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July 7, 2020 – When Michael Was On Trial, Judge Of All Trades, Tracy Lands the Big One, a Sudsy Goodbye, Not Adapting, Bachelor Flavor, Crashing, At Last, Upcoming TV, Shop For Good & Sitting


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Today’s final answer for the GH Flashback was May 4th, 2010.

Michael was on the stand, and Judge Carroll asked if he’d killed his stepmother. Michael said nothing, and the judge asked if he was incapable of answering or refusing to answer. He told Michael that he understood Michael was coerced to cover it up, but he was in court now, and it was a direct question; not answering wasn’t an option. Did he kill her? Michael said he did; on November 4th, he killed his stepmother Claudia. The judge asked Michael to explain in his own words how it happened, and Michael said Claudia had lost it. Sonny had confronted Claudia, who then kidnapped Carly. Michael had convinced himself that everyone would be better off if he wasn’t around, and was going to drive to Canada, but when he saw a wrecked car, he checked it out. It had a valet ticket from the MetroCourt, and he realized it was the car Claudia had used to take his mom. He followed their trail through the woods to the cabin, and when he got closer, could hear his mom screaming, and begging Claudia not to take her baby, Josslyn. Michael grabbed an ax handle off the porch, ran in, and saw Claudia trying leave with Josslyn in a basket. He hit her, and she fell and died. Judge Carroll asked what Michael was thinking, and Michael said he needed to stop her. He realized she was dead right away, and had gotten blood on himself, and later, on his dad’s shirt. The judge asked at what point Sonny arrived, but Michael said Sonny was never there. Jason and Sam took Carly to the hospital, and they were going to wait for Sonny there. Judge Carroll asked if anyone at any time suggested calling the police, and Michael said no. His dad came and drove him home. The judge commended Michael on his cooperation, and his clear, concise testimony. He asked if Michael was trying to kill Claudia when he hit her, but Michael said he didn’t care what happened to her. He just wanted to protect his mom and baby sister. The judge said Michael had confessed to taking Claudia’s life, was in full possession of his faculties, and truthful. He commended Dante on his diligence and commitment to the law, unlike other parties in the case, and remanded Michael to await sentencing. He asked Dante to formally place Michael under arrest, so for once in this case, they would follow the letter of the law. Dante read Michael his rights, and the charges against Sonny were withdrawn, the judge saying he was free – for the time being. Judge Carroll reamed out Diane, and anyone else who wasted the people’s time, money, and patience by conspiring to cover-up this crime. He said the country was founded on the rule of law, and they’d spit on that principal. If it was up to him, he’d send them all to prison for the next twenty years. They disgusted him. Diane said this was a first. She went from defense counsel to defendant in one fell swoop.

Olivia told Lulu that Dante had found his conscience, and she should be proud. Lulu said they had to support him, and Olivia wished everyone felt the same way. Jax asked the prosecutor what the worst case scenario was, and she said she couldn’t predict what Judge Carroll would do, but thought the rest of them were in more trouble than Michael. Jax said he was trying to figure out how he could help, but she said it was in the judge’s hands. There wasn’t enough evidence to back up Michael’s justification; Carly had lied so many times, the judge probably wouldn’t believe her. On a positive note, Michael’s records showed brain damage. She imagined he’d get a suspended sentence and mandatory counseling. Carly wouldn’t be so fortunate. Sonny told Carly that their son was stronger than she thought, and would be okay. Carly said she just saw her son being handcuffed by Sonny’s bastard. Dante said he was taking Michael to be booked, and Michael asked why Dante had turned him in. Dante said the short version was, the truth had to come out, and Michael said, so he was just doing his job. Dante said he was doing it for Michael. Michael’s whole life, Sonny taught him that he could do whatever he wanted, and get away with it. That people died in the process was unacceptable, and Michael didn’t have to live with that hanging over his head. Michael asked what if the judge didn’t buy that it was an accident and he ended up in prison, but Dante pointed out he had brain damage, and thought it would be a suspended sentence and mandatory therapy. He’d have the chance to build a better life.

Sonny told Carly that he’d read Dante wrong. He thought Dante wanted him in prison more than he did Michael. Carly didn’t care, saying Sonny had a chance and trusted Dante. Now she and Jason would focus on Michael. Sonny said Dante never planned on Michael going to lockup, but she said Dante performed the arrest, and got a pat on the back for it. It had turned out the way he’d wanted, and now Sonny could bond with Dante, and the hell with Michael. Carly told Lulu that Dante had betrayed Michael, and when Lulu got horizontal with him, make sure she thought of Carly’s son, since she was standing by her man. Tracy asked why Carly was blaming Lulu. Carly had stolen Michael from the Quartermaines, and had no one to blame but herself for all this misery. Lulu didn’t need to fight Dante’s battles; she was just stating the facts. Carly said her priorities were twisted, and that’s why Michael was in lockup. Tracy said a lifetime of damage came with the territory when Michael’s father was a mob kingpin. Carly had chosen to marry Sonny, and chosen for him to adopt Michael. Did she think he’d grow up to be a choirboy? Tracy told Carly that she had no use for Dante – he was just as manipulative as his father – but Lulu chose to be loyal to the man she loved, like Carly was loyal to Sonny, and she had no right to criticize. Carly wondered, if Dante had busted Luke, would Tracy be as quick to defend Lulu. The jury, with Alice as foreperson (!), continued to hang around, griping that they’d wasted their time. Judge Carroll said the case had been dismissed, and thanked them, saying they were dismissed as well. Diane congratulated Sonny on being a free man.

Spinelli told Jason, the Jackal was ready to assist, and Jason asked him to hack into the PCPD’s system, find out who was on the payroll, and make sure someone was on duty all the time, and Michael was treated well and protected. Spinelli found it hard believe Dante turned Michael in, and Jason said Sonny wanted to believe in Dante that he’d do the right thing, but he was blind. Now Sonny knew what Dante was capable of doing, but Michael was paying the price. Olivia told Sonny to swear he wasn’t going after her kid, and Sonny said she’d raised Dante to hate him. She said Dante being a cop was his own choice, and he was doing his job. Sonny said Dante was sticking it to him, but Olivia said Dante was upholding the law he believed in; honor, justice, right and wrong. Sonny said it wasn’t about the law; Dante was spitting in his face. Olivia kept showing Dante that Sonny wasn’t a good father, but she’d never given him a chance to know Sonny.

At the station, Carly told Dante that she wanted to see Michael. He said he couldn’t imagine what his mother would be going through, if he was in the same position. Carly said he had no idea what she was feeling. He wasn’t a parent; he was a liar and vindictive. He said he did what he thought was best for Michael before he followed in Sonny’s footsteps. The cover-up would have given him the seal of approval. Carly said Sonny would never allow Michael to be in the mob, but Date if Michael had kept the secret, he would have traded education and opportunities for a life of crime, and end up dead. Carly said Michael could die in prison, but Dante said he wouldn’t have prison time. Olivia told Sonny that he was willfully blind to the way his life effected his kids. He said there was nothing he wouldn’t do for his kids, and she said the damage was already done. Look how Michael was raised, and what he’d seen; the lying, the violence, a bullet in the head. She knew Sonny’s intentions were good, but he was toxic to his children. Sonny said he’d made mistakes, but he’d done the best he could with his children. Olivia said he couldn’t keep them from the violence in the world, and Sonny agreed that he couldn’t guarantee their safety. Olivia said he could do one thing; keep Dante safe and call Jason off. He had a chance to turn things around for all his children. Which is funny, since Maurice Benard started off on All My Children. Carly hugged Michael, and told Dante he could go; she didn’t have a file or anything. He left, and she asked Michael if he was in a cell by himself. She didn’t agree with what he’d done, but agreed with why he did it, and they’d get through this. He shouldn’t be there, and they’d get him out.

Spinelli said he unobtrusively checked out the roster, and someone was on duty now to keep a sharp eye on Michael. Jason told Spinelli that Bernie was in Puerto Rico, and he wanted Spinelli to join him; to help move the money so there would be no red flags. Spinelli asked if it wasn’t more pressing to be in Port Charles, but Sam said Jason couldn’t trust just anyone. Spinelli thought Jason wanted him out of town for an unspecified amount time, so he’d have deniability. He took it that Jason was about to embark on the disposing of Dante. Carly told Michael that the judge believed Michael was protecting her and his sister, and she thought he’d get a suspended sentence. He said Dante told him the same thing, but she told him not to trust Dante. If he wants to talk, or says he wants to help, don’t believe him. She said Michael would be out by Friday, and his life would be back to normal. Michael said he hated going back to a life where everyone knew he killed Claudia, and Carly said he was  a hero. The guard came, and Michael asked Carly to tell his siblings that he loved them and he was all right. Jason said he needed to have things ready, and Spinelli said that was an indirect answer. Jason said Michael wanted to tell the truth, and Jason said to trust him, so Michael didn’t do it. It was on him, and no one else. Spinelli said Jason would face life for murder, and he was tied to Sonny. Michael would never forgive the impact on his new sibling, Morgan, and Kristina. Michael would blame himself, and violence in the wake of violence just perpetuated the tragic cycle. He told Jason not to kill Dante, and if the plan was in motion, stop it before it was too late. Johnny told Olivia that Sonny was a free man, but Olivia said, not really. He’d been tied in knots since the beginning, and since Dante blew the whistle, Sonny had been ripping himself apart. Johnny said in a couple of weeks, it would be business as usual. They wondered if Sonny was going to go after Dante, and Johnny said he’d go after Sonny if that happened. Dante found Lulu waiting at home for him, and they hugged.

Sonny visited Michael in his cell, and Michael told Sonny not to avenge him. Someone had to stop the violence, and he still had that chance. Johnny told Olivia that he was a fool to think he’d get justice from the system; he’d have to make his own. Sonny was vulnerable and distracted, and there was no better time to crush him like he deserved. Back home, Carly told little Morgan that Michael told the truth, the judge believed him, and she thought the judge understood. Because Michael had been sent out of the country so he couldn’t testify, the judge considered him a flight risk, but he’ll only be in jail until Friday when the judge decides his punishment. Morgan asked if she’d seen Michael, and she said he was okay. He told her to tell Morgan that he loved him and would be home soon. Morgan said he could tell Carly was scared, and Carly said she was okay; she just wanted it over. Morgan cried, and said Dante promised it would be. Lulu asked Dante how it went, and Dante said he walked Michael through the process. Michael held it together, but she thought he was scared underneath. Dante said, it’s not how he wanted it to go, and Lulu said, he told the truth, and it was the best thing for Michael. Dante agreed, and said Michael would spend a couple of days in lockup; it’s better than life in the mob. He thanked her for having faith in him, and apologized for leaving her with Carly. Lulu said she couldn’t fault Carly for feeling the way she did, but it was hard to listen to her say how he betrayed the family. She went from raging to insulting, and wouldn’t listen. She didn’t know how Carly could be so intolerant. They were like sisters, and suddenly Carly can’t trust her. Dante said Carly can’t trust him, and Lulu was getting the fallout. Lulu said she loved Dante, and he did what was right. She asked if the judge would go easy on Michael, and he said the judge saw Michael had remorse. He’d probably get probation and be free in a few days.

Michael apologized to Sonny, but Sonny said he was sorry. He never thought Michael’s brother would turn him in. Michael was just protecting his family, and Sonny never wanted him to pay. Michael said he didn’t want Sonny to pay. He knew Sonny wanted him to let it play out, but he felt like he was being a coward. Sonny said he had respect for Michael, and Michael said he was honored. Sonny went through a trial, and was willing to go to prison to save Michael, but he was the one who did it. Sonny said he didn’t like Michael in there, even for a day; he hated it. Michael said he would make Sonny proud, and he’d he okay. Jason listened in.

😎 Oh, That Guy…

You know them. Those guys who are in everything, but most of the time, you don’t know their real name. Judge Carroll is one of them.


He’s done a lot of stage work. If not for pandemic, you could have seen him in Shakespeare in the Park’s Richard III.


He’s done it all, but judge and priest was on repeat.


Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

We flashed back to last week, when JoshF showed buyer Heather (who looks a lot like Brooke Elliot from Drop Dead Diva) some houses. She was in a time crunch, had a tight budget (tight in L.A. meaning $5 million), and was being particular. This time, she brought her son Simon along. In his interview, Josh said it was hard finding a home that met her criteria. I’m wasn’t sure what she wanted either. He took Heather to Little Holmby Hills, telling us that Holmby Hills is known for the Spelling house and Playboy mansion, but Little Holmby was more affordable. Heather liked the school proximity, and they met with broker Sam. Built in 1936, the house was 5000 square feet, with 5 bedrooms and 5 baths, and priced at $4.995 million. It wasn’t staged – i.e. it was empty – which Josh said made it more difficult to sell, since the buyer can’t imagine themselves living there. Apparently, people don’t have much imagination. The backyard was tri-level, with a pool and a guest house that was nicer than my house. Josh said it checked all the boxes. Heather fretted that she’d sold her house already, and Josh told her to think it over for 24 hours.

Tracy drove through Malibu, talking about the fires and evacuation. (Side note: Denise Richards and Camille Grammer Young from RHOBH had to evacuate. Denise was able to go back home, but eventually moved, and Camille lost everything.) Tracy said it was clean again, and people were building. No one was leaving, and there had been a massive recovery. Developer/owner Scott Gillen wasn’t content with his current representation, and had asked for her. He also had an entire portfolio of properties, and she was looking to the future. Scott’s advisor Robert met Tracy, explaining that she couldn’t use the driveway, since Scott wanted to keep it pristine. Red flag of difficulty number one. The house was expansive, but not for me; it was very boxy. I say this like I could afford even a foot of it. Scott made Tracy take off her shoes before she came inside, another red flag. He told her it had been purchased for $9.5 million in 2011, and he wanted $75 million for it. When Tracy asked to put her purse down, Scott thought for quite a while before telling her to put it on the carpet. Flags were now flying wildly, and I’m not talking about Josh. In her interview, Tracy said her purse possibly cost more than the carpet. He gave Tracy a tour of the house; 14,800 square feet, a Bulthaup kitchen (the most high-end you can get) with Gaggenau appliances, a cigar room, a wine tasting room, closets you wouldn’t believe, an ocean view, and a canyon view. Outside, there was a guest house as big as my house. Scott said it was all about quality, as he showed Tracy the walnut tub he’d had custom made. Scott said she had to understand the house. He told Robert that she was nervous, but she assured him that she wasn’t. In her interview, she said he was testing her, but she wasn’t intimidated; she spoke his language. He told her, with his properties, the agents just opened the door; he did the showing, and he’d already sold 21 homes. In Tracy’s interview, she said, no buyer wants to feel watched. She’d have to figure out a way he could be part of it without doing the actual showing. He took her to New Castle’s sister house, The Case, and said it was 24 acres in the center Malibu, and in her interview, Tracy said there were no neighbors, and never would be. He told her it had been $85 million, but he’d had to lower it to $75 million. He said the view and the privacy were epic, but he thought the problem was when a broker showed one house, they would say there was another one, confusing the buyer. She asked if the chosen one would get the entire portfolio, and he said it was all or nothing. Tracy figured on $500 million, she’d be getting $10 million in commission. She told him there was no one better than her at finding a buyer, but he wanted to know how she was going to attack, not who she was going to pitch it to. He gave her five days for getting together a marketing proposal, but she said she’d need a full week. He said if she failed, she’d get fired, and she told him, she didn’t fail.

JoshA told us, the Altman Brothers were doing a million a week in business, had ten agents, and five employees. They needed their own space. It was a risk, but if you’re going to grow as a brand, you have to take a leap. We saw the space, still under construction, and the marble walls in the reception area alone were $75K. Josh said the offices had felt walls, so when the agents banged their heads against them, it didn’t hurt as much. We saw clips of them looking at properties. Josh said they settled on something in Beverly Hills, near the luxury shopping district, not far from Chanel and The Ivy. Josh told brother Matt that Fredrik (Million Dollar Listing New York) was moving to LA. In Josh’s interview, he said, under different circumstances, he would love it that Fredrik was moving there. He and Heather were tight with Fredrik and Derik, and took them to look at vacation homes last year. The next he heard from Fredrik was on an email blast that he was moving there to open a business. He told Matt that Fredrik had invited Josh and Heather to an open house he was having, but only Heather was going.

While Heather was interested in the Holmby house, JoshF said he couldn’t push the seller too hard, or they could lose the house to the open market. He made an offer of $4.750 million, cash, closing in one week. He said the buyer was qualified, so it would be a quick loan with no bullsh*t.

Tracy told her team that they needed to come up with creative ways to convince Scott that he needed to hire her because she could find his buyer. Rob suggested a yacht party near The Case; very exclusive and VIP. Another team member thought of customized swag, like slippers and a robe. One more thought of a custom tasting experience, and the last idea was a promotional film that could be put inside a book the buyer could take home. Tracy loved all of it, and said they could send a questionnaire to both brokers and potential buyers that would give them a backdoor entrance to see who qualified, and also make sure they had the best experience possible. They would use all of the ideas, and make each showing personalized. They needed to tell an entire story. She wanted Scott to experience what they were talking about, and how they wanted the client to experience it. In her interview, she said the best way to show a buyer a house was to show them how to live in it. She wanted to show Scott the house as though he was a buyer. It had to be perfectly curated, and she needed to find out what she could about Scott so that the tour would impress him, and she meant CIA level research. If Rob had to dig in Scott’s trash to see what he had for dinner, so be it. She told the team there were no second chances, and to think of the amount of the commission check. It would keep them up and motivated. She wouldn’t be sleeping all week.

Heather told JoshA that she hadn’t slept because she was upset about Fredrik’s open house. The second she got there, Fredrik came for her. We flash back (we saw this from Fredrik’s end last season) to Heather telling him that she and Josh found out he was opening a business in L.A. from a company email blast. Fredrik insisted that he’d told them, and Heather told Josh that he’d asked if they were afraid of the competition. She’d lost all respect for him. Josh was annoyed that Fredrick didn’t come to him, and said he’d put Fredrik in his place. In Josh’s interview, he said, on a friend level, it’s beyond. He told Heather that he didn’t care about Fredrik opening a business there, it was how he approached it. All the fake sh*t. He said he wasn’t cool with what went down, and was going to deal with Fredrik.

JoshF met Heather at the park, where Simon was playing soccer. She asked if Josh was ever a child, and he said, never. He told her that the offer was rejected, and the seller countered with $4.825 million. He thought they should accept it, and it was worth what they were asking. She said she loved the neighborhood, and her kids had friends there, but she didn’t want to spend that much. She asked if he believed it was the best deal, and he said, 100%. She asked Simon if he liked the house, and Simon replied in the affirmative, saying it was big and you could play everywhere. Heather said, let’s do it, and she and Josh headed to Gucci to celebrate. He said he’d get her a keychain.

In Tracy’s interview, she said she worked crazy hours, preparing her listing pitch. We saw her Instagram story where she said she was stressed out, hadn’t slept in a week, and it clearly showed. In her interview, she said she was exhausted. She could barely keep her head screwed on straight. At New Castle, she met with party planner Nicole. Scott had been reluctant to let her team in without him being there (I’ll bet), but as long as they didn’t touch any surfaces, it would be fine. She told them she wanted them to be in position when Scott got there, like they’d been there all day. She knew he loved sushi, was obsessed with a smoothie called Mango Madness, and loved a good cigar, which she was having hand rolled. She said, none of it was easy or cheap, but she was looking at a $500 million portfolio. If she dropped $10K to get it, so be it (which seems to be her catch phrase). Call it a marketing expense. When Scott arrived, she told him that he was going to play buyer, and she was giving him a tour. Before they went inside, she gave him a pair of slippers, and explained they were going to do personalized showings. She asked who he’d like to be, and he said, call him Joe. She lead him to the cigar room, where a team member met him with the hand rolled cigars. In the master bath, Tracy presented Joe/Scott with a robe, and he said it was pretty great. In Tracy’s interview, she wondered if that was a compliment. Outside, he was given a Mango Madness smoothie, and a personalized cap. He took a sip, and said he might sign her up just for the smoothie. In her interview, Tracy said she wanted him to recognize that it won’t be at the same level, but every buyer would have this experience. They sat down for some sushi, and Scott said, awesome, but how could she find people who can afford it? Now he was suddenly interested in that. She asked a team member to bring the key to The Castle. She gave him a key, and said this was part of the digital marketing plan. He would create a film where he talked about the individual properties, and the properties as a whole. A sushi chef prepared dishes for them, and Tracy said she’d host an event for agents from around the world and high net worth buyers, and give them the presentation. They were intrigued by Malibu, but didn’t get that it’s about connecting with people. She showed him a mock-up of the book, saying it would be a showcase for the film, and it could go home with the buyer. That was her pitch. He said, that’s it? and told her that he had some ideas. He was going to give Robert a call, then let her know. She said she’d take five, and he told her to take ten. As she walked away, she said she wasn’t leaving without the listing. In her interview, she said it was worth it. With the help of her team, she had executed the perfect listing pitch. If he didn’t choose her, screw him. On the phone, Scott told Robert that Tracy had all the right ideas, and understood their vision. He gave her the portfolio, and she smoked a cigar, then coughed, while he took a picture with his phone. In her interview, she said she was never sleeping again.

Fredrik stopped by JoshA’s office. After talking about the weather for a millisecond, Fredrik stammered a little, then said Heather had come to his open house party. She was upset, and he’d tried to say his piece and discuss it, but she stormed out. Josh said he’d heard differently. Heather was upset and stormed out, but the reality was, she came to support Fredrik, and Fredrik went aggressively at his wife, who’s eight months pregnant, with issues that were between them. Fredrik said he took accountability for things he should have done differently, but he had the right to expand, and didn’t need an okay from them. Josh said he didn’t care where Fredrik did business, but it was the way he’d approached Heather. They were family. Fredrik said things had changed because he was moving to L.A., but Josh said that wasn’t the point. He’d shown Fredrik and Derik houses because they said they wanted a family vacation place. The next thing he heard, in a company email blast, is that Fredrik is opening a branch in L.A. It’s shady. In his interview, Josh said, clearly, Fredrik didn’t want anyone to know he was moving to L.A. He asked Fredrik, how about calling him, and asking him to show them houses because he’s opening a business in L.A.? Fredrik said he was their friend, but he couldn’t update everybody personally. Josh told him, be real, and in his interview, he said it hurt his feelings that Fredrik didn’t call, but he got pissed when Fredrik went around telling people he was intimidated; that’s bullsh*t. He told Fredrik that he approached this in a sh*tty way, and he knows it. He’d said that Josh was intimidated. Fredrik said that’s how it looked to him, like Josh felt territorial or threatened. He didn’t think he was being shady. Josh said Fredrik didn’t make it to the top by being stupid. Fredrik said he did it by hard work, and Josh said he’d gotten an email saying Fredrik had done $700 million in business in L.A. He’d closed seven listings in L.A. through Josh, but he didn’t exist there. Fredrik whined that he made more money than Josh, and Josh said if he thought it was about money, how shallow he was. Fredrik got all animated, and stood up, saying he’d protected Josh because he was Josh’s friend. People had been saying things about Josh, and he was Josh’s friend. Josh told him, just sit down. He was asking for Fredrik to be real, because they were family, not competition. Fredrik was the new guy, and needed to stop fronting. There was no reason to do it. In Josh’s interview, he said he was known for telling people what he thought, in business and in life, but it was harder, because Fredrik is a friend; he expects more from friends. Just be honest. Fredrik said he understood, and should have included them every step of the way. He didn’t like fighting. At this point, he got choked up, and said he was upset with himself. Derik told him, don’t cry, but he always does. Josh said Fredrik was good people, and suggested they move past it. It was the most real Fredrik had been in a long time. Fredrik said he was coming from a good place, but it was his fault how they were seeing it, and he was sorry. They were in the same office and company, and lived in the same town. They also had kids, and it would be foolish to throw the friendship away over something like this. Josh thought they could build from where it was, and even make it better; they could do deals together. Fredrik apologized for being emotional, and asked if he could have a hug. He and Josh bro hugged, slapping each other loudly. Fredrik put on an Altman Brothers hat to hide his tears. In Fredrik’s interview, he said he had a lot of love for Josh and Heather, and didn’t want to upset them. He valued them as friends, and should have done it differently – as a friend. In Josh’s interview, he said he’d gotten a glimmer of hope. They’d gotten through this, but it was how Fredrik acted moving forward; what he’s going to do to repair the friendship. He was hopeful, and wanted to leave it at that. He asked for a tissue, since he had Fredrik’s tears on his suit.

Next time, David and James have difficult clients with a time crunch; there’s an offer on the Razor House; JoshA tells JoshF that their buyer is well-know, but the caveat is that he represents the buyer; Scott interferes in Tracy’s brokers open, saying it’s unacceptable that someone dared to touch something.

🧼 After All These Years…

A soap vet exits the stage.


📽 Yeah, No…

While I loved both Chicago and Hairspray, some musicals don’t translate to film as well, and nothing is better than seeing it on the actual stage.


⏰ Most Contrived Show Ever…

Or as I called him, big-ass clock man.


🎊 Crashing a Culture…

This guy literally wrote the book on gatecrashing.


🏺 Finally…

I was really starting to think maybe I made the show up in my head, but the Shahs reunion is finally on the horizon. I heard tell it was July 19th, but haven’t seen written confirmation.




📺 The Whole Shebang…

What’s coming back and what isn’t. When is still up in the air.


👛 You Can Blackout Anytime…

While Blackout Day is over, that doesn’t mean you can’t still shop. New York Magazine’s list of black owned businesses to support.


And In Style’s list of black owned beauty brands. You didn’t think I was going to direct you to where you buy tires or something, did you?


🤺 Pushing On…

We’re moving toward another weekend, or that thing you used to stop work for, depending, and continue to be on the yo-yo that is the pandemic. Until we’re not, and even after, stay safe, stay keeping it real, and stay relaxed as best you can.

June 30, 2020 – Revisiting Michael In Prison, Who Are They, Almost There, a Loving Reunion, Selling Mid-Century, RHOBH News, Another Goodbye, Jameela Is Done & Believe


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

GH Flashback from June 4th, 2010, come on down!

At the MetroCourt, Carly told Spinelli that she wanted to give Dante a taste of what he gave Michael, who’d been put in prison for Claudia’s murder. She wanted criminal charges brought against Dante, and for him to sit in Pentenville until he rots. She asked if Spinelli could handle that. Olivia and Brook made dinner for Dante and Lulu at Dante’s place. Lulu wanted to contribute some flowers, but had brought goldenrod, and they told her Dante was allergic, recalling a funny story about how he wreaked havoc at a wedding with a sneezing fit. Seriously though, who brings goldenrod to anyone if they don’t know that information? Dante wanted to talk to Michael, but instead got Jason, who’d gotten himself put in prison to protect Michael. Jason said Michael had nothing to say to Dante, and if Dante wanted to see Michael, he could bring the paperwork to get Michael released. He told Dante to stay away until then. Sonny picked up Kristina for therapy with Dr. Spaulding, and told Alexis that he was attending the session with her. He didn’t want to be held responsible for Kristina’s issues, but Alexis told him to keep the focus on Kristina, and not make it about him. She warned him not to be angry and defensive, and he said he’d never abused women. Alexis suggested that he was guilty of verbal abuse.

Spinelli told Carly that setting Dante up with a criminal offense had to be carefully timed. The Jackal’s case had to be airtight, and it could be a red flag if it was too close to Michael’s conviction. Carly said, stage one, they’d get Brook to seduce Dante; and stage two, they’d take their time and leave a trail of breadcrumbs. Spinelli wondered who should follow the trail, and Carly said, maybe Lucky. Spinelli said his cyber-skills would get justice for Michael and Jason, and Dante would pay. Brook talked about dancing with Dante at the wedding where he caused a commotion, and Olivia said they were sweet.

Dante said Jason had gotten himself sent to prison to protect Michael, but didn’t need to protect Michael from him. He already blamed himself, and was doing his damnedest to get Michael released. Jason said Dante just wanted Sonny to think he cared, and wondered if Dante was still building a case against Sonny. He told Dante that he’d never trust him again. Meanwhile, Luke and Tracy were in a medieval looking cell. Tracy wasn’t well, and Luke hollered for the guards. Tracy told Luke that he was doing a good impersonation of a caring husband. He called for a doctor, or even an aspirin handed through the bars; anything. Tracy said this was the price they were paying for Luke’s obsession with dragon lady Helena, and asked if he had any more bright ideas.

Ethan (Luke and Holly’s son) told Lucky that he’d heard Luke had been gone for a week, and the last time he was seen, he’d been worried about Tracy. He thought Tracy was probably in Fiji, and asked if Lucky didn’t think Luke had joined her. Lucky asked how Ethan’s second job with Johnny was going, and said Johnny’s vendetta against Sonny wasn’t a good idea. He said it was like poking a stick in a hornet’s nest, and if they weren’t careful, they’d start a mob war. Ethan said he was a lover, not a fighter, but had no reason to like Sonny. He wondered if Luke had left because of his affiliation with Johnny, but Lucky didn’t think so. At the hospital, Steven (Webber) talked about an up and coming drug a friend of his had invented that would provide restoration of tendons and cartilage, and said he wanted to invest in it. He thought it would be an exciting opportunity, and if it performed as expected, he could become financially independent. Elizabeth said she didn’t want to remain dependent, especially on Nikolas. Back at Dante’s, Lulu told Olivia that if a man’s heart was through his stomach, she was screwed, but Olivia said Dante loved her, and she’d been a rock for him, even when he went undercover. She didn’t think he would have gotten through it without Lulu. Lulu said Dante did what was right, and she admired that.  Olivia said Dante would still be blaming himself for what happened to Michael if not for Lulu’s love and support.

Sonny told Dr. Spaulding that he wanted Kristina to heal, and figure out why she felt the need to protect Kiefer for so long. Kristina wondered how her relationship with her dad might have affected her relationship with Kiefer, and was glad he came with her. Sonny didn’t see a connection, and said any man who hit a woman was a monster. Kristina said she knew he felt that way, but maybe it wasn’t that simple. The doctor asked Sonny to define abuse, and Sonny talked about physical abuse, saying he and his mother went through many years of it. It helped him to understand, but it made him sick. Kristina said Sonny had been abusive to Claudia, and had screamed in the courtroom that she’d gotten what she deserved. She said Sonny had also provoked Johnny, and Sonny said Johnny lied, saying he was an abuser, and he wondered why Kristina believed Johnny over him. Lucky told Ethan that Luke loved his children, but loathed giving them advice and counsel. Ethan thought Luke was probably off risking his life, and Lucky was concerned he might get killed. Lulu had been caught in the fallout from Michael’s conviction, and Helena was lurking in the shadows, drawing Luke like a moth to a flame. Maya (Edward Quartermaine and Mary Mae Ward’s great-granddaughter) joined them, and said she’d checked with the Quartermaines, and Tracy wasn’t in Fiji; it was a false trail, and no one had heard from her. She’d disappeared, and hadn’t even called ELQ. Lucky said it had Helena’s fingerprints all over it. Brook tried to teach Lulu some cooking skills, and Dante came home early. Dante tasted the sauce, and said Brook was an angel sent from heaven.

Carly told Spinelli that she was thinking drug money, and asked if he could access a drug cartel and do a fund transfer. He said nothing was beyond the reach of the assassin of cyberspace, and she said once it was realized that Dante was sitting on cash, and it led back to drugs, his career would be destroyed, and he’d get a taste of his own medicine. Spinelli said it would be a stain on Dante’s reputation that would follow him for the rest of his days, and Carly said she loved it. Spinelli said it would shine a harsher light on Dante’s betrayal, which was the true crime. Carly told Spinelli, once he was involved, there was no backing out, but Spinelli said it was fitting justice. The Jackal wouldn’t rest until the deceitful one had paid for what he’d done. Olivia overheard, and asked who the deceitful one was. At Pentenville, Jason told Michael that there had been no progress as far as his release went. Michael said Dante claimed he was working on it, but he’d told Dante to save his breath; his father would get him out. Jason said he told Dante not to come back without the paperwork, and Michael said Dante just wanted to score points with Sonny. Jason said Sonny had given Dante the benefit of the doubt because Dante was his son. At her session, Kristina said Johnny told her that Sonny had been abusive to Claudia, but Sonny said he’d never hit her. Kristina said abuse was more than hitting, and Sonny said Claudia was a terrible person; she hurt everyone. Kristina said Sonny hated her, so he’d abused her. She said when Sonny gets into fixing mode, he goes off the hook, and flies into a rage. He’s scary, and makes them think it’s the other person’s fault. She’d stayed with Kiefer because it felt familiar. Then when he put her in the hospital, she apologized for him, like everyone did for Sonny. Sonny said Kiefer was twisted and sick, and he was nothing like him.

Ethan told Lucky it would be like Tracy to run off and have Luke chase her; it was their idea of foreplay. Lucky said Helena was in Port Charles, but Ethan said she was there to see her grandson. Maya said Lucky was bias, and so furious at Nikolas, he was blaming the Cassadines. Sonny accused Dr. Spaulding of brainwashing his daughter. He said, it wasn’t right, and he was out of there. Kristina didn’t want to go, but followed him out. Michael wondered if Sonny somehow knew Dante was his son before he was told, and that’s why he believed a stranger. Jason said Dante was a great liar; even he didn’t suspect Dante was undercover. Now that he knew the truth, he was never going to trust Dante again. Michael said Sonny wanted to trust Dante, and Jason said a father feels a connection to their kids, no matter what; it was unconditional love. Spinelli told Olivia that he’d been referring to an online gamer who cheated, and Olivia asked if he was sure he wasn’t talking about Dante. Spinelli said, most assuredly not. Olivia suggested they blamed Dante for Michael going to prison, but Carly said blaming Dante was a convenient way to avoid what was staring her in the face. She was responsible for Michael going to prison. It was her fault and no one else’s. Olivia told her not to beat herself up about it. Carly had always done the best for her son, and it was all anyone could do or expect. They’d focus on getting Michael out of prison, and no one would be happier than Dante. When she left, Spinelli told Carly that she was a most impressive liar, and she said it was a gift she was going to use to defeat Dante and make him pay. Dante asked Brook to stay for dinner, but she said it was a thank you to him and Lulu for getting her a job at the MetroCourt. Dinner was supposed to be waiting when he got home, but he came home early. Lulu said her only contribution would have made the night a disaster; she’d brought goldenrod. Dante insisted Brook eat with them.

Luke suggested he and Tracy go to the Amalfi coast, and get a private villa; price was no object. Tracy said that’s because it was her dime, and he said, on his dime, all they’d get was a shack on the beach, which was not her style. Tracy started coughing, and Luke yelled again for the guard, who told him Helena was on her way. Ethan said Helena had no reason to kidnap Tracy, but Lucky said she had plenty of reasons. Ethan was assuming Helena thought like a normal rational person, and she’s a psychopath. Ethan said maybe she’d mellowed after spending time with her grandson, and Lucky said she’d only use it to cause mayhem. Maya thought Lucky’s imagination was running amok. Lucky got a text from Luke, saying he and Tracy were escaping the madness by casino hopping in the Caribbean, and wanted to be left alone. He still wasn’t buying it, and Maya said if he was looking this hard for a sinister plot, that meant something wasn’t right closer to home. Steven told Elizabeth that the company was looking for a $100K minimum investment, but she said she didn’t have that kind of money. Sonny apologized to Kristina for losing his temper, and said he loved her. He was trying to help, and didn’t understand why she always believed the worst of him. She said she didn’t blame him for what happened with Kiefer; it was her choice to stay. Sonny said she still believed Johnny over him, and she said, no matter how bad Claudia was, she didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. Sonny said this wasn’t helping, and he’d check in tomorrow. Kristina made a call, saying she wanted to meet with someone. Dante and Brook reminisced, much to Lulu’s dismay.

Spinelli went to see Jason, who said Sam was worried about him. He said it looked like Spinelli hadn’t seen the light of day in a long time. Spinelli said he was involved in meaningful enterprises, and Jason wondered if he meant gaming. Spinelli said gaming helped him to accept missions others wouldn’t undertake. Jason asked what mission he was on, but Spinelli said it was hypothetical. Jason asked if Carly came see him, and dragged him into one of her crazy plans. Alone in his cell, Michael practiced some boxing, while another inmate (Carter) watched and then applauded. He said Michael had some fast moves, but it wasn’t going to do him any good. Ethan went to see Kristina, and she told him that she was seeing a therapist to find out why she stayed with Kiefer. He asked what she came up with, and she said it might be linked to her relationship with her dad. He and Kiefer were alike. Kiefer was in charge, would get mad, then apologize, saying how much he cared, and it would make her feel special. That’s how it was with her dad. Ethan said she was making progress, and Kristina said she’d invited Sonny to her therapy session, but it was like they were speaking two different languages. Then Sonny announced he was leaving. Ethan told her that she was brave to try, but she said she didn’t feel brave. She’d been a doormat for Kiefer, and felt pathetic. Ethan said she was a survivor, and he admired that. Kristina said that’s why she’d chosen to have a crush on Ethan. He’d told her to have respect for herself and not put up anything less. Even though she messed up and was too young for him, liking him was a positive step.

Sonny went to see Carly, who told him that he couldn’t be there. He said he’d gone to therapy with Kristina, and the shrink did what shrinks do; blame the parents. He thought the therapist was filling Kristina’s head with lies, but he began second guessing himself, and thought maybe everything wasn’t so black and white. Carly said that was a first for him, and Sonny said he never fought with anyone or was as angry with anyone like he was with her. He asked her if he’d been abusive, and she told him not to ask questions he didn’t want the answers to.

🤷‍♀️ If You’re Clueless Like Me…

Again I didn’t know from some of these characters, the flashback being during a time when I wasn’t watching. So for those who are in that boat, or need a refresher course…

All about Maya.


And Ethan.


And Carter. Not much on this guy, which is understandable.


🎥 Are We There Yet…?

It kinda sorta looks like GH will be taping new episodes again soon.



💗 If Loving You Is Wrong – Oh So Right

Edwina Findley (Kelly) hosted a special cast reunion done remotely. Included were Heather Hemmens (Marcie), April Parker Jones (Natalie), Zulay Henao (Esperanza), and Amanda Clayton (Alex).

Edwina said she’d asked for everyone’s OMG moment, and we saw clips of those. Hers was saying goodbye to Travis. She said it was the point where Kelly was stepping into her own power. Amanda said she never knew where Alex stood; every year she’d find out she’d been lying the year before. Her moment was at the Cowboy Bar, getting on the mechanical bull, and yelling, yehaw, bitches! She said Alex was a train-wreck, but it was fun. A viewer asked who Alex’s baby daddy was, and Alex said they knew it wasn’t Brad, Randal, or Lushion, and she felt choosing Ian would be a cop-out. She’d decided Alex had so many relationships, it was a Maury Povich situation, and thought it was one of Alex’s many one-night stands. When asked what she thought happened to Alex – at the end of the show, she’d been arrested for Randal’s murder, even though Marcie had killed him – she said with any luck, Alex made her way to a psyche ward, and got the help she needed. She told us that she’d quit waitressing to take the job, and felt there was a divine purpose in them coming together. They became a family, and she was also married with a baby now.

Heather’s OMG moment was when Marcie had found out Randal was having an affair with Alex, and leapt over his desk to attack him. She said that’s when she figured out what the show was going to be; it was everything combined in that moment, and defined Marcie’s emotional ride.

Cynthia and Thomasina – co-workers who lived in different states, but watched the show together via the phone – asked what happened that Marcie went nuts. Heather said she thought Marcie had snapped; that Randal had gotten to her one too many times. She hadn’t meant to kill him, but to show him not to touch her, once and for all. Well, she definitely succeeded. Heather said Marcie had taken it a little too far, but in a perfect world, she got away with it. She hoped Marcie got some peace in her life, and distanced herself from Maxine, along with Brad and the kids.

April’s moment was when Randal had invited himself into Natalie’s house. With her hand on a knife the entire time, she said he thought she was an ignorant-ass fool, but she was from the hood, and it wasn’t that way. Then she told him to get his ass out of her house right now. April said, often Natalie and Randal were the comic relief, but in that monologue she explained who Natalie was – she loved you, but understand that if she had to, she’d cut you. Natalie was her alter-ego. Tyler Perry saw through her, and told her that she knew she could allow herself to go there; it was the reason she’d gotten into acting. She said acting has been her freedom and therapy, and Tyler saw that. Marcie said she loved group prayer with Tyler in the morning, and loved how they held hands, connecting spiritually before a tough day. She also loved making Tyler laugh; it was always a big win. Edwina talked about how she found out her mother had cancer during the first season. When her mother had to go to hospice, she shared it with Tyler, and said she wanted to do something special for her mom. He’d arranged for a set visit, but unfortunately, her mother didn’t make it. She called Tyler when her mother died, and he shared his beautiful spirit, telling her about his own mom. Everyone agreed that Tyler is authentic and caring, even when no one is watching. Edwina said their sisterhood also meant a lot to her.

A viewer, who friends knew not call when the show was on, wondered what happened to Natalie and Lushion. April said they moved the hell out of Maxine, and had the wedding of their dreams – the wedding they deserved – and possibly one more baby.

Zulay’s moment was Esperanza’s final scene with Eddie when she shot him. Edwina said it was the moment fans had been waiting five seasons for, and Zulay said people had been on her since the beginning, but she wanted to handle it with empathy and love. Esperanza’s sole purpose was to be a good mom. Edwina said her sensitivity and honesty came through in her work. Viewer Renee from Houston asked what happened to Esperanza’s daughter, even though I thought it had been pretty clear she was dead. Zulay said Eddie had taken away everything Esperanza lived for. Edwina said the fans loved to hate Eddie, and asked Zulay what it was like working with Joel Rush. Zulay said there was never a dull day, and we saw clips of them behind-the-scenes, having fun. She said he was professional and awesome to work with.

Edwina said she had a surprise, and introduced the men. Besides Joel, there was Aiden Turner (Brad), Eltony Williams (Randal), and Charles Malik Whitfield (Lushion). Aiden said he missed everyone’s sense of humor, and their dinners on Friday night after work. They were a family unit, but now were spread out over the United States. Nothing he’d done before or since gave him the same connection. Joel said the show gave him a purpose, and he was a different man because of them and Tyler seeing something in him. Tyler gave him a shot, and he felt surrounded in love. He’s the man and father he is today because of the show. Charles said they weren’t just a team on the show, but a family. Tyler, Oprah, and OWN always included them in everything, and he said they were true friends. Eltony said there was great chemistry, and Tyler had pulled good work out of him.

The men departed, and Edwina said the ladies would have the last word. Amanda said she was still shocked that so many people watched diligently, including her own family and friends. Heather thanked the fans for letting them tell the stories. They were wild and inconceivable, but things happen in Maxinevilles all around the country. It being a female driven show was a moment of pride for her, and she thanked Tyler for putting women’s stories in the forefront. April was thankful for being a part of history with the rest of the cast, and thanked viewers for investing in the characters and their journeys. Zulay said she was grateful for the loyal fans, and especially for Tyler. He told her something that sounded simple, but changed the way she lived, not just professionally, but personally and spiritually. He told her, sometimes you have to live knowing. You need to live knowing you deserve your dream, and go get it. Edwina said she believe in the manifestation of dreams. She’d dreamt of working with Tyler and Oprah, and had stood under the OWN studio sign. She’d asked someone to take a picture of her, and the picture had been taken on September 9th, 2011. The show debuted on September 9th, 2014. She said there was no dream too big that God couldn’t manifest, although you might not know how or when it would happen. Zulay said Tyler continued to be good to them, and invited them to his studio opening in Atlanta. He surprised them by giving them stars on the Walk of Fame there. Edwina thanked Tyler for saying yes, and choosing them; thanked Oprah for the network (me too!), and allowing them to express their gifts and talents; and thanked the viewers at home for allowing them to be part of the family and being part of theirs.

I’m not sure if this answered any questions, but it was nice of Tyler and the network to give us one last hurrah. I have to admit though, it made me sadder than the finale did. It was like a final farewell.

💵 Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

JoshA went to look at a mid-century modern house in Trousdale, an area where the blocks are tiered and houses are restricted to one-story, so everyone has a view. The house had 4 bedrooms and 4½ baths, a sunken living room, and was rumored to have been designed for Howard Hughes, who supposedly partied there, and also let his girlfriends live there. Josh said he felt Howard’s personality reflected there, and could feel the swanky mid-century vibes flowing through it. It was another one of those houses that didn’t look like much on the outside, but had all kinds of things going on indoors. Built in 1960, the owners had maintained the original look, but spent money behind the walls on things like electric and plumbing, as well as new appliances. Owner Scott showed Josh his music studio, and gave a lengthy explanation of the kind of music he wrote, telling Josh the earth was increasing in frequency. Josh and I both had the same reaction to that – huh? He played Josh some of his stuff, which I call music to fall asleep to, and chihuahua Chloe brought Josh a toy, but wouldn’t hand it over. I thought the house was really cool, but I love 60s and 70s interior design. It also had a rooftop deck, which Scott said was the only one in Trousdale. Josh thought they’d be lucky to break even, since what had once been $3000 a square foot was now $2300.

JoshF got a cold call from a woman named Heather, who was looking for a house that was kid-friendly. She wanted an area not populated by coyotes, since she wasn’t a diligent dog owner, and was afraid her dogs would get munched and her kids would end up in therapy. Josh said his job was to find his client the perfect house, even if they didn’t know what they wanted. He said when you didn’t know a client, it was like going on a first date.

David and James wanted to get in the Pasadena market, and were given the listing for the house that Tracy had trash talked about them to the owner. James David said they’d have to sell it, and show Tracy up, and David James said, exactamundo, which made my skin crawl. Unless you’re in a Quentin Tarantino movie or Bart Simpson, please, stay away from that word. It was another mid-century from the 1950s, which they thought looked like the Brady Bunch house, but I begged to differ, actually wondering if they’d ever seen the show. I don’t think the Brady Bunch dad could have afforded that house. They decided they needed to convey the potential of the house, without the buyer thinking it would be a humongous project.

James and David had a private showing with brokers and agents to get feedback. There were also a few potential buyers, and it was interesting to watch how the two of them played up the older features with people who loved the era, but pointed out the potential to those who didn’t. Just about everyone commented on the carpeting in the bathrooms (yeah, no), and one guy just kept saying, terrible about everything he saw. I thought he’d had too much work done, and his face was terrible.

Scott suggested to JoshA that he and his band play at the buyer’s open. Josh loved the live music idea, but was concerned Scott’s music might be too mellow. After the open house, where Scott played on the rooftop patio, Josh admitted it had been a great help even though he’d been skeptical. He even took the mic, and made up some clever lyrics about the property. He hoped the good vibe would entice someone to make an offer. He’d channeled his inner Steve Perry – who he clarified was from Journey, for the young ones.

David James got an architect to do renderings, so buyers could see potential of the house. James David said he’d probably spent his commission already. Since Tracy had said they wouldn’t put in the effort for a house priced so low, they wished she had been there. An offer was made, but in the meantime a counter offer came in. David James David encouraged the first broker to get his client to come up. The broker thought his client would feel it was too much risk, but they ended up making a deal. James told David to call Tracy, but not rub it in her face too much. He left a voicemail asking if she’d like to join them for lunch, which they’d pay for out of their commission. I’ll bet she felt like a big a-hole when she heard that.

Next time, JoshF’s client finds something she likes; Tracy is a wreck; Heather tells Josh that when she saw Frederik, he came for her; and JoshA and Frederik argue.

💎 This week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will feature commentary of a classic episode (classic being their word, not mine) by Erika Jayne and Reza Farahan, Maybe Reza will tell us where the Shahs reunion went. Wednesday, July 1st, at 9 pm. There will be a new episode next week on July 8th.

😥 Another Legend Gone…

He was one of the greats. It would be hard to pick a favorite project, but I do love The Jerk.


🎉 Her Job Is Done…

A celebrity who is actually doing it right.


🚗 Don’t Make Me Turn This Car Around…

A holiday weekend is coming up (I think…), and while some doors have opened, others got slammed shut again. Will we ever get back to normal, new or otherwise? Who knows, but stressing about it won’t make it better. Stay safe, stay constructive, and stay leaving fireworks to the professionals.

June 23, 2020 – A Loss Revisited, Character Review, Upcoming Emmys, Soap Dads, Black Tie Brokers, Oscar News, Padma’s New Gig & Stars


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I shot an arrow into the air, and where it landed was on a GH Flashback from November 10th, 2004.

Sam was hooked up to machines in the hospital while Jason kept watch. Literal toddler Kristina was in the same position, awaiting surgery, while Alexis kept watch. Ric showed up with a restraining order to keep Sonny from seeing Kristina. Luke was still in the opening credits, but walked away in the group shot, but I don’t know if that was some kind of statement – about the show, Tony Geary, or both – or actually prophetic.

At first, I thought Nikolas had a twin, but it turned out to be lookalike Connor, who I remember zero about. Old Mike was working at Kelly’s. Courtney told Lois (I remember her!) that Sonny was really Kristina’s father, and Mike said Carly knew, but had kept it to herself. Sam was unconscious, and had lost a baby girl, and Elizabeth looked like she was twelve. Sonny tore up the restraining order, and told Ric that he’d wreck anyone who came between him and his daughter. He’d already lost one daughter, and wasn’t losing Kristina. Little Michael said he knew Sonny was sad about losing the baby, and Sonny reassured Michael that he and Morgan were safe. Michael asked if he was mad at God, but Sonny said he didn’t blame anybody, and told Michael, no matter how hard times get, family has to love each other. Michael asked how they could help, and Sonny said, be kind to each other. He told Michael, a way to respect losing someone precious was letting go, no matter how hard it was. He said, eventually they’d have to get on with their lives, but not today.

Alexis told Ric he was all kinds of wrong, and to focus on Kristina. Elizabeth told Jason that Sam’s feelings would be complicated, and not to let her deal with having planned for the baby’s homecoming alone. Jason said they already had a nursery set up, and Elizabeth said they’d prepared together, so they should mourn together. She said Sam was going to look for someone to blame, and hold herself responsible. Emily nursed Connor’s wound, and told him being a doctor was a dream of hers. He said he gave himself reasons for walking out of the military, but wondered if he really was just a deserter and his reasons were baloney. Courtney told Jason, when they’d lost their baby, he held her together and she wanted to help him now. Lois told Alcazar that Kristina was Sonny’s daughter, and Carly knew, but hadn’t told Sonny. She didn’t think Sonny was going to forgive Carly, and they’d be getting divorced, but Alcazar didn’t think Sonny was in a position to criticize. Kim was still old Carly, and Sonny told her that he was grateful Sam’s baby was going to give Kristina the stem cell infusion she needed. Carly said they were family, and she’d always want to help and support him, whether they’re married or not. Courtney told Jason that Elizabeth was right. He needed to help Sam, and they had to give themselves time to grieve. Potential parenthood had changed him, and Sam loved him. She said if he needed anything, she was there, and Jason said he’d be okay.

Lois told Alcazar that Sonny would go to the ends of the earth to protect his family, but she didn’t think he’d take Carly back. She’d broken a cardinal rule, and lied about family. She wondered if Alcazar would go back to Carly. Carly’s dad John, aka Corbin Bernsen, brought Carly and little Michael to a house, and tried to entice Michael with a skateboarding ramp in the backyard. Michael wasn’t having it, and said he’d wait in the car. Carly said she knew John wanted her to move away from Sonny. Jason told Sonny that Dr. Webber said Sam should have come out of it by now, but Sonny thought maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Jason said he wanted to be the one to tell Sam the baby was gone.

John told Carly that he bought the house for her. She said she wanted to take care of herself, but took the keys anyway, and John left. Sonny told Jason that he thought he’d had an understanding with Sam. She trusted him, even though he’d disappointed her. Jason said Sam always respected Sonny’s choice to stay with his family, and wasn’t angry about it.

Connor had a bad dream, and Courtney told him that he was safe. He said he was dreaming about his buddy Casey, who’d died because of him. He’d watched Casey die. Michael told Carly that he wanted to go home, and live with dad. Carly explained if she and Sonny couldn’t work it out, they would need to move out, and she thought this was a nice place. That was, until Alcazar called to her from the porch. Kristina made it through her surgery, and Sam woke up. Jason told her about the baby, as we watched (but couldn’t hear) through the window. Sam screamed, no! as Jason tried to comfort her.

🤷🏽‍♀️ If You’re As Clueless As I Am…

I don’t know if I wasn’t watching during these time periods, or I just wasn’t paying attention, but a lot of the characters are a mystery to me. So meet, or refresh your memory about, Connor and Courtney.



📺 PandEmmyic…

So far, this is what this year’s Daytime Emmys look like. They’ll be televised on June 26th, 2020.


🧼 Soap Is For Dads Too…

How some of the soap stars celebrated Father’s Day.


💰 On Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, we got another tour of the mountainside mansion known as the Razor House, that the Joshes described as not just architecture, but a piece of art. Some of the amenities included a smart home system – or as JoshF called it, an expensive light switch – an open floor plan, floor to ceiling glass (all of the windows had shields that could be brought down to cover them), a glass elevator, a subterranean garage, a rooftop terrace, and an infinity pool and hot tub. Going for a mere $25 million. They met with architect Wallace Cunningham, and we found out the house was the inspiration for Tony Stark’s house in Ironman.

James and David took on a listing for a house from 1914 that the owner had totally revamped, having to contend with the Historical Preservation Society, and being restricted as to what overlays could be used. The owner wanted $3 million because of the sweat and cash he’d sunk into it, but that brought the cost to $1250 a square foot, when most of the neighborhood was going for $800. It was one of those houses that doesn’t look like much from the outside, but is fabulous inside. David and James talked owner Joey into a price reduction, telling him that potential buyers didn’t care about the hoops he’d had to jump through to renovate. Joey was stubborn, but agreed to $2.495 million.

Tracy was ready for a new chapter in her life, and decided to sell her own house. Her divorce had been finalized, and they were sharing custody, so she’d only have her daughters 50% of the time. She explained she’d fallen in love with the house while showing it, and had thought it would be her forever home. They’d paid $13 million, but she wanted $24, and was tweaking it to perfection before putting it on the market. Thinking she’d be too emotionally attached, she told her team they would be taking the listing. In wanting to keep her family life private, she informed them that the kids were not going to be on the show. She did want them to be part of the process of looking for a new place though.

In their dual interview, JoshA asked JoshF what superhero he’d be, and JoshF said, Barbie. I’m not sure if Barbie applies, but he also said his superpower would be Ken. The Joshes got ready to hold a black tie broker’s open. In the meantime, David and James were offered $2.1 million, and talked Joey into countering with $2.3. It always amazes me when they dicker over $100-200K, when they’re ultimately talking millions. The buyer’s broker pointed out there was no garage, and gave a best and final offer of $2.25. A deal was made, and the guys made a commission of $56,250. While that could be a yearly salary for a normal human, they do put in a lot of work.

JoshA said they were pulling out all the stops for the brokers open, where both he and JoshF hosted. He said JoshF was an acquired taste, and just when you think he’s normal, something gets blurted out, and you’re like, what planet are you from? The Joshes chest bumped over their success. In his interview, JoshF enlightened us that few brokers showed trophy listings, so they had to bus them in like cattle, renting two party buses. When one broker told JoshF the house was amazing, he said, thank you; I built it, and I had to laugh, since that sounded like something I would say. David cornered Tracy at the open house, asking JoshA to give them a moment, and accused her of talking smack about him when they’d both been up for a listing. Tracy said she’d merely pointed out that she’d made an effort to show up to talk to the seller personally, rather than sending one of her team as he had. JoshA wondered what was going on, but James pleaded ignorance. In JoshA’s interview, he said, you can’t mess with Tracy; she’s a bad-ass bitch. He was sure David was going to tuck his tail and run back to England. Tracy told David, if he’d really wanted it, he should have gone himself. He said she’d also inferred that he wasn’t interested in properties that were less than $10 million, and she said it wasn’t smack; she’d just told the truth. The Joshes and James joined them, everyone talking at once, until JoshA put an end to it, by saying they talked sh*t about each other all the time; just never put it in writing. The Joshes high-fived each other.

Next time, a rockin’ house party in a house that used to belong Howard Hughes.

🎭 In Case It’s Still Important…

I haven’t watched the Oscars since… I don’t remember, but no judgement on those who still enjoy them. You’ll have to wait until next year though.


And hopefully, next time we’ll be seeing #OscarsSoDiverse.


🥗 Padma Does the HULU…

The hardest working woman in the cooking business.


📑 Handing It In Early…

TV looks very not promising this week, but I’ll gather some tea leaves, opinions, information, and fun stuff, and see what sticks. But for now, stay safe, stay receptive, and stay reaching for the stars.

June 17, 2020 – Charges Announced, Would-Be Flashback, Reliving S7, New Listing, NYC Update, the Girls Now, Tyler Talks, a Director’s Influence, Bye-Bye Wacha, Posha Reborn & Fight


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Today’s GH Flashback would have been from September 14th, 2015 (see below), but was preempted early on to inform us about charges being brought against the officers in the killing of Rayshard Brooks.

What happened:


The charges:


📜  Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.Martin Luther King, Jr.


General Hospital

What happened on September 14th, 2015 was… Sonny and Carly were about to get married (again), when one of Sonny’s enemies kidnapped TJ, who at the time was working for Sonny, and lured Sonny into an ambush. Jake Doe saved the day, but Sonny ended up with a bullet lodged near his spine, and Patrick was waiting for him to improve before doing surgery. Everything pointed to Julian having set Sonny up, and even though he was in county, Morgan vowed to kill him.

Elizabeth came close to telling Jake Doe that he was really Jason, even though he eventually ended up being Drew. She was interrupted by son Jake having a bad dream, but did tell Jake/Jason/Drew that she’d done something terrible to Sam. Ric had conspired with Madeline to get Nina’s money, and tricked old Nina into marrying him. She and Franco tricked Ric back, threatening to expose him, and made him sign annulment papers, giving up the rights to Nina’s money. Nina also ditched Madeline, which probably wasn’t hard, since she was in prison.

Sonny was unconscious, hooked up to machines, and a pre-PTSD Dante paid him a visit. Dante wondered if Sonny’s lifestyle was worth it, and suggested he try living and being a dad. The machines went kooky, and Dante ran out, interrupting an argument between Morgan and Michael in the hallway. Michael ran to get Carly, who was in the chapel, reminiscing about her life with Sonny, and reading Sonny’s wedding vows.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Seeing that tonight’s episode was going to be Dorit and Garcelle commentating on the Season 7 finale (Season 7 was also Dorit’s first season), I was immediately disappointed, but willing to give them another chance. We revisited Lisa’s Diamonds and Rosé party, where Dorit wore liquid gold on her head. Or as LisaR said, it looked like a big golden goose took a big golden sh*t on her head. Erika showed up with pink hair, and Garcelle wondered (as did LVP in the episode) if the carpet matched the drapes. PK showed up with Jagger in Dorit’s square, although why anyone would allow a child to watch this show is beyond me. Garcelle said, swans, ponies, no underwear, and champagne; that’s a perfect party. I wasn’t sure if she should get out more, or just reassess the parties she’s going to. I’d forgotten Eden Sassoon was on Season 7, so I refreshed my memory with this:


As Eden, got more wound up during the party, I was like, oh yeah… Kim Richards was also still on the fringes of the show, and seemed to be okay with everyone except LisaR.

Garcelle noted that PK loves being in the mix, and yes he does. He should be granted honorary Wife status, along with Peter from RHOA. There was some bad blood between Dorit and LisaR because of Dorit inferring to Eden that LisaR had a substance problem. Dorit and Eden had been discussing LisaR, when Dorit wondered if LisaR’s personality issues were induced. This led Eden to tell LisaR that Dorit had questioned whether she had a Xanax problem. LisaR got all in Dorit’s face, but my advice to her is, don’t make jokes about all the pills you carry around with you. There. Problem solved. PK told Erika that she was inherently cold, to which she coldly told him, she was not. Eileen Davidson was still on the show, and defended Erika. From her square, Dorit wondered why she subjected herself to this. Um… the publicity? Garcelle felt like she was on the playground, or middle school, which is what I say every week

This was before Puppygate, but the group was still feeling the aftereffects of Pantygate. In case you weren’t there for Pantygate, Erika went to a group dinner sans underwear, and PK caught a glimpse. Dorit said something to Erika, who couldn’t see what the big deal was. I might not either, unless it makes someone uncomfortable, which it obviously did. I’ve said it before. I’m no prude by any stretch of the imagination. I’m pretty broad-minded, but I still don’t say the f-word in front of my in-laws or in front of children. This is one of the things I don’t like about Erika. I’m all for expressing yourself and being who you are, but it’s common courtesy not to deliberately make people uncomfortable, and she just does not care. And if she finds out, she’ll do it on purpose. Talk about middle school. Okay, rant over. As a joke, sort of, Dorit had gotten Erika a pair of underwear. Erika was all kinds of offended for ages about this, which I found very hard to believe. From her square, Dorit said, in looking for a silver lining, she and LisaR had come a long way. Back at the party, LisaR told Eden that when she’d talked to LVP – I have no clue about what, and assume it’s the induced personality issue, but it really doesn’t matter – she shut herself off to Eden. Eden had it with LisaR, calling her a bitch, and saying she was sick of LisaR walking all over her and using her as a scapegoat. I barely remember the deal with those two, but I’ve grown to dislike LisaR with a passion, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true. It’s a shame too, because I’d always liked her, but by her second season, I could tell she’d say and do just about anything for attention and camera time. But she owns it.

After Eden’s outburst, LisaR said she didn’t give two f***s what people thought about her, and when she said she wished Eden well, Garcelle commented that those words are the death knell. Dorit said it felt like a lifetime ago, but it was just four years. Garcelle said it was more fun than she thought it would be, and I’m sure had 100% more fun than I did. While the Eden thing was interesting, it’s hard jumping into an old season without prefacing it with some backstory. On top of it, Dorit and Garcelle either aren’t being compelling enough, or it’s being edited badly, because the commentary is boring as hell. Bravo can do better than this.

🌴 Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles began its new season this week. Joshes Altman and Flagg are back, along with Tracy Tutor, James Harris, and David Parnes. While my preference is for the New York branch of the franchise, I still love seeing the West Coast houses, which are always massive. The premiere episode focused on mountainside properties, and while I’m not so sure I could live in a place where vertigo is king, they were breathtaking. The Joshes joined forces again to co-list, even though they vowed never again the last time. My favorite house was the one Tracy looked at, with the most amazing vertical landscaping, but the house the Joshes checked out was also fabulous. As Josh Altman put it, hidden doors, the fake books, and underground lairs; I’m trying not to geek out right now. There was a lot of cracking up (dare I say joshing around?) during their dual interviews, leading me to believe what I’ve thought before. Much of the feuding between the brokers is for the camera.

🗽 New York Tease…

Tomorrow, Bravo has scrapped The Real Housewives of New York altogether to run a marathon of Top Chef, capping it with their finale. So in the meantime, here’s a mid-season teaser.


🐇 Not Next Door Anymore…

I actually watched this show. I think I was more fascinated with the house and clothes than anything else. They made Hef look like a benevolent, hapless father with a harem from who he required little but their company. But then I read Holly Madison’s book, Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny. Um… ew.


💔 Tyler’s Heart…

The hardest working man in Hollywood preaches it.


🎥 Influencers…

I’m proud to say The Rocky Horror Picture Show made this list. Hey, it might be my only fifteen minutes.


🐶 Learning From Dorit’s Mistakes…

It looked like Andy talked to most of the world before deciding to rehome his dog. While he doesn’t give particulars, it sounds like it was the best decision. And I’m sure a hard one.


👊🏽 She’s Come a Long Way Baby…

From thinking the Underground Railroad was a real train to leading the call. My headband is off to Porsha. (I don’t wear hats.)


🏜 Before Sunrise…

In the past few months, we’ve certainly been given a lot to think about and the time to think it. We’re sliding into the world opening back up, and with it, hopefully, our hearts and minds. So stay safe, stay centered, and stay doing the right thing.

May 18, 2020 – Nelle Snags a Husband, a Possible Nose Problem, Return Listing, Lotsa Free Distractions & Sun Walkin’


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

The week is starting off well, since I missed the beginning. Right now, I have a very sick dog, and the care is endless. Not complaining, just making excuses. The high points are, Sam and Alexis are at the boxing gym when Alexis finds out she’s been disbarred; Jordan, Curtis, Molly, and TJ are having a meal at the MetroCourt; and Ava meets with a potential buyer for her penthouse, only to discover it’s Cyrus.

Nelle comes running into the courtroom, wearing a wedding dress and carrying a bouquet. She says she’s sorry she’s late, but the most incredible thing just happened. Addressing her as Miss Benson, Judge Lowe says, if she’s serious about the hearing, she wouldn’t be late. Nelle says the hearing is the most important thing to her, but she’s no longer Miss Benson. She and her new husband were unavoidably delayed.

Sam asks if Alexis can appeal. Maybe she should find an attorney to help her get out of it. Alexis says, it’s perjury, and a serious rule of law; there’s no coming back from it. Sam suggests she work on her second act. She had a great first one, with an amazing career, and she’s saved money. Why doesn’t she sit back, and figure out what she wants to do next? Alexis says she doesn’t want to do anything else, so she’s going home to binge watch TV. Sam says that’s not why she brought Alexis there. Sam’s phone rings, and she steps away. Alexis kicks at the bag, and Brando says she might want to tape her hands and put on gloves, but she says she’d rather kick it. He says it must be her first time boxing, and she says she was brought there against her will. He says, so it’s a hostage situation. Blink once if she needs to be rescued. She blinks, and Sam comes back. She asks why Brando is talking to her mother. He says, mother? and Alexis says, that would be her.

Sonny stops by, and asks if TJ and Molly are excited about their domestic partnership. Kristina told him about the domestic partner thing, and he guesses it’s more enlightened than marriage. He’ll take their word for it, but the main thing is, are they happy? TJ says, most definitely, and Sonny says he’s sorry about what happened. Is TJ okay? TJ says he and Molly are working to move forward. His only concern is not being able to give Mac more details about the kidnapping. It makes no sense. He was grabbed, and left alone. Not even a ransom request. Sonny asks what Mac turned up, and Curtis says he’s sure Mac is doing all he can. Sonny says he’s glad TJ is back, and TJ says he is too. Sonny congratulates them, and moves along. Molly says she never wants to go through that again. The weeks without TJ were awful. TJ says, it’s time wo work on their life together going forward.

Cyrus tells Ava, he was skeptical of Lucy. She has an excitable manner, but she understands real estate. Ava says he has her at a loss. Lucy said she had a cash buyer, but neglected to give her his name. He introduces himself, and she says she’s heard of him. She’s aware of his reputation. He says he’s aware of hers as well. She asks what he means, and he says she’s a gallery owner, and he’s a big art lover. He’s heard she’s going to be showing a new piece by Franco at Windymere. That should make for a memorable evening. Ava says, after what Cyrus has done, he won’t be on the guest list.

Josslyn, Dev, Cameron, and Trina go to the park. Trina says, Oscar’s meadow is green now. She loves when everything blooms. They sit at a picnic table, and Cameron asks how Josslyn is feeling. She says she guesses okay. It’s been a year, and she still misses him. She thinks she always will, but she doesn’t know. Now when she thinks about him, she smiles more than she cries. Trina says, that’s progress, and Josslyn says she owes them an apology. She knows she’s been absent lately. Dev thinks being kept on lockdown had something to do with it, and she says she hated house arrest, but she didn’t have to lean in as much as she did. She could have found ways to stay connected. From here on out, no more hiding with her journal instead of hanging with them. Cameron asks if she’s giving it up, and Trina says, admitting the problem is the first step. Josslyn is sure she’ll still write, but she doesn’t feel it’s as necessary. She’s glad Dustin suggested it, but she misses her friends.

Martin begs the court’s indulgence. A wedding is a blessed event, and his client is still elated at the happy news. Nelle says her new husband is here now, and Julian walks in. Diane says, just when she thought Julian couldn’t sink lower, and Michael says, Nelle just overplayed her hand. Nelle says they were married last night, and everything has been a happy blur. She’s sorry she lost track, and wasn’t on time. Judge Lowe tells Martin to get his client under control, and explain that she shouldn’t address the court unless and until she’s directed to. Martin tells Nelle, do herself a favor and don’t say anything unless she’s asked. The judge assumes there’s a valid license, and Nelle gives it to Martin, who passes it to the judge. Diane laughs, and Judge Lowe says it appears to be in order, but he’s calling a brief recess to check the validity. When he gets back, he expects to proceed with no more outbursts.

Willow asks what Michael meant by Nelle overplaying her hand. He says, Nelle couldn’t have picked a worse candidate. Julian is an ex-mobster. Diane says, whatever case Nelle thought she had, Julian just tanked it.

Sam introduces Alexis to Brando. Alexis says his name sounds familiar… She looks at Sam, and Sam nods. Alexis says she’s also Kristina’s mother, and they’re connected via Sonny. Brando has also met her third daughter, Molly. He laughs, and says Molly brought her car in, and he fixed her up. Alexis says she heard all about it, and Sam suggests they get back to their workout. He says, nice to meet her. Alexis tells Sam, no wonder Molly slept with him. Sam is like, mother! and Alexis says she doesn’t think Molly did anything wrong. He seems nice, has a sense of humor, and he’s cute; he looks like he works out. Sam says she doesn’t see it. Please. Even I see it.

Molly, TJ, Curtis, and Jordan clink glasses. Molly says it was nice of Sonny to send over champagne, and Jordan says she wants to thank him in person. She goes over to Sonny at the bar, and he says he hasn’t heard from her. She says, TJ is home safe now, and he asks if that means their collaboration is over. She says she doesn’t need his help, and he asks, what if Mac’s investigation leads to Cyrus? She tells him, stay out of her investigation. She’ll handle her own people.

Cyrus is surprised Ava isn’t more open to him, since she’s had struggles herself. She says, a few public incidents she’s put behind her. She’s not going back by getting involved with him. He’s responsible for a good friend losing her father. He’s says he’s sorry for her friend’s loss, but she was misinformed. He just got out of prison; his sentence was vacated. She says, how convenient, and he says he was exonerated from a wrongful conviction. Now he’s focused on building a new life, and looks forward to doing business with her. The penthouse suits him perfectly. He just needs the paperwork to close. Sonny listens in, and Cyrus’s phone rings. He excuses himself, and Sonny approaches Ava. He asks what the hell she’s doing.

Ava says she doesn’t care for Sonny’s tone. They were talking business. He says this always happens with her. She takes one step forward, and five back. Just when he thinks she has one ounce of humanity, bringing Avery to see his dad, she does business with a known drug trafficker. Does she know where Cyrus’s money is coming from? She asks why he’s so quick to think the worst of her. Trina interns for her, and Trina is devastated by her father’s death. He says, then why do business with the guy who’s responsible? and she says Lucy never told her who the potential buyer was.

Dev says, it’s the first time they’ve all been together, and they’re on their phones. Josslyn suggests they do something fun tomorrow after school, but Cameron says he and Trina are playing ultimate frisbee. Josslyn asks if it’s formal teams, or can anyone go? and Cameron says, it’s pretty casual. Dev says he’ll get to prove he’s better than Cameron at another sport, and Josslyn says it will be a nice change from volleyball. Cameron says he’s not sure how much playing time they’ll get, and Josslyn wonders if he and Trina don’t want them to go.

Jordan says, the MetroCourt ballroom is gorgeous, but TJ says they have the Nurses Ball coming up, and they don’t want something that fancy. Curtis says, there’s always outside, and it will be nice soon. Jordan says, Molly is quiet, and asks if they can have some girl talk. They both go to the bar.

Diane tells Michael and Willow, Nelle’s shotgun wedding might work in their favor, but she’s warning them not to get ahead of themselves. They’re going to stick to the strategy. Michael and Willow are loving, committed parents. She tells Willow, whatever Nelle and that sleazeball husband throw at her, don’t engage. Carly suggests Diane not call Julian a sleazeball, but Diane says she’ll have her game face when court starts. Poor Alexis. Just when she’s gotten herself together, now Julian marries Nelle. Michael says Nelle must have found something incriminating on Julian, and wonders what it is.

Martin asks what Nelle was thinking, showing up late married to Julian. She says they couldn’t wait, and Julian says they want the best for Wiley. Nelle says, and that’s for Wiley to live with them.

Michael says Julian must have run to Nelle and told her about him and Willow getting married, but Carly says she received a call telling her that Nelle already knew. Michael asks, who called? but she says, it doesn’t matter. He says it does to him; who called to warn her? She says, Sasha.

Curtis asks TJ to level with him. How’s he doing? TJ says, fine, and Curtis says he was kidnapped. He was just held hostage, and had to think he might be killed. It’s enough to freak anyone out, him included. TJ says he’s not sleeping well. He dreams he’s still a hostage, and wakes up in a panic. He tosses and turns, and then gets up because he doesn’t want to disturb Molly. Curtis says he’s sorry to hear that, and TJ says he checks the windows to make sure no one is lurking around. It’s lunacy. Curtis says, what TJ went through was traumatic, and he wants TJ to know he can reach out. Whatever TJ needs. TJ says, what he needs is to pull himself together before he drives Molly away.

Ava tells Sonny that Lucy didn’t tell her who the buyer was. He says, now she knows, and she says she can do business with whoever she wants. It’s not like Sonny is so picky with the associates he deals with. Yet he holds himself up like an excellent role model for Avery. What’s he going to do when Avery finds out who he is? He says he’s a coffee importer, and like her art gallery, his business is legit. It always cracks me up when anyone, especially Sonny, says he’s a coffee importer. Ava’s phone rings, and it’s Carly. She tells Ava that Nelle married Julian. Ava doesn’t believe it, and Carly tells her to ask her brother.

Molly asks Jordan if she said something wrong. Is Jordan upset they chose domestic partnership instead of traditional marriage? Jordan says, no. She’s upset with herself. She’s beyond mortified about the way she acted, and owes Molly a major apology. Molly thanks her, and Jordan says, her goal was never to hurt Molly. She thinks Molly and TJ are perfect together, and doesn’t want to see her son with anyone else.

Sam tells Alexis, this is probably better than hitting the bag, and hands her a jump rope. Alexis says, she’s good, but Sam says, it’ll work up a sweat. Alexis says, no; she thinks she’ll hit the steam room. Sam says she wants to work out, and Alexis tells her, suit herself. She leaves, and Sam approaches Brando. She asks if he has a minute.

Michael says, Sasha gave Carly a heads up? and Carly says Sasha was afraid Nelle would do something to stop the wedding. Michael says, that might be the Sasha he used to know, and asks Diane how Nelle showing up with a sudden husband will affect her case. Diane says, it’s not a good look. Julian’s shady past will bolster their case. Willow asks if pointing out that Nelle’s wedding was last minute, will magnify them doing the same thing, but Diane says, let the visuals tell the story. Nelle looks like a lunatic, and Julian looks like exactly what he is. And Michael and Willow look like what they are; a committed couple devoted to each other and Wiley’s well-being. Judge Lowe returns.

In her opening argument, Diane says, what’s at stake is the best for a young child, and the number one reason for sole custody to go to the biological father. Michael is the successful CEO of a multi-billion dollar family owned business, which gives him tremendous standing in the community. But he’s not an absentee parent. His first priority is his son. In an ironic twist, Wiley’s adoptive parents asked Michael to be Wiley’s godfather, a position he took seriously. He’s been in Wiley’s life since day one, as has his wife Willow. They live in a multi-generational home where Wiley will be surrounded by extended family who will make him feel loved and safe.

Diane tells Willow, Michael has perfected the art of the poker face; Willow, not so much. No matter what Martin says, she has to stay calm. It will be refuted in her testimony. Losing her cool does none of them any good. Willow says, understood. Nelle tells Martin that she’s counting on him. He says he knows. That’s why he’s charging so much. A heads up about her wedding would have been helpful though.

Brando says he knows what Sam is going to say; stay away from her mother. Could she do him a favor, and make a list of all her relatives? Then he can vet strangers to make sure they’re not related to her. Sam says, actually, she wanted to apologize. She’s sorry she gave him such a hard time at the garage. He says, in that case, he accepts. Should they start over, and be satisfied with a silent nod across the room? Sam says she’ll take that, and walks off.

Jordan and Molly come back to the table, and Curtis asks if Jordan is okay. She says, there’s a lot going on at work. TJ says, Cyrus? and Jordan asks what he knows about Cyrus. He says he read that he’d been put in prison ten years ago, Jordan figured out he was framed, and had him exonerated. Molly says she admires Jordan’s integrity; it couldn’t have been easy. Curtis says Jordan did what she needed to do to make things right.

Cyrus says he looked into Ava’s background, and knows she shares a daughter with Sonny. That can’t be easy. If she ever needs help to put Sonny in his place… She says she needs nothing from him, and he says, fair enough. Let’s talk about the penthouse. She says she’ll never sell it to him. She wouldn’t do that to Trina. And more important, don’t ever mention her daughter again – ever. She walks away, and Cyrus laughs.

Cameron tells Josslyn, don’t be silly. Of course (🍷) they want her and Dev to play. Trina says Josslyn is so competitive all the time, if she was ever on the sidelines, she might have a nervous breakdown. Josslyn says, her competitive? and Cameron says, a little bit. He looks forward to a worthy opponent. Trina says she thought he had one already. Dev says teams are supposed to build sportsmanship, and Cameron says they’re just having fun. Trina says she’ll text them the information tonight. Josslyn tells Dev that they have to head back; Tony is waiting. Cameron says he and Trina are headed the other way. Trina says she’ll see them tomorrow, and goes with Cameron. Josslyn and Dev sit back down, and Josslyn says, it’s not just her, right? She genuinely thought Cameron and Trina didn’t want them to go. Dev says he thinks Cameron has no idea how act around Josslyn, and Josslyn says Cameron has known her for her entire life. Dev says, but now he likes her.

Martin says what has already happened to Nelle is nothing short of a Greek tragedy. She was the victim of car accident, walking dazed and disoriented; left in the woods to give birth alone. When she came to, Brad had callously switched infants, and she had a dead baby in her arms. All those months, she grieved a baby she thought was dead. While in prison, she risked her own life to stop a vicious serial killer, and got early release for her heroism. Shortly afterward, she and Michael got the shock of their lives; their baby wasn’t dead, but alive and well. Lucas did the right thing, but instead of basking in the joy of their joint miracle, Michael only thought of himself, and petitioned the court to keep the child, when the child has been through enough. Then another miracle. Nelle fingers the half-heart necklace, and Martin says, Nelle found love. Nelle remembers telling Julian that she knows what he did. He caused an accident that almost killed his son. Lucas will never forgive him, but it doesn’t matter. If Sonny finds out, he’ll kill Julian. Martin says, it’s like Shakespeare. A love story of a brave young woman, just out of prison, starting a new life; and a man recovering his own life. Nelle thinks about Julian telling her, she was so desperate to keep Michael away from his son, she begged Brad to take him. Martin says, kindred souls married, and Nelle remembers telling Julian if he tries to persuade Sonny that Brad knew, Sonny will know he knew. Even if Sonny doesn’t kill Julian, there’s a sealed envelope to be opened in the event of her death or disappearance, and it will send the cops straight to Julian’s door. Martin says, plus there’s the concern that Wiley’s grandfather is a known mob kingpin. Nelle thinks of Julian telling her, there’s nothing left to say except, will she marry him? She says she doesn’t know. He didn’t get down on one knee. She’s kidding. Go get his suit on, and they’ll seal the deal. Martin says, what they did is blend two lives to make a family who will raise and give Wiley a loving home. It’s not as big as a mansion, but it will be filled with love. Nelle continues to play with the necklace.

Cameron tells Trina, he missed all four of them being together. She says she did too, but it wasn’t bad with just him. He says, likewise; it’s been great. She says, all the craziness, the kidnapping, her dad dying, and Cameron has been there. She doesn’t think she said thank you. He wants her to know he’ll always have her back; he promises. She says, pinky swear? and they do.

Dev says they should go, and Josslyn asks if he thinks Cameron likes likes her. He’s into her? Dev says, trust him. She’s the last to know. She says, it makes no sense. For the past year, she’s been a mess. Why would Cameron start crushing on her when she’s at her worst? Dev asks if she remembers when she and Cameron fake dated to make Oscar jealous. She says, that was a million years ago, and Dev says, maybe it was real for Cameron. She asks why Cameron wouldn’t have said something, and he says, she was in love with Oscar. Then she was grieving Oscar. The timing was wrong. She asks what she does now. How will it not be awkward when Cameron is around. Dev says he wouldn’t worry. He’s sure Cameron will understand that she doesn’t feel the same way. He’s a really good friend.

Cyrus asks for a word with Jordan, and Curtis tells him, keep moving. Cyrus says Jordan changed the ground rules and included her husband, and he can put Curtis’s skill set to use. Curtis tells him, don’t push it, and Cyrus says, who’s pushing? He’s offering Curtis some business. The health of the Police Commissioner and her loved ones remains his top concern.

Judge Lowe says, the opening remarks have been concluded, so they’re going to have an hour’s meal break. Willow says, Diane doesn’t think the judge believes Martin, does she? Diane says, more important was how they maintained a calm demeanor. Keep it up. It won’t make them look cold; it will make them look smart. Carly suggests they walk over to the MetroCourt, and Michael says, sounds good. Willow says keeping a calm demeanor is tougher then she thought. Diane leaves to make a call, and Nelle asks Martin how he thinks it’s going. He says he’s pleased, but they should go eat. And Julian should join them. Julian asks if Martin is going to put him on the witness stand.

On the phone, Diane tells Alexis, Nelle just showed up in court with her new husband. Alexis says she’s surprised, but not shocked. Nelle isn’t going down without a fight. Who did she lure into marriage? Diane says, Nelle’s new groom is Julian.

Martin tells Julian, he’d like to avoid it if possible. If they paint Sonny as a threat, given that Julian is also affiliated with organized crime, it’s best not to open that line of inquiry. Nelle says, in that case, shall they? Julian says he’s not interested, but she says he agreed to be a loving husband. He says he’s starting to think some things are worse than death, and she says, okay. All married couples need time apart. She’ll see him after the break. Alone in the courtroom, Julian tells himself, get it together. Sonny walks in, and Julian supposes Sonny isn’t there to offer his congratulations. Sonny says, congratulations on marrying one of the few people he hates more than he hates Julian.

Tomorrow, Scotty tells Franco that he wouldn’t trust Nikolas when it comes to Elizabeth; Carly tells Martin, if he uses Sonny against Michael, it will be his funeral; and Sonny tells Julian to do what needs to be done.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Glenn tells Jenna, a couple of things have been brought to his attention. Interior had two people down at the same time, and they need to have two people available. He spoke to Madison, and knows both Jenna and Georgia were down, while Madison was doing cabins and laundry. Jenna says she can’t recall the day, but it’s frustrating to get negative feedback. He says she sounds defensive, and she says she put so much thought and effort into planning things out to make the guests happy. She’s not just effing off. He says she and Adam took a break at the same time, so they could chill together, and it’s drawing attention. He’s seen things, and can only imagine what he hasn’t seen. It’s not cool. Jenna asks where they’re supposed to be affectionate, and he says (and rightly so), that’s not his problem. They need to be discreet. She asks if she should tell Adam not to touch her, and Glenn says he’ll be happy to speak to them both as a couple, but they need to tone it down. He wants all of them to finish on a high note, and kick it up a notch.

Georgia asks Madison what the meeting is about, and Madison says she has no idea. She’s just trying to flip the boat. Georgia says she just wants the full picture, but Madison says Georgia knows as much as she does. I’m starting not to like Madison. I think she’s two-faced and jealous. I understand she has issues, but get some therapy. Dr. Yannopapas arrives, and talks to Chris. Chris explains that he hurt himself lifting the Seabob. The outside of his foot is numb and tingling. The doctor tells Chris to close his eyes, and touches him with a pokey thing (technical term). Chris says he can barely feel it, and the doctor says, it’s a problem. Chris needs an MRI as soon as possible. Chris asks if he can work, but the doctor says no. In Chris’s interview, he says he doesn’t want to end up with a long term problem. He’s never had pain like this. The doctor says, seriously, he wouldn’t risk it.

Jenna tells Adam that she doesn’t feel like doing anything; she hates this. Adam asks when her break is. He doesn’t want to get in trouble if they’re both not working. He tells Jenna to brush it off. It’s all you can do. She says she’s having a hard time with this, since she works her ass off, then gets a comment about not having the service up to par. Adam says he’s sorry they came down on her, and she says, people can’t be happy and working at the same time. Adam says he won’t touch her, but one last hug before they sign off. He looks around, tells her to hurry, and grabs her butt.

The doctor talks to Glenn, and says Chris has a problem with his nerve something, and goes into a bunch of medical terms which boil down to Chris’s nerve getting squashed. He says Chris needs an MRI as soon as possible. Until he sees the report, Chris can’t work, and needs complete rest. In Glenn’s interview, he says Chris is one of the best deckhands he’s had. He’s concerned for Chris, but they have the last charter tomorrow. What options does he have? Chris tells Glenn, he’ll get the MRI immediately, and if he can work, he wants to. He tells Paget there’s a chance he won’t be able to work. Paget says, there’s a problem already, and this isn’t helping. Glenn says after Chris gets the MRI, they’ll see how it goes. In Paget’s interview, he says they just got rid of someone who couldn’t do their job. Now someone has injured themselves. He can’t catch a break . He tells Ciara about Chris being possibly laid up.

Jenna tells Madison that she’s getting super frustrated. She doesn’t like people prying into her personal life, and Madison has talked to everyone. Jenna is annoyed that Madison went to Glenn about her and Adam showing affection. That’s what the meeting was about. Madison says, Glenn came to her, and asked if she had an issue, and she said she didn’t. She’s not saying sh*t. She’s just trying to work, and make the guests happy. Whatever you want to do in your personal life, do it. Jenna says she’s tired of having to hold their hands, and she picks up after them constantly. Madison says she picks up after Jenna all the time when she’s sitting down with Adam. In Jenna’s interview, she says it’s not anyone’s place to comment on their superior’s personal life. Being with Adam didn’t affect their professional ability. She tells Madison that she’d just said it didn’t bother her, but apparently it does. I think what bothers Madison is what she’s also been griping about. Everyone else is coupled up, and now that Parker is gone, she has no dude to focus on. Jenna tells Madison, they have one last charter. She’s at the point where she doesn’t give a sh*t. She’s going to do her job, keep her head down, and tell them nothing.

Chris goes into town for the MRI. Madison whines to Glenn that she’d said she didn’t have an issue with Jenna, but she just got reamed out for being the source of this sh*t. Glenn says he told Jenna that it didn’t come from her department, but somehow it escalated. Madison says she’s sorry; she doesn’t like drama. Glenn tells Jenna, they’re going to have a three-way chat in the master. In Jenna’s interview, she says they have to be effing kidding her. Come on.

Chris goes to the doctor on shore. Glenn tells Jenna and Madison, he wants to make sure they’re on the same page. In his interview, he says he’s not there to get in the middle of their personal politics. His concern is that they call a truce, and get to the finish. Madison babbles that Glenn came to her, after he had a conversation with Ciara. Glenn says, to be fair, he thought Madison did have an issue, but didn’t voice it. Jenna says Madison claimed she didn’t have an issue, and then flipped it. Why? Madison says she can have an opinion. Glenn repeats that it didn’t come from Jenna’s department, and tells her, don’t take it out on Madison. Jenna says she doesn’t like any environment that puts the kibosh on affection, and Madison says it’s hard to talk to Jenna professionally when she’s lying on top of Adam. Glenn feels like Jenna is getting defensive, and Jenna asks if they’re screwing in the crew mess? They’re just holding hands, and Madison has an issue with it. She feels like it’s an environment she doesn’t want to be in. Glenn thinks she’s justifying her actions, and defending her actions when they’re indefensible.

Georgia asks how Paget is, and he says he’s not hurt as bad as Chris. Glenn asks Madison and Jenna if they think they can move forward. Jenna says, sure, but her personal life is affected, and it doesn’t make her happy. In Glenn’s interview, he says he’s never seen this side of Jenna, and this side isn’t acceptable, but he’s in a tough spot. They have one charter to go, and he’s not making a dramatic change now, but they have to get through this. Jenna asks if they’re done with this drama. The crew decides not to go out, so they can get the boat ready. Glenn suggests Chris do night watch. Chris comes back, and Glenn asks how it went. Chris says, it was a strange experience, and Glenn asks how he feels. Chris says he has he can feel the pain in his back, and Glenn tells him to lie down until he gets the news. Everyone goes to bed.

A preference sheet meeting is called. Glenn says it’s the last charter. The primary is Nicole, a high-end real estate broker, and CEO of a luxury real estate company. Jenna reads that Nicole has never sailed, and is hoping the service is even better on a sailing yacht. Jenna says, she’s in for a big surprise, which Glenn doesn’t find amusing. She reads that Nicole wants a pink party, with a seven-course pink tasting menu. Paget reads that guest Nicholas wants a race, and Glenn suggests an area of shallow water where they can set up a regatta.

The crew puts the finishing touches on the boat. In Adam’s interview, he says he’d hate for something positive, like his relationship with Jenna, to leave a bad taste in Glenn’s mouth. Despite a little PDA, there’s no question he and Jenna are capable of doing their jobs. Paget tells Ciara that she’s just stressed, and wants to give her a hug, but she says she just wants to work. In her interview, she says, the crew is in that phase where they want to just get off the boat. Jenna meets with Georgia and Madison, and says she’s been frustrated. Some things need improvement, and time management is lacking. Georgia is lackadaisical, and Madison needs to focus on what she’s doing, not the next thing she’ll be doing. In Georgia’s interview, she says, every time she thinks Jenna is going to admit she’s wrong, Jenna talks it down to the hierarchy and their inadequate feelings. She takes no accountability, and it’s bullsh*t.

Provisions come in. Ciara feels like sh*t. Glenn tells everyone to change for the guests’ arrival in ten minutes. The crew greets the guests, Glenn gives them a welcome, and Jenna gives the tour. Glenn tells Chris not to lift anything until he hears from the doctor. Snacks are served. Guest Jeanette says she wants a job where she doesn’t need to wear shoes, but then what would she do with her investment in shoes? Adam talks to them about the seven-course dinner. Paget tells Ciara that he’s feeling some knee pain, and she tells him, don’t leave her. The boat shoves off. Guest Noelle tells Jenna that she’s glad the boat is large, since she doesn’t do well on small sail boats. Adam says he’s getting all kinds of ideas for the pink dinner now. The doctor gets the MRI results back, and Chris has a disc prolapse, which explains the pain. The doctor says it would be extremely unwise lift any weight, and he should refrain from physical activity. He can walk around, but he has to see a specialist.

Jenna calls Paget for more chairs, and Adam feels sorry for him. Ciara says she has a headache. Byron tells Glenn that the wind has picked up; it’s time to go sailing. Glenn calls Chris to help with calling the sails. In Chris’s interview, he says he went straight from school to working on boats. It’s been his life since 2011, and if an injury means he can’t do what he loves, it’s scary. They begin to sail, and Ciara tells Paget that she feels like sh*t. Chris meets with Glenn, and tells him that he spoke to the doctor; there’s an issue with his spine. Glenn says, it sounds serious, and Chris tells Glenn that he’s not supposed to lift anything heavy. After the charter is over, he has to see a specialist. In Glenn’s interview, he says, it’s not feasible to get someone else and bring them up to speed in time. It’s a tough spot to be in. Ciara tells Paget that she’s feeling dizzy, and they’re already down one person. She starts to cry.

Paget tells Ciara to go have a cold shower. Glenn tells Chris, they’ll work around his injury, and make it work. Chris can take the 11 to 6 shift. Paget says, and then there was one. He tells Glenn that Ciara was suffering from a heat stroke; she’s in tears. Byron says they’ve lost the wind, and Glenn says, he goes downstairs for two seconds, and they sail straight into a hole. The sails are brought down, and Chris hobbles back downstairs. Adam notes that Nicole has no goat cheese on her preference sheet, so he decides he’ll replace it with pink cream cheese. Jenna tells him, some of the guests joined the nap train. Georgia finds Paget, and he tells her that Ciara spent twelve hours in the sun, and had a heat stroke. He asks if Georgia is coming back for winter work, but she says she wants to give the music thing a bigger shot. He says he’ll miss her; she’s one of the goodies. She says, that’s not saying much, but she’ll take it.

Adam pinks up the food, while Jenna decorates the table with everything pink. Ciara tells Paget that she just needed a nap and to cool down. Guest Billy is the only one up, and lurks around the buffet. Jenna tells Adam, it’s weird. Nicole wakes up on deck, and says she wants to take a shower before dinner. Byron tells Glenn that he read horse manure is self-igniting in Spain, it’s so hot. One of the guests whines that they’re starving, and Jenna tries to hurry Nicole along. Adam yawns, and we see it’s almost 10 pm. Guest Jeanette says Adam must be exhausted. In Adam’s interview, he says he’s not being a diva chef; he cares about the food. The problem is, it’s going to go bad, and he doesn’t get a second chance.

Adam says, seven courses, ten o’clock. Nicole is still getting dressed, and says, it’s like her prom tonight. The other guests want to eat, and one suggests bringing all the courses at once. Jenna tells Adam, the guests are getting riled up, and Nicole finally shows. I have to say, she doesn’t look anything like someone who took so much time getting ready. I vote meh. Jenna calls Madison to the galley, and tells Adam, they’re good to go. Georgia sings while she does cabins. Nicole says, imagine the world in pink all the time. What a pretty world it would be. She asks guest Billy if he’s all right, and another guest asks if he’s okay. Jenna clears the table, and tells Adam that she thinks they might be on drugs. It’s really weird up there.

Jenna serves beet salad, and one of the guests remarks on Billy’s eyes. Billy gets up, and goes to the bathroom. Nicholas says, Billy is good; he’ll be back in five. We hear a sniff coming from the bathroom, and Billy comes back to the table. Jenna serves trout, and Nicole says they should take Adam back to New York. Jenna tells Adam, it’s effing delicious. In their cabin, Glenn tells Byron that he’s listening a book about our inner fish, how we’re evolved from fish, and still have sh*t from them. It’s incredible. Billy says, it’s all about the pink party. Chris wanders around, and Jenna asks Madison how it’s going. In Madison’s interview, she says, it’s not worth it to deal with Jenna. Glenn wants them to work together, so she’s going to bust ass, and be professional. Jenna thinks Madison should be further along.

Lobster is served, and Nicole claps like a five year old. Billy pronounces it phenomenal, and Nicholas says, who gives a sh*t? Chris tells Jenna that he saw something strange under Billy’s nose earlier. We see a clip of Chris glancing over at Billy, who’s sniffing. Jenna says they’re all effing high. Guest Noelle asks Nicole, what’s going on? and Nicole says, shady stuff. In Jenna’s interview, she says, if a guest brings drugs on board, they’re all at risk being charged. If she and Chris suspect something illegal, but don’t say anything, it could be a big problem. Nicholas says he’s taking care of his friends; they’re good. In Jenna’s interview, she says she’s not waking up the captain. If she says anything herself, it could escalate the situation, and the correct thing to do is let Glenn deal with it himself in the morning.

Adam brings out the final pink dessert, and asks Nicole if everything was pink enough. He’s glad they enjoyed it, and Nicole says it’s the best meal she’s had. Billy says, it’s early, and asks what they’re doing, but everybody wants to go to bed. Billy goes down to his and Nicholas’s cabin, and Madison cleans up. Holed up in their cabin, Billy and Nicholas are still awake at 4 am, and we hear one of them say, I love you.

Byron says, it’s the last day of the season, and Adam says he’s stoked. Glenn calls Paget, asking him to get the paddleboards out. Inside the room, Billy announces that he’s king of the MF’ing world. Adam asks how much sleep he got, and Billy says he’s not sure he slept at all. Adam says he knows how those nights go.

Jenna tells Glenn that she doesn’t like to be accusatory, but Billy had some kind of powder under his nose. Glenn asks if she actually saw it around his nose. In Glenn’s interview, he asks why he’s hearing about it now. He tells Jenna, there’s no way it’s makeup, and if illegal substances are on board, it’s serious. In his interview, he says he can’t think of anything worse than the boat being confiscated, him losing his license, and possibly going to jail. He asks if Jenna feels confident in her assessment, and she says, based on his behavior, yes; although he did eat a seven-course meal.

Glenn wakes up Chris, and tells him that Jenna said he’d seen something. It would have been good to know in the moment; or if he’d seen it for himself, it would be different. If Chris had to bet money on it, what does he think? Chris says, if he had to bet money on it, cocaine. On deck, Billy asks how early they want him to black out.

Glenn comes up on deck, where Billy is spouting gems like, it’s only water if you fall in. Glenn unobtrusively observes. Jenna asks Georgia if she’s seen any paraphernalia lying around, and she says she hasn’t, but she wasn’t looking through things either. Some of the guests do paddle boarding, and Billy acts like an a-hole. Glenn tells Jenna, he’d be surprised if someone flew to Corfu with cocaine. If a guest has a prescription drug, it’s no problem. He’s sure people travel with Adderall all the time, and there’s a chance it’s that. I guess because all people with Adderall prescriptions snort it. In Jenna’s interview, she says she doesn’t go around accusing charter guests of having illicit drugs, but if they have them, it’s the worst thing that could happen. Glenn tells her if only one crew member saw it, that’s different, but he’s heard it from two crew members. He’ll speak to Nicole, and if he finds anything, it will be the end of the charter.

Billy gets on a paddle board, and giggles like a jerk. In Glenn’s interview, he says, if a guest goes ashore and comes back high, that’s not his problem, but if they brought drugs onto the boat, they’re in deep sh*t. He asks Nicole if they can have a chat.

Next time, the finale, Glenn does a search, Billy says his vacation is ruined, and Georgia tells Ciara that she has a thing for Paget.

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🩺 Just for the record, today’s General Hospital was the episode where Nelle left Michael to die in a burning car, and gave birth in the woods. All alone. Except for Obrecht.

Shahs of Sunset

Would they please change the opening song? Or at least move on to a different verse. It’s been eight seasons now of the same six lines.

GG and Destiney want to exude good fortune, so they go to a clinic to get fillers. Destiney doesn’t like needles, and in her interview, GG says she wants to get back in the swing of things, and forget she lost the pregnancy. With the physical pain of a needle, you feel the pain, and afterwards, it’s like a release. She realizes she sounds crazy. She tells Destiney that she wants to back to her life, and Destiney wants everyone to be on good terms with positive vibes. GG says, it’s wishful thinking. A couple of people are getting along with MJ, but personally, GG doesn’t want to be around her. In GG’s interview, she says MJ used to be there for her. We flash back to them being friends, and GG says MJ was a person who she felt secure to be around, but she doesn’t feel that way anymore. Owner Nayera says Destiney looks nervous, and tells her, don’t get scared. GG tells Nayera, she wants Botox, but not a whole lot. Nayera puts numbing cream on GG’s face. In her interview, GG says she’s been doing fillers since she was twenty-seven. It makes her feel amazing and fresh. Destiney can’t watch. GG tells Nayera that she wants a little everywhere, and Destiney compares it to basting a turkey. She tells GG that she’s crazy. Nayera puts numbing cream on Destiney’s lips, and GG holds Destiney’s hand while taking pictures with her other hand. GG says she hasn’t laughed this hard in so long. She’s going to have to wear diapers next time. After what she’s been through, it’s exactly what she needed.

Reza and Mike go to an arcade, and it looks like a blast. They play games for a while, then get drinks and something to eat. Reza tells the girl at the counter that he’s going to order an obscene amount of food. She introduces him to Guillermo del Pouro, their robotic bartender. The food comes, and it is an obscene amount, but it’s all fair food, like corn dogs and curly fries, and I wish I was there. Mike says he doesn’t like corn dogs, and Reza and I say, what? Mike asks when Reza became a white guy, and Reza says, when he married Adam. Their marriage is hanging on by a shred. Mike says, it all happened after the stupid accusations, and Reza says, that’s not lost on him. In Mike’s interview, he says he’s trying to get them to admit what they’ve done wrong. They both effed up. If MJ will take responsibility, maybe they can meet in the middle, and get it done. Mike tells Reza, if he’d taken the moral high ground, everyone would have been on his side. Reza says, sometimes bitches get caught up in their feelings. Mike says, Reza was upset and hurt, and retaliated. He had misdirected anger against Ali. In Reza’s interview, he says he needs to apologize. A real Persian man stands up in his truth, apologizes, moves forward, and doesn’t make the same mistake over again. Mike tells him, fix this, please.

In the car, MJ tells assistant Sienna that Tommy wants Baby Shams to learn Spanish rather than Farsi, but anyone can learn Spanish. Farsi is hard. Tommy says, no one cares about Farsi, and MJ says, gracias. MJ tells them, Reza texted that he hasn’t been in a good place since the rumors about Adam being unfaithful. He wasn’t ready to meet up when she texted, but he is now, if she’s willing. In MJ’s interview, she says, Reza has proven he’s despicable as a friend. He verbally assaulted her, assaulted and slandered her and her husband online, called the cops on her husband, and lawyered up. He’s on a tear. Who takes a friend to court over a broken bowl? She slept on it, and decided in order for them to heal as a group, she’s going to meet him. Tommy says Reza knew she almost died. He made it seem like she was sitting around like a puppet master. If he thinks she’s capable of that, he’s not her friend. That’s the reason people stopped hanging out with OJ. They couldn’t believe he was capable of murder. In her interview, MJ says she’s going to meet with Reza  because she wants to see if he has a decent bone in his body. Tommy tells her, Reza needs to grovel.

Nema meets with Annette and Vincenza, organizers of the Boots & Brew Country Music Festival. In his interview, Nema explains that they’re a multi-million dollar client, and his company creates branded content. We flash back to him helping GG with her cannabis business. He says they’re going to take an already cool thing, and make it ten times cooler on social media. Annette and Vincenza show him around the grounds. In Nema’s interview, he says he invited everyone. His invitations to Reza and MJ are personally selfish. He had to invite both of them, or the one who wasn’t invited would be mad, and he learned his lesson at Sara’s party that the element of surprise can go the wrong way. He’s hoping the collective beef will outweigh their individual beef.

In Destiney’s interview, she says she’s been seeing Sam for two months, It’s his birthday, and he’s coming to L.A. She likes nothing better than putting a smile on the face of someone she cares about. Their relationship is super casual, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be bougie and make him feel good. She goes to a swank hotel, where she’s gotten a suite. Sam arrives bearing roses. In her interview, Destiney says Sam’s sister definitely doesn’t want her talking to her brother. If Sara knew about it, she’d be flipping out. Clearly, she doesn’t give a sh*t.

Tommy calls MJ as she drives, and she tells him that she’s on her way to meet Reza. He asks, what’s the plan? and she says, to bring some sense into this sh*t. He says, she’s known Reza for thirty years, and she should handle it however she thinks she should. Reza is waiting when she gets to the restaurant. He gives her a shopping bag, and says, it’s a gift for the baby. He starts to cry, and says he originally got a baby bracelet, but flushed it down the toilet. He puts on his sunglasses to hide his tears. In MJ’s interview, she says the reason she’s skeptical is, she’s been down this road before. We flash back to Reza telling her that nothing can get between their bond, then fighting with her at the reunion, and then them hugging it out. He tells her he wanted to get a bottle of whiskey, but got something light to drink. MJ laughs, and says she didn’t know he was going to make her laugh right away. He says, it’s better than being angry, and asks how she is. She says she’s looking at her best friend of thirty years. He says he couldn’t respond after her text message. When he had to meet Ali, he thought they’d just be talking naked Jenga, but Ali brought a stack of papers. He was devastated, and asked Ali why he was doing this. He told Reza that MJ told him to do it. MJ says, that’s completely bullsh*t. She had Destiney telling her that Ali claimed she had set it up. Reza says, from that day, his life at home was a living hell. You can’t talk about things in someone’s marriage, and not think it won’t have a ripple effect. It made him a miserable human being. He didn’t have his best friend, and his husband was cheating. He was in the darkest place in his life without her. He can’t compare it with her being in the hospital, but he didn’t set out to hurt her on purpose. He was told his husband cheated, then Ali said Adam was sexually harassing other people, and that MJ had told him to bring Reza the information. He was going crazy. She asks why he didn’t call her, and he says, why didn’t she call him? She says she wishes she had. Reza blows his nose in a napkin, and MJ says he never gave her respect and love when it counted. He could have picked up the phone. It’s very effed up. Destiney lied, Ali lied, and she’s the person who fell on the sword giving birth, and lost her friend of thirty years. He popped off on her at the party, and put her personal information on Instagram. Tommy vandalized his landscaping, and here they are. He says Tommy called and said he’d kill Reza when he was on his way to Reza’s house. He and Adam were petrified in their own house. He freaked TF out. Then MJ was saying she wished everyone has a husband like Tommy, and she was glad he did that. MJ says, if she’s honest, she was holding onto things that happened at the pool party. Reza says he did the most vile thing, and he’ll try to make it up to her for the rest of his life. He wishes he could turn the clock back. He’s forgiven Tommy, and he’s not going to pursue any charges or do anything to hurt him. MJ appreciates it, and apologizes for anything  and everything Reza has been through. She’s sorry they’re not closer, and could be there for each other. Reza suggests taking it one step at a time. He wants to go slow, and see where it goes. He doesn’t expect anything; just a little crack so they can text occasionally, and see what happens. MJ says she looks forward to Reza meeting Shams, but Shams needs her right now. Reza says he understands, and asks if he can have a hug. Please. They hug, and she says he kind of smells weird, which is unusual. I’m guessing it’s nervous sweat, which can really stink. She tells him, if he wants to text, don’t hesitate. In Reza’s interview, he says he misses her, and it’s very sad.

Destiney and Sam go to a private room in the hotel restaurant, and order drinks. In Destiney’s interview, she says she’s trying to make his day special. They’re enjoying their time together, and not thinking about the future, but of course she is. They kiss, and Destiney orders steak for both of them. Sam suddenly starts acting really weird, and talking gibberish. In her interview, Destiney says, something is not right. This is not the Sam she’s been talking to. She doesn’t know if he’s on something. Sam adds burping to his craziness. In Destiney’s interview, she says, this isn’t good. She’s all about manners, and she’s over this sh*t. Frankly, I don’t know what to make of it either.

Nema arrives at the festival. In his interview, he says, it’s a Rolex-free day. He gives his drone operator Cody instructions. In Nema’s interview, he says he’s a pretty amazing producer. Part of his job is to work with the talent, and sometimes the talent is eccentric. He might be the best one to produce the group’s reconciliation. Methinks Nema is a tad narcissistic, although not necessarily in a bad way.

Shervin and Reza meet at Mike’s place. Mike says Shervin looks like a gay cowboy.

Sara goes to GG’s condo, and GG says her stomach is bloated. She’s going to need to stay in a wheelchair 80% of the time. In her interview, she says it’s been less than a week since her surgery. She tells Sara, she’s dying to get dressed like a cowgirl and yeehaw.

Destiney joins the others at Mike’s, and Mike wonders why she didn’t bring Sam. In Destiney’s interview, she says, Sam was like an abstract painting. She was super intrigued, and wanted to keep looking at it. She wanted to understand it, but then things changed. We see a clip of later in the evening of Sam’s birthday. He keeps burping, and being weird, and she quietly walks out with her suitcase. She says, they’re no longer talking. GG arrives, carrying a stick pony. Everyone gets into the limo.

Nema meets MJ at the festival, riding a scooter. She tells him that he looks stupid. He supposes there will be no panty dropping.

In the limo, Reza asks when GG saw MJ last, but she doesn’t remember. She says she’s not looking forward to it. She doesn’t think MJ is a good person. Frankly, I think MJ is a confused person, who had Vida for a mother, and misses her dad terribly.

Nema tells MJ the scooter is for GG. She had some medical sh*t go down, and needed emergency surgery. He didn’t think she was going to be able to come. In MJ’s interview, she says, once Shalom came into the picture, she and GG drifted apart. We flash back to MJ and Reza setting GG up by inviting Shalom’s ex to an event. MJ says, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care when something serious happens. She asks Nema when GG had surgery, and he says a week and a half ago. She says she saw Reza, and he was crying the whole time. She just tried to appear calm, and listened to what he had to say.

Reza says he still forgives MJ, even though he knows she was involved. The limo parks, and they all get out. Nema scooters over to them, and MJ says, hey. Nema says he’ll show them the VIP area. GG complains that there’s no cup holder, and wants to roll up like gangsters. They do the slo-mo crew walk, and go to a tent that has tables and booze. They take a group photo, and Nema says he wouldn’t have thought this would happen two weeks ago. And I’m sure he’s mentally patting himself on the back. He says, Persian has gone country, and they wander around. They stop to eat, and GG says it’s the best mac and cheese she’s ever had. Nema admits to loving country music, and Reza asks if they can turn the volume down.

Suddenly, Mike gets up, and says he wants to ask a question. He asks if MJ knew about naked Jenga. We should have had a drinking game with that phrase. We’d have stayed drunk for weeks. In Mike’s interview, he says, in the past, his honesty has been questioned, and they need to come together and get the story straight. Someone needs to tell the truth. MJ says she wanted to tell Reza about the situation as soon as sh*t went down. Mike asks if she knew about the texts, or are the other two liars? She says she knew Ali wanted to bring up an issue with Reza, but he wasn’t clear on what the issue was. Mike says, the problem is, she’s lying. Ali has diarrhea of the mouth; there’s no way he didn’t give the details. He says he loves MJ, and wants her to speak the truth.

In Mike’s interview, he says, it can all be fixed if the truth is told. Reza says, when he sat with MJ, she wanted him to believe her hands were squeaky clean. He just wants to get to a better place. MJ thanks him, and says she appreciates everything about yesterday, but her hands aren’t clean. She knew about the Jenga texts, and knew Ali had an issue about it, but she doesn’t know what happened. Ali made it bigger than it was. She apologizes that they had to go through any of it. She’s sorry that when she found out, she didn’t think it was important enough tell them that she knew. Reza thanks her for taking accountability. In MJ’s interview, she says her intentions were to fix it. She has no problem apologizing, and wants to get to a better place. She thanks Reza, and asks if they can be friends again. He says, absolutely. He’d like to get to a place where they can move forward. They have a lot of chapters, and MJ says they’ll have a lot more. In GG’s interview, she says MJ has been Reza’s BFF for thirty years, and she feels for him. She wants to open his eyes, but he needs to go through it to understand it for himself; there’s no making up with MJ. Mike says he’s proud of MJ for mending the disconnect in the friendship.

They do some line dancing, and GG says she needs to lie down flat somewhere. She goes to the limo, and the others get ice cream. Shervin follows GG, and she tells him to get an ambulance; she’s having a piercing pain. A producer asks if she wants a medic. In her interview, GG says she has a high threshold for pain, so it must be a lot. She tells the medic that she had surgery recently, and he says she has three incisions that could be open. The others run back to the limo, and Shervin tells them what’s going on. Reza thinks GG should go to the hospital, and not risk it. GG says she’d rather go closer to where she lives. She thinks it’s because she hadn’t eaten, and then ate to much mac and cheese. She’s lactose intolerant. MJ tells her to stay lying in the same position. In GG’s interview, she says she guesses MJ woke up on the right side of the bed. She’s being compassionate and caring, and wants to be the big sister. But GG knows tomorrow, MJ might not wake up on that same side. The group heads back.

Mike shakes his head, saying, too much mac and cheese? What? MJ calls to see how GG is doing, and Mike says, she’s sitting up and blowing kisses toward the phone. GG gives him the finger, and he says, now she’s making a heart sign. She tells him it’s for him, not MJ. MJ says they sound like drunken clowns, and Mike says, they are drunken clowns. GG says, it hurts to laugh.

Next time, MJ surprises Destiney by inviting Ali to their meeting; Reza says Adam doesn’t have respect for their marriage; Nema tells his mother, because his childhood was traumatic, it’s strengthened his resolve not to have children.

💰 Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles will begin their new season on May 5th.

💋 The new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills begins April 15th.

👩🏻‍💻 Zooming Along…

The Countess dishes the quarantine dirt.


👏🏻 Bethenny Claps Back…

On giving her the middle finger.


And giving back.


🎹 It’s No Short People…

A PSA from Randy Newman.


🧻 For the Bored Or Overly Ambitious…

Or if you’re really desperate.


🚽 Because We’re All Wondering…

A possible explanation on the shortage.


🔮 Get Your Harry Potter On…

Even Hogwarts has free online classes.


🎁 My Man Tyler…

One more reason to watch Temptation Tuesday.


🗽 And a Side of Ramona…

Instead of watching the GH rerun, Bravo had a marathon of an old favorite, NYC Prep. I loved this series, and was very disappointed when they didn’t have a second season. For the most part, it was awful rich kids, who I figured would turn into equally awful adults. For whatever reason, this article also plopped a Ramona (Real Housewives of New York) video interview in the middle of it, so it’s double the fun.


🗯 Quotes of the Week

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. – B. B. King

My morning fiber cookie has better taste than Sophie. – Han (Matthew Moy), 2 Broke Girls

To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now. – Fred Rogers

She’s at track number none. – Robert Springs, Pillow Talk: 90 Day Fiancé, referring to a cast member meeting a probable catfish

Do what is right, not what is easy nor what is popular. – Roy T. Bennett

Just because things hadn’t gone the way I had planned didn’t necessarily mean they had gone wrong.Ann Patchett

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. – Oscar Wilde

Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.Abraham Lincoln

Do one thing every day that scares you. – Eleanor Roosevelt

If I ever hear it again after quarantine, I’ll just burst in tears and curl up on the floor. – Daisy Tainton of Queens, whose neighbor keeps playing the same Ed Sheeran song, over and over, from The City

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. – George Bernard Shaw

Guests of guests don’t bring guests.Jessie Leavitt, NYC Prep

🏋️‍♀️ Yes, It’s Still Called a Weekend…

And you made it to another one. Since no Dead are walking, see you on Deck on Monday. Stay safe, and wishing you a blessed Easter and Passover.

March 26, 2020 – Nelle Refuses To Sign, Chefs Inspired By Gold, Farewell Chef Floyd, Strange Eatery, New Listing, Get Well Andy, Ramona Stays In, a Crossover & Don’t Say It


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the first minute or so. Because I had extra time. Why that always happens, I have no clue.

Michael tells Nelle, he had the same condition as Wiley when he was a baby, and the same surgery. Nelle says the last time she checked, he wasn’t Wiley. Doesn’t elective mean he doesn’t need it? Monica says, it doesn’t mean it’s frivolous, and Michael says, Wiley will have a better quality of life. How can Nelle possibly object?

Laura visits Sonny, who asks if she wants coffee, while we’re totally distracted by the moss centerpiece. She says she wishes it was only a social visit, and he asks if he’s talking to the mayor, or is his friend in there? She thinks she can be both. As mayor, she’s there to ask for help; as a friend, she hopes he says yes. He asks what he can do for her, and she says, a new wave of drugs has hit the streets. He says she knows that’s not his business. He has nothing to do with that. She says, but he knows how it happened, doesn’t he?

At Rice Plaza, Chase tells Willow that he forgot his skates in the car. She says, it’s lucky Sasha, Michael, and Wiley aren’t there yet, and he leaves to get them. Willow leaves a message for Sasha, saying she hopes they’re still coming, and to call her back. Jason approaches her, and says he’s glad he ran into her. She says she is too. She wasn’t sure if she should call him. She had breakfast with her mom, and Harmony seemed nervous. And the way she was talking, Willow is worried. Jason says, she should be. Harmony is mixed up in something serious.

Sam asks Delores what she’s doing with Spinelli’s phone. Is he all right? Delores says, he’s in custody, and Sam asks, why? Delores says, before she sends him to lockup, she wants Sam to meet her in Queen’s Point, at a bar on the corner of Third and Main.

After running into Neil at the hospital, Alexis says their situation has been on her mind. Maybe she should find another meeting. Neil says she told him that she felt at home there, but she says, there are meetings all over town, and Neil’s office is there. He says his primary focus is on addiction recovery, which is why she was referred to him. She says, and look at where they are. He says they can handle it, and she says, like they handled meeting at the opera? He says they have to come up with a different strategy. As much as he knew about her, he never pegged her for a opera lover. She says she’s more of an enthusiast. She won’t buy a ticket, but she’ll go if she’s invited. He’s not sure if he believes that, and she says, keep calling her a liar, so it will dampen her regard for him. He says, it makes sense she would like opera, since she has operatic emotions. She asks if he’s calling her a drama queen, and her phone rings. He says, saved by the bell. It’s Sam, who says she needs Alexis’s help. Spinelli has been arrested. Alexis tells Sam to text her the address; she’s on her way. She tells Neil, it looks like she’s going to have to miss her meeting. She leaves, and Doc comes by. He asks Neil if everything is okay.

Sonny says Laura wanted him to clean up the waterfront; he thought they were on the same page. She says, a lot has happened since the shootout, and he says he’s done everything he can to make sure the situation didn’t escalate. She recalls a warehouse explosion, and he says, it housed an operation run by Cyrus. She says she can’t prove that, and Sonny says he’s just as concerned as she is about the drug problem. She says she knows he’s got guys out there, and that he’s reluctant to tell her what he knows. She knows about the code, and understands, but she needs him to understand that it’s not a battle if it becomes a war. If he can’t bring an end to this, she’ll have to step in, and come down hard on crime, and it might include him.

Jason tells Willow, Harmony is involved with some dangerous people. Willow asks, how? but he tells her, just be careful; keep her distance until this is over. She says, until what’s over? and he wonders if her mom has asked her for anything. Willow says it was all she could do to talk Harmony into meeting her for breakfast. Jason says, that’s good; it means Harmony is trying to protect her. She asks, from what? Is she involved in organized crime? He says he’s told her what he can. She says, sorry, but since he obviously knows what’s going on, can he look out for her mom? He says he’ll try.

Nelle says she researched Wiley’s condition on the internet. Sasha wonders if that makes Nelle an expert after five minutes, and Nelle says, Monica is a cardiologist, and can tell her if it’s right or wrong. It’s an elective surgery, which means it’s not necessary, right? Monica says, it means, at this moment, it isn’t an emergency. Michael says it’s a preventative measure to prevent Wiley from suffering more heart damage that could threaten his life. Nelle asks if that’s a fact or theory. It’s a risk she doesn’t think she wants to take.

Monica understands Nelle is scared. No parent welcomes their child having surgery. She says, Michael seems to. He’s ready to let them work on Wiley like a frog in a biology class. Sasha says, it could give Wiley a better quality of life, for the rest of his life. What’s wrong with her? How can she say no? Nelle says, why willingly expose Wiley to the danger of surgery, when he doesn’t need it? Michael says, what if he continues to have trouble breathing? What’s Nelle’s plan then?

Chase comes back, and tells Willow, it got hairy. There was a mother in a van with squabbling kids, who was parked dangerously close to him. He realizes she’s not listening, and asks, what’s going on? She says, Jason was just there. He told her that her mom is into something dangerous, and she should do everything possible to keep her distance. That shouldn’t be too hard, since Harmony has been pushing her away. Jason thinks Harmony is trying to protect her. Chase asks, from what? and she says, Jason knows, but won’t say. It’s freaking her out even more because he’s a mobster, or whatever the legal term is. Chase says, racketeering, and she says Jason has been kind to her, and he’s the one who got through to her mom. Now it sounds like her mom is into something more dangerous than Dawn of Day. He says he knows Willow is trying to see the best in her mom, since she turned her back on Shiloh, but he can see how she fell for Shiloh in the first place. Harmony seems fierce and strong… Willow says, but it’s not the first time she’s been taken in by something dangerous. She doesn’t think it’s about Harmony this time though. She thinks this time, it’s about her.

Sonny tells Laura, the situation is shifting, and Laura asks if he’s set something in motion. He tells her, all he can say is, steps have been taken to end this. His phone rings, and he steps away for a moment, but says, sorry. He thought it was Turning Woods. She asks how Mike is doing, and he says his dad doesn’t remember him half the time, but what he doesn’t let go of is bullets whizzing by his head, and hiding under the table in a pub in Bensonhurst, screaming that he wants it to stop. It’s haunting him. She says she’s sorry, and he says, that’s why this thing with Cyrus is going to end. Jason comes in, and asks if it’s official business. He can come back. Laura says Sonny was just reassuring her about the problem. She asks if Jason has anything to add, and he says he’s sure what Sonny told her is all she needs to know. She says, good answer. She’s surprised Sonny told her as much as he did. She tells Jason, don’t worry; Sonny wasn’t specific.

Neil shows Doc his new office, and Doc says, not bad at all. It’s good to have Neil there. Neil says he’s glad to be on staff, especially after that business with the board. Doc says he heard something was going on, yet here Neil is. It clearly worked out. Neil says, yeah, and Doc says, or not. Neil says Doc doesn’t know why he was under review? Doc says, Neil caught him. He understands Neil was accused of inappropriate behavior with a former patient. Neil says he’s sure Doc knows who it is; the rumor mill travels. Doc has a sneaking suspicion it’s Alexis.

Sam introduces Alexis and Delores, and Delores says, Sam brought her mother? Alexis says she’s not there in a parental capacity, but as Sam and Spinelli’s attorney. She’d like to confer with her client. Delores says, before she does, she wants to make sure Alexis is aware of their attempt to neutralize her. Alexis asks, how? and Delores says Sam sent her friend – Alexis’s client – to spy on her; to dig up dirt to leverage against her.  Alexis says, since they have Spinelli in custody, she can only guess it didn’t go well. Delores says, clearly his forte isn’t physical surveillance. Sam asks Spinelli if he’s okay, and he says only his pride is wounded. Alexis asks if Delores is suggesting Sam violated her parole, and Spinelli says he must speak. Sam had nothing to do with it. It was his idea, and she’s an innocent woman. Delores says, right. Whether Sam returns to Pentenville to finish her sentence is entirely up to her

Monica tells Nelle, it’s a simple procedure, but Nelle says, all she sees is Wiley under anesthesia with a tube in his mouth, and that in itself can have complications. Monica says, they have the best pediatric anesthetist in the state, and Nelle says, people can and have died under anesthesia. Monica says, mostly the elderly and the most vulnerable, and Nelle says, Wiley is a baby; he’s vulnerable. Michael says, with the exception of Wiley’s heart condition, he’s strong as an ox. Nelle says, what about contagion? and Monica says, they’ll do their best to keep Wiley safe. Nelle tells her, she’s read about doctors on the internet, who feel they have to prove something to get kickbacks. Monica says, the good news is, no one there has to prove a damn thing. It’s been proven just by them being there. If Nelle wants a second opinion, she has colleagues worldwide who will be glad to take a look, but Nelle says, they’ll just agree with her. Michael says, there’s a reason for that, and Monica says she’ll get Nelle the information anyway, and leaves. Sasha asks if Michael wants her to go, and Nelle says, that would be great, since Wiley is her and Michale’s son, not Sasha’s. Sasha says, she was asking Michael, and walks away. Michael ask Nelle, what the hell is wrong with her? She’s risking Wiley’s health; why? My suggestion: get Nelle off the internet.

Willow tells Chase, her mother said it herself; everything she does is for Willow, and how happy she was that Willow is with someone who can keep her safe. Chase says, he remembers, and she says, the only thing that makes sense is, someone is using her for leverage to make Harmony do things she doesn’t want to. Sasha calls, and Willow says she’s going to tell Sasha that they’re not in the mood for skating anymore. Sasha says she’s sorry; they forgot about the skating. Willow asks if something is wrong, and Sasha is afraid so. Wiley is in the hospital.

Doc says he saw Neil and Alexis earlier, and it looked intense. Neil says, it was; it always is. Doc says Neil had told him that he was having conflicting feelings for a patient. Neil says, and Doc told him not to cross the line, and he didn’t. Alexis stopped being his patient, but they’d run into each other, like at drag Bingo. Doc laughs, and Neil says, there was an impulsive kiss. They didn’t mean for it to go further, but the board got wind of it. Doc says, the two-year rule is for a reason. Neil says, it’s over, but Doc says, it didn’t look over.

Alexis asks what Spinelli was arrested for, and Delores says, unlawful surveillance in the second degree. She cites the code, adding that the victim’s image is taken when in a private moment. Alexis says, the peeping Tom law? and Delores says, it’s six-months in jail, and a fine of $1000. Alexis says, someone can only be arrested for that, if the video or photo catches the victim in the act of disrobing or having sex. So Delores can imagine what her next question is going to be.

Laura says Sonny isn’t going to give her any details, is he? and he says, no. He just wants her to know he’s concerned. She says, it’s not just a public safety concern for him, and he says, all she needs to know is that he’s keeping it under control. She says, okay. She has no choice but to take his word. He walks her to the door, and she leaves. Sonny senses Jason’s disapproval, and says Jason doesn’t think he should have said anything. Jason says he doesn’t understand why Sonny would give even a hint about what’s going on with Cyrus and Jordan.

Delores tells the cops holding Spinelli to go. Alexis says she’s sorry to have to ask, but when Spinelli photographed her, was she in the act of disrobing or sexual activity? Spinelli says it was an extracurricular activity, and they were in the back seat. Alexis says, one more word, and she’ll let him rot. Don’t speak; don’t breathe. She asks Delores, where were they? and Delores says she and the councilman were there to discuss a sensitive legal matter, and didn’t want reporters following them. Spinelli tells Sam that Delores was half-naked. Sam asks if he got a photo, but he says the car was rocking so much, any image was blurred. That’s when Delores and her lover apprehended him. Delores tells Alexis, her client as much as admitted his guilt. She can have him held until his sentencing, and he’ll be separated from his partner and daughter. Sam asks if Delores and Donald aren’t married to other people. If it goes to trial, that will come out, and be pretty embarrassing. Delores tells Alexis, as she sees it, Sam is clearly trying to blackmail her. She thinks if she threatens Delores, Delores will ease up on her parole, and allow her to see Jason. The terms of parole clearly state she can’t associate with a known felon. Alexis asks if there’s any way Delores will consider dropping the charges.

Delores says she might be willing to make this ugly incident disappear, and Alexis asks, in exchange for what? Delores says, Sam and Spinelli keeping silent about her relationship with Councilman Raskin. Sam says, and if she refuses? and Alexis tells her to quit while she’s ahead. Delores says, the councilman will face scandal, but Sam will be in Pentenville, along with Spinelli. Alexis asks Sam if she can do that. Then Delores will forget she was complicit in blackmail and extortion as well. San says, this is extortion, and Alexis tells her not to make it worse. Shut up and take the deal.

Michael says, Nelle just wants to make him suffer; that’s why she’s refusing to sign. She’s hurting his son to hurt him. She says, not everything she does is about him, and he says she tried to talk Chase into having him killed. She left him do die, and put someone else’s dead baby in his arms, claiming it was his son. Should he keep going? She says, this has nothing to do with him. She’s protecting her son. He’s not going to die any time soon. Give her time. He says she’s not a doctor, and she won’t have a say when she’s excluded in the custody arrangement.

Jason says, when Cyrus is released, Laura is going to realize it’s part of their plan, and when he turns up dead, she’ll suspect their involvement. Sonny says, so will everybody. Even if somebody else gets to him before they do, they’ll be the prime suspects, but no one will be able to prove it’s them.

Sam says, fine. She won’t breath a word. Delores asks if Alexis can guarantee Sam and Spinelli will abide by the agreement, and Alexis says, if they don’t, she’ll personally drop them off at the Queen’s Point PD. Delores says they both know where they stand, and she won’t be intimidated. She’s going to be even more vigilant. Sam says, it’s harassment, and Delores says, it’s law enforcement. Delores leaves, and Spinelli tells Sam that he’s sorry. She says it was her one shot to get out from under Delores’s thumb; now what? Alexis says that’s not the question Sam should asking. Sam should be asking, what the hell was she thinking?

Nelle tells Michael, the law is on her side. Even without full custody, she’s still Wiley’s mother, and has a say. She’s going to visit her son. She stomps off, and Monica asks if Michael made any headway. He says, not even close, and Sasha asks what he’s going to do. He asks what options he has. How much danger is Wiley in? Willow and Chase join them, and Willow asks, what’s going on? How’s Wiley? Michael says, okay at the moment, and Monica says she’s going to check on him. Chase asks, what’s the problem? and Sasha says, like usual – Nelle.

Alexis tells Sam, of all the insanely stupid things she could have done, it was a terrible choice to blackmail her parole officer. Sam says she was thinking she wanted her family together. Alexis says, she made a decision that almost got Spinelli arrested, and her sent back to Pentenville. Delores is going to be watching now, and will send her back if she so much as drives a car without a seatbelt, and it’s her right to do it. Sam asks if Alexis is agreeing with Delores, and Alexis says Delores is doing her job. When Sam was granted parole, the agreement said she wasn’t to associate with a known felon. Instead of following the rules, she did what she wanted. Did she think of Scout and Danny? Sam says, Jason is Danny’s father, and the closest thing Scout has to one. All she wants is her family put back together. Alexis says, that’s what will happen if she holds out for two years, but Sam says, two years is a long time. Alexis says she knows exactly how long it is, but it’s Sam’s job as a parent to stick it out and suck it up. Do what she needs to get through it. Sam says, of course (🍷) Alexis would say that, and Alexis asks what Sam means.

Michael tells Willow, even though he’s Wiley’s guardian at the moment, both parents need to consent to the surgery because it’s elective. Willow says, if it gets worse, how bad can things get? Michael says, in the worst case, Wiley’s heart will deteriorate, and he’ll need an operation to save his life. Willow says they can’t risk it. Wiley needs to have the surgery now. Sasha says, it’s more important than ever that Michael win sole custody. Nelle is suddenly there, and asks, who says Michael is going to win?

Doc asks Neil, concerning him and Alexis, what did they decide? They can make the conversation confidential by Doc treating Neil as a patient. There’s a knock at the door, and Neil says, hold that thought. Laura comes in, and Neil says if the mayor was looking for her husband, Doc is helping him break in his new office. Laura says, it’s a nice surprise, but she actually came to see him. He asks to what he owes the pleasure, and she says, Port Charles is facing a crisis, and she needs his help.

Sonny tells Jason, there can’t be any evidence; nothing that ties it to them. Jason says, there won’t be, and Sonny says he doesn’t think anyone is going to shed tears about Cyrus’s death; they’ll be relieved. Jason says, and Laura? Sonny says, she wants the problem solved, and they’re solving the problem. He’s going to bring peace back to Port Charles.

Sam says she doesn’t know what the hell happened to Alexis. It’s not the drinking, and it’s not Julian, but Alexis became a pushover who plays by the rules and refuses to fight. Alexis says Sam doesn’t know what she’s been fighting, and Sam says Alexis cooperated with the board when she could have questioned the system, so they would question it too. Alexis says, it’s not that simple, and Sam says, what about Neil? Is there a connection? Does he make Alexis feel good? Then why the hell not fight for him? Alexis says, it wasn’t an option, but Sam says, it’s too difficult. Alexis is afraid she’ll get in trouble. She was never scared before. She used to be persistent. She was Sam’s hero, but now she obeys the rules, and sits back. She doesn’t do anything Sam used to admire. Sam wanted to be like her, and now Sam just feels sorry for her.

Nelle tells Michael, it’s rare for the father to get sole custody, and he says, it’s not common, but it’s not rare. Willow adds, unless the mother is unfit. Nelle says she didn’t give her baby up, and Willow says at least she didn’t hand her baby to someone on the side of the road. Nelle says, as of right now, Wiley is healthy and happy, and she promised to protect him from anyone poking around inside him or harming him. Willow suggests, if Nelle wants that, stay away from him. Nelle says she’s going to do everything in her power to keep her promise, and protect her son. She walks away, and Sasha asks if Michael is okay. He says he’s not letting Nelle into Wiley’s life. She’s done enough to jeopardize his health. Willow says, he doesn’t have a choice. He needs to do whatever it takes to get full custody.

Jason tells Sonny, he ran into Willow, and gave her a heads up about Harmony. Sonny says, good. She helped Kristina, and he doesn’t want her in the line of fire. He doesn’t want anyone traumatized like his father is. Jason asks if Mike hasn’t recovered from what happened in Brooklyn, and Sonny says, the opposite. He’s been worse. Jason says he’s sorry to hear that, and asks if there’s anything he can do. Sonny says, when he was at Turning Woods, Mike was there with Brook, and he was having a great time. Brook said, when things are cloudy, the things he remembers mostly are about Sonny’s family. Not recent things, but old memories; ancient history. That’s what comforts him. Sonny’s phone rings, and he tells Jason, it’s Turning Woods.

Sam tells Alexis, she’s so sorry. She didn’t mean what she said. She’s really angry at Delores. Alexis is right; she was selfish, desperate, and stupid. She asks if Alexis accepts her apology, and Alexis says, of course (🍷). She just needs a little time. Spinelli interjects that the jalapeno poppers are on the way. Sam says, talk to her, and Alexis says she will, but not right now. She just needs space. Sam suggests she and Spinelli go home to their kids; they almost didn’t have them. Alexis says she’ll call Sam tomorrow, and Spinelli says, on behalf of Ellie, Georgie, and himself, he thanks her for her help. They leave, and Alexis stands at the bar. The bartender puts a shot in front of her, and says it looks like she’s having a hard night. He thought she could use a drink.

Neil asks what Laura needs him to do, and she says, Port Charles has a new drug lord in town, who’s flooding the streets with his product. She has to find a way to stay ahead. She’s talked with the heads of GH, and they’re going to open a clinic, his area of expertise. Doc says Neil’s reputation precedes him, but they did ask what he thought. Laura says Doc sang Neil’s praises about a seminar he gave, and Neil asks if he’ll be working with Laura’s husband. She says, that’s up to him, and Doc says, it’s not his specialty, but he’d be happy to help. Neil says, great. They can talk as soon as he puts an idea together for the clinic. He and Doc can catch up later. Doc asks if Neil doesn’t want to continue their discussion, and Laura apologizes for interrupting. Neil says they can catch up any time. He likes to give recovering patients the dignity they deserve. Laura says he’s just he guy she was looking for, and Neil leaves to talk to the head of the department.

Alexis remembers Sam saying she cooperated instead of fighting back, and the meeting with the board at Neil’s review. She thinks about Neil telling her that he doesn’t want to say goodbye to his career, or her, and wondering how they can pretend it never happened. She remembers saying that’s immaterial; he has his practice back. She downs the shot, as I say, nooo.

Tomorrow, Trina talks to Josslyn about Cameron, Carly says she’ll deal with Nelle, and Alexis asks for another drink.

🥙 On Top Chef tonight, there was no quickfire challenge. Instead, the chefs were to explore L.A.’s food scene, using the late food critic Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants of L.A. Less a food critic than food lover, Gold was the only food critic to have won a Pulitzer Prize, and his guide includes unique food trucks, mom and pop cafés, and ethnic cuisine. In the elimination challenge, the chefs were instructed to create a dish from anything that inspired them during their exploration – a dish they loved, a story they heard, or food they tasted. At the Union Square train station, they would be serving 200 guests who knew Jonathan personally, along with guest judge Ruth Reichl, a foodie extraordinaire. Tom said Gold wrote about what he loved, and if you cook what you love, you’ll make great food.

After their exploration, the chefs went shopping at Whole Foods, which was probably the last thing they felt like doing after all that eating. Being a close friend of Gold’s, it was an emotional challenge for Padma. Out of the top three – Kevin, Nini, and Bryan – Kevin was tonight’s winner, with a pork and mushroom terrine, involving his granny’s apple butter, which was a major hit with Ruth. He told the judges that he had a personal connection with the challenge, as he had spent a long time battling an illness, and didn’t know if he’d still be cooking, or even be there at all. He proved to himself that his journey wasn’t over. Ruth thought the bottom three – Angelo, Stephanie, and Eric – had forgotten food was supposed to be delicious. Ouch! Angelo had to pack up his knives, since his tuna crudo was overly sweet, and the components never came together. In Angelo’s interview, he said he thought his dish was balanced, but wasn’t letting his circumstances define him, as he moved on to Last Chance Kitchen.

Next time, the chefs visit a museum, and are challenged to interpret a work of art on a plate.

🍽 No Worries Here…

But I’d be remiss not to include a Top Chef’s passing. Please note, he had not only felt ill after traveling overseas, but went to the hospital, which oddly, can be the worst place for a sick person.



🍤 An L.A. Legend…

I’ve only been to Los Angeles once, for a V convention. Unfortunately, it was a first for the people who put the convention together, and we had little time to go to the bathroom, much less explore the city. But while I didn’t get to experience the food that the Top Chef contestants did tonight, one place I did get to eat at was Clifton’s Cafeteria, probably the weirdest restaurant I’ve ever seen. The food was fantastic, and incredibly cheap, so we ate like kings for a couple of bucks. Sadly, it’s since closed, but forever imbedded in my memory, will be the woodland scenes tucked into every nook and cranny possible, like some weird Disney show that ended up on the Food Network.



💰 Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles begins its new season on May 5th.

🧸 Wishing Andy Well…

You can’t keep a good Bravolebrity down.



🏡 Quarantine Makes Strange Bedfellows…

I can’t wait to see how this plays out.


🐉 Blink and You Missed It…

In last Sunday’s episode, Westworld gave a nod to Game of Thrones.


🧾 Every Day Is Saturday…

While right now, Friday doesn’t exactly have the same connotation it usually does, you’ve made it through week one. No one likes rules, but hopefully, everyone is behaving like adults. New Jersey was just declared a major disaster area, but I’ve been telling people it was for years now.

And now, and explanation on why instructions have to be compulsory.

March 28, 2019 – Anna Advises Dante, Tracy Takes Dubai, Andy On Vacay, Project Nasty, a New Show, an Old Abbey, It Never Ends, No Paris & Friday Reality


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna tells Finn, it’s official. Alex is in Steinmaur. Finn asks if she’s having second thoughts. She is a little, but Alex wasn’t surprised, which leads her to believe Alex double-crossed her. Finn says she seemed genuinely affected. She’s also an expert at manipulation. Anna asks if Alex tried to seduce him. He says, no, but Alex did try to convince him that he’s not good enough for her.

Chase sees Willow, and says he saw her throw something away, and noticed she tore it up first. Tell him it was her letter of resignation. She says she never turned it in. She’s staying. They hug, and he kisses her. He says, sorry, but she tells him, don’t apologize; she liked it. He says he did too, and asks what made her change her mind.

Elizabeth is sitting in Kelly’s, when Nina comes in. Nina says she’s happy to hear Franco was exonerated. She knew he was innocent. Elizabeth says she’s not sure he realized that. She didn’t. Nina knows things are tense between them because of Charlotte and Aiden, but hopefully, that’s behind them, and they can create a new start. Especially now that Miss Tait is leaving.

Valentin brings Charlotte to Lulu’s house. He says they were power shopping, and Charlotte bought something for Dante. Is he there?

In the MetroCourt bar, Dante’s hand shakes as he brings a drink to his mouth. Carly tells him it’s on the house. He jumps, and she says she didn’t mean to startle him. He says it’s good to see her. She says it’s good to see him too. He’s been gone too long. He says, it feels that way.

At the hospital, Josslyn asks if, besides wanting out, Oscar wants to check things off their list. There’s Eckert’s and the ballroom at the MetroCourt. He says she put that in, but she shows him. He says they’re supposed to perform at the Nurses’ Ball, but it’s weeks away. She says the ballroom is free today. They can plan out their act, unless he’s not feeling up to it. He says he’s actually feeling pretty good. Josslyn makes him put on his alert bracelet. He thinks it looks stupid. She says it looks like a watch, but it doesn’t tell time. Oscar says, it doesn’t have to.

Kim and Drew meet with Monica. Monica says she’s read the lab results, and the tumor is becoming more aggressive. Drew says, he probably has a couple of weeks. Monica was hoping for more time, but at this point, they have to prepare Oscar for the end.

Willow tells Chase that she thought it over, and he was right. If she runs now, she’ll be running for the rest of her life. The only way to deal with Shiloh is to face him down; prove to him and herself that he has no power over her. He says he’ll do whatever he can to help her. She knows he means that in the best and most generous way, but she can’t rely on anyone else. She has to protect herself. He respects that, and her. He tells her do what she thinks is right, but know he has her back. She says, lucky her, and they kiss.

Lulu tells Valentin she’s sorry, but Dante’s not home. Charlotte says she’ll tell Lulu what it is, if she promises not to tell Dante. Their Monopoly game is missing pieces, so she got a new one. They can all play. Valentin says, she misses family game night since Dante’s been gone. Lulu says they all do. Charlotte can’t wait until Dante is there, and they can play together. She says she has a birthday party to get to, and goes to get her pink sweater. Lulu thanks Valentin, but he says, it was Charlotte’s idea. She cares about Dante, and she’s glad he’s home. She said, maybe mommy will smile a bit more now.

Carly is sorry she and Sonny couldn’t make Dante’s party. He knows they’re busy, and tells her, congratulations. She says the baby is an unexpected, amazing surprise. Dante says, a fresh start. They’re lucky to have that chance. Jason comes in, and tells Carly, everything is okay and there’s nothing to worry about. He tells Dante, welcome home. Carly says Sonny is proud that he rescued Dante, when the WSB couldn’t. Dante says, it was a complex operation. Carly says Sonny told her that he had to dress up like a guard, and as they were sneaking out, some kid showed up. He’d met the kid while he was picking someone’s pocket at the café. A server drops a tray, and Dante picks up a knife, and Jason grabs his arm.

Jason tells Dante, let go of the knife. Just let it go. Carly says, it’s okay. It’s just a service tray; it’s fine. Dante drops the knife, and says he’s sorry. He heard a crash. Jason asks if he’s okay, and he says he’s fine. Carly tells him not to worry. He’s been undercover for months. He’s allowed to be shaky. Dante says he hasn’t acclimated yet. He has to get out. Carly tells him, stay and eat something, but he says he has to call somebody. He’s sorry. He leaves, and Carly looks at Jason.

In the hallway, Dante makes a call. He leaves a message to call him back. He has a problem.

Valentin asks Lulu if she got the information he sent about the high achiever program. She says she did, but needs to go over it in depth. He says, it’s pretty straightforward, and Charlotte is more than qualified. Lulu agrees that Charlotte is intelligent, but thinks it’s too soon to be pushing her into the high achiever program. Valentin thinks she’s bored in school, and that’s why she’s getting into mischief. She says it’s the parent’s responsibility to make sure that doesn’t happen, and he says that means all four of them. She tells him she doesn’t trust him, but believes he puts Charlotte first. He says that’s why he’s there. Charlotte comes back, and asks Lulu to tell Dante that she can’t wait to welcome him home in person.

Anna tells Finn, it’s completely unrelated, but she has to meet someone. Robert comes out of the elevator, and Anna says she needs to ask a favor. He tells her, Alex has a lovely room with a view. She knows that, but needs him to do research on an old case. He’ll have to go to London and dig through the files to unearth information about an operative involved, Boris Makala. He was a scientist who was defecting and got ambushed. Robert says she was the courier, but Anna says Alex claims she was, and the memory was transplanted. Robert thinks it’s unimportant, but she says, it matters. He died in front of her – or Alex – and she needs to know which of them it was. She wants to know the truth about her own life. She leaves, and Finn tells Robert that he’s right. This thing with Alex’s memories is real, and it’s getting to her.

Nina sits with Elizabeth. She knows Willow had her supporters, but believes it’s a blessing in disguise. Elizabeth asks, how? and Nina says whatever happened with Charlotte and Aiden is over, but a more experienced teacher would have nipped it in the bud on the first day. Elizabeth asks if Willow is leaving at the end of the school year, but Nina says she was handing in her resignation yesterday. Elizabeth says, it makes no sense. Willow is meeting with her there. Why would she do that if she was planning on leaving?

Willow has to get going, and Chase says this is him not infringing on her independence. She’s glad to know he means it. He says he never wants her to feel pressured. She can tell it’s not his style. He says, she knows his style? She says she’s learning it little by little. He’s glad she’s staying. She is too.

Cameron comes by Oscar’s room, and asks if they’re interested in a magazine. Oscar is surprised he’s pushing the library cart, and Cameron says, community service takes many forms. This might be the last time they see him as a free man. Oscar asks if he wants them to come to court with him, and explain what happened. Cameron says he’s learned Judge Carson isn’t interested in excuses. He’s going to tell her that he’s making up the hours, and throw himself on her mercy. Josslyn is sorry, but Cameron says he was the one who wanted to get out of Port Charles. Before he takes off, Oscar needs to tell him something.

Monica asks if they’ve discussed anything, and Kim says Terry brought it up a few months ago, but it was too soon. Drew says when he hears the term, palliative care, he thinks of an old person who needs help because they’ve used their life up. He doesn’t think of a kid. Monica says, it’s really unfair. She’s seen the tests. The tumor is already beginning to affect his cognitive awareness and emotional responses. Kim’s phone dings. She has a patient to attend to, and Drew tells her, it’s okay. She leaves, and Monica says she knows he’s being strong for Oscar and his mom, but how’s he doing? Drew says, okay, but she says, no, he’s not. He wouldn’t be human if he was okay.

Elizabeth tells Nina that Willow helped Aiden. it’s hard to believe she resigned with no notice. Nina says she and Valentin stopped by the classroom, and Willow told them herself. Willow comes in, apologizing for being late. Nina is sure they have a lot to talk about, and sits with Valentin. Willow tells Elizabeth that she’s just been handling some stuff. Elizabeth asks if it’s true she’s leaving Port Charles Elementary, but Willow says, no. She’s not going anywhere.

Chase visits Lulu, and she thanks him. He asks what he did, and she says, saved her from reading Valentin’s email about the high achiever program. Valentin wants to enroll Charlotte, and Lulu agrees she’s ready. She wanted Charlotte to be a normal child in a normal classroom, but doesn’t want to deprive her of a shot at an Ivy League school. Chase thinks she has a few years to worry about that. She doesn’t want another fight with Valentin, but Chase says she has backup, now that Dante is home.

Anna meets Dante. She’s glad to see him. They hug, and she asks, what’s going on? He tells her that he took his grandfather to breakfast at the MetroCourt. They talked, and he sees an interesting man slipping away, but felt that Mike could really hear him. Maybe his guard was down with him. He took Mike back to Turning Woods, and should have gone straight home, but stopped for a drink at the MetroCourt. He was talking to Carly and Jason, and heard a loud noise. The next thing he knew, he and Jason were wrestling over a knife. He doesn’t remember what he did, but Jason stopped him. Anna asks if he has PTSD, and he says PTSD is the least of his worries. He thinks he’s been brainwashed.

Jason tells Carly that he doesn’t think Dante realized what was going on. Sonny knew he was struggling. Maybe she should tell him to back off, and give Dante a chance to solve his own problem. Carly asks what Jason was thinking, taking a swing at Shiloh? He says he didn’t take a swing; he tried to strangle him. He wanted Shiloh to know how easy it would be for Jason to make him disappear.

Anna says, can you hear the waters whispering? and tells Dante it was her trigger phrase when she was brainwashed early in her career. It’s such a violation of who are as a person. You can’t rebel because you don’t remember. Dante says he remembers bits and pieces of Raj’s interrogation techniques. Raj wanted to break him down, and prove he was trustworthy. He has tasks he doesn’t know about. When they feed him the trigger phrase or image, he’s given the mission, and it’s over. He doesn’t remember a thing. He thinks he’s supposed to kill someone. She asks if he knows who, and he says, no, but he had a dream that he was loading a gun, and saying, he will complete the mission. Then Lulu walked in. She wasn’t supposed to see, so he shot her point blank. Then he was awake. He told himself it was just a dream, and to get himself under control, but he can’t. He’s not in control, and it’s getting worse.

Chase says he should have texted Lulu first, but she says he’s always welcome. He saved her from Valentin’s insight on their daughter’s future. He was wondering about Dante, and when he’s coming back to work. She says, he hasn’t had a chance to think about it, and Chase says, that doesn’t sound like Dante. The only thing he loves more than being a detective, is her and the kids. He tells her good luck planning her daughter’s academic career, and leaves.

Elizabeth tells Willow that Nina said she was leaving. Was it wishful thinking? Willow says she did tell them that she was dealing with a personal situation. Elizabeth asks if there’s anything she can do, but Willow says she’s handling it. She realized quitting a job she loves won’t solve anything.

Nina tells Valentin that Willow and Elizabeth look like two porcelain dolls. Women who act helpless and frail, are really passive/aggressive and manipulative. When someone like her calls them out, she’s being a mean and insensitive bully. She teases him, asking how he can be with her, and he says, some men have taste, and kisses her.

Elizabeth tells Willow about the party, saying, it’s not as overt, but every kid was invited except Aiden. Willow says, Bianca is his best friend. Elizabeth says, according to Bianca’s narrow-minded mom, ex best friend. It’s about what people perceive as his gender identity. If that’s not bullying, she doesn’t know what it is.

Carly says Sam left Danny alone with a cult leader who could have manipulated him, and Jason says that’s why he wanted to make sure Shiloh didn’t approach Danny again. He stopped Shiloh in front of Kelly’s, and told him to stay away from Danny. Shiloh got in his face, talking his cult crap, and baiting him. He let Shiloh get closer, and told Shiloh not to touch him. When he did, he took Shiloh down. Shiloh decided to forgive him – Sam was there watching, of course – but now Shiloh knows Jason can take him out any time. He’s far from beaten, but he knows to be afraid. It’s a good place to start.

Cameron says, assuming he’s not shipped off to juvie, does Oscar want him to get his car? They took the bus back, so it’s still in Niagara Falls. They can do a road trip; legit this time. They can take the bus, and really go see the Falls. Josslyn says, it would be great but… Cameron says Oscar doesn’t trust him behind the wheel. Oscar says he trusts Cameron, but it’s just that he can’t take any more road trips. Argh! I hate that they’re manipulating me into feeling terrible about this, and tearing up over something other than Mike.

Monica gives Drew her award for years of meritorious service. She wants him to throw it against the wall, or out window, but don’t hit anyone. He needs to break something before the pain bottled up inside him breaks him. He thanks her, but it won’t give Oscar more days or help him say goodbye. Monica wishes she had some advice, but she doesn’t. He just has to see it through when the time comes. Drew says, the time is here. Oscar is dying, and there’s nothing he can do about it. Monica says he can still talk to Oscar, and touch him. Treasure every moment, no matter how brief. Kim comes back, saying, false alarm. Monica would like to suggest something. She knows they want to have better care for Oscar when he can’t care for himself. Drew says Oscar made it clear that he didn’t want to spend his last days in a hospital bed. Monica says she wouldn’t want that either. He should be surrounded by the people who love and care about him, and will see him through every step. She’d like Oscar to stay at the Quartermaine house.

Robert wants to speak to Finn about Anna. She’s an incredible woman, but emotionally damaged. She can’t fall in love. She’ll never ask for a commitment. She won’t ask you to make promises. Finn appreciates the information, but none of it is Robert’s business. Robert says, it is, because of the family. The family wants her happy. Robert does too. Finn has the ability to make her happy, but just as it’s starting to happen, her past comes back to bite her, and she pushes him away. Beat her to the punch. Finn asks if Robert wants him to break up with Anna. Robert says, he is an idiot, isn’t he?

Anna says the good part is that Dante recognizes something was done to him. Dante says, the first step is admitting you have a problem. Anna says, the next step is more painful. You have to address it. Dante asks, how? He doesn’t know what he was programmed to do or what the triggers are. What happens if an innocent person gets hurt, or someone he loves is caught up in it? She says he needs to be treated by experts in a secure environment. There’s an estate in Wales; it’s nice, remote, and restricted. You’re not locked in a cell, but have to stay on the grounds. He says it sounds like she’s had personal experience, and she says she was there. It’s like rehab, but with an open-ended stay, and they practice Gestalt therapy. Dante is concerned that he’ll be reprogrammed for their objectives, but Anna says they’ll give him the tools to help set him free of Raj’s influences. He has to confront who he is, as opposed to who he thought he was. He thinks he should leave as soon as possible, and Anna says she’ll make the arrangements.

Elizabeth has to get going. Willow is glad Elizabeth told her about the party, and says she’ll monitor the situation in the classroom; Aiden has her support. Elizabeth says, it means everything to him. Willow says, it’s not enough. She wants to get more involved in the community, and if certain people don’t like it, too bad. Elizabeth is glad she’s Aiden’s teacher, and thinks she’s a good example for him.

Nina tells Valentin that she can see a judgmental smirk a mile away. Willow approaches their table. She wants them both to know she’s staying on. Nina asks, what happened to the emergency? and Willow says, it’s been addressed. She hopes everyone will consider this a restart. Nina says, everyone? Valentin says Willow has expressed a clear bias against his fiancé and daughter. Willow says things got heated, and she overstated. Nina says Willow told her Charlotte didn’t stan a chance with Nina in her life. She’s messed with the wrong stepmother. She’ll see to it that Willow’s days at the school are numbered.

Kim knows that the Quartermaines would offer care and comfort, but… Monica says they have plenty of room, and she wouldn’t dream of separating them. Kim and Drew are invited as well. Kim says it’s a lovely gesture, but she can’t be the one to accept. It has to be Oscar’s choice. Monica says she’s right. It’s Oscar’s journey, and he gets to decide what path to take.

Oscar explains to Cameron that he’s in the end stage. He’s going to die in a month; maybe sooner. Cameron asks if the doctors are sure, and Cameron says they were told last night, but honestly, he can feel it. He tires easily, and his coordination is shot. He got dizzy when Josslyn was tying his shoes. Cameron asks if they’re doing something or just going home. Oscar says they’re going to Eckert’s; does he want to come with? Josslyn says he has court, but Cameron says it’s in a half hour, and Eckert’s is near the courthouse. This might be his last sugar cookie for a long time. He asks if they’re walking or Ubering. Oscar says they’ll start walking, and Uber if they need to.

Finn tells Robert that he said Anna would push him away unless he beat her to the punch. Robert says he meant putting his heart on the line. Tell her that you love her, and her background doesn’t matter. Whatever goofy thing pops in his head. She’s not groveling; he has to do it. Anna returns, and Robert tells her that their granddaughter won some prize, and wants to tell her in person. He leaves, and Anna tells Finn that he’s a strange and lovely man. She adds, never tell him that she said that, and Finn says her secret is safe. He kisses her, and she asks, what was that for? He asks if there has to be a reason, and she says, no.

Dante comes home. He looks at the folded up welcome home sign. Lulu asks if something is wrong, and he says, it’s hard to explain. Lulu tells him to take his time. He says he’s out of time. He has to leave.

Tomorrow, Obrecht tells Valentin that he should have heeded her warning, Laura doesn’t want a divorce, and Ava is getting phone calls from beyond the grave.

💰 Tonight was the season finale of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, and I’m happy to say, Tracy was given the job as US Ambassador for Royal Atlantis in Dubai. She had an open house for brokers, who were impressed, thereby impressing the owner. I can’t imagine a more amazing, and lucrative, real estate opportunity. Josh Altman sold a one-bedroom house with a twenty-five car garage, for $7.3 million, making it the most expensive garage in LA. Josh Flagg had to learn the meaning of compromise when, after wanting a house based only on his own taste, husband Bobby wondered when he got to be happy. In his interview, JoshF admitted to knowing he was selfish because he feels entitled, but is dealing with it in therapy. Like Dante said above, admitting you have a problem is the first step, so my hat’s off to him for that. Next time and season, the Josh’s co-list a property to hedge their bets, and guarantee themselves a listing. That should be interesting.

👄 Watch What Happens Live is going on one of its many hiatuses, and will be back on Sunday, April 7th.

👗 I’ve kind of been watching Project Runway. While I love fashion, I’ve never been that interested in this show, but it’s on when I’m waiting for the next program, and nothing else is competing. It’s made me glad I’m not in the business, since designers can be more temperamental than Housewives. Or at least give them a run for their money. Tonight, Nadine was asked to pack her sewing kit and go, and I said, good riddance. The only reason I’m even posting about this show is that, while emotions can run high, it’s mostly crying or pitching a hissy fit about a bolt of tulle. This woman was nasty. She tried to blame her bad design on the model – IMO the top of her pantsuit was great, but the pants part was a mess – saying the model disrupted the flow somehow because she was curvy. In case you didn’t know, that’s fashionspeak for fat and/or big. This wasn’t the first time a designer has been thrown off by their model’s stature, so you’d think they’d keep that in mind in the planning. She was mean to her model from the jump, getting impatient with how she walked. Even the judges were horrified at how she spoke regarding this unfortunate woman who had to work with her. As soon as she realized she was on the bottom, the attitude really came out. By the time she went to the back, to await her fate, Nadine got even worse. She said, and I quote, them bitches can send me home. After being told she was out, she didn’t even wait for Karlie Kloss to say her piece, and marched off the stage. To her credit, she did admit that it was a bit much for her, and she just wasn’t cut out for it. She got that one right.

🐮 New Bravo show, Texicanas, premieres Tuesday, May 7th. You can read about it here:


🗽 I Love It Too…

Downton Abbey’s creator talks about my favorite city. On a side note, I didn’t know Cindy Adams was still alive.


🎤 This also gave me my favorite quote this week, right from the streets: April holidays are coming. You recognize old age when your wife gives up sex for Lent — and you don’t even notice it until Labor Day. – muttered by a senior

🎠 Someone Stop the Merry-Go-Round…

Suckerfish Hoppy needs to make like Elsa and let it go. I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t been court ordered to seek help.

The suckerfish FaceTimes…


The suckerfish makes girls cry…


But sometimes they put him back in the water, where he belongs.


🚫 Andy Nixes the Rumor…

I’d rather see reruns of The Simple Life anyway. Or a video of her dogs in their two-story house.


😀 Friday Is Here…

What I anticipate…


Friday night’s reality…


March 21, 2019 – Doc Takes a Sucker Punch, Dubai Listing, Don’t & Going Again


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Laura goes to the pier, her assistant trailing her while going over the schedule. Ava is there drinking, and Laura tells the assistant she needs a minute. Ava says, lucky Laura. Fortunate enough to fall in love with the right brother, who’s too good to care about the likes of her. Laura is worried about her. Ava asks now that she has Doc back safe and sound, did she get her happily ever after? Laura says Ava shouldn’t be alone. Can she call someone? Ava says, no, and she should go. Hasn’t she heard?  People around her die.

At The Floating Rib, Felicia tells Mac about James’s cuteness. Doc walks in, and tells them it’s really him. Mac says he has ten seconds to prove it. He shows them his hospital bracelet, which indicates when he was admitted; at the same time Ryan was in Niagara Falls. Mac asks what the hell he wants. Doc says he wants to apologize.

Finn tells Alex, a few minutes more. She didn’t expect VIP treatment. There must be someone less prestigious who can take her bandages off. He says, and easily manipulated intern. She says she’ll take two. He says she’s stuck with him, and she says it’s generous of Anna to share him.

Anna asks if Griff is okay. She hasn’t seen him since they found out Ryan killed Kiki. She knows it was devastating. She says it looks like he’s been hitting something pretty hard.

Kristina tells Shiloh that her family is the worst. Why can’t they try to see things from her point-of-view? He says she didn’t let her brother’s negativity affect her. She stood her ground, and did it respectfully. He ask show long Michael has known Willow. Kristina asks, why? and he says he was wondering why Michael chose Willow over his sister. She says, he’s a worrier; it’s his job in the family. It doesn’t matter. She knows Shiloh is a good man. She loves DOD and is grateful for his faith in her.

Molly has called an emergency meeting of the Davis women at Kelly’s. Alexis and Sam join her. She says she wants to talk about Kristina. She’s noticed what they’ve been missing. The fact that Kristina has joined a cult. Alexis says she does seem really involved. Molly says, even the name. How long before Kristina is wearing a white bonnet, and calling herself a handmaiden? Alexis says Kristina claims it’s a self-help group, and they’re doing good. Molly says, it’s way past self-help

In her classroom, Willow reads a letter she’s written, saying she has a family emergency requiring her to leave Port Charles immediately. Valentin sticks his head in the door, and asks if she has a minute. She says it’s not a good time, but Nina is sure she can squeeze them in. She asks how she can help them, and Valentin says Charlotte should be in the high achiever program. Willow says she can test for it, but Nina says she can also get in by teacher recommendation. Since she doesn’t like having Charlotte in class… Willow says, that’s not true. Valentin thinks a change in environment might help Charlotte’s behavioral problems. Nina adds, those are Willow’s words. Willow says she can’t help them. Charlotte either has to test in, or get a recommendation from her next teacher. She doesn’t work there anymore. Nina asks if she was fired, but Willow says, it’s a family emergency. Valentin says he’s sorry, but Nina says, it’s unbelievable. She raked Charlotte over the coals for bullying, Charlotte is wracked with guilt, and Willow is leaving her high and dry. What kind of teacher is she?

Shiloh asks if Kristina has thought about her trust offering. She wants it to be worthy, so she’s searching for the right one. She’s hoping if she clears her mind, and one will come to the surface. He says, it’s just the opposite. It’s about living the pain; a deep, personal, painful secret, so dark that if the world found out, it would change the way you’re viewed. It can also be about someone dear to her. That would be even better to prove her trust. They’ll do the same in return, but only then can she truly begin. Kristina gets a text from Molly, asking her to come to Kelly’s so they can talk.

Molly says she invited Kristina to join them. Maybe they can talk some sense into her. Sam says, Kristina struggled to find a place to fit in, and found it. Or thinks she has. Alexis says, she seems happy. Sam doesn’t think it’s going to do anybody any good, and puts her coat on. She says she has a client, and tells Molly, the more she pushes Kristina, she could be pushing closer to DOD. Be nice.

Doc says, if he survived and had the opportunity, he wondered how he was going to explain to Felicia why he hid Ryan in Ferncliff instead of turning him over to the authorities. Mac says, no explanation is good enough, but Felicia says Doc paid the price for his mistake. He was locked in Ferncliff for months. Ryan hurt him almost as bad as he hurt the rest of them. Mac says, almost. Doc says he’s so sorry. He thought he had it under control. If he’d thought for one second that any of them would be in danger… Felicia understands. She accepts that he didn’t want it to happen, but can’t pretend it didn’t.

Ava says she supposes she should thank Laura. The day Laura came to her with the flowers, she said something was off about Doc. Laura says, if she’d known, she would have insisted Ava come with her. Ava says she wouldn’t have believed her anyway. She stumbles, and Laura catches her. She says she would have stayed with the man she loved, who it turns out stabbed her daughter to death, then slept with her two hours later for an alibi. Laura tells her to stop thinking about it. Stop doing this to herself. Ava says it’s the only thing she can think about. She says Laura is something. Ava was sleeping with man they both thought was her husband, trying to find happiness at Laura’s expense. Yet she knows if she was in trouble, Laura would do whatever it took to help her. Laura says, of course; anyone would. Ava says they would not. She wouldn’t, and she’s not alone, but Laura is a good person. She and Doc are perfect for each other. Laura says she has her car, and suggests taking Ava somewhere. Ava says she has her spot. She’s going to sit there and reflect on her choices. Laura says, whatever it is Ava did, she didn’t deserve what Ryan did to her. Ava doesn’t agree with her.

Finn takes Alex’s bandages off, telling her, open her eyes slowly and adjust to the light. When she’s ready, tell him what she sees. She says, she can see, and thanks him. She says he has lovely blue eyes. Finn says her vision is healed, the virus is neutralized, and his work is done. She asks how he knows hers is. He says she already told Anna about the memory transfer. Alex says, did she? Finn says he restored her sight on the condition she tell the truth. She says, what if she didn’t? What is he going to do? Repossess her vision? He asks if she lied, and she says, good question. Why doesn’t he keep her company while they find out?

Anna tells Griff that he can’t lose her. Griff says he’s just working. She says, when he’s not working, he’s punching someone, and they’re punching back very hard. Clearly, this is more than just grief. Does he want to talk? He says he was working in the hospital, and Ryan offered his condolences when Kiki died. The man who stabbed her shook his hand at her funeral. He can’t make peace with that. She asks if boxing makes him feel better, and he laughs. He says the idea isn’t to feel better while he’s doing it, but to feel something.

Sam goes to DOD, and asks Shiloh if it’s a good time. She wants to be present, and discuss the things that make her uncomfortable. Nothing about him makes her uncomfortable, but it’s what he said about commitment. She is a little uncomfortable about that, but in a good way. Shiloh asks, how so? She says he made her think about commitment and the course. She was wondering if she could join. He says they’d love to have her. She asks how it works.

Willow asks Nina and Valentin what the problem is. Didn’t they want to remove Charlotte from her class? They got their wish. What does it matter if she leaves first? Nina says they’re thinking of Charlotte’s best interest. Unlike her, who’s abandoning Charlotte. Valentin says, it’s a family emergency. Nina says if it’s an emergency, why is Willow still there? Willow says she’s packing, and Nina says she could send for her things. Willow says, not everyone can afford to send for their things. Nina says, by the time the kids get used to a new teacher, it will be the end of the year. Willow says, they’re young; they’ll adjust. Valentin hopes everything works out, and they’re sorry to see her go. Nina says, after what she said about Charlotte? Willow says the person she feels sorry for is Charlotte. With Nina as her stepmother, that little girl doesn’t stand a chance.

Willow says Charlotte is smart, sophisticated, and independent, but she also has no patience for anything where she’s not center stage. She wants everything done her way; not by just the students, but her teachers as well. She looks at Nina, and asks if it reminds them of anyone. Willow says, Nina claims she’s looking out for Charlotte’s best interests, encouraging her to be strong, and telling her that she’s the most special one in the room. Charlotte is entitled, and thinks the rules don’t apply to her, because she’s been taught she’s better than everyone else. The more they reinforce that, the more they’re harming her. Nina says Willow’s problem is with her. Don’t take it out on Charlotte. Valentin says they’re leaving. Willow is sure her replacement can help them with the achiever program. Unless the problems persist. She tells Valentin, good luck. I’m not sure if she means with Charlotte, Nina, or both.

Sam asks Shiloh, what’s next? He says she gives herself up to her mentor. Their choices are her choices. She asks if she’s giving up her free will, but he says she’ll be using it to relinquish control. Sam doesn’t understand what that has to do with commitment. Shiloh says, true commitment is giving up control. She asks when they start.

Alexis tells Kristina it’s not an ambush. Molly wants to apologize. She knows DOD is important to Kristina, and she was dismissive. She’s sorry she upset Kristina, but she’s just worried. Kristina says she doesn’t have to be. Alexis says maybe if she explained, and Kristina says, explain she’s not in a cult? Then will Molly back off and consider the possibility that she knows what she’s doing, and why?

Finn asks why he should trust what Alex has to say about Anna. Alex says it’s not that she doesn’t care about Anna; they took different paths. Like it or not, Alex does know Anna, and Finn is still in the discovery phase. If he feels he’s going to settle down with Anna, he’s going to be disappointed. She’ll always be running off to right some mysterious wrong only she can right. Penance for her past sins that she’ll never tell him about. Finn starts to leave, and she says don’t get her wrong. Anna isn’t leading him on, but she knows Anna, and he’ll never be enough for her.

Anna tells Griff that she knows the dark places grief can drive you, and knows Kiki wouldn’t want that. Griff doesn’t think he can handle another conversation how he should use his life to honor Kiki. It’s garbage. If he could take back the times he gave that speech to other people, he would. Laura joins them, and says, Ava is in pain. She’s grieving and feels guilty about the horrible man she loved killing her daughter. Griff says he knows why she’s telling him, but it would be impossible for him to comfort her. Laura says, it’s a shame, since they both loved Kiki. Being in the presence of another heart as broken as hers might give her equilibrium. She’s worried.

Doc appreciates the honesty, and is going to do his best to make amends and regain their trust. Ava walks in. They look at each other, and she orders a martini. Felicia says she should talk to her. Doc says, in the light of what happened, Felicia’s strength is remarkable. Mac says, no thanks to him. Since they’re alone, man to man, he’s going to give Doc the full picture of the pain he caused her.

Felicia sits next to Ava, who asks if Felicia is cutting her off already. Felicia says, no, but she can’t drink away what Ryan did to her. She knows, being the only other woman who survived being loved by Ryan Chamberlain. When they first met in Texas, he was going by the name of Todd Wilson. He was charming, thoughtful, and attentive. She was on the verge of being swept off her feet. Ava asks, what happened? and Felicia says she walked in on him while he was murdering his wife. Ava says, that will do it. So she ran and ran and ran, but he came after her.

Mac says, when you see Felicia in the light of day, she’s calm and pulled together. You don’t see all the locks he has to change; the windows and the doors. The baseball bat she keeps within reach. (Sounds like typical behavior of an NYC resident.) The fighting back in her sleep. None of this had to happen if he’d turned Ryan into the police when he found out he was alive. He chose protect Ryan instead. Chose him over all of them, including Mac’s wife.

Laura says, Ava isn’t in her right state mind; she needs help. Anna says Griff doesn’t have to comfort her, just grieve, side by side. Finn comes out, and tells Anna, the patient has a request, and Anna excuses herself. Laura is sorry Griff felt pressured to reach out to Ava, and he thanks her for understanding. She says, in some of the worst times in her life, she’s gotten strength from people who were willing to sit by her while she grieved, in silence and solidarity. He says he’ll think about it.

Anna sees the procedure was a success, and Alex says, thanks to Finn. He’s handsome and attentive, and she imagines disillusioned. Anna says the WSB is on their way to take custody of Alex. Alex says she’s entitled to a phone call.

Willow continues to read her letter. She wants them to know she’s loved teaching there. She’s going to miss her students and Port Charles. She wouldn’t leave suddenly if didn’t she have to. She wishes them the best.

Felicia says Ava can’t blame herself. Ryan fooled them all. Ava appreciates what Felicia is saying, but no matter how bad she was traumatized, Ryan didn’t kill her daughter. He killed Ava’s.

Mac tells Doc it was hard enough when they thought Ryan was dead, not out there. Doc hopes it’s over. Mac says like they’d hoped Ryan died in a fire at the funhouse.

Anna thanks Laura for reaching out. Laura says, not that it did much good. Anna says, Griff is a better man than he’s willing to believe. She thinks he’ll find a way to help Ava. Laura hopes so. She feels terrible about Ryan deceiving them, and the part Doc played in it. He made a made terrible mistake, hiding his brother in Ferncliff, instead of handing over to the authorities when he knew Ryan was alive. Maybe all this never would have happened. Griff overhears.

Kristina tells Molly to admit she knows what she’s doing. Molly says, if she doesn’t believe what Kristina does, will Kristina cut her out of her life? Alexis says, DOD has its selling points. Their work with the community is impressive. Molly says it’s just that Kristina’s immersion in it was fast. Alexis suggests maybe Kristina can move back home, but then says she’s just kidding. How about Sam’s? Kristina says, so Alexis can monitor her? Alexis says she can take classes at a distance. Kristina asks why they’re afraid of her taking ownership of her destiny? Molly says she sounds brainwashed. Kristina quotes Shiloh, and says Molly doesn’t get it. Molly says Kristina is all, Shiloh says this, and Shiloh says that. Can’t she think for herself? Kristina tells her, Shiloh says you can’t trust those who don’t support your choices. She needs to move on. The two of them are no longer in her life.

Sam asks Shiloh when she’s meeting her mentor. He says he’s decided on mentoring her himself. She asks when they start, and he says he’ll contact her. She has to make herself available 24/7. Can she handle that? She says as far as the kids go, she has a great support system. He says they’re done for the day.

Valentin arrives at the hospital. Anna says, of course Alex would call him. She tells Valentin that she has no intention of letting Alex go. Valentin goes into Alex’s room. She says she snaps her fingers, and there he is. She loves it. He says it’s an old habit he’s looking forward to breaking. What does she want? She wants to make him an offer – her freedom in exchange for the preservation of his secrets. He says, no thanks. She hoped he would play nice. HIs life is about to crumble. He says she’s been gone a long time; enough to sever ties. Whatever she thinks she’s holding over him, is over with. She says they’ll always have Lisbon. He’s sorry to disappoint her. She says, it’s only fair. she disappointed him

Felicia tells Ava, every time she thought Ryan was out of her life, he came back. He held her hostage in a cabin, and tried to kill her. Then she went to a mental institution for trying kill him, when she was defending herself. Ava says, too bad she didn’t succeed. Felicia says she watched him burn to death, and he still came back, twenty-five years went by, but he made it. She thinks the only reason she’s alive is because Ryan was obsessed with Ava. She can’t let guard down. If he’s still out there, he’ll be back for her.

Kristina goes back to the DOD house, and asks what Sam is doing there. Is she going to give Kristina the talk on how Shiloh is a master manipulator, and she’s being lured into a cult? Shiloh says, she’s actually there to take a course on commitment. Without even apologizing, Kristina says, at least someone in the family isn’t afraid to connect to DOD’s message. Sam says she’s sorry the family is giving Kristina a hard time. She loves her. Kristina says, love without trust is empty. Sam says she still has her, and they hug.

Molly says she told Alexis it was a cult. Alexis isn’t saying she’s wrong. Molly says, Kristina stormed off, declaring her independence, but this time she’s going to a different house, where the people tell her what she wants to hear. Alexis says, as opposed to them being honest. It just makes her dig in her heels deeper, and push farther away.

Kristina speaks into a recorder, saying, this is her trust offering. A symbol of her commitment to DOD. It’s about a member of her family.

Willow finishes packing. She looks at Miss Tait written on the board, and I realize I’ve been spelling her name wrong. She starts to erase it, but a man says, don’t erase it. It’s such a nice name. It’s Shiloh, who says, hello, Willow.

Seeing the guys there to take her into custody, Alex says, a farewell party. Anna says, since Alex betrayed her, it’s the least she can do. Alex says Anna betrayed her first. Her halo is not as shiny as advertised. She asks Anna to tell Robert that she missed seeing him one last time. She goes down in the elevator, and Finn looks at Anna.

Laura calls Alexis, and leaves a message that she wants to meet and wrap up the details of her marriage. Call her back.

Felicia tells Ava that she wanted revenge badly. Ava asks if she’s offering to help kill him. Felicia says, the more she hates him, the more he wins. Ava knows she’s right. Felicia says, but she doesn’t think there’s any way for her to stop hoping they recover his body, and do a dental and DNA test. Until there’s proof, she can’t trust he’s gone. Mac joins them, and says, right. You can’t be too careful. He tells Ava, keep her guard up. Until the body is found, they can’t take it for granted Ryan is dead.

Doc walks on the pier. A sucker punch comes out of nowhere, knocking him down.

Tomorrow, Margaux says Dr. Collins is a liability, Willow says she’ll turn what Shiloh’s done against him, and Carly tells Sonny there was trouble while he was gone.

💰 On Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Tracy was in the running to be ambassador for the Royal Atlantis development in Dubai. She visited with friend Caroline Stanbury (Ladies of London – I love her!), who had a house to die for, and a new puppy. Caroline moved to Dubai because of her husband’s job, but told Tracy, other than having to wear trousers when she’d normally wear shorts, she hadn’t had much of a culture shock. I’m hoping Tracy gets the job. Obviously it would be a nice chunk of change for her – five million at the least – but I’d love to see more of Dubai, and Caroline. Josh Flagg and husband Bobby looked for a new house. Josh is very old school architecture, like me, but Bobby likes it modern. When Bobby accused Josh of only looking eighty-five year old’s houses, Josh claimed he was an eighty-five year old woman trapped in the body of a… twenty-six year old man. Next time, the finale.

🏥 Normally, I only talk entertainment, but I thought this was an important issue, and it’s a little bit TV related. Not long ago, I saw Tawny Kitaen on an episode of Botched. While she’s been very much a working actress for a long time, I remember her best from the 90s TV show, Hercules. Known as a sex symbol of the 90s, she also shook her ass on the hood of Whitesnake’s car, to borrow from Bowling for Soup’s 1985. Funny thing is, she did it all without breast implants. Unfortunately, she was told they’d further her career, and like the fools women can be, she listened. And had nothing but medical trouble from then on. Her reason for visiting Paul and Terry was to get them removed. Afterwards, she felt like a new – and healthy – woman. Kari Wuhrer (from my beloved Beastmaster 2) told a similar story on Oprah years ago. I applaud these women for being open about their decisions.

My point is this. Don’t do it. I like to think of myself as a sensible person, and putting any foreign, synthetic object into your body doesn’t sound like a good idea. And please, I am not talking about reconstructive surgery. That’s totally different. TBH, I’d even advise against feminine products that contain deodorant.  Look at what they found out about talc and cancer. Trust me. It’s unnecessary, and not worth your health. And ladies, if any dude tells you not getting implants is a deal breaker, run, do not walk, away from him, and directly to a therapist to discuss your self-esteem issues. If you don’t believe me, check out this article from the New York Post, which prompted me to write this.


🌇 The Possibility Of An Early Night…

This was a heavy duty TV week. I love you, but curse you, Tyler Perry. So until the dead walk, enjoy some Tawny from back in the day.


March 7, 2019 – Everyone Heads For the Falls, a Stinky Fruit, Bad Actor Kelly, Caroline in Dubai & Here Again


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

In Ankara, Turkey, Robert and Sonny have coffee. Sonny says Robert’s friend better get there soon.

Jason and Laura drive toward the Falls. She kubutzes about his driving. Chase calls, and says Doc is fine. He’s on his way to surgery. She tells him they have reason to believe Ryan is on his way to Niagara Falls with Ava. She says, we hope to have more information soon. Chase says, we? and she says she’s with a friend.

Elizabeth paces at the hospital. Drew gives her an empty coffee cup, because no one is ever going to learn how to make one look like it’s full. He asks how Franco is, and she says, he keeps drifting in and out, but the doctors say he’ll be fine. Drew says, at least Franco’s name will be cleared, and everyone will know he’s innocent. Elizabeth wishes he had trusted her with the truth. Drew says Jordan probably swore him to secrecy. The bottom line is, they know it was Ryan Chamberlain, not Franco. Kim runs in, and tells Drew about the kids being in Niagara Falls, and Oscar having a seizure.

Cameron is shocked to run into Ryan. Ryan says, what are the odds? Cameron says his friends are waiting, but Ryan asks, what’s the rush? He can’t let him go now – not yet.

Ava opens the trunk with the remote. She sees Josslyn, and asks if she’s here with her mother. We see Carly unconscious in the trunk.

Sonny says if Robert’s contact doesn’t show soon, they’re out of there. Robert realizes in Sonny’s world, people turn up on time, but they’re not in his world. Sonny says he noticed that. Robert says they do a lot of sitting around before the action. He ain’t seen nothing yet. He reminds Sonny, it’s a small price to pay; his time for information. A woman asks if they’re interested in a diversion, and asks Sonny if she can read his fortune. Sonny says, some other time, but Robert tells him to let her read his palm.

Laura knows Jason isn’t big on explaining himself, but everything is happening fast, and she’s been locked in Ferncliff. She wants to know how did they get to this point? Jason says when Carly was in Ferncliff, there was a patient in the next room. He never saw them, but he’s pretty sure it was Ryan. He was trying to communicate with Carly using Morse code. Laura knew that already, and says Doc and Ryan would have switched places by then. Jason says he has a friend who’s an expert at cyber security; the best. He came up with the name Wilson. Laura says, Ryan’s alias. Jason says Carly went to question the guy she thought was Doc, and Ryan made up a story that the patient was a serial killer named Wilson Ritter. It didn’t check out, and then Franco gave an interview, saying he was a better killer than Ryan Chamberlain, aka Todd Wilson. Jason tells Laura that he kept the security footage. Ryan and Carly were at the hospital at the same time. Carly went to the garage, and her car was there, but her phone was on the ground. There was no sign of Ryan. Laura says, if Carly questioned him, does Jason think he did something to her? Jason says he couldn’t have killed her in the garage; there were too many people. He couldn’t move her to a second location either, so she’s locked up at the hospital, or he took her with him. Laura thinks they have to go through all the possibilities, but Jason won’t consider that Carly is dead.

On the phone, Chase says Ryan is on his way to Niagara Falls, if he’s not there already. He’s sent an updated photo, along with a photo of his traveling companion, Ava Jerome. He says Ryan is armed and dangerous. Lulu sees him, and says she got his message that they found her mom. Jason says she was there, but she left. Lulu asks where she is, and Chase says, it’s a complicated situation. Lulu asks, what’s going on?

Kim tells Drew about Oscar’s seizure and that the kids are in Niagara Falls. He says they’ll take the company chopper.

Cameron tells Ryan that he’s there with friends. Ryan asks if his mom is chaperoning, and Cameron says, sorry, but his friend Trina is waiting. Ryan tells him to have a good time. He won’t tell if Cameron doesn’t. Cameron says nothing, and gets the blip out of there.

Josslyn tells Ava that her boyfriend had a seizure, and the paramedics took him to the hospital. They wouldn’t let her come, so she called an Uber. She walks off, and Ava says she hopes it works out. She goes to the back of the car, and sees Carly in the trunk. She says, oh my God, what is happening? Ryan is suddenly there, and says, surprise!

Chase tells Lulu that Doc was admitted for surgery, but she thought he was on his way to Niagara Falls to marry Ava. Chase tells her that she needs to prepare herself.

Cameron, Josslyn, and Trina arrive at the hospital. The nurse asks if they’re family, and Trina says Cameron is Oscar’s cousin. When the nurse asks what side of the family, Cameron says his mom almost married Oscar’s dad. Josslyn says she’s Oscar’s girlfriend. She knows that doesn’t count as family, but he needs her, and asks the nurse to make an exception. Or does she have to find a way to sneak in the room? The nurse says she must be Josslyn; she’s just like Oscar described. He’s awake and groggy, but lucid. The nurse gives her the room number, and she goes in to see Oscar. He asks if Cameron is there too. He’s sorry he ruined their only night alone. She says he didn’t ruin anything; he had a seizure. Josslyn says they made it to Niagara Falls. Their road trip is definitely memorable. He says this is the only memory he cares about; right here, right now, with her. This is the time they’ve got, and all they’re going to get.

Cameron asks Trina if cousin was the best she could come up with. She says it would have worked if he’d played along. He says, sometimes the truth works, but Trina says Josslyn didn’t get in because she was honest. Cameron says it’s because Oscar is in bad shape. Elizabeth calls, and says she knows he’s in Niagara Falls, and knows Oscar had a seizure. Cameron asks if they can talk about it later. He knows he’s in trouble, but he’s in the middle of a crisis. Elizabeth says he got Oscar to the hospital, and she’s proud of him. He asks if that means he’s not in trouble, but she says, no. She tells him to let Oscar know his parents are on the way. She also needs to tell something about Franco.

Sonny doesn’t believe in fortune telling, but if it helps pass the time, the woman can give him a reading. Robert gives her his chair. The woman says Sonny’s lifeline is long, but doesn’t guarantee a long life; he still has to be careful about anything that might shorten it. Sonny asks what else she sees, and she says he has a fate line. Not everyone has one. She tells him someone he loves is in danger.

Ava doesn’t understand. Did Carly follow them, or has she been in the trunk all this time? Ryan says, it’s not a problem, but Ava says he can’t leave Carly there. He says, of course not. He tells her to go to the room; he’ll handle everything. She asks what he means, and he asks if she loves him. She says, of course, and he asks if she trusts him. He tells her, go back to the room and wait. She says, don’t be long. and he says she won’t have time to miss him. Ava leaves, and he closes the trunk.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that his friend just had a seizure. He thought Oscar was going to die. Elizabeth says Franco was cleared of all charges. Cameron says, and? She says, he’s innocent. Cameron knows she wants to believe that, but she says they know who the real killer is; Ryan Chamberlain. Cameron asks if he didn’t die a million years ago, and she says, that’s what everyone thought, but he’s been posing as Doc; they’re identical twins. He tried to frame Franco for the murders. Cameron says he just saw Doc, but Elizabeth says he’s at GH. Cameron says that means he was talking to Ryan Chamberlain. He gives Elizabeth the address of the hotel, and she tells him to stay at the hospital. Don’t move until Drew shows up, and don’t go anywhere by himself. She loves him.

Laura says as far as she’s concerned, she asked Jason for a ride to Niagara Falls. What he does when they get there is none of her business. She doesn’t want to know, and she’s not asking. Her phone rings. It’s Elizabeth, who tells her everyone is fine, but Cameron ran into Ryan at a hotel, and had no idea it was Ryan. Laura asks the name of the hotel, and Elizabeth says The Inn at Cascade Point. Laura asks her to tell Chase, and have him call the Niagara Falls PD. When Laura finishes the call, Jason calls Spinelli, and tells him to get into the mainframe at the hotel, and find out what room Dr. Collins checked into.

Sonny says he knows how this works. The palm reader says someone he loves is in danger, he gives her a few lira, and surprisingly they’re not in danger anymore. She tells Robert to tell his friend that she sees a child who is a man; a son. Sonny says he’s got a couple of those, and she says this one has his eyes. He’s the one in danger. Sonny asks how she knows this. She says she sees it. His child’s life is in the palm of his hands.

Oscar tells Josslyn not to leave, and she says she’s not going anywhere. He says, him neither, but she says that’s not true. He wants Cameron to have his car. He’s not saying it to upset her, he’s saying it because it’s real. He doesn’t want his stuff to go to waste. That’s why Cameron isn’t getting his telescope, but he wants Cameron to be constantly reminded about how he messed up the trip. She tells Oscar to stop doing whatever he’s trying to do, but Oscar says, it’s okay to laugh. He loves her laugh. He loves everything about her. She kisses him.

Trina tells Cameron that she’s not big on true crime, so she hasn’t been paying attention. She knows Ryan Chamberlain murdered seven women in Texas, and was killed in a fire. Cameron says, obviously not. According to his mom, Ryan killed all those people, and Franco had nothing to do with it. Trina asks if his mother is possibly blaming a dead man because it hurts too much. He tells her that his mom said Doc was at GH. Trina calls the hospital, and asks for Doc, then says she’ll call back later. She tells Cameron that Doc is having surgery as they speak. Cameron says that means he was talking to the real killer – Ryan Chamberlain.

Lulu says, so instead of burning, Ryan held Doc hostage at Ferncliff, took his place, killed three people, and tried to kill her? Chase says, yeah, and Lulu says she was so sure Franco was the one. She flashes back to the stabbing, and sees Ryan’s face replace Franco’s. She says, it was Ryan. When she couldn’t remember, she let him hypnotize her, and he convinced her it was Franco. Chase says, everyone thought he was dead. It was the perfect disguise and alibi. Elizabeth joins them, and tells Chase that she knows where Ryan is.

Ava has a drink, and paces. She sees her dress on the bed, and says, oh God. She puts presses 911 on her phone, but doesn’t hit dial. She says, he’s having a breakdown. Everyone said it happened before. How does she help? Ryan comes in, and says he sees she broke into the mini bar; he could use a drink. She says she took the vodka, and he says, bourbon will do nicely. She asks why Carly is in the trunk of his car. He says, isn’t it obvious? She’s a wedding present for his bride-to-be. Think of her as wrapped up and ready to go.

Sonny needs more convincing, since he’s a skeptical American. Robert thinks they should be on their way. The woman says after she shares her gift, this is the thanks she gets? and holds out her hand. Sonny gives her some money, and she says, really? He gives her more, and she says his destiny awaits him.

Trina says Cameron was just face to face with a serial killer. The upside is, his stepfather isn’t a killer. Cameron says he is, but he killed people before a brain tumor was removed. Trina says if she was related to one of the victims, she would dedicate her life to sending him to prison, but Cameron’s mom believes in forgiveness, and now Franco isn’t going to prison. He has to find a way to get along. Cameron says she knows how to cheer someone up. Trina says he has no right to complain. None of them do. No matter how dysfunctional their families are, they’re healthy. They have their whole lives to see any place they want, but this was Oscar’s last chance to see the Falls and be with Josslyn. It’s happening, and nothing they’re going through comes close. She tells Cameron, get over it. He says she’s harsh. Truthful, but harsh. She says, he can take it. Drew and Kim arrive, and Kim thanks Cameron for taking care of Oscar. Trina wonders if she’ll still be thanking him when she hears about the car.

Kim and Drew go in to see Oscar. He knows he’s in trouble, but they wanted to be together. Josslyn says she loves him, but his parents have to be with him right now. She leaves, and Oscar asks them not to be angry. Drew says they’re not angry; they’re furious. Kim loves him, but that doesn’t mean she’s happy he took off without letting them know. Drew says he had another seizure, and Oscar says, it was really bad.

Elizabeth tells Lulu and Chase that Cameron ran into Ryan. Lulu asks where? and Elizabeth explains that Ryan and Ava were going to Niagara Falls to elope. Ava thinks she’s going to marry Doc. Chase says he’s letting the Niagara Falls PD know, and steps away. Elizabeth tells Lulu that her mom is amazing. She was locked in the basement at Ferncliff, but was completely in control. Lulu should be proud of her. Lulu says she was manipulated by a psychopath. He got in her head, and convinced her that Franco attacked her. She can’t even tell Elizabeth enough that she’s sorry. Elizabeth says, Ryan fooled everyone. Even Lulu’s mother thought he was Doc. Lucy didn’t see it, and neither did Felicia. She thinks the woman he stalked and nearly killed would know. There were a lot of people who knew Doc better than Lulu, but they didn’t know Ryan took his place.

Jason thanks Spinelli. He pulls into The Inn parking lot, and takes out his gun. He tells Laura, stay here.

Ryan apologizes to Ava. He knows finding Carly like that must have upsetting. Ava doesn’t know what he did to get her Carly in there, but knows he did it to help her. He says whatever helps her, helps him, so technically he did it for the both of them. She says whatever impulse he had to do it, she’s glad it can be undone. They don’t need anyone or anything from Port Charles tainting their elopement. They should go ahead with their wedding and honeymoon, and deal with all things Port Charles when they get back. The sooner they get Carly out of the trunk and get her home, the better. She hands him a drink, and he says he wouldn’t worry about Carly. She’s already on her way. Ava asks, where? What has he done?

She asks where Carly is, and Ryan says, five miles east. At least she was the last he saw her. Ava asks if he dropped her off, and he says, in a manner of speaking. Ava asks, was she… in any condition to take care of herself? Ryan says she knows Carly is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. It’s her greatest talent, and one priority. Speaking of priorities, his is marrying her. He guesses he ruined everything. Ava isn’t sure what he means, and he says he saw her wedding ensemble. He’s not supposed to see it before the wedding. Ava says that’s only if he sees her wearing it, but seeing it laid out on the bed is fine. He wants to be on the safe side, and thinks she should wear something else. She says if means that much to him, and he says he’s waited his entire life for her; a woman who accepts, understands, and fulfills him. Now that they found each other, they’ll join their lives and fates. He wants everything to be perfect.

Sonny tells the fortune teller, enjoy the tip. He and Robert leave, and a couple of guys look like they’re going to follow, but the fortune teller gets in their way, delaying them for a moment, and telling one of them his future is dark. Outside, Robert asks what Sonny got. Sonny says, an address.

Cameron asks Josslyn how Oscar is. She says he seems okay; he’s making jokes. Trina says, attitude is important, but Josslyn says, it only goes so far. She’s tried to stay positive and put a smile on Oscar’s face, keep his spirits up. Sometimes they forget or pretend to forget for a little while. Sometimes they pretend it’s normal, but it’s not. He’s not. He’s running out of time, and one day he’s not going to be there for the next trip. He’s going to be gone. Cameron tells her not to get ahead of herself. There are still good days. Trina says, don’t waste time, and Cameron says, stay in the present. Stay with Oscar.

Kim tells Oscar when they get back to Port Charles, they’ll talk to Terry and Griff, and see what’s what. Drew says, in the meantime, they need to get him home. Kim says she’ll talk to the doctor, and see what’s next. They’ll all be together. Drew says they love him, and Oscar says he knows.

Chase tells Lulu that units are being sent to the hotel. She hopes they find Ryan, arrest him, and lock him up for good. She wishes they’d tattoo Ryan on his forehead, so no one will make that mistake again. I second that. Chase says, he had the advantage of hiding in plain sight, but this is a manhunt like no other. Lulu hopes they find him before he hurts someone else.

Carly lies unconscious at the bottom of a snowy hill.

Jason kicks in the hotel room door.

Tomorrow, Maxie asks if Peter ever says no, Robert tells Sonny they’re in the right place, and Jason says Ryan and Ava are headed for Canada.

🔪 On Top Chef, the Quickfire challenge was to incorporate the smelly durian fruit into a dish. I’ve never tasted durian, but it was described as a combination of banana, mango, and garlic chives, and stinking to high heaven. Like that dead skunk in the middle of the road. Soon-to-be father Eric said he hoped what his baby would be putting out wasn’t as smelly. It didn’t sound worth it, but maybe if I tasted it, I’d feel differently. Michelle won an extra hour of cook time with a sweet and savory shrimp dish. For the elimination challenge, the chefs were to incorporate their own heritage with the Chinese/Portugese flavors of Macau. James Beard Award winner Abe Conlon was the guest judge, and he took the contestants out to one of his favorite Macau restaurants, where family members awaited them. They had something called minchee, which I’d love to try. It’s made with minced beef or pork and flavored with molasses and soy sauce, served with a fried egg on top.  After that, they went shopping. Nothing better than an Asian market IMO. Sara had her heart set on matzo balls, and while they didn’t exactly have matzo, they did have some unleavened big ass crackers that she found appropriate. We learned that including soda water is the secret to good matzo balls. Michelle made a seafood dish, Eric prepared an Egusi stew with shrimp and dumplings, and Kelsey did a low country boil with shrimp. The Egusi stew uses ground melon seeds as one of its components, which did not go over that big, since it made the dish gritty. The judges didn’t make it clear whether that was the idea and they just didn’t like it, or he didn’t grind them fine enough. Sara’s big ass cracker matzo ball soup was the big winner. Tom said he wasn’t feeling the Chinese flavor in Michelle’s dish, and she had too much going on. It was her turn to pack up her knives and depart. Gail said it was that extra hour that backfired. Michelle went out disappointed, but proud. She’d gained closure in her personal life, and was more self-aware. She was ready for what the future had in store. Next time, the finale, where the chefs have to cook the four-course meal of their lives.

🎭 I haven’t seen the R. Kelly interview with Gayle King, but I saw clips, and puh-leeze. How dramatic can you get? If I’d been Gayle, I would have wanted to kick him one. Yeah, I wouldn’t be afraid of him either. He’s just a bad actor. The really sad part is, he thinks the public is that stupid. Maybe they are, but I hope not.

💂 I almost fell out of my chair. On Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, it looked like Tracy was going to get the opportunity to represent a property in Dubai. Then, in next week’s preview, we saw her visiting Caroline Stanbury in Dubai. She was a cast member of The Ladies of London, which I loved, but it never returned after the untimely death of one of the ladies. I remember Caroline having a house there. I’m all excited about this, which I know sounds sad.

🌞 Happy Days Are Here Again…

Well, Friday is anyway.