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October 3, 2019 – The Painting Reveals a Clue, Tyler Redeems Himself, No Drama For Lisa, No Costumes Please & It’s Starting


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Finn catches Hayden on the phone with her daughter.

Ava sits sipping a martini at the bar in the Rib. She has the stack of Ryan’s letters with her, and Chet says, most people don’t have time for handwritten notes anymore. She says, the author of these letters has nothing but time on his hands. She downs the martini, and Chet asks if it’s not good enough to be savored. She says, on the contrary, but on nights like this she prefers to go right to a bout of well-lubricated amnesia. Michael comes up to the bar to pay his tab, and Ava asks him to tell his father to please stop ignoring her voicemails. She’s supposed to see Avery tomorrow, but can’t finalize plans if he doesn’t respond. Michael says Sonny has been busy. He and Avery have a new baby sister. Ava needs another drink. Or four.

Carly tries to get Sonny to go to the waiting room; their daughter needs to feel him close to her. Jason comes in, and Sonny asks him to stay with Carly while he checks on their daughter.

Laura says, Doc found a clue in the painting? He says, possibly, but he might possibly be seeing what he wants to see. He wouldn’t be the first cryptographer who saw a clue that didn’t exist. Laura asks what he thinks he sees. He says, that the codicil actually exists.

Nina wonders where Valentin got his musical talent. She doesn’t think it was from Mikkos. Valentin says, Mikkos didn’t sing; he screamed. Even though he doesn’t want to invite bad luck, he doesn’t want to be so far away from her. They kiss, and Jax smiles at them.

In the bathroom, Sasha tells Obrecht, she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep this up. Obrecht says she made a choice; they both did. She chose to keep Sasha’s secret in order to protect Nina. Her niece’s happiness is of the utmost importance to her. Therefore, Nina must never know Sasha isn’t her daughter. Inside one of the stalls, Lulu hears, and registers total shock. Sasha says Obrecht doesn’t have to remind her what’s at stake. Nina’s happiness is her priority too. Obrecht says Sasha made Nina believe that she was Nina’s daughter, but she’s an imposter. Now they’re both in too deep to get out.

Sasha tells Obrecht not to act like some victim. Obrecht says, there’s only one victim here – poor, trusting Nina, who believes Sasha is her long lost daughter. Sasha says she’s right. She took advantage of Nina’s trust, but why did Obrecht go along with it? Obrecht says Sasha genuinely seems to care for Nina. Sasha says she does. That’s why she can’t live with it. Obrecht says neither can she, but Nina has to believe her happily ever after is finally there.

Jax asks if it’s Nina and Valentin’s last night out as single people, but Nina says it’s what’s left of there bachelor and bachelorette parties. Valentin says, driving rain wasn’t as conducive to golf as Peter thought it would be. Nina says, and her bachelorette party kind of fell flat, but their luck changed, and they wound up in the same place. Jax says, congratulations. It seems like things are going their way. Nina says what about him? He doesn’t seem like a Floating Rib kind of guy. Jax says it has its charm, and he wanted something casual, since he’ll be celebrating their relationship tomorrow. Valentin says he doesn’t have to. They don’t care if Jax approves of their relationship. Nina says, but they do. She wants him to respect their relationship.

Doc tells Laura to look at the jewels on Helena’s collar. Some sparkle, some don’t. He thinks it’s intentional. It reminds him of a constellation. Corona Vera. She asks how he knew that, and he says he’s a bit of a constellation nerd. She says, of course (🍷) he is. He says some historians believe that cryptologists were the original stargazers. They looked to the stars for meaning. Laura asks what her favorite cryptologist knows about this constellation. Doc asks if she has other cryptologists in her life, and she says, no, but she thought it sounded better than only. He says he’ll take it. She wonders if it’s a constellation out of Greek mythology, and Doc says, it’s possible. Corona Vera is roughly translated to true crown, but could be taken as rightful heir.

Michael tells Ava that he’ll pass along her congratulations, and she says, please do. He tells her that if she’s seeing Avery tomorrow, try to be sober.

Carly thanks Jason for waiting with her. She thought it would be better for Sonny be in the waiting room. He has room to pace. If she could walk, she’d be pacing with him. Jason asks how she’s holding up, and she says physically, she’s fine; there were no complications. She’s not worried about herself. She’s worried about Donna. She’s so tiny. They let Carly hold her, and she’s so sweet, pretty and alert; Carly can’t believe she’s on the operating table. Jason says, Michael had surgery when he was a newborn and came through it. Donna will too. Carly says she knew it was coming, but didn’t know she’d be so scared.

Jason gives Carly a present. He says he bought it for her. He bought it for Donna too, but mostly her. She says he doesn’t give presents, but he says, it’s a special occasion. She unwraps it, and it’s a travel guide for Africa. She says he gave the same one to Michael, and Jason says, it was the first book Michael had. He just thought it would be a great place for her and Donna to get started. She thanks him. Wow. Those Corinthos kids must be smart, reading travel guides when they’re babies.

Hayden asks if Finn is hanging over her shoulder. Finn asks since when does she have a honeybun? She says Honeybun is her dog. He asks since when does she have a dog? What kind of dog is it? She says it’s a lab named Honeybun. It’s been a while since she’s seen Honeybun, and talking helps the separation anxiety. She’s trying to make sure her baby is managing without her. She tells Finn, tease her all he wants. Finn says, it’s sweet; it’s very maternal. She says, that’s her; maternal.

Laura finds a book on constellations and myths in the library. She tells Doc, Corona Vera is connected to a myth. She reads, a distant relative usurps the crown of a rightful heir. Earning the enmity of the gods who cast him down. She says he nailed it. Helena bequeathed the portrait for a reason. It all fits. Doc says, unless she was toying with Nikolas. Were they at odds when she died? Laura says, they were. Helena tried to control Nikolas, and for decades, she tormented him. Eventually, he flipped, and used her tactics against her. He became as ruthless as she was. Laura thinks it was Helena’s plan all along. Doc wonders if she wanted to help him or hurt him, and Laura says, Helena would want Nikolas to inherit the estate before Valentin. Nikolas is her own blood, and Valentin was the product of her husband’s infidelity. She’d never want the Cassadine estate to land in Valentin’s hands. Doc says the painting seems to confirm Valentin is not the rightful heir, but that doesn’t make them any closer to the whereabouts of the codicil. Maybe the answer is in the stars.

Obrecht says, Nina doesn’t know Sasha is nursing a guilty conscience. She’s afraid Sasha is going to have a relapse. Does she want Nina worrying on her wedding day? Sasha says, of course (🍷) not. Obrecht says, then stop thinking about herself, and think about Nina. She’s going to be married, and Sasha has to be the daughter Nina needs her to be, instead of a selfish Sasha, a nobody from nowhere. They leave, and Lulu, who’s been sitting with her feet up on the toilet and getting angrier, peeks out. She says, Valentin, you son of a bitch.

Jax tells Nina that he hopes the wedding will serve as a new beginning. Not just for her and Valentin, but for them. Strictly professional, of course (🍷). No more spying, no more secret files. Nina says Jax was the one with secret files, and Jax says she and Valentin both hired Curtis to spy on him. It was a wasted effort. They could have focused on the magazine. Moving forward, he hopes they can do better. Nina does too. Put the past in the past, and leave it there. Valentin couldn’t agree more. Jax suggests calling a truce, and asks what they should drink. Obrecht sidles up, saying, a vodka martini, shaken not stirred. Jax says it’s lovely to see her, and she says, him too. She asks if he’d like to join her in a martini. I wait for him to say he doesn’t think they’ll both fit, but instead, he says, only if he’s buying. Obrecht says, they can catch up. Nina thinks it should wait until tomorrow. They have to get back for their beauty rest. Obrecht says her beauty requires minimal maintenance. Jax says something to her in German, and they have a short conversation. He leaves, and she says, what a man. Nina says, he’s very charming, but please take it slow. Obrecht tells her not to worry. She and Jax are both cosmopolitan citizens of the world. Nina didn’t even know he could speak German. She asks what Jax said, and Valentin says Jax asked her to save him a dance tomorrow night. Obrecht says, no doubt, he’ll be a marvelous dancer. Nina thinks this conversation can end.

Sasha orders a glass of wine at the bar. Michael tells her that he’s going to GH to check out Donna and Carly. Sasha says she’ll see him tomorrow, and he says, without a doubt. He tells her to keep her chin up. It will all be over soon. He kisses her, and heads for the hospital.

Obrecht tells Nina they have time for a drink. It’s her last night of freedom, and must go down with a roar, not a whimper. Nina asks if Obrecht doesn’t want rest up for her big dance, and Obrecht says, perhaps she’s right. She wants to make the most of tomorrow’s opportunity. Sasha joins them, and Nina guesses this is goodnight. Valentin hates that she’s spending the night on Spoon Island. If the weather gets worse, they’ll close the harbor, and she won’t make it back. She says she’ll swim to him. Nothing will keep her away. They kiss, and Lulu comes out of the bathroom, looking shocked and furious.

Nina thanks Lulu for coming out. She knows they’ve had their ups and downs, and appreciates Lulu making an effort. Lulu says, it’s not Nina. She thinks Nina would want… Nina asks if Lulu is okay, and Valentin suggests she overindulged. Lulu says she’s not drunk. Valentin says, no judgement, but she doesn’t want a hangover tomorrow. Lulu guesses she’s just tired. Nina tells her to get some rest. If she shows up early, they can take some cute pictures of her and Charlotte. Obrecht says, it’s time to leave, and Nina says she’ll see them tomorrow. Lulu says, yes; she will. When Nina is gone, Lulu asks Valentin if he understands how much Nina means to Charlotte. If he jeopardizes that, and Charlotte gets hurt even a little bit, she’ll tear him down. He tells her, go home; she’s drunk. Dustin comes along, and asks if he can buy Lulu a drink. She says, if he doesn’t mind, she’d like some fresh air. Dustin says he doesn’t mind, and it’s cheaper too. She says she has to get out of there.

Looking at the book, Laura tells Doc, the stars have been used for navigation for thousands of years. Maybe their position in the sky means something. He says, their position when? She says, maybe when the stars are bright? and he says, like the jewels in the painting. She says, maybe they indicate the location of the codicil. He suggests they start by finding out when the constellation is most visible.

Hayden asks what Finn is doing at the Rib, and he says he got roped into Valentin’s bachelor party. Hayden says the things they do for love. Jax approaches them, and says, there she is. He thinks they should grab a table. Hayden say she needs to use the restroom. Jax asks Finn if Hayden is okay, and Finn thinks she just misses her dog. He says, strange. He never thought of Hayden as a dog person. Jax says it’s news to him too. Finn asks if Jax has never met Hayden’s lab, Honeybun.

Hayden finds Ava crying over the sink in the bathroom. Hayden says, rough night? and Ava says, rough couple of years. Hayden needs to use the sink, and asks if Ava minds moving. Ava says, actually, she does mind.

Carly ask Jason to tell her what’s going on. She knows him. He wouldn’t have left if it wasn’t important. He says, Sam’s been arrested for Shiloh’s murder. Carly says, what? How is that possible? He’s a kidnapper and sexual predator. Sam shot him to save Jason’s life. He says, Sam shot Shiloh in the back, and Carly asks what she was supposed to do. Politely ask him to turn around? Jason says, that’s what the cops said, but Carly says, the cops are wrong. Jason agrees, but a nurse overheard Sam say something potentially incriminating. Diane says the statement is hearsay, but then someone dropped off a recording with Sam saying she wanted Shiloh dead. Carly says people say that all the time, and he says, but Sam didn’t say it. The tape is fake. Someone is trying to frame Sam. Carly asks what they’d get out of it, and he says, maybe they’re leftover DoD members. If that’s all it is, Diane can handle it, but Sam is in lock-up, and her arraignment is tomorrow. Hopefully, this is the end of it. Sonny comes in, and Carly asks if it’s over. Sonny says he didn’t see Donna, but the operation is over. The surgeon is going to talk to them

Outside the Rib, Dustin gives Lulu his jacket. She thanks him for walking with her. He says she seems stressed, and she says, it’s complicated. He says he can handle it, and she says, someone she knows was lied to by a person they love. He asks if it’s bad, and she says, it’s despicable. He asks if she’s going to tell them, and she says she hasn’t decided yet. There’s chance a chance this someone would prefer not knowing. Dustin says, so do you help someone by not hurting them, or hurt them by not helping them? She says that’s her dilemma. What do you do when you think you really know someone, and it turns out they’re not that person at all? I wonder if this is a foreshadowing that Dustin also isn’t the person Lulu thinks either.

Laura reads that Corona Vera is visible in the northern hemisphere from November through March. She shows him the coordinates, and he says, the latitude and longitude is Spoon Island. She says he’s kidding, and he shows her on his phone. She hugs him, and says, they did it, but he says, not yet. The house is massive, and there’s the grounds and the outbuildings, not to mention the island itself. He’s not sure they can narrow it down. She says he got his first clue is in the painting, so the painting might hold another. They hear Nina, Obrecht, and Sasha in the foyer, and try to act normal.

Hayden fixes Ava’s makeup. Ava says she’s not the type to engage in a public crying jag, and Hayden says she didn’t think Ava cried at all. Ava says she thought the same thing about Hayden. Hayden asks where she got that idea, and Ava says, Nikolas. Hayden says she couldn’t afford to be vulnerable, but Ava wonders, why not? Nikolas was wonderful; sensitive and generous. Hayden says, he wanted her dead, and Ava says, so he had contradictions. Hayden says, don’t we all. She tells Ava that it was better in the long run. A simpler relationship was better for her. Ava says Finn hardly strikes her as simple, and Hayden says they’re done. She wants to be clear that Finn is in the past. She gave up on him, like Ava seems to have given up on life. Ava squeezes her glass so hard, it breaks.

Jax tells Finn that Hayden never mentioned a dog to him, but to be fair, she never mention she’d been engaged to Finn. They don’t talk about their personal lives so much. It’s strictly business. Hayden runs out, and says Ava cut her hand in the ladies room. She needs Finn’s help. Finn isn’t thrilled, but says, all right, and goes into the ladies room. Hayden asks Jax why he called this meeting, and he says first, he’d like an explanation. Why hasn’t she told Finn about their child?

On the phone with Diane, Jason says he just wants Sam out. They’ll deal with the rest later. Michael comes in with flowers, and Jason tells him the operation is over. The surgeon is talking to his parents now. They see the doctor come out of Carly’s room, and they go in. No one is crying, so that’s a good sign. Michael asks what the surgeon said, and Sonny says, their little girl came thought with flying colors. Carly says, Donna is going to be okay. Michael is happy for them, and hugs Carly. Everyone smiles.

Sonny says the surgery was a complete success, and there are no complications. Michael says, it’s a miracle. The first uncomplicated Corinthos. Carly says Donna will have to stay at the hospital for a while. She’s on antibiotics, in case of infection, and she’ll be monitored to make sure she’s healing properly, but the surgeon doesn’t think there’s any reason to worry. Sonny asks if  Jason and Michael want to see her, and Michael suggests they take shifts. Sonny takes Jason with him, and Michael asks how Carly stays so strong. Carly says he wouldn’t be saying that if he’d seen her during the surgery. She breathes a sigh of relief.

Dustin tells Lulu, it depends on what it relates to. She asks if he promises not to tell anyone, and he says he doesn’t know any of these people, except for her. She says she needs to hear him say it, and he says he promises. It’s her secret to keep or tell. She says, it turns out Nina’s daughter Sasha isn’t her daughter. It’s a scam. She knows Valentin has something to do with it. He probably cooked the whole thing up, and now Nina is going to marry him. Smug bastard. Here she is, armed with information that could blow him out of the water. Only.. Dustin says, only she’ll destroy the wedding. He says, look at it from Nina’s perspective. Would she want to know the truth?

Back at Windymere, Nina, Sasha, and Obrecht sit on the couch, drinking wine. Sasha thinks she’s had enough, but Nina says, no, and she can’t say no to the bride. Obrecht says, certainly not. She wishes her niece nothing but the best. They clink glasses, and Nina says she has gifts for them. Obrecht says, her first. Nina gives Obrecht a huge box. Obrecht unwraps it – real wrapping paper too – and says, her very own karaoke machine. She’ll be compelled to audition for American Idol in no time, although I think she’s probably missed the cut-off by a few years already. Nina says it’s Sasha’s turn, and gives her a small box. Sasha opens it, and says she can’t. Obrecht asks what it is, and Nina shows her the necklace. Obrecht says, it’s a significant gift, and Sasha says, and way too much. Nina says, nothing is too much when it comes to her. It’s not the original, but she had it made. She shows Sasha that she’s wearing the other half, and puts the necklace on her. Nina says, it’s perfect. Just like them.

Jax and Hayden sit at a table, and Laura and Doc walk in. Laura thinks they should keep their theory between the two of them for now. She feels that Hayden could still be a wild card. Hayden tells Jax that Finn could have heard. She doesn’t see how this involves Jax, but Jax says when he covers for her, it makes him an accomplice; a role he’s not comfortable with. She’s going to get caught, and he thinks she should cut her losses. Her lies are getting more desperate by the minute. A dog named Honeybun? She says she had to cover; it’s too late for anything else. If Finn had come to Rome, she would have told him, but now he’s with Anna. Jax says, that doesn’t change the fact that Finn has a daughter he doesn’t know about.

Finn washes Ava’s cut. He tells her to keep pressure on it, and when she gets home, put on a proper bandage and disinfectant. And lay off the booze, or it will keep bleeding. Ava says, as if the night couldn’t get worse. Finn asks how she cut herself, and Ava says his ex-girlfriend. Hayden offered unsolicited advice and an inaccurate assessment of her life. Who is she to judge? How did he end up with that hypocrite anyway? He says they never ended up together, and he’s engaged. Ava says, since when has that ever stopped anybody?

Nina tells Sasha that when she went to the jeweler to have the necklace made, she thought what her life would have been like if Valentin hadn’t found Sasha. She couldn’t imagine it. Sasha has made her a better person. They would have found each other regardless. They were destined to be together. Nina thanks her for being her daughter. She loves her. Sasha says she loves Nina too. They hug, and Sasha looks at Obrecht over Nina’s shoulder.

Lulu tells Dustin, of course (🍷) she’d want to know, but it might be better for Nina to live in ignorance, and sit on this truth. How can she make it through the wedding? How is she going to keep her mouth shut while Nina exchanges vows with that liar? Dustin says, maybe a distraction at the wedding would help. Lulu asks, what kind? and says, an escort at her side. He could be her back up. Does she have a date? She says, no, and he asks if she wants one.

Obrecht says, time for bed; it’s getting late. Sasha says she’s tired, and Nina says, okay. She can hardly wait for Sasha to be by her side tomorrow. Sasha says, it’s going to be beautiful, they hug, and Sasha goes to her room. Obrecht hugs Nina, grabs her karaoke machine, and also leaves. Nina sees the painting, and says, that’s enough out of you, covering it again. Valentin says, that woman is a real buzzkill. She says he’s not supposed to be there, but he says he needed to see her one last time. They kiss, and he says he has something important for her.

At the Rib, Doc tells Laura, there are other clues in the painting, but a photograph is a poor substitute for the real thing. Laura bets there are lots of clues. Helena intended for Nikolas to figure it out.

Valentin says, eyes closed, and puts a gorgeous necklace in front of Nina. He says, open them, and she says, it’s beautiful. He puts it on her, and says he loves her. They kiss.

Ava tries to think of the last time she saw Finn’s fiancé, but here’s Hayden. She’s still head over heels in love with him. Finn says Hayden made it clear she feels nothing, but Ava tells him not to kid himself, or let Hayden kid him. She’s lying when she says she’s over him.

Hayden says, telling Finn will just throw upheaval into their lives, and Jax says, it’s probably for the best. She asks if he’s saying Finn wouldn’t want her back. He asks if it’s never crossed her mind, and she says, obviously it’s crossed her mind. She’s thought of everything from a happily ever after to an ugly custody fight. But she always comes to the same conclusion. Finn can never know.

Carly tells Michael, Donna is so tiny and fragile. She kept worrying that something would go wrong, and that one moment is all she would get. Michael says she has a lifetime of moments. Donna is a lucky girl. She’s got the best mom in the world. They hug, and Carly says she loves him.

Jason and Sonny look at baby Donna. Sonny asks what Jason thinks. Jason says, she’s so tiny, and Sonny says, tiny, but fierce. They chose the right name. Their little girl is a fighter.

Tomorrow, Nina doesn’t want to hear it, Jax knows Sonny is covering up something about Dev, and Sam thinks Shiloh had an accomplice.

🗽 This week, on Million Dollar Listing: New York, Steve was gifted with the listing of the neo Bauhaus designed penthouse in The Noma. Steve had been focusing on buyers, since selling takes longer and it was a buyer’s market, but the penthouse – featuring 360* views, one of them being the Empire State Building – having never been listed, appealed to Steve. Developer Joel had hired Corporate Sunshine to sell the rest of the building, but felt the penthouse was unique, and needed a special marketing push. Steve didn’t want to step on any toes, but head broker Pam was thrilled it was Steve, instead of an outside broker. He threw a tremendous open house, including brokers Corporate Sunshine worked with, since they had the other listings in the building. I thought that was pretty smart, but Joel acted like a huge baby at the open house, trolling Steve, and saying the point of hiring him was to bring in new blood, and he was seeing faces he’d seen before. He wanted a Steve party, not a Corporate Sunshine party. Steve finally convinced Joel that he got plenty of people to come, influencers in particular, who would give the penthouse more exposure. Steve described it as very Instagrammable.

Since Ryan rebranded SoHY, he fell in love with it. One of his guests had said he has the magic, so he decided to run with that. However, he turned out to be a much better agent than a magician, so he hired one for the open house. Although he did dress like one, with a top hat, cape, and white gloves, which caused his wand to keep slipping. In his interview, he told us that when you create something, you have to keep saying the name over and over until others are saying it. He also dubbed himself The Great Serhantagasm, and couldn’t stop laughing at his own joke. With six hundred and eleven people there, he got his old enthusiasm back. He thought he and Emilia should buy something in the building to rent, and bought the penthouse himself. That left two other apartments, one of which he got a serious off for. The developer wanted to hold out on the price, but Ryan said there was a concern that the other units might not be sold, or that he’d end up renting them out. Ryan asked to list the rest of the building. The developer felt for a broker to buy his own listing meant something; he has faith in the property. He told Ryan if he could sell the penthouse at a slightly higher price, then he could list the rest of the building. On the personal front, Ryan and Emilia went to the eight-bedroom townhouse they’re renovating, and Emilia thought she might be going into labor.

Fredrik had a Greenwich Village single family townhouse that words can’t even describe. It had a floor-through master, a children’s suite, a beautiful and quiet backyard, and in the basement, a 1200-bottle wine cellar, gym, and stage. Fredrik was leaving for L.A. where he was meeting Derik, but before he left, was able to get the owners down a little in price ($20 million), which he felt was more marketable. In his interview, Fredrik said the conversation about Adam wanting to move to L.A. was completely unexpected. He said he does like driving his Bentley, and agreed L.A. had a different vibe. He was happy that Derik was happy there, but said he’d have to be bi-coastal, and he was already missing the kids when away from them. He told Derik that the hotel they were staying in was going to be a future townhouse development. He had a listing for a house there as well, but it was one that most brokers there had already seen, and relaunching a property is a problem.

Tyler had a huge fail last week, with only one broker showing up to his breakfast open house. Given a second chance, he called every broker he knew for a pied-à-terre party. He told them to also bring their buyers if they were in town. He had a horse carriage on stand-by, one of his main selling points being that the buyer’s front yard  would be Central Park. He ended up with lots of people – and Ryan, who called Triplemint (Tyler’s company) Bubblemint, and was humorously antagonistic in general. Tyler told the potential buyers that he had a special surprise, and took them on a carriage ride through the park, telling them, the best amenity was New York City. He got an offer that looked good for a hot minute, redeeming himself, until the buyer found out they were relocating for work, and had to retract it. I wanted to cry. The developer was happy with Tyler though, and gave him another thirty days to sell the place.

Next time, Tyler gets his biggest listing, and Josh Altman (Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles) feels that Fredrik is stepping on his turf.

👅 Oh, Too Bad…

LVP is too busy to watch American Horror Story.


Like I said.


👂 Heard Around Town…

We know it’s Halloween season, but please do not arrive in costume. — from an invitation to some upcoming nighttime events at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery. (Via Patch)

👻 It’s Getting Closer…

Rocktober, Shocktober, or whatever cutesie name it’s given, the beginning of October spells Halloween to me. Who doesn’t like showing their true self… I mean, dressing in costume?







September 26, 2019 – A Body Goes To the Morgue, No Fever For Disco, Cove This, Karma Is a Lawsuit, a New Way To Survive & Almost October


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Alexis goes to Neil’s office. He says it’s unexpected, and she says she kissed him. He says he knows; he was there. She says she liked it, and he asks if that’s a problem. She wants to know how he feels about it. He remarks that the tables have turned, and she says she has two tickets for a concert in the park, but he says he has plans.

Julian leaves a message for Lucy to call. Ava comes in, worried that she didn’t get a chance to give her brother the send-off he deserves. He says she’s just in time to say, I told you so. He’s not going anywhere; at least not with Kim. They’re done.

Hayden meets Curtis outside Kelly’s. She congratulates him, saying he wasn’t even trying, and put an international fugitive behind bars. If it wasn’t for him, Cassandra wouldn’t have been caught. He says, right place, right time. She says he was searching the Haunted Star. Did he have any luck finding the codicil to Mikkos’s will?

Nina and Valentin walk into Charlie’s. Nina can’t believe they’re getting married in a few days. Valentin says he’s counting the hours. She says she has non-stop butterflies in her stomach. The best part, besides marrying him, is that her daughter made a full recovery. She can’t shake the feeling that there’s a connection between Sasha’s illness and their wedding announcement. She believes Cassandra targeted them because of their happiness.

At the hospital, Michael tells Willow, thank God Wiley is okay. Willow says, he’s safe and sound with Brad and Lucas. She even got to hold him for a minute. Michael ask how she’s doing, and she says, grateful. She was just in the chapel giving thanks, and praying Wiley is too young to remember this. Michael says, soon, Shiloh will just be a bad dream. He holds her, and Sasha sees.

Peter tells Laura, it was just one of those lucky things. Right place, right time. She says he’s not a cop or a mobster, so what was he doing down at Pier 55 so late at night? Maxie runs in, and hugs Peter, saying she’s glad he’s okay. He asks how she knew he was there, and she says, Amy called. She told him how Peter saved Wiley’s life when that psycho Shiloh kidnapped him. Peter says he didn’t do it alone. Laura says he’s being modest. If he hadn’t been on the docks, it all could have gone very differently. Her phone rings, and she says, it’s the PCPD, excusing herself to take the call. Maxie says she’s glad Peter was there to save Wiley, but why was he on the docks by himself late at night?

Laura asks if Chase has an update, and he says, the Coast Guard is still looking for the Haunted Star. They believe the fugitive is onboard with the hostage – Sam McCall.

Jason leans on the railing of the boat. Shiloh comes up behind him with a baseball bat, since they’re always playing baseball on the Haunted Star. He misses Jason by a mile, and Jason grabs the bat. Shiloh won’t let go, and they struggle. Shiloh finally trips Jason, and Jason falls. Shiloh says he’s so sick of Jason. He’s waited a long time for this. He raises the bat, but Sam shoots him in the back, and he falls into the water. Sam and Jason look at each other.

Jason tries to take the gun, but Sam doesn’t want his fingerprints on it, so she sets it on the floor. He asks if she’s okay. She says she’s good. She asks where Shiloh is, and Jason says he’s gone. She’s heard that before, but he says she shot him in the back with the signal gun (I was wondering why it was red). He’s gone. She says, thank God, and Jason holds her.

Peter tells Maxie, he was looking for an apartment. He’s tired of living in a hotel room, and decided to check out the loft conversions in the Riverside area. It’s supposed to be the next up and coming neighborhood. Maxie guesses that’s why he took all the cash out of the bank.

Willow tells Michael that she was frantic. At one point, she even tried to convince Chase that she should go with Shiloh. Never mind they had no way to contact him, since he’s a fugitive. Michael knows how it feels to be desperate to help. She says for all the good she did, and he says she did him a lot of good. She pointed out the importance of forgiveness. Sasha joins them, and Willow says she should go. Sasha tells her that she’s glad Wiley is going to be okay. When Willow is gone, Michael admits he admits he talked to Willow when he was upset, but he didn’t give her any details about Sasha’s situation. She appreciates that, but she wouldn’t blame him. She has zero right to judge. He says neither does anyone else, including him. He’s made his share of mistakes. She says she hates being in limbo. She wants to get this over with and tell Nina the truth.

Nina tells Valentin that she wants their wedding day to be filled with happiness, but she doesn’t want to jinx it. When she put out the announcement, they were so happy. Maybe they were too open about their happiness, and Sasha paid the price. He says, they’re not to blame; Cassandra is. The authorities are dealing with Cassandra, and nothing, or no one, is getting in the way of them becoming husband and wife.

Ava asks Julian, what happened? He said things were going great between him and Kim. She says, let her guess. His past got in the way of his happily ever after. He says, not his past; Kim’s. He bets Ava wasn’t expecting that.

Alexis says she knew she made a mistake. Who goes out with their therapist, and takes them to drag bingo on a date? Who does that? She’s a boundary crossing, relationship challenged, disaster. She has the emotional IQ of a shovel. He asks how things are going with her new therapist. She says, not well. He says it takes time, but she says she’s only recapped up to age fifteen. She’ll be a hundred and ten by the time she gets to now. He wants to say something controversial in regard to their current situation. Let’s not over analyze. She says, one date, and two hours in an elevator, and she’s broken him. He doesn’t even know who he is now. He says he’s surprisingly open-minded and unexpectedly spontaneous. She says he should put that in his dating profile. He says maybe he shouldn’t have one.

Ava asks if Julian wants to talk about it, and he says, not particularly. He’s sorry she rushed over. She says that’s okay, but now that he’s staying put, there is an appointment she doesn’t want to miss. He tells her to go, and she says she’s there if he wants to talk. She’s glad he’s staying. He’s one of the few people in town who has her back, for whatever it’s worth. He says, it’s worth a lot. Ava starts to leave, and runs into Nina, who says, excuse me. Ava says, no. She doesn’t think she will. Nina is one reason her life is such a mess right now.

Curtis tells Hayden if he’d found anything, he would have told her. She says she’s just getting impatient. They’re no closer to finding the codicil, and his billing hours are growing. He says lucky for her, she’s not footing the bill. She asks why he decided to search the Haunted Star. The Cassadines haven’t owned it in decades. He says Laura thought it was worth taking a shot, and she says, he brought Laura into this?

Laura finds Chase at the pier, and asks if there are any updates. He says, the Coast Guard has the Haunted Star on their radar. A  speed boat is missing, backing up Dev’s story that Jason is going after the ship. Laura says, he’s trying to save Sam. She doesn’t fault him for that, but hopes he can get it done without anyone getting killed.

Jason tells Sam, Shiloh was wearing a bullet proof vest. He should have checked Shiloh’s pulse; he should have made sure. He’s sorry. She says, it’s better this way. The cops are always looking excuse to charge him. This way it’s obvious it was self-defense. He says she’s bleeding, but she says, it’s not a big deal. He wants to get her to the ER. He says he’ll pilot the ship. He thanks her for the save, and she says, anytime. They kiss.

Alexis says Neil is still on the dating site. He says he thought his profile would be deleted when he deleted the app from his phone. He gets on his laptop, and says, let’s make this definitive. He reads, are you sure you want to delete your profile? He hits yes.

Sasha tells Michael now that she’s decided to tell Nina that she’s not her daughter, it seems cruel to be part of the wedding, like she’s part of the family. Michael says, it’s for the greater good. It’s only until after Cassandra’s trial. Sasha says she knows. If she admits she lied to Nina, it will cast doubt on her testimony. He says they can’t risk it, but she says that doesn’t make it any easier. How is she supposed to make it through discussing wedding details with Nina and Valentin? He says he can go with her.

Ava tells Nina that Crimson isn’t the freshest voice, but Nina needs to have a conversation with her social media director. The comments are still coming in, and they’re vile; do something about it. Nina asks if they’ve crossed line to hate speech. Ava says the it’s because of the hatchet job of an article, but Nina says it’s what Ava agreed to, and she was well paid for it. Ava says she agreed in order to get her side of the story out there, so people would understand the hell she’s been through. Nina says, what was printed was the truth. If Ava is so upset about what people on the internet think about her, she suggests trying not to be a horrible person. She should look in the mirror instead of at the comments. Valentin asks if everything is okay. Nina says, it’s fine. Ava says, that’s something, Nina of all people judging her, after what Nina did to her. And now she’s getting ready to marry the man who murdered Nickolas. Nina says it was in self-defense, but Ava says she was there. She saw it, and it wasn’t self-defense. Valentin says she signed an affidavit saying it was. Spencer’s lawsuit was thrown out for lack of evidence. She should read what she signed, and remind herself when she sobers up. Ava tells Nina to get the trolls off her back.

Curtis tells Hayden that he and Laura worked a case a few months ago, and they work pretty damn good together. Laura is pretty motivated, since she doesn’t like Valentin. Hayden wonders if it’s too close home, and Laura might be a bit too biased. Curtis says he doesn’t need objectivity. He needs someone who knows Helena better than anyone.

Maxie says she found a bank slip in Peter’s room for $35K in cash; like a bank robbery amount. He says, it’s a seller’s market, and helps if he puts a down payment in cash. She says he had no reason to withdraw it before she asked him to find his own place. What’s really going on?

Jason and Sam arrive at the pier, and Laura asks, what happened? Chase asks, where’s Shiloh? and Jason says, he’s gone. Sam says she killed him, and Jason says, she had no choice. Shiloh was trying to kill him. Chase asks where the body is, and Jason says, overboard. Chase asks if Shiloh fell or was pushed. Jason says he can ask all the questions he wants with their lawyers present, but he has to get Sam to the hospital. She’s bleeding. Laura tells, go, and Chase says someone will contact them. Laura tells Chase that she has to draft a press release. Is Chase going to search the boat? He says, CSU will cover it, and will confirm or disprove Jason and Sam’s story.

Neil’s plans are with Alexis, and they decide to meet at the southeast corner of the park. Alexis opens the door, and Ava is there. Ava says she didn’t realize anyone would be here; she can wait. Alexis says she was just leaving. Ava says if Alexis wouldn’t mind, stop by Charlie’s if she has time. Julian is bent out of shape. He would never ask, so she’s asking for him. Alexis says she’s sorry Julian is having a hard time, but he’s not her concern anymore, and she leaves.

Julian asks Nina if he wants to know what that was about, but she doesn’t think he does. Sasha and Michael come in, and Valentin says Michael is a surprise. Michael says Sasha asked him to tag along. Sasha says she got hung up at the hospital, and Nina asks if everything is okay. Michael says, for the most part, yes. There’s a lot they’re learning, but Shiloh kidnapped Wiley. Julian says, Wiley was kidnapped? but Michael says, he’s okay, and he’s with Brad and Lucas at the hospital now. Julian picks up his phone.

Laura sees Curtis outside of Kelly’s, and tells him that she can’t work on the case for a few days. Hayden comes out with some food, and says, next time Curtis wants to bring in a third party, it might be nice to notify the person that hired him in the first place. She sees Laura, and says, hi. Laura says she won’t keep them, and Hayden says she knows Curtis told Laura about the codicil to Mikkos’s will. Laura says Mikkos left a codicil?

Peter tells Maxie that she’s right. He hasn’t been completely honest. He’s been searching for an apartment for weeks. She doesn’t understand why he didn’t say something, and Peter says he wanted to find a place big enough. Not just for them, but with room for James, and Georgie when she visits. He wanted it to be perfect, and he was waiting for the right time. She kisses him.

The nurse tells Sam that it doesn’t appear serious. She’ll clean it up, bandage it, and Sam will be good as new. She leaves, and Jason says, it could have been worse. Sam is glad Wiley is okay, and Jason asks if she is. She says, yeah. She has a clean bill of health. He says he’s not talking about her arm. She says Shiloh was coming after him. She did what had to be done.

Julian leaves a message for Lucas, saying he heard Wiley was mixed up in something with Shiloh. He asks Lucas to call him; he’s worried. Alexis comes in, and he asks what she’s doing there. She says she’s not sure. His sister said he was in a bad way, and could use a friend. Julian says he has a lot going on; it’s personal. She ask if he wants to talk. He says, no, and she asks if he needs to talk.

Neil sits with Ava, and suggests they begin with what brought her there. She says she hasn’t had the best experience with therapy, and he says, yet she still feels the need to find help. Why not talk about her experience with her last therapist? She says, the story was everywhere. The pathetic woman who unknowingly slept with her daughter’s killer. He says he doesn’t make assumptions before he’s met a patient, and she asks if it was some kind of a test to see if she’s telling the truth. He says she seems angry. Is she angry with him? She asks him to forgive her. She had an encounter just before she came, with one of the few people in the world who can manage to get under her skin, Nina Reeves. He asks, why? and she says they have a complicated history. It goes back long before either one of them lived in Port Charles. They know each other’s darkest secrets. Ava resents the new life Nina is creating for herself. It’s the height of hypocrisy when she wags her finger at Ava, and calls her an awful person, considering what she’s done to Ava. And considering she shares a bed with the man who took Nikolas from her.

Sasha tells Nina that she’s going to make sure everything is perfect. Nina doesn’t want her do all that maid-of-honor stuff. She just wants Sasha to stand next to her. And one other little thing. She hears Maxie is planning a bachelorette party. Does Sasha have any  idea what’s in store? Sasha says she’ll have to wait and see, and Nina says Sasha knows how much she hates surprises. D’oh! Sasha has a big one too.

Hayden says, Curtis didn’t tell Laura? Laura says he didn’t even tell her who he was working for, and Curtis says he honors his clients’ privacy. Laura asks if this is the document that could bring Valentin down, and Hayden says, yes. It seems Helena found out Mikkos named Valentin as an heir. Helena wasn’t having it; she wanted her progeny to inherit it. Valentin was a bastard, so she convinced Mikkos to name his children and descendants as his exclusive heirs. That means Valentin is out. Laura says, they know who stands to benefit the most.

Jason tells Sam, it’s never easy to pull the trigger, even on someone like Shiloh. Sam says she didn’t just do it to save Jason. She saw Shiloh standing over him, and kept thinking about all the horrible things Shiloh did to her sister, Willow, Wiley, and her. She wanted to make sure he never, ever hurt anyone again. The nurse comes in with a fresh bandage.

Chase looks around the deck of the Haunted Star. He gets a call on the radio from the Coast Guard, telling him that he’d better get over there. They found something.

Alexis says, Kim slept with Franco? and Julian says, Franco, Drew, whatever the hell he’s calling himself. Alexis says, the important question is, who Kim thinks Franco is. He has to admit, these are extenuating circumstances. She’s sure they can patch things up. Julian says, maybe if it was an isolated incident, but it’s impossible to have a relationship with someone knowing you’re always going to be in the shadow of the love of their life.

Neil says, Nikolas? and Ava says, Cassadine. He’s Alexis’s nephew; it’s a small world. She has no idea why she brought him up. Neil says maybe they should explore that. She says it’s hardly the most important thing on her mind. She’s suffered so much in the last few years. She buried her own daughter. Does he have any idea what that’s like? He says, why did she mention Nikolas? and she says, she told him that she didn’t know. He tells her make something up; the first thing on her mind. She says, he was the first… Neil says, first what? and she says, the first of the losses, each one more painful than the last. First, there was Nikolas, then Morgan and Kiki. Nikolas was murdered, and it feels like it was the beginning of this endless pain. Neil asks how long they were together, and she says she could hardly say they were together. They only became close in the last few weeks of his life. He says, yet the time they spent together had a profound impact on her. She says, when she compares him to the relationships she’s had with men since – Griff, who only saw the good in her; the light, and Ryan, who only saw darkness – they saw what they wanted to see. The caricature of a woman they could shape in their own design. Neil says, not a real person, who has wants, needs, and desires. Ava says, exactly. Nikolas saw all of her, and still wanted her. He asks if that’s rare in her experience, for a man to know all of her. She says she knows she’s not the first woman to feel the world sees her as an angel or a demon. That’s why she wanted to share her story; to show the world there’s more to her. She doesn’t deny she’s done wicked things, but beyond the headlines, labeling her as a victim or a monster; she’s a real person. Her daughter is gone, and her life has been destroyed. She’s in pain all the time, and they just want to pile it on. He asks, who does the piling on?

Laura says, that would make Spencer the heir, and Curtis says, that’s the theory. No one has actually seen the codicil. Hayden says, it makes sense enough that they believe it exists. Spencer is a great kid. She’d like to see him recover what’s his. Laura says, Spencer doesn’t always know what’s best for him, because he is a kid, and she’s his guardian. The Cassadine estate never brought anything to anyone but misery. Maybe he’s better off without it. Hayden says, why let Valentin walk away with the estate? It’s not his. Laura says she sounds just like Spencer right now. Is he the one who told her about the codicil and put her up to this search?

Maxie sees Sam and Jason on their way to the elevator and runs over to them. She hugs Sam and asks if she’s okay. Willow joins them and says Chase told her what happened. She thanks them and Peter for saving Wiley. She says they’re all heroes. A body is wheeled past, and Jason says, it looks like they found Shiloh.

Julian tells Alexis, he should probably get back to work. He appreciates the talk, but doesn’t need it. Alexis says she wants him to be happy. He deserves it. He tells her, thanks.

Ava tells Neil, after the article was published, she made the mistake of reading the comments online. Now she can’t stop, it’s like… He says, a compulsion. She says, yeah. The things they’re writing about her, they’re vile. They hurt. At least the hurt is coming from the outside for a change. She’s been in so much pain for so long. The grief, the feelings of betrayal, rage, and hatred. She needs for them to stop. She feels like she’s losing her mind. Neil says, the first step in getting better is admitting there’s a problem, and then asking for help.

Hayden says her associate wishes to remain anonymous. Laura doesn’t like Spencer getting involved. She doesn’t want him getting his hopes up about something that might not exist. Curtis hears her, but given the family politics, it makes sense that Helena would squeeze Mikkos until she had the codicil. If it exists, the estate belongs to Spencer, not the man who killed his father. Laura agrees, but from now on, they deal with her. Spencer is completely off limits. Hayden says, sure. She doesn’t want Spencer to get hurt either. On that note, she has to go. She asks if Curtis wants a ride, and Curtis says he’ll touch base with Laura tomorrow. Laura says, you bet you will. When they leave, she makes a call, leaving a message for Spencer. She says she knows it’s late where he is, but when he wakes up, give her call. They need to talk.

Nina is sure whatever Maxie has in store will be wonderful, but she wants Sasha to promise not to overextend herself. Sasha says she’s not, and tells Nina not to worry. Nina says she expects Michael to keep an eye on Sasha. She suggests Michael go to Valentin’s bachelor party, and Valentin says he still doesn’t think it’s necessary. Nina says he was determined not have one, but Peter convinced him otherwise, and Michael is like part of the family. Valentin agrees, and Michael says he wouldn’t miss the chance to give Valentin the send-off he deserves.

Chase says Willow probably doesn’t want to be there. The body is going to go to the morgue. She asks if it’s Shiloh, and he says, the body was recovered from the water; it’s all he can say until it’s identified. Willow says, she can do it. He asks if she’s sure, and she nods. He says, ready? Sam takes Jason’s hand. Chase brings Willow over to the body. The bag is unzipped, and it’s Shiloh. I’m pretty surprised, having thought they would leave his exit open. She says, that’s him. David Henry Archer. Shiloh. Chase thanks her. He says, the official identification has been taken care of. The autopsy can begin. Shiloh’s body is zipped back up, and wheeled away. Maxie says she wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but she’s going to sleep better knowing Shiloh can’t hurt anyone anymore. Peter says he couldn’t agree more. Sam can’t believe it’s finally over.

Tomorrow, Julian tells Olivia there’s nothing she can do about it, and Olivia says, watch her; Franco tells Elizabeth that she’s already lost: Josslyn says the problem is her, not Dev; and Jason says Sam saved his life.

🗽 On this week’s Million Dollar Listing New York, Steve was more of a bit player this week, but still came in strong. The property he was showing – where they had the book launch that was shown in Gotham magazine – he was showing got more attention with him in a week, than it had in a year with other brokers. A Brazilian art collector showed keen interested, but his main concern was installing an elevator. He was in a wheelchair, and it was non-negotiable. Steve got an architect to draw up plans, had it greenlit by the board, and got the deal done. The seller did have to throw in a 400 square foot apartment they owned in the same building, but hey, that’s a closet to a billionaire.

Luis felt like he’d never left real estate. Since it was a buyer’s market, he decided to focus more on the buyer end. He told Steve about his new baby girl, Leela, and we saw a clip of mom Nikita giving birth. Leela was adorable, and I noted how gorgeous Nikita looked, in full makeup, immediately after giving birth. Luis couldn’t describe how he felt; humbled and grateful to be where he is, and to have Leela in his life. Steve had to keep quiet about his own pending fatherhood, since we know how superstitious his girlfriend is, and she doesn’t believe in announcing it until the 2nd trimester. Luis explained that he and Nikita weren’t together for now, but were co-parenting.

Fredrik wasn’t getting a bite on the disco pad, and only a few nibbles. A drag queen who looked, but couldn’t do loud, explaining a drag queen’s 9 to 5, is 9 pm to 5 am. With the construction in the area going on, it wasn’t going to work. And in the boy-did-I-have-it-backward department, Fredrik was also bummed by Derek saying that he wanted to move to L.A. From the previews, I’d gotten the impression it was the other way around. The recent snowstorm wasn’t helping any, and Derek complained that he hated New York in winter. He’d grown up in Africa, enjoying life outside, and wanted their kids to have the same thing. Fredrik had thought they’d move one day, but his idea was that it would be more in the future.

Tyler wasn’t having the best day either. Wanting to move on to higher priced listings, he managed to get a smaller unit in a building in the hope of getting a larger one when it sold. The coolest thing about this property was coving lighting. LED lights come out from the top molding near the ceiling. The whole place was done using it, and it looked beautiful. The developer had never heard of Triplemint, where Tyler works, but Tyler talked his way in by playing up how the have the best lead generation platforms, and algorithms like no one else. I’ll take his word for it. The developer did. Tyler told us it was undeniably challenging to be competing with someone who had over a billion dollars in sales, i.e. Ryan. Tyler had a 9 a.m. open house, where only one broker showed. That was a complete bust, since she was sure her client wanted more space for their kids, and it was only something like 4500 square feet. Tyler said he was the definition of an emotional eater.

Ryan told us that he thought it was adorbs how Fredrik was opening a chain of offices, just like Ryan had already done. The photographer friend he had in mind for Fredrik’s disco pad had definite interest. Ryan told driver Gary, when you dance, you put positive vibes out in the universe. In response, Gary applauded. It was the sound of two hands clapping. Ryan started his campaign for his new property near Hudson Yards. It didn’t dampen his enthusiasm when he found out they were giving several units each to various brokers, and Ryan got three when he thought he was getting the building. The area being in no man’s land, Ryan began by rebranding the whole neighborhood, SoHY – south of Hudson Yards.  He pasted decals with the announcement on sidewalks and in the middle of the literal street. He said the only people looking up or out are tourists, and I had to laugh. He’s right. He told us New Yorkers were looking down as they walked, at their phones. I look down too, but it’s to make sure I’m not stepping in sidewalk gum. He thought he probably needed a permit, but time was money. He’d rather ask for forgiveness than lose the deal while asking for permission. He made an offer on Fredrik’s listing, but neither side was budging.

Next time, and insane penthouse, Ryan dons a magician’s cape and top hat to promote SoHy, Fredrik goes to LA, and Amelia goes into labor.

💡 Just In Case You Were Wondering…

What light coving looks like.

LightCoving LightCoving2

🐶 Don’t Mess With the Dog Lady…

I don’t have to tell you what pride goeth before.


🌍 Outwit, Outplay, Outlast, Outmentor…

I haven’t watched this in a while – and really, how was anyone ever going to top Richard Hatch establishing the rules of the game? – but it’s interesting to see how they try to keep it fresh.


🍂 It Won’t Be Long Now…

And the countdown to Halloween begins. And the song begins about two minutes in.

September 22, 2019 – Living For Tomorrow, Exes Reunite, Frozen Joe, Vanderpump Spin-Off & Autumn Theft


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

A video plays, similar to the one Al made, but it’s Ginny’s group. Tom says they got lucky. Then they got unlucky. The worst was when went things went bad. They couldn’t grow food. Another guy says, they lost so much. A third says, they needed help. The story goes on, switching between various people. They were ready to split when she showed up. Everything changed. They built something bigger and better. We’re alive because of them – because of her. Ginny says it’s not about her, or any single person. It’s about how they get from today to tomorrow. She talks about going to settlement after settlement, places filled with good people, and good ideas. They needed help. A guy says they fixed water the supply and helped them grow food. Before, they were barely surviving. Now, they’re thriving. Ginny says they’re building a future every day. Each one holds a key; that’s why they wear these. Ginny shows a key pinned to her lapel. She says, it’s not about how her group helps them; it’s about how they help each other. They fix what’s broken. The world gives people every reason to doubt helping each other, but they can. So if they see someone wearing a hat like hers, or a pin, they’re here to help. They can be reached on channel five on the walkie. Each of them holds a key to more help, and more future. Al says, that’s not the truth, and smashes the TV. The opening titles are seen through a cracked screen.

June says they’ve been driving five days; it’s tough. Al says she’s making another video to show everything. She begins filming. Morgan says, it isn’t easy; it’s hard. It’s not supposed to be easy. Alicia says it imparts the way they’re doing things, and Dwight says, the right way. June says one tank of gas can get them through tomorrow. Wen says, Luci stayed, but they’re going to get her back. Sarah says Ginny told them what they’re trying to do is impossible. Tom says they’re going to make the impossible possible. Al says they don’t have to make a fake documentary to prove them wrong. This is how they did it. This is the truth.

Grace gets intravenous something, and thanks Morgan. He asks if he can get her anything else. She tells him, candy beansies, if he sees them. June says Grace is dehydrated, and it’s hard for her to keep food down. Al asks if June thinks it’s the radiation, and June says, it could be, or it could be something else. She needs to find some medical journals .

Morgan says he wasn’t there when she needed him. He wasn’t there when the rest of the world needed him in Tanktown. He’s here now. Al says he told her that he needed to let Grace know something; did he? He says, no. It doesn’t matter. Grace thinks she has an idea, but she’s not sure if it’s just what she wanted them to say. Morgan says, being away from everyone was hard, but good came out of it. Tom says he thought they’d kill him when they  found him. Virginia was scared to trust people, but here he is. He guesses he’s lucky. He flashes back to seeing Janice coming up the road toward him. He says, they found his sister. Janice says, they found her brother. They found him. Tom says he wanted to help with the documentary. What they’re doing is working. What they’re doing has room for everyone – not just who Virginia deems useful. Everyone is useful. People need to see that.

Alicia paints a tree, and Al asks what she’s going to do when they find a home. She hopes she gets the chance keep doing this. When she first started, she’d hoped to find the artist, but it helped her. It’s how she wanted to be. Art makes sense to her. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

Daniel radios from the strip mall, and June asks how the school is. He says, it burned down. There’s nothing left. On the video, June says she wasn’t thinking of anything except making sure they landed, and she picked the right direction. It felt right. Jacob says she has what some people spend their whole lives looking for. Wes says, he thought it was bullsh*t. He’s now part of said bullsh*t, and it turns out, it’s not bullsh*t. Al asks if he’s going to paint again. He says, we’ll see, and looks at Alicia painting a tree.

Grace teaches Charlie the guitar. On the video, she says she wants to be around long enough to see it. The look on everyone’s  faces when they get there. She wants to know everyone is going to be okay.

Morgan asks Grace if she has enough for one more push. John says they may have to leave some of the vehicles behind. Victor wonders if maybe they shouldn’t change direction. There’s nothing out there. Tom tells Al that she might want to turn the camera off. She might not want to document this. Al says she wants to show things as they are. Morgan says, breach, and Dwight kills a zombie that’s invaded their space. He takes something off of the body, and says, look at this.

On the video, Alicia says, sometimes the universe has a way of speaking to you. It’s a Sheriff’s badge, and John says, it’s from the Gulch. Maybe it’s closer than they thought. It was designed to operate without gas or electricity, and there’s a fence around the perimeter. Victor says John doesn’t know what it’s like; he hasn’t been there in years. Morgan says they’ve exhausted everything that’s in the area. If John is right, this will work. On the video, Dwight says, they saved his life before Maybe lightening can strike twice. June feels like it’s the right place, and Alicia says she thinks they found it. Daniel asks if it has a barbershop. Morgan says, if it’s what John says it is, it’s worth it.

Grace yells for June. Morgan runs toward the truck where Grace is resting. Tom is inside with her, and moves out of the way. June checks the pulse on her neck, and asks if Grace can hear her. She tells Morgan, Grace is severely dehydrated, her blood pressure is low, and she needs more fluids. Morgan says, or what? and June says they need to get moving.

Al films, and Daniel says he thought they should take everything they could at the mall. June says she thought she could help treat Grace, if she knew what was going on. She doesn’t even know what to do. She can treat the symptoms; it’s all she knows. Morgan asks how long Grace can go without fluids, and June says, not long. He tests the radio, and says they’ll circle back to the convoy, and get what they need. Sarah says it’s a detour, but there’s a shortcut further north. Morgan says Grace will want to see it. Tom says, this is the part you wouldn’t see on Virginia’s tape. It’s the part you never do.

John and Morgan look through stuff in a storage area. Morgan radios June and Alicia, and says, any luck? But Alicia and June are empty-handed on their end. Morgan thinks they shouldn’t have left, but John says it will be all right. Keep looking. Back with the others, John asks June if Morgan and Grace have something going on, but she’s not sure; maybe. He says, it’s a bittersweet thing, and she tells him, go ahead and ask. He says, okay. He doesn’t want wait anymore to get married at the Gulch, right away. June thinks it’s a great idea. John says he loves her, but keep it under her hat.

John radios Al, and asks how it’s looking, and Al says, got it. She tries to stab an errant zombie who gets the better of her, and they fall to the ground. Alicia nails it from behind. She picks up the fluids they’ve gotten for Grace, and smiles. On camera, Alicia says, it was the only thing she had, and it was taking over. Now it’s not the only thing she has. Morgan asks Grace how she feels, and she says, better. She thanks him, and they smile at each other. She asks, what is it? and he says he’s just glad she’s feeling better.

Sarah says they’ll take the shortcut back in the truck. Ginny can suck it. They made a detour because one person was sick. What they’re building is the future. At least he future they want to be a part of. Wen says, it was a risk. So were Christmas lights on the runway. John says, they were as good as dead, but they didn’t give up. Wes says, they risked their lives. Sarah radios that the bridge it out.

At the bridge, Charlie films. Part of the bridge is breaking down. Alicia says, the semi is too heavy, and Victor says he’s not so sure they should even be standing there. Morgan says they can leave the tanker behind, but John says they’ll never get to the Gulch. Morgan says they’ve got to figure out how to patch the hole. A cable on the bridge snaps. John yells, get off the bridge, and Morgan says, don’t back the tanker up. The bridge starts to give a little. Morgan thinks they should try to cross with one person every twenty feet. Dwight says they have company. Ginny drives up, with her entourage, and says it looks like they could use a hand. Guns are drawn.

Ginny asks if they’re having trouble with the tanker, but Morgan says it’s nothing they can’t handle. He sees they’re making good use of the gas, and Ginny says, it beats saddle sores. She tells everyone to put their guns down. If she’d wanted them dead, they would be dead. She says hi to Tom, and Al says he’s helping them get the story. Ginny asks, which story? He says where she gets her ass handed to her by them. The people need to know the truth. Ginny says, there’s truth and there’s truth. She hopes he picks the one that leaves the most people alive. Morgan asks how she knew where they were, and she says she’s had her eye on the convoy. They could learn something from each other. Morgan and his group have stretched the petrol farther than she thought possible. Then they went out of their way to get medicine, when people are dying. She can’t help if they don’t ask. Victor asks what she means by help, and she says, it means something different to everyone. Victor says, like what? Lay her cards on the table. She says she’s sorted out who provides what, and they need good people; there aren’t many left. Tom asks why she tried to kill him, and she says he became a liability. She’s not going to apologize for her methods, not when she gets results. She tells Dwight that she checked on his wife. He cocks his gun, but then lowers it. She says an engineer she met said he broke bread with Shari. She seemed worried about him. Morgan says, stop, and Ginny says Dwight never said her name. How else would she know it? Morgan says they’re here because they do things different from her. They’re going to keep doing to keep people alive. Ginny says, not much longer. They both want the same thing, they just have different ways of getting there. If anyone wants to try the way it works, they’re welcome. Morgan says, she’s right. If anyone would rather be with her, they should go now. There are no takers, and Dwight says he thinks the choice is pretty clear. Ginny says he has a good hold on them. Victor laughs, and says her strategy of following them isn’t particularly efficient. Ginny says, it’s not? Boys… Her henchmen shoot in the air, and she says it’s like calling the kids to dinner. There’s a herd down the road, and they might be the soup de jour. When they need her help, give a holler. I’m thinking her recruitment tactics aren’t the greatest.

Morgan says, get ready to cross. Everyone, out of the cars now. Said zombie herd starts coming toward them, Morgan says they’ll buy as much time as they can. Everyone grabs stuff out of the cars, and runs. Victor slices and dices. Morgan whacks the zombies with his new and improved pokey stick, and Al stabs whatever she can. The zombies barrel right through the line of cars. Dwight encourages the group to run. Morgan yells for them to get over the bridge. He asks how they’re doing with the patch, but Tom says, it’s not ready yet. Morgan tells Tom, forget it, just go, and another cable snaps. Morgan asks if they can get the tanker over the patch, but that’s a no, so they leave the truck. Tom refuses to go, and gets knocked down when the hole opens up more. The zombies fall through the bridge. I laugh, but then there goes the tanker. Tom jets to join the others, but he stops, saying, he has this. Cables snap as he’s talking, and he’s last seen on camera, screaming as he falls.

Back at the convoy, Al is editing, but the battery dies. Morgan says, it’s okay, but she says she has to get this right, for them; for him. Morgan says, then that’s what they’ll do. It’s not the end of the road. He won’t let it be. They go outside, where everyone else is waiting, sitting in front of the C&L boxcar. Morgan asks if Grace can walk. She says Tom died for the detour; for her. Janice looks in the water. Jacob asks if she wants him to say a few words, but she says, not here.

They stand in the woods. Morgan says Tom believed their story wasn’t over, and wanted to be with people who do what they did for one of their own. And he wanted Ginny to know that. Right, Janice? Janice says, he told her that he wanted to finish it, and Morgan says, then that’s what they should do. Right, everyone? They all nod, and he says, let’s go. He tells Alicia, it’s not going to be easy. They start to walk.

And walk… and walk. Wes tells Alicia, he’s been thinking when they get there, he’ll paint with her. It doesn’t have to be trees. He might need a new medium. She smiles. They walk some more. John approaches Jacob, and asks if it’s a good time for a question. Jacob says, it depends on the question. John asks if he does weddings, and Jacob says, gentiles? He’s always wanted to try one. Morgan asks if he just heard what he thought he heard. John says, it’s going to be a quiet affair, and June says she doesn’t want to make a big deal. Morgan thinks it might be what everyone needs. It will remind them why they’re doing this thing. John says if Morgan’s not busy, he needs a best man. The continue to walk. The road looks endless.

Dwight asks if Al is still filming. She says, as long as there’s a story to tell. Daniel says he doesn’t know Morgan that well, but hear him out. We don’t know how long we have in the world. If we have things to say, we should say them. They stop a moment, and Janice asks if Al is getting this. Al says, you bet she is. They see the billboard for Humbug’s Gulch. Janice says she wants Ginny to see this. See why she lost. I’m worried that it’s not going to be there anymore. Morgan tells Grace, good. One last push. He wanted to say… She tells him, don’t say it. It will make things harder. They look at each other. He he nods, and says he’s glad she’s here to see this. She says, her too, and squeezes his arm.

They finally make it, but it’s as I feared. Sort of. Al takes out the camera. Zombies have invaded the Gulch. Janice says, it can’t be. Maybe it’s the wrong place. John looks through the binoculars, and says they’re up against every gate. They’d be hard pressed to even get inside. Morgan says, they’ll find another way. Victor says, how? They have no food, no water, and their supplies are on the other side of the bridge. June says, there’s nothing else out here, but Jacob tells her that her faith got her this far. She says she needs more faith, and Alicia says they can’t give up. Charlie says they can walk back to the cars, but Wes says they’ll never make it. Daniel says they barely made it here, and Wen says, even if they could, there’s no gas for the cars. Victor says there’s one thing they can do. Al turns the camera off, and Victor asks, why? She wants people to see things the way they are. He does, and now she sees them the way he does. They got to somewhere; here they are. He reminds her there are children with them. The truth is, if they do this, they can live for tomorrow. Morgan ask if anybody can think of something else. Say it now.

Al says she thought this wasn’t going to be the end of the story, but it is. She knows what it means. Dwight says if they call her, there’s no going back. Al says, people are going to die, and Victor says they tried a different way. They can look at themselves in the mirror tomorrow. Dwight says, if they throw in with her, there might not be a tomorrow. He starts to leave, and Morgan tells him, don’t go. They’re miles from anything. Dwight says he’s walked this far before. June says she’s sorry, but John says it’s not her fault. They all thought it was a good idea. Al says, if they’re going to do this, then they should do it. Morgan tells Janice that he really is sorry. I say, don’t do this, but he radios, saying if Virginia is listening, they need her help. The camera pans out, and we see them clustered together on top of the hill.

Next time, Al thinks they can clear the Gulch, John says they have something to fight for, and Daniel says Ginny isn’t walking away without a fight.

🔥  No Disaster On This Potomac…

Things are heating up for Gizelle.


❄ Cold As Ice…

It’s not looking good for Juicy Joe.


But Teresa seems to be dealing.


🐾 Paws Crossed…

I’m still hoping for that Vanderpump Dogs spin-off.


🍂 More Like Grand Theft Summer…

Summer has been declared officially over. Moving on.

August 1, 2019 – Neil Tells Alexis About Joanna, New York Brokers Are Back, OC Soon, Stassi’s Reward & French Chick


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

In Puerto Rico. Michael says he has seen Cassandra before, in Port Charles at the MetroCourt restaurant. His mom is the owner, and he’s there all the time. She says he has a good memory for faces. It was a couple of years ago. She’d been there for a meeting, hoping to interest Michael’s father in a business proposal. Sasha says she must not be in the fashion industry, and Cassandra says she likes to keep up with the trends, but no. Michael asks what business she’s in, and she says, nothing nearly as exciting. Import/export.

Nina downs her drink, and on the side, Valentin tells her to pace herself. One of the drinks has the truth serum in it. She asks, which one? but he says, it’s hard tell now, since everyone has their glasses. She tells him to stay near her, and if she rambles, stop her. Jax tells Finn that he wants to be clear, he and Hayden are business associates; nothing more. Any indication that she’s given Finn that they’re together isn’t true.

In a hallway upstairs, Hayden says, if Valentin is following Nikolas’s footsteps, this should be the office. She starts to open a door, and is startled by someone behind her. A housekeeper asks what she thinks she’s doing.

Lulu drinks to true love; something Peter knows nothing about. Her doorbell rings, and she says, go away. Laura says, let her in. Lulu opens the door, and Laura tells her, it’s nasty out there. Lulu is lucky she has no place to be. Lulu says, no place to be; no one to be with. She’s so lucky. She drinks some more.

Carly calls Enrique in Puerto Rico. She’s wondering how Michael is doing, and if he’s having a good time. She wants to send them some champagne. Sonny takes the phone from her hand, and talks to Enrique in Spanish, including Carly’s name. Carly asks if Sonny just told him not to accept her calls. He says, his island, his rules.

Alexis and Neil are in the elevator, when it stops. Neil says, it must be the storm. The power is out, Alexis says, excellent, and Neil says it looks like they’re stuck.

Cassandra says she almost feels guilty; it’s storming back home. Sasha hopes Nina’s dinner party wasn’t rained out. She tells Cassandra that Jasper Jax and Hayden Barnes are the dinner guests. Why she would tell a total stranger this, I have no idea. Cassandra says, the names sound familiar. Maybe their paths crossed in Italy. She excuses herself to make a phone call. Sasha says, she seems nice. Michael says he knows who’s nicer, and Sasha says it had better be her. He says, definitely her, and they kiss.

Carly tells the MetroCourt patrons that she’s sure they came out for a nice, relaxing dinner, but the storm had other plans. The MetroCourt is going to take care of them though; the night is on them. If they haven’t received an entrée yet, they can’t cook with no electricity, but there are cold items and a generous wine list. She tells them, enjoy their evening. Sonny says, that’s pricey, but she says everyone will talk about how fabulous they are. Besides, her hotel, her rules.

Neil pushes the elevator buttons. Alexis says he was right about Kristina going to group therapy. Kristina thinks it’s helpful to talk to other cult survivors. He continues pressing all the buttons, and she tells him, stop doing that. They’re going to be in there until the power comes back, or someone comes to get them. He says he has no phone service. He’s got to get out. She says she has places to be too, but they’re there for the foreseeable future. Why doesn’t he bill her? They can do a session, and make good use of the time. He says he’s serious; he has to get out. She asks, what’s wrong? Is he claustrophobic? He says, no, but she says he’s clearly upset. It can’t just be because he’s stuck with her, could it? It’s a little extreme for that. He repeats that he has someplace he needs to be.

Hayden says she must have gotten turned around. The housekeeper wonders who she is, and Hayden introduces herself. The housekeeper asks if Valentin knows she’s there, and Hayden says she’s an invited dinner guest. She was looking for the restroom. The housekeeper says, that’s not it, and Hayden says she used to live there. She thought she could find her way, and was over-confident. The housekeeper asks if Hayden would like her to show the way back, and Hayden says, please.

Jax tells Nina that he was thinking about the idea she pitched, in the light of the favorable response to the Ava issue. Valentin thinks he’s downplaying that, and Nina says, it was a home run. Jax says he’s concerned about a continuing series on dangerous women. Nina suggests calling them complex or mysterious. She can think up a fabulous title. Jax says he doesn’t want their magazine to be the one that glorifies murder. The Ava issue was a one-off. Nina says, creativity is a bad idea that leads to a good one. There are a lot of interesting women. Helena Cassadine. Valentin says, no, and Jax agrees. Nina says, what about Cassandra Pierce? Finn nearly chokes on his drink. The woman comes in with Hayden, saying, she lost her way – or so she says.

Alexis asks Neil if she’s allowed to ask where, or is it a violation of their boundaries? Neil says his daughter died five years ago tonight. Alexis says she’s sorry. She doesn’t know what to say. He says, it’s almost cliché. A therapist who can help everyone, but those closest to him. He doesn’t know where or how, but somewhere, his daughter became a lost soul. Every time he tried to reach out… He says she knows how it is.

Laura gives Lulu some coffee. Lulu asks if Laura is sure she doesn’t want to open another bottle of wine. Laura is sure, and Lulu says, party pooper. Laura asks if that’s what this is; a party? Talk to her. Lulu says she’s trying to understand why Dante left. She’s put herself in his shoes. What would she have done? On one hand, as an objective outsider, she can see his perspective. But as his wife and the mother of his children… Laura says she’s sorry. She hates that this is happening to Lulu. Lulu says, that’s it exactly. It’s happening to her. She has no say and no choice. Not when Dante left, and certainly not when the divorce papers were delivered. Now she has to decide whether to let her marriage end or fight. No discussion, just an enormous decision she has to make completely alone. Laura says she knows it’s very hard, frustrating, and scary, but Lulu’s not alone.

The housekeeper says she found Hayden trying get in Valentin’s office. Jax says she must be mistaken. Windymere is a bit of a maze. She says, Hayden lived there, but Jax says, it was years ago, and Hayden has a notoriously bad sense of direction. She probably couldn’t find the powder room. Hayden says, no. She was snooping, and this lady busted her.

Carly tells Sonny that she’s calling the company who makes the generator. They’re going to fix it, and give her restitution, or she’ll sic Diane on them.

Alexis says that explains why Neil dedicated his life to helping others get out. He says he’s sorry. This is supposed to be her session, not his. Alexis sits on the floor. She says she’s had her share of AA meetings. She’s become an expert listener. Neil sits, and says, there were all the tell-tale patterns. She cut off her family, turned from her friends, and sold all of her possessions. Alexis says, and gave them the money, like Kristina did. He says, partly. This cult was into drugs. Alexis says, it must have been terrifying. He says he tried the tactics he used on others, but none of them worked on his own daughter. She took her own life. She was found in a bathtub, an empty bottle of pills on the floor, and pronounced dead right about now, at 9:47.

Alexis says now she knows why this night means something to him. She’s truly sorry he’s not getting to have a memorial for his daughter. Hopefully, it was postponed because of the storm. He says, it’s not that kind of memorial. Every year on the anniversary, he goes to a karaoke bar and sings a song from her childhood. She had trouble sleeping some nights, and the song put her out. He says, it’s a strange way to celebrate his daughter’s life, but Alexis says, not at all; it’s beautiful. She has trouble imagining him singing karaoke though. He says, it’s not pretty, but Joanna loved it. Until she joined the cult. She was fearless like that. Him, not so much. It’s a test every year to see if he can get through the song. Alexis says, but he does, and he says, yeah. A tribute to his daughter and an act of penance all in one. She asks, what song? and he says, Hush Little Baby (apparently, the only song ever sung to a child). Since they’re stuck in there, the guys will be spared this year. She says she’s not. She’s a captive audience; so sing.

Laura tells Lulu, Dante is a good man, who loves her and the kids more than anything. Lulu says, that’s what makes it so insane. Laura says, if he considers himself so broken that he’s willing to give them up, Lulu might not agree, but she can respect where the decision came from. Sometimes things can’t be fixed, and more damage is done by hanging on, and not accepting the loss. Lulu says she doesn’t want this. Laura says, if Lulu wants to fight it, she’s behind her 100%. All she can say is that she believes Dante made the choice out of love, and she doesn’t think he took it lightly. If he considers himself this far gone, maybe he is.

Sasha asks Michael what it was like, growing up with his own island. He says he was a holy terror as a kid, and she says, no way. He says, there were some rocky times. Times when it was really dangerous, or his parents were fighting and at odds, and they’d send the kids there. it was a safe haven. They could put away the crap hanging over them in Port Charles. It was still there when they came back, but while they were at the island, they didn’t think about it. A lot of people had troubles with their childhoods, but never had a refuge like this. (How insightful. Really, Michael?) He says he relaxes when he’s there. Sasha says, that’s what different.

Jax tells Hayden that she’s funny. She says, no. She went looking for Valentin’s office, knowing what she was doing. She was looking for the diamonds. Nina says, what diamonds? and Jax says they were something she left behind, and was hoping to locate them. Fleur says she needs to get back to Charlotte. She’s in the taxidermy room naming all the animals. Jax says, not every little girl likes taxidermy, and Fleur says, Charlotte isn’t every little girl.  Nina says, if Hayden wanted access, why didn’t she just ask? Jax says she didn’t want them to think she had an ulterior motive. She just wanted to reclaim what’s hers. Hayden walks over to Finn, and asks if he ever thinks about her. She can’t stop thinking about him. I guess we know who got the truth serum.

Michael says, so Sasha thinks he’s guarded and stiff. She says she didn’t say stiff. He’s warm and charming, and a million other wonderful things when they’re at home. People respect him, and the companies he runs. She starts listing his assets and the charities he’s involved with, and he says he gets it. There, he’s loosey goosey. Sasha finds a $25 chip on the floor, and gets all excited. Michael asks if she wants to skip sailing and go gambling. She says, that would be awesome, and he asks if she wants to gamble with real money or the house’s’ money. She asks what he means. He says the dealers are let known that the guest is going to win, and they have the best luck. Sasha says, that’s cheating, and he says, basically. She wants no part of that. She’s limiting herself to $100. If she wins, great; if she loses, so be it. He says she’ll only have to cough up $75. Cassandra returns, and asks if they’d like to join her for breakfast tomorrow at 8:30. They agree to be there, and she watches them leave.

Jax tells Hayden that she looks flushed. He’s getting her some water. He tries to drag her away from Finn, but she says she needs a moment alone with him. She brings Finn into another room. Valentin asks Jax if he thinks she’s all right. Jax says he’s not sure. He’s trying to figure out how she got so drunk on one drink. Nina says, Valentin makes strong martinis, and Jax says maybe she should stick to champagne next time. Nina says that’s his trademark. He brought it to her office to celebrate the magazine. He asks why she’s saying celebrate like it’s in quotes, and she says his own agenda was written all over it. He was trying to butter her up.

Lulu says it sounds like Laura is telling her to give up on her husband. Laura says she wants Lulu to trust her husband. Believe he has their best interests at heart. Laura believes he does. Lulu says she still doesn’t know what to do. Laura says she gets it, but this is life; things change. If she hadn’t been able to let go of Lulu’s father, she never would have found the happiness she has with Doc. It doesn’t happen for everyone, but sometimes life has a second act. She’s grateful she got hers.

Dev brings out a tray with caviar and champagne, and Carly asks what he’s doing. He says he thought she’d be okay with it, and she says, if it’s going to go bad, she is, but who gave him the keys to the champagne closet? He says he picked the lock. If she wants to keep it safe, she needs to up security. He goes back to work, and Carly tells Sonny, on one hand, she appreciates his initiative, but on the other, they won’t be able to afford it. Sonny says he’s got her covered.

Neil tells Alexis that she’s crazy, and she says that’s why she’s seeing a shrink. He says, the whole point is that he goes someplace where no one knows his name. She says, the anti-Cheers. He says, it’s between Joanna and himself. She says she’ll turn away and put her hands over her ears. Don’t let this stop him from doing something he needs to. He thanks her, but no. She says she’s apologizing in advance, but she has no choice. She starts to sing, hush, little baby, don’t say a word…

Hayden tells Finn that he’s stalling. Answer the question. Does he still think of her? He says, it doesn’t matter. He’s moved on. Hayden asks if he loves Anna, and he says he does. Hayden broke him when she left. It took him a long time to pick up the pieces, but he did. She says she knows he hates her. He says she saved his life, and she says he saved hers first. He says he couldn’t hate her, but she says she doesn’t know that.

Nina says it’s impossible to trust Jax. Valentin says his offer to buy the magazine still stands. No questions asked. Jax says he loves Crimson too, and he loves working with Nina. There’s nothing nefarious. He looks forward to the day he can prove that. Finn comes in, and says Hayden needs water. Hayden says she gets it; he’s moved on. But that doesn’t change the fact… She trails off.

Sasha is just out of the shower, and Michael asks if she’s okay. She says the last thing she feels like doing is putting on makeup and getting dressed. He says, the casino will still be there, and she has a standing invite. She says, and she has a $25 chip. He says, it’s fate. She has to come back. One question though. Since she doesn’t want to go gambling, what does she want to do instead? She kisses him, and they get busy during a song part.

Dev serves champagne. Sonny calls him over. Dev asks if there’s something wrong, and Sonny says, the opposite. Carly says, he’s doing a great job, and Sonny says he wants to give Dev more responsibility – working for him. He has a job if Dev wants it. Dev says he does, and asks if he’s to report to Jason or Sonny. He wants to learn from the best. Sonny says that’s exactly what he’ll be doing. Learning about the coffee business.

Neil and Alexis sing together. When the song is done, they look at each other. The elevator starts to move.

On the phone, Cassandra says, don’t say anything; just listen. She’s been compromised, and needs to relocate again needs to get something. A little gift for a new friend.

During pillow talk, Sasha thanks Michael for bringing her there; it’s special. He says he’s loved the island all his life, but this is the best time he’s had. She asks, why is that? and he says, Manuel’s mojitos, and adds, because of her. She asks if he answers every question with a joke first. He tells her that she’ll get used to it, and she says she plans to. They get busy again.

Carly says, what a night, and tells Sonny, Sasha is a nice girl. It’s nice (WOTD) to see Michael with someone his speed, enjoying life again as an adult. Sonny says, don’t mess things up. She says she’s not getting involved. She just wants to know how things are going. Sonny says, when Michael tells her, she’ll know. She says they should go to the island. He says, yeah, yeah, and steers her out.

Laura says, it looks like the rain stopped. Lulu thanks Laura for riding it out with her. The storm outside and the one that’s her life. Laura says she’ll figure it out. She’s just a phone call or text away. They hug, and Laura says, no more wine. Lulu agrees, and Laura leaves. Lulu looks around at her empty place, and looks at the divorce papers.

Neil tells Alexis, it looks like the power is back on, and Alexis says, that’s good news. They look at each other.

Valentin tells Finn, good news. The storm has passed, and the launch is ready. Finn says, it’s great news. As he leaves, he says, sorry again for interrupting. Have a beautiful evening. Outside, he leans against the door for a moment.

Jax says they’re heading out too. Hayden says, they are? Jax says they don’t know if the weather will take another turn, but thanks Nina and Valentin, saying, it was a lovely evening. They’ll have to do it again. They leave, and Nina says, that was a bust. Valentin doesn’t think so. Jax revealed he has an agenda, and they know he and Hayden were looking for something. They just have to figure out what it was. Nina says, not right now, and they kiss.

Tomorrow, Cassandra makes plans for important guests, Kim wants something from Franco, and Shiloh says it’s what he needed to make his day.

🗽 The new season of Million Dollar Listing New York made its premiere tonight. Those crazy brokers – Fredrik, Ryan, and Steve – are still showing me drool-worthy real estate that makes me want to cry, because I will never, ever be able to afford such fabulousity. Nor have I ever. The best I can say about the apartment I had in Manhattan is, it was in Manhattan, and my apartment in Queens was kind of nice. We found out Ryan and Amelia are expecting a girl, and Ryan had to sell an apartment near the BQE – i.e. near a lot of noise. He tried to distract his potential buyers from that by bringing in his own marching band. Steve has a serious girlfriend – who, since filming, has also revealed a pregnancy – and his property cross to bear was in upstate New York, Hudson Valley. It was quite a property too. He got the listing from a billionaire friend, who bought an agricultural complex built in 1902. Now an historic landmark, the friend had intended on turning it into a hotel, but got too busy with other projects. As the current caretaker said, not in live-in condition. It was in total disrepair, a mess, but oh-so-amazing. Fredrik and Derek’s twins were turning one, and he had a dated apartment to unload. He spent a whole bunch of money into throwing an 80s party there, telling us that he loved the 80s because it was extra, like him. Me too. I love the clothes. It was a costume party, so of course he went all out. and created a totally tubular event. The really sad thing was, his client found a buyer of his own, and per the contract, Fredrik was out a commission. $800,000. I hope the deal falls flat, and the client comes crawling back. It hardly seems fair that Fredrik wouldn’t at least get his expenses back, which certainly had to go into the tens of thousands. I have no clue why he wouldn’t have added that in the contract, but maybe he thought it would never happen. God knows his ego is that big. At the end, Luis crashed a party for the twins. He’s back, and charming as ever. It also looks like there’s going to be a new broker in town next time.

🍊 The other program on Bravo’s menu tonight was a rehashed half-hour called The Real Housewives of Orange County: How They Got Here 2019. No new news there, but their new season begins on Tuesday, August 6th, at 9 pm.

💍 Stassi, We Salute You…

After suffering through the dregs of humanity – I’m talking to you, Jax and Patrick – Stassi has finally found her best beau.

The announcement.


With the friends at Villa Rosa.


The ring.


Something extra.


🎧 Been Hearing This Lately…

On a television ad for a phone or something (I don’t really pay attention), and over the end credits of A Simple Favor, which was a direct rip-off of Quentin Tarentino‘s Death Proof end credits. That’s where I first heard it, and I loved it. Tarantino’s soundtracks are always impressive.

July 24, 2019 – No Show Shiloh, a Charming Dinner For Some, a Tweet, It’s Back Ya’ll, a Whole Pot of Beverly Hills Tea & How Does It Happen?


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Um… That’s what I said when I was hoping for some Shiloh scenes, and instead saw Robert Mueller on my TV.

Here’s what their FB page said: Due to the ongoing hearings on Capitol Hill, today’s episode of #GH will instead air tomorrow. Believe us when we say that it’s worth the wait. Stay tuned.

Here’s what I said: People’s Court, here I come.

Here’s what Soaps in Depth said:


Southern Charm

It’s morning in Colorado. The group trickles downstairs (or up, in Shep’s case) for breakfast. Austen says Madison is already out skiing. Chelsea wears a hat inside because she’s a wimp cold. Craig is making breakfast, and Shep thinks Craig is in the early lead for the MVP of the trip. Craig tells Cameran it’s strange with Austen and Madison. Austen says they have lessons set up for those who don’t ski or snowboard. Eliza says she just knows how to ride a horse. Kathryn comes in wearing some kind of undereye mask things. Craig asks Austen if he and Madison hooked up. That’s a no, but Kathryn asks if he was thinking about it. In his interview, Austen says it’s clear he can’t help himself around Madison. If the opportunity presents itself, he’s jumping at the chance.

Cameron is concerned she’s not on the rest of the group’s level with skiing, and she’s accident prone. In her interview, she says the trip was planned for her to get her mojo back, but she’s a mother now. She drives at the speed limit and doesn’t partake in dangerous activities. God forbid she won’t be there for her child, and she doesn’t want Jason to remarry. She FaceTimes with Palmer. As much as a baby can FaceTime anyway. Shep has to sit things out because of his injury. Whitney says he broke an ankle skiing once. Just one wrong angle and… Cameran doesn’t want to do it now.

Shep wonders why he’s always the first one ready. Even though Madison is already out there, and Austen is sitting there waiting. Craig joins them, bringing along his own snowboard. Shep asks why Eliza takes so long, and she says this is high maintenance, indicating herself. Either accept her or don’t. Kathryn comes in wearing a red ski outfit, with giant furry red earmuffs. Shep asks what planet she’s from, and she says, not this one. I hear that. The bus arrives, and they head out. When they get to the ski resort, Craig says, Kathryn looks like a Teletubby. Austen say he’s getting excited, and Craig says this is his Hallmark dream.

Everyone gets equipped, and those taking lessons go with the instructor. Cameran says she knows how to ski, but she’s sticking with the students. Whitney and Shep decide to get something to eat. Whitney shows Shep how to get oxygen out of something that looks like an airhorn. He tells Shep it helps you get acclimated, but Shep thinks it might be the biggest scam in the world. Clearly, he knows little about scams. They watch Eliza, Danni, Cameran, and Kathryn take a lesson. Madison meets the others, wondering what they’ve been doing. She’s been out since eight. The instructor tells the girls, the number one rule is don’t fall off, as he puts them on a conveyer belt, where they try to balance themselves.

The others take a lift to the hilltop. Shep takes pictures of the lesson. Cameran says she’s too old for this. Chelsea does great, until she falls. Don starts going too fast, and falls, but says, it was amazing. Cameran says they’re all pros now. Don sees a sign that says Happy Hour, and says that’s his next stop. Cameran suggests getting food. Shep, Austen, Madison, and Craig snowboard. Austen asks Madison for a hug, and asks if she missed him. Craig tells them to stop making out, and Austen says he wishes they were.

Danni and Kathryn take the gondola to meet the others. Kathryn freaks a little because she’s going backward. Danni asks what the plans are for dinner, and Kathryn says there’s a chef preparing a marijuana infused dinner at the house. She’s the white elephant [sic] in the room. In her interview, Kathryn says at her lowest point in life, she smoked weed, and her life turned upside down. We see a clip of her saying it was her drug of choice. She says it was the reason she lost her children for a while. She tells Danni, it’s like a big slap in the face – and rude. She also feels awkward about Whitney, and tells Danni that she still has the message in her phone. He asked her to come over, and she said she was with her mom. We read the text of him telling her not to say where she’s going. She tells Danni he wanted to have a quiet night. Danni reads the whole exchange, and says she feels like she watched them have sex. She tells Kathryn that men confuse her sometimes. I don’t know if I believe it, but see below for something I saw on twitter as to a possible reason for Whitney being a jerk. Besides him just being a jerk in general.

Naomie is in the car when Ashley calls. Ashley wonders if she’d be up for grabbing a drink. In Naomie’s interview, she says she’s never gotten a colonoscopy, but sounds better. A bikini wax, a severed arm, her foot run over by a car. She tells Ashley that she’s heading back to her office in Mt. Pleasant. Ashley knows a bar there, and promises to make it quick. Naomie groans. In her interview, she says, everyone deserves a second chance, even if it’s her 27th chance.

The group meets for lunch. Shep says they have a weed dinner tonight, and have more grams than they effing know what to do with. Whitney says they’re like Cheech and Chong. Kathryn and Danni join them, saying the ride was beautiful. Austen says, it’s pretty, but too freakin’ cold. A bell rings in the bar, and they hear a chant, ring that bell. Austen rings it like a maniac, and Shep finds out, when someone rings it, they have to buy a round for the bar. Shep says, Austen is going bankrupt. The total is $250. Austen goofs around with Madison, and Madison tells him, Shep is getting mad. Austen says Shep wants him to be single. Shep says Austen thinks he’s king of the bar. Austen suggests putting it on Shep’s tab. I really get the feeling that Shep is jealous of those he puts down, but I can’t figure out why, or what exactly he’s jealous of.  He’s insecure in some way.

Naomie goes to the bar, and orders an extra-large glass of rosé. She downs it before Ashely comes in. Ashley arrives, and Naomie asks for another. Ashley says, maybe make it a bottle. Naomie says, so..? Ashley says she appreciates Naomie meeting her. Naomie is straight shooter, like herself, and their convictions are strong. It’s obvious Naomie wishes she’d get to the point, and Ashley admits she made it uncomfortable for everyone when they last met. We flash back to her appearance at Eliza’s brunch. Ashley was hoping to get a second chance. She knows it’s wishful thinking, but she doesn’t want to hold a grudge. Naomie says Ashley’s behavior is erratic, and she doesn’t know what she’s going to get; is Ashley going to be nice or call her a bitch? Ashley says, it was just one time, and Naomie asks if it needs to be more. Ashley says she had a lapse in judgement, and besides, she said it in a nice way. Naomie is a bad bitch. In Naomie’s interview, she wonders why she does this to herself. She feels tired. Yep. There are some people who drain me just by hearing their voice. Ashley says she also wants Naomie’s advice on her relationship with Kathryn. Looking back, she’s had no chance to apologize, and wonders how she goes about that. If she runs into Kathryn, should she approach her? Naomie wisely says, no. She doesn’t think so. She doesn’t think Kathryn would be receptive. Ashley wonders, what if she just says, hello, and Naomie says, no. She called Kathryn an egg donor. Ashley says people put things in her head. She owns her actions, and wishes she could go back and fix it, but it’s too late. She’s actually on Kathryn’s side. Naomie asks for more wine. Ashley says she’s done, but doesn’t want to be enemies.

Shep and Austen split a gummy. Shep admits he’s been stoned all day. In Austen’s interview, he says, weed is legal there, and he thinks hiring a skilled chef is a fun thing to do. Get that man a thesaurus. Chef Roilty arrives.  The chef explains there will be four courses. He uses a small amount, and it builds. Shep asks if it will make anyone wild, but Chef Roilty assures him, he knows how to do this.

Craig tells Madison, it’s nice she and Austen are getting along, and asks what’s going on with them. Madison asks what he means, and he says they were being cutesy. Be honest. She says Craig and Shep seem to have something to say about her and Austen’s relationship. They’re a couple of hypocrites, giving advice on a relationship they know nothing about. Craig doesn’t think they should be together, and Madison says, if Austen isn’t asking his opinion, don’t give it. That’s all she asks.

Chelsea says, it smells delicious. The chef explains that he has infused olive oil and infused butter for the meal. Chelsea asks why Austen’s eyes look jacked up. The chef brings out some CBD wine. Chelsea asks if Austen is stoned, and he says he just took a gummy. She can’t believe he did that just before the dinner. Cameran comes in and says, it smells like ganja. She doesn’t want any weed in her food, but takes a sip of the wine. She tells Austen that his eyes are barely open. Chelsea offers Whitney some of the CBD wine, and he asks what that means. I find it hard to believe he’s never heard of it. I’m sure he goes on the internet.

Next door, Kathryn teases her hair. Madison shows up next, dressed in black. Shep says she looks like a femme fatale, and looks extra special tonight. She asks why he’s being nice to her, and he says he’s nice all the time. She asks for a gummy, and they go into the other room. He tells her not to have a whole one, since she’s probably only half his weight, but she says. let her be the judge, and pops one in her mouth. He says he’s starting to think she’s cool, but she should admit she’s toying with Austen’s emotions. She says Shep called her white trash, and she’s not tolerating that kind of behavior from him. He’s making a comment without even knowing her. Shep says it kept coming up, and he’s going to take his friend’s side. She says she thinks he’s a bad influence, and he says, free will’s a MF-er. She asks why he’s getting involved, and he says Austen doesn’t behave like his normal, fun-loving self, and he thinks she brings out the downer in him. She says it’s probably because Shep is breathing down his neck. He says she doesn’t like them hanging out, but she says she’s not controlling; she doesn’t care. In the living room, Austen wonders what tale Shep is weaving. Madison tells Shep she’s not saying she and Austen are going to live happily ever after, or that they’ll even be together, but they do feel some kind of way. Shep says they’re both attracted, but that seems to be the only thing they have in common. He then admits, maybe he’s wrong. She says, 100%, and he says he was angry, and said things he shouldn’t have. It was rude, and he apologizes. Does she accept? She says she’ll think about it. Madison comes back past the kitchen. She says, it smells weird. She sees the chef, and says, sorry. She’s sure he’s doing a great job.

Madison tells Austen that Shep apologized, but she doesn’t care enough to really focus on it. He tells her not to concern herself with it. Chef Roilty says, dinner is ready. He’s decorated the table with leaves he brought from home. He tells them nothing is infused unless they want it to be. He puts the salad dressing and melted butter for the pasta on the table. Eliza thinks they should say a blessing. Cameran is like, not over weed, and Shep thanks God for this leaf. Eliza says they’ll go to church when they get back. Craig asks about the strength, and the chef says it’s five to ten milligrams per serving. Nothing crazy. Craig asks what it tastes like, and Shep says, it tastes like victory. Cameran sniffs the butter. Shep says, drink it, but she says she’d be toasted, and call 911. He tells her, just go to bed if that happens, and she says, ya’ll are peer pressure. Shep and Austen laugh over nothing. In Cameran’s interview, she says it’s entertaining to watching her friends get high on the wacky weed, but she’s realizing there’s no getting her mojo back. Her mojo is retired.

Kathryn wants to let Austen know that it’s okay for her to be around this. It’s not awkward. He doesn’t get what she’s saying, so she says, it would have been nice if he’d asked if she was cool. He says he just assumed, and she says she’s not worried about wanting to do it, but she went to rehab for it. She couldn’t see the kids because of it. He says he’s sorry, but she says, don’t be sorry. She’s just glad it’s not an awkward situation. In Austen’s interview, he says he should have thought about it. He definitely doesn’t want her to feel isolated. Don wonders who will take care of Austen and Shep later on when they can’t speak English. Kathryn says, not her. Shep swallows a spoonful of the butter, and pretends to be all weird. Kathryn shows Craig and Danni something on her phone, and says Whitney said she was a drug addict sociopath. We see a 2016 clip from Watch What Happens Live with Whitney, Landon, and Cameran as guests. Whitney says Kathryn seems like this poor single mother, but she’s a drug addict, violent sociopath. Kathryn say she was just recalling when she had trouble; reminding herself. She says she has to go to the bathroom. It gets quiet as she leaves. Outside, she says she can’t do this.

Madison says these are Austen’s friends. Austen says they have fun together, and Madison says she sees why he doesn’t go home. Craig goes looking for Kathryn. He finds her in the other house, and asks if she’s all right. She says she just needed a minute. She thought she’d be cooler about it, but it’s bringing up memories of a traumatic time in her life. She says she doesn’t want to make a big deal, but Austen never said anything. In her interview, Kathryn says he planned it ahead of time, but never thought it might bother her in any way. It just shows where their focus is – on themselves. Kathryn just wanted him to ask if she’d be cool with it. Back at the table, Chelsea wonders where Kathryn and Craig are.  Kathryn says they talked so much sh*t about her. Whitney has given her a million eff yous. He looked her in the eye, and said they didn’t have sex, but he’s flattered. She gets that he doesn’t want his personal sh*t out there, but it’s already out there. She tells Craig that she’s just processing so she can get over it. I’m so with her on this. They’ve been flaunting legal weed in her face since they got there. Not on purpose, but they’re being thoughtless. It’s not like she just stop smoking either. That was a big deal.

Danni films Shep eating infused potatoes. He demands more weed butter. Craig comes back, and Austen asks if Kathryn is okay. Craig says, she’s not, because of him and Shep. She’s taking a breather because she got a blast from the past. Shep and Chelsea can’t stop laughing. Craig says Austen didn’t ask Kathryn about the weed dinner before throwing it in front of her. Cameran says, didn’t Austen ask her? and he says, no. Austen thanks Craig for saying something, and he says it’s not as much about him as Whitney. Cameran asks, what’s wrong? and Whitney is oblivious, and says goodnight. Craig asks if Whitney isn’t going to make sure Kathryn is okay. Whitney wonders what’s going on, and Craig says he denied hooking up with her, and made her feel like sh*t. He made her cry. They know he and Kathryn had sex. Shep asks how Craig knows. Did he smell Whitney’s junk? Craig says, the person he claims is his friend is upset, and he could care less. Shep says, couldn’t, and Craig corrects it to, couldn’t care less. He says, years ago, Whitney said she shouldn’t have her kids because of what she’s doing, and now they’re celebrating it. What would it cost him to make sure she’s okay? Whitney says Craig is a busybody, and should focus on himself. Craig says he should talk to her. In Craig’s interview, he says if someone denied having sex with him, it would hurt his feelings. He’d be like, he wasn’t that bad. Kathryn doesn’t fit on Whitney’s level of society, and it’s a dirty little secret for him.

Whitney goes to the other house, and looks for Kathryn. He doesn’t see her anywhere, but finds her outside on the porch swing in the dark. He asks if everything is all right. Someone said she was upset with him. She say she doesn’t want talk about it. Please let her be. He leaves.

Next time, the group goes swimming, Shep says he has nothing to hide, Austen doesn’t want to lsoe Madison, Danni wonders what’s wrong with Shep and Austen, and Shep wants ot know why Austen lets Madison walk on him.

🐦 Patricia Agreed...

Reality TV Bliss tweeted: @RealityTVBliss Replying to @ellenburnham and @Pataltschul  Are you keeping up with the custody hearing? Thomas is trying to have cast members deposed and production.  Some already have to go in. He’s alleging she’s a sex addict so YES he would be next on his hit list of witnesses #SouthernCharm

In other words, Whitney is pretending nothing happened so his ass doesn’t get dragged into court. Apparently, in a desperate move, Thomas is saying Kathryn shouldn’t have the kids because she’s a sex addict. I think at this point, the court will probably laugh at him. He’s done. Regardless, Whitney is still being a wuss.

🐮 The Real Housewives of Dallas returns, Wednesday, September 4th, at 9 pm.

🍸 Meanwhile, In Beverly Hills…

Camille worked hard for the money.


Sadly, it hasn’t been LVP’s year.


She still soldiers on though. Project Angel Food is the best. When we were more broke than we are now, some friends got together and had food sent to us through them. The name fits. It was heavenly.


Like the Reunion itself isn’t enough, there’s the rehash afterward.


It’s like the Energizer bunny.


Reality TV isn’t a job for the faint of heart. It’s too bad. I have to admit, although I wanted to like Billie, she was becoming more and more like just one more drama queen. We already have Scheana for that.


❓ No Explanation…

No matter what time frame I have, I always end up running late. I had extra time today, so why…?















July 16, 2019 – Nina Asks Curtis To Triple-Cross Jax, Beverly Hills Begins Reuniting, Other Way Capsule & Gone


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Lulu asks Maxie why Dante shot Peter. Maxie thinks it could have been anyone; he just fired. She tells Lulu, Dante is in trouble. It’s really bad.

Finn asks Peter how he’s feeling. Peter says, about the same. The pain is manageable, and he’s just glad he doesn’t need surgery. Finn says he should be glad he’s alive. He can’t be reckless like that. Peter says, it was an accident, and Finn tells him, try to avoid future accidents, especially ones involving bullets. He’ll tell Anna that Peter will make a full recovery. Peter says he’s not telling Anna anything.

On the phone, Robert says he got a call from the Bureau; something is going on with Peter. He asks if they can meet him at Charlie’s. Julian asks to what does he owe this headache? It’s been a minute. Robert says, not long enough. Kim watches through the window from outside. She takes Oscar’s teddy bear out of her bag, and flashes back to drugging Drew. She walks away.

Curtis asks if Drew has a minute. He has a couple of delicate issues to discuss. He knows the will reading was today, and says he’s sure that was tough. Drew says, it wasn’t fun, but he’d rather not get into it now. Curtis says, no problem, and Drew asks, what else? Curtis wonders who drugged him, and asks if he knew Hayden was on The Haunted Star?

Nina tells Jax that she has good news; excellent news. Ad sales are up in anticipation of their Ava issue. He says with luck readership will increase, and she says, luck has nothing to do with it. She gives the readers what they want. She tells him she’s wrapping it up for the day, and he asks if she’s got a hot date with Valentin. She wonders why he wants her to share information about Valentin, and he says he thought he knew the family. Then Valentin falls out of sky, and inherits everything. He’s curious how Valentin managed it. She says he already knows everything there is to know about her fiancé, doesn’t he?

Ava goes out on the hospital rooftop, and sees tables with candles set up. She calls out for Sibley, who comes up behind Ava, startling her. Sibley asks if she’s ready to contact her daughter. Ava asks why Sibley snuck up on her. Does she want to give Ava a heart attack? Sibley says she got distracted by the view. It’s beautiful, clear, and perfect for channeling. Ava asks if the candles are meant to draw Kiki, but Sibley says the candles will keep them from bumping into each other. She knows Ava paid the guard to let them up there, but if the lights went on, it might draw unwanted attention. Ava asks, what now? Do they just start? Sibley says, after she receives payment. Ava hands over the money, and Sibley says, so let’s contact Kiki.

Lulu tells Maxie that she knew Dante was in trouble, but she had no idea it was this bad. Maxie says she’s sorry, and Lulu asks what she was doing there. Maxie says she called in a favor from her dad, and Lulu asks, why? Maxie says she wanted to tell Dante how much his family needed him. Lulu says Dante is in there for treatment. What the hell was she thinking?

Finn tells Peter that he has to let Anna know. Peter says they both know she’ll drop whatever she’s doing, and race back. Finn says, probably, and Peter says they’re still trying to figure out who they are to each other. They don’t need a mother and son reunion based on a crisis that didn’t happen. Finn doubts Anna would see it that way, and Peter tells Finn, call it what he wants, but he’s not telling her, and as his physician, Finn isn’t either.

Robert asks if Julian is tending bar, but Julian says he owns the joint. Robert says he heard a rumor that Julian was going legit, and Julian says, it’s not a rumor; it’s the truth. Robert remembers putting Julian in the Witness Protection Program, and it wasn’t long before he went back to organized crime. Julian asks if there’s a point to this, and Robert says he knows what Julian is; a killer who could revert to form. Julian says he doesn’t think so. Now he has somebody to be on the straight and narrow for. He tells Robert the first round is on him. He steps away, and Robert orders a bottle of their most expensive scotch.

Kim comes in, and Julian asks how the reading was. She says, hard, and he asks if she wants to talk. She says, maybe later, but first, she needs to tell him that she’s so sorry.

Drew tells Curtis that he doesn’t want talk about it. Curtis says Drew was drugged. Why is he more pissed about it than Drew. Drew says nothing happened. The person responsible realized they were wrong. Let it go. Curtis tells him if he says so. Drew says as head of Aurora security, does Curtis have anything business related to tell him about? Curtis says he wants to warn him. Jax… Hayden walks in, saying they need to talk about firewall protection. Drew is like, what?! When did she get back? More important, why is she in his office? She says she was looking for Curtis. Drew says he runs security there, and asks what her concern is. She says she’s the new CFO of the Aurora print division. Jax hired her. He asks Curtis to give him a minute, and Curtis says he’ll be outside. Hayden tells Drew, let’s get it over with. She works for Jax, and has nothing to do with him. He says ulterior motives are her forte, and asks what she wants now.

Curtis finds Jax, and tells him that his new CFO announced herself to Drew. He might want to do damage control. Jax tells Nina that they’ll talk later.

Finn says Peter was wounded in a WSB facility. Anna is going to find out. Peter says he’ll be recovered by that time. Finn says, that’s not the point. Keeping secrets is a mistake. Peter says, it’s his to make, and Finn is ethically bound to honor it. He can’t disclose any information, even to his fiancé. Finn starts to leave, and says, as fast as Peter and Anna knock down the wall between them, he keeps building it back up. He’s his own worst enemy.

Maxie tells Lulu that she should have thought the plan through, but Lulu says, there never should have been a plan. She shouldn’t have interfered in Dante’s progress. Now it’s obliterated, and he’s back to where he started. Finn comes out, and tells them Peter is up for visitors, and asks them to limit it to one at a time. Maxie tells Lulu to go. Finn asks if Maxie is okay, and she says she’s doing the best she can. He says it’s all any of them can do.

Ava asks Sibley how this works exactly. Sibley says Ava told her the building was important to Kiki. Ava says GH was like her second home. She was in medical school, and worked there part time. They see her memorial plaque from the ledge. Sibley asks if Ava brought something, and Ava gives her a necklace. She says she gave it to Kiki for her high school graduation. She wore it most of the time, even when she was furious with Ava. Sibley explains the difference between channeling and being a medium is. As a medium, she relays the messages around her. Like playing telephone, but the voices are louder. When she’s channeling, she has to open herself to another plane. When Ava speaks to her, she’ll be speaking directly to Kiki, and she might not like everything she hears. Ava says, Kiki wasn’t one to hold back. Sibley says she’ll be speaking directly to her daughter, providing Kiki avails herself of the opportunity. Shall they begin? She takes Ava’s hands, and says she needs total silence and the utmost concentration. She tells Ava to close her eyes, and open her mind. Think of the strongest memory of the relationship. Sibley asks if Kiki is there. She makes some weird movements, and Ava asks if it worked. Sibley breathes hard, and looks at Ava. Ava says, Sibley? and Sibley says, no, mother; it’s me. Ava says, Kiki?

Kim tells Julian that she had a session with Dr. Massey. He asks how it went, and she says it was difficult but she thinks she got some clarity. She told the doctor about what happened with Drew. She couldn’t believe what she was saying. It sounded crazy, like she was talking about someone else. Julian says, it’s her grief, that’s all. She says she was convinced having a child with Drew could fill the void left when Oscar died. She forgot the good things she still had in her life. Dr. Massey had her write them down, and the first thing she wrote was her relationship with him.

Hayden tells Drew that he has every reason not to trust her. He says at least they agree on that. She says her motives shouldn’t impact him or Aurora. They have the same logo on their stationery, but they never need to cross paths. He says he’d planned on building a legacy for his son, and now that Oscar is gone, he’s building it for his daughter. Hayden says, it sounds like Oscar was a great kid. She’s sorry for his loss. Jax comes to the door, and says he sees they’re getting reacquainted.

Nina tells Curtis that Drew must be surprised. Hayden exploited his amnesia, and planned on being his ex-wife. He’s sorry he didn’t tell her. Nina says that’s kind of his thing now. He says, what thing? and she says Jax hiring Hayden isn’t the only secret he’s keeping from his closest friends.

Finn meets Robert at Charlie’s. He tells Robert that Peter is expected to make a full recover. Robert says, Anna will be relieved, but Finn says, she doesn’t know. Peter insisted on keeping it to himself. Is Robert listening to him?

Lulu tells Peter that she’s relieved he’s okay. He says she can talk about Dante if she wants. She says she’s in shock. She still thought he was getting better, when he’s gotten worse. It’s disturbing. He’s sorry she had to learn this way, and she says he’s last person who needs to apologize. She knows it wasn’t his idea. He says, for what it’s worth, Maxie did believe she could bring Dante home to her. Maxie comes in, and Lulu says she needs time with Peter. Got it. She breezes past Maxie. Peter takes Maxie’s hand, and he says, it’s okay. Lulu is just upset. It’s not her fault. She says, yeah; it is.

Laura sees Lulu, and says, it’s okay. Lulu runs to her, and says, it’s not okay.

Ava asks if it’s Kiki, and Sibley/Kiki says, yes, mother; it’s her. Ava wants to believe her, but wonders how she can be sure it’s not some kind of scam. Indicating the necklace, Sibley/Kiki says she wore this a lot, but not the night she was killed. She took it off, and never wore it again after Ava drugged Sasha, and set up Sasha and Griff like they slept together. Ava says, everybody knew that, and Sibley/Kiki says, Ava came to Kelly’s, and she tried to slap Ava, but Ava caught her hand. She’d slapped Ava weeks before, and Ava had said she only gets one. Ava says she has so many questions. There’s so much she needs to say. Most important is, she’s sorry. Sibley/Kiki says she never wants contact again. She never wants to talk to Ava again. I’m wondering why Sibley claimed earlier that Kiki wished she had shown up at the dinner. Kind of contradictory.

Kim tells Julian that she was convinced a baby like Oscar could heal her, and lessen the pain. She didn’t stop to consider the pain she’d be putting him through. For him to walk in on her with Drew… Julian says she doesn’t need to rehash it, but she says she wants to face it, and figure out what’s left. Julian has been her rock, and she’s scared that, after what happened, things have changed forever. Julian says she has a right to feel that way. They have.

Finn tells Robert that he reluctantly has to honor Peter’s wishes. Under HIPPA laws, he can’t tell Anna the details about her son. Robert says he’s all for following the law, but when Anna finds out, she’ll go ballistic. Finn says his hands are tied, but Robert says, his aren’t.

Maxie says Peter could have died. He says, he didn’t. She says she should be thrilled; dancing for joy. He says he’d like to see that, and she tells him, don’t flirt. She’s too upset to appreciate it. She meddled when everyone told her not to. Now Dante is worse off, and the WSB will ship him God knows where. Even if they don’t, he’s not safe to be around Lulu and the kids. He says she cares, and Maxie says she wishes she could turn it off. He says it’s one reason he’s crazy about her, but she doesn’t think Lulu would agree.

Laura tells Lulu that she’s sorry. She had no idea it was that severe. Lulu says, the doctors knew. That’s why they were treating him. Maxie barged in, and ruined everything. Laura says she doesn’t really believe that, does she? and Lulu says, no. Laura says Maxie was misguided, but there’s a silver lining. Lulu finally has the answers to the questions that have been haunting her for months.

Ava says they have so much they need to say to each other, but Sibley/Kiki says, not really. Ava always found new and creative ways hurt her. She’s finally at peace, and does Ava know why? Because Kiki is no longer with her. Ava says she doesn’t mean that. Ryan said Kiki forgave her. Sibley/Kiki asks if Ava’s that desperate for absolution, that she’ll take the word of the man who murdered her. She can’t believe his lies, and take no responsibility for her actions. Ava says they can’t undo what’s done, but can they can move past the pain they caused each other. Kiki inflicted her share of pain too. Sibley/Kiki says Ava will never change. They’re done. Ava says, no, they’re not, but Sibley/Kiki says, yes, they are. Goodbye. Ava says, please wait, but Sibley says, sorry. Kiki is gone. She doesn’t want to talk to Ava anymore. Sibley warned her that she might not like what Kiki had to say. Ava asks if Sibley thinks she can scare her. All of a sudden, Kiki doesn’t want to talk, until she’s charged for a few more sessions. Sibley says, wait; she’s back. Ava laughs, but Sibley says, no. She has a message. Kiki wants to send a message to her sister. She wants Avery to know that she loves and misses her. No matter how she feels about Ava.

Ava asks if there’s anything else. The knife is already lodged in Ava’s heart; she might as well give twist. Sibley says she can’t control what the dead tell her. She and Kiki never met, but obviously she’s still hurting. Ava says it’s probably the most truthful thing Sibley has said all evening. Sibley says, maybe Kiki doesn’t want to talk now, but will eventually. If she rebuffs Ava again, Sibley won’t charge anything. Ava wants Kiki to know she’s changed. Maybe the article in Crimson will do the trick. Sibley says she’s going to clean up now. Ava says, while Sibley is there, there’s somebody else she’d like to contact. There’s someone else she needs to make amends with. She doesn’t have a personal item, but this place was important to him too. His name is Nikolas Cassadine.

Laura says Lulu has been in a holding pattern a long time, wondering if and when Dante would come back. Lulu says now the time is further off. Laura tells her that Dante did say not to wait for him. He must have realized it would be a long time, if ever, before he could come back to her and the kids. Lulu says she was holding out hope that he’d walk in the front door, and everything would go back to normal. Now she knows normal is never going to happen. Laura says at least now she knows she doesn’t have to be in limbo. She can make plans. Lulu says she sounds like Maxie. Laura says, Maxie wanted to help. She botched the landing, but meant well. How does Lulu think she knew to show up? Lulu says Maxie called her. Laura says Maxie knew Lulu needed her. She’s good like that. Maxie sees them.

Robert tells Finn there’s no law preventing him saying he received word on Peter’s condition. Finn says, if Anna shows up, it could backfire, and wreck any progress she and Peter have made in their relationship. God knows Robert doesn’t like Peter, but he doesn’t want to hurt Anna. Robert says he hates it when Finn is right, but it’s the perfect opportunity to bring her home. Isn’t it what Finn wants? Finn says he wants her home more than ever, and Robert says, of course (🍷). His ex is in town.

Drew says he’s not telling Jax how to run his half of the business, but he and Hayden have a complicated history. He thought it was in the past. Hayden says, far in the past. Drew asks if Jax is aware that Hayden was fired from GH for embezzlement. Jax says he is, and Drew asks why he hired her.

Nina says Valentin told her that he hire Curtis sot spy on Jax, and it was his idea Curtis take the position at Aurora. Curtis says he needs the extra money. The medical bills are piling up. Nina says he has options, and he appreciates her offering to pay, but he has to do it on his own. Besides, it’s a temporary gig. Jax is a shark, and he’s bound to find out eventually, but it would help a lot if Nina didn’t tell him herself. She says she has no intention of telling him what Curtis is up to. She has another job in mind for him.

Kim says she understands if Julian wants to break up. He says he doesn’t want to, but she says he told her things changed. He says they can’t go on pretending things are the same. She lost the most important person to her. His feelings haven’t changed. She says, even after Drew? and he says she messed up, but she owned up to it, and she’s trying to do better. He’s messed up plenty. A lot of people are eager to remind him, but he’s not the cut and run type. He stays and fights. She says she won’t run either.

Maxie asks if it’s safe to approach. Lulu says, yeah, and Laura says she’ll let them talk. Maxie sits next to Lulu, and says Lulu was right. She shouldn’t have gone. Lulu says she shouldn’t have snapped. Maxie is just looking out for her, like always. She was just upset that Maxie did what she wished she could have done. She found Dante, and got the answers Lulu needed, even if they’re not the ones she wanted. Maxie says she’s not mad? Lulu says, no, and Maxie says, thank God. She despises fighting with Lulu. Lulu says she’ll need Maxie more than ever to get through the next phase of her life. They hug, and say they love each other.

Finn asks how Robert knows about Hayden, and Robert asks if Finn doesn’t think he does his research. When Finn and Anna started playing house, he had a dossier put together. Finn says, of course (🍷). Robert says, Hayden’s name leapt off the page. He knew she’d resurfaced and was involved with Jax apparently. Finn says apparently Robert thinks she has another agenda. Robert asks, does he? Finn says, with Hayden, anything is possible.

Jax tells Drew that he’s a big believer in second chances. Hayden says she is too. Jax says they all should be. She won’t be doing any finances on Drew’s end; no data, nothing. Drew says, understood, but he’d appreciate it if Jax doesn’t drive Aurora into bankruptcy. Jax says, duly noted. As Jax leaves, Drew tells him to watch his back and his wallet. Hayden walks out with him.

Curtis tells Nina that he’s confused. Nina wants him to pass along the same information about Jax to her that he’s giving to Valentin? She says, but she wants it first. He’ll be triple-crossing Jax. It’s simple. Valentin is leaving her out of the loop, and she needs to be in it. Are they clear? Curtis says, what could go wrong?

Hayden thanks Jax for standing up for her. He wants to be clear. If he’d only hired her as CFO, she’d be out on the street. She says, but she’s not. Why is she there? He says they’re going to keep poking and prodding, and Valentin and his house of cards are going to come tumbling down. Then, they’ll both get what they want.

Ava asks Sibley if there’s anything, but Sibley says, sorry. There could be many explanations, but she can’t feel any presence from the other side. I’m guessing we’ll see a new Nikolas soon.

Tomorrow, Diane has good news, Carly ask if there’s a problem with Dev and Josslyn, and Sonny tells Ava do it again and see what happens.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – The Reunion – Part One

Andy FaceTimes with Anderson Cooper, saying, there’s trouble in Beverly Hills. He tells Anderson that LVP isn’t there, but Camille is. They’re breaking a lot of news today.

There’s the usual schmoozing before air time. Andy welcomes us. Denise is excited for her first reunion, and Kyle says, that’s such a newbie thing to say. He tells Teddi what a difference a year makes. She says her dad told her not to have her boobs hanging out, and Mellencamps don’t cry. Andy says, obviously someone is missing. LVP said she’s skipping the reunion and not returning to the show. He says it brings to mind season three, where Adrienne Maloof didn’t show. We flash back to LVP at the same reunion, saying she thinks that’s a mistake. She should have come and cleared up her mess. Andy says LVP’s final act as a cast member was telling a reporter she’s not showing up. Kyle thinks she gave the interview yesterday, knowing if she didn’t show up, she’d be fired. She asks if Andy thinks she wanted to show up when she and Kim were on the outs. He says LVP had said the objective of a reunion is to reunite, and she had no inclination to reunite with the women who have been harassing her for ten months. Kyle says LVP hasn’t seen them since Denise’s wedding. LisaR says LVP pinched her butt, and they were laughing. We flash back to that.

Andy says a source close to LVP said, she was burned at the stake, nailed to the cross, and stoned by her co-stars. Erika says, get of the cross; we need the wood. I’m not impressed, since she stole that line from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Andy tells them a source said LVP always wins. Kyle thinks it’s a mistake for her not to be there. They could have worked it out, even if it meant agreeing to disagree. Dorit says she doesn’t think LVP is capable of that. Andy says she drew a line in the sand, and said she wasn’t caving on the issue. Teddi feels like there’s a chance she’ll show up for dramatics. LisaR says she keeps looking at the door. Andy says he knows Kyle is holding out hope. She’s had LVP’s birthday present since September. Andy says, if she doesn’t come, he’s opening it. Denise asks Kyle why she thinks LVP didn’t show up. Kyle thinks she doesn’t want to face them because she’s been unmasked. She was called out on what happened at Vanderpump Dogs. Why do that to someone you care about? She’s been focusing on the Radar article, so she doesn’t have to talk about what actually happened. Erika says she’s expecting a stunt, and will be fully disappointed if it doesn’t happen. A limo pulls up, trying to make us think LVP decided to show, and Camille gets out, along with friend Kimber.

Andy tells us that LisaR and Harry got in a heated Twitter battle with Nicolette Sheridan about Michael Bolton. LisaR had said Nicolette went off with Michael after a concert. LisaR says Harry was in another city, felt strange, and had to go home. When he got back, he found a love note in the trash. Nicolette had slept with Michael Bolton that night, and without Michael, she wouldn’t be with Harry. Nicolette said it was fake news. LisaR reminds us that Denise’s husband was married to Nicolette. Andy says she’s making a compelling case for Nicolette to be on the show.

Andy says, Denise swears like a trooper, and drinks tequila like the world is not enough, thinking he’s being funny by referring to a couple of her movies. We see clips of her throughout he season. My favorite is when she talks about the women dressing up all the time in an interview, and says they’re lucky she put an effing bra on. Andy is amazed how chill she is, and asks what Charlie’s reaction to the show is. She says he was supportive when she told him that she was doing it, but he hasn’t been super happy about some of the things she’s said. Like the time she talked about having one of his ladies of the night to Thanksgiving. Denise says, she was lovely, and we flash back to that story, and Denise saying, even a hooker deserves have Thanksgiving dinner. She told Charlie she didn’t think his past was a secret, and he’d said he was in a different place now. She told him people love him because he’s honest, and his ladies were a big part of his past.

Andy asks Erika about Denise’s laid back sense of style, and Erika says, everyone should be themselves. Denise says she dresses up, but day-to-day, she’s a jeans, tank top, and T-shirt person. She considered the shorts she wore in the Bahamas fancy. A viewer says she’s been through a lot, but never seems like a victim. How is she so good at hanging with crazy? Denise says Charlie is her daughters dad, and they’ve been divorced for fourteen years. She didn’t want her daughters privy to the negative in his life. When he was diagnosed with HIV, they didn’t know. She moved into his neighborhood, and he knew he could call her any time, and she’d be there. A lot of people judged her for that, but she wanted him to be the best dad he could be because she has an amazing relationship with her father. She’s no saint, and she’s made mistakes, but she thinks it’s best not to talk negatively about her children’s father. Ultimately, they’re the ones who suffer. Andy asks LisaR about Denise, since they’ve been friends since the earth cooled. LisaR says Denise is a saint, and she has a lot of respect for her, dealing with a difficult time being so public. Denise says, it was just a snippet of what was really going on. Andy says it struck him that Denise could have taken Charlie to the cleaners. She says they had no prenup, and he got Two and a Half Men while they were married. Andy says she could have asked for a piece, since he had ownership. Denise adds, he made a lot of money. Andy asks how Aaron gets along with Charlie, and Denise says, they do get along. Out of respect, Aaron called Charlie to let him know when they were getting married.

Andy asks about Eloise, and Denise says she has a chromosome disorder that caused delays in speech and development. Erika asks how old Eloise was when they found out, and Denise says it was about two years ago; she’s eight now. She says it’s difficult to diagnose, and it was hard to see it in black and white when she saw the medical report. She tears up, saying, a two-year-old can talk, but Eloise can’t, even though she wants to. She’s a free spirit and happy. She doesn’t know. Andy asks what Eloise has taught her, and Denise says, you can communicate without verbally speaking. Eloise is a bright light. When she hears music, she dances, and doesn’t care who’s watching. Denise has to keep an eye on her 24/7 though. She’s taken swim lessons since she was a toddler, but wouldn’t be able to save herself. Dorit says, it’s hard to hear, since Jagger was a delayed speaker. He’s five now, and did reach milestones. She understands. As a mother, your biggest job is to protect and take care of your kids. Denise says, kids are mean, and it starts young. Dorit says Denise is a great mom.

Andy says, chaos and anxiety follow Kyle wherever she goes. We see clips of her life, and her saying she always feels her life is like whack-a-mole, which I totally understand. She has an anxiety disorder, and automatically imagines the worst. Sarah from Colorado asks if LisaR regrets taking Kyle along on her mammogram, since she suffered so much anxiety, but LisaR says, no. She thinks everyone should have one. She says she got positive feedback, but then people were saying Kyle’s appointment was possibly set up for the show. Kyle says she gets one every October, and was scheduled for the following week. Since both of them were expected, the doctor put time aside for Kyle, so she figured she might as well do it, since they give the results on the spot. A viewer asks if Dorit’s gigantic breast implants affect her mammograms. Dorit asks if they’ve seen gigantic. I agree. They’re always falling out, but I wouldn’t say they’re gigantic. Andy says LisaR said it was like a check-up for her implants. LisaR says she also gets an ultrasound. We see a clip of the doctor saying there’s no sign of a leak or rupture. LisaR says she wondered if it was okay to show it, but it’s the absolute truth. You need to be more careful when you have implants.

Andy asks Teddi how she helped Kyle when she was spiraling. Teddi says they actually went to her therapist together, and we see a clip of them. It’s not like talk therapy though. More like some kind of relaxation therapy. Kyle says her anxiety got so bad, Mauricio almost had to call 911.

Andy reminds us that Erika had toasted, all hail the true queen, Kyle. Erika says look at them today. Kyle is the queen. She says look who showed up. Dorit says Kyle is one of the originals, and the leader of the group. Erika says Kyle binds them, and Kyle thanks them. I watch her head get bigger.

In the hallway, Camille tells Kimber, it’s like walking into the lion’s den with these women. Everyone greets her all fake happy. Andy says an original Housewife is back. Camille doesn’t know if she should be happy or terrified. Andy congratulates her on the wedding, and we flash back to that. Andy says he wants what Mauricio had at dinner in Hawaii. So does everyone else, me included. We flash back to Mauricio wanting to tell a joke, and then forgetting it. Andy says the crew was laughing so hard, they had a problem with the audio. A viewer asks what the best part of Camille’s honeymoon in Switzerland was. She says, everything. She loves skiing, and they did a lot of that. We see photos of Camille’s temporary home, and Andy points out that the house is 1200 square feet. Camille says they’re still in it. It’s got great views, and it’s comfortable. Andy reminds Camille about how she griped about 3500 square feet in NYC. Camille says she thought it would be uncomfortable with two small kids. How times have changed. She went from a grand estate to 3500 square feet. We see clips of that. Andy says he was talking to Denise about raising kids with an ex. Camille says her mother watched Denise’s interviews, and said, that’s the classy way to do it; make it about the kids. Andy asks why she kept the name Grammer, and Camille says, for her kids. Denise says she couldn’t wait to get rid of her married name. Camille says she took the name off of her social media, but it’s still on her passport. Andy asks how David feels about that, and she says, he has no problem; he understands. Andy brings up her reaction to Denise not having a prenup. Camille says she was married for thirteen years. Denise says she was married just under five. I’ll bet it felt like a lot longer though. People think she should have asked for half. He was almost bankrupt before they married. Camille says she felt like she worked hard. She wasn’t sitting around eating bonbons. Dorit asks if Denise likes bonbons, but she says she’s never had one.

10 minutes later. While getting her makeup retouched, Camille says she didn’t expect that. In another room, Denise says wait until they get into Camille’s stuff. She’s already being mean. Camille can’t figure out why Denise is bothered by the money thing. The makeup artist tells Denise, maybe Camille isn’t happy, and Denise is getting laid. Teddi says she has hers scheduled for after this.

Andy tells us just because the women are proper in the streets, doesn’t mean they’re prudes in the sheets. He loves that rhyming stuff. We flash back to all the sex talk this season. Andy tells Denise that viewer Zoe has a question. Denise bets she does. He asks why it was okay for Aaron to get the happy ending, when Denise could do it herself. Denise says she does do that, but he’d never had one, and it was a wild night. Andy said he inferred that she was an old lady. Denise says he was mortified and embarrassed. Andy asks Erika how Tom felt when she said he probably paid for sex as a young man. She says he used to go to Vegas, win money, and the hotel would send up back scratchers. A viewer asks Denise how big is it? and Denise says she only said something once. We go back and count, and it’s like, four. Kyle says compare it to her shoe, and Denise says it’s bigger than that. Andy wants clarification. Denise says he was embarrassed at first, but now he’s glad. Denise asks where Andy falls, and he says nowhere near Aaron. Erika says Denise is the MVP of the group. They discuss her posting a pic online of him at full-mast under the sheets. She says she took it down because the kids saw something. Andy asks how LisaR and Harry keep it spicy after 22 years. She says they like to do some kinky sh*t. #WhatDidHarryDo She says she took a strip class, but all you have to do is bend over. Good to know. Sounds like a lot less work.

We revisit the battle between Teddi and LVP. Like we haven’t seen enough of that. Andy says, from Teddi’s point of view, what happened off camera before the season started? She wants to apologize again first. She should have never gotten involved. Dorit asks why she did. She says she was told that since she wasn’t getting along with Dorit, and LVP was friends with her, it was less weird for her to bring it up, and to figure out a way to make it happen. She was told the dog was in a kill shelter from John Blizzard. She says there was so much going into it; three and four way calls. Denise asks, why get involved? and Teddi says she made a mistake. She was angry at Dorit last year for what happened when they were leaving the reunion. Dorit refused to go to lunch if Teddi was there, and Teddi acted out. Andy doesn’t understand why Teddi didn’t talk to LVP directly. Why was she speaking to the employees? Teddi says she was going there because her kids go to a class nearby. She didn’t hang out with John. Andy says that makes it all the more weird. Teddi says she didn’t think twice, because John said he was talking to LVP. Dorit says it looks bad that she went along; she’s not dismissing Teddi’s bad behavior. Andy reminds them that Erika said Teddi wasn’t to be trusted last season, and we flash back to the previous reunion. Erika says she didn’t realize how much Teddi disliked Dorit.

Andy says for someone who’s the queen of accountability, it’s amzing that Teddi had such a lapse. This is definite shade, and I’m wondering if Andy isn’t just a little pissed that he lost LVP from the Housewives franchise. Dorit says she wondered why, if Teddi didn’t want to go through with it, she didn’t stop it when she was at Vanderpump Dogs. Instead she made Dorit the scapegoat. She thinks it wasn’t that Teddi didn’t want to do it to Dorit, but she didn’t want to be the only one to do it. That hurt.

Next time – Part Two – Andy stirs the pot by asking why the women think Erika doesn’t want to be around them, Camille says they want her to jump on the hate bandwagon. Denise suggests Camille think before she speaks, and Camille walks off.

💍 Another Way To 90…

The Other Way in a nutshell.


👣 A Perfect Fit…

For a gone Tuesday.






July 12, 2019 – Shiloh Replaces Willow, Bravo Save the Queen, Three Times Three Quotes & Weekend Life


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Dev and Sonny walk into Sonny’s office at Pozzulo’s. Dev tells Sonny, Bensonhurst, New York City, and Sonny tells him, just say Brooklyn. He says Dev is doing good with Corinthos and Corbin, and he wants to move on to something more important. He needs to know who Sonny’s enemies are.

Jax walks into Nina’s office while she’s getting flowers for Obrecht. When she’s finished, she says she should get some for him too; he saved her aunt. He says he and Finn were just there at the right time. Nina wonders what the deal is between him and Hayden.

Finn asks Chase if something is wrong, and he says that’s what he’s trying to figure out. He needs to ask Hayden some questions. She says, ask away. He says, in public? but she says she doesn’t mind. Finn tells her the detective is his brother. Hayden says, since when? Chase says he’ll tell her the whole story on the way to the station. She asks what it’s about, and he says the attempted murder of Obrecht. Finn says, it’s a mistake, and Hayden asks if it’s some kind of joke. Chase says, not at all, and tells Finn he has orders. Hayden says, it’s ridiculous, but goes with him. Finn follows. Laura and Lulu come out of the elevator, and Chase greets Laura saying, Madam Mayor. Hayden is surprised, and Laura tells her, lots has changed since they last saw her. Hayden says she’s getting that impression.

Going into the restaurant, Lulu asks if Laura knew Hayden was back, but she says this is the first she’s heard. Valentin approaches them, and asks to talk to Lulu about Charlotte’s schedule for the rest of the summer. He knows she’s spread thin with Dante out of town for the foreseeable future. He’s there to pick up the slack where Charlotte is concerned.

Maxie and Peter wait at the WSB. Maxie tells Peter, relax, but he says, it’s not every day he walks into the enemy’s lair. She says, they’re not the enemy anymore. He’s one of the good guys. He says, some might disagree, but she says plenty will agree when they reunite Dante with his family.

Jason tells Sam, Shiloh is on his way to GH to pick up DNA test results he’s had run on Wiley. Mac comes out, saying he has a warrant for Shiloh’s arrest, and Jason tells him that Shiloh is at GH. Mac says it makes his job easier. Sam says she’ll see him there, and he tells them he hopes they don’t think he’s deputizing them. Sam says it’s personal to her. Shiloh didn’t just hurt her, but hurt her family. Mac says, what the hell. He’s only a temp anyway.

Curtis tells Jordan that he can get used to that kind of check-up. Jordan says, only good news. He says her kidney is functioning properly, and she’s on track with the anti-rejection meds. They couldn’t ask for much more. Jordan says, the green light to go back to work, and he says she’s impossible. She’s glad her recovery is going smoothly, and she’s aware of how lucky she is, but she’s going stir crazy. Curtis says, not for much longer.

Shiloh tells Lucas that Wiley is his son, and he has the DNA test to prove it. Lucas says he can’t take Wiley away from his parents. Shiloh says he’ll be just as good a dad as Lucas and Brad ever were. Better.

In the interrogation room, Chase asks Hayden, if given the opportunity, would she push Obrecht over the side? She says, tempting, but no. Is she under arrest? He says, it’s just a friendly chat. She says they’re not friends, and she doesn’t speak to the police without her lawyer present. Finn looks through the window. Chase goes out to the squad room, and Finn asks him to go easy on Hayden. Chase says, she’s making it difficult for herself. Finn says, that’s her style. Under the cutting remarks, there’s a really good person. Chase says it sounds like Finn knows her well. Who is she?

Jax says Nina has been given the wrong impression. Nina says, on second thought, she doesn’t need to know. His personal life is just that – personal. He says she brought it up, but she says upon further consideration, they should keep their relationship professional. His private life is his, and hers is hers. Jax gets a call from Hayden, who says she needs a lawyer. Finn’s brother dragged her to the police station for the attempted murder of Obrecht. He says, Liesl? And she asks if he knows another one. After he hangs up, Nina asks what was that about her aunt? but he says he can’t say. He wouldn’t want to share personal details.

Valentin tells Lulu that he’s offering to have Charlotte stay for the summer. He thinks it would be good for her. She says she’d prefer to stick to the court ordered schedule, and he says, fine. He just thought he’d free her to work on her marriage. Laura says, Lulu has lots of help from her family – like Sonny. She wonders how Sonny would feel about Valentin interfering in his son’s affairs. Valentin says she doesn’t need thinly veiled threats. They’re on the same team, wanting the best for Charlotte. He was just trying to help.

Sonny tells Dev, Josslyn’s father isn’t dangerous, just irritating. He’s bound to run into Jax, since he’s living with Josslyn. He’s going to wonder who Dev is. Dev says there is one way to avoid that, and Sonny asks what he has in mind. Dev suggests he not go to school.

Michael visits Willow in her cell. He asks how she is, and she says, good. Better, now that he’s there. She has great news. He just missed her mother. She got a temporary release from Pentonville to give the police her statement, incriminating Shiloh. He says, so she turned? and Willow says, completely. Something shifted, and it’s like she finally saw the scope of Shiloh’s crimes. They’re arresting him now. He’ll never get his hands on Wiley.

Shiloh says Lucas did a great job, but he’ll take it from here. Unfortunately, Wiley won’t remember who Lucas is, but Shiloh will. Lucas grabs him, calling him a son of a bitch, and slams him up against the wall. Jordan and Curtis run over, and Shiloh tells Jordan to arrest Lucas. She says, no can do. She’s in no position to make an arrest. Mac joins them, and says he is. David Henry Archer, you’re under arrest.

Willow tells Michael that she was totally shocked when she saw Harmony. After all this time, Harmony was like her mom again; like she was before DOD. She said she saw Shiloh for who he is. She says Michael will never guess who her mother’s cellmate is – Nelle. She said Nelle talks about Jonah all the time. It sounds like she misses him as much as Michael does.

Shiloh asks why Mac isn’t arresting Lucas. Lucas assaulted him. Mac asks if there are witnesses. Curtis says he didn’t witness any assault. Just two guys, having it out. Mac asks if anyone saw anything different, and Jordan says, nope. Even though nobody asked him, Shiloh thinks he might name his son David Henry. Wiley is too precious a for his son. Lucas says Wiley isn’t his son, but Shiloh says when the court sees the DNA evidence, they’ll think differently. He tells Sam that she can visit, and she says if he’s in Pentonville, she just might.

Sonny says Dev is going school. End of discussion. He tells Dev that he has to have an education in order to succeed in this country. Dev is concerned that Josslyn and her friends will see how far behind he is, and he’ll draw attention to himself. Sonny says he’ll get Dev a tutor. Dev says he looked it up. He’s old enough to drop out. It’s a waste of his talent. He wants to be out learning in the real world, working for Sonny.

Chase asks if Hayden is Finn’s ex-girlfriend, and Finn says, ex fiancé. It’s complicated, and ended badly. Chase asks if he’s defending Hayden, and Finn says she made mistakes, but there’s no way she’d try to kill Obrecht. Hayden saved his life. Chase says maybe one day Finn will trust him enough to tell him the whole story. Finn sighs, and Chase says, maybe not. Jax comes in, looking for Chase. He introduces himself, and says they have a friend of his in custody – Hayden.

Laura tells Lulu not to let Valentin get to her, but Lulu admits nothing he said was untrue. Dante is gone indefinitely, and he’s not in touch. He told her not to wait. She has two kids at home, and every day she goes to work, going on fake dates for an investigative piece that makes her miss Dante. She should be respecting him, and give him the space and time he needs to heal. Laura says Lulu has been an angel. It’s natural she’d want answers. Lulu says she’s feeling resentful, when Dante is trying to get the help he needs. What about the help she needs?

A WSB agent looks at Maxie and Peter’s ID’s. He says he hopes the know how much trouble they caused their friend. He’ll have to be relocated. Maxie says it’s important they speak to their friend about his family. They have a lot to talk about. He goes back into the office, and Maxie asks Peter if he noticed the guy was armed. Doesn’t he think that’s excessive? Peter says, not necessarily. Maybe Dante is being protected.

Michael tells Willow, Nelle is broken, and can’t be repaired. Whenever she’s kind, it’s because she’s manipulating someone. No one should believe a word she says. She’s sorry to upset him, and he says the night Jonah was born, Nelle put him in Michael’s hands. She cried the right tears, but he knew deep down that she liked seeing him hurt. He wishes he could bring Jonah back, but his son is gone. He’ll be damned if he lets Shiloh take Wiley away. Willow says he won’t if he never knows the truth, but Michael says Shiloh got a call from GH that the DNA test results are in. He’s afraid it will prove he’s Wiley’s father.

Mac asks if Shiloh is coming, or does he have to cuff him? Shiloh asks what the charge is, and Mac says, extortion, false promises, and he’s a suspect in the death of Douglas Miller. (Once again, I almost type Dennis Miller.) Sam says she’ll testify that he threatened her. Lorraine will also testify against him. Shiloh looks confused for a moment, and Sam says, she stopped calling herself Harmony. Jason says he doesn’t have an alibi for the night Douglas died. Sam says, it’s over. He’s over. Shiloh says Harmony would never do that. She’s his son’s grandmother. Mac tells an officer to cuff Shiloh. He’s under arrest. He reads Shiloh his rights.

Sonny asks what Dev thinks he does, and Dev says, he’s in the coffee business. Sonny says Dev isn’t a citizen. The further away he is from customs, the better. Dev says he can make himself useful. He could be the solution to a problem Sonny never knew he had. Sonny asks if that’s what Dev had in mind. Was he looking for a safe place, or a place in Sonny’s business?

Chase says Hayden’s record is something. Fraud, fraud, blackmail, false statements, perjury, and her favorite, fraud. How could his brother have wanted to marry her? Finn said she was capable of a lot of things, but she’s not a killer. Finn has never mentioned her before. Why should he believe her? She says Finn has a habit of compartmentalizing. Chase asks her to tell him all she knows about his brother, and what he needs to know about her.

Valentin goes up to the Crimson office, and Nina asks how it went with Lulu. He says, as expected. She had no interest in him taking care of Charlotte for the summer. She says, but he did it anyway, and she admires him for it. She says something is bothering him. If it’s not Lulu, what is it? Valentin says, Jax. Her new boss is not forthcoming. He doesn’t think Jax is concerned about Crimson, but concerned with what happens between the two of them.

Dev says he was in full survival mode when Sonny met him. It’s the first time he’s thought about his future. Sonny says if he gets an education, he can be anything he wants. Dev says he wants to stand on his own; be respected, and not be afraid of anyone. Like Sonny. Sonny says if Dev wants his trust, it has to be earned. He’ll keep Dev in mind for a business opportunity, but he has to learn when to take no for an answer. Go to school. Dev says, if Sonny insists. He does, and tells Dev to think about nailing down the background. He’s sending Dev to the MetroCourt. Carly will give him a job there. Dev says, not the warehouse? Sonny says if he wants to prove himself, do it by taking direction.

Valentin tells Nina that Jax has files on him and Cassandra. He has a source who’s seen them, and is working on what’s inside and why they exist. Nina says, no offense, but considering his reputation and last name, it would be surprising if Jax didn’t have a file on him. Valentin asks, why have one on Cassandra? Nina asks what he thinks is in it, and he says he doesn’t know. That’s what his source is working on. She asks him why he doesn’t just say it. His source is Curtis.

Chase asks Hayden to tell him about the relationship his brother kept secret. They can exchange stories. Jax is brought in, and Hayden says, her white knight. Where’s his horse? Chase says security footage cleared Hayden. She says he knew she was innocent, and just wanted to pump her for information about his brother. Mac says if they’re finished with whatever that was, he’s bringing in a prisoner that might interest Chase. He leaves, and Shiloh smirks his way in.

Willow asks how Shiloh obtained DNA proof. Michael doesn’t know, but Shiloh was dropping hints at Oscar’s will reading. She says, if he can prove he’s Wiley’s father, she’s there for no reason. It’s all for nothing.

Sam tells Lucas to go home to Brad and Wiley. He says he’s not okay to drive, and she says she’ll drive. Lucas wonders how he’ll face Brad, and Sam says he doesn’t have to. It’s over. Lucas says, is it?

Laura asks what kind of help Lulu needs, and she says the kind Dante gave her. The one she knew, who would do everything he could to support his family while he was gone. That’s not the person he is right now. He hasn’t been himself since he came back from Turkey. Laura wonders if being separated makes it harder to heal. Lulu says she’s not a psychiatrist. Laura says, but they have those there. Lulu asks if the WSB doesn’t know how to handle it best. It’s not their first experience in deprogramming. Laura says their mission statement is to help all over the world, but they don’t treat their agents well. They’re not fighting for her marriage. Lulu says, so she has to.

The agent tells Maxie and Peter that their visit can’t be accommodated at this time. The patient refuses to see them. Maxie asks if he told them who they were, and that it’s on behalf of Dante’s wife, who’s worried sick. The agent says, he’s aware of that, and doesn’t care.

On the phone, Jordan suggests Robert involve the Feds in a case against Shiloh. Curtis gives her the eye, and she says, it’s just a call, not a stakeout. He tells her, he didn’t say anything. If he did, it would be that it’s the most engaged he’s seen her in moths. Finn approaches them, and says he talked to Jordan’s kidney doctor, and her kidney is the picture of health. And she shows no sign of infection. Jordan asks if she can go back to work, and he says her surgeon needs to decide, but he’ll put in a good word. He has an ulterior motive. Maybe she could make a call, and clear Hayden of Obrecht’s near-drowning.

Jax brings Hayden back to his office. He says the reason she kissed him at the reception was because she wanted Finn’s attention. She says she was happy to see him. He says, for Finn’s benefit, say something. If she doesn’t tell him they’re not together, he will.

Nina says Curtis is conveniently made head of security at Aurora just before the files are uncovered. She’s telling Drew. Valentin says, please don’t. She’ll blow Curtis’s cover. She says, Drew will be in the dark, and he asks her to give him time to find what he can. She doesn’t like keeping secrets or having them kept from her. Valentin says he’s worried they’re the crux of Jax’s plan. She says, because of Cassandra? and he says he can’t think of another reason. No one knows that they were involved in Cassandra’s near-death. She says they do, and Finn, Anna, and Obrecht. That leaves Cassandra.

Lulu asks if Sonny has a minute. He asks, what’s wrong? She says, the same thing that’s been wrong for months – Dante.

Lucas tells Sam that he remembers getting his acceptance letter to med school. This is the opposite. A paper never felt so heavy. It’s proof of Wiley’s father; proof he can be taken away from them. Sam says, it will never happen. Lucas says she doesn’t know that. Shiloh has been exposed as a criminal a hundred times over, and got away so far. Sam says the judge isn’t letting him near Wiley or taking him away.

Michael tells Willow, nothing went to waste. Her being there gave time for Sam and Jason to build a case. Shiloh is going to be convicted, and go to prison. Willow asks, for how long? Ten years? Five? Michael says he murdered her father. He’ll get life. She says what if he’s wrong? What if Shiloh beats this charge like he’s beaten everything else? What if he goes free, and takes Wiley? Michael says the test results aren’t admissible. They’ve come this far, and fought so hard; they can’t give up. He’s going to GH to see what’s going on. She thanks him for being there for her and Wiley. He says there’s no place he’d rather be.

At the station, Mac says, the evidence is quite damning. Chase says there’s no reason to keep Willow in custody now, and Mac says he’ll call Diane. Shiloh is brought in, and he says he wants a lawyer. Mac asks if he can afford one, and he says he has stock in ELQ. He can afford the best. This case isn’t going to stand. It never does.

Jax says he and Hayden have a business arrangement. They’re not together. She says she’ll tell Finn, and he suggests she do it sooner rather than later. They have a job to do. Don’t let issues with her ex get in the way.

Finn calls Anna, and leaves a message. He asks her to call when she gets the chance. It’s nothing urgent. He just wants her to know Hayden is back in town.

Nina asks Valentin why Jax would connect them to Cassandra, unless someone told him. They didn’t, Obrecht didn’t, and she can’t see Anna or Finn doing it. Valentin says, there’s only one option. Jax and Cassandra are in touch. Jax comes into the Crimson office with Hayden. He says he was helping Hayden with a legal difficulty, and wants to get on with the budget meeting. Nina says Valentin can walk Hayden out, but Jax says, she’s part of this. Starting immediately, all financial decisions go through her. Jax tells Nina to say hello to her new CFO.

Laura gets a call from Mac saying Shiloh is under arrest. She says she can’t hear, and steps away from the table, leaving her bag on it. Dev comes in, and knocks her bag down. He starts to pick it up, and Jason takes it from his hand. They stare at each other.

Sonny asks if Lulu has heard from Dante. she says, no, and it’s getting to the point where his absence is more than she can take. Sonny is sorry to hear that, and asks if there’s anything he can do. Lulu says he found Dante and brought him home once before. She needs him to do it again.

Maxie tells the agent that Dante’s wife is worried sick. He tells them, wait there. Someone will be there soon to show them out. Maxie says she doesn’t accept this, and goes into the office. She says, Dante! No!

Jordan says Curtis didn’t tell her Hayden was back. He says the information got lost. Chase went overboard. He can’t believe Chase dragged Hayden to the PCPD. He wishes they were following her lead. He thinks they want her back. She asks if he’s suggesting she go back to work. They get in the elevator.

Chase goes to Willow’s cell. He tells her Shiloh has been arrested, and Judge Walters ordered her release. They kiss.

Sam tells Michael that he just missed the party. Shiloh was arrested. He says, fantastic. He asks about the DNA results, and Sam says he didn’t get to open them. Michael tells Lucas to destroy them. I can’t believe no one has actually bothered to take a look at the results.

Shiloh is brought into the cell, and says hello to Willow. He says he won’t be there long. He’ll be free soon. Free to be you and me a father to his son Wiley. A new day will dawn. It always does. Zzzzz…

Michael says, rip it, burn it, get rid of it. Sam says the records will still be there. There’s nothing to stop Shiloh from confirming he’s Wiley’s father. Not really answering that question, Michael says, it’s not legally admissible. It’s a failed threat. Genes don’t matter. Wiley has only two parents he needs or knows. Get rid of it. Lucas rips the envelope up, and throws it into the trashcan.

On Monday, Laura talks to Hayden, Jason says there’s going to be trouble for everyone, and Lulu says it’s time to make it right.

👠 The Sainted One…

Here’s the story of a lovely lady, who basically got ousted from her friend circle by mean girls. But they own it, which makes it okay.


🎯 Quotes of the Week

I do not wish any reward but to know I have done the right thing. –Mark Twain

Every burden is a blessing. – Walt Kelly

People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.A. J. Liebling

The best proof of love is trust.Joyce Brothers

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes. – Oscar Wilde

Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure. – James Altucher

The more things change, the more they are the same. – Alphonse Karr

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.Ann Landers

You can’t set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm. – guest on Dr. Phil, while discussing his alcoholic mother

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The real weekend situation.

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