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July 19, 2019 – You Can’t Keep a Good Con Man Down, My Theory, More Gina, OctoQuotes Minus One & Hot


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Aiden is having a birthday party at Perks. Franco tells Elizabeth that Aiden has style and talent. He can’t believe how skilled Aiden is. Cameron hopes he’s skilled with the drum set he got. Franco says, and Elizabeth thought Cameron’s car gave them a headache.

Curtis and Jordan walk into the prison visiting area, where they have glass partitions. Curtis tells Jordan he’s glad they’re getting their lives back, but didn’t imagine they’d be going to Pentonville. He was thinking more like walks in the park or binge watching a show. Jordan says she needs peace of mind. He says, don’t count on it. Ryan is brought in, and acts like he’s in pain, clutching his side.

Willow visits Harmony, and says she’s sorry Harmony is back in prison after her statement against Shiloh. It doesn’t seem fair. Harmony tells Willow that she meant what said, and she has to take responsibility for her actions. It’s difficult, but it could be worse. Willow says Harmony’s cellmate Nelle is a comfort. Harmony says Nelle is young, like Willow. Because of her cooperation, Harmony has also been appointed to prison librarian. Willow says it suits her; she loves to read. Harmony says Willow does too. Willow wants to let her know Shiloh was arrested. Harmon says, wonderful. Willow’s son is safe from him. Willow says, yes. He’s finally safe Thanks to Harmony.

Drew and Jason go into The Floating Rib. Jason says, not a bad first day of work. Drew tells him the treehouse will be crawling with kids by August. I’m going to say this right now. There are days when the boom man is sleeping or something, because the sound will be unbalanced. You can hear things like people’s shoes louder than the dialogue. This is one of those days.

Sonny finds Kristina at Charlie’s, and tells her how proud he is that she stood up to Shiloh. She says Shiloh can’t hurt her now. She told him about the Pledge, and she’ll have to work through it, but he’ll be in prison. It serves him right.

At the station, Chase tells Laura, Robert wanted Shiloh held without bail. The judge set it impossibly high instead. She says, apparently not high enough. Shiloh comes out, and Chase tells him not to leave town. Shiloh says he can assure him until he retrieves the results of the DNA test, he’s not going anywhere.

Lulu tells Franco and Elizabeth, at the reception, Jake said Aiden wanted a drum set. They were saying he’d forget, but he didn’t. So her mom and Doc went for it. Don’t hate them. She says she heard what happened at the reception, and she’s so sorry. Franco tells her, blame the guest list, not the boat. There’s no talk of a lawsuit from Obrecht. Elizabeth thinks her sister has something big up her sleeve.

Charlotte asks Nina if she thinks they should have gotten a mixer instead. Nina thinks the mixing bowls are perfect, and is sure he’ll love it. Hayden arrives. In something sleeveless.

Kristina tells Sonny that she hates the thought of running into Shiloh. Sonny says she didn’t show it at the MetroCourt. She was on fire. He thinks Shiloh’s lawyer was more impressed with her than her client. She’s strong and resilient. She says it helps having her dad by her side. He says nothing matters more than his kids being healthy and whole. His phone rings. He steps away, and talks to someone in Spanish.

Willow tells Harmony that she can rest easy, knowing Wiley is safe. DOD is being brought down too. She doesn’t know about Beecher’s Corners, but in Port Charles, almost everyone left the group. Harmony imagines it will be the same in Beecher’s Corners, and wishes she could explain to them. They’re good people; just lost and searching for a connection. Shiloh took advantage of them, and even worse, she helped him. Willow says he took advantage of Harmony too. He’s the one to blame, when she’s behind bars. Harmony says she deserves to be, for many reasons, especially because she’s Willow’s mother. She should have protected Willow, instead of handing her over to Shiloh. Willow had to give up her son because of him. Harmony takes Willow’s hands, and says she’s so sorry. She was so blind. Willow tells her, please, if Shiloh winds up there, and she somehow runs into him, don’t let him manipulate her again.

Chase tells Shiloh, the judge has suspended any action in family court, pending the outcome of his criminal case. He can’t even get court date. Shiloh says, until he’s exonerated, but Chase says, not happening. Shiloh says he’s innocent until proven guilty. The charges are groundless. Chase says the evidence against him is piling up, including having a window of opportunity the night Douglas Miller was murdered. Shiloh says, one way or another, he’ll be a father to his son. Laura says, the evidence is overwhelming. He says, nothing is overwhelming to a man of faith. One day, they’ll work side by side. Their goals aren’t that different. They want to provide the best possible life for their children. He leaves, and Chase says he’d give anything to see Shiloh behind bars permanently.

Shiloh tells Daisy that Zahra can’t do it; he needs a criminal attorney. He says she needs to help. The future of DOD rests on him getting legal representation. She says she wants to help, but she can’t. It took her entire trust fund to pay his bail, and her parents cut her off. She asks what’s going to happen to him, and he says, it’s always darkest before the dawn. Zzzzzzzzz…

At The Floating Rib, Drew tells Jason that he doesn’t think the point of them building the treehouse was for them to become master carpenters, but to build a relationship between brothers. Hammering nails is a start, but maybe they should share a meal, have a beer. He thinks that’s what Oscar wanted. Jason says he’s starved, and they sit. Drew thinks he’ll have the brisket. Jason blows air, and Drew says he knows it’s weird for him, but Jason says, it’s fine. What’s bothering him is Oscar leaving his ELQ shares to Shiloh. Drew says, him too. Shiloh waltzed his way into the will reading like it was a joke. He had to exercise self-restraint. Jason says it conflicts with Oscar’s plan to use the shares for kids who want to make the climb, but can’t afford it. Drew says he’d like to think it was forged. Jason isn’t saying that, but maybe Oscar was confused, and forgot his bequest to Shiloh. Drew says he checked, and it’s legal, but Jason says, so is the Kilimanjaro Foundation. It’s in Oscar’s handwriting. Drew asks where that leaves the shares, and Jason says, tied up in court, probably for years. Drew says it’s a silver lining that Shiloh can’t get his hands on them.

Ryan picks up the prison phone. Jordan asks how he is, and he says the surgery gives him a twinge. It’s life-threatening, living with one kidney. It’s made him vulnerable to hypertension and a stroke. He doesn’t want his premature death on her conscience. Curtis tells Jordan, unfortunately, Ryan isn’t dying anytime soon. He’s seen Ryan’s medical records.

Aiden opens a present, and it’s a remote control truck. Charlotte wants to try it, and he says, sure. The kids go off, and Hayden helps gather up the paper. Elizabeth asks what’s going on with her, and Franco says he’ll leave them to it. Elizabeth asks if Hayden invited Jax, but Hayden says it never occurred to her. Elizabeth says, Jax is fun, easygoing, and children love him, Hayden says she doesn’t think of Jax that way, and asks if Elizabeth thinks Finn will show. Elizabeth asks why Hayden would care if he came or not.

Aiden wonders what’s in one of the boxes. Cameron gives him an envelope, telling him that a pastry chef (I don’t catch the name, but it’s not Christine Tosi, who’s the only pastry chef I know) is taping episodes of their show in the area, so he got right in line and got tickets. Aiden is excited, and Cameron tells him not to lose his cool. Aiden wants to have cake, and Cameron says, whatever he likes.

Hayden approaches Nina, and tells her that her future stepdaughter is lovely and energetic. Nina say she and Valentin are proud of her. Hayden says they didn’t get a chance to talk, and Nina says a finance meeting isn’t the best place to get acquainted. Hayden says she’s heard about Nina, and her work at Crimson. Nina says, that’s strange, since she’s heard next to nothing about Hayden. Nina excuses herself, and walks away.

Lulu is proud of Charlotte, and tells her it means a lot to Aiden that she came. Charlotte asks why Rocco isn’t there, and Lulu says he has a cold. Charlotte says, too bad. They’re hardly ever together as a family, especially since Dante’s been gone. She asks when he’s coming back. She misses him. Lulu says she does too, and hugs Charlotte.

Drew tells Jason, Shiloh is a con man. He can’t help thinking that Oscar got wrapped up with Shiloh because of him. Shiloh came after Oscar, and when Oscar died, Shiloh tried to console Drew for half a minute before he started on the past. He said Oscar was interested in Drew’s life, especially his time as a SEAL. The more he thinks about it, the more he wonders why.

Kristina turns around at the bar, and sees Shiloh. He says he’s there to make peace. She doesn’t know how he got released, but says he made a serious mistake showing up there. He says he made bail, and just wanted to come by. He’s missed her. Daisy says, her too. DOD suffered a huge blow, but with her help they can make DOD stronger and better. Shiloh says they’re not there to not pressure their sister, just to say hello. Even after what Kristina said to malign him, he forgives her. He wishes her nothing but love and happiness, and hopes to see more of her soon. She says he will. She’s going to testify against him. She can’t wait to tell a judge and jury how he pressured her into revealing person information he could blackmail her with. How he drugged her, and coerced other members of the Trust. He’s a sexual predator. Sonny tells her not to waste her waste her breath. He’s a cockroach to be stepped on. Shiloh tells Daisy, come. They have work to do.

Curtis takes the phone, and tells Ryan that the prison doctor said he’s doing good. He’s healing well, with no side effects. Ryan asks how Curtis got access to his medical records, laughs, and says, impressive. Curtis is a remarkable tracker. Curtis says Ryan doesn’t know him, or what he’s capable of doing. Jordan tells Curtis not to let Ryan bait him. Jordan thanks Ryan for saving her life. Ryan says, it wasn’t voluntary; he was forced. A kidney was taken from him, and that means a crime was committed. He asks if the commissioner is going to let that stand, or is the law as flexible as her husband’s morals?

Cameran says Aiden wants him to share the experience, so he’s going with him to see the pastry chef. Laura asks Lulu if she’s okay. Lulu says she looks around, and it’s a family party, but Dante’s not there. She wishes he would come home. Geez, why? So he can commit mass murder? He didn’t sound ready. Charlotte sees Willow, and says she’s glad Willow came. She’s doing Lila’s Kids this summer, and working on jumps with her pony. She asks if Willow got Aiden something to cook with. He likes to bake. Willow says she knew that. Charlotte tells Willow about the monster truck Aiden got. He doesn’t know how to operate it, but she does. She runs off, and Nina says she’s glad Willow is there. She’s afraid she owes Willow an apology.

Harmony goes into the visiting room to find Shiloh. She asks what he’s doing there. She was told he was never going to see the light of day, He wonders from whom; Willow? She’s misinformed. He made bail. Harmony says, the accounts are frozen, but he says his followers are still loyal. He hopes she follows their example. She sits down, and says, not likely. Shiloh knows she’s trying to atone for her perceived failing with her daughter, but what about her grandson? She’s depriving him of a father. He urges her to reflect on what she’s doing, In the name of what they created together. She needs to recant her statement, and he promises to do everything in his power, and use every resource he has to get her freed. And they’ll raise the child together.

Drew tells Jason that Margaux gave him back the flashdrive. It’s in a safe in his office. He should probably destroy it. He can’t risk losing the memories he’s made over the last five years to recover his old ones. Jason asks if he told Shiloh, and Drew says, more than once. Shiloh asks, and the answer is always the same. He can’t tell if Shiloh thinks that’s good or bad news. Jason says, it depends on what happened in Afghanistan. The story Shiloh tells is that Drew saved his life by pulling him from a wrecked convoy, but knowing Drew, he can’t believe they were friends. Drew says he can’t either. It’s more likely the truth is the opposite. Why go out of his way to reconnect with Drew?

Curtis says Ryan’s signature is on the donation form; he gave his consent, and there were multiple witnesses. Ryan says their plan worked. Curtis’s friend drugged him, and Ryan’s brother signed. Curtis says he could never prove it, and Ryan says Curtis is his kind of guy. The question is, has his wife become Bonnie to his Clyde, Curtis asks if Jordan wants to go, and Jordan tells Ryan if he has something to say, say it. Otherwise, they’re leaving. He tells Jordan it’s inescapable. Now he’s now literally in her blood. His kidney will affect her heart and soul, and she’ll never get him out.

Nina tells Willow that she realized she set something in motion. She overheard Willow say she put a baby up for adoption. She was obviously upset, and snapped at Nina, who snapped back, and mentioned the baby. She realized that Shiloh must have overheard. She’s the reason, and she’s so sorry. Willow thanks her, but tells her not to blame herself. It was only a matter of time. Shiloh has ways of finding things out. But it worked out. Wiley is safe, and Shiloh is in jail.

Harmony says Shiloh has always underestimated her. She always helped him to build, but he took all the credit. He wrote a book, got followers, and made himself a legend in his own mind. She finally sees him for the sexual predator that he is. He’s right. She feels guilty, but she can make amends. When she testifies, she’s going to more than sing like a bird. About all of it. He’s going to be found guilty, because he is guilty. He’ll go to prison, and her grandson will be safe, because she sees him now for who he is. Hank. A pathetic little man whose desperation reeks. She tells him, stay away from her daughter and grandson. She yells for the guard, and says she’s through there. The cheese Shiloh sits alone.

Kristina can’t believe they let Shiloh go, but Sonny says, just because he made bail, doesn’t mean he’s free. She says, Daisy must have posted bail; her mom is rich. Sonny is rich. She thinks that’s the real reason why Shiloh thought she was special. He asks why let Shiloh’s poison come to her; don’t do that. She says, he’s right. She’s stronger than Shiloh, and has love and support around her. She’ll be fine. She goes in the back, and Sonny takes out his phone.

Jason says it’s not a random guy Drew saved. They knew each other, Maybe Drew knew something, and it’s on the flashdrive. Jason’s phone rings. Sonny tells him, ready for this? Shiloh is out on bail.

Nina tells Willow that she read the article. She hopes the women he abused come forward to testify. She’s just happy Willow’s son is okay. Maybe they’re not so different after all. Aiden comes by, banging on a snare drum. He asks Willow if she thinks the principal would start a marching band. She thinks it’s a wonderful idea, and suggests he take it to the principal on the first day of school.

Laura tells Lulu, it’s going to take time. She’s in shock. Lulu still can’t believe Dante shot Peter. She heard the words, and tried to process them. When she woke up this morning, she didn’t want it to be true. Dante must be horrified, and feel lost. Laura says he’s getting the help he needs. A delivery guy gives Lulu an envelope.

Chase finds Willow, and she says he just made her day perfect. Shiloh’s been barred from family court, and she saw her mother. It was like rediscovering her again. They had an unbelievable breakthrough. And finally, there he is, her knight shining armor. She kisses him, and he says, it’s not all good news. Shiloh made bail.

On the phone, Jason says, got it. Shiloh comes into the restaurant, and Drew says, son of a bitch.

Kristina comes back, and asks if Sonny called Jason. Sonny says, yeah, he did. Kristina doesn’t want Shiloh to disappear. The only way for him to hurt her is if they got blamed if he disappeared or ran away. Sonny hopes he stays put, and has his day in court. Give Sam, and everybody else, a chance to face him down. Then he can rot in prison, where he belongs. Sonny gives a charming smile.

Shiloh tells Drew that he hates the way things ended between them. Drew says he made bail, and Shiloh says, that’s a good thing. They can put the ELQ stock drama behind them. Drew says Shiloh will be old and grey before he can touch the stock. Doesn’t DOD preach that money doesn’t matter? Shiloh says he’s the victim of a witch hunt, and unfortunately has to pay a lawyer. Drew says, good luck with that. Shiloh says Drew has forgotten that their friendship used to matter

Lulu tells Laura that Dante is divorcing her.

The kids whack at a piñata. No surprise, Charlotte is the one who finally cracks it open.

Jordan tells Curtis, sometimes justice serves, sometimes it doesn’t. He says there’s nothing just about letting her die while that monster lives. He tells her, don’t believe what comes out of his twisted mouth; the lies. She says she doesn’t feel any kind of connection, but she’s not comfortable knowing Ryan was forced to give up his kidney. Curtis says she deserves to live, and she says, it’s still wrong, but she’s not giving it back. She’ll just have to live with it. Curtis says saving her was the best thing he’s done in his miserable life. She says she can’t imagine a future without Curtis, and he says, him neither.

Harmony sees Shiloh’s book on the book cart, and is about to get rid of it. Ryan comes out, accompanied by a guard, and says, never discard something as precious as a book. She says this one is worthless. He takes it, and says perhaps he’ll find something. She says not if he has a brain. He says his brain is intact. It’s the rest of him that’s missing a piece. He’ll let her know what he thinks. Give his regards to her cellmate Nelle.

Chase tells Willow that the case against Shiloh is only getting stronger. She’s afraid he’ll fina a new way around the law, and come back to do more damage. She’s an adult, and can handle it, but what if he finds a way to get to Wiley?

Sonny tells Kristina not to worry. He doesn’t want Shiloh to disappear either. She says she’s out, and it’s up to her to stay out. He says he never believed what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but in her case, he agrees. She seems stronger.

Drew says Shiloh didn’t care about his son. He used Oscar, but Oscar came home to his family. Shiloh says Oscar left him the shares as a sign of his faith. Drew says Oscar had plans for the stock, and he’s going to make sure they become a reality. Shiloh will not tarnish his son’s legacy. Does Shiloh hear him? Shiloh smirks, and walks away. Drew picks up a pool cue. Jason says he’s going to take off, and Drew says he’s going to shoot some pool. He’ll see Jason back on treehouse duty later. Jason says he’ll be there. Jason gives Shiloh a look before he leaves.

At the bar, Shiloh remembers being in an infirmary tent in Afghanistan. A dude pounds on his chest and tells him, how about waking up? Shiloh says, hey, Drew, but sees the old Drew’s (Jason’s) face.

Laura says Lulu can give Dante what he wants or fight him, Jax gets the feeling Nina isn’t telling him something, Jordan asks Stella if she’s at peace with that, and Drew attacks Shiloh.

I’m wondering if Shiloh didn’t do something stupid in Afghanistan to get the convoy attacked. He could possibly been involved in Drew’s disappearance as well.

🎡 Like A Hamster In a Wheel…

It’s been a long week with that losing the internet business. Gina was the best I could come up with.


🌋 Quotes of the Week

No longer being MasterCard’s bitch? Priceless. – Doug (Kevin James), King of Queens

Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits. – Thomas Jefferson

Unless we remember we cannot understand.E. M. Forster

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… These are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. – Confucius

Be stupid, be dumb, be funny, if that’s who you are. Don’t try to be someone that society wants you to be; that’s stupid. So be yourself. – Christina Grimmie

If my answers frighten you, Vincent, then you should cease asking scary questions. – Jules (Samuel L. Jackson), Pulp Fiction

If you must have motivation, think of your paycheck on Friday.Noel Coward

🚣 Long Week Too…

And since we’re in for one hot weekend, apropos.