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March 22, 2017 – A Fate Worse than Pentonville & a Coupla Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Olivia-J might look fantastic in orange, but I will never agree that it’s the new black. Griff walks into court, and she addresses him as Duke.

Nelle tells Michael that running into him is a coincidence; she needed a child-friendly restaurant. Michael asks who her new friend is, and she says Charlotte is her new job. She’s a nanny.

Laura is surprised at the outcome of the hearing. She asks Doc if he agrees with Andre, and Doc says she shouldn’t question Andre’s credentials, and actually, he does.

Lulu goes to the Crimson office. Dillon answers the door, and she asks for Nina, who’s gone for the day. She wants to tell Nina how she feels about Valentin’s lies. She’s not Charlotte’s mother; Lulu is. She doesn’t understand why the courts wouldn’t give Charlotte to her. Well, displaying this kind of temper for one thing.

Nina tells Valentin that the next time he decides to have it out with Anna, to give her a heads up. He says the cloak and dagger stuff is over.

Obrecht tells Anna that she doesn’t perform house calls, even for old friends. Anna says she needs answers. Obrecht asks about what, and Anna says who – Valentin Cassadine.

Olivia-J says Griff reminds her of his father. He says he’s been called to testify as to what a dangerous person she is. She says he could have done that by affidavit; he can’t stay away.

Obrecht tells Anna that she knows next to nothing about Valentin. She says they exchanged a few pleasantries at the wedding. Anna asks about Victor and Helena, but Obrecht says they’ve never been mentioned in her presence. She knows less than Anna does. Anna says there is someone close to her who knows – Faison. Omgomgomg! I’m freaking out. In my 50+ years of watching this show, he’s my all-time favorite character. He’s what GH is all about for me – the spy stuff. Back in the day, with Robert, and Anna, and Sean, and Tiffany, and the Wellington Dog. Omg.

Nora tells Valentin that she’s picking up the judge’s decree, and Lulu will be starting her visits. Valentin says he’s already arranged something even before he got the document. Nora says it looks good to be magnanimous. The court will want them to follow the order, but also make decisions based on Charlotte’s best interest, even if it’s uncomfortable for them. Knowing Lulu will ultimately be to Charlotte’s benefit.To Valentin’s too, if she doesn’t stop acting like an idiot.

Dillon tells Lulu to take a breath; she’s about to talk herself into doing something crazy. He says it’s good Nina isn’t there. Lulu tells him about Andre’s evaluation. Dillon agrees that taking Charlotte away from Valentin would traumatize her, but Lulu says she’s been brainwashed into living with a murderer. Dillon gets the impression that Lulu isn’t allowed to see Charlotte at all, and she explains she has supervised visitation, with a reevaluation in six months. Dillon says it sounds like a win, when she’s making it out to be a total disaster.

Doc tells Laura that taking Charlotte away from the only parent she’s known will do more damage. Andre evaluated her and she’s happy. Laura says that’s because she doesn’t know any better. Doc says they have to want her to be whole and happy, more than they want her to be theirs. Laura asks if he’s saying she should be patient, and trust the courts and Lulu’s ability. Doc says that’s the advice she gave Lulu, but Laura is afraid it’s not enough. Valentin will rig the system against her unless someone gets ahead of him. Doc supposes that someone is Laura.

Nelle tells Michael that it’s not her dream job, but she’s going to be living in, so she can save money toward her goal of getting a teaching degree. Michael says he thought she’d want to get away from the mess. She says the mess she made, and asks if he’s telling her to go.

Valentin tells Nora that he tried to get along with Lulu for Charlotte’s sake, but Lulu doesn’t want to get along with him. Nina is afraid that Lulu will influence Charlotte against Valentin, but Nora says that’s why the visits are supervised. Valentin says Lulu is erratic, and Nora says that’s what people say about him.  She tells him not to give them anything to talk about. Nina tells her that Laura and Lulu are going to dredge up secrets from the past. Nora asks what they’ll find.

Laura tells Doc that she’s trying to protect Charlotte from the man who killed her son. Doc says the problem is how she’s doing it, and that sometimes the best laid plans come back to bite you. He tells her not to cut him out and let him help. He has to get to court, and she thanks him for caring.

Michael thought it might be easier for Nelle to start someplace new. She says not everyone knows what she did, so why not stay? She can’t make amends from somewhere else. She says hurting him wasn’t part of the plan, and if she doesn’t make things better, she wouldn’t feel right. He thinks she should focus on her new job, and the kindest thing is to leave them be. Nelle tells him that if he doesn’t want anything to do with her, she’ll leave him alone.

Obrecht isn’t happy, but Anna pleads with her, saying she’s desperate. She’s been on Valentin’s trail for months, used every contact, and come up with nothing. Obrecht says that Faison has freed himself from the shackles of obsession. He’s over her; beyond over. Why does she think he would know anything? Anna says Valentin was with the WSB and departed under strange circumstances. It wouldn’t be the first time an agent flipped, and she needs confirmation. Obrecht laughs, saying that Anna needs her. Anna says if anyone could get to Faison, it’s her. Obrecht says that she doesn’t know where he is, but hypothetically speaking, if she did, what’s in it for her?

Griff tells Olivia-J that his father is dead. Olivia says she sees his father in him, but not his mother. He asks what she knows about his mother.

Michael tells Nelle that Port Charles is big enough for the two of them, and she says a peaceful coexistence works for her. Charlotte bugs Nelle about the hot chocolate, and Nelle tells her to get them to go, introducing Michael as her friend. When Charlotte goes to the counter, Nelle thanks Michael for not involving Charlotte. She knows they’re not friends anymore. Laura walks in and makes a face like she smells something bad.

Dillon says anything less than full custody feels like set back to Lulu. Lulu says she wanted to bring Charlotte home. Dillon tells her that he doesn’t have personal experience, but he knows about Maxie’s experience. Lulu says she remembers, and it was the lowest she ever saw Maxie. Dillon says she wouldn’t listen for a long time, but when she followed the rules, things changed in her favor. Lulu says she’s not fighting a stubborn judge, but the man who killed her brother.

Valentin tells Nora that the judge can only rule on provable fact, and he has no prior convictions. She asks if he covered his tracks. He says that he wanted to make sure nothing ever touched Charlotte, and he did what he had to do, so let them dredge up the past. Nothing will stand between him and their future.

Obrecht tells Anna that it will cost. She wants Faison and their daughter, Britt, to be free to come out of hiding, and all charges dropped. Anna says she needs an act of God; she doesn’t have that power. Obrecht says if Anna can’t make it worth her while, she has nothing more to say. Anna asks if her family’s lives are worth the conversation.

Nora tells Griff to back off. Olivia-J is a sick woman. And her client. She’s very busy in Port Charles! Griff apologizes, saying he didn’t want to cause a problem, but Olivia said something confusing. Nora asks if he wants to cause Olivia more problem before her hearing. Another lawyer comes in, and Nora says Griff needs to stop bothering her client. The lawyer tells him not to talk to them. Nora tells Olivia to keep focused, and let her do the talking. Judge Sanchez takes the bench. He goes through the million charges, including 315 counts of attempted murder for the bomb at GH. Nora looks surprised. The judge says they’re here to assess Olivia’s fitness for trial.

Doc does an evaluation. He says that Olivia-J is lucid, but has no perception that murder is wrong because she has no moral code. Nora says they’re here to see if she’s fit to stand trial, not whether she has a moral code, and Doc says she’s been in psychiatric hospitals several times. The prosecutor says she has a history of faking it, and asks if Doc can say she’s not faking now. Doc says he can’t.

Griff is next. Nora talks about Olivia-J thinking he was Duke. He says she was trying to restore Duke’s soul using him as a vessel, and he played along. Nora says Duke was decades older; how could she not see it? He says she was acting strangely, and he was afraid for Anna. He hoped if he played along, it would buy more time. Nora asks if she’s called him Duke since then, and he says yes, when he came in to court.

Judge Sanchez says that Olivia-J definitely lacks the capacity to stand trial. He says she’ll be remanded to Darkum Asylum until her competency is established.

Afterward, Griff asks Doc if he’s dealt with this kind of thing before, and how long before she can stand trial? Doc says she may never see another day in court.

Obrecht accuses Anna of resorting to extortion by targeting her loved ones. Anna says she was talking about Valentin. She says Nathan can’t stand him, and thinks he tricked Nina into marriage. Valentin is a Cassadine, and lives in a web of secrets and lies. Nina is impulsive, and if they start fighting, Nathan might intervene. Obrecht says all the more reason for her to steer clear of Anna, and let her fight her own battles. Anna says Valentin might not be a problem today, but one day it will be different. Obrecht tells her that even if she agreed, it’s no guarantee Faison will help her. Anna says he might not help her, but he might help Obrecht. She has no reason to trust him, but she’s out of options. Obrecht thanks her for the tea.

Valentin wants to celebrate their victory. Nina asks if he wants to take the celebration home. Since Charlotte has a new nanny, they can have some privacy. She tells him about Nelle having worked for Carly, and how they’re not fans of Nelle’s.

Dillon tells Lulu that if she wants her daughter back, she has to play by the rules. Lulu doesn’t know how she became the bad guy in all of this. Dillon says she’s not a bad guy, but this makes it easier on Charlotte, and six months will go by before she knows it. Lulu whines that so will Charlotte’s childhood, and if she only gets one lousy visit a week, how can she build a relationship? He tells her she has no other choice. She says there are always other options, but Dillon says if they go wrong, six months can turn into forever. He asks if she wants to take that risk.

Laura calls Lulu to come to Kelly’s. Laura tells Nelle that she’s Charlotte’s grandmother. Nelle says she’s her new nanny, and hustles Charlotte out. Laura approaches Michael and asks for a word. Okay. Blue! Sorry, I had to. She noticed he was talking to Nelle, and explains that Charlotte is her granddaughter. Michael says sorry about the custody hearing not going in Lulu’s favor, but Laura wants to know about Nelle.

Nina tells Valentin that Nelle was sweet with Charlotte, but she thinks the reason she hired Nelle was because she lost her temper with Bobbie. Bobbie told her that Lulu wouldn’t approve, but why should she have control over who they hire? Nelle and Charlotte return. Nina takes Charlotte to go do something, so that Valentin can interview Nelle. Nelle starts to explain why Carly let her go, and Valentin says he trusts Nina, and he’ll make sure she’s vetted properly. He can see she loves Charlotte, but if anything should happen to her under Nelle’s care, they’d never find her body. Nelle says she’ll keep that in mind.

Michael tells Laura that Nelle was Josslyn’s kidney donor. Carly had hired her, but she doesn’t work for Carly anymore. He says it’s best if she asks Carly about it. He tells her for what it’s worth, Nelle does have a background in education and was great with Josslyn, so he doesn’t think she’d make a bad nanny. He’s not comfortable saying anything else because they’re not friends anymore.

Nora explains the transport to Olivia-J. She wishes Olivia good luck. Olivia tells her to tell that old cowboy of hers that she said “hi,” and then acts like she doesn’t know what she said. Very cute nod to Tonja Walker having been on One Life to Live.

Griff comes by Anna’s place. He tells her that he came from the competency hearing (come to think of it, shouldn’t Anna have been there?), and Olivia-J was declared unfit to stand trial. He says that she’s been remanded to Darkum Asylum, and Anna says she’s finally got herself trapped. She tells Griff that Olivia has a history of conveniently timed mental health issues; she tries to work the system, but what she doesn’t realize is that Pentonville is a spa in comparison to Darkum. Griff doesn’t think she’s going away that easy. He tells Anna that she said something about his mother.

Lulu meets Laura. Laura says she had a run in with Charlotte and her new nanny, who she thinks might prove useful. I love how she said it was a “run in,” like it was the Jets and the Sharks.

Nelle brings Charlotte back to Nina’s office. Nina hopes she wasn’t intimidated by Valentin. She tells Nelle that he’s a teddy bear once you get to know him.

Nora gives Valentin the judge’s decree. Obrecht makes a call; we assume to Faison. She says you’ll never guess who needs help and why.

Griff tells Anna that he tried to get Olivia-J to clarify what she was saying, but the court was called to order. He says she’d looked at him as if seeing him for the first time, and said she didn’t see a trace of his mother in him. He asks if Olivia knew her, but Anna says she didn’t meet Duke until she came to Port Charles. He asks what about before that, and Anna says anything is possible, but she was probably just trying to get to him. Her best advice is to let it go. Olivia is out of their lives, and there are more pressing matters, like Valentin.

Valentin thanks Nora. He tells her as for the other matter, the money has been wired. She says she hopes everything was to his satisfaction, and that his associate won’t spend one day in prison, but Olivia-J won’t be seeing the light of day either.

Tomorrow, Tracy is shocked that Olivia-F turned down Ned’s proposal, Jordan admits she was wrong about Sonny, and Sonny tells baby Emily to call if she’s ever in trouble.

👷 Laughing when Dr. Tudball Nowzaradan, from My 600-lb Life, showed up at someone’s house, wearing a lab coat with a stethoscope draped around his neck.

🎶 Dammit! I miss Star already. I considered watching Empire, but if I’m going to do that, I want to see it from the beginning. This should be my biggest problem.

March 16, 2017 – Judge Rawles Makes a Decision, Underage Cooks & Random Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I came in a wee bit late. Valentin takes Charlotte in to the psyche interview.

Alexis tells Sam about what happened with Julian. She says she ran into the woods and kept running, fully expecting a bullet in the back. Sam says she’s sorry, and suggests Alexis see a doctor, but Alexis says she doesn’t need one. She tells Sam that Julian saved her life.

Franco wants to start art therapy with Jake. Elizabeth says that when Jake opens up, Franco will be the one he’ll talk to. She says her blood ran cold when he said the ending line from the book he never saw. Jake comes downstairs, and Elizabeth leaves for work. Franco tells Jake he has some ideas for the day.

Lulu is nervous about the interview. Dante doesn’t want her to get her hopes up, but Laura thinks it can’t hurt for her to be optimistic. Laura tells Dante she asked Doc for his honest opinion, and he said it could go either way. She’s worried about what Lulu might do if she doesn’t get custody.

Valentin thanks Nina for reassuring Charlotte and speaking up for him. He asks how things are going at the MetroCourt, but she’s been staying with Nathan. She says she never questioned that Charlotte belongs with him. Valentin asks if she does. She says he’s always made her feel loved and appreciated, but also insecure and jealous. He says that was never his intention. She says it brings back the past men in her life and diminishes her. Valentin says everything with Anna is in the past. Nina says she’s going to believe him and be his wife, and they’ll raise Charlotte together. She’s willing to forget about the business with Anna if he is. He says from now on he’s focusing on the life that brought her to him. The others arrive for the hearing.

At the hospital, Elizabeth says it’s nice to see Griff in one piece. He says considering what happened, he couldn’t be better. Elizabeth is concerned about getting Jake’s cold. Griff sneezes and says it’s just allergies.

Sam understands the impulse to be grateful, but tells Alexis that her life wouldn’t have been in danger in the first place if it wasn’t for Julian. Instead of turning Olivia-J in, he allowed her to pretend to be Alexis’s AA sponsor. Because of him, Sam and baby Emily almost died. She’s glad he’s gone, and Alexis chastises her for speaking that way about her father.

The judge is late, and Valentin asks Nora if it means anything. Nora says it means the line was long for the coffee kiosk, and doesn’t think he has anything to worry about. Diane tells Lulu and Dante that if and when the judge rules in their favor, they have to make it stick. Judge Lou Rawles comes to the bench. The psychiatrist is ready to give the evaluation and recommendation for custody. Andre walks in. Whoa, wait. Isn’t there a conflict of interest somewhere with him?

Elizabeth tells Griff his throat is red. He says he doesn’t get sick, and she says doctors and nurses make the worst patients. She thinks he should go home. She says he proved himself by staying with his patient during the bomb scare.

Franco tells Jake they’re going to draw stories about the time before they knew each other. He says they’re going to draw every idea they had from the time they were babies until now. They race to the paper. I love Roger Howarth with kids. They en garde with the paper rolls.

Alexis says that she didn’t mean to snap at Sam. Sam says that Alexis scared her a little bit. She thinks Alexis has softened toward Julian, and him helping her get sober made her backslide in other ways. She’s making excuses now, so how long before she rationalizes? Alexis wants there to be an explanation, and Alexis says maybe there is. She remembers the letter and says it’s time to open it.

Andre says that Charlotte is bright, inquisitive, and well-adjusted, and has shown no problem despite all the upheaval. She was dealing with the loss of her mother, when Lulu caused her to cling to Valentin and reject her. He thinks to encourage the rejection won’t serve her when she gets older; she’ll feel cheated, unless she’s provided with the opportunity to see her mother, and would benefit from developing a relationship. The judge asks about the effect of her father. Andre says she loves him very much. He’s been the only constant in her life, and she relies on him for a sense of well-being and stability. Andre is convinced if she’s removed, it would further traumatize her, and her best interest is to remain in Valentin’s custody.

Sam asks if Alexis thinks the letter is going to reveal any excuse for what Julian has done. Alexis says that Sam saw how deranged Olivia-J was. Sam gets that Alexis is thankful she’s alive, but how many ways does Julian have to hurt her? Alexis asks if Sam doesn’t want to know if he was being threatened, but Sam doesn’t want to know why he did things; that he did them is all that matters.

Franco and Jake draw their favorite foods from when they were four-years-old. Of course Franco’s is weird – a pickle and peanut butter sandwich. Franco asks Jake what his favorite thing to do was when he was four. Jake says going on a big slide. Franco tells him to draw it, and asks if he still liked it after he was four. He says, sometimes.

Griff tells Elizabeth that maybe he is a little rundown. They talk about Marisol, and how relieved her parents were that Griff stayed with her. Griff says it must have been awful when Elizabeth thought Jake was dead, and she tells him about the woes of being a single parent. She looks at the thermometer, and Griff’s temperature is 101.2. She tells him to go home.

Andre’s professional recommendation is that Charlotte stay with Valentin, but she would benefit greatly from a relationship with Lulu. He recommends supervised visits in an environment where she feels safe, allowing her to form a connection, without thinking it will affect the bond with her father. The judge wants to take a recess so she can consider the testimony.

Nora doesn’t think it could have gone better. Lulu accosts Andre as he’s leaving. She asks if he has any idea what Valentin has done. She says he murdered her brother to get the Cassadine estate. Andre says he was to give a recommendation in Charlotte’s best interest. He gave his professional opinion and stands by it, and to talk to the judge if they take issue with it. Diane tells Lulu that the judge will take everything into consideration.

She’s fast too. She’s ready to rule.

Sam tells Alexis to do what she thinks is right, but don’t romanticize Julian. He never had a problem lying to her if it meant she thought better of him, and the letter is probably more of the same. Elizabeth peeks in and asks if it’s a good time, and Alexis says she was just leaving. Elizabeth says she just wanted to check in after last night. Sam says they’re fine. They joke about Jason, and Elizabeth looks at the baby. Sam says that Emily has had a lot of visitors today. Elizabeth gives Sam a present.

Franco asks if Jake remembers having any fun sliding since he was four. Jake says no, and Franco says draw something fun that he remembers from when he was seven. Franco wanted to be a pirate when he was seven, and asks Jake what he wanted to be. Jake doesn’t know, so Franco tells him to draw something else from when he was four. Jake gets up and paces on the paper. He starts to draw. It’s a door.

The judge awards full physical and legal custody to Valentin. Lulu shouts out, and Diane apologizes. The judge says Lulu will be allowed supervised visitation. Based on the social worker’s recommendation, they’ll revisit the custody issue in six months. Valentin thanks Nora. She says she’s happy that Charlotte is going to remain while she belongs. Lulu wants to know how they can do this when she’s Charlotte’s mother. At this point, I wouldn’t let her have custody of a squirrel.

Valentin tells Charlotte he’s taking her and Nina out for a special lunch to celebrate their family. Lulu wonders how she’s supposed to deal with this. Dante says they’ll make sure Lulu spends as much time with Charlotte as possible. Diane says she could have been denied visitation altogether, and in six months they can form a bond. Dante says at the least they’ll end up getting shared custody. Lulu whines about having to meet Charlotte with a stranger watching. Like she can be trusted.

Laura asks to have a word with Valentin. Nina takes Charlotte outside. Laura says they all want what’s best for Charlotte, and Valentin says she’s thrilled to be with him. Laura says a lot can change in six months. These people don’t know when to quit. It’s probably not a good idea to be talking to him like that, especially after Lulu’s performance in the courtroom.

Franco asks Jake what the door is about, and Jake says he’s tired of this, and wants to play with the marshmallow gun. Franco sends him to the kitchen to get marshmallows, and ponders the door drawing.

Sam unwraps a baby book. She tells Elizabeth that she’s looking forward to documenting Emily’s firsts. Elizabeth tells her there are things like a family tree in it. Sam thanks her. Sam flips through the book and when she gets to the tree, she focuses on the word “grandpa.”

Alexis takes out the safe deposit box key and the letter.

On Monday, the letter begins If you’re reading this, I’m dead, Scotty tells Olivia-J that she’s going away for a long time, and Felicia asks Anna what she’s doing.

🍰 The kids on MasterChef Junior are still going strong. Omg, this one nine-year-old is the cutest. He can barely get out the words as to what he cooked, but cooks better than all of us put together. Sadly, he got cut this week. I was having some serious thinking about becoming a vegetarian, but it almost gave me second thoughts tonight after seeing the pork chops and steaks these youngsters cooked up. Next week, the traditional pie throwing.

🍳 Gordon Ramsay’s The f Word is coming to FOX this summer. It’s billed as a cooking competition, so I’m not sure if It will be the same as the BBC version. I absolutely love that show. It has a little bit of everything – Gordon showing us a farm to table experience, some restaurant action, and Gordon competing with a celebrity cooking the same dish. I’m curious as to how they might Americanize it, but if it’s Gordon, it’s got to be good!

😢 Waaah! March Madness is making me mad. It’s totally interfering with my viewing schedule. Alas, Judge Judy and Life in Pieces, I knew you well.

🏥 Does the doctor on My 600-lb Life remind anyone else of Tim Conway’s “Mr. Tudball” from The Carol Burnett Show? Just askin’.


February 23, 2017 – Olivia-J Reveals Herself, Too Close Finale & 600 Pounds


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the hospital, Hayden is checking the paper to see if there have been any plane crashes. Griff asks her what’s up with that. She tells him about how Finn was supposed to meet with the pharmaceutical company in Manhattan. The plane left, but he didn’t check into the hotel and isn’t answering his phone. She tried to find out where the plane landed, but can’t get any further information without Tracy, since the jet belongs to ELQ.

Finn is back in his hotel room. He dumps a bunch of vials out of his bag.

Curtis sees Nina at The Floating Rib. She shows him her ring and he congratulates her, saying looks like she got it all.

Anna digs through her overnight bag, annoyed that there are no clothes in it. She suddenly gets weak and almost collapses. Valentin appears, asking if he’s going to have to catch her again.

Jason sees Robin, and wonders what she’s doing at the hospital. She figures he would have talked to Sonny, but he says Sonny told him to talk to her. She says she told Sonny it was private, but didn’t mean to include him. She tells Jason that Anna has cancer. She says it was a shock, but in Anna’s case, it’s treatable. The hard part is getting her to take it easy. She asks why Jason texted her, and he says he wanted to talk to her about Olivia-J.

Sam tells Olivia-J that she’s not going to stand in the cold and argue. Olivia pulls a gun, saying that Sam has figured out who she is, and no one else can know. Sam acts ignorant, and Olivia says she’s not an idiot. She tells Sam that she’s her Aunt Olivia, Julian’s dead sister.

At the dive bar, Julian calls Sam and gets voicemail. He wonders what Oliva-J has done. Gray joins him, and says there’s been a complication

Olivia-J tells Sam that she doesn’t want anything to happen to the baby. Sam says her being alive is impossible. Olivia says that Julian shot her in the back, but she didn’t die. She tells Sam that she just wants to stash her someplace warm.

Robin tells Jason that she hasn’t thought about Olivia-J in ages, and Sonny was asking about her too. She says this must have something to do with Ava. Jason says he doesn’t trust the cops, and neither does Sonny, so he’s been looking into the Jerome family. Robin tells him that she was little, but remembers some things clearly. Olivia was crazy and dangerous, and hated Anna.

Anna tells Valentin that the details are hazy. She says she’s feeling better, but he tells her that it doesn’t look like it. He says that he’s told her everything he can. She says she was told that she ordered the WSB to assassinate him and has no recollection. He infers that she has selective amnesia. She says she wants the truth, and won’t rest until she has answers.

Hayden tells Griff that Finn didn’t check into the hotel and didn’t make the meeting. The plane took off, but didn’t land in NYC. She wonders if he went somewhere else, and why he wouldn’t tell her. Griff says there must have been a misunderstanding, and Hayden asks him what’s up with the look. He says he doesn’t want to speculate, but she begs him to tell her what’s on his mind. Griff says he doesn’t know for sure, but Finn asked him for a painkiller prescription and got annoyed when he wouldn’t refill it. He thinks Finn is showing the symptoms of withdrawal. Hayden wonders why, since they both should have been cured from the disease. She asks why he would still be taking anything so addictive. Duh. Because it’s addictive?

Finn gives himself a shot, and tells Roxie not to look at him like that. He tells her that he’ll kick this.

Olivia-J tells Sam to get in the car. Sam says Olivia is the one who hired Buzz to plant the bomb to kill Julian, and she must have been annoyed that he didn’t die. Olivia says she’s beyond annoyed, and Sam says apparently Sonny’s kid was collateral damage. She asks how she knows Olivia won’t hurt the baby, and Olivia says she could never hurt an unborn child again.

Robin explains to Jason that Duke didn’t return Olivia-J’s feelings for him, and she lashed out. Robin doesn’t know the particulars, but Anna was pregnant with Duke’s baby, and when she and Olivia crossed paths, she wasn’t anymore. Jason tells her he’s sorry, and she says it was a long time ago. It was supposedly an accident, but she never believed that. Jason asks Robin if Olivia was still alive, if she’d want to hurt Julian. Robin says she’s surprised Olivia didn’t rise from the dead and kill him

Sam asks Olivia-J why she’s targeting her. Olivia tells her that she has poor taste in fathers. Sam says she had no choice, and why retribution after all these years? She says Julian killed the only man she ever loved.

Nina tells Curtis about the ribbon rings, and he says she ain’t got no ribbon now. She says funny how life works. She became willing to accept that she wasn’t going to have any children, but then Charlotte came along. Curtis says she married Charlotte’s father, not Charlotte. Nina says they’re happy, although Valentine’s Day got off to a rocky start; someone broke into their house.

Anna asks Valentin why he thinks she’d be breaking into his house. He suggests she was snooping. She wants the whole story, but he tells her not to ask questions that she doesn’t want answers to. She says whatever she did was traumatic and emotionally scarring, and she blocked it out. Here’s his chance to dig it up, throw it in her face, and destroy her. He tells her she’s better off the way things are, and starts to leave. Robin comes in and tells him to get away from Anna.

Nina tells Curtis that Valentin and Anna were friends back in the day, but something happened to their friendship. She says that Anna is practically stalking him; it’s like she’s obsessed with him. Curtis says it doesn’t match with what he knows about Anna. It makes him wonder if Valentin is telling her everything.

Valentin introduces himself to Robin. Robin asks why he’s in Anna’s room. She says she’s grateful he brought Anna to the hospital, but she doesn’t need his mind games. She tells him that she’s been friends with Lulu and Nicholas since they were teenagers, and he killed Nicholas. He says that’s one way to look at it, and tells Anna to get the answers she wants from someone else.

Curtis tells Nina that everyone keeps secrets. She wonders what he thinks Valentin is keeping from her, and he asks what the past beef between him and Anna was. Nina tells him about how Anna rejected Valentin’s advances. Curtis says if that’s the whole story, he’d be the one with the grudge.

Gray tells Julian that they didn’t have any other options before, but the Quartermaines have pooled their resources and are matching the offer. Their angle is that GH is vital to community, and they’ve swung others to their side, making it a community issue. He’ll do his best to persuade them, but if he were Julian, he’d prepare his client for the vote not going their way. Julian says that’s not acceptable.

Jason leaves Sam a message. He thinks he has a theory about what going on.

Olivia-J tells Sam that she believed Duke had survived like she had. She thought her faith had been rewarded, and found out that Julian had killed him. All light, love, and hope for her life was gone. Sam says she hates what Julian has done and understands. Olivia says she can’t understand, with her perfect life, and it isn’t fair. Why should Sam have everything when she has nothing? I dunno. Because Sam isn’t a lunatic?

Finn shakes as he feeds Roxie. He thinks he’s built up a tolerance, and prepares another shot. He tells Roxie that it’s just this once.

Hayden asks Griff if he thinks Finn is addicted. Griff says Finn has been using the drug for years. He says he’s been keeping an eye on things, and even tried questioning him. Hayden is going to start by seeing if he made it back.

Valentin joins Nina. He says that he’s going to make up for every minute they missed on Valentine’s Day. She asks what held him up, and he tells her he stopped by to see Anna.

Robin asks Anna what Valentin wanted. Anna says it’s a long story, but he’s not a threat. Robin says delirium isn’t usually a symptom of what Anna has. Anna says she’s not delirious, and wants to know why Robin didn’t pack any clothes in her overnight bag. Robin says because she’d try to leave, and that Anna is exhausted. Anna says the hospital is no place to rest, and she wants a semblance of normalcy. Robin tells her that she can’t check herself out against doctor’s orders. Anna says Robin made her realize she could carry on, and she also realizes what’s important. Robin says most important thing is to take care of herself. Anna tells her that there are things she doesn’t know about her past, and she can’t find the answers there.

Julian grabs Gray and says everything had better work out. Gray says he’ll concentrate on the board members, but can’t promise anything. Julian says failure isn’t an option, and Gray tells him it’s just business, not life or death. Julian says where he comes from, it is life or death, and Gray had better remember that. Gray leaves, and Julian looks at the picture of Sam with Olivia-J.

Olivia-J tells Sam that without Duke, she has nothing. The only thing keeping her going is Julian dying by her hand, but she wants to make him suffer. She says unless Sam wants the baby to be collateral damage, to get in the car. Sam starts to walk toward the car, but doubles over. When Olivia asks what’s wrong, Sam tries to get the gun. They struggle on the bridge.

Nina tells Valentin that this is the second time he’s left her waiting because of Anna, and wonders if she should be jealous. He says Anna collapsed in his house and he was just checking to make sure she was all right. He’d thought Nina would be proud of his good deed. Nina says that Anna isn’t their friend; she broke into their house. Valentin tells her that he’s hoping they can make peace. Nina says his past and present caught up with him, and they’re bound to run into each other. Valentin suggests getting something expensive that the bar has in reserve, and goes to talk to the bartender. Nina calls the commissioner, saying she wants to report Anna breaking in.

Robin and Anna argue. Griff asks what’s going on, and Robin says Anna is trying to check herself out. Griff says she has a phlebotomy first thing in the morning. He says he’s not her doctor, and wants her to spend the night and talk to Finn tomorrow. Anna says she trusts him. He says because of PV, she might experience dizziness and she’s on blood thinners. Any injury that draws blood could be problematic. She asks if everything she’s done with her career is off the table, and if she’s finished. Robin thinks she should reconsider the instructor position. Anna complains that they all convinced her that her illness wouldn’t hold her back. Griff says it’s minor, but she says what life does that leave her? Robin says she’s not ready to lose her mom and Emma isn’t ready to lose her grandmother. If she can’t do it for herself, can’t she do it for them?

Jason talks to Curtis. He says they know someone has a hold over Julian, that person accidentally killed Morgan, and that Julian called them his sister. Curtis says he’s looked into it, and Ava is Julian’s only living sister; the other one is dead. Jason says, unless she’s not.

Olivia-J tells Sam not to make her hurt the baby. The gun drops. Sam punches Olivia, and Olivia pushes her over the railing. Sam lies unconscious below the bridge.

Commercial break. For more information on rare blood cancers like Anna has, go to VoicesOfMPN.com.

Hayden knocks on Finn’s hotel room door. She says she knows he didn’t go to New York. If there’s a problem, they’ll deal with it, but he has to let her in. There’s still no answer, so she leaves. Finn is passed out with the syringe next to him.

Anna says she’ll stay at the hospital. Griff says to do her fan club a favor and get some rest. Out at the desk, Robin thanks Griff, and asks when Finn will be back. Griff says soon, but in the meantime, he’ll look into protocols. She says she will too. She tells him that he has his dad’s eyes. She’s been thinking about Duke a lot lately. If he were here, he’d know what to say, but maybe he can speak through Griff. She tells Griff that Duke was like a father to her, and Griff says they’re part of the same clan.

Anna looks at her special agent ID.

Valentin tells Nina he’s not going to let anyone intrude on their future. Nina toasts to it.

Officer Donaldson comes to Anna’s room. He says they have a complaint, and he’s going to have to place her under arrest. While I’ve never been arrested, much less arrested while I was a patient in the hospital, I’m not so sure it works like that.

Curtis tells Jason that it’s a wild theory, and what are they supposed to do with this hunch? Jason says they need proof. They’re going to find out where Olivia-J is buried, and open the grave. Cool! I’m hoping she put something weird in there, like a practical joke fist on a spring.

Olivia-J’s phone rings. It’s Julian, He asks if she hurt Sam, and she asks about the hospital sale. He says everything is fine and there’s nothing to worry about. He wants to talk to Sam, but Olivia says she’s out cold. And so she is.

Tomorrow, Nina admits to placing the complaint, Lucy arrives, and Jason and Curtis open Olivia’s grave.

👄 Last night was the season finale of Too Close to Home, where Mama June Jolene finally admitted to selling her children for food and booze. Trisha Rae Stahl outdid herself, especially when Jolene went outside for the first time in forever, and her trailer was cleared of its hoard. Although Jolene’s mess wasn’t nearly as impressive as what we’ve seen on the real life Horders; it was pretty clean and I don’t think would have filled even half of a dumpster. Heather Locklear was also a joy to behold, outing her POTUS husband’s affair during a live television interview. And of course there was Brody. Tyler Perry does it again, and I’ve heard there’s a good chance for them being renewed, since they’ve been a win for ratings lagging TLC. I’m rooting for them. This show is like V.C. Andrews for grown-ups, and the epitome of guilty pleasure.

🏥 Speaking of TLC, my latest obsession has been My 600-lb Life. Also like Hoarders, where there’s more than just piling up stuff, there’s more than just piling on pounds here. Both things originate from some kind of trauma, and both illnesses have visible symptoms. One finds comfort in material things, the other in food. My heart goes out to these people, who are at best stared at in public, and often harassed. One thing I would like to see though, is the entire family being given therapy. Often, they all have food issues, even though only one of them is tipping the scales at 600 pounds. Unlike alcoholics, who do not need alcohol to live, we all have to eat, and I’ll bet it makes it a whole lot easier if the entire family is on board. Today this poor guy sat down to his dinner of gruel, when everyone else chowed down on sides of beef in a tortilla. It was so unfair.