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January 10, 2020 – Sonny’s Truck Is Found, Nearly Ruined, Baby Mama Drama, Wife Feuds, VanderCrash, Vicki Frets, Danielle Quits, I Vent, Quotes Helen Ends & Begins, Pup Birthday & No Waiting


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

We get another rare glimpse of the outside of the hospital. Elizabeth is straightening up an examining room, and stops to look at her phone. She frowns, and makes a call. She leaves a message for Laura, saying, she noticed Laura has called, but she’s not leaving messages. She hopes everything is okay, and asks Laura to give her a call. She hears someone say her name, and she says she’ll be right with them. She turns around to see Nikolas.

Jason goes to Jordan’s office. She asks if a truck from Corinthos Coffee is missing. They found one abandoned and torched. Does he happen to know if they made themselves an enemy?

Lucy shows Maxie a portfolio, and says, it’s just a sample to get the conversation started. She thinks Deception is going to be absolutely fabulous once it’s up and running. Advertisers are going to be lining up beside them. Maxie says, it’s impressive, but that’s just her opinion. Lucy has to run it by Nina. Nina says, run what by her? and Maxie says, Deception’s pitch to be a Crimson’s partner. Lucy tells Nina, picture it; Crimson and Deception, the perfect marriage. Not that anyone needs marriage to be perfect. They’re strong, independent women, and perfect unto themselves. Nina says she’d like to see a proposal. They go to Nina’s desk, and Lucy hands her a mock-up of a Crimson cover featuring Sasha.

Sasha finds Michael in the empty ELQ boardroom, and asks if she’s interrupting. He says she is, and thanks her. She said he mentioned he’d be there, and he says the meeting finished early. He was looking over resumés for a part-time nanny for Wiley. In between work, and going to Turning Woods to see Lucas, Brad is drowning. Wiley was fussy at daycare, and when Brad didn’t answer, they had to call him. A nanny is the obvious solution, but none of the candidates seem right. She says, nobody is good enough for Wiley? She wonders why.

Brad asks who took his lab results; he needs them back now. Willow comes by, and asks if this is what he’s looking for, handing him some paperwork. He asks where she found them, and she says, where he left them. In the breakroom near the coffee maker. She tells him, Lucas being at Turning Woods, and returning to work is a lot for anyone, and he has Wiley on top of it. Brad says he can handle it. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

At Charlie’s, Sonny says Carly saw Julian and Brad at the pier. He knows what they talked about after Carly walked away. Julian asks what they were allegedly talking about, and Sonny says, him, his wife, his son, and Wiley.

Elizabeth says Nikolas hasn’t changed, and he says she’s as beautiful as ever. She says he’s supposed to be dead, and he says, it was a very close call. She says, it’s been three years; where has he been? Does his mom know? Laura has been calling, probably trying to warn and prepare her. However she wants to look at it, he’s back. It’s not a dream. She touches him, and says, it’s him. She promises not to faint, but Nikolas says he might. They hug.

Jordan tells Jason, the truck was found by the side of the road. There was no cargo or driver; just the burnt frame. Were they aware the truck was missing? Jason says they knew the shipment never arrived, and she asks if they were concerned. He says they were, and thanks her for locating it. She asks if he has any idea where the driver could be, and he says the employees were canvased, and everyone is safe and accounted for. She asks him to have a seat, and says what if she requested the manifest and interviewed the driver? He says he doesn’t know how much the driver could tell her. She says, so the driver pulled over to stretch or get some fresh air, an unknown party stole the truck and drove off, and they never saw anything?

Nina looks at the mock-up cover, and says she thought Sasha turned down Lucy’s offer to model. Lucy says she has an extreme knack for persuasion. She’s prepared to offer Nina 5% of the equity, priority placement, and integration. Like Maxie said, it’s a win-win. Maxie says it’s a high end brand, but Nina says, no. Lucy says they’re already a high placement brand, and it’s a golden opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Nina thanks her, and says she’ll definitely consider it, as long as Lucy finds another model to represent the brand. Lucy says, that’s not an option. Sasha isn’t just a brand ambassador; she’s an equity partner.

Sasha wonders if Michael is looking for a degree in psychology and nutrition, as well as training in CPR, mountain climbing, and gourmet cooking skills. He says he forgot to add that. He asks if he’s being too protective and involved, and she says, maybe, but in the sweetest, sexiest way. He says he knows what he’d like to do. Pull back from ELQ, let Ned pick up the slack, and block extra time to spend with Wiley. Sasha asks, what’s stopping him?

Sonny ask if Julian hasn’t learned by now to stay away from his family. Does he have to keep reminding Julian? Julian says Wiley is his family as well. He comes up in conversation. Sonny says Julian warned Brad to be careful around Carly so he wouldn’t get wind of something about Michael, because Sonny protects his son. He tells Julian, if he’s got something brewing, think twice. He knows Sonny always protects what’s his. Julian says he hears Sonny, and when it comes to his family, he feels the same way.

Jason says Jordan will have to call Diane for the manifest. Jordan says Diane will ask for a warrant and probable cause. It’s sketchy, but without witnesses, all they have is a missing truck that was found. It’s already annoying enough. She asks if it’s possible the driver went rogue, and someone else got the delivery. Jason says all the employees are vetted, and have years of experience. Jordan wonders if it’s a calling card from Sonny’s rival. If there’s a turf war brewing, she needs to know.

Lucy tells Nina, it’s business, not personal. Deception would be good for Crimson, and vicey versey. Nina wishes her luck. She’s sure Lucy will find another publication to promote Deception, but she passes. She’s sorry, and wishes Lucy the best of luck. Lucy thanks her for her time, and leaves. Maxie sits down, and says she wishes Nina would reconsider. Nina asks why she should invite Sasha back into her life, and Maxie says, Lucy’s partnership proposal has merit. They can find a work-around. She’ll do everything, and Nina can just sit back and rake in the revenue. How does that sound? Listening outside the door, Lucy smiles.

Sasha tells Michael, it’s possible to do both, especially when you have enough money. He’s been a daily presence in Wiley’s life, and he can add a few extra hours. Michael says he can set it up coordinating with Brad’s schedule. When Brad goes to work, he can spend the mornings with Wiley, and drop him off at the hospital daycare or at his grandmother’s with the nanny. Later, he can pick Wiley up, and get him to Brad for dinner. Sasha says he’s already got a strategy, and he says, thanks to her. It will cut into his free time with her, but she says, it’s a worthy cause, and she happens to like Wiley. They kiss. Sasha’s phone rings, and she says, it’s Lucy. He tells her, the first rule of business is, always answer your partner’s call. Lucy says, she’ll make it quick. Nina said no. Sasha says she tried to warn her, but Lucy thinks maybe there’s a little crack. She needs to kick the door open. She tells Sasha, get there pronto, and Sasha says she’ll be right there. Michael asks where she’s going, and Sasha says, to kick open some doors.

Willow brings Brad some coffee, saying she thought he could use it. He says, yeah. His nerves are just jangled. Everyone is doubting him all of a sudden, and Lucas’s whole family is against him. Willow says, that can’t be true, and he says Bobbie has called fifty times, Carly thinks he’s overwhelmed, and Julian agrees. Michael wants to hire a nanny. She says that’s not a bad idea.

Julian says he has no beef with Michael, Carly or Sonny. He thought they turned a corner the night Sonny offered to let him visit Wiley. He’d like to keep that going. Sonny ask why he warned Brad about Carly, and Julian ask if Sonny has seen Brad lately. He’s in completely over his head, raising Wiley alone, and Julian doesn’t want people to see him fall apart. He might be nervous, but Julian thinks Brad will be fine. He was just helping. Sonny says maybe Julian was helping himself. Lucas wants nothing to do with him, and with Lucas out of the picture, Julian has a chance to swoop in and get close to his son. This actually sounds stupid, since Julian just brought up Sonny offering to let him see Wiley.

Julian says he and Lucas have had their differences, but it doesn’t matter now. All he cares about is his son waking up. Until he does, Julian has to do right by Wiley. Sonny has his family, Carly is busy, and Michael has his girlfriend and work, but Julian has free time to devote to his grandson. Sonny asks how he thinks Lucas will feel if he wakes up and finds out that Julian took advantage of his accident. Julian says Sonny doesn’t speak for his son, but Sonny says he’s speaking for himself. Julian asks how Sonny knows about the conversation anyway. Carly left, and he and Brad stayed there. He’s curious who Sonny’s associate was following; him or Sonny’s wife? Sonny suggests Julian take the same advice he gave Brad; steer clear of his wife, and anything Corinthos related. He leaves.

Michael tells Brad, Wiley has a strong support system. The Quartermaines and Corinthoses; two houses with nurseries and full-time nannies, with room in both. When Brad is working, Michael can put him down at night. Willow asks if Michael will really be able to pull back at ELQ, and Michael says he has someone to step up. He wants to do this, and gives Brad his word that he can carve out the time. Brad says, absolutely not.

Maxie tells Nina to take the personal part out of it. It’s possible to have a business relationship with someone you dislike. Lucy pops back in, and says, Maxie is right. Nina says she thought Lucy left. Lucy says, think classic. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger; Simon and Garfunkel; Abbot and Costello. Maxie says, who? and Nina and Lucy both say, ‘s on first. Nina says it’s better if she doesn’t force a relationship. It’s her prerogative. She made a mistake, and she’s not doing it again. She’s going to focus on moving forward. Sasha walks in, and says what Nina calls moving forward, she calls just plain stupid.

Elizabeth asks where Nikolas has been, and he says, Europe mostly. He was rescued by a yacht crew sailing past the island. He pursued some leads, and started to reclaim what’s his. Last night, he was able to do it. Nina walked out on Valentin; the wedding didn’t happen. Elizabeth says Nina gave her the impression that she was going to stick by Valentin no matter what. He says, apparently, she reached a breaking point, but there was still a wedding – his.

Jordan says she thought she and Jason had come to a place where they understood each other. Maybe he’s reconsidered in the light of Sam’s conviction, but it was a Federal prosecution, and removed from her jurisdiction. Jason says when  they’re done with the truck, Sonny will have a towing company haul it away. She’s sure the taxpayers will be happy, and says, there’s one more thing. The truck was abandoned in a no parking zone. She hands him a ticket, as Curtis walks in. Curtis asks if everything is okay, and Jordan says, Jason was just leaving. When Jason is gone, Curtis asks what that was about. She says, it was about her wasting her breath. Jason could give a master class in stonewalling. He’s every defense attorney’s dream come true. He’s never nervous, and never discloses anything. And he’s had plenty of practice since he’s been arrested so many times. She says, now that she’s vented, why is he there? He asks if it’s not a good time, but she says, it’s fine. He says he did a follow-up on her friend Bob’s death. He knows how busy she is, and he has a connection in DC. He wanted to learn a little more, and get her closure. Jordan knows he meant well, but hopes he didn’t intrude on the family’s grief. He says he was careful not to, and she asks what he found. Cancer? A heart attack? He says, no. A drug overdose.

Elizabeth says, Ava? and Nikolas says he sees her Ava, and raises her a Franco. She says, Franco has completely changed. She can’t say the same for Ava. He says he can’t either, but each of them brings something the other can’t live without. Elizabeth is pretty sure it’s not love. How did he get with Ava? He says, that’s the hard part. He’s been in Port Charles since September. She says, four months, and he never thought to contact anyone who loves him?

Sasha says she admires Nina’s business savvy; her creativity, and ability to think outside the box and take risks. She saw how stubborn Nina can be; determined and pragmatic to a fault. Nina says she’s wasting her time, but Sasha says she’s not finished. The partnership has nothing to do with their history; it’s what’s best for their businesses. Deception’s target audience is the youth and wellness market, a major opportunity that Crimson can be a part of. If Nina is the savvy businesswomen Sasha thinks she is, she’ll jump at it. If she doesn’t, she can watch from the sidelines while they become a major success without her.

Brad says he can’t let Michael compromise being CEO of ELQ to babysit. Michael says he’s choosing to give up his time to help Lucas. Brad says Lucas wouldn’t want him to do it. He’s proud of Michael, and admires his position on the ELQ and hospital boards. Michael says, Lucas would want Wiley to have all the support he needs. No one can do it all, and Brad shouldn’t try to be a superhero. Take the help. Brad says he didn’t think about it until now, but he knows the perfect person take care of Wiley. Wiley already knows them, and there should be no problem with them stepping in. Willow always said she’d do anything to help. Now he’s asking for help with his son. Julian stands behind Brad, listening.

Jordan says, an OD? Did she hear wrong? Curtis knows it’s a shock, but Bob died from an OD. She asks if something went wrong. He got the wrong prescription, or a bad interaction with medications? Curtis says, it was opioids; a straight-up OD. She says, Bob wasn’t even much of a drinker. She never saw him have more than a beer, and never saw him using. Curtis knows it’s hard to hear, but as someone who has more experience than most, he can tell her, once you become an addict, you become an expert in hiding it.

Sonny asks Jason, what’s the damage? Jason says they lost a truck and a shipment of beans. Diane is handling the driver’s severance pay, and his relocation to Tennessee. Sonny asks if the driver was injured, and Jason says, just shook up. He followed company policy, and took off. Sonny says to tell Diane to be generous with the severance pay. He asks if the truck was impounded, and Jason says, what’s left of it. They also got a parking ticket, since it was left in a no parking zone. Sonny laughs, and says, make sure it gets paid. He wants the Commissioner to see they’re good citizens. Jason wonders who would target a coffee truck, and Sonny says, someone who  has no idea how he does business.

Sonny says, maybe someone thinks they’re using the coffee warehouse as a front. They didn’t do their research. Jason suggests maybe they tried to send a message. Port Charles is a valuable asset. It’s close to the border, and near international waters. Sonny limits what moves, and some people want him to share. Sonny says, sharing is overrated.

Curtis tells Jordan, the cause of death was an OD; it was on the police report. She says forensics would look at the chain of evidence, tracing where it came from, and who sold it. He says he called his friend on the force in DC and got a copy of the report. There’s not a lot there. On the outside, it looks squeaky clean, all legit. Everyone who knew him had the same reaction that she did; he wasn’t that type of guy, and basic disbelief. Jordan asks if she can talk to his friend, but he says the friend has already stuck his neck out. He doesn’t want to put them on the spot, or lose them as a contact. She appreciates that, and says, it’s such a shock. Curtis asks if there’s anything else he can do, and she says, maybe later. He says, sure, and leaves, but Jordan is obviously distressed.

Lucy thanks Nina again for her time. Maxie looks at package Lucy brought, and says, it’s generic. Lucy needs to underline the brand, to prepare for when she’s ready to reveal what they are. Her proposal is too conservative. Crimson needs at least 15%; Maxie will adjust it accordingly. Lucy is going to have to step up her opening foray if she wants involvement increased. Nina tells Lucy, leave her proposal, and she’ll consider it.

Brad says, it’s a perfect solution. He and Willow both work at the hospital, and she’s great with Wiley. Michael says she has a full schedule at the hospital, and doesn’t have the luxury of delegating. Butting into the conversation, Julian agrees it’s unfair, and Brad shouldn’t put Willow in an awkward position. He knows Brad is under stress. Brad says, don’t remind him. Willow agreed that she wanted to help Wiley. Willow says maybe she could adjust her schedule, but Julian thinks it’s asking too much. End of discussion. Oh, okay. Everyone will listen to the guy who just arrived to the party, who no one wanted there in the first place. Brad says Lucas wanted Willow to be a part of Wiley’s life, and he thought Willow wanted to spend more time with Wiley. Michael says they have plenty of options, and not to put Willow in an uncomfortable position. Brad says, who better to give Wiley the care he needs until they get Lucas back, which he prays is soon. Willow says, of course (🍷). How could she say no? Ugh. Julian needs to ditch that turtleneck look he’s been sporting lately.

Elizabeth asks if Nikolas wasn’t tempted to tell anyone he was alive. Nikolas says he can’t begin to tell her how hard it was. His mom came by Jax’s place while he was there. Everything inside him wanted to embrace her, but he couldn’t. He had to bide his time, and put his plan in place, or it would have undone everything. Elizabeth gets it intellectually, but emotionally, he has so many people who love him who were devastated. Hayden has a little girl, Violet; she’s the cutest. Hayden left Violet in Port Charles while she’s away, but wait until she finds out he’s back. Valentin is no longer a threat, so Hayden can come back be and be with her. He promises to do all he can to bring Hayden home. Elizabeth says, if anyone can do it, he can. She doesn’t know whether to slap or hug him, and he says he’ll take the hug. He’s already had smacks. They hug.

Maxie tells Lucy and Sasha they’ll be in touch. She’ll go over the proposal in depth. Lucy says, fingers crossed, even though she doesn’t need it. She has a kick-ass partner who was spectacular. And she can’t believe Maxie was so convincing without making her boss look bad. She hopes Nina knows what she has in Maxie. Come to think of it, if Maxie ever wants to talk about some work, here’s her number. Lucy gives Maxie her card, and Maxie says she already has it. Lucy says that’s Lucy as a realtor; this is Lucy as a potential partner. Think about it. They leave, and Maxie looks at the card. I think Deception should launch their own magazine.

Nina looks at the mock-up cover. She opens a jewelry box containing the half-heart pendant, and takes it out.

Brad thanks Willow, and says he’s so grateful. Julian grabs Brad’s arm, says, excuse them, and steers Brad away. He asks if Brad has lost his damn mind. Sonny already knows something’s up.

Michael asks if Willow is sure she’s okay with this. Brad isn’t sensitive on a good day. She knows it’s challenging, and will have to protect her heart, but Brad is in a jam and she can help out. Michael says, so can he, but she says, for whatever reason, Brad isn’t comfortable with him. He’s intimidated by Michael. Michael is the kind of person everyone loves, and Brad probably feels Michael will overshadow him. He says, Wiley is more important than Brad’s ego, and she says she’ll do her best not to intimidate anyone. He’s not sure about that. He thinks Wiley likes her more than him, and he’s jealous. She says she can’t help it if Wiley has great taste. Dreams come true. She’s going to spend time with Wiley, and savor every moment. And when it’s over, she won’t look back.

Brad tells Julian, if he had walked in five minutes later, Michael would have been taking care of Wiley, and when he was busy running ELQ, the Quartermaines and Sonny would come around. Julian is second guessing him, and he knows what he’s doing. Julian says, he’s right, and Julian is going to see that he gets all the help he needs.

Jordan looks at her computer, and makes a call. She says she needs them to do her a favor. Drop whatever they’re doing, and get to Port Charles as soon as possible.

Jason says, if they get an overture, how does Sonny want to respond? Sonny says, same deal. They can move through Port Charles; no drugs, no guns, and they have to pay double for torching his coffee truck. It was rude. (I literally LOL.) Jason says, what if there’s no offer? Doesn’t Sonny want to figure out who it is? Sonny says if so, they made a mistake, and he’ll make them regret it.

On Monday, Brook has a big announcement, Tracy asks Michael what’s more important than ELQ, Spinelli asks if Maxie is leaving Crimson, and Franco says he owes Jason his life.

🍑 Meanwhile, In Hotlanta…

There’s always someone who almost spoils the surprise.


🌎 Only If You’re Worse At Geography Than I Am…

I’m wondering how anyone would confuse being on RHOA with a big Hollywood dream.


🔫 The New Hatfields & McCoys…

More on them feudin’ Wives.


🚗 It’s Not a Drive Thru…

Someone really wanted their food to go.


🚤 Someone Is Thirsty…

A bit of a rehash with vacation photos added.


🚫 She Said Of New Jersey

I saw the Watch What Happens Live when Danielle quit, but she chose her words carefully. She was very specific saying she’d never be on The Real Housewives of New Jersey again. My guess is, she’s moving.


🙎 I Don’t Usually Get Personal, But…

While I throw in an opinion here and there, it’s rare for me to write something based solely on my view of a show, but I feel strongly about this one.

I’m not sure what it is. Whether it’s because the Housewives are thirsty for screen time, or they’re just getting meaner, but I was disturbed by Wednesday night’s Real Housewives of Dallas Reunion: Part Two. My being troubled by the Real Housewives in general is nothing new. Beverly Hills certainly left a bad taste in my mouth last season, and the screeching in the OC is working my last nerve. Regardless of the branch of the franchise, what bothers me most is when several, or all, of the Wives gang up against one. Wednesday night’s Reunion, bothered me so much, I had a nightmare that I’m sure it was the source of.

I rarely have nightmares, and when I do, they’re not the conventional kind. This isn’t to say I don’t dream about zombies taking over, or other dangerous situations, but those are more like full-color action films, with Marc Singer often fighting alongside me. My real nightmares are more Dean Koontz than Stephen King, and involve genuine fears, and I usually wake up crying. This time, I roamed a large place that was a mix of a hospital and library. I was in emotional anguish, and no one would even look in my direction. I walked through crowds of people, and tried talking to some, but they were dismissive. On a humorous note, Perry Shen (Brad, General Hospital) and Jane Lynch were there. I often cast random actors in my dreams. Anyway, I woke up crying, and I knew Dallas was at the root of it.

In what could have ended with a teachable moment,  the whole show was nothing but an attack on LeeAnne from start to finish. Including her wedding vows. WTF? In talking about being human, Kameron was the only one who acted like a human. I don’t think any of them, including Kary, cared nearly as much about the racism issue, as they did about pummeling LeeAnne and feeling self-righteous. Racism is a huge hot button issue, and there is no one, except a racist, who would feel it was okay. They had no concern that most of the world wouldn’t have their back in rising up against LeeAnne. It was a safe bet, and kept reminding me of what Bernadette (Terrence Stamp) said in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: You know, my girlfriend used to be a boyfriend. It’s always good for a supper invite. It was less about the issue than it was about them using it for something, with the exception of Kameron. It was like teaching a kid not to hit by hitting them. Although I don’t think they were interested in teaching anybody anything. It was an opportunity to be mean, and they used the issue. It didn’t even begin there.

From the beginning, they were gunning for LeeAnne, as well as putting a halo on Kary. They harped on LeeAnne’s wedding – everything from the food, which looked adequate to me, to the vows she had written herself at the last minute. Even her waiting so long to write them was suspect. Rich must be a saint, not because he puts up with LeeAnne, but he also puts up with this sh*t. Yes, the woman has some deep-seated problems, which will probably take a lifetime to overcome, but this was an important day – her first marriage, at age 50, no less – why drag it all over the place? It just went on and on and on. And to her credit, LeeAnne took it. Ever the diplomat, Kameron pointed out that it was LeeAnne’s day, so wtf? LeeAnne was right in saying, that no matter what she said, it was never going to be good enough for Kary. This is a bunch of mean girls, except for Kameron, who gets called out for being more concerned with what’s right, rather than who’s right. As much as we’d like them to be, things aren’t always black and white, and there’s the human factor.

I have a desire to take care of tiny things, protect the underdog, and things that are alone or small in the world. LeeAnne looked that way Wednesday night. She’s done stupid things from the jump, and lashed out because she hurts, but they finally found something they could grab onto that was acceptable and other people would care about. Except there is a difference between evil and stupid. Between sincerely hating a race, and saying dumb sh*t. Instead of helping LeeAnne be a better person, Brandi threw down a folding chair, where she thought LeeAnne should sit facing her jury. After that, the women became the bullies. A questionable video of Brandi’s surfaced recently, which is also insensitive, but not racist, yet she thinks LeeAnne is alone in being stupid.

There’s proof positive it doesn’t have to be like this. Three of my favorites in the Bravoverse are Below Deck, Southern Charm, and Shahs of Sunset. Oh, they fight, and they can land low blows, and do the occasional hair pulling, but there’s a difference. Somehow, they’re more like family. When Golnessa lashes out, we know it’s because she’s in pain, and so does her crew. While they might even freeze her out for a moment, at the end of the day, they’re there to support and love her. There might often be an undercurrent of snark on Deck, and Kate does get away with more than the others, but she’s put in her time. Captain Lee is like a really good parent, who knows how to use discipline, but fiercely protects and loves his children. He’s also indulgent with his favorite daughter. Shep is an elitist a-hole much of the time, yet if there was an emergency, he’d be the first one there. To watch Kathryn grow from a rebellious child to a responsible mother has been nothing less than amazing, and to have Patricia admit she was wrong about Kathryn – albeit because she listened to Thomas – was a true miracle. Maybe a Wife would throw a bag of old Vuittons in your direction, but they’ll tell everyone about how self-centered you were, yapping on about your house burning down, or your horrifying childhood.

With the first episode of the OC, I said it was the future of television. There had been reality TV before, starting with An American Family, a series filmed for PBS. It was rerun one year in the 90s, and I caught it. It was fascinating. Just cameras following a family. And The Real World started off strong. Giving us people with real jobs and interests, and Pedro Zamora who eventually passed away from AIDS. Somewhere along the line, it degenerated into mostly a lot of drunken hot tub sex, and I drifted away. I’m not a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but it wasn’t what I signed up for. My guess is that alcohol played a big part. As is my guess about a lot the Wives problems. Just the other day, my husband was just walking past when one of them (ha-ha – I can’t remember which one) was on, and he said, they drink too much. And he doesn’t even pay attention. He could probably pick NeNe or Teresa out of a line-up – LVP for sure – but he doesn’t watch them. Alcohol isn’t the only problem, but it exacerbates whatever else is going on. But the Wives were different, and paved the way for all the others. Until Andy Cohen became King of the World. Or at least reality TV.

There are kinder, gentler shows on other networks, TLC being a mainstay. Born This Way was one of the sweetest shows I’ve ever seen, watching young people with Downs Syndrome begin to navigate the world on their own. More recently, Welcome to Plathville introduced us to the Plath family, who live off the grid, but some of the kids were looking to branch out. In a variety of series about the Amish, Mary Schmucker became my favorite reality star of all time. A woman we would all love to be our grandma, baking cookies and dispensing wisdom, but also down for kicking back and doing shots at an NYC bar. That’s my kind of Amish.

It was enjoyable to watch the Wives at first. There was some table-flipping and leg-tossing, but it seemed like all harmless fun. Sometimes it still is, but more and more, it’s screeching and finger-pointing, and not owning up to their own sh*t before casting stones. Mob mentality has taken over. This isn’t to say there aren’t exceptions, like Kameron and Camille, but they’re accused of being wishy-washy because, even if they didn’t like a behavior, they still cared about the person. NYC as a whole seems to be fair, except for Ramona, who’s only out for herself, but I could be biased. Back to LeeAnne.

What she said was wrong, but it really wasn’t any worse than things she’d said in previous seasons. The others just finally found something they could publicly call her out on, and knew they’d be backed by the world. I doubt they cared much about racism before LeeAnne called Kary a chirpy Mexican (I’d actually thought chirpy was a really odd choice of word, and figured she wasn’t thinking). And Kary laughed about it with the others at the time. Again, Kameron came out ahead here. Not on that particular issue, but she made it her business to research what LeeAnne had said about sex workers in Thailand. In other words, she cared about those things called facts.

Fact: LeeAnne definitely made excuses for not reaching out to Kary, some of which were lies, or at best finagling of the truth. Like when she said they weren’t supposed to talk to each other before the Reunion. That was true, but there were several months prior to that when they could have talked. I do think she was telling the truth when she said things like that were hard for her, especially since she believed she’d be met with hatred. Also possibly true. Kary was receptive to zero of what LeeAnne had to say, no matter what the topic was.

Fact: LeeAnne said she latched on to a word Kary herself had been using a lot, and had she used a different word repeatedly, LeeAnne would have used that. I believe this is true. Even I was getting tired of Kary saying it. I was like, all right already, I get it. You’re from Mexico and it’s cool. We all have things we’re proud of, and probably talk too much about. LeeAnne made a piss poor choice, but I don’t think it was with a racist attitude. It was with an I’m-sick-of-Kary attitude. Whether LeeAnne thought it would air or not, who knows? But it’s hard to believe anyone would think that, considering what has been aired in other seasons, and how easily information gets out today. I also find it difficult to believe the others would have been intimidated by this thought.

Fact: LeeAnne was truly sorry. We’ve yet to see if she backs up her words with actions – i.e. stops saying stupid sh*t when she’s angry – but she was sorry. That these women continued to berate her while she sat there crying and taking it, was depressing. If the goal is to change the world, and bring light to the darkness, how does drumming someone into the ground accomplish that goal? Someone who is suicidal, no less. It’s hard for someone to change their ways when you keep kicking them.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the way of the world now. It’s less about teaching what’s right than being right.

🌋 Quotes of the Week

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.Helen Keller

Life is an awful, ugly place to not have a best friend. – Sarah Dessen

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough. – Oprah Winfrey

I have the attention span of a meerkat. – guy on Blind Date

How do you fold an egg? It’s impossible. It’s witchcraft. – Carrie Heffernan (Leah Remini), King of Queens

Mantras are a powerful tool that can help us be aware of our own power, goals, strengths, and resilience. – Dr. Jennifer Newman (I am rich. I am rich…)

When things break, it’s not the actual breaking that prevents them from getting back together again. It’s because a little piece gets lost.John Green (I’m sure he was referring to people as well.)

Valor is a gift. Those having it never know for sure whether they have it till the test comes. – Carl Sandburg

Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.Anne Frank

I take craps bigger than him. – Jerry (Scott Bakula), Two and a Half Men

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. – Helen Keller

🎉 A Happy 13th Birthday…

To dogs I still call the babies.

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Your weekend is here. See you at the hospital or on deck.

January 2, 2020 – An Uninvited Guest, a Question Answered, Dallas Reunites, Marge Drenches Danielle, Laverne Judges the Runway, NYE Celebrations, Daytime Roll Call, Shocking Roll Call & Starting Right


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the MetroCourt, Sam tells Jason that she doesn’t have much time. Her parole officer is doing a home visit. It will be a good opportunity for her to show she’s an excellent mother and a responsible citizen. Jason asks why she’s nervous, and she says she’s not. But she does think it’s weird that the parole officer wants to meet, and on top of it, she got the creepy invitation to Shiloh’s memorial. If anyone needs to stay dead and buried…

Obrecht answers the door at Windymere, and lets Jax in. She tells him to help himself to some champagne. He asks if she’ll be joining him, and she says, of course (🍷). Why not raise a glass to the bride and groom? He says speaking of the bride, he’d like a word with Nina before the ceremony. Obrecht says she’s not there, and Jax asks if she’s decided to bolt already.

In the hospital elevator, Nina looks at the test results. It says a probable match as mother and daughter. She gets out, and almost runs into Sasha. Nina says the moment is almost too perfect, and Sasha says it’s a complete surprise. Isn’t it her wedding day?

Valentin stands outside in the snow on the balcony of a tower. Martin asks if they must meet up there, and Valentin says he likes the view. Martin says, a sheer drop into icy water; to each his own. Martin asks if Valentin is going to clue him in on his wishes. He’d love to get back inside. Valentin says he wants the woman he loves, and the future they deserve with the family they’ve created. What he doesn’t want is to lose any of it.

Obrecht opens the door to Jordan and Curtis, and leads them to the bar. Jordan asks when Curtis is planning on telling her who the missing person is that Jax hired him to find. And don’t tell her, the less she knows, the better. He says he doesn’t have to; she just did. Laura comes in, and tells Jax that Doc is on the way. Jax says there are a lot of important people there, except the bride. Ava makes a toast, to the happy bride. Happy is the bride sunshine falls on, and happy the corpse the rain falls on. Or is it the other way around? (I looked it up; she’s correct the first time.)

Carly says when she tells Sonny what she’s been keeping secret, he’ll want to do something. Please don’t; don’t react. Lashing out just makes things worse. He asks what the big secret is, and she says, Nikolas Cassadine is alive and well, and here in Port Charles.

Sonny says, Nikolas is alive and well. She saw him? She says, saw and spoke to him. Sonny asks, when and where? and she says, Jax’s house after Halloween. She asked him why Josslyn couldn’t stay there, and he started making excuses. Nikolas walked in, and the reason was clear. Sonny asks what Nikolas said, and she tells him, that he’d been in hiding; waiting for the opportunity to take back the Cassadine estate from Valentin. He recruited Jax to help. Sonny says, last he checked, Nikolas was a fugitive, and Jax is helping him. That’s a crime.

Ava asks if Jax and Laura don’t love weddings. She wouldn’t miss this for the world. Jax asks why that is, and Laura says it’s not like Ava and Nina are best friends. Ava says, it’s water under the bridge. The water is toxic and flammable, and all the fish are dead, but it’s under the bridge. Laura says Ava’s enthusiasm has peaked her curiosity, and Ava says she doesn’t know what’s going to happen, but she promises it will be memorable. Obrecht asks to see Ava’s invitation, and Ava says, no. Obrecht asks if she wants to leave on her own, or should she force Ava? Please tell her the second one. Jax says, Ava is his plus one, and Obrecht says she admires his compassion. She knows what it’s like to be the town something-in-German. Ava says that had better not mean what she thinks, and Obrecht asks if she thought it was pariah, or was she expecting a more appropriate insult? Jax asks Ava for a word, and Ava asks what Obrecht’s problem is. Jax says she’s probably being protective of Nina, as is he. Ava says all he’s missing is a suit of armor, a horse, and big, round table. He says he’s got his eye on her. Charlotte comes out, and Laura admires her dress. Charlotte says, it’s new. She didn’t want to wear the dress she wore last time; it might be bad luck. Laura knows Charlotte was disappointed last time, and she hopes it goes the way Charlotte wants this time.

Michael arrives at the MetroCourt, and says Sam got the best Christmas gift, spending Christmas with the kids. Jason says they couldn’t ask for more. He asks where Michel is going, and Michael says he’s going to ring in the New Year with Sasha. They’re having drinks with friends, and then taking off, but Jason said he wanted to see him. What’s up? Jason shows him the invitation to Shiloh’s memorial, and asks if Michael got one. Sam says she got one too, and Michael says he doesn’t know what make less sense, her getting invited or him. He pulls out his phone and shows them. Sam says Kristina was invited too, and Willow and Harmony. Michael says, two that escaped, the people who betrayed Shiloh, and Sam killed him. They were all invited. He asks if they have any idea who’s behind this. His connection is indirect, through Kristina. Sam says Michael took the DoD house from them, and he’s Wiley’s godfather. The Dawnies know that Shiloh is Wiley’s biological father. Michael says, they could still think Wiley is one of their own. 

Nina tells Sasha that she’s on her way to her wedding, and asks why Sasha is there. She didn’t have a relapse? Sasha says she’s fine; it was just a follow-up. She thanks Nina for asking, and Nina says she’s glad, but she should get going. She drops her papers, and helping to pick them up, Sasha sees the DNA test results. Nina says it’s clearly not about Sasha.

Valentin tells Martin, Ava might be a problem. Martin says, she burned the painting. Why doesn’t Valentin declare victory, and be done with it? Valentin says he has reason to believe the codicil still exists. If that’s the case, he needs to defend his position.

Laura sees Charlotte looking around, and asks if she lost something. Charlotte says, someone. Her bodyguard should be there. Like he should have been on the pier. She doesn’t understand why he disappeared. Laura says she thinks she understands why he’s so important. A lot of scary things have happened to Charlotte lately. It makes sense that she’d want someone to protect her. Charlotte asks if Laura believes he’s real. She showed Laura his picture. Laura says, yes, he’s somebody Charlotte’s mom and Laura cared about. Charlotte asks if they don’t care about him anymore, but Laura says, of course (🍷) they do. She asks if when she and Lulu were talking, Charlotte didn’t pick up the phone and decide he was her secret bodyguard. Charlotte says she didn’t decide. Her papa hired him. She knows because of the ring. Laura asks, what ring? and Charlotte says, he wears a ring like papa’s tattoo.

Laura asks if Charlotte can describe the ring, and Charlotte says Laura has seen it all around the house. It’s on shields and in the trophy room. Two dragons, back to back, with claws for feet. In the middle, there’s a shield with the letter C. She tells Laura that she wants to ask Obrecht to make her a Shirley Temple; hers are the best. Charlotte goes to the bar, and Curtis asks if Laura is okay, but Laura says, she’s fine. Jax thinks Ava is up to something, and she’s working with Nina. Ava says they’re mortal enemies, but called a temporary truce. Jax says the last time these same people were all in the same room, the portrait burst into flames. He hopes there are no fireworks tonight. He doesn’t want Nina to get hurt. Charlotte tells Obrecht that her Shirley Temples are the best, and Obrecht says it’s one of her more useful talents. She gives Charlotte her drink, and steps away to use her phone.

Martin asks if Valentin is suggesting that Ava staged the burning of a painting she could have made a quarter million dollars on, just so she could hang on to the addendum? Valentin says, Ava has a penchant for sloppy vengeance, and could use the codicil to bring him down. Martin says he’s not thinking of breaking into the gallery again? Valentin’s phone dings, and he says he won’t have to. Ava is there. Martin says, she’s crashing the wedding? Does Valentin want him to show her the door? Valentin says he has another task in mind. Something Martin might enjoy; it’s low risk.

Sasha walks into an examining room with the test results, and Nina follows her. Sasha asks how long Nina has known, and Nina says her life is no longer Sasha’s concern; it never was. Sasha asks how long Nina has known she wasn’t acting alone? Nina says since the last wedding, when Sasha stood up and admitted she’d scammed Nina. That’s when she knew. There was only one person who could pull it off. It had to be Valentin. Sasha says, if she knows, why is she marrying him?

Michael tells Jason and Sam that he doesn’t care how many memorials they throw for Shiloh. No Dawnie is ever going to come near Wiley again. Sam asks if Jason is going to stop by for New Year’s, and he says, of course (🍷). She kisses him, and calls him an incredible romantic. He tells her, good luck, and she leaves.

Carly tells Sonny that Jax and Nikolas had a plan where Nikolas would reunite with his family, and Valentin would be history. Sonny asks why it didn’t happen, and she says, before Christmas, the whole thing literally went up in smoke. He asks what she means, and she says, Mikkos left a codicil disinheriting Valentin, and returning the estate to Nikolas and Spencer. He hid the codicil in the painting. That’s the theory, but no one will ever know because it went up in smoke. He wishes he could have been there to see Jax’s face when he came up empty. Jax is an accomplice, which means Jax could be in legal trouble. Carly says, no he can’t, because no one is ever going to know.

Curtis tells Jordan, if she’s not feeling this, they can leave. She asks if it’s that obvious, and he says, only to people who know her – and every passerby. She says, sorry, but he says, don’t be. She lost a friend, and she needs to feel how she feels. She thanks him for understanding, and he says, as her husband, it’s literally his job. She says she broke her resolution not to think about it until after New Year’s, but he says it doesn’t count, since resolutions start on New Year’s Day. She’s good. He says if there’s anything she needs to get off her chest, he’s there for her, and holds her.

Martin asks Ava for a word (phrase of the day), and introduces himself. She asks if he’s there for the bride or groom, and he says, a little of both. He’s a great admirer of her gallery. He’s popped in, but was shy about saying hello. She asks if anything in particular caught his eye, and he says, several pieces, including the J. Garrin, but that doesn’t matter anymore. It’s a shame. She says she can’t think of a more suitable ending. He says Windymere is filled with fantastic work, and she says, no doubt pillaged from churches and orphanages. He says there’s one he’d like her opinion on. He’d like to show her; it will just take a moment. He leads her out, as Obrecht watches suspiciously.

Carly tells Sonny not to turn Jax into immigration, and not to call in any favors. Sonny says, Jax clearly broke the law, and Carly says, so has he. Jax knows it, and if he turns Jax in, it will rip their family apart. Josslyn hated Sonny, and it took months for her to forgive him. It would be worse if he did it again. It’s not worth it. None of it is worth it. Sonny asks why she didn’t tell him the night she found out Nikolas was alive? Why couldn’t she trust him with the truth?

Jason asks Michael how things with Sasha are, and Michael says it was a rough year, but they’re looking forward to a fresh start. No secrets; everything is on the table. He says Jason is heading for a fresh start as well. Sam is out, and his family is back together. Jason says, that’s the plan; he’s lucky. Michael says Sam shouldn’t have been there in the first place, and Jason says, no argument from him. Michael tells him, go home and celebrate Sam’s freedom. Jason tells Michael, happy New Year, and Michael says, may 2020 be happy and uneventful.

Sam nervously straightens up. There’s a knock at the door, and parole officer Delores introduces herself. Sam says she’s been expecting Delores. Delores asks if there are people there tonight in the house, but Sam says, no. Her children are spending New Year’s with their grandmother, and her partner is out for the night. Delores says they’ll talk more about that after she conducts her inspection. Sam asks if there’s anything in particular she needs to know, and Delores says she needs to make sure there are no violations; no firearms, drugs, or alcohol. Sam says she’s never done drugs, has no firearms, and the alcohol has been removed from the house. It’s sparkling cider for tonight; the instructions were clear. Delores suggests they start with the kitchen.

Nina asks if that isn’t what Sasha wanted. Didn’t she hide Valentin’s involvement in the first place so Nina could have the family she dreamed about? Sasha doesn’t understand why Nina ran the test again, and Nina says it proves Valentin orchestrated the first test. He used the swab he took from her mother’s casket to prove Sasha was hers. Whether Sasha knew it or not, it’s what she went along with. Sasha says, obviously Valentin went to extremes. Does Nina know why he did?

Heading up to the turret, Ava says she doesn’t climb that many stairs for just anybody. What artifact does Martin want to show her up there? Valentin comes out, and says Martin is afraid of heights, but she’s made of sterner stuff, isn’t she?

Carly tells Sonny that she didn’t want to argue. If the plan worked, Nikolas would come forward, and if not, no one would be the wiser. He has to stay out of it. Sonny asks, who else is in it? and she says, as far as she knows, it’s just them; her, Jax, and now him. Sonny says Ava saw Nikolas’s ghost, and Carly says Ava thought she did on Halloween. She checked herself into Shadybrook, then checked out. Sonny says when she came by, she said she didn’t see what’s not there. Carly says, Ava realized, and Sonny says Carly knew the truth, and still didn’t tell him. He shakes his head.

Delores says, Sam is a P.I., and owns a registered handgun. Sam says, not anymore, but when she did, she kept it in a safe, far away from her children. Delores says, speaking of her children… She looks at the stockings hanging up, and says, Scout is her daughter, and her son is Danny. Does their father, Jason, reside with her?

Nina tells Sasha that she knows why. Valentin loves her. Sasha says Nina loves him too. Nina says, God help her, she does, but maybe she loves the person she thought he was or the person she wanted him to be. That guy is great. Sasha says, maybe Valentin can be that guy, with no more lies in the way. Nina says, when it comes to Valentin, she doesn’t know if that’s possible. She holds her hand out, and Sasha gives her back the test results. Sasha tells Nina that she’s a good person. She’s an honest person, so whatever she’s thinking of doing, does she think can go through with it? Nina tells Sasha, happy New Year, and leaves.

On the phone with Lulu, Laura says the wedding hasn’t started, and they still need a bride. She asks Lulu to send her the photo of Nikolas that she has on her phone. The most recent one, in her favorites. She’s just feeling sentimental. Martin comes back, and says he senses Obrecht is a talented mixologist. She guesses his drink of choice is a Manhattan. He says, that would be perfect, but hold the vermouth, and nix the cherry. (In case you didn’t know, that would make it straight whiskey.)

Valentin asks what Ava thinks of the view. She says, it’s beautiful and remote, but she seriously doubts he lured her up there to show her the skyline. He says, that, and to talk with her about something before the wedding. He wants to tie up some loose ends that any respectable groom would want to tie up. It was quite a trick she pulled. Auctioning off the portrait, then setting it on fire. Ava says that remains a mystery, and he says, like any good illusionist, she’s not going to tell him, is she? He asks where the codicil is, and she wonders who even uses that word anymore. He says that’s what Julian said at the MetroCourt, and she asks if he was eavesdropping. He says he was, and tells her not to waste his time. Tell him what she wants for it, and he’ll give it to her. She says she neither wants or needs anything from him.

Sonny tells someone on the phone that he wants all eyes on Spencer, 24/7. And look out for Nikolas. He’s alive, and may come for Spencer. They need to find him first. Carly says he’s not taking any chances, and Sonny says, if Valentin figures it out, he may go after Spencer. She says she gets it, and he says he’s glad she approves. She says she’s told him everything. Where does that leave them?

Wearing a sparkly, sexy dress, Sasha meets Michael, who says, wow. She says, look who’s talking, and they sit. He asks if she’s okay, and she says she’s fine. She asks what time Chase and Willow are getting there, but he says he knows something is wrong. She says she ran into Nina. Nina knows Valentin is behind the agreement for her to be Nina’s daughter. Michael says, good. Did Sasha tell Nina that Valentin’s not just her partner, and the whole thing was his idea? She says, Nina has the DNA result that proves Valentin used the sample he got from Nina’s mother. She left for the wedding. Michael says, she’s still getting married? and Sasha says, who knows? Nina is heading for a world of hurt, and needs all of their support. Michael says she’s not thinking of going to the wedding, is she?

Laura gets the picture, and tells Charlotte there’s no way she would be able to tell he was wearing a ring. Charlotte says, maybe he wasn’t wearing it then, but he was when she saw him. Nina flies in, apologizing for being late. Obrecht says she was about to tie a little barrel to a St. Bernard, and send it out to find her. Jax says they have to talk, but Nina says she’s talked out. She’s sorry she’s late, but it’s a long story, and not worth telling. She won’t be long. Charlotte says she’s glad Nina is there; she was worried. Nina is sorry she made Charlotte worry, but Charlotte says once Nina marries her papa, everything will be okay. Nina hugs Charlotte, and says she loves her; never forget that. She dashes upstairs. Jax calls after her, but gets no response.

Ava drains her glass, telling Valentin that she’s going inside to get herself another martini. Should she send up a footman in case his bride decided to show up? He says he’s not done negotiating, but she says she is. He says if she doesn’t take the deal he’s offering, he’ll find other means to get what he wants. She suggests he go get himself hitched, and he says he will, once she turns over the codicil. She tells him to get married, and go on his honeymoon. Make it a long one, and don’t be surprised if when he comes back, someone else is living there who deserves it more. She starts to go past him, but he grabs her arm, and says she’s not going anywhere.

Sonny tells Carly, he thinks it comes down to trust. She didn’t trust him. She says, after what happened last time. Sonny lashes out in anger, and when he’s done, he regrets the hell his family has been put through. She didn’t want another blow up, so she chose not to tell him. He says, that’s what gets him. She chose to trust Jax. IMO, that’s an unfair statement, since it’s Jax’s secret, not Carly’s.

Obrecht calls to Jax. She says she was just about to share her medical research ideas with him. He says he’d love that, but wants to check on Nina. Obrecht assures him that Nina is fine. Martin tells Jordan that she’s a vision; bonsoir. She asks if he’s okay, and he says, weddings make him uneasy. He’s handled his fair share of divorces. It’s optimism and love versus bitterness and regret. He’ll feel better when the night is over.

Curtis asks Laura, what’s up? and don’t tell him that she’s okay; he knows her talents. She asks if he remembers her late son, and he says, when her son was married to Hayden; sure. She says, Charlotte swears she’s seen him. Not just his face, but his signet ring, and it doesn’t appear in the photo Lulu sent of him. How can it be?

Jason gets home, and asks Sam, what happened? What did the parole officer say? She tells him, the parole officer said that this is the last time she’s going to see him.

Sasha tells Michael that she wants to be there for Nina, but knows the best thing to do is stay as far away as possible. Michael hopes in the new year, she washes her hands of Nina and Valentin. She says, Valentin for sure, but part of her will always hope she and Nina will make amends. She’s worried Nina is headed for more heartache before the year is out.

Nina looks at herself in her dress. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Jax.

Valentin tells Ava that he acts with precision when given an opportunity that he shouldn’t pass on. She’s been drinking heavily, and with her fragile emotions, she slipped. He pushes her over the edge of the parapet. And I’m very disappointed.

Tomorrow, Ned says Brook made her bed, and now has to lie in it; Laura is afraid if Valentin gets taken down, Charlotte will be taken down too; and Charlotte finds Valentin at the tower.

❓ Because I tend to get curious about accuracy on certain points, I looked up whether a parole officer could tell you that your spouse has to go. It hardly seems fair, and really should depend on the circumstances, but apparently, they can. I got this from a legal answers site:

Probation officers are given a lot of authority and even if it’s questionable whether they can do something , in many cases they usually get their way with individuals who are unrepresented. At the very least, an attorney can bring a motion before a Judge and challenge the probation officer’s actions/decisions.

🐮 Even though my level of concentration was nil on New Year’s Day, I still checked out Part One of The Real Housewives of Dallas Reunion. The first thing we found out was that 4.7% of mail gets lost, not 30% as LeeAnne had suggested. I still say it’s a good possibility that Kary’s wedding invite could have gotten lost, although admittedly, there’s an equal possibility one was never sent. The main focus was criticism of LeeAnne’s wedding – from the lack of food to the vows, which the women claimed were a dig at her mother. Kameron thought they were nitpicking stupid small things, and was like, wtf? It’s LeeAnne’s wedding. I couldn’t agree more. Especially since I had people argue with me over some of my own choices. My maid of honor told me that I couldn’t possibly have a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I said, watch me, and I did, which was what I told everyone who said I couldn’t do whatever. Rich was also criticized for looking at other women, even though LeeAnne was okay with it.

They touched on Eduardo’s financial hold over Kary, who said things remained the same, but she was happy. I have my doubts about that. You don’t go from that much concern over a situation to none whatsoever. Kameron’s trash comment to Brandi had a moment, and Kameron reminded Brandi that she had just said F-U and to go s*ck a d*ck. She was criticizing Brandi’s behavior, not her character, and probably would have used another word, but it was in her mind since Stephanie had wondered if peeing behind the trailer was trashy. Andy said viewers loved that Kameron had gone out of her comfort zone with her bathroom habits. A viewer asked if D’Andra was drinking any less, since the fortune teller had said she was going to die if she didn’t stop. D’Andra insisted she’s just a social drinker, and didn’t drink during the week. I guess that means it couldn’t possibly be harmful if she’s socializing to excess every weekend.

The episode ended the way it began, with the women being critical of LeeAnne, who once again got dragged on for bringing up her childhood so much. The main gripe seemed to be that she uses it as an excuse for bad behavior, but she maintained that she’s only pointing out the reason she reacts the way she does. I say, maybe it’s both. God forbid any of these women should see both sides. Like Dr. Phil says, no matter how flat you make a pancake, it’s still got two sides. Kameron probably comes closest. It looks like there’s no let-up on LeeAnne in Part Two, when the racism question is brought into play. I still think she was using that adjective because Kary kept harping on it as her strength. Poor choice of words? Most definitely, but I don’t get a racist vibe from her. And really, they’re all annoying this season. Next time, Kameron also calls Brandi a liar.

💭 What’s interesting is how much these women are all triggered, yet they seem to start with opening the door to it themselves.

👠 On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa argued with Juicy Joe on the phone, while Gia tried on prom dresses. I mean at the same time. They were in one of those bridal shops, and Teresa sat screaming at her husband in the waiting (viewing?) area, mortifying Gia, who just wanted to get her damn dress. Jennifer, per Turkish tradition, served a whole lamb on Easter that her mom cooked, and the kids practically ran from the room screaming when the head was brought out. Daughter Gaby brought up Jennifer’s brother being gay, which apparently, their mom is in denial about, and Jennifer was proud it was all handled so well. We also got TMI about Jennifer’s sex life.

Marge, Jackie, and Melissa went to lunch, and Marge had an abysmal batting average as far as rumors go this week. First, she wondered if Teresa and Danielle were swimming in the lady pond. Really, Marge? Highly doubtful. She also said Marty would neither confirm or deny, but said he was at peace with Danielle. Since they still live together, I find it hard to believe they haven’t slept together since the break-up. I think Marge just wants to believe it’s not happening because she hates Danielle. Teresa hosted a private shopping event, inviting everyone. Jennifer said Danielle scared the eff out of her, although I think she could hold her own in a hair-pulling. Danielle and Teresa chatted, while the others obviously talked about and made fun of Danielle; Marge saying some pretty rude things, like comparing Danielle to the sushi. Danielle told Teresa that Marge and her minions were after her, and that included Melissa. She reminded Teresa that she’d promised to have Danielle’s back. Teresa said she did, and would set those bitches straight. Marge suggested they talk about the Versace clad elephant in the room, and Teresa accused Marge of breaking Danielle and Marty up. Marge said Danielle had alleged Marty was abusive – with both her and her daughter. In her interview, Melissa said there were two realities; the one Teresa sees and the one everyone else sees. She’d been at this rodeo before with Teresa and Kim D. Marge said Danielle was sick, and a pathological liar. Throughout this insanity and the shouting, the boutique owner went through a lot of changes, from unhappy to fearful to amused. Danielle and Marge almost came to blows, but Melissa stepped in between them. Then for some ungodly reason, Marge dumped water over Danielle’s head. Danielle dumped all the stuff out of Marge’s purse and threw it around, saying, Marge started it, and she was going to finish it. Melissa said this behavior was unacceptable – like this has stopped anyone before – and it ended with Danielle grabbing Marge’s ponytail.

Apparently, this fight carries into next week, when no doubt the owner will look fearful and then angry.

👗  On Project Runway tonight, stylist Karla Welch was a mentor, and the challenge was to design an outfit for Karlie to wear to a CFDA event in Paris. Karla told them if they don’t make the stylist happy, their work won’t get to the talent, so I guess a stylist is sort of a style bouncer as well. The designers were told to make their work original and wearable, and think American in Paris. The twist was that they would be upcycling; reconstructing discarded clothes to make something new. In his interview, Sergio told us that he always uses that method, so he’s not a burden to the environment, Instead of going to Mood, they had $150 and 45 minutes to go Goodwill. Hey, I have my best pair of jeans from them. It was a one-day challenge, and Karla told them to sketch their designs on the way there. I just need to say it. Why do stylists always dress in black and look like hell? Karla was wearing what looked like an oversized boy’s black suit. Not that I have anything against a boy’s suit on a woman, but it was boring and looked like she was wearing her big brother’s clothes. At two hours to runway, so much seemed so unfinished. Shavi was pissed and flustered, having found a hole in his garment, and needing to compensate quickly.

Laverne Cox (love her!) was the guest judge. They used models that were Karlie’s size, but I thought they should have forced her to try on everything. The designs were most pretty cool, until they got to Melanie’s outfit, where I said, God no. It looked like it was made out of scraps, and the model’s boobs were falling out. Marquise had a good idea, with a cold-shoulder suit jacket, but made a mess of the back, which was very ill-fitted, and had to be held together with tape. Shavi’s model could hardly walk, her pencil skirt was so tight. Geez. He should have cut a slit in that thing the second he realized. It did not work in his favor.

Chelsey, who created a high-waisted trouser with a matching crop top, using twelve pairs of jeans, was at the top. Karlie said Chelsey’s outfit had the American in Paris vibe she’d love to rock, and Chelsey said she liked to dress the everyday woman in not-so-everyday clothes. Nancy was also at the top, with a jazzed up pink shirt worn backwards, and a black skirt Karlie said she’d love to twirl in, also made out of jeans. Nancy had quite an emotional moment, where she said she wasn’t just the oldest on this particular show, but the first designer in their 60s, being 64. Brandon said her design was light and fresh, and she’d arrived at 64. He gave the world hope, and gave Nancy a hug. Victoria rounded out the top three, with an asymmetrical (thank you, Nina – that’s the word I was looking for last time) mini dress with a cut-out on the side. She also had a moment, remembering watching the show with her mother in Russia. Laverne told her that dreams can come true, and Victoria’s did, since she was the winner for the third time in a row.

On the flipside, no surprise, Shavi was in the bottom three, along with Marquise, who was told it was obvious the integrity of the garment was held together by tape. Tyler was once again in the forefront, but not in a good way. His outfit wasn’t bad – a black skirt with a white insert, and a white sleeveless top with a tuxedo ruffle – but it didn’t meet the criteria of the challenge. Brandon said out of the three requirements, all he got right was wearable. But like this wasn’t bad enough, when Brandon said he couldn’t see Karlie wearing it, Tyler said, not even to dinner with the Kushner’s? (Karlie is married to Joshua.) This went over like a lead balloon, and there were crickets for days. Backstage, everyone shook their heads, and Sergio thought he was going to be sick. Recovering, Karlie told him the challenge was to design something for Paris, and it wasn’t what she’d asked for. I’m not so sure that remark didn’t help him out the door, although Karlie said she wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing any of the bottom three outfits to the event – or anywhere. Before his exit, Tyler told Karlie that he really wasn’t a jerk, and had no hidden agenda in what he’d said. In his goodbye interview, he said he was still in the anger stage of the five stages of grief, but he would stand by his look to the death. He loved it so much, he intended to make a copy for his drag persona. Since Christian gets to save a designer, he hoped it would be him, but I think that’s doubtful. He said he was walking out proud and more motivated.

Next time, Cyndi Lauper is a guest judge, and the designers will form teams to create her iconic 80s style.

🎉 Stars Celebrate…

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😥 Stars We’ll Miss…

A daytime roll call of the dead.


😮 Stars Who Shocked…

A surprising roll call.


🌞 A New Decade Starts…

But since there’s nothing for 2020, I’ll just stick with a classic.

November 6, 2019 – Cassandra Calls Nikolas, LeeAnne Is Married, Instead of NJ, Return of NJ Wives & Birthstone


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason visits Sam at Pentenville. He asks how she is, and she says, hanging in there. She asks how the kids are, and he says, good. They’re at Monica’s, but he’s spending the weekend with them at home; just the three of them. She’s glad he’s able to spend time with them. She wonders how her mom is taking it that she went with Diane’s legal strategy. Jason tells her that her mom is in the hospital.

Kendra visits Alexis at the hospital. Kendra says she’s glad Alexis is okay; she was worried. Alexis says she’s getting there. Finn is working on a prognosis. Kendra says she’s there to help; what does Alexis need? Alexis doesn’t want Kendra to neglect her other clients, but Kendra says she has a friend subbing for her. She feels like she owes Alexis, since maybe she pushed Alexis too hard and too fast. If she hadn’t been run down, she might have been able to fight her illness. Alexis says Kendra isn’t to blame for her being in the hospital.

Robert goes to see Cassandra, and she asks what this is about. She’s not talking to him without her attorney present. He says her attorney remains indisposed, and she asks why she should speak to him without legal representation. He says he’ll be perfectly happy to wait until Alexis’s health improves, but the offer he’s bringing her has an expiration date.

Hayden brings Violet over to Finn, and tells him that Violet has something she wanted to tell him. Violet thanks him for making her feel better, and he says she’s very welcome. She asks Hayden if she can go draw, and Hayden tells her to stay where she can be seen. Hayden wants to thank Finn too. She knows he’s still mad. He says that doesn’t begin to describe how he feels. She says she understands. They’ll work it out. He says, yeah; they will.

Elizabeth opens the door to find Kim, and asks what Kim is doing there. Kim says she wanted to give Elizabeth some space after the hearing, but they’re long overdue for this. Unless it’s Elizabeth punching Kim in the face, I can’t imagine what’s overdue.

At Oscar’s Meadow, Franco thanks Scotty for coming. He has something to tell Scotty. Scotty says he has something to tell Franco too. Franco says before Scotty says anything, he wants Scotty to hear it from him, not anyone else. He and Kim are leaving town.

There’s a knock at Jax’s door. Nikolas gets up, and hears Laura ask if Jax is there. She needs to talk to him. She almost leaves, and Nikolas touches the door. She turns back.

Sam asks Jason, what’s happening with her mom? He says Molly found her at home on Halloween. She was weak, dizzy, and nauseous. Finn is treating her. Sam asks, for what? What’s the prognosis? He says, they don’t know yet. Finn is still running tests.

Alexis tells Kendra that she has the best doctor at GH, scrambling to come up with whatever it is. She’s sure it’s nothing, and wants Kendra to stop with the guilt. Kendra says Alexis isn’t just a client. Over the two months they’ve known each other, she thinks of Alexis as a friend too. Alexis says, same there. Julian pops in, and asks if Alexis is up for another visitor. He has a huge bouquet, and Kendra says she’ll go find a vase. Alexis says, good job; he scared Kendra away. Julian says he was under the impression that Alexis wanted to be alone, but Alexis says he was mistaken. He gives her the flowers, saying he was sure her shrink would have brought some. She says Neil brought her a book on Russian aristocracy. Julian asks if they’ve figured out what’s wrong. She says, not yet, but Finn is on the job.

Hayden tells Finn that she spoke to Elizabeth, who says she and Violet are welcome to stay as long as they want. He asks how long that is, and she says until she finds a place to rent or buy. It’s important that Violet be in Port Charles with her mother and father. If he’s interested. Violet comes back, and asks if she can come visit Roxie. Finn says he’d like that very much, and Roxie will really like it. Hayden tells Violet, soon, and Violet says she’ll bring lettuce. Finn says, that’s Roxie’s favorite. He has to see a patient, and tells Violet to take care of herself. Violet says, okay, and they wave to each other as he leaves.

Cassandra tells Robert that she’ll have to decline any offer. The last she heard, his case was in jeopardy, since Sasha was exposed as a fraud. He laughs, and says, it’s embarrassing when your star witness is brought into question. His office is moving in another, more promising, direction. Alexis’s petition for Cassandra’s extradition to be delayed has been denied, so his office is now disinclined to want to pursue it. Sometime next week, Cassandra is going to be on a plane to the Hague. He’s not entirely helpless though. She says, he could have fooled her, but he says he can still pull some strings at the Bureau. He can get her a private cell, and an endless supply of hand sanitizer. She says, in exchange for what? and he asks who broke her out of WSB custody last year?

Laura asks if someone is there. Nikolas puts his hand on the doorknob, and she touches the door.

Kim tells Elizabeth that she wanted to check and see how she was doing. Despite the unpleasantness between them (unpleasantness? is that what she calls it?), she still considers Elizabeth a friend. Elizabeth can’t say the same. She’s been hurt too badly. Kim says she wants to try and make peace, and Elizabeth says, how? By showing up there, when Kim is responsible for her grief? Kim says she’s not doing this. Drew… Elizabeth says, Franco. Maybe Kim didn’t force him, but Kim slept with her husband. Yes, he’s still her husband. Until the divorce papers are signed, they’re still married, no matter who he thinks he is.

Scotty says being there must bring Franco closer to Oscar. He knows what it’s like, grieving a child you didn’t raise. Now that Franco has won the hearing, he can add him to the list. Franco says he didn’t realize Scotty had lost a child, and Scotty says, two. Franco says, sorry. He had no idea. Scotty says maybe that’s why he and Franco were so close. They both lived lives full of tragedy.

Kendra brings water for the flowers, and Alexis says, isn’t she the best? Julian says, she seems to be. Kendra asks how his face is, and he says, recovered. Alexis asks, what happened? and he says Kendra  witnessed an altercation between him and Kim at Charlie’s. Kim slapped him good. He’d disclosed personal information about her to Scotty.

Cassandra tells Robert, the last time she didn’t supply any information on the party who liberated her. What makes him think it’s different now? Robert says he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what happens to her when she gets to Steinmauer, but wants her to know, they sleep twenty to a room. Unless you have a private cell. She says why doesn’t he give her suggestions, and she’ll say yes or no. He says, Valentin, but she says he wouldn’t life a finger to help her. He says what about someone close to Valentin? Peter. She tells him that he’s barking up the wrong tree. He tells her to guide him to the right tree. She says she doesn’t want to talk until her attorney is present and a proper deal is on the table. He says the only deal she’s going to get, runs out at midnight.

Jax walks up behind Laura, startling her. She asks if someone is staying with him, but he says it’s just him; why? She says she thought she heard somebody inside. He tells her, if an intruder was there, his security system would be blowing up his phone with alerts, and it’s not. He assumes she came see him, and she says she did. She went to visit Ava. He asks how Ava is, and Laura says, there’s a lot to tell. Should they go in? Jax says he has nothing in his cupboards, and suggests he take Laura out for coffee. She says, that would be great. She looks at the door again before following him. Inside, Nikolas ponders.

Alexis wonders how Kendra got dragged into Julian’s drama, and he says he ran into her in the alley by Charlie’s. Finn walks in, and says, someone is popular. Alexis jokes that she needs some security for her room. Finn hates to spoil the fun, but has to run some tests. Julian and Kendra leave, and Alexis asks Finn to tell her that he found a miraculous diagnosis, and an even better cure. He says he wishes. He wants to redo the pressure test to check her pain levels. She asks if that isn’t below his pay grade, but he says, not when it comes to friends. He squeezes her palm, and asks if it’s better or worse. She says she’s ready, but he says he already started. She doesn’t feel anything? She says she feels him touching her, but doesn’t notice any pressure. He says, now? and presses again. She says, no. What’s happening to her?

Jason tells Sam, he should get word soon, and he’ll update her on Alexis. Sam hates not knowing what’s going on. That’s the worst part; that, and her cellmate, Cassandra Pierce. Jason says he’ll call Diane. Cassandra might have a grudge against Sam, and Diane can petition the court that she be moved. Sam says she wants no special treatment or any attention. She just wants to keep her head low until her trial.

Kim says she’d hoped Elizabeth was better, but Elizabeth says how, with Kim stealing her husband? Kim says she and Drew love each other, and Elizabeth says, when Cameron saw Kim kissing Franco, she told him not to get angry because Kim was grieving. He’s a kid, but he’s not here. She’s furious. Her husband came by to say he was leaving with Kim tomorrow. She thought she’d have more time. Kim says to trash their relationship and tear it apart? She tells Elizabeth not to act like that’s not in her wheelhouse. Julian told Scotty how she drugged Drew to try and get pregnant, and dredged it up in court to make her look crazy. Elizabeth says she doesn’t think Kim is crazy, but thinks she needs help. She lost Oscar, and it takes time to get over a trauma like that. She knows; she lost a child. Kim tells her not to say she understands. Jake came back; Oscar never will.

Franco tells Scotty that he’s sorry Scotty is losing a son, but he’s not there to relitigate the hearing. Scotty says that’s not what he’s there for. He just wants to tell Franco something important. Hopefully, it will be enough to convince him to do the right thing of his own free will.

Violet literally runs into Robert, and Hayden asks what she said about running ahead, calling her Violet Barnes. Robert says she didn’t know Hayden had a daughter. Violet introduces herself, and Robert says she’s sweet. She asks if he knows her mama, and he says, yes, but he’s not sure he knows her daddy. Robert. Really? Saying that to a kid?

Finn tells Alexis, it’s a good sign that she can still feel something; she hasn’t completely lost sensation. Alexis asks if that’s going to happen, but he can’t say for sure. She asks what he can say, and he tells her that he’ll have more accurate information after more tests, and a better chance at diagnosis, so he can prescribe treatment. He asks her to revisit the day she started experiencing symptoms. She says she exercised, went to Kelly’s with Kendra, and went home to work on Sam’s case. Neil came by with takeout, but she couldn’t eat because Jason showed up to talk about Sam. That’s when she felt strange. She got the chills, and thought it was the flu. She didn’t feel like eating, and asked Neil to go home. She went upstairs to bed, and the next morning, she felt achy, and passed out on the couch. Finn asks if there was anything out of the ordinary preceding it. Any change in her diet? She says she’s been taking a supplement for the past two weeks, but she took it to her GP, who said it was safe.

Kendra asks if Julian is going back to see Alexis after her tests, but he says he has to go. She says she’ll stick around; she doesn’t want to leave Alexis alone. She thinks Alexis feels more scared than she’s letting on. Julian says he does too, and asks her to keep him in the loop. He doesn’t want to hover. Kendra puts her number in his phone, and says maybe he can return the favor. He brought up seeing her in Charlie’s earlier, but she’d prefer he not mention he’s seen her there. He asks, why? and she says the food and drink there is criminally good, but doesn’t fall into her fitness plan for her clients. They need to think she practices what she preaches. They don’t need to know what she eats when she’s off the clock. Has she seen The Rock’s cheat day menu?

At the little café, Laura thanks Jax for the tea, saying it’s a nice pick-my-up after the morning she had. He asks if Ava isn’t doing well, and she says she brought Scotty to cheer her up, but Ava’s in a bad place. She’s probably adjusting to the meds. Laura had no opportunity to talk about the painting. Jax asks how long Ava is going to be in Shadybrook, but Laura doesn’t know. However long it takes for her to stop seeing ghosts.

Nikolas wanders around Jax’s house. His phone rings. He answers, and the operator says there’s a collect call from an inmate in Pentenville. Does he accept the charges? (Wrong answer sound. They would tell him who was calling.) He accepts, and asks what they want. Cassandra says, now, now. Is that any way to great an old friend?

Violet tells Robert that she doesn’t have a daddy – or a puppy. Not a real one, but she has a stuffed one. He’s guessing she’d like a real one all her own. She says she would. Or a Pegasus, or a dragon. Dr. Finn has a dragon named Roxie. Finn joins them and says Violet has a playdate with Roxie. He tells Hayden that Violet’s doctor wants to do one more test before she’s discharged; they’re waiting upstairs. Violet tells Robert, goodbye, and goes with Hayden. Robert says, she’s quite the charmer. If they weren’t in a public place, he’d happily kick Finn’s butt to the moon for keeping his daughter from Anna.

Nikolas says he told Cassandra never to call him directly, but she says Robert just paid her a visit. Their timetable has been moved up. Nikolas says they’re not a team. She’s been a means to an end; that’s it. She tells him that she’s about to be extradited. He has to stop it, or she’ll give him up to Robert. She’ll tell Robert that he hired those goons last year to extract her from the WSB, and kidnapped Anna and Finn, coercing them into reviving her.

Jax knows how painful it must be for Laura, with Ava insisting that she saw Nikolas. Laura says, it’s upsetting, but Ava can’t help it. Jax suggests Laura visit later in the week, when Ava has adjusted more to her meds. Then she can ask if Ave remembers the painting. She says they don’t know if Ava has it. For all they know, it’s been sold. Jax doesn’t think portraits of Helena are in high demand, and it’s their best lead. Laura says, okay. She’ll try to talk to Ava about it. Jax says he has to speak to his Tokyo office, and left his notes. He leaves, and she finishes her tea.

Finn tells Robert that until two days ago, he had no idea. Robert says he’ll have some adjustments to make. Does Anna know? Finn says he hasn’t told her, and Robert asks what the plan is. Is he going to let Anna run into Violet like he did? Finn says he wants to tell Anna in person, so he’d appreciate Robert keeping it quiet until he has the opportunity. Robert says, it might be months before he sees Anna. So he’s going to perpetuate the lie for that period of time? Because that’s what it is – a lie by omission.

Jason tells Sam that Cassandra wanted to do business with Sonny, and he turned her down. That could go against her. Sam says Cassandra seemed more interested in her connection to the Cassadines, and Jason says, that seems random, but Sam says, it’s probably because of Valentin. She thinks he and Cassandra worked together at some point. The guard says, time’s up, and Sam tells Jason that she has to go. She asks him not to bring the kids for anything. She doesn’t want them to see her like this. She says, tell Danny and Scout that she loves them, and he says he loves her. She says she loves him too, and they put their hands against the glass. Sam looks back at him one more time before she leaves with the guard.

Scotty asks if Franco remembers living with Betsy Frank. Franco says, vaguely. He was really little when she gave him away to the state. Scotty asks if he remembers what Betsy called him. Franco says, Andy, and she called Franco Bobby. The two of them spent a lot of time together. Scotty asks if he remembers Betsy’s boyfriend Jim Harvey. Franco says, he used to babysit, and Scotty says, he shared special attention with Bobby; they went off together. Franco asks what he’s getting at, and Scotty says, Jim Harvey sexually abused Franco. Then he started setting his sights on Drew. Franco tried to protect Drew by putting him in the basement, but he fell down the stairs. Betsy thought Franco was trouble, and sent Drew away for his own protection. Franco was not so lucky. Franco says, Bobby was just trying to save him, and Scotty says, he did save him. He saved him, then stifled the memories of abuse for many years. When he was able to process it, and live a life – a happy life of his own – then he was robbed of that. He’s living it in Franco’s place.

Kim says Elizabeth has no empathy for her, but she can’t begin to know how Kim feels. Oscar is gone, and Drew miraculously came back; the Drew she loved. Elizabeth can’t blame her for fighting for him. Elizabeth says she blames Kim for refusing to acknowledge that Franco had a life first. Kim says the judge ruled in Drew’s favor, and she hopes Elizabeth can accept that, and make peace. Elizabeth says Kim just wants to ease her conscience for stealing her husband. She can’t give him to Kim; she won’t. Kim says she should go, and Elizabeth says, great idea. She opens the door. Kim says Elizabeth was her rock when Oscar was sick. She can’t repay her for that, but wants Elizabeth to know she’ll always be grateful for their friendship during that time. She says, goodbye. Elizabeth closes the door, and leans against it.

Robert asks Finn if Anna is going to have a fiancé by the time she gets back. He’s seen the looks Finn and Hayden have shared, and noticed Finn is angling to be a family. Hayden comes out, and thanks Finn, telling him, Violet is with Epiphany. She asks if he and Robert are okay. Robert says he’s fine. He’s not too sure about her ex. He leaves, and Hayden says she’s so sorry. She didn’t mean for him to find out. Finn says, too late, and she asks if Robert is telling Anna. Finn says let him deal with that, and Hayden says she’s available when he wants to talk. They need to figure things out. She tells him to check his phone, and he sees a picture of her and Violet when the baby was just born. She says she doesn’t know if it will make up for lost time, but maybe it’s a start.

Laura sees Robert at the hospital, and they hug. She says she was hoping to find him there. She’s trying to locate a portrait of Helena. He says, the nude? and she says, God no. It was done more recently, before she died. She left it to Nikolas, and it was hanging in Windymere. Valentin got rid of it, and it turns out it could be very useful. He asks, how so? and she says, as a weapon against Valentin.

Cassandra tells Nikolas that she’s been more than patient. It’s time for him to hold up his end of the bargain. Break her out tonight. Nikolas says she’s the one who insisted on coming to Port Charles, against his instructions. She got herself into this situation, and she’s in no position to make demands. She says he’s wasting time he doesn’t have. Break her out or she’ll blow his cover. She hangs up, and Nikolas makes a call. He says, it’s me. We have a problem with Cassandra. Take care of it.

Robert says, a weapon against Valentin? and asks Laura to tell him more. She wishes she had the time. An enemy may want to acquire it. Any idea who? He says, Spencer, the clan Cassadine; Cassandra is locked up, awaiting extradition. He asks her if everything is all right, and she says, nothing is all right. She had the weirdest sensation earlier, and she’s spent the day trying to shake it. He asks, what kind of sensation? and she says, it’s kind of hard to describe. It’s ethereal. Like someone walked on her grave.

Franco thanks Scotty for sharing, but what does he want Franco to do. Scotty says, the right thing. Franco asks if Scotty wants him to sacrifice his life for Franco. Franco saved his life when they were kids; it’s not his fault. Scotty says, or Franco’s fault. Just ask himself, is his second chance at life worth Scotty’s son’s first chance?

Hayden and Violet arrive at Elizabeth’s house, and Hayden introduces Violet to her aunt. Elizabeth says, it’s so nice to meet her, and Violet asks if she can have a hug. Elizabeth says she would love that. It’s exactly what she needs right now.

Finn sits down, and takes out his phone. He looks at the picture of Hayden and Violet.

Kendra goes back to Alexis’s room, and Alexis asks if Julian is still there. Kendra says he had to take off, but she’s there to provide a distraction. It must be maddening, not knowing what’s going on. Alexis says she’s going stir crazy, and Kendra suggests they go for a walk. Alexis says she doesn’t think she’s ready to be seen in public. She looks worse than she feels. Kendra gives her a mirror and brush, telling her to put herself together. She’s going to tell the nurse that they’re taking her IV pole for a walk. Alexis asks what she did to deserve Kendra.

Julian puts something into the dumpster, and a dead rat falls out. Surprise!

Alexis brushes her hair, and discovers it’s falling out.

Jax goes back home, and Nikolas asks how his mother is. Jax says, how does he think? She went to see Ava, and had to listen to her ramble about how she saw him. Nikolas says, another reason Jax shouldn’t have involved his mother. Nikolas says he can thank Hayden for that. She’s the one who brought Curtis and his mother in without his knowledge or consent. Not that it matters. Laura is a part of it now, but the longer he stays, the greater the chance of her finding out. Unless that’s what Nikolas wants. Nikolas says he can’t show himself until Valentin is neutralized.

Cassandra and Sam are brought into the hall, and Cassandra asks, what’s going on? Sam tells her, it’s work detail, but Cassandra says, these hands don’t do that. The guard says, they do now. She has work detail. Cassandra says, no one told her. The guard texts, it’s handled, to an unknown number. Sam guesses it’s Cassandra’s lucky day, and Cassandra says she supposes it is.

Tomorrow, Valentin tells Nina that he’s bothered by Jax, Carly tells Sasha that owning it goes a long way with her, and Nikolas says the chances of him getting recognized are non-existent.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

We backtrack a little. LeeAnne’s cousin Katie says LeeAnne’s mother isn’t there yet. Rich gets ready to go in, and says he’s walking the green mile. Katie calls LeeAnne’s mom. LeeAnne dabs at her eyes with a hanky.

Mom Margaret squeaks in at the last minute. LeeAnne smiles. The music from Ordinary People (otherwise known as Canon in D major, by Johann Pachelbel) plays. Rich’s daughter walks down, bringing the ring pillow, and Rich follows. The curtains part, revealing LeeAnne. The traditional wedding march plays. We flash back to Tiffany telling Rich that LeeAnne has to do it before she’s fifty, and him saying she told him she was thirty, so… Tiffany says, just give her a ring. We also see clips of D’Andra harassing LeeAnne about Rich cheating, and how they’re never going to set a date. I’m glad she’s not there. Margaret cries.

The pastor says blah-blah-blah be kind to one another. When Rich says, I do, LeeAnne goes, whew! Everyone laughs, and the pastor says he hates to tell her, but there are several more opportunities. They share the vows they wrote, and Rich says LeeAnne taught him true love and total acceptance. They’ve both said they come from the land of misfit toys, but they’ve managed to help fix each other, and will continue to do that for the rest of their lives. He promises to love, serve, and protect LeeAnne like a SWAT officer should. He says she’s scary smart and hilarious. It’s like he’s marrying  five women at one time. She says, just five? LeeAnne says she never felt loved, wanted, or accepted. Rich made her feel those things. He’s shown her how to love deeper than she thought possible. She promises she’ll be reminding him to do that for the rest of their lives. She tells him how special he is, and says her heart belongs to him always. The pastor has them repeat a promise to see the other’s innocence in their eyes, and Rich says, his eye. Everyone laughs, and they exchange rings. The pastor declares them married. As they walk down the aisle, Rich’s tag changes from fiancé to husband. In her interview, Kameron says, LeeAnne has waited so many years. It’s a real fairytale, and gives her the warm fuzzies.

In the hallway, Steve hugs Rich and LeeAnne. Margaret says LeeAnne is a great kid, but she wishes LeeAnne would come to the realization that she was loved as a child. I say it doesn’t matter what Margaret thinks, if LeeAnne didn’t feel it. Kameron says, it was the most amazing ceremony. In Kameron’s interview, she says she’s never seen such a big crown as the one LeeAnne is wearing. She thinks the break in between the ceremony and reception is a nuisance. Who wants to wear the dress they’ve been sweating in for five hours? (Just a thought, but, bring one to change into?) In LeeAnne’s interview, she says the purpose of a five-hour break is because she wants to shtup her husband. When I was a kid, I went to a lot of Lithuanian and Polish weddings, and it was traditional to have a wedding breakfast after the ceremony, and then hang out at someone’s house until the reception in the evening. I was actually surprised the first time I went to a wedding that didn’t have all that.

In the limo, LeeAnne tells Rich that she wants a footlong, and he says she’s already getting one. They get some fast food at a drive-through (Sonic?), and LeeAnne says, best wedding ever. Rich tells the person at the window not to tell anyone they’ve seen him. LeeAnne wants to eat in the car, and promises not to mess up her dress, but Rich is more worried about the car. When they get to the hotel, Rich lies down, and LeeAnne calls him lazy. He says he married her; that’s not lazy. She wolfs down a chili dog.

There are all kinds of acrobats, cowgirls on saddle swings, people in costumes made of mirrors, and living lamps with sequined bodies and lights on their heads. Kameron says, it’s amazing. Kary says, LeeAnne is back to the carnival. She wanted to relive the childhood she hated so much. I don’t think LeeAnne ever said she hated the carnival. LeeAnne copies me by having a castle as a cake topper. Friends made mine for me, since we could find one nowhere. In Stephanie’s interview, she says it’s everything she thought it would be. It’s like she took drugs; she doesn’t even know where to look. Where did LeeAnne find these people?

D’Andra and Jeremy are doing a cooking competition; a seafood challenge. Jeremy brings out shrimp, halibut, and softshell crab. In D’Andra’s interview, she says food is the most important thing in her life. She loves to cook. Jeremy says he’s going to work on the images for the website over the weekend. D’Andra is glad they’re not at the wedding. Who would have thought, eight years ago, they wouldn’t be there? In D’Andra’s interview, she says she looks back, and thinks it was a fun time. She and LeeAnne were close, but she’s lost hope for the future of their friendship. Celebrating her own marriage by she and Jeremy doing something together is just as satisfying.

LeeAnne changes to a different gown that’s more festive and sparkly. She and Rich are introduced as a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Whatever-His-Last-Name-Is. Margaret complains that she can’t get close enough. LeeAnne isn’t unfriendly to her, but there’s a definite chill. Pictures are taken, and Margaret says she’s glad Rich has taken LeeAnne off her hands. Like LeeAnne is even around her much. Margaret leaves, and the dancing commences.

The drink glasses look like disco balls. Travis asks Rich if they’re still married, and Rich says, so far. LeeAnne removes the skirt from her outfit, and it turns into a jumpsuit. Cary, Kary, and Kameron pose on one of the saddle swings, and get their picture taken. Kameron says they’re a bad influence on her, and Cary says, the K/Carys are a bad influence. Stephanie complains that there’s not enough food, and says she’s glad she ate beforehand. I dunno. It’s not a dinner situation, but it looks like there’s plenty in the way of charcuterie trays and such. I prefer picking around myself.

In her interview, D’Andra says the cooking competition takes her mind off serious business, like saving the company. Jeremy says, let the ass whoopin’ begin. D’Andra keeps asking him for ingredients while they’re cooking. They sit to taste the dishes, and Jeremy says, 100% honesty. D’Andra thinks Jeremy’s dish tastes like sandpaper, and she gets one point for her shrimp.

Kameron tells Kary, they ran out of water at the bar, and she had to get it from the bathroom. Kary wonders, where’s the food? In Stephanie’s interview, she says she’s been to a lot of weddings where there’s been just cake and nuts, but at least they had nuts. In Kameron’s interview, she says any event after 7 pm is required to serve a meal.

D’Andra has two points, and Jeremy gets one for his halibut. He tells her, since it’s the main dish, he should get two points, but she’s taking full victory. She tells Jeremy that she’s getting dessert. At the reception, the cake is cut. LeeAnne is happy, and says, it felt perfect. In her interview, she says the wedding was filled with nothing but love and joy. It’s the happiest day of her life. She and Rich get in the limo, and she says, baby, come to mama.

Brandi and Travis go out to lunch, bringing Bruin. Bruin sees a balloon up by the ceiling, and freaks. Brian asks Brandi why no daycare today, and she says they were snuggling. Brian says, because she needed sleep? He asks if she had fun in Nashville; he did. She says she has no regrets about missing the wedding. In her interview, she says she had a fantastic time with her husband, got wasted, and had sex. Brian asks if she has any details on Bruin’s potential sibling, but she says, not yet. Once you get to three or four, it’s no big deal. That reminds me of when I said, what’s one more dog? Brian says he grew up with four. She says they’ve got to move anyway. Brian says, with six, they’ll need a third bedroom. In Brandi’s interview, she says her heart is telling her that she needs and wants to adopt the baby. It’s Bruin’s sibling; his blood. How can she say no to that? Brian asks why she feels so strongly. She says, it make sense. They’ll always have each other. Bruin is making a humongous mess, and Brandi says she’ll clean it up. Um… they might possibly need a rug shampooer. In her interview, she says, to get Brian on board, she has to convince him that she can handle it all. She can never complain. She’ll be sucking it up and miserable, She can do this. Brian says, two at once will be a handful. What if Bruin’s mother has another one? It’s hard as it is, and Brandi wants to take on a newborn baby. She says she feels like it will be worth it in the end. She’s not worried about love; they have that. She just worries about handling it. Brian say he remembers being the oldest was hard. His parents had to give so much attention to the babies. He felt like his mom was busy with the babies, and worries about Brooklyn in particular, We flash back to Brooklyn being a mini bitch. Brian says, she’s close to being a teenager, and already acts like one. He remembers his sisters. In Brandi’s interview, she says maybe Brian is right that having another child will add more stress, with her being pulled in another direction. Brandi says, it’s especially worse when they’re in diapers. With four, everything will be doubled.

Everyone gets back to their regular lives. Travis relaxes in the hot tub, and Stephanie asks how it’s going with his party. What do they need to do before his magical day? In Stephanie’s interview, she says Travis is going to be 50, and the theme is his life now – a midlife crisis. We flash back to Stephanie popping out of his cake. She says Travis wanted her to private message John Legend to sing at his party, but one, she doesn’t know him; and two, it’s insane and stalkerish. I’ll bet he’d do it though. He and Chrissy love Bravo. Travis says he has no idea how many people he invited. They have the DJ, the band,  the liquor, the caterer, the lights, and the yard has been redone. She asks if his dad is coming. In her interview, she says Travis’s dad travels between Thailand and Viet Nam a lot of the time, because he has friends there. Travis doesn’t think his dad is taking his meds, so he’s going to Thailand in a couple of weeks. In Stephanie’s interview, she says that Travis’s dad tends to stop taking his meds, and then has a hard time. He’s traveling, and Travis is concerned because he can’t get ahold of him. Travis says if Stephanie wants to come, this is probably the year to do it. Stephanie doesn’t want to be by herself if Travis is working, and suggests she bring her friends. She tells him, it seems like Kameron gets mad, and kind of blows up, spins, then they’re fine. In her interview, Stephanie says a few months ago, they were fine, and now they haven’t been able to get back on track. If she takes Kameron to Thailand to see an elephant, Kameron will like her again. Travis talks about ping pong shows, and Stephanie asks if they play ping pong. He says, not with their hands. She’s puzzled, and says, with their mouths? He says, lower. The lightbulb comes on, and she gets it, and she says, gross.

Stephanie calls everyone about the trip to Bangkok. LeeAnne is in right away. When Stephanie tells Brandi about the ping pong shows, Brandi asks if she’s planning on doing this. D’Andra says she doesn’t want to eat alone, and Stephanie will have to be an adventurous eater. Kameron says she’s going to need a long time to pack. In Kameron’s interview, she says she’s super shocked that Stephanie invited her. Is it her way of saying they’re good? Stephanie tells her, it will take at least a week, considering how much stuff she brings. It’s ridiculous.

Kary gets Stephanie’s call while going out to dinner with Eduardo, and asks if she’s serious. Eduardo says he’s jealous, and Kary tells him that she’s psyched. In Kary’s interview, she says she’s been to Thailand twice. She loves the food, the massages, and  the culture. Me too, even though I’ve never been there, and it’s doubtful I’ll ever go. Kary flashes back to telling D’Andra about the wedding, and how there was no food, only platters of cheese and whatnot. D’Andra says LeeAnne probably couldn’t get it donated. Eduardo thinks the food situation was strange. If there’s not enough food, people get sh*t-faced. They order, and Kary tells him that she’s excited about Thailand. She wants to go to the same store where she got pearls for her jewelry line, so she’ll be doing a little work. Eduardo thinks she should definitely visit a temple they were at. She points out that she’s wearing new earrings she just made (love them, also pearl). Because they’re having two different conversations, Eduardo starts talking about his mother’s walking program. Kary says she doesn’t care. In her interview, she says, it’s important to her to talk about her business, and he’s changing the subject to talk about his mom’s walking trip. She could give a sh*t. Eduardo say if she’s going to be like that, it can kill the mood.

Kary says, it doesn’t matter. They eat in silence for a while, and Kary finally asks what Eduardo is wearing to Travis’s birthday party. He says he hasn’t thought about it, and Kary says it will be there before they know it. In Kary’s interview, she says, Eduardo isn’t good at communication. It’s one of their biggest issues. She likes to talk, and he’s the opposite; he doesn’t want to talk at all. Kary asks if he doesn’t want to talk anymore, and he says she just wants to talk about what she wants to talk about. She says she doesn’t want to talk about his mom’s trip, and he says he’s turned off. Kary says he’s just going on and on about it (not really), and he cut her off when she was talking about her jewelry. He changed the subject, and it’s something huge going on in her life. He’s not asking questions, or showing more interest. He says they’re having a nice dinner. It’s not just about one thing. He’s been supportive the whole time. She says when Eduardo started his business, he talked non-stop about it. He says they’re both trying to catch each other up. Kary asks, what else is going on? and Eduardo asks what she wants to talk about. She says she’s been trying to tell him that she’s excited to go.

In Kary’s interview, she says she thinks it’s a power struggle between them, built on control. Eduardo can’t control her. The finances are the only thing he has over her. Eduardo asks how many girls trips she’s been on, and Kary says, a lot. She loves her girls trips. He asks if she can’t live without them, and she says can’t. it’s like her therapy.

Next time, Travis is knighted at Medieval Times, Stephanie feels like she’s never enough, Travis’s birthday party happens, and LeeAnne isn’t enjoying watching D’Andra getting drunk over and over, and making an ass of herself.

🍷 8 pm is too early for watching Wives, and I’m all about this season’s American Horror Story: 1984 at 10, so The Real Housewives of New Jersey has gotten a little abandoned. No recap, but here were the highlights and feels.

🍝 Dolores still lives with Frank, Frank Jr. is modeling, including romance book covers. Is he the new Fabio? David is more on the scene, and everyone is one big happy family. More power to them. I wish I had a Frank – a dude who will do everything for me, and expects nothing in return except my scintillating company.

The Marge is looking good, as is Marge Sr. who’s taken a bookkeeping job in Manhattan, and is reliving her youth. Go OG Marge! Not loving Jennifer at all. She’s obnoxious, and it often seems like she’s being dramatic on purpose to get camera time. Giving her props though, for looking well put together, even though a lot of it is via plastic surgery, being the face (or other body parts, as it were) of her husband’s practice. She caused a  rift with Jackie when she did an impression of Jackie (i.e. made fun of) in a restaurant, while Teresa filmed and put it on social media. When Jackie called her out on it during a Bring Your Booty Back event, Jennifer claimed it was just a joke. Then followed Jackie around the party, screeching at her.

Melissa defended Teresa for encouraging Jennifer’s dumbass behavior and stepping out on Juicy Joe with a dude so young he wears a backpack. She claimed he was just a friend. Uh-huh, I always hold hands with my male friends. Teresa was done with restitution, and putting in a pool. Joe #1 was detained on ICE indefinitely, awaiting the judge’s ruling on his appeal. If he went to Italy, he wouldn’t be allowed back in the country, and Gina had given him an old tomato ultimatum – if he went to Italy, he couldn’t have a relationship with her. Joe – who now looks like a mini version of Mike Sorrentino aka The Situation – felt he was wasting his life there. Well, we already know how that turns out.

Marge gave us the best quote of the night: cake fixes everything.

This season, hair pulling, a  trip to Jamaica, skydiving, Melissa wants another baby, Danielle blames Marge for her divorce, the news that Joe #1 is getting deported, glass throwing, and the best of friends become the worst of enemas enemies.

💎 When Did It Become Citrine…?

Brush with greatness moment. One time I was at the same Christmas party as Fred Schneider. They had karaoke, and I was singing Carrie Underwood‘s Before He Cheats. Fred walked by, and told me, nothing said Christmas like that song.



October 23, 2019 – Franco’s Hearing Begins, Funeral For a Bunny, Tiffany Sneaks Back & a Sucker For Love


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Donna is ready to go home, and Sonny can’t wait. Carly tells him they just need to do the last of the paperwork,  and their girl will be ready for her first car ride. Bobbie says Donna is ready to take on the world. And she’s beautiful. Sonny says, like mother like mother like daughter.

Michael is having trouble putting up a welcome home banner. Josslyn watches, and he asks if she’s just going to stand there. She says, no. She’s going to take a picture of his disastrous attempt. She says she can’t wait for Donna to get there. She sees a fancy sippy cup in a box, and takes it out. She says, it’s beautiful, but there’s no card, and Michael says it’s from him; it’s a regift. He hopes Donna won’t mind. He got for Jonah, but wants Donna to have it.

Jason is at Kelly’s with Danny, looking at a model car Danny put together. Jason says, it’s amazing, and asks if he did it by himself. Danny says he did, but it took forever. Jason compliments him on sticking with it and his attention to detail. Danny wants to put together a motorcycle next, and suggests he study Jason’s bike, and maybe take a ride on it. Jason says Danny’s mom will have to sign off on that. Danny wants to get a cupcake for Scout, and Jason says he’s a good brother. Danny says Jason told him that they’re supposed to take care of each other until their mom gets home. When does he think that will be?

Outside the courtroom, Martin tells Kim and Franco that it will get emotional. They’ll be doing everything to pull at the heartstrings, so stay calm and stick to the facts. Inside, Scotty tells Cameron to keep his cool, and pay no attention to what that lawyer says.  Martin walks in with Kim and Franco, and everyone faces each other.

Finn tells Hayden to repeat that. The patient in that room… She says, is her daughter. She’s his daughter too.

Elizabeth tells Franco, it’s not too late to stop this, and he says he could say the same to her. Martin says, the decision is in Judge Lasser’s hands now. Let’s keep the last minute tricks out of it. Scotty asks if he means tricks like dressing his client up in a Halloween costume. Elizabeth says, her husband is a brave man, but he was never in the Navy. Franco has no right to wear that uniform. Martin says her husband isn’t his client; Drew Cane is, and he has every right to wear that uniform. He understands it’s an emotional time for her – he calls her Miss Webber, and she says, Mrs. Webber-Baldwin – but it’s an equally emotional time for his client. Elizabeth tells Kim that she’s sorry it’s gone this far. She wishes  there had been another way. Kim says she does too. The judge is introduced, and she reminds them that it’s not a trial; it’s a competency hearing. Grandstanding is a waste of her time, and will not be tolerated. They’re here to determine the competency of the individual known as Franco Baldwin, who now calls himself Drew Cane.

Jason asks if Danny is sure he’s okay with staying the rest of the week at Grandma Monica’s. Danny says if they do, their mom isn’t coming home, and Jason says he’s a sharp kid, so he’s going to be straight. His mom has to be in Pentenville for a while. Danny asks, how long a while is, and Jason says, it depends. If he can find evidence and get the charges dropped, she’ll be home soon. Danny asks what if he doesn’t, and Jason says, then she’ll have to stay until her trial, probably a couple of weeks. It’s hard to tell. Danny doesn’t get why this happened, and Jason says, someone lied. They said Sam did something she didn’t do, and he’s going to prove it. Monica comes in, and Jason says he was just talking to Danny about him and Scout spending the rest of the week with her. Monica says she’d love it, and Danny says they’re good. She says she’s in the mood for coffee and a donut, and Danny offers to get for her. She tells him to pick out donuts for the both of them, and sits. Jason thanks her for letting the kids stay. She says, no problem. She loves having the house fill up with a whole new generation. She supposes he knows they found the black box from Drew’s plane. Jason says he’s sorry; he knows how close they were. Monica knows there was friction between Jason and Drew. She was hoping they’d get closer after Oscar died. Jason says they’d started. Oscar wanted them to build the treehouse together, and it’s in progress. Monica says there’s so much she doesn’t know about Drew’s life. That’s why she wants to spend more time with the person who can give her insight on his childhood, and adolescence. Jason says she means Franco.

Michael says he was at Wyndham’s before Jonah was born, and almost passed it up, thinking it was too extravagant. It reeked of privilege. Then he got stuck on the idea of a tradition. Something Jonah could pass down. This way, the tradition can go on. It can be passed down with Donna. Josslyn wonders how he can come up with something so generous, and not be stuck in his grief. He tells her not to give him too much credit. He’s done a lot of grieving, and had counseling to get to this point. It helps to be around people he cares about, and who care about him. Josslyn tells him that Dustin said the same thing, and Michael says if her teacher said it, then he must know what he’s talking about. Josslyn hopes he knows he can always count on her, like she can always count on him. Michael says then she can go up the stairs, and help him hang the banner before Donna walks in. Josslyn says, she’s walking already? That kid is amazing.

Sonny tells Donna that she’s had big challenges, but she’s come shining through, and Carly says her daddy is right. She can’t wait for Donna to meet everyone. Bobbie tells them there’s one more form, but Sonny can sign it. He leaves, and Bobbie tells Carly that she’s sure the doctor told her that Donna is still going to need some series of follow-ups. Carly says she’s scheduled that already. If she has any questions, it’s good there’s a nurse in the family. Bobbie asks how Carly is doing, and Carly says, the incision is healing perfectly. Bobbie says that’s not what she meant. How is Carly feeling? Any sadness, or fears, or mood swings? Carly thanks her for checking in, but says there have been no signs of postpartum depression. She’s excited and nervous, but whatever the unknowns, she’s never been more prepared to face them. They hug, and Sonny asks if Carly is ready.

Finn looks stunned, and Hayden says she knows it’s a lot to process, but the most important thing is their child is sick. Finn says their child. The sick little girl is their daughter. They’ll deal with everything else later. He goes into the room. Epiphany is there, and the little girl in the bed looks at Finn. Epiphany says their patent is being very brave. Her fever seems to have spiked. Finn tells her to ask Dr. Navari from pediatrics to join them, but Epiphany says she already did that and the doctor is with another patient. He thanks her, and says, hi, Violet. He’s Dr. Finn. They shake hands. In case you didn’t guess, she’s very cute. He says he’s going to do everything he can to make her feel better.

Scotty tells the judge that he represents Elizabeth, Franco’s wife, and also represents her son, Cameron, and her other two boys, Aiden and Jake. He’s representing the whole family, but he’s also representing himself. Martin objects, and Judge Lasser tells him, there’s no need for theatrics, but urges Scotty to get to the point. Scotty says, the point is, Franco is all decked out in a uniform. This is a lie, and a delusion that he’s living.

Martin says his client has the training, will, and memories of a decorated Navy SEAL, Chief Petty Officer Andrew Cane. That’s who he is now. He’s rescued soldiers and civilians, achieving hero status. They’re here to prove that he’s more than capable of making his own decisions.

Finn asks Violet if he can take her pulse, and Epiphany tells him that Violet’s temperature is 102. Finn tells Violet that’s making her feel warm, and not so good, but they’ll get her fever down soon, and that will make her feel better. Hayden walks in, and says they’re going to make her feel better. Epiphany says Violet is a pretty name, and Finn says, a pretty name for a pretty girl. Violets are his favorite flower, and a florist told him that they represent love and faithfulness. Hayden looks a little guilty.

Monica says Danny reminds her of Jason; single-minded, confident, a risk taker. It’s probably karmic payback for the sleepless nights he gave her and Alan. Jason hopes he’s as good at parenting as they were, and Monica says they were dreadful parents. They tried to mold him into what they wanted him to be. She’s afraid they would have done the same with Drew if they’d raised him. He gets why Monica wants to know about Drew’s childhood, but doesn’t think a relationship with Franco is going to give her what she wants. She says, he isn’t Franco. He has Drew’s memories and history. Jason says he knows. He stopped by Shadybrook to see if Drew remembered something from Afghanistan. She says then Jason knows he’s not Franco. Maybe he isn’t Drew either, but that’s why she wants to go to the hearing. To speak up, so he has the right to be himself.

Carly loves the banner, and Josslyn says she had to step in and help Michael. But there’s more. Carly was so good about eating healthy, she picked up some cookies from Eckert’s. Carly says, it’s the best gift ever. Sonny tells Donna that he’s her daddy, this is her house, and this is her family. Josslyn looks at her phone, and steps away. Carly sees the cup, and says, this was for Jonah. Michael says he wanted Donna to have it. From Jonah to Donna with love. Carly hugs him, and says she loves him.

Scotty shows the judge Franco’s passport, social security card, driver’s license, and hospital ID, as well as family photos. He says Franco was just married, and having a great life, but then he sacrificed himself for his stepson. Looking at Franco, he says, Franco doesn’t need some sort of military costume. He was already a hero. Martin objects, and asks that counsel not address client. Scotty says he has a lab report on Martin’s client’s DNA. It’s Franco Baldwin’s DNA, just like his, since he’s Franco’s father. So not only is his family fighting for Franco’s life, so is he. Martin gets up and says, he’s not disputing any physical evidence. The documents are real. But while he’s sympathetic to the family’s attempt to hold on to their loved one, the simple fact is, Franco Baldwin no longer exits. Andrew Cane now inhabits this body. While there’s no ID card for that, the reality is in the courtroom. He’s not a collection of cells or DNA. The man before them is his own person. Ready, willing, and able to take charge of his own destiny.

Jordan takes the stand. Scotty asks if she recognizes the guy sitting next to Martin, and she says, absolutely. He’s Franco Baldwin. Scotty says, yet Martin says that’s not who he is. Martin says, point of clarification. He doesn’t object to who people think his client is. He only objects to them forcing his client to be who they want him to be. The judge says, noted. Scotty asks Jordan, who is Franco Baldwin? Who does she know him to be? She says the Franco she’s come to know is one of the bravest people she’s ever met. Not in a flashy, self-serving way, but with humility; a repentant man who had something to prove. Scotty asks her to elaborate, and she says he helped unmask Ryan Chamberlain, a serial killer who was terrorizing their community. He allowed himself to be wrongly identified as the killer, and almost died for his trouble. Ryan attacked, and almost killed him. Scotty asks if she’d say Franco is a hero, and she says, unquestionably. He proved it again when he sacrificed himself to save his stepson’s life. He acted selflessly at great personal risk.

Finn asks Hayden how long Violet has had a fever. Hayden says she’s not with Violet every day, but she’s pretty sure it been 48 hours. Finn needs to examine Violet, and asks Hayden to leave the room. Epiphany will be there with him. Hayden tells Violet she’ll be right outside, and the nice nurse and doctor will take good care of her. She leaves, and Finn tells Violet that he’s going to figure out how to make her feel better. Does she think she can help him? She says, yeah, and he says, awesome answer. They high-five.

Sonny says Donna is the cutest thing. Everyone takes pictures, and Michal tells Carly, Donna will have to get used to a lot of action if she’s going to hang with this family. He can’t wait for Avery to wake up from her nap. It’s all she’s been talking about. Carly says, it’s all she’s been talking about all month. She asks where Sasha is, and he says he invited her, but she thought there should be private time for the family. She can’t wait to meet Donna. Josslyn wants to journal about it, and says she’d love to get some amazing quotes from everyone on what it means to welcome a new addition to the family. Michael says he has something he has to do first. Carly asks Josslyn if the journal is for school, but Josslyn says it’s just for her. Dustin suggested it as a way to make sense of everything, and he was right. It’s a good thing, and she likes doing it. Carly says she’s happy to see Josslyn smiling again.

Jason tells Monica that they both want know about the gaps in Drew’s life. Maybe he can tell Jason something that can help Sam, but he can accomplish that without going to court for Franco. Monica says, it’s not about Franco, or who Franco was. It’s about who he is today and going forward. Maybe they can have a chance to keep part of Drew with them in the family. Jason says, he’s not Alan’s biological son. Franco is not the Drew she loved. He’s not Drew at all. He might not even be Franco anymore, and be someone new. But if she wants a relationship with him, it’s her business. She says he thinks it’s a bad idea, and he says he does. He doesn’t want her hurt more than she already has been.

Scotty tells Judge Lasser that the hero word has been bandied about, and he thinks it’s time to hear from the young man who witnessed the horror that took place when his stepfather took his place to save his life. An eyewitness to the event that compromised Franco Baldwin’s identity.

Hayden waits, and Finn lets Violet listen through his stethoscope. He tells her that’s his heart. Hers is doing the same thing. Right now it’s beating good and strong. He asks if she wants to play with the stethoscope, and she takes it. He says he knows hospitals can be a scary place, but they’re all there to make her feel at home. Epiphany says it’s her specialty. He says he’ll come back to see her soon, and calls her honeybun. I think Epiphany knows something is up. He comes out, and Hayden asks, what’s wrong with her? Finn says her fever is under control, but he has to leave the diagnosis to Dr. Navari. He’s tops in pediatrics. She asks, what about him? but he says, there are strict rules about parents treating their own children.

Avery comes downstairs, and Josslyn says Donna is sleeping, but if she’s quiet, Avery can see her. Like she told Avery, big sisters have to stick together. She brings Avery over to Donna, and Michael tells Avery to meet her baby sister. Josslyn tells Donna to meet her big sister Avery.

Danny brings Monica coffee and a pumpkin spice donut, and Monica tells him to keep the change. She asks if she’ll see him later, and he says Olivia is making lasagna. Monica says, of course (🍷) she is. She leaves, and Danny tells Jason the cupcakes are being boxed; he got one for everybody. Jason says, nice job, and Danny says he wishes he could give one to his mom. Jason says, so does he.

Scotty asks how Cameron is doing, and Cameron says, okay mostly. Scotty says, there’s no need to be nervous. Tell the court about the little conversation they had the other day. Martin asks if it was a conversation Scotty had while he was coaching Cameron. Scotty says he warned Cameron about Martin’s bag of tricks. The judge tells Martin that she already warned him about grandstanding, and he apologizes. Scotty says Cameron didn’t want his mother to marry Franco. What changed? Cameron says, Franco changed. He saw how much Franco loved his mom , and Franco proved how much he cared about his brothers. Franco always stood up for Aiden, and was there for Jake. They were super close. Scotty asks, what about him? What changed? Cameron says he changed his mind when Franco gave himself up to that freak scientist and that bastard Shiloh. Franco let them mess with his brain instead of Cameron’s. Scotty says, before they messed with Franco’s mind, what did he say? What were Franco’s last words? Cameron says Franco told him to tell his mom that he loved her, and tell her that he’d be back. Franco kept his eyes on Cameron until he couldn’t anymore. Cameron cries a little, and Scotty says he did good. Martin says he knows Cameron feels badly about his stepfather saving him. Would he do anything to make it up to his mother? Cameron says he wishes he could, and Martin says, of course (🍷) he would. He would even lie about the last words his stepfather allegedly said. Scotty objects, saying Martin is badgering. Cameron says he didn’t lie. Franco said to tell her he’d be back. Martin says what’s one more lie if it helps ease his guilty conscience. Franco stands up, and says, that’s enough.

Hayden is sure Finn has a lot of questions. He says, there will be time for that later. He’s interested in the time frame. It’s probably in the last two weeks the patient… Hayden says, she’s got a name, and he says he knows. He’s needs to know how she’s been living and who she’s come in contact with. Hayden says she’s been in Beecher’s Corners with her nanny. Does think she has what Sasha did? He doesn’t think so, since her fever is under control, but if it is contagious, they need to contact whoever she’s been around. Hayden says she’ll give him all the info. He tells her to give the info to Tiffany, and she asks him not to shut her out. He says he needs to consult with Dr. Navari, and walks away.

Avery says, Donna is so little. Carly says Donna is tough, and proved that. Sonny says Avery will have to teach Donna how to throw a ball, and ride a bike. Josslyn says, and tell her stories, and Michael adds, teach her to blow out her birthday candles. Avery says she knows how to do that. Carly has a present for Avery, and gives her a baby doll. She says Avery can take care of her own baby while Carly is taking care of Donna. Bobbie takes a family photo.

Franco appreciates what Martin is doing, but none of it should be at Cameron’s expense. He’s a good kid, and clearly loves his stepfather. He tells Cameron that he has no recollection of what Franco said, but from what the police and Cameron told him, he can say with certainty, none of this is Cameron’s fault. He sits, and Cameron holds back tears.

Elizabeth takes the stand, and Scotty ask why she’s here. Why does she want her husband committed to Shadybrook? Why does she want his memory restored? Elizabeth says she doesn’t want to be there. She doesn’t want any of this nightmare. She just wants her family back, with her husband and her boys. When she and Franco got married, she made a vow to love him in good times and bad, sickness and health. She loves him so much, she’d walk to hell and back, and she intends to keep that vow no matter what.

Martin calls Elizabeth Miss Webber again, and she says, Mrs. Webber-Baldwin. He says it’s clear she loved her husband, and still loves him, but he’s not the first man she’s loved. Scotty says, what the Sam Hill does that have to do with it? Martin says, it speaks to her intensions. She’s made a dramatic statement about standing by her man, but he’s not the first man she loved, is he? She’s fighting for his identity, which is just what she did with Drew when the two of them were engaged to be married.

Hayden watches Violet sleep. Epiphany says she’s not going anywhere, and suggests Hayden stretch her legs while she can. Hayden leaves, and finds Finn in the hallway. She gives him his stethoscope back, and starts telling Finn about Violet’s favorite stuffed toys. He asks why this is the first time he’s meeting his daughter.

Jason arrives at Sonny’s, apologizing for being late. Carly says his timing is perfect. Sonny says he just uncorked the champagne. Avery leads him to Donna, and he says she’s lucky to have a big sister like Avery. Avery says, she knows. Jason’s phone rings, and he steps aside. He says, what? and frowns at the phone. Michael asks if it’s about Sam, but he says, they want someone to testify at Franco’s medical hearing.

Scotty objects, saying they’re not here to discuss Elizabeth’s past business. Martin says she’s questioning his client’s capacity to make his own decisions, and wants to assume custody, forcing him to undergo a dangerous medical procedure. She claims she’s acting out of love for his client, but she’s done this before to someone else she claimed to love. The judge tells him, proceed. He says, she attempted to keep Drew from learning his true identity. She says, it wasn’t his true identity. Everyone thought he was Jason, but she knew he wasn’t. Martin says she knew he wasn’t Jake Doe, yes or no? and she says, yes. He says she suspected he was Jason, yes or no? and she says, yes. She withheld that information from him, yes or no? She says, yes, and he says, even though she had reason to believe he’d want to know. He had a different wife and child, but she didn’t take them into consideration. She wanted to marry Jake Doe, so she withheld information about his identity to protect herself. Yes or no? Elizabeth says, it was a mistake, and has nothing to do with Franco. Martin repeats, yes or no? and she says, yes. She withheld information. He asks if she isn’t trying to do something similar with his client. Trying to deny him his rights and identity, all in the name of love?

Tomorrow, Curtis has an idea, Ava gets the portrait of Helena, Monica says DNA does not define a person, and Finn confronts Hayden.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Stephanie and family pull up to Brandi’s house. Stephanie tells everyone to be respectful. It’s a hard day for Brian. Brian says he wasn’t going to drink, but he might have to. Everyone is dressed in black, and a small coffin is carried from the house. Brandi says, dearly beloved. They’re here to remember the life of Playboy Bun-Bun Redmond. In her interview, Brandi explains that she didn’t know if she wanted to stuff or bury Bun-Bun, and has kept her in the freezer for the last six months. She was a huge part of the family, so they need to have a proper funeral. She tells everyone to close their eyes, and imagine Bun-Bun hopping away in heaven. She thanks God for the time with Bun-Bun, and we see clips of Bun-Bun doing… whatever rabbits do, mostly hopping around. Brandi says Bun-Bun was beautiful, and she feels bad that Bun-Bun came from a pet store. She asks God to open the pearly gates, and let Bun-Bun hop into the heavenly mansion. Travis jokes to Stephanie about a bunny mansion. Afterwards, Stephanie says, it was a beautiful service. In her interview, she says, it’s ridiculous to have a funeral for a bunny. A human in a bunny costume arrives, carrying white balloons. In her interview, Stephanie wonders if she’s losing her mind. She’s risen! Everyone takes a balloon, and they let them go in honor of Bun-Bun. Well, for a bunch of pet lovers, they just killed ten dolphins.

LeeAnne’s dog Chief wears the cone of shame. In her interview, she says he scratched his eye, but they don’t know how (been there, dealt with that), and got an ulcer. She’s still dealing with Rich not having dual vison, now both of her boys have one eye. She and Rich discuss the couples shower. Since Rich has never met Kary, and they don’t know her and Eduardo as a couple, LeeAnne didn’t invite her. Both Stephanie and Brandi are coming with their husbands. LeeAnne asks Rich if he wants to be magnanimous, and give Brandi an invite to the wedding when she comes to the shower. He says he can tell her right now that he’s giving her one. Kameron stops by dressed for tennis, and fusses over Chief. She brought him some CBD treats, saying they’re the hottest thing for dogs because it calms them. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says Kameron is dealing drugs to her dog. Why not her? If Kameron is going to be a friend, be a friend. In Kameron’s interview, she says her mother-in-law Jimmy helped her plan the couples shower. She’s the queen of party planning. It’s going to top all the other parties for LeeAnne.

Stephanie tells Brandi they have to get together more. Unfortunately, the bunny funeral is a big night for them. She says she can’t go to LeeAnne’s shower because it’s the same day as a school program for one of her kids.

Kameron tells LeeAnne that Stephanie can’t make it, even though she RSVP’d yes. and turned in the menu option.

Stephanie tells Brandi that she can’t make it, but Kameron was good about it, and LeeAnne never cares about that stuff. In her interview, she says she’s celebrated LeeAnne’s wedding more than her own wedding, so she doesn’t feel too bad.

Kameron tells LeeAnne that Brandi can’t go either, and LeeAnne says she was going to give Brandi an invitation to the wedding at the shower. She can’t believe neither one of them reached out to her. Kameron says they’ll be missing four people at an intimate luncheon, and canceling at the last minute is not proper etiquette.

D’Andra visits Mama Dee. Dee asks if D’Andra has been traveling, and D’Andra says she went to Mexico with the group, and they stayed at Kary’s house. It was nice to get away from the stress at work. She tells Dee that she made the decision to move the business into the house last week. She had everything ready to make the move, but can’t get out of the lease. Dee says she’ll have to pay it off, and she still has a year. She suggests D’Andra take herself off salary; it’s draining the company. D’Andra says she can’t live without a salary. She’d have to get another job, since she doesn’t have a husband to bring it in. In D’Andra’s interview, she says she gets the message that her mother wanted her to marry a rich man, but she married for love. She doesn’t have a husband to write a check to get her out of a hot situation. She tells Dee, the immediate solution would be to take a loan. Dee says she didn’t know they gave loans to people with no money. In her interview, D’Andra says if she told her mother what she really wants to say, she’d lose everything, since she’s executor of the trust. She’s at rock bottom, and can’t afford to lose another thing. Dee says D’Andra needs to make her own way. Dee was brought up that way, and learned a long time ago to only invest in herself because she knows what she’s capable of. D’Andra ask if she isn’t an extension of Dee, and Dee says she is, but they’ve been down this road too many times. D’Andra says when she took over, the company wasn’t in a good position. Dee says D’Andra begged her for it. In Dee’s interview, she says she knew the company wasn’t at its peak, and wanted to see if D’Andra could turn it around. D’Andra says she’s trying to figure out what to do, and Dee says she’s a closer; she doesn’t make loans. If she gave D’Andra $100K, she still wouldn’t make it because of the way she spends. She always spends whatever she makes. In her interview, Dee says we all have gifts in life, and D’Andra’s best gift is asking for money. She doesn’t feel like she owes D’Andra anything. See tells D’Andra there are no handouts in this world. D’Andra says Dee raised her. She had 275 dresses and 200 pairs of shoes when she was five years old. Get real. Dee says she doesn’t know how to budget. In D’Andra’s interview, she says she only gets a small stipend of $5K a month from the trust, and she can’t live on $60K a year. Even if she wants to sell her home, she can’t. Mama Dee owns it. She tells Dee that she has a little stock left, and Dee says she knows how much D’Andra has. D’Andra says Dee shouldn’t be looking at her account. When D’Andra’s dad passed, she knew what was in the trust; now she has no idea how much is there. Dee says the conversation isn’t going anywhere. They both have their way of living, and D’Andra needs to work it out. In her interview, D’Andra says she feels a sense of betrayal, the way her mother handed over the company to her knowing it was in bad shape. The more Dee tells her that she can’t do something, the more spirit D’Andra has to prove herself right and Dee wrong. Dee says she’s been D’Andra’s bank, and she’s never been one to make loans. It’s not going to happen. I might not be on board with a lot of things D’Andra does, but I’m really starting to hate Mama Dee. D’Andra is right about the 275 dresses. She was raised this way, and now this Dee-bag handed her a failing company, not making her as aware of that as she should have, and is saying good luck with that when she’s freaking loaded. (Post script: Dee insisted she didn’t do it on purpose on Watch What Happens Live tonight.)

Kameron and Court go to dinner. Court asks if Kameron is ready for the shower, and wonders which couples are coming. Kameron tells him Cary and Mark, Tiffany and Aaron, and Stephanie and Brandi were supposed to come. Court tells Kameron, they’ve been married eleven years, and she’s even more beautiful now, although she’s more high maintenance. She says she wasn’t until she met him. In her interview, she says before she met Court, she was Nature Barbie, but he doesn’t camp, so she became Couture Barbie. He says he created a monster. She says she coordinated dates for the shower months ago, and Brandi’s kid suddenly has an Easter party. Stephanie also canceled with the same response. Court says, two days before? and Kameron says she has vendors and a photographer coming. Court asks how LeeAnne is taking it; she’s had a lot of parties. Kameron says, it’s tradition. She and Court had five showers, and she had a bachelorette and a lingerie shower. In her interview, Kameron says, it’s nothing. She even had a welcoming party before the rehearsal dinner, several sushi parties, and a goodbye party. We see pictures. She tells Court, they’re still celebrating

Travis gets home from work, and pours wine for himself and Stephanie. He says, tonight is special because of what happened eleven years ago. He bought her something. In her interview, she says she’s lived eleven years with him being type-A and cranky. Whatever he got her is well-deserved. Last year, she had a beautiful vow renewal, and got a diamond ring. We flash back to the vow renewal, and Brandi helping Travis pick out the ring. Stephanie opens the box, and it’s a bunch of drugstore health and beauty aids. He says it’s everything she’s wanted that she takes from him all the time, including his toothbrush. He tells her not to use his anymore (yuk!). He doesn’t like waking up to a wet toothbrush (double yuk!). Included, is a thousand dollars in a stack of five dollar bills. She says it’s the worst gift she’s ever received; it’s an a-hole present. He tells her, give the thousand back, but she says it’s the only thing she’ll enjoy. She asks how his dad is doing, and Travis says they haven’t talked in two weeks. He’s in Bangkok, and stopped taking most of his medication. Travis thinks it’s dangerous for his father to be off of them, since he has a pacemaker, stents, and Parkinson’s. In Stephanie’s interview, she says Travis’s parents got divorced years ago, and his dad has a lot of friends in Thailand. Travis can’t get ahold of him, and when he does, his dad is ill. It stresses him out. He has to go to Thailand, and bring his father back to go to the hospital. After a few months, when he’s feeling better, he goes back to Thailand. Travis says his father has always pushed the limits.

It’s pouring out the day of the couples shower. The venue looks gorgeous, gold, white, and crystal, with lots of white balloons. In her interview, Kameron says LeeAnne’s personal taste is different from hers. LeeAnne would want Cardi B singing, but she wanted LeeAnne to look back on something timeless. She says she loves a good quartet, and we see a string trio warming up. A producer points that out, and Kameron says, again? We flash back to another time when she hired a trio thinking it was a quartet. Kameron says LeeAnne is using metallic colors in her wedding, so she incorporated those in the décor. She also has a signature cocktail – the Carnie Cocktail, with cotton candy that melts in the glass. She tells Jimmy, it was obnoxious of Stephanie and Brandi to cancel at the last minute. Jimmy agrees, and says Kameron spent time, money, and energy on it. Kameron says, why do people do that? They remove the place settings for Stephanie, Travis, Brandi, and Brian. Court walks in, and says it looks great.

LeeAnne is impressed. Kameron hugs her, and Rich says it’s stunning. A dude comes up to Rich, and says, it’s really happening. Rich says, it looks like it. Tiffany says LeeAnne doesn’t have to give BJs anymore. LeeAnne says she likes that, but Rich won’t. It’s time to sit for the meal, and LeeAnne tells everyone to take note that Rich is pulling out her chair.

LeeAnne tells Kameron, the wedding won’t be this pretty. In Kameron’s interview, she says she spent a lot, but a true southern lady never drops price tags. Kameron toasts to their friendship, and says she’s glad she got to know the real LeeAnne. She’s happy LeeAnne found her Prince Charming with the happily ever after. Tiffany wishes them blessings, happiness, fun, and bliss. Steve toasts to Kameron and Court. Kameron asks if LeeAnne got a text from Cary to go out for drinks. LeeAnne says, no, and Kameron says Kary texted her, but she didn’t know who was invited. LeeAnne says she invited Kary to the wedding, and Kary can’t invite her for drinks? LeeAnne asks Cary (Lord, that Kary/Cary thing is confusing) if she got a text, and Cary says, no. Kameron says she figured they’d all got invited. She wonders who was, and Cary says, Brandi, Stephanie, and D’Andra. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she’s shocked since she’d invited Kary to most of her parties. If Kary want’s to play favorites, don’t come to her parties. LeeAnne asks Kameron what time she’s meeting them, and where. Cary says, that’s not the way to fix it. Kameron says, 5:15, and LeeAnne says, that’s not a girls night out; it’s a geriatric dinner. Cary asks if it’s not desperate and weird looking to show up uninvited, but Kameron says it’s confronting shadiness. In Kameron’s interview, she admits it’s not proper etiquette, but she’s so annoyed that Brandi and Stephanie aren’t attending the lunch, they’re going to bust this happy hour.

The gold and white cake comes out. LeeAnne and Rich get up to cut it, and LeeAnne says she’s good with knives. Rich tells her, take it easy, and tells everyone, that’s how this happened, indicating his eye patch. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she thinks the couples shower was beautiful, and beyond her wildest dreams. It’s the most elegant party anyone has thrown for her, and probably ever will be.

Kary gets to the bar first, and Stephanie arrives shortly after. Kary says her daughter is leaving for college. Stephanie wants her kids to all go to the same college, and she’ll buy a place nearby. Kary wants a condo that’s all hers, even their home isn’t in her name. She wants something in case anything happens. In her interview, she says she keeps telling Eduardo to put both their names on the house, or do an investment together, but he’s not willing. It’s frustrating. I think it’s sketchy. Brandi joins them. It’s a rooftop bar, and it’s very windy. Brandi is wearing pants, and Stephanie says she’s in charge of keeping their skirts down. Please tell me why they’re even out there in the wind. Brandi says she didn’t go to the shower; her kids had things going on. Stephanie asks if Brandi is going to the wedding, and Brandi says LeeAnne sent her a text invitation. In her interview, Brandi says reads from the text that she’s been formally invited, and says LeeAnne thinks she’s like Willy Wonka giving her a golden ticket. Kary says she also got a text, and Stephanie asks why she didn’t invite LeeAnne for drinks, and Kary says she feels like there’s something with her. She doesn’t know what it is. D’Andra arrives, and Brandi tells her about the text invite. In her interview, D’Andra is at a loss for words. Even for someone brought up in a carnival, it’s a stretch. Brandi says she didn’t respond. It’s not a formal invitation, and ten days before is tacky. I guess it’s okay to cancel two days before though.

LeeAnne, Cary, and Kameron ride together in a limo. Kameron says she’s all about being inclusive. LeeAnne still can’t believe Stephanie and Brandi didn’t call to tell her they weren’t coming to the shower. Kameron says, they’re not missing girls night.

D’Andra says LeeAnne has no manners. You’re supposed to send a wedding invitation six to eight weeks before the event, and you don’t send them late. Kary says LeeAnne told her 30% of the mail gets lost. In Brandi’s interview, she says, 30% of the time, LeeAnne is telling the truth. The other 80%, she’s full of it. Kameron looks at her phone, and sees that Stephanie posted a picture on Instagram of herself with her son in a dinosaur costume. In her interview, she says Stephanie said her little boy was performing in an Easter pageant. Easter and dinosaurs do not add up. Don’t post on social media and out yourself. They’re going to bust this happy hour.

They get drinks, and go out to the rooftop area. Kary is pretty startled, and Kameron says she invited them. They didn’t know about it, and she figured everyone was invited. In Kary’s interview, she says she wanted to invite fun friends, and not have any negativity. Kameron is the last person she’d expect to bring uninvited guests, since she’s so big on etiquette. For God’s sake, it’s a bar, not a sit-down dinner. LeeAnne asks if Kary is offended, and Kary says, no, but she didn’t expect them to show up and ruin girls night. Would LeeAnne like it if D’Andra showed up to her wedding uninvited? LeeAnne thinks the situation between her and D’Andra is different. And again, this is drinks in a public place, not a reception. Kary looks at Cary, and says she has no respect for them ruining girls night out, and Cary shrugs. LeeAnne says they didn’t come to ruin anything.

Kameron asks if Stephanie and Brandi even texted about not coming to the shower. Brandi says she texted Kameron, and reads the text. Kameron says she never saw it, and Brandi didn’t send it until Monday, even though she RSVP’d about her menu choice. In Brandi’s interview, she says she just thought someone was wondering which she preferred, chicken or fish. What an a-hole. Kameron asks why Stephanie said her kid was in an Easter pageant, when he was in a dinosaur costume. LeeAnne tells Kary that she didn’t come to ruin anything. In D’Andra’s interview, she says, it’s like a tennis match. She doesn’t know where to look. LeeAnne and Kary are fighting… LeeAnne says she’s not attacking anyone. Kameron and Brandi are fighting about the shower, and Kameron and Stephanie are fighting. D’Andra eats popcorn as she talks about this. She can find it ridiculous because none of it involves her. Brandi tells Kameron to think whatever she wants to. She’s going to support her child before going to a shower. LeeAnne says when she didn’t hear from them, she thought maybe she’d done something. Stephanie says she’s sorry. She just wasn’t thinking. Kameron says she and Stephanie talked about moving forward. If she’s not open and honest, Kameron doesn’t know how they can have more than a surface friendship. When she found out Brandi wasn’t attending, she knew Stephanie was next. She had to rearrange everything because of their absence. Stephanie says Kameron obviously doesn’t believe her. Kameron thinks Stephanie is using her kid as an excuse. Stephanie says, it’s not an excuse; it’s life. Kameron says Stephanie could have just said she didn’t want to come. Stephanie insists she said she didn’t know.

Kary asks why LeeAnne came, bringing this problem with her. LeeAnne says Kary claimed she didn’t know her, but if she doesn’t invite her places, she won’t. Kary says they need to figure out what they have in common, and LeeAnne says the only way to do that is to spend time together. Kary says, it was nothing personal. Oh, come on. Stephanie tells Kameron that she’s not organized, and she’s sorry. Kameron says, it was rude. In Stephanie’s interview, she says Kameron is saying she called her a surface friend, but she didn’t say that. She said they had a surface friendship. Stephanie says they’ve never had meaningful talks, and she feels like she’s being judged. Wait. Didn’t they go over all that when they went to lunch? Kameron says that’s Stephanie’s insecurity. Stephanie whines that Kameron never asks how she’s doing; it’s always all about her. Kameron says Stephanie is always the victim, and Stephanie says Kameron is full of it. In Kameron’s interview, she says Stephanie is taking no ownership. Sorry, but she’s extremely offended. Stephanie needs to put in some effort. If she doesn’t, it will always be a surface relationship. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she doesn’t want spend precious hours fighting with Kameron. She’s getting off the Kameron hamster wheel. She’s done with this conversation.

Next time LeeAnne has a wedding dress fitting, D’Aandra tells Dee the company should have been sustainable, Brandi finds out Bruin’s biological mother is giving up another baby, and LeeAnne’s wedding happens.

💎 A Forgotten Tiffany…

I didn’t even remember she had been on the show before.


💃 Some People Say It’s Sexist…

But I don’t. I love this movie, and I love me some Oscar Isaac. It’s in rotation on the MAX channels for the Halloween season. Catch it if you can.


And it gave us this on the DVD.

October 17, 2019 – Ryan Writes To Ava, a Rose By Any Other Name, LeeAnne’s Clarification, Captain Lee’s Hook-Up, Kate’s Goodbye & Bust That Ghost


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Ryan writes, dearest, Ava. One of the many joys of writing letters instead of emails, is the care he can take in expressing how he feels. No hashtags, no abbreviations, and absolutely no emojis for us. He writes in ink, but consider it his life’s blood flowing to her in a never ending stream of admiration and devotion.

At the MetroCourt, Doc tells Laura that he can wait with her a while. He’s going to Shadybrook to determine if Franco is competent enough to choose his future, or if Elizabeth will choose it for him.

Franco asks Kim, what’s going on? and she says they extracted information from the black box. It pinpointed where Drew’s plane went down. Franco says, Drew is dead, isn’t he?

Scotty asks Cameron, isn’t it true that his relationship with his stepfather hasn’t always been good? Elizabeth tells Cameron, answer honestly, and Cameron says, it’s true. Scotty says, isn’t it also true that he didn’t want his mother to marry Franco? Cameron says he wasn’t always Franco’s biggest fan, but that changed. Scotty asks, what changed? His attitude, or did Franco change, and become his true self, Navy SEAL Drew Cane? Cameron says, true self? Why is Scotty putting it like that? Scotty says, because that’s how Franco’s lawyer is going to put it. Did he start to respect and admire Franco when he became somebody else?

Brad meets Lucas at Charlie’s, and Lucas asks where he’s been? Julian says he has to take care of something, probably just to get away from them. Lucas asks where Brad was this morning.

Outside, Julian finds Ava sitting on a bench looking catatonic. He asks, what is it? Is she coming or going? She says she doesn’t know.

Laura sees Sonny, and tells him, congratulations. He says they’re going to bring Donna home soon. They named her after somebody in the old neighborhood. Laura likes it. She tells Jason that she’s sorry to hear about what’s going on with Sam. Jason says Sam killed Shiloh to stop Shiloh from killing him. Sonny asks if Laura has any idea how to present that to the Feds.

Laura doesn’t agree with their choice to charge Sam, but it’s their jurisdiction. She doesn’t get a say. Sonny says, being mayor, maybe she could make some calls, and let them know Sam’s been cleared by the PCPD. Doc says, Sam’s been charged with a Federal crime, and Laura can’t intervene. Jason tells them, the FBI is claiming Shiloh’s death happened in international waters. It’s their legal justification to get to him. Sonny says he’ll do what he can to get these bogus charges dismissed. Laura tells him her best advice is to work the system. Talk to Diane, and take her advice. And have faith Diane can prove Sam’s innocence. Sonny thanks her, and he and Jason leave. Laura says she hates her job today. Doc says he thought he had a tough assignment today, but all he has to do is determine if Franco is in his right mind.

Franco asks if the official confirmation has changed things for Kim. Does she have a sense of closure, or is she feeling worse? Kim says, it’s difficult to believe he’s gone. Even though he didn’t have his memories, he was Oscar’s father. When he came to Port Charles, and she realized he was alive, even though he wasn’t the man she knew back then… Franco says, whatever man he was, he’s grateful he was there for their son. She says, he loved Oscar, as she did, and felt the loss deeply. She cries, and Franco holds her. Franco says Drew only went to Afghanistan on his behalf, to take the black market money that Shiloh made, and give it to humanitarian aid. Kim says, he wanted some good to come from all the pain and loss. Franco says, Drew went in his place. If not for him, Drew might still be alive.

Cameron says he didn’t change his mind about Franco after Franco saved him; it was before. When Franco sacrificed himself and took his place, it was because of who Franco is, not Drew. Scotty says, good, and Elizabeth says, perfect. Scotty tells Cameron not to get cocky. Franco’s attorney is going to go at him twice as hard. He doesn’t want to sound over-rehearsed. Cameron asks if he should practice being unrehearsed, but Scotty says, no. Don’t be over-emotional, and just answer the questions; do not volunteer anything else. Cameron says he can do that, and Elizabeth asks, what’s next? Scotty says they’ll get Doc’s psyche evaluation. However, Kim’s lawyer will have one done, and it might be a whole different slant. Cameron says, Kim hired a lawyer? Elizabeth tells Cameron to go get a snack, but Cameron says he saw them kissing; he gets it. They don’t have to keep anything from him.

Ryan looks at the Crimson cover of Ava on his cell wall. He writes, her name is a palindrome. Perfection at either end, no matter how you spell it. No wonder she’s always in his thoughts, as he knows he’s in hers. His goddess.

Julian brings Ava into Charlie’s, and she asks for a martini. He wonders if it isn’t a little early in the day, but she says she needs a drink. Her phone dings, and she says, it’s the gallery. Someone will handle it, or they won’t. He says that’s not like her. When’s the last time she had a good night’s sleep? She says, sleep leads to dreams. Either she sees Kiki, who hates her, or Ryan, who adores her. Either one is unbearable, so she stays awake. Then she thinks of Ryan or Kiki. The only way to find peace is in a strong martini. So where’s his cocktail shaker?

Brad tells Lucas at Charlie’s, the lab was crazy today. Then he had to call some friends. Lucas says something I don’t understand, and Brad asks why Lucas is giving him the third degree. Lucas says maybe because Chase said he saw Brad at Nelle’s parole hearing. What’s that about?

Sonny tells Jason, they can get the evidence to disappear, but Jason has another way to clear Sam’s name. A way that doesn’t involve Sonny. He tells Sonny to call Diane, but Sonny wants to help. He told Alexis that Sam will walk. Jason says, she will. Sonny asks what’s his plan? Jason says, it always comes back to Shiloh. He talked to Andre, and he ID’d Brice (new information – Henderson has a first name) as his attacker; the same guy who helped Shiloh escape. Andre’s attack and Drew’s plane crash are linked. Sonny says they may need to find out who killed Drew. They leave, and Doc and Laura watch. Doc says he knows Sonny is a good friend, but there’s only so much she can do. She says she’ll remind him of that after his session with Franco.

Laura asks if Doc thinks Franco is incapable of making his own decisions. Doc doesn’t want to speculate. If he has any bias, he can’t make an accurate determination   She says that’s why he’s the best at what he does, but he says he has other talents. Like deciphering Helena’s weird portrait. She says, now that Valentin has thrown it away, they only have the one clue he found, and he says, Corona Vera, the true crown. She says, that would be Nikolas. He is the rightful heir. The portrait is the only thing Helena left him, and she thinks it’s strange that Helena let the fate of the Cassadine fortune rest on such meager clues. She feels like a cat chasing it’s tail. He says he likes cats; they’re independent, elegant, and have nine lives. She asks which one she’s in now, and he says, she’s right. There must be other clues. He says he needs to go to Shadybrook, and she needs to her meeting. They tell each other, good luck. Doc leaves, and Laura writes – Mikkos, Helena, Nikolas.

Kim tells Franco that it was Drew’s duty. He didn’t do it just for him, but for all of them, including Oscar. He and Drew shared more than memories and a name; they shared a son. Oscar would be proud of both of them. Franco doesn’t know how she does it. She’s so generous, although she’s clearly hurt. I make a raspberry sound. Kim says, it’s true. Franco says when he walks into the courtroom, people are going to believe he’s trying to assume the identity of a hero. He doesn’t know how he’ll manage that. Kim says when he talks to Doc, remember what’s in his heart and mind. If that remains true, then Drew Cane never dies. They kiss, and she leaves.

Cameron says Elizabeth doesn’t need to send him out of the room like a little kid. Elizabeth says there are details she and Scotty need to discuss. Scotty says, it’s legal business. He does it for a living, and it bores him to death. Elizabeth says she wants to make sure he’s taking care of himself; his homework, soccer, seeing his friends. Franco would want him to live his life to the max. Do for him, and her. Cameron says he knows what to do, and leaves.

Brad tells Lucas that Nelle reached out and asked him to come. She’s all alone in the world. Lucas says, there’s a reason for that. When you try to kill your fiancé, and send his mother to a hospital for the criminally insane, people tend to avoid you. Brad says Lucas knew where he was, and asks if this is some sort of test. Lucas says he was giving Brad a chance to be honest, but he couldn’t do it. He guesses old habits, like lying and Nelle, die hard.

Julian asks if Ava went to see Ryan, and Ava says she went to speak to the warden. When he refused to help her, she went to see Ryan to return his letters, and asks him to stop sending them. It only convinced him more that they were made for each other. Julian says she gave him what he wanted; a response. She rewarded him for stalking her. Ava says she wanted to get some control. She’s sick of being the object of his obsession. Julian says, forget Ryan. Take control of herself. Burn the letters, and forget them. She says she doesn’t have them. She left them to prove they mean nothing to her. Sonny comes in, and Julian says, now’s not the time. Sonny sits down, and says, don’t mind if I do.

Sonny asks if Ava wants to see Avery next week, and she says, of course (🍷). He says the last time, she canceled. Julian says, if there’s nothing else… Sonny says he has some business to take care of with Julian, and Ava says she’ll leave them to it. Julian asks her not to go, but she says, she’ll be all right. If she gets more letters, she won’t open them. She leaves, and Sonny asks, what’s wrong with her? Julian thought Sonny’s business was with him, and Sonny says Alexis told him that Julian is staying in town. Julian asks if he has a problem with that, and Sonny says, it depends.

Brad tells Lucas, he and Nelle used to be friends. He can’t turn his back on her. Lucas asks, why? She’s a reminder of the life Brad used to live; the life he swore he gave up for Wiley. Why does it seem to be back to before they were married? Brad promises he’s not that guy. He loves Lucas. Lucas says, then why did he have to learn Brad was at the hearing from Chase? It makes him wonder what else Brad is keeping from him. What’s the real reason Brad is seeing a psychiatrist? Brad says he told Lucas. He’s having anxiety. Lucas says, Shiloh is dead, and there are no more threats to their family. Wiley is safe, and that’s not enough? What else is Brad hiding from him?

Doc walks in as Franco is doing a jigsaw puzzle. He asks if it’s a good time, and Franco says, as good as any. Doc says, sometimes it helps if you separate the colors. It narrows the focus. Franco says, good tip. Doc says when they last spoke, he told Franco that he was a good listener. Franco says now Doc is here to prove he’s not capable of making his own decisions. Doc says he’s there to evaluate Franco, and draw his own conclusions. Franco is welcome to be evaluated by the psychiatrist of his own choice. Franco says, but this has already been arranged. It seems to him, the burden of proof is on Elizabeth to prove that he can’t make his own decisions. He’s guessing that’s why Doc is there. Doc says as Franco’s former therapist, he can judge Franco’s state of mind. How about if they focus on the real puzzle? Franco asks what that would be, and Doc says, him.

Elizabeth tells Scotty that Cameron is really committed to getting Franco back. Scotty says, when Franco comes back, they’ll make he sure knows how proud he should be of his stepson. Elizabeth says he will be. She asks what he wanted to tell her that Cameron couldn’t hear. Scotty says he got the preliminary witness list, and some people might be a problem. She says, such as? He says, her boss. She says, Monica’s not a psychiatrist, and he says, she’s not testifying as a doctor, but as a mother.

Kim tells reception nurse Janis that she’s there for a meeting to discuss her reinstatement. Janis says Dr. Hanover was delayed in surgery, and Kim says she’ll wait. She sees Cameron, and asks how school is. He says, fine; it’s everything else. He asks if there’s a place they can talk.

Jason goes to the prison to visit Brice. Brice says he knows Jason, and Jason says that makes them even. He knows Brice too. Brice doesn’t get it. What does Jason want? Jason says Brice made a serious mistake, and he’s going to give him a way out.

Julian gives Sonny an espresso, saying, consider it a peace offering. Sonny says he didn’t know they were at war – yet. Someone they know is very upset. Julian says, Olivia sent him. Sonny says, Olivia can take care of herself. She’s set on owning Charlie’s, and putting her personal stamp on it. Julian says, that’s the thing about life. They all have their disappointments. Sonny says, there’s the matter of Olivia’s deposit. He can complete the sale or return her money. He can’t have both. Julian asks if Sonny is Olivia’s foot soldier now. Is he there to make Julian pay or else?

Brad says he’s sorry. He should have told Lucas everything, but a lot of things are going on in Lucas’s family. Lucas says his family is Brad’s family, but he’s more concerned about a sociopath that tried to kill Lucas’s nephew. Brad swears it won’t happen again, and anyway, she was denied parole. Lucas asks, what if it had gone Nelle’s way because his support humanized her, and swayed the board? He doesn’t understand why Brad is acting like this. Talk to him. Brad says, there is something else. Something that has him losing sleep, and making him anxious as hell. Lucas says, tell him; what is it? Brad says, it’s Wiley.

On the phone, Laura says there was no message? Call his office, wait a few minutes, and call again. Ava sits at the bar, and says she’ll have another. The bartender says, another what? and she says, another of what she was having. He just looks at her, and she says, a vodka martini, three olives. Laura asks if she wants company. She was stood up by a lobbyist. Ava says, there are worse things. Laura asks if she’s still seeing the psychic. Ava says it was a waste of time. She didn’t need a psychic to summon Kiki. She can see Kiki on her own. She’s there every night in Ava’s dreams. Laura asks if she wants to talk about it, and Ava asks if Laura doesn’t have a ribbon to cut or a monument to dedicate. Hasn’t she got a husband to go home to? Ava takes her martini, and walks away.

Ryan licks the envelope, and calls the guard. He says this needs to go out in the next mail. Special delivery.  

Doc asks if Franco is aware what it will mean to Elizabeth and her sons if he refuses treatment. Franco says he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Is Doc aware that one of the outcomes could be that he’s a total vegetable. Doc asks if he’s afraid of the risk, and Franco says he’d be crazy not to be. Doc says he’s not there to determine if Franco is crazy. Franco is sure Doc has another word for it, like diminished capacity. Doc says he’s there to determine if Franco is aware of the consequences to the people he knows if he refuses. Are the people who know and love him expendable? Franco says he can’t be who they want him to be. Doc asks who he would be, and Franco says, himself. Doc says Drew died in a plane crash. He can’t be Drew. Or can he? Franco tells Doc not to put words in his mouth. He didn’t want that man to die. Doc asks if it doesn’t make it easier if he’s gone. One less Drew to worry about. Franco says he can only be who he is. Doc says, without his name; without his identity; without his art? Franco says he’s never held a paintbrush in his life. Doc says, but those hands have. There’s probably still paint under his fingernails. No matter how he protests or how hard he tries, he can’t get that one out.

Brice says Jason doesn’t care about him. Jason is definitely not there to help him, so what is it that he’s looking for? Jason says, his boss. Who wanted to help Shiloh escape? The same person who had him attack Andre and sabotage Drew’s jet. Brice is a busy guy! Brice says he has no idea what Jason is talking about. Jason says he’s talking about assault and attempted murder. Andre had no problem identifying Brice as the guy who stabbed him. Brice’s best option is to flip on whoever’s giving the orders. They know it’s not Sam, so who’s he working for?

Sonny tells Julian that this can be settled amicably. Julian says provided he gives Olivia what she wants? Sonny says, provided Julian holds up his end of the agreement. Julian says he knows a shakedown when he sees one. Is he playing hardball, encouraging Olivia to stick it to him? Sonny says, Olivia is family, and he looks out for his own. That’s why he knows Julian will do the right thing.

Lucas asks Brad, what about Wiley, and Brad says, it’s called parenthood. Lucas may have mastered it, but he has a different learning curve. He’s terrified of getting it wrong. Lucas says the only way that will happen is if Brad keeps things from him. Brad promises to do better. Lucas takes Brad’s hand, and says they’re a team. Talk to him. Brad says he loves Lucas, and he loves their son. He won’t let anything or anyone ruin what they have. I feel ripped off. Every time it seems like Brad is going to confess, he doesn’t.

Laura finds Ava, and says she got Ava a drink. She puts down a glass of water, and asks if she can join Ava. Ava says, something tells her that’s not vodka. Laura says, the mayor is still on the clock, and she thought Ava could use a change of pace. Ava thanks her, and apologizes about the cheap shot about Laura’s husband. She really does want them to be happy. Laura thanks her, and says she wants Ava to be happy too. Ava picks up the water, and says, here’s to happiness. Laura says, it’s bad luck to toast with water, and Ava says, her luck really can’t get worse.

Franco tells Doc that he has no memory of ever having made a painting. Doc asks if Franco realizes how he came to have his memories, and Franco says it’s been explained to him. Doc asks if he realizes that Franco, whose DNA he carries, voluntarily took the place of his stepson to save his reason, and possibly his life. Does he realize the last thing Franco said to Cameron before he ceased to be himself was to tell his mom that he loves her and he’ll be back? Franco says, that was him, not me, and Doc says, him is you. Does he realize the consequence of not choosing treatment, not just for himself, but for Elizabeth and her sons? Franco says, if he answers yes, he doesn’t care, and if he answers, no, he has no case. Doc says, that’s not an answer. Franco says, he does care about Elizabeth and her boys. So much that he’s telling them the truth. What happened to Franco was wrong and unfair, but it’s not his doing, and he shouldn’t have to sacrifice himself to undo it. He has to be himself. He doesn’t know how the hell to be anyone else.

Elizabeth says, if Monica is willing to give her stamp of approval and the Quartermain name to Franco, that could definitely sway the judge. Scotty says, crazy Heather is out of the question. He could call Betsy, but if it comes down to dueling mommies, they’ll lose. Elizabeth asks if there’s nothing they can do. Scotty tells her, he didn’t say that. A mother is a powerful weapon, but never underestimate fathers. They’ve got fists. They come in and duke it out. He’ll get in there and fight for Franco. They also have a secret weapon. Elizabeth says, Cameron.

Camron knows how much Kim misses Oscar. He misses Oscar every day. He knows how much worse it has to be for her, but taking Franco away from their family isn’t going to bring Oscar back. She says, as difficult as it is to accept, she shares things with the man he knows as Franco. Cameron says, he is Franco. He knows she’s hired a lawyer and a shrink to prove he’s the man she wants him to be, but that doesn’t make it true. He knows something she doesn’t about Drew Cane.

Jason says, the beard and glasses were a nice touch, but it wasn’t enough. Brice is looking at serous jail time. Brice says, supposing that’s true – and he’s not saying it is – why should he play ball? Jason says the Feds might cut him a deal if he gives up his employer, especially if it’s Peter. Brice looks at him, and Jason takes that as a yes. Brice says he’ll talk to his lawyer. He’ll see what the Feds are prepared to offer. If he likes the terms, Jason will get the answers he wants. Brice hangs up the phone, and says, they’re done.

Kim asks Cameron what he knows about Drew, and Cameron says he knows how much Drew meant to Oscar, even though he came along later in Oscars life. Franco means the same to him. He cares about Franco. Not just as his mom’s husband, or the guy with the weird sense of humor, or as his stepdad. Elizabeth listens outside the door. Cameron says, they didn’t get along at first. They fought. Franco screwed up, and so did he, but Franco was the first one to say he was sorry. He tried, and kept trying, no matter how hard Cameron pushed him away. He just wants to thank him. He wants to be good to Franco, like Franco was to him. He wants more time with Franco. Is that too much to ask? I burst out crying, thinking of my own father.

Franco asks Doc, what’s the verdict? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Doc says he’s heard all he needs to, and thanks Franco for speaking with him. He’ll let Franco finish his puzzle.

Ava asks Laura why she’s being so nice. Laura says for all of their differences, they’re a lot alike. Ava didn’t expect her to say that, and Laura says they have a lot in common. She knows what it feels like to  love so much, you have to find a way to go on when that person is gone. Ava says she doesn’t know how to do that. It just hurts. Laura takes Ava’s hand. Someone watches.

Lucas guesses it’s a good thing they’re seeing Neil together. If for no other reason than to convince Brad that their family deserves a happy ending. Brad says, from his lips to Freud’s ears, and they hug.

Sonny thanks Julian for the espresso. He’ll let Olivia know that Julian will work something out. He tells Julian, look out for Ava – for Avery’s sake.

Jason calls Diane. He says he talked to Brice, and thinks he got what they need.

Brice goes back to his cell, and sees the Ava cover. He says, man, she’s hot. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Eva. The apple and snake metaphor works for him. He’s cutting a deal, and should be out soon. Maybe he’ll look her up and show her a good time. Ryan clutches his pen tightly.

Tomorrow, Jordan tells Curtis this town is riddled with liars, Laura says she wants to help Ava, Jason says the Feds are going to find out they have no case, and Ryan says something terrible has happened, while blood drips down his hand.

Million Dollar Listing New York

Fredrik saw heather at the relaunch in L.A., and found out why Josh Altman is so pissed. Heather told him, although they’re all friends, Fredrik didn’t personally tell them that he’s opening a team in their office building, and they found out about it through an eblast. She said it was shady, slimy, and bizarre. Fredrik thought her reaction was bizarre, and I agree. Thoughtless maybe, but shady, slimy, and bizarre? Has the smog and traffic gotten to them? She insisted he must have an ulterior motive, but couldn’t explain what that might be. She told him that he’s screwed because he got on Josh’s bad side, and he’d ruined the relationship. Not too much of an overreaction. Tracy, David, and James (Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles) were also at the relaunch. When Fredrik told them he had a minor issue with Josh, David or James (I still have a hard time differentiating between them) said, welcome to the club. They told Fredrik that Josh gets angry when threatened, but Tracy thought Josh was just being a baby because Fredrik didn’t tell him about the new office. Fredrik’s brother Sigge has moved to NYC, and we found out that Fredrik has a second secret career – he and his brother write movies together. They were pitching a finished horror film, as well as working on a family drama, The Divorce, based on their childhood. Sigge was not too happy to find out Fredrik was considering a bi-coastal move, since he and his wife had left everything in Sweden to move next door.

Tyler started off optimistic, giving credit to life coach Vivace for making more money despite the market crash, and being happier, but his week took a down turn like the market. He’d lost the $10 million listing, which his bosses had been hoping for, and went back to his roots with the $3-4 million range. At first, it seemed promising, with rental tenants Alex and Lyndi (and dog Bonzo) wanting an upgrade as they were starting a family. He showed them an apartment in Turtle Bay in the East 50s. The views were incredible, Tyler telling them that it was a $10 million living room in a $4 million apartment. Alex was hesitant, saying he’d miss the downtown vibe. In Tyler’s interview, he said, in NYC, your neighborhood becomes part of your identity. I must have missed that memo when I lived there. The kitchen was too small for Lyndi, but they seemed happy with another apartment being sold by another agent. Tyler said agent/owners made the best sellers, since they could really point out the positive features. Unfortunately, once again Tyler’s hard work did not pay off when the buyers decided to consult with their parents, who thought they were in over their heads. Their budget dropped to $3 million, which Tyler thought was a warning sign that it could be a never-ending process.

Steve and Luiza, who was in her third trimester, decided on a name for their baby – Rose. This would make her Rose Gold, which could go either way in life. Either people will think it’s fabulous, or she’ll really get made fun of. Pam, from Corcoran Sunshine, tried to help Steve out with the dueling penthouse situation, but the Corcoran brokers refused to budge, saying they weren’t reducing the price or taking the other penthouse off the market. Steve told developer Joel that there was a disconnect between his and Corcoran’s strategy. He said he didn’t make a practice of walking away, but wasn’t comfortable staying on. It pained him, but he didn’t believe it was the right strategy, and couldn’t put his name behind it. He told us everything that he did from then on was to build a future for his family, and it made more sense to allocate his time to something more profitable.

Ryan was hired to sell a property in the Golden Triangle on the upper east side, which he described as the wealthiest triangle in the world. It was a classic Park Avenue apartment, a humongous property with loads of hallways and doorways, and even the molding on the marble master bathroom doorway was marble. The apartment had been acquired at $17.2 million, but the owners accepted his suggested to sell at $14.9. They agreed pretty quickly, which surprised me, but their assistant did says they just had too many apartments. Must. Be. Nice. Because of what Ryan determined was a waste of square footage, and a confusing floor plan, he knew the average person wasn’t going to be his buyer. He had diplomats in mind, since it was near the United Nations. Enter Kirk, a broker for a client he was pretty secretive about, which was cool with Ryan, who said he liked a little mystery. In his interview, Ryan told us that his spy name would be Colby Spokane. Kirk’s client had been looking for two years, and he’d shown them over fifty apartments. Kirk did think this might be the one, and was thrilled that it had a service entrance. In the meantime, Cory and Jacquie, of Tribeca ground floor loft fame, were suddenly balking at the $4.625 million being offered for their space. They wanted something closer to $5 million, so Ryan suggested going into contract, which would take time, and still showing the apartment to see if they could get a better offer. He explained that Tribeca had been hit the hardest in the down market, and the buyer would also have to be very specific. He compared the loft to the merchandise in Cory’s antique store, saying only a very specific kind of buyer would be looking for a stork made of spoons. I totally get this, since I sell a lot of vintage items. Ryan’s plan was put in motion, but in the end, the sellers ended up taking the original offer. In his interview, Ryan told us never to doubt him, but admitted he had doubted himself. It was a good week for Ryan, since he also ended up selling to Kirk’s buyer for $13.75 million. He said the market wasn’t bad; it was great. Most brokers just don’t know how to close.   

Next time, Tyler’s clients have concerns, Luis says no more Ricky Ricardo, and Ryan doesn’t like what’s about to happen.

👄 Heating Up the Rehash…

LeeAnne explains all. Or at least some of it.


🎣 Hook-Up On Deck…

Everyone gasped, then they said, aww!


🚤 Kate Walks…

And then walks back.


👻 Who You Gonna Call…?

In an unlucky 13 days, we might need them.

October 16, 2019 – Nina Stands Firm, Girls and Gays Bachelorette, Big Wedding, Another Loss, LuAnn Redo, New Black & a Spell


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

On the phone, Chase asks Jordan if she’s sure about that, and says he can do it.

Alexis sits at Charlie’s bar, and tells Julian that her life coach is trying to kill her. She thinks it’s a conspiracy far and wide, since all the trainers at the gym are part of the cabal. He asks what he can get her, and she says it’s her cheat day. She orders a breakfast the size of what The Rock eats on his cheat day. Julian says before he gets it, did she get Olivia to back off? Alexis adds some more food to her order. Julian says, this is Olivia’s latest masterpiece, and shows her a flyer. Last year a dead body; this year, who knows? Alexis says, Olivia isn’t behind it. Does he have any enemies that want revenge. He says not that he knows of.

Brad goes to Nelle’s parole hearing. She says he came, and he says she didn’t give him much choice. She says, it’s going to be the best parole hearing ever. Michael shows up, and wonders why Brad is there. Nelle says they have a big surprise. Brad says, don’t, but she says now that she’s getting out of prison, it’s time Michael knows the truth about his son. Jonah didn’t die; he’s alive. She gave him to Brad and Lucas. Michael says, Wiley is his son? He gets angry, and Nelle thanks Brad for looking after their son. Now that she’s getting out, she and Michael can finally be a family with their son. Michael says, over his dead body, and pushes Brad. He walks toward the door, and Brad asks where he’s going. Michael says, to get his son. Brad wakes up, yelling, don’t go! and Lucas asks, who’s Michael, and why doesn’t Brad want him to go?

Sasha and Michael go to Kelly’s. She wonders if it bothers him to be seen with her in public, and he says he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, but compared to the scandals in his family, hers hardly rates. Lulu is there with Maxie, and asks, what is Michael thinking? He knew Sasha was an imposter, and didn’t say anything. Maxie says, he’s non-judgmental. Maybe because he’s both a Corinthos and a Quartermaine. Michael tells Sasha, not implicating Valentin was a noble gesture. She says she couldn’t do that to Charlotte, or cause Nina any more pain. Michael says, Valentin was the mastermind, but Sasha tells him, she said yes. Michael says, so did Valentin. It’s not fair that he should skate with zero consequences. Lulu asks if Maxie has seen Nina since the wedding, and Maxie says she did. Nina was on the fence about… correction was on the fence. It looks like she climbed over, and jumped in. Nina and Valentin walk in holding hands.

Martin asks if Nelle read the notes he gave her. Nelle says she did, and thanks him, but she doesn’t need them. He asks if she thinks she can handle her first parole hearing on her own. Nelle says, first and last. Trust her; she’s got this. She’s going to be out of Pentenville by tonight.

Lucas says, Brad sounded freaked out that someone named Michael was leaving. What was he dreaming about? Brad says he doesn’t remember. Lucas says, it seemed intense, and Brad says he feels that, but as far as details, he can’t tell Lucas any more than that. Lucas says he’s been restless at night, and Brad says, sorry. Lucas says, don’t be. Just talk to him. Shiloh is dead, and Wiley is safe. No one is coming after Wiley, but Brad seems more stressed than ever. Brad says he’s trying an anti-anxiety medication, and shows Lucas the bottle. Lucas wonders why Brad didn’t tell him that he was seeing a therapist. Wiley cries, and Lucas goes to check on him. Brad calls Julian.

Julian ignores Brads call. He tells Alexis, if it’s not Olivia, he can’t think anyone else who would want to run him out of business. She tells him, think harder. Kendra walks in, and Alexis says, there she is. The woman who’s making her a better person. Julian says, even if it kills her? Alexis tells Kendra, she just had a workout, and is going to have a whole grain bowl. She leaves out the entire pig of bacon and six dozen eggs she just ordered. Kendra asks if she’s keeping up with her supplement, and Alexis says, about that. She was skeptical, so she had her GPA look at the ingredients. Kendra asks what her doctor said.

Martin didn’t think he’d have to remind Nelle that she pleaded nolo contendere to murder, attempted murder, and a host of other crimes. Even having a hearing this early is tantamount to a miracle. She asks if she should change her plea, but he says, it’s too late for that. Nelle says, it was clearly entrapment, but he says, it wasn’t. Legal terms don’t change because she wants them to. She says she was about to give birth, and was trapped. He says he has two expert’s statements on hormone disorder, as well as an OB/GYN statement on the effect of pregnancy on behavior. It’s doubtless that’s what led to her confession. He says she admitted she was the cause of her ex-fiancé’s death, and conspired to murder. She asks if he submitted it to the parole board, and he says, of course (🍷) not. All they care about is that she’s taking responsibility for her crimes. She says she pleaded nolo contendere, she’s had success in rehab, and has an impeccable record there. If that’s all that matters, she’s walking. He says, there’s no guarantee. Even if the board is inclined to rule in her favor, it can take weeks, sometime months, to get released.

Lulu says, don’t tell her Valentin and Nina are back together, and Maxie says she didn’t think it would be this fast. Lulu says, she thought they would? and Maxie tells her, Obrecht said Sasha acted alone. Sasha confirmed it, and apparently, Nina believes it. Lulu says, Obrecht was in on it, and possibly Valentin too, but Nina won’t listen to her. She tells Maxie to go to Nina, but  Maxie says, no. Lulu says Maxie knows as well as she does that Valentin is behind this. Maxie says, all she knows is, Lulu made huge mess of things.

Sasha tells Michael, she knows it must seem hypocritical to tell a lie to repair the damage, but she couldn’t bear to see Nina left alone. Michael says Valentin knows what he knows. Sasha says she doesn’t expect a thank you, but she might get Valentin to convince Nina to forgive her. He says he wouldn’t hold his breath.

Nina tells Valentin about a play she wants to take Charlotte to, and says he’s staring. He says she’s too damn beautiful. It was the greatest night of his life when she showed up. Better than when she showed up with Jax. She says she’s not with Jax. She didn’t come back so he could be a jealous idiot. He’s just glad she did. Nina says, even if the reason she left is sitting there? Lulu is there too; they’re surrounded. Valentin tells her, forget them, and focus on us. He suggests they go to city hall, and she can marry him right now. Chase walks in, and Michael says he thought he was meeting Chase at Pentenville. Chase says, the plans have changed. He asks Sasha to get up, and Michael asks, what’s going on? Nina tells Valentin that she knows what Chase is about to do; his job. Chase says Sasha is being charged with identity theft, and burglary in the second degree He reads her rights, and she looks panicked.

Alexis tells Kendra that she got the all clear from her doctor. Kendra asks if it’s helping her sleep, and Alexis says, it’s a miracle. She falls asleep, and stays asleep, and she has more energy. She’s going to need a refill. Kendra says, next time they meet. Alexis’s phone dings, and she says she’s got to go. Kendra says, so much for lightening the work load, but Alexis says it’s a family issue, and leaves.

Valentin tells Nina that Jordan wasn’t going to take action unless Nina wanted to. He wishes she hadn’t, and Nina asks why he doesn’t want to see Sasha punished.

Maxie can’t believe Chase is arresting Sasha, and Lulu says, it makes no sense to be putting Sasha in handcuffs while Valentin is in the clear. Maxie says it’s all about Valentin for Lulu. She hates him because he murdered her brother. What better way to pay him back? Lulu says she’d rather him go to prison than just have a bad wedding day, but what it’s really about is Charlotte and Rocco. How can she teach them to be honest if she’s not honest herself? Maxie says, however ethical, all Lulu did was kill Nina’s dreams and have Sasha arrested.

At the station, Michael asks Chase, what’s happening? Chase says, Nina made a statement, and Jordan witnessed Sasha’s confession at the wedding. Michael says, Sasha’s grandmother was sick, and Chase asks if he knows how many times they’ve heard that, and the grandmother is fine. Michael says he checked, and Sasha’s story is true. Chase says he’ll share the information, but Sasha told Nina that she acted alone. Michael says Chase doesn’t believe that, does he? Chase says, the complaint was made, and charges have been filed. He has to do his job. Michael asks, what about Nelle’s parole hearing? and Chase says he’ll take care of it. He tells Michael to stay there. If all goes well, he’ll keep Sasha out of prison, and Chase will do his best to see that Nelle stays behind bars.

Brad texts Julian that Nelle’s parole hearing is today. Michael will be there. What if she tells him? Lucas comes in, and asks Brad to tell him more about therapy. Brad says Neil wants to see the both of them. He’ll just tell him no. Lucas says he’d be happy to go. He wants Brad to feel better, and to stop calling another man’s name in his sleep.

Nelle says Martin has been nothing but negative, and wonders why she bothered hiring him. He says she didn’t. He took the case pro bono. She asks why take it if he thinks she’s going to lose? but he says he doesn’t. He only cautioned her that she may not win today. She asks what she’s supposed to do, and he says the Nelle he met was charming and sweet. Be that Nelle today, not the one she is now.

Lulu admits it wasn’t the outcome she expected, but her conscience is clear. Maxie says, good. Sasha is on her way to jail, and Nina is with Valentin, but Lulu can sleep at night. Lulu suggests Maxie get off her high horse. She had an illegal DNA test done. Maxie says she wanted to keep Nina from being exploited, but she stopped wanting to be right. She saw how Nina would light up when Sasha was in the room. Lulu says, Nina sat by Sasha’s bedside when she was sick. She was terrified to lose a daughter that wasn’t hers in the first place. Maxie says Lulu should have left well enough alone. Lulu says Nina is James’s aunt. If this had fallen in her lap, don’t say she wouldn’t have told the truth.

Nina tells Valentin, Sasha committed fraud, and broke her heart. She doesn’t understand why he’d want to let her go. Valentin thinks holding onto anger and chasing revenge might send Nina into a negative spiral. She asks, who is he? Next, he’ll be telling her to trust karma. Valentin says Sasha hurt her, and he wants her to be whole, and choose to heal, so she can be happy with him and Charlotte. He wonders if that’s enough for her.

In the interrogation room, Michael tells Sasha that he was hoping it wouldn’t come to this. She says, her too, but Nina wants justice, and she should have it. He asks if she’s thinking of pleading guilty, and she says, maybe, but she’s just saying she doesn’t blame Nina. Michael says before Alexis gets there, she should consider making a deal. Sasha doesn’t know what she’d have to offer, and Michael says, tell her that Valentin masterminded the scheme. He had three DNA tests falsified, and is a bigger fish than she is. Robert will jump at the opportunity, so would Laura and the rest of Nikolas’s family. Alexis comes in, and says she has a copy of the charges. Sasha perpetrated fraud and pretended to be Nina’s daughter? Sasha says, it’s true, and Michael asks if Alexis can help her.

Julian tears up the flyer. Lucas comes in, and Julian asks if everything is okay. Lucas says he was hoping Julian would talk him down. Shiloh is dead, and there’s no more threat to Wiley, but Brad is still tense and anxious. He’s was talking in his sleep. He kept saying, Michael.

Chase comes into the parole hearing room, and Nelle asks where Michael is. Chase says, he had a family emergency. Lucky her, right? The board comes in and sits down. A woman says they have an initial application for parole. She thanks Chase for being there, and says they’ve read impact statements from Michael, Carly, and other members of the Corinthos family. Nelle has requested an attorney be present, which isn’t necessary, but allowed. She says they’ll hear from Chase first, and then Nelle.

Julian asks if Lucas thinks Brad is cheating. Lucas says, of course (🍷) not, but since Wiley has been in their lives, he’s been different. He’s hard to read. Lucas wishes he knew what was going on in Brad’s head. Julian doesn’t think that’s going to happen, but Lucas says, it might. Brad’s therapist wants to see them both. He’s glad Brad found a safe space to talk about what’s bothering him.

Martin says Nelle has been a model prisoner. The warden said – and he quotes – he’s never seen a prisoner turn their life around as thoroughly as Nelle, and thinks she would be an asset to the world outside these walls. The woman asks if Nelle has taken responsibility for her crimes, and Nelle says, she has now. Although her hormones were raging because of her sweet little Jonah, she can’t blame her crimes on what was going on inside her. She takes full responsibility for the heinous actions that hurt so many. When she realized what she’d done, she had a breakdown, and was sent to Ferncliff. When she returned, she had the drive and determination to make amends to so many people she’s hurt. No matter what, she’ll never stop trying.

Alexis says, Sasha entered Nina’s home with the intent to commit fraud, but Sasha says that’s not why she went to Windymere, but okay. Alexis says there’s criminal impersonation in the second degree. She pretended to be Nina’s daughter in order to benefit herself or harm someone else. Sasha says she never meant any harm, but it was about money in the beginning. Alexis says, that’s a class A demeanor, and knocks out second degree burglary. She says she needs Michael to leave now; it will compromise the case if he stays. Does he want that? He says, of course (🍷) not. He’ll see what he can do on his end. Sasha asks what he means, but he tells her, good luck, kisses her head, and jets. Alexis says now she wants the whole truth. What part did Valentin play in this?

Nina can’t see why Valentin wouldn’t want Sasha to pay, but he says, of course (🍷) he would. He’s worried about the toll it’s going to take on Nina. She’s going to have to rehash this over and over in court. Nina says, that makes it less appealing, and Valentin says she should focus on what makes her happy, like Charlotte. She says, and him. Valentin says he loves making her happy. Nina starts to say, it’s a consolation, but then says he’s so much more than that. She can’t wait to see where this unexpected new beginning takes them. Valentin says, how about city hall? They can get married today. Her phone dings, and she says, it’s Jax with his own marriage proposal. She laughs, and says she thought it was funny. Alexis is representing Sasha, and needs to speak with her. Valentin says he’ll go with her, but she says, no; stay here. It’s something she needs to take care of on her own.

Maxie tells Lulu when she sees how much the truth hurt Nina and caused her to spiral, no. She wouldn’t have dashed Nina’s hopes. Lulu says, that’s not the question. If she’d known Sasha was lying, but didn’t know how it would play out, would she have told the truth? Maxie says, no. She thinks it would be better to keep the secret. Lulu says, like Maxie did when she was her surrogate? Maxie says, oh my God. I say, I’m not surprised she brought that up. I think Lulu is kidding herself all over the place.

Nelle tells the board, because of her good behavior, she got the privilege of training a support dog, and her sweet mutt Scrapple is going to a loving person. It breaks her heart, but knowing he’s going to a good home makes it less painful to say goodbye. Nothing will ever be as painful as letting go of the child she lost. Beautiful Jonah’s lifeless body was in her arms as she was saying goodbye. The only way for her to heal is to do good for others. She’s also been working at the hospice center, helping ease their pain. As hard as it will be to let them go as well, giving them comfort gives her comfort. If the board sees fit to release her, she intends to work in a hospice. Chase says, give him a break. It sounds pretty loud, but I assume the board doesn’t hear. She says she intends to be a productive member of society, and correct her mistakes. Being in prison gave her the opportunity to fix herself, and she thinks she’s a better person. She thanks them for hearing her case, and dabs at her eyes, looking at Brad. The woman says the board is ready to make a decision.

We see flowers on a grave. Kendra says, nine and a half years, his death went unpunished. We see it’s Kiefer’s grave, and she says, everything has changed. Shiloh told her that Kristina confessed that her mother ran him down. Alexis murdered him. Now it’s time to pay her back.

Alexis tells Sasha that she spoke to Robert. He’s willing to reduce the charges, and there will be no prison time. Sasha asks, what’s the catch? and Alexis says, no doubt Valentin had something to do with the fake DNA tests. Sasha says, she has a friend, but Alexis thinks it’s more than that. She thinks Sasha is covering for him. She asks if he’s threatening her, or if she’s doing this for Nina. Sasha says she never meant to hurt Nina, even though Nina wants to hurt her now. Nina comes in, and says, Alexis wanted to speak to her. Alexis says she has a proposal, and Nina says she’s not interested. Alexis says, hear her out. She’s not undermining Nina’s pain, but doesn’t think putting Sasha in prison will lighten the load. Nina asks if Alexis wants her to drop it, but Alexis says, not at all. She can sue Sasha in civil court. Nina says, Sasha has no money, but Alexis says they can hammer it out. Sasha is prepared to pay back every penny Nina spent; whatever she thinks is appropriate. What does Nina say?

Lulu says Maxie didn’t tell them that the child was hers and Spinelli’s, not Lulu and Dante’s. Maxie can’t believe Lulu is throwing that in her face. She thought they were past that. Lulu says, they are. She’s making a point. By the time the truth came out, she and Dante were deliriously in love with Connie, but it wasn’t Connie; it was Georgie. Maxie says the truth hurt everyone, and Lulu asks if she regrets telling the truth. Maxie says, of course (🍷) not. Lulu knows the truth can tear your guts out, but sooner or later every lie comes to light. The longer you wait, the deeper the pain. Does Maxie get it?

Valentin leaves Kelly’s, and Michael is waiting. He blocks Valentin, telling him, shut up and listen. He doesn’t know if Valentin had a hand in Sasha’s arrest, but he cares about Sasha. She did the noble thing by not implicating him. Valentin says that’s because he had nothing to do with it. Michael says they both know that’s not true, and he’s a lot less charitable than Sasha is.

The board tells Nelle that they can’t recommend parole at this time. Nelle says they can’t be serious.

Brad texts Lucas about Nelle’s parole hearing, and Julian asks if she made parole. Lucas says, she’s still safe behind bars. Julian says, at least until her next hearing.

Brad tells Nelle that he’s sorry. Martin says they only need two votes. She should be disappointed, but not defeated. For the next two years, she needs to keep her eyes on the prize. Nelle balks at two years, but he says it could be sooner. She says she’s trying, but she misses Wiley. Brad says he’ll send her pictures, and she says that will ease the pain until she’s finally free.

Michael says he knows everything Valentin did. Sasha told him everything. Valentin says then she’ll be hearing from his attorney; that’s slander. Michael says, time’s up, and Valentin says, just hers. She was hoping to save herself. Michael says if Sasha doesn’t tell the DA, he will.

Alexis asks if Nina thinks it’s possible to keep this out of criminal court, but Nina says, no. Sasha knew what she was doing was wrong. She could have come clean at any time. Instead, she lied to Nina’s face. Nina mothered her. Sasha allowed Nina to love her, and all that time, Sasha pretended to love her back. Sasha says she does love Nina. Nina says if that’s how she loves someone, God help her enemies. Take her love and take her deal, and the both of them can go to hell. She leaves, and Sasha says she didn’t expect Nina to agree. Alexis says neither did she, but it was worth a try. Sasha asks, what happens next?

Kendra tells Kiefer that she’ll always miss him, but justice for his death will lighten the load. She takes a container of the supplement out of her backpack, and says, Alexis said she needs a refill. She puts something into it, and says she’ll make sure Alexis gets it.

Lulu tells Maxie, Michael better be careful. Valentin is dangerous. Maxie says, Michael has Sonny and Jason. Valentin can’t touch Michael, and they both know that.

Valentin tells Michael to do himself a favor, and stay out of it. Sasha is playing him like she did Valentin. She lied to everyone. Michael says she did lie because she didn’t implicate Valentin. She was willing to save Valentin, but if Valentin doesn’t get Nina to back off, and Sasha goes to prison, he’ll make sure Valentin goes down with her. He walks away.

Tomorrow, Lucas asks Brad what else he’s hiding, Doc says he has to determine if Franco is in his right mind, and Jason visits someone in prison.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Brandi brings Brooklyn to cheerleading practice. In Brandi’s interview, she says when she was Brooklyn’s age, she wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleader, but she never pushed it on her girls. When Brooklyn came to her, she was secretly glad. Everything is a struggle in their relationship, and she has high hopes this might be a bonding experience. Brooklyn tells Brandi that her form is terrible, and Brandi says it’s been twenty years. Brandi stands at the top of a pyramid. She tells Brooklyn that she didn’t have the proper training, and it was hard. In her interview, she says, growing up, her parents couldn’t afford private lessons. She just taught herself. She tells Brooklyn, it’s all about her core.

Kameron meets Stephanie at a coffee shop. She asks how Stephanie’s weekend is going, and Stephanie says, good. She tells Kameron that they had their differences at LeeAnne’s shower, but she’d love to close that chapter and figure it out. She feels like they’re past it. She knows Kameron hasn’t felt accepted in the past, and they’ve both felt judged. She’s sorry. Kameron says she felt like their issues began when she and Brandi tangled. Brandi was screaming in her face, and saying the eff word, and Stephanie just sat there not saying anything. When someone is attacked, it’s appropriate to stick up for them. Stephanie says she’s not Jesus, but Kameron thinks Stephanie feels afraid about what Brandi will think. Stephanie says she’ll defend someone when she sees a clear-cut right and wrong. In Stephanie’s interview, she says if Kameron had just walked away, she would have stepped in, but what Kameron did was ten times worse. Kameron says, a good friend would say, sit down and don’t yell in people’s faces. Stephanie says she was having a hard time during the trip, and Kameron says Stephanie talked to Kary, who she just met, when Kameron has known her for two years. Stephanie says she didn’t feel that Kameron was the person she wanted to go to in that moment. She’d love to have the kind of relationship where they can lean on one another, and be more than surface friends. She doesn’t tell Kameron deep things. Kameron says she thought they had the kind of friendship where they could call one another about anything, and Stephanie thinks Kameron is minimizing what she’s saying. Kameron says Stephanie is telling her the friendship is just surface level. In Kameron’s interview, she says she put effort in to being friends with Stephanie. She reached out, and thought she’d worked it out with her. Now she’s saying Kameron is a surface friend? What the eff?  Kameron tells Stephanie, she can’t. She was attacked, and thought her friend would be there. Now Stephanie is telling her that she’s a bad friend, when she should have been defending her friend about getting attacked. In Stephanie’s interview, she says when she’s fighting with Kameron, she feels like a hamster in a wheel. When it’s over, you feel like you got the sh*t kicked out of you. Kameron says she’s all about being a good person, and apologizes if Stephanie felt it wasn’t there. Stephanie understands that Kameron felt alone, and she’s trying honor those feelings and move on. Kameron wants to move on too. She wants Stephanie to feel comfortable, and she’s glad they talked. In her interview, Stephanie says it’s the most exhausting day of her life. She feels like she’s given birth to a six-foot blonde baby. She tells Kameron that they’ll work together to work it out, and thanks Kameron for meeting her.

Brandi and Stephanie meet for lunch. Brandi tells Stephanie that she knows Brandi is open to the spiritual realm, and thinks it would be fun if they did a haunted house. Stephanie thinks they should get a medium too. In Brandi’s interview, she says she always wanted to go to a haunted house she’s been hearing about for years. They can exorcise their demons. Stephanie tells her about meeting Kameron for coffee. It took a long time, but she thinks Kameron got it. In Stephanie’s interview, she says it’s hard for her. She’s been working with a coach on her self-esteem. She told Kameron how she felt and didn’t die doing it. It’s one small She tells Brandi that she never says how she feels. She doesn’t want to feel fake when she sees Kameron. Brandi says she wasn’t invited to LeeAnne’s bachelorette party, so she’s having a cheer party. Stephanie doesn’t think D’Andra was invited to anything, Brandi doesn’t think she was either, and Stephanie says, LeeAnne is celebrating every moment; there’s a ton of events. Everyone says what they’re invited to in their interviews, ending with D’Andra saying she didn’t get invited to anything, like Charlie Brown getting a bag of rocks. Stephanie says, LeeAnne might as well go all the way.

The bachelorette party is packed with guests. When LeeAnne arrives, everyone cheers. Steve puts a crown with a veil on her head. The veil has Rich’s face all over it. She tells the women that she got her hands filled (meaning, with fillers, not that she has stuff in her hands). She says they’re still swollen, and she slept with ice packs. In her interview, she says, they go between the knuckles with the needle. Ouch. In Kameron’s interview, she says they all know LeeAnne’s hands are not knives. LeeAnne finishes, they’re just hands. Kameron says it’s LeeAnne’s night to do whatever she wants. In her interview, Kameron says, LeeAnne is a true Texas woman, and it’s a total Texas thing to celebrate many, many times before your wedding. They all love it. Cary asks Stephanie if she and Kameron are good, and Stephanie says, peace above everything. Cary tells Kameron that she heard she and Stephanie had a good conversation, and Kameron says they’re good. Cary says she feels like Kameron is lying, and Kameron says she feels like some people are faking something. Cary tells her, go with her gut. In Kameron’s interview, she says she thinks Stephanie belittled her friendship. Kameron agreed to move forward, but she’s not moving any further forward. Steve welcomes the guests to Girls and Gays; LeeAnne’s bachelorette party. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says a tremendous amount of her friends are gay men. Drag queen Jenni P. dances for LeeAnne. In her interview, LeeAnne says she’s a drag queen trapped in an old white bitch’s body. In Kameron’s interview, she says, drag queens are better than strippers. Strippers are all sweaty, and they grab you, but you don’t know who they touched. LeeAnne gets a lap dance. The cake is brought out, and Steve says, it’s LeeAnne riding a wiener – i.e. a dark haired Barbie sitting on a penis cake. LeeAnne thanks them for coming, and there’s lots of hugging. In Kary’s interview, she says she feels guilty that D’Andra isn’t there. D’Andra introduced her to everyone, and they should both be there. She tells LeeAnne that she wasn’t invited to the wedding, and LeeAnne says she was. Her invitation must have gotten lost in the mail; 30% of mail gets lost. In Kary’s interview, she wonders why the credit card bills are always there, and jury duty notices never get lost. She asks LeeAnne why D’Andra isn’t there. Like it’s her freaking business. True story. When I was getting married, a good friend called, saying they hadn’t gotten an invitation. I sent another one, and both arrived on the same day.

LeeAnne says she’s waiting for D’Andra to reach out, and Kary says D’Andra already apologized. LeeAnne asks what if she told Kary that Eduardo was screwing other women, and she should own up to it because she owes LeeAnne that. Kary says she can’t keep bringing it up if she’s over it. LeeAnne says D’Andra committed the sin, but she should be the one that rises higher? Kary says she should be the bigger person, and LeeAnne says she always has been with D’Andra. D’Andra has the courage to talk sh*t about Rich when he’s faithful. She has the courage to trash Rich’s name, and destroy his reputation. Kary says, that’s not moving forward, and LeeAnne says Kary isn’t letting her finish. The one thing D’Andra has no courage for, is to come to her and say she misses LeeAnne as a friend. Kary says D’Andra invited LeeAnne to her party, and LeeAnne said she forgave D’Andra and wanted to move forward. We flash back to LeeAnne announcing that all she cared about was her and D’Andra taking steps to move forward. LeeAnne tells Kary, D’Andra hasn’t taken any steps to do that, and asks if Kary wants to see her phone. Actions speak louder than words. In Kary’s interview, she thinks LeeAnne is a hypocrite when she says she wants to move forward. LeeAnne says she reached out to D’Andra; now it’s D’Andra’s turn to step up and grow up. Everyone else gets it. Kary says she’ll ask them. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says Kary told her that she was the negative one, and now Kary comes to her bachelorette party and acts negative. Kary asks Kameron and Stephanie if they think it’s weird that D’Andra wasn’t invited. Kameron doesn’t think D’Andra is really making an effort, and Stephanie thinks LeeAnne and D’Andra should mend things one-on-one. Kary says, D’Andra apologized, but LeeAnne says, so did she. She’s waited 51 years to get married. She’s screwed a lot of frogs. Kary says, that’s not the point, but LeeAnne says, it is. It’s about her; it’s her wedding, and is only happening once in her life. Kary says, D’Andra’s 50th birthday was important, but LeeAnne says, so is a wedding for a woman who’s waited this long to get married. In Kameron’s interview, she says, this isn’t cool. It’s LeeAnne’s time to have fun. LeeAnne asks if Kary thinks she should invite D’Andra even though she talked sh*t about Rich. Kary says she thought LeeAnne was forgiving D’Andra, and LeeAnne says, Rich hasn’t. We flash back to him saying forgiving is the Christian thing to do. D’oh! LeeAnne says she’s not making her party about someone who’s not there. These are the people who love and want to celebrate her. Kary says, D’Andra is that person, but LeeAnne says, she’s not. Kameron says D’Andra hasn’t come to LeeAnne, and Kary says, D’Andra apologized. LeeAnne says, that’s different. In Stephanie’s interview, she thinks LeeAnne and D’Andra should just move forward, or leave each other alone. LeeAnne is sorry Kary doesn’t understand. The people there have shown her via their actions how much they love her. So when D’Andra gives her action, she’ll get an invite. Until then, she can stand in the vasectomy line. Cary is like, what? and LeeAnne says, it sounds good. LeeAnne goes to Steve, and says she’s getting flack because the great almighty fat cow isn’t there to be worshiped. Meow!

Brandi checks out the haunted house. Hill House Manor owner Linda thanks her for coming. In Brandi’s interview, she says the house is outside Dallas. You can rent it and go ghost hunting. Linda says it was purchased as an investment property, but they couldn’t keep it rented because of the tenants having experiences. She personally had a conversation with someone on the other side of the shower curtain. She thought it was her husband. She tells Brandi, they have ghost hunters there frequently, and they have all kinds of events. In her interview, Brandi says she’s been able to see into the spiritual realm since she was little. As a child, she saw her grandmother. It’s hard to open up about it without looking like she’s crazy. Linda says Brandi has her number, and if there are any problems, text her.

Kary has everyone meet at her place. D’Andra asks Kary if she’s ready. Kary says she’s just going along for the ride. She’s had no personal experiences, but she’s open to it. She explains Mexico’s Day of the Dead. (I love a sugar skull!) She asks if D’Andra has heard from LeeAnne. We see a clip of D’Andra telling Kary that she’ll send a text, but that’s it. D’Andra says LeeAnne texted back, thanking her for reaching out, and saying she thought D’Andra was upset about something that happened in Mexico, and it made her sad. She added that all weddings should be elopements, because it’s too much work. Kary asks if something happened in Mexico, but D’Andra says nothing happened. In her interview, she says she and LeeAnne got along fantastically. LeeAnne doesn’t want to see or include her, and is putting it on her. It’s complete bullsh*t. Kameron joins them, and Kary asks if she’s ready for ghosts. Kameron says she’s afraid.

Stephanie meets Brandi at the house. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she’s never encountered a ghost, but how bad could a ghost be? She thinks Southern ghosts would display good hospitality. She tells Brandi that she’s scared she’ll need an exorcism. Brandi suggests they pray, and asks God, if it’s His will, to open their eyes to things they don’t know. She asks if they should pray for the others, but Stephanie says, they can pray for themselves. Brandi says she’s so bad. I guess we’ll let it slide that this is contrary to any Christian belief.

Kary thinks some people see ghosts. D’Andra says they lived in a haunted house, but her dad always had the ghost visits. Kary asks if LeeAnne believes in ghosts, and LeeAnne says she prays there’s an afterlife. Kary tells her, Brandi says she can see ghosts. In LeeAnne’s interview, she’s not happy with Kary, so she’s ghosting her.

As they pull up to the house, Brandi flashes the lights from inside, and the women get all weird. Brandi tells them to hurry in; she saw something. Kameron says, that’s not funny, and Brandi leads them to the murder room. Kameron screams, and something moves. Kary calls Brandi a stinker, and Brandi suggests they have drinks. Kameron says she needs a lot of drinks, and LeeAnne wonders if ghosts have bars. In her interview, LeeAnne says she thinks ghosts are bullsh*t. Mostly because she grew up in a carnival, where they convinced people to believe that bullsh*t, and took their money. She had a deeply religious upbringing, and was told it was witchery. It’s anti-religious, and against Christian beliefs. What I said, but longer. Brandi says, a medium is coming, and boo! there’s a knock at the door. Medium Lisa introduces herself. Kameron says she’s not a fan. A friend once got in contact with Kameron’s dog using a Ouija board. She felt her dog’s tail brush against her, and freaked out. It’s scary for her. Lisa says on any property, there’s some sort of spirit or ghost activity. She gives each of them a pendulum, and says, it can only answer yes or no questions.  

They go to a room that has toys in it, and Lisa thinks it’s a home for kids who have passed, and come back to play. Kary wants to sit on the floor, and Lisa tells her to roll the ball and see if they’ll play. Stephanie rolls the ball, and says she’d love to play, but nothing happens. Brandi says, they don’t want to play with the ball anymore, and it’s sad. The ball rolls back, and they freak out. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says, you know what balls do? They roll. Unless they’re attached to a scrotum. They go back downstairs, and Kary asks if Lisa does readings. Lisa says she’d rather do that in private, and they go out on the porch. In Kary’s interview, she says she knows mediums are intuitive, and if Lisa is the real deal and can give her insight, why not take advantage of that? Lisa tells Kary that she had a rough start in life, but good things have happened over the years. Kary may have felt… Kary says, it’s not fair. Lisa says Kary made her way through, and is stronger. Kary asks about her husband, and Lisa says, it’s a good relationship. She sees nothing wrong. They hug. Most. Boring. Reading. Ever. And nothing I didn’t know, so I assume nothing Kary didn’t know either.

D’Andra asks the pendulum if she should have more tequila, and answers, yes. Kary comes back in, and LeeAnne asks if Lisa saw ghosts around her. Kary says Lisa told her that she had a rough start, but she’s been lucky. LeeAnne asks what was difficult about Kary’s childhood, and Kary says her parents were alcoholics. Her dad said he couldn’t live with her mom, but he was keeping Kary. Her mom had to kidnap her, and took her to Mexico, where she grew up. Since her mom was an alcoholic, she had to parent herself. LeeAnne asks how young she was when she started going to clubs, and Kary says, fourteen. LeeAnne says she was thirteen when she started having sex. Kary says she was nineteen, and LeeAnne says, people who have been sexually abused, use sex. I Kary’s interview, she says, LeeAnne thinks she’s the only one who had a tough life, and her childhood experiences are more important, but it’s not a competition. Wow. She got all that from one sentence? Kary thinks she could have made excuses, but chose to be positive and enjoy life. LeeAnne asks if that was directed at her, but Kary says, no. I say, yeah, right, and LeeAnne says people have said she uses her childhood as an excuse. Kary says, does she?

LeeAnne says she doesn’t think so, but it can be a catalyst for how she behaves. Kary says maybe people say that because she talks about it a lot. Brandi and D’Andra decide to check out the murder room. In Brandi’s interview, she says she’d rather hang out with a ghost, or the wall, than hear LeeAnne talk about this bullsh*t again. Kameron thinks it’s an explanation for some of LeeAnne’s actions. Kary says they all grew up a certain way, but that doesn’t excuse how they act. LeeAnne says how they live doesn’t have to be the same. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says comparing their childhoods is a joke. Kary needs to reserve her condescending judgement. Kary doesn’t think LeeAnne has gotten over it, and LeeAnne says she doesn’t think you ever do. Kary says, you have to forgive. When she did, she felt lucky to have what does now. There are screams from upstairs, and LeeAnne is 100% sure they’re scaring the sh*t out of each other. Kameron asks if they should get going, and LeeAnne says, she’s convinced nothing good happens after eleven.

D’Andra and Brandi come back downstairs, and D’Andra says they were trying to talk to the people in the rooms. She asks LeeAnne if she wants to go somewhere to talk, but LeeAnne says she’s fine with right there. Kameron looks like she wants to disappear. D’Andra says she sent LeeAnne a text because she was thinking about her. She doesn’t know what happened n Mexico; she thought they were fine. LeeAnne says he did too, but when she didn’t her from D’Andra, she thought maybe she said or did something. D’Andra says she knows weddings are crazy, and didn’t want to invade LeeAnne’s space. LeeAnne says she was trying to start a dialogue. In D’Andra’s interview, she says whatever LeeAnne wants from her, apparently she’s not giving it. LeeAnne is making it difficult to communicate, but maybe LeeAnne feels the same way about her. Kary says she told D’Andra about their talk, and thought she should send a text. She felt guilty about D’Andra not being at the bachelorette party. D’Andra wonders why invite Kary, who LeeAnne barely knows, and LeeAnne isn’t sure she did. Kary says Steve did, and reads his text and invite. LeeAnne says she didn’t give him Kary’s contact information, but thinks he knew she was on the list. In Kary’s interview, she says LeeAnne is trying to pretend she didn’t know Kary was invited, but she made up the list. Brandy asks if everyone is ready for night-night, because she’s used to talking to toddlers. She says, it’s been a spooktacular evening.

Next time, bunny Playboy Bun-Bun Redmond’s funeral, D’Andra thinks about taking out a loan, and Kameron suggests crashing Kary’s happy hour.

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