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June 21, 2017 – a Bump in the Puerto Rican Night, Ramona in a Ponytail, Chef Battles & Rearview Mirrors


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Laura, Doc, and Spencer go to Kelly’s. Spencer says it’s kind of Doc to accommodate him, but he still wants what he had at Windemere. He thinks Charlotte should be embarrassed to call Valentin her father.

Lulu and Charlotte bring Dante’s phone to the station. Charlotte says it looks like the same place where Valentin made the video. Lulu says it is, and Charlotte wonders why, since he’s not a policeman.

Quinn tells Nathan and Amy that pictures are the best sales tool they have. She says traffic on the website spiked as soon as his picture went up. They want to approach the book the same way.  His eyes command attention, and attention turns to sales. Nathan says they can’t use his picture.

Jason leaves another message for Sonny, but gets cut off. My mistake, it’s not Kirby; it’s Garvey who’s after Sonny. I can’t help it if he’s one of those interchangeable characters who looks like a Kirby.

Carly and Sonny get caught in the rain. She wants to put something dry on, but he tells her she looks great as is.

Quinn says a new author like Nathan is in no position to make demands. Amy says he doesn’t think of himself as an author, just a typical guy giving advice. People feel more comfortable approaching him from behind a keyboard. Quinn says his face is the book, but Nathan says it’s about offering people sound guidance. She says no picture, no publisher; his face is the brand.

Nina gives Nelle some instructions. She says it’s a lot of work because they’re so backed up, but if an article holds Nelle’s interest, bring it to her attention. Nina notices a bracelet Nelle has on that Charlotte made out of macaroni. She has one too.

Dante sits Charlotte on his desk. He asks if she remembers what happened at the Nurses Ball. She says everyone was scared. Lulu says Valentin had to answer some questions about it, so he made the video there too. Dante says there are other people who have questions, and he went to answer them. Charlotte says then he’ll come back like he promised.

Jason thinks he should call Max, but Sam isn’t too sure. Jason is having enough trouble convincing them he’s out of the business. Michael knocks on the door. He has paperwork for Jason; they’re reorganizing the family trust. Jason tells him that Sonny’s phone keeps dropping out of service. Michael says that he and Carly are in Puerto Rico, and to try the landline. He asks if it’s important, and Jason says it could be.

Sonny makes a fire, and the rain is REALLY LOUD. So LOUD, I can barely hear them. Lightning strikes, and Carly jumps into Sonny’s arms. She says sorry, it seemed so close. The electricity goes out, but he says the storm shouldn’t last too long. She reminds him of when they were trapped for four days, and he said it was only going to be a couple of hours. She says it was one of her favorite times there. She lights some candles, and he talks about the time they taught the boys to play poker. She says that Sonny almost folded to let Morgan win.

Nathan tells Quinn that he appreciates the meeting, and Amy asks to confer with her client. In the hallway, Nathan tells Amy that he wants to help, but he can’t let her put his face on the book. Amy says she has a fix, but he says he can’t do his job with people thinking he’s an advice columnist. She asks him to let her try and save the deal. He says as long as his face doesn’t end up on a book cover. Amy tells Quinn they’ll do the photo shoot.

Spencer asks if anyone has been back to Windemere, but Laura wants to talk about something more pleasant. Spencer wants to address the issue of his stolen inheritance, but she says it wasn’t stolen. Doc explains about the will, and how the estate went to Valentin. Spencer lost his claim when Stavros died. They didn’t realize it, but it’s always belonged to Valentin. Spencer asks why Valentin didn’t claim it before, and Laura says it was only made known after Helena died. He asks what happens if Valentin goes to prison, and Laura tells him that Nina will probably decide.

Nina says she keeps telling herself it’s for the best; Lulu is Charlotte’s biological mother, and it might confuse her. Nelle says that isn’t true. She got to see the family up close, and Charlotte adores her. Nina says she did, but she’s living with Lulu now. Nelle thinks it’s best for Nina to stay in Charlotte’s life; there’s nothing confusing about a mom and a stepmom. Nina says Lulu wouldn’t be happy with it, but Nelle says Charlotte’s happiness is more important than Lulu’s comfort level.

Jason tells Michael that an old associate might be coming after Sonny. Michael wonders why Julian would say anything, and Sam says he claims that he’s trying to be better person, even though they don’t believe it. Michael says he’ll give Max the guy’s name, and have him tighten security. Jason asks if he’s sure that’s all. Michael promises that he’s not going anywhere near his father’s business, but that brings him to other reason he’s here. He asks if Jason wants to join him at ELQ.

Carly and Sonny drink to the best hurricane he can remember. She tells Sonny that he makes strong drinks, and he says they just have to relax and wait out the storm. She says it’s better than waiting at the airport. They both hear some noise outside, and Carly asks, what’s that? Sonny tells her to stay there and he’ll check.

Amy tells Quinn that they’ll do the shoot on Nathan’s terms. They’re not to show his face full to the camera. They want to preserve the mystery, so he’s in a shadow and only one eye is shown. Quinn says the customer needs a reason to pick up the book in the first place, and Amy says, exactly. A man’s face is in the shadow, with one brilliant blue eye showing; it makes them curious pick up the book, and it’s sold. Quinn says they’ll do it her way.

Lulu says there are new things Charlotte is getting used to, like thinking of them as family. Charlotte says papa and Nina are family too. Lulu says he had to go away, and truthfully, none of them know when he’s coming back, but she has plenty of people who love her. Charlotte says sometimes Spencer isn’t nice, and Lulu says that Charlotte can always come to her.

Nina looks at the family photo on her desk. Nelle comes into the office, and says she found something Nina might like. It’s a backstage account of a fashion show from an anonymous dresser. Nina likes a new point of view, and says she’ll read it. She asks Nelle to pick up a quinoa/kale salad that Kelly’s makes special for her, and tells Nelle to get lunch for herself too.

Michael talks about sustainable energy sources getting pushed back from Ned, and how he needs someone to get accurate feedback on the profitability. He tells Jason that there’s a lot of travel involved. Jason says he has no experience, but Michael says he’s a problem solver. When going over qualifications for a project manager, he realized Jason would be perfect.

Carly picks up a fireplace poker, and almost hits Sonny. He says good thing he checked. An intruder is outside, and it’s no one she wants to mess with. I’m thinking it’s a racoon or something.

Michael needs someone he can trust, and can’t think of anyone better, but Jason says it’s not the right time. He says Michael will need him to be away, and he’s been away enough. Sam says they can make it work. Michael gets a text from Nelle wanting to meet at Kelly’s, and he replies that he’s on his way. Sam asks if there’s a time limit, and Michael tells her the middle of next month. She asks if they can think about it for a couple of days, and he says okay, but needs to fill the position asap. He leaves, and Jason asks if she’s trying to get rid of him. Sam says that she wants him to have a challenge not involving Sonny

Carly says that parrot is still here? It’s Tito, the mean escape artist parrot. She asks if he’s okay with a rogue parrot that scared her to death, and tries to bite the guests. Sonny asks why she’s so jumpy.

Jason didn’t realize that Sam was still worried about Sonny. She says he seems fixated on warning him, and turned Michael down without even thinking about it. She wonders if he’s worried that he’ll be away if something happens to Sonny.

Quinn says once contracts are signed, they’ll schedule the photo shoot. She thinks it has mass appeal, and Man Landers is compelling. She’s overnighting the contracts. In the hallway, Amy is thrilled. She thinks the mystery man thing works for them, and thanks Nathan for trusting her and not walking out. She says it’s a huge deal for her and her brother, and hugs him.

Spencer asks what Nina has to do with it; a virtual stranger gets to decide the fate of Windemere? Laura says Valentin’s team of lawyers are probably hashing it out, and he asks if it wasn’t Shakespeare who said kill all the lawyers? He goes to bathroom, and Laura tells Doc that she was hoping boarding school would reign in his behavior. Doc says it helps create distance between him and his grief, and he keeps control with things as they were. Laura thanks him, and he says it’s been a blessing. They’ve fulfilled his life in ways he never imagined. They kiss.

Michael asks Nelle what the good news is, and she tells him about the job at Crimson. She says he was right. The bird pooping on her shoulder might have been good luck, and she thinks things are turning around.

Amy understands what an imposition it is, and how Nathan isn’t comfortable, but Nathan says he’s glad to help. She says Chet would do the same in his position, because he’s a good person. He says he’s doing it for her.

Michael asks how Nelle decided on fashion publication, and Nelle says it decided on her. She thinks it’s going to be a good fit. Michael says they have to celebrate. She says she’s just there to pick up lunch. He says ELQ is sponsoring a concert in park, and asks her to go with him.

Sam says she’d know Jason was safe if he worked for Michael. He says he’ll be right here, and not overseas working for Sonny or troubleshooting for ELQ. He says he doesn’t regret leaving Sonny’s business. He says he’s worried though, and wants to fly down. She says he can’t

Sonny tells Carly to relax. She says everywhere she looks, she sees the boys and goes over memories. She says the four of them were together, and there was enough time for everything. Sonny says time ran out. They look sadly at each other.

Nathan asks if Charlotte is joining the PCPD, but Lulu says they’re headed to Lila’s Kids. Dante says thanks for the phone, and asks how Nathan is.

Nelle asks if it’s a date, and Michael asks if they’re allowed. She says yes, and tells him she’ll see him later.

Doc thinks Spencer’s been gone a long time, and goes to check. Nelle says hello to Laura, and asks how Charlotte is. Laura says she’s enjoying Lila’s Kids, especially the arts and crafts. Doc comes back, saying that Spencer is gone.

Spencer walks into Nina’s office. He asks if he’s addressing Nina Reeves or Nina Cassadine, and says they need to talk.

Sam says Jason claimed he didn’t want to be part of the business. He says he just wants Sonny to know there’s a threat. Sam says she’s coming with him.

Carly tells Sonny that she sees Morgan everywhere on the island, and the worst thing that could happen really happened. Sonny says their son is gone. Carly says that no matter how happy you are, it’s just a moment that can disappear. He tells her thinking that way robs them of what they have right now. he says maybe they can be happy again. They kiss. Someone lurks in the shadows.

Tomorrow, Laura looks for Spencer, Jordan wants to cool things off with Curtis, and Sam isn’t letting Jason out of her sight.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Carole meets Tinsley for breakfast. Tinsley says her mother is coming to town, and accompanying her to look for apartments. They talk about going to the NY Botanical Garden Winter Wonderland Ball, and Carole looks up the pictures online, using her phone. Tinsley is happy to be in the press for something good. She says she’s glad to be back in the swing of things, and that she’s still going to counseling for what happened to her. Carole says she should redefine herself, starting with cutting her hair. In her interview, Carole says reinvention is not repetition. Tinsley says she’s not changing her look or her life.

Sonja packs for her trip, while Frenchie makes hors d’oevres. He’s going to be spending part of his time in Paris. Sonja says she doesn’t like when he walks in on her in the bathroom, and he tells her she should close the door. She says Tinsley keeps saying she’s leaving, but she wants to make sure that Tinsley is comfortable back in the city first. Sonja talks to Frenchie about how the girls are gossiping. Frenchie says he doesn’t like that they make a bigger deal out of Rocco than he is. In her interview, Sonja says she has a good time with Rocco, and until she doesn’t, she’s going to see him.

Ramona facetimes with Ashley. She’s proud of herself for redecorating without a decorator. I had to do that after we had a flood, and didn’t think it was that huge of an accomplishment. She’s having a sort of housewarming party, and invited Bethenny, wanting to bridge the gap. Ashley thinks she should give it space, and then try to straighten it out for the sake of their play friend group.

Tinsley and realtor friend Chris meet with her mother, Dale. Chris shows them a four-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment that’s only nine grand a month. Tinsley says her mother has no idea what downtown is, and thinks Manhattan is only the Upper East Side. They move on.

Carole’s friend/interior designer, John, arrives. She wants to get her 60-year-old couch recovered. She dumps fabric swatches out of a tote bag. John thinks cat-friendly is the way to go. Adam shows up, and Carole gives him some of the stuff he left behind. In her interview, she says things are going much better now that Adam has moved out, since she lives in a tiny apartment. Her definition of tiny being different from mine. The disagree over who owns a Buddha head. Omg, this is so high school.

Dale is much more approving of the next apartment. It is pretty impressive, and also nine thousand a month. Chris thinks it’s more bang for her buck and much more “her.” Tinsley is afraid of moving too fast, but won’t feel like she’s really back until she has her own place. She starts to get teary, and Dale suggests staying at a hotel. The apartment has its own elevator, and I want to cry.

Frederik visits Bethenny’s loft, and says that it smells cleaner. We flash back to him telling her it’s too cluttered. He thinks it looks a lot better and you can breathe now. He says get rid of the bar and they’ll get five and a quarter (million). Bethenny has spent a lot on the bar, and is concerned about it breaking if they try to move it.

Carole calls Dorinda, asking if she’s packed for Washington, where they’re going to protest at the Women’s March. They’re leaving in the morning. Carole is taking her lucky monkey.

Sonja meets Rocco at a bar and bakery. He tells her that Frank Sinatra practically lived there. In her interview, Sonja says she’s between a Rocco and a hard place. Since Frenchie knows about Rocco, she now has to tell Rocco about Frenchie. Rocco has had the place closed so that they can have dinner privately. They discuss Tom, and Rocco says he cheated when he was young. Sonja starts to stammer, and tells him about taking a complete stranger home one night. She thought he was going back to Paris, but now he’s smitten with her. She dances around the fact that he’s moved in. She tells Rocco that there aren’t any more guys in her life like either one of them. If I didn’t know what she was saying, I would have no idea what she was saying. Rocco says anyone can have sex, but friendship is important. In her interview, Sonja says Frenchie is possibly an infatuation, while Rocco is in it for the long haul. Rocco asks where she thinks it’s going with them, and Sonja answers without answering. They toast to the next kiss.

Dorinda and Carole march. We see lots of pink hats. Dorinda’s daughter, Hannah, joins them as well. Carole says she wants to hold this administration accountable, and feels they’re standing on the right side of history. Dorinda feels like a better person for being involved, and says this is huge. Hannah is proud to be a woman. It’s all well and good, but sounds like the Occupy Wall Street thing, where the protesters never really said what they were protesting about. Today’s word for this whole episode is, vague.

Tinsley wants to get rid of the tattoo of her husband’s initials, and her friend Anika says she didn’t even take her ex’s last name. Ha-ha! Ramona gets ready for her party. She has a cool flat screen TV where a non-Yule log is burning. Carole thinks Ramona is more traditional than the apartment reflects, and that she’s sporting an I Dream of Jeannie vibe. Dale compliments Ramona on her high ponytail. Dorinda presents her with a candle. Harry arrives. Ramona thinks she’s the only one he hasn’t dated. He asks about Sonja, who’s late. Tinsley has known him forever, but wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole. He makes inappropriate comments and follows her.

Sonja blows in. She’s not drinking again, and goes the other way when she sees Harry. Too late; he’s seen her. She tells him she’s turned a new leaf, and he’s in Paris. Everyone makes small talk. Luann is happy that everyone is happy for her and Tom. She assumes Bethenny isn’t coming, and Dorinda says that Ramona and Bethenny aren’t talking. Ramona says she did invite Bethenny, but she RSVP’d she wasn’t coming. In her interview, Ramona thinks the RSVP is a step forward. Carole suggest that Ramona call or text privately, but Ramona wanted to show there were no hard feelings – even though Bethenny was “as bad as [she] was.” Here comes that backhand. She tells Carole she doesn’t remember exactly what she said, and Carole tells her that she’d had too much to drink. Dorinda says she uses alcohol as an excuse all the time. Ha-ha! Ramona says she loves Bethenny, and does want to apologize. Harry bugs Sonja.

Ramona says she wasn’t really thinking when she made up the guest list. Missy, who’d thought she was dating Tom and walked in on him with Luann, is there. Tom tells Luann that Missy is happy for them. In her interview, Luann says it’s healthy to be friends with your exes. Harry pumps Missy for the deets, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Dorinda vogues. Sonja says that Ramona is a pot stirrer, like we didn’t know, and that Ramona has been telling her what everything cost. They hear something crash in another room, and Sonja calls out, $12.99!

Next time, Bethenny wants to go snowboarding, Tinsley goes to therapy, and Dorinda comes for Sonja at yet another dinner fail.

🍲 On MasterChef, lifeguards were fed, but I was left with the question of wth is a purple green bean? If it’s purple, how can it be green? I have to admit to being a little happy when contestant Jennifer’s pork was undercooked. She’s a debt collector who claims her job is stressful, but I’ll bet it’s not nearly as stressful as it is for the people she hounds. Gordon basically said she let a setback cause her to “disintegrate.” Sadly, the balcony got polled, and she got to stay. She seems like a real jerk who can barely form a sentence, so there’s hope for more mistakes.

🎣 The challenge teams on The f Word were Slaw & Order (cops from Peachtree, GA – a gorgeous town) vs the The Food Bosses (a family who moved from the big city to a simpler life in rural TN). They made a New York strip steak with a dry rub, sautéed mushrooms, and potatoes. Andy Cohen had a cook-off with Gordon, and although I missed what they were cooking, Andy burned it. He doesn’t exactly strike me as the chef type. More like a Seamless customer. Joel McKale did some grilling, and Gordon did some scuba diving. He caught and cooked some spiky Caribbean pest fish that don’t belong in Islamorada, Florida, but make a tasty meal. Leslie Jones (love her! and she looks fantastic!) discussed grits and other food with Gordon. She also did a guess-the-food game, and we’ve all been forewarned that we probably don’t want to eat durian fruit. Or grasshoppers.

Gordon periodically checks with the diners about the team challenge, and I laughed when one said the potatoes were like something he’d make in the middle of the night when he was drunk. Personally, that’s when I prefer a can of Chef Boyardee anything. On Father’s Day, Gordon and daughter Mathilda challenged the world record holders, the McCurdys, for the number of eggs cracked with one hand. No shells in the glass, and one hand behind the back. I might be good for two or three. Maybe one. The McCurdys kept their title, bringing up their total as well. The Food Bosses won the challenge by a narrow margin. Next week, Gordon goes undercover again, and on a lake trip.

⌛ Andy Cohen: Then & Now brought us Being Rich: the 80s tonight, and how those spending habits then affect us now. Erika Girardi explained that money only brings out who you really are – if you’re a poor a-hole, you’ll be a rich a-hole. Mega-mansions; Donald Trump’s golden penthouse; the Playboy mansion (purchased in the 70s for one million), which Mauricio Umansky just sold for $100 million to Hugh Hefner’s neighbor, under the proviso that Hugh gets to live there in perpetuity, which is a scary thought; and Lisa Vanderpump’s Villa Rosa (Giggy’s house!). They’ve downsized since then, but she told us that as long as she and Ken have their own bathrooms, they’ll stay married. I understand. Kyle Richards said that today it’s all about the “smart house,” but I say no thanks. I’ve read Ray Bradbury’s short stories. A parade of amazing weddings came next. Carson Kressley weighed in on the topic, and I noticed he was wearing some seriously distressed jeans with a nice sportcoat, tie and pocket square. Shame on him. Larry Fortensky, the first trophy husband, is discussed, and it’s pointed out that while lavish weddings were once the thing, now it’s secret weddings a la Adele or Branjelina. Body maintenance was kept a secret in the 80s, but not really. One of Andy’s guests suggested that one day we’ll be able to download our soul into the cloud, and I almost fell off my chair laughing. Pre-nups! The Cat Lady! Who, btw, got billions in alimony, with the caveat that she can’t use any of it on plastic surgery. Greed is good, and Silicon Valley rich vs hedge fund rich. Bill Gates is worth $86 billion today, just in case you were wondering. Private jets, limos and yachts, and Robin Leach revealing that the most outrageous limo had a landing pad, hot tub, and a putting green. It was all about exclusivity and excess. Ah, the good old days. I miss them, and I’ll miss this show, as it’s the season finale. I love a good retrospective.


June 14, 2017 – Return of the Original Spinelli, Luann Gets Married, Gordon Kicks Butt & 2008


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

FYI, GH did not air anything new yesterday, so we didn’t miss anything. Areas where the Sessions testimony wasn’t on, got a rerun.

Jason looks at the shipping label from Jake’s package. Sam gets angry, and tells him this whole thing needs to be over.

Jake has a session with Andre. Elizabeth asks to talk to him for a second. She’s worried about Jake’s recovery. She says he’s been acting like nothing ever happened. She wonders if it’s part of Helena’s plan, and there’s something else to be triggered.

In Kelly’s with Nathan, Nina wonders if she should personally drop off a dress she has for Charlotte. She misses her, but Charlotte is getting used to living with Lulu now.

Anna visits Lulu. She hopes that Valentin hasn’t escaped custody, but Anna says he’s in custody in the Netherlands. She explains about the video that Valentin recorded; she promised she would show it to Charlotte.

The old Spinelli is back! He tells Sonny he’s sorry for his loss. Sonny says Ava is paying for what she did. Carly comes in, but Spinelli says unfortunately duty calls, and he can’t stay. Carly tells Sonny that Brick is cool, but she misses Spinelli, and Sonny should be grateful he has two geniuses to count on. Sonny is glad to see her, but she says they need to talk about what happened yesterday.

Nina says she did what Nathan wanted. She’s gotten the divorce papers back, and Valentin is in the Netherlands. Nathan says regardless of how he feels, Valentin loved her and it can’t be easy. Nina says they were a family, and it was the happiest time in her life, but it’s over. She says she also knows there was a part of Valentin that he couldn’t outrun, and that’s why he’s in prison. She’s moving on without bitterness or regrets. Well, maybe one regret.

Lulu tells Anna that they talked about Valentin visiting and reassuring Charlotte, but the WSB moved too fast. As usual, thinking only of herself, Lulu says Charlotte is doing great and doesn’t want to upset her by showing it to her. Anna says she gave her word. Lulu asks if there’s honor among spies, and Anna says they call it being human. He was a good father and wanted to say good-by. What is Lulu going to do when Charlotte asks later why her father never said good-by? I vote for lie and make a mess of things.

Andre sees no signs of a hidden agenda. His best advice to Elizabeth is to treat Jake like the others, and not like he’s under a microscope. She should trust how he’s doing. Everyone carries traces of trauma, but the important thing is to face it and not fear it; life continues.

Jason tells Sam that they can’t assume the threat is over. Helena is dead, but someone was working for her. Sam asks why it has to be him that finds them. Jason says a weapon was put in his son’s hands and he’s not letting it go. He asks her what’s going on. She says nothing; she’s just tired, and maybe coming down with something. Jason suggests someone else watch Scout, and she go back to the spa. She says she’s not a spa kind of girl, and he tells her to take a nap. If she feels up to it, maybe they can have lunch at the MetroCourt. She tells him be careful, and he says he always is.

Carly tells Sonny that things got emotional, and Sonny says no surprise. It was like the clouds parted when Ava confessed. It won’t bring Morgan back, but they have answers, and don’t have to believe they failed. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if she died. Carly says she got an update from Bobbie, and Ava’s condition has been upgraded to stable, and she’s even improving. Carly asks what if she never pays, but Sonny says she will in one way or another. He tells her to forget about Ava; he wants to feel what he did yesterday, and won’t let Ava change that. Carly brushes him off, saying she can’t do this.

Amy 2.0 asks Nathan for a favor. He says no, without even knowing what it is. He tells her that he’s not being the face of her advice column. She says he’s the only one who can save the book deal.

Lulu tells Anna that the last thing Charlotte needs is a reminder of a father who put her life at risk. Anna thinks that’s funny coming from someone with Luke as a father. You tell her, Anna. Lulu says that she’s not traumatizing Charlotte. Anna says it’s nothing cryptic; it’s sweet, and he tells her that wherever he is, he’ll be thinking about her. She adds that he’s promised to come back. Nina is at the door, and asks if that’s true, and if there’s a chance he could be released.

Jason meets with Spinelli. He explains about the package sent to Jake, and how it was really from Helena. Spinelli looks at the shipping label and says, The Jackal takes over.

Elizabeth drops by Jason’s place, wearing a beautiful lace top over a tank. She asks Sam if she can leave Jason a message. She tells Sam what Andre said, and wishes she felt they were past the danger. She mentions the shipping receipt, and Sam says that Jason is out looking for the mystery delivery man, and who knows what trouble that will start. Elizabeth says she just wants Jake safe, but Sam hears different voices in her head talking about being safe, like what happened to her at the spa. Elizabeth asks her about being an emergency contact while Jake is at camp, and is about to give her some information, but Sam sees her taking a gun out of her purse. Elizabeth hands her the forms, saying that she hopes it’s not an imposition. She asks if Sam is okay.

Spinelli tells Jason that he’s found security cameras in the area where the package came from.

Andre tells Jake that they’re just going to talk, and if he feels uncomfortable, just let him know. They do word association. He asks what he thinks of when he hears mom and dad – motorcycle riding and pizza – and has him elaborate. Then Andre says, Cassadine Island, and Jake is silent. He tells Jake what he thinks about – a little boy a lot like him, only younger, alone except for someone whispering in his ear. Jake says maybe, and Andre continues. He thinks the little boy had no one to talk to except an old woman telling him he was meant to do bad things. He says it’s a lot, but if Jake trusts him, he needs him to look at him. He tells Jake that he’s not that little boy anymore; he’s home and safe. He has his mom and dad and his brothers; he has Andre. He’s back where he belongs. He’s not a bad guy; he’s a good guy. I don’t think this is how word association works, but Andre is the psychiatrist. At a hospital I will never go to.

Carly tells Sonny that Josslyn knows. She says one minute they’re at each other’s throats, and the next they’re kissing. Sonny says he doesn’t blame Josslyn for being confused, but after what they’ve been though, it feels right. Carly says they keep going through the same cycle, and asks if he wants to go through it again. He says they made bad choices out of grief, but they can do better. Carly doesn’t want to risk doing it again, and risk hurting the ones they love. He asks if that’s really it, or is she still pissed about Jax?

Anna tells Nina that the WSB is confident they can secure a conviction. Nina talks about Valentin saying he’d be back last time, and he was. Anna can’t speculate. Nina says she knows Charlotte will miss him. Lulu has to pick her up, and asks Nina to wait to give her the dress personally. Anna says what about the message, but Lulu doesn’t know. She leaves, and Nina apologizes for putting Anna on the spot. Anna says it’s no secret how Lulu feels and why. Nina says it’s just them, and she wants to know what’s going to happen to Valentin.

Amy tells Nathan that there’s no book deal unless they can meet the man behind the column. Nathan says there is no man, and she should take credit for her own work. Clearly, he doesn’t have the answers to anyone’s problems, and the answer to this is no. He suggests she find someone else, and she tells him thanks for nothing. Geez, they’re basically acquaintances – Amy II expects a lot.

Anna doesn’t know what’s going to happen, but Valentin is living proof of what happens when the WSB wants to tie something off. She says the Chimera shouldn’t have existed in the first place, and they have to blame someone. She thinks they’re going to make Valentin the scapegoat. She doesn’t support it, but his hands aren’t clean. Nina says neither are her sister’s. Anna says they had her in custody, but she got away. She hates what Alex did, and thinks she should stand trial. Nina says it doesn’t matter; they’re getting divorced. Nina asks if Anna thinks she’s a coward. Anna says she can’t tell Nina how to think or feel, but the story isn’t black and white. The man she knew and married, Charlotte’s father, is a good man. She thinks he’s the man he wanted to be before it went so horribly wrong.

Carly says what Sonny did to Jax was wrong, but if the positions were reversed, she’d do the same. Sonny says thanks for admitting that they’re alike, which is why they belong together. She tells him that when things go wrong, they don’t balance each other out; they implode. He asks if she still wants a divorce.

Sam tells Elizabeth she’s sleep deprived and thinks she might be getting a cold. Elizabeth ask if she wants a doctor appointment, but Sam says no, and of course she can use her as a contact for Jake; she’s actually honored. Elizabeth asks her to have Jason call if he finds out anything. Sam says the guy is probably long gone, and Elizabeth says she hopes Sam is right. When Elizabeth is gone, Sam tells herself to get a grip. It’s nothing sleep won’t cure.

Spinelli tells Jason that maybe there was no delivery truck, and the guy came in a car. He notices one that was in the vicinity a couple of times. He can’t get clear image of a face, but gets the license plate. Jason says good thing Spinelli isn’t in the business anymore, or he might have to hack into government records and find out who owns the car. They smile at each other.

Lulu comes back with Charlotte. Nina tells Charlotte she missed her, and asks about camp. Charlotte asks if papa is back, but Nina says that she brought her something. Charlotte opens the box and says the dress is prettier than she’d imagined. Nina says she told them how to make it, so she’s the designer. Charlotte thanks her. Nina tells Charlotte that there have been a lot of changes, and she’s here living with her mom and new family. Nina thinks it’s cool, and wants her to know they won’t see each other that much anymore. Charlotte asks if she’s going away, but Nina says no. Charlotte is with her mom and family now, and she’s happy for her, but no matter what, she loves her. Charlotte says she knows, and loves her too. They sing a song together. Anna tells Lulu it’s not about them; it’s about Charlotte.

Sam wakes up startled, and thinking someone is there. She calls out, who are you, and what do you want? I’m not sure why people do that. If someone is sneaking around your house, they’re probably not going to answer those questions. Sam hears Scout crying, and goes upstairs.

Spinelli tells Jason that it’s a rental car, and he has to look up the license of the renter. After a moment, Spinelli says, got him.

Andre tells Elizabeth that he and Jake had a good talk. He’s a sensitive, bright boy, and they’re on the right track. Jake tells Andre he doesn’t want to be a magician anymore. Maybe he wants to play baseball. An orderly watches them from the hallway.

Lulu tells Charlotte that Anna has something for her too, from her papa. Anna tells her that Valentin was sad that he didn’t get to see her before he went away, but he made a video for her. She says she can set it up for privacy, but Charlotte wonders if Nina should hear it too, since she didn’t get to say good-by either.

Carly says she’ll sign everything back over to Sonny, and they can each keep what they brought to the marriage. He says rationally, it makes sense, and she asks if he agrees. He says they’ve been divorced before, and it didn’t change anything; they’re a part of each other. She says maybe they need to let go, and hugs him. That’s not letting go. She leaves, and Sonny ponders.

Charlotte gives Nina an earbud. She says she knows that Nina misses papa too. They listen together.

Amy is on the phone, saying she’ll find another way, and she’s sorry it’s going to take longer to find the money, but don’t give up, adding, I love you. Nathan overhears.

Sam says mommy needs her nap too, and gets back on the couch.

Spinelli asks Jason if he recognizes the guy, and he says yes. His name is Costa Phillipos, and he’s the orderly who was watching Jake.

Elizabeth thanks Andre. Jake says, happy mom, happy life. Andre thinks he might have a future as a baseball playing, motorcycle riding psychiatrist. Jake says he’ll think it over. The orderly follows them as they leave.

Tomorrow, Griff might know what’s wrong with Sam, Jake and Costa meet, and Olivia-F tells Julian to stay out of Leo’s life.

The Real Housewives of New York City

It’s morning at Sonja’s place, and her lover, Frenchie, is there. He’s already been up and out, and brought her a poinsettia, and is making eggs. In her interview, she says he’s taking it seriously, and it looks like they’re dating, and she’s dating Rocco. Tinsley comes down. She likes when Frenchie spends the night because she gets breakfast. In her interview, Tinsley tells us that originally Sonja had picked him out for her, and then scooped him up. They discuss relationships and labels. Zzzz… IMO nobody likes labels because they’re afraid to commit. To anything. In her interview, Sonja says it’s scary, and not what she was looking for, but expects things to fall into place. Frenchie mentions Rocco, so he’s not as ignorant as Sonja thinks. He makes more eggs, and I think I’m in love.

Bethenny is decorating for her holiday party. She wants it to be a glam NYC party. A super gigantic bottle of SkinnyGirl is brought in. There’s a luge made of ice on it, and some kind of contraption that you can drink out of. Someone gave me a bottle of her Cosmopolitan once, and it was good, but I was like, where’s the liquor? Dorinda throws a gift together in the car. Ramona wasn’t invited. She’s going out with Avery and her girlfriends instead. Do they know? Sonja is off to some faraway place after dropping in. Tinsley jokes that she and Connor are getting together while she’s away, but Sonja isn’t amused.

Bethenny has personalized ornaments for everyone. Dorinda arrives first, and marvels at the caviar. She asks the chef to teach her how to open an oyster. He says eating oysters is like eating the sea. Very poetic. Oyster success! Dorinda says the ornaments are perfect, and Bethenny says she has one for Luann, but she’s away. And Ramona isn’t allowed in her building. Coal for you!

Ramona and the girls go to a restaurant, and she suggests starting with a cocktail. In her interview, she says it’s like Avery’s Sweet Sixteen was yesterday, and now all the girls are in their twenties. Ramona tells the girls about how she blacked out and attacked Bethenny in a rage. She claims that she and Bethenny are a lot alike. One of the girls says she shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells with a friend, and Ramona acts like she’s Yoda. In her interview, Ramona says they have a bond and synergy. Oh… I’m not even sure what to say. We flash back to Dorinda squawking at her about the guest room being trashed.

Tinsley arrives at Bethenny’s party, laden with gifts. Everything is white and feathery, with red, and silver accents. Carole says she’d be a bigger drinker if they all came in an ice sculpture luge. Tinsley talks about Ramona not apologizing for trashing Dorinda’s room, but saying that she shouldn’t have come at Bethenny. Dorinda tells them that she suggested leaving Ramona a can of gasoline next time. Sonja joins the group, and Dorinda says she was recapping. She says that Ramona is all, ignore it and it will go away, and Carole is surprised at Ramona’s aggression. She thinks that divorced life isn’t as fun as Ramona thought it would be. Sonja says Ramona has always trashes hotel rooms. What?

At the restaurant, Ramona tells the story in a whole different way, making up some cock-and-bull story, and pretending it was nothing. <sigh> We saw the pictures. Ramona says how special the girls are to her, and everyone toasts.

Luann gets ready for her big day. Dorinda arrives. Luann thinks she forgot she had to be there early for hair and makeup, and went to the beach. In her interview, Luann says she’s a hopeless romantic (or maybe she’s just hopeless – BA-DUM-CHH!), and Tom is like “home” for her. She feels loved, wanted, and whole as a couple. The attendants come down the aisle, with Luann following with her brother. She says it’s everything she imagined, and of course, she looks breathtaking. The altar is adorned with a simple arch of flowers. In her interview, Luann says a lot of people weren’t supportive, so this is what she has to say to them, and holds up her ring fingers. The bride and groom are announced, and Marilyn Monroe pops out of a cake. The first dance and cake happen while Luann voiceovers about love.

Carole and Bethenny go to Chinatown. They have lunch at a dumpling house where you pick your own dumplings and other dishes out from a cart. Carole wants Bethenny to choose her food. Bethenny says Carole is literally lost in America. They talk about not being invited to Luann’s wedding. In her interview, Carole alludes to something about Tom, but I’m not sure what. That he’s gay? A playboy? I don’t know. Adam has finally moved out. Carole tells Bethenny it’s time, and six months of living together was a lot. She feels like there’s balance again.

Ramona visits Dorinda. Fast wedding. Do we get a special? Dorinda tells Ramona that she forgot to book some of the flights. In her interview, she hopes it wasn’t anything psychological. She says Luann looked like a princess, and shows Ramona some video clips. In her interview, Dorinda tells us that she also forgot her dress. She doesn’t want to go to any more parties right now. Apparently, Luann is having a party for the people who weren’t invited, or as Ramona says, the discards.

Bethenny and Ramona go to an ice cream place, where Bethenny orders green tea Oreo. Carole tries blueberry lavender, and makes a face like you would think. She ends up getting chocolate, and Bethenny tells her that she’s boring.

Sonja says she has to make space for Frenchie’s things. She explains to Tinsley that she told him that he’s more on Tinsley’s list than hers, because he’ll want kids, and he said what about adoption? Sonja pretends to faint. She gives Tinsley instructions on the changes he wants, and says it’s a conundrum. Tinsley wonders if she can make changes too.

NYC at Christmastime is a wonderland. Bethenny hopes this is the last celebration she attends for a wedding she wasn’t invited to. She says she did call Luann a whore though, and deserves her station in life, the aftermath party. Ha-ha! She hits the bar before anyone else gets there. Dorinda is next, and Bethenny says it’s weird that she’s been there by by herself for fifteen minutes. Ever the hostess, even though it’s not her party, Dorinda apologizes. Dorinda tells her about the wedding, and how they have to stop celebrating now. Bethenny says it’s like Ramadan.

Luann arrives – she’s married – time to celebrate! She says she didn’t cut the line, she just got in it, and got a great guy. Ramona thinks the venue is drab, and maybe they ran out of money. She’s the worst. She asks Luann about the wedding, explaining to Avery that it was Luann’s first wedding, since she eloped the first time. Luann tells them how wonderful it was. Ramona thinks Tinsley’s date – Troy, the guy she met at the bar – is more appropriate for Avery. Tinsley happens to look quite young, you jealous thing. I never liked them younger even when I was, but I think you should date/marry whoever you bloody well want to.

Tom talks about Luann putting her heart and soul into the wedding. Sonja makes a grand entrance with Frenchie. She’d been keeping him on the DL, but now her worlds are mixed. Tinsley tells Bethenny about Frenchie moving in, and Bethenny compares it to Three’s Company. I hear Ramona’s annoying laugh. In her interview, Dorinda wonders how that works with Sonja still dating Rocco.

Tinsley’s date is twenty-three. Carole thinks that’s fine, but he’s not husband material for her. Sonja says Ramona generally doesn’t bring one of her victims out in public. In other words, she’s brought a date. Tinsley spills her wine. Troy swills his wine. Frenchie talks about bicycling through a vineyard. Sonja says Tinsley’s date is like, twelve, and Ramona tells her to shush. Tom says Luann is a great cook, and Carole asks if he actually saw her make the food. Sonja introduces them to Frenchie.

Tom says Luann is the best present he ever got. Dorinda bangs on a glass for attention. She says since she made a speech that was barely understandable at the engagement party, she’s making a toast now. She thanks Luann for having them, and asks if they’re done celebrating. Everyone laughs. Encouraged, She gets off on a small tangent about how great the wedding was, even though some of them weren’t invited, and how good it made her feel. Tom says she always makes it nice. Kudos to him for paying attention. He talks about never being happier, and everyone drinks. Bethenny and company drink to the friends that weren’t invited.

Next time, Sonja tells Frenchie that everyone is joking about them, Sonja talks to Rocco, Frederik is back, and Dorinda tries to play peacemaker. Good luck with that.

🍳 Aarón Sánchez has joined Gordon and Christina Tosi as a judge on MasterChef. Gordon told contestant Mark that his American breakfast dish was “hard to look at,” and asked if he was just going through the motions. In all honesty, looking at his plate, I thought I could go through the motions better than that and wondered how he got here. That’s the first time I’ve said that in the history of MasterChef. Not surprisingly, Mark went home. He was a good loser sport, but then negated it by saying if he had two arms, he’d be patting himself on the back. Humility, dude.

🍜 On The f Word, Kal Pen, Max Greenfield, and Katy Perry were guests. The challenge dish was chicken parmigiana, with  spaghetti and broccoli rabe. The challengers were The Meatheads – a group of friends and retired football players – vs Win & Stein – siblings from Boca Raton who dress in costume on Thanksgiving, when they play a game of kickball, a bottle of champagne going to the winners. The Meatheads had the highest percentage of diners saying they’d pay for the meal, therefore moving to the finals. This surprised me, since several of the diners had complained of the chicken being undercooked.

It was National Bourbon Day, so Gordon played a game of truth or fiction with Kal, the loser drinking a shot. Gordon lost miserably, and after a few shots, started tossing them on the floor. After Kal answered wrong, and took an extra shot to make it more even, he found out Gordon’s glasses contained green tea instead. The Guinness world record holder was challenged by Gordon to a match of halibut fileting. (It has to be cut into portions of a certain size as well.) Nineteen-year-old Jenna Fabich lost by 9 seconds, and Gordon now holds the title. Katy and Gordon made meatballs over spiralized vegetables, with Katy being given only vocal instructions, as Gordon set up a partition between them. I find her alternately fun and irritating. I was good with her until she ran away from a smoking pan. If there had been a couch in the vicinity, I’m sure she would have jumped on it. I have to mention too, that this show is filmed live, which adds a certain flavor to the atmosphere. No pun intended, but it is an f-word. Next time, it’s Andy Cohen in a cook-off with Gordon, there’s a fishing excursion, and Gordon’s daughter, Tilly, joins him.

🎪 This week, Andy Cohen’s Then & Now covered 2008 – oh, the year my life started going downhill. Britney Spear’s breakdown, and the YouTube guy who yelled “leave her alone!” Octomom, and Bernie Madoff (even Elie Wiesel got taken). Obama (thanks for ruining my life during your administration) and how that ties into Trump (thanks for ruining my life right now, because I can’t win no matter what party is in office). Ironman, Dark Knight, and the more human superheroes. Heath Ledger’s death, the beginnings of The Real Housewives of the OC, and the housing market crash. Kevin Smith commenting on the comics come to life, and the guys from Million Dollar Listing giving insight into the real estate drop. In an amusing moment, while Sarah Palin was being discussed, Andy accidentally called Tina Fey “Tina Palin.” When cultures collide. An interesting bit of Trivia was also handed to Meghan McCain when Andy told her about a cereal named after her father (and a few other political figures), the profits going to kickstart Airbnb. She was like, my father didn’t see a dime, but more power to them. Next time is the season finale. They didn’t give a year, but it looks like the theme is the rich and famous. I’ll be sad when this is over – it’s been a fun look back!

June 7, 2017 – Nina Says Good-by, Ramona Spontaneously Combusts, 1981 & Lotsa Food


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jordan visits Curtis with a cupcake that has a candle in it. She remembered it was his birthday, and brought his favorite, red velvet. She tells him make a wish, and he says it already came true.

Finn and Hayden talk about the upcoming baby and his drug test. Obrecht overhears.

Elizabeth’s house is being fumigated from the class guinea pig’s visit. Cameran is miffed that he has to go to work with her.

Spencer says he’s still on French time, but Laura tells him to get his intercontinental butt in gear. He says now that Valentin is in custody, he can be in Port Charles permanently, instead of in exile.

Valentin asks Dante and Lulu how Charlotte is. Lulu told her that he’s away on business and there’s a time difference, so they couldn’t call right now, and it seemed to satisfy her. She says she wants what best for Charlotte, and Dante says that’s why they’re here. Valentin is going to prison, and they have to figure out what’s going to happen with her.

Anna thinks about what Valentin said about her own transgressions.

Finn tells Hayden that he’s not taking a backseat to prenatal visits just because he might be reinstated. She wonders why he seems skeptical about reinstatement. He says someone is tampering with his drug screens, but what if it’s not Brad? Hayden tells him good things are coming. She makes him say it, and they kiss.

Elizabeth tells Cameran he needs to do his summer reading. He takes out a comic book, and she’s like, no. Hayden comes to the desk. Elizabeth fills her in as to why Cameran is there, and Hayden says she has the day off, and can take Cameran for the day. She says it will be good practice. Elizabeth asks for what, and Hayden gets vague, talking about someday.

Spencer tells Laura that he knows his father isn’t coming back, but Laura is there, and Alexis. She says they’ve all missed him, but she put him in the school for his safety. Valentin being arrested is a good start, but she wants to know the charges will stick. Spencer talks about Anna being fearless and resourceful.

Mac sees Anna in the park. He says Robert thinks Valentin’s extradition will be hard on her. She says that Robert should mind his own business. It’s her job, but she thinks it has little to do with justice.

Nathan asks Nina how she is, and she says how do you think? To him Valentin is a fugitive; to her he’s her husband and he loves Charlotte. She says they could have gotten away if it wasn’t for her.

Lulu says Charlotte needs to be with her mother. He says she’ll be fine with Nina. Lulu tells him that Nina is the one who turned him in. Because she’s a selfish twit.

Jordan says she has to go to work. Curtis says he only gets one birthday, but she says it will still be his birthday when she gets off. He says it sounds like she has something planned, but he’d be happy to just be with her. She says he already has her, he doesn’t need to game her. He says it’s how he feels, and that every day with her is a gift. She says maybe she could push back some things to the afternoon. They get busy, and Curtis says, happy birthday to me.

Elizabeth agrees to Hayden taking Cameran for the afternoon. Laura arrives with Spencer. He says he moved back home, but Laura says they’re discussing it. He bluffed his way out of boarding school and turned up on her doorstep. Hayden tells him she’s sorry his dad is gone, and makes him promise that they’ll catch up. Elizabeth says that she doesn’t have to take Cameran. Cameran tells Spencer that he just missed Emma, and that they hung out. Laura says that today, Spencer is going to wait quietly while she goes to her meeting. He asks Hayden to save him, and she suggests he come with her and Cameran.

Anna says that Valentin isn’t innocent, but not as guilty as the bureau maintains. Max says she blames Alex. She says so far, Alex is refusing to cooperate, but it will change now that Valentin has been apprehended. She wonders if Alex will pin it all on him.

Nathan tells Nina that Valentin has committed so many crimes, they can’t even try him in the US. It has to go to the ICC. She tells him to stop acting like it’s black and white for her. Years ago, he had a weapon that he sold to Helena and it was horrible, but he also saved her life and got shot because of it. He fell in love with her and made her happier than she’s ever been. He made her part of a family, and it was real. She says she doesn’t know if she can turn her back on him.

Valentin tells Lulu that Nina was acting in Charlotte’s best interest, and will continue to do so as her stepmother. Lulu says she should have been in court this morning then, and he says they didn’t waste time. She asks him to help work through the transition to minimize Charlotte’s confusion and fear. Like it or not, they both have to be her parents right now.

Griff talks to Finn about Ava. He says his real concern is infection, and he needs Finn’s expertise. Obrecht says unless he can’t provide it.

Elizabeth calls Hayden. She’s at Perks with the boys, and she says she’s got this. They order drinks, and she asks if they’re allowed all that caffeine and sugar.

Lulu tells Valentin that Charlotte needs continuity. They need him to tell Charlotte that he wants her to stay with them. They need to make her understand, and it will be hard, but worse if he’s not in their corner. Valentin says he’ll do it on one condition – no one tells her why he’s there. He’ll choose the reason and tell her himself, and they’ll back him up. Lulu agrees. She says it’s really what’s best. Dante says they’ll be in touch.

Max asks if Anna is okay with testifying. She says Alex had no problem keeping her in a drug induced coma and impersonating her. He says what about Valentin? Is she going to be able to take the stand against him?

Valentin has a visitor. It’s Nina. He smiles at her.

Curtis says thanks for his dessert. Jordan says he barely touched it, and he says that he was satisfied with other desert. She leaves for work and there’s a knock at the door. It’s Curtis’s Aunt Stella. She asks if he always answers the door in his altogether, and when was the last time he cleaned. He asks if she’s okay. She says she came to surprise him on his birthday, and asks if it’s a problem. He says no, and tells her to have a seat. He asks if she wants anything, and she says to know what’s going on in his life.

Nathan tells Jordan that Valentin is behaving himself. Nina asks Valentin about his wound, and he says it’s healing. She says he must know they wouldn’t have found him if not for her. He asks if she’s apologizing. She says she didn’t think it would be good for Charlotte to be a fugitive. She thinks he knows that oo, and panicked, which isn’t his style. He says it wasn’t his best plan, but for the record, he was going to send for her. Nina says she’d be a fugitive too. He says they could have continued as a family, and would have been happy. Nina says now they’ll never know.

Anna tells Mac that she doesn’t have much to offer. It would just be her word against his. She can say he took the Chimera from the ballroom with the intention to destroy it, but surrendered it to her. She says she’ll be 100% honest, but any case they have rests with Alex.

Obrecht tells Griff that Finn is suspended and can’t do a consultation, but Griff says no one else is as experienced. Obrecht suggests that Finn’s judgement might be clouded by drugs. Griff asks Finn if he’s under the influence, and when Finn says no, he says it’s good enough for him. Obrecht asks if it will be good enough for Ava if Finn’s faculties are impaired. Griff says it’s just a consult; he’s not treating anyone. As they leave, Obrecht says nor will he be.

Hayden suggests the museum. Spencer likes it, but Cameran would rather go to the park and play soccer. Spencer says he knew it would be too intellectually challenging for Cameran, but they can go and Cameran can find a soccer game. Maybe someone will pick him up like the stray that he is. Cameran tells Spencer that no one missed him, adding that he kissed Emma and she loved it. Spencer throws whipped cream at him.

Laura tells Elizabeth that the meeting canceled. She says she could get Spencer, but Elizabeth tells her to do something for herself. Laura likes the sound of that, but her phone rings. It’s Hayden asking for help. Spencer and Cameran are going wild, throwing things, especially frothy things, all over the place.

Laura arrives at Perks she says that’s enough in her angry grandma voice. She tells the boys that they both know better than this. Cameran says Spencer started it, and Spencer says he was trying to protect himself. Laura tells them to clean up everything. She asks Hayden what happened. Hayden says they had caffeine and sugar and went crazy. She’s pregnant and what kind of mother is she going to be? She starts crying, and Laura hugs her

Finn asks to talk to Obrecht. He says he accepts she doesn’t like him, but doesn’t know why she’d want Ava to suffer. They don’t have to be friends, but just good doctors. He asks her to put her hate for him aside for long enough to do right by the patient.

Curtis tells Stella he’s still doing PI stuff, and really likes Port Charles. He offers to show her around, but she says she doesn’t want to be any trouble. She asks if he’s seeing anyone. He says he’s always seeing someone, and she asks if it’s someone she should meet. He starts talking about the hotel, and she says she can stay with him.

Robert calls Anna. She asks if his ears were burning, and then says, what? when?

Dante wonders if they should pull Charlotte and Rocco out of school for the day. Lulu says she’s worried about how Charlotte is going to handle the news. Dante says she has an extensive support system. Lulu says none of them are her father, and she’s going to find out the truth. She asks when it comes out, what if she blames Lulu? Because all Lulu ever thinks about is herself.

Valentin talks about how Nina turned him in once before, and that she made the right decision, but her eyes betrayed her. He knew he’d see her again. Now he loves her, and can’t imagine life without her. She says it was different last time, and part of her knew he’d come back. This time, he won’t. Even if he beats the charges, he won’t come back to her. He says he loves her. He has a past, and it’s over. Nina says so is the part with her and gives him divorce papers. Argh! My heart!

Stella asks Curtis if she’ll be in his way, and he says no; he’ll crash on the couch. She says she’ll cook, but he says his cupboards are bare. She says they’ll go shopping. He asks how long she’s staying, and she tells him long enough to celebrate his birthday and see TJ. As long as she doesn’t cross paths with his mother, she’ll be fine. Gulp.

Jordan is having something delivered for Curtis’s birthday. Nathan has the transfer information for Valentin, and they go to her office.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s not asking for anything except her freedom. Valentin says what if he doesn’t want to be free from her?

Laura tells Hayden that they don’t pop out like this. By the time they’re at this stage, you’ve learned to wrangle them. She says congratulations, and tells Hayden that she can do this. Hayden asks her not to tell Elizabeth, and Laura agrees to keep it between them.

Griff asks for a word with Finn. Finn asks how soon he can see patients. Griff tells him that the test was positive for opioids, and they have no reason to question the results, since he hasn’t noticed the venomous hate pulsating from Obrecht. Finn says, so he’s suspended.

Nina tells Valentin that she can’t be married to a man in prison, and can’t be step mother to a girl she loves who lives with another family. She says it was gorgeous and beautiful, but it’s over. He asks her not to do this. She says it’s one less thing for him to worry about and leaves. Outside, she leans on the door.

Mac asks Anna if it’s bad news, and she says it depends on your point of view. Alex escaped, and the WSB doesn’t know where she is.

Another visitor comes for Valentin. He says, of course it’s you.

Curtis argues with Stella about Jordan, Michael wants Ava to pay, and Carly asks why Nelle would do anything to help them.

The Real Housewives of New York City

When we last left the Wives, Ramona kept repeating, “Are you kidding me?” twenty-thousand times, after Bethenny told her she hadn’t been a good friend.

Ramona says, “wow,” a few times too. She talks about when Bethenny was sick and she visited. Bethenny informs her that those are crisis moments, and most people rise to the occasion. Ramona says Bethenny has never been there for her the same way. Bethenny brings up some of the idiotic, nasty things Ramona has done, including stealing dresses from her. In a major deflective move, Ramona says Bethenny was topless, had sex in a water bed, and kissed another woman in a film. Bethenny tells her to mention it all, and Ramona says she went out with men for the money. In her interview, Bethenny says she can’t even screw her way to the middle, let alone to the top. Ramona says that Bethenny pretends to be a successful woman, but her brand is done, and Ramona is on top. Bethenny suggests she look at the numbers. In her interview, Ramona says she wants to hurt Bethenny because Bethenny is hurting her. She says Bethenny has always been paid for, while she is a self-made woman. I wonder how much alimony she’s getting. Ramona starts crying about her marriage. Bethenny tells her that she doesn’t see herself, and Ramona calls her an opportunist and user. She says Bethenny is broken, and she feels sorry for her. Ramona says that she loves people, but Bethenny attacked her, so she’s attacking back. Bethenny says she did nothing of the sort, but the truth came out, and Ramona calls her Bethenny the bitchy witch because Ramona has the insult capability of a five-year-old. Bethenny says it figures nobody else was there, and no one will understand what just happened.

Ramona complains to Dorinda about Bethenny. Sonja says she told Ramona to leave Bethenny alone. Ramona tells her own version of the story, which is very different from what we just saw. Bethenny talks to Carole, saying that it defies description, and every jealous thing Ramona has been storing up, came out. In her interview, Sonja says she’s not giving what Ramona says much credence. Ramona claims that Bethenny had sex for money. Dorinda comes to Bethenny’s room, and Bethenny says she’s leaving. Ramona continues to spin everything that Bethenny has ever done. Dorinda says every time Bethenny comes there, it’s a nightmare for her, and she wishes Ramona was the one leaving. Carole says she’ll go back to the city with her. Ramona calls her a loser, saying that Bethenny is just using her. As Bethenny is leaving, Ramona says, you started it (omg, she really is five), and Bethenny says as long as she’s happy with herself. Bethenny tells Ramona that she got her way, and they’ll never speak again. Ramona asks why she’s such a vicious bitch, and Bethenny tells her, that’s why. Ramona insists she was just trying to apologize, doesn’t get what’s wrong with Bethenny, and babbles about how they’ll get over it. Bethenny says she’s never coming back here again.

Feeling better, Tinsley comes downstairs, and is like, wow. Dorinda asks if she was there for the whole thing, but she says she couldn’t, and asks what happened. Dorinda says she didn’t expect such a tremendous argument, but there’s always next year. She talks about coming down to get water at 2 am, and finding Sonja sleeping sitting up at the dining room table. She nearly freaked out, thinking Sonja had died from a heart attack. We all start laughing, as Dorinda paints a picture of her waking Sonja in a panic.

Ramona’s phone rings. In her interview, she says she knows she drank too much and had a loose tongue, but doesn’t remember what she said. However, when she talks to the other women, Ramona makes something else up, including that she’d been defending Dorinda. We flash back to when Ramona criticized Dorinda about John. In her interview, Dorinda says Ramona is trying to backtrack. The Countess LuAnn appears, and says she’s there to make eggs a la Française, which is the cure-all for everything. In her interview, Dorinda tells us that Sonja decided to wear a beautiful pair of pajamas her late husband had given her – that were in a zipped bag in the closet. Doesn’t Sonja have her own loungewear? They are really nice.

Ramona talks to herself about Bethenny as she packs. Seriously, there is something wrong with this woman. Dorinda bids good-by to Luann, and says another one down. Sonja jumps on Tinsley’s bed, and tells her that she’s decided to invade Tinsley’s space. Tinsley says she knows she’s living at Sonja’s, but it’s unfair to make her uncomfortable. She thinks Sonja blew the Conner thing out of proportion. Sonja thinks she’s been easy-going, yet reminds Tinsley again that she can’t use Conner. Tinsley says she’s got it. In her interview, Dorinda says she loves to see them coming, and loves to see the going. Finally, everyone is out.

Back at Dorinda’s apartment on the UES, Dorinda unpacks. She says Ramona trashed her room in the Berkshires, pulling light fixtures off the wall. We see a picture, and I think, who does that? I’m sure I’ve been as drunk as you can get, and I have never once pulled anyone’s light fixtures off the wall. Dorinda says the house in the Berkshires is her home and a legacy, and enough has been taken from her. I’d have Ramona freaking arrested. Dorinda says that Ramona never even said a word. She wonders if Ramona treats all of her friends like this. I’d change Ramona’s tagline to, If you like me, you must have no taste. I also have to mention that her pupils are HUGE. Just sayin’.

Tinsley visits Carole. Carole wonders how Tinsley can still be living at Sonja’s, and is going to show her an apartment in the building. In her interview, Carole says she wants to take Tinsley under her wing a bit. Tinsley says she doesn’t want to overstay her welcome. Carole shows her the apartment along with the owner. It’s gorgeous, no surprise, and also huge. And $7,100 a month. They go back to Carole’s, where Adam is creating a salad for lunch. Carole talks about an art gallery opening, and they discuss the building and the area. Tinsley is concerned about being too far from where she gets her blow-out. Carole wonders if she really wants a change, or does she want to repeat her past life? Adam takes blog pics of them eating the salad. If I could afford it, I’d move in there in a heartbeat. Or a New York minute as it were.

Bethenny and her assistant go over her schedule. Bethenny is feeling overloaded. She finds a dead moth in the closet that she spent ten grand to de-mothify. Her assistant looks up the moth on the internet.

Dorinda meets Jill Zarin and her husband, Bobby, at a restaurant. Dorinda and her late husband had been friends with them. Jill talks about having a luncheon way back when, and we see an old clip with Dorinda in it. Luann arrives with Tom in tow.  The Zarins have been invited to the wedding. Dorinda talks about the fight in the Berkshires. Luann adds that Ramona had been swilling pinot, and brings up Ramona’s interest in Tom’s behavior. Tom says Ramona has made it her mission to dig up dirt on him. Luann says that they don’t let gossip interfere with their relationship. Jill talks about when Ramona blew off her party to do something else, and we see some old clips of altercations between the two of them. Tom says he doesn’t care so much, but feels badly for Luann. Jill says that Ramona’s life is such a mess, she wants everyone else’s to be a mess. She’s lonely, so she wants everyone else to be. Dorinda thinks Ramona isn’t unhappy, but going through something. Like what? Menopause? Jill gets nosy about who was invited to the wedding.

Carole arrives at the gallery opening. She is the subject of many a painting, being the nude muse for the artist. Carole greets Dorinda. They discuss the fight, and Carole thinks both Ramona and Bethenny are coming. Dorinda is about to say something important, when Tinsley interrupts. Dorinda tells them that her house was destroyed, and Ramona’s room was a disaster area. Bethenny joins them, wondering if the topless paintings will bother anyone. Dorinda says the room was trashed. She thinks that somehow Ramona feels betrayed. Bethenny says unless she the one who had sex with Mario, she shouldn’t be treated that way.

Ramona makes a grand entrance. Bethenny heads in the other direction. Dorinda talks about how lovely Carole’s natural boobs are. Ramona acts like an over-enthused jerk about her own anatomy, and I’d be embarrassed to be seen with her. Dorinda tells her that her room was a disaster, and it made her feel depressed. Ramona ignores her, and goes on about something else. Dorinda says if she was a bitch, she’d sue Ramona. Do it! Carole’s dentist arrives, and she introduces him to Tinsley because he’s single.

Sonja blows in. Bethenny greets her, and she asks if Bethenny has put the Berkshires behind her. Bethenny says everything Ramona ever did flashed before her eyes, and now she gets how Ramona feels about her. She says she hit the jack pot, and she never saw someone so jealous about it. She tells Sonja that you can’t be a friend with someone who has a rifle pointed at you. Ramona horns into the conversation, saying hello to Sonja, and Bethenny says ttyl. Sonja starts to reprimand Ramona, but Ramona interrupts, reminding her of last season when Bethenny said she was never talking to Sonja again. She calls Bethenny judgmental, and says she has two sets of rules, and she’s sick of it. I know people who are like that, but I don’t think Bethenny is one of them. Sonja says Ramona messed up, but in typical fashion, can never admit she’s wrong.

Dorinda and Carole discuss the paintings.

Tom and Luann head out to Palm Beach. In her interview, Luann says she’s happy, excited, and nervous; it’s overwhelming and fabulous at the same time. She says they’ve been through hell, but they got through it. They discuss some details in the car. She thinks they shouldn’t be together the night before. Ooh, it’s a private helicopter. Luann says she got the glass slipper and that’s why they’re all pissed off.

This season, sun and fun, snow and fun, Carole sets up Tinsley, Harry makes an appearance, suckerfish Jason Hoppy gets arrested for stalking, a party in Mexico, Bethenny and Ramona tangle some more, and Tinsley and Sonja rumble. Sonja says, welcome to her friend group, like they’re toddlers, which is appropriate.

🎉 Tonight, Andy Cohen’s Then & Now covered 1981 – one of my favorite years! Morgan Fairchild was on the cover of every magazine; Tori Spelling got her first job on Vegas – her one line being “Hi, Uncle Dan.” Dynasty was the big TV show, and also bred shoulder pads. They were in every garment too. Since I’m built like a small football player, I was constantly removing them. The connection to today’s obsession with rich reality TV families, like the Kardashians and the Real Housewives was discussed. Ronald Reagan became POTUS, and was also shot, telling Nancy that he forgot to duck. MTV was born, with Video Killed the Radio Star being its first effort. Bevy Smith commented that it looked like something from a puppet theater, which made me laugh. Truth! The B52s were also interviewed. Fred Schneider is friends with someone I know, and we’ve crossed paths occasionally. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to get a chance to sing Love Shack with him at karaoke.

The Royal Wedding happened, and even I got up before the crack of dawn to watch. It was commented that, although beautiful, Diana’s dress looked heavy and miserable, and that the marriage went much the same way. Lisa Vanderpump also married Ken Todd that year, and used the same dress designer. I think I actually like her dress better. Less poufy. We also now know where Andy keeps his stash – in a Charles and Diana commemorative tea tin. General Hospital‘s Luke and Laura were also wed. I was there too, albeit through my VCR. It was talked about how today, protests would be had and tweets would be sent over the storyline of a rapist marrying their victim. Mommie Dearest was a top film, and also the basis for RuPaul’s Drag Race persona. We also met the first child conceived by IVF, who talked about being trotted out at every life milestone to prove she was still “normal.”

Next time, 2008, Britney Spear’s downfall, Bernie Madoff, and the Octomom.

🍳 MasterChef was still passing out white aprons, the last one going to a cowboy cook. The loser said he was going home proud, as he should be, and that he lost fair and square to a guy with a good cupcake.

🍴 On The f Word, James Corden, funny as usual, competed with Gordon in a cookoff and lost. He commented on how different Gordon was on this show, saying he thought he was always grumpy in the kitchen. The Cooking Cubans faced School Pride in the restaurant challenge, School Pride winning with the most succulent Southern-style pork chop ever. Gordon also fed some NASCAR drivers, and did a spin around the track of his own. Next time, Katy Perry is up against Gordon, and there’s scuba diving for dinner.


May 31, 2017 – Nina Has a Realization, Bethenny Breaks Down, a Little Scandal & Gordon is Everywhere


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jordan and Curtis bask in the afterglow. He tells her that he never thought it would happen, and she says she had to make him work for it a little. She adds that she had a fear of “us.”

Nathan talks to Anna. She tells him the Chimera canister has been destroyed under her personal supervision.

Nina stands by Valentin’s hospital bed. She tells him he’s going in for surgery. He saved her life, and got shot for it. Valentin asks her to promise to remember that no matter what, he loves her. She asks what he means by “no matter what.”

Anna tells Laura that it’s a complex situation. Lulu asks if anyone was hurt, and Anna tells them that Valentin was shot and is in surgery.

Kiki leaves a voicemail for Ava, because she has no clue what’s going on yet. Dillon brings fresh coffee to the hospital for her. She thanks him, saying tonight is going to be a long one. There’s a patient in the burn unit who needs extra staff, so she has to help pick up the slack elsewhere.

At the station, Dante tells Sonny and Carly that Ava is in critical condition. Sonny says they gave their statement, and Carly says they have nothing to hide. Dante asks why they were in the warehouse. Sonny says they were confronting Ava about what she did to Morgan. Carly tells Dante that Ava drove him to his death by replacing his lithium with placebos.

Nina tells Valentin he’s going to be okay. She says he loved her enough to sing to her in front of everyone. She tells him that he needs to be okay; she and Charlotte are depending on him. He wants her to check on Charlotte, and she says when she comes back, he’s going to be awake and fine, or he’ll never hear the end of it.

Anna explains everything to Laura and Lulu about how Valentin sold the Chimera to Helena. Laura says the only thing she ever believed about Valentin was that he loathed Helena. Anna says he needed the money, and Valentin thought Helena died without using it, but she’d programmed Jake. She asks if she can leave Emma for the night; she has some things to finish. Lulu asks what she should tell Charlotte. Anna says she’ll check at the hospital and text her. Laura asks what about Valentin’s involvement? Anna says to tell Charlotte that her father was very brave; it’s too soon to say anything else.

Nina runs into Nathan and thanks him. He says he has to talk to her about Valentin. There’s a lot she doesn’t know about his involvement in the Chimera Project. She says they’ll have to talk later; she has to check on Charlotte. In all the excitement, I forgot to mention that Nina is wearing the most beautiful purple sequined ballgown with a mermaid hem. It’s like something out of an Estée Lauder or Lancôme commercial.

Jordan tells Curtis that he exceeded her expectations. He’s a bedroom god and has ruined her for all other men. She says she feels blessed and grateful. Curtis says just wait. He’s going to render her speechless.

Kiki asks if Dillon thought her mother was acting strangely, and he says yes. If it was anyone else, he would have thought she was just being a mom. Kiki says she seemed intense, but distracted.

Dante asks if Sonny and Carly have proof of Ava’s involvement in Morgan’s death. Carly says Ava admitted it. Dante asks what they found at the warehouse. Carly says it was dark, but they eventually came across Ava with a kerosene lamp. Dante asks if that’s how the fire started, and Sonny says it started when she threw the lamp at Carly. Well, that’s not exactly what she did, or she has seriously bad aim.

Curtis asks what Jordan wants to do about dinner, and she can’t believe he’s thinking about food. Not for long. They start getting busy again.

Nathan says he guesses this is the classified business Anna had with Alex at the airport. Anna explains about their falling out, and how her sister impersonated her. She says in Helena’s last act, she was almost successful in programming Jake, but in the end, it was Valentin who got the Chimera back to her.

Laura tells Lulu not to judge herself. If Valentin drops off the face of the earth, it would solve her problems, and her brother’s murderer would get what’s coming to him. If he doesn’t pull through, she has nothing to feel guilty about. Lulu says Charlotte adores him, and she doesn’t want her to go through that kind of pain. The doorbell rings. It’s Nina.

Carly repeats that Ava admitted she switched the pills to keep Morgan away from Kiki. Dante is skeptical. Carly says if her plan had worked, Morgan would be over-medicated in Freedman, but still alive. Sonny says Ava’s miserable life wouldn’t have been worth the trouble of him killing her. Dante is still doubtful of them going there just to discuss things. Carly calls Ava a coward, telling Dante that Ava threw the lamp after she called Ava out.

Kiki tells Dillon that Ava thinks she’ll have more access to Avery if Carly is divorced from Sonny. She says she can’t get drawn in again. Epiphany comes out, and tells Kiki that she has bad news.

Nina asks about Charlotte, and Lulu says she’s sleeping like an angel, inviting Nina in. Laura says they heard Valentin was shot. Nina says she knows he’s not her favorite person, but he was a hero. Lulu says she doesn’t know. Laura says everything that happened was set into motion by Valentin.

Anna tells Nathan what happened, and how she and Valentin argued over the Chimera. She says in the midst of it, they got a call from Nina. While Valentin went to outwit, outplay and outlast Nina’s abductors, she went to get the Chimera annihilated. Now, it’s no longer a threat to anyone.

Curtis tells Jordan to never stop challenging him, and Jordan says he’s worth the trouble. They’re about to kiss, and Jordan’s phone rings. She says it’s Anna. He says what has Anna done except get her in trouble, but Jordan says that Anna is the one who told her to go for it with him. She has to go to work, and tells him that it’s a classified event. Curtis says he hates letting her go, but knows it can’t wait. She promises to make it up to him.

Sonny tells Dante that Ava used the distraction of Carly falling to pull out her gun and accuse him of Morgan’s death. Carly says by the time the fire spread, they were on opposite sides of it. Sonny says there was a back door, and Dante asks why she didn’t use it. Carly says they were trying to find their own way out, and weren’t thinking about Ava’s escape route.

Epiphany tells Kiki that the burn patient is her mother.

Curtis puts the empty room service tray in the hallway. Grace walks by. She’s there for an interview, and asks what he’s doing in a hotel, and if the room service is that good. He says he didn’t dine alone. Grace asks if he wants to grab a drink.

Anna tells Jordan that the weapon has been neutralized. Jordan asks how it got there, and Anna explains about Helena programming Jake. She says that Jordan needs to know that Valentin sold it to Helena after her sister got him to steal it for her.

Laura tells Nina that Valentin stole the biotoxin years ago and sold it to Helena. Nina says he hated Helena, but Laura says he was a fugitive and needed the money for surgeries. Nina says it was decades ago. Lulu tells her that Helena literally programmed Jake to use it. Since Charlotte and Emma were next to him, they would have been the first to be exposed.

Kiki asks Epiphany how bad Ava is, but she’s still being evaluated. Kiki wants to see her, but Epiphany says she can’t. Dillon asks if they know anything, and Epiphany says she has burns over 50% of her body. Kiki asks if she’s saying Ava could die

Carly tells Dante that the warehouse is like a maze, and it’s amazing (I don’t think pun intended, but she used that word) that they found their way out. She says they called 911 immediately when they got outside. Sonny says that Ava started the fire and trapped herself.

Curtis tells Grace he’ll take a pass. He doesn’t want to mess things up. Grace says she must be something else, and she’s happy for him. He says no, she’s not, and she says to wish her luck; they might end up being neighbors.

Jordan asks about Anna’s health, and Anna says Alex arranged for her to be treated. She’s back now, and the Chimera is destroyed. Other than Valentin, no one was hurt. Nathan tells them that the surgery is over. I can’t help thinking there’s still something up with this Chimera business. The fact that it’s not a threat anymore has been repeated a million times. Usually, that means something is still a threat.

Nina tells Laura and Lulu that Anna’s version of the truth isn’t the truth, because they know how it is where Valentin is concerned. Lulu says that Anna did claim there were mitigating circumstances, but Laura says that if Valentin hadn’t sold it in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened. Nina remembers Valentin telling her that she transformed him, and he had been a bad man. She says omg, it was him. I’m saying, omg, how about Anna’s involvement and being a double-agent? I guess we’re bypassing that.

Dante tells Sonny and Carly they’re free to go. After he’s out of the room, Carly tells Sonny that maybe they shouldn’t have talked without Diane. Sonny says the evidence backs them up. They’ll figure out that Ava did it to herself. He tells Carly not to waste her compassion. I guess like most husbands, he wasn’t really listening, since she was only being concerned about the two of them.

Epiphany tells Kiki that Ava is getting the best care. Kiki asks her to tell Ava that she loves her. Kiki asks Dillon how this could have happened. Dante comes by, and Dillon asks him how this happened. Dante explains that Ava had a confrontation with Sonny and Carly. Kiki asks if it was about Avery, but Dante says it was about her involvement in Morgan’s death.

Carly says last thing she feels is compassion. Sonny talks about Morgan thinking his own mind had turned against him. He says Ava doesn’t have a clue, and he doesn’t care that she’s going through this hell. Carly says she doesn’t want to let this go, and what do they do if she lives? Sonny says hope she gets caught, tried, and put away. Carly says it won’t bring Morgan back, but Sonny tells her that they have no more questions. They finally know why he died. Carly thought it would lessen the grief, and says she needs to go. She has to figure out what to tell Josslyn. Sonny says at least Avery is too young. Carly tells him to give her a hug and take care of himself.

Kiki says Ava had nothing to do with the bomb. Dante says he’s sure she must have noticed Morgan’s behavior, and it was because he wasn’t getting his lithium. He explains about Ava replacing the pills. Kiki doesn’t want to believe it, but Dante says she admitted it to Carly and Sonny. Kiki says omg, and starts crying. Dillon comforts her. I hope she doesn’t get stupid again, and let this come between them.

Nina says that Valentin never told her about the Chimera, but there was something about his past that he regretted. Lulu says not enough to warn somebody. He left it out there like a ticking bomb for it to be used against their children. Nina asks her not to tell Charlotte. Lulu says she didn’t want it to go down like this. Nina gathers up the bottom of her fabulous dress, and says she’ll talk to them later.

Anna enters Valentin’s room. He asks about Charlotte, and Anna says she’s fine and at Lulu’s. He asks about Nina, but she doesn’t know. She says the bullet passed his vital organs, and he’s lucky. He says he doesn’t feel lucky, and asks about the Chimera. Anna tells him that she personally supervised its destruction. She says the WSB has Alex in custody. She’s going to tell them that he stole it, and he’ll be charged with treason, among other crimes, and will probably be put away for rest of his life. She takes his hand and he makes the Saddest. Face. Ever.

Tomorrow, Diane tells Alexis she’s a lawyer again, Michael wants to take care of Nelle, And Julian gets the news about Ava.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Idiot, and/or liar, Luann tells Dorinda that she trusts Tom 100%. She says Ramona has been calling Tom’s friends to get dirt on him. Ramona appears, and Dorinda tries to tell her what they were talking about, but Luann talks over her about happiness with Tom and blah-blah-blah. Ramona says if she was getting married in two weeks, she’d want to know if he hasn’t changed. Luann says she still texts with Jacques, and she’s not changing a guy of that age. Ramona says he’s still kissing other women, but Luann insists he’s with her 24/7. Ramona asks why she’s lying.

Magically, Bethenny and Carole have joined them. Bethenny says they just want to make sure it’s all good. Ramona wants Luann to admit that Tom’s philandering hasn’t stopped. Luann says he has female friends, but Ramona says he takes them out to dinner, and pushes himself on them. Bethenny says cracks become craters, and brings up how he was making out with someone before the engagement party. Luann says it was a year ago, but it’s only been six months. Ramona says they just want to make sure she doesn’t find something out later that will devastate her. She says she was the last to know, and it was terrible. She adds that it is what it is.

Bethenny says Carole was concerned that Luann was having second thoughts. We flash back to Carole’s conversation with Barbara. In her interview, Carole says she thinks Luann knows what she’s doing and what she’s getting. Luann tells the women that they’re confident in who they are and what they’re doing. She says they’re happy, and talks about their lifestyle. Bethenny quietly tells Tinsley that she thinks Luann is looking at Palm Beach and parties rather than marriage. Luann says there’s no question in her mind, and there shouldn’t be in anyone else’s. Dorinda says it’s time to put it to bed now. Somehow, all of the women have ended up in the conversation circle at this point.

Sonja tells Luann that there’s always someone who’s jealous and wants to ruin it for you. In her interview, Sonja says she’s already on thin ice with Luann and Tom, so she’s not saying anything. Carole says they’ve said all they can say. Bethenny tells a few of the women that it’s the trick guy syndrome – he wasn’t hot or popular in high school, then gets money and goes crazy; they’re like sleeper cells.

Bethenny has doubts that Luann doesn’t have doubts. She says they could say he murdered someone, and she’d be okay with it. Carole asks Tinsley if she listened to anyone, and she says no. In her interview, she says it took a great fall for her to realize. Sonja feels badly, but says they need to stay out of it. Carole wonders why all these women want him, and Bethenny says his d*ck shoots diamonds. Must be, because I can’t figure it out either.

Ramona insists to Sonja that Bethenny is engaging with her, but Sonja thinks Bethenny is ignoring her. Ramona tells Sonja that she and Bethenny have always had a shallow great relationship, and she understands what topics are off-limits now. She made a mistake, but it wasn’t out of maliciousness, and she wants to address it at some point. Sonja approves.

Dorinda has little stockings with candy canes in them at each place setting. Bethenny asks Tinsley how she’s liking this crew. Tinsley says that she and Sonja have had differences lately, but Bethenny says that will happen when you live together. Tinsley tells her that Sonja has a tendency to talk down to her.

The ladies decide to start up one of the fireplaces. Carole claims to know what she’s doing. In her interview, she says her fire was on point, but she thinks she burned some doorstoppers. Luann joins them. Bethenny congratulates her, and she sends a congrats back for the divorce. Bethenny says it’s almost over, and apologizes for the altercation she and Luann had same place last year. Dorinda comes in, and tells them the fireplace doesn’t work. Yep. The room is full of smoke. So much for Carole’s Girl Scouting abilities, although she claims no responsibility for a broken flue. Well, she might have asked if it was okay first. In her interview, Dorinda says it’s like taking care of toddlers.

Tinsley talks about wanting a relationship with someone older than thirty. Luann says you have to go with your gut. Bethenny says that’s what got her in the toilet bowl, but Luann says she does have her daughter. Bethenny says she never would have imagined what was going to happen. She’s in a negative torturous situation, and holding on by a thread. Dorinda thinks Bethenny is emotionally heightened because of what’s going on in her own life. Luann says you just move on to the next phase; there’s a reason the rearview mirror is smaller than the windshield. Bethenny says she’s still in the same phase, and feels like she’ll never be done. She says she’s in hell, and it will never end.

While she’s talking, Ramona and Sonja literally skip in holding hands. I can’t even. Dorinda says she loves John, but she’s finding it hard to jump to the next level of commitment. Bethenny goes into the other room and cries. In her interview, she says she feels hopeless sometimes, like her ex is untouchable and she’ll never get out of this. Luann finds Bethenny, and says she didn’t mean to upset her; she didn’t realize it wasn’t over. Bethenny says she didn’t know, and not her fault. She starts to cry again, and tells Luann she thinks she’s making a big mistake and that Tom is cheating on her.

Dorinda asks why Bethenny is crying, and Carole explains how things have gotten worse with suckerfish Jason Hoppy. Bethenny tells Luann that if she has any doubts, she doesn’t have to go through with it. Luann says she’s good. Bethenny says she’s not a big sharer, but she’s not okay. She and Luann hug. Bethenny says if someone’s life is to torture you, you’re not okay. Carole tells the other women about Bethenny’s creepy cling-on cross-to-bear, and says he tells Bethenny that she’s a bad mother, calling her by her own mother’s name, who was a bad mother. I’m hoping any visits with the kid are supervised. Bethenny tells Luann that she doesn’t think Tom is a good guy, but Luann says she does. Bethenny wishes someone had pulled her out at the last minute, and she didn’t mean to intrude. Luann says she feels like they’re always being watched, and it’s been nerve-wracking. Bethenny asks if Tom was caught making out with someone tomorrow, if Luann would react the same way, but Luann says it won’t happen again.

Dorinda is talking about how her late husband introduced her to John. Luann returns, and Ramona asks how Bethenny is. Carole goes upstairs to check on her. Ramona and Sonja talk about how they’re always laughing and having fun. That’s because there isn’t a full brain between them, and ignorance is bliss.

Bethenny tells Carole that Luann is sitting up Deepak Chopra’s a-hole with her zen attitude, and she’s living in a fortune cookie. She’s concerned that Ramona is going to make it about her.

Dorinda is serving canned cranberry sauce. Not even the one with berries in it; the solid kind. Really? Everyone gathers in the kitchen to watch her put the meal together. Everybody except me – and maybe Bethenny – is thrilled with the cranberry sauce. For once, Carole is first at the table. Bethenny is hoping Ramona steers clear of her. Ramona spills sauce on one of the upholstered chairs, but Dorinda says not to worry about it, and she’ll deal with it tomorrow. In her interview, Dorinda says there’s something strange about Ramona, and it seems to be intensifying.

A toast to Dorinda! The chicken is served, which compels Carole to bring up how terribly their raised, and that she can show them a video. Dorinda says that on birthdays you should give a gift, and one of them is winning a handmade chocolate Santa. Ramona wins, and says Avery will love it. Carole thinks Ramona is drunk. In her interview, Bethenny says Ramona’s daughter is twenty-two. Is she sending her a chocolate Santa to go with her beer? Ramona toasts to Luann, wishing her a happy life that’s everything she wants it to be.

It’s cake time. Bethenny talks to Luann about Ramona laying it on. Ramona is the only one who doesn’t take her dishes to the kitchen, leaving a mess at her dining table spot. In her interview, Dorinda doesn’t understand where Ramona gets her sense of entitlement. The ladies sing Happy Birthday, and Dorinda blows out the candles.

Suddenly, Ramona is talking in Bethenny’s ear. In her interview, Bethenny says she was like a bat crawling onto her shoulder. Ramona says knows what she did hit Bethenny wrong. She doesn’t want to say she’s sorry, and risk being called The Apologizer, but she’s sorry. Bethenny tells us that Ramona gets the creepiest apology of the year award, adding, is that an apology or are you happy to see me?

At the table, Bethenny talks about all the awkward situations that have happened between them. Ramona says stupid things, and Carole calls her schmaltzy. Ramona tells them how much she loves them – except Tinsley, who’s new and she doesn’t love her that much yet. She proposes a toast to friendship, and Dorinda and Luann say they’re toasted out.

Ramona thinks she and Bethenny made up, but Dorinda says no, she doesn’t think so, and I laugh. Ramona says that Bethenny is making it difficult. Ramona tells Sonja that Bethenny makes her nervous. The girls goof around in the kitchen, saying that Tinsley’s voice makes everything she says sound like a proposition.

Ramona follows Bethenny to the living room. In her interview, she wonders how to fix things if Bethenny won’t let her. Bethenny says she doesn’t want Ramona walking on eggshells. Ramona apologizes again, and says there’s nothing malicious in her. Bethenny asks what she’s done, and Ramona says she doesn’t want to go in the past, but move forward. Bethenny tells Ramona that she hasn’t been a good friend. Ramona says, are you kidding me, like a dozen times.

Next time, Ramona gives Bethenny a list of her faults, Tinsley is uncomfortable at Sonja’s place, and Jill Zarin makes an appearance.

🎉 Tonight, Andy Cohen’s Then & Now presented a look back at scandals and how they’ve impacted us. Lorena Bobbitt, Hugh Grant, Bill Clinton, Rob Lowe, Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee, more sex tapes, Jim Baker and other Evangelical scandals, Amy Fisher, Mary Kay Letourneau and how she and her one-time student squeeze are still together, Hulk Hogan, Tiger Woods, et al. One of the highlights was a lengthy interview with Mary Jo Buttafuoco, who, for the first time, displayed the Members Only jacket that she was wearing when Amy Fisher shot her, albeit torn and pretty bloody. It’s dried since then. I like Mary Jo. She’s a cool person and quite the pragmatist. She also informed us that to this day, ex-husband Joey has never admitted to having an affair with Amy. Next time, 1981 – the Royal Wedding, MTV, and shoulder pads, here we come!

🍰 Master Chef (the one with big people) started its new season tonight, and looks promising. The f Word also premiered, and even though I haven’t seen it yet, thanks to Bravo screwing me over, from the previews, it looks awesome. I’d previously watched the BBC series, and loved it. FOX is rerunning it on Friday at 9 pm. I’ll be there.



May 18, 2017 – Hayden Makes a Decision, the Small Chefs Have a Winner & Quoting Winter


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Brad pounds on the vending machine after losing his money. Brad is all of us. Finn and Hayden discuss Finn’s next drug test, LOUDLY, and how he has to pass it. Brad comes over and tells them to keep it down. Hayden agrees. Brad thinks the hospital is in real trouble because the pastries in the vending machine suck. When he leaves, Hayden asks Finn if he bought it. Not the pastry; their act.

Laura literally runs into Dillon near Kelly’s. He says he was glad to hear she’s taking over some of Tracy’s responsibilities on the hospital board. She says she has her work cut out for her, and there are big shoes to fill.

Michael tells Kiki he needs a favor.

Nelle is in pain.

Dante makes pancakes. Chocolate chip for a special occasion. Lulu says it’s the first morning they’re spending together as a family.

Nina’s phone rings. It’s Valentin. She ignores it. He leaves a message asking her to call him back. He promises Anna isn’t coming between them again. He made sure of it.

“Anna” wakes up at the foot of the stairs tied to the bannister. She flashes back to asking Valentin if he’s just going to leave her there. He says she’s a secret agent, so she should know what to do. I’m glad he didn’t kill her. Not that I wouldn’t want to see her dead, but I like him too much.

Valentin goes to pick up Charlotte. He speaks to her in French (I love that!), and she says it’s okay; Lulu picked her up. He asks if she had fun. She tells him about playing Memory and the pancakes. Valentin says he’ll walk her to school, but Lulu says Dante can take her, since she and Valentin have a prior engagement. Mrs. Watkins is at the door.

Dr. Lancaster calls Alex (let’s call her who she is now). She says Valentin is on to them, but he says they have a bigger problem. Anna escaped.

Nurse Deanna tells Nelle she can’t get up. Nelle asks how long she’ll have to be there, but they don’t know yet.

Michael tells Kiki he’s not a member of Nelle’s family and can’t get an update. He was hoping she could help him out. She says she just took her exam, but if she passed, she doesn’t want her first act as a nurse’s aid to be breaking the rules. She tells him she’ll check though. She looks on the computer, and says Nelle is accepting visitors. Michael wonders what he’s doing there, when she doesn’t want to see him. Kiki says he’s a good person, and doesn’t waste time on people who don’t deserve it. He must see something good in Nelle.

Laura tells Dillon that she loves the hospital, and wants to do what’s best for it. Lurking Brad appears, and says he hopes she means that. Does he ever work? I want to get him a witch’s hat and broom.

Hayden doesn’t understand Brad’s bitterness. Finn says he didn’t make anything off the cure, but money does funny things to people. I think in this case, what he means is love of money. People misquote that all the time too. It’s the love of money that’s the root of all evil. Finn asks how Hayden is doing. She says she couldn’t sleep; all she could think about was the huge decision she has to make. He asks if she’s made it.

Nina comes to the hospital, and thanks Michael for calling. She asks if he called Nelle’s family, but he says there’s no one to call. Nina says she feels partly responsible. She never should have asked Nelle to get involved in her marital problems. He explains that Nelle doesn’t want to see him, and Nina asks if he wants her to tell Nelle anything. He says to tell her that he’s at the hospital.

Laura asks who Brad is. He explains that he’s in charge of the lab, and says if she’s sincere, he knows a way she can help. Laura asks Dillon to excuse them. She asks Brad what’s up. He says they have a major liability that will bite them in the butt. He asks if she’s aware of Finn’s drug abuse history, and says he’s still using. Laura says that’s a serious accusation, and asks why he didn’t go to Monica. Brad says she’s no better than Tracy. Everyone knows that Finn and Tracy were close, and she did everything to cover for him. He asks if Laura is planning to do the same.

Hayden tells Finn that she weighed the pros and cons. Pro, she’s always wanted kids; con, her life has changed since then. Pro, she could be putting good out in the world; con, if she goes broke raising a child, what good will it do? Finn says that the one important question is, does she want to have a baby right now? She thinks she does.

Valentin tells Mrs. Watkins that he had no idea the nanny was not available for pick-up. Dante gets ready to take the kids to school. They leave, and Mrs. Watkins wants to discuss what happened with Valentin and Lulu. Valentin says there was an unforeseen event and he was unreachable, but by the time he got to Lulu’s, Charlotte was asleep, so they both decided to let her spend the night. Mrs. Watkins says it looks like they worked the matter out among themselves, and she’ll be in touch. She leaves, and Lulu says that went well. Valentin says she seems pleased, and asks what game she’s playing.

Alex tells Dr. Lancaster that Anna was supposed to be sedated. The doctor says that Anna came out of it, and knows they switched identities. If she finds Alex, she’ll force her to tell everything. Alex has to get out – now.

At Kelly’s, Dillon and Kiki kiss. He asks about the test. She says the results will be in soon. He says before she knows it, she’ll be rehearsing the opening number for the Nurses Ball. He asks if he can be her official escort, and she says no.

Hayden says it’s the first time that she’s said she wants the baby out loud. Finn says stranger things have happened, and she says they’ve all happened to her. She asks what about him? He says he thinks he’s ready, but it might not matter. He carried around serious demons which might still be there. He wouldn’t blame her if she wanted him to keep his distance.

Valentin says that the minute school called, Lulu started strategizing. If they were playing chess, she would be three steps ahead. She says she loved having Charlotte over. What she was hoping for, was that when he saw Charlotte was fine, and does belong, he would reconsider the custody arrangement.

Alex goes to the airport and asks about a flight to London. Robin and Emma have just gotten off a plane and see her.

Hayden tells Finn that everyone has baggage, including her. She says it’s the past, like his drug use. He says every day is a fight not to slip; he doesn’t know if he trusts himself yet. She says no matter what happens, he’ll be part of the baby’s life. She says a brush with death changes priorities. She’s alive because of him. He didn’t just come up with the cure, but gave her strength she never knew she had. Finn says he’s capable of things he never would have believed. She says she knows it’s a shock, but she never thought he was perfect. He has the strength to recover. She says maybe they need to accept that they’re happy where they are, and they’re doing this together.

Brad tells Laura imagine what would happen if word got out there was a junkie on the staff. Laura is offended that he used the word “junkie,” and says many people are struggling with addiction. Families have been affected, hers included, and she has no interest in starting a witch hunt. Brad says Finn is using drugs while practicing medicine. Laura says she’s done her homework, and he’s been on restricted duty. No certifiable result has been turned in, and until then, there’s nothing to discuss. Brad whines, saying she’s no better than Tracy.

Michael flashes back to finding Nelle, while he wanders aimlessly around the hospital. Nina goes in to see her, and asks how she’s feeling. Nelle says, unemployed, and Nina apologizes, saying that Nelle was within her rights not wanting to spy on Valentin. She says it won’t happen again; she’s not living there anymore. If Nelle chooses to go back, she’ll answer to Valentin, and Nina will let him know nothing was her fault. She’ll have job to come back to. She says Nelle isn’t alone, and can count on her. She says there’s someone else who feels the same way. Nelle asks if it’s Michael, and Nina says he’s by her side.

Lulu tells Valentin, the less tension between them, the better for Charlotte, and to give her a little leeway – two or three hours, and an occasional sleepover. She starts talking about him and Nina breaking up, and he says they’re very married and intend to stay that way. Dante comes back, and Valentin tells Lulu that if she wants an adjustment, talk to the judge. He walks out.

Alex asks what Robin is doing there. Robin says she knew they were coming for the Nurses Ball. Alex asks about the pregnancy, and Robin tells her that as long as she goes home after the ball, she’s within acceptable limits. Emma says that she brought the “Smiling Sisters” that Anna gave her. Anna says she had a teddy bear she used to take everywhere, and Robin says they’re graphic novels. Alex says she’s not thinking straight because she’s so happy to see them. She says she has a work situation, and has to go to London. Robin says something isn’t right.

Kiki tells Dillon that it’s the first time she’s applied herself, and what if she fails? She doesn’t want to be the big loser in the audience. Dillon says even if she doesn’t pass the test, she’s not a loser. He says they’ll stay home in their sweats and watch movies if that happens; it’s a win-win. The results of Kiki’s test come in.

Finn and Hayden kiss. She says they’re actually doing this – having a baby. Brad comes by, and she says the eagle has landed. He tells her to stop watching so many spy movies. They tell Nurse Deanna that Finn is ready for his test.

Valentin sees Nina at the MetroCourt, and she asks about Charlotte. He says he’s picking her up from school later, and asks if Nina wants to come. She says no. He tells her what happened with Lulu, and Nina says Lulu acts like Charlotte was in a burning building instead of just waiting for twenty minutes. Valentin says Lulu informed social services, and he tells her about Mrs. Watkins showing up. She says Lulu didn’t miss a trick. Valentin wonders what happened to Nelle, and she says it has nothing to do with their parenting. Nelle got mugged, and is in the hospital, but it doesn’t explain where he disappeared to.

Robin asks Emma to text Patrick that they landed. She tells Alex that she seems frazzled. She asks if everything is okay, and asks about her health. Alex says it’s just the London situation, but she can’t talk about the details. Robin tells her to stay safe. She says she’ll be back for Nurses Ball. Robin tells Emma to give her grandma a hug, but Emma says that isn’t her grandma.

Kiki can’t do it, and gives the list to Dillon to read. He tells her he’s so sorry – it doesn’t look like she’s spending the evening of the Nurses Ball in sweats. She passed.

Deanna puts Finn’s test on the cart going to the lab. Brad strolls over and picks it up. He opens it, and the vial is empty. Hayden says, not what he was expecting, eh? Finn says he’s in trouble. I’d say Brad actually might be right about the hospital being in trouble, but it has nothing to do with Finn. What’s up with everything always being unattended? Computers, lab tests, patients…

Nelle sees her keychain on the nightstand. Wasn’t that in her purse? She unplugs herself and sits up. I wonder why no alarm sounded.

Laura sees Michael. She says she was about to run the Nurses Ball numbers, and asks if she can run them past him first. He says he’s there to see someone, but okay. They step away, and Nelle comes out of her room.

Nina tells Valentin that it wasn’t Nelle’s fault, and wants to make sure she still has a job when she’s well. Valentin says of course. Nina says Charlotte loves Nelle, and she would hate to think of Charlotte losing someone else she loves. She runs out before she starts to cry.

Lulu talks to Dante. She says for the first time she feels hopeful. Dante says she got a break. Valentin screwed up, and social services knows it. Lulu says Valentin and Nina’s marriage is on the rocks. Everything is falling into place, and before they know it, they’ll have custody.

Alex says that Emma is probably just tired. She hands Robin her keys, and suggests they go to her flat. Robin says something is wrong; Anna hasn’t said “flat” since Robin was a child; she’s not her mother. Anna walks in. She and Alex do a soap opera stare.

Tomorrow, Ava says Carly’s time with her daughter is over, Griff says the head that’s going to roll is Brad’s, Obrecht comes to save the Nurses Ball, and Alex says hello to Anna.

🎂 Tonight was the MasterChef Junior finale. Martha Stewart and Wolfgang Puck were guest judges, and the final two were Jasmine and Justise.  Jasmine had been cut earlier, but returned in a come-back challenge. So it just goes to show that even sometimes when you think you’re out, you’re not. The families joined their little cooks, and meals were made, with Jasmine showing her Jamaican roots, and Justise giving everyone a taste of Alabama. I learned that pork belly is serious business. Sadly, Justise undercooked it, but she rallied with a panna cotta that looked like it was to die for, and made Gordon smile. When the end was near, kudos were heaped on the girls. Jasmine was the winner, which was what I thought was going to happen after the pork belly downfall. There was also a sweet moment where Jasmine shared the trophy with Justise, and said she couldn’t have won without her. Confetti fell, and everyone hugged. Don’t worry, Justise, you’ll own your own restaurant by the time you’re fifteen. These tiny chefs are truly amazing to someone whose best friend in the kitchen is the microwave.

🍴 May 31 MasterChef  (the one with big people) returns, followed by The f Word. I can’t wait!

🌬 Because there’s time and it’s warm out tonight…

Laughter is the sun which drives winter from the human face.Victor Hugo

Winter is coming. – just about every character on Game of Thrones


September 15, 2016 – GH’s Killer Strikes Again & Z Nation is Coming!


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Normally, I recap both Thursday’s and Friday’s GH on Friday, but since Z Nation is having a two-hour season premiere tomorrow, I figured I’d drop off Thursday’s GH now. I couldn’t be more excited about Z Nation coming back, although this means I’ll have to catch the MasterChef finale On Demand. I think the blond chick is going to win.

General Hospital

Julian asks Scotty if he changed the plea. Scotty says no, and he has a better deal for Julian in the envelope he’s holding. It’s Julian’s ticket to freedom.

Alexis thanks Sonny for trying to convince Julian to do the honorable thing, but tells him that he was wasting his time. Paul comes running in, making up an excuse for being late.

Tracy threatens Monica that she’s going to put compromising photos of her online if she doesn’t wake up. She adds that she’s going to correct all the hideous decorating mistakes Monica has made over the years too. She waits for Monica to tell her to put a sock in it.

Lulu tells Dante it’s confirmed that there’s no record of Daphne living at the address she gave them, but obviously Daphne is a real person. Dante says they have no proof of anything and can only assume she worked for Valentin. Lulu asks if he’s giving up.

Sam and Alexis talk before the trial. Ava walks in, all dolled up in a chic, black, body-hugging number. Alexis says once Julian is behind bars, they’re rid of the Jerome family once and for all. Sonny tells Jordan funny how they’re on the same side this time. Ava calls Paul a bastard and says he’s railroading Julian. She’s putting on a show, but tells him quietly if Julian doesn’t go free, he goes to prison.

Michael runs into Jason at the hospital. He tells Jason that he has a surprise for Sabrrrina. I think maybe he’s the one who’s getting the surprise, since she’s unconscious in Monica’s office.

Lulu says no one said it would be easy to find the embryo. Dante says the logical explanation is that it was destroyed in the explosion. Lulu says if Helena got out, she took it with her. She says if she has a shot at finding out what happened to it, she’s going to take it.

Michael says he was inspired by Jason’s wedding. He tells Jason about Carly’s protests. Jason says no woman is going to be right for him in his mother’s eyes, but everything will go well if he sticks to plan. A doctor comes out and asks Jason if he’s there to visit his mother, confusing him. The doctor tells him Monica has been admitted as a patient.

Tracy tells Monica she didn’t get better just to have her check out. and she can’t do this alone.

Michael talks to Felix. When he sees the ring, Felix jokes around like it’s for him, saying he could get used to being a Quartermaine. Michael tells him that he’s going to ask Sabrrrina to marry him.

Ava and Paul continue to pretend argue. Paul tells her to take a seat. Alexis tells Jordan not to worry, that she’s got it under control. Julian is led in. Sam tells Alexis that he’s just another criminal. Judge Lasser takes the bench. She asks if Paul is ready to proceed, and tells him to give the opening statement.

Felix tells Michael that he didn’t know they were thinking about marriage and wonders why now? Michael says he didn’t want to wait another minute for them to become a family, but Sabrrrina can have as long an engagement as she wants. Felix tells him to go for it and make an honest woman of her.

Dante says if there’s an embryo out there and she gives birth to it, it will be Stavros’s child. She says that’s not the baby’s fault. Dante wonders why she would want to raise a child with Stavros’s DNA. She says it’s the last embryo that has her DNA. She asks Dante if he can love the child. He says he would, but there is no child, and they don’t even know if there’s an embryo.

Doc interrupts Dante and Lulu. He asks if he can talk to Lulu about her mother.

The doctor tells Jason about how Monica was attacked and says she’s in the ICU. Jason runs off to see her.

Paul makes his opening remarks. He’s going to prove Julian is guilty of murder, attempted murder, and conspiracy, because he values money above life. He says Julian has already convicted himself with his confession, and he’s confident the jury will see that justice is served by finding him guilty. The judge asks Scotty if he’s ready, but he says he wants a meeting first, since some evidence has come to light.

Michael has a plan where he’ll propose as a violinist plays. Probably the same invisible musician that played at Jason’s wedding. He wants Felix to take pictures, but Felix is still on duty. Felix goes into Monica’s office and finds Sabrrrina on the floor. Note: If you’re going to have someone take pictures of a surprise event, make sure the surprisee knows enough to dress well and put on makeup. This tip doesn’t apply to Sabrrina however, since no amount of makeup is going to fix this.

Dante says he has to make a call anyway, so he’ll let Lulu and Doc catch up. Doc asks if she’s heard from Laura. She says just an email here and there, while she gets Spencer settled in school. She says after that, Laura will probably be in touch with him. He says he hopes so. He tells her right when things were going well, he did something stupid and hurt her. He says he wants to make it up to her, but it’s difficult when she’s thousands of miles away.

The medics try to revive Sabrrrina, but she’s dead. I gotta say, they surprised me with this one.

Jason asks Tracy how Monica is doing, and Tracy says holding her own. She tells him the doctors say it could go either way, and the only thing they can do is wait.

Lulu tells Doc that she’s sure they’ll work it out. He says please tell Laura I love her…I mean, that he’s thinking of her. Dante comes back and tells Lulu he has to get to work. Lulu asks Doc if he wants to stay and have dinner with her, since Dante bailed. He tells her he’s a shrink and can’t help but have observed they were talking about something serious and asks if there’s anything she needs to talk about.

Scotty wants a meeting in chambers, but the judge says since he waited until the last minute, she’ll do it right there. She tells everyone they’re in recess, but don’t wander too far. Scotty gives her a request for the wire tap that got the confession. It was requested for Alexis’s home, but the address number was typed wrong, so the evidence was illegally obtained. He requests the evidence be thrown out. Puh-leeze.

Lulu tells Doc about how she believes someone lives at the address on Cassadine Island. He jokes with her and says she reminds him of Laura. He reminds Lulu about how she discouraged Laura from doing the same thing, and she says okay, she’s a hypocrite. She says now that she’s in Laura’s shoes, she understands, and won’t rest until she finds out what happened to the embryo.

Tracy says she could have let the board close the hospital, but Jason says none of this is her fault. She says she knew there was a risk. He says she kept a hospital open so that people could get the medical treatment they need.

Hey, does no more Sabrrrina mean no more Joe? I wonder if there will be a custody battle with Michael for Teddy. Dante asks Felix for a list of who has access to the area. Felix says it’s not restricted, so pretty much anyone could be there. Dante asks where Felix was, and Michael steps in and tells Dante what they’d been doing. He says he was texting Sabrrrina and ran into Felix, they talked for a while in front of the office, but no one came in or out. He says when Felix went in, he found Sabrrrina on the floor. A detective tells Dante that Sabrrrina was strangled. Dante says that the theory is Elizabeth was pushed by the killer and they have a picture from her phone.

Paul says the request is a copy that could easily have been doctored. Judge Lasser says she’ll send for the original, and when she gets it, she’ll make a ruling as to whether it’s admissible. Sonny asks Jordan if there was any problem, but she says Scotty is grasping at straws. Scotty taunts Paul, but Paul says it will be thrown out.

Ava tells Julian to have patience and she’ll tell him everything when he’s out and treats her to a martini.

Alexis tells Paul to please tell her this isn’t going to fall apart.

Dante asks Michael if Sabrrrina had any conflicts with anyone. Michael says it was her first day back and she was excited about it. He tells Dante to find out who did this and asks to see her. Dante leaves him alone with Sabrrrina’s body.

Doc says best case scenario, Lulu finds the embryo and has a child, but what happens when the day to day comes in. He says it wasn’t conceived in love. The child will be a product of her and her attacker, and would be a constant reminder. He asks what happens if she looks down at the child and sees Stavros looking back at her. Lulu says she and Dante already discussed it. Doc says reality might be different and asks if she’s ready to face that.

Michael sits next to Sabrrrina’s body, saying he doesn’t know how to say good-by. He says he just got her back and their time together meant everything to him. He thought they’d have forever, but he’s glad they didn’t waste what they did have.

Jason talks to unconscious Monica. He talks about how she dealt with him after his accident. All he wanted to do is be left alone, and she let him, and then he realized how alone he was. At the time he didn’t understand because he didn’t have kids of his own, but now he gets it. He tells her there’s another one on the way and he’d do anything for his kids, just like she would do for him. He thanks her for that and for how much she loves him. He calls her mom.

The judge tells the court about the typo. She reviewed the original and says Alexis’s address was incorrect. They can’t use the taped confession. Jordan says she filed the warrant herself and knows it was correct. The judge says no more speaking out and let’s proceed. Scotty says he moves that the case be tossed out because of insufficient evidence.

Lulu says Doc is right; they have no idea how this will affect them, but Nicholas was Stavros’s son and she loved him, and has no doubt Dante will love the baby. She also wants to give Rocco a sibling. She says the bottom line is that part of her is out there and she needs to find it. Then she’ll decide what to do.

Jason says family means everything to his kids and he expects Monica will continue to spoil them and spoil the new one. He needs her to stick around. His kids need her and he needs her. He keeps calling her mom while he’s talking. Monica opens her eyes.

Paul says despite the loss of the wire tap, the prosecution wants to proceed. The judge says if the people think they can make their case, she won’t stand in the way. She tells Scotty to make his opening statement.

Scotty says Julian isn’t guilty. He’s innocent. That’s it? That’s Scotty’s opening statement? The judge says the people can call their first witness. Paul calls Alexis.

At the hospital, Tracy sees Dante and asks who it is this time? She sees Felix and knows. She sees Michael through the window. He puts the ring on Sabrrrina’s finger. Ok, I won’t make a joke about this, but it’s killing me not to, no pun intended. He says he’ll always love her.

Tomorrow, Jason wonders if Sabrrrina’s death is connected to Monica’s attack, Carly introduces Nell to Nina, and the trial continues.

😱 And Tomorrow is Z Nation!

September 9, 2016 – A Double Helping of GH, a Side of MasterChef & Quotes for Dessert


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital – Thursday

Maxie meets Lulu at The Floating Rib. Lulu asks if all of Maxie’s problems are in the rear view mirror now. Maxie says she and Nathan talked things out, but Claudette hanging on is the problem. Lulu suggests she leave it alone. Maxie tells Lulu they had to push the wedding date up again and Lulu be in her second trimester. Lulu starts to cry.

Robert meets Dante at Perks and tells him that he and Lulu will be interested in what he found.

Hayden’s bail has been denied. Valerie tells her that a cell will be ready soon. Hayden says she’s innocent, but Valerie says that’s up to a jury to decide.

Jason meets Jake in the park. He tells Jake that his mom is in the hospital and that she got hurt.

Griff tells Franco that Elizabeth is still in surgery, but there’s a serious problem. There was more hemorrhaging than expected, and she needs more blood than they have on hand.

Curtis calls Finn, asking him to hurry up with the ID so he can pose as a visiting doctor. He says he’s going to check on Hayden. She needs to know she’s not alone so she doesn’t do something stupid like cut a deal.

Franco asks Griff how it’s possible they don’t have enough blood and Griff tells him that the blackout wiped out some of their supply. Franco suggests a blood drive, but Griff says Elizabeth has a weird blood type and it might be hard to find a match. Yeah, type BTCH.

Jason tells Jake that Elizabeth is in surgery, explaining her injuries. I can’t believe it. That kid already knows what a spleen does and I just found out the other day from a soap opera. Jake asks how she got hurt, and Jason says she fell. Jake asks if it was an accident.

Valerie tells Hayden that she had a public confrontation with Elizabeth before Elizabeth fell down the stairs, and Elizabeth made a statement that Hayden pushed her. Hayden says she found Elizabeth unconscious, so how could she possibly know that, and for all she knows Elizabeth threw herself down the stairs. Valerie says she had the means, motive and opportunity, and her best option is to admit it and take a deal. I have to add an IRL comment here. It’s doubtful that they would have taken Elizabeth’s statement that Hayden pushed her as anything except speculation on Elizabeth’s part, since yeah, she didn’t see who actually pushed her.

Valerie sees Curtis at the station. She thinks he’s there to see her, but he says he’s working on a job. Valerie realizes he’s working for Hayden.

Lulu tells Maxie that she just got a little emotional, and asks if Maxie wants to go over some wedding details. Maxie says if she’s uncomfortable being a pregnant matron of honor, they can change the date. Lulu says she’s not getting pregnant because the remaining embryo was no longer viable. She cries and Maxie says she’s sorry. She says it sounds cliche, but time and love will heal her. Lulu says she believes that, and Maxie says she and Dante are here for her always. Lulu says she’s blessed to have Rocco and not every dream is meant to come true.

Robert gives Dante a folder that contains everything about the explosion, including an inventory of what was found. Dante sees something that might be what they’re looking for

Maxie asks what she can do to help. Lulu says if she starts to wallow, remind her how lucky she is. Maxie thinks Lulu needs retail therapy. They start to leave, and Dante calls needing to see Lulu. He doesn’t want to talk on the phone and asks her to meet him at Perks. She tells Maxie she has to take a raincheck.

Valerie says she thought Curtis respected her position. He says he does, but Hayden is his friend and deserves a defense just like anyone else. Valerie says all Hayden has ever done is pay him for his services. Curtis says if he turned his back, is that the kind of man Valerie would want? Valerie says Hayden has been dodging charges for years and if this doesn’t stick, another one will.

Griff tells Franco that Elizabeth’s doctors are the best and they might be able to pull her through. Franco asks about the blood, and Griff says they have to go to her family to find a match.

Curtis walks into the interrogation room. He asks Hayden how she is and she gives him a laundry list of all her problems, including being sleep deprived. She says she’s never felt more scared and alone. He asks her to walk him through what happened and tells her no detail is insignificant. She thinks he’s wasting his time and she can’t get out of this.

Jason tells Jake that Elizabeth fell down some stairs at the hospital and was hurt, but she’s in surgery and she’ll be fine. He says the other kids are with their grandmother, but he’s going to take care of Jake. Jake asks if they can visit Elizabeth. Jason says he doesn’t know if they can see her right away, but they can go to the hospital and say some prayers. Because the hospital is always where you go to pray.

Naomi stops Finn and introduces herself. She says she was there to see Elizabeth, but she’s not family and the staff isn’t very forthcoming. Finn tells her that Elizabeth is in surgery. He asks how Hayden is. Naomi fills him in and says Haydn didn’t attack Elizabeth. Finn says he knows she’s not a would-be killer and she’ll be exonerated. Naomi says she’s glad to know that there’s someone besides herself who cares.

Griff says his shift is over, but he told the staff to keep Franco apprised of the situation. Franco asks about the kids giving blood, but Griff says they’re too young. Franco asks what if there was another family member no one knows about and Griff tells him to get them in there.

Lulu joins Dante and Robert at Perks. Dante gives her the folder and she asks what she’s looking at. Robert says it’s something no one is allowed to look at, but he’s bending the rules for the daughter of his dearest friend, and it’s an inventory of everything found after the explosion. Dante shows her something in the folder.

Sitting on a bench outside, Maxie talks to herself about wanting a cake that makes a statement. Griff comes along and asks if she wants to bounce any ideas off of him. She wonders how many weddings of his are invalid because of his unpriestly ways? He says he deserved that, but none of his failings invalidated any marriages. He asks if he can sit because it’s not a stellar day, and tells her about Elizabeth.

Franco flashes back to his conversation with Naomi telling him that sometimes a clear conscience only helps the person who’s keeping the secret. The elevator opens. Jake and Jason come out. Jake tells Franco about Elizabeth, but Franco says he already knows. Jake asks if Franco wants to come to the chapel, but Franco says he’d like to talk to Jason, and gives Jake the keys to his studio. Franco tells Jason about the hospital not having enough blood supply, so he has a heads up if he needs to tell Jake.

Naomi says she’s surprised that Hayden has a friend. Finn says that’s a little harsh coming from her mother. Naomi says that Hayden was raised privileged, but has rough edges that have come to the surface lately. She says she’s glad Hayden isn’t as alone as she thought, and leaves.

Hayden tells Curtis what happened. He says just because there was an altercation and she found Elizabeth doesn’t necessarily mean she’s screwed. He says he hasn’t begun to dig yet, but he has to get back to his partner, Finn. He tells Hayden that she has friends, but she needs to trust them. He calls her “cupcake,” and says everything will be okay. I just love Curtis.

Franco stops Naomi, saying they need to have a chat about Hayden and her sister Elizabeth. Franco grabs her arm, steering her around the corner. He says Hayden has to have the same blood type as her sister.

Valerie says they’ll have a cell for Hayden soon. Hayden says she might get out sooner. Valerie says one talk with Curtis and she’s free? She tells Valerie that he’s come through for her before. She lists all of Curtis’s great qualities and says how highly he regards Valerie. Hayden says if he’s right about that, maybe Valerie should consider that he’s right about her too.

Finn gives Curtis the ID and says it should keep people from asking questions, except for the ones who know him. Curtis says he’ll keep a low profile. A nurse comes by and Finn asks about Elizabeth. The nurse says she’s still in surgery, but she has Elizabeth’s personal stuff to deliver. Curtis says she’s probably busy, so he’ll do it. The nurse asks if she knows him.

Maxie tries to leave and Griff asks her not to. She says after asking her to trust him, he was dishonest with her for months, so what would she get out of the conversation? He says an apology and that he should have trusted her and Nathan with the truth. Even worse, he gave Claudette an opening to cause more damage. He says maybe one day he can make it up to them. Maxie says she has an idea about how he can do that now.

Lulu sees a fireproof freezer listed that was still intact. Robert says it was empty, but there was a key in the lock, meaning someone might have taken out what was in it prior to the explosion. Lulu puts two and two together, saying maybe their embryo was inside. Good luck finding that a million years later. Lulu thinks Helena might have taken the embryo.

Jake asks Jason if he’s seen Franco. Jason says he had something to do and he’ll leave the keys at the nurse’s station. Jake shows him some pictures he drew for his mom. He asks what if she doesn’t get better?

Franco says that Naomi wants to help Hayden, and he wants to help Elizabeth. He says maybe they can do both without the secret coming out. He says no matter what, he’ll get Hayden to cooperate.

Curtis shows his ID as Dr. Ashford to the nurse. Finn tells her that he’s been recruited from another hospital to help out during the staff shortage. Finn takes Elizabeth’s things from the nurse and she leaves. Curtis tells Finn he would make a great PI, and wonders who would want Elizabeth dead. He says maybe there’s something in her belongings that will tell them.

Maxie tells Griff that she thinks Claudette has another agenda with Nathan and she wants to know what it is. She suggests Griff seduce it out of her. Griff is like, excuse me? She says it’s not like he hasn’t done it before, and she saw them kiss. She tells him to use it to get information.

Dante tells Lulu they’re getting ahead of themselves. She says no way Helena would allow a potential heir to be destroyed. She can’t believe they were just on Cassadine Island and could have searched. Robert says it’s all speculation. Lulu says if there was any chance of a child from Helena’s beloved Stavros, she wouldn’t have let that go. Robert says Helena is dead. Lulu tells him that there’s an entire lab compound under the house and it could have been stored there. They have to go back.

Griff tells Maxie it’s dishonest and against his vows. Maxie says it’s not like he hasn’t done it before. Griff says there has to be another way. Maxie says fine, she’ll do it herself, but don’t pretend he cares. She says the only one he’s ever protected is himself, and he’s not the pious man he pretends to be; he’s just a man.

Jake says he doesn’t want to leave his brothers. Jason says that won’t happen. He says he doesn’t know what lies ahead, but he loves Jake. They hug.

Valerie calls Curtis, who’s at the hospital going through Elizabeth’s things with Finn. Valerie asks if he’s free, but he says he’s going to be stuck for a while. She tells him if he gets off early, she’ll be at The Floating Rib. Franco walks into the station.

Finn looks through Elizabeth’s phone. Curtis tells him to check the browser history and maybe they can retrace her steps. Finn says even better would be to follow the person who pushed her.

Franco goes in to see Hayden. He tells her the doctors are worried, but she can save Elizabeth’s life.

Tomorrow, Griff talks to Sonny, Dante asks Lulu if it’s worth risking their lives, and Franco tells Hayden there’s something she needs to know.

General Hospital – Friday

Morgan wakes up late. Carly tells him to get going and he calls himself a loser. She says it’s not that big of a deal and asks what’s going on with him, since he’s been sluggish and moody. He says he’s taken all of his doses, but it must be just one of those days.

Griff meets with Sonny at TFR. He wants to know what the chances are of Julian getting convicted. He says with Anna out of town, Sonny is the only one he trusts to be truthful.

Robert tells Lulu that Cassadine Island isn’t a resort. She says if her embryo is there, they have to find it. I’m totally aware of how ridiculous that sounds if you don’t watch the show. Maybe even if you do.

Finn says it looks like Elizabeth’s phone took a picture when she put on the flashlight. He says it’s definitely a man who pushed her down the stairs.

Paul asks Jordan why Hayden isn’t in cell. He gives her some ridiculous reason as to why he cares. He gets snippy with her and tells her to do her job.

Franco tells Hayden that Elizabeth will make it out of surgery with her help. He says there’s something about the two of them she needs to know.

Morgan keeps apologizing, but Carly says she only wants to understand. He says he’s just tired. Nell comes to the door. Morgan answers and gets all excited. He tells her to come on in and give him some relief from the interrogation. He leaves for work. Nell asks Carly about the job leads she mentioned, and Carly says she has the perfect one – working for her.

Sonny tells Griff about Alexis wearing a wire and getting the confession, and how Julian tried to kill her afterward. Griff asks if Sonny thinks it’s enough to sink Julian. Well, I’d hope so.

Lulu says they’ve been to Cassadine Island twice and survived, adding that Helena is dead and Valentin is in prison. Dante thinks it might be a set up and reminds her of the will. Robert asks what he’s talking about and Lulu tells him about the empty envelope that Helena left to her.

Curtis says they don’t have much, but it clears Hayden. Finn suggests they blow up the picture. Curtis snatches the phone from him, so he doesn’t do something stupid like delete it. Curtis calls Jordan and says he’s coming there with something major.

Franco tells Hayden that the hospital is running out of blood and Elizabeth’s body will only accept her blood type. Hayden says she has a rare one and she’s never known anyone else to have it. Franco says, now you do, but she knows he’s not telling her something.

Carly wants to hire Nell as her personal assistant. Carly tells her it’s not a made-up job and the job requires no formal training or education. Nell says thanks and all, but she has to turn Carly down.

Griff says he saw the picture of Alexis and Kristina. Sonny says Alexis is ragged (ha-ha! funny word for Sonny to use) and she’s been drinking a lot. He says her confidence has been shaken because she believed in Julian. He tells Griff that she can’t admit Julian didn’t really love her, and it might affect her testimony.

Curtis and Finn bring the phone to Jordan, who doesn’t even want to know why they have it. They show her a picture of the bottom of a man’s pants legs and his shoes.

Franco insists that Hayden pushed Elizabeth and now she has a chance to save her, so it might look good for her. She says she’ll do it. Franco is like let’s go, and she says she’s still in police custody, showing him she’s cuffed. He starts to mess with her cuffs using a paper clip and Jordan walks in. She wants to know what’s going on, but I think she should understand by now that everyone just comes and goes and does what they want here, like they do at the hospital.

Griff asks if Sonny tried talking to Alexis. Sonny says she thinks he’s just gloating, telling Griff that Julian has been gunning for him since he came to town. In the beginning, he hid behind Sonny’s grandson, Danny, knowing Danny needed his bone marrow to live. Sonny says Alexis thought she was protecting the man she loved. Griff says Alexis seemed fine with everything until she got dragged into it, and wonders how he can trust her to do the right thing. Sonny asks if Griff isn’t the one always preaching forgiveness.

Nell says Carly doesn’t owe her anything .Carly says she wants to help her because of what happened, but she’s not so grateful she’d entrust her business to her if she didn’t think Nell was capable. She says her last assistant ran off to Niagara Falls with a guest and she needs to fill the position immediately. She gives Nell a job description and goes to take a call. Morgan comes downstairs and Nell asks if he knew Carly’s last assistant. Morgan says yes, and he says it’s important to be organized. Nell tells him about Carly’s job offer. He says she just got offered a job and he just got chewed out at his.

Lulu tells Robert about Daphne said she lives at the return address on the envelope. Robert says it sounds like a trap. Dante doesn’t want to risk going back. Lulu says there’s no other way to get answers. Robert says maybe there is.

Franco tells Finn about Hayden having the same blood type as Elizabeth. He wants Finn to check the records to make sure. Finn wonders how he would know this. Franco avoids the question, saying Elizabeth is in the ER and if she runs out of blood, they run out of time. Finn makes a call.

Franco goes back into the interrogation room. Curtis says Hayden won’t be a prisoner much longer. Paul walks in and wonders what’s going on. Jordan says there’s evidence that Hayden didn’t do push Elizabeth and shows him the phone. GET THAT OUT OF HIS HAND! NOW! He sees his own shoes and makes soap opera faces. Paul says he wanted to be kept posted, but didn’t want any tin foil hat theories. Curtis says he used the GO locator to find out the picture was taken on the hospital stairs. Paul says just because it looks like Elizabeth’s phone doesn’t mean it is and the photo changes nothing, because he’s desperately grasping at straws. Very thin paper ones that go flat after a few sips. He says Hayden needs to go to her cell. Franco says she’s going to give blood. Paul starts yelling that she’s not going anywhere and totally overreacting.

Sonny gives Griff a run down on what happened to Alexis and says he’s no one to judge. Griff says him neither and Sonny says Griff’s father made his share of mistakes, even though in the end he wanted out. He was going down a bad road and changed direction because he wanted to be a better man. Sonny thinks Duke would have been compassionate with Alexis.

Nell tells Morgan that bosses can suck. Morgan says if he was his own boss, he’d fire himself, but Aaron isn’t like that. He tells her he hopes she wasn’t put off by him and his mom is tough, but fair. He says the money is good, but she’ll work for every penny. Nell says she wants to be a teacher though, and doesn’t know if she can pursue it at the same time. She doesn’t want it to get in the way of her true goal. Morgan asks when she figured out what she wanted to do, and she says she just always knew. She wonders if she could use the job as a stepping stone to becoming a teacher and end up with the best of both worlds. Morgan says going to school was great, although he didn’t appreciate it at the time. It helped him to focus.

Carly comes in and Morgan says he has to go deal with something. Nell asks Carly again if the job isn’t charity. Carly says if she sucks, she’ll fire Nell’s ass. Nell says okay, she’ll do it.

Robert says there was a complete sweep of the island, including Daphne’s address, which has been abandoned for years. Dante says they never saw the house, Daphne just said she lived there. Robert says there’s no record of her anywhere.

Finn comes bursting into the interrogation room, and despite Paul’s protests, Hayden gets hustled off to the hospital. Jordan talks about getting her released. She says the photo isn’t great, but it obviously wasn’t Hayden. Paul makes a bunch of noise. Jordan says she’s not okay with sending an innocent woman to jail. Curtis says this could lead them to exactly who pushed Elizabeth down the stairs. Geez, they’d better make a print out and several thousand copies so this evidence doesn’t get “lost.”

Griff tells Sonny that he’ll try to follow his fathers example and give a the benefit of the doubt. He wonders if Julian will be convicted and Sonny tells him not to worry about the trial. Griff says it’s not justice if you take the law into your own hands. He’s good with those little pearls of wisdom. He probably took a class in it at priest school. Griff sees Robert walk in and asks for an introduction. Sonny says that Robert hates his guts, but okay, and introduces them. Robert says they saved him a trip, since he wanted to talk to both of them. I’m intrigued.

Nell thanks Carly for the advance so she can get her stuff. They thank each other and hug. Hmm…Nell’s face. Nell leaves and Carly asks Morgan, who’s working on his laptop, if he’s working from home. He says Aaron got someone to cover for him and you can’t sell a latte from home. He tells her that he’s enrolling in school full time.

Curtis says the picture is good for Hayden, but not so good for finding the criminal. Jordan says she found out that the phone is Elizabeth’s and they need to let Hayden go. Paul whines and stomps his foot, but she says they can still consider her a person of interest. If they’re wrong, they can get her back later. She says it doesn’t look good for the department if they don’t look for the real criminal. Paul finally agrees and says they need to talk about how everything is going to proceed from here on out.

Hayden asks how Franco how he knew about the match. She says Finn was saying something that Franco kept interrupting. She asks again how he knew her blood type was a match. Finn walks in.

Carly tells Morgan to back up. She says ten minutes ago he thought he couldn’t do anything, and now he wants to go to full time school? He says he’s majoring in marketing and realized he’s not there to serve coffee, but to get people to buy something. He said he got everyone to think, including Nell. He says he felt a little jealous at the passion she has that he doesn’t have, but then he discovered he did have it, and all his ideas led straight to going back to school. Carly asks if he’s sure. He gets all excited and hugs her. Definitely getting manic.

Robert joins Sonny and Griff at the table, telling Griff that he looks like Duke. He says Anna would have come back for the trial, but got convinced to stay in Berkeley a while. She wanted Griff to know she didn’t abandon him, but Griff says he didn’t think that. The three of them toast to justice for Duke.

Lulu says it doesn’t add up, and Dante says it’s not supposed to. She says there’s no trace of Daphne living at the address and the place is empty. Helena said she owed Lulu the most, and left her the most valuable thing. What would be more valuable than an heir? She wants to go back to Cassadine Island and thinks if the WSB digs deeper, they’ll find something. Maybe the embryo is at the address? That seems awfully simple, but come to think of it, why wasn’t this address investigated earlier? Like five minutes after Helena died.

Paul tells Jordan to keep him apprised. She says he seems awfully invested in a simple assault case. He says he wants justice done. Today’s theme.

Hayden starts to ask Finn about the blood type and he gets a call that the charges against Hayden have been dropped. He says there’s no time for celebration though; he has to check on something. Hayden tells Franco that she told him so. For a moment, she pretends like she’s not going to give her blood now, but then tells him that she will. However, he needs her blood and she needs something from him.

On Monday, Sam needs to check up on something, Julian tells Scotty that he’s doomed as doomed can be, and Hayden says she wants freedom in exchange for Elizabeth’s life.


I don’t usually recap this, although I’ve been known to dabble in MasterChef Junior. But there was something that stood out tonight.

They’re down to the final four and break into teams of two, cooking for a restaurant of food critics. David is on the losing team, which ends up having to do a pork pressure test, using pork belly, chops and tenderloin. I thought it was amazing when he owned up to his mistake in the team effort, saying he was the reason that his teammate and friend had to endure this. But then when they had to critique each others dishes, he didn’t exactly make nice and deflated my balloon. She was also the one who ended up making an exit.

They’re down to the final three, but I don’t really have a favorite. While I’ll watch anything with Gordon Ramsey in it, and love watching a cooking competition and lusting after the food, I can never seem to invest in the competitors much.

Quotes of the Week

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde

I love my body, and I would never change anything about it. I’m not asking you to like my body. I’m just asking you to let me be me. Because I’m going to influence a girl who does look like me, and I want her to feel good about herself. — Serena Williams, Self, September 2016

Listen, I’m engaged to this man and I’m going to marry him, so back off. Just back off.  — The Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, Real Housewives of NYC Reunion Part Two