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May 13, 2018 – The Story of John & Naomi, Extra Useless Information, Talking About Fear & Mom’s Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

John opens the box with the matching pistols, and cleans and loads them. He sees a zombie wading through the creek. He puts a board over his ditch moat, and whacks it with an ax. Smart move to save bullets.

He lies in bed listening to Billy Bass, who I guess is his alarm clock. He washes up, makes the bed, and plays Scrabble with himself. He says, people, as he washes the breakfast dishes. He runs down a list of various words as he has coffee on the porch. He continues as he does chores. He says platypus, and uses it in his next Scrabble game.  As night falls, he watches DVDs.

There’s a sound outside. John says, not another one, and asks himself where they’re coming from. He finds Naomi in a canoe on the shore, barely conscious, and brings her in. She says she has to get back, and he tells her she’s safe, but injured. He looks at a gash in her side. The good news is, it’s not a bite. He tells her he’ll take care of it as best he can.

The next morning, he finds Naomi looking in the truck for his keys. He tells her they’re on the top of the visor, and she might want to avoid reverse. He says she has a pretty bad cut. She gets in the truck and closes the door. It won’t start, and he says it needs a new battery. He tells her if she wants to go, he might as well set her up with food and water. She should get some rest, and change the bandage on her wound too.

Inside, Naomi looks at her wound. She starts to stitch it up herself, and says she can’t. She asks John to do it, and gives him instructions, saying, just do it.

John makes fish stew for dinner. He tells Naomi, the French call it bouillabaisse, presenting her with a bowl, saying, soup is the blanket of food. He tells her to enjoy, and introduces himself. She thanks him. He says she looks like a Laura, and asks if it’s an acceptable substitute. He tells her about a job he once had, teaching kids at a pea shooting range, and says she can stay as long as she likes. She says she’ll be moving on, and he offers her food and shelter until she’s ready, but the next time she wants something, ask. He wonders if she’s a doctor or nurse, and tells her to take the bed; he only sleeps an hour or two if he’s lucky. She asks how he knew she was a nurse. He says he doesn’t know many people who could stick a needle in their side. He asks if she was a nurse until… and she says, yeah. He says it seems like forever ago, and she agrees.

Naomi is restless. She sees the couch is empty and gets up. John is cleaning the pistols. He hears her but when he turns around, she’s gone.

John whacks some more zombies in the creek area. Naomi comes out, and asks if they wash up. He says, there’s something amiss up river. He tells her that he goes to the store on Tuesday, and she says she’ll come. He thinks she should rest, but Naomi is insistent. He supposes he wouldn’t mind he company, and gives her a pair of boots, telling her there are snakes. She declines, saying she won’t be able to run in them. He leaves them on the porch in case she changes her mind.

They take the canoe down the river. She asks if he’s been there long, and he says, a good while. She asks what he did before, and he tells her that he was a police officer. She wonders why he didn’t bring his guns; she thought all cops have them, but he says they cause more problems than they solve. She asks if he liked being a cop, and he says, at one time. Zombies walk the bridge, and one falls in. Naomi takes out her knife, but John pushes it into the water with his oar, and they go past. He notes that a broken part of the bridge railing needs tending to.

John docks the boat, and they head for the store. He says it’s been in Bill’s family for sixty years. Naomi asks where Bill is now, but John doesn’t know. They closed the road for repair before things went south, and he hasn’t seen him since. They walk into a fully-stocked store, and John tells Naomi to help herself. She gets a knapsack. and fills it, while he gets supplies. Naomi moves some merchandise around, and John asks if she’s rearranging things. She explains that people need splints and dressings, and aren’t always thinking. She’s just doing her part. He tells her how his name is Dorie, like the fish, except ie. 

Outside, he says they’re going to need a ladder. They fix the bridge, and John asks if he can call her Laura. She says that’s fine, but she won’t be staying long. A zombie toddles toward them, and she stabs it in the head.

While lying in bed, Laura hears a movie playing, and comes out. John says sorry for disturbing her (which my autocorrect wanted to change to disrobing her – ha-ha!). It’s usually his movie night, although every night is getting to be movie night. She gets some water, and he says he’ll turn the volume down. He asks if she wants some popcorn. She doesn’t, but she sits on the couch. I’m trying to figure out what the movie is from the dialogue we can hear, but I can’t. He tells her about the snacks he makes on movie night, and suggests concocting something.

John snoozes, and Laura looks at him. He opens his eyes, and she says she lost her child. She gets up, and goes back to bed.

Laura wants John to teach her to fish. It’s a resource, so she should know how. They go out on the river, and he instructs her. She hooks a fish, and gets all excited. He teaches her how to clean and gut it. They have it for dinner, and she thanks him. They play Scrabble.

There’s more fishing the next day, and Laura prepares it herself. That afternoon, John clips her stitches. He says she might have a scar, but nothing too bad. She thinks she should be going, since she’s healed up, but she’ll take a couple days to pack some things. John goes outside, and chops a zombie’s head in half. Laura says they need something stronger to block the opening; a car at Bill’s might still have a charge. She helped him, and it’s the least she can do. He gets wheel barrow, and loads up the zombie he downed.

At the bridge, John asks how Laura learned to hot wire a car, and she asks if he’s going to arrest her. He sees she’s got one of his pistols, and says he asked her not to go through his things. She tells him that they might need protection, but he says she’s good with a knife; the noise from the gun just brings more zombies. She says they’re no good in a box, but he wants them in a box, not out there. He gets out of the truck.

John walks through the zombies, whacking them. Laura gets the ones he doesn’t, and it’s a chopfest. They drive a truck to the opening, blocking it. Laura is on the truck, but outside of the cab, guiding John. The zombies begin to gather, and Laura tells John to shoot them. They’re pushing at the car, and one zombie breaks the window with the machete that’s poking through him, and is now six inches from John’s face. He stabs at it, while Laura keeps yelling for him to shoot. John finally deals a fatal blow, but then won’t stop stabbing once it’s over. He and Laura are both covered in the blood that has sprayed everywhere.

Back at the cabin, Laura scrubs at their clothing. John says he didn’t get bit, but she says she’s seen people get sick from being exposed. He tells her that he didn’t mean for it to happen. She says he had a gun. He says that’s not how he does things, and she says it nearly got him killed. He says, better him than someone else. She asks if what he’s talking about has to do with why he doesn’t want to talk about being a cop. She asks what happened; did he take it or fire it? He says he fired. She says, good guy or bad guy? He says that’s not the way he looks at things, but she’d call him bad. She asks if it was a mistake or intentional, and he says, intentional. It was an intentional mistake. He stopped at the gas station, and a guy was robbing the place. John told him that he was a police officer, and to put his weapon down, but he would not. He tried to clip the guy in the leg. John starts to choke up, and Laura tells him it’s okay. John says, the guy turned, and he hit him dead center in the leg, and he bled out. Laura asks if that’s why he moved up there, but he says, no. People thought he was a hero. She says, it doesn’t matter how many people say it’s not your fault; what matters is if you believe it.

On the bridge, the zombies clamor at the truck. It starts to roll, and they start falling into the river.

Laura and John are sleeping, when John hears a lot of zombie noises. That’s because there are a sh*tload of them coming toward his house. He calls to Laura, and starts to whack them as they come out of the creek. Laura whacks and chops at them with a shovel, but they’re all falling into the moat, creating a bridge for the ones still coming. They’re surrounded, and Laura tumbles into the moat. John suddenly has the guns, one in each hand, and shoots with both at once, doing that twirling-the-guns thing. The last one is inches from Laura’s face and it’s hard to aim, but he does it, and kills the zombie. Holy! Even though we know both of them make it, I was holding my breath.

John surveys the mess. Laura sits next to him on the steps. She thanks him. She says he might not think he’s a hero, but she does. He’s an honorable person, and she’s very, very lucky to have washed up in his front yard. He gives her one of the pistols, telling her, if she’s going, she’ll need it, and he needs her to take it.

They sit on the couch. John gets up, and Laura asks what it is; why won’t he look at her? He says he loves her, but he didn’t want her to know. She asks why, and he says because she’s leaving, and he doesn’t want her to. He says if she wants the cabin, he’ll go. He tells her that he needs her alive. If she’s alive, the whole world feels alive. They kiss. At this point, I’m liking him too.

John wakes up to Billy Bass – alone. He looks around, and calls Laura’s name. He sees her shoes where the boots were on the porch. On the table is, I love you too Im sorry, in Scrabble letters.

Morgan and John sit by the side of the road. Morgan says, she loved you, and John says, yes. John says, maybe if he’d waited to tell her… but Morgan says, no waiting; not in this world. Waiting is how you lose people. John says he believed he had a second chance; it was stupid. Morgan says they still do. Madison, Victor, Luci; they’re still here. They think the only thing left is to fight, kill, or die. John says, maybe they’re right. Morgan tells John to look him in the eye, and tell him that’s what he believes. If he can do that, they’ll go their separate ways. John says he doesn’t believe it. Morgan says, they’re alive. They’re part of the world. Let’s not waste another second.

Morgan gets up, and gathers his stuff. John puts the other pistol in his holster. They walk down the road.

Nice episode.

Next time, John uses the pistols some more, Mel tells Madison to be careful, and Naomi says it’s dangerous.

🐟 Apparently, there’s more than one Dory with a y who’s a fish, and is a John. A white-fleshed sea fish found in European waters, John Dory (also known as St Peter’s fish), is an odd-looking creature with an oval, flat body and a large, spiny head. The white, boneless, meaty flesh is firm and flavoursome and can be cooked in a variety of ways: grill, sauté or poach it. – from BBC.co.uk  – Food.

💀 🔊 Talking Dead was a good one too, the guests being Yvette Nicole Brown and Jenna Elfman. The artistry of the episode was discussed, and it really was beautifully filmed. The scenery was gorgeous, but John’s cabin was also an amazing setting. Yvette talked about how she has an investment in the characters after knowing the backstory. I was with her there, but I’ve always had more investment in the characters from Fear than those in The Walking Dead. From the jump, they were more multi-faceted. TWD needs a charming rogue like Victor, trading barbs and sexual tension with Maggie. I was surprised nobody brought up Naomi/Laura having lost her child, but Jenna Elfman was very cagey about where the story was going next. I wondered if her child was Charlie. Also surprising was the gift an audience member went home with – a canoe. A clip of Garrett Dillahunt (John) talking about filming the episode, gave me a quote that I not only couldn’t resist adding, but could relate to: It’s only been six days but I feel twenty-seven days tired.

🍀 Speaking of Quotes…

👵 Favorite Irish Mammy Sayings for Mother’s Day


This did not include my own mother’s favorite, this is not a restaurant, which I actually heard come out of my own mouth while babysitting my neighbor’s twins. Although my mom wasn’t Irish, that list looks pretty mom universal.

💖 Speaking of Mother’s Day…


💕 And My Best Girl Forever Mom…




May 11, 2018 – Nelle’s Shower Gets Exciting, 90 Day Journey, Quotes Worth Heeding & Moms


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny tells Jason that if they dig up what he did, his life will get blown apart.

At the MetroCourt, Anna leaves another message for Robert. She writes an email to Henrik from his mother. She says now that Faison is dead, she can tell him the truth about why she was forced to give him up when he was born. Valentin sits down and says she’s been avoiding him.

Curtis sits with Nina, and tells her she’s all work and no play. She says if her brother’s letters are any indication, she’s always been cool and interesting. He says, the ones he found in Peter’s office? She thanks him for a job well done, and gives him an envelope. He says it’s his pleasure, and amends that to extreme pleasure when he sees what’s inside. He asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want him to do any extra digging, but she says she was just angry. She was being paranoid and overprotective about Maxie. Peter isn’t a threat.

Peter reads his mother’s email, and says he can hear the excuses already. He leaves a message for Valentin to call him – now. Sam drops by, and says she’s given more thought to what they discussed.  She was surprised he told her it would be better off if she left. She asks him, why?

Carly yells, screw you, Ava! and throws the penguin mobile against the fireplace. Olivia says they all know how she hates Ava. They know what she did to Morgan and Connie – and her – but if she can keep her cool, so can Carly.

Jason tells Sonny it’s been decades. There’s nothing to connect him to the body. Sonny wouldn’t say that, since there have been major strides in forensics since then. A young kid on his first job made the mistake of burying the gun too. If they find a partial print and run it through the system, it will be Christmas for the Feds. Jason says they’d better get moving then.

Peter tells Sam he didn’t mean to imply the company would be better off without her. To be honest, Drew is more invested in the company. It might be difficult, if not impossible. for them to work together. It’s in Drew’s best interest if she walks away.

Curtis needs Nina to help him pick the right one. He shows her his phone, and she asks if that’s what she thinks it is. He says he’s going to propose to Jordan, and needs help in picking the perfect ring.

Valentin tells Anna that he can’t get ahold of Robert; he seems to have fallen off the grid. Anna says that’s what good agents do. Valentin wanted to follow up on the conundrum box with him. He put some thought in it, and remembers seeing one like it on Cassadine Island. He offers to have it dug up, but Anna passes that to Robert. Valentin is surprised she doesn’t want to check it out herself. He says Robert made it sound urgent, and he thought it had something to do with Henrik.

Carly says Ava brought Avery to the shower to flaunt it in her face. Ava says Avery is her daughter, and she’ll bring her where she wants. Carly says that’s only because she threatened to send Mike to prison. Ava says she’s like Carly, and will do anything for her children. Nelle apologizes, telling them to blame her. Carly says she’s not sorry; she’s thrilled. Monica reminds everyone that it’s a baby shower, and now it’s been brought to a halt in an argument about penguins. Bobbie says that’s not what the fight is about. She knows Nelle did it on purpose. Monica says it’s her shower. If she wants penguins, she can ask for penguins. Carly asks if her mother is the only one who sees Nelle for the snake she is.

Olivia suggests they play the baby bag game, where they guess what’s in the bag without looking at it. Olivia tells Carly that she knows it’s hard. She doesn’t like Nelle any better than Carly does. Ava hears her, and asks why come, let alone host the shower? Olivia says the baby is a Quartermaine, and after what Nelle pulled, Carly has every right to be skeptical. Nelle starts to interject, but Olivia suggests she quit while she’s ahead. Bobbie tells Carly that she can’t go in guns blazing. If she won’t do it for the baby or Michael, do it for herself. It’s not the battle to be picking right now. Carly steps away and takes a pill.

Nina looks through the rings. Curtis knows it will hurt one person and he’ll have no true peace, but it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. He and Jordan keep running away, and end up in the same place. Their last resort is to surrender, and promise to honor their bond every day for the rest of their lives. Nina says this is the one. It’s poetic yet honest, dazzling yet direct, and undeniably romantic. It’s like Jordan is for him, and him for her. Curtis looks at it and says she’s good. Nina says she is, and also happy for him. He’s been a good friend, indulging her with the investigation. He says she thought something was wrong, now it’s not, so that’s good news. She says Peter is on the up and up, and asks him to tell Sam that she was wrong. He has the best of intentions.

Sam asks if Peter thinks it’s impossible for them to work together. He says not to sound insensitive, but they’re getting a divorce. It would be better to have one CEO than two who are struggling with one another. She says she’s made her decision, and she’s staying. She tells him to let everyone who expressed concern know that she’s back and not going anywhere.

Anna tells Valentin that Robert is personally taking over the search for her son. She’d lost perspective, and her health suffered for it. Valentin asks if it’s serious, but Anna says she just needs to rest. She’s fine, and doesn’t need his sympathy. She needs to focus on the family she already has, and not be fixated on making things right with her son. Robert pointed out it might have a negative effect on Robin. Valentin says it’s shocking, but he agrees with Robert. She should focus on the  child has, not the one she doesn’t know.

Maxie comes into Peter’s office, and tells him that Nina showed her the folder he put together. He takes it that he owes her an apology. She asks if he’s kidding. Both she and Nina are beyond grateful. For Nina, it’s a keepsake of her brother, and for Maxie and the baby, it will be a window to what Nathan was like growing up. He wishes he’d given it to them sooner. When he sees it from Nina’s point of view, he can understand why she was suspicious. Maxie says Nina now sees what a good guy he is.

Nelle feels terrible. Monica opened her home to make this beautiful day happen. Carly has every reason not to trust her, but Nelle has to make it right. All she wants to do is build bridges and make amends. Olivia says now is not the time, but Nelle says what better time is there than when they’re celebrating the baby. She tells Carly that when she wanted name the baby Morgan, she was sincere. Carly says she has no reason to believe her, and Nelle says she’s right; she doesn’t. Josslyn says Nelle didn’t mean to be insensitive; she just wanted to do something nice. Carly is sure that’s what Nelle told her. Josslyn says even when Nelle told her that she admired her as a mother, and trusted her with guardianship of the baby, even that was a mistake. She just wanted to honor Morgan. Let her make things right.

Maxie tells Peter that Crimson is donating the programs. Peter laughs, saying he just wishes Nina would tell him something ahead of time. Maxie says Nina’s motto is that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. She wishes it didn’t mean she has to attend. Peter feigns shock, and says, Maxie Jones missing the social event of the season? She must be feverish and delusional, and needs to go home immediately. She tells him that last year, she was in Portland and missed it, so she and Nathan were going to do it up this year. She suggests sending an intern so they understand with glamour there is always pain. Peter says, or they could go together; he would appreciate the company. She says it would be easier to go with a friend, if he doesn’t mind walking the red carpet with a very pregnant lady. He says they’re on.

Carly tells Nelle that if she wants to make it right, stop saying Morgan’s name. She says Nelle only wants to hurt her, like with her friendship with Josslyn. Nelle is using Josslyn because she resents their loving family, and wants to destroy it. No one is buying her noble victim act. She doesn’t want to make amends or honor Morgan, she just wants to get Michael back. And everyone knows he’s too good for her. Nelle runs out of the room, crying. Monica says, so much for playing nice.

Jason and Sonny arrive at the field in Croton, using the Star Trek transporter. Jason says, they’ll be breaking ground any day, and Sonny tells him, this is it; between the columns and the water tower. He suggests they get past the nostalgia, and do what they came to do.

Bobbie tells Monica it’s a sensitive subject, and Monica says no one knows better than she the pain of mourning a son; ask Sonny. She suggests Carly suck it up, and treat Nelle with courtesy, and if she can’t, fake it. Josslyn asks if she couldn’t be nice for a change. Bobbie says Nelle was baiting Carly all afternoon. Josslyn says Nelle is insecure, and tries too hard because she loves Michael. They’re having a baby, and she’s the reason Josslyn is alive, if that counts for anything. Carly knows how badly Josslyn wants Nelle to be a good person, but wanting something doesn’t make it true. Josslyn asks if Carly is going to hate Nelle for the rest of her life, and blow up at every birthday party. She asks if Carly thinks Nelle will want to bring the baby to their house if Carly is going to fight with her. If she doesn’t make things right, Nelle will give up on them, and make her family with the Quartermaines. Josslyn will have to choose, and she doesn’t want to do that. She’s always telling Josslyn to take responsibility; why can’t she? Whatever Nelle did was wrong, but Carly was out of line. Why can’t she say she’s sorry, and forget it? Bobbie says Carly isn’t wrong, and Josslyn says, her too. She asks Carly, who’s more important, Nelle or her daughter? Carly says that’s ridiculous; Josslyn is her heart. Josslyn says, then suck it up and apologize. She wants to see her make the gesture. I want one of those giant balloons with a tassel. Carly says, okay, she’ll apologize to Nelle.

Jason and Sonny dig. Jason says it’s packed tight. He doubts anyone has been out there since Sonny was. He asks how far down, and Sonny says six feet; that’s how far he dug. Sonny has to take a break. Jason keeps digging. Sonny says that Skully had everything he wanted; money, respect, and power. What he wanted most was the power. His dad didn’t have it, and he knew it would cost him, but he didn’t care. He had two choices – be powerful like Skully, or weak like his dad. Here they are thirty years later, his dad is starting to lose everything, and it’s brought him back to the place it started. How about that?

Anna tells Valentin if he and Robert agree, who is she to argue? He asks if she’s being facetious, and she says, actually, she’s not. Faison stole a lot of her time, and now he’s gone. She hopes to make up time with Robin, who’s on her way to visit. Everything is on hold until after the Ball. Valentin says, for what it’s worth, he’s sorry. She’s in pain is he she knows he is this odyssey looking for Henrik search for peace hopes she finds it thanks him don’t know if sincere as sincere as he is he leaves

Carly seeks out Nelle in the nursery. She says Monica went all out. Nelle says at least somebody cares about the baby. Carly says she’s sorry. Nelle had no reason to know penguins were Morgan’s favorite. She’ll love the baby with everything she has. Nelle knows she will. Carly says as distasteful as it is, they have to call a truce. Nelle asks how she proposes they do that?

Nelle picks up the blanket she’s been knitting. Carly asks where she got that? Morgan had one just like it; her mom made it. Nelle says she had no idea. Carly says it’s her. All of it; the scarf, the calls. She smashed the picture, and put the note on Carly’s car, sending her to Morgan’s grave. Nelle asks if she’s feeling okay; she’s not making much sense. Carly says she sees what Nelle is doing, and it’s not going to work. She underestimated her. She’s good, but it’s over. Nelle says if she didn’t know better, she’d think Carly was losing it. The situation is perfect for getting Carly to smack her while she’s pregnant. Then she can cry in Josslyn’s arms. It’s not going to happen. She sees Nelle for who she is. Nelle says she’s carrying a baby that Michael loves. She says he appreciated that she was there for him when Avery disappeared. Carly says she was circling like a vulture to make herself look good. Nelle says it’s because she loves him. She’ll be there to ease the pain about his grandfather, and they’ll tells stories to the baby about him one day. She’s there for all of them. If Carly needs anything, just say the word. Carly says, it will be a cold day in hell. Nelle says, if she didn’t know better, she’d think Carly was having a breakdown. She must recognize the signs. She did when she threw Nelle’s breakdown in her face. She shouldn’t throw stones, since she spent time in a mental hospital herself.

Sam sees Maxie at the MetroCourt, and asks if she’ll be her date for the Nurses’ Ball. Maxie says she just promised Peter she’d go with him. Sam says she can fill him in on what happens. Nina tells Curtis good luck, and when he leaves, Maxie sits down. She wonders why everyone needs luck. Nina says she can’t tell her. Maxie says that something is happening, and she wants Nina to hear it from her first.

Curtis tells Sam that it’s off; Nina pulled the plug. He don’t know what Peter is selling, but Nina is buying it wholesale. Sam says if they keep it quiet, he’ll think he’s in the clear. He’s involved with too many people she cares about. She’s not letting it go.

Peter looks at an email from his mother, saying she wants to finally get to know him. He asks, is that what you want, mom?

Jason says they should hit the body soon. Sonny keeps thinking about when Jason came to work with him. He didn’t intend it to be the rest of Jason’s life. He didn’t know he’d rely so much on him. He can’t have own life because Sonny has trapped him. Jason says he chose his own life, but Sonny wants him to know he’s not taking it for granted. Jason says Sonny, Carly, and Michael are his family; they’re good. Sonny gets a flashlight. Jason hits something. It’s a dollar sign money clip.

Carly says it was all a ploy. Nelle set her up with the shower gift. She’s using the baby shower to hurt her and freak her out in front of Josslyn. Nelle says it must be a banner day for her, and a tragic one for Michael with his mother unbalanced and dangerous. She’ll have to get checked out before they let her have access to the baby. Carly says, think again, bitch. She’ll never get away. Nelle says, watch her.

Sonny remembers it like yesterday, the dude he buried flashing wads of cash. Jason says that’s all there is. There’s no body.

Anna types an email from Henrik’s mother. She tells him, for his own protection, not to trust Valentin Cassadine.

Curtis tells Sam that Nina might be satisfied, but there are too many unanswered questions. He suggests they work together.

Nina thinks Maxie going to the Ball with Peter is great. It’s good for her. Maxie says, so she doesn’t need the speech where she valiantly, but unsuccessfully, promotes Peter? Nina says she thought he was hiding a deep, dark secret, but he’s just a thoughtful guy. Maxie says, I told you so, and Nina says it’s the only one she’s going to get. She’s sorry she was overprotective. With Nathan gone, she thought it was her job to watch out for Maxie. She thought he’d want it that way. Maxie says, he would, but Nina says she took it too far. Her heart is in the right place, but Peter isn’t someone Maxie needs protection from.

Peter reads the email about Valentin. Valentin shows up at his office, and asks if he’s disturbing Peter. Peter says, on the contrary. He just left a message demanding Valentin call him back. It’s better face-to-face when there’s an important matter to discuss. He wants to know if they’re on the same page.

At the shower, everyone is playing Olivia’s baby bag game. Brad guesses, a toy. Olivia says every child under the age of six months thinks everything counts as a toy. It’s a wooden spoon.

Upstairs, Carly says she will not let Nelle get her hands on her son. Nelle leaves the room, and Carly makes a grab for the blanket. They struggle over it at the top of the stairs, and no surprise, Nelle falls down them. I’ve been wondering if something like that was going to happen.

On Monday, Jordan says she’s not ready for marriage, Jason thinks the body was moved, and Monica wants to call the police.

💍 In anticipation of the new season of 90 Day Fiancé (May 20th), TLC has been taking the pieces of each couples’ story shown throughout a season and putting them together, adding a new branch to the franchise tree. Tonight, was Jorge and Anfisa: Our Continuing Journey, and I couldn’t resist. They had a journey, all right. I never did quite get a handle on these two. I hadn’t seen them in the beginning, so that part was new to me. Apparently, Jorge had quite a thing going with dealing medical weed, as well as designing packaging for it. He’d designed a bag that didn’t let in ultra-violet rays or something like that, and it kept the weed fresher. You’d think that would have set him up for life. He’d told Anfisa that he was a millionaire, and they had traveled a bit together, but after she got here, she found out he was actually in debt. Jorge lost his job, although that wasn’t clear if it was because Anfisa kept interrupting his $15K drug deal with screaming mimi phone calls. While I totally get that she felt she’d been duped, she reacted like a toddler, throwing many literal temper tantrums. On the other hand, Jorge had the emotional range of a potato, so maybe she was just trying to get a reaction. Any reaction. She wanted to live the good life, but with Jorge, it was less than mediocre. The final straw came when Jorge’s sister accused Anfisa of only spreading her legs for Jorge when he had money, and he just sat there like the emotionless sack of flour he was during the entire relationship. She walked out, finding a life of her own. These two were just bizarre. At times, they seemed like bad actors, their conversation and mannerisms stilted and wooden.

The really weird part came during The Couples Tell All episodes (what you call a reunion). They arrived together, and were sharing a hotel room. During all three episodes, Jorge intimated he had some juicy information about Anfisa, claiming it was something she wanted to keep hidden. Even though the host eventually had a two-on-one with them, Jorge never really spilled the beans. Was she a hooker escort? A stripper An exotic dancer? Part of the Russian mob? A potato farmer trying to capture him? What? We may never know. Another question on my list for God when I meet Him. She made it clear she’d expected a life of luxury and Jorge didn’t deliver, and the rest of the couples were of one mind that this was not a love match. Still, there were glimmers of humanity, like when Anfisa cried at the civil ceremony. Although she could have been crying about the United States not being the land of opportunity she’d thought it was.

ℹ Quotes of the Week

I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.Louisa May Alcott

Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today. – Will Rogers

Dead isn’t what it used to be. – Man in Black (Ed Harris), Westworld

If somebody is being mean, they’re probably really not happy. If you’re having a great day, you don’t walk past someone and yell, ‘Freak!’ If you’re happy, you say, ‘I love your skirt!’Melissa McCarthy

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