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June 28, 2019 – Kim Asks Shiloh For a Favor, NOLA Charm, a Peek At Chefs, Nasty NeNe, Four Cups Of 90 Tea, Three Wives, Two Pump Rules, DecaQuotes & Weekend Heap


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina welcomes Drew back. She asks if he’s got a second. She wants to tell him what’s going on around there. He asks her to be specific, and she says she would have appreciated a heads up that he was selling Aurora. He tells her not to take it personally. He didn’t consult any employees. She says he knows how much Crimson means to her. When she was introduced to Jax, she thought he was a great guy, and someone she could work with. Jax stands in the doorway, but her back is to him. She tells Drew, he sabotaged her with the first project. Maybe not he’s not such a great guy, and just pretending. He said he wanted to build Crimson up, but maybe what he really wanted was a tax write-off. She’s asking why he sold her beloved magazine to a playboy who buys and sells companies like vintage handbags. Jax says that’s the first time he’s heard that metaphor.

At the MetroCourt, Curtis tells Valentin that his background check cleared. He’s starting today. Valentin wants to know everything, and says, no detail is too small. Curtis says Jax pleaded nolo contendere to an FCC violation, and it cost him millions. He took a plea so his brother and father could walk. He had to take a loss, but after five years, ended up back on top. Valentin wonders what corners he cut.

Sasha leaves Michael a message. She guesses his project is keeping him busy. She hopes he can make it tonight.

Michael meets Sonny and Carly at the hospital. He apologizes for being late, and says, it’s been a wild 24 hours. Carly asks what he and Jason got into in Beecher’s Corners. He says, it’s a long story. Jason got arrested, and he helped break him out. Carly says, he helped break Jason out of jail? Michael says he looked like an innocent bystander. Don’t worry. Carly says she is, and Sonny says, what the hell? Michael says it was bad timing, but they did find a witness. Carol Lockhart confirmed that Shiloh is a murderer.

Shiloh tells Kim that Oscar spoke often about her. What kind of woman she is; strong, fierce, and loving. Kim says Oscar was angry at her when he was living at the DOD house. Shiloh says, love and anger are different sides of the same coin. It shows how much he loved her that it was shining through in the midst of their difficulties. He knows her loss is immeasurable, and he’s sorry. She says, Oscar’s not lost. She feels him, but it’s not enough. She wants him back for real, and she knows how, but nobody wants to help her. Will he help bring Oscar back? He takes her hands, and says, of course (🍷). He’d do anything to help her. She says she needs to be mother. She tried to explain to Drew, but he didn’t understand. She can’t do it alone, and wants help. He says he needs her to say the words. She wants him to father a child with her?

In the interrogation room, Willow doubts any prisoner get chamomile tea before lights out, and Chase says she’s a special case. The judge might be completely misguided, but he thinks he’s doing the right thing. She asks if Chase thinks she should cooperate, and he says he thinks there’s a better way to protect Wiley than sitting in a jail cell.

Lucas tells Brad that Bobbie thanks them for giving her Wiley this evening. It gives her incentive to manage her treatment. Brad says, it’s the magic touch. Lucas says Alexis called, and asks why Brad didn’t tell him that he’d talked to her. Brad says Lucas had so much going on with his mom’s diagnosis, and he didn’t know how to tell him that her strategy is to reveal Wiley is Shiloh’s son. Lucas says it makes sense, but Brad says as soon as they admit it, Shiloh can claim him. Lucas says, then the case will be judged on their merits. Getting out in front of it is their best chance of retaining Wiley. Brad says, Alexis is wrong, and thinks they should take Wiley and run. Pack the car, get the hell out of Port Charles, and never look back.

Michael tells Sonny and Carly, when Shiloh was arrested, he had Carol brought to him, and convinced her to make a false confession. She had nothing to do with his death. Michael’s phone dings, and he says, dammit. He had dinner plans with Sasha. Carly says, go. It sounds like he could use a night out. He tells them, good luck, and leaves. Sonny says he’s texting Brick about following up on his plans for Dev. Some steps need to be taken before he can become a citizen. Carly wants to know what’s going on, but Dr. Navarro is ready. They go into the examining room.

Kim says she’s giving Shiloh the wrong idea. She appreciates his support, and that he’d be willing to go that far, but she wants a baby that’s part her and part Drew, like Oscar. Shiloh says obviously he can’t help her on that front. She says she could use some guidance. After Oscar died, she read all his DOD literature, and the notes he took. Some of the classes caught her attention. He asks which classes? and she says the ones on persuasive arguments, and how to get through on a spiritual level. Can he teach her how to get through to Drew? He asks if she wants him to teach her how to persuade Drew to have another child with her. She wants Drew to understand the importance of it. She already suggested it, but he doesn’t remember loving her. What they had is lost. It’s on the flashdrive with Drew’s other memories. Shiloh says she and Drew don’t have a relationship. Is she in a relationship with anyone else? She says she’s seeing Julian, but he turned her down before she realized Drew has to be the father. Julian has a lot on his mind anyway. He has some custody issue going on with his son.

Brad says, Seattle, Nashville, Chicago; it’s up to Lucas. Lucas says, no. This is crazy. Running isn’t an option. Brad says they have every right to move, and no obligation to stay. Lucas says, so they pack up and move to North Dakota. The suit will still proceed, and when the truth comes out, it will be assumed they knew Shiloh didn’t give his permission. They’ll be culpable. They’ll be fugitives, and if they’re caught, there’s no way they’ll keep their son. Brad says Lucas’s brother-in-law is an expert at making people disappear. Sonny can help. Lucas says, if they disappear, they and Wiley can never contact their family again. Is that what he wants for their child?

Willow asks if Chase thinks the only way to protect Wiley is to tell Shiloh the baby is his. Chase says she has more agency than she realizes. She can convince the judge that Shiloh is a threat to Wiley’s well-being. She says it will give Shiloh legal claim to Wiley. The only way to protect him is to not disclose Shiloh is his father. Chase says she’ll be in contempt of court. She says she is already, and he asks how much longer she thinks she can keep this up. She says as long as she has to, even if it’s the rest of her life.

Nina says it’s convenient Jax is there, and he asks, how’s that? She says instead of expressing her concerns to Drew, she should be expressing her concerns to the source. He asks if that’s what she was doing, expressing her concerns? It sounded a bit disparaging. Maybe something was lost in the translation. Drew says he’d like to help, but whatever dispute they have, it’s not his business. The terms of the sale are clear. Jax says he’s the sole owner of the print division, and Drew is the sole owner of the TV, radio, and streaming platforms. While they’re under the same umbrella, they operate independently. Drew says, sorry. Nina doesn’t work for him. She works for Jax.

Curtis says he still has paperwork to fill out, and Valentin doesn’t want to keep him. Next time, he wants something viable. Curtis says he can’t give him anything if nothing is there, but Valentin is sure he’ll find plenty. Curtis leaves, and Valentin approaches Sasha’s table. He asks if the seat is taken, and she says, it will be soon. He says he’ll warm it up. He’s been wanting to connect. Sasha says, about…? He tells her, the wedding is in September in Verona, and she says, like Romeo and Juliet. He says after the wedding, she’s free to go home to Chappaqua. She says, there’s been a change of plans. She’s decided to make Port Charles her home for good.

Michael comes to the interrogation room, and says he’s glad both Willow and Chase are there. He’s not glad Willow is in custody, but he wanted to talk to them both. He asks Willow how much she told Chase about her father, and she says, he knows everything. Her father intentionally OD’s because she chose her initiation ceremony over him. Michael says, that’s not what happened. She says she knows he’s being kind, but takes full responsibility. She came to terms with it a long time ago. Michael says her father didn’t commit suicide. He’s sorry tell her, but her father was murdered.

Dr. Navarro comes into the examining room, and asks if Carly or Sonny have any questions or concerns. Carly says they’re just ready to see how the baby is doing. Sonny asks if she thinks there are any complications. She says the protein levels can signify a number of things, but most are benign or manageable. She does a sonogram, and says, the baby is approximately twelve inches long, and… Sonny asks if everything is all right. She says she needs to consult with a colleague. She tells Carly to get dressed, and she’ll be back. Carly asks if something is wrong with the baby, but the doctor says she can’t give Carly a prognosis until she has a consult.

Jax says Nina was a major factor in his decision to buy Aurora. Nina says she thought he wanted to stay in Port Charles because of his daughter. He says she’ll always be his first consideration, but when he assesses a potential investment property, he looks at both the property and the personnel, and he wanted to keep her. He respects her opinion, but wants to make it clear, it’s his magazine. Nina says if he wants his magazine to be better, he needs to give her plenty of room. He says she’s putting Ava on the cover. How much room does she need? Nina says she hates Ava, but it will give the magazine a profile boost. He agrees, and says they’re on the same side. Drew wonders if it’s too much to ask that they shake hands and go about their day. Curtis comes to the door, and asks if it’s a good time. Drew says, it’s a great time. Nina asks why Curtis didn’t tell her that he was in the running for head of security. He says he didn’t want to jinx it, but she says she could have put in a good word. Jax says, his background speaks for itself. Drew says he could have pulled some strings for him, but Curtis says he wanted to get the job on his own without anyone clearing the way.

Willow says her father wasn’t murdered, and Michael says, it’s a lot to process. He and Jason went to see Carol in Beecher’s Corners. Willow says Carol is the one her father got the drugs from, but Michael says, she was brought before Shiloh, who convinced her to confess so he could be exonerated. He’d been arrested, and told her he’d been scapegoated. He said DOD would fall apart unless someone sacrificed themselves to exonerate him, so she went to the police and lied. Willow asks why Shiloh would kill her father. Michael says her father wanted her out of DOD, and Shiloh couldn’t let that happen.

Shiloh tells Kim that he wasn’t aware Julian had a son young enough be in a custody battle. She says, it’s actually his grandson. His son Lucas has a baby boy. Shiloh says, Brad is his husband. Odd that he hasn’t seen Brad lately. Kim says, a baby can hijack your life. Everything else takes a backseat. He asks her to tell him more, but she doesn’t know the specifics. She was focused on Oscar, and didn’t ask. She knows it’s a source of stress for Julian. He’s concerned the biological father will make a bid for custody, and Julian thinks he’s a dangerous man. I ask Kim, why? Why are you telling him this?

Lucas tells Brad, if they skip town, they’ll have to change their identities. They can never tell Wiley who he is, and he’ll grow up in a lie, thinking he’s someone else. Is that the kind of life Brad wants for their son? Lucas doesn’t, or for them. Brad says, if it keeps Shiloh away from Wiley, it will be worth it. Lucas says he’s right. Keeping Wiley from Shiloh is the most important thing. They can’t break the law, and have to be smart about it. He thinks Alexis is right. He thinks they have to be honest about who Wiley’s father is. Well this is going to be interesting when the DNA doesn’t match.

Nina and Curtis say they’ll catch up soon. Nina leaves, but in the hallway, Jax asks her to wait. He tells her, congratulations on the early ad sales. It’s quite a feat. Ava is creating a buzz. Well done. She says she wanted to talk to him about Josslyn interning at Crimson. He says sometimes he forgets he has a teenage daughter, and can’t make her decisions for her. Nina says she tripped over the same stone with her daughter Sasha. When they met, she tried way too hard, and had to remind herself that Sasha is an adult, and doesn’t need her input on everything. She’s glad she and Valentin have a few years left before Charlotte is independent. Jax says they have common ground. The most important thing to them is their daughters.

Valentin says the time for Sasha to return is after the wedding. She says she doesn’t have much going on in Chappaqua since he recruited her to be Nina’s daughter. He says, timing is everything, and they agreed. She says she didn’t expect it to pan out the way it did. She cares about Nina, and Port Charles feels like home. She has a stake in this too. He says not much of one compared to him, and she says, it’s not about him. She has other reasons. He says, Michael?

Chase asks Michael if there’s any corroborating evidence. Michael says Carol is willing to go on record with her story, but a cop stopped her and Jason before they could leave. Willow asks if it was Billy Price, and Michael says it was. She asks how they got away, but Chase says he’s cutting Michael off here for his own good. Willow wonders if her mother knew Shiloh was planning on killing her father. Michael says, if she didn’t, this might open her eyes. It would help a lot if she’d stop protecting Shiloh. Willow doesn’t believe her mom could do that. Shiloh must have lied to her too. Michael promises it will all work out, and she thanks him. Michael leaves, and she says she can’t believe this. Shiloh timed her initiation so that she’d be busy, and her dad would be alone. She says, oh, God. She slept with him after he killed he father. Chase holds her as she quietly freaks about that.

Kim thanks Shiloh for coming by, and he says he’s glad to be of service. She opens the door, and Julian is there. He asks what the hell Shiloh is doing there? and Shiloh says he was just leaving. When he’s gone, Julian asks Kim why he was there. She says she was just asking for advice, but Julian says he doesn’t trust Shiloh around women. There’s a lot she doesn’t know about him.

Carly tells Sonny, it feels like hours. He says the doctor has a procedure, and she’s playing it safe. Dr. Navarro comes back, and Carly asks her to please tell them what’s wrong with their baby. The doctor explains that there’s a pocket of fluid preventing part of the spinal cord from protection. The bones haven’t fused. She says it’s spina bifida, and Sonny asks how serious it is. She says they won’t know until after the birth. Many babies with spina bifida go on to lead thriving lives. Carly says, but not all, and the doctor says in some cases it can lead to developmental impairment.

Brad runs into Charlie’s, looking for Julian. The bartender says he took off, and to try his cell. Shiloh comes in, and says he’s glad he caught Brad.

Kim says Julian is telling her the man her son went to for spiritual guidance has been drugging women and coercing them to have sex? Why didn’t he tell her sooner? She even read Shiloh’s book, so she would feel closer to Oscar. Julian says all he knew was Alexis had reservations. He didn’t know Shiloh was a sexual predator until Sam told him that Kristina had gotten involved with DOD. She’s lucky she got out before Shiloh hurt her. Kim says she’s in shock. She was hanging on his every word. Julian asks why Shiloh was there, and she says she wanted some help from somebody. He says that’s why he’s there. He’s worried about her, and so is Drew. Kim asks if Drew told him what happened; that she wanted to have a baby with him.

Valentin asks Sasha how much she knows about Michael. She says he’s got a huge, complicated family, and he’s genuinely kind, a rare quality. Valentin says, he also heads a major corporation, and has a significant amount of the Quartermaine fortune. She says she’s not after his money, but Valentin says, if Michael hasn’t investigated her yet, someone from his huge, complicated family will. He vetted her, and knows she’ll stand up to scrutiny, but if they go sniffing around, they’ll find out she’s not Nina’s daughter. She promises Michael’s family has no reason to go digging into her background. They’re not serious. He’s just a nice guy she enjoys spending time with. Valentin says he speaks from experience; lying to someone you love is a special kind of pain. You wonder every day if you’ll get discovered and lose everything. If she has any sense at all, she’ll get out now. He leaves, and Michael arrives.

Dr. Navarro tells Carly that they’ll monitor the situation, and determine the severity as it gets closer to the birth. She’ll need to have a C-section. Sonny asks if Carly is at higher risk, but the doctor says, no. Any surgery is a risk, but it’s relatively low. Carly asks if it’s anything she did or didn’t do that contributed, but Dr. Navarro says she did nothing to cause the condition. She leaves to give them some privacy, telling them to contact her anytime if they have questions. Sonny holds Carly, and she cries a little.

Sasha tells Michael that she was worried he stood her up. He says, sorry for being off the grid. Things with his family are kind of crazy. She asks if everything is okay, and he says, it’s headed in that direction. He hopes she wasn’t too bored, and she says, not at all. Valentin looks at them, and Nina joins him. She says, aren’t they adorable? and he says, they’re an attractive couple. She says, they’re perfect for each other. Just like them.

Jax goes back into Drew’s office, and asks what he missed. Curtis says he was sharing his security analysis, and pitching some changes that are easy to implement. Drew says the unknown factor is Jax.

Julian tells Kim that Drew didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to. Julian put it together; that’s why he’s there. She asks if he’s breaking up with her, and he says, not at all (phrase of the day). He says he’s not going to lie and say it didn’t hurt that she went to Drew, but he understands her going to Oscar’s father. If she’s going to have a child, she wants it to be a full sibling, and he can never give that to her. She thanks him for understanding, and he says he just wants her to be okay. She wonders how that’s going to happen, and he says she needs help. She asks if he means a psychiatrist or a grief counselor, and he says they can guide her. She says she doesn’t need guidance. He says he wants her to be better. She says there’s no getting better. Oscar is gone, and she’s never going to see him again.

Shiloh asks if Brad is all right. He seems stressed. Brad says he’s not, but Shiloh says, clearly something is troubling him. They can talk. Brad says he was just looking for his father-in-law, but he’s not there. Shiloh says, the offer stands, and hopes Brad comes back to DOD when they’re in a new location. Brad tells Shiloh to stay the hell away from him, and jets.

Willow says Chase probably has to take her back to her cell. She knows he thinks she should cooperate, but she’s not changing her mind. Chase says he’s the one changing his mind. He never doubted Shiloh is a dangerous criminal. Now they have a witness. They’ll reopen the investigation into her father’s death, and prove Shiloh killed him. He tells her, stay stubborn. Don’t cooperate. It will buy them time to get a statement. It might be enough, but they’ll keep learning the truth.

Shiloh sits at Charlie’s bar. He flashes back to Brad telling him, the birth mother insisted the adoption be closed. She said the birth father was never in the picture. She picked him and Lucas as parents, but now she wants to change the terms. She lives in Port Charles, and keeps finding ways to insert herself in their lives. Shiloh smirks.

Sonny asks if Carly is okay. She doesn’t know. It’s a lot. The worst case, their child will have a difficult life. Sonny says any baby they have will have their love, no matter what, and that’s all that matters. He hugs her.

On Monday, Maxie says this is terrible, Chase talks to Mac about Willow, and Shiloh says he knows who his son is.

🍹 In case you’re still interested, Southern Charm New Orleans is back on Sunday nights at 9 pm. While the original Southern Charm is one of my favorites, I just never got drawn in by its sister show. Sadly, the couple with the little dogs divorced, and they were the only ones I was marginally interested in. I also liked that girl who was on the periphery and liked to stir the pot. I don’t remember her name, but she seems to be gone now anyway. It’s always been one of those shows where, if there’s nothing else on, it’s better than sitcom reruns.

🍗 On the other hand, MasterChef is as good as ever. I finally got a chance to see an episode from the current season, where the cooks were barbecuing for 100 guests, including some former finalists. They were divided into two teams, and the winners (blue) also made the biggest blunder, with team member Subah forgetting to turn on the grill. That’s kind of important. There were still eighteen contestants, so I didn’t even bother taking names, but I did note the captain of the red team, Sarah, could have been the sister of Teddi from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Not only do they look similar, it was eerie to watch Sarah having the same speech inflections, mannerisms, and taking of responsibility – aka owning it. It was a bit of a cliffhanger, since the elimination challenge won’t be shown until the next episode. It also gave me a couple of MasterQuotes:

I need a whiskey or cold beer really bad right now. – Name unknown, but a thought probably shared by everyone.

We should never have sent out raw food, like, period. – Noah, after his team lost.

🌎 NeNe Vs the World…

NeNe used to be fun. Even her ongoing feud with Kim Zolciak was fun. Who can forget, close your legs to married men? But it seems like now she has an ongoing feud with everyone. I stopped watching RHOA a while ago because the whole show became all about shade, and NeNe’s behavior has gotten worse as the years have gone on. I caught some of the last reunion, and she didn’t have a kind word for anyone. I feel badly about Greg’s illness, and realize it’s been a difficult road, but she’s just using it for one more excuse to act any way she pleases. She needs to retire her crown. She was dethroned by her own ego long ago.



😵 A Mess and Stressed…

Well, that’s what happens when you ship in a twenty-year-old Jamaican playboy.



🙈 My Favorite Awful Couple…

And this is what happens when you move in with a guy, his mother, and their cats.


💪 By George, I Think She Really Loves Him…

Or maybe he’s letting her babysit the weed. Either way, it looks like Anfisa is only stepping out on George with some free weights.



💫 Maybe He Just Lives In Another World…

This doesn’t sound like they’re remaining friends.


🗽 Breaking Down Bethenny’s Breakdown…

She just said what we were all thinking.


🏢 While Juicy Joe Languishes…

Teresa gets busy.


💔 At Least It Keeps Her On the Show…

Apparently, Matt isn’t such an every girl’s dream after all.



🌠 Lance Bass To the Rescue…

So Jax and Brittany are really going to do this thing?



👠 The Queen Has Spoken…

And I don’t mean Ariana.


📡 Quotes of the Week

Remember if people talk behind your back, it only means you are two steps ahead.Fannie Flagg

I have decided to stick to love… Hate is too great a burden to bear. – Martin Luther King Jr.

What we need is to use what we have. – Susan Sontag

Never be limited by other people’s imaginations. – Dr. Mae Jemison

The difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline and accountability.Dr. Phil

Sometimes it’s better to be alone than be in bad company. – dude on Mexican Dynasties

A friend is what the heart needs all the time.Henry Van Dyke

What does it mean to regret, when you have no choice? – Laura Brown (Julianne Moore), The Hours

Fake is as old as the Eden tree.Orson Welles

You cannot find peace by avoiding life. – Virginia Wolfe (Nicole Kidman), The Hours – In other words, get your face out of your phone.

🚴 Go Out and Slay It…

Whether you’re a warrior or not.








May 27, 2019 – No Hospital, VPR Fake Out, a Double Dose of Gordon, Thrones Explained, Leslie’s Final Watch & Remembering


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

As I thought it would be, today was a rerun. At least it was a special one – the April 2nd episode where the characters had a scavenger hunt at the hospital, per the instructions in Gail’s will. Even though it was an enjoyable episode, I chose to watch People’s Court, which I love, but hardly ever get to see. I’m pleased to report that Doug Llewelyn is still just as annoying, sticking his microphone in the defeated litigant’s face, saying, so how does it feel to be a big loser? It always boggles my mind that no one has punched him out… yet.

Vanderpump Rules/Summer House

Tonight, even though the season has ended for Vanderpump Rules, the digital guide said Bravo was airing a new episode, describing it as a mash-up with Summer House. But what was listed as Vanderpump Rules was really a retrospective of the past Summer House season with some of the VPR cast – Stassi, Beau, Katie, and Schwartz coming on the scene forty-five minutes in. I felt ripped off, since it all turned into a two-hour episode of SH, half of which I’d seen already. I was like, yay! I get to hear about new cast member Jordan’s ED problems all over again. Kyle wanted to propose to Amanda, even though he’d cheated on her five minutes ago. Stassi advised against the timing, and Kyle broke down in tears. Carl did give a nice mixed metaphor when he said he got past first base and scored a touchdown. I don’t know much about sports, but I do know bases and touchdowns are from two different types of games. Next week is the finale, which is sure to have an amusing moment when Kyle asks Amanda’s father for his blessing. Her father’s response? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Looks like there might be more tears coming for Kyle.

🍳  MasterChef will begin it’s 10th season this Wednesday, May 29th at 8 pm, followed by Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back at 9 pm. I need one of those TVs where you can watch more than one show at the same time.

🐉 They Keep Me Hangin’ On…

A happy ending for Jon Snow. No, not that kind.


The Geeks explain.


Leslie Jones’s final watch. I love her.


🍻 🍗  That Went By Fast…

If you were blessed enough to have one, hope you enjoyed your long weekend, but also hope you remembered why you had one.




May 17, 2019 – Red Carpet At the Ball, Chef Lisa, Throne Theory, Jim Has Not, Adios Coltee, OC Alumni, Miami Forgettable, Reality Troubles, a Mix Of Six Quotes, RIP For Three & Goodbye Mr. Tudball


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Five minutes to the Nurses Ball. Maxie tells Nina that she has to be there has to be on the red carpet, not making grand entrance. Sydney Valjean (Chandra Wilson) joins Nina, who thought she’d be late. Sydney says, never, especially when she’s hosting. Nina reminds her that she’s co-hosting, and Sydney says she knows it’s Nina’s night. Maxie is live tweeting, and Nina tells Sydney to go easy on the guests’ outfits, but she says she stands for truth in fashion. She’ll be cordial, but she’s not going to lie. Nina says if someone is wearing something… challenging, she’ll take it. Starting with the first guest. She’s extra.

In Toronto, Curtis and Laura are tied back to back. Curtis comes to, and tells Laura, wake up. They have trouble. She opens her eyes, and says, oh my God.

Carly comes downstairs in a sparkly red gown. Sonny tells her that she looks great, and asks what the verdict is. Are they staying or going?

Nina welcomes the viewers to the 2019 GH Nurses Ball. She’s being joined by Crimson magazine’s New York fashion editor, Sydney Valjean. It’s the first Ball Sydney has been to in person, and she’s ready to get the night started. Nina says for once, they’re on the same page. She usually saves this guest for last, but suggests they get to the good stuff first, and introduces Lucy, who’s wearing a mosaic patterned dress with a fishtail hem. Sydney says she looks stunning. Lucy gushes over Sydney, saying she’s such a fangirl. Nina says she’s right there too. Can Lucy give the audience a taste of what to expect? and Lucy says, no. She doesn’t want to ruin the delicious surprises. She goes over to Maxie, who compliments her dress, which Lucy calls delirious. She says, let the Nurses Ball begin.

Doc and Ava come in, and Sydney says Doc is looking dapper. Ava says, isn’t he though? Ava is wearing a black gown with sleeves of silver fringe dripping down to a cuff at the wrist. Nina tells her, kudos for being bold. She asks what they’re looking forward to, and Doc appreciates the raising of money for a truly worthy cause. Ava says they want to help any way they can. They move on to Maxie. Ava asks if there’s something wrong, and Maxie says she’s just surprised to see them together. Ava says, it will take some getting used to.

Nina introduces Scotty as lawyer extraordinaire. Does he want to say hello to the audience? He says, hello… and goodbye. Maxie asks who he’s wearing, and he says, expensive. She wonders who has his trousers in a twist, and he looks at Doc and Ava, saying, those two are all wrong, Maxie says, agreed, and he says he wants to make it right. He blocks the camera with his hand.

Laura tells Curtis, he’s gone. That poor woman. He killed her after she helped him. Curtis says, he killed her because he knew she was going to help them. He doesn’t think Ryan is coming back any time soon. It’s up to them to get themselves out. She says, please tell her that he has a knife in his pocket. He thinks the corners of the chair is sharp enough. If they work together, they can free themselves. She says, wait a minute. She smells gas.

Carly tells Sonny that Josslyn is definitely not going, but wants them to go. Sonny doesn’t want to, but Carly doesn’t know. She asks what he thinks, and he says it would be good for Carly if she went. She knew he’d say that, and he wonders why she asked. She tells him, next time tell her what she wants to hear, Sonny says he secretly hates this night. It reminds him of Stone, and how he’s gone, and the others who have died; but he hears Stone in his head, telling him, get off your ass, and go, so he goes. He sees people propping each other up, having a good time, and loving each other. He sees what good it does, and he’s glad he put his tux on and went. Carly says they’ll wait for Kristina to get there.

Franco picks up Elizabeth at the hospital. She looks like a princess, in blue sleeveless gown with a train. He says, wow, and she tells him that he looks handsome. He says she’s so beautiful, and kisses her. Epiphany tells them to get a room – or at least a supply closet. Elizabeth and Franco agree Epiphany looks great, and she does in an orange gown with a tie at the waist and a front slit. TJ, Deanna, and Amy join them. TJ says they’re ready to get their Ball on, and Deanna says she’ll call an Uber. They don’t want to miss the red carpet. Franco says he hired an enormous stretch limo. They can’t have the Ball without the nurses, and they’re going to arrive in style. Amy says Franco is ridiculously nice. Franco suggests they get going.

Nina introduces Willow escorted by Chase. She says, rumor has it that he’s performing again, and he says she’ll have to wait and see. She says Willow must know, but she says, he’s like a vault. She tried to get it out of him. Sydney asks, how? and Chase tells Willow, just be patient. Sydney says, they’re adorable. Nina is like, meh, but then says, he’s adorable, and runs to Valentin. They kiss.

Sasha comes in with Michael. Nina is happy to see them there together. Michael is happy to be there. It’s a cause dear to his heart. Nina says, which he showed with his company’s generous donation. She thanks him. Sydney knows it’s Willow’s first Ball, and asks how she feels. Willow says she was nervous at first, but she’s ready to have fun now.

Ava thanks Doc. He says, for what? and she says she was close to ripping Nina’s face off, and he smoothed the waters. He says she has prioritize. They have a bigger mission tonight. Ava thinks Ryan won’t be able to resist, and he agrees. She’s the best way to draw Ryan out, but nothing with Ryan ever goes according to plan.

Curtis says he can smell the gas, and feels it. He coughs, and Laura says she knows what Ryan is doing. Curtis suggests she fill him in. She says Ryan was supposed to die in a funhouse explosion. He wants her to die the same way he was supposed to. Curtis says, a funhouse? He’s not having much fun. There’s no way he’s going to let this freak win.

Lucy asks Scotty what Doc is thinking. Scotty says, Doc thinks he can douse his grief with guilt, and Ava is milking it for all it’s worth. It’s like a like runaway train, and they have to put brakes on.

Michael hears Maxie is on online tweeting duty, and she tells them to smile.

Nina says, here come newlyish weds, Franco and Elizabeth. Sydney admires Elizabeth’s dress, and Nina asks if they’re looking forward to the performances. Franco says he really stays for the nurses. He feels fortified being with them. He tells Nina, a gaggle of rowdy nurses is coming, and the gaggle follows them in. Epiphany asks who’s he calling rowdy? She runs a tight ship. TJ says, a tighter ship has never been run. Nina introduces Epiphany has GH’s head nurse, and Sydney asks if Magic Milo will be joining them. Epiphany says he had a work conflict, so Milo is keeping the magic in his pants this year.

Sydney introduces renowned coffee importer, Sonny Corinthos, and his lovely wife. Sydney says the cause has a special significance to Sonny’s family. Sonny says, it’s always a good time. It’s a blessing be there, and realize how precious life is. He and Carly kiss.

Michael tells Sasha that he’s sorry if Nina gushing over him made her feel uncomfortable. She says, it didn’t. She thought it was sweet.

Chase tells Willow that he has a great idea. The next time he visits her class, he’ll bring Thor, but also deputize the kids. She thinks it is a great idea, but he’ll have to do it in someone else’s class. She was fired. She’s finishing the yea, and then she’s done. He asks when it happened, and she says, yesterday. He’s so sorry, and asks if it’s because of the Charlotte thing. She says she doesn’t agree with Nina and Valentin’s choices a lot, but the truth is, she could have handled it better. Chase suggests focusing on the upside. There are a lot of private schools that would jump at the chance to hire her. Sometimes things that seem to be the worst, actually turn out to be the best. She says it worked out for the best the night she met him.

Franco tells Elizabeth that no one can hold a candle to her. She says it’s going to be a good night, and he says, it’s already pretty good.

Maxie hugs Peter, and brings him over to Nina. She introduces Maxie as her superior fashion editor, who’s doing double work. With her, is the publisher of The Invader, along with his star reporter, Lulu. Maxie hopes it’s less eventful than last year. I die over Lulu’s dress, which is sparkly and from fairyland. Nina gets something caught in her throat, and excuses herself. Sydney says she thought Nina would never leave, and asks about Lulu’s dress.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to hear the answer. Nina goes on the terrace, and sees Jax. She says she’s looking for water, and he asks if she’ll settle for champagne. She says, sure, and sips it. She apologizes, saying she doesn’t usually steal people’s booze, but her throat closed up. He asks if it was an interview with press, and she says she’s a publisher doing this for charity. He says it’s generous of her. She doesn’t know if her throat closed because of the lights (?) or because she hates those two. Did she just say that out loud? Jax says she’s lucky he doesn’t know who she’s referring too. She says champagne goes to her head, and thanks him, saying she’ll see him on the red carpet.

Carly sees Michael, and he introduces Sasha to her and Sonny. Carly says they’ve already met. At the MetroCourt after Sasha’s workout. It’s nice to see her again. Michael says, no Josslyn? and Carly says, no, but she insisted they come. She had second, third, and fourth thoughts about it. Michael tells her to give Josslyn space and confidence. She’ll be okay. Carly excuses herself to go to the ladies room. Sonny says, Michael knows she’s going to text her daughter, right. Michael says, 100%.

Lucy says Scotty knows what to do. He says she just told him. Just go. Lucy says, it’s going to work, and gives Scotty a thumbs up.

Ava tells Doc, don’t worry. Ryan won’t come there with all these people. He’ll wait until she’s alone.

Mac and Felicia arrive. Sydney says it’s not their first Nurses Ball. What’s their favorite act from over the years. Mac says Mr. Something-or-Other (a bad act he did once), of course (🍷).

Sydney welcomes Jax back, and he says he’s happy to be back. She asks if he’s performing, and he says, Sonny sang last year, so maybe he’ll do a dance number. Anything is possible. A reporter grabs him, and asks if it’s a quick visit, or will Port Charles be seeing more of him? He says they’ll see what happens. He likes to keep his options open. Nina stutters trying to ask Jax a question, and Sydney says he’s an international financier; what brings him back to Port Charles? He says he lives in Australia, and Nina says she loves Australia. He asks if she’s been there, and she says, no, but the accent is great. Jax says he just finished a project there, and he’s looking into some opportunities. He’s missed Port Charles, and it’s great to be back, especially for an important cause. Nina says he should say hello to Maxie, and trails off. Sydney tells him, have a good evening, and pokes Nina. Maxie says she didn’t know he was back, and asks how long he’s home for. He says, indefinitely.

Sam and Shiloh walk the carpet. Nina doesn’t know him, and Sam explains that he runs DOD. Nina says, fantastic, and asks where Jason is. It’s not surprising he’s not there, since he probably doesn’t go to events like this. Shiloh says, it’s irrelevant. Sam isn’t defined by anyone else’s decision. Nina says, awesome, and passes them to Maxie. Sam says they heard she was live tweeting. Maxie says she was, but she just shut down. She has to find a friend. I laugh at Sam’s face when their picture is taken. It’s amusing in general how some of the photos have their true feelings written all over their faces.

A man goes up to Doc, telling him a woman passed out on the red carpet. They took her upstairs, but now she’s hysterical. He asks Doc to take a look. Doc asks Ava to excuse him. She says, if it starts, she’ll save him a seat. Scotty smiles.

Valentin approaches Peter and Lulu. He says Lulu looks exceptionally nice. She says Charlotte helped her pick out her dress. Valentin says, she helped Nina with her ensemble as well. Lulu says, maybe she’ll follow in her stepmother’s footsteps. Jax walks in.

Carly tells Jax that she so did not want to come. Jax says he kept offering to bail, and Carly says Josslyn ordered him. Josslyn doesn’t want to be the reason they stayed home. Jax says, it shows they’re listening, and have faith in her.

Lulu sees Sonny at the bar. He thought her mom was coming, but she says Laura is working on a special assignment. He says, mayor business? and she says, something like that.

Curtis tells Laura, they’ve got to get out. She thinks she can reach his knot. She gets his arm untied, and he says she is good.

Scotty tells Ava to with him to see something, and drags her off.

Doc knocks on a room door. He says received word someone needed assistance. Lucy pulls him into the room. She’s wearing nothing but a slip, and he assumes she didn’t faint on the carpet. She says, no, but it’s truly an emergency. Ava doesn’t know him like she does. She doesn’t see he’s feeling guilty about something he didn’t do. He says, that’s not what’s happening. She says he has a big, generous heart, but he doesn’t have to take care of Ava. Please let her save him from himself.

Jax talks to Josslyn on the phone. He says if she changes her mind, he has his phone on. Lulu, Peter, and Valentin come down the hall. Lulu introduces her boss and Valentin to Jax, but I get the vibe that Jax and Valentin know each other.

Willow and Chase sip champagne. She says, it’s no vintage of love, but it will get her through the evening. She suddenly stops, and Chase asks if she’s okay. She sees Shiloh and Sam.

Nina introduces Finn and Anna, former super spy. Sydney says they’re a lovely looking couple. At least Anna doesn’t look like an old lady this year, and has a nicely draped, black sleeveless dress; kind of Grecian. Sydney asks who she’s wearing, and Anna is like, umm… Nina says don’t keep them in suspense, and Anna stares at Robert, who just walked in. Nina introduces him as another super spy, and says he’s looking dashing. As they all are. Sydney says, an intriguing trio, and Nina says, for sure. She tells the viewers, the Ball is starting.

Chase tells Willow that she’s safe. Sam asks Shiloh if he’s sure he wants to do this. He says he just wants to say hello to Sonny and Carly. He asks how Kristina is, and Sonny says, better now. Shiloh says they’re looking forward to her return, but Carly says she wouldn’t count on it. He assures them he has the best intentions, as well as being Kristina’s friend. Sonny says he’s a philosopher, right? He says he used to be called that. Carly bets he’s been called other things too. Sonny says the philosophy he goes by is, family first, and always, at any cost.

Curtis gets loose, and unties Laura. He says they have to get out of there. It’s gonna blow. They run outside, and get blown off the porch.

Scotty brings Ava to the hotel room where Doc is. She says she has no time for this nonsense. He tells her, trust him. It’s for her own good. He opens the door, and goes, ah-ha! Caught you! but looks surprised himself.

Nina tells Sydney that she was flawless. Sydney says Nina too. They make a great team. Nina says, in print and on the red carpet. Sydney thinks Nina has someone waiting for her. Valentin is there, and says, let’s get out of here. Nina and Sydney air kiss. Nina says they’ll talk soon, and Sydney says, not too soon. Nina goes inside with Valentin.

Finn tells Robert that he wants his ring back.

Felicia tells Anna that she and Robert made quite an entrance. Which one is her date?

The Nurses Ball is about to begin. Everyone takes their seats. Jax watches Nina and Valentin.

On Monday, Lucy welcomes everyone, Anna tells Robert that Finn is her date, Maxie says Shiloh is the perfect name for a cult leader, and Jason tells Spinelli that they’re setting Shiloh up tonight.

🍳 Tonight, I happened to catch MasterChef: Celebrity Family Showdown. I hadn’t even heard about this particular Gordon Ramsay effort, but as if getting that blessing on a Friday night wasn’t enough, Lisa Vanderpump was a contestant, teamed with her daughter Pandora, against Snooki and JWoww from The Jersey Shore. The other two teams were Johnny Weir and his brother, vs Tara Lipinski and her husband. It was cooking something with a while fish, and Tara won, but who cares about them? The next teams’ challenge was to recreate a dish from tasting it, blindfolded. Lisa and Pandy were given a swordfish dish, while the Shore babes were given veal piccata. Puffy was along for the ride with Lisa, and although he was presented with his own tiny apron (so he wouldn’t feel left out – aww!) by Gordon, he was palmed off to Ken when the cooking started. The prize was $25K to the winner’s choice of charity, but the loser would still get $15K. Both teams were off somewhat, with Lisa and Pandy substituting snapper for swordfish, and Snooki and JWoww making marsala instead of piccata. Since they got the veal part right, the latter team won. I couldn’t even tell you the charity, since I was concentrating on Lisa, whose money would have gone to the dogs. My favorite part was when Lisa kicked the fridge door shut with her foot. Queens who can do no wrong! They’re just like us! The next part airs on Wednesday, May 22nd at 8 pm (FOX), and will be rerun on Friday at 9 pm. Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth and their daughters will be competing against Evander Holyfield, Oscar De La Hoya and their daughters.

🐉 Another Theory…

The horse belonged to Zoolander.


💸 Another Bad Day For Jim…

He has, but she wants him to have not.


💃 She’s Movin’ Moved On…

Larissa wasted no time after Coltee was out of the picture.


❓ Remember Her?

No longer naked wasted, but still behind in payments.


❓❓ Remember Them?

Me neither.


🃏 Harsh Realities…

The only sure things in life are death, taxes, and Jax being an idiot.


A soon-to-be married idiot.


The suckerfish that is Hoppy just won’t go away.


📚 Quotes of the Week

I tried every diet in the book, I tried some that weren’t in the book. I tried eating the book — it tasted better than most of the diets!Dolly Parton

Problems are not the problem; coping is the problem. – Virginia Satir

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?Vincent Van Gogh

Is your d*ck circumstanced? – Felix Kendrickson (Jasper Pääkkönen), BlacKkKlansman

Remember, the storm is a good opportunity for the pine and the cypress to show their strength and their stability. – Ho Chi Minh

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.Gilda Radner – I couldn’t agree more.

✨ In Loving Memory…

Of Marisol’s Mom. Anyone have some good champagne they’d like to share? Makes you wonder about the botched plastic surgery though.


Of the blonde in the squad, and an icon of the 60s.


Of internet sensation, Grumpy Cat. We’ll miss you most of all.


🎭 And Last But Not Least…

I loved him on the Carol Burnett Show, especially when he and Harvey Korman would crack up.





September 19, 2018 – Ava Gets Slapped, the Dallas Wives Smash Things, a MasterChef is Chosen, Kitchen’s Coming, a Book, a Lawsuit & Food


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Valentin meets Curtis. He assumes connected with the woman in question. Curtis says there was a superficial resemblance, but that doesn’t mean anything. Valentin asks if she’s willing to cooperate with their investigation, and Curtis says she already has.

At Charlie’s, Nina tells Maxie she’s not going anywhere until Maxie tells her what happened in the elevator with Peter.

At the MetroCourt, Lulu tells Peter, no sensationalism or gruesome details. She wants the article to read like a long feature piece. Peter says, not like something from The Invader. She says they have to respect the victims and their families. He tells her they’re racing against clock. They’re not the only game in town, and already other publications and podcasts are scouting the location. Lulu says the difference is, those people will leave town when the story cools off. They’ll still be there. What happened, happened in their community. Peter says, point taken. Respect must be paid. He thought as publisher he should reassure the subjects that the story will be approached thoughtfully, especially Felicia. Lulu says she also happens to be Maxie’s mother.

Kiki sees Griff at the hospital, and asks if he’s back. He says the meeting was postponed at the last minute. Now he’s back to waiting. He doesn’t know when, or if, he’ll be reinstated. He’s in no mood for it today. Somebody ripped away the last thing he had left in world.

Still at the hospital, Michael tells someone on the phone to set up an HR meeting, and make sure the Chicago office is up and running by the first of the year. Carly hears him, and asks if he’s moving to Chicago. She tells him that she knows things are hard, but take a trip, don’t move halfway across the country. He says he’s sending one of his VPs to the new office; she made quite a leap. She’s concerned about the letter from Nelle, trying to hurt him. He says nothing Nelle does affects him anymore, but Carly says he’s internalizing his grief. He’s staying busy, and she gets it, but she needs to make sure he’s okay. Michael says he’s not okay, and doesn’t know when he will be. The best way for her to help is to accept that, and let him deal with his grief in his own time and his own way.

Griff tells Kiki that he got a call from the archdiocese. He’s been barred from receiving sacraments. She asks if it’s like excommunication, and he says it’s similar. He can attend mass, but can’t receive communion. He can’t partake in the rituals that defined his life. She wonders why now, since he left a year ago. He says it has nothing do with him leaving. He’s not supposed to be offering spiritual guidance, and he’s guilty of that. She says he’s a kind person helping people, not saying black mass. He says he’s not even supposed to live in a community where he acted as a priest. Someone called the monsignor and reported him. Kiki says they know who that someone is.

Ava stops by Charlie’s. She says it looks like the investigation has concluded, and Julian is just glad they’re not in the basement anymore. She asks if he has any insights, and he says, their bones, their problem. He’s glad to be back to business, and he’s moving forward with the renovations. He’d like some design ideas, and Ava says she’d start with suggesting he do something about the clientele.

Nina tells Maxie, no more evasion. What was up with the shirtless encounter? Maxie says, there was no shirtless encounter. Peter had a full blown PTSD attack, thanks to her and Obrecht. He was acting like he was okay, and keeping it together, but then got all hyper, and complained about the heat, even though it wasn’t hot. It was all she could do to keep him calm and breathing. She’s glad she could be there for emotional support; he’s been there for her. When they were breathing, she flashed back to being on the roadside in labor, when he was helping her. It was like déjà vu with the roles reversed.

Lulu hopes Peter isn’t going to try getting closer to Maxie using the trauma her mom suffered. He says he’d never exploit her. He considers her a friend, even if she doesn’t feel the same way. James is his nephew, and the only family he has left. Lulu says Anna is his mother, and Robin is his sister; why not start connecting there? He tells her that he has no control over other media outlets, but can control what they receive. He wants the victims to know they’ll be approached with respect and be protected. Lulu says, don’t. It’s the last thing Maxie needs. Her feelings are confused as it is. He asks, how so?

Valentin didn’t expect the woman to agree so rapidly, and wonders if Curtis offered financial incentive. Curtis says she’s not about that. She’s not interested in proving she’s Nina’s daughter; she’s interesting in disproving it. She refuses to believe she’s adopted, and loves the mother who raised her. Valentin says, we buy the story we’re given, and tells Curtis, proceed with caution.

Nina gets that Peter is a walking, talking grey area. He’s not totally evil, but not innocent either. She wrestled over if she should care when he was being detained by Obrecht. Maxie asks if that’s what they’re calling it now, and Nina says ultimately, she couldn’t leave him in a burning building. She understands, but empathy is one thing, and feelings are another. She wants to be sure Maxie is being clear. Maxie says when Nathan died, she felt empty. If she hadn’t had James, she would have withered and blown away. Peter was there for her the first few months, with no expectations. He was kind and generous, and she began to rely on his friendship; on him. When the truth came out, she was devastated. She let herself be vulnerable. The anger is still there, but is it right to blame what happened to Nathan on Peter trying to escape his father. Nina gets it and understands.

Lulu tells Peter that she wasn’t implying anything. Peter wonders if Maxie is willing to give their friendship another chance. Lulu says she’s still hurting. She’s just climbing out of the hole he made. He doesn’t want to hurt her; he never did. Lulu tells him, if he cares, stay as far away from Maxie as possible.

Griff tells Kiki that the monsignor wouldn’t give him the name, just that they expressed concerned. She says it was her mom, and that’s his guess too. She says, who else would it be? Ava showed her how low she could go when she got him suspended from the hospital. She’s says she’s sorry, but he tells her not to put it on herself. She says Ava is punishing him because of her. She took his job, now she’s taking his faith. He says, no one can do that. Even if he’s barred, his faith is his own. Kiki admires that, but says he might be able to turn the other cheek, but she can’t let Ava ruin his life like this. Lucy runs in, saying Griff was supposed to meet her in the lobby ten minutes ago to look at apartments. She has something fabulous for him. He tells Kiki, fabulous sounds expensive, and follows Lucy.

Julian offers Ava some coffee, but she refuses on principle. He tells her, as of today, he’s no longer proudly serving Corinthos coffee. He’s severed ties, and thinking about creating his own blend – Jerome Java. She asks if Sonny didn’t object, and he says Sonny never expressed any concerns. Ava wonders why so understanding, and if it has anything to do with the skeleton in the basement. She’s got the feeling he’s not telling her everything. Alexis magically appears, and says she was wondering the same thing.

Carly says she’s not telling Michael how to feel, or putting a timetable on his grief. He understand she’s trying to help him heal, but it’s out of her control; accept it. Carly says Nelle wouldn’t have been able to bait her if she’d worked through her grief over Morgan. Instead she buried it. That’s what he’s doing, working day and night. Michael appreciates that, but tells her not to worry. He’s dealing in his own way. She asks if he’s seeing someone like Doc. He says he doesn’t need that. She says, okay, then he needs to lean on his family. They’re strong; he doesn’t have to go through this alone. He says he’s lucky to have family; speaking of which… They see Lucas with Wiley by the elevator. Michael asks him how it’s going.

Alexis asks for a private word with Julian, and Ava says, all hers. Julian doesn’t know if he should get coffee or a stack of bibles. He’s feeling a cross-examination coming on. Alexis says Kristina was working behind the bar when the gas explosion happened, and Julian says he wasn’t aware of any danger. She asks if he had anything to do with the body, and he says good thing they didn’t unearth his time machine in the closet. The body had been there for decades; he has nothing to do with it. Alexis still doesn’t like the idea of her daughter working there.

Maxie is surprised at Nina expressing sympathy for Peter. She’s not saying he’s blameless, but there were a lot of variables with Nathan’s death, and it’s not fair put it all on Peter. Nina is glad she feels that way, but more for Maxie than Peter.

Peter tells Lulu that he’s trying to be a good friend; Macie was a good friend to him as well. He wants to make sure she’s okay. Lulu says she won’t be if he keeps intruding on her life. She doesn’t think he’s like his father. She wouldn’t be working for him if she did. She tells him to prove he’s the decent guy he claims to be, and do the right thing – back off. Let Maxie get on with her life.

Lucy tells Griff it was a great apartment, and goes over the amenities. She says an eligible bachelor is going to snap it up. Griff says he can’t sign the lease in good conscience; not until he hears from the review board. Until then, he has to economize and live within his limited budget. Lucy is sorry, and not just because she lost a big fat commission. She’s heard he’s a wonderful doctor. He’s sure that’s not all she’s heard. His fall from grace was very public. She says she’s been on both sides of the equation, and cheating causes a lot of pain on both sides. But she learned, just because you did a bad thing doesn’t make you a bad person. Everyone has foibles. We learn from our mistakes, and do better next time. She has no doubt he can manage that. She has an apartment she wasn’t planning showing, because it’s a little cozy (in realtor speak, it’s small), but it’s within his price range, and the building has character (in realtor speak, it’s old). He can move in right away.

Maxie tells Nina that when you can put down the blame and anger, you start to heal. Nina says it’s easier for her; she and Peter were never friends. He and Maxie were. Can she let the friendship continue?

Alexis tells Julian she’s spent most of like life keeping Kristina away from Sonny’s business. Julian says he’s not involved in the mob in any way. He has no ties, and doesn’t intend to ever again. He thinks what Alexis doesn’t like is Kristina working with him.

Kiki storms into Charlie’s. Ava says she didn’t expect to see her. Kiki says Ava moves heaven and earth to fix her face, but her soul is still same. Ava says her soul is none of Kiki’s business, and asks if that’s something she got from Griff. Do they say their prayers together before hitting the sheets? Kiki smacks her. Ava says she’ll let Kiki get away with that one because Kiki is her daughter, but just one. Kiki asks if she’s going to report it to the archdiocese. Griff was stripped of his sacraments; score one for her. Ava says she didn’t do anything. Griff slept with her while he was still a priest. He did it to himself. Kiki says Ava destroyed his life, and Ava says, payback’s a bitch. Kiki asks if she should look over her shoulder for the rest of her life. Ava says the next time she takes a lover, Kiki should try keeping her legs crossed. Kiki tells Ava to stay out of her life, and Ava suggests she do the same.

Valentin gives Curtis two envelopes. One is Nina’s DNA, and the other a check. It’s double his salary and expenses, plus an extra bonus for saving Valentin time. Curtis says, the job’s not done yet. Sasha isn’t interested. She agreed to the test to disprove their theory. Valentin says they’ll burn bridges when they come to them. He wants the test done at both GH and an independent lab. Curtis asks when they’re telling Nina about all this. He’s not just her employee; he’s also her friend. This is messy, and keeping it from her isn’t cool. If she rejects the idea, she’ll go to Sasha, and get her heart broken. Valentin says they need irrefutable proof, and if Sasha is her daughter, they’ll tell Nina immediately.

Ava tells Alexis to wipe the superior smirk off her face. Alexis says it’s not a smirk. Ava slugs back a drink.

Maxie says, embarrassing, and Nina says, no one is more deserving. Nina tells Maxie she’ll meet her at the office. Ava makes a weird face at Nina.

Carly asks if Wiley is there for his check-up, and Lucas says, six weeks. Michael says he looks strong, and Lucas says he’s a champ. He didn’t even cry. A nurse comes out, asking if she could have a word with Lucas about a patient, even though it’s his day off. Lucas he passes Wiley off to Michael, and says he’ll be right back. Michael tells Wiley that he’s his cousin.

Alexis hopes Julian will look out for Kiki. He says he’ll do his best, but it’s not a good idea for her to slap her mother. Alexis says it’s not a good idea for Ava to sabotage her daughter. Call her crazy, but she’s not comfortable with her daughter working for her ex. Julian would rather  go with weird, awkward, or messy. He doesn’t want to make it uncomfortable between them. Alexis asks why he hired Kristina in the first place. He says she might be a Corinthos, but she’s a Davis through and through. She practically demanded the job, then had the audacity to make fantastic drinks, and he was short-staffed. Alexis knows how persuasive Kristina can be. Julian says it wasn’t just that. He saw hope in her eyes, and he couldn’t resist. It was the kind of hope you have when you’re no longer used to feeling hopeful.

Outside, Nina tells Ava, that was quite a scene.

Carly tells Michael that he’s a natural. He says he feels more paternal than a cousin; more like an uncle. Maybe it’s the age difference. He says it would have been nice if Jonah and Wiley had played together. Carly says if it’s too hard, she can watch him, but he says it’s fine. Nelle wrote to him to mess with his head, but she’s right about one thing. He does find peace being close to Wiley.

Maxie sees Peter and Lulu, and asks if she can sit. Peter looks at Lulu, and says he has to be going; take his chair. He jets, and Maxie says, what was that?

Ava asks if Nina wants to gloat, and she says, actually no. She couldn’t help hearing the conversation. Ava says, her and half the county. Nina says her mother is dead. She’s not sad. She was a hateful woman, as Ava knows. All she did was use Nina. She asks if Ava knows where she’s going, and Ava says, enlighten her. Nina says her mother is out of second chances. She thinks Ava could go down the same road, and push Kiki away for good. Ava says her relationship with her daughter is none of Nina’s business.

At home, Kiki talks to herself as she changes, saying it’s like living in a sauna. She bangs on the radiator with a wrench. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Griff. Kiki asks why he’s there, and he says he’s moving in. He asks if there’s something wrong with the heat. I’m wondering why the heat would even be on in September, and does no one have an air conditioner?

Alexis says Kristina doesn’t share as much of her life as she’d like, and Julian asks what she thinks is going on. She thinks Kristina is lost; directionless. Julian says that happens to people her age; she’ll get it together. Alexis thinks Kristina is worried that she doesn’t have a purpose. He says that takes time to figure out, but she says every time Kristina is aimless, she jumps into something with momentum and rides it to hell. She keeps making the same mistakes, and isn’t learning from them. She’s repeating the pattern. Julian says Kristina is an adult, and has to come to the realization on her own. Alexis says it’s hard to watch. Julian knows how hard it is to break a destructive cycle. She thanks him for listening, and he offers to keep an eye on Kristina.

Lulu tells Maxie that she didn’t notice anything. Maxie says Peter practically bolted out of there when she asked to join them. At least he could have managed a, hey, how’s it going? Lulu says he’s a workaholic, and probably thinking about a conference call. Maxie wonders why he wouldn’t say something, and Lulu says maybe he’s understanding it’s better if he’s out of her life.

Griff says he Just signed the lease on a studio apartment. Kiki says the radiator is permanently set to tropical; it happens once or twice a month. The landlord promises to fix it, but doesn’t. If it’s hit in the right place, the gauge opens, and it can be shut off. He asks how, and Kiki tells him, watch and learn. She bangs on it. He takes the wrench from her, and they soap gaze at each other.

Nina is sure Ava doesn’t want to hear this, and Ava says, not from her; the woman who literally tore her baby out of her womb. Nina suggests Ava apologize to Kiki; it’s not too late. She couldn’t have meant what she said; Kiki is her daughter. If she’s the mother she says she is, she won’t let one minute go to waste. Ava says Nina isn’t a mother and never will be, and walks away.

Curtis talks to a doctor at the hospital reception desk, saying he called about a DNA comparison test. He’s already filled out the forms online. The doctor tells him that they’re all set. She just has to take the samples to the lab. He asks if she can put a rush on it, and she smiles.

Michael asks Carly how Mike is doing, and she says, okay. They’d love for him to stop by if he’s up for it. Lucas comes back, and asks if Wiley was any trouble. Carly says he was an angel. Michael says he should probably get back to work, and gives Wiley back to Lucas. Lucas asks how Michael is holding up, and Carly wishes she knew the answer

A doctor comes out, and says she’s glad Lucas is still there. He introduces her to Carly as Wiley’s pediatric specialist. She tells him that something troubling turned up in one of the tests.

Tomorrow, Ava refuses to lose her daughter over the likes of Griff, Brad asks what’s wrong with their baby’s heart, and Jordan tells Sonny the walls are closing in.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Brandi instructs her daughters to tell the social workers how amazing a mom she is. They proceed to say how she doesn’t do anything for them, and is always on the stupid phone. In her interview, Brandi says bringing Bruin home doesn’t mean the adoption is final. It can take up to six months. Social workers check in once a month to make sure she’s not batsh*t crazy. One of the kids says, mom is amazing, blah-blah-blah, done.

The social workers arrive. In her interview, Brandi says the first time was quite the experience. We see a clip of one of the kids telling them mommy’s favorite drink is wine. Brandi thinks she’s an amazing mom, but right now she’s under a microscope. Everything is presented to the judge, and if anything is misinterpreted, it could reflect badly on her. She’s open and honest, and her kids are like their mom. The social workers ask about various topics, and the kids make contrary remarks. In her interview, Brandi says her kids are being sh*theads. Bryan travels a lot, and it’s a lot of pressure to represent the both of them. She has to be perfect, and the kids are being sh*ts.

Kameron is leaving for the global pet expo. She calls Cort to say goodbye, and he tells her to have confidence. In her interview, she says she has a booth at the expo. If she doesn’t find a distributor, it’s the end of Sparkle Dog. Cort is shutting it down. She’s not the best traveler by herself, and is flying commercial. Cort explains how renting a car and getting your luggage works.

LeeAnne and D’Andra go for coffee and dessert. D’Andra asks about LeeAnne’s invitation to the Smashing Room. LeeAnne says they’re going to have a smashing good time, literally smashing stuff. D’Andra asks what it is, and LeeAnne explains that it’s about letting go. They share what’s upsetting them, and be vulnerable to the group, then smash whatever it is.  In her interview, LeeAnne says they’re all getting along, but they’re surface skating. This will give them the opportunity to be real and open up. In her interview, D’Andra isn’t sure if she wants to see LeeAnne with a plate in her hand. LeeAnne asks D’Andra what her plan is. D’Andra says her mother basically owns everything. The buck stops with her, and Dee told her if she separates her company, she won’t be taking the money she made there; she’ll have to start over without anything. LeeAnne says, welcome to the world. D’Andra says she’s at a crossroads. Her mother controls everything in her life. It’s mostly financial, but that bleeds into everything else. She has to pay bills, and cut out major expenses. In her interview, D’Andra admits she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. It’s hard to give up the lifestyle she grew up in and change course completely. She gripes about letting her cleaning lady go, and LeeAnne tells her that she’s lazy; she likes the princess lifestyle and it’s her own damn fault. In her interview, LeeAnne says if D’Andra could give her tough love in Beaver Creek, she can give D’Andra the same now. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it. D’Andra says it’s going to be a big adjustment, but she wants her business to last. In her interview, she thinks LeeAnne is being condescending, and it’s pissing her off. Rich pays for her household expenses. Girlfriends should listen, not lecture. She has a mother for that. She tells LeeAnne, if she stays laser focused, she’ll do it.

LeeAnne – who should not be wearing those pants – meets wedding planner and best friend Steve for drinks. She says he’s a ray of sunshine, and the best planner in the country. He loves her, and will want the wedding to be perfect. To my amazement, Rich joins them. In her interview, LeeAnne is glad he’s taking the time to come. And she didn’t have to use a lasso or handcuffs. He’s there because he loves her. Steve asks about Rich’s vision, and Rich says he hasn’t thought about it. LeeAnne thought wanted a say, and he says he’s there. LeeAnne is thinking five hundred to a thousand people. We had somewhere around one hundred and twenty, which surprised me. I can’t fathom a thousand gusts. Steve says, the guest list dictates what you can do for what you can spend. You can have eleven or five hundred people, but you start there. Rich says he left his checkbook at home. In her interview, LeeAnne says this is her one and only wedding. Who cares what it costs? She says she’ll be happy if they can narrow down a month and year. She suggests November, and Rich is like, okay. Steve says he has to be firm, so Rich says it again, more assertively. In her interview, LeeAnne says, D’Andra take note. They have an actual wedding date. Guess what? She’s getting married. Steve wants to do the bachelor party, and Rich asks if Stormy Daniels is available. I’m sure. For a price.

D’Andra visits Cary, who is still at her parents’ house. Oooh. She has three tiny dogs! Cary asks what’s going on with D’Andra’s mom, and D’Andra says her life is falling apart. She didn’t think at almost fifty, she’d be changing the course of her life. She probably won’t have a paycheck for a while. In her interview, D’Andra explains that her mother is the executor (wouldn’t it be executrix?) of her father’s estate. She and her husband could live on it, but she can’t run the company on it and live. Does she even realize what this sounds like to the average or – dare I say it? – poor person? She hopes her friends stay her friends. She’s going to need support. She gets weepy, and Cary hugs her.

In her interview, D’Andra says it took her a while to see what goes on in the world of Dallas society. If she can write check, she’s a valuable member. One of her friends lost all her money, and she was alienated be almost everyone; everyone scattered. She wishes she’d made different decisions; she’s falling apart, but hasn’t told anyone. She tells Cary that LeeAnne was in her face about how much she spends. Cary tells D’Andra that LeeAnne said she spends a lot, and only has $200 in her account. D’Andra says she has more than that. She was referring to when they went shopping in Beaver Creek. She wasn’t prepared to shop like that, and she said it out of frustration. She has five different bank accounts. She was talking about her shopping account. It’s humiliating that LeeAnne told someone else without her permission. Wow. And I’m not saying that because I disagree about LeeAnne telling Cary something personal about D’Andra; she shouldn’t have done that. I’m wowing because, shopping account. In her interview, Cary says she’s the last person LeeAnne should have told. She felt uncomfortable, and she wasn’t waiting for it to bite her in the ass later. Instead, she decided to be honest, and just tell D’Andra. D’Andra says LeeAnne will be sorry she said it.

At a board meeting, Travis talks about the education program being started for employees. He says, free education brings people to the middle class. He can help his employees and their kids. In her interview, Stephanie says she started the company’s Charitable Giving Initiative. She asks about offering screening for dyslexia, and tears up. We see a clip of her with son Cruz. She tells us that Travis was also diagnosed with dyslexia as a child. From the ages of four to nine, he was also in a leg brace or wheelchair. Travis tells them that college starts in a couple of weeks. He can’t think of a better way to reward the employees than by offering them education, and also the opportunity for their families to become educated. Education is the key to success.

Travis is leaving soon for a six-month program at Harvard on leadership. Stephanie asks if he’ll want her to bring the kids to visit, and he suggests they play it by ear. She says she gets anxious when she’s by herself; it’s chaos. Travis keeps everyone in line. In her interview, Stephanie says she constantly lets herself down, and it triggers depression. Travis tells her, be a leader, but she says she’s never been one. He tells her to relax. In her interview, she says that Travis isn’t giving her lists anymore, but she still feels internal pressure not to make mistakes. She doesn’t know how to handle things when he’s not home. He tells her not to cook.

At the Smashing Room, Cary isn’t clear why LeeAnne is wearing a mustache. Actually, she looks like a male aerobics instructor from the 80s. Or maybe one of The Village People on their off time.

On the way there, Brandi tells D’Andra that she threw candle one time. She ruined the hardwood, and she was like, damn. Throwing things isn’t for her. D’Andra says she’s furious right now. She shopped on the company card, and was frustrated, saying she only had $200 in her account. LeeAnne told Cary, but it was her shopping account. LeeAnne said it like she had $200 to her name. Brandi reminds Cary of when she’d said LeeAnne waits for someone’s weakness, and uses it to her advantage. We flash back to when Brandi accused LeeAnne of that at dinner. She tells D’Andra, it’s one of those things. D’Andra thinks LeeAnne is insecure about her own finances.

Kameron wonders about the mustache, as we all do. She wonders if LeeAnne feels more manly smashing stuff. The ladies ask about the expo, and Kameron says she has a lot of opportunity. In her interview, Kameron says the expo was above and beyond. She’s proud of herself, and can’t wait tell Cord, I told you so. LeeAnne passes out aprons. D’Andra says she’s never been this angry with LeeAnne. LeeAnne puts pink eye patches on them to get them in the spirit of what it’s about.

Owner and founder Donna owner gets the ready by passing out body suits. Donna says the space is big enough for them not to whack each other. She says you don’t have to be angry to go in, but you will be the first time you break something. Whatever you’ve been holding inside will come out, even if it’s years old. LeeAnne thinks they live in a surface world, and don’t address real feelings. Cary asks if this is going to be bullsh*t like the tea. We flash back to that. LeeAnne says they go to a lot of parties, and it’s exhausting to be the people they’re not. LeeAnne explains she’s dressed like the person inside. So, inside she’s one of The Village People? She says they don’t let each other see their real selves. They’re good at being fake. D’Andra says she’s never fake, and LeeAnne says if that’s how D’Andra feels, she’ll let her have it. This pisses D’Andra off more, and she asks what that means. LeeAnne says she hasn’t said everything she feels. D’Andra says LeeAnne told someone about her bank account; wtf? They’ve been friends for over ten years, and LeeAnne told Cary that she had only $200 in her bank account. It’s not helpful on any level. She knows things about LeeAnne that she’d never say to anyone. In her interview, Kameron thinks D’Andra is overreacting. No one would believe that. Was this her Starbuck’s account? D’Andra says LeeAnne doesn’t get to do it to her; she doesn’t have D’Andra’s back. She trusts LeeAnne. Carly says LeeAnne put her in a weird position. In her interview, LeeAnne says Cary took the opportunity to throw her under the bus with D’Andra. That wasn’t how she meant it. D’Andra says everybody in Dallas will say she has only $200 to her name. It’s humiliating. She thinks this is humiliating? Wait until she sees herself whining on this show.

D’Andra feels betrayed. She’s kept LeeAnne’s secrets; that’s the kind of person she is. LeeAnne owes it to her. LeeAnne says she wasn’t being malicious. It was a situation where LeeAnne wasn’t there to protect her. D’Andra says no one should be talking about it. In her interview, D’Andra says the other women have successful husbands. Hers is retired from the military, and she’s the primary breadwinner. There’s no option for failure. Kameron says she was blindsided. LeeAnne says she was trying to solve a problem, but shouldn’t have shared. In her interview, LeeAnne says D’Andra is clearly upset. She and her mom are always fighting about the company card. LeeAnne thought she and Cary were forming a trust, and wanted to include her as an additional problem solver. I believe it if you believe it, although I wouldn’t call it malicious either. She says She’d thought it was private, but it clearly wasn’t. Stephanie tells D’Andra she should never feel humiliated or embarrassed with them. They love her. Brandi says she grew up in a trailer, and it wasn’t even a doublewide. She goes back and visits sometimes.

LeeAnne asks if everyone wants to smash stuff. In her interview, D’Andra thinks LeeAnne is enjoying her financial troubles. LeeAnne should be glad she’s not smashing her damn head. LeeAnne tells Cary that she’d believed what she said would stay in Beaver Creek. Cary says what if she didn’t say something, and it came back later? She’d want to know. In her interview, Cary says last year she didn’t tell anyone what the others were saying, and it didn’t serve her. If you don’t want people to know, don’t tell her.

They start smashing stuff. Mirrors, vases, glassware. LeeAnne gives them magic markers, so they can write on the plates. D’Andra writes something, and says she’s good enough the way she is. LeeAnne asks if D’Andra accepts her apology; she loves her. D’Andra accepts it, and they hug. She says she’s still pissed off. Each woman smashes a plate as she speaks. Cary says, no more fear. She’s going to speak her mind, even if it pisses people off. Stephanie says she’s not perfect. Kameron wants to live the simple life. Everyone gets quiet. In her interview, Kameron says it’s a mixed blessing. She doesn’t have a schedule, where she’s booked months in advance. She has the time to be a wife and mom, and run Sparkle Dog LeeAnne says, in honor of the famous glass throw – no more danger. Brandi says she’s going to accept help. In her interview, Stephanie says Brandi is drowning in life, but doesn’t want people to know. Brandi admits she has a hard time letting people help. Cary says she’s offered a bunch of times. In her interview, Brandi says she has a problem with people watching the kids. She wants to be the mom that’s always there. She has a sense of pride about that.

Brandi talks to LeeAnne about telling D’Andra that she’s not her friend. In her interview, Brandi says she and D’Andra patched things up, and she thinks LeeAnne doesn’t like that they’re in a good place. She tells LeeAnne that she heard LeeAnne has a hesitation about D’Andra being friends with her. D’Andra says LeeAnne said she was concerned. LeeAnne says she told D’Andra that she’d gotten hurt. She wanted to protect her, but told to make her own decisions. Kameron says she was worried. She thought Brandi was a bad influence on D’Andra. She didn’t think D’Andra was the kind of person to put a quarter in her butt. It sounded like Brandi’s influence. Brandi is sorry she brought it up. if they don’t want to be themselves, don’t blame her. In her interview, Brandi wonders how bad an influence she can be to a grown woman who makes her own decisions. She is who she is. If they want fake, look in the mirror.

D’Andra says she’s in charge of her own decisions. Brandi says she has integrity and morals. She’s a good example for her children. She also likes to have fun, but if Kameron thinks she’s a bad influence, they don’t have to be friends. In her interview, Brandi says, for once, she cares about what people think because she’s being scrutinized. LeeAnne tells Brandi that she’d thought they were close, and she was deeply hurt. She told D’Andra that she’d been down that road, and it didn’t work out well. Because she’s D’Andra’s friend, she told her to be careful. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t attempted to try again with Brandi. Brandi says if they’re starting fresh, why would she tell D’Andra that? Cary says no one has the power to change anyone else. D’Andra says she’s done with this, and walks out.

Next time, Brandi and Stephanie meet a baby kangaroo, cary says Brandi is one of her best friends, and Cary confronts Kameron.

Lots of sharing of physical and mental challenges this season. Except for D’Andra who has rich people problems.

💭 Re Watch What Happens Live. Did LeeAnne have work done, or was that just heavy duty contouring?


Since it was the finale, and we went down Memory Lane, with clips of Ashley, Gerron, and Cesar. The finalists went to their home towns to prepare, where they were surprised by their mentors.  Gordon went to Opa-locka, Florida, meeting Ashley’s family and touring an amazing farmer’s market. He advised her to focus on the food; forget everything else, and she was ready to kick butt. Joe went to Nashville, showing up at Gerron’s school. He talked to the students about the impact Gerron has had. He told Gerron to think about a luxurious restaurant, and bring his food to that level. Gerron’s eyes were on the prize. Aaron went to Houston, and met Cesar’s family. Cesar declared he was bringing everything he’s got to take the trophy home.

Their opponents returned to cheer them on, as well as their families – and a live audience. The final task was cook the best three-course masterpiece. For the last time, the cooks went to THE PANTRY, where all the food in the world is. For the appetizer course, Cesar was making a squid ink infladita, which from the look of it, translates into inflated tortilla. Lobster was also involved. Ashley worked on a pan seared red snapper, and Gerron made a Nashville-style hot quail with quail eggs and fingerling potatoes. There was a tense moment when Cesar’s tortillas didn’t puff, but like magic, they finally did. Joe felt Ashley’s red snapper was overcooked and the heat aggressive. She took a risk, but her dish reeked of too much ambition. Aaron thought Cesar’s infladita was impressive, although Gordon thought it looked like a spaceship. Joe said Gerron’s quail should be spicy, moist, and crispy. If all that happened on his palate, it would be what they were looking for. After taking a bite, he said he’d never tasted anything like it. Then they paused for an ad. After they were done leaving us hanging, Joe says it was perfection Lots of things were going on, and they were all well done. Gordon said he’d elevated fast food and gave respect to his upbringing. When the big multiple-sided screen changed to ENTRÉE, I realized the structure of the show reminded me of the Westminster Dog Show.

Ashley made a pan-seared guinea hen breast, but focused on using every part of hen in the dish, incorporating her Southern roots with a French cuisine flair. Gordon called it perfection, which was the word of the night. He said he could die happy after eating it, which is pretty high praise. Cesar made a pan-seared duck breast with a mole, which (the more you know) is a sauce that apparently takes more time to make than they had, and was the subject of much discussion, Gordon saying there are chefs in Mexico who take a year to make it. Geez. I hope their patrons aren’t hungry. The duck was overcooked, but the mole defied the odds and was a success, Aaron said it was a source of pride that Cesar was wearing his pin, and Joe said he was no mole expert, but he knows good food. Gerron made shrimp and grits, in honor of his mom; it was their last meal together. Grits are not a favorite of mine, but by the way they were raving, I was thinking maybe I just haven’t had them done right. Gordon said it was too bad Gerron’s mom wasn’t present to see the grits elevated. Aaron said Gerron’s knife skills were lacking, but the flavor there, and Joe said he took it to another level tonight. He moved ahead, but stayed true to his story.

Gordon said it was the closest race they’ve ever had – the dessert was going to be the deciding factor. Cesar chose a flourless chocolate cake, based on the childhood sweets he loved as a kid. Gerron made an amaretto chess pie, and Ashley made something with a long name ending in ganache that I think boiled down to a cherry tarte. Whatever it was, it looked good. Gordon just got done saying it was so close, all three would need the dessert, when Cesar cut himself, and started bleeding all over the place. Like the trooper he is, he got himself patched up, and went back to work.

Gerron thought his plating was a disaster. It has seemed to be his Achille’s heel throughout the season, although this one didn’t look bad. Personally, I liked the teeny-tiny popcorn used as an extra. Aaron said his dessert was well-balanced, but a little sloppy. At that point, I started getting nervous, since that could make a difference. Gordon thought it was delicious, and Joe got up and hugged Gerron. I couldn’t believe I started tearing up. I must be getting old or soft or something. Joe told Gerron that he was wrong, something he doesn’t say often. He achieved the creation of a great dessert, and he was an honor to mentor. Cesar’s plating was very cute, with his cake sitting on caramel in the shape of a star. Aaron said he looked like he’d been in a back alley brawl with all the blood on his jacket, but called his dish finesse on a plate. It was a big bomb of beautiful chocolate flavor. If it means anything to you, Gordon said tamarin should always be included in caramel. Last to go, Ashley said it was a bittersweet moment. Joe called it an almost flawless, spectacular dessert. Aaron said it hit all the notes, but stayed singular to the structure – it was magical. Gordon said, well bloody done.

I started getting worried, wondering why Gerron couldn’t have been an art teacher. The judges discussed the dishes. Cesar got high praise for his mole, with Aaron saying he embodied what MasterChef was about – technique. Ashley’s duck was overcooked, but her dishes sophisticated, and she pushed to the maximum. Gordon said they were pure quality. Gerron had finesse (another word of the night), and was masterful with the quail. Joe said he had the most delicious, satisfying entrée, and it was the perfect end to his journey. Mean Aaron had to bring up his inconsistent plating, and messy work, but Joe countered, saying Gerron brought everything needed to go beyond. He cooked with passion and love, and couldn’t have been prouder. Gerron was at the top of his game. The mentor hats came off, and the judging happened.

The chefs switched places with the judges, and – YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! It was my man Gerron! He wished his mom was there. Joe said he did his mom proud, and he was honored to be Gerron’s mentor and friend. Gerron thanked Joe for giving him a chance when no one else saw his potential. Ashley said it had been a pleasure and a blessing, and there were lots of hugs. Cesar said the competition had defined what he was doing with his life and what he was passionate for. Gerron said he’d finally have the opportunity to go back and start a culinary program at the school. His dream came true. Turn up!

🍴 If you would like to fill out an application for the next season of MasterChef, go to fox.com/masterchef.

🔪 The new season of Hell’s KitchenRookies vs Veterans – will begin on September 28th. Sounds like an interesting twist.

🚣 The Stud of the Sea…

Captain Lee has a book coming out.


😵 More to Flip Out About…

Jeff’s troubles know no end.


🍰 Food Glorious Food…

A sampling from tonight’s MasterChef menu.

September 12, 2018 – A Body Under Charlie’s, a Dallas Rodeo, Mentors of Mentors, Viva Apocalypse, NYC Travels, Charleston & Keep Goin’


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna’s doorbell rings. It’s Robert. He says Cassandra has been gone three days (!), and they still don’t know who’s behind her kidnapping or where they took her. She wouldn’t be giving them so much trouble if the good doctor hadn’t revived her. Finn comes stairs looking for his other sock, and tells Robert, good morning.

Sonny tells Carly that Kristina has no more headache or ringing in her ears. Carly says that’s good news, but Sonny can’t get it out of his head. He can’t believe Mike blew up Charlie’s to cover up what he did. Carly is surprised Julian chose to keep quiet, but Sonny thinks sooner or later he’ll want to collect.

Ava asks Julian, what the hell happened? He tells her a gas leak led to an explosion. Just another day at the office. She asks what the yellow tape is all about, when Chase comes upstairs. He says forensics is done, and the evidence has been gathered from the crime scene. Ava says she thought it was a gas leak.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that he’s going to be late. He tells her to chill; the first class is gym. She asks if he still doesn’t get a grade for that, and he asks if he’s grounded for life or gets time off for good behavior. Franco says if he shows some good behavior. Cameron asks if Franco just said that, and Elizabeth makes him apologize. She asks why he doesn’t invite Oscar over; they can do homework together. Cameron asks why she suddenly wants him to be besties with Oscar?

On the way to school, Oscar asks Drew what’s up with raiding the fridge at midnight. Drew says Monica is between cooks, so everyone is enjoying the kitchen in the meantime. He hopes Oscar stays over more often. Oscar never thought he’d say this, but he needs space from his mom. Whenever he leaves the house, she acts like she’ll never see him again. It was just one blackout, and he keeps telling her not worry. Drew says that’s what parents do. He’s worried too. Right now, he’s worried that Oscar thinks it’s not cool that Drew is walking to school with him, but he’s too nice to say it. Oscar says he’s glad they’re doing it. They might not be able to for much longer, since there’s no future to look forward to.

Finn tells Robert they were up all night, exhausting every possibility. Robert says Cassandra wouldn’t have vanished if Finn hadn’t woken her up. Anna says it was their best chance to find out who the people were, and if Finn hadn’t treated her, they would have shot him. Robert says he knew the risks, but Anna says Robert didn’t tell him. The doorbell rings. It’s Robin. She asks if it’s a bad time.

Robin tells them that the kids are growing up too fast. Anna asks what brings her to town. She says she was coming back from a medical conference in Vienna, and thought she’d check in after Anna and Finn’s latest adventure. She asks how Finn is. He says he’s still getting used to the kidnapping thing, but he’s getting the hang of it. She tells him to stick around. He thinks he will.

Drew asks Oscar why there’s no future, and Oscar says an asteroid is heading for earth. Some scientists are predicting it will crash early next year. Drew says, is that all? Oscar says the chances are one in 75,000. The odds could be better, but it’s close enough to get a good view; it would make a good news story. He’s thinking a father and son field trip to Tanzania and Mount Kilimanjaro to see it. Drew says, cool. Oscar has to get to PE; they’re doing cross country. Drew says it will be great training for Kilimanjaro. Oscar asks if they’re doing it, and Drew says, yes. Oscar says, awesome, and hugs Drew.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that he and Oscar don’t need be besties, but when Oscar was in the hospital, Cameron seemed concerned. He says he was, for Josslyn. Elizabeth suggest he invite them both, but he says so he can be a third wheel? No thanks. He’d rather do his time in solitary. He leaves, and she asks Franco if she’s going overboard. He says, maybe a little. She says things change fast. One minute, everything is fine, and the next, the person you love with all your heart is gone. Franco says, he just went to gym class. She’ll have to make due with him. They kiss, and the doorbell rings. Franco asks what kind of monster shows up at this hour? It’s Kim. She sees Franco, and Elizabeth says, it’s cool. They tell each other everything.

Chase asks Julian how long he’s owned the pub. Julian says, a year, and Chase asks why he bought it. Ava asks what that has to with anything. Julian says he’d just gotten out of prison, and sold his previous business to his daughter and son-in-law. He wanted a fresh start. Chase asks, why Charlie’s? it’s not exactly new. Julian says he walked in, and it spoke to him. Chase asks if the place was in good shape or did he have to renovate? Ava says it seems like an unusually real estate related third degree. Why? Chase says they found human remains in the basement.

Sonny tells Carly that Julian will probably gouge him with a huge repair bill. Carly says his silence is worth it. Sonny can’t believe his dad decoyed him and slipped away. He insisted Sonny stay with Jason, said he was going with the nurse, then slipped away from the hospital. Mike comes in, telling them that they don’t have to stop talking when he shows up. Carly says they stopped talking because he looks terrible. Sonny asks how he’s feeling, and he says apparently the way he looks. He knows what they’re thinking. Carly says, that they’re worried about him and love him? He says that he tried to make things better, but only made them worse.

Finn says he’s going to spend some time with Roxie, and leaves. Robert asks if Robin wants to go to the airport together, but she’s not headed back right away. She has unfinished business. He asks if he should he be there for it, but Robin says they’ll be okay. He tells her go easy on mom. When he’s gone, Anna asks if Robin wants to talk about the unfinished business now.

Elizabeth tells Franco that they have to talk about patient. Franco says he has art therapy patients to tend to, so he’s going to the hospital. He asks Kim if, as a doctor, she can suggests a how to parent manual. She wishes, and says if he finds a good one, can she borrow it? He tells her that she could write it. When he leaves, Kim asks if Elizabeth told him. Elizabeth says, no. They agreed not to keep secrets, but if he asks a direct question, she’ll have to tell him the truth. H hopefully don’t ask more people know better chance he’ll find out

Cameron sees Oscar. They’re both ditching gym, and Cameron tells Oscar that the coach is only interested in varsity, He won’t notice they’re gone, Oscar asks if Cameron wants to explain what went down between him and Josslyn while he was in the hospital. Cameron says it’s totally on him. He shouldn’t have kissed her. Oscar says, what?!

Julian asks if a body was found, and Chase says a skeleton. He asks if Julian knew about it, and Julian says, of course not. Chase says he had to ask, given Julian’s criminal record. Julian says he just gave plans to city for renovation. Why would he bring in jackhammers if he knew a body was in the basement? Chase asks him to call if he remembers anything. Julian wonders how long the basement will be off-limits, and Chase says he’ll let Julian know.

Carly says Mike gave them a scare yesterday, but everyone is okay. Mike says, Kristina almost got blown up. Sonny says, she’s doing fine. Mike says, he’s getting worse, isn’t he? The things he wants remember, he forgets, and the things he wants to forget… Sonny tells Mike that he knows it’s hard; it’s hard for him too, but Mike can’t wander off on his own. Mike says he didn’t wander off; he snuck off. The reason he went with the nurse is that he knew he could give him the slip. Sonny is going to make sure it never happens again. Mike says he just wanted to help Sonny and help fix what happened in the field. Where was It? Sonny says it doesn’t matter. Mike says maybe it’s better he doesn’t remember where it was, and only remembers what he took and what he did with it. He was trying to help and he screwed up again. Sonny says it will be fine. He’s paying for the damages, and Charlie’s will be good as new. Mike says if he’d blown himself to smithereens, they’d all be better off. Sonny tells him, don’t say that, and Mike says, even if they both know it’s true.

Anna tells Robin that she knows she dropped a bomb on everything Robin believed. She can’t imagine how difficult it was. Robin says, it was a shock, especially finding out her brother was Faison’s son. Anna says, no one is happy about that, least of all Peter. But despite all that, Robin is there. She just wants to know if Robin forgives her.

Kim tells Elizabeth that she told Drew. She’ll never forget the look in his eyes, when he found out he was going to lose the son he only just met.

At the hospital, Drew leaves a message for Kim, saying he was hoping to run into her. Franco approaches, and tells Drew that Kim is at the house talking to Elizabeth. Drew asks if he knows what about. Franco says they’re consulting about patient, but if true that’s true, why wouldn’t they do it there? He’s kept secrets, so if Elizabeth wants to not tell him something, it’s okay. Drew thinks it’s eating him up, but Franco says that’s what he looks like when he’s coping. He asks if he can he pick Drew’s brain about something – Oscar.

Oscar says, Cameron kissed Josslyn? Cameron thought that’s what he wanted to talk about. Oscar asks what happened, and Cameron says Josslyn wanted to surprise him, and he was helping her decorate the bench. When Oscar didn’t show up – Oscar interrupts, saying he was in the hospital. Cameron says Josslyn didn’t know that and blamed herself for pushing him away. She thought she’d pushed too far. Oscar says Cameron didn’t do anything stop it, and Cameron asks why he should. He knows her better than Oscar. Oscar says he knows her better than anyone. Cameron says he and Josslyn will still be friends long after she forgets who Oscar is. Oscar shoves Cameron.

Mike says Kristina got hurt because of him, but Sonny says she made her own choice. She went back in to pick up the wrench Mike left. Mike says, like he said, it’s his fault. Sonny tells him that Kristina took a chance on her own life because she loves him. Carly says, like they all do. Mike asks what about his life is worth saving? He’d gladly give up his own life for Kristina, or any of them. Carly says he proved he would do anything for his family; now it’s their turn. Let them help him. Mike says he’d like to see the brochures for the places that take care of people like him. That stomping sound is Mike jumping on my heart.

Robin tells Anna she gave it a lot of thought, and realized there’s nothing to forgive. Anna made the right choice for herself at the time, and she has no right to judge. Anna says she’s had a lot of time to think too, and keeps coming back to the same question. Should she have told Robin sooner? Robin says she’s lost sleep too. Patrick knows when she’s not there. She spent so much time way because of Faison, maybe it’s better she didn’t know; it might have been too much to handle when she was younger. She can see there was no real right time to tall her – until the truth came out. It was her secret to keep. Anna wishes felt as sure as Robin seems to be.

Finn sees Chase at the hospital. Chase tells him remains were found in a local business, and he’s waiting for test results. Finn says, good work. Chase says it freaked him out. He might need to borrow Roxie. Finn says he has to take it up with her. He’s a poor substitute, but Chase can tell him more over coffee. Chase is surprised, and Finn says when he was being held captive, Chase came to the rescue. Chase says he was just doing his job. He knows he’s been pushing Finn, but has come to accept that what he wants might be more than Finn is willing to give. Finn doesn’t owe him. Finn asks if he can’t just have a cup of coffee with his damn brother. Chase says, damn half-brother.

Kim tells Elizabeth that Drew is Oscar’s hero. Elizabeth says, the feeling is mutual. He won’t give up without a fight. Kim says she’s already scheduled a meeting with Terry to discuss options. Elizabeth asks about the prognosis, and Kim says if she can only give Oscar a little more time; just a few months. She starts to cry, and Elizabeth hugs her.

Cameron can’t believe Oscar pushed him. Oscar says his dad is a Navy SEAL, and showed him some things. He asks if Cameron is scared. Cameron says, hell no, and Oscar punches him in the eye. Cameron leaps on him.

Franco tells Drew that he’s good with Jake; Cameron, not so much. Everything he does is wrong. He knows Cameron is a teenager, and will grow out of it, but Drew is obviously there for Oscar. Drew tells him to shut up for a minute.

Robin wonders what it was like when Anna first realized Peter was her son. Anna says he was so full of pain and anger, blaming her for abandoning him. Robin says, but she found him after all this time; that was something. Anna says he’s still in town, and Robin says he can’t hate her that much. Anna says he’s not there for her. He’s there for Maxie and her little boy. It’s an uphill battle. Robin isn’t so sure. Maxie has a forgiving spirit. She knows what it’s like to make mistakes, and makes allowances. Anna hopes she’s right. It would mean a lot to Peter. Robin thinks there’s hope for Peter and Maxie, and Peter and Anna.

Drew apologizes to Franco; he’s been stressed lately. Franco says for most of his life, when someone apologized, he felt great joy. Now he feels concern, and it’s new for him. Maybe they can explore that. No pressure, but if Drew wants to talk… He asks Drew to tell him about Cameron. Drew says Cameron needs him. He doesn’t realize it, but he does. He was with Elizabeth when the kids were younger, an it was easier for him. He doesn’t think he’d know what do with Oscar if he hadn’t taken Parenting 101 from Elizabeth. She’s the best, and deserves the best. He tells Franco not to forget that, and leaves. Franco looks puzzled.

Cameron asks how Oscar’s hand is. Oscar says it hurts; how’s Cameron’s eye? He wonders if Cameron should go to the nurse. Cameron says she’ll just ask questions. If anyone asks, he tried to hurdle the bench, and face planted. Oscar is surprised Cameron is covering for him, but Cameron says it’s for himself. He doesn’t want anyone to know he was punched by Oscar Nero.

Chase says it’s a damn fine half-cup of coffee. Finn says the less you drink, the better it is. They can work up to a full cup Robert comes in, and says he’d like to talk to the doctor. It’s federal agent business. Finn would like his brother to stick around. It was Chase’s work that figured out where he and Anna were. Chase tells Robert that he’s the official liaison between the PCPD and the WSB. Robert asks Finn what he was going to say before Robin showed up. Finn says the medications Cassandra was given is hard to find, and some are illegal. He’ll give Robert a list. Chase says, trace the drugs, trace Cassandra. Nicely done.

Ava tells Julian, bodies don’t appear in the earth like truffles. Someone plants them. He’s up to something, and this is just another piece of the puzzle he intends to profit from. Julian says his days of taking advantage of other’s misfortune are over. She’s impressed he’s keeping a straight face. He says whoever the bones belong to, he hopes they get a proper burial and mystery gets buried with them.

Mike says some of the places look not bad, and Sonny says he doesn’t have to go there. Brick made it easier for him to stay there. Mike says he’ll think about it. Sonny tells him, no rush, and Carly says they just want him to be happy. Mike says he’ll be happy if he does right by his family.

Kim tells Elizabeth, if all goes well, she’ll be delivering triplets. Elizabeth tells Kim to call her if she needs her, and Kim thanks her for being a good friend. Drew sees Elizabeth, and asks what’s wrong.

Oscar tells Cameron they should head back. Cameron says if they’re stragglers at the end, the coach won’t recruit them. What said about Josslyn, he was just getting in Oscar’s face. Oscar is it for her; the only it. Oscar says he knows.

Elizabeth tells Drew that she’s so sorry about Oscar. Kim told her. He figured that, and he’s glad Kim has her to turn to. They’re both torn up. He’s glad that person is her, and she says she’s here for him too. She hugs him, and Franco sees.

Anna tells Robin that she can’t stay in a hotel. Robin says, good, because she didn’t make a reservation. They hug, and Anna asks how long she’s staying. Robin says, long enough to figure out what to do about her brother.

Robert looks forward to seeing Finn’s list. It’s just possible the two of them aren’t as useless as they present themselves. Finn says, hilarious; he’s welcome. Chase says Robert is like an angry Australian. Finn says he and Chase share more than DNA. Chase says that guy really does not like them.

On the phone, Sonny says let him through. Carly says, trouble? Nothing he can’t handle. Carly suggests she and Mike check out the brochures over a cup of tea. He says one place has a swimming pool and a pool table. All pool all the time. Carly says she’ll visit all the time.

Sonny opens the door, and it’s Julian. Sonny says it’s too soon to be billing him for damages. Why is he there? Julian says he knows why Sonny pushed so hard to buy Charlie’s. He didn’t want the pub. He wanted what was buried beneath it.

Tomorrow, Maxie asks where she fits in, Julian tells Sonny the body was found, and Peter asks Lulu if she wants the Ryan Chamberlain story.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Kameron has photos taken. Cord asks if she was badgering them with questions. She freaks because he used the word badger.

Brandy is back from Beaver Creek and back to reality. When Bryan is out of town, juggling three kids is a lot. She was on an emotional high when they got Bruin, and now she’s exhausted. The girls are a little jealous of the baby, and there’s only so much of her to go around. The girls suggest renaming the baby Booka. She feels like if she got help, it would be like she failed. Doing it all is taking its toll. The girls eat chips and candy for dinner.

LeeAnne and Rich go out to dinner. He wants more details about the trip. She says, when they left, D’Andra and Brandi were at opposite ends of the spectrum, and now they’re best friends. Rich asks, based on what? and LeeAnne says, tequila. Rich thinks that works.

LeeAnne says Rick told her he wanted to set a date to set a date for the wedding. He says, let the ambush begin. She says it made her feel like he didn’t want to set the date, and therefore, doesn’t want to get married. He says it was a joke, but she wants an adult conversation. She doesn’t know why she’s afraid to make him set a date, and he adultly says she can’t make him do anything. She says they don’t talk about it. Does he think they’re not discussing it because they don’t want to do it? They went from a magical moment to a desert. She wants to know if he wants to be married. He says he didn’t ask just to ask. She’s afraid to push, because he might say he doesn’t want it. Rich says it’s a communication issue, and admits to avoiding her because he doesn’t want to piss her off. He says they have a lot going on, but LeeAnne thinks that’s an excuse. In her interview, LeeAnne says her abandonment and avoidance issues stem from her mother, who told her if her mother doesn’t want her, no one else will. She says, if someone doesn’t want you at three-years-old, in your cutest phase, who would want a fifty-year-old bitch? Rich says he loves her and wants to take care of her. She says she’s scared. Her grandparents were together through thick and thin; they never left each other’s side. She wants that commitment from him. In her interview, LeeAnne says it makes her uncomfortable that Rich was divorced more than once. She wants someone who understands commitment. Rich asks if has to ask again, and she thinks he needs to re-encourage her. He asks if she’ll marry him, and she asks if she can move forward with plans. For some bizarre reason, Rich says the date will be set organically by them starting plans. Um… what about invitations? He kisses her, and says he has a little romance in him.

Kameron tells her kids that she has get her stuff together for a global pet expo, explaining it’s a trade show for animal products. She asks if they can help put things together. In her interview, she says most of the exhibitors will be billion-dollar companies. This is her best shot at getting a distributor. She’ll be mortified if she can’t pull it off. The kids think the display rack is a jungle gym. Kameron says she wants to get the kids involved, instead of them always being with the nanny. The kids tell her the product is dumb. In her interview, Kameron says marrying into Cord’s family has it’s perks, like vacation spots and a private plane. The women in the family are involved in the community, and she took on that role, but wants a career now. She thinks it will be a struggle for the family to adapt to it. She tells the kids they’re the most important thing, and don’t ever think Sparkle Dog is.

LeeAnne visits D’Andra. She tells D’Andra she’s exhausted from the trip. In her interview, LeeAnne says these bitches don’t sleep. They stay up drinking all night, get four hours sleep, then start drinking again. She doesn’t know who can live like that, but she can’t. D’Andra says starting over is a big pill to swallow. Her new company will be the first time she has the opportunity to start something from the ground up, and make it successful on her own. LeeAnne tells her about the conversation with Rich. She says she needed reassurance, and it felt like they got engaged again last night. He asked her again. D’Andra asks what the date is. In her interview, D’Andra has heard of renewing vows, but this sounds like he’s buying time. How does LeeAnne know he’s not just saying what she wants to hear? LeeAnne says she knows him, and D’Andra says that’s not a real answer. They argue over what D’Andra’s age is, and talk about going to the rodeo.

LeeAnne doesn’t get it. D’Andra didn’t want to be around Brandi. LeeAnne slept, and when she woke up, they were sh*tfaced shopping. She says she knows what Brandi is capable of; she’s been Brandi’s victim, and had her heart shredded. D’Andra tells LeeAnne that her grandma always said the proof is in the pudding. LeeAnne doesn’t want D’Andra to think she has ulterior motives. She’s concerned Brandi will use the foundation she has with D’Andra to get to her, and she doesn’t want to get hurt. In her interview, D’Andra says if Brandi and LeeAnne made up, why does she care. D’Andra says she’s a big girl. She and Brandi had a great time and made a breakthrough. In her interview, LeeAnne says she can sweep things under the rug and still be cautious. D’Andra saw Brandi stab her in the back. We flash back to the brunch where Brandi went off on LeeAnne. LeeAnne says she’s forgiven Brandi, but she’s not forgetting. D’Andra hears her, and says she’ll proceed with caution.

it’s D’Andra’s birthday. She greets her guests with tequila shots. In her interview, she explains that the rodeo is part of Texas culture. If a Texas girl’s family has a ranch or farm, you know the rodeo. Kameron tells us her dad was a professional polo player, but she’s never been in an environment where people are screaming on bucking bulls. Brandi is thrilled that mom Jana steps in so she can have a life.

Only Cary and Stephanie are absent. In her interview, Brandi thinks Stephanie is missing out, but it’s not boushy enough for Cary. Kameron pronounces bull like bowl, and no one knows what she’s talking about. LeeAnne wants to see Brandi country western dancing. Brandi says she did that last week, and we flash back to her and D’Andra dancing around in the store. Kameron says Brandi is a bad influence on D’Andra. D’Andra says she has a silly side. Brandi loves when D’Andra is herself and doesn’t care.

The first thing is a bull parade. Kameron thinks they’re adorable, and they’re not even on leashes. At the bar, Brandi brings out a beer bong, and drinks one down. Kameron doesn’t like beer, but in college did a champagne bong. LeeAnne thinks public beer bonging is a no, but does it anyway. Brandi doesn’t know if it’s cute or depressing, but thinks it’s sad to feel left out at fifty… one. D’Andra says LeeAnne might as well hang up her hat if she thinks she can keep up. LeeAnne says like waterboarding, and makes a huge burp. She hates beer.

Next is the mechanical bull. Brandi goes first to show them how it’s done. It’s not her first rodeo. LeeAnne vaults on via the back end. In her interview, she says, if you can’t break a man’s ribcage with your thighs, don’t have sex or ride a bull. Alrighty then. Kameron is afraid to get hurt. In her interview, she says she doesn’t want to be a party pooper, so she’s getting on – Rodeo Barbie. She’s wearing a dress (!), and LeeAnne helps her up. D’Andra says she looks great, which of course is the most important thing. The bull is so slow, I could ride it, but Kameron is frightened. She manages to get through it, and in her interview, says being on a wild moving animal makes her feel at one with the rodeo. I guess no one has the heart to tell her it’s not real.

The ladies go to Bill Bob’s Panhandle Arena where the real bull riders are. it’s amazing to watch, but I think it’s mean to the animals. D’Andra thinks step up from watching Kameron.

Cary stops by her house renovation. Builder Susan tells her they’re getting the mechanical inspections done, then doing insulation. In her interview, Cary says there was no Michelin star restaurant at the rodeo, so it’s not her. It wasn’t boushy enough. So, Brandi was right. Susan maps out Cary’s ginormous closet. In her interview, Cary says it’s modeled after the Fendi store. It’s costing a gazillion dollars, but it will be fantastic. Mark says he’ll probably end up with the hall closet. They discuss the Molteni stove Mark is getting. Oooh, it is nice. In her interview, Cary says it’s going to be her sister wife, and she’ll have to vie for Mark’s attention. Her parents are back in three months, and they have to get out. She says the positive thing about staying there is that she realized she wants to fix the strained relationship with her father. It will never be perfect, but it’s something she wants.

Brandi says, Kameron is redefining slow ride. In her interview, Kameron says the members of her family hold each other to a high standard. LeeAnne explains to Brandi, when have a family name, you’re watched closer, and can’t let your hair down. In her interview, Brandi says LeeAnne has the perception that she’s high in Dallas society, but has a police report. D’Andra asks Kameron how she feels about the pressure, and Kameron says you’re more under a microscope, but she surrounds herself with people who are like her. In her interview, Kameron says she’s conservative anyway, and fits right in. D’Andra feels like she’s not being true to herself. In her interview, D’Andra is sick of being judged on what’s acceptable by Dallas society. She wants to do what makes her happy in the next phase of her life. Brandi thinks if they can’t accept her for who she is, screw that. At the end of the day, D’Andra needs to be happy. D’Andra says it’s her year to figure things out. Her dad told her be the fun person she is. When he passed away, she felt the freedom to be that. In her interview, D’Andra aspires to be freewheeling like Brandi. Brandi says she understands and they should celebrate that. Brandi loves D’Andra when she’s herself. It’s sad that she feels the need to apologize for it. In her interview, LeeAnne says she’s not spreading her ass cheeks and dropping out a quarter into a K-cup.

Brandi gives D’Andra the necklace she wanted in Beaver Creek. Wow. That was very thoughtful. And expensive. LeeAnne says Kameron is good at basketball, and suggests they go for a game. In her interview, Kameron thinks Brandi is investing in the friendship, and trying to buy D’Andra. Kameron and LeeAnne play basketball, but it’s not like a regular game. More like something you’d see in an arcade. LeeAnne says she told D’Andra that she could get hurt. Kameron doesn’t trust Brandi with D’Andra. Brandi can be classless. We flash back to Brandi’s dog poop hat, and also Sexual Chocolate. Kameron says if D’Andra continues to hang out with Brandi, what next?

D’Andra tells Brandi that she didn’t expect to like her so much. D’Andra says she understood that LeeAnne was protecting her, but she has to make her own decisions. She tears up, and Brandi says she appreciates what D’Andra is saying.  In her interview, Brandi is annoyed that LeeAnne is encouraging other people not be friends with her. It’s a slap in the face. D’Andra says she has to figure out her own path. She needs to do what feels right. She and Brandi hug.

We move on to the World’s Largest Honky Tonk. D’Andra thanks everyone for the great birthday, and they do shots. Leanne rides D’Andra like she rode the mechanical bull, then does some weird dance moves, many of which involve full contact with the floor. Brandi says LeeAnne talks about acting a certain way in society, but she’s giving a lap dance, and mopping the floor with her hair. LeeAnne says D’Andra is her bitch. Brandi thinks she’s jealous.

Back from Italy, Stephanie visits Brandi. In her interview, Stephanie says they haven’t seen each other in ten days. It’s like forever, and she wants the scoop. It should be entertaining. She tells Brandi and Jana about the trip, and we see pictures. She says Travis bought himself a Ferrari for his 50th birthday, but he’s not even forty-nine. Brandi tells her about LeeAnne’s lap dance. Stephanie asks if D’Andra was bruised. Brandi says she had good time, but there were some intense moments. D’Andra said she needed to start making decisions for herself, and LeeAnne is trying to influence D’Andra into not being friends with her. In her interview, Stephanie says she sees LeeAnne as wanting to change, but she’s her own worst enemy. She can’t judge LeeAnne by other people’s experiences. Brandi doesn’t think she can be friends with LeeAnne.

Next time, Brandi prepares for the social worker’s visit, LeeAnne and Rich start planning the wedding, and the ladies do some demolition.


Cesar, Bowen, Samantha, and Gerron (my man!) were left. The first challenge was for the cooks to conquer a colossal protein; what America was built on, still devours, and chef’s worship. If you guessed beef, as I did, you were right. They were told to make a MasterChef worthy masterpiece of a kabob in thirty minutes. The judges agreed it would come down to the tiny details. Bowen changed the dish, garnishing it with peppers underneath, which Joe wasn’t pleased with, especially since the peppers were raw. Samantha omitted the peppers entirely, going for a Mediterranean flair. Joe said it tasted okay, but her minimalist strategy didn’t work. Gerron used jerk seasoning and was told he did a good job. Ashley was praised for her generous seasoning. Casar used red wine vinegar, and although Gordon said it was perfectly cooked, it didn’t need that kick. Gerron was the first to be safe, and the other three (all Gordon’s people) had the challenge of making meatballs – or as Joe said, soft pillows of deliciously seasoned beef – in marinara sauce. Since Bowen cannot possibly listen, instead of putting the breadcrumbs in the meatball mixture, which Joe explained gives it lightness, he breaded them like cutlets. He insisted it was a Chinese thing, but Joe suggested he follow the rules at this point. Samantha put the frying pan in the oven for some reason, causing the middle of her meatballs to be raw. Since they contained pork as well as beef, Gordon bravely ate around it. He told her they had to sit in the sauce to be evenly cooked. The flavor of Ashley’s meatballs was divine, but Aaron wanted more sauce. Still, it was enough to keep her safe.

In the next round, the remaining contestants had to cook a MasterChef classic – filet mignon. Three of them – well done, medium and rare. To keep their MasterChef dream alive, the cooks had to nail all three temperatures. Cesar said it was trying to get three darts make a bullseye. Gerron was glad he wasn’t in their shoes. Bowen is a pilot? I guess I don’t always pay attention to the text. It’s enough to remember their names. Samantha won the save, and Bowen was out. Gordon told him that the MasterChef door might have closed, but he’d love to have Bowen in his brigade anywhere. Bowen said it was the best moment of his life, and he hasn’t lost his dream of opening a restaurant. He didn’t feel so well at this moment, but learned a lot, and felt it was a big step toward his future.

Next, the remaining four divided up, with Cesar pairing with Ashley, and Gerron with Samantha. They were going to be cooking for the mentors of their mentors. Aaron introduced the pioneer of California cuisine, Jonathan Waxman; Joe introduced his Emmy winning mother, Lidia Bastianich; and Gordon’s mentor was master of French cuisine, Daniel Boulud. The challenge was to make three identical plates of whatever dish they liked in sixty minutes. Cesar and Ashley decided on pork chops, and Gerron and Samantha made lamb with a rhubarb glaze. Lidia’s advice was to taste everything, which sounds obvious, but I can’t count the times on Kitchen Nightmares when Gordon asks, did you taste it? and they say, no. Cesar and Ashley’s pork chops were deemed complex, intriguing, and not overly done. They said they were going for a culmination of their talents and journey, while representing their culture in a beautiful and respectful way. Samantha had been so jazzed, she ran into the counter, and we learned to use white, not brown, sugar to give more depth of flavor. Lidia said both dishes were great, and there was a professional level on both sides.

It was Cesar and Ashley for the win, and for the next challenge, the cooks had to replicate a three-course dinner. Joe presented one of his favorite appetizers, spring risotto. He said it was so hard to nail, it’s rarely seen in restaurants. Aaron offered pan-seared salmon, with he said involved many techniques and flavors. Last was a signature dish of Gordon’s, sticky toffee pudding. I’m not so sure I would like it, but it was fun to hear Gordon say it repeatedly. The requirements were for it to be flavorful, but not too sweet, and if it was dry, game over. The cooks had ninety minutes

Samantha was a wreck, and most worried about the pudding. She forgot the gelatin and had to start over. Wine was the ingredient for something, and had I been her, I would have been drinking it. I also have to note, that although Gerron is a teacher, he used the non-word mines. Samantha’s pudding was as much of a mess as she was. The caramel sunk into it, and she burned the butter. Gerron wisely told us that, it’s not the mistakes you make, but how you bounce back from them. The mentors were proud, and in the end, Gerron had the best appetizer, and Samantha the best salmon. The dessert was the tie-breaker, and I breathed a sigh of relief that Gerron was safe. Twenty-year-old Samantha said she was going to enroll in culinary school, and Gordon offered to pay for her tuition. The MasterChef door might have closed, but she said she was opening a door to her future in the industry, and she was excited.

Next time, the 2-hour finale with a live audience. The face-off for a quarter of a million dollars, and the title of MasterChef.

💥 I happened to notice an ad in the digital guide reminding me that American Horror Story: Apocalypse began tonight. Miracles still happen, since it doesn’t look like it will interfere with anything else I watch. I didn’t even bother with the last season, since if I want to look at political rhetoric, I can go to Facebook. Or pretty much anywhere. I’ve enjoyed past seasons though. Lady Gaga can do no wrong, the dinner with the serial killer guests was superb, and I adored AHS: Freak Show. It’s fun to see what new roles the regulars assume, and this season, I was pleased to see both Billy Eichner and Joan Collins in the cast. So far, it’s exciting, and I’m in.

🗽 The Real Housewives of NYC showed an episode called Passport Edition tonight. I didn’t see it, but would assume it’s a rehash of their trips.

🌀 Hoping All Stays Well…

Most of the Southern Charm cast left town, but Patricia stayed.


🌈 Nostalgically Moving Toward the Weekend…


September 5, 2018 – Kim Reveals Oscar’s Illness, the NYC Reunion Concludes, the Chefs Have Heart, Dallas Tomorrow & Goodnight


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Kristina has asked Sonny and Alexis to meet her at the MetroCourt. She has big news. Kristina walks in with Sam.

On the phone, Peter tells someone he wants to run story on the anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain murders, but not at the expense of any survivors. Felicia is the mother of someone important to him. Chase walks in, and Peter ends the call. He asks what the police want now, and Chase says it’s about his mother. Peter says he has nothing to do with Anna’s disappearance, but Chase tells him that they’ve found her.

In Finn’s hotel room, Finn remarks that Anna seems happier. She says she’s happier than when they were kidnapped. Finn says when there was the possibility of rescue, she made them stay kidnapped. She says she wanted to find out who was behind it. Someone wanted Finn to cure Cassandra. He can’t believe that they don’t have better things to do, and she says she definitely wants to celebrate their survival. They kiss.

Josslyn pushes Cameron away. He says he knows she’s been kissed before, but she says not when she hasn’t wanted to be. Hasn’t he heard about #metoo? And Oscar is her boyfriend. Cameron asks where he is on their anniversary?

Elizabeth tells Kim that she doesn’t have to handle this by herself. Tell her; tell Drew. Kim wonders how she can tell Drew that his son is dying. Elizabeth says that’s why Oscar is seeing an oncologist. She’s sorry. She asks what kind of cancer, but Kim can’t talk about it, and she walks away. Drew comes in, and asks Elizabeth if Oscar is okay; what happened?

Kristina says, surprise! Sonny thought she went back, and she says she heard Brad and Lucas got permanent custody of Wiley. Alexis tells her the birth mother dropped the petition. Kristina wonders why she wanted him back in first place, but Alexis says she’s had no contact. She assumes the mother just wanted what was best for her baby. She asks, what’s going on? The last thing she knew, Kristina was on a plane back to Oregon with her sister. She wonders if everything is okay. Kristina says she’s just glad that Sam was with her to keep her head and heart straight for the big decisions she needed to make.

Finn opens the room door, and pretends someone grabbed him. Anna says it’s not funny; the people who kidnapped them are extremely dangerous. She tells him, don’t do that stuff. She says Robert thinks they’re going to lay low for a while, and is hoping to pick up the trail. She peeks in on Roxie, and says she’s happy Finn is back. Finn thinks so, and asks if she wants to talk about her son. He’s back, she’s back, and he’s not going to prison. He thought she might want to talk about it. She tells him that he’s subtle, and he says he’s trying. Peter is out of the hospital, and he wonders how it is that Obrecht isn’t in custody. Anna says, that happens a lot with her; she should be locked up forever. She’s angry that Robert didn’t press charges against Peter, but Finn says maybe after all the time in captivity, Peter is rethinking his life, and maybe forgiving her.

Peter tells Chase that Anna dropped responsibility of him the day he was born. Chase says he’s a grown man now; he should find some understanding. She was kidnapped, like he was, survived the ordeal, and is back in Port Charles. Peter asks why Chase is telling him. Chase says if he even looks at Anna wrong, his new freedom, job, and hope of being part of the community will be gone. He won’t know what hit him.

Kristina tells Alexis and Sonny that her life was centered around Parker, and Parker’s life was all in Eugene and things she didn’t belong to. She had no part in college life, and Parker’s friends dismissed her. She felt smaller and smaller. Alexis says she’s strong and capable, and has so much to give. Kristina says she needed her own life, separate from Parker. She wasn’t thinking about that when she moved. Sam gave her confidence to trust her feelings. She broke up with Parker, who talked about the long-distance thing, but she needed a clean break. Sam convinced her to move back for good.

Josslyn asks Cameron why he kissed her. They’ve been friends since they were three, and now he’s jeopardized the friendship. He asks why, and she tells him that he overstepped the boundaries. Cameron says if she thinks Oscar is the perfect boyfriend; he knows her better. She asks, since when? and he says, since she gave Oscar the silent treatment. He didn’t know how to deal with it, but Cameron did. He’s the one who sent the riddle.

Elizabeth tells Drew that he should talk to Kim. Drew wonders what Kim isn’t telling him about their son. In Oscar’s room, Oscar asks if Kim has been crying. Drew comes in, and asks what’s going on? Oscar asks if Kim called him, but he says he ran into Jason. Oscar says he passed out; it’s a thing. Drew asks if it happened before, and Oscar says it’s low blood sugar; he’s fine. Kim dashes out, saying she has to speak with someone. Oscar tells Drew that he wants out. This isn’t a big deal.

Kim tells Elizabeth that she couldn’t deal. She can’t look at Drew and say Oscar will be all right. Elizabeth says Kim raised him alone all this time, but now his father is a part of his life. It should be a relief to share this with the one person who loves him as much as she does. She should tell him the truth. Kim says she’s trusting Elizabeth to keep Oscar’s illness to herself. Elizabeth says she will, but Drew needs to know. Kim says, once he knows, he can’t unknow. Elizabeth says if Drew finds out later, it will color everything. She’s not Oscar’s only parent. Just think about it.

Oscar tells Drew he’s sorry, but Drew says it’s not his fault. Oscar says he needs to eat right, or better, or more. He tries to stay on top of it, but it was a crazy day. He was getting a surprise ready for Josslyn. He asks if he can borrow Drew’s phone.

Josslyn tells Cameron, no wonder Oscar didn’t know the answer. Cameron says, to be fair, he doesn’t either, but he got her attention because he knew how to reach her. Josslyn’s phone rings, and she says it’s Oscar’s dad. She answers, and Oscar says he’s using Drew’s phone; he doesn’t have his with him. He tells her not to freak. He’s in the hospital.

Peter tells Chase that Anna’s legion of fans don’t need to be concerned. He has a good gig and he’s not interested. She’s not a part of his life, and never will be. Chase says Peter doesn’t know her well. He doesn’t think she’ll stay away from Peter. Maybe he should change his attitude toward the one person who wants to make peace with him.

Kristina says she needs to regroup; figure out what she wants to do, and start over. Most kids her age are embarking on a career. Sam says life experiences are more valuable than she thinks. Alexis tells her to do what’s right for her. Sonny is glad she’s back, and she asks if she can manage Perks again. He’s sorry, but he can’t give her the job back.

Drew approaches Kim. He says Oscar tells him it’s no big deal; low blood sugar. Kim says she tries to get him to eat small meals, but he knows how it is. He asks why she didn’t call? If it happens again, he could hurt himself. Kim says he has a specialist, and it’s under control. He suggests getting a second opinion from Monica, but she says she doesn’t need Monica to weigh in on Oscar. Drew asks what she’s not telling him, and she starts to cry. She says it’s not low blood sugar. Oscar is sick, and there’s nothing they can do about it. They can’t save him.

Sonny tells Kristina the manager at Perks is doing great. He can’t fire her for no reason. She can be a barista if she wants. He knows it’s not ideal, but she has experience. She says she needs something more challenging, and Sam agrees. Alexis knows the perfect job for her.

Anna tells Finn she’s going to do what she can to have a relationship with her son. She’s not afraid of his anger. No matter what their history, he’s her son and they’re connected. Finn understands. He hopes it’s all picnics in the park, but he’s worried. Not just for her physical safety, but Peter could hurt her heart. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Chase. Anna jets, saying she wants to give them time together.

Josslyn runs into the hospital, with Cameron tagging along. Elizabeth sees Cameron, and asks if he’s okay. He says he’s here with Josslyn. She freaked out when she heard Oscar was there. Elizabeth says Oscar is okay, but why was Cameron with Josslyn in the first place? He’s still grounded.

Josslyn asks Oscar what happened? He tells her that he passed out. He was on his way to the park, and apologizes for not showing up. She says she’s the one who’s sorry. She was getting upset when wasn’t there and didn’t text. She got mad, but it didn’t occur to her that something happened.

In Kim’s office, Drew asks if Oscar is sick. She tells Drew that Oscar has an inoperable brain tumor, and it’s malignant. She’s consulted with the best doctors in the country, but at present, there’s nothing they can do. Drew asks, how long? and she says it could be months or longer. They don’t know how much time Oscar has left.

Anna shows up at Peter’s office. She says she’s glad he’s out of the hospital. He went through quite an ordeal. Peter says Obrecht hates her, and Anna says she’s been working on her grudge for years, exacerbated by his father. Peter says, as is everything. It seems like they both have enemies. She tells him, it runs in the family. She’s heard he’s staying in port Charles. For what it’s worth, she’s grateful he’s nearby.

Chase tells Finn that he needs to talk to Anna as well. He’s following up on the case. There have been new developments. Robert coordinated with the Canadian authorities, and they did a sweep. Whoever was behind this, was thorough, and Finn needs to be careful. He tells Finn the kidnappers were Michael Carson and Sean Phillips, professionals who claim they never saw their employer. There was no trace of Cassandra, but he’s going to keep working on it. Finn tells him, good work. Chase hopes he wasn’t the reason Anna left, but Finn says she was going to see her son. Chase says he had a chat with him earlier, and he’s determined to keep his freedom. There shouldn’t be an issue with Anna. Finn marvels that Chase did that.

Anna sees that Peter landed on his feet. He says he’s in the process of repositioning the brand. Anna tells him that Robert said he had no money, and Peter says, Robert doesn’t know everything. She says he could have turned to her. He still can. He says he has all the help he needs. He has a friend who owes him more than she does. She asks if it’s Valentin.

Alexis says she could make some calls, and Kristina could get a paralegal job. They’d be lucky to have someone so quick on their feet and intelligent. Kristina says she doesn’t know anything about the law, but Alexis says she could help her. She could learn on the job or work in her office. Sam thinks they should let Kristina make her own decisions, and Alexis says she was just trying to help. Sonny says Kristina is capable of a getting job without them, and Kristina says, absolutely. Alexis apologizes for being overbearing, and says she’ll just be quiet supportive. She’s happy Kristina will be moving back in. Kristina says, what?

Cameron says Elizabeth told him he could have anyone over. She agrees, but also said he can’t leave the house. He says he was only at the park, helping Josslyn set up something for Oscar. He was just trying to be there for her. Is that so bad?

Josslyn tells thought she’d driven Oscar away by her weird behavior. He says it would take more than that. Nothing could keep him away.

Drew tells Kim there has to be something they can do. New treatments are being developed all the time. She says there’s nothing out there right now. She says she couldn’t figure out how tell him that his son is being taken away from him. He asks, what about Oscar? and she says he doesn’t know. He thinks she’s being overprotective when she gets more tests run. She’s managed to keep it from him. He doesn’t know how sick he is, and won’t until it’s absolutely necessary. Drew understands the need to be protective, but thinks Oscar should know.

Elizabeth says Cameron was being a good friend, and he asks if he’s not grounded anymore. She says she’s adding time on. There are consequences to his actions. She tells him to go home, and take a selfie so she knows he’s there. He asks if he can say hi to Oscar, and she says, five minutes.

Oscar never thought they’d be spending the anniversary of their first date in the hospital. He tells Josslyn happy anniversary. She says for a while, she thought he forgot, but he says, not a chance. it must have hurt thinking he wasn’t coming. He says he’s sorry, and asks if they’re okay. She says, definitely, and they kiss. Cameron sees, and backs out of the room.

Kim asks if Drew is questioning her judgement, but he says he’s offering a different perspective. Maybe there’s something they should be doing. Kim says they’re already doing it. Oscar wanted a father and got him. He’s happy Drew is in his life. She says he’s still a little boy. Drew says if he could die in a few months, shouldn’t he be able to determine how he does it, and choose how he lives his last days?

Kristina appreciates Alexis’s offer, but it didn’t work out last time. Alexis says it’s different now. Sam thinks Kristina wants a fresh start. Sonny says she could live with him, but she says Mike isn’t getting any better. She wants to spend time with him, but living there doesn’t feel right; she’d be in the way. Sonny says she’d never be in the way, but Sam says she would feel like she’s in the way. Alexis asks how she can afford to live anywhere. Sam says on the way back, they decided Kristina will live with her. Alexis says that’s great, but she has so much space,  and Sam has kids. Kristina says she’ll have a backup babysitter. Alexis says she loves Kristina. Kristina knows, but thinks they do better with some distance. Across the country was too far, but across town might be perfect.

Anna asks if Valentin gave Peter the money to buy the magazine, and Peter says it was the least he could do. She knows Peter wants to get his life together, but says he can’t trust Valentin, and should stay out of his orbit. He says he was just telling Chase that he wanted the same from her – to stay out of his life.

Finn tells Chase that Robert said he was instrumental in finding them. They’re lucky he was assigned to the case. Chase says Jordan didn’t want him near it, but he insisted. He wanted to do everything he could to make sure Finn was okay. He’ll let them know if he finds out anything else. He starts to leave, but Finn asks him to wait. Chase and Roxie got off on the wrong foot. Maybe he should stick around and see if they can’t make peace.

Oscar tells Josslyn, full disclosure; he was already running late. He was putting the finishing touch on something he made for her.

Kim tells Drew that she’s thought about it over and over, and always comes to the same conclusion. She wants Oscar to have a normal life instead of worrying if tomorrow might be his last. She wants him to believe he’ll live forever like any other teenager. Can Drew give that to him? Drew says she’s been Oscar’s mother much longer than he’s been Oscar’s father, and she’s done an amazing job. If this is what she wants, they’ll do it together. She thanks him.

Chase confirms that Roxie’s lettuce of choice is Romaine. Finn says if he gives her that, he’ll have a friend for life. Chase says he knows Roxie was innocent in the Charlie’s Pub incident, and Julian just wanted Finn out of there. Finn admits he should have backed up before he got arrested, but he likes to howl at the moon sometimes. Chase is glad he and Anna are okay. Finn says, thanks again for the save.

Peter opens the door. Anna says she’ll never stop caring about him, and hoping he forgives her. He says they’re not sitting down for cup of tea anytime soon. She says, maybe not, but if he needs anything, be it tea or something significant, he can always turn to her. She’s his mother, and she’ll never let him down again. She leaves, and he closes the door.

Sam and Kristina leave to get Kristina settled in. Sonny tells Alexis it seems like Kristina is thinking things though. Alexis says they’ve been here before. He says maybe this time it will be different. She says, from his lips.

Oscar tells Josslyn it’s a little goofy; a montage of their times together in the past year, set to one of his favorite songs. It’s Josslyn singing at the Nurses’ Ball. Elizabeth hugs Cameron. Josslyn can’t believe it’s only been a year. They have so much to look forward to.

Drew asks Kim, who else knows? She says Elizabeth recognized Oscar’s doctor’s name; she’s an oncologist. She told Elizabeth some, but she’s the only one. Drew says she’s been carrying this around by herself for two years. She says she didn’t realize how hard it was until right now, and starts to cry. Why does no one ever carry tissues? He tells her that she doesn’t have to carry that burden. They’ll give their son the best life they can for as long as they can. He holds her as she cries.

Tomorrow, Anna tells Valentin he’s done enough damage, Curtis didn’t see this coming, and Stella says she’s pushed things too far for too long.

The Real Housewives of New York City – The Reunion – Part Three

We backtrack a little. Bethenny asks how she bashed Carole. Andy says they bashed each other. Carole says he’s full of sh*t, and asks if he’s afraid of her too. Bethenny says Carole even did an InstaStory bashing her. We see a clip of Carole and a friend, saying SkinnyGirl is over. Carole says Bethenny blocked her on Instagram anyway; talk about being a child. She blocked Dorinda too. Andy says they seemed to have different ideas about Brian aka Red-Scarf-Guy. He asks if anyone is still in touch with him. Bethenny isn’t, but Carole is. Andy asks Carole if she believed Bethenny after watching the season. Carole says she and Brian ended up having dinner, and she asked how he knew Bethenny, since she didn’t want to get involved if they were dating, and he said they weren’t. She says there was no love connection, but he was a nice guy. She didn’t understand why Bethenny was so intense and angry. Bethenny says Carole was smug. Carole insists Bethenny’s story about Brian wasn’t true. We flash back to Bethenny reading his texts. Carole whips out her phone, and Bethenny does the same, like it’s High Noon. Carole says she has a screenshot that Brian took from his phone. Like I’d believe what some dude sent me. Bethenny says hers are directly from him. Carole tells Bethenny to get off her jock. Interesting how Carole uses something Bethenny originated. Andy looks at Bethenny’s phone, and reads about Bethenny telling Brian that she can easily set him up with Carole. Carole still doesn’t believe it, and Bethenny gets up and puts the phone in her face. Carole insists that it was after she and Brian had already gone out. Bethenny thinks Carole needs a career. Sonja says, this is a power play and egos. No one wants the red guy. He doesn’t even live in Manhattan. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! That sounds very real. Andy asks where they go from here; is it over? Bethenny says the season wouldn’t have ended it. It was the bashing blogs. Andy points out that the season ended with Carole saying maybe the friendship would find its sweet spot again. Bethenny says Carole lies on the show. Carole says she was trying to salvage the friendship, but realized Bethenny didn’t seem interested. She thought they’d regroup after the season, but when she watched it she thought it was superficial. Andy says he’s sorry to see it go. Dorinda says they should put a comma on it; things change. She’ll make up with LuAnn eventually. Bethenny brings up the blog again, and Carole says only two people read it. I’ll bet it’s more than that. At least ten or twelve. There was so much of them talking at the same time and trying to

Andy says Sonja was refreshed after Costa Rica, but when she came home to some of her dearest friends, she felt like she was on the outside looking in. We flash back to her butting heads with Tinsley, her altercation with Dorinda, her text to Ramona, and her slippers with the family crest. We get a look at some previously unseen footage of Sonja leaving the townhouse. Sonja says she was leaving her memories, but it’s not forever. She’s made a two-year commitment. She stayed in a hotel for a while, but found an apartment near Columbus Circle. Andy asks for a show of hands from whoever thought the day would come. Bethenny is the only one, but she says she was in on the process. Sonja also got full asking price. A viewer asks if something happened to make Sonja go off to Costa Rica. She says Bethenny pointed out she was partying too much, and she started seeing a therapist. They suggested trying antidepressants, and she doesn’t regret it, but went cold turkey. The withdrawal caused her to have no filter, and she still had some resentment against Tinsley. Tinsley says it was hurtful, and she can’t blame the antidepressants. Ramon says, if you go cold turkey, it messes with your head. Any doctor will tell you that. Sonja says she’d just say anything that was in her head for a moment.

A viewer asks why Sonja thought Dorinda shouldn’t talk about her dead husband. Sonja says she has no problem with that, but she should also be able to talk about what she wants to. Dorinda says a death and a divorce are two different things. Bethenny says, some people process things differently. Dorinda tells Sonja what she said was a death is a loss, and a divorce is a choice. She’s done both, and you can’t compare the two. Sonja says her marriage was out of control. Other people helped them decide they should divorce. A viewer asks why Sonja seems to trigger Dorinda. They don’t think Dorinda likes her. Dorinda says one on one, they’re fine. It’s the environment that triggers it, and she’s sorry for that. Another viewer asks if the reason Sonja and Ramona fight so hard and make up so easily, is because they’re like sisters. Sonja says they argue well; they don’t chop each other down. We see a clip of them going blah-blah-blah in each other’s faces. Andy asks why Dorinda was upset about Sonja wearing her ex-husband’s family crest on her slippers? Dorinda says her daughter wears her father’s tartan, but personally, she wouldn’t do it. Sonja says it’s not about her. Bethenny says Dorinda thought it was pretentious. Ramona gets up and starts pounding herself on the leg; she has a cramp. Andy asks how often Sonja sees her ex, and she says, it’s getting better. She felt like she lost her best friend over lawyers. Andy asks if she sees his current wife, and she does when the collective families get together. It was awkward during the divorce, but over time it became okay. Andy wonders how she’s feeling toward everyone now. Sonja says she cares about everyone there. She’s said stupid things, but she has to be herself around her friends. That’s why sometimes she feels the need to chill for the summer, and get herself centered. Ramona kisses her and Sonja says, as much as they argue, they don’t verbally abuse each other. Although Ramona doesn’t stick up for her as much as she’d like.

Andy says before this season, the only running Carole did was for the co-op board, and then she ran the NY marathon. We see clips of that, and also of Carole and Adam. Carole says she and Adam get together once in a while, but there’s nothing romantic. She’s not dating anyone seriously. Andy suggests Tinsley pay forward, and set her up. He asks if Carole is going to run the marathon again, but that’s a no. She thinks she came in last. He asks what Carole and Tinsley have in common, and Tinsley says Carole introducing her to Scott brought them closer. Carole says they really don’t see each other that much. Bethenny made it seem like they were BFFs, but they were just friends. Tinsley’s feelings are hurt, and Carole says she’s just telling it like it is. Andy says they went to three countries together, but Carole says they only spent six days in Spain with their boyfriends. Bethenny asks even if they’re not close, why hurt Tinsley’s feelings. Carole says Bethenny is the one who said they were thick as thieves, when she hung out with other people just as much. Since this is beating a sad, dead horse, Andy switches topics to Carole’s writing. A viewer points out that she identifies herself as a journalist, but shirks deadlines, and hasn’t written anything in two years. Carole says it’s actually longer, since she considers her real journalistic career when she worked for ABC News. She and Bethenny bicker a little over how many years it’s been, and hen compare their resumes. Bethenny brings up Carole’s blog again, and Carole says she was trying to put the weekly arguments into context.

Next, the trip to Cartagena is discussed. Andy says that Tinsley had to navigate rough waters to keep them afloat. Ramona says a lot of sh*t happened; no pun intended. Andy acknowledges that Ramona was a grown-up about hotel room choices this season. Ramona says watching herself, she saw how she thought she was entitled, and realized that’s not the right way to be. Everyone applauds, and Andy says she’s a big girl now. She mentions that Bethenny and Carole were acting like a-holes, and Bethenny says she shouldn’t have gone, since she was on overload after Puerto Rico, and stressed out. She took on more than she should have. Andy asks Carole what about Bethenny’s crying was such a turn-off? Carole says she’s sensitive to unstable energy, and it feels menacing, whether it is or not. Carole says she’s a very sane person, and approaches things logically. She has a huge hippocampus (the elongated ridges on the floor of each lateral ventricle of the brain, thought to be the center of emotion, memory, and the autonomic nervous system). She doesn’t react emotionally, and doesn’t do panic. She’s also not much of a hugger. Okay, Sheldon. This chick is sounding more egocentric with every sentence.

Andy asks if it occurred to Tinsley that the trip might not go well. She says it never did. She’s always had a great time there; it’s beautiful and rich in history. Bethenny says it can happen to anyone; sometimes you’re just unlucky with a trip. Tinsley says she didn’t think it would go so badly. Andy wonders why she wasn’t concerned about the rough water, and Bethenny says because she was boozing it up. Dorinda says there was a fire alarm going off, and people going by with machetes. Tinsley says the same thing happened when she went with her ex-husband. She was freaked out, but he was like, don’t. She says she didn’t think it was that scary at the time, but watching it later, it looked terrifying. Ramona says they couldn’t film how bad it was. Carole says she was getting sick. Ramona says, furniture was flying. Dorinda says she was looking for lifejackets. Ramona adds that the waves were coming over the boat. Andy asks if Ramona really doesn’t swim, and Sonja says that’s why she needs a pool noodle. We see clips of Ramona attached to a noodle in every pool situation. Andy says he knew she loved a noodle, but didn’t know she needed one. Carole says none of them could have swum in that. Sonja says when the anchor came down, she knew there was a problem. Bethenny says they smelled the fire first, then the alarm went off. They realized there was a fire from the rope on the anchor. Ramona says they would have capsized without them cutting it. Tinsley tells them not to worry; she’ll plan the next trip – Tinsley’s Travels. Andy wonders why Bethenny and Tinsley were the only ones not to get diarrhea, and Bethenny says she has chronic constipation. Tinsley says it happened after she got home. They have a brief poop discussion, and Carole says it was everywhere. This doesn’t exactly make me long to go there, but Sonja says she’d go back, and so would LuAnn.

At last, the final thoughts. Andy says it’s been a long, bumpy ride, and asks for everyone’s biggest regret. Bethenny is first, and Carole makes faces before she even starts talking. Carole is like the face-making champ this reunion. Bethenny says she regrets calling Dorinda a drunk. Even though she didn’t mean it that way, that’s how it sounded. Dorinda chokes up, saying it means a lot They hug. Tinsley says she didn’t like how she lost her temper at Sonja. Sonja says she regrets starting the season off by opening the wound when they had gotten over it, and thanks Tinsley for helping her get over it. Ramona regrets posting the Instagram photo, saying she should have asked LuAnn first. She also regrets not thinking at all when she texted Tom. If she could take it back, she would. Andy asks if Carole regrets telling him that he’s full of sh*t. She says she didn’t, but oh yes, she did, and we see the clip. She tells him that she said it in anger. Andy admits to screaming at both her and Bethenny. Carole says she thought they’d reconnect their friendship, but it never happened. Watching it made her upset and angry, and she wishes they’d had a conversation to put it in context. She tried, and regrets failing. Dorinda regrets what happened between her and LuAnn. She didn’t mean to inflict the pain she did, and prays they get back together. She also regrets getting drunk at the dinner in Puerto Rico, but hopes she’s grown. She’s better and healthier, and it won’t happen again.

Andy says we couldn’t have asked for a more memorable, eventful season. Shots of green juice are brought out, and Ramona asks if it’s tequila because she doesn’t listen to anything except what’s in her own head. They toast to Lu, and I feel strangely sad.


The cooks took over Michelin star restaurant Providence, in LA. The entrées were duck, NY strip braised in its own fat, and salmon. Gerron was captain of the blue team, and Ashley the red. Gordon yelled at everyone like they were on Hell’s Kitchen, but with less cursing. It took Gerron a while to get in the groove, but then he was on a roll. Bowen got duck and beef confused, so Ashley had to babysit him. Gordon said the team captains were strong, and the types that don’t give up. This time, the judges made the final decision, but said they needed to sleep on it – it was that close. Gordon said the red team started slow, but Ashley found her voice, and made a great captain. He called Gerron extraordinary, and I was surprised that the red team ended up the winners. Gordon told them Bowen found his feet late, but their captain led the team to victory. The blue team got the black aprons. Gerron’s team let him down, but he was personally killing it because he didn’t want to let Joe down. And he was not going home. He’d better not; he’s my pick to win. The pressure test – which Joe called the most difficult the show had ever seen, foregoing the traditional in the history of – had the cooks making three chocolate desserts. Joe explained the first, a white chocolate panna cotta with raspberry something on top, that needed to be creamy without being gelatinous. Aaron showed us the most popular chocolate dessert, whipped milk chocolate mousse. I have actually made that, but it was many moons ago for a French Club dinner. I could eat a whole tub of it. Gordon finished the trio with a dark chocolate molten lava cake. The contestants had to make exact replications of all three in 60 minutes. Samantha ended up with liquid mousse, although Gordon said it was delicious. Farhan’s molten lava cake was way too molten, and reminded me of Easy Bake batter. Gerron got a fist bump from Joe on the panna cotta, but Joe told Farhan, there’s set and there’s concrete. He peeled the raspberry top off in one piece, and suggested using a jackhammer. On the other end of the spectrum, Samantha’s raspberry top was more like raspberry juice. Gerron was told did an incredible performance, and he said, who thought his big old hands could produce such delicate desserts? Time got the better of Farhan, and he was out, but Aaron told him that all of his restaurants had an open door for mentoring. Farhan said it was difficult to walk away, but he learned so much, in leaving he could see a career in food. It was just the beginning.

The mystery box held ingredients. Instead there was a taste of home underneath, letters of encouragement from loved ones – Gerron’s fiancé, Ashley’s dad, Cesar’s mom, Bowen’s husband, and Samantha’s mom. Everyone was crying, and the task was to create a dish inspired by the person who wrote the letter. And they got to use THE PANTRY. Gerron used his mom’s recipe for potato soup (I love potato soup!), as it was the first dish he made for his fiancé. Sam decided on a bowtie pasta dish that her mother makes for her birthday, but tweaked the sauce, amping it up MasterChef style. Bowen made a pan seared pork dish with sweet and sour peppers, Ashley went with pork chops and biscuits, and Cesar made pork/potato tacos.

Gordon said Gerron’s potato soup was the best he’d ever tasted, and he nailed it. Bowen hit a home run, and Sam’s pasta was perfection. Cesar used heat to elevate his dish, giving it a magical taste. Ashley’s pork chops were fantastic, and Aaron said he tasted home in it. Bowen was the winner, and given the advantage for the next challenge – he got to decide on which ingredient each cook would be using. I had the feeling when they’d said it was a challenge with heart last week, that it would be exactly that. The choices were lamb, which went to Ashley; beef, going to Gerron; duck, to Samantha; tuna, to Cesar; and Bowen took the artichoke heart for himself. True story. I’ve mentioned before that I ate what I call Depression Food when I was growing up. One of those dishes was gizzard and heart soup. It tastes better than it sounds, but the hearts are quite small, and I assume that’s why they weren’t included in this challenge. Hey, it was the Depression. No food was left unturned.

The contestants had 45 minutes to work magic and make a restaurant quality dish, with the clock starting before they even got their hearts. Cesar called Bowen a jerk when he found out he got the tuna, but managed to make some amazing grilled kabobs with an Asian flare. Aaron said his flavors complimented, rather than obscured, the tuna. Bowen made cabbage rolls, and although they were tasty, Gordon said he chose the easy route. I missed what Samantha’s dish was called, but it involved cranberries, rice, and cabbage. She wasn’t happy with her plating – which did look like a mess – and Gordon said no one was happy with her plating. Ashley fried her duck heart, and did it up Moroccan style, and Gerron did a beef heart and onions dish. His plating lacked as well, and he said he’d be pissed if he went home on presentation. Joe was blown away by the quality of the dishes. It was pretty impressive, considering no one had ever cooked anything like it before, including Bowen, who had never even eaten an artichoke. Gerron and Samantha were the two who scored lowest – for the plating alone – and Samantha was pronounced safe. I was all, no-no-no-no-no, but once again using the American Idol mold of judging, he was safe too! He declared from now on, his plates will be on point. Next time, another two-hour episode, and the most daunting challenge of the season. A series of tests and an epic culinary battle for a spot in the finale.

🎲 I got lucky with the NYC Wives being rerun at 10 pm, but not so much with The Real Housewives of Dallas, which didn’t repeat until 12:30. While I watched it, I still need to edit, so stay tuned for that tomorrow.

⏰ Until Then…


August 29, 2018 – No Prague For You, LuAnn Leaves a Hole in the Reunion, Cooks Create from Scraps, Dallas Postponement & Not That Grotto


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital was a rerun, so starting off with the orphan from Tuesday night.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Backtracking on last week’s dinner, Conrad wants a girl who doesn’t criticize everything he does. He tells Hannah that he hates her calling him sweetheart. At the table, Kasey accuses João of staring at her. Conrad tells Hannah it’s not going to work. In his interview, he says if you’re arguing all the time, what’s the point in having a relationship? Hannah asks what about Prague? He says they should just leave it. I’m not sure if he means leave it as in not do it, or leave it as it is. Hannah says she’s already booked her flight, so I guess he means the trip is off. He wants to give her a hug, but that’s a no. João tells Brooke not to be upset, and she says Kasey just asked why he’s staring, and he was. Hannah joins the table, and asks who’s going out? Kasey doesn’t want her dress to be wasted, which I totally understand. In her interview, Brooke says there’s inappropriate closeness between Kasey and João, and he’s making her feel like she’s crazy, but she’s not. She can see it. She’s also annoyed that Kasey is still vying for him. Adam is excited for the charter season to be over. He, Hannah, and Conrad go back to the boat.

The others go out to drink some more. In his interview, João says it’s getting to the serious stage with Brooke, and they didn’t even go through the first stage yet. The more insecure she gets, the more distant he gets.

Adam and Conrad smoke cigars. Adam tells Conrad he used to be a fun, bubbly guy. He used to be contagious; now he’s no fun. He says Conrad is too young for her. She needs a fifty-five-year-old billionaire. Conrad says the saddest bit is that it’s all she looks for. Hannah comes out, and Adam stumbles over his words, pretending they’re not talking about her. Conrad says he’s heading to bed, but Hannah wants to talk. Adam volunteers to go for a walk.

João entertains the table, having moved closer to Kasey. Brooke says this is utter bullsh*t, and leaves. Jamie goes to check on her.

Hannah asks Conrad, why no Prague, and he says it’s going to be a sh*t show, and he wants to enjoy it. Adam listens in. Hannah says she has to change her flight now, and Conrad says she needs to do that. Adam comes back. Hannah gets up, and he asks her to stay, but she tells them to have boys’ time.

Jamie asks Brooke what’s going on. Brooke says she and João are going through a tough stage. Brooke comes back, and dances with Colin. In her interview, Kasey says the reason she’s still flirting with João is that deep down she still likes him. She says if she hadn’t left the dock party, that would be her. Too bad, since they deserve each other. João asks if anyone wants tequila.

Hannah is pissed. Conrad struggles trying to change his clothing for bed.

Brooke goes to the car and passes out. The rest of the crew goes back to the boat. Kasey asks if Brooke is okay, but she doesn’t answer. João suggests he visit Kasey when they get back. Everyone gathers for snacks in the galley. Brooke opens some wine. João and Kasey high five. João lies down, his head practically in Kasey’s lap. Brooke wonders if she should feel offended. Kasey insists he’s not on her, and João says, not yet. Brooke hates everyone and everything right now. She tells everyone to eff off and walks out.

João passes out. Kasey repeats that he’s not even on her. Colin goes to Brooke’s cabin, and she cries while he holds her. She says, it’s not okay, and he says she has to tell him. She says it’s effing obvious, and calls herself pathetic. Kasey wakes João up, and goes to bed. Colin tells Brooke that she can get whatever dude she wants. Her dancing skills are questionable, but he’s serious.

The next morning, Hannah tells Kasey about having to cancel Prague. She says the good thing about twenty-three-year-olds, is, you can take a taxi and get over them. Huh? Where is the taxi going? She picks up fresh flowers on the dock. Colin asks Conrad if he can go to dinner with his parents; he needs to get away. In her interview, Brooke is angry, but can’t remember exactly why. Colin thinks Brooke is the type of girl you should treat like a princess.

Captain Sandy calls Hannah, Conrad, and Adam together for the last and final preference sheet meeting. In her interview, Hannah says if the FBI needs a new kind of torture, they should put someone on a boat with their ex. Primary Clint is a health care lawyer. He’s bringing his daughter and longtime girlfriend Trish. His sons-in-law will be coming too, and he wants to make amazing memories. Hannah makes suggestions, and in her interview, Captain Sandy is proud of Hannah. She’s showing forethought, and this is the Hannah she likes.

Brooke is wearing sunglasses even though she doesn’t need them. João says, good morning, and she ignores him. In his interview, he says tensions are rising. They need to get away. Brooke tells him that she wasn’t thrilled about him lying on Kasey. He thinks it shouldn’t matter because of how he feels about Brooke inside. That’s a new one. Brooke feels stupid. Hannah calls for musicians. Screw blatant chemistry. if a guy I was with was blatantly flirting with someone else – right in front of me no less – we’d be done.

Colin meets his parents at a restaurant. In his interview, he says they’re always happy, and it rubs off on him. Colin’s mom talks about their visit to the boat, and says she’s happy because he was happy – their Italian adventure with Colin. Colin wants to settle down at some point, and wants what they have. I guess they are the unicorn that’s an actual happy family.

In her interview, Brooke says her dad cheated on her mom for years. It’s absolutely paramount for her partner to be faithful. Good luck with that, especially choosing dudes like João (which sounds way too much like J-Wow).

The crew gets the boat ready, then get themselves ready to meet the guests. Jamie says, last time, and Adam says, knock it out, because we needed one more baseball reference, but he was too tired to finish the sentence. Then I get really confused because they show a clip from what’s coming up, but just slide into it like it’s the next scene, without explanation. I’m like, where’s the tour, and how did we get here?

The guests board. Adam says the age difference between the primary and his girlfriend is like Hannah and Conrad. Cradle robbing. Um… not exactly. Clint is an old dude, but Trish is no spring chicken. Hannah gives the tour, and tells them that they have perfect weather arranged. Adam doesn’t know if it’s the season coming close, or because she and Conrad broke up, but Hannah is doing a great job. With Conrad out of the picture, suddenly the service is through the roof. Dolphins frolic around the boat. Bluebirds fly around with ribbons in their mouths. Okay. I made that last one up.

Adam doesn’t need a mutiny, so he’s plating lunch for the crew. João says Adam must feel bad about starving them, and Colin says he’s sucking up to them. The boat heads for Capri. Brooke and João make out in the galley, and Jamie gets the hell out of there. She thinks their PDA is tasteless. Colin says it’s never good when the girl you have a crush on is kissing someone else in front of you.

Lunch is served. The tender is lowered to take the guests to the grotto. No not that grotto. Brooke says there’s a weird dynamic between the daughters and the stepmom figure. She can relate. Her dad’s wife is young and awful. Adam likes cooking Mexican food. It makes him feel almost like he’s home in California.

Hannah thinks she’s going directly home. Brooke thinks she should go to Prague on her own. Hannah says it’s embarrassing. In her interview, Hannah finds it ironic that Brooke and João are going to Florence, and she and Conrad have canceled. She’s pissed about having to change her flights, and calls Conrad a p*ssy.

The guests set off for the grotto. Jamie accompanies them. Jamie says she’s come through a lot, and bounced back. Now is her time to shine. She tells the guests about how she changed her career from stew to deckhand. The toys go into the water. In her interview, Captain Sandy says Conrad is at his best. He’s on the ball, and being a bosun. This is the Conrad she wants. The guests go in a rowboat inside the grotto, and it’s breathtaking. Jamie calls it one of the natural wonders of the world. She says this is why she loves her job. The water is bluer than blue, and one of the guests says it’s like Disney World.

Brooke asks Kasey – who I can’t believe she’s so friendly with – if there’s been a change in Hannah. Kasey thinks she’s being more helpful. Brooke thinks it’s because of what she said to Hannah, but come on, is she really that dense? Oh, wait. João. I just answered my own question. The tender returns with happy guests, and it’s time to play with the water toys. Captain Sandy says she and Hannah have found their footing. It was a bumpy ride, but they’re on the other side. A guest crashes into the boat with a jet ski.

João can’t believe it’s the last charter, and asks Kasey how much she’ll miss him on a scale of one to ten. She says, a solid nine. He asks what happened to the last point, and it’s because they’re not together. He says she’s a full ten for him. Brooke hears all this, but at this point, it’s hard for me to feel sorry for her. Kasey serves drinks to guests in the hot tub. Hannah asks if Kasey can stay on service; she needs to book her new flight. Colin tells the other guys that one of his moves is to take a sunset picture, and send it to a chick, saying, thinking about you. Now everyone knows.

The crew dinner is served, and the singers arrive. The table is decorated in autumn flowers and colors. The guests go in for dinner, and the band strikes up. They dance. Brooke bounces as she puts out the napkins or whatever. Adam is making an Italian themed dinner at the guests’ request. At this point, he’s okay with being told what to do. He’s braindead. The captain comes through the galley and tells him the sauce smears on the plates look like poopy skid marks.

Whatever it is, the guests like it. One of the daughters tells Brooke about how they want to get tattoos honoring their late mother. Trish is like, ugh. The dinner is quiet, and she says she didn’t realize how boring they all were. Brooke tells Hannah that she’s like the evil stepmom they hate. Hannah says on the preference sheet, Trish wrote that she likes hanging out with family, and all the perks that come with it. At the table, Trish asks why they’re so quiet. Pork loin is served, and it looks damn good. Colin goofs around with Brooke. In his interview, he wants to tell her how he feels, and regrets not being more forward with her.

The guests wrap it up for the night, shocking the crew, since it’s only half past ten. Colin tells Hannah that he heard the trip was canceled. Hannah says Conrad canceled the trip, but she’s paying for it. She says, thanks for bringing it up.

Brooke asks if Colin enjoyed the trip. He says he did, but there are pros and cons to everything. He babbles incoherently for a minute, before finally telling her, since first week he’s had a thing for her. He loves joking and hanging out with her. She asks why he didn’t tell her, as I scream, dump João! at the TV. Colin says he’s not trying to get in the middle. She says she loves him as a person, which means he’s relegated to the friendzone. Maybe if he’d mentioned it weeks ago… In her interview, she says part of her wishes she could see him as more than a friend. He melts her heart, but not in a romantic way. They hug, and he says, well, he tried. He feels better knowing she knows. In the back of his head, he was hoping he might change her mind, but who knows down the road? Indeed.

Hannah is frustrated, since the flight changes are costing her money for something that’s not her choice. She mumbles something about it to Conrad, who can’t get off the bridge fast enough. She thinks he should at least pretend be a gentleman, and offer to pay half flight changes. Even though she wouldn’t accept it. Conrad tells Adam that Hannah is trying to put everything on him. In his interview, Adam says they’re both wrong – for dating in the first place. He tells Conrad he’ll put in $200 if they stop bothering him.

João asks Kasey if she thinks he and Brooke won’t make it as soon as Florence is over. She says nobody in the crew thinks so. In his interview, João says, if the crew thinks that, maybe he’s meant to be with someone else. These two are such creeps. João doesn’t regret it, but how long before it doesn’t work out? Kasey asks who kissed who first, and he says he kissed Brooke. He asks if Brooke said otherwise, but Kasey says she’s never mentioned it. Kasey says that she and João were flirty. João says, if… Kasey tells him that he already started saying it, and she has said it. She asks if she hadn’t gotten up at the dock party, if it wouldn’t have happened with Brooke. He says she’s a million percent right. Bleh.

Next time, the finale – a guest overdrinks (I mean, like, really), bets are taken about João and Brooke, Hannah tells Brooke to eff off, and Conrad wisely hides.

The Real Housewives of New York City – The Reunion – Part Two

We left off with Dorinda was being discussed. She says she started going to therapy every other week, since she didn’t like who she was becoming. She also talked a lot to her mom. We see a clip from the trip to Columbia, where Dorinda jumped all over LuAnn. Andy says Dorinda knows she sometimes turns when she drinks, and Dorinda insists she wasn’t drunk. Bethenny says Sonja said she was, and Sonja confirms that. Bethenny says Dorinda is lying, and we see more of the scene. Dorinda says it was a loaded question. Andy asks Ramona if LuAnn meant it in a bad way, and Ramona asks who is LuAnn to judge when she went to rehab? Bethenny says they weren’t normal circumstances. A viewer asks if Dorinda thinks she should be sober, and Dorinda says LuAnn didn’t go to rehab because of a revelation; she went to stay out of jail. If Dorinda chooses to be sober, it’s because she chooses to. Next question. Andy says LuAnn never apologized to Dorinda, and asks if they agree she should. Bethenny thinks they could be more sensitive to someone who just got out of rehab. Dorinda says she has to apologize more than anyone. Sonja says, but she was drunk. Carole says Sonja should be the last person to talk. Dorinda tells Sonja to shut up. Andy brings up Dorinda saying she wanted to be a soft place for LuAnn. Dorinda says she loves LuAnn more than what happened.

Andy asks who agrees that LuAnn messed up by inviting Scott to the cabaret at the last minute. Bethenny says LuAnn clarified that, but Tinsley thinks she just made it up to cover her ass. Ramona says Dorinda said she’d address later, then Bethenny brought it up. Bethenny says Carole told her to say something, and Dorinda was yelling Jovani! Andy says it felt like Dorinda was heckling LuAnn, and Tinsley joined in. Ramona thinks it was mean-spirited.

A viewer gets that they like to have a drink or three, but who is legitimately concerned about amount Dorinda drinks or how she gets when she drinks? Dorinda says she apologized ten times. She says, at some point, it’s healthy to take a pause, but she believes it always comes back.

Tinsley and Scott’s long-distance relationship is on the table next. Andy says Scott swept Tinsley off her feet. We flash back to the break-up, and then Scott showing up; wedding dress shopping; and the Tinsley and her mother getting emotional over the picture of her eggs. Tinsley wishes he was there more, and Andy asks why they keep breaking up? Tinsley says it would be easier if was something specific, but she thinks the distance is difficult, as well as Scott being busy with his job. He thinks he can’t give his attention to both. Andy asks if they see other people. Tinsley says he does, and she has too. She has to be an adult about it, and many times she hasn’t been. She’s not losing him because he went on a couple of dates, and has to just move forward. A viewer asks, why so emotional over her eggs? and she says, it was the perfect storm. She was in a wedding dress, with her mother, and they’re the closest thing to baby she has. Andy asks if Dale freaks Scott out, and Tinsley says she’s keeping them apart until she has a ring. Sonja says Dale wants to be a grandmother. Tinsley says, it’s going to be soonish. Andy asks if she wants Scott or a husband? and she says she loves Scott.

Andy says this is the point where they’d planned on celebrating LuAnn, and how far she’s come, but it’s clear they’ve yet to reach the end of her story. He invites us to look back at her journey, and we see clips of her throughout the season: telling the girls about her divorce, her arrest, Ramona trying to get an invite to Tom’s party, and her cabaret. We see an interview clip where she says she was at rock bottom, but pulled herself together. They wish she was here. Andy asks Bethenny if she’s been speaking to LuAnn. Bethenny says she connected LuAnn with Dennis, because her legal situation got complicated. I feel a weird pang, knowing he’s gone now. Bethenny says there was a recent situation with her family, and it didn’t help. There’s a lawsuit regarding the kids’ trust fund they were to get when she sold the house. Bethenny thinks it might have been the catalyst that pushed her over the edge.

Andy asks if LuAnn came into the season with her tail between her legs, but Carole says it’s more like she wanted to move on. Andy says it’s surprising that LuAnn told Bethenny she was right, and Bethenny agrees. She thinks it was a turning point in LuAnn’s trusting her. Ramona says she told LuAnn things in Mexico about Tom the night she fell in the bushes. Or as I like to call it, the gift that keeps on giving. Andy asks if all the tequila was because of what Ramona told her, and if they all suspected? Ramona talks about various places she knows LuAnn was drinking. Bethenny says LuAnn didn’t come to the rehab decision entirely on her own. A few people thought it was the right thing to do. Andy asks if they heard when she fell off the wagon, and what do they think happened? She seemed clear. Sonja says she wasn’t drinking at the cabaret. Dorinda thinks she was hiding it well. Sonja believes she’ll get back on track. Andy says he was struck by Bethenny and LuAnn’s conversation after Bobby’s funeral, and how genuine it was. Bethenny says LuAnn wants to be loved. Everyone thinks she’s tough. Dorinda thinks LuAnn’s happiest times were when she was married to the Count and raising a family. Bethenny thinks she’s like a sweet little kid, and everything together was a recipe for relapse.

Andy wonders how Ramona could think it was okay to  hint around for an invitation to Tom’s party? Wouldn’t she be upset if one of the women reached out to Mario? Ramona says she kept running into Tom. Andy says she was badmouthing him for a while. Why did she feel the need to go? She says her friend did. She should have said she didn’t feel comfortable with it. He told her she couldn’t come anyway. Sonja says she was invited, but didn’t respond.

Andy says the show is a huge success. It’s been in San Francisco and LA, as well as NYC. He asks if the success is affecting LuAnn. Bethenny says, she’s feeling herself, and Dorinda says, she’s losing people. They can’t deal with her ego; she’s confused fame and infamy. Dorinda says her mother always told her, humility should prevail, not ego. Bethenny thinks there’s a lot going on. It got larger than life, and needs to be leveled. Andy asks what she believes to be the catalyst, and Bethenny says the family suing her. She would never take from her children; she wanted to be there for them. Dorinda suggests an extra reunion for LuAnn, and I think that’s a great idea. Andy knows she’ll be back.

The Bethenny and Carole feud is next. Andy says, ride or die turned into fight and cry. We flash back to their various altercations, ending with Carole saying they’ll find their sweet spot again. Andy says they haven’t found it, and Carole says, yet. Andy asks how it happened. Bethenny says they didn’t see each other much over the summer. There was a shift (the word of the season), and she thought it would go away. They were on different pages in their lives. Bethenny talks about dropping Carole off and picking her up in Montauk, and how Carole didn’t invite her in. Carole says she didn’t want to foist new people on Bethenny, since she had enough going on already. Bethenny says she felt left out. Carole tells Bethenny that she tried to help her with Puerto Rico. As a friend, she’s had Bethenny’s back. If someone else talked about her, Carole would always say, maybe she’s having a bad day, adding she loves Bethenny. Carole brings up Bethenny recounting the Adam story, and Bethenny says she thought they’d broken up. When she realized they were still friends, she retreated. Andy thinks there was a lot of miscommunication, Carole says she thinks Bethenny didn’t want it to go back to normal. She thought they had a good talk after the holidays. Beth says Carole claimed she didn’t have high hopes, but Carole says what she said was that she was proceeding with caution. They start talking about the texting thing, with Carole putting on her glasses, and reading them from her phone. Bethenny pulls out papers, and they go back and forth for what seems like forever.

Carole says she told Bethenny that she didn’t think it was a conversation to be had by texting, but Bethenny kept going on and on. Bethenny says, other than saying Carole didn’t have a career, she didn’t talk bad about her the whole season. Carole disagrees, and Andy thinks they both said negative things about each other. We see clips of that. Carole accuses Bethenny of lying, and says she’s a bully. Bethenny asks for an example. Carole says it started with Bethenny talking about her and Tinsley. She can’t remember all the insults and passive aggressive stuff. Andy helps stir the pot by saying Bethenny said she was a clingy girlfriend. Carole says, she creates a false narrative when a narrative is unavailable. Carole says Bethenny claimed she wasn’t interested in Puerto Rico, and only cares about herself. She called Carole a puppet – Bethenny interjects that Ramona said that – and said she was childless and jobless. Carole says if her husband hadn’t died, she would have a kid. She says it started in the Berkshires, when Bethenny age-shamed her. We see a clip of Bethenny saying Carole wants to be forty-five, but acts like she’s seven. Carole says she’s never once lied about her age. Bethenny tells Carole that she meant Carole should embrace her age, rather than be someone she’s not. Carole says she wouldn’t say half of the things Bethenny does to an enemy. All she’s ever said about Bethenny, is that she’s proud of her. Bethenny says Carole has called her a narcissist twice, said she gave a performance about the nutcracker, and said she’s a sociopath.

Andy jumps in the pot, saying that reading Carole’s blog, it seems like things are worse than she’s saying. He reads, in Bethenny’s myopic world, she’s judge, jury, and executioner. She’s incapable of having a conversation unless she’s in control of the narrative – everyone’s narrative. She could give a master class in gaslighting. Bethenny asks Carole when she got her medical degree. Dorinda says Bethenny called her a drunk, Sonja a loser, and Tinsley crazy. Carole asks, is this what she calls female empowerment? Bethenny says Carole talked about her doing B-movies (I fail to see how this as an insult, but okay), and Carole says that’s not shaming; it’s the truth. They talk at the same time, which I hate because then you can’t understand either one of them. Carole says she can match her resume to Bethenny’s, and Bethenny says, the current decade. Carole wonders if bashing is her idea of female empowerment. Bethenny says Carole constantly bashes her on her blog. Carole says Bethenny bashed her on the show. Andy says they bashed each other. Carole gets pissed at Andy, and asks if he’s afraid of her too.

The episode was dedicated to Dennis Shields – 1962-2018.

Next time – The Reunion – Part 3 – Bethenny gets in Carole’s face – like really, she gets up and gets in her face, the boat trip is relived, and Tinsley joins the fray.

🍲 On MasterChef the cooks made dinner for fire fighters on a farm where they fought 281,000 acres burning during a wildfire. The fire was so huge, it was seen from space. For the team challenge, Cesar was the blue captain, and Bowen the red. Bowen’s strategy was to kick Cesar’s ass, which was pretty vague. The protein choices were rack of lamb and sea bass, which we learned is cooked properly when it turns bright white. The teams were already chosen by the judges, and a coin toss determined which captain would have a choice between picking the protein or team they wanted. Bowen won, and chose the protein – sea bass. Cesar explains that the hardest part of cooking lamb is rendering the fat. In a test piece, the lamb is raw (bleh. I’m not a fan of lamb to begin with), and they ended up using the quicker, but more inferior according to Cesar, method of cutting the fat off. Apparently, it was worth it, since the blue team won.

The pressure test was making three different kinds of pasta. Joe called the pasta by Italian names, and my translation was, ribbons, ravioli, and narrow tubes. They had sixty minutes, which seemed highly unreasonable to me, especially since there were also three different sauces. Hard to believe, but my first “real” job was being a short-order cook in an Italian restaurant. During slow times we did things like make pasta. We also ate – a lot. I copied down their meatball recipe before I left. But I digress. Joe gave a demonstration. When testing her pasta, he told Shanika that it was like a fossil, which sounds pretty bad. In the end, she didn’t make enough, and Joe said, it wasn’t the dish. Gordon told her, it was a bad finish. She didn’t have enough time to make the burnt butter for one of the dishes, and Joe said it tasted like movie theatre popcorn. I can’t even imagine. Aaron told Ashley that her pasta wasn’t talking to him like a pasta should. I have no idea what that means. Bowen never ate pasta before. How is that even possible? Joe said it was so thin, it was disintegrating, and like eating a tissue. Eww! Samantha was the winner, and said she cooked for her life – and then some. Ashley had enough compelling elements to stick around.

Shanika was out. Joe saying it was unfortunate that pasta took down a lioness like her. Her money was on Bowen getting focused and winning. She was super proud of what she’d done. She never had any lessons in cooking, and taught herself. She was pushed and tested beyond her imagination, and it ignited a fire in her. You go, girl!

Did I mention the quarter million-dollar prize? The Mystery box contained discarded ingredients. Things like chicken carcasses, carrot tops, chicken livers, and vegetable scraps. Aaron told us there are 1.3 billion tons of food thrown in the trash every year, and a movement is on the rise to reduce food waste. Food waste is a pet peeve of mine, and I thanked God our supermarket had “ugly” (cheap) produce when we were more broke than we are now. The cooks could only use the staple pantry for this challenge. The special guest cooking with them was Gordon, and they had forty-five minutes to turn trash into a MasterChef worthy dish.

Gordon couldn’t help but show off, and made three dishes, including a chicken liver mousse. Samantha made bone broth; Ashley created a pasta dish; and Cesar cooked a chicken liver mushroom thing that looked very tasty. It turned out in his broke days, Cesar’s dad was a dumpster diver. Cesar was the winner this time. For the pressure test, again the cooks could only use the staple box, and were required to turn farm fresh ingredients into the best dish of their lives. Cesar received an added bonus of getting to save one other person, and he chose my dude Gerron. He said they had the same food/culture mission, and he thought it would be a good battle. An admirable reason. Once again, I’m surprised Julia exists, she’s so under-the-radar. She did not do well, and ironically, was told her dish was bland. Ashley had great finesse, and the perfect medium rare steak, but Aaron said Farhan’s beet puree was so off-putting, it ruined the dish. Julia and Farhan were on the chopping block, both from Chicago, and both having Aaron as a mentor. They did that switcharoo thing I hate, where Gordon told Farhan to undo his apron strings – and then do them tighter, because he squeaked by. Julia was out, but Gordon told her to continue the journey. Aaron told her to keep her head held high, and go kick ass in Chicago. She said she’d had an amazing journey, and found her voice, even if I failed to notice it. She won five out of five challenges, and said she’s going to be around a long time.

Next time, another two-hour show, the top six take over a world-class restaurant in a challenge that’s all heart.

🐹 Because this week, I’m like a hamster on a wheel, and I want to do justice to my shows – or at least a respectable job of editing – The Real Housewives of Dallas will be in tomorrow’s blog.

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