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May 1, 2019 – Oscar’s Phenomena, Tinsley Cries At the Circus, Trouble In LalaLand, Vicki’s Victory, NeNe Is a Nightmare, Wondering, Via Con Dios & Made It


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Olivia puts photos of Oscar with his family in an album

In Oscar’s hospital room, Kim says he’s the same, just sleeping. Drew says Josslyn should sleep too, but she thinks she’ll stay in there. They haven’t finished reading. Kim asks if she wants anything, but she says she’s good. She reads out loud. Kim and Drew listen outside the door.

Elizabeth goes to Terry’s office, and asks if she wants to go for a drink. Terry says she’s not so much working as wishing. She’s hoping there’s something she missed. She keeps trying to make the pieces add up to a different conclusion, but no matter how she puts the pieces together, the story ends up the same way.

Ned finds Monica in the crypt. He asks what she’s doing, and she says, talking to ghosts. He says he won’t worry until she says they’re talking back. She says, they do. Sometimes, they’re the only ones she can trust to say exactly the right thing.

Carly looks at the babies in the hospital nursery. Sonny joins her, and she asks if their kids were ever this small. When they’re this tiny and helpless, you just don’t realize how much they’ll need you when they get older

Julian calls Kim. She says it’s good to hear his voice. He asks how Oscar is, and she says, no change. He’s sleeping now. Julian says he’s there if she needs him. She knows, and he says he loves her.

Cameron works on his laptop at Charlie’s. Trina asks if he’s doing homework, but he says it’s part of detention. Trina says it was a nice move. The guy he hit is a tool and a loser. She asks if she can help, and he asks if she means write it for him. Trina says, that would be a no, but she can help him focus. He says he’s writing about the kind of friends he wants to have, and the kind of friend he wants to be.

Drew sits with Kim on the stairs. He says they always end up there when there’s a perfectly comfortable couch. Kim says, it feels a little too far from Oscar. She saw how restless he was, like he’s fighting this with everything he’s got. Drew says, that’s him. The first time Oscar asked him for anything, it was to teach him to fight for something he believed in. Kim says, it’s agonizing to know it’s a fight he’ll lose.

Josslyn continues reading. She yawns, and falls asleep. The book drops to the floor. Lila watches Oscar. He asks if he knows her. He doesn’t think they’ve met, yet he thinks he knows her.

Carly tells Sonny that she’s trying to take a cue from Josslyn. She wants Josslyn to have as much time with Oscar as she needs, without her hovering. Carly doesn’t know how to help her with what’s coming. Sonny says they won’t forget Oscar like they won’t forget Morgan. Carly has fought to survive, and that’s the best example she can give Josslyn.

Ned asks Monica what the ghosts have to say. She says she’s not literally hearing them – at least not yet. They’re still bickering, and driving each other crazy. Ned says, it must be a noisy corner of… wherever they are. Monica says, they’re all looking out for each other. They all have each other’s backs, and she knows they’re going to look out for one anyone who joins them when the time comes.

Elizabeth doesn’t know how Terry does it. Terry says, not all cases end this way. 80% of the patients survive five years or more. They’re getting there. When a patient sees her after five years, and they’re healthy and happy, it makes it worthwhile. Elizabeth knows Terry makes the passage easier for the ones she can’t save.

Drew tells Kim that he keeps thinking, maybe Oscar’s not fighting a losing battle. Maybe the doctors are wrong. Kim says, it’s called magical thinking. She’s done her share. She knows it’s not rational, but they could use some magic right about now.

Lila moves to Oscar’s bedside, and puts her hand on his heart. Oscar tells Josslyn to wake up. Did she see the woman? Josslyn says, what woman? He looks around, but Lila is gone. He says he doesn’t know, and she asks if he’s okay. He says he doesn’t understand it, but he feels better She says, better? and he smiles and says, like he’s going to be all right. He starts to get up, but Josslyn tells him, wait a second. She calls Kim and Drew to come immediately. They run into Oscar’s room, and Kim asks, what’s going on? Oscar wants to get out of bed, and Drew goes for the wheelchair, but he says he doesn’t want it. He doesn’t need it. He gets up.

At the hospital, Josslyn asks if this means Oscar is going to be all right. Kim says they’re waiting for the test results. Josslyn wonders how it’s possible. Oscar was too sick to move, and now he got out of bed. Is it a miracle? Monica says there’s something called end-of-life phenomena, but it usually happens when patients are off of all medications and the natural balance returns. Some doctors thinks there’s a psychological and spiritual component. They can’t figure it out, but when it happens, usually the end is very near. Everyone hangs out in the waiting area. Josslyn says, he’s coming, and a nurse brings Oscar to them in a wheelchair. Drew asks if he’s okay, and Oscar says he is. Terry tells them that they put him through a series of tests and scans. She also consulted with her colleagues, and reviewed all the results.

Josslyn wonders what happened, and Drew asks if she didn’t hear; Oscar’s tumor shrunk. Josslyn says they have more time. Oscar asks Terry, how much time? Terry says he’s experienced spontaneous regression. The tumor’s not just smaller; it’s practically non-existent. There’s scar tissue, and a small tumor, but the tests indicate it’s benign. She’s never seen anything like this. That’s why it took so long. They wanted to make sure there was no error, but the results were always the same, Oscar confirms it, since his symptoms receded. Oscar says he feels great – hungry actually. He asks if he can get up, and Terry says, by all means. He gets out of the chair, and Kim hugs him. We all cry. Oscar tells Kim she can let go. He’s not going anywhere. Kim says he’s really not. Drew hugs Oscar next. He thanks Terry, and everyone hugs. Josslyn steps away to call Carly. Kim says, tell her Oscar’s had a miracle. Oscar’s tumor is gone. Drew tells Oscar, today is the first day of the rest of his life. What is he doing? Oscar says he feels like he has something to do. Josslyn comes back, and says she told Carly she had a surprise, but not what it was. She wants to see their faces. They’ll be blown away.

Josslyn and Oscar stand behind Carly and Sonny at the nursery window. Carly says she feels guilty, welcoming their baby into the world, when Kim and Drew are preparing to say goodbye to theirs. Josslyn says, no one is saying goodbye. Oscar is going to be okay. Sonny asks, what happened? Oscar has no idea, but he’s starting to understand why.

Josslyn tells Oscar, it’s not a mystery why he’s there; he’s not ready to go. Sonny says they’re glad he’s sticking around. He thanks them for being there; he put Josslyn through a lot. Josslyn says, it was worth it. Don’t do it to her again. He says, it’s over, and they can move on. Kim says she doesn’t want to let him out of her sight, and hugs him again. A woman points out her son to Kim, and Kim says she’s sorry she had to take a leave of absence, but glad she had a healthy boy. The woman says she doesn’t mean to pry, but is everything all right? Kim says she’ll be coming back now. She had to put things on hold.

Josslyn says she’ll be right back. Drew asks if Oscar is up for a celebration. Kim says he doesn’t have to if he’s tired. Oscar says don’t worry about him, but she says they always will. He tells them, a party sounds great. He and Josslyn meet outside, Oscar thanks Carly and Sonny for being so great to him, even when he didn’t deserve it, Carly says he cares about her daughter. That’s all she needs to know, but the tie and flowers helped. Oscar says when he realized who Sonny was, he was terrified. Sonny knows he came on strong; he was just being protective of Josslyn. Oscar says he made Sonny a promise that he’d never hurt her, but he didn’t keep his promise. He broke her heart. Sonny says, just treat her right. It was wrong of him to want Oscar to make that promise. In life, there’s no such thing as love without heartache. Carly says he’s right. Only when we care so much, can we be hurt so deeply. Oscar says he doesn’t want Josslyn’s heart to break again, but he’s glad they’ll be there for her if it does. Josslyn comes back, and Oscar says he’ll be there for her. He couldn’t say that yesterday. She’s brought the journal, and says they can finish filling the days. They missed a lot of plans. Josslyn says, that’s over now. She’s going to see what they have for today. Oscar says unless chocolate volcano at Charlie’s is written there, she doesn’t have to look it up.

They walk into Charlie’s, and everyone applauds. Julian can’t believe it. Kim can’t either, but Oscar is in remission. The film looks a little different, and I start to wonder if this is a dream. I swear, they’d better not rip my heart out with this. Julian asks Oscar when he’s coming back to work. Cameron says, it’s insane, but a good insane. Trina says, everyone at school will go crazy, and now Josslyn doesn’t have to miss so many classes. She won’t have to go to summer school. Josslyn says, no way was she leaving Oscar’s side. Ned tells everyone, grab a glass. He wants to propose s toast. Oscar says, if it’s all the same to Ned, he’d like to be the one to make a toast.

Oscar says, plenty of times he forgot to show appreciation, or that he cares. Sometimes, it seemed like the complete opposite. He regrets some things he said, and things he didn’t say, But the only thing that matters is how much he loves them. His life is awesome because they’re in it. Here’s to them. Now eat a chocolate volcano. Kim hugs him, and Drew gives him a fist bump. Oscar says they’re awesome, and he loves them. He ask what would have happened if he died. What would have happened to Drew, and his mom, and Josslyn? Drew doesn’t know, and doesn’t want to think about it anymore. Oscar says he’s been thinking about it for the past few days, and he wants to know they’ll be all right. Drew says, none of them would be okay without him, but Oscar says they’d have to move on, move forward, live their best life. Drew says, life moves on, but it’s a new day, and they’re doing fine. Nothing to worry about. Kim calls Oscar over, and he asks Drew to cover for him. He looks outside.

Oscar sees Carly and Sonny, who’s holding a baby. Carly says the baby is happier in Sonny’s arms than with anyone else. The baby inherited his ego. Sonny is a lot of good things, but he’s not modest. Oscar turns back, and sees Olivia put a lei on Monica. Olivia says, the whole island smells like this. You can’t help but relax. She and Ned want to go back, and they’re taking her with them. Kim is showing some people a ring, and Terry says, she had no idea Julian was going to propose? Kim says, he’s not only romantic, but good at keeping a secret.

Oscar sees Cameron, Trina, and Josslyn in graduations caps and gowns. Trina says, class of ’21 forever. Cameron says they have the whole summer, and Josslyn says, it’s the last one before college. Let’s make it count. A guy, also a graduate, ask if she’s ready, and takes her hand. They leave Charlie’s, and I look at my heart on the floor.

Cameron tells Oscar that he just wants say he’s sorry for not visiting as much as he could when Oscar was in the hospital. He was afraid to see Oscar die. He couldn’t face it. Oscar says they all have to face it some time. He says Cameron came though when Oscar needed him most. He’s sorry for using Cameron to push Josslyn away. Cameron says Oscar already apologized, but Oscar says he didn’t thank Cameron enough for being a friend, a good friend, a real friend. The kind that was there when Oscar needed him, and he’ll be there for Josslyn if she needs him. Josslyn joins them, asking, what’s up? Cameron wishes he could tell her. Josslyn asks Oscar what he wants to do tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that. Oscar sees Lila and Edward holding hands. He tells Josslyn that he’s sorry, but he needs to go home now.

This is just mean, and I’m actually a little pissed off. An alien came to Port Charles years ago, why couldn’t Oscar have gotten a miracle?

Kim tells Julian about hearing Oscar practicing guitar. It was a beautiful melody, and he said he’d written it himself. Drew tells sonny about climbing a mountain, and getting out of breath at the top. Oscar saw him, and said at least there’s no one else there. Terry tells Elizabeth that getting to know the family has been a privilege. Oscar is special. Monica says Oscar took the family name. Drew says he did too. Trina tells Cameron that she got her license, so she can drive if they want to go on another road trip. Boys in the front; girls in the back. Josslyn tells Oscar they were supposed to watch the stars tonight, and they go outside.

Josslyn says, it’s too early. It’s too light out; they can’t see the stars. Oscar says it’s later than she thinks. She says he must be tired, and he says he’s done all he can for tonight. She doesn’t understand, and he says he knows why he was given this time. He didn’t want to go. He kept hearing them tell him to hang on and stay, but as long as he waited, everyone else waited in a kind of limbo. No one can move forward. Josslyn says, no one wanted to move forward without him. He says he needs to be the one to let go. Carly and Sonny need to share their joy about the baby. His mom should be helping families bring children into the world. His dad should be climbing mountains, and living his life, and Josslyn should be living hers. His life has been full. He’s had more happiness than some people do in a lifetime. He loves her so much. She says she loves him too. He says it’s someone else’s turn to find out what they’re meant to find. He’s ready to go home. He kisses her.

Lila and Edward walk out of Charlie’s. Oscar looks at them.

We’re back to the beginning. As Josslyn reads, she falls asleep, and the book drops. Oscar opens his eyes, and looks at her.

Sonny asks if Carly is ready to tear herself away from the nursery. She says she is. New life is such a miracle. Terry asks Elizabeth if she can have a raincheck on the drink. Elizabeth says as long as they do it soon. She did everything she could for Oscar. Terry knows, but thanks her for saying it.

Cameron types. Trina asks if he’s finished, and he asks if she wants onion rings. He gets up, and she looks at his laptop. She reads, I have a friend who was willing to push the girl he loves away. Not to keep from getting hurt, but to put someone else’s good ahead of his own. Cameron isn’t sure he’s got it in him, but that’s the kind of friend he wants to be. At the counter, he orders onion rings, but changes it to a chocolate volcano. Julian says, Oscar’s favorite.

Ned tells Monica, enough time with ghosts for one night. He suggests they go back to the house, and she says, good idea. She’s hoping she has a few years left, but when her time comes, it’s going to be one hell of a reunion. She tells them, goodnight. Her darling son, AJ; her love, Alan; Edward, the old grouch, and Lila, sweet Lila. She touches Lila’s plaque, and says, happy birthday.

Olivia looks at the pictures. She says, Lila and Edward, what a beautiful family you’ve made.

Drew and Kim sit on the steps, leaning on each other.

Oscar sees Lila, and closes his eyes.

Kim jerks up. She asks if Drew felt that.

Oscar gets up, leaving his body behind. He kisses Josslyn’s cheek, and touches her hair. He says he loves her, and tells her it’s going to be all right. He stands between Lila and Edward. Josslyn touches her cheek. She looks at Oscar in the bed, and we hear a song about goodbyes.

Tomorrow, Franco asks Cameron to hear him out, Shiloh says he spoke to Willow’s mother, and Drew tells Kim they have to be strong.

Two reasons why I didn’t think this was real early on. The film was different; they used a softer lens, and time moved too fast. It takes two days for people to say hello on a soap. The plot never moves along as quickly as it did here. I’ll say it again, this was mean. Wonderfully written, but heart wrenching, and a surprise. I started tearing up when I was editing.

The Real Housewives of New York City

The best I can say is, I like this bunch better than Beverly Hills right now.

Bethenny gets in the limo, and driver Albi says it starts at 9:30. In her interview, Bethenny tells us that her divorce/custody battle still rages on. It’s really bad. She tells Albi that she has a contract that stipulates she can get fired if she does pretty much anything. Albi says she doesn’t have time to drink water. He sees a paparazzi. Bethenny wants to play a game with them, but Albi says, to get in, she has to go right in front of him. Albi uses an umbrella to shield her from the rain and the pap, one sad, wet dude.

Jill brings her dog Bossy along to play tennis with LuAnn. In her interview, LuAnn says Jill dealt with Bobby’s death, while she was dealing with her brush with the law, and they commiserated. LuAnn tells Jill that she needs some exercise, and they’ll catch up after. LuAnn is going national with her show, and says she’s going to be on huge stages the greats have played on. They both stink at tennis, but get better as they play. Poor Bossy nearly gets beaned by a ball, and Jill wisely puts him under a bench. LuAnn says to him, it’s the equivalent of a flying saucer.

After their game, or whatever that was, they sit on a bench. Jill asks how LuAnn is handling the nightclub situation. Luann says she can handle people drinking, but doesn’t like sloppy. Jill doesn’t drink. She thinks she’s allergic to alcohol; it makes her tired. LuAnn says she’s a different kind of alcoholic. Most people wouldn’t consider her to be one. Therein lies the crux of LuAnn’s problem – she still thinks she’s different. She says she has fun, but doesn’t get too crazy, forgetting that pesky Palm Beach incident. Then she tells Jill, one drink throws her off, negating what she just said before that. A doctor she knows well said she’s not pretty when she drinks; her face changes. She looked at pictures of herself, and saw a face she didn’t like. In LuAnn’s interview, she says issues were magnified when she was drinking. She now has a more positive outlook, and she’s happier. Doing cabaret involves being around liquor, but she takes it one day at a time. Jill says she’s been seeing someone. She feels the energy when she and new guy are together. LuAnn is glad she’s moving on. Jill says she misses Bobby, but a psychic told her he’d said she shouldn’t be alone. So he sent her a nice Jewish boy.

Bethenny gets back in the car, and tells herself to take a deep breath. She says she doesn’t realize how she feels until she gets out. In her interview, she says it’s been a long, drawn out process. She wants to get past this negative situation, but doesn’t know when the end is. She tells Albi that she needs a break. She’s been thinking about selling the company. She calls Brent, the president of BB Endeavors. She tells him there were a lot of things she didn’t count on, like a nasty divorce and custody battle. In Bethenny’s interview, she says she’s been approached by several people interested in buying the SkinnyGirl brand. She’s not looking to exit, but just take the pressure off. She feels like she needs to think, breathe, and get a different engine going, so it’s not falling on her. She tells Brent, it’s too much.

Tinsley and Dale go to lunch. Dale asks if it’s a mimosa Sunday, telling Tinsley, for her, this is a vacation. In her interview, Tinsley says her mother comes to the city to get her hair done. Of course she’d be there for Tinsley’s circus performance. Tinsley is excited, but nervous. Dale says Tinsley’s dad is watching proudly. In Tinsley’s interview, she says, for all excitement, she was really hoping to keep her emotions level and in check. Dale thinks it didn’t register when her dad died. Tinsley has a lot of emotions, and this would be a happy, sharing-with-dad moment. In Dale’s interview, she believes Tinsley is upset because her dad didn’t exhibit alcoholic behavior when she was growing up. (FYI, I changed her words. What she said was, Tinsley’s dad wasn’t an alcoholic, but you don’t just suddenly become one at age 50.) Dale tells us that he suddenly got sick, and Tinsley sees it as a personal betrayal. The rest of them have forgiven him, but Tinsley is still angry. Dale ask how it’s going with Scott. Tinsley says Scott tells her that he’s proud of her, but on one side, he seems supportive, and on the other, he sees a lack of control. He’s afraid the public person will leave him. Dale says, if they’re finished, she should move on. She doesn’t think Tinsley felt secure with him. In her interview, Dale says Tinsley would go to Chicago, and it was never anything major, but some little thing would happen, and they’d be done. She tells Tinsley, a million other guys think she’s fabulous (WOTD). Tinsley says Scott does think she’s fabulous, but a part of him thinks he can’t do it. Dale says the problem with Scott is that he won’t let go, but he won’t take her either. Tinsley says he texted her about how he went back and forth with the ring guy. He was legit looking. Dale says, but he didn’t do it. He didn’t give it to her. Dale thinks it’s time to move on.

Dorinda and Sonja discuss The Hustle, which they’ve just seen. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she and Sonja are getting along great. They’re good with one on one, so when she got advance tickets to the movie, she decided to take Sonja. Afterward, they go to lunch. Dorinda says she loved the main characters’ relationship. You’d think they wouldn’t get along; they’re so different. Sonja says, like their cuckoo group. Dorinda says when Anne Hathaway played the damsel in distress, it reminded her of Tinsley. She finds it weird. Tinsley can’t even call Scott, the guy promising her a ring, and the next day, they’re broken up. Sonja says she seems great; fresh as a daisy, and not a stress line on her forehead. In her interview, Dorinda thinks all the breaking up Tinsley and Scott have done sends a message. And the message is, get out. Sonja says Tinsley holds her cards close to her chest, and Dorinda says it seems like more of an arrangement. Sonja’s not judging, but if it turns into the same thing as the last guy, that’s no good. She wants Tinsley to have integrity and respect in a relationship. Dorinda says Tinsley thinks they don’t have her back, but they do. In Sonja’s interview, she says she doesn’t think being married or having children will make Tinsley happy. She needs to work on herself. If they’re just taking a break or breaking up, it’s better for Tinsley. Dorinda says, Tinsley deserves a happy, healthy, and respectful relationship.

Oddly enough (not really), a commercial for The Hustle follows this scene.

Ramona and Barbara go shopping. In Ramona’s interview, she says she’s not putting it off any longer. She can’t stand how Barbara is dressing. She needs to step up her game. Stylist Taylor greets them. Barbara says she wants to be cool, edgy, and fun. Rock and roll is her vibe, even though she’s the CEO of a company. Ramona gives her some champagne. Barbara models some clothing, and Ramona thinks she looks fantastic. Barbara explains that her mother has no filter, and can make her feel horrible but has the best intentions. She thinks she should learn to appreciate Ramona’s delivery. Ramona admits she needs to soften her mouth. I guess shutting it isn’t an option. In Ramona’s interview, she says her father was like that, and it’s not a good attribute. They discuss the female alternative to bromance, and come up with homance.

LuAnn rehearses at a hotel in midtown. She and Sonja are hosting the biggest Halloween party in NYC, and they’re doing a video to promote ticket sales. The choreographer says they have a few more rehearsals, and suggests LuAnn check out the space.

While they’re hanging out at the bar, Sonja tells Barbara the phot shoot is going to reflect what the party is going to be about. LuAnn tells Sonja the costume guy brought the costumes for the video. They go upstairs, where sexy nurse outfits, and odd medical accessories are laid out. LuAnn says it’s going to be the sickest Halloween party ever. In LuAnn’s interview, she says being on stage keeps her from the temptation of drinking. She’s professional with what she does. In her interview, LuAnn says the nurse’s outfit is different from the one she wore when she was being a real nurse, but not much different from ones she’s put on in the bedroom. Sonja and LuAnn pose, and the photographer takes a bunch of photos.

At BB Endeavors, Bethenny tells her staff that she just had a facial, and her skin is the worst it’s been in ten years. It’s stress. In her interview, she says she’s had multiple offers to buy SkinnyGirl. She’s open to moving around pieces on the board. She asks if the numbers look good. Brent is happy they didn’t sell to the other guy. Bethenny says she’s selling half, and will still have creative control and be the face of the brand. In Bethenny’s interview, she says she made the right moves, but you get protective. Brent says the buyer has confidence that he can do better, but he thinks they’d be hesitant to play against the other offer. Both parties collaborate, but both want her company for themselves. In her interview, Bethenny says she still feels like a young girl struggling. We flash back to her hawking samples in Costco. She has to decide what the dynamic is going to be. She wants to take the pressure off; she can’t live like this. In her interview, she says she doesn’t want to be rushing through this, just so she can rush to something else. She wants the deal happen fast.

Tinsley gets her makeup done for the kiki before the circus. In her interview, she says, the ringmaster has arrived.  Dale is there already, and the women begin to arrive. Dorinda tells John that she did the trapeze, and he asks if she has proof. Tinsley confirms it, and says she wouldn’t have been able to it if Dorinda hadn’t gone first. In Dorinda’s interview, she says Tinsley seems nervous, but in a good way. It’s a good distraction, and she’s branching out. Sonja asks, what is it about the circus that brings men out? I’m not sure of that answer, nor am I sure that it’s true. Tinsley goes back to change. Dorinda thinks she didn’t realize she was at a standstill. Sonja says Tinsley is light as a feather now. Dorinda says she’s taking control of her life, and back in the driver’s seat.

Tinsley has problems with her microphone staying in place. She says she’s nervous enough, and now she has to hold her mic. She’s freaking out. She guzzles some wine, and practices her two lines. She literally drops the mic on her way to the stage.

Tinsley is introduced, and comes down on the lyra hoop. She introduces herself, and welcomes the crowd to the circus. She says, on with the show, and Dorinda says she did an incredible job. Sonja asks if they have to stay. In her interview, Dorinda says she thought it would be more elaborate. That makes two of us. She says she would have been great at it. Tinsley sits with women, saying she was nervous, but now she can enjoy the show and have 500 glasses of wine. A guy brings them drinks. They watch an acrobat couple, and Dale compares them to Tinsley and Scott. Brilliant move. Tinsley says, clearly not. There’s obviously a bit of a competitive thing with Dale, like Mama Dee with D’Andra. I don’t know if it’s a Southern thing, a rich thing, or a rich Southern thing. Ramona has a date, and leaves. In Dorinda’s interview, she says Ramona can’t help herself. Something always looks better. Ramona doesn’t see what the big deal is. Dorinda asks for more wine.

A guy plucks Sonja out of the audience for his act. They pretend to be on a roller coaster, and Sonja does somersaults. In Sonja’s interview, she says she might be out of practice in the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean she can’t perform when it counts. Tinsley says, it’s shocking. Sonja had no idea what they were about to do, and still killed it. She can’t do that. Me neither. In her interview, Dale says, Sonja was made for the circus, and points out that Sonja’s part was longer than Tinsley’s, but she’s proud of Tinsley. Whether this is the longest circus ever, or Tinsley is chugging a lot of wine quickly, I’m not sure, but she downs quite a few glasses. She gooses one of the acrobats that gets too close. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, champagne and tight trapeze outfits are not a good combination. It’s time to go home before something bad happens.

Dale tells Tinsley that she was fabulous, and her dad would be proud. Tinsley feels like Dale thinks she didn’t do a good job. She always feels like she needs Dale’s approval, and doesn’t know why. Dale says Tinsley is forty-three, and Tinsley says she feels like an idiot. Dale says Tinsley has her approval; she was fabulous. Tinsley says she wasn’t that good. She’s emotional right now, and does nothing good enough. Dale says this is about Tinsley’s boyfriend, not her. In her interview, it’s not lost on Tinsley that she’s wearing a big bow, and something she would have loved as a little girl. She couldn’t be more depressed or sadder. She starts crying, and Dale asks why she’s sad. Tinsley says she’s doing things she should be happy about, but she’s not. She’s miserable. She pulls the bow out of her hair, having a Baby Jane moment. Dale thinks she should be finished with the Scott thing, and move on. Tinsley says she worked hard, and wants to share it with someone other than her mother. Dale tells her to stop looking at the negative. She was asked to be in this. In Dale’s interview, she says if Scott had wanted to come, he would have come to watch her, but he didn’t. Move on. Dale tells Tinsley, because of her age, she is feels like she’s wasted her time, but she’s learned something. Tinsley says it meant a lot to her, but it would have been nice if he was here and could share it, but he couldn’t do it. In her interview, Tinsley says if she can feel sad in a big bow, a poufy dress, and glittery tights, that means she’s really sad. She’s not in a good place. Personally, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Dale says, people have horrible things happen to them, and that’s not her. Tell God thank you for the situation she’s in. She’ll handle it, and she’s good. Tinsley says she doesn’t feel okay right now. Dale holds her, and says Tinsley will always be her little girl.

Next time, the Halloween party, Bethenny says LuAnn has delusions of grandeur, and Sonja tells Dorinda to clip!

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As long as 50 Cent spells your name right




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And the skinny on Vicki’s friend/wife status.


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Fat shaming a pregnant woman? Genius PR move.


❓ Three Questions…

On Watch What Happens Live, why does Andy have three things he’s obsessed with, but he only lists one or two?

💃 Mexican Dynasties said adios for the season. Menudo Adan sang in public, and managed to stay in his range of eight notes.

🎵 And On That Note…

Both to almost the weekend and through tax month. Tra-la. It’s May.



April 19, 2019 – A Package Comes For Doc, More Kiefer, Observed This Week, HAHN Return Date, a Heavenly Number of Quotes & Weekend Edge


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina meets Valentin at the MetroCourt, and tells him that she arranged a playdate between Aiden and Charlotte. Charlotte was amenable, and she’s glad Miss Tait didn’t diminish that part of her. She can’t help thinking about how Maxie and Peter believed Obrecht was blackmailing him. She asks what that’s about.

Maxie and Peter find Obrecht at Charlie’s. Maxie asks why she vanished before the results of the DNA test came in. Wasn’t she curious? Obrecht says she couldn’t bear to witness her niece’s broken heart when she found out Sasha wasn’t her daughter.

Sasha punches the heavy bag at the gym. Michael comes in and asks who’s face she’s imagining. She says, herself.

Laura looks at an article about Ryan’s hand being found. Elizabeth joins her, and Laura asks how Aiden is. Elizabeth gets a text, and says, Nina wants to arrange a playdate for Aiden and Charlotte.

Jordan sees Franco at the hospital. He asks how she is, and she says she’s getting used to her new routine of early morning dialysis. She asks about him, and he says he’s fully recovered. He’s hoping the discovery of Ryan’s severed hand means he’s no longer on the earth. She says the authorities are convinced of it, but it never hurts to be extra cautious. Franco says the upside is, now they can tell the difference between Ryan and Doc. Good point! Doc comes down the hallway, startling them.

Ava walks into her apartment, and sets the alarm. She hears someone in the hallway, and takes out her gun. She says she knows Ryan is out there, and tells him to show himself. It’s Curtis, who says, relax. She asks how long he’s been following her, and he says, not long. She tells him come in and explain himself. She asks, what’s going on? and he says he’s the protection her brother hired. Julian is worried about her. She asks if he’s afraid she’ll hurt herself or hurt Ryan.

Laura wasn’t aware that Charlotte and Aiden were friends, and Elizabeth says Aiden never said anything. Laura hopes it’s progress, and Charlotte is trying to get along with him. Elizabeth has the sneaking suspicion Franco had something to do with it. Laura says he’s invested in the boys. Elizabeth understands he has good intentions, but wishes he’d talk to her first. Is it too much to ask for full disclosure? Laura says, apparently so.

Doc tells Franco and Jordan that he has both hands. Jordan is glad Doc was released, but he says, Nora gets the credit. He was just clearing out his office. Franco asks if he’s going to practice elsewhere. Doc doesn’t know. He still has his license, and is waiting to see if he gets reinstated, but if there are patients that want to see him, he’ll rent a space. He continues on, and Jordan says she hopes Franco isn’t planning on leaving town. He asks how he ended up under investigation.

Obrecht tells Maxie not to worry. Nina will forgive her for running around with Peter, and planning to take away her daughter. Maxie says she’s already been forgiven, and Obrecht asks if Nina has finally seen Valentin for the liar he is. Peter says Nina and Valentin are more in love than ever. Obrecht says even after they exposed him? Maxie says, there was nothing to expose. The test proved that Sasha really is Nina’s biological daughter.

Michael has his turn on the heavy bag, and says Sasha can have it back, but she says she already had a great workout. She asks whose face is on it for him, and he says a guy who’s been messing with his sister. Sasha thinks that’s sweet, and he holds the bag for her while she gets in a few more punches.

Valentin tells Nina that Maxie and Peter made an assumption based on erroneous speculation. They couldn’t have known what happened with her and Cassandra. Nina says Valentin wanted to call the police, but she said no because of her record. They should have called. Now Obrecht is holding over her like a sword. Valentin says Obrecht isn’t turning her in. She’s just using it to get what she wanted from him. She’s sick and twisted, and not asking him for a favor if she can blackmail him. He says they have everything they can want; Charlotte, Sasha, and a bright future. He suggests they not look back in the shadows, but toward their wedding with their daughters. Nina says he found the child she thought she’d lost, who’s now in her life, and he has Charlotte. They have everything they want. It’s a dream come true, but dreams aren’t made to last. How can she erase the past when she thinks she’s only seconds away from the next heartache? Valentin says they have a bond that’s unique. The naysayers and critics will never get it. He takes her hands in his, and says, what they have is stronger than anyone knows.

Obrecht says, Sasha is actually Nina’s daughter and her niece? It’s truly miraculous. Maxie is glad for Nina’s sake, but since it’s not about Sasha, what secret is Obrecht holding over Valentin’s head? Obrecht doesn’t have the slightest idea what they’re talking about, but since they’re pestering her, she’s moving to another location. They’re interrupting her flow, but she’s grateful for the uplifting news. Outside, she flashes back to seeing Valentin at Madeline’s casket.

Laura tells Elizabeth, if only Doc had said something, she would have known they’d switched places, and could have avoided the devastating loss. Elizabeth says, it wasn’t malicious. Doc made a terrible mistake, but others have been forgiven for much worse. Laura says she was relieved when Doc’s case was dropped, and Elizabeth says, so was she. It would have been terrible if Doc went to prison for his brother’s crimes. Laura thought so too, but she doesn’t know how go forward. Their marriage is in limbo. Alexis drew up divorce papers but she couldn’t bring herself to sign them. It’s not just about her though. Lulu had a massive panic attack when she saw Doc with Laura at home. It’s part of why she suggested Lulu go away. Elizabeth says, Lulu is strong; she’ll get through it. Laura says, it’s a good place to heal. She’s never been more confused. Despite his mistakes, she still loves Doc as much as she ever did.

Franco asks Jordan what he did now, but she says, he’s not a suspect; just the opposite. She’s asking because the PCPD wants to acknowledge his help with the investigation. Because of him, they uncovered the truth, and the full extent of Ryan’s crimes. She tells him to be around next month, and he tells her to let him know the date. She says he did a great service, but doesn’t think he was heroic. They both know she dragged him kicking and screaming, and blackmailed him. She says, he got the job done, and they’re grateful.

Franco sees Doc at the elevator, and says, when Doc lands somewhere, let him know. Doc asks if he wants and appointment, and Franco says Doc got him more than any other shrink. Elizabeth reminded him of that. Doc says he left Franco open to Ryan’s lies and manipulation. No other shrink failed him like that. Franco says Doc helped him. He listened, offered insight, and never judged. He’s trying to follow Doc’s example. Doc says he’d welcome the opportunity to work with Franco again. Franco says he’ll think about it.

Ava says, so her brother took it upon himself to hire a bodyguard, and Curtis says, you’re welcome. She says, thank you, but no thank you. Curtis says Julian knew she was on edge, and if Ryan is still alive, she’s his number one target. It’s for her peace of mind. She has no doubt he’s excellent, but she has no intention of being followed around. She has to live her life. He says, or what’s left of it. What’s she doing with a gun? She says, so she can protect herself. He says, it’s smart to take precautions, but reverting back to her bad ways and giving Ryan vigilante justice, not so much.

Nina is worried that Obrecht knows a secret that can ruin them, and will do it again, but Valentin says she knows where her bread is buttered. And she has priorities. She wants to see James, and has to be on good terms with Maxie to do that. She can’t do that, and be blackmailing him. Nina says, it makes sense, but Obrecht rarely makes sense. She’s smart and unpredictable, and wants to tear them apart for no reason. Obrecht walks in, and waves.

Sasha tells Michael, good workout. He helps get the tape off of her hands, and asks if she’s sore. She says, a little. He rubs her hand, and she says, how about him? She rubs his hand, and he says, a little. She gets up, and says the last time they saw each other, she couldn’t get away fast enough. He asks if it was something he said, and she says, yeah. He asks if he did something offensive, and she says, no. He opened up wide about his ex, and she hasn’t been up front. He’s looking for someone in life whose honest like him, not like her. Michael gets up, and walks away.

Maxie tells Peter that Obrecht seemed unexpectedly surprised and relieved to find out Sasha is Nina’s daughter. Peter agrees, and Maxie wonders what she’s holding over Valentin’s head. There’s definitely something suspicious about him too. Peter doesn’t think so. Some things should be kept hidden. Maxie asks if they shouldn’t find out what the truth is, so Valentin doesn’t hurt Nina again.

Elizabeth tells Laura that she wouldn’t be with Franco if it wasn’t for her. She would have lost out on a loyal man who adores her and the boys. She knows at its core, Franco’s heart is in the right place. What it comes to is, who is the man at his core? Laura says she’s right. The fundamental man is what matters most. Elizabeth has to go, but tells Laura that she saw Doc earlier at the hospital. He was cleaning out his office. She thinks moving is going to be tough. Laura thanks her, and makes a worried face. Since Griff is no longer around, Laura definitely makes the best one.

Ava tells Curtis to let Julian know she fired him. She has no need of his services. Curtis says, technically, she didn’t hire him, so she can’t fire him. She says she can make it impossible for him to do his job; call him out, blow his cover, tell the cops he’s stalking her. He doesn’t doubt she can drive him crazy, but he was there when she saw Kiki in a body bag. He’ll never forget it; it broke his heart. He’s sorry for her loss, and would like to help. She says he can help by getting the hell out of there. He goes to the door, turns to look at her, and leaves. Ava takes out her gun, and says, come on, Ryan. Come and get me.

Michael returns to Sasha, who says she thought she’d run him off this time. He says he went to the ice machine, and puts some on her hand. He says she’s not being clear, and she says he values honesty, and there have been times in her life when she’s been less than. Michael tells her not to beat herself up. He just offered to buy her a drink, not get married. She says she wanted to close any doors before they opened to avoid any… whatever. He say hypothetically speaking, if she doesn’t regret the untruth she told, is it possible she might like him, or is that what she’s lying about? Sasha says she’s not lying about liking him. She’d never lie about that.

Maxie says Valentin lobbied for Peter to retract his statement. Why do it without leverage? Peter says he knows Valentin would want to protect Nina. Maxie says, that’s how the DNA test started, and Peter says, and now look how it turned out. They’re just starting to rebuild their relationship. Maxie says, if Sasha hadn’t intervened, she’d still be tiptoeing around Nina. Peter thinks she should stop trying find something. He wouldn’t mind not spending their downtime waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maxie is afraid it will drop on Nina first, but Peter says, she’s a big girl. She knows who she’s remarrying. Let her be happy. Maxie wonders how he can say that, when Valentin caused him so much pain?

Valentin says Nina should suck it up for James’s sake, but she says she’s not there yet. Obrecht says she saw Maxie and Peter. They told her the good news. She’s relieved and happy. Nina says, is she? Does Obrecht really care about her? She walks off, and Obrecht asks if Valentin would care to explain the hostility. She’s sure it’s his doing. He says she’s rightly assuming that, since she was blackmailing him. She says how would she do that without leverage? Sasha passed another DNA test that proved she’s Nina’s daughter. How did he arrange that?

Curtis meets Jordan in that new cellar-like café. Curtis says Ava is on to something. When she said she doesn’t believe Ryan is alive, she doesn’t just believe it, she’s hoping he is. Jordan asks, why? He says a serial killer got her to fall in love with him, and murdered her daughter. What’s she going to do? Wait for him to be brought to justice, or seek it for herself? The only problem is, if Ryan is still alive, how did he survive without a hand? There was mad blood loss, the risk of infection, and he had to be weakened. Jordan says, he had help, but if he did, they’re probably dead already.

Franco arrives at Ava’s apartment, and asks why she needs to see him. She says she needs a boyfriend, and he’s the perfect man. He says they did that. It didn’t work out then, and it won’t now. Besides, he’s married. She says he’ll just be posing. Putting on a show to lure Ryan out. Franco says, the last time, he got stabbed for his trouble. She says it just needs to be convincing enough to make Ryan jealous. Lure him out of hiding, and into a trap. He says a presumably dead serial killer, and she says they can make him pay. Finally and forever. They can do this for Kiki.

Doc thanks Elizabeth for whatever she said to Franco on his behalf. She says his mistake doesn’t negate how he helped Franco. He made Franco whole, and she’ll always be grateful. She hopes things work out for him. He goes to the elevator, and Laura comes out. She heard it was moving day. He says he’s clearing out his office to make room for his replacement. She says no one can replace him. He says, apparently Ryan did. He can’t forget, the hospital sure can’t, and he’s certain she can’t either. She says, no, but she can put it in perspective.

Peter doesn’t want Maxie to have a grudge on his behalf. He doesn’t want revenge on Valentin, and neither should she. Maxie says Anna put him up for adoption, doing what she thought was best, and finding a loving home. Valentin wrecked it by giving him to Faison. Peter says he also instantly regretted it. If not for Valentin, his father would have tangled up his destiny. His father was evil, and now he’s dead. He prefers to leave the past in the past, where it can’t hurt him.

Obrecht asks Valentin, if the DNA test was positive because Sasha is really Nina’s daughter, why was he standing over Madeline’s coffin? Perhaps Nina should hear about it. He says she’s brave, but slow to appreciate the gravity of her situation. As long as he and Nina happy, she’ll be happy. When they’re not happy, all bets are off the table.

Franco tells Ava, it’s a fantastically terrible idea. She says, fantastically brilliant. Ryan is already jealous of him. Imagine if he found out Franco had taken his place in her bed. He says, not happening. She says Ryan murdered her daughter, and she won’t rest until he’s dead. He tells her, find another patsy. God help them – and her.

Jordan tells Curtis that she checked all of the doctors in the area. Curtis says maybe it’s someone other than. She says they checked within a hundred mile radius. He says he got a text that pointed him in the right direction.

Laura says when she found Doc at Ferncliff, even when the situation was deeply terrifying, she was also overcome with a sense of joy, because realized the idea that he’d stopped loving her was a lie. He’s a sweet man, patient with her precious grandchildren, and took a bullet for her. That man is still around. The one who she loved, and still loves. He says he never stopped loving her. She says maybe this is the place they can start over. They kiss.

Maxie thinks it’s great that Peter has made peace with Valentin. She underestimated him. She didn’t know he was so evolved. He says don’t give him too much credit. Valentin is in a prison of his own making. If he’s lying, he’s living in fear that Obrecht will tell Nina. Maxie asks if he thinks it’s worth it to ask Obrecht. He says not on his account. He doesn’t care; that’s the point. There are consequences. He had rage for his father, and he paid the price. She and Nathan did. He can’t go back to that life. He knows true happiness; moving forward with her.

Obrecht says Peter and Maxie worked in Valentin’s favor. Why the powerplay? Unless he’s keeping a secret. He says she should be asking how she can keep Valentin happy. She has far more to lose than he does. He walks out.

Michael puts ice on Sasha’s hands, and asks how she’s feeling. She has a question first. She wants to apologize for running out at the bar; it was rude. He says, accepted. What’s the question? She asks if he thinks they can still be friends. She doesn’t need… whatever, but she could use a friend. Something uncomplicated, a have a hit at the heavy bag friend. He says he’s completely on board. An uncomplicated friendship.

Which they immediately decide to complicate by getting busy. Surprising everyone with an unexpected song part.

Elizabeth asks if Franco knows anything about a playdate between Charlotte and Aiden. Franco says he told her that he went to see a friend. He explained what was going on to Nina. Knowing that Charlotte was a pint-sized influencer, he said he thought if she became friends with Aiden, the other kids would fall in line. He knows he should have run it by her first. She says, maybe he should have, but she’s discovered she loves him for making their life better and, boneheaded husband that he is, she’s glad he’s all hers.

Ava calls Scotty, and asks him to come over. She’d love to see him.

Curtis tells Jordan, if Ryan is alive, he would need things like bandages and painkillers. He put his feelers about to pharmacies up north, and got a hit. Shortly after Ryan disappeared, a pharmacy near Niagara Falls was burglarized. They never caught the perp.

At the hospital, a messenger comes with a package for Doc. Doc asks who it’s from, and he says, it’s from someone named Chamberlain. I’m guessing it’s the hand.

On Monday, Scotty asks what plan Ava is cooking up; Shiloh tells Jason the more Sam trusts him, the closer they become; and Laura freaks out at what’s in the box. Yep. It’s the hand.

🚑 Kiefer Confirm…

The experts validate that Alexis confessed. Again I ask, where’s the leverage?


👀 Some Observations From This Week…

There has been some internet brouhaha about throwing a piece of cheese on a toddler’s head, to see the reaction when it sticks. Apparently, some people are concerned it will traumatize the kid for life. Highly doubtful. I’m sure there are also PETA members crying out because people are throwing cheese at dogs’ heads. Dogs definitely won’t be traumatized, and will eat the cheese. Maybe these toddlers can learn from the dogs. One time when I spit baby food at my father, he checked to make sure my mother wasn’t looking, and threw a spoonful back. Or so I heard. And none of my problems come from post-traumatic baby food throwing.

A large portion of Mexican Dynasties has focused on Adan’s musical career, and how wonderful his family thinks he is. There seems to be only one person (Doris… I think) being sensibly minded, and saying they’re not being objective. He’s just not that good. It’s not that he might not become that good, but he’s not going anywhere right now. He’s a mix of a second rate Back Street Boy, and a poor man’s Ricky Nelson. He needs both training and to come into this century.

I watched If There Be Thorns last weekend, and Heather Graham hasn’t changed since she was Roller Girl in Boogie Nights. Is it a great plastic surgeon? Amazing genes? A deal with a witch? What?

I saw two email subject lines this week that were of concern. One was – Gucci for Kids. I don’t even own anything from Gucci. Okay, maybe a pair of sunglasses, but I wasn’t seven when I got them. And the other – Prom Anxiety Text Line. I’m sorry, but can kids deal with nothing among their circle of IRL friends anymore? Have they become so socially inept, they need to consult a phone hotline because they got a zit on prom day or their hair is flat? What happened to Glamour magazine?

📺 The Haves and The Have Nots will return on Tuesday, May 7th. It doesn’t look too promising for Derrick with the lion tattoo. I almost threw up at that reveal.

📟 Quotes of the Week

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground. – Theodore Roosevelt

Love does not dominate; it cultivates. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering. – Winnie the Pooh

Prepare children for the real world, not the one you wish them to have.Dr. Phil

Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one. – Stella Adler

That doesn’t just go away.Jax Taylor, when asked if he’s still into sucking toes

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.Andy Warhol – or maybe time just passes as things change.

🎆 The New Weekend’s Here!


I don’t know if it’s glory I’m on the edge of, but catching up on sleep, definitely.

March 26, 2019 – Jason Slams Shiloh, Denise Gets Married, Sorry Adan, Caroline Again & Peaceful Ending


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Lulu meets Dante outside of the house, saying, she was just going to call. She asks how Sonny is, and he asks why she’s outside. She says Rocco is waiting with his baseball cards, and she wanted to warn him… He brushes past her and goes inside. There’s a surprise party waiting, and Olivia hugs him.

Anna sits on the steps outside, reading a letter. Peter approaches, and asks if everything is okay, but she says, no.

Chase sees Finn in Charlie’s. Finn thought he was going away for a long weekend, but Chase says, change of plans. Finn asks if something happened between him and Willow. Chase says, in a way. Her ex is in town. Finn says, the timing stinks. It was going good; does he want her back? Chase says, in a way (phrase of the day), and Finn asks if it’s a problem. Chase doesn’t think so, but Willow doesn’t want to get involved yet. She’s worried about being around her ex, given their history. Finn asks if he was abusive, and Chase says it’s not his story to tell, but she’s scared of him. Finn asks if it’s not enough to involve the police. Chase says, he’s influential, and Willow is afraid they’ll believe him over her. Willow said she needed more time to think about it. Chase wants to be there for her, but he’s not sure she’ll let him. She needs someone in her corner, but he’s not sure if she thinks he’s the right guy. Does Finn have any idea what that feels like? Finn says he’s sure he does.

Alexis asks Sonny how he’s handling DOD, but he says she doesn’t need to know. That’s what she thought. She dials her phone, saying she knows how he handles situations. Sonny tells her, slow it down. She asks to speak with Jordan. Sonny says, hang up, and she says, it’s urgent.

Outside Kelly’s, Shiloh tells Jason that his anger is a manifestation of his fear. Sam is breaking new boundaries and she’s opening herself up to him. The more she does, the more intimate and intense the process grows, and the better it gets for her. Let him do for Jason what he’s doing for her. He touches Jason’s shoulder, and Jason grabs him by the throat and slams him up against the wall. Shiloh slides down. Sam sees, and shouts, Jason!

Sonny tells Alexis, hang up. She says to have Jordan call her. She has information about a possible crime. Sonny wishes she hadn’t done that. He needs to protect their daughter. Alexis says, from what? and he says he’s worried she’s involved in a cult. She’s turning her back on her family to please the leader. Alexis says the answer isn’t murder, and he asks, who said anything about murder? She says she’s all ears. What does he have planned for Shiloh?

Sam runs over to Shiloh, who says, it was so fast. A waitress from Kelly’s has come out, and says she’s calling 911. Jason could have killed him. Jason says, but he didn’t.

Chase asks Finn if an old flame of Anna’s is getting in the way. Finn says Anna’s ex is cool; likes him, but Anna’s sister said something. Chase is surprised to hear Anna has a sister. Finn says, an identical twin, but they’re not close. She said she thinks their relationship is temporary because Finn won’t be able to keep up with Anna. Chase asks if he believes that. Finn says he doesn’t think about the future too much, but they are different, and took different paths. Chase says maybe they balance each other out. Finn says, maybe. Or maybe he’s a nice diversion from her real life. Chase’s phone dings, and he says dispatch needs him at Kelly’s. To be continued. They wish each other good luck with their respective ladies.

Peter asks if Anna wants to talk, but she says, no. She doesn’t want to trouble him. He says he asked, and sits. She says she was on her way to see Finn, and the letter was in her doorway. It’s from Griff. He’s gone. He left town. He didn’t say where he was going, but that he needs to get out of Port Charles. Peter says he’s sorry. He knows they were close. Anna says it’s been hard for Griff since Kiki. She should have been there more for him, but took him for granted, thinking he’d always be in her life. She’s only known Griff for a few years, but he feels like… Peter says, the son she never had.

Olivia tells Dante, welcome home, baby boy. Rocco says he’s still there, and Olivia says, he’s home for good. Dante tells Rocco, don’t worry. Lulu says she wasn’t sure if he was up for a big gathering. Olivia says her son is a hero. Him being home safe is cause for celebration. Ned says he knows how much Olivia likes to throw a party, and welcomes him home. Michael and Maxie hug him. Dante says, this is great. If he’d known, he would have gone away more often. Olivia tells him, don’t joke. She was worried sick. They’ll have to make up the guest room, since she’s keeping an eye on him. Michael tells Ned, the house is going to seem empty, and Ned says he’s pretty sure she’s joking. Maxie asks where he was, and Lulu says, that’s still classified. Maxie says, no exclusive? Dante flashes back to saying he will complete the mission.

Sam tells Shiloh, the bleeding has stopped. The waitress says, he could have a concussion. Shiloh says he was more surprised than anything. He just tried to assure Jason that DOD is a safe harbor. He thought they were just talking, and can’t imagine what he did to offend Jason that he’d lash out with such violence. He asks if Jason does this to everybody, or is he a special case? The waitress tells them to wait for the police to sort it out

Curtis tells Dante that his mother-in-law is doing a fantastic job. Jordan asks how long before Dante comes back; Chase need a partner. Dante asks, where is that ingrate? Jordan says his desk is waiting for him, and Dante says he thought Chase was partnered with Valerie. Jordan says it was just so she could shadow a senior officer. Curtis tells her that Dante just got home. Chill on the work talk. She says she’ll do that after she checks her messages. Lulu is looking at Dante, and he says, what? She tells him that he’ll probably catch her staring at him for at least a week. He wants check on Rocco.

Anna tells Peter that he’s really unfair. She’d never use Griff as a replacement. He says when she looks in Griff’s eyes, she sees Duke, the love of her life. When she looks in his eyes, she sees Faison, who terrorized her for decades. Anna says she’s tried to keep on building a relationship with him, but it’s hard when he doesn’t answer her texts or phone messages. He says he’s busy, but she says he’s avoiding her. He insists his excuse is legitimate. He’s sorry Griff took off, but thinks Anna is pursuing a relationship with him because it’s her obligation. She cries, and says he’s wrong. She’s pursuing a relationship with him because she’s his mother.

Shiloh tells Sam, sorry. He had no idea what she meant about Jason being controlling, and the violence he’s capable of. That she broke free is incredible. He gives her credit. Sam says she sees clearly why she needs DOD. She needs peace, enlightenment, and she needs him. Chase arrives, saying he heard there was a disturbance. The waitress says she works there, and Jason attacked Shiloh for no reason. He asks if she witnessed the attack. She says she turned around and saw Shiloh reach out, and Jason shoved him into the wall. Jason could have killed him.

Sonny tells Alexis, the less she knows, the better, in case something goes south. She says he’s confusing her with Carly. Carly would look the other way while he wreaks havoc on whoever didn’t do what he wanted. She’s an officer of the court. Jordan calls, and Sonny says, don’t involve the cops for Kristina’s sake. It could just make it worse. Jordan says she got a message that Alexis has information about a possible crime. What’s going on?

Anna tells Peter, perhaps they wouldn’t have a relationship if they weren’t related, but they are. He’s her son. Peter says she gave him up. She doesn’t understand. He can forgive Obrecht, who tortured him for weeks, and Valentin, who gave him over to Faison. Even if he believes she made a mistake in giving him over to a loving family, it’s what she thought she was doing. She was really young, and overwhelmed. He says that’s where she loses him every time. She wasn’t an adolescent who got pregnant by accident. She was a WSB agent, with nerves of steel. Anna Devane, cold, calculating, and a success. She could have provided for him, but a baby didn’t fit into her plans. He’s not accepting her excuse. She knows it didn’t work out the way it was supposed to, but she gave him up to save him from Faison. Even if he sees it as a mistake, she doesn’t understand why he can forgive everyone else, but not her.

Maxie shows Dante pictures of James. Lulu says how cute he is, and Maxie says, he’s a showboat. He fusses all the time when no one is around, but then smiles when he sees Peter. Dante says she’s been spending time with Faison’s son, and she says he’s James’s uncle. She knows she asked him to be James’s godfather before, but when she had James, she and Lulu weren’t on the best terms. Then, when they were, he was gone. Now that he’s back, she’d like to make it official. She asks Dante and Lulu to be James’s godparents. She knows they’ll both be there for her son.

Ned tells Laura that he’s glad to see her back, safe and sound. Laura says she was thinking about how Ryan endorsed her. If he swayed even one voter, it makes her feel sick. Ned says she won, fair and square, but that’s beside the point. He’s glad she’s okay. She says he’s a good guy, and asks if anyone has ever told him that he’s an awful lot like his grandfather. He says he could never determine if it was a cut or a compliment. She says, compliment.

Alexis tells Jordan that she may have exaggerated, but has it on good authority that someone might be targeting Shiloh. Jordan asks, how? Alexis tells her, all she can say is, keep an eye on things. They’ll talk later. Sonny wishes she hadn’t done that. She says he keeps saying that, but if she’s saved one person’s life, even if it’s creepy Shiloh, she’ll rest easy. He says there’s no threat from him or Jason. Not this week. He just wants their daughter out of the cult.

Chase reiterates that the waitress wasn’t watching. She says they were conversing, just talking. He asks if it seemed like a fight. She says Shiloh was talking, and Chase asks if she can describe the conversation. Did Jason say anything? She says Jason was just standing there, and bam! he had Shiloh be the throat, and slammed him into the wall. He ask if any customers witnessed what happened. She says it was so fast, when she turned around, Shiloh was down. Chase says, so no one else saw, and asks Sam if she’d say the account is accurate.

Curtis asks if Jordan is sure someone else can’t handle it. She says, it’s just a feeling she got from Alexis’s call. She’s putting her ear to the ground, and seeing if she can’t find out more. She leaves.

Maxie texts, and Lulu looks over her shoulder. Lulu says, she’s texting Peter. Maxie asks why Lulu is sneaking up on her. Lulu says she was so focused on texting, she didn’t notice. Interesting how she keeps downplaying spending all that time with Peter. What’s going on? Maxie wonders if Lulu is asking for her sake or Peter’s, and Lulu says, both. She doesn’t want Maxie stringing him along when he wants more. Unless she does. Maxie says Lulu’s husband is home. They should celebrate.

Anna asks if Peter will ever be able to forgive her. He gets Maxie’s text, asking him to meet her at Charlie’s. He says he has to go. Anna says, please, but he says it has nothing to do with forgiveness. She keeps saying she wants him in her life, but every time she looks at him, she sees something she wants to forget. The memory of his father will always be a defining point in their relationship, no matter what. Anna says, the child of her enemy. He sees a mother who abandoned him, and that’s all they’ll ever be to each other. Unless they get to know one another, and make new memories to overcome the past ones; open their lives to each other. She’ll never give up hope. She tells him that she has to go to Charlies, and he says that’s where he’s headed too. Does she want him to give her a ride? She nods, and says she’d like that.

Michael says it’s good to have Dante back. Dante is sorry about Nelle and the baby. Michael says, not a day goes by that he doesn’t think about Jonah, but keeping busy helps. Being Wiley’s godfather is amazing. Dante says, so all is good, but Michael says, it’s not all good. Kristina is in a cult. Molly thinks she’s been brainwashed. He doesn’t know how much is true, but Kristina is the type who can be manipulated like that. She’s not like Dante and him. Dante flashes back to saying, will complete the mission. Olivia brings out the food.

At the station, Shiloh tells Chase that he was leaving the restaurant, when Jason approached him, and told him to stay away from Danny, saying Danny was off limits. He shouldn’t talk to him or even look at him. The next thing he knew, Jason had him by the throat. Chase says the waitress said they’d been talking for several minutes. Can he recall what was said between Jason’s warning and the attack? Shiloh says he tried to tell Jason that his group, DOD, was about spiritual growth and peaceful resolution. Sam has been on a journey of discovery, and Danny joined her. He told Jason the DOD door was open if he wanted to join them both. Chase says, no hostile gesture? and Shiloh says, none whatsoever. Jason glares at him.

People start leaving Dante’s party. Dante thanks Curtis for looking after Lulu. Curtis is glad Dante’s back, and Dante tells him to let his wife know that Chase never showed to his welcome home party. Olivia starts clearing the buffet table, and Lulu asks what she’s doing. Olivia doesn’t want to leave the mess for Lulu, but Lulu says Olivia fed all of them, and she and Dante could use some time to reconnect. She takes Rocco to get cleaned up, and Dante tells Olivia, don’t cry. She says she’s so happy. She was sick with worry the whole time. For so long it was just him and her, and she knew she couldn’t give him everything he deserved. He says she did great, and she says she did her best. Every decision she made was to keep him safe. She watched him grow, and realized her job was just going to get harder. He’s not the kind of man who will ever be content to be safe. He’s a hero, in every sense of the word, and she couldn’t be prouder. Dante says he’s the man he is today because of her, and her sacrifices. She’s his hero. She cries and hugs him. He says he couldn’t have asked for a better mom. As she’s on her way out, he says he loves her, and she says she loves him more.

Shiloh says if Chase knew anything about him, he’d know Shiloh is committed to non-violence. Chase asks if Shiloh made physical contact at any time. Shiloh says he may have put a hand out to reassure Jason. Chase says, might or did? and Shiloh says he touched Jason’s arm. Chase asks if Jason disputes anything, but he has nothing to say without his attorney. Jordan comes in, and takes Chase to the side. She says there was an altercation between Jason and Shiloh, and two witnesses saw Jason attack Shiloh unprovoked? Chase is pretty sure it’s not that simple. Between them, he thinks there’s more than meets the eye. He wants to cut both of them loose. Jordan thinks about the call from Alexis, and sees Sam come in. She says she doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Sonny tells Alexis that he’s not planning on killing Shiloh. If anything happened, and Kristina thinks it’s his fault, she’ll blame herself. Better to keep Shiloh breathing than cause Kristina more pain. She asks, why not say that in the first place?

Dante looks at the welcome home sign. Rocco startles him with a hug from behind. He wants to say goodnight. Rocco goes upstairs, and Lulu asks if Dante is okay. He says, it’s just that… and she says, it’s overwhelming being bombarded by his nearest and dearest all at the same time? He says she could say that. She asks if he wants to meet upstairs and keep celebrating. They kiss, and he says, sounds great. She goes to put Rocco to bed. Dante flashes back to his dream of loading the gun, saying he will complete the mission, and shooting Lulu. He says, I will complete the mission. He flips the table over, and everything goes flying.

Anna sees Finn at Charlie’s, and Peter says he’ll leave them to it, Anna thanks him. She looks pretty happy, and Finn asks if there’s anything she wants to share, but she says, no. At least not yet. He’s sorry about Griff. Anna says, he left town. Finn knows Griff is like a son to her. She looks at Peter, and says Griff never was.

Maxie comes in, and hugs Peter. He asks, how was the homecoming party? and she says, interesting. Dante was exhausted, but he’s not fully there yet. Peter says he was in deep cover; it’s to be expected. She’s sorry she didn’t bring him, but she didn’t want it to be awkward. Peter says Dante was not his biggest fan when he came to town. It would have been an uncomfortable plus one.

Lulu finds Dante asleep. She gets in bed. She sees the scars on his back, and says, oh my gosh! Dante dreams of saying he understands. The mission will be completed.

Sonny tells Alexis they have to arrange to bring Kristina home. Alexis says she’s an adult, ready to write her family off, and call DOD home. Are they going to lock her in a room until she agrees? That’s kidnapping. Sonny asks what’s her plan? but she doesn’t have one. He says, exactly, and tells her, listen to him. Kristina and Morgan were the kids most like him. They don’t ask for help, and just spiral until they hit rock bottom or someone catches them. God forbid it’s someone who doesn’t have their best interest at heart. When Morgan died, he promised he’d never miss a cry for help. The more he hears about DOD, the louder the cry. They have to get her out of there. If they don’t think it through carefully, it could backfire in an unexpected way.

Jordan places Jason under arrest, and reads him his rights. Shiloh smirks. Sam looks at Jason.

Tomorrow, Willow doesn’t trust Shiloh, Dante is afraid of what was done to him, Jordan tells Jason it’s in everyone’s best interest if he cooperates, and Shiloh tells Sam that Jason tried to kill him.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Erika meets with her creative team. Creative director, Mikey says they’re going on tour. They’re doing many costume changes in fifteen cities. In her interview, Erika says it’s an hour-long show in three acts: new material, vintage Erika Jayne, and new material. Mikey shows them sketches of the costumes. In her interview, Erika says they’re coming from changing clothes in the hallway. We flash back to Erika having to go through a kitchen to get to the stage. Erika gets all excited about the costumes, but IMO it’s no Lady Gaga attire. She opens some champagne, and they toast to selling out.

Kyle meets Dorit for shopping. They need to find Denise a wedding gift. Dorit knows she’ll be carrying Kyle’s bags. Babydoll Teddi joins them (bleh). All she knows is Denise likes tequila. Kyle tells them about the dinner where Denise went on and on about Aaron’s penis size. Dorit (which tried to autocorrect to dirt – ha-ha!) can’t believe the wedding is in two days. Kyle says she can’t go because of the company anniversary party. She’s curious about what kind of wedding can be pulled off in two days, and wants pictures. She’s thinking, disaster.

Denise and Aaron check out Cypress Sea Cove, bringing along Denise’s assistant, Mikey. What’s with these grown men named Mikey? It’s gorgeous, and looks like a little village. Denise thinks it looks like it’s out of a storybook. It’s so much what you don’t get in Malibu. They still need to get pretty much everything. Owner Matthew explains how they set up for weddings. In Denise’s interview, she says she had the big Hollywood wedding to Charlie. The wedding was much better than the marriage. Aaron tells the manager the wedding is in two days, and Denise says they’re setting themselves up for a challenge. In her interview, she says Aaron wants to get married on a date with the number eight in it. His divorce was finalized two weeks before September 8th. Denise thinks the venue is beautiful and magical. They’ll take it.

Kyle says if Denise pulls it off, it will be a miracle. Teddi says she didn’t have a big wedding, and it still took six months. Dorit tells them that her wedding planner was in London. We see pictures of her wedding, and she says it was a Gatsby/Roaring 20s theme at the Rainbow Room. The best moment of her life, and one of the most beautiful memories. Kyle tells Teddi that she’s going to see LVP. Teddi says she said her piece, and has nothing else to say. Dorit thinks LVP might make jabs. In Kyle’s interview, she says it’s not fun being stuck in the middle. She tried getting Teddi and LVP together. We see clips of her calling LVP, who says she has no interest in it, and calling Teddi, who tells Kyle that she has nothing else to say. Kyle says, maybe it’s selfish, but it would make her life easier if everyone was okay. They see a glassware set that they love, and Dorit says she’ll get the tequila; they can get the stuff that goes with it. We see the glassware comes to over five hundred bucks. Teddi is sure there will be no issue at the wedding. Kyle says nobody is going to do that, and they all laugh.

LisaR tells us that she’s busy. She goes to QVC once a month, and her hustle is still strong. She needs to support the family – #WhatDoesHarryDo – and the business is huge; more than anyone realizes. She FaceTimes with Denise, saying she’s making it back for Denise’s wedding. In her interview, LisaR doesn’t think Denise is rushing into it. She’s seen Denise struggle, and she would have married Harry that quick, but he didn’t want to. Denise says if things aren’t perfect, she’s okay with that. LisaR likes her attitude. We see a picture of LisaR’s wedding to Harry, and in her interview, she says that they were married at the house. Everyone around them was holding candles, and the entire wedding was lit by candlelight. She’s sending Denise good wedding vibes, prayers, blessings, and love.

Fluffy! Ken and LVP go kitchen shopping. Ken doesn’t think they need a new kitchen, but LVP hates their kitchen, and says it’s dark. She wants it bright, and loves the kitchen model they’re in. Ken says she was all sad when they came there, and asks if she’ll be all happy if they buy the new kitchen. She says she wants and deserves it. She’s had a horrible time. In her interview, LVP says if she’s learned anything, it’s do what makes you happy. Surround yourself with people and things that make you happy. She says it’s depressing in the kitchen, and she has no room in her life for any negativity. We flash back to Teddi saying if LVP can live with herself doing this, fine. LVP tells Ken, in the unlikely event that they sell the house, buyers won’t mind paying an extra $300,000. Ken says, it’s a big step, but if he says yes, she’ll be happy, and he’ll have a great night ahead. LVP thinks it will be good for the soul, but maybe not the bank account. Ken tells the salesman, don’t let him down.

The night before the wedding, Denise and Aaron meet with the officiant. We see a clip of Denise ordering the food, cake, and music. Aaron asks if they can get dunk tank, but Denise reminds him that it’s not a carnival. She’s praying when her dress shows up tomorrow, it fits. No matter what has gone on with Charlie, she’s invited him. Even if he brings a prostitute as a date, it is what it is. She wants to have a candle lit for her mom at the ceremony. In her interview, Denise says she was so close to her mom. Her mom had her at seventeen, and passed away thirteen years ago, but it’s still hard. She would have loved Aaron, but it’s part of life. Denise wipes some tears away, and I relate, still missing my father after 30+ years. The officiant asks if they want anything special for the girls. Aaron feels that it’s a bit of a disservice, telling girls so late. In Denise’s interview, she says she was afraid of her daughters judging her, so she waited until two days before. In hindsight, she should have told them a while ago, and regrets that part. It’s the norm in Hollywood to be married more than once, so it’s not so abnormal in their family. Aaron gives the girls necklaces. Denise gives Aaron credit. He has no children, but fits in. Not a lot phased him, which makes her love him more.

Everything is being set up for the wedding. Denise is glad the location is close to home, so she can get ready there. She wonders where the sunshine is. She has no idea what anything looks like, what flowers are there, or if there’s music, and they had no rehearsal. She’s nervous no one will show up, since it was so last minute. She takes a picture of the girls getting ready, and her oldest daughter says, mom, stop it.

Erika picks up LisaR. She’s wearing one of LisaR’s jumpsuits, and LisaR says she looks sexy. In her interview, LisaR says Erika has the most fabulous clothes of anyone. We flash back to some of Erika’s fashion moments. LisaR is flattered that she made the effort to put on her polyspan jumpsuit. I’ll bet those sell out now.

Teddi can’t believe Denise pulled everything together this quickly. There’s an artist on the grounds, painting the scene. Very cool! In Camille’s interview, she says she’s excited for her own wedding, but Denise beat her to the altar. It’s okay though. Denise deserves happiness. Teddi says it’s the first time she’ll be seeing LVP. She’s going to do her best to be cordial, and pull it together. She can ruin a 50th birthday, but not a wedding.

Denise tells her dad that if he walks her down the aisle, she’ll feel like the oldest bride in LA. So she’s going with the girls. Dad Irv says, it’s fine, and she asks him to light a candle for her mom. In her interview, she says her dad stayed with them after her mom passed away. She was going through a lot with Charlie, and he ended up staying five years. I remember she was constantly looking for a date for him on It’s Complicated, but I guess he’s still single? It’s two o’clock, and Denise is still not dressed. Irv says she’s late for her own wedding, and reminds her that they can’t start without her. She loves her dad.

In the limo, LisaR tells Erika that she doesn’t know what to expect. Erika says Teddi is coming briefly. She has to leave four, and Erika does too. She asks LisaR if she thinks LVP is coming, and Erika relays the information about the penis dinner. She says they didn’t talk about the dog drama. In LisaR’s interview, she says, the dog is fine. Move on. Erika thinks everyone should be on their best behavior. LisaR tells Erika that she’d be happy to never talk about the dog again, but knows that’s a pipedream.

What? LVP and Ken didn’t bring a dog? What’s the world coming to? In her interview, LVP says she’s not thrilled to see the other women after Camille’s birthday. She hopes there’s no repeat of the intense animosity that transpired there.

Big baby Teddi sees LVP, and says, perfect. They give each other a Hollywood kiss. LVP asks if Camille is taking notes. In Dorit’s interview, she doesn’t see an apology from LVP in the near future. If she wants to pretend all is well, Dorit is perfectly fine with her. LVP loves an apology, but she ain’t dishing them out.

Denise is now thirty minutes late. She puts her dress on. She didn’t want a big, traditional ballgown. She wanted something beachy and who she is. I love this dress! It’s a white lace romper, with a sheer white overskirt, slit up the front. Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell arrive. Jerry introduces himself to Dorit, who already knows who he is. He says a lot of people think he’s Jason Bateman, so he likes to get it out there. LVP grabs LisaR’s ass, and everyone does Hollywood kisses. In her interview, LisaR says she has no beef with LVP, and LVP can’t help but want a piece of her. She’s slightly obsessed. In Dorit’s interview, she says Denise is late to her own wedding, and on Teddi’s radar. We flash back to the conflict when Dorit was late to meet Teddi. Dorit says, the punctuality police will ticket her.

Denise gets touch ups on her makeup. The girls aren’t liking their heels. One of them wants to wear sneakers. Denise says, wear sneakers; she doesn’t give a sh*t. In her interview, LVP can’t blame Denise for being late. If what she says about Aaron is true, it’s a wonder she ever gets out of bed. Everyone starts getting antsy. Erika is hot and mad. In Erika’s interview, she says she’s sweating, and the jumper she’s wearing is going to combust. It doesn’t breathe. She says she has to keep drinking. Denise says, let’s blow this popsicle stand. They have to hurry before everyone leaves. They get in the limo. At this point, they’re an hour and ten minutes late. LisaR heaves a sigh.

The limo arrives – one hour and twenty-one minutes late. Denise says it looks like a real wedding. She can’t believe they pulled it together. LisaR alerts everyone that there’s wedding stuff happening. In Denise’s interview, she says she doesn’t like being the center of attention, so she’s relieved it’s a group effort. It’s more about the marriage less about the hoopla of a wedding. Her two older girls go first to Pachelbel’s Canon in D, otherwise known as the theme from Ordinary People. Aaron, Denise, and her youngest, follow to some heavy metal, which Camille recognizes, but I don’t. Camille says, awesome.

The officiant says at this joyous occasion, they want to remember their loved ones. Irv lights the candle for his late wife, and they take a moment. Or try anyway. Paparazzi fly over in a helicopter. LisaR says it’s a normal situation for an outdoor wedding in Malibu. Sometimes, it’s a normal situation for the Jersey Shore too. When Heather Locklear married Richie Sambora, the reception was not far from where I live, and we all cursed them and the traffic. But I digress. A guy takes pictures on a hill, and LisaR waves to him. In her interview, she says if the paparazzi are at your wedding, you know you’re still doing well. If there’s nothing, uh oh, time for a job. The couple exchange rings. Ken snoozes. They seal their vows with a kiss, and are pronounced husband and wife. In Dorit’s interview, she says the wedding fits Denise’s personality. She’s exuding excitement, happiness, and peace. It’s a nice moment to witness.

Infant Teddi has to jet, but feels weird saying goodbye. She decides to send a text. Maybe it’s me, but it seems like that would be adding more rudeness to the already rude leaving early. Erika goes with her. The artist continues to paint various scenes. A group Housewives photo is taken. LisaR says Denise is a legend. Denise introduces Patrick Muldoon. Dorit tells him the first story she heard when Denise joined the cast, was how Denise and LisaR were shagging him at the same time, and didn’t know. LVP asks who was better. LisaR suggests not answering, and he says it was so long ago. In her interview, Denise feels good that the ladies showed up. She knows everyone has a life and commitments, and it was last minute.

In Dorit’s interview, she says she had a nice time with LVP. Everything is behind them, and she feels like the dog situation is over. LVP will never admit her part, but Dorit is okay with it. She wants to move on, and someday get back to trusting LVP. In LVP’s interview, she says she has no choice but to get on with it. She’s not a victim, and wants to be there to congratulate Denise. She thinks she should have gotten apologies, but if they don’t want to, that’s fine.

The cake is cut. Denise thanks girls for accepting Aaron. She’s blown away at how fast they put it together. She hopes their future holds a lifetime of happiness, and they’ll be together forever. She’s told Aaron, even if it goes south, she’s not divorcing him.

Back home, Dorit tells PK that she needs an hour to go over payables; a solid hour of his full attention. She looks at her phone, and says, oh my God. An article just came out, and she’s been stabbed in the back. She reads from Radar Online that LVP is extra hurt that her long-time friend abandoned one of her rescue dogs, dropping it off at an animal shelter. It says she apologized to LVP, saying she was too ashamed to bring it back. Dorit tells PK, that’s so untrue. It can be damaging to their reputation and children if people think she mistreats animals. PK thinks she should just blow it off, but she says, people’s perception is what they read and believe. She continues reading that LVP is still upset because she’s known her friend a long time, but she’s not the type of woman who holds grudges. In her interview, Dorit says everybody in the world believes otherwise.

The article says LVP was told the dog nipped at one of the children. Dorit says only a few people knew it was a chihuahua mix; LVP and her team. She asks PK if he thinks the article came from LVP, and he says, who else. Dorit says she had called the next day, and LVP used those exact words; the dog nipped at the kids, which can happen. It’s not a word she’s ever used. PK says, it’s an English word. Dorit knows LVP has a relationship with Radar Online, and this has LVP all over it. At the wedding, she thought the dog business was behind her. (Don’t step in it – ha-ha!) Maybe in her mind, LVP dealt with it, but she doesn’t know. She takes two steps forward and ten back in this friendship. PK says the article is below the belt. He suggests maybe LVP has an over-zealous staff, who thinks they’re acting in her best interest, but Dorit doesn’t believe it. LVP has full control. She wonders why LVP did this, and says, it’s a whole other layer of betrayal. In her interview, she says she doesn’t know where begin with the friendship after this. She tells PK that she’ll see if LVP gives her a call. PK says LVP must know the truth will come out.

Next time, Harry sets up a tent, Kyle is grilled about LVP leaking stuff to the press, LVP tells Kyle that she’s not saying she did something when she didn’t, and she’s done with this.

💃 On Mexican Dynasties, Adan’s mother said Adan’s voice was like Freddy Mercury and Whitney Houston had a love child. If there was a camera here, I would have looked at it like this – 😐 That would be no. Just no.

🚤 And the Beat (Down) Goes On…

The circus that is Caroline never ends.


🎵 To Leave You On a Literally Peaceful Note…

And in case you’ve never heard it.

March 19, 2019 – A Sad Prognosis, a Tattoo Revealed, the Shed Burns, Postponing More Puppygate, TV Glimpses & Same Time


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


🏃 A lot of TV ground to cover today.

General Hospital

Alex sips at a to-go cup – that actually seems like it has something in it. Brava! She’s been so desperate for tea. She asks who brought it. She’d like to think it was her sister because she cares, but believes it’s Finn. Since he doesn’t know how she takes it, she presumes it’s the way Anna likes it. Finn says it’s their attempt to humor her, and she says consider her humored. She can’t ask for any more – except her sight back. Anna says not until Alex tells her what she needs to know.

Elizabeth asks how Franco is feeling, and he says, feeling ready to get out. He’s wondering where he’s going. She knows what she wants to say, but she’s not sure she can say it.

Josslyn, Cameron, and Oscar look at pictures from the trip. Cameron shares pictures of the gas station from when he took the bus back. They laugh.

Kim thanks Terry for going the extra mile for Oscar. Terry tells Kim and Drew that she’ll let them know when the test results come in. Julian joins them, saying, reinforcements have arrived, and hugs Kim.

Dante tells Sonny that he can’t leave; Raj will kill Sonny. Sonny says, don’t give him a chance. Dante needs to kill him first. Just trust him.

On the house phone, Carly asks, how bad is it? Send her up. She lets Ava in. Ava asks where her daughter is. She demands to see her right now. I guess she’s becoming a drunk.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she keeps going around and around, saying same things. It’s one thing to love him, and another to tell herself that loving him means being disconnected from his history and the things he’s done. Every time something bad happens, his past is thrown in her face. She’s a grown woman, and made the choice to be with him, but she’s also a mom. Right now, the boys know Franco is doing the right thing, and their faith in him is justified, but it doesn’t change what they went through. She hates it, and feels selfish to put kids through anything because she wants him. She misses their life together. He says he just loves her, and she says she just loves him too, but she has to keep the boys first. She has to do what’s best for them, but doesn’t know what that is. She’s sorry. She knows he wants it settled. Franco tells her to take as long as she needs. She leaves.

Cameron shows Oscar and Josslyn a picture of the bus driver, and a guy who snored the entire way back. Josslyn gets a text, and says, no way. Her team has been invited to a volleyball tournament at Duke. Only fifteen teams are invited. College recruiters are going to be there; it’s so major. Oscar says, they can make it another road trip. When is it? She sees the date is at the beginning of April, and says let her check with her mom before they make plans. Her mom is her manager these days.

Drew says he’ll leave them to it. Julian gives him an empty coffee cup, saying it’s better than the stuff they serve there. Drew gestures with the cup in his hand, like none of us would do with a full cup. Back to square one. He walks off, and Julian asks, what’s the latest? Kim says they’re in a holding pattern, and Julian says it must be frustrating. Kim says she’s terrified for it to end.

Ava calls for Avery. Carly says if Avery was there, she would be sleeping, but she’s not there. Ava tells her, don’t lie. Carly asks if Ava thinks she’d let her in the house like this if Avery could hear her. She’s wasted; stumbling, slurring her words. Go home and sleep it off. Ava says, not without her kid, and Carly repeats she’s not there. Ava says she’s the mom, and has a right to know where her daughter is. Carly says she’s at the Quartermaine’s with Michael. She baked cookies with her cousins and feell asleep in the nursery. Ava starts to go past Carly, who asks where she’s going. Ava says, where does she think? Carly says, no way.

Alex feels for Anna. It’s not easy. To actually believe something happened to her that didn’t must be unnerving. Finn says Alex has a gift for understanding. She heard they’d improved the process, and an entire lifetime of memories had been transferred from Patient 6 to Patient 5. This was only a minor transfer. Anna says it’s not minor to her. Tell her what she needs to know, or remain in darkness. Alex thinks Anna might want to lighten up in front of her boyfriend. Being cold and demanding doesn’t put her in a good light. Finn thinks Anna is perfect. Spit it out. Alex doesn’t want it to be more unpleasant than it has to be. The truth is, as much as she loves Anna, she doesn’t trust her.

Dante tells Sonny, this is risky. Sonny says, it has to work. Dante is needed at home. There’s been an unexpected development, and Dante asks if it’s a good one. Sonny wants it to be; Carly is pregnant. Dante laughs, and says Sonny and Carly are having another baby? Sonny says that’s why they have to make the plan work. Dante says, and get him the hell out. Sonny can’t imagine what Dante went through. Dante says he can’t even imagine it.

Drew brings Franco the coffee. He asks how the recent hero of Port Charles is, and Franco says he’s not so sure about that. He wants to hear about Oscar, but Drew says they’re waiting to hear back about the tests. Franco tells Drew to let him know if there’s anything he can do. Drew says, just get out, but Franco isn’t sure where to go.

Cameron says, not to be heavy, but he’s glad he’s with them. They’re the only ones he can trust. What does he do now that Franco is a hero. It wasn’t okay when his mom started dating Franco, and he still thinks the best thing would be for her to unload the guy. Josslyn says, it’s not the ideal situation, but it’s not his decision. Oscar asks if Cameron has talked to his mom, and actually told her what it’s been like. Cameron says she doesn’t care, but Josslyn says, that’s not fair. His mother loves him. Cameron says she doesn’t know half of what happened; the things people were saying. Then there’s Franco. He says he loves them, but if that’s true, wouldn’t he see how much he’s hurting Jake and Aiden, and bow out? Josslyn says, it’s really hard. She knows Cameron thinks he knows what’s best, and he probably does, but all he can do is be there for his brothers and love them. He has a shopping bag with something in it for Franco from Jake and Aiden. Josslyn says they really love him, but Cameron says, loving him won’t change how anyone sees him, and leaves.

Julian says Kim hasn’t touched her food. Kim says she’s not really hungry. She asks if he’s reached Ava, but he says she’s not returning his calls, and no one is home. Kim suggests maybe Ava needs alone time. Julian says something tells him that’s the last thing she needs.

Carly says the Quartermaines won’t let Ava past the front gate. And does she want Avery to see her like this? She’ll be scared and confused. Wait until morning. Ava says, if at all, right? Carly must be so happy. She’s the big winner. Ava couldn’t have given her a better present if she tried. Carly says she’s not doing this. Ava wants Carly to punish her, saying she’s hateful and awful, and not fit to be a mother. She came there looking for it, and to feel sorry for herself. Carly isn’t playing the self-pity game. She thinks it’s torture. Ava shows up with drama, drunk; railing at anyone who will listen. It’s not about Avery; it’s about her. She’s hiding behind how she alienated Kiki and treated her like crap. Ava says Carly left out the best part. She alienated Kiki, treated like crap, and wound up sleeping with her killer.

Drew asks what Franco means. He’s going home to Elizabeth and the kids. Franco isn’t sure that’s what Elizabeth wants. Cameron shows up, and Drew tells Franco, it’s all going to work out. After he’s gone, Cameron hands Franco the bag, saying it’s from Jake and Aiden. They asked him to bring it. Franco says, even though he didn’t want to?

Drew asks Elizabeth how it’s going. She asks if he just came from Franco’s room. Now he’s going to tell her to let him come home? He says he’s not telling her to do a damn thing, but he is going to say this. If memory serves him right, didn’t they used to be together? Despite it not working out for obvious reasons, he can say from personal experience, when he was lost, having her support and love got him through what was, at the time, the most difficult period. Drew would like to think there’s still some good in himself, despite his troubled past. It’s the same with Franco. He was forced into an impossible situation, but he got a killer off the streets. At least she knew she was right. She can trust him and love him, and trust the kids to love him. She asks how he knows that. He has no idea, but he does.

Carly tells Ava that she wasn’t going there. Ava says she slept with the man who murdered her daughter. Carly says she can’t fix that; no one can, but she can shield Avery. She tells Ava not to drag Avery down while she spirals out of control. It doesn’t have to be that way. Pull herself together, and step up. Or is wallowing in self-pity so important? Ava thought Carly would encourage anything to take Avery away from her. Carly says she would use it in a heartbeat, but not to be vindictive; to protect Avery. Does Ava want to be someone Avery needs to be protected from? She tells Ava, stop being a coward. Does she hear herself? This can’t be the life she wanted. Ava says Carly’s got her there. Taking up with the man who killed her daughter was not on her list of things to do. She cries, saying she doesn’t know what to do, or how to deal with it. She begs Carly to tell her what to do.

Ava says Kiki was so kind, good, and compassionate. She thought everyone deserved a second chance. More, in her case. Does Carly have any idea how many times Kiki forgave her? And how did she repay that? By complaining, and ranting to Ryan about her; all the times Kiki betrayed her. She told him that she fantasized getting back at Kiki. He did what he thought she wanted. It’s her fault Kiki is gone. She doesn’t know how to live with that; what to do with it. Carly says Ava is responsible for so many things, but not Ryan killing her daughter. She needs to stop, Carly tells Ava to call someone to get her.

Julian asks Kim if she remembers how she surprised him at Charlie’s. He’s come to think of it as the last good time before Josslyn called, and he realized Ava was eloping with a dead serial killer. He wishes he could go back and stop the clock. Kim does too. Julian’s phone rings It’s Ava, and he asks where she is. She tells him that she’s at Sonny and Carly’s, and asks if he can come get her. Everything is okay; just come. He says he’ll be right there, and tells Kim, sorry. HE has to pick up Ava. She asks if Ava is all right, but he doesn’t know. He asks her to keep him in the loop about Oscar. Kim hopes Ava is okay.

Drew tells Kim, the results are in.

Franco asks how Cameron is doing with all this. Cameron gets why he lied, and why he did what he did. He knows Franco has changed, but what Franco did before his brain tumor was removed keeps coming back to bite him. It also bites Cameron’s mom, his brothers, and him. He can take care of himself, but Jake and Aiden can’t. Franco hates that they were hurt by what he did. Cameron knows, and says he’s not fighting Franco again. Franco thanks him, saying he promised to prove himself. It’s just going to take longer than he thought. Cameron hopes he’s right, and Franco says he will.

Dante tells Sonny that he told himself it was just a job, and he’s still hoping that’s the case. He needs to get out, get home, and go back to his life. Sonny says, it will be an adjustment. Dante says the things he’s seen and experienced, the memories will fade and he’ll be the man he was. The man his family needs him to be. Sonny says whatever Dante saw or did, lock it away. Don’t put it on the people he loves. Dante knows that works for Sonny, and hopes it works for him too.

Alex says Anna is a stickler for law and order. Anna says tell her about the memories, or she doesn’t get the cure. It’s that simple. Alex asks if it’s that simple for Finn. He says he’d be happy to help, and Alex says, but on her sister’s terms. Finn says, correct. Alex says Anna doesn’t get to make the terms; she does. She’ll tell Anna what parts of her history aren’t hers, her cure will be guaranteed, and she gets to walk away. No WSB nonsense, no prison time, nothing. Take it or leave it.

Julian arrives at Sonny’s, and asks, how bad is it? Carly says, she’s asleep, and tells Ava that her ride’s there. Julian wakes her. He says he was worried about her, not answering his calls. Where has she been? Ava says, remember how happy she was? She was going to be a blushing bride at last. Julian asked if he really loved her for who she really is. He knew her, all right, but she didn’t know him at all.

Elizabeth goes to Franco’s room. He asks her if she wants a cookie, and she says the boys pulled out all the stops. He shows her a drawing Aiden did, and asks if she’s going to tell him. She says Jake and Aiden see him as a stepfather. A father who’s been there for them in a way their own fathers couldn’t be. He holds a special place in their lives. What is she supposed to do, rip Franco away from them? She doesn’t want that for the boys or herself. They’ll all be miserable. The fact is, she’s so in love with him. He says he’s so in love with her. So now what?

Kim, Drew, and Josslyn wait with Oscar in his room. Terry comes in, and tells them, the tumor has grown. We all become seriously bummed. Kim says CAT scans have a margin of error, but Terry says she ran multiple tests. There’s no doubt. Drew says, okay. What about Oscar’s recent seizure? Terry says, he could have another one at any moment. Most likely, it will be more severe and debilitating. Oscar asks how much time he has. Terry says she’s not lying. Realistically, a month to six weeks.

Franco tells Elizabeth, they love each other, and when you open yourself to love, scary storms might come, but they can weather them together. He can’t proms there will never be another storm, but he can promise he’ll never hurt her intentionally. She promises the same, and says, so come home, He’s her husband, and she loves him. Please come home. They kiss. Thank God. At least we got a little happiness balance after the news about Oscar.

Finn says Alex can be treated within the hour. Alex asks if Anna guarantees she’ll be a free woman, and Anna says, fine. Alex asks if that’s a promise, and Anna says, yeah, a promise. Alex says she’ll tell Anna then, as long as she truly wants to know. Would it really change so much, knowing that it happened to Alex instead? Take her part as host and move on. Anna says, whatever it is must be bad. Alex is stalling. Anna wants to know because she’s done a lot of things she regrets. It’s burden enough to carry her own mistakes. She’d rather not carry Alex’s.

Terry is sorry. She wishes she had better news. Oscar asks for a minute alone with his mom, and the others leave. Kim says he doesn’t have to be strong for her. He wants to thank her. When it was just the two of them, he knows how hard it must have been for her. She says being his mother was, is, will always be her greatest happiness. Whatever is in him, whatever courage he has, and what good he does in the time he has left. He says, everything he learned about life and death is because of her. Everything he is, is because of her. She says, no, and he wipes away her tears. She says, it’s not. It’s because of him. She loves him so much. She’s so incredibly proud of the young man he’s become. His poise and grace. She loves how empathetic and compassionate he is. How he makes her laugh. She can’t take credit for all of that, but he can, because it’s him. She’s incredibly grateful to be a part of it. He says he’s scared, and she says she is too. She hugs him. God this is sad. He says he loves her so much. He doesn’t want to leave her.

Sonny tells Dante, be strong. It will be okay. Him, Lulu, and the kids will work it out. If they want to pull this off, he can’t be found there. Dante says he’ll make sure everything is right. He’s sorry he shot Sonny, but Sonny doesn’t think Raj gave him a choice. He had it coming anyway. Dante says, because Sonny shoved him? He’s lucky he’s still alive. Dante starts to leave, and Sonny says he loves him. Dante says he loves Sonny too.

Julian says he’ll get Ava home. Ava tells Carly that she probably said too much. She’ll use it to keep Avery away from her. Carly isn’t saying she’ll ignore it, but if Ava gets herself together, Carly won’t use it against her. Ava says, wow.

Tomorrow, Chase asks Willow to go away for the weekend, Kristina tells Shiloh that she’s ready for the next step, and Dante says he had no other choice.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Hanna thanks Jesus, and says the Lord heard her. Benny says Candace will be all right. Hanna says she just kept praying, and tells Benny, you gotta believe. Benny says Candace is finally all right. Hanna remembers she left Derrick in the kitchen. Benny offers tell him to leave, but she tells him, stop. Benny hopes the Lord hears him about Derrick. Hanna tells Derrick she’ll be back in a few, and tells Benny, leave that man alone.

Benny’s phone rings. It’s Mitch. Benny asks if Mitch talked to his uncle, but Mitch says he already told Benny that his uncle’s not letting him not pay interest. In the meantime, it’s his problem to figure out. Benny asks how he’s supposed to get twenty grand. Mitch doesn’t know, but he needs to try. He tells Benny to stay his ass in the house until they figure it out. If by some miracle Mitch is able to figure it out and get the money, he wants Benny to know that he owes him.

Candace knocks on Charles’s door. He was beginning to worry, and asks, how was it? She says, it went good. For a moment, he was worried it wouldn’t go right. She asks why tell her to go? and he says, it needed to happen. She says he was right, and he’s like, what? Say it again. She does, and he likes it. He tells her that she should say it more often. She says Hanna was skeptical at first, then she started to really hear her, like she hadn’t heard before. Charles asks what she said, and Candace says, everything she wanted to. She thought Hanna hated her, but Hanna got on her knees and said she didn’t. Charles doesn’t think she ever did. Candace says Hanna received what she had to say, and it was beautiful. She also left her son’s ashes with Hanna. Charles takes her hands and kisses them. He’s so proud of her. Me too. He says she did amazing. Now he needs her to get ready for DC. She says she’s a natural beauty, and won’t take long. He says that she is, and she asks if he’s sure he wants her to go to the White House. He is and tells her, don’t ask again.

Veronica storms in, and yells to Alice for a drink. She remembers Alice is gone, and pours her own. She says he played her for a fool. David has followed her. She tells him, go away, but he says she left the door open. She asks why did he do this. He says he had no idea Wyatt was going to the grand jury, but she says he’s lying. He tells her to look at him, and put the drink down. She knows how she gets. He takes it from her, and says sit with him. She says, not there. It’s where he knocked her to the floor. He’s sorry. She says he knew he hurt her. He knew about that, and hit her anyway. He’s just sorry because his whore is dead. The both of them are dead. He says she took care of both of them, and she asks if he’s wearing a wire. He says he’s wearing a compression garment. She wants to see, so he lifts his shirt. She says he’s really hurt. She asks why he made her do it. He says he was wrong, and asks her to forgive him. She asks why he’s being nice. He says he’s the same David. He asks her to sit by the pool, and holds out his hand. She takes it. He holds her, and they go outside.

Landon tells Charles, she’s coming. Charles wonders if Candace knows the tax payers are footing the bill for the plane. Candace comes out. Charles smiles, and she asks if he’s ready for DC. Charles says, yes, they are, and tells her she looks beautiful. She does, but she always does even when she’s a mess.

Veronica doesn’t know how to talk to David. He says just talk to him. She says she’s not okay. He was using her so she would help him. He says, that’s not it, and she tells him, admit it. David says she’s brilliant and good to have on his side, but that’s not the reason. Veronica says he called her a simple bitch. He slept with Maggie, and slept with the little whore. He says, yes. He thought he was doing something, but she showed him that she’s the only woman he can be with. She says, yes, she is, and yes, she did. She has two things to tell him. One is that she hired that girl, Erica. She paid her to take David for all he had. She wanted him to fall for her. She was good. David agrees. Veronica asks if she broke his heart, but he says not nearly as bad as he broke hers. She asks if he’s angry with her, and he says, no. She wonders, what’s that look? and he says he’s in pain. His back burns. Veronica says it’s a reminder to never screw her over. He says he needs his bandages changed, and he’ll come back after that’s done. She says she’ll sit out there. She doesn’t think she can sit in the living room with him again. David says let him come back and show her how sorry he is. He leaves, and she looks crazy.

David punches his car, and says, evil bitch. He gets in, then gets back out and calls Jim. He says Jim needs to talk him down. He’s about to put an end to all this. Veronica set him up with Erica. Jim thinks he should have known that. David says Jeffrey told him, but she just admitted it. He needs to put an end to this madness. One more thing, and he’ll snap. Jim tells him, Veronica says a lot of things; let it go. David says, easy for Jim to say, and Jim asks if David has met his wife. David is tired of all this, but Jim says he needs to hold it together. Where is he? He says by his car. He told Veronica that he needed to have his bandages changed. He’s about to lose it. Jim tells him to get them changed, get a stiff drink, and do everything he needs to keep this woman on their side. David says he may need call him again. Jim says he’ll let David know if he hears anything from the DA’s office. David gets back in his car.

Kathryn finds an empty pill bottle, and says, damn it! She goes downstairs, where Jim watches the news/ She can’t believe he’s watching TV at a time like this, but he says he’s trying to get some idea of George’s plan. She tells him that Wyatt went in her medicine drawer, and took all her pain and cold medication. Jim asks why she has pain meds in the house, and she says because she’s married to a pain in the ass. On the TV, Jim hears Candace is with the President Elect, and the internet is abuzz whether she’s the next First Lady. Jim says, what the hell? The news continues, saying Charles lost his wife during the midterm elections, and has two beautiful children. Jim says if she thinks this is going to work, she’s sadly mistaken.

Jim tells Wyatt to come down. Wyatt has nothing to say, but Jim tells him, get his ass down there or he’ll come up and drag it down. Wyatt comes down, and Jim tells him to sit. Does he understand the situation he’s gotten them into is ugly. Wyatt says he did it himself. Jim says, no; Wyatt did when he called the DA. Wyatt says he’s not dealing with this. Jim asks if he’s high, and Wyatt asks how would he get high? Jim frisks him, and pulls out some pills. He says Wyatt got into his mother’s medicine stash, and Wyatt says, so what? Jim throws the pills, and says he’s sick and tired of everything about him. Jim’s phone rings. He asks why his calls aren’t being returned, and says this isn’t a game he wants to play. Kathryn comes down with an empty bottle of valium. Wyatt goes back upstairs, telling Jim, go to hell. Jim has had it with Wyatt, Kathryn, and these damn pills. Kathryn says if he wasn’t there, she wouldn’t need to take them. Jim starts to go upstairs, and she tells him not to go up there angry

Jim finds Wyatt lying on his bed. Jim says Wyatt took more of his mom’s pills, and he pulls him off the bed. He shakes Wyatt, telling him, spit it up. Wyatt asks if Jim is trying to kill him. Jim says Wyatt is going to kill himself. Wyatt says he’s going to shoot them. He’s going to load the shotgun, and blow their brains out. Kathryn asks, what shotgun? Jim tells Wyatt to get his sorry ass in the shower and sober up. Wyatt says he’ll see. Jim says, do it. Go ahead. He will have completed one task in his miserable life. Wyatt says he hates Jim so much, it makes his heart bleed. Jim says he loves Wyatt so much, it makes his heart bleed. Touch one more drug… He walks out, and Kathryn follows.

Wyatt paces. He pantomimes shooting the shotgun, saying, die.

Benny asks if Hanna is all right, and if Derrick is still out there. She hopes so. She just needs a minute. She says she wants Derrick there; she likes him. Benny says he was standing in the kitchen, staring into space. It looked like he was crying. Hanna says he must have heard their conversation. Benny says he’s trying, but doesn’t like him. Hanna says name one man she’s dated that he liked. He wishes he could find the dude who did that to her, but she says he’s probably dead or in jail. Nobody gets away with nothin’. It was a long time ago. She says he can keep Derrick company, but he says it’s never going to happen. She says, then don’t. Just give her a minute.

At the White House, Charles, Candace, and Landon are shown the Oval Office. The guide asks if it’s getting real, and tells them the President will be joining them. The First Lady will be with him. She asks if Candace enjoyed the tour. Candace says it’s a lot of history. She tells them to have a seat, and leaves.

Landon doesn’t like it. They didn’t want him to win, and the party doesn’t want him in the White House. Charles tells him, not now, and Landon asks how he’s so cool. Charles tells him to find somewhere to cool down, and he leaves. Candace says, they didn’t want him to win? and Charles says, political squabbles. She should look him up on the internet. She says she’ll think about it, and thanks him for bringing her. He says it’s pretty cool. He knew she’d get a kick out of it. She says she’s stealing all this sh*t. Maybe just one painting. She asks him to sit behind the desk, but he says it’s not appropriate. He says he’s not President yet. She tells him to stand by it. He does, and says, well? How does he look? She says it fits him. He knows. She asks, is he ready for this? He says, is she? She’s says she’s just visiting; he has to stay there. He says she doesn’t have to be just visiting. He wants her to stay. She asks, how long? and he says, forever. She says they haven’t knows each other that long, but he says, it’s a big house. She says, what if they end up hating each other? and he says, every day will be fun. She says she’ll think about it. They have time before he moves in. She asks if she can kiss him. Is it appropriate? He asks if she has any idea what has gone on in this room. Look up the other guy too. Landon clears his throat. He introduces the President to the future President. The President says he can’t wait to give it over to Charles. First Lady Margaret introduces herself to Candace, and says, it won’t work. She asks if they’re married, and Candace says, no. Margaret says, good. Candace is too beautiful to be First Lady. She doesn’t want Candace following her. The President says Margaret is as beautiful as the day he first met her. She says she’ll show Candace around. The President pours drinks for himself and Charles.

Jeffrey comes up to Justin’s apartment. Justin asks what Jeffrey thinks, and Jeffrey says, it’s nice. There are photos of Jeffrey everywhere, and he asks when Justin took them. Justin says he’s always taking pictures of Jeffrey. Jeffrey says he didn’t know Justin was there, and Justin says, now he does. He poured some wine, but Jeffrey says, no thanks. Justin says they could go out for dinner, or cook for the first time in their new place. Jeffrey says, no dinner, and Justin asks, why? Jeffrey says he was just checking to see if Justin was okay. Justin asks if he wants to sit on the couch. It pulls out. Justin can pull it out now if he wants. Jeffrey says, no, and Justin says at least take off his jacket. Jeffrey says he’s okay. Justin tells him to loosen up, but Jeffrey repeats he’s okay. Justin encourages him to drink, saying it makes sex better. It will help him relax; he’s so uptight. Justin is the one who got beat up. Jeffrey says this was a bad idea. He thinks he should go. Justin tells him, stop. Jeffrey says, the place is nice, and Justin says, our place is nice. Jeffrey says, no; it’s Justin’s place. Justin says he got beat up because of Jeffrey. The least he could do is hang around a while. Jeffrey says it’s getting old; Justin trying to guilt trip him. He doesn’t like it. Justin says he’s sorry. Jeffrey heads for the door, and Justin breaks the end off of a bottle. He holds it to his own neck, and says see what Jeffrey made him do?

Justin says he’s going to kill himself. Jeffrey tells him put it down. Justin says, then stay. If he doesn’t have Jeffrey, he has nothing to live for. Jeffrey says, put it down.

I find out the name of the dude from Too Close to Home is Scott, and the other guy is the Attorney General. Scott says he won’t believe this. She’s at the White House; Candace Young. Charles took her there as his date. He’s not kidding; they had dinner with the President. The AG says, it keeps getting better. He’s going to get the press on the phone and let them know who they’re dealing with. Scott calls the White House, saying it’s the Attorney General for the President, and hands him the phone. The AG apologizes for interrupting; he knows the President is entertaining. He guarantees the line is secure. He says they agree. Charles is an arrogant snot-nosed punk. He needs the President to say something to Charles’s date. Call her a hot piece of Black ass. It’s what he said the night she robbed him. Charles brought a prostitute to have dinner with him. He’ll come over, and fill the President in on their strategy. He hangs up, and tells Scott that it shows what a lowlife Charles really is. He needs Scott on a plane to Savannah. He needs to find out what he can. They’ve found their way in. Scott leaves on his mission.

Hanna tells Derrick, sorry. She was a mess. Derrick is bent over sink, crying. She asks if he’s hurting. What is it? She doesn’t know. Derrick lifts his shirt to reveal a lion tattoo. I say, oh my God, and wonder how Tyler Perry could do this to me. Hanna backs away.

Finé for now. HAHN returns on May 7th.

If Loving You Is Wrong

When we last left, Randal and Alex were in a burning shed.

Kelly has hung herself in her cell. Lushion needs help a guy comes in and they cut her down. They take her out of the cell, and lie her down on the floor. Lushion calls for a medic; he has no pulse. He tells her, breathe, and does chest compression. He yells for a defibrillator. An officer brings it, and he uses it on Kelly, saying, not today.

The shed burns. Alex and Randal yell for help. Marcie sits outside, laughing, and smoking a cigarette. I love it! Alex breaks out the window, but that’s a bad idea. Smoke pours in. Randal tells Alex to move, and busts a hole in the door, but flames lick around it. Marcie runs to the front of the house, and says she got them. A couple is moving in across the street, and they’re like, whoa. The guy says it looks like Marcie is in trouble, but the woman says, don’t. She tells him to remember what happened before in their last neighborhood. It’s not their business. He thinks she’s having an episode, and says, this is their business. She says she’s not going through it again. Marcie dances around.

At the hospital, Doctor Raston sees Brad, and asks if he’s looking for her. He says he’s looking for Marcie. She wasn’t home, so he came back. The doctor hasn’t seen her. He says when he calls, it goes to voicemail. Doctor Raston says it’s going to be hard for her. She’s glad Marcie has him. Brad says she doesn’t have him. She knows he loves Alex, and has a therapist who can help. He says he and Alex aren’t getting back together. She understands, but she means for him. It’s a lot of pain to deal with. He insists he’s fine, but she doesn’t think so. He tells the doctor, if she sees Marcie, tell her that he’s looking for her. She leaves, and he calls again, but gets voicemail. He leaves a message that he’s worried.

Marcie is talking to herself. She runs across the street, and asks if she can borrow a phone. The guy says, sure, and she says she needs a cab. He asks if everything is okay, and she says, fine. The woman gives her a phone, and Marcie says her battery is dead. The guy asks if she’s sure everything is okay. Marcie says, it will be in fifteen minutes. He asks, why? She says she just ruined her life, and calls for a cab. The guy asks if that’s smoke, and Marcie says, it’s a barbecue. She lives there. He says it’s a lot of smoke, but she says, leave it alone; it’s fine. He says he’s a firefighter, and that’s no barbecue. He asks if that’s screaming.

He asks if someone is in there, and Marcie says, they’re almost done. I’m not sure what she means by that. Is she referring to them having sex, or done as in, the chicken in the oven is done. The guy gets the door open, and goes in. Marcie says, let them burn, and laughs. He brings Alex out, and asks if anyone else is in there. She shakes her head – I’m not sure why – and Randal yells. The guy brings him out, and calls for an ambulance. Marcie laughs, and kicks Randal. I laugh. Randal says he’s fine.

Lushion is talking with Steven, and Eddie asks what happened. He was just talking to Kelly, and she seemed in good spirits. Lushion asks what Eddie said, and Eddie says he was trying encourage her as a good Christian woman and mother. She’s facing the death penalty, and needed to mentally prepare to never see Justice again. He was trying to be kind. Lushion throws him up against the file cabinets. Steven separates them. Eddie tells Lushion to get his hands off of him. Lushion tells Eddie to lift his pants. Eddie says Lushion has to buy him a drink first. Steven says, lift them up. Eddie asks if Steven wants a ménage à trois, and Lushion says he’ll lift them for him. Eddie lifts his pants leg, saying, shoelaces. He didn’t hang that bitch. Esperanza comes in, and asks, what happened? Eddie says, Kelly went out Jim Crow style. She hung herself.

Esperanza says he’s disrespectful, and Eddie says her hooking up with that clown (I assume he means Steven) is disrespectful. She says the only clown in there is him. Steven tells her that Kelly attempted suicide. She asks if Kelly is all right, but he doesn’t know. She’s in the infirmary. Eddie is being all loud and stupid, and Esperanza throws a huge binder at his head, missing him by inches. He says, not the face, and she says next time, she’ll aim for it. Steven tells her not to pay attention. Eddie says Esperanza wants to be dominated, and he’ll never control her. Steven tells him, show some decency, and Eddie says, like how Steven ran up on his ex? He put that heifer out to pasture. When he meets a woman, he tells her she can go up or down ten pounds, and Esperanza got fat. Lushion tells her, ignore him. Eddie leaves, and Lushion says Esperanza knows as much as he does. She asks if she can go to the infirmary, but Lushion says they won’t let her. He needs to call Natalie. He tells Esperanza that he might need her to be with Natalie when she’s done with her shift. Lushion steps out to make the call. Esperanza hugs Steven, and Eddie knocks on the window. He’s the worst. It’s great.

Natalie’s phone rings. It’s Lushion. She asks, what happened? Was she right? He says, yeah. She tried to… Natalie says, don’t tell her. Say she’s all right. He says, they don’t know yet, but it’s okay. Natalie can’t believe it. She should have known. She thought Kelly was just upset. She can’t understand it. Lushion says they’ll get through it. Natalie asks if she can see Kelly, but Lushion says they don’t allow visitors in the infirmary. He tells her not to blame herself. Natalie says she has to do something to help her; it’s not right. Lushion says he’s not giving up. She asks what she should tell Justice, and he tells her, say nothing until they know she’s okay. He’ll see what he can find out.

Lushion calls Ian. He asks when Ian will be back. He asks Ian’s secretary to tell Ian that he called, and to call him back asap.

Doctor Raston sees that Brad is still there. He says he still can’t find Marcie. She’s not answering her phone, and she’s not in the apartment. The doctor asks if he wants her to try, but she also gets voicemail. Brad is really concerned. Doctor R says Marcie seems be a strong woman, but Brad says, every woman has a breaking point. She says, every man too. She thinks he should talk to someone. It’s been a lot. He asks if she’s sure she didn’t change the DNA, but she assures him that she changed nothing. She would never do that, not even for Alex. He says if it’s definitely not Randal’s child, then Alex has been sleeping with someone else. She’s such a slut. The doctor knows he’s upset. That’s what she means by talking to someone. She holds out a card, and says her colleague can help him. He says he doesn’t need a therapist; he needs to know how this happened. It’s making him crazy. He doesn’t know what Alex lied about. It’s like his whole life is a lie. She suggests they do the test again; maybe there was a mix-up. Brad says that doesn’t change the fact Alex was lying. He was willing to accept the baby, but he’s not willing to accept the lies. It’s deceitful and hurtful. Doctor Raston understands. He says he’s just frustrated, and takes the card.

Eddie sees Brad, and asks what he’s doing there. Brad asks what Eddie is doing there. Eddie says he knew that bitch would burn him; it was only a matter of time. She was ho’ing around with everybody. Brad doesn’t want to talk about it. He’s just trying to figure out what happened. Eddie says he’ll pay Brad back for the credit card, and invites himself over. Brad says he’s done with Alex, and Eddie says he’ll need help hiding the body. Brad says he’s not killing her. Eddie says that’s what needs to happen, but he’s happy to hear him say he’s done. Brad says he finally is, and it feels good. Alex lied about the DNA test, saying Doctor Raston switched the tests. He caught her in lie. Eddie asks whose baby it is. If it’s not Randal’s, it’s Lushion’s. Brad says he doesn’t think so. Eddie says let him help get answers, and Brad says, how? Eddie tells him, don’t ask. He has ways to do what he needs to. The kids are young, and need to learn death is a part of life, and their mom is a whore. He’s tired of her lying to him. They grew up together, but she lost her walk with God. He’s going to her house, and praying with her. Brad says, have fun, and Eddie says Brad knows he can track him.

Eddie walks in on Ian, putting on makeup in an examining room. He says he has to get to work. Eddie figured he’d have a whole glam squad. Ian says he gave them the day off. The makeup is an old trick his wife taught him to cover the bruises. Eddie says he’s seen Ian’s wife, and Ian asks if Eddie is stalking her.  He says Eddie is crazy and possessive, domineering. He’s dated guys like him in the past. Eddie says Ian isn’t up his alley. He likes Ian’s face more with the bruises. We flash back to him beating the sh*t out of Ian, who’s loving it. Ian says the pain is still there. Eddie presses on Ian’s face, and Ian says he’s reminded every time he smiles. Eddie says, or when he sits. He asks what Eddie’s game is. Eddie says Ian had him. He could have given Eddie over. The question is, why didn’t he? Ian says all it did was turn him on. He tells Eddie not to act like he’s not aroused. He enjoyed every moment. Eddie says, killing is like climaxing; watching the life leave the eyes. Ian asks if he’s a serial killer? Eddie says, a lady killer. Ian bets the ladies love him; big blue eyes, strong muscles. I guess batsh*t crazy means nothing. Eddie appreciates the flattery. What’s Ian’s game? Ian says he’s keeping it for the element of surprise, but trust him, it will be good. Eddie says he’ll come at Ian again, and they won’t find his remains. Ian asks if Eddie is trying to turn him on. He tells Eddie, come by the office. He has friends who want to say hi to him. Eddie thinks he’ll pass. Ian thinks they have mutual acquaintances, but Eddie says they have nothing mutual. Ian says, please, and Eddie says he’ll think about it. Ian has a press conference to get to. He asks if this is where they kiss, and Eddie tells him, get the hell out of his face. Ian says, maybe next time.

A fire truck pulls up, and Natalie looks outside. She wonders what happened, and goes out. The firemen seem to be moving pretty slow, and she gets to the shed before they do. She asks Marcie, what happened? and Marcie says, the bastard almost died. Apparently, someone locked them in there, and set it on fire. Randal says it was her, but Marcie says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Natalie asks Alex if she’s okay. The new neighbor/firefighter says she should see a doctor. Alex insists she’s fine. He tells her, at least take some oxygen, handing her the mask. She thanks him for saving her life. He introduces himself as Ben. He and Tanya just moved in. Randal says, she’s fine. Tanya asks if he’s married to Marcie, and he says they were married. Marcie says they were married. Then he screwed the whore in the shed. The door was locked, and someone set it on fire. Randal says if it wasn’t her, it was Brad. There are security cameras. He can check it when the police get there. Marcie says, do it. Tanya tells Ben that Alex said she’s fine. He needs to let others take over. Ben says, if they need anything, just call. Randal says they won’t be needing anything from Paul Bunyan. Natalie tells Tanya that she’s sorry, but Tanya says, no they are. I’m sure she’s going to tell Ben I told you so all night. Natalie wants to talk to Marcie.

At home, Randal coughs up a lung. He calls Larry. He says they know him by now; have Larry call. He leaves a message for Larry, saying he didn’t sign the papers. Larry tricked him. He coughs some more, and calls the police. He says Brad Montgomery next door tried to kill him. He needs the real police. Don’t send Lushion or Steven, and no damn Eddie. Otherwise he’s calling the FBI.

Natalie asks Marcie if she locked them in there. Marcie says they can’t prove it. Natalie says, she did it. Marcie laughs and cries, and says, possibly. She starts crying for real, and Natalie holds her. Natalie says she’s so sorry. Marcie says she hates him. He’s ruining her life. Natalie says she could have killed him. Marcie wants him to leave her alone. Natalie says, Kelly is already in trouble. Marcie doesn’t care, but Natalie says she doesn’t want go through what Kelly’s going through. Come to her house, and sit down.

Brad pulls up, and asks Natalie, what happened? Marcie tells him, take her home. Natalie suggests he get rid of her clothes; they smell like gas. She locked Alex and Randal in the shed, and set it on fire. Brad ask if they’re okay, and Marcie says, just take her home. Natalie says they had some smoke inhalation, but they’ll be fine. Alex comes toward them, but Brad says, stay away. She says she’s sorry. Brad asks if she told Randal that Marcie was pregnant. She says she did. He says, and she went in the shed with that bastard. She says, yes, and he says at least she’s capable of telling the truth. She says she loves him, but he says, go to hell. Stay away from him. He puts Marcie in the car. Alex goes inside, and Natalie walks home.

Lushion’s phone rings. It’s Natalie. She says someone locked Alex and Randal in the shed, and set it on fire. He says he didn’t hear it on the radio. He asks if they’re okay, and she says they are. He says, it’s got to stop; he means it. She asks how Kelly is, and he says he’s checking on her. He asks if Natalie has a picture of Justice. She says she might have one on her phone. He says send it to him. He hangs up, and says, unbelievable.

Lushion goes to his desk, and looks through the drawers. Eddie comes in, drinking liquor (?) out of a bottle. Is that what Lushion was looking for? He says he’s sorry. He just heard the news. Lushion says that makes two of them. He says Alex and Randal are doing just fine. Eddie pours some of the liquor onto the floor, and says, a little something for their homie, or homette. Lushion asks what the hell Eddie is talking about. Eddie says he hasn’t heard? Kelly is dead.

Next time, Marcie knows Brad knows someone who can kill Randal, Ben introduces himself to the neighbors, and Esperanza tells Eddie to get his hands off of her.

🍸 Because it’s late, and it was three back-to-back shows tonight, I’ll post about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tomorrow. The second part of If Loving You Is Wrong’s new season is also on tomorrow. Why Tyler Perry made this a marathon, I’ll never know. I love him, but he exhausts me.

📺 Some quick show news. I caught some of MasterChef Junior tonight. I love that show, and hope to see more of the season. Tonight, the kids made birthday cakes, and they were spectacular. On Mexican Dynasties, it was Mari and Fernando’s 31st anniversary. Adan also got to work with Ricky Martin’s producer. They are definitely the loudest group of people on television. That much I can tell you for sure.

🙇 Until Then…


March 14, 2019 – Another Tattoo is Revealed, Dynasty Birthday, a Top Chef is Chosen, Junior Not Happening, Joe Can’t Go Home, SyFy Sux, Tinsley Moves On & Finally


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Ava sees Doc. She says, Kevin? She slaps him, calling him an SOB, and saying he killed her daughter.

Andre sees Anna at the bar, and says, long time no see. Anna hugs him.

At the hospital, Drew tells Kim that Oscar is doing well. Terry said it will take another few hours for the tests to be done, so does she want to grab dinner? She says, no thanks, and he asks how she’s holding up. She tells him that she was thinking about how many times they moved. Each time, she tried to cozy it up and reflect what Oscar was into at the time. She was thinking, barring a miracle, this may be the last room he’ll be in. Shiloh appears, and says he doesn’t know about that. Miracles are more common than they think.

Sam is on the phone at Charlie’s. She says Daisy is the one who recruited Kristina. The way she was acting, Sam thinks the tattoo is tied to DOD. She says, a palindrome? Go ahead and explore. Kristina and Molly come in

Finn asks if Alexis would care to join him for a bite. She’d love to, but she’s meeting her girls at Charlie’s. He says she just had a dream about Julian that nearly drove her to drink. Does she think that’s wise?

Willow knocks on Chase’s door, surprising him. He thought he was picking her up at home. She was ready early, and figured she’d come to him. He says, and what? She says, and this, and kisses him.

Lulu can’t believe what Laura has been through. Laura says, what all of them have been through. The most important thing is that they’re all okay now know. Lulu says no wonder Doc was acting strangely, but now Laura’s real husband is back. They can pick up where they left off.

Chase says Willow is full of surprises. She’s just as surprised. They’ve both been busy since Valentine’s Day, and they’ve texted, but it’s not the same as seeing each other. She doesn’t want him to think she’s losing interest. He says he’s not either. He enjoys spending time with her. Since she’s early, why don’t they ditch the car and walk through the park. She likes the idea. They leave, and it starts to thunder.

Alexis tells Finn that her daughter works at Charlie’s, and the girls want to meet there. He says she’s forgetting he knows her. She asks if he’s questioning her wisdom, and he says, isn’t she? She says, always, but she’ll be fine. He says he’s not above telling her I told you so. She’s not surprised.

Andre asks how Jordan is doing, and Anna says she’s stable. She’s recovering, but will need a transplant eventually. Andre says he got tested, but he’s not a match. He’d hoped to have good news when he saw her. Jordan is so strong and active, he can’t imagine how hard it is on her. Anna says she’s determined to triumph, and will be happy to see him. He says she wanted to talk about something else that she didn’t want to discuss on the phone. He asks if it has anything to do with his memory transfer work. She says it appears she was an unwilling participant In the study that laid the groundwork for his.

Drew asks what Shiloh is doing there. He says he heard Oscar took a turn for the worse. He reached out to his DOD family, asking about alternative types of healing. Kim remembers when Daisy was there, and placed her hands on Oscar’s head. She asks if it was Reiki, and Shiloh says they don’t label it. It’s specific to their seminars, and has to do more with the power of positive thinking. He asks if there’s anything he can do. He’d like to help, given his and Drew’s history.

Molly asks about the phone call, and Sam says it’s just a case she’s working on. It’s not important. Kristina tells her not to dismiss her work so lightly, and Molly says Kristina is really getting into those self-help classes. Sam says she has no idea. Molly is glad they’re getting together, and says she’ll grab a table. Valerie comes in, and says she’s glad Kristina is still there. She was hoping to talk. Kristina says she can’t; she’s having dinner with her family. Valerie doesn’t like how it ended. It escalated quickly, and she’s sorry. They’re friends. They don’t have to agree on everything Kristina is into, and she doesn’t get DOD, if that’s okay. Kristina says, actually, it’s not.

Alexis asks how Laura is. She says they’re all fine, but wants Alexis to know that Ryan switched places with Doc on Labor Day weekend. So whatever dealings she’s had with him since then, were with Ryan.

Ava wants Doc to burn in hell. Scotty grabs her, and she says she wants him dead. He tells her, that’s Doc. Ryan is gone.

Valerie asks Kristina why they can’t make it right. Kristina isn’t sure if they can, or if she wants to invite that kind of energy into her life. She needs to be mindful about who and what she lets in. Valerie says she’s known Kristina longer than her self-help guru Shiloh. What is she talking about? Kristina says, her. She has no room in her life for people who aren’t completely supportive about what she wants in life. It’s easy to dismiss what you don’t understand. Kristina says her guru is honest above all else, and Valerie isn’t even honest with herself. Valerie says she doesn’t know what Kristina means, and Kristina says she thinks Valerie does.

Shiloh knows it’s not their cup of tea, but wants to do what he can to help. Drew saved his life, and he hasn’t repaid the debt. Kim thanks him, and says she’s seen firsthand the benefits of spiritual medicine, but they’re past that point now. Shiloh understands, and asks them to tell Oscar that he stopped by. Drew says, sure. Shiloh says he knows it must be painful for Drew not to remember his past, but the man he’s become is a man Drew should be proud of.

Andre tells Anna, when he took the project, the DVX gave him the records from the previous project. There wasn’t much. Some data, and a good serum that proved useful. All of the subjects were referred to by number. He had no idea she was one of them. Anna believes him. He wonders why she never told him before, and she says she didn’t remember; she was drugged. He asks what he can do to help. She says Cabot said some of Alex’s memories may have been transferred to her. She wants to know if that was indicated in the bios given. He says it’s been a long time. He can’t recall any details, but might have something better.

Alexis tells Laura, she only had one session. She thought he was acting weird because she was representing Laura in the divorce, then he dropped her. Laura thinks the divorce is the only reason she’s alive. Lulu says he could have killed her. Laura says, poor Ava. She has so much to sort through. Alexis says they need to discuss the divorce, and Lulu says, it can’t be valid. Alexis says it’s probably already in progress, but she’ll handle it. They’re as married as ever.

Molly tells Sam that she recognizes Kristina’s body language. She’s anxious about something. Valerie tells Kristina that she’s throwing their friendship away for a bunch of people she just met. Maybe she should reexamine her priorities. Kristina says maybe Valerie should figure it out. Valerie asks why Kristina is so insecure, but Kristina says Valerie is. She can’t have this negative energy in her life. Valerie says maybe she’s right. The friendship has been one-sided for a while. She’ll see Kristina around. Or maybe not. She walks out.

Sam asks Kristina, what happened? Kristina says, nothing. She’s just wedding out the toxic relationships in her life. If people can’t respect the choices she’s made in life, they can’t be in it. Molly says, zero tolerance If anyone annoys her? She’s glad Kristina and mom had a meeting of the minds.

Alexis suggests Laura get her lawyers and public relations people in the forefront, before the story gets out. She’ll need Laura and Doc to sign something. Laura says she has a lot going on right now. They haven’t even recovered the body yet. Alexis says to let her know, and leaves. Lulu says, now that it’s just them, why is Laura in no rush to invalidate the divorce?

Chase and Willow come back to his apartment, drenched. Chase says there’s no way he’s sitting in a restaurant soaked. She says he has his wardrobe at his disposal. He says he’ll throw her clothes in the dryer. She can help herself to whatever she finds.

Doc tells Ava to look at him. He’s Dr. Kevin Collins; not Ryan. Ava asks how she knows it’s not another game? Scotty says he talked to Kevin when she was Niagara Falls. He checked into the hospital, when Ryan went over the Falls without a barrel. Doc shows Ava his wristband. She says she’s sorry. Scotty sits her down, and Doc says he realizes it’s hard to unpack. He asks for a moment to talk. Scotty asks if he’s out of his mind, but he says, just a moment alone. Scotty says, okay, and Ava glares at him.

Lulu asks if Laura thinks Ryan survived. Laura says he didn’t die, and managed to get out of the explosion. He left the country, and worked for the DVX until his mental health deteriorated. The DVX reached out to Doc, telling him to pick him up, or they’d kill him. Lulu says, so he went to get him. Laura says he put Ryan in Ferncliff under an alias. He treated Ryan secretly for months, and Ryan eventually overpowered him and took hsi place. Lulu says, if he had notified the authorities, they would have known when he started acting so bizarre. Someone would have realized it. Laura says, none of it had to happen. She understands Doc wanting to help his brother. but the secret went horribly wrong. There was always the possibility he would escape. Because they believed he was dead, no one questioned that Doc wasn’t Doc. The worst part is that he kept it from her; for months. She doesn’t know how to deal with it. Lulu thinks they’ll work it out.

Chase builds a fire. Willow comes out in an athletic jacket worn as a mini dress. Very mini. She hands him her dress. He tells her there’s an open bottle of wine, and to help herself.

Ava hopes she didn’t hurt doc. He says he’s endured worse in the past few months. He’s sorry for what Ryan did. Laura told him how Ryan deceived her, and got her to fall in love with him. She’s hurt, and he understands. Ava says he can’t understand how she feels; what she’s been through. Doc says they’ve both been violated. Ryan came into her life under false pretenses. He stole Doc’s life; corrupted and perverted it. She’s not interested in hearing his pain or bonding over it. Amy comes by, and tells Doc that she can’t find his wife, but can help discharge him if he’s ready. He says, in a minute, please. He tells Ava to talk to someone. Not him obviously, but he can help her find someone she can trust. Ava thanks him for his concern, but opening her heart up is how she got in this mess. She has no intention of making that mistake again.

Kristina says Valerie was undermining her goals, and she had to detach. Sam says she doesn’t have to be so quick to cut someone out of her life. They’ve been friends for a while, and DOD is new to her. She has to respect that Valerie has reservations. She can’t tell Valerie how to think or feel. Kristina says she doesn’t have to respect Valerie’s reservations. Molly says she would hate if Kristina did the same thing to them if they have questions. Kristina says, they’re family; that’s different. Sam has been supportive. She looks at Sam and says she knows Sam is into self-help. Shiloh was so impressed with her, he showed her something he only shares with his prize students. The place where he had his first awaking. She’s jealous. She pretends to be joking, but we know she really is. Molly thought DOD was just volunteering and self-help. Alexis arrives, but Sam gets a text, and says it’s from a client. She has to leave. Kristina guesses the case is more than not interesting. Sam admits it’s important, and jets.

Kim punches the pillow, and Drew says he thinks it’s been fluffed within an inch of its life. He asks if it has anything to do with Shiloh. Kim says she’s a believer in alternative medicine, but she can spot a charlatan a mile away. She knows they were close at one point. Drew says he only has Shiloh’s word on that. Shiloh says he’s not the man he used to be, but clearly, neither is he.

Finn joins Anna and Andre. Anna tells Finn that Andre thinks he has something useful. Finn thought the only copy of his notes was on a flashdrive that was destroyed. Andre says he got rid of everything else regarding his project, but not Cabot’s data. He shows Finn his laptop, saying he accessed the files on his private server. Anna asks what she’s looking at. Finn says, if he’s reading correctly, the notes suggest that memories were transferred from Patient Two to Patient One. Ann says Alex and her.

Sam walks into DOD. It seems empty, and she looks around. She asks if anyone is there. Her phone dings. It’s a text, along with a picture of the tattoo sketch, saying, haven’t found anything. Are you sure your sketch is accurate? Shiloh comes out, shirtless.

Kristina says Sam has been on edge since she and Jason called it quits. Molly asks why Alexis was at the hospital: is everyone okay? Alexis says she’s fine. Molly asks if anyone is suing for malpractice, and Alexis says, no, but she supposes it could happen. Kristina says she’s talking in riddles. Alexis knows they’ve read about Ryan, but it turns out there are a few more details. He switched places with Doc last Labor Day. She went to see a serial killer for therapy, but only one session. Kristina says that’s why talk therapy isn’t the answer. Alexis should come to more group classes. Molly asks if Kristina is for real. Their mom just said she was alone with a serial killer, and Kristina turns it into a pitch for self-help. Kristina says Shiloh taught her it’s dangerous to rely on someone else for your breakthrough. People are fallible. You have to go through it on your own. Molly asks if Shiloh is infallible. Alexis – in a how about them Mets? moment – says she has a new therapist. He’s good. Kristina says she’s welcome to her own choices.

Chase tells Willow that his culinary efforts begin and end with a meal prep service. He hasn’t graduated to shopping himself, other than cereal and frozen food. She’s in the same boat. She says she can make three things. After that, it’s salad or take-out. He asks for a literal rain check, if she wants. He’d like to spend more time with her. She was worried she’d scare him off with all her baggage; how she gave up her son. Chase says she has a life. They all do. He thinks she’s brave to open up , and appreciates her confiding in him. She says she never feels like he has an agenda. He hates to disappoint her, but he does. He likes her, and wants to spend more time together as a couple, and see where things go. It’s something she wants very much. They kiss. The dryer timer goes off, and he says he’ll get her clothes.

Andre tells Finn and Anna that he sent the files to them. Anna asks how she’s going to decipher them. Finn says he can try, but like Cabot said, it’s hard to quantify memories. Obviously, the data must be somewhere. Anna wonders which memories are Alex’s and which are hers. Andre says anything that was noted in any way should be in the records, but he thinks Cabot focused on relevant data. He wouldn’t have recorded what the memory was. He would have focused on it physically affected them. Anna says it’s not just data; it defines her. Some of her memories could be lies, and she has no way of finding out which ones they are. Finn says Anna might not know, but there’s someone who does. Anna says, her sister, and he nods.

Chase says Willow’s dress is a little wrinkled. He can iron it. She says, he has an iron? He tells her the department frowns on rumpled, unkempt detectives. She thinks she can stand the shame of wrinkled clothes long enough to get home, but thanks him for offering. I’m wondering why on earth they can’t still go out to eat. Or order in. Maybe they should be going to meetings with Alexis. All they ever end up doing is drinking.

At the hospital, Amy tells Doc, there’s his wife. She’ll grab a wheelchair. She’s sure he’s anxious to get home. Doc tells Laura that they’re letting him go home. That is, if she wants him to come home. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea right now. He understands. She says she’s glad he’s feeling better, and can’t walk away fast enough.

Ava a poster on the wall with Doc’s picture on it. She rips it down and tears it up. Scotty grabs her. She says, all those months; all those lies. Her Kiki. She sinks to the floor, as Scotty holds her.

Kim tells Drew that Oscar talked to Shiloh. He knows what that means. Drew says, Oscar is looking for a miracle. He’s afraid of what happens next. Kim says, so is she. He says, him too, and holds her.

Kristina says she has to get behind the bar. Next time, her treat. When she’s gone, Alexis asks what’s on Molly’s mind. Molly says she’s been busy with school, and spending every spare minute with TJ. She hasn’t been spending time with Kristina, and had no idea she was so into DOD. Alexis says Kristina always dives in head first, at the moment when passion seizes her. She thinks it’s good for Kristina’s self-esteem. She’s cautious, but not worried, as long as Kristina isn’t hurting herself or anyone else. Molly says, let’s hope not.

Valerie sits at the bar. She flashes back to Kristina kissing her. She orders a lemon drop, and asks the bartender to be generous with the vodka.

Molly asks if she can talk to Kristina about something. She knows Kristina was distracted before dinner, and she thought their mom and Sam were dancing around the topic. What’s really going on with her and DOD? It’s way past volunteering. Kristina lives there, and it’s all she talks about. Kristina says it transformed her life. Molly says, more like took over. When has she last had an original thought or said something that didn’t originate with Shiloh. Kristina says Shiloh is a great teacher, and spiritually evolved. Molly says she’s been indoctrinated. DOD Is a cult.

Shiloh asks Sam how he can help her. She says she came to talk about Kristina. He says he’s all ears, and she asks if he can put on a shirt. He asks if it makes her uncomfortable. We see the phone behind her back, with the tattoo sketch on the screen. Are you kidding? Wouldn’t Sam have made that disappear the second he came in?

Willow gets dressed. As she pulls her dress over her head, we see she has the same tramp stamp as Daisy and Harmony.

That was a good ending. I actually made a noise when I saw Willow’s tattoo.

Tomorrow, Valentin thinks Anna is desperate, Shiloh asks Sam if she’s worried about his safety, and Sonny asks where his son is.

💃 I almost forgot. I’m still hanging with Mexican Dynasties, where this week Paulina said her brother Oscar was her soulmate. Another cast member said it was like Game of Thrones around there, and I don’t want to know. It was also Oscar’s birthday, and he decided on an S&M themed party, which he had to explain to his eighty-plus-year-old mother. He was awakened on his birthday with a mariachi band playing the Mexican version of Happy Birthday, which he took a lot better than I would have. He and sis Paulina also had their own variation of the song, called Fatale Birthday, about less than cordial birthday wishes, and it was actually pretty funny. Adan was still having angst over his decision to pass on La Voz. He seems like a big spoiled baby who is easily manipulated.

🔪 Finishing up in Macau, tonight was Top Chef’s season finale. Eric, Kelsey, and Sara started off at the MGM Theater, where they saw montages of clips from throughout the season. Then Padma came out and told them they’d be cooking the four-course meal of their lives. The other contestants returned, and the three finalists each chose two sous chefs from the group, drawing numbered knives to see what the picking order would be. They were given thirty minutes for menu planning, and three hours to shop, being allowed to place special orders. They had six hours to cook, two hours being for the first course – wherein came the twist. After the first course, only two cooks would be picked to finish the next day, and one would be packing their knives. Kelsey went with a summers in the South theme, Eric wanted to smack them in the face with flavor, and Sara combined Asian and Portuguese, and gave it a Southern touch. Unfortunately, Eric smacked himself out of the competition by burning the lotus chips, as well as the judges not being able to taste the beef. It was down to Kelsey and Sara, who decided to have dinner at a five-star Japanese restaurant in the hotel. They had an unbelievable meal, filled with sushi beyond your wildest dreams.

For the last competition, Kelsey chose softshell crab as one of her dishes. Since there is no fresh crab in Macau, I thought it might cost her. Fresh is always best. Sara had a ribeye to die for, and a slice of duck that was perfection. And I don’t like duck. One of her courses was too salty, which didn’t go over big. I totally understood, not being crazy about salt, and being that person who can eat only one potato chip. Padma congratulated the finalists, and Tom said they competed with confidence and intention, and from the heart. Graham said Kelsey’s mushrooms were out of control. I have no idea what he meant by that, but they did look good. It must have been nearly impossible to choose, but Kelsey became the new Top Chef. Sara said second place was not too bad. On Watch What Happens Live, it was also announced that Kelsey was the fan favorite. You go, Southern Girl!

🍔 MasterChef Junior started again, but you can’t watch ‘em all, so I’m not. Maybe later in the season.

🚔 Juice on Ice…

My fantasy Thanksgiving table will be a little emptier this year.


👺 SyFy Strikes Again…

Adding insult to injury after mercying Z Nation, looks like a fifth season of Channel Zero isn’t going to happen.


👠 Tinsley Is Over Men…

I’m sad that things with Scott didn’t work out. Even though I have no reason whatsoever to care.


🎯 Finally…

My first weekend feeling well in years. Okay, weeks, but it felt like years.




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March 5, 2019 – Franco Wakes Up, Wyatt Testifies, No La Voz, Deferring the Wives & Guess What Day It Is


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason tells Sam that she’s been keeping something from him. He read a book to Danny who was out cold in three minutes. She says it’s her secret weapon. There are a million toys everywhere, and she asks if he has extra time to help her clean up. He does.

Kristina brings a girl into Dawn of Day house, and introduces her to Shiloh. Her name is Bridget and she’s been living in Charlie’s parking lot for a couple of weeks. Kristina told her about the work they’re doing, and she was interested in learning more. Shiloh tells Bridget to feel free to help herself to some food. She goes to the kitchen, and he tells Kristina, well done. She says she had to help after hearing Bridget’s story; it broke her heart. Shiloh is proud of her, but she says she’s just trying to follow the tenets. He says she’s a gift to DOD and him.

Niagara Falls. Josslyn, Oscar, Cameron, and Trina enter a hotel room. Josslyn says the accommodations are courtesy of the adventure fund. Trina says, and her fake ID. Oscar says he’s stressed, since Cameron drove his car into a pothole. Cameron says he didn’t know he was supposed to brake into a skid. Oscar wanted to visit Niagara Falls, and here they are. Oscar says they’re not visiting. They’re stranded until his car is fixed tomorrow. Trina says they’re here for the night. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Elizabeth sits next to Franco, and tells him that he needs to wake up. Epiphany comes in, and asks how he’s doing. Elizabeth says, the same, and Epiphany asks her to step outside. She doesn’t want to leave, but Epiphany says she has to change his dressing; she knows the rules. She can come back soon as Epiphany is finished. She tells Elizabeth, relax, but Elizabeth says that’s not happening until Franco wakes up. Drew arrives, saying he got her text. He asks how Franco is.

Laura can’t believe they’re getting out, and Doc can’t believe it worked. Danzinger was a physicist and engineer, but Doc never imagined he could manage something so elaborate. I’d be more impressed that he did it with what? A spoon? She says they have to go to the police, but he says he’s not going with her.

Jason asks Sam if she’s sure she wants to risk it. She says cleaning up is a dangerous job, but someone has to do it. Jason says, Kristina might come by, but Sam says she’ll give her a cover story. It’s not like she’s not lying already. He laughs at all the stuff all over. She says the kids love when he comes there. She thanks him for helping, and they kiss.

Shiloh asks Kristina if there’s any word on Jason. She’s sure he’s out of the hospital; he’s pretty resilient. Shiloh hopes Jason finds peace, and gives Sam the space she needs. Kristina says she didn’t know how taxing the relationship was on Sam. Shiloh says it’s good Sam is being honest with herself. Kristina says she was convinced they were soulmates, and Shiloh suggests maybe she was naïve or misguided. Kristina sees that now, thanks to his teaching, and Sam seems to be removing herself from Jason.

Trina says they’re parent free, and should make the most of it. Josslyn says her life over; she’ll have to call her mom. Trina suggests she text, and tell Carly that she’s sleeping at Trina’s. Trina will text her mother and says she’s sleeping at Josslyn’s house. Oscar says his mom is working, so he should be good. Cameron says his mom is on his case, but as long as he’s back before he has to do community service, it should be fine. He’s glad to be away from the Franco mess.

Elizabeth says she can’t lose her husband. Epiphany is like, what? and Elizabeth says they got married. Epiphany says she’ll table her thoughts on that until later. Elizabeth knows she’s not his biggest fan. Epiphany says she’s not a fan of his crimes, but she knows Kiki loved him, and Elizabeth does, so there’s got to be something good. Elizabeth asks her, please bring him back. Epiphany says Elizabeth is the reason he has a chance to survive. She kept him alive; let them take over. Drew arrives, and asks, what happened? Elizabeth says Drew just missed Franco at the house. He came to the there, bleeding from a deep stab wound. Drew asks if he explained himself, and she says he was in and out of consciousness, but said he lied about being the killer. He swore it was Ryan Chamberlain. Drew says, that’s not possible; he’s been dead over twenty years. Chase appears and says, that’s the accepted theory, but the body was never found, so it’s possibly wrong.

Laura says Doc is coming with her, but he says he’d only slow her down. She has no idea what obstacles might be in there. She says she can’t leave; what if Ryan comes back? Doc says Ryan got her signature; what else would he need? He doesn’t want to be a burden, and tells her, just go. She says not without him, but he says their best option is for her to get help. He’ll be waiting; he’s not going anywhere. The longer Ryan is out there, he can kill. He tells her to think about Lulu and her grandchildren, and all the people in Port Charles who are counting on her to protect them. Do it for them – and us. She says she loves him, and kisses him. He loves her too, but says she has to go. He tells her, be careful, and she says she’ll be back for him. She crawls into the tunnel.

Chase says Jordan left him a message about bringing him in on a case, but never had the chance to say what it was. He has a hunch it involved Franco. Her phone was recovered, and showed a missed call listed as urgent. He and Curtis cracked the phone, and it was a voicemail from Franco, probably made after he escaped. He said Ryan Chamberlain was the killer. Elizabeth says, it doesn’t make sense, but Chase says there are too many weird coincidences. Anna even mentioned Ryan in an unrelated case. Elizabeth asks if he’s saying Ryan could still be alive.

Daisy is ready to help Shiloh with his seminar, but he says there’s been a change in plans. He’s having Kristina help with this one. She’s ready. He tells Daisy not to be upset. He needs her to set up the refreshments.

Sam tells Jason about a spaceship Danny wants to put together as a family. She told him there’s a million pieces that Scout could choke on, but he suggested they put her in a high chair, and give her the box. Jason says Danny told him about it too, but he said he’d have to talk it over with her. She doesn’t see the harm, but he says they’re supposed to be broken up. She says they’re still parents, and did agree they’d see each other as a family. She thinks why Danny pulled out every toy. He wants Jason to stay around, and for them to be together.

Daisy asks Shiloh if she’s being punished. He says he just tasked her with refreshment duties, but she says she always assists with the seminars. He says maybe it’s time to give up the reigns. Kristina is ready. She’s done a spectacular job as ambassador. Kristina says that’s because of Daisy, who showed her the ropes. Shiloh thinks Daisy’s energy is better spent proving her worth to DOD. The emails she sent Sam are of concern. She forgot what’s most important; the good that DOD has done for her. He tells Kristina, let’s get started, and Kristina follows him, leaving an obviously upset Daisy.

Jason tells Sam that Danny doesn’t understand. Sam says it’s temporary, but Jason thinks they need to be aware of the impact it’s having. Sam asks what he wants to do, and he says everything they can to reassure Danny. He thinks they should just build the spaceship as a family. If Shiloh has a problem, blame it on him. Sam asks what if Shiloh wonders why she’s not setting limits, and Jason tells her to say she’s concerned about a custody fight, and wants to keep it amicable. It’s the best thing for Danny. Sam says maybe she should bail.

Oscar and Josslyn bring in a bunch of bags of chips. Oscar says, no one is delivering because of the icy roads, so, presenting dinner. Cameron is sorry for getting them stuck, but Josslyn says they’ve agreed to make the most of the night. Trina says they’re going to give Josslyn and Oscar privacy. She and Cameron will be in the other room. She’s been looking forward alone time with Cameron, and tells him they should leave the lovebirds to themselves.

Epiphany tells Franco that she heard congratulations are in order. When he wakes up, he’d better treat Elizabeth right. He doesn’t want her for an enemy. The machine starts to beep, and she asks if he can hear her.

Chase says they can’t rule anything out until they speak to Franco. Drew asks if Chase knows what happened at Ferncliff. Chase says according to Doc’s account, Franco somehow produced a knife, and attacked him. He took the knife away, and stabbed Franco in self-defense. He had a defense wound on his hand. Elizabeth says Franco had a major stab wound. Chase says until they know otherwise, they have to assume it was self-defense. Chase leaves, and Elizabeth tells Drew, it makes no sense. She asks him to try and get ahold of Cameron. She wants to tell him before it hits the news. He says he has to call Oscar too.

Laura is out! Her face covered in soot, she goes through a door to the outside world.

Elizabeth asks if Doc said anything else. Chase says, no. They’ll have to wait until Franco wakes up to find out why he tried to kill Doc.

Sam tells Jason that Kristina is getting in deeper. She can’t just stand by. Jason says they’ll find a way to compromise, and make sure to support and reassure Danny. He’s concerned Shiloh is going not step up the pressure because of the kiss, even though she did a good job covering. She thinks he bought it. Jason says he wants to think she’s vulnerable, and Jason is possessive. He told Jason that he’s holding her back, and had to let go. She’s part of him and the DOD community, so she’s under Shiloh’s protection. Sam says she should be happy she’s making progress, but Shiloh gives her the creeps, pulling her into his flock, but it’s worse for Kristina. The sooner they get her out, the better. Jason tells her that he has to meet Carly, and they hug.

Shiloh asks Kristina if she’s ready for the next phase of enlightenment. She says she is, and he asks if that includes financially. She says her brother is lending her the money. Shiloh helped her realize she can’t accept handouts, so she’s repaying him with interest. Shiloh is glad her brother is supportive, and Kristina says he told her that he’s seen a change in her.

Daisy goes to Sam’s place. She tells Sam that it was horrible and cruel for her to exploit Sam’s past. Sam says she knows what Daisy was trying to do, and there’s no need to rehash. Daisy says she has to accept responsibility. She’s working her way back to DOD’s good graces how involve her ask forgiveness

In Trina and Cameron’s room, Cameron apologizes for the giant mess. He ruined the trip, since he was a worse driver than he thought. Trina says if she was driving, they would have gone over the falls. Cameron has to be back by tomorrow afternoon, and doesn’t like the possibility of being shipped to juvie, but that’s not what’s really bothering him. Trina says she saw the interview with Franco, and Cameron says, good times. She’s sorry his mom married Franco, and he says she fell in love with someone she made up. She can’t let go of the fantasy. He says this can’t be Trina’s idea of fun, since she’s a party girl. She’s says not really, but the reputation makes her seem cooler. He says she’s cool enough already, and she says he’s sweet. He tells her he’s flattered, but… and she says she’s not really into him. She was faking so Josslyn and Oscar could be alone. Sorry to hurt his feelings. He says he’s kind of relieved, and she says, thanks. He says he likes her, but doesn’t like her like her. They decide to watch a movie. He wants Will Farrell or Star Wars, but she wants to cry her eyes out.

Oscar didn’t know Trina was into Cameron, and Josslyn says she’s completely surprised; usually Trina tells her everything. It kind of makes sense for them to be together. She’s happy for them, and she and Oscar get alone time. He hopes they see the Falls tomorrow. It makes you realize how big the world is, and how small we are in the scheme of things. The Falls keep going no matter what. Like how the stars will be there long after they’re gone. Sometimes he forgets they’re just visitors. They’re only mortals, but maybe after we die, we understand where the beauty comes from. She asks him to let her know what he finds out, and they kiss.

Drew tells Elizabeth that he couldn’t get ahold of Cameron or Oscar. He says they’re always playing with their phones, but never answer them. Epiphany comes out, and says Franco is awake and asking for Elizabeth. Chase follows. Epiphany wants him to give them space, but he says it’s a police matter. Elizabeth tells Franco that she’s there, and asks him to open his eyes for her. He does, and asks, what happened? She says he was hurt, and he’s in the hospital. She was so scared he wouldn’t make it. He says he was too, but he had to for her because he loves her. She says she loves him too, and kisses him. Chase knows Franco has had a tough day, but he needs to ask some questions. Elizabeth asks him to go easy. Chase asks why Franco called Jordan, and does he know why he was listed as urgent? Franco says they had a plan to bait the killer, and get him to reveal himself. He’ll have to ask Jordan. She knows more; it was her plan. Chase says she was hit by a car, and she’s incapacitated. Franco says he heard that, and Chase asks, how? He says someone told him. Chase wonders if it was Doc when he visited Franco in Ferncliff.

Daisy says Sam has a lovely home, and Sam asks how Daisy knew where she lived. Daisy says Kristina told her. She’d said it was a penthouse, but she doesn’t know how Kristina gave it up. Sam says she loves the group, and Daisy says she loves it too. Sam asks if that’s why she’s accepting responsibility within the group, and Daisy says, yes. She needs to acknowledge her mistake to the person most effected. She thought it was Shiloh or Kristina. Sam is sure she and Kristina will work it out. Daisy hopes so. It’s been difficult, and she needs to deal with the consequences or she can’t move forward. She can’t reconcile with Shiloh without it. Sam says she forgives Daisy, and hugs her. Daisy offers to help Sam clean up. When she bends over, Sam sees a tramp stamp and asks what the symbol stands for.

Josslyn pulls back, and asks Oscar if it doesn’t feel weird that they’re not worried about someone walking in on them. He says yeah, but good weird. Things happen for reason. Josslyn says like them ending up there alone. He feels like they’ve been given a chance. Josslyn asks if he’s talking about what she thinks he is. Is he ready? He thinks so. She says, yes or no, and he says yes. What about her? She says, yes; now what? He says they’ll see where it goes. For some reason, this scene makes me want to cry.

Chase says Doc must have told Franco before Franco attacked him with the knife. Franco says it wasn’t his knife. Ryan tried to kill him, then stabbed his own hand to make it look like Franco hurt him. Chase says Franco didn’t attack Doc? and Franco says he didn’t attack anyone. He didn’t kill anybody. He asks if Elizabeth believes him.

Drew sees Laura, who’s telling an officer that they can’t waste time. She doesn’t need medical attention. She needs to speak to the commissioner. Drew asks if she’s okay, and what happened? She says she was trapped in Ferncliff, but found a way out. She went to the highway where the officer picked her up. She told him she knows who the killer is, but he won’t believe her.

Franco says Ryan is the killer. The highway cop sticks his head in and says he needs Chase. Epiphany gets all Epiphany on him, saying there are too many people in her patient’s rooms He says the mayor is there, and says she knows who killer is. Chase comes out, and Laura says Franco isn’t the killer. It’s Ryan Chamberlain. Chase asks if there’s proof, and she says he attacked Doc and switched places with him. Doc is still in the basement at Ferncliff. He’s blind and needs help. Chase wants confirmation, and she says to go to Doc’s office. They’ll find Ryan’s fingerprints. They have to find Ryan before he has the chance to kill again.

In the garage, Jason calls Carly, but he hears the phone ring. It’s under a car.

Daisy says the tattoo is nothing. Sam says, it’s cool, and asks what it stands for. Daisy says she has no clue. She did stupid stuff when she was younger. She was a different person. She suddenly needs to get going. Sam asks if she’s okay; she seems anxious. Daisy says she’s just excited to let Shiloh know that Sam forgave her. She’s glad they’re cool again, and hopes to see her at DOD. She jets.

Shiloh takes out his iPad. His screen saver is the tattoo symbol. He says he has big plans for Kristina’s future.

Sam sketches the tattoo symbol.

Cameron tells Trina that between Oscar and Franco, he needs to watch something to cheer him up. She says, Mary Poppins Returns it is.

Oscar sends a text, and says mission accomplished. They’re parents won’t worry, and they’re alone, until they wake up together in the morning. He takes her hand.

Drew gets a text from Oscar saying he’s sleeping at Manny’s. He needs to prep for a test.

Chase says Ryan has been confirmed as the killer. The FBI has been notified, and there’s an APB out. He tells Franco to rest; they still have stuff to go over. Franco says he has so much tell Elizabeth. She says she never thought he did it. He says he loves her, but she says she loves him more. He doesn’t think that’s possible. He just wants it over, and to come home and be with her and the boys. She kisses him.

Chase asks Laura when she last saw Ryan. She says in the basement at Ferncliff. He made her sign the divorce papers so he was free to marry Ava. She says Ava is in terrible danger. She’ll be happy to answer all of his questions on the way to Ferncliff. Doc is still there, and needs them.

In the basement at Ferncliff, Doc says wherever Laura is, he’s so sorry.

Jason sees the phone and picks it up. He sees it’s his call coming through, and makes a worried face. He yells for Carly.

Tomorrow, Oscar tells Josslyn that he loves her, Jordan wakes up, and Ava hopes not-Doc doesn’t mind starting the honeymoon tonight.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Candace wakes up in Charles’s arms. He says she needed sleep, and asks, did she dream? She says, a little bit; she saw him running. Charles says, that’s good. She tells him that she feels better today. He thought she would. It’s a new day. She asks if he stayed there, and he says, all night. He needed her as much as she needed him. She wonders why, and he says he’ll drag her down that road another day. He has to go to DC to meet with the President, and tells her this is the part where she says wants to come with him. She wants to come, but is he sure she won’t ruin it? He says she has no idea who he is. She asks him to tell her, but he says, no. Later, when she puts a ring on it. She says, it must be good, and he says that little sh*t she was doing? He had her beat. I can’t wait to find out his backstory.

Candace says, really? Now she’s really curious. Charles is curious why it took so long for her to have that moment. She’s strong and solid; a lesser woman would have broken long ago. She says, it’s embarrassing, but he says, it’s healing and cleansing. It’s not easy changing who you are, but it’s possible. She doesn’t know where to start. He thinks he does, and she asks, where? He tells her, don’t roll her eyes, but her mother. He tells her that he said don’t; she says she didn’t. He says, there’s a lot of damage there, and a lot to heal. She hears him. There’s a knock at the door, and Charles says he’s coming. He tells Candace that he’ll be done with press around seven. She says she’ll be there. Landon comes in. Charles says he knows. He has to get dressed, shower, and get in the car. He apologizes for commandeering Landon’s room, and get moving.

Landon says, so…? Candace says she’s feeling better. She tells him get out of there, but he says it’s his room, and he needs a shower. He says she looks better. Charles has a way of doing that; making her feel better. Like he does Landon. Candace says, it’s so obvious, and Landon says, his straight man crush. She sees why, and he says she’s showing her softer side. She tells him that she’s still Miss Candace, but she does feel better. It’s weird. Landon asks if it’s the sex, but she says they didn’t even have it; it’s just different. Landon hears going to the Oval with him. Charles knew she would. He just knows. She tells Landon to be honest. Does he think they’ll laugh at her, a little black girl from Savannah? He says Charles told him her sense of security was false. She asks what else he said, and Landon says she’s not a confused, crazed bitch. He didn’t believe it, but Charles knows her. As far as Washington is concerned, she’ll have them eating out of the palm of her hand, like Josephine Baker did with the French. She’s got this. And if not, lean on the gorgeous man he’d kill for a night with. He says there’s a team waiting with wardrobe. It will be fun; she’ll slay them. He tells her get out so he can shower. Geez, even I’m smiling, this is so happy. It’s that soap moment where you think everything can work out. But it never does for long.

At David’s house, Jeffrey’s phone rings. It’s Justin. He’s good, but still bruised. He can’t believe David did this to him. Jeffrey says, sorry. He feels bad about it. Justin asks if Jeffrey is coming to see him, but Jeffrey says he has to take care of his dad. Justin wants him to see place, and whines what about him? Jeffrey says he’s not burned, and Justin says he was beaten badly. Jeffrey can at least come to say hi and see the place. Jeffrey says he will later tonight; he’ll call. Justin wears me out, and I’m not even involved. Justin tells Jeffrey that he loves him, and Jeffrey says, I love you too. Madison walks through, and Jeffrey asks if he was listening. Madison says he was just having breakfast. Jeffrey says he remembers why he didn’t like Madison in school – he’s so damn nosey. Madison says he’s having a conversation loud enough to hear in the kitchen, but Jeffrey says he was whispering. Actually, it was somewhere in between, where the truth often lies. Jeffrey tells Madison not to tell his dad what he heard, and Madison says, tell him what? That Jeffrey loves him? Madison says Jeffrey needs to listen. He can’t go over there. Justin is going to try and kill him. He’s dangerous. Hear him right now. In situations like this, someone like Justin will try to hurt, manipulate, and destroy. It’s not going to end up well. Jeffrey says Justin’s not going to hurt him. Madison has said all he can say. Jeffrey says, don’t tell his father, and in another perfect soap moment, David says, don’t tell his father what? He comes downstairs, and Jeffrey says, nothing. David asks if it’s about that boy. Is Jeffrey still seeing him? Jeffrey asks if David is still seeing mom. David says Jeffrey doesn’t understand; it’s complicated. Jeffrey says, he’s smart; try him. David doesn’t want to get into that right now. He says Justin is dangerous, and Jeffrey says, so is mom. He makes valid points, except I think David has an agenda. David forbids Jeffrey to see Justin, and Jeffrey forbids David to see mom. Madison is like, I’m out of here, but David wants him to stay. Jeffrey says he’s going to his own place, if David is going be with her. David says he’s trying to protect Jeffrey, and Jeffrey asks, how? By sending some thugs to beat Justin to death? David says he was sending a message in a way Justin understands – violence. Jeffrey says maybe it’s time he sent mom a message she understands. Yeah, I think that’s the plan.

Before the grand jury, George asks Sara if she took evidence from the evidence room, and she admits she did. He asks if she gave it to Jim Cryer, and she says, yes. He asks, why? and she says Jim was blackmailing her. She did things in college that would make it so she couldn’t practice law. George asks if it was a secret, and she says, yes. He wants the jury to see exhibit A. It’s a picture of Sara in a sexual situation (I guess she did porn?), and he asks her if this is why. She says it is. He asks if he or anyone has offered her a deal to testify, and she says, no. He asks why she’s doing it, and she says she committed a crime, and she’s willing to pay for it. He thanks her, and asks them to send in the next witness – Wyatt.

Wyatt walks in like it’s a bar. George swears him in. George asks if, on the night in question, Wyatt ws involved in a motor vehicle accident. Wyatt says, yeah, and George asks him to tell the jury what happened. He says he was driving his car, and he hit a man on the street. George asks if he knew the man, and Wyatt says he found out later that it was Benny Young. After he hit Benny, he drove onto the sidewalk. He doesn’t remember, but found out he had hit a little girl. George asks how he knows, and Wyatt says he was told the night of the accident. George asks if he was under the influence, and Wyatt says, yeah. George shows the jury a picture of Lizzie, telling them this is the little girl Wyatt hit. He asks what Wyatt did after he hit her, and he says he went home to his parents. He told them He’s hit someone. George asks what his parents said, and Wyatt says they told him that they’d handle it. They covered it up. George asks, how? and Wyatt says, Veronica hid his car. Out in the hall, Jim listens in.

Jim calls David, and says they’re in trouble. He’s sitting outside the grand jury room, and Wyatt’s singing like a bird. George is after them, and they need a plan. David says he’ll make some calls, and get information. Jim needs to get his son in line. Jim knows that, and it’s going to happen as soon as Wyatt’s ass is out of that room. David asks if he’s sure Wyatt is going to walk, and Jim says, this is his immunity deal. David tells him to handle his son, and Jim says he’s on it. A woman sits on the bench next to Jim, and he tells her to get her ass out of there. She gives him a dirty look, but moves along. He tells David to call the dogs out, every last damn one. If George thinks they’re going down, he has another thing coming. They’ll take everyone down with them. Davis says George doesn’t know them. Jim wants Veronica on him. He tells David to meet him at his house, along with Veronica, and he’ll get Kathryn there too. They have to make good on this very bad deal.

Kathryn visits Hanna. She asks if she can come in. Hanna says she’s already in, and it’s her house. Kathryn says she’s so very sorry. Hanna says, he’s her son. Kathryn understands. She knows Hanna is protective. Hanna says of both her children. She can’t believe Jim would do something like that. Kathryn says she can’t excuse him for being an a-hole, but promises he won’t do it again. He knows when she’s a threat. Trust her. She holds the purse strings, and he’s mad as hell. That’s why he wants Wyatt’s money. He spent all of his on whores, and she’s his sole supporter. Plus Hanna’s daughter is making him crazed. Hanna says she’ll give Kathryn the money, but she’s not giving him nothing. As soon as Benny is better, they’re going to the bank. Kathryn tells Hanna there’s no hurry, and asks how it feels having eight million dollars. Hanna doesn’t like it; it feels scary. Kathryn says it’s got to feel good, and Hanna says, if she earned it, it might feel good. Kathryn says, speaking of earning, but Hanna says she’s not coming back to the house. Kathryn isn’t asking her to, but there’s the hotel. Jim has nothing to do with it.  Hanna likes to work and needs a job. Hanna considers it, and says, okay. Kathryn says she’ll call the manager, and set up a dog and pony show. She asks about Derrick, but Hanna’s not in the mood to talk. Kathryn wheedles it out of Hanna that she likes him. Kathryn thought she would. Hanna says she likes him a lot. He’s a good man. She got a little scared when she saw him with Veronica. Kathryn tells her just ask if it bothers her. Hanna says, whatever is supposed to be, will be revealed, and Kathryn says, ever the faithful.

Kathryn’s phone rings. It’s Jim, who says she needs to get home. She says don’t tell her what to do, and he informs her that Wyatt is testifying before a grand jury. Get her ass home; they need to talk – her, him, David, and Veronica. Kathryn hangs up, and Hanna asks if it’s bad news. Kathryn needs to go. Benny and Mitch come in. Kathryn apologizes to Benny, and tells him that his mom gave Jim quite an ass whooping. That was the best! She says Jim won’t bother him again, and leaves.

Hanna says they’ve been gone a long time, and Mitch says Benny had to be re-stitched up. Benny asks why Mitch talks so much. Mitch says all he does is help, and this is the thanks he gets. He leaves, and Benny asks if Hanna is all right. He asks what happened at the Cryer house, and she says everything she’s not proud of, but she thinks Jim knows how far she’ll go to protect her kids. She wore his ass out; her and Candace. Benny says it takes a devil to make them team up. Hanna tells him the money isn’t theirs, and they’re going to the bank first thing tomorrow. She’s not playing. The doorbell rings. It’s Derrick, and Hanna tells Benny, hush.

Derick asks if everything is okay, and Benny says, everything is fine; go home. He’s so five-years-old about this. He asks if Derrick has a home, and Hanna says they’re going to the kitchen. Derrick says Hanna sounded upset on the phone. She says she was, but she calmed down. He wants to take her out to dinner, but she says he’s spending too much money. He says he doesn’t mind, and she asks if he’s secretly rich. She tells him that she can cook, but he says Benny is there. Hanna says he just likes to bark. They joke around, and Benny comes in. He says he’s going to watch Derrick, and Hanna tells him, go upstairs. He says he’s watching Derrick, and Derrick says he knows. Benny says, don’t forget it, and heads upstairs.

As Wyatt is leaving the courthouse, a couple of guys grab him. In broad daylight. Right in front of the courthouse. They shove him in a van where Jim is waiting. Jim says he never learns, does he? He tells the driver to get them the hell out of there, and they drive off.

Veronica arrives at Kathryn’s in a magnificent black sportscar. Kathryn comes down, and Veronica says he loves what Kathryn has done with the place; it’s much brighter. Kathryn says it’s always been bright, but Veronica says it seemed darker before. Kathryn says her father’s bedroom was darker, but Veronica says she wouldn’t know about that. She asks what Kathryn did with her father’s things, and Kathryn says they’re in the basement. Kathryn asks if Veronica has seen the basement, but Veronica doesn’t know why she would have; she’s sure it’s creepy. Kathryn says, not so much; it’s just a wall of his things, and I’m like, okay, what does this have to do with anything? Is this something that will makes sense six months from now? Kathryn offers Veronica a drink or ten, but Veronica says she’s trying to stop. Kathryn calls her a brave woman, and Veronica says it’s not like she has a problem. She asks if Kathryn has heard that she and David are getting back together. Kathryn says that’s great news. Veronica says she’s supposed to be meeting him there. Does Kathryn know what it’s about. Kathryn says, apparently Wyatt testified before the grand jury about them. Veronica laughs, and says that can be problematic for them. Kathryn says, for all of them. Veronica asks if Kathryn wants her to work her Veronica lawyer magic, and Kathryn tells her to conjure her best spell. Veronica says she’ll make some phone calls, and see what she can find out. What’s up with everyone’s best contribution being making phone calls?

Jim tells Wyatt, go to his room and stay there. Wyatt asks if Jim thinks he scares him, and Jim says he’s not playing. Get the hell in his room. Wyatt says he thinks today is the day he’ll stay, and goes to the kitchen. Jim asks if David is there, and Veronica says he’s meeting her. They talk more about making phone calls, and David walks in, and sees the gang is all there. Kathryn asks how he is, and he says he’s been better. She heard the great news. Jim asks, what news? and Kathryn says David and Veronica are back together. Jim laughs and congratulates them. David’s phone rings, and he steps out of the room to take the call.

Wyatt paces in the kitchen. He goes to the basement, and yep, it’s crammed with old stuff. He tries a door, but it’s locked. He starts jonesing, saying he needs a drink. It has to be there somewhere. He opens a trunk, and digs around, finding some old guns. He takes out a shotgun, and loads it.

Next time, Madison has bad vibes about Jeffrey seeing Justin, Veronica says all of them have been indicted by the grand jury, and Benny asks Candace what’s wrong.

💃 I didn’t totally pay attention to Mexican Dynasties. It’s one of those shows that I think I like, but it’s second, maybe third, string for now. I caught some of the storyline about twenty-year-old Alan, who auditioned for La Voz, Mexico’s version of The Voice. What caught my attention was the contract requiring him to give them 50% of the profit of any music he ever made and will make in perpetuity, and also basically said they would own him for ten years. Geez, I don’t think American Idol is even that bad. And maybe it’s me, but his dad was bragging about the kid’s range, and it wasn’t all that. After an internal struggle between wanting to get his art out there, and not being a complete and total fool, Alan wisely chose to pass on that one. If nothing else, I might stay in it for the tiny chihuahua.

😴 Since I’m still recovering from my brush with death – i.e. a really nasty virus – and sadly, my best girl, my Pekingese, Juliet, went to the Rainbow Bridge last week while I was in the thick of it, I’m deferring The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills until tomorrow. When HAHN is airing, it’s on at the same time, and the Wives aren’t rerun until 11:30. Because of the above, I need some of that pesky thing called sleep.

🐫 Because Sometimes You Just Have To…




February 27, 2019 – GH Encore, Beverly Hills Does the Bahamas, Dynasties, Joe #2 Joins the Reunion, a Date With NYC, Flack Promo, & Thursday Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Was an encore episode today. I have no clue why. It took me a moment, but when I saw Franco and Kiki, I didn’t think he was out of Ferncliff and she was back from the dead. Had this been Port Charles, maybe.

So, moving on… or really, back…

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Destination: New Providence Island, Bahamas. In the limo to the hotel, Dorit suggests drinks on her terrace this evening. LVP says wouldn’t that be their terrace. LisaR thinks the hotel is Bohemian in a grand way. Everyone gets their own personal butler, and the suites are amazing. Erika’s glam squad meets her in hers. She says everyone else is too cheap to bring a glam squad because I guess it doesn’t occur to her maybe they don’t want a bunch of people waiting to pounce on them with glam tools at all times.

Dorit asks LVP if she’s happy they’re friends. LVP says right now, she’s reaping the benefits, but doesn’t know if it will last. Dorit says she’s being negative on this very positive trip. In her interview, Dorit doesn’t know what’s going on, but maybe LVP is holding a grudge about the dog even though she thought they were past it. LVP says she’s grateful to be there and have a few days respite.

Denise asks LisaR if dress is casual, but LisaR says, with these girls, it’s probably dressier, but she can wear what she wants. Teddi and Kyle have some food in their suite. Teddi says Cruz and Jagger connecting is huge, but when they disagree, Dorit won’t admit she’s wrong. Kyle says she was wrong once, and it was the worst day. Ha-ha! That was pretty funny. I’ll have to remember it.

Dorit thinks this is a good opportunity for her and LVP to connect and be together. In Dorit’s interview, she says the death of LVP’s brother has taken a profound toll, and she wants to be there for her. LVP says it’s been an exhausting few months. In her interview, Kyle says she loves LVP, and thinks she’s been through a lot. She tells Teddi that she doesn’t think LVP is over the dog thing, and Teddi is hoping they can have a real conversation, because if they start jabbing, someone might explode.

Dorit gets her hair done by her stylist, who she wasn’t too cheap to bring along. LVP thinks Dorit looks like her dog Schnookie. Now that she mentions it… LisaR arrives first. There’s a whole bar set up on the terrace with two bartenders. Erika is next, along with her 70” ponytail hair piece. Denise shows up in a tank and shorts. In her interview, she says she wasn’t expecting fancy. She packed the wrong sh*t, and learned quickly. Dorit says she’s booked an island for the next day. LVP and Kyle talk away from the others. LVP tells Kyle that she feels strange, and talks about appreciating what you have when you see how quickly you can lose it. In Kyle’s interview, she says LVP is having ups and downs, and is very emotional. She’s not the LVP Kyle knows. LVP says she looks back, and doesn’t remember one thing she argued with her brother about. In her interview, Kyle says her relationship with Kim is strained, but they’re talking. She’s still estranged from Kathy. LVP thinks they should celebrate life, family, and friends when they get a chance, and encourages Kyle to make up with her sister.

Teddi tells them when she was a kid, she used to tell the other kids she was adopted. I understand this. I would have done it too, but unfortunately, my family members all look way too much alike. Denise says she embarrasses her kids on a regular basis. LisaR joins LVP and Kyle. LVP says they were talking about life and its challenges. It’s why they drink. Butler Elvis is bringing his cat for LVP to cuddle with tonight. Kyle says she should find out if Dorit is allergic, but maybe she’s just allergic to dogs. LVP refuses to talk about it. In her interview, LVP says, bringing it up is just stirring the sh*t. The dog sh*t. She doesn’t believe there was any malintent on Dorit’s part.

Denise checks on her kids, but knows the girls are safe with Aaron. He’ll get them to school on time and feed them. LisaR sniffs around for the dog fiasco information, no pun intended. Teddi gives her a capsulized version. LisaR asks what part she’s playing. LVP gave her the information, but doesn’t want take responsibility. She set them up. In LisaR’s interview, she says, it’s a set up to make Dorit look bad. LVP wants to punish her about the dog. She can’t do it, so she’s having them do it, and she’ll say it’s not her fault. If she’d just asked Dorit why, and said she was mad, it would have been done. Now, it’s like high school. In her interview, Teddi thought her relationship with LVP was good, but no one likes to be set up or lied to. Kyle doesn’t want to rock the boat, which is what she’s best at.

They set off for the private island, Long Cay. Dorit says they can go swimming, have a massage, and own the Bahamas. We find out it’s where Denise did her Playboy shoot. That time, she brought her parents and daughter, so this trip is very different. Yet another butler welcomes them. Dorit says, nothing but the best and first class. If you’re going to do it, do it right. Said by a rich person who can’t fathom just doing it any way you can. LVP and Denise get a massage. The others hang out on the beach. Everyone freaks over a jellyfish. Erika tells them, no one got bit; quit ruining her vacation.

LVP thinks it’s great that Denise’s adopted daughter is close to her sisters. Denise is glad she adopted her. LVP talks about Max having had a lot of questions just a few years ago. In her interview, Denise says after the divorce, she decided to adopt. She tells LVP it’s difficult on playdates because her daughter can only say a few words. A chromosome disorder is causing delays. LVP says it must be rewarding, but challenging. Since Denise’s mom passed away (sadly, at 53) before the adoption happened, Denise knew her mom would send her the right son or daughter. Denise wonders if they should join the others. LVP says the others are quiet, and it’s making her nervous.

They find the ladies drinking on the sandbar. Denise goes into the water, while LVP stays on the beach. After a while, she says mommy wants them to get out so she can dry them off for lunch. A beautiful lunch under a gazebo. I guess she’s gone back to being a huge sh*t stirrer, since LisaR claims that Dorit told her whatever needs to be said will be taken care of at lunch, and Dorit looks a little surprised. In her interview, her excuse is that there is stuff not being said. So I guess it’s her job to fix that. She’s really starting to irritate me. Kyle says she’s having a good time. LisaR says she can go either way. I guess it depends on which way the sh*t is being stirred, and if it’s her stirring it. Camille thinks they can move forward. Dorit says she and Teddi have their differences, but their children bonded, so she feels better about the situation. Teddi agrees. Erika says she’s having a great time, and LVP is happy to be among friends who are supportive, but it’s making her emotional. In LVP’s interview, she tells us that Erika sent her a couple of lines of condolence after her brother died, but she wishes Erika had called. Erika thought it was the best way to convey her sympathy, but LVP felt she was distant. Erika says she’s sorry LVP feels that way, but it wasn’t her heart. In her interview, Erika says that when LVP’s brother passed away, she wasn’t comfortable calling, so she wrote it out. She’s never known anyone who felt a condolence note wasn’t good enough. She tells LVP, sorry it wasn’t good enough for her. In LisaR’s interview, she wonders who criticizes a sympathy card, but no one teaches you how to go through the grieving process. Oh gee, thanks for the slack. At this point, I just wish they’d get off LVP’s jock. LVP suggests they move on. Erika says, don’t bring it up again, and they can, but she’ll defend herself to the effing bone. She tells LVP, don’t make her out to be the bad guy. In her interview, Erika says if LVP thought she was cold before, hell has now frozen over. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m sick or what, but I’m disliking a lot of these women tonight.

Erika says she would have loved to connect with LVP privately, but here they are. Then this same genius says LVP seems sad. Seriously, did she lose a few marbles in the water or is that ponytail too tight? She says she thought LVP would want peace and quiet. In LVP’s interview, she says the other ladies sent flowers, and she’d hoped she and Erika were closer than that and could have talked. Kyle thinks LVP is brave, and supports her. LVP gets weepy, and tells them to stop. She just wants to enjoy the moment. She says she loves Erika, and Erika did nothing wrong. Denise – who’s about ready to ask, how about them Mets? – thanks Dorit for inviting her. Erika wants Denise to give her a Bond girl moment. In her interview, Denise says she didn’t come out of the water, but should have; it would have been a sexy shot. She gets in, and they take a video of her walking onto the beach. After that, it’s time to go back.

LVP feels like an idiot, being emotional. Denise is sweating bullets over what to wear. Kyle helps Teddi put lashes on. LisaR says her butler had a bubble bath with rose petals ready for her. She doesn’t understand what happened with Erika, so Erika shows her a copy of the sympathy note, saying it’s always important to have an insurance policy when dealing with someone slippery. She knew there would be an issue. Funny how LisaR keeps saying she doesn’t understand and needs to know, and then faults LVP because the people she’s pumping for information give it to her.

The ladies go to a restaurant for dinner. They discuss names, and Kyle explains she was named after football player Kyle Rote. Her parents thought they were having a boy. Teddi says she was supposed to be Baby Doll. It was that or Teddi Joe. Since her father was thankfully on the road, her mother chose Teddi. Seriously, John Mellencamp? You would name your girl child Baby Doll and subject them to a life of ridicule? And which Baby Doll would this be? The one from the Tennessee Williams’ play or Suckerpunch? Kyle is feeling weird because of the conversations about the dog. Dorit says she thought she and LVP resolved it. Teddi tells her about John prancing the dog out when she and Kyle were at Vanderpump Dogs. In Teddi’s interview, she says she and John have a relationship, and thinks he was told to tell her about it. She thinks it’s a pattern. LVP likes to make her friends look bad, but keep her hands clean. Kyle thinks LVP should have protected Dorit, but can’t control her employees. If Dorit had handled it properly in the first place, there wouldn’t be this scene. Dorit claims she thought the dog was going to a wonderful home, and makes sure to remind everyone that it bit her kids. Denise can’t follow this at all, and has no idea what thee bitches are talking about. I might note, she does not dig for any further information either, because she knows it’s not her business. LVP says the dog ended up in a shelter, but Erika says Dorit didn’t give it to the shelter. No one said she did, but she was supposed to contact LVP first before the dog went anywhere, and that’s the bottom line. Most breeders also have that in the contract. Should you no longer be able to care for the dog, they reserve the right for the dog to be returned to them. It’s honestly a wonder some of these women got to where they are, since they’re such idiots. LisaR says the information would be out there if LVP didn’t want it to be. It sounds like a set up. LisaR is worried about LVP; she’s slipping. LVP says she doesn’t believe for a second that Dorit is guilty of giving the dog to the shelter. She thought it would be okay, but should have given it to her. Dorit gets emotional, and LisaR hugs her. LVP asks why she’s upset, and the ladies gather around Dorit because we’re five. In her interview, Kyle says she loves LVP, but thinks she wants to punish Dorit and protect their relationship at the same time. Her employee shouldn’t have said anything. LVP agrees with that, but didn’t know Teddi would be gossiping. Teddi tells her not to turn it around. It’s how they were told. Dorit says it’s like there was an agenda. Teddi says she doesn’t want to be a scapegoat. In her interview, LVP says they don’t know WTF they’re talking about. She’s annoyed that her integrity is being questioned, and would rather have stayed home and gotten a root canal. Maybe Teddi’s parents should have gone with just Baby, since she wants to call it a night, and leaves the table.

I’m seriously steamed about this dog debacle. Not at Dorit, and not at LVP, who can do no wrong, but occasionally has a slip. It’s with Teddi, Kyle, and LisaR, who seem to be the ones keeping it going. Maybe John – who, it was made clear, was very pissed about this – should have kept his opinion to himself, but there were a few things Teddi could have done. One was tell him to keep it to himself. Why did she listen in the first place? Obviously she was interested, so barring that, she could have kept her opinion to herself. Ditto Kyle, who even keeps making jokes about it. But the worst one of all is the Wicked Witch of Rinna, gleefully rubbing her hands in the background as she stirs the pot. Even if LVP’s idea was for the other two to get the information out there, do they not have minds of their own? Teddi, Kyle, dudes, no one held a gun to your heads, making you listen or pass anything along. So if anyone is paving the way for a problem with Dorit, it’s you. I’m sure LisaR would say that’s exactly what LVP wants me to think, but again, these chicks aren’t five, fifteen, or even close to twenty-five. If it’s that easy to manipulate them, I’d like a signed blank check please.

Next time, snorkeling, spinning, Teddi insists LVP gave instructions to John, and Ken shows LVP some incriminating texts.

💃 I also watched Mexican Dynasties last night. I’m already in love with the chihuahua, whose name is Taco or Nacho or something (Sancho? Fred?), but my jury is still out on the people. I don’t mind how colorful, loud, and out there they are – hell, that’s why I was watching – but I got that we’re better than you vibe, which is a no for me, so we’ll see.

🍷 On Part Two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, we started with Teresa grabbing Andy’s cards to throw them at Jackie, but Andy grabbing them back. Too bad. Although even funnier was Jackie reminding Teresa that she was on parole, to which Teresa responded by calling Jackie a white trash bitch. Jackie also talked about her parents having been on house arrest, but not together. Apparently, they would have been at each other’s throats. This actually left me with more questions than answers. New girl Jennifer’s opulence was discussed, and she might have sixteen bathrooms, but we found out she only has one that’s her go-to. Literally. We also discovered there are ways to find out if the shoe fits before a Turkish arranged marriage, although Jennifer felt it was all in the kiss anyway, and I agree. Andy actually used the word canoodling when referring to tabloid articles about Teresa stepping out on Joe #1. Melissa still hasn’t found another sister, and Teresa griped that Melissa had a sister there already, and was sitting on the wrong side of the couch. Like she made the seating arrangements. This caused Melissa to eventually say, no wonder she was looking for another sister; she needs back-up. What it really looks like is that Teresa is jealous of her relationship with Jackie.

Delores had a moment of honesty when she said Teresa was still stewing about what Jackie had said about Joe #1. Joe #2 joined the group, and was the voice of reason to no avail. There was a Memory Lane of clips with Juicy Joe and the family. Even I feel bad about the kids. Teresa hoped it wasn’t a decision she’d have to make, but admitted she wasn’t moving her kids to another country if Joe was deported. On Watch What Happens Live, Andy claimed he was shocked to hear it, but I wasn’t. I never once thought she was hauling ass to Italy. I’m more shocked (and sad) that I don’t like Teresa very much anymore. For someone who has been through so much and accomplished so much, she’s even hostile about a compliment or a joke. Maybe Joe #2’s suggestion that she use that thing in her drawer (i.e. the Rabbit) more often is a good one. Next time, the other guys and Danielle join the group.

⚠ Best line of the night, said by Joe #2: Shut up both of you; stick a knife in my effin’ eye.

🗽 Next Wednesday, March 6th, The Real Housewives of New York City will begin their new season at 9 pm.

🌟 More Proof Stars Are Just Like Us…

But only if we’re a-holes. And also a promo for Anna Paquin‘s new show, Flack.


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