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July 7, 2020 – When Michael Was On Trial, Judge Of All Trades, Tracy Lands the Big One, a Sudsy Goodbye, Not Adapting, Bachelor Flavor, Crashing, At Last, Upcoming TV, Shop For Good & Sitting


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Today’s final answer for the GH Flashback was May 4th, 2010.

Michael was on the stand, and Judge Carroll asked if he’d killed his stepmother. Michael said nothing, and the judge asked if he was incapable of answering or refusing to answer. He told Michael that he understood Michael was coerced to cover it up, but he was in court now, and it was a direct question; not answering wasn’t an option. Did he kill her? Michael said he did; on November 4th, he killed his stepmother Claudia. The judge asked Michael to explain in his own words how it happened, and Michael said Claudia had lost it. Sonny had confronted Claudia, who then kidnapped Carly. Michael had convinced himself that everyone would be better off if he wasn’t around, and was going to drive to Canada, but when he saw a wrecked car, he checked it out. It had a valet ticket from the MetroCourt, and he realized it was the car Claudia had used to take his mom. He followed their trail through the woods to the cabin, and when he got closer, could hear his mom screaming, and begging Claudia not to take her baby, Josslyn. Michael grabbed an ax handle off the porch, ran in, and saw Claudia trying leave with Josslyn in a basket. He hit her, and she fell and died. Judge Carroll asked what Michael was thinking, and Michael said he needed to stop her. He realized she was dead right away, and had gotten blood on himself, and later, on his dad’s shirt. The judge asked at what point Sonny arrived, but Michael said Sonny was never there. Jason and Sam took Carly to the hospital, and they were going to wait for Sonny there. Judge Carroll asked if anyone at any time suggested calling the police, and Michael said no. His dad came and drove him home. The judge commended Michael on his cooperation, and his clear, concise testimony. He asked if Michael was trying to kill Claudia when he hit her, but Michael said he didn’t care what happened to her. He just wanted to protect his mom and baby sister. The judge said Michael had confessed to taking Claudia’s life, was in full possession of his faculties, and truthful. He commended Dante on his diligence and commitment to the law, unlike other parties in the case, and remanded Michael to await sentencing. He asked Dante to formally place Michael under arrest, so for once in this case, they would follow the letter of the law. Dante read Michael his rights, and the charges against Sonny were withdrawn, the judge saying he was free – for the time being. Judge Carroll reamed out Diane, and anyone else who wasted the people’s time, money, and patience by conspiring to cover-up this crime. He said the country was founded on the rule of law, and they’d spit on that principal. If it was up to him, he’d send them all to prison for the next twenty years. They disgusted him. Diane said this was a first. She went from defense counsel to defendant in one fell swoop.

Olivia told Lulu that Dante had found his conscience, and she should be proud. Lulu said they had to support him, and Olivia wished everyone felt the same way. Jax asked the prosecutor what the worst case scenario was, and she said she couldn’t predict what Judge Carroll would do, but thought the rest of them were in more trouble than Michael. Jax said he was trying to figure out how he could help, but she said it was in the judge’s hands. There wasn’t enough evidence to back up Michael’s justification; Carly had lied so many times, the judge probably wouldn’t believe her. On a positive note, Michael’s records showed brain damage. She imagined he’d get a suspended sentence and mandatory counseling. Carly wouldn’t be so fortunate. Sonny told Carly that their son was stronger than she thought, and would be okay. Carly said she just saw her son being handcuffed by Sonny’s bastard. Dante said he was taking Michael to be booked, and Michael asked why Dante had turned him in. Dante said the short version was, the truth had to come out, and Michael said, so he was just doing his job. Dante said he was doing it for Michael. Michael’s whole life, Sonny taught him that he could do whatever he wanted, and get away with it. That people died in the process was unacceptable, and Michael didn’t have to live with that hanging over his head. Michael asked what if the judge didn’t buy that it was an accident and he ended up in prison, but Dante pointed out he had brain damage, and thought it would be a suspended sentence and mandatory therapy. He’d have the chance to build a better life.

Sonny told Carly that he’d read Dante wrong. He thought Dante wanted him in prison more than he did Michael. Carly didn’t care, saying Sonny had a chance and trusted Dante. Now she and Jason would focus on Michael. Sonny said Dante never planned on Michael going to lockup, but she said Dante performed the arrest, and got a pat on the back for it. It had turned out the way he’d wanted, and now Sonny could bond with Dante, and the hell with Michael. Carly told Lulu that Dante had betrayed Michael, and when Lulu got horizontal with him, make sure she thought of Carly’s son, since she was standing by her man. Tracy asked why Carly was blaming Lulu. Carly had stolen Michael from the Quartermaines, and had no one to blame but herself for all this misery. Lulu didn’t need to fight Dante’s battles; she was just stating the facts. Carly said her priorities were twisted, and that’s why Michael was in lockup. Tracy said a lifetime of damage came with the territory when Michael’s father was a mob kingpin. Carly had chosen to marry Sonny, and chosen for him to adopt Michael. Did she think he’d grow up to be a choirboy? Tracy told Carly that she had no use for Dante – he was just as manipulative as his father – but Lulu chose to be loyal to the man she loved, like Carly was loyal to Sonny, and she had no right to criticize. Carly wondered, if Dante had busted Luke, would Tracy be as quick to defend Lulu. The jury, with Alice as foreperson (!), continued to hang around, griping that they’d wasted their time. Judge Carroll said the case had been dismissed, and thanked them, saying they were dismissed as well. Diane congratulated Sonny on being a free man.

Spinelli told Jason, the Jackal was ready to assist, and Jason asked him to hack into the PCPD’s system, find out who was on the payroll, and make sure someone was on duty all the time, and Michael was treated well and protected. Spinelli found it hard believe Dante turned Michael in, and Jason said Sonny wanted to believe in Dante that he’d do the right thing, but he was blind. Now Sonny knew what Dante was capable of doing, but Michael was paying the price. Olivia told Sonny to swear he wasn’t going after her kid, and Sonny said she’d raised Dante to hate him. She said Dante being a cop was his own choice, and he was doing his job. Sonny said Dante was sticking it to him, but Olivia said Dante was upholding the law he believed in; honor, justice, right and wrong. Sonny said it wasn’t about the law; Dante was spitting in his face. Olivia kept showing Dante that Sonny wasn’t a good father, but she’d never given him a chance to know Sonny.

At the station, Carly told Dante that she wanted to see Michael. He said he couldn’t imagine what his mother would be going through, if he was in the same position. Carly said he had no idea what she was feeling. He wasn’t a parent; he was a liar and vindictive. He said he did what he thought was best for Michael before he followed in Sonny’s footsteps. The cover-up would have given him the seal of approval. Carly said Sonny would never allow Michael to be in the mob, but Date if Michael had kept the secret, he would have traded education and opportunities for a life of crime, and end up dead. Carly said Michael could die in prison, but Dante said he wouldn’t have prison time. Olivia told Sonny that he was willfully blind to the way his life effected his kids. He said there was nothing he wouldn’t do for his kids, and she said the damage was already done. Look how Michael was raised, and what he’d seen; the lying, the violence, a bullet in the head. She knew Sonny’s intentions were good, but he was toxic to his children. Sonny said he’d made mistakes, but he’d done the best he could with his children. Olivia said he couldn’t keep them from the violence in the world, and Sonny agreed that he couldn’t guarantee their safety. Olivia said he could do one thing; keep Dante safe and call Jason off. He had a chance to turn things around for all his children. Which is funny, since Maurice Benard started off on All My Children. Carly hugged Michael, and told Dante he could go; she didn’t have a file or anything. He left, and she asked Michael if he was in a cell by himself. She didn’t agree with what he’d done, but agreed with why he did it, and they’d get through this. He shouldn’t be there, and they’d get him out.

Spinelli said he unobtrusively checked out the roster, and someone was on duty now to keep a sharp eye on Michael. Jason told Spinelli that Bernie was in Puerto Rico, and he wanted Spinelli to join him; to help move the money so there would be no red flags. Spinelli asked if it wasn’t more pressing to be in Port Charles, but Sam said Jason couldn’t trust just anyone. Spinelli thought Jason wanted him out of town for an unspecified amount time, so he’d have deniability. He took it that Jason was about to embark on the disposing of Dante. Carly told Michael that the judge believed Michael was protecting her and his sister, and she thought he’d get a suspended sentence. He said Dante told him the same thing, but she told him not to trust Dante. If he wants to talk, or says he wants to help, don’t believe him. She said Michael would be out by Friday, and his life would be back to normal. Michael said he hated going back to a life where everyone knew he killed Claudia, and Carly said he was  a hero. The guard came, and Michael asked Carly to tell his siblings that he loved them and he was all right. Jason said he needed to have things ready, and Spinelli said that was an indirect answer. Jason said Michael wanted to tell the truth, and Jason said to trust him, so Michael didn’t do it. It was on him, and no one else. Spinelli said Jason would face life for murder, and he was tied to Sonny. Michael would never forgive the impact on his new sibling, Morgan, and Kristina. Michael would blame himself, and violence in the wake of violence just perpetuated the tragic cycle. He told Jason not to kill Dante, and if the plan was in motion, stop it before it was too late. Johnny told Olivia that Sonny was a free man, but Olivia said, not really. He’d been tied in knots since the beginning, and since Dante blew the whistle, Sonny had been ripping himself apart. Johnny said in a couple of weeks, it would be business as usual. They wondered if Sonny was going to go after Dante, and Johnny said he’d go after Sonny if that happened. Dante found Lulu waiting at home for him, and they hugged.

Sonny visited Michael in his cell, and Michael told Sonny not to avenge him. Someone had to stop the violence, and he still had that chance. Johnny told Olivia that he was a fool to think he’d get justice from the system; he’d have to make his own. Sonny was vulnerable and distracted, and there was no better time to crush him like he deserved. Back home, Carly told little Morgan that Michael told the truth, the judge believed him, and she thought the judge understood. Because Michael had been sent out of the country so he couldn’t testify, the judge considered him a flight risk, but he’ll only be in jail until Friday when the judge decides his punishment. Morgan asked if she’d seen Michael, and she said he was okay. He told her to tell Morgan that he loved him and would be home soon. Morgan said he could tell Carly was scared, and Carly said she was okay; she just wanted it over. Morgan cried, and said Dante promised it would be. Lulu asked Dante how it went, and Dante said he walked Michael through the process. Michael held it together, but she thought he was scared underneath. Dante said, it’s not how he wanted it to go, and Lulu said, he told the truth, and it was the best thing for Michael. Dante agreed, and said Michael would spend a couple of days in lockup; it’s better than life in the mob. He thanked her for having faith in him, and apologized for leaving her with Carly. Lulu said she couldn’t fault Carly for feeling the way she did, but it was hard to listen to her say how he betrayed the family. She went from raging to insulting, and wouldn’t listen. She didn’t know how Carly could be so intolerant. They were like sisters, and suddenly Carly can’t trust her. Dante said Carly can’t trust him, and Lulu was getting the fallout. Lulu said she loved Dante, and he did what was right. She asked if the judge would go easy on Michael, and he said the judge saw Michael had remorse. He’d probably get probation and be free in a few days.

Michael apologized to Sonny, but Sonny said he was sorry. He never thought Michael’s brother would turn him in. Michael was just protecting his family, and Sonny never wanted him to pay. Michael said he didn’t want Sonny to pay. He knew Sonny wanted him to let it play out, but he felt like he was being a coward. Sonny said he had respect for Michael, and Michael said he was honored. Sonny went through a trial, and was willing to go to prison to save Michael, but he was the one who did it. Sonny said he didn’t like Michael in there, even for a day; he hated it. Michael said he would make Sonny proud, and he’d he okay. Jason listened in.

😎 Oh, That Guy…

You know them. Those guys who are in everything, but most of the time, you don’t know their real name. Judge Carroll is one of them.


He’s done a lot of stage work. If not for pandemic, you could have seen him in Shakespeare in the Park’s Richard III.


He’s done it all, but judge and priest was on repeat.


Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

We flashed back to last week, when JoshF showed buyer Heather (who looks a lot like Brooke Elliot from Drop Dead Diva) some houses. She was in a time crunch, had a tight budget (tight in L.A. meaning $5 million), and was being particular. This time, she brought her son Simon along. In his interview, Josh said it was hard finding a home that met her criteria. I’m wasn’t sure what she wanted either. He took Heather to Little Holmby Hills, telling us that Holmby Hills is known for the Spelling house and Playboy mansion, but Little Holmby was more affordable. Heather liked the school proximity, and they met with broker Sam. Built in 1936, the house was 5000 square feet, with 5 bedrooms and 5 baths, and priced at $4.995 million. It wasn’t staged – i.e. it was empty – which Josh said made it more difficult to sell, since the buyer can’t imagine themselves living there. Apparently, people don’t have much imagination. The backyard was tri-level, with a pool and a guest house that was nicer than my house. Josh said it checked all the boxes. Heather fretted that she’d sold her house already, and Josh told her to think it over for 24 hours.

Tracy drove through Malibu, talking about the fires and evacuation. (Side note: Denise Richards and Camille Grammer Young from RHOBH had to evacuate. Denise was able to go back home, but eventually moved, and Camille lost everything.) Tracy said it was clean again, and people were building. No one was leaving, and there had been a massive recovery. Developer/owner Scott Gillen wasn’t content with his current representation, and had asked for her. He also had an entire portfolio of properties, and she was looking to the future. Scott’s advisor Robert met Tracy, explaining that she couldn’t use the driveway, since Scott wanted to keep it pristine. Red flag of difficulty number one. The house was expansive, but not for me; it was very boxy. I say this like I could afford even a foot of it. Scott made Tracy take off her shoes before she came inside, another red flag. He told her it had been purchased for $9.5 million in 2011, and he wanted $75 million for it. When Tracy asked to put her purse down, Scott thought for quite a while before telling her to put it on the carpet. Flags were now flying wildly, and I’m not talking about Josh. In her interview, Tracy said her purse possibly cost more than the carpet. He gave Tracy a tour of the house; 14,800 square feet, a Bulthaup kitchen (the most high-end you can get) with Gaggenau appliances, a cigar room, a wine tasting room, closets you wouldn’t believe, an ocean view, and a canyon view. Outside, there was a guest house as big as my house. Scott said it was all about quality, as he showed Tracy the walnut tub he’d had custom made. Scott said she had to understand the house. He told Robert that she was nervous, but she assured him that she wasn’t. In her interview, she said he was testing her, but she wasn’t intimidated; she spoke his language. He told her, with his properties, the agents just opened the door; he did the showing, and he’d already sold 21 homes. In Tracy’s interview, she said, no buyer wants to feel watched. She’d have to figure out a way he could be part of it without doing the actual showing. He took her to New Castle’s sister house, The Case, and said it was 24 acres in the center Malibu, and in her interview, Tracy said there were no neighbors, and never would be. He told her it had been $85 million, but he’d had to lower it to $75 million. He said the view and the privacy were epic, but he thought the problem was when a broker showed one house, they would say there was another one, confusing the buyer. She asked if the chosen one would get the entire portfolio, and he said it was all or nothing. Tracy figured on $500 million, she’d be getting $10 million in commission. She told him there was no one better than her at finding a buyer, but he wanted to know how she was going to attack, not who she was going to pitch it to. He gave her five days for getting together a marketing proposal, but she said she’d need a full week. He said if she failed, she’d get fired, and she told him, she didn’t fail.

JoshA told us, the Altman Brothers were doing a million a week in business, had ten agents, and five employees. They needed their own space. It was a risk, but if you’re going to grow as a brand, you have to take a leap. We saw the space, still under construction, and the marble walls in the reception area alone were $75K. Josh said the offices had felt walls, so when the agents banged their heads against them, it didn’t hurt as much. We saw clips of them looking at properties. Josh said they settled on something in Beverly Hills, near the luxury shopping district, not far from Chanel and The Ivy. Josh told brother Matt that Fredrik (Million Dollar Listing New York) was moving to LA. In Josh’s interview, he said, under different circumstances, he would love it that Fredrik was moving there. He and Heather were tight with Fredrik and Derik, and took them to look at vacation homes last year. The next he heard from Fredrik was on an email blast that he was moving there to open a business. He told Matt that Fredrik had invited Josh and Heather to an open house he was having, but only Heather was going.

While Heather was interested in the Holmby house, JoshF said he couldn’t push the seller too hard, or they could lose the house to the open market. He made an offer of $4.750 million, cash, closing in one week. He said the buyer was qualified, so it would be a quick loan with no bullsh*t.

Tracy told her team that they needed to come up with creative ways to convince Scott that he needed to hire her because she could find his buyer. Rob suggested a yacht party near The Case; very exclusive and VIP. Another team member thought of customized swag, like slippers and a robe. One more thought of a custom tasting experience, and the last idea was a promotional film that could be put inside a book the buyer could take home. Tracy loved all of it, and said they could send a questionnaire to both brokers and potential buyers that would give them a backdoor entrance to see who qualified, and also make sure they had the best experience possible. They would use all of the ideas, and make each showing personalized. They needed to tell an entire story. She wanted Scott to experience what they were talking about, and how they wanted the client to experience it. In her interview, she said the best way to show a buyer a house was to show them how to live in it. She wanted to show Scott the house as though he was a buyer. It had to be perfectly curated, and she needed to find out what she could about Scott so that the tour would impress him, and she meant CIA level research. If Rob had to dig in Scott’s trash to see what he had for dinner, so be it. She told the team there were no second chances, and to think of the amount of the commission check. It would keep them up and motivated. She wouldn’t be sleeping all week.

Heather told JoshA that she hadn’t slept because she was upset about Fredrik’s open house. The second she got there, Fredrik came for her. We flash back (we saw this from Fredrik’s end last season) to Heather telling him that she and Josh found out he was opening a business in L.A. from a company email blast. Fredrik insisted that he’d told them, and Heather told Josh that he’d asked if they were afraid of the competition. She’d lost all respect for him. Josh was annoyed that Fredrick didn’t come to him, and said he’d put Fredrik in his place. In Josh’s interview, he said, on a friend level, it’s beyond. He told Heather that he didn’t care about Fredrik opening a business there, it was how he approached it. All the fake sh*t. He said he wasn’t cool with what went down, and was going to deal with Fredrik.

JoshF met Heather at the park, where Simon was playing soccer. She asked if Josh was ever a child, and he said, never. He told her that the offer was rejected, and the seller countered with $4.825 million. He thought they should accept it, and it was worth what they were asking. She said she loved the neighborhood, and her kids had friends there, but she didn’t want to spend that much. She asked if he believed it was the best deal, and he said, 100%. She asked Simon if he liked the house, and Simon replied in the affirmative, saying it was big and you could play everywhere. Heather said, let’s do it, and she and Josh headed to Gucci to celebrate. He said he’d get her a keychain.

In Tracy’s interview, she said she worked crazy hours, preparing her listing pitch. We saw her Instagram story where she said she was stressed out, hadn’t slept in a week, and it clearly showed. In her interview, she said she was exhausted. She could barely keep her head screwed on straight. At New Castle, she met with party planner Nicole. Scott had been reluctant to let her team in without him being there (I’ll bet), but as long as they didn’t touch any surfaces, it would be fine. She told them she wanted them to be in position when Scott got there, like they’d been there all day. She knew he loved sushi, was obsessed with a smoothie called Mango Madness, and loved a good cigar, which she was having hand rolled. She said, none of it was easy or cheap, but she was looking at a $500 million portfolio. If she dropped $10K to get it, so be it (which seems to be her catch phrase). Call it a marketing expense. When Scott arrived, she told him that he was going to play buyer, and she was giving him a tour. Before they went inside, she gave him a pair of slippers, and explained they were going to do personalized showings. She asked who he’d like to be, and he said, call him Joe. She lead him to the cigar room, where a team member met him with the hand rolled cigars. In the master bath, Tracy presented Joe/Scott with a robe, and he said it was pretty great. In Tracy’s interview, she wondered if that was a compliment. Outside, he was given a Mango Madness smoothie, and a personalized cap. He took a sip, and said he might sign her up just for the smoothie. In her interview, Tracy said she wanted him to recognize that it won’t be at the same level, but every buyer would have this experience. They sat down for some sushi, and Scott said, awesome, but how could she find people who can afford it? Now he was suddenly interested in that. She asked a team member to bring the key to The Castle. She gave him a key, and said this was part of the digital marketing plan. He would create a film where he talked about the individual properties, and the properties as a whole. A sushi chef prepared dishes for them, and Tracy said she’d host an event for agents from around the world and high net worth buyers, and give them the presentation. They were intrigued by Malibu, but didn’t get that it’s about connecting with people. She showed him a mock-up of the book, saying it would be a showcase for the film, and it could go home with the buyer. That was her pitch. He said, that’s it? and told her that he had some ideas. He was going to give Robert a call, then let her know. She said she’d take five, and he told her to take ten. As she walked away, she said she wasn’t leaving without the listing. In her interview, she said it was worth it. With the help of her team, she had executed the perfect listing pitch. If he didn’t choose her, screw him. On the phone, Scott told Robert that Tracy had all the right ideas, and understood their vision. He gave her the portfolio, and she smoked a cigar, then coughed, while he took a picture with his phone. In her interview, she said she was never sleeping again.

Fredrik stopped by JoshA’s office. After talking about the weather for a millisecond, Fredrik stammered a little, then said Heather had come to his open house party. She was upset, and he’d tried to say his piece and discuss it, but she stormed out. Josh said he’d heard differently. Heather was upset and stormed out, but the reality was, she came to support Fredrik, and Fredrik went aggressively at his wife, who’s eight months pregnant, with issues that were between them. Fredrik said he took accountability for things he should have done differently, but he had the right to expand, and didn’t need an okay from them. Josh said he didn’t care where Fredrik did business, but it was the way he’d approached Heather. They were family. Fredrik said things had changed because he was moving to L.A., but Josh said that wasn’t the point. He’d shown Fredrik and Derik houses because they said they wanted a family vacation place. The next thing he heard, in a company email blast, is that Fredrik is opening a branch in L.A. It’s shady. In his interview, Josh said, clearly, Fredrik didn’t want anyone to know he was moving to L.A. He asked Fredrik, how about calling him, and asking him to show them houses because he’s opening a business in L.A.? Fredrik said he was their friend, but he couldn’t update everybody personally. Josh told him, be real, and in his interview, he said it hurt his feelings that Fredrik didn’t call, but he got pissed when Fredrik went around telling people he was intimidated; that’s bullsh*t. He told Fredrik that he approached this in a sh*tty way, and he knows it. He’d said that Josh was intimidated. Fredrik said that’s how it looked to him, like Josh felt territorial or threatened. He didn’t think he was being shady. Josh said Fredrik didn’t make it to the top by being stupid. Fredrik said he did it by hard work, and Josh said he’d gotten an email saying Fredrik had done $700 million in business in L.A. He’d closed seven listings in L.A. through Josh, but he didn’t exist there. Fredrik whined that he made more money than Josh, and Josh said if he thought it was about money, how shallow he was. Fredrik got all animated, and stood up, saying he’d protected Josh because he was Josh’s friend. People had been saying things about Josh, and he was Josh’s friend. Josh told him, just sit down. He was asking for Fredrik to be real, because they were family, not competition. Fredrik was the new guy, and needed to stop fronting. There was no reason to do it. In Josh’s interview, he said he was known for telling people what he thought, in business and in life, but it was harder, because Fredrik is a friend; he expects more from friends. Just be honest. Fredrik said he understood, and should have included them every step of the way. He didn’t like fighting. At this point, he got choked up, and said he was upset with himself. Derik told him, don’t cry, but he always does. Josh said Fredrik was good people, and suggested they move past it. It was the most real Fredrik had been in a long time. Fredrik said he was coming from a good place, but it was his fault how they were seeing it, and he was sorry. They were in the same office and company, and lived in the same town. They also had kids, and it would be foolish to throw the friendship away over something like this. Josh thought they could build from where it was, and even make it better; they could do deals together. Fredrik apologized for being emotional, and asked if he could have a hug. He and Josh bro hugged, slapping each other loudly. Fredrik put on an Altman Brothers hat to hide his tears. In Fredrik’s interview, he said he had a lot of love for Josh and Heather, and didn’t want to upset them. He valued them as friends, and should have done it differently – as a friend. In Josh’s interview, he said he’d gotten a glimmer of hope. They’d gotten through this, but it was how Fredrik acted moving forward; what he’s going to do to repair the friendship. He was hopeful, and wanted to leave it at that. He asked for a tissue, since he had Fredrik’s tears on his suit.

Next time, David and James have difficult clients with a time crunch; there’s an offer on the Razor House; JoshA tells JoshF that their buyer is well-know, but the caveat is that he represents the buyer; Scott interferes in Tracy’s brokers open, saying it’s unacceptable that someone dared to touch something.

🧼 After All These Years…

A soap vet exits the stage.


📽 Yeah, No…

While I loved both Chicago and Hairspray, some musicals don’t translate to film as well, and nothing is better than seeing it on the actual stage.


⏰ Most Contrived Show Ever…

Or as I called him, big-ass clock man.


🎊 Crashing a Culture…

This guy literally wrote the book on gatecrashing.


🏺 Finally…

I was really starting to think maybe I made the show up in my head, but the Shahs reunion is finally on the horizon. I heard tell it was July 19th, but haven’t seen written confirmation.




📺 The Whole Shebang…

What’s coming back and what isn’t. When is still up in the air.


👛 You Can Blackout Anytime…

While Blackout Day is over, that doesn’t mean you can’t still shop. New York Magazine’s list of black owned businesses to support.


And In Style’s list of black owned beauty brands. You didn’t think I was going to direct you to where you buy tires or something, did you?


🤺 Pushing On…

We’re moving toward another weekend, or that thing you used to stop work for, depending, and continue to be on the yo-yo that is the pandemic. Until we’re not, and even after, stay safe, stay keeping it real, and stay relaxed as best you can.

February 13, 2020 – Finn Packs His Bags, Leslie Judges the Runway, Million Dollar Baby & Creepy Love


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason tells Sam, they’re going to get through this. Sam says she knows, and loves him so much. He says he loves her more. They kiss, their theme music plays, and I feel drowsy already. He tells her to leave first; he’ll come in a couple of minutes, to be safe. Sam takes a breath, and peeks through the blinds. She turns back to Jason, mouths I love you, and goes out. Delores comes down the hallway, and says she’s glad she bumped into Sam. They have a problem. Sam says, which is? and Delores asks why she’s at the hospital. She tells Sam, be careful with her reply. Full disclosure is important in establishing her trust.

Anna says, Finn told them, didn’t he? How could he? Does he have any idea what he’s done? Who the hell does he think he is? He says he cares about her, and made a conscious decision to tell them because he cares. She says she gave him the information because she trusts and loves him, and he betrayed her. He says he did for her because he loves her.

Lulu sees Dustin at the MetroCourt, and asks if she forget they had a date. Dustin says, they don’t. His date is with someone else.

Jax ponders his kiss with Nina. He looks at his phone.

Nina tells Ava, it was one little kiss, and asks Ava to promise not to tell anyone. Ava asks if she should cross her heart, and Nina says, she’s serious. It didn’t mean anything, but Valentin will think something else. Ava asks why Nina cares what Valentin thinks. Valentin walks in, and says he’s glad he found Nina. There’s something he needs to talk to her about.

Chase comes home to find Willow dressed up. She says, ta-da! And he says she’s beautiful. She says he’s not so bad himself. She moves toward him, but he says he’s toxic, and doesn’t want to contaminate her. He questioned a suspect for nine hours before he got a confession. It was so hot in there, he was ready to confess. He can’t let her near him until he takes a shower. She says she’ll risk it, and kisses him.

Walking into the MetroCourt with Brad, Maxie says, he remembers Ellie Trout, right? She was supposed to head the lab until she had the title ripped out from under her by Brad’s underhanded dealings. She had a great job in Portland, but found an even more fabulous job as lab manager at Queen’s Point. She and Spinelli are moving back, so all’s well that ends well. He says, tell Ellie congratulations, and she says she’ll do that, and says, have a wonderful night.

Brad sits with Nelle, who says she hopes he doesn’t mind that she ordered wine. She asks, what’s the occasion? and he says he wanted to share his news with her. As soon as Lucas is well enough, they’re moving away. She says, what about Wiley? and he says, they’re taking him of course (🍷), but she says, no. That’s not happening.

Chase toasts to staying in, his favorite kind of date. Willow says, he’s been working non-stop; he must be exhausted. He says, what’s exhausting is working this hard and not getting anywhere. But he’s given it sixteen hours today, and that’s more than enough. He wants to talk about literally anything else. Something happy. She says she’s got happy news. Lucas asked her to come back as Wiley’s nanny.

Brad tells Nelle, the doctors expect a full recovery. Lucas’s family is smothering, and the best thing for their family is to move away from Port Charles. A fresh start. She asks where they’re planning on going, and he says he heard about a job opening in Portland.

Lulu asks Dustin why he’s meeting Jax, and he says Jax asked to see him. He thought he’d fortify himself first. She says he doesn’t have to; he’s a hero. She can stay and wait, and they can have a date when he’s done. He says there’s nothing he’d like more. He leaves, and Lulu sees Maxie sitting with Peter. She goes over to their table, and Maxie asks how Laura is doing. Lulu says she’s making an amazing recovery, and Maxie says she saw hot Dustin leaving. Tell her everything. Peter wonders if he should be in on this conversation, and Lulu tells him, if he wants her to write about Dustin’s heroics during the shooting on the pier, she can’t be impartial. She sits down, and says they just took a big step in their relationship.

Jax looks at Nina’s number on his phone, when Dustin appears. Dustin asks if he’s too early, but Jax says, come in. Dustin assumes this is about Josslyn, and Jax thanks him again. Josslyn could have been seriously injured, or worse. Dustin says he did what anyone would have, and Jax says he’s profoundly grateful. He hands Dustin a check.

Nina says she wishes Valentin hadn’t come back there, and Ava asks if he’s stalking Nina. He says he got the test results back. It turns out the codicil is right; he’s not a Cassadine. Ava says, her husband will be pleased, even though he had no doubts. Nina asks Ava to give them some privacy, and Ava says if it’s what she really wants. She tells Nina, give her a shout if she’s needed. She goes in the back, and Nina says she knows Valentin wasn’t expecting this. He says he doesn’t know who he is anymore.

Finn says he loves Anna, and from time to time, feels the need to protect her. She says she doesn’t need protection, but he says she’s blind to Peter. He’s a murderer. She says, he stopped an assassin from killing Andre, and he says, maybe, but the assassin was also on Peter’s payroll. She says he doesn’t know that for sure, but he says she’s lying to herself. Peter kept Jason prisoner for years. Based on that alone, she should know the truth. She says he just gave Jason the ammunition to kill Peter, but Finn says, Jason gave his word that he’d hand the case over to the Feds. Something she should have done.

Delores says she went by Sam’s house for a surprise check. Sam says she had no right, but Delores says she has every right. She was told Sam was at the hospital, but they didn’t know why. She says someone was watching her kids, she’s sick, and didn’t want to alarm them. Delores says Sam looks healthy, and Sam says, Delores became a medical expert when? Delores says Sam came out of the examining room just now, so the doctor must still be in there. She’ll see if Sam’s story check out. Jason listens at the door.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s sorry. He says he always knew who he was with her. He’s the man who loves her; it’s all he has left. She says, he’s Charlotte’s father; that’s all Charlotte ever wanted. He says, Nikolas has his victory, and Jax too. She says he never gives up. He should take this and turn it to his advantage. He’s free from the Cassadines. His life is his own. He says that’s kind of her, and asks if that’s all they have left. She asks what else he wants from her; they’re over. He says Ava can come out, and leaves. Ava asks Nina if Valentin overheard them talking about Jax, but Nina’s not sure. Ava says Nina didn’t tell him. Why not?

Dustin tells Jax that he can’t accept the check, but Jax tells him to see who it’s made out to. Dustin reads, the Port Charles Educational Fund, and Jax says, so the teachers don’t have to use their own money to buy supplies. Dustin supposes he should stop assuming before he reads the document; something he teaches his students. Jax says he would also like to know how Josslyn is actually doing. Outside the door, Josslyn listens in.

Sam tells Delores, she’s read her parole restrictions. Nowhere in them does it say Delores can check up on her doctor’s appointments. Delores says the conditions provide that she can check up on Sam at home or anywhere else. Epiphany walks up to them, and asks if she can help Delores. Delores should be afraid. Very afraid. Even Jason is afraid of Epiphany.

Anna says Finn can’t be so naïve that he thinks Jason will back off and let the authorities handle it. Finn says, Jason went straight to Robert, and she says, who was also told to back off. What does he think Jason is going to do, now that Peter won’t be investigated? He says, which she prevented, and she says, he’ll take a flimsy link and run with it. It’s circumstantial at best. Finn says Peter and David Black worked at Faison’s company for years; it’s not circumstantial. She says he has no idea if their paths crossed. They don’t know if Peter and David met or worked with each other. He asks, if she’s so sure why didn’t she get rid of the evidence. He finds it on her desk, and suggests they get rid of all her fears. Does she want him to do it for her? He holds the papers over the flame in the fireplace, but she says nothing. He says she can’t do that, because she knows in the deepest part of her heart, Peter is guilty.

Willow tells Chase, with everything going on, Lucas thinks it’s too much for Brad to handle, and asked her to help. Chase asks if she’s sure she wants to get involved. Brad is super stressed, and not handling it well. He might take it out on her. She says she can handle it. She knows they love Wiley, but sometimes Wiley takes second place, especially with everything going on. He says she’s being super loving and generous, and she knows he’ll support her 100%. She says, it sounds like he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, and he says he thinks it is for Wiley. He’s not sure about her.

Nelle says Brad wouldn’t move because he thinks Lucas’s family is smothering. Where is this coming from? Brad says, Lucas is at Turning Woods, and hired Willow back as nanny. Nelle says, so he wants to move across the county to avoid Willow. It seems extreme. He says, Lucas might remember, and she says, remember what? He has nothing to remember, does he? Brad says, before the accident, he told Lucas truth about Wiley.

Maxie tells Lulu, she and Dustin have taken an enormous step, staying home and watching a movie. It’s shocking. Peter says, barely, and Lulu says, they’re funny, but when she and Dustin go out, something always happens. They need normal time. Peter says he wouldn’t mind having normal time. Lulu says she’ll give them some privacy, but Maxie says, he’s talking about Spinelli. Peter says, he’s moving back permanently, and Lulu says, that’s great. Isn’t it?  

Delores asks Epiphany who she is, and Epiphany introduces herself as head nurse. Delores says she’s Sam’s parole officer, and Epiphany asks what her business is there. Delores says she’s checking up on Sam, and Epiphany says she appreciates a fellow professional doing a thorough job. But she doesn’t appreciate anyone interfering with proper medical care, She was with Sam when the doctor examined her, and there are strict privacy protections in place – as Delores knows. Is there anything else she can help Delores with? Delores says, no thank you, and tells Sam she’ll be seeing her again soon, and leaves.

Anna says she believes Finn proved nothing. He wonders, if it’s nothing, why she didn’t leave it in the file? The Feds will find the link, and track Peter’s movements afterwards. She says, it’s not a smoking gun, and he says she broke the law by withholding evidence. That’s all the evidence he needs to prove Peter is guilty. Despite the evidence to the contrary, she believes Peter. She says, no one else will give him the benefit of the doubt. Not even Finn, the man she loves.

In his hotel room, Valentin toasts to himself – Valentin Mikkosovich Cassadine, prince of nothing.

Ava tells Nina, she didn’t like the look on Valentin’s face; too cold and calculating. Either he overheard something, or Nina gave it away. Nina says Valentin has been jealous of Jax ever since she stayed at Jax’s beach house. Ava says she can’t believe Nina left Valentin at the altar, and ran off with Jax. Nina says, it wasn’t intentional. Jax was outside the church. Ava doesn’t think Valentin sees it that way. He needed to confirm Nina has moved on, and now he has all the confirmation he needs. If Nina didn’t tell him, he figured it out by looking at her. She wonders what Valentin’s next move will be, and Nina says, he’s going to kill Jax.

Valentin opens a safe in his hotel room, and takes out a gun. He puts it in his waistband, and leaves.

Dustin says Josslyn has been more quiet than usual, but it’s understandable given what she’s been through. Jax said he heard Dustin encouraged her to keep a journal. Dustin says, it wasn’t an assignment, but he suggested it. Jax says, it’s been working, and Dustin hopes she’s writing about the shooting. Jax says Dustin seems to know how to handle Josslyn. She respects him, and talks about him all the time. He’d like Dustin to keep an eye on her for him. Outside the door, Josslyn has been listening, and Valentin strides past her and into the office. Josslyn says, wait, but he keeps moving. Jax asks what he wants, and Valentin says, just this. He shoots Jax, and Josslyn yells, no!

Jax looks down, and sees he’s bleeding. He slumps to the floor, and Josslyn runs to him, saying, dad, no! Dustin calls for the paramedics. Nina arrives, and asks what Valentin did. She runs to Jax, and asks if he can hear her. She tells Valentin that he’ll never see her or Charlotte again. They’re going to hate him for the rest of their lives.

Back in the real world, Jax asks Valentin what he wants. Valentin says he got his DNA results back. He’s not a Cassadine after all. Congratulations. He walks out, and Josslyn steps in, saying, wow. That was weird. Jax says, and not unexpected. They were just talking about her. Why is she here?

Nina tells Ava, she’s wrong. Valentin wouldn’t kill Jax. Ava asks, why not? Valentin tried to kill her, and he thought he had killed Nikolas. Nina says, Valentin can’t expect to get away with being charged for murder. Lulu will get full custody of Charlotte. Ava says, true; good point. She knows Valentin always puts his own best interests first, which in this case, is good news. That leaves Nina free to pursue a relationship with Jax.

Finn says Anna is choosing to believe Peter, but don’t lose sight of the fact Peter is a killer. He could be responsible for Andre being stabbed and Drew’s plane going down. She says, Peter wants to be a good man. He wants to step out of his father’s shadow, and overcome the circumstances of his upbringing. He says, which she feels responsible for, even though Alex could be his mother. She says she feesl like his mother, and the way Finn wants to protect Violet, she wants to protect Peter. She has faith that he can make the world a better place for Maxie, and be the father James needs. She cries, and says she’s never going to let Peter’s fate be put in someone else’s hands. She’s been given a second chance. Can’t he see that? And she’s going to take that chance. He says he sees it, and walks upstairs.

Sam thanks Epiphany, who suggests they finish their conversation in the examining room. Epiphany tries the door, but it’s locked. She says, Mr. Morgan, if there’s a broken lock, there will be hell to pay. It opens, and Epiphany tells Jason, you’re welcome.

On the phone, Valentin tells Charlotte that he misses her too. Did she go riding? He hopes he can come riding with her soon, but he’s a little busy right now. He says, no trouble. Nothing daddy can’t fix. He tells her, sweet dreams, and says he loves her. He hangs up, and closes his eyes.

Nina tells Ava, it was one little kiss, and Jax was clear that it wasn’t a good idea to move forward. There’s nothing to pursue. Ava asks, who is she? Since when has she let any man make a decision for her? She tells Nina, live a little; she’s earned it. Nina says, even if Jax reconsidered – and that’s a big if – Valentin has lost everything. It’s no time to prove she’s moved on with anyone. She assumes Ava votes for Jax, and Ava says Jax isn’t her cup of tea, but she doesn’t see anyone else waiting in the wings.

Dustin thanks Jax, saying his contribution is extremely generous. He leaves, and Jax says Josslyn knew they were meeting. Was she spying on them? Josslyn says she wanted to make sure he didn’t say anything embarrassing. He wonders if asking how she’s doing is embarrassing, and she says she’s fine. She doesn’t want any special attention. He asks if she’d rather he didn’t care what goes on in her life, and she says, no, but asks him to promise not to overdo it. He asks if he was, and she says, no, and hugs him. She thanks him, and he says, anytime.

Peter tells Lulu, Maxie loves Spinelli. Nothing is going to change that. Maxie says she hates that Spinelli keeps asking the same questions. He keeps trying to catch Peter in a lie, but she doubts there’s anything she can do about it. Peter says Spinelli has a right to question his past. Maxie says Peter doesn’t deserve it. He says he can handle anyone who doubts it.

Finn and Violet come downstairs, dressed to go outside. Finn is carrying a suitcase, and Violet tells Anna that her daddy says they’re going on an adventure. Finn suggests Violet check to see if stuffed pig Bella is hiding in the kitchen. Violet runs off, and Finn tells Anna, she said she wouldn’t leave without Bella. She says she thought he said he understood, and he says he does. But he hopes she understands that he needs to protect his daughter. She asks if they’re coming back, but he doesn’t know. They can’t be there right now. Violet comes back with Bella, and says she wishes Anna could come. Anna says she does too, but she and her daddy will have a wonderful adventure. She’ll miss the both of them. Violet says she’ll miss Anna too, and Finn says, let’s go. He walks out with Violet, barely glancing back. When they’re gone, Anna cries.

Chase tells Willow, legally, Wiley is Brad and Lucas’s son, but that’s not what’s in her heart. She says she loves her own son, and he says, how could she not? But he’s afraid the more time she spends caring for Wiley, the harder it will be to maintain legal boundaries. She says she asked herself the same question, and he’s right. Signing the adoption papers didn’t change what’s in her heart. She loves Wiley, and wants what’s best for him, and right now, he needs help. She’ll take care of Wiley as long as she’s needed. Then she’ll stop. He asks if she’s sure she can do that.

Nelle says, Brad told Lucas the truth about Wiley? How big an idiot is he? Does he want to lose Wiley? Brad says he was losing his mind keeping the secret. He couldn’t think straight. Nelle asks if Lucas has no memory of it, and Brad said he started to, but can’t get ahold of it. Nelle says, he thinks if he stays in Port Charles, Lucas will see her and Michael around and it will come back? He says, like a ton of bricks. She gave Wiley to them so Michael would never get his hands on Wiley. Nelle says, Lucas can remember just as easily in Portland. What is he going to do to make sure doesn’t happen?

Dustin meets Lulu, and she says he survived his meeting with Jax. He says, it went well. Josslyn stops by, and says she’s sorry she interrupted, and thanks him for being great with her dad. She apologizes for the weirdness. Dustin tells Lulu, Valentin walked in, and announced he’s not a Cassadine.

Maxie tells Peter, she knows Spinelli is a bit much. When he gets to know Peter, he’ll see there’s nothing to worry about. He says, all that matters is she knows. Finn and Violet come in, and Peter asks if Violet is ready for another game of Captain Marvel. She says she is, and tells him, daddy said they’re going on an adventure. Maxie says, cool, and asks, what kind? Finn says they’re staying there for tonight. Violet wanted to get a sundae before they head out. Finn and Violet move on, and Maxie wonders if Finn and Anna broke up. She asks what Peter thinks that was about.

Anna looks at the papers she withheld, and cries some more.

Sam thanks Epiphany, and Epiphany says, nobody backs her people into a corner. Not on her turf. Jason thanks her, and she says she’s happy to help – to a point. Rules are rules, no matter how unfair they are. Sam is a mother out on parole, and her first duty is to her children. Don’t do anything to get separated from them. She tells Jason that he needs to help Sam. If she suggests they meet somewhere they could get caught, don’t show up. Next time, she might not be there to save them. She leaves, and Jason says, she’s right. Sam says she hates this. She can’t accept this is their life for the next two years. She’s going to try and win Delores over; convince her that Jason isn’t a threat. Jason says, okay, but what if it doesn’t work? Sam says, then she’ll find a way to silence Delores.

Willow tells Chase, when the time comes, she’ll step back, reset, and reestablish boundaries. She has faith she can do this. He says he has faith in her. There’s nothing she can’t do once she sets her mind to it. She asks if she’s told him how incredible she thinks he is. He says, not enough, and she kisses him. She asks if that helped, and he kisses her, and says, it’s getting there.

Brad tells Nelle, maybe Lucas will remember; maybe he won’t. But it’s better than staying. She asks if he wants her blessing, and he tells her, do what she wants. He has arrangements to make. He leaves, and Nelle makes a call.

Valentin’s phone rings, but he’s busy drinking. He sits down with a wooden box, and looks at his tattoo of the Cassadine crest.

Nelle leaves a message for Valentin, saying she spoke to Martin. She’s ready to sell her ELQ shares. She needs to make a deal now, because she has travel plans to make.

Nina throws a folder on Jax’s desk, and says, it’s all his fault.

Valentin opens the box, and takes out the ring matching his tattoo. He says he never had use for this thing. He never even bothered to put it on. It was never his to begin with. He looks up to find someone standing there, and says, tell me how you did it, Helena.

Tomorrow, Brad tells Lucas that he can’t believe they’re doing this, Nelle tells Willow and Chase that Brad and Lucas are moving, and Valentin asks Helena how she pulled it off. Because Helena will never really die as long as Constance Towers lives.

👗 On Project Runway, Brittany was relieved she’d been brought back, the Siriano Save giving her redemption. This week’s challenge showcased tie-dye, which I love. Nancy said she’d grown up in the 60s, during the hippie revolution, but this concept was about erasing old ideas. The designers were to take tie-dye from dated and casual, to fresh and fashionable. Nina said tie-dye was having a moment, and was wearing a gorgeous Prada tie-dyed dress. She told them to elevate tie-dye to a runway chic look. They would be doing the dying themselves, after taking a master class taught by professionals from Metro Dying. The challenge was one day – and night. They’d be having a sleepover. Delvin said he wasn’t sleeping in the workroom, after which we saw clips of him sleeping just about everywhere. Since Marquise was last week’s winner, he got first choice of model. There was also no more immunity. While I love tie-dyed garments, I’m only crafty in my mind, so it was impressive watching masters of the craft creating five different kinds of patterns. In his interview, Geoffrey said he was ready to die. He thought tie-dye was for pot smoking in the park with friends. I wondered what he was smoking. Brittany noticed she was the only one taking notes. In her interview, she joked about sabotage, but said other designers had helped her along the way, so she’d return the favor when the time came. The ever-humble Victoria said she was a professional already. Sergio did have some previous knowledge, saying cotton would look dull and dated, and satin takes the dye better. While the other designers practiced the technique, Nancy used the time to pin her garment, as she’d done tie-dye before.

Right away, Delvin and Geoffrey started asking Brittany questions, She said she was more than willing to help, but they should have taken notes. Victoria wanted to focus on showing the judges something different, and change her strategy. The designers got $175 and 30 minutes at Mood, to get supplemental fabrics and notions. I love notions. They were told to make sure tie dye was the focus. A Boston bull named Swatch was hanging out in the store. Now I’m really going to have to check this place out.

Sergio patted himself on the back for taking on difficult topics. He had a video chat with his partner, who said they’d change the world. Christian said the workroom looked like a laboratory of color. Nancy said she’d had experience with tie-dye when she was in fashion school. She worked with refugee women, teaching them to make scarves and ice dye them (a variation on tie-dyeing). She was scaring Christian, who was concerned about how much time she was going to have.

Christian said they needed to erase the old idea of tie-dyeing, and make it fresh and exciting. Geoffrey said there was a lot of military inspiration in his fashion, having grown up a military brat. Christian suggested Geoffrey’s pattern could be the new camo. Brittany felt a lot of pressure, and Geoffrey thought Delvin was playing it safe by doing something the judges had seen before. He never wanted to make the same thing twice during the competition.

There was a midnight model fitting, and Geoffrey said everyone’s stuff was a mess, and the workroom was a disaster. Delvin realized the dye didn’t take on his cotton twill, and it looked faded. Christian announced that Leslie Jones was  going to be guest judge. She cracks me up, especially on Twitter. Brittany said she was surprised that Delvin and Victoria used cotton, since it needs to sit for hours; time they didn’t have. Delvin asked what would happen if it wasn’t rinsed, and Brittany told him, the colors would bleed. Then it was onesie time, which only Brittany, Delvin, and Marquise participated in. Delvin said, not everyone was up for fun. Marquise enhanced his onesie with a ruffled collar. Nancy said she was going to do pastels, but had learned to go with her gut, and went with a green/yellow color combo. Delvin, who was surprisingly full of good humor, decided to start over rather than use the faded colors. Geoffrey said it was the worst challenge of all of them for him. He asked Brittany what hers was, and she just looked at him.

Victoria got a nasty surprise when she found that her pleating technique had disappeared, and the fabric was all green. Sergio gave her extra fabric, and in his interview, said he thought Victoria would be in the final four, but she’d been struggling with the last few challenges. In Victoria’s interview, she said the most she was worried about was everything. Geoffrey’s green came out black, and he freaked out. Nancy thought it still had potential, but he didn’t want to listen. Pizza arrived at around 5 am, and in her interview, Nancy said they were all feeling a sense of fun, because they were all feeling the pain together. It was a night to remember. Geoffrey said he’d had a meltdown, but the fabric just needed to be dried. The black had lightened to a dark OD green, with ochre sunbursts. At this point, he was being fueled by Red Bull. Victoria’s second try was fabulous, and I was disappointed. Sorry. I just don’t like her. On the other hand, I was starting to like Delvin, who was the most fun he’s ever been. In Nancy’s interview, at 6 am, she said she was starting to question why she didn’t start earlier.

Geoffrey said, seeing the sun come up was tiring, especially when he knew there was a long runway ahead. Christian came in wearing a very cool T-shirt, tie-dyed in an American flag pattern. Another one of my favorites, flag shirts. He revealed this would also be a flash sale challenge, since tie-dye was meant for the people. Sergio said he was presenting no political message this time; the judges would have to go by the outfit. Which is what I thought was the idea, and pretty much what they told him. Christian felt Delvin’s dress needed something more, and told him, it was good to be clean, but not boring. Delvin agreed it was too simple. Nancy and Christian bantered, and in her interview, Nancy said her father had same sarcasm Christian does. She wondered if her father had been preparing her for this moment her entire life, so she could deal with Christian. Nancy went with a two-piece pant ensemble that was very cute. While some were clearly better, I thought everyone’s designs were excellent.

When Nancy’s outfit came out first, Leslie was liking the flowing pants, calling them capezio. Elaine corrected her with palazzo. Leslie gave a shout out to Sergio’s sleeveless number, saying it deserved to be twirled. I’m not sure what Victoria was thinking with a tie-dyed, puffy sleeved top and a shorts-over-pants combo, splattered in spots. Victoria thought it looked like she worked drunk, and I wondered if Little Edie Beale helped her. Delvin was worried his dress wasn’t enough, and it wasn’t. Brittany thought she’d done well with her comeback look, and was happy with her redemption garment. Anything would have been better than those shorts last week. When Geoffrey’s gown came down the runway, Leslie told the model, take it off; it’s hers. She kept making the models laugh, and when the runway was finished, she said she loved tie-dye, but a couple of ties died. Whatever that means.

Brittany and Marquise, both with cute dresses, were safe, and they were thrilled with that. Nina said Sergio’s look was stately and elevated, Brandon called it chic, and Leslie said it looked as though the fabric Sergio had created was something he’d purchased; it was that professional. She thought Geoffrey’s gown – with a plunging neckline, hip high slit, and orange accents – was a tall glass of sexy Pam Grier. Karlie thought it was a refined silhouette, and looked effortless. They moved on to Nancy, who said she was a child of the 60s, and the judges deemed it updated, chic, and elevated. Backstage, Brittany marveled that, this morning, she didn’t even have top. Nina said her tie-dye technique was impressive; balanced and controlled. She reinvented her pant to make the movement romantic and poetic. When the focus went to Victoria, she immediately said she wasn’t crazy about tie-dye, but that wasn’t an excuse. Brandon said it looked like denim diaper shorts over pants, and Nina called it a mess. Brandon said he understood where she was going, but she didn’t succeed. At least she took the risk. I thought, so did Elaine, noticing she was wearing what looked like a faux llama rug, either as a long skirt or pants. Leslie thought Delvin’s colors made the dress look like a cheap church dress, and Karlie said it was everything she didn’t want to see. Delvin said it started as a coat dress, and Elaine said it was dated, and it wasn’t the first time that was in one of their critiques. Nina said it was a mess, and when in doubt, turn up the dial. Brandon said both Delvin and Victoria tripped up.

While the designers waited backstage, the top three – Sergio, Geoffrey, and Nancy – were discussed. They agreed Nancy’s creation was beautiful, and her tie-dye technique was flawless, but it wasn’t anything they hadn’t seen before. Everyone marveled at how the skirt on Sergio’s dress looked like a lemon wedge when the model pulled it out. Nina thought Geoffrey’s gown had versatility; everyone could wear it. Moving on to the bottom two – Delvin and Victoria – Brandon said Delvin wanted to prove he was a great craftsman, and got hung up on that, forgetting what he was supposed to show them. Leslie said the buttons on the front of his dress belonged on a cartoon dog inspector’s coat. Nina said it was too safe. Nina said Victoria’s outfit was a hot mess. It was like a lava lamp exploded. Elaine said she wrote one word – why?  Leslie thought Victoria must have decided the jeans alone weren’t enough, and panicked. It was time for them to decide who the final four would be, who would do collections. I prayed Victoria would go home, but needless to say, I was thrilled my underdog Nancy was in the final four.

The judges told the top three that they proved tie-dye could be taken to the next level, and they all created beautiful runway looks. Nancy was released from the stage first, and Geoffrey was the winner. Leslie told him that his gown was perfection, and would look beautiful on all types of women. Geoffrey said it was the hardest challenge yet, but this made the hours of no sleep worth it. In his interview, he said he felt better with every challenged, and thought he was being recognized. He was so close, he could taste it.

Karlie said Delvin and Victoria made numerous mistakes. Delvin’s dress was neither elevated nor chic, and had no direction. They were baffled by Victoria’s top and jeans, and said her tie-dye was a technical mess. Delvin was out, and I was in shock. Brandon said it ultimately came down to the ideas. He told Delvin that he’d shown beautiful craftsmanship, and they’d be seeing him. He said he was glad he’d started there, and valued their critiques. He wasn’t going to let fear hold him back. Karlie thanked him for bringing elegance to the runway. In his closing interview, Delvin said he chose not to take the risk of not being liked or accepted, and regretted playing it safe. It wasn’t a reflection of him or his design skills. Christian told Delvin that he was one of the most brilliant tailors, and he thought every dream of Delvin’s would come true. Delvin said his biggest challenge was putting his confidence behind his designs, but giving up wasn’t in his blood. They’ll see him in Paris one day.

Next time, the designers have to create looks for Special Olympics and Paralympics athletes.

👶 Havin’ His Baby…

Ryan and his ladylove Emilia seem like genuinely nice people. Here’s what they’ve been up to.


🧟‍♂️ A Creepy Little Thing Called Love…

Well, Valentin’s Day is technically here, and if you haven’t gotten your dozen roses or whatever by now, you’ll probably pay double. Or pay later if someone is expecting them. As for me, I’ll stick with the half-price day-after chocolate.

October 31, 2019 – Halloween Prep, a Masked Man Revealed, Million Dollar Finale, New Nik, Sam, Halloween Past & Halloween Present


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


👻 Due to decorating and preparing for little monsters demanding candy, today’s GH  recap will be less detailed, since I was quickly watching it at 2 am. A disappointment or a blessing – you decide. While we used to get 80 to 100+ kids, sadly, the powers that be have decided trick-or-treaters over the age of twelve, can be hit with a misdemeanor. Now we get half the kids. No surprise that NJ government has figured out yet another way to poop on everyone’s party. Hope the editing isn’t too wonky. God knows I am, and I only ate one Kit-Kat bar. Moving on…

General Hospital

The first thing we see is a dude taking a shower. We don’t see his face, but we see a signet ring on the vanity. Could it be…?

Chaperoning the PCHS Halloween Dance, Dustin is dressed as a busker. Cameron (a 50s teen), Josslyn (an 80s teen), Trina (an angel), and Dev (a football player) arrive together. No surprise, Lulu comes as Mary Poppins.

Neil shows up to keep an eye on Alexis at the hospital, relieving Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her boyfriend, Captain America, so they can go to the MetroCourt. At the MetroCourt, Kendra shows up, dressed as a mermaid. Valentin continues to yap to Nina about how important Helena’s portrait must be, and Ava has her listening ears on, as Judge Judy would say. Jax wonders if the treasure isn’t in the painting, but is the painting. Laura thinks it would be just like Helena to have them chase their tails when what they’re looking for is right in front of them. Laura wants to be the one to bring Valentin down. She couldn’t bear to lose Spencer the way she lost Nikolas.

Funny how in the next scene, we see the dude with the ring again. And we see a mask. Could it be…?

Sam meets her cellmate. It’s Cassandra. I find it a little hard to believe that Cassandra would act like a streetfighter, but okay.

Cameron and Josslyn commiserate. They both wish it was two years ago. Cameron tells Josslyn he has a way to make the dance more bearable, and shows her his hidden liquor.

Buzz Lightyear (Chase) and Cowgirl Jessie (Willow) arrive at the MetroCourt.

Jordon continues to worry about TJ and Molly committing too soon.

Valentin whines that Laura sees something he doesn’t in the portrait. Ava thinks perhaps there’s more the painting than she thought. The dude from the shower with the ring arrives wearing the mask. Jax wants to talk to Hayden, but she’s busy at the hospital.

Cassandra acts large, in charge, and immediately tries to walk all over Sam.

Valentin asks Ava what a painting by J. Garrin might be worth. She says five figures, unless it’s a puzzle, asking if the painting of Helena might contain a secret message. Laura literally runs into Nikolas the masked dude.

Josslyn wonders what Cameron is doing with liquor, and he says he thought it would make the dance more fun, or at least easier for them. She’s not sure that’s the way to go, especially since he’s on probation. She also reminds him that they’re at the dance with Trina and Dev. Ava calls Trina, wondering about the receipt for the painting, and Trina tells her that Dev got it from the trash barge, but they’d said it was okay for him to take it. Laura apologizes to the masked dude, and he says nothing, following Ava to the elevator. The doors close before he can get in.

Molly introduces herself and TJ to Kendra, saying Alexis raves about her all the time. TJ adds, Alexis swears by the results of the supplement Kendra gave her. Kendra describes it as, the right amount of elements to put the world in order.

Neil offers Alexis a ride home. Hayden apologizes to Finn again. He’s still trying to wrap his head around the fact that his daughter even exists. Hayden says, going forward, she wants Violet to be closer to her father.

Sam tells Cassandra that she has to prep for her trial. Cassandra says they have her dead to rights, on two continents, and in the Caribbean. Sam asks what Cassandra did, and Cassandra asks, here, or in the Hague? Sam asks who she is, and she says, Cassandra Pierce, but Sam can call her boss.

Finn asks what part he’s going to play in Violet’s life, and she asks, what part does he want to play?

Ava checks out the portrait again, remarking, Trina was right; it is creepy. She wonders why anyone would want Helena on their wall, and why so many are interested in her portrait.

Sasha tries to be nice to Nina, but she’s not having it. She thanks Sasha for reminding her of what she lost and she’ll never have again. She doesn’t even want to look at Sasha, but says she’ll soon be in prison. Unless Michael buys her freedom. Willow interrupts, telling Nina, that’s enough.

Curtis thinks Jordan is comparing TJ and Molly to her own life, and marrying too young. She admits they’re more mature than she was, but says that still doesn’t mean they should get married so young.

Lulu tells Dustin about traveling the world when she was a kid. She’s happy to have settled down now, and asks Dustin if he’s happy, and did he always want to be a teacher. He tells her that he had ideas for his life, but life had other plans. Cameron talks Josslyn into partaking, but she wants to drink outside. Trina tries to chat up Dev. Dev notices Cameron and Josslyn are gone, and Trina kisses him. He says he likes her, just not in that way. I go, ugh. Nobody wants to hear that. She says his loss, and asks if he’s interested in someone else.

Cameron and Josslyn drink on deck. They talk about Oscar and Franco. Cameron says he’s not allowed to miss Franco, because he has look out for his mom and brothers. Josslyn tells him about journaling. He asks what she’ll write about tonight, and she tells him, it could have been worse, but it wasn’t. Because of him.

Jordan isn’t sure Molly and TJ are up to the challenge of mixed race children. She wants at least one of them to move away, and have more life experience first. Curtis says she likes Molly. What if TJ picks someone she doesn’t like? She says she’d have to respect his choice, and Curtis wonders why that doesn’t apply here. She said her piece. Now it’s up to TJ and Molly, but it’s not a done deal. When Stella hears about it, she’ll have something to say, and Jordan can let her take the fire.

TJ goes to catch up with Jordan, and Molly tells Kendra about Alexis being in the hospital.

Neil says a teeny part of him was glad to find out Alexis was really sick, and not faking it to get rid of him. Hayden tells Finn he can be what he wants to Violet. It’s up to him, and she’ll go along with whatever he decides. Jax shows up at the hospital, and Hayden explains Violet got sick, and Finn now knows he’s her father. He tells Hayden that they have a theory as to where the codicil might be.

Ava talks to someone about the portrait. She’s going to have it appraised, but needs to safeguard her investment. She tells Helena’s portrait, maybe she’ll finally bring more than heartache and heartbreak. Things are starting to turn around.

Dustin asks if Lulu wants to make the rounds with him. He tells her what the dance rules are, and explains kisses are on a case by case basis. He demonstrates by kissing her. Trina pumps Dev for information on who he likes. He says he’s too busy for romance.

Cameron says the dance has been pretty okay, thanks to Josslyn. She says she would never have made it this far without him. He’s the best friend she could have.

Alexis tells Neil his visit was not expected, but also not unwelcome. She suggests they try it again. She suddenly feels pain from the rash on her palms.

Sam says Cassandra is the one who messed with Michael’s girlfriend. She’s surprised Cassandra lived long enough for them to meet. Cassandra says, life is unpredictable. She’s surprised Sonny has lived that long as he has after turning down her business proposal. Sam says her husband and Sonny are business associates, and Cassandra says, not Jason Morgan? and is she the infamous Sam? Sam says Cassandra will be sorry if she messes with her, and Cassandra takes out a knife.

Michael tells Valentin that he’s running out of patience. Valentin says Nina is upset, and it’s going to take time to talk her out of prosecuting Sasha. Michael says Valentin doesn’t want to lose Nina and go to prison, and Valentin says Michael doesn’t want him as an enemy. Laura says it’s not shaping up to be Valentin’s night.

Nina asks if Chase and Willow have any idea what Sasha did to her. Willow says going after Sasha isn’t going to make Nina feel good, and Nina thanks her for the life lesson. She’s sure it’s easy to say that from the sidelines. She asks what if someone came to Willow, and said Wiley wasn’t her son, and she was never a mother at all?

At the gallery, Ava hears something, but tells herself that she’s just being jumpy. She turns out the lights, and the masked dude walks in.

Trina needs to talk to Josslyn, but realizes she’s drunk. She says they need to get Josslyn out of there, and on the way out, they see Dustin kissing Lulu. Josslyn says she’s going to hurl. Dev asks where Cameron was, and Cameron says, around, knocking over the candy bowl on the snack table. Dev tries to help Cameron pick up the candy, and realizes Cameron is drunk. Josslyn throws up over the side of the boat, and Trina says they have to get her out of there, but Lulu and Dustin walk out, and Lulu asks if Josslyn has been drinking.

TJ updates Jordan and Curtis on Alexis. Jordan suggests Alexis is going to be TJ’s mother-in-law, but he says Molly has to say yes first. He asks if she’s on board, and Jordan says he’s his own man. She couldn’t be happier or prouder of him.

Molly tells Kendra that she has complete confidence in the medical staff at GH, and Alexis will be fine. Kendra says she can’t be too careful, since Alexis’s illness might be catching. Molly doesn’t want to get what Alexis has.

Alexis tells Finn she’s getting a prickling sensation in her hands. He checks her feet, and she feels the same thing there. He says, whatever she has, it’s not just something going around.

Nina says Michael’s mistress doesn’t know when to let something drop. Michael joins them, and says Sasha has as much right to be there as Nina does, and Nina says, how any of them dare imply she’s treating Sasha unfairly? For a year, Sasha lied to her face, used her, and took advantage of her deepest loss. What if twenty years from now, someone came to Michael, and said they were the child he lost? He’d love to know why Nina is so convinced Sasha came up with this lie all by herself.

Hayden tells Jax the portrait is an expensive piece of trash, and he flashes back to Dev saying, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and saying people put expensive stuff in the trash all the time. Hayden tells Jax it’s worse than being back to square one if Valentin is suspicious. He asks what she would do, as an enterprising teenager, if she came across the portrait. She says, burn it probably, but he says she’d try to sell it. She’d take it to Ava.

Laura wonders what’s next for Valentin, after his wedding being ruined and getting slapped down by Michael.

Cassandra says Sam must be a disappointment to the Cassadines, who are ruthless, but refined and cultured, except for her. Sam asks if that’s what Valentin told her, and Cassandra says, amongst others. She flashes back to being in a limo, and asking what someone wants from her. A hand, wearing the signet ring, rests on her knee.

We see the ring on the hand of the masked dude. Ava comes up behind him with her gun, and asks if he ever gets that feeling; like he’s being watched.

Laura thinks Valentin’s time at the head of the Cassadine table is up. He asks who’s going to take it? Spencer.

Ava says as soon as she saw him, she knew he was the man who was stalking her. No one believed her, but here he is, and she’s going to find out who he is. She tells him, take off the mask. He does, and she says, Nikolas?

Tomorrow, Jax tells Laura that Helena’s portrait may have found its way to Ava’s gallery, Cameron is busted by Dustin, and Carly tells Brad that the ball is in his court – play it wisely.

Million Dollar Listing New York – Season Finale

Ryan was trying to hunt down Luis about their co-listing for Ian, but Luis was spending every minute he could with his daughter. They finally connected, and Ryan set up a socialite dinner party, where he invited everyone from the influencers of influencers to Ramona Singer. Ramona was – no surprise – a total pita; pointing out every negative she could think of, whining about how outdated the décor was, and bugging the chefs cooking the dinner. Luis managed to keep Ramona sidelined, so she didn’t interfere with Ryan showing the apartment. One of the guests talked to a friend, who turned out to want a private showing. He decided the apartment wasn’t for him, since it would require too much in the way of renovation. Ryan just happened to mention the raw space Ian was renovating downstairs. That, he was interested in, and made an offer.

Luis also got an offer on the original apartment, but Ian said no to both. Ryan blamed it on the 12 month extension that Luis had wanted. Much to their dismay, Luis and Ryan realized they enjoyed working together.

Steve did some private showings of the Bed Sty townhouse, while Jess did separate showings. Steve was thrilled that Jess was doing what takes be a good agent in a tough market. The sellers had moved to Manhattan, and were more motivated to sell, but the seller still balked at Steve getting an offer for less than the full asking price, and Jess getting an offer for asking price, but it would require a 60 day contingency. This basically meant that the buyer had 60 days to get financing, but during that time, the apartment would be off the market. Understandable why  the seller wouldn’t be keen on that. In the end, there was a compromise. The seller took the full ask offer, but the contingency was shortened to 30 days, and none of the furnishings would be included.

Fredrik was showing the huge Soho apartment non-stop, but got no offers. He told us that people from L.A. tended to want more space, and found an L.A. broker with a mogul client. It wasn’t quite what the mogul was looking for, and Fredrik let slip (cough, cough) that the owner also had a penthouse, but it wasn’t on the market yet. He’d gotten in trouble for showing an unlisted penthouse once before, and took a chance. An offer was made, and while the owner wanted to wait for a better price, she gave Fredrik the listing, admiring his drive.

Tyler was met with two owners about a property in Nomad that had a private pool, and wraparound terrace. Once again, he came up against his usual problem, the owners weren’t keen on someone who hadn’t sold in that price range before ($13 million). Tyler told them that what he could offer was dedication. He’d taken his team from three employees to two hundred, but even better had dropped two hundred pounds and kept it off. The two men conversed in Hebrew (I think), and one of them said when they were immigrants, they’d needed first chances, and gave him the listing. Both Tyler and I were more than thrilled, and after throwing so many parties to show apartments, Tyler had his own party. Tyler said he wasn’t afraid of the other brokers he was up against, and hoped to build an empire like theirs. This year had been about finding out who he was, and figuring out his place in the world. Goal achieved.

Steve threw a housewarming party, with Fredrik, Ryan, and Luis, along with their families in attendance. Steve told us that he finally realized what life was about. The year had been his most rewarding; personally, professionally, and financially. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

Ryan joked that Steve was copying him by moving and having a baby. He and Amelia were busy renovating their new Borum Hill townhouse, and he was excited. The year had been up and down for emotionally, and the market had beat him up. But he took a breath, and said he’s got this. He was doing it for his family, which was the most important thing.

Fredrik decided, ultimately, he was thankful for the horrible market. To continue his climb up, he had to be inventive and creative. He decided to rent the house in L.A., and even better, brother Sigge would be following him. He and his family felt at home wherever Fredrik was. Fredrik was excited about the future, and while he would never really leave NYC, decided he could date two cities at the same time.

Luis told us that he’d gotten used to being back, but he and his family would be moving to Puerto Rico for a year or two, and focusing on their daughter. He told us, let time unfold, and it will show you that it will be okay. He’d gone off to find himself, and now he was driven by the realization that he was finally in place of substance.

👑 The New Rightful Heir…

Either Nikolas has a case of the Benjamin Buttons, or he found the fountain of youth while he was gone, since he looked like Nikolas ten years ago.


🎃 Better Keep That Pumpkin Lit…

I love Sam. He’s so cute… until he isn’t. I must have watched Trick r Treat three times in one week.


👻 Ghosts of Halloweens Past…


🐾 This Year’s Theme…

Game of Bones. Jon Snow still knows nothing.


October 24, 2019 – Scotty Drops a Bombshell, Focus On Brooklyn, Master of Deco, When He Was Ricky, Tyler Talks & His Way


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Martin questions Elizabeth. He says she loved Jake Doe, and withheld evidence of his identity to benefit herself. She tells him, the situation is different, but he says isn’t she doing something similar with his client in the name love? Isn’t it true she kept Drew’s identity a secret so she could have him all to herself? She says, that was Drew Cane, the man. This man isn’t Drew Cane.

Josslyn tells Sonny that Donna is resting in the nursery, and Avery is having a tea party with the nanny. She wonders where Michael is, and Sonny says he had something to do, and Jason was summoned to Franco’s hearing.

Ava is at the gallery. She hears something, and asks, who’s there? She reaches into her purse for her gun, but it’s Trina. She’s there to apply for the intern position.

Jax meets Curtis and Laura at Charlie’s. He asks if they have any more leads on the codicil, and Laura says they think the portrait holds the key, but Valentin threw it in the trash. Jax says, so they’re back to square one, but Curtis says, not necessarily. Laura says Doc analyzed the pattern in the portrait, and found a constellation in the jewel work around the neck of Helena’s jacket. They did research, and there is a constellation just like it, that points to Spoon Island, They think it’s the location of the codicil. Jax asks if Curtis has talked to Hayden, and Curtis says, that’s the next step, but there’s been radio silence. Hayden was supposed to have breakfast with Finn, and never showed up.

At the hospital. Hayden tells Finn, Violet is sleeping . Now would be a good time to talk. Finn says, since she ran out on him the morning of their wedding, there hasn’t been time to talk? Hayden says, just let her… Finn says, what? Leave another note? The last one said she’d lost the baby; is this one going to say, just kidding? No more lies. Why didn’t she tell him about their daughter?

Scotty says counsel is accusing Elizabeth of imposing one man’s identity onto another. Elizabeth says she’s not the one doing it; Kim is. Martin reproaches Elizabeth for finger pointing, and the judge says that’s what Martin has been doing at length. Ha-ha! Liking this judge. Martin says Elizabeth wanted to keep Jake Doe from knowing he was Jason, but Elizabeth says Kim knows this is her husband Franco, and wants to keep him from his own memories, family, and life. Scotty says Kim wanted to keep her claws in him, so to speak. She lost her son, and her son’s father, so it’s completely understandable that she’d want to hang onto the next best thing. He asks Elizabeth if she feels it was a mistake not to tell Jake Doe his true identity, and she says it was a terrible mistake, and she was wrong to do it. So is Kim. She tells Kim, do the right thing, and let Franco be Franco.

Finn asks why Hayden wrote the note telling him their baby was dead. She says it seemed like the cleanest way out. He asks her to define clean. She says Jared was blackmailing her because she’d hit a child. It was an accident, but she never paid. She was happy with Finn, ready to buy a house, and be a mother, and all she could think about was the girl she hit and the girl’s parents. How would she feel in their position? Finn says he could have helped her through it, but she says once you steal money from your place of work, putting it back doesn’t change what you did. She digresses, and tells him that he has pretty eyes, then continues. When Finn confronted her, she knew must have hated her. Finn says he never hated her, and she says she hated herself. Finn says he was angry and disappointed, but he still loved her. He went looking for her, but she was gone. Not a word, not a note; nothing but the stupid ring. Hayden says, it was a nice ring. Finn understands why she left, but he’ll never understand why she told him she lost the baby. Did she want to hurt him that much?

Jax says, one step forward, and two steps back, but Curtis says, not necessarily (which should be the new drinking phrase). He has a plan in the works. Jax asks if he’d like to share, and Curtis says he wants to iron out the details first. Jax says, in the meantime, he has personal business to take care of, and leaves. Laura asks if Curtis really has a plan, or did he just say that to appease Jax? Curtis says he’s got an idea.

Trina tells Ava that she saw the position online. Ava says her assistant must have posted it, explaining that she’s back from a leave of absence. Trina says the ad said she needs someone on Wednesday afternoons, and Ava says her applicants are usually art majors or graduate school students, but Trina says she’s extremely motivated, and has great grades. She hands Ava a copy of her resumé, and says there’s a digital copy available online. Ava appreciates Trina’s enthusiasm, but she’s looking for someone more experienced. Trina says she interned at the fine arts museum. Dev comes in, carrying something in a black garbage bag. He says he’s glad the gallery is open, and asks what Trina is doing there. Trina says she’s applying for an internship. Ava asks who he is, and what he’s doing there. He says, good afternoon, beautiful lady. His name is Dev Corbin, and he has a piece of rare artwork for her.

Martin tells the judge to Instruct the witness not to address his client, but she says he’s not the judge, and reminds him that she runs the courtroom, not him. Liking her even more. She tells Elizabeth to confine her answers to what’s asked, and Scotty says he has nothing further. Judge Lasser says the witness is dismissed, and they’re going to have a brief recess.

Monica sees Jason come in, and thanks him for being there. He says he was summoned an hour ago by Franco’s attorney. He’s not sure what Martin thinks he can do.

Scotty tells Elizabeth what happened with Jake Doe has no bearing on what’s going on, but she says, it felt like it did. He says, it doesn’t matter what went on with Drew. This is about what’s going on Franco. He still has another arrow in his quiver.

Martin apologizes to Franco and Kim, saying he didn’t think it would go like that. Franco says, Elizabeth told the truth, and Martin says, about being a liar. Kim says Elizabeth told her how terrible she felt about it. Martin says Elizabeth seems to have put a lid on her guilt, but Kim says, it doesn’t seem fair. Martin asks if she doesn’t want to make sure her boyfriend is there to stay. The stakes are high, and there’s no room for fair.

Jax goes to Sonny’s, and asks Josslyn if Donna is home. She says Donna made her big entrance, and it tired her out. Carly is with her upstairs. Sonny asks if Jax wants a drink or a snack; maybe something to go. Jax says he wanted to give Donna a gift. He gives Josslyn a small box, and tells her to open it. She says she guesses Donna is probably too little to do it herself. She looks inside, and says, he remembered. She hugs him.

Ava says Dev brought her a panting in a garbage bag. He says he passes by the gallery all the time, and they have such cool stuff. He thought it looked expensive. It’s the painting of Helena, and Ava says, that’s Helena Cassadine. Dev asks if she’s famous, and Trina says, he’s new. She’ll get him a copy of Lucy’s book; it will tell him everything. Dev says he saw it at a flea market, and thought it might be worth something, so he took a shot and bought it. Ava says she knows the man who owns the painting, and doubts Valentin would give it up and it found its way to a flea market.

Curtis says the painting is in a landfill somewhere, and Laura says, classic Valentin. Curtis says Helena was a discerning, deliberate woman. She wouldn’t hire just anyone to paint her portrait, so what’s special about the artist? He asks if Laura knows who painted it, and she says, no, but she has a picture of it on her tablet. Maybe they can see the signature. Maybe the answer isn’t in the art, but in the artist.

Hayden tells Finn that she didn’t want to hurt him more than he’d been hurt already. She was basically a fugitive. Monica could have sent the cops after her at any time, and she couldn’t risk her child being born in prison. Finn asks if it occurred to her that he would have stood by her. She says, of course (🍷) it did, but she’d made a mess of his life, and didn’t want to make it worse. He says, so she’s telling him this was one big selfless gesture. Hayden says, yes… and no.

Finn says, Hayden ran away and hid his child to protect him or her? She says she was a walking disaster, so she ran. She went to LA, where Curtis found the note. Finn says, she told him the baby was gone, and it broke him. He hears her words, but doesn’t understand why she told him the baby was gone.

Ava tells Dev that she’s not interested, and he asks if the frame isn’t worth something. She says, conventional portraits don’t sell, but Trina says, it’s not just some random old lady; Helena is a Port Charles legend, and the painting is creepy and off-putting. She points out the reflection in the teapot, and Ava says she’ll give Dev $100, take it or leave it. He says it’s a pleasure doing business with her. She goes into the back, and Trina asks where Dev really got it. He didn’t steal it, did he? He says he found it in the garbage, and asked the sanitation guys if he could take it. He has an errand to run, but says he’ll treat Trina to Kelly’s afterward. Ava comes back and gives Dev his money. Trina thanks her for her time, but Ava asks if Trina would mind staying.

Judge Lasser says she wants to hear both sides before the expert psychiatric testimony. Martin calls Monica to the stand. He asks who this man is to her, and she says he has the personality and memories of Drew, therefore he’s part of her family.

Scotty asks Monica if she gave birth to Drew, and she says, no. He says Drew was her late husband’s son with Susan Moore. Monica says they raised Jason, who was Alan’s son with Susan, and when she found out Jason had a twin, she welcomed him into the family. He asks if Alan ever met Drew, and she says, no. He says so there’s no blood relation to her with the original Drew, but the connection she had passed away. This so-called Drew has Franco’s DNA, but she says, DNA doesn’t define a person. He says she’s a physician not a philosopher, and she says she knows DNA doesn’t make a human being; it’s neurology that makes us who we are. This man has Franco’s DNA, but Drew’s neurology. That makes him Drew Cane.

Martin calls Jason to the stand.

Hayden says she lied about the baby being gone for Finn’s sake. He says the next time she wants to do him a favor, don’t do it by leaving the country. She says she wanted to have the baby overseas, and raise it on her own, and she did at first, in Finland. Violet was born on the coldest, longest night of the year. Their daughter was born fast, and came out smiling. The nurses called her valo, which means light, because she was a joy. Finn asks why she didn’t name their daughter that. She says she overheard him tell Roxie that he liked violets, and every smile, expression, even the shape of her face reminded Hayden of him. Finn says she still didn’t tell him, but she says she asked him to come to Rome and he didn’t show. She assumes he was already involved with Anna, and he says he had a lot going on at the time. Hayden says she’d hoped that somehow, against all odds and reason, they would fall back into each other arms, and she’d tell him, but it was too late.

Josslyn looks at a heart-shaped necklace in the box, and says it’s just like Lady Jane got for her when she was a baby. It’s upstairs in her jewelry box; she breaks it out on special occasions. Jax hopes this one is as special for Donna. Sonny says, Lady Jane was a class act. Josslyn tells Jax, on behalf of her baby sister, she thanks him. Dev walks in, carrying two big boxes. He says he didn’t expect everyone to be there, and Josslyn says, Donna is home. Sonny asks, what’s in the boxes?

Martin asks if Jason recently visited Drew. Jason says he visited that man, indicating Franco, in Shadybrook, where he’s registered as Franco Baldwin. Martin asks if he was there to speak to Franco or Drew, and Jason says he had a question for Drew about his time in Afghanistan. Martin says, so for all intents and purposes, that person is Drew Cane? Jason says he’s not qualified to say who he is. He can do that himself. It’s Scotty’s turn, and he says Jason doesn’t know or care who he is, as long as Franco is gone. Isn’t that right?

Laura tells Curtis, the artist is J. Garrin, and he’s known for burying clues in his paintings. Sometimes they’re fun Easter eggs, but sometimes they’re more meaningful. It would be just like Helena to hide the clues to the fortune in her portrait. Curtis asks if she thinks there’s more clues to find, and she says she thinks so.

Ava says Trina did her a favor, convincing her to buy the painting. It’s a J. Garrin. Trina says she could pretend and lie, saying she knows who that is and look it up later, but she’s opting for honesty, and hopes it works in her favor. Ava says, it may, and Trina asks who he is, and why he’s special. Ava tells her, his paintings are like puzzles. He hides his signature and clues, sometimes codes, and part of the fun is to figure out what he’s telling through the painting. Trina says, like the Davinci Code? and Ava says, kind of. She’s a Garrin aficionado. Her daughter enjoyed figuring it out as well. Trina says she heard about Kiki and what happened to Ava. Ava asks, from the Crimson article or town gossip? and Trina says, all of the above. She was worried when she stopped seeing Ava at the gallery. Ave says Trina was worried about her? Trina says she can’t imagine how Ava must feel, but she’s glad Ava came back. Ava says, so is she.

Scotty says, Jason values Drew’s life over Franco’s, right? Jason says, yeah, and Scotty says the same situation happened to Jason. His mind was changed and altered from a car accident when he was nineteen and a medical student, turning him into who he is now. Jason says, yes, and Scotty asks if he thinks the town would judge the old Jason as more valuable than the Jason he is now. Martin says, enough. It’s hearsay, and bordering on slander. When did the hearing become about Jason? Scotty says he’s done with Jason, and the judge tells them to take a short break.

Cameron and Elizabeth go into the hallway, and Cameron asks Jason why he did that? Why? He should have just said Franco was Franco. He gets Jason doesn’t like Franco. For the longest time, he couldn’t stand Franco either. But his mom was in love with him, and Jake and Aiden loved him. Jake is Jason’s son. Why couldn’t he suck it up, and say he was Franco, and give Jake back the stepdad he loves? Jason says, sorry. He was asked questions, and he answered honestly. Cameron says, of all people, Jason should understand. Elizabeth follows Cameron back inside without saying anything. Monica comes out, and thanks Jason for coming and saying what he did; that Drew should be able to speak for himself, and decide who he is.

Finn tells Hayden if he’d known they had a baby, he would have been on the next plane. She says she didn’t want him to come out of obligation, but because he wanted to see her. When she found out he was engaged, she was happy for him. She didn’t want to wreck his life all over again. He asks how she thinks a child would do that, and she says, if he thinks it wouldn’t change his and Anna’s lives, he’s uninformed or delusional. He asks why she didn’t let him decide if it’s something he could handle, and she says, you don’t get to test drive a child. What would Anna do, suddenly being a stepmother? So she left it. She and Violet were happy in Europe, and she could imagine meeting Finn in Rome, falling into each other’s arms, with Violet between them

Dev tells Sonny that he went to a box store, and got chocolate nutty bars. The school vending machine doesn’t have them, and he thought he could mark them up, and make some money. Jax asks if that isn’t illegal. The cosmopolitan business man doesn’t know the answer to that? Sonny says, it’s a free market, and Dev says he wants to pay his own way, and generate some income. Jax says, selling candy bars? Dev says, it’s amazing the things people throw away. Josslyn asks if he’s dumpster diving, but Dev says he asks if he can take them. People leave things on the curb all the time. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Josslyn looks on her phone, and says, in their state, it’s legal to sell small goods for a profit. Chocolate nutty bars are gluten free, and they’ll love them at school. Sonny says it’s a creative way to generate income, and Jax says, it could be worse. Sonny says it’s no different from what he does with coffee, or Jax does with corporations.

On the stand, Kim says he remembers so much; the little things, details of their time together. He even remembers things she forgot. She tried to remind the other Drew of them, but couldn’t… She knows the physical man she fell in love with years ago, Oscar’s father, is gone, but all of a sudden he’s here again. Her Drew. I have to note that Franco has rarely changed his expression throughout this whole hearing, and when he does, it’s very slight. Kim tells Elizabeth she’s so sorry. Somehow Drew’s life has overtaken Franco’s. Franco made the decision to save Cameron, and Elizabeth has to accept that Franco is gone, and Drew lives where Franco used to be. Scotty says Kim talked about sacrifice. What if Cameron’s memory had been put in Oscar’s brain? She says, that didn’t happen, and he asks if she would have fought to get him back, or just give up. Ho-hum; he’s gone. Kim doesn’t know, and he asks if she wouldn’t want her son back. Martin says he’s leading the witness. Scotty says she knows Franco is his son. From one parent to another, why is Drew’s life worth fighting for, and his son’s is not?

Finn says Hayden kept his daughter from him because he’d moved on, and she couldn’t have him back. Hayden says when he puts it that way, it sounds petty. That’s the downside of love. For what it’s worth, she never stopped loving him. She starts to touch his face, but Finn stops her. He says he wants to see Violet, not as a doctor, but as a father. She says, Violet is right in there. He says he wants to sit by her bedside and talk; tell her a story, or maybe have her tell one to him. She tells him, careful what you wish for; their kid has a weird imagination. He says, then they’ll get along fine. If she’s asleep, he just wants to look at her. Hayden says she’s just sorry for everything. She’ll go with him, since Violet doesn’t know him. He asks who’s fault that is, and she says it’s entirely hers. He says, come on. Let’s go see our daughter. Tears slide down both their faces as they walk together.

Curtis tells Laura, the clues might not be visible to the naked eye, and Laura says, agreed. What if the clues are underneath? Like how they take an x-ray, and there’s another image underneath. Picasso had one, and Van Gogh had one that was disturbing. (I’ll have to check that out.) Curtis says, if they’re going to get an x-ray, that means they actually have to find the physical painting. Laura says, if it hasn’t been found already. Any thoughts?

Ava tells Trina that she’s an impressive young lady; a scholar and an athlete. She must not have much free time. Trina says that’s why she just wanted one afternoon a week. Ava asks if Trina wouldn’t rather use the time to study or be with her friends. Trina says she thinks art is important. No matter how messed up you are, art makes you feel like you’re not alone. Artists are messed up; the good ones are anyway. She tells Ava that it was great talking to her. Ava says, likewise. She’s hired.

Jax asks if it doesn’t bother Sonny that Dev is in the house. Sonny says Dev lived on the street in Turkey. Survival instincts don’t go away, you just do a better job at hiding them. Jax is concerned it’s a short road from capitalist to con artist, but Sonny says he’s got his eye on Dev. Jax says, if the cops come around… Sony knows; Jax won’t lie for him. Jax says, just so they’re clear. Jax leaves, and Sonny asks if he can speak with Dev for a minute, but Dev says, Josslyn can stay. She’s going to be his consigliere – he got that from The Godfather. Sonny says he knows he defended Dev with Jax, but he doesn’t like Dev’s business endeavor. It could work if Dev was on the up and up, or was really from Bridgeport, but it might cause unwanted attention. Josslyn asks what he’s saying, and Sonny says he thinks Dev should rethink it.

Monica tells Jason, about what Scotty said, she doesn’t know how he would have evolved as a doctor. He asks if she would have liked him better, but she says it’s not his occupation that makes him her son. She tells him that she loves him, and they hug.

Scotty says they’ve established that Kim fell in love with Drew in San Diego, and had Drew’s son. She lost her biological child with Drew, but how far would she go to ease her grief over Oscar? Kim says she doesn’t understand, and he says, didn’t she want to have another baby? Martin says, it’s irrelevant, and the judge shoots him a look, but tells Scotty, get to the point. Scotty asks if it’s not true that Kim drugged Drew because she wanted to have another baby with him against his will. Everyone looks sick.

Tomorrow, Lucy says she’s going to make Sasha’s dreams come true, Doc takes the stand, and Diane says there’s one option that can speed up the process.

Million Dollar Listing New York

Ryan had scored a listing that had 100 feet of Central Park views, and his exclusive was about to expire. In a buyer’s market, the problem seemed to be the apartment was designed in Ruhlmann style, a designer that Ryan said epitomized art deco, and not what buyers are looking for in 2019. Like the ground floor loft, for the right person, it would be the right property, but that person needed to be found. Ryan explained that most buyers wouldn’t pay the price if they could find something newer. To make matters more of a pita, the seller was Ian Simpson Reisner, a blast from the show’s past. He might be a fabulous developer, but his personality leaves something to be desired. Ryan called him scary, but I think he’s weird, full of himself, and a bit creepy; the type that loves to laugh at someone else’s expense. Ian dangled the promise of also giving Ryan the downstairs duplex that he might be listing one day. Ryan talked him into extending the exclusive, as well as a price reduction, but Ian had a requirement – he wanted it to be a co-listing. Having heard Luis was back in town, that’s who he wanted on board. We saw clips of the last time Luis dealt with Ian, who insisted on calling him Ricky Ricardo, making rude passes at him under the guise of a joke, and requesting Luis do things like pick up his dry cleaning. In other words, he was pretty degrading. Ryan thought bringing in another broker would muddy the waters, but Ian insisted, so Ryan asked Luis to meet him for a drink. They showed each other pictures of their new babies, and Ryan pointed out how much baby Leela looked like Luis. In his interview, Ryan says he heard that girls often look like their fathers, but Zena looked nothing like him, adding that he was grateful she didn’t have grey hair. When he finally broached the subject of working with Ian, Luis said he loved Ryan, but absolutely not. He reminded Ryan that Ian had cut his commission last time, because Ian was also the owner of the apartment that Luis sold. He did finally agree to a meeting.

In his interview, Luis said, three years ago he definitely wouldn’t have met with Ian, but now that he had a baby, he didn’t want to say no to something that wasn’t going to cost him anything. Ryan was concerned about having both an unpredictable seller and co-lister. Right off the bat, although Ian complimented Luis on selling the unit at a record price, Ian began to call Luis Ricky. Luis made it clear that he did not take kindly to that, and also wasn’t picking up any laundry. Ian said it was all in fun, and Luis said he understood it was for Ian’s amusement, but Luis wasn’t there to amuse him. He was there to do business, and insisted on a one-year exclusive, even though Ryan was good with six months. In Ryan’s interview, he was worried that in having so much time, Ian would hold out for a better price even if they got offers. In Luis’s interview, he said he had the leverage because Ryan needed him and Ian wanted him. Ian wanted to think about it, but Luis wanted an answer now. Ian told Luis that he’d come a long way, and agreed to the year. He told Luis not to make him regret it, but also ended up addressing him as Mr. Ortiz.

Tyler was back searching for a property for Alex and Lyndi, since their budget had dropped by a million dollars. He showed them a gorgeous place in Brooklyn that had private rooftop space, and a pet washing station downstairs. In his interview, Tyler wasn’t sure they’d go for Brooklyn, since Alex had already been freaking out about moving from the lower east side to midtown. They liked the apartment, but wouldn’t budge from their $2.7 million offer, which was $500K under the asking price. Tyler got a break when his brother and sister-in-law swung by on their way to South America. Tyler thought the van they’d revamped into a mini-house was the most impressive renovation he’d ever seen. Miraculously, the Brooklyn seller ended up agreeing to the price drop, but Tyler wasn’t sure if Alex and Lyndi had move on mentally. Apparently, they really loved the place, since it was an immediate yes.

Steve was also focused on Brooklyn, and a Bedford Stuyvesant townhouse on Putman Avenue. In his interview, he said Bed Stuy was in throes of change, but there were still pockets of areas that weren’t there yet. He considered Putman good, but not great. The sellers were a former Vogue editor and a restaurateur. He said even though they had renovated, they hadn’t taken the history out of it, keeping the amazing moldings and exposed brick. A huge selling point was a backyard pool, but the sellers wanted 35% over the market’s comps. Since they’d been majorly screwed over by a contractor to the tune of $100K, Steve wanted to help them recoup, and agreed to their price. Steve’s broker Jess, who had soured a bit on the real estate game, was back in it, and he gave her the listing. He also figured her moving to Brooklyn didn’t hurt. Steve was a stickler on not pointing out any negatives to a potential buyer, but Jess wanted to be more authentic, preferring to show the apartment on her own without Steve standing over her, to which he agreed.

Fredrik was back in NYC, and got a listing for an apartment in Soho that had 11 foot ceilings and 10 foot windows. He was thrilled with the privacy, light, and open space. The seller, who’d done the renovation, wanted to move on to her next project, a triplex penthouse in the same building. She told Fredrik that if he did a good job, the penthouse would also be his to sell when she was done. She was concerned that Fredrik would pressure her into lowering the price, but in a rare moment, he told her he thought it was worth more than she was asking, which was fine by her. Fredrik had an open house, inviting 400 brokers, as well as people from the fashion world. Tyler brought a potential buyer, but said it was so crowded, the only thing he could see was Fredrik, since he was seven feet tall and in a silver suit. The buyer finally got a tour, but Fredrik didn’t think it was what she was looking for, and Tyler was not too pleased with the brush off.

Next week – the finale. Tyler has his biggest listing yet and is feeling the pressure from his bosses, and Ramona Singer comes on the scene.

Just wondering. Who talked Julie Andrews into being on Watch What Happens Live? For the second time, no less.

💠 It’s All About the Deco…

The world of Ruhlmann.


🎢 The Ian Experience…

A little background on why Luis was feeling the burn, and not in a good way.


🗽 More Tyler…

A nice interview with an even nicer guy.


💻 To Post Or Not To Post…

That is the question. I’m not sure what’s going to be happening tomorrow, except for a Halloween soiree at my place, so it might just be GH highlights. In the meantime, my favorite version of this song. It should come as no surprise, one of my favorite films is Sid & Nancy, a horror film in its own right. It’s like my father once told me, it’s the live ones you have to worry about. And whatever happened to Chloe Webb anyway?

October 17, 2019 – Ryan Writes To Ava, a Rose By Any Other Name, LeeAnne’s Clarification, Captain Lee’s Hook-Up, Kate’s Goodbye & Bust That Ghost


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Ryan writes, dearest, Ava. One of the many joys of writing letters instead of emails, is the care he can take in expressing how he feels. No hashtags, no abbreviations, and absolutely no emojis for us. He writes in ink, but consider it his life’s blood flowing to her in a never ending stream of admiration and devotion.

At the MetroCourt, Doc tells Laura that he can wait with her a while. He’s going to Shadybrook to determine if Franco is competent enough to choose his future, or if Elizabeth will choose it for him.

Franco asks Kim, what’s going on? and she says they extracted information from the black box. It pinpointed where Drew’s plane went down. Franco says, Drew is dead, isn’t he?

Scotty asks Cameron, isn’t it true that his relationship with his stepfather hasn’t always been good? Elizabeth tells Cameron, answer honestly, and Cameron says, it’s true. Scotty says, isn’t it also true that he didn’t want his mother to marry Franco? Cameron says he wasn’t always Franco’s biggest fan, but that changed. Scotty asks, what changed? His attitude, or did Franco change, and become his true self, Navy SEAL Drew Cane? Cameron says, true self? Why is Scotty putting it like that? Scotty says, because that’s how Franco’s lawyer is going to put it. Did he start to respect and admire Franco when he became somebody else?

Brad meets Lucas at Charlie’s, and Lucas asks where he’s been? Julian says he has to take care of something, probably just to get away from them. Lucas asks where Brad was this morning.

Outside, Julian finds Ava sitting on a bench looking catatonic. He asks, what is it? Is she coming or going? She says she doesn’t know.

Laura sees Sonny, and tells him, congratulations. He says they’re going to bring Donna home soon. They named her after somebody in the old neighborhood. Laura likes it. She tells Jason that she’s sorry to hear about what’s going on with Sam. Jason says Sam killed Shiloh to stop Shiloh from killing him. Sonny asks if Laura has any idea how to present that to the Feds.

Laura doesn’t agree with their choice to charge Sam, but it’s their jurisdiction. She doesn’t get a say. Sonny says, being mayor, maybe she could make some calls, and let them know Sam’s been cleared by the PCPD. Doc says, Sam’s been charged with a Federal crime, and Laura can’t intervene. Jason tells them, the FBI is claiming Shiloh’s death happened in international waters. It’s their legal justification to get to him. Sonny says he’ll do what he can to get these bogus charges dismissed. Laura tells him her best advice is to work the system. Talk to Diane, and take her advice. And have faith Diane can prove Sam’s innocence. Sonny thanks her, and he and Jason leave. Laura says she hates her job today. Doc says he thought he had a tough assignment today, but all he has to do is determine if Franco is in his right mind.

Franco asks if the official confirmation has changed things for Kim. Does she have a sense of closure, or is she feeling worse? Kim says, it’s difficult to believe he’s gone. Even though he didn’t have his memories, he was Oscar’s father. When he came to Port Charles, and she realized he was alive, even though he wasn’t the man she knew back then… Franco says, whatever man he was, he’s grateful he was there for their son. She says, he loved Oscar, as she did, and felt the loss deeply. She cries, and Franco holds her. Franco says Drew only went to Afghanistan on his behalf, to take the black market money that Shiloh made, and give it to humanitarian aid. Kim says, he wanted some good to come from all the pain and loss. Franco says, Drew went in his place. If not for him, Drew might still be alive.

Cameron says he didn’t change his mind about Franco after Franco saved him; it was before. When Franco sacrificed himself and took his place, it was because of who Franco is, not Drew. Scotty says, good, and Elizabeth says, perfect. Scotty tells Cameron not to get cocky. Franco’s attorney is going to go at him twice as hard. He doesn’t want to sound over-rehearsed. Cameron asks if he should practice being unrehearsed, but Scotty says, no. Don’t be over-emotional, and just answer the questions; do not volunteer anything else. Cameron says he can do that, and Elizabeth asks, what’s next? Scotty says they’ll get Doc’s psyche evaluation. However, Kim’s lawyer will have one done, and it might be a whole different slant. Cameron says, Kim hired a lawyer? Elizabeth tells Cameron to go get a snack, but Cameron says he saw them kissing; he gets it. They don’t have to keep anything from him.

Ryan looks at the Crimson cover of Ava on his cell wall. He writes, her name is a palindrome. Perfection at either end, no matter how you spell it. No wonder she’s always in his thoughts, as he knows he’s in hers. His goddess.

Julian brings Ava into Charlie’s, and she asks for a martini. He wonders if it isn’t a little early in the day, but she says she needs a drink. Her phone dings, and she says, it’s the gallery. Someone will handle it, or they won’t. He says that’s not like her. When’s the last time she had a good night’s sleep? She says, sleep leads to dreams. Either she sees Kiki, who hates her, or Ryan, who adores her. Either one is unbearable, so she stays awake. Then she thinks of Ryan or Kiki. The only way to find peace is in a strong martini. So where’s his cocktail shaker?

Brad tells Lucas at Charlie’s, the lab was crazy today. Then he had to call some friends. Lucas says something I don’t understand, and Brad asks why Lucas is giving him the third degree. Lucas says maybe because Chase said he saw Brad at Nelle’s parole hearing. What’s that about?

Sonny tells Jason, they can get the evidence to disappear, but Jason has another way to clear Sam’s name. A way that doesn’t involve Sonny. He tells Sonny to call Diane, but Sonny wants to help. He told Alexis that Sam will walk. Jason says, she will. Sonny asks what’s his plan? Jason says, it always comes back to Shiloh. He talked to Andre, and he ID’d Brice (new information – Henderson has a first name) as his attacker; the same guy who helped Shiloh escape. Andre’s attack and Drew’s plane crash are linked. Sonny says they may need to find out who killed Drew. They leave, and Doc and Laura watch. Doc says he knows Sonny is a good friend, but there’s only so much she can do. She says she’ll remind him of that after his session with Franco.

Laura asks if Doc thinks Franco is incapable of making his own decisions. Doc doesn’t want to speculate. If he has any bias, he can’t make an accurate determination   She says that’s why he’s the best at what he does, but he says he has other talents. Like deciphering Helena’s weird portrait. She says, now that Valentin has thrown it away, they only have the one clue he found, and he says, Corona Vera, the true crown. She says, that would be Nikolas. He is the rightful heir. The portrait is the only thing Helena left him, and she thinks it’s strange that Helena let the fate of the Cassadine fortune rest on such meager clues. She feels like a cat chasing it’s tail. He says he likes cats; they’re independent, elegant, and have nine lives. She asks which one she’s in now, and he says, she’s right. There must be other clues. He says he needs to go to Shadybrook, and she needs to her meeting. They tell each other, good luck. Doc leaves, and Laura writes – Mikkos, Helena, Nikolas.

Kim tells Franco that it was Drew’s duty. He didn’t do it just for him, but for all of them, including Oscar. He and Drew shared more than memories and a name; they shared a son. Oscar would be proud of both of them. Franco doesn’t know how she does it. She’s so generous, although she’s clearly hurt. I make a raspberry sound. Kim says, it’s true. Franco says when he walks into the courtroom, people are going to believe he’s trying to assume the identity of a hero. He doesn’t know how he’ll manage that. Kim says when he talks to Doc, remember what’s in his heart and mind. If that remains true, then Drew Cane never dies. They kiss, and she leaves.

Cameron says Elizabeth doesn’t need to send him out of the room like a little kid. Elizabeth says there are details she and Scotty need to discuss. Scotty says, it’s legal business. He does it for a living, and it bores him to death. Elizabeth says she wants to make sure he’s taking care of himself; his homework, soccer, seeing his friends. Franco would want him to live his life to the max. Do for him, and her. Cameron says he knows what to do, and leaves.

Brad tells Lucas that Nelle reached out and asked him to come. She’s all alone in the world. Lucas says, there’s a reason for that. When you try to kill your fiancé, and send his mother to a hospital for the criminally insane, people tend to avoid you. Brad says Lucas knew where he was, and asks if this is some sort of test. Lucas says he was giving Brad a chance to be honest, but he couldn’t do it. He guesses old habits, like lying and Nelle, die hard.

Julian asks if Ava went to see Ryan, and Ava says she went to speak to the warden. When he refused to help her, she went to see Ryan to return his letters, and asks him to stop sending them. It only convinced him more that they were made for each other. Julian says she gave him what he wanted; a response. She rewarded him for stalking her. Ava says she wanted to get some control. She’s sick of being the object of his obsession. Julian says, forget Ryan. Take control of herself. Burn the letters, and forget them. She says she doesn’t have them. She left them to prove they mean nothing to her. Sonny comes in, and Julian says, now’s not the time. Sonny sits down, and says, don’t mind if I do.

Sonny asks if Ava wants to see Avery next week, and she says, of course (🍷). He says the last time, she canceled. Julian says, if there’s nothing else… Sonny says he has some business to take care of with Julian, and Ava says she’ll leave them to it. Julian asks her not to go, but she says, she’ll be all right. If she gets more letters, she won’t open them. She leaves, and Sonny asks, what’s wrong with her? Julian thought Sonny’s business was with him, and Sonny says Alexis told him that Julian is staying in town. Julian asks if he has a problem with that, and Sonny says, it depends.

Brad tells Lucas, he and Nelle used to be friends. He can’t turn his back on her. Lucas asks, why? She’s a reminder of the life Brad used to live; the life he swore he gave up for Wiley. Why does it seem to be back to before they were married? Brad promises he’s not that guy. He loves Lucas. Lucas says, then why did he have to learn Brad was at the hearing from Chase? It makes him wonder what else Brad is keeping from him. What’s the real reason Brad is seeing a psychiatrist? Brad says he told Lucas. He’s having anxiety. Lucas says, Shiloh is dead, and there are no more threats to their family. Wiley is safe, and that’s not enough? What else is Brad hiding from him?

Doc walks in as Franco is doing a jigsaw puzzle. He asks if it’s a good time, and Franco says, as good as any. Doc says, sometimes it helps if you separate the colors. It narrows the focus. Franco says, good tip. Doc says when they last spoke, he told Franco that he was a good listener. Franco says now Doc is here to prove he’s not capable of making his own decisions. Doc says he’s there to evaluate Franco, and draw his own conclusions. Franco is welcome to be evaluated by the psychiatrist of his own choice. Franco says, but this has already been arranged. It seems to him, the burden of proof is on Elizabeth to prove that he can’t make his own decisions. He’s guessing that’s why Doc is there. Doc says as Franco’s former therapist, he can judge Franco’s state of mind. How about if they focus on the real puzzle? Franco asks what that would be, and Doc says, him.

Elizabeth tells Scotty that Cameron is really committed to getting Franco back. Scotty says, when Franco comes back, they’ll make he sure knows how proud he should be of his stepson. Elizabeth says he will be. She asks what he wanted to tell her that Cameron couldn’t hear. Scotty says he got the preliminary witness list, and some people might be a problem. She says, such as? He says, her boss. She says, Monica’s not a psychiatrist, and he says, she’s not testifying as a doctor, but as a mother.

Kim tells reception nurse Janis that she’s there for a meeting to discuss her reinstatement. Janis says Dr. Hanover was delayed in surgery, and Kim says she’ll wait. She sees Cameron, and asks how school is. He says, fine; it’s everything else. He asks if there’s a place they can talk.

Jason goes to the prison to visit Brice. Brice says he knows Jason, and Jason says that makes them even. He knows Brice too. Brice doesn’t get it. What does Jason want? Jason says Brice made a serious mistake, and he’s going to give him a way out.

Julian gives Sonny an espresso, saying, consider it a peace offering. Sonny says he didn’t know they were at war – yet. Someone they know is very upset. Julian says, Olivia sent him. Sonny says, Olivia can take care of herself. She’s set on owning Charlie’s, and putting her personal stamp on it. Julian says, that’s the thing about life. They all have their disappointments. Sonny says, there’s the matter of Olivia’s deposit. He can complete the sale or return her money. He can’t have both. Julian asks if Sonny is Olivia’s foot soldier now. Is he there to make Julian pay or else?

Brad says he’s sorry. He should have told Lucas everything, but a lot of things are going on in Lucas’s family. Lucas says his family is Brad’s family, but he’s more concerned about a sociopath that tried to kill Lucas’s nephew. Brad swears it won’t happen again, and anyway, she was denied parole. Lucas asks, what if it had gone Nelle’s way because his support humanized her, and swayed the board? He doesn’t understand why Brad is acting like this. Talk to him. Brad says, there is something else. Something that has him losing sleep, and making him anxious as hell. Lucas says, tell him; what is it? Brad says, it’s Wiley.

On the phone, Laura says there was no message? Call his office, wait a few minutes, and call again. Ava sits at the bar, and says she’ll have another. The bartender says, another what? and she says, another of what she was having. He just looks at her, and she says, a vodka martini, three olives. Laura asks if she wants company. She was stood up by a lobbyist. Ava says, there are worse things. Laura asks if she’s still seeing the psychic. Ava says it was a waste of time. She didn’t need a psychic to summon Kiki. She can see Kiki on her own. She’s there every night in Ava’s dreams. Laura asks if she wants to talk about it, and Ava asks if Laura doesn’t have a ribbon to cut or a monument to dedicate. Hasn’t she got a husband to go home to? Ava takes her martini, and walks away.

Ryan licks the envelope, and calls the guard. He says this needs to go out in the next mail. Special delivery.  

Doc asks if Franco is aware what it will mean to Elizabeth and her sons if he refuses treatment. Franco says he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Is Doc aware that one of the outcomes could be that he’s a total vegetable. Doc asks if he’s afraid of the risk, and Franco says he’d be crazy not to be. Doc says he’s not there to determine if Franco is crazy. Franco is sure Doc has another word for it, like diminished capacity. Doc says he’s there to determine if Franco is aware of the consequences to the people he knows if he refuses. Are the people who know and love him expendable? Franco says he can’t be who they want him to be. Doc asks who he would be, and Franco says, himself. Doc says Drew died in a plane crash. He can’t be Drew. Or can he? Franco tells Doc not to put words in his mouth. He didn’t want that man to die. Doc asks if it doesn’t make it easier if he’s gone. One less Drew to worry about. Franco says he can only be who he is. Doc says, without his name; without his identity; without his art? Franco says he’s never held a paintbrush in his life. Doc says, but those hands have. There’s probably still paint under his fingernails. No matter how he protests or how hard he tries, he can’t get that one out.

Brice says Jason doesn’t care about him. Jason is definitely not there to help him, so what is it that he’s looking for? Jason says, his boss. Who wanted to help Shiloh escape? The same person who had him attack Andre and sabotage Drew’s jet. Brice is a busy guy! Brice says he has no idea what Jason is talking about. Jason says he’s talking about assault and attempted murder. Andre had no problem identifying Brice as the guy who stabbed him. Brice’s best option is to flip on whoever’s giving the orders. They know it’s not Sam, so who’s he working for?

Sonny tells Julian that this can be settled amicably. Julian says provided he gives Olivia what she wants? Sonny says, provided Julian holds up his end of the agreement. Julian says he knows a shakedown when he sees one. Is he playing hardball, encouraging Olivia to stick it to him? Sonny says, Olivia is family, and he looks out for his own. That’s why he knows Julian will do the right thing.

Lucas asks Brad, what about Wiley, and Brad says, it’s called parenthood. Lucas may have mastered it, but he has a different learning curve. He’s terrified of getting it wrong. Lucas says the only way that will happen is if Brad keeps things from him. Brad promises to do better. Lucas takes Brad’s hand, and says they’re a team. Talk to him. Brad says he loves Lucas, and he loves their son. He won’t let anything or anyone ruin what they have. I feel ripped off. Every time it seems like Brad is going to confess, he doesn’t.

Laura finds Ava, and says she got Ava a drink. She puts down a glass of water, and asks if she can join Ava. Ava says, something tells her that’s not vodka. Laura says, the mayor is still on the clock, and she thought Ava could use a change of pace. Ava thanks her, and apologizes about the cheap shot about Laura’s husband. She really does want them to be happy. Laura thanks her, and says she wants Ava to be happy too. Ava picks up the water, and says, here’s to happiness. Laura says, it’s bad luck to toast with water, and Ava says, her luck really can’t get worse.

Franco tells Doc that he has no memory of ever having made a painting. Doc asks if Franco realizes how he came to have his memories, and Franco says it’s been explained to him. Doc asks if he realizes that Franco, whose DNA he carries, voluntarily took the place of his stepson to save his reason, and possibly his life. Does he realize the last thing Franco said to Cameron before he ceased to be himself was to tell his mom that he loves her and he’ll be back? Franco says, that was him, not me, and Doc says, him is you. Does he realize the consequence of not choosing treatment, not just for himself, but for Elizabeth and her sons? Franco says, if he answers yes, he doesn’t care, and if he answers, no, he has no case. Doc says, that’s not an answer. Franco says, he does care about Elizabeth and her boys. So much that he’s telling them the truth. What happened to Franco was wrong and unfair, but it’s not his doing, and he shouldn’t have to sacrifice himself to undo it. He has to be himself. He doesn’t know how the hell to be anyone else.

Elizabeth says, if Monica is willing to give her stamp of approval and the Quartermain name to Franco, that could definitely sway the judge. Scotty says, crazy Heather is out of the question. He could call Betsy, but if it comes down to dueling mommies, they’ll lose. Elizabeth asks if there’s nothing they can do. Scotty tells her, he didn’t say that. A mother is a powerful weapon, but never underestimate fathers. They’ve got fists. They come in and duke it out. He’ll get in there and fight for Franco. They also have a secret weapon. Elizabeth says, Cameron.

Camron knows how much Kim misses Oscar. He misses Oscar every day. He knows how much worse it has to be for her, but taking Franco away from their family isn’t going to bring Oscar back. She says, as difficult as it is to accept, she shares things with the man he knows as Franco. Cameron says, he is Franco. He knows she’s hired a lawyer and a shrink to prove he’s the man she wants him to be, but that doesn’t make it true. He knows something she doesn’t about Drew Cane.

Jason says, the beard and glasses were a nice touch, but it wasn’t enough. Brice is looking at serous jail time. Brice says, supposing that’s true – and he’s not saying it is – why should he play ball? Jason says the Feds might cut him a deal if he gives up his employer, especially if it’s Peter. Brice looks at him, and Jason takes that as a yes. Brice says he’ll talk to his lawyer. He’ll see what the Feds are prepared to offer. If he likes the terms, Jason will get the answers he wants. Brice hangs up the phone, and says, they’re done.

Kim asks Cameron what he knows about Drew, and Cameron says he knows how much Drew meant to Oscar, even though he came along later in Oscars life. Franco means the same to him. He cares about Franco. Not just as his mom’s husband, or the guy with the weird sense of humor, or as his stepdad. Elizabeth listens outside the door. Cameron says, they didn’t get along at first. They fought. Franco screwed up, and so did he, but Franco was the first one to say he was sorry. He tried, and kept trying, no matter how hard Cameron pushed him away. He just wants to thank him. He wants to be good to Franco, like Franco was to him. He wants more time with Franco. Is that too much to ask? I burst out crying, thinking of my own father.

Franco asks Doc, what’s the verdict? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Doc says he’s heard all he needs to, and thanks Franco for speaking with him. He’ll let Franco finish his puzzle.

Ava asks Laura why she’s being so nice. Laura says for all of their differences, they’re a lot alike. Ava didn’t expect her to say that, and Laura says they have a lot in common. She knows what it feels like to  love so much, you have to find a way to go on when that person is gone. Ava says she doesn’t know how to do that. It just hurts. Laura takes Ava’s hand. Someone watches.

Lucas guesses it’s a good thing they’re seeing Neil together. If for no other reason than to convince Brad that their family deserves a happy ending. Brad says, from his lips to Freud’s ears, and they hug.

Sonny thanks Julian for the espresso. He’ll let Olivia know that Julian will work something out. He tells Julian, look out for Ava – for Avery’s sake.

Jason calls Diane. He says he talked to Brice, and thinks he got what they need.

Brice goes back to his cell, and sees the Ava cover. He says, man, she’s hot. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Eva. The apple and snake metaphor works for him. He’s cutting a deal, and should be out soon. Maybe he’ll look her up and show her a good time. Ryan clutches his pen tightly.

Tomorrow, Jordan tells Curtis this town is riddled with liars, Laura says she wants to help Ava, Jason says the Feds are going to find out they have no case, and Ryan says something terrible has happened, while blood drips down his hand.

Million Dollar Listing New York

Fredrik saw heather at the relaunch in L.A., and found out why Josh Altman is so pissed. Heather told him, although they’re all friends, Fredrik didn’t personally tell them that he’s opening a team in their office building, and they found out about it through an eblast. She said it was shady, slimy, and bizarre. Fredrik thought her reaction was bizarre, and I agree. Thoughtless maybe, but shady, slimy, and bizarre? Has the smog and traffic gotten to them? She insisted he must have an ulterior motive, but couldn’t explain what that might be. She told him that he’s screwed because he got on Josh’s bad side, and he’d ruined the relationship. Not too much of an overreaction. Tracy, David, and James (Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles) were also at the relaunch. When Fredrik told them he had a minor issue with Josh, David or James (I still have a hard time differentiating between them) said, welcome to the club. They told Fredrik that Josh gets angry when threatened, but Tracy thought Josh was just being a baby because Fredrik didn’t tell him about the new office. Fredrik’s brother Sigge has moved to NYC, and we found out that Fredrik has a second secret career – he and his brother write movies together. They were pitching a finished horror film, as well as working on a family drama, The Divorce, based on their childhood. Sigge was not too happy to find out Fredrik was considering a bi-coastal move, since he and his wife had left everything in Sweden to move next door.

Tyler started off optimistic, giving credit to life coach Vivace for making more money despite the market crash, and being happier, but his week took a down turn like the market. He’d lost the $10 million listing, which his bosses had been hoping for, and went back to his roots with the $3-4 million range. At first, it seemed promising, with rental tenants Alex and Lyndi (and dog Bonzo) wanting an upgrade as they were starting a family. He showed them an apartment in Turtle Bay in the East 50s. The views were incredible, Tyler telling them that it was a $10 million living room in a $4 million apartment. Alex was hesitant, saying he’d miss the downtown vibe. In Tyler’s interview, he said, in NYC, your neighborhood becomes part of your identity. I must have missed that memo when I lived there. The kitchen was too small for Lyndi, but they seemed happy with another apartment being sold by another agent. Tyler said agent/owners made the best sellers, since they could really point out the positive features. Unfortunately, once again Tyler’s hard work did not pay off when the buyers decided to consult with their parents, who thought they were in over their heads. Their budget dropped to $3 million, which Tyler thought was a warning sign that it could be a never-ending process.

Steve and Luiza, who was in her third trimester, decided on a name for their baby – Rose. This would make her Rose Gold, which could go either way in life. Either people will think it’s fabulous, or she’ll really get made fun of. Pam, from Corcoran Sunshine, tried to help Steve out with the dueling penthouse situation, but the Corcoran brokers refused to budge, saying they weren’t reducing the price or taking the other penthouse off the market. Steve told developer Joel that there was a disconnect between his and Corcoran’s strategy. He said he didn’t make a practice of walking away, but wasn’t comfortable staying on. It pained him, but he didn’t believe it was the right strategy, and couldn’t put his name behind it. He told us everything that he did from then on was to build a future for his family, and it made more sense to allocate his time to something more profitable.

Ryan was hired to sell a property in the Golden Triangle on the upper east side, which he described as the wealthiest triangle in the world. It was a classic Park Avenue apartment, a humongous property with loads of hallways and doorways, and even the molding on the marble master bathroom doorway was marble. The apartment had been acquired at $17.2 million, but the owners accepted his suggested to sell at $14.9. They agreed pretty quickly, which surprised me, but their assistant did says they just had too many apartments. Must. Be. Nice. Because of what Ryan determined was a waste of square footage, and a confusing floor plan, he knew the average person wasn’t going to be his buyer. He had diplomats in mind, since it was near the United Nations. Enter Kirk, a broker for a client he was pretty secretive about, which was cool with Ryan, who said he liked a little mystery. In his interview, Ryan told us that his spy name would be Colby Spokane. Kirk’s client had been looking for two years, and he’d shown them over fifty apartments. Kirk did think this might be the one, and was thrilled that it had a service entrance. In the meantime, Cory and Jacquie, of Tribeca ground floor loft fame, were suddenly balking at the $4.625 million being offered for their space. They wanted something closer to $5 million, so Ryan suggested going into contract, which would take time, and still showing the apartment to see if they could get a better offer. He explained that Tribeca had been hit the hardest in the down market, and the buyer would also have to be very specific. He compared the loft to the merchandise in Cory’s antique store, saying only a very specific kind of buyer would be looking for a stork made of spoons. I totally get this, since I sell a lot of vintage items. Ryan’s plan was put in motion, but in the end, the sellers ended up taking the original offer. In his interview, Ryan told us never to doubt him, but admitted he had doubted himself. It was a good week for Ryan, since he also ended up selling to Kirk’s buyer for $13.75 million. He said the market wasn’t bad; it was great. Most brokers just don’t know how to close.   

Next time, Tyler’s clients have concerns, Luis says no more Ricky Ricardo, and Ryan doesn’t like what’s about to happen.

👄 Heating Up the Rehash…

LeeAnne explains all. Or at least some of it.


🎣 Hook-Up On Deck…

Everyone gasped, then they said, aww!


🚤 Kate Walks…

And then walks back.


👻 Who You Gonna Call…?

In an unlucky 13 days, we might need them.

October 10, 2019 – The Wedding Aftermath, Fredrik Considers Being Bi (Coastal), Questions On the Move & Will Dance For a Sale


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jax sees Nina sleeping on the couch.

Holding a take-out container, Finn sees Hayden outside of Kelly’s. She says she keeps running into him, and he tells her, she said with disappointment. She says, no; she’s not complaining. He says he has to get to the hospital, and starts to leave. She tells him, have a grand day. He says, grand? and she tells him that she couldn’t decide between good and great, and grand came out instead. He says maybe she can make someone else’s day grand. He barely finished his lunch. She says she’s not really into eating other people’s leftovers, but he says, no. She can take it home to Honeybun. Her dog?

Jason comes into the station, and asks Sam how she is. She says, grateful for Spinelli. It’s finally over. Jordan says, not quite, and Jason wonders, what now? She says, paperwork. She needs everything in order for when Robert officially drops the charges. Just sit tight. Jason tells Sam that he had a talk with Peter and Maxie.

Maxie and Peter arrive at the Crimson office. Maxie says hopefully Shiloh’s accomplice can tell them who broke Shiloh out of jail, and this whole thing can be over with. He says, hopefully. She goes into Nina’s office, and says, Nina’s not here. Peter says, at work? and she says Nina tends to throw herself into work when there’s a problem. She’s getting worried since she hasn’t heard from Nina.

At Kelly’s, Charlotte sits with Lulu and Laura, and picks at her food. Lulu says she’s barely touched her lunch, and Laura suggests Charlotte get one of the cranberry scones, since they’re her favorite. Charlotte says, no thank you, and Lulu says she knows Charlotte is upset that Nina and her papa didn’t get married, but she promises everything will be all right. Charlotte asks how Lulu can be sure? Lulu hasn’t even told her why she ruined the wedding.

At a random coffee shop, Sasha says she’s getting a refill, and Michael asks if she really needs a third cup of coffee. She says she’ll switch to decaf, and he says he thinks she’s stalling to avoid going back. She asks if it’s that obvious, and he tells her to take as much time as she needs. She thanks him for bringing her there. She wasn’t ready to face anyone. She’s still not.

Back at Windymere, Valentin is on the phone. He asks if Nina will just please call him back. Just let him know where she is. He throws the phone as Obrecht is walking in, and she says, hey! He nearly hit her with that thing. He asks how he’d ever forgive himself. She looks at a table full of food, and says she guesses someone forgot to call the caterer. He says he was a little preoccupied. She says, apparently. He hasn’t slept, has he? He asks how he’s supposed to. Nina left the church before they were married, and he has no idea where she is.

Nina wakes up, and Jax is there with coffee. He tells her, good morning. Someone please tell me where I get one of those alarm clocks.

Jason tells Sam that Maxie confirmed Peter was carrying cash in the gym bag. He claims he was going to make an offer on an apartment. Sam says, you’d think he’d use a check or a bank transfer. Jason says, you’d think. She asks if he believes what Peter told him, and he says, Maxie does. Whatever lie Peter told him, he told Maxie first.

Maxie and Peter find Nina’s office empty. Peter asks if Maxie expected Nina to be there, but Maxie guesses she didn’t. He says it will take Nina some time to process all this, and Maxie says she still doesn’t know if Lulu did the right thing. Just because she overheard something, did she really have to out Sasha in the middle of the wedding, when Nina was so happy? On the other hand, a lie is a lie, and maybe it was better not to let Nina marry Valentin. Peter says, there is a silver lining; they were right about Sasha, but Maxie finds no comfort in that.

At Kelly’s, Lulu knows Charlotte feels confused, but Nina and her papa love her. That will never change, no matter what happens between them. Laura tells Charlotte that her mom is right. Right now, all of the adults are involved in a complicated situation, but none of it is her fault. Charlotte asks if Nina and her papa are never getting married, and Lulu says, well… Charlotte says she wants to see Nina now, but Lulu doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Charlotte thinks it will help her feel better. Laura thinks maybe it would, but Lulu doesn’t know where Nina slept. They can try her office. Curtis comes in, and Laura tells them to go ahead; she’ll settle up and catch them later. Laura says she loves them. She goes over to Curtis, and he smiles. Sort of.

Jax says he’s got coffee, and Nina asks what time it is. He says, a little after twelve, and Nina says he let her sleep past twelve? He says she obviously needed it, and she says she has to get going. He tells her, no rush. She thanks him for letting her stay. He wishes he could have given her more comfortable sleeping arrangements, but she says, anything is better than Windymere.

Obrecht is busy at the breakfast buffet, and Valentin asks if she knows where Nina might have gone. She says she loves capers, and Valentin is like, hey. She says she’s afraid she has no idea where Nina ran off to, but it’s safe to assume she got as far away from him as possible. She doesn’t blame Nina. She says she’s not one to say I told you so… Who is she kidding? She told him the truth would blow up in his face. He says she blurted out a closely guarded secret in a public restroom, and she asks how she was supposed to know Lulu was lurking in a stall? Valentin thinks it was part of her plan all along. She wanted Lulu to know. She tells him heartbreak has rendered him paranoid. She stands to lose as much as he does. Her relationships with Nina, Maxie, and James would be in jeopardy, but fear not. All hope not lost. Not yet at least.

Finn tells Hayden, it’s a turkey sandwich. She says, obviously, he’s never had a dog. Dogs don’t eat sandwiches unless it’s by accident. Honeybun is on a restricted diet. He says who thought she would be a good dog mom? She says someone is watching Honeybun while she gets settled, and he says he’s sure Honeybun will be joining her once she does. Maybe they can get Honeybun together with Roxie to frolic; a playdate. Hayden thinks it would be amusing, but she has to go. She goes into Kelly’s, and Chase walks up. He asks what that was about, and Finn says he thinks Hayden is lying. Chase asks, about what?

Nina tells Jax, that’s what she gets for insisting he come to the wedding. She wanted to show off  her great love. She tells him, just say it, and he says, say what? She says that she should have listened. He tried to warn her that Valentin was not a good guy. She doesn’t care if it was intentional. That he went along with Sasha’s lies, or it was his idea, she doesn’t know what to believe. Jax says all he knows is what she told him, that Sasha confessed to not being her daughter. Did she say Valentin was involved? Nina says, no, but that doesn’t mean he’s innocent. Jax says, it doesn’t mean he’s guilty either. He’s the last person who wants to defend Valentin, but she was about to marry him, and he thinks she deserves an explanation about who knew what about Sasha. Nina says her heart is broken. She can’t imagine being in the same room with Valentin, let alone hearing him make his case. Nina says, her phone, and he says she left it in the car. He charged it. Nina says he was in the hospitality business, wasn’t he? She thanks him, and looks at all the messages. She says her phone has had a busy night.

Peter tells Maxie that he feels horrible for Nina, but at least they know the truth about Sasha now. Maxie says the worst thing is, she sees traces of Obrecht in this. She denies it, but that doesn’t mean anything. She loves Obrecht, but she’ll lie to anyone, and it would explain the DNA tests. She wonders why Michael didn’t say anything when he found out. Charlotte and Lulu are at the door, and Charlotte says, what?! Lulu tells her, stay calm, but Charlotte wants to know what Maxie said about Sasha.

Michael tells Sasha the secret is gone; it’s got to feel freeing on some level. Sasha says, it’s been replaced by even more guilt. He says she can’t change what happened, but she can start healing and moving on. She asks, what about the case against Cassandra Pierce? Michael warned her that her testimony could be compromised if she was exposed as a liar. What if that demented woman goes free because of her? He says there’s still a laundry list of crimes Cassandra has committed, and she’ll still go to prison. She says, what about Nina? Her heart is broken. Charlotte loves Nina, and was so excited for the wedding. Now it’s trashed because of her. He says this isn’t solving anything. The only way out is through. The sooner she faces it, she can put it behind her. She doesn’t see the point in going back to Port Charles. She doesn’t have a life there anymore.

Valentin tells Obrecht, maybe it’s the lack of sleep, but he’s following her. She says, think about it. Sasha confessed to her lies and her role in the ruse. She never mentioned his involvement. Let her shoulder the blame, and they can escape culpability, if they play their cards right. Valentin says, Sasha has no loyalty and could give them up at any time. Obrecht says then they must make sure she never has the chance.

Chase asks if Finn doesn’t think lying about a finger painting is a little tame for Hayden. Finn says he overheard Hayden telling someone she loved them. Chase says, like a boyfriend? Finn says, she said it was her lab, Honeybun. A dog. From what he knows about Hayden, it sounds made up. Chase asks if Finn wants him to open an investigation. Dog ownership fraud is a serious crime. Does he think Honeybun made the painting? Finn says, forget he said anything. Chase says if Finn if thinks Hayden is lying about a dog to cover-up a new relationship, it has nothing to do with him. Hayden is his ex, and in the past. His present and future is with Anna. Finn says he and Anna are in a great place, but Chase says he doesn’t sound convincing. Everything is going well, right?

Hayden gets some coffee, and sits with Curtis and Laura. She apologizes for being late, and asks what she missed. Curtis says Laura was bringing him up to speed about what she found on Spoon Island. Laura says she saw a portrait of Helena. Hayden asks if she’s talking about the one Helena left Nikolas in her will? and Laura says, that’s the one. It used to hang in the trophy room, but Valentin took it down. Curtis asks, what’s special about this object of art? and Laura says all the things Helena left to people in her will, were really clues to something else. It was Helena’s way of getting them to jump through hoops from the grave. Curtis says, she sounds charming. Hayden says Nikolas was never able to figure it out. Does she think it has something to do with the codicil? Laura says Doc thinks so. He saw a pattern in the jewel work on Helena’s jacket that seems to confirm the location of the codicil being on Spoon Island.

Valentin asks Obrecht how they’re going to prevent Sasha from giving them up to Nina. Obrecht says, Sasha is the last person Nina wants to see, aside from him. She’s not going to listen to any excuses Sasha tries to offer. Valentin says she’ll want answers. Sasha has already thrown herself under the bus. What’s to prevent her from taking them with her? Obrecht says, they need to send Sasha packing for good. She must ever return to Port Charles.

Sasha thinks she should head for Chappaqua, and Michael asks if he’s not enough reason to stick around. She says, of course (🍷) he is, but if he was smart, he’d run for the hills. He says he knows what he’s getting into, and she asks if he’s a masochist. He says, no, but Sasha agreed to work with Valentin because her grandmother needed money for surgery. That’s why he’s standing by her. Once everyone hears the full story, he knows they will too. She says he wins. She’ll head back and face the music.

Maxie says she’s so sorry. She didn’t know Charlotte and Lulu were there. Lulu says they were looking for Nina, and Peter says she’s not there, and probably won’t be today. Charlotte wants to know what’s going on. Why did Maxie say Sasha isn’t Nina’s daughter? Maxie asks Peter to give them a second, and he says, of course (🍷). He leaves, and Charlotte asks, what’s going on? Lulu says, something bad happened at the wedding. She told Nina something that upset her. Charlotte asks, why? and Lulu says she wanted to tell Nina the truth, and let her decide how she wanted to deal with it. Charlotte asks Lulu to tell her what happened, and Lulu says, there’s been a mistake. Sasha isn’t really Nina’s daughter.

Jax sees the couch empty except for Nina’s veil. He finds her by the window, and asks if everything is okay. She says, given the circumstances. She thanks him, and says she should go. He says she doesn’t have to, but she says she can’t stay there. He asks, why not? He knows it’s light on furniture, but if she wants to lie low, no one will come looking for her there.

Henderson (new information) is brought out, and Jordan asks how he managed to interfere with Shiloh’s transfer. He says he wants his phone call. She asks if he thinks his lawyer can help him after the stunt he pulled. He repeats that he wants his phone call, and she says, fine. Set him up in the interrogation room, and make sure he gets his call. Sam hopes he reveals who helped Shiloh to escape.

Not a big shock, Peter’s phone rings. Henderson says, hey boss, and Peter asks what the hell he’s doing. Henderson says he needs to see Peter, but Peter says, absolutely not. Henderson tells him that he’d better hurry to the PCPD before they start questioning him. Peter says he’s not coming, and Henderson asks if he’s sure. He’s getting impatient, and if he were Peter, he wouldn’t keep him waiting.

Peter says Henderson doesn’t need him; he needs a lawyer. Henderson asks what Peter thinks a lawyer is going to advise him to do when he tells them who paid him to bust Shiloh loose. Let’s talk strategy. Peter says, if he comes there, he’ll expose their relationship. Henderson says Peter had better come up with something fast. He wasted his call on Peter, and the Commissioner is itching to question him. He doesn’t know how long he’ll be able to stall, and he’s getting tired. Peter says, here’s what they’re going to do. Listen carefully.

Jason asks if there will be a delay with the paperwork, but Jordan says, no. Chase will take Sam’s final statement later, but she’s free to go. Sam says she can’t wait. A dude strides in, and says, not so fast. He introduces himself as Edward Caldwell from the FBI, and asks if this is the woman who killed Shiloh. Jordan says they’ve confirmed it was self-defense. Edward says he appreciates the legwork, but it happened in international waters. It’s under their jurisdiction. It’s a federal matter.

Peter asks if Henderson understands what he needs to tell them. Henderson says he’ll take care of it, and Peter says see that he does. Peter jets out of the Crimson office.

Sasha and Michael go to Crimson. He tells her that he’ll be right there, and she thanks him. Charlotte tells Lulu, Sasha is Nina’s daughter. She said so over and over. Lulu says, it’s very complicated, and Charlotte says, everyone keeps telling her that. Even if Nina’s not Sasha’s mom, why didn’t Nina and her papa get married? Sasha comes in, and says Nina was too upset after she found out she lied.

Nina tells Jax it’s a very generous offer, but one night is enough. She can’t stay indefinitely. Jax says it’s not a problem, but she says she needs to face everyone. She has nothing to be ashamed of. She didn’t do anything wrong. She asks who she’s kidding; she’s mortified. He tells her to take her time to process it, but she says, no amount of time is going to fix this. She wanted a child so bad, she fell for Sasha’s lie hook, line, and sinker. Jax tells her not to blame herself. Sasha lied, and took advantage of her open heart. Nina wonders if she’s a victim, a fool, or both. He says, neither. She tells him  that he’s being supportive and generous again, but it’s her mess. She’ll have to learn how to deal with it. She needs to go back to Windymere, and find something else to wear. He says, even if Valentin is there? and she says, who cares if he is?

Finn says he and Anna are doing great. Chase is glad to hear it, but says Finn doesn’t seem glad. Chase doesn’t understand why Finn is so hung up on Hayden. Finn says he’s not. Chase says he gets it. Anna has been away for months (yeah, where is Finola Hughes already?). Meanwhile, his ex blows back into town. He tells Finn, be careful not to fill the void Anna left by bringing Hayden back in his life. Finn says, that’s not what’s happening, and Chase says he hopes not. Chases phone goes off, and he says he needs to get back. He tells Finn to keep his head on straight. Finn says Chase is giving him advice now? Chase says, maybe. Don’t lose track of his priorities. Anna will be back sooner or later.

Curtis hopes Laura has good luck following up on the portrait, and Hayden says they could use some luck. Curtis says, agreed. He tells her, Valentin needs to pay hard and fast for what he did to Nina. Hayden says, sounds like it’s not just a job to him anymore, and Curtis says, damn right. Valentin used him to manipulate Nina into believing a stranger was her daughter. He’s glad Nina kicked Valentin’s ass to the curb.

Valentin says Obrecht makes an interesting point. If Sasha avoids contact with Nina, they should be in the clear. Obrecht says then she’ll have to encourage Sasha’s departure immediately. The doorbell rings, and Obrecht says that wouldn’t be Nina. Perhaps it’s Sasha. Valentin opens the door to Laura, who hopes she’s not intruding. Valentin asks when that’s stopped her. Obrecht says she’ll give them some space, and tells Valentin they’ll continue this later.

Laura sees the food and says, no one called the caterers to tell them the wedding brunch was canceled? Valentin asks if she’s come to gloat… and she says, no, but she’s not going to pretend she’s not happy Nina left. It’s the least he deserved. He asks why she’s there, and she says she wants to inquire about the portrait of Helena that used to hang in the trophy room. He says, the one Charlotte can’t stand? She says she’d like to take it off his hands, but he says, sorry to tell her, he had it thrown it out this morning.

Laura asks what Valentin means, and he says, waste disposal. Is it a new concept? She says the painting wasn’t trash, and he knows it. He tells her, Charlotte was complaining that the animals in the trophy room thought it brought the mood down, so he got rid of it. She asks where it is, and he says, a landfill? She says he had no right, and he asks why she cares. She hated Helena. She says Helena left the painting to Nikolas, and now it belongs to Spencer, who should have had a say. He says Spencer had ample time for that, every time he broke in to kick Valentin’s shins. He doesn’t think she cares about the painting at all, and is just there to kick him when he’s down. She can do that on the other side of the water. He has no patience for this now. She promises he’ll regret this, and slams out.

Curtis says he’s so pissed at Valentin, he could flip the table, and Hayden thinks he’s getting ahead of himself. He doesn’t know for sure that Valentin was involved. Curtis says he orchestrated the DNA test to pretend Sasha was Nina’s daughter. Hayden is sure he’ll get his when the estate is returned to its rightful heirs. Curtis says, not to mention, she’ll get her cut. She says she has her reasons, and he tells her, share. She says Spencer is a great kid. They owe it to him to play it smart. They can’t let Valentin know they’re on to him, or he might find and destroy the codicil. Let him think he’s in the clear. It’s their best shot. Curtis thinks it makes sense, but he’s not satisfied. Hayden tells him, the hard part is, if the cops bring a case against Sasha for fraud, he has to convince Nina not to cooperate.

Charlotte says, Sasha lied to Nina? and Sasha says, it was a big mistake. She told a lie, and it hurt a lot of people. Charlotte says she’s not really Nina’s daughter? Sasha says, no, and Charlotte asks why she lied. Sasha says she heard Nina was searching for her daughter, and thought it would be nice to be part of their family. Charlotte says Nina is rich, but Sasha says she didn’t want Nina’s money. She liked Nina, and she liked Charlotte. She thought she wouldn’t be hurting anyone, but she was wrong. Her lie hurt a lot of people, especially Nina, and she hurt Charlotte too. She’s so sorry. Charlotte is still incredibly important to her. Charlotte turns her back to Sasha, saying she doesn’t believe her. How can she? Sasha is probably lying again.

Jordan says the charges have been dropped, and Sam was cleared, but Edward says, not by the FBI. He wants to review the evidence Jordan has, and she says she has no intention of stepping on their toes. She assumes they’ll come to the same conclusion, and sees no reason Sam should be there. Edward says, she can leavefor now. He tells Sam, don’t leave town until they’ve had a little chat. Chase comes out of the interrogation room, and says, the suspect in Shiloh’s escape case is ready to talk.

Charlotte says Sasha spoiled everything. Why did she lie? Sasha says she made a terrible mistake, but she’s not lying now. She loves Charlotte. Charlotte asks how she can believe Sasha when Sasha lied to her, Nina, and papa. She tells Lulu that she want to go. She doesn’t want to see Sasha now. They leave, and Michael holds Sasha.

Valentin picks up his phone. Nina walks in, with Jax behind her.

Curtis tells Hayden that he doesn’t want to involve Nina. Valentin has put her through too much already. Hayden says, all the more reason to keep her clear of a potential fraud case. The real justice for Valentin will be in losing the Cassadine estate. Curtis says he’ll think about, and she says that’s all she asks. He has to get going. Is there anything else she needs? She says she needs him to find her a dog.

Finn calls Anna, saying he just wants to hear her voice. Give him a call when she gets the chance. He loves her. He looks through Kelly’s window, and sees Hayden. She looks back, and half-smiles.

Sam tells Jason that she didn’t think she was coming home. Jason thinks it’s just a formality. The FBI will review the case, and that will be the end of it. Sam hopes so.

Jordan asks if Henderson is ready to talk. He nods, and she says, without a lawyer present? He says he doesn’t need one. He wants to tell them the truth about why he broke Shiloh out of custody.

Peter goes to the café. He looks at his phone. We see a headline in The Invader that says Media Mogul Murders, with Sam’s picture underneath.

Henderson says the guy was supposed to be a guru and a cult leader, but he’s not a follower or true believer. Helping Shiloh escape was just a job. Jordan asks who hired him, and he says, Samantha McCall.

Tomorrow, Julian tells Brad that he doesn’t take kindly to threats, Lucy tells Sasha that they’re going to make bajillions, Sonny hopes Nina cleans Valentin out, and Nina tells Valentin that she can’t believe anything he says.

🗽 Tonight, on Million Dollar Listing: New York, Ryan’s wife Emilia had a baby girl named Zena., who has tons of hair. Ryan described it as being all perfect, so I guess he can buy gifts now without fear of superstition. Ryan said the love for his family – which they were now – knew no bounds. Zena gave him a new meaning for his life, and everything he’d do going forward would be for her. He had taken a break, but now it was time to get back to work. He hosted a broker viewing party for his video promoting the ground floor Tribeca loft, and encouraged everyone to drink, saying the video would look better if they drank before they watched it. He explained that he did a lot of weird stuff to sell apartments because in a buyer’s market, you have to. He was still nervous, worried that instead of laughing with him, his audience would laugh at him. He didn’t need to worry, since the video was adorable and fun. You can check it out yourself below. Everyone loved it, and the owners – who had shown up, adding to Ryan’s stress – thought it was amazing. He said he’d put it up on YouTube where people are just mean to be mean, so if you watch it, don’t be mean.

Tyler didn’t have as good of a day. First was a listing meeting for an apartment at Columbus Circle, where, along with Central Park, the views never change. He said he researched his ass off, not just what sold, but what condition it was in. He’d promised his bosses to get a listing in the $5-10 million range. The sellers’ daughter, Sarah, showed him the apartment, but things quickly went downhill when she insisted they would want above market price. They’d sunk a million into the renovation, and she also thought the time and effort put into it should reflect in the price. <insert sound of incorrect answer in a game show here> Wrong. I’m not even a broker, and I know no buyer is going to care about that. She wouldn’t let Tyler talk directly to them, but said she’d float his pricing suggestion by her parents. Tyler said in today’s market, a seller needed someone who could be honest, but apparently Sarah and her parents didn’t give a rip about honesty, and went with one of the liars who claimed they could get more than it was worth. On the upside, Tyler met with Tommy, who was selling a two-bedroom in Chelsea near Chelsea Market. The place was covered in art, and Tommy said that’s why he and his partner had gotten it in the first place – wall space. Tyler thought there was a lot going on – he could hardly see the walls, and the furniture was outdated – but believed he could market it. He asked Tommy why he wanted to sell, and Tommy told Tyler that he had a house in New Jersey, but his partner had also passed away four years ago, and there was too much of him there. It was heartbreaking to hear about the restrictions in the 80s when they’d gotten together, and a little surprising. Apparently, Fire Island (now synonymous with gay summering) wasn’t very gay friendly at that time. Tommy said gay men always had a woman with them, because two men together on the dance floor was not allowed. That was also why line dancing was popular. New information! Tyler asked if Tommy was emotionally ready to sell, and Tommy recognized there would be reluctance on his part, but it was something he wanted and needed to do. Tyler was reminded of why he was in the business. It wasn’t just about the money, but helping people through this. I guess Tommy also recognized that Tyler was one of the good guys, agreed with him on a price point, and they shook hands on the deal.

Still in L.A., Fredrik met with his L.A. team, who he loves. He checked out his new corner office, in the same building where Josh Altman and Tracy Tutor-Maltas from MDLNY’s sister show, have offices. The broker said it seemed that Fredrik and Josh needed to do some fence mending, and told Fredrik that Josh thought L.A. was his turf. Fredrik also looked at a rental house with Derek. He wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of Derek and the kids moving west, and him being bi-coastal. He pointed out how quiet it was there, and wondered if it wasn’t boring without the background that NYC has, reminding me of Neil Diamond’s Beautiful Noise. He said NYC was in his blood, and wondered how you can turn your heartbeat off. The rent on the house was $40K a month, which he thought was a crazy number to throw away, but he wasn’t dropping $10 million on a house when a decision hadn’t been made yet. Derek thought the kids would have a better quality of life, but was amicable to waiting. Fredrik had an open house for the property he was relaunching, and although he’d invited Josh Altman, Josh seemed to be ghosting him. He was puzzled once again, since he and Derek often went out with Josh and wife Heather. The other white Josh, Josh Flagg, did show up, and told Fredrik not to take it personally, saying Altman had a big ego and was insecure. Fredrik offered the $160K sportscar sitting in the driveway to anyone who signed at the open house. While Altman didn’t show, Heather did, four weeks away from giving birth. He asked what was up with her husband, and she told him there was a friendship there, and Josh felt Fredrik holding onto information had been shady and slimy. What the info was, I have no clue, but I’m guessing we’ll hear more on that next week.

Steve told us that the first thing he does in the morning, besides get his coffee, is look new listings, because he needs to know the comps and the competition. It wasn’t Steve’s best morning, since he saw Corcoran Sunshine listed the penthouse below the one he was given to list – at a lower price per foot. In addition to messing up his comps, it meant he had to compete with the lower price. He said he couldn’t collaborate if they were going to compete with him behind his back. He met with developer Joel, who seemed to think Steve’s penthouse being on the top floor should be enough to justify the price difference. In Steve’s interview, he said the apartment would seem overpriced, and he’d look like a greedy broker. And I still didn’t understand how a penthouse wouldn’t be on the top floor. He told Joel that a buyer’s market is value driven, and apartments are almost never listed together, but released separately. They want to build momentum, and let a buyer feel that the property is exclusive. Joel wouldn’t budge, and in his interview, Steve said he felt used by Joel just to get publicity for the building. To top it off, when he went to the penthouse, Corcoran Sunshine had obviously been showing it. He said since they had the building, it was their prerogative, but it was unprofessional, messy, and there was garbage all over. They certainly didn’t leave it as they found it. He also wasn’t sure if they were putting his listing down behind his back, and making it seem inferior in order to sell their own. When some potential buyers showed up, he realized his show sheets were missing as well. It sounded to me like he was definitely being undermined. Now all of the potential buyers were asking about the other penthouse’s pricing. He ended up talking to Pam, head of Corcoran, and she agreed he had a right to be sensitive. His name is attached and he had no say, even though whatever happened would affect his brand. Although the whole thing was a huge surprise, Steve rallied well, and Pam promised to help him out.

Next time, psychological warfare, more on Josh’s animosity toward Fredrik, and Steve thinks about walking away from the penthouse listing.

🚕 While I’m not big on game shows, Bravo seems to have acquired Cash Cab, and so far, it’s fun. Kind of like Trivial Pursuit on wheels. In case you’re not familiar with the game, driver Ben Bailey picks up riders and asks them various questions until they get to their destination. If they get the answer right, they get cash, but if they get it wrong, it’s a strike, and they’re only allowed three. If they get three strikes, they’re dumped out wherever they are and get no winnings. I haven’t seen this happen yet, but it sounds like it has the potential for a brawl. If they reach their destination, they’re also allowed a double or nothing video question. There are other components involved, like the contestants being allowed help, but you get the idea. Since it’s Bravo, the occasional Bravolebrity is an added passenger. Tonight, it was Fredrik, who led his team to a double or nothing victory of over two grand.

📹 Ryan’s Masterpiece…

It speaks for itself.











October 3, 2019 – The Painting Reveals a Clue, Tyler Redeems Himself, No Drama For Lisa, No Costumes Please & It’s Starting


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Finn catches Hayden on the phone with her daughter.

Ava sits sipping a martini at the bar in the Rib. She has the stack of Ryan’s letters with her, and Chet says, most people don’t have time for handwritten notes anymore. She says, the author of these letters has nothing but time on his hands. She downs the martini, and Chet asks if it’s not good enough to be savored. She says, on the contrary, but on nights like this she prefers to go right to a bout of well-lubricated amnesia. Michael comes up to the bar to pay his tab, and Ava asks him to tell his father to please stop ignoring her voicemails. She’s supposed to see Avery tomorrow, but can’t finalize plans if he doesn’t respond. Michael says Sonny has been busy. He and Avery have a new baby sister. Ava needs another drink. Or four.

Carly tries to get Sonny to go to the waiting room; their daughter needs to feel him close to her. Jason comes in, and Sonny asks him to stay with Carly while he checks on their daughter.

Laura says, Doc found a clue in the painting? He says, possibly, but he might possibly be seeing what he wants to see. He wouldn’t be the first cryptographer who saw a clue that didn’t exist. Laura asks what he thinks he sees. He says, that the codicil actually exists.

Nina wonders where Valentin got his musical talent. She doesn’t think it was from Mikkos. Valentin says, Mikkos didn’t sing; he screamed. Even though he doesn’t want to invite bad luck, he doesn’t want to be so far away from her. They kiss, and Jax smiles at them.

In the bathroom, Sasha tells Obrecht, she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep this up. Obrecht says she made a choice; they both did. She chose to keep Sasha’s secret in order to protect Nina. Her niece’s happiness is of the utmost importance to her. Therefore, Nina must never know Sasha isn’t her daughter. Inside one of the stalls, Lulu hears, and registers total shock. Sasha says Obrecht doesn’t have to remind her what’s at stake. Nina’s happiness is her priority too. Obrecht says Sasha made Nina believe that she was Nina’s daughter, but she’s an imposter. Now they’re both in too deep to get out.

Sasha tells Obrecht not to act like some victim. Obrecht says, there’s only one victim here – poor, trusting Nina, who believes Sasha is her long lost daughter. Sasha says she’s right. She took advantage of Nina’s trust, but why did Obrecht go along with it? Obrecht says Sasha genuinely seems to care for Nina. Sasha says she does. That’s why she can’t live with it. Obrecht says neither can she, but Nina has to believe her happily ever after is finally there.

Jax asks if it’s Nina and Valentin’s last night out as single people, but Nina says it’s what’s left of there bachelor and bachelorette parties. Valentin says, driving rain wasn’t as conducive to golf as Peter thought it would be. Nina says, and her bachelorette party kind of fell flat, but their luck changed, and they wound up in the same place. Jax says, congratulations. It seems like things are going their way. Nina says what about him? He doesn’t seem like a Floating Rib kind of guy. Jax says it has its charm, and he wanted something casual, since he’ll be celebrating their relationship tomorrow. Valentin says he doesn’t have to. They don’t care if Jax approves of their relationship. Nina says, but they do. She wants him to respect their relationship.

Doc tells Laura to look at the jewels on Helena’s collar. Some sparkle, some don’t. He thinks it’s intentional. It reminds him of a constellation. Corona Vera. She asks how he knew that, and he says he’s a bit of a constellation nerd. She says, of course (🍷) he is. He says some historians believe that cryptologists were the original stargazers. They looked to the stars for meaning. Laura asks what her favorite cryptologist knows about this constellation. Doc asks if she has other cryptologists in her life, and she says, no, but she thought it sounded better than only. He says he’ll take it. She wonders if it’s a constellation out of Greek mythology, and Doc says, it’s possible. Corona Vera is roughly translated to true crown, but could be taken as rightful heir.

Michael tells Ava that he’ll pass along her congratulations, and she says, please do. He tells her that if she’s seeing Avery tomorrow, try to be sober.

Carly thanks Jason for waiting with her. She thought it would be better for Sonny be in the waiting room. He has room to pace. If she could walk, she’d be pacing with him. Jason asks how she’s holding up, and she says physically, she’s fine; there were no complications. She’s not worried about herself. She’s worried about Donna. She’s so tiny. They let Carly hold her, and she’s so sweet, pretty and alert; Carly can’t believe she’s on the operating table. Jason says, Michael had surgery when he was a newborn and came through it. Donna will too. Carly says she knew it was coming, but didn’t know she’d be so scared.

Jason gives Carly a present. He says he bought it for her. He bought it for Donna too, but mostly her. She says he doesn’t give presents, but he says, it’s a special occasion. She unwraps it, and it’s a travel guide for Africa. She says he gave the same one to Michael, and Jason says, it was the first book Michael had. He just thought it would be a great place for her and Donna to get started. She thanks him. Wow. Those Corinthos kids must be smart, reading travel guides when they’re babies.

Hayden asks if Finn is hanging over her shoulder. Finn asks since when does she have a honeybun? She says Honeybun is her dog. He asks since when does she have a dog? What kind of dog is it? She says it’s a lab named Honeybun. It’s been a while since she’s seen Honeybun, and talking helps the separation anxiety. She’s trying to make sure her baby is managing without her. She tells Finn, tease her all he wants. Finn says, it’s sweet; it’s very maternal. She says, that’s her; maternal.

Laura finds a book on constellations and myths in the library. She tells Doc, Corona Vera is connected to a myth. She reads, a distant relative usurps the crown of a rightful heir. Earning the enmity of the gods who cast him down. She says he nailed it. Helena bequeathed the portrait for a reason. It all fits. Doc says, unless she was toying with Nikolas. Were they at odds when she died? Laura says, they were. Helena tried to control Nikolas, and for decades, she tormented him. Eventually, he flipped, and used her tactics against her. He became as ruthless as she was. Laura thinks it was Helena’s plan all along. Doc wonders if she wanted to help him or hurt him, and Laura says, Helena would want Nikolas to inherit the estate before Valentin. Nikolas is her own blood, and Valentin was the product of her husband’s infidelity. She’d never want the Cassadine estate to land in Valentin’s hands. Doc says the painting seems to confirm Valentin is not the rightful heir, but that doesn’t make them any closer to the whereabouts of the codicil. Maybe the answer is in the stars.

Obrecht says, Nina doesn’t know Sasha is nursing a guilty conscience. She’s afraid Sasha is going to have a relapse. Does she want Nina worrying on her wedding day? Sasha says, of course (🍷) not. Obrecht says, then stop thinking about herself, and think about Nina. She’s going to be married, and Sasha has to be the daughter Nina needs her to be, instead of a selfish Sasha, a nobody from nowhere. They leave, and Lulu, who’s been sitting with her feet up on the toilet and getting angrier, peeks out. She says, Valentin, you son of a bitch.

Jax tells Nina that he hopes the wedding will serve as a new beginning. Not just for her and Valentin, but for them. Strictly professional, of course (🍷). No more spying, no more secret files. Nina says Jax was the one with secret files, and Jax says she and Valentin both hired Curtis to spy on him. It was a wasted effort. They could have focused on the magazine. Moving forward, he hopes they can do better. Nina does too. Put the past in the past, and leave it there. Valentin couldn’t agree more. Jax suggests calling a truce, and asks what they should drink. Obrecht sidles up, saying, a vodka martini, shaken not stirred. Jax says it’s lovely to see her, and she says, him too. She asks if he’d like to join her in a martini. I wait for him to say he doesn’t think they’ll both fit, but instead, he says, only if he’s buying. Obrecht says, they can catch up. Nina thinks it should wait until tomorrow. They have to get back for their beauty rest. Obrecht says her beauty requires minimal maintenance. Jax says something to her in German, and they have a short conversation. He leaves, and she says, what a man. Nina says, he’s very charming, but please take it slow. Obrecht tells her not to worry. She and Jax are both cosmopolitan citizens of the world. Nina didn’t even know he could speak German. She asks what Jax said, and Valentin says Jax asked her to save him a dance tomorrow night. Obrecht says, no doubt, he’ll be a marvelous dancer. Nina thinks this conversation can end.

Sasha orders a glass of wine at the bar. Michael tells her that he’s going to GH to check out Donna and Carly. Sasha says she’ll see him tomorrow, and he says, without a doubt. He tells her to keep her chin up. It will all be over soon. He kisses her, and heads for the hospital.

Obrecht tells Nina they have time for a drink. It’s her last night of freedom, and must go down with a roar, not a whimper. Nina asks if Obrecht doesn’t want rest up for her big dance, and Obrecht says, perhaps she’s right. She wants to make the most of tomorrow’s opportunity. Sasha joins them, and Nina guesses this is goodnight. Valentin hates that she’s spending the night on Spoon Island. If the weather gets worse, they’ll close the harbor, and she won’t make it back. She says she’ll swim to him. Nothing will keep her away. They kiss, and Lulu comes out of the bathroom, looking shocked and furious.

Nina thanks Lulu for coming out. She knows they’ve had their ups and downs, and appreciates Lulu making an effort. Lulu says, it’s not Nina. She thinks Nina would want… Nina asks if Lulu is okay, and Valentin suggests she overindulged. Lulu says she’s not drunk. Valentin says, no judgement, but she doesn’t want a hangover tomorrow. Lulu guesses she’s just tired. Nina tells her to get some rest. If she shows up early, they can take some cute pictures of her and Charlotte. Obrecht says, it’s time to leave, and Nina says she’ll see them tomorrow. Lulu says, yes; she will. When Nina is gone, Lulu asks Valentin if he understands how much Nina means to Charlotte. If he jeopardizes that, and Charlotte gets hurt even a little bit, she’ll tear him down. He tells her, go home; she’s drunk. Dustin comes along, and asks if he can buy Lulu a drink. She says, if he doesn’t mind, she’d like some fresh air. Dustin says he doesn’t mind, and it’s cheaper too. She says she has to get out of there.

Looking at the book, Laura tells Doc, the stars have been used for navigation for thousands of years. Maybe their position in the sky means something. He says, their position when? She says, maybe when the stars are bright? and he says, like the jewels in the painting. She says, maybe they indicate the location of the codicil. He suggests they start by finding out when the constellation is most visible.

Hayden asks what Finn is doing at the Rib, and he says he got roped into Valentin’s bachelor party. Hayden says the things they do for love. Jax approaches them, and says, there she is. He thinks they should grab a table. Hayden say she needs to use the restroom. Jax asks Finn if Hayden is okay, and Finn thinks she just misses her dog. He says, strange. He never thought of Hayden as a dog person. Jax says it’s news to him too. Finn asks if Jax has never met Hayden’s lab, Honeybun.

Hayden finds Ava crying over the sink in the bathroom. Hayden says, rough night? and Ava says, rough couple of years. Hayden needs to use the sink, and asks if Ava minds moving. Ava says, actually, she does mind.

Carly ask Jason to tell her what’s going on. She knows him. He wouldn’t have left if it wasn’t important. He says, Sam’s been arrested for Shiloh’s murder. Carly says, what? How is that possible? He’s a kidnapper and sexual predator. Sam shot him to save Jason’s life. He says, Sam shot Shiloh in the back, and Carly asks what she was supposed to do. Politely ask him to turn around? Jason says, that’s what the cops said, but Carly says, the cops are wrong. Jason agrees, but a nurse overheard Sam say something potentially incriminating. Diane says the statement is hearsay, but then someone dropped off a recording with Sam saying she wanted Shiloh dead. Carly says people say that all the time, and he says, but Sam didn’t say it. The tape is fake. Someone is trying to frame Sam. Carly asks what they’d get out of it, and he says, maybe they’re leftover DoD members. If that’s all it is, Diane can handle it, but Sam is in lock-up, and her arraignment is tomorrow. Hopefully, this is the end of it. Sonny comes in, and Carly asks if it’s over. Sonny says he didn’t see Donna, but the operation is over. The surgeon is going to talk to them

Outside the Rib, Dustin gives Lulu his jacket. She thanks him for walking with her. He says she seems stressed, and she says, it’s complicated. He says he can handle it, and she says, someone she knows was lied to by a person they love. He asks if it’s bad, and she says, it’s despicable. He asks if she’s going to tell them, and she says she hasn’t decided yet. There’s chance a chance this someone would prefer not knowing. Dustin says, so do you help someone by not hurting them, or hurt them by not helping them? She says that’s her dilemma. What do you do when you think you really know someone, and it turns out they’re not that person at all? I wonder if this is a foreshadowing that Dustin also isn’t the person Lulu thinks either.

Laura reads that Corona Vera is visible in the northern hemisphere from November through March. She shows him the coordinates, and he says, the latitude and longitude is Spoon Island. She says he’s kidding, and he shows her on his phone. She hugs him, and says, they did it, but he says, not yet. The house is massive, and there’s the grounds and the outbuildings, not to mention the island itself. He’s not sure they can narrow it down. She says he got his first clue is in the painting, so the painting might hold another. They hear Nina, Obrecht, and Sasha in the foyer, and try to act normal.

Hayden fixes Ava’s makeup. Ava says she’s not the type to engage in a public crying jag, and Hayden says she didn’t think Ava cried at all. Ava says she thought the same thing about Hayden. Hayden asks where she got that idea, and Ava says, Nikolas. Hayden says she couldn’t afford to be vulnerable, but Ava wonders, why not? Nikolas was wonderful; sensitive and generous. Hayden says, he wanted her dead, and Ava says, so he had contradictions. Hayden says, don’t we all. She tells Ava that it was better in the long run. A simpler relationship was better for her. Ava says Finn hardly strikes her as simple, and Hayden says they’re done. She wants to be clear that Finn is in the past. She gave up on him, like Ava seems to have given up on life. Ava squeezes her glass so hard, it breaks.

Jax tells Finn that Hayden never mentioned a dog to him, but to be fair, she never mention she’d been engaged to Finn. They don’t talk about their personal lives so much. It’s strictly business. Hayden runs out, and says Ava cut her hand in the ladies room. She needs Finn’s help. Finn isn’t thrilled, but says, all right, and goes into the ladies room. Hayden asks Jax why he called this meeting, and he says first, he’d like an explanation. Why hasn’t she told Finn about their child?

On the phone with Diane, Jason says he just wants Sam out. They’ll deal with the rest later. Michael comes in with flowers, and Jason tells him the operation is over. The surgeon is talking to his parents now. They see the doctor come out of Carly’s room, and they go in. No one is crying, so that’s a good sign. Michael asks what the surgeon said, and Sonny says, their little girl came thought with flying colors. Carly says, Donna is going to be okay. Michael is happy for them, and hugs Carly. Everyone smiles.

Sonny says the surgery was a complete success, and there are no complications. Michael says, it’s a miracle. The first uncomplicated Corinthos. Carly says Donna will have to stay at the hospital for a while. She’s on antibiotics, in case of infection, and she’ll be monitored to make sure she’s healing properly, but the surgeon doesn’t think there’s any reason to worry. Sonny asks if  Jason and Michael want to see her, and Michael suggests they take shifts. Sonny takes Jason with him, and Michael asks how Carly stays so strong. Carly says he wouldn’t be saying that if he’d seen her during the surgery. She breathes a sigh of relief.

Dustin tells Lulu, it depends on what it relates to. She asks if he promises not to tell anyone, and he says he doesn’t know any of these people, except for her. She says she needs to hear him say it, and he says he promises. It’s her secret to keep or tell. She says, it turns out Nina’s daughter Sasha isn’t her daughter. It’s a scam. She knows Valentin has something to do with it. He probably cooked the whole thing up, and now Nina is going to marry him. Smug bastard. Here she is, armed with information that could blow him out of the water. Only.. Dustin says, only she’ll destroy the wedding. He says, look at it from Nina’s perspective. Would she want to know the truth?

Back at Windymere, Nina, Sasha, and Obrecht sit on the couch, drinking wine. Sasha thinks she’s had enough, but Nina says, no, and she can’t say no to the bride. Obrecht says, certainly not. She wishes her niece nothing but the best. They clink glasses, and Nina says she has gifts for them. Obrecht says, her first. Nina gives Obrecht a huge box. Obrecht unwraps it – real wrapping paper too – and says, her very own karaoke machine. She’ll be compelled to audition for American Idol in no time, although I think she’s probably missed the cut-off by a few years already. Nina says it’s Sasha’s turn, and gives her a small box. Sasha opens it, and says she can’t. Obrecht asks what it is, and Nina shows her the necklace. Obrecht says, it’s a significant gift, and Sasha says, and way too much. Nina says, nothing is too much when it comes to her. It’s not the original, but she had it made. She shows Sasha that she’s wearing the other half, and puts the necklace on her. Nina says, it’s perfect. Just like them.

Jax and Hayden sit at a table, and Laura and Doc walk in. Laura thinks they should keep their theory between the two of them for now. She feels that Hayden could still be a wild card. Hayden tells Jax that Finn could have heard. She doesn’t see how this involves Jax, but Jax says when he covers for her, it makes him an accomplice; a role he’s not comfortable with. She’s going to get caught, and he thinks she should cut her losses. Her lies are getting more desperate by the minute. A dog named Honeybun? She says she had to cover; it’s too late for anything else. If Finn had come to Rome, she would have told him, but now he’s with Anna. Jax says, that doesn’t change the fact that Finn has a daughter he doesn’t know about.

Finn washes Ava’s cut. He tells her to keep pressure on it, and when she gets home, put on a proper bandage and disinfectant. And lay off the booze, or it will keep bleeding. Ava says, as if the night couldn’t get worse. Finn asks how she cut herself, and Ava says his ex-girlfriend. Hayden offered unsolicited advice and an inaccurate assessment of her life. Who is she to judge? How did he end up with that hypocrite anyway? He says they never ended up together, and he’s engaged. Ava says, since when has that ever stopped anybody?

Nina tells Sasha that when she went to the jeweler to have the necklace made, she thought what her life would have been like if Valentin hadn’t found Sasha. She couldn’t imagine it. Sasha has made her a better person. They would have found each other regardless. They were destined to be together. Nina thanks her for being her daughter. She loves her. Sasha says she loves Nina too. They hug, and Sasha looks at Obrecht over Nina’s shoulder.

Lulu tells Dustin, of course (🍷) she’d want to know, but it might be better for Nina to live in ignorance, and sit on this truth. How can she make it through the wedding? How is she going to keep her mouth shut while Nina exchanges vows with that liar? Dustin says, maybe a distraction at the wedding would help. Lulu asks, what kind? and says, an escort at her side. He could be her back up. Does she have a date? She says, no, and he asks if she wants one.

Obrecht says, time for bed; it’s getting late. Sasha says she’s tired, and Nina says, okay. She can hardly wait for Sasha to be by her side tomorrow. Sasha says, it’s going to be beautiful, they hug, and Sasha goes to her room. Obrecht hugs Nina, grabs her karaoke machine, and also leaves. Nina sees the painting, and says, that’s enough out of you, covering it again. Valentin says, that woman is a real buzzkill. She says he’s not supposed to be there, but he says he needed to see her one last time. They kiss, and he says he has something important for her.

At the Rib, Doc tells Laura, there are other clues in the painting, but a photograph is a poor substitute for the real thing. Laura bets there are lots of clues. Helena intended for Nikolas to figure it out.

Valentin says, eyes closed, and puts a gorgeous necklace in front of Nina. He says, open them, and she says, it’s beautiful. He puts it on her, and says he loves her. They kiss.

Ava tries to think of the last time she saw Finn’s fiancé, but here’s Hayden. She’s still head over heels in love with him. Finn says Hayden made it clear she feels nothing, but Ava tells him not to kid himself, or let Hayden kid him. She’s lying when she says she’s over him.

Hayden says, telling Finn will just throw upheaval into their lives, and Jax says, it’s probably for the best. She asks if he’s saying Finn wouldn’t want her back. He asks if it’s never crossed her mind, and she says, obviously it’s crossed her mind. She’s thought of everything from a happily ever after to an ugly custody fight. But she always comes to the same conclusion. Finn can never know.

Carly tells Michael, Donna is so tiny and fragile. She kept worrying that something would go wrong, and that one moment is all she would get. Michael says she has a lifetime of moments. Donna is a lucky girl. She’s got the best mom in the world. They hug, and Carly says she loves him.

Jason and Sonny look at baby Donna. Sonny asks what Jason thinks. Jason says, she’s so tiny, and Sonny says, tiny, but fierce. They chose the right name. Their little girl is a fighter.

Tomorrow, Nina doesn’t want to hear it, Jax knows Sonny is covering up something about Dev, and Sam thinks Shiloh had an accomplice.

🗽 This week, on Million Dollar Listing: New York, Steve was gifted with the listing of the neo Bauhaus designed penthouse in The Noma. Steve had been focusing on buyers, since selling takes longer and it was a buyer’s market, but the penthouse – featuring 360* views, one of them being the Empire State Building – having never been listed, appealed to Steve. Developer Joel had hired Corporate Sunshine to sell the rest of the building, but felt the penthouse was unique, and needed a special marketing push. Steve didn’t want to step on any toes, but head broker Pam was thrilled it was Steve, instead of an outside broker. He threw a tremendous open house, including brokers Corporate Sunshine worked with, since they had the other listings in the building. I thought that was pretty smart, but Joel acted like a huge baby at the open house, trolling Steve, and saying the point of hiring him was to bring in new blood, and he was seeing faces he’d seen before. He wanted a Steve party, not a Corporate Sunshine party. Steve finally convinced Joel that he got plenty of people to come, influencers in particular, who would give the penthouse more exposure. Steve described it as very Instagrammable.

Since Ryan rebranded SoHY, he fell in love with it. One of his guests had said he has the magic, so he decided to run with that. However, he turned out to be a much better agent than a magician, so he hired one for the open house. Although he did dress like one, with a top hat, cape, and white gloves, which caused his wand to keep slipping. In his interview, he told us that when you create something, you have to keep saying the name over and over until others are saying it. He also dubbed himself The Great Serhantagasm, and couldn’t stop laughing at his own joke. With six hundred and eleven people there, he got his old enthusiasm back. He thought he and Emilia should buy something in the building to rent, and bought the penthouse himself. That left two other apartments, one of which he got a serious off for. The developer wanted to hold out on the price, but Ryan said there was a concern that the other units might not be sold, or that he’d end up renting them out. Ryan asked to list the rest of the building. The developer felt for a broker to buy his own listing meant something; he has faith in the property. He told Ryan if he could sell the penthouse at a slightly higher price, then he could list the rest of the building. On the personal front, Ryan and Emilia went to the eight-bedroom townhouse they’re renovating, and Emilia thought she might be going into labor.

Fredrik had a Greenwich Village single family townhouse that words can’t even describe. It had a floor-through master, a children’s suite, a beautiful and quiet backyard, and in the basement, a 1200-bottle wine cellar, gym, and stage. Fredrik was leaving for L.A. where he was meeting Derik, but before he left, was able to get the owners down a little in price ($20 million), which he felt was more marketable. In his interview, Fredrik said the conversation about Adam wanting to move to L.A. was completely unexpected. He said he does like driving his Bentley, and agreed L.A. had a different vibe. He was happy that Derik was happy there, but said he’d have to be bi-coastal, and he was already missing the kids when away from them. He told Derik that the hotel they were staying in was going to be a future townhouse development. He had a listing for a house there as well, but it was one that most brokers there had already seen, and relaunching a property is a problem.

Tyler had a huge fail last week, with only one broker showing up to his breakfast open house. Given a second chance, he called every broker he knew for a pied-à-terre party. He told them to also bring their buyers if they were in town. He had a horse carriage on stand-by, one of his main selling points being that the buyer’s front yard  would be Central Park. He ended up with lots of people – and Ryan, who called Triplemint (Tyler’s company) Bubblemint, and was humorously antagonistic in general. Tyler told the potential buyers that he had a special surprise, and took them on a carriage ride through the park, telling them, the best amenity was New York City. He got an offer that looked good for a hot minute, redeeming himself, until the buyer found out they were relocating for work, and had to retract it. I wanted to cry. The developer was happy with Tyler though, and gave him another thirty days to sell the place.

Next time, Tyler gets his biggest listing, and Josh Altman (Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles) feels that Fredrik is stepping on his turf.

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We know it’s Halloween season, but please do not arrive in costume. — from an invitation to some upcoming nighttime events at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery. (Via Patch)

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Rocktober, Shocktober, or whatever cutesie name it’s given, the beginning of October spells Halloween to me. Who doesn’t like showing their true self… I mean, dressing in costume?







September 19, 2019 – Shiloh’s Trial Begins, a Tale of Two Tonys, Jeff’s Big Mouth & Hawaiian Vibe


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Michael comes out of the shower, and asks Sasha how long she’s been up. She says long enough to see the news alerts flood her phone. He asks, what happened?

Valentin walks Nina into Crimson, telling her, everything’s still there. He’s sure someone would have told her if anything catastrophic happened. She says she left Crimson in good hands. Maxie is her number one number two. The problem is, Maxie is soon going to be number one, and she’s going to be number AC1490. He tells her not to borrow trouble, and she says, who’s borrowing? With Cassandra in custody, it’s just a matter of time before she winds up in prison.

At the station, Laura asks how their guest is. Jordan says, demanding a doctor and disinfectant for the interrogation room. She can’t wait to get rid of Cassandra. Robert says, it won’t be long; the WSB is coming to pick her up. Laura hopes not too soon. She goes in to see Cassandra, who’s wiping the table with a tissue. She asks if Laura is aware of the pig sty the police force is running. Crack dens are cleaner. Laura says she’ll take Cassandra’s word for it. Cassandra demands to see her ambassador. Jordan is bringing Sonny in, and says they don’t have one from Monaco in Port Charles. Sonny asks if he’ll do.

At Kelly’s, Maxie asks Jason if Sam is nervous. She answers her own question, saying, the only things that make Sam nervous are shopping trips and personal relationships. He says, she’s looking forward to  testifying against Shiloh. Maxie says it will be easier for her, since she never believed in that stuff anyway. She feels sorry for Kristina and Willow. She doesn’t think the trial will go on for long; obviously, Shiloh is guilty. Jason asks if Peter will be there. He seems to have taken a personal interest in the case. There was a big article in The Invader this morning. She says, crime drives traffic. It’s not like it was a sympathetic piece. Shiloh is going down. Jason says, maybe. Maxie asks why he sounds unconvinced, and he says, Shiloh was offered a deal and insisted on a trial. He must still think he has a shot at acquittal. Spinelli appears, and says, that’s why they called in the big guns. Maxie jumps up, and hugs him.

Sketch guy meets with Peter at the docks, and Peter asks if he was followed. Sketch guy says he knows what he’s doing, and Peter says, then why is Andre still alive? Sketch guy says if Peter’s changed his mind about paying him, he can take care of Shiloh himself.

Chase walks into the empty courtroom to find Willow sitting on the stand. She says she wanted to get there before the place filled up. She wanted to remind herself what it feels like to be on the stand. He asks if she’s nervous, and she says she’s eager to get this done, and stop Shiloh from hurting anyone again. A guard brings Shiloh in, and he says he’d never hurt Willow. He loved her. And she loved him. He promises when this is over, they’ll be together again.

At the MetroCourt, Kristina practices her testimony for Alexis. She says she’s confident if it hadn’t been for her parent’s intervention, she’d still be under Shiloh’s control today. Alexis tells her, be careful. She doesn’t want to come across like she has a vendetta. Kristina says, she does. She can’t wait for Shiloh to go to prison. Alexis says, it’s not solely on her. Kristina says she wants to do her part, and Alexis says she will. She’s strong, and that’s who she’ll be on the stand. She’s proud of Kristina for taking back her strength and agency. Shiloh couldn’t hurt her now if he tried. Kristina is sure he will.

Maxie asks Spinelli how Georgie is; she looked great in her first day of school outfit. Spinelli says he and Ellie are grateful for her consultation. Georgie loved the outfit, and she was a hit with her peers. Maxie says she chose the dress because it looked great, and it was unique enough to stand out. Jason says, Maxie, and she says, right; the trial. Maxie asks why Spinelli is being called to the stand, and he tells her Robert said they might want background on the operations in Beecher’s Corners. She tells him, remember, clear concise statements, don’t volunteer anything, and don’t ramble. He laughs, and says he’s fully prepared. He asks if they’ll have a chance to dine while he’s there, if she’s not too swamped handling Crimson single-handedly. Maxie says, Nina is coming back, and the pressure will be off. He says she sounds disappointed. She says she was happy to do it, but she’s just as happy to hand it back. She needs to get back to work, and leaves. Jason says it’s good to see him, and Spinelli says, it’s good to be seen. It appears there’s work aplenty waiting.

Peter gives sketch guy a bag, and says he’ll need this. He’ll get the rest of the money upon completion of the job, and he’ll be richly rewarded. If he fails, they’ll both be up the creek. Understood? Sketch guy takes a gun out of his waistband, and says, after today, David Henry Archer will be nothing more than a bad memory.

Shiloh says Willow looks pale, and asks if she’s sleeping well. He says Chase must know about her restless legs. Chase starts to move toward Shiloh, but Willow stops him. She says she’ll sleep like a baby when Shiloh is in prison for the rest of his life. He asks how she’d know how a baby sleeps; she got rid of theirs. Chase says, Willow sacrificed her own happiness to protect her baby from him. She says, Wiley’s where he’s supposed to be, with two parents who love and protect him. Shiloh says, two fake parents are no substitute for one real one. She can’t stop it. One day, Wiley will know his true father.

Michael says, they found Cassandra? and Sasha says, hiding out on the Haunted Star. Talk about close calls. Does he think Cassandra came to finish her off? Michael says, it doesn’t matter. She can’t do anything to anyone. She’s going to prison. Sasha says, she’ll be there beside her pretty soon.

Nina asks Valentin if he thinks Alexis has time to defend a would-be murderer. He says they’re not hiring Alexis. She says Alexis probably wouldn’t want to defend his fiancé anyway. They’ll stick with Diane. He says they’re not hiring Diane. He’ll take care of Cassandra. Nina tells him he’s not to go near Cassandra. He’s a father… He silences her with a kiss, and asks if she trusts him. She says she does, and he says, then trust him.

Laura wonders where Cassandra’s lawyer is. Jordan says, no one showed up. In the meantime, she’s not talking to them. Robert says, maybe she’ll talk to Sonny.

Sonny tells Cassandra that he advised her to stay away from Port Charles the last time they met. She says, yet here she is. He says it’s not the worst mistake she’s ever made. The worst mistake was poisoning Sasha, and risking poisoning his son. He’s going to make sure that never happens again.

Michael tells Sasha that she’s not going to Pentenville. She can’t believe he’s standing by her, and he says, he was mad, but after he cooled off, he realized sometimes people get caught up in bad situations. There’s time for them to figure it out between them. Sasha says, in that time, Nina could have her arrested. Michael says they’ll get her situated with a lawyer, and construct the best way for this to come out. She asks if there’s any good way for Nina to find out she lied about being her daughter. He says Sasha didn’t dream this up. She was Valentin’s pawn, and made an error in judgement. The point is, she’s rectifying it. As far as crimes go in this town, hers don’t rate.

Jordan tells Laura, a couple of minutes with Sonny, who knows what Cassandra will offer up in exchange for protection from him? Laura asks if Robert doesn’t have a case to prosecute, and he says he’s waiting for his third counsel. A woman walks in, and he introduces her as Jennifer, an ADA. Laura asks what the chances are of conviction, and Robert says, excellent. Shiloh was a fool to pass up the offer. Jordan says for the victims’ sake, she’s glad he did. They deserve their day in court. Robert says he’s going to give them just that.

Sonny tells Cassandra to watch her back. She suggests he do the same, but he says, threats from a holding cell don’t play. She says she’s giving him advice like he gave her. She might be out of the game, but she’s still in the loop. The sentiment among their colleagues is that he’s outgrown his place.

Valentin comes into the station. Laura asks what he wants.

Cassandra tells Sonny, if he hadn’t refused partnership with her two years ago, he wouldn’t be in this position. He says, what position? and she says, vulnerable to those disinclined to share. He asks if she’s saying people want what he has. He thanks her for the news flash, and says, have a nice life – what’s left of it. Jordan brings Valentin in, and asks if Cassandra is under the impression he’s a lawyer. Cassandra says, why call a lawyer when you can call a old friend? Jordan leaves, and Valentin says, she wanted to see him? She says, last night. Next time, come when she calls. Valentin asks, or what is she going to do? Tell the police his wife drugged her and left her for dead? Cassandra says, ex-wife. The police are hardly motivated to follow up on that, and the police aren’t likely to take her word over Nina’s. He knows that, but Nina doesn’t, does she? And apparently, that suits him just fine.

Sasha tells Michael, she’s had some incredible experiences, living this life. Meeting him for one. He’s glad he’s on the good list. She says working at Crimson; being part of the process, and working with Maxie. She’s so smart and fun, and has a great sense of style. Maxie was in no hurry to bond like Nina, and she had to work to earn Maxie’s respect. What she’s saying is, Maxie is going to hate her like everyone else. Michael says Maxie is one of the biggest liars he’s ever met. She faked a pregnancy and perjured herself in court. Her daughter Georgie was supposed to go to someone else. Stuff happened, and she lied. Long story short, she tried pass her daughter off as the other couple’s kid, until she couldn’t go through with it. Sasha says, wow, and Michael says the point he’s making is, that Maxie found a way to turn it around. She dug a hole deeper than Sasha’s, and found a way to rise out of it. He’s confident that she will too. She wants to believe that, but even if he’s right, and she pulls a Maxie and turns into someone wonderful, that doesn’t lessen the pain Nina will feel, or Charlotte, or even Valentin. He did this because he really loves Nina. This isn’t her way to get out of telling the truth; she just wishes it’s not going to hurt so many people. He holds her.

Maxie is surprised to find Nina at Crimson. Nina says she thought she’d show up, and give Maxie a break. Maxie says, when Nina sees the surplus, it’s because she brought in the last issue under budget. Nina says Maxie is amazing. What would she do without her?

Jason tells Spinelli that Shiloh called him. Spinelli asks if he thinks Shiloh was provoking him, and trying to undermine Sam’s testimony, but Jason doesn’t think so. Spinelli asks, what other reason he would have to contact the person most responsible for his downfall? Jason says that’s what he wants Spinelli to research. Shiloh made a special point to drop Peter’s name, and he wants to know why.

Peter walks into the courtroom. He and Shiloh stare at each other.

Kristina tells Alexis that she’s trying to be more mindful, as they say in group. Alexis asks if group isn’t helping, and Kristina says, it’s fine, but right now, it feels like work. It was easier talking to Neil. Alexis asks if she wants to go back, and Kristina asks if it’s possible. Alexis says, of course (🍷), but if she’s considering that, she might want to consider a little wrinkle. Kristina asks, what kind? Alexis says she and Neil are seeing each other.

Kristina says, Alexis is dating her shrink? Alexis’s shrink? Was this before or after Kristina got treatment? Alexis says, very after. Kristina asks if it was after Neil was Alexis’s therapist, and Alexis says, nothing untoward happened. They’ve been careful to address all the implications and pitfalls. Being her daughter doesn’t betray any of Kristina’s confidences. Kristina says, with her or Neil? and Alexis says, both. Kristina doesn’t know what to think or how to feel. She’s been pouring her heart out to Neil, and now Alexis is dating him. Alexis says Neil would never tell her anything, and Kristina says she knows; confidentiality. She’ll need some time to adjust. Alexis says, nothing is more important than Kristina. If Kristina doesn’t want her to see Neil, say the word. Sonny approaches, and asks if Kristina is ready to go. He wonders if everything is okay. Alexis’s phone dings, and she says she has a referral for another client, and has to go. She’ll try to get to court as soon as possible. She jets, and Sonny asks if Kristina wants to talk about it. Kristina says, if she never hears those words again…

Valentin tells Cassandra, they have an understanding. There’s nothing more to discuss. She asks if it’s been so long since he laid eyes on Charlotte’s surrogate. The world thinks Claudette is dead, but they both know she’s very much alive. He says the photo she sent is long gone, and she says, who needs a photo when she has Claudette? She tells quite a story about him. Valentin doesn’t think Cassandra has checked on that since she was in a coma, or she would have learned that Claudette has long since flown the coop. Cassandra says it would be in his best interest to work with her. He says, au revoir. Prison or hell, he hopes she rots somewhere. He leaves, and Laura says, good talk? He says, it’s good to clear the air sometimes. Laura says Cassandra gave her the impression that she could do a lot to hurt him. He says he gets that a lot, and leaves.

Maxie is on the phone, and hears Nina yelling her name. She says she has to run. Nina tells Maxie there’s a glitch in her scheduled meetings, but Maxie says, all meetings are on Thursday now. It was an experiment to address chronic lateness, and no one’s concentration is broken. No meetings are longer than forty-five minutes. It works; she swears. Nina wishes she’d known, but Maxie says she didn’t want to bother her. Nina says she’s sorry, and thanks her, saying her mind’s not in the game. She keeps thinking about Cassandra and Sasha.

Sasha tells Michael that Lucy texted her about a  test shoot. Maybe she’ll be behind bars by then. Michael tells her wait until she sees a lawyer. She wonders how she’s going to face Nina in the meantime. Nina is excited about the wedding, which isn’t going to happen when she finds out. Michael says he’ll get her through it; it won’t be much longer. She says, a few more weeks of living a lie? She’s a pro. He hugs her.

Spinelli has misgivings about Jason’s quest. Maxie loves Peter, and he’s in James and Georgie’s lives. Jason says, all the more reason to be sure of him, but Spinelli says, Maxie is sure about him. Jason says, she’s been wrong before. He tells Spinelli, poke around and see if there’s a connection between Peter and Shiloh.

Jennifer says she needs Willow to project agency to the jury. They need to believe she’s testifying because she wants to. Willow says she is. Chase wonders why Peter is there, and Willow tells him The Invader is giving Shiloh a lot of coverage. He says, but Peter’s not a reporter; he’s a publisher. Robert says Peter is probably there to see him fail, but he’s in for a big shock. Jennifer tells Willow do all she can to make eye contact with the jury. She can look at Shiloh, but don’t direct her testimony at him. Sketch dude has shaved, and poses as a guard. Peter looks at Shiloh. Jason comes in stares at both of them. Peter leaves, and Spinelli says, curious.

The judge speaks with the attorneys. Sam asks Kristina where their mom is, and Kristina says Alexis said she’d be there soon as she can. Sam asks if they got in a fight, and Kristina says, not really… Not yet anyway. Mom is dating their shrink. Sam says Molly told her. Kristina wishes Molly had told her. Michael comes in, and Willow smiles.

Jennifer tells the jury, it’s not a complicated case, but it’s difficult to listen to. They’re going to hear ugly testimony about an ugly man – David Henry Archer. He’s a fraud, a thief, an extortionist, and a sexual predator. He’ll have a separate trial for kidnapping, assault, and murder. He lured in the vulnerable and the lost, and asked them for money, their innermost secrets, and finally sex, to prove themselves worthy of his attention. He deserves no less than imprisonment for the rest of his life. Shiloh’s lawyer says her client is a victim. A victim of prosecutorial overreach, police misconduct, religious persecution, and entrapment. Her client is a spiritual man. The people who hate him are using the justice system to exercise their jealousy. Don’t let them ruin a good man. Shiloh smiles at Willow. The people call Willow to the stand. She gets up.

Jordan says Cassandra requested a moment with Laura, and Laura says she agreed in the hope Laura might incriminate herself. But she asked for Laura’s help, In return for helping Laura destroy Valentin. Jordan says, interesting that Valentin was her only phone call. Alexis comes in, and Laura asks if she shouldn’t be at Shiloh’s trial. Alexis says she has to meet a new client. She goes into the interrogation room, and Cassandra says she’s delighted to have a lawyer with such prestige as Alexis. She’s heard a great things. Alexis says there’s not a lot she can do for Cassandra. The WSB is extraditing her. Cassandra says Alexis has to fight the extradition. She can’t leave Port Charles.

Nina asks if Maxie wants to get breakfast, but Maxie says she has a lot of work to do. Nina says it hasn’t gone unnoticed; the way she stepped up. The time and effort she put in, not just to keep Crimson afloat, but to make it thrive. Maxie says she was glad to keep things going, and Nina says, now she’s throwing herself into the wedding. She appreciates it. Maxie says, what are sister-in-laws for? Nina says she’s going to do right by Maxie. Maxie says Nina doesn’t have to do anything, but she’s been thinking about next moves. Sasha comes in, and Nina hugs her.

Nina asks if Sasha heard about Cassandra, and why isn’t Sasha resting? Sasha says, the elevator isn’t very taxing. Nina asks how things went with Michael. Sasha says they had a long talk, worked some things out, and tabled some others. Nina says, good. She’s glad to see Sasha out of the hospital. Soon, Sasha will be standing up for Nina at her wedding, and she’ll be striking a pose for Deception. Sasha says she doesn’t think she’s going to take Lucy up on her offer. Maxie asks if Sasha is for real. Lucy doesn’t ask just anyone. Nina says, if it’s not Sasha’s thing, it’s not her thing. Sasha says it’s too much of a commitment, and she doesn’t think it will be possible for her to leave town. Valentin comes in, and says he needs to discuss something with his wife.

Alexis says Cassandra wants her to fight the extradition? Cassandra says she prefers to face justice there. Alexis says Cassandra can’t defend herself against the WSB in Port Charles. Cassandra says, surely she can trump up some charges; unlawful imprisonment, attempted murder. Must she do Alexis’s work for her? Alexis says she has no interest in trumping up charges. Cassandra says she just needs Alexis to buy her some time to secure her position and make the deal. Alexis says if all Cassandra wants is a delay, she can do that. Cassandra says she’s going to need one more call to secure funds. She’s so pleased to have Alexis in her in corner. She takes Alexis’s hand, which makes me suspicious for some reason. Maybe it’s the way she took it.  It was weird.

Jordan tells Laura that when she worked undercover for the DEA, Cassandra was on their radar. Compared to her, Valentin is a choir boy. Laura says Jordan doesn’t know Valentin the way she does. Jordan asks if it’s possible Laura knows him too well. She has every reason to hate Valentin, but maybe it’s blinding her to the dangers Cassandra presents. Laura says, even if Cassandra could give them evidence against Valentin, they’re going to lose her to the WSB. Alexis comes out, and says, maybe not. Cassandra decided to fight the extradition. She’s staying in Port Charles.

On the stand, Willow says, her parents were seekers. Harmony says, she was looking for more from life. Kristina says, she found it in Shiloh, in Dawn of Day. She thought she found the answers to questions she didn’t know how to ask. Jennifer asks what he wanted in return, and Kristina says, at first, it was money. Willow says, then secrets. He said it was vital in establishing a bond of trust, but really it was blackmail material. Harmony says, he wanted her to groom young women, and lead them to his bed. If they hesitated, she was to spur them along. Jennifer asks, how? and Harmony says, drug them. Shiloh’s lawyer ask if she’s currently an inmate in Pentenville for drugging women. She says, yes, and his lawyer asks why Shiloh isn’t with her if she was coerced? Harmony says she covered for him. She was protecting him, but not anymore. The lawyer asks if prison is more difficult than Harmony thought, and Robert objects. She asks Willow if her client forced himself on her, and Willow says, no. The lawyer says, so she made a conscious decision to sleep with Shiloh, and for that he should go to prison?

Shiloh’s lawyer asks Kristina what happened to the cup. Why is there no lab report? Why is there no one to substantiate the claims? The court listens to the recording of Sam’s almost initiation. She tells Shiloh that she doesn’t need drugs; she wants to experience everything. He tells her that he wants her transition to be painless, and to trust him. Sam says, there’s the evidence, in Shiloh’s own words. Jennifer asks if she was taken to GH, and Sam says, yes. Jennifer asks if she was given a toxicology scan, and Sam says she was. There was the presence of the drug in her system. Jennifer presents the court with the report, and asks if it’s something Sam took willingly on this, or any other, occasion, and Sam says, no. Shiloh’s lawyer asks Sam to tell the court how many times she slept with Shiloh’s father before stealing his fortune and ruining him? Shiloh smirks.

Maxie asks Sasha what she’s going to tell Lucy. Sasha says she should do it in person. She should get used to giving bad news. She leaves, and Peter comes in, and asks what he missed. Maxie says, a lesson in turning down a once in a lifetime opportunities. He says he’s sure they’re going to get a ton of them when word gets out about how she’s been running Crimson. When she’s ready to spread her wings, there are plenty of people ready to see her fly.

Nina asks Valentin how it went with Cassandra. He says he spoke to her, and she knows she overplayed her hand. She can’t accuse Nina of anything, because she’s just a drug trafficker. And Nina is the sexy editor-in-chief of Crimson magazine. He thinks the WSB is coming for her, and has her totally contained. Nina says someone broke Cassandra out before. What if they come back?

On the phone, Cassandra says she knows she should have listened, now listen to her. Her options are nil. If they don’t come to her aid, she’ll have no choice but to give them up. She says, good to hear. Laura comes in, and says she’s been thinking about Cassandra’s offer, but Cassandra says, it was nothing. She was bluffing.

Alexis sees $10K has been deposited to her account.

Maxie tells Peter she’s too busy helping run Crimson to fantasize about a big career move. She thought he’d be at the trial. Jason mentioned he’d shown an interest in it. He says he likes to leave the nitty-gritty to his staff. He’d just get in the way.

Jennifer tells the judge, any past relationships Sam has had have no bearing on the case. The prosecution has no further questions, and the judge tells Sam to step down. The prosecution rests. The defense calls David Henry Archer, aka Shiloh to the stand. On his way there, Shiloh half winks at Kristina. Willow rolls her eyes.

Tomorrow, Lulu asks Maxie if she’s leaving Crimson, Carly says there’s something she hasn’t told Bobbie about the baby, and Jason tells Sam that he’s going to deal with this person.

🗽 On this week’s Million Dollar Listing New York, Tyler needed to up his game. His boss wanted him to start showing high level listings, in the $5-$10 million range, which he found intimidating. The firm also needed brand recognition. He checked out a property where the owners were interviewing different brokers. I didn’t catch the location (and didn’t recognize it), but the apartment was on the ground floor, as big as a freaking warehouse, and filled with art of all mediums. Ryan was interviewed as well – there was a lot of crossing over in this episode. The owners had done a renovation themselves, and were all about details, like a working porthole in the shower that opened to a wind tunnel. There was also a leather floor, which the owners’ leather guy friends helped create. Tyler said he knows a few leather guys, telling us that he’s a believer in the power of humor. He did make the owners laugh, but instead of clinching the deal, Tyler decided to give them space. He believed the dude was not emotionally ready to let go, but his wife was, and would talk him into it.

In his visit to the same apartment, Ryan could see it was the owners’ baby, a space they were passionate about. Ryan told the dude that Picasso wasn’t done after one, and it was time for him to go to his next canvas, and he agreed. Ryan told us that time kills deals, and if he waits, another broker will swoop in and get the listing. When Tyler found out that Ryan had landed the listing, he said it was soul crushing. He visited Ryan at his office, and Ryan wondered if Tyler was there to hit him over the head and take his listing. What Tyler wanted to know, was what Ryan was doing that he wasn’t. One of his daily affirmations is to become 1% better every day. In Ryan’s interview, he said that he and Tyler probably did the same thing. He just did it better. He told Tyler that he was a chameleon, and if he has confidence in himself, the clients have confidence in him. He’s selling enthusiasm. When they get hesitant, he finds out what their why is. It’s not about pushing something they don’t want. If they didn’t want sell, and weren’t really ready, they wouldn’t have called. Time kills deals. In his interview, Tyler said sometimes his heart gets in the way of closing a deal. It was time to be more assertive.

In advertising the listing, Ryan wanted to make a viral video. He asked a couple members of his team what gets the most views on YouTube, and they told him, kids and music. He decided on a music video. People would think it was funny because he doesn’t dance. It also makes him uncomfortable, which is what people want to see. He told his guys to find him a director.

Steve had an upper West side listing. It was basically handed to him, which he thought was great, but he didn’t get to establish a connection with the owners. While on his way to see it, he told driver Will that pictures sometimes don’t tell the whole story, like with internet dating. It was in a pre-war building, and had been used mostly by artists. Norman Rockwell had once lived there. Will asked if he could have a look too. In his interview, Steve said Will had spoken to him about joining the team, but you need to be super qualified. He said he can’t hate Will for seeing him as an opportunity. He told Will, if he could park in ten minutes, he could come up. The apartment was a penthouse, a triplex with a private vestibule. Steve explained it was done in Memphis design. Founded by Ettore Sottsass, it uses bold color and large patterns. It was big in the 80s, and now popular again. Actually finding a parking spot in the allotted time – a feat that alone should give him a position on Steve’s team – Will made it, and Steve let him practice a sales pitch. It wasn’t that great, but Steve schooled him a little. The property had been on the market for a year, and since all the brokers had already seen it, Steve decided on a different kind of open house. He visited publisher friend Lynn (Hamptons, Gotham, et al), and pitched the idea of having a publishing event there. It just so happened that Assouline Books, connected to the magazines, was having a book launch for New York by New York, so it was the perfect storm. Steve said it was a win for everyone – the publisher, the book, and him. Gotham has 65,000 subscribers, so there would be a lot of people seeing the apartment. Lynn also hit Steve up for being in Hamptons magazine’s best dressed spread. The launch was a success, with Steve using what he called Ninja style brokering. Not everyone was there to buy, but if he sniffed out someone who was, he pounced.

Fredrik had a property in Hudson Square, or as he also called it, old New York. It was a big area in the disco club days, but had now been rezoned as residential and was emerging. He met seller Kathy at the gym, and she was looking to sell her penthouse in a building built in 1920 that was originally a paper factory. Kathy had combined two apartments, and it was pretty amazing, from the original tin ceilings to the disco hallway. There was cool stuff everywhere, and Fredrik sat in a tiny chair to talk to Kathy. She was a little nervous about that, and told him, you break; you buy, but he said, he breaks; he sells. Fredrik needed to find that one buyer, and had the idea for a disco party, capitalizing one the energy of the building. Kathy wasn’t sure how that was going to sell the apartment, but agreed. While Fredrik was discussing it with Kathy at the gym, Ryan showed up. Fredrik told him about the disco party, and Ryan said disco was cool – for old people – but said he’d come anyway. If he gets a chance to get dressed up and be awesome, he’ll do it.

At the brokers open, Fredrik was dressed a la Tony in Saturday Night Fever. Much to his delight, quite a few people showed up in costume. He said had they showed up in suits like they were ready for the board room, it would have felt boring or dated; this way, they were loving it. While discussing the vibe, a broker informed Fredrik that one of the Beastie Boys had lived there. In his interview, Fredrik disclosed that he didn’t know who the Beastie Boys were, and thought they were big in disco. I guess he was mixing them up with the Village People, although I’m not sure how that’s possible. The seller showed up in costume, as did Ryan – the same costume Fredrik had on. He said it was the one-size-fits-all disco outfit. While Ryan had a photographer friend interested in the ground floor apartment with the art, he thought Fredrik’s disco penthouse might be more appropriate for his friend’s needs, and cheaper. The downside was, it was surrounded by construction, that would be there for the next twenty years. A disco party goer insisted on a dance-off between Fredrik and Ryan, and somehow Ryan won. He said he had it in the bag, but Fredrik said it was rigged. Ryan said he didn’t go not to win.

Next time, Ryan puts ads literally on the street, Derek tells Fredrik how much he hates L.A., and Tyler’s boss gets a call from Ryan.

🏫 And She Has the Sarcasm Level Of a Sixth Grader…

I guess the option of keeping his thoughts to himself didn’t occur to Jeff.


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September 12, 2019 – A Close Call For Obrecht, It’s a Girl, Good Reality, Scheana Moves On, Off To College, Only Bethenny & Justice Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly thanks Jax for coming by. She just got off the phone with Michael, and Josslyn is okay. Michael thinks going back to school was tougher than she realized. Jax says that doesn’t excuse her walking off campus and not returning their texts. She asks what he wants to do about it.

Dev finds Josslyn in Charlie’s. He says Carly has been texting, as well as Trina. Josslyn says, her dad has too. He suggests they get going, but she tells him there’s no law that says they have to leave together. He can leave now, and she’ll catch up. She’s not sure how long it will take for her to finish her latte, or she might go to the library. Whatever she decides to do, she’ll be fine. He asks why she’s afraid of going home, but she says she’s not. Sonny has come in, and says, maybe she should be. She knows how her mom gets when she’s worried, and she’s worried about Josslyn.

At Charlie’s, Ava wonders how much she could get for her penthouse. Julian asks if she’s moving, and she says she wouldn’t if she could get a guarantee of no more letters from Ryan. She should have killed Ryan while she had the chance. Lucas texts Julian a picture of him, Brad, and Wiley.

Obrecht helps Sasha with walking, and tells her, baby steps. Sasha says Obrecht doesn’t have to babysit her. Obrecht says, nonsense. They’re family, and in this together now. if only Sasha had met Britt. The resemblance is striking. They could be sisters instead of cousins.

Valentin tells Nina, Sasha is on her way to recovery. Nina can spend the night with him. Nina says she can’t relax about Sasha as long as Cassandra is on the loose.

Curtis and Laura meet in the café. She says it’s quieter than Charlie’s, and if they’re seen in public, people might wonder why she’s talking to him about an international criminal. Curtis says he’s sorry for bringing up bad memories. Helena passed away before he moved to Port Charles. Laura says, dead and gone, but not forgotten. In her experience, Helena’s reach can extend from beyond the grave.

Josslyn tells Sonny, in the beginning, it was fine, but it got to be too much; the combination of everything ordinary, but Oscar not being there, and he never would be. So she left. Sonny says the issue isn’t that she left, but she didn’t tell her mom. She says she’ll try to explain when she gets home. Dev tells Sonny that his day was pretty good. He thinks he did the Corbin name proud.

Ava tells Julian, it’s ironic. Sonny has how many kids, and another on the way. He makes their lives miserable, but they adore him. Kiki wouldn’t speak to her when she died, and they keep Avery away from her every chance they get. Julian is planning to move away from his kids. They’re a fine pair.

Carly tells Jax that she wants to be on the same page before Sonny gets home. Jax thought they were on the same page for their daughter, and Carly says she’d like to avoid a clash. He says his sole interest is Josslyn, and also Carly. She’s in her third trimester, and isn’t supposed to have stress. Josslyn shouldn’t cut school for any reason or not answer their texts. Carly says she’d like to cut the stress, and focus on Josslyn, instead of being a buffer for him and Sonny. He asks if he’s just supposed to suck it up, and she says, yeah. He asks when it’s his turn to make outrageous demands, and Carly says she’s trying to see it from his perspective, but Sonny is doing the best he can. Jax says he’ll have to take her word for it. Carly says Josslyn ran into Michael, he texted that she was fine, and just confirmed it with a phone call. He thinks Josslyn is afraid to come home because of the trouble she’ll be in. Jax thinks they should see how she feels about splitting her time between their homes.

Laura suggests they start with what Curtis already knows. He says he knows Helena was a big bad somebody who hurt a lot of people. He’s surprised at her reach; he wasn’t aware she cast such a long shadow. Laura guesses Helena is the worst of the Cassadines, and that’s saying a lot. He says, presumably, there’s no love lost, and Laura says she loathes Helena, and the feeling was more than mutual. Helena blamed her for the death of her eldest son. Stavros was obsessed with Laura, and also happen to be Spencer’s grandfather. For his sake, she doesn’t dwell on the detail. Let’s just say he was insane, and Helena did everything she could to enable him. Curtis says, one could say Laura’s knowledge of Helena is up close and personal. If anyone wanted to know the ins and outs, she’s the person to ask. She says, Alexis might beg to differ, but she’d say she has the most experience. She wants him to tell her more before she talks. She’d like to know why he needs the information.

Valentin says he wants to put Cassandra behind them as much as she does. Nina  wishes Sonny had said he’d deal with her, and Valentin says, he still might. He’s controlled all criminal activity in Port Charles for the last twenty-five years – allegedly. He says allegedly, because most of the time, any charges didn’t stick. That’s because Sonny is careful and a planner. He wouldn’t tell them about it if has a plan. Cassandra made an error in targeting their family, and it went from bad to worse when Michael came into her crosshairs. One thing Sonny does, is protect his family. Whoever targets his children, disappears, and he hopes Cassandra does.

Carly tells Jax, one bad first day doesn’t require new living arrangements. He says they’re just talking options, but she says he doesn’t even have a place. Why is he pushing it? He says, Josslyn didn’t have to ditch school. All she had to do was call, but she didn’t; she disappeared. Carly says, she’s grieving. She needs space and reassurance. She should be able to come home, and get support and limits. Jax says, the home she comes to could also be his. He’s not trying to take her away, but with Sonny’s cousin living there, and a baby on the way, it’s getting crowded. Josslyn, and Dev come in.

Ava is sorry her grief is cramping Julian’s style. Julian says, in a few days, he’ll be turning the place over to Olivia, packing up the car, and driving to Manhattan with Kim. He needs to make sure Ava will be okay. Doesn’t she think he cares? Ava says, not enough to stay and look out for her. That’s okay; she’s not his responsibility. He’s moving on to the next chapter in his life. She has herself.

Obrecht says, she thinks it’s time she and Sasha discuss who Sasha is to Nina, who Nina thinks she is, and how they can preserve the illusion for all concerned. Sasha would like to says they’re on the same side, and Obrecht says, they are. Nina’s side. Her niece gave her heart to Sasha and Valentin, and they need to guard her happiness. She can never learn the truth about either of them. Michael joins them, and asks why Obrecht is there. Obrecht says she’s more qualified to oversee Sasha’s recovery. Sasha says, maybe better qualified, but not better built. She’ll be back at Windymere tomorrow, and Obrecht can put her through her paces. Obrecht says it will be a good chance for them to get to know each other better, and share their secrets. Until then, don’t overtax herself. She must be at her best for the wedding, lest she disappoint Obrecht’s niece. Sasha has fast become Nina’s whole world. Obrecht leaves.

Valentin tells Nina, try not to worry. They’re safe; Cassandra is a fugitive. Nina says, it didn’t stop her before, but Valentin says they didn’t have this level of protection. The authorities are looking for her too. He suggests they put their energies somewhere else. She says, like their wedding? He says, unless she wants to postpone again. She says they’re doing this. She’s not waiting anymore. She messes with her phone, and says she posted it. Once it’s posted, there are no take backs. Is he ready for this? Because there’s no getting off this ride. He says he doesn’t want to get off this ride, and they kiss.

Carly asks Josslyn if she’s okay, and Josslyn says she’s fine. She’s sorry to make Carly worry. Jax says it’s not okay to ignore their texts. Josslyn says, Michael texted, and they knew she was okay. Carly says she was relieved, but what if she hadn’t run into Michael? She can’t disappear like that. Josslyn says, by third period, she lost it. It was like nothing had changed, but at the same time, everything was different because Oscar wasn’t  there; life was going on without him. She had to get out, so she left. Jax says, leaving her pregnant mother worrying. Josslyn says Jax told her it was fine if she left, but he says he didn’t say to just leave and disappear all day. It was irresponsible and selfish. Josslyn tells him, she said she was sorry. She doesn’t know what else she’s supposed to tell them. She runs upstairs, and Carly says she’ll talk to her. Jax says he’d like to be part of the conversation, and she says he’s welcome to join her, but she doesn’t want Josslyn to feel like they’re ganging up on her. Jax sees her point, and asks her to tell Josslyn that he loves her, and to call him tonight. He suggests the three of them have breakfast this weekend, alone, so they can talk. Carly says it works for her. Sonny comes in, and Jax asks how Dev’s first day was. Dev says, fine, and Jax asks if he found his way around. PC High is pretty big. He asks how it compares to Dev’s previous school, and Dev says, it was a bit of an adjustment, but nothing he couldn’t handle. Jax says, he’s not familiar with Bridgetown schools. Sonny says, Bridgeport, and suggests Jax can go now.

Curtis tells Laura, he’s not at liberty to discuss the nature of his inquiry. She asks who hired him. She needs to know what’s going on. He says he needs information on Helena, and Laura says, she was deranged; a throwback to the dark ages. Helena blamed her and Luke for the death of her true love Mikkos. She put a curse on them on their wedding day, and spent the next thirty years making sure it came true. She failed miserably. Laura survived, and Helena is dead. She’s earned that break, and needs a good reason to dredge up the memories. He says, word on the street is, prior to her death, Helena concealed a valuable artifact on a Cassadine property. She asks, what kind? and he says, the kind that could turn the tables on Valentin.

Nina tells Sasha that Valentin is insisting she sleep in her own bed tonight, and Sasha says, he’s right. Nina needs a break from the chair. Are you kidding me? They couldn’t even bring in a cot for her? Nina tells her if she needs anything, call. She’ll come back tomorrow to take Sasha home. Sasha likes the sound of that. Nina says she loves Sasha, and Sasha says she loves Nina too. Nina and Valentin leave, and Michael says he should probably get going, but Sasha asks him to stay. He says, Epiphany won’t like it, and she asks if he’s still afraid of her. Michael says, yes, adding, Epiphany isn’t afraid of anybody, even Obrecht. Sasha thinks that’s a lesson she could use a tutor for. Michael says, you can’t choose your relatives, but if you’re lucky, you can choose how much time you spend with them. He admits Obrecht is a lunatic, but she seems devoted to Nina, and by extension, Sasha. Why does Obrecht intimidate her?

Julian tells Ava, if he thought she meant that, he’d have left long ago. Ava asks if he wants her to beg. It won’t make a difference. He’ll be off to heal his wounded girlfriend. He says, Kim can’t do it herself. She’s not as strong as Ava. He asks how much Ava had to drink before she came, and she says, enough to tell him the truth. You can’t leave yourself. Kim is going to grieve no matter where she is, and he’ll still be him. What about the energy and effort he’s put in to become the friendly neighborhood barkeep? Julian says he wants a fresh start, and Ava says, she’s tried; over and over again. The world doesn’t let you forget who you are, and they’re Jeromes. You think you’ve put it behind you, but then circumstances will change. You find yourself backed into a corner, an learn how quickly you can maneuver into the person you’ve always been. Obrecht walks in.

On the terrace, Carly tells Josslyn, the weather is going to change soon. She’ll miss the nice nights. Josslyn says, that’s it? and Carly says, fall is nice; the nip in the air, and sweaters are great. Josslyn says Carly’s not letting her have it? Carly tells her, her dad said what needed to be said. Josslyn says she knows he’s right, and Carly says Josslyn scared her. Josslyn says, sorry, but Carly says, let her finish. She can handle Josslyn skipping school, but being unavailable and not returning texts can’t happen. She needs to know where Josslyn is. When most parents don’t hear from their kid, they assume their kid is afraid to come home because they’ll be punished. Theirs is not a typical family. When she doesn’t hear from Josslyn, and she disappears from school, Carly’s mind goes to a different place.

Dev tells Sonny, classes were okay, and the kids were nice. They didn’t ask too many questions. He still thinks it’s a waste, and he’d do better working in Sonny’s warehouse. Sonny says Dev won’t get anywhere in life without an education, and if he’s not in school, people will ask questions. And the same people will figure out who he is. Dev says, like Josslyn’s father.

Nina sees Jax in his office, and says he’s there late. He says he was looking for papers he wants to take home, and she says, her too. He asks how Sasha is, and Nina says, she’s doing so much better. Her recovery is on track, she’s walking and talking, and Finn thinks she can be discharged tomorrow. Jax says he’s relieved. He would hug her… Nina says she’d let him if she didn’t know he was out to destroy Valentin.

Obrecht orders a vodka and tonic. Ava says, no karaoke at The Floating Rib? Obrecht says she was banned, but it’s only temporary. There was an unfortunate incident during Drag Bingo involving a feather boa and her cards. Words were exchanged. She tells Ava she’s buying, and Ava asks what they’re drinking to. Obrecht says her grandniece’s long life. Her prognosis turned for the better. Julian says he’s glad. Happiness is hard to argue with. Julian feels the same way when he sees Lucas with Wiley. Obrecht says, even at the expense of his real parent. Ava asks what she means, and Obrecht says, bad choice of words. She meant his biological parent; a little slip. She knows how powerful a mother’s love is for her children. Julian mixes their drinks, and slips something into Obrecht’s.

Sasha tells Michael that she and Obrecht are still getting to know each other. Michael says, so are they. What struck him is that he’s never seen Sasha intimidated. Maybe he’s reading it wrong. But if there was any time to be intimidated, it was Wiley’s birthday party when she was surrounded by his crazy family. She says, they were nice, and Michael says, she took it in stride. With Obrecht, it seems different. She says he’s right. Obrecht does make her nervous. She puts Sasha on edge because she knows Sasha’s not the person Nina wants her to be.

Laura tells Curtis, she was at the reading of Helena’s will. If there was a valuable artifact or something that would bring Valentin down, she thinks she would know. There was nothing mentioned in the will. How does Curtis know it exists? He says his employer is convinced it does. Laura says, and it can bring down Valentin? He assumes that appeals to her, and she says, it does. He has to remember Valentin is Charlotte’s father. Whatever happens to him, also happens to Charlotte. He says, right, but she also has to think about her grandson. If the job gets done, there will be no need to keep an ocean between Spencer and Valentin. Spencer can return home permanently.

Sonny says Dev figured out Jax. Impressive. They can’t stand each other. Jax wants to take Sonny down, but not at Dev’s expense. Dev doesn’t think Jax likes him, but Sonny says, what Jax doesn’t like is a teenage boy living under the same roof as his daughter. Dev asks if him being there is causing trouble for Josslyn, but Sonny says, Josslyn is going through a lot. She’s going to go through the same thing, with or without Dev.

Carly tells Josslyn, it’s not a conversation she wants to have, but the reality is that Sonny is her husband and Josslyn’s stepfather. A lot of people want what they have, hate them for having it, and will hurt them to get it. So when Josslyn disappeared and didn’t return her texts, Carly’s mind went to a dark place. Josslyn says she’s really sorry. She didn’t want make Carly worry. Carly knows that, and she’ll get over it, but she needs Josslyn to promise to talk to her. She knows she’s asking a lot of her. She has a lot of stuff going on at home and school, and if it’s too much, Josslyn has to tell her or her dad. She can’t keep it bottled up. The more you hold back, it turns to poison. She takes Josslyn’s hand, and says it will hurt her more in the long run than if she just tells them how she’s feeling. Let them help her. Josslyn nods.

Jax tells Nina that she’s gone through hell, and he has his own daughter’s drama. Can they do this tomorrow? She says she’s just stating a fact. He has files on Valentin and Cassandra. It’s no accident, and he’s up to something. She doesn’t know what his agenda is, but thinks Aurora is a cover for it. She’s going to make sure Drew knows. He says, that’s not possible, and she says, what the hell does that mean? Valentin pops in, and says he thought they were leaving. Nina says they are, but Jax doesn’t want her to share her suspicions with Drew. Jax says, Drew is missing, and presumed dead. He’s the sole remaining CEO of Aurora.

Sasha tells Michael, she’s not the person Nina wants, and Obrecht knows it. She sees through to who Sasha really is. Michael says Obrecht is no one’s idea of a good judge of character. She’s made Sasha question her calls, when she’s come to trust her instincts She asks, what do his instincts tell him? He says, that she has a story to tell, and there’s an ugly part. So does his story. If she doesn’t turn away from his, he won’t from hers.

Obrecht is passed out on the bar, and Ava says, who knew she was such a lightweight? Julian tells Ava that her ride is there, and she says he can’t wait to be rid of her. He wants to get away because she reminds him of the things he wants to forget. Like happiness is fleeting for people like them. Regret like a slow poison. You don’t know where it came from, but you wake up and can’t breathe. She doesn’t blame him for trying to get away, but he can’t escape himself. He walks her to the door, saying he loves her, but she’s had a little too much. She asks if he’ll be mad at her in the morning, but he says, absolutely not. She’s given him a lot to think about. Ava says he’s still her brother, always and forever. She toddles off, and Julian goes back to the bar and an unconscious Obrecht. He picks up his paring knife. Great weapon of choice.

Dev says, maybe it would be easier if Josslyn didn’t have to keep the truth from her dad. Sonny says, it’s not an option to tell the truth. Josslyn and Carly come back in, and Sonny asks if everything is okay. Carly says, it’s good, and Josslyn says, sorry to worry them. Sonny is just happy she’s okay. Carly suggests Josslyn and Dev get cleaned up for dinner. Josslyn goes upstairs, but Dev says he has to get a book out of the car. Sonny asks Carly if everything is really okay. She says, tonight it’s okay. What did Dev say? Sonny says he’s just concerned about Josslyn lying for him. She says, he’s perceptive. They do need to discuss what they’re going to do with him. Sonny says he’s not looking forward to it, but Carly says, it’s not working. They have to send Dev away for everyone’s good, including Josslyn’s. Dev listens from outside the door.

Laura says Curtis makes a good case. He asks her to tell him what she knows, and she says she’ll do better. She can think of a couple of places Helena may have hid the artifact, and she’s going to help him find it. He laughs, and says, she’s mayor. She doesn’t have the time. She says he made a case to bring her grandson home; she can make the time. Congratulations. He has a partner again. They high-five.

Julian raises the knife… and stabs the cutting board. He tells Obrecht, time to get up and get a cab to go home. She’s drunk.

Michael says he’s going to go; Sasha needs her rest. Sasha says she promised him answers, and he says, when she’s fully recovered. Still being in the hospital is just getting there. That comes after she’s discharged. She can tell him what she wants, or not. He’s got the only answer he needs. Finn told him that she’d be okay. He kisses her, and tells her, get some rest.

Nina ask if there’s no chance of finding Drew alive. Jax says he’s hired crews to help search, but the plane went down in the Gulf of Aden, and the wreckage was confirmed. He’s sorry to tell her like this. Nina says she can’t remember the last time she saw Drew. His poor family. He’s been so supportive; it doesn’t make sense. Valentin tells her, let’s go, and they leave. In the hallway, Nina says she was so happy. Her daughter pulled through, and she’s going to marry Valentin. She was on top of the world. He says she will be again, with him, and sooner than she thinks.

The index finger of a manicured hand taps on the table. The other hand holds a phone showing Valentin and Nina’s wedding announcement. The woman smashes the phone down, and we see the announcement through a cracked screen.

Tomorrow, Peter needs to tell Valentin something,

🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York…

Ryan interviewed agents for a new rental team to deal with the building he’s obligated to broker. Amelia’s mom came to stay for a while, and when Ryan brought a baby outfit home, he got schooled in Greek superstition. Not only is it bad luck to buy gifts for the baby before it’s born, you can’t walk over a pregnant woman’s legs. This can cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the baby’s neck. It’s also necessary to give in to every demand the pregnant woman makes, or the baby could be born with a birthmark in the shape of what’s been requested. A rule obviously made up by a smart, but demanding, pregnant woman. Ryan didn’t want his baby coming out shaped like ice cream, so he said he’d take the outfit back. He built a rental team from his interviews, but developer David wanted to put things on hold, since the apartments were still under construction. Ryan explained to us that he’d named several buildings to make the apartments more recognizable, rather than just listing them by number address, and it helped with sales. David nixed the name the Smile, but I would have too. It’s not exactly the Gibraltar or the Jacqueline. Later, Ryan’s team received a list from David, of twenty-five things they were doing wrong with the property in the Great Jones building. It sounded absolutely bogus. For example, one thing was not playing up the history, when Ryan went so far as to dress in costume for an open house. He found out David had gotten the information from other brokers, and said they were just trying to get the listing, but he decided to take it seriously. The complaints went after what he’s about; his commitment and work ethic. He told his team to get to work. He met with David, who was about to fire him. Ryan told David that the accusations were false, and drummed up by jealous agents, trying to get the property. What Ryan really thought the problem was, was the market, so his team came up with several new ideas in seven hours, including informational booklets. He also suggested the penthouse be sold first, and the others, one by one. He said buyers were tired of new developments. He offered to split the cost 50/50 with David, of the $150K it would take to do what was needed. David was impressed, and decided to keep Ryan, but told him to save the hug for after he sold the apartment.

Steve was still looking for a rental for childhood friend Phil. Steve told us a common conundrum with people looking for investment properties, was that they start thinking about themselves and their personal taste. Luiza was in London, tying up some loose ends, so Phil and Steve hung out like the old days. They did some boxing, some cryotherapy (Steve did anyway), and shots at a bar. Phil had looked at two units in the same building, one of them being brokered by Fredrik. They made an offer of a million less than the asking price, one of the factors being that it was competing with another apartment in the building. Fredrik felt it was way too low because of the parking spot, and countered at only a hundred thousand less than full ask. While Phil and Steve enjoyed their time at the bar, Steve called Fredrik’s competitor, said they were in active negotiation with Fredrik on the other apartment, and got the apartment at the $6.5 million they’d offered Fredrik. This one was on a lower floor, but also had a terrace, whereas the other apartment did not. Fredrik called while they were in the bar, and Steve gave him the good news that Phil had taken the other apartment for well under seven million. Back from London, Luiza had gotten the baby’s gender in an envelope from the hospital. She wanted to find out together with Steve, so she gave it to a balloon company, and got a balloon. When they popped it open – Steve made Luiza chase a moving target – pink confetti flew out. Steve and Luiza are having a girl.

Tyler’s seller Jillian was in panic mode. She needed to sell quickly because they’d already found their dream home. The other property on his plate was in the Mercantile building, where people were paying $8-$12K a month to rent (my heart). He decided to have a residents’ event, and turn renters into buyers. He recruited friend Oz Pearlman, a mentalist from America’s Got Talent, to come to his open house. He was amazingly accurate, and even explained a little about how he gauges people’s reactions to his questions. Some things were still a mystery though, and I wondered how the blip he did it. Tyler’s brother Zack also paid him a visit. Tyler explained that he and Zack were complete opposites – he being out there energetic and gay, and Zack being lumberjack straight and quiet – but somehow their relationship works. Zack was getting ready to drive a van through South America with his wife for the next year. He showed Tyler the van, and described how he was going to revamp it for travel. That there would be the lack of a toilet, caused Tyler to wonder how they came out of the same woman. Not getting any offers yet for the Mercantile, Tyler also did private showings for non-residents. He found the problem to be that there were competing properties that were more of a blank canvas or a turnkey property – something immediately available to move in to. The apartment had been very specifically renovated, with a little girl’s room and a walk-in closet turned nursery, and the owners were still living there. When he found out the time frame had changed, and Jillian’s family couldn’t move for another few months, he suggested getting a temporary rental for them, and re-renovating the apartment to be more attractive to buyers. They could put off selling, and do it when the time was right, getting a better price. Since the sellers owned the apartment outright, they could afford to wait. He told us moving was the second most stressful thing (death and divorce being number one and three, respectively), and he wanted to show his buyers that he cared about the transition they were going through, including being patient. I have to confess, I thought he might be a d-bag from the previews, but that’s very selfless. He’s tipping the scales toward good guy.

Most of Fredrik’s story was with Steve, but he did have an open house on what turned out to be the coldest day of the year. Steve was supposed to be there, but was forty-five minutes late. By then, a lot of the people had left. Fredrik wanted Steve to come up with Phil’s offer, but Steve held firm, reiterated that it was a buyer’s market, and you know the rest. Fredrik met with broker Younghee, and Pomeranian, Hendrix the Dog, and told her about Phil buying the other apartment. He said a comp was established, and affected everything. She called her seller, and spoke in an Asian tongue, so Fredrik couldn’t listen in and kibbutz. He said the only solution was for him to learn every language in the world. The seller wanted another $100K, and Fredrik’s buyer took it.

Next time, Ryan competes with Tyler for a listing, and Fredrik and Ryan dress up like Tony in Saturday Night Fever.

💬 Along with Southern Charm and Below Deck (I prefer the original, but the Med ain’t bad), IMO, Million Dollar Listing New York is one of the best reality shows. While I don’t mind a good catfight, many of the Housewives shows have deteriorated, while these shows have grown. Below Deck is a different animal, with the crew changing over frequently, and the guests ever-changing, but I include it because the focus is less on the fighting, and more on the job and the vacation. Unless the fighting is among the guests, and we get to laugh along with the crew members. I miss Josiah who gave me one of my favorite quotes when guest Crystal drunkenly refused to leave the deck to go to bed, and swatted at anyone who tried to encourage that. She’s wrapped herself in a sort of shame cocoon. Many of the cast members in SC and MDLNY have grown from basically bratty young adults to contributing members of society. Well, Fredrik is still a little bratty. Many of them have kids and serous careers now, which I’m sure accounts for a lot of the change. All three have one major thing in common – the cast seems to genuinely care about one another. While they might be at odds at times, deep down they feel affection for each other. They make me smile and laugh more than I’m shocked at the stupidity and/or obnoxiousness. Proof positive that reality TV is more than table flipping and wig pulling.

To end my mini diatribe, I include another quote, this time from Captain Sandy (Below Deck Mediterranean) who I was recently watching in Captain Sandy’s Yachtrageous Moments, a compilation of scenes from seasons past. When I wake up thinking about you, it’s not a good day for you, because it’s probably your last day.

🍸 Adam Who…?

I guess having a relationship, but insisting they didn’t, didn’t work out.


🌺 All Growed Up…

I don’t think any of this stuff is from Five Below either.


👰 Funny, I Didn’t See It That Way…

I never thought Bethenny meant anything except Suckerfish Hoppy still won’t legally let her go.


👓 Probably Not My Weekend…

But I like the beat.








September 5, 2019 – Drew’s Plane Vanishes, New Guy Listing, Tyler Is Here, Sonny’s Busy, the Kids Do Double Duty, Days’ Gain & Finally from George


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Diane and Sonny walk into Sonny’s place, Diane tell him, that’s what he paid for; for her to uncomplicate things. Carly says she didn’t hear Diane come in, and Diane says that’s because she’s stealth, like a cat. Carly asks, what’s going on? Diane says they were discussing certain legal issues, and Sonny says he wants Carly to join in the conversation. She asks what he’s talking about, and he says, adopting Dev.

Sam asks Michael how Sasha is; how is he? He says he’s hanging in, but he’s worried about Sasha. They have her on a new round of anti-virals, and he hopes they work.

Obrecht asks Finn what Sasha’s status is, and he says, the next 24 hours are critical. Nina says anyone who had contact with her early on is being tested. Valentin says they were given medication when Sasha was diagnosed, but Finn says, now they know it’s a weaponized strain. Finn says some medical stuff I don’t really understand, and Obrecht asks if that test doesn’t require a DNA sample from all parties. Finn asks if it’s a problem.

Outside of Charlie’s, Alexis says she knows Kim is anxious to leave, but Kim says, don’t worry. It takes as long as it takes. Alexis follows her inside. She says, sorry. She thought Kim was in a hurry, but she’s glad to hear that’s not the case. Julian asks what they’re talking about, and Kim says, the closing delay. Julian says, sorry, and Kim says, things happen. He asks if she’s not disappointed, and she says, a little bit. Franco walks in.

Elizabeth grabs her coat, and says something came up, but Cameron says he needs to tell her something. She says she has to get to the hospital. He says, it’s important. He saw Franco in the park, and he was with Oscar’s mom. Elizabeth asks if something happened, and Cameron says, they were kissing.

At the hospital, Jordan tells Jason, Andre walked in alone, and collapsed. He was unconscious before he could tell anyone anything. Jason asks if they’ve determined the nature of Andre’s injuries. Jordan says they have a good idea, and Epiphany asks if anyone has heard of HIPPA. Mac says, Jason is officially helping, right? Jason nods, and Epiphany says, Andre has two deep wounds in his abdomen. He was stabbed. Jason says, Andre just returned to the states. Who here wants him dead?

Peter goes into Andre’s room. He says, Dr. Maddox (I add, I presume, in my head). He tells Andre, he shouldn’t have come back. What is he supposed to do with him? Peter looks at the IV drip.

On the phone, Brad tells Lucas that he’ll be home soon. He’ll pick up dinner. Lucas is cooking? Please don’t burn down the house. He says he loves Lucas too, and looks at a picture of Lucas and Wiley.

Michael tells Sam, the rest can wait. She says, what rest? and he says forget he said anything. She says he can tell her anything; she won’t judge. He says he’s not concerned about that, and she says, sometimes you have to talk. If he gets it out in the open, he might feel better. He says Sasha has been secretive for as long as he’s known her. Sam asks, how so? He says, he knows she grew up in Chappaqua, and knows where she went to college, but he doesn’t know any details, nothing about her past. Last night, she told him when she gets better, she’ll tell him everything; to quote her, even if he doesn’t like it very much. Sam asks what he thinks she’s referring to, but he has no idea. It could be the medication talking, but if it’s not, she might have a major secret that can blow them up. He’s not sure he wants to know.

Nina sits next to Sasha’s bed. In the hallway, Finn explains why the DNA is needed. Obrecht says they’ll do what’s required. They need to focus on Sasha, who’s at risk. Finn says, she’s getting the best care possible. He leaves, and Valentin tells Obrecht, say it. She thinks the test will prove that Sasha isn’t Nina’s daughter. Obrecht asks what he thinks it will find. It’s to check for the virus, not paternity. It might be better if Sasha dies. He says, how dare she? He’d never wish Sasha dead. She asks if he’s sure. He seems very defensive. He says he brought Sasha there to help Nina heal. Obrecht says, he brought her there to get back into Nina’s good graces. He says his motives are irrelevant. Nina will be inconsolable if Sasha dies. Nothing is worth that.

Peter tells Andre that he wishes there was another way. The machine starts to beep, and Peter goes out another door. Is he hiding in the bathroom?

Franco says he realized Kim might be there, but maybe he should go. Julian says, before he does, Julian doesn’t think he’s had the pleasure. He introduces himself, and Franco says, he’s Kim’s boyfriend, right? Julian says, yeah. He knows it’s uncomfortable, but they’re all adults. He suggests a round on the house; they can talk about it. He’ll be holding onto his bar for a few more days. Franco says, it’s Julian’s bar? If he’d known, he wouldn’t have come. Julian says, it’s fine. It doesn’t have to be awkward. Franco says maybe it’s better if he leaves. Everything that happened earlier is his fault. He apologizes. Julian asks what he’s talking about. What happened?

Cameron asks if Elizabeth heard him. Franco was making out with Oscar’s mom in public. She says she heard him. It’s a very complicated situation for everyone, including Kim. Cameron asks how she’s not pissed. Kim hasn’t lost her memory, and knows he’s Franco and not Drew. Elizabeth says she’s feeling a lot of things; loss, grief, confusion. She has to stay focused in finding a solution. Hopefully, Andre can reverse the procedure. Cameron says she better figure it out fast. Franco is planning on leaving as soon as the ankle monitor is off, and he asked Kim to go with him.

Mac asks Epiphany, how much longer? She hears the beeps, and says, that’s Dr. Maddox. She runs to his room, and they wait outside. Peter comes in another door, and he sneaks around. He sees Jason, Mac, and Jordan outside Andre’s room. I’d love to know what door goes outside from where the bathroom should be, but okay.

Carly says, Sonny wants to adopt Dev? He says he’s considering options. They’re just talking about the process. Carly asks when he decided, and Sonny says they’re just talking possibilities. He hasn’t decided. Diane thinks they need space, but Sonny says, no. If they move forward, she needs to know everything. Carly asks when he decided maybe adopting Dev, and Sonny says, Gladys has been hanging around Mike, and is visiting Port Charles. He wants to make sure Dev is taken care of. Carly asks if he doesn’t need Gladys’s cooperation; technically, she’s Dev’s guardian. He says he’s thinking of cutting her out of it, and dealing with it the legit way. Diane says Sonny informed her that he provided Dev with a US ID. Had he consulted her, she would have advised against it. Sonny says that’s why he didn’t consult her, and I literally lol. Carly asks if it would be possible using Dev’s real ID. Diane says, immigration law is clear on it. Not unless the child is under sixteen, and Dev just missed the cut off. They may be able to adopt him using his US ID though. Sonny says she means adopt him as Dev Corbin? Carly doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Michael tells Sam, it feels wrong talking about Sasha while she’s in the hospital. Sam says it’s clearly a weight on him, and he’s just venting. Michael says, if he thought she was being deceptive, that would be one thing, but he thinks she’s talking about her past; something embarrassing or that she’s ashamed of, and they all have those things. Sam says, of course (🍷) they do, but it’s good to be honest. You can’t hide the past forever, and secrets end up coming out In the end.

Valentin says, it would destroy Nina if anything happened to Sasha, and Obrecht says, just as it would if Nina knew he was lying. He asks, which is worse? and she says, for who? He says, her, and she asks how she’s involved. He says she’s long suspected Sasha isn’t Nina’s daughter, but she hasn’t said anything. She used it for her personal gain, to get leverage and blackmail him. That makes her an accomplice. If the ship goes down, she’ll drown with him. Obrecht says his reasoning is unassailable. Allow her to handle this.

Jordan says, come on, Andre. The doctor gives Andre an injection, and says, he’s stabilizing. Andre opens his eyes.

Obrecht finds Brad about to get in the elevator. She says she caught him just in time.

Sasha wakes, and Nina says, it’s okay. She was just watching Sasha sleep. Sasha says her mother did that when she was a kid. Nina says she finally gets it. Every cliché she’s heard about parenting. It’s overwhelming; the urge to make sure your child is okay. She feels better being near Sasha, like she’s protecting her and keeping her safe. It’s silly. Sasha says, no; it’s not silly. She feels better when Nina is there. Nina wishes she could trade places with Sasha. She would give her life in a second if it meant saving Sasha’s.

Michael tells Sam not to bring up Nelle, and she asks why she’d do that. He says Nelle had secrets, and would give him plausible excuses as to why she told a lie or kept things from him. Now Sasha has a secret. Sam says he doesn’t think she’s like Nelle, does he? He says, no. Nelle was broken and vindictive. Sasha is the opposite. She did her best to keep things casual, and they tell each other it’s casual. The problem is, they’re good for each other. Whatever secret she’s hiding, he can’t believe it’s that bad. At least that’s what he wants to believe. Sam asks if he wants to rescue Sasha, and he says he wants her to get well. She says that’s not what she means. Does he want to ride in on a white horse, and fix all her problems? He says even if he did, Sasha wouldn’t let him. She’s way too independent. She asks if he’s comfortable with that, and he says, absolutely. Sam doesn’t think anything is wrong. He’s a rescuer, and Nelle took advantage of that. Sasha is being honest, and honesty is the key to a healthy foundation of any relationship. Michael thanks her for the advice and support. He feels like he owes her a drink. She says he owes her nothing, and Michael says, under normal circumstances, he’d insist, but he has to go back to the hospital. Sam tells him to go be with Sasha. Her phone dings, and she says, wait. She has to head to GH too.

Julian says, something happened between Kim and Franco? Franco says he ran into Kim at the park. She was visiting the marker dedicated to their son. Julian says, Drew and Kim’s son. Franco says she was trying to have peace and quiet, and he upset her. He apologizes, and Kim says, it’s okay. Alexis says she’ll keep them posted about the closing. It won’t take too long. Julian says, sounds good. He tells Franco, maybe they should take a raincheck on that drink. Franco agrees, tells Kim that he’s sorry, and leaves.

Outside, Franco tells Alexis that he doesn’t know her name. She introduces herself, and he says it’s a pleasure to meet her. He asks if she’s a lawyer, and she says she is; why? He says he might need her services.

Elizabeth asks if that’s what Franco really said. Cameron says, word for word, that’s what he told Kim. She says that’s what she and Scotty were afraid of. Once the monitor comes off, he’s gone. She asks what Kim said, and Cameron says, she didn’t commit, but she was pretty emotional. They talked, and Kim took off. When she left, he let Franco have it, saying he was a real jackass. Elizabeth appreciates the support, but he doesn’t really have to intervene. He asks what she expects him to do; sit back and let Franco do what he’s doing? She says he needs to be strong  for his brothers. They’re going to hear rumors, and he has to protect them. She tells him, don’t worry. As terrible as it seems, it’s temporary. Andre will find a way to bring Franco back.

The doctor says, Andre’s heart rate is up, but he just regained consciousness, and that’s a normal response. Epiphany says she needs them all to leave, but Andre tells them, stay. They need to know what’s going on. Jordan says, if he’s up to it. He says he’ll manage. He’s glad to see her on her feet, and she says she wishes she could say the same about him. What happened? He says, someone tried to kill him. I have to admit my error. It is the same Andre. Between the oxygen mask, and him growing facial hair, I thought it was a new guy. I’m glad it’s not, since I like this Andre.

Diane tells Sonny, adopting Dev using a false ID is asking for trouble. The documents are no golden pass. There’s no question how it will look. From a legal standpoint, it’s questionable. She says it’s their decision to make; she’s off. Sonny tells Carly that he knows it’s a sticky situation. She says, that’s an understatement, but he says he won’t go for it unless they can get away with it. She says, it’s not just the legal issue. She’s not sure it’s the right thing. She thinks having Dev live there is one thing; making Dev a permanent part of their family is another.

Brad tells Obrecht that he’d love to stay and chat, but he has to get home. Lucas made dinner. He suggests they table this until never. Obrecht says she could follow him home, and they can talk there. He says, fine. What is it? She pulls him out of the elevator, and says she needs his expertise. He asks for clarification, and she says, Nina’s family is going to require a genetic test. He needs to make sure Nina and Sasha’s DNA is a match.

On the phone, Finn asks Anna to check in with him. He sees Peter, and tells him that he should call Anna. She’d love to hear from him.

Jordan asks Andre, what happened? He says he was working with a humanitarian aid group in Ethiopia. Drew found him, and told him everything. He wanted Andre to reverse the memory transfer procedure on Franco. He agreed to come back and examine Franco, but couldn’t make any promises. Mac asks about the trip home, and Andre says Drew drove him to the airport, and put him on the first flight to Port Charles. Mac says, Drew didn’t accompany him? Andre says, no. Drew had his own jet, and was en route to Afghanistan. He had urgent personal business there. Mac says, he came alone? and Andre says, correct. A driver met him to take him to GH. He thought Drew arranged it, so he got in the car, but instead of driving to GH, the driver pulled into an alley. He took out a knife, and Andre tried to run, but the driver caught up with him, and stabbed him. He managed to fight the driver off, made his way back to the car, and drove himself to the ER. That’s the last thing he remembers. He must have blacked out. Jordan asks if anyone talked to Drew. He needs to know what’s going on. Wow. Maybe they should recruit Andre for the PCPD. He’s pretty hardy.

Mac says he hasn’t heard from Drew. Shouldn’t he have landed in Afghanistan by now? Andre asks how long he’s been out, and Jordan says, a couple of hours. Jason says, it’s been time enough; Drew should be there by now. Epiphany needs to clear the room. Jason lingers, but leaves with the others. Jordan asks for a word with Mac. Elizabeth comes out of the elevator, and asks Jason where Andre is. Jason says he got stabbed and was admitted. He’ll be okay, but what about Drew?

Julian asks if Kim is good, and she says she’s trying to be. She says, this should help, indicating her drink. He says, it can’t be easy, and Kim says Franco just frazzles her. She knows he’s not Drew, but it’s painful hearing her personal memories coming out of Franco’s mouth. Julian asks why she didn’t tell him, and she says Alexis was there, and she didn’t want to risk upsetting him. He says, if all that happened was Franco bringing up old memories, why would he be upset?

Alexis asks why Franco would want to hire her. Does he know his father is a lawyer? Scott Baldwin. He says they’ve met, and Alexis says she’s sure Scotty would be happy to represent him. Franco says, thanks to him, he’s wearing an ankle monitor. She says she can’t represent him; it’s a conflict of interest. He says, with Franco? He’s not him. She tells him, so he says. Her daughter might see it differently.

Nina tells Sasha that she and her mother weren’t close, and as an adult, the relationship was toxic. As a child, her mother alternated between overbearing and indifferent. She swore she’s be better with her own child. For the longest time, she didn’t think it was possible, then Sasha came into her life and changed everything. She has to get better. Sasha nods, and Nina says they have a lot of catching up to do, and they have to see Paris. Charlotte will be desperate for Sasha’s advice when she’s a teenager too. Don’t give up on their future together. Sasha says she won’t. Valentin looks through the window.

Brad tells Obrecht, Sasha not being Nina’s daughter makes no sense. There were two DNA tests. Obrecht says, a DNA test is only as good as the security around it. Who should know better than him? Do whatever he must. Brad says he doesn’t want to break more laws, and she says, how noble. He says, especially for her, and she says, but he will. He says he’s done with that stuff. He’s committed to be a law abiding citizen. She says all she has to do is tell Michael that his child is alive and well, and living with Brad and his husband. She’d hate to have to do it, but if he forces her hand…

Sonny tells Carly that he wants to make sure Dev is taken care of. Dev earned that; Dev saved his life. Carly gets it. He wants to help Dev, but there’s a big difference between letting him live there, and legally adopting him. Sonny says sorry to spring it on her. Carly says, it’s forever. Dev will always be part of their family, like the rest of the kids. He says he understands, and understands she thinks it’s a bad idea. Carly says she won’t say yes unless the kids are on board. If they commit to Dev, they commit to him as a family. Is he ready to have that conversation?

Michael comes back to Sasha’s room. Nina tells Sasha to think about where she wants to go on their Paris trip, and Sasha says, will do. Michael takes Nina’s place by the bed, and says, so Paris? Sasha says, she, Nina, and Charlotte are going together as soon as she’s well. Nina says she’ll be right outside. In the hallway, Valentin asks if Nina is okay. She says she is. She’s just feeling grateful that she got to know Sasha. If anything happens, at least they had time together. She realizes it’s selfish. She wouldn’t be in this position if Valentin hadn’t found her daughter. Valentin says Sasha has made it this far. He promises they’ll have years and years.

Obrecht asks Brad what his answer is, and he says, all right. He’ll make sure Sasha and Nina’s DNA match. She knew he would make a reasonable decision. He says, after this is done, she can’t hold it over him forever. She says, look who’s making demands, and he says, damn right. Do him a favor though. Does he have her word? She says, of course (🍷). If he can’t hold her to her word, who can he trust? She leaves, and Brad leans against the wall, sliding down it.

Kim tells Julian that she didn’t want a scene. That’s why she didn’t say anything. He thinks she was right the first time. The situation is causing too much stress. There’s no reason she can’t leave immediately. She doesn’t need to be there. The staff can watch over Charlie’s. He doesn’t need to stay. He tells her, let’s just go. He really thinks it’s the best thing for them. They can be setting up in Manhattan by this time next week. She says, sounds great.

Franco asks Alexis if he did something to her daughter. She says she won’t give him details, but his actions were unforgivable. He says he’s sensing a trend. She says she can’t get involved. He’ll have to find representation someplace else. Good luck. He asks if she means that, and she says, actually, she does.

Mac tells Jordan, they have to organize having Andre’s room to be monitored around the clock. Drew not showing up is a bad sign. Andre’s attacker might try again. They can’t give him a chance to get to him.

Peter tells Finn that he doesn’t want to interrupt Anna’s secret spy mission. Finn says he won’t. She won’t pick up if that’s the case, and he can leave a voicemail. Peter asks Finn to just pass along a message. He’s looking forward to seeing her when she gets back. He hopes to do better, and he’s sorry he judged her so harshly. Real life can take you places you can’t anticipate. You wind up compromising in ways you never thought you could. Tell his mother that he’s thinking about her.

Sam sees Jason and Elizabeth at the hospital, and says she got Jason’s text. He says, Andre got stabbed, and Elizabeth says they can’t locate Drew. Sam says, he’s in Afghanistan, but Jason says, Drew should have landed by now. Any calls go to voicemail. Sam has an idea. She’s still on the account for the private jet. She calls, and gives them her account number. She says she wants to know if the jet landed in Afghanistan. She thanks them, and says, Drew’s flight never arrived. Elizabeth says, not yet? and Sam says, it disappeared. It fell off the radar. It’s as if it just vanished.

Tomorrow, Obrecht asks if Brad is threatening her, Jax suggests Josslyn live with him, and Nelle tells Shiloh they can help each other.

💰 On Million Dollar Listing: New York, Ryan took Amelia’s advice, and decided to focus on what he could control. He was back at the LifeSaver loft, he had an intimate showing with only five brokers, each with a client in another state. He told us from an average open house, he might get 10% that are interested, but all of them will eat all his food. This time, he had 100% interest. The apartment on Great Jones Street was ready to go, and Ryan said his events were always about having fun. Since people always asked about the origin of the street name, he made up a character called Sam Jones, and dressed up like Napoleon. He threw a huge bash, where Steve showed up. Deciding to rain on Ryan’s parade, he said that Ryan’s costume was just distracting, but IMO Ryan was right that his open house would be remembered, rather than the ones by the brokers in boring suits. He wanted to make the brokers to have a positive experience in the space. Despite the nearby construction, Ryan got an offer for the LifeSaver pied a terre, by intimating that the buyer could lose the apartment to another offer. He told us you can never say there is offer if there isn’t, but you can say another party is interested and going to make offer. Deal taken.

Fredrik convinced the seller with the million dollar parking spot, that they were never going to sell it for a million. The seller finally relented when he pointed out there were other apartments for sale in the same building with parking included. They agreed on selling at $7.5 million. Fredrik showed the apartment to Steve’s childhood friend Phil, trying to get stories about Steve from him the entire time. The following potential buyer decided to bring her parrot – named Chris – with her, and it promptly pooped on the coffee table. At least it wasn’t the carpet. Fredrik turned this into a selling point, saying the bird knew it was home. This is why he gets the big bucks.

In other Steve news, Steve’s girlfriend Luiza arrived, and she was welcomed with a huge apartment he’d rented. He this is what he’s dreamed of, and the reason he bought a five-bedroom house in the Hamptons. He always wanted family, but just had to find the right person at the right time.

Tyler Whitman is the new broker in town. He’d been on the operational side of real estate until two years ago. A former fatty, he’d had weight loss surgery, something he heavily promoted throughout the show. He even told us that only 2% of people who lose weight the natural way keep it off. Um… I don’t think so. He seems a little addicted to the idea, and no surprise he turned to fitness when he couldn’t turn to food. He seems like a nice guy, but a little sad, covering it up with his loud personality. From the South, he moved to NYC, excited to be a free gay man, but he felt poorly judged and body shamed for being overweight by other gay men. He told his trainer that instead of eating three times a day, he ate three meals for each meal. Tipping the scales at 387 pounds, he lost the weight, but now feels there’s a stigma because he had surgery. Perhaps if he’d tone down his promotion of it just a tad… He did give us the best quote of the night. While walking through a seller’s apartment, it was noted that they’d turned a walk-in closet into a nursery. Not missing a beat, he said, the sooner you get the kids out of the closet, the better.

This season, Derek isn’t happy living in L.A., Steve takes a carriage ride, Luis is excited about being a father, and Amelia goes into labor.

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