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November 2, 2016 – GH Reopens, Little LA Goes Land Sailing & a Little on Little Dallas


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Franco tells Elizabeth he’s thrilled that GH is reopening. Elizabeth tells him to thank his mother again. Time to get back to work.

Monica makes a speech next to Steve Hardy’s portrait. She wants everyone to reflect on what’s happened and celebrate the hospital’s victory. She thanks everyone for their patience and stubborn determination. She wants to point out someone without whose help they couldn’t have done it – Tracy. Franco is just a tad disappointed.

Curtis is sitting at the bar. Valerie comes in and asks him what he’s doing there.

Jason calls to check on Sonny. He’s made it through another night. Sam wakes up and asks if the baby is going to be okay.

Griff says Charlotte is getting along great with Emma, and it’s distracting her from asking where her mom is. Anna says Emma has always wanted a younger sibling. She thinks it’s safer for them to stay with her until they find out what kind of threat Valentin poses.

Alexis comes downstairs wondering what happened. Pillows and bottles and glasses are everywhere. She sees the liquor box and says that happened. She adds that Valentin also happened, like she needed another reason to drink. She starts cleaning up and the doorbell rings. She thinks it’s the cleaning lady, but it’s Valentin.

Curtis says he’s there to see Valerie because she always comes there after spin class for her green drink. She asks what he’s working on, and he tells her cheating spouse stuff. She agrees they both have job things they can’t share. She’s glad he’s not working for Julian anymore though.

Jason tells Sam that she and the baby are fine. He calls what happened something I don’t catch, but it’s nothing serious. He says she’s not allowed to do anything strenuous, but everything else is back to normal. She says what’s normal for other people isn’t normal for them, and he says they’re working on the new normal.

Franco is like, what? Tracy says they’ve gotten a victory, but still have to win the battle to stay open and solid. There are still board members who want to sell, and they have to convince them otherwise by doing their best work. Elizabeth tells Franco that he’s the real person responsible. Hayden overhears and says she has it backward. Franco’s nutjob mother is the reason GH closed in the first place. Elizabeth says Franco had nothing to do with the crimes, and he works here, unlike Hayden. Hayden tells her she’s the hospitals new financial manager.

Dante comes by Anna’s place and tells them that the house is being guarded. Griff thanks them for everything and goes to work. Anna tells Dante that she’s sorry about Morgan. He says if they’d nailed Julian for killing Duke, Morgan would be alive. He feels like a failure as a cop and a brother. Anna says it’s not his fault that so much went wrong with the case, and if he needs anything to let her know. She asks him to tell her everything he knows about Valentin.

Valentin apologizes to Alexis for his unannounced visit. She threatens to call the police. He says whether she likes it or not, they’re family, and he wants to offer her a job.

Griff and Finn welcome each other back. Griff says Finn looks a lot better. Tracy says Dr. Finn made her aware of his issues, and it’s a private matter that won’t affect the patients. Griff moves on, and Finn tells Tracy not to stick her neck out for him. When his drug supply runs out, he’ll be sick again. She says by then he’ll find a cure. He asks about her unusual optimism. She says it’s funny how that happens when you have something to live for, and then looks at Hayden.

Hayden tells Elizabeth that she learned a lot from her father. No surprise, Elizabeth makes a snide comment. Hayden says the hospital was hemmoraging money, and she needs to figure out how to keep it open. She says she hopes they don’t have to cut the nursing staff. Touche.

Curtis tells Valerie she still looks incredibly sexy after a workout. She says more like sweaty, and usually gets her shakes to go. He takes a selfie with her and she threatens him with his life if he puts it on social media. He goes to get himself a coffee and Valerie her green stuff. Valerie deletes the picture, and the next one is a shot from Morgan’s case file. Seriously though, how dare she mess with his phone?

Sam tells Jason she thought they were waiting to move, but Jason says he’s close to an answer that will wrap things up. Sam asks about Alexis and he tells her that he’s left messages, but she hasn’t gotten back to him. Sam thinks that’s odd.

Valentin wants to hire Alexis as a consultant. Even if Nicholas is alive, he’s the legitimate owner of the Cassadine assets. Alexis says Valentin killed Nicholas and she isn’t amused by his charm. I am.  She says she’s a Cassadine, remember? He tells her they’re more alike than she cares to admit, and he knows she committed multiple ethics violations. He says they’re both the bastard children of Mikkos. Helena could put Medea to shame, and they never got what was rightfully theirs. Helena even tracked down Alexis’s mother and murdered her. He calls Alexis “Natasha,” and tells her that they deserve to inherit everything. Now I want to call him “Boris,” and have a cartoon in my head of them dressed up and holding one of those round, black bombs.

Finn acts ignorant, and Tracy asks if denial is his best defense. She says she sees the looks between them, although she doesn’t know what he sees in Hayden. He says there’s nothing between them and never will be. Tracy apologizes for suggesting differently. Finn thinks it’s ironic that Tracy hired Hayden for GH and not ELQ. Tracy says she thought he’d want her to be close by, but maybe her radar was off.

Valerie asks Curtis for an explanation. She says he’s been lying to her and never stopped working for Julian.

Obrecht asks Franco why he’s not working, and he says no patients yet. He wonders why she’s so chipper, and says he thought schadenfreude was her favorite emotion. She says she almost has a sense of…what’s the word? He says, empathy? but she’s like, hell no. He says he single-handedly saved the hospital, but he’s pretty much the pariah of upstate New York. He wants to know how he can get past that, and Obrecht tells him the biggest obstacle in his relationship with Elizabeth is himself.

Elizabeth tells Griff that she and Robin are good friends, and asks about him staying with Anna. He says they’re going above and beyond for him, but say he’s family. Elizabeth talks about how he contributed when her house blew up and he didn’t even know her.

Anna brings out coffee and tells Dante about being the WSB agent on the case. She says if he has info on Valentin, she’d appreciate hearing it. Dante tells her that Valentin is the bastard son of Mikkos, and explains what happened on the island. Anna says if he did kidnap Claudette, she doesn’t have a clue where he’d take her. Dante says he does recall one thing.

Alexis tells Valentin no thanks. She has no stake or interest in the estate. Their father was an unrepentant misogynist and women inherited nothing. Valentin says all she has to do is prove his share is legal. She says what if research shows Spencer owns it? He says if she makes a good faith effort and he’s not the heir, he’ll leave and never bother them again. I hope after paying her.

Sam and Jason enter. Jason immediately gets in Valentin’s face.

Finn congratulates Hayden on her new job. She can’t believe Tracy pushed the board to hire her. She says because Tracy thinks Finn walks on water, she got the job. Finn says it was her own talent that got her hired, and it’s good to have her on board. She says she owes him an aplogy.

Curtis says he never meant to deceive Valerie. He meant what he said. Valerie says he took advantage of her to access a file. He reminds her that she left it on the desk. She asks if he saw dollar signs or wanted to impress Julian? He says it was an accident; it fell and opened up, and he thought there was no harm in snapping a few pictures. She says it was rookie mistake, but he didn’t have the decency to look away. She could have lost her job if Jordan walked in. She says he’s everything Jordan warned her about.

Valentin tells Jason that he’s family. Alexis says it’s not worth it. Valentin tells Alexis to think about the offer. He gives her his card. Before he leaves, he says he’s sorry about the wine delivery. He didn’t know she wasn’t drinking anymore. OMG – he is so smooth! You just know she has to be at least a little grateful for that save.

Anna tells Dante that Valentin must have enough money for bribes or has the ear of enough powerful people to make things happen. She hasn’t gotten anywhere with questioning anyone.

Griff apologizes to Elizabeth for the weirdness with Franco. She says Franco is just being Franco and is a little territorial.

Obrecht tells Franco he’s concealing his true self and bottling his emotions. Franco says he really likes Elizabeth. Obrecht asks him how long before the ticking time bomb in his head explodes. It’s that one Boris is holding.

Franco says he’s trying to be a better person for Elizabeth. Obrecht says they’re all heros in their own story. Franco says he doens’t need to be a villain in everyone else’s. She tells him that there’s no becoming better, and he needs to find someone who loves him for him. Franco claims he won’t be jealous anymore. Obrecht tells him that Elizabeth is talking to Griff right now, and makes a remark about his strudel. Franco jets over to Elizabeth, putting his arm around her and saying hi.

Curtis tells Valerie that Jordan’s opinion is tainted, and he’s not the same man. She says what he just did proves otherwise and she has thinking to do. He asks her, about us? and she says there is no “us” anymore. They’re done. She has to think if she should turn him in for stealing evidence.

Alexis asks Jason if Sam and the baby are okay. He says it’s an easy to treat minor condition. Jason says he called, and Alexis tells him that her phone died. Jason leaves to check on Carly. He says if Valentin comes back, to call him. Sam asks what Valentin offered her.

Finn says Hayden doesn’t owe him an apology. Hayden says she said some harsh things, especially about his wife. She was out of line to tell him he should move on. She doesn’t know that kind of love, and had no business telling him to get over it when it’s convenient for her. Finn says if she needs a lunch buddy, he’s here. She says he misunderstood. She doesn’t want to be buddies.

Elizabeth tells Franco that they were talking about Griff’s daughter. Franco says he has a bit of a jealous streak, and it reared it’s head, but asks for a second chance. He says that he and Griff will be working together, and keeps shoving candy in his mouth as he’s talking. He steers Griff off down the hall so they can get acquainted.

Obrecht is watching all of this, and Monica tells her that an ambulance is coming in, so she might want to get to the ER. Obrecht says she thought she was banished to the records department. Monica says it’s a new era, and if she follows the rules and keeps her nose clean, things will change. Obrecht practically skips out.

Hayden tells Finn that she’s not doing that to herself. He understands and she suggests they keep it professional. They shake hands. Oh come on. Not even in the friend zone?

Tracy asks if Finn is still trying to make her believe that he doesn’t have feelings for Hayden.

On the phone, Curtis says the cops are breathing down his neck and he has to talk to someone asap. Jason comes in and says talk to him.

Sam takes the card, but Alexis wants it back. She says if she can prove that Valentin can’t lay claim to the estate, he’ll leave. Sam doesn’t believe it.

Anna approaches Valentin’s hotel room door. He comes up behind her and says he’s been expecting her.

Tomorrow, Curtis connects Sonny to the bomb, Nathan says someone has been asking questions about Charlotte, and Anna asks Valentin if they’ve met before.

Little Women: LA

Elena and Preston check out a toy train place. Elena says it seems like lately no one is having any fun. In her interview, she talks about the disaster that was the survival retreat. We flash back to the highlights of Terra and Briana still not getting along with Christy. Elena says she’s friends with all of them and wants to invite them to celebrations, but she’s worried that they’ll make everything a downer. She wants to bring them together with something that will bring back the old days and remind them of why they became friends in the first place. Preston suggests she take it outside of LA.

Todd and Christy go out to lunch. Autumn’s health issues are leveling off, but Todd is still worried about Christy’s dad. Christy says the stress has been exhausting. Todd asks if the survival retreat was about the conditions or the people, and Chisty says both. Christy thinks Terra faked apology, and for some reason, is under the misconception that Briana accepted hers.

Terra, Tonya, Elena and Briana take a self-defense class. In her interview, Tonya is concerned about Briana wanting a gun. She says she wants to prove even if you’re 3‘8“, you can be a powerhouse. The girls do pretty well, but are also laughing through the whole thing. Terra says she feels like a warrior.

Afterward they talk about the survival retreat. Terra just wants everything with Christy behind her. She doesn’t want the rest of them to have to pick between friends, and wants them to be able to share the same environment without fighting. Elena hopes she can stick to her word, and asks everyone to remember how they used to have fun. She’s bringing the girls out to the desert to do land sailing. Briana says she’ll be cordial, even though Christy’s apology was bogus. Elena is like, what is it that you want? and thinks Briana is playing hardball, but they’ll be friends again one day.

One of Tonya’s eyes is weaker than the other. She’s eventually having surgery to strengthen it, but in the meantime is getting Lasik surgery. She’s terrified and I don’t blame her. It looks scary. It’s over quickly though. Preston says this beat the dog psychic that Angelique brought in a few weeks ago. We flash back to Tonya and Preston grilling her about dating. Tonya says that Angelique’s new boyfriend is her old boyfriend, Reggie, who Preston hasn’t met. He’d previously broken it off because he didn’t have a job, and she’s concerned he doesn’t want to meet Preston because he still doesn’t have it together.

Matt and Briana discuss Maverick at lunch. He has acid reflux and the doctor has said all they can do is give him drops for gas. Briana tells Matt about the self-defense class and explains the moves they learned. She says it made her think about Christy, and Matt asks if she’s coming to Thanksgiving. Ha-ha! Briana says Elena thinks Terra has a reason not to forgive, but Briana doesn’t and is just following in Terra’s footsteps. Matt says they’re in the same boat. Briana says she knows what Terra feels. Christy wants to be miserable and she doesn’t. Matt says if people are going to hang out as friends, it would be nice if there was a time with no drama. Briana tells him about the land sailing trip. He tells her to please come home in one piece.

Terra is rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars. Tonya and Elena come to watch. Terra says Sasha keeps telling her to tuck her derriere, but it’s tough being a little person with her shape. They go through their dance and it looks great. Tonya tears up because she’s so proud of Terra’s accomplishments. She thinks Terra has a shot at winning. Terra says Sasha looks past her being a little person, but at the same time, acknowledges it, and she loves that.

Terra tells the girls that this is hard on her body. She also thinks the other people don’t look at her like competition. She feels like they’re dismissing her. She hates that, and doesn’t want Sasha to feel like they’re not real competitors. She says she didn’t feel like the underdog until she heard other people talking about everyone else except her. She says they all think she can’t do it. In her interview, she says you get this all the time as a little person. She wants to show the world they can do anything. Tonya says she can’t let the others bring her down. Elena says she’s sacrificed a lot to be on the show, and Terra says it’s hard never being home. In her interview, Elena says Terra has the weight of all the little people on her shoulders and doesn’t want her to focus on that. Terra asks them to come to the first show.

Angelique has agreed to bring Reggie home to meet her father. Tonya says if she thinks they’re going easy on her, he’s getting the same treatment she got when Kerwin moved in. Angelique and Reggie arrive. Kerwin asks if they’re having sex. Tonya says if they are, are they using protection, and moves immediately to what their future plans are. Not too overwhelming and awkward. Reggie says marriage is ultimately the goal. He says Kerwin called him “son,” but Kerwin explains that was because of the age difference, not indicating his place in the family. They joke around and things go well. Tonya makes a toast to the future.

Jasmine says the best thing about being a little person is that she can actually play on the playground while the other moms have to watch. It’s one of those indoor things where you can only weigh so much. She meets Briana, and tells her what the other girls said at the class. Jasmine says she was disappointed in Briana and Terra for not being able to put their differences aside; it was like high school. Briana says at least she tried, but in her interview, Jasmine says she should have just stayed home. She tells Briana that Christy isn’t taken seriously, and she’s heard her say she’s sorry multiple times. Briana says she gets it and she’s moving forward. She respects how Jasmine feels, but hopes she doesn’t get hurt.

Kerwin and Tonya do some mini-golfing. She says on days like this, she falls in love with him all over again. They are pretty funny together. He tells her she did good, and likes that they’re spending time together. She talks about rebuilding her relationship with the girls, and he asks what about them. He says he misses Texas, but he’s enjoying being together. Tonya says it’s not as abd as she thought it was going to be. She says part of her wanted it and part of her was scared, but now she’s good. He suggests getting a house together, one that’s theirs. Tonya is excited to do something more permanent.

The girls meet at the land sailing place. The instructor explains how the “land yacht” works. You steer with your feet. Jasmine is a little miffed because she’s pregnant and no one seems to care. Christy acts all smiley. In her interview, she says she’s there for Briana, thinking they made amends. In her interview, Terra says she doesn’t want a relationship with Christy, but doesn’t want the girls to feel weird. She tells the girls that she doesn’t want Motocross take two, and we flash back to her biking mishap. The instructor tells them there are no brakes, and to be careful because you can flip over easily. Jasmine opts out of the sailing.

The yachts are set up. In her interview, Terra says Sasha had advised her against this venture, and she tells everyone she loves them in case she doesn’t come back. It looks awesome, but they go really fast. Terra says she doesn’t know what she was worried about because it’s easy and fun. Tonya gets stuck, but no one volunteers to help. She says that in times like this, you can count on your friends to stand in the shade and yell advice while you struggle. She finally gets going again, and then gets stuck again. Elena is having a ball.

Terra wants to talk to Christy and make sure they’re standing on neutral ground. Terra approaches Christy and says they haven’t talked in forever. Christy just stares at her. In her interview, Terra says it’s dry like the desert, and she hadn’t expected such a lack of response.

Terra says neither one of them are innocent. Christy gives her a blank stank face. She tells Christy that everyone is tired of the drama. She doesn’t want to fight anymore and hopefully they can just…she doesn’t even know what to say. In her interview, Christy says she doesn’t know what to believe. Terra says nice chat, and goes back to the group. For someone who keeps claiming they want to set things right, I dunno about Christy.

Even though she couldn’t participate, Jasmine is glad they came. She says even though they’re not all friendly, at least they’re not fighting. Tonya asks how everyone felt about the retreat, but no one is very positive. Jasmine says she thinks Terra and Briana are being childish. She wanted them to mend fences and came out with nothing. Terra suggests she’s more concerned about their relationships than they are. Good point.

Tonya says it took time to get that way and it will take time to get back. Briana agrees that it wouldn’t be real to just say everything is fine again. Terra says she looks forward to more days like this. Elena says they’re blessed to have each other and suggests they watch the sunset.

In her interview, Elena says friendship like this is worth fighting for. As the sun sets, there’s a group hug and I love yous.

This was the finale. The only interesting blurb was that Christy still doesn’t have Briana’s new phone number. I didn’t think she would.

Next time, the reunion. Duck, just not as far, and run. Plastic will be joining them.

👢 I checked out Little Women: Dallas and it looks like it has possibilities. I had abandoned the Atlanta branch of the franchise – too much twerking and fighting – but Dallas looks like it’s kinder, gentler, and more interesting. So far. Emily and Bri, otherwise known as The Cheeks (Right and Left) have moved from Atlanta back to their home state. They did seem to be the most normal of the Atlanta bunch. Sadly, Emily lost her baby at three months, but is still with her squeeze, Wooda (shoulda, coulda). The clothes are cute, and I like the cowgirl spin on things. We’ll see how it goes and if I can stick it out.

October 26, 2014 – GH’s Carly Strikes Back & Little LA’s Christy Strikes Out


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Griff thanks Anna for helping him. She tells him there’s no manual for being a parent. He says it was just him and now he’s plus one. Anna reminds him that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. Maxie storms in wondering where “that witch” is. She says it’s Claudette’s fault she was kidnapped. Anna says she’s gone. Nathan asks where, but Griff says they don’t know.

Curtis meets Jordan at the station. She thinks he’s working for Sonny.

Alexis tells Julian the bomb was payback for all the horrible things he’s done. Now Morgan is dead because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he was just a kid. Julian says he was a grown man and Alexis starts getting loud. She asks everyone if they wouldn’t throw a parade if Julian was gone. Julian says she’s drunk. Maybe so, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Michael is on the bridge and Nell comes along. She says it’s a great view and he says it’s a good place to think. She offers to leave, but he tells her to stay. He says he’s not going to find what he’s looking for anyway – his little brother.

Jason interrupts Sonny trying to strangle Scotty.

Griff says he tried to stop Claudette, and Maxie says he did a bang up job. He says he thought he was getting through. He turned his back for a second, and she knocked him out. Anna asks if Claudette knew about the kidnapping. Nathan says they were together when he found Maxie’s bracelet. Anna says Claudette probably thought she was next.

Curtis says he’s a licensed PI, and it’s none of Jordan’s business who he works for. She tells him to stay out of her investigation, because when she goes after Sonny, she might go after him too.

Nell and Michael talk about the history of the bridge. Michael remembers how he and Morgan played there as children. Nell says them, and the body guards, and tells him it’s an intense way to grow up. Michael says they spent half the time with their mom and half with Sonny. He talks about how Morgan loved penguins because the family stays together. He says Morgan was the definition of homebody. Nell wonders how he’d feel about no one sticking by his father.

Scotty says he still dreams about a child he lost and Sonny is going to dream about a child he murdered.

Alexis says she’s not drunk, but she’s working on it. She tells Julian to shut up, and tells him that everyone knows he’s a murderer. He says he didn’t kill Morgan, but she says he might as well have. He says Morgan mixed his meds with alcohol, and it’s lucky he didn’t take other people down with him. He starts talking about Carly and Sonny being bad parents. Carly comes out of nowhere and whacks him good. I laugh and so does Alexis.

Griff asks if Maxie is sure The Beard was Valentin’s emissary. She says he never said it, but she’s sure. Anna says she’ll get an investigation going. Nathan says the PCPD is working with the Coast Guard.

Curtis says Jordan wants to tell him where he can and can’t work, and now she wants to arrest him. She says he’s interfering with the investigation. She tells Curtis that Sonny killed his own son instead of Julian, and if he wants justice, he should turn himself in. Suddenly, it dawns on Jordan that Curtis is working for Julian.

Carly says Julian came into her restaurant and now he’s talking trash about her son. Julian tries to tell her to calm down, but she just gets louder. She says he’s a liar and a murderer. She tells him to come on try to put a knife to her throat, then throws him out.

Ava tells Scotty that she’s sorry about his daughter. She says Sonny is dangerous, and now he’s grieving, so Scotty shouldn’t provoke him. Scotty says Jason is the only reason Sonny let him go, and Ava says he’s welcome; she texted him. Scotty wants to call the police, but Ava stops him.

Sonny tells Jason if it wasn’t for Scotty getting Julian off, Morgan would still be alive. Sonny says he wouldn’t have ordered the car bomb in a million years and the guy refused to do the job, but now his son is dead. Jason asks if he’s blaming him.

Nathan finds out which flight Claudette took and says the Canadian police will be waiting. Anna wants her to know that Charlotte is okay and they can protect them. Nathan says it doesn’t matter that he’s not her father, he’s going to do his job to protect and serve.

Jordan says she wondered why Sonny would hire an outsider, especially one who has connections to the police. She asks what Curtis has, and says it’s his obligation to tell her. He says she refused him entry into the police force, so he worked hard to make it on his own, and now she wants his information. She says she’s trying to stop a war. If he proves that Sonny planted the bomb, there will be retaliation. Curtis says Julian doesn’t want Sonny dead; he wants to put Sonny in prison.

Alexis asks Carly if she wants her to call someone. Carly says no, and Alexis doesn’t look like she’s doing so great herself. Alexis is surprised Carly is at work, and Carly says she doesn’t want to be home because Morgan isn’t coming through the door. Alexis says she’s sorry, and Carly says she hates that phrase. No matter how sorry anyone is it won’t bring Morgan back.

Ava tells Scotty that the first person Sonny will call is Diane, and she’ll want to know what led up to the altercation. She’s afraid she’ll be exposed. Sonny already knows the symptoms of being bi-polar. He’ll remember how he found her in Morgan’s room and put the pieces of the puzzle together. She says how long would she live after that? He’s her attorney and they need to just step back and keep cool. Scotty adds, and let Sonny self destruct.

Nell tells Michael that when you meet Sonny, it’s easy to know he’s in charge, but lately he’s been drinking and seems to have a delayed reactions. She says he’s fine with Avery, but she shouldn’t be responsible for his happiness. She says if he’s left alone to grieve, she’s not sure he’s going to make it.

Sonny tells Jason to leave, but he doesn’t want Sonny to be alone. Sonny says Jason made his choice not to work with him and he honored that. He says they’ve always been honest with each other. Jason could have eliminated Julian, and Morgan would still be alive. He can’t count on Jason anymore.

Curtis says he’s paid to provide a service and Julian knows he’s up to the task. He thinks Jordan is jealous of how he’s better at it than she is. He says she can’t afford to have him beat her to the punch, and thinks she’s threatened by him. He asks what it is about him that she’s afraid of.

Anna says it’s unlikely that Charlotte is the target. Valentin is obsessed with Claudette, and since she left, the target has moved. Griff gives Claudette credit for being a decent mother.

Alexis says they’ve had their differences, but in the end, she and Carly are both mothers who would lay down their lives for their children. She can’t comprehend what Carly is going through. Carly says she doesn’t know what comes next. The thought of life without Morgan terrifies her. Alexis says she could lose one of her daughter just as easily, and if it happened to Carly, it could happen to her.

Sonny swears he didn’t do it. Jason says Sonny made the best decision given the situation, and to let him find out who screwed it up. Sonny says he set it in motion. Carly begged him not to and he didn’t listen because he believed it was right. Now Carly and Michael are gone, and Morgan is dead; he has nothing left. Jason says he’s still there, but Sonny says he lost Jason a long time ago.

Curtis says either Jordan has a problem letting him win or she likes him getting to her. Andre calls, but Jordan asks to call him back. She tells Curtis to go. He has Julian’s bidding to do, which he’ll mess up since he messes up everything he touches. He leaves and his phone rings. Its Julian.

Julian tells Curtis that he wants Sonny in prison and wants Sonny’s wife to stop making him look bad in front of Alexis. He wants proof and wants it now.

Maxie doesn’t feel like eating. She tells Nathan that she’s worried about Charlotte, but Nathan says she has a new life and she’ll adjust. Maxie says as much as she hates Claudette, she doesn’t want her harmed. She says The Beard will come after Claudette like he did with her.

Anna says Griff won’t become a father overnight, but he can be a guardian in the meantime. Griff wonders if Charlotte will ask for her mommy. He says he wasn’t Claudette’s best option’ he was the only the one she had left.

Carly says Julian is arrogant and does what he wants to do. She’s going to her office and tells Alexis if Julian comes back to stay out of it. Alexis says she tried to stop Julian, and all she did was get misery. Carly says she’s miserable too, and wouldn’t mind a fight.

Michael tells Nell all he can think about is his little brother. He talks about how special Morgan was. and now he’s gone because of their dad. He doesn’t know how he can forgive that. Nell says she’s not saying forgive, but someone is in the same pain that he is. She tells Michael that if he thinks there’s anything salvageable in the relationship, think twice about abandoning Sonny.

Alexis calls Michael. She thinks Carly could use some support. Michael tells Nell he has to go. Nell says she hopes she didn’t overstep, but he says she’s just being truthful, kind and cute. Or kind of cute. I’m not sure. He asks if she’ll stay with Avery until they can figure something out.

Sonny says since Jason got his memory back, he’s been distant. It’s not going to work out the way it used to. Jason asks if they’re not friends, and Sonny says he’s on his own now. Jason says he’s blaming himself and punishing himself by pushing everyone away, but he’s not going anywhere. Sonny says when he looks at Jason, all he can think about is what he lost. He doesn’t want him there or his help; he just wants his son. Jason says can’t bring Morgan back, but he’s not giving up on Sonny. Sonny says he gave up a while ago, and don’t try him because he’s got nothing left to lose. He tells Jason to get out and Jason leaves. Sonny does not look good.

Anna tells Griff that things will be clearer in the morning. He says things are clear now, and it’s no wonder Claudette went to Nathan. He’s failed every test he’s had, and Charlotte deserves better. He doesn’t think he can be a father to her. Anna says he’ll have to give her up then.

Nathan tells Maxie that Claudette wasn’t on the plane.

Curtis sneaks into Sonny’s place.

Ave talks to herself, saying she hopes Nicholas and Morgan are at peace, wherever they are. That’s a good question. Where are they? Ava’s phone rings. She asks who it is and then, as though he read our minds, she says, “Nicholas?”

Jordan calls Andre, apologizing for blowing him off. She says it was a work thing, but nothing consequential.

Curtis goes through drawers. Jason finds him and he suggests maybe they can work together.

Michael comes to the hotel. Carly realizes that Alexis must have called him. He says he ran into Nell and Sonny isn’t doing well.

Sonny goes to the bridge. He looks like crap. He relives his last argument with Morgan, telling Carly Morgan is dead, and Carly blaming him. He takes out a gun and says he’s sorry to Morgan. He looks confused and starts to cry.

Tomorrow, Jason asks Curtis who he’s working for, Jordan tells Valerie that Curtis is dirty (and not in a good way), and Sonny sees Robin on the bridge. She spends more time in Port Charles as a vision than she does in actuality.

Little Women: LA

The girls’ night at the casino isn’t going too well. Christy’s friend Rhonnie gets into it with Tonya, and her other friend Karla chimes in, cursing Tonya out. Lovely. Tonya tells Christy she was just the messenger in telling her why Terra didn’t want to be there. In her interview, Christy says she keeps trying to fix things and it gets screwed up. We flash back to all the times she’s tried to prove she’s right, which is what she calls fixing things. Elena tells Rhonnie that they weren’t involved, so it’s none of their business, and Christy had claimed that she wanted them to get together to apologize. In her interview, Elena is disappointed that instead of an apology, they got medical records and Christy’s nasty friends.

Christy apologizes to Tonya. Tonya says that’s why she came. Jasmine says Christy’s problem is Terra and Briana, and asks what she’s going to do to fix that. Christy is up for ideas, but nobody has anything.

Terra meets Tonya for lunch. Tonya is impressed with Terra’s shoes. Terra says she’s breaking in her heels because they’re the first dancing shoes she’s using on Dancing with the Stars. Tonya says she’s always wanted to do the show, but she’s excited for Terra. She suggests Terra use her activewear for rehearsals.

Tonya tells Terra about how Christy brought her posse with her to casino night. Terra says she wants to meet privately and talk to Christy about moving on. Tonya doesn’t have any suggestions for that, but she wants all the girls to go on a survival retreat. In her interview, she says the team building exercises will help them build relationships or the girls will kill each other off one by one. Either way, it’s good.

In her interview, Christy talks about coming up to her seventh anniversary of being sober. She’s upset that Briana was spreading rumors about her popping pills. Christy meets with her “sober sister” to discuss life events. Christy tells her about the retreat and Sis says that Christy can’t make someone be friends with her. Christy says she’s going to apologize one more time to Briana and Terra. Whether they accept it or not is on them.

Commercial break. In the Little Women: Atlanta‘s Reunion Part Two, it looks like there are a lot of soap opera faces and mouths hanging open. I’m passing on this one, even though Juicy’s umbrella trimmed in marabou feathers looks interesting.

In her interview, Briana says being moms has brought her and Terra closer together and they’ve been able to let past things go. The two couples get together. Terra makes her announcement about Dancing with the Stars. In her interview, Briana claims she was supposed to be on it a couple of seasons ago, but had to pass. Terra brings up girls’ night. Matt says no way they want to be around Christy, since she got all up in their legal business. In her interview, Briana says she doesn’t want to get stabbed in the back again.

Terra tells Briana about the retreat. Briana says that there’s no way she can be friends with Christy again, and Terra says there won’t be any kumbaya moment on her end.

Jasmine and Elena go camping shopping. Elena checks out a switchblade. Elena says it’s obvious they don’t know what they’re doing, and hopes they survive the survival shebang. Jasmine asks if this is the worst it’s ever been with Christy. Elena says it is, and she’s tired of trying to help fix Christy’s relationships, but it’s about second chances, so they should give her another one.

In her interview, Terra says she has no idea who her dancing partner is going to be. She’s nervous about their reaction to her being a little person. Tonya and Joe are there for support. I don’t know any of the Dancing with the Stars people. I only watched it once when Mel B was competing, and as soon as she was cut, I was out. It’s Sasha. Terra is excited to be dancing with him. She says he danced with Snookie a few seasons back, and although she’s super short, it won’t be the same. She asks Sasha if he’s scared, but he says he’s brimming with ideas. Tonya thinks the biggest hurdle will be getting everyone over their preconceived notions of what a little person can do.

Terra brings up having just had a C-section, and Sasha says her health is a priority. If she has any pain or feels any weirdness, let him know immediately. He seems like a really nice guy.

Christy runs on the treadmill while Todd watches. In her interview, Christy says a little person’s stomach is the same size as an average sized person’s, so dieting is hard. She wants to buy a treadmill for the house in hopes that Todd will use it too. It scares her that she’s never seen an old little person. Really? I’m pretty sure a lot of them get old.

She tells Todd about the retreat. Todd thinks Christy should back away from Briana since she’s obviously more invested in the relationship than Briana is. Christy says she’s known them a long time and wants ot make things right. She stands her ground about Terra having given her a concussion, and Todd tells her just don’t stand so close she gets burned. Whatever that means.

Tonya says they used to lean on each other for support against an average sized world, but now their group has fallen apart. As soon as Terra sees Christy, she suggests taking out the bug spray, so we’re off to a good start. Instructor Joel shows up, and Elena suggests a last trip to the nice bathroom before they leave. In her interview, Terra says if Christy gets out of hand, it might turn into a real survival situation.

Joel asks what they’re hoping to get out of it. Elena talks about rebuilding the group, and he says that team exercises are good for that. He starts with shelter building and asks Tonya to pick the two groups. He asks who is uncomfortable with who, and Terra says because of legal issues, she refuses to be paired with Christy. So it’s Elena, Christy and Jasmine, and Tonya, Terra and Briana. Jasmine says Christy is on the wrong team for rebuilding relationships.

In her interview, Christy says if Terra and Briana don’t want to be on her team, they’re being childish. Tonya asks Briana and Terra what it would take for them to forgive Christy. Terra says pay her legal bills for one. Since Christy messed with her family, she hates her, and she knows that’s a strong word. Briana says Christy got way out of line with her, and she just can’t be friends again. Tonya heaves a huge sigh. Huge.

With shelter building completed, Sean moves on to fire. He wants them to put mud from the creek on their faces. Elena says the only mud going on her face is from the spa and Jasmine passes because she’s pregnant. Jasmine helps put mud on Terra’s face. She says the team building isn’t working very well.

Joel thinks it would be beneficial if they write down what’s bothering them. Later, they’ll read them and put the problems to rest. Everyone hesitates and Tonya makes me laugh, saying don’t everybody run for the pencils at once. Joel takes them to the fire pit and makes fire in like two seconds. Jasmine thinks it looks easy. I think it’s probably like watching Gene Kelly dance – it looks effortless, but you try it. Jasmine wonders if they’re struggling because they’re little people. Nice try. Two hours later, Terra has success.

They sit around the campfire and Joel says they’re there to rekindle, so get on with the letters. Tonya goes first, telling them to stop being sensitive and stay in their lanes. Everyone claps and she throws it in the fire. Christy tells Briana that there was a lot of name calling and mistrust, but it’s not in her character. She talks about her father having cancer and her daughter being ill, and says that’s why she’s been acting so crazy. In her interview Briana says Christy is rehashing what happened, but no apology came forth. Briana tells Christy that she was on her deathbed, and Christy made a snowball effect that’s irreparable, adding that she still didn’t get an apology. Christy says she can’t control Briana’s family being a-holes. Elena says Christy is side-stepping her part, and Briana feels like she can’t trust Christy anymore.

Christy says she gave Briana’s parents an update because she cares about her. Briana says she’s had death threats and is now looking into getting a gun. She says it’s about overstepping boundaries. Christy claims she’s alone and needs support, and Briana felt the same way. Christy apologizes. Briana says she’s moving forward with the positive in her own life, but she’s done with Christy. Elena thinks she should forgive. Tonya says it’s going to take time, and brings up Terra. Terra says that she was going to apologize to Christy for the iced tea fight, and then found out she needed to lawyer up because Christy filed a police report. Christy says they were both hurt. She goes on about how she’s had concussions before, but she had a recent one and has the medical records to prove it.

Christy says she’s sick of talking sh*t and wants to move forward. Terra says she does too, but Jasmine tells her that she’s not exactly moving on. Elena says it doesn’t look like forgiveness is going to happen on Terra’s part. Terra says she is sorry she refused to be in a group with Christy. She says she’s sorry she responded immaturely. She’s done fighting, but wants everyone to respect that some things cant be fixed. If she’s the broken link in the chain of their group, she wants them to accept it. Tonya says when someone breaks your heart, it can take a long time to mend. In her interview, Terra says the girls need to accept she doesn’t want to be friends with Christy. Terra tells the group that she doesn’t want to prevent them doing things together, but she still doesn’t want to be friends and doesn’t want it brought up again. She feels that it’s something that can’t be fixed.

Next time, the ladies take a defense class, Tonya has Lasik eye surgery, Angelique brings her boyfriend home, and Dancing with the Stars rehearsal begins.

October 19, 2016 – GH’s Nathan is No Father & Little LA’s Christy has No Apology


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Sonny sees Morgan as a child running around the house, playing hide and seek. Morgan disappears and Sonny finds a tiny shoe. Nell asks him if he’s all right and he wakes up.

Hayden decides to make a deal with Evan. He suggests going to his room. She asks if he has a mini bar and tells him to lead the way.

A coughing Finn tells Tracy he’s okay, but she says that she hasn’t seen him this bad in a while. He says he needs to adjust his treatment regimen and gets distracted by Hayden leaving with Evan.

Maxie tells Nathan they saw what Claudette wanted them to see. She has Charlotte listen to the soundtrack from Frozen while they talk. Maxie says Claudette isn’t exactly known for telling the truth. Nathan wonders why she would lie and what she expects to get out of it. Is Nathan really this dense? Maxie says him.

You’d never know it the way she’s going at it with Griff. Half-naked. In the middle of the gym. Griff breaks away and says he can’t.

Nathan says there’s no way the results could be falsified. Maxie says she got a sample from Charlotte’s juice box, but they don’t know what it was Claudette gave them. She says how do they know it was really a sample from Charlotte? He says the results said they were related. Who else could it be? Wait for it…

Obrecht is talking to Ava at the bar. They discuss Morgan’s death. Obrecht says Morgan’s treatment obviously wasn’t working properly. If it had, he never would have gotten in the car. It was the medication failure that really killed him.

Hayden gets to Evan’s room and he’s ready to get busy. She wants a libation to get her in the mood. He throws several mini bottles on the bed for her. He says too much of a good thing leads to not enough of a good thing, so he’s passing. She doesn’t want to drink alone, so he guzzles one.

Finn asks if Tracy saw Hayden. Tracy says she was too busy worrying about him. Finn says that Hayden got in the elevator with the tool. Tracy says they’re consenting adults, but Finn says Hayden might do something she regrets. Tracy asks if that’s a problem for him.

Nell gives Sonny some aspirin. He’s been sleeping in a chair, and she thinks he might be less restless in his own bed. He says he might as well stay awake, since he’ll only dream. Nell talks about her best friend who she drove to a party. When her friend was ready to leave, Nell was didn’t want to, so she got a ride home from someone. They’d been drinking, crashed the car and her friend was killed. She wonders what life would be like if she’d stuck by her but what good does it do? She still dreams about it, and her thinking isn’t the same. Sonny says he saw Morgan as a little boy. He said, “Daddy, come find me,” and Sonny couldn’t find him.

Ava says Obrecht might be on to something. They’ll never know if tragedy could have been avoided; it will remain a mystery. Obrecht says Morgan’s mother will want answers, so maybe not. She says Carly could have the medication tested. She’ll have Andre’s head and Sonny will bury it. Ava has to leave and calls Scotty in the hallway. She tells him where her will is, just in case. She says she’s on her way to deal with an urgent matter and it’s possible she might not come back alive.

Nathan asks Maxie to watch Charlotte. He’s going to see Griff. He’s the most likely candidate, and if anyone can get the truth, it’s him.

Griff says sorry. Claudette says she isn’t, and enough with his promises to God. She tells him to stop lying to himself and denying himself. He already turned from the church to her. She suggests they run away together.

Evan wants to get the party started, but Hayden says she’s not comfortable until he does his half of the deal. He says chicks always want the money up front. She says she’s not doing this or this – although we don’t see what she’s doing – ha-ha! – until it happens, and he says he’ll get his checkbook. I guess this and this was pretty good.

Tracy tells Finn to intervene, but he says Hayden will get the wrong idea. Tracy says he’s resisting the urge to play hero, which she thinks is the right call. She says Hayden is a big girl, but she wants him to do what makes him happy. If he doesn’t find a cure, his time is limited, so he can spend it on intervening in other people’s lives or save himself. If he focuses on the latter, he’ll have time for the former.

Evan writes a check and gives it to Hayden. She wants to go deposit it immediately, but he stops her. He says it’s time for her to pay up. And why wouldn’t she think of the possibility of him stopping payment if she doesn’t come back?

Nell says Avery is asleep, so if it helps, she can keep Sonny company. He says he’s fine and she’s done enough. She says he doesn’t have to go through this alone. Jason and Kristina called and there are a lot of people who care. He says if he can’t be with Carly, he wants to be alone. Nell leaves.

Finn looks at the bill on Evan’s table and finds the room number. He goes upstairs and bursts in the door.

The doorbell rings as Sonny is looking at pictures. It’s Ava.

Maxie calls Obrecht, telling her it’s an emergency and she needs to come over right now. Obrecht says she’s on her way.

Griff says he’s not thinking clearly, and Claudette says it’s because he’s being someone he isn’t meant to be. They can be together now, so why don’t they try it. He asks about leaving Charlotte and she says she doesn’t want to leave her, but she’s safer with her father. Nathan is standing there and says, but he’s not her father, Griff is.

Ava wants ot see Avery. She’s concerned because she called and a strange girl answered, telling her Sonny wouldn’t come to the phone. He says he doesn’t feel like talking, especially to her. She says she’s sorry about Morgan, and he says she’s the worst thing that happened to him. He tells her he tolerates her for Avery’s sake, but not tonight. She says whatever conflict he has with Julian isn’t with her; she’s out of that life for Avery’s sake. She asks about taking Avery temporarily, but he says no. She asks where Carly is and he tells her, not here. She asks if Carly left him.

Evan is passed out, and Finn asks what happened. Finn asks if Evan hurt her, but she says he was on the verge of passing out two vodkas ago. She wants Finn to help her get Evan into bed. If he thinks they didn’t do the deed, he might cancel the check.

Maxie asks Obrecht to watch Charlotte for a while. She’s excited, but Maxie tells her don’t get too attached, because Claudette lied again and Nathan isn’t the father.

Nathan tells Claudette and Griff about Maxie getting Charlotte retested. He figured out on the way there that the hair was from his mother. He says Claudette knew a test was coming eventually, and it explains why the test shows they share DNA when it’s a lie. Griff says Claudette wouldn’t stoop so low and Nathan says, oh yes she would. Claudette admits she took the hair from Obrecht’s brush and Griff is the father.

Ava says Sonny won’t make it through this without Carly. She says she hates to admit it, but Avery needs both of them, especially now with her family on the verge of fracture. She says hold on to Carly, or do whatever he needs to get her back, for Avery and for Morgan. It’s what he would have wanted.

Obrecht says Nathan is the father, there was a test. Maxie says Claudette fooled everyone, except her. She had her own test done. She says she’s sorry, but it’s not true. Obrecht says she’ll make Claudette regret she was born. Maxie says she needs her to babysit right now. She’ll be back as soon as she can.

Nathan asks why Claudette did this. What satisfaction does she get from stepping on his heart and what did he ever do to her? She says she needed his help. They were married once and he loved her. so she took a gamble that he’d love Charlotte. She says if Valentin knew Griff was Charlotte’s father, he’d go after him. She knew Nathan could protect her. Claudette says she knows he doesn’t believe it, but she’s sorry. She asks if Griff wants to meet his daughter.

Hayden shows Finn the check and says it’s for funding. He asks if she was going to sleep with this idiot for him? She says no, she only wanted him to think that. Boys always think they can out drink her. She asks him again to help her get Evan into the bed. Finn says there’s not enough hand sanitizer in the world, but helps anyway. She better take off Evan’s pants or he won’t think they did anything. She sets the stage and says when he comes to, he’ll think she gave him the night of his life. She says Finn should cash the check asap though. Finn is full of what ifs. Hayden asks how he found her and if he was following her. He says he saw the room number on the bar bill and she asks why he’s there. He says he was worried about her. She says what would have happened if he came in and found them together, and what’s it to him?

Hayden says she knows the real reason he came. He thought she was going to have sex with that jerk and was going to stop it, but she stopped all by herself. She says he thinks if she’s going to have sex with anyone, it’s him, and he’s not dead yet. She gets him laughing, and asks if they’re moving because the room is spinning. They sit on the floor.

Nathan comes back and says Charlotte has been though enough already, so be gentle. Obrecht tells Claudette she owes her some answers. Nathan asks why Obrecht is there, and she says Maxie told her everything. She’s babysitting because Maxie had something urgent.

Maxie goes to Claudette’s place. There’s no answer, even though music is blasting, so she lets herself in with a bootleg key, thanks to Spinelli. She calls out for Claudette. She wants a word with Claudette’s lying, piece of trash self. A bearded guy comes out of the other room.

Claudette introduces Charlotte to Griff. This child is going to be seriously confused. When they wrote that kids book about having two daddies, I don’t think this is what they meant.

Maxie apologizes, and starts to leave, but bearded guy grabs her from behind.

Sonny says Ava is the last person who should be speaking for Morgan. She says she can speak for Avery, and Sonny needs space to grieve and has to get on with the business of healing, so he can be there for his daughter. He says she’s got five minutes with Avery and then he doesn’t want to see her again. She goes upstairs.

Ava sneaks into Morgan’s room. She looks at his pills and takes one the bottles, She drops it and it rolls under the bed. She gets on the floor to retrieve it and when she gets up, Nell is there. If she’s smart, she’ll tell Sonny what Obrecht told her about the medication, and say she was going to have it tested.

Tomorrow, Carly tells Sonny that she’ll always love him, Nell wants to know what Ava is doing, and Claudette wants Charlotte out of Port Charles.

Little Women: LA

Terra is still upset about the baby name. She thinks Joe changed his mind because of other people’s influence. She feels like they made a mistake naming the baby Grayson. She wants D’Artagnan in there somewhere. Joe agrees to it as a middle name.

Maverick is six weeks old and not showing any signs of the heath issues that can come with dwarfism. Briana talks to Matt about Christy wanting to apologize. Even though Christy  wasn’t invited to the sip and see, Elena and Jasmine made her a topic of conversation. Matt doesn’t think Christy has a sincere bone in her body, but Briana is torn. Christy is friends with Briana’s friends, and she thinks that she should confront her for the sake of the group.

Terra is managing two babies while packing for the move, and hanging on to what’s left of her sanity. Elena comes over for a visit. Terra tells her about the D’Artagnan issue. Elena says no one else has to like it. Terra tells Elena about her Dancing with the Stars gig. Elena is like, you just left the hospital, but Terra is more concerned about dancing with an average sized person. Elena is supportive.

Elena tells Terra about the sip and see, and how Christy wasn’t invited, but they discussed her while they were there. She says she met with Christy later, but it didn’t go well. We flash back to that. Elena says Christy is desperate to defend herself and she forgives her, but it will be harder with the others. She tells Terra about how Christy wished she hadn’t gone to the police or Briana’s family, and now wants to apologize to everyone.

Dawn (from Little Women NY) visits Christy. No surprise they’re friends. Oh ho! She was behind the police report filing. They’re getting a massage and Christy tells Dawn about her apology tour and shows her an invite to a casino get together. Dawn asks why she felt compelled to highlight her medical records in the slot machine graphic. In her interview, Christy says no one wants to believe she had a concussion. She says she’ll apologize about everything, but she also deserves an apology. Dawn wants to know if she’s including the medical records to prevent people from coming, and asks what makes Christy think things will go smoothly. Dawn says she’ll be there for support, but thinks Christy has a lot of hatchets buried and has run out of olive branches.

Elena and Preston bring the twins for a photo session. The photos are beautiful, but they’re a seriously good-looking family. Elena can’t believe how fast the babies are growing. Elena discusses genetic testing for the babies with Preston. She wants to put her fears to rest, or at least know what she’s dealing with. She thinks it’s time to find out.

Jasmine and Briana go shopping. Jasmine is looking for a bassinet. Jasmine asks if Briana got Christy’s invitation to the casino. Briana says yes, and she feels bi-polar about it. In her interview, she says she was ready to give Christy another chance, but calling Terra out with the medical records makes her wonder what’s in store for her. She says she’s disgusted with Christy as a person. She understands where Jasmine is coming from in wanting peace, but Christy hurt her deeply, and she doesn’t want Christy to think they’re cool if she goes. In her interview, Jasmine thinks Briana shouldn’t throw away the friendship, especially since she could forgive Matt. Well, that’s a little different. She doesn’t sleep with Christy.

It’s move-in day! Joe has left for a gig (geez, thanks Joe – nice planning), and Tonya comes to the new house to help. Tonya asks if the movers are going to help unpack and place the furniture, since it would be difficult for the two of them. Before Terra investigates this, Tonya asks if she got Christy’s invitation. Terra says she’s proud of how classy Christy was to include her medical information. They talk about Christy having been in abusive relationships, and Terra says there’s no indication as to when she got a concussion. In her interview, Terra says she’s surprised Christy can get one since she has such a thick skull. BA-DUM-CHH! Terra has no intention of being her friend again, and says Christy is never going to see the baby or come to her new house.

Jasmine and Elena get ready for casino night. Jasmine says Christy has made a lot of mistakes. Elena is tired of the group being split. Jasmine thinks Briana and Terra are being stubborn. Jasmine thinks Christy has a lot of apologizing to do, but is puzzled as to why she’d put her medical records on the invitation. Because she’s stupid that way, that’s why. Elena says their conversation was about fixing things, not digging them up. She says they can only do so much and Christy has to do the rest.

Besides Dawn, Christy has invited two other friends, Karla and Rhonnie, who reminds me of New York from Flavor of Love, or what I used to call The Big Ass Clock Man Show. Even though she doesn’t know anything about it, Rhonnie says the other girls bully Christy and Karla says Christy is the best person in the world. Elena arrives first and is irritated that Christy invited Dawn. She thinks Christy is just trying to start drama again. Tonya joins them. She’s annoyed at seeing Dawn too. She doesn’t think it’s going to be a fun girls night out apology time. Elena wins at Blackjack, but doesn’t understand how she did it.

Rhonnie tells Tonya she seems bothered. Christy asks if Terra and Brianna are coming. Tonya says Terra thought her invitation was condescending and isn’t going to be there. In her interview, Christy is glad, because it proves she made the right decision. This girl is what Dr. Phil calls a “right fighter.” She only cares about proving her point. Rhonnie tries to cause problems, criticizing the way Tonya delivered the message. In her interview, Tonya says Rhonnie needs to stay in her lane.

Elena tells Christy that Briana feels that Christy’s intentions aren’t genuine. Karla asks if anyone cares about Christy’s feelings. Jasmine says she should ask Briana about that. Karla thinks they’re going behind Christy’s back and starts telling Jasmine how she should behave. Jasmine says she tried to get Briana there, but she chose not to come. Karla says everything is going to turn back on her, making everyone uncomfortable.

Tonya asks Jasmine and Elena if they want to play the slots. In her interview, Christy wonders how she can fix things if they don’t want to stick around. She might try actually fixing things instead of starting more things. Elena says she spent too much time trying to convince Christy to apologize and reconnect, and Christy brought other people to start more sh*t. Tonya says they’ve been bamboozled again.

Christy doesn’t understand. Rhonnie says it was like follow the leader when Tonya wanted to go. She says Christy could sprout wings and a halo and they still wouldn’t like her. She says Tonya was talking trash about saying hell would have to freeze over for Terra to show up, when she’d said something different before. Dawn thinks they should confront her.

Tonya, Jasmine and Elena go for a drink. Jasmine texts Christy to try and smooth things over before it gets out of control. All of them show up at the girls’ table. Tonya says they just wanted to talk to Christy, and the night wasn’t what they thought it was going to be. Jasmine says she didn’t understand the medical report. Christy asks why they think she’s a liar. Tonya says she embellishes. Dawn says Christy proved she had a concussion, and Tonya says she thinks it’s from an abusive ex. Dawn sticks her humongous-for-a-little-person nose in it, and Tonya wonders why she’s there.

Christy pulls out some more medical documents. Tonya asks why she brought them, and suggests they move on. Jasmine and Elena are pissed off, because Christy said she was over it. Christy says she doesn’t see how they can understand her side when they won’t acknowledge she’s right. (See? What did I say?) She says it’s like they’re wearing blinders. Tonya says the person she needs to prove something to isn’t there. She brings up Christy bringing Plastic to the photo shoot. This will never, ever be forgotten. Christy says she brought other friends to the casino because she felt alone. Tonya says she’s invited Christy everywhere, but she’s burning her bridges with all of them.

Rhonnie asks what the problem is with them being there. Tonya says she doesn’t know them and Dawn encouraged Christy pressing charges. Christy thinks they should go around the table and say sorry. I’ll just bet that when she was a drinker, she was one of those people who says, “we were all drunk,” when they were the drunk who created the mess the night before. Rhonnie says she doesn’t think Christy owes anyone an apology. Tonya says she wasn’t there. Christy just wants to move on. Elena says Christy claimed her apology was going to be so good, everyone would cry. That still might happen. Elena says she doesn’t need any apology, but why doesn’t Christy start with ruining Tonya’s photo shoot?

Christy says she’s sorry for what she said to Tonya. Tonya is like, I didn’t come here for all of this. Karla tries to get involved, but Tonya shuts her down. She says she’s not blaming Christy for anything. Everyone starts yelling at once. Elena wants to know why they’re wasting their time, and why are these strangers getting involved? Good question. Jasmine says it’s between them. Rhonnie talks about Tonya making comments when they were playing Blackjack. Tonya says she was having a private conversation. Rhonnie tells her she should have it somewhere private then. Tonya gets loud and Elena tries to intervene. The argument culminates with Karla calling Tonya a @#$%^& bitch. Tonya says she’ll do what she wants.

To be continued…

Next time, Terra refuses to be in Christy’s life anymore, Terra is worried about the height difference on Dancing with the Stars, and the girls go on a survivalist retreat. Oh, swell.

October 12, 2016 – Morgan’s Death Rocks GH & Little LA’s Terra Rocks Baby Number Two


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Tracy is on the phone, wondering why she wasn’t informed about the sale of GH. She says she wasn’t aware of being banned either. Dillon comes in and she can’t decide whether the board is duplicitous or deranged. He suggests she worry about his brother instead.

Dillon stops by The Floating Rib to say hi to Kiki. He feels like they’re getting a fresh start and she agrees. Kiki gets a message on her phone about a concert she and Morgan were supposed to go to. She says she has to end things with him before starting something new, but doesn’t understand why he’s not calling her back.

Michael comes to the station and asks Dante what’s going on. Dante tells him that their brother Morgan is gone. He tells Michael that Morgan is dead. Michael asks how it happened and Dante explains about the explosion.

Carly dreams of a better time. Bobbie wakes her up. Carly asks what she’s doing there, and Bobbie says that Sonny called and she came right over. Carly is fuzzy as to what happened.

Sonny looks at family photos. Jason comes in and tells him he’s trying to trace the broker. He says brokers who do double-blind jobs will vanish, especially if there’s a problem. Sonny asks if Jason thinks it’s his fault that Morgan is dead. Sonny tells him that he canceled the job and the broker said he understood. Something is going on, and he’s going to find out who’s responsible. Jason says he’ll get answers. Sonny heads to the station.

Lulu and Laura get together for lunch. Lulu asks about Spencer’s new school. Laura hates that he’s so far away, but she’s happy with the security. She gets a call from Doc, but ignores it. Lulu says Doc told her everything about what happened with the book he was writing. Laura says he already apologized and they’re good friends. Lulu asks if there’s a chance for anything more. Laura says whenever she decides to trust someone, they prove her wrong.

Monica asks what the shouting was about. Tracy says she’s been barred from the board meeting, because they want to sell GH to an investor who wants to turn it into luxury condos. Tracy tells her she’s going to the meeting anyway and Monica says she’s going with her.

Ned visits Dillon at Crimson. Dillon says Paul is in jail, everyone is safe, and he’s moving on. Ned says he’d like to credit his pep talk for changing Dillon’s attitude, but thinks the credit belongs to someone else.

Ava tells Kiki she needs to talk to her. And it’s not good.

Bobbie tells Carly she came to help, and Carly wonders why. She thinks it has something to do with Morgan being expelled, and says they came down too hard on him. She says when Morgan gets home, shes going to tell him it’s never to late to fix something and she loves him. Bobbie tells her Morgan is gone.

Dante tells Michael how Morgan was drinking, had his keys taken away, and took Julian’s car. Michael says no one wanted Julian dead more than Sonny. Sonny and Jason walk in.

Dillon tells Ned that Kiki is the reason he’s smiling. Ned says he guesses Dillon won’t be putting anymore fishhooks in doors. Dillon is puzzled and Ned says maybe Olivia is right, and tells him what happened. Dillon is more curious about Ned and Olivia being in the boathouse together than the fishhook.

Carly says Bobbie is talking about a dream she had, but it’s not true. Bobbie tells her it happened. She says they gave Carly a pill to calm her down, and Carly says that’s why she had the nightmare; they drugged her. Bobbie says they’ll make tea and talk. Carly won’t have it, and still insists Morgan is alive. She wonders why Sonny’s coat is covered with mud, and Bobbie tells her Sonny tried to look for him. Suddenly, Carly remembers Sonny coming home the night before and how scared she was. She says her little boy can’t be dead.

Ava tells Kiki there was an accident involving Morgan. Kiki asks if he’s at the hospital, but Ava says she’s sorry, Morgan is gone. Kiki thinks it’s a sick plan to break them up, but Ava says it’s true. Kiki tries calling Morgan, but of course there’s no answer.

Michael asks Sonny how a bomb got in Julian’s car. Jason suggests they go somewhere more private. An officer gives Morgan’s phone to Dante, saying someone just tried to call. Michael interrogates Sonny, oddly enough in the interrogation room. He asks if Sonny went after Julian and asks if Sonny is the reason Morgan is dead.

Dante goes to Sonny’s place. Carly asks him to tell her what happened – Sonny isn’t there and last night is a blur. Dante asks Bobbie to give them privacy. Carly asks him if Morgan hit something or if he was speeding. Dante says he was getting out of the car and it exploded. She wonders who would do this to Morgan, and Dante tells her it was Julian’s car.

Kiki asks why Morgan would be driving Julian’s car. Ava says she doesn’t know, but he was drinking. Ava says he was set off by seeing Kiki and Dillon getting it on. Kiki says that didn’t happen; they’ve never been together. Ava says mental illness can be hard to understand.

Michael asks Sonny if he tried to kill Julian, but Sonny is silent. Sonny says he doesn’t know how it happened and Michael says he set it in motion by giving the order. He says Sonny had just given him a big speech on how vengeance isn’t worth it, and was vengeance on Julian worth Morgan’s life? Jason leads Michael out of the room.

Dante explains to Carly that Morgan had been drinking and the bartender took his keys. Carly asks if Morgan was having a manic episode. Dante isn’t sure, but says that when TJ tried to give him a ride home, Morgan punched him and took a car that had keys in it. He says he doesn’t think Morgan knew it was Julian’s car. He tells Carly that Jason went after him and saw everything. Carly wants to know why the car exploded, and Dante tells her the bomb wasn’t meant for Morgan – it was meant for Julian.

Jason takes Michael home. He tells Tracy and Monica about Morgan. He says a car bomb killed him.

Carly asks if Sonny had anything to do with it. Dante tries to avoid the question. Carly hyperventilates and starts to cry. She says she warned him. Dante says he knows she’s grieving, but he’s still a cop, so don’t say anything that will implicate Sonny. He says he probably already crossed a line just telling her that. He gives her Morgan’s phone. (Wouldn’t this be evidence? So much for crossing the line.). He says he’s sorry and leaves. Geez.

Olivia joins Laura and Lulu. Lulu gets a call from Dante, who wants her to come to the station. Laura tells her to go have quality time with her husband, and she bounces off. Laura asks Olivia if she remembers being so in love, and Olivia says she still feels young at heart. She asks Laura about Doc. Laura says things got complicated, and Olivia wonders how Doc screwed up. Laura says he broke her trust, although maybe it would be different if her experience hadn’t been so bad. Olivia tells her not to give up on someone who makes her happy, and Laura asks if she’s speaking from experience.

Ned tells Dillon he has to solve the mystery of who put the fishhook in the boathouse door because they saw him and Olivia getting busy. He leaves and Kiki comes in. She falls into Dillon’s arms crying.

Ned tells Olivia that Dillon didn’t put the hook in the door, but he’s not convinced Julian did either. He seemed honestly surprised when they confronted him. Ned says either way, Julian knows they’re a couple, and they don’t have to keep it a secret anymore.

Carly looks at Morgan’s phone. She rifles through some drawers and cupboards to find a charger, and plugs it in.

Dillon tells Kiki he can’t believe Morgan is gone. She says she was trying to find him. Dillon tells her that he’s sorry, and whatever she needs, he’s there for her. She says they can’t do this. She’s the reason Morgan snapped, because he saw them together. Dillon says they didn’t do anything wrong and Morgan had mental health issues. She says they’re the reason he’s dead and runs out.

Monica tells Michael she sorry, and Tracy says this is what happens what the city turns a blind eye to the violence happening around them. She says the bomb was meant for Julian and Sonny is behind it. Jason tries to interject, but Tracy says he lost his right to an opinion when he turned his back on the family. Monica says that’s enough.

Lulu comes to the station where Dante is banging things around. He tells her Morgan is dead, and he might have to arrest his father for it.

Carly listens to her own message on Morgan’s phone, telling him school is only a set back and he can rise above it, learning from his mistakes and moving on. Sonny comes in while she’s listening. Great. We have sad Sonny again. She tells him it’s Morgan’s phone and he never got the voicemail she left, because he was in a car and a bomb blew him up.

Laura calls Doc. She tells him she’d like to go to dinner.

Olivia tells Ned that maybe Julian was just an excuse. Maybe she wanted to keep the relationship quiet because once they tell people, it becomes real, and if it becomes real, she can screw it up. Ned says that’s a two-way street, and he’s been known to screw things up too. He says all he knows is that he missed them together. She tells him Doctor Strange is coming out soon. Ned says he doesn’t want to see it without her. She kisses him.

Kiki looks at her phone in the elevator and listens to a song by Morgan’s favorite band. Dillon looks at pictures and there’s a song part.

Ava tells Bobbie she’s sorry for her loss. Bobbie asks if Ava ever loved Morgan, and that he was just a kid who didn’t know any better. Ava says she loved him very much. There was a time when he was the only one who saw good in her and now everyone who did is gone.

Lulu tells Dante maybe it was a mistake and Sonny didn’t do it. Dante says it wouldn’t be the first time a kid of Sonny’s was caught in a crossfire. He says Morgan was the first Corrinthos he met when he came to town, and talks about how friendly he was. Lulu hugs him

Monica says it was a senseless tragedy, and Michael needs his family, including Jason. Michael says it’s okay, Tracy was just being a Quartermaine. Michael tells Jason that he wanted to believe Morgan was doing better. Jason says it isn’t on him. Michael says he contributed, since he didn’t pay attention, but whoever planted the bomb killed Morgan. Jason says Julian had a lot of enemies, and Sonny might not have anything to do with it. Michael asks if he really believes that. Probably about as much as I do.

Carly shows Sonny a picture of Morgan as a child. She says that Sonny just couldn’t help himself. He had to be the one to finish Julian, and now their beautiful little boy is dead, and Sonny killed him. She throws the picture at him. Sonny starts to cry and so do I. Dammit. I didn’t even like Morgan, but that’s how good this scene was.

Tomorrow, Kiki talks to Franco, TJ forgives Jordan, and Morgan’s death continues to resonate throughout Port Charles.

Little Women: LA

Baby number two is here! Terra says thank God he’s healthy and thank God for the drugs. It was a lot more difficult this time around. They still have to do genetic testing to find out if he has dwarfism, but Terra is happy that the baby is in her arms and not in an incubator. Joe is having doubts about the name though.

Briana is applying for a permit to carry a concealed weapon and wants to check out some guns. She’s shot a gun before, but wants more training and experience. Elena goes along to the range with her. She tells Elena that she’s had threats of violence to her family. She thinks it came from Christy spreading stories and passing her personal information around. She says you never know how crazy people are any more, and wants as much protection as possible. Elena says there are too many things that can go wrong having a gun in the house with small children.

Briana has some pretty decent aim, but Elena’s is even better. She says maybe she missed her calling as a secret spy. (Isn’t “secret spy” redundant?) Briana wants to get everyone together for a sip and see party. She doesn’t want to invite Christy though, and we flash back to Christy’s idiocy on the yacht. Briana has no idea why Elena still wants her as a friend. She tells Elena if that’s what she wants, she’ll go along with it, but not happily.

Tonya visits Terra in the hospital. Tonya thinks the baby is smiling, but Terra says he’s probably pooping. Terra has two godmothers and godfathers for Penny, and wants the same for Not-Named-Yet. She asks Tonya to be one of the godmothers. They wanted to name the baby D’Artagnan, but Terra says the family hates it and now Joe is iffy. She cries, saying she doesn’t want to make a mistake. I think it’s a fabulous name. They could always call him Art for short. No pun intended.

Tonya goes shopping for her dog, Angel, who is like another child to her. Angelique and Kerwin go with her and Angelique tries different outfits on Angel. The woman at the store claims to be an animal psychic. Kerwin asks if the dog knows if anyone has a new boyfriend, but the woman says Angel is pleading the fifth for her sister. They think Angelique is dating her old boyfriend, Reggie. Tonya tells Angelique to be honest.

Terra is feeling more like her old self. Joe’s family is in town and everyone gets together at the hospital. Penny is introduced to her new brother. Terra hopes Penny has a bond with No Name like she does with her brother. Terra suggests Augustus for the baby, but Joe says Willy Wonka ruined that name for everyone. Terra is still stuck on D’Artagnan, but Joe says the baby isn’t a Musketeer. He swears before they leave the hospital, they’ll have a name.

Briana and Jasmine do some flower arranging. Briana tells Jasmine about the threats o her family and how she wants to buy a gun. Jasmine says she should look into an alarm system. Briana says they’re doing that too, but she wants something more. Jasmine doesn’t know if the risk is worth it. She asks who’s being invited to the sip and see. Briana says Elena doesn’t mind inviting Christy, but she doesn’t want Christy around her kids, since it’s the last thing Christy hasn’t picked on her about. We flash back to Christy asking Jasmine for help in fixing her relationships with the girls. In her interview, Jasmine doesn’t think Briana will give Christy another shot unless the other girls are on board. Jasmine tells Briana that she believes people deserve another chance and wants to believe Christy until she shows her otherwise. Briana says that she’ll choose not to believe her until proven otherwise.

Commercial break. Little Women: Dallas will be joining the franchise on November 2. Let’s hope they don’t have a little Leeanne Locken in the group.

Nameless baby is going home. For now Terra is calling him Baby Boy. Joe is still negative on D’Artagnan. He thinks they had a momentary lapse when they came up with the name, but Terra loves it. Terra hopes they can agree on one of her unique back-up names. She suggests Pearce, which I also like, but Joe is like, no. She asks about Grayson and Joe agrees. Grayson Vincent. She wants to still get D’Artagnan in there, and Joe says she can use it as a nickname. Sometimes.

Tonya and Elena are setting up early for the sip and see. Briana has insisted on not inviting Christy. Preston will be bringing the twins by later. Elena talks to Tonya about Briana getting a gun, and Tonya is with her about it being a bad idea with kids in the house. She says a dysfunctional family doesn’t need a gun.

Jasmine arrives with Briana and family right behind her. Briana has a good feeling since Christy won’t be there. In her interview, Jasmine says having a baby with dwarfism can be scary because of all the health problems that can arise, but she’s feeling positive seeing how healthy the other kids are. Briana thanks everyone for coming. The girls are all wearing cute hats and they sit down to tea with the ladies having their own table.

Tonya suggests a taser or pepper spray to Briana. In her interview, Tonya says something doesn’t sit right with her, and she thinks it’s too much for them to get a gun. Briana says Matt has received death threats and she doesn’t feel safe.

Jasmine asks when they started getting threats. Briana says when she was in the hospital the first time, Christy was texting her like crazy and then passed around insane stories, like saying Briana had been kidnapped. Then she started getting threats. Tonya says they don’t want anything to happen to her. In her interview, Tonya says she didn’t know how bad it was.

Elena says it’s a shame Terra couldn’t be there. She adds that she’s a little upset that she couldn’t invite Christy, who is still her friend. Briana says it’s not her mess to clean up. Jasmine feels that Christy deserves a second chance, and says Christy wants to apologize to everyone. Elena thinks Christy is doing stupid things because she’s trying to make it work, like bringing Plastic to the photo shoot. She’s worried about Briana and goes about it he wrong way. Jasmine says sometimes you have to forgive someone for your sake, not theirs, and doesn’t want Briana stuck in a bitter place. Tonya says she’s open to it. Briana says it will take more than a hug and promise. She says Christy needs to really understand what she did, and then they can take baby steps. Elena says she’ll meet with Christy and make sure she understands she needs to change or lose her friends.

Christy and Elena have lunch. She has to make sure Christy understands where everyone is coming from. She tells Christy about the sip and see, and says she didn’t invite Christy because she didn’t want a repeat performance of what happened at her birthday party. She says it’s past the point of apology, they want her to retract some of the things she’s said, like about Terra giving her a concussion. Christy says she’s not bowing down to them, but she’ll show her medical records. Elena says she needs to see things from the others’ perspectives. She asks why Christy brought Plastic to the photo shoot, and Christy says Tonya wanted her to prove what she had said about Matt. Elena says, but not at the photo shoot. In her interview, Elena talks about how Christy needs to take responsibility for her actions .Christy says she’s a peacemaker, and Elena says she’s a troublemaker and has to fix what she started. She tells Christy that she had no business contacting Briana’s family. Christy says she’ll apologize. Elena says she sees what others do wrong, but not herself. Christy whines about how much she has to deal with. Elena says she’s tired of the fighting and she wants it fixed. She thinks there’s too many empty words that are meaningless. In her interview, Christy says the name calling hurts and if it happened to Elena, she’d have a meltdown. Christy says she has enough dealing with the world without this group belittling her

Elena says Christy takes things to another level. She says Terra isn’t the one who went to the police. Christy says she’ll apologize to Terra and Briana perfectly. Elena says it’s not going to fix anything unless it’s sincere and for real. She thinks Christy is being a little sarcastic. In her interview, Christy is confused that Elena says she’s her friend, but is attacking her. She’s trying to help you, you moron. Christy says her apology will make everyone cry and Elena tells her not to make another mistake.

Penny is still with Grandma Olevia, but Terra says the chaos of two children will begin soon. She’s stressed because the contractors aren’t done on the new house until next week and she’ll be starting rehearsal for Dancing with the Stars around the same time. Joe is worried about her taking on too much, and Terra is still worried about her breast health issue. She says she and Joe are a great team and they can beat this if they stick together. They did the genetics test on Baby Boy Grayson, but it will take a couple of weeks to get the results. She still wants D’Artagnan in his name somewhere. She says everyone can call him Grayson, but Joe took this away from her. She says he fought her about Penny’s name and he might be hearing her, but he’s not listening. She says he picked the name, but won’t back it up because he cares what everyone else thinks. She feels like he cares more about everyone else’s feelings than hers.

Next time, the twins get genetically tested, Dawn from Little Women: NY makes an appearance, Christy releases her medical records, and the women go to a casino.

October 5, 2016 – Paul Departs Port Charles & Baby Number Two Arrives in Little LA


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Dante is looking for Sonny. Carly tells him that Sonny got a call and had to leave. Dante tries to pry into what kind of call it was.

Andre sees Morgan at the bar. This causes Morgan to order a water. Andre sees a load of empties next to him, and asks if there’s a good reason Morgan is risking his life. At one of the tables, Tracy orders a martini.

Dillon is tossing things around at the cabin and Ned comes to the door. He asks if Dillon needs help with anything, and suggests they take a ride in the Maserati, but Dillon says he’s already stared death in the face once this week.

Jordan tells Paul he’s being transferred soon. Paul tells Jordan that he has something to say that will impact a lot of people. Jordan tells him not to waste his breath and wonders what he could possibly have to bargain with.

Michael comes to the station looking for Dante. While the desk sergeant is looking at the roster, Michael reaches for his gun, but Sonny grabs his arm. Seriously, Michael, do you really think that’s a good idea? Is Morgan rubbing off on you?

Kiki tells Tracy she’s sorry about Paul. She says it might help to talk about it and tells Tracy about how it helped her to talk after she was shot. She says she tried to reach out to Dillon, but he’s not returning her calls. Tracy says if anyone is going to help him, it’s not going to be the girl who threw him aside, and the only help she wants is for Kiki to get her martini.

Dillon is looking for his fishing rod. It was a present from Paul and he wants to burn it.

Paul says the information he has will impact Jordan and many other people. Ava encourages him to wait for a lawyer before he says another word. Paul tells Jordan that he plans on pleading guilty, and Jordan says she’ll let the DA’s office know. When she’s gone, Ava says Paul could turn her in for leniency. He says he could, but he didn’t, and she’s welcome. Her way of saying thank you is asking him what he’s really up to.

Morgan asks Andre what about confidentiality? Andre says when he sees his patient acting in an unhealthy way, he’s going to say something no matter where they are. Morgan says the beer bottles on the bar are from someone else. He’s waiting for his food and just drinking water. Andre asks if he went for the blood test. Morgan tells him yes and that he’ll be there tomorrow for his session. Andre tells Morgan that his parents are worried, and Morgan says they’ll talk about that too, when it’s not in public. Andre leaves and Morgan orders another beer.

Sonny tells Michael that Nell called and she’s worried about him. He asks if Michael thinks he’s just going to go in and shoot Paul. Michael says he doesn’t have a gun, but he’s not fooling Sonny. Sonny says Paul will be taken care of, and Michael says yeah, like Julian was.

Dante tells Carly he’s not there as a cop, but he knows Sonny is going after Julian, which concerns him. She wonders why he thinks that, and he says call it instinct, but Sonny has definitely been keeping his distance. Dante says Julian has it coming, but the violence will escalate like it always does. The next time they get together, it won’t be for a family dinner, but to bury Sonny or someone else in the family.

Darby sees Morgan and orders a scotch. She says she’s on a study break. He says he’s on a permanent break and it’s her fault, since she recommended the site he got his paper from. She asks if he ran it through the plagiarism filter. He says she never mentioned that, but Darby says she didn’t think she had to. I’m almost never on Morgan’s side, but if he didn’t know about the site, how was he supposed to know about that? Morgan says he doesn’t care about school anyway; all he cares about is losing Kiki.

Kiki asks Olivia if she can leave early. She wants to find Dillon.

Dillon tells Ned he doesn’t want to be ambushed by a bunch of old memories. Ned tells him this reminds him of his 8th birthday. He cared less about the presents than seeing his father, and Larry paraded him around the house on his shoulders. He was king for a day, and Larry gave him diamond cufflinks. He says it was all fun and games until his father was caught fondling someone other than his mother behind the pool house. His mother had the cufflinks appraised and they were worthless. Ned says while the cufflinks are long gone, the memory isn’t. He says Larry will always be a part of him and Paul will always be a part of Dillon. It’s how they handle it that matters.

Ava asks for the flash drive, saying Paul has no need for it now. He says circumstances might change in the future. She says if the time comes and he needs her, she’ll be there; they’re kindred spirits. He says that’s exactly why he’s keeping it. He tells her that she claims her daughters are the most important thing to her, so be there for them. After the damage is done, it’s too late. Ava tells him to take care of himself and leaves.

Dante asks Carly how many close calls is it going to take before the law of averages catches up with her? He says it isn’t God protecting them, it’s blind luck. Carly says she begged Sonny to let the law do its job with Julian. He agreed and the system failed. Now Julian is free and it sends the wrong message to Sonny’s enemies. She says she’s done everything she can to avoid what’s coming, but maybe Dante can do something, and God help them if he doesn’t succeed.

Sonny says he wanted his kids to be better than him, and they are. He says Michael knows the difference between right and wrong, and acts accordingly. If he kills Julian, people won’t see him as he is, but as a criminal who’s the son of a criminal. Sonny tells Michael that if he can’t appeal to his goodness, he’ll appeal to his intelligence. He says vengeance is expensive. It will cost Michael the rest of his life, and don’t throw it away on Paul.

Morgan says he’s screwing up the best thing he ever had – again. Darby says Kiki has the patience of a saint – anyone else would have run screaming for the exit – and he needs to get it together.

Kiki shows up at the cabin. She says she wanted to check on Dillon, but feel free to tell her to leave. He does, but she doesn’t. He says he wants to go through all of the junk there and find the fishing rod Paul gave him. Kiki finds it immediately. That’s usually how it works at my house too.. My husband will look for something for an hour, and then I go, it’s right here.

Olivia sees Ned at the bar. They make small talk, and Ned sits down with Tracy. Ned asks if she wants to talk about Paul. He suggests Tracy look up her former in-laws. She asks what he’s talking about and he says Paul’s death. They have to kill him.

Sonny gets home and asks what’s going on. Dante says he wants to talk about Sonny and his plans for Julian. Sonny says it’s none of his business, but he should worry about his brothers. Michael and Morgan need all the help they can get.

Andre sees Jordan at the station. She says she needs a vacation. He’s brought her food. She says the killer was in plain sight, right under her nose. Andre says he was under all their noses. Jordan responds that she’s the commissioner and it’s over; she’s resigning.

Tracy says Ned isn’t a killer. He says he’s a son whose mother was at the hands of a killer. She tells him to let the law take care of Paul; she’s dealing with trying to get the hospital back open. He says until she faces Paul and what he did, she’ll never have peace.

Michael sees Paul. Paul wondered when he was going to get there. Michael says he’d like to kill Paul, but he’s not worth him throwing his life away. He wants answers though. He asks why Paul killed Sabrrrina. Paul says it’s difficult to explain; everything spiraled. Michael says Joe brought Teddy back to Puerto Rico, but one day he’ll want answers, and Paul owes Teddy that much. Paul says when that day comes, to tell Teddy that his mother died a hero.

Dillon says growing up, Tracy said he was better off without Paul, but he didn’t believe her. When Paul showed up wanting to know Dillon, he fell for it. Dillon was standoffish at first, but little by little Paul got to him, to the point where he cared about what Paul thought. He says it’s pathetic, but not any more. He cuts himself on the rod and says another gift from his dad.

Sonny tells Dante about Morgan getting expelled and says Morgan needs Dante’s support. Dante says if Sonny starts a war over Julian, he won’t be around for his children. He tells him to let it go.

Ava approaches Olivia wanting to know where Kiki is. Olivia says she left early to help a friend – Dillon. Ava asks if she went to the Quatermaine estate. Olivia says she doesn’t know and walks away. Morgan walks in.

Andre says Jordan can’t resign. She has a responsibility as a role model, the first black female police commissioner, and their trust in her wasn’t misplaced.

Paul tells Michael that he was worried Sabrrrina would put it together when she found Monica. We flash back to Sabrrrina telling him about the injection mark and how she’d thought he was going to get help. He says things changed, and he knew that she knew. Michael says she must have fought him, and he had to choke her with his bare hands. Michael asks how long it took and how long she was afraid. Tracy comes in and says this is done.

Kiki tends to Dillon’s wound. She says he might have a scar. He says he’ll use it as a reminder not to end up like his dad. She asks if she’s like her mother. She tells him not to let his father define him. He’s nice, kind, and funny, and has a lot of people he can lean on. His mom, his brother, and her.

Ava sees Morgan and he asks if she’s seen Kiki. She says she wants to stay out of it; his relationship with Kiki is none of her business. He’s insistent and she tells him Olivia told her that Kiki was upset about Dillon. She says Kiki is probably just comforting him and nothing romantic is going on.

Sonny says he trusted the system, Julian the psycho walked, and now Dante wants him to let it go. Dante says if he goes after Julian, people will be killed. Sonny says people are killed around Dante all the time. Dante says Sonny knows how it works and innocents get caught in the crossfire. He says it’s not happening to his son, and if the choice is between saving his son and taking Sonny down, he won’t hesitate.

Tracy tells Michael to go home. He says he wanted closure, but all he sees is waste. There’s no satisfaction. She tells him Paul will never have what they do, and take comfort in that. He leaves. Paul asks how Dillon is, and Tracy says Dillon is lost to Paul now and Paul is all alone.

Michael asks Jordan how long before Paul is tried. She says he’s pleading guilty and if he ever gets out, he’ll be too old to be a danger to anyone.

Paul tells Tracy that when he looks at what he did, it’s like looking at a stranger. He says he would never hurt his son. She says no he won’t. She tells him she talked Ned out of killing him, but if he contacts Dillon, he’ll wake up in hell.

Carly tells Dante that Sonny doesn’t want anyone in danger, but Julian is making threats. She tells Sonny violence isn’t the answer and he’s smart enough to fight Julian in other ways, like robbing him blind. Dante says to pick a form of justice where he’s not going to have to pick up the pieces. Sonny says he’s not pulling the trigger on Julian and Dante says he knows a hedge when he hears one. Sonny says he’ll always keep danger away from his family. Dante says so will he. Carly and Sonny make soap opera faces at each other.

Paul is being led away. Jordan asks him how the case again Julian fell apart and asks why he threw it. He tells her to ask Ava.

Andre makes a call asking for Morgan’s blood work to be sent over. He tells them to check again. He realizes that Morgan was never there. Ava overhears.

Morgan goes to the cabin, and sees Kiki and Dillon’s silhouettes kissing behind the window curtain. Or does he just think that he does?

Tomorrow, Morgan tells Nell about seeing Dillon with Kiki, Alexis kicks Julian out of her house yet again, and Sonny explains to God that he has to take action.

Little Women: LA

We beat the dead horse that is Tonya having said that it would be easier on Briana to have a little baby. Terra believes it made her seem like she thought that about all of them, even though Tonya has insisted she was being specific. Tonya says if everyone is having a problem with her thoughts, she’ll leave and they can get their zen back.

Briana says you don’t think like that about your friends. Terra follows Tonya outside. Tonya says she gets Briana, but not everyone else, and doesn’t understand why Terra had to tell everyone. Her comment has become a telephone game and sounds different each time it’s repeated by someone else. Tonya says Briana doesn’t have the best environment or support, but the way Terra delivered it was wrong. She never questioned that a little person couldn’t raise an average sized child. Terra thinks Tonya should talk to Briana. She says she will, but not now.

Autumn is giving her grandmother a make-over. Christy pitches in. Sharyn isn’t thrilled with the results, but tells Autumn she loves her. They talk about Autumn’s medical issues. The doctor thinks she might have a thyroid and hormone issue. Autumn goes upstairs for a nap.

Sharyn asks Christy if the girls know what she’s going through. She says some of them know, but she did blow up at them. We flash back to the debacle on the yacht where Christy insulted everyone. In her interview, Christy thinks some of the girls need to apologize to her. I think she should get therapy and/or find a new set of friends.

Joe and Terra are in the process of packing. In five days, they’re going to find out what kind of baby they’re going to have. They won’t know if the baby will be average or have dwarfism until it’s born and Terra has Dancing with the Stars coming up three weeks after her c-section. Since the seller moved out late, everything is in a time crunch.

Terra says she overheard Joe talking about a show in Tijuana. She asks him when he’s leaving and when he’s coming back. He says he’ll be leaving three days before the baby is born and back two days before. Terra feels like she did before their wedding. He says he’s talking to the person who agreed to doing DWTS five minutes after she has the baby. She says she knows the timing isn’t the best, but being the first little person to do the show, she felt she couldn’t turn it down. She says babies don’t always happen on the scheduled date and it’s not the same thing.

Joe and his band are leaving for Mexico, so Terra is making contingency plans. She’s rehired Grandma Olevia to watch Penny when she goes to go to the hospital. Olevia understands Joe taking the gig, since he’s going to have more Pampers to buy. She asks about how Penny’s development is going and Terra says she’s a bit behind in the walking department. I’m not much of a baby person, but Penny is the one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

Olevia leaves and Penny is down for a nap, so Terra and Joe talk. She isn’t thrilled with Joe leaving and he tells her to trust that everything will be fine. She says if he’s not there, she gets to pick whatever name she wants, but he says she is anyway. He tells her he’ll have his phone with him at all times and leaves for the airport. Or car. Or however he’s going.

Elena’s relatives have to go back to Russia. Elena talks to her mother about how difficult it is to have twins, but how much fun it is too. The babies are growing at different rates and since they haven’t done any genetic testing yet, they’re not sure if either has dwarfism. She hates to see her mother go.

Terra tells us that she and Tonya weren’t in a good place after belly-dancing, but since Joe has to leave, Tonya has stepped up as her BFF and is going to her pre-op appointment. Tonya says she’ll apologize to Briana, but she shouldn’t have to apologize to anyone else. She needs for Briana to understand where she’s coming from, and not Terra’s version, but she’s not going to be fake. Tonya is wearing some wild blue lipstick that matches her top. Normally, I’m not keen on that color, but I like what she’s got going on.

The doctor measures Terra’s belly and thinks the kid is going to be huge. Terra wants ot keep her placenta. She discusses the options for ingesting it. They decide raw is best, and Tonya looks like she wants to die. In her interview, Tonya says you can tell she’s an old bitch because this totally grosses her out. Terra also tells the doctor that one of her breasts is leaking blood. He asks how much, and she tells him it leaked through a band-aid. She says it happened when she was breastfeeding, but this is prior to the baby being born, and breast cancer runs in her family.

The doctor checks it out. He thinks it’s a benign condition. Not normal or common, but probably nothing to worry about. He suggests it be dealt with later.

Tonya invites Jasmine and Briana over to make a casserole for Terra. Jasmine asks how Terra is doing without Joe. Tonya tells them about the doctor’s appointment. Jasmine says Terra is pretty strong, so if she’s worried about something, you know it’s something to be worried about. Tonya tells Briana she wasn’t trying to attack her character as a mom. She felt that at the time, the way Matt was treating her, it wasn’t the best environment. She says Briana is an excellent mother and says she’s sorry. In her interview, Jasmine says Briana wasn’t the only one who was offended. Jasmine tells Tonya it’s good of her to apologize, but wonders if Tonya understands why she and Terra were upset. Tonya says she wasn’t talking about a little person, but the dynamic of Briana’s household. I don’t get why Jasmine and Terra don’t understand that.

Jasmine, who feels like she’s getting bigger by the second, meets Christy for lunch. Christy wants help in making peace with the girls. Christy tells Jasmine about Autumn’s thyroid being out of whack. Jasmine says she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when she was younger and it’s hard for a doctor to determine a medication dosage for a little person. She asks how Christy’s dad is, and Christy tells her the cancer hasn’t spread. She asks how Christy is coping, and says she doesn’t seem like herself. Christy says she lost her sh*t at Elena’s party because she’s tired of the girls bullying her. Jasmine says it was bad to see how evil Christy is getting and she can’t deal with the name calling. Christy asks for help in fixing it, and says she needs a friend. Jasmine says she can only help so much.

Joe returns. Terra thought he wouldn’t make it back from Tijuana. She says she couldn’t imagine having the baby without him. She packs for the hospital and he asks how the pre-op appointment went. She says they’ll talk later, but wants to discuss the delivery plan. She’s having a one-touch spinal, which she feels is the safest option for little people. She wants Joe to be in full when-is-Terra-gonna-hold-the-baby mode, since it was a while before she held Penny. She wants everything she didn’t have the first time around. Joe says sometimes things don’t go to plan, even though he likes the positivity. There’s that word that doesn’t exist again.

Next stop, baby. Terra is looking forward to being a family of four. She’s curious as to what Penny will think and Joe says, look, another baby. Ha-ha! Terra says they’ve agreed on names, but Joe says it’s just penciled in, not set in stone.

Terra makes a video for the baby to watch one day. She asks what Joe thinks it’s going to be. He says he’s used to girls and he’ll freak if he sees a penis. Joe is a little worried, but says Terra will be fine. The doctor has warned them that she might need a blood transfusion during the c-section. Joe says he doesn’t remember being this nervous last time. They exchange I love yous. He talks about feeling better since he lost weight. He says he wants to be a better guy for her and the babies. They kiss.

Terra starts being affected by the anethesia and says she’s having a hard time breathing. The doctor says once the baby is out she’ll feel better. Joe says it seems like she’s in more pain and the delivery seems more dangerous than the first time. Here it comes! Terra says she’s in pain and asks for Joe’s hand.

The baby is out and it’s a boy! Everyone applauds. Joe is worried about Terra because she’s in so much more pain than she was with Penny. The nurse instructs her how to breathe. Terra says she feels weak, but the nurse tells her it’s just the medicine. She says her stomach hurts and the doctor says it’s probably because the uterus is out. Joe says this isn’t for the faint of heart. I agree and I’m just watching it on TV. He cuts the umbilical cord.

Joe says it’s unreal. He says baby boy has an average sized head, so they don’t know whether he’s a dwarf or average, but either way he’s putting shoulder pads on and playing football. The baby is 7 pounds, 10 ounces. Terra says it’s like they have a fresh start. She says it’s a blessing that the baby isn’t starting off life in an incubator. Terra is thrilled it’s a boy. A boy with a big set of lungs. Wow, that kid can holler.

Next time, Briana goes to a shooting range because she doesn’t feel safe, Terra cries about the baby’s name, and Elena doesn’t want to invite Christy somewhere because she’s afraid of another conflict.

September 28, 2016 – GH’s Anna is Back Home, Little LA’s Terra Finally Gets in Her Home & AHS/RHPS Tidbits


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Anna is home! She wants to find out what the hell has been going on.

The scene with Paul, Susan, and the birthday cake is repeated. He tells her that except for Monica Quartermaine, he’s killed them all. He blows out the candles and Susan reacts. He asks her what is it, but it’s probably that she saw Tracy peeking around the door.

Curtis works out at the gym hitting a punching bag. Nothing important, but his hot body is duly noted

Nathan apologizes to Maxie for the crazy situation. She tells him the only crazy is Claudette and he has nothing to apologize for. She mentions how Claudette talked to his mother without a heads up, and Claudette comes out of nowhere and says she thought it was the right thing to do.

Griff welcomes Anna back. They sit down to eat at Kelly’s and talk about Julian. Anna says he’ll never be brought to justice now. Griff says he knew she’d be disappointed, but she says more like angry and confused. She tells him she’s sorry they couldn’t get justice for Duke. Griff says he’s sorry for the loss of Sabrrrina. Anna says the hardest thing was explaining it to Emma. She tells Griff that she’s spent the better part of her life upholding the law and now it’s failed her all over the place.

Paul asks Susan what’s going on. Tracy runs to the elevator and gets in. The door closes. Then it opens back up and Paul is standing there. I make a noise out loud. Tracy smiles.

Nathan tells Maxie to go do her conference call and he’ll talk to Claudette. Claudette tells Nathan that she hasn’t handled things in the best way. She realizes that she wants him to be a real father to their daughter and hopes that he does too.

Anna tells Griff she spoke to Dante about Sabrrrina’s murder. The consensus is that Sabrrrina figured out who attacked Monica and was killed for it. Griff tells her that Monica is going to be okay. He asks about the cufflink, but Anna says nothing yet, and all they have is a picture. She says when she left, they had an airtight case against Julian, so how did everything evaporate, including his confession? Jordan walks in and Anna asks what the hell happened with Julian.

Tracy tells Paul she came to see Susan. She explains how she found out where Susan was. She’s pretty good at this because I would never guess that she’s probably dying inside. She says she’s sad that Paul didn’t feel he could tell her or Dillon about Susan being at the hospital. She says she didn’t mean to invade his privacy. He says he knows how much family means to her and thanks her for caring. He says it’s not a good time to see Susan though. She doesn’t speak but uses sounds and gestures that he can understand, and she signaled she wants to be alone. He says she’s resting, but he’s staying in the area so he can come back later. Tracy apologizes again, saying she realizes it’s a private matter for him. He says now that she’s here, he’d like to talk to her about Susan.

Andre shows up at the gym for some boxing. Curtis says they must have double-booked, but if he wants to use the bag, he can. Andre suggests they spar.

Nathan says he gets the results of the paternity test in a few hours. Claudette has a mini freak-out, wondering how they could get an accurate result so quickly. Suddenly, she has to go. Maxie comes back in. She says Claudette must be desperate to do damage control and she’s been lying to them the entire time. This is a real shock since Claudette has been so truthful up until now.

Griff leaves so Anna can talk to Jordan. His phone rings. It’s Claudette. She says she spoke to Nathan and Maxie, and now she needs to speak to him immediately. She asks him to come to her room at the MetroCourt.

Jordan tells Anna that she didn’t screw up the warrant; she knows she gave the right address. She says she can’t find any sign that someone else got into the system, but that has to be what happened. Anna says Scotty’s ethics are flexible (ha-ha!), but he’s not going to do something that will land him in jail. Anna says whoever did this set Julian free. Well, yeah.

Paul says he needs someone to talk to and asks Tracy to have a quick bite with him at this great steakhouse he knows. He says he’s been feeling overwhelmed, like things are starting to get away from him. He says he didn’t see Sabrrrina’s death coming. He knows he and Tracy aren’t family anymore, but they’re friends. She says absolutely, but she doesn’t want to take away from his Susan time. He reminds her that Susan wants to be alone right now, and asks if there’s some reason she doesn’t want to dine with him. He uses the word “dine.” Who uses that word? Besides Paul.

Griff comes to Claudette’s room. He asks what her frantic call was about. She says there’s a slight possibility that what she told Nathan and Maxie could involve him.

Maxie says Claudette is obviously panicked. Nathan says it’s possible he might not he the father, but is Maxie prepared if he is?

Jordan and Anna go over what happened at the trial. Jordan says Alexis told her that she’d only had one glass of wine, and either she’s lying or everything got to her. She says the testimony was ridiculous and Alexis ended up collapsing into Julian’s arms. Anna says she’s not going to get angry after the fact, but what the blip was Alexis thinking? Jordan says Alexis is only human, and maybe she couldn’t cope with seeing Julian there. Anna says she needs better answers and wants to talk to Paul.

Tracy says she’ll be happy to dine with Paul. They get into the elevator.

Curtis asks Andre if there’s any progress with his killer profile. Andre says he can’t discuss it because Curtis isn’t technically a part of the team. Curtis says he’s been helpful and Jordan is comfortable talking to him. Andre says he’s not, so drop it.

Tracy goes back to Paul’s room. He looks for his wallet, but she says she’s willing to spring for the meal. He says he’s buying, end of story. He goes through his stuff. His phone rings, but he doesn’t answer, saying it’s nothing important. Tracy is clearly nervous.

Anna tells Jordan that Paul isn’t answering. She says maybe he’s laying low because he hates to lose. Jordan asks if she’s going to respect his privacy and Anna says no. Two minutes in the door and she’s on fire already.

Griff tells Claudette the past is the past, let it go. She sputters some nonsense and he tells her to spit it out. She says the night Nathan shot him, she discovered something – she was pregnant.

Maxie says Nathan has never had a problem with Georgie, so why would she have a problem with him having a child? He says if he’s Charlotte’s father, he needs her to be honest about where she stands. She says years ago, she was more like Claudette than she’d like to admit, and would have wanted him to stay away, but now that she’s a mom, she’d never sabotage any relationship with his child. She says if Charlotte is his daughter, she knows he’ll be a committed father and she’ll completely support him.

Claudette tells Griff about Charlotte. She says she’s almost positive Nathan is the father. She says they never used protection, but she and Griff were always careful. Except for the times they weren’t.

Maxie says all of her reservations are about Claudette being a lying liar, not about him being a dad. Nathan says he’s never loved her more. He says Claudette having a child explains a lot, and whether or not Charlotte is his daughter, he wants to make sure she’s safe. Maxie says his first instinct is to protect and it’s one of the reasons she loves him.

Claudette tells Griff that she feels Charlotte is Nathan’s. Griff says calling him is a preemptive strike just in case her daughter isn’t Nathan’s. He asks why she didn’t tell Nathan to begin with. She says she’d just seen him shoot Griff in a drunken rage and didn’t know how he’d react. Griff says that’s no excuse. He asks if there’s something else she’s not telling him. She says Nathan wanted a paternity test and the results are coming in today. Her phone rings. It’s Nathan and the results are in now. He’ll pick up the papers, and he and Maxie will meet her.

Curtis tells Andre that they have more important things to talk about than sparring. He says it’s Andre’s call about discussing the case, but this has nothing to do with the case; he doesn’t want Curtis involved with Jordan. Andre says Curtis has disrupted her life. Curtis says all that’s in the past and obviously Andre is out of the loop. They verbally spar and Curtis tell Andre to go ahead and take a punch.

Anna goes to Paul’s hotel room and sees Olivia, who’s spot checking the rooms. She tells Anna that Paul did the best he could, and Alexis messed things up. She says Julian will never see his son again though. Anna asks if she can leave a note for Paul. Olivia gets a call and has to go, leaving Anna alone in Paul’s room.

Anna opens a drawer – I assume looking for stationery – and takes out a folder. The papers fall out and they’re all articles about the hospital killer.

Paul continues to look for his wallet, and explains how Susan communicates with him. He tells her that Susan can let him know when he should come or go, or if a nurse is at the door. This makes Tracy a little nervous. He finds his wallet in the couch, but says why don’t they order in?

Nathan knocks on Claudette’s door. He and Maxie come in with the results. Nathan says he’s not surprised to see Griff. He opens the envelope.

Jordan asks Curtis why he’s telling Andre to hit him. Curtis replies that it’s a boxing gym. Curtis leaves and Andre calls Curtis Jordan’s boy. He says Curtis was prying into the case, and admits to just not liking him.

Anna thinks the folder is Paul’s research. And then she finds the biggest cufflink I’ve ever seen. Seriously. It’s stupid big. Who is Paul on his off-time? The Jolly Green Giant?

Tracy asks why she’d want room service when Paul has been bragging about the steakhouse. Paul locks the door and says he can’t let her leave.

Next time, Doc and Laura share the same flight, Paul tells Tracy he needs to tie up loose ends, and Anna investigates the giant cufflink further.

Little Women: LA

After having the babies, Elena is concerned about stretch marks and she’s having them burned off. At least that’s what it sounds like. Terra goes with her, and says she seems like she’s in a better mood since her birthday party. Elena is upset that the girls aren’t getting along. We flash back to the Plastic incident at Tonya’s photo shoot and then the fight Tonya had with Christy on the yacht. Elena wants to get to the bottom of why Christy’s personality has changed so much. We see some of the procedure and while they don’t use a torch, it’s some kind of zapper that looks painful. I guess vitamin E wasn’t an option.

Terra wants a drama free night of belly dancing. She’s invited all the girls with the exception of Christy. Can’t say as I blame her. In her interview, Terra says that she wants to be in the best shape possible, so that she’s raring to go for Dancing with the Stars after she has the baby.

Christy is still getting over Elena’s birthday, so she goes to a soap-making class with her mom. She says she’s had it with the girls, and talks about the fight with Tonya. She tells her mom that she exploded at everyone. In her interview, Christy plays the victim. She does regret some of the things she said though, like calling Tonya a Black whore. She says she misses her friendships. Well, quit acting like a d-bag then. Her mom tells her she can’t change the past, but only move forward. Zzzzz….

Matt’s son is visiting from Seattle. Briana loves the family vibe, and Eric is enjoying his baby brother, Maverick. The kids go to play upstairs and Matt says he loves having the kids, but he’s pretty tired. He talks to Briana about the party and “Crusty.” In her interview, Briana says she thinks Christy is pissed off because she and Matt worked things out. She tells Matt that Christy is spreading the story about him and Plastic like it’s new, even though it was six months ago. IMO, that’s still kind of new, but if they’ve decided to let it be in the past, that’s their business. Frankly, I was pretty appalled at Christy’s antics. Briana says Christy has no soul and no respect, and Matt says she’s crazy.

Two masseuses show up at Tonya’s house with flowers. Tonya thinks some wine, chocolate and a foot massage will help her bond with Angelique. She wants their relationship to get back to where it was before Kerwin moved in. Angelique tells Tonya she’s dating. When Tonya asks if she’s committed, Angelique wants a definition of that. Tonya asks how many massages it will cost her to get some real information.

Christy talks to her daughter about getting her driver’s license. She wants Autumn to be extra prepared, since being a dwarf makes it even tougher. She suggests they practice at home. I think she means taking a spin around the block, but Christy sets up a makeshift “car” in the kitchen using a paper plate for a steering wheel. Autumn wonders why they’re doing this. She’s unenthusiastic and tired. Christy thinks in addition to her cyst, Autumn has a thyroid problem and wants to make a doctor’s appointment. Autumn agrees.

Tonya says ever since she had a baby, she’s suffered from thinning hair. She’s approached Jasmine about her issue, since Jasmine is a hair stylist. Jasmine can totally relate because she has the same problem. She likes to make her clients empowered rather than embarrassed and help them take control of their hair.

Tonya tells Jasmine about the evening of belly dancing Terra is planning. Jasmine says she doesn’t have a pet and Terra told her that she usually doesn’t like people who don’t have animals. She says she’d love one, but doesn’t have the time. Tonya says she doesn’t think Terra meant anything bad and to just discuss it with her.

Kerwin and Tonya have been looking for fun things to do on date nights, so they go to a flight simulator place. This is really cool. They put on flight suits and goggles, and sit in a cockpit type thing with huge screens in front of them. It looks like they achieved their goal of having fun.

They talk about Angelique. Tonya tells Kerwin that Angelique is worried that she’ll pass along everything they talk about. She definitely wants him to back off about Angelique’s love life.

Terra and Joe are going back to the house they bought. The one the former owner won’t leave. We flash back to last week when they couldn’t get in. They’re meeting with the seller’s brother-in-law to hopefully get the keys. The guy meets them and says everything is cleared out. He warns them that there’s powder all over the place though, since she was afraid of people breaking in and wanted to get fingerprints. He gives them the keys. Joe says they can deal with a couple of kilos of powder and Terra says she hopes it’s not that kind of powder.

Tonya meets them and they tell her about the powder. In her interview, Tonya calls the seller a crazy heifer and I laugh. Terra is afraid to go in. Joe suggests they paint the walkway yellow and the seller will think their small footprints are from Munchkins.

Terra is nervous, but puts the key in the lock. The door opens and she gasps. Man, I so relate to this, since we had the same problem. Not quite as bad, but when we got here with the moving truck a day after closing, the previous owner was sitting here in a folding chair along with a bunch of her stuff. This was after we’d acquiesced to several things just to get her out on time. And she’s still here twenty years later. Just kidding.

Everything is fine. And it looks pretty clean. Terra is excited because it’s where they’re going to raise their family and she knows she can make it a home. Okay, the tub is covered in powder. Tonya has a lot of connections and is going to hook them up with someone who can make the house little people friendly. Terra is ecstatic. Joe wants to christen the room and Tonya says she’s outta there. Contractor and landscaper to follow.

Elena and Briana go to the park, so the kids can have some fun in the sprinklers. Elena knows what sex her baby is going to be, but she’s not ready to tell us yet. She asks Briana how Matt is dealing with Maverick’s littleness. Briana says things are going well, but she’s still miffed about Tonya’s comment that a little baby would be easier for her. Jasmine says she’s surprised, since Tonya is a mother to an average sized daughter. Briana says her step-son doesn’t look down on her because she’s little, and I think, well, technically, he does. Jasmine talks about Terra saying she normally doesn’t like people who don’t have animals and wonders if she’s being sensitive. Ya think? Briana says she is pregnant. In her interview, Briana thinks Jasmine must be having a girl and has extra estrogen. Since we didn’t actually see the conversation, I’m assuming what Terra meant was that she doesn’t normally like people who don’t have pets, because those people don’t like animals, and it translated wrong.

It’s belly dancing time! In her interview, Terra says the belly dancing will help her crush it on DWTS. Elena says dancing isn’t her thing, even though she does it after a couple of cocktails. Terra asks the instructor if anyone has ever gone into labor during a lesson and she says not yet. This looks like it’s probably good exercise. In her interview, Briana says the dancing makes her feel confident and relaxed, but it might be because Christy isn’t there.

Afterward. Terra thanks everyone for coming and says she’s glad they’re able to enjoy this moment as friends. She asks Jasmine what the stank face is for, and Jasmine says she wonders if they are friends. She tells Terra about how she said she normally doesn’t like people who don’t have animals. Terra says she meant it as a compliment. In her interview, Terra admits she says offensive sh*t all the time, but that wasn’t one of those times. I’m thinking that Tonya didn’t mean for Jasmine to talk to Terra in front of everyone. Elena says this is the most stupid thing she’s ever heard. Jasmine says she felt judged after she thought they were on a good path. It’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard too.

Tonya gets involved and brings up Briana being upset about her saying she hoped Briana’s baby was little. This is how things get out of control. Too much input. Tonya explains her comment, but it’s not going over too well. Instead of clarifying things, it’s only adding fuel to the fire. It’s certainly not mending things with Briana. Briana says both of her children are taller than she is and there’s no problem. Somehow this all leads into Tonya saying that Matt is disrespectful. Elena jumps in and in her interview, Terra wonders how this got to the topic of Briana’s parenting skills. Jasmine says that it was taken the wrong way and Tonya says that’s why she’s explaining it and it’s just her opinion anyway. I can’t help but be distracted by Jasmine’s awesome earrings. She always wears crazy dangling things with feathers and sparkles.

Terra starts to talk and Tonya says she wan’t talking about her. In her interview, Tonya says this is Terra’s fault in the first place. Jasmine and Elena think Terra should apologize, but I’ve forgotten for what at this point.

Next time, Christy’s mom gets a make-over, Christy asks for help in making peace, Joe can’t make Terra’s pre-op appointment, and baby number two arrives.

👻 Re: American Horror Story: Roanoke (?). I guess the theme is a reenactment of The Children of the Blair Witch? I am enjoying it, and happen to like reenactment shows, but none of them is as professional as this looks.

💋 I’m looking forward to FOX’s interpretation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on October 20. Check out my archives for my post on how I started the RHPS cult. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Sal Piro‘s book Creatures of the Night. I’m on page 5 (I think). A friend of mine and I were the first ones to throw confetti. The one thing all the retrospective RHPS tales leave out is how high everyone was. The idea was that if we threw confetti from the balcony at the same time they did in the movie, the people below us would think they were in the movie. Does that sound like straight thinking to you? While times have changed and there’s no going home to the spontaneity again, I look back on that time fondly. I do have to admit I thought it was a phase that wouldn’t last, but it’s a pleasant surprise to see that there are new Frankie fans even in 2016.


August 17, 2016 – GH’s Test Results, Little LA’s Friendships Tested & NYC Wives Test Miami’s Waters


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Lulu presents various nursery lamps for Dylan’s approval – in the interrogation room. He suggests maybe she’s getting a little ahead of things.

Laura and Tracy wait for the DNA test result on the bracelet. Tracy says Monica put a rush on it, but obviously not as much of one as Nell’s kidney test.

Franco startles Elizabeth, popping up from the back seat of her car.

Kristina leaves a message for Parker, telling her she’s rude for ignoring her calls, wondering if her mother dictated Parker’s letter, and babbling in general. Actually, she seems drunk. Molly hears her, grabs her phone, and throws it over the railing.

It’s time for Alexis to face the bar. And I don’t mean in a good way. Diane thinks she has a shot at redemption.

Tracy tells Laura that she’s sorry about Nicholas. She says they worked together on a project once, and he was very good. Laura is worried about the DNA results. Tracy says Luke has almost met his end a million times and he wouldn’t allow it to happen on Cassadine Island.

Lulu tells Dante she doesn’t want to believe her father is dead. She hasn’t heard back from Lucky either. She says Dante and Rocco are getting her through, as well as the plans for the new baby.

Okay, Kristina is drunk dialing. She claims she was going to call an Uber and tries to go after her phone, but Molly stops her. Kristina tells Molly about Alexis driving Parker away. She says their mom has interfered in her life for the last time and she hopes they throw the book at her.

The moderator reviews what happened with Carrrlos and Alexis refusing to consider the DA’s offer. He asks if she disputes any of it. Diane says no, and the judge says all that’s left is the closing statement. Geez, everything moves so fast in Port Charles, you’d think it was some huge cosmopolitan city. Olivia bursts in asking if she’s too late.

Elizabeth jumps out of the car. Franco says he needs to talk to her and it seemed like the only place he could do it. He tells her he’s sorry.

Olivia says she’d like to make a statement. The moderator says they have it on paper, but she wants to make it in person. She says meaning no disrespect, they’re all being played for fools. The moderator says by who, and Olivia brings up Mayor Lomax, saying the mayor wants revenge and they can’t let her get away with it. The moderator says even though unorthodox, they thank her for her statement. Alexis asks to speak on her own behalf.

Kristina says she wants Alexis to lose something she cares about and to have consequences for her actions. Molly says she’s mad at Julian, but doesn’t want Alexis to lose her license. Molly says they need to have the kind of love where you let someone hate you so they don’t hurt themselves. I have no idea what she means.

Tracy says it would be just like Luke to be relaxing half a world away while they worry about him being dead. Laura apologizes for being against Luke and Tracy getting married. Tracy says it was all for the best in the long run, but Laura asks if she’s still in love with Luke.

Alexis starts from when she was born, and tells the bar how her mother’s murderer was never prosecuted. She says she became a lawyer because she grew up with no justice. She tells them that Carrrlos killed Duke under Julian’s orders, but chose not to give Julian up, and her desire to protect Julian had nothing to do with it. She says honoring the client’s wishes sometimes is at odds with what’s best for them, and legal counsel can only improve by learning from mistakes. She says she will do better, but can’t if they won’t let her try.

Molly says it never occurred to Kristina that Parker might be using her. Kristina accuses her of getting off on it because it makes Molly look better. She says she can’t wait for the day that Molly realizes that she’s never really lived. Molly calls her a mean drunk. She says every time Kristina has a choice, she picks the wrong one, always leaning toward chaos.

Franco says he didn’t know that Elizabeth was the one who got him off the hook and he’s sorry. He adds that she let him go on a tirade and could have clued him in. He says he thought she doubted his innocence and doubted getting involved with him. He asks if that’s no longer the case.

Lulu talks about furnishing the nursery with flea market finds and Dante says he knows nothing about refinishing furniture. She says she does because she looked it up on the internet. Lulu gets a call from Dr. Lee telling her that her malaria test is negative. She can start hormone treatments now.

Tracy says she’s tried not to be in love with Luke, but hasn’t been able to shake him. Laura talks about falling in love with Luke when she was just a girl and going on an adventure with him. She says they got married and had kids, but she never grew up because he was always there to save her. She says Scotty always treated her like a child too, and when people treat you like a child, you continue to be one. She says she finally started to grow up when there were no more kids to raise and no husband to please or define her. She’s finally started to define herself.

The DNA samples don’t match the bracelet.

Elizabeth tells Franco she was uncomfortable on their date. She could have fooled me. She says for a while she could see him as an eccentric artist, but his past is violent and unstable. She says sometimes he triggers memories of who he used to be. She gives him the it’s me, not you speech, and says she doesn’t think she can make peace with his past and doesn’t think they should see one another any more.

Out in the hall, Alexis thanks Olivia. She says Olivia was right to worry about Julian and protect Leo, and apologizes for getting Leo’s DNA behind her back. Olivia says she was fooled too, and actually believed Julian could be a good father. She leaves and Alexis and Diane are called back in.

Kristina tells Molly to get lost, and that she doesn’t need her judgments. She screams in Molly’s face and Molly leaves. Kristina sits down and cries. Molly comes back and hugs her.

The moderator gives Alexis all kinds of props, but says she acted negligently in Carrrlos’s case. He says for that reason, they can’t allow her to continue practicing law in New York state. Diane says she’s going to appeal, but he says they didn’t rule to disbar, just suspend. Indefinitely. They’ll reconvene in a year and review Alexis’s conduct. If it sucks, she’ll be disbarred.

Lulu finds out about Luke and hugs Dante. Olivia comes in and wonders why Lulu is crying, but seems happy. Lulu tells her that her dad is still alive and also that she’s getting an embryo implant. Olivia is thrilled.

Tracy says they still don’t know where Luke is. Laura says that’s not unusual and that he frequently falls off the grid. Tracy thinks Laura is gearing up to track Luke down and says she can help, but Laura says she’s not going to do it this time.

Olivia’s intuition tells her that Lulu is going to have a girl. Dylan says he doesn’t doubt Olivia’s psychic powers, but he’s skeptical. Olivia says fine, but they’re having a girl. She leaves and Lulu and Dante say they don’t really care which it is.

Franco says he thinks there’s something special between him and Elizabeth. She thinks they should end it before it ends badly and they hurt each other. Franco says he lied a little about the painting of her. He says it’s true that he sees her as beautiful in an ugly world, but she’s an angel who gives him hope. He thought she might be his salvation, someone who looks past the evil in his life that he’s tried to distance himself from, and sees there’s still good in him. She says he has to find salvation in himself.

Diane orders martinis for her and Alexis at the MetroCourt. She tells Alexis to take some classes or something and the year will fly by. Alexis says it won’t and she’s made spectacular errors in judgment, but she was good at her job. She says she doesn’t know what she’ll tell her kids. Diane says the kids will be fine and she’ll find a reason to get up in the morning besides work.

Laura tells Tracy it’s not her place to go after Luke anymore and she has people who need her. Tracy asks if Doc is one of them. Laura says she was thinking about Lulu and Spencer, but she does want to see Doc. She tells Tracy if she loves Luke, she should go find him. Tracy leaves another message for Luke, saying it’s time for him to call. She doesn’t want to know where he is, but only that he’s okay.

Franco says Elizabeth is right and it’s not her job to save him, He says he’ll find salvation on his own. Elizabeth tells him he has a gift and should use it, and to keep painting salvation in art. He kisses her on the cheek and says he’ll see her around.

I count five martini glasses, but don’t know who drank what. Diane says she has to get up early and has to go. She tells Alexis she’s sorry this is happening. Alexis says it’s not that she wasn’t warned and next time stop her before she self destructs. Diane tells her she’ll get through this and she’ll call her tomorrow. Alexis orders another martini and says keep the tab open.

Kristina asks Molly why she’s still there. Molly says she’s still her sister and she doesn’t judge her, she looks up to her. Kristina says she doesn’t deserve Molly’s niceness. Molly says she does, and if Parker didn’t make her feel that way, it’s time to move on. She suggests getting a pizza and watching a movie. They leave for home.

Kristina’s forgotten phone rings. It’s parker

Tomorrow, Laura argues with Hayden, Finn is close to an answer, andClaudette isn’t going anywhere.

Little Woman: LA

Kerwin is highly pissed because Tonya still has to get some of her stuff from Jaa’s place. Kerwin says she’s wasting his time. Tonya says it’s not her fault and she thinks Kerwin is being unreasonable. Tonya is hurt that Kerwin doesn’t believe or trust her. In her interview, Tonya says she wants to make this work and will do whatever it takes. Kerwin says he’s out of there. Tonya says she’ll take care of it, but he says seeing is believing.

Elena’s twins have been released from the hospital after only two weeks. Both Kairo and Xavier are just over four pounds each and so precious, like little baby dolls. They still have to do a genetic test to see if either one is a little person, but for now, Elena just wants to enjoy them.

Briana and Terra have an appointment with a photographer to do pregnancy photos. In her interview, Terra says she’s glad to let the Matt issues go and is ready to have fun with Briana again. Briana’s photos are beautiful, but Terra’s are more “out there.” She wants her baby to think she was cray.

Terra discusses Tonya’s comment about it being good that Briana is having a little baby rather than average sized, because she just can’t understand the comment had nothing to do with her and wants to continue to take it personally. Briana says whatever stature her children are, she’s still large and in charge. She wonders who Tonya is to judge her. Terra says she hasn’t spoken to Tonya since she critiqued Tonya’s active-wear, except they all went to that henna thing together – did that not count or did she forget? In her interview, Terra says she wants to make amends with Tonya because they’ve been friends for 15 years, but she doesn’t want Tonya looking like a fool with her clothing line. She’s also afraid that at some point, Tonya is going to explode.

Jasmine has been doing some extra hours at the salon. She’s not ready to tell her boss she’s pregnant and wonders if there’s anything else she could do to get some extra income. Welcome to my world. She asks her boss about picking up even more work, and her boss suggests sending her to classes so she can expand her hairdressing horizons. Jasmine is excited to be furthering her career.

Matt and Briana go shopping. She tells him about the photo shoot and how well it went with Terra. Matt says he needs to learn how to accept people for who they are and move forward. Briana repeats Tonya’s comment that Terra repeated to her. It’s become a game of telephone and Briana says Tonya claimed she couldn’t handle an average sized child. Matt suggests they just focus on the coming baby.

Tonya is dealing with a thinning spot on her scalp and goes to the hair salon. She discusses it with Jasmine, who also has a thinning hair problem. Jasmine tells Tonya that her salon deals with that a lot. Jasmine says it’s a huge step for Tonya to confide in her, and lets Tonya know she’s pregnant in return. Tonya says Christy is going to be pissed.

Jasmine asks if she missed anything after she left henna day. Tonya tells her about Terra criticizing her clothing line, but says she didn’t receive it as constructive and didn’t think Terra was coming from a good place. Jasmine suggests she tell Terra that this is her dream and either support her or not.

Commercial break. It’s a preview of Little Women: Atlanta. I just can’t anymore. Monie, Money, Minnie, twins whose names I can never remember, whatever. I can’t deal with those girls who are basically going nowhere. At least nowhere there isn’t twerking.

Tonya meets Christy, who has a terrific new haircut and color, at the gym. They work on the Pilates machines. Christy talks about how difficult exercise classes can be for little people. Tonya says she could only invite Christy, since she’s the only one who isn’t pregnant. I’m sure Jasmine will really appreciate her scooping that news.

Once again, Tonya relays what Terra said about her active-wear. She tells Christy about the Habitat for Humanity – Power Women/Power Tool volunteer day she’s invited everyone to. Christy says she’s missed everyone and Tonya says they’ve missed her too. I think Tonya might be exaggerating just a little.

Terra comes to see Elena’s twins. I’m not much of a baby person, but even I want to squish them. She asks how it is caring for both of them. Elena says it’s a lot of work, but better than having them in the hospital. Terra shares a Penny poop story. She asks Elena if she knows if the babies are little or not. Elena says she doesn’t really care as long as they’re healthy. In her interview, Terra says she’s going to get the test right away, so she can be prepared, but she thinks Elena doesn’t want to know because she’s scared. Now who has opinions about someone else’s baby? They talk about Habitat LA, but Terra says she was invited before her fallout with Tonya, so she isn’t sure how that is going to go.

Christy was supposed to go to a jewelry making class with Autumn, but Autumn still isn’t well, so her mom comes instead. Her mom immediately tells the clerk she hates crafts and he’s like, alrighty then. They discuss Autumn and Habitat LA. Christy says she’s been so involved with her own family, she hasn’t had time to think about hanging out with the girls. She says she won’t be happy to see Terra, but she’s glad Tonya reached out to her with the invite. Christy makes a face at her mom’s bracelet making skills, but I think it looks cool.

Jaa brings the rest of Tonya’s stuff to her house. Jaa tries to make peace with Kerwin and Tonya says she just wants to disappear. He says he wishes Kerwin would reconsider his and Tonya’s working relationship. Tonya says she just wants Kerwin to be happy. Kerwin says it’s nothing personal, but he’s not comfortable with Jaa being Tonya’s ex. Jaa accepts that and it’s peace out.

Tonya and Jasmine meet for lunch. Because no one can leave it alone, Jasmine brings up what Tonya said about Briana having a little baby. Tonya says Terra didn’t understand her point. She says Briana doesn’t have a strong personality and even her daughter runs over her. Jasmine says it’s upsetting to other little people moms and Tonya says she’s not talking about them, she’s talking about Briana specifically. In her interview, Tonya is seriously annoyed. She tells Jasmine that Matt is also who he is, and with Briana’s situation, that’s how she feels. Jasmine says she’ll drop it then and Tonya steals some of her cake.

It’s Habitat LA day. While the director is getting Tonya set up with a ladder, Christy arrives. She plans on steering clear of Terra and hopes they keep Terra away from the chainsaws. She tells Tonya that when Terra is pregnant, she turns into an alien. And by that she means from another planet, not another country.

Terra shows up. In her interview, Tonya says she hopes “that heifer” stays focused and keeps her mouth shut. Terra isn’t thrilled to see Christy, but is glad Christy is wearing a hard hat, so she doesn’t get any more “contusions.” Christy tries to be nice, but Terra isn’t having any. Terra tells Tonya she’s been ignoring her calls and says that her inviting Christy would be like if she invited Jaa, which makes no sense. Tonya suggests she just concentrate on volunteerism.

Christy, Tonya and Terra do some spackling. Terra want to talk it out with Tonya, who doesn’t want to discuss it there, but Terra presses the issue. Tonya tells Terra that she hurt her feelings. She says the workout line is her vision and when she’s ready to talk about it, she will. Terra wants to know why they can’t have an adult conversation and Tonya says they will, but not here. Christy tries to interject that it’s not the place because this is for charity and Terra tells her to STFU. Tonya says maybe Terra shouldn’t be there then, and she stomps out.

Next time, vegetable picking, Kerwin is having a party and doesn’t want to invite Terra, Terra comes anyway and starts a fight.

The Real Housewives of NYC

Oh, that’s right. Bethenny is going to tell The Countess what a jerk Tom is. This should be good. Especially since I’m sure The Countess will try to justify it.

Bethenny tells Carole and Ramona that Tom has been unfaithful to The Countess. Ramona tells her not to say that and Carole thinks maybe it’s not him, but Bethenny has a photo. Ramona totally freaks out because everything is all about her. Apparently Tom was drunkenly making out with an ex-Playboy centerfold at a bar for quite a while – after his engagement to The Countess. Ramona wants to see the picture so they can “take a vote” if it’s really him. Yeah, right. Bethenny says it’s him.

Ramona is getting a manicure and can barely keep her sh*t together when The Countess comes in to talk to her. Ramona just gives her bug eyes and a smile while she prattles on. Bethenny shows Carole the picture and she confirms. In her interview, Bethenny says it’s not a question of if, but of when and how. She thinks that The Countess is really in love with the whole atmosphere of getting married though, rather than her upcoming groom.

Bethenny, Sonja and Ramona are waiting for Dorinda and the rest to arrive for dinner. Ramona has told Sonja about Tom, and Bethenny gets pissed. Ramona acts like she didn’t know any better. Sonja talks about having slept with Tom and almost meeting his mother not too long before he became engaged to The Countess. Bethenny wonders if The Countess knows the timeline. Wow. This restaurant is right on the water and I want to be there. At another table. The girls order appetizers.

Dorinda finally arrives with the rest of the women. Sonja and Ramona tun to the table, taking seats to block Bethenny from The Countess. Bethenny bitches at them for being late. Carole is the perpetrator and says she told them to leave without her. A gigantic bowl of iced shrimp comes out and it makes everything better.

The Countess talks about not knowing where Tom is tonight, but not being the jealous type. Dorinda has planned some kind of sandbar trip and Ramona is worried about not getting food if she goes. Dorinda explains that there’s food there. Geez, if you’re that worried, pack a snack. Ramona doesn’t want to come and Dorinda thinks she’s rude.

The ladies change venues, sans Bethenny and Sonja. It’s a really cool Spanish bar where Jules gets up on stage and tries to play the trombone. Now she’s wearing what looks like a vase on her head. That Jules, what a card! Ramona touches up her makeup, telling them she’s going out. Aren’t they out already?

Bethenny tells Sonja that once she gets moody, it’s hard to shake. She says there’s a part of her that feels bad for The Countess, but another that feels like The Countess should have known better. Sonja thinks she should talk to Tom. No. Bethenny asks for his phone number. No. Bethenny dials and says she feels like throwing up. There’s no answer and she says he’s out banging somebody else. She gets voicemail and hangs up. She tells Sonja she’s going to sleep on it.

The next day, Bethenny doesn’t think she can be around The Countess and doesn’t want to ruin her weekend. Carole says that Tom is now saying that Sonja was only a one night stand. He sounds like a real d-bag.

The rest of the girls join them. Ramona tells everyone she’s tired and she’s not going to the sandbar. I don’t know if it’s a place named Sandbar or a sandbar. Ramona isn’t fooling anyone as they know she’s really going shopping. When she changes, Dorinda says she doesn’t look like someone who’s going back to sleep.

Bethenny decides to go shopping with Ramona. She tells Dorinda that Sonja seems to be processing the Tom stuff. Dorinda didn’t realize that Sonja was that involved, but Bethenny says Sonja was going to meet his mom around Thanksgiving. Carole joins them and they discuss whether or not there will be a wedding. Dorinda seems surprised they would even wonder about that, and Bethenny says Dorinda has no understanding about The Countess. In her interview, Dorinda thinks there’s too much focus on the negative.

Dorinda resigns herself to the fact that the girls are going to do what they want. Minus Bethenny, Sonja and Ramona, they get in a small, but very comfortable boat. Drinks and appetizers are served. It looks like the sandbar is really a sandbar. Some guy in a passing boat yells C’est le vie to The Countess and she goes out of her mind with joy because they’ve recognized her and know her “music.”

The other three go to a restaurant. Bethenny has decided to talk to The Countess before they leave Miami. In her interview, Ramona wonders if Tom thinks he’s invisible.

Carole gets into a canoe to go on a food run. She comes back with ice cream and everyone wonders why she didn’t bring hot dogs. She says she ate one on the way, but didn’t think they’d want any. Carole. The Countess talks about Bethenny questioning her and asking if she and Tom are monogamous. Carole tries to defend Bethenny, saying that Bethenny is just concerned because of her own experiences.

Bethenny tells Ramona about trying to call Tom. She says the right thing to do is to tell her friend.

The Countess wants to correct Bethenny’s misconceptions. She says she had an open marriage with The Count, but it wasn’t what she wanted; she just put up with it.

Dorinda tells Jules that Ramona is a dog that bites and the girls who wouldn’t come along to the sandbar were rude. Bethenny has heard that The Countess isn’t happy with her, so she’s invited her friend, Romero, a famous artist, to dinner. The better to deflect things. The Countess doesn’t know who he is and thinks it’s bizarre that she would bring him.

The Countess asks why Ramona and friends didn’t want to go to the sandbar. Dorinda says Ramona was ill-mannered by pretending she wanted to relax, but Ramona says she relaxed at Bagatelle. She and Ramona hug it out. Honestly, it’s not like Dorinda had to go by herself.

The Countess says blah-blah-blah about Tom and Sonja claims to have been a one night stand for ten years. I have to add that Sonja is wearing a tiara.

It’s the end of the trip. They’re getting ready to leave and The Countess goes to Bethenny’s room. She says something has been bothering her. She says she was hurt by the way Bethenny talked about her and The Count cheating on one another, and felt she cheapened the beauty of their marriage. She asks why Bethenny would ask if she was monogamous with Tom.

Bethenny says she apologizes for what she said about The Countess’s marriage. The Countess again asks why Bethenny asked about she and Tom being monogamous. Bethenny says she has something that was dumped in her lap, and she doesn’t want it to be happening, but she has to show and tell The Countess something. The Countess says please don’t let it be about Tom, and Bethenny says it’s about Tom. She says it’s something true, and she has pictures, and she doesn’t want to be doing this.

The countess says she can’t and leaves. Then she can’t get into her room and tells the cameraman to stop filming. She talks to herself about Tom, saying please don’t let him be stupid.

Next time, The Countess calls Tom, Jules wears a watermelon on her head, Dorinda argues with Bethenny, and Ramona makes it about her.