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February 10, 2019 – The Whispering Begins, Riding Again, the Dogs Are Fine, Bye-Bye Danai & a Thrill


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Michonne’s voice tells us that Rick’s vision lives on. The communities must reunite face a brutal enemy who walks with the dead, and whispers.

Everything is at a standstill. Dog barks. Eugene freaks. Aaron takes the knife out of Jesus. Daryl pikes a few zombies. They go back behind the gate, dragging Jesus with them. zombies clamor at the gate. One undoes the bolt holding it shut.

Negan goes upstairs and outside. He marvels at fresh air, and smiles. He eats a tomato. He picks up a shovel, and goes into a house. He goes to a bedroom, and sees a child’s drawing of their family above the bed. He sees a compass hanging from a lanyard on the bedpost, and takes it.

After changing his clothes, Negan goes back out. He starts to climb the fence, and Judith says she thought he was smarter than this. She guesses not. She has a gun aimed at him, but he says she’s not going to shoot him. She says, yeah, she will. He tells her that he’s not going back, so pull the trigger. He suggests how about they go their own ways, and never see each other again. She says, how about no? He gets back down. How embarrassing for him. He says when her parents locked him up, they said he’d help people see things can change, and they did for everyone but him. Alexandria is a wonderland, but his part is full of walls and bed pans. Judith says her mom decides, not her, but he says she can. She’s not letting him go; she’s just not seeing him leave. She says there’s nothing out there for him; for anyone. He says she knows him better than anyone has in a long time. He promises he’s not hurting anyone – even if they try to hurt him – but he has to go. She lowers the gun, and he thanks her. She asks if he was in her room. He shows her the compass, and asks if she wants it back. She tells him, keep it. It will help him find his way. She says if she sees him again, she’ll shoot. He smiles, and says he would. He climbs over the fence and out.

Luke walks around. Alden says Michonne and the others have only been gone a few hours, but the rest of the group is concerned. He suggests two two-person teams. Tara says, no risks. Luke asks if they need an extra hand – he has two. He wants to do his part. Alden says Luke can ride with him.

Michonne, Daryl, and Aaron head back, along with Magna’s group. Daryl and Aaron carry Jesus. Michonne says it will mean a lot to them, bringing him back. Daryl is sorry he couldn’t find Rick for her. She’s sorry she couldn’t do it for the both of them. She thanks him for trying, and for after.

Aaron doesn’t think they should be out there. Eugene says it’s his fault, but Aaron says Rick wanted to be out there. Maybe what happened was bound to happen. Dog barks. They see zombies and follow.

Zombies amble through a covered bridge. Daryl aims his crossbow, and hits one in the leg; then gets it in the head. The other zombies jump on it, feeding. Another zombie pulls out a knife, and goes after Michonne. A third drops to her knees in front of Daryl. He removes her mask, and she says, please don’t kill me. Michonne says, how many? and she says they killed them all. It’s just her. Michonne doesn’t believe her, and holds the katana to her throat. Daryl says they have no time; they’ll take her with them. He pulls her up. Michonne says if she tries anything, she won’t have to pretend.

Negan is pretty tickled to be out. He sits in a rusted, burned out van, having a snack. A presses against the windows, and he whacks it with the shovel. That’s not good enough, so he cracks its head open. A decomposed, crispy critter zombie grabs at him from a truck bed. It slithers after him, and he finishes it off. He goes to a stream, drinks some water, then gets sick. I was just thinking the water in there can’t be good to drink, what with corpses everywhere and all. He leaves his jacket, and continues on.

Michonne and the others get back to Hilltop. Michonne leads the prisoner in. Jesus’s body is draped over a horse. Everyone looks grim. Siddiq runs to them. Aaron hugs Tara. Jesus is taken off the horse.

A woman asks Tara if the prisoner did it. She says no; one of her people. The woman says the people are looking to Tara. They’re going to want justice, and when the time comes, they’ll look to her for that too. Tara says she knows.

Daryl tosses the prisoner into the pokey. Henry asks, what’s going on? Daryl says, Jesus is dead. The prisoner is plopped on a chair, and Michonne says, no more bullsh*t.

Negan wanders around in an old shopping area, and goes into a clothing store. He knocks the shovel on the wall to find out if anyone is in there. It seems to be empty, and he goes through the store. He finds a flashlight, and gets it working. It’s creepy. There are mannequins everywhere, and a dead guy slumped against the wall. Negan checks out the sale racks. and puts on a jacket.

He hears growling, and a pack of dogs comes in. They go after him, and he makes a mad dash to the back of the store. He climbs up where they can’t see him, but they’re smart dogs and they’re looking hard. Aw, a Pitbull like Spuds. Negan runs to an exit, but the door is jammed. One of the dogs is almost on him, and somehow, he gets the door open, but there’s a zombie right there in his face. He shoves the zombie inside, and slams the door shut. We don’t see it, but it sounds like the dog got eaten. This was of much discussion on Talking Dead, with Jeffrey Dean Morgan assuring viewers that no dogs were harmed. (See below.) Speaking of dogs, why is this the first time we’ve seen dogs in ten years? Were they hiding until they thought it was safe? And why aren’t there more birds other than those symbolic crows?

Luke talks to Alden about singing at the fair. Alden says he’s been known to sing when he has enough drink in him. Luke says they’ll knock them dead at the fair; a two man band. Luke sees an arrow in a tree. He takes it out, and says it’s Yumiko’s. He sees another, and takes that one out. A zombie toddles up, and as Luke is about to pike it with the arrow, another grabs his pant leg, and he falls. Alden uses an arrow like a javelin, and Luke kicks the other zombie away. He tells Alden, a two-man band, and a symphony of awesome; think about it. Luke sees another arrow, and thinks it’s a trail. Alden says they could be stray shots, but Luke says if the arrows lead to their people, Alden is singing at the fair.

Alden looks through binoculars. They see a horde in the distance. Luke says it’s Alden’s call. Go back or keep going.

Michonne asks the prisoner, how many more, but she insists they’re all dead. They were her family, and they’re dead. Michonne tells her, stop, and asks her name. She says, none of them have names. That’s not how it works. Daryl asks why they wear the skins. She says, they were good people. It’s what they did to live. All they wanted to do was live. They wouldn’t understand. Michonne says, make them understand. She asks if they were made do it, and the prisoner says they were just trying see if they were good people too. They attacked them, and now they’re all dead. She doesn’t have anyone. Michonne asks what her group knows about them. Did they know about Alexandria? The prisoner says they didn’t tell her anything, and asks them to leave her alone. She cries, and Daryl and Michonne go outside. He says he’ll get it out of her. He’ll try again in the morning. Michonne says it will be without her. She’s taking her people back. They might not know about the new enemy, and she can’t risk it. He thanks her for being there and helping. Tara guesses it’s her call now. Michonne tells Daryl that keeping the prisoner there is a risk; they both know that. Daryl says he’ll get her to talk, and Michonne says if she doesn’t, he knows what he has to do.

Siddiq tells Eugene it’s not so bad, and Eugene says, says him. Siddiq says, a few weeks light compression, and he’ll be good as new. He tells Rosita that he was scares she wouldn’t make it. He’s torn up about Jesus, but a quick twist, and it could have been him. He takes her hand, and tells her they don’t talk about what’s nearest and dearest, and then time goes by. He’s done playing the losing game. She jets outside, and gets sick. Siddiq asks if she’s okay. He says her body has been through a lot. She says, it’s not that. When they were having fun, before Gabriel. She’s pregnant. Eugene hears them talking. Didn’t see that coming.

Daryl sits outside with Henry, who asks if getting drunk always makes you feel bad. Daryl says, no; acting stupid does. What was he thinking? Henry says, he wasn’t. The fresh air is helping though. Daryl tells him, another two minutes, and he’s back in. He has one more night. Henry says he’s sorry. He wants to find his place. He knew where was at the Kingdom. Who is he here?

Negan continues his trek. He gets to the Sanctuary, and says, home, sweet home. He goes inside, and whistles. He looks out over the warehouse floor, and it’s a mess. Kind of like when Little Edie came back to Grey Gardens.

Negan busts an opening through a wall. Behind it is a motorcycle. He hears a noise, and sees a zombie behind a door. He says, big Ritchie, that you? Loyal to the end. The zombie presses against the glass, and Negan smiles.

Aaron, who is looking more Amish by the day, helps Michonne pack up her truck. He asks if she’s all right. He says they have everything they need at Alexandria, and everything they need there. They should take care of what they have, and each other. He’s sorry he didn’t get that until now. She’s sorry too – for everything.

Daryl tells Michonne that he thinks Luke and Alden should be back by now. She says it could be something or nothing. She tells him that he knows what he needs to do about the prisoner. He ask why it’s up to him, and she says he’s the best damn judge of character she knows. Without Jesus or Maggie, they need him. Tara is smart, but she shouldn’t do it alone. Bringing Jesus back will help them move on. After that, it’s about doing whatever it takes to not bear anymore. He says, aight.

Negan looks at a dead plant. Big Richie makes a lot of noise. Negan sits at the boardroom table, alone, and says, well, sh*t. He straightens up, and moves things around. He sits on a couch, looking really sad. He hears something, picks up pole, and looks out back, where a few zombies are wandering around. He goes out.

Negan says, damn, Big Richie. He thought they had something special going on. The other zombies turn toward him, and one by one, he whacks them in the head. Big Richie is behind a fence. Negan leaves him, and goes back inside, blockading the door.

He looks at the compass, seeing the initials JG engraved on the back. He half-smiles. He lets Big Richie in, says, sorry it just ain’t working out, and dispatches him.

Jesus’s coffin is nailed shut. It’s pretty fancy.

Daryl asks the prisoner, who are you? She looks terrified, and he asks if she wants to die. Henry says, what’s his problem? and Daryl says their people just buried a good man. They’re ready to string her up. He’ll drag her ass up the steps. He asks how many are in her group. She says she told him, and he pulls her up. She says, ten, and he asks why they wear the skins. She tells him, to blend in. He asks her name, and she says they have no names. They had names once, but don’t use them. He asks how long they’ve been around there, but she doesn’t know. They moved around with the dead. The skins made the dead leave them alone, yet they were never alone. They protected each other. He asks if they have a camp, or walls, but she says, walls don’t keep you safe. Places like this don’t make it. She and her mom saw it happen over and over. She barely remembers the world before, but mom said it was changing, and they had to change with it. They needed the dead to keep safe. He asks, why kill other people? and she says they were always going to kill them. It’s what people do. Everyone is a threat; it’s us or them. He asks how many people are in her group, and she says, it’s the truth. It’s just her mom left, and she’s a good person. She begs Daryl not to look for her. She’s one woman, out there alone. Daryl says he thought she said they were never alone. She says her mom got separated, and he calls her a liar. He told her what going to happen. He starts dragging her out. She begs him not to, and Henry tells him, stop. Daryl drops her, and she scoots back to the wall in her cell. He locks the door, and says he told Henry, sit still and be quiet. Henry says, she’s just a girl, but Daryl tells him to wise his ass up. As he leaves, Henry calls after him, but Daryl doesn’t come back.

The prisoner thanks Henry. He says he had to. He couldn’t let Daryl do what he was going to. He introduces himself, and she says her name is Lydia. Daryl listens outside the window.

Negan rides on his bike. Judith shoots the tire out, and he falls. He tells her slow down. He knows she said she’d shoot him, but damn. She says a lot of people are out looking for him. She says she told him nothing was out there. He says she sure as sh*t did. She tells him, language. I’m a kid a-hole. He says he swears in front of his friends; people who know some sh*t. He give her the compass, and thanks her for letting him borrow it. She takes it, and he says she was right. He got a good look outside, and there’s nothing there for him anymore. She says, so he goes back; then what? He says he’ll let her know what he knows. She shrugs, and walks away, He follows.

Enid and Magna look out over Hilltop. Enid says Magna is one of them now. It’s good to have them. Magna asks what brought Enid there. Enid says, Alden. She doesn’t know what to call what they have; it’s all so new. Magna says she has one of those. She tells Enid, Luke’s a survivor. Alden’s in good hands.

Luke says Alden had better warm up his vocal chords. Alden says we’ll see. A zombie comes toward them, and Luke says he has it. The zombie stops, and they’re weirded out. They now see other zombies standing silently, surrounding them. A zombie strides up to them, pointing a double-barrel shotgun at them, saying hands where she can see them. It’s Alpha, aka Lydia’s mother. (They don’t say this, but at this point, it’s common knowledge.)

Next week, Lydia says they will never be okay again. Alexandria will fall like every other place. She tells Daryl not to mess with her mom, and when he asks where her mom is, she tells him be glad he doesn’t know.

🚴 Norman Reedus is back with Ride, along with his sometimes sidekick, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I didn’t think this would be my type of show, but I love it. The season premiere brought them to London, and they also visited areas of the English countryside. Stopping at a pig and goat farm, they picked pigs for a race, and Norman’s pig, Rachel – named for the Friends character – won. It was adorable to hear them talk about how cute the goats were. I loved when Norman compared the pub they went to, to The Slaughtered Lamb in American Werewolf in London (one of my favorite movies). They also went to Stonehenge, where the guide assured us the stones had nothing to do with aliens, and the winter solstice is the key. A meet-up with Andrew Lincoln, who served crumpets, rounded out the show. Even if you’re not into travel or motorcycles, this show has a little bit of everything, and something for everyone. It’s lighthearted, but you still learn a lot.

🐶 No Animals Were Harmed…

Jeffrey swears.


👋 You Probably Know Already…

But just in case you didn’t. Is this the beginning of the end of TWD? Lauren Cohan (Maggie) has already jumped show too. They’re going to be paying Norman Reedus (Daryl) a skabillion dollars an episode to keep him.


👹 In Keeping With the Spirit…

I remember watching this on a big screen in the lounge area on the third floor of Danceteria. Good times…