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June 1, 2017 – GH Interruptus, Some Real Estate, Some Little Women & a Quote


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Finn caters to Hayden. She’s not feeling so great, and finding out that morning sickness isn’t just for the morning. Finn insists she’ll get to the radiant glow phase in no time. She tells him she doesn’t want him going out of his way, but he says, what if he wants to?

In the hospital, Nelle wakes up. She sees Michael sleeping in a chair. He asks how she slept. When she says wonderfully, he says it must be the company.

Diane calls Alexis. She asks if Alexis has time to see her. Alexis says she’ll squeeze her in between doing nothing and doing nothing. Diane gives Jordan a cease and desist order. She suggests instead of harassing Sonny, they bring Ava to justice. Julian – who just happens to be walking by – asks, for what?

Dante visits Sonny. He says the Fire Marshal’s report came in, and it backs Sonny up.

Bobbie tells Kiki that her mother’s condition is critical. It’s a near catastrophic injury, and the next few hours will be crucial. Bobbie explains various procedures, and says once Ava is stable, they can decide on a course of action. Kiki looks through the window at Ava, all bandaged up and using a breathing tube.

Hayden is feeling better – for now. Finn suggests that she leave some clothes at his place. She says he doesn’t have enough room, and he tells her that he will soon. He’s about to close on the house, and will have enough room for the both of them, and the baby.

Bobbie tells Kiki it’s a lot to process. Dillon says she hasn’t eaten or slept. Bobbie wants to know if there’s someone she can contact to take the pressure off, but Kiki says she doesn’t want to deal with her grandmother right now.

Diane is shocked that Julian has made bail. She tells Jordan he’s still a threat, and suggests that his passport be confiscated. He asks Jordan what’s happening with his sister.

Dante tells Sonny that Ava is critical, but Sonny says he’s not interested. Dante says what about Avery? He says that he hates what Ava did, and she deserves to be punished, but no one deserves to be burned alive. Sonny doesn’t care; it could have been Carly. Cold Sonny.

Michael tells Nelle that she looks better. He thinks he should get her an actual doctor, but she says it only hurts when she laughs. She tells him that he’s already gone above and beyond, and he’s off the hook now.

Diane asks if Alexis wants the good news or bad news first. Alexis says, whatever. Diane says the good news will fortify her for the bad. Alexis is officially a lawyer again.

Jordan tells Julian that he has to stay in the county, and if there are any infractions of the law, he’ll find himself incarcerated again. He asks about Ava, and Jordan says she’s in critical condition at the hospital.

Sonny gives Dante the pill bottle, and tells him who he can call about back-up information regarding the switch. He also thinks Scotty was helping Ava cover it up, and he’ll sing like a canary with a little pressure. Dante tells him to be realistic. Ava is in critical condition. No one is in a hurry to prosecute a dead woman.

Dillon tells Bobbie that Kiki isn’t alone; she has him. Bobbie tells her about patient advocates who can help her make decisions. She says with no family available, Ava’s care will be left to Kiki. She makes Dillon promise to make Kiki eat something, and goes to get a social worker. Kiki cries on Dillon’s shoulder.

Michael tells Nelle that if it’s too much, he’ll clear out. Nelle says she isn’t saying that. He wonders what hook he got let off of, and she says he’s taking care of her like he does everyone else. He says he wants to, because he cares about her. He tells her about knowing that she wouldn’t ditch Charlotte, and how he found her on the pier and it scared him. She thanks him, saying it could have been a lot worse. Michael says he waited a long time because she didn’t want to see him. He says if caring about her and liking her is a hook, he doesn’t want to be off. I expect him to break into song any moment. Bobbie sees them through the room window.

Hayden asks Finn if he’s saying they should move in together, and he says it makes sense. She says it’s a huge question, and she has to consider the ramifications. They might be getting ahead of themselves, and haven’t even discussed their future. Finn adds, and whether she thinks they’ll have one.

Alexis tells Diane that she was about to downsize and get a job at Kelly’s. Diane wonders why she didn’t keep the letter of reinstatement to herself, since she’ll have to face Alexis in a courtroom again now. Alexis thanks her, and says she won’t mess up again. Diane says time for the bad news now. Julian made bail and is out.

Bobbie goes into Nelle’s room, saying she hopes she’s not interrupting. Right. If you believe that, I have some land in Florida for you, and a couple of bridges. Michael says he was about to find a doctor, and Bobbie says she’ll do that. She asks to talk to Michael outside.

Once again, thanks to George Stephanopoulos, our programming is interrupted. Like we’re all not surrounded by news on the internet 24/7. He also gives us a weather report that we don’t need.

They never go back to the show, and I hate all politicians everywhere. Oh well, at least it’s not Friday.

🏰 On Million Dollar Listing New York, Frederik had a showing for the most fabulous townhouse ever – there was a cut-out in the middle where you could look into other parts of it. Shades of Roman Polanski’s The Tenant. It was over 6000 square feet, and the living room was 100 feet long. There was also a less equally fabulous penthouse above, but that’s only because it was in the middle of construction. Bethenny Frankel also made a brief appearance, albeit by phone, but we’ll see her next week when Frederik shows her a place. I like new guy Steve a lot. That he owns a rescue pup endears him to my heart, but his assistant is also an old high school friend. As much as I like Ryan, I am not feeling the beard. He’s still trying to unload a property that the owner’s son wants to list too high. This show is basically: look at amazing homes you will never be able to afford, even if you win Publishers Clearing House, watch Frederik do high kicks when he closes yet another multi-million-dollar deal, rinse, and repeat.

💃 I glanced at Little Women LA, and the highlight was Terra telling Briana that she has body odor. She has no sense of smell, and has a tendency to exhibit hippie-ish behavior, like not showering. Jasmine got seriously miffed about this, but it wasn’t like Terra just mentioned it out of the blue. Briana had asked her for advice regarding her modeling “career.” Apparently, when she’d previously modeled a piece from Tonya’s athleticwear line, it came back with such a pungent aroma, Tonya said never again. But I digress. She asked. Terra answered. That should have been the end of it. Instead, the outcome was Jasmine stirring the pot about Terra’s book that’s being published, Fierce at Four Foot Two. Briana uses #LittleFierceMama on Twitter, and Jasmine decided that Terra was purposely infringing on her territory with the book title. When Jasmine confronted Terra, Terra seemed sincerely blindsided, saying she didn’t have time to know what hashtag Briana is using, and why wasn’t Briana the one asking her about it? Elena hit the nail on the head when she said they have enough problems in the group without Jasmine making it worse.

🍑 As for Little Women Atlanta, I don’t know what it is about the ATL that makes women want to have knock-down, drag out fights, but I can’t watch these people. It’s like Porsha from the Wives times however many there are. This week was their reunion, with Terra from LA refereeing hosting, and security was on stand-by. How much of this is done for the camera, I don’t know, but it’s not a good look regardless.

👴 While it doesn’t make up for no GH ending, here’s one of my favorite quotes:

When I said I wanted peace and quiet, did you hear “talk more and disappoint me?” – Flo’s grandfather (Stephanie Courtney), Progressive commercial


November 30, 2016 – It’s All About That GH & a Nod to the Little Side


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Franco wants Elizabeth to go with him to NYC for some decent coffee. There’s also an art exhibit he wants to see. She says she can’t just take off like that, but gets a clue and asks him what’s really up. He says they don’t have to go to the city, just away, because Tom Baker is at the hospital.

Nina visits Windemere. Valentin says he thinks Charlotte is missing her mother, and Nina’s visit will do her good. Nina gives Charlotte a beautifully wrapped box. Inside is a gorgeous doll, who Charlotte names Giselle. She asks if Nina will stay, and Nina says for a little bit. Valentin says she’s just what the doctor ordered; Charlotte likes Nina a lot.

Maxie opens a wedding present from Fiddy. We don’t see it, but she says he has good taste. The phone rings. It’s a call from France. Maxie thinks it’s Claudette.

Dillon stops by the MetroCourt and startles Kiki, who’s concentrating on Anna Karenina. She’d been reading it for a class at Vassar before she dropped out. Dillon points out how depressing it is. Kiki says it isn’t the content that’s getting to her, but what it represents. She talks about being a different person back then, and how she didn’t care what consequences her actions led to. Dillon tells her to quit punishing herself.

Nell eavesdrops on Carly and Sonny. Seeing two glasses on the table, Carly asks who was with Sonny last night, and he tells her it was Max. She asks when Max started wearing lipstick. Maybe that’s what the fight with Diane was about. Ha-ha!

Griff talks to Anna and Nathan, saying people don’t just disappear. Anna asks if there’s any info on the man who was with the airline passenger they think was Claudette. Nathan says he can only be partially seen in the photo, but the Canadian authorities are working on it. He says thy may have to face the possibility of not finding her. Anna says it’s possible she might be dead.

Maxie tells Claudette to slow down. Someone else gets on the phone, and the connection is severed. Maxie tries to call back.

Sonny tells Carly that Laura stopped by, and they talked about losing their children. She knew Sonny was alone, and Carly has Jax to help her. Carly says he went back to Australia because his mom is sick and there’s nothing else he can do here anyway. Sonny is skeptical, and Carly says she wants to tell him what happened between her and Jax.

Griff doesn’t want to accept that Claudette is dead. Nathan says they have to be realistic, and the trail is cold. Anna says she knows it’s not easy for Nathan either. Nathan says he knows now that everything Claudette did was to protect Charlotte from Valentin. Griff asks Anna if it’s over. He mentions that what Valentin said at the custody hearing upset her. She tells him it was a Latin phrase that means “open your eyes.”

Charlotte goes to introduce Giselle to her animals, Pinky the bear and Charlemagne the lion. Nina says Valentin must have helped with the lion’s name. He says that he knows what it’s like to be a child without love, and wanted Charlotte to experience things differently. Nina asks what his childhood was like, and he says that he didn’t grow up in a house like Windemere. Nina says growing up rich isn’t that great, and Valentin says he’d thought if he got money, power and prestige, it would fix everything. She asks what happened to him. He says he doesn’t usually talk about it, but maybe it’s time he did.

Kiki says she betrayed what she had with Morgan, and Dillon suggests maybe her reading material is a bad idea right now. He pretends to read from the book, but changes it to something about a trip to Aspen. Kiki is like, that’s not from the book, and he says it’s from Crimson. A top ten things to do article.

Carly tells Sonny that she was hurting badly, and did what she always does, hide from the pain by hurting herself worse, but she stopped. She says she kissed Jax, but he pulled back. She could have pursued it, but didn’t want to use her grief as an excuse to act out. She wants to tell him the truth, and wants honesty between them. Sonny says if she wants honesty now, it’s too late. What?

Elizabeth tells Franco that every time she asks him to do something, he does the opposite. I know the feeling. He explains how he’s tracking Tom with a GPS, and she asks if he wants to get arrested for stalking. He says Tom seems to be following her, and she suggests they go home and talk about it. They head in opposite directions, and Elizabeth comes face to face with Tom.

Nathan comes home and gets on the phone, speaking in French. After he hangs up, Nathan tells Maxie that the call was from Paris.

Anna tells Griff that he didn’t hear it from her, but “open your eyes” is the motto of the WSB training camp. It means to be alert to what’s right in front of you. Griff says he doesn’t believe Valentin pulled it out of the blue. Anna says there’s a connection between Valentin and the WSB.

Nina tells Valentin that she was a poor little rich girl with a distant father and a cold controlling mother; lots of toys, no love, and her only friend was a pony. Valentin says he was a bastard who never knew his mother, and was sent to boarding school by the time he was nine. He thinks his father possibly wanted to protect him from his stepmother, or just wanted him out of the way. He says by the time he got to Bedlington (is that where Spencer is now?), he was the youngest boarder. He never went home, not even for Christmas, and none of the other students invited him to their homes. He was different from the other kids.

Sonny tells Carly that Morgan is dead, like she forgot Carly asks if he thought she was jumping in bed with Jax, and he kind of nods. She says it wouldn’t have fixed anything, and just caused more pain, although it crossed her mind. She thanks him for calling and says sorry she didn’t call him back. She tells him to let her know if he needs anything, and leaves. Best timing of the century.

Nell comes down. She apologizes and says she never should have told him that Carly and Jax slept together. He says that’s why this happened. Nell says she should have left, but she felt badly for him, He tells her that he takes full responsibility doesn’t, even though he doesn’t remember anything. He says the good news is, it’s done, and Nell says. what if it isn’t?

Elizabeth asks Tom what he’s doing there. He says he didn’t know she was working there today. Franco suddenly appears, and asks why Tom is there and if he’s stalking Elizabeth. A guy walks up to them, saying Tom just got hired. He’s doing some construction work at the hospital and hires parolees because he believes in second chances. Tom says bizarre coincidence and he’s sorry. Hmm…

Maxie asks Nathan what’s going on. He says he ordered a wedding gift for her from Paris. He says they were supposed to call his cell; the landline was just a back-up number. She says now that she knows about it, he should tell her what it is, but that’s not happening. She pumps him for information, and he says she’s going to ruin the surprise. She says she has ways of making him talk, and they start to kiss. He tells her to keep trying.

Anna tells Griff that Valentine’s uncle was head of the WSB at one time, and nearly took the bureau down. Robert says there’s no record that Valentin was ever a recruit, and Griff reminds her that there are no records of him before 2011. He says maybe Valentin was using the phrase to get to her head; he probably did research. Anna wonders why he seemed familiar though, and thinks he was being specific. He knows something about her and her time when she was a recruit. Griff wonders what that could be, and she says she’s going to find out.

Valentin tells Nina that he never fit in at school. After that, he went looking for trouble, and found it many times over. She says she knows how it feels to be an outsider, longing for love and acceptance. She says she’ll tell him about it sometime. He says he’d love to have a lot more of her time.

Kiki is off work. Dillon hands her his phone with the Crimson article on it. She says be honest, they have to know how ridiculous the articles are. He jokes that they put their heart and soul into them. She says these are the kinds of fantasies that make you jealous, and he says that’s the point. He shows her something about seeing Niagara Falls for free, and says they could take a day trip. How far upstate are they? Carly walks in and sees them sitting at a table together.

Nell tells Sonny that she doesn’t know if she can look Carly in the face again. Sonny says it was a lapse in judgement that’s not happening again. Nell says that Carly is going to know something is wrong, and maybe they should tell her the truth. Sonny says that’s not going to happen.

Carly asks to talk to Kiki and Dillon excuses himself. Kiki tells Carly she’s off the clock, and asks what she wants to talk about. Carly tells her never mind. Kiki says she knows how Carly feels about her, and that when Carly sees her, she thinks about her breaking Morgan’s heart. She thinks maybe it’s time for her to move on.

Sonny tells Nell to get herself together, and under no circumstances are they telling Carly. It won’t benefit anybody. Nell says he’s right; it will only cause more pain, and she just didn’t think it through. He says you think confessing is going to wipe the slate clean, but you have to think about the consequences. He tells her again that he takes full responsibility, and apologizes. He says if she needs anything moving forward, he’s there to help. Nell leaves. When she gets outside, she takes out her phone.

Nina has to get to work. She asks Valentin to tell Charlotte that she had to go to the office, but she’ll be looking for purple outfits for Giselle. She tells him that if he needs any help to let her know. He kisses her at the door and Anna pops out of nowhere. Second best timing of the century.

Tom leaves with his boss. He drops a hammer and Franco puts his foot on it. He says Tom isn’t fooling him, and he’s watching him. He knew he’d show up here, and he’ll know if he ever comes back. Tom calls him a freak, and Franco slams him against the wall.

Basking in the afterglow, Maxie says Nathan might as well tell her. He won’t, and she tells him not to make her go to extreme measures. He says show him what she has, and they start kissing again.

Nina leaves, and Valentin asks Anna what he can do for her. She asks him what he meant by the phrase “open your eyes,” and he says she already knows.

Griff breaks up the fight between Franco and Tom. Franco tells Tom that if he goes near Elizabeth again, he’ll kill him. Not wise words to say in public.

Kiki says whenever she and Carly see each other, they’re hit again by the pain, so it might be better if she moves on. Carly says it’s a mature decision, and she’ll give Kiki severance pay, as well as a good recommendation. Kiki thanks Carly, and says she’s sorry. Carly says she knows Kiki did the best she could, and is no position to judge. She wants to figure out how to get through the grief and honor Morgan by moving forward, but it’s hard. She wants to avoid unnecessary pain.

Nell listens to her recording of Sonny saying they slept together, not to tell Carly, and that he takes full responsibility. Inside, Sonny throws a glass at the fireplace. Nell looks smug as she looks at the phone.

Tomorrow, Anna doesn’t believe Valentin, Laura is afraid to move forward with Doc, and Franco attacks Tom again.

A Little Recommendation

💍 I’m loving Little Weddings. It combines the little people I love with a family run wedding business. It seems like when a reality show cast has something else to focus on, rather than just each other, there’s less chance of physical altercations. Not that the wedding business, as well as being in it with family, isn’t fraught with angst, but none of these people are throwing anything except bouquets. Kelly is the boss, with sisters Kacy and Kensey, and brother T.J. involved. T.J. also has an upcoming wedding of his own, so that’s a subplot itself. He and Kelly butt heads so much, it’s questionable as to whether she’ll end up being the planner. It’s a lovely family, and the gorgeous weddings are a fabulous plus.

👢 Too bad I can’t say the same for Little Women: Dallas. It hasn’t even been on that long, and has already degenerated into Little Women: Atlanta territory. And no wonder, since there are a few crossover cast members, and another who could pass for Miss Juicy’s sister. It’s only episode five, and we have a pending police report and/or lawsuit. At least Little Women: LA waited several seasons for that. It’s one of those shows that’s on my radar, because there are some good moments, but it’s no tragedy if I miss it.

March 23, 2016 — GH, Little Reunion, Little Women & Little Family


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Kristina writes in her journal. She writes about Molly — telling her if she’s reading it to stop — saying that she’s glad to have someone to tell about Parker. Sonny drops by with an apology.

Obrecht says she’s been proven correct because Finn disappeared. Tracy suggests they get Obrecht fired before the next set of rounds, and asks Monica to find Finn — stat.

Carly hears a scream and a maid comes running out of one of the rooms, saying she’s not going in there again. It’s Finn’s room. I’m guessing she saw the iguana.

Nicholas is at Kelly’s. Laura comes by. They talk about the will reading. Laura says she’s looking for answers and thinks Nicholas should too.

Hayden calls Diane. She wants to know if the ELQ papers are ready. She says Nicholas wants to sign them and to text her when they’re ready. She types Naomi Dreyfus in the search engine of her phone. Elizabeth suddenly appears asking who Naomi is.

Hayden says she doesn’t know what kind of barn she was raised in, but she needs to learn manners, considering she’s a freeloader.

Laura says there was nothing random about Helena and he knows she must have had a plan. Nicholas says she left him the painting because she wants to torture his thoughts for life. Laura asks why he thinks she didn’t leave any of her money to him. He says he’s not going to give Helena a victory lap by concentrating on it and he wins by ignoring it. Laura says she wants to know what the key is.

Obrecht says at best Finn can be considered unorthodox. Tracy says he’s the one who was able to diagnose her and it’s in Obrecht and the hospital’s best interest to get him back immediately. Obrecht apparently knows more about lizards than I do, because she mentions that Roxie is a bearded dragon.

Carly says she wanted to welcome Finn to the hotel herself. He’s obviously looking for Roxie. He tells Carly the maid must have seen her. Carly says he checked in alone. He tells her Roxie is a service animal. Carly says they welcome service dogs. He says she’s a service lizard and orders a plain salad to lure her out. Carly notices how much he looks like Silas. He says he can assure her he’s not him.

Sonny tells Kristina he was too hard on her and it’s been bothering him. He doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but it broke his heart to see her cry and no matter what happened, he couldn’t love her more. Kristina hugs him and thanks him. She says he shouldn’t feel guilty; it was her own bad decision. He says he knows it must have been difficult to tell them, and he made it worse by being angry. He says he wasn’t really disappointed in her, but in himself for his reaction.

Sonny says she made a bad decision, but it takes two to tango and wonders what the professor did to let her think sex would be an option. Kristina says she just wants it to be over. Sonny says it’s too late, since he kind of did something already by sending Max to find out who the professor is.

An orderly comes in and has medication for Tracy. According to the chart, Monica ordered it.

Finn asks if the owner always greets the guests personally. Carly says she was just trying to make up for things with the health department closing them down. Finn asks if he should be concerned and Carly tells him what happened with Olivia. Finn says, hmm, a woman can be arrested for breastfeeding in Port Charles, but a service lizard is considered strange. Carly asks what Roxie does for him. He says it’s illegal to ask that question (learned something new today), but since she brought champagne and has had her own legal troubles lately, he won’t press charges.

Nicholas says Helena would be happy to see them running around like fools, trying to figure things out. He says her machinations only work if you believe in them. Laura brings up the curse and says who’s to say that it didn’t work. She tells him she took the key to an antiques expert and it’s from 19th century Russia, probably to a steamer trunk or valise. Nicholas says there’s probably a dozen trunks in the attic at Windemere and who knows where else, and it’s possible she’s left Laura a key to nothing.

Hayden says Elizabeth is nothing to Nicholas. She calls him her friend, but he’s really a fall-back plan. She doesn’t want him to find someone else in case she needs him. Elizabeth says it’s only a matter of time before they figure out what Hayden is trying to hide.

Finn finds Roxie behind Carly. Carly asks if she bites. Finn says only if she’s frightened or threatened or maybe if you’re a woman, since she’s a guy’s lizard. He tells Carly not to move. Silas catches Roxie and puts her back in her tank. I like seeing Michael Easton in this role.

Kristina says she doesn’t need Sonny making things worse. He says he thinks there’s something she’s not telling him, but she says she’s just humiliated. She says just because she’s a girl, she doesn’t need him to rescue her. She says she’s an adult and it’s her problem to fix. Sonny says he’s always going to want to be her hero, but if she wants to fix things herself, go ahead. He says she’s going to call Max though. Whose number she knows by heart. She calls Max and tells him to back off. She says she appreciates it, but she and Sonny came to an agreement.

Laura says she’s going to check the steamer trunks at Windemere, but she’s not going all over the globe. He says Helena wants her to believe it’s going to change her life. Laura says Helena wasn’t petty or frivolous, and she’s going to find out what the key means. She thinks he shouldn’t discount the painting either.

Hayden tells Elizabeth to focus on her brats and leave her and Nicholas alone. Elizabeth says she knows the truth is going to hurt Nicholas. Hayden tells her if she doesn’t back off, she’s going to have her kicked out. Elizabeth says if she makes Nicholas choose between them, she won’t like the answer. I dunno about that.

Carly says she can cross being introduced to a lizard off her bucket list. Finn says she likes Carly and Carly admits Roxie is cute. Carly leaves and Finn opens the champagne. He asks Roxie if she thinks they’re going to like their life in Port Charles.

Tracy reminds Obrecht she’s a board member and the Quartermaines have donated more money than anyone else. Obrecht agrees to give Finn temporary privileges. Tracy says it’s obvious she’s threatened by Finn and Monica. Obrecht says the conversation is counterproductive and leaves.Tracy thanks Monica for bringing Finn in.

Hayden says there’s no chance Nicholas would choose Elizabeth over his wife. Elizabeth brings up Nicholas hiring Sam and Hayden says he called the investigation off because he loves her. Elizabeth brings up the pre-nup. Hayden says Elizabeth tricked Jason into marrying her when he was married to someone else. Elizabeth says she could always find another place to live, but who would Hayden call if she got the boot? Naomi? I’m sure Hayden isn’t totally on the up and up, but I still like her a million times better than Elizabeth.

Kristina writes some more in her journal, mostly about her sexual confusion. She says she misses school, but doesn’t miss crushing on Parker, and that she must have seemed ridiculous. Parker, who has ESP, rings the bell.

Sonny tells Carly about his apology. She says Kristina must have been thrilled and he says, yeah, until he told her about Max. She asks how soon he called Max back and told him to keep digging. He says he thought about it, but didn’t do it. He says Kristina is like him, feisty, but vulnerable underneath. He says they had an honest conversation, she told him what she needed and he listened, and he feels like a good dad.

Carly fills him in on the whole hotel thing and tells him about Finn and Roxie. Sonny laughs about having a lizard as a service pet.

Monica calls Finn. She says they were surprised he left quickly, and he says he had to get Roxie settled. She asks if he’s available for another counsel. He says he’s planning on staying indefinitely. Monica says there will probably be bureaucratic red tape, but she and Tracy are high up. He says call back when she needs him.

Laura says she never listened to her mother’s opinions about her partners, so she doesn’t expect her kids to listen to hers. She says one day Spencer won’t listen to Nicholas either. He says he values her opinion even if he doesn’t agree, but wants to know what she’s afraid of where Hayden is concerned. Laura says she’s glad he has a good prenup. When she leaves, Nicholas makes a call and says he’s on his way.

Hayden’s phone rings and Elizabeth says if it’s Naomi, give her my best. It’s Diane and Hayden says she has to go. She says she doesn’t care how Elizabeth spins what happened, she’s telling Nicholas to get her and her boys out of the house. When she leaves, Elizabeth goes straight to the laptop to see what Hayden was searching for. The name Naomi Dreyfus-Berlin comes up and Elizabeth says omg.

Tomorrow, Hayden meets with Diane, Parker meets with Kristina, and Griff asks Anna what she won’t forgive.

Little Women: Atlanta — The Reunion

We are all glad to see the reunion is here at last. Because that means the first season of this show is finally over.

Terra is the hostess. She always looks fabulous and I have to say the Atlanta crowd is looking the best I’ve seen them. Maybe that’s because no one has their weave pulled out or a drink spilled on them. We start off with some flashbacks. There probably isn’t enough to talk about that would fill a whole hour.

Terra asks how it was watching the season. The only appropriate answer here would be embarrassing.

Minnie reaching out to her father for the DNA test is discussed. It’s tough on Minnie. Terra asks if she’s spoken to him and Minnie says yes, but he’s still at a distance and pushing her away. She says she’s forgiven him though, and if he wants a relationship, she’s game. I had a great dad, and something like this always bums me out.

Moving on to the rivalry between the Cheeks and the Tiny Twins. Emily talks about how she encouraged the twins to get out on the dance floor and how it backfired. Emily says it’s tough when the twins follow her and Bri to whatever club they’re working at.

Terra asks who started the rivalry. Emily says they had their own brand to begin with, and they aren’t trying to follow anyone else. We flash back to the altercations between the four girls. This reunion isn’t even a fresh hell; it’s the same one we’ve been in for weeks. More talk about who did what first. Terra asks why they felt the need to get physical. One of the twins says if she gets touched, she’ll touch back. Bri says that’s a good way to get killed. Alrighty then.

They talk about Minnie’s pseudo-boyfriend, Pastor Troy, and I get ready for them to belabor the point that Minnie lied. Minnie says she felt like a third wheel since everyone else was in a relationship. She was hoping Troy would go along with it. Terra asks if they were ever more than friends. Terra says social media has said she might be pregnant with his baby.

Minnie says, yes, she’s pregnant. Monie says it’s the first time she’s hearing about it in person. Terra says it’s hard to trust someone who’s lied to you. Emily says she got no response when she tried to contact Minnie. Terra asks Minnie why she didn’t talk to anyone. Terra asks if it’s Troy’s baby and Minnie says TMZ never lies. What planet does she live on? After Terra asks several more times, Minnie says it’s Troy’s baby. Terra asks if she’s still single and Minnie says no comment. Terra says she didn’t come here for no comment and Minnie says there’s no ring on it, so she’s still single.

Miss Juicy joins the group. She’s wearing a tiara because she’s the queen of Atlanta. According to her. Miss Juicy wonders how you can get pregnant from a…never mind. Minnie tells Juicy she should stop thinking so much about her and stay in her own lane. I actually like that one. Juicy pulls out a pregnancy test. These women are whackjobs. She even unwrapped it. Gross.

Juicy and Minnie argue about who is the more original. Juicy talks about the lies Minnie has told and thinks she should pee on the stick. Much discussion happens and if someone says “pee on the stick” one more time, I’m going to scream. Monie looks tired.

We see Juicy’s “juiciest moments,” which is a matter of opinion. We revisit her crashing Minnie’s birthday party. Monie gets upset about having gone after Juicy and it sounds like she has an ongoing problem with going after the wrong person. Juicy actually blows it off saying she was only upset about her hair and probably would have done the same thing.

Juicy asks what’s going to happen in nine months when there’s no baby. Minnie says Juicy can hold her legs when she delivers. Monie asks again if she’s pregnant by Pastor Troy and Minnie says yes.

Pastor Troy is introduced.

Commercial break. Little Women: New York begins in May. They can’t even get through a commercial without bleeping some words.

Terra asks if Troy ever dated Minnie. He says they never formally dated and Terra asks if he was annoyed that she lied. He says a lot of his fans lie. Terra asks if he’s seen Minnie’s “goodies,” which he calls going to the mini market. When it comes to whether it’s his baby or not, he says he’s not the only rapper Minnie deals with, and they’ll have to wait and see, adding that he doesn’t kiss and tell. Monie thinks he should be tending to Minnie and asking if she wants some water. What is she? A camel? Emily asks flat out if he had sex with her without protection, but he just keeps dancing around the question.

Terra thanks Troy and Juicy. Bye!

We flash back over the various relationships the girls have with their useless boyfriends. I kind of like Morlin. He’s the only one who isn’t living off his girlfriend and actually seems to care.

Emily says it’s not really fair because only one side is being shown. Terra asks about Emily’s baby and she says the name is going to be Lontel Jenard Something Junior. Bri says she and Wooda (shooda cooda) are talking and working it out. Ugh!

Terra moves on toe Andrea. Last we saw, she and Chris had moved into their own place. Things don’t sound like they’re going well.

Maybe it’s the heat in the south, but it just seems like the LA and NYC little women can do things like form a sentence and have real jobs, whereas this group can barely spell their own names. That’s if they know their names. I have the sneaking suspicion they probably confuse each other the same way I confuse them.

Okay, I guess things are going better than it sounded because Andrea is pregnant and she says Chris is excited. She says if anyone wants her to pee on a test [sic], she will. Andrea says he’s being more involved with the pregnancy than he was the first time around. Sigh.

They show some “unseen footage.” The scenes are actually fun, with the girls getting along and laughing. Terra asks if they believe little women should stick together and Emily says that they’re all little and pregnant now.

Terra announces that the show is back for another season. I already know what’s going to happen. I’ll forget why I hated it and start watching it again.

Little Women: LA: Terra’s Little Family

I love Terra and Joe, and I like that this is a mostly happy show. I need something to balance these table flipping wackadoos.

Penny is seven moths old now, so Terra and Joe are having her checked out and getting her vaccinations. They want to make sure she’s cleared for spinal decompression surgery. The pediatrician thinks Penny is looking good. Joe is holding out hope that Penny won’t need to be operated on.

Terra has a hard time dealing with Penny’s pain while she’s getting her shots and wonders how bad it’s going to be when she has surgery. The surgery is scheduled in three days and Terra’s brother has come to help. Beforehand, they’re doing family stuff. They go to a pumpkin patch and through a corn maze. Joe says he feels like he’s in The Shining.

They go to a petting zoo where they barter with goats in the universal language of all animals — food. It’s fun to watch Penny experience new things. Joe’s back is killing him and Terra encourages him to think about getting surgery himself. He says nagging really helps and I laugh. Joe has a great delivery.

Terra and her brother get their faces painted and it startles Penny, making her cry. Terra insists she’s just hungry, but Joe says yeah, hungry and frightened.

Terra and Joe meet with the doctor, who is an expert in dwarfism. He has an excellent bedside manner as well. He doesn’t mince words either and answers all of their questions honestly. The surgery Penny will be having is rare. The doctor says there is a risk of complication, but the surgery is a preventative measure. It’s very hard on Terra and Joe.

Terra visits Tracy, who is pregnant with an average sized child. Terra asks if Tracy has any concerns. Tracy says he’s going to be heavy. Terra talks about Penny’s surgery and gets choked up. Terra wants to have another baby and wonders if that’s the right decision. Joe is worried about another child having health issues.Tracy says she and Tonya have both had this type of surgery, and tells her that her surgeon is the best.

Terra says she’s trying to hide her true emotions from Penny, and wants her to only feel comforted and loved. They have to be at the hospital at 5 am. Terra says she’s not ready and she’s scared for Penny. She asks Joe if this is why he doesn’t want to have another child. He suggests they try in six months, but she’s afraid he’ll keep putting it off. He says he just wants Penny to be a little older.Joe asks why she’s in such a hurry. Terra says she enjoyed growing up with a brother.

She says she really just wants to take her mind off of what’s happening, and talks about the all the papers they had to sign and Joe says you have to sign them for a root canal, which is basically true.

Even though the show is a half hour, they always have two back-to-back episodes.

It’s surgery day. Terra says nothing can prepare you for your child having surgery. Joe says it’s been overwhelming and during Penny’s short life, she’s already had quite a bit of medical procedures. He jokes about one of her visits to the hospital being two shots, a prick and oral like their first date. Terra says although sometimes she wishes Joe took things more seriously, his sense of humor comes in handy.

Joe says it’s reminding him of his own surgeries as a kid, but it’s more difficult when it’s your own child. Terra says she’s cried in front of Penny and Penny picked up on it and cried herself, so she’s doing her best to stay positive. The doctor asks if there are any last minute questions. Terra asks if they’ll be able to hold her afterwards and the doctor says yes, she’ll be on medication and the nurse will show her what to do.

Terra says leaving her is the hardest part, and then the not knowing. While they’re in the waiting area, I just know they feel like time is at a standstill. Joe says Penny is in a dangerous place right now and he just wants her to be okay. They talk about deciding to be parents regardless of the knowledge that their children might have health problems. They pray.

Terra says the minutes feel like hours. She calls her mom. Terra’s mom is really cool. She’s like an old hippie and has a cat rescue. Terra explains that if this surgery isn’t helpful, Penny will need a shunt put in later. Her mom suggests they get some rest. Terra says talking to her mom is always a comfort. Joe says they have a lot of family support.

Terra says as much as it’s the best hospital and they have the best doctors doesn’t mean something can’t go wrong. She and Joe go to the cafe across the street to get a change of scenery. Joe says it’s the worst, you feel totally helpless, but can’t fall apart.

The hospital calls. Terra makes a shocked face, but isn’t saying anything. Joe mildly freaks. He says seeing her reaction without knowing what’s going on is making him think the worst. It turns out Penny is just going into surgery. They were having a hard time finding a vein for the anesthetic. I understand this because they have a hard time with me too. Joe says it sucks.Yes, it does. All that waiting and the surgery hasn’t even started. They go back to the hospital.

Joe says he isn’t going to be happy until he gets the all clear. It’s 10:30 am and Penny is still in surgery. The doctor comes in smiling. Everything went well. Even I’m smiling. He says Penny is doing just fine and the decompression has taken affect. He tells them she’s going to the ICU and they’ll be able to see her there.

Happiness and gratitude all around.

This season, Terra explains suppositories to Joe; Penny has another MRI and another potential surgery; baby number two is discussed; Joe might also be facing back surgery.

Little Women: LA

We’re still in Mexico. Jasmine is enthusiastic to show everyone the country, but she says not everyone is in a festive mood. That’s an understatement.

They go to some kind of ruins. It’s also raining. Briana says Ali is a breath of fresh air after the relationship beat down from Tonya. Briana says the only reason she’s still there is Jasmine.

Jasmine’s cousin, Victor, meets them at the ruins. They’re the only two little people in their family and come from an area in Mexico that has a large population with their type of dwarfism. Victor has gotten some pedi-cabs for them to ride in. Christy feels like, with Matt not around, she’s seeing her old friend, Briana, again.

They do some exploring. Tonya says Lil Boss do not walk in da mud, Jasmine talks to Ali and Briana. She asks how Briana liked the party last night. She says she wasn’t crazy about the stripper, but she had fun. She tells Jasmine about what Tonya told her, that there are some fake friends there who don’t support her marriage.

Ali says she talked to Tonya and Terra, who told her about Matt. Jasmine wonders why they’d tell Ali about Briana’s business. Ali said she wondered the same thing, since she didn’t bring it up.Briana says if it’s Christy, she has a good poker face. She says she’s going to confront the girls and if that’s how they feel, she wants them to go home.

The ladies go to a pyramid, the tallest ancient Myan structure in the Yukitan. There are about a skabillion stairs with a climb at your own risk sign. 122 steps and 144 feet up. There isn’t a chance in hell I’d climb it and I can’t believe these girls are going to try. My hat’s off to them, along with every other accessory. This isn’t an easy climb for a fitness guru and I’m already wondering how they’re getting down. And yes, there have been accidents there. Terra makes it to the top.

Christy decides to make an announcement that she and Todd are going to adopt. Briana says Christy announces this every five minutes and needs to be the center of attention. Elena figures who cares at this point, so she tells everyone she’s having twins. Christy is pissed that Elena stole her moment. She doesn’t get why no one cares, but it’s probably because they’ve heard this before.

Elena is glad she can now eat and wear what she wants. She asks Briana if she’s okay and Briana says she has mixed emotions. She says some of the girls are being dishonest. Right away, Terra and Tonya say they haven’t been dishonest. Terra says they’re always trying to figure out if Briana is telling the truth. She says she’s there for Briana, but not Matt. She doesn’t like him and says he disrespects women, Briana in particular.

Terra talks about Jasmine wanting them all to reconnect with Briana and how she was on board with that, but building a friendship takes two people, and it seems like Briana isn’t trying. She asks if Briana would have invited her if Jasmine hadn’t and Briana says no. Tonya points her finger at Christy and says she didn’t want to be there either. Great place to be acting like five-year-olds, in front of a Myan ruin.

Terra says Christy feels the same way they do. Christy is like, thanks a lot. Briana says she and Matt are a package deal now. Jasmine asks who told her about it and Briana says Ali spoke to her. Terra is all offended, but she and Tonya could have kept their mouths shut and not told Ali anything. Terra tells Ali that she’s screwed up and should leave.

Jasmine tells everyone to shut up and have a good time so Briana can enjoy herself. Tonya says she’s out and leaves along with Terra. Briana says they turned her party into a shitshow and made her question Christy. She and Christy are left there and Christy says she came there for Briana. She says it took a lot for her to come there and she wants to rebuild the friendship. Christy says she did say she didn’t like Matt, but she also said she hoped to be at the wedding and hoped Briana’s parents would be there too.

Briana says at this point, she’s ready to go home. Christy asks if Briana wants her at the wedding. Briana says she did, but now she wants to think about it.

Terra and Tonya are trying to jet ahead so they don’t have to talk to the others. Terra says Ali was spreading lies and Christy is flip-flopping. Tonya says Christy is being all kumbaya when she’d agreed she couldn’t stand Matt. Terra says Christy is just saying what everyone wants to hear.

Tonya, Terra and Elena take the last day to go swimming with the dolphins. Elena isn’t going all the way out, but does get in the water a little and gives a dolphin a kiss. Terra is exhausted, so the only one who goes the full dolphin is Tonya. She rides on the back of one of the dolphins. Kind of impressive for someone usually so lazy.

They discuss the whole Briana thing again since no one can give it a rest. Elena says she thinks Briana is happy and Matt knows how to make her happy. I do not want to know any theories on that. Elena says when she and Preston got married, it wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows either. Terra says they need to make amends or go their separate ways. I can’t remember disliking any of my friends’ husbands or boyfriends this much, but I would hope if I’m ever in that position, I handle it better than this group.

Jasmine and Briana go into town and do some shopping. They try on hats at a souvenir store and I’m wondering why Jasmine isn’t taking her to somewhere more native. They discuss the fight at the ruins. Jasmine wants to go out for drinks on their last night. Briana says that Terra and Tonya can’t focus on being her friend and getting to know her. She says they don’t deserve her friendship. Jasmine says it’s not going to stop until Briana puts her foot down and tells them how she feels.

Ali visits Christy’s room. They’ve been friends for a number of years and Christy feels badly about what happened. Ali asks how she thinks Briana feels. Christy says she loves Briana, but she doesn’t have to love her husband. She says she had to tell Briana how she feels because of Tonya twisting her words. Ali wonders if Terra and Tonya even want to be friends with Briana and asks if Christy would call them out on that. Christy says she would.

They go to a gorgeous outdoor space for their last night. Everyone shows up, even the sourpusses. They talk about what they did after the ruins trip. Jasmine says she and Briana went dancing at the hotel. Elena says it’s been a nice weekend, except for that one part. Elena says Briana did start the conversation though. Terra says don’t ask a question that you don’t want the answer to. Ali, as a casual observer, says they all seem to throw each other under the bus on a regular basis. Suddenly, Terra and Christy are arguing and it starts to get loud. WTF just happened? That was fast.

Everyone is pointing at everyone else, confirming what Ali just said. Briana finally tells them to knock it off. Terra says she came there to rebuild their friendship, says Briana is talking to her like a two-year-old and calls her a bitch. She’s angry that Briana is friendly with Christy, who’s lying to her, and not accepting Terra’s friendship. She asks why Briana is okay with Christy hating Matt, but not her? Briana says she wasn’t aware Christy hated him. Briana says she’d like to turn things around and move forward instead of back. Briana says Terra didn’t seem to care until she started being friends with Christy again.

Terra says it’s like Briana is afraid of Matt. Briana says enough already, get out. Terra and Tonya leave. Briana says she’s done with them.

They both get teary. Briana says she’s happy, but this is causing a rift because she brings it home with her and Matt can’t fix it. Jasmine says she needs to tell them how she feels.


March 16, 2016 — GH & Little Women a Deux


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Dillon is breaking out the champagne, but Maxie thinks it’s too early to celebrate. Dillon says what else could go wrong, but Maxie says that’s what they said about the green issue. Maxie adds that it’s March 15 and the Bible tells them to beware the Ides of March. (Um…no, it doesn’t.)

Epiphany is excited about being in the magazine. Elizabeth just dropped off Jake back at school and tells her about Franco coming to Philly to visit at the hospital. Epiphany asks what’s up with her and Franco.

In the hospital locker room, Franco is looking over the book Helena willed to Elizabeth. Nina comes in. She says she’s been giving him the silent treatment for two days and he hasn’t even noticed.

Sonny tells Max he wants an inquiry into a fugitive — Carrrlos Rivera. He says Carrrlos is alive and on the run. As much as Sonny wants him dead, he says Carrrlos has to be brought in alive so they can nail Julian.

Julian makes breakfast for Alexis. The case is on the front page of the Port Charles Press, and Alexis tells him he’s the best husband in the world. He suggests breakfast in bed.

Jason is in his new place, working on his bike, and Sam shows up with his plaque.

Sonny tells Max his priority is Julian. Kristina comes in and Max says he’ll go deal with it. Sonny asks how Kristina is doing. She says thanks to him, she wasn’t held hostage for long and everyone was pretty surprised when he got out of the wheelchair. She says it meant a lot to have Sonny at the wedding, even before he saved her life. Sonny wants to have a real conversation about school and Parker.

Molly comes over to Alexis’s. She’s brought flowers that are a symbol of good luck. She says a lot of her classmates have been talking about the case, and how it’s all over social media. She’s impressed with her mother’s coolness.

Dillon tells her that the Ides thing is from Julius Caesar. He says he didn’t realize she was so superstitious. She says she isn’t, but she wants Crimson to succeed and knows Julian isn’t keen on it. Dillon says they’re waiting for Tracy’s biopsy results and Tracy isn’t the most patient patient. He’s not crazy about Dr. Mays either. Maxie tells him it will be okay.

Sam is like, nice decorating choice with the bike, and Jason says he’s still waiting on his furniture. She tells him about the will reading and how Helena left her and her sisters a penny. Jason asks how they’re going to divvy it up.

Elizabeth says there’s nothing going on between her and Franco. Epiphany says she’s seen the pictures from the Gala and seen them with their heads together around the hospital. Elizabeth says they were conferring about Jake and she isn’t close to being over Jason.

Franco says Nina is always silent since she’s always at work. He says he’s been working a lot and visiting Kiki, who’s made an improvement. He asks what he did. Nina says he went to Philly to visit Elizabeth and Jake, and didn’t even tell her.

Kristina says an independent study might be weird, but it’s pretty straightforward. She deflects the topic, asking about Morgan. She says it must be hard for Sonny to watch Morgan go through changes. Sonny says he got past it and wants to show Morgan that he can too. He brings the topic back to the independent study and says he’s not swallowing the story.

Alexis says that she’s glad so many women can see it’s important to enforce the allowance of breastfeeding law. Julian is like, hey, it’s not just women that are supportive.

Dillon tells Maxie to relax and that the magazine will be fine. They talk about her being a model. She says she’s worried because the printer asked her if they wanted the issue printed in green again. Dillon says he’s probably just double checking. He says the green issue put them on the map and this one will take them to the next level. The new issue arrives. This ought to be good.

Nina asks if Franco makes house calls to another state. She says Franco told her he would make a terrible father, yet he went to visit Jake without even telling her. She says when two people are living together and in a relationship, they let each other know if they’re going out of town. He says Jake is having a hard time dealing with the Jason thing and she asks if it’s job to fix it. He tells her that he likes Elizabeth, but Nina has nothing to be jealous about. They’re just friends.

Epiphany continues to prod Elizabeth about Franco. Elizabeth says she’s told Franco that they’re not even friends. Epiphany says Franco never got the memo, and neither did Nina. She tells Elizabeth not to get caught between those two wackos.

Maxie opens the box of magazines and all that’s in it are covers. The next box is filled with one other page, and so on.

Julian says he’ll meet Alexis at the courthouse. Alexis says the more press, the better. He goes to work. Molly tells Alexis she seems ridiculously happy. She says she’s happy with TJ too. Alexis says Sam is also happy and that just leaves Kristina. She asks Molly what’s up with her sister anyway.

Kristina says there’s nothing weird about it and she has to get to the courthouse. Sonny says his offer stands that if it gets crowded at Julian’s she’s welcome there. He says maybe if she visits more often and gets more comfortable, she’ll tell him her secret. Yep. Parents always know, even when you think they don’t.

Sam tells Jason she’s better at fixing engines than he is and she can teach him a thing or two. They start to kiss. I guess they have a different definition of fixing an engine than I do.

Each box of the magazine is filled with separate pages and there isn’t one copy of the full issue put together. Get out the binding glue.

Nina says every time she talks about having kids, Franco says he’d be a bad father, but obviously he’s bonded with Jake. Franco says he loves kids and wants to see Nina happy, but he’s trying to be realistic. He thinks no adoption agency will give them a child. Nina tells him about getting a second opinion about having their own child. He says cool, go for it. She asks if she needs to worry about Elizabeth. Franco says no and that he loves her. She says she loves him too, and leaves for work.

Sam and Jason are getting busy, and his phone rings. His delivery is coming in ten minutes.

Elizabeth comes in the locker room and says she heard Nina talking about her. She says they’re not even friends and brings up when Franco kidnaped her child. She says she still doesn’t trust him and not to talk to her unless he has to. She says he’s not going to work with Jake anymore either.

Nina comes into the office. Maxie and Dillon show her the pages. Nina is like, huh? Dillon says the issue wasn’t bound and there are just individual pages in the boxes. It also went to the newsstand that way. Maxie says the printer claims she ordered it that way. Nina says the printer is an idiot. Maxie says if they want to fix it, they have to pay for a new run. Nina says Julian is going to have to shell out the money. Julian is standing behind her and says no he’s not. What a jerk this guy is. Just pay the freaking taxes and stop torturing these girls. I’m also wondering why no one is making noises about wanting to see the printer’s work order and a possible lawsuit if he doesn’t fix things.

Alexis says Kristina admitted she had something to tell her after the wedding and now Kristina is avoiding her. Alexis’s phone rings. It’s Olivia. She tells Molly they’re not done. Kristina arrives and Molly tells her that Alexis knows something is up and she needs to talk to her.

Sonny tells Max about the tuition check for Kristina and the story she told about it not being cashed. He asks Max to find out what’s going on. Because Max has nothing better to do. Yeah, just drop that Carrrlos thing and go hang out at Kristina’s school all day.

Kristina says everyone has their hands full with other things and they don’t need to be worrying about her. Molly says the least she can do is tell her parents about getting kicked out of school. Kristina says then she’ll have to explain everything else. Molly says Alexis loves her and Sonny does too, plus he’s not in a position to be judging other people. Kristina says she wants to figure things out for herself before telling anyone else. Alexis has come back downstairs and says, figure out what?

Julian makes up a bunch of nonsense about why he can’t put any money into the magazine. He says that if anyone can solve it though, it’s Nina, and he has faith that she can. Maxie reminds her about the green issue and how she said they have to embrace the suck. I’m considering putting that on a bumper sticker..

Franco shows Elizabeth the book that she apparently left on top of the lockers. He says it’s disturbing. She says it’s just Helena’s way of bugging her. He asks if she doesn’t want to know what’s meant by never forget and never tell. If she doesn’t, I do.

Jason’s stuff comes and he wants Sam to help decorate. She opens two packages containing framed photos and asks where he got them.

Franco tells Elizabeth she can’t run away from the book. She says doesn’t Franco think she wants to know what Jake’s secret is? Franco asks her to let him still work with Jake and it won’t have anything to do with them, just him and Jake. Elizabeth asks for his help.

Nina hasn’t come up with anything. She asks Maxie if she has any thoughts. Maxie says she thinks someone is sabotaging Crimson.

Kristina says it’s not the time and place to talk, but she’ll talk later. Alexis says she’s going to hold her to that. She says she wanted to take the case so that her daughters will have an easier time of it than her generation did, and not be judged for doing what’s natural.

Sonny shows up. He tells Kristina that whatever she’s keeping from them, she needs to spill it now.

Jason says he got the photos in an antique store. Sam says they were originally his and he had them on the mantel for years. Well, I guess his taste hasn’t changed any.

Tomorrow, Maxie confronts Julian about her sabotage theory, Kristina claims to know nothing about anything, and Sam says she wants a divorce.

Little Women: Atlanta

Finally. The season finale. I don’t know which has been more painful. This, or The Real Housewives of Potomac.

Amanda is trying to focus on her relationship with her boyfriend, Jordan, who actually got a job. They want to move out because it’s gotten to be close quarters with Andrea and her boyfriend, Chris. Even little people can get cramped.

The twins discuss the tension between Minnie and Monie (who sound like a 60’s folk rock duo).

Bri needs to make a decision about her boyfriend, Wooda (cooda shooda). She’s been living with Emily, but it’s a temporary situation. Bri says she has to decide or she and Wooda will just keep going back and forth forever.

Monie is making chicken tacos, surprising Morlin, her boyfriend. She’s not exactly a domestic engineer. Monie talks about her altercation with Minnie. She feels Minnie owes her a big apology. She asks Morlin if she can be a housewife if her voice-over career doesn’t take off.

Morlin says with housewife comes responsibility and he’s been thinking about an addition to their family. Monie asks what kind of dog they’re getting. BA DUM BUM! She says he’d better put a ring on it first.

Minnie wants her friend back because she has good news. She’s written to her father and he responded. He’d denied being her father while she was growing up and she’s always felt not good enough. Although she’s asked him before, he’s now willing to take a DNA test. Her mother is shocked, but says she feels relieved.

Emily is finding out what sex the baby is, and possibly if it’s average or little. She’s gained a pound. The doctor discusses diet with her and she says she’s doing her best to eat healthfully. She’s having a boy, which is what she’d wanted. The doctor does a sonogram. The doctor says she can’t be certain, but she thinks the baby is average sized. Everything is also on schedule.

Amanda is using a lint roller on herself. Do they have pets? They’ve invited Minnie and Monie over for a friendship intervention. Minnie gets there first, but neither one knows the other is coming. Minnie says they both say the other has changed. She says she can’t stand the distance and is ready to put things behind her. Monie arrives.

Commercial break. Terra’s Little Family begins again next Wednesday at 10 pm.

The twins tell Minnie and Monie that they’ve brought them together to be friends again. Minnie says she apologizes and says let’s let the past be the past. Monie says they haven’t exactly set a good example for the twins and wants to move forward.

Minnie tells them she’s having a party called Minnie Turns Over a New Leaf. I didn’t know parties had names. She tells them about reaching out to her father and how she’s ready to stop looking back.

Bri goes back home. She’s decided to end things for good. She tells Wooda he has to find a new place to live. He’s like, aight. Geez, what a catch. Bri says the non-relationship relationship isn’t working for her. They discuss sharing time with Malik. He’s going to sleep on the couch in the meantime and she tells him no sneaking into her room. She gives him a week.

Minnie talks to her mom. She wants her mom to know why a relationship with her father is important. She says that she’d want her future children to have two grandparents. Her mother says her own father was special to her and she’d always wanted Minnie to have a relationship with her father. Minnie wonders if the DNA test says he’s her father, will he step up to the plate? Her mom says if he doesn’t, then it’s his loss.

The twins and their boyfriends go to an indoor trampoline park. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of that before. Amanda tells Andrea that it’s time for her and Jordan to move out. Andrea says she’d better call her every day.

Emily’s daughter, Ava, is coming to visit and they go to Emily’s house. Emily gives her daughter the baby news by giving her a big sister T-shirt, but they still have to explain it since she’s pretty young.

Monie goes with Minnie to fill out the paperwork for the DNA test. The technician takes a DNA sample from Minnie. Monie asks what if he’s not her father. Minnie says she’d have to shake down her mom for answers then.

It’s moving day. Monie and Morlin are there to help, although it doesn’t look like it’s that much stuff. When Amanda leaves, Andrea starts to cry.

It’s time for Minnie’s party. All the girls are finally getting along. Minnie gets the test results and she’s afraid to open them. She’s going to do it at the party, and I wonder if that’s the best idea. The pastor from the bootcamp is also there, along with Juicy.

Monie hasn’t seen Juicy since she threw a drink at her, but Juicy apologizes for what she had said that caused it. Minnie opens the envelope. She starts to cry. The results are 99.999999% in favor of him being her father. It remains to be seen if he’ll be the father she wants.

She calls and tells him the results. He wants to see the hard copy and asks how soon he can get it. She says tomorrow and he says good night. Nice guy. I don’t blame him for wanting to see it, but he sounds like a cold fish. Minnie starts sobbing hysterically.

She recovers though and they make jokes about eyelash glue. She says at least she knows the truth. She says the girls aren’t just her friends, but they’re her family. The dancing commences.

Next week, The Reunion, with Terra as hostess and an appearance by the mysterious Troy.

Little Women: LA

Jasmine is throwing Briana a bachelorette party in Mexico. Christy is buying new luggage. She can fit into most of the bags. Her mom is with her and Christy tells her that Terra and Tonya don’t want to go because they don’t support the marriage. Christy says she doesn’t either, but she wants her friendship with Briana back.

Jasmine and Briana meet Ali at a bar. Briana feels a bond because Ali also eloped in Vegas. Ali says the housewarming party was cool, but she didn’t get good vibes from Terra and Tonya. Jasmine says it’s time to strengthen their bond of friendship or cut the cord. She invites Ali on the trip. Briana says it’s her party and they can cry if they want to.

Terra invites Elena over to update her and Tonya’s makeup look. The first thing Elena tells them is to throw out their 20-year-old makeup. They discuss the bachelorette party. Tonya says she was okay with the marriage until Matt said he wanted to keep the kids from their grandparents.

Terra and Tonya don’t want to go. Jasmine says she thinks Briana would care, but they say she won’t. Elena is still pissed about Briana’s marriage announcement at her wedding vow renewal. She says she isn’t going to tell anyone about her pregnancy until after the party, but she wants everyone to act like grown-ups.

Destination Cancun. Wish I could fit in a suitcase. Terra and Tonya have decided to come along. Jasmine says no one could get mad sitting on a beach in Mexico. She asks that if anyone has a beef, to bring it to her and not Briana. Christy doesn’t think that’s a good way to start off, but I think it is for this group. Tonya is afraid of what will happen after her first Margarita. Here’s a thought, don’t drink.

The hotel is pretty fabulous. The first night they’re keeping it low key, but the next two are for partying. Briana says she doesn’t want strippers, but other than that, she’s open to anything.

Terra visits Elena’s room. She doesn’t think Briana cares if she’s there or not, but she wants to show her support. Elena says she won’t be drinking because she’s pregnant. Elena thought it was fair to tell her first, since Terra told her first with Penny. Terra is excited that they can be pregnant together. She says it’s going to be hard to keep quiet about it, but she wants to give Elena the time she needs.

Tonya and Terra are having drinks when Ali comes by. Ali says she’s glad to see them, but startled, since she heard they weren’t supportive of Briana. Tonya explains that Briana had lied to them about being married. Ali wonders if they had been supportive in the first place, if Briana would have lied. Ali seems confused how they can be supportive of Briana, but not her relationship with Matt. Well you can, but you need to keep your mouth shut.

They have dinner. Briana is wearing a sash and mini bridal veil. Jasmine is fluent in Spanish, which is a plus, especially at a restaurant. Jasmine makes a toast and then Briana makes one. She starts thanking Jasmine and Tonya pretends to choke. She asks Briana if she’s happy they all came. Briana says yes, and Terra says she hopes this can be a new beginning.

Tonya asks again if Briana is happy about them being there. Briana says she is, but she’s hesitant because of the past. Terra says technically, Jasmine invited them, so they wondered. Tonya says she’s not happy with the situation, but she’s there to be supportive of Briana. Is this really necessary? And is being supportive rubbing her nose in it? Tonya says they’ll talk later. Can’t anyone ever just have a weekend?

It’s raining, so Christy, Elena and Ali play ping pong. Christy says Briana is acting more like herself because Matt isn’t around. Elena isn’t sure if Christy is supportive or not because she rides both sides of the fence. Christy says if Briana loves this man and she’s happy, she surrenders. I become super aware of how many times I’m typing “supportive” and “relationship.”

It’s still raining, and Jasmine procures Christy’s help to set up some games. Jasmine brought a bunch of wigs for them to wear. Andy Cohen would like this. Jasmine wants everyone to chill and asks Christy if she thinks Tonya and Terra are here for the right reasons. She says the first person who gives a dirty look is out.

The party begins. Christy says she’s planned a surprise for later. Jasmine says since it’s raining, she thought the wigs would protect their hair. Tonya says she’s allergic to synthetic hair, but she really just doesn’t want to wear it and gets all kinds of insulting in her individual interview. She is one mean lil boss. Jasmine gives the girls popsicles and wants to see what they do with them. Don’t ask. Then they play a question game.

The question Tonya gets to read is what does Briana like about Matt’s character. Crickets chirp. Finally a few struggling answers come out.

Tonya tells Terra afterward that this was the most boring party ever. Christy tells her to just make an attempt at having fun. Tonya says Briana didn’t seem happy. Christy says they weren’t going to bring up Matt. Yeah, for Matt not being here, he sure is present.

Christy says it’s about to get unboring. She says Briana said no strippers, but not no little people strippers.

They have champagne and tequila back in one of the rooms. Jasmine thinks Elena is bringing things down because she won’t drink. Elena makes up something about not feeling well. They turn up the music and start to dance. Ali tells Briana she’s supposed to get black out drunk at her bachelorette party. There’s a knock at the door. It’s the stripper. Briana isn’t happy, she says she’s a married woman, and goes into another room, saying she’s done.

The rest of the girls are into it, but Briana says she’s not coming in. Jasmine says he promises not to touch her. Briana doesn’t want to make the guy feel badly, so she comes back, but says she’s not going to participate. She doesn’t. Kind of. Christy says this is the way to throw a bachelorette party and they all dance.

Tonya wants one on one time with Briana. They have a drink by the pool. Tonya says she’s concerned for Briana’s happiness. She says no one’s marriage is perfect and she wants to make sure Matt is treating her right. She thinks he has control issues. Briana says she’s happy and has nothing to hide. Tonya says she feels in her heart that Briana’s hiding something. She says Briana doesn’t seem like a happy newlywed and she’s different, but not in a good way.

Briana says she’s moving forward in her life and doesn’t have to prove it to anyone. Tonya says it’s hard for the girls to believe because of the lies in the past.

And we’re out.

If you can catch Vanderpump Rules: Uncensored, it’s worth it. A lot of behind-the-scenes stuff and information about how the show came to be.

March 9, 2016 — GH & Twice the Little Women


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Carly and Sonny explain things to Michael about how Morgan has to be committed, but they don’t use that word. They’re at the MetroCourt (of course) and Jason comes by. He tells Carly he’s leaving.

Anna and Paul meet at the bar. She asks if he has an update on Carrrlos. He says she’ll be the first to know when he does.

Dr. Mays says Tracy is late for the biopsy prep. Monica says she’ll try to reach her. Meanwhile, Tracy is in the crypt, communing with her family. Don’t start me crying, Tracy. She talks to them and it’s actually a bit funny. She tells them she’s not ready to join them.

Paul says he hasn’t heard from Carrrlos yet, even though we know he did. Anna gripes about the immunity agreement he wants to give Carrrlos. Paul says he cares about Anna and she says call her when he hears from Carrrlos.

Griffin runs into Felix at the bar. Felix tells him how much the nurses appreciate him because he actually knows their names and makes eye contact. He bitches about Dr. Mays and Griffin agrees. Felix says he’s got a reputation for annoying the new people and if Griffin needs anything, he should go to Monica.

Tracy says all she has as a formidable opponent now is Monica and it’s not the same. Stop it, Tracy, I’m tearing up. She keeps leaving Lila out of all her complaints very pointedly, making her monologue a little less sad. She says she wishes Lila were there to hold her hand and she’s scared. She says she can feel the lesions growing in her brain and ticking her life away. She hears the door open and asks if its Alan, but it’s Dillon. Yeah, as much as I loved Alan, that ghost storyline never worked for me.

Jason says he’s leaving for his own place, not leaving Port Charles. He tells Sonny that Sam caught him up on Morgan. Michael says they’re all a real fun bunch and leaves for wherever. Carly asks Jason about his new place, but Sonny says he has to leave. Jason says he must have surprised the hell out of Dixon by getting out of the wheelchair. Sonny says he wishes Jason had been there.

Jason tells Carly that Sam said the same thing about wishing he was at the church. He says he would never let any of his loved ones be in danger, but he’s not going to work for Sonny again. Carly says good, because she doesn’t want him to.

Anna gets a fax of Carrrlos and Sabrrrina’s picture. The doorbell rings. It’s Sonny.

Griffin tells Monica he’s been doing some research and has a theory about what’s going on with Tracy. Monica says he must not agree with Dr. Mays, but Griffin says the doctor has made it clear he’s not letting Griffin in on anything and he needs the biopsy results to be sure. Monica says she has the final say, but Tracy hasn’t shown up for the tests.

Dillon asks what Tracy is doing there and she says it’s peaceful. He asks what name she called him and she blows off the question. He tries to get her to come back to the house and have Alice make tea. She gets confused as to who Alice is and has another seizure.

Carly says she doesn’t want Jason working for Sonny and Jason says since when. She says if that was his decision she’s honor it, but she’s sick of the violence being acceptable. He asks what that means for her and Sonny.

Anna asks Sonny how Morgan is. Sonny says he’s getting the help he needs. He wants to thank her for going to his house to warn him about the pier. She says she appreciates everything he did to bring Dixon down. He asks why she thought he would listen to her. Anna says they’ve had their differences, but they also have mutual respect and Robin would have wanted her to be honest. He asks for a glass of water and snoops around, seeing the Carrrlos picture. When Anna comes back, he asks her if Carrrlos is alive.

Carrrlos calls Paul again. Paul asks where Carrrlos is, and Carrrlos says wouldn’t Paul like to know. Paul tells Carrrlos that he’s no longer safe and the only way out is to come home.

Tracy is wheeled into the hospital. Dillon explains what happened and says he already called Dr. Mays when they were on the road. Griffin tells Dillon he did the right thing. Dillon tells him about the anti-depressant story Tracy told him. Griffin tells him the biopsy was scheduled, but Tracy didn’t show. Dr. Mays enters. He says he knows the word cancer is frightening and Dillon freaks a little.

Dillon asks Dr. Mays if he thinks Tracy has brain cancer. Griffin asks to speak with the doctor in private and Dr. Mays tells Dillon they’ll talk later. Griffin says without a biopsy, the doctor can’t assume Tracy has cancer. Dr. Mays says the MRI points to tha, and rattles off his million credentials. Griffin says maybe the doctor’s years of experience have clouded his reading skills, because it appears Tracy doesn’t have cancer at all.

Monica tells Tracy she’s not leaving until they get some answers, Tracy asks if she’s going to die. Monica says not today.

Anna comes clean with Sonny about Carrrlos. He asks about the corpse and she says she’s not at liberty to discuss that. He asks about Sabrrrina and if she was kidnaped. Anna says she believes she’s there of her own free will.

Carly says she feels like the world’s biggest hypocrite. Jason says things change and Sonny should accept that. Carly says Sonny did listen to her an agree to consider alternatives.

Sonny says he’s going to hunt down Carrrlos and kill him. No! Not my Carrrlos! And hey, that’s no alternative to violence.

Jason says Sonny should realize that not every argument needs to be settled with a gun. Carly says there are worse people than Sonny who would like to take what he has. Jason asks how she ended up having a son with his brother. She says she went looking for Jason, found AJ and accidentally slept with him. How’d that happen? She talks about how the Quartermaines tried to take Michael away, but Jason helped her to keep him. He asks if his family was that bad and she reminisces about Lila and how wonderful she was and how Jason’s last name came from her. She says there’s still a plaque in the crypt with his name on it.

Griffin says there are other possibilities. Dr. Mays gets stupid about Griffin looking at the MRI and goes on about his experience. Dillon tries to ask a question and Dr. Mays tells him to get out and don’t come back.

Felix tells Michael about a note from Sabrrrina where she said she’s happy and not coming back. Michael says if anyone can raise a baby alone, Sabrrrina can. Felix tells Michael that Sabrrrina really loved him. I dunno about that though.

Carrrlos says he sees no reason to come back. Paul says life on the run with a baby can’t be good. Carrrlos asks why, after spending all the money and time, Paul wants him back. Paul says for now, Carrrlos just needs to play his part.

Sonny says Anna wanted him to see the picture. She says he has resources and any help he can give would be appreciated. She says Julian is the one they need and if it all goes according to plan, they can nail Julian. Sonny says Duke deserves justice. Anna says the only way they can do that is to get Julian. She doesn’t care if he’s squeaky clean now. He’s still the one responsible. Anna asks Sonny to keep her informed and shell do the same for him. Sonny says, done.

Carly and Jason go to the crypt. He says you don’t see your own name on a grave every day. Carly tells him about the family, and how Edward had big plans for him and how much Lila loved him. She says Emily was kind and generous, but nobody’s fool, and she always tried to run interference to make everyone get along. She tells him Alan had difficulty accepting he wasn’t the son he once knew, but in the end made peace with it. She pretty much blows past AJ, not wanting to dredge that up.

Carly tells Jason just because he’s not going to work for Sonny doesn’t mean he has to go back to the Quartermaines.

Carrrlos says Paul is asking to get him killed. He asks what about Anna? Paul says he’ll get immunity if he testifies against Julian, but he’s never to mention any crimes committed by Paul or Anna. Carrrlos says it’s not his job to make Paul’s life easy. Paul says Carrrlos’s job is his family. Carrrlos says he’s never coming back and to wire his payment to the offshore account. He wants no new deal with Paul.

Sonny sits with Michael and Michael says Felix showed him a picture of s baby. He says if he’d been more understanding she’d be there with him, instead of in Puerto Rico raising a baby by herself. Sonny says it’s not right and he has something to tell Michael.
Jason is trying to pry the plaque with his name off the crypt. He finally has success and says it’s official, he’s alive. Carly says she’s got to go, but she’s a little creeped out, so she’s not going out by herself. Jason says he’ll walk her to the car. He says the crypt is a good place to back and think.

In the hospital, Dillon asks if he should call Ned and Tracy says she doesn’t need more family members around telling her life is beautiful. She asks for a couple of minutes alone before Dr. Mays starts digging in her brain. Dillon tells her he loves her. Tracy says Monica told her it’s a minor procedure, but she loves him too.

Dillon tells Monica that Griffin said it might not be cancer and he’d like to talk to him.

Griffin is at Anna’s. He tells her he’s been following her.

Tomorrow, Dillon talks to Griffin, the chapter is closed on Helena, and Sam approaches Hayden.

Little Women: Atlanta

Morlen (again, these names, he sounds like a wizard) is taking Monie out to cheer her up. Because life is so stressful when you basically do nothing. They make their own bouquet at a flower shop and she tells him about he music video debacle. She says she thought she was doing a good thing, but it didn’t work out that way. Morlen suggests she step things up around the house and maybe cook dinner once in a while.

Since Emily is pregnant, she’s been working more behind the club scenes, and getting bookings for Bri. She’s gotten a call from a club who wants Bri and the Tiny Twins. Bri flashes back to the disaster that their last booking together was. They need the bucks, so Emily suggests they invite everyone and make a vacation out of it.

They twins visit Monie to help her with her cooking skills. They discuss the video while making a meal. Emily calls about the gig while the twins are there. She tells them her idea of the girls all staying at a beach house. Monie says she needs a vacation. From what?

Everyone packs for the trip. Minnie drives with the Cheeks and Monie drives with the twins. Emily pats herself on the back for getting the twins a job.

The gig is in Savannah which looks beautiful. Their rental is by the water and close to town. It’s pretty freakin’ nice too. Trying to get all the suitcases up the stairs is quite a project though. Minnie says the struggle is real when you have to carry around suitcases as big as you. Truth!

Monie wants to clear the air about the video. She apologizes for the rudeness of the director. Emily says they were just being used. Monie says little people are often taken advantage of and she’s over it. Minnie says it was unprofessional and a waste of time. Monie says Minnie went a bit overboard, which makes Minnie go a bit overboard.

Minnie says she was defending all of them and the director deserved her wrath. Emily brings up Monie defending Minnie at the party and also being extreme. Minnie says she thought they were over the Juicy situation. (Ha-ha-ha! Can you believe I just typed that?) She and Monie exchange words and somehow Monie brings up Troy.

Emily is like, no matter what they do together, there’s always an altercation. Minnie says Monie claimed to accept her apology, but she keeps bringing it up again. They agree to try and have a nice vacation.

The Cheeks are having breakfast with Minnie, who says Monie is dwelling on the past. She thinks Monie is taking out the video fail on her. In her individual interview. Monie says it’s hard to get past the lies. Please, she lied about having a boyfriend. Big deal. The twins think it’s ridiculous and feel stuck in the middle.

The Cheeks go shopping with Minnie and bring up how awkward it is at the house. Minnie’s feelings are hurt because the twins seem to be hanging out with Monie now.

The girls meet and ride to the club in some kind of pedal bus. It’s very cool and has a bar. I love the pedicabs in NYC, but they don’t serve drinks.

The girls have a private room to get ready at the club. Minnie decides to talk to Amanda. Amanda says nothing has changed, but Minnie says she feels things are different. She has difficulty explaining herself and starts to cry. She says she feels awkward around them and that’s why she’s been distancing herself. Amanda thinks Minnie should talk to Monie. Minnie says she will.

Emily says bringing in the twins is a risk to her reputation. If they act the fool, no one will want to book the Cheeks again. It looks like a half lodge, half tiki bar. The twins start dancing on stage with Bri, and all the girls work the club. Some women starts dancing with them and acting stupid. Emily says they’re used to anything and everything and people act crazy, but it’s part of the job. Monie says this is more a waste of time than the video and leaves. The rest pat themselves on the back for getting along.

In the morning, Emily tells Bri that Monie is packed and ready to go, and the rest aren’t even up yet. She says everyone else had a good time, and Monie wasn’t even supportive the night before. Emily says she’s tired of Monie’s drama.

Everyone is ready to go. The twins are pissed about Monie flaking the night before. They question her about it and she says she was tired. She says she has to drive and she needed her rest. She says she’s not mad at the twins, but Minnie is another story. The twins repeat what Minnie said and say they should talk. Monie says she tried, but she’s not going to kiss anyone’s ass. The twins say they’re getting along with the Cheeks, so why not Monie and Minnie? Minnie wants to deal with it now and asks Monie to step outside. She tells Monie she can feel the tension and wants to know what’s wrong, because it seems like Monie has changed. They start talking about the twins, but Monie talks over Minnie. Monie brings up how she defended Minnie to Juicy. Minnie says she appreciated it, but Monie took it to another level.

Monie says Minnie hasn’t been keeping it real and Minnie says Monie has been a stuck up bitch. Monie disagrees and says if that’s how Minnie feels, deal with it. She doesn’t think she can trust Minnie again. Minnie says she apologized and told the truth, so what’s the problem now? They talk a bunch of nonsense. Minnie says talking to Monie is like talking to a tree and Monie says ain’t nobody got time for that. She stomps off.

Magically, Minnie is back in her room. The Cheeks ask what’s going on and Minnie tells them about the Monie conversation and how she keeps bringing up the past. She says it’s hurtful because Monie was her girl and they can’t get things back on track. She says if she can’t be Mama Bear, she doesn’t know her place in the group. The Cheeks say that what stinks is Monie is spreading the negativity to everyone.

Monie and the twins leave, with Monie grumbling behind the wheel.

Next week, Morlen talks babies, Emily finds out if it’s a boy or a girl, and Minnie gets a DNA test done to see who her father is.

Little Women: LA

Elena is getting a sonogram. The doctor gives her and Preston the news that they’re having twins. The doctor says it will be high risk and she’ll be going to a specialist after the first trimester. He says she’ll most likely have a C-section, she only has to carry until the babies can be born healthy. They’re fraternal twins, so not only could they be a boy and a girl, they could be one little person and one average sized baby.

Christy doesn’t want to be rejected by an adoption agency because of Todd’s weight. Since she can’t force him to get gastric bypass surgery, she’s trying to set an exercise example. The new house looks pretty good and Christy wants to have a house-warming party.

Tonya is having vision problems and she’s having a doctor check her out. Her daughter comes along to the appointment, and Tonya brings up getting back together with her father. Angelique is skeptical that things will work out. The doctor says ten years ago, Tonya’s right eye was turning inward and wants to check that. He sees it’s still happening and wants her to get surgery. The next step is seeing a specialist. He wants to make sure she’ll follow through, as he’d suggested it before, and he makes her pinky swear. I’m not kidding. He really did.

Jasmine and Briana are getting pedicures. Briana tells Jasmine that she and Matt want to have a “real” wedding. Jasmine asks if she’s going to invite all of he girls and Briana says no. Terra and Tonya have never been supportive, and she wasn’t invited to Terra’s wedding. She’s unsure about Christy. Jasmine suggests a bachelorette party in Mexico. She has an ulterior motive of reconnecting the ladies. She tells Briana she might see that relationships have changed under the Mexican sun after a few Margaritas.

Elena and Christy are meeting their mutual friend, Ali, for lunch. They knew each other back in the day when working in a club. Ali recently had surgery, is feeling great, and she’s working in one of my favorite places, the Venice Beach Freak Show. A&E did a reality show about them and I loved it. But then, like when you find a style of shoe that fits perfectly, they stopped making it.

Christy invites Ali and her husband Matt to the house-warming. Elena tells her not to be intimidated by the group, and Christy says watch out for Tonya.

Terra says she and Tonya have known each other forever, and have never fought like they did at Jasmine’s party. Terra is proceeding with caution, but wants to move forward. She hopes that they never have a repeat performance. They meet for a drink and Tonya tells her about the upcoming eye surgery. Terra says she’ll be there, the inference being even though Tonya wasn’t there for Penny’s surgery. Tonya says Terra likes to throw shade, but she learned from the best. They talk about the upcoming party.

Elena and Preston have invited Preston’s dad over to share the good news. Preston does a little presentation with a remote-controlled truck to annouce the pending birth. Elena tells him he’s getting two grandkids for the price of one. Elena is both excited and nervous about possible complications.

Matt and Briana are having a date night. She tells him about Jasmine throwing her a bachelorette party in Mexico. He says it’s the first time he’s seen anyone in the group go out of their way for her. Briana tells him Jasmine’s idea of her trying to reconnect. Matt says every time all the girls get together, there seem to be problems. Briana thinks with Jasmine in charge, they’ll have a great time.

Christy visits Jasmine. Jasmine wants to get Christy involved with the bachelorette party. Christy invites her to the house-warming. Jasmine tells Christy about the Mexico trip. Christy feels hurt because she’d hoped to do those things for Briana. Jasmine says she’s never sure where Christy stands with Briana. She says she gets how they’re both hurt, but they need to forget the past and move forward. Jasmine tells her if they keep pushing at Briana, she’ll cut them off, and Briana needs a friend right now.

Terra wants another baby and she and Joe have been looking at larger homes. They’re meeting with their real estate agent to see if they’re approved for a loan. The agent says there are some red flags on the application. Terra’s credit isn’t great and it’s keeping them from getting the loan. She says the worst case scenario is they’ll have to wait another year. Terra is concerned that Joe will use putting off a new home as an excuse for putting off having more kids.

It’s house-warming time! And time for cocktails! Christy has created a beautiful atmosphere. Everyone is out in the backyard where there are lots of candles. Terra talks to Jasmine, who tells her about the Mexico trip. She says if they want to rebuild a friendship, it’s a good start and Briana is good with everyone being invited. Terra has doubts, but Jasmine asks her to give it a try.

Elena doesn’t think tonight is a good night to give her news about the twins because it’s Christy and Todd’s party. Christy tells Terra that Ali and her husband are coming, and Terra isn’t exactly receptive. She says in the little people community, instead of six dgrees of separation, it’s more like two. She thinks it’s risky inviting a new person without letting everyone know.

Briana and Matt show up. Jasmine tells them she’s going to announce the bachelorette party tonight. Tonya comes and Terra pours wine down her throat to help ease Ali joining the party, since she hates surprises and new people. Tonya doesn’t seem to remember Ali from anywhere though. Ali introduces her husband, who comes off like a drunken jerk right away.

Jasmine invites everyone to Mexico. In her individual interview, Elena says she has no desire to be throwing up from morning sickness alongside the others throwing up from too much tequila. Terra, in shit-stirrer mode, asks Briana if it was her idea to invite everyone. Briana says Jasmine made a good argument for it and whoever wants to come, should come. Pushing further, Terra asks if Briana’s family will be there.

Briana says right now it’s not on the table, but it doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Terra and Tonya jet to the kitchen for dessert. They act like it’s an outrage that Ali was invited without their prior knowledge. Terra asks if Jasmine hadn’t put the bachelorette party together, if Tonya thinks Briana would have invited them. Tonya says no, and she doesn’t want to be supportive, but she doesn’t want to discuss it here. Terra wonders if Jasmine is twisting Briana’s arm.

Ali and Briana get to know each other. Briana is glad to meet someone new who isn’t all up in her business.

Christy comes in the kitchen, and Terra and Tonya say they would find it weird to go to the bachelorette party. Christy says she’s all for forgive and forget. Terra says they don’t feel supportive, and does Christy really want to go? Christy says if she wants to salvage her relationship with Briana, she’d better go, and they’re going to go with her. Christy says what if no one goes, and Terra says that’s not too far-fetched.

Still to come, Tonya questions Briana’s happiness, the Mexico trip and the wedding go forward.

March 2, 2016 — GH & Twice the Little Women


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Nathan is home from the hospital. All he wants is peace and quiet, but Nina is there with a surprise welcome. She’s also made up the spare bed for herself.

Sam tells Jason she’s comfortable taking risks and liked living on the edge, but he’s the first person who really made her feel safe.

Sonny is in the chapel, praying for his kids. Dante comes in. He came to see Morgan, but he can’s get in. Sonny tells him what happened with the roof incident. Dante tells him that Ava is going to skate on the gun charges.

Ava says she can’t have a clean slate if Paul still has her confession on the flash-drive and wants him to give it to her. He won’t.

Dr. Mays says several things could be wrong with Tracy. She says she’s been having headaches and has been zoning out. She was wondering if she has epilepsy. Dr. Mays says he doesn’t think so. She says she’s also been forgetful and wonders if it’s early Alzheimers. He isn’t ruling it out, but says he doesn’t think that’s what it is.

Nina says she’s there to help indefinitely. Maxie asks about the magazine, and Nina says they can set up shop there. Nathan says he really doesn’t need all that. Nina sees the stuffed poodle and Maxie explains the dog story. Nina lets fly that their dog’s name was Mittens and Maxie asks if Nathan lied to her.

Dante tells Sonny about the immunity deal. Dante has also caught on to why Sonny claimed he couldn’t walk. He says Sonny didn’t care what anyone was going through as long as he got the best of his enemies. Sonny says the only way he knew how to protect Avery was to lie and he’d do it again. He’d kill to protect his family.

Paul tells Ava that if she was in his position, she wouldn’t hand over the drive. She says he just wants to push her around, and Paul gives her a laundry list of her wrongs. He says she’s avoiding prison because he let her go. She also blames him for Kiki. He says she’s using that as a get out of jail free card. She says he’d understand if had a better relationship with his son.

Dr. Mays says the CAT scan isn’t conclusive, but there are lesions on Tracy’s brain. She asks if it’s cancer and the doctor says they don’t know yet. Nooo! Tracy is one of my favorites. And we’ve lost too many Quartermaines already.

Sam tells Jason that her father was a con artist and the only person there for her was her brother until she found Jason. She says she knew from the start she could trust him and that was a new experience for her. He asks if she can trust him now?

Nina goes to order food. Maxie asks why Nathan lied. Nathan says Mittens died and they got Claudette, but Nina wasn’t there by that time. Maxie says that it will bring up Nina’s coma years,and she’s sensitive to that. He opens the door to ditch the poodle and Obrecht is there with homemade dumplings. She asks what Nathan is doing with that “cloying object” in his hand. I love Obrecht.

Paul says if Ava had the recording she’d stab him in the back and it’s his only leverage. Ava wonders how Dillon would feel about that. Ask him, since he’s right there. Ava leaves and Dillon says that he’s seen all the stuff about Paul in the papers, and congrats on the bust. Paul asks why he’s there. He says he’s looking for Monica. Paul wonders why he looks upset and why he’s looking for Monica.

Dr. Mays says it does no good to speculate. They’ll do an MRI and go from there.

Dante tells Sonny there’s a better way to protect Avery, including him and the police. Sonny says that hasn’t worked so well so far, and he doesn’t trust the law or the courts. He says it’s up to him to protect his family, but he understands Dante has a different perspective and doesn’t love him any less for it. Dante leaves and Sonny talks to God about him. Like God doesn’t know all about it already. Ava comes in to the chapel.

Jason says it was a stupid question, since he doesn’t even trust himself. He says he’s making it up as he goes along. Sam says that’s how life works. If you have a choice between a lie and the truth, try to tell the truth; and if you have a choice between being a bastard and a decent person, go for decency. He asks if it’s that easy and she says no, it’s actually hard. She says she’s learning to trust the person he is now.

Nathan asks Maxie to help Nina get the take-out while he talks to his mother. He asks Obrecht to never bring up the stuffed dog to Maxie or anyone else. He says it’s complicated and has to do with Claudette. Obrecht says it’s a problem then.

Dillon brings Paul to see Tracy. Tracy says she doesn’t need him or anyone else. Dillon says she told the doctor not to share her information with anyone and Tracy says she’ll share what she wants. Paul says, come on, she’s been having seizures and she tells him not to pretend he cares. He says she’s the mother of his children, so he does care. She tells them to sit down, but what they’re going to hear won’t be easy.

Sonny says he doesn’t know what angle Paul is working, but Ava was involved in gun deals and putting Avery at risk. She says Sonny knew he could walk when Dixon had them hostage, when he could have done something. He tells her she’s the reason Dixon was there in the first place and she needs to pay for that. She says she’s already paying with Kiki in the ICU.

Danny comes out with a book for Sam to read to him.

Nina and Maxie get the take-out from the MetroCourt, because there is nowhere else in town to eat. Nina asks Maxie what the business with the poodle was about. Maxie says it has to do with Claudette.

Nathan tells Obrecht what happened at the hospital and how he told her Claudette was his childhood pet. He says he knows Madelyn told her about it, but he wants to explain why it’s a sensitive subject. Not now though, because Dante is at the door. Nathan asks how it’s going with Lulu. Dante fills him in and says it’s amazing what honesty can do. D’oh!

Tracy says she’s been having episodes. She says they’re happening because she stopped taking her medication too abruptly. Dillon says what medication and she says she didn’t want to tell anyone but she was on antidepressants. She says she went on the vacation so she could go on medication in private. When she started feeling better, she stopped the medication abruptly. She says that the problems started afterward but now she has a plan with the doctor to wean her off of them. Tracy says the media might be fawning over Paul, but she knows who he really is. She says she’s tired and would like them to leave. Paul says he’s glad she’s going to be okay.

Ava says even if Kiki lives, she might never be the same. Sonny says they’re all praying she recovers. Ava asks if he thinks God listens to the likes of them and he says he hopes so. The babysitter suddenly shows up with Avery.

Danny has fallen asleep and Jason tucks him in.

Maxie tells Nina about what Nathan said about Claudette. Nina says of course he would have another dog in the many years she was in a coma. She says she’s happy to have a brother who wants to protect her and Maxie is lucky to have him.

Dante leaves and Obrecht tells Nathan not to pay attention to his drivel, that there are some occasions where honesty is best, but this isn’t one of them. She says if Nathan tells Maxie the whole truth, he could lose her.

The babysitter says she has to leave because her mother isn’t well. Ava wonders what she’s going to do now, and thinks of calling Julian. Sonny says or she could leave Avery with her father. Ava asks how she knows Sonny won’t steal her. Sonny says Morgan is in the hospital too and he’s not going anywhere. He says they shouldn’t treat her like a football and should do what’s best for her.

Maxie comes back to Nathan setting up flameless candles. I love those! He says he doesn’t want take-out, all he wants is her.

Paul asks Dillon if he’s all right. Dillon says finding out his father is a hero and Tracy has depression is a lot. Paul says he knows it’s hard to believe, but he cares about both of them

Dr. Mays has scheduled Tracy’s MRI for the morning. She reminds him that everything they discuss is in confidence.

Ava allows Sonny to take Avery until Kiki is better. He is seriously cute with that kid. He tells Avery life is full of surprises and you make the best of it.

Tomorrow, Diane says Morgan could be looking at prison time, there’s good news and bad news, and Nina wants to make a baby.

Little Women: LA

Tonya is sofa shopping with Elena along for the ride. Again we are shown something those of us who are average sized take for granted. We fit on furniture. Tonya talks about Terra defending Jasmine at the party and the subsequent freak out. She says that Terra told her she didn’t need to come to the hospital for Baby Penny’s surgery, but maybe she should have gone anyway. Elena says pretty much the same thing. Tonya says everybody needs help and Terra wants to act like Superwoman. They both feel badly and want to apologize.

Briana and Jasmine are having some retail therapy after the party craziness. Jasmine asks what’s up with Briana and Christy. Briana says although they left things on a cool note, it really wasn’t cool, and their friendship is rocky. She says they left it at Christy saying she loves Briana and they’ll take it a day at a time. Jasmine suggests she and Christy have dinner together, taking a baby step.

It’s moving day for Christy and Todd. Christy is excited because they’ll have a lot more room. Todd makes me laugh when Christy asks where they want the book shelf and he says the real question is where does she want the book shelf?

Christy feels embarrassed and concerned about Todd huffing and puffing. Christy talks about Tonya and Terra being at odds, and thinks they should have a girls cooking night. She thinks making pizza will give them some zen and they’ll realize how petty their beef is. She also talks about Briana and Todd says just try to be a friend. Christy says it’s not the same though.

Elena and Preston are making a video message for her mother-in-law’s birthday. Preston is on camera with Elena directing. She tells him what to say, but it’s so long, I’m sure Preston won’t remember. Elena has an ulterior motive though, and  drops the bombshell that she’s pregnant within the message. Aw, I think Preston is going to make a great dad. Elena wants to go to the doctor to make sure all is well before she tells the other girls.

Elena tells Preston that it’s probably going to be a high risk pregnancy and result in a C-section. He asks if she’s scared and she is, but she’s also excited.

Christy and Briana meet for dinner. Christy says she doesn’t know what to expect, but she’s open to friendship possibilities. Christy says she has to be able to say what she thinks. What she thinks is that Briana needs to get back together with her family. She says she hears their desperation to meet Matt. Briana says when the opportunity arose, it didn’t go well. She says she’d rather discuss their friendship. She says Christy was always her best friend and Christy says she never went anywhere. In her individual interview Christy says she realizes Briana didn’t apologize, but it’s time to move forward. Briana says she wants to know that they’re making progress toward being the friends they used to be.

Jasmine visits Terra. She asks how Penny is. Terra says she’s doing well, but the chaos at the restaurant was a bit much. She says Tonya went through the same surgery and she wanted some comfort from her when she was so scared. She says Elena knew how frightened she was and she didn’t come through either. She’s leaving out the part where she told them not to come though. Jasmine says all Terra has to do is ask if she needs something. They go in to see Penny napping.

Matt and Briana meet with Briana’s ex-husband, Leif. Why? They share custody and Briana asks how the schedule is with him. He says it’s good. Leif seems to want to start an argument over nothing. Briana says it’s the most awkward conversation ever and I agree. Briana tells Leif about her family issues and Matt chimes in with telling Leif how Briana’s step-mother ignored him when they had a chance encounter.

Leif says all families are weird, but they’re there for you. Briana says yeah, if they treat you right. Leif says maybe they should all go to therapy, but Matt says there’s no way he would do that, because he’s a tough guy.

Matt and Briana are walking a pier where a donation bought a spot with her name on it. They go over the lunch with Leif and Briana says she can’t even. Matt says she’s handling things well. Briana says that if she’s going to move forward, she needs more positivity. Christy has invited her to the pizza making thing, so she thinks she got through.

They talk about having a “real” wedding. Briana says the first time around wasn’t what she wanted, so this time she’s having the wedding of her dreams. Matt asks if she’s going to invite her family. She says she doesn’t know and will see how things are going when they make their final list.

It’s time to make pizza! Christy thinks the best way to bond is with food and I tend to agree. Terra is there first and Christy tells her about the dinner with Briana and says she thinks Briana is making an effort. She asks where Terra is at with Tonya. Terra says she doesn’t know and that Tonya wasn’t there for her when she needed her.

Everyone is there and the instructor welcomes them. They all look kind of scared. In her individual interview, Elena points out that Terra didn’t hug her or Tonya, which is unusual. She wants to be friends again, especially since she’s pregnant. Cristy says Terra and the other two have separated themselves, and it’s not the outcome she was hoping for. Tonya says she’d like to apologize but Terra isn’t giving her a chance.

After the fastest pizza cooking ever, they sit down to eat. Tonya apologizes for not being there for Terra with Penny and says she loves both her and Penny. Elena is glad Tonya took the first step, and apologizes as well. Terra starts crying and says she realizes that she did tell them not to come. Elena says after her surgery, she preferred alone time, so she misunderstood.

Terra brings up the party, and Elena says she’d like a fresh start with Jasmine, suggesting lunch. Hugs all around. I see both Briana and Tonya leave the end crust on their pizza. I do that too.

Commercial break. Joe and Terra are having another baby! Another season of Terra’s Little Family begins on March 23. I also recommend Trader Joe’s won ton soup. I’m having it for dinner and it’s better than my local take-out place. How do they get their dumpling dough so thin?

Jasmine and Elena meet for dinner. Jasmine starts off apologizing about not inviting Elena to the moms party. Elena appreciates that, but admits to being too sensitive. Moving on. They talk about their families and Jasmine asks if Elena is holding off having kids. Elena says they’re trying, although now that I look at her, you can tell in her face that she’s pregnant. Jasmine talks about her hair condition and how her husband has seen her at her worst. She says Preston really seems to love Elena and it’s going to be amazing when they have a child.

Christy and Todd are taking a baby CPR class in preparation for adoption. Her mother is taking the class with them as well. Christy is glad to learn CPR for Todd’s sake too, since he has sleep apnea. She says that she couldn’t sleep the night before because he was snoring so loud. Todd says she gets mean about it. She says she’s worried he’s going to stop breathing one day and tells him he needs to lose weight. She says her greatest fear is adopting a baby and then have Todd keel over, especially since she’s been a single mother. She wants him to learn how to take care of himself first before they take care of someone else. She talks to her mother about it outside.

Christy says she’s done and her mother says she’s just speaking out of anger. Christy tells her she can’t take care of Todd and a child. She says he has to lose the weight because he wants to the same way she got sober for herself. She says she feels like food is more important than his wife and he needs an intervention. Her mother tells her to try and be kind.

Preston and Elena go to the OB/GYN. She’s taken two home pregnancy tests, but wants to confirm things. She also wants to know what she faces as a little person. The doctor comes in and says she’s really pregnant and they’re going to take a sonogram. He tells them to brace themselves because he has unexpected news.

Why doesn’t this show have previews for the next week?

Little Women: Atlanta

This is more excruciating than The Real Housewives of Potomac.

Bri and Emily rehash the fight with the twins. Emily thinks the twins feel like they have to prove themselves all the time. She says she already knows they’ll try to say she started it.

The twins think the Cheeks are jealous and threatened by them. They also rehash the fight. Andrea says Emily is ratchet for being pregnant and fighting. She wonders what a pregnant woman is doing twerking and picking fights. I wonder why any woman would do that. Andrea says Emily is always the one starting things. All of the girls are supposed to go out tonight. Why does everyone always want to hang out with people they hate?

The Cheeks meet Monie and Minnie outside the club. Minnie asks what was up with the fight with the twins. She says they all need to get it together. She says they’d better start getting along because in Atlanta everybody knows everybody. Bri says they used to be friends with the twins until their egos became inflated.

Inside, Minnie repeats that she wants them all to get along. And here come the twins. Emily says she’s not going to play nice and immediately says they look dumb. Minnie tells everyone to cool their jets. Emily says if they’re going to be in the same environment, the twins need to control themselves. Andrea (I think) says Emily is the one who needs to control herself. Monie asks if they can agree to disagree. Bri says they should squash it and just have fun.

Wooda (shooda cooda) is at the park with Bri, playing with their son. Since the retreat, Bri has been thinking about their non-relationship. She tells him she’d like to go to counseling to better things between them. Wooda says he’s good and doesn’t need counseling. In her individual interview, Bri says he needs to go for Malik’s sake. They live and parent together and they need better relationship skills. She walks away and Wooda changes his mind and tells her to schedule the appointment.

Minnie is doing Monie’s hair. She says she’s still shocked Minnie lied to her, but she knows Minnie is also embarrassed. Minnie tells Monie she’ll be straight from now on. Monie says she has a friend making a music video, Hubble Bubble, which is apparently a new term for booty. She says there won’t be any pay, but she’d like Minnie to be in the video. Minnie says she wants to lose weight first. How long does she think they have?

Wooda and Bri go to counseling with the pastor and his wife who hosted the retreat. They explain they live together and have a child together, but no relationship. Wooda doesn’t want one, but Bri does. The pastor’s wife asks if Wooda wants a relationship (didn’t we just cover that?) and he says not right now. He also says he sees other people. Bri says there’s a double-standard with that. The pastor asks why she accepts that. She says it’s what she’s used to. The pastor says Wooda might be a great guy, but Bri can do better. His wife say she shouldn’t settle.

The pastor and his wife leave to let them discuss. Bri says they don’t need to be living together anymore and Wooda asks what she wants to do, saying he’ll be supportive of whatever. Yeah, as long as it’s not a normal relationship.

Bri and Malik are going to stay at Emily’s. Bri says it’s times like this she misses her family and wants them to come for a visit. Emily gets a text from Monie about the video and calls her. Monie asks if they’d like to be in the video. They decide to talk later. The Cheeks discuss it, hoping it’s not janky.

Monie and Minnie meet for ice cream. Monie has the bad news that Minnie’s not the right look for the video. Monie says she wasn’t given a specific reason, but we all know it’s the weight. Minnie is bummed, especially since she’s been dieting. Monie says there are girls of all sizes, but they just said she wasn’t a good fit. Minnie starts talking smack about little people in videos being a gimmick, but Monie says she’s trying to make sure that doesn’t happen, and wants to bring Minnie along for discernment.

Bri’s mother and brother are visiting. Her mother is a little person, but her brother, Justin, is average sized. Emily is wearing some seriously distracting blue lipstick. Bri tells her mother about the counseling session and that she moved out afterward. Her mother says she can’t change Wooda, she can only change herself. Justin suggests they get drunk. I don’t blame him. It’s hard to even watch these people sober.

Emily’s boyfriend, Lontel (where are they getting these names?), is going to her ultrasound appointment with her. The doctor points out various things and says the baby looks in proportion, but it’s too early to tell if it’s an average sized or little person. It’s also too early to tell the sex.

Emily says she really wants Lontel around for the baby, because she was a single mom the first time around. The doctor comes back and Emily needs to eat better and her blood pressure is off the chain.

Bri talks to her mom about her non-relationship with Wooda. Her mom says her father was the same way. He would do whatever he felt like and that she’d always still be there. Bri says she grew up with her parents fighting and doesn’t want that for Malik. Her mom says just because they have a child together doesn’t mean they should stay together.

It’s time for the video shoot. Monie says as the casting director, she has to make sure all runs smoothly. Um, I think that’s the production manager’s job. The girls show up and director, Brent, tells them they’re going to be doing a little dancing. Minnie has shown up for support.

Emily asks how the video is going to be promoted and Brent is vague. She asks what the point of the video is and if they’re using little people twerking as a gimmick? Emily says she’s not feeling well, so she’s going to sit it out, but she’s really concerned about her reputation. Such as it is. Backstage, Emily explains they can do whatever they want with the footage and doesn’t want to be exploited. The twins wonder why they’re not getting paid, but Monie said everyone knew that beforehand.

Minnie adds that the whole thing doesn’t seem very professional. Monie tries arguing with her. Minnie says they might as well put on elf costumes. Monie says she needs to make sure the girls aren’t being exploited. She talks to Brent, who says it’s going to look good no matter what.

The set up the first scene which is with Monie alone. Emily thinks the director doesn’t know what he’s doing, having had experience with music videos. Brent continues to call Monie by the wrong name. I’m not sure why, since it’s pronounced “money.” He also calls the Tiny Twins, the Doublemint Twins. The girls start to complain and the director says it’s a wrap.

Monie says he’s been nothing but disrespectful and now he wants to blow them off. Brent says, “I don’t chase, I replace.” Whatever. Minnie is like, hell no, and little people chaos ensues. And lots of shouting. The girls walk out and I’m thinking the scene seemed really contrived.

Next week, another ridiculous party, Monie brings up up Minnie’s lie about Troy again, and Minnie says talking to Monie is like talking to a tree. This show is so profound, I can’t stand it.

February 24, 2016 — Big Sonny & Little Women


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Dante keeps leaving messages for Lulu, telling her he’s on The Haunted Star. Lulu keeps rising to the top of the water and trying to get his attention.

Morgan is handcuffed to a chair, basically going bananas. Michael keeps trying to explain what the problem is, and you’d think people would get it, especially in 2016. Jordan says she wants Michael restrained and in a holding cell, but Andre steps in, saying Morgan is his patient.

The paramedics finally arrive at the pier. Carly wipes her bloody hands on her really nice sweater and I say, why, Carly, why? Anna tells Paul the whole thing was a disaster and their main guy got away, like he doesn’t know this already. And like it’s his fault Morgan interfered.

Dixon says the cripple wants to be a hero. Does anyone really talk like that? He doesn’t trust Sonny and he says he should shoot Sonny, since it’s his son’s fault that this happened. He points the gun at Sonny, and Alexis says he doesn’t want to shoot a man in a wheelchair in front of his daughter. Yes, let’s reason with a man who sounds like he came from a 50s gangster movie.

Kiki is taken to the hospital. Paul asks Carly how Morgan ended up there. She says she doesn’t know and he says she should, because he just messed up a major operation. Anna asks Carly for any information and Carly tells her about the phone message. Paul says Dixon was gong to shoot Morgan and Kiki tried to push him out of the way.

Andre asks Jordan if Morgan seems rational. He says Morgan needs medication and sedation. and that Morgan needs to come with him now.

Dixon wants to know who Sonny’s other kid is. Sonny reminds him of the 2 million. Dixon says the bride broke the rules and aims his gun at Alexis. Julian offers him 5 million to go away. Dixon bidding wars! Dixon says he’ll make an exception for the bride since he’s sentimental that way. Maxie asks if she can have help and Lucas offers to take her place. Dixon says no. Nina tries to help and Dixon says Maxie better know what she’s doing because no one else is getting up.

Nicholas offers his resources, including a private helicopter. Dixon asks who he is. Nicholas tells him that he’s Prince Cassadine. Dixon wants to know how he knows the happy couple. Nicholas says Alexis is his aunt. Dixon wants information as to who the bridesmaids are and who is Sonny’s daughter. I’m not even sure, so good luck with that.

Dante finally gets a clue and jumps in the water. He eventually sees Lulu face down. He brings her to the surface.

Paul wants to know if Morgan found out about the gun shipment from Sonny. Carly says Sonny doesn’t want Morgan in the business. Carly wants to go to Kiki. Paul tries to stop her, but Anna says to let her go. Anna tells Paul that the mere fact that a bystander was shot is unacceptable. Paul tells her that Morgan showed up armed maybe wanted to hijack the shipment. He says this might help them to take Sonny down. Anna says they need to concentrate on Dixon and wonders where he might be. Paul says Ava was his only contact.

Andre says Morgan is a suicide risk and does Jordan want a lawsuit. This ruffles Jordan’s feathers and she starts barking orders at everyone. Andre says he’s just looking out for his patient who’s in a manic episode, and he’s not trying to trump her authority. Jordan allows him to take Morgan. Michael tells Morgan he can see Kiki if he cooperates with the doctors. Jordan says don’t make her regret her decision.

The desk sergeant tells Jordan that someone just heard shooting from the chapel.

Dixon says he only needs one hostage, so which one is Sonny’s daughter? Sam says she is and Dixon says he can see from Sonny’s face, she’s not. Sonny says if he hurts any of the girls, he’s dead. Dixon asks if Sonny is going to kill him with harsh language. He says Sonny is helpless and just stalling and is starting to annoy him. Why it doesn’t occur to him that Sonny might have a gun or light saber or something, I don’t know. It’s not exactly like he checked for that.

Dixon asks Ava if she has anything to contribute. She advises him to take Sonny and Julia’s offers. He says fine, he’ll tell them where to send the money as soon as he gets where he’s going with Sonny’s daughter. Ava offers herself as a hostage.

Dante gets Lulu to land and performs CPR. He tells her he loves her and he and Rocco need her.

Andre gets Morgan to the hospital. Morgan says he doesn’t need to be admitted. Andre says if he can’t manage that, he’s going to have to be restrained. Morgan sits with Michael on a bench. Amazingly, they’ve gotten there before Kiki did. She’s wheeled in and Morgan gets crazy again.

Dixon says taking Ava does nothing to hurt Sonny. She says the girls will just make him a bigger target. He shoots the gun in the air and tells her to take her seat. He takes Molly and the girls all go nuts. Kristina says it’s her and Dixon grabs her. He says he’ll tell them where to send the money. Everything gets a little confused, with people yelling and moving around, and I’m sure Dixon is going to shoot someone, when Sonny jumps up from his chair. He grabs Dixon from behind, throws him to the floor and takes his gun. Go, Sonny!

Everyone scrambles to Nathan. Sonny tells Dixon to get on his knees. He says he’s going to make him pay for threatening his daughter. Carly walks in startled that Sonny is up. Paul and Anna enter. Sonny tells them they’re a little late.

Lulu comes to, choking up water.

Brad tells Lucas that one thing he can say about Lucas’s family is they’re never boring. Anna goes to talk to Sonny and Paul says he has some things to wrap up. Olivia tells Ava she did a brave thing. Paul tells everyone to stay put until they can get statements.

Morgan says he wants to fix things. Andre tells him he needs to fix himself first and Morgan needs to trust him.

Anna tells Sonny not to go anywhere. Carly asks Sonny how long he’s been lying to her about being able to walk. She doesn’t wait for an answer and walks away from him. Carly tells Ava about what happened with Kiki. Ava asks if she’s alive and she sees the blood on Carly’s really nice sweater. Ava starts to leave and Paul tries to stop her. She slaps him one, but for some reason the sound is out of sync with the action, so it comes off looking pretty funny. Ava tells Paul it’s his fault Kiki got shot and storms out.

Carly asks Anna if she can go. Anna says yes, and thanks her for her help with Kiki. Alexis says this shouldn’t have happened and she doesn’t even want to know how Ava is involved. Olivia tells Julian that she’s glad she didn’t bring Leo and this is obviously what her premonition was about. Alexis thanks Sonny for saving Kristina’s life. This is one of those times I actually like Sonny. Alexis asks him what he knows. He says he had nothing to do with it, but I don’t think she believes him.

Nathan arrives at the hospital next. He wakes up babbling about Dixon and Maxie tells him Dixon is in custody. Nathan is wheeled into surgery. Nina tells Franco he’s her hero. He says he’s selfish and a coward and to never think any different. Ava comes in hysterical, looking for Kiki.

Lulu gets brought in next. Dante tells the doctor what happened and they check Lulu for hypothermia.

Morgan wants Michael to check on Kiki. Ava comes in and starts screaming at Morgan. about how it’s his fault. Franco tells her she’s not doing anybody any good and she won’t be able to see Kiki if she doesn’t calm down. Morgan says he’d never hurt Kiki.

Anna thanks Sonny for his help. He says to thank him by bringing the culprits to justice. Everyone is allowed to go home. Jordan says Paul has a habit of not telling her things. Paul admits to Anna that things went awry, but Dixon is in custody and he and Anna make a great team. She calls him an arrogant s.o.b.

Carly goes back to the pier wondering what happened. I’m surprised she’s allowed to wander around there since its a crime scene for a crime that happened five minutes ago. She takes down the police tape and starts throwing the guns in the water. Sonny comes up and asks what she’s doing. She asks why he lied to her.

Anna says is was ill planned and that one person like Morgan should not have been able to cause such chaos. Paul says it was still a success. Anna tells him take all the credit, because she doesn’t want to associate with him anymore.

Alexis tells Julian she knows it wasn’t his fault and that the wedding might have been a disaster, but their kids are all safe and they made it through the vows.

Dante is holding the unconscious Lulu’s hand when she wakes up. She asks how he knew where she was and he says he just knew. This almost brings a tear to my eye.

Ava is in with Kiki. She says nothing was supposed to happen to her. Morgan and Michael stand in the doorway. Michael says Morgan has to go now. Morgan says if she dies it’s his fault.

Carly tells Sonny thanks a lot for letting her grieve while watching him pretend to struggle. Sonny says Morgan has to hit rock bottom before he’d get help. Carly says, well he sure did, and tells him about Morgan stealing his gun and Kiki getting shot. Hmm…Carly seems to be going into a riff on gun control. Sonny tells her that the crates don’t have his name on them, but Jerome Gallery. He says it was necessary and he’d do it again. He says Morgan wasn’t supposed to be a part of it. Carly says the violence was always waiting for him and they made it happen.

Tomorrow, Dante loves Lulu more than ever, Elizabeth apologizes for the millionth time, and Kiki might be paralyzed. In Port Charles, probably not for long.

Side note: When I tuned into Judge Judy early, Dr Phil was still on and had this to say: “My daddy always told me not to miss a damn good chance to shut up.”

Little Women: Atlanta

Disregarding Dr. Phil’s daddy’s wise advice and giving my two cents. If you don’t want to be stereotyped and labeled by things like “midget wrestling,” ladies, please stop getting into fist-fights with one another.

Minnie is still getting over what went down at her birthday party. She’s meeting the Cheeks and Wooda at his studio to go over it again. Minnie says she has to talk to Monie about her getting out of control. They think just because Minnie mended fences with Juicy, Monie thinks she’s being replaced as a friend.

The twins are learning to drive. The instructor has to set up pedal extensions first. Whatever twin isn’t driving, is in the backseat laughing with her boyfriend. When it’s her turn though, she doesn’t do much better. The instructor suggests using two feet. I’m not laughing because I’m not so sure how I’d do in their place.

Minnie comes by Juicy’s house to see if her apology was genuine. Minnie doesn’t want what Monie did to come between them either. She outright asks if Juicy’s apology was sincere. Juicy says she wants to move on and it was from the heart. She says she didn’t come to the party to cause drama. Minnie says she’s missed them hanging out.

Minnie brings up Monie throwing the drink on Juicy. Juicy says Monie is a character and wonders how she and Minnie can be friends. Juicy thinks Monie probably doesn’t have many friends and she’s jealous.

Monie has started her voice-over training. She tells boyfriend Morlen about what happened at the party. He says she needs to watch her temper. Monie says she has an allergy to bs. Why that means she has to get physical, I don’t know. Morlen says the girls should talk things out and come together. Monie wants things the way they used to be.

The twins go bike shopping, since it will be a while before they get their licenses. I’m just short and have a hard time finding a comfortable bike, I can’t imagine what they go through. They have to ride a kid’s bike. I feel their pain.

Andrea is real unhappy with her leech boyfriend. Amanda says if he was going to change, he’d have done it by now. Andrea doesn’t want to let the boyfriend go and thinks they can work things out. Her sister says this is no example for her son.

The Cheeks are having a photo shoot. They talk about the twins getting a job at the club they promote. Emily is worried that she’s starting to show and it might be obvious in the pictures. Yeah, a little bit.

Andrea and boyfriend Chris go out for dinner. No doubt she’s paying. Andrea tries to talk to Chris. She wants him to get a job, and he takes offense to this. She says he wasn’t around when their son had a hospital emergency. He has chronic lung disease and is also a little person. Andrea says the arguing isn’t healthy and Chris says he’ll try his best.

The girls go apple picking. The Cheeks wonder if Minnie forgave Juicy so Juicy wouldn’t continue to gossip about her. Minnie hopes there won’t be any alcohol involved. I don’t think that goes real well with apple picking either.

Minnie talks about how average sized people often disrespect little people, doing things like taking pictures without asking and patting them on the head. Minnie says she’s been torn, a part of her want’s to just move on, but a part of her wants to know what made Monie so angry.

There’s silence between Minnie and Monie, making the start a little awkward. Monie thanks them for coming and yada yada yada. They take a hay wagon to the orchard. I’m not sure why this is suddenly a thing with the Little Women, since it looks like a struggle for a little person to apple pick.

Monie asks Minnie why she got angry when she had Minnie’s back? Minnie says she was being chill and Monie got out of control and had no business throwing a drink on Juicy. Right away, Monie gets angry again, saying that Juicy had it coming. They start getting loud. Monie throws shade at Juicy and Minnie says she’s talking about Monie right now. Monie asks what’s really up with Minnie and Troy, and is there any truth in what Juicy had been saying.

Minnie says she was there to have fun, not for a confrontation. Monie thinks Minnie forgave Juicy too fast. Minnie says she lied and Troy really wasn’t her boyfriend. Monie is all shocked and says Minnie has been making Juicy out to be the bad guy. Does this mean she’ll apologize for that drink throwing?

Minnie says she felt badly being the only single one of the group. She was afraid that they would look at her funny. Monie says they would never do that and Minnie should be honest. Minnie tells the rest of the girls. She asks for no judgment and for them to put themselves in her shoes. Everyone is supportive, but Monie still feels betrayed and wonders what else Minnie might be lying about.

Commercial break. The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition looks like pure has-been hell. I’ll probably watch it. It also sounds like a board game.

Minnie tells her mother that she lied about Troy. She says the reason her mom hasn’t met Troy is because they’re not in a relationship. She says her friends all have boyfriends. Her mother says that’s no excuse for lying. She brings up what happened with Monie. She says what if it had been worse just because Minnie lied? Minnie apologizes and her mother accepts that, but she tells Minnie to put her big girl panties on.

The twins are out on a bike ride. They talk about what a drag it is riding a kid’s bike, but at least they’re getting around. Then they throw shade at the Cheeks, since they’re first night at the club is tonight.

The Cheeks have a booking at Boogalou, the same club the twins are signed up for. Emily says she has to get some bookings in before she really starts to show.

The twins arrive at the club. Emily and Bri are already there, and Emily is like, not too awkward. She didn’t think they’d be working the same night. This looks like a pretty boring club. Not too many people. Fewer than an eighth grade dance. The twins wait tables while the Cheeks hang out on the swings near the bar. Emily says she didn’t know the club had the twins doing dirty work and generally insults them.

Down on the dance floor, Bri says she doesn’t serve people, she’s an entertainer. One of the twins gets in Emily’s face. Another get’s in Bri’s and they start to hair pull and fight. The people in the club look amused and probably think this is part of the act. Security pulls them apart.

A lone hair extension is left on the dance floor.

Next week, The fight is discussed, Bri wantts to go to counseling with Wooda who thinks she should go on her own, and a music video is filmed.

Important information: The new season of Southern Charm starts April 4.

Little Women: LA

We start with a rip-roaring fight between Terra and Tonya. Then it says five days earlier.

Jasmine knows her husband isn’t happy working at her father’s restaurant. Chris tells her his lack of experience in the restaurant business is frustrating because he doesn’t always get what’s being asked of him. He says he doesn’t want to go out of state for work though, so he’s going to stick with it.

Jasmine wants to host a party for the girls and their dates at the restaurant. If he’s working that night, she wants Chris to join them after his shift. He says it will be awkward, but he’ll roll with it. He seems like a pretty easy-going guy.

Terra and Tonya get together for drinks. They toast to Tonya’s love life. Tonya tells Terra about Kerwin’s visit. In her individual interview, Terra says Penny had decompression surgery recently, and two of her best friends weren’t around, one of them being Tonya. Being a good friend though, Terra listens patiently and asks the appropriate questions. She thinks Tonya will have to stop working with Ja.

Terra asks about Kerwin’s housemate. Terra says in all honesty, she doesn’t see Kerwin and Tonya living together. Tonya insists he’s changed, but Terra says he’s still living with another woman.

Briana and Matt are checking with a fertility specialist. Briana would like a baby with Matt, but it’s not happening and she wants to see if it can happen.

They meet with the doctor. Briana tells her about the pregnancy symptoms she thought she was having, only to find out she wasn’t even ovulating. The doctor wants to do an ultrasound. Briana says those are often painful for little people because a probe has to be used. The doctor points out something on the screen.

Briana has poly-cystic ovaries. Not good news, but Briana is glad it’s not something connected to her being a little person. The doctor says things look good for a future pregnancy.

Elena says the double date with Tonya didn’t go that well. She wants to talk to Tonya about Kerwin. She asks how they left things. Tonya says Kerwin is still mulling things over and Elena says she just doesn’t want to see Tonya get her heart broken.

Elena asks about the couples party. Tonya thinks Jasmine is being rude since she knows Tonya doesn’t have a date right now. Elena thinks she wants to cover up her mistake in not inviting Elena to her mom’s party. Elena says she wants to avoid Jasmine, but not her friends, so she’s going.

Christy and Todd are going to couples counseling. Christy says it hasn’t helped in past relationships, but she’s willing to give it a try with Todd. They tell the therapist about their background, including the frustration about trying to have a child. I’m loving Christy’s beachy wave hairstyle. Christy tells the therapist that she’s okay with Todd being overweight, but she’s afraid of being a window. She’s scared that they’ll adopt a child and he’s going to keel over dead.

She asks Todd not to be angry, and brings up the lap band surgery. He says he’s not a fan, but Christy says that he’s not doing anything else about it either. He makes a promise to do better. In her individual interview, Christy says she’s heard it all before (I know what that’s like), but now that they have a therapist, she feels like she has back up and there’s someone to hold Todd accountable. She says maybe Todd will surprise her and lose the weight this time. Todd says he knows he can do it.

Todd and Christy are looking at another house. It’s really cute, with a huge kitchen. The laundry room appliances are low, and they both love that. Todd says there’s no bigger challenge in life than retrieving that last sock. Christy tells Todd they have to get the house. Christy is feeling very positive and Todd thinks the therapy helped.

Tonya thinks the ladies had some valid points. She SKYPES with Kerwin and asks if he’s making any changes. He hasn’t said anything to the woman he lives with yet, and asks her if she understands the gravity of what she’s asking. Tonya is surprised because he’s always been the one pressuring her to be together. He’d afraid she’s going to change her mind again. She says she wants to work things out and he says he needs to make a decision. Their conversation wears me out.

Jasmine has the restaurant decorated with pinatas for the couples party. Penny is out of the hospital, and Terra says she and Joe need a date night. Chris has to work during the party. Jasmine thought it would be weird, but no one gives a flying. Tonya comes solo. Briana hopes the ladies don’t gang up on her again.

Elena says noting about this is romantic, so why is Jasmine calling it a date night? Tonya is sitting with her and Preston, and she’s miffed too. Tonya says Elena understands her better than Terra. She says she needs support right now, not discouragement.

There’s a taco truck included, and Briana and Christy go outside to check it out. They talk about the last time they clashed and how much both of them were hurt. Christy apologizes and says if Briana wants to apologize for the lies, that’s on her. Somehow this inches toward an argument, but Christy says she won’t feed into it. She apologizes again and says Briana never says “sorry” back. Weren’t we just here? Briana says she’s sorry for not telling Christy she was married and they get tacos. Thank goodness. I felt like I was headed for Groundhog Day.

They’re ready for the pinatas, which have candy and adult goodies in them. Jasmine encourages Elena to play, but she’s being standoffish. Christy takes out her frustrations on the pinata and Jasmine finishes the job. Jasmine asks why Elena doesn’t want to have fun. She asks if something is bothering Elena. Elena says she thought it was going to be a real couples party with candles and stuff, when they’re just hanging out. Jasmine says it was a way of inviting the guys. Jasmine says no matter what she does, she can’t please them. Tonya whines about being single.

Christy chimes in that Jasmine recognized her mistake in not inviting Elena to the last party. Everyone starts yelling at one another. Jasmine says they can either stay and enjoy themselves or they can leave.

Terra thinks Tonya is being ridiculous and that Jasmine doesn’t know every detail of everyone’s lives. Elena says something stupid and Jasmine says Elena hasn’t always been nice to her. Elena brings up the party she wasn’t invited to and Jasmine says she’s apologized a thousand times. Briana says she’d rather be at the bar doing shots with the guys, but at least this isn’t about her for once.

Terra and Tonya really get into it and I have the feeling this isn’t just about Elena and Jasmine anymore. Terra says when Penny was having spinal surgery, she really needed Tonya and she was too busy with Kerwin to bother. Terra asks where Tonya and Elena were when Penny was in the hospital, and tells Tonya not to say she’s always there for her. The three of them start yelling so loud, I can’t understand them. Elena storms out and Tonya says she’s out too.

Next week, either they didn’t give a preview or the world is going to end.

February 17, 2016 — Big GH & Little LA & Atlanta


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Kiki walks into the warehouse and sees Morgan going at it with Darby. He says it’s not what it looks like. Puh-leeze.

Sonny is having a visit with Avery. Michael and Dante join him. Dante asks Michael about Valentine’s day. Michael says no magic was worked by St. Valentine. Dante says some magic was worked, but he doesn’t think St. Valentine had much to do with it.

Nathan and Maxie are at you-know-where, and she tells him what a great Valentine’s Day she had. She says it was nice staying at the MetroCourt and Nathan adds that it beats the crowd at their apartment. They see Lulu, who’s still wearing the same clothes she had on the day before.

Dante asks Sonny if he knows anything about the gun running.

Anna tells Mac about Susan, but Paul comes by so she starts making up something about a canceled lunch. She asks Paul if she can have the rain-check on the scotch, and if he’d like to go to lunch.

Paul suggests the skip the restaurant and go somewhere else. Raj calls and asks Paul if they’re still on for the 19th. The big boss, Dixon, also wants to meet with Paul and Ava. Raj says something about Morgan being at the wedding when they’re going to make the delivery.

Morgan says he can explain. Kiki says what’s to explain? He’s having sex with Darby in public when he couldn’t do it with her. She asks if Darby is hotter. Maybe, but she’s also pretty stupid because she pops into the conversation saying apparently so and she and Kiki almost fistfight. Kiki tells Morgan she thought she could trust him. He says that he wasn’t doing it to hurt her, but doing it for her.

Dante gives Sonny some information on Dixon and Sonny acts ignorant. He says he has nothing to do with weapons. Dante says that’s not giving him an answer and Sonny says it’s all he’s got. Sonny says he doesn’t want to discuss it in front of Avery and that he gets little enough visitation time. Dante says it wouldn’t surprise him if Ava was involved with the gun running and also wouldn’t surprise him if Sonny was planning on using that to get Avery back. He asks if he’s getting warm.

Lulu joins Nathan and Maxie. Maxie points out that Lulu must have slept in the hotel. Lulu says she did, but Dante went back to the loft. She tells Maxie they did manage to get to step number four in the magazine article and that they’re going to work on things. Maxie says the right amount of meddling helps. Lulu asks how their Valentine’s Day went. Maxie says it was wonderful and Nathan says the privacy was awesome. Lulu gets a clue that it’s crowded with her and Rocco at the apartment.

Lulu says she was so wrapped up in her own problems, it didn’t occur to her that they might want privacy. Maxie and Nathan try to back-peddle, but Lulu says she’s moving out and is going to stay at The Haunted Star in the meantime. Maxie says maybe she should go home to Dante.

Sonny says there’s no proof Ava is involved. Dante says he hopes the time doesn’t come when Sonny regrets not telling him something when he had the chance. Sonny asks about Lulu and Dante says things are better than they were. When he leave,s Sonny tells Avery he’s lying to everyone he loves except her. He says it’s called compromise and it will just be for a little while longer.

Darby says either Morgan is full of crap or using her, but either way, she’s out of there. Kiki says in what world is having sex with Darby for her. Morgan says he needed to prove to himself that he’s still a man. He says he doesn’t care if he disappointed Darby, but if he could do it with her, he could do it with Kiki.

Paul tells Raj to tell Dixon there’s no need to take action about Morgan and he’ll explain everything later. Paul suggests going to Anna’s place for lunch so they can speak freely.

Lulu says she and Dante aren’t ready to move in together again. Maxie says she thought things were better. Lulu says the article was helpful for them to realize the problems they had before Valerie. Maxie asks what’s next and Lulu says moving out. Lulu says Maxie and Nathan seem to be on their way to marriage. Maxie says when Nathan gave her a charm for her bracelet, she freaked when she saw the jewelry box, thinking it was an engagement ring. Lulu tells her instead of focusing on all that can go wrong, focus on what’s good between her and Nathan.

Nathan tells Dante he tried to talk Maxie out of meddling. Dante says he and Lulu were pissed at first, but they talked and things are better. Nathan tells Dante about Lulu wanting to move out.

Kiki tells Morgan she believes him that Darby was just practice. She says it might be practice for him, but to her it’s cheating and he never considers her feelings. He says he’ll put her first from now on and she says they’ve been there before. Kiki sys he can’t blame not being able to keep it in his pants on his bi-polar issues and she never wants to see him again.

Sonny and Michael discuss Avery. Michael says Ava shouldn’t have custody and Sonny says it won’t be much longer.

Anna and Paul are at her place. She offers to make lunch, but he says he just wants her company. He says they have a lot in common. Anna says they’ve both made mistakes with relationships. Paul says he’s way ahead there. Anna says she spoke with Dillon and tells Paul about the photo shoot. He asks what they talked about and Anna says mostly him and how he disappointed Tracy. Anna tells Paul that after Duke died, she fell into a relationship with Sloane.

Sonny tells Michael he always has a plan. He doesn’t want to jinx it by telling Michael the details, but Avery will be home soon. Michael says he’ll help him. Sonny gets all defensive. Morgan comes in and starts talking to Avery while Sonny looks at him like he’s a nut. Morgan goes upstairs to shower and Michael asks if Sonny thinks something is off.

Maxie is working at a table in the MetroCourt and chats with Kiki. They talk about Nina and Maxie says how she kicked Nina’s look up a notch to give her more confidence. Kiki asks if she can so that for her. Maxie asks why she’d want a make-over since she’s gorgeous, and Kiki says because her life is a disaster.

Lulu is at The Haunted Star and consults the couples counseling article. Dante comes by. Dante asks if she’s planning on living there, and says he doesn’t think it’s safe.

Paul says Anna is being too hard on herself. Anna says she realized she’d made a mistake and tried to be friendly, but Sloane disappeared. Paul said he and Tracy weren’t a couple, but he wanted them to be a family with Dillon and blew it. He says he has no one to blame but himself for his failures with his children. Their hands touch over the muffins. Anna’s phone rings. It’s a text from Mac.

Anna says she’ll deal with the call later and gets up to get sugar. Paul grabs her arm and asks what’s up with the text. It says “Call me. I’ve dug up something on Hornsby’s daughter.” Well, this isn’t good.

Maxie tells Kiki that Morgan fooling around with someone else has nothing to do with her. Maxie says people cheat for all kinds of reasons and maybe Morgan is scared of his love for her. Kiki says regardless, she isn’t having any. Maxie starts talking about hiding from love, but she’s really talking about herself.

Lulu tells Dante he’s lost the right to tell her where to live and that it’s perfectly safe. Dante says what about Windemere, and she says she loves her family, but doesn’t want to live with them. Dante says as a cop, he’s telling he it’s not safe there. She asks if he learned nothing from their talk, and he says fair enough. Dante tells her he’s proud of her having her own business. She says she’d never stay there if she thought here was the slightest bit of danger for Rocco. Dante leaves and she goes back to the article.

Raj is in the doorway.

Sonny needs to say good-by to Avery and Michael goes to keep the caseworker at bay while he does. Sonny is pretty cute with this kid, but she’s getting so big, I suspect she’ll be in high school next week. Michael comes back to take Avery to the caseworker. He tells Avery soon she’ll be home for good.

Morgan comes barreling down the stairs and Sonny says they have to talk. He asks Morgan what’s going on and if he’s off his meds.

Paul says that was fast. He says he heard Anna talking about his daughter at the station and that this must have been a set up to get information from him. He says he warned her to back off a long time ago and she should have listened. Anna asks what he’s going to do, kill her?

Morgan says he took his medication. Sonny says don’t lie. He got a call from the warehouse about Morgan and Darby. Morgan tries to blow it off, but Sonny says there are security cameras. Sonny fires him.

Kiki asks Maxie about her bracelet. Maxie says Nathan gave it to her and gave her another charm for Valentine’s Day. Kiki says please don’t tell her that there are still some good men out there, she wants to believe they’re all screw ups. She says Maxie is right that a make-over isn’t going to fix things. Maxie says if only it were that easy.

Dante tells Nathan he has to trust that Lulu knows what she’s doing.

Raj says he’s looking for the manager. Lulu says that’s her and he asks if he can rent the boat for a party tomorrow night. He tells her that he had a place set up for his boss’s birthday party, but it turned out his boss had a beef with the owner. Now he has everything except a location. He says he’ll even cover her people’s salaries even though he doesn’t need to use them, because if he doesn’t pull this off, he’ll get fired. Lulu says they have a deal and he introduces himself as Mr. Roy.

Paul acts offended that Anna would say such a thing. He says he might have bent the law in the past and he’s a bad husband and father, but not a killer. She says tell Sloane that, since he had him killed and substituted his body for Carrrlos’s. Well, there go those beans.

Tomorrow, Hayden says Nicholas’s future is in her hands, Sam tells Nicholas to go to hell and Paul says Anna is off the mark.

Little Women: LA

A few of the ladies are doing some kite flying. Terra tells Elena about how they talked to Briana at the apple picking about getting together with her family. She says Briana doesn’t want to hear the truth. Terra says Briana said she’d think about it, although she doesn’t know if that was just to shut them up.

Elena says she didn’t want to see Jasmine’s face, so she didn’t go. Terra thinks they should just sit down and talk it out. Elena wants everyone to butt out.

Tonya tells them that Kerwin is coming to town and they’re going to give their relationship another try. Elena and Terra point out that Tonya just got off another relationship and Kerwin lives with another woman. Tonya says they’re trying to work things out and she’ll keep everyone apprised.

Briana’s family has never met Matt, but Briana says she’s not ready for that anyway. Briana says Matt is a great father and he does look like he’s good with her daughter. Matt says he’d like to have their own baby. Briana thinks she’s pregnant, but she doesn’t tell him yet. She does tells him she wants to see a doctor though.

Kerwin arrives. Kerwin is Tonya’s baby daddy and they’ve been on again and off again for 15 years. Kerwin says he’s shocked that she finally wants to get back together, and hesitant because Tonya has broken up with him a few times. She says she’s seen the light and is willing to make a commitment.

Tonya’s previous boyfriend is also her business partner, so Kerwin is a little uncomfortable about Tonya still having to see him.

Christy says little person hell is a room full of bar stools. I kind of understand this. I’m not that tall myself and find bar stools intimidating. She’s out with her mom. They talk about Todd being addicted to video games. Christy is afraid it’s affecting his weight as well. Christy says she’s no lightweight, but he’s in the danger zone. Christy says he won’t listen to her. She wants him to consider gastric bypass surgery.

Elena wants a bigger booty. Terra comes with her and is checking out a brochure for some kind of sexual enhancement surgery. I have no idea what she’s talking about and Preston looks like he wants the earth to swallow him up. Elena talks about getting a boob job and Terra points out she’d look more like Jasmine that way. Elena says she’s tired of being compared to Jasmine.

The doctor comes in and goes through the procedure. He tells her he’s going to give her a better butt than a Kardashian. What is up with this big butt thing?

Tonya and Kerwin go on a double date with Elena and Preston. Elena gets all nosy about the sleeping arrangements with Kerwin. Tonya flashes back to another time Elena got in her business and it ended badly. Elena asks about the woman Kerwin lives with. Elena says they need to solve the previous relationships before starting their new one.

Jasmine has silver ombre hair going on and it looks fabulous against the copper and black dress she’s wearing in her individual interview. I can’t take my eyes off of her hair. She says now that Chris is working for her dad, they have more time together. They’re out shopping. She wants another baby, but he wants to wait since they’re not exactly flush right now. Jasmine says there’s never a “right time” for anything, but she’s not going to push it on him. He says he’s not opposed to the idea and their son does need a sibling. He’s not so into it that he feels like buying baby stuff right now though.

Matt asks Briana if she’s upset about something. She says she’s feeling “off.” Briana thought the doctor was going to tell her she was pregnant and was shocked when he didn’t. This also makes her wonder what is wrong. Matt asks if she’d thought she was pregnant. When she says yes, he is totally sympathetic. Briana wonders too, if she’s at the point where she can’t have anymore children.

Matt asks her if she’s afraid she can’t have kids. She says that she’s only 32 and only wants to have children the natural way. She feels if it doesn’t happen naturally, it isn’t meant to be. She thinks maybe she should see a specialist.

Kerwin has to go. Tonya doesn’t want him to leave; she wants him to relocate. He says they still have people in their lives and asks if Ja (her ex) knows what’s happening. She tells him yes, and it’s just a business relationship. Kerwin says he doesn’t want his heart broken again. She asks what their status is and he says they’re good friends. This confuses her and now she’s second guessing things.

Jasmine and Briana meet at this place that has neon green chairs for lunch. Jasmine feels badly about how they left things. Jasmine tells her about Chris being open to having another child and asks how Briana is doing on that front. Briana says not so good, but she’s very late and the doctor told her she’s not pregnant. In her individual interview, Jasmine wonders if it’s a blessing in disguise, considering the other issues Briana is having.

They talk about the girls butting in to Briana’s family problems. Jasmine says she never wants Briana to think she has anything other than her best interests at heart. She says it’s hard for her to understand Briana’s viewpoint because she’s so close to her own family. Briana says they have to agree to disagree.

Terra and Jasmine go rollerblading. Terra thinks she hasn’t given Jasmine a fair shake, so she wants to get to know her better. Jasmine says one of the benefits of being a little person is that when you fall, you don’t have as far to go. They’re doing better than I ever would.

They talk about plastic surgery. Terra isn’t against it for other people, but she’s comfortable with herself as is. Jasmine tells Terra about the lunch with Briana. She says Briana seems numb to any talk of family. Terra says Briana has left their lives and Jasmine doesn’t want that to happen to her. Jasmine says she’s just going to try to be supportive.

Christy is cooking dinner while Todd plays video games. That noise would make me insane, especially if he’s doing this all day. Christy says Todd has gained a lot of weight since they got married and it’s hindering their chances of having a baby. She asks if he’ll put the joystick down and talk to her.

Christy says she knows how badly Todd wants to raise a child. He says she only brings him up in relation to having a kid, and she says it’s because he’s the one who might hinder the adoption. She says it’s affecting everything in their relationship and Todd can barely walk to the car without getting out of breath. She’s afraid he’s going to drop dead on her. I really hadn’t noticed it that much, but in taking a good look at him, he has almost doubled in size.

Christy tells Todd she really thinks he should get gastric bypass surgery, but every time she mentions it, he blows her off. He says he’s afraid of the anesthesia and that surgery is extreme. Christy says the situation is extreme, and she hopes he listens and turns the listening into action. She wants him to commit to it. He says he’ll commit to thinking about it, but has to talk to the doctors first.

He reminds her of the Hawaii retreat and how they had a similar conversation with the Kahuna. Todd thinks they need a third party as a buffer. Christy is like, if that’s what you want to do, but doesn’t sound enthusiastic. She’s not exactly down with marriage counseling.

Next week, Tonya wants Kerwin to take the next step and Briana has a sonogram.

Little Women: Atlanta

I’m irritated before this even starts because these women lack substance and have weird names.

Minnie says she’s been stressed since the altercation with Juicy about Troy. She’s out planning her birthday party and Monie is helping her. Minnie says she wants to start dating. Good luck after any man sees this show. She says she doesn’t trust men because of past experiences. She thinks her father’s absence in her life has something to do with her choices.

Monie says even though the salon gig didn’t work out, Minnie has always been supportive of her and her dreams.

The twins are furniture shopping. Their boyfriends don’t have jobs (why?), and they say it’s tough having to pay for everything. They discuss the boyfriends lack of employment and what a drag it is. They decide to lay down the law.

Minnie meets the Cheeks for lunch. She wants to apologize for being a sh*t stirrer. To her credit, she says she’s sorry for promoting the twins. Emily says she wants to give Minnie another chance, even though she doesn’t fully trust her.

Bri tells them about a “Re-bootcamp” she’d like to go to, where you work on your issues. Minnie says she could use something like that and they could all use some help. I agree, but I don’t know if a weekend retreat is going to do it.

Andrea, the twin with the child, confronts her boyfriend about having to support him and their baby. She wants to know why he hasn’t been looking for a job. He makes fun of what she does and she says it’s money and at least she’s not stripping. She says if he has a problem with it, maybe he should get a job. She tells him to go back to Texas. Seriously, I’d kick this guy’s ass out.

Andrea misses her little boy and wants to go home. Amanda suggests they just call home. They Skype or Facetime or whatever. Andrea tells her mother she’s thinking about going back to Texas. Her mother says she should give it some time. She says she’ll see if she can arrange to come and visit.

The Cheeks and Minnie go to the “Re-bootcamp.” The theme for the day is find your voice and keep your man. Sounds like a Cosmopolitan article. They each talk about the main problem in their relationships. They do one of those ridiculous exercises like on Marriage Bootcamp. Then they have to look in a mirror while Pastor Calvin verbalizes their issues. And then they talk about feelings. The ultimate goal is to raise them above their circumstances.

The twins’ parents arrive with baby Andre. The twins give Andre toys that are way above his toddler age range and I’m concerned that he’s going to choke on small parts. Their dad asks how things are going with the boyfriends. The twins say there’s a lot of arguing and there’s no talking. Their mother says if the guy doesn’t respect you, you need to move on. She says she can only give so much advice long distance. Their dad says the boyfriends should be put on a bus and I second that.

One of the main issues at the retreat is not being good enough. The girls talk about past relationships. The pastor says little might be their stature, but not their worth. They burn the papers with the issues on them. Nothing has been a huge surprise here.

The twins, their boyfriends and parents go out for dinner. Their mother isn’t happy about the guys not having jobs. She also asks the twins about their jobs twerking and asks if it’s all they do. I laugh because I’m typing something that stupid sounding. You can’t twerk forever.

When Andre takes a nap and the guys are gone, the twins’ dad asks what’s up with the jobless boyfriend thing. They tell him they feel somewhat taken advantage of. Ya think? What do these guys even do all day? One of them asks how their parents felt in finding out they were little people. Their dad tells them it was a relief to just find out they were healthy. All parties agree that their parents have been over-protective.

Monie has to tell her boyfriend she got fired. Morlen says now he’ll have to pay for household expenses and her personal stuff. She says he’s supposed to be supportive. He says she needs to get her act together. He says he’s lost his appetite and leaves the table.

The twins parents are leaving. Their mom tells them to be strong and everything will get better.

Minnie is going with Monie to her first voice-over class. Minnie tells her about the bootcamp. She feels that she’s changed and communicates better. The class reminds me of Standard American Speech in acting school.

The Cheeks are meeting Juicy for lunch. Emily thinks Juicy probably heard about Minnie’s birthday party and wants to stir things up. Emily tells her about her pregnancy and how the twins wanted her to prove she was with child.

Emily mentions Minnie’s birthday and Juicy wonders what it will take for Minnie to admit that Troy was never involved with her. Emily is under the impression that Juicy is going to crash Minnie’s party.

Minnie is the birthday queen in a tiara and sash. They’re at some bar that’s about as empty as an eighth grade dance. They do some drinking and dancing and a cake with sparklers happens, but in comes Juicy. Silence falls. She sits down like she was invited. Minnie says she was the last person she thought she’d see.

Juicy says she came to apologize since she knew Minnie couldn’t take the high road. Monie isn’t liking that and she and Juicy get into it. Monie gets up. Minnie isn’t happy about the drama on her birthday and asks Monie to stop. She doesn’t though and she and Juicy go at it again. Juicy says she’s the queen of Atlanta and Monie throws a drink in her face. Monie struts around and Minnie is twice as unhappy now.

Monie sgets in Minnie’s face and tells her she doesn’t need to always be nice. Minnie says it’s her birthday and she didn’t want drama and pettiness. Monie storms off. Minnie is beyond pissed.

Next week, the twins have a driving lesson, Minnie and Monie have a confrontation, and the Cheeks and twins have a piece of each other.

February 10, 2016 — GH & Twice the Little Women


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts and recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Nicholas and Hayden return from Vegas. Spencer has left a welcome home card saying, told you so.

Nina is looking for Maxie, but she’s at the photo shoot. Olivia, Dillon and Maxie are looking over the proofs when Julian walks in.

Tracy is checking financials to see if there’s anything to add to ELQ’s portfolio. Michael says he thought the lawsuit will be further along by now.

Carly and Sonny talk about being a team. Max interrupts them to talk to Sonny. He says another arms shipment is coming in soon. Sonny says if they do this right, they’ll shut down the gun runners and Ava.

BTW, everyone, with the exception of Nicholas and Hayden, is at the MetroCourt. Was there ever any doubt of that?

Hayden, Nicholas and Laura have a celebration toast. Laura wishes them many happy years together. Hayden thanks her and gives her a hug.

Nina, who is rocking an amazing suit, gets off the phone with Maxie and tells Nathan the shoot went well. He tells her he’s moved in with Maxie.

Maxie tells Julian that Olivia and Leo nailed their pictures. Maxie says Dillon captured the bond between mother and child. Julian is checking out the pictures and offers to bring the flash-drive to Nina. Olivia wants to go with him. I would too, but for — oh, she’s of the same mind as I am. She wants to make sure he doesn’t destroy the photos.

Alexis joins Tracy and Michael. She says Sam is doing well and Jason is with her. She says Nicholas has filed a motion to dismiss and she anticipates the judge wanting them to settle. Michael says he’s 100% sure he wants to pursue it.

Max asks Sonny if he’s ready for action. Sonny says he’s getting stronger every day and reminds Max not to tell anybody about his progress. Carly interrupts and tells Sonny he has an appointment with his new doctor.

Dillon tells Maxie that even if Julian interferes, he always keeps a back-up. She says that Nina has a solid concept, unlike the fluke of the green issue. She says they’re covering real women in all shapes and sizes, but something’s missing. Dillon says they’re great but they’re all mature.

Nina asks what happened to Nathan’s place at Kelly’s and he says he has no heat and crashed with Maxie and they decided to make it permanent. He says they started out as roommates and it’s come full circle. He says it’s a little crowded, but it seems right. Nina says she feels the same way about Franco and they even talked about having a child.

Alexis says it could be three years before they go to trial. Whoever said the wheels of justice turn slowly wasn’t just whistlin’ Dixie. Michael thinks maybe he should go to Diane because she’s not related to Julian. Alexis says he should do what he wants, but she didn’t approve of Nicholas’s actions and her loyalty is with her grandson. Tracy says that’s good enough for her. Alexis says her goal is to return ELQ to its proper owner.

When she leaves, Michael tells Tracy he still has doubts about Alexis. Tracy says she has more irons in the fire and not to worry.

Hayden gets a text from Tracy. She tells Nicholas she’s needed at the office. He tells her she’s married to the company owner, so she can blow it off. She says if she doesn’t go, she won’t be able to show off her ring. When she leaves, Nicholas thanks Laura for being nice to Hayden, but also says he thinks Laura is holding something back.

Epiphany says she has a good feeling about Sonny’s new doctor, and says they’ve certainly gone through a few of them. Griffin comes in and says he’s ready for his new patient, Michael. Epiphany says no one calls him Michael, and introduces him to Sonny, who she says is usually preceded by his reputation. Griffin is clueless about Sonny’s mob business, so Epiphany says he’s just a difficult patient. Carly asks what brought Griffin there. He says GH has a great reputation and he went to med school with Lucas who told him about the job. Carly says Lucas is her brother. Sonny asks what Griffin is going to do for him.

Laura says Hayden is a virtual stranger and Nicholas doesn’t know what secrets she’s keeping. He says Spencer adores her and Laura says he adored Brit too. So did I. Nicholas says for a wedding gift, Laura can be accepting.

Nina tells Nathan how Franco feels about having their own child and passing on his DNA. She says they discussed other options, but decided to table it for now.

Dillon suggests Maxie pose for the magazine. She objects, but he says her experience put the magazine on the stands and she has exactly what the issue needs to make it pop.

Olivia looks over the pictures with Julian. No surprise he has a criticism about nearly every photo. Olivia asks when he became her boss and asks what’s going on. She says he’s married to someone else, yet he doesn’t want anyone looking at her. At that moment, Alexis enters.

Tracy says she won’t rest until ELQ is back in the family. Michael asks what the plan is, but Tracy says only she needs to know. She sees Hayden come in and tells Michael he can go because they’re just irritating each other. He tells her to be careful and not ruin things.

After he’s gone, Hayden sits down. Tracy asks where Hayden has been and Hayden says Vegas. Tracy says Laura was right and asks if Hayden is married. Yep, she is.

Nathan says if Nina and Franco decide to have kids, the kids will be lucky. He says he knows she would be a wonderful mother, and with her influence, Franco will be a great father. Nina wonders if growing up with Madilyn has scarred her for life. Nathan says he turned out fine, although until Maxie, he didn’t think he’d ever trust anyone again.

Dillon tells Maxie to trust him and do a test shoot. He suggests they give Nina a bonus when they bring the photos back. He takes pictures of Maxie, one of which is her pointing to The Floating Rib sign. Does that place really need more advertising? He takes a lot of photos with Maxie all over the pool table. Why am I not surprised that they eat, live and work here?

Alexis seconds it that Julian is acting like a jealous boyfriend. He says nothing is going on, but he doesn’t want Leo’s mother exposing herself. Alexis says his attitude is not only sexist, but he’s making it sound like he wants to control the women in his life, of which Olivia isn’t one. He tells Alexis she’s the only woman for him.

Tracy admires the ring. She asks when Nicholas is going to fork over ELQ to Hayden. Hayden tells Tracy she had to sign a prenup.

Griffin goes over Sonny’s medical history. He asks about Sonny’s pain level and Sonny says it depends on the PT. Sonny gets cagey when Griffin asks about his progress. He says he has some sensation in his legs, but nothing major. Griffin says that’s still good news.

Carly asks Griffin when Sonny will be able to walk again. He says it’s impossible to predict recovery, but if Sonny continues with his PT, in time he’ll regain the use of his legs. He leaves to double-check something. Griffin sees Epiphany in the hallway and asks about Sonny’s progress.

Sonny wonders what Griffin went to double-check. Sonny tells Carly that just because he seems like a good guy doesn’t mean he’s a good doctor. Griffin returns.

Nina comes to the office where Olivia is still looking at the proofs. She says Julian doesn’t look too happy, but Olivia says that’s because he’s a jerk. Nina says Olivia made her job difficult because she’s so gorgeous.

Alexis says she overreacted because Julian did. They talk about the impending wedding.

Tracy asks if Hayden looked over the prenup and Hayden says she didn’t have time. Tracy says Hayden has thwarted their plan. She says working with her has been a collasal waste of time. Hayden asks Tracy to give her a little more time. Tracy says the only thing she’s accomplished so far is a quickie wedding that she’ll get nothing from when Nicholas divorces her. Hayden says she has something on Nicholas.

Laura says worrying is part of being a parent. She asks how Nicholas would feel if Spencer were in his shoes. She says he wants to make things up to Spencer and give him a mother, and that Hayden is also the only one supporting his ELQ takeover. He tells her about the prenup, but Laura doesn’t think it’s enough to protect him.

Laura says love develops over time, shared experiences and getting to know each other. She tells Nicholas not to assume anything. She says she hopes she’s wrong about Hayden and they have a long, happy life and Nicholas is loved the way he deserves to be. She leaves and Nicholas gets on the laptop and Googles Baxter.

Hayden says the same way Tracy has leverage over her, she has leverage over Nicholas. Tracy says as long as she has the nerve to use it and Hayden says it won’t be a problem. Tracy calls her “Rachel” and says she can make Hayden’s life miserable. She starts to says something about Nicholas and spaces out mid-sentence.

Dillon and Maxie look over the shots. Dillon tells Maxie how gorgeous and fabulous she is. He says she pretends to be shallow, and it diverts people from who she really is. He says the camera has captured her real woman self, just as Nathan walks in.

Nina tells Olivia that the pictures are peaceful and beautiful, and thanks her for being able to portray real women to her readers. She says the have a few real women candidates coming in today. In walks Epiphany.

Griffin wants another round of scans. Carly and Sonny says that’s fine with them. Carly gets a call about a booking conflict at the hotel and has to leave. I’ll bet there’s a lot of booking conflicts, since it’s the only place anyone ever goes. When she’s gone, Griffin tells Sonny he’s a lucky man. Sonny says Carly is his rock. Griffin says the right partner can make all the difference. Then he asks Sonny why he’s lying to Carly.

Tomorrow, Nicholas finds out more about Baxter and Hayden tells Tracy not to mention her father again.

Little Women: Atlanta

Emily and Bri decide to go horseback riding. Emily has been riding horses since she was a tot. She says everyone always tried to put her on a pony, but she’s comfortable with the big guys. Actually, jockeys aren’t that tall. I guess the main problem is the leg proportion. Emily is hoping the good vibes from the housewarming party, where she made her pregnancy announcement, carry over. She’s invited the twins to go riding with them.

Minnie and her mom are getting pedicures. Minnie’s mom suggests the foot bath is like a wading pool to her and I laugh with them. The twins join them. Minnie talks about her altercation with Juicy. The twins ask how she’s going to handle it when they see each other at the club. Minnie says as long as Juicy is cool, she’ll be cool.

They talk about Emily’s announcement. The twins have decided she must be lying and just wants attention. They want to get to the bottom of it. There are many jokes I could make here, but it’s too easy.

Bri and Emily are out shopping. Bri asks Emily what she’s going to do about boyfriend Lontel’s lack of enthusiasm for the pregnancy. Emily says eventually he’ll come around. Bri thinks Lontel should step up or Emily should ditch him. Emily doesn’t want to take advice from someone whose baby daddy is just stringing her along. Maybe I’ll actually catch his name this episode.

I’ve already come to the conclusion that these Atlanta little women are the Lifetime version of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Potomac. Both channels are slumming here. I’d like to know where the NYC little women went.

Monie’s boyfriend, Morlen, is moving in with her. She’s wondering if she can deal with him 24/7 even though she loves him. They talk about her job at the salon and Morlen asks how they’re divying up the bills. She wants him to pay everything. He says they’ll work on it until she gets her voice over career going.

The twins go to Emily’s house with a baby gift. They also want her to prove she’s pregnant. They think she’s lying, but if she is really pregnant, it means more jobs for them. Emily says she thinks she’s around 8 weeks. They ask if she’s still going to be working the clubs. Emily figures they’re trying to steal her turf. She asks if they want to go horseback riding and they’re cool with that, but when they get outside, start talking smack.

Wooda is the name of Bri’s baby daddy. More jokes abound in my head. Bri asks Wooda where the relationship is going. He thinks it’s cool as is, but knows she wants more. She says he basically can see other people, but she can’t. He claims not to like the dudes she hangs out with. Bri says she wants the family thing, and asks if he wants her to start looking around. He says he doesn’t want that, but she’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. She wants to keep them together, but he doesn’t think it really matters to son Malik whether they’re actually together or not.

Bri says if Wooda won’t commit, she’s moving on. This means going to the club. How this is different from what she normally does, I’m not sure. Minnie says she’s done with her pseudo boyfriend and is also looking for love.

Some dudes join their table. One of them has six kids. Emily says the club is filled with baby mama drama and you have to weed them out. Dude says he’s kidding. Bri says none of them is her type, but she’s trying to be open. When they leave, Andre, the guy she was dancing with, follows her out and asks for her number. He does seem kind of cute, and would probably treat her better than Shooda Cooda Wooda.

Minnie’s boss, Miss Paula, is ticked because Monie is late and the stations aren’t set up. Minnie tells Monie that Miss Paula is going to evaluate her and she needs to step it up. Monie is shocked that she has to work at work. Miss Paula asks her how she thinks she’s done as well as productivity goes. She says today is the only day she wasn’t on point. Miss Paula asks what she’s passionate about. When Monie tells her, “voice overs,” Miss Paula says she’s in the wrong profession, and if she doesn’t want to be a stylist, she shouldn’t be there. Monie grumbles and Miss Paula says she can leave the salon now. Minnie is pretty embarrassed, although I’m wondering what she told Miss Paula to get Monie the job, since she knew this wasn’t Monie’s career choice.

Minnie tells Monie she needs to take her job seriously. Monie says nobody is going to tell her what to do. That would cancel out most jobs then. Minnie asks why she bothered doing her this favor and Monie says she was trying to prove to Morlen that she could hold down a job. Congrats on making it for a whole week.

Minnie drives the twins to an interview at a club. They talk smack about the Cheeks. Minnie says they work there sometimes, and the twins say that once they horn in, the Cheeks won’t be working as much. I might have to take a shower after this episode.

Club Bugaloo is apparently the hottest club in Atlanta. I’ll take their word for it. The manager tells them the Cheeks work there already, so why should she hire the twins? They say because they’re better. Very eloquent. They climb on to the bar via some swings (I hope this club has insurance) and do some twerking. The manager says she’ll talk to the owner and get back to them.

Bri is getting ready for a date with Andre. She says Wooda acts like he doesn’t care if she goes out, but he does, and since he claims he’s just there for their son, he can stay home and take care of him. Word!

Bri meets Andre. Bri says this is the first date in a while for her and she’s hoping Andre doesn’t just have a fetish. She explains her deal with Wooda. She says she lost her father when she was young and she’s searching for guys to give her what she lost. Pretty astute, although she does seem like the smartest of the bunch.

She and Andre go to a carnival or small amusement park or something. They talk relationships and he’s no dummy for a young guy. Bri says she needs to work on herself before opening up to anyone else. Andre says they should just play it by ear. I think she should go on another date with him.

At the stables, Bri tells Emily about Andre. Emily says no baby mama drama is a plus, but she doesn’t think Bri seems ready yet. Emily tells Bri about the twins selling themselves at Bugaloo and how they were trash talking the Cheeks.

Minnie and the twins show up and the twins are somewhat intimidated by the size of the horses. The way they agreed so readily to riding, I figured they’d gone before. It’s sort of like a pony ride for them and Minnie; a guy leads the horses around a ring with them in the saddles.

Emily is riding like a boss. Of course this leads the twins to thinking she’s not pregnant again. Because you can’t do anything normal when you’re pregnant. I don’t think these two have a lot going on in the smarts department.

After the riding lesson, the girls have a picnic. The twins announce their hiring at Bugaloo. Emily says the promoter called and told her about the twins’ remarks. The twins say the Cheeks do the same thing and Emily says ain’t nobody got time for that. She asks how they found the club and they tell her through Minnie. Emily asks why, out of the billions of clubs, do they have to work at the same place?

This leads the twins to thinking Emily isn’t pregnant again because they can only retain one thought between them. One of them pulls a pregnancy test out of her purse and one of them goes to the porta-potty with Emily. Yep, she’s pregnant, you two idiots. Emily says her doctor cleared her for riding and asks if there are any other questions.

Next week, the twins grow tired of their living arrangements with their boyfriends, the girls go on some kind of retreat, and Monie throws a drink in Juicy’s face.

Little Women: LA

Tonya and Terra are bathing their dogs. Terra tells Tonya about the effort to get Briana back with her family. Terra thinks Briana is being controlled by Matt and has lost her family because of him. Tonya is concerned, but says you can’t help someone who doesn’t want help.

Briana has been married to Matt for 7 months now, and says they’re a tight family along with her daughter, Leiana. Briana says she was blindsided by Terra and Christy confronting her at Elena’s launch party. Matt tells her that he could care less about her family after the things they’ve said about him. Matt says they’ll never get an apology from him, but he wants to know what she wants to do. Briana says she doesn’t feel the need to deal with them after what’s been said.

Jasmine approaches her dad about giving Chris a job. Her dad came from Mexico when he was a teenager and built his own business. He tells Jasmine he loves her and not to worry; Chris can work there on the weekends. He seems like a straight-up guy.

Aww, Terra’s cat, Zeus, disappeared. She’s making lost cat flyers with Christy. She also wants to go over the Briana thing. She thought Matt was being over-dramatic and is concerned about Matt not wanting his future child to see her grandparents. Neither one of them trust Matt. Christy says Briana is a different person and looks unhappy. Terra wants to ask Jasmine for advice, since she’s closer to Briana. Christy suggests doing something fun like apple picking.

Tonya is Facetiming with her daughter’s father, Kerwin. They’ve been in an on and off again relationship for years, but she’s been the one who didn’t want commitment. She’s ready to settle down now and asks if there’s a future for them. He says he has a girlfriend and asks about her boyfriend. She says they’re just friends now. She doesn’t want to break up the friendship between her and her ex, but she wants Kerwin to drop his girlfriend completely. Kerwin says they have to talk in person and he’s willing to come out to see her.

Jasmine is making dinner and asks Chris if he’s had any calls from the railroad. He has, but they’re all out of state. She tells him about her dad’s offer of a job. Chris says he doesn’t know how he feels about it. Jasmine says right now he should at least give the restaurant a shot, since she doesn’t really want to move. Chris says he’s willing to check it out.

Tonya is doing target practice with a rifle. Terra is with her and the gun is as big as she is. Bigger actually. The guy brings her something smaller, but it still looks pretty big to me. Terra says she could see it going south as a group event and it’s good they’re going apple picking instead tomorrow.

Tonya tells Terra about Kerwin coming. Terra is concerned it’s just a rebound. Tonya says Kerwin loves her for her and that’s what she wants.

Preston brings red roses home to Elena. She says he’s always been supportive of her ideas. Elena tells him about not being invited to Jasmine’s party and the following confrontation. Elena says she doesn’t trust Jasmine anymore and didn’t invite her to the makeup launch party.

Elena brings up starting a family. Preston asks if she’s ready. She says she’s ready for a baby with her baby, and Preston kisses her. Lots of romantic stuff.

Jasmine needs to organize her closet, so she invites Briana over to see if she wants anything. She also wants the skinny on Elena’s party. Briana says no one talked about Jasmine, but tells her about how Christy and Terra approached her about mending fences with her family. Jasmine says she can’t imagine life without her family and hopes Briana can get back together with hers. Briana says they have two different families. She says hers tossed her out of the house because she was with Matt and have said awful things.

Jasmine says Briana needs a friend to support her right now. Briana says the other girls are judging her and they don’t know her family.

Christy’s parents have just moved in with them and they’re looking for a house with more space. She says it has to be a house that’s little people friendly, but it also has to please her mom. She doesn’t want to hear complaints for the rest of her life. The first house has a lot of stairs and Todd points out that it will be hard to carry a baby up and down. Christy thinks his real concern is his weight though, as she noticed he had a tough time navigating the steps.

On to apple picking! Tonya said her people picked cotton way back when, so she’s switching roles this time around. Ha-ha! Jasmine asks about Elena’s event. Christy talks about approaching Briana and how Matt seemed to be controlling the situation. Tonya says a man shouldn’t put a wedge between her and the family. Jasmine says Briana has been telling her that Matt did want to get them together. Jasmine is concerned about Matt not wanting Briana’s parents to see their future grandchild.

Terra arrives and says Elena can’t make it. Jasmine asks if it has to do with her and Terra says no, but Jasmine isn’t too sure. Briana arrives and Jasmine says it’s from one awkward situation to the next.

The apple lady says the trees are over 100 years old and gives them poles to pick the apples with. Briana says it looks easier than she thought, but it’s not. The poles are really long and probably difficult for an average sized person to maneuver.

There are some donkeys and miniature horses in a pen, and Terra and Jasmine check them out. Terra takes the opportunity to tell Jasmine how she should approach Briana with caution in regard to Matt. Jasmine says she probably has a softer way of dealing with things, but she wants to find out if Matt really said what Terra told her.

After the picking comes the drinking. Terra tells Briana she doesn’t want to pressure her or get in her business, but wants her to consider meeting with her parents. Christy says Matt is the one who doesn’t want to meet with them. Briana says it’s the way her family is going about it that he doesn’t like.

Jasmine tells Briana she’s sorry about what she’s gone through, but maybe Briana should meet with her parents without Matt. Tonya is tired of the pussyfooting around and tells Briana this wasn’t a problem before Matt and she shouldn’t allow a man to put a wedge between her and her family. Briana says that her parents think nothing is ever good enough and the girls say that’s just the way parents are.

Tonya says Matt was dead wrong to say her parents can’t see their future grandchild. She says no man should be allowed that option. She tells Briana Matt has total control over her. Briana says she’s never seen Tonya so upset. Tonya says Briana’s family was there for her before Matt was ever in the picture.

Terra says she knows Briana has a new family now, but she also has her roots. Tonya asks if Briana is going to see her family and Briana says she’ll think about it. Tonya says everyone has said their piece so, moving on.

They don’t want us to know what’s going to happen next week. I wonder if it’s that bad.

February 3, 2016 — GH & Lotsa Little Women


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Scotty shows up to Franco’s with cheesesteaks. I love these two together! Scotty says since Franco hasn’t caused any problems or been arrested lately, it’s cause for celebration. Franco says he does’t feel like celebratig bcause of Jake. Scotty congratulates him on caring about a kid rather than abducting one. Ha-ha! Nina comes home.

Kiki asks if Ava had a miracle cure and says avery is fine. ava says she didnt ask how she is but where she is. Kiki says she’s with her father.

Sonny is playing with Avery, who looks pretty darn big all of a sudden. Carly comes in and asks if Ava knows Avery is there. Sonny says what Ava doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

Laura is calling Nicholas. She gets voicemail and says she hopes he’s not doig what she thinks he’s doing. Tracy is eavesdropping with a huge smile.

Hayden and Nicholas are in Las Vegas at the Camelot Chapel. They’re going to be the 45,678th wedding there and they’re wearing crowns designed after the Burger King crown. Nicholas says Hayden needs to agree to something before they get married.

Scotty leaves. Nina and Franco are going to have “crazy mind-blowing sex.” Nina says she wishes she could get pregnant.

Carly asks Sonny what he’s going to do when Ava finds out because she will. He says he has a list of things, whatever that means.

Ava asks Kiki if this is a joke. Morgan says it’s no joke and the only reason Ava has custody is because Ava tricked Sonny into threatening her. Kiki asks why Ava faked being sick. Ava asks why Kiki deliberately defied her. Kiki says Sonny is Avery’s father and she needs him, like she needed a father growing up. Ava leaves. Morgan tells Kiki not to worry. Kiki says she likes him so chill and he says its probably the meds.

Laura tells Nicholas to call when he gets the message and not to do anything rash. Tracy comes in looking for Hayden. Laura says she doesn’t know where Hayden is, but if Tracy finds her, she can keep her. Ha-ha! Tracy says Hayden is doing some financial work for her. Laura says she knew Nicholas gave Hayden a job at ELQ, but she didn’t think Hayden actually did anything. Tracy says Hayden is probably full of a lot of surprises.

Arthur, “the wedding purposer,” whose wearing a jester outfit, shows up to give Hayden and Nicholas a ten minute warning. Nicholas apologizes to Hayden that he didn’t talk to her sooner, and gives her a prenup.

Nina says she’d like to have a baby with Franco and says they should try anyway. He says they’ve never really discussed it. Nina says they’re a team and they love each other, and they should consider the possibility of being parents or at least try.

Carly tells Sonny he’s violating the custody agreement. Morgan texts Sonny with a heads up. Carly says I told you so and Sonny says she lives to say that to him. The doorbells rings.

Ava is there in the clutches of one of Sonny’s lackeys. Carly says they’re expecting her. Ava says she’s taking Avery and the only time Sonny will see her from now on is in photos. Sonny tells her not to touch his daughter.

Nicholas says Hayden will get 5 million if the marriage ends. She says, is that all? He says he thinks it’s fair and she says she was kidding. she says is that all he say it fair she was kididng He says nothing kills romance liek legalities. He says he trusts her but his legal team suggested the prenup.

Tracy asks Laura if she seriously thinks Hayden and Nicholas are getting married. Laura says she advised him against it, and now a lying back-stabbing little con-artist is out to take advantage of her son.

Hayden signs the prenup and they’re ready to go in. Arthur tells Hayden to come with him.

Franco is balking at being a parent. Nina tells him he’s almost a parent to Kiki and it would be great to have a child of their own. Franco says let’s stop for a second. Nina asks him if he wants to have a child with her and he says no.

Kiki and Morgan are having coffee outside. All of a sudden, Kiki has a weird look on her face. Morgan asks what’s wrong and she says the more she thinks about her mother, the more she doesn’t trust her.

Sonny says he thought Ava had the flu and she says she’s feeling better. Sonny tells her Avery will be safer with him. Ava asks what he’s talking about and he tells her not to be coy. Ava asks Carly if she talked Kiki into this and Carly says Kiki did it on her own. Ava says she’s glad because now Sonny is going to get even less time. Sonny says parental fitness is in the eye of the beholder. Ava takes Avery and leaves. Carly tells Sonny that Ava is probably calling her lawyer right now. Sonny says let her try; he knows what he’s doing. Sure enough, Ava calls her lawyer as soon as she gets outside.

Franco says he doesn’t want to pass his genes to a child, that the child will become a ticking time bomb. Nina says Franco isn’t who he used to be and he does well with Kiki. Franco tells her about working with Jake and that when he looks at him, he sees something he recognizes. He sees an angry, confused, troubled kid and he can’t imagine bringing a child into the world, looking into its eyes and seeing himself.

Tracy says Nicholas stole ELQ and is now marrying a con-artist, and it must be karma. Laura says she loves Nicholas, but doesn’t love his recent decisions. Tracy asks if she thinks he really loves Hayden and Laura says yes.

Hayden comes out carrying a beautiful bouquet, and is in a gorgeous white dress with black flowers that fits her perfectly. Good job, Arthur! Nicholas tells her that she takes his breath away. He gives her an amazing engagement ring with a huge round cubic zirconia diamond. She says she doesn’t know what to say, and he says the next thing she has to say is “I do.”

Ava meets Scotty at the bar. She tells him about how Kiki dropped Avery off with Sonny. Hmm…Avery is talking now? Scotty asks if Kiki was coerced. She says Kiki did it on her own out of a skewed sense of fairness and she wants Sonny’s visitation obliterated. Scotty tells her that if she pushes it, it will backfire.

Kiki tells Morgan this is a date, not a support group, so she’s dropping the subject of her mother. He tells her she looks cold and gets close to put his scarf on her.

Scotty asks Ava if Kiki was upset that she was called in to babysit under false pretenses. Ava reminds him of attorney/client privilege, and tells him she’s being forced into some business she doesn’t want to do. She says she can’t allow herself to be incriminated. Scotty tells her she should just lay low and should perhaps give Avery to Sonny until everything blows over. Ava says over her dead body. Scotty says let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Carly says she saw how Sonny was looking at Ava and that he’s being very calm. She asks what he has on Ava.

Laura says Nicholas has a very romantic view of love and she knows that Hayden is going to end up hurting him. Tracy says believe it or not, she and Laura have a lot more in common than Luke. Tracy starts yawning and says she’s going home to catch up on some sleep. She asks Laura to tell Hayden she was looking for her.

Justice of the Peace Windsor, comes out in full king regalia. Nicholas offers him $500 for a few extra minutes. He has some vows he wants to read. Hayden says she didn’t prepare anything and he says she didn’t have to. They exchange rings and Windsor marries them at lightening speed. They kiss, confetti is thrown and Windsor is on to the next couple.

Nina tells Franco that she knows he’s not a bad person and neither is she. She says they make each other better and what he did had to do with the brain tumor. He says he’s not ready to make a baby with her. Nina says they can adopt. Franco says that conversation is going to take longer than the time they have, and they’ll talk about it later.

Kiki and Morgan kiss.

Ava tells Avery that Kiki can be a pain in the behind, but she loves her. Avery says, “Purple!” Ava says she’s going to make sure Sonny never harms her.

Sonny tells Carly about Ava doing some business that’s not gallery business. Carly says as long as he knows what he’s doing. Sonny says if the court won’t help, he has other means.

Scotty shows up at Nicholas’s castle. He tells Laura he wants to give her something. He has an invitation from Helena. Laura says she’s dead and I get excited for a second. Scotty says it’s an invite to the reading of the will.

Nicholas and Hayden are all lovey-dovey. Nicolas says he has to go pay Windsor and he leaves. Someone we don’t see says, “Rachel?” to Hayden.

Tomorrow, Lulu tells Dillon they can’t go on like this and Sam is found.

Little Women: Atlanta

Emily tells Bri and her boo about her pregnancy and how her boyfriend, Lontel, couldn’t have cared less. He sounds like a real charmer. Bri’s baby daddy isn’t supportive of Emily’s relationship and says she brought it on herself. What’s up with that guy’s eyebrows?

Minnie is doing Monie’s hair. Minnie says her boyfriend hasn’t been answering her texts. Monie is thinking about a career change as a voice over artist and has quit her office job. Her boyfriend will have to support her in the meantime and she’s hesitant to approach him about it. Minnie offers her a job at the salon, doing shampooing and such.

The twins brought their boyfriends along in the move. They’re the breadwinners and the boyfriends are househusbands. Minnie comes over. She says she didn’t have kids, so she “adopted” the twins. Minnie suggests a housewarming party, but they don’t know what that is, so she has to explain. How stupid and/or sheltered are they? Minnie asks if they’ll invite Bri and Emily. She says Atlanta is really a small town, so if they don’t, word will get out, so they agree.

Emily is going to her first prenatal appointment and Bri is along for support. Dr. Rogers asks her about the previous baby she had. The doctor seems to have a good knowledge of little people. They do an ultrasound. Emily would prefer to have a little baby because they’re cuter and easier to handle, but she says she also knows the health risks.

Dr. Rogers says the baby’s heart rate is normal and shows them the baby on the sono screen. Emily feels badly because Lontel isn’t there when she’s seeing the baby for the first time, and doesn’t know what the future will hold. She’s tired of his behavior and says he’d better show up for the next appointment. Or what? She’s already kicked him out.

Minnie and Bri go shopping for a housewarming gift. Minnie talks about their spa day and how it backfired, although I thought it went pretty well. We flash back to the Cheeks (Bri and Emily) telling her they’d heard she’s not really dating Troy. She says Troy has been MIA and she’s moving on.

Monie tells her boyfriend, Morlin (these all sound like names from Harry Potter), that she quit her job. He’s upset she didn’t confer with him first. She says she has a job at the salon. Morlin gets annoyed, but Monie says it’s not like she’ll be sitting on the couch eating bon-bons. Morlin says she should have come to him first, and says he doesn’t know if their relationship should continue.

Emily’s daughter, Ava, and her father are coming to visit. Ava hadn’t moved with her because she’s still in school. It’s obvious her father doesn’t like Lontel. Emily says at least he’s got a job and kept it. Wow. What an accomplishment. Her dad says he doesn’t think Lontel is ready for kids and it’s hard for a single mother. Emily still thinks it will work out.

It’s Monie’s first day at the salon. She tells Minnie about Morlin’s reaction to her quitting her job. Minnie says she’ll be fine. Minnie says having her at the salon will distract her from her problems with Troy. Minnie tells her how to prep the customer and Monie isn’t thrilled. She hands Monie a broom and she’s not thrilled with that either. Monie says she wasn’t expecting this labor. Geez. Did she expect to be eating bon-bons there?

Emily and Bri are exercising and Bri brings up the housewarming party. Bri thinks they can be friends again, but Emily thinks not. Bri asks if Emily is going to tell them about the pregnancy. Emily says she has no choice. They’ll know sooner or later anyway. Emily brings up Minnie’s relationship with Troy and asks Bri if she thinks it’s a real thing. They both think it’s sketchy.

Morlin tells Monie he wants to talk to her and apologizes for being so against her decision. He thinks it would be a good idea if he moved in. Monie is hesitant, but he says it will be easier for him to cover things with her career change. Otherwise, he has two households to take care of. She says she finds compromise difficult. He says he’s there all the time anyway. Monie says there will be rules and Morlin says they’ll adjust.

The twins are getting ready for their party. Monie and Minnie arrive first. In her individual interview, Emily hopes everyone is on their best behavior. She says she’s got enough drama with Lontel. Everyone immediately wonders why she’s not drinking. Minnie says she and Troy are going their separate ways. In her interview, Emily thinks it’s perfect timing since Juicy just exposed that she didn’t have a real relationship with him. Minnie asks if Bri is going to bring Juicy into their circle. Minnie says she’s a treachorous bitch. Emily says that Juicy practically runs the Atlanta social scene, so Minnie needs to back off.

In her interview, Minnie says she used to be friends with Juicy until she started spreading rumors that she wasn’t really dating Troy. She says the Cheeks claim they’re just doig business with her, but she thinks there’s more going on. Bri and Emily go outside for air. Bri asks Emily when she’s going to tell everyone about the pending baby.

Emily goes back in and says if she’s had an attitude problem lately, it’s probably because she’s pregnant. In their interview, one of the twins says she’s always been a bitch. Minnie says she’s going to leave the cheeks out of her beef with Juicy. Everyone is very supportive, which surprises Emily.

Monie and Minnie get together. Monie says she knows Minnie is putting on a brave face, but she’s bummed out about Troy. Minnie says she feels betrayed, and she had to cut things off with him because he wasn’t giving her the respect she deserves. Minnie wants to meet with Juicy to nip the rumors in the bud. She says she was sad about it at first, but now she’s pissed. Monie wonders why Juicy would make stuff up and says something must have triggered it.

Monie drops Minnie off to meet Juicy at some kind of restaurant. She tells her to keep it gangster. Minnie tells Monie about what the Cheeks said. Juicy says she explained to them how things had changed, that she discovered Minnie was a liar and using her. She says that Minnie wants to be her. In her interview, Minnie says that’s a laugh because Juicy looks like somebody’s grandma. Yeah, somebody’s grandma with magenta hair. Juicy says Minnie went from calling her every day to disappearing totally. Juicy says she knows Troy isn’t Minnie’s boyfriend and she’s just being a stalker. Minnie says she can’t be a stalker when she’s invited. Minnie walks out.

Minnie tells Monie what happened and says Juicy is just jealous. Say that three times real fast. They say screw Juicy and decide to go for drinks.

Next time, the twins don’t think Emily is pregnant and start rumors.

Little Women LA

Elena is getting her tattoos removed and Terra is tagging along. The technician says it’s not a lengthy procedure, but it takes a long time to achieve the end result. Like three years. Elena is having a preview party for her palette and hasn’t invited Jasmine. Terra says since Elena doesn’t have any kids, she didn’t think Elena would react so badly about not being invited to Jasmine’s mom party.

Briana is in the park with Matt. They talk about how Christy fought below the belt when they were at the couples retreat. Briana knows she has to see her since they travel in the same friend circle. Briana wants to plan a proper wedding. She tells Matt all he has to do is show up looking good.

Jasmine treats Tonya to a spa day. Tonya wants her and Elena to get along because she’s friends with both of them. She asks if Jasmine got an invite to Elena’s preview party. That’s a no. Jasmine says that Elena will have to get used to competition in the beauty world and Elena thinks Jasmine is encroaching on her territory because she wants to do an eyelash line. Tonya says once she had a baby, all the superficial baloney faded away. Jasmine says she was made fun of growing up because she was a little person and also something about her hair, which looks okay to me. I guess it’s thin, but no more than mine.

Terra meets Christy for lunch. Terra asks Christy about Briana and says Briana’s sister wanted to talk to her, so she’s invited her to lunch too. Christy doesn’t really want to get involved which is why Terra didn’t tell her beforehand. Terra thinks Christy should hear what Briana’s family has to say.

Briana’s sister Tiana arrives. She tells them she’s met Matt, but her parents haven’t. She thinks he’s a sociopath. Terra calls him Sociomatt. Ha-ha! Tiana says that if Briana hid her marriage for so long, she must be protecting Matt. Terra talks about their own investigation and finding out Matt had domestic violence charges under his belt. Speaking of belting, Tiana tells them that Briana said she didn’t understand why a man couldn’t hit a woman. Christy tells them she was in an abusive relationship and this is making her relive it. Christy feels the need to step in so Briana doesn’t go through what she did.

Terra asks what the family wants to do. Tiana says they want an apology before moving forward. Terra hopes with Christy’s help they can get Briana back with her family. She says she’ll talk to Briana.

The furniture store that Jasmine’s husband, Chris, owned closed and Jasmine has had the full breadwinner pressure. Chris passes a test to be a railroad engineer. He says they’re going to be furloughed, which means he does temp work somewhere else while he waits for a job in the area. The thought of moving to another state is devestating to Jasmine, who also wants another baby. Chris doesn’t want to not be able to afford anything, and wants to wait.

Todd and Christy are going to an adoption agency. They’ve always wanted to adopt even if they had a natural child. They’re doing foster to adoption rather than independent adoption, since someone might reject them for being little people. Their case worker, Jennifer, says they’ll do a home inspection first.

Todd asks if they’re being little people will be a hindrance. Jennifer says if the doctor determines there are limitations, they take it into consideration. She says the most important thing is that they’re safe, stable and loving parents. Jennifer leaves them alone to talk. Christy says this is their last chance to have a family and the last year has been heartbreaking. Todd asks Christy if she has any fears and she’s concerned about his weight and how that might interfere with him caring properly for a baby.

Joe and Terra are house hunting. She says that being little people makes it difficult to maneuver around in a house and it has to be modified. The view in this one is fabulous, but Terra is unhappy with the size. She wants more kids, so the house isn’t big enough. Joe says they should stay put until they get their loan situation together. Terra says that means putting a baby on hold. Joe says she’s correct, and he’s buying condoms tonight. Terra isn’t too happy about having to put off having more kids.

Christy and her mother are out shopping. Christy is also looking for a bigger place because her parents are moving in. Christy tells her mom about the meeting with Tiana. She talks about how Briana has changed and everything points to an abusive relationship. Christy is planning on approaching Briana at Elena’s party.

The palette party is being held in a makeup store. Terra and Christy tell Tonya and Elena about the lunch meeting. Christy’s idea is to throw Briana the reception she wants and invite her family. Tonya says Briana is grown and should take care of her own business, and goes off to get a drink.

Terra is nervous about approaching Briana, and there she is! Terra wants to get it over with asap. Elena thanks everyone for coming and says her palette is very her, a compact girl on the go. Elena is very proud of herelf and she should be. Elena does Briana’s makeup while the other girls talk about Christy’s parents moving in.

Terra and Christy ask to talk to Briana. Terra says she doesn’t want to poke the hornet’s nest again, but if they don’t do it now and Briana finds out elsewhere, she’ll be even more mad. Matt sudeenly appears like a stalker. Christy tells them that Tiana wants to get together with them. Briana asks why her sister didn’t approach her directly. Christy says she tried. Terra asks Matt if he wants to be accepted by Briana’s family. He says that he already has a family and they accepted Briana. He says he’s never seen such evil as Briana’s family has against them and it literally makes him sick. Then he throws up. Not really.

Christy says there are two sides to every story. Terra says it’s still family and their future child’s grandparents. Matt says they’ll never see their grandchild. Terra says she’s screaming inside. Matt says Briana’s family has called her a fetish. In her interview, Briana says it’s like her family thinks she can’t get anyone else. Matt says they’ve gotten texts in the middle of the night for hours, disparaging them. Terra says she tried to do the best thing, but it seems like it’s all for nothing.

Matt says they wanted to meet with Briana’s parents, but they didn’t want anything to do with them. In her interview, Christy says they should have had this conversation without Matt and I agree. Briana claims she’s tried to meet her parents halfway, but she’s throwing in the towel now.

Next time, Chris can only find out-of-state work and Briana feels ganged up on.