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July 30, 2019 – A Trick Up Shiloh’s Sleeve, the End Of BH As We Know It, the Feels, No Mama & O-U-T


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam, Jason, and Danny go to the park. Sam and Jason talk bikes while Danny plays ball. Sam asks Jason not to buy Danny a bike until he’s twenty.

On the phone, Shiloh says he wants the Job finished today, and to call when it’s done. Danny’s ball rolls near him, and he picks it up. He asks if Danny remembers him.

Kim opens one of Drew’s medals. He says the originals must have been confiscated when he went AWOL. Oscar had them replaced. Oscar’s last gift to him was a piece of his past.

Curtis meets Jordan and Stella at the MetroCourt. He says he only has a minute. He has to do a security walk-through at Aurora. Stella says she’s proud of him. Head of security is impressive, and better than chasing shadows and digging up other people’s secrets.

Peter goes to Lulu’s place. He tells her that he must have dropped his wallet in the couch cushions, and digs around. She says Rocco is at the Quartermaine’s and Charlotte’s father just her. He says he noticed she took a personal day. Is she okay? She says, everything is fabulous. She takes a sip of wine, which she’s obviously been drinking for a while. She says she’s taking Maxie’s advice, grabbing life by… whatever you grab life by, and throwing herself back into the mix.

Valentin tells Obrecht, welcome back to Windymere. She tells him, stop hovering, but he says he’d hate to see her take a tumble over the side. She says she knows the house well. She was holding people hostage there long before he showed up. Nina comes out, and Obrecht thanks her for her concern, but she’s safe in her own home. Valentin says she lives by herself. If anything happens, who knows when, or if, she’ll be discovered. Nina says it’s giving her peace of mind. Obrecht says, it’s not necessary, and they already have a full house with Charlotte and Sasha. Sasha joins them, and Nina tells her to let Obrecht know how roomy the house is. Sasha says they’re going to have even more room when she moves out.

Ryan picks up the phone, and tells Ava, hello darling. Has she missed him as much as he missed her? He saw her Crimson cover. It was evocative. And Midnight in the Garden pf Good and Ava, appropriate imagery. She says he never struck her as the type to follow fashion. He says that’s because she only saw him mimic his brother’s banal sense of style, but he threw in some flair. He has his own aesthetic. She says she noticed. She tells him, as he may have guessed, it’s not a social call. He asks, how can that be? He only ever thinks of her. He laughs, and says there has been something else on his mind. Not so much a who, but a what; his kidney, the one stolen from him. Did she happen to have a hand in that? At first she’s confused, but then the lightbulb comes on, and she says, that would make sense. She wondered why he, of all people, donated an organ, to the Commissioner no less. She thought he was offered a deal, but now he’s telling her that they actually stole it. Those self-righteous hypocrites. No wonder… he holds them in contempt. He tells her that she almost said we. She gets him. No matter how much she thinks she hates him, she knows him, like he knows her. He missed that. She says she hasn’t, and he says, of course not (🍷), but obviously she needs something from him. How can he help?

Stella tells Curtis, that came out wrong. A corporate job must be nice change. He says, it has its advantages; regular hours, a salary, generous benefits, especially while Jordan is recovering. Jordan says it will be better when she’s up to full speed, but Curtis tells her to take her time. Stella says they both deserve a rest, although it must be tame after chasing Ryan. Maybe Curtis will find some corporate espionage to spice things up.

Nina says Sasha promised to stay for the wedding. She can’t move back to Chappaqua now. Sasha says she’s not. She’s finding her own apartment. Between the job and some other things, she’s decided to stay. Nina hugs her, and says she’s so thrilled. When she sees Michael Other Things Corinthos, she’ll have to thank him. Sasha tells her not to say anything, and spare her the embarrassment, but Nina says she never got the chance to show Sasha’s prom date her baby pictures. She has to make up for lost time. Nina asks Obrecht if it isn’t wonderful, but Obrecht says she’s calculating the distance to shore, in case she decides to go swimming for exercise. Valentin asks if she can’t stay out of the water, and she says she’ll be better prepared for sharks this time. Nina says they don’t have them there, but Obrecht says, they’re not necessarily in the water. Nina is excited that her daughter chose to live in Port Charles. Obrecht says she’s brave, considering the crime rate and the low number of convictions. Nina sits between Valentin and Obrecht, and puts her arms around them. She says she has everyone she loves close by. Just the way she likes it. Neither Obrecht nor Valentin look thrilled.

Kim asks if Drew had no idea, and he says he was completely blindsided. She says, it’s pretty spectacular. Drew says he wishes they’d got there in time for Oscar to see them, but Kim says Oscar didn’t need medals for him to think Drew was a hero. She thinks he ordered them so Drew could be as sure as Oscar was that he’s a good man.

Shiloh asks Danny if his mom and dad are around. Jason runs up, and tells Danny to go back to his mom. Danny asks if he’s in trouble, but Jason says, not at all. Shiloh tells Danny to say hi to his mom. Danny runs off, and Shiloh tells Jason he has a lovely little boy despite his efforts to close him off. Jason says, do not approach his family again. Shiloh asks what Jason is going to do; it’s a public place, and Danny is a few feet away. How is he going to explain beating a guy for telling the truth? Jason says Shiloh assaulted Danny’s mother, calling him Hank. He asks if Shiloh wants another beating. He can’t speak if his jaw is wired, and he can’t grope anyone with two broken hands. Like the big baby he is, Shiloh says he’ll tell his lawyer that Jason has been making threats. He leaves, and Danny asks Jason if everything is okay. Jason says, it’s all good.

Kim asks Drew if the medals came with any paperwork, and he tells her the citations are there. She says she’d love to know what he did to earn them, and he gives her the envelope.

Lulu tells Peter, Maxie is right. She has so many amazing things in her life. For instance, her children. She has a kickass job with a kickass boss. She has a byline. People know who she is, and her stories make a difference. He says he knows that; he publishes them. She says she helped to catch a serial killer. She’s so much more than Dante’s wife. She’s Leslie Lou Spencer, and what she is, is remarkable. It’s hard to feel amazing and abandoned, but she’s more remarkable than abandoned. Peter is sure Dante is remarkable too, but from where he’s standing, Dante is an idiot.

Jordan asks Stella what’s going on with her. How’s Marcus? Stella says, same as usual. Very much in love with his wife. He’s in a very complicated, heartbreaking situation, all of which she’s accepted. Jordan says it’s wonderful how they’ve become such great friends, and Stella agrees it’s nice they’re in each other’s lives again. Jordan asks what about her genealogy search. Did she follow up? Stella says, nothing. She took the bait, and gave them money to send the relative a letter about meeting, but they never heard back. Jordan tells her, give it time. Stella says, whoever the mystery relative is, they’ve chosen to stay a mystery. Curtis and Jordan exchange looks, and Stella says they’re doing that thing couples do when they want to work your last nerve. Jordan says she took it upon herself to send the genetic markers to a friend in forensics. Stella asks if she’s related to Billy Dee Williams, and Curtis says, that would be awesome. Jordan says, genetically speaking, it’s a much closer relation than they thought.

Drew tells Kim that he got a medal for saving Shiloh, and she says, Shiloh claims that’s the moment he turned his life around, and embraced the light. Drew says he saved a man who turned out to be a con artist, but Kim says he couldn’t know that then. He says, according to Shiloh, they were best buddies. Kim looks at the paperwork, and says according to this, he rescued a civilian contractor, and went back to rescue SEAL Charles Tex Owens. Maybe he can give Drew information, and shed light on his supposed friendship with Shiloh.

Danny asks, what happened? Did he do something wrong? Jason says he did everything he was asked and didn’t argue. Sam says she’s the one who made a mistake. She should never have introduced Danny to Shiloh. He’s a bad man she was investigating, and should have told him. Danny asks why she didn’t, and she says she didn’t want to confuse him. Jason is pretty sure Shiloh knows not to come near Danny, but if he does, Danny should get them or an adult he trusts. He tells Danny not to be afraid; just be aware. Shiloh won’t hurt him, and if he tries, they’ll stop him.

Ava tells Ryan that she’s working with someone to reach Kiki. Kiki’s spirit can’t find peace. Ryan doesn’t see what that has to do with him, but she says, he killed her. He separated her soul from her body. The least he can do is help her put Kiki’s soul to rest

When they’re alone, Valentin says he owes Sasha an apology. He told her to steer clear of Michael, but now that she’s formed an emotional attachment, it might work in both their favors. She says she’s been trying to tell him that. Nina wants her there, and is happy she’s staying, but he’s the man Nina loves. Charlotte is Nina’s stepdaughter, and they’re a family. Valentin says she’s part of the family now. It’s not how he planned it, but sometimes things work out for the better. Sasha is everything he’d hoped for in a daughter for Nina. He’s happy she’s developed a life of her own that will keep her close by. That leaves just one problem; Obrecht. She asks how he suggest they handle that, and he tells her, leave it to him. He has a few ideas. Outside the door, Obrecht listens.

Jordan explains the DNA comparison between Stella and the mystery relative, showing her the percentage of genetic material they have in common. Stella asks if that makes them cousins, and then asks Curtis why he’s looking at her like that. Curtis says she knows nothing in the past or present could affect how they love and respect her. She says she’s starting to wonder, and he says, if something happened when she was younger, maybe before she lived with them, like perhaps having a child she couldn’t keep, she can tell him.

Stella asks if Curtis has lost his mind. She doesn’t have a secret love child roaming around. He says he didn’t think so, and she asks why he said that. He says, just on the off-chance, he wanted her to know she could tell them. She knows his heart is in the right place, but she’s told him time and again that he and his brother are all the children she needed. This has officially become more trouble than it’s worth. The truth can’t possibly be as crazy as the story they cooked up. Jordan says she’s closely related, but Stella says they have no intention of meeting with her, and she has no need to search the world for a stranger.

Lulu asks Peter what he said about her husband. He’s wonderful and amazing, so are their kids. He’s going through something horrible. Peter says he was there when Dante shot him. He doesn’t think Dante even knew what he was doing. But he doesn’t understand how Dante could walk away from them. She says, he has PTSD. Peter says, he abandoned the family he claims to love. She says he does love them. That’s why he’s making this choice; the most difficult choice of his life. He’s protecting them, knowing he might not return, in order to make her feel safer.

Ava tells Ryan, in death, as in life, Kiki refuses to speak to her. The psychic said Kiki thinks Ryan still has a hold on her, and needs to let her go. he asks, how? and she says the psychic seems think if he apologizes, Kiki will finally be able rest. He says, okay, and she says, so he’ll apologize for taking Kiki’s life, and let her go? He says, of course (🍷). Confession is good for the soul, but it’s not specified which soul. It’s not helping to remind Ava of who she is; a force to be reckoned with. Not some patsy being taken in by a con artist. The dead are dead. There are no souls wandering the earth for resolution. Kiki isn’t restless. Her soul doesn’t exist, and never did. He tells Ava, go home and come back after she gets the help she clearly needs. He hangs up the phone.

Drew and Kim approach Curtis’s table. Stella tells them again that she’s sorry for their loss. Drew thanks her, and tells Curtis the offices are emptied. His team can finish securing the area, and when Curtis is ready. Drop Drew a line when he’s done. He’s sure they’ll be safer.

Danny asks if he can go over his soccer moves, and Sam tells him to stay where they can see him. She asks Jason if he thinks Danny is okay, and Jason says, he seems to be. She doesn’t want him to be afraid that Shiloh is lurking somewhere. Jason thinks Danny trusts them to deal with Shiloh. Now, they just need to figure out how do that.

Shiloh waits. He remembers telling Drew that they could run a sting. Root the bastards out, and trick the sellers. They could split the money, and never see each other again. Returning to the present, he says, where the hell are you?

Ryan picks the phone back up.  Ava says he’s right about one thing; he has no soul. It’s a comfort to know, once he’s gone, he’s gone for good. He’s nothing on the outside, and it matches what’s on the inside. He says, that’s more like it. There’s his Ava. She says whoever stole his kidney shouldn’t have stopped. He should be dead. The knife she plunged in his back should have killed him. He says that’s what he missed so much. Her veracity and passion. It was one of the first things he fell in love with. She says, then let her go. He says, whoever said if you love something, set it free was just making excuses. Why would you want it to go anywhere? That’s not how it works. She says, please, and begs him to let her go, so Kiki can rest in peace.

Lulu asks if Peter is trying reverse psychology on her; pissing her off about Dante so she defends him. Peter says he’s being honest because he cares. Lulu says he thinks he understands, but has no idea. They had issues like everyone else, but the bad was so small and insignificant, it was nothing compared to the good. How good it felt to love each other. That’s why Dante is staying away; he loves them. Peter wonders why he can’t find another way that doesn’t rip the family apart. Lulu says Peter reminds her of herself, passing out advice like she has a clue regarding what she’s talking about. It’s easy to Monday morning quarterback other people. If he had loved anyone before Maxie, maybe he’d understand. He says maybe he is love challenged, and is unfamiliar with the ins and outs, but if it hurts this much, maybe Lulu is better off without Dante. He walks out.

Nina says Obrecht’s room is being prepared. She tells Valentin that Obrecht insisted on the room farthest away from them. Obrecht says why should her snoring bother anyone. Valentin says her generosity in thinking of others is uncharacteristic. Sasha says she has to meet Michael. They’re going away, but she’ll send Nina her contact info. Nina looks at her phone, and says she’s been waiting for this. Obrecht asks if another body has been found, but Nina says it’s the new numbers from Crimson. They’ve exceeded expectations, and are annihilating the competition. She wants to get out the best champagne, and hopes Jax and Hayden choke on it at dinner. Obrecht says, Hayden is coming there tonight? Nina knows Hayden and Obrecht hate each other, and Obrecht accused Hayden of trying to kill her, but this is a super important business dinner. Obrecht says she’d rather eat in the barn, and Nina tells her, just don’t set it on fire this time. Everything is coming together. Crimson is on top, her beautiful daughter has decided to stay in town, and has found love. Sasha says they haven’t said the L-word yet, but Nina says it will happen. And her aunt didn’t drown. Obrecht says Nina needs to raise the bar. Nina says she’s marrying Valentin in September, and it’s going to be the happiest day. There’s nothing to worry about, and nothing to stress them. They can just focus on their happiness. She kisses Valentin, and Sasha says she needs to go. Nina leaves to see about dinner, and Obrecht says, so the wedding is going on as planned? and Valentin says, which begs the question, why would he jeopardize Nina’s happiness by harming Obrecht?

Kim understands why Drew doesn’t want the procedure done – he doesn’t want to risk his relationship with Oscar or Scout – but the medals are a great gateway to his past. Drew says, not just his. Shiloh’s redemption story hinges on Drew saving him. Now there’s another witness to prove he’s a liar.

Stella tells Jordan that she has to get to work. Jordan looks at her, and she says, what now? Jordan says her friend from forensics found something. Stella says she told Jordan to drop it, and she means it. Jordan says Stella might reconsider. Her friend used the same lab that the PCPD uses, and the information suggests Stella’s relation lives in the greater Port Charles area.

Ryan tells Ava that if she really believes the truth will set Kiki free, here it is. He doesn’t regret doing anything, if it meant being by Ava’s side and in her bed. Deep down, he thinks she feels the same way, but she says, not true. He says she consented to everything they did, and she says she consented to Doc. Ryan says she wouldn’t look twice at Doc. She consented to being with him. He suggests she look up the word deception. She tells him to consider taking that back if. He laughs, and tells her, ask herself why he would want her be less haunted by her love for him, than he is for her? She says she hates him, and he says, that’s two sides of… she knows the rest. If the psychic is right, they’re bound together for eternity, and he takes small comfort in that.

Obrecht tells Valentin, stop the petty torment and mind games. She knows he’s the one who tried to kill her. He says, cut the crap. If he wanted her dead, she’d be dead. He has a vested interest in Nina’s happiness. If she’s looking for who pushed her, look at someone else. It’s not him. Not this time.

Jason tells Sam that DOD is practically shut down. Shiloh’s followers are leaving, and his offshore assets are frozen. Sam says the Pledges were destroyed, and Shiloh has been stopped from going near Wiley. Jason thinks Shiloh still has another trick up his sleeve. They’ve just got to figure out what it is.

Curtis goes into Drew’s office, and finds the credenza open and ransacked. He makes a call saying he needs some guys there now.

Someone meets Shiloh, but we don’t see who they are. He asks if they got it. He’s handed the flashdrive, and he says, nice work.

Tomorrow, Alexis wonders how her sex life became a hot topic, Valentin says Cassandra has resurfaced, and Drew tells Shiloh that he’s going to find out what happened in Afghanistan.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – The Reunion – Part Three

Almost done with The Real Housewives of Self-Righteous Hypocrisy.

Backtracking a little, Camille says Denise told her to tell her daughter that she’s an effing liar in regard to Teddi’s snub. Denise says Camille needs to take a second. Because this is not good. Andy asks what was going through Denise’s mind at lunch, when Camille trash talked everyone. Denise starts saying she was uncomfortable, and Camille gets up. She says, it’s a set-up, and leaves, taking off her dress as she goes. Denise asks if she’s on something. She’s so angry. Backstage, Camille calls them nasty bitches, and Denise says, she’s effing nuts. Denise never said that.

Andy goes backstage, and Camille says, that’s it. She’s done. Andy asks, what set-up? and she says Denise did say she cursed at her kids. We view some unseen footage that backs up what Camille is saying. On stage, Denise says she never told Camille to tell her daughter that she’s a liar. Erika says she’s speechless, and she’s rarely speechless. LisaR says Camille didn’t want them at her wedding. We go back to last week, where Camille said it was just for production. Camille tells Andy that they were nasty about her wedding, but Andy says, they thought it was great. Camille points out that Teddi claimed the best part of her wedding was leaving. We see a clip from the Watch What Happens Live aftershow where Teddi says just that.

Kyle says, Camille was so mean, and LisaR says, no one ever said they didn’t want her somewhere. I find that hard to believe. Camille tells Andy that they want her to jump on the LVP hate train. She understands how they feel, but she still misses LVP. Can’t she say something nice about LVP without them jumping on her? She feels ganged up on because she didn’t gang up on LVP. Kyle says Camille isn’t being genuine, and Andy tells Camille that he thinks they feel she says one thing to them, and another behind their backs. Camille says, they all talk about each other. Andy thinks if she was consistent, there would be no issue. Camille doesn’t know what issue Denise has with her, and Andy says Camille just said she didn’t like Denise. LisaR says Camille is much angrier than she realized. Andy asks Camille to come back for more torture.

Andy goes back, and tells the women that Camille feels they want her to talk sh*t about LVP. He told her they wanted her to be consistent, but she’s upset because they trashed her wedding on the aftershow. Kyle says, it’s Camille on season one times ten. Camille returns, and Kyle says, it’s so awkward, but LisaR says they’re glad Camille came back. Andy asks why Camille is crying, because either he’s a total idiot or wants to make her cry harder. She says it’s been hard for her to talk to them. She was very hurt after the wedding. LisaR asks if she’s okay, and if there’s something more going on. Camille says she was really hurt, and LisaR says, it was a great wedding. Camille reminds Teddi that she said the best part was the departure. It broke her heart. She thought they had fun. Teddi says they did enjoy it, and they being shady. They’d heard terrible things that Camille said. She didn’t know Camille was mad during the camping trip. She never said anything. Camille says she was just mad in that moment, but Teddi says she didn’t just talk about it once. Camille says she’s had a lot going on. She doesn’t even remember everything that happened specifically.

On top of the large volume of flashbacks, they also keep overlapping when we come back from a commercial break. Did they seriously not have enough material without LVP? Kyle tells Camille that she said she didn’t want to invite them to her wedding. She’s feeling hurt, and it’s confusing. Camille says she’s confused too. Kyle says she knows Camille is a good person; just be honest. She knows it’s hard sometimes. It was hard for her go to LVP and be honest. Andy says Camille made serious claims about Dorit’s financial status, but said she was protecting her. Camille says she didn’t want to say anything, and Dorit says, but she did. We flash back to that, and Erika says, it was a thinly veiled threat; I know something about you. Camille says, it was irresponsible, hurtful, and mean. She realized after she said it, and felt horrible. Dorit says she’ll always have shadow of doubt, and can’t trust what Camille says is real. Andy tells Camille that she said she doesn’t care for Denise. Was there something specific? Camille says she didn’t like what Denise said about her daughter lying. Denise insists she told Camille to reassure her daughter, and tell her Teddi was just in a hurry. She doesn’t think she would say anything like that, but if she did, she’s sorry.

Andy brings up the controversial conversation about Brett Kavanaugh, and how it took a personal turn. We flash back to that, and he asks if Camille feels misunderstood about what she said. Camille says she feels people need be heard and believed. LisaR says she thinks having the conversation was a good thing. She thinks it’s important that victims be believed; her mom is one. She’s a survivor, and so is Camille. Erika is a survivor. Erika says Camille is a survivor of a lot of things. Andy asks what it was like for Camille, walking through the embers of her house. She says they were lucky to salvage some stuff, like baby pictures. She starts to cry as we flash back. Andy says he can’t imagine, and everyone says they’re sorry. Erika says but Camille does have the ability to rebuild. Thank God she’s safe, and she’s got the kids. Camille says she lost Scott too; her assistant and confidant is gone. Andy says it struck him when she said she lost her house, but losing a friend is more difficult.

Andy says Denise had to run out of the house at a moment’s notice. Her house was okay, but all of their belongings had smoke damage. Denise says every piece of clothing, but it’s stuff. For her it was her kids and her dogs. It was moving so fast, and they had to get out. Andy says it’s nice that the other women brought them clothes. Camille says, it was very kind. Andy stirs the pot by reminding Camille that she said Denise doesn’t understand the heartache. Her rented house didn’t burn down. Denise doesn’t know the reason. She thinks they’ve been empathetic. She and Camille talked several times. Who gives sh*t if she was renting? They’ve been figuring out where to live, and she wondered where this was coming from; what did she do to Camille that Camille thinks she’s not empathetic? Camille doesn’t know; she has no answer. She’s sorry. Denise says, this is where we think before we speak, making me want to smack her, even if I agree. She says Camille said some extremely hurtful things that had no truth to them. She’s talking out of her ass. Denise says she’s been nothing but nice, kind, and supportive. Camille says she’s had a difficult year. She doesn’t have a home; her family has been displaced; and her mom is very sick. She’s overwhelmed. LisaR comes over, and sits next to Camille, putting an arm around her. Camille says she was nervous to come. Denise wonders if she needs to take a minute, but Camille says she’ll be okay. LisaR says she’s been through a lot. Andy asks if she regrets being so open in her opinions. Camille says she’s been wrong, and she’s sorry if she’s been cruel. Andy suggests they take a break, and air the room out.

Andy says the jet setting housewives took their wanderlust to the next level. We flash back to their Bahamas trip, France, and camping. A viewer says Kyle having a Rolex postmated to the dinner table was the diva behavior to which she aspires. Andy asks if she needs Mauricio’s permission to make a purchase. Kyle says, first of all, she had the watch delivered that was because the shop was going to be closed, and for a big purchase, she checks with Mauricio, and he does the same. Erika says she doesn’t buy her own jewelry because Tom likes to do it. Dorit says, anything over $10K. Oh yeah. For me too. Andy asks how much Camille’s wedding cost, and she says, $120K. Her first wedding was closer to a million, but a lot was spent on security. A viewer can’t believe the spent $700 on groceries for one night when they went camping. Andy asks what happened to the leftovers, and Teddi says they donated them to the other campers. Everyone talks about how often they personally grocery shop, which is more than you’d think, but I would too. He asks what LisaR had packed in her bag, and she says, everything. We flash back to Erika asking, what’s in the bag? A dead body? Vanderpump? Erika says LisaR is their resident pharmacy – in a good way. Andy says people were surprised they were without a glam squad in Provence. Erika says they were fine; they’re capable. He asks when Kyle was more hammered, clubbing or the wine tasting, and she says, Provence. We flash back to her helping Teddi up the stairs. Erika doesn’t know how they were still walking upright. Kyle says they also had extreme jet lag. In nine years, it was the most she’d consumed, and the worst it’s gotten. Andy tells her, that’s saying something.

And in the moment we all knew was coming, we flash back to Puppygate and the Radar Online article. Dorit says it was no longer about the dog, but about her friendship with LVP. We see Kyle’s involvement, and her wondering how she was going to say LVP had nothing to do with it, when she’d been accused of it before. We go way back to the reunion where Adrienne said LVP had leaked a story. We see the beginning of LVP’s argument with Kyle, and LVP asking Camille if she’ll have to take a lie detector test. Andy says a practicing attorney told them the test was 70% accurate, and not admissible in court. Erika says, Tom weighed in, and said they were unreliable, but can be good if the right person [administers] them. Dorit is also suddenly a font of information about the tests. Denise wonders how LVP found it. Andy says he’s skeptical about how Kyle found out, and asks if she’s sure production didn’t tell her about it. Kyle says the family of one of her daughter’s friends was burglarized, and they had the construction workers take one. Andy asks why she’d dispute it’s validity, and Kyle says they’ve used it with workers, and someone failed who she knew didn’t do it. I’m wondering how she knows that for sure, but okay. I’m also guessing the test would be more likely to err in this direction if the person was super nervous. Kyle says the friend said the lady with the dog was there. LVP did a practice run, then had production film it. Andy asks why they think LVP had a trial run, and Kyle says, to see if she passed. Erika says, so when the cameras showed up, she gave a great performance. Andy tells them the boss at Radar said LVP wasn’t the source, and has never been an anonymous source. Kyle says someone in that position wouldn’t normally make statements unless they’re a friend. She doesn’t think Radar is losing sleep over whether LVP leaked a story or not. Camille asks if Denise thinks it could be someone from the center. Denise says, maybe. LisaR says LVP isn’t stupid enough to make the call herself. She’d have someone else do it. She says LVP talks through the press. That’s how she announced she was leaving the show.  Andy talks about LVP’s digs at them via social media. Kyle says they’ve been accused of bullying LVP, but haven’t stooped that low. We see a clip of LVP joking about Erika tucking, and the mini backlash that followed it. It’s pointed out by a viewer that Erika talks about her d*ck on the show, so what’s the difference? Erika says LVP was taking a swipe at her and being funny, but hurt a viable community. I love how it’s always someone who isn’t a member of a viable community, uses that for their own agenda. Andy says, considering LVP’s brother had committed suicide, viewers felt it was a pile-on when LVP wasn’t in the best state of mind. We flash back to one of the few times we’ve seen LVP cry. Kyle says they all have empathy, and Dorit says they spoke a lot, almost every day. LisaR doesn’t think they were mean girls or they bullied LVP. Kyle says LVP’s Behavior wasn’t a new thing. Andy tells them LVP said she wasn’t watching the show. Teddi says, when you’re surrounded by people who tell you what you want to hear, you lose the ability for self-reflection.

Andy says LVP and Kyle’s rollercoaster of a relationship came to the end of its run. We flash back to their friendship, and LVP saying they’re partners in crime, and end with that miserable fight, which I’d love to never see again. Kyle cries, and says, it’s sad. It’s sad LVP isn’t there. She paid the ultimate price by being honest. She has thought about how it might have played out if she hadn’t told LVP. Dorit says, it’s a sad end. Andy asks what the prediction is for the future. Kyle says she had thought LVP would show up. Camille cries too. Andy says he hates to see it. Since he’s so choked up, without even missing a beat, he says, Ken’s infamous farewell went viral with the #GoodbyeKyle challenge. We see clips of various people saying, goodbye, Kyle, Harry Hamlin and Kris Jenner among them. Andy asks what the intention was, and Kyle says she was being trolled on Twitter, and people were using the hashtag. Instead of taking it, she decided to make a joke out of it. She says it’s another example of LVP making her look bad. Her sister Kathy was at their house, and even though LVP acted wounded, they were laughing about it. She thinks LVP thought it was funny. She says LVP has amazing qualities, and you take the good with the bad with friends. Andy says he’ll leave it there. He thanks Camille, who says it was heart wrenching. She had a lot of emotions going on, and she’s sorry if she hurt anyone. She adds that she adores Kyle, and they hug. LisaR gives Camille kudos for showing up.

Andy says in the final moments, he wonders what the most surprising revelation was for the newest Housewife. Denise says the friendships between the women. Also the friendships she formed. She knows they’d be there for her, and vice versa. In LA, that’s something wonderful to have. Andy says that in an interview, Erika says she allowed herself form a sisterhood, something she hadn’t had before.  Does she think she’s changed? Erika thinks they’ve all changed. Dorit says her friendships were challenged, and Andy asks if she feels secure. She says she does in this group, throwing one last dig at LVP.  Andy asks if Teddi still feels pressured to be the moral compass for her friends. Teddi says she’s learned a lot, about her friends and herself. It was a good wake-up call. Andy reminds LisaR that last season, she was the nicest effing version of LisaR. What about this season. She asks what he says, and he tells her that he’d say she’s just an a-hole with iconic hair and lips, which I assume is referring to some earlier joke. Or Andy is being totally rude. LisaR says she thinks she was forthcoming. He says for Kyle, the season ended a long friendship with LVP. How else does she want it to be remembered? She says she’s been asked a lot how she can still be doing the show, but she has fun with the women. Even though a door closed, she doesn’t know what the future holds. They’ve all bonded, and opened up. They’ve shared more than they ever have, and she laughed so much. Andy begs to open LVP’s birthday present, and Kyle says okay, but he has to put the bow back on. It’s from Manolo Blahnik. Andy takes out a pink belt with a sparkly buckle. Teddi suggests he wants for the clubhouse, but Kyle says she’s sending it. She thought she was going to give it to LVP today.

Tequila shots appear, and Andy says they’re well-earned. They’ve been troopers. It was a wild season, but he’s glad they got closure. It was a nice way to end it. He asks who’s going to lead them in a toast, and Denise says, Queen Kyle. Kyle says, to friendships, and being honest with each other, and being there for each other, and continuing to grow in their friendships. Dorit says she’s grateful for them, and everyone clinks glasses. Andy thanks them for a great season.

🍸 My Own Wrap-Up…

I’m sad that I’m glad this is over. I remember thinking during the first episode of the entire franchise, The Real Housewives of Orange County, that this was the future of television. There had been reality TV before. While most of us don’t remember the Loud family – stars of An American Family on PBS in the early 70s – although their show has been rerun from time to time. I spent one New Year’s Day hungover and fascinated with it. Probably the most popular up until now is The Real World, which was actually a good show before it became the hot-tub-drunk-sex show. People had lives and jobs and meaningful interactions, both with their housemates and people on the outside. But for some reason, when the Housewives began, the world was ready for a change in programming, and here we are.

I’ve never missed an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While I’ve let some Wives fall by the wayside – looking at you, Atlanta and Potomac – and there were others I struggled to find – The Real Housewives of Sydney, anyone? – I’ve stuck with these women through thick and thin. There has been no season, however, that made me want to stop watching until now.

I’ve joked that if LVP would adopt an older child, I’d be on her doorstep in a heartbeat, and said she can do no wrong, but I’m not daft. She doesn’t walk on water, and we all have faults. But the relentless raking her over the coals was insane. They even talked about her throughout most of the reunion, which I might add, must have been lacking in material since a good 40% of it was flashbacks. With another 40% given to talking about LVP, it didn’t leave much. Maybe because there isn’t much to leave.

In a year where her brother committed suicide, her mother died (albeit after filming), several of her dogs went to the Bridge, Giggy was diagnosed with a heart condition, she opened three restaurants, and nearly single-handedly brought attention to the dog meat trade, these women decided to make LVP a target because she may or may not have pointed out the obvious. Dorit did an effing stupid and thoughtless thing, disregarding a dog adoption contract because she wanted to circumvent the rules. Maybe she didn’t want to face LVP, maybe it was just inconvenient, but in giving the dog to what she thought was a new, loving home, it ended up in a shelter. Dorit was wrong. Period. Camille was the only one to point this out, but since she was Enemy Number Two, no one listened.

I don’t believe LVP leaked the story, but that’s not to say it didn’t come from her staff at Vanderpump Dogs, or that she didn’t turn a blind eye. The really stupid thing is, anyone who cares would have ended up knowing anyway, because, the show. So in the long run, the whole thing was immaterial. Dorit wailed over the backlash, to which I say, don’t do something stupid in the first place, and after that, nothing LVP could have done would have been enough to convince them she wasn’t lying. Even a lie detector test was found fault with. Yes, I’m completely aware they’re inadmissible in court, but passing one while still being guilty is pretty difficult. Ain’t nobody got time for that, least of all LVP. When Kyle flat-out said she didn’t believe LVP, the friendship was done, and LVP was done with the show.

The whole thing was depressing, and I don’t think any of them came out looking good. Regardless of how much of a hand LVP did or did not have to do with the Radar story, she didn’t deserve the persistent sniping and continual jabs throughout the season, especially after the year she had. Even Brandi was dragged in for her nasty two cents. It was a huge disappointment to me that she’s good friends with Denise Richards, who I’ve liked up until now. I still like her, but I think she came in knowing nothing, and probably still doesn’t. I, too, believe even a hooker deserves Thanksgiving dinner, but I’m not going out for drinks with her, and listen to her opinions about LVP. (That was a joke. I’m sure the hooker was much more of a lady than Brandi.) I think Denise likes to take in strays, and I’m not just referring to dogs and cats. The worst part was how no one could understand why LVP no longer wanted to be friends with Kyle, when Kyle said she believed LVP was lying. They didn’t seem to get that, from that time forward, LVP would be wondering if Kyle believed anything she said. So what would be the point of a friendship? LisaR also got the nasty consolation prize, for giving Kim the finger and calling her a c-word while dressed as Erika Jayne, and using that as an excuse. And I don’t even particularly like Kim.

I also found it creepy how the group passed LVP’s symbolic crown to Kyle, making her queen of the group. She pretended to be all humble, but I’m pretty sure, deep down, she was pleased. While I’m curious who will have the bullseye on their back next season, I’ll have to read about it in someone else’s recap. If I even do that.

🎼 No. Just No…

LuAnn as Mama Morton? Here’s the scoop on the Countess being in Chicago on Broadway. As I thought, not quite. And I’ll bet she needs more rehearsals and coaching. She’d possibly need someone singing in her ear.


🐶 Working Double Dog Duty…

While my partner in pup care works overtime. So the answer to this question is, me.

July 14, 2019 – A Step Closer To Takeoff, A Little 90 News, Tea For Three Wives & Yes It Is


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Alicia faces the zombie barricade. She radios the kids, asking if they can hear her. Nothing. She takes out her crazy weapon, and chops through the ropes linking the zombies.

Victor shoots at the zombies, and suggests he and Charlie beat a hasty retreat. He has to check the propeller, and Charlie yells, this way! coaxing the zombies away from him. Morgan radios, saying he heard gunshots. He tells Victor that they need to stay away from the zombies with burns on them. Stay as far away as they can. He’s seen people who were exposed, and it ain’t pretty.

Alicia chops zombies down like Joan Crawford chopping rosebushes. She ignores the ones who are restrained. She pikes a few in the head for variety.

Morgan tells Victor that Alicia is looking for Max and Annie. He asks if Victor is still near the balloon. Victor says they are, and asks Morgan for something. I miss what it is, but Morgan says he’s on it. June radios Morgan, saying she’s on her way. Morgan says he doesn’t know where John is, and if she wants to help, she can do that by finishing the plane. Morgan radios Grace, and says he needs some help. Some people crashed on the other side. They’re all right, but they need her. It’s the only way they’ll finish. He tells her that he’s past the roadblock. She says if he gets any closer, he could be contaminated. He says she has what they need to fix the plane. She tells him that he needs to get back to the truck stop, unless he wants less time to finish. She tells him where he can stop to get what he needs.

Alicia continues on through the woods. She gets a little fascinated with a tied-up zombie. She feels something behind her, and turns around to find Dylan. He tells her to follow him. The forest is crowded with zombie deterrents, attached to trees.

Victor drags the propeller, as the zombies toddle after him. He tells Charlie, now, and she pulls the balloon material up to make a barrier between them and the zombies.

At a tall, wooden gate, Dylan says, olly, olly, oxen free. The gate opens, and Alicia follows Dylan in. Max holds a gun on her, and Alicia says she wants to help. Annie says she told Alicia that they didn’t want it. She never should have come there. The gate closes.

Annie asks why Alicia has that thing, meaning her weapon. Alicia says it gives her another day. They’re running out of time. They all are. They’re not safe there. Annie says they made it through the first one, but Alicia says, one day the wind will blow in a different direction, and kick up the radiation. Annie asks why Alicia can’t leave them alone. Alicia says she can’t leave knowing she didn’t do everything to keep them safe. They could die, or worse, live and kill everyone by staying there. She knows getting on a plane sounds crazy, but so is staying there. Annie says Alicia crashed a plane, and someone almost died for a person who wasn’t even there. They put a barrier up, and Alicia still won’t give up. There’s something else. What is it? Alicia says she wants to do something good to make up for what she did. Annie asks if Alicia hurt people, and Alicia says she did. She asks if Alicia killed people, and Alicia says, yes. She doesn’t want them to go through what she did. Annie says she’s not going, and neither is Alicia. She tore down the only thing protecting them. She needs to help put the barricade back up, and make sure no one followed her. If Alicia misses her flight, it’s her fault.

Gas drips from the airplane, and Luci tells Al that they must have put a hole in the tank when they moved it. Al checks out the damage, says, sh*t, and gets into the cockpit. The plane won’t start. June says they’re standing on a giant gas tank, but Al says it’s not the same. They need aviation fuel. She knows where they can get some.

Morgan checks inside a car, and finds a bag with a mask in it. He goes into a house, pokey stick at the ready. He bangs on the floor, but all is quiet. He looks through some drawers, and radios Alicia. He asks if she’s all right, and she says, yeah. She found the kids; they’re with her now. She asks about Victor and Charlie, and if they’re still in the contaminated area. Morgan says, yes, and so is he, but not for much longer. He picks up a birthday card, and looks at it. He tells Alicia, John and Dwight are out of range. Stay safe, and get the kids back to the truck stop. Alicia says she tried, and she can’t. She can’t get through to them. Morgan should be there. Morgan says they’re both exactly where they’re supposed to be. He looks at some personal mementos on the refrigerator, and finds a set of keys. Alicia says she’s starting to wonder if this is right, but Morgan says, it is. He hears a zombie being noisy outside the window. He looks at it, and the reflection of his face looks like it’s the zombie’s face. He tells Alicia that they’re getting everybody on the plane, and they’re going to do what they came there to do.

June asks if Al is sure where the helicopter landed. Al say she is. She can climb up, and see what’s left.  John’s voice crackles over the radio. June tells him that he has to get back to the truck stop. He says they’re still a ways out, but she says, the second reactor might melt down. Grace said they don’t have much time. John has a problem hearing her, and loses the signal. Dwight found tells John that he found something. John says they need to get the hell out of there. Dwight tell him to go. John has done more for him then he needed to. He he has to keep looking. He asks if John would get on the plane if he knew June was out there, and John says, of course not. John almost gives Dwight the note from Shari, but decides against it. He says, come on.

Charlie asks if Victor thinks the material is going to hold, and he says, yes. She tells him, Daniel said, every day was a chance to start over; to get it right. Victor says, he speaks the truth, but she doesn’t think the barrier is going to hold for long. They might not get a chance. Victor says they already have. He knows he’s said that should have been his plane, but the truth is, he might have been able to get back on. He hesitated. Charlie asks, why? and he says he doesn’t think he believed in it – in them. They were on the precipice of something extraordinary, and he balked, but he’s standing there now. So is she, and they did something extraordinary, and didn’t balk. They’re not starting now.

Victor gets his gun ready, but blood starts to spatter on the other side. It’s Morgan, shooting up zombies while wearing a Hazmat suit. Victor tells him that he just said they’re due for a break. Morgan asks where the propeller is, and says he’s got to get them out of there.

Annie asks why Dylan brought Alicia there. He says, she wants to help, and Annie says, she’s a mess. Dylan says, the plane can work, and she asks if he wants to get in a plane that’s already crashed. If they stay there, they stay safe. They fix the zombie blockade, and jet.

Up in a treehouse, Alicia looks through a box of photographs, and finds a notebook of a child’s drawings. There are drawings of a family, a zombie barricade, and it looks like the kids as zombies. Dylan asks what she’s doing, and she asks if he drew these. He nods, and she says, he’s scared, isn’t he? She tells him, it’s okay, but he takes the book, puts it back in the box, and moves the box out of reach. He says he drew them before; at the beginning, when everything happened. He says, they were playing. Annie saw them, and thought they were scary. She thought if they made it real, it would scare away the others, so no one would bother them. Alicia says they’re living in his nightmare, and Dylan says, everything is a nightmare now. Alicia can’t argue with that. He looks at her weapon, and she says, it wasn’t always like that. She sharpened it after she lost her mom. It saved her from the dead, but kept the living away. She thought if she scared them, they’d leave her alone, but she was the one who was scared. Annie comes in, and says the zombies followed them.

A kid reinforces the gate, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to hold.

The generator doesn’t work, and Grace bangs on it. She puts her head in her hands. Morgan radios, and says he got what he needed. She tells him the generator isn’t strong enough; she’s sorry. He asks how long before a meltdown, and she says, twelve hours; maybe a day. Morgan says they’ll finish by then. She say she can still buy them time. He asks if that’s the truth, and she says she can try. She uses a wrench to tinker with something, and tells Morgan that she’ll go to the truck stop when she’s done.

Morgan gives Grace directions to the truck stop.  He tells Victor that he’ll meet them there. He’s going to get her. Victor says he thought they just said Grave was meeting them, but Morgan says, she’s not coming back. He was at her house, and saw who she was when she had something to live for. He says he’ll meet them there, and Victor and Charlie take off.

June packs up the gas containers, and tells Al it should get them over the mountain. Al says the fact that she knew where to find it, points to them being able to do this. She radios John, but it’s dead air. June says she went over a year without seeing John, without hearing his voice. She’s not letting that happen again. She waits a moment, and says, well? Al says she asked if Al wanted to talk about what happened when she was missing. She does, but June can’t tell anyone.

She tells June that she met someone. June says, who? When? Al says while she was gone, she met someone and felt something she hasn’t felt in a long time. But Al can never see her again, never talk to her, and doesn’t know how to live with that. June says when she left John in the cabin, she thought she’d never see him again. She felt… gone. Like she wasn’t the same as when she was with him. She was a ghost. She couldn’t talk about it. Nothing anyone said would have made it better. What do you say when someone is missing a piece of themselves? The piece that makes them who they are. She told herself every day, even if never saw him again, she’d always be grateful for what they had, and who she could be. Grateful that she could still feel that way for someone after everything. That it could even exist. She chooses to believe that whoever she is, Al will see her again. Al knows June will see John again. June says, as sure as sh*t, she knows that.

The fence isn’t doing well. Alicia asks about guns, and Annie says, they’re not loaded. She insists the fence will hold. They put the zombies there, and Alicia can’t stop them by herself. Alicia begs Annie to give her the guns. Max says, she’s right. He saw her after the crash. Dylan agrees she can keep them safe. The zombies start to come through. Alicia tells Annie to work on a plan to get down, and she’ll hold them off. Zombies begin to come across on a footbridge that hangs over the water, and Alicia meets them halfway. She impales one, not even breaking her stride.

John drives until the gas tank is empty. He says they have to raise June on the radio, or they’re up the creek. Dwight points out a giant rig. They get in the cab, and John tries to hotwire it. Dwight says they can walk if they have to. He says she might have made it across the mountain; they can too. John says it doesn’t sound like they have days. He thinks he may have gotten them into trouble. When Dwight asked if he’d found anything in the car, he said no. He lied. He found this… He hands Dwight the note, and Dwight reads it. John says he’s sorry. Dwight gets out of the truck.

Grace works on the generator. Morgan arrives wearing the suit, and carrying his pokey stick. He says Grace might not know how much time she has left, but she’s not dead yet, and he’s not letting her act like she is.

Alicia whacks and stabs zombies. She radios the kids, asking how it’s going. Max says they need more time. Zombies start trickling in. Alicia gives it everything she’s got, but one gets her down, his eyeball hanging in her face. This really pisses her off, and she flips him over, stabbing the other eyeball into next week. She sees the ID from the nuclear plant around his neck, and realizes there’s blood on her and she probably got it in her mouth.

Annie shoots at a couple of zombies, who tumble down the hill, pushing them even closer. She’s not a great shot but finally gets them in the head. Alicia asks if they’re okay, and Max says, yeah. Her? She looks around, and says, this isn’t going to work. She can’t do what she said. Annie tells her to come up, but she says, no. She knows they don’t want to leave, but they’ll die if they stay. You have to know when to let go. She tells Annie, get the kids on the plane. That’s how to protect them. Annie doesn’t know what Alicia did, but thanks her for it. She tells the kids, let’s go, and they head out.

Alicia bangs on the gate, and says, come on.

Luci tells Victor and Charlie they can shower and get fresh clothes. Victor tells her, Morgan said he’d be there, and Luci is sure he will.

Sitting outside the truck, Morgan tells Grace that he didn’t have much choice. He did what he had to do. Grace says they don’t know how much radiation they’ve been exposed to. He says he tried to face things, and almost died trying. A man named Eastman helped him. Eastman taught him that all life is precious. Grace asks how he knew she wouldn’t leave, and he says he didn’t. He just took a chance. Eastman taught him something else, about redirection. He didn’t think his own life was worth saving, so he made it about someone else’s life. She asks what if she’d refused to leave? and he says he didn’t think of that. She laughs, and says they have the same problem. They think everyone else’s life is more valuable than their own. She gets in the truck.

Charlie says they have to get to work. The kids show up at the gate. Luci introduces Victor and Charlie. Dylan says, The Little Prince. That was Charlie’s book. Charlie says it was. Luci says they came back, and Annie says, Alicia was convincing. Victor says, she usually is, and asks where she is now. I think Annie says, stuck, but I’m not positive.

Alicia leads the zombies through the forest.

Dwight looks at Shari’s rings. John supposes Dwight isn’t happy with him. He’d said that the world hadn’t touched John. Dwight knows why John did it. He wanted to keep Dwight going. John says, it doesn’t have to be the end of the road. Dwight says she didn’t want him looking for her, and looks at the note again. He reads, find something to live for, and live. He says he doesn’t want to give it up, even if she’s telling him to stop, but if he does find a reason to live, he has to make it right. Maybe they’ll end up like him and June. Maybe… she’s alive. Impossible sh*t happens. John says it happened for him, and Dwight says he’s going to get John back to June.

Alicia rinses her mouth in the creek. I don’t know how smart that is. In the car with Grace, Morgan radios, and asks if she’s all right. After the longest pause ever, she says she’s okay. She picked up a pack of walkers, but thinks she lost them. He tells her that the kids made it to the truck stop. She did it. He says when he and Grace were on their way back, he kept thinking about what she said. He thinks helping people isn’t the only reason. They might be right; trying make up for the lives they took. When they stopped living on their own, they kept finding people to help, but also helped themselves find a way to start living. Alicia says they will. Morgan asks her to tell him where she is. She gets up. A few zombies have nearly caught up to her.

A siren goes off, and Morgan says, is that…? She says, yes. We see the plant, where the zombies try to get at the speakers blasting the sound.

Next time, Max Headroom is back, June tries to find John, and the plane is started.

💍 The new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days will begin on August 4th. I can’t wait. The Family Chantel, starting July 22nd, sounds intriguing, but phony as hell. I’ve always had the nagging suspicion that, even if their story is based in truth, these people have been reading their lines. And they’re bad actors. Yet somehow they’ve charmed the fans and gotten a spin-off.

🎧 The Countess Meets DJ Shore…

It remains to be seen whether this is a match made in heaven.


💞 Another New Connection…

Bethenny finally seems to be on the right love track.


🔃 Undecided About Caring…

Although she became more interesting after the season was over.


📅 This About Says It All…

Except how it gets here so fast.

June 27, 2019 – Jason’s Great Escape, Website Heart Help, a Finale At Christmastime & Friday Delight


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Running into Sam in the park, Shiloh says he’s had such a good day, nothing can spoil it. Not even her. She asks, why? What happened? Her phone dings. She sees a text from Michael. In BC – Jason 911. Shiloh hopes it’s not bad news. His phone rings. It’s Billy, who says, the Beecher’s Corners PD has a guest – Jason Morgan. Shiloh says Billy knows what to do. Billy tells Jason that he’s in serious trouble. Shiloh asks if Billy is clear on what’s expected, or does he need to be specific? Billy says it will be done right, but he can’t promise it won’t be painless. Shiloh says, he who learns must suffer. Make sure Jason gets a lot of learning in before the end. Billy says he will.

Julian tells Alexis no way is Shiloh getting his hands on Wiley. Alexis asks if he thinks that because the adoption files aren’t there. He says he thinks that because Wiley isn’t Shiloh’s son.

Bobbie reads a pamphlet at reception. Epiphany tells her the shifts are covered, and she won’t have to pull anyone. Bobbie ignores her, and Epiphany asks if she’s okay. She says, sorry. She was just distracted. Epiphany tells her again that they’re fully staffed, and she doesn’t need to transfer any personnel. She asks again if Bobbie is okay, and Bobbie says she’s having a family crisis, but it will work itself out. Everything will be all right. Epiphany says she doesn’t sound convinced. Bobbie says, Lucas has enough to be worried about. He shouldn’t be focused on her. Epiphany asks why Lucas would have cause for concern about her, and Bobbie says she was just diagnosed with type two diabetes.

Drew tells Kim it can’t happen. She says she got things mixed up in her head. She thought they were a package deal; her, him, and Oscar. Drew says, they are. They’re his parents, and that’s not going to change because Oscar is gone, but they can’t recreate that by having another baby. She understands and accepts his decision, but says they can still make a baby and go their separate ways.

Billy tells Jason, hands through the bars. He wanted to take him to a peaceful place, but here is fine. No surveillance or witnesses. Jason attempted to escape, and he did what needed to be done. Michael is brought in, babbling about virtual reality, and acting drunk. Billy asks who’s this? and the cop doesn’t know. He found him wandering around. Michael says, no matter how many virtual trees you have, none of them will ever shade you. Ha-ha! I like this Michael.

Sam tells Shiloh to stay away from her. Shiloh says, something changed. She used to be attracted to his presence. She says she was playing him, and he says, revisionist history. She and Willow can deny how they felt, but he knows the truth. She says he wouldn’t know the truth if it kicked him in the stomach. He says, so defiant; just like Willow, who’s in jail because she wouldn’t disclose the whereabouts of his son. Sam says sounds like her kind of woman. He says he’ll welcome Willow back when she comes to her senses, just like he will Sam. Sam says, when hell freezes over. He says she bears his mark, and she informs him that tattoos can be removed these days. He says she can remove it, but she’ll carry it with her always, regardless. Just like her mother.

Alexis asks what Julian means, and Julian says, what makes a father isn’t DNA; it’s looking after a child, and being there for them. Shiloh has done none of that. Alexis says by that logic, Julian shouldn’t have a relationship with Lucas, but he does. He says so she thinks Shiloh should be allowed to have Wiley? She says she’s trying to figure out what he’s done. She wants him to understand how inherently difficult this is. If Shiloh finds out, there’s no guarantee Lucas and Brad will retain custody. Julian asks what the chances are that Brad and Lucas will hold on to his son.

Bobbie tells Epiphany that she started wondering how she let it happen. All the patients she’s dealt with; how could she not see it in herself? She has to rethink everything. Epiphany says Bobbie needs to come with her someplace private. They can do this as friends, colleagues, or medical professionals, but they’re going to talk.

Kim tells Drew that she had it in her head that because they had a baby, they were meant to be together. She’s sorry; she didn’t mean to put him on the spot. He says, it’s more than that, but she says, it doesn’t have to be. She’s letting him off the hook. Just do this one thing for her. They don’t have to be intimate. There’s artificial insemination. Drew says she wants a child through a lab experiment to raise by herself? She says she did it with Oscar, and he says she raised Oscar by herself because he wasn’t there; she had to. She knows how important it is to Drew to be a father, and he would want to with this child. It’s up to him. Whatever level of involvement he wants. Drew says, what about the hypothetical child? What might they want? Oscar just needed to know his father, and had so many questions. He can’t do that to another kid. She says he can help make Oscar’s brother or sister, and be the father he couldn’t be to Oscar.

Michael is tossed into the cell, and asks what he’s doing there. He didn’t do anything. The cop says, public intoxication, and drunk and disorderly. Michael says, drunk; absolutely. In public, technically true, but he wasn’t disorderly. The cop says he ran into traffic. He’s lucky he didn’t get run down. Billy suggests he give them his name, and they’ll call someone. Michael says, no one understands. Identity is personal; existential. Don’t they read Plato or Aristotle? The cop tells Billy, it’s no use. Ask him anything, and he launches into a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about reality, existence, and the ancient Greeks. Billy says he can sleep it off there. The cop asks what about the other prisoner? and Billy says, don’t worry about him. He’ll deal with him later. They leave, and Jason asks what the hell Michael is doing. Michael says saving him. Jason says, by getting thrown in jail? and Michael says he learned from the best.

Epiphany tells Bobbie that type two is serious. It requires you to be proactive with treating and monitoring it. Bobbie understands and appreciates her concerns… Epiphany says, let her finish. She realizes Bobbie is a nurse, and accustomed to being strong, resilient, and above all, able to cope. Diabetes doesn’t have to change that. Bobbie says, that’s easy to say, but when it comes to living it… Epiphany says, it’s challenging. She should know. She has it.

Drew says it’s not as easy for him, and Kim says, it’s as easy as being happy (which I’m not sure is that easy). Wouldn’t it fill him with joy? He says never wants to have a child to be placeholder. Have them grow up and realize their parents had them out of grief for a lost sibling. He doesn’t want to pin their hopes and dreams on a child. It’s too much pressure for anyone. He’s sorry she’s feeling this way. It kills him to let her down, but he can’t do this.

Julian asks Alexis to put her lawyer hat on and give her professional assessment. What are the odds that Lucas and Brad will keep Wiley? She says she’s never had a case this tricky. He says, that bad, huh? She says as despicable as Shiloh is, he has legal rights. They were violated when Willow had Wiley adopted without consulting him or even letting him know the child existed. His claims are valid. His lawyer is already petitioning the court to unseal the records for Baby Boy Tait. She asks Julian what they’re going to find when they open the file. He says, dummy papers, and Wiley being adopted by people who don’t exist. She asks if he thinks that will be the end of it. Diane’s records will be subpoenaed. She’ll fight it, and it might take years, but eventually, they’ll be turned over. The records will provide sufficient grounds for a DNA test. His tampering made Brad and Lucas complicit. He thought he was improving the situation, but he jeopardized it. There’s a slim chance she can salvage it, provided he doesn’t do anything outside the law. He says, duly noted. She says, and promptly ignored. He says he’s just trying to be there for his kids because he wasn’t there early on. He understands there were extenuating circumstances, but that doesn’t forgive what he did. It could have been different if he’d looked beyond himself. Alexis thinks he’s acting just acting as self-absorbed as ever.

Sam asks what Shiloh just said about her mother. He says he saw Alexis in court, and she lacked her usual composure. She says he tends to do that to people. He thinks she was uneasy about the nature of  Kristina’s Pledge because she believes it had something to do with her. Sam laughs and says, the Pledge is gone. He taps his head, and says, they’re all up there. They’re hard to forget. Sam says there’s no proof; just unsubstantiated memory. He says Kristina’s Pledge might not be important to her, but all the Pledges are to him. Even hers, had it been real. Sam says she’s run a lot of different cons in her time. Some of them on people she despised.  He comes very close to the worst. He asks if she remembers the blindfold exercise they did. He can feel the energy between them. In time, they could make it work. No tricks. Something she and Jason could never have. She asks what he just said about Jason. He says see for herself. Lucas flies out of nowhere, and pushes Shiloh back. He tells Shiloh, stay away from his sister, husband, and son.

Jason asks if Michael doused himself with whiskey. How did he know what happened? Michael says he took Carol’s ankle monitor to the diner. When she came back, she was terrified. She said Billy stopped them just as they were about to leave, and was charging him with kidnapping. Jason asks where she is now, and Michael says, she’s safe. He walked her home. She said it was her fault they got stopped. Jason says, she’s a nice person and took a huge risk. He wanted Billy to focus on him because he doesn’t want Shiloh to retaliate against her. He appreciates the help, but it’s going to get ugly. The cop that brought Michael in seemed okay, but Billy is the exact opposite. He thinks Billy is Shiloh’s enforcer. Michael asks if Jason still knows how to pick a lock. Jason says he needs a paperclip. Michael says he’s ahead of Jason, and takes one out of his shoe.

Alexis says Julian claims to have seen the error of his ways, but inserting himself into this custody situation is just to make him feel better. He asks what he’s supposed to do, and she says, stop helping. Let her do her job. He says her best idea is to notify Shiloh that Wiley is his child. She says, it’s called strategy. Staying one step ahead not playing catch up. He’s a con man and predator, and has everyone on edge, including her. They had a run-in in court, and it made her realize how close he is to pushing her over the edge. Julian asks what he did, and Alexis says, he just did what he does. She gets where he’s coming from, but they need to play it smart. That’s as close to an apology as he’s going to get at this junction. He says, accepted. He trusts her. He just disagrees with her strategy. He thinks they should keep their mouths shut. We’ve left no trail to follow. She says, who’s we?

Lucas asks if Shiloh hasn’t done enough damage. Leave his family alone. Shiloh touched his sister. Leave his family alone or he’ll live to regret it. Sam says Shiloh can’t hurt them anymore, and drags Lucas away.

Bobbie says she had no idea, and Epiphany says there’s no reason she should. She keeps her medical information private. She knows what Bobbie is facing. It knocks you for a loop. She was diagnosed in 2016, and managing it has been rough sometimes, but she’s on top of it. It doesn’t define her. Bobbie says she’s done a wonderful job, but Epiphany says, not always. She followed the guidelines, took her medication, and monitored her sugar, but a diabetic’s heart is at higher risk for a stroke or heart attack. It can happen even if the sugar is under control. She didn’t expect any issues, but about a year after being diagnosed, she had a heart attack.

Drew, say he’s sorry, but Kim says, don’t apologize. It only makes it more humiliating. She’s hurting, and so is he, but he wants to continue hurting. She knows any child they have will be loved. If he doesn’t want to help, fine. She’ll figure out another way. He asks what she means, and she says it doesn’t concern him. He knows it’s none of his business, but thinks she should take a moment. She says she doesn’t have a moment. The clock is ticking. It’s not his problem; she’ll deal with it. He wants to sit down and talk, but she doesn’t want to talk anymore. She just wants to be alone. She opens the door, and he asks if he can call tomorrow. She says, if he wants. She doesn’t look at him as he leaves. She closes the door, and slides to the floor crying.

Kim hears a baby crying. She looks around frantically. Oscar is there, and when he opens his mouth, the baby cry comes from it, reminding me of Donald Sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. She covers her face, and when she looks again, he’s gone. She makes a call, and asks someone to come over. She needs to see them.

Jason thinks Michael is too involved; it doesn’t concern him. Michael says it does. Doesn’t Jason thinks he’s trying to protect Wiley? Jason says, of course (🍷). Michael says he thinks about Jonah, but he doesn’t get confused. He’s aware his son is gone, and thinks about the events leading to his birth. He thinks of the night he was born, and how he could have been saved. He might still be alive if Michael had made different choices. He asks himself if he could have saved Jonah. So he has to do everything in his power to save Wiley. Does that make sense? Jason says, perfect sense. He gets the door open, and says, that’s it. They’re free. He quietly slides the door open, then shuts it.

Lucas calls Shiloh an SOB. Sam tells him, stop; take a breath. Yes, he is an SOB, and much more, but although it’s tempting to go after him, it’s just feeding into his hands. Lucas says Shiloh was looming over her, and he lost it. She sincerely appreciates that, but tells him, hold back about the family. He asks if she thinks Shiloh suspects. She doesn’t know. Shiloh might assume Lucas is jealous because he’s spent more time with Brad. He’s a sexual predator, and his past is catching up to him. She guarantees it. She asks if he’s going to be okay, and not go after Shiloh. He says, it’s tempting, but no. She has to go, but she’ll fill him in later.

Epiphany says she was determined diabetes wouldn’t limit her, or change how she did her job, or live her life. She followed the guidelines, but guesses she was resentful, trying to convince herself that she was still her, and could do everything like she did before. Bobbie says that’s what she’s telling herself. Epiphany says it’s only partly true. Her life is as full as ever, but she has to accept accommodating he illness. It was a relatively minor heart attack. She and Milo were on vacation. That’s why no one knows. She was scared, terrified, and furious at herself. She was lying in hospital, looking at Milo, and seeing the worry on his face. It finally hit home. She had the option of embracing treatment and following the guidelines, or stay in denial until it killed her. She tells Bobbie, learn from her mistake. Do it right the first time. If you’re not fully managing your heart risk, you’re not fully managing the diabetes. The good news is, she has options.

Alexis asks Julian if it was a two or three man operation. He says she doesn’t want to know the details. She hopes it wasn’t an old associate who will leave him indebted. They need Brad and Lucas’s hands to be clean. He says it wasn’t, and she asks, who was it? He says someone close to her, and she says, what the hell? He used her daughter? He says, Sam loves Lucas. She’s also Wiley’s godmother. She says Sam’s also the mother of her grandchildren. He says, Sam can handle herself. Alexis says she’s going to try using a legal way to remedy the mess he made. From now on, stay out of it.

Drew comes into Charlie’s. Julian sets up a shot, and says he looks like he could use one of these. Drew says he’s here about Kim. Julian says, she has a tough road ahead, finding peace after Oscar’s death. It’s not easy. Drew says it’s how she’s going about it that has him worried. Julian says Drew can’t tell her it’s wrong. Drew says, even if it’s unhealthy? It’s completely nuts, and he can’t help. Not the way she wants. Julian asks, what way is that?

Kim opens the door, and says thanks for coming. Shiloh is there, and I say, oh! so loud the dogs look at me. He says, it’s no trouble. He’s always available to those in need. Man, I cannot wait for this guy to get his.

Bobbie says it helps, knowing Epiphany has been through this, and hearing what she did. Epiphany has a last piece of advice. Let those who love you help. Milo is wonderful and supportive, but never controlling. He knows her restrictions better than she does. Bobbie says guys like that are few and far between. Epiphany says Bobbie has children who love her. Don’t try to tough it out alone. If she has questions, she knows who to ask. Epiphany tells her to take care of herself.

Michael rants, asking, do you want to live your life staring at a screen? Billy and the other cop come in. Billy says Michael is talkative, but harmless, and wants him taken to the local hotel. As he’s about to open the cell door. Jason gets it open first, and knocks him out. He draws Billy’s gun on the other cop, and says they’re going to find a way out, and nobody will get hurt.

Jason tells the cop to put his gun on the floor; slow. Put his cell phone on the floor – now. He tells Michael, kid, come here, and has Michael help drag Billy into the cell, telling the other cop to get in too. Jason asks for the keys. The cop says he’s buying trouble, but Jason says today’s the cop’s lucky day. He seems like a nice guy. Find a better place to work.

Drew tells Julian, Kim misses Oscar, and he needs to talk to her, but be gentle. Encourage her to get help. Julian thanks Drew for letting him know. Anything he can do, other than the thing she wants, he’ll take care of it.

Kim apologizes to Shiloh for calling out of the blue. He says she sounds like she’s in great need. Understandably. She says she’s not normally needy. He doesn’t know her well. He says he feels like he does. Oscar told him about her, and it was clear what kind of woman she is; strong, fierce, loving. She says he was angry with her, but Shiloh says, anger and love are different sides of the same coin. It shows how deeply he loved her if it shined through in the midst of their difficulty. She says she misses him so much. He’s sorry. He knows her loss is immeasurable. She says, Oscar’s not lost. She’s seen him. She feels him, and wants him back for real. She knows how to do that. No one will help her. Will he help her bring Oscar back? He takes her hands, and says he’ll do anything to help her. Eww!

Sam picks up Michael, and asks where Jason is. He says right behind him. It’s a long story. Carol admitted she made a false confession, and is willing to talk, but it will be tough getting her out of Beecher’s Corners though. Jason gets in the car. He tells Sam, not too fast, and they leave.

Tomorrow, Nina tells Jax that she needs plenty of room, Sasha tells Valentin that she’s making Port Charles her home for good, Michael tells Willow that her father was murdered, and Carly asks if there’s something wrong with the baby.

❤ During one of the commercial breaks, Epiphany and Bobbie suggested those with type two diabetes check out this website: https://www.dontmissabeat.com/ to help you take care of your heart.

The Real Housewives of New York City

It’s Christmas in NYC. My favorite time of year there. LuAnn meets her director at the Grammercy Theater. In her interview, LuAnn says they’ve been prepping for six months sold out be a blast she says the girls ae coming at seven her mom coming ram knew did it on purpose we flash back a slap in the face

Dorinda and Sonja go to coolsculpting to get ready for bikinis after the holidays. Sonja likes any procedure that’s non-invasive. The doctor calls their outer thighs flanks, and in her interview, Sonja thinks it sounds like a cut of beef. It’s so not sexy. Dorinda wonders what’s going on with Tinsley. She’s not an idiot. Sonja says, there was no cashflow until Scott, and Dorinda thinks he’s taking care of her. Just be honest. She’s not going to pass judgement. In her interview, Dorinda says she doesn’t know anything more about Tinsley than she did when they met. She wants what’s best for Tinsley, but just tell them the truth. Sonja says, you can only get away with bullsh*t in the city for two years. Ding-ding! Two years are up. I had no idea there was a timeframe on bullsh*t in NYC.

Bethenny calls Sonja. In her Bethenny’s interview, she says she just got back from being in Boston with her boyfriend. For two days prior, she was in the ICU. She’d gone into anaphylactic shock. She drank some hot soup, and suddenly felt itchy, and her hands get swollen. Paul asked if she wanted a Benadryl. It turned out this particular miso soup had fish flakes in it, and she’s had a severe fish allergy her whole life. By the time he came back, she was unconscious. He managed to get the Benadryl and some water down her throat, and called 911. When she was in the ER, she heard a doctor say five more minutes, and she would have been dead. She tells Sonja, if no one had been with her, she would have been dead. It’s freaking her out, and she doesn’t want to be alone. In her interview, Bethenny says Paul saved her life. He acted like everything was okay the whole time, but she could see in his face how worried he was. She hopes she’s up for the party tomorrow. Sonja tells her to rest. Housekeeper Lanie comes in, and she and Bethenny hug. Bethenny cries.

Dorinda gets to theater first, and looks at all the swag LuAnn sells. Tinsley arrives with flowers. Dorinda asks how she is, and in her interview, feels like she got a recorded response. Sonja is wearing her own dress. She says she should have worn her LuAnn necklace, and buys another one. In her interview, she says they’ve been saying sh*t, at least she can wear one of LuAnn’s necklaces. This looks preplanned. It’s a strapless dress and she was wearing no necklace whatsoever?

In Ramona’s interview, she says she and Dorinda are doing great with their relationship, and she wants Dorinda and Sonja to know how much she loves them. That’s why she’s having the party. Sonja knows about it already, but Dorinda won’t find out. She’s into aesthetics, and wants to make it special. She gets to the restaurant, and gives everyone orders, telling them, let’s get this place going. Make it look like a party. The manager asks if she wants a job there. In her interview, she says she steps in and gets it done. That’s who she is. John suggests they hide, and yell surprise, and Ramona thinks that’s a great idea.

At the theater, the women wonder where LuAnn is. Sonja says there’s nothing worse than waiting for a cabaret star. She goes backstage, and LuAnn’s son, daughter, and mom are there. She tells LuAnn that Barbara, Tinsley, and Sonja are there. LuAnn says Ramona isn’t coming, and asks about Bethenny. Sonja says she won’t be there. She was very ill; no bullsh*t. In Sonja’s interview, she says it’s typical LuAnn. Her first question is, is Bethenny there? She nearly died, and LuAnn was in the group text. She’s too much. In the lobby, Barbara tells Tinsley that she’s sorry about Bambi, and Dorinda brings up the topic of freezing the dog again. In Tinsley’s interview, she says she’s feeling a weird energy. Why is Dorinda making jokes about her dog? They go backstage to the dressing room. In her interview, LuAnn says she has to prepare. Even parents don’t go backstage ten minutes before their kid’s elementary school play. She loves them, but she has to go on. Outside, Dorinda wonders why they came, since LuAnn doesn’t seem like she wanted them there.

In the car, Dorinda says LuAnn would be mad if they didn’t come, but they come, and she gets annoyed. She wants them to be part of the audience in her cabaret and her life. LuAnn gets on stage, saying, Christmas has arrived, and sings Jingle Bells. In her interview, she says when she’s on stage cheering and calling her name, it melts her heart. She was one of seven kids, and didn’t get much attention. She somehow inserts Jovani into the song lyrics. She says she kept her promise. She didn’t use Dorinda’s name, but Dorinda didn’t say anything about Jovani.

The women get to the restaurant, and Ramona tells John to get the cakes. He asks if he looks like a cake guy. Too late. In Sonja’s interview, she says Barbara did ruin the surprise, but she did a good job keeping the secret; the party is for Dorinda too. The cakes make it to the table, and the guests hide in a small room. Ramona meets Dorinda and Sonja, and brings them into the private area. Everyone does the surprise thing, and Dorinda is genuinely surprised. In her interview, she says Ramona did something nice for her, and it’s sweet that she arranged it. In Sonja’s interview, she says whatever Ramona’s motive, she pulled it off. Sonja’s friends were there, so she gives it to Ramona for throwing a fabulous party. Ramona says it was all worth it to see the look of surprise and happiness.

Dorinda wants to talk to Tinsley. In Tinsley’s interview, she says she’s sensing weirdness, and doesn’t know what’s happening, but wants it over with. Tinsley babbles about not being able to go to Dorinda’s aerobics class, and Bambi. She says she doesn’t have a child. Dorinda says she’s sorry about Bambi, but thinks there’s something amiss with the bigger picture. Nothing tracks. Tinsley is still in the mix with Scott, but acts like they’re broken up. Tinsley says they are. In her interview, she says just because they’re still in communication doesn’t mean they’re back together. She still talks to her ex-husband. She’ll text who she wants to – if she’s not blocked. Dorinda calls Sonja over, and says Tinsley isn’t being honest. Ramona appears, and says she’s hiding something, and they want her to be forthright. Tinsley says she’s not hiding anything. Ramona says she’s still involved with Scott. Tinsley says it’s ridiculous. Sonja asks who’s buying her clothes. Tinsley says she is. She doesn’t have a kid. Maybe that’s where her money goes. She’s not dating Scott. She says friends don’t act like this. Dorinda says she’s being deceitful, and Tinsley says this is a gang mentality. Dorinda says if they knew her better, they wouldn’t be so curious. Tinsley says they’re done. This is crazy. In Tinsley’s interview, she says this is why she doesn’t talk to them. They spin everything, and it’s not the truth.

LuAnn sings Money Can’t Buy You Class. In her interview, she says no way their party was better than her party. She thanks everyone for coming.

Ramona picks up Dorinda on the way to Bethenny’s S’mores and Whores party. She says Dorinda looks like a sexy Santa wife. Dressed as Santa, Albi drives Bethenny to the venue. He says she seems 100% better. She says, it’s been a tough week. She had a near death experience, and just wants to hug everyone. She says the craziest thing happened. Going to the ER, she felt Dennis pulling at her. She didn’t think it; she felt it. She asks if Albi believes in things like that, and he says he does. She says she talks too much about Dennis, and he says she talks about him every day. She says, she’s done. Let Dennis be where he is; stay there. In her interview, she says she misses him and thinks about him every day. He wanted her to be happy. He said she’d find someone to love her and treat her the way she deserved. This was some sort of closure. She’s not going with him. She tells Albi, Santa just got flipped off, and he says, no respect. He still loves his people though. Albi is way cool.

Dorinda tells Ramona that she had zero idea about the party. Ramona is happy she was surprised. Sonja joins them, and says instead of Santa’s little helper, Dorinda looks like Santa’s little hooker.

Bethenny gets to the venue, and meets with the party planner, giving last minute instructions. The planner points out the nutcracker piñata. In her interview, Bethenny says that she doesn’t have parties for a bunch of married old ladies. These girls come to play. She says she realizes things are fleeting, and just wants to connect. Ramona says Mario invited her to a New Year’s Eve party in Boca. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she doesn’t get it. They’re not even co-parenting anymore. Ramona is glad she and Bethenny are in a good place, and hopes it stays that way. She tells Bethenny, for someone who was almost dead, she looks good. There’s guy walking around with oysters in a bucket, preparing them individually. The women make lots of jokes about sucking it down. In Sonja’s interview, she says that’s the way Ramona likes her oysters, and some other things. I don’t want to know.

Ramona tells Bethenny that Barbara had the audacity to tell Sonja she couldn’t come to the party because of LuAnn’s show. Sonja didn’t know it was for her, and Ramona had to tell her. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, poor Sonja. It’s like ruining a twelve-year-old’s surprise party, and makes her feel sad. She tells the party planner that a cake with a sparkler is coming out, and to make it about Sonja. Dorinda says they went to see LuAnn, but she said she couldn’t see them because she was getting ready for the show. She was getting ready to sell holy candles with her face on them. Ramona says she uses those to pray to God, and Bethenny says she’d be praying to LuAnn. Ramona thinks it’s sacrilegious. Sonja says, she’s a bonafide diva. Ramona wonders if LuAnn thinks she’s Joan of Arc. Bethenny says, she’s not the Virgin Mary. In her interview, Sonja says, deliver us from LuAnn.

LuAnn has arrived. She tells Bethenny that she looks good, and Bethenny says she feels better. In LuAnn’s interview, she says Bethenny looks pretty damn hot for someone who just almost died. They ask how LuAnn’s show went, and she says, great. Sonja says she couldn’t wait for them to leave. LuAnn says, it’s nice they came, but she had to get prepared. That’s show biz. Ramona asks if she’s the Virgin Mary now, pointing out her candles look like religious candles. LuAnn says if she doesn’t like it, don’t buy one. In LuAnn’s interview, she can’t believe Ramona is schooling her on religious morality. Give her a break.

Tinsley needs some wine after last night. Sonja tells Ramona that Tinsley is never there to bond or contribute to the conversation. She’s a different breed. Tinsley says they ganged up on her, but Ramona says, that wasn’t the intention. Tinsley says she’s shared everything. In Ramona’s interview, she says they don’t know what to believe, and she doesn’t really care. She just wants Tinsley to be happy. S’mores are served. Barbara shows up, and Tinsley drinks more wine. She suggests she and Dorinda make a pact. No more talking about Scott. They broke up, and aren’t together. Their fight shouldn’t be about him. Dorinda says, it should be about other things? and Tinsley says if they throw down, it’s not going to be about Scott. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she’ll speak about anything she wants, but she promises. She pinkie swears. Tinsley should be saying she wants to work on the friendship. Tinsley wants a shot.

Bethenny, LuAnn, Barbara, and Sonja have a group hug. In LuAnn’s interview, she says, life is a cabaret. It’s her cabaret, and she’s living it.

Bethenny asks, who’s ready to have fun? The piñata comes down. She says, it’s for Dorinda to beat the sh*t out of. Ramona goes first, and LuAnn is next, saying, it’s therapeutic. Tinsley is ready to beat the sh*t out of the piñata after last night. Sonja separates the head from the body, reaching way up. In her interview, LuAnn says the sun doesn’t shine until they’ve seen Sonja’s ass. Sex toys fall out, and the women dive for them. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, the desperation of this group wanting sex toys is amazing. Bethenny has another surprise for Sonja. Some hot guys in suits bring out a cake with sparklers, and Bethenny says, happy birthday. Everyone sings. Sonja tells Bethenny that she loves her. In her interview, Sonja says never in a million years would she imagine getting a cake from Bethenny. The dudes start to strip, and Sonja says if anything is a Christmas miracle, it’s these boys. It’s the icing on the cake. Ramona isn’t a stripper type of gal, but wants to be in the moment, so when in Rome… She puts her hands all over one of the guys.

It’s the finale, so we see that, Ramona’s house is still on the market – and so is she. And she and Harry are just friends. Sonja says she couldn’t be happier. Her house is rented, her apartment is a jewel, and her creative juices are flowing. The text tells us that her daughter was accepted to an Ivy League school, and she has new renters.

Bethenny says, it’s been a crazy year. She’s learned a lesson to take care of herself, emotionally and physically, and live every day like it’s her last. One of the strippers balances her upside down in a chair on his head. Yes, you read that right. She says, and today might be her last. We read that she’s buying not selling. She bought a townhouse with Paul, and decided against selling SkinnyGirl for now. Tinsley believes 2019 will be her year. (Yeah, me too. Good luck with that.) She says, it’s her life. Back off. We read that she maintains she and Scott aren’t together, and after staying with her mom in Palm Beach for a while, she’s back in New York, but has downsized her hotel room. John gives Dorinda a kiss. Her blurb says there was a flood at the Berkshires house that even the fish room couldn’t survive. She’s making it nice-r. LuAnn says the might knock her show, but she’s found a purpose in life. She’s going to do what makes her happy, and her cabaret act just keeps getting bigger. She’s riding the wave for as long as she can. The final passage tells us that, subsequently, LuAnn violated her probation, and was taken into custody again. She has stricter probation terms, but isn’t letting it stop her cabaret tour.

They take a group photo.

Next time, Part One of the Reunion. And it does not look Jovani pretty.

📠 Getting Right To It…

This would have been earlier, but I was hung up with an important phone call, so it was late when I watched the Wives. For whatever reason, this song is on a list of Best Songs About Friday, and it’s one of my favorites, so…

May 31, 2019 – Everyone Wants a Piece of Ryan, nuDanny, the OG Tries Harder, LisaR Strikes Again, a Diva, a Drunk, 90 Day Disaster, Rich People Problems, 12 Quotes Minus 2 & Two Weekends


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam tells Julian that she’ll do anything to get Wiley away from Shiloh, even if it means working with him. Jason brings Danny home, and asks if everything is okay. Sam looks at Julian.

At the hospital, Robert approaches Finn. He wants to offer his congratulations. Finn says, thanks, but he did that at the Ball. Robert says there was a lot going on there, and he was being polite. The truth is, he wants Anna to have all the happiness she deserves, and he hopes she gets it with Finn. Anna sees them, and asks if she’s interrupting anything.

Ava is brought out, and Scotty asks for a minute with his client. He’s glad Julian talked sense into her, and she’s standing up for herself. She says she has to get free and stay free in case Ryan survives. He suggests she doesn’t say that to the judge. He wants her to go in and sit, sit up straight, and nicely say she’s not guilty. He’ll handle the rest. He’s not sure if he’s going with temporary insanity or self-defense. She doesn’t know how he’d pull off self-defense, since there were three cops there when she stabbed Ryan in the back.

Jordan tells Doc and Laura that she warned Ava not to take matters into her own hands, but Doc understands what motivated her. Jordan says Ava is being charged with attempted murder. It seems unfair, and hypocritical, considering how many people Ryan killed. She says she’s sorry, but Doc says, it happens to be true. Jordan says, now, of all people, he’s her best chance for a kidney transplant.

Curtis says he saved Ryan’s life. Now Ryan has to do the same for Jordan, and consent to donating a kidney. Ryan says, that’s major surgery. He needs to mull it over. Curtis says, the answer is yes. Ryan asks why he should save the life of a woman who stopped at nothing to hunt him down? He’ll see her in hell.

Robert tells Anna that he was congratulating Finn. Finn appreciates it, but has patients to see. He leaves, and Robert says Anna looks happy. She says she is. Is he surprised? He says he’s still trying to figure out how she convinced herself that he wanted to remarry her. She says she was mistaken. She saw him with Mac, and he had a ring. She jumped to the wrong conclusion, but it’s not that far-fetched. He’d been acting strangely. She asks how he ended up with the ring, and he says he was housing it, but truth be known, he wasn’t happy they were getting married. He’s not carrying a torch, but she is the love of his life; regardless of how long ago it was when they discovered they couldn’t make it as couple. She says, damn you, Scorpio. He says seeing her with Finn, he realized they’d be going off and having adventures together. It didn’t sit well when he realized he’d no longer have a place in that part of her life. She takes his hands, and says, snap out of it. They laugh.

Lulu is busy swiping at the MetroCourt when Maxie and Peter walk in. Maxie looks over Lulu’s shoulder, and tells her, swipe right. Lulu says, it’s purely research. She’s not looking for a love connection. Peter says, most people on there aren’t, and Maxie calls him cynical. Lulu says she is too. She’s hunting for someone who’s catfishing women so he can steal from them. Maxie says, it’s sad that they’re being taken down because they’re looking for love. Lulu says, like Ava.

Danny thanks Julian for the birthday present, and Julian says he’ll let them celebrate. After he leaves, Sam asks Jason where Scout is. He says she was sleeping, and Olivia told him not to wake her up. Scout was having a bad day, and was cranky, so Olivia thought they should let her sleep. Danny says Olivia is making him taste everything for the party, so it’s like he’s getting two parties. Sam thinks he’s special enough for two parties. Right, dad? Jason says, right, and almost smiles.

Ava is uncuffed, and Scotty tells her to just plead not guilty; they’ll strategize later. It looks like self-defense is out the window, and he’ll have to go for temporary insanity. She says if it gets her out, fine. Margaux walks in, saying she thought she recognized Scotty’s aftershave permeating the place. He says it’s his hair gel; it’s pungent. He says Ava did Margaux a favor, getting a serial killer off the streets. What say they make a deal, and call it a day. She’s sympathetic, but can’t look other way. Scotty says, Ryan is demented. He cut off his own hand. Margaux says, Ava stabbed him in the back. It’s his job to defend Ava, and it’s hers to prosecute.

Doc tells Jordan that he wishes he could be the donor. It would make everything simpler. She says if he hadn’t stepped up, they never would have known Ryan was a match. He says, that’s an optimistic way of looking at it. She says she has to be optimistic; her life depends on Ryan. Doc has to go, but Laura says she’ll catch up with him. She asks Jordan, what’s going on? Jordan says she’s not in a position to be picky, but it creeps her out to think she’d be owing her life to Ryan.

Curtis grabs the front of Ryan’s hospital gown. Ryan tells him, let go. Curtis promises Ryan doesn’t know anything about him; what he’s capable of, or what he’s done. Jordan’s life is worth more than Ryan’s, and if Curtis could, he’d snatch the kidney out with his bare hands in heartbeat. Ryan says, that would be murder. He might be willing to entertain offers. What’s his kidney worth to Curtis?

Anna says Robert will always be an important part of her life, and not just because of Robin. He’s a friend, an ally, and the best agent she’s ever worked with. She’s happier knowing he’s in the world with her. Robert says, all he ever wanted was for her to be happy. The best to both of them. She says she maybe has to ask him for something. Kind of an engagement present. Peter and Maxie are going to be visiting Robin. It was Robin’s decision to invite him, and she wants Robert to be a big boy about it. He asks, why? So Robin gets to know her big brother when they both know that’s not who Peter is?

Lulu tells Maxie and Peter that she’s going to put a pin in this for now. She has a pressing story to write. She’s going to the hospital to see if she can get a few comments on Ryan’s arrest. She tells them to enjoy their evening. Peter asks Maxie what she thinks of the dating story, and she says she’s happy she’s not out there in the dating world. He says, that makes two of them. Consider them both off the market. They kiss, and Maxie says she’s still worried about Lulu. They have to be proactive in getting Dante and Lulu back together.

Sam tells Jason that she’s glad Julian is getting to know Danny, as long as they keep it on a limited basis. Jason doesn’t love it, but the situation is what it is, and making a big deal out of it will confuse Danny. She says Jason walked in on their conversation, but Jason says he’s not asking her about it. Julian is her father, and it’s her business. She says she’s not keeping secrets from him. Not for Julian or anyone else. The situation involves Wiley, and guess who else? Shiloh.

Julian sits behind Ava in the courtroom. She’s happy he made it. Judge Henry Otis is presiding, and he says the charge is attempted murder. He asks how Ava pleads, and she says, not guilty. Scotty would like to request the defendant be released on bail, if the DA has no objections.

Jordan tells Laura that she feels foolish thinking this way, but the idea of Ryan being a part of her body disturbs her. Laura understands. Nothing about the situation is easy, but she had no problem accepting Doc’s kidney. Jordan says, not at all, and Laura says, so, they have the same DNA. All Jordan is getting from Ryan is a group of tissues that will save her life. What she does with that life afterwards is entirely up to her. Jordan says it sounds better when Laura breaks it down like that. That’s why she’s mayor. Laura says she has her moments.

Curtis says Ryan wants him to make an offer for his kidney. Ryan says he’s a practical man. He has leverage, and also has something Curtis’s wife desperately needs. He needs something in return. Curtis tells him, name his price; he’ll pay it. Ryan says it’s not a financial transaction per se, and Curtis says, if it’s not money, what does he want?

Anna tells Robert that they don’t know anything really; it’s just a theory. They can’t prove Alex is Peter’s biological mother. Robert says they can start with digging through Dimitri’s records, but Anna says, what’s the point? Alex wouldn’t leave important documents lying around. He says, that’s exactly the place she’d leave them. If Peter is Alex’s son, doesn’t she want to know? She says, it doesn’t matter. She cares about Peter. He’s part of the family. He’s important to her and Robin. Peter isn’t going to hurt Robin, and she wants to get to know him. Robert isn’t so sure.

Maxie tells Peter that if Dante doesn’t want to come home on his own, it’s up to them to bring him back. Peter says, assuming they find him. What makes her think they could get him to come home? She might get somewhere, but he has zero influence. She says they can make Dante aware of the toll his absence is taking on Lulu’s life.

Ryan says Curtis seems shocked, but is he really? Curtis says Ryan really is crazy. Ryan says it’s bad strategy to insult the person who can save his wife’s life, but the offer still stands. Tick tock. Finn comes in, and Curtis leaves. Ryan says don’t mind Curtis; he’s got a lot on his mind. Finn sees Ryan is recovering well. Ryan says Finn doesn’t like him, and Finn says Ryan is his least favorite patient, but he’s a doctor, and required to treat everyone. Ryan understands that, but what he doesn’t get is why is Finn wandering so far from his area of expertise. Why is an infectious disease specialist spending so much time with a knife wound? Why is he there?

Judge Otis asks if the DA has any objections to the defendant’s release. Margaux says she has none. Ava’s only target is in ICU, under police guard. The prosecution doesn’t consider her a danger to society or a flight risk. The judge sets bail at $100K.

Jason says, with enough time and resources, Shiloh is bound to find Wiley. Sam says Julian thinks he can stop that from happening, and she agreed to help him. Jason asks if she’s sure, and she says Julian is motivated to help Wiley, so she’s in. He tells her, if it goes sideways, or she gets a bad feeling… She says she’ll find him, but doesn’t he think it’s time for him to come home to stay?

Anna tells Robert not to get in the way, but Robert says he’s not the person she needs to worry about. She needs to worry about Peter’s real mom; her traitorous sister.

Jason asks if Sam is sure she wants him to come back. She says it’s something she’s been thinking about since she was in the hospital bed, and saw him standing there. It was confusing for them, but giving her the time she needed, allowed her to figure things out. She did, and she has no question or doubt. She wants him there, together, as a family. He asks if she remembers what he wanted for Christmas. She says, a day with her and the kids. He says he forced himself to leave every time. Even when they were just putting toys together, or doing a puzzle, or when he made chicken soup for her. (He cooks? Sign me up.) He can’t imagine anything better than that. Sam tells him, come home, and never leave again. They kiss.

Peter tells Maxie that Dante has PTSD, and he’s worried about being a danger to his family. He’s not guilting Dante into coming home, and not getting the help he needs. Maxie gets that Dante is protecting Lulu, but she thinks the WSB is taking advantage of him. They want to cure him just enough to keep him working for them, but not enough to come home. She speaks from experience. Her dad is the director. When she was a kid, he left on a mission, and never came back. His work was more important. She doesn’t want to see that happen to Dante and his family. Peter asks why she’s so invested.

Lulu runs into Doc at the hospital. She says she wants to get a quote from Jordan. He says he and Laura were just with Jordan, and her mom is probably still there. He’ll get out of the way. She asks him to wait. She says her mom loves him, and he’ll always be in her life and the kids’ lives, which means he’ll always be in her life. It’s probably time to talk about the real issue between them. He asks if she means how his actions led to Ryan nearly killing her.

Still in Jordan’s room, on the phone, Laura says she’ll touch base next week. Jordan asks what they said. Laura thought she was sleeping, but Jordan asks what the Canadian authorities said. Laura says it looks like they have jurisdiction to prosecute Ryan for his crimes in Canada, as well as there. Jordan says, consecutive life sentences. Curtis walks in, and asks how it’s going. Jordan says, living the dream. He asks Laura to stick around. What he has to say concerns her too. Jordan asks if he spoke to Ryan, and Curtis says, he agreed to donate his kidney… as long as the charges against him are dropped. Well, good luck with that. There would be a million people involved with that decision.

Robert tells Anna that Alex seems to have spent the greater part of her life trying to sabotage Anna’s. Anna says, she has to certain extent, but Anna doesn’t think it’s malicious. She’s messed up. He says Anna doesn’t want Peter to know. She admits he might be right, but Peter is capable of taking care of himself.  Robert says he knows. That’s one reason he’s glad their daughter lives on the other side of the country. She tells him, why not leave it alone? For her, the love of his life. Can he do that? He says he won’t mention Peter’s parentage – she says, alleged parentage – to Robin. She thanks him, and he says, unless he has to. She can’t imagine what circumstance that would be. She’s sure her sister doesn’t care. She gave him up. Robert says, when he was a baby. Now Anna cares a great deal for him. She says, of course (🍷). He says if she thinks her sister is above using that, she’s sadly mistaken. She asks what he’s implying, and he says he’s not implying. He’s straight up saying if she continues this pantomime of being Peter’s mother, she needs to visit Alex and get her in on it.

Jason gives Danny a present, and Danny asks Sam if he has to wait to open it. Please? Sam says he’s adorable when he begs, so go ahead. It’s a racing car set, and Danny asks if Jason can help set it up before he goes. Sam says she has something to tell Danny. Jason is sticking around for good. They’re going to live as family. How does he feel about that? Danny says, it’s the coolest birthday present ever. He hugs Jason, and Sam hugs them both.

Maxie tells Peter, of course (🍷) she’s invested in Dante coming home. Lulu is her best friend, and Dante is a little lost. He thinks if he goes far away, he can find himself, and Lulu is burying herself in her work to distract her from the pain. Peter says, Lulu loves her work, and it builds her confidence, which is what she needs. Maxie says if they don’t do something, his star reporter is going to burn herself out. She pleads with him to help her do what she can to get Lulu and Dante back together.

Lulu says her mother has chosen to forgive Doc, and her happiness means everything. She’s doing everything in her power to support that, but when she looks at Doc’s face, she still sees Ryan. Doc says, trauma isn’t rational. She can lay out the facts, and tell herself that he’s not Ryan, but her immediate reaction and the adrenaline are automatic. With some cases, time is all that’s needed, but with others, it’s just learning to maintain. Lulu says she realized she and Dante are going through the same thing. Dante has no control over what he’s feeling. He wants to feel comfortable, but he’s not there yet. Dante is literally afraid of himself. She can’t set a timeline, and demand he get better and come back. As much as he wants to, it’s out of his control, and there’s no one to blame or be angry at, and no one to forgive.

Scotty tells Ava, that went well. He thinks it’s a sign of good things to come. Julian says Ava caught a lucky break, but Ava says she’s not feeling very lucky. Ryan told her that Kiki called out for her with her dying breath, and said she loved her. Julian says Ryan is a sick SOB, just messing with her head. She says she has no idea if it’s true or not. She knows he could have been lying. Kiki could have said anything or nothing. But what if he was telling the truth, and her daughter died calling for her, and she wasn’t there?

Jordan tells Curtis she thought Ryan was an evil genius, and lucky. He killed how many people, and thinks he can trade a kidney for his freedom? Laura suggests a plea deal. Texas has the death penalty. Curtis says they can take capital punishment off the table, but Jordan says, absolutely not. No bargaining or negotiating on her behalf. She wants him pay, no matter what.

Finn says should Ryan, choose to donate an organ, he’s there to make sure the kidney stays free of infection, and is ready for transplant. Ryan says the intended recipient is the commissioner, who hounded him. Why should he help her? Finn says, it’s a worthwhile investment; his organ for a lesser prison sentence. They both know he can live a full life with one kidney. Ryan says, a life of hammering out license plates, and reading every book in the library. He can think of a better trade than a lesser sentence. Finn says, he’s waiting for a better price? He had Ryan pegged wrong. He thought Ryan was a smart guy; some people say he’s a genius. But he’s delusional, bargaining for his freedom. A smart guy would assess the situation, and see where his advantage lies, but that’s clearly beyond him.

Jason, Sam, and Danny play with the racetrack.

Peter tells Maxie, since it means so much, he’ll help find Dante, and try to bring him back. Mostly because he doesn’t want her to do it alone. She thanks him, but he says they don’t even know where to start. They don’t even know what country Dante is in. Maxie says, it’s not easy, but they’ve got this. They’re a good team.

Finn says he got Anna’s text; is everything okay? She says, yes and no. She has to go to Zurich. Her flight is in three hours. She has to see Alex. He asks, why? and she says she doesn’t want Robert to be right. Unfortunately, he is, and if Peter’s biological mother is going to exploit that, Anna needs to see her face to face, and figure out what she knows. Peter and Maxie are going to be visiting Robin, and she doesn’t want them building a relationship based on a lie. She has to find out the truth. He says he’d like to go with her, but he’s dealing with Jordan’s case. She it’s her sister and her past. It’s all stuff she needs to deal with. She tells him that she loves him very much, and he says he’ll be waiting. They kiss, and as she’s leaving, she says she loves her ring. It is really pretty.

Curtis sees Finn, who says he’s sorry Ryan refused to donate his kidney, but no one is giving up. Curtis says he needs Finn’s help to think of something else. Finn says he already has.

Laura tells Jordan that they don’t have to talk now. Jordan says she’s tendering her resignation, but Laura says, no she’s not. Laura refuses to accept it. She can find an interim commissioner to keep Jordan’s desk warm for when she’s ready to come back to them.

Julian tells Ava that Ryan manipulated her. The best way to beat the guy is to get him out of her head. She says she’s sorry, but she can’t do that.

Ryan hears the door to his room open, and asks if Finn came back for an autograph, but it’s Doc. Ryan says, hello brother. He says didn’t mean to leave Doc hanging, and laughs.

On Monday, Ava tells Kiki happy birthday, Michael tells Sasha things are complicated, and Finn tells Curtis that when Ryan is under the knife, they can make sure he never wakes up.

👦 I Thought So…

Danny made an age jump.


🃏 Staying in the Game…

Vicki’s keeping it real. At least as real as reality in the OC gets.


😕 Where’s Ma When You Need Her…

LisaR just can’t keep those big lips shut. I don’t even like Kim, but this was entirely uncalled for.


⚡ Not Like These Are a Shock…

LuAnn is a diva. I worked for the business end of Al-Anon, and she’s what members would call a Mr. AA. Or in this case, Countess AA.


But Sonja negates her point by literally being falling down drunk.


💍 Where the Awful People Meet…

Maybe they can have yet another spin-off, 90 Day Fiancé: Go Back Home. While there are some lovely and legit couples, this show is rife with grifters and nasties. In regard to Larissa and Colt(ee), even though she’s no prize, I’ve always leaned to Larissa’s side. Nobody (almost nobody anyway) wants to start their marriage off living with their mother-in-law. Add being in another country, away from family and friends, and living in Las – not the good part of it – Vegas with no air conditioning. Mom Debbie didn’t make it any easier, never seeming to recognize what a cold fish her son is, and at the same time, babying him. And when Larissa told Debbie that she had children back in Brazil, Debbie acted like Larissa had committed a cardinal sin by not telling her, when it was Colt(ee) who had told her not to. As if this wasn’t bad enough, Colt(ee) is a very odd dude, who never takes his wife’s side, feigning neutrality. I think he likes and orchestrates drama, and it creeps me out how he never shows emotion. Frankly, he reminds me of a friend’s father, who’s a predator. (Don’t worry. He’s locked up for good now.) It was like she was being held hostage. The worst part of the whole thing is, at least in the beginning, Larissa really seemed to like Colt(ee), but he was no Prince Charming from the jump. Her first day in America, when she arrived at the airport, he met her empty-handed, and her request for twenty bucks worth of flowers was too much. She should have turned around right then and there.


🚬 Interesting…

Mostly because I thought Claus von Bülow was dead already. While it’s not really that crazy of a story, the best part is his mistress was Alexandria Isles aka Alexandrea Moltke aka Victoria Winters from the original Dark Shadows.. No surprise, she’s never gone to any of the conventions.


💡 Quotes of the Week

Who are you? The topless photo police?Dr. Phil to a girl who outed Miss Tennessee by sending nude photos of the pageant queen to pageant officials

Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you. – Joey Adams (Excellent advice!)

Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win. – Bobby Knight

The act of discovering who we are will force us to accept that we can go further than we think.Paulo Coelho

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. – Joel A. Barker

As the twig is bent the tree inclines.Virgil

Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed. – George Burns

One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.Maya Angelou

The mysterious is always attractive. People will always follow a veil. – Bede Jarrett

The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow. – Bob Marley

🐧 What It Is…

The reality of my weekend:

WeekendSleeping (2)


What I wish it would be:

May 29, 2019 – Some Pledges Are Returned, NYC Descends On Miami, Austen Isn’t Charmed, a Whole Lotta Lu & a Lotte Walking


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


I was editing during a tornado warning. Watch? Whichever the bad one is. So please forgive any gaffes.

General Hospital

Sonny wonders why Carly can’t admit the lunch he made is better than frozen pizza. She says she loved every bite, but there isn’t anything much better than frozen pizza. Jax walks in, and says she loved it when she was pregnant. She says she didn’t know he was coming over, and he says he thought they should talk while Josslyn is in school. They need to figure out how to do this without killing each other.

Lulu delivers food to Maxie at Crimson. Maxie says she’s so swamped, she forgot to get breakfast. She’s doing a feature on tie dye gowns. It’s back. Lulu says, groovy. She tells Maxie that if she wasn’t eating with her, she’d be eating at her desk alone. Maxie asks if she’s working on anything interesting. Lulu says, the return to the single lady lifestyle.

At the MetroCourt, Sasha tells Nina that her feet hurt from wearing heels, and her head hurts. She had coffee and Ibuprofen for breakfast. Actual food will be good. Nina says Maxie is holding down the fort at Crimson, so they can have a leisurely lunch. She tells Sasha it looks like she and Michael were having fun at the Nurses Ball, and Sasha says Michael is a lot of fun. Nina says too bad he deserted her for Willow.

Michael stops by Willow’s classroom. He says he was there to speak to his cousin Jake’s class for Career Day. It’s going to be his fallback career, He wanted to stop by to see how she was doing. She says she’s kind of a mess. Things got tense last night. Lucas and brad know that Wiley is her son. It’s only a matter of time before Shiloh finds out.

Sam and Jason go to Shiloh’s hospital room. Shiloh asks if they found the Pledges. Sam says they were where he said they’d be. He asks why they’re there. Does it please Sam to see him like that? She says, quite a bit actually. Jason says, this is only the beginning.

Alexis says, the secret Kristina gave Shiloh is about her? Kristina says she’s so, so sorry.

Jax tells Carly and Sonny, in some ways, now Josslyn will deal with the most difficult part of grief; going back to normal. The memorials are over, and the big gestures have been made, and she has to go on with life without Oscar. Carly says Josslyn is emotionally raw, but she thinks it’s good that she’s getting out. Sonny says Josslyn made it clear she doesn’t want them walking on eggshells. Jax says the more they check in on her, the more she feels obligated to reassure them, instead of walking in her own feelings. Carly says she offered to take Josslyn to grief counseling, but she flat out refused. Jax says if she starts acting out, they can revisit that, but it’s more important that the three of them work together to help her. Sonny asks why they wouldn’t, and Jax says Sonny despises him, and the feeling is mutual. It’s easier to keep a truce when he’s on the other side of the planet, but that’s no longer the case. Besides Josslyn, he has other business to keep him there.

Maxie asks since when is Lulu a single lady, and Lulu says, since this assignment. She’s posing as single on dating apps. Maxie asks if something happened with her and Dante, but Lulu says, nothing has happened on that front. Maxie asks why her editor is having her troll dating apps; is it a tell all? Lulu says, it’s actually a crime story. Has she heard about the recent burglaries? Women are being robbed while their out on a date they were matched with online. The burglar figures out where they live, and robs them while they’re waiting for their date. She’s trying the same apps, and hopefully, they can catch him. Maxie thinks it’s fluffy for an investigative reporter. On the other hand, it could have a major impact on Lulu’s personal life. I just have to mention that for an investigative reporter, Lulu is also using the wrong wording. She’s mixing burglary with robbery. The former is breaking and entering; the latter is stealing from an actual person. I know this because I was burgled years ago.

Nina tells Sasha that Michael is a Corinthos, but he’s also a Quartermaine. She thinks he should exhibit manners and class. Sasha stops her, saying they didn’t plan on attending together. Michael found her stalled, trying to psyche herself to walk the red carpet alone. He went with her, and then they stayed together. Nina says, until Willow got deserted by her date, the cop. Sasha says Michael owed her nothing, and she wasn’t offended; she was impressed. He’s a great guy, and if things were different… Nina says, what things? Sasha says she’s not in the right place for a serious relationship. She wants to figure out her career first. She might not even be in Port Charles months from now. She loves it there, but if the right job came along… Nina says she wouldn’t be close to Michael somewhere else. Sasha says that she and Michael aren’t serious, but Nina says she could be open to possibilities.

Willow apologizes to Michael for pulling him away from Sasha. He says Sasha completely understood, but she feels bad for ruining his night. He tells her that she can make it up to him by letting him help her. She doesn’t have to solve this on her own. The more allies she has, the more she’s in a position to keep Wiley safe from Shiloh. She says, Shiloh is relentless. If he finds out, he’ll stop at nothing until he gets custody.

Sam tells Shiloh that she’s glad she went back. It was tough, seeing the table where he almost raped her, because she was too drugged up to fight him off. Then she had a crystal clear image of Jason ripping him off of her, and throwing him down the stairs like garbage. It feels good, knowing he’s the helpless one. Shiloh says he gave them what they wanted, but Jason says, too late. He messed with the wrong people. His best option is to get a lawyer, and cut a deal. He might be safer in prison – or not. They leave. Shiloh broods angrily.

Kristina tells Alexis that she can’t believe she did this. Alexis tells her, whatever she said, they’ll deal with it. Kristina says she didn’t mean for it… Alexis says, of course (🍷) she didn’t; she was manipulated. Kristina says she still chose do it, and sell Alexis out to impress Shiloh, and further herself in DOD. She doesn’t know if Alexis can forgive her. Alexis says nothing Kristina does is unforgivable; at least not to her. Kristina says Alexis doesn’t know what she told him. Alexis says, tell her what was in the Pledge.

Sasha tells Nina that she and Michael agreed to have fun and keep it casual. Nina asks Sasha to hear her out. Sasha is beautiful, strong, and confident. Michael likes that. He likes her, but he’s a sucker for a victim. Willow could give a master class in that. She’s a fragile flower, and Michael needs to rescue her. Sasha says she thought Nina didn’t like Willow because she overstepped as a teacher. Nina says, she’s unfair to Charlotte, blames her for every conflict, and gives Charlotte no benefit of the doubt. It drives her crazy. She needs to make sure Charlotte knows she’s not alone, and has someone by her side. Nina thinks she was triggered by a conversation she overheard about Willow giving up her baby for adoption. There’s nothing wrong with that, but she didn’t even tell the father. It triggered what her mother did to her, stealing Sasha away. Sasha says none of their stories are that simple. She’s sure Willow’s isn’t either. Nina wants Willow to give Charlotte the benefit of the doubt; maybe she should do the same for Willow.

Carly asks if the opportunity Jax mentioned is coming to fruition, and he says, it’s looking good. Carly says Josslyn will love having him there. Sonny asks if Jax is still looking for a place. Jax says Lucy is a chatterbox, but she’s shown him some places he likes. Kate’s place is still in the running. He’s sure they would love having him as a neighbor. Sonny says he’d love nothing more. Jason arrives, and Carly walks Jax out.

Jason tells Sonny that Shiloh was keeping the Pledges in the tower. He got them all. Sam is handling Kristina’s Pledge, but there’s another that might be of interest to Sonny. He gives Sonny the envelope with Margaux’s name on it.

Margaux visits Shiloh at the hospital. He starts to get up, but she says he’s not supposed to be doing that. He gets back in bed, saying he knows better than to go against the DA. How did she know he was there? She says she was concerned about him, and made some calls. What happened? He says, nothing, but she says, it doesn’t look that way. He says, it was just an accident; it was nothing. She asks if Sam or Jason were involved.

Kristina tells Alexis, Shiloh called it the gift, but he really want blackmail leverage. She can’t believe she fell for it. Alexis says, it’s okay, but Kristina says, it’s not. Shiloh was specific that it be something major that could do damage if it went public. Sam comes in, and says, it’s over. Kristina asks what she’s doing there, and what the envelope is. Did Shiloh give to her? Sam says, he did, but not willingly. She was never actually a part of DOD. It was just an act. Kristina says, oh my God, this entire time she was blaming herself for setting Sam up to be hurt by Shiloh, and Sam was lying to her. She asks if Alexis knew, and Alexis says she went along with the plan because she thought it was best for Kristina. Sam says she was worried about Kristina, and wanted to find out as much about Shiloh as she could to keep Kristina safe. Kristina says Sam stayed after Jason rescued her; why? Sam says, to get this, showing her the envelope.

Maxie asks Lulu if it isn’t too close to home; going on dates while Dante is away. Lulu says she’s just swiping right and setting a trap. Maxie thinks Lulu should talk to Peter. If she’s not comfortable with that, Maxie can. Lulu says she can’t keep asking favors from her boss. She’ll never be respected by her peers/ Maxie says if Lulu catches the creep who’s preying on the women, and Dante gets wind of it, it could be major incentive for him to come back home. That came out wrong. Lulu says she doesn’t want him to come home out of jealousy, but when he’s ready and healed. If that ever happens.

Michael tells Willow that he doesn’t know about that. She’s in a strong position, and should keep it that way. Diane is a helluva attorney, and a master at legal loopholes. She’s like family, and if she knows how fond he is of Willow, she won’t stop until she wins the case. She hopes it doesn’t get to that point. Michael doesn’t think it will. Willow can’t thank him enough for his support. She doesn’t know what she would have done without him last night. They hug. No surprise, Nina sees.

Carly thanks Jax for coming by, and being inclusive with Sonny. Jax says, it’s not just talk. They need to present a united front need to support Josslyn. Carly says Josslyn will have it, and Jax says, as long as he’s not deported again. She says, no excuses. Sonny was wrong, but Jax has been wrong too. Not as wrong, but maybe. Jax says, it’s a trap. Rehashing who did what is a war no one wins. It’s a losing game, and he doesn’t play to lose.

Sonny asks if Jason opened it, and Jason says he had to make sure it was legit. Margaux admitted she had proof that her mom conspired with Joe Skully to murder her father, and she covered up the crime. If Sonny wants leverage against the DA, he’s got it.

Shiloh asks what makes Margaux think Sam or Jason was involved? She says she ran into Sonny, and he had some interesting things say about Shiloh. Shiloh says, like what? and she says, pretty damning stuff. He tells her, consider the source. Sonny is a known criminal, who’s decided he’s the enemy, but what Sonny said apparently got under her skin. She says Sonny said Shiloh shouldn’t be trusted. Shiloh asks if she believes him.

Kristina asks how Sam got the Pledge. She didn’t even know where Shiloh kept them. Sam says he kept them in the records room at the DOD house, but he moved them to the tower for safekeeping. Alexis asks how Sam found them, and Sam says, Jason can be persuasive. Kristina asks if Jason was in on it this whole time. The breakup? Sam says, fake. Kristina says, it makes total sense looking back. After all Sam and Jason have been though, why would Sam leave him for a creep like Shiloh. And she bought it; what an idiot. Alexis tells her, stop saying that. She was subject to manipulation for months. Sam says they wanted to keep her safe, and Kristina says, so that’s it? Sam says they torched most of them, except Kristina’s. It’s up to her to choose what she wants to do with it.

Maxie wishes she could help Lulu, but Lulu says it’s not Maxie’s responsibility to make it better, and she’s doing plenty by being a friend. Maxie thanks Lulu for lunch. She’s scared to leave her desk, since she’s waiting for a budget something-or-other, but she’ll walk Lulu to the elevator. Lulu leaves, and Maxie calls Peter. She says she has her fingers crossed that Dante comes back, but wishes she could do something to make it right. She looks at her computer, and says, what?! She tells Peter it’s some idiot from the budget office. She’ll call him back. She makes a call to Tom in the budget department, and says, it’s clearly a mistake. She was transferring money from September to cover August. What does he mean? That can’t be right. Crimson is autonomous. She says, since when? She doesn’t believe it. She’s coming there, and he’s going to walk her through it, line by line.

Michael tells Willow, know that he’s there for her, and Willow thanks him. He leaves, and Nina sneaks back. She asks how it is every time she sees Willow, Willow is with Michael? Willow says, unbelievable. Is Nina stalking her now? Nina says, actually, no, and Willow asks what she wants. Nina says her daughter suggested she clear air about what happened. Willow asks if she’s there to apologize. She can start by admitting she was out of line. Nina asks how it is nothing is ever Willow’s fault? Willow bumped into her. Willow was having a phone conversation about her personal life at the Nurses Ball. Willow says if it makes Nina feel any better, Willow’s entire life has gone to hell thanks to her.

Carly tells Jax that she’s glad he’s staying, and don’t worry about Sonny. They’re all committed to getting along for Josslyn’s sake. He appreciates it. Carly goes back in, and Sonny asks if he’s gone. He’s going to call Lucy and make an offer on Connie’s property. He can tear down the wall, and make a guest house. Jason says it’s extra ground for security to cover, but Sonny says, it beats having Jax as a neighbor. Carly thought they were committed to getting along, but Sonny says, of all places, Jax is going to live next door? Carly suggests they take a break before making a huge real estate purchase. She asks Jason what happened with Shiloh, and Jason says he’s in the hospital. Jason got the Pledges. Sonny has to go, and Carly says Jason must be happy. Shiloh’s got no power anymore, so there’s no reason Jason and Sam can’t be together, right?

Kristina reads the paper, and says, it’s her Pledge. Alexis asks if she’s sure. Kristina says the flashdrive has her original recording. Shiloh transcribed it and had her sign it before what was supposed to be her initiation. Sam says it’s possible another copy exists, but Alexis says, Kristina has the original version. Anything else is hearsay. Sam says Kristina is free from Shiloh and DOD. Kristina asks what she should do with it, and Alexis says, whatever she wants. She can tell them, or never say another word, and they’ll respect her decision. Sam agrees. Kristina goes to the fireplace and sets it on fire. The three of them watch it burn.

Michael finds Sasha, and says he feels terrible for ditching her. She says he’s being too hard on himself. It’s not like they planned it. They decided at the last minute; not a big deal. HE says he still feels compelled to make it up to her. They agreed to be friends with benefits. She says, that doesn’t sound good, but he says, hear him out. He likes to get to know his friends. She asks if that wouldn’t make them strangers, and he says she’s not making this easy. She says he’s too cute when he’s flustered. He was wondering if she’d like to grab dinner tonight. She says, that sounds like a date, but he says, just two adults sitting across from each other eating food. She says, it sounds romantic, and he promises to order lot of garlic. Sasha says because they don’t want to risk developing feelings. Michael suggests they cross that bridge when they come to it. Sasha says, deal, and they shake hands.

Nina asks how she destroyed Willow’s life, and Willow says it’s none of her business. Nina asks if she’s thought of teaching theater. She has a flair for the dramatic. Willow asks if Nina came there to insult her, but Nina says she came talk to her about being involved with Michael. Whoa, wait. Didn’t she come there to give Willow the benefit of the doubt? Nina says, Willow literally can’t help herself. She sees Michael having great time with Sasha, but needs him in her back pocket, for when her boyfriend neglects her. Or maybe she’s more attracted to Michael’s bank account than the detective’s. Willow says she’s not defending her relation with Michael or anyone else. She turns to the blackboard, and ignores Nina. Nina says she doesn’t need to. She saw what she needed to see. She tells Willow, have a nice break. She’s assuming it will be a long one. I really wish Nina wasn’t acting like such a tool. I’ve always been on her side.

Carly tells Jason, it must have been torture, spending time apart from Sam. Jason says it wasn’t fun. Carly says she’s happy Kristina is safe, but now Jason needs to prioritize. He says he thought she was doing that for him. She says she is. He’s been home almost two years, and now nothing is standing in the way of him and Sam being together for the rest of their lives. He says he’ll keep it in mind, but there’s something he has to take care of. She says he’s avoiding the conversation, and he says, that too. They hug, and he leaves.

Sam takes Kristina’s hand. The doorbell rings. It’s Sonny, and Alexis steps outside to talk. He asks, what’s going on, and she says Sam brought Kristina’s Pledge. It’s currently burning. Sonny says it’s probably for the better. They’re in the clear, and it can’t be used anymore. Alexis doesn’t know the details, but the secret isn’t about him. It’s about her.

Kristina asks if Sam went through the initiation. Sam says, part of it. Nothing she can’t survive. Kristina doesn’t know how to thank her, and Sam says she doesn’t have to. Kristina is her sister, and she’d do anything for her. Sam holds her.

Margaux tells Shiloh that she’s not sure what to think. She wants to believe in him, but Sonny said he has proof Shiloh committed criminal acts. He showed her things in the attic when they crossed paths. Shiloh says, they crossed paths? and Margaux says Sonny called her, saying he needed her there; he was looking for Shiloh. He kept insisting that Shiloh was a con man and a criminal, and he had proof. Shiloh says, manufactured proof. No doubt Sonny is upset with him because he’s been more of a father figure to Kristina than Sonny ever has. He asks if she believes him, and she says, yeah. She just needed to hear it from him. She says she’ll let the DOD members know he’s okay. He says before she goes, there’s something else he needs from her.

Sam comes out, and hugs Sonny. He appreciates everything she’s done for Kristina. He asks if she thinks Kristina is up to seeing him, and Sam thinks she’d love to see him. He goes inside, and Sam says, says it’s over. They’ll never know what secret Kristina shared with that monster. Alexis says she may want tell them someday, but Sam says she wouldn’t push it. Whatever Kristina’s Pledge was, it’s gone. It can’t haunt them anymore.

Kristina runs to Sonny, and hugs him.

Margaux asks what Shiloh needs. He’d like to have faith, but Sonny’s lies are deep. Other people stand to lose. They can’t let Sonny’s manipulation of the authorities destroy everything they’ve worked so hard to build in Port Charles. She asks what he wants her to do. He says if Sonny ever turns over evidence, and makes those claims again, make sure it never sees the light of day.

Jason goes to Willow’s classroom, and introduces himself as Michael’s uncle. She says he just missed Michael, but he says he came to give her something. He hands her the Pledge envelope with her name on it. She says, my God, this is… He says, it’s hers – again. She asks how he found it, and he tells not to worry about that. All the Pledges were destroyed. Shiloh has nothing over her anymore. He starts to leave, and she asks why he gave this to her. He says because she put herself on the line for Kristina. That makes her a hero in his book.

Carly sees Sasha and Michael talking about dinner plans. Michael kisses Sasha, and she gets in elevator. Carly tells him that she’s not saying a word. He says she sure looks like she want to. She says she’s glad he’s getting back out there.

Nina stomps back to her office. She sees someone, and asks what they’re doing in her office. Jax says, to celebrate the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

Tomorrow, Jax tells Nina that he’s the new owner of Crimson, Alexis asks Lucas if the birth father knows, and Chase asks Willow what happened after he left the Nurses Ball.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Ooh! It’s Christmastime in NYC. LuAnn rehearses her Christmas show. In her interview she says she loves Christmas, and it’s everything to do a Christmas show. Sonja shows up, surprising LuAnn. In her interview, she says she was in the neighborhood. It must get boring being with the same entourage, and no girlfriends. Sonja starts off cracking everyone up, but then begins to get annoying. In LuAnn’s interview, she says Sonja won’t stop talking, and wonders what’s going on with her. LuAnn wants to include a joke about Dorinda getting a Jovani award. We see clips of the original Jovani incident. In Sonja’s interview, she says the whole thing started with LuAnn joking about Dorinda. Sonja advises against it, and LuAnn says Dorinda needs to get a sense of humor, and she’ll do what she wants. Alrighty then.

Dorinda goes to a tree lighting that’s not Rockefeller Center. She explains it’s smaller and more intimate, and by invite only. I don’t recognize the place, and she never actually says where it is. (I investigate later, and it seems to be at the Lotte New York Palace hotel. I’m guessing the courtyard, since it’s outside through the inside.) She says she was honored. It’s an iconic NY moment. The other women begin to join her. She asks if LuAnn is there, and Sonja says she saved Dorinda from being the butt of one of LuAnn’s cabaret jokes. In her interview, Dorinda says she spoke with a lawyer, and if LuAnn keeps it up, she’ll be hearing from him. Tinsley tells Sonja that LuAnn said she was manic, and wondered if she was on something. Sonja says LuAnn has been diva-like. In Sonja’s interview, she says, this is rich. LuAnn goes to a few AA meetings, and now she’s an expert. Stay in your lane. Jill Zarin and Barbara arrive, and LuAnn is right behind them. Ramona is excited about Miami, and LuAnn says she’ll be excited to not freeze. In her interview, Ramona lists the bonuses of going to Miami, but I think her real incentive is men. Dorinda tells LuAnn that she doesn’t want to be mentioned in LuAnn’s cabaret act. She’s being nice about it. In Ramona’s interview, she says Dorinda is coming through loud and clear. LuAnn is using Dorinda to get laughs, and Dorinda has had enough. LuAnn says she can talk about who she wants, and Dorinda says she knows what she has to do. John tells Dorinda it’s time to light the tree. Hannah and John accompany her to the podium. Dorinda wonders if she should have a lighting at Bluestone Manor. Sonja tells LuAnn that she heard LuAnn said she was manic. It’s just happiness. In her interview, Luann says course Sonja is on something. They’re all on something. Sonja does some hopscotch moves, while repeating she’s not manic; she’s happy.

Sonja meets Bethenny at a rich person’s designer clothing shop, where Bethenny is trying on some clothes. In her interview, Bethenny says Sonja’s wardrobe is a delightful combination of Leona Helmsley, Ivana Trump, and Falcon Crest. She asks Sonja how the tree lighting was, and Sonja says, it was nice; it was warm out. Bethenny says everyone was late for the clay thing, and we see a clip of her meeting Barbara at a DIY pottery thing, the others showing up an hour late, and Bethenny having to leave shortly afterward to trim the tree with Brynn. She says she’s constantly explaining her parenting style to LuAnn. Sonja says, she’s just doing Lu from her throne. Dorinda joins them, and says she doesn’t want LuAnn talking about her in the cabaret show, and she said she’d do what she damn well pleased. She says that LuAnn was also saying Sonja is on pills. Bethenny says, it’s not right. In Sonja’s interview, she says LuAnn is alienating everyone with her behavior. She’s LuAnn’s most loyal friend, and now even she’s getting it. Dorinda wonders how the Miami trip is going to be; if LuAnn will be queen bee. Bethenny says they’ll have an issue. In Bethenny’s interview, she says there’s nothing LuAnn could do that would surprise her. They discuss when they’re arriving, and Dorinda thinks it’s going to be a good trip. Bethenny tells her not to jinx it.

Everyone packs from closets that are as big as your house.

Wow. Fastest. Flight. Ever. We’re in Miami. I actually feel the heat for a moment. Ramona brought ten pairs of shoes for four days. I get it, but it’s a bitch to pack it all back up again. They start to get in the airport limo, and realize it won’t seat all of them. They decide to take two, and Tinsley is shoved out first. In Tinsley’s interview, she says she knows she’s the kid sister. Put baby in a corner, why don’t you? She’s got it. Ramona has rented a house, which is very different from the hotel I stayed in when I went there. She’s thrilled with being in warm weather, and they squeal over the view. Ramona says, in person, the house blows the photos away. There’s no comparison to last year’s house. We flash back to Ramona getting stuck in the elevator. LuAnn can’t wait to get in the pool. Sonja says, this is the life she’s accustomed to.

There’s a major spread, with all kinds of food, as well as a staff. Sonja says she was only a minute in the door, when she was given a welcome drink. She doesn’t know what’s in it, but she’s gonna have it. Tinsley informs everyone within earshot that Ramona and Harry were French kissing. In Sonja’s interview, she calls him Harry Dubious. She wants to erase him, but can’t because she loves him. Why can’t he stay away from her girlfriends They do a house tour, led by manager Carlos. No big shock, Ramona wants the best room. Like there is one; they’re all fabulous. We find out from Dorinda, a bathroom shared between two bedrooms called a Jack and Jill. LuAnn suggests they choose rooms. Ramona’s philosophy is, first come, first served. Especially if it’s her. I added that last part.

They go out on the deck, and the view of the sunset is unbelievable. In Dorinda’s interview, she says if there’s one thing they can count on, it’s Ramona saying they’ll stick together, and then not doing it. There’s not a bad room in the house. There’s not a fish room. It’s decided, and whatever. All of the rooms are gorgeous, but they all kind of look the same. Carlos says dinner is at seven. In her interview, LuAnn says being back in Miami isn’t easy. She has to stick to the plan, stay sober, and do whatever it takes to navigate through the drama.

We see clips of Ramona ordering staff around during a previous trip. This time, she explains every piece of her wardrobe to some poor guy. He’s probably already looking forward to them leaving. Sonja has a hard time not calling a guy named Tej (pronounced tage, rhymes with page) Raj. Sonja tells him that they have to unpack, and dangles her thong underwear in his face. She tells him LuAnn better get off her high horse. Outside, Dorinda instructs the bartender on making what she’s dubbed a pre-dress drink. She warns him that he doesn’t know what he’s dealing with here, but it’s fun, and they won’t let him down. Tej tries to act professional, as Sonja lectures him on his name. Ramona thinks Sonja being so drunk so early is not a good look at all. Dorinda has the bartender taste the drink, and he calls it a Miami mojito. Sonja wants to hide her belly, and says Tej has a little belly too. In her interview, LuAnn says she went for a swim, and when she came back, Sonja was already three sheets to the wind. It’s going to be a long night. Sonja says she’s a little drunk.

Bethenny arrives. In the upstairs bathroom, Sonja is ranting about Ramona making out with Harry. I wish everyone would stop talking about it, since it turns my stomach a little. Ramona says she didn’t, and Tinsley says, yes, she did. Barbara greets Bethenny, who describes the house as spectacular; modern and palatial. Very Miami. She’s spot-on. They hear screaming, and Barbara tells Bethenny it’s Sonja. Bethenny doesn’t know if she wants to enter this yet. Sonja is now fully-clothed, but standing in the bathtub, occasionally making dangerous moves, balancing herself on the side. She says Ramona made out with Harry. Bethenny isn’t surprised that Sonja is already at an eleven, but she is surprised yet another woman made out with Harry. Sonja tries to explain about how they chose the rooms, and Bethenny says as long as she’s the last to get there, and the first one out, she’ll take anything. Sonja wants to pee in the tub, and Tinsley begs her not to, since she might want to take a bath. Dorinda says she’d never touch Harry. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, in deference to Sonja, she was the first to be with Tom, and the first to be with Harry. Sonja is the curator of c*ck, and she found all these men.

Dinner is served. Sonja hugs Tej. She loves this place. She hugs another staff member, and tries to make out with Tinsley. In her interview, Tinsley says Sonja is very drunk, and acting a lot different. She sees why someone might think she was on something else, but knows it’s just plain old drinking Sonja. Sonja asks where Bethenny the princess is, while she eats something out of the serving bowl with the serving spoon. LuAnn asks if she wants a plate, and it takes a while to get through to Sonja that the bowl is for everyone. Not that they want it now. In her interview, LuAnn says, and she’s the crazy one, thinking Sonja is on something.

LuAnn asks Dorinda if she’s inviting anyone to dinner tomorrow night. LuAnn has guys coming; one more hot than the other. In her interview, she says they have a fabulous house, and they’re all single and ready to mingle. She’s hoping Sonja paces herself when the guests are there. She doesn’t want Sonja to look bad. Sonja asks if the guys are straight, used up, or effed upped. LuAnn asks if Sonja doesn’t trust her. Sonja says LuAnn usually screws her guys, and Ramona makes out with her guys. LuAnn says she’s had enough, and Sonja says Ramona made out with Harry. Ramona says she didn’t, but Tinsley says she saw them. Dorinda feels badly, and thinks there’s a lack of respect for Sonja, her feelings, and her past relationships. Even Sonja acts flip about it, but when she drinks, the pain comes out. I’m shocked at Dorinda’s insight, especially since she’s never respected Sonja’s past relationships either. Sonja says she was with him thirty years ago, and LuAnn says, who cares? Sonja says they weren’t just friends with benefits, like with Tom. LuAnn says Sonja is living in the past, and Sonja says LuAnn is living in her backyard. Ramona says Sonja is ranting and raving that they took her guys, but she’s had a lot of them. LuAnn tells Sonja to give it a rest. Dorinda says Sonja is upset, and LuAnn says she doesn’t live in the past. In Dorinda’s interview, she says if a girlfriend has had any interaction with a guy, she doesn’t date them. There’s a girl code. Why isn’t she following it? LuAnn tells Dorinda, don’t get involved, and Dorinda says she’ll get involved if she wants to, reminding LuAnn of how she’d said she’ll do what she pleases. She says Sonja has been LuAnn’s best advocate, and she needs to take it down a notch. In LuAnn’s interview, she says, watching this sober is embarrassing. She doesn’t ever want be like that again. Sonja says she went to LuAnn’s rehearsal, and she’s a diva. LuAnn says she’s not, and Sonja tells her, shut up, and get off her high horse. LuAnn tells Sonja not to talk to her like that, but Sonja says she will. LuAnn says she won’t put up with this, and walks out. She says they’ll talk when Sonja is in the right frame of mind; not when she’s drinking. Dorinda claims that Sonja has been an even better friend to LuAnn than she has. She thinks LuAnn doesn’t want to hear it because she’s done with Sonja, and Sonja repeats LuAnn doesn’t want to hear it. On her way to her room, LuAnn says Sonja is effing wasted. I understand totally why LuAnn wouldn’t want to be around all this, but she’s a little bit like the ex-smoker who gets all stupid when somebody else lights up, even though that was them five minutes ago.

Bethenny finally gets to the table – looking amazing. Dorinda says they’re drunk, and doesn’t know if Bethenny can catch up. In Bethenny’s interview, she says she’s like Zero Dark Thirty. She has no idea what’s going on. She recognizes drunk Sonja, and drunk Dorinda. Okay, they’re talking about LuAnn. She’s going in. Tinsley says LuAnn thought she was being attacked. Barbara says that’s why she left. Bethenny says she realizes Barbara is the leader of the cabaret cult, but she needs to take off the construction goggles. LuAnn thinks the world works for her. Bethenny goes to find LuAnn. She doesn’t want to be mean, but either it’s not happening, and they’re all delusional, or it’s happening, and LuAnn is being self-involved and narcissistic.

Bethenny tells LuAnn she’s there to talk, not to listen. She isn’t attacking LuAnn, and LuAnn says, why not? Everyone seems to. Bethenny says she deserves it. LuAnn doesn’t realize, but she takes and takes, and expects, and has an entitlement about her. It’s gone to her head. LuAnn says, no it’s gone to Bethenny’s head, which makes no sense whatsoever. In her interview, LuAnn says it’s been non-stop negativity. Bethenny asks why LuAnn would think they’d go to cabaret five times in one month. LuAnn says if she doesn’t want to go, don’t go.  Bethenny says she doesn’t get it. doesn’t get Sonja getting wasted and attacking Sonja is wasted, and LuAnn is running around saying she’s on something. LuAnn says she wanted to talk to Sonja tonight, but Sonja is in no shape to talk. At the table, Sonya complains about being a doormat. Bethenny says she’s not going to sit and yammer with them at the table, but she’s just saying her piece. LuAnn says, let them talk. She and Bethenny say goodnight. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she feels like barricading herself, or finding a safe space, but there isn’t a house big enough to be safe.

Sonja is nodding out at the table. Ramona says she can’t fall asleep; they’re going out. She knows a spot nearby. In her interview, she says Sonja shot her wad too early. She asks if Dorinda wants to go, but that’s a no. She asks Bethenny, who says, what about Barbara? Barbara says Ramona doesn’t want her to come, and tells Ramona that she can say it. Ramona says she and Tinsley can catch up. Bethenny feels like Barbara is being left out, and Tinsley says she’s not going to be part of a Mean Girls scenario. She’ll go if Barbara wants to come. Barbara is like, thanks, but no thanks, saying in her interview, Ramona already ruined it. Ramona and Tinsley go upstairs. Tinsley wants to change before they leave.

Bethenny tells Sonja, go to bed. Sonja says they’re not hot, and Bethenny says, she’s right; they’re hideous. Go to bed. Bethenny tells her, go out bed or she’ll knock her out. Sonja says she’ll knock Bethenny out, and Bethenny tells her to give it her best shot. Sonja tries to get up, and falls, cracking her head on the table on her way down. That’s gotta hurt.

Next time, an ambulance arrives, LuAnn thinks the women have a problem with her success <snort>, and Mario arrives.

🍹 Charleston MiniCap…

On Southern Charm, Craig seems to be getting a little Game of Thrones-ish handsome. Although I could be loss projecting. Naomie’s business is really booming. Plus, she’s helping at the restaurant, since her parents are in Nice. Chelsea’s father asked if she was okay with seeing Nick only every few months, and wondered if there was a future. Chelsea said Nick has a three year contract (he does something involving racing, but I forget what), and is planning on moving to Charleston after that. After pointing out that Chelsea always picked absent boyfriends, her father said she could do worse.

Cameran fretted over an imaginary something happening to Palmer. Her mother said it wasn’t healthy, and to get it out of her head. Craig tagged along with Chelsea for tree shopping, and he blabbed about how expensive Kathryn’s place was, and that she’d gotten a Rolls Royce. Her business with Gwynn’s is also a success. She’s now designing and rebranding. Good for her. I find her fascinating. She’s gone from doormat/harridan to a modern Southern belle. She tells Naomie that she’s dating a Democratic Senator. He’s only 38, thank God, and a nice looking dude. Craig gossiped about this to Chelsea as well, telling her that Senator Joe’s newly ex-wife has accused him of abuse, and he didn’t run for office again because of the divorce. Chelsea and Craig both thought it was too reminiscent of Thomas. Kathryn said she’s stressed, and wanted to do something fun, and suggested a girls trip. She told Naomie, it’s a hard knock life for girl bosses.

Shep looked at puppies, but his mother said she wasn’t taking a third dog on for him. He insisted it would help him be responsible. Would someone please get him to therapy? Craig found out that Madison was hitting on Danni’s boyfriend, via another friend, and sliding into his DMs. Shep and Craig decided to tell Austen for his own good. Austen had stars in his eyes, and Madison was seriously leading him on.

Naomie hosted an event at the restaurant, inviting her friends, influencers, and people who could get the word out about the place. Kathryn was doing so well, Cameran wasn’t sure whether she was the mother of two or a rapper. I thought it was weird that Danni had to explain the modern treehouse hotel to Cameran, since she’s in real estate. Does she never look at dream houses online?

After deciding they had to let him know what was up with Madison, Shep and Craig made plans to meet with Austen. Craig wondered if it was their first intervention, being on that side, and Shep said he didn’t want any disturbances in the force. They discussed their plan before Austen met them for drinks and food. It didn’t take long before the plan was abandoned, and Shep just launched into asking Craig to divulge the information. Austen didn’t want to believe it, so Craig called Danni, who confirmed that Madison was showing interest in Gentry on Instagram. Shep and Craig pushed Austen to call Madison immediately, saying he’d never do it if he didn’t do it now. Madison almost instantly copped to it, but claimed it was meaningless; nothing happened. Austen congratulated her for hitting on Danni’s boyfriend, thus ending their relationship. I think. I felt badly for him, but he seems to pick unavailable women. Maybe he’s not really ready for commitment. God knows he’s not ready for a career.

Next time, Kathryn is MIA, Cameran has her girls trip, and Austen tries to make excuses.

🎤 While We’re On the Countess Subject…

I wonder if the two mimosas were worth it.


She won’t be able to drink on Antabuse. It makes you sick if you ingest alcohol. Rut-roe.


And she’s not happy about it.


Oh come on. She’s one of the things that makes the show worth watching. Between her and Ramona, where else would we see such cluelessness? Then again, production companies don’t exactly like an insurance risk.


☝ By George, I Think I Found It…

The tree Dorinda lit. Unfortunately, it’s about nine minutes in, but if you like walking around the city, this video is for you.

August 4, 2017 – Sam Wonders What’s Real, AMC Breaks Some Bad, Predictable Countess News & Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Ava tells Valentin that only two people in this world saw the good in her and could have loved her. She killed one, and he killed the other. Valentin tells her about how he hid from the world, but decided a life of hiding was no life at all. She says maybe she deserves it; she’s paying for what she did. She asks him to give her a good reason why he shouldn’t pay for what he did. He says he’s going to give her an offer she can’t refuse. Ava says if she heard those words from someone else, she’d dismiss them as empty, but she knows coming from him, it’s serious. He tells her that if she withdraws her statement, she can have her old life back, starting with her beautiful face.

Laura tells Spencer that they need to have a serious talk at home; this has to come to a stop. He’s worried that she’s referring to the lawsuit, but she tells him that she’s talking about his life in Port Charles. He suggests that they talk right there, and she says he can’t stay. Spencer says that he’ll go to public school, and promises to make up with Charlotte. He tells Laura that he’ll bring culture to his new place of education. Laura says that’s not what she’s talking about.

The Garvster tells Jason that he has to ask “her” about Sonny. Jason wonders who “her” is, but Garvey flatlines. Jason tries to get him to talk, but that’s not happening.

At the demolition site, Sonny tells Carly to go. She says if he wants her to live, he’ll get moving, and they start to walk, but Sonny isn’t exactly swift on his feet.

Sam dreams about all the times she saw Sonny in her head, culminating with her shooting him at the distillery. She wakes up, and Deanna asks if she had a bad dream, but Sam doesn’t know if it was a dream or not.

Sonny and Carly lie on the ground, surrounded by rubble. An announcement says that stage two of the demolition is coming. Carly tells Sonny to wake up.

Spencer tells Laura that his father’s spirit is all around Port Charles. Kelly’s is where Nikolas taught him to be brave and fight for what’s right, and he’s never going to stop fighting Valentin. Laura tells him that he’s going back to France.

Ava asks Valentin if he has a magic wand. He says no, but knows where she can get a cutting edge procedure. She says that she’s already been told nothing can be done, and she’ll look like this for the rest of her life. Valentin says he isn’t talking about traditional treatment, but the procedures that transformed him.

The doctors say they’re losing Big Garve.

The countdown for stage two of the demolition begins. Carly yells that someone is there, but no one hears her. She tries to get Sonny to stand, but he’s pinned down. As the countdown continues, he tells her to just leave. Dante runs up to the project manager, and tells him to stop. He has reason to believe someone is on site. Carly is moving debris off of Sonny. She asks if he can move, and for a guy who’s been shot and has been living in a filthy basement for 24-hours or more, he pulls himself up pretty well. Over the loudspeaker, the PM says they’re looking for someone on site. Carly kisses Sonny, because now is totally the time for that.

See you on the flipside, Garvey.

Carly tells Sonny to wait, and he says he’s not going anywhere. Dante runs up to them, and Carly tells him that Sonny is hurt. Dante lets Sonny know that Spencer is okay, and Sonny tells him about getting the text picture of Spencer in the basement.

Deanna tells Sam that some medications can cause nightmares, and she’ll see about getting Griff to prescribe something else. Jason walks in, and Deanna tells him that Sam’s vitals good. Sam says that sometimes she can’t think straight. She feels like she’s remembering things that happened that couldn’t have. Jason says that makes sense, considering, but she tells him that she’s confused, and asks how she can tell the difference between what she imagines and what happened? Jason tells her to just focus on getting better, but she feels like there’s something wrong. He says the kids are fine, and he’s fine. Sam asks about Sonny.

Laura says that when Spencer came back to Port Charles, Valentin was in custody, and they thought he was going to prison forever, but that didn’t work out. Spencer calls it a miscarriage of justice that must be righted. Laura says yes, but not by him. He falsely accused Valentin of kidnapping him, and snuck into Windemere when he was supposed to be at camp. Spencer begs her not to send him away, and asks if she doesn’t love him anymore.

Ava asks why Valentin would need a miracle – did Sonny leave him to burn in a warehouse fire too? Valentin explains about having scoliosis and a hunchback, along with a deformed face, saying he was the stuff of children’s nightmares. He was introduced to a group of geniuses, and when they were done, he had a life he never dreamed of. She asks why she should believe him. He tells her their methods aren’t proven, but sound, and he’s a living testimony. Ava points out that it’s just his say-so, and he asks to use her laptop. He logs into his old WSB profile (man, they are a sloppy bureau), and shows her a picture of himself as he used to look.

Dante tells Carly that the doctors are optimistic about Sonny. Carly says that he kept telling her to leave, and that Dante saved them both. Dante says that he raced over as soon as he got a call from Michael about the bullet casing. Carly says the Garvinator shot Sonny and left him to die.

Sam asks if Jason has talked to Sonny. Her dreams seem to be about them threatening each other. She can’t remember exactly, but she was desperate and angry. She says that she would never hurt him, would she? Jason tells her that she’s been through a lot, and her mind is just trying to make sense of what’s happening with her body. He tells her to focus on what’s real – them. It’s going to take time. She says it was about keeping them safe, and asks how she’s been acting. Jason admits she’s been overprotective, but says that’s the illness. Sam asks if she threatened people, and Jason says no; she just seemed concerned for his safety. Sam says it was about Sonny.

Griff tells Carly that the bullet was extracted, and there were no complications. Sonny has lost a lot of blood (not the first time), but once his fluids are replenished, a full recovery is expected. He might be groggy, but asked for her. Fastest. Surgery. Ever. Carly goes into Sonny’s room, and he asks if she’s okay. She tells him that she’s fine, and he’s going to be fine too. He made it. He says of course. She says that she was scared that she lost him; he’d been missing for hours, but she found him. She’ll never give up on him. Sonny tells her that they’re a team. He says that she should have left, but she says it’s over and it’s fine. She just got him back, and wasn’t risking her life without him. She tells him to just say thank you, and says that he’s too doped up to make sense. Dante joins them. He tells Sonny they know that the Big Garvbowsky lured him out and shot him twice, but asks if Sonny can take him through what happened.

Sam tells Jason that she thought Sonny wanted him to work in the business again, and wanted to take him away, but that doesn’t sound right. She wouldn’t have to protect him from Sonny, but thought she did. He tells her stop stressing, but she hates feeling like this. He tells her rest up, so she can get her strength back and come home. The kids love and need her, and so does he.

Ava asks if that’s really Valentin, and then says she can almost see who he is now in the picture. Valentin says he doesn’t; he was born handicapped, and had to make compromises to get what he needed. He’s not a saint or a sinner, but both. Ava says Nikolas’s death wasn’t a small thing, and she’s surprised at him, since he’s a father. Valentin says the charges have been dropped, but Spencer is being encouraged. Ava wonders if he’s afraid that Spencer is going to win. Valentin says no, but unpleasantries on both sides are going to come up. Spencer might be brat, but doesn’t deserve to hear about his father’s bad side. His main concern is Charlotte though, and he wants it to go away.

Laura says that she loves Spencer with all her heart. He says he wants to stay, and she tells him that she does too, but more than that, she wants him safe. Valentin is a dangerous man, and she and Doc saw it firsthand. She asks what if he had lost his temper when he found Spencer at Windemere? What if he hurt him, or worse, and escaped justice? Spencer would be gone, and he’s all she has left of his father. She can’t bear to lose him. Spencer pleads with her not to send him away. Doc says it’s a difficult decision for all of them. They love having him there – he makes them laugh, and think, and challenges them – but they have to act in his best interest. At his age, he thinks there won’t be consequences and that he’s immortal, but he’s not. Valentin is an ongoing threat, and it scares them, even if it doesn’t scare him. Spencer says being all alone scares him. Nice acting. Spencer doesn’t often get to emote that way. What’s kind of funny though, is that Valentin hasn’t threatened anyone the entire time he’s been in Port Charles. He’s the one who’s been threatened by everyone else, including this kid. IMO, he has the patience of a saint.

Valentin tells Ava that Spencer is fortunate; he knows that he’s loved and wanted. Ava says she stole that from him; she saw him shoot Nikolas. Valentin says that didn’t happen. He tells her that she’s far from the path of overcoming her circumstance. What good is she, and what is she doing for the world? She has to take stock of herself. She says that she’s not a good person, and has inflicted pain on people. She wants to hold on to the one thread of decency she has, and wants to prove she’s not as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. Even if she believed him about his geniuses, she’s not changing her testimony. She remembers and knows what happened. Nikolas defended her, and Valentin murdered him. Nikolas was a father too, and Spencer deserves to know that the world isn’t as unfair as it Valentin would have him believe.

Laura says that Spencer isn’t alone, and he says that he’s an orphan. Doc says that he has his grandmother, the rest of his family, and him. Laura says even if he’s not there physically, he’s always in her heart. She wants to protect him, not get rid of him. Spencer tells them that if he’s gone, how will he keep an eye on Valentin? Laura says that’s not his responsibility. Spencer whines that he won’t get to sue him. It pales in comparison to sending him to prison, but it’s the next best thing he can do. Doc says that he should honor his father’s memory by being the fantastic kid that he is. Laura wants to honor Nikolas by keeping him safe, and tells him that his father would want him to have a long and happy life. Spencer says he’ll go to France, and they’ll both honor his father. He hugs Laura.

Jason tells Sam to concentrate on the here and now, and what’s real; she’s improving. Sam says what about her mind, and Jason says that she’s exhausted and needs to rest. He tells her to dream of coming home, and how happy they’ll be. All of this will be over soon.

Sonny starts fading into sleep. Dante tells him that he called Michael, and to just take it easy for now. Sonny thanks him, and asks about Avery. Carly says that she’s fine, and misses him. She tells him to get some rest, so she can take him home. They do the I love you thing.

In the hallway, Jason and Carly hug. Carly tells him that Garvo shot Sonny and left him for dead, but he’s going to be okay. She asks about Sam, and Jason says she’s doing well. The antibiotics are working, but she’s confused, and doesn’t know what’s real or not.

Sam dreams about being at the distillery again, holding the gun on Sonny. She’s telling him that she’s not letting her kids end up like Morgan, and that he pulls death and destruction toward him. She shoots.

Ava tells Valentin to leave. He says it’s her call, but she should think about it. He knows enough to know that she’ll want her old life back, and they can fix it. She says that nothing will be better than telling truth for Nikolas and Spencer. Valentin tells her to think about it. As she closes the door, I take note of the awesome blue, ombre tie-dyed robe she’s wearing. She takes her mask off.

Laura tells Spencer that the fall semester starts soon, but she wants to bring him early, since he’ll be in an accelerated program. Spencer is happy that she’s coming with him, and she says she’ll be staying for a few weeks to settle him in. It will make it easier on both of them; she has to get used to not having him around. He asks if she isn’t going to miss Doc, and says he will too. Doc says he’s coming along, and Laura hugs him. Spencer says group hug, and they do. Must be nice to just be able to take off for France. They did the same thing on Million Dollar Listing NY last night.

Ava has a martini. She takes the drape off the mirror, and looks at herself. She says, oh God, oh God, oh God.

Sam keeps dreaming. Sonny is asking Sam to let him help her, and promising it will be fine. She doesn’t want to do something she’ll take back.

Sonny asks how much Jason knows. Dante pops back in and says he just found out that Ole Garve is dead. Carly says she can’t say she’s sorry, since he kidnapped Spencer and shot Sonny. Sonny says Garvey didn’t shoot him.

Sam dreams about Sonny saying that he understands she’s going through something. She’s like family to him. He puts his hand over hers on the gun, and lowers it. The gun goes off, shooting him in the leg. He says he knows it wasn’t her and she didn’t mean to do this. She says that she did, and gives him a swift kick into the opening to the cask room. She wakes up and says, no!

On Monday, Kiki isn’t going anywhere, Hayden talks to her father, and Dante asks Sonny who shot him.

⚛ I’m caught up with Zoo, although I missed an episode somewhere. At present, my obsession with 90 Day Fiancé – Happily Ever After? is satiated, but I’m still lagging behind with Preacher and The f Word. I’m also up-to-date, for at least the third time, with Breaking Bad. If you haven’t seen this show, you need to, but only if you like intelligent TV. If you’ve seen it before, watch it fresh on Sundays when AMC is running a marathon. Why? Who knows. What difference does it make? For the uninitiated, in a nutshell, the plot revolves around a chemistry teacher who has decided to dabble in making crystal meth when he gets a cancer diagnosis. A guy’s got to provide for his family, and sadly, a drug dealer makes more than a sick teacher. Probably more than any teacher. Along with a former student, Walter White breaks bad all over the place, while we get to enjoy top-notch acting, writing, and all of those departments that get awards that aren’t televised. Bryan Cranston stars, and having also been in one of the few sitcoms I like (he was the father on Malcolm in the Middle), it’s a real treat to see him playing Walter, juggling home and work life. It can get pretty violent, so it’s not for kids, but I was raised by a sailor and grew up on war movies, B horror films, and musicals, so if you’re a parent, it’s your call. They’re up to season four, but there’s always On Demand.

♛ Did you hear? Luann de Lesseps D’Agostino, of The Real Housewives of New York de Lesseps D’Agostinos, is getting unmarried soon. So, how many people called this? Put your hands down; I can’t count that high. She was recently on Watch What Happens Live, explaining that the slap she gave Tom while they were dining out was merely a love tap, and a symptom of the passionate love affair they were having. Funny too, they just wrapped up the reunion. Methinks Luann was wise from the jump, but went through with it to save face, and timed the ending so it wouldn’t be aired or discussed during the reunion. No doubt there will be I told you so’s next season, but there will also be some distance.

Quotes of the Week

There is no such thing as perfection. What I consider beautiful, most likely you don’t.Mila Kunis (Funny, since I’m watching Bad Moms right now, and I chose this randomly. Twilight Zone music…)

If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.Dolly Parton

I’m still hung over from the 80s. – someone on Growing Up Supermodel

🌬 And of course, the greatest Housewife quote of all…


Countess, we salute you.