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August 8, 2019 – Franco Makes a Sacrifice, an Opinion, Big Properties, an Anti-Hero Hero & Made It


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Drew gets in the car with Curtis, saying the PCPD is looking for Shiloh. Robert is aware of it, as well as all the authorities across the state. As long as Shiloh can’t find him or Jason. he can’t access Drew’s memories. Curtis asks if he’s sure about that. He’s got the flashdrive, he’s got Cabot, and he’s desperate as hell. How do they know he won’t use it on somebody else? Drew says, they don’t.

Franco walks into 721 Dewitt. He hears Cabot saying he wanted to complete his life’s work, and Shiloh telling him, quit whining and get it done. Cabot says Shiloh really is an odious son of a bitch. The DVX was more to his liking, and they had facilities. Franco walks in, and asks, what the hell is going on? He pushes them away from Cameron, and yells Cameron’s name. He asks what they did to him, and Shiloh says, relax. They didn’t hurt the kid.

Sasha is wheeled into the ER, interrupting Lucas’s phone call to Brad. She has a temperature of 103, and is unconscious. Nina says, one minute she was fine, and the next, she collapsed. Please help her daughter.

Lucy needs a drink. She tells the MetroCourt bartender to make a double. She says she looks like she should be waiting for Humphrey Bogart or James Bond, but she’s alone, and teetering on one of those days. A friend of hers nearly died in a horrible, filthy freezer on a property she was desperate to sell. Talk about curb appeal – not. The bartender says he’s sorry. She says her fiend is going to be okay. She feels traumatized though. Her friend could have died, and the randomness of life occurred to her. She’s having trouble making sense of it. She needs drink; a double. He asks, a double of what? She ponders this.

Jason walks through the hospital hallways with Sam. He says she’s supposed to be resting, but she says she needs fresh air. Finn – who is wearing loud shoes today – says she’s not supposed to be up. She could have an infection. Michael comes by, and tells Finn, save it. Sam doesn’t like be told what to do. It’s good see her up and about, even if it’s against the doctor’s orders. He’s glad Jason got to her in time. Jason says Sam deserves the credit for hanging in there. Really? I swear, I’m never letting it go that she could have gotten the duct tape off her wrists easily. Sam says all she had to do was think about the people she loves. There was no way she was letting Shiloh win.

Elizabeth calls Cameron’s phone. She says, it’s late, and she needs to hear from him.

Franco asks, what the hell is going on? Shiloh holds a gun on him, and tells him, shut up. Franco asks why Cameron is unconscious, and Shiloh says he needs Cabot to get to work right now. He needs to access Drew’s memories. Cabot says he warned Shiloh it was a delicate procedure, and Franco asks what the hell they’re talking about. What does this have to do with Drew, and what did they do to Cameron?

Nina asks if Sasha can hear her. Sasha opens her eyes, and Nina tells her that she’s in the hospital. They’ll figure out what’s wrong. Lucas comes in, and asks how she’s feeling. She says, sick. He lists symptoms, and she says she has all of it; her whole body hurts. He asks if anything is localized, but she says, it’s everywhere, even her fingernails. He says she’s being given fluids, which should help. Her fever is extremely high, and he asks when it started. She says she was just tired earlier. He says he’s running some tests, and they’ll figure out what’s going on. Nina says Sasha probably picked up a bug. They’re going to test her, and fix her right up. Valentin joins them, and tells her, try not to worry.

Elizabeth asks why Sam is up. Sam says she needed air, and Elizabeth says she needs to rest. Jason says they’re still searching for Shiloh, and Michael suggests he and Drew lie low. Shiloh can’t do a memory transfer without a subject. Finn says he was just explaining that almost anyone can be used. Michael says, they don’t have to be identical twins? and Finn says, not necessarily. Michael says, so anyone could be implanted with Drew’s memories and personality? Finn says, in theory, which means it would wipe out the subject’s own personality. Michael says, like what happened to Drew. Michael gets a text from Nina, saying Sasha is in the ER. Sam tells him, go, and Jason says, let them know what’s happening. Elizabeth says, Finn was saying…? He says, theoretically, the procedure could be performed on anyone. Elizabeth says, so Shiloh could grab anyone off the street and turn them into Drew. Finn says, anyone.

Curtis knows it’s personal for Drew, and Drew says, hell, yes. Shiloh literally has Drew’s life in his hands. Curtis wonders what Drew could have known that would make it worth going through all this. Drew says they have to find Shiloh before someone ends up with the life he lost.

Franco tells Cameron to wake up, and Shiloh tells him, step away. Cameron says, flashdrive. Franco asks, what is all this? and Shiloh says, just a little experiment. It has nothing to do with him. Cameron says, Drew. Franco says, Drew’s flashdrive. Ohhh. The lightbulb comes on, and he realizes the drive Chelsea was talking about was the flashdrive. He asks if the psychic is in on it, and if they did it. Did they give Cameron Drew’s memories?

Nina asks Valentin, what if it’s serious? Sasha got the flu shot. Michael joins them, and asks how Sasha is, but Nina says they don’t know yet. Lucas says they got the test results, and she does have influenza, but it’s no kind of flu he’s dealt with before. Michael goes in to see Sasha, and asks, what happened? She says she was drop kicked by a virus. He asks how she’s feeling, and she says like she wishes she was back in their island paradise. He says, him too.

Drew asks if Curtis’s connection with the phone company came through. Curtis says he’s lucky he still has a few favors left. His friend gave him a number that Shiloh started calling around the time the flashdrive was stolen. Drew says, Cabot? Curtis says, you know it. She’s checking it, and forwarding the link. A record of calls Cabot made on his cell phone comes up. Curtis says, besides Shiloh, there’s the MetroCourt – Drew says it’s probably when he made a reservation – and a GH number. Drew tells him that Finn said Cabot needed to get a drug to complete the experiment. He was probably checking on it. Curtis says, there’s another local number. He gives the number to Drew. Drew calls it, and laughs. He says, you will not believe who Cabot is calling in Port Charles.

Sam asks Finn if he just told them Cabot could use the memory transfer on anyone. Finn says, that’s not the worst of it. At best, the memory transfer is a success; at worst, the subject comes out in a vegetative state. Sam says, it’s on her. It was a set-up; a trap. She ran into Shiloh at Rice Plaza. He was probably following her. He happened to mention he was staying at the Midwood, and he was going to see his lawyer. The whole time he was playing her. Now some innocent victim will be snatched off the street, and pay the price.

Elizabeth calls Franco’s phone. She leaves a message, asking if Cameron is with him. She’s hoping Cameron’s phone is dead, and he’s with Franco.

Franco calls Cameron’s name. Shiloh tells him, shut up, and back away. He tells Franco to hand over his phone, and tells Cabot to take it. Cabot says, leave him out of it, but Shiloh says, too late, and demands Cabot take the phone and give it to him. He does, and Shiloh looks at it. He says Elizabeth sent some texts. She’s worried about him. Franco goes back to Cameron, and asks if he’s still there. Cameron asks if his mom is okay. How did Franco find him? Is he in trouble? He says, Shiloh. He thought Shiloh needed help, but he pulled a gun, and took Cameron to his to car. He says, tell mom he didn’t drive. He had the keys, but he did not drive. Tell her. Franco says, it’s okay. She’s not upset, and no one is mad. Cameron says they want to give him Drew’s memory. Shiloh says, that was lovely. Touching. But enough with the family reunion. He tells Cabot to download the flashdrive in the kid before someone else finds them. At this point, I’m guessing Franco is going to step in. I swear, if they wipe his memory out, I will be seriously pissed. Although Drew still did remember some things, and they never really explored that.

Finn has to leave for a consult, and asks Sam to consider getting back in bed. As Finn passes the reception desk, he tells Elizabeth, anything she can to convince Sam to rest, do it. Jason tells Sam, the more she rests, the faster she gets out. Sam says they know Shiloh wanted to use the flashdrive on him. What if he was able to turn Jason into Drew? The old Drew; the Navy SEAL Drew. Jason says maybe she’d like him better. She says there’s no one better for her than him. He picks her up, and says he’s putting her to bed.

Michael comes out, and Nina asks how Sasha is. Michael says, pretty weak. Lucas brings Finn over, and says he asked Finn to consult. Finn says he’s hoping to find out what the strain of the virus is that Sasha picked up. She has the typical symptoms, but more severe with an elevated white blood count, which usually indicates disease, infection, or an allergy. He asks if she’s been out of the country. Michael tells him about going to the island, but says he doesn’t feel sick, and they didn’t see anyone there who was sick. He’ll ask his dad if there’s been any kind of health outbreak. Finn says, that would be helpful. He’s glad Lucas brought him in on this. It’s not looking good.

Nina tells Sasha that she’s not leaving her side, calling her baby girl. Sasha says Nina is always there for her. She’s so glad.

The bartender brings Lucy two shots of tequila. Curtis and Drew arrive, and she asks if she can buy them a drink. Drew says they need to talk to her, and she says pressing real estate needs are her specialty. Curtis says that’s not why they’re here. They’re doing an investigation, and they’re on the clock. Someone could be danger, and they think she can help. Has she had a client named Arthur Cabot?

Elizabeth leaves another message for Cameron. She says she tracked his phone to a sketchy neighborhood. She can’t imagine what he’d be doing there at this hour, and wonders if it’s a pop-up warehouse party. She says she’s going up and down Dewitt, yelling his name until she finds him. Call her. She wonders, where the hell is Franco?

Franco tells Shiloh, they don’t want to hurt the kid. Shiloh says, this has been a disaster from the start, and tells Cabot, quit dragging his feet. Implant this kid with Drew’s memories, or they’re going to prison for life. Cabot says Shiloh is to blame. He kidnapped a minor. Shiloh says Cabot is the one who bought the drugs to do the procedure. Cabot says his intention was to imprint one twin’s memories in another. His intention was to perform the procedure on an adult, who was physically and mentally compatible to receive the memories. He never consented to involve a child. Shiloh says, that’s who’s in the chair now. Do it before someone finds them. Cabot was just released by the WSB. Does he think they’re going to let him walk? Do it. Franco tells Shiloh, stop, just stop. Let the kid go and use him instead. Told you.

Jason makes Sam stay in the bed. She says it’s crazy after eight years of loving him to find out he’s a hypocrite. He says, ouch. That was harsh. She says he wouldn’t want to stay there, but wants her to. She says he’s a hypocrite. He says as long as she makes a full recovery, and comes home to him and the kids, he doesn’t care.

Lucy says she doesn’t have a client named Cabot, but Curtis says he made a number of calls to her. Drew says, he probably used an alias. Curtis says he’s on it. She says she meets a lot of people, and Drew says they’re trying to locate the man who locked Sam in the freezer. Lucy says, she was there; it was horrible. Curtis shows her Cabot’s picture, and asks if she recognizes him.

Franco says, let the kid go, and use him instead. He’s just a kid. He’s got his whole life ahead of him. To be honest, Franco has a dark and twisted past. it would be a relief for him to forget things. He didn’t have the greatest childhood, and it would be great to forget that too. He’s always been kind of a mess. Even with the tumor gone, he still has to live with the memories of what he’s done. it’s a chance to wipe the slate clean. It’s just providence. Cameron asks what about his mom and brothers? He knows Franco loves them. Franco says he does, but they’re way better off losing him than Cameron. It’s a good solution, right? Cameron shakes his head, and Franco looks at Shiloh, and says, right?

Michael tells Finn that he’s waiting to hear back if there’s been any outbreak on the island. Finn asks him to make a list of food and beverages they had while they visited. Michael says they pretty much had the same things, but he’s experienced nothing that he knows of. Finn says he wants to put this delicately, and asks if they had relations. Michael says, several times, and Finn says he’d like to get a blood sample to see if there are traces of the virus.

Nina pats Sasha’s forehead with a cool cloth. Sasha says, it feels nice, but Nina doesn’t have to do that. Nina says she didn’t get to kiss Sasha’s booboos when she was a child. Let her have her moment. Sasha says Nina is there now, and makes her feel better. Valentin says, soon enough, they’ll be enjoying good times again. Nina says, the wedding, and he says he’s going to move heaven and earth to make sure it happens. Sasha needs to focus on getting better. Finn and Lucas come in wearing masks. Finn says the tests for more commonly known viruses came back negative. Until they know what strain of flu she has, they’re moving her to isolation.

Nina asks if it’s even legal to quarantine a patient before knowing what they have, but Finn says they could all get infected. Michael says he’s getting checked, and Nina asks what this means for her daughter. Sasha says she doesn’t want to be the reason anyone gets sick. Nina says they don’t know what she has. Finn says he’s seen a lot, but he’s not sure he’s ever seen something like this. They need to be hyper vigilant. He tells them to come see him at the first sign of anything. He can’t identify it, so he can’t tell what the incubation period should be. Michael asks if they can still visit, and Finn says, on a limited basis – with protection. They need to exercise caution for everyone’s sake.

Sam tells Jason that he doesn’t have to stay, but he says he wants to. Elizabeth pops in, and asks how Sam is feeling. Sam says tired, but good. Elizabeth wasn’t to run something by Jason, and asks if she can borrow him. Jason asks Sam to promise to stay there until she’s released, and she promises. He goes into the hallway with Elizabeth. She says, sorry. She knows he and Sam have been through hell. He asks what she needs, and she says Cameron isn’t answering his phone. Franco went out looking for him, and he’s not answering his phone. Cameron’s supervisor also called, and said he never signed out from community service. Cameron knows how important the rules are, but he’s breaking all of them. She tagged his phone, and he’s on Dewitt Street. Jason says that’s a bunch of warehouses. She can’t imagine why Cameron would be there. He says he’ll get Spinelli on it. They’ll find Cameron.

Lucy says she recognizes that guy. He was eager to find a place. He has a Swiss accent; no, Swedish. He said his last name was Bergman. Drew asks if she showed him property, and she says, several. He was anxious to find an out of the way place where he could work. He had her driving all over the place, but finally took a cheap temporary place, so her commission was minimal. Drew asks, where is it?

Franco says, please; it’s what makes sense. Let Cameron go. Cameron says, don’t, and tells them to go before they get caught. If Franco found him, others will be on the way there. Franco says he only found Cameron because he got a parking ticket. Cabot calls Shiloh an idiot for parking illegally. Franco says his dad told him. He thinks Cameron is out on a joyride. He has no idea Cameron has been kidnapped. It’s all going to be okay. Shiloh says he’s over this; start the procedure. Cabot asks how many times does he have to explain? He doesn’t want to experiment on a child.  Not only for sentimental reasons, but the likelihood of success would improve with an adult subject. Shiloh says, the kid is prepped; they’re wasting time. Franco says, the only waste of time will be if the procedure doesn’t work because Cameron’s brain is too young. Turn him into Drew, Port Charles will give Shiloh a parade. He’s done terrible things in his life; horrible things, violent things, psychotic things. He brought the world a lot of trouble. The only thing Drew has done is be a hero. Do the world a favor. Cameron says it won’t be for his mom. Don’t do this. Someone will come. Franco says, know why he sounds like a kid? Because he’s just a kid. Franco is a gift. Listen to what his scientist said. He’s their best chance to succeed. Cabot says, he’s right. They stand a better chance of success with an adult brain. Shiloh says, fine. Use him instead. Cameron yells, no!

Nina tells Sasha it will be all right. Sasha tells her, try not to worry. Nina says, behind her mask, there’s a complete smile. Sasha says she loves Nina, and Nina says she loves Sasha too. Sasha tells Michael to do everything the doctor tells him, and he says, copy that. She adds, be careful around her other boyfriend Wiley. He says he’s going to miss holding her. He was getting used to that. She says her too. He tells her to get better, and she says she’s on it. Finn says, it’s time to go, and she’s wheeled out.

Lucy says they’re in luck. She remembers exactly the place he rented. It’s is on Dewitt Street. It was kind of odd, since the block is empty, but that seemed to be a selling point. Drew asks if she remember the exact address. She says, no, sorry, but she does have it on her phone. 721 Dewitt Street. Drew says she’s been quite helpful. Enjoy her drink. They leave, and Lucy clinks both glasses together, and downs them.

On the phone, Jason thanks Spinelli. He tells Elizabeth that Spinelli found the address; 721 Dewitt. Elizabeth says, Cameron is going to be embarrassed when his mother drags him out of the party. Jason asks if she wants him to go with her. She says he needs to stay with Sam, and he tells her to text when she finds Cameron. She thanks him, and he goes back to Sam’s room. Elizabeth calls Chase, and says she could use his help. It’s urgent. Sure, why not? Let’s drag him in too. It’s going to be quite the parade on Dewitt Street.

Shiloh duct tapes Cameron to the doorway gate, and Cabot straps Franco to the chair. Shiloh tells Cameron, hold still, and Franco says he doesn’t need to be rough. He’s to let Cameron go; that’s the deal. Shiloh says he could care less about the kid, and Franco tells Cameron, stay calm. Don’t give this guy a reason to hurt him. Cameron yells, and Shiloh grabs him. Franco says he needs Cameron to be quiet. Cameron needs to get back to his mom in one piece. That’s what’s best. Cabot prepares a shot. Franco tells Cameron that it’s all going to be okay. Cameron is crying, and Franco and I are nearly crying. Franco says he’s enjoyed getting to know Cameron. He’s a good kid. Cameron says Franco is a good man too. Franco asks Cameron to do something for him. Cameron nods, and Franco says, tell his mom that he loves her. Tell her he’ll be back. Cabot injects Franco with the sedative.

Tomorrow, Robert tells Maxie and Peter that they’re going to be sorry they crossed paths with that dirtbag, Elizabeth tells Chase that she’s going to look for Cameron, and Cabot says he’s beginning the process now.

💬 IMO, this was an excellent episode. Now that he’s shown his true colors, Shiloh has finally come into his own. I just didn’t buy him as the smooth-talking cult leader. He didn’t seem sincere; he was way to smirky. But now that he’s a villain, he works for me. He doesn’t have the twinkle that Faison, Obrecht, or even Ryan, have. The side wink, telling you it’s all in fun. Like Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) in Death Proof when he looks at the camera before starting his murder spree. Shiloh takes being the bad guy seriously, and that’s okay too. Anti-hero Franco, over-the-top Cabot, and innocent bystander Cameron made it a nice balance. I’m guessing one of the many people headed there will make it in time, and I don’t think anyone bothered to lock the door after Franco came in. It’s like the two stooges do memory transfer. If Drew’s memories do get transferred, like I said, I’ll be highly pissed, although there are several avenues they could go down that are positive. Exploring the possibility that the old memories are still there, or having Elizabeth and Franco still be in love somehow. Drew and Kim were thisclose to getting back together at one point.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow, but today was a good one.

🗽 On tonight’s Million Dollar Listing: New York, Fredrik was handling an enormous property with five terraces that I can’t even begin to describe. He held a massive showing, but the feedback was that the floor plan was too open, like a big one bedroom. One broker described it as a Malibu house in Tribeca. There was also the issue of no doorman or parking. The buyer – who was selling it for her daughter and son-in-law – griped that Fredrik wasn’t marketing the place right. He explained that it was worst month in ten years for real estate, and she pointed out the shower had cost $100K, failing to understand that sometimes you don’t get that back. Along with Fredrik, we were left in limbo, when she said it was to be continued. Ryan was selling another huge property, an 8000 square foot townhouse, with a pool. Again, it was the same problem, and Ryan thought it need a price drop. He did get a buyer at full asking price for the noisy apartment by the BQE, but the sellers balked. In the end, they decided to rent to friend. No surprise, Ryan was pissed at all that work for nothing – I would be too – but didn’t show it – I would be another story. He resigned himself to the fact that nothing in this business was in his control anymore. Luis revealed how depressed he’d been. He’d gotten his heart broken in Paris, and we found out Fredrik basically did an intervention with a few people to get Luis to come home. Steve was clearly the big winner this week, creating an event for the 100+ acre historical estate he had on his hands. There was a wagon ride to the property, a concert pianist in one building to show off the acoustics, and tiny ponies! He also had an ax throwing competition, and a bowling game. Something for everyone. The seller took an all cash offer of $2 million, and no contingencies, from a buyer who wanted to open a boutique hotel. Next time, Luis wants to get back to work, and Fredrick partners with the new guy on a listing.

🔨 They Call Him Machete…

However, Machete did not come from Spy Kids, as the article states. He was from another fake trailer in Grindhouse, which was actually made into a full-length film. And a sequel with Lady Gaga.


🐌  We Did It…

It’s Friday.
































April 19, 2019 – A Package Comes For Doc, More Kiefer, Observed This Week, HAHN Return Date, a Heavenly Number of Quotes & Weekend Edge


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina meets Valentin at the MetroCourt, and tells him that she arranged a playdate between Aiden and Charlotte. Charlotte was amenable, and she’s glad Miss Tait didn’t diminish that part of her. She can’t help thinking about how Maxie and Peter believed Obrecht was blackmailing him. She asks what that’s about.

Maxie and Peter find Obrecht at Charlie’s. Maxie asks why she vanished before the results of the DNA test came in. Wasn’t she curious? Obrecht says she couldn’t bear to witness her niece’s broken heart when she found out Sasha wasn’t her daughter.

Sasha punches the heavy bag at the gym. Michael comes in and asks who’s face she’s imagining. She says, herself.

Laura looks at an article about Ryan’s hand being found. Elizabeth joins her, and Laura asks how Aiden is. Elizabeth gets a text, and says, Nina wants to arrange a playdate for Aiden and Charlotte.

Jordan sees Franco at the hospital. He asks how she is, and she says she’s getting used to her new routine of early morning dialysis. She asks about him, and he says he’s fully recovered. He’s hoping the discovery of Ryan’s severed hand means he’s no longer on the earth. She says the authorities are convinced of it, but it never hurts to be extra cautious. Franco says the upside is, now they can tell the difference between Ryan and Doc. Good point! Doc comes down the hallway, startling them.

Ava walks into her apartment, and sets the alarm. She hears someone in the hallway, and takes out her gun. She says she knows Ryan is out there, and tells him to show himself. It’s Curtis, who says, relax. She asks how long he’s been following her, and he says, not long. She tells him come in and explain himself. She asks, what’s going on? and he says he’s the protection her brother hired. Julian is worried about her. She asks if he’s afraid she’ll hurt herself or hurt Ryan.

Laura wasn’t aware that Charlotte and Aiden were friends, and Elizabeth says Aiden never said anything. Laura hopes it’s progress, and Charlotte is trying to get along with him. Elizabeth has the sneaking suspicion Franco had something to do with it. Laura says he’s invested in the boys. Elizabeth understands he has good intentions, but wishes he’d talk to her first. Is it too much to ask for full disclosure? Laura says, apparently so.

Doc tells Franco and Jordan that he has both hands. Jordan is glad Doc was released, but he says, Nora gets the credit. He was just clearing out his office. Franco asks if he’s going to practice elsewhere. Doc doesn’t know. He still has his license, and is waiting to see if he gets reinstated, but if there are patients that want to see him, he’ll rent a space. He continues on, and Jordan says she hopes Franco isn’t planning on leaving town. He asks how he ended up under investigation.

Obrecht tells Maxie not to worry. Nina will forgive her for running around with Peter, and planning to take away her daughter. Maxie says she’s already been forgiven, and Obrecht asks if Nina has finally seen Valentin for the liar he is. Peter says Nina and Valentin are more in love than ever. Obrecht says even after they exposed him? Maxie says, there was nothing to expose. The test proved that Sasha really is Nina’s biological daughter.

Michael has his turn on the heavy bag, and says Sasha can have it back, but she says she already had a great workout. She asks whose face is on it for him, and he says a guy who’s been messing with his sister. Sasha thinks that’s sweet, and he holds the bag for her while she gets in a few more punches.

Valentin tells Nina that Maxie and Peter made an assumption based on erroneous speculation. They couldn’t have known what happened with her and Cassandra. Nina says Valentin wanted to call the police, but she said no because of her record. They should have called. Now Obrecht is holding over her like a sword. Valentin says Obrecht isn’t turning her in. She’s just using it to get what she wanted from him. She’s sick and twisted, and not asking him for a favor if she can blackmail him. He says they have everything they can want; Charlotte, Sasha, and a bright future. He suggests they not look back in the shadows, but toward their wedding with their daughters. Nina says he found the child she thought she’d lost, who’s now in her life, and he has Charlotte. They have everything they want. It’s a dream come true, but dreams aren’t made to last. How can she erase the past when she thinks she’s only seconds away from the next heartache? Valentin says they have a bond that’s unique. The naysayers and critics will never get it. He takes her hands in his, and says, what they have is stronger than anyone knows.

Obrecht says, Sasha is actually Nina’s daughter and her niece? It’s truly miraculous. Maxie is glad for Nina’s sake, but since it’s not about Sasha, what secret is Obrecht holding over Valentin’s head? Obrecht doesn’t have the slightest idea what they’re talking about, but since they’re pestering her, she’s moving to another location. They’re interrupting her flow, but she’s grateful for the uplifting news. Outside, she flashes back to seeing Valentin at Madeline’s casket.

Laura tells Elizabeth, if only Doc had said something, she would have known they’d switched places, and could have avoided the devastating loss. Elizabeth says, it wasn’t malicious. Doc made a terrible mistake, but others have been forgiven for much worse. Laura says she was relieved when Doc’s case was dropped, and Elizabeth says, so was she. It would have been terrible if Doc went to prison for his brother’s crimes. Laura thought so too, but she doesn’t know how go forward. Their marriage is in limbo. Alexis drew up divorce papers but she couldn’t bring herself to sign them. It’s not just about her though. Lulu had a massive panic attack when she saw Doc with Laura at home. It’s part of why she suggested Lulu go away. Elizabeth says, Lulu is strong; she’ll get through it. Laura says, it’s a good place to heal. She’s never been more confused. Despite his mistakes, she still loves Doc as much as she ever did.

Franco asks Jordan what he did now, but she says, he’s not a suspect; just the opposite. She’s asking because the PCPD wants to acknowledge his help with the investigation. Because of him, they uncovered the truth, and the full extent of Ryan’s crimes. She tells him to be around next month, and he tells her to let him know the date. She says he did a great service, but doesn’t think he was heroic. They both know she dragged him kicking and screaming, and blackmailed him. She says, he got the job done, and they’re grateful.

Franco sees Doc at the elevator, and says, when Doc lands somewhere, let him know. Doc asks if he wants and appointment, and Franco says Doc got him more than any other shrink. Elizabeth reminded him of that. Doc says he left Franco open to Ryan’s lies and manipulation. No other shrink failed him like that. Franco says Doc helped him. He listened, offered insight, and never judged. He’s trying to follow Doc’s example. Doc says he’d welcome the opportunity to work with Franco again. Franco says he’ll think about it.

Ava says, so her brother took it upon himself to hire a bodyguard, and Curtis says, you’re welcome. She says, thank you, but no thank you. Curtis says Julian knew she was on edge, and if Ryan is still alive, she’s his number one target. It’s for her peace of mind. She has no doubt he’s excellent, but she has no intention of being followed around. She has to live her life. He says, or what’s left of it. What’s she doing with a gun? She says, so she can protect herself. He says, it’s smart to take precautions, but reverting back to her bad ways and giving Ryan vigilante justice, not so much.

Nina is worried that Obrecht knows a secret that can ruin them, and will do it again, but Valentin says she knows where her bread is buttered. And she has priorities. She wants to see James, and has to be on good terms with Maxie to do that. She can’t do that, and be blackmailing him. Nina says, it makes sense, but Obrecht rarely makes sense. She’s smart and unpredictable, and wants to tear them apart for no reason. Obrecht walks in, and waves.

Sasha tells Michael, good workout. He helps get the tape off of her hands, and asks if she’s sore. She says, a little. He rubs her hand, and she says, how about him? She rubs his hand, and he says, a little. She gets up, and says the last time they saw each other, she couldn’t get away fast enough. He asks if it was something he said, and she says, yeah. He asks if he did something offensive, and she says, no. He opened up wide about his ex, and she hasn’t been up front. He’s looking for someone in life whose honest like him, not like her. Michael gets up, and walks away.

Maxie tells Peter that Obrecht seemed unexpectedly surprised and relieved to find out Sasha is Nina’s daughter. Peter agrees, and Maxie wonders what she’s holding over Valentin’s head. There’s definitely something suspicious about him too. Peter doesn’t think so. Some things should be kept hidden. Maxie asks if they shouldn’t find out what the truth is, so Valentin doesn’t hurt Nina again.

Elizabeth tells Laura that she wouldn’t be with Franco if it wasn’t for her. She would have lost out on a loyal man who adores her and the boys. She knows at its core, Franco’s heart is in the right place. What it comes to is, who is the man at his core? Laura says she’s right. The fundamental man is what matters most. Elizabeth has to go, but tells Laura that she saw Doc earlier at the hospital. He was cleaning out his office. She thinks moving is going to be tough. Laura thanks her, and makes a worried face. Since Griff is no longer around, Laura definitely makes the best one.

Ava tells Curtis to let Julian know she fired him. She has no need of his services. Curtis says, technically, she didn’t hire him, so she can’t fire him. She says she can make it impossible for him to do his job; call him out, blow his cover, tell the cops he’s stalking her. He doesn’t doubt she can drive him crazy, but he was there when she saw Kiki in a body bag. He’ll never forget it; it broke his heart. He’s sorry for her loss, and would like to help. She says he can help by getting the hell out of there. He goes to the door, turns to look at her, and leaves. Ava takes out her gun, and says, come on, Ryan. Come and get me.

Michael returns to Sasha, who says she thought she’d run him off this time. He says he went to the ice machine, and puts some on her hand. He says she’s not being clear, and she says he values honesty, and there have been times in her life when she’s been less than. Michael tells her not to beat herself up. He just offered to buy her a drink, not get married. She says she wanted to close any doors before they opened to avoid any… whatever. He say hypothetically speaking, if she doesn’t regret the untruth she told, is it possible she might like him, or is that what she’s lying about? Sasha says she’s not lying about liking him. She’d never lie about that.

Maxie says Valentin lobbied for Peter to retract his statement. Why do it without leverage? Peter says he knows Valentin would want to protect Nina. Maxie says, that’s how the DNA test started, and Peter says, and now look how it turned out. They’re just starting to rebuild their relationship. Maxie says, if Sasha hadn’t intervened, she’d still be tiptoeing around Nina. Peter thinks she should stop trying find something. He wouldn’t mind not spending their downtime waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maxie is afraid it will drop on Nina first, but Peter says, she’s a big girl. She knows who she’s remarrying. Let her be happy. Maxie wonders how he can say that, when Valentin caused him so much pain?

Valentin says Nina should suck it up for James’s sake, but she says she’s not there yet. Obrecht says she saw Maxie and Peter. They told her the good news. She’s relieved and happy. Nina says, is she? Does Obrecht really care about her? She walks off, and Obrecht asks if Valentin would care to explain the hostility. She’s sure it’s his doing. He says she’s rightly assuming that, since she was blackmailing him. She says how would she do that without leverage? Sasha passed another DNA test that proved she’s Nina’s daughter. How did he arrange that?

Curtis meets Jordan in that new cellar-like café. Curtis says Ava is on to something. When she said she doesn’t believe Ryan is alive, she doesn’t just believe it, she’s hoping he is. Jordan asks, why? He says a serial killer got her to fall in love with him, and murdered her daughter. What’s she going to do? Wait for him to be brought to justice, or seek it for herself? The only problem is, if Ryan is still alive, how did he survive without a hand? There was mad blood loss, the risk of infection, and he had to be weakened. Jordan says, he had help, but if he did, they’re probably dead already.

Franco arrives at Ava’s apartment, and asks why she needs to see him. She says she needs a boyfriend, and he’s the perfect man. He says they did that. It didn’t work out then, and it won’t now. Besides, he’s married. She says he’ll just be posing. Putting on a show to lure Ryan out. Franco says, the last time, he got stabbed for his trouble. She says it just needs to be convincing enough to make Ryan jealous. Lure him out of hiding, and into a trap. He says a presumably dead serial killer, and she says they can make him pay. Finally and forever. They can do this for Kiki.

Doc thanks Elizabeth for whatever she said to Franco on his behalf. She says his mistake doesn’t negate how he helped Franco. He made Franco whole, and she’ll always be grateful. She hopes things work out for him. He goes to the elevator, and Laura comes out. She heard it was moving day. He says he’s clearing out his office to make room for his replacement. She says no one can replace him. He says, apparently Ryan did. He can’t forget, the hospital sure can’t, and he’s certain she can’t either. She says, no, but she can put it in perspective.

Peter doesn’t want Maxie to have a grudge on his behalf. He doesn’t want revenge on Valentin, and neither should she. Maxie says Anna put him up for adoption, doing what she thought was best, and finding a loving home. Valentin wrecked it by giving him to Faison. Peter says he also instantly regretted it. If not for Valentin, his father would have tangled up his destiny. His father was evil, and now he’s dead. He prefers to leave the past in the past, where it can’t hurt him.

Obrecht asks Valentin, if the DNA test was positive because Sasha is really Nina’s daughter, why was he standing over Madeline’s coffin? Perhaps Nina should hear about it. He says she’s brave, but slow to appreciate the gravity of her situation. As long as he and Nina happy, she’ll be happy. When they’re not happy, all bets are off the table.

Franco tells Ava, it’s a fantastically terrible idea. She says, fantastically brilliant. Ryan is already jealous of him. Imagine if he found out Franco had taken his place in her bed. He says, not happening. She says Ryan murdered her daughter, and she won’t rest until he’s dead. He tells her, find another patsy. God help them – and her.

Jordan tells Curtis that she checked all of the doctors in the area. Curtis says maybe it’s someone other than. She says they checked within a hundred mile radius. He says he got a text that pointed him in the right direction.

Laura says when she found Doc at Ferncliff, even when the situation was deeply terrifying, she was also overcome with a sense of joy, because realized the idea that he’d stopped loving her was a lie. He’s a sweet man, patient with her precious grandchildren, and took a bullet for her. That man is still around. The one who she loved, and still loves. He says he never stopped loving her. She says maybe this is the place they can start over. They kiss.

Maxie thinks it’s great that Peter has made peace with Valentin. She underestimated him. She didn’t know he was so evolved. He says don’t give him too much credit. Valentin is in a prison of his own making. If he’s lying, he’s living in fear that Obrecht will tell Nina. Maxie asks if he thinks it’s worth it to ask Obrecht. He says not on his account. He doesn’t care; that’s the point. There are consequences. He had rage for his father, and he paid the price. She and Nathan did. He can’t go back to that life. He knows true happiness; moving forward with her.

Obrecht says Peter and Maxie worked in Valentin’s favor. Why the powerplay? Unless he’s keeping a secret. He says she should be asking how she can keep Valentin happy. She has far more to lose than he does. He walks out.

Michael puts ice on Sasha’s hands, and asks how she’s feeling. She has a question first. She wants to apologize for running out at the bar; it was rude. He says, accepted. What’s the question? She asks if he thinks they can still be friends. She doesn’t need… whatever, but she could use a friend. Something uncomplicated, a have a hit at the heavy bag friend. He says he’s completely on board. An uncomplicated friendship.

Which they immediately decide to complicate by getting busy. Surprising everyone with an unexpected song part.

Elizabeth asks if Franco knows anything about a playdate between Charlotte and Aiden. Franco says he told her that he went to see a friend. He explained what was going on to Nina. Knowing that Charlotte was a pint-sized influencer, he said he thought if she became friends with Aiden, the other kids would fall in line. He knows he should have run it by her first. She says, maybe he should have, but she’s discovered she loves him for making their life better and, boneheaded husband that he is, she’s glad he’s all hers.

Ava calls Scotty, and asks him to come over. She’d love to see him.

Curtis tells Jordan, if Ryan is alive, he would need things like bandages and painkillers. He put his feelers about to pharmacies up north, and got a hit. Shortly after Ryan disappeared, a pharmacy near Niagara Falls was burglarized. They never caught the perp.

At the hospital, a messenger comes with a package for Doc. Doc asks who it’s from, and he says, it’s from someone named Chamberlain. I’m guessing it’s the hand.

On Monday, Scotty asks what plan Ava is cooking up; Shiloh tells Jason the more Sam trusts him, the closer they become; and Laura freaks out at what’s in the box. Yep. It’s the hand.

🚑 Kiefer Confirm…

The experts validate that Alexis confessed. Again I ask, where’s the leverage?


👀 Some Observations From This Week…

There has been some internet brouhaha about throwing a piece of cheese on a toddler’s head, to see the reaction when it sticks. Apparently, some people are concerned it will traumatize the kid for life. Highly doubtful. I’m sure there are also PETA members crying out because people are throwing cheese at dogs’ heads. Dogs definitely won’t be traumatized, and will eat the cheese. Maybe these toddlers can learn from the dogs. One time when I spit baby food at my father, he checked to make sure my mother wasn’t looking, and threw a spoonful back. Or so I heard. And none of my problems come from post-traumatic baby food throwing.

A large portion of Mexican Dynasties has focused on Adan’s musical career, and how wonderful his family thinks he is. There seems to be only one person (Doris… I think) being sensibly minded, and saying they’re not being objective. He’s just not that good. It’s not that he might not become that good, but he’s not going anywhere right now. He’s a mix of a second rate Back Street Boy, and a poor man’s Ricky Nelson. He needs both training and to come into this century.

I watched If There Be Thorns last weekend, and Heather Graham hasn’t changed since she was Roller Girl in Boogie Nights. Is it a great plastic surgeon? Amazing genes? A deal with a witch? What?

I saw two email subject lines this week that were of concern. One was – Gucci for Kids. I don’t even own anything from Gucci. Okay, maybe a pair of sunglasses, but I wasn’t seven when I got them. And the other – Prom Anxiety Text Line. I’m sorry, but can kids deal with nothing among their circle of IRL friends anymore? Have they become so socially inept, they need to consult a phone hotline because they got a zit on prom day or their hair is flat? What happened to Glamour magazine?

📺 The Haves and The Have Nots will return on Tuesday, May 7th. It doesn’t look too promising for Derrick with the lion tattoo. I almost threw up at that reveal.

📟 Quotes of the Week

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground. – Theodore Roosevelt

Love does not dominate; it cultivates. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering. – Winnie the Pooh

Prepare children for the real world, not the one you wish them to have.Dr. Phil

Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one. – Stella Adler

That doesn’t just go away.Jax Taylor, when asked if he’s still into sucking toes

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.Andy Warhol – or maybe time just passes as things change.

🎆 The New Weekend’s Here!


I don’t know if it’s glory I’m on the edge of, but catching up on sleep, definitely.

January 21, 2019 – Three Collapses in Port Charles, Girls’ Night In, New Shows, Leida Drama, Gaga in Vegas & Speechless


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny and Carly walk into the MetroCourt. Carly asks if going to Morgan’s grave helped, and Sonny says, maybe. But eventually they need to do what needs be done. Carly wonders why Ava is there.

Lucy tells Ava that she doesn’t know what Doc was thinking taking up with the likes of her. Ava says for someone who’s been with him off and on for years, she knows very little about him.

Curtis tells Laura that Ava and Lucy are squaring off. If it gets physical, who does she like? Laura says if he quotes her, she’ll deny it, but its Lucy all the way. She’ll take Lucy over Ava any day.

Lucy says Ava doesn’t know Doc. He’s a good person, and has a deep, wonderful heart filled with compassion and forgiveness. While Ava is a toxic cocktail of vanity and misery.

Elizabeth congratulates Kim on delivering a baby in the parking garage. Kim is distracted, and says Oscar hasn’t checked in.

Underground, Josslyn stomps on a floor, and asks Oscar what he thinks. He says, amazing. It sounds hollow. She says the catacombs are below them.

Sonny tells Carly that he and Ava agreed on a truce for Avery’s sake. Carly thought Ava was leaving town, and says, as good a psychiatrist as Doc is, he made a mistake trashing his marriage to be with Ava.

Lucy says Ava is full of bile and malice, and alienates anyone unfortunate enough to see a sliver of good in her.

Laura asks Jordan if there’s any news. Jordan says all the precincts reported in, and there have been no bodies found. She says it’s awful to be relieved at something like that. She asks how the book launch went. Curtis says, it was interesting, but nothing major happened – until now.

Ava says Lucy is just jealous that she and Doc are together. Lucy says, it’s not going to last, and thinks it’s just pity. It’s not in Doc’s nature to abide anyone who causes harm to others.

The doorknob to Lulu’s office jiggles. She asks, who’s there? It’s not-Doc. She lets him in, and says she thought he was going to the party. He says he got her message, and his plans changed. He closes the door behind him. She asks how many people Ryan killed, and he tells her, nine. She says, only seven came up when she was researching it. When her back is to him, he slips her driver’s license out of her purse. He lists the women Ryan killed, but she doesn’t have two of them. He says the names didn’t come up anywhere because the murders were never solved.

Anna sits in a wheelchair at the reception area, and Finn asks if she isn’t jumping the gun; she’s not discharged yet. She asks if that isn’t just a formality. He tells her the hospital functions on formalities, and she’s supposed to stay in her room in the meantime. She wants to put this behind her, but she understands how lucky she is. Finn says her body responded to treatment, and Griff has given her the all clear. She says, thank God it’s over, and thanks him for dealing with the virus. She wishes she knew how she got it, and he says he does too.

At Chase’s apartment, he takes Willow’s coat. She says she never appreciated Port Charles like she does now. It’s nice to enjoy a meal in safety. Chase says he can eat in the hallway and be a lookout, but she says she wouldn’t want him to do that. He wants her to feel safe with him.

Josslyn tells Oscar, the cellar was built in 1850, and the town can’t decide whether to fill it in or fix and preserve it. Oscar votes for preservation. It’s a piece of history. He can’t believe they haven’t explored the catacombs yet, but Josslyn says she’d forgotten about it. She tells him that the seniors had to be lying, and if they found a way in, there’s no reason the two of them couldn’t. Oscar says, maybe they missed one. Josslyn says the Black Duck was built over the catacombs. There’s got to be a way in through there.

Michael thanks Lucas for meeting him. Lucas says, it sounded serious. Michael wants to talk about Wiley’s future. Lucas asks if he means in general, or something specific. Michael gives him a document, and says he’s set up a college fund. Lucas says Michael is too generous, but he can’t accept it. Michael asks Lucas to let him do this; he loves Wiley, and it has nothing do with him losing Jonah. He’s Wiley’s godfather, and he wants to help. Lucas thanks him for his generosity and courage. He doesn’t know how Michael does it. He can’t imagine losing Wiley.

Laura sits with Sonny and Carly. Laura suggest Carly give her mother a call. Laura only came in toward the end, but she guesses the book isn’t just about the town; it’s about the people who live there. Sonny asks if he should be worried, and Laura says he should be warned. No one was left unscathed.

Lucy says Ava doesn’t deserve Doc, and Ava says, but she does? Lucy says she didn’t kill anybody’s father, but Ava says not everybody might agree. Lucy says, Victor swallowed the necklace all on his own, and she tried to save him. That makes her worthier than the woman who killed Connie Falconari, and tricked Sonny into murdering AJ. Ava says she didn’t do that. Lucy says she just hasn’t been convicted. Ava says Lucy is right about Doc. He has a kind forgiving heart.

Lulu asks if Ryan told not-Doc about the murders before he died, and why didn’t he tell the police? Not-Doc says it’s a shame a driver’s license doesn’t capture a person’s soul. She asks what he’s doing. He says she’s an investigative reporter. Tell him what she thinks he’s doing.

Finn tells Anna that he neutralized the virus, meaning it will never flare up again, as opposed to it being dormant, where there are no signs, but the virus is still active. She asks how long she’s had it, but he says they have no way of telling. It could have been years. She says if it’s been in her body indefinitely, what changed? Why did she go blind?

Chase gives Willow a glass of wine, and she thanks him for making it easy. He says she’s the one making it easy. It’s nice to be with someone so honest. Some people in his life haven’t been. He says he’s heard it’s unattractive to talk about exes on a date, but she says she likes hearing about other people’s mistakes. Then she doesn’t feel as bad about her own.

Laura suggests Sonny encourage Dante to come home. The long separation from Lulu isn’t good. Sonny says he didn’t know it would be so long. Laura wonders why the WSB can’t do a manhunt without a member of the local police. Sonny says, the man he’s chasing almost killed Luke. Lucy asks if she could talk to Sonny, and Laura tells them, have fun. She and Carly leave the table, and Lucy tells Sonny the book launch was a huge success, and thanks him. Carly asks Laura if she’s expecting someone, and Laura says her daughter was supposed to cover the book launch, and missed the entire thing. Sitting alone, Ava wonders where Doc is.

Lulu tells not-Doc that he’s scaring her. Her mother and husband have been worried about him for some time, thinking the anniversary of the murders took its toll on him. He says, they certainly had an effect. She says she wanted to make sure the victims were treated respectfully, including him. He says he’s not one of Ryan’s victims. She says he had a breakdown and convinced himself that he was Ryan, and he seems be thinking that way now. He says, for the record, her articles weren’t displeasing. Pedestrian writing aside, she managed to capture a spark of Ryan’s genius. She tries to run around him, but he says, time’s up. He’s given her hint after hint, and the truth is staring her in the face. She sees who he is. She says, not Ryan; he’s dead. He takes out a knife, and tells her, if she’s going to be a reporter, she needs to be diligent about checking facts.

Josslyn tells Oscar that they’re on top of the catacombs. She’s sure there’s an entrance, but they’ve been over every inch. There’s no way in, unless they go through the floor. Oscar doesn’t think that’s a good idea; the floor is shaky as it is. The boards are probably rotted since it was built in 1800. Josslyn says she’s sorry, but he’s glad they came. She says she wanted to make one thing work, but he tells her, after weeks of sitting in the hospital playing Go Fish and Celebrity, he’s doing something cool. It doesn’t matter if they make it to the catacombs. They’re here together.

Kim wishes she could keep Oscar all to herself, and Elizabeth says, he’s her baby. Kim says, he’s also fifteen, and she wants him to have a normal life, until he can’t. She supposes that doesn’t include hanging out with mom. Elizabeth thinks she should share that with Josslyn. She can get him to fall in line. Kim says she and Drew have given him free reign over his time, on the condition he check in every three hours to let them know he’s fine. It’s been great up to now. It’s been three hours and fifty-two minutes. She thinks she should be saying it’s probably nothing to worry about, but Elizabeth says, when it’s your kid, you worry.  

Lulu lies on the floor. Not-Doc cleans his knife. She struggles to get up, and he says he missed. He won’t make that mistake again. All of a sudden, he grabs his head and drops to the floor. Lulu stumbles around him. He makes a grab for her, but she gets out the door. Not-Doc passes out.

Chase tells Willow, his ex was one huge mistake in a series of catastrophic ones. She did a number on him. He’s past it, but part of something like that sticks with you. Willow kisses him, and he says that was a nice surprise. She says for her too. He wants her to know he’s not the kind of guy who thinks dinner and drinks entitle him to something else. He likes her too much to rush in and screw things up. She says, if anyone screwed up, it’s her, letting him believe something that’s not true. She wants to set it right. She needs to come clean.

Carly says Sonny told her about Ava’s request. To be clear, there’s no way they’re going to let her leave town with Avery, never mind the country. Ava says Avery is all she has left. She shouldn’t have come to Port Charles in the first place. Carly thinks she should leave, and Ava says she needs to have her one remaining child with her, at least part of the time. Carly tells her to do what she needs to do, but Avery stays there. The elevator door opens, and Lulu staggers out to Laura, dropping to the floor. Laura says she’s been stabbed; call 911. She tells Lulu to stay with her. Ava says, just like Kiki. Lucas puts pressure on Lulu’s wound, and tells her, keep breathing. Laura begs Lulu to stay with them and breathe.

Finn tells Anna that he could go through other cases, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. The nature of the virus and it’s transfer remain a mystery for now. She says she called Robert, asking for any intel on the virus. He hasn’t called back yet, so that means he probably does, and he’ll let her know in his own sweet time. Finn says, spies are weird, and Anna says, yeah.

Willow tells Chase, when they first met, he saw a pamphlet on grieving parents in her car. She said it was for someone else, but she lied; it was for her. Chase tells her not to be offended, but he wouldn’t be a good detective if he hadn’t figured that out. She says he knew all along, and he says he strongly suspected, but now that she’s told him, he’s sorry for her loss. She says that’s why she’s so bad at dating. She’s only ever been with one man; the baby’s father. He says she doesn’t have to say anything, but she wants to talk about it. They didn’t stay together. He says, losing a baby is hard, but she says she didn’t lose the baby. That is, he didn’t die. In the support group, they think that’s what happened, but she couldn’t find a group that matched her situation. Her baby is alive, but she gave him up for adoption. Um… I’m sure there’s an online group for that.

At the hospital, the doctor says there’s one internal wound, and heavy bleeding. Lucas tells Laura that Lulu has been stabilized, and they’re getting her to the ER as soon as possible. She’s lost a lot of blood, but he thinks she got to them in time. Laura says she came by Lulu’s office; why did she leave? Sonny tells her not to blame herself.

Not-Doc feels around for the elevator button. I guess he can’t see? One of the doors opens, and he gets in.

Carly tells Ava that she’s free to go, but Ava says she’s waiting for Doc. Carly says she may want to call him. Lulu was attacked, and only hotel guests are allowed in the building. Carly says she’s going to the hospital, and Ava asks for an update when she gets there. Not-Doc stumbles out of the elevator, feeling around. Ava asks what happened. He says he thought the electricity went out, but the elevator was still moving. He can’t see. Called it.

The doctor tells Laura that Lulu is stable, and in the OR now. They won’t know how severe her injury is until they operate. Laura asks to see her, just for a moment. She goes in, and Elizabeth tells her that Lulu isn’t in any pain. Laura goes to Lulu’s bedside, and pets her head. She tells Lulu that she loves her. So many people do, especially Rocco and Charlotte. They need her, and Laura needs her. She begs Lulu to please stay with them.

Carly arrives, and asks how Lulu is. Sonny says she’s stabilized. Carly says she called Valentin, and both kids are asleep. She prays when they wake up, they still have a mother.

Willow hopes Chase doesn’t think she didn’t love her baby enough to take care of it. He doesn’t, and she says she knows she did the best for her son, but there hasn’t been one second when she doesn’t miss him. Chase can’t imagine how hard a decision it was. At least she knows he’s alive and well, and in a good home. She says she almost didn’t go through with it. She almost took her baby back. Chase asks why she didn’t? and she says he was already in a loving home; that’s what she was told. As much as it hurts, she believes he’s better off.

Carly tells Sonny that Lulu isn’t the only reason she’s there. She and Ava found Doc. He said he had a terrible headache, and lost his sight. They’re checking him out now, but there’s no explanation so far.

Curtis and Jordan examine Lulu’s office. Curtis says it looks like she put up a fight, and Jordan says, damn right. Judging from the blood on the floor, she was stabbed by her desk, and moved out. When she stood up, the killer must have still been there. Curtis sees the knife on the floor. He says, it’s the same M.O., but this time, they left their weapon.

Ava says not-Doc must be terrified, and he says he’s been through worse. He wonders if anyone knows how he lost his eyesight so quickly. Ava tells him Carly said something about Lulu being attacked. He asks if she’s all right, and would Ava do him a favor, and check on her and Laura. She says Lulu is in surgery, and she’s the last person Laura wants to see. He says she’s asking for both of them. He thinks she’d feel better if she knows another child didn’t suffer the same fate as Kiki. Ava says she’ll ask the nurse.

Kim asks Carly if she’s heard from Josslyn. She can’t reach Josslyn or Oscar. Carly says Josslyn told her that they wanted work on the planner. Kim says they want to cross things off the list, and hopes they didn’t do anything foolish.

Oscar tells Josslyn that he wants to stay; he likes it there. Josslyn thinks he’s just saying that to make her feel better about her brilliant inspiration being a total lapse. He says she’s more disappointed than she is. She wishes she could make it better, and he says she is, by being there. She says she’s been wishing for miracles, even though she knows he hates them. Wishing for them and hating them are both weird. He says he hates how people use them as an excuse not to talk about death. He’s dying, and maybe he wants to talk about it now and then. Josslyn says if he wants to talk about death, they can. She can’t promise not to get emotional, but anything he wants to say, she’ll listen. He can’t imagine being gone. He imagines what it would be like to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with his dad. He doesn’t think as much about the actual climbing, since that requires training; just about being at the top. She’s with them sometimes, and sometimes, it’s just her and him. That’s when it’s the most beautiful. The worst part of thinking about dying is leaving her, and how much he’ll miss her. He puts his arm around her, and she snuggles against him.

Willow tells Chase the baby’s father couldn’t be in the picture for all kinds of reasons. She tells herself that she did the right thing, but knowing her son is out there, and someone else is holding him is more painful than she imagined. She says now she’s completely derailed the evening, but he says, not at all. He’s glad she told him. So is she, but she still thinks she should go. Chase says he’ll walk her to her car.

Michael tells Laura that he heard chatter on the police radio that evidence was found in Lulu’s office. Sonny asks if it’s enough to ID the killer, but Michael doesn’t know. Laura says there were officers everywhere, and the killer still managed to attack her daughter. She doesn’t know what it will take to stop him.

Curtis sees a bloody footprint on the floor, and says, jackpot. Jordan says they’ve finally caught a break. The killer has stared making mistakes. Curtis says if they find the owner of the shoes, they’ll find the serial killer.

Ava tells not-Doc that Lulu is’t good. She may not make it. He heaves a sigh of relief, but says, that’s just awful. Ava shows him his shoes, which are in a bag, and says she’ll make herself useful. She’ll take those home, and bring back some slippers for him. She leaves.

Elizabeth tells Anna that Lulu was attacked. She’s in surgery, and Doc is in the hospital too. He says he can’t see. Anna tells Finn that they need to find Doc.

Carly tells Elizabeth that she’s been calling Josslyn and Oscar, and getting no response. She asks if Elizabeth can call Cameron.

Josslyn is freezing. She suggests they go back to her house, make popcorn and hot chocolate, and watch a movie. Oscar passes out. Josslyn tells him it will be okay.

A lot of collapsing going on today.

Tomorrow, Chase introduces his godson to Willow, Oscar wonders how they’ll get out if Josslyn doesn’t go for help, and Carly tells someone Josslyn is in trouble.

Vanderpump Rules

Lisa arrives at SUR, which is now open for brunch. Billie wanted to host something to promote the LGBTQ profile, and it’s packed. Lisa asks why James is there, and he says he’s there to say hi to Billie. Lisa says Billie defended James at the meeting, and he says he came to support her brunch. Lisa is glad to see him sober. Billie comes over and says people are loving it. She’s grateful to Lisa. Lisa talks about going to Stassi’s new event.

Stassi is on the phone, setting up photos. Outfit of the Day is now a holiday she started. Beau comes out in overalls, and she’s like, no. He says he’s comfortable. She asks if he can find something to wear that he’s just as comfortable in, but that’s not that. The day is about being yourself, and expressing your individuality and unique style, but she has to draw the line somewhere, and the line is at overalls. She explains that she found a company where she could submit a holiday. They told her to get a website up, and it was approved. In her interview, she says Patrick thought OOTD was cringy, and she’d have to sneak off to take photos. Beau is supportive, even making her a hashtag to hang up. She tells him that she’s doing everything to be good, but no matter what, her mom constantly tells her that she’s not good. We flash back to one of the many times in two episodes that Dayna was being an a-hole. Stassi says she needs a break from her mother. Beau tells her not to get wrapped up in all that, and she says she’s a holiday owner now.

Billie says it’s all about the good vibe. Kristen comes in with Katie, and Billie wonders why she’s there. Tom says, she’s been banned from the restaurant four times, and Billie says, Lisa needs to re-ban her. In Billie’s interview, she says, starting sh*t is Kristen’s thing, and her energy smells like dogsh*t. My question is, why is Billie looking like a somewhat dowdy 50s housewife? She goes over to their table, and says it’s random to see them there. The last time they talked, it wasn’t good. They were talking about James negatively. Kristen says Billie doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and Billie says he’s one of her close friends. Kristen doesn’t think Billie should be friends with him at all, but Billie says Kristen is holding a lot of anger, and campaigning hate. Katie says Billie is campaigning to get Kristen banned. In her interview, Katie says, there are bottles of tequila behind the bar that have been at SUR longer than Billie. Billie says she doesn’t want drama, and Kristen says she’s there as a customer, and Billie is creating drama at her table. Kinda weird. Billie tells them, enjoy brunch, and disappears, poof! because she knows what Kristen said is true.

Stassi tells us this is the begging of the empire she wants to create; her own version of Lisa’s empire, but instead of classic elegance, National OOTD day is more like, basic bitch. Tom says since he’s off duty, he can flex his OOTD. Schwartz wants a National Mumu Day.

Jax wonders if he was disrespectful. Brittany tells Jax that she hates conflict, especially with Lisa.

Katie tells Scheana what happened with Billie. Lala says it’s pathetic. She tells the girls that she’s going to the studio with James tonight. Katie wanted them come over to make flyers. In her interview, Katie says she wanted the girls to come together and make something new for Tuesdays. Katie is confused as to why Lala wants to hang out with James, especially when they’re figuring out Tuesday. Lala says, at one point, James was her only friend. Kristen appreciates that, but she doesn’t know what to say. Katie thinks the only way James will hit rock bottom is if he thinks he won’t have Lala in his life. He thinks it’s all good now. In Lala’s interview, she says she let her guard down, and felt for James, but now that she’s been talking to Katie and Kristen, her gut is speaking to her. She feels like James played her again, and Lala is no fiddle

Lisa agrees with Stassi that dressing up enhances your self-esteem. Stassi gives an interview, saying she loves classic, feminine, timeless styles. Lala wants Tom and Ariana to make a baby. Ariana asks if she can do it in a test-tube, and wonders when men will be getting pregnant. In Tom’s interview, he says him getting pregnant might be the only way he and Ariana will have a baby. Knock him up. Lisa joins them. Tom wonders when the big reveal is. In her interview, Lisa says she and Ken have been working tirelessly on TomTom. We see a clip of that. She tells Tom it’s going to be in a few days when everything is unwrapped and in place.

Stassi has Beau check Instagram, and he says OOTD is on fire. Stassi is pleased that thanks to her, all these people are taking pictures of themselves in their outfits, when they’d never felt confident enough before. She wants to do it every year. More and more people will get involved, and one day it will be a federal holiday, and schools and banks will be closed. You’re welcome. She tells Beau that she’s going to try so hard, and puts a piece of burger in his mouth with hers. Bleh.

Brittany and Scheana take pictures in front of a flower wall. Brittany tells Lisa that she was a nervous wreck at the meeting. She doesn’t usually speak her mind. When she did, she didn’t want Lisa to get mad at her, but Lisa said she was disappointed. In Lisa’s interview, she says if she based every decision on business and money, Jax wouldn’t be there. She tells Brittany, when Jax was yelling, she didn’t need his input. Not everything is black and white. Jax joins them, and Brittany tells him they were talking about the meeting. Jax says when he sees his fiancé crying, he has to step up. Lisa say she’s not ready for his attitude again, but he says he’s just defending his fiancé. She says he doesn’t need to be negative and rude, and maybe she needs to teach him how. He thinks she should focus on James. Lisa says she doesn’t need him telling her that. In her interview, Brittany says that she used to think she made Jax look better, but now that they’re engaged, when he acts like this, he makes her look worse. Lisa says she was talking to Brittany. Jax says he just wanted to apologize, but Lisa says she missed the apology. Jax says he’s sorry, and Lisa thanks him. In Jax’s interview, he says he can’t win with Lisa. She’s always going to treat him like the old Jax. James could set fire to SUR, and she’d say, Jax, you thought about doing this. Brittany tells Lisa that she and Jax go at each other, but Lisa says he’s working for her, and needs to show respect.

Ariana goes to Katie’s. Katie says everyone is an hour late. Jax came by, yelling about how Brittany is stressing out. Ariana says she’s not doing this for the next year; making everything about the wedding. In her interview, Katie says Jax was screaming that Lisa was on Brittany’s case, and how no one believes he’s really changed. There’s eleven months until the wedding. Chill. The other girls arrive, and they discuss having a girl’s night. Katie says they’ll forget who James is. Brittany says they’re about to blow that sh*t out of the water. They don’t need James. Ariana says Tom is going to the studio with James, who asked him to bring his trumpet. She was like, Tom, please don’t.

But he did, and we hear him playing badly. He tells James to make him sound like Lala. James was expecting something sexy and sultry, which Lala could have given him. In his interview, he says he sees her in her Rolls with her coffee, and he’s paying out of pocket for studio time. If you say you’re going to come, show up. Tom doesn’t want the sound synthesized, and James says he loves the organic sound. In this case, I guess organic means bad. Tom asks if he’s as good as Lala, and James says, yeah, but I don’t think he’s saying that in his head. Tom asks if James and Lala are friends again, and James says, it’s complicated.

The girls decide on Girls’ Night In for the name of their event. Lala tells them that she loves them.

James says the girls act like they’re playing Duck, Duck, Goose; a child’s game. He wonders who the duck is that the chicks are following, causing his game reference to make no sense. That Katie is doing his Tuesday night is a gutting feeling. In his interview, James says Katie won’t stop reminding him what a bitch she is. She wants to change everything, but the people were coming there for him. James says he hopes it goes well. He sounds sincere, confusing me even more.

In Lala’s interview, she says every person in the world has seen her boobs, so she doesn’t mind bringing them out for a good cause. They create a flyer with the text covering Lala’s nipples: SUR presents Girls’ Night In. Katie thinks Jax should chill out. In her interview, Brittany thinks everyone is waiting for them to mess up. We flash back to various comments from the others about Jax. Brittany wonders when everyone is going to believe they’re happy. Brittany tells the girls that she’s on the brim of freaking out. She leaves, saying she’s not doing this sh*t anymore, but isn’t specific about what this sh*t is, other than saying something unintelligible about her relationship. Back home, she tells Jax that she’s going to lose it, and to give her a second.

Scheana thinks Brittany lets little things affect her in a big way. Jax quickly blows  in and out, the girls telling him to let Brittany freak out. Scheana gets a text from Brittany saying she’s not mad at them. She’s just having a bad weird day. Katie wonders if she’d feel this way if she wasn’t marrying Jax.

Jax asks if Brittany is all right; what’s going on? She says she’s about to lose it. These are her best friends, and Katie was complaining about Jax talking about the wedding. She keeps hearing everyone talking, and it’s giving her a pit in her stomach, thinking Lisa is mad at her. She feels like she’s constantly keeping the peace between Lisa and Jax. Jax says he was sticking up for her. She says she knows that, and Jax says he’s damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. She feels like they have to prove they’re in a great place, but Jax says only to themselves. In Brittany’s interview, she feels like their friends are pulling them back to the same place, and she just want everyone to be happy for them. Jax tells her, don’t worry about it.

Lala and Scheana go to see Lala’s acting coach, Shannon. In her interview, Scheana says she’s dusting off her acting chops, and went back to her old manager. She hasn’t been in class for a long time. She prefers cold reads, but she and Lala are doing some improv. Shannon tells Lala that she’s Scheana’s boss, and Scheana has been screwing up a lot at work. Scheana starts telling Lala her excuses, which sound exactly like things out of Scheana’s real life. In Lala’s interview, she says Scheana is being herself. She loves acting because she gets to be everyone who isn’t her, but Scheana is so vain, she can’t imagine being anyone else. Shannon wants to play with illusions, and tells them to act out orgasms. In Scheana’s usual TMI way, she says she’ll be great at this, since she never had one until last year. They both go for it, and Lala says the Oscar winning performance goes to Scheana.

Stassi visits Katie and Schwartz. Stassi tells Katie that #NationalOOTDDay got over a thousand posts. Katie says Stassi really turned it out. She’s excited for tonight. Schwartz says he likes to take the high road, but hopes they’re more successful than James. Katie wants make everyone happy whose been bummed, but then yesterday happened. Billie took to social media, saying the girls at her job didn’t include the trans girl. She’s trying to insinuate that they left her out because she’s trans. Ariana says she even asked Billie to come. Now she’s gone on a smear campaign. We see a clip of her asking Katie about inviting Billie, and Katie says everyone is invited, but she does need her to help. Katie says she doesn’t pretend to know the adversity Billie has come up against, but she’s had nothing but compassion and support.

Scheana doesn’t like what Billie has been saying on social media. It’s not about her being trans. Lala says it’s hurtful. In her interview, Lala says she liked Billie when they first met, but in the past year, she’s been nothing but rude. She stirs the pot, and now she’s liking posts that are saying the girls at SUR are transphobic. Now it’s a thing. Schwartz says if she feels left out, it’s a real thing, but she should have approached them personally. Katie says she only had the people over who were planning the party, but Billie was invited to the party. Stassi says Billie acts the opposite of what she says her message is.

At SUR, before Girls’ Night In, Peter tells Katie if they’re replacing James, he was there several nights a week. She says tonight isn’t about James, and it’s a trial run. Manager Diana tells her the room is packed. In her interview, Katie says they got a masseuse, a sparkle bar, and DJ Mickey. James isn’t the only person that can make a ton of money for SUR. Ariana brings in some fancy vodka for shots, promising it’s like liquid gold. Kristen says, it’s insane; so many people. In Stassi’s interview, she says they don’t need James to be successful.

Raquel asks James if every Tuesday night is going to be Girls’ Night, and James says he hopes not. Tom arrives. In his interview, Tom says he’d like to be at the first Girls’ Night In, but they’re having a night in with robes and rosé. He wants to make sure James knows he’s there for him. DJing on Tuesday nights was his identity. He says Schwartz says it’s already packed, and there’s a line out the door. In James’s interview, it pisses him off that Katie is having her night on Tuesday, and now Lala’s boobs are getting the credit.

The place is jumping, but people are packed so tight, I can’t imagine it’s very comfortable. Everyone is taking photos, and the girls are dancing on the bar, and pouring shots. Lisa tells Ken, the girls have done it. James won’t be thrilled, but she has to give the girls their due. She says, it must be girl power or p*ssy power or something. Billie arrives, whines that she wasn’t included, and didn’t know about the event until it was posted. I assume along with everyone else who wasn’t in on the planning, so…? In her interview, she says, as a child, she wasn’t allowed to go to girls’ things, and missed out on a lot. It made her feel like she was wrong, and she felt a rush of shame at not being included.

Ariana climbs over the bar, going over to see Billie. She says she doesn’t want Billie to feel excluded. And Billie asks why she left out the trans woman. Ariana says it’s becoming something it’s not. It’s her personal beef with Katie that has to be worked out. in her interview, Ariana says she’s in the middle of two girls who are her friends. She has empathy for Billie’s position, but at the same time, Billie just had an altercation with Katie. Ariana wouldn’t invite her either. Katie asks, what’s going on? and Billie repeats her gripe about not being included. Katie says, tonight is for everyone, so stop making it something it’s not. Her posts are perpetuating the insinuation that they’re discriminatory. Billie says they never included the trans woman. In Billie’s interview, she tells us that she never called them transphobic. She just liked a few comments from supportive people about being excluded. She tells Katie, an apology would have been good. Katie says Billie is the one who needs to apologize. Billie says Katie doesn’t get it. Cis privileged for sure. Katie tells her, stop it. Ariana wants them to be able to talk it out, but says no one is listening to her.

Katie tells Lala what Billie said about her being cis privileged. Lala says, eff that bitch. In her interview, Lala tells us that she doesn’t quite know what that means, but if it came out of Billie’s mouth, it’s effed up. 

Lisa tells Katie, it’s crazy, and asks if they’re doing this every Tuesday. Katie asks if Lisa wants them to, and Lisa says she does. Katie says she’ll do it. The line down the street blew her expectations out of the water, but to hear Lisa say it, confirms it. Katie tells the others, and they toast to Girls’ Night In. In Kristen’s interview, she dances around, saying she won. James is done.

Tom listens to his own playing, and makes faces, saying things like, that’s gotta go. He tells James, edit the sh*t out of that,

Lisa says, it’s a raving success. Billie joins her table, and Lisa asks if she’s having fun. Billie says, no. She wasn’t included in the planning, and didn’t know about it until it was posted. She says she wasn’t tagged in the original post. Lisa knows she’s coming from her trans experience of not being included, but she’s here. Billie ignores this, and says she’s trans and it’s Girls’ Night; her pronoun. They’re not being sensitive. Lisa gets how much Billie has endured, but thinks that’s a separate issue. The girls probably organized it between themselves, but that has nothing to do with Billie being trans. She’s never heard a negative comment about that, and everyone has had the utmost admiration for Billie. In Lisa’s interview, she understands that Billie’s had a difficult journey, but they’ve all been welcoming and supportive. Once again ignoring what Lisa just said, Billie tells Lisa that her feelings were hurt. Katie is crying about her weight all the time. Lisa says, it wasn’t deliberate, but Billie says if Katie can pull the fat card, she can pull the trans card. Lisa says she’s not hearing any more of this nonsense.

Next time, Billie tells Lala she’s not better than everyone just because she has a rich boyfriend, Lala calls Billie a psychopath, Tom has an 80s roller rink birthday party, and the big reveal.

👸 Interesting. IMO, they treated Billie exactly like one of the girls. If we’re pissed at you, we’re not including you in the planning of the party. She’s also seems to have confused the planning party (if you want to call it that) with the event itself. Seems to me they never even considered her to be anything but one of the girls. and it’s her own projection. I get why, but she needs to woman-up and admit she’s wrong. On Twitter.

📺 I saw a preview for Mexican Dynasties, premiering Tuesday, February 26th at 10 pm, and it looks good. Don’t Be Tardy starts its new season on Sunday, February 17th at 9 pm. As much as I don’t care for Kim Zolciak, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and especially Kim on RHOA, I like this show. Zany is the perfect word for it.

🙊 After Watch What Happens Live, at 11:30, Bravo aired a new show, Dating: No Filter, and I think it’s a keeper. It’s like People’s Couch, but the people on the couch are critiquing couple’s first dates. The dates were pretty awful, but the critiques were funny as hell. They’re airing episodes all week at 10:30 pm on E!

Gay guy after being asked by his date if his family knows he’s gay: We haven’t had that talk yet.

Commenter: Have they seen that shirt?

📓 BTW, Andy Cohen has a stenographer? Stenographers still exist who aren’t retired?

🏥 Leida Continues Her Pursuit of a Medical Career…

No, wait. She doesn’t.


The Instagram post where she promises we’ll never have to see her on TV again. I believe it if you believe it.


😍 Because I Love Her…

No surprise, Lady Gaga’s Vegas looks are incredible.


🎶 Since We’re On the Subject…

My favorite Gaga song.


January 13, 2016 — Adios, Sabrrrina, Carrrlos & the Hotal Cortez


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


General Hospital

Nathan meets Maxie at the MetroCourt/Floating Rib/whatever it is.  He asks her what’s going on and she flashes back to seeing Johnny.

Johnny startles Lulu In the park, grabbing her from behind while wearing a ski mask. He’s such a laugh riot!

Dante is beating the crap out of a punching bag at the gym.

Carrrlos calls Sabrrrina back.

Jordan meets with Anna and Paul. Jordan says he needs to come up to speed and passes the ball to Anna.

Valerie is applying for a job at the MetroCourt and Olivia comes by to discourage that. Valerie asks what it will take to make things right and Olivia tells her a time machine and suggests she go back to PA. Now tell us how you really feel.

Michael tells Dante that he should aim higher if he’s thinking of Dillon. Dante says that he doesn’t like Dillon, but he’s the one who ruined his own marriage. Because he gives up easy, when Michael suggests counseling, he brushes it off. He also insists Lulu slept with someone else on New Year’s Eve, even though he has absolutely no real evidence of this. Please, Lulu, run off with Johnny while you can.

Lulu tells Johnny he shouldn’t be goofing around like that because someone could see. She says he shouldn’t take chances because both Dillon and Maxie know he’s around. She says Maxie can’t keep a secret for long and Johnny says he knows Maxie almost as well as he knows Lulu and she won’t tell. If he knows her that well, he should know she always ends up telling.

Nathan tells Maxie he’s been keeping up with her fashion stuff online, which shows once again what a great guy he is. Nina comes by and gives him a copy of the green Crimson issue. Nina says it’s their fashion revolution and I think of Little Edie Beale. Nina says she bought all the local copies and is giving them out for free.

Anna says she’s never been convinced that Carrrlos shot Sonny, so she investigated on her own. Jordan says as far as the PCPD is concerned it’s a closed case, along with Carrrlos’s death.

Not so dead Carrrlos tells Sabrrrina he missed her and she pretends to be talking to her dad while Felix is there. When Felix leaves, she tells Carrrlos she thinks Anna is on to him and not to come back to Port Charles. He tells her he never left, and doesn’t want to leave without her.

Maxie says they can’t get an accurate read on the sales if only one person buys the magazine. Nina says there are plenty of places where it’s still for sale and that when the bloggers and cool kids find out about it, it’s going to take off. Nina tells Maxie she needs to have faith in her ideas. Nina runs off and Maxie says she needs to tell Nathan something, but he has to jet.

Lulu tells Johnny the last time Maxie covered for him, she almost lost the best relationship she had. Lulu says she’s bound to tell Nathan. Johnny says his Valerie plan is almost done and pretty soon Valerie won’t be able to show her face anywhere in Port Charles.

Valerie asks if the answer to everything is her moving out of town. Yes. Olivia says this is Lulu and Dante’s home and they’ll find their way back to each other, and Valerie should get out and stay out. Valerie says Olivia is taking out her own failings with Dante out on her. She says too bad, so sad, she’s not going anywhere and she’d rather shovel snow than work for such a hypocrite. I still can’t figure out how Port Charles has snow when nowhere else in the area does IRL.

Dante says that when the newness of a relationship wears off, that’s when you have to work on it. He says he and Lulu didn’t mean to hurt each other, but they did and are paying the price now along with Rocco. God forbid he should take his own advice. What a jerk. Michael says he has to go.

Sabrrrina asks why Carrrlos is still in Port Charles. He says he couldn’t leave her and the baby, and he’s made arrangements for both of them to leave. She says she’s broken up with Michael, but she still can’t go. She asks why he didn’t go when he said he was going to and he says because he loves her now more than ever. He says if she won’t go with him, he’s turning himself in to Anna and she’s going to kill him like she tried before. Sabrrrina is like, what? because she didn’t know about that, but he doesn’t really explain. He says know that he loves her forever and to tell their child he’s sorry he couldn’t be a father.

Anna says she’s willing to drop the whole thing. Paul says it’s a minor discretion in the grand scheme of things. He says she’s a valuable asset and he’s sure they can work things out, but he has to go. When he’s gone, Jordan asks why Anna lied to him. Anna tells her the mole is Paul.

Lulu tells Johnny time isn’t on his side. Now I have an earworm of Time Is on My Side by The Rolling Stones. He tells her to relax because he’s wrapping it up tonight. He says Valerie will be there soon, so Lulu needs to scoot.

Valerie tells Dante she appreciated his offer of help, but she thinks it’s better for them to keep their distance. She leaves for a run and Nathan gives Dante the eye.

Carrrlos meets Paul at the docks. Paul says he thinks someone is on to them.

Jordan asks what motive Paul would have to help Carrrlos. Anna says she’s not sure, but they need to bring Carrrlos in for interrogation. Anna says they need to focus on Sabrrrina and she wants 24-hours for surveillance and phone tapping.

Michael goes to Sabrrrina’s apartment. Felix answers the door and says he’ll let him in if Michael hears him out. Felix says he thought Sabrrrina would never smile again after losing Gabriel, and Michael had brought joy back into her life. He says obviously Sabrrrina lied, but Michael should have cut her some slack. Michael says he wants to get back together with her, but Felix says it’s too late since she’s gone.

Paul says Carrrlos needs to stay dead to the rest of the world, that it’s the only way to keep him and those he loves safe. He says Carrrlos needs to get on the boat now. Carrrlos says it’s smooth sailing ahead for both of them and that he’s no danger to Paul and neither is anyone he cares about.

When Paul leaves, Sabrrrina shows up at the docks. Sabrrrina says no one knows where she is. Carrrlos says their boat leaves soon and wonders why she doesn’t have a bag. Sabrrrina asks why he was talking to Paul.

Michael leaves a message for Sabrrrina to call him and insists Felix tell him where she is. Felix says that’s not his job and if Sabrrrina doesn’t want to hear from him, he’ll have to live with that.

Jordan tells Anna no way are they tailing Sabrrrina.

Dante tells Nathan that what was between him and Valerie is over and they’re not even friends anymore. And adds that should make everyone happy because he’s such a whiner.

Nina shows Olivia the magazine. Olivia says that her cousin started the magazine and it’s practically a fashion institution. Nina says they need to save the magazine and that they can’t keep doing everything the same old way. Olivia starts to say something critical, but then says who is she to judge.

Johnny pretends to be talking on the phone with someone in the park when Valerie comes by.

Maxie is trying to give out copies of the magazines, but she’s distracted by the secret she’s keeping from Nathan. When Nina asks why she still has magazines left, Maxie kinda sorta tells her about it without telling her. Nina talks about how she has her own background of lies, but they eventually led her to Franco.

Nathan asks if Dante will be able to work with Valerie when she graduates. I don’t get why this is even an issue. Why would Jordan ever schedule them even near each other? Nathan says maybe Dante and Lulu can patch things up and that he should at least try. As if on cue, Lulu comes in.

Valerie asks Johnny what’s up. He says he’s not seeing eye to eye with a tow company. He says he’s got a dead car and they’re telling him it’s an hour wait and he needs to be somewhere. Valerie says she’ll drive him.

Jordan says as soon as she sends a request to the judge, it will tip Paul off. She suggests they work on their own.

Michael says he can’t let Sabrrrina go without telling her he wants to make a family with her. Felix says he doesn’t know where she is. Michael is about to hunt her down, but Felix has an envelope for him. He says Sabrrrina told him to give it to Michael if he came by.

Carrrlos tells Sabrrrina he made a deal with Paul about turning state’s evidence. Sabrrrina asks why he didn’t tell her. He says he was only buying time and that he’d be dead if he testified against Julian. He asks her to please disappear with him. He says Port Charles holds too much pain for the both of them and they should start a new life somewhere else as a family. If she doesn’t want to, I totally volunteer.

Olivia looks through the magazine and tells Nina it’s not bad. Nina gets a call from the circulation manager. She asks if Crimson is a success and from the look on her face, it is. Ha! I knew it.

Lulu tells Dante it’s not a good night for him to pick up Rocco because he has a bug. Dante acts like she must be lying and that she, Dillon and Rocco are cozying up together.  Dante acts like such a freaking idiot, Lulu can’t get out of there fast enough. While Nathan starts to talk to Dante, Maxie comes running in and drags him into the interrogation room. She says she has to tell him something. Nathan says that what he’s been working on has something to do with her. He says Johnny might try to contact her. Funny you should say that, replies Maxie.

Johnny says he doesn’t want to be a bother. Valerie says she owes him one for fixing her car.

Anna knocks on Sabrrrina’s door and there’s no answer. She and Jordan bust in with their guns drawn. The place is empty.

Michael takes the letter to the park to read it. The letter says that the time they spent together was the happiest of her life and he didn’t deserve her lying to him.

Carrrlos tells Sabrrrina the choice is hers and asks if she’s coming. She says yes, and goes with him. All right!

The letter continues about how grateful Sabrrrina is, and that Michael will find someone he deserves. She says she’ll always love him, but she’ll do it from a distance. She says that Port Charles is his home, but not hers, and says good-by.

Tomorrow, Maxie tells on Johnny, and Alexis and Julian make faces at something they’ve discovered.

American Horror Story: Hotel – Random Thoughts

This was a nice finale. It hasn’t been my favorite season – that was Freak Show – nor has it been my least favorite – that was Coven because I thought it was too busy – but Hotel was well crafted and the acting was fabulous. I thought the story was a little repetitive at times, and that if I wanted to watch True Blood, I’d watch True Blood, but it had glorious moments. I loved the serial killers’ dinner, used again in the finale.

Denis O’Hare was wonderful and Lady Gaga was a joy to watch. There was recently some Twitter brouhaha about her getting a Golden Globe and that she lacked acting talent. I didn’t understand that at all. Did we see the same show? I also recently saw her in Machete Kills and she was totally on point. It bothers me that the anonymity of the internet allows people to say appalling things about someone that they would never say to their face. And a total stranger no less. But I digress.

What makes this show great is that whether it’s the best season or the worst, it’s always reborn in the next. So while we bid adieu to the Hotel Cortez, we look forward to whatever wild ride the horror story takes us on next.