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February 15, 2018 – Mike Revisits the Past, a Mixed Bag & I Spy Friday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Kiki drags Spinelli inside her apartment. She looks for her phone, throwing things around. Spinelli tells her to use his, but she says everyone is having a romantic evening, and here she is yelling. Spinelli asks if he should call someone, so she isn’t alone, and she asks why, when she has him? She grabs him and kisses him.

Amy apologizes to Griff for speaking out of turn regarding his love life. She says if he can find happiness he should hang on to it for as long as he can. If Ava makes him happy, that’s all that matters. He says he’s in luck, because Ava makes him very happy

Ava lights candles and puts rose petals on the bed. I can’t even express how annoying I think rolling around on sticky petals would be. I have no clue why everyone thinks this is so romantic. She looks at Griff’s text, and practices saying I love you.

Michael sees Sonny at the hospital. He’s looking for Mike. He went to run an errand, and Sonny hasn’t heard from him. He’s getting worried.

Carly answers a call from unknown caller, who says, I’m here, and hangs up. She doesn’t exactly look worried or scared. How is this plan supposed to work?

Alexis runs into Finn at the hospital. He accuses her of following him. She says she’s trying to distract herself, and asks if Anna’s mixed signals have gotten any clearer.

Anna goes to the Otisville, New York Correctional Facility. She thanks Andre for seeing her so late. He says it’s like boarding school with jumpsuits. She tells him Faison is dead. He heard, and says it must be a great relief, He doesn’t think she’s there to tell him what he already knows, and says if she needs a shrink, his license was suspended. She says she wanted to see her friend. There’s something she’s never told a soul about Faison. A secret she’s been running from her whole life. She had a baby, and it was his.

She says she never told Faison or anyone else. Andre says that’s understandable. Anna says Faison had a son, Henrik, who was responsible for holding Jason at the clinic. She thought it was a possibility Henrik was the baby, but Valentin knew more about what happened to her child than she did. She didn’t hold the baby or look at it; she couldn’t. According to Valentin, the midwife said it was a little girl. She never doubted her decision to give the child up – until now. She can’t stop thinking about her. She’s consumed with her, and doesn’t know how to act around anyone. Andre asks who she’s talking about.

Finn tells Alexis that he and Anna aren’t a couple. Alexis says she and Julian aren’t either, but it doesn’t stop the signals from being mixed. She inherited Laura’s schedule, and Charlie’s was booked for the viewing party. Finn says she did fine the other day, but she says it could be lethal combination if she loses; failure, her ex, and a bar. He sees her problem, and asks if he should come with her.

Spinelli says he’ll get Kiki some water. She thinks she’s losing her touch, but he says his heart is fully engaged elsewhere, but even if it wasn’t, he’d be remiss to take advantage. She insists she’s not drunk. Well, maybe a little. She doesn’t feel good.

Griff starts to leave. Spinelli calls Amy. He says he’s in a delicate situation, and would be grateful for her help. He’s at Kiki’s apartment. He escorted her home, and thinks she has alcohol poisoning. Amy calls Griff back to the desk, and tells him about Kiki. Griff says her apartment is on the way to Ava’s, and to tell Spinelli he’ll be there shortly

Carly calls the pay phone back. That lonely pay phone in the middle of Port Charles nowhere. The doorbell rings. It’s Diane. Carly is snippy, and Diane asks what got her in a foul mood. Carly says she just got a weird phone call. It’s as if she… but she doesn’t finish.

Michael asks when Sonny last heard from Mike. Sonny says Mike went to buy flowers for his lady friend, and left his phone. He went to all of Mike’s places, but no one has seen him. He must have gotten distracted. Michael thinks he’ll turn up, but Sonny is worried he’s in serious trouble.

Nelle sit at the counter at Kelly’s, and tells the baby their plan is working. I’d like to know how she came to that conclusion. She orders some decaf, and Mike pours it.

Ava calls Griff, but gets voicemail. She calls the hospital, and asks if Griff has left. Amy says he should be getting to Kiki’s apartment soon. Ava hangs up before Amy can explain.

Griff asks Kiki what’s going on. He heard she had too much to drink, and asks if she’s eaten. She says, shots, but he meant food. He tells Spinelli he can handle it from here. Spinelli wishes her a restful night and a minimal hangover. Kiki tells Griff that Spinelli left like everyone does, and begs Griff not to leave her too. He says he won’t.

Ava keeps calling Griff, but there’s no answer. She tells herself to get a grip. There has to be a reasonable explanation.

Carly tells Diane it’s probably a prank. Diane has forms for Sonny to sign, but Carly doesn’t know when he’ll be back, and asks if she can sign them. He’s setting up a trust for Avery, so being the legal guardian, Diane needs his signature. Diane asks Carly to tell Michael to return her calls. It’s never too early to plan for his child’s future. Carly asks her to wait; she needs some advice.

Michael tells Sonny that Mike always got in messes now and then, but came out okay. Sonny says when he’s pushed to a corner, he runs. If that’s the case, he has to find him.

The waitress asks if she can help Mike, telling him only staff can serve customers. He drops the coffee pot, and she says she’s calling the police. He tells her to go ahead.

Andre asks who Anna is thinking of letting into her life. Who does she fear sharing the secret with? She says anyone. Just the thought of telling Robin scares her, but there is someone she needs to confide in; one person in particular. She takes Andre’s hand and says she’s not being fair. He says they’re friends, and he has nothing but time. He can’t help her if she won’t tell him what’s going on. Who is she thinking of letting into her life?

Carly tells Diane that Nelle is going to be tied to their family for the rest of her life, and she’s concerned about what that means. If Nelle wanted to keep her and Sonny from the baby, she could. Diane says she’d have to show cause, but there may be things from their past they don’t want to come to light. She says Michael would fight the injunction, but Nelle is the biological mother. She has no criminal record, and would probably be shown in a favorable light. She wonders if Carly has reason to think she’d take it that far. The last she heard, Nelle was playing nice, and the last thing she’d want is to alienate Michael. Carly says all she knows is that if Nelle could get rid of her, she would, in a heartbeat.

A cop comes into Kelly’s, and the waitress explains about Mike. The cop asks Nelle if Mike threatened her, but she says she assumed he worked there. The cop asks if he can help Mike, and Mike tells him to ask the waitress who she thinks she is, telling him what to do; he runs the place. She says he doesn’t work there. Mike takes out his wallet to show his ID. The cop reaches toward him, and Mike backs up, sending the wallet flying. They argue, and Nelle picks it up. She sees pictures of Michael and Morgan.

Sonny tells Michael that he punished Mike for walking out on the family, but decided to learn from his mistake. He wasn’t there for Dante, but for Michael and the kids there was nothing more important than being a good father; being consistent, and showing how much they meant to him. He knows Michael will do that for his child. Michael’s phone rings. Nelle says she knows it sounds weird, but asks if he knows a Michael Corbin. Michael says that’s his grandfather, and Nelle tells him to get to Kelly’s right away.

Griff goes to the kitchen to get Kiki some water. She says he’s so good, it makes him bad. She struggles with taking her top off, and he tries to help her put it back on. Ava walks in, and asks, what the hell is going on here?

Andre asks if Anna is seeing someone. She says they got close, but the secret closed back in on her, and she had to push him away. Now Faison is dead, but the secret still weighs on her. Andre says he spent the better part of the last decade running from his fears, and tells her not to make the same mistake. If he deserves her heart, he deserves her truth.

Finn tells Alexis that she needs someone in her corner, but he knows asking for help isn’t easy. She asks how she should introduce him; as her date or her sober buddy? He says both, and she calls him a sober buddy date. She says when she’s nervous, she likes to eat, and asks if he wants to get something. He says he’d like that.

Griff tells Ava it’s not how it looks. Ava says a chatty nurse told her Griff was there, and she was worried something was wrong. Griff says Kiki had too much to drink. Kiki tells Ava that she drunk-dialed Dillon, and he was with another girl. Ava thinks she should sleep it off, and Kiki toddles to the bedroom. Ava tells Griff it’s not a good look for an aspiring doctor to be carried out of a bar. He tells her not to be mad; Kiki is going through a rough time. She says it’s not Kiki who she’s angry with.

Diane tells Carly that draconian as it is, it’s nearly impossible to sever parental ties. Nelle has a shady past, but it’s not enough. Speaking as her attorney, she tells Carly to stay out of it; it’s Michael’s problem to solve. Diane says he can be very canny, and tells her to look at how he got custody of Avery. He can be ruthless when motivated, and nothing is more motivating than being a parent. Diane’s phone rings. She says it’s the international firm, and she’ll call later, but Carly tells her to call now. She’ll tell Max to meet her at the restaurant. Diane says she won’t even bill Carly – it’s her Valentine’s Day present. She leaves, and Carly looks at her phone.

Sonny and Michael arrive at Kelly’s. Nelle says she didn’t know who to call, and Michael says she did the right thing. Mike tells Sonny to let the cop know he did nothing wrong, unless pouring coffee for customers is against the law. The waitress says he was serving customers and cleaning up; he wouldn’t get out. Sonny tells Mike they don’t know he hasn’t worked there in years, and don’t know he used to manage Kelly’s. Mike says he didn’t think it through, and might have lost his temper. He apologizes. He hasn’t been sleeping well, and gets mixed up. Michael tells the cop that Bobbie owns the place, and he can call her, but the cop recognizes their names. Sonny offers to pay for anything Mike broke, and takes him outside. Michael thanks Nelle. She’s just glad his grandfather is okay. Michael says he won’t forget this.

Carly tries calling the number again, but Sonny interrupts, coming in with Mike. She asks if he made it to the florist. At first, Mike is confused, but then says he didn’t get to it. Michael says they were closed, and Carly tells him there’s always tomorrow. He tells them he’s beat, and goes upstairs. Carly asks where he was. Michael has to leave, and says Nelle did them a big favor. Carly gives Sonny a look.

The waitress gives Nelle a plate on the house; she saved the day. Nelle tells the baby their daddy seemed grateful. Maybe it’s not necessary to destroy Granny Carly. She feels the baby kick, and says clearly it disagrees. The closer she gets to getting back with Michael, the more Carly will be gunning for her. She has no choice but destroy Carly before Carly destroys her.

Ava tells Griff that she spent her whole night looking at the phone. Didn’t it occur to him to call her? He says she told him to meet at her place, no matter how late it was. Since her surgery, she’s made him feel like he’s in the wrong. She says it was Valentine’s Day, and he says he thought she’d want him to take care of Kiki. She tells him it’s become a pattern, and not just with Kiki. He says he’s a sympathetic person, and asks if it’s a problem. She admires him for it, but just wishes one night he’d put her first, especially when she was about to – He says, about to what?

Alexis and Finn go to Kelly’s. Alexis asks him to order for her, and says she’ll be right back. Finn cleans the empty cup on the table with his napkin. Anna walks in, and says she’s meeting someone; she won’t be in his way. He says she’s not. She says there’s something she wanted to tell him about the two of them, but Alexis comes back.

Griff asks Ava if they can’t forget about it, and move on, admitting he should have kept her in the loop. The relationship thing is new to him. He tells her that they still have a few more minutes. They can pick up where they left off. Kiki calls for her mom. Ava says there’s always next year.

Sonny tells Carly that Mike was serving customers like he used to at Kelly’s. She says her mom did say he could always come back. Sonny says the look on Mike’s face when he realized what was happening seemed like he didn’t know how got there. He thinks something must be wrong with Mike. Carly hugs him.

Anna tells Finn he doesn’t have to explain. Diane comes in, and grabs Anna. She says Max is waiting, and pulls Anna away. Alexis tells Finn that Anna is wrong about what she thinks. Finn says she made her position clear, and he doesn’t think she cares. Diane tells Anna that no one is happier than her about Alexis moving on, but when did that become a thing? She says she’s been contacted by a Swiss bank to handle Faison’s estate in North America, and Anna is a beneficiary.

Tomorrow, Griff asks Ava if he should pretend nothing happened, Sonny tells Mike it will be over with before he knows it, and Monica apologizes for interrupting Nelle.

💬 Odds & Ends

🎥 The Lifetime network is like Bruce Campbell. It’s finally accepted and embraced its identity as a channel that shows promising movies with crappy endings, and is churning them out like crazy. Cocaine Godmother: The Griselda Blanco Story aside. There are always exceptions to the rule. I like to call it the hangover network, since you can snooze off and on through an entire day of films, but still won’t feel like you missed anything.

📺 That being said, UnReal returns to Lifetime on Monday, February 26th at 10 pm.

🍲 Winner of MasterChef’s season six, Claudia Sandoval now judges the chefs on MasterChef Latino (Sunday at 8 pm on Telemundo). A fiery, stylish redhead, she quickly became one of my favorites. If her last name sounds familiar, it’s also the last name of the Tom who isn’t Schwartz on Vanderpump Rules. As far as I know though, they are not related.

🔪 Tonight, on Top Chef, Chris packed his knives and went.

📖 The Book of John Gray is back on Tuesday, March 13th at 10 pm on OWN. Snagging TBN’s spot-on description: John Gray continues to defy descriptions and labels by seamlessly integrating worship, laughter, preaching, exhortation, and encouragement into one package. I loved this show the last time around, and hope I can squeeze it in.

😳 In this age of not offending anyone (yes, I’m rolling my eyes), why are women still made to look so ridiculous in commercials? The one that’s  irking me in particular is for the Kyleena IUD, where the women get really stupid looks on their faces while trying to remember if they took their pill. Then suddenly, they realize they didn’t have to! I dunno. I think I’d recall if I’d had surgery to insert a foreign object into my body, but that’s just me.

🚴 Almost…






January 19, 2018 – Obrecht Drunkenly Spills the Tea, a Chef Mention, Six Wise Quotes & the Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Anna talks into a recorder about Faison, and the latest on his more than one son. There’s a knock at the door. She picks up her gun.

At the hospital, Doc literally runs into Valentin while he’s texting, and Valentin suggests he concentrate on walking. Doc says he’s looking for new subjects, and asks if Valentin would like to volunteer. He’d love to study him. Valentin says he’s going away with Nina, but first he’s going to investigate taking Laura’s seat on the hospital board. Doc asks if he hasn’t taken enough from her.

At Charlie’s, Alexis tells Laura to explore every option, but Laura says no way she can work around it. She takes down the posters, and tells Julian the campaign is over. She’s dropping out of the race

Anna opens the door. Obrecht falls in.

No word from PK Sinclair. Jason says maybe they’re doing it wrong. Even if they draw Faison out, the best they can do is kill him. Sonny says the sooner the better, but it won’t prevent what Jason lost. Doesn’t he mean bring back? Unless there’s a time machine I don’t know about

Sam says her dress is perfect. Drew can’t wait to see her in it, and she can’t wait to marry him.

Anna asks what happened, and realizes Obrecht is drunk. She tells Anna that she’s an adult, pfft! She says she came in an Uber, and Anna wonders why she didn’t Uber to her own home. Obrecht asks what she did with Faison. Anna tells her sorry to disappoint, but he’s not here. Obrecht says it wouldn’t be the first time Anna held him captive. Anna says, as much as she would have liked it to, her place didn’t come equipped with pits and dungeons, but if he showed up, she’d call the WSB. She asks if Obrecht knows where to reach him. Obrecht says she wouldn’t be there if she had a way, but he hasn’t been responding. She thinks he’s coming for his son, and then her. Then he’ll come for Anna.

Sam says the florist will be coming, and a couple guys from the MetroCourt to move furniture. They agreed to get married at home, and she thinks they should take the opportunity to make it meaningful, beautiful and special. She says they deserve it. He says he doesn’t deserve her.

Jason tells Sonny that he was with Sam on New Year’s Eve. He doesn’t want Carly to think he was okay with it, but it did give them a chance to be together without anyone else’s opinion. They talked, and played dominoes, but she said something he’s been thinking about. She wasn’t the same person as she was when he got shot. Time passed for her, but not for him. Sonny thinks it’s just an excuse. If he tells her he loves her it will break her heart, but he can’t lie to himself. Sam is going to love him forever – the same way he loves her.

Jason shows up at Sam’s, because the Russians taught him how to build a Star Trek transporter.

Laura tells Doc this is a situation where she can’t delegate. Spencer’s welfare comes first. Someone will step up and take her place. Alexis says, what if Ned runs unopposed?

Kim comes by Charlie’s. Julian introduces her to Stas, his chef, saying she wants to try their signature dish. Stas says he can’t do avocado toast today, or much of anything else. The delivery was rotten. Everything they ordered is worthless. He doesn’t know what happened, but Julian thinks he does

Sonny tells Spinelli they’re going to wait. He doesn’t want Sinclair thinking they’re eager or getting suspicious. He tells Spinelli to deal with the high-tech stuff, and he’ll deal with negotiations.

Anna asks Obrecht to help her locate Faison and save herself. Obrecht says she’s trying to protect Nathan. He’s brave and naïve, and has no idea what his father is capable of. It’s not the physical danger, but the way he can toy with one’s mind, like he did with Anna’s. Anna says they’re on the same side, but she needs something to work with. Obrecht has nothing, not even a way to plead with him for Nathan. Anna doesn’t know why she kept Nathan a secret, since Faison always wanted a son. Was she ever tempted to tell him? Obrecht says her love for him doesn’t make her blind to his failings. He would have tried to control and fashion Nathan in his image, and would have destroyed him. She knows because she saw how he dealt with his other son.

Drew comes downstairs, and Jason says he’s there to give them a heads up. He and Sonny are working on getting Faison out of hiding. They’re close, and it could get dangerous. Drew tells him now isn’t the right time; he and Sam are getting married in a couple of hours. Jason thinks they should take kids on the honeymoon and stay away a while. Drew asks if he’s sure he wants to do this alone. Sam says they’ll take the kids.

Julian shows up at Sonny’s. Sonny asks if there’s anything he can do to improve Julian’s coffee experience. Julian tells Sonny his grocery delivery was tampered with. Sonny asks if he wants a bouncer. Julian says they’re not dealing with delinquents; it’s much worse than that.

Alexis tells Laura that she’ll draft a press release. Laura tells her to say she’s dropping out for personal reasons, but remains committed to Charles Street. The residents can still fight redevelopment by voting no on proposition whatever. She has faith, and thinks they’ll make the right choice. Alexis hopes they have a choice to make.

Doc tells Valentin he already has what he wants; does he need Laura’s seat on top of it? Valentin says the Cassadine family has a vested interest in the hospital. He came across some papers about the bailout, and says the hospital would have closed without Cassadine money. He wants to continue the tradition. Doc wonders what experience he has, and Valentin says he can offer his expertise in logistics and financials, and they need both. Laura appears, and asks if there’s a problem. Doc tells her that Valentin wants her seat on the board, and she asks what makes him think he’d be welcome? He tells her, big checks. She asks if he’s buying his way in. Valentin says he’s going on his way before she launches into her litany of perceived transgressions. He reminds her they’re just allegations which have no proof.

Anna tells Obrecht that there’s no mention of Faison having one son, let alone two, in any of the WSB folders. Obrecht says she made sure there was nothing to tie Nathan to Faison. Maxie should have left well enough alone. She tells Anna the other son’s name was Heinrich, and he was of little interest to Faison, who sent him to boarding school as soon as he was able to go. Anna wonders why. Given how arrogant Faison is, she would think he’d be thrilled with a son to carry on his name and follow in his footsteps. Obrecht asks if she’s that blind. She doesn’t need a WSB file for this. The reason is simple; Heinrich was Faison’s son, but not Anna’s.

Jason plays pool by himself at The Floating Rib. Kim walks in and asks if he needs someone to break.

Drew tells Sam that the kids are coming with them to Tahiti. She wonders how they can get ready that fast, but he says they’ll get what they need there. She asks what about Aurora, and he says they hired Peter for a reason, and it will be fine. She says this isn’t about the honeymoon, but about Faison.

Anna asks what Obrecht knows about Heinrich’s mother. She says the mother had even less to do with Heinrich than Faison, and disappeared after giving birth. Anna asks how he came by the child, but Obrecht says she never asked and he never told her. He wanted nothing to do with Heinrich, but Heinrich was devious, and tried to emulate Faison’s ways, always wanting his approval. Nathan is handsome and charismatic, and Faison would have doted on him. Now that he’s been rejected, he’ll want revenge. He won’t come to connect with Nathan, he’ll come to punish her for lying and making a fool of him. What would be more fitting than to take Nathan from her? Anna says he won’t have that chance. The time for Faison hurting people is done. She and Obrecht together will see to that.

Sonny ask if Julian thinks Ned is responsible for the sabotage of his bar. Julian corrects that to gastropub, and says maybe not personally. Jim Harvey has been buying up real estate, and those who refuse to sell are finding it hard to go about their daily lives. He wonders if Sonny subcontracted some of his men to help Jim do the dirty work. Sonny tells him he promised Mary May Ward that he’d never go near Charles Street. He tells Julian to sell; the neighborhood would be better off without him. Julian says he’s not the problem; Jim Harvey is. If Sonny doesn’t wake up, he’ll find himself a stranger in his own city.

Doc tells Laura that Spencer with two broken legs mixed with boredom, is a recipe for disaster. She says that’s why she’s flying to France. Doc says he’ll reschedule his appointments, but Laura says his patients need him. He says she and Spencer need him more, and wonders how she’ll maneuver a kid with two broken legs. She says she’s not bringing him back; she’s just staying until he’s capable of getting around himself. He asks if Spencer wouldn’t be more comfortable back home, but she doesn’t want him anywhere near Valentin. Doc says he’ll visit as often as he can. He asks what about the election, and she says a candidate can’t take six weeks off.; she had to step down. Doc is concerned Ned will win by default, but Laura says not if a person steps up who understands the issues, and has been by her side on the campaign trail. They’d be primed to take over. Doc asks if she means him. I’m laughing about the “campaign trail,” since it’s been all of a week.

Kim calls Jason a pool shark. She says he looks just like Drew, but he’s nothing like him. Drew liked to kid around and had swagger, and liked to talk more. Jason breaks, and she says, same as him, a pool shark. Jason swears he’s not, but Kim wonders if she’ll get a chance to shoot. She tells him that she has personal question, but feel free not to answer. Was he trying to get back home for the entire five years? Jason says he can only account for six months. Before that, he doesn’t know. Kim bets he thought everything would be the same, and he says until he saw the date. He didn’t believe it at first; he didn’t want to, but had to face it, so he came straight home. It’s mostly been good. He couldn’t go back to his old life, but he’s good with the one he has now. She wonders how he’s dealing with Sam. He says he trusts her to make the right decisions, and she chose Drew. They’re getting married tonight.

Sam asks Drew, what if Faison shows up? Won’t he want to confront him? Drew says he’d like to choke every answer out of him, but if finding out about the past is less important than his future with her. He wants the kids to be protected. Sam says she loves him, and goes upstairs to get ready.

Jason tells Kim, sorry to blindside her. She says she’s happy for them. They already thought they were married, so it makes sense to make it official. She doesn’t know why she was surprised. Jason says you can know something in your head, but it takes your heart a while to catch up. She wonders if his heart is still catching up. Julian comes in, and asks if she had dinner. Kim says no, and he offers to buy it for her to make up for the lack of avocado toast. She tells him as soon as she finishes the game, but Jason says he’ll quit while he’s ahead.

Julian tells Kim that he thanks God his daughter is with Drew and not that bastard. Kim hadn’t known Sam is his daughter. He says they’re estranged, but he still worries about her. He wishes she would stay away from Jason. He tells Kim not to let his blue eyes fool her. He’s a mob enforcer; a professional killer.

Laura tells Doc that he’s a natural, but he says Ned’s camp will have a field day, especially with his serial killer twin. She says there’s always something to work around, but not to count himself out. He says it would be like gifting the election to Ned. He knows Spencer needs her. She puts family ahead of her ambition to do good, and it’s one of the reasons he loves her.

Obrecht wakes up on Anna’s couch, and sees a note. It says she should stay there and sleep it off. Don’t go out. She has reason to be afraid. Obrecht says she can take care of herself.

On the phone, Sonny tells someone (probably Brick) to see if there’s anything to find on Jim Harvey and Niagara Equities. Anna comes in, using the same transporter Jason did, and Sonny asks if it’s about Faison. She tells him that Obrecht showed up at her house, distraught and drunk. She’s worried about Nathan, but Anna assured her they would find Faison. Sonny asks if she wants to compare notes, and she asks if he has something. He wonders if he’ll get incriminated, but she says if he has a lead, she doesn’t care how he got it. This is one case where the end definitely justifies the means.

The tickets to Tahiti are delivered. Drew wonders if he’s been to Tahiti before. Sam gets ready. She thinks about when she married Jason.

Jason ponders at The Floating Rib, and has a beer.

Doc says who knew a skiing accident in France would have ripple effects on politics in upstate New York? Laura is concerned about letting everyone down, but Doc says she galvanized the neighborhood. It’s about everyone coming together to stand for what they believe in. She says he sounds like a mayor to her.

Obrecht leaves Anna’s house. Someone knocks her out from behind. We see Faison’s hand taking out a cigarette out of his case.

Sonny tells Anna that they made contact with PK Sinclair. She says his real name it Heinrich. Faison had a child with an unknown woman, who gave him up at birth. It’s unclear how he found out, but he regarded the child as an annoyance, and sent him to boarding school even though he admired his father. Sonny says the father rejects the son too many times, and the son goes after him. Once he gets the son, he can use him to get Faison. Anna says, like hell.

On Monday, Sam prepares for her wedding, Spinelli tells Jason that he and Sam are both sacrificing their happiness, and Anna says orchestrating a meeting between Faison and Heinrich will start a war.

🍳  Hell’s Kitchen is down to the final four. For this week’s twist, the contestants guided athletes through making their signature dishes, using only verbal instructions. Robin went home, but she said that she and her pet rock would do just fine. Okay…

📣  Quotes of the Week

Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. – Dale Carnegie

You can’t make the same mistake twice, the second time, it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice.Anonymous

It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something. — Franklin D. Roosevelt

You will fail. It’s a matter of when. The true test is if you can continue and stand up and accept failure and move forward.Lady Gaga

I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.Georgia O’Keeffe

Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more.Louis L’Amour

🎇 Everybody’s Workin’ For It…


WeekendDrink (2)



Have a Yabba Dabba Weekend!

January 16, 2017 – Josslyn Gets The Talk, Candace Turns Oscar Down, Dorit is Late & Some Fluff


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Josslyn says Carly sounds serious; it must be major. Carly says it is.

Kim tells Oscar that they have to talk.

Michael shows up at the gallery, saying Nelle didn’t need to have the lab results sent to his office. She wanted to make sure he knew they were real, and he says he thought she might want to be there when they were opened. Nelle tells him she already knows what it says, but wouldn’t mind seeing the look on his face when he sees he’s the baby’s father.

At the hospital, Griff asks Ava how it went. She says she has the all clear. In a few hours, her scars, and all the ugliness they represent, will be a bad memory.

Jake visits Drew at the office. He needs to ask a question. It’s Father/Son Day at school next week, and Jake needs him to be there.

Jason and Sonny look at PK Sinclair’s last email. You referred to the sequel. Clearly you haven’t read the ending. Jason says it ends with the son killing the father. Sonny says PK wants to kill Faison.

Carly tells Josslyn that seeing her in the cocktail dress scared her. She looked beautiful and grown up. It’s fun to try on being adult, but she’s fourteen and just discovering who she is. The next few years are pivotal, and Carly doesn’t want her to slingshot to the end. When she tells Josslyn she wants her to slow down, it’s because she wants her to experience all of it. She wants Josslyn to get to know herself and who she is, so she can make big decisions from a place of self-control and responsibility, not because she’s being pressured. Josslyn asks if this is “the talk.”

Oscar can’t believe Kim is doing this in public, but she says she didn’t bring her megaphone. She thinks he needs a refresher course, and asks why is he pretending that what’s happening, isn’t? He asks what she’s talking about, and she asks why Josslyn has condoms. He says it has nothing to do with either of them. Josslyn is holding them for a friend (yeah, I used that one too). Trina is afraid her mom will find them. Kim says they shouldn’t do it, and he says they’re not doing it. She tells him, good, because fourteen is too young.

Nelle tells Michael she would say congratulations, but isn’t sure it’s something he wants to celebrate. He’s glad he knows truth, and she asks if he thought it would say something else. He says, no. His gut told him that it was his baby. Nelle says, so it’s just for his parents. She says Carly is going to hate it, but Michael says all that matters is the baby. Whatever they can do to raise a healthy, happy child, sign him up. She asks what he’s doing next Monday.

Ava tells Kiki that she can’t thank her enough; she doesn’t deserve it. Kiki wants her to feel whole, but tells her to be careful. She doesn’t want Ava to think because her face is fixed, everything else is fine. She needs to figure out what’s going on inside. Ava says she might be pleasantly surprised. Once this horrific chapter is behind her, the rest will fall into place.

Drew tells Jake it must be important. Jake says they eat doughnuts with their dads, show them around the classroom, and do a cool science project together. Drew says if Jake wants him there, he’s there. Elizabeth comes in, and Jake asks if he’s in trouble. Elizabeth says it depends on why he’s there, and Jake says he wanted to tell Drew about Father/Son Day. Elizabeth says she would have brought him, but Jake says he thought maybe she would want him to take the other guy.

Jason tells Sonny there was a backer who Andre never saw. Faison is their best guess, and they have reason to believe the traitor is his son. Jason wants Faison, and wants to know why he did the switch. Sonny says they’re going to figure it out, and use his son to do it

Josslyn says this is coming out of nowhere, and Carly says that’s how she felt when the condoms fell out of Josslyn’s backpack, and no, she wasn’t snooping. Josslyn says she was holding them for a friend, and Carly says that’s the oldest excuse in the book. Josslyn tells her that Trina is seeing a junior, and was afraid her mom would find them. Carly says, thank God; she’s too young. Trina is too young too, but Trina isn’t her daughter. She’s not doing it, is she? Josslyn says no, and Carly asks if they’ve talked about it. Josslyn says, not once. Carly thinks the universe is trying to tell her something, and asks Josslyn to have a seat.

Kim tells Oscar when she heard about the condoms, she was actually happy that at least what she’d told him had sunk in. Oscar says they haven’t even talked about it. Kim tells him if and when they decide, it’s really important that they’re both on the same page, they both feel the same, and want the same things. As much as people say it’s not a big deal, it is. Oscar keeps rubbing his arm, and Kim asks what’s up with that? He tells her that Drew was teaching him some boxing moves and strategies, and it was really cool. Kim says she’s glad they talked, grabs her stuff, and jets, leaving both Oscar and I puzzled.

Nelle tells Michael that maybe he wants to come to her next prenatal visit. She’s having a sonogram, and he can see the baby. She says it’s really cool to listen to its heartbeat; it sounds like a horse galloping. She tells him that Kim thinks it’s important to have the father involved for bonding, but he doesn’t have to be. Michael says he wants to be, and plans to be as involved as he can. The paternity test isn’t the only reason he came to the gallery though. He thinks Ava has an ulterior motive, and that she’s setting Nelle up.

Griff asks if Ava is nervous, but she says she’s energized. She has to run by the gallery to check on an important client. She calls him a guardian angel, and says he saved her.

Jake tells Elizabeth it’s not that doesn’t like Jason; he doesn’t know him. Elizabeth understands, and asks if he feels pressured about having a relationship with Jason. He says no, but she talks about him a lot, and he thought she’d want him to take Jason to the Father/Son Day. She says no one expects that of him; not until he’s ready. He asks, what if he’s never ready, and she says it would be a shame. Jason is a great dad, and he’s lucky to have two amazing fathers. Jake says Jason is a stranger. Elizabeth agrees, but says he didn’t go away because wanted to. He was taken, like Helena took Jake; taken away from everyone he loved and what belonged to him. The cool part is that he didn’t try to grab everything back even though he could have. He respects everyone’s feelings, and loves Jake and Danny. She’s not saying how he should feel, but thinks it’s important that he knows Jason only wants what’s best for him. He’s Jake’s biological father, and she hopes one day when he’s ready, Jake gets to know him.

Sonny tells Jason when he finds Faison, he’s not going to question him; he’s going to kill him. Jason wants answers. Sonny thinks he knows. Obrecht said Faison was looking for an enforcer. It was impossible to have Jason, so he turned him into Drew. Jason wonders if it could be that simple. Sonny says that Jason eliminates quickly and cleanly, and does whatever Sonny asks him to. Who wouldn’t want that? Jason has to hear it from Faison. Sonny says he might be able to, once they smoke him out. Jason asks what Sonny has in mind?

Carly asks Josslyn if other kids are talking about it, and she says, some. Carly asks if they’re doing it or just talking, and Josslyn says, both. Carly suggests she take what she hears with a grain of salt. Kids think sex will make them grow up, and they pretend to do it or actually do before they’re ready. She asks if Trina’s boyfriend is pressuring her. Josslyn doesn’t think so. Trina seems to be into it, and says it’s no big deal. Carly says it is a big deal. It’s intimate and personal, and there’s only once chance for the first time, so it should be memorable. She and Oscar aren’t ready. Josslyn says she seems to be forgetting they’re not having sex. Carly wishes she had waited, and could look back and smile, but she can’t. Her first time was with an older man who didn’t really care about her. Josslyn asks why she did it, and Carly says she wanted to be a woman and make own choices. At the time, it was the biggest choice she could make, but it didn’t make her feel older or cooler, it just complicated things. She wants Josslyn to have a different experience, when she’s older and emotionally ready. She wants Josslyn to be with someone she trusts and feels safe with, in a loving environment, so it can be something she’ll look back on and smile.

Michael tells Nelle that Ava is a liar at best, and a murderer at worst. Nelle says she was the only one who would give her job, and she’s been nothing but kind. Michael says she wants something. He doesn’t know what, but when people get close to her, they get hurt. Nelle thanks him for the warning, but when it comes to Ava, her eyes are wide open. Funny. That’s what Michael told Carly about Nelle.

Griff tells Ava she’ll have confidence of who she is at her core. She dances into her surgery appointment.

Drew loves Jake, and loves being his dad, but Jake owes it to himself to get to know his biological father. Jake asks if it won’t upset Drew, but Drew says Jason is just another person to love him, and that’s a good thing. Jake asks if he’ll still see Drew, and Drew says Jake will get sick of him. Jake says never. Drew says Jake’s mom is right. He knows Jason does the right thing, and that makes him a good guy, but he’s missing out because he has no Jake in his life.

Jason writes an email to PK Sinclair: I can help you get the ending you want. He says, now we wait. Michael calls Jason asking him to meet at Kelly’s. Sonny says he’s going to call Spinelli and have him link the email accounts. Jason leaves, and Sonny says, PK Sinclair, come out, come out, wherever you are.

Carly wonders why Josslyn was telling Oscar that something was going to blow his mind. Josslyn realizes she thought they were talking about sex, and tells her she was clearly wrong. There are new attire guidelines for the dance, and one prohibits kids not dressing according to their gender. There’s one kid who identifies as female, and is being forced to wear a guy’s clothing. Carly thinks it’s awful, and Josslyn says it’s kind of her fault. Her friend has been bullied, so they complained, but instead of punishing the bullies, they’re punishing her with stupid rules. Carly says, good for her, sticking up for her friend, but Josslyn says she’s not done. They decide to throw an alternative dance – come as you are, wear and be want you want. They planned it the same night as the school dance, hoping for a boycott, but it could be grounds for suspension. It’s not ideal, but she’s committed to seeing it through. Carly says she should. Caring for people and doing what feels right is important, and Carly is proud of her.

Griff runs into Kiki, who wonders how is it she never sleeps, but can’t manage to talk to Dillon. He hopes he didn’t make her feel uncomfortable, and Kiki says no. Her mom is way off base. He asks how things are with her and Ava. She says it’s not the first time Ava has hurt her, and it won’t be the last.

Kim bursts into Drew’s office, saying she didn’t raise her son to be soldier. He’s teaching him boxing. What next? Target practice or ROTC? She tells him not to turn Oscar into something he’s not. Drew says, fair enough, but he’s no longer in the Navy. This is what he does now. He doesn’t remember being a SEAL, and is pretty sure he was never a recruiter. He’s not trying to get her son to do anything. Kim apologizes, and says he did nothing wrong.

Michael tells Jason about the paternity results. He’s a father. He’s never been so terrified and excited at the same time. Jason says welcome to parenthood. Michael says he got involved with an unstable woman, and now they’re having a baby. He’s taking responsibility, but what if the baby isn’t okay? Jason says it will be; it will have him.

Sonny tells Carly it’s early for wine, but she says not after the conversation she just had with Josslyn. He asks if she wants to talk about it, and she says not really. Sonny tells her she’s taught Josslyn by example to be strong, confident, and demand respect; sometimes too confident. Carly wonders if they’ll survive the teenage or will it kill her? Sonny says not if he can help it.

Josslyn joins Oscar back at Kelly’s. He asks what was up with her mom, and she says, awkward mom stuff. He knows.

Kim tells Drew she’s been having this conversation for fifteen years, and Drew says, now he suddenly shows up. She says her son was never aggressive, now he’s boxing. Drew explains that Oscar asked him. Apparently, a friend is getting bullied, and he wanted to defend them if necessary. Kim wonders if Oscar was really talking about himself, but Drew says he believes it. Kim says Oscar is a terrible liar, so he’s probably telling the truth. She apologizes for overreacting, saying she barged in and practically accused him of pumping Oscar full of steroids, when Oscar came to him. Drew says it shows he’s a good kid; she’s raising him well.

Ava goes to gallery. Nelle thought she’d be prepping for surgery, and Ava says she’s on her way. She asks about a painting, and Nelle gives her the receipt. Ava says maybe she’s catching on, but asks if that’s the only thing making her smile. She says that, and Michael was there. it went really well, and she might be on her way to being friends with him again. If she plays her cards right, maybe more than that eventually.

Jason tells Michael that he was the first baby he remembers holding. He had no idea, and knew nothing about kids. Michael says he got on the job training, and Jason says Michael taught him how to be father. Michael taught him how to open his heart up to another human being, and he learned to love someone else more than himself. Michael says there’s so much at stake. What if he messes up? Jason says he won’t. He has great instincts. No matter who the mom is, the baby has a right to everything good, and he knows Michael will do that. Michael says his life is going to majorly change, and Jason says, in the best way. There are one and a million amazing things he’ll see; the first times – a smile, words, the first everything, and he’ll be there. Michael says it’s a gift, but terrifying. Jason says he’s happy for him, and happier for the baby. The baby could do worse for a father. Michael says he’s got this. They hug.

Kiki says Ava is lucky to have Griff, but he says he’s the lucky one. The road might be longer and rougher, but he believes today will be a turning point.

Ava tells Nelle it means zip with that family. They forget nothing, and don’t forgive. The Corinthos family has closed their ranks forever to her. Nelle asks what she should do, and Ava tells her to cut her losses, and move on to a new Prince Charming. Anything else is an exercise in futility. Nelle says she’s probably right. The hormones are making her sentimental. Ava tells her to hold down the fort.

Kim tells Drew it will take time; it’s been just them for so long. Drew promises he won’t overstep or try to be an insta-dad if Oscar comes to him. Kim thanks him.

Jason tells Michael to practice deep breathing; he’ll learn as he goes. Michael asks, what about Nelle, and Jason says that’s not his problem. Michael and Jason part company.

Nelle tells the baby not to listen to Ava. Daddy is the only Prince Charming she wants.

Elizabeth takes Jake to Kelly’s. He sees Jason through the window. Jake hesitantly waves. Jason waves back.

Sonny gets a message from PK Sinclair saying they should meet. Jason comes back, and he says Sinclair took the bait; he wants to meet. Is Jason ready? He’s ready.

Tomorrow, Ava is ready to be a new woman, Scotty toasts to Ava, and Ava sees Morgan.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Veronica starts screaming that she smells gas. Melissa tells her to keep screaming. She wanted to take the scenic route, and no one can hear her. She didn’t care that Melissa’s father died, and now it’s her turn. Jeffrey is going to dance on her grave. Veronica keeps calling for help, but Melissa refuses to do anything. She’s going to sit there and wait for Veronica to die. She’s never smelled fried bitch before.

Benny and Mitch drive by and see Melissa sitting near the overturned car. They tell her to get away; the car might blow, but she hopes it does. They realize someone else is in the car. Mitch asks if Melissa is crazy, and she says after dealing with Veronica, it’s a possibility. Mitch runs to get a fire extinguisher. Veronica is going nuts, and Benny tells her to relax so he can help. Benny pulls her from the car.

At the hotel desk, Jim tells Broderick that his room key doesn’t work. Broderick says that’s because it’s not his credit card. Jim says if Broderick doesn’t get him in his room now, there won’t be a need for hotel policy; he’ll burn this bitch to the ground. He says he knows about Broderick and his wife scheming against him. Broderick gives him a new key.

Jim watches the news in his room. The DA says they’re close to making an arrest. The reporter wonders if it’s going to be a Cryer. Jim watches, and says, I know you. Oscar calls, and tells him to open the door. He asks what Oscar has. It’s good news and bad news. His son’s accounts are offshore, but they’re in luck, because he’s a bit of an addict. He went looking for drugs, and a thug got his ATM card, but they were arrested. Oscar thinks they should have recovery in a week. He asks where Jim wants the money to go, and Jim says he’ll text the information. He wants to get in touch with Sarah Duffy at the DA’s office, but no one can know.

Benny tells Melissa to be careful what she says. She says Benny should have let her die; she’s a wicked bitch. Benny thinks Melissa should go to the hospital, but she doesn’t want to. The EMT says it’s policy, although I’m not so sure about that. Veronica begs Benny to go with her to the hospital. Mitch tells him to go ahead, and Benny gets in the ambulance.

A guy does paperwork in Wyatt’s apartment. Wyatt walks in, and he introduces himself as Isaac. He says Anna called to be reassigned, and he was sent over. She’s been compromised because of the two of them sleeping together. Wyatt wants to talk to her, but Isaac says it’s not possible. Wyatt tells him to get out. Isaac knows Wyatt is upset. Anna is a recovering addict, and felt weak with him. Wyatt asks why she didn’t tell him, and Isaac says in the past, that’s how these situations have been handled. Wyatt tells Isaac he’s fired, and hustles him out. Wyatt calls Anna, and leaves a message. He can’t believe she walked out on him like that.

Oscar calls Wyatt, saying he’s with the Savannah police department, and they have someone who tried to use his ATM card. Wyatt says she tried to rob him. Oscar asks her name, and Wyatt tells him it’s Quita. Oscar asks if he wants them to file a report with the bank, but Wyatt says no, and hangs up on him. Oscar calls him an arrogant ass.

In a hotel stockroom, Broderick talks to Rocky, about Jim, saying he’s going to get Jim’s wife. Rocky says revenge is a good way to ruin the plan they have going. Broderick says they need to start making other plans. Rocky thinks they should get more girls, but Broderick isn’t down with that plan anymore. He needs bigger money than that. Rocky doesn’t think Kathryn will be interested, but Broderick says anyone married to a prick like that isn’t happy. He can at least fool her long enough for her to think she is. He tells Rocky that she’s worth $250 million, and Rocky is like, damn, that’s a lot of money. Broderick says he just has to make her feel special and get out. Rocky says everything is about appearance, and no way she’d be seen with him in public on her own. He doesn’t want their plan jeopardized. Broderick says that’s not going to happen.

Hanna sings Amazing Grace as she cleans. The bell rings. It’s a man Kathryn sent to fix the leak. He says he built the place, and introduces himself as Derek. He asks how long it’s been leaking, and Hanna says she just moved in, but she’s just staying until she finds a place. She says she can’t afford it there, and asks if he knows of a place that’s a third of the price. He does, but it’s on the other side of town. She’s fine with that, and he says he’ll leave his card.

The morgue calls. Hanna says she’ll come down and get them. She asks the Lord to help her. Derek has to shut the water off, and asks if she’s okay. She says her grandson was murdered. The morgue found something in his pocket, and she has to go get it. He asks if there’s anything he can do, and she says fix the sink.

Kathryn’s phone rings. It’s Hanna, who tells her about the morgue calling. Kathryn asks if Hanna wants her to go along, but Hanna just wants to know if it’s okay to leave Derek there. Kathryn says he’s completely trustworthy, and to call her when she gets back.

David puts a bed together. Erica says he works fast, and he says she shops fast. He’s hoping she likes the bed, but she thinks it’s a little masculine. He asks her to help him with his feminine side. His phone rings, but he doesn’t recognize the number, so he doesn’t answer.

Candace asks to pay for another night at the hotel, but it’s been paid for a month. She says she must have forgotten, and Broderick tells her it was paid for in cash. She goes to the bar, and Oscar sits next to her. He tells her that he paid the bill, and she asks why. He says he still has the mark, but she says she’s not interested. He asks what’s wrong with her, and why she’s so angry. She says she wouldn’t be if he hadn’t stolen her money. Oscar tells her she’s not getting it back, but he’s trying to help her, and Charles still asks about her. She tells him to leave her alone, and he says he’ll cancel her stay. She’s like, okay, and he wonders what her plan is. Candace says it’s to get him the hell away from her.

Oscar’s phone rings, and he asks about Quita being arrested. Candace asks what he knows about her. He says she robbed someone, and he wants information to do a recovery deal. She asks if it’s Jim, and Oscar says it’s his son; Jim’s trying to get back his inheritance. Candace says it should be easy; he’s an idiot, and Quita is a bigger idiot. She suggests she help him, but he says he’s got this already. He asks if she has any idea what First Ladies make after leaving office. The mark is primed ready to go, and she’d rather bully old men. He asks what happened? She had a fire in her when they met, but now she’s like a regular old whore, waiting for the next john. He says Jeffrey is sitting in jail for a murder she’s responsible for. Candace is surprised to hear that, and Oscar says if he was her, he’d think about securing his future in case Jeffrey decides to talk. He tells her she’s running out of time, and she tells him to get away from her. She calls Veronica, and leaves a message to call her back.

The morgue guy gives Hanna a plastic bag of Quincy Jr’s things. She takes out a piece of paper. It’s a letter that starts with, God, please help… Hanna clutches it to her chest, and says she’s sorry.

Justin gets Jeffrey out of his cell. Again? All the prisoners hoot and holler as they walk past. Justin takes Jeffrey to the interrogation room, and tells him to have a seat. Justin sits on the table and asks if he’s okay. He hates that Jeffrey is in there. He found David’s cell number, but he’s not answering. Jeffrey gives him the password to unlock his phone, and says try calling from there. Justin says he’ll be okay. Jeffrey asks to go back to his cell, but Justin says it’s shift change; they have time. He sits on Jeffrey’s lap and Jeffrey says someone could walk in. Justin says it’s more fun that way, and Jeffrey asks if Justin’s wife thinks it’s fun. He asks if Justin has talked to her. Justin says he doesn’t care; he just cares about Jeffrey. Jeffrey says she could make it worse for him being a judge. Justin says he knows Jeffrey loves him. Jeffrey says he barely knows him, and asks him to stop and just find his dad. Justin says if Jeffrey doesn’t love him, it will mean he did all this for nothing. He tells Jeffrey to say it, and Jeffrey says, I love you; now find his dad. Justin starts kissing him.

Landon asks Charles what’s going on? Charles can’t get his tablet to work. He doesn’t know what he’d do without Landon, and Landon says ditto. Charles says it’s just a job for him, but Landon says he’s wrong. He loves his job, but it’s also his pleasure to work for Charles. He admires and respects him. He hasn’t met anyone like him; he’s real, decent, and honest. He has true compassion for people. He tells Charles that his top-secret clearance is causing his apps not to work, but he’ll take care of it. He says Charles has a late start tomorrow, and asks if he wants to go for a drink. Charles says okay, but as his friend, not his employer.

David pours drinks for himself and Erica. His phone rings and he ignores it. Hers rings, and she decides to do the same. He asks what if it’s her ex, and she says she blocked the number. She looks at the phone, and says it’s her sister. She calls back, and it’s Candace. David wanders away, and Candace says she wants to get this bastard, or Erica’s ass will be dead. Erica says she’s sorry, and asks how she can make it up. Candace says a few hundred grand. Erica asks how much time, and Candace says when she calls back, Erica had better have it. Erica tells David that her sister was just checking up on her.

Veronica is wheeled into the hospital on a gurney, with Benny holding her hand. Hanna is coming toward them, and she and Benny lock eyes.

Next time, Jeffrey won’t talk to the DA, Justin is going to bash someone’s head in, and Melissa harasses Veronica in the hospital.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Dorit needs an uber caffeine boost for her swimwear meeting. She was on the cusp of going to the next level, when she met PK, and postponed her career to start a family. She wouldn’t trade it for anything, but is ready to get back to work. She thinks it’s going to be a killer collection. Nava means beautiful in Hebrew, and is Phoenix’s middle name, so that’s what she’s calling the line. She wants to launch for resort 2017. I’m not sure when this was filmed, but her assistants tell her she’s cutting it short. She thinks the line should reflect her, and it’s agreed that red is having a moment.

Teddi, who is a nice balance for this show, is meeting Dorit for drinks at four. She’s punctual, and believes it’s polite. We’re totally on the same page there. I hate, hate, hate when someone keeps me waiting. It’s disrespectful. She has a glass of wine, and has been waiting for a half hour. In her interview, she says if she wanted to have some wine alone, she would have done it in the comfort of her home. After forty minutes, and a bunch of unanswered texts, she’s calling it a day. As soon as she asks for the check, Dorit tells us she was laser focused on her teleconference meeting. In her interview, Teddi says she’s not an electronical wizard but is pretty sure Dorit could have sent a text while she was on the phone. She tells Dorit, another time, and Dorit babbles that she didn’t realize. Dorit is about fifteen minutes away, but Teddi is like, later. Dorit is all, sorry, sorry, sorry. In her interview, Teddi says thanks for the apology, but it’s a different kind of person who doesn’t even realize they’re that late to meet someone.

Kyle says she doesn’t have swans or horses, but still feels like she has a zoo with all her dogs. Ha-ha! Yes, she does. The little one just peed on the wall. Rich people – they’re just like us. LisaR video chats from Canada. Kyle asks when she’s coming back. She’s filling in for Kelly on Kelly and whoever-it-is-now in the morning. In her interview, LisaR says she was very close to being Regis’s co-host, and does a decent impression of him.

Lisa goes to Vanderpump Dogs and plays with a puppy. She says it’s been a labor of love, and we look at different clips of their progress. She says they were throwing in with another organization, but decided it was too sketchy. She loves having the rescue center, even though it’s riddled with emotional turmoil. Every time they get a dog that was going to be euthanized a good home, it’s worth it. The staff shows her a stray dog they brought in from the street, and she says it looks like Ken. They show their pictures side by side, and by God, she’s right.

Kyle meets Erika for lunch, and orders beet juice. She asks about Tokyo, and Erika had a great time. LisaR’s daughters are doing well on the modeling front, cut her no slack, and it was hilarious. Kyle tells Erica that she has two shows in development. In her interview, Kyle says every time she has an idea, she thinks her sisters will be upset, but she has exceptional stories to tell. Erica tells her about Tom breaking his ankle in a car accident. In her interview, she says he’s a 78-year-old who’s 50. It sounds like the car didn’t make it though.

Erika confers with her assistant. They talk about jet lag, how you think you’re cool, and then you’re not, and I identify. Erika tells him about Tom’s accident, and says it could have been worse. In her interview, she says she realized that one day she’ll be alone, and things can change in a moment. It’s the first time she’s seen Tom not super human. He’s in a lot of pain, and he doesn’t like to acknowledge it. She saw a flash of fear, and she’d never seen that before. It’s scary.

Kyle visits Teddi’s gym. Teddi says for the first five minutes, Kyle might hate her. Instructor Adam teaches them on a climbing machine. Teddi says Kyle did better than she did the first time. Afterward, they go to a porridge bar, which I’ve never heard of, but sounds intriguing. Kyle gets a juice, and Teddi gets a salad. Where’s the porridge? Kyle tells Teddi that Dorit claimed she was twenty minutes late meeting Teddi, and she was annoyed. Teddi says she was waiting almost an hour. She gets it if someone is busy, but she hired a nanny for the kids and is there waiting, and Dorit couldn’t even text saying she was going to be late.

LisaR checks into the NYC hotel. Wow. A fruit plate, champagne, and all kinds of stuff. She immediately wipes down everything with alcohol wipes, then calls Harry. She tells him she’s been getting texts that are saying he’s mean, and he says he’s being firm. He’s determined to get the girls in shape. In her interview, LisaR says he’d say she was the more lenient parent. They talk about Amelia doing her own laundry. Amelia FaceTimes with her, and doesn’t understand why she’s being subject to such menial tasks. In her interview, LisaR says she wants to prepare them to be on their own. She knows it sounds like stuff everybody should do, but everybody doesn’t.

Dorit meets Kyle at a Mexican place for lunch, and manages to be on time. Dorit talks about being tardy only six minutes, and says it’s an unfair recollection of the truth. In her interview, she says they were supposed to meet at four thirty. Teddi’s leaving was abrupt, and she doesn’t understand why it happened. Kyle says she’d never wait an hour for anyone. I WANT HER EARRINGS. They’re rose gold tassels, and HUGE. Kyle talks about selling her show ideas. She starts to cry, telling Dorit how her mom was all about the girls sticking together, and a victory for one, was a victory for them all. She doesn’t feel like she can call them about it though. She doesn’t know the reaction she’d get, and her parents are gone, so she kept it to herself. She says she and her sisters used to talk every day, but it changed after she produced American Woman. She says the shows are inspired by her life, and not theirs. She tells us Mauricio worked for her brother-in-law for years, and when he struck out on his own, it changed the family dynamic.

LisaR tells the hair guy to make it look not frizzy. She talks about teasing Regis that she’d the next co-host. Kelly was perfect, but she was close, and loves coming back. She says the first time she co-hosted was seventeen years ago. If she had gotten the job, their lives would be different. When Harry said how happy he was in Beverly Hills, she knew it was right because, family first. I loved the show that she co-hosted with Ty Treadway, Soap Talk. Alas, it was on the Soap channel, that also is no more.

Hanky! Panky! Dorit visits LVP at Villa Rosa. But not long enough.

Kyle meet Camille and Teddi for lunch. They’re waiting for LisaR coming in from New York. Kyle asks if Teddi has talked to Dorit.

LVP and Dorit go out for lunch. LVP asks about Dorit having another baby, but she’s swaying toward not doing it. She has two toddlers, plus PK, and is starting the swimwear line. She’d be crazy to throw another baby in the mix. Dorit tells LVP about how upset Kyle was, not being able to share her success with her sisters. LVP is surprised that she was that open with someone she doesn’t know well. Dorit says she feels that they’ve bonded and have a connection. In her interview, LVP is surprised that Kyle was so overcome with emotion, and was showing it to Dorit. Dorit says she’s put off by Teddi right now.

Teddi isn’t irritated about Dorit being late anymore, but it bothers her that she changed it to twenty minutes.

Dorit shows LVP Teddi’s text at 4:36.

Teddi shows the girls the text where Dorit thought they were supposed to meet between 4:30 and 5:30. She wonders who gives between an hour to meet at a restaurant?

Dorit says she couldn’t have apologized more, but Teddi couldn’t wait any longer, even though she was ten minutes away. Another five minutes shaved off.

Teddi says she thought she could just get over it, but then Kyle said Dorit claimed she was only twenty minutes late.

Dorit says Teddi Claims she was kept waiting fifty-four minutes. She’s exaggerating times, and making her out to be an idiot and a bad guy.

Kyle says Dorit told her that she was six minutes late. In her interview, Camille says Dorit is a little bit self-absorbed, and a bottomless pit of BS. Teddi says she understands if you can’t make it, but don’t lie about it.

Dorit says she has strict time restraints that others might not understand. I choke on my coffee. LVP gets how important that can be, and says a friend gives you slack. LVP changes the subject to Dorit calling Camille a stupid c-word.

Camille says she was bringing David around for the first time, and she was nervous enough. She was embarrassed. She thinks Dorit talks and drinks too much, and might be desperate for attention. In her interview, Kyle thinks saying someone drinks too much is a big deal. I don’t. Dorit was talking too much because she was drinking too much. Kyle brings up LVP using the word, but Dorit isn’t British. It’s true. They don’t think as much of that word as we do.

Dorit says she doesn’t have an issue with Camille, but was just being stupid. LVP suggests Dorit look at it from Camille’s POV. She has a new boyfriend, and introduced him to the group for the first time. A light bulb comes on over Dorit’s head, as she realizes she might have been rude.

Camille says Dorit hurt her feelings. She was inappropriate, and it really is a nasty word.

LVP says Dorit can mess with her, but some people don’t have the same sense of humor. Maybe she needs to apologize. Dorit wonders why she always puts her foot in her mouth.

Camille says she’s getting Dorit a ball gag as a gift. In her interview, Kyle says Dorit’s mouth is like a tennis ball machine. LisaR arrives. She tells them how much fun she had, then blurts out that she knows “this little thing.” A “little lawsuit thing” with LVP. Allegedly something happened with Ken and a woman who was running a charity. Perhaps the sketchy organization LVP referred to? Allegedly, Ken assaulted her somehow. Kyle says assault implies physical violence, and he’d never do that. Ever. She tells LisaR that’s hard to believe, and gives her the evilest eye ever. I don’t buy it either. And little lawsuit thing? That’s just distasteful.

Next time, LVP attacks Kyle with a dog hair dryer, Harry talks to LisaR about the boys being after the girls, LVP addresses LisaR, and Kyle and Teddi have it out.

🏄  Summer House is returning – Monday, January 22, at 10 pm. I’m not sure why. I kinda, sorta, half-assed watched its first season, but once crossover Stassi (Vanderpump Rules) was gone, so was my interest. It’s like a mini Real World, but with older “kids.” Definite train wreck watching.

🍲 For those who like their cooking competitions with a Spanish flair, MasterChef Latino airs on Telemundo Sunday nights. Although I’ve enjoyed watching The Beastmaster in Spanish, I didn’t actually watch this show, but noticed it skimming around the digital guide, and thought it worthy of a mention.

To celebrate the middle of the week, employees at Gortney Industries built an actual hump.



September 20, 2017 – Finn Meets Cassandra, a Master Chef is Born & Channel Zero Returns


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

In Monaco, Anna asks Finn what boy didn’t want to grow up to be a secret agent? He tells her the ones who wanted to be infectious disease specialists. She tells him to stop whining, and remember that what they’re doing is all for the greater good. She peeks inside a restaurant, and spots Cassandra sitting with a man. She tells Finn that she’s going in first, and he’ll know what to do when it’s time.

Kristina picks up Sam’s jacket at the hospital. She asks Kiki about med school, and Kiki says it’s like walking a tightrope; as long as she doesn’t look down, she’s fine. She tells Kristina that sometimes you have to follow your heart, even if other people don’t get it.

Parker teaches class. She tells the students that through Jane Austen’s work, they see her world, with its class and gender distinctions. Even though the world has changed, people and the hows-and-whys of what they want, haven’t. Molly suggests that they still knew right from wrong, and to crush someone’s heart would be unforgivable in Austen’s world. Parker replies that we’d hope so today as well.

At Shriners Hospital, Charlotte asks Valentin if he thinks Bailey will be scared, and wonders what will happen. She says that Bailey is glad they’re helping her. Valentin says that the doctors provide the real help, but they’re giving moral support, explaining that means encouragement. She says that Valentin did help, by telling Bailey’s mother where to bring her. Lulu walks in, and says that being Charlotte’s mom, she thought she should be there for Charlotte and her friend.

Nelle sees Michael, and tells him that she’s being evicted; her apartment is being sold. I identify, since that happened to me with my first apartment. I wasn’t evicted, but they jacked up the rent, and I had to move. Michael doesn’t think it’s a big deal, and suggests moving in with him, but she thinks it’s way too soon. He says that she’s making more out of it than she needs to, and she tells him that he’s never been in her position, and never will be. She jets, and Carly approaches, asking what’s going on, and if it has anything to do with Nelle’s late fiancé. Michael says that’s right; what’s more important than him breaking up with Nelle? She asks if he did.

Kristina looks on Molly’s schedule, and sees that she’s in Parker’s class right now. She says this should work.

Parker says much of Austen’s work is about heartbreak, but also misunderstanding. The conclusions drawn make sense to their understanding. She poses a question about why they left their families or stations in life, and talks about them finding love despite the circumstances of their world. She says that two people rarely discover that they love each other at the same time. Molly says otherwise there would be no story. Parker tells the class that in Austen’s world, love wins, and wouldn’t it be great if knew ourselves the way the characters do, and gave ourselves more chances?

Inside the restaurant, Anna asks where ladies room is, and slips something into Cassandra’s tea. The waiter serves Cassandra. She sips her tea, and suddenly starts to choke. She falls out of her chair, and Finn says that’s his cue. He runs inside, and says he’s a doctor.

Michael and Carly sit in Kelly’s. Michael tells Carly sorry to disappoint her, but he and Nelle are still together. She says that Nelle’s fiancé died under mysterious circumstances, which Michael says is otherwise known as an accident. Michael explains what Nelle told him, and Carly says that insufficient evidence doesn’t mean she’s innocent. Michael says it doesn’t mean she’s guilty either. He understands why Nelle didn’t tell him, accepts her explanation, and believes her.

As the class is leaving, Kristina walks in, saying she found Molly’s keys. Molly is like, oh good, I thought I’d have to comb the place with a metal detector. Kristina sees Parker, who’s talking with another student. Molly asks what the hell she thinks she’s doing.

Bailey’s mom can’t thank Valentin enough, telling him how helpful the app was. He tells her how great the doctors are, and that he had scoliosis as a child and is a huge supporter of the hospital. Lulu adds that her nephew got burned and had excellent care there. The doctor comes out and welcomes Bailey.

Dante tells Kiki that he needs some help. He’s trying to get ahold of Ava, but Kiki says she can’t get in touch either. He asks if Kiki knows that Ava sold a tapestry to Valentin. He thought it was odd because she’d accused him of killing Nikolas. Kiki says she’s mentioned Nikolas more than once, and has no idea why they’d have any business together. Dante asks if she has any idea where Ava might be. Kiki says she doesn’t know exactly, but might know something. She asks if it’s official police business, since she can only speculate. Dante says this is personal. If Spencer wins the civil case, it will help him and Lulu with the custody hearing, but the first step is proving wrongful death. Her mother is a threat to Valentin; why would they throw in together?

Finn tends to Cassandra, and she quickly recovers.

Carly tells Michael that he acts like he doesn’t care. He says he does; that’s why he asked Nelle about it. Carly can’t believe he’s just going to take her word for it, with no follow-up. Michael says that despite Zack’s parents’ best effort to find a scapegoat, they couldn’t pin anything on Nelle. Carly asks if it isn’t in her best interest to be exonerated completely.

Kristina tells Molly that she’ll explain later, but she needs to see Parker. Molly tells her not to get hurt again. Kristina says it’s important. Molly wants a hint. Kristina says it’s nothing major, but it was unfair, and she needs to tell the truth. Molly gives her back her keys, and says be careful. Kristina tells Parker that she was dropping something off for Molly, but since she’s here, she’d like to talk. Parker says she seems happy with Valerie, so what else is there to say? Kristina says that whatever happened, good or bad, Parker has been honest, and she needs to be the same.

Cassandra thanks Finn. He says he did what anyone in his position would, but thinks she should get checked out at a hospital. She tells him that she doesn’t like hospitals, and Finn says he works at them and doesn’t like them, but she should still go. She asks how he knew what was wrong so quickly, and if he’s an allergist. He explains that he’s an infectious disease specialist, and traveling with a friend. Cassandra says fate has brought them together. She has to watch everything she eats and drinks, and wasn’t careful. He tries to extract himself, but she doesn’t want him to leave yet.

Bailey’s mom tells the doctor about how Valentin helped her. The doctor explains what the hospital does, and how they accept children up to age eighteen, regardless of their parents’ ability to pay. He wants to start Bailey’s examination, and tells Charlotte there’s a playroom. He leads Bailey and her mother to the exam room, and Charlotte asks why Lulu and Valentin didn’t tell them that they weren’t married to each other? They tell her that it’s complicated, and Lulu takes Charlotte to the playroom.

Kiki tells Dante that she doesn’t know anything for sure. He asks what she thinks she knows. She says that she thinks Ava is in a clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia, that she believes will restore her face. Dante says she doesn’t seem happy about it, and Kiki says she’s concerned for lots of reasons. He asks if one of them is Valentin, and she tells him that she thinks Valentin set up the trip. Dante says each of them must have something the other wants. Kiki says that was her thought too. Dante leaves, and Nelle blows past. Kiki asks if something is wrong, and she says, yep – Carly.

Michael tells Carly she doesn’t want Nelle exonerated; she wants Nelle out of his life. Carly says she tried to back off, but put himself in her position. Even if Nelle had no involvement, it’s a big coincidence that right after her healthy, wealthy fiancé dies, she got serious with him. He’s not the kind of guy who would ask for a prenup. She tells him that he’s her only surviving son, and she doesn’t want him dying under mysterious circumstances. She says that he should at least talk to the family or the police; it would give her peace of mind. Michael says that she’s ridiculous, and Carly says she’d rather be ridiculous than lose him.

Parker asks what Kristina needs to be honest about. Kristina says she hasn’t been truthful about Valerie. She wasn’t her date, but her wingwoman. Valerie wanted to make Parker regret dumping her, and kissed her, and Kristina played along. When Valerie saw them outside of Kelly’s, she assumed she should keep up the act, and Kristina wanted Parker to know she’d moved on, but realized the last thing Parker needs is more drama from her. She lied to protect Parker’s feelings, but she doesn’t want to lie anymore, especially not to her. Parker appreciates it, and Kristina says one more thing. She was dating a guy the last time they were together, but she told him it was over, and she’s single now.

Lulu comes back, and tells Valentin that Charlotte is playing with some kids she met. She thanks him, saying he’s been great. Valentin is glad that Bailey is getting the care she needs. Lulu asks what about him. She didn’t know about his physical issues. She’s sorry he suffered. He’s skeptical that she’d care. She says she used to think he was a monster, but seeing him with Charlotte, there’s no denying he loves her.

Kiki tells Nelle that she’s more than happy to listen. She saw the pictures from Moraco, and she and Michael look happy. She wonders if that’s why Carly is upset, but Nelle says there’s no one thing Carly hates her for. Kiki says when Carly hates, she goes all in with everything she’s got, until she doesn’t. She explains about her own difficulties with Carly about Michael. Everything was cool, but then Morgan died, and it was horrible again until Carly realized that Kiki really loved him. Nelle appreciates it, but says her situation is different. She tried to destroy Carly’s marriage and family, and she doesn’t think they’re coming back from that. Kiki says okay, Carly hates her, but she and Michael like each other. There’s no reason for Carly not to forgive her someday. What else could Carly have on her?

Carly tells Michael that nothing would make her happier if Nelle was innocent. He’d be safe and happy, and that’s all she wants, but him taking it on faith frightens her. Michael says he gets it. She already lost Morgan, they don’t know if Jason is going to be okay, and Sonny almost died. She says that she doesn’t want to risk it, and he says he doesn’t either, but he doesn’t need to know any more. Hasn’t she taken risks? She says she has, and they’ve bitten her in the ass every time. He says not every time. There were plenty of times her instincts were right, and she did what she wanted despite being told otherwise. He likes Nelle, and there’s nothing that can change his mind.

Finn excuses himself, saying he needs to get back to his traveling companion. He tells Cassandra that she should get tests. She tells him that her allergies are severe. She’s been to many doctors, but none have been as quick on their feet. She tells him to enjoy his stay. He sits with Anna. She tells him that even if he hadn’t acted, the symptoms would have subsided. He says that’s good to know, and that this whole thing is a bust.

Kristina didn’t want Parker thinking something that wasn’t true. Parker says in the spirit of openness, she has something to say too. When she came to town, she wasn’t honest with Kristina or herself. She regretted the way she ended things; Kristina deserved better. Kristina says whatever happened, here we are. Parker asks where that is exactly, and Kristina says they’re cool. She starts to walk away, and Parker says that she doesn’t know that they are cool.

Lulu tells Valentin he’s good with Charlotte, and she’s revised her opinion. He’s not a monster, just a very bad man. He’s helped her understand that empathy comes from experience. He asks if she’s hoping he’ll share, and she says as Charlotte’s mother, she should probably knew what her biological father went through. Valentin tells her that just before he died, his father sent him to boarding school to hide him from Helena. She would have thought him to be a rival for her son and had him killed. He was five years old. A trust fund was set up for his education, but nothing for medical care. His scoliosis went untreated. He says that it got bad, but that won’t be the case for Bailey.

Nelle tells Kiki that something happened before she came to Port Charles that wasn’t handled very well. Kiki is like, oh horrors, you have a past with mistakes. She points out that she’s been able to move on, but Nelle says that they’re digging up dirt from when she was broke, younger, and stupid. Kiki says when Carly finds something, just tell Michael, he’ll listen. She just has to be honest. Carly would do anything for him, even get along with her. Nelle says, here’s hoping, and leaves.

Carly tells Michael that she’s not going to pretend she’s not concerned, and she doesn’t get it, but she hears him. It’s his life, and his decision. He asks if she’ll back off. She says that she loves him so much, and always will.

Lulu tells Valentin that, like it or not, they’re both Charlotte’s parents. Even if she wins the custody hearing, he’ll always have visitation, and Charlotte will know he’s her father. Dante is her stepdad, but he’s her poppa. She thinks it’s important to know more about him, and understand how he physically became the man he is today. He asks if she’s looking for dirt (word of the day) to use? He tells her that he underwent expensive surgeries that weren’t without discomfort, but the results were worth it. He was able to stand up straight for the first time in his life. She asks if he was scared for Charlotte, and he says yes, but if she had scoliosis, he would have brought her to Shriners where she would have gotten the best care.

Charlotte returns and wonders when Bailey will be finished. She tells Valentin it’s a fun place, and asks if it’s like where he went. He says no, he wishes. He tells her that he’d like to get a present for Bailey, but doesn’t know what she likes. Dante comes out of the elevator. He tells Lulu that he needs to know something about Valentin. He thinks Valentin somehow convinced Ava to recant her statement.

The man with Cassandra hands Finn a note, saying that Madam sends it with her compliments. He and Cassandra leave, and I note what a fabulous, flowing, floral print dress she’s wearing. Finn opens it, and says nice penmanship. The note says that she thanks him. She can’t repay him, but asks that he come by and see her for a token of her gratitude, and it has her address. Anna grabs the note out of his hand, and says it’s not a bust; it’s going swimmingly.

Parker tells Kristina that the only way to be cool is to have real closure. Kristina says, no more notes or hints or made up excuses? Parker wants to sit and talk face to face; it’s the only way. Kristian tells her there’s some stuff that she needs to say too. Parker asks how about now? They can go somewhere private.

At Kelly’s, Michael makes a call and says he needs someone to do something for him.

Carly gets a text from Zack’s sister. She wants to talk about Jenelle.

Tomorrow, Jordan can’t afford another bad choice, Lulu asks what Valentin did to Ava, and Ava asks why Patient 6 needs to be controlled.

🍲 It was the MasterChef finale tonight. Eboni, Dino and Jason had to come up with a three-course meal that expressed who they were. Joe Bastianich was the guest judge, and managed to intimidate everyone. Jason made an uni custard with his appetizer, and while that sounds really awful, everyone seemed to love it. I’d definitely try anything. Well, not something alive and moving, but most things. For dessert, Eboni made a chocolate mousse cake with a macadamia crust that I’d definitely try, and try again. It looked the best dessert you can imagine. For their entrees, Jason put an Asian spin on cod, Eboni made duck, and Dino’s main dish was lamb. It was food porn at its finest. The judges agreed that all the home cooks fulfilled the challenge of conveying their journeys, from getting the apron to putting their soul on a plate. Dino was the big, quarter-of-a-million-dollar winner. In his interview, he said, I did it, ma! and was glad he was finally going out to be the positive light he was meant to be. You go, Dino!

This House is No Home

🏡 Channel Zero is back on the Sy-we-can’t-spell-Fy channel again, with Channel Zero: No-End House. The blurb sums it up as being about four friends entering the No End house, and confronting strangely personal horrors in each room. It looks promising, and I found it even creepier than American Horror Story, which this season has decided to make statements rather than be scary. Sigh… In the first episode, one of the friends confronts the death of her father. They used a record playing at a too slow and unnatural speed to great effect. Like those giant cockroaches, a weird-sounding record creeps everyone out. And nobody wants to hear it in the dark when they’re in a big, strange house. I like it.



September 13, 2017 – Oscar Breaks In, Two Chefs are Out, Some Quotes & Today’s Everyman


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Michael says just to be clear, Nelle was engaged, he died, and she was investigated for it? She tells him that’s correct. He says for two people who are supposed to trust each other, it’s a lot

Bobbie sees Monica crying in the hallway. She doesn’t know if Jason is coming back.

Anna knocks on Finn’s door. She says that she knows he’s in there; she’s a trained spy. He suggests she uses her training to figure out that he’s not in the mood, but she says she has to talk to him, and she’s breaking in. He opens the door at the same time, and she tumbles inside.

At Carly’s house, Sonny asks Milo how serious the break-in was. Oscar is sitting on the couch, and Milo says that the kid claimed that Josslyn invited him over, but Josslyn is too young to go on dates.

Finn asks if Anna can move her wrist, but she doesn’t want to; it hurts. He checks her out, and says it’s a minor sprain. She asks if he saw Hayden, but he tells her that it was a false alarm. She wonders if Hayden has vanished like her father thought she would.

Bobbie tells Monica that no matter how big or old they get, it never goes away. Monica remembers kissing the booboo to make it go away, and still sees the tiny child. She’s angry, and wonders why it’s happening to their family again. Bobbie says it shouldn’t be. Monica says they’ve both buried children, and it’s not the natural order of things. Bobbie says they’re still carrying on, but Monica wonders where the justice is.

Nelle says that she was afraid to tell Michael. She almost destroyed his parents, and thought there would be no coming back if she told him. Carly was just starting to tolerate her. He asks if she can blame Carly for being concerned. These are huge, life-altering secrets.

Carly tells Milo that it’s Oscar. Sonny asks what happened. Milo says that he came to the front door, and when he found out it was locked, let himself in the back. Carly says she’s told Josslyn to lock the doors, although it doesn’t look like that matters with Milo there. Milo says Oscar tried telling him some story about Josslyn inviting him over. Sonny asks Oscar why he thought it was a good idea to break into his wife’s house.

Bobbie tells Monica that they’ve witnessed medical miracles and the strength of human spirit, and Jason is as tough as they come. She says they’re just not privy to the rest. Monica says they just have to keep on living, and do the best we can for those left behind. Bobbie says that’s what she tells herself too, and lists all the grandchildren.

Michael asks Nelle what happened. She says they were engaged, and had already set a date, but wanted to get away before all the wedding preparations happened. So she planned a trip. They’d kayaked before, but not up north. Zack’s kayak took on water. He was a strong swimmer, but it was too much for him. Michael asks if she went after him. Nelle says she couldn’t. She wasn’t a strong swimmer, and the waves were too strong. They weren’t wearing jackets, which was stupid (yes, it was, and why would you do that?), and she panicked. He asks if she called 911, but she says that they also stupidly left them on shore. Zack did everything he wasn’t supposed to, and couldn’t stay afloat. I’m surprised they made it through any kayaking trips. Michael asks if she didn’t try to save him, and she says she reached out her oar, but he couldn’t get it. She encouraged him to swim, but he couldn’t. She did everything she could, and he came up a few times until he went under. She’s gone over and over it in her mind, wishing she’d done something differently; anything that could have saved him. Michael asks why his parents suspected her, and she tells him that the plug from the kayak was missing. She doesn’t know if it was an accident or someone took it out, but she didn’t sabotage it. It’s not like she wanted him to die.

Sonny says he doesn’t think Oscar would violate anyone’s privacy. Oscar explains that he and Josslyn made plans to meet after school. She’d texted him to come in, since she had headphones on, and might not hear him. He figured he’d try the back, and that’s when Milo grabbed him. Oscar apologizes to Sonny, but Sonny says it’s not his house; it’s Carly’s. Oscar apologizes to Carly, and she says accepted. He also apologizes to Milo. Milo says he’ll forgive him once his story checks out. He wonders why Josslyn isn’t at home, and in perfect soap timing, she walks in. She asks what’s happening, and why Oscar is there. Milo says he told them she invited him, and asks if that’s true.

Finn gets Anna ice and wraps up her wrist. She tells him that he’s being gracious, considering he doesn’t want her there. He asks her to tell him what’s so important, and if it’s about the diamond. She says she got some more intel, and diamond was stolen in a smash and grab that the Bureau believes was planned and executed by a group headed by Valentin, who used the name Theo Hart back then. Finn says maybe she should be breaking into his place. Anna explains that they weren’t able to tie him to it, but the diamonds went to a fence named Cassandra Pierce. She sold them at a profit, and invested in illegal commodities on the dark web. Finn asks if Valentin was involved, but Anna says it’s hard to say. Finn wonders what it has to do with him. He’s trying to pick up the shards of his life, and go back to treating sick people. She says that’s why she’s there.

Josslyn tells them that she’d texted Oscar to meet her at school, but for some reason, it never got sent. She asks Oscar why he didn’t tell them, and he says he tried. Oscar says he owes Sonny an apology too. He should have known who he was before acting like jerk in the park. Sonny says that he seems like a smart kid. He should use his intelligence to think before he acts. Oscar says he’ll work on that, and they shake hands. Josslyn wonders why Milo is guarding the house. She asks about Jason, and Carly tells her that nothing has changed. Sonny wants to talk to Josslyn, and Carly takes Oscar to another room. Milo goes back to work. Sonny tells Josslyn that they’ve done well lately, but even if it means she’ll hate him, he wants to level with her.

Michael tells Nelle that the absent plug raises questions, but everything points to an accident. Why did the police get involved? Nelle says that Zack’s parents didn’t like her. Michael doesn’t think that’s enough to charge anyone with a murder, but she says a few weeks before, Zack had made her the beneficiary of his will. Michael says that changes things. Nelle tells him that she didn’t want the money; it was Zack’s idea. She says it was fun being around them, but it was new to her. He says just like their trip to Morocco, but she says that the biggest trip they took was the one to Maine. They’d planned on traveling after the wedding. He asks how soon she was accused, and she says almost immediately. They’d never thought she was good enough for their son, and they had the clout. The police came after her, but the worst part was that she wasn’t allowed at the funeral. Tears run down her cheeks as she talks. Michael asks if she loved Zack, and she says she thought she did. He’s made her happier than she’d ever been. He was good to her, and she thought that was enough, but she didn’t know what she didn’t know about love.

Anna tells Finn that Cassandra lives in Monaco, and is a virtual recluse who doesn’t socialize. Finn asks how it relates to him. Anna says that she has to make contact, but her sources tell her there’s a zero to no chance on her own. However, Cassandra is a hypochondriac in constant contact with doctors. She’d be responsive to someone of his stature. He says she’s asking him to be a spy, and she says no, a doctor.

Monica tells Bobbie that she loves spending time with grandchildren, but with Jason, she’s had to learn to live and let live. Bobbie says her too, for same reason – Sonny. Monica wonders if she’d pushed harder, if he’d be all right now. Bobbie tells her not to second guess herself, and that they’re both smart cookies. They laugh about some of their past discretions. Monica says that so much has happened, and Bobbie says they’re still standing. They hug.

Nelle asks if Michael thinks she killed Zack. Michael says that it’s getting late. He wants to see Jason, and asks if Nelle will come with him. She says of course. Michael tells her that he doesn’t know if Jason can hear him, but wants to tell him how much he admires him, and could always count on him for hard advice. She asks if he means like now, and he says he knows what Jason would say. He should trust his instincts and do what’s right for himself. He says the answer to the question is no; he doesn’t think that Nelle did it. He takes her hand, and says that he believes her, and believes in her. She thanks him, and says that she was afraid she’d lost him. He says she won’t, and hugs her.

Carly tells Oscar sorry about the misunderstanding, but tensions are running high. He says he should have thought it through; his mom would be pissed if he committed a felony. She asks if his mom knows that he’s spending time with Josslyn, and he says that she knows he has a friend who’s a girl. She wonders if his mom knows her stepdad is Sonny.

Sonny says that Josslyn isn’t a kid anymore. He put something in motion that got out of control. She asks if that’s why Jason got hurt, and Sonny tells her that someone after him and Jason saved his life. She asks if he’s going to be all right, but Sonny says they don’t know. She feels badly for Jason and everyone who loves him, including Sonny. Sonny says that he’s doing everything he can to keep them safe, including extra security. It won’t be forever, but he feels it’s his job to protect the people he loves. Josslyn tells him to be careful too. He says it’s a deal, and they hug.

Anna says that it will be a good opportunity for both she and Finn. He tells her that she said that about visiting Raymond Berlin, and it was a big, fat nothing. She says this time he’ll get to use his doctor talents. He doesn’t want to be put in a situation that will blow up in his face, but she says she’ll be right next to him. He tells her no, and gives her instructions about her wrist while walking her to the door. She tells him she’s grateful, and he says then leave him to his solitude – as of now.

Josslyn and Oscar go to the footbridge. She wonders where the fireflies go when they go, and he says they can google it. She says or they can talk about what happened. She knows it’s a lot to handle. She’s always known what Sonny did, since she was old enough to figure it out, and says sorry he got caught up in it. Oscar tells her that he’s okay, and waves to Milo, who’s at the end of the bridge. He says it’s one thing to know him firsthand, but as of tonight, when it comes to protecting his family, he knows you don’t want to be on Sonny’s bad side. Josslyn says if he wants to call it off, she understands.

Carly tells Sonny that she doesn’t think Oscar told his mother who Josslyn’s parents are. He asks if they should call her, but Carly says not yet. If they continue spending time together though, they’ll have to make the call. She says that she’d be furious if Josslyn was dating some crime lord’s kid, and Sonny is like, what did you just call me? and laughs. She says that’s how his mother will see it. She asks how things with Josslyn went, and Sonny tells her that Josslyn is like her old self with him. They talk about how Michael is cool on the outside, no matter what’s going on inside. Carly says she thinks she made things worse, telling him about Nelle, but it was too important not to.

Michael and Nelle go to the hospital. Michael goes in to visit Jason. Bobbie sees Nelle, and says just perfect; the grieving family fits in with her M.O. Nelle is like, what? Bobbie tells her that they know all about it, and Michael will find out, even if she’s the one who has to tell him. Nelle can continue to skate on thin ice, or take the opportunity to leave town forever. Nelle says that she must be pretty bitter to mess with other people’s happiness, and Bobbie calls her a trailer trash gold-digger. Michael comes out, and Bobbie runs up to him, saying she’s sorry to be the one to tell him, but he interrupts, saying he already knows and he believes Nelle. Bobbie makes noises about her lying to cover it up, and Nelle says that she doesn’t pretend to be perfect. She’s done stupid things, but she didn’t kill Zack. Michael says that at any time, any one of them could end up like Jason or Morgan. He chooses to be with her, and won’t stand there while she’s being attacked. He asks Bobbie to trust him to make his own decisions. She says that she’ll back off, but prays she doesn’t regret it. When she’s gone, Nelle asks if Michael is okay.

Oscar says there’s no way he wants to stop seeing Josslyn. She tells him that Max and Milo have been guarding Sonny since she was born. Oscar says he’s not intimidated, even knowing that his kneecaps could be broken if he messes up. He likes being with her. They kiss. Aww!

Finn tells Roxie that he’s sorry she didn’t get to move into the big house with a new terrarium, but the plans have been put on hold. They have to figure out how to rebuild their lives without Hayden. He says Anna must be out of her mind.

On the phone, Anna tells Robert that she has no intention of giving up. She’s going to get him to cooperate one way or the other.

Monica gives Bobbie some coffee. She says that she was going over Jason’s charts, and couldn’t tear herself away. She asks Bobbie if something happened, and Bobbie tells her that she had a run-in with their mutual grandson, but it’s a story for another day. She wonders how they can watch out for their children when they don’t want help.

Michael tells Nelle that they’ve had their fair share of hard times, but as long as she’s straight with him, he’ll believe her. She says she has to be straight about something else. When she said she loved Zack, she didn’t know what love was. It took Michael to show her. She wants to prove he can trust her, and won’t let him down. She loves him. He tells her that he loves her too, and they embrace.

Carly tells Sonny that Nelle is probably working overtime to convince Michael that the accusations were unfair, and he’ll believe her. Sonny says it’s not like she’s a murderer. Carly is afraid that Nelle will use Jason being in the hospital as a time to strike. Sonny tells her they’re not losing Michael, and they’re not losing Jason. She asks about the business situation, and if it’s stabilized. He tells her not to worry. If anybody makes a move, they won’t live to regret it.

Oscar apologizes to Josslyn. A lot of that going around today. She tells him not to be sorry; she’s not. She says they should be careful though, or Milo will think it’s his duty to report back to her parents. She hopes that Sonny settles things asap, so they can have some privacy. Oscar reaches up, and grabs something. He says it’s the last firefly of the season. He tells Josslyn that if you make a wish and let it go, the wish will come true. She puts her hands around his, and they close their eyes for a moment. Oscar lets the firefly go.

Tomorrow, Maxie says she’s going to have to out Nathan and Amy to get her job back, Griff needs Elizabeth’s help, and Valentin says that they’ve neutralized the key witness – Ava.

🍰 On MasterChef, family members watched as the cooks made dishes inspired by their families, and Cate was the winner. Next, they had to make a “stunning, elegant, and delicious salmon dish. Each contestant got a different amount of time, which Cate dictated. Gordon spit out Yachecia’s salmon (I actually went, oh! out loud.), saying he’d tasted better fish in cat food. Why is he eating cat food? Jeff only had twenty minutes, and the fish was basically raw. Gordon asked if Jeff was trying to poison him, but isn’t salmon often eaten raw? Like with sushi and lox? He tried to say he meant to do that, which didn’t go in his favor. While waiting for the judges’ decision, the cooks got snarky and nasty with each other. Yachecia and Jeff both got the boot. Good. At least I don’t have to type her name anymore, and I think he should have been gone a while ago. Gordon did tell Jeff that they didn’t think they could teach him any more, since he wasn’t prepared to listen. In his exit interview, he called himself Jeff 2.0, which is 2.Out to say.

Flour was in the mystery box, and profiteroles were to be made in 45 minutes. I was confused though, since they looked like cream puffs, and I’d thought they were something else. I guess all this time I didn’t know what a profiterole was. Jason moved on to the finale. Molten cake was the next challenge. I have to mention that I have loved Eboni’s shade of lipstick throughout this season – it’s purple with sparkles, and looks better than that sounds. Dino’s cake was a total mess, since he didn’t get it into the oven quickly enough for it to bake thoroughly. It just looked like a puddle on the plate. Eboni was the winner, and said it’s a long way from the ghetto, telling us about being a single mother in Chicago not long ago. Three cheese soufflés in thirty minutes was the final battle. It was close, but Cate was out, and Dino got the third finalist spot. She predicted Eboni for the win. Her exit was gracious, and she said that she not only learned about cooking, but learned more about herself. She still felt like she won the experience of a lifetime, and so she should. Next time is the two-hour finale.

🙇 Tonight was the Odd Mom Out finale. How long was that season? Like, four episodes?

👯  Reality and Artistry

In theory, we should do the opposite. Exposing people to the sometimes harsh reality of life and history, is truly how you “entertain, educate and enlighten” people. Life isn’t always rosy and handed to you on a silver platter. The sooner people understand that, the better off they’ll be. – Nick Kangadis, TruthChicago  Preach it!

To all of you artists, keep going — we have to support each other. The trick is when you’re in a bar play like you are in a stadium and when you are in a stadium play like you are in a bar. – Lady Gaga  Exactly!

😣  Dude is all of us at one time or another.



Jason, in Happier Times


September 6, 2017 – Ava Confronts Griff, a Souffle Saves Three Cooks & Dog Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Lulu places an order at Kelly’s. She runs into Valerie, and tells her she’s planning Rocco’s birthday party. It’s just going to be family.

Michael arrives home. Carly asks if he went by the hospital, and he says he just missed her. He sat with Sam, but she didn’t tell him much, and he didn’t see Jason. Carly tells Michael that he’s in a coma, and they don’t think he’ll regain consciousness.

Sonny prays in the chapel. Dante comes in, and says he has news. Sonny asks if it’s about Jason, but Dante says it’s about him.

Kristina and Molly join Sam. Kristina says they’re going to take the kids for some distractions. An intern brings Sam Jason’s belongings. Sam takes his wedding ring out of the bag, and says today is their anniversary.

Griff didn’t realize Ava was interested in boxing, but she tells him that she’s there because he is.

Sam tells her sisters not to cry or she will. She says Jason will be fine. Molly says of course, and they discuss future anniversaries. Sam thanks them. Kristina leaves, and Sam asks if Molly is okay. She’s concerned about Sam being alone, but Sam says that Jason is with her.

Dante tells Sonny that they’re not pressing charges for the shooting. They’re calling it justifiable homicide. Now that Sonny has had a chance to breathe, he wonders if anything has changed. Where is Sonny going from here?

Lulu tells Valerie that they’ve been avoiding each other for months. Valerie wishes it had worked out differently. Lulu says she practically dragged her into the Spencer clan, and Valerie adds until she slept with Lulu’s husband. Lulu says she almost caused Valerie to be burned to death, so there’s no moral high ground. She says the insanity seems like a lifetime ago. Maybe it’s what she’s going through with Charlotte that made her consider what family means. They should be there for each other even when one of them screws up. (That was a pretty big screw up though.) She asks if they can start over. Maybe they can be the cousins they should have been. Valerie says that would be great. Lulu gives Valerie an invite to Rocco’s party

Griff apologizes to Ava for not being able to talk. He says death is part of the job. Ava says being a priest is more than a job; it’s a vocation, a calling, and he approaches being a doctor the same way. He needs to talk to someone who can listen. He barks at her that he’s fine, and she says, clearly. He thanks her, but says he needs to be alone. She calls him a hypocrite.

Michael asks Carly how Jason was shot. Carly tells him about the meeting of the five families. She says Jason went along with Sonny, and everyone seemed okay and on board. Petro (which Carly pronounces Petrov – is he another Garvey?) came back, and there was a stand-off. Sam walked in on it, and Jason took a bullet for her. She says Sonny killed Petro, but it was clearly self-defense. Physically he’s okay, but he blames himself.

Sonny says that Dante is afraid he’ll retaliate if Jason dies. He says all he knows is that Jason is dying, and all he can do is wait. Dante says they can talk later, but Sonny doesn’t know if he’ll have any answers. Jason is like a brother, and he already almost lost him once.

Sam asks Jason to squeeze her hand. Nothing.

Ava says that Griff tells everyone else to reach out for help, and practically beat down her door. If it wasn’t for him, she’d be downing martinis in the dark, alone at home. Now she has hope – not a lot, but just enough – and sometimes she can face her future. He’s glad he helped, but needs to be alone. She says for what, to wallow? He listened to her, why can’t she listen to him? He says he has nothing to say. It’s a profound sense of loss, and he doesn’t know what to talk about. Ava says empathy is not her strong suit, and wonders how Griff got that way. He says that when he was a boy, things were harsh, and he watched his mom struggle; he had to keep his guard up. He became an altar boy. His priest was a good man, and he felt comfort in God and the church, and began to see beauty in the world. He thought the priesthood would be his life. Ava asks how he became a doctor, and he says he was reading biology as much as theology. He thought his superiors would balk at the idea, but they encouraged him to follow both paths. He discovered he could make a difference. He could ease suffering. Marisol was different. He thought that he could save her, and failed. It brought him back to the harshness, and he should never have let his guard down. Ava says he’s missing the point.

Sonny apologizes for unloading on Dante. He says he prayed so much, he doesn’t know if he can pray anymore. Dante says he’s going to say prayer himself. Sonny leaves to see Jason.

Kristina can’t get Scout to stop crying. Parker comes by. She says she’s an aunt herself, and wants to show her a tip. She rocks the stroller like it’s a jacked up car, and Scout settles down. She asks Kristina about the shooting, and Kristina says it’s her brother-in-law Jason. She’s helping out by taking Scout for the day. Kristina says it was a surprise running into her at The Floating Rib. She’s glad Parker could move on from her divorce, but Parker says she’s not seeing anyone.

Sam says Jason always comes back to her. She knows he can hear her, but can’t answer right now. She tells him how much she and the children love him. They need him. She needs him to fight for her and the kids. She’ll fight with him. She wishes him a happy anniversary.

Ava tells Griff that the world is a harsh place, and life is often lousy. We all face disappointment and loss, and all want things that are out of reach, even when we know better. She takes off her mask, and tells him to look at her. She wants her face back. She wants to look in the mirror and not be reminded of every mistake, crime, sin, and every person she’s ever wronged. She knows it’s vain, but she wants to be beautiful. Griff says she is. She kisses him. He kisses back. Woo-woo.

Griff tells Ava to stop. (Un-woo-woo.) There’s been a misunderstanding. He told her that she’s beautiful, but never wanted to give her that impression. He wanted to help her as a friend. She tells him to shut up. Ha!

Parker tells Kristina that an old friend was showing her around. She hasn’t dated since the divorce. Dating means starting over, but it’s hard to admit the life you wanted wasn’t there. Kristina identifies. Parker says one of the reasons she took the job at PCU was because she wanted to get away from the memories. She’s sorry to burden Kristina after all that happened between them. Kristina says aren’t they past it? If not, it’s time they started. Parker says that she’s sorry she hurt Kristina. Kristina says ditto, and done; let’s just move on. Parker says she’ll follow Kristina’s example. She says Kristina found someone she cares about, and she hopes they value her. Valerie comes out of Kelly’s.

Michael asks why Sonny would blame himself. Carly says he knew it would be hard to retire, if not impossible. He was doing what she asked him to, and this is on her. She talks about the night Kiki was shot, and seeing the crates of guns on the pier, and throwing them in the harbor. She thought she could handle it; it was part of the life she chose, but after that night, she’d been pushing Sonny to find another way. After Morgan died, she told him that if he wanted his family, he’d have to get out of the business. If she hadn’t forced his hand, none of this would have happened.

Sam talks to Jason about their wedding. She’s going to keep those vows. She promises to love and cherish him in sickness and in health. She puts his ring back on his finger.

Sonny asks Sam if there’s any change. She says nothing yet, and he tells her that it will take time. Sam says she talked to Jason, and likes to think he heard her. Sonny says if he hears anyone, it will be her. He goes into Jason’s room. Molly sees Sam. She says Danny wanted her and Jason to come with them to the water park; he wants to see his parents.

Michael tells Carly that it was Sonny’s choice, and she didn’t shoot Jason. Is she just being overly dramatic and making this about her? He suggests they do something that will help, instead of bringing Sam food that she won’t eat and coffee that she won’t drink. Carly says she used to get so wound up, she’d talk herself into doing something crazy, and Jason would talk her out of it. Michael is just like him, or how he used to be. Michael says Jason is the last person who would think she should blame herself.

Lulu goes to the chapel. Dante tells her that Sonny is with Jason. She asks if he’s okay. He says he was thinking about how Sonny looks at Jason like a brother, and he’s just his son. Lulu asks if he wonders if things would be different if they’d known about each other earlier. Dante says he’d like that bond, but doesn’t think it can happen. Lulu says look how much Sonny and Jason’s friendship has cost.

Valerie tells Kristina that she picked up lunch. Parker doesn’t want to interrupt their lunch date. They make small talk. Parker tells Kristina she hopes the family stuff goes okay, and leaves. Valerie says it’s official – Parker is jealous.

Ava is like, misunderstanding and wrong idea? She asks Griff how anyone can be so clueless and shut off from their emotions. She wonders which is more foolish, him not knowing how he made her feel or her thinking he could feel that way? She asks when the last time was that he practiced what he preached?  He says he does every day, and she says every day he clings to a white collar, using it to shield him from emotions. Ava says that he tells her that she’s hiding out, but he’s hiding in plain sight from living. Even if he gave up the collar, there would be one tight around his neck, keeping him from anything but friendship. He’s afraid to feel emotion and passion, and afraid to let anyone touch him.

Griff says that Ava couldn’t be more wrong; he feels too much. She says take it from an art dealer, he’s no more human than a painting or sculpture. He’s a depiction of a man. She’s sorry she wasted her time with his pity and false compassion. She’s done. She turns to leave, and Griff grabs her hand.

Kristina tells Valerie that she knows she should say she’s over it and it’s meaningless. Valerie asks what the truth is, but Kristina doesn’t know what she wants.

Lulu asks if Dante thinks that Sonny will stay in the mob, and he says that he’s concerned about it. Lulu thinks if Sonny wants help, he’ll make it happen. If not, Dante has her, Rocco, and Charlotte. He says he’s the world’s luckiest man, and they kiss.

Sam wonders how many times the kids can hear that one of their parents are hurt, and she doesn’t know what to say. Carly and Michael ask if they can do anything. Sam says that she doesn’t know what to say to Danny. Michael says he needs a distraction. Molly says she tried that, and Michael says maybe he can change Danny’s mind. Carly says she’s going to take Sam home, where she’s going to shower, get some food, and try to sleep. Then she can come back and be strong for Jason.

Sonny tells Jason that he’s sorry for all of it. He knows it’s too little too late, but also knows what needs to be done.

Tomorrow, Curtis tells Jordan that they make a good team, Danny asks if his dad is okay, and Sonny says there’s no getting out of this life for him.

🍆 🍚 On MasterChef, chopsticks were in the mystery box, and the cooks had to make an Asian inspired dish with their own twist. Dino won, which officially put him in the top six. The elimination test was making pasta from scratch. Both Gabriel and Yachecia got the full Gordon, with him telling Gabriel his dish was a disaster and looked horrible, and informing Yachecia that hers was the worst performing dish in the game, adding that the filling looked like cat food, and the broth like something from the bottom of a dish washer. Ouch! I wondered why mint ends up in everything. I don’t even like mint gum, and the second I hear it’s an ingredient, I’m like, no. Eboni ended up the winner, and Gabriel was out. However, he got a huge consolation prize. Gordon will be paying his way through culinary school, after which he’ll have a job waiting for him with Aaron. It was kind of like when Jennifer Hudson lost on American Idol, but then sang with Barry Manilow the next day, and went on to win an Oscar. Sometimes losing isn’t losing.

In the second hour, Jason was captain of the red team, and Eboni captain of the blue, when the cooks worked a pop-up restaurant in a vineyard. They created two appetizers – a scallop dish and lobster capellini – and two entrees – duck breast and filet mignon. I actually learned something about how to make a capellini nest by twisting it around on a spoon. Eboni tried to do Jeff a favor by picking him for her team, hoping to break his challenge curse. It backfired, and they lost. But instead of taking it graciously, or even making a joke of it, Eboni blamed the loss on Jeff, Jeff, and more Jeff, saying that he really was cursed. Jeff fired back, and the whole thing was embarrassing. Third team member Cate wisely stayed out of the argument. The pressure test was a chocolate soufflé. Somehow, even Jeff created perfection on a plate, and all three were moved to the next round, Gordon saying everything was so good, they couldn’t eliminate anybody. All was forgiven and everyone hugged. Next time, raw fish, but not on purpose.

🔪 A new Gordon Ramsay effort, Hell’s Kitchen All Stars, will be airing starting Friday, September 29th, at 9 pm. That’s the same start date for Z Nation, which I’m hoping is on at 10.

Why They’re Better Than People

Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring – it was peace.Milan Kundera


My Little Old Girl


August 30, 2017 – Nina Gets a Surprise, the NYC Reunion Wraps Up & a Little Bit of Chef


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Maxie slaps Nathan. She asks Amy if what she wanted all along was for Maxie to share her husband, and says she can share this with him, and slaps her too.

Felicia tells Bobbie that Nelle’s real name is Janelle, which is why she couldn’t find anything on her. Felicia really needs a new line of work. She stinks at being a detective. She shows Bobbie a newspaper article about Nelle being a suspect in her fiancé’s death.

Dillon wants to know what Nina wants in the photos, but Nelle says she’s at tea with some official who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

The official is Valentin, who thinks champagne is more appropriate.

Carly meets Josslyn at the MetroCourt, and asks Josslyn if Oscar put the smile on her face. Josslyn says they were just texting about school, and Carly tells her to relax; she said Josslyn could see him. Josslyn asks if she’s in trouble, but Carly wants to talk to her about Sonny.

Petro moves to shoot Sam, but Jason intervenes and gets himself shot instead. Max tosses Sonny’s gun to him, and Sonny shoots Petro. Sam tells Jason she loves him, and to stay with her. Well, you shouldn’t have followed him and burst in unannounced then.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s supposed to meet with the Minister of Culture. Valentin says it’s him. He says she stood him up last night, and now’s the time to keep her promise. She says she’s working. She has an answer for him, but the photo shoot is crucial. Valentin doesn’t give a damn, all he can think about is having her in his arms again.

Nelle tells Dillon about some of the things Nina wants in the photos. She mentions Michael, and Dillon grumbles about flying solo. She says Michael had to work too. Dillon thinks it’s convenient that Michael had a business trip in Morocco at the same time. Nelle says she’s not complaining.

Felicia explains to Bobbie that Nelle’s fiancé, Zach, died before the wedding. They went sea kayaking, and a storm came up. They were in separate kayaks, and his capsized. He wasn’t wearing a life vest and drowned. Nelle claimed she tried, but couldn’t get to him in time. Bobbie says it could have been an accident, but Felicia says the police and his family don’t think so.

Nathan shoves Maxie into the room. Amy says she’s so caught up in her own drama, she doesn’t see what’s in front of her. They were having a business meeting. Maxie wonders what business they could have. Amy tells Nathan to let her throw her tantrum, since it’s all she cares about. Maxie asks if Man Landers told Nathan to love the one he’s with. She sees the cutout, and asks what freaky stuff they’re into, but then says she doesn’t want to know. Nathan says they’re not having an affair, but he did lie to her

Josslyn wonders if Carly said she could see Oscar because she wants to get back together with Sonny.  Carly says no; she just realized that she can’t keep Josslyn in a cocoon. Josslyn says she’s working on her honesty, and Carly says if she wants Josslyn to be honest, she has to be too. She wants them to move back in with Sonny and Avery.

Max calls for help, while Sonny gets out the first aid kit. He tells Sam to keep Jason awake, and he’ll try to stop the blood.

Valentin toasts to being Nina’s husband again, and never betraying her. She says one toast does not a reconciliation make, no matter how beautiful the setting. He says he’s just showing off, but if she takes him back, he’ll prove he knows what real love is, and how much she means to him.

The jewelry for the shoot is all tangled. Dillon says he has the lighting right, and wonders how long it will take to fix it. Nelle says she’ll get the jewelry straight, and has the assistant get the models. She opens a case that has a gorgeous blue necklace in it – huge blue sapphires, each surrounded by diamonds – and says, wow.

Amy tells Maxie that she didn’t want the secret to ruin Nathan’s marriage. Maxie says it’s her marriage too, and Amy says she’ll butt out. Nathan explains about Chet. Maxie is surprised he’s a veteran, since she thought he’d be with the NFL. Amy tells her how he hurt his knee, and ended up in Afghanistan, where he sustained wounds, and now needs constant medical attention. Maxie says she didn’t know, and Amy says that Chet didn’t want anyone to know. She tells Maxie about how she needed money to keep his medical care going after her mother died. She talks about the Man Landers blog taking off, and how she got Nathan involved. Maxie is like, it’s you???

Carly tells Josslyn that while Sonny had Jax deported, he also got the deportation lifted, and hopes Josslyn can forgive him. She says Avery misses them too, and just wants her family back together. Because Avery is that articulate, even though she’s a toddler. Carly says that’s what she and Sonny want too.

Jason is losing blood. Sonny tells Sam keep talking to him. She tells him the kids need their father, and please open his eyes. He does. We hear the sirens in the distance.

Nathan says that Amy really gives the advice. Amy explains about how she read another blog, and people liked her comments. She started her own blog, and soon people wanted to know who Man Landers was. Nathan says it was supposed to be a one-time thing, but then there was a book deal and podcast. Amy tells Maxie that Nathan has been a champ for her and her brother. He’s not just devoted, but the most honest guy around, and he loves Maxie so much. Nathan asks if it’s going to come between them.

Nina asks Valentin how she can trust him. He says he’ll prove it day by day, over the rest of her life, if she’ll have him. She says she’s made up her mind, and kisses him. I hope that’s a yes. She tells him that she loves him, and wants to be with him. They kiss some more.

Nelle puts the necklace on. Dillon comes in and says, busted, and asks how it feels to have a small fortune of sapphires around her neck. She says she’s taking it off, but he suggests they do test shots. She agrees, but only because she’s willing to go above and beyond to help.

Bobbie asks Felicia why they think Nelle was involved. She says the kayak was missing, and Bobbie wonders if that’s not on the rental company, but Felicia says he owned it, and it was the best. He was the son of wealthy parents, like Michael, and he made Nelle the beneficiary of his will. It was millions.

Josslyn tells Carly that she’s still mad, but doesn’t hate Sonny. She felt terrible, thinking about how good he’s been to her. Carly says he loves her. Josslyn gets he was grieving for Morgan and lashing out; she’s been doing that too, and wants to stop. It’s time for some happiness. Carly agrees, and wants to be a family again.

The paramedics arrive. Sam tells Jason to breathe. The EMTs begin to work on him.

Josslyn wonders how Bobbie will take the news. Carly says she’ll find out soon, since Bobbie asked to meet her. Josslyn says she has to go to the library and work on her syllabus. Carly is like, hmm… and Josslyn says Oscar is on vacation; she can show her pictures. Carly says she’s into believing everyone mode, even Nelle.

The paramedic says that they have to stabilize Jason first. No one cares about Petro, who just lies there. They don’t even check for a pulse. Dante arrives, and Sonny says that Petro tried to kill him, but he shot him dead with a single shot. Dante asks Max what happened, and Sonny says don’t talk without a lawyer, but changes his mind when Dante says it’s off the record. Max explains how Petro got him outside, and said he’d kill him if he didn’t cooperate. Jason is conscious, and Sam tells him to stay with her.

Maxie says she understands. It was sneaky and underhanded, but for good cause. She forgives him, but says he has a lot of explaining to do. Amy is like, I’m outta here. She says if she’s not pressing her luck, maybe Maxie will rethink her plan to unmask Man Landers. Maxie says she will, and Amy says maybe she’s not so snarky after all. Maxie asks if she gave the advice to spice up the marriage to Mac and Felicia, and Amy says that was Nathan; he went rogue during the podcast. She adds that he didn’t suggest getting busy in the bushes though. Maxie asks if it was Nathan who suggested giving up everything for love. Nathan says that was Amy, and Maxie says it was excellent advice. Amy leaves, and Maxie tells Nathan she understands their secrecy, but wonders why he didn’t tell her.

Felicia tells Bobbie that Nelle planned the trip after Zach had signed everything over to her. Bobbie says she’s a manipulator, but that doesn’t make her a killer. Felicia says that Nelle swore she tried to save him, but could barely stay afloat herself, and had left her phone on shore. He disappeared under the waves. His family wanted her brought up on murder charges, but there wasn’t enough evidence. They tied the will up in probate, so she got nothing, and want to see her in prison for life.

Dillon looks at the pictures, and tells Nelle they don’t need models; they should put her on the cover. She tells him to delete them, but he thinks she shows a lot of facets of herself in the pictures. In some she looks like an ice queen, and in others, she looks like she’s a kid playing dress-up. She says that’s what it feels like. She can’t believe it, and wonders whose life she’s living. He wishes he could share her enthusiasm for travel. When he was younger, he was shuttled from country to country, and his mom compensated for her time with material things. Nelle says it’s a matter of perspective. She moved a lot because her father was always in debt. She thinks that’s why she resented Carly at first. To her, Carly had everything, while she had nothing. Dillon says everything comes with a price. Sounds Stephen King-ish.

Valentin tells Nina it was worth the eight-hour flight and the waiting. Nina says she wanted to make sure her eyes were open. She wants to be with him; she misses everything about it. Valentin doesn’t know what would have done if she said no. He’d never love another woman, because no one compares to her. He takes out her ring set, saying that he broke into her office. He puts them back on her finger, and asks her to make him the happiest man in world and not divorce him. She says yes. They both look like they’ve been to the Bahamas; they’re as tan as Sonny. Valentin says he’ll love her always. He picks her up and carries her to the bed, and you guessed it, a song part. Um… Nina, did you forget you’re at work? Yes she did. They get busy.

Dillon tells Nelle that money can’t buy happiness. Ask any Quartermaine. The assistant needs Dillon for something, and Nelle looks at the necklace.

Bobbie hates being the messenger. Carly comes in, and Felicia leaves. Bobbie tells her that Felicia found something, but Carly says she’s done meddling, and everyone is happy. She has something to tell Bobbie about Sonny, but Bobbie says it will have to wait. She’s afraid for Michael. It’s not about meddling; it’s life or death.

Max continues to talk to Dante, and Sonny tells him about how Jason got shot, and that he shot Petro in self-defense. Sam tells Jason that he came back to her once before, so come back again.

Maxie asks why the secrets? Nathan apologizes, saying that the timing never seemed right. He should have just moved to Portland. He’s proud of her devotion to her career and her daughter. Amy is going to have to tell the truth eventually, so he’s moving. Maxie says he could do that, but she won’t be there. She quit her job, and got a one way ticket back. He asks about Georgie, and Maxie says she’ll still see her, and she can find another job, but never another love of her life. They kiss.

Felicia sees Amy, and says she seems calm. She tells Amy that she told Maxie about her and Nathan. Amy says it’s not what she thinks. She isn’t at liberty to say what’s going on, but Maxie accepts it. Felicia is like, what?!

Nina doesn’t want to leave. Her phone rings, and she ignores it, but it rings again. There’s a problem at the photo shoot. The sapphire necklace missing. Oh, come on, Nelle is going to be responsible for the Chicago fire soon.

Dillon looks at the shots. Nelle says she told him to delete them, but he says he’s an artist and never deletes his work. Nelle goes on about what more could she ask for, and how happy she is. She still thinks he should delete the photos though.

Carly asks Bobbie if she’s not exaggerating. Bobbie says she has proof that Nelle is dangerous. Carly says okay, let’s hear it. Bobbie tells her to brace herself.

The EMTs take Jason out to the ambulance, and Sam goes with them. Sonny looks at the blood on the floor.

Tomorrow, Nelle tells Michael that they have to go now, Carly says she’s not losing another son, and Sam tells Monica about Jason.

The Real Housewives of NYC

We start with some talk about body parts, what we do with them, and grooming them. ♫ LA-LA-LA! ♫ Andy asks if the booze made Tinsley open up (omg – and he didn’t even say that on purpose) about a certain sexual act. She explains that she thought it was a cute story. Um… cute is not the adjective I’d ascribe to that.  I’m no prude by any stretch of the imagination – I lived in NYC in the 70s and 80s for God’s sake – but there are some things I don’t want to know, and this is most of them. Ramona explains that she grew up Catholic, and didn’t think oral sex was sex. Moving on, but not fast enough.

Andy brings up how Ramona asked Bethenny if her daughter is aware of her nakey past. Which isn’t really very nakey. We flash back to that, and also the argument they had in Vermont. Then the non-invite/invite to Mexico, and wrap it up with the pool apology. Maybe Ramona just shouldn’t drink. A viewer asks why Ramona chose to bring it up after a million years. Ramona says she’d been sent an article mentioning it. We also go back to the first reunion where Ramona walked off when Alex mentioned she’d done art photos. Ramona says she’s not as uptight now. Yeah, we’ve noticed. She says she probably needs delivery lessons, and I second that. She didn’t know how to make it right, and she made it worse. Another viewer asks why Bethenny made a big deal about it. I can answer that. Because Ramona is a huge a-hole and Bethenny had enough. Bethenny says the article was already out there, and she’d even written about it, but Ramona approaching her under the guise of being worried about Brynn finding out, was the wrong thing. Ramona insists it was out of concern, but Bethenny says not one person believes that, nor did any other mother ever voice their “concern.” She’d even said in an interview that she wanted to hurt Bethenny. Ramona says Bethenny makes her nervous. Bethenny says when she was going through a bad personal time, she never came at Ramona, even though Ramona attacked her right and left. Ramona says who can embarrass her anyway? because she’s an insensitive dolt. Ramona says she’s been there for Bethenny, and she owns what she does. Bethenny asks what she’s ever done to Ramona, but Ramona doesn’t answer because there is no answer.

Another viewer wonders why, since Bethenny called LuAnn every name in the book, she wasn’t more forgiving. LuAnn jumps in and says it was about the kids. It gets put out there that maybe Ramona is jealous about Bethenny’s success the way Jill Zarin is. After listing about a thousand ways that Ramona has been obnoxious, if not downright nasty to her, Bethenny says that Ramona can’t be happy for other people, and it shows. Ramona says that Bethenny is projecting, but apparently she doesn’t know what the word means. Bethenny points out that everyone is shaking their heads. LuAnn says the idea is to learn from mistakes and not make them again. Andy asks if the rest of them would be forgiving. LuAnn says it takes a while for the burn to go away. Dorinda tells them that when she watched how angry Ramona was versus Bethenny being quiet, she doesn’t think Ramona realizes how intense she was being. Andy asks if she’d taken anything like Xanax, but Ramona insists she was just drinking. Andy asks why Bethenny ended up inviting her to Mexico. Bethenny says she didn’t want to exclude her. She doesn’t want to be close, but she doesn’t “not not like” her.

We discuss Sonja Morgan’s Home for Wayward It Girls. I note that LuAnn’s necklace looks like the one that’s missing on General Hospital. When was the last time she was in Morocco? We see clips of Tinsley’s new life – fun with Sonja, fun without Sonja, arguments with Sonja, the Page Six debacle, and her eventual move. We also flash back to the thank you party, and that amazing cake. Andy asks about the best and worst of living with Sonja. Tinsley says it was the worst time of her life, and she’ll forever be grateful, but the downside was the criticism. Sonja admits that she should have laid off in front of the other girls, but says then Tinsley aired the dirty laundry. Andy asks LuAnn for her opinion, since she’d also lived with Sonja. LuAnn thinks Sonja was like an overbearing mama and hard on Tinsley. Sonja agrees she was, but thought Tinsley needed guidance. She says that Tinsley falls in love quickly, and she wanted the best for her. She’d said she wanted to get married and have children, so Sonja tried to help. Tinsley says she’s not an intern, but a friend, and had every intention of giving her something when she left. Sonja gripes about not getting a birthday card, reminding me about the card sitting here for someone whose birthday was three days ago.

Andy asks if Sonja went to Page Six about Tinsley being ungrateful, but she insists she didn’t. He asks if Tinsley confirmed it. She says she wouldn’t know how to do that, but Sonja had just been complaining about the exact same thing, and she felt betrayed. Sonja says she didn’t come to her first. Carole says they were the exact words Sonja said. Andy asks if it was a thank you or f-you party, but Tinsley says she planned it before all that happened. Bethenny thinks they should call it a thuck you party. Ha-ha! Sonja says she thought the glitz was just for show, but when Tinsley gave her speech, she knew it was sincere. That five grand gift certificate for Bergdorf’s probably didn’t hurt either. Tinsley is sorry they fought, and admits she wasn’t the perfect house guest, but they’re good now.

We move on to the Mexico trip, and get to relive it through clips. First, the great room hunt by Ramona and Sonja. What a couple of ungrateful idiots. We revisit LuAnn’s fall into the bushes – HAHAHAHAHA! – her subsequent fall (which wasn’t quite as funny), tequila day, Dorinda stabbing herself, and end with the rose and thorn dinner. It’s fun to watch their reactions. It’s so good, we see the clips of LuAnn falling again. Andy says in ten years, he’s never seen her drunk like that. LuAnn says she never gets out of control, but it was a long drinking day and she hadn’t eaten. Andy says Bethenny brought them to the epicenter of alcohol.

Andy asks why Ramona thought she should get the best room, considering how she stood with Bethenny? Ramona doesn’t know what she was thinking. I’m not so sure Ramona does think, and Dorinda reads my mind, saying she wasn’t. Andy brings up Sonja making out with the ladies, and taking it to a new level. Sonja says now that LuAnn is married, she had to find new victims. Carole thinks Sonja might have given her a hickey. Andy asks how Dorinda cut herself, and Bethenny calls her a gangster. Dorinda says she didn’t feel a thing. She saw the blood in the morning, and thought she had her period. Andy asks Bethenny whey she didn’t want to be psychoanalyzed by Dorinda. Bethenny says that Dorinda saying she was controlling was like saying H2O is water.

Bethenny tells Andy that everyone was great on the trip, but she feels self-conscious about her success. She wanted the trip to be perfect, because the main event centered around her business. She says this season was the funniest of all of them. They talk about the pool apology again, and how funny it was that Bethenny and Ramona had barely spoken in weeks, and then ended up hugging nakey, separated by a pool noodle.

Andy asks what everyone’s rose and thorn for the season was. LuAnn’s rose was getting married, and her thorn was hearing all the stuff about Tom, although she appreciates everyone having her back. I cringe again, thinking she would soon be divorcing. Dorinda says that daughter Hannah starting her new life was her rose, and her thorn was arguing with Bethenny. For Tinsley, moving back to NYC and meeting Scott were roses, but fighting with Sonja was pretty thorny. Sonja’s rose was making up with Dorinda (who said there’s always next season), but for her thorn, felt she gave Tinsley too much tough love, and should have backed off. No surprise that Carole’s thorn was the election results, but she had a rose in going to Washington DC for the Women’s March. Ramona has both a rose and thorn in Bethenny, with acting out toward her, then making up with her. Bethenny says her rose was a sense of personal freedom after the Vermont trip, and she didn’t have a thorn. Andy wonders what about her struggle with Ramona, and she says it might have been both, but she had other stuff going on.

We end with a shot of tequila. Toast to strong drink and strong women.

👰 🚫 Next Wednesday, Andy will be interviewing LuAnn one-on-one at 11 pm.

🍴 On MasterChef, the first half was a Mexican-themed tag team challenge, and a mystery box revealing Nutella, with which they made a breakfast. My stomach doesn’t like the idea of Nutella for breakfast, unless it’s spread on toast. Jason won, and got to pick the teams for the tag team. Cate and Dino were the winners there, and Caitlin got sent home. The contestants then went to Big Bear Lake where rainbow trout was featured, and the guests being served were Gordon, Christina, and Aaron. Dino headed up the blue team, and Cate was the red team captain. Note to self: Never put cornmeal on rainbow trout. If nothing else, you will piss off Gordon. The teams picked the one dish they wanted each judge to taste. Christina got some fish bones from the red team, but they still won the challenge. Jeff acted like a huge baby because the red team got to have fun on the water while the blue team awaited their fate. Back at the MasterChef kitchen, the pressure test was to make truffles. The candy kind. Yachecia’s were a mess, prompting Gordon to ask if she’d bitten into one. She was also missing some, although Gordon praised the two that actually looked like truffles. I was pretty sure she was going home, but Daniel had a chunk of chocolate in one of his. Apparently, this is a cardinal sin in truffle-making, and he got the old heave-ho.




Also Truffles