordan has been nosing around about the hit and run. Alexis finds it ironic that he’s threatening to involve police. Sam sees Alexis in Julian’s room and asks her what she’s doing there.

Charlotte tells Santa that she wants her mommy for Christmas. She and Lulu lock eyes. Laura asks if Lulu found Rocco’s Christmas list. She asks who the little girl is, and Dante tells her. He asks if Lulu has met her. She says no, she hasn’t.

Carly digs the gifts out from under the bed and goes back downstairs. Sonny looks at the photo of them together and then at the necklace.

Michael tells Kiki that Nell agreed to come to the Toys for Tots benefit with him. Kiki says she’s there to pick up her final paycheck. Michael wonders what happened, and Kiki tells him that she and Carly came to an understanding. Michael tells her good luck with whatever’s next, and tells Nell he’ll text her with the details. When he leaves, Kiki is like, you and Michael?

Carly is on her phone, and tells Sonny that for a season of love and good cheer, people can be very demanding. This is a surprise? Sonny suggests Olivia take some of the load. Carly says she’ll be sure to tell Olivia that it was his idea.

Curtis tells Jason that this could mean a few things, and they kick around a few scenarios. They decide to damage the van and then pretend to be concerned, responsible citizens who want to pay for the damage. Jason bashes the van with a crowbar.

Julian tells Sam that he asked Alexis to come. Sam asks what reason Alexis could have for seeing the man who tried to kill her.

Valentin introduces Charlotte to Rocco and they go off for cookies. He tells Dante and Lulu that their children have taken a shine to each other. Lulu doesn’t look pleased.

Michael stops by Sonny’s and they talk about celebrating Christmas early with Josslyn. Carly thanks Sonny for helping her, and he thanks her for coming by. Michael asks Carly if she can spare Nell on the 12th.

Nell tells Kiki that there’s nothing going on between her and Michael. She thinks he just took pity on her and wanted her to have a night out. Kiki says he’s thoughtful and starts to say something else, but stops. She tells Nell that they had a brief relationship, but they broke up because she hurt him and she went back to Morgan. She says she was keeping a huge secret from him.

Dante tells Valentin to back off, but Nina says this is for the kids. Laura thinks that Nina should ask Valentin to leave, but Doc suggests radical acceptance. He says that you can’t control the situation, but you can control your attitude and where you put your focus. Lulu talks to Charlotte. She starts asking Charlotte questions, but Nina says the only question Charlotte should be answering is what she wants for Christmas.

Alexis tells Sam that she thought it might be her last chance to tell Julian to go to hell. Sam says now that she knows Julian is going to live, can they go? Alexis says they’re done, and she and Sam leave. In the hallway, Sam asks Alexis if she’s all right. Alexis says she’s somewhere between yay he’s out of her life, and at least he didn’t hold a knife to her throat. Sam says she has the feeling there’s something else. Alexis says she doesn’t know what she’s doing half the time, but she’s done with Julian. Sam goes down in the elevator.

Laura steers Santa to the kids. Nina says if Lulu and Dante have a problem with Valentin, fine, but it doesn’t give them the right to interrogate his daughter. Valentin says he loves Charlotte the same way they love their children. He suggests a playdate and Dante is like, no. Nina wants to get Valentin and Charlotte some hot chocolate, and they leave together. Dante asks Lulu what’s up with that?

The driver shows up and asks Jason and Curtis if they’re the idiots who messed up the van. They claim they were arguing over a Bill’s game and it got out of control. The driver says his boss is going to be mad, and they’re going to have to pay for it. Curtis says they want to talk to him about his boss, and asks if it’s Julian.

Michael explains about taking Nell to the gala, and Carly thinks it’s a fine idea. She leaves, and Michael asks Sonny about her visit. Sonny says he doesn’t know what she’s feeling, and Michael says it looks like a start of the thaw. Sonny asks if Michael is interested in Nell.

Nell asks what secret Kiki kept from Michael. Kiki says it had to do with their parents, but Michael deserves someone who treats him better than she did. Nell gives her the check, and says that Kiki is taking it well. Kiki says it was time to leave. Nell says it would be understandable if there were hard feelings.

Kiki says she has no hard feelings. She asks Nell if she told Carly about their conversation regarding her breaking up with Morgan. Nell says she didn’t say anything, and Kiki tells her that both Carly and Michael knew about her plans and were furious at first, but now they’re being kind. They’ll never forget though, and she doesn’t blame them. She says the loss and hurt stay with you. Nell agrees.

Michael tells Sonny that he and Nell are just friends. He says he’s sorry that he didn’t take better care of Sonny, but Nell pinch-hit and he wants to return the favor.

The driver thinks Curtis and Jason are cops because they’re asking about Julian. Curtis says his partner is crazy and took his anger out on the van with a tire iron. Jason says he used to do what he was told. but one morning woke up with a chip in his brain, and now gets urges to hit something or someone until the voices go away. He suggests the driver tell them what he knows about Julian.

Julian says, back so soon? to Alexis and she tells him drop dead. He says had she hit someone else, they might not be so understanding. He says he’s not trying to extort anything from her (no, just her time and emotion) or have her do criminal acts; he just wants her to help him.

Laura tells Santa he has a five-minute break and closes the door. He asks what she’d like for Christmas. She wonders if it’s cliche to say world peace. He says that’s out of his league. She says peace of mind then, and he says he can work with that. She asks what’s going on with Charlotte. He tells Laura that she’s well-adjusted considering the upheaval. Laura says she also adores her father, and has no idea what Valentin is capable of.

Valentin and Nina have taken Charlotte to Kelly’s. Nina has Charlotte go to pick out a cookie, and Valentin thanks Nina for her interception. She says he could have held his own with Lulu. He says when someone puts that much energy into not liking you, you have to walk on egg shells. Nina wonders why Lulu wants to get so involved, and says they have to protect Charlotte.

Sam and Molly enter Kelly’s. Sam sees Valentin and stops short. She tells Molly who Valentin is.

Lulu tells Dante that when she saw Charlotte, something came over her. She was immediately drawn to her and can’t explain it. Dante says he thinks he can.

Carly tells Nell sorry she’s late and that it’s been a stressful day. She says she went to see Sonny. Nell asks how he seemed, and Carly says distracted. She tells Nell that she gave her the night off for the gala, and she’s glad Michael has a friend like her.

Michael thinks Sonny and Carly’s relationship is getting better, and that Carly came there to see him, no matter what excuse she gave. He says it’s only a matter of time before they’re back together, and she doesn’t want to punish him for something he didn’t do.

Dante tells Lulu that Charlotte has been bounced around like a pinball. Lulu says that she also recently found out they lost their chance to have another child. Dante tells her that she’s a caring person and Charlotte has been through a lot, so her instincts kicked in; she wants to protect Charlotte. Lulu says she’s sure he must be right, but I’m not buying that she believes it.

Valentin tells Nina how lovely she looks. He mentions that she said “we” need to take care of Charlotte. She apologizes for the presumption, but he says it means the world to him. Nina tells him that she’s completely taken with Charlotte and her adorableness. She says it’s no secret that she wants a child, but this has nothing to do with that; she wants what’s best for her. Valentin says he’s thanking his lucky stars. He could have easily walked past Nina the night they met in the hotel. There was something about her though. She’s charming and beautiful, but it’s more than that. Most people have an agenda, but she’s honest about who she is and what she wants, and he likes her.

Outside Kelly’s, Molly tells Sam that she wants to give Valentin a piece of her mind. Sam says he’ll just say it’s a misunderstanding and besides, they have their own family issues to deal with. She tells Molly that Alexis was visiting Julian, and she’s not believing the reason. She thinks Alexis still has a soft spot for him.

Alexis asks Julian what he wants help with. He says he’ll need it when he gets home from the hospital, and she says they have nurses for that. He says he’ll need help with things like shaving, brushing his teeth, and showering. Um…I think they do that too. Alexis asks if this is his ultimate form of punishment, for her to spend every waking hour with him. He says she didn’t used to feel like that, and she says holding a knife to someone’s throat ruins a relationship. He tells her that if anyone finds out she’s the one who hit him, she won’t only lose her license, she’ll lose her freedom.

Jason wants to know what happened the night of the bomb. The driver says it was his assignment to park there. His boss Julian told him to do it.

Nell asks if Carly is worried about Sonny. Carly says there’s something on his mind, and now that she knows he’s not responsible for Morgan’s death… Nell says she thinks they belong together. Nell’s phone rings. It’s Sonny. He tells Nell they need to talk.

Doc tells Laura that Valentin might have been right in saying they’ll always be connected. He says Charlotte is Nicholas’s cousin. Laura says Nicholas is gone, and there’s no more connection. She adds that as much as she hates being involved with Valentin, part of her feels compelled to look out for Charlotte because she is Nicholas’s family, making her part of Laura’s family as well. Doc says she has amazing generosity of spirit and it’s one of the reasons he loves her. A kid bangs on the door saying Santa’s break is over.

Dante asks if Lulu is okay. She says it’s something about Charlotte, and then says never mind.

Nina tells Valentin that she was thinking about Charlotte’s Christmas wish. She says not even a purple unicorn can make up for missing your mother. He says between them, they can make a fine Christmas for her. I’d love to see some kind of A Christmas Carol story with this bunch.

Molly thinks maybe Alexis can get some closure in seeing Julian. Sam says Julian is a narcissist who is encouraged by any attention. Molly says it’s better than Alexis starting to thaw (theme for today). Sam hopes that Alexis knows what she’s doing.

Julian asks Alexis if they have a deal. Alexis says fine. She says no one will believe it though, since everyone knows how much she hates his guts, but he says she can make something up. She says she’s figured it out and they have a deal. That was fast.

Curtis tells Jason that the psycho act was great. The driver is most likely in Canada by now. Jason says he’s probably more worried about Julian than him. Jason says it won’t take long for Julian to figure things out, and Curtis says Julian planted the bomb in his own car. Just in case we haven’t been paying attention.

Tomorrow, Anna asks Andre for help, Lulu wants to know why she feels so strongly about Charlotte, and a gathering happens on Spoon Island.

Below Deck

I’ve decided Ben is kind of an a-hole, which is too bad because I liked him up until now. Anyone who blames someone else for how they act is just, no.

Kate complains to Ben about the stews taking breaks before their work is done. Sierra gets offended because anyone born after 1985 gets offended by just about anything. Kate says it isn’t that they don’t have an amazing team, she just wants them to hit it out of the park for the last charter. When the guests leave, the boat has to look perfect. Ben thinks Kate should be more respectful of people’s breaks. By that I assume he means Emily’s breaks.

Dawn and her guests are doing the snorkeling thing. Nico and Kyle just want to get finished. Kyle says Sierra is an idiot, and Nico points out that he thought she was cool before he found out that she wasn’t into him. Lauren and Kyle talk about hating the job until it’s over; then they love it. In her interview, Lauren says no matter how much they bicker, the crew really loves each other. Um…I dunno about that. Nico says Sierra and Kyle’s fight has nothing to do with him, the same way his altercations with Kate have nothing to do with Kyle, who thinks Kate is awesome.

Sierra has to get a hug from Emily because, see above. She thinks Kate is just looking for things to criticize them about. Emily and Ben chat about finally getting sprung. In her interview, Emily says they’ll see how it goes, as far as having a relationship on the outside. Ha-ha! I’m making it sound like they’re in jail.

Kate encourages Ben to have the food ready when the guests get back. He disagrees, saying they usually want to have a shower and cocktail first. He asks Emily what she thinks because she has so much experience. Emily doesn’t really want to get involved. Ben tells Kate that he’s the chef and calling the shots. He claims he has a valid reason. Kate tries to talk, but he says he’s going to do what he wants anyway. See what I mean?

The guests get back. They’re hungry. Kate tells Ben they’re starving. Captain Lee announces only 16 more hours left. Kate brings out the food and Dawn asks if the captain would like to join them for dinner. Kate tells Ben to keep the food coming. In his interview, Ben says Kate used to be a pleasure to work with. Kate tells the captain about the guests requesting his presence.

Kelley says they’ve grown as a team and now it’s over. He says they’re a highly dysfunctional family, but they’re a family. They promise to all keep in touch. Yeah, we all know how that goes.

Sierra asks Kate if she thinks they’re not working hard enough. Kate tells her about the lack of toilet paper in the guest bathrooms, which I agree is a huge no-no. She says she’s always given them compliments and doesn’t want to finish on a negative note. She mentions that she isn’t taking a break either. She thinks maybe Sierra needs to talk about something, but Sierra says no. Had your chance.

OMG – dinner! Clams or something. It looks amazing. And shrimp! The captain joins the guests. The guests fire questions at him. I find out that he has five children and is from Michigan. Kate compliments Ben on the calamari. She says she never knows which Ben she’s going to get and he says he’s 50 shades of Ben. Ha-ha! Everyone is happy for the moment. Dessert! Kyle says Ben and Kate either hate or love each other and it’s confusing. Kate tells Ben the worst day with him is better than the best day with some of the other chefs.

Kyle asks if Sierra had a mental breakdown. Kate says she tried to be nice, but felt disrespected. Kyle says he prefers to talk face to face, and doesn’t understand why the stews are so defensive with her. In his interview, Kyle says Kate had his back from day one. Kate says she’s done nothing to Nico and Lauren to warrant them talking behind her back, and they have no business questioning her decisions. She tells Kyle she doesn’t need to hear what the one stripe people think. Oh, snap.

Two hours and twenty-six minutes. Ben says he’s mentally moved on and is already in his apartment. The guests are the only ones who don’t want to leave. The captain thinks the Kelley/Nico team has done well.

The final meal! The blue water! The Jacuzzi! Sierra and Lauren gossip about Kate. Zzzzz….

Anchor is dropped and the ship docks. The guests are ready to go. Good-bys are said. Dawn gets emo with the captain who just wants it to be over. He tells everyone to head for the crew mess. This charter’s tip is 16K. The crew has made a total of $13,500 in tips all season. Captain Lee tells the crew to get the boat in better shape than when they got it.

Kate talks to Lauren and Nico. She says she’s heard what they said about how she’d tattled on them to the captain, but the captain found their mess all on his own. She says she had their back and doesn’t rat out the crew. However, she doesn’t appreciate giving them permission to use the boat and them turning the tables. Nico gets pissed and leaves. Lauren apologizes. In her interview, Kate says she’s disappointed. She says at least talk to her face. Nico complains to Kelley who’s staying out of it.

Ashley shows up, and everyone gets ready to go out. The girls all look super cute. Ben wants to make amends with Kate, since she’s a great friend of his and they’re not working together anymore.

The crew goes to a restaurant and begins to drink. The food looks excellent, and I eat vicariously. Ben and Kate step aside to talk. Emily wonders wtf? She tells Sierra it’s confusing. She doesn’t know where they stand or where she stands with Ben. Sierra suggests she give him a chance and get to know him. She also thinks that Emily should say something.

Sierra asks Ben about his relationship with Kate. He says there’s no need to diagnose it. In his interview, he says now Emily is in the middle of all the emotion, and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. He asks Emily if she wants him to hate Kate forever, and says he’ll be mean to Kate just for her. He says that he and Kate are better off as friends than colleagues, and she brings out a person he doesn’t want to be. He was hoping that Emily had a better grasp of the situation. What I think is that Ben is in love with Kate, and his attraction to Emily has become a problem. Not to mention, Kate is in a relationship.

Kyle comes thisclose to telling Ashley that she completes him. He wants to take things up a notch. He asks Kate for a ring. She’s wearing one that she says is worth two thousand bucks and he says he’ll give her a thousand. Deal. He says he’s proposed once before, but she threw the ring at him the same night. He takes Ashley aside and gets down on one knee. She says yes. Everyone cheers.

Ben acts rude to Kate. She asks if he’s okay. He’s obviously angry. She gives him a drink and he guzzles it. He tells her he doesn’t like working with her anymore. What a jerk he’s become. I hope Emily dumps him, but she’s kind of stupid, so maybe he deserves her. He tells Kate that they’re better off as friends. She says she doesn’t like working with him that much either. She thinks the booze is talking, and she’s tired of hearing it. He says Emily just grilled him about their relationship. Kate tells him that he’s rude, and in her interview, she says that he’s so self-destructive, it’s embarrassing.

Back at the boat, Ashley and Kyle get the guest cabin. Ben gossips with Nico and Lauren. Idiots.

In the morning Ben approaches Kate and apologizes. He says he’s sorry if he ruined her evening. She says it’s typical. He tells her that they’ve come a long way together and he values their friendship. He says he loves her and he’ll always have her back. He asks for a hug, but in her interview, she says the friendship isn’t salvageable.

Lauren tells Nico what great friends they are. Hugs. I think she thinks they’ll still get together one day. Kate says you need a thick skin to work on a boat, and she doesn’t think Sierra has it. Sierra is proud of herself, but thinks she does need to toughen up. Nico and Kelley do the bro thing. Kyle pays Kate for the ring. She expects an invite to the wedding. Kyle can’t wait to have a proper bacon sandwich with HP sauce, which is a brown sauce kind of like Worcestershire.

Kelley tells Kate that he tried to emulate her. In her interview, she thinks he did an amazing job. Kelley talks to the captain, saying he tried to redeem himself, and thinks he did better. I’m not sure by Captain Lee’s face if he’s in agreement, but he says Kelley has progressed incredibly. Kelley is shocked and so am I, and he thanks the captain for his help. Captain Lee says he’d love to work with him again, and Kelley thanks him for the second chance.

Ben apologizes to Emily. He says he felt like a bit of a d*ck. That’s because he was, and more than a bit of. He says she’s the last person he’d want to insult, and he thinks she’s special. In her interview, she says that she’ll give him another chance, but be wary. They kiss. Ben leaves with the flowers and leaves them on the deck so that everyone can trip over them.

In his interview, Ben says that Emily probably hates him, but he’s going to try to make a go of it. She takes a rose out of the flowers. Ben says being in a relationship and doing his job was probably more than he could chew, but he did it, and was a solid seven. By my estimation, he was more like a shaky three.

Kate says good by to the captain. As she leaves, he tells her that she still looks like a guest more than the chief stew.

Captain Lee says this season was tough. We flash back to some of the highlights. He says the bottom line is that the guests left happy and they made a ton of money. Without a doubt, he has the best damn job in the world.

This was the finale. They usually have a reunion, but as of the last one, hadn’t been elevated out of the clubhouse yet.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle’s closet is everything. LisaV calls. They’re planning on meeting at PUMP, and Kyle jokes as to whether they allow the wearing of Birkenstocks (at least I think she’s joking), and asks who’s going to be there. She doesn’t know the couple, but says Boy George loves them. Kyle is friendly with him and says everybody knows everybody in Beverly Hills.

Erika discusses her new song with husband Tom. It’s at number eight, and she says her career is growing. He says he wants to give her a birthday present early. She’s have a big blowout for her 45th. In her interview, she jokes (again, I’m not positive) that it’s all downhill from here. I have news for her. That’s 55 when the slide starts. Tom says she has things for her fingers and ears, but he’s giving her something for her eyes. A Chagall. Eh. It’s okay. She asks if it’s hers or theirs since Chagall is one of his favorites. To be on the safe side, he gives her something else. He gives her an envelope. She asks if it’s a legal doc, but inside there’s a picture of a Cartier panther ring that he has on order.

Harrison! With LisaV, but where’s my Giggy? Giggy! Ken has him. Harrison is a rescue that Lisa is having a passionate affair with. New Housewife Dorit and her husband PK join them at PUMP, along with Kyle and Mauricio. Dorit’s husband is a talent manager who manages Boy George. Dorit says he’s been living with them for a while and is like her gay husband. She tells the group about how she met her husband.

Kyle brings up Erika’s birthday party. Lisa talks about how she and Dorit first met. They talk about Dubai. Ken says he felt like he was there from all the weepy phone calls he got from Lisa. In her interview, Lisa talks about how miserable she was during the trip, being grilled by LisaR. She says that LisaR was unusually aggressive, and Eileen backed her up. In her interview, Kyle says LisaV hangs on to things a long time, but doesn’t think she’s losing any sleep over it.

Harry brings LisaR a new car. It has one of those bows on it. She says this year is about having a good time. Last year was kind of negative. Her father passed away recently and it changed her outlook on everything. She says that she doesn’t have time to worry about old stuff and wants to concentrate on raising her daughters. She doesn’t have time for bullsh*t anymore. I’ll bet she lasts a whole five minutes.

Eileen meets Erika at a bar. Eileen says that Erika might have a flashy persona, but she’s a girl’s girl. Eileen lost her mother just prior to the reunion, but hasn’t really said anything about it. She tells Erika that it’s affected everything that happened last season, making it trivial. Kyle joins them. They discuss Yolanda, who says that she’s 75% better, but taking time to rest, recover, and look after herself. Kyle is working on her new TV show, and they’re deep into casting right now.

Kyle wonders if the two Lisas are going to be okay eventually. Erika says everything can be worked out if everybody wants to work it out. I guess that’s pretty much true for any conflict. Kyle says she never wants to hear bi-polar, manipulative, Munchhausen, own it, or sniper again. I agree, especially Munchhausen.

Dorit is getting her makeup done, while PK’s assistant discusses their schedule. Dorit wants to make sure there’s time for the kids. Boy George comes in. She says in their house he’s more like Uncle George, but diva does come out occasionally. They’re getting ready to do Jimmy Kimmel‘s show.

Erika is having a Studio 54 party for her birthday. Disco balls are everywhere, and there’s going to be a velvet rope with Pussy Control manning the door. We flash back to LisaV’s Poison Arrow video. Lisa says the end of the 80’s marked the end of her single life. In her interview, LisaR talks about Iman being at Studio 54, and everyone goes down 80’s Memory Lane.

LisaV and Kyle meet for a kiki at Dorit’s house. Giggy! Kyle talks about hanging out with Andy Warhol and Rick James as a kid, because her mother didn’t follow the rules.

I want to have a fabulous 80’s party just like this one, but I don’t think Tom will fund the bill for me. Erika gets crazy over everyone’s outfits. She opens her gift from Eileen. It’s a part on Eileen’s show, The Young and the Restless. Coolest. Present. Ever. Erika is worried that they’ll fire Eileen if she sucks. They talk about the soaps.

LisaV introduces Dorit. Lisa asks Tom if he’s wearing something Studio 54 under his suit. I gotta say, Tom seems like a really nice guy, and he and Erika are obviously in love. Eileen and LisaR discuss LisaV. LisaR says she’d rather be better than bitter. Yeah, we’ll see. Dorit says she considers herself a New Yorker, but she’s lived all over the place. In her interview, she says Beverly Hills is a little too much carrot juice and Botox. Agreed. She invites Erika to her upcoming birthday party.

The two Lisas meet, and the conversation is stilted. In her interview, LisaV says that LisaR changed the dynamic of their relationship, and they’d have to do a lot of work to get it back to where it was. Eileen says anything is possible. Look what happened after the Viet Nam war, everyone goes there for vacation now.

The guests mingle and dance. Mauricio talks to Tom about the plane he just bought. Tom brings out another present for Erika – her mother. Erika introduces her mom around. In her interview, Erika talks about her mother having her at 18, and her father leaving before she was one-year-old.

Eileen thinks LisaV is giving her the cold shoulder. Dorit invites Eileen and her husband to her party. Dorit is trying to figure out how Eileen is the same woman that Lisa has talked about. Everyone is starving and glad to see the cake come out. It’s cute, layered stars. LisaV says she thinks she saw a deviled egg and should have grabbed it. Erika is thrilled with the evening.

The girls dance. LisaV says that Eileen and LisaR would be happier if she wasn’t in their friend circle, but she’s coming back, stronger than ever.

Next time, Erika hires dancers, LisaV gets a horse, and Dorit’s birthday party happens.

Ladies of London honorable mention. Marissa had the smallest baby ever, but all is well. Caroline #1 seems to be at odds with everyone. I think she has too much time on her hands since Gift Library closed. She needs a job or something else to occupy her. Julie is overwhelmed with running the Mapperton estate. The place is like a small village, and I don’t envy her dealing with the gift shop employees who have worked there since the earth cooled, and are less than helpful. And Caroline #2’s father is very sick with cancer. Since she’s a huge celebrity in Denmark, the press is very interested in her, and while on a trip there with Juliet, she makes the mistake of telling them about his illness when the family is quite private. We also see her OCDness in regard to beds being made correctly.

November 29, 2016 – Bad Timing on GH, Some Good-Bys on ILYIW, a Good Final Charter for Below Deck & Hello to the London Ladies


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Julian has a visitor. He thinks it’s Alexis, but it’s Jordan. She tells him he had internal bleeding and some bone breakage, and just got out of surgery. Isn’t it the doctor’s job to update him on his condition? And why is she allowed to go in there alone when he just had surgery five minutes ago? She asks if he remembers what happened and he says he was hit by a car. She wants to know details, like who hit him.

Molly shows up at Alexis’s house early. She wonders what happened on Thanksgiving. She tells Alexis that she texted five times and there was no response. She wants to know what Alexis was doing out all night.

Finn is looking for Hayden and tells Tracy that it looks like she was out all night. Hayden comes in from the kitchen and wonders what the emergency is.

Obrecht and Franco are having breakfast. His face is in his phone and she tells him that he’s fallen into the mindless obsession of screens. Ha-ha! She wants to know what’s more important than her scintillating conversation. He says Tom Baker.

At the hospital, Bobbie gets flowers from Carly.

Sonny wakes up with Nell next to him. He’s like oh, geez. She says good morning, but it’s not like she’s smiling. Please, please, please don’t tell me she’s going to say he forced himself on her. I won’t be able to take it.

Finn chastises Tracy for telling him Hayden was upstairs. Tracy suggests installing a GPS chip in Hayden. Finn says Hayden’s bed looks like it hasn’t been slept in. Hayden tells him what a shock, since she made her bed after she got up. She says she’s feeling better and wants to go to work, but Finn says her test results came back.

Obrecht confuses Tom Baker with the actor from Dr. Who, and then realizes who Franco is talking about. Franco wonders if he should be judging Tom, but Obrecht says he doesn’t have an illness like Franco did. She says she’s glad he hasn’t risked his freedom by killing Tom, and asks why he’s watching him. The hospital tech has set it up so he can track Tom on his phone.

Alexis tells Molly that she underestimated how hard Thanksgiving would be. She wanted to clear her head and went for drive. She starts to clean things up and drops something. Molly asks if she’s okay, and she says no.

Julian tells Jordan that he remembers going to the bar, but after that, nothing. Jordan says the more details he can give her, the faster she can solve the case. She thinks there might be a connection to the bomb. She says it’s her duty to protect the citizens of Port Charles. even him.

Sonny asks Nell what happened, saying that he doesn’t remember anything. He says he’s been drinking since Morgan died and never blacked out before. He remembers Nell coming over and talking about Morgan. He says he remembers her getting the scotch, and wonders how they wound up sleeping together. Oh-ho! I guess she slipped him something. Maybe that’s why she was messing around with the photos; she was hiding it.

Carly congratulates Bobbie on returning to GH, and says the flowers are also a peace offering for their altercation about Nell. Bobbie says maybe she’s just being judgemental, but she has a bad feeling about Nell. Carly understands about something being too good to be true, but says just because they were lying schemers when they were young, doesn’t mean Nell is. Bobbie promises to wait until something actually happens before reacting.

Sonny is trying to figure it out. He says Nell is lovely and sweet, and no disrespect, but how did they wind up sleeping together? I guess that’s his way of saying she’s not his type. She says she helped him upstairs and put him to bed. She says they were both lonely, and one thing led to another. She starts to cry, and says she’s sorry, she never should have let it happen. He tells her no worries, but she wonders how she can look Carly in the face again.

Obrecht tells Franco to give up his fool’s errand. She says she isn’t Elizabeth’s greatest fan, but reminds him that Elizabeth is already upset about him going after Tom the first time. She takes his phone. She says Tom is a lump and not moving. He’s no threat, and Elizabeth doesn’t need to be rescued.

Elizabeth checks Julian’s vitals. She remembers being in the hospital herself, and he says he’s sorry about what happened with Paul. She says she had friends and family to help her, and he says he does’t have that luxury.

Finn tells Hayden that he’d hoped the antibiotics would help. She says maybe they did, since she’s feeling better. He says she tested positve for the same disease he has.

Nell says Carly is going to be angry and disappointed. She asks Sonny not to tell her. He says Carly will be angry with him, not her, but Nell says she doesn’t want Carly looking at her differently. She starts to cry again, and begs Sonny not to say anything. He tells her not to worry, he won’t. He might not have to. Carly calls to him from downstairs. Sonny says he’ll be right down. He tells Nell to stay put.

Hayden thanks Finn, but she still wants to go to work. He says they need to figure out what happens next. She says he does; she still has to earn a living. Tracy suggests that Hayden take the day off, but she says she’s not dying today, and she’ll see them when she gets back. Tracy asks Finn, now what?

Obrecht says Tom is most likely contemplating the futility of his own existence. Franco says, or his next move. Obrecht insists he’s no threat, but Franco says this guy is practically vibrating that he thinks he’s invincible. She thinks he should wait until Tom makes the first move, but he doesn’t want to take that chance. If he can’t protect Elizabeth within the confines of the law, he’ll do it another way. He says he can’t let anything happen to her and won’t.

Julian asks if he’s going to live, and Elizabeth says it appears so. He asks when he can leave. She tells him that he just got done with surgery and has broken bones. He’s going to need significant care, plus someone to look after him when he gets home. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Molly asks Alexis if something else happened. Alexis says the holidays are getting to her and it’s going to be a long month. Molly says it’s the worst month of Alexis’s life, and Alexis is impressed that Molly’s response is both hyperbole and an understatement. Molly says after the new year, Alexis has a chance to get her law life back.

There’s a knock at the door and Alexis says it must be opportunity. Nope, it’s Jordan. She says they need to talk about Julian.

Sonny comes downstairs. Carly says she wanted to check on him and see how he’s doing, since he was stuck by himself on Thanksgiving. He says he’s fine, and she says she also has to ask him a question.

Alexis asks Jordan what Julian has done now. Jordan says he’s in the hospital. She asks if it’s serious, and Jordan says he was hit by a car. Molly hopes he’s dead, I laugh, and Alexis chastises her. Alexis asks if they know who it was, but Jordan says not yet. Molly says if they find out, she’ll help raise money for his defense. She’s a real card today. Jordan says he was having a drink in a bar outside of Port Charles, but has no recollection of the accident. She’s concerned it was another attempt on his life, and wonders if there’s a connection to the car bomb. Alexis says you can never be too careful.

Obrecht tells Franco that he’s actually an honorable man, but until Tom makes a move, he can’t do anything. As if he heard her, Tom makes a move.

Elizabeth sees Hayden banging on the vending machine. She asks if everything is all right.

Sonny asks Carly what’s on her mind, and she asks if Jason has come up with anything in his investigation. Sonny says no leads, but he’s working on it. Carly asks to be kept posted. Sonny repeats what Carly had told him, that whether it was him or not, their son is still dead. Carly says it doesn’t honor him for her to punish Sonny, so she’s going to stop. Great timing, Carly.

Carly apologizes and says Morgan would want them to do better and be kind to each other. She says she spent the day thinking about previous holidays, and they go down Morgan Memory Lane. Carly says she kept staring at the door on Thanksgiving, hoping he would come in. Sonny says he’s the same way. She says Christmas is around the corner. She knows they have to keep up appearances for the kids, but she’ll be going through the same thing he is, so maybe they can look out for each other and make each other feel better.

Tracy tells Finn that could have gone better, but at least Hayden is feeling positive. He says she needs to come back to reality, and that she’s in a state of denial. Tracy says there’s nothing she can do, and too bad he quit GH when he did. Finn says he had no choice. He says what Brad found is keeping him alive, and now it will have to keep Hayden alive too. Tracy asks if he has enough, and he says not even close.

Elizabeth approaches Hayden. She starts to cry, and Elizabeth hugs her.

Alexis thanks Jordan, but doesn’t know how she can help. Jordan says Sonny is a person of interest. She says Alexis and Julian are divorced, but Julian keeps declaring his love, which makes her a target. Jordan tells her to live her life, but be careful. Alexis says she’ll do her best. Jordan leaves, and Molly asks if Alexis is okay, suggesting she needs retail therapy. Alexis keen on crowded stores and bumping up against strangers, but tells Molly to have a good time. As soon as Molly is gone,  Alexis says she isn’t sure if she believes in God, but if He’s up there, thank you. Julian calls, and I wonder if she silently takes back her thanks.

Julian says she didn’t expect to hear from him, did she? She says she heard he’s in the hospital, and asks how he’s feeling. He says he’ll live, but he’s had better days. He wants her to visit him. She says she can’t, but he says she owes him that much.

Tracy wants to check her contacts. She tells Finn that she’ll find the drug he needs in a country where it’s legal, and have it sent. Finn doesn’t want her risking it. She says he’s not in this alone. Finn says he appreciates it, but it’s a problem he needs to solve. He doesn’t want to lose anyone else. Tracy says she doesn’t want to lose him, and he doesn’t want to lose Hayden. He says he’s not resting until he finds a cure.

Franco is agitated, and Obrecht tells him to calm down. He says a predator is on the loose, and wonders if this is how people felt about him. Obrecht says that she imagines some still might. He sees Tom is headed for the hospital.

Hayden says Elizabeth is the last person she wants to be with right now and walks away.

Carly tells Sonny that she can’t imagine how lonely he must be, and he says it’s better than being in a cell. She tells him to call her. She sees the two glasses on the table, and asks who was there with him.

Tomorrow, Carly wants to be honest, Valentin meets with Nina, and Griff asks Nathan about Claudette.

If Loving You is Wrong

We go back to last week’s ending – Randal pleading with Rusty, and Rusty telling him shut up, boy. One of Rusty’s boys smacks Randal with a shovel. Rusty tells them to hurry up and they tell him to keep his pants on. Randal isn’t down for long, and says he can give Rusty money. Rusty asks where he’d get money, and Randal says he’s a doctor. Rusty says there are no Black doctors and no one watching even knows what to say. He insists Randal must be a drug dealer. Randal begs again for Rusty not to hurt his son.

Rusty tells his boys they’re good for nothing, and tells Randal to shut up again. Okay, can we move on? For whatever reason, Rusty’s boys can’t deal with some chain. We hear the baby cry. He’s lying on the front lawn, and Randal moves toward him. Virginia comes onto the porch and tells him that he’d better not. She says he’s going to die. She lights up a cigarette to emphasize how bad she is.

She says she knows he didn’t rape Alex, but he’d better not tell Rusty she said it, and no way is she going to help him. She tells him he should have stuck to his own kind. Randal says they’re in love, and Virginia says Alex doesn’t love him. He says in her heart she does, and Virginia asks why Alex would have come to them for help then. Alex told them he was trying to take the baby from her. She asks him why they would have gone through all this trouble except for her. Randal can’t believe Alex would do something like that.

The baby is crying, and Randal asks if she can at least pick him up. Virginia says she wouldn’t dare; Rusty would knock her sideways. He says he knows she’s not this person, and she asks how he would know who she is. He asks if Rusty was her first love, and then asks if she had to settle for him. Oh, that’s right, he’s a shrink. He says she had big dreams and ended up there. He starts talking about her parents which is always the root of the problem. She asks if Alex told him or is he a witch. He says he just knows people. She calls him a witch in black and says good thing Rusty is going to hang him. She says they’re going to hang him and take him to Alligator Alley and drop his body in, and the boy too. Randal starts to beg agina, but she goes inside.

Rusty tells Randal to back away from the baby like he’s a baby alarm. You are too close to the baby! Step away from the baby!

Meanwhile, back at the station, Steven gets a message from Andrew. He’s out of area, so Steven tells the operator to call Andrew’s cell. She says he’s in good hands; Eddie is with him. She says Eddie went to back him up, but said not to tell Steven. Steven asks if Andrew has Alex with him, and she says she thinks so. She makes calls to both Eddie and Andrew, but they go to voicemail.

At Alex’s house, Kelly paces, and Marcie asks what’s wrong. Kelly returns the question and Marcie says she’s just tired. Kelly says she’s worried about Alex, and wishes someone would get back. Marcie asks who’s on her porch. It’s Travis. Marcie is about to invite him in, but Kelly says no. Kelly makes sure the door is locked, and tells Marcie that Travis is acting strange. She says he broke into her house and he’s been stalking her. Marcie wants her to call the police, but she says she’ll be okay. She wonders if she led him on, and Marcie tells her not to be one of those women who blame themselves, and to call the police. Now. Kelly takes out her phone.

Lushion’s phone rings, and Natalie tells him to answer it. She says Joey has been stable and his phone has been blowing up. He goes into the hallway. It’s Kelly. She asks about Joey, and then says she might need a restraining order. She asks him to keep it between them, and tells him what Travis has been up to and that he’s been acting crazy. He asks if she’s safe, and she says she thinks so. He says he can’t come right now, but he’ll send someone he trusts. She asks if Ramses said anything about leaving, and Lushion says no. She tells him that Travis told her that Ramses was gone for good, like he knew something. Kelly says there was a sign on Ramses’s door saying he went back to Utah, but it seemed weird to her. She asks him to check. Lushion says he has the key and he’ll send it with Officer Rick. Kelly says she’ll pray for Joey, and they hang up. Marcie tells her she did the right thing, and what Travis is doing isn’t okay. Kelly knows Marcie is holding something back and says she’ll spill it eventually.

Lushion calls Steven. He asks Steven to send Rick to Kelly’s, and do a sweep of both of their houses. He can pick up the keys at the hospital. Steven tells Lushion about Andrew, and how he thinks Eddie got involved. Now he can’t get either one on the phone. Lushion says they need to take him down now. They have more than enough to take the whole department down. Steven says he almost has the cartel and they can’t risk it. Lushion says Eddie is running amok, and they don’t even know where Pete is. He says to make sure Michael finds him. Steven asks about Joey, and says they’re going out to Alex’s parents’. Lushion tells him to call it in to FBI headquarters; it’s a kidnapping. Steven says Eddie is already on to him, but Lushion insists. He can’t believe the way his night is going.

Natalie asks what’s going on, and Lushion says nothing. Ha-ha! She says she knows him, and he needs to go take care of whatever. He refuses to leave, and she wants to know what’s up. He tells her about Alex’s parents kidnapping Randal and the baby. He says he’s sending some guys from the FBI. She asks if Eddie is there, and when Lushion says yes, she insists he go. He tells her to call him if there’s any change.

The police arrive. Kelly sees that they’re going to her house, and she peeks out the door. No Travis. Rick introduces himself and asks what the deal is. She says it’s her ex, and explains about Travis breaking into her house. She asks if she’s over-reacting, and Rick says not if he broke in. Duh. She says he’s just a kid and she doesn’t know this side of him. Rick says he’ll make a report, and to call if anything else happens. He’s going to Ramses’s house and Kelly wants to come, but he tells her to stay there.

Rick shines his flashlight in the windows and knocks on the door. He asks if anyone is home and goes inside. He comes back out pretty quickly. Kelly asks if everything is okay and he tells her to get inside immediately. He radios for back-up. Kelly tells Marcie that something happened to Ramses.

Commercial break with important information. The Haves and the Have Nots is back on Tuesday, January 3 at 9 pm.

Rusty’s boys can’t get the boat off the hitch. Rusty goes to get the saw. I guess Rusty’s hitch is rusty.

Randal asks Virginia to pick up the baby, and she says she’s not picking “that thing” up. He says the baby is cold, and she tells him being cold is the least of its worries. She says she’s not touching him or Randal. He says he’ll pay her. She’s another one who can’t fathom that he has money. She asks how much. He says 100 grand. She thinks this over. He asks if she can’t use the money, and she acts like it’s an insult and tells him he has nothing they want.

Virginia goes over to Rusty. It would be really funny if she got the boat unhitched. She tells Rusty that Randal says he has money, 100K. Rusty says Randal is going to die and he doesn’t want anything from him. He sees Randal moving toward the baby and kicks him. A police car drives in. It’s Alex.

Virginia gives Rusty his gun and Alex tells them to give her the child. Randal calls to Alex and Rusty fires a shot near him. Alex says she’s not going without her baby. Virginia says that Alex laid with that trash and now she’s saying please. She says it’s a sin before God and she can’t love the baby. They have to let him die so she can get forgiveness and go to heaven. Alex tells Rusty she’s sorry. Rusty tells her to put a bullet in Randal’s head. Virginia tells Rusty not to trust her, but he says she’s his daughter. Alex says she can’t, and he says she’s not sorry then. He says she brought this to them. She says she’s sorry, and he asks what she’s sorry for. She says she’s sorry she slept with Randal. Rusty is like, what? and she says she’s sorry she let him rape her.

Randal protests, and Alex pops him one in the head. Virginia tells Rusty not to trust her, but he gives her the gun. Randal begs – a lazy acting week for him, since he had hardly any lines to learn – and Alex says it’s for her son. He keeps telling her please don’t. She can’t. Rusty says she’s always been soft-hearted like her mom, but he’s going to teach her different. Another police car pulls up. It’s Eddie. Great. Just what this party needs.

Rusty asks what he’s doing there, and he says he came to watch. He says Alex’s husband is his best friend and Randal raped her. Randal is like, Eddie, please, and Eddie says go ahead and beg. He asks if he can have the pleasure, and Rusty says sure, but they have to get the boat in the water first. Because – he says it – it’s rusty. Eddie shoots the chain and the boat is free. Boy, they are stupid. Everybody has a gun and no one thought of that.

They put the noose around Randal’s neck. He’s all noooo! and they drag him off, Eddie in the lead. Eddie throws the rope over a tree branch and they hoist Randal up. Police sirens are heard, and they all take off, and I laugh. Randal drops to the ground, and there’s a shoot out.

I hope someone picked up the baby. Everyone runs everywhere and everyone is shooting. Steven and Lushion are there too. It’s a total free-for-all. Eddie shoots Rusty in the back (good riddance), and then acts like he was after them the whole time. He starts yapping about Andrew being missing like he’s concerned. Man, I hope Randal spills the beans on that a-hole. Brad drives up. Why not?

Someone did pick up the baby. Virginia is in the boat, out on the lake, holding the baby over the water by one of his feet. Alex cries and screams. Lushion says take the shot, and an officer shoots.

Season finale.

Below Deck

Kate video chats with Ro. She thinks the other stews are being lackadaisical because it’s the end of the season, but if they want the last tip, she says they have to do the last few days of work.

Kelly is upset about Captain Lee feeling he’s not up to the task of his job.

Ben says it was nice to become more comfortable with Emily, so I guess their friend date went well.

Kyle and Nico talk about Ashley coming to visit. Nico asks if Kyle told her about asking Sierra out. Kyle says he did, but Ashley took it well and just thought Sierra was an idiot. Hmm… I think there was more to the conversation than that.

Time for hearing about the next guests. Dawn is the primary, with a group of former models who all have a lifestyle blog together. Their only requirements are a photo shoot and a thank you dinner for Dawn. Kate says there’s a lot of potential for Kelley. In his interview, he says he has experience with older women and knows what the ladies like and it’s him. He talks about being 26 and dating a 42-year-old. Oh yeah? When I was 19, I dated a 40-year-old.

The crew gets the boat ready,and Captain Lee asks Kelley to assemble the deck crew. He wants to end things on a positive note. He says this charter should be a piece of cake. He tells Kelley to give the guests guidance – away from using the pool, which has been troublesome all season. He tells them to use Kate’s playbook. If Ben doesn’t have something, she steers the guests away from it. Nico translates that to causing someone to believe something when they don’t actually believe it.

Kate compares the crews’ radios to egg babies. She says Sierra and Emily have been great all season, but they suddenly have senior-itis. In her interview, Sierra wonders where this is coming from. Emily seems puzzled too, but I’m not. I don’t blame Kate when she couldn’t even take a break last charter because the captain had to hunt down indoor help.

Ben rubs Emily’s shoulders as Kate radios for her. See? They kis,s and Kate radios that they’re all fired, hoping to get someone’s attention. It’s not just Emily though. Everyone is leaving their radios everywhere. The crew gets ready to greet the guests. Kelley asks Kate for advice about the pool, and she suggests he say it’s more for babies and older people. Good one. The captain tells them to act like they’ve done this before.

Kate does the boat tour. Ben gets lunch ready. The guests are dressed beautifully. Lots of paisley in bright colors. The Valor shoves off. The guests consult their photographer. Kate says the guests are so happy, it’s annoying, but with every beverage served, she’s that much closer to freedom.

Kelley and Nico talk to the guests about the toys. Kelley goes through the list, and downplays the pool. The ladies say definitely on the slide, and after that, he can choose. Ben is doing a quinoa dish “because models love that sh*t.” I do too, and I’m not a model. Now where’s that brownie chaser?

Ben tells Kate they should see if they can avoid having any arguments this charter. Kate suggests avoiding to keep from being annoyed. Yep. The Valor drops anchor. Kate finds Sierra’s radio in one of the guest bedrooms. She attaches the girls’ radios to them. In her interview, Kate says they say brains and beauty are a hard combination to find, and Sierra is very pretty, so pretty…

Lunchtime! Next to seeing how much the tip is, my favorite part of the show is to eat vicariously. Emily and Ben flirt in the galley. In his interview, he’s not sure if they’re “an item,” but he knows he likes her. In her interview, Kate says she appreciates the budding romance that is Bemily, but they still have to focus on work.

Dawn makes a toast about women inspiring women. Kate says she feels like she’s in a Lifetime movie. In her interview, she says being an independent woman isn’t sitting on a yacht talking about independence, but I dunno. It can be. The guests talk about giving back.

Emily and Sierra tidy the rooms. Kelley talks to Ben, who thinks it’s been a great season. Kelley does some weird dance and says he’s letting loose. Kate looks on skeptically, and slightly disapproving.

Captain Lee is happy with the team of Nico and Kelley. The guests use the slide, and it looks like a load of fun. Sierra tells Emily that she feels disrespected, but she doesn’t want to make a big deal since it’s the last charter.

A glorious sunset happens, and Ben gets dinner ready. Kyle doesn’t like the way Sierra eats dinner. More radio hyjinks. Kyle gets sulky when Sierra touches his radio and he thinks she’s accusing him of taking hers. She calls him a child, and he calls her an f-ing idiot. Nice. She complains to Emily that he’s petty. In her interview, she says he’s still holding a grudge because she wasn’t into him. They start to argue and Nico tells them to knock it off, reminding them that it’s the last charter.

Kelley tells Kyle to be a man and fix it. Big baby Kyle doesn’t want to apologize, saying Sierra is a psychopath, and that she probably has an ex-boyfriend’s body parts stashed away. I’m speechless yet again tonight.

The photographer leaves, and the ladies sit down to dinner. Kyle complains to Kelley about Sierra, but Kelley tells him that in confined places, they have to get along. Kelley tells Sierra that it was her delivery that was wrong. She says every time she deals with him, it’s an unpleasant encounter and she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore. Kelley says she’s being rude right now. She says she only has a problem with him and Kyle, and Kelley says just let it go. He and Kyle complain about her as soon as she leaves.

Sierra tells Kate about Kyle’s reaction to her picking up his radio. In her interview, Kate says the only thing she has time for is the job they’re supposed to be doing. Sierra says Kelley will probably apologize now. Kelley overhears and says not this time. He tells her that he was actually trying to get Kyle to apologize to her when she went off on him.

Dinner is served. Chilean sea bass. I’m in. The women cheer Ben’s food. Kate tells Ben they want to meet him, so he comes up along with the dessert. More applause and accolades. And hugs. The way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach. Truth.

Lauren and Nico talk about yachting. Kyle talks about Sierra being mental. Lauren thinks Kate is a sh*t stirrer. Ben can’t sleep. He tells Kate that he doesn’t have much anxiety though. He says Kate’s been nicer to him, and she says it’s because she’s been avoiding him. Ha-ha! In his interview, Ben says Kate is an easy person to work with. Like Attila the Hun.

The guests have breakfast and the stews are supposed to be tidying the cabins, but Sierra is busy scarfing down some toast. Kelley thinks the deckhands are just getting into stride and the stews are falling apart. One of the guests bothers Captain Lee and wants to see the anchor come up, so he palms her off on Kelley.

Kate tells Ben how much time they have left down to the second. She says oddly enough, she’s least annoyed with him out of everyone. Sierra complains about the deckhands asking her to do their chores. Kelley gets notified and relays a complaint from Kate. Kate says that just because these guests aren’t Dean, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get Dean service. Ben jokes that he’d planned on giving them bad service tonight. In his interview, he says Kate is there to spoil everyone’s day again.

The guests are going to the Baths on the mainland. I don’t know what that is, but it sounds great. The deckhands put snorkeling gear in the small boat, and Kate makes a cocktail for the guests before departure. She loves when they go to the Baths because they’re gone for a solid three hours. Kate finds two of the guest bathrooms have no toilet paper, and I’d be livid if I was her. That’s a huge no-no when you’re paying that much money. I wouldn’t expect that from a Day’s Inn. She discusses the situation with Sierra and Emily, and tells them to shiny up the rooms. After they leave, Kate complains to Ben.

In her interview, Sierra thinks she’s worked hard all season, and this is bullsh*t.

Next time, the season finale (sniff), Ben wants to be naughty, Kyle proposes to Ashley, and Ben doesn’t want to work with Kate anymore.

✈  Ladies of London is back. Joan Collins Sophie is now a full cast member. Julie has the tremendous task of taking over her husband’s family’s estate. She’s feeling the pressure of eventually becoming the Countess of Sandwich. I’m not making that up. She’s concerned that if she fails at this task, it will be a black mark against all Americans. Marissa is pregnant. It’s a girl with a side of complications, and has to come into the world two months early. Caroline #1 has turned 40, and since losing her business last season, is basically a housewife. She and her husband are moving to Dubai. Sister-in-law Alexis Carrington Sophie and Caroline’s brother are getting divorced, although that hasn’t interfered with their friendship. Caroline #2‘s father has cancer, causing her to divide her time between Denmark and England. In the first episode, there’s already an altercation between Caroline #1 and Julie, with kibitzing from Juliet, probably because Caroline is jealous of Julie’s friendship with her almost ex-SIL. I’ll keep you mini-posted.