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September 12, 2018 – A Body Under Charlie’s, a Dallas Rodeo, Mentors of Mentors, Viva Apocalypse, NYC Travels, Charleston & Keep Goin’


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna’s doorbell rings. It’s Robert. He says Cassandra has been gone three days (!), and they still don’t know who’s behind her kidnapping or where they took her. She wouldn’t be giving them so much trouble if the good doctor hadn’t revived her. Finn comes stairs looking for his other sock, and tells Robert, good morning.

Sonny tells Carly that Kristina has no more headache or ringing in her ears. Carly says that’s good news, but Sonny can’t get it out of his head. He can’t believe Mike blew up Charlie’s to cover up what he did. Carly is surprised Julian chose to keep quiet, but Sonny thinks sooner or later he’ll want to collect.

Ava asks Julian, what the hell happened? He tells her a gas leak led to an explosion. Just another day at the office. She asks what the yellow tape is all about, when Chase comes upstairs. He says forensics is done, and the evidence has been gathered from the crime scene. Ava says she thought it was a gas leak.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that he’s going to be late. He tells her to chill; the first class is gym. She asks if he still doesn’t get a grade for that, and he asks if he’s grounded for life or gets time off for good behavior. Franco says if he shows some good behavior. Cameron asks if Franco just said that, and Elizabeth makes him apologize. She asks why he doesn’t invite Oscar over; they can do homework together. Cameron asks why she suddenly wants him to be besties with Oscar?

On the way to school, Oscar asks Drew what’s up with raiding the fridge at midnight. Drew says Monica is between cooks, so everyone is enjoying the kitchen in the meantime. He hopes Oscar stays over more often. Oscar never thought he’d say this, but he needs space from his mom. Whenever he leaves the house, she acts like she’ll never see him again. It was just one blackout, and he keeps telling her not worry. Drew says that’s what parents do. He’s worried too. Right now, he’s worried that Oscar thinks it’s not cool that Drew is walking to school with him, but he’s too nice to say it. Oscar says he’s glad they’re doing it. They might not be able to for much longer, since there’s no future to look forward to.

Finn tells Robert they were up all night, exhausting every possibility. Robert says Cassandra wouldn’t have vanished if Finn hadn’t woken her up. Anna says it was their best chance to find out who the people were, and if Finn hadn’t treated her, they would have shot him. Robert says he knew the risks, but Anna says Robert didn’t tell him. The doorbell rings. It’s Robin. She asks if it’s a bad time.

Robin tells them that the kids are growing up too fast. Anna asks what brings her to town. She says she was coming back from a medical conference in Vienna, and thought she’d check in after Anna and Finn’s latest adventure. She asks how Finn is. He says he’s still getting used to the kidnapping thing, but he’s getting the hang of it. She tells him to stick around. He thinks he will.

Drew asks Oscar why there’s no future, and Oscar says an asteroid is heading for earth. Some scientists are predicting it will crash early next year. Drew says, is that all? Oscar says the chances are one in 75,000. The odds could be better, but it’s close enough to get a good view; it would make a good news story. He’s thinking a father and son field trip to Tanzania and Mount Kilimanjaro to see it. Drew says, cool. Oscar has to get to PE; they’re doing cross country. Drew says it will be great training for Kilimanjaro. Oscar asks if they’re doing it, and Drew says, yes. Oscar says, awesome, and hugs Drew.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that he and Oscar don’t need be besties, but when Oscar was in the hospital, Cameron seemed concerned. He says he was, for Josslyn. Elizabeth suggest he invite them both, but he says so he can be a third wheel? No thanks. He’d rather do his time in solitary. He leaves, and she asks Franco if she’s going overboard. He says, maybe a little. She says things change fast. One minute, everything is fine, and the next, the person you love with all your heart is gone. Franco says, he just went to gym class. She’ll have to make due with him. They kiss, and the doorbell rings. Franco asks what kind of monster shows up at this hour? It’s Kim. She sees Franco, and Elizabeth says, it’s cool. They tell each other everything.

Chase asks Julian how long he’s owned the pub. Julian says, a year, and Chase asks why he bought it. Ava asks what that has to with anything. Julian says he’d just gotten out of prison, and sold his previous business to his daughter and son-in-law. He wanted a fresh start. Chase asks, why Charlie’s? it’s not exactly new. Julian says he walked in, and it spoke to him. Chase asks if the place was in good shape or did he have to renovate? Ava says it seems like an unusually real estate related third degree. Why? Chase says they found human remains in the basement.

Sonny tells Carly that Julian will probably gouge him with a huge repair bill. Carly says his silence is worth it. Sonny can’t believe his dad decoyed him and slipped away. He insisted Sonny stay with Jason, said he was going with the nurse, then slipped away from the hospital. Mike comes in, telling them that they don’t have to stop talking when he shows up. Carly says they stopped talking because he looks terrible. Sonny asks how he’s feeling, and he says apparently the way he looks. He knows what they’re thinking. Carly says, that they’re worried about him and love him? He says that he tried to make things better, but only made them worse.

Finn says he’s going to spend some time with Roxie, and leaves. Robert asks if Robin wants to go to the airport together, but she’s not headed back right away. She has unfinished business. He asks if he should he be there for it, but Robin says they’ll be okay. He tells her go easy on mom. When he’s gone, Anna asks if Robin wants to talk about the unfinished business now.

Elizabeth tells Franco that they have to talk about patient. Franco says he has art therapy patients to tend to, so he’s going to the hospital. He asks Kim if, as a doctor, she can suggests a how to parent manual. She wishes, and says if he finds a good one, can she borrow it? He tells her that she could write it. When he leaves, Kim asks if Elizabeth told him. Elizabeth says, no. They agreed not to keep secrets, but if he asks a direct question, she’ll have to tell him the truth. H hopefully don’t ask more people know better chance he’ll find out

Cameron sees Oscar. They’re both ditching gym, and Cameron tells Oscar that the coach is only interested in varsity, He won’t notice they’re gone, Oscar asks if Cameron wants to explain what went down between him and Josslyn while he was in the hospital. Cameron says it’s totally on him. He shouldn’t have kissed her. Oscar says, what?!

Julian asks if a body was found, and Chase says a skeleton. He asks if Julian knew about it, and Julian says, of course not. Chase says he had to ask, given Julian’s criminal record. Julian says he just gave plans to city for renovation. Why would he bring in jackhammers if he knew a body was in the basement? Chase asks him to call if he remembers anything. Julian wonders how long the basement will be off-limits, and Chase says he’ll let Julian know.

Carly says Mike gave them a scare yesterday, but everyone is okay. Mike says, Kristina almost got blown up. Sonny says, she’s doing fine. Mike says, he’s getting worse, isn’t he? The things he wants remember, he forgets, and the things he wants to forget… Sonny tells Mike that he knows it’s hard; it’s hard for him too, but Mike can’t wander off on his own. Mike says he didn’t wander off; he snuck off. The reason he went with the nurse is that he knew he could give him the slip. Sonny is going to make sure it never happens again. Mike says he just wanted to help Sonny and help fix what happened in the field. Where was It? Sonny says it doesn’t matter. Mike says maybe it’s better he doesn’t remember where it was, and only remembers what he took and what he did with it. He was trying to help and he screwed up again. Sonny says it will be fine. He’s paying for the damages, and Charlie’s will be good as new. Mike says if he’d blown himself to smithereens, they’d all be better off. Sonny tells him, don’t say that, and Mike says, even if they both know it’s true.

Anna tells Robin that she knows she dropped a bomb on everything Robin believed. She can’t imagine how difficult it was. Robin says, it was a shock, especially finding out her brother was Faison’s son. Anna says, no one is happy about that, least of all Peter. But despite all that, Robin is there. She just wants to know if Robin forgives her.

Kim tells Elizabeth that she told Drew. She’ll never forget the look in his eyes, when he found out he was going to lose the son he only just met.

At the hospital, Drew leaves a message for Kim, saying he was hoping to run into her. Franco approaches, and tells Drew that Kim is at the house talking to Elizabeth. Drew asks if he knows what about. Franco says they’re consulting about patient, but if true that’s true, why wouldn’t they do it there? He’s kept secrets, so if Elizabeth wants to not tell him something, it’s okay. Drew thinks it’s eating him up, but Franco says that’s what he looks like when he’s coping. He asks if he can he pick Drew’s brain about something – Oscar.

Oscar says, Cameron kissed Josslyn? Cameron thought that’s what he wanted to talk about. Oscar asks what happened, and Cameron says Josslyn wanted to surprise him, and he was helping her decorate the bench. When Oscar didn’t show up – Oscar interrupts, saying he was in the hospital. Cameron says Josslyn didn’t know that and blamed herself for pushing him away. She thought she’d pushed too far. Oscar says Cameron didn’t do anything stop it, and Cameron asks why he should. He knows her better than Oscar. Oscar says he knows her better than anyone. Cameron says he and Josslyn will still be friends long after she forgets who Oscar is. Oscar shoves Cameron.

Mike says Kristina got hurt because of him, but Sonny says she made her own choice. She went back in to pick up the wrench Mike left. Mike says, like he said, it’s his fault. Sonny tells him that Kristina took a chance on her own life because she loves him. Carly says, like they all do. Mike asks what about his life is worth saving? He’d gladly give up his own life for Kristina, or any of them. Carly says he proved he would do anything for his family; now it’s their turn. Let them help him. Mike says he’d like to see the brochures for the places that take care of people like him. That stomping sound is Mike jumping on my heart.

Robin tells Anna she gave it a lot of thought, and realized there’s nothing to forgive. Anna made the right choice for herself at the time, and she has no right to judge. Anna says she’s had a lot of time to think too, and keeps coming back to the same question. Should she have told Robin sooner? Robin says she’s lost sleep too. Patrick knows when she’s not there. She spent so much time way because of Faison, maybe it’s better she didn’t know; it might have been too much to handle when she was younger. She can see there was no real right time to tall her – until the truth came out. It was her secret to keep. Anna wishes felt as sure as Robin seems to be.

Finn sees Chase at the hospital. Chase tells him remains were found in a local business, and he’s waiting for test results. Finn says, good work. Chase says it freaked him out. He might need to borrow Roxie. Finn says he has to take it up with her. He’s a poor substitute, but Chase can tell him more over coffee. Chase is surprised, and Finn says when he was being held captive, Chase came to the rescue. Chase says he was just doing his job. He knows he’s been pushing Finn, but has come to accept that what he wants might be more than Finn is willing to give. Finn doesn’t owe him. Finn asks if he can’t just have a cup of coffee with his damn brother. Chase says, damn half-brother.

Kim tells Elizabeth that Drew is Oscar’s hero. Elizabeth says, the feeling is mutual. He won’t give up without a fight. Kim says she’s already scheduled a meeting with Terry to discuss options. Elizabeth asks about the prognosis, and Kim says if she can only give Oscar a little more time; just a few months. She starts to cry, and Elizabeth hugs her.

Cameron can’t believe Oscar pushed him. Oscar says his dad is a Navy SEAL, and showed him some things. He asks if Cameron is scared. Cameron says, hell no, and Oscar punches him in the eye. Cameron leaps on him.

Franco tells Drew that he’s good with Jake; Cameron, not so much. Everything he does is wrong. He knows Cameron is a teenager, and will grow out of it, but Drew is obviously there for Oscar. Drew tells him to shut up for a minute.

Robin wonders what it was like when Anna first realized Peter was her son. Anna says he was so full of pain and anger, blaming her for abandoning him. Robin says, but she found him after all this time; that was something. Anna says he’s still in town, and Robin says he can’t hate her that much. Anna says he’s not there for her. He’s there for Maxie and her little boy. It’s an uphill battle. Robin isn’t so sure. Maxie has a forgiving spirit. She knows what it’s like to make mistakes, and makes allowances. Anna hopes she’s right. It would mean a lot to Peter. Robin thinks there’s hope for Peter and Maxie, and Peter and Anna.

Drew apologizes to Franco; he’s been stressed lately. Franco says for most of his life, when someone apologized, he felt great joy. Now he feels concern, and it’s new for him. Maybe they can explore that. No pressure, but if Drew wants to talk… He asks Drew to tell him about Cameron. Drew says Cameron needs him. He doesn’t realize it, but he does. He was with Elizabeth when the kids were younger, an it was easier for him. He doesn’t think he’d know what do with Oscar if he hadn’t taken Parenting 101 from Elizabeth. She’s the best, and deserves the best. He tells Franco not to forget that, and leaves. Franco looks puzzled.

Cameron asks how Oscar’s hand is. Oscar says it hurts; how’s Cameron’s eye? He wonders if Cameron should go to the nurse. Cameron says she’ll just ask questions. If anyone asks, he tried to hurdle the bench, and face planted. Oscar is surprised Cameron is covering for him, but Cameron says it’s for himself. He doesn’t want anyone to know he was punched by Oscar Nero.

Chase says it’s a damn fine half-cup of coffee. Finn says the less you drink, the better it is. They can work up to a full cup Robert comes in, and says he’d like to talk to the doctor. It’s federal agent business. Finn would like his brother to stick around. It was Chase’s work that figured out where he and Anna were. Chase tells Robert that he’s the official liaison between the PCPD and the WSB. Robert asks Finn what he was going to say before Robin showed up. Finn says the medications Cassandra was given is hard to find, and some are illegal. He’ll give Robert a list. Chase says, trace the drugs, trace Cassandra. Nicely done.

Ava tells Julian, bodies don’t appear in the earth like truffles. Someone plants them. He’s up to something, and this is just another piece of the puzzle he intends to profit from. Julian says his days of taking advantage of other’s misfortune are over. She’s impressed he’s keeping a straight face. He says whoever the bones belong to, he hopes they get a proper burial and mystery gets buried with them.

Mike says some of the places look not bad, and Sonny says he doesn’t have to go there. Brick made it easier for him to stay there. Mike says he’ll think about it. Sonny tells him, no rush, and Carly says they just want him to be happy. Mike says he’ll be happy if he does right by his family.

Kim tells Elizabeth, if all goes well, she’ll be delivering triplets. Elizabeth tells Kim to call her if she needs her, and Kim thanks her for being a good friend. Drew sees Elizabeth, and asks what’s wrong.

Oscar tells Cameron they should head back. Cameron says if they’re stragglers at the end, the coach won’t recruit them. What said about Josslyn, he was just getting in Oscar’s face. Oscar is it for her; the only it. Oscar says he knows.

Elizabeth tells Drew that she’s so sorry about Oscar. Kim told her. He figured that, and he’s glad Kim has her to turn to. They’re both torn up. He’s glad that person is her, and she says she’s here for him too. She hugs him, and Franco sees.

Anna tells Robin that she can’t stay in a hotel. Robin says, good, because she didn’t make a reservation. They hug, and Anna asks how long she’s staying. Robin says, long enough to figure out what to do about her brother.

Robert looks forward to seeing Finn’s list. It’s just possible the two of them aren’t as useless as they present themselves. Finn says, hilarious; he’s welcome. Chase says Robert is like an angry Australian. Finn says he and Chase share more than DNA. Chase says that guy really does not like them.

On the phone, Sonny says let him through. Carly says, trouble? Nothing he can’t handle. Carly suggests she and Mike check out the brochures over a cup of tea. He says one place has a swimming pool and a pool table. All pool all the time. Carly says she’ll visit all the time.

Sonny opens the door, and it’s Julian. Sonny says it’s too soon to be billing him for damages. Why is he there? Julian says he knows why Sonny pushed so hard to buy Charlie’s. He didn’t want the pub. He wanted what was buried beneath it.

Tomorrow, Maxie asks where she fits in, Julian tells Sonny the body was found, and Peter asks Lulu if she wants the Ryan Chamberlain story.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Kameron has photos taken. Cord asks if she was badgering them with questions. She freaks because he used the word badger.

Brandy is back from Beaver Creek and back to reality. When Bryan is out of town, juggling three kids is a lot. She was on an emotional high when they got Bruin, and now she’s exhausted. The girls are a little jealous of the baby, and there’s only so much of her to go around. The girls suggest renaming the baby Booka. She feels like if she got help, it would be like she failed. Doing it all is taking its toll. The girls eat chips and candy for dinner.

LeeAnne and Rich go out to dinner. He wants more details about the trip. She says, when they left, D’Andra and Brandi were at opposite ends of the spectrum, and now they’re best friends. Rich asks, based on what? and LeeAnne says, tequila. Rich thinks that works.

LeeAnne says Rick told her he wanted to set a date to set a date for the wedding. He says, let the ambush begin. She says it made her feel like he didn’t want to set the date, and therefore, doesn’t want to get married. He says it was a joke, but she wants an adult conversation. She doesn’t know why she’s afraid to make him set a date, and he adultly says she can’t make him do anything. She says they don’t talk about it. Does he think they’re not discussing it because they don’t want to do it? They went from a magical moment to a desert. She wants to know if he wants to be married. He says he didn’t ask just to ask. She’s afraid to push, because he might say he doesn’t want it. Rich says it’s a communication issue, and admits to avoiding her because he doesn’t want to piss her off. He says they have a lot going on, but LeeAnne thinks that’s an excuse. In her interview, LeeAnne says her abandonment and avoidance issues stem from her mother, who told her if her mother doesn’t want her, no one else will. She says, if someone doesn’t want you at three-years-old, in your cutest phase, who would want a fifty-year-old bitch? Rich says he loves her and wants to take care of her. She says she’s scared. Her grandparents were together through thick and thin; they never left each other’s side. She wants that commitment from him. In her interview, LeeAnne says it makes her uncomfortable that Rich was divorced more than once. She wants someone who understands commitment. Rich asks if has to ask again, and she thinks he needs to re-encourage her. He asks if she’ll marry him, and she asks if she can move forward with plans. For some bizarre reason, Rich says the date will be set organically by them starting plans. Um… what about invitations? He kisses her, and says he has a little romance in him.

Kameron tells her kids that she has get her stuff together for a global pet expo, explaining it’s a trade show for animal products. She asks if they can help put things together. In her interview, she says most of the exhibitors will be billion-dollar companies. This is her best shot at getting a distributor. She’ll be mortified if she can’t pull it off. The kids think the display rack is a jungle gym. Kameron says she wants to get the kids involved, instead of them always being with the nanny. The kids tell her the product is dumb. In her interview, Kameron says marrying into Cord’s family has it’s perks, like vacation spots and a private plane. The women in the family are involved in the community, and she took on that role, but wants a career now. She thinks it will be a struggle for the family to adapt to it. She tells the kids they’re the most important thing, and don’t ever think Sparkle Dog is.

LeeAnne visits D’Andra. She tells D’Andra she’s exhausted from the trip. In her interview, LeeAnne says these bitches don’t sleep. They stay up drinking all night, get four hours sleep, then start drinking again. She doesn’t know who can live like that, but she can’t. D’Andra says starting over is a big pill to swallow. Her new company will be the first time she has the opportunity to start something from the ground up, and make it successful on her own. LeeAnne tells her about the conversation with Rich. She says she needed reassurance, and it felt like they got engaged again last night. He asked her again. D’Andra asks what the date is. In her interview, D’Andra has heard of renewing vows, but this sounds like he’s buying time. How does LeeAnne know he’s not just saying what she wants to hear? LeeAnne says she knows him, and D’Andra says that’s not a real answer. They argue over what D’Andra’s age is, and talk about going to the rodeo.

LeeAnne doesn’t get it. D’Andra didn’t want to be around Brandi. LeeAnne slept, and when she woke up, they were sh*tfaced shopping. She says she knows what Brandi is capable of; she’s been Brandi’s victim, and had her heart shredded. D’Andra tells LeeAnne that her grandma always said the proof is in the pudding. LeeAnne doesn’t want D’Andra to think she has ulterior motives. She’s concerned Brandi will use the foundation she has with D’Andra to get to her, and she doesn’t want to get hurt. In her interview, D’Andra says if Brandi and LeeAnne made up, why does she care. D’Andra says she’s a big girl. She and Brandi had a great time and made a breakthrough. In her interview, LeeAnne says she can sweep things under the rug and still be cautious. D’Andra saw Brandi stab her in the back. We flash back to the brunch where Brandi went off on LeeAnne. LeeAnne says she’s forgiven Brandi, but she’s not forgetting. D’Andra hears her, and says she’ll proceed with caution.

it’s D’Andra’s birthday. She greets her guests with tequila shots. In her interview, she explains that the rodeo is part of Texas culture. If a Texas girl’s family has a ranch or farm, you know the rodeo. Kameron tells us her dad was a professional polo player, but she’s never been in an environment where people are screaming on bucking bulls. Brandi is thrilled that mom Jana steps in so she can have a life.

Only Cary and Stephanie are absent. In her interview, Brandi thinks Stephanie is missing out, but it’s not boushy enough for Cary. Kameron pronounces bull like bowl, and no one knows what she’s talking about. LeeAnne wants to see Brandi country western dancing. Brandi says she did that last week, and we flash back to her and D’Andra dancing around in the store. Kameron says Brandi is a bad influence on D’Andra. D’Andra says she has a silly side. Brandi loves when D’Andra is herself and doesn’t care.

The first thing is a bull parade. Kameron thinks they’re adorable, and they’re not even on leashes. At the bar, Brandi brings out a beer bong, and drinks one down. Kameron doesn’t like beer, but in college did a champagne bong. LeeAnne thinks public beer bonging is a no, but does it anyway. Brandi doesn’t know if it’s cute or depressing, but thinks it’s sad to feel left out at fifty… one. D’Andra says LeeAnne might as well hang up her hat if she thinks she can keep up. LeeAnne says like waterboarding, and makes a huge burp. She hates beer.

Next is the mechanical bull. Brandi goes first to show them how it’s done. It’s not her first rodeo. LeeAnne vaults on via the back end. In her interview, she says, if you can’t break a man’s ribcage with your thighs, don’t have sex or ride a bull. Alrighty then. Kameron is afraid to get hurt. In her interview, she says she doesn’t want to be a party pooper, so she’s getting on – Rodeo Barbie. She’s wearing a dress (!), and LeeAnne helps her up. D’Andra says she looks great, which of course is the most important thing. The bull is so slow, I could ride it, but Kameron is frightened. She manages to get through it, and in her interview, says being on a wild moving animal makes her feel at one with the rodeo. I guess no one has the heart to tell her it’s not real.

The ladies go to Bill Bob’s Panhandle Arena where the real bull riders are. it’s amazing to watch, but I think it’s mean to the animals. D’Andra thinks step up from watching Kameron.

Cary stops by her house renovation. Builder Susan tells her they’re getting the mechanical inspections done, then doing insulation. In her interview, Cary says there was no Michelin star restaurant at the rodeo, so it’s not her. It wasn’t boushy enough. So, Brandi was right. Susan maps out Cary’s ginormous closet. In her interview, Cary says it’s modeled after the Fendi store. It’s costing a gazillion dollars, but it will be fantastic. Mark says he’ll probably end up with the hall closet. They discuss the Molteni stove Mark is getting. Oooh, it is nice. In her interview, Cary says it’s going to be her sister wife, and she’ll have to vie for Mark’s attention. Her parents are back in three months, and they have to get out. She says the positive thing about staying there is that she realized she wants to fix the strained relationship with her father. It will never be perfect, but it’s something she wants.

Brandi says, Kameron is redefining slow ride. In her interview, Kameron says the members of her family hold each other to a high standard. LeeAnne explains to Brandi, when have a family name, you’re watched closer, and can’t let your hair down. In her interview, Brandi says LeeAnne has the perception that she’s high in Dallas society, but has a police report. D’Andra asks Kameron how she feels about the pressure, and Kameron says you’re more under a microscope, but she surrounds herself with people who are like her. In her interview, Kameron says she’s conservative anyway, and fits right in. D’Andra feels like she’s not being true to herself. In her interview, D’Andra is sick of being judged on what’s acceptable by Dallas society. She wants to do what makes her happy in the next phase of her life. Brandi thinks if they can’t accept her for who she is, screw that. At the end of the day, D’Andra needs to be happy. D’Andra says it’s her year to figure things out. Her dad told her be the fun person she is. When he passed away, she felt the freedom to be that. In her interview, D’Andra aspires to be freewheeling like Brandi. Brandi says she understands and they should celebrate that. Brandi loves D’Andra when she’s herself. It’s sad that she feels the need to apologize for it. In her interview, LeeAnne says she’s not spreading her ass cheeks and dropping out a quarter into a K-cup.

Brandi gives D’Andra the necklace she wanted in Beaver Creek. Wow. That was very thoughtful. And expensive. LeeAnne says Kameron is good at basketball, and suggests they go for a game. In her interview, Kameron thinks Brandi is investing in the friendship, and trying to buy D’Andra. Kameron and LeeAnne play basketball, but it’s not like a regular game. More like something you’d see in an arcade. LeeAnne says she told D’Andra that she could get hurt. Kameron doesn’t trust Brandi with D’Andra. Brandi can be classless. We flash back to Brandi’s dog poop hat, and also Sexual Chocolate. Kameron says if D’Andra continues to hang out with Brandi, what next?

D’Andra tells Brandi that she didn’t expect to like her so much. D’Andra says she understood that LeeAnne was protecting her, but she has to make her own decisions. She tears up, and Brandi says she appreciates what D’Andra is saying.  In her interview, Brandi is annoyed that LeeAnne is encouraging other people not be friends with her. It’s a slap in the face. D’Andra says she has to figure out her own path. She needs to do what feels right. She and Brandi hug.

We move on to the World’s Largest Honky Tonk. D’Andra thanks everyone for the great birthday, and they do shots. Leanne rides D’Andra like she rode the mechanical bull, then does some weird dance moves, many of which involve full contact with the floor. Brandi says LeeAnne talks about acting a certain way in society, but she’s giving a lap dance, and mopping the floor with her hair. LeeAnne says D’Andra is her bitch. Brandi thinks she’s jealous.

Back from Italy, Stephanie visits Brandi. In her interview, Stephanie says they haven’t seen each other in ten days. It’s like forever, and she wants the scoop. It should be entertaining. She tells Brandi and Jana about the trip, and we see pictures. She says Travis bought himself a Ferrari for his 50th birthday, but he’s not even forty-nine. Brandi tells her about LeeAnne’s lap dance. Stephanie asks if D’Andra was bruised. Brandi says she had good time, but there were some intense moments. D’Andra said she needed to start making decisions for herself, and LeeAnne is trying to influence D’Andra into not being friends with her. In her interview, Stephanie says she sees LeeAnne as wanting to change, but she’s her own worst enemy. She can’t judge LeeAnne by other people’s experiences. Brandi doesn’t think she can be friends with LeeAnne.

Next time, Brandi prepares for the social worker’s visit, LeeAnne and Rich start planning the wedding, and the ladies do some demolition.


Cesar, Bowen, Samantha, and Gerron (my man!) were left. The first challenge was for the cooks to conquer a colossal protein; what America was built on, still devours, and chef’s worship. If you guessed beef, as I did, you were right. They were told to make a MasterChef worthy masterpiece of a kabob in thirty minutes. The judges agreed it would come down to the tiny details. Bowen changed the dish, garnishing it with peppers underneath, which Joe wasn’t pleased with, especially since the peppers were raw. Samantha omitted the peppers entirely, going for a Mediterranean flair. Joe said it tasted okay, but her minimalist strategy didn’t work. Gerron used jerk seasoning and was told he did a good job. Ashley was praised for her generous seasoning. Casar used red wine vinegar, and although Gordon said it was perfectly cooked, it didn’t need that kick. Gerron was the first to be safe, and the other three (all Gordon’s people) had the challenge of making meatballs – or as Joe said, soft pillows of deliciously seasoned beef – in marinara sauce. Since Bowen cannot possibly listen, instead of putting the breadcrumbs in the meatball mixture, which Joe explained gives it lightness, he breaded them like cutlets. He insisted it was a Chinese thing, but Joe suggested he follow the rules at this point. Samantha put the frying pan in the oven for some reason, causing the middle of her meatballs to be raw. Since they contained pork as well as beef, Gordon bravely ate around it. He told her they had to sit in the sauce to be evenly cooked. The flavor of Ashley’s meatballs was divine, but Aaron wanted more sauce. Still, it was enough to keep her safe.

In the next round, the remaining contestants had to cook a MasterChef classic – filet mignon. Three of them – well done, medium and rare. To keep their MasterChef dream alive, the cooks had to nail all three temperatures. Cesar said it was trying to get three darts make a bullseye. Gerron was glad he wasn’t in their shoes. Bowen is a pilot? I guess I don’t always pay attention to the text. It’s enough to remember their names. Samantha won the save, and Bowen was out. Gordon told him that the MasterChef door might have closed, but he’d love to have Bowen in his brigade anywhere. Bowen said it was the best moment of his life, and he hasn’t lost his dream of opening a restaurant. He didn’t feel so well at this moment, but learned a lot, and felt it was a big step toward his future.

Next, the remaining four divided up, with Cesar pairing with Ashley, and Gerron with Samantha. They were going to be cooking for the mentors of their mentors. Aaron introduced the pioneer of California cuisine, Jonathan Waxman; Joe introduced his Emmy winning mother, Lidia Bastianich; and Gordon’s mentor was master of French cuisine, Daniel Boulud. The challenge was to make three identical plates of whatever dish they liked in sixty minutes. Cesar and Ashley decided on pork chops, and Gerron and Samantha made lamb with a rhubarb glaze. Lidia’s advice was to taste everything, which sounds obvious, but I can’t count the times on Kitchen Nightmares when Gordon asks, did you taste it? and they say, no. Cesar and Ashley’s pork chops were deemed complex, intriguing, and not overly done. They said they were going for a culmination of their talents and journey, while representing their culture in a beautiful and respectful way. Samantha had been so jazzed, she ran into the counter, and we learned to use white, not brown, sugar to give more depth of flavor. Lidia said both dishes were great, and there was a professional level on both sides.

It was Cesar and Ashley for the win, and for the next challenge, the cooks had to replicate a three-course dinner. Joe presented one of his favorite appetizers, spring risotto. He said it was so hard to nail, it’s rarely seen in restaurants. Aaron offered pan-seared salmon, with he said involved many techniques and flavors. Last was a signature dish of Gordon’s, sticky toffee pudding. I’m not so sure I would like it, but it was fun to hear Gordon say it repeatedly. The requirements were for it to be flavorful, but not too sweet, and if it was dry, game over. The cooks had ninety minutes

Samantha was a wreck, and most worried about the pudding. She forgot the gelatin and had to start over. Wine was the ingredient for something, and had I been her, I would have been drinking it. I also have to note, that although Gerron is a teacher, he used the non-word mines. Samantha’s pudding was as much of a mess as she was. The caramel sunk into it, and she burned the butter. Gerron wisely told us that, it’s not the mistakes you make, but how you bounce back from them. The mentors were proud, and in the end, Gerron had the best appetizer, and Samantha the best salmon. The dessert was the tie-breaker, and I breathed a sigh of relief that Gerron was safe. Twenty-year-old Samantha said she was going to enroll in culinary school, and Gordon offered to pay for her tuition. The MasterChef door might have closed, but she said she was opening a door to her future in the industry, and she was excited.

Next time, the 2-hour finale with a live audience. The face-off for a quarter of a million dollars, and the title of MasterChef.

💥 I happened to notice an ad in the digital guide reminding me that American Horror Story: Apocalypse began tonight. Miracles still happen, since it doesn’t look like it will interfere with anything else I watch. I didn’t even bother with the last season, since if I want to look at political rhetoric, I can go to Facebook. Or pretty much anywhere. I’ve enjoyed past seasons though. Lady Gaga can do no wrong, the dinner with the serial killer guests was superb, and I adored AHS: Freak Show. It’s fun to see what new roles the regulars assume, and this season, I was pleased to see both Billy Eichner and Joan Collins in the cast. So far, it’s exciting, and I’m in.

🗽 The Real Housewives of NYC showed an episode called Passport Edition tonight. I didn’t see it, but would assume it’s a rehash of their trips.

🌀 Hoping All Stays Well…

Most of the Southern Charm cast left town, but Patricia stayed.


🌈 Nostalgically Moving Toward the Weekend…



September 11, 2018 – Charlie’s is a Crime Scene, Benny Finds Blood Money, a Cheap Reunion, a Song & Not Forgetting


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Outside Charlie’s, Julian says Kristina was right there. Mike says she shouldn’t have gone back in. He told her not to. Kristina lies unconscious on the floor in Charlie’s.

Franco asks Elizabeth what’s up? and she says she found a box of Princess Calenda pencils under Aiden’s bed. He used to love that show. She asks if Franco knows anything about that.

Drew thanks Sam for letting him visit Scout. She says he’s welcome any time. He says he’s been dodging business calls all day, and it’s time to face the music. Sam says, it’s called a day off. Drew tells her he’s been trying to make up for lost time, and now Oscar finally has a father in his life, but Drew can’t even talk to him about it. He understands Kim’s position, but thinks Oscar should have a choice. Sam doesn’t think there is one. She tells him one of the best pieces of advice she learned when Danny was sick, was to take one day at a time. There’s always something good in a day. He needs to find a moment; a connection where they can laugh and smile. Focus on that, not the big scary picture. Oscar will be told, and he and Kim will figure out when. In the meantime, enjoy his son. She hugs him, and opens a door. Alexis is there, and asks if she’s interrupting.

Mike says he has to find Kristina, but Sonny says he’s staying right there. Inside, Jason picks up Kristina. She tells him to get the wrench. Sonny tells Mike that Jason went to get her. Mike says it’s all his fault. What has he done? They watch as Charlie’s explodes.

Franco tells Elizabeth when he took the boys back to school shopping, Cameron told Aiden that he shouldn’t get the pencils. They’re for girls, and the kids would tease him. Aiden got upset and cried. He says, in all fairness. Cameron was being a jerk, but in his own adolescent, inappropriate way, he was standing up for his brother. Franco is all for political correctness, but it doesn’t fly in third grade. Elizabeth asks why didn’t he tell her about this?

Jason brings Kristina out. Mike starts crying, and Jason says, it’s all right.

Alexis says she was just stopping by, but wondered if Kristina was there. She doesn’t want to hover, since not hovering is considered supportive. She’s a supportive, non-judgmental mom, and can’t say what she’s thinking. Sam asks what she’s thinking, and Alexis says Kristina is on a downward spiral. She asks Sam how Kristina is, and Sam says, good. Alexis says she can do better than that, and Sam says she’s struggling, but anyone in her position would. She gives Kristina credit, having the courage to say she’s not happy. Alexis wonders if Kristina has a plan to rebuild her life.

Jason tells Sonny and Mike that Kristina will be okay. A fireman tells Julian that he got lucky. They’ve cut the gas at the source. He asks if Julian has any idea how it started.

Mike thinks he made a mistake. He did something wrong, and now Kristina is in the hospital. It’s his fault, and he has to see her. Jason says he’ll take Mike to the hospital, but he has to promise to be quiet. Stay calm, and don’t say a word. Mike agrees, and Julian thanks Jason for getting Kristina out.

Alexis tells Sam that Kristina is smart and sensible, but she misinterprets Alexis’s intentions. Alexis’s phone rings. She’s told that Kristina has been in an explosion, and she says she’ll be right there.

On the phone, Chase says he hasn’t done a full inspection, and to get someone down there. Chase asks Julian, who discovered the leak? Julian says he smelled gas. and went to the basement. Chase asks if he was with anyone, and he says, no. The smell was strong, and he immediately came back up, closed the door, and evacuated the pub. Chase asks how many customers he thinks were there, and he says, nine or ten, not including Kristina. Chase asks if he didn’t recently hire her, and I wonder how Chase would know that, since it just happened. He wonders how Kristina happened to be in there, since Julian had evacuated the place. Did she come out with everyone else? Julian says she must have gone back in. Chase asks why, but Julian doesn’t know. He didn’t even realize she had until he saw her grandpa freaking out.

The doctor tells Kristina that she has a mild concussion, and she says that explains the raging headache. He suggests observation for an hour or two, and then they’ll reassess. She tells Sonny that she wants to go home and watch trashy TV, and he says when she’s cleared, she can do that. She scared him. He asks why she went back in, but Jason and Mike arrive with flowers. Sonny asks if everything is okay, and Jason says, Mike is good. Mike says Kristina is the one in the hospital. She thanks him for the flowers, and Mike says he’s sorry; he did something wrong. Kristina says he just got confused; everything’s okay. Sonny asks if anyone ever told her how much she’s like her mother.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he didn’t think it was anything he couldn’t take care of with ice cream. Later, he ordered the pencils online, and thought that was the end of it. Elizabeth says, apparently not. She understands that he wanted to handle it on his own, but in the future, she needs to know what’s going on. He says he loves her and the boys, and wants them to be a big family, but he’s struggling with the stepfather thing. Not with Jake, since they’d already bonded, and Aiden is sweet, but Cameron is a work in progress. He understands that Cameron is the oldest, and spent the most time alone with her. She says he’s used to it, and not to expect acceptance right away. Franco says he needs a parenting call. He wants to stay in Cameron’s good graces, or at least out of his bad ones. Elizabeth gets it. It’s a fine line to walk, even for her. Maybe it’s time to discuss the co-parenting thing, and how that looks moving forward.

Drew sees Margaux at the MetroCourt, drinking a bottle of wine. He asks if she’s celebrating, and she says it’s her father’s birthday. Would he care to join her?

Jason tells Mike sit. He says he’ll take Mike home, but Mike wants to stay for Kristina. There’s something nagging at him, and Jason says he went there for tests; does he remember? Mike says there was something he had to do; he just can’t remember it. Jason tells him not to push. It will come when it’s ready. Mike decides to get some shut eyes for a bit.

Alexis rushes in with Sam, and Kristina says she’s fine. She just has a mild concussion, and a cut, but other than that, it was a non-event. Alexis says it was a huge, potentially lethal event. Sam says this time she’s with their mom. Charlie’s just happened to explode with Kristina in it?

Chase asks Julian if Mike came in alone. Julian says he didn’t see anyone, and assumed Mike was dropped off to be with Kristina. Chase says, he’s supposed to be chaperoned at all times. Julian says Kristina thought it was strange, and called her father. Chase says that explains why Sonny and Jason were there. Julian says, good thing. Sonny dealt with Mike, and Jason got Kristina out. He thought Mike was going to lose it when the place exploded. He’s glad the main bar was unaffected. Chase asks how Kristina is, and Julian says Sonny took her to hospital, and Jason and Mike weren’t far behind. Chase says, it’s been an eventful night, and Julian says, so much for trivia. Chase asks if Julian is sure he has no idea what caused it. Julian flashes back to Mike wailing, what have I done? and says, none.

Elizabeth says she’s been a single mom as long as the kids remember, and made all the decisions. She’s glad to have a partner, but Franco will need time to adjust. The boys too. Not just to sharing her, but sharing their lives. Franco kisses her. He wants her to let him know what she expects in terms of involvement. She asks how much does he want to be involved, and he says, he’s all in, but to let him know what she expects. She says she doesn’t want him to be an outsider, and there will be times he’s the parent in house. It’s important that she know what’s going on; it goes both ways. Franco says it’s a work in progress (the phrase of the day), and Elizabeth says they’ll figure it out together.

Margaux tells Drew that her mom said her dad loved Margaux wine so much, she was named after it. She says it wasn’t easy for her father to walk out on her mother, if that’s what happened. It’s what her mom told her, and what she grew up believing, but as she got older, she heard things. She started work in law enforcement, and found out he was associated with a known mobster. Her mom prob thought he was killed, and didn’t want to tell her. He literally vanished; no address, no credit report. Either he evaporated, or died when she was two. Drew guesses that explains her dislike for organized crime. Margaux says she is the DA. She believes in the law and justice. A gangster with best hit man wins; it’s not fair, and she intends to do something about it.

The fireman tells Chase that he found the source of the explosion. It’s a broken gas valve, but he didn’t see anything lying around. Chase asks if he thinks it was done on purpose. The fireman says he’s not an investigator, but it looks that way. Chase says he’s going to have to get an inspector to confirm it, but in the fireman’s professional opinion, was it deliberate. The fireman says, between them, 100%. Chase says Charlie’s Pub has just become a crime scene.

Julian joins Alexis at the hospital, explaining that he smelled gas, checked it out, and evacuated everyone. It’s one instance where he didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just lucky that Sonny and Jason were looking for Mike, and Jason ran in to save Kristina. Alexis asks Kristina why she ran back in. Kristina says she did the dumbest thing humanly possible; she ran in for her phone. Alexis says that’s insane, and Kristina says she thought she could hold her breath. She won’t do it again. Alexis holds Kristina.

Sonny asks Jason how Mike is doing, and Jason says, good. Sonny says, considering how his dad started the gas leak? He asks why Kristina went back inside, and Jason says Mike left the wrench he used to break the pipe. He went in to get Kristina, and she came to for a moment and told him about the wrench; it’s in the car. Sonny says he shouldn’t have let him go with the nurse; he slipped away. Jason says he’d do anything to protect Sonny, but Sonny says he’s gone too far now, blowing up a building to get rid of a body. He pushed Mike too far. Everything he’s done to keep Mike safe isn’t enough.

Sam says tells Kristina the doctor said she’s clear to go. Alexis wants to get going, but Kristina says she was planning on hanging out for a while. Alexis says her sense of humor is still intact.

Sonny says Mike wouldn’t want to hurt anyone; he’s confused. Jason says they never expected something like this. They’re just making it up as they go along. Sonny says, it’s bad, and Jason tells him, it could have been worse. All they can do now is learn to plan better moving forward. Sonny asks Julian how Kristina is doing, and he says, better. He tells Sonny that Chase was asking questions, and Sonny asks what he told Chase. Julian says, the truth. He was curious as to why Sonny’s father was there without supervision. Sonny is just glad no one was hurt, and Julian is with him on that.

Margaux tells Drew that she pulled Jason’s records when he broke Carly out. Drew says, enlightening, and she says he’s been arrested more than anyone ever, but no convictions. There was one time he went to prison when he pleaded no contest, but it was to serve time with his nephew, so he could act as bodyguard. On one hand, it’s noble, but super elitism is typical for Jason. Drew knows more than anyone. When someone smart, capable, and ruthless like Sonny has Jason to eliminate whoever is in the way, it makes him someone to be reckoned with. She wants to be the DA who finally takes him down; level the playing field. Drew says he misjudged her. At first, he thought she was overly ambitious, but now he sees it comes from something deeper. It’s admirable, but be warned. There’s a long list of DAs who have tried. The odds of her having better luck aren’t good. Her motive might be more pure, but the results will probably be the same.

Chase wonders what the motive might be. The fireman says some people like setting things on fire, some are looking for cash, or maybe it’s straight up revenge. Chase says there’s a long list of people who would want revenge against Julian. He radios that there’s been foul play at Charlie’s Pub. He’s going in right now.

Alexis tells Sonny that Kristina has been given the green light, and asks where Jason is. She wants to personally thank him for saving her life. Kristina says it’s become a habit, and Alexis thinks maybe she should stop putting him in that position. Just a thought. Alexis gets a call from Molly, and steps away. Kristina asks Sonny if Mike is okay, and Sonny says he’s fine. He knows what she did. She didn’t have to, but he’s grateful. She says she loves Mike. Sonny says he loves her. Alexis comes back. She’s happy to tell him that it’s the first explosion he has nothing to do with. Sonny says, thanks.

Sonny looks at a drowsing Mike, and pats his knee. Mike asks, what happened? What did he do?

Franco tells Elizabeth he wants a home with her and the boys. She says she loves him so much, and he says she has no idea.

Mike tells Sonny, something bad happened. Sonny says he’s taking Mike home. Jason asks if he needs help. Sonny says no, but thanks him for what he did, and tells him Kristina is fine. Mike wonders why they’re at the hospital. Sonny suggests they go home, eat some lasagna, and talk a little. Sam sees Jason. She was hoping to run into him.

Julian gets a text from Alexis, thanking him.

Alexis asks if Kristina is nauseous, and Kristina tells her to stop. Alexis says when she thinks what could have happened… Kristina says, it didn’t. Alexis tells her that when she’s a mom, she’ll understand this kind of worry. Kristina is sorry she upset Alexis by risking her life for her phone. Alexis says, and Jason’s. Kristina says she has a right to be mad, but Alexis says she’s not mad. She’s trying to say she loves Kristina. Kristina thanks her, and they hug.

Sam thanks Jason. If hadn’t been there… He’s happy he was. Sam says he rescued Kristina, and he got Oscar to the hospital. Jason hopes Oscar is okay, and Sam says they all do. She thanks him again, and wishes everyone was so lucky.

Margaux tells Drew that she doesn’t know much about her dad. He made bad life choices, but had great taste in wine. It’s sad she’ll never have a glass with him, but she can have glass for him, and this year not alone. She thanks Drew, and he toasts to her father. She says, happy birthday, dad.

Chase looks around, and uncovers a skull. Good job, Mike!

Tomorrow, Franco wants to pick Drew’s brain, Julian didn’t know there was a body in the pub, Mike says he’s getting worse, and Anna wants forgiveness.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Benny ducks behind a car as the gunmen shoot at him. Mitch runs in, and tells them to stop; Benny is innocent. They tell Mitch they have orders, but he’s changing their orders. He talked to Vinnie, and Benny had nothing to do with it. He tells them to get their asses out before he buries both of them. He says he saved Benny’s ass again. Benny says he tripped, and Mitch says they were kicking his ass. He asks if Benny is okay, and Benny asks if they’re coming back. Mitch doesn’t know, and says he has to talk to Grandma Rose. He asks where the money is, and Benny says in his room. Mitch says they’ll get the money and take it back to his family. Benny says they already shot at him. How’s this going to work? Mitch suggests they get out before the cops come.

Kathryn gives Hanna a Valium. Hanna asks if she just walks around with that in her purse. Kathryn asks if Hanna has met her husband and son. And didn’t Hanna bring her marijuana? Hanna says, for her chemo, and Kathryn says, this is for her nerves. True story. A friend of mine, who sadly, has passed on, needed heavy duty chemo, but hadn’t smoked weed since college. He called me to ask how to roll a joint because he forgot. It was only because I have a better memory. Hanna takes the pill. Kathryn asks if Hanna wants to stay at her house, but she says Benny will be there, and Derrick is staying. Kathryn is like, ah-ha! and Hanna tells her to stop. Kathryn says don’t act like she doesn’t like him; is she going to act like a schoolgirl? Hanna says, okay, she likes him. Kathryn gets all excited, saying she’s a good matchmaker. Hanna is concerned about the way Veronica looked at him; like thy had something going on. Kathryn doesn’t think so. Veronica was into Hanna’s son. She’s glad Derrick is there with Hanna, and gets excited all over again. Hanna tells her to take her own happy pill, and go home. Kathryn tells Hanna, it’s good stuff, and Hanna says to make sure someone walks her to the car.

Kathryn comes downstairs, and Derrick asks if Hanna is okay. Kathryn says she’s better now that he’s there, and asks him to walk her to the car. He does, and she says she’s glad he was there. He is too. He knows Hanna says it’s a safe neighborhood, but what does Kathryn know about her daughter. Kathryn says, she’s a wicked little troll. Speaking of which, how often does he talk to Veronica? He says he does work for her from time to time, and Kathryn tells him to be careful. She’s not his friend, and will do and say anything to get what she wants. Is she bothering him? Derrick says he’s fine, but Kathryn wonders what he’s not telling her. He repeats that he’s fine, and she tells him if he needs anything, he can come to her. He promises he will. She says, he likes Hanna, doesn’t he? and he says he does. Kathryn say she likes him too, but he figured that. She thanks him for taking care of Hanna, and leaves.

Benny pulls up with Mitch behind him. Derrick asks him to listen for a second. He says, she stabbed him. If Benny goes in upset, it will upset her. Benny tells him to move, and Mitch follows Benny in.

Benny asks if Hanna is all right. What happened? She says, it was Candace. Some man came looking for her, saying she owed him money and told him Hanna had it. Benny starts getting agitated, and Derrick tells him, calm down; she’s already upset. Benny tells Derrick to take his ass out of there, and Hanna says, stop it. She says the guy went through house, looking through everything. Benny asks if the guy was in his room, and he runs off. Hanna says she’s actually calm. Benny comes back, and says the money is gone. Hanna asks, what money? and he says his money. Hanna asks if it’s the money he lied about, and Benny admits it is. She asks how it’s his money, but he doesn’t want to talk in front of Derrick. Hanna tells him to stop it, and he says he got it from Mitch’s uncle. She asks Mitch what his family does for a living, and Mitch says, some of everything. She asks if he means illegal things, and he repeats, some of everything. She says, and Benny borrowed money from them? Mitch says, yes; him and his sister. Hanna starts laughing, and Benny asks, what’s so funny? but Hanna just keeps laughing. Wow. It must be good stuff. Benny asks if she’s all right, and she says she’s fine, but they’re crazy; him and his sister. She tells him they’re going to the bank in the morning. She’s giving the money to the Cryers. It’s theirs. That’s where Candace got it from. She says his sister kept on doing what she’s been doing. Hanna keeps laughing, and Benny says, it’s funny to her? She says she’s not laughing, and then guesses she is. Benny says, laugh it up, and she tells him not to go anywhere. And don’t go in the kitchen. It’s a crime scene. Hanna laughs some more, and tells Derrick, Kathryn gave her that good good; all this sh*t is funny. Derrick shakes his head.

Mitch tells Benny, this is bad. What’s he going to do? He has to think of something. Benny can’t believe they took his money. He has to find out who it is. He’s calling Candace.

Candace and RJ are back at the Artesian (which I’ve been spelling wrong). Benny calls, and asks where she’s at. She says, the hotel, and he tells her, stay there; don’t move. He’s on his way. She says, it’s 6 am; she’s tired, but it’s too late; Benny is already gone. RJ says he’s going to see Veronica. Candace says, she’s not a good one. RJ insists he’ll show Candace that she is. He knows how to work it. Candace says she’ll get him first, and he asks where’s her faith?

Mitch asks what Benny is doing. Benny says, getting Candace to tell him where the dude is. Mitch asks if he’s sure that crazy chick had nothing to do with it; she was living there. Benny says, she jumped off the building. She’s dead. Mitch says, seems odd; it’s crazy. Benny tells him that he said same thing. They head for the hotel.

Jim visits David at the hospital. Jeffrey is there, and Jim tells him the guy outside is from a special security team. Jeffrey thanks him, and says his mother was there. Jim says he clearly needs to have a talk with that woman. David wakes up, and Jim asks how he’s feeling. He wants out, but Jeffrey says that’s not happening anytime soon. This is the best place for him right now. Jim asks to talk to David alone, and Jeffrey leaves. Omg, David just looks so sore. Jim asks how he’s really feeling, and he says she really did a number on him. Jim knows he’s in pain, but needs favor. He has to get Wyatt out of jail. Kathryn had him put there, and he stabbed a Malone. If Jim doesn’t get him out, they’ll kill him. David gives him a name, and says the guy owes him; just mention Harry Jones. David tells Jim that he needs a favor too. No one will tell him about Erica. Is she dead? Jim says, Erica didn’t make it. She’s not as strong as he is. David says, that crazy itch blew up the car. Jim is sorry; he knows David liked her. David thanks him for telling the truth. Jim says David is his best friend. David tells Jim to go see about his son. Jim thanks him, and leaves. When he’s alone, David cries.

Jeffrey thanks Jim. Jim tells Jeffrey that he should get some rest. His father is a great man, and didn’t do anything to deserve this. He tells Jeffrey, hang in there, and hugs him. When Jim is gone, Madison sees Jeffrey, who thanks him. He asks if Madison is always this intensive with his patients. Madison asks if Jeffrey remembers him from grade school. He remembers Jeffrey. Jeffrey intimidated him, but Madison looked up to him. He also remembers a bully who called Jeffrey all kinds of gay slurs. Jeffrey says. Maddy. He’s lost weight. Madison says he goes to the gym now. He’s sorry about Jeffrey’s dad. He gives Jeffrey his number. Justin should be – yep, there he is. Madison says they can have a catch-up dinner. Justin joins them, and asks who Madison is. Jeffrey says he’s his dad’s nurse. Madison tells them have good rest of the night. Um… didn’t Candace says it was 6 am?

Justin asks Jeffrey what that was about. Jeffrey thought he was gone, but Justin says he came to check on him. Jeffrey says he can go. Justin says he will, but is Jeffrey sure he doesn’t want to tell him who that was? Jeffrey says it’s someone from school; he doesn’t know him. Justin asks why he got Madison’s number, and Jeffrey says in case his dad needs something. Justin moves along.

But not very far. He sees Madison, and asks why he was talking to Jeffrey. Madison says they went to school together. Justin asks why he gave Jeffrey his number, and Madison is hoping they can catch up. He asks what this is about, and Justin says Jeffrey is under investigation. Madison asks, for what? and Justin asks how much Madison knows about Jeffrey. Madison says they went to school together, but he hasn’t seen him since then. Justin says he can’t disclose what the investigation is about, but advises Madison to stay away from Jeffrey. Madison says, sure, and Justin tells him to keep an eye on David’s room; see what visitors go in and out. He asks for Madison’s number, and says he’s been helpful. Is Madison really buying this?

The hotel manager, whose name I don’t remember, asks Rocky how they did last night. Rocky tells him not to look sad, and he says he wants to get what they can. Rocky says they’re working the girls to death, and there are only so many marks. The manager says Candace expects three times as much, and Rocky says she’ll have to deal. They don’t need any more attention. Let it go at its own pace, and it will pick up. He asks why the manager is so upset, and he says he’s tired of living like this; he wants more money. Rocky says they all want more. He says if the manager thinks he’s getting Kathryn Cryer, he’s naïve. The manager says he’ll remember that when Rocky comes to their wedding and he’s swimming in her big pool. And that will be when hell freezes over. Rocky goes back to work, and the manager looks at the computer.

RJ goes to Veronica’s house. She tells him that she said an hour, and he says he was busy. Veronica tells him, stay busy. She has neighbors, and the staff will be there soon. RJ says, good; he’s hungry. She’s trying to decide if she likes him or wants to have his ass. He asks if she can please like him. She calls him Reginald, and he says, let’s go upstairs. She says he thought she called him for sex? and he says, what else? She says, it’s going to be good, and takes out an envelope. She shows hi his rap sheet, and he says it’s unfair that they keep using an unflattering picture. She says some women are still looking for him. he says he didn’t do anything to them, and Veronica says, just steal their money. He says they gave it to him. He says women like him, and she says, some men do too. She points to one that he robbed, but RJ says it was a misunderstanding. She wonders how he got a job at the hotel, and he says he knows somebody.

Veronica asks what he was doing when he was in the hotel room with her son, and don’t play. He asks, how does she know this sh*t? She says she knows everything. She asks again what he was doing there. He takes her hand, and says, nothing. She knows that too. He asks if she had eyes in the  room, and she says, something like that. What she doesn’t know is what his plan was. RJ says he was going to rob him. Veronica says Jeffrey doesn’t have anything, but RJ says he had a nice watch. She asks if RJ was going to have sex with him, but he says he can’t do that; it’s not his thing, but to each his own. He flirts, and sees what he can get. It’s pretty damn easy. She asks if that’s what he’s doing to her, but he says, she’s different; special. She laughs, and says he’s full of sh*t. She tells him what she’s asking him to do now won’t be easy. He says his cover was already blown by the guy Jeffrey is with. Veronica asks fi he knows Justin, and he says, somewhat. She says, tell her all about it, but he says he needs to eat first. She points him to the kitchen. She laughs, then makes a serious face.

Wyatt goes through withdrawal in his cell. Big Dude looms over him, but backs up as the guards go by.

Benny knocks on Candace’s hotel room door, and tells her to open it. She says, hush; she’s been up all night. He doesn’t give a damn. Someone broke into mommy’s house. She says, okay, and he wonders if Candace is going to ask how she is. Candace says, how is she? Benny says, she’s fine, no thanks to Candace. A dude was looking for her. She owes someone money, and he was going to kill Hanna because of her. Candace says maybe Hanna should give her the money. Benny says she’s giving it to the Cryers; she knows it’s theirs. Canace says that’s her money, and Benny tells her to cut her bullsh*t. It belongs to them. She says his name is on the account, but he says there’s nothing he can do; open her ears. He asks who the dude was who broke in the house. He stole $45K from him. He had to borrow it for a tow truck. Candace says he’s talking $45K; she’s talking millions. He says, that don’t belong to her. Candace says he just has to convince her, and Benny says she’s not going to do that. Candace says, then she can’t help him. He asks who that dude is; she knows. Candace says she doesn’t, and he says it’s probably one of her tricks. How can she afford to stay there? Candace says she doesn’t know who broke in. Benny insists she does. He’s sick of this sh*t. He says, let’s go, and opens her suitcase. She tells him not to touch her stuff, and he starts pulling her clothes out of the dresser drawers. The stacks of Benny’s money fall out. He picks it up. There’s blood all over it, and Benny says, what the hell…? He says this is his money. Candace says, it’s not, and he asks what she did. Candace shakes her head.

Next time, Veronica asks RJ to get Jeffrey to like him, Kathryn is asked about a prostitution ring, and Big Dude tells Wyatt he’s a Malone and kills people.

Below Deck Mediterranean – The Reunion

The cheap reunion, since it’s in the clubhouse. Weirdly, Kasey and Colin are dressed like a bride, sans veil, and groom. And I don’t think that was planned. We find out João and Brooke aren’t together. After the airing of the show, Brooke was done. Brooke says after they went to Zimbabwe, they were together another five minutes.

We start with Adam, and see clips of him redeeming himself as a chef. A viewer asks if the guests are a-holes or if they act out because they’re on TV. Captain Sandy says the guests pay a lot to get whatever they want, and if they don’t, they might seem that way, but the first charters this season were definitely a-holes. Andy asks if Adam redeemed himself, and she says he did, but she didn’t know he wasn’t cooking for the crew. He admits he missed some meals, but reminds everyone he ate a can of Pringles for six weeks.

Andy says the interior had a hard time keeping it together. We see clips of the various issues, mostly with Kasey, throughout the season. Hannah’s work ethic is also reviewed. A viewer asks why Kasey didn’t look her resume over, when she didn’t even know what Silver Service was. Kasey says she skimmed it. Lesson learned. Another viewer asks if Brooke thinks Kasey could be a yachtie. Brooke says the João thing made it awkward, but Kasey became a solid third stew. Andy asks if Hannah is the problem, since she had multiple issues. Sandy says she’d like Hannah to admit when she’s wrong; she would gain respect. It takes a big person to look at their mistakes. Sandy thinks Brooke worked hard, and asks if Hannah would admit that. Hannah says Brooke definitely picked up the slack for her, and Sandy says, it’s nice to hear it. Andy asks Kasey if Brooke would be a better chief stew, and Kasey says she would take criticism better. João feels that in order to be the best, you have to stick with the job and Hannah has worked other jobs. Hannah says everyone learns differently, and there was frustration on her part with the charters. She probably didn’t show enough patience, and she admits to showing resentment toward Kasey. Sandy says Kasey did improve, and Andy says Kasey did a fair amount of kissing her ass. Sandy says most crew members do. Hannah could either respect her position or there would be no position for Hannah in her crew. Hannah says she let frustration get the better of her. Sandy says she has to apologize. Hannah was killing it in the beginning, and she never complimented her. Andy asks Brooke if things improved after she talked to Hannah, and Brooke says they did. Hannah says she needs to communicate more about what she’s doing. João feels that if they accept their issues, they can be friends. He didn’t expect her to admit her mistakes, and respects that.

Andy says Captain Sandy’s top priority is to keep the crew in line, and this season, she had to do some below deck meddling. We see clips from the toast issue, Hannah’s rogue sparkler, Hannah leaving all day for one Coke, and almost getting fired. A viewer thinks Hannah took the victim role without taking responsibility for her actions. She owes an apology. Hannah admits she gave the captain attitude, and it’s not acceptable. Andy asks if Sandy saw herself as too soft last season. Sandy says the bottom line is that they’re there to serve. She’s been doing this a long time. When is bunch was in the birth canal, she was navigating the Suez Canal. Ha-ha-ha! She says every time she looked up, Conrad was like a puppy behind Hannah. Conrad says he was allowed to take breaks, And Sandy says that was his first mistake. He thought he could call the shots, when you have to be accountable to find out what’s going on from the authority. He doesn’t get to decide when he should take a break, and he’ll probably never make it unless he changes his attitude. Conrad doesn’t understand where the hatred is coming from. Sandy says she doesn’t know him enough to hate him; she just wanted him to do his job. Even what he’s doing now shows no respect for her position. He said he was taking breaks off-charter, but they’re never off-charter when guests are on the boat. Andy asks if João would be a better bosun, and she says, absolutely. João says in Conrad’s defense, João worked a private boat, and understood the difference. Conrad whines that Hannah did the same thing, but Sandy says she and Hannah already had that. She wishes them the best. She has no issue with him. She was his captain on the yacht, and he was confused about that. He wasn’t present, and she’s leaving it at that. He doesn’t see it. She says she’s across the board fair. Andy brings up a viewer saying she was playing favorites. She was criticizing Hannah and Conrad for minute details, and let João be disrespectful to the crew. Sandy says she’s not his moral compass. She only cares about the job. Andy says João asked Conrad for respect, when he didn’t respect Conrad as a bosun. João says he got frustrated, but they’re cool now.

Next up are the various romances, near romances, and the triangle that was Brooke-João-Kasey. A viewer asks about Brooke changing her feelings for men as often as her underwear. Brooke says João was a real connection. Andy says he has a strong opinion from a viewer, who calls João a pompous d*ck, who thinks he’s the greatest gift to women. They hope he sees what he’s really like when watches the episodes. Andy says João claimed that Brooke dumped him because they couldn’t get a job on a boat together. Kasey says she heard they’ve been on and off. Andy asks if João thinks he’s a pompous d*ck, and João says he didn’t realize he was game playing until he saw the show. Ha-ha-ha! Is he kidding? Either he’s a great actor, or possibly psychotic. Andy asks what turned Brooke off. She says the extent of his flirtation with Kasey when they were committed. When he told Kasey if she hadn’t gotten up, he would have kissed her, it made Brooke feel like crap. She knows it was a while ago, but it’s hard to believe he changed in eight months. Until it feels like he’s not that person anymore, they can’t have a relationship. Even Andy even thinks it’s weird how Kasey got up, and he was suddenly making out with Brooke. João says he’d thought Brooke had a boyfriend, and was confused. Kasey says, after they were back on land, he told her that he was questioning the relationship, and if they’d been on the boat one more week, he would have ended it. João says he and Brooke discussed it, but Brooke is like, interesting. João says he knew all along it was Brooke. After they went to Florence, he started communicating with Kasey, and Brooke had a problem with that. Brooke says she had no idea it had been going on, and Kasey insists they’re just friends. Adam says there’s no such thing, and I tend to agree with that. João says he was disappointed in how he was behaving; he was didn’t know any better. Brooke says there’s too much water under the bridge. They’re different people anyway. She’s hurt how Kasey kept pushing João for an answer, even though they were friends. She felt disrespected. Kasey, who is also a great actress or totally clueless, says she was just trying to find out what happened; the honest truth. Andy says, João left his last job to work on their relationship. That’s huge. Andy reviews the one million percent regret comment. João claims he didn’t know he was playing a game; he’s trying to be honest.

Jamie asks what their relationship status was when they left the boat. From what she saw and heard, João was saying romantic things to Kasey. He needs to admit it. João says he can’t. Brooke asks what happened. Kasey says she told him to stick to Brooke, and not continue as though there’s still a love triangle every time they fight. They still keep in contact, but whenever João and Brooke fight, his tone changes. Andy asks if he gets flirty, and Kasey says, a little. She can always tell when they’re fighting. Kasey talks about him calling her after a bad fight, and saying he was completely done. He was coming to visit her and Colin in NYC. Brooke says it’s news to her, and the opposite from what João said. Andy asks if this affect her future with João, and she says, yes. Hannah feels compelled to give her a hug, which baffles me. João gets weepy. Kasey says there’s no doubt he loves Brooke. Brooke says, but he lied. Sandy asks why Kasey engages if they’re friends. That’s my question. Kasey says nothing ever happened between them. Andy asks if João is still in love with Brooke, and he says he can’t explain how much. Andy asks what he loves about her, and João has to leave to have an emo moment. Please. Andy says he’s clearly moved to tears; it means something. Brooke says, it does, but Kasey says it’s just a friendship, yet there’s a little flirting. Kasey says it’s only when they’ve broken up, and Brooke says they weren’t on and off.

João comes back, and Andy repeats his question, asking what João loves about Brooke. João says she changed him from the start. She showed him something that he never had; the privilege of seeing a normal life. At first it was tough, breaking out of his shell of a past, but when she came home with him, he treated her like sh*t. He only sees it now. Every second, he’s fallen more in love. He thought if he doesn’t try and save the relationship, they should never have met. Andy asks what he wants to say to her. João says he’s in love with her, and he needs work. Brooke is like, you still lied. She loves him, but needs to be treated with respect, not lies. Kasey doesn’t think she’s being fair. People don’t see the friendship they’ve had. When she was sick on the boat, he was the only one bringing her stuff. Brooke says he was trying to get in her pants, but Kasey says, no; he’s genuinely a good guy. She was under the impression that Brooke knew. Andy asks if Kasey is willing to sacrifice her friendship with João. She says João would, but she thinks if he needs to, there must be something toxic in the relationship. Because she’s either an idiot or thinks the rest of us are. Hannah says there’s also history. If João was flirting with Jamie, Brooke would laugh it off, but this makes Brooke uncomfortable. There doesn’t need to be any question about it. João says he would sacrifice it for Brooke.

Andy says Hannah and Conrad were a match made in heaven, but as it went on, the relationship wasn’t as smooth as Conrad’s baby face. We go down Memory Lane with Hannah and Conrad, ending with her telling him to take her pants off. They’re both dying laughing and embarrassed. Andy asks if in the whole time they were together, there was no sex. Hannah says cameras were everywhere. Andy says they’ve had other seasons where the crew was doing it in the laundry room. Hannah says they were waiting until they were off the boat. Andy says it seems they left on okay terms. Hannah says boat relationships are difficult, and on camera relationships are difficult. Everything that would have come out over a twelve-month period, happened in six weeks. Andy asks how the crew felt about them hooking up in front of them. Colin says they were professional, and a great couple. Conrad says they kept their work life separate when on charter. On charter, they were working. Sandy says she’s had a lot of boat messes; it wasn’t her first romance, but it definitely impacted things. Andy wonders if it seems like something a chief stew would do, and Sandy says she was surprised. Hannah says when she came into the season, she wasn’t at her best, and not in a good place. Sandy says she was legitimately concerned about Hannah.

A viewer asks if Brooke would have been a better chief stew. Kasey thinks Hannah was distracted, and Hannah says the cameras make you overthink things. If you have anxiety, it makes it worse. Andy says it wasn’t Hannah’s first season, and Hannah says she had a lot going on in her head. Andy asks what she and Conrad saw in each other. Hannah says he was different from the usual guys she goes out with, and they had fun together before the screaming started. Conrad says he saw a different side of Hannah; laughing, joking, and bubbly. Kasey thinks the initial downfall is that Hannah is used to men doing anything for her. Andy asks if they’ll ever rekindle things, but that’s a hard no. We also find out neither of them is currently in a relationship. Brooke says she’s having an early night.

Andy says when two couples who can’t stand each other work on the same boat, it’s a troublesome foursome. We flash back to João attacking Hannah on the bus, the conflict between João and Conrad, and Hannah hating Brooke being with João. Andy asks if anyone liked João besides Brooke and Kasey, and Kasey says Colin. Colin says outside of being bunkmates, he wasn’t jumping on the hate João bandwagon. He thought it was better if João had someone to vent to; it might help. Andy asks João about Jezebub, which a viewer calls a flimsy scapegoat and horrible alter ego who claims he can’t control himself. João says he never knew how bad it was. It wasn’t common, and only happened once every few months. He thought it was funny, and shouldn’t have done it. Alcohol was his escape instead of opening up. He became an a-hole instead of showing his actual feelings. He says Jezebub hasn’t come back since the show. Viewer Donna theorizes that there’s sexual tension between Hannah and João. Colin likes it, but that’s also a hard no.

Hannah taking pictures of Brooke when she was passed out is brought up. Hannah says she thought Brooke would think it was funny, and she did. Adam says it was harmless fun. Andy respects João for standing up for her. He considers himself a gentleman, but called Hannah the c-word. João says Hannah called him a psychotic d*ck. She uses the same word, but he agrees he shouldn’t have done it, and apologizes.

A viewer asks if Brooke regrets being dismissive of Hannah’s negative feelings about João after seeing the show. Brooke says she does, and Andy says that must make Hannah feel good. Hannah says she doesn’t want to be right in this instance. Brooke says in terms of the show, it made her feel terrible. Hannah was looking out for her. Hannah says she was genuinely being protective of someone she cared about.

Andy asks who Captain Sandy’s MVP and most improved are. She says Brooke is her MVP, and Kasey is the most improved. Hannah jokes it’s because they had a good leader. Andy asks for biggest regrets, and Kasey says the João thing. Conrad wishes he’d had a better relationship with Sandy, and it’s ditto for Hannah. She says also the last night. It’s not something she’d want on TV. She had personal stuff going on, and like João, she used alcohol as a crutch. She’s disappointed that she allowed herself to do that.  João wonders where to start, He says his own game playing, and not understanding everyone for their own story. Sandy regrets not acknowledging when Hannah did a good job, and she did fantastic in the beginning.

Andy asks if Sandy has any closing thoughts. She’d like João to be honest. If he wants to date multiple women, be honest about it. He’s a great person; it’s just this one little area. She says she likes everybody, and she and Hannah will be fine. She tells Conrad it was nothing personal. When he arrived, he said he didn’t want a career in yachting. He just wanted to make enough money to invest in renovating houses. She admires that he has a plan. Andy says she was in the Suez Canal when he was in the birth canal, Bon Voyage.

🎸 This Explains Why I Never Knew This Song…

The story behind Josslyn’s Nurses’ Ball performance.


🗽 Not Likely I’ll Forget…

September 9, 2018 – To Help or Not to Help, Reality Rebirths, Lotsa Lala, Some Wives, a Break-Up & Monday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

June, Morgan, and Al look for Quinn. June asks if Quinn copies, but gets dead air. Morgan thinks they should go back, but June wants to keep looking. Al agrees. At the truck, Sarah radios that they got a goose egg. Morgan says they’re going to keep looking, Jim asks Sarah why they kidnapped him, and she says they just borrowed him. They need beer. Jim says she might be capable of making swill after a year, but she wants the best beer; and that is in his mind, experience, fingers, and soul.

We hear zombie noises, and Sarah goes to check it out. Jim wants a gun, but Wen says, what about a rock? Jim sees a zombie coming toward Wen from behind, and Wen checks it out in his rearview mirror. Jim calls for Sarah, but Wen lets the zombie come closer, and impales it one his James Bond wheelchair gadgets. As it thrashes around on some spikes, Wen asks if Jim wants his first kill; he’ll get a point. Too late. Sarah pikes it in the head, and says, whoever gets the kill wins the bill. Sarah tells Momo to get his ass back there.

Al examines a dead Purvis. Sarah wonders what kind of sicko sh*tto does that? June radios Quinn. Jim wants to leave now, and Sarah thinks he has a has a point. June asks if Quinn copies, and gets zombie noises in reply.

Crazy Lady tells her that’s Quinn, and June asks, who is this? Crazy Lady says she let him become what he was meant to be, and Quinn makes more noises into the radio. She says, he’s not weak anymore. Morgan knows the voice, and says she was by one of the boxes. She asks if that’s Morgan, and he wonders how she knows his name. She says she knows a lot about him. Al says bitch has her van, and isn’t giving it back. Morgan asks what she wants, and Crazy Lady says she shouldn’t be leaving things by the side of the road. She tells Morgan that he shouldn’t be doing what he’s doing. Leaving the boxes makes people weak, and he’s not weak. At least he didn’t used to be. He asks what she wants again. What she wants is for him to stop trying to help people. If he becomes strong again, she won’t have to make him that way. It’s better for both of them. She knows who he really is, and what he’s capable of. She says, it’s still there.

Victor wakes up, and rifles through a pantry. He reads Moby Dick for a moment, and goes outside. He surveys the property with binoculars. He’s in a ranger station surrounded by what looks like a lagoon. We see the tops of street signs sticking out of the water, so it must have been flooded during the hurricane.

John chops wood to make a raft. He takes a wrapped piece of candy from his pocket and kisses it. A zombie comes out of the water. John says he hates the wet ones, and whacks it with an ax. Victor says his morning reading was interrupted. John tells him that he saw a lone crane. He never saw a crane fly solo; the world has turned upside down. He says he could use another pair of hands, but Victor says he’s lost his taste for boating. He tells John these aren’t friendly waters, but John says he’s not going for swim. He’s going to get as far as he can. He says there’s room for two, but Victor passes. He’s got apple rations; it’s practically paradise, and he’s not going on another fool’s errand. He’s learned, if you have God’s wine cellar, keep it. He’s not getting in or on whatever that is. He thinks it’s time to stop being foolish. John says when he finds June and Charlie, he’ll come back on something less handmade. Victor could run out of food soon. Victor hopes when the raft falls apart, it’s toward shore.

Luci finds the library where Charlie got the book she left. She goes inside, and calls for Charlie. She looks around outside and sees a zombie scrabbling at a car. She pikes it in the head. It’s not Charlie inside, but an older dude whose bottom half is wedged under the dashboard and bleeding out. She tells him that she can help, and asks how long he’s been there. He tells her since the storm hit, an she says she’ll get him out of there. He introduces himself as Clayton, and wonders why she’d want to help a stranger.

John asks if Victor is sure he doesn’t want to come. Of this, Victor is most certain, but he’ll watch. John gets on the raft – which is a few logs tied together – and it sinks a little. A crocodile swims toward John, who shoots at it, and jumps off the raft/ Victor says they’ve had the fear taken out of them, but you’d think she’d be full. John says it looks like they’re still roomies. Victor laughs. I love Victor.

Morgan buries Purvis. Jim asks what difference it makes. Al looks at the truck owner’s journal, and we find out he was called Polar Bear. Wen says he had many memorable sayings, but Al doesn’t think he’d like them written on the faces of the dead. Morgan says they’re going to find Victor and the others, including the guy who owned the truck. Jim says they don’t even know if he’s alive. Sarah says they wouldn’t have stolen the truck if he couldn’t have taken care of himself. June says Quinn looked like he could too. Jim wonders about what that nut job said; she knows what Morgan is capable of. He asks Morgan what that means, and Morgan says, it doesn’t matter. Jim tells Morgan they agreed to come with him; they deserve to know. Sarah says this makes twice today she agreed with him. Morgan says he has things he needs to make up for; the same as everyone else. He suggests they hit the road. Sarah asks, what if they say no? Morgan says he’ll take the truck and keep doing what he’s doing. Wen asks if he knows how to drive eighty-thousand pounds of steel at eight miles an hour. Al says she does. She wants to talk to the guy who set this up. Sarah takes out a knife, but Morgan knocks it out of her hand with a shovel. She says they’re going with him.

A zombie starts to walk across the water, and the crocodile grabs him. Victor says he’s not going anywhere, but John says there’s got to be a way to them. Victor asks if he really thinks he’s going to find June. He says he found her before; he thought she was dead. Victor says look what that got him. John says he knows there are no happy endings, but they have to fight every day, and he found someone to fight with him. He takes out the piece of candy, and says it’s her favorite. He’s not changing his mind, and when he sees her, he’s giving it to her. If they don’t fight every day, they’re no better than the past. Victor says, the only difference between them and the past, is one day’s rations.

Commercial break with an interesting Walking Dead ad, announcing Rick Grimes’s final episodes – beginning October 7th. Ya’ll know he’s leaving, right? At this point, I can’t even make myself care. That show would be totally depressing without Negan. They had their chance to balance things out several times, and blew it. And we’re back.

John sees a zombie stuck in a truck toward the top of a cliff.

Luci tells Clayton that she’s getting him out. He says it’s nice thinking that she’s willing to help, but she can’t. The car is the only thing keeping him together. She says there has to be something she can do. She asks if there’s anyone he wants her to find; anyone looking for him? He says, one, but it’s the only person he doesn’t want to see; the rest are gone. He says he never thought he’d go out like this, and laughs. He’d love to have one last beer. Luci says he’s going to get one. She gives him a radio, and says keep talking to her. He tells her no one uses channel 17.

John and Victor look up at the truck. It has a square, plastic cover over the bed. Victor says, it will never work, but John says, it will float better than wood. Victor assumes John wants him to retrieve it. John says the only reason he can’t is because of the injury Victor and his friends gave him.

Morgan puts a box along the road. Sarah says Polar Bear should have changed up his route. Al asks if she thinks them stealing his truck is his fault. Sarah says she couldn’t help it if he left his keys in his rig. Morgan says, if they’re lucky, he’s still around. Jim says, or walking around with things written in Sharpie on his face. They decide to get going, and Morgan writes on the box, if you need help, vhf channel 4. June wonders if John will see it, and Morgan says they’ll find him. One way or another, they’ll find them all.

Victor gets on top of the side of the car. John tells him, release the latch, and gravity will do the rest. Victor says he knows what he’s doing. He looks inside and sees a bottle of primo whiskey on the floor of the car. He reaches in, trying to dodge the zombie, and John is like, what the hell? Victor grabs the bottle, but the zombie grabs him – I say, oh, sh*t! – and pulls him into the car – I say, oh sh*t! The car tumbles down the cliff – I say, oh sh*t! – and into the water – I say, oh sh*t! John runs to the car. The zombie has been impaled by a branch, and Victor has the whiskey. And it’s not even Pappy van Winkle.

John tells Victor that he could have gotten himself killed, and Victor says, but he didn’t. John can’t believe he almost killed himself, so he can tie one on. Victor says good luck with raft two. He’ll be a noisemaker when John needs him. John works on the raft.

Luci checks a beer truck, but no surprise, it’s empty.

John loads the raft with some supplies.

Luci opens a garage. Over the radio, Clayton asks how it’s going. She says she’s getting close; she knows it. She looks in a fridge, and it looks like mine when I first moved to NYC – empty.

John prepares the new raft, reinforcing the seams, and making some kind of flotation thing to attach.

Luci finds a six pack, but it’s root beer.

Victor drinks. John asks if he drank before. Victor says he was an amateur; now he’s gone pro. John asks, what for? and Victor says he drinks to forget. John says, forget what? and Victor says, that he has no one to drink with anymore. John has things to look forward to. He only has things to look back on. John tells him that he’s not trying. He can have someone, just not here. Victor asks what about the distraction, and John says he’s got it.

John shows Victor how he’s rigged up an alarm. He asks if Victor doesn’t think it will work, and Victor say he didn’t think John would survive a bullet to the gut, but here they are. John says he’s just got to believe. Is he coming? Victor says, yeah.

Clayton asks Luci if she’s okay. She says she’s sorry. She thought she had it. Clayton says there’s nothing to be sorry about. She tried to help. Not a lot of people are still willing to do that, especially for a stranger. She says, it doesn’t matter; she failed. Clayton tells her there was a time when he didn’t want to be around anyone. He found a job that took him away from the world. Away from everyone he ever knew or cared about. Then when the world changed, everyone went away, and he realized he’d made the biggest mistake of his life. Luci asks what he did, and he says he couldn’t help the people he ran away from, so he helped the people still around. Luci doesn’t understand, and he says just because she couldn’t help him, doesn’t mean she can’t help someone else.

John starts the alarm. He asks Victor if he really needs a drink before they reach the other side. The zombies start to come. John and Victor put the raft in the water, and start to paddle.

Luci sees one of the boxes. I knew it! I knew that’s where the beer would come from. She sees Morgan’s message about channel 4, and finds the beer.

Victor and John continue to paddle. The zombies gravitate toward the noise. It starts to lose steam, and I say, nooo. John says, that’s a pickle. They’re almost halfway across, and John says, fiberglass is strong. The raft suddenly moves, and John loses his oar. Another, oh sh*t. It’s the crocodile, going under them and circling. John shoots at it. It’s that quiet moment before something happens, and the crocodile bumps the raft again. The raft begins to take on water through a crack. John thinks they can make it, but Victor is like, no. They can’t fight if they’re dead. It didn’t work, and it’s never going to. The only reason Victor went along is because he felt sorry for John, but he won’t die for him. He tells John to fire his gun, and they’ll swim back. John shoots the gun, and the zombies start to come in to the water, where the crocodile picks them off. Victor says he can’t. He’s going to live, even if only for a while longer. They swim back.

Luci comes back to the car. Clayton says she doesn’t give up. She says she watched someone die, and couldn’t do anything to make it better. She’s not letting it happen again. She gives him the beer, and he can’t believe it’s cold. She tell him the first aid kit had ice. He drinks deep, and smiles. He thanks her, and asks if he can give her something; a couple of notebooks in the back. They list places he left supplies; things that will help her. She’ll read about it. She says his job that took him away, what was it? He takes her hand and says he drove trucks. It’s him! It’s Polar Bear!

Luci puts the empty bottle on Clayton’s grave. She turns the radio to channel 4, and says, whoever left the box, if they’re listening, thank you. What they left helped more then they’ll ever know. Morgan says, Luciana, is that you? and Luci says, Morgan?

Victor leaves John sitting on the ground, and watching the water. He seems pissed, and goes inside. John takes the candy out. It says black licorice on the wrapper (like that’s anyone’s favorite candy in this century). He unwraps it. I’m very distracted that it looks like a caramel, and I wonder why. Because it’s old? How does black licorice change color? Or is it not really black licorice? He eats it, and it no longer matters.

Sarah’s truck barrels down the road. In the back, Morgan looks at the notebooks. Luci says, he said they were important, and could help. Morgan asks if he knew where she found the beer, and she says she didn’t get the chance to tell him. She thinks he’d like what they’re doing. The radio comes on. Charlie asks if someone is there, and we see her with Alicia by one of the boxes.

Morgan asks if they need help, and where are they. Alicia tells Charlie, it could be trap, but realizes it’s Morgan. She tells him that they’re all right, and by mile marker 84; they just found the box. He says they’re just north of there; they’re coming back. Crazy Lady breaks in and says, she needs him to be strong. Morgan says he knows her, and to listen to him. She’s wrong. What she said about helping people, it doesn’t make them weak; it makes all of them strong. He’s been where she is – stuck. She thinks what she’s doing is the right thing; the only thing, but it’s not. So they’re going to keep finding the people they’re looking for. It’s working already. They’re going to find them and help them, and then they’re going to help her.

Sarah says, that van Al was talking about – Al says, it’s a tank. Sarah thinks they found it. It’s at their back door. They all look, and see Al’s tank heading toward them. Jim says, holy sh*t! and Al says, it’s sluggish as hell. Sarah asks what they think the truck is. She tries to speed up, and Wen says it’s gaining on them. Sarah presses the gas harder.

Morgan gets on the radio, and asks what Crazy Lady is doing. Crazy Lady gets near them and opens the top where the artillery is. She says she told him that she was making him strong. Morgan tells everyone to get down.

Alicia and Charlie hear gunfire on the radio. Alicia says, Morgan? and gets silence.

Next time, Crazy Lady hooks herself another zombie, Alicia wants to keep moving, Jim wants to move away from things that want to eat them, and June asks what’s next?

👄 Bad Girls Gone Good…

Nothing is better than a fabulous comeback. Whether it’s to a guy who wants to hey mama you on the street, or it’s a reality show villain.


👠 Lots of Lala…

One of the comeback kids.






👓 New NYC Wife?

Could this by Carole’s replacement? Frankly, after the reunion, I’m glad to see the back of Carole. I liked her until she found “her voice.” Apparently, that voice is pretty nasty. This is an interesting turn of events, since the last time Barbara was on the show, she tried to keep it from happening.


👰 The Latest Wife is a Wife…

Two words the dress. I’m also thinking, I guess the so-called bad blood between Denise and LVP isn’t that bad, since LVP was at the wedding.


😞 This is Just Sad…

It’s strange, but when you watch these people for years, they sort of become like one of the family. Albeit, a lot of the time they’re those cousins you love, but at a distance. It always makes me sad when there’s a rift that can’t be mended, and this one is a heart-breaker.



😲 Yep, It’s Back…

September 7, 2018 – Nina Inherits a Half-Necklace, Purging, New from Bravo, Goodbye Jack, QuaterQuotes & Last Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

On the phone, Sonny tells someone to let him know what they find out. Mike approaches Sonny, and says he needs to know how much trouble he made, referring to the body in the basement at Charlie’s.

Kristina tells Julian it’s a shame she can’t hang out at Charlie’s. He asks, why not? and she says, the owner. She thinks it’s a clever mob front, and he says he’s out of that. She tells him that he’s said that before. He says it’s a legit business. Like it or not, he’s here stay. If not, there’s the door.

Jordan tells someone on the phone she appreciates their assistance. Let her know if the PCPD can help in the future. She tells Curtis that Carter is being remanded to his adult children, but he’s being brought to Port Charles as they speak. In the interim, he needs a place to stay, and she arranged for it to be there. Curtis thanks her, saying it means a lot, and more to Nina if it leads to the daughter she didn’t know she has.

Maxie wonders what the homeless lady was doing at the church, and tells Nina that she felt bad. The woman really smelled, and she wanted to take her for a spa day. There’s a delivery for Nina. Nina says it’s from her mother’s lawyers.

Sam tells Jason sorry she didn’t give him notice she was going to Oregon; her sister needed her support. Jason says Sonny told him that Kristina is moving back, and Sam says Kristina is staying with her. Their mother offered, but she doesn’t want friction. Jason asks if she’s playing peacemaker, and Sam says she’s giving Kristina space. It’s hard getting over a relationship, after giving up time and emotions. She needs to take a step back to rebuild her life, and figure out what she wants and needs without pressure. She was lucky to have support, so she’s giving Kristina the same. Jason says she’s a good sister. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Drew. He wants to see Scout, but thinks it might be a bad time. Jason says he was just leaving, and asks how Oscar is.

Josslyn tells Oscar to keep his eyes closed, and they approach her decorated bench. She says she’s shocked his mom let him come out after being released from the hospital. She notices the balloons are deflated and the crepe paper isn’t looking so great. She tells him it looked less depressing yesterday. He loves that she did it; it’s not her fault. He’ll try his best not pass out next anniversary. Josslyn says waking up in the ER must be scary, even though it turned out to not be serious.

Carter Buckley is brought to Curtis’s room. Curtis and Jordan introduce themselves. Carter says he’d shake hands, but… and shows them the cuffs. Curtis says before they start, condolences on his recent prognosis. Carter appreciates it, and wonders what the meeting is about. Curtis knows he was arrested for brokering illegal adoptions, and has a question about one of his clients. Carter was advised not to discuss that, and Curtis says he doesn’t want to make trouble. He just has a question about one client. What can Carter tell him about Madeline Reeves?

Maxie asks if Nina wants her to get rid of the box, but Nina rips it open. She looks inside, and says it’s a box of stuff from her childhood. She takes out some scarves, her first running gloves, and a framed picture of her and Nathan when he was a baby. Maxie looks at it.

Kristina tells Julian that she needs a job, and asks if he’s hiring. He says he needs a bartender, and she tells him she’s an expert, but not in an obnoxious mixologist way. He wonders how much it would piss her father off if he hired her, and says he’s not interested in making waves, especially with Sonny. Kristina says Julian sells Sonny’s coffee, so he obviously has a stake in the business; he should be on board.

Mike is concerned about what happens if Julian get the go-ahead for renovation. Sonny says they don’t know the extent of what he’s doing, and so far, he’s been able to block him getting a permit; it’s a non-issue. Mike says what if the next one isn’t rejected? What is he going to do? Mike says he thought he was watching Sonny’s back when he moved the body, but he created more problems. Sonny says he’ll take care of it. Mike says he created the mess; he’s cleaning it up for good this time.

Sam asks if something happened to Oscar, and Jason says he collapsed and ended up in the ER, but he seemed okay. He leaves, and Sam asks Drew, what’s going on? He says he just wanted to see his favorite girl.

Josslyn says she and Oscar still have a lot to learn about each other. He asks if she means the low blood sugar thing, and says it’s nothing to worry about. She says it sounds silly, and bringing it up is trivial in the grand scheme of things, but something is bothering her. She found out the riddle he texted to her wasn’t from him.

Sonny tells Mike there’s nothing to fix, and Mike says don’t treat him like that. Sonny understands Mike was trying to protect him, but he was eighteen, and he’s not that kid anymore; he has resources. Julian, he can handle. He tells Mike the less he knows, the better. If he really wants to help, then let it go. it’s not good for him to be stressed.

Julian tells Kristina, if Sonny has a problem, he’s the one who will hear about it. Why doesn’t she try somewhere else? He has some business to take care of, and Kristina says she’ll help with the garnishes, and gets behind the bar. Valerie comes in, and tells Julian that she has a message from the city council. They’ve reached a decision about his permit.

Sonny says it’s time to take Mike for his checkup. Jason comes in, and Sonny suggests he come along so they can talk. Mike says it’s ridiculous. Sonny has better things to do than babysit him. He has a nurse, and one of Sonny’s guys can drive. He tells Sonny to focus on his business, and he’ll feel like less of a burden. Sonny agrees.

Valerie tells Julian that his renovation plans were approved. Kristina tells him that he’s low on vermouth. Valerie is excited to see her, and Kristina apologizes for not texting. She tells Valerie that she’s moving back, and Valerie says she missed hanging out with her. Kristina says she just started working at Charlie’s, and Julian says he hasn’t offered her a job. Valerie says she can vouch for Kristina’s classic cocktails. Kristina starts rattling off cocktail recipes. Julian says he has to make some calls; they’ll talk later. Valerie says if she keeps reciting recipes, he’ll hire her just to shut her up. She wonders why Kristina is back when she’s living with Parker.

Drew holds Scout, and Sam says he has the magic touch. Usually when she needs a nap, she’s all kinds of fussy. He says, it’s crazy. Kids grow so quickly, and change so fast. It’s like a lifetime in a few months. He wishes he could slow it down. Sam suggest she put Scout down for her nap, so they can talk. Drew says he could use it.

Oscar says he should have told Josslyn that Cameron helped. He’s not best the at romantic gestures. She says, he is; he put the video together. He put a lot of thought into it. He says, the point is, there is a lot they don’t know, even after a year. She says the good news is, they’re young and have plenty of time to figure each other out. Geez. Not trying to tug at the audience’s heartstrings too hard or anything.

Carter says he never heard of Madeline. Curtis shows him her picture. He says Carter looks pale. Carter says he’s fine. He’s sorry, but he has an obligation to protect the identity of his clients. Jordan says, here’s the deal. They’re sorry he has a terminal illness, but compassionate release can be revoked as soon as he aids and abets another crime. Carter says, fine; he’ll talk.

Nina takes out a note from the executor. It’s what Madeline left her. She lifts a jewelry box out. Inside is a note from her mom. In the envelope is a necklace, and a note that says, this will mend a broken heart. Nina says, this means something.

Sonny tells Jason that Mike is on his way to the hospital. Mike feels good and focused today. Jason wonders what happens if Julian gets the permit to renovate; if they find the body and gun. Sonny says they can find a contractor they can control, and put a person on the crew. Jason says he can inspect after hours. If anything turns up, he’ll make sure they’re the only ones who know.

Julian calls Kim, and leaves a message asking about Oscar, and telling her that he’s there if she needs him. Kristina tells Valerie that she and Parker broke up. They’re lives were going in opposite directions, and if she stayed, she’d be fading further into the background. She needed to find her own path. Valerie is all for it, especially if it keeps her there. She’s missed Kristina. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Sam asks Drew, what’s going on with Oscar? Drew says Oscar stayed the night at the hospital, and Drew stayed there until he was discharged. Sam asks if something serious is going on, and Drew tells her. Oscar has a brain tumor. It’s malignant and inoperable. She’s so sorry; Drew is too. She says Oscar must be so scared, and Drew says, that’s the thing, Oscar has no clue. He was already so sick when Kim found out, she chose to keep it from him. She doesn’t want him worrying about dying, and wants him to enjoy living, and being a regular teenager. Sam asks if he agrees.

Josslyn tells Oscar it will be their goal for this year. He says they’re setting goals now. He says they don’t know a lot about each other, and should start finding out. What is something Josslyn has wanted to do, but hasn’t? She says make out with her boyfriend in the woods. He thinks he can help her with that, and takes her hand.

Nina can’t believe her mom remembered. She holds up the necklace, a jade half-heart. Nina says Annie was her first Broadway show when she was little. She loved it. Maxie did too, and gets all excited. Nina says she was obsessed. She used to run around singing every song, then go to her mom’s bedroom and take out the necklace, pretending it was a locket like Annie’s. Maxie asks, where’s the other half?

Carter tells Curtis that he’d recognize Madeline anywhere. She was one of his clients. He was hired to find parents for a baby. It was unusual. Her daughter was in a coma, and gave birth to a baby girl. Madeline thought her son-in-law had something to do with her daughter’s condition. She kept the pregnancy under wraps, so he wouldn’t find out. When the time came, he arranged for the baby to be sent somewhere he couldn’t find her. Curtis asks who he ended up giving baby to.

Maxie tells Nina, way of making peace. Nina says, it’s kind of late, but Maxie says maybe she found it hard to ask forgiveness. Nina wonders what the significance is of the missing half.

Carter couldn’t tell Curtis who it was. Curtis says he must have records. Carter says if he did, they’re long gone. Keeping records in his business is a giant liability. He’s sorry he’s not more help. Jordan thanks him, and say they’re done there. Carter says, for what it’s worth (the phrase of the week), he wishes he could do more. The officers take him away. Jordan tells Curtis that she’s sorry it didn’t pan out the way he wanted it to. At least they know the child survived. Curtis says they know more than that.

Kristina asks Valerie what’s new, and Valerie says she’s taking a detective exam. Kristina says they have to celebrate, but Valerie says not until she passes. Kristina says she’ll miss seeing Valerie in her uniform. She rocks it.

Sonny tells Jason if they could control how the body is found, it would be a weight off his shoulders, and his dad’s. Jason asks if Mike has said any more, but Sonny doesn’t want to ask. Mike gets agitated and confused, and needs to stay calm. On a day like today, he seems like his old self, and it’s tempting to ask, but he doesn’t want to take the risk.

Mike looks in the window at Charlie’s. Inside, Kristina makes Valerie promise they’ll hang out after she slays the exam. Valerie says, deal, and tells Kristina, welcome home. She leaves, and Mike hides around a corner.

Drew tells Sam that he thinks Oscar has the right to know what he’s facing, but up until a year ago, Kim was raising him alone. Who is he to contradict, if she thinks letting him live his best life in the time he’s got is the best thing? Sam sees the point. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. Once you know the truth, it’s hard to unknow. Drew says they’re just starting to get to know and understand each other. Oscar is starting to trust him as a father, and now he’s keeping a secret. Unless a miracle happens, he’s going to lose his son. Sam says, miracles happen every day. She’s seen them for herself, and hopes for a miracle for Oscar. She tells Drew to love him as best he can, and spend as much time as possible with him now.

As the come out of the woods, Josslyn tells Oscar, it was a worthwhile experience. They almost kiss, and Oscar’s phone dings. He says his mom is picking him up, and asks if she wants a ride. She says she needs to clean up, and he says he’ll help. His phone dings again, and he figures he’d better go before she freaks. He has an idea. Between now and their next anniversary, they should keep this up. She says, making out? and he says, that too, but doing stuff they’ve always wanted to do, but together. She says, like a bucket list for people with lots of time. She likes it.

Nina tells Maxie, hypothetically, maybe her mother felt something other than greed; maybe affection or guilt. She knew Nina loved the necklace, but dividing it in half might have meaning. In the musical, Annie thinks finding her parents will mend her broken heart. Maybe her mom meant it literally. Maybe she’s sending a message from the grave that Nina didn’t miscarry; that her child is alive somewhere.

Jordan asks Curtis, how is this not a dead end? Curtis says, she heard him. Madeline hired a private nurse, not to mention a doctor. Where there’s money, there’s a trail.

Sonny tells Jason that his dad overheard when he was talking to Carly. He was upset, but not disoriented. He knew what happened, and that if the body was uncovered, Sonny could be implicated. Jason says Mike seemed okay when he got there. Sonny says he told Mike that he has resources to handle it. Jason says, that’s true, but Sonny says, a lot could still go wrong.

Kristina congratulates Julian. She bets the renovation is going to keep him busy. He might need help. He says he’ll be busy managing the contractor, and won’t have time to do interviews. She can have a job on one condition – that she start now.

Mike sneaks downstairs in Charlie’s, and looks around with a flashlight. He sees some pipes, and takes out a wrench.

On Monday, Valentin says Madeline was telling the truth, Michael gets a letter from Nelle, And Mike tells Kristina that she’s not supposed to be there.

💀 I saw the first episode of The Purge (USA), and thought it was pretty good. Part of it focused on a group that was working on purge night, and I thought, that would be my luck. Stuck at the office. I liked the second and third movie (haven’t seen the fourth), but I wasn’t crazy about the first one. I think it’s a very scary concept, but that blond guy talked so much, I thought I could have killed him ten times while he was going on and on. This is a good choice for a series, since there’s a wealth of stories that can be pried out of it.

🏈 On September 24th, Bravo will premiere it’s new show, Bravo Play by Play hosted by Jerry O’Connell. Originally, it was supposed to be called Real Men Watch Bravo, which I thought was brilliant, but since we’re living in a super-sensitive society now, it was changed. Enough already. They showed a snippet on Wednesday’s Watch What Happens Live, and it looked great. It’s not The People’s Couch (what happened to that?), but I’ll take it. Jerry was a guest that night, along with LuAnn (The Real Housewives of NYC), who wore the outfit she would have worn had she attended the reunion. It was fabulous and sparkly. Andy took a poll on the best NYC reunion outfit, and I was pleased that everyone agreed with me that it was Bethenny. I wouldn’t mind a dress-up box with all of the reunion outfits in it.

😥 Sad News…

I only saw this guy smile once, when Dr. Phil made a funny, but he was still awesome.


🏁 Quotes of the Week

Do you have a horseshoe up your ass? You’re the luckiest bastard alive. – Ben (Charlie O’Connell), Obsessed

We see things not as they are, but as we are.H. M. Tomlinson

For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.Virginia Woolf

The nicest thing I can say about her is all her tattoos are spelled correctly. – Truvy (Dolly Parton), Steel Magnolias.

🏇 And We’re Off…

While I wish you an entertaining weekend, I thought I’d also share my entertainment from last weekend.



September 4, 2018 – Wiley’s Custody is Decided, Veronica Gets a Shock, Ciao Mediterranean & a Scenic Route


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason brings Oscar to the hospital. The doctor asks if he’s Oscar’s father, and Jason says, his uncle. His mother is on staff; Kim Nero.

In the park, Josslyn decorates a bench with balloons. She tells Cameron that she can’t believe she and Oscar have been going out for a year. He says that makes two of them. He can’t believe she picked such a romantic spot – a bench. She says it’s their bench. They come there to talk, watch people, and watch the sunset. Cameron doesn’t think watching the sunset is her style, but she says it’s exactly her style. Her dad says that no matter where you are, you can appreciate the sunset. She thinks he could learn from Oscar, but he wonders what Oscar is doing for her.

Jason tells Kim that Oscar collapsed. She runs to the ER room. She asks what happened, but Elizabeth asks her to wait outside. As soon as they know anything, they’ll let her know. She asks Jason what happened, and he tells her they were at Sonny’s, and Oscar just collapsed; it was more like a seizure. He asks if he should call Drew, but she says, no; she’ll do it. She leaves a message for someone to look for Terry, saying it’s urgent.

At the MetroCourt, Drew says he gets that Julian is trying to clean the slate, and he and Oscar’s mom hit it off. Julian says Kim is the best thing that’s happened to him since Alexis. Drew says she’s a great lady. Julian says he can’t argue that she deserves better, but give him chance. Oscar is important to her, so Oscar is important to him too. Drew wonders if Julian is asking him to make things cool between them.

Ryan stands over an unconscious Doc. He almost wants to say he can’t believe Doc let him do that. His problem has always been that’s he’s too trusting, but it’s almost over.

Diane tells the judge that her client won’t be appearing. The judge thought she wanted to regain custody; that’s why he’s there. Diane says upon further consideration, she’s chosen not to appear and cause further emotional distress. The judge wonders if she’s asking for a continuance, but Diane says she’s withdrawing her claim to the child. She’s freely and willingly relinquishing her parental rights to Brad and Lucas. Brad says, it’s over, and Lucas says, thank God, but Brad wonders what’s to stop her from changing mind again. Alexis says he has a valid point; she can still change her mind, making the stability of the baby’s home life in question. Diane says she’s officially relinquishing all parental rights, and giving them his birth certificate as well. Once the declaration is signed the decision is final and irrevocable. Lucas says Wiley will be theirs for good.

Julian tells Drew that Kim was straightforward that Oscar is her first priority. She made it clear that Oscar doesn’t dictate her personal life, but maybe Drew could persuade him to be more accepting. Drew says he can’t do that; it’s up to Oscar. Julian says Drew is the one man Oscar believes in, and it’s clear he would rather see his mother with Drew. Is that what Drew wants too?

Josslyn tells Cameron that Oscar is planning something special; a surprise. Grand gestures have never been a problem. Cameron asks what Oscar has done for her lately. She says she was having the worst day, and he sent her a text. It was complete nonsense, but he knew it would get her out of her mood. Cameron says it seems like knows her well. She says during the earthquake, she almost died and he saved her life. Cameron asks if she’s talking about the time Oscar lured into the freezer and he gave her his jacket? She says she thought Cameron liked him. He says, how could anyone not like him? He’s likeable and nice, like vanilla froyo. She gets that he’s baiting her to defend Oscar, but she’s not falling for it. She tells him to help her, and hands him some rolls of crepe paper. He asks if she’s so special to Oscar, why isn’t he here? She says he’s probably on his way; she texted him. He asks if Oscar texted her back, and she says, not yet, but she knows he didn’t forget.

Kim thanks Jason for getting Oscar there. He’s glad he was there when it happened. She stares at him and says it’s difficult to get used to. When she looks at him, she sees Oscar’s father. When she looks at Drew, she sees a nice stranger, and by some miracle, they have an amazing child. She tears up, and Jason says he’s sorry. She says he has nothing to be sorry for, and he tells her that she’s allowed to be scared. The doctor comes out, and says they’d like to run a CT scan and MRI. The sooner they do the tests, the sooner they can pin down what the problem is. Kim says she’s waiting for word from Oscar’s specialist, but he’d still like to run the tests. She’d like to speak with her son first, and he tells her not to wait too long.

Kim goes into Oscar’s room, and Elizabeth asks if the doctor told her about taking him for a CT scan and MRI. Kim says she doesn’t want to sign the form until she consults with his specialist. She asks if Elizabeth will do her a favor, and see if Terry is still at the hospital. She tells Kim that Terry is one of her oldest friends. She’s also a pediatric oncologist.

Jason asks Elizabeth how Oscar is. She wonders how he’s the one who got Oscar to the hospital. He says they were both at Sonny’s. Oscar was putting together a slideshow for his and Josslyn’s one-year anniversary. She asks if Jason was bonding with his nephew, and he guesses she could call it that. He seems like a nice kid.

Oscar wakes, and Kim asks how he’s feeling. He says, not great; what happened? He was with Jason one minute, then all of s sudden, he got a bad headache. Now he’s there. He says he guesses that’s what he gets for not eating all day, and she says that must be it. He asks how soon he can get out.

Drew tells Julian that he doesn’t even remember when he and Kim were together, and Julian says maybe he wants to get closer, and jog his faulty memory. Drew says, it’s not faulty; it’s gone. He enjoys co-parenting with Kim, but that’s where it ends. Julian is forgetting the most important thing – Kim isn’t interested in him. He has nothing to worry about. Julian says except Oscar wanting his parents back together. Drew says a lot kids want that, and learn to live with it.

Ryan tells Doc the place isn’t bad; three squares a day, and drugs people pay a lot to get on the street. The staff gets heartbroken when they realize they can’t hug the madness out of you though. He tells Doc not to worry about his patients; he’ll take good care of them. He puts Doc into the straitjacket. He says Doc’s patients won’t notice a thing – until they do. Gordon comes to the door and says, Dr. Collins? Ryan says, that’s his name.

Alexis tells Diane that she thinks this is for the best, and Diane concurs. He client didn’t make the decision lightly. Alexis says Brad and Lucas will be wonderful parents, and Diane says her client seems confident of that. Brad wonders what they’re talking about, and Lucas says, lawyer stuff. Brad wants Lucas to promise Wiley won’t be a lawyer, but Lucas can only promise so much. Alexis says after conferring with opposing counsel, they’re going to forgo another hearing to establish custody. Diane says her client has no problem with that. She’s secure in the decision. The judge signs the papers, and tells Brad and Lucas that they’re hereby and in perpetuity, the parents of Wiley Cooper Jones. Lucas says he’s theirs forever, and Alexis says, forever. Lucas and Brad hug.

Lucas wishes he could thank the birth mother. Brad is sure it’s hard enough. He can’t imagine what it’s been like for her. Alexis asks Diane how her client is, and Diane asks, why? Alexis says it’s not easy. To give up a child, demand them back, and give them up a second time hardly ever happens. All Diane knows is that she came into court expecting to fight, but her client said to draw up the permanent custody papers. She doesn’t know what changed her mind, but as her attorney, she respects her client’s decision. Brad and Lucas leave to celebrate at the MetroCourt. Alexis says she’ll meet them there. She asks Diane to please tell her client that the baby couldn’t be in better hands. Diane says if she didn’t think so, it would have been a different proceeding.

Drew says kids learn in life that if you don’t like it, you make the best of it. He just wants Kim and Oscar to be happy. Apparently, Kim is willing to take Julian’s word, but he knows Julian’s history. He made a show about turning his life around before, and they know how that turned out. Julian says he can’t change the past, but he’s committed. Drew says, for Kim’s sake, he hopes Julian is right.

The bench is completely decorated, and Josslyn says, perfect, and thanks Cameron. He says he can keep her company until Romeo gets there. She says he still hasn’t texted, and hopes he’s okay; it’s not like him to go radio silent. Cameron doubts he crashed hand gliding, and his mom a doctor, so he’s never sick. Maybe the day means more to her than it does to Oscar. She says they care about each other. They’ve been through come crazy stuff, and he’s been supportive. Cameron asks if he’s so nice and great and supports her, why isn’t he here? Josslyn says because of her.

Kim comes out, saying Oscar is awake and asking for Jason. Jason goes into Oscar’s room, and Elizabeth asks if Kim wants to talk about it. Kim says, talk about what? Oscar just forgot to eat. She can wish the scans come back clean. Part of her part wants to go through the motions in case there’s been a horrible mistake, and everything will be okay, but it’s not okay, and it’s not going to be. She starts to cry.

Oscar thanks Jason for getting him there, and Jason says Oscar would do the same for him. Oscar thanks him for what he said about Josslyn being with him because she wants to be. He suddenly realizes Josslyn is waiting for him, and he doesn’t want to text or email the video he made. He wants to be with her when she watches it.

Kim asks how Elizabeth knows Terry, and Elizabeth says Terry was her first kiss when she was a boy. Kim says, small world.  Elizabeth says maybe she can help.  Kim thanks her, but says they just need to get through this episode. It’s not the first one. He had them when he was a little boy, but it’s the first time in a long time. She knew this day would come, and needs to get him through this. Elizabeth thinks someone else needs to be there. She should call Drew.

Lucas and Brad order champagne. Alexis comes in, and tells Julian, it’s official; he’s a grandpa. Lucas thanks Alexis, but she says it’s nothing she did. She tells Julian the birth mother didn’t show. She decided Wiley was better off with Brad and Lucas, and relinquished her rights. Julian says that’s wonderful, and congratulates Wiley. On the side, Brad says he doesn’t know what Julian did – and doesn’t want to know – but thanks him. Alexis asks what they’re whispering about, and Brad says he was telling Julian to join in the celebration. Julian says he didn’t want to put Lucas on the spot. Lucas says he didn’t want to jeopardize their chances with the adoption, but now that it’s sorted out, Wiley belongs to all of them.

Ryan calls Gordon dedicated and compassionate, saying, until recently, that was in short supply around there. He was having a conversation with his patient, and knows Gordon means well. Everyone does. Until the new staff came in, it was a bit of a horror movie. Gordon says he heard stories, and Ryan says they’re all true; at least to some degree. Even though the staff changed, the patients are the same – criminally insane, and dangerous, especially this one. Gordon says, he seems so scared, but Ryan says. he’s not afraid of anything; he’s a master manipulator. Everything he does, every word he utters has one purpose – to trap and kill his prey without mercy. When he was a patient elsewhere, he had an occupational therapist who tried to help him. In return, he snapped her neck like a chicken bone. Forewarned is forearmed. He tells Gordon it’s for the safety of everyone. If he gets out, it will rest on Gordon’s shoulders; it’s a lot of responsibility. Gordon says he can handle it. Ryan tells him, whatever the patient says, he’s a natural born killer. Keep the jacket tight. He can’t be too careful.

Josslyn says she can’t say she blames Oscar, but Cameron tells her not to make excuses for him. She says, in the past, he’s made excuses for her. She pushed him away, and made him come back just so she could push him away again. She got mad because he was psychoanalyzing her. It was annoying, but at the same time, he was right. She was freaked out about everything going on with her mom, and took it out on him. Cameron says, and various local retailers. She thought they’d moved past it, but maybe it was wishful thinking. Maybe she can’t take it back. She screwed up. Cameron tells her not to say that. She’s the best.

Elizabeth tells Kim that she’s kept enough secrets from Drew to last two lifetimes. She asks Kim not to shut him out now. Jason returns, and says Oscar really wants out. He wants to see Josslyn. He asks if there’s anything he can do, but Kim says he’s done more than enough. Kim asks Elizabeth to page her if Terry is there, and goes in to see Oscar.

Oscar starts to get up, but Kim says he needs to rest. He says Josslyn is waiting for him; it’s their anniversary. Kim says he’s not walking out, and he thinks it’s unfair to keep him just because he forgot to eat; it’s no big deal. She says she’ll call Josslyn, and tells him to get some sleep. He says he’s not tired, and she tells him that’s what he used to say when he was little, but the next minute, he’d be… She doesn’t finish because Oscar is asleep.

Lucas says, one, two, three, and he and Brad say, our son. He says, it’s finally over. No more looking over their shoulders and waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s official. He’s all theirs, and nobody can take him away. Brad says, no one. They kiss. Alexis tells Julian that she couldn’t help noticing that he wasn’t all that surprised at the outcome; why is that? He says he didn’t lose hope.

Cameron tells Josslyn that she’s amazing. She says he’s just trying to make her feel better, and he asks if they’ve met. He means it. If this was their bench and it was their big day, he wouldn’t forget for one second. He kisses her.

Doc comes to, and I wonder if they wouldn’t be able to tell someone had hit him. He must have a lump on his head. He says, oh no. He sees Gordon, and says, thank God. He tells Gordon the patient escaped; he’s the real doctor. Gordon says Doc told him that he’d say that, and he said Gordon would have to do this. He takes out a syringe. Doc says, no, and Gordon says he’s just following the doctor’s orders. Doc says he can prove it, but Gordon says, fool me twice, shame on me, and gives Doc a shot.

Ryan walks into GH. A nurse gives him some folders, saying she thought he was at Ferncliff, but they’re glad he’s back. He says, so is he. He strolls down the hallway, and smiles.

On the phone, Drew says he’s on his way right now. Jason asks if Kim called, and Drew says, no; why? He tells Drew that Oscar is in the ER.

Kim tells Elizabeth that Oscar is sleeping. Elizabeth doesn’t want to intrude on whatever is going on, but Kim doesn’t have to handle it by herself. Kim can tell her or tell Drew. Kim asks how she can tell Drew that his son is dying?

Tomorrow, Alexis knows the perfect job for Kristina, Finn tells Chase to stick around, and Anna sees Peter.

The Haves and The Have Nots

When we last left, Hanna had just stabbed Malik.

Hanna runs out the door screaming. She runs to the neighbor’s house, and bangs on the door. Malik stumbles out, and gets in the van. RJ drives away.

Derick hears Hanna screaming. He runs toward the sound, and grabs her in mid-flight. She says a man is in her house. Derrick’s friend stays with Hanna while he goes inside. He sneaks around Hanna’s house, but Malik is long gone. He tells Hanna, who says they need to call the police. He calls and reports a break-in.

Jeffrey goes to the hospital desk, and asks if there’s anything they can give David. The nurse says, not for a few hours, and introduces himself as Madison. Jeffrey asks if it’s visiting hours, and if Madison saw anyone go in. Both are a no. Jeffrey goes back in to find Veronica looking at David. He tells her she needs to get her ass out; he’s not playing. She knows it. The only thing he wants to play with are penises. He tries to get her away from the bed, and she tells him to stop manhandling her. She’s there to see her husband. He says he’s calling security; she’s not supposed to be there. She says he’s her husband of twenty-five years, and asks if Jeffrey is going to stab her again. If he does, he’ll be laid up there too. She tells David that he ruined her life. Jeffrey says he’s asking nicely; please leave. Veronica says he walked out on her for a whore. She’s dead, and Veronica is praying she’s burning in hell. Jeffrey too; he’s a disappointment. He asks her to leave again, but she says she’s not going anywhere.

Veronica pokes David with her bag, and tells him, wake up. Jeffrey tells her to stop, but she whacks David with her bag. She shakes him, saying he ruined her life. Jeffrey picks up the defibrillator, and shocks her on the back. She drops to the floor, and I laugh.

Mitch calls Benny, whose still waiting on Candace at the hotel. Mitch asks if he can get a room. The family is after him. They think Benny did his uncle. He tried to tell them, but they can’t find the guy. Benny has to lay low. Benny thinks there’s someone there that he saw a while ago. He looks like one of them. Mitch tells Benny to ask if his name is Ken. Benny does, but dude says, no. Mitch tells him to get a room and stay in it, or stay in public; it’s that serious. And do not go home.

Veronica lies in a hospital bed, and the doctor asks if she can hear him. The test results are normal, and he asks what happened? She says her son shocked her with the defibrillator. The doctor asks if it was on purpose, and she says she wants him arrested. She tries to get up, but he tells her to lie back down. She repeats that she wants the police called. The doctor tells Madison to call. She says she wants him arrested, and the doctor tells her to stay calm. This is one interesting family dynamic.

Mitch goes to the bar. Don says they’re putting someone in jail, and Mitch says to keep calling. The kid is a good friend of his. Don says they’re working on it. Mitch says Benny isn’t a part of this; he didn’t do nothing. Don says he knows how it is. They call a guy who calls a guy who calls a guy to get to him. Tell his friend to lay low. He adds that Vinnie has a payment coming, and Mitch says Benny never got his truck. He was trying to give the money back when it went down. Don says, with interest. Mitch says, that’s the problem; he doesn’t have it. Don says that’s not going to work, and Mitch asks if they can’t just throw the kid a bone. Don says, it don’t work like that. Mitch knows, but can’t they do it for him? Don asks if Mitch likes the Blacks, and Mitch says Benny is a good guy. Don says Mitch does know he’s Black, right? Mitch repeats, he’s a good guy. Don doesn’t know if he’s seen that before, and Mitch suggests he open his eyes once in a while. Don tells him to watch who he’s talking to, or he’ll be in the same predicament. If Benny has the money and interest, he’ll let him go. If he doesn’t, Don will have to break his legs. Mitch knows how this goes. He shouldn’t have brought him in. Mitch says he’ll go to Grandma Rose (who I saw on a 2 Broke Girls rerun last week – everyone shows up on there eventually).

David asks Jeffrey how his mother is, but Jeffrey doesn’t care; he’s going to kill her. David tells him not to say that; he doesn’t want him to be like her. Jeffrey says he’s not; he’s like David. David doesn’t want him angry. She’s his mother. Jeffrey says she’s an evil sick person, but David says she’s still his mother. He wants Jeffrey to check on her, but he’s staying right there. Madison comes in, and David asks how his ex-wife is. Madison says she’s okay, and asks what happened. Jeffrey says he shot the bitch, but David says, it was an accident. Madison says Jeffrey could have killed her; it’s not a toy. He tells David that he’s giving him someone to help him sleep. David wants to be awake. Madison says he can be awake and in pain, or asleep and happy. David says he needs to be sure she’s not coming back, but Madison says she’s not going anywhere any time soon. He says if Jeffrey claims he did it, he’ll have to get the police involved. Jeffrey says, call them. Madison doesn’t want to, but Jeffrey doesn’t care.

Kathryn’s phone rings. It’s Derrick. He wanted her to know there’s been damage to her condo; just Hanna’s apartment. There was a break-in. Kathryn asks if Hanna is all right, and he says she didn’t want him to call, but she’s fine. Kathryn says she’ll be right there. Jim asks what that was about, and she asks what he’s doing in her bed. He tells her that he’s trying to get some sleep. She says she doesn’t want him near her, and he says that makes two of them. She says there are six bedrooms; find one. She gets up, and his phone rings. It’s Jeffrey. He needs some help. He needs someone to guard his dad. Jim says the FBI should take care of that, but Jeffrey says they can’t. Jim says he’ll make a call. He asks how David is doing, and Jeffrey says, the same. Jim tells him to stay at the hospital until he can get someone there.

Kathryn asks who it was, but Jim says she doesn’t want to know. She tells him to run to his damn whore, and he says he always does. She leaves the room, and he calls someone named Patrick. He knows it’s late, but he needs something done right now.

A big man – who looks amazingly like DJ Khaled, but I can’t find any info that it is him – stands in front of a townhouse. A cop stands nearby, and Justin pulls up. He says, only one? and the cop says he’s been standing in front of the place. He won’t leave or show his ID. The man’s hands are in his pockets, and Justin asks to see his hands. The man punches Justin in the jaw, then kneels with his hands behind his head. Justin says if he wants to go to jail, that’s where he’s going. Justin cuffs him, and puts him in the squad car – without even patting him down – and leaves.

RJ asks if Malik is dead. Yep, looks that way. RJ asks what the plan is, and Candace tells him to check Malik’s pockets. RJ takes out several stacks of bills, and Candace takes it from him. They get out of the van, and she rips a strip off the bottom of her skirt. She asks him for a match, and tells him to go. She sticks one end of the material in the gas tank, and lights it. She and RJ walk away.

Candace says she’s a survivor, and he didn’t see anything. RJ says he sees nothing, and knows nothing. She asks if Gia knew about this, and he says she only knew they were meeting. She says he’s learning, and he says, for real. The van burns behind them. RJ says he’s ready, and Candace says it’s all his; she’s leaving. It’s getting too hot – literally. She has to get away from there. He asks where she’s going, but she doesn’t know. He says he’ll hold it down while she’s gone, and she says he’d better. He wonders if her mother is all right, and Candace says she’s doing better than him, referring to Malik. RJ says, it’s crazy. What does she think happened? She tells him, just walk.

Back at Hannah’s place, she talks to a cop, who tells her that Malik got in through the back window. They’ll dust for prints, and get DNA in the morning. The cop asks if he said anything, and Hanna says he was looking for her daughter, Candace Young. He said she owed him money. The cop asks if she knows where to find her, and she gives him an address. He asks if she can tell him anything else. She says he was wearing a mask, and dressed in all black; that’s all she knows. The cop asks if she’s staying there tonight, and Derrick says he’ll stay with her. The cop tells them to stay out of the kitchen. They’ll be back in the daylight.

When he’s gone, Derrick asks if she’s okay. She says she will be. He’s sorry this happened, and she says, her too. There was only one other time she was scared like that. He asks what happened, and she says she was attacked when she was eighteen; she was raped. He starts to cry, and says he’s so sorry. I’m surprised to find I want to cry. He says she didn’t deserve that, and she says, no one does. He tells her that she doesn’t have to be strong. He’s there; let him help her carry this. She honestly doesn’t know how that’s possible, and he asks if she can try. She can, and thanks him. He says he’s there, and she says he doesn’t have to stay, but he wants to. She says her son will be there, but Derrick says, he’s not there now, and he wants to. She says okay, but she has to call Benny. Derrick says he’ll do it. He offers to call Candace too, but Hanna says, she don’t care nothin’ about nobody. She almost got Hanna and her son killed. The guy wanted his money, and she has no conscience. Hanna doesn’t know what else to do. Derrick says she can always pray, but she says she can’t; not for her. God told her stop praying for Candace. It broke her heart. She knows God honored her prayer, and protected Candace, but she kept doing more and more horrible things. Ever since she stopped, it got worse. Derrick wants to pray right now. Pray that God comes into her life and she repents, and gets a life again. It worked for him. His momma prayed for him. He starts to cy, and says, it was bad. He begins to pray, Heavenly Father, we come to you now, God of all things. We know you can do it all. He breaks down, and Hanna holds him while he cries. This is killing me.

Justin brings big dude into jail, and puts him in the cell with Wyatt. Wyatt says he thought Justin was bringing him something, and Justin says he told Wyatt that he’d do it when he can. Now he has a cellmate. Wyatt asks if big dude can’t be put somewhere else. Justin says he has a propensity for violence, and he thought Wyatt would enjoy him; they’ll make good friends. Wyatt begs Justin to help him, and Justin tells him not to say his name. What is Wyatt going to do for him? Wyatt says he won’t talk to Jeffrey anymore, but Justin doesn’t know if that’s enough. How bad does he want it? He doesn’t think Wyatt is desperate enough yet, but he’ll get there. He says, you like to fight, right? to big dude, and leaves. Wyatt sits and big dude stares at him.

Derrick brings Hanna some tea. She says they’re not supposed to go in the kitchen, but he says he was careful. It will help her calm down. She asks if there’s liquor in it, but he says, no. She’s not sure it can help, but she’ll be fine. She says she needs to call Benny, but Derrick says he’ll handle it; just relax. She asks him to tell Benny to be careful; don’t rush. There’s a knock at the door, and Derrick goes to answer it.

Kathryn comes in, asking if Hanna is okay; Derrick called. Hanna says she’s all right, and Derrick makes himself scarce. Kathryn asks what happened, and Hanna says, Candace. Somebody was looking for the money. They broke in through the window. Hanna says she’ll pay for it, and Kathryn tells her, don’t worry. She just wanted to make sure Hanna wasn’t hurt. Hanna says she’s okay, but she’s not sure what do with her daughter. Kathryn knows the feeling. Hanna says she didn’t have to come, and Kathryn asks if she’s kidding. She rushed right over. She asks what are the police saying?

At the Artisian, Benny gets a call from Mitch. Mitch tells him to stay where he is. They’re coming to get him. Two guys are staring at him from the bar. Benny calls Candace, gets voicemail, and tries again. She answers, still walking with RJ, and he asks where she is. She apologizes, saying she got held up, but she’s on her way; it’s going to take a while. He says he’s been waiting all this time, and they can talk tomorrow. She says she’ll come in the morning, and he tells her to come by mom’s house, and not send him on a wild goose chase.

Derrick goes outside, and calls Benny. Benny asks what he’s doing with Hanna’s phone, and Derrick explains that she wanted him to call; someone broke in. Derrick says she’s fine. She’s lying down, but it took a minute to calm her down. Just come home. Benny leaves the hotel, and the dudes from the bar follow him. This is messed up.

Benny starts to walk faster, then runs. One of the guys tackles him, and they fight, but it’s two against one. Benny puts one guy’s head through a car window, but the other draws a gun and shoots at Benny, who ducks behind a car.

Next time, Jim goes to David for a favor, Veronica tells RJ that she knows everything, Wyatt goes through withdrawal

Below Deck Mediterranean

The two creepiest people in the world, except for Jax, talk on deck. Kasey asks João if she would have been the one he kissed instead of Brooke, if she hadn’t gotten up. He says a million percent, but he doesn’t want to confuse things. She goes to squeeze limes. Which is what we all do in an awkward situation.

Hannah finally got her flights arranged, and tells Conrad it’s her most expensive holiday ever. It cost her $420 just to change them. Conrad says it’s not on him, but she says he canceled; it’s on him. He doesn’t think it should be that much to her, since she makes good money. She says if he was gentleman, he would have offered to pay half. He tells her, keep dreaming, moving him to the creepy team.

The guests have breakfast. The water toys are launched, Conrad tells João that he’ll be glad to get off the boat. João says he dodged a bullet by canceling the trip with Hannah. The guests jet ski and play in the water. Colin puts on a helmet and attempts a backflip, but it looks like how a cartoon character might do a backflip.

Wow (as opposed to João). It’s dinner already. I guess that’s because these guests are pretty boring. The table is done in beautiful blue satiny material with shells, sparkly blue butterflies, and candles. In her interview, Hannah says they’re quiet, but if she was looking at a woman her own age who was banging her dad, she might not have much to say either. Adam explains the appetizer, which is just tomatoes. João and Brooke kiss in the galley. In her interview, Kasey says she doesn’t think he’s changed at all. They’re lying to themselves and each other. She wouldn’t want to be that girl. Which makes her even creepier, since she won’t stop flirting with him.

Hannah calls Brooke to the pantry. Captain Sandy says this is the Hannah she likes. The entrée is swordfish (one of my favorites!) with dill (another favorite!), and tomatoes, which Adam says are the thing around there. The guests pronounce it delicious. The captain tells the crew that the guests are departing at 11 am. The table is cleared. Colin wears one of the butterflies on his head. The guests do the hot tub thing, and have drinks. In his interview, Colin says it kind of rips his heart out that he didn’t tell Brooke how he felt earlier, but she deserves everything she wants. With João, I’d say she deserves what she gets.

The primary’s daughter, Ashley, falls over and says, itsveryhurnmm, and passes out. The other daughter tells her they have to go to bed. Hannah tries to help get Ashley to her feet, and she says more things like, telsfnfhfofphft which loosely translates to, I’m so drunk, I can no longer form real words. In her interview, Hanna says she should feel embarrassed for her, but is actually jealous. She wants to be drunk, wasted, and falling all over the place. By some miracle, they manage to get this chick down the stairs and to bed.

In the morning, Colin asks Jamie if she’s glad it’s the last day. She says she’d like a bed bigger than her pinkie toe. Colin says he’s going to do bed angels.

It’s the last breakfast. Ashley claims she was just tired. Kasey hugs Hannah, and says they made it. Hannah says Kasey knows how to turn on a washing machine, and offers to give her a good reference. The boat heads to Sorrento, and they drop anchor. In her interview, Captain Sandy says the crew started off a two, but finished a ten. She’s proud to call them her crew.

The guests says they couldn’t have asked for better time. The crew does a happy dance as they wave goodbye. Captain Sandy wants to give the boat back in better condition than they received it. They’re heading to Naples. Hannah asks Brooke if she wants to have a glass of wine in the sunshine. They toast to a happy last day. Brooke tells Hannah that she really likes João. Hannah say she’d bet her entire season’s tips on João screwing her over. In her interview, Brooke wishes that Hannah would accept how she feels, and respect her decision. It’s not about her, and as a friend, she should be supportive.

The crew gathers in the mess for the last tip meeting. Adam says it feels like a stage in a break-up. Captain says they won. No one was fired – although a few came close – nobody killed each other – ditto. Some of them knew nothing at the start, but from the food to the table to the service and deck, she’s proud to say she’s their captain. They did an amazing job. Their total was $20K, and for the entire season, they made $143,500. The captain says dinner is on her tonight. In his interview, João says Brooke knows his flaws, and accepts them. It’s brought them closer, and he wants to see where goes.

Time to go out. The crew has champagne on deck, and Colin does a final rap. He raps about each of the crew members, and it’s really cute and clever. In her interview, Captain Sandy says she likes to take the crew out to dinner at the end of the season to show her appreciation, and they can relax together. Conrad wants a night of no arguments and no drama. He tries to sit at the far end of the table, with his buddies around him, but Hannah ends up next to him. Conrad says the last charter was the best one. The crew knew each other by then, and worked smoothly together. The captain asks what his plans are after this, and Brooke says, not Prague. While a few of them chuckle, Hannah doesn’t find it funny, and the table gets very silent. Actually, I don’t find it funny either. I’m not particularly fond of Hannah (I love Kate!), but she got the short end of the stick here, and as a fellow woman (ha-ha!), I support her in this one. And how rude of Brooke was that?

Conrad says he hasn’t decided. Captain Sandy tells them it’s been a pleasure. She says wherever life takes them, she hopes they follow their dreams. In his interview, Adam says Captain Sandy is a special person. He wants to stick with her as long as possible. João apologizes to Conrad. Conrad says he hates confrontation. João says he’ll have less of it now. They bro hug. In his interview, Conrad says he’s learned a lot. He knows his management skills need to grow; João showed him that, and he’s taking the positive from their interactions. Hannah and Jamie sit at a small table. Hannah can’t believe Brooke wants to bring up Prague, when she’s banging the most sexist guy around. Jamie says Hannah never has to see that girl again. Hannah says, it was mean. In her interview, Hannah says Brooke likes to play sweet and innocent, but she feels like she should be reaching for the knife in her back.

João tells Jamie that he enjoyed working with her. She says she feels same. Hannah, not so much. Hannah tries to make a comment about João to Brooke, who says don’t drag her in. Hannah calls João a sexist pig. The others get out to go back to the boat, and Hannah stays behind to talk to Brooke alone. Brooke says Hannah put her in a bad position. On the boat, Conrad grabs his bedding, and dashes off to find somewhere to sleep other than his own bunk. Brooke tells Hannah that everyone else is fine with João. No one else dislikes him. Hannah says Colin and Jamie do. Brooke says he’s intelligent, and he’s had a hard life. Hannah says she’s sick of hearing sh*t about someone who’s said the things he has to her. She tells Brooke, with all due respect, eff off. Brooke says she’s over this. It became a her against him, when that doesn’t have to be case, but Hannah wants it that way. She’s being a bitch.

Adam makes meatballs, and some other yummy looking stuff. Brooke refuses to fall out with Hannah over someone else’s problem. She tells Hannah the Prague comment was just a joke. Hannah says, cool; we’re good, in a tone that says they’re not. Brooke tells her, eff off, slams the door, and stomps off. Kasey and Jamie watch everyone on the monitors. Brooke says Hannah is effing wrong. Conrad sneaks around. His plan is to avoid an argument with Hannah and hide. Jamie and Kasey go to the galley.

Hannah looks for Conrad. Brooke goes to the galley, where everyone is feasting. She tells them about slamming the door, and says she won’t be part of whatever Hannah is dealing out. Kasey leaves. Conrad sets his bed up in the guest cabin. Hannah tries to find out where he is under the guise of wondering if he’s okay. She doesn’t get his location, but she hunts him down.

She asks if he’s not going to give her a hug. We don’t see them – it’s text on the screen while we look at the closed door. She asks if it would bother him if she went to see friend on his yacht after this, totally forgetting that they broke up. João tells Brooke, let’s go to sleep. Hannah asks Conrad, what if the friend wants to screw her? He’s like, what? He suggests they talk in the morning; he’s trying sleep. She asks if he’s really gone six weeks without any sex, and now he’s turning her down. Then she tells him to take her pants off. What the what? I have no clue how we got here.

Everyone tries to get it together and pack. Brooke doesn’t want to be in a sh*t mood with Hannah. She tells Hannah, sorry about the joke. Adam asks Colin if Conrad avoided the dragon, and Colin says the dragon found him. Conrad walks through, and Adam wonders if they ended up snuggling. Colin tells Conrad he needs to think with a different head. Adam and Colin do dragon impressions, although Colin’s is more like a raptor, and it’s too funny. In his interview, Colin says the season opened his eyes, and he learned a lot about the industry, but he still can’t say gnocchi.

Jamie tells João, sorry about the rough patches. Kasey doesn’t know if she likes him or the friendship. She’s the girl behind the seasickness; then the one who lied on her resume. Now she’s being recommended to work anywhere. João says no way he’s ending with Hannah on good terms. They pass each other in a very narrow hallway, and don’t even acknowledge one another.  He can relate to Captain Sandy, and she relates to him. She reminds him of his mom. They hug goodbye, and Captain Sandy says she loves him; he’s amazing. She’d like him to come back as her bosun. I assume she means in another season, and not another life. In his interview, João says he was a big fish in a small pond, who managed to work his way up. Brooke wants to make sure, on a personal level, she and Hannah are friends. Hannah says, sure, and she hopes things work out with João. In her interview, Brooke says she’s willing to try being friends if Hannah is. João says he never expected to leave for Florence with the potential girl of his dreams. Brooke broke down walls, and he was more vulnerable and open. He might not tell her how he feels, but hopes she knows. It might help if he stops flirting with other girls right in front of her. Not in front of her would be good too. Brooke knows he’s not perfect, but keeps hoping for the fairy tale. Good luck with that.

Adam thinks at thirty-three with ten years in the business, it’s easy to want to quit. This season made him love yachting again, and made him want to be a better chef. Captain Sandy is a badass captain, and he’s a badass chef. He went beyond.

Hannah and Conrad are the last ones left. She guesses they don’t work as a couple. He says, if it happens, it happens, but he’s not chasing it. She thinks she shouldn’t date someone she’s together with 24/7. In her interview, Hannah says she learns something every season. Last season, it was don’t play with the guests. This year, it was don’t play with the crew. She’ll have to learn something different next year – don’t play with herself. She can’t stop laughing at her own joke, although it is pretty funny. Conrad says he’s never dating on a yacht again. It was drama he never wanted and never wants again. In her interview, Captain Sandy says she saw glimpses of a great bosun, but he was lost in love. If he keeps his head in the game, he has the opportunity to advance. Conrad says he never wants to be that person who never sees their family, and needs to know when enough is enough. Hannah says she’s learned that maybe she should let her insecurities tarnish a potential good thing.

In her interview, Captain Sandy says she’d give Hannah every ounce of her energy if she stayed on track. But in the end, how can you complain, sitting on super yacht in the Mediterranean? Hannah thinks the captain saw that she worked as hard as she could. Now she’s taking her tips, and spending them on therapy.

Next time, the Reunion – the cheap type reunion in the Clubhouse. On Below Deck the original, the yacht is going to Tahiti. Kate tells us, fire dancing and flower crowns – we’re not in the Caribbean anymore. I can’t wait to see Kate and Captain Lee again!

🚤 Goodbye to the Med…

September 2, 2018 – Morgan Has a Reunion, Jenna Talks, Lala Gets a Ring On It, Going Downton & Long Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

June watches a video of John talking about finding her. She gets out of the tank and surveys the damage the storm has wrought. She tries to get a radio signal. She says she never should have left John at the bus, and talks about seeing the video. She says he knew; he believed. But if Al had asked June that question today, she doesn’t think she could answer like he did. He knows her. When the going gets tough, she runs – or worse. She says things are pretty tough right now. She wants to know how he believed. Al comes back and asks if she’s trying to raise John. She can’t find diesel and tells June to conserve the battery. They can’t recharge.

The next day, Al whittles, while June pikes a zombie in the head. They sit and watch nothing. June says they can’t keep going out just far enough to make it back before sundown. They have to keep going. They’re almost out of water. The radio crackles. June asks if it’s John, but the voice isn’t clear.

A half zombie is attached to the front of Sarah’s truck. She stops, telling Wen it’s a clean hit. She takes a look, and pikes it in the head. She asks if Wen remembers when dad hit the seagull; it was a one in a million shot. She tells him that she still gets the point. He says, half. Morgan tries the radio, and gives their location. He says they’re headed west. He’s got help.

June thinks they should go to higher ground and find the signal. Al asks if she killed the camera. June says she killed the battery watching the tape. Al isn’t looking well, and says it’s low blood sugar. June tells her to stay. She feels Al’s forehead and says she’s warm. She wonders if whoever was on the radio has food. They should find them, then come back and fix the van.

Morgan says he’s leaving the channel open, and will be listening. Sarah asks if he really thinks he’ll find his people. He says he has to try. Someone did that for him for as long as they could. She asks if it worked. Morgan is silent, and she says it didn’t. He says, it will work, and repeats the location.

June hears static. Al walks behind her. June asks if Al’s vision is okay. Al says she’s fine; it’s just been a while since she’s eaten. We hear zombie noises. June says they might be done walking. Are they going to ride a zombie? They see a car, kill the zombie inside, and drive. June keeps trying the radio, but gets nothing. She says they need to find higher ground, and apologizes for using up the battery. Al understands. It’s the next best thing to talking to him. June asks if Al has ever found someone, but Al says, when you’re collecting other people’s stories, you stop having your own.

June asks if anyone can hear her. Crazy Lady is listening in, and tells her zombie, Purvis, that he made them weak.

Sarah calls Morgan Momo. He asks her to stop, but she says she can’t’ She likes it. Morgan hears June for a moment and responds. He tells Wen that he’s taking stroll. He’s going to try and get a stronger signal. Wen asks what they do, and he says, wait. Sarah says it looks like they’re tailgating. Morgan walks, and says he hears them; hold on.

June tells Al to keep driving, but Al throws up. She says maybe it’s not her blood sugar. June says it’s a bug. The van suddenly drives past, and Al takes off after it, saying she’s stopping that SOB. June tells her to slow down, but that’s a no. They speed along behind the van, crash into something, and go into a spin. June says Al is sick; screw the van. She needs antibiotics. Al says she has them – in the van. They have to get it back.

Morgan sees Crazy Lady at one of the boxes. He tells her, what’s written is the truth; you can take what you need. Things are tough out here. What’s in the box helped him, and could help her. She says she doesn’t need any help; she’s not weak. Morgan tells her that he didn’t say she was. He tells her again to take what she needs, and he keeps walking. She watches him. She says, he’s right. Things are tough out there. He should be careful.

Crazy lady fills a bottle with puddle water.

A zombie toddles toward the car. June tells al to stay with her; keep talking. She asks where Al got the van, but Al doesn’t want to get into it right now. June says she hasn’t seen many reporters with hardware like that, and Al asks how many did she know? They hear gunfire, and Al says those are hers; it’s close. She says June can go; she can do this. It’s the only way to get the meds she needs. June doesn’t want to leave, but gives Al the radio. She says if she doesn’t’ come back, to get in touch with the people they heard.

June sees an overturned bus, and hears zombie noises coming from it. She sneaks around the bus, and sees the van with the door open, and a pile of zombie bodies nearby. She slides around the other side, and peaks in the bus, where a trapped zombie is flailing around. A man tells her, drop the gun, while he has one pointed at her head. She does what he asks, and says she just needs some medicine. He tells her, hands behind her head; move.

On her knees in the road, June tells him that he doesn’t have to do this. He continues to hold the gun on her, and asks where her friend is; she must need medicine for someone. She says she doesn’t need the van, just the medicine, and he says, this isn’t a conversation. June says, what he’s doing, she’s been there, but someone showed her that she didn’t have to live like that. Neither does he. They can work together; help each other. He says, no, they can’t. We’re all the same, doing what they can to protect who they care about, know, and love. That’s where it stops. June says she can’t let her friend die. He says if he comes, he’ll be the first to go when things go south. June jumps up and knocks him down.

Al hears a gunshot. She gets out of the truck, and tries to remove the tire that’s blown.

June struggles with the man. She gets the better of him, and gets the gun. She makes him lie on the ground, and tries to start the van. He says, it’s out of gas. He thought there was diesel in the bus, but there wasn’t. She tells him, get up. Inside the van, she asks him where the cipro is. What did he do with it? He says he pulled over, and killed the dead who broke out of the bus. It’s not his fault if it’s not there. He says, you can’t help people, and June tells him to go. He says she knows what it’s like out there, and she says he didn’t believe her. He admits he didn’t. He jumps down, and she locks the van.

June goes through everything. She finds a radio, and calls Al. She asks where the medicine is. Al can’t even stand, and falls when she tries. A zombie struggles up from the mud, and its leg breaks at the ankle. It still manages to grab Al, who holds it back just barely. She has a knife strapped to her leg, and works to get it. On the radio, June says she can’t find it. Al finally get the knife, but she’s not strong enough to stab the zombie in the head. She kicks it under the car, and kick’s the jack down, crushing the zombie’s head. June asks if she copies. Al grabs the radio, and June asks, where’s the medicine? Al says, there isn’t any. She needed to get the van back. June sits in the middle of a mess, and throws the radio into it.

Al thanks June. June says she was lucky there were meds on the bus. She could have died. Al says June could have died too, but they didn’t. The van will keep them breathing; they just have to get diesel. June says she almost killed to get medicine that wasn’t there. Al says, someone who stole the van; June doesn’t get it. June says she does, but it almost got them killed. Al says, almost did. June says she’s trying not to be that person. She’s been running from who she was and what she did, and almost became that person again. Why is the van so important? Al says it will keep them alive. June tells Al that she says the truth matters; is she telling the whole truth? Al says the tapes are all that’s left of dreamers. June says, people she barely knew, and Al says, not all of them. June saw one of them. June says, you can’t help people if you’re dead. Al says it’s not just other people’s stories on the tapes; it’s her story. The people she knew; the people she loves, and she’s not leaving them behind. June ponders this, and nods. She sits down on the ground next to Al.

Morgan climbs a water tower. Ha-ha! That sounds like a children’s book. He radios, asking if she still hears him. He doesn’t think he can stick around. Al hears him talking.

June grabs the radio. Morgan says they’re packing up to leave, but wanted to give their location once more. June says, it’s her; she’s with Al, but the only reply is dead air. Al says, the battery is dead. June looks at a map, and says, he’s fifty miles away, and they have enough gas. Al says they need the van, but June says they’ll miss him if they don’t leave now. Al says they’ll catch up.

Al gets out of the car, and tells June to go. June says, Morgan is out there. That means John and the others might be too. They’re alive. It doesn’t have to be this way for her. Al closes the door, and starts heading to the van. That medicine worked fast. June starts the car. Al stops, and shoots in the air. She turns toward the car, as June backs up toward her. Al gets in, and they drive off.

Wen doesn’t think they’re coming. Morgan says, it don’t look that way. Wen suggests the keep on truckin’. Morgan gets in, and Jim hands him a beer, saying he looks like someone who needs a drink. Sarah sees a car in her rearview mirror. It’s June and Al. June says sorry they’re late, and Morgan says they’re here now; that’s what matters. She asks about John and everyone else. Morgan says he’s still looking, and introduces the others. He asks Sarah to get them some food, and she brings out one of the boxes. June asks if they’re the ones putting the boxes out, and Morgan says it’s the person who owns the truck. They’re returning it, and making drops along the way. June says they’re helping people, and Morgan says, that’s the idea. She asks to borrow his radio.

June gets on the radio and says, she doesn’t know their name or if they’re listening, but the last time she did this, they were. If they can hear her, she’s sorry about what she did, making him walk away. She wants to show him that he’s wrong about something. That we don’t just watch out for the people we know. She says they’re at the mile 27 marker. They have food, water, and supplies; whatever they need to get back on their feet. A man’s voice replies, is that you, cipro? June says, yes. He says he managed to find diesel. Her friend shouldn’t leave her ride sitting around. She says if he wants to come, he won’t be who he was; the guy who held a gun on her. He says, my name is Quinn. She says, June.

Morgan asks if Al is okay. And she says something hit her hard. She says it looks like he found new ride to Alexandria. He says she’s still welcome to join them. She says, just so he knows, she doesn’t plan on staying. She wonders what he knows about the guy who the truck belongs to, and he says, not much. She wishes she had her camera.

Quinn radios June. He says he’s at the mile 27 marker, but she’s not there. She tells him, check again. He says he’s looking right at it. He takes a closer look, and realizes it’s been changed. The Crazy Lady’s zombie-on-a-stick pops out, and attacks Quinn. June asks if he’s there.

Crazy Lady turns off the radio. She says she has to let Purvis go now. He did what he was supposed to. She’s going to set him free to keep on truckin’. She pokes him with a stick, and when he backs up, she closes the cab door. She writes on Quinn’s face – people you know. She tells him that he isn’t going to be weak anymore. He opens his eyes, and she smiles maternally at him.

Next time, Quinn returns; John, Victor, and Luci are still alive; and an alligator eats a zombie.

👂 On Talking Dead, Jenna Elfman gave a colorful account about June and Quinn’s tussle for the gun. She repeatedly, albeit accidentally, kneed him in the goods. And then there was the long ride home…

🙈 Sorry This URL is So Long…

But worth sharing that Lala Kent (Vanderpump Rules) is engaged to her man.


📑 My Excuse…

I’m running late tonight because I had the pleasure of seeing the Downton Abbey exhibit, as well as catching up with an old friend, in NYC today. Tomorrow (9/3) is the last day, but it’s going to other cities. If you’re a Downton fan, it’s a must-see. Holograms, costumes, props, entire rooms from the show are on display. It’s a multi-media extravaganza. There’s even a virtual quiz to see which staff position you’d be suited for. If you must know, I would not have been hired at all. I think it was the question where I answered that I’d give a malicious laugh that took me out of the running.


🛀 And If Your Weekend is a Long One…









August 28, 2018 – Doc Visits Ryan Again, the FBI Visits Veronica, Leaving Millions Behind, Two Decks, & Aretha


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason tells Carly he came by to check in on Sonny and Mike. Carly says it could have ended badly. She wonders how long they’re’ going to keep doing this. Jason asks if she’s talked to Sonny. Before she can answer, Sonny comes outside. He wants them to know he made a decision about what he’s going to do with his dad.

Alexis meets Lucas at the hospital. She asks when she expect Brad, and Lucas says he’s meeting them at the courthouse. She tells him that she’s going to keep fighting until they run out of options. He can’t believe in a matter of hours they’ll know if they can keep their son.

Brad tells Julian that he’d feel better if he knew the plan. Julian says he contacted the birth mother, and Brad is like, what?! How? Julian tells him not to worry about it. Brad asks what happened, and if Julian convinced her to let the adoption stand.

Valentin reads that Madeline was denied parole.

Nina see Curtis at the MetroCourt bar. He says he’s meeting a client. Valentin gets up behind her. She tells Curtis she knows it’s top secret, but hopes he’s getting top dollar. He says his client’s pockets run deep.

Felicia and Maxie are out walking James, and see Lulu. Maxie asks how the new gig is, and Lulu says, interesting. She’s glad she ran into Felicia. She wants to warn her that The Invader is running a feature on the 25th anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain murders.

Ryan tells Gordon that he knows the rules say the straitjacket can only come off at mealtime, but do the rules say he has cut off circulation on reentry? He asks Gordon if he can loosen it or remove altogether. They both know he doesn’t belong here. Why doesn’t Gordon look the other way while he makes a run for it?

Oscar stops by the hospital to see Kim. She wonders what happened to her little boy, and hugs, totally embarrassing him. He says he’ll be home after dinner. She asks him to call every few hours, but changes that to text when he balks. He says that he can do, and goes down in the elevator.

Sonny tells Carly and Jason that he’s scheduled appointments to look at long term care facilities. She asks if Mike is going, and Jason asks if he knows. Sonny says there’s no point in telling him yet. He wants to see the places; he can’t get a feel for them from brochures. Jason thinks that’s a smart move, and Carly says she’ll clear her schedule.

Nina wonders why Curtis seems awkward. He insists he’s not, but she says, he is, and asks what’s up? Valentin gives Nina his condolences on her mother being denied parole. She says that’s a cause for celebration. Curtis says, she’s still Nina’s mother. Nina says, no. She’s the woman who put her in a coma for twenty years, and is the reason she can’t have children.

Felicia says sometimes it seems like a lifetime ago or just yesterday. Maxie says she remembers some of it; being in Texas, and making friends with someone they thought was nice. We flash back to when we were all young, and Maxie watching Felicia and Ryan. At an apartment, a woman tells Felicia to back off; he’s her husband. Felicia says she doesn’t know anyone named Ryan, and the woman tells her that his name is Todd Wilson. Felicia wonders why anyone would be interested in the story now. Lulu says true crime has exploded as a genre. The Invader jumped when they found out a woman had survived who was a witness to him murdering someone. Maxie asks Lulu to please tell her she’s not the one who told them. If she’s dredging this up to make a name for herself, Maxie doesn’t know what she’ll do.

Ryan tells Gordon that he’s Kevin. His twin Ryan got the drop on him, and has been keeping him there, while he’s out there pretending to be him. He says Gordon has to help him, but Gordon says it’s not his call. He can tell his boss. Ryan says he can’t tell anyone, and Gordon tells him, suit himself. Ryan says he has poor taste in jokes. Gordon says, alerting the higher ups is all he can offer. Ryan says when Gordon realizes what’s going on, he knows where to find him. When Gordon leaves, Ryan feels a loose strap.

Carly tells Sonny that her schedule is cleared, and Jason says he’ll with Mike. The doorbell rings. It’s Oscar. Carly forgot he was coming by, and he asks if it’s a bad time, but she tells him to go in. He says, hi, Mr. Corinthos, and Sonny wonders if he’s going to call him Sonny at some point? Oscar wants to make a video for Josslyn for their anniversary, so Carly told him that he could go through pictures from the dance. Oscar offers to come back, but Jason tells Sonny and Carly to go, since he’s there. Carly tells Oscar to help himself to the photos.

Michael sees Alexis and Lucas, and hopes the custody hearing works out. He says Brad and Lucas are great parents, and Wiley is lucky to have them. Lucas appreciates that, and Michael tells him good luck. Boy, a lot of filler stuff today.

At the courthouse, Julian tells Brad to calm down. Brad says Wiley isn’t that woman’s son to take. Julian says he can’t lose his nerve now. The birth mother didn’t commit to backing off, but she didn’t refuse. Brad asks what she said, and Julian says, not much; he did most of the talking. She understood Wiley would be better off with them. Brad asks if they’re talking again, but Julian says he pleaded their case. The last thing she wants is hear from him again. Brad insists he needs to talk to her.

Nina asks if Valentin thinks his condolences will make her rethink the divorce. Valentin says he had thirty days to change her mind, and failed. He accepts it. She sees Diane and leaves to discuss some things with her. Curtis tells Valentin that he doesn’t like it. Going behind Nina’s back is all kinds of shady. Valentin says it’s worth it. He has new information.

Lulu tells Maxie that she didn’t want anything to do with it, but she had no way to kill the story. Maxie apologizes for rushing to judgement, but Lulu says she has reason to. Felicia says they can ask, but she has no intention of giving them any answers. It took a long time for her to trust people again. Lulu says she’s asking as a friend; is it true Felicia didn’t recognize Ryan when he followed her back to Port Charles. Felicia says she blacked out the murder, and when she met Ryan, she had no idea the danger she was in. We flash back to Ryan not being able to start the car, then throwing a piece of the engine away. Felicia says imagine what would have happened if she hadn’t remembered. We flash back to Mac saving her.

Ryan struggles with the jacket, and Doc walks in. He says he hears Ryan has been busy today, and it’s not even 10 am. Ryan says, nice to see you too, Kevin.

Maxie tells Felicia that she doesn’t need to relive it, but Felicia says it’s good for her to talk about it – in private. Ryan destroyed a lot of lives, but at least she can take comfort in the fact that he didn’t destroy hers. She and Mac became closer, and she made a friend who became family – Kevin. Maxie wonders how she could become friends with Kevin. Felicia says she could see he wasn’t like his brother. He’s a healer, and doesn’t believe in lost causes.

Ryan says he hasn’t seen Doc since their birthday. Doc says he had an interesting conversation with the orderly. Ryan is claiming to be him again. Ryan says he can’t blame a twin for trying. Doc has been holding him captive here, which seems to be his preferred dynamic. Doc says Ryan isn’t his hostage. He brought him here when he discovered he was alive, instead of to the authorities. Despite everything Ryan has done, Doc believes he can be redeemed.

Diane tells Nina they have a minor snag, and have to redraw the divorce papers. Valentin’s lawyer added two stipulations. He wants her to have ownership of Lumiere and visitation with Charlotte. She assumes that’s no problem, but Nina says it’s a big problem.

Valentin tells Curtis when he went back to see Madeline again, she was more cooperative. She gave him the name of the attorney she used to sell the baby; Carter Buckley. He didn’t have any luck tracking him down, but is hoping Curtis can use his PI skills. Curtis jets out of his seat.

Kim asks Michael how he’s doing. She says Oscar told her that Josslyn made a beautiful speech at Jonah’s funeral. He says it’s crazy how someone so young knows all the right words. Kim says she’s wise beyond her years, and Michael adds, since birth. Kim wanted to talk to him. There’s something he should know. She heard from Nelle.

Julian tells Brad that he went to great pains to assure the birth mother that he and Lucas didn’t know about him calling. Brad says she’d have to be a walking disaster not get her son back; is she? Julian says she didn’t sound like it. Brad says, so it’s done. She’s going to take Wiley away, and when she discovers he’s not hers, he’ll go to prison, and drag Lucas down with him. Julian says that’s not happening. Brad says, there’s only one option left. Take Wiley and run.

Curtis returns, and Valentin tells him that was fast. Curtis says he’s good at what he does. There was a reason he had a hard time finding Carter Buckley; he’s behind bars. Valentin wonders if it’s for adoption fraud, and Curtis says the details were sketchy, but he has another issue. He thinks they need to bring in Nina. Valentin says if the baby isn’t alive, she’ll be crushed, and she’s been hurt enough. Curtis doesn’t like it. Valentin says if it goes anywhere, she’ll be the first to know. Until then, it’s between them. They shake hands, and Nina sees them.

Oscar tells Jason that Josslyn is obviously going through a lot. He wants to be there for her, but when he tries, it pisses her off. She thinks he’s telling her how to be or act. She’s amazing; she kills everything and she’s a total bad ass. She beat up Nelle. Maybe she has more in common with other guys. Jason says, maybe, but she didn’t choose them. She chose him.

Lulu says it’s admirable for Doc to think he could cure his brother. Maxie says, and shortsighted. He escaped, went after her mom, and kidnapped Georgie. We flash back to Ryan holding baby Georgie on a carousel. Felicia says he’s beyond redeeming, and Doc learned the hardest way. Maxie says, watching his own brother die.

Ryan laughs, and says after all these years, Doc is still trying to save him. Who says he needs saving? He likes who he is. We flash back to the fun house blowing up with Ryan in it. Doc says he hurt women. His demons consumed him because of the abuse he experienced as a child. He’s worked with patients who have suffered the same thing, and knows firsthand they can be healed. You dress the wound, call it by name, break it down, and it can heal. Ryan asks if Doc thinks his homicidal tendencies were just a phase. Doc assumes he can or wants to be healed. Why should he cooperate with him. and give up his cushy life in there for one behind bars?

Kim tells Michael that Nelle wanted her to testify that her hormones were the reason she committed the crimes. Michael says, she just doesn’t stop. Kim says she refused. She can’t testify to anything that’s not medically accurate. Nelle asked about him too. He appreciates her telling him, but if it happens again, he doesn’t need to know. Nelle will work anyone who gives her an opening. If she thinks she sees good in Nelle that no one else can see, it’s the opening she needs.

Carly tells Sonny that she liked the second facility. It was easy to maneuver, and had great visiting hours. Sonny doesn’t know what to think. He knows Mike will have to live in a place like that eventually, but is the time now? He’s just starting to get to know him, and they’re having good times. It’s getting to be less often, but it’s happening. Why give that up? But then he worries about what happened yesterday. Is it safe or too dangerous, especially for Avery and Josslyn. They need a safe, stable place, and he doesn’t want his dad living there to take that away from them. Carly says whatever he decides, she’s with him. He says he had a hard time pulling it together while she was gone. She kisses his forehead, and says she’s right there. Let her help him.

Sonny says for long time, he had anger toward his dad; like a weight he was carrying. Carly says it seems like he doesn’t have it anymore. He says since Mike has been sick, the pressure is gone. He sees the good in Mike, and accepts him for who he is. He’s slipping away, and Sonny knows that. Carly says, he’s not gone yet. Sonny says when you’re a kid, you think time is unlimited, and you can hate someone forever. You can’t turn back time; it runs out. He’s terrified to waste any time left.

Oscar tells Jason, sorry for opening a vein. Jason says there’s nothing apologize for. Carly and Josslyn are alike, and his advice is that Oscar has to feel her out; really hear her. If she asks for advice, tell the truth, but if she doesn’t, don’t offer it. Oscar thanks him. He says they’re meeting in park. He has to leave now, or he’ll miss the bus. Jason says Felix is there, so he can give Oscar a ride; he’s got his bike. Oscar says, just don’t tell his mom.

Kim tells Michael that the hospital has a great program for grieving parents; a weekly support group. He says Stella already told him, but he hasn’t been there. Kim asks why not, and he says he’s sad, and going to be sad a long time. He doesn’t know how talking to strangers can help. Kim says he’d be surprised. Being around people who have a similar loss; they get it when it seems like no one else does. Michael says he’s good, and Kim says if he changes his mind, there’s a meeting tonight.

Brad tells Julian they can take off and never look back. Julian says that’s not rational, but Brad says, screw rational. It’s the only way to keep their son. Alexis and Lucas walk in. Alexis asks for a word with Julian. Julian tells Brad, it’s not over yet; just remember that. Lucas asks what Brad and his father are hiding. In the hallway, Alexis asks Julian if he’s intentionally sabotaging the case. He needs to leave before he does damage he can’t undo.

Doc wants to help Ryan. That’s why he’s hiding him, and trying to work with him. Ryan asks if he’s succeeded, but Doc has no way to determine if his sanity has been restored. Ryan says the only way to test the theory that his murderous tendencies have been contained, is let him back out in the world.

Felicia tells Maxie to rest assured Ryan is dead. Maxie asks if it happened before her eyes, and Felicia says, yes. Every once in a while, she still gets nightmares.

Nina doesn’t know what fresh hell this is. She has a bone to pick with Valentin, and Curtis says this is his cue, and disappears. Nina asks if Valentin is Curtis’s client. Nina says Diane told her about the stipulations to the divorce agreement. Valentin thought she’d be pleased, but she isn’t. They reminded her of the reasons she fell in love with him. She won’t get sucked in again. She knows it’s irrational, and she’s just projecting losing her own child on what he did to Peter, but what she’s thinking is how she feels.

Valentin tells Nina that he can’t change what happened. She says she doesn’t like this between them, but she can’t get over it; she knows herself. Nina gets a call. She says, that’s impossible. She just saw her. She thanks them, and tells Valentin that her mother is dead. Valentin holds her.

Lucas tells Brad that he thought about running too. He gets it, but what kind of a life would it be for Wiley – for them? He knows they can’t run. They’ll just say their piece when the time comes, and make it as easy as possible for their little boy. Julian tells Alexis that he wants be there for his son. Alexis says the best way to do that is to leave before Diane and the birth mother see him. Brad pops out, and says the judge is on his way. Julian asks Alexis to keep him updated. She says she’ll do her best, but it’s up to Brad and Lucas. She tells him to go now.

Lucas asks Alexis if everything is okay, and she says, great. Diane comes in alone, and Alexis tells her the hearing is about to start. Where is her client?

Felicia decides to take James to see the ducks. She needs to clear her head, and focus on the good in her life. She leaves, and Lulu says, she’s so strong. She hates that she can’t kill the feature. The Invader isn’t the only media outlet that’s interested either. It’s just a matter of time before Ryan’s memory is dragged out of the shadows.

Doc tells Ryan he can’t agree to release him. He hounded Felicia for years. Ryan asks what’s in it for him then? Doc says, closure. Ryan tells him that he’s wasting his time. Doc says, maybe, but that doesn’t mean he’ll stop trying. He starts to leave, and Ryan asks him to say hello to Felicia. A message from Laura distracts Doc, and Ryan slips out of his straitjacket. He knocks Doc out.

Michael looks at the sign for the bereavement group. He stands outside for a moment, then walks away.

Carly tells Sonny that as much as she loves Mike, he’s not her dad; he’s Sonny’s dad. That’s why he has to make the decision. If for some reason, he thinks he can’t or his judgement is compromised, he should ask Jason. He’s logical and practical. Sonny says, but whatever happens is on him.

Jason tells Oscar remember to grab on and don’t let go, and gives him a helmet. Oscar says, got it. Jason asks, where in the park? Oscar seems dizzy, and sits down. Jason asks if he’s okay, and runs over to him. Oscar is having a seizure.

Tomorrow, a rerun of the episode where Faison shoots Nathan. There will be reruns through the end of the week – August 29-31.

The Haves and The Have Nots

The episode is dedicated to Aretha Franklin, 1942-2018 .

Malik chases Hanna, picks her up, and puts her in a kitchen chair. He says, mistake number one; listen to what he says; understand? He makes her repeat it. s=She asks what he wants, and he says, it’s another mistake if she tries to run. Does she understand? He asks where Candace is, but Hanna says she doesn’t live there, and she doesn’t know where she is. He says Candace is her daughter, right? And she doesn’t know where she lives? Hanna says they don’t talk, and she’s not there; he can leave. He says there’s easy money there, but Hanna says she doesn’t know anything about Candace’s situation.

Candace waits in the van. She tells RJ, all he has to do is what she says. RJ asks if she’s sure it’s going to work, and she says, it better. He asks if her mother is a weak woman, and she says, no. He says he didn’t think so, and she asks him, why not? He says Hanna raised her, but Candace says Hanna didn’t raise her. She’s been on her own since she was seventeen. He says thy share DNA, and Candace says, unfortunately. He tells he that he’s never met a weak Black woman, but she says, we can all be weak. He says, she’s not, and she says, nope. RJ says she’s also mad as hell. He can tell when he looks at her. Something or somebody is really getting under her skin. She tells him to save the analyzing for johns and tricks. She used to do that; study people. She learned their weaknesses and behaviors, and got good scores that way. She tells him to keep doing it, and he’ll almost be good one day. She wonders what Malik is doing. RJ says, probably robbing Hanna. Don’t be surprised if he does. Candace calls Malik a bastard, and says he’s not following her direction.

Malik asks if Hanna has money, and she says, no. He asks again, and he says Candace owes him. Hanna doesn’t know about that. She has nothing to do with none of it. He tells her to listen to him. Candace told him she was coming here to get money. Hanna says, she lied. She said Hanna had her money. Hanna swears she doesn’t, and he tells her sit up. He’s wearing a ski mask, and it’s hard to hear what he’s saying. He says they’ll look through the house until they find it, and he pulls her out of the kitchen.

RJ tells Candace that she’s so full of rage, she doesn’t even see it. She tells him to stop, and wonders what’s going on in Hanna’s house. Her phone rings, and she says, dammit! It’s her brother. She doesn’t think it would be smart to call him back. She calls Gia, and says her brother is at the hotel. He’s at her room door, and she wants Gia to stop him from leaving. Gia doesn’t know if she can, but Candace tells her that she has no choice.

Jeffrey goes to David’s house, and jumps out of his car. There’s crime scene tape across the front yard, and police are all over the place. He explains who he is, and asks where his dad is. A detective tells him, at the hospital, but doesn’t know his status. Jeffrey says he has to see him. The detective says, hold on, and tells an officer to call the hospital. He asks Jeffrey if he knows anyone who would want to do this, and Jeffrey says, his mother – Veronica Harrington. He gives the detective her address, and asks, what happened? He says there were explosives in the car. Jeffrey asks if that’s a body, and who is that? The detective says they’re trying to figure it out. All they know is it’s a female. Jeffrey says David was dating someone, but he doesn’t know her name. The officer tells them David is in St. Cloud’s Hospital, and he’s in stable condition. Jeffrey says if they need to talk to him, that’s where he’ll be. He jets.

It’s rowdy and loud in the jail. So loud, I laugh. Justin walks down the row of cells, and sees Wyatt. He says he’s got the stuff, but he can’t give it to him right now; there’s too much going on. Wyatt says he needs it, and Justin asks if Wyatt is trying to get him fired; not here. Wyatt says, please, and Justin likes the way he says it, but he can’t now. He tells Wyatt to wait until shift change; in about an hour. He doesn’t have a choice. Wyatt says if Justin doesn’t give it to him now, he’ll tell them that Justin has it. That’s a ballsy, but very bad move. Justin says then Wyatt won’t get it. He doesn’t like being threatened. Wyatt apologizes, and Justin says it’s not like the stuff he gets on the street. He found it in evidence, and it’s super strong; made of heroin. He says this sh*t will kill Wyatt, and Wyatt says he won’t take as much. Justin tells him, at shift change. He walks back toward the station, and everyone gets loud again.

Jim tells the desk sergeant that he needs to see his son right now. They just got clearance, and Jim goes into the back. I guess they only make a load of noise for Justin because they’re quiet now. Wyatt asks what Jim wants, and Jim tells him, cut the hostility. Wyatt says it’s all he’s got. Jim asks how he’s feeling, and Wyatt says, not good. Wyatt says he’s sick, and no one is listening. Jim says he’s not sick; he has a choice. Wyatt doesn’t want to talk to him, Jim asks if he wants to stay there the rest of his life. Wyatt says the DA will take the offer off the table if he doesn’t testify against them in the Jennifer Saunders case. Jim asks what he told George, and Wyatt says, nothing. Not until he gets help for his medical condition. He says Jim is trying to kill him, and Jim says he’s trying to save his miserable ass. Wyatt accuses Jim of putting him in there, and Jim tells him to talk to his mother. He tells Wyatt, just chill, and he’s going to do everything he can to get him out. He’ll be back. Wyatt says, whatever.

An officer asks Justin if he’s seen the report on the Harrington house. Justin says, mother or father? and the officer says, father. Justin asks who’s on it, and the officer says, the FBI. They can’t get near it. There was one casualty, and the dad is in the hospital.

David has burns all over his back, and looks so sore. The nurse says they’ll give him something to help him sleep. His blood pressure is at stroke level. He asks how Erica is, and she says, it won’t take long. He needs to know, and she says he needs to relax. He asks where the doctor is, and she tells him that he’ll be there in the morning. Try to stay relaxed.

Jeffrey arrives at the hospital, and the orderly shows him to David’s room. He asks how his father is, and the orderly says, his blood pressure is high. He tells Jeffrey not to tell David about Erica. She was on the driver’s side, and didn’t make it. Jeffrey goes into David’s room. The orderly tells him that David is out of it. Don’t touch him; the burns could get infected. Jeffrey asks if he’ll be okay, and the orderly says, he’s stable. He leaves, and Jeffrey asks if David can hear him. David asks how he is, and Jeffrey says he should be asking that. David says he’s still here. Jeffrey says, mom did this. David agrees, and Jeffrey says he’s sorry. David says he’s been thinking about Jeffrey; he’s worried about him. Jeffrey says, don’t, and David asks if Jeffrey is still with that boy. He says don’t do like he did. He stayed with Jeffrey’s mother. He saw her hurting other people, and stood by her. He says, if they hurt other people, sooner or later, they’ll hurt you. He tells Jeffrey, that boy is trouble; get away from trouble. Jeffrey says he will. David needs Jeffrey to promise, and he does.

David says he needs a favor. He wants Jeffrey to find out about Erica, the lady staying with him. He asks Jeffrey to find out how she is; they won’t tell him anything. Jeffrey says he’ll find out. Justin looks through the door window. Is the hospital attached to the station?

Jeffrey comes out, and Justin says he’s sorry. Jeffrey pushes him, and tells him to back up. Justin ask if Jeffrey is okay, and Jeffrey says, what does he think? His mother did this. Justin asks if he can prove it. Jeffrey says he knows her. Justin says, bitch. He wishes it had worked in the car when she flipped. Jeffrey asks what he’s talking about, and Justin says it was him. He hit her with his truck. He was trying to help Jeffrey. Jeffrey says she’s still his mother, like he wouldn’t jump for joy if she died. Justin says he’ll look into what she did to his dad. Jeffrey says Justin thinks he’s helping by hurting her. Justin says he wasn’t trying to kill her; he just wanted her to get the message. Jeffrey says he needs to leave. Justin wants to be there for him, but Jeffrey tells him, just leave. Give him this time with his dad.

Jeffrey sees Jim at the hospital. Jim asks if he’s okay, and Jeffrey says, not really. Jim hugs him, and asks what happened. Jeffrey says, the car blew up, and takes him into David’s room. Jim says, damn, and Jeffrey tells him they said he’s going to be okay. They just don’t want him to know about the young lady. Jim understands. He asks if David can hear them, but Jeffrey says he’s completely out of it. Jim asks if he can ID who did this, and Jeffrey says it was his mother. He asks if she’ll go to jail, and Jim says he knows her. He promises David he’ll get even. David has his word. He tells Jeffrey that he’ll be back in the morning. He says to make sure there’s a guard. Jeffrey says he’ll be there, but Jim says, no. a guard. He wants one there all night. Jeffrey tells him the FBI is looking into it. Jim says that’s because it was a bombing. On the bright side, with the FBI involved, maybe she won’t get away with it.

Veronica drinks while wearing her gorgeous funeral/cocktail dress.

Candance tells RJ that she’s going in there. RJ doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Veronica calls RJ. Candace asks what she wants, and he says he has this. Candace says he should leave Veronica alone. He answers, and Veronica wants to see him at her house. He says he’s in the middle of something, and she says, drop it, and be there in an hour. If he can’t, he might not come back again at all. She says, an hour, and ends the call. He says, wow, and Candace says, leave that lady alone. He says he has it under control. Candace tells him don’t say she didn’t warn him.

Veronica’s doorbell rings. It’s the FBI. She checks their ID, and lets them in. I don’t catch their names, but one guy does the talking, and the other keeps looking around. The talker says he’s like to talk to her about her husband. She says she doesn’t have one. He says, David Harrington, and she says that would be her ex-husband. What about him? He says David was in an accident. Doesn’t she want to know if he’s okay. Veronica says she was in accident, and David didn’t check on her. He says, so there’s bad blood, and she says she can’t stand the bastard. He asks if she knows anyone who would want do him harm. She says she was run off the road by a mad man in a truck. He asks if it was her husband, and she says, no, a mad man in a truck. She makes herself a drink, and says they keep looking at her house. Look at her. She’s beautiful, and very horny. Talker asks if they can talk about her husband. Does she know anyone who would want to harm him? Veronica says her – and about five hundred other suspects. He’s a judge, and put away a lot of people. She’s been at home. There are cameras all around. He asks if they can have access, and she says, not without a warrant. He says they’ll get one. She says they won’t find anything. She loathes David, but would never do anything to him. He says David was in a car that exploded, and she’s like, whaaat? Did he die? He says, no, and she says then he lives to have whoever tried to kill him, try again. If they went through that much trouble, they’ll want to finish the job. They think she did it, but they can’t trick her out. She’s a seasoned attorney. She says, what they’re doing, is leaving. Talker says they’re not done, and Veronica says she is. If they don’t want a drink or to take care of her need, they can leave. He asks if she knows an Erica. She was in the explosion. Veronica says she’s sorry, and laughs, saying she’s probably one of his whores. This night keeps getting better and better. She walks Talker to the door, taking his arm. She tells him to come back when he’s off duty. Leave his friend behind next time.

Kathryn washes dishes while she’s listening to the news. Charles is the new President. They’re waiting for an acceptance speech. Jim comes in, and Kathryn tells him that they have new President. He says they need to talk about Wyatt. She asks if his candidate lost. Why is he in a huff? He says the new DA is all over Wyatt. If he testifies, it will be another nail in her coffin. She says, theirs. They have plots next to each other. Jim says he didn’t shoot Jennifer, and she says, neither did she; Veronica did. He tells her that ship sailed long ago. They need to get their son out. She says, it’s time for him to pay for what he did. Jim says he no longer has favors he can call in. She has to call in some to get Wyatt out. Kathryn says, no, and he asks if she’s insane. She says it’s time for Wyatt to start paying for his crimes. If he gets hurt there, he’ll learn to deal. Jim says he’ll remember she said that when it’s her ass in jail. She says he’ll be in the men’s section in the next block. She says Wyatt will get an attorney and go through the system, like everyone else. He asks if she’s lost her mind. She tells him to call Veronica. He says, after what she’s done? Kathryn says, she’s the best. Jim says Veronica had David and his new girlfriend blown up. Kathryn asks if they’re all right, and Jim says, yes. They’re fine. It happens every day. He says, David is critical, and the girl didn’t make it. Kathryn says she hates that bitch so much – she always comes up with the best ideas. She should have come up with that with him. Jim says it’s a serious matter; she needs her to make a call. She says she won’t do it, and walks out. He says he’s talking about her son.

Candace says, dammit. Her brother will be here soon. Her phone rings. It’s Benny, asking where she is, and she says she’s on the way. She got held up. He says she has fifteen minutes or he’s leaving. She repeats she’s on her way. RJ says, he sounds mad, and Candace says, he is. Candace wonders what Malik is doing in there, and RJ says probably her mom. Oooh! Candace says, that’s not funny. Considering what she did to Rocky, RJ must like flirting with death.

Malik starts to leave. He tells Hanna not to do anything. Don’t scream, and don’t call anyone until he’s gone. She says she won’t, but hits something on her phone, behind her on the nightstand. He asks why she did that, and she runs. He chases her, and they wrestle on the floor. She gets to the kitchen, and whacks him with a frying pan. That doesn’t stop him, and he cracks her one across the face, sending her flying. She grabs a knife and stabs him in the shoulder. He falls back, and she scoots away from him on the floor.

Next time, Derrick arrives at Hanna’s, Veronica bugs David in the hospital, and Mitch tells Benny to either hide or stay in public.

💰 🗽 On Million Dollar Listing New York, Steve was the broker for a 443-acre property in Upstate New York. He hooked up with a local broker, and the place was so big, they needed horses to see the whole thing in one day. He ended up walking away from the listing, not being able to devote the time to it while starting a new team. Ryan dressed like the Statue of Liberty. and was the tour guide for a group of brokers on a double-decker tour bus. He took them to a condo near Times Square, where he had a Great Gatsby party. He, too, ended up walking away, but he handed over the sales he made, which would have totaled $9 million in commission. The partnership wasn’t for him. Fredrik was the big winner this week, selling an apartment to Bruce Willis, whom I love, but unfortunately didn’t make an appearance on the show. Bruce was looking for something under $10 million. The sale created an avalanche of sales. Fredrik met with Larry Silverstein, a New York City developer and icon, and also Fredrik’s idol. Fredrik talked about how NYC is the love of his life, and touched on the World Trade Center attack, which still boggles my mind. He was like a little boy, yelling I love New York, from the balcony of one of Larry’s properties. It was one of those moments I really liked Fredrik. Next time, more fab properties, a scavenger hunt, and Daughtry plays.

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Aretha Franklin, Detroit, USA - 28 Aug 2018