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November 11, 2015 — Last Night’s Loving, GH & LA Listings


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)

If Loving You Is Wrong

When the show starts, one of my dogs makes a loud snoring sound. I’m not sure if this is a comment on my choice of programming.

The kids are badgering Brad. They ask when their mother is coming home, and question him about leaving them alone in the house. He says he was next door talking to Marcie, but the kids are smarter than that, saying they know their parents aren’t talking to Marcie and Randal. They know something is wrong. Eddie comes busting in, and tries to order the kids around, but Brad drags him outside where he still gets way too loud, shouting about Randal being the father of Alex’s baby. He pretty much offers to murder Randal.

Mama Louise has made a meal for Marcie. She says she’s going home tomorrow and Marcie hugs her. Marcie asks how she’s going to get over it and Louise says, “Time,” but adds some people never get over it. Marcie says it’s been a while already and Louise says that she must love Randal because she wanted to hurt him so badly. She gives a mini speech about love and hate. Marcie says she feels humiliated and embarrassed about sleeping with Brad. Louise says she needs to stop drinking. Louise says it’s a bad idea to be a chronic drunk when you have a huge problem on your hands.

Eddie is sitting in a truck outside the strip mall. Ben approaches and tells Eddie that he can’t get Pete to come out to meet him. For whatever stupid reason, Ben has his girlfriend with him, and Eddie gets unnecessarily insulting to her. Eddie gives him some pills, says he’s getting out of there, and tomorrow Pete is dead (“Dead! Do you hear me?” Yes, we get it.)

Pete is once again trying to look at that stupid video. New girl Claudia interrupts him. He can’t catch a break with that thing. She gets some coffee and he sees some stuff that I have no idea what it is. Why the blip does he want to do this in the middle of the precinct? It’s hard to sneak around in a room full of people. Ben comes in and Claudia says she’s sorry, and that she saw part of the tape. I get it. It’s the tape of Ben getting shot and not by his own hand as he claimed.

Ben calls Eddie and tells him Pete saw the video. He tells him that Claudia saw it too. Now Eddie is going to come back to work and kicks whatever girl he’s with out of bed. He just constantly barks orders at everyone and he’s getting on my nerves.

Natalie drops by Kelly’s office. Kelly tells her that it’s going to be difficult for her to get a loan, but if she applies with Lucien, they can definitely get it. Kelly has a lot of good things to say about Lucien. Natalie is startled at how much money he has in the bank. Kelly asks if Natalie filled out the forms and signed his name. Natalie says yes, and Kelly is like, you can’t do that, that she can get fired. Natalie is insistent about wanting to know where Lucian got $250K.

Ben approaches Pete at work and wants to know why Pete is so distant. Pete says he’s just busy and to get lost. Uh-oh. Eddie walks in. It annoys me just looking at him. He stops Pete from leaving the room. Eddie wants the video. Pete plays stupid, but he’s not fooling Eddie. Pete keeps saying he doesn’t know what Eddie is talking about. Eddie gets all In his face and he tells him to open his locker or die. Pete says he’s going to the captain. Eddie says if he does, he won’t live one day on the streets. His face looks crazy and he says he gets off on shooting people.

Damn. This kid still stands his ground. Eddie starts slamming him around when Lucien walks in. Lucien wants to know why Eddie isn’t still convalescing, and Eddie says he was released, and woo-hoo, they’ll be riding together again.

After Eddie leaves, Lucien asks what’s up and Pete says Eddie is just being a dick. Lucien knows there’s more to it than that. Pete is practically crying and wants to know why Lucien can’t be his partner anymore. Lucien says he has to ride with Eddie because they were originally partners. Lucien tries again to get the truth from Pete, but for whatever reason, Pete won’t tell him.

Ramsey is out mowing the lawn, shirtless, and Kelly can’t help but notice. Me too. He’s feeling pretty badly about the loss of his mother, and Kelly invites him in. He says he’s all sweaty, and she says the sweatier the better. Not really, but I know she’s thinking it.

Alex wants to get out of the hospital, but the doctor says her blood pressure still needs to be monitored. She says Alex has to keep her stress level down. Alex says she’ll try. The doctor says on the upside, the baby is doing great.

Brad confuses all of us by showing up with flowers. He asks for a moment alone, and the doctor says no, since the monitor shows Alex’s blood pressure going through the roof. The doctor says he must be trying to torture her to death and he should be ashamed of himself. Brad says Alex should be ashamed and she says she is. He says he has a big surprise for her when she gets home, and I’m wondering why the doctor would even discharge her in his care.

Ramsey wants Kelly to call Marcie about selling the house. She says it’s probably not the best time, but calls anyway. When Marcie answers, she explains and puts Ramsey on the phone.

At the burger place Faun comes in to pick up the register bag. She tries to flirt with Joey, and he pretends not to care. Faun tries to kiss him in an employee room, but he says some other time because he doesn’t need grief from his mother. They kiss good-by and he tells her to be careful with the money, which is like telling us something is going to happen.

Yep, the drug dealer guys are outside watching. Juan tells (another) Randal that she goes to 17 locations and it’s a lot of money. Randal says that if Juan doesn’t get the money he owes him, he’s dead.

Louise says she thinks Randal is becoming a new man. Marcie chokes on her coffee. Randal is outside, staring at the shed, thinking of good times there with Alex. He actually looks like he’s out of his mind. Marcie has to go to work selling Ramsey’s house. There’s some chatting between Marcie and Louise, when all of a sudden, Randal comes in and grabs Marcie by the hair and pulls her to the ground. Whoa.

General Hospital

I had an extended lunch with a friend today, so I had to DVR this and give you a condensed version.

The first thing I see is Sonny dropping a coffee pot and I laugh.

Dante and Sonny talk. Sonny is totally pissed at Carly for not being at his beck and call. Carly visits Jason and wants him to talk to Sonny, since obviously she’s not getting anywhere. Jason acts like he’s all busy (with what? it’s not like he has to go to work – or on the honeymoon) and she asks him to do it for her.

Nina wants to get a job because she thinks it will be fun and I think she should go back to Shadybrook. She wants to be a fashion editor and contribute to society. While she is wearing a fabulous dress, I have my doubts that being a fashion editor is a contribution to anything except magazines. Mushy stuff between her and Franco.

Boring stuff with Julian and Alexis. Julian is having tax problems, and owes a bunch of money.

Sonny keeps acting like an idiot, telling Dante that Carly thought “Jake’s“ (will the quotation marks ever end?) wedding was more important than him. I refrain from throwing a brick at the TV. Only because I don’t have one. Dante says Sonny will get Avery back and he’ll get Lulu back because he lives in a dream world.

Lulu tells Laura about the sizzle reel debacle, and asks her to watch Rocco because she doesn’t want to be there when Dante comes to see him. Laura is like wtf? and Lulu starts crying and asking why, why, why?

Maxie gets on Dillon’s case. She tells him skywriting would have been a better idea than what he did, although she probably would have done the same thing. She tells him the fundraising was a success and they have to find a new place to film. He says he’s abandoning the project because he’s a big baby. Maxie says the mantra of GH – what about me?

Obrecht shows up at Nina’s place. Nina leaves for her job interview. Franco wants his hospital job as an art therapist back. Obrecht is fine with that, but she says he has to go through a psychological interview due to new rules.

Laura tells Lulu to take some time and gives her props for putting Rocco first.

Carly drags Jason’s ass to Sonny, who immediately acts like big baby number two, not listening to her. Carly tells Jason he’s going to have to tell him who he is and he does.

Nina comes to Julian’s office to interview for the job of fashion editor at Crimson. Does he own The Sun too? No, wait. That was One Life to Live. Julian tells her to go to HR,

Maxie tells Dillon that neither Spielberg nor Coppola ever shut down production because of girl trouble. I say that’s because they probably never had any girlfriends. Dillon says she’ll have to give back the donor money, but not to give up, because no matter where she lands, they’ll be lucky to have her.

Laura invites Lulu to stay at Windermere. Isn’t that Nicholas’s castle? Enter Dante.

At first, Sonny acts all stupid, not believing Jason is Jason. He says Carly invented the DNA test and she tells him he’s an a-hole. Okay, I just wish she told him that. She tells him to really look at Jason, past his face. Sonny takes Jason’s hand in his and they kiss. Okay, that didn’t happen either and I’m actually making fun of what’s a tender moment. Sonny realizes that it’s Jason and I like Sonny for the first time in a while. Jason wants desperately to leave.

Dante wants to talk to Lulu, saying they can get past it. She says she doesn’t want to get past it.

Nina has what passes as an interview with Julian. He asks that stupid question about where do you see yourself in five years, and she answers the way we’d all like to – she wants to run the magazine. Julian is like okay, why not?

Jason says he doesn’t remember being Sonny’s friend, which is kind of sad. Sonny tells him all about their friendship, and gives me the side of Sonny I like. He says that Jason never realized how much he was valued and lived a dangerous life. Sonny tells him that he’s home.

Laura talks to Dante, telling him that he needs to take some time too. She says if he doesn’t give Lulu some space, he’ll definitely lose her.

Dillon tries to apologize to Lulu. She says he may have done her a favor in the long run, but he humiliated her in the process.

Alexis freaks out over Julian putting Nina in charge of the magazine. She says that Nina will run it into the ground. Then the light bulb comes on. Julian will have a tax write off. You know what’s going to happen though, right? She’s going to make it a success.

Jason says he doesn’t think he’ll ever remember. That if being surrounded for the past year by all these people who care about him didn’t jar a memory, nothing will. He says enough already, he can’t do this. Carly says she and Sonny need him. He says they need Jason and he doesn’t know who Jason is or how to be him.

Lulu tells Dillon that she wants nothing to do with Dante, Valerie or him. Then she plants a huge kiss on him and I get totally confused.

Maxie returns Nina’s check to Franco. Nina comes in and tells them about her new job. Maxie wonders why Nina got hired when she doesn’t know squat and Nina hires her as an assistant. (All dream jobs should come this easy.)

Sonny is cool with Carly now. He says he wishes things were different. Don’t we all, Sonny. Don’t we all.

Jason goes home to Elizabeth’s house and has a flash of a memory about Sonny.

Million Dollar Listing: LA

JoshA and James have buried the hatchet. They talk about how they got into real estate, and discuss having kids. James has three, and Josh is on the fence about it. James asks why the two Joshes can’t make nice with one another.  Not only is that not happening, JoshA has recently taken a listing out from under JoshF .

JoshF is showing a house to a client who has a long list of wants.  It’s one of those houses right on the beach. It’s kind of odd designed, half Spanish Inquisition, half Flintstones. While she likes it, Josh seems to think they can do better.

JoshA is showing the overpriced house that he’d only gotten one offer for even after lowering the price. The couple is looking for a weekend house. Must be nice, huh? All of these houses always seem fabulous to me and the views are always spectacular. Well, except for that house with the apartment building thisclose.

Commercial break and important information. Andy’s Brooks interview is tomorrow, Thursday night at 9 pm. Be there or have a life.

James tells David about his meeting with JoshA. James talks about his lack of success in finding a commercial property for his client who wants a space on Sunset. James makes a call and finds out that the Hustler building (yes, that Hustler) has been looked at by some developers.

JoshA gets a wakeup call from his client who just got back from Russia about the house he agreed to lower the price on. The client is getting itchy to move on, but Josh has some prospects. Josh says consider the fire under his ass lit.

JoshF’s client wonders if there’s a house they haven’t seen yet. Josh says he can’t figure out if she’s picky, or if she really doesn’t want to move. He says he’s shown her everything in her budget, so he goes higher. Showing first, and telling the price later. These beach houses all look the same from the outside, very oblong and boxy, but the insides are pretty fantastic. This woman seems kind of uncomfortable, but I get the feeling that it’s being on camera.

David wants his girlfriend, Adrienne, to consider selling the house they built together. At first, Adrienne is really put off by it, but she sees the wisdom in selling in a hot market and having money to put away for the future. She tells him to go ahead. Lots of kissy, kissy.

James has difficulty getting through to the representative for the Hustler building, which is being sold off market, but his tenacity pays off. He tells the client they have to be low key, and they pretend to shop in what must be the Hustler store, because it’s filled with naughty clothing and sundries. They get a private showing of the building, and James talks about adding floors and the view. Why do they care about the view if it’s not residential? Too good of a view and no one will work. Price is no object, so James has to find out what other buyers have offered, and offer more.

JoshA gets an offer for the overpriced then lowered price place. He has to bring girlfriend Heather’s mini Yorkie dog, Tom Brady (yes, named after that Tom Brady) with him for some reason. This would definitely make me more apt to make a deal, but I don’t know about his client.

JoshF’s client does not want to spend $8 million, and low-balled the seller. They counter with $8.1 million. The client does not want to come up, and it becomes obvious she doesn’t really want to move. Way to waste the broker’s time. While these guys make skabillion dollars a year, I still don’t like to see anyone’s time wasted like that.

JoshA arrives at the client’s house and it looks like he’s interrupted an appointment with another listing agent. What’s the matter with these people? The client tells him he’s meeting with different agents for the property they’re at and acts like Josh isn’t serious about things because he brought the dog. Josh calls his brother, Max, who has the better relationship with the buyer and gives him the client’s counter offer. The buyer counters with a slightly better, best and final, offer. Josh says he personally thinks it’s a good offer and the client agrees. And finally smiles. He also gives Josh the other listing. I sometimes wonder how much of the clients’ attitudes are for the camera.

James brings his client to the Hustler building where they’re going to meet with Larry Flynt’s team. The meeting table is normal, but the chairs are these amazing creations with brocade Victorian scenes on them. One of the reps says that they have an offer already of $18 million. He says they’ll also need time to relocate the store. Since the client needs time for permits and such, that’s okay. They do have a long term tenant that has 9 years to go on their lease. The client is willing to swing $300K the tenant’s way. They make a bunch of negotiations I don’t understand, but it looks good, and they’re going to bring in Larry Flynt. While I’m not exactly a fan of his work, I have to admit, he’s an interesting character.

James wants the deal done today because he doesn’t want the competition knowing their game. Larry comes in and I wonder why his outfit looks like something off of a Kmart rack. Larry okays the deal and I think they just brought him on as window dressing for the show, since he didn’t contribute much. The final sale price is $19,050,000 and James’s commission is $457,500. I can’t say he didn’t work for this one, but I’d probably retire right there.

Next week, the two Joshes butt heads for the billionth time.

October 28, 2015 — GH Interrupted & Twice the LA


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)


General Hospital

Liz tells Ric about her upcoming nuptials. Ric gets together with Sonny to discuss the custody case.

Scotty goes to Ava’s gallery, which is chock full of cartoonlike paintings of lizards, to discuss the custody case with her. Ava brings up the obvious, that Sonny is in the mob. Scotty says that every time he goes to prison, he commits an act of heroism and everyone loves him. Scotty tells her that she’d better make nice with Kiki before the custody hearing, so that Kiki will be supportive.

“Jake” apologizes to Spinelli for his outburst. Spinelli says that he purged the files when he got caught (much to his “everlasting shame”) and needs “Jake” to get a legitimate copy of his medical records.

Just as Dillon is about to tell Lulu about Dante and Valerie, Nathan and Valerie come in. Nathan tells Lulu that her beer delivery is there and she says she’ll be right back. I pass out from holding my breath for the last 24 hours.

Kiki wants to text Morgan an apology (why?), but hesitates in sending it. She does. He recieves while at the hospital where half the cast lives now. He comes to see her, and she apologizes for being a drunken jerk. She also says there are a lot of leftovers from Nathan and Maxie’s visit. No doubt they are soggy and stale, but Morgan says he’ll go fix them a plate. Ha-ha-ha! While he’s out of the room, new girl Darby texts Morgan, asking him if he wants to hang out and Kiki texts back that he can’t because he’s “busy having sex with Kiki.” Good one!

Maxie tells Nathan that Dillon told her he has something on Dante, but she still hasn’t found out what. Valerie takes Dillon aside and asks what’s up. Dillon says he’s had enough of Dante’s hypocrisy. Valerie says it will destroy Lulu, not to mention her, which I file under “who cares.” Lulu comes in and Valerie covers by saying she’s back together with Dillon, to which he agrees. Dammit!

Maxie asks Dante to make Nathan tell her his secret because they should share everything and he gets really nasty, saying she’s the last one who should be talking about giving up information, since she carried a child for nine months, telling them it was Dante and Lulu’s when it wasn’t. I want Lulu to find out about him more than ever.

“Jake” is having lunch with Elizabeth and she says she has an early wedding present for him. While she’s off fetching it, he goes to the desk to get a copy of his medical records.

Nice. ABC broke in for a memorial service. I feel badly about the cop that was killed, but it’s gotten ridiculous that they think everything needs everyone’s attention, and nothing can wait until 4 pm’s news anymore.

Turning to People’s Court.

Little Women LA – Reunion Part 1

I can tell you right now, it’s hard to take someone seriously who’s wearing a blue wig or a mohawk.

Oh great, it looks like Bravo is getting them drunk first. This ought to be a real sh*tshow.  I don’t even see one hors d’oeuvre there. Just liquor.

Before they even introduce the women, we trip down Memory Lane with every argument they’ve ever had. Way to warm them up. At least it doesn’t look like they’re sitting in someone’s garage this time.

We start off with Jasmine’s introduction to the group and Tonya telling her she can’t just “walk in and fit in.” Tonya thinks it’s funny that she tried to aggressively grab Jasmine’s hair when Jasmine tried to avoid a fight with her. Elena says Jasmine tried to be too sweet to everyone. Whatever that means. Jasmine says that’s just how she is. Elena says Jasmine had texted her about getting into the entertainment industry and apparently this is a bad thing. I guess because it’s competitive? Terra says Jasmine is secretly just as loud and obnoxious as the rest of them. Okay.

Whoa. These girls are really picking on Jasmine. Elena seems to think Jasmine had an ulterior motive to make friends with them, but this really sounds like some kind of sour grapes thing. I didn’t get that vibe from Jasmine at all, and she certainly didn’t come across that way in her individual interviews, which is where they usually drop any pretense.

Now we’re on to other new girl, Britney. This chick really did get off to a bad start, by intimating that Elena had some kind of unsavory relationship with David, Britney’s dad, while she was married. Terra says she’s worse than Jasmine because she makes up things. Terra is also the only one in this group who calls Britney’s dad “Davide,” and I want to know why. Britney looks like she’s going to cry, although she kind of backtracks about the Elena thing. (I have to admit, he is cute and charming.) Now Elena is on Terra’s case because what Terra said Britney said (ha-ha! I sound like I’m I middle school) wasn’t exactly what Britney said when Elena saw the episode. Of course Terra says that there was more to it that wasn’t aired. Like Bravo wouldn’t have stirred that pot. David comes out to clear things up. He says he dated Christy before she was with Todd, but he was only friends with Elena. Now Terra is changing Elena’s words from David being supportive when she was going through a tough time with Preston, to that David hit on her.

I guess we’re going to drag this out. Elena says that she told Terra that she thought maybe David was having feelings for her. The moderator asks if David regrets anything. Yeah, just getting involved with this group is probably a world of regret.

Next, we’re on to Todd and Christy’s efforts to have a child. Todd joins them. He says the artificial insemination process was very painful physically for Christy, which is why he didn’t want to go that route again. He says they were so focused on the whole thing, they neglected everything else, like each other. Christy says they’re both goal oriented, so they both forgot to stop and smell the roses. Or something like that.

We see some “lost footage,” that’s not that lost, and is mostly sex talk during their Palm Springs weekend. Briana says it was a great weekend, but Christy says the only thing that stands out in her mind is that Briana was lying by not telling them she was married. Tonya says when you hide something, it means you’re not sure of it yourself. I can’t say I’ve ever heard that theory. Elena says that Briana didn’t say anything because everyone hated Matt from the get-go. They go on and on and on about how Briana lied and I get dizzy.

Matt joins the group. We flash back to everyone lambasting Briana for breathing the same air as Matt. In one of the clips, Terra says that since Matt has a record, he won’t be getting a job. Someone should clue her in that plenty of people with records get jobs. Briana says that every time his name even came up, she got grief, so she decided not to say anything about it to the girls. Briana says they were in Vegas for her birthday, and it was a spontaneous move. Terra says Briana had said she wanted to move slowly with him, and she knocked them for a loop. Jasmine says she’s a grown ass woman, and Terra counters with then she shouldn’t behave like a child and lie. Matt’s cheating is brought up. IMO, I have no clue if Matt is a bad guy, and although I understand girlfriends protecting each other, these girls went at her like a bunch of machine guns constantly. It’s not surprising she wouldn’t tell them her business. It wasn’t the message, it was the delivery.

Matt and Terra start getting into it about whether or not he has a record. It sounds to me like he might have been arrested, but never convicted and it was probably a domestic dispute. Matt says that when he cheated (which was sexting), Briana had dumped him and they weren’t together. There is some argument about this, since the girls say Briana had said they were together at the time. Briana says not so. I have no idea since everyone seems to make it up as they go along.

OMG, they bring out their special guest, Michaela, the woman Matt sexted. I don’t want to say she’s unattractive, but…

We have to wait until next week to see what Michaela has to say. It looks like there’s going to be quite a ruckus. A few ruckuses actually.

Million Dollar Listing: LA

Madison, a dude from previous seasons, is showing James and his clients a house in Malibu. It’s really modern and not my style, but everything always seems to be about the view anyway. I guess that’s because you can always tear down a house, but the view is the view. The house is right on the ocean. I mean right on the ocean. Like 3 feet away. The potential buyer couple is concerned about natural disasters, and rightly so. I live near the ocean myself. Although not that close.

JoshA is meeting with a developer. He shows Josh his house, and asks the developer’s young daughter what she thinks of the ceiling detail. She says it’s “modern, yet inviting,” and we know she’s precocious. When they sit down to deal, she’s a shark. As always, the sellers want more than the broker thinks they can get. He says that to overprice in a hot market is a bad idea. Josh thinks he’s being punked when he asks what happens if he doesn’t get a bite in the first week, and the kid says it’s on him. They compromise by agreeing that if there is nothing in the first week, the price goes lower.

JoshF is showing houses to buyers who are hinging their decision on if their painting likes it. Yes, you read that right. He shows them an “arts and crafts” bungalow from the 1920s. I’m in, and the painting likes it. Hey Mikey! It hasn’t hit the market yet, and Josh says that they need to go to full ask, which the husband is not too keen on. He wants to start with $1.7 million, when full ask is $2 million. It always boggles my mind when the buyers get stupid over what’s a small amount in the long run. I think these two might be making a mistake.

James and Madison show James’s couple a house with an empty property in back of it. Just by coincidence, a friend of Madison’s owns the empty lot and will be happy to sell it. Since they want privacy, it’s a win-win all around. James gives them some lemons that are the size of footballs in celebration.

Josh is showing the developer’s place. He explains to his assistants the ins and outs of how the property should be presented for what the buyer is asking. It’s a brokers’ open house and they all balk at the price. David has teamed with JoshA on this one too. Bravo realizes we’re bored, so they’ve decided to shuffle the broker deck.

The couple’s lowball offer was rejected. The seller didn’t counter either. JoshF says offering anything other than full ask will just piss them off. The husband is being a real jerk, and the wife already wanted to offer the full price. This guy is going to lose the house over $39K. He finally relents and Josh makes the deal. Not sure if the husband will be sleeping on the couch tonight or not.

It turns out James’s client is afraid of heights, which is a liability in the Hollywood Hills. David suggests the overpriced house. James calls JoshA and he joshes him (I couldn’t resist) by pretending he doesn’t know who James is at first, but business is business and he’s glad to show the house.

JoshF is at his parents’ house for dinner. They just remodeled their home. I never saw the before, but the after is fabulous. His mother tells him that he needs to stop living in a hotel, and Josh tells her he wants to live in Grandma Enid’s penthouse. His mother thinks that’s a bad idea because he would turn it into a shrine to her, and Josh has to admit that’s a possibility. I liked her too, so I can get where their coming from.

JoshA gets his wish and the developer lowers his price. The daughter makes some remarks that seem scripted. Since James’s buyers are also real estate novices, he tells them to keep a poker face even if they love it. Josh rubs his hands in glee, spying a naïve young couple who are loaded. Of course James is going to try to get the price down, even though they can afford full ask. James makes an offer.

JoshF says it feels like Grandma Enid is just on vacation. He says the penthouse isn’t the same without her, and I know how he feels. When my father died, the house I grew up in was no longer the same either. Josh’s husband comes to the penthouse. He says that Josh doesn’t seem like he’s ready to make a decision. Josh agrees, and says maybe he’ll “hear from her” in the meantime.

JoshA confers with his brother (who also works with him) on the not-as-overpriced-now house. James and David come to the office. Josh counters their offer with almost a million more. They up their ante by $200K all cash, but Josh says all cash isn’t a big deal anymore. The developer is okay with that, but Josh wants to get more. The developer says his daughter will appreciate that. Josh counters, but then takes the next counter offer. Sold for $7,4 million.

October 14, 2015 — Port Charles, LA Ladies & Mansions


What I Watched Today

(random, rambling thoughts on today’s TV)

General Hospital

Paul has plans to dismantle the Corinthos organization. Good luck. I’ve wanted it dismantled for at least 10 years, but no one listens to me. Plans have been set in motion, he says. Who talks like this? Paul tells Ava that there will be some “business associates” calling her and she says to find someone else. Ava wants to wait until she has full custody of Avery before she concentrates on mob business. Paul is extremely understanding and agreeable, which is surprising. He tells her that Carly and Sonny are getting married and it will be a tough fight. Since Paul is also the DA, can’t he pull some strings?

Everyone is getting Carly ready for the wedding. One of the kids says she has a lot of hair products and doesn’t travel light. I’ll bet. She’s got so much going on with her hair-do. Highlights, lowlights, a cut that needs maintenance, and probably extensions.

Lovey dovey stuff with Dante and Lulu. Valerie tells Nathan he has a big mouth and I agree. There is no hope of keeping anything a secret in this town.

Maxie tells Dillon he needs to confront his issues. No kidding. They’re down at the docks and see a body in the water. Carrrlos, perhaps? Jordan is pumping Anna for more Carrrlos info. They might have all they need in a minute. Jordan is actually believing that Carrrlos might have shot Sonny. This ought to be good.

Yep, it’s Carrrlos floating in the river. Except I thought his wallet was in the safe deposit box. Why is it now on his dead body? Did Paul somehow dredge the body up and plant it there? That seems crazy even for this show. It’s more believable that they forgot some continuity.

Sonny and Carly exchange vows that they apparently wrote themselves. Zzzzzz….  Wait. What? Her name is really Caroline? I’m sure someone is enjoying all this, but it’s not me. Her dress is beautiful though. Just before they’re pronounced man and wife, Dante’s phone rings. You mean to tell me he couldn’t put that thing on vibrate? Dante doesn’t know how to use his phone, but manages to shut it off. Reprieve.

Maxie and Dillon go to the station to give statements. Maxie says her brain is in a fog (when isn’t It?) and Valerie tells her to take a break. Maxie wonders why Valerie is being so nice because she was in a “scratchy” mood the day before. What kind of mood is that? Does she mean sketchy? Maxie brings up the pregnancy test to Valerie and she tells Maxie that it wasn’t hers and to mind her own business.

Paul goes down to the docks to pretend to investigate. Paul suggests Carrrlos was killed because Sonny wanted revenge, but aren’t they going to be able to tell how long he’s been dead, which is like 6 months?

After they finish the ceremony, Dante miraculously turns his phone back on and finds out about Carrrlos. This whole thing pisses me off because I liked Carrrlos and I wanted him to redeem himself and end up with Sabrrrina. Now that there’s a body, that will never happen. Well ,actually, who knows? Sabrrrina, who has an absolutely gorgeous dress on, is totally freaked out. Oooh, maybe that baby is Carrrlos’s, and there was more going on at her place when he was staying there than we know. Morgan gets paranoid (no surprise) and thinks Carly is looking at him funny. Sonny doesn’t believe his idiot son is even capable of carrying out that kind of thing, and thinks Ava must be involved.

Anna shows up at Ava’s gallery. Anna accuses Ava of covering up for whoever shot Sonny. Paul calls Anna and asks her to meet him at the docks. With the docks, it’s either feast or famine. Either nobody goes there for half a year, or everyone is congregating there.

Sonny makes a joke about honeymooning in Iowa because of the corn, and I’m wondering where the real Sonny is. Sonny and Carly make out in his hospital bed.

Sabrrina tells Michael that she’s known Carrrlos most of her life and she’s not buying that he shot Sonny.

Paul tells Anna that the body was Carrrlos. DUN-DUN-DUNNN!

Little Women LA

The ladies and their significant others are in Hawaii for Elena’s vow renewal. I honestly don’t get why the girls are so up-in-arms about Brianna having kept her marriage a secret for 5 minutes 4 months. It wasn’t like they were all supportive about the relationship. Perhaps if they hadn’t bombarded her with negativity on a constant basis, she might have done things differently.

The island is stunning and so is the hotel. It’s the first time Tonya has seen blue water and she’s really psyched. I’m so glad Terra’s husband, Joe, is on this trip because he cracks me up. When the girls are dancing around and Terra is shaking some booty, he says, “Let’s have some jelly with that roll!” My dad used to say that, along with, “It must be jelly, cuz jam don’t shake like that.”

These girls constantly come up with wild hairstyles, and Britney has some long cornrow/braids going on that have neon pink accents. I don’t think it’s something I could rock, but more power to her.

Christy wants to do a couple’s retreat thing (how long are they staying?) and wants to include Brianna and Matt, but they haven’t shown up yet. Joe suggests they all need couples therapy instead. Jasmine’s husband couldn’t make it, so she says that she and Britney will hang out when the couples do their thing. Jasmine also lets fly some information Matt told her about Todd, that he’d said he could “have Brianna any time he wanted.” (Has he looked in the mirror and then looked at Matt?)

Tonya has set up a surfing lesson for her, Terra and Britney, in the hopes that there’s just a miscommunication between the latter two and they can reconcile their differences. It doesn’t happen. Britney says she can’t focus because there’s a shark in the water – Terra – and Terra says her surf buzz is being harshed.

After the surfing lesson, Tonya, Terra and Britney are sitting on the beach. Tonya is desperate to chill, but she says, “all these heifers want to do is fight.” For whatever reason, Terra thinks Britney is going to cause a scene. Britney doesn’t get why and neither do I. She and Elana had a misunderstanding at the beginning of the season, but they got over it, so why can’t Terra? Especially since it had nothing to do with her.

Elena is panicking because there are still details to attend to and her dress isn’t fitting quite right. I don’t see it, but she’s the one wearing it. IMO, she could wear a potato sack and look fabulous. Brianna and Matt finally show up, and Elena tells them about the couple’s retreat Christy is setting up. Jasmine stops by Brianna and Matt’s room to give them a heads up about what they were discussing earlier. Matt didn’t think it was a big deal because Todd was drunk, but Brianna says Todd has made her uncomfortable a few times. We flash back, and yep, he did.

Now Britney has added a nose ring, but I’m not too crazy about the look. While the couples do their thing (I guess it’s a one day retreat), Britney tells Jasmine how Terra told her not to come to Hawaii. I love Terra, but that was not her call.

The place where the couples go for retreating is magnificent – lush greenery and flowers, a river running through it, and waterfalls. The couples are told to find a “sacred space” and put some kind of mud paint on each other. Already Christy is arguing with Todd about how he’s doing it. She feels he’s being thoughtless and aggressive. I think the argument is really about the comment to Matt. Todd says he’s no Picasso and she feels that he’s just not putting enough thought into it, or anything else where she’s concerned. Basically, she’s feeling unloved.

Christy can’t believe everyone else is having a good time and she and Todd are fighting. The “Big Kahuna” (the therapist) comes over. Christy says she knows when Todd is doing something with his heart in it or he’s just trying to get it over with, and that he says one thing, but does another. Todd says that a lot of things Christy wants to do, he physically can’t. Christy says that Todd is over 100 pounds overweight and isn’t addressing the issue. The Kahuna speaks softly to them and makes everything okay.

Ha-ha-ha! Joe’s hair! Terra did some kind of Mohawk thing with the mud/paint. The couples reconvene, and Christy walks away. Tonya follows her and Christy explains how disappointed she is in Todd’s physical limitations. Tonya is like, you knew he was overweight when you married him, and she’s right. Tonya thinks that some of this has to do with what Todd said to Matt. I said it first. After hemming and hawing for a while, Christy finally admits that it’s a factor. Told you.

Commercial break. I like pumpkin spice lattes too, but why does everything have to be pumpkin or pumpkin spice at this time of year? I saw a funny thing online that was a fake ad for pumpkin spice scented cat litter. I’ll bet a lot of people tried to buy it.

The others are hula-ing, and I have the feeling this joyous mood is going to be broken as soon as Christy comes back. She’s really pissed off that Brianna and Todd are pissing her off. Uh-oh, Christy says she has a question. Why didn’t Brianna tell anyone – meaning her – about getting married? Brianna answers honestly that she thought they didn’t care. Brianna is keeping her cool, but Christy goes apesh*t, calls them both a-holes, and says she’s done with the friendship. Geez, even if that’s the case, she could have conveyed it a little more diplomatically.

Ha-ha! Next week, Brianna will be telling everyone that Christy went apesh*t. Again, I said it first.

Million Dollar Listing: LA

JoshF’s car has been saran wrapped with JoshA’s logo everywhere. JoshA says that JoshF has had everything handed to him his entire life, including his clients, and he doesn’t like that JoshA is successful. Oh, I see. In JoshF’s individual interview, he says that JoshA isn’t from the area originally. That’s his beef with him.

JoshA’s brother encourages him to make time for a relationship. Last season, Josh and his girlfriend, Heather, had gotten engaged. By the end of the season, the wedding had been postponed, but they’re still living together.

These guys all drive amazing cars. It’s not so much the sportiness that I like, but the seats look unbelievably comfortable. JoshF is taking a couple of developers to look at “view property.” He says something about a billion dollars and my mind goes blank.

Frick and Frack David and James show us some awesome software that can be used to show overseas clients a walk through without having to be there. I love stuff like that. They’re still trying to unload that apartment with the ghastly view. They did have an almost offer, but the broker has to contact her buyer.

Tom Brady is the name of Heather and JoshA’s tiny Yorkie. This has nothing to do with the episode, but I love gratuitous shots of tiny dogs. And he’s in a tiny cone of shame. Josh and Heather are having a date night. He’s dreading it because he needs to discuss the relationship. She wants to have kids, and he had agreed the time was right, but now he’s afraid that he won’t be around enough because of his job. If he’s being honest, I can see his point. He doesn’t want to be the guy who just shows up every third ballgame for 15 minutes, while still working on his cell phone; he wants to be the team’s coach. She seems okay with this, so okay.

JoshF’s developers think the property is a million too expensive at $7.2 . At a subsequent lunch meeting, Josh encourages the developers to take the deal because in the long run, they’ll make a lot more than the extra million they’ll spend now. We have a deal! $518,750 is Josh’s commission. I missed my calling.

James and his wife, Valeria, are also having a night out, for their 5th anniversary. They’ve been together a total of 8 years, so James has gotten a retrospective of their time together, with photos and videos. David is babysitting, so the kids probably won’t know the difference.

I really don’t know what “chef’s kitchen” means, but it looks wonderful. OMG, another gratuitous shot of Brady in a little suit jacket.

Valeria is wearing a dress with one of those patterns that, from a distance, makes the dress look like it’s streaked with blood. Note to self: check all patterns from a distance before buying. James has rented a movie theatre and he’s showing her their home movies. Here comes David (the producers must have made him grow a beard just so we could tell them apart) and the kids bearing gifts. Awww! David skedaddles, and the kids present their mom with a dazzling diamond ring from dad.

James gets an offer for the dreadful view. It’s under asking and they want the trees replaced to the tune of 100k. He gets David and JoshF on the phone. Josh calls the seller, who says the trees aren’t his problem and gives a counter offer. There’s always one tense going back and forth deal in every episode. The broker talks to James like he’s five, but the deal is made. This is the property from when they went door knocking, so not bad.

Next week, it looks like Brian Wilson is a client. It isn’t clear whether he’s a buyer or seller.

Other shows that I find worth watching, but don’t necessarily write about:

American Horror Story: Hotel (Oh my Lady Gaga!), Intervention, Scream Queens, Hoarders or the interchangeable Hoarding: Buried Alive (I love them! I love marathons of them!), Survivor (I haven’t watched it for a while, but I’m back with Second Chance), every court show on the air.