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October 23, 2019 – Franco’s Hearing Begins, Funeral For a Bunny, Tiffany Sneaks Back & a Sucker For Love


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Donna is ready to go home, and Sonny can’t wait. Carly tells him they just need to do the last of the paperwork,  and their girl will be ready for her first car ride. Bobbie says Donna is ready to take on the world. And she’s beautiful. Sonny says, like mother like mother like daughter.

Michael is having trouble putting up a welcome home banner. Josslyn watches, and he asks if she’s just going to stand there. She says, no. She’s going to take a picture of his disastrous attempt. She says she can’t wait for Donna to get there. She sees a fancy sippy cup in a box, and takes it out. She says, it’s beautiful, but there’s no card, and Michael says it’s from him; it’s a regift. He hopes Donna won’t mind. He got for Jonah, but wants Donna to have it.

Jason is at Kelly’s with Danny, looking at a model car Danny put together. Jason says, it’s amazing, and asks if he did it by himself. Danny says he did, but it took forever. Jason compliments him on sticking with it and his attention to detail. Danny wants to put together a motorcycle next, and suggests he study Jason’s bike, and maybe take a ride on it. Jason says Danny’s mom will have to sign off on that. Danny wants to get a cupcake for Scout, and Jason says he’s a good brother. Danny says Jason told him that they’re supposed to take care of each other until their mom gets home. When does he think that will be?

Outside the courtroom, Martin tells Kim and Franco that it will get emotional. They’ll be doing everything to pull at the heartstrings, so stay calm and stick to the facts. Inside, Scotty tells Cameron to keep his cool, and pay no attention to what that lawyer says.  Martin walks in with Kim and Franco, and everyone faces each other.

Finn tells Hayden to repeat that. The patient in that room… She says, is her daughter. She’s his daughter too.

Elizabeth tells Franco, it’s not too late to stop this, and he says he could say the same to her. Martin says, the decision is in Judge Lasser’s hands now. Let’s keep the last minute tricks out of it. Scotty asks if he means tricks like dressing his client up in a Halloween costume. Elizabeth says, her husband is a brave man, but he was never in the Navy. Franco has no right to wear that uniform. Martin says her husband isn’t his client; Drew Cane is, and he has every right to wear that uniform. He understands it’s an emotional time for her – he calls her Miss Webber, and she says, Mrs. Webber-Baldwin – but it’s an equally emotional time for his client. Elizabeth tells Kim that she’s sorry it’s gone this far. She wishes  there had been another way. Kim says she does too. The judge is introduced, and she reminds them that it’s not a trial; it’s a competency hearing. Grandstanding is a waste of her time, and will not be tolerated. They’re here to determine the competency of the individual known as Franco Baldwin, who now calls himself Drew Cane.

Jason asks if Danny is sure he’s okay with staying the rest of the week at Grandma Monica’s. Danny says if they do, their mom isn’t coming home, and Jason says he’s a sharp kid, so he’s going to be straight. His mom has to be in Pentenville for a while. Danny asks, how long a while is, and Jason says, it depends. If he can find evidence and get the charges dropped, she’ll be home soon. Danny asks what if he doesn’t, and Jason says, then she’ll have to stay until her trial, probably a couple of weeks. It’s hard to tell. Danny doesn’t get why this happened, and Jason says, someone lied. They said Sam did something she didn’t do, and he’s going to prove it. Monica comes in, and Jason says he was just talking to Danny about him and Scout spending the rest of the week with her. Monica says she’d love it, and Danny says they’re good. She says she’s in the mood for coffee and a donut, and Danny offers to get for her. She tells him to pick out donuts for the both of them, and sits. Jason thanks her for letting the kids stay. She says, no problem. She loves having the house fill up with a whole new generation. She supposes he knows they found the black box from Drew’s plane. Jason says he’s sorry; he knows how close they were. Monica knows there was friction between Jason and Drew. She was hoping they’d get closer after Oscar died. Jason says they’d started. Oscar wanted them to build the treehouse together, and it’s in progress. Monica says there’s so much she doesn’t know about Drew’s life. That’s why she wants to spend more time with the person who can give her insight on his childhood, and adolescence. Jason says she means Franco.

Michael says he was at Wyndham’s before Jonah was born, and almost passed it up, thinking it was too extravagant. It reeked of privilege. Then he got stuck on the idea of a tradition. Something Jonah could pass down. This way, the tradition can go on. It can be passed down with Donna. Josslyn wonders how he can come up with something so generous, and not be stuck in his grief. He tells her not to give him too much credit. He’s done a lot of grieving, and had counseling to get to this point. It helps to be around people he cares about, and who care about him. Josslyn tells him that Dustin said the same thing, and Michael says if her teacher said it, then he must know what he’s talking about. Josslyn hopes he knows he can always count on her, like she can always count on him. Michael says then she can go up the stairs, and help him hang the banner before Donna walks in. Josslyn says, she’s walking already? That kid is amazing.

Sonny tells Donna that she’s had big challenges, but she’s come shining through, and Carly says her daddy is right. She can’t wait for Donna to meet everyone. Bobbie tells them there’s one more form, but Sonny can sign it. He leaves, and Bobbie tells Carly that she’s sure the doctor told her that Donna is still going to need some series of follow-ups. Carly says she’s scheduled that already. If she has any questions, it’s good there’s a nurse in the family. Bobbie asks how Carly is doing, and Carly says, the incision is healing perfectly. Bobbie says that’s not what she meant. How is Carly feeling? Any sadness, or fears, or mood swings? Carly thanks her for checking in, but says there have been no signs of postpartum depression. She’s excited and nervous, but whatever the unknowns, she’s never been more prepared to face them. They hug, and Sonny asks if Carly is ready.

Finn looks stunned, and Hayden says she knows it’s a lot to process, but the most important thing is their child is sick. Finn says their child. The sick little girl is their daughter. They’ll deal with everything else later. He goes into the room. Epiphany is there, and the little girl in the bed looks at Finn. Epiphany says their patent is being very brave. Her fever seems to have spiked. Finn tells her to ask Dr. Navari from pediatrics to join them, but Epiphany says she already did that and the doctor is with another patient. He thanks her, and says, hi, Violet. He’s Dr. Finn. They shake hands. In case you didn’t guess, she’s very cute. He says he’s going to do everything he can to make her feel better.

Scotty tells the judge that he represents Elizabeth, Franco’s wife, and also represents her son, Cameron, and her other two boys, Aiden and Jake. He’s representing the whole family, but he’s also representing himself. Martin objects, and Judge Lasser tells him, there’s no need for theatrics, but urges Scotty to get to the point. Scotty says, the point is, Franco is all decked out in a uniform. This is a lie, and a delusion that he’s living.

Martin says his client has the training, will, and memories of a decorated Navy SEAL, Chief Petty Officer Andrew Cane. That’s who he is now. He’s rescued soldiers and civilians, achieving hero status. They’re here to prove that he’s more than capable of making his own decisions.

Finn asks Violet if he can take her pulse, and Epiphany tells him that Violet’s temperature is 102. Finn tells Violet that’s making her feel warm, and not so good, but they’ll get her fever down soon, and that will make her feel better. Hayden walks in, and says they’re going to make her feel better. Epiphany says Violet is a pretty name, and Finn says, a pretty name for a pretty girl. Violets are his favorite flower, and a florist told him that they represent love and faithfulness. Hayden looks a little guilty.

Monica says Danny reminds her of Jason; single-minded, confident, a risk taker. It’s probably karmic payback for the sleepless nights he gave her and Alan. Jason hopes he’s as good at parenting as they were, and Monica says they were dreadful parents. They tried to mold him into what they wanted him to be. She’s afraid they would have done the same with Drew if they’d raised him. He gets why Monica wants to know about Drew’s childhood, but doesn’t think a relationship with Franco is going to give her what she wants. She says, he isn’t Franco. He has Drew’s memories and history. Jason says he knows. He stopped by Shadybrook to see if Drew remembered something from Afghanistan. She says then Jason knows he’s not Franco. Maybe he isn’t Drew either, but that’s why she wants to go to the hearing. To speak up, so he has the right to be himself.

Carly loves the banner, and Josslyn says she had to step in and help Michael. But there’s more. Carly was so good about eating healthy, she picked up some cookies from Eckert’s. Carly says, it’s the best gift ever. Sonny tells Donna that he’s her daddy, this is her house, and this is her family. Josslyn looks at her phone, and steps away. Carly sees the cup, and says, this was for Jonah. Michael says he wanted Donna to have it. From Jonah to Donna with love. Carly hugs him, and says she loves him.

Scotty shows the judge Franco’s passport, social security card, driver’s license, and hospital ID, as well as family photos. He says Franco was just married, and having a great life, but then he sacrificed himself for his stepson. Looking at Franco, he says, Franco doesn’t need some sort of military costume. He was already a hero. Martin objects, and asks that counsel not address client. Scotty says he has a lab report on Martin’s client’s DNA. It’s Franco Baldwin’s DNA, just like his, since he’s Franco’s father. So not only is his family fighting for Franco’s life, so is he. Martin gets up and says, he’s not disputing any physical evidence. The documents are real. But while he’s sympathetic to the family’s attempt to hold on to their loved one, the simple fact is, Franco Baldwin no longer exits. Andrew Cane now inhabits this body. While there’s no ID card for that, the reality is in the courtroom. He’s not a collection of cells or DNA. The man before them is his own person. Ready, willing, and able to take charge of his own destiny.

Jordan takes the stand. Scotty asks if she recognizes the guy sitting next to Martin, and she says, absolutely. He’s Franco Baldwin. Scotty says, yet Martin says that’s not who he is. Martin says, point of clarification. He doesn’t object to who people think his client is. He only objects to them forcing his client to be who they want him to be. The judge says, noted. Scotty asks Jordan, who is Franco Baldwin? Who does she know him to be? She says the Franco she’s come to know is one of the bravest people she’s ever met. Not in a flashy, self-serving way, but with humility; a repentant man who had something to prove. Scotty asks her to elaborate, and she says he helped unmask Ryan Chamberlain, a serial killer who was terrorizing their community. He allowed himself to be wrongly identified as the killer, and almost died for his trouble. Ryan attacked, and almost killed him. Scotty asks if she’d say Franco is a hero, and she says, unquestionably. He proved it again when he sacrificed himself to save his stepson’s life. He acted selflessly at great personal risk.

Finn asks Hayden how long Violet has had a fever. Hayden says she’s not with Violet every day, but she’s pretty sure it been 48 hours. Finn needs to examine Violet, and asks Hayden to leave the room. Epiphany will be there with him. Hayden tells Violet she’ll be right outside, and the nice nurse and doctor will take good care of her. She leaves, and Finn tells Violet that he’s going to figure out how to make her feel better. Does she think she can help him? She says, yeah, and he says, awesome answer. They high-five.

Sonny says Donna is the cutest thing. Everyone takes pictures, and Michal tells Carly, Donna will have to get used to a lot of action if she’s going to hang with this family. He can’t wait for Avery to wake up from her nap. It’s all she’s been talking about. Carly says, it’s all she’s been talking about all month. She asks where Sasha is, and he says he invited her, but she thought there should be private time for the family. She can’t wait to meet Donna. Josslyn wants to journal about it, and says she’d love to get some amazing quotes from everyone on what it means to welcome a new addition to the family. Michael says he has something he has to do first. Carly asks Josslyn if the journal is for school, but Josslyn says it’s just for her. Dustin suggested it as a way to make sense of everything, and he was right. It’s a good thing, and she likes doing it. Carly says she’s happy to see Josslyn smiling again.

Jason tells Monica that they both want know about the gaps in Drew’s life. Maybe he can tell Jason something that can help Sam, but he can accomplish that without going to court for Franco. Monica says, it’s not about Franco, or who Franco was. It’s about who he is today and going forward. Maybe they can have a chance to keep part of Drew with them in the family. Jason says, he’s not Alan’s biological son. Franco is not the Drew she loved. He’s not Drew at all. He might not even be Franco anymore, and be someone new. But if she wants a relationship with him, it’s her business. She says he thinks it’s a bad idea, and he says he does. He doesn’t want her hurt more than she already has been.

Scotty tells Judge Lasser that the hero word has been bandied about, and he thinks it’s time to hear from the young man who witnessed the horror that took place when his stepfather took his place to save his life. An eyewitness to the event that compromised Franco Baldwin’s identity.

Hayden waits, and Finn lets Violet listen through his stethoscope. He tells her that’s his heart. Hers is doing the same thing. Right now it’s beating good and strong. He asks if she wants to play with the stethoscope, and she takes it. He says he knows hospitals can be a scary place, but they’re all there to make her feel at home. Epiphany says it’s her specialty. He says he’ll come back to see her soon, and calls her honeybun. I think Epiphany knows something is up. He comes out, and Hayden asks, what’s wrong with her? Finn says her fever is under control, but he has to leave the diagnosis to Dr. Navari. He’s tops in pediatrics. She asks, what about him? but he says, there are strict rules about parents treating their own children.

Avery comes downstairs, and Josslyn says Donna is sleeping, but if she’s quiet, Avery can see her. Like she told Avery, big sisters have to stick together. She brings Avery over to Donna, and Michael tells Avery to meet her baby sister. Josslyn tells Donna to meet her big sister Avery.

Danny brings Monica coffee and a pumpkin spice donut, and Monica tells him to keep the change. She asks if she’ll see him later, and he says Olivia is making lasagna. Monica says, of course (🍷) she is. She leaves, and Danny tells Jason the cupcakes are being boxed; he got one for everybody. Jason says, nice job, and Danny says he wishes he could give one to his mom. Jason says, so does he.

Scotty asks how Cameron is doing, and Cameron says, okay mostly. Scotty says, there’s no need to be nervous. Tell the court about the little conversation they had the other day. Martin asks if it was a conversation Scotty had while he was coaching Cameron. Scotty says he warned Cameron about Martin’s bag of tricks. The judge tells Martin that she already warned him about grandstanding, and he apologizes. Scotty says Cameron didn’t want his mother to marry Franco. What changed? Cameron says, Franco changed. He saw how much Franco loved his mom , and Franco proved how much he cared about his brothers. Franco always stood up for Aiden, and was there for Jake. They were super close. Scotty asks, what about him? What changed? Cameron says he changed his mind when Franco gave himself up to that freak scientist and that bastard Shiloh. Franco let them mess with his brain instead of Cameron’s. Scotty says, before they messed with Franco’s mind, what did he say? What were Franco’s last words? Cameron says Franco told him to tell his mom that he loved her, and tell her that he’d be back. Franco kept his eyes on Cameron until he couldn’t anymore. Cameron cries a little, and Scotty says he did good. Martin says he knows Cameron feels badly about his stepfather saving him. Would he do anything to make it up to his mother? Cameron says he wishes he could, and Martin says, of course (🍷) he would. He would even lie about the last words his stepfather allegedly said. Scotty objects, saying Martin is badgering. Cameron says he didn’t lie. Franco said to tell her he’d be back. Martin says what’s one more lie if it helps ease his guilty conscience. Franco stands up, and says, that’s enough.

Hayden is sure Finn has a lot of questions. He says, there will be time for that later. He’s interested in the time frame. It’s probably in the last two weeks the patient… Hayden says, she’s got a name, and he says he knows. He’s needs to know how she’s been living and who she’s come in contact with. Hayden says she’s been in Beecher’s Corners with her nanny. Does think she has what Sasha did? He doesn’t think so, since her fever is under control, but if it is contagious, they need to contact whoever she’s been around. Hayden says she’ll give him all the info. He tells her to give the info to Tiffany, and she asks him not to shut her out. He says he needs to consult with Dr. Navari, and walks away.

Avery says, Donna is so little. Carly says Donna is tough, and proved that. Sonny says Avery will have to teach Donna how to throw a ball, and ride a bike. Josslyn says, and tell her stories, and Michael adds, teach her to blow out her birthday candles. Avery says she knows how to do that. Carly has a present for Avery, and gives her a baby doll. She says Avery can take care of her own baby while Carly is taking care of Donna. Bobbie takes a family photo.

Franco appreciates what Martin is doing, but none of it should be at Cameron’s expense. He’s a good kid, and clearly loves his stepfather. He tells Cameron that he has no recollection of what Franco said, but from what the police and Cameron told him, he can say with certainty, none of this is Cameron’s fault. He sits, and Cameron holds back tears.

Elizabeth takes the stand, and Scotty ask why she’s here. Why does she want her husband committed to Shadybrook? Why does she want his memory restored? Elizabeth says she doesn’t want to be there. She doesn’t want any of this nightmare. She just wants her family back, with her husband and her boys. When she and Franco got married, she made a vow to love him in good times and bad, sickness and health. She loves him so much, she’d walk to hell and back, and she intends to keep that vow no matter what.

Martin calls Elizabeth Miss Webber again, and she says, Mrs. Webber-Baldwin. He says it’s clear she loved her husband, and still loves him, but he’s not the first man she’s loved. Scotty says, what the Sam Hill does that have to do with it? Martin says, it speaks to her intensions. She’s made a dramatic statement about standing by her man, but he’s not the first man she loved, is he? She’s fighting for his identity, which is just what she did with Drew when the two of them were engaged to be married.

Hayden watches Violet sleep. Epiphany says she’s not going anywhere, and suggests Hayden stretch her legs while she can. Hayden leaves, and finds Finn in the hallway. She gives him his stethoscope back, and starts telling Finn about Violet’s favorite stuffed toys. He asks why this is the first time he’s meeting his daughter.

Jason arrives at Sonny’s, apologizing for being late. Carly says his timing is perfect. Sonny says he just uncorked the champagne. Avery leads him to Donna, and he says she’s lucky to have a big sister like Avery. Avery says, she knows. Jason’s phone rings, and he steps aside. He says, what? and frowns at the phone. Michael asks if it’s about Sam, but he says, they want someone to testify at Franco’s medical hearing.

Scotty objects, saying they’re not here to discuss Elizabeth’s past business. Martin says she’s questioning his client’s capacity to make his own decisions, and wants to assume custody, forcing him to undergo a dangerous medical procedure. She claims she’s acting out of love for his client, but she’s done this before to someone else she claimed to love. The judge tells him, proceed. He says, she attempted to keep Drew from learning his true identity. She says, it wasn’t his true identity. Everyone thought he was Jason, but she knew he wasn’t. Martin says she knew he wasn’t Jake Doe, yes or no? and she says, yes. He says she suspected he was Jason, yes or no? and she says, yes. She withheld that information from him, yes or no? She says, yes, and he says, even though she had reason to believe he’d want to know. He had a different wife and child, but she didn’t take them into consideration. She wanted to marry Jake Doe, so she withheld information about his identity to protect herself. Yes or no? Elizabeth says, it was a mistake, and has nothing to do with Franco. Martin repeats, yes or no? and she says, yes. She withheld information. He asks if she isn’t trying to do something similar with his client. Trying to deny him his rights and identity, all in the name of love?

Tomorrow, Curtis has an idea, Ava gets the portrait of Helena, Monica says DNA does not define a person, and Finn confronts Hayden.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Stephanie and family pull up to Brandi’s house. Stephanie tells everyone to be respectful. It’s a hard day for Brian. Brian says he wasn’t going to drink, but he might have to. Everyone is dressed in black, and a small coffin is carried from the house. Brandi says, dearly beloved. They’re here to remember the life of Playboy Bun-Bun Redmond. In her interview, Brandi explains that she didn’t know if she wanted to stuff or bury Bun-Bun, and has kept her in the freezer for the last six months. She was a huge part of the family, so they need to have a proper funeral. She tells everyone to close their eyes, and imagine Bun-Bun hopping away in heaven. She thanks God for the time with Bun-Bun, and we see clips of Bun-Bun doing… whatever rabbits do, mostly hopping around. Brandi says Bun-Bun was beautiful, and she feels bad that Bun-Bun came from a pet store. She asks God to open the pearly gates, and let Bun-Bun hop into the heavenly mansion. Travis jokes to Stephanie about a bunny mansion. Afterwards, Stephanie says, it was a beautiful service. In her interview, she says, it’s ridiculous to have a funeral for a bunny. A human in a bunny costume arrives, carrying white balloons. In her interview, Stephanie wonders if she’s losing her mind. She’s risen! Everyone takes a balloon, and they let them go in honor of Bun-Bun. Well, for a bunch of pet lovers, they just killed ten dolphins.

LeeAnne’s dog Chief wears the cone of shame. In her interview, she says he scratched his eye, but they don’t know how (been there, dealt with that), and got an ulcer. She’s still dealing with Rich not having dual vison, now both of her boys have one eye. She and Rich discuss the couples shower. Since Rich has never met Kary, and they don’t know her and Eduardo as a couple, LeeAnne didn’t invite her. Both Stephanie and Brandi are coming with their husbands. LeeAnne asks Rich if he wants to be magnanimous, and give Brandi an invite to the wedding when she comes to the shower. He says he can tell her right now that he’s giving her one. Kameron stops by dressed for tennis, and fusses over Chief. She brought him some CBD treats, saying they’re the hottest thing for dogs because it calms them. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says Kameron is dealing drugs to her dog. Why not her? If Kameron is going to be a friend, be a friend. In Kameron’s interview, she says her mother-in-law Jimmy helped her plan the couples shower. She’s the queen of party planning. It’s going to top all the other parties for LeeAnne.

Stephanie tells Brandi they have to get together more. Unfortunately, the bunny funeral is a big night for them. She says she can’t go to LeeAnne’s shower because it’s the same day as a school program for one of her kids.

Kameron tells LeeAnne that Stephanie can’t make it, even though she RSVP’d yes. and turned in the menu option.

Stephanie tells Brandi that she can’t make it, but Kameron was good about it, and LeeAnne never cares about that stuff. In her interview, she says she’s celebrated LeeAnne’s wedding more than her own wedding, so she doesn’t feel too bad.

Kameron tells LeeAnne that Brandi can’t go either, and LeeAnne says she was going to give Brandi an invitation to the wedding at the shower. She can’t believe neither one of them reached out to her. Kameron says they’ll be missing four people at an intimate luncheon, and canceling at the last minute is not proper etiquette.

D’Andra visits Mama Dee. Dee asks if D’Andra has been traveling, and D’Andra says she went to Mexico with the group, and they stayed at Kary’s house. It was nice to get away from the stress at work. She tells Dee that she made the decision to move the business into the house last week. She had everything ready to make the move, but can’t get out of the lease. Dee says she’ll have to pay it off, and she still has a year. She suggests D’Andra take herself off salary; it’s draining the company. D’Andra says she can’t live without a salary. She’d have to get another job, since she doesn’t have a husband to bring it in. In D’Andra’s interview, she says she gets the message that her mother wanted her to marry a rich man, but she married for love. She doesn’t have a husband to write a check to get her out of a hot situation. She tells Dee, the immediate solution would be to take a loan. Dee says she didn’t know they gave loans to people with no money. In her interview, D’Andra says if she told her mother what she really wants to say, she’d lose everything, since she’s executor of the trust. She’s at rock bottom, and can’t afford to lose another thing. Dee says D’Andra needs to make her own way. Dee was brought up that way, and learned a long time ago to only invest in herself because she knows what she’s capable of. D’Andra ask if she isn’t an extension of Dee, and Dee says she is, but they’ve been down this road too many times. D’Andra says when she took over, the company wasn’t in a good position. Dee says D’Andra begged her for it. In Dee’s interview, she says she knew the company wasn’t at its peak, and wanted to see if D’Andra could turn it around. D’Andra says she’s trying to figure out what to do, and Dee says she’s a closer; she doesn’t make loans. If she gave D’Andra $100K, she still wouldn’t make it because of the way she spends. She always spends whatever she makes. In her interview, Dee says we all have gifts in life, and D’Andra’s best gift is asking for money. She doesn’t feel like she owes D’Andra anything. See tells D’Andra there are no handouts in this world. D’Andra says Dee raised her. She had 275 dresses and 200 pairs of shoes when she was five years old. Get real. Dee says she doesn’t know how to budget. In D’Andra’s interview, she says she only gets a small stipend of $5K a month from the trust, and she can’t live on $60K a year. Even if she wants to sell her home, she can’t. Mama Dee owns it. She tells Dee that she has a little stock left, and Dee says she knows how much D’Andra has. D’Andra says Dee shouldn’t be looking at her account. When D’Andra’s dad passed, she knew what was in the trust; now she has no idea how much is there. Dee says the conversation isn’t going anywhere. They both have their way of living, and D’Andra needs to work it out. In her interview, D’Andra says she feels a sense of betrayal, the way her mother handed over the company to her knowing it was in bad shape. The more Dee tells her that she can’t do something, the more spirit D’Andra has to prove herself right and Dee wrong. Dee says she’s been D’Andra’s bank, and she’s never been one to make loans. It’s not going to happen. I might not be on board with a lot of things D’Andra does, but I’m really starting to hate Mama Dee. D’Andra is right about the 275 dresses. She was raised this way, and now this Dee-bag handed her a failing company, not making her as aware of that as she should have, and is saying good luck with that when she’s freaking loaded. (Post script: Dee insisted she didn’t do it on purpose on Watch What Happens Live tonight.)

Kameron and Court go to dinner. Court asks if Kameron is ready for the shower, and wonders which couples are coming. Kameron tells him Cary and Mark, Tiffany and Aaron, and Stephanie and Brandi were supposed to come. Court tells Kameron, they’ve been married eleven years, and she’s even more beautiful now, although she’s more high maintenance. She says she wasn’t until she met him. In her interview, she says before she met Court, she was Nature Barbie, but he doesn’t camp, so she became Couture Barbie. He says he created a monster. She says she coordinated dates for the shower months ago, and Brandi’s kid suddenly has an Easter party. Stephanie also canceled with the same response. Court says, two days before? and Kameron says she has vendors and a photographer coming. Court asks how LeeAnne is taking it; she’s had a lot of parties. Kameron says, it’s tradition. She and Court had five showers, and she had a bachelorette and a lingerie shower. In her interview, Kameron says, it’s nothing. She even had a welcoming party before the rehearsal dinner, several sushi parties, and a goodbye party. We see pictures. She tells Court, they’re still celebrating

Travis gets home from work, and pours wine for himself and Stephanie. He says, tonight is special because of what happened eleven years ago. He bought her something. In her interview, she says she’s lived eleven years with him being type-A and cranky. Whatever he got her is well-deserved. Last year, she had a beautiful vow renewal, and got a diamond ring. We flash back to the vow renewal, and Brandi helping Travis pick out the ring. Stephanie opens the box, and it’s a bunch of drugstore health and beauty aids. He says it’s everything she’s wanted that she takes from him all the time, including his toothbrush. He tells her not to use his anymore (yuk!). He doesn’t like waking up to a wet toothbrush (double yuk!). Included, is a thousand dollars in a stack of five dollar bills. She says it’s the worst gift she’s ever received; it’s an a-hole present. He tells her, give the thousand back, but she says it’s the only thing she’ll enjoy. She asks how his dad is doing, and Travis says they haven’t talked in two weeks. He’s in Bangkok, and stopped taking most of his medication. Travis thinks it’s dangerous for his father to be off of them, since he has a pacemaker, stents, and Parkinson’s. In Stephanie’s interview, she says Travis’s parents got divorced years ago, and his dad has a lot of friends in Thailand. Travis can’t get ahold of him, and when he does, his dad is ill. It stresses him out. He has to go to Thailand, and bring his father back to go to the hospital. After a few months, when he’s feeling better, he goes back to Thailand. Travis says his father has always pushed the limits.

It’s pouring out the day of the couples shower. The venue looks gorgeous, gold, white, and crystal, with lots of white balloons. In her interview, Kameron says LeeAnne’s personal taste is different from hers. LeeAnne would want Cardi B singing, but she wanted LeeAnne to look back on something timeless. She says she loves a good quartet, and we see a string trio warming up. A producer points that out, and Kameron says, again? We flash back to another time when she hired a trio thinking it was a quartet. Kameron says LeeAnne is using metallic colors in her wedding, so she incorporated those in the décor. She also has a signature cocktail – the Carnie Cocktail, with cotton candy that melts in the glass. She tells Jimmy, it was obnoxious of Stephanie and Brandi to cancel at the last minute. Jimmy agrees, and says Kameron spent time, money, and energy on it. Kameron says, why do people do that? They remove the place settings for Stephanie, Travis, Brandi, and Brian. Court walks in, and says it looks great.

LeeAnne is impressed. Kameron hugs her, and Rich says it’s stunning. A dude comes up to Rich, and says, it’s really happening. Rich says, it looks like it. Tiffany says LeeAnne doesn’t have to give BJs anymore. LeeAnne says she likes that, but Rich won’t. It’s time to sit for the meal, and LeeAnne tells everyone to take note that Rich is pulling out her chair.

LeeAnne tells Kameron, the wedding won’t be this pretty. In Kameron’s interview, she says she spent a lot, but a true southern lady never drops price tags. Kameron toasts to their friendship, and says she’s glad she got to know the real LeeAnne. She’s happy LeeAnne found her Prince Charming with the happily ever after. Tiffany wishes them blessings, happiness, fun, and bliss. Steve toasts to Kameron and Court. Kameron asks if LeeAnne got a text from Cary to go out for drinks. LeeAnne says, no, and Kameron says Kary texted her, but she didn’t know who was invited. LeeAnne says she invited Kary to the wedding, and Kary can’t invite her for drinks? LeeAnne asks Cary (Lord, that Kary/Cary thing is confusing) if she got a text, and Cary says, no. Kameron says she figured they’d all got invited. She wonders who was, and Cary says, Brandi, Stephanie, and D’Andra. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she’s shocked since she’d invited Kary to most of her parties. If Kary want’s to play favorites, don’t come to her parties. LeeAnne asks Kameron what time she’s meeting them, and where. Cary says, that’s not the way to fix it. Kameron says, 5:15, and LeeAnne says, that’s not a girls night out; it’s a geriatric dinner. Cary asks if it’s not desperate and weird looking to show up uninvited, but Kameron says it’s confronting shadiness. In Kameron’s interview, she admits it’s not proper etiquette, but she’s so annoyed that Brandi and Stephanie aren’t attending the lunch, they’re going to bust this happy hour.

The gold and white cake comes out. LeeAnne and Rich get up to cut it, and LeeAnne says she’s good with knives. Rich tells her, take it easy, and tells everyone, that’s how this happened, indicating his eye patch. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she thinks the couples shower was beautiful, and beyond her wildest dreams. It’s the most elegant party anyone has thrown for her, and probably ever will be.

Kary gets to the bar first, and Stephanie arrives shortly after. Kary says her daughter is leaving for college. Stephanie wants her kids to all go to the same college, and she’ll buy a place nearby. Kary wants a condo that’s all hers, even their home isn’t in her name. She wants something in case anything happens. In her interview, she says she keeps telling Eduardo to put both their names on the house, or do an investment together, but he’s not willing. It’s frustrating. I think it’s sketchy. Brandi joins them. It’s a rooftop bar, and it’s very windy. Brandi is wearing pants, and Stephanie says she’s in charge of keeping their skirts down. Please tell me why they’re even out there in the wind. Brandi says she didn’t go to the shower; her kids had things going on. Stephanie asks if Brandi is going to the wedding, and Brandi says LeeAnne sent her a text invitation. In her interview, Brandi says reads from the text that she’s been formally invited, and says LeeAnne thinks she’s like Willy Wonka giving her a golden ticket. Kary says she also got a text, and Stephanie asks why she didn’t invite LeeAnne for drinks, and Kary says she feels like there’s something with her. She doesn’t know what it is. D’Andra arrives, and Brandi tells her about the text invite. In her interview, D’Andra is at a loss for words. Even for someone brought up in a carnival, it’s a stretch. Brandi says she didn’t respond. It’s not a formal invitation, and ten days before is tacky. I guess it’s okay to cancel two days before though.

LeeAnne, Cary, and Kameron ride together in a limo. Kameron says she’s all about being inclusive. LeeAnne still can’t believe Stephanie and Brandi didn’t call to tell her they weren’t coming to the shower. Kameron says, they’re not missing girls night.

D’Andra says LeeAnne has no manners. You’re supposed to send a wedding invitation six to eight weeks before the event, and you don’t send them late. Kary says LeeAnne told her 30% of the mail gets lost. In Brandi’s interview, she says, 30% of the time, LeeAnne is telling the truth. The other 80%, she’s full of it. Kameron looks at her phone, and sees that Stephanie posted a picture on Instagram of herself with her son in a dinosaur costume. In her interview, she says Stephanie said her little boy was performing in an Easter pageant. Easter and dinosaurs do not add up. Don’t post on social media and out yourself. They’re going to bust this happy hour.

They get drinks, and go out to the rooftop area. Kary is pretty startled, and Kameron says she invited them. They didn’t know about it, and she figured everyone was invited. In Kary’s interview, she says she wanted to invite fun friends, and not have any negativity. Kameron is the last person she’d expect to bring uninvited guests, since she’s so big on etiquette. For God’s sake, it’s a bar, not a sit-down dinner. LeeAnne asks if Kary is offended, and Kary says, no, but she didn’t expect them to show up and ruin girls night. Would LeeAnne like it if D’Andra showed up to her wedding uninvited? LeeAnne thinks the situation between her and D’Andra is different. And again, this is drinks in a public place, not a reception. Kary looks at Cary, and says she has no respect for them ruining girls night out, and Cary shrugs. LeeAnne says they didn’t come to ruin anything.

Kameron asks if Stephanie and Brandi even texted about not coming to the shower. Brandi says she texted Kameron, and reads the text. Kameron says she never saw it, and Brandi didn’t send it until Monday, even though she RSVP’d about her menu choice. In Brandi’s interview, she says she just thought someone was wondering which she preferred, chicken or fish. What an a-hole. Kameron asks why Stephanie said her kid was in an Easter pageant, when he was in a dinosaur costume. LeeAnne tells Kary that she didn’t come to ruin anything. In D’Andra’s interview, she says, it’s like a tennis match. She doesn’t know where to look. LeeAnne and Kary are fighting… LeeAnne says she’s not attacking anyone. Kameron and Brandi are fighting about the shower, and Kameron and Stephanie are fighting. D’Andra eats popcorn as she talks about this. She can find it ridiculous because none of it involves her. Brandi tells Kameron to think whatever she wants to. She’s going to support her child before going to a shower. LeeAnne says when she didn’t hear from them, she thought maybe she’d done something. Stephanie says she’s sorry. She just wasn’t thinking. Kameron says she and Stephanie talked about moving forward. If she’s not open and honest, Kameron doesn’t know how they can have more than a surface friendship. When she found out Brandi wasn’t attending, she knew Stephanie was next. She had to rearrange everything because of their absence. Stephanie says Kameron obviously doesn’t believe her. Kameron thinks Stephanie is using her kid as an excuse. Stephanie says, it’s not an excuse; it’s life. Kameron says Stephanie could have just said she didn’t want to come. Stephanie insists she said she didn’t know.

Kary asks why LeeAnne came, bringing this problem with her. LeeAnne says Kary claimed she didn’t know her, but if she doesn’t invite her places, she won’t. Kary says they need to figure out what they have in common, and LeeAnne says the only way to do that is to spend time together. Kary says, it was nothing personal. Oh, come on. Stephanie tells Kameron that she’s not organized, and she’s sorry. Kameron says, it was rude. In Stephanie’s interview, she says Kameron is saying she called her a surface friend, but she didn’t say that. She said they had a surface friendship. Stephanie says they’ve never had meaningful talks, and she feels like she’s being judged. Wait. Didn’t they go over all that when they went to lunch? Kameron says that’s Stephanie’s insecurity. Stephanie whines that Kameron never asks how she’s doing; it’s always all about her. Kameron says Stephanie is always the victim, and Stephanie says Kameron is full of it. In Kameron’s interview, she says Stephanie is taking no ownership. Sorry, but she’s extremely offended. Stephanie needs to put in some effort. If she doesn’t, it will always be a surface relationship. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she doesn’t want spend precious hours fighting with Kameron. She’s getting off the Kameron hamster wheel. She’s done with this conversation.

Next time LeeAnne has a wedding dress fitting, D’Aandra tells Dee the company should have been sustainable, Brandi finds out Bruin’s biological mother is giving up another baby, and LeeAnne’s wedding happens.

💎 A Forgotten Tiffany…

I didn’t even remember she had been on the show before.


💃 Some People Say It’s Sexist…

But I don’t. I love this movie, and I love me some Oscar Isaac. It’s in rotation on the MAX channels for the Halloween season. Catch it if you can.


And it gave us this on the DVD.

January 2, 2019 – Hank Meets the Real Drew, Gordon’s Back, Danielle Makes It to the Altar, New Year’s Animals, Alice & a Twist on Roxy Music


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


🎉 Hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year’s Eve, and survived the night. Moving on…

General Hospital

Jordan asks Jason to take her through what happened. He says he and Sam have been questioned several times, but Jordan says they need to hear the story several times.

Ava finds not-Doc packing up Kiki’s things. She asks him not to do that, but he thinks it’s not healthy having them out all the time, and they should be put in a closet, where she has access to them. He wishes he could stay longer, but the commissioner wants to see him. Ava asks if it’s about Kiki’s murder. He couldn’t say, but tells her not to open the door unless she knows who’s behind it.

At Charlie’s, Valentin tells Nina it’s exhilarating to see her so happy. Nina says it’s easy to be happy around him. Maxie tells James that she guesses finding Sasha got someone out of the doghouse.

Kristina goes to Charlie’s to pick up her paycheck. She asks if last night wasn’t awful, and Julian says it was, but he’s thinking about Drew kissing Kim. He says, it was a dismal New Year’s Eve all the way around.

Kim tells Drew that Oscar ate an entire breakfast sandwich from Kelly’s. Drew suggests a few hours off. She has time to ring in the new year right. She says they already did that, but he thinks she should be with Julian.

There’s a knock at Ava’s door. It’s Lulu, and Ava says, let her guess. Lulu is there to chastise her for being with her mother’s soon to be ex-husband. Lulu says, actually, she’s looking for him. Ava asks if she’s going to chastise him, but Lulu says it has nothing to do with the two of them. It’s about what happened last night. She hasn’t been able to reach him. Ava asks, what happened? Lulu says the news hasn’t broken yet, but the there was another murder, and there might be a chance the killer is the same person who murdered Mary Pat and Kiki.

Jason tells Jordan that he spotted something behind the Christmas display. He thought he saw a hand or arm with blood on it. He kicked over the snowman, and the body slumped out. It was a guy in his late 30s or early 40s. Jordan asks if he touched the body, but he says, no. He called 911, and they waited for the police. She asks if they’d noticed any activity on the terrace throughout the evening. Sam says no one was out there, and Jordan says that’s all she needs know. She might need to interview them again, but they can leave. Jordan steps away to take a call, and Jason says he’ll take Sam home.

Not-Doc arrives at the MetroCourt. Curtis tells him that a man was found murdered on the terrace; a TV producer named Peyton Mills. Not-Doc says he was the man doing the project on his brother. He thought it was finished, and wonders why he was in Port Charles. Curtis says he was there to put on the finishing touches. He was found on the terrace behind a display. Not-Doc asks if he was murdered at the party, but Curtis doubts it. He got a text message to meet him earlier. Not-Doc asks if they were acquainted, but Curtis says, not really. They had a conversation one night, and Peyton had agreed to listen to his pitch for a TV show. Not-Doc says, on New Year’s Eve? Curtis admits he thought it was unusual, but didn’t want to pass up the opportunity. He agreed meet at Peyton’s rental space, and when he got there, he found a whole lot of blood, but no Peyton. Jordan says they estimate the time of death at 6:15, but Curtis says that was before he got the text. Curtis wonders why the killer would want him to discover the crime scene. Not-Doc says he knows exactly why.

Kim asks if Drew is bored with her. He says he loves her sharing memories, and she says maybe she overshared. Drew says they agreed it was just a New Year’s Eve kiss; no big deal. She says, agreed, and he tells her since Oscar is sleeping, why doesn’t she go see Julian? Tell him happy New Year.

Julian asks Kristina why she’s in a rush. She tells him that she’s moving into a new place, and wants to chip in on expenses. She asks him to keep it on the DL; she hasn’t had a chance tell her mom or Sam. Julian asks if she’s not getting along with Sam. Kristina says they’re great, but she’s been feeling sad, and wants to step outside of her comfort zone, and not ignore the signals the universe is giving her. She tells him when there’s a painful aspect in your life, you have to move on to a new system. It’s the only way to find peace.

Ava wonders what the connection is, but Lulu doesn’t know any more than that. She doesn’t know whether the killer knew them, or was choosing victims at random. Ava says it will never make sense that some sicko got their kicks by committing such horrible acts. Lulu tells Ava that she’s so sorry. Ava thanks her, and says if she needs to speak to Doc, call his office. Lulu says since they have the opportunity, she thinks she and Ava should talk about him.

Doc tells Curtis that the killer must have seen previous texts on Peyton’s phone, and lured him there to obtain evidence. Jordan gets a call, and tells them that Peyton’s driver’s license was removed from his wallet. He was also stabbed twice. The first time wasn’t fatal, but spread a lot of blood, and the second stab was straight in the heart with surgical precision. Not-Doc says, like Kiki and Mary Pat. Jordan says all the murders took surgical skills, and all of the bodies were left at gatherings. Curtis says, someone likes attention, and Jordan says, it’s official. They have a serial killer on their hands. What’s the connection, and what do the victims have in common?

Nina sits with Maxie. Maxie says, well? Nina says, it happened before Christmas, and Maxie says that explains why she hasn’t seen Nina. Nina says she saw Maxie the other day, but Maxie says it was a glorified drive by. Nina tells Maxie to just say it; she thinks Nina is an idiot. Maxie says, maybe, but it suits her. She seems disgustingly happy. Nina says she’s lucky. Who has it better than her? Obrecht breezes in, saying she’s counting her blessings too. She’s been exonerated, and can welcome in 2019 with her beautiful baby boy. She picks up James. Valentin watches from across the room.

Hank sees Drew at the hospital. He says Drew looks different. What happened to him?

Sam and Jason go back to her place. Sam apologizes, saying it’s her fault Jason had to answer questions. Jason says most of the time, it’s because of him when they’ve been interrogated. She thought he’d insist on having Diane there, but Jason says Max took her to Vegas for New Year’s Eve. Sam wonders if they’re getting married. Jason says, no; Diane thinks it could create a conflict of interest. Sam believes Diane will eventually marry him, since Max is an old fashioned kind of guy, who wants to be married, and Diane wants to give him what he wants. Maybe they’ll wait until they retire, but she thinks they’ll end up together. It’s very romantic. Jason laughs, and Sam says things are going better with Diane and Max than with them. Jason disagrees. They both know what they want. Maybe it’s time they did something about it. They kiss. Kristina walks in, and says, oops.

Obrecht goes on about how James looks like Nathan. She says she’s learned her lesson, and is going to be the best oma ever. There’s no room for cruelty and revenge in her life. She’s going to make him proud. She points out a diaper change is needed. Nina says she’ll go with Maxie. She wants to hear about Peter and Christmas. When they’re gone, Obrecht approaches Valentin, and thanks him for convincing Peter to change his testimony. Valentin tells her that he would say you’re welcome if she wasn’t blackmailing him.

Kim brings a bag of New Year’s Eve props to Charlie’s. She thought they could have a belated celebration. Julian doesn’t seem to be feeling it, and she says maybe some mimosas will put him back in the spirit. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea, and she asks, what’s wrong? She thought he understood why she had to stay at the hospital. He says he did; up until he saw her and Drew kissing.

Drew tells Hank that he’s sorry, but doesn’t remember him. Hank says, that’s crazy after everything they did together, and everything Drew did for him. Drew tells him not to take offense. Hank says maybe he’s naïve, but he thought Drew would remember him. They were tight in Afghanistan. He was an independent contractor, and they crossed paths, making the most of their free time. They played a lot of poker. Drew asks if he was any good, and Hank says he sucked at poker, but was a helluva fighter; totally fearless. Drew hopes he’s not too disappointed. He’s had to do this with too many people because he lost decades of memories. Hank says, maybe this will help, and shows him a picture of them, Drew with his old Jason face. Drew doesn’t remember, but Hank wishes he could. Drew changed his life.

Kristina tells Sam and Jason that she’s sorry she interrupted whatever she interrupted, but at least they know it’s the last time. She’s moving out. She has a room at the group house where Daisy lives, and where Oscar is staying. Sam respects Kristina’s decisions as an adult, but she’s concerned about Kristina’s safety. There’s a psycho out there. Kristina says she can’t live her life in fear. Sam says she just feels more comfortable knowing Kristina is upstairs. Kristina says the group house has locks too, and it’s not like she’ll be alone. Sam asks how well she knows these people.

Ava tells Lulu that she thinks it’s best not to discuss Doc. Lulu asks if she’s noticed anything off, but Ava says she hasn’t known him long enough. He’s been kind, compassionate, and wonderful to her. Lulu asks if there’s been any erratic or unusual behavior, and Ava says she gets it. In order for Doc to be with her, he must be having a breakdown. Lulu says she didn’t mean it that way, and Ava tells her, get to the point or get going. Lulu says looking at his behavior from the past, the few people who know him well, know him to be steady, stable, and to help others. Ava says he’s helping her get through the greatest tragedy any mother can experience.

Jordan says, a potential link. The killer has shown surgical precision, but Peyton doesn’t fit the pattern of the previous victims. Curtis suggests the killer resented the spotlight on Ryan Chamberlain, and wanted it for themselves. Jordan says, one serial killer outdoing another. Curtis says the bodies were all put in public places on holidays. Not-Doc says, there’s one other common denominator. Mr. and Mrs. Ashford.

Curtis wonders how the killer would have known they’d be at The Floating Rib. Not-Doc says they were led to the evidence to taunt them. Jordan says, taunting the police commissioner, and her detective husband. Curtis doesn’t think the killer just wants to clown them, and not-Doc says it’s more than their humiliation. The killer chose holidays or celebrations. That indicates they have trouble with a relationship to traditional festive events. Maybe they had a childhood trauma on a holiday or gathering. They’re antisocial, and isolated. They envy the experiences that bring joy to others. Jordan asks if he thinks the killer will strike again. Not-Doc says, it’s not a question of if, but when.

Ava tells Lulu that she and Doc understand each other. Lulu asks if she’s aware of his psychiatric history. Ava asks if she means his practice, and Lulu says, he had a complete breakdown. He became violent, and stalked and kidnapped Felicia. He recovered memories, and his past is complicated and dark.

Kristina is just about packed, and Sam thinks maybe she should take a minute before moving in to tell her why she and her new friends are drawn to each other. Kristina says they want to be part of something bigger than themselves. Sam asks how they’re doing that, and Kristina says they do a lot of volunteering. Daisy volunteers at her grandpa’s daycare center. Sam asks how they afford rent, and Kristina tells her, it’s like a big family. Everyone shares and pitches in. Which didn’t really answer that question. Jason asks if anyone is in charge. Kristina says Shiloh is the community outreach leader, but he keeps everything egalitarian, and teaches them not to rely on others. She looks up to him. Sam asks if that’s for any particular reason. What’s he like? There’s obviously something she likes. Kristina says Sam thinks she’s sleeping with him. Sam says, is she?

Valentin asks if Obrecht is enjoying her freedom. She says she’s thrilled to be back with her family. Nothing else matters. He tells her to remember who made it possible. Don’t put him in a position where he regrets it.

Kim tells Julian that she and Drew were just talking, and got nostalgic about a New Year’s Eve years ago in San Diego. The kiss meant nothing. Julian says, not to him. Seeing them together did something. She’s says she’s sorry, but he tells her that he found a way to move past it. He slept with someone else.

Hank tells Drew, it got rough, but they had good times. Hank hit the bottle too hard, but Drew got him through the dark days. He wants to return the favor. Drew appreciates it, but he’s good. He says his son is in the hospital, and Hank asks if there’s anything he can do. Drew says he’s very kind, but his son is getting the best treatment, and Kim is a doctor there. Hank asks if Kim is his son’s mother, and Drew says, he never mentioned her? Hank says, no, and never mentioned a son either. Drew says he just found out he had a son, and Hank says if there’s anything he can do, don’t hesitate to ask. Hank owes him. Drew says he doesn’t remember, and either way, let it go. Hank says he can’t do that. Drew saved his life.

Kristina tells Sam, it’s not like that. Sam apologizes, saying Kristina seems taken with him. Kristina says Shiloh encourages them to do their part to make the world a better place. It’s not like she’s jumping into bed with everyone. Sam says her mind just went there, and Kristina asks if Jason assumed the same thing. He says he assumed nothing, but understands why Sam is concerned. Kristina suggests they check it out. They’re one big happy family, and it’s what she needs right now. She leaves, and Sam tells Jason that she needs him on this, and don’t say Kristina is old enough to make her own decisions. Jason says Kristina told them they can visit. He thinks they should.

Drew tells Hank the Navy gave him his records, but most of what he did was protected. Hank says he has no idea that he’s a hero? He rescued Hank from an IED. He was accompanying Hank and some other on a supply run. An IED hit his jeep, and Drew was in the convoy behind him. Hank got hit hard, and the jeep went up in flames. Bullets were flying everywhere, and Hank thought he was a goner, but Drew ran back and grabbed him. He pulled Hank out, and dragged him into a ditch to hide. He stayed with Hank, and protected him; he kept Hank from bleeding out. He’s sitting there because of Drew. After that, he quit partying, and got his head on straight. He looked for Drew, but he was gone. He didn’t believe Drew went AWOL, and asks, where did he go? Drew has no idea. He’d love to hear more about their time over there, but his kid needs some tests. Hank tells him to call or text when he’s ready. He says one more thing – and I totally miss what he says. He tells Drew that he’s wanted to say it for a long time. What is it? I love you? We’re married? I’m a robot? What? I cheat later, and look at another recap. It say he told Drew thank you. Geez, it seemed deeper than that.

Kim asks Julian if it was Alexis, but he says, it doesn’t matter. Seeing them together made him rethink what’s going on. She knows she hasn’t been very present. Julian says her son and his father are her priority right now, as it should be. He doesn’t want to get in the way anymore. Kim says he’s giving up because her life is complicated? He says, maybe she can’t see it, but he’s a distraction. He can’t let it go on for either one of their sakes. Kim says so to make sure it’s over, he jumped into bed with someone else? He says it was a bad night, but he doesn’t regret it. It made him see he has to let her go, so she can focus completely on Oscar. She says if he wants to break up, why doesn’t he have the guts to say it? Don’t sleep with someone else. Say it for her. He’s not a martyr; he’s a coward. Julian says she knew being with him was a risk, but he has to end it. She tells him, go to hell, and walks out.

Valentin suggests Obrecht might be more comfortable outside of Port Charles. Maybe she should go back to Switzerland. She says, and leave her beautiful grandson? Fat chance. She’s staying. He says unless he’s tempted to cause a tragic accident. She tells him that their relationship is contingent on her good health. Should she meet an untimely end, she’s arranged for three letters to be delivered about how he passed Sasha off as Nina’s daughter. One to the DA, one to Anna, and one to Nina.

Lulu tells Ava it’s no surprise that Doc has been acting strange; his brother is all over the news. Ava says she’s the reporter who’s been covering it ad nauseum. Lulu says she thought Doc could handle it until he left her mother. She’s not telling Ava what do or how to live her life, but suggests she keep her eyes open. Not-Doc walks in, and Lulu says she came by to ask him some questions about the murder. He thinks the commissioner would be a better source. Lulu says she’ll probably hear from Jordan soon, and checks her phone. She says, it looks like Jordan is ready to make a statement; she should go. Before she leaves, she tells Ava that she meant what she said. Ava asks not-Doc what Jordan said, but he wants to know what he walked in on. Ava says that Lulu came by ask him questions about the murders, and he asks if that’s all. She says Lulu did have some choice words about him ending things with her mother, and alluded that he had some kind of breakdown in his past. Not-Doc says, it’s true. He did

Not-Doc tells Ava that he doesn’t talk much about it. It was a painful time in his life. She says Lulu mentioned it had something to do with his brother. He says, yes, and his mother. Ava asks what his mother did, and he says, made terrible mistakes. Ava says Lulu also mentioned there was something dark in his past. Not-Doc suggests Lulu mind her own business. She doesn’t understand him any more than Laura does. They’re trying tear him and Ava apart, and they can’t let them. Ava says they won’t.

Lulu asks Jordan what she can share with her readers. Jordan is still preparing her press release, but she can tell Lulu something off the record. They’re dealing with a serial killer who will stop at nothing to get attention. Curtis tells her, there’s no saying who the next victim will be.

Obrecht agrees to Valentin’s terms. He tells her that Nina is his life and happiness. She brings light to his days, but he can thrive in darkness. If she chooses to reveal his secret, he’ll have nothing left to lose, and every reason to make her pay for it. Obrecht asks what she’d have to gain, and says she’d be happy to keep his secret.

Nina wonders what’s going on those two, and Maxie says, nothing good.

Kim goes back to the hospital. Drew says, that was fast, and asks, what’s wrong? Kim says Julian broke up with her. She doesn’t want to talk about it. She just wants to visit her son.

Sam and Jason arrive at the house where Kristina lives. Sam says it’s nicer than she thought it would be. She hopes the people inside are too. Kristina answers the door. She says it didn’t take long, but she’s glad they came; it’s good timing. She introduces them to Shiloh. Jason is like, whoa, because it’s Hank.

Tomorrow, Maxie thinks something is a great idea, Scotty needs to talk to Monica, and Marcus tells Stella that his marriage is none of her business.

🍴 Gordon Ramsay has returned with another season of 24 Hours to Hell and Back, airing Wednesdays at 8 pm. I missed tonight’s episode, because I was catching up with…

👰 The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Danielle got married in Bimini, but it wasn’t nearly as exciting as I’d hoped. The highlight was Danielle getting weird with Marge because the guys took Marty out for some serious drinking, and Joe #3 drunk talked that Danielle was after Marty’s money. Follow that? Yeah, it was stupid. Marge had enough, and was about to go home, but they made up. The ceremony happened – loved the dress, a strapless, lace mermaid number – but we didn’t even see a reception. Back home, Melissa’s son Joey was making his First Communion. There was a HUGE party, and I got mesmerized by the buffet. Jennifer’s brother was having an engaged to be engaged party, which sounds like something a teenager would have, but is apparently some kind of Turkish tradition. Also traditional, is the potential groom’s family dressing the potential bride for the party, although her family pays for the actual event. Of all places, they went to Jovani, and I could hear Dorinda yelling in my head. Milania seems like a real pita of a twelve-year-old. Teresa felt she was acting out because of her father being in the slammer, even though she’s been a handful since birth. It was suggested singing and rapping might help, so Teresa took her to the professionals. Let’s put it this way. The kid will not be on American Idol any time soon. Jackie wrote an article referring to Jennifer’s children being spoiled, and blah-blah-blah about Jennifer’s humongous mansion, saying there was a bouncy house bigger than her house, which I hope is an exaggeration. While I’m not crazy about Jennifer, I agreed with her that Jackie had no right to be saying what she did for the world to read. She didn’t name names, but even if I read it, I’d know who she meant. She could have at least given Jennifer a heads up. No one wants a second-hand surprise. Jackie is making the same mistake a lot of new Wives make. They start stirring the sh*t too early in the game, before they even know anybody. It’s possible it’s due to Andy prodding them with a pitchfork, but Gina and Emily did the same thing this season on the OC Wives. Jackie tried to act like the article was complimentary, but since she didn’t want to disrupt the First Communion party, Jennifer told Jackie the conversation wasn’t over. Later, Jackie told Melissa and Marge, if you don’t want her to write about it, don’t do it. Great. Does this mean no one will even be able to take a crap this season? Next time, Jackie confronts Teresa. Should be interesting.

🐕 🐈 Because Animals Are the Best…

11 Animals That Are So You On New Year’s Day


🐍 Go Ask Alice…

He might live with his mom, but he’s still cooler than Colt will ever be. Looking good at 70 too.


I don’t like to mix politics and rock’n’roll. I don’t look at Bono, Sting and Bruce Springsteen as political. I look at them as being humanitarian. I’ll contribute to anything humanitarian. Helping people who can’t help themselves. But when musicians are telling people who to vote for, I think that’s an abuse of power. You’re telling your fans not to think for themselves, just to think like you. Rock’n’roll is about freedom – and that’s not freedom.Alice Cooper – Amen to that!

💋 A New Year Treat…

Oscar Issac and Carla Gugino. These two are just luscious.