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June 15, 2016 – GH & Twice the NYC


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Dante tells Jordan she needs some balance in her life and to get over to the bar. Dante makes nice with Curtis, and thanks him for including them in whatever this is. Oh, okay, it’s a surprise for Valerie. A congrats party for the PCPD graduates that Curtis has set up.

Andre wants Anna to know where he stands with her personally. Anna says the man who’s responsible for killing Duke is wandering around free and she’s been cut out of the loop. She says she put her neck on the line for Jordan way back when, but she’s not returning the favor. Andre says Jordan cares about her, but thinks she has a blind spot when it comes to Julian. Anna says she’s given Jordan a chance to redeem herself, but she’s not returning the favor. She thanks Andre for what he said on in court, but tells him if he doesn’t leave now, she’s going to unload on him. He tells her about the argument he had with Jordan and says it’s true, he has feelings for her. Oh no, not this “feelings for” business again.

Carly gives Sonny the skinny on what happened at the wedding. Sonny is glad things are catching up with Julian. Carly left before the good part though.

The hospital is drug testing and interviewing everyone with access to the drug dispensary. When Franco is done with the interview, he says if he was going to murder Lucas, it would be more original. Obrecht drags him off by the ear. Obrecht tells Franco that he’s always the first suspect for everything because of his criminal history and she’s the only one who has his back.

Monica asks Finn to do the drug test, but he says it’s not going to happen. Monica says she expects full cooperation from everyone. Finn says he’s a private citizen nd he’s not peeing in a cup to prove he’s not a drug addict.

Sonny has found information about an employee who moved out of town after Jocelyn’s kidney transplant, and asks Carly if she wants him to find her. Carly says it might open up a real can of worms, and he says it’s up to her. He says she might not like the answers she finds though.

Curtis says it’s high time Valerie, Dante and Lulu put the past behind them. Valerie says it’s past time.

Carly says if they find the kidney donor, they’ll be able to get a health background and know possible side effects; on the other hand, they could find out something ugly. Sonny says if he was in Carly’s position, he’d want to find out, but if it’s something bad, he’d keep it to himself. He says whatever she wants to do, he’s 100% behind her, and that it’s not like she went to the black market for a donor, so she shouldn’t take on guilt she doesn’t deserve.

An intern tells Elizabeth and Felix that Finn is all they’re interested in talking about. Elizabeth is next. Felix tells Finn that if they ask, he’ll have to tell them the truth.

Franco thanks Obrecht for her faith in him. She says she’d love to see his latest works. He says no one seems to like them, but she says she has a deep appreciation for genius. He says if she likes something, it’s hers. Monica comes by and Obrecht says Finn hasn’t checked in for his test. Monica says she’s on it. Obrecht tells Franco she has a special duty to attend to.

Andre says he’s attracted to Anna and they have a connection he’s tried to avoid. He says the more time he spends with her, the more time he wants to spend with her. He says it was completely unexpected and it won’t do either of them any good. He says going forward, he doesn’t want anything from her ever again. I have no clue what he’s babbling about.

Lulu congratulates Valerie and says it’s time the Spencers started being a family again. Dante’s phone rings. It’s the realtor. Curtis tells Valerie that she handled things nicely.

Sonny approaches Jordan at the bar. He wonders how long before Julian is charged, but she says she can’t talk to him about pending cases. Dante tells Sonny they lost their bid on the house they wanted. Curtis tells Jordan he’s glad she made it. She thanks him for throwing the party together. He says he’s made mistakes, but he’s not all bad.

Felix says Finn asked him for a muscle relaxant and he’ll have to tell them. Finn says to just tell the truth.

Carly enters and tells Elizabeth she has to talk to her about Jake.

Andre goes through the history of his and Anna’s relationship. He says he never intended to say anything about his romantic feelings for her, but they’re not going away. He says he can see a future with Jordan if he doesn’t blow it. He says feelings can’t be controlled, but actions can. Anna asks if their friendship is over and he says it has to be.

Jordan makes a toast, welcoming the new cadets. She says since they’re the first ones graduating under her watch, they hold a special place in her heart, and welcomes them to the fight for justice. She gives a special shout out to Valerie for getting past her roadblocks and being in the top 10% of her class.

Franco says he works with Jake, but Carly says Jason doesn’t want him in Jake’s life. Franco steps away and Carly talks to Elizabeth about wanting to know who the donor kidney belonged to. She asks if Elizabeth wants to know what she finds.

Monica tells Finn if he doesn’t submit to the drug test, she can’t protect him. He says there’s no way he’s taking it.

Obrecht sees there’s no one in the locker room and acts all sneaky around one of the lockers.

Lulu and Dante talk to Sonny about the disappointment of losing the house. He says they’ll get a house soon and I’m wondering if he bought the house for them. Sonny goes outside and calls someone. He says there’s something he needs done.

Curtis has a surprise for Valerie. He takes her aside.

Anna says she’s been dumped before, but this is a fresh take. Ha-ha! He says he just wanted to do the right thing. She says it doesn’t feel right and asks why they can’t be friends with boundaries. He says she’s strong enough for that, but he isn’t. She says she valued their friendship a lot. He says he did too, and leaves. Wow. What a noble dude. My hat’s off to him.

Monica asks why Finn refuses to clear his name. He says he’s not obligated to prove his innocence in this country. Obrecht enters and asks to talk to Monica. She tells Finn to stay where he is.

Elizabeth says she’d like to know what Carly finds out and maybe it will shed light on what happened to Jake. Carly tells her to be careful of Franco. She leaves and Elizabeth asks Franco if he was eavesdropping and he says yes. He says Carly wants them both to be miserable and maybe he deserves it, but she doesn’t. In regard to the kidney transplant, he says sometimes it’s better to be left in the dark.

Carly tells Finn she’s gotten some information about the kidney donor. As she gets in the elevator, she asks if he’s going down and he says yes, if Obrecht gets her way, leaving Carly puzzled. Monica tells Finn she’s got some disturbing news.

Carly calls Jax and leaves a message. Sonny says it sounds like she made a decision. She says she did and also talked to Elizabeth. Sonny says he’ll get his people on finding the employee, but it might take some time. Carly goes upstairs.

Curtis gives Valerie a good luck fifty cent piece with a dent in it. He says it saved his life once and he wants her to have it. He tells her about how he took a bullet and the coin in his pocket stopped it. She says if the story’s true, it’s amazing, but if it’s not, it’s a good one. He asks if she has plans for tonight. She says yes, and kisses him.

Dante gets a call. It’s the realtor. The other buyer pulled out of the deal. What did Sonny do?

Sonny tells Diane nice work. It sounds like he paid off the other buyer.

Anna gets a message on the dating site. Stan wants to buy her dinner. She thinks maybe she should ask Griff for an introduction to a convent.

Andre goes to Jordan’s office, where she lives now. He tells her he loves her.

Monica unwraps Finn’s syringe and says it was found in his locker

Tomorrow, Hayden asks Curtis for help, Finn says he nothing wrong, and Ava asks Nicholas why he wants to play dead.

Little Women NY

Katie is getting ready to have her baby. She wasn’t supposed to deliver for another week, but got stressed out from Lila and Dawn’s badgering. Lila feels badly about it, but claims they were just concerned and somehow shifts the blame to Katie’s mother, Kathie, telling them too much.

Lila tells Jason about what happened with their “concern.” Dawn brings up that PJ is living off of Katie’s mother. In her interview, Jazmin says she gets where they’re coming from, but it’s really none of their business (thank you).

Jazmin calls Jess who fills her in from the hospital. We see baby Kinzley, who is very cute with her little girly hat and was 6 pounds plus. So much for low birth weight concern. Jess tells them she went into labor after the argument at the laundromat, but Dawn insists the argument had nothing to do with it. Kinzley also has extra fingers, which Jazmin hopes isn’t attributed to Katie’s smoking. Please, please, just stop now.

Jess asks if Katie and PJ have decided what they’re doing with their living situation. In her interview, Jess says she’ll always be there for them, but they can’t all stay in the same apartment forever. Since there’s no answer to the question, she says she’ll have to come back to it later.

Kathie wants to make plans for everyone to see the baby. Katie says Jazmin and Jason are cool, but nixes Dawn and Lila. She says they’re the last people she wants to see and she doesn’t want them near Kinzley. Kathie suggests she be the bigger person, no pun intended. In her interview, Katie says her mother is delusional, but she’ll do it for Kinzley’s sake. I’m annoyed that she’s backing down on this. You can’t be friends with everybody and if someone is causing you stress, no reason to be around them.

Jazmin video chats with husband David. She feels defeated since she isn’t getting any gigs from her auditions. She misses David and wishes she could share her days with him.

Lila and Jazmin sit in the park. Dawn is joining them for lunch. She’s met a new guy who’s also a little person. She’s been texting David, but they haven’t discussed the humongous fight they had. Dawn asks Jazmin if she’s told David that Lila is bringing random men home and it’s bothering her. Jazmin tells Dawn that she doesn’t live with them, it’s between her and Lila, and she should mind her own business. Lila tells her she’s slut-shaming and Dawn says Lila did it to herself by telling them about her fun night. In her interview, Lila says she’s a single woman in NYC, availing herself of its resources, and maybe Dawn should give it a try. Seriously, it’s kind of sad that Lila can’t gossip about her date with her girlfriends without being judged. No sex in the little city here. When Dawn won’t let up, Lila says she’s had enough, and she and Jazmin leave Dawn sitting by herself.

Katie loves being a new mom, but could use some rest. The second Jess comes in, she gets handed the baby. One of the spare fingers falls off (this is normal) when Jess is changing her and Jess nearly freaks out. Kathie wants to keep it, like a first baby tooth or lock of hair, and Jess says she’s like Hannibal Lecter or something. As soon as Katie is up, Jess gives her the baby back and suggests she get the one who got her pregnant to help.

Lila and Jazmin go to Times Square. Jazmin tells her that she’s missing David and wants to give up on the acting thing. Lila says it’s hard to relate because she’s single and still in selfish mode, but she understands how difficult it is for a little person to follow their dreams.

Jess tells Katie that when she first came, she didn’t want Katie to be alone, but now Katie’s mother, PJ and the baby have joined them, and she feels like she’s not living her own life. She can’t even bring a date home. She suggests that PJ help to look for a new place. She says she’s not telling her to pack up this second, but she doesn’t want them lollygagging for too long. Katie says she wants to get the mom thing down before moving, but she’ll talk to PJ.

Katie and PJ have been discussing whether to stay in NYC or go back to Seattle. Kathie says if they go back to living with her, PJ is going to have to find a job. In her interview, Jess says PJ needs to man up and take care of his family. Katie says she appreciates everything her mom has done, but her judgments are the price she has to pay. Jess is staying out of it because Katie has enough to deal with. Kathie and PJ argue and the baby starts crying. It’s also the day of the sip and see, and Jess says she’ll be seriously pissed if people can’t behave themselves around a newborn.

Jess says inviting Dawn and Lila is asking for trouble and I agree. There is seriously something wrong with those girls. Dawn tells Jess, Kathie and Katie about what happened at the park. In her interview, Dawn says she can’t believe Jazmin stuck up for Lila and she was just being honest as a friend. Another one who uses the honest card to get away with being nasty.

Lila comes in and says she could hear Dawn talking about her from the elevator. She says how dare Dawn broadcast her confidential info? Dawn says she was concerned  (another euphemism in this group) and Lila says she’s a gossipy little yenta. Jess tells them that Kinzley is ready to come out, so take their argument into the bedroom.

Lila asks Dawn how dare she talk about Lila’s business? She came to see the baby and the first thing she hears is Dawn bashing her. Once again, Dawn says she’s just a concerned friend. Dawn claims they have a real friendship and she cares. Lila tells her to get the blip away from her.

She calls Dawn a sick bitch and walks out. Dawn follows with that creepy smile on her face. Lila tells Jason to keep Dawn away. Dawn keeps smiling and acts like nothing happened. Katie says she should have known better than to let them come over and the baby is upset now.

Jason and Jazmin go to Lila, who feels terrible about taking the attention from Kinzley. She decides to put on her big girl panties and go back in. In her interview, she says holding Kinzley puts everything in perspective. She tells the baby she’s her slutty Auntie Lila.

It’s the finale and Lila is proud that she got through so much without drinking. Dawn says she’s not going to stop telling the truth just because people don’t want to hear it. Although I imagine at some point there will be no one left to listen. Lila is no longer speaking to Dawn.

Jazmin got a one-way ticket to Florida to see David and Katie and PJ went back to Seattle. There was no mention of him getting a job though. Jasan continues to stay living in NYC and having a long distance relationship with DJ. Jess has embraced motherhood – with her dog ChiChi.

I assume there will be a fiery reunion.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Sonja takes a break from whatever work she does to have girl time with The Countess. The Countess wonders what the name of Sonja’s assistant is, when she’s only worked for Sonja for two years. The Countess thinks Sonja should apologize to Bethenny, but Sonja says she’s not a competing brand and Bethenny is just taking it personally. Well, yeah. Most of us would. Sonja moves on to Dorinda excluding her because Bethenny was at her party. Sonja has also decided she’s not drinking any more. At least in front of this group.

The Countess tells Sonja she’s found her soul mate (bleh) and she’s moving out. She starts talking about getting married and Sonja asks how long she’s been dating Tom. The Countess says a whole six weeks. She tries to cover for herself in her interview, by saying soul mate Tom had a one-night stand with Sonja. Sonja asks if she’s sure about this and in her interview says she’s been “doing” Tom forever. TMI all around.

Bethenny has everyone meet at a restaurant, minus The Countess and Sonja. Jules’s father has been sick and her husband is having a hard time dealing with the kids on his own. Bethenny wants to have a girls’ trip to Mexico to do a tequila tasting. Dorinda asks if The Countess is coming. Bethenny says it’s up to them. Ramona says she’s fun on a girls’ trip, but Carole says she’s not going if The Countess is. Bethenny says if Carole doesn’t go, she doesn’t want to do it. Bethenny is also concerned about Sonja, especially the way she drinks. The vote is no.

Carole visits Bethenny. Over the holidays, they went to the Bahamas together with their men and they talk about the trip. Carole talks about her relationships and how she never gets too serious. She had an epiphany after fostering a kitten and nearly having a nervous breakdown when she had to give the kitten up. In her interview, she talks about the people in her life who she’s lost. She realizes that she’s set up her life to be temporary. She wonders if it’s because of her husband’s death or if, because he had cancer when they got married, she’s always been like this. Interesting. Bethenny says Carole can’t get out of a relationship and she can’t get in.

Dorinda and Sonja go for a manicure. Dorinda asks about Ramona and Sonja says she’s been hot and cold. Dorinda thinks Ramona has taken sides, but not Sonja’s side. Dorinda tells her about the trip to Mexico and says she doesn’t think Sonja and The Countess are invited. Wow. She’s really the bearer of glad tidings today. I hope she’s footing the bill for the manicure.

Sonja says things are going well for both her and The Countess and they should be celebrating all together. She tells Dorinda that she’s quit drinking and Dorinda is happy about that, since she believes Sonja has been self-medicating. Dorinda says that Sonja needs to drop the Tipsy Girl thing or it might cost her friendships. Sonja balks at that, but Dorinda says she’s coming from a good place and still thinks she made the right decision about the Berkshires.

Carole brings a large, heavy terrarium to Adam’s place because it didn’t look good in hers. He’s making a chocolate cake. She wants to read the book proposal to him while he’s baking. In her interview, she says it’s still not perfect working together, but they’ve found a rhythm, and that her culinary skills have gone backward since dating Adam because there’s no reason to cook any more. Adam breaks out his guitar and they discuss the book while he jams.

Ramona wants to give The Countess a hair makeover. She’s partnered with some people who have done her hair in the past. The Countess seems to think everything is okay between her and Bethenny. And Carole. She is truly delusional. In her interview, Ramona says she’s not about to make The Countess any wiser. The Countess talks about a psychic who told her she was going to meet a guy within two weeks, she met Tom, and now he wants to marry her.

Even Ramona is startled at the amount of time The Countess has known Tom. She tells The Countess that Tom calls his ex every day to tell her he loves her and gave her a gold bracelet for Christmas. The Countess is like, thanks for raining on my parade, and Ramona’s daughter agrees. The Countess doesn’t believe it. Ramona says she’s happy for her and The Countess is appeased, although Ramona adds time will tell.

John and Dorinda meet Jules and Michael for dinner. Michael makes a hot nanny joke and Jules isn’t pleased. She’s not too happy about Michael making them late either. Dorinda says it’s never 50/50 in a relationship. Jules talks about finding a nanny and Michael suggests her mother, which is brilliant since her father is in the hospital. Jules has alopecia from stress.

Michael is always on the phone and this is also annoying Jules. The couples toast to the new year. Dorinda says there’s a lot of pressure on men to be productive in New York. Dorinda starts to get sloshed and give forth marital advice.

Bethenny and The Countess meet for drinks. Bethenny is having some health issues. The Countess barely acknowledges that and tells her all about the soul mate and getting married. In her interview, Bethenny says The Countess studied pre-wed in college. Ha-ha! The Countess tells Bethenny what Ramona said about Tom, and wonders why Ramona would even say anything. She says some people are friends with their exes. Bethenny thinks that Ramona is just concerned. The Countess moves on to Tom having dated Sonja and claims it was only once or twice because Tom told her so.

Bethenny isn’t feeling well and says she’s got to go. The Countess asks if she’s invited to Mexica. In her interview, Bethenny says she had every intention of inviting her, but changed her mind throughout the course of the conversation. She tells The Countess she doesn’t want to discuss it right now and The Countess suggests another glass of wine.

Bethenny asks The Countess if she’s taken crystal meth tonight. <snort!> She tells The Countess that she didn’t invite her on the trip partly because of the what’s gone on between them, although they’re past that, but Carole isn’t happy about sharing a trip with her. The Countess says she thought they were cool. Bethenny says The Countess talks a lot, but doesn’t listen. The Countess says she comes from a big family and that’s why she’s like that. Bethenny starts to say something and The Countess interrupts by saying she’d love to come and jumps up. She leaves, and leaves Bethenny with the bill. Is this a reality star thing? Another one who wants to go to a party to which they’re deliberately not invited.

Next time, Bethenny tells Carole what happened with The Countess, Dorinda says there might be a change in plans, and Ramona role plays with The Countess.

Note: Jules just filed for divorce from Michael, shocking everybody. Apparently, she caught her husband cheating. Sigh. This definitely colored the episode for me and had me reading more (whether valid or not) into certain things.

June 8, 2016 – GH, Big Apple Little Women & Wives


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Sonny tells Ava that messing with Morgan is going to cost her. Sonny says he saw her name in the log book at the hospital and wants to know what she told Morgan. She says she’s trying to protect her daughter.

Andre is pleased with Morgan’s progress. He starts to tell Morgan that he’s ready for release and Morgan stops him. Morgan says he feels settled where he is and Andre asks if he thinks he’d be unsettled in the outside world. Morgan says it’s safe at the hospital.

Tracy walks in on Kiki and Dillon. Kiki says she has to jet, but she’s looking forward to their date. Tracy asks Dillon when this happened. Dillon says he’s a grown man and refuses to have this conversation with his mother. Tracy says she has more important things to discuss anyway – she wants photos of baby Edward in the rose garden. He says he’s happy to do it as long as she realizes she’s not baby Eduardo‘s mother, Sabrrrina is.

Paul and Anna start to question Sabrrrina when Michael comes in with a lawyer. Sabrrrina says she’s been advised of her rights and wants to talk. She thanks Michael, but says she knew she was breaking the law and wants to give her full cooperation.

Julian asks if Alexis is looking for the shirt that’s in his hand. D’oh! She’d better make something up quick. She says yep, that’s what she was looking for. She says she hated what he did so she held on to the evidence. He says that’s the most honest she’s been in days. He asks if she was going to turn him in and she says she changed her mind.

Sabrrrina says she knows what she did was wrong, but Carrrlos was her baby’s father and she thought she had nothing left in Port Charles. Anna asks if Carrrlos ever talked about Duke’s murder or Julian. Sabrrrina says he never discussed those things with her. Paul is disappointed.

Ava says Kiki was shot because of Morgan and she’s not letting it happen again. Sonny says the shooting was ultimately her fault. She says Morgan is bi-polar and has shown manic behavior. Sonny says he’s on his meds now and getting better. Ava says he wants Kiki to take care of him the way Carly takes care of Sonny. He says it’s not the same thing and Ava says he’s right, Carly is a ruthless bitch who will never leave Sonny as long as he has money, and Kiki isn’t equipped to deal with Morgan’s problems.

Andre tells Morgan he knows what happens when he doesn’t take his meds or go to therapy. Morgan says it’s better than it was in the beginning. He says he feels like an outsider and a freak though, so he thinks it would be better to stay there.

Julian asks why she changed her mind and Alexis says because of Lucas. She saw how he tended to his son and saw the man she fell in love with, and decided to destroy the shirt. Julian says how about they destroy it together? You know, one of those fun, bonding activities that couples do.

Sonny says he understands how bi-polar affects a person, but he also knows Morgan is better and thinks he and Kiki should decide what they want to do. He says because of Ava, Morgan struggled and crashed more, and that she played with his fears and insecurities. He says for Avery’s sake, he’s going to let her live, but if she keeps messing with his son, she won’t like how he retaliates.

Morgan says once he leaves, everything centers around how he manages his illness, and what if he messes up? Andre says everyone messes up and his best advice is for Morgan to embrace his future, and due to his hard work, he’ll have a future. He says they’ll establish a transition plan where he sees Andre privately. Andre says he’ll have a job and a social life and a whole lot more, and that’s his professional opinion.

Paul tells Anna he can’t risk letting Sabrrrina go. Anna says she has significant ties to Port Charles, starting with her child, and if they need her, she’ll cooperate.

Tracy says Sabrrrina aided and abetted a fugitive. Dillon says Michael has gotten her legal representation. Tracy says Edward needs a mother’s guidance and while she’s made mistakes, she’s not Medea. (No, that’s Helena – my own inside joke since I saw Constance Towers in Medea on Broadway. ) Dillon says Tracy was the perfect mother for him, just like Sabrrrina will be the perfect mother for Edward.

Julian says once the shirt is gone, this will finally be over. He’s about to put it in the fire and Alexis grabs it back. Julian says she was never going to destroy the shirt; she was going to give it to the cops and that’s why Diane was there. He says he’d hoped he was wrong, but she’s been lying to him this whole time. Alexis says, no, you.

She says he lied to her even before they were married. She says there’s no justification for any of it. He’s sworn he was out and did it for her and their children. She says instead he brought the mob into her life and their children’s lives. She goes on a little about all men being the same and Julian stupidly insists he did it for them.

Anna tells Paul it will do no good to separate Sabrrrina from her son. Paul tells Sabrrrina he’s decided to drop the charges, but his office is trusting her to stick around in case they need her to testify. She leaves with Michael and her almost lawyer. Sabrrrina tells Anna she plans on doing everything she can to repay her kindness and Anna says just be a good mother to her son and that will be enough.

Sonny visits Morgan and tells him he knows about Ava. Morgan says it was his decision to break up with Kiki and Sonny is intruding. Sonny says he’s proud of what Morgan has accomplished and will support whatever decisions he makes, as long as someone else isn’t yanking his chain.

Ava sees Kiki in the park. Kiki is wearing the most precious summer dress that has tiny buttons going down it. Ava says Kiki looks happy. Kiki says she and Dillon had a great time at the concert and they’re going on a date. Ava says he seems like a very nice young man. Ava asks if Kiki wants to get some lemonade and talk about her date. Kiki suggests they keep their interests separate since things are calm now.

Tracy and Dillon look over the pictures, which he’s taken in record time. Michael and Sabrrrina come in and Michael says the charges were dropped. Sabrrrina asks where her son is. Tracy says the baby is sleeping. Sabrrrina says the easiest thing would be for them to move back in with Felix. Tracy suggests she move in there. She says she likes having the baby there and since Sabrrina’s legal situation has changed, she’s calling family services to have custody returned, providing Sabrrrina never disappears again. Sabrrrina says she values Tracy’s friendship and she’s stuck with her now. I’m glad they made up. I’ve always had girlfriends of all ages and you don’t often see a female friendship like this on TV shows.

Anna asks Paul what this favor is going to cost her. Paul says he’d like to wipe the slate clean and leave their mistakes in the past. He says second chances are rare, and he got one, so she owes him nothing. She says she wants something from him then.

Julian says he’s never had as strong a bond with anyone and didn’t realize it was conditional. Alexis says she didn’t know refraining from homicide was a condition. He grabs the shirt back and asks her if she’s willing to throw everything away. He grabs her arm. Man, I would so punch this dude in the face at this point.

Sonny tells Morgan it’s okay if they don’t agree on everything. Morgan says it’s good to feel that Sonny has his back though. He tells Sonny about his conversation with Andre and that he’ll be getting out soon.

Ava asks Kiki if she’d like to go to the mall and do some shopping. No interference or meddling, she just wants to get something new for Kiki to wear on her date.

In the hallway, Dillon tells Tracy he’s proud of her. She says she’ll get the best of both worlds, having the baby with her without the responsibility. Sabrrrina asks Michael if he’s okay with her staying there and he says they have plenty of time to talk about everything.

Anna tells Paul her first priority is to build a case against Julian. She wants her old position back as special investigator for the DA. Paul says short of a miracle there’s no way to tie Julian to Duke’s murder. She says she can build a case against him for Carrrlos’s murder though.

Julian apologizes. He tells Alexis if she turns the shirt over to the police, he goes to prison, and is it worth throwing everything away for someone like Carrrlos? He asks if their marriage still has a chance.

Tomorrow, Spinelli!, Alexis says either Julian can have her or get away with murder, and Dante tells Spencer there’s no evidence his father was murdered.

Little Women NY

In lieu of getting Lila out of the baby shower, Jess walks out. Jason asks Lila if she forgot what happened when Terra came to her party and what an asshat she was about it. Dawn interjects that Katie needs all the help she can get which has nothing to do with this. Jason tells her to shut up. (Thank you.) Lila insists it isn’t the same thing and actually she’s right, since Katie specifically said she didn’t want her at the shower beforehand. Since I’m not in a great mood to begin with, this is infuriating me. If it wasn’t for the fact that Katie is having difficulty already, I wish she’d show up and kick Lila out herself.

Jess says she’s not going to miss her best friend’s baby shower and clearly Lila isn’t leaving, so she’s just going to roll with it. Katie comes in wondering wtf Lila is doing there. Lila says that Katie didn’t acknowledge her which is rude. No. What’s rude is showing up at a party you’re not invited to. Katie talks to Jess in the bedroom who suggests they just get it over with. Katie says she’ll give it an hour.

Jason asks about the doctor visit. Katie says the baby is six pounds, but she’s still keeping her in for another week. When Katie opens her gift, Lila forces herself into a picture with Katie. Jess gives Katie some gag gifts which Lila doesn’t understand. In her interview, Jess says she might have given Katie some douche, but Lila is one.

Lila takes Katie aside and apologizes for past stuff and says she wants to be there for Katie. She keeps saying she’s there out of love, but how is it love making a pregnant woman’s blood pressure skyrocket? Lila says that Jess seems like a guard dog, keeping them from getting to know one another. She tells Katie that Jess is drinking whiskey. Oh horrors! A drink? At a party?? What is she thinking??? Basically Lila has nothing good to say about Jess and both Katie and I wish she’d disappear.

Jason rehashes the Terra thing with Jazmin, relating it to Lila showing up at the shower. Lila pops in and doesn’t understand the comparison. She says Terra didn’t come with good intentions. How she came to this conclusion, I have no clue, since she started screaming in Terra’s face the second she saw her. Lila also doesn’t seem to get that it was Jason’s party too, and Terra was his friend. He says she could have sucked it up. Lila is so delusional. Jazmin says she’s done with the both of them arguing. Reality TV, where people consistently show up at parties they’re not invited to.

DJ and Jason go out for drinks. Jason says it’s tough with DJ living in another state, and he needs nights like this to get away from the drama in his own apartment. DJ asks if Jason wants to move in with him, but Jason doesn’t want to move to Connecticut. DJ says at some point, he’ll either have to get a job in New York, or Jason will have to make the move to live with him. Jason says it’s either here or LA for him.

PJ and Katie take a baby prep class where they learn swaddling, diaper changing and such. They don’t seem very prepared, since they don’t even have a car seat. Katie wonders how something so little can require so much stuff. Well, let me tell you about all the stuff I have for my little dogs. I’m quite sure I’ll meet my end slipping on a dog toy. Katie says it’s exciting, but overwhelming, and wonders how they’re paying for everything. She’s concerned that PJ doesn’t realize how much responsibility a baby is.

Dawn’s friend, Doris, is in town and they get together with Lila. Doris is also a paralegal. They discuss dating. Lila has been on Tinder and had a date last night. Dawn is apalled that Lila is having random men she’s met online come over. Dawn says maybe meeting for coffee is a better idea, but Lila says it’s not coffee she’s looking for. While I can’t stand Dawn’s delivery, I have to agree that this probably isn’t safe.

Stupid moronic busybodies Dawn and Lila meet with Katie’s mother, so they can stick their nose in someone else’s business. Katie’s mother says PJ hasn’t been as responsible as she’d like him to be. Lila says the reason she pushed herself into the party was because she’s worried about Katie. They ask about PJ’s employment. Katie’s mother says she’s been supplementing them while PJ works on his music. Dawn expresses her concern over his lack of employment and says she’ll talk to him. Because that’s totally appropriate. I’m starting to despise these two at this point. Seriously, it seems like there’s something wrong with them.

Jason video chats with his brother, Jonathan, who is pretty cute. Jason tells him about PJ wanting him to move in, but he’s worried about his parents accepting that he’s gay. Jonathan thinks he should wait before making any more moves, since their parents are just getting used to him moving away from home. Jason is afraid DJ will leave him. Jonathan says he should be careful, since this is his first relationship, and that if DJ really cares about him, he should be willing to wait. Good advice. Jason is too young to make major changes in his life for someone else.

Jazmin meets her trainer, Mike, in Central Park. She invites Jess, who is glad for a drama free afternoon. They talk about how gaining even two pounds can be excessive for a little person. They talk about Katie and PJ. Jazmin hopes that PJ doesn’t look to Jess for all the answers. Jess says she has no problem telling PJ to figure it out for himself. OMG – none of my friends has ever had their nose this far into my business without me asking them to.

Katie is at the laundromat. Lila and Dawn come to help and she hopes that they’re not going to just piss her off. In her interview, Dawn has a lot to say about PJ. She tells Katie that she and Lila had lunch with her mom. She says she’s concerned about PJ not helping her enough. In her interview, Katie says their help is turning into the opposite of help. Katie tries to explain that she loves PJ. They barrage her with questions and Dawn says PJ should be more of a man. Katie says their nitpicking is getting annoying and maybe that’s why the both of them are single. She starts to get angry and says she’s sick of them being in her business. A lot of what she says is bleeped. Katie walks out, the two morons trailing behind her.

Dawn grasps at Katie for a hug. Lila has the good sense to leave, but Dawn keeps harping at Katie about PJ. Dawn says she and Lila will finish up the clothes and drop them off. In her interview, Katie says whenever she’s around these two, her blood pressure rises and she starts to cramp. She calls her mother who thinks they should head for the hospital. She calls PJ and tells him her mother thinks she’s going into labor and they’re picking him up on the way to the hospital.

In the car, Katie tells her mother and PJ about what happened at the laundromat. She says she doesn’t need her mother conspiring with “those two little snobs and airing her business.” She tells her mother she’s glad she’s there, but she wishes she could keep her mouth shut around the judgmental ones.

Next time, there’s concern about the baby flippig, Dawn outs Lila about Tinder, Lila gives Dawn a good push <snort>.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Bethenny tells The Countess that she shouldn’t send someone an apology and then talk smack about them. She says no one can have an honest conversation with her because she’s not honest. She brings up what The Countess has said about Carole, and The Countess has the audacity to say she wishes Carole well. Carole says she constantly criticizes her for having a relationship with a younger man when she dates younger men all the time. The Countess claims she owns her stuff. Carole says there’s been no end to the ugly things The Countess has said about her.

Dorinda pulls out a Twister game and Jules is on board. The argument in the kitchen continues while they play.

Bethenny says women feel like The Countess is the person they don’t want their men around.

Meanwhile, at Chateau Morgan, the interns are assisting Sonja in making a care package for her daughter, who’s away at school. She claims she’s going to stop drinking. Not because she needs to, but just to shut the others up.

Bethenny says The Countess brings out something in other women. She uses Ramona as an example and The Countess says Ramona is miffed because she wants to date the guy The Countess is dating. Bethenny says the bottom line is that she criticizes others for the same things she does. The Countess says that only Bethenny thinks that, but Carole concurs that The Countess has that reputation. The Countess tries to drag Dorinda into it and in her interview, Dorinda says she wants to burn her house down right now.

In her interview, The Countess says they can’t burn her because she’s Teflon. Um… Bethenny tells her that saying she’s mentoring Sonja is demented. The Countess says she’s concerned for Sonja and she just wants her to know she cares. Dorinda isn’t thrilled about The Countess being upset. The Countess says Bethenny is trying to take Sonja down because of the Tipsy Girl thing, but Bethenny says she wants nothing to do with that. She adds that The Countess wasn’t there, so she’s only discussing what’s between the two of them, not between her and Sonja.

They sit down to eat, as if anyone has an appetite. Santa arrives! Santa asks who’s been naughty or nice, and passes out gifts. I’m not sure who Santa is, but I don’t think Santa is a guy. The gifts are personalized wine glasses that hold an entire bottle. Just what this group needs. In her interview, Carole says she’s tired of pretending and doesn’t want to be around The Countess anymore. She leaves the table. Bethenny says she’s sorry for the way she spoke, but The Countess is cunning and crafty.

Ramona tells The Countess that she has the habit of moving in on other women’s men because she needs the attention that someone else is getting. She gives her an example of when she was flirting with a guy and went to the ladies room. When she returned, The Countess refused to give her the seat back. The Countess says she likes to flirt and Bethenny calls her a barracuda. Bethenny says the bottom line is that she’s not a girl’s girl. The Countess insists she has never stolen a man away from anyone, but that’s not exactly what Bethenny and Ramona are talking about. I can identify with this. I’ve met those women who don’t like other women. One time, at a dinner after a show I’d worked on, one of the cast members had shown some interest in me and we were talking. Another girl actually squeezed a chair in between us and turned her back to me. This is the kind of crap The Countess pulls. And just for the record, I was the one who ended up going out with him.

The Countess says she just doesn’t see it the same way. Like Bill Murray in Meatballs, Bethenny says it just doesn’t matter and decides to go to bed, even though it’s only nine o’clock. Dorinda asks The Countess if she understands now why she didn’t want Sonja there. The Countess says she loves Dorinda, but it’s a real shitshow. In her interview, Dorinda says no matter what you present to them, this group can ruin it.

In the morning, Bethenny tells Carole she has an argument hangover. She can’t believe she said the things she did. They both agree that if they were told any of the things Bethenny said, it would be over. Bethenny has plans to just put her jacket on over her pajamas and get in the car.

Jules says despite the insanity, she was able to relax and didn’t even call her kids. Bethenny and Carole sneak out without saying good-by. When they’re noticed, they think better of it and go back in after loading the car. We flash back to when they ditched everyone at Jules’s place. Bethenny apologizes to Dorinda, who takes it like a champ. In her interview, Dorinda says it wasn’t very respectful.

The Countess tells Dorinda what a gorgeous place she has. Dorinda had been hopeful that everyone would relax and enjoy the holidays. As the others depart, she says she loves them for coming, but also loves them for leaving.

Jules and Michael are still looking for a nanny. She says she’s been so busy, her armpit hairs are three inches long. Eww! Unless you’re in Europe. She makes some coffee and actually gets it right. My Lord, what has this woman done her whole life that she can’t multi-task in the shower or brew coffee?

Carole visits Bethenny who makes avocado toast. Carole doesn’t feel like The Countess was sincere with her apology, but it’s fine since not everyone has to be friends. Bethenny says she wasn’t trying to slut shame, she just doesn’t like the hypocrisy. She says she gets possessed by the devil in the Berkshires and is never going there again.

Yet another holiday party at a restaurant with Ramona as hostess. She has the ill-conceived notion that somehow everyone will get along. The Countess arrives first. Ramona tells her that she should have apologized to Carole sooner. She also says she told Sonja to stop sounding like a broken record and make things right with Bethenny about the Tipsy Girl business. No. She should just shut up altogether.

Everyone arrives and the appetizers are passed. The Countess sits next to Bethenny, who really doesn’t want to talk to her. Carole is on Bethenny’s other side and The Countess talks over her, telling Carole that she’s sincerely sorry for the things she said. Carole says she appreciates it. In her interview, Carole says this apology seems slightly more sincere. The Countess tries to apologize to Bethenny again. Bethenny says she didn’t mean to get crazy, but the Skinny Girl thing set her off. She says The Countess just needs to say for once that she had nothing to do with it, and she does. So are we putting this to bed now?

They talk about The Countess’s boyfriend and how he might be “the one.”In her interview, Bethenny says The Countess has relationships in dog years, by the second date, she has her wedding dress ready. Bethenny excuses herself to use the phone and Sonja arrives. In her interview, Sonja says she kept getting texts from the Berkshires that if she doesn’t drop Skinny Girl, Bethenny will never talk to her again, but not from Bethenny.

Ramona tries to get Sonja to talk to Bethenny, who disappears like Houdini. Ramona reports to The Countess that Sonja is being stubborn, so The Countess confronts Sonja. She claims that Sonja said she was dropping the whole thing and fixing it with Bethenny. Sonja says she never said any such thing. Dorinda says it’s a good thing she wasn’t in the Berkshires. Sonja says if Bethenny wanted to talk to her, she would. Ramona says she needs to fix it, but Sonja says she’s not going to chase her down. Apparently, Sonja was the text happy one over the weekend. Sonja gets loud, trying to correct the misconceptions about her texts.

Sonja says that she might have been able to communicate with Bethenny in the Berkshires and gets on Dorinda’s case for excluding her. Dorinda says she didn’t think it would be a healthy environment and she stands by her decision. Sonja whines that they gang up on her all the time and leaves.

The Countess tells her not to leave and she whines some more. She says she tried to talk to Bethenny, but she left. She screeches at The Countess in the stairwell, repeating herself. She says Carole told her Bethenny had no hard feelings, so what are these? Soft boiled? Okay, that was kind of funny.

In her interview, Carole says she thinks Sonja is a decent person, but doesn’t think she even thought about Bethenny when she saw the opportunity to make money. Ramona makes a happy holidays, God bless us every one toast.

Next time, The Countess talks about getting married, Ramona tells The Countess about Tom, another couples dinner and The Countess annoys Bethenny.

May 25, 2016 – Nurses Ball Two & Three Times the NYC


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

So cute! Emma and Ned..er…Eddie Maine start off with Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart. Did they practice over the phone? Lucy gives a speech about the Quartermaines and Scorpios, and how they give their time, talent, and treasure for good. She claims there will be no stage crashing tonight and that problem is solved.

Epiphany finds Obrecht tied up and gagged in a bathroom stall. “Untie me at once…please?” Obrecht says. Hahahaha! Epiphany asks what she’s wearing and Obrecht says it’s a costume. Epiphany tells her she’s not performing this year, but I think that’s up for debate now.

Carly says Ava’s ass is hers.

Laura runs into Doc.She doesn’t have a ticket, but Doc has two. Amazing! She wonders if they missed much and he says whatever’s happened already will most likely not be as crazy as what’s ahead. Undoubtedly.

Lucy plugs Aveeno, who is their sponsor this year, an tells everyone to mingle in between acts, which is totally weird.

Hayden wants to talk to Jordan who tells her to make an appointment. Nicholas whisks her away.

Lucas finds Bobbie passed out backstage. She comes to and he wants to take her to the hospital, but she refuses. He refuses to take her refusal and says, let’s go.

Carly catches Ava in the bathroom. She says Ava is going to give up sole custody of Avery. Ava tells her she’s drunk or delusional. She says she’s going back to the party, and Carly says the party is in her phone. It’s not the confession she wanted, but a video of Paul and Ava in a bondage scene. Although, I’m not sure how this could really be held against Ava, since they’re both single, consenting adults, and it’s not like Avery was in the room. Ava says Carly broke into her home. Carly says she’ll post the video online if Ava doesn’t give her what she wants. Ava tells her to loosen up and leaves. Well, that backfired.

Franco asks Jake how he feels about making his debut. Jake says he has butterflies and Franco tells him to imagine the audience is quacking ducks. Jason isn’t happy about Franco being around Jake. Sam says the more he remembers the more he’ll hate Franco, and Jason says he already does.

Lucy continues to try and talk Griff into being in the show. She asks Epiphany if she’s seen Lucas, but she hasn’t. Lucas grabs Amy and tells her to tell Brad not to worry; he has to take Bobbie to the hospital. Lucy asks Jake to go on early.

Finn sees Obrecht back at the hospital and says he thought she was attending the ball. She says she did too, and I’m surprised she gave up that easy.

Jake goes on and freezes. Elizabeth tells him he can do this. Franco gets on stage and tells him, “Quack,” and they quack back and forth. Franco plays percussion while Jake sings. Franco helps him with the chorus too, and Nina gets verklempt.

Lucas wheels Bobbie into the hospital. Finn tells her she has vertigo. (Me too.) Lucas wants to postpone the wedding, but Bobbie tells him to go.

Carly sends the video to Paul and tells him to make Ava get in line. He grabs Ava and tells her to make it go away. She says a little sex scandal never hurt anyone. He says he could lose his job and he still has the confession. He tells her to do what Carly wants.

It’s Magic Milo and His Magic Wands! Curtis, Griff, Dillon and Felix also participate. For Griff suddenly getting pulled in at the last minute, he knows all the steps. Was he a dancer before he was a priest? I think so, since he can break dance like a pro. I applaud when their butts spell out Nurses Ball.

Ava slaps the phone out of Carly’s hand, but she still has the flash drive. Ava takes her shoes off . She and Carly wrestle. They must have laughed like crazy practicing this scene.

Obrecht asks why Finn was drummed out of his last job. He says he quit. She asks what he’s hiding and he says wouldn’t she like to know.

Nicholas drags Hayden away from Jordan again. Curtis sees it and thinks maybe he should say something. Valerie tells him to go; he can make it up to her later. Curtis finds them out in the hall and tells Nicholas to let Hayden go.

Someone is injecting Bobbie with something in the dark, but Lucas comes back into the room and asks what’s going on.

Jason wants to stop Elizabeth from hanging around Franco. Diane comes in and tells him he’s being sued. She says the money he used to get the ELQ stock came from organized crime. The IRS has frozen ELQ’s assets.

Ava gets the flash drive and flushes it down the toilet. Carly tells her it’s in the cloud and she’s about to lose custody of Avery.

Uh-oh, it’s time for the wedding and Lucas isn’t back yet. And stupid Amy never gave Brad the message. This is going to look like Lucas stood Brad up.

Lucas is unconscious beside Bobbie’s bed.

…to be continued.

Little Women NY

It’s time to clean up the camp, but Jazmin has to get something off her chest. She whips out a video of Katie and Jess having a cigarette. Lila makes mention of Katie taking a long drag. Yeah, that’s because she probably doesn’t have one too often. She also says something about Katie’s belly being tiny and relating that to cigarettes and low birth weight. For the love of all that’s holy, I can’t believe this girl took a video and involved the entire group when she has no idea about anything. If you’re so concerned, how about just taking Katie to the side and asking her about it? I swear, I’d smoke just to spite them. this bunch is nosier than the Housewives.

PJ comes to the city. Jess isn’t thrilled to find him in the apartment when she just wants to unwind after the camping trip. Katie realizes Jess isn’t happy, but says she needs all the help she can get since it’s getting close to baby time. They’re also getting evicted because the landlord found out about Jess’s dog. Nice welcome home.

Dawn is still pissed about the fight she and Lila got into. They meet for tea and Lila apologizes, saying she needs to be mindful that Dawn is a person with feelings. Maybe if Dawn acted like a human more often, she wouldn’t forget. Dawn says she ended up talking with Jazmin at the campsite and thinks they’ve resolved things. She also wants to talk to David, since apparently they have unresolved issues.

The gang is inviting Katie and Jess to Dawn’s place for a barbecue that’s really an intervention. Since Lila has been the object of one herself, she tells everyone several scenarios can happen. They role play. Lila says, as Katie already feels judged, she might not believe it’s coming from a good place. While I realize they are coming from a good place, I’m not down with this for that exact reason. They have picked on this girl mercilessly since day one. They’re probably the reason she’s smoking.

Lila says if it doesn’t seem genuine, and just seems critical, it’s not going to go well. When Jazmin asks what’s the worst hat can happen, Lila says Katie could fire up a cigarette and say f-u, and I laugh. At least she knows what she might be in for. Katie and Jess arrive and Jess tells the gang about how she came home to PJ. I’d be a lot angrier about the dog than him.

Jazmin jumps right in and asks if she’s smoking. Katie says once in a while when she’s stressed, she takes a drag. Katie says her doctor told her not to cut it cold turkey, she weaned herself down, and she’s not a serious smoker anymore. Jazmin says she’s around Jess smoking too. Katie says her mother has lectured her, but it helps with her stress. Lila says she’s an addict and she’s bigger than cigarettes and to not let them control her. It all seems much more dramatic than it should be. Lila tells Katie about her father dying from lung disease. Katie says after the baby is born, she’s going to quit. Dawn chimes in that the baby is inhaling cigarettes now. Jazmin tells Jess she shouldn’t be an enabler. Jess says they shouldn’t attack Katie like that, and they’re not acting in a way that she would feel she could trust them. In her interview, Jess says Jazmin should have just taken them aside. At least she didn’t pull out the video.

Katie says she’s feeling crampy and uncomfortable and decides to leave. Lila asks for her cigarettes, but she doesn’t have any. So how much of a smoker can she be? She actually shows Lila her purse. Lila asks Jess for hers – seriously? – but that’s a no. These idiots just crashed and burned with their own good intentions.

When they get back to the apartment, Katie and Jess tell PJ about the intervention. Katie says the baby has been healthy throughout the pregnancy and she felt judged. Katie says not once did they ask what kind of stress she’s under or how they can help. Good point. In her interview, Jess says she bit her tongue this afternoon, but when she sees them all again, she can’t promise anything.

Jason’s father is a vet and Jess is bringing her dog for a free check-up. Because, free check-up. He asks how Katie is doing and Jess says she wasn’t happy with how things were done and she isn’t happy either. Jason says they were coming from a place of concern, but Jess says it didn’t look that way. Jason intimates that Jess has never said anything to Katie about smoking and Jess says he has no idea what she’s said to Katie and she’s not going to ride her ass.

Pup ChiChi has a cough, so of course Jason has to make a joke about smoking. Jess is like, don’t get too familiar. Jason’s father says ChiChi checks out, so just give it time. Jason says he’s trying to get out of the city a bit and asks if Jess and Katie would like to come pumpkin picking with the group. She’s not committing until she talks to Katie.

David arrives. He’s been working out of town. Jazmin tells him that she and Dawn mended fences, which makes him happy, although he wonders how long it will last. She tells him about the pumpkin picking event. She says she won’t bring up the smoking thing again, but feels like she should have been more aggressive. Geez, I guess it wasn’t enough that they basically drove Katie away.

Jess and Katie find a new apartment. Jess says good thing it’s bigger, since they have to fit three adults, a baby and a dog. She says the gang is feeling good about themselves and they left feeling like crap. She thinks Jason and Jazmin were coming from a good place, but not so much the others. She tells PJ and Katie about the pumpkin thing. She says they should go, so it doesn’t look like “they won.” PJ says just go and have a good time, and if they have something to say, they’ll hear what he has to say. Katie says that’s what she’s afraid of. Ha-ha!

It’s pumpkin festival time! Katie introduces PJ to the group. Jazmin is hoping he puts a ring on it, since he followed Katie all the way to NYC. The last time Dawn saw David, they had a huge fight, so she asks if they’re good. David says she puts him in an awkward position when she fights with Jazmin, but she feels she and Jazmin are in a good place now. She still has some issues with David, and invites him to have family time.

Katie picks up a small pumpkin, and several of the others immediately get on her case. They also think PJ should have stopped her. They do some kind of weird panning for gold thing and Lila asks if PJ might find an engagement ring. The others wonder why Katie looks stressed. Really? Lila wonders if PJ is causing her stress. No, it’s you. She and Dawn want answers. Who the blip do they think they are> Scotland Yard? OMG – Lila asks PJ what makes a eight month pregnant woman leave her baby’s father? How freaking nosy can you get?

Lila says PJ is all talk and no substance. I fail to see how she could deduce that after meeting him for five minutes. Jess asks the group if they feel that they handled the intervention correctly. She grills Jazmin as to whether she asked Katie personally about it first. Of course not. Jess thinks it wasn’t necessary to go to such an extreme. She and Jazmin argue. The whole thing makes Katie want a cigarette. Dawn says she’s sorry they put her on the spot, but they wanted to make sure Katie knew the score. Then they get on PJ’s case for letting Katie pick up the pumpkin. Jess asks why they think their opinion matters. Dawn says they’re arguing whether or not a pregnant woman should smoke, so I guess she’s in a different argument. PJ thinks if atie has half a cigarette, she’s doing well, and that pisses Dawn off more.

Katie goes to sit down and Jess talks to her. The group tries to get in on that, and Jess tells them to go away. Katie is cramping because she’s stressed out. Jason wanted to have a nice day out, but obviously, that’s not happening.

Two minutes from now, strip club time, Dawn and David argue, and Katie has a baby shower.

Little Women NY

I have no clue why they’re having back-to-back episodes tonight and destroying my TV viewing time frame.

PJ and Katie are doing a pregnancy photo shoot. During a break, Jess talks to Katie about a baby shower guest list. Katie is okay with everyone except Lila. Jess agrees that she’s a mean girl, but is also a little person with insecurity issues. Jess is adamant about not wanting her there.

Dawn visits Katie who wonders why she’s there. ChiChi makes a weewee, and Dawn acts like it’s unheard of. Dawn apologizes for the pumpkin patch debacle. Katie says she’s stressed about not being prepared for the baby and Dawn thinks that should be the father’s department. He just got there, for goodness’ sake. Katie invites her to the shower, although I don’t know why. I’d leave that one off the list too.

Jess meets Jazmin and Jason for lunch to plan the shower. Jess says she has no hard feelings, but isn’t feeling it with Dawn and Lila. Black and pink are the colors and butterflies are wanted. She tells them Lila is a no as a guest. Jazmin thinks that’s a bad idea. Too bad. Jess says it’s Katie’s day and that’s what she wants.

Dawn and Lila go shopping. Dawn talks to Lila about Katie. She says Katie’s house is filthy. What? They just moved in and it actually looked pretty together to me. Dawn talks about the shower and says she got an invite. Lila says she wants to be there for Katie, and says she wants to come along. Even though she’s not invited. Again, what is with these people? News flash, don’t ever show up to a party you’re not invited to. It’s that simple. And how dare she stress this poor pregnant woman even more?

Commercial break. Ha-ha! It’s for Nicorette. And then Haagan-Daas. Which you’ll want in place of that cigarette.

Katie has gone to her check-up. She’s been given the option to have the baby in five days or two weeks. She wants to hold out as long as possible and PJ says to let the doctor do his job. She wants to be able to bring the baby straight home, but they weren’t able to get an ultrasound and she doesn’t know the baby’s weight.

David goes to Dawn’s place. They have snacks and make small talk. She says she misses him. He says ditto, but it’s not like they spend so much time together that they’re close. Dawn says part of her holds resentment that their mother was battling cancer for two years and she was by herself dealing with it. She whines that she’s always alone and David asks if she’s ever considered why that is.

He asks where she was when he got thrown out and was living on the street. She says that was their mother’s decision and he says he’d lost a job and was homeless for five years. She acts like an asshat and he says he’s done, have a nice life, and leaves.

Dawn calls Lila to come over. She tells Lila what happened. I guess it was okay for her to criticize him, but he wasn’t allowed to do the same. Lila tries to explain that David was abandoned. She wants Dawn to understand where he’s coming from. Dawn sobs that this is what she gets for showing vulnerability. Lila says she often has trouble seeing someone else’s viewpoint. Ya think? Dawn says he should be understanding of her. She says she feels isolated and Lila says she has to move forward, and that family is everything. Dawn says if family is everything, why did David walk out? Lila has no answer.

Jazmin asks David what happened. David tells her about Dawn saying he wasn’t there when their mother was going through treatment. Jazmin says Dawn plays the pity card a lot, but won’t own up to her own stuff. He says he’s finally at peace with both his parents passing, but Dawn still has issues. IMO, she’s a walking issue. The poster child for issues.

Jess and Jazmin take Jason to a gay bar. Jazmin says he barely goes out since he started dating DJ. Jason asks why he’s there and Jazmin says to have fun. In his interview, he says he’s not married, but not single either, and isn’t sure how to deal with that. It’s not exactly a strip club, but there are guys in underwear running about and dancing with the patrons. They do more shots than my entire neighborhood bar on karaoke night. Someone sends a lemon drop over to Jason. He says he’s never had a stranger buy him a drink before. The guy slips Jason his number.

Jason wakes up with a puppy in his face and a hangover, hoping he didn’t embarrass himself. Jazmin shows him the number he garnered. He wonders if he should tell DJ, since their relationship is already strained with DJ living in another state. Jazmin thinks she should tell him. I’m on the fence. It’s not like he called the number and he didn’t ask for the number either. On the other hand, these girls have big mouths.

Katie’s mom, Kathie, comes to help. Katie starts to cry and says she just wants the baby to be healthy and doesn’t want her to come out too early. Without knowing the baby’s weight, they don’t know when is the best time to deliver. Kathie says Katie’s father would be proud and he’s looking down at her from heaven. She thinks everything will be fine. Yeah, I think Katie is just hormonal. And stressed from the twits she’s been hanging around with.

DJ comes to see Jason. Jason says they’ve always been honest with each other, but he feels guilty about something. He tells DJ about going dancing with the girls at the bar. He says he got a number, and to him it was innocent, but he doesn’t want DJ to find out some other way and be hurt. DJ asks why he went with the girls and not him. Jason says DJ doesn’t really like dancing and he doesn’t want to pressure him. DJ thanks him for being honest, but says he still wishes Jason had asked him to come.

It’s baby shower time! Katie’s doctor is finally back and wants her to come in for an ultrasound, so she’s going to be late to her own party. Jason and Jazmin get there early to help with the decorations. It’s like an explosion of pink. Even ChiChi is wearing a pink butterfly outfit. Jess tells them that it’s possible Katie might have to deliver today, but the shower is on unless she hears otherwise. Jazmin wants to know if PJ is stepping up to the plate, but Jess hasn’t seen him doing much to help. Jazmin asks if he wants the baby, and Jess says she thinks it’s just sinking in.

Guests start to arrive and Jess hopes she gets news soon, since she doesn’t know how long she can entertain everyone. Dawn and Lila arrive, with Lila announcing she’s there for the party and everyone loves a baby shower. I dunno about that. A shower is one of those things that’s great…if it’s yours.

You can hear a pin drop. Jess says who shows up for a party they’re not invited to. Jess asks Lila if she spoke to Katie unbeknownst to her. Lila says Dawn told her about it and she wanted to give the baby a gift. Dawn concurs that she invited her. Jess says it’s not Dawn’s party, it’s Katie’s, and Katie didn’t want Lila there. There’s a bit of an argument and Dawn acts high and mighty in her interview. Like it’s all about the baby. Even the baby wouldn’t want them there. Jason brings up when Lila kicked Terra out of their party, which is exactly what I was thinking about. In her interview, Jazmin says they shouldn’t be arguing in front of everyone, which I agree with. Jess finally takes Lila in another room. Lila says if Katie starts cramping, she’ll leave, and Jess says oh yeah, let it get to that point. I’m pretty stunned. Lila won’t even let Jess talk. Lila tells her to keep the Jameson to a minimum when the baby comes. Jess says not everyone is a drunk like Lila. Lila finally leaves with Jess shouting she doesn’t know how many times she has to tell Lila that Katie doesn’t want her there.

Next time, Jason brings up Terra again to Lila, Lila argues with Jason, Katie argues with Dawn, and Lila and might go into labor.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Dorinda and Jules are shopping. Dorinda has Bethenny in a gift exchange. Ramona is going to be there (Jules has her), and she and Dorinda didn’t exactly leave things on a good note. Jules hates confrontation and stayed out of the way. Dorinda says Ramona needs to grow up and be respectful. She says she’ll be cordial, but she’s done with the apologies. Her mother said have people who warm you, but don’t burn you. Actually I paraphrased, but I think mine is better.

Bethenny is having a holiday cavier party. I cry because I’d love to go to something like that. Carole and Jules are there, along with some other friends of Bethenny’s. Ramona comes waltzing in and wants a margarita, after which she has an unbelievable story.

The Countess is out with Sonja. Sonja says they rarely see each other because The Countess is always out. The talk about that weird guy from the party. OMG, TMI. The Countess says she went out with him a couple of times, but realized something was “off” with him and she’s too old to deal with hot messes. She says he was pissed and that’s why he was aggressive at the party.

Ramona tells the girls about the same weird guy. She acts like nothing was wrong and John just came over to kick him out. She also pretends that John just put his hand in her face for no reason out of the blue. Not that I think he should have done that, but she had a hand in it too, no pun intended. Well, maybe a little. She says Dorinda was freaking out, but suddenly, Jules says she has a different story. Jules says she’s leaving out the part about the guy causing The Countess to be uncomfortable and how weird and drunk he was.

The Countess tells Sonja that Dorinda told her she’s done with Ramona. She says there isn’t one cute guy at the bar, and Sonja says they’ll look better after another drink. Geez.

Dorinda comes to the party. Bethenny meets her at the door and tells her that Ramona is sorry. Dorinda says she’s feeling overwhelmed and trying to pretend everything is good. Bethenny tells her that she should spend some quiet time alone for herself.

Ramona shovels in the caviar. Dorinda enters the party, ignoring Ramona. Ramona tries to engage her. In her interview, Ramona says she’s going to pretend everything is fine. Everyone eats caviar on tiny pancakes. Dorinda invites the girls to the Berkshires where she wants to have a holiday party. She’s not inviting Sonja because she thinks her drinking will lead to drama.

Carole talks to Dorinda on the side. Carole thinks it’s sad that Dorinda and Ramona’s friendship has been disrupted by a guy. Dorinda talks to Ramona, who says she’s not going anywhere, but Dorinda says it’s a one-sided deal now. They open their gifts, a lot of which are funny.

Sonja wonders who The Countess’s mystery man is. The Countess says Dorinda introduced them and he’s special, so she’s keeping him under wraps. She says in her interview that his name is Tom and I guess this is the guy she’s engaged to now. The Countess sees that there’s an article about the weird guy and Ramona at the party in The Post. It says Ramona was thrown out of the party. The Countess thinks Ramona had some nerve talking about her being a bad influence. More TMI with these two. It’s a constant.

Dorinda meets with Sonja, who has a fanny pack that look like a pair of lips. I wish I would have had that in my Rocky Horror days. They hang out on a park bench. I assume Central Park. Sonja says she wanted to talk to Dorinda about Ramona, who she thinks is going psycho. She’s been telling Sonja that no one wants to invite her out because of her drinking when Ramona can kick it back.

First, Dorinda tells Sonja she’s coming from a good place, so you know it’s going to be bad news. She talks about doing the Berkshires thing and she says she doesn’t want to do it now. She says she doesn’t think Sonja needs to be around the ladies right now, so she’s having them up for dinner, but having Sonja separately. She says she’d rather do one-on-one with her. In her interview, Sonja seems to think it has something to do with Bethenny.

The Countess and Tom have dinner with Dorinda, John, Jules and Michael. She thought they would be supportive, while she wasn’t so sure about the others. They talk about Ramona and Tom looks scared. Oh, wait, he actually knows Ramona. The Countess says Ramona went out with him, but nothing romantic went on, which I guess means they didn’t sleep together. He says he’s known Dorinda for years, and when he was on the phone with her, she suddenly handed the phone to The Countess. John makes an inappropriate comment. Everyone ignores it since they’re used to this. He says they’ve been inseparable since their first date. The Countess says she’s protecting their relationship because the girls can be catty. They have a toast.

They show NYC at Christmastime, which is my favorite time of year there. It’s out to the Berkshires though. Ramona gets there first, along with her dog. Dorinda tells Ramona it’s her sanctuary, where she likes to go for the silence she doesn’t get in the city. They talk about Sonja and how The Countess is never at home. Dorinda alludes to who The Countess’s man is, and in her interview, Ramona says she dated him.

Ramona thinks it’s rude that The Countess hasn’t told her about Tom, since for all she knows, Ramona could still be involved. Hardly. It would probably be in The Post. Yikes. Ramona’s dog made poopy all over Dorinda’s carpet. Dorinda tells her own dog to crap all over Ramona’s place in the Hamptons. Ha-ha!

Everyone else arrives. The Countess thinks there will be drama. In her interview, she says she and Carole are “uncool.” Jules says she plays piano and The Countess threatens to sing. Jules’s father is in the hospital with pneumonia. Since the nanny quit last week, things haven’t been peachy. The Countess tells Dorinda that Sonja feels excluded. Dorinda doesn’t think it would be a good combo with Bethenny being there and Sonja drinking. Ramona thinks Sonja should work on herself.

Bethenny arrives. The Countess says Bethenny is copying her hairstyle. Maybe. The Countess says she’s staying with Sonja when she’s not staying with her new guy. Bethenny asks if it’s Ramona’s ex and The Countess is cagey. The Countess says she thinks Sonja needs her right now she’s trying to mentor Sonja, which Bethenny says it’s like the blind leading the deaf [sic] and she finds it hysterically funny. The Countess says Sonja and Bethenny have issues about the Tipsy Girl thing and it was in The Post. Bethenny says she doesn’t care so much about the name, but pick one and go with it – either you’re smart or you’re stupid. She says Sonja used her for free publicity. The Countess says the newspaper claimed Bethenny was suing Sonja, but Bethenny says that’s not true.

Bethenny says a lot of people have copied her and she was the first one to come up with the name. The Countess says that she actually thought it up. Bethenny says she must be right, since that’s what she goes around telling everyone.

Next time, Bethenny and The Countess argue, Ramona and The Countess argue, and Dorinda tells everyone to go home.

May 18, 2016 – GH, Big Apple Little Women & Wives


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

I had a late lunch with a friend and missed it. I tried watching it On Demand, but for some reason, the picture and sound kept breaking up. Thanks, Verizon! Finally, I caught it on Hulu, so here are the highlights I grasped while I was doing three other things.

Laura returns to the disco – she and Doc pretend like they’re going to buy it. As if the realtor would still have the disco ball hanging there. And the sparkly crepe paper, which hasn’t aged.

Tracy insists the baby is just some random child who was left there, but Michael asks her what would be the odds of anyone leaving a baby on their doorstep? He has a good point, and that baby looks very Spanish, which narrows the odds even more.

Felix wants Finn to participate in the Nurses Ball. I can’t say enough good things about Michael Easton in this role. He’s been far too serious for far too long on One Life to Live and then GH. He hasn’t had any fun since vamping it up in Port Charles.

Hayden tries to get Nicholas to help her take photos of the stuff she wants to sell online. She says New York is a community property state, so it’s their stuff. I like seeing these two back together again. They have a lot of chemistry, and Hayden brings out a side of Nicholas that Elizabeth certainly doesn’t.

Laura tells Doc about Luke raping her at the disco, and tries to justify it somewhat. Will we never get away from this? To his credit, Doc tells her not to blame herself. GH dug a hole for itself with this one years ago and they keep reopening it. Laura says she has no regrets and nothing Helena can do will change that. Doc says Helena is just playing mind games. Laura says Helena is probably looking up at her – hahahaha! – instead of looking down on her.

Jason visits Sonny and tells him he remembers everything now. We trip down Memory Lane. Jason apologizes for being a jerk, and Sonny says fuggedaboutit. Jason doesn’t exactly want to work for Sonny again, but tells him that he has Sonny’s back when it comes to Julian. Sonny says he’ll only ask if he has to and welcomes Jason home. Awww!

Finn gets into the drug cabinet via a clueless Felix, but we don’t see what, if anything, he takes. Tracy has him come to the Quartermaine mansion to check the baby and he suggests getting blood work done. Hayden pops in and asks for a job, since Nicholas shamed her into using her brain to make money. Tracy tells her to get lost. Tracy also has baby fever and names the baby Edward.

Diane brings the happy news to Nicholas that he owes back business taxes. I’m guessing he might not be responsible since he no longer owns the company, but I’m sure a lawsuit or prison is of concern if he doesn’t pony up. Nicholas acts like it’s a personal affront that Jason brought down on him. Diane suggests he sell some of his stuff on eBay if he can’t scratch up the cash.

The realtor says the disco is owned by Lloyd and Lucy Johnson, psudonyms of Luke and Laura at one time. Doc tells Laura that maybe they should be Lloyd and Lucy Johnson 2.0.

Michael takes the baby to the hospital when Tracy isn’t looking.

No preview.

The Real Housewives of NYC

I have the answer to Sonja’s question, if being Sonja is so wrong, why does it feel so right? Because you’re tipsy, girl. BA-DUM-CHH!

Sonja gets ready for The Countess’s arrival. She shows The Countess to the guest suite, which is pretty impressive. It’s a nice townhouse. The Countess says she thinks Sonja feels more stable with her around. She tells Sonja she wasn’t expecting the unveiling of the wine at Sonja’s birthday party. She asks if Sonja talked to Bethenny about the name of her product being thisclose to SkinnyGirl. Sonja claims that someone else came up with the name. Someone who must never have heard of Bethenny or the liquor line she manufactures.

Bethenny says she’s been dragged into the press with Sonja’s product. Ramona and Carole meet her for dinner. Apparently, Sonja has been saying Bethenny is her mentor and has set up a meeting with her. Bethenny says she saw the rip-off name on Page Six of the Post. She says her partners are seriously annoyed, especially after she brought Sonja into a business meeting to help her. They discuss Sonja’s narcissism, and Carole says this could cost Sonja a friendship.

Commercial break. I love The Real Housewives in Wonderland ads. I’m also wonder(land)ing what that’s about.

Ramona and Dorinda meet for breakfast. Ramona says she can’t quite accept John for Dorinda, but if she wants a relationship with Dorinda, she’s going to have to. Um…that’s right and wtf business is it of yours to accept anyone for anyone? Dorinda asks Ramona what she thinks about Tipsy Girl. Ramona says she’s disenchanted with her friendship with Sonja and doesn’t think tipsy anything is a good idea for her. Dorinda tries some cryptic talk about Ramona’s relationship with Sonja when she’s really talking about the both of them.

Somehow she changes the topic to her and John, and tells Ramona she has to respect that John is a part of her life. She doesn’t want to feel awkward any more. Ramona says she’s trying, but her mouth gets in the way. Dorinda tells her that if she can’t act like a normal adult, to pretend.

Bethenny was out until 4 am on her date. She says it’s someone she’s known for a while and it was a surprise to see potential. She’s at her office and Sonja comes by for the meeting. Sonja is thinking how wonderful it’s going to be to see each other. How can any human being possibly be this clueless?

Sonja tells Bethenny that her personal website has the same colors as Bethenny’s office. Funny you should say that. Bethenny brings up Tipsy Girl. She thinks Sonja’s partner, Peter, is shady. Sonja says he owns the rights to the name Tipsy Girl. Bethenny asks about Sonja’s distributors and Sonja can’t name one of them. This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

Sonja claims she was just testing out the product at her party. Bethenny says a similar brand name is called a cheater brand because it rides on the coattails of another brand. Bethenny says she’s personally hurt since she brought Sonja into her brand summit, and she wants nothing to do with her. She says Sonja never even contacted her until the Page Six article. She says that Sonja is a fraud who only talks a lot. Sonja yaps about her chapter 11 bankruptcy again and starts crying. She should cry. She says wah-wah-wah, she wasn’t going to do anything big, she just wanted something fun she could serve at her parties. Bethenny says she feels badly for her, but she’s tired of Sonja playing stupid and she can’t have it both ways. Sonja says she just wants to get back to where she was. Bethenny says she has compassion, but Sonja says she’s not feeling it. Bethenny says she has to get back to work, wishes her well, and says she’s not going to have any more conversation on the subject. Sonja acts innocent, but makes a snide remark in the elevator, and the interns roll their eyes.

Jules’s nanny has quit. She took her Christmas bonus and never came back, even though she’s been with them for two years. What are we missing? Jules is going to do some interviews. Jules go over responsibilities with the first one. Jules shows her around and asks her to pick out an outfit for one of the girls. It’s a thumbs up for the outfit, but a thumbs down on her Spanish skills, because they want the kids to be fluent. What I didn’t like about this process was that the first thing they did was have Michael check out her Spanish, which sounded pretty good to me, but she said she wasn’t fluent. If this was a make or break issue, why did Jules continue with the interview? Again, I feel like I missed something, but maybe these people just don’t communicate well.

Carole is fostering a kitten named Vinny. Adam is back and putting on his chef’s apron. She says when he was away she “cheated,” eating all kinds of junk food. Carole’s dog, Baby, really loves the kitten, but Carole is refusing to get attached.

She and Adam are working on a cookbook called The Reluctant Vegan – with her being reluctant and Adam being the vegan. This sounds like something I would enjoy. I’d like to be a vegan, but I’m reluctant to give up burgers and sushi. I think if Adam was cooking for me, I’d be a lot less reluctant. Carole says she’s been warned not to mix business with pleasure, but they’re doing it anyway.

The Countess meets Sonja and Ramona at Sushi Roxx. They talk about the Countess’s many dates. She claims to have gone through a dry spell and Ramona says she’d hate to see what a not-so-dry spell is like. Then comes the TMI and I go ♫ la-la-la! ♫

John and Dorinda are at an event to honor one of the designers John does business with. Jules and Michael are also attending.

The Countess asks what happened at Sonja’s meeting with Bethenny. Sonja tells her that she was surprised Bethenny was so critical. The Countess suggests Bethenny needs a boyfriend. The girls move on to John’s event. Dorinda didn’t give Ramona an invite and wonders why she’s there. The Countess sees a former flame who didn’t end well. The guy comes over and acts like a total asshat. The Countess freaks and decides to leave. The dude keeps talking to Sonja and Ramona, and he’ obviously three sheets to the wind. He has no concept of personal space either and John asks him to leave.

Ramona makes a stink and says everything is cool, so John says she can leave too. Asshat is catching and Ramona acts ridiculous. John actually keeps his cool pretty well, but then has enough and puts his hand in Ramona’s face. Ramona leaves with Mr. Personality.

Dorinda says Ramona isn’t even supposed to be there and wonders how she dare make a scene. She goes outside and tells Ramona she needs to respect her when she’s at John’s event. No surprise, Ramona acts like an idiot and Dorinda tells her to get lost. Ramona continues to act stupid and says she doesn’t know what happened and tries to blame John, who for once had very little to do with it. Ramona leaves and Dorinda hails a taxi. John tries to get her to stay. She says his actions are correct, but his reactions negate them, and he didn’t act like a gentleman.

Next time, Ramona’s idiocy makes the Post, another trip to the Bershires is planned, and Dorinda excludes Sonja.

Little Women: NYC

Oh no. I’m seeing the tale end of Briana and Matt: Part Two, and apparently they’re staying together. Good luck with that. For those who don’t know me, when I say that, the translation is, all the luck in the world isn’t going to help you.

Jazmin meets up with Jason at the park. They’re going on a walk so Jazmin can vent about Dawn. She says Dawn is making it impossible to have a relationship and wonders if it’s time to be done with her. Jason says there isn’t enough love behind Dawn’s tough love. He tells Jazmin that she’s not Dawn the second, she’s Jazmin the first. Jasmin says she’s damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t; Dawn nags at her no matter what. Jason thinks there might be some resentment because Jazmin is married to Dawn’s only brother. He wants to invite Dawn to his family home for dinner, so she can see a different family dynamic.

Lila wants to play Switzerland and visits Dawn. Dawn thinks there’s too much pressure for her and Jazmin to be friends just because they’re outlaws inlaws. Since Dawn has the tact of a rock being thrown at someone’s head, she tells Lila how she couldn’t understand why Jazmin was upset when Dawn publicly criticized her lipstick color. Lila says she lacks charm and manners, and she should be nice for it’s own sake.

Dawn says that she and David were adopted. Their parents were little people and they had to fend for themselves often, so she thinks everyone should do the same.

Jason has Jazmin and Dawn over to his parents’ house for dinner. When Jazmin comes in, Dawn makes a face like she smelled something bad. She’s annoyed that Jason didn’t tell her that Jazmin was coming. Dawn talks blah-blah-blah about independence. Jason says it’s good to know friends are there if you need them, but Dawn says you don’t have to live with people to know that they’re there. She feels there’s a high expectation when it comes to family and talks more nonsense. Jazmin says family is family no matter what and Jason says relationships take work. Dawn says she feels like she’s being talked at. Since she’s constantly talking at people, it’s about time the tables turned. She can’t deal, so she leaves before dessert, claiming she has to work. Jason is concerned he made things worse.

Dawn keeps babbling how she and Jazmin don’t have to be best friends just because they’re related, but fails to understand that no one is asking them to. They would just like Dawn to act halfway friendly. She seems to have no concept that there’s a huge spectrum between strangers and BFFs.

Commercial break with important information. The UnReal season premiere is June 6.

Jason asks to stop by Dawn’s place. She says okay, but isn’t sure he has her best interest at heart. He asks why she left so abruptly and she makes up excuses. She says she felt ambushed and Jason says he doesn’t get it. She says she’s sick of everyone jumping into her and Jazmin’s relationship and asks why he didn’t tell her Jazmin was going to be there. He says because he knows Dawn and didn’t think she would come. Dawn says everyone should mind their own business.

Jason invites everyone to go camping. He seems to think a peaceful weekend outside of the city will refresh them. I’ve decided Dawn always looks like she smelled something bad.

Lila and Katie get together. Lila feels that Katie wasn’t given the warmest reception to the group, so she’s treating her to a pedicure. Tiny, cute toes! Katie asks if Lila remembers her from a convention years ago and that Lila wasn’t too nice. Lila tells her if it happens in the future, just let her know. Lila was probably drinking back then. She says they’re both going through stressful, emotional changes.

Lila talks about losing her dad and how he was her hero. Katie says she loved her dad too, and it’s hard knowing he won’t see his grandchild. Lila says she’s dreading the big life moments to come without her dad. I identify, since my father passed away shortly before I got married. Katie says she’s surprised by Lila’s support and understanding.

Katie is struggling to put together a crib. Jess comes in with a dog she adopted (GiGi), and Katie wonders if Jess is expecting her to take care of it when she isn’t there. Jess says funny you should say that, and tells her about the camping trip.

Let the camping commence! The gang loads up the car and Dawn pretends to be excited. She immediately tries to start an argument with Jazmin. Jason says it’s going to be a long trip. Jazmin says something has been weighing on her that involves Jess and she’s hoping to get a chance to discuss it with the others. Because God forbid she should actually discuss it with the person involved.

Dawn is a backseat driver, which is no surprise. Jason sees a possible bear food sacrifice in the future.

They get to a farmstead where they’ll be camping. It’s mega-cool and Jess says she can’t imagine anyone complaining about this place, even Dawn. They fight over who gets what bunk. It looks to me like whoever owns the farm built a bunkhouse to make some extra bucks. The owner explains they won’t be attacked by wild animals, which everyone seems concerned about. On a farm. Lookout for that chicken stampede!

Katie video chats with her baby daddy, PJ. She says she needs support and help, and that she loves him and wants them to be a family. PJ says it’s time for him to stop being a kid and understand that his own kid is coming. He says he’s here for her and the baby and is getting plane tickets immediately. Gee, that was easy.

Jess says that she knows Katie is going to be a great mom. She feels guilty for leaving Katie behind, but figures it will be crazy when the baby comes, so she’s getting in some relaxation. Jason has one last plan to make the bickering go away. He calls everyone outside. They’re going to light and release some lanterns and let go of the bad stuff and bring in the good times. Dawn asks if the lanterns are biodegradable.

Glad you asked, Dawn. Let me tell you about those lanterns. One of these landed in my backyard once. Still on fire. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated it. And how thankful I was that I happened to be there when it landed. So sorry to rain on Jason’s lantern parade, but I hate these things and think they’re a fire hazard. I’ll bet they’re bad for the dolphins too.

Lila wants to prank Jason, who is easily scared. She asks Jess to be her partner in crime. Lila dons a wolf mask; Jess is going to distract Jason. Lila sneaks up on his chair and he dumps hot tea on himself, but takes it like a champ. Everyone laughs except wet blanket Dawn. Lila says you can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the stick out of the girl’s ass. Ha-ha! She tells Dawn she has zero sense of humor which is probably true.

It’s time for s’mores and Debbie Downer Dawn says she can’t imagine putting a marshmallow on a stick and eating it. Jess makes fun of her and Dawn gets pissed at Lila for not defending her. She pulls Lila aside, which Jason says is never good, and proceeds to get totally out of control. Lila says she’s not always going to back Dawn, especially when she acts stupid. Whattsamatta, Dawn? Can’t be as independent as you would like your family members to be? I dub this poetic justice. Dawn says a friend to all is a friend to none (did she get that from Brownies or Blue’s Clues or something?). Then she adds that there’s no “i” in team, but there’s a “u” in see-you-next-Tuesday, which is what Lila is. Lila reacts mildly IMO, and says Dawn ostracizes herself all the time and calls her an a-hole. I’d say Lila showed some restraint there.

The next day, the Slip ‘N Slide is brought out. Everyone except Dawn plays around on it. Afterward, Jazmin thinks it might be a good time to talk to Dawn about their relationship, since Dawn is feeling alone. She apologizes for yelling at Dawn. She says that they don’t have to be best friends, but she’d like some support. Dawn says she loves Jazmin and David, and she doesn’t want to fight. They hug. In her interview, Jazmin says Dawn makes it hard to love her, but she’s family, and time will tell if she makes good on keeping the peace.

Jess goes to make a call and Jazmin wants to talk to everyone. She tells them she saw Jess and Katie smoking after belly dancing. She took a video and shows it to them. Oh. Horrors. Now, I’m not advocating smoking while pregnant, but it’s not like she was chain-smoking and taking a video? And then showing it to other people without even discussing it with her?? Really???

Next time, Lila plans and intervention, PJ comes to NYC, and Katie and Jess feel attacked.

May 11, 2016 — GH, & Little & Big Women in NYC


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Nina is at the office, staring at the weird picture of her that Franco sketched.

Franco is in a prison visiting room. Heather comes in wearing lots of chains.

Sonny wonders who would transfer Carrrlos in the first place.

Carrrlos tells Julian he’s at Pier 54, which might as well be Studio 54, since it’s so crowded all the time. Julian asks what he’s doing with Anna’s phone. Carrrlos says she found him, but he didn’t kill her, he just put her on ice.

Ah, the reappearance of Duke we were promised. He wakes Anna.

Carrrlos tells Julian he has no money and no ID. Julian says it’s too risky, but Carrrlos tells Julian he still has a life because of him. He just wants to be reunited with Sabrrrina and the baby, and swears Julian will never hear from him again.

Nina almost whacks Dillon in the head. He was coming in to catch up on work and didn’t realize she was sleeping there. She says the MetroCourt was booked. Kiki runs in and tells Nina she has to get home now, because Franco is losing his mind.

Franco asks Heather if she’s surprised, since the last time he saw her, she was trying to inject Nina with LSD. He tells her he’s painting again and she says she’s working on some new paintings herself. She’s moved on from sandwiches to salads. He shows Heather his latest work, a portrait of her.

Carly tells Sonny that Dante wants him to stay out of it and let the police handle it. Sonny says they see things differently. She says Carrrlos is in so much trouble, he’s going to have to take whatever deal they give him. Michael comes in and says what if they don’t find him.

Carrrlos tells Julian that he’ll have no choice but to take the plea bargain if he gets caught. Julian tells him not to get caught.

Duke, who looks amazing for a dead guy, tells Anna how beautiful she is. She says it’s been a nightmare without him and she failed him. She says she tried to bring Carrrlos to justice and Duke deserves better than that. Duke says he doesn’t want her wasting her life on that; they’re together now and that’s all that matters.

No surprise, Julian gets his gun. Alexis walks in with a cop. Good.

Kiki tells Nina it’s urgent and Dillon is surprised she left the apartment by herself. Nina says she and Franco broke up. Kiki says he’s not taking it well, and painting some scary things.

Heather says Franco’s creative forces are back. He says he’s been having a hard time with Nina because she wants a baby. Heather says a new version of Franco would be great, but he says it’s a terrible idea. He says her adoption talk was the beginning of the end. Heather says she never liked Nina anyway. Franco says he’s lost without her and the only good thing he has left is his job at the hospital as an art therapist. He says Obrecht helped him and she’s been very supportive. Heather says Obrecht is trying to stifle his creativity with a mundane job. Franco says she’s not the problem. Since he lost Nina, he’s been having dark thoughts that he doesn’t know how to stop. He doesn’t know how to get Nina back. Heather badmouths Nina some more and Franco tells her to stop and tell him how to win Nina back instead.

Carly says if Carrrlos isn’t found, Sonny needs to cut his losses and not poison his life seeking revenge. She says he should be grateful for what he has. They hear Avery cry over the monitor. Carly says Avery feels the same way and goes to tend to her. Michael tells Sonny what happened when he went to see Carrrlos. He asks if Jason’s interference was Sonny’s idea. Sonny says Carly is right and Carrrlos is trouble no one needs.

Alexis comes in with two cops. She says she told Jordan that if Julian heard from Carrrlos, he would have said something. One of the officers says they have a search warrant and they go looking. Alexis asks Julian what’s up with the gun. He says it’s to protect himself, since Carrrlos is on the loose. Alexis locks it up, but Julian hides another weapon in his waistband. He tells her he has to go to the office.

Carrrlos hears the cops coming. Anna tells Duke she’s been lost without him. She’s had grief, rage and pain about the unfairness of it all. She tells him his funeral was beautiful and people were so kind, she forgot for a while, but then fell into despair. She tells him about shooting Carrrlos and how she let the anger win. Duke tells her it’s over. He says it can’t be undone and she can’t go on reliving it. Anna says they had so much more they could have done and it’s gone. They laugh about the things they might have done. He says they both lost so much, but they’re together now. He kisses her hand.

Kiki tells Nina that Franco is spiraling and she needs to ground him. Nina says she can’t do that, and Dillon says she can’t even sleep without him. Nina says they waited so long to have sex and when they did it was great. If only they’d stayed in bed. Kiki is like, this is TMI.

Heather says she’s never been able to hang on to any of the men she’s been involved with. Franco says he’s come to accept that they’re more alike than he wants to admit. Heather says he’s a splendid son, despite who his father is, although she and Scotty were at their best in bed. Franco says it’s same with him and Nina, and Heather tells him to get her back between the sheets.

Duke talks about how if he’d begged Anna to run away with him before the Nurses Ball, they’d be in that cottage they talked about now. She tells him to take his own advice, no regrets, and tells him about Griff. The cops come, and Carrrlos hides under the pier.

The cops leave Julian’s and he tells Alexis he has to go. She asks if he’s going to see Carrrlos. He asks if she’s always going to question him now and she tells him to go, but be careful. He tells her he loves her and leaves.

Sonny calls Max, but no word on Carrrlos. Michael says Sonny seems surprisingly calm. They hear Carly with Avery over the monitor and Michael asks Sonny if the thing with Carrrlos is ever going away. Sonny says Carrrlos will get what he deserves, no matter who gives it to him. He thanks Michael for not putting himself at risk and coming home.

Duke asks who Griff’s mother is and Anna says Margaret Monroe. Duke says she was very shy, but serious. He says they broke up before he came to America, but he didn’t know she was pregnant. Anna tells him what Griff told her and about the letter.

Ha-ha! I can’t believe these goons don’t see Carrrlos’s head sticking out of the water.

The phone at Nina’s office rings. It’s Alexis, but she gets voicemail.

Julian gets to the pier. Carrrlos comes out of the water and tells him the cops just left. He says if anyone asks, he’ll say he was just taking a stroll. Carrrlos thanks him for coming and Julian says he’s there for him. If Carrrlos believes that, I have a bridge I’d like to sell him.

Alexis keeps trying to call Crimson’s office, but Nina thinks it’s Franco and won’t answer. She says if he wants to get back together, he needs to make a grand gesture.

Franco says he can’t believe that he came to Heather for advice. He says Nina won’t even talk to him, so how is he supposed to get her into bed? Heather says excuses are for ordinary people, not for extraordinary ones like them. Franco asks how that’s working for her. She says she thought she’d never see him again for one. She tells him to think big.

Carly and Michael come back downstairs to no Sonny. Carly asks if Sonny was talking about Carrrlos, and Michael says he said Sonny claimed that Carrrlos would get what’s coming to him.

Sonny thinks Julian is going to help Carrrlos, since he already killed a witness. Alexis says there was no evidence of foul play. Sonny says that doesn’t mean Julian didn’t do it. Alexis says it was strange that the witness suddenly showed up in the first place. Sonny says if Carrrlos comes back, it will ruin Julian’s new life. Alexis says he didn’t do it and Sonny says why isn’t he home then, adding because he’s with Carrrlos.

Julian gives Carrrlos some money and Carrrlos says he’ll never hear from him or see him again. He says men like them keep each other’s secrets. Julian says Carrrlos has a family to raise now. Carrrlos says just like Julian. Julian says the only thing left is good-by. I have a bad feeling about this, Beavis.

Anna tells Duke more about Griff, and how kind and generous he is, and that he’s a surgeon. Anna says when she’s with him, it’s like a part of Duke is in the room. She says Emma met him and is crazy about him. Duke says he always felt like Emma and Robin were his own family, but now he’s learned he has a son, but can’t be a part of his life.

Franco leaves and Heather goes on to the guards about what a genius he is.

Alexis opens the door to leave and runs into Sonny.

Kiki begs Nina to reach out to Franco, but she says it’s over. She says she needs some sleep and asks them to leave. Dillon says if Franco is being weird, he should follow Kiki home. Nina says relationships don’t work out, but Kiki says they’re just friends. I smell a set up.

Michael says he has to leave and clear his head. Carly tells him don’t go near the pier, the docks or Sonny’s office. He tells her Sonny will come home; he always does.

Sonny says Julian has two options, helping Carrrlos or killing him. Alexis says Julian claimed he went to Crimson, but isn’t picking up the phone.

Nina comes back into the office and Franco is there. In his birthday suit.

Duke tells Anna to tell Griff he loves him and would have sacrificed everything for him. Anna says there’s a lot of Duke in him, except for dancing. She says she loves Duke and always will. He says he feels the same way. They kiss. He tells her he promises she’ll get through this. Anna wakes up alone.

Julian says despite the trouble Carrrlos caused him, he did a lot for him and he’s grateful. Carrrlos says ditto and adios, amigo. Julian stabs him.

Tomorrow, Franco begs Nina to come back, no one can find Anna, Sonny accuses Alexis of lying, and Maxie asks if Nathan made it.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Sonja is visiting her facialist, who is discussing something about placenta and the black market. I don’t want to know. Sonja has a party coming upand the facialist didn’t get her invite. Because you always invite your facialist to your parties. Sonja talks to her assistant about the RSVPs.

Jules comes by Carole’s place. She’s invited everyone over for a psychic reading and we flash back to the coffee grounds reader who was so accurate. Really. She was. The psychic’s name is Kim Russo and Dorinda is a big fan. Kim says she reads energy and that it can’t be destroyed, so she can talk about people living or dead. Jules doesn’t want to be rude, but says in her interview that seeing a psychic isn’t very Jewish.

Kim talks to Dorinda about the many Johns in her life. Bethenny jokes that it’s an uncommon name, she’s a born cynic, and pass more cheese. Kim brings up Dorinda’s dead husband. Carole says part of her doesn’t believe this stuff, but there’s another part that wants it to be real. Kim tells Dorinda something about coins and that her husband is sending them, and this strikes a chord. Ramona is late and of course has to be noisy because everyone must focus on her and only her.

Dorinda gets weepy and says that before her husband died, he said he was going to leave change for her, and when she sees it, she should know he’s looking out for her. She says she finds them in weird places. Dead husband Richard says John is good for now, but can’t give her the “safety” she needs.

Kim says she sees a man around Bethenny and asks if there’s an anniversary of a death soon. Bethenny checks her phone and says it’s her father. Kim tells Bethenny that her father communicates in a distant way and also not to say she won’t get married again, even though Kim doesn’t see her doing it. Bethenny isn’t too impressed. Dorinda asks if she’ll get married again and Kim says yes, but not to John. Big mouth Ramona says, thank God, and Dorinda tells her to shut up and quit talking smack about John. She says she doesn’t give Ramona her opinion about the idiots Ramona brings around. Oooh, Dorinda brings up Mario leaving her for someone else. I kind of don’t blame her, because Ramona won’t shut up. Carole says it’s embarrassing.

Ramona asks if she’ll get married again and Kim says yes, but this time she’ll do things differently. Bethenny has to leave to pick up her daughter and she’s like, thanks for the cheese. Kim talks to Ramona about her father, and Ramona says he died shortly after the first time they actually connected. Kim brings up a photo and Ramona gets weepy as we see the photo in question. They take a break and Dorinda says Ramona needs to stop talking about John because it’s ruining their relationship.

Kim tells Carole she did a good thing for her friends because other emotions came out and it’s healing. Um…probably not.

Carole visits Jules, who doesn’t know what an iPod is, or the difference between one and an iPad. Carole asks for tea and Jules is confused as to how to make it. She does live on this planet, right? Jules talks about the psychic and Carole says she didn’t tell Kim anything about any of them beforehand. They talk about Bethenny’s skepticism and Carole says she was on her phone the whole time. They show a clip, and yep, she was.

Carole brings up Ramona being stupid and then what the psychic said about Jules. Jules tells Carole about her eating disorder and in her interview, Carole reflects on how Jules has an interesting and obvious relationship with food. Carole says Jules wants to express herself in a way that emancipates her and empowers other women. Jules says when she was in rehab, she wished she had someone to look up to and give her hope, and she would love to be a role model, something the psychic also talked about. Carole says at some point, Jules should think about a way to articulate it, whether it’s through writing, speeches, or whatever. Jules says she could hire someone to write it and Carole says she knows a good ghostwriter. Ha-ha!

John and Dorinda meet for dinner. Dorinda says the menu has really small writing on it and she’s right, it’s tiny. John wants some PDA and Dorinda is like, no and stop it. She brings up Ramona’s remarks at the psychic reading. John says he’s been a gentleman and Ramona has been nothing but rude. In her interview, Dorinda says she and John can be volatile and he wants to make it about him, but she wants it to be about her tonight. She says neither John nor Ramona are taking her feelings into consideration. Dorinda says the psychic said Ramona would get married again and John says he wants the best for her and starts talking about himself. She tells him he’s not even letting her get a whole sentence out.

Dorinda says if John and Ramona can’t be friends they need to be cordial. John wants to comment, but she tells him not if it’s about the past. He can’t do it and can’t seem to stop talking about it. Dorinda says she stood up for him and he should be thanking her. She tells him he’s not listening and he can grab an EZ-Pass back to Queens. I’m not sure what she means by that, since it’s a device for a car.She leaves him sitting there swilling pasta.

Sonja is throwing a birthday party for herself and also revealing her latest venture. She’s told no one about it and says she’s taken Bethenny’s advice.

Bethenny is doing some kind of promotion on the street in Manhattan. It’s raining, but tons of people still come out. Bethenny says she’s very involved with her brand and doesn’t just slap her name on something like some celebrities do. She passes out some kind of shakes from a food truck. People are taking selfies with her and we flash back to her first promotion that no one came to. She talks to her assistants afterward and recognizes their hard work. She says everyone would kill for the job only because they don’t know how hard it is.

Sonja is setting up for the party and Peter, her business partner enters. They talk about their presentation. The venue looks huge, although Sonja says it holds about 100 people.

Dorinda and Sonja kiss John on the cheeks. Eew! Dorinda says she’s about going forward and they’re going to have a good night. Ramona talks about the Countess’s birthday gift to her. Sonja is annoyed that she has to hear the regifting story again and wonders what Ramona got her for her birthday.

The Countess enters and takes Ramona aside. She tells Ramona she heard that she thinks The Countess moving in with Sonja is a bad idea. Ramona says it will be a revolving door of men and endless drinking. Jules is trying to eavesdrop. Her husband is down with that and asks if she wants him to be her beard. The Countess says Ramona is one to talk, but Ramona says although she likes a good time, she dosn’t go as far as they do. Hello? Turks and Caicos anyone? Sonja joins them and says quit talking about me.

The drinks are flowing. Dorinda tells The Countess about the necklace and Ramona says thanks a lot since she didn’t have a chance to say something herself. Ramona is pretty ticked off about this regifting business, but it turns out that Ramona doesn’t understand what the word is. What happened is this. The Countess had shown Ramona a necklace from her jewelry line that Ramona loved, but it was a sample and made out of cheaper materials that her skin reacted to. When the actual piece was manufactured, The Countess gave Ramona one for her birthday. This is not regifting and I don’t think I need to explain what that is. Ramona bitches some more and compares the necklace to the bag The Countess gave Bethenny for her birthday. Ramona is tedious and I don’t think I could take five minutes with her.

Sonja has John quiet everyone. She thanks them all for being supportive. She says they’re going to be passing trays with her new prosciutto wine, called Tipsy Girl. Not too close to Bethenny’s SkinnyGirl. Ramona doesn’t think liquor should be anything Sonja is involved with. Jules thinks that Bethenny isn’t going to appreciate the name, but Dorinda thinks she won’t care.

Jules approaches Sonja with her concerns, but Sonja is oblivious.

Next time, Sonja and The Countess join forces, Bethenny explains that a brand that rides another brand’s coattails is called a cheater brand and is a personal insult, and John kicks Ramona out. Should be good.

Little Women: NY

I’m not recapping Little Women: LA — Matt and Briana, but I do want to mention that I came to believe Matt is an opportunist. Enough said.

Jazmin’s husband, David, has to go to Florida for work, and she’s looking for a roommate because she wants to stay in NYC. She goes over to Jess’s place to ask if she can stay there, but Jess just got a roommate. She introduces Jess to Katie, who is also pregnant.

Katie says she knows Dawn and her husband (Jazmin’s brother). She says she saw them at LP conventions when they were younger, but they lost touch. She asks Jazmin how Dawn is as a sister-in-law, and Jazmin gives her a mini earful, no pun intended. Jess says she finds it hard to believe Katie and Dawn were friends, and wonders what happened to Dawn to make her so cranky.

Jason and DJ are having a rooftop brunch. DJ lives in Connecticut and comes in on the weekends. Lila and Jason haven’t spoken since Lila acted like an asshat, kicking Terra out of the housewarming party for absolutely no reason. Jason and DJ talk about their relationship and what they like about each other. It’s Jason’s first relationship, so everything is new.

Jess invites Dawn to lunch. She’s hoping to correct some of Dawn’s misconceptions. Good luck with that. If you can get the stick out of Dawn’s butt, let me know. Dawn is immediately condescending about Jess’s wrestling past and how she thinks it’s a bad influence on Jazmin. Jess says judging people by their profession isn’t fair. While Dawn agrees, she says they come from a small community and the world is judgmental. Jess says she should still be able to do what she wants to do regardless of her size. Dawn asks if she thinks it’s progressive and Jess says it’s not all that serious. Dawn brings up dwarf tossing which is not the same thing. Jess says bye, Felicia…er, Dawn.

Jason makes breakfast for Lila as a peace offering and says they should talk. He apologizes for not giving her a heads up about Terra, but says he had no idea she would get so crazy about it. He asks if anything is wrong and Lila bursts into tears. Her father has been suffering from lung disease. She’s been going back and forth to Ohio to help, and he didn’t make it. Jason feels even worse now. He tells Lila her dad is watching over her and her mom now. Lila says it puts things into perspective.

Katie meets Terra in the park. They’ve known each other for years and Katie wants to connect since Terra just had a baby and can relate. Katie says considering the measurements, her baby is going to be a little person. Terra asks where PJ (Katie’s baby daddy) is, and Katie says they’re taking a break. Katie wants to get married. Terra says it will be okay; she and Joe weren’t married when they had Penny. Katie is worried her daughter is going to grow up without a dad. Terra says Katie has a great family and support system of friends, and even if PJ doesn’t come around, Katie’s baby has Katie. Katie feels a lot better after talking with Terra.

It’s time for David to leave and it’s hard on Jazmin. She doesn’t go with him to the airport because it’s hard enough to get just yourself through the airport these days. Jazmin says she has big dreams and tons of determination. She decides to vent to Jason.

Jazmin tells Jason about approaching Dawn as a roommate and Dawn giving her a lecture. Jason says he’s not surprised, but still thinks it’s cold. He says he and Lila have a spare room and she can move in with them. He says he can turn Will and Grace into Three’s Company. They FaceTime with Lila in Ohio. Lila says it’s been busy, but she and her mom know that once everything quiets down, it’s going to feel lonely. Lila explains the situation, but before she can say anything about moving in, Lila suggests it. Problem solved.

Katie has a doctor’s appointment and Jess tags along. The doctor asks the usual questions and they go in for a sono. Loud baby. The doctor says the baby has extra digits on both hands. The baby’s father also has six fingers on each hand. Katie says she’s okay with it, but asks if it’s removable. The doctor says yes, as long as there’s no bone involved. Katie is concerned about the cost of the delivery and doesn’t know what to do.

Jason and Jazmin “pinkify” Lila’s room with flowers and balloons. Wet blanket Dawn drops by and says it might be best to give Lila her space. Since she’s lost both her parents and is the authority on everyone’s feelings. She’s also the first one to be all over Lila the second she walks through the door.

Lila is happy to be home and feels loved and supportive. She says that she’s learned family matters and she’s getting a new sister in Jazmin. Dawn says blah-blah-blah about how Jazmin should be independent, but she’s glad that Jazmin has a safe roof over her head. I focus on their really cute long-haired Chihuahua.

Jazmin makes the big move. Lila says little people and big boxes do not mix. Jazmin says Jason and Lila are more like family than Dawn will ever be. Jazmin suggests they do some belly dancing to celebrate.

Jazmin invites the gang to a Mediterranean restaurant. Jess isn’t looking forward to seeing Dawn. Dawn is surprised to see Katie and thinks she should be keeping better company than Jess. Dawn asks what brought Katie to the city. Katie explains about the trial separation, and Dawn acts like the lead balloon she is. In her interview, Dawn says it doesn’t sound like a good plan and wonders what Katie will do if PJ doesn’t come after her. She asks how Katie met Jess, and Katie says they met through wrestling and fields Dawns comments before she makes them. Jazmin says you should be supportive or keep your mouth shut. Jess says Dawn is ignorant because she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Dawn says if they’re defensive, they probably feel embarrassed by it. No, they’re just tired of your disparaging comments.

The exploitation discussion starts and Jazmin says they’re talking about her like she’s not there. Jazmin tells Dawn not to treat her she’s a child and she’s ignorant. Dawn says she thinks pretty highly of herself, meaning Dawn thinks very highly of herself. Who the blip says things like that?

A belly dancer comes out to change the focus. She’s wearing a tray of lit candles on her head and I’m not sure what to think. Everyone puts scarves with bells on them around their waists. Lila says with short arms, the moves just don’t look the same.

Jazmin is sick of Dawn’s attitude, and asks her to go to the ladies room. Jazmin tells her that she’s sick of Dawn talking down to her. She says she’s hurt that when she came to Dawn for help, she turned her back on Jazmin, but on the other hand, Dawn is all up in Jazmin’s business. She tells Dawn to stop trying to be a family member when she’s just an in-law. Lila joins them and Dawn looks like she smelled something bad, tells them they’re going around in circles, and leaves.

Dawn tells Jason good-by. Jazmin tells Lila she’s done.

Next time, the group uses a Slip’N Slide, Jazmin catches Katie smoking, and Lila and Dawn have it out.

May 4, 2016 — GH, Little Reunion & Double the NYC


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & recaps from today’s real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Maxie is looking for Nathan at the hospital. The nurse at reception suggests she ask Jason where he is, since she saw Jason with some cops.

Nathan sees Griff in the hospital locker-room. He asks Griff if he’s okay and says it looks like it hurt. He adds that Griff has a specific kind of scar and he knows how Griff got it.

Sam is concerned about Alexis being suspected of murder. Jason tells Sam that Anna only accused her to get at Julian and asks if she thinks Julian did it. She asks Jason if he isn’t thinking the same thing.

Dante sees Anna at the station and says he thinks Alexis is up to her neck in it.

While looking for Nicholas, Elizabeth is startled by Franco at Windemere.

Griff says he wishes he had an epic gun battle story, but it was more like being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nathan asks who shot him and why.

The nurse tells Maxie to check the locker-room.

Sam says Julian hasn’t changed and only told Alexis what she wanted to hear. Jason wants to get involved, but she tells him to stay away and go talk to Elizabeth about Franco.

Elizabeth wonders how Franco got in there. Franco says he learned the catacombs when his mother was in a crazy phase. He tells Elizabeth he wanted to warn her about a storm headed her way — Hurricane Jason.

Molly is doing laundry. She’s not happy about Julian, and Kristina says she thought Molly put her Julian issues to rest. Molly says she did until Alexis decided to defend Carrrlos. Kristina says Alexis has totally lost her way and sold out.

Alexis says if she gets arrested, Julian can call Diane, but she won’t be. Anna asks Dante if she can sit in on the interrogation. She wants to see how Julian reacts. Julian tells Alexis that Hale’s death was a tragic accident. Dante comes in with Anna and Julian says he’s not going anywhere. Anna says that’s because the two of them are a team, right?

Kristina tells Molly that she’d prefer Alexis wasn’t involved with Carrrlos, but Molly isn’t being fair. Molly says there’s no excuse to advocate murder; no one is that good in bed. She says Alexis isn’t in love with Julian, but with the idea that he’s in love with her. She says soon they won’t recognize Alexis and it won’t be long before she doesn’t even recognize herself.

Alexis tells Dante about her encounter with Hale. She says she was hoping to discover inconsistencies in his statement, but after a couple of minutes, he got agitated and left. She says the next time she saw him was in the parking garage.

Maxie wants an update from Sam on the Claudette investigation. Sam has Claudette’s maiden name and old address in Hell’s Kitchen. (That would be in Manhattan, not Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant.) Sam has to jet and says they’ll catch up later.

Griff says the incident wasn’t reported and that it was a misunderstanding. He says he did as much to contribute to the situation as the person who shot him and he’s sure they feel badly about it. Nathan says stuff happens and Maxie enters the locker-room.

Franco tells Elizabeth that Jason is going to level some accusations against him and he wants her to hear about it from him first. He starts with telling her about the puppy. Elizabeth says he should always check with the parents first and he says he gets that. He tells her about breaking up with Nina and how he drew the ugly picture of her. He says that Jason and Sam made a bigger deal about it than it is, and that he totally screwed up and the breakup is on him. Elizabeth says the bright side is that he’s drawing again and he’s still helping people, especially Jake. Enter Jason, who will no doubt change that.

Anna says Alexis’s account doesn’t address her opportunity. Alexis says hasn’t Anna been charged in another case, and Dante says she still works there. Julian says there’s no proof to suggest Alexis did anything. Dante says they still have to hear from forensics. His phone rings and Dante leaves. Anna asks if Alexis can account for her actions. Alexis says she was with Julian, who corroborates this. Anna asks if there’s anyone who can vouch for that who’s not involved. Julian says Alexis would never kill someone to protect Carrrlos and Anna says no, but she would to protect Julian.

Kristina tells Molly that getting involved won’t change anything, it will just upset the fragile peace she has with her parents. And besides, she has to get ready for her date.

Griff tells Maxie and Nathan to enjoy their evening and leaves. Maxie wonders why he left so quickly and Nathan says it’s probably his fault for prying about Griff’s scar. Nathan says the way Griff was talking about it, it was like he felt he deserved it.

NuNurse starts talking to Griff about the Hale thing and Alexis’s involvement. Sam comes by and tells her she’s talking about Sam’s parents and to butt out. NuNurse leaves. Sam tells Griff a little about the situation and he says his father was also a mobster.

Franco says Jason runs to Elizabeth like a playground tattletale. Ha-ha! He does! Jason says he doesn’t want Franco around his son. He says that Franco said Elizabeth wouldn’t let that happen because they’re so close. Franco says Jason is twisting his words and Elizabeth says maybe Franco should go.

Molly asks Kristina to tell her about the date. Kristina says her date’s name is Aaron, but Molly thinks she means Erin. There’s a knock at the door. Molly answers and it’s a guy looking for Kristina. Kristina says this is her date.

Franco asks Elizabeth if she’s going to let Jason dictate her life now and if it wasn’t for Jake, Jason wouldn’t give her the time of day. She asks Franco to leave. Jason tells Elizabeth that Franco is dangerous. Elizabeth says he’s made more progress with Jake than anyone else and she doesn’t see it that way.

Griff says eventually the mob cost his father his life and hopes Sam’s father fares better. Sam wonders if they’ve met before. Griff says he’s been told he bears a resemblance to his father, Duke Lavery.

Anna brings up Alexis pushing Alcazar off the balcony, and Alexis says she was of diminished capacity at the time. Anna asks if she was of diminished capacity when she killed Kristina’s boyfriend, Kiefer, by running him over. Alexis says it was deemed an accident. Anna says Hale had been clean for a year, and they’re supposed to believe he overdosed just after Alexis was harassing him? Alexis says believe what the evidence says. Anna says one death is an accident, but three is a pattern. Julian tries to interject, and Anna says if Alexis didn’t kill Hale, who did? Dante comes back and Anna asks if it was an overdose or murder.

Molly says Kristina didn’t tell her that her date was…such a cute guy. Aaron comes in and Kristina tells Molly to behave.

Maxie tells Nathan they should mind their own business and he asks if she’s feeling okay. She says normally, she would tell him to leave it alone and badger Griff herself, but they have a wedding to plan and she doesn’t want him distracted. Nathan is still concerned though.

Sam says she didn’t know Duke had kids, and Griff said he just found out. Sam tells him her father is Julian.

Dante wants to talk to Anna outside. He tells her the only prints on the needle were Hale’s and they have to let Alexis and Julian go. He tells them not to leave town. Anna says Alexis is married to the man who ordered Carrrlos to kill Duke. She asks if she’s Julian’s stooge or his accomplice. They leave. Dante tells Anna he understands, but they have no proof. Anna is worried Carrrlos is going to walk.

Griff tells Sam whatever happened with their fathers is between their fathers. Sam says she thought Duke was a good guy. Griff says he’s heard that. He goes back to work.

Jason tells Elizabeth she can’t trust Franco She says maybe Franco isn’t the most honest guy, but she doesn’t think he’s the bad guy Jason thinks he is. Jason says when it comes to their son, they should err on the side of caution.

Kristina comes back downstairs and thinks Molly scared Aaron off, but he’s just in the bathroom. When he comes back, Molly tells them not to do anything she wouldn’t do and leaves. Kristina says she hears Aaron is a knitter. He says something tells him there’s more to Kristina than meets the eye too.

Maxie wonders if Nathan has to go back to the station and he says yes. She makes him promise to leave Griff alone. She says everyone has a past, even Nathan.

Anna looks at a picture of Duke, lamenting how she thought she could get justice and make it right, but she failed. The doorbell rings. It’s Griff.

NuNurse, whose name is Amy (I wonder if this is a nod to the original Amy, Shell Kepler, who sadly passed away many years ago), tells Franco he’s looking good. He asks for a hard copy of his schedule. She has to make an alteration though. Elizabeth is discontinuing Jake’s art therapy. Amy says look at the bright side, more time for him and his girlfriend. Ouch!

Jason tells Elizabeth she made the right decision. She says Jake is not going to be happy. Jason says if he wants art therapy, they can find someone else. He says they’ll tell Jake together tomorrow. He leaves after patting her on the leg like she’s a linebacker. It’s that friend pat people do when they want to make sure you know they’re not interested in you that way.

Sam asks Dante if Alexis is at the station. He tells her that Alexis and Julian left. Sam asks about Hale and Dante says it was an overdose. She asks if he thinks Alexis did it and he says no, but he can’t say the same for Julian.

Julian asks if he can get Alexis anything and she says some answers, like to Anna’s question. She tells him don’t equivocate, evade, or lie, just tell her the truth. Did he order the witness murdered?

Tomorrow, Kristina has something to tell Sonny, Alexis questions Julian, and Finn asks Carly why she needs to see him.

Little Women: LA — The Reunion, Part Two

There’s a mini free-for-all that Kevin Frazier is trying to calm. They go to break. Matt and Briana decide they’re not staying if his texts are going to be read. Kevin says Matt should stay and take his medicine. One of the producers says they won’t include the more disgusting ones. Why? Inquiring minds want to know. Kevin says most are so vulgar, they can’t even show them. Alrighty then.

They read some phony nonsense stuff where he’s lying to women about his relationship. Kevin asks why things escalated and got as graphic as they did. This is such a stupid question, I can’t even. It’s basically a classic case of another guy going wild with other women using technology because he can.

Briana says she doesn’t defend or excuse anything, and it’s made her question her worth. Jasmine says a baby being raised by “that man” is not good. Terra wonders how many times she’s going to forgive him. Kevin asks if Matt is afraid he’ll be cut out of his son’s life. Matt says of course. He says either he’ll stop his behavior or Terra will turn out to be right.

Oh boy! Next week, there’s a special episode on Matt and Briana’s relationship because we haven’t gotten enough. We get a sneak peek. It’s all just sad, especially since she’s pregnant.

Jasmine is pissed because she gave Matt a chance and she wants the best for Briana. She says she is proud of Briana for defending herself. Tonya says they’re all upset and Briana says this is her life they’re talking about and she’s in pain. She says they doubt her before she has a chance to even say anything. Terra talks about them trying to warn her. No point in rubbing it in. Briana says it seems like they’re saying “I told you so.” Tonya says that’s not it; they’re just tired of hearing the lies.

Kevin asks who Briana thinks is there for her. She says Christy has been there, but the others seems to just give lip service to it. Jasmine is hurt and I don’t blame her. Briana admits Jasmine has also had her back. Kevin is like, quit the attack mode and think of something helpful.

Elena thinks they sholdn’t pressure Briana to break up with Matt and that if she has love for him in her heart, she has the right to work on it. Kevin asks Briana if she believes Matt is capable of faithfulness. She says she wants to, but he hasn’t proven that when times get tough.

Kevin asks Matt if he has anything to say before he goes. He thanks Elena, Jasmine and Christy for being supportive and says he has nothing for the other two. Exit Matt.

We flash back to Terra and Christy’s relationship and how it had improved until the ice tea incident. (Guns N’ Roses‘ sequel to The Spaghetti Incident.) Kevin goes over what happened and it sure sounds like Christy started it. Terra says it took a lot for her to become friends with Christy again and it hurt her to find out Christy was lying. She says the only thing she shouldn’t have done was throw the drink. Christy says it upset he to hear that Terra and Tonya said she tried to force them to come to Mexico. Three angles of unedited video happens. I swear it looks like their almost laughing during this altercation though. It’s all fun and games until someone goes home in a cone.

Christy and Terra argue about what happened and who started it, even though we saw more aspects of this than a Jets game. Elena interjects that Christy has changed her story. Kevin asks if she really had a concussion. She says yes, and Terra asks if anyone has seen the test result. Christy says she gave it to production. So let’s see it. Oh, okay, Kevin glosses over that one.

Terra says by filing the police report, Christy will never be her friend again. She says Christy totally messed with her home life and her work life. I kind of don’t blame her on this one. Yeah, no one should be throwing anything at anyone else, but seriously, it didn’t look like anything happened except Christy’s hat getting grazed, we still didn’t see any proof, and Christy should have settled it between them — not in court or in the court of public opinion, otherwise known as TMZ and Instagram.

Special guest, Dawn, arrives. Kevin says she was instrumental in Christy filing charges. Dawn is the cranky paralegal from Little Women: NY. Dawn says since Christy went to the hospital, it was definitely assault. Christy said Dawn told her she had to do something because she had a concussion. I guess settling it between themselves was out of the question. Kevin asks why she didn’t bring the hat, which she insists is mesh, and Christy says her lawyer told her not to. Kevin asks if that means there will be a pending case.

Terra says Christy threw the first punch, I mean, glass. Everyone starts talking at once and Kevin tells everyone to shut up. He says they can play the video again. Oh man, it’s so obvious that the cup only skimmed the top of the hat; it didn’t even move the hat. Kevin says Christy clearly threw the first cup.

Kevin asks if Dawn’s opinion is changed after seeing the video. Kevin calls it an alleged concussion and Christy gets annoyed. She tells him to call the hospital and mumbles about how she should have brought the report. Well, yeah. Kevin tries to get them to shut up.

Dawn says it’s not the first time Terra has exhibited this behavior. She says that when Terra was in New York, she chucked a beer bottle at her. I’ve wanted to chuck a beer bottle at Dawn since we first met her.

We get a scene from the upcoming Little Women: NY from when Terra visits. Terra has a great haircut and Lila gets in her face, insults her and tells her to get out of her apartment. We’ve been seeing a smidgen of this on the commercials. Kevin asks why she threw a bottle. Terra says Jason had invited her over and immediately Lila told her to leave since she’s unstable, but she wasn’t assaulting anyone, and she just threw it at the door.

Kevin asks who called TMZ about the ice tea incident. Christy says they showed up at the hospital. Kevin asks Dawn if she called and she says no. He asks Terra the same question, which is really stupid, since it made her look bad, which is exactly what she says. She says every time there was something in the press, Christy’s was the name in the headline. Dawn says physical violence is always unacceptable. Like we haven’t seen some nasty stuff from her. Terra says the charges have been deemed irrelevant by the police and the DA dropped the charges. Kevin tries to go to break, but no one will stop talking.

He asks for any final words from Dawn. She says everyone is amazing, but there’s no reason for physical violence between little people. So, is it okay for average sized people?

The men join the group, but Joe had to leave and tend to Penny. Kevin says he and Todd stood by their wives during the fray. Terra says it had a big impact on their family and there’s still no proof. Kevin asks Todd if he thinks filing a police report was necessary. Todd is like, duh…I dunno, but concurs that Christy had a concussion. Terra says Christy lied just the way she always does. Christy asks why she cares and Terra says because Christy messed with her life.

Terra makes Christy produce her EpiPen to prove she has allergies. <snort> Todd says he has no issues with Joe and that pisses Christy off. Kevin asks if there’s any coming back, but it looks highly doubtful. Kevin says this will have to be settled next season.

Kevin gets nosy about Jasmine having another child, since everyone else is pregnant. Preston says he’s excited about the twins. Kevin says several of them received calls from Matt and asks what that was about. Chris says Matt just talked about his past and how it affected what he’s done. Preston says his main concern has always been Briana and Matt has some deep issues. Todd says hopefully he gets help. Kevin asks if they should stay together.

Chris says Matt needs to get help before they can move on. Todd says it’s a grey area and he can’t honestly answer the question. Preston doesn’t want to commit to an answer either, but he says Briana is a grown woman and it’s up to her. In other words, there’s no way these guys are giving an opinion on this, and that’s a smart move. Matt says he agrees it’s on him. He either gets help and fixes it, and they stay together or don’t. Very astute.

We see another clip from the Matt and Briana special. We see a lot of Matt whining and pointing fingers. Kevin asks why do the special? Terra says the viewers care about Briana and will want to see what happens. Briana says from day one, their relationship was in the spotlight, so why end with more questions than answers. She says they still need to figure out where they are and where they’re going and get ready for the baby. Matt hasn’t been living at home, and they’re spending tonight in a hotel. After that, who knows?

Kevin tells us that Little Women: LA will be returning for another season. But I guessed that when he used the words “next season.”

Little Women: NY

Lila is having a party. She’s now rooming with Jason, who comes in with the decorations. He says moving out of his parents house is exciting but scary, and how better to celebrate that a pajama jam. They try putting up some crepe paper. “Try” being the operative word.

Lila asks if she’s going to meet Jason’s special someone tonight. He says yes, he thinks it’s time. He asks Lila if she’s going to be okay with having alcohol for the other guests, since she’s a recovering alcoholic, and already Lila starts whining. Jasmine is bringing another little person along who is new to the city.

Jazmin meets Jess (new girl) in Central Park for a workout. Jess is aka Jersey Jess and traveled with Hulk Hogan’s wrestling show. She’s in the city going on auditions. Jazmin tells Jess about her SIL Dawn and we flash back to how unsupportive Dawn has been of her. Jazmin says she can be herself around Jess and hopes everyone is accepting. Ha!

Dawn has just broken up with her boyfriend and is putting her energy into work. She’s first to arrive. Jason tells Dawn that he’s invited someone to the party and Lila tells her about Jazmin’s new friend. Already Dawn acts like Jazmin can’t think for herself and wants to size the new friend up.

When Jess comes in, Dawn already knows who she is from social media. She says Jess is well known in the little people world and not for her charity work. In her interview, she’s very insulting to both Jess and Jazmin. Jess is has a kind of dwarfism where she’s small, but proportionate, and feels she doesn’t fit in with either crowd, average or little.

Oh no. Dawn feels it’s her “responsibility” to tell Jazmin about her concerns. Jazmin said she knew Dawn would feel that way, but hoped she’d have some manners. They’re downstairs and Lila hears them shouting. Dawn’s brother is defending Jazmin and this offends Dawn. David says Dawn shouldn’t judge people by the internet and she’s being judgy. Dawn says Jazmin should watch the company she keeps. David says they should join the party and Dawn says the discussion isn’t over.

Jess says they found out how thin the walls are. Jason introduces his new boyfriend, DJ. Jason talks about how they met online. DJ is pretty cute. Previously, it hasn’t been mentioned that Jason is gay, but it’s also been very obvious. At least to me. Probably to everyone.

Terra shows up. Lila wonders if it’s some sick joke. Lila had once had a brief fling with Joe when he and Terra had broken up. Later, when Terra and Joe were back together, Lila kept trying to hit on Joe and it didn’t go over well with Terra, causing a fight a couple of LA seasons ago. Jason is friends with Terra and says it means a lot that she made it. Lila says Terra dragged her name through the mud and she is not happy. We flash back to the LA altercation.

Lila says Terra has some major nerve and her home is her sacred place. Terra asks Jason for a tour and Lila runs and locks her room. It’s a duplex apartment, which is awesome. I can’t imagine what the rent must be. While they’re out of the room, Lila asks the others wtf does Jason think he’s doing? She says she doesn’t want friction between them, but it’s a huge slap in the face. She gets all weird about where Terra’s pocketbook and shoes are and moves them.

Terra asks Jason if she was supposed to put her purse in the toilet. Jason says he didn’t realize it was all still an issue. They go back downstairs and Terra apologizes for being a surprise. Dawn chastises Jason for not giving a heads up and says he should talk to Lila. Terra says sorry, but Jason invited her.

Lila reads some kind of blessing thing they got as a housewarming gift and tells Terra to get out. Terra asks where her shoes are and Lila throws them out the door. Jess wonders how Jazmin is friends with Lila and Dawn. Lila threatens to call the cops about an intruder. This girl is definitely unhinged. Terra says she came over for Jason and Lila is clearly having emotional issues. I say Lila is clearly a whackjob. When Dawn tries to stick her nose into it, Terra lets fly about Lila trying to sext Joe after they were engaged. Lila gets an inch from Terra’s face and screams at her to get out, hurling a bunch of insults at her. Terra throws a beer bottle and it sticks in the door. Bet she couldn’t do that again if she tried.

Jason can’t believe all this drama is happening in front of his new boyfriend and thinks he should reevaluate his friendships. He walks Terra out and she tells him that it’s his place too, and not to let Lila call all the shots. Speaking of shots, Lila says she’d kill for a cocktail.

Jess is talking to her friend, Kim, on the phone and tells her about the party. She says her best friend, Katie, is coming for a visit. She’s pregnant and just broke up with her baby daddy. She and Jess know each other from the wrestling circuit. The baby’s father is average sized and the baby is going to be a little person. Jess tells Katie about how she felt judged at the party.

Lila meets Dawn in the park for yoga. They discuss Lila loosing her sh*t at the party. Lila says that Terra wouldn’t get out of her area. To her credit, Dawn says reminds her that she has a roommate. Lila says she’d rather live in a broom closet. Dawn goes through various yoga positions and Lila isn’t sure if she’s serious or just making them up as she goes along.

Lila is angry at herself for how she reacted, but Dawn says at least she didn’t have a drink. Lila says Dawn helps her put things in perspective and she wants to keep her friendship with Jason.

Jason meets Jazmin for coffee. He says the party was crazy and didn’t sit with him well. He says no one understood his point of view. He says if Lila invited an enemy of his, he’d at least be cordial. Jazmin says he should have told her first. He says he didn’t have anyone on his side, even her. He feels like he was piggyback attacked. He says he’s hurt that people thought he was being malicious and no one stood up for him.

Jason says everyone forgot his character and now he questions his friendships. He says he’ll apologize to Lila, but he’s not letting her run the show either. He thanks Jazmin for letting him vent.

Jess shows Katie around the city. Katie has no idea what she’s doing with her life. She’s been seeing her boyfriend, PJ, off and on for years. She wants him to put a ring on it or move along. She says right now she’s focusing on her and the baby, and if he joins them, he joins them.

David’s job wants him to go to Orlando — this week. He doesn’t have specifics on how long and he wants Jazmin to come with him. Jazmin doesn’t think it’s fair to make her leave her career. David says it will be really expensive to keep two places, so maybe she could get a roommate. He suggests Dawn because she’s the only other person in New York and the internet doesn’t exist. Jazmin isn’t thrilled with that idea, but says she’ll do anything to stay in the city.

Jazmin and Dawn sit down together. Jazmin tells Dawn about David’s job and how she thinks it’s bad timing for her to leave NYC. She suggests they room together. Dawn says she was raised not to rely on family and they’re still working on their relationship. She says Jazmin should get her own place and learn what it’s like to be independent. It’s a no and Jazmin says she’s asking for help. Dawn won’t let her talk and Jazmin says she won’t listen. She asks why Dawn is always shutting the door on her. Dawn says she needs to spread her wings and Jazmin says she does, but Dawn is critical of her.

Dawn says she’s being honest that it won’t work and she needs to respect that. Jazmin says Dawn is literally a knucklehead. Jazmin tells her she’s going to end up alone with cats. Ha-ha!

This season, Jason and Lila discuss the Terra thing, Katie’s baby has extra fingers, Lila’s father dies, Dawn lectures Jess (and probably everyone else), there’s some dancing and a Slip’N Slide, and the baby comes.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Yay! Back to back NYC tonight!

Bethenny is packing a bag for her daughter, Brit. She says Brit is like a mini-me, although she’s still independent. Bethenny gives her selections to choose from, rather than just telling her what to do, which is an excellent parenting move.

Dorinda meets Carole for dinner. Carole has a new phone. She lost her old one. Without a password. She says she had a sexy screen saver of Adam on it, and Dorinda says someone got lucky. They talk about Jules’s seven year project house. Carole says the vibe was off for her and Dorinda says it was tense and awkward. Carole says only the two of them ate. Dorinda thinks they’re using John as a panacea for all the group problems and I don’t even know where that came from. In her interview, Dorinda thinks she should keep John away from the other girls.

Jules shows up and Carole apologizes for ruining the energy at the brunch. She says she and Bethenny felt awkward. Jules says she’s having a hard time having a favoable impression of Bethenny. She doesn’t know if Bethenny is rude, condescending or what. She’s really annoyed about the criticism of her home. The girls say it’s just her personality, but Jules says that’s not an excuse for being rude. In her interview, Carole says Jules doesn’t know Bethenny  and she was just being “overly honest.” Here we go again with that honesty thing.

In her interview, Jules says there’s a difference between new money Bethenny and old money her and Michael. Jules says maybe she’s misunderstanding Bethenny, but she hasn’t had a good impression. Dorinda says Bethenny is an acquired taste, but she thinks if Jules is willing to peel back the layers, there’s a friendship there. Carole says Jules seems sweet, but under the surface, there’s crazy.

Sonja is going over her schedule with her latest intern. Then the great leveler happens — her dog poops on the carpet. Ramona comes by for a visit. She has her notarized divorce papers. She reads them out loud. They get hung up on the word “solemnized.”

Ramona says Sonja wasn’t invited to Bethenny’s party because she gets embarrassingly drunk and Bethenny doesn’t want to be around her. Sonja thinks Bethenny would tell her something like that herself and I do too. Ramona says she sees that Sonja drinks too much and that’s why she’s stepped away somewhat. She says she’s seen people hold Sonja up and Sonja says she’s seen the same with Ramona. Ramona says she’s in denial and Sonja thanks her for her opinion. Sonja says she does what she wants and reels it in when she has to. She adds she’s coming off a tough time.

They talk about the Countess, and Sonja tells Ramona she’s coming to stay for a while. Ramona does not think that’s a good idea and that she’ll be a horrible influence. She thinks Sonja will try to keep up with the Countess who apparently has a wooden leg.

Adam is off doing a documentary and Carole feels a little envious. She FaceTimes with him. It’s the longest they’ve been apart and Carole likes the feeling of missing each other.

Jules meets Bethenny for lunch. Bethenny knows she was harsh at the brunch and wants to connect with Jules. Jules is nervous and says the brunch was a little tense. She can’t seem to get her point across and in her interview, Bethenny says Jules needs a map to find the words. Jules says Bethenny was kind of abrupt. Bethenny says she didn’t know it was only going to be six people and when John opened the door it wasn’t a good start. Jules says she felt hurt that Bethenny criticized her home. Bethenny says she’s sorry if she made Jules uncomfortable and it was nothing personal. Jules says it’s hard for her to talk feelings.

Jules talks about having an eating disorder when she was younger. She says you’re never cured, but you learn to deal with it. In her interview, she says she was a swimmer and when she quit swimming, it got bad. Bethenny thanks her for being honest, and says it brings up her own issues and how she had to walk on eggshells around her mother as a child.

Jules says she and Mike have a guy in mind for her and he’s a Greek shipping heir. Bethenny says she loves feta cheese. I’m not sure if she’s talking about cheese or it’s a euphemism for something. Just kidding.

Carole and Bethenny go to Ramona’s place for lunch. Carole asks Bethenny how the lunch with Jules went. Bethenny says she encouraged Jules to be honest and she was open and vulnerable. Bethenny doesn’t repeat what Jules told her and in her interview says that’s not her story to tell. Good for her. Ramona asks Carole if she’ll be okay with the Countess is invited to her birthday party, although she’s putting them at separate tables. It’s going to be quite a crowd.

Bethenny tells about getting together with Kyle Richards and Kyle having a dinner party. The Countess harassed Bethenny relentlessly for an invite even though it wasn’t her party to invite anyone to. Bethenny wonders if she’s still friends with Dorinda and Carole says Dorinda is okay with her.

Dorinda and Jules meet at the salon for a mani/pedi. Jules says she learned you have to give someone a chance to explain themselves and says she feels better about her relationship with Bethenny. Dorinda talks to Jules about the bra party and how she felt overwhelmed by Ramona and that she doesn’t feel the same anymore. She says it’s devastating thinking you’re safe with someone and then finding out you’re not. Amen, sista. Been there, felt that.

It’s time for Ramona’s birthday party. Bethenny says the crowd looks like they haven’t moved from last year. Ramona says these are all the girls who were supportive during her horrendous divorce. Bethenny and Ramona talk about Sonja, and Bethenny says the reason she didn’t invite Sonja to her party was because they haven’t hung out in months. So this means Ramona made that up about Bethenny saying it was about her drinking. Nice.

The cake is pretty amazing, with a decorative icing (I think) purse on top of it. Jules says she’s heard negative things about Sonja, but feels a connection right away. The Countess pointedly ignores Carole. Carole says she’d rather the glide-by than the fake double air kiss.

The Countess had something made for Bethenny for her birthday. It’s some kind of bag with her name on it. Ramona is a little miffed because she got a necklace from the Countess’s collection and knows it was a regift. The Countess tells Bethenny she’s like family, but Bethenny says she was aggressive about Kyle’s party. The Countess is offended and starts getting a little loud. Bethenny says friends aren’t pushy like that and the Countess says friends don’t do what she’s doing now. Bethenny says she doesn’t think the Countess is honest and the Countess says if she doesn’t think so, she’s sorry. They hug and the Countess says she’s a little fragile right now. Bethenny says she just wants her to be honest. In her interview, Bethenny says she thinks the Countess is feeling lonely and it’s catching up with her.

Dorinda says she doesn’t want to talk about anything in the past and it’s onward and upward. She discusses John with the Countess, Sonja and Dorinda, and says the critics must be jealous. Ramona immediately relays that to Carole and Bethenny. Dorinda gives a toast. She says it’s the day after the fourth anniversary of her husband’s death and talks about how Ramona made her get up and out at a time when she wanted to hide. She says that girlfriends are the most important of all relationships.

Next time, the ladies see a psychic (we know how that always goes), Jules tells Carole about her eating disorder, Dorinda and John have a fight, and Sonja is getting into the liquor business, since she’s already into the liquor.