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May 10, 2019 – Kristina Confronts Shiloh, a Repressed Smile, 90 Day Update, OC News, What’s New With Lala, James Is the Worst, Don’t Go, an Answer, Six Quick Quotes & I Won’t Do It Either


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Finn checks in on Jordan. He says she looks busy, and she says she’s working. He thinks it might be time to take a leave of absence. She says she can handle it, and he says he knows she can, but it’s her remaining kidney he’s worried about. She says he wins; she’ll take a break. He asks, how many weeks? and she says, ten minutes. She thought he said Doc was a match. TJ overhears and comes in, saying that’s great news. Finn says, not so fast.

Toronto. On someone’s porch, Curtis says she has four kids and is taking care of elderly parents. Even if she wanted to help Ryan… Laura says, when would she have the time? She says, at least their cover is holding up. Curtis says they’re from Revenue Canada and there’s a discrepancy in the records. He hopes no one sees through it. He says, four down, and nineteen to go. Laura says, who knows? They could be behind the next door. Curtis says, true, but so could Ryan.

At Charlies with Doc, Ava is disappointed that Julian isn’t there. She thought he’d be the perfect litmus test for their relationship. He knows her almost better than anyone else. Doc wonders why she didn’t let Julian in on it, but she says, the fewer people who know, the better. He asks if she thinks so little of Julian, and she says at least her brother doesn’t kill people for sport. Doc says he doesn’t need a reminder of the damage Ryan did. Ava says that’s why they need to convince everyone that they’re in a caring relationship. If she didn’t know better, she’d think they were having their first lover’s quarrel.

At their hotel, Peter says, sorry the flight was so long, but Maxie says, it’s not the journey; it’s the destination. He doesn’t think that’s the saying, and she says, it is today. It’s everything he said, including the pressure free separate rooms. She asks if they should see what’s next for them?

Alexis calls Kristina, and leaves a message asking if Julian gave Kristina her job back. Sonny knocks at the door. He says he came over to see how she and Kristina are doing. He knows them being under the same roof isn’t easy. Alexis says, it’s not a problem right now; Kristina isn’t there. He asks where she is.

Shiloh tells Kristina that he had a feeling right here. He puts his hand to his heart. He knew today would be the day he saw her again. She says here she is. She goes inside, and he says, welcome home.

Finn says TJ is a medical student, but also the commissioner’s son. Maybe she’ll listen to him better. Despite a donor being a match, why would they question a potential donor? TJ says they do a battery of tests to make sure the kidney is safe for the patient to receive, but also that it’s safe for the donor to give in the first place. Finn says, exactly right. TJ says, speaking as the commissioner’s son, does Finn anticipate a problem? Finn says, no, but it’s medicine, and there are no guarantees. He’s going to check on the tests now, and give them time to talk.TJ asks how Jordan is feeling. She calls him Dr. Ashford, and he says he’s not a doctor yet. She tells him that she’s practicing, but he doesn’t want her to jinx it. She says other than being anxious, she’s not bad. He hopes she’s playing games on her laptop, but she says she’s working. He tries to take the laptop, but she hangs onto it. She says the upside of being stuck there is that she gets to see more of him. He’s glad her spirits up, but wonders if she’s covering for Curtis. He hasn’t seen Curtis around, and wonders what’s up with them.

Laura and Curtis leave an apartment, and Curtis says, that was aggressive. At least they know there’s no way she arranged the pharmacy break-in. Who would have guessed she was a tax collector? They could have been turned in, but it was a good save with the fake ID. Laura says she came prepared. He says please tell him the next one is a nurse specializing in amputations. She says, close. From what she found out online, the woman volunteers at two hospitals, likes tall white men over forty, and here’s the kicker… He says, she loves strays. Laura says they might have s winner. So let me get this right. She found all that out about this woman, but didn’t know what the last person did for a living? Okay.

Ava says the way Doc is glued to his phone, she doesn’t know whether it’s compromising the idea of their relationship or making it more realistic. He says he was hoping for good news. She ask if everything is okay. She knows he misses Laura. He says Laura is in Canada searching for Ryan. Ava says, no doubt, he’d rather be with her, but he’s doing more good here. They have to be seen public if their plan is going to work. Does he mind her asking what he’s waiting for, if not Laura? He says he’s waiting to hear from Finn. Ava says, he’s not sick, is he? He says, on the contrary. He’s hoping to donate a kidney to Jordan. He’s a match, but before he can donate, he had to go through some tests. He’s hoping to hear soon. She says, he’s just so not his brother. He says he should hope not. She supports his decision, but they are in the middle of a sting. It will be hard to be seen in public if he’s in the hospital. He says he’s talking about saving a life, and she says she’s talking about finishing the bastard off once and for all.

Alexis explains to Sonny that Kristina is trying to get her job back, and he’s surprised she believes Kristina. She could go back to Shiloh the first chance she gets. Neil arrives, and Alexis says they could use an expert. Sonny thinks she should lock Kristina in her room, but she opted to let Kristina go. Which one of them is right?

Shiloh asks if Kristina wants some tea, but she says, no thank you. He says she seems anxious, and she backs up when he tries to touch her. He says her family said she was taking time away to rethink her life. She says that’s exactly what she was doing; rethinking her life and choices. He says, good. That means she’s coming back stronger than ever. She says she’s not coming back. He says he’s disappointed, and she says she’s sorry he feels that way. He says he misses her more than she knows. She says, since she’s no longer a member, she’d appreciate it if he gave her Pledge back to her.

Sonny appreciates everything Neil has done, but his part is finished. Neil says it’s not. He was retained to treat Kristina, and there’s still work to do. He’s questioning whether Alexis should have let Kristina leave. He says they can sit tight and see if she goes back to Shiloh, or chase her down, and guarantee she does. It’s up to Sonny. Sonny says, fine. Alexis thanks him. Neil knows they have their differences, but once they got going, they were a good team. Miss Tait survived her experience, and it was a pivotal moment when she told Kristina about it. He thinks she got through. Kristina knows Shiloh poses and emotional and sexual threat. Alexis did the right thing. He thinks they should trust their daughter enough to let her go.

Shiloh says Kristina can’t simply take back her Pledge. She asks, why not? It’s not like he needs it for anything. He says, that’s not the point. That’s not how this works. She says it’s up to him; DOD is his operation. He tells her, it was a symbol of good faith. She wonders where all that crap about loving her for her goodness and spirit went when he was planning on raping her. He says he’d never do anything like that, and she says he drugged her. He lead her to the attic, had her put on that sister wife dress, and gave her drugged tea. He insists it was Valerian root, just to make her comfortable. She says it was to make certain she wouldn’t protest having sex with him. He says he doesn’t know who she is. Who put these ideas in her head? She asks if he wants a name, and he says he would love a name. She says the name is David Henry Shiloh Archer – him.

Ava tells Doc that they shouldn’t be fighting. They’re supposed to be love birds. He says imagine how annoyed Ryan will be when he finds out Doc is donating an organ to the official who exposed him, and his soulmate is by his side. She says, that’s good. They should milk it for all it’s worth. He asks how they do that. It’s not like they’re surrounded by paparazzi. She says, who needs them? She takes out her phone, and he says, a selfie? She says, a convincing one. Pucker up. She kisses him, and takes the picture.

Jordan tells TJ, Curtis is out of town working on a case. He asks, what kind? and she says, a missing person. He asks if the missing person could be Ryan. A few weeks ago Curtis asked him about a list of medications and what they’re for. One of them was for clotting purposes, and he doesn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to make that leap. Curtis is looking for Ryan, isn’t he?

Peter and Maxie come into the hotel suite with a bunch of shopping bags. Maxie says, the shopping. Who knew? She takes out a tiny beret, and says James is going to rock this. Peter says there’s nothing James can’t rock. She says she’s having the best time. He says, him too; except for the weather. He didn’t realize it would be cold. He was hoping to have their first meal al fresco, so they could watch passersby and he could show her off to the world. She says, everything is amazingly beautiful, and he says, like her.

Alexis is sure Kristina will walk through the door any minute. Sonny asks when she left, and Alexis says it was about an hour ago. Maybe she went to get coffee, or visit Valerie or Sam. Sonny says, as long as it’s not DOD. Neil says they need to let Kristina be an adult. He thinks she’s healing, and doesn’t believe she’d let Shiloh influence her anymore. Sonny says, unless he holds her Pledge over her head.

Shiloh tells Kristina, calm down. He suggests they talk through it, and make peace. She says, no. She doesn’t want to listen to him talk circles around her. She’s leaving and wants her signed Pledge and recording. He says it was her gift to him. She may have lost faith in DOD, but he has the utmost faith in her. <yawn>

Jordan asks TJ to keep it between them, but he says he has to tell Molly. They don’t keep secrets. She says they’re still young. She asks if he swears they’ll keep it between themselves, and he says, of course (🍷). She says he’s right. Curtis is searching for Ryan. He asks if there are any leads, and she says, a few. He guesses it’s an okay reason for Curtis not be there.

Doc asks if Ava is all right, and she says she’s fine. She just needs a minute to post it on social media. He says her hands are shaking, but she says she’s totally fine. She asks if he wants her to send it to him or should she just share and repost? He says it seems to be the digital way of being a couple today. She says, it will drive Ryan crazy. She’s done; his turn. He gets a text from Finn that his test results are in, and needs to go. She says she’s going with him; his doting girlfriend. In for a penny… Ha-ha! The look on his face.

Curtis knocks on the door, but he doesn’t think anyone is in there. Laura sees the mail spilling out of the mailbox, and looks at it. She says, it goes back for months; as far back as when Ryan was in Port Charles. Curtis says they might as well cross it off the list. Inside the house, someone watches them.

Maxie suggests she and Peter bundle up, take a walk, and find the perfect place to watch the sunset. He says she knows how to make the best of a situation. She knows he had a plan, but the things they were going to see aren’t going anywhere. She’s sorry it isn’t the first date he’d intended, and he says, the best laid plans. She asks if that’s Shakespeare, but he says, Douglas Adams, and before him, Robert Burns. She says, it’s perfect. He says for him too. She says, kind of French counts, and he, absolutely. They kiss.

Curtis says when Laura first insisted on coming, he thought he’d have to mind his P’s and Q’s, and be on the straight and narrow. She says, she is the mayor, and he asks, how is it the mayor got personally involved in the search? She wants to see Ryan brought to justice for the people he hurt. He says, and Ava? She says they’ve had differences in the past, but no one deserves what Ryan did. He says Ava has been spending a lot of time with Doc. She must feel some kind of way. She says she does, but it’s not her business. He says, at this point, he thinks they’re making it everyone’s business. It’s all over the news and social media. Laura says she has no control over what people say or do. Curtis says it’s almost like they’re making themselves a target to flush out Ryan, so they can take matters into their own hands. She says that’s why they need to find Ryan before he finds them. Curtis says, especially since Doc is a match for Jordan. He wants the question of Ryan settled before the transplant.

At the hospital, Finn notes that Ava is there too. Doc says he’ll just tell her what Finn says anyway. They’re very close. Finn is sorry, but Doc isn’t a suitable kidney donor. Doc says, he’s a match, but Finn says his glucose levels are too high; he’s pre-diabetic. He imagines it was brought on by the ordeal of being malnourished at Ferncliff. I’m not sure what that says about how they feed the patients there. Doc says, so he’ll eat right and exercise, but Finn says they need the kidney sooner than he’ll be able to provide one. Doc says there has to be something he can do. Finn knows he’s disappointed, but there’s nothing more he can do.

TJ tells Jordan that Kiki liked Finn, and he agrees. Jordan says, Finn is proof you can be wildly successful without a discernable bedside manner. TJ says, in watching Finn, he thought could specialize in infectious diseases. Jordan says whatever he decides to do, he should do because he loves it, not because someone else thinks he should, even her. She’s happy and proud of him, no matter what. Finn comes back, and says, sorry. They can’t use Doc.

Alexis says, if Shiloh is going to use the Pledge, then good. Sonny says, that’s easy for her to say. She’s not… He looks at Neil. Neil says everything is confidential, unless he’s planning on committing a crime. Alexis says, extortion is a felony, but Sonny says only if they can prove it. She says, Kristina will testify, and so will Willow. It’s to Shiloh’s benefit to keep it a secret. Sonny says, he seems bulletproof. He asks Neil when they can question Kristina about it.

Shiloh tells Kristina that he’d be remiss if he wasn’t honest. She says, about the Pledge? and he says, about her. She’s changed drastically since she left. She says her eyes have been opened, but he says she’s closed them, and her mind and heart. She was thriving there. She found her passion and heart. Even if she walks out the door like this, the door will always be open to her. He hopes she walks through it again soon. Kristina walks out, and Shiloh looks a little worried.

Peter and Maxie kiss some more, and Maxie says, hold that thought. She has a teeny errand to run. She saw a lingerie boutique in the lobby. Tonight is not the night she’s wearing her flannel PJ’s to bed. She’ll be right back. She leaves, and he smiles.

Laura asks if Curtis is saying Doc offered to give Jordan a kidney. He thought she knew. He didn’t mean to break confidence. She can understand why he’d want do that, and asks if it’s already been scheduled. Curtis says it needs to happen soon, but there are still hurdles before it’s a go. He knows they want to get out of their sooner than later, and Laura says they can work while they eat. She asks how Jordan is doing, and he says she was fine this morning. He’ll hear later if Doc is the donor.

Doc tells Ava that he wanted to do it; he needed to, in a way, make amends, Ava says, it’s a noble gesture. He says, it was a way to help save the commissioner’s life. It was tangible; giving part of himself. A way to make up for one life that was taken. Ava says, that’s not how this works. He can’t make up for the lives someone else took. Her daughter is gone, and nothing will make up for it, or any of Ryan’s victims. He asks if there’s nothing he can do, and she says, forget amends and making it even. Focus on the possible; being a good person, the good man that he is. He says, is he? She says he is, and leans in to kiss him. He backs up, and asks what the hell she’s doing.

Finn tells Jordan that Doc’s body needs his kidney, but they get new donors all the time. TJ says, it’s a crapshoot, and Finn says they can talk about alternatives. He knows TJ isn’t a match, but does she have any other family members? TJ says she never talks about her relatives. There has to be someone out there. A cousin, an aunt, a second cousin?

On the phone with Harmony, Shiloh says, as he predicted, the dummy Pledges were stolen. Luckily, they were moved to a safe location. I’m thinking, the lighthouse.

Sonny tells Alexis that Sam is working on getting Kristina’s Pledge. She says it’s his turn to call Kristina. She already did and got voicemail. He asks why she doesn’t call again, but she says if she calls, it will sound like she’s badgering Kristina. If he calls, she’ll think it’s adorable. Until he judges her. Then she’ll hate his guts. So be adorable, and don’t judge. Kristina walks in, and Alexis says her dad came by to check on her. Neil came to see if there’s anything she wants to talk about. Sonny hears she went to Charlie’s to try and get her job back. He asks how that went, and Kristina says, fine. He asks where she went afterward. Neil asks how was her first day out? She says Julian was a little mad, and it was harder than she expected, but still not as hard as going to DOD. Neil asks how that went, and she says, not great. She made it clear to Shiloh that she won’t be coming back. Alexis asks how he took it, and Kristina says, he was hurt. Sonny asks if she’s okay, and Alexis says she’s clearly upset. Alexis asks what Kristina said. Kristina says, nothing he could predict, and nothing he wanted to hear. She said, goodbye. She just wants to be alone, and goes upstairs. They all look at each other.

Ava is so embarrassed. She’s sorry, and asks Doc to try and understand. She was so in love. Doc says, with Ryan, and Ava says, no, with a man she thought was Doc. That Doc understood her. He accepted and loved her as she is. She knows he was a lie, and a monster. He murdered her daughter, and then climbed into bed with her for an alibi. For a moment, she forgot. She asks Doc to forgive her. He says what Ryan did to her was horrific. He’ll do what it takes to make it right, including pretending they’re in a relationship. But he wants Ava to understand, he loves his wife. Ava says she understands, and she’s sorry. It was just a momentary confusion. He says, understood, but if she gets confused again, he’ll shut this whole thing down. That seems just a wee bit harsh. Her lips didn’t even get that close to him.

Jordan says her family is scattered. She’s not in touch with anyone. Finn says she could give a DNA sample to one of those website that help people find family members. She says she’ll think about it. I have the feeling she doesn’t mean that, but the topic will be revisited. Finn’s sorry. He wishes he had better news. He’ll check in later. He leaves, and Jordan tells TJ that they’ll get through this. She promises everything will be fine. TJ says, okay. How?

Peter pops champagne. There’s a knock at the door. He opens it, and Maxie breezes in. She says, shopping success. And she got a bonus. Look who she found. Curtis and Laura come in. Maxie says she overheard the clerk telling them the hotel was booked up. Laura says they’re working on an investigation, and they thought they’d rest up while the worst of the storm passes. Maxie says they have the room, and obviously she couldn’t leave them stranded, so she invited them to hang out there. Peter says, welcome, and tries not to act disappointed. I try not to act like I must have missed a crucial point in the story. I assume there was a storm, and Peter’s plane got diverted to Toronto?

Alexis thinks they all know what went on at DOD. Sonny says Shiloh threatened to use Kristina’s Pledge. Does she think he’s pissed enough to blackmail Kristina? Neil knows this is important, but it’s a problem for later. They should focus on the great that happened. Sonny says, what great thing? Neil says Kristina faced Shiloh, and it was her first day of freedom. She faced the man who tried to brainwash her, and made every effort to separate her from her family. And what did she do? Sonny says, she came home. Neil says, not just home. The home of a mother she has a contentious, turbulent relationship with. She chose her family. Take the win. Sonny says, he’s right. No matter what happens, they have their daughter back.

On the phone, Shiloh says he had the feeling someone would try to get ahold of Kristina’s Pledge. He has it somewhere safe and sound for whenever they need it.

On Monday, Alexis is glad Julian did it, Ned says Oscar had a plan, and Josslyn says it’s the last thing she wants to do; she’s not ready.

😏 Today, for the first time ever, I saw Judge Judy have a hard time not smiling, and that includes the times children have testified. A dude went on for a bit about what a fan he was, and her mouth twitched for a while. He was kind of a cool older guy. Like a peripheral character from a Spike Lee movie.

💍 90 Day Fiancé has yet another spin-off Pillow Talk – Mondays at 10 pm. This is a fun show. Another take on People’s Couch, various cast members watch the shows from Happily Ever After? that have other cast members in them. Did you follow that? David and Annie are one of the couples commentating, and it’s shown a whole other side of them. They’re actually very funny and fun.  Anne laughed so hard at one point, she gave the best quote so far: My squid come out of my nose.

The franchise has also been showing Our Journey So Far, both a retrospective of couples from previous seasons. Tonight, Melanie and Devar were up, who I hadn’t seen much of previously. I thought Devar seemed like a super nice guy; good to and for her son, despite her family’s concerns, which were understandable. His mom already lived in the states – she left Jamaica when he was nine to support the family – and she’d already been petitioning to get him here. It was also disconcerting when he said once he started working, he wanted to send 90% back to his sisters in Jamaica. But, they seem to love each other, and I did see them on one of the reunion shows. They looked happy, and that’s all that counts, right? At least he isn’t like Pedro, who is a total mama’s boy a-hole.

👰 Past the 90 Days…

These two are on their second divorce filing. He seems way to young, and she seems like she needs heavy-duty therapy.


On the other hand, these two are sweet. Balancing it out a little.


🌴 Meanwhile, In the OC…

Tamra and Kelly continue their feud.


And Vicki celebrates being engaged to a wet blanket. But at least he’s not Brooks.


💋 Love Me Some Lala…

I find the whole 50 Cent thing a little disturbing though.


As always, she rocks a fashion statement, but I wish this had been a tad more colorful. It washes her out.


👎 Not Loving James So Much…

I think it’s not about the pasta or Lala. This dude has issues all on his own.


I wouldn’t want a lipstick named after him either. Although I love her attitude. If it makes money for her, it’s all good.


🍸 Not Far From LalaLand…

I can’t imagine a Beverly Hills without LVP. Is this the beginning of the end?


🚫 In Totally Unrelated News…

I know I’ve always wanted to know the answer. What is the that he won’t do?


🌋 Quotes of the Week

A man is known by the company he keeps.Aesop

The only sure weapon against bad ideas is better ideas. – Alfred Whitney (If only we could get some of those going.)

Art is either plagiarism or revolution. – Paul Gauguin

In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. – Alice Walker

You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog. – Harry S. Truman

We generate the results in life that we think we deserve. – Dr. Phil (Booyah!)

⛔ Me Neither…

I also won’t sing Meat Loaf songs at karaoke. A bunch of drunk people do not want to hear a ten minute story song at midnight. The exception: Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad. A mere five and a half minutes.