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February 21, 2018 – Maxie Packs Up Her Memories, Eddie Goes Too Far & What Happens on Thursday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Lulu and Dante look at Nathan’s empty desk. Lulu asks if Dante is sure he wants to come back to work. He picks up the Yankee cup, and Lulu says he’s really gone. She can’t imagine how Maxie feels. Dante tells her not to blame herself. She says she can at least take steps toward making things right. She turned in her resignation this morning.

Peter sees Nina with Valentin, having breakfast at the MetroCourt. He tells her that she shouldn’t be thinking of coming back to work so soon. She introduces Valentin to him, and Valentin says he’s been trying to convince her to work from home. She says anyone remotely acquainted with her brother would know he’d want them to go on with their lives. Peter says he’s sorry he didn’t get to know him. He sounds like he was the best brother. Nina says he was.

At Charlie’s, Josslyn tells Oscar it’s a bad idea. He gets it that her family doesn’t like Julian. She says because their parents are dysfunctional, she doesn’t have full siblings, but they’re connected through Morgan, so are like brothers and sisters. She knows everything about Julian, and he’s bad news.

Kim sees Julian. They agree the election results sucked.

Alexis wakes up next to Finn, and says, omg. He wakes up, and looks startled.

Peter asks Nina to forgive him for being blunt, but her brother was shot in the office. Valentin asks why she needs to go back so soon, and she tells him that her brother wouldn’t want what Faison did to him to stop her from living her life. She has the privilege of going to work and going home, and that’s what mattered to him. He chose to protect and serve the community, and go home to his wife. He can’t do that anymore, but she can. She heads to the elevator.

Maxie puts the funeral flag away, and gets out a box for Nathan’s clothing. Sam comes by, and Maxie says she’s packing up his things, and donating them to charity. Sam thinks it’s too soon. Maxie says she tried leaving everything the way it was, but it just reminds her that he’s not coming back. It’s a realistic and concrete decision, not her imagination or magical thinking. It’s doing something, and someone can use his belongings. Sam asks when was the last time she and the baby ate; she brought food for three. Maxie says she needs to finish. It’s her responsibility. She’s the one needs to do this, and she’s doing it now.

Lulu doesn’t know if anything can fix the rift, but she’s going to try. She tells Dante she’s giving up her journalism career. It’s a start. Dante wonders if giving up something she loves is the answer. She says it won’t bring the happiness back, but she has other things to love, including Maxie. She means more than Lulu’s career. Dante says he loves her and kisses her. He says he’ll walk her out, and we see Nathan’s empty desk again.

Kim tells Julian that she guessed by the way he reacted last night, he still has it bad for his ex-wife. He thanks her for butting in and saving him from court costs. He offers her breakfast. She already ate, but says speaking of free things, she wants to ask him something.

Alexis tells Finn she’ll be out of his way in a minute, but he says no rush. He says, so that happened; spontaneous, post-election, surprise sex. Alexis says they’re consenting adults, and Finn says neither one of them was under the influence. He wonders if it’s still a mistake if they were both sober. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Anna, which is no surprise. Alexis says she found her shoes, and Finn asks if Anna can come back in thirty seconds. She says she’s there about the take-down of Cassandra’s drug operation. He tells her to wait, and Alexis guesses it’s not housekeeping. He says, no, it’s Anna, and Alexis says hopefully she’s come to her senses, but wishes she’d done it ten minutes later. Finn says he’ll see her at a meeting sometime. She grabs her earrings, and thanks him for not letting her be alone. He says he was happy for the company. She stumbles out the door, and says good morning to Anna. Anna comes in, and tells Finn they’re in a bit of trouble.

Julian tells Oscar that his mom said he needed a favor. Oscar says it relates to why he got punched, and explains about bullies at school beating up on their transgender friend and other outsiders. Julian says there are bullies everywhere. Oscar tells him that the biggest school dance is coming up, but the principal won’t let everyone come as they are. They want to have an alternative dance where everyone feels welcome. He asks if they can have it there.

A new cop unpacks his stuff at Nathan’s desk. Dante asks what he’s doing, and he says unpacking. This is going to be his desk. Dante wants to know who told him that, and Jordan says she did.

Sam helps Maxie box things up. Maxie brings out Nathan’s nightstand drawer, and asks her to go through it. Sam she sees a baseball autographed by Derek Jeter, and Maxie says it was her wedding present to Nathan. Sam says she can’t get rid of everything that was special, and Maxie says, yes, she can.

Valentin is concerned about Peter sticking around Port Charles. Peter asks if Valentin thinks he’s at risk from his father’s enemies. Valentin thinks he’s at risk from Jason. When he finds out that Peter is really Henrik, he’s going to be questioned. Peter says one of the reasons he’s staying is that Maxie finds him easy to talk to. Maybe because he’s a stranger, but she feels a connection since he was there when Nathan was shot. Valentin tells him to be careful. Once she learns who he is and that he’s responsible for the article, he’ll be exposed. Lulu arrives, saying she got Peter’s text. She didn’t expect to find him with Valentin, and asks if they know each other.

Nina stands in the doorway at Crimson, and says she’s going to do this, and make Nathan proud. She sees the police tape. She stands there looking around, and sees Nathan’s blood on the carpet. Wouldn’t someone have cleaned up?

Dante wants to talk to Jordan in private, which she was about to suggest. She tells him the new guy is Harrison Chase, and comes highly recommended. She thinks he can benefit from Dante’s experience. Dante doesn’t like it, but she says he doesn’t have a choice. She thinks he should take a bereavement leave.

Valentin leaves the table, and Peter tells Lulu that he was expressing concern about Nina returning to work so Quickly. Lulu says she’s responsible for bringing Faison to her doorstep. That’s why she’s resigning, and don’t try to talk her out of it. Peter says if she wants to take that responsibility, she also needs to take credit for his capture.

Nina stares at the carpet for a while, and starts to clean up. She scrubs at the blood stain and cries.

Sam finds a shirt in the drawer, and realizes it’s the one threw to Maxie during the Magic Milo number at the Nurses’ Ball. She asks about a handkerchief, and Maxie says it’s from the night they met. She was crying over Georgie, and Nathan gave it to her. Maxie takes the shirt, saying it has holes in it, and she’s going to trash it. Sam tells her to stop, and she says maybe she can auction it off to some crazy Ask Man Landers groupies. Sam is concerned that one day she’ll want to dive into the memories, and it will kill her remembering she threw them away. You’d think she’d at least want something for the baby.

Julian asks Josslyn what about the MetroCourt for the dance? She says her mother offered, but if he doesn’t want to help, fine. He sits down and says he knows all about bullies; he used to be one. He says the article that tanked Alexis’s campaign was because she put herself on the line for him getting beat up by some thugs. He was defending some inmates who didn’t fit the mold, and lost big time; so he gets it. He tells them that they can have the party there, free of charge. Oscar and Josslyn thank him, and Kim says, thank you, Charlie.

Anna tells Finn that the WSB contacted her, and they’re sending a representative to meet with them. She doesn’t know what it’s about, and Robert was unavailable. Finn asks what’s the worst that could happen, and Anna says they might feel his involvement compromised the mission. She was concerned she might end up getting him in trouble, and tells him if something goes down, she’ll protect him. Finn says he doesn’t want it or need it.

Oscar thanks Kim for the suggestion. She says it was all Julian. Oscar asks what’s going on with them, and she says nothing. They’ve shared a few meals, and had some laughs; why? Oscar says him being an ex-con and the mob stuff.

Julian tells Alexis that he’s sorry. It’s his fault she lost the election. She says she wouldn’t change anything, not even if it meant being mayor. His life is worth more.

Finn says Anna claims she doesn’t want to be with him because of the danger, but he can take care of himself. He says whatever danger she can dish out, he can handle it. She tells him they have to meet a WSB representative at the police station. He says he’ll meet her there after he takes a shower.

Dante asks if a bereavement leave is an order, and Jordan says he lost a partner. She strongly suggests he take a few weeks off. She tells him that he’s a great cop, and he says unless she’s ordering him, he’s going out to do his job. She says, fine, no leave, but will he go to counseling? She wants him to make an appointment with the department psychiatrist. He asks if she went, and she did. She says it kills her inside to bring in a newbie. No one can replace Nathan. Dante says he’ll go. When he comes out, Harrison is familiarizing himself with the cases.

Lulu tells Peter that she put her career before Nathan’s safety and Maxie’s feelings, and didn’t listen to her husband’s warnings. Peter says he handed in his own resignation. Like her, he felt responsible. He was there, but couldn’t stop Faison. He doesn’t know when the guilt will leave, but resigning from a job he loves isn’t going to bring peace, and he doesn’t think will for her either. Lulu says she’ll focus on her family. He says that’s important and wonderful, but it’s not journalism, the thing that lights a spark for her alone. If she gives it up, not only has she lost Nathan and Maxie, but a part of herself.

Maxie tells Sam that she can’t replay her life with Nathan over and over in her head. It will drive her crazy, and it’s not good for the baby. Sam says she went through it when she thought Jason died. She relived their life and the memories were painful. It was like breaking her heart again, but she did save things that were important to the two of them. She’s glad she did that, and thinks Maxie should do it for herself and the baby. She’ll want them; trust her. Maxie calls her clueless.

Sam says she was just trying to say she’s been there. She’d thought Jason died and grieved. The first months, every breath hurt; every step hurt. She’d lie in bed, and all she could think about was Jason until she exhausted herself and feel asleep. When she woke up, there would be a moment of hope, but each day the moment was shorter. Maxie is in a unique situation, but she’s been down that road and understands. Maxie says, except Jason is alive, and she only thought he was dead. Maxie watched Nathan get shot. She watched him die. She watched as they buried him. She knows where he is, and where he’s going to be forever, because he’s not coming back to her, or the baby.

Nina keeps scrubbing and crying. Valentin comes in. She tells him she can’t get it out, and cries in his arms.

Kim tells Oscar that she and Julian are just friends. Oscar says she came home with him the other night. She says he walked her home, and wonders what Oscar is getting at. He tells her whatever is going on, be careful.

Alexis tells Julian that it’s a good cause helping out the alt-youth. Who is he? Julian says he’s taking a page out of her book.

Finn and Anna go to the interrogation room, where the WSB guy is waiting. Anna apologizes for being late, and says that Finn is an innocent civilian. Finn says innocent being a relative term. She tells the WSB guy that she pressured Finn to be asset in bringing down Cassandra. Finn says he was pressured initially, but then he decided to be involved for personal reasons that his involvement initiated. He knew what he was doing. The guy says that much is crystal clear to everyone in charge.

Alexis tells Julian that she’s closing her headquarters. It would have happened whether she won or lost, and she’ll have no reason to come there anymore. Julian asks not even for the world class food? She leaves, and Julian gives some menu ideas to the kids.

Finn asks if his medical license is going to be revoked, and the WSB guy says, nothing of the sort. Anna asks why they were summoned. He tells them the WSB, along with the DEA, is awarding them the highest honors for their achievements. There’s going to be a ceremony honoring all those involved. He thanks them for their service, and tells them, try to have nice day, will ya? Finn says he did not see that coming. Neither did Anna. He says he’ll have to check his schedule; he might be receiving another award that day. Anna says it’s none of her business, but was that what she thought it was when she saw Alexis? She thinks Alexis is…  good for him, and abruptly leaves, jetting through the station.

Dante says, that was weird, and Jordan says, very. He wonders if he should follow to make sure she’s okay, but Jordan says he’s not getting out of this. She introduces him to his new partner, and Harrison says to call him Chase. Dante says, sorry about before, but Chase gets it. He’s sorry about Dante’s partner. Jordan hopes he’ll be at home there. Chase asks if Dante is a Yankees fan, and he puts a Red Sox cup on his desk. Dante scowls.

Peter tells Lulu not to let Faison take more than he already has. She asks if she’s supposed to keep writing like nothing happened, and he says, no, keep writing like everything happened. She should expose the bad, and use her work for the good of those she loves, even Maxie.

Valentin tells Nina that he’ll buy her a new rug first thing in morning. He asks to take her home in the meantime. She says he has work to do. He says when he walked in and saw her, it broke him. Imagine how it would be if Maxie walked in. She asks if they can get a new carpet before she comes back, and he nods.

Maxie tell Sam that’s the last of it. The shelter is coming to pick everything up, and she’s got to get to work. Sam says she understands the need to isolate, and Maxie thanks her for helping, and goes to the kitchen. Sam starts to leave, and takes one of the boxes with her. Maxie comes back out, and looks at the framed photos of her and Nathan. She takes them down, and puts them in one of the boxes, and tapes it shut. What on earth is the shelter going to do with those?

Carly tells Brad that she has serious reservations, Mike tells Sonny not to say a word, and Peter asks what Faison dangled in front of Jason.

If Loving You is Wrong

Brad asks Alex who was on the phone? She says it was Dr. Raston; she was calling about Marcie. Apparently, she’s in the hospital and was asking for him. He calls Marcie, but gets voicemail. He wants to call the doctor, and Alex says she has to look for the number. The doctor calls and Brad again, and he asks what’s going on? She says Marcie is having complications with her pregnancy. She needs for Marcie to calm down, and Marcie wanted her to call him. He says he’s on his way. Alex asks if he’s really going, and he asks if she’s really asking. Marcie asked him to be there. Alex offers to go with him. He tells her there’s no need, but Alex argues the point. He says seeing her is the last thing that’s going to comfort Marcie. Yeah, bad strategy. When he’s gone, she calls a friend to sit with the kids.

Natalie tells Lushion that they hardly spend time together, and it would be nice to know he wants to. He asks why she’s getting sentimental. She tells him go on to work. He says he’s not going anywhere until she talks, and he tells her that he loves her. She was thinking about the whole situation; all these men – and women. Eddie is a first rate a-hole, Randal is a horrible person, Brad is lost, and Travis was a devil. He tells her she got it all right, and I second that. She says, and then there’s him; he’s her rock. He’s solid, upright, and doesn’t cheat. She wants him to know she appreciates and loves him. He thanks her. She thanks him for helping Kelly and volunteering them to help her son. She thanks him for being her balanced man, and he says he’ll always balance her. They kiss, and she suggests he show her. No surprise, there’s a knock at the door.

It’s Esperanza. Lushion says he’s getting out of there. I don’t blame him. Esperanza offers to call him back, but Natalie says he has to get to work. Esperanza asks when Natalie is going back to work, but she’s liking the housewife thing. She says she’ll be better when Kelly is out. She talked to Justice, and found out Travis had been talking to him. Esperanza asks if they’re gong to talk to the lawyer. Natalie says Lushion is going to do that, and asks where Esperanza was last night. Esperanza says she had dinner with Stephen, and Natalie asks if she likes him. She likes the sex, but it’s over; it shouldn’t have happened. Natalie asks if she’s okay about it, and Esperanza says she’s great about it. Natalie says she has a “not sure” look on her face, but Esperanza says she wanted it to be over and it’s fine. Natalie questions her about looking at her phone. Esperanza says Stephen is corny as hell. She wanted what they had, but it’s over. She has to get to work. Natalie asks her to tell Kelly hi, and asks if she wants to see Justice. Esperanza says Kelly made it clear that’s a no, but Natalie thinks he needs to hear the truth from her.

Kelly meets with Carl. He’s been looking at the case, and the prosecutor offered her a deal. The family doesn’t want to go through a lengthy trial. Kelly doesn’t want a deal, but Carl thinks she should consider it. Kelly says Travis was stalking her and trying to kill her. Carl says they have a lot of evidence, and now there’s this. He shows her the tape of her threatening to kill Randal like she did Travis. He tells her the deal is life in prison; at least it takes the death penalty off the table. She says he’s got to be kidding. What about the evidence against Travis? He tells her that she’s making the case, but she insists Travis did this to her. Carl thinks she should consider it. She thinks he’s fired. She wants an attorney who’s willing to work. He says he was appointed because she couldn’t afford one, but he’ll tell the judge she wants someone else. She says she’ll find a way. Bye, Felicia Carl.

Randal busts into Ian’s office, asking where Larry is. Ian tells him to calm down and relax; sit down and let him help. He tells Randal that Larry isn’t there; they can’t find him. Randal asks if he’s covering, but Ian says they don’t know where he is. Randal needs to talk to him, and Ian asks if he can help. Randal says he didn’t help him last night, and Ian says he didn’t know Randal needed it. Randal wants to sue the hell out of everybody for what Brad did, which makes perfect sense. Randal says Ian saw Brad hit him, and he wants it added to the lawsuit. Ian says he’ll get on it. Randal tells him to get the tape from the restaurant before it’s erased. Randal asks why Ian was at restaurant with Marcie, and Ian says she sold him a house. Randal asks if he always has dinner with people who sell him houses, and Ian says just the cute ones. Randal asks if he thinks Marcie is cute, and Ian says he thinks he was making a joke. Randal says he’s not funny, and Ian says he’s been told. He wonders what difference it makes, since Randal and Marcie aren’t together anymore. Randal asks if he’s interested in Marcie, and Ian says, no; he’s just wondering why Randal is so hostile. Randal claims he’s not, but has every right to be. The guy who hit him had an affair with his wife. Ian says, from his understanding, Randal started it with Brad’s wife. Randal asks if that makes it right, but Ian says it makes them both wrong. Randal calls him a lawyer with moral high horse. This bugs me, since high ground would have been a better choice. Ian says he’s just balanced, and Randal tells him to balance himself into calling Larry. He asks if it’s like Larry not to call. Ian says, no, and Randal asks if anyone has called the police. Ian wonders why they’d do that, and Randal asks if nobody is worried. Ian asks why they should be, and Randal tells him that he pissed off Eddie, a racist SOB cop Randal filed a charge against. Ian says he’s on it. Randal says Larry could be dead. Ian gets on the phone, and Randal throws some stuff around on Ian’s desk, because he’s five.

Ian calls Lushion. He knows Lushion isn’t happy about Kelly, but he needs a bit of a favor. Randal was just there, and thinks Eddie might have done something to Larry. Lushion asks why, and Ian says because Eddie is a bad guy. He asks if Lushion can he look into it. Lushion says he will, and Ian adds for him to keep it confidential. Larry does a lot of drugs, and can pass out for days. Lushion asks if anyone has talked to his wife, and Ian says she’s part of the problem. He goes off with other women – and men – for days. Lushion needs a favor in return. Ian says he can’t help her, and Lushion says, yes, he can. Unless he doesn’t want Lushion’s help. Ian says if Lushion does this, he’ll look into a guy who might be able to help.

Meanwhile, at the container, Larry isn’t looking too good. He’s unconscious with Eddie standing over him. Eddie’s phone rings. Lushion asks where he is, and Eddie asks who Lushion is? His bitch? Lushion tells him some people called asking for Larry, and want to know where he is. Eddie acts ignorant. Lushion says that kidnapping is a federal offense, and wherever he is, Eddie better get him back safely, and now. Eddie says he doesn’t know what Lushion is talking about. Lushion says Larry isn’t answering his phone, and didn’t show up for a press conference and a meeting. Eddie asks what that has to do with him, and Lushion asks why he’s next to a box truck in the middle of nowhere. Eddie freaks out a little, and Lushion says if Eddie didn’t want him to know where he was, he shouldn’t have answered his phone. Eddie complains that Lushion can’t use the FBI tracking device, and Lushion says, yes, he can; he’s still building a case. He says Eddie better pray to God that Larry doesn’t want to press charges, and tells Eddie to get him home.

Eddie says Larry is causing him more problems than he knows what do to with. He needs Larry to wake up. He pees on Larry, and tells him to wake up; he’s going home, but I don’t think Larry is ever waking up again. Eddie kicks him, and nothing. Eddie says the games are over, and accuses Larry of playing dead. Oops! He is dead. Eddie curses Larry out, and leaves. He gets in his car, and pulls out. The stupidest human alive.

Brad arrives at the hospital, and Marcie thanks him. She says they haven’t told her anything, and she wonders why they’re not talking to her. Brad tells her to relax, but she’s worried about losing the baby. He asks what happened. She says she was coming home, and suddenly felt a knot in her stomach. She knew that bastard would do this; he wanted her to miscarry. Brad says she doesn’t know that, and to try and stay calm. Her phone rings. Brad tells her to turn it off, but it’s Ian. Marcie says she’s supposed to give him contracts today, and asks Brad to answer it. He does, but Ian is confused because Brad isn’t a very good secretary, and Marcie asks for the phone. She tells him that she’s at the hospital, and he asks if he should come. She says she’ll get the papers to him, but he says it’s not about that. She’s trying not to stress about the divorce and the baby, and tells him if he wants to come, she can’t stop him, but she’s okay. Ian gets the hospital info from Brad. After he hangs up, Ian tells his assistant to get Randal’s divorce files.

Randal leaves another message for Larry. asking where he is; he’s been calling all day. He hears the camera signal, and gets on his laptop. He sees a video of Alex telling Brad that someone switched the DNA. He jets out the door.

Alex gives instructions to the sitter. She walks out to find Randal on the porch. He says she did this to him, and shows her the video. He calls her a lying-ass bitch, and says she’ll pay for this. He says he’s been through hell, thinking she was with someone else. She says she’s sorry, and he asks who did it; who switched the DNA? She says she doesn’t know who it was, and he tells her not to lie. She said on the video that it was “somebody.” Who was it? She says she can’t tell him because she doesn’t know. He tells her that she’s a crazy-ass man even crazier; just tell him. She says she can’t give him that, and he says, okay. His lawyers will get it out of her, and whoever did it, he’s going to ruin them. If she thinks what did to her was something, just wait. He heads home, and she follows him, begging him not to do this. He tells her to get out of his yard, and goes to the shed.

Alex follows Randal inside. She asks him to hear her out. They’ve both made horrible mistakes. He says she has, and she says, no, they both have. He asks what he did except love her, and she says they’re both married. What they did was wrong for all of them. He trapped her. He knew where she was weak, what she liked, and what she wanted. He says he still knows, and she says he used it to cause hell. He says she had her father try to kill him, and she says he was trying to take her child. She didn’t know what else to do. Randal says she caused the war, and Alex says he pushed her. He promises he’ll end it, and she asks if that’s what he wants. He says her life is ruined; she’ll be far away, and his child will be with him. She says he’s having a child with his own wife. All she wants is for him to drop it; finish it, and be done. He says it’ll be done. He’s giving his lawyers all the information, and his son will be with him. Alex says he’s next door, and Randal says she won’t be soon. He tells her to get out. She says she knows he still wants her, and he tells her to  get out again. She says he does, and he can have her, if he drops it and doesn’t pursue it. He thinks about it, and asks how? She says anyway he wants. She just doesn’t want to lose her son or Brad. He tells her to take off her clothes. Good luck to her with not losing her son or Brad. There’s no way this is going to go well.

Next time, Lushion says he’s calling the FBI if he doesn’t hear from Stephen, Natalie threatens Randal, and Randal confronts the doctor.

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February 20, 2018 – The Votes Are In, Veronica Gets Caught, the NYC Trip Thickens & How to Adult


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At Charlie’s, Curtis says Stella was attacked for her opposition to the redevelopment. Jordan adds that a lot of people don’t want it to go through. Julian tells them when Alexis is in office, all their efforts will be for nothing. Molly shows Alexis the article from The Invader entitled Con Job, about Alexis asking for Nora’s help to spring Julian. Julian asks if Alexis is all right, and she shows him the phone.

Olivia goes blah-blah-blah about how taxes paying for everything is wonderful, because she doesn’t have to worry about paying them. She tells Ned that making a city and people’s lives better is patriotic. He got into the election to make the people’s lives in Port Charles better, and she believes he’ll get that chance. The article comes in on her phone. Monica comes in, saying it’s too close to call, but not all the precincts are in yet. Michael joins them, and says he’s proud to have voted for Ned, whether or not he wins. Ned thinks his odds might be improving.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she’s going to Charlie’s where the nurses who support Alexis are gathering. She thinks it’s going to be a long night. Franco leaves for his session with Doc, and Elizabeth runs into Kim. Kim tells her that she’s never walked down the aisle, and never missed it, but seeing Elizabeth’s smile is making her reconsider. Elizabeth says she’s walked down the aisle a few times, and hopes this one is the charm.

Entering Charlie’s, Stella says she wants to put her feet up and get a glass of champagne. Curtis asks Molly if everything is okay, but Molly says, not even close, and shows him her phone. Stella wants to talk to Alexis, but Curtis thinks that’s not the best idea at the moment. She asks what she’s missing. Finn tells Alexis that he came to support her night of triumph, but she says there might not be any triumph on Charles Street tonight.

Franco goes to Doc’s office. He asks where the brain in a jar is, and Doc tells him that Faison’s brain is being biopsied; he’s waiting for the results. Franco thinks his brain might be worse. Faison was never a childhood killer. He wishes he could say the same.

Sam and Drew arrive at Charlie’s. Sam asks what’s going on, and Molly tells her to ask Julian. Julian is on the phone with Scotty, and tells him to keep trying. He tells Alexis that Scotty said it’s too late to block the publication; it’s out there. They see there’s breaking news on the television. Molly looks at her phone, and reads out loud about Alexis’s visit to Nora leading to Julian’s release.

At the Quartermaine’s, Michael also reads out loud. The article asks if Alexis is taking a truly principled stand or just trying to save her ex-husband’s pub, which is a possible front for mob activity. What else is she hiding in her history of involvement in organized crime. Monica doesn’t believe it for a minute, Olivia doesn’t care. She says Alexis has been high and mighty. If pulling strings for Julian’s release cost her the election, maybe she deserves it.

Elizabeth asks if Kim wants to come. She’d love to, but has to go with other camp. Oscar was invited to the Quartermaine’s, and she thought he should spend time with his new family. Elizabeth says that politicians come and go, but family is forever.

Doc wants to do word association, and says, family. Franco wonders if he’s sure he wants to ask that, and was hoping for more like a stream of consciousness where he figures it out. Doc says that’s so much work; he’d rather play word games. He reminds Franco that they don’t have a typical doctor/patient relationship. Franco is supposed to be helping him with his research, and Doc will help Franco with his past. He says, family, and Franco says, feathers. His mom was constantly dusting, and used a feather duster; she cleaned compulsively. Doc asks if he felt as if she was cleaning up after him and Andrew, and Franco admits they were a lot to handle. Doc asks if they were ever punished, but Franco doesn’t remember. He says she was more like a total pushover. She let him get away with murder.

Phones are ringing, and everyone says, no comment. Olivia says the article went viral, and Monica says that every reporter in town wants a reaction. Ned tells them to stick with no comment. Monica says whether it’s true or false, it’s up to Alexis to comment. The bell rings, and Michael answers. It’s Nelle. Monica tells her that she’s glad she could make it; her timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Sam tells Molly that once again their mom is paying the price for being involved with Julian. Molly tells Alexis to refute it, but Alexis says she can’t. The innuendo that she’s involved with the mob is patently false, but everything else is true.

Elizabeth joins everyone at Charlie’s. She tells Alexis that she heard, but not to worry; no one will believe it. Alexis says in this instance, it’s correct. She was trying to seek justice for someone far from perfect, but wrongly convicted. Julian wasn’t a willing accomplice, but under duress. He was menaced in prison, and she was trying to seek his release. She got Nora to convince Olivia-J to tell the truth, and he was released based on her testimony. Stella says it sounds like she set right a wrong, and admires her honesty. She thinks once the truth is heard, everyone will feel that way. She’s going to the polls to do damage control, and Molly decides to go with her. Jordan tells Julian it almost sounds like collusion. He thinks she might want to investigate who put this out at the eleventh hour. It’s sabotage, and someone will pay.

Nelle thanks Monica for including her. Michael asks for a word with Monica, but the bell rings again. It’s Kim and Oscar. Kim says it’s still too close to call, but Monica says maybe not for too long. Ned thinks it’s too late for the article to have made a difference, but Olivia-Q says there are still a few key districts that vote late.

Jim tells Alexis if it goes her way, he hopes they can find common ground. It’s no secret they’re on opposing sides, and he hopes they can overcome their differences. He wonders what’s with the long faces, and Julian asks what he’s doing there. Jordan says the polls are closed. Jim tells Julian he’s there to get a drink; was it something he said? Julian says, like he doesn’t know about The Invader hatchet job just in time to sway voters. Curtis says it ain’t over yet. Finn tells Alexis that he’s not a glass-half-full kind of guy, but she still has a chance. Alexis wonders why she doesn’t feel that way. Curtis tells Drew he wants to talk about something other than politics, and Drew suggests talking about him and Franco.

Doc tells Franco that he didn’t commit murder. Franco says he just wasn’t successful. Betsy sent Drew to an orphanage to keep him safe. Doc says Betsy wasn’t always honest, and wonders why Franco will accept the worst about himself. Why believe the worst without knowing if it’s true?

Ned says the exit polls are showing that he’s gaining support. Kim admits to voting against Measure A, but Olivia says she should vote her conscience. She explains to Kim that Julian is Leo’s biological father. Kim says she and Julian are friends. Olivia gives Kim her phone, and says she should nip the friendship in the bud. The doorbell rings, and Monica says it could be reporters. Ned says if they want a statement, they’ll get a statement. He answers the door, and Julian flies in, shoving Ned up against the wall.

Ned swears he didn’t leak the story, adding that Alexis didn’t deny it. Michael tells Julian that he’s trespassing, and he assaulted a political candidate in front of witnesses. He has one chance to leave. Olivia tells him that if he doesn’t, he’ll never see Leo again. Kim tells him that one black eye in the family is enough, and to back off for Leo’s sake.

Sam tries to make suggestions to Alexis, but Finn says Alexis knows what she needs. Sam asks what makes him an expert. He says he voted for her, and he wouldn’t vote for just anybody.

Curtis tells Drew that Jim is a big money dude, trying to play by intimidating the residents, and one is his auntie. He doesn’t like him. Drew says that Jim knew him and Franco when they were kids; Betsy dated him. Curtis says, now he’s here. It’s a helluva coincidence.

Franco tells Doc this isn’t what he signed up for. Doc tells Franco that he’s trying to get him to separate fact from fear, and imagination from reality. He asks if that’s the only time Franco tried to hurt Drew or were there other incidents. Franco isn’t sure. Doc tells him breathe, and think back. He’s not Franco; he’s Bobby. He asks what Bobby and Andy liked to do; what games did they play? Franco says, hide and seek. He remembers Drew hiding in a trunk, and him locking it. Drew yells for Franco to let him out. Doc asks what he remembered.

Kim tells Ned the reporters will be there wanting the next headline about them. Ned tells Julian that if he’s done making an ass of himself, he knows where the door is. Julian says, the hell with you, Ted. The others go back into the living room, but Kim stays behind. She calls Julian “Charlie,” and tells him to wait.

Finn says he doesn’t know about Alexis, but he could use drink. She tells him for someone who doesn’t speak at meetings, he knows what to say to her. She thinks a martini would be great, and they go over a list of various drinks. She says it would be great to numb world. Finn says for couple of hours, but then in the morning…  She says she’s going to lose, isn’t she? She didn’t even know she wanted the job until Laura stepped down. Then she got invested. She would have made great mayor. Finn says he believes it; he voted for her. She says she should have known better; it was a ticking time bomb. He says in retrospect, full disclosure earlier would have given her control of the narrative. She says there would have been no way to spin it. She made her choice to get entangled with Julian. She keeps making the same mistake over and over. She says it’s the definition of insanity to do that, and expect a different outcome. She’s incapable of making healthy a choice when comes to Julian. She can’t let go or move on. Finn puts his arm around her.

Julian tells Kim that as much as he wanted to punch Ned, it would have been the wrong thing to do. He says now that she saw the article, she knows who is who, and what he is. She tells him that he didn’t make it a secret. He thought it was his last chance to get it right. Buying the pub, putting down roots, making friends, and trying to get it right with the kids, showing them he’d changed. The article proves he can’t erase the past. He’s trapped in his name and history, and anyone else foolish enough to get close will be too. She asks if it’s a warning, but he says it’s a fact. Just ask his ex-wife. Kim says she’s driving. He asks where, and she tells him that he knows.

Curtis says Jim is arrogant, smug, and the definition of power and privilege. He’s in it for the money. Drew thinks there’s something more, and angle he’s just not seeing. Curtis asks what’s up with him and Franco. Drew says since Jim has been in town, Franco has been acting weird. He’s been carrying around a rabbit’s foot that inexplicably means something to him. He wants to find Betsy, and get to the bottom of what’s up with Jim. Curtis says he messed with the wrong dudes, and he can’t wait to take his ass down.

Franco tries to leave, saying he doesn’t want to see Elizabeth disappointed. He starts to tear up, and Doc says whatever he remembers, he can’t lock it inside. Let him help unlock the past and free him from it. In Franco’s mind, Drew cries to be let out of the trunk. Franco tells Doc that Pandora’s Box unleashed all the evils of the world, and the moral is, don’t open the box. Doc reminds him that the box also contained hope.

Michael tells Monica that he appreciate her effort with Nelle, but what Monica thinks is inclusive, Nelle might take as encouragement. The winner is about to be announced, and everyone gets ready.

Kim and Julian get to Charlie’s. Curtis thinks Alexis can still pull it off. Drew looks at Jim. The winner is declared to be Ned. Bleh. Nelle says she’s proud to be part of the family, and hugs Michael. Ned asks Oscar what he makes of it, and Oscar says he’s now related to the mayor.

Jim sees Franco going into Charlie’s, and tells him the way things going, it looks like he’s sticking around Port Charles. Julian tells Kim that he’s just making things worse, but Kim says he belongs there. Drew stares at Franco. Franco thinks about him being locked in the chest. Elizabeth asks what going on.

About to light a cigar in the alley, Jim is startled by Curtis. Curtis tells him smoking is bad for you, and so is standing in an alley all alone. His aunt got mugged recently, and it bothers him a lot.

Ned is grateful for the support, and blah-blah-blah, his wife, blah-blah-blah. The people have spoken. He’s honored and humbled, and won’t let them down. He says the city is a living thing, and is better when they come together to improve it, blah-blah-blah. Molly says she can’t watch. Stella tells her it’s not about how many times we get knocked down, but now many times we stand up. Jordan agrees, and Stella thanks Jordan for backing her up.

Ned pledges to work with the business community to revitalize Charles Street.

Curtis tells Jim it’s been a big night, and the article was right on time. Jim realizes that Curtis is a friend of “Andy’s,” and Curtis tells him that his name is Drew. He says good luck with that smoking thing, and leaves.

Ned gives a shout out to Laura, who might have been standing there. His commitment to Charles Street is no less than hers.

Doc talks into a recorder. He says Franco has a fascination and fear about his childhood. Noting unusual there, but he has the belief that he was born bad, and that murder is in his DNA. Is it? Or is Franco still Bobby the child, playing hide and seek with himself?

Ned says to those who are afraid to walk the streets at night, he’s bringing law and order back to Port Charles. Those who do harm will be punished to the full extent of the law.

Franco drains a water bottle, saying he was really dehydrated. He leaves with Elizabeth.

Ned says blah-blah-blah, the love and support of his family, and introduces Olivia. He says they need to come together as a city and as neighbors. With all their differences, there’s more that unites than divides them. The work begins today; the dream goes on.

Sam is sorry, but Alexis says she’ll be fine, and thanks Sam and Drew for their support. Drew tells her to let them know if she needs anything. Finn helps her on with her coat, and she tells him she’s just waiting for everyone to leave so she can cry like a baby. Julian tells Kim there’s nothing he can say or do, and she agrees. She says she can make him a drink. Alexis tells Finn she needs to get out of there. He says they can do that, and gives her his arm. They walk out, and we see Alexis’s campaign flyers on the ground.

Tomorrow, Oscar wants a favor from Julian, Lulu resigns, and Maxie is the one who needs to do this.

The Haves and the Have Nots

The guards separate Quita and Candace. Candace calls Quita a crackhead, and I laugh. DA George wants to talk to Candace, and has her brought to the interrogation room. She has nothing to say to him, but he says he’ll talk. He tells her she’s too feminine to be such an animal. What? He wants to talk to her about Quincy and the charges for his murder. She says she wasn’t charged with anything. He asks if she wants to see what they have, and she asks if he wants to go to hell. He says, no actually. I’m kind of liking George; his banter is amusing. He shows her some new evidence – Jeffrey’s bracelet that was found with the body. She says they found a body without a warrant, and it can’t be used. He says a witness is enough, and they have Jeffrey, who seems to be under a lot of pressure. He asks if she’s going to let Jeffrey go down for what she did. He’s sure the bracelet has DNA all over it. She says it won’t see the light of day, but he tells her it will when Jeffrey testifies. Moving on, he says the old man said he made a mistake, and nothing will be on record; she’s free to go. He thinks she must have friends in high places.

Jeffrey is brought in, and sits across from Candace. He looks pretty tired. He asks why he’s there, and she says they’re playing games. She says they think they’re stupid, and he says, one of them anyway. She reminds him that they’re recording everything. He can’t believe his mother turned him in, and Candace can’t believe he’s shocked, especially since he didn’t do anything. Jeffrey wonders why Veronica didn’t turn Candace in, and asks what Candace promised her. Candace says Veronica didn’t turn her in because there’s nothing to turn her in for. He says he hopes he doesn’t find out that she and Veronica are in cahoots against him, and she calls him paranoid. She says they’re not talking in here because that’s what they want. He says she wants to control him like his mother does, but they’ll see. She says Jeffrey knows her, and to STFU. A woman tells Candace she’s free to go, and Jeffrey says, see you soon.

A woman at the desk tells Candace, no bail, no phone call, no record; who did that? As Candace is about to leave, David stops her. He says his son is in a jail cell for her crime; she got him into this. Candace says his wife did that. He says she knows Jeffrey didn’t hurt that boy. It was her that he was trying to help, and she needs to take responsibility so he can be exonerated. She ask if he thinks that’s going to happen, and he says she doesn’t have a shred of decency. She agrees. She asks if he knows Oscar, the guy he hired to play with her emotions and steal her money. David says it was Jim’s money. Candace says apparently he does know Oscar, and payback is a bitch.

Nameless woman friend asks if Landon is hungover; she is. He says she looks it. She wonders if this is his way of getting back at her for telling the truth. Landon doesn’t have a good poker face, and Charles is going to know he’s in love with him. He asks her how Senator Johnson is, and how’s his wife? She tells him it’s a low blow, but not as low as he’s willing to blow. Good one. She says if he can’t handle truth, maybe they shouldn’t be friends. He tells her that she can’t handle him talking about her and the senator, and she says, as much as he can’t handle her talking about him and the future president. Please, if you’re reading this, and know this character’s name, let me know what it is. I’ve worn myself out trying to find it, and for whatever reason, Landon never uses it. Maybe she doesn’t have a name.

Hanna tells Derek a funny story. He says it’s good to see her smile. He says she was so sad when he was at her house, he wanted to grab her and hug her. She’s glad he didn’t; she would have freaked out. She asks if he doesn’t have work, but he says he was done. She tells him that she has to help out upstairs. He wants to take her to dinner, since she said the tea replaced their coffee date. After some hesitation, she says okay, and he says tomorrow night. She doesn’t want to go anywhere fancy, since she has nothing to wear, but he says he’ll take her wherever she wants to go.

Kathryn pretends to be looking at a magazine when Hanna walks in. Hanna says she saw her run, and don’t tell her she wasn’t listening. Kathryn asks if they’re going on a date, and Hanna says yes. Kathryn wonders about her not having any clothes, and Hanna reminds her about the fire. Kathryn wants to give her a makeover; she can use some tweaking. Her ladies will have her knock his socks off. Hanna says Derek has to take her as she is. She heads upstairs, and Kathryn says she’s calling her glam squad.

Quita gets sprung, and Oscar stops her outside. He tells her that he’s her godfather; he just bailed her ass out. She has something he needs. She tells him to get lost, and he says she can go back in if she doesn’t want to talk to him. She asks where he wants to do it, but he wants the card she stole from Wyatt. She’s not telling him anything, but when he threatens to have her sent back in, she says she had it, but not anymore. He asks some questions, and she doesn’t know much; just that it was a lot of money in an offshore account. He gives her five hundred dollars, and says he may need more information. He gives her his number in case she thinks of anything. She says she’ll do his white ass for that much, but he just wants the info. When she’s gone, an officer asks if Oscar had any luck, but no. Oscar says he’ll give him a grand if he does something else.

David calls Veronica, but she doesn’t want to talk to him. He says they need to do something about their son, and she says she already did. She calls Jeffrey that girl, and says she did him a favor. David wonders if she’s drinking, and says he needs her sober to talk. She asks if he had her run off the road; she knows it was him, Kathryn, or Jim. He wants to talk about their son, and doesn’t know what she’s talking about She says when she finds out, she’ll come after him. He says she had Jeffrey arrested for something Candace and her brother did. Veronica says when finds that woman, she’ll send her back to David in pieces. David says she’d better not, and he’s tired of playing games. She’s tired of the conversation, and hangs up.

Wyatt calls the bank and wants to know how to get his money. He’s really talking to Oscar, who says he needs a police report before he can be reimbursed. Wyatt says he’ll come to the station, and Oscar asks if he can give him an hour, adding that he’s at the eleventh precinct. As soon as he hangs up, Oscar jets out the door.

Mitch goes to the family restaurant with Benny, and introduces him to his Uncle Vinnie. He wants to talk about something. Vinnie asks if he’s in trouble, but Mitch says it’s something else. Benny needs a loan. Vinnie says, no disrespect, but he looks like he can’t back it up. Mitch says it’s because he’s Black, and Vinnie is like, your point? Mitch says Benny’s sister brought them War, and Vinnie says they owe her one. Benny wonders for what, and Mitch says he’ll tell him later. Benny says he needs a tow truck; he lost his. Vinnie asks if it got towed. BA-DUM-CHH! Benny tells Vinnie that he needs forty-five grand, and Vinnie says he can do that at 25% interest, which is a discount. All payments are to be in cash; $18k every six months. Vinnie tells Mitch to tell Benny what happens if he can’t do it, and Mitch says he’s good. Vinnie says, it’s done, and hands Benny a stack of cash out of the load he’s counting. Benny asks if he needs to sign anything, and Vinnie says the only ink there is blood; remember it. As they’re leaving, Mitch tells Benny that it’s easy to get, but harder to pay off. Benny’s phone rings. It’s Veronica, who wants him to come over. Jeffrey told her husband about burying Quincy’s body, and she needs to talk to him. He says he’ll be right there.

Candace goes to David’s house. Erica answers the door, saying she should be there. Candace says he won’t be home any time soon; he’s trying to get his son out of jail. Erica asks how she is, and Candace asks if she wants a slap. Erica says she doesn’t have the money, and Candace says she doesn’t want her to get it; it’s too soon. Erica says that’s what she thought, and Candace says she didn’t tell her to think. She wants Erica to get every account number she can find. She wants it all. Everything; the insurance policy numbers, his mother’s maiden name, and his blood type, and don’t take forever. Candace asks why David wants Erica to stay. Erica tells her that she made up a lie about an abusive ex. Candace says it won’t work for long, and tells Erica that she doesn’t have much time.

Landon tells Charles he’s on fire; they love him. Charles says it will be a long four years, but Landon insists it will be eight. He starts to take off Charles’s shoes, and Charles says he’s got this. Landon tells him resisting makes it harder. Charles asks, resisting what? and Landon says everything that comes with being president. Charles says he needs Landon’s help. He wants his kids to have as much normalcy as possible, and doesn’t want the press hounding them. Landon says he’ll help, and with anything else at any time.

Wyatt goes to the police station. He tells the desk sergeant that he needs to file a report. Oscar is sitting in the waiting area. Wyatt is lead to a room in the back, and the officer that Oscar bribed comes in. He introduces himself as Jonathan Holmes, and gives Wyatt paperwork to fill out. He asks for Wyatt’s cell phone, telling him it will make things easier if he can get information from it. In the hallway, he gives Oscar the phone, and Oscar gives him the cash.

Sarah goes to Jim’s hotel room. She gives him all the evidence, and he says, good girl. She asks if they’re even now; she could go to jail. He says she won’t, and asks if his son’s testimony is the only thing left. She tells him it is. He says he’d like to be there when the DA finds out, and Sarah says she wouldn’t. Jim tells her she’s boring him, and to go home

Veronica’s doorbell rings. She tells Melissa she’s getting sick of her, and Melissa says she’s sick of Veronica too. Veronica grabs her wrist, and says, if it weren’t – and Melissa finishes, for her carrying her grandchild. She knows. Benny comes in, and Veronica says they need to talk. Melissa tells her to go in the kitchen; she’s not moving, and tells Benny to watch out. Veronica goes upstairs with Benny.

Veronica tells Benny that Jeffrey told them everything. He could be in a lot of trouble. Tampering with evidence, destroying a corpse; they’re serious charges. He says he can’t go to jail, and she says she’ll handle it. The body is inadmissible, so it should be okay. He says, easier said than done, but all right. She starts coming on to him, and he calls her Mrs. Harrington. He starts taking off his clothes, and says he should be getting bills for this. Veronica says he’ll be paying her.

David comes in, and asks Melissa where Veronica is. Melisa says she’s in her room; she’ll show him. She leads David upstairs. The door is locked, but Melissa produces a key, ignoring David’s suggestion of knocking first. They walk in, and Veronica and Benny are going at it. Melissa says, uh-oh, and David just stands there, frozen.

Next time, Jeffrey tells Justin that he’s not going with him, George says the bullets match, and Benny wants to fight David.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Dorit complains that it’s raining on the day of the party. LVP says it won’t ruin anything, and we flash back to her own cover shoot. Giggy! Dorit tells us that Bella magazine told her that she embodies what the magazine represents.

Camille meets Teddi at a restaurant. Her daughter is walking in a fashion show, and she thinks she’s more nervous than Madison. Kyle joins them, and they order some food. Kyle asks about the dinner. Teddi says Dorit gave the narration to LisaR about what’s happened in the past few weeks, including the issue at the beach house. Kyle wonders why make such a big thing about it? Teddi says she threw LVP under the bus too, telling LisaR about her leaving dinner. She alluded that LVP gets jealous of Kyle and Dorit’s friendship. Kyle says LVP will be hurt by that. Teddi says if she slipped up like that, she’d be calling her.

While walking through the park, Dorit says she values and loves LVP as one of her best friends. They never discussed the dinner, but LVP doesn’t want to go over it again. Dorit says in the moment, it was abrupt and shocking. She says she was laser focused on Kyle, since she was upset because of her. LVP tells her to cut to the chase; she thought they’d moved on. Dorit says she wondered what warranted that kind of departure. She repeated to the others what LVP said about Dorit ignoring her when they’re’ in a group. In her interview, LVP says Dorit’s best quality is that she talks a lot, and her worst quality is that she talks a lot. Important stuff gets lost in the nonsense. LVP asks if she has any other nuggets; now is her chance. In her interview, LVP wonders why Dorit would bring it up again. Dorit says both she and Kyle had strong feelings. LVP says she did too; that’s why she left. Dorit thought she was upset because she wasn’t paying attention to her, since LVP told her about not getting attention as a child. LVP says that wasn’t what she meant. She got plenty of attention, but her parents were British in their lack of being demonstrative. She doesn’t need Dorit’s attention, and it was inappropriate to say. LVP tells her to go make herself beautiful. In her interview, Dorit says a weight has been taken off her shoulders. Dorit hugs LVP, and jumps up and down. I always find adults jumping up and down and clapping a little disconcerting.

Erika, who’s wearing the coolest sunglasses ever, is on her way to her publisher to give them an update. She tells them she’s never felt so unintelligent; she feels like a fish out of water. One of them tells her a lot of people are excited about the book. In her interview, Erika is glad she’s wearing her sunglasses. She kept them on because of her allergies, but they also can’t see the fear in her eyes. She says it’s important to understand when you’re not the smartest person in the room. She needs an ally. Her co-writer says that he just sent a chapter to Erika for tweaking, and Erika says she and her mother have some memories to include. In her interview, she says she’s beating the odds, and there’s no room for mistakes.

Dorit gets glammed up, and says it feels like she’s going to the prom. She’s not just the host this evening; she’s the guest of honor, being on Bella magazine’s fashion issue for Fashion week. She needs fashion oozing out of her. She calls PK, and tells him that she’s nervous. She thinks it’s because he’s not there. PK tells her that it’s her thing, and to relax.

LisaR says she can’t keep track of what’s going on with the girls. They have the same, yet different, schedules. They’d gone shopping, and the delivery guy was robbed on his way to Delilah’s apartment; they took everything. She’s not feeling great about leaving Delilah in the city. She confirms a Dolce & Gabbana appointment for the girls on her iPad. She’s finding her boundary being a momager. It’s their career, but they still need guidance.

The hairdresser tells Teddi not to touch her hair all night; one of the extensions is questionable. Teddi video chats with Edwin.  Erika decides to go with the baby doll hooker look.

LVP joins Kyle, and tells her what Dorit said, but Kyle doesn’t think she was being honest. She’d told everyone things LVP shared with her. They were both pissed, and Dorit told Kyle some things LVP told her in confidence. There were things she shouldn’t have said last night, like LVP being needy. LVP is like, I’m needy? and Kyle tells her Dorit said she was jealous, needy, and insecure. Kyle says it started with Dorit filling in LisaR. Then she told LisaR about the beach house, when she and Erika are fine. Kyle told her that LVP would be hurt by what she’d said, and LVP says she’s been more than kind to Dorit. She doesn’t get where this is coming from. Kyle says she’s not creating a problem, but Dorit said it to the whole table. She can’t not say something.

Kyle is impressed with how everyone looks, and says they all brought their A game. She asks what everybody did all day. Erika tells them about her meeting at Simon and Schuster. She says it was intimidating, but it’s not like she’s going to win the Pulitzer Prize. Dorit asks if there are any words of wisdom, and they all tell her to enjoy it and bask in the moment.

Editor Courtenay greets them, and the ladies take a photo together. Dorit has her photo taken a million times, and does interviews. She says it’s unbelievable, and nothing she expected would ever happen. she feels like last time she got that much attention was when she walked down the aisle with her husband. LisaR and Camille run into a designer they know. Everyone agrees that the magazine photos of Dorit are fabulous.

Kyle tells Erika that the beach house situation was blown out of proportion. Dorit made it seem like she alone was upset. It wasn’t a big deal, and she wasn’t alone in how she felt, but she cares about Erika, and doesn’t like it. Erika says she loves Kyle, and agrees about it being blown up. LisaR says she thought it was ridiculous. Erika is happy to hear her say it, She didn’t understand why it was a big deal, and never wants to talk about it again.

LVP talks to Teddi, saying she was taken aback by Dorit. Teddi says she doesn’t think it was meant to be malicious. In her interview, Teddi says Dorit is all about Dorit, and it’s going to bite her in the ass. That’s just what happens. She tells LVP that Dorit perceived she was upset because she and Kyle were talking. She thinks Dorit likes to embellish while telling a story. LVP says, maybe.

Dorit says it couldn’t have gone any better; she’s on cloud nine. She asks if the ladies want to go for a drink. Kyle can’t put her purse in the rain, and everybody makes a dash for the car. In her interview, Teddi says they’re not witches; they won’t melt. Although that’s debatable. Erika says, sugar melts, m-effer. Camille loves the rain, and says it’s refreshing, which is so like her.

They go to a bar, and Erika tells Teddi that she can see her who-ha. In her interview, Erika says that’s how to handle seeing up someone’s skirt. Tell them you can see up their skirt. Do them a solid. Teddi adjusts things. They toast to Dorit and the magazine. LisaR says she’s not responsible for anything she says. Kyle suggests getting drunk, which is received quite well. She’s there to have fun, but wants to get something off her chest first. Dorit says, so much for the fun night. Kyle says Dorit is great, but if she didn’t care, she wouldn’t say anything. She’s wondering why Dorit singled her out at the beach house, and we flash back to that. Kyle asks why make a bigger deal of it than it was. They’re supposed to be friends, and not only did Dorit make it a big deal, she made it like Kyle did something bad. Dorit says there was a lot of conversation, and she was outspoken. Kyle feels like Dorit put her at the front of it. Erika is like, it’s okay, we’re good, I love you, I don’t want to fight. The next time, she’ll stay. LisaR goes to the bathroom just to get away, and Kyle asks why hurt her or LVP by saying things against them? In her interview, LVP wonders why Kyle is doing this now. It’s Dorit’s night, and she doesn’t want to be in the middle. Kyle wishes LVP would chime in. Dorit wonders where this came from, and who told her?

Can you believe all this for something so stupid?

Erika tells Dorit not to run away with it; she’s fine. Teddi says last night, Dorit relived the story about LVP leaving dinner because she and Kyle had a connection. We flash back to Dorit saying LVP is jealous. Teddi says she implied that LVP is jealous when she connects with somebody else. Erika says Teddi is 100% right. LVP is confused, since Dorit never implied the severity of her statements. Erika reapplies her lipstick, suing the bottom of a glass for a mirror. Dorit tells Teddi to take down her tone, but Teddi says Dorit is yelling over everyone. Dorit says she’s not one of Teddi’s accountability clients, and in her interview, Teddi says she’s not accepting new clients. Kyle is glad at least someone else is defending themselves. LisaR asks Camille what the issue is. It’s complicated, and she barely understands. Kyle says Dorit shouldn’t have said what she did. She’s never screwed Dorit over; why is she feeling screwed over? Dorit doesn’t get it. Erika tells them to stop it. In her interview, Kyle says LVP is just sitting there, making her look like an idiot. LisaR says she’s done. She has to look after her girls, and Camille’s daughter has a show tomorrow. They leave. LisaR thought the plan was to have fun and get a buzz on. What happened? What happened is what always happens. Someone has a legitimate gripe, but decides to bring it up at a totally inappropriate time.

Kyle feels depressed, and Erika doesn’t want her to feel like that. Kyle asks if Erika wouldn’t feel the same way if she was LVP. Would she feel screwed over? Dorit walks past them without a word, and goes up some stairs to the street level. Erika says she doesn’t have all the facts. In her interview, Dorit is hurt by what Kyle did on her night. LVP joins them, and asks if they’d feel screwed over if they were in her place. Teddi says she would, but she’s sensitive. Kyle heads up the stairs, and Erika says this is what she hangs out with gays, and yes, she’d be pissed.

LVP says loves them. Dorit says she’s going back in a cab, and LVP says she’s going with her. In her interview, Kyle can’t believe LVP is offering her a ride. She holds Kyle to a different standard. If she says anything remotely unflattering, LVP punishes her. We flash back to some unsavory moments during reunions. Erika tries to smooth it over. In her interview, LVP says her friendship with Dorit supersedes any things that were said. If she insists going on her own in a taxi, she’ll go with her. Erika asks Dorit to swallow her pride, and do the right thing. She doesn’t have to have a conversation, just get in the car. Kyle is crying, and LVP says she doesn’t want her to cry. Kyle keeps saying to leave her alone. Erika tells Dorit not to say anything to anyone. Kyle wants to be left alone.

Back at the hotel, Dorit wonders why Kyle wants to divide her and LVP. Dorit says that LVP didn’t want her going back alone, and doesn’t understand why Kyle is behaving like this. LVP says she loves Kyle and appreciates her. In her interview, LVP says she just had to endure being attacked and yelled at, and she’s the one who has to reassure Kyle. Kyle says she’s known LVP for ten years. She knows her feelings were hurt, and she’s confused by her behavior. She tells Teddi that she never feels appreciated. Teddi thinks that LVP doesn’t know how to handle someone talking bad about her, and needs to process it . Kyle doesn’t want to do this fake bullsh*t anymore.

Dorit tells Erika that she told LVP what was said when they were in the park. Erika says she’s here for her.

LVP asks if there’s a problem between her and Kyle. Maybe she doesn’t like people talking smack about her all night. Kyle says it wasn’t her. If she’d done that, it would have been a huge deal. LVP refuses to admit Dorit is wrong, and was kissing Dorit’s ass. Teddi says it’s more like she was blasé. Kyle says she was basically screwed over. LVP tells Kyle that she loves her. Teddi say Kyle needs to feel the love. LVP  says they’ll talk about this for the next two weeks, but she’s leaving. Teddi follows her to the elevator, saying Kyle needs her friendship. She begs LVP to come back, but the elevator doors close.

Teddi insists LVP cares, and Kyle says, it is what it is.

Next time, Fashion Week, Kyle won’t be stepped on, Bethenny makes an appearance, and Teddi thinks LVP should apologize.


February 14, 2018 – Drew Confronts Jason, Eddie Doesn’t Know When to Quit, Imposters Marathon & a Valentine


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Today’s GH is brought to you by whatta pita. I’d missed the beginning because my computer decided to update suddenly (never again am I getting an HP; it will be Dell and only Dell, or custom nerd made), and then there was the school shooting in Florida, after which the show never came back on. But thanks to my trusty online sources, I saw it anyway.

Curtis brings Jordan flowers at the station.

Sonny and Carly start to get busy. They think Mike is upstairs sleeping, but he walks past, saying just pretend he’s not there.

Amy tells Griff he looks amazing. She hopes it’s for anyone except Ava.

Ava finds Nelle still at work in the gallery. She says she might as well, rather than hang out in the apartment Michael is selling so he doesn’t have to deal with her. They did have happy memories there though. Ava asks if she’s giving up already.

Kiki joins Molly and TJ at The Floating Rib. She’s afraid she’ll be a third wheel, but TJ says every day is Valentine’s Day for them. They love each other more and more every day. I’m sure this makes Kiki feel a lot better. Molly thinks she and TJ are the only uncomplicated couple in Port Charles. She might be right.

Sam gives Drew a Valentine card from Danny to his “other dad.” Drew asks what she got, and she shows him a humongous heart necklace Danny made. She was wearing it under her shirt, and I wonder how uncomfortable that was, since it’s so big.

Jason also gets a Valentine card from Danny. He asks if Danny has any Valentines, and Danny says three, maybe four. Wow. He’s a ladies’ man already.

Mike has decided to run to the local flower place and have flowers sent to Rita. Carly is on his side about not forgetting, but says it wouldn’t be the end of the world. He says he stopped listening once she agreed with him. Sonny and Carly explain about this thing called ordering online, but he says he’s an in-person cash kind of guy, and doesn’t do online.

Ava asks if Nelle is having second thoughts, but Nelle says she has to defend herself. Ava tells her that’s the spirit, and don’t take her eyes off the prize. She says anything is possible. If they work hard enough, all their dreams can come true.

Griff tells Amy he understands she’s grieving, so he’ll chalk her unkindness up to that. She tells him not really, but go with it. He says he feels awful too; Nathan was under his care. Amy says there’s a huge difference between him and that woman. He calls Ava human, and says anyone can change in surprising ways. He suggests she open up her heart. When he’s out of earshot, she says he’s in for a rude awakening.

Spinelli sees Kiki at the bar, and they introduce themselves. He tells her about being blissfully committed, but his significant other is on the west coast. He’s staying to offer Maxie support. It’s her first Valentine’s Day as a widow. So why is he at the bar? He orders an orange soda.

Molly asks Sam where the kids are, and after a couple more questions, Sam realizes that she’s trying to find out if there’s somewhere she and TJ can be alone. Sam tells her to go ahead to Alexis’s place, and don’t do anything she wouldn’t do. Sam shows Drew her passport with her new name – Samantha McCall Cain – and he says it doesn’t get more official. She says that’s her name for better or worse. He says hopefully, when they find out who he really is, it will be better.

Danny tells Jason about how much candy he had at school, and finally confesses he’s not feeling well. He wants his mommy.

Sonny tells Mike that he’s driving. Mike says he’s a New Yorker; he’s used to walking. Sonny won’t take no for an answer. Mike says that Sonny thinks he’s going to gamble, but Sonny says that isn’t it. Mike tells him one misunderstanding, and now he’s going to be watched. Sonny says there was no money missing, and he believes Mike. He tells Mike to go ahead and go. Carly bundles him up like he’s three. He tells her not to treat him like a child, and she says don’t act like one. He calls her a pita, and she says he is too. When he’s gone, Sonny asks what Carly thinks. She thinks he wants to buy flowers, and that Sonny should believe him.

Jordan wishes Curtis a happy Valentine’s Day. He thinks it will take more than a bouquet to make today happy. He says she’s throwing herself into work as a way of grieving for Nathan. She says the double-edge is that everything there reminds her of him. Curtis tells her to take a break. The only way to truly honor him, is if they truly love each other.

Jason tells Danny they should try to solve it themselves. Danny says Sam gives him ginger ale, but Jason doesn’t have any. He says club soda is almost the same and they can try that. No. It isn’t. Club soda doesn’t have ginger in it.

Molly tells TJ they can have Alexis’s place to themselves. He asks what they’re waiting for.

Kiki asks Spinelli if he doesn’t want a shot. She wanted to get the party started, but TJ ad Molly don’t do much of that. He’s good with soda, and she says more for her. Spinelli wonders why she’s drinking alone on Valentine’s Day, and she says it would have been her and Dillon’s one-year anniversary. Clearly, they didn’t make it. She downs another shot.

Sam asks if Drew remembered something. He says, not exactly. He and Kim had a disagreement because he taught Oscar to defend himself. They worked it out, but she told him about getting in fight in San Diego, and it almost felt like a memory. Sam asks if he’s afraid that if he remembers his old life, he’ll feel differently about his new one, but he says he doesn’t want her to feel differently about him. Sam says that won’t happen. She wouldn’t change anything. She loves their life. Her phone rings. It’s Danny calling while Jason is in the kitchen. He tells her that he doesn’t feel so good, and asks if she can come.

Kiki left her badge at the hospital, and tells Spinelli she’ll catch hell if her supervisor finds out. Spinelli says it’s noisy in there, so he’ll step outside and call for her. At the bar, she makes a call to Dillon. She asks if he can talk.

Nelle checks the recorder. Griff comes to pick up Ava. Ava says it’s his first Valentine’s Day as a civilian. He tells her that he wasn’t exactly locked away in a monastery in the Himalayas. He even went to the movies and watched TV from time to time. On Valentine’s Day, he held a service in honor of St. Valentine and his legend. Ava and Nelle ask about the legend, and he says Valentine was a priest in the third century, who became the patron saint of love. He secretly performed weddings between Christians when the emperor had banned them. He was imprisoned, and ultimately killed. Ava is like, geesh, and Nelle says, so romantic, but Griff says he sees it that way.

While Griff talks, we see Carly and Sonny, Curtis and Jordan, and Danny and Jason.

Griff tells them that Valentine was fearless. He had the courage to do what was right, and put everything on the line. He put manmade laws away, and refused to listen to anything but his heart. The emperor gave him a choice; renounce his faith and live, or refuse and die. He stood up for his beliefs.

Danny is feeling better. Jason asks what wants to do, but there’s a knock at the door. It’s Sam.

Griff concludes his story, saying Valentine’s faith and love made him immortal. Love never dies.

Sam says Danny called. Danny asks if he’s in trouble. They tell him no, and Jason says at least he knows Danny can use the phone in an emergency. Jason tells Sam that he thinks Danny ate too much chocolate at the school party. She brought ginger ale, but Danny says he likes club soda now. She calls him fancy, and says let’s go, but he wants to stay. He asks if they’ll both put him to bed.

Jordan asks how Curtis got lake trout in Port Charles. He says he wanted to get her out of her funk, and thought about Baltimore when they were waiting for Buzz. He remembered their bad history, and how somewhere a spark lit up between them there. So, he asked Stella for an assist, and she cooked it up for him. Jordan is having a hard time believing Curtis asked Stella to help woo her, and she actually did it. He says a brother has to do what he has to do, even if it means asking his auntie to play Cupid. He did it to make her happy.

Kiki asks Dillon if someone is there. She asks if it’s the same woman as before, and then says never mind. She doesn’t want to know. She’s amazed at how quickly he’s moving on. She knows they’re not together anymore, but thought they had something special. She tells him to go to hell. TJ tells her there’s been a change of plans. Molly says her mom has an empty house. Kiki gets it. She says Spinelli is around, and he’s a trip to talk to, so go have fun. They leave, and Spinelli comes back. He tells her that Amy located her badge, and put it in her wallet. He asks if she’s okay, and Kiki tells him everything is great, especially now that he’s there. She puts her arm around him.

Griff says he’s going all in with Ava; she’s his first Valentine. He says their table is waiting. She asks if Nelle is going to be all right, and Nelle says she’s just going to finish up. Griff gets a call. He hopes it’s a reservation confirm, but no such luck. A patient is insisting on seeing him, but he doesn’t think he’ll be long. He apologizes, and Ava says she’ll call the restaurant. Griff leaves, and Nelle hopes their night isn’t ruined. Ava says, not yet anyway. Griff’s story got her thinking. Nelle says, her too. Michael might have broken up with her, but maybe he didn’t stop loving her. She doesn’t think you can completely turn it off if you’re really in love. Ava says she’s had doubts about love. Nelle asks if she and Griff have declared their feelings. Ava says not yet, but tonight might be the perfect night to do it.

Danny asks for a story. Sam thought he was tired, but he says he’ll be “tireder” after a story. He wants them to take turns. She and Jason get on either side of him, and Jason starts to read. Danny falls asleep. Sam says she’ll stay and make sure he’s out.  Jason leaves the room.

Curtis tells Jordan that they need to grab every moment they have together, and live life to fullest. He tells her she’s coming home with him.

Amy tells Griff that she’s sorry she disturbed his night, even if it was with Ava. She says she’s trying, and he appreciates the effort. She shows him a card a little boy gave her. Griff tells her that when he grows up, the boy won’t forget the kind nurse who took care of him.

Ava tells Nelle that she needs to do what St. Valentine would. Nelle says, be a martyr? but she says, no; tell Griff how she feels. She sees Nelle’s outlook has improved, and asks if she’s ready to move forward. Nelle says, absolutely. Ava asks what she has planned, and Nelle says the same thing Ava does. Ava asks if she’s giving Michael a Valentine he’ll never forget. Nelle says, not Michael, and leaves.

Drew goes to Jason’s, and asks if everything is okay. Jason tells him that Sam is making sure Danny is asleep, but it was nothing serious. Drew says Danny called Sam from Jason’s cell phone. Drew has to hand it to him. He has one hell of an act going on, and thinks he’s above it all.

Sonny realizes Mike left his cell phone at the house, and thinks maybe he should look for him. Carly tells him go, and he can make it up to her later.

Jordan wants to know she did something that made today count. Curtis says they need to make tonight count too. She calls him every girl’s dream, but he says she’s the only one that matters. He says, may tonight be the best night of all, and the worst of nights to come. She promises she’s not going anywhere, except home with him. They kiss.

Kiki knows Spinelli has a commitment on the west coast. So did she; look how that turned out. He thinks it’s time to call it a night, and wants to get her a car. She takes the phone out of his hand, saying she’s not calling it a night. She touches his face.

Amy tells Griff about Kiki leaving her badge, and that she seems to be drowning her sorrows. She’s with a reliable friend though. She can’t be in safer hands than with Spinelli. Griff gets a text from Ava saying forget about the restaurant. His story about St. Valentine inspired her, and she has something to tell him. Griff texts back that it sounds good, and he’s almost finished.

Sam starts to leave. Danny tells her that he loves her, and that it was fun with them reading to him.

Drew says that Jason pretends to be a martyr (word of the day), but he’s passive aggressive. He hasn’t given up anything, especially not Sam. Why doesn’t he admit he’s like everyone else, and out for what he wants? Jason says he’s just living his life. How Drew deals is up to him. Sam comes out, and they leave. Drew gives Jason the eyeball.

Nelle goes to a pay phone. She takes out the recorder. After seeing unknown caller, Carly picks up the phone, asking if it’s Mike. She hears a weird voice say, I’m here.

Tomorrow, Anna tells something she’s never told. Ava tells Griff she loves him, and Sonny tells Michael something is going on with Mike.

If Loving You is Wrong

Walking through the jail, Lushion tells the prisoners just because they’re locked up, doesn’t mean they get to make a lot of noise. Ha-ha! He sees Stephen bringing in Randal and Brad. Stephen says they got in a bar fight. Randal wants his lawyer. Lushion tells him to relax, and asks if Stephen was there. Stephen says they were at Pickles, and he was outside warming up his bike. He tells Lushion, they’re all yours; he’s out of there. Lushion asks Brad what happened, and Randal wonders why Lushion is asking him. Lushion tells him to calm down and sit down. Brad says Randal followed him to the restaurant. Somehow, he knows when Brad leaves the house like he has a tracker on Brad’s car. Randal tries to interrupt, but Lushion tells him be quiet. Brad says Randal came over to the table, started a fight, now they’re here. Lushion asks who threw first punch, and Brad says Randal did. Randal says Brad hit him with a bottle. Lushion has Brad uncuffed, and tells him that he’s going home. Randal calls Lushion a low-down SOB, and an Uncle Tom with a badge. He’s letting Brad go, like he let Eddie come after him. Lushion says he was going to let both of them go, but since Randal doesn’t know how to shut up, he can stay there. He keeps calling Lushion Uncle Tom while he’s being taken away.

Marcie’s phone rings. It’s Ian. He asks if she’s all right. He’s sorry, but she says it’s not his fault. He didn’t realize Randal was that bad. She wonders how Randal knew where she was, and Ian asks if he’s stalking her, but she doesn’t think so. He says they have to do something; he wants to help her. She just wants the papers signed. He says he’ll call Larry, and she hopes he has better luck than she did. He asks why she didn’t tell him she was pregnant, and she says it’s not his business. He thought they were bonding (how metrosexual of him!), and she says she didn’t mean to snap. He says Randal is a piece of work who would make anyone snap. He has some ideas. He thinks if he sees Larry face to face, they can figure something out. She just wants it to be done. He says they’ll talk tomorrow, and promises it will be okay. When she hangs up, Marcie feels pain in her stomach.

Esperanza gets home, and sends the sitter on her way. She checks herself out, and goes to her bedroom window. She lets Stephen in. Assuming she doesn’t want the neighbors to see, what’s wrong with the back door? Aren’t they a little old for this? She pushes him onto the bed, tells him don’t say anything and don’t move. She starts to undress him, and tells him not to touch her. He does, and she smacks him. He finally grabs her, and they go at it.

Alex sees Brad pull into the driveway. Brad checks his car, and finds Randal’s tracking device. He goes into the house. Alex finds him sitting on the couch. She asks what happened, and he says, nothing. She’s concerned about him nursing his hand, but he says he’s fine, and he told her not to talk to him. She says Randal was out of line. He says he’s asking one more time. Did she talk to Randal earlier? She says she didn’t. He asks if there’s anything she’s lied about, but she says no. He says one more lie, and he’s walking out. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small; he wants her to be honest. It’s her get-out-of-jail-free card. Just tell him. She says tell him what, and he says anything he doesn’t know. She says she’s telling him the truth about everything. He says just tell him now, but she says she hasn’t lied about anything. He says, okay, and tells her to go to bed. He’s sleeping downstairs.

Natalie rattles around the bedroom, waking Lushion. I didn’t think that poor man ever slept. He tells her it’s 5 am, and she did it on purpose. She insists she didn’t, but he says she wants to know about Kelly. She repeats that she didn’t, but since he’s up… He says she’s okay. Natalie asks about the lawyer, and he says she’s got a public defender. He looked him up, and Natalie says she saw his file. He says the one that said private, and she says he left it on the kitchen counter. She wants to get Kelly anther lawyer. Lushion asks if she has money for that, and she says he does. Her son doesn’t know what’s going on, and needs to see her. He says Kelly was talking about them taking him in if she loses the case. Natalie asks if he said yes, adding that she has three kids already. She wonders where Kelly’s family is, and Lushion wonders why she doesn’t know. He says Kelly won’t be convicted, but Natalie doesn’t like it. He says Kelly being in jail or taking in Justice? She says both, and that Justice needs help. They have to help Kelly get another lawyer. Lushion tells her to stop stressing, and she says he needs to start. He’s not there with the kids all day.

Esperanza tells Stephen he’s snoring and needs to go home. He says he’s leaving, and she thanks him for not arguing with her. She tells him that he can use the front door. She asks if she’s just sex to him, and he thought that’s what she wanted. He calls her confusing, and doesn’t think they should do this anymore. She says that makes two of them. She has her reasons, but what are his? He doesn’t like the feeling of her doing him a favor. He comes over, they have sex, and she puts him out. There’s no real time together. She says it’s too much. He says he’s trying to get to know her. All he knows is the shell she shows the world. She asks him to stop. He asks if she’s been hurt that much, and she tells him to just go. He says it’s the last time, and leaves.

Eddie is waiting outside on Stephen’s bike. He tells Stephen, three hours and fifty-three minutes, and Stephen says she likes it slow. Eddie says his daughter is in there. The only reason Stephen is still alive is because he’s FBI. Stephen asks if Eddie doesn’t think shooting random people isn’t coming back to haunt him? Eddie thinks Stephen’s ass deserves shooting. Stephen his ass deserves it. Stephen tells him to get off the bike; he’s out of there. Eddie says he calls the shots. Stephen says shoot him; show how much of a badass he is. Eddie says he’ll take his time, and Stephen says he’ll be waiting. Now get off his damn bike. Eddie gets up, and says he pays the mortgage there. Stephen tells him that he’s not leaving until Eddie does. Eddie goes to his truck, smiling. Stephen drives off, and Eddie follows.

Randal is being let out on his own recognizance. An officer cuffs him to a bench, conveniently across from Kelly’s cell. He asks how she is, and she tells him to leave her alone. He says she shot him, and she says someone’s going to shoot him if he doesn’t leave her alone. Randal asks what he did? Love a woman, and she turned on him, like Kelly and Travis. She bought the house to try and keep him. It will all come out in court. He’s testified in many cases like this; a scorned woman who can’t give up a man, and would rather see him dead than be with someone else. Randal reminds her that he’s a shrink, and says if the DA doesn’t call on him for the case, he’ll give him a call. He was there, and saw the whole thing. Poor Travis didn’t stand a chance with her being a cougar, running after young men. Kelly calls for the guard, and tells him Randal is harassing her. He tells Randal to be quiet. Randal says he will – until he calls the DA and tells him that he wants to testify. He should call Reverend Cain, and see what he has to say. Kelly has her eyes closed, and he says he knows she can hear him. She’s going to jail for a very, very long time. First Ramsey, then Travis. Two murders on her doorstep, and her poor son. Kelly tells to shut the hell up. Randal says her son is all alone because his mama had a gun and killed a man. Kelly tells him again to shut up, but he keeps goading her, calling her mother of the year. He says she doesn’t love her son, just her gun. Kelly says she wishes she had it, and could blow his brains out like she did Travis. Randal laughs, and tells her to look up. She sees the camera, and he says she just made it easier to prosecute her. She’s so dumb, he just walked her in to it. He laughs, and says that was fun; he’s good. Omg, he’s the worst. Actually, I don’t know who’s worse, him or Eddie.

Eddie goes to the container where he’s holding Larry. Larry is in bad shape. He tells Eddie it’s enough; he wants to go home. Eddie says that’s not happening. He checked, and no one has called, not even Larry’s wife. Everyone must hate him as much as Eddie does. Larry says he’s had his fun; enough is enough. Eddie picks up the plastic bag, and Larry begs him not to, saying he’s sorry. Eddie calls him arrogant, and grabs him by the collar. Larry says he can’t breathe, and asks for a safe word, but Eddie asks why. Larry says so he doesn’t kill him, but Eddie says that’s what he’s trying to do. It’s real life; he doesn’t play games. He is a killer. Larry says they’re a lot alike. He’s a man who likes stimulation, and likes to be punished, but there’s a point where it’s enough. Eddie says Larry doesn’t know anything. Larry tells him that he’ll give him whatever he wants; he has tons of connections. Eddie doesn’t want anything from Larry. He puts the bag on Larry’s head. Larry falls to the floor, and Eddie tells him that he’ll be back.

At the hospital, Marcie asks Dr. Ross if she’s okay. The doctor says they’ll find out. Marcie’s stomach is in knots, and she says this happened during her first pregnancy. She can’t lose this baby. Dr. Ross tells her calm down, and focus on good things. They have to run some tests. The doctor has Marcie control her breathing. Marcie asks for her phone, and tells the doctor to call Brad. Dr. Ross asks if she means Alex’s husband. Marcie says he’s a friend, and his number is saved under My Future (oh please). The doctor makes the call.

The phone rings, and Alex picks up. Dr. Ross asks to speak to Brad. Alex asks why, and the doctor says Marcie is in the ER, and wanted her to call. She can’t say why. Alex says he’s asleep. Dr. Ross knows it’s uncomfortable, but asks Alex to wake him. She says she can’t – and won’t. The doctor knows it’s awkward, and Alex tells her to call Randal; it’s his baby. Dr. Ross says Marcie specifically asked for Brad, and asks if she can leave a message to call. Alex says sure, like we think that she’ll pass it along. Brad comes in and asks who it was on the phone.

Next time, Kelly doesn’t want to make a deal, Brad finds Marcie, and Lushion asks Eddie where Larry is.

⛳ Bonus point – Larry wanted the safe word to be golfer.

🎭 Bravo is having an Imposters marathon, starting on Monday at 8 am. Even the ad said to set your DVR, because who is sitting around watching TV at 8 am on a Monday? Okay, it’s possible that I could be, but still, what happened to using the weekend for those kinds of things? It’s not like there are a whole lot of episodes. Regardless, I hope you give this show a look. It’s worth it. It’s a little different, has fun plot twists, and strikes a nice balance between amusing and dramatic.


💖 Albeit Late, But Because I Care…




February 13, 2017 – Nelle is on Track, Candace Goes to Jail, the BH Wives Beat Another Dead Horse & LVP’s Gown


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jason runs into Robin at Kelly’s. Robin thanks him for killing Faison. He gets it. She says never mind what he did to her, Jason, or even Nathan. He terrorized Anna most of her life. Jason set her free.

Sonny is finally home. Carly asks how their guest is, and voila! Mike appears bearing chocolates. He tells her he’s checking into a hotel, but Sonny says it’s already decided that he stay there.

Ava shows Elizabeth and Franco the studio, giving them a few ideas for the reception. She knows it’s not a traditional venue, but it’s fitting, since Franco is an artist; it’s her gift to them. Franco wants to think about it, but Elizabeth is on board. Ava says he’s the luckiest man alive, and asks how it feels to leave the past behind.

Drew goes to Kim’s place. She shows him a picture of Oscar with a black eye. He asks what happened, and she says, he did.

Sonny says they have plenty of room. Mike says he can make his own decisions. Carly asks if it was like this the whole way there. She says Mike is right. He should stay where wants to, including at the MetroCourt, but she would be offended if he doesn’t stay with them. Mike agrees, even if he is under surveillance. He goes upstairs, and Carly asks Sonny what’s going on. Sonny tells her that Mike is in some kind of trouble. He’s not letting him go back home until finds out what it is.

Drew says he’s seen his share of black eyes. Kim tells him if he teaches his son to fight, he’ll fight, and think best way to solve problems. Drew says he taught him to defend himself; it’s what Oscar asked him to do. Kim says they were doing fine before he came along to teach them lessons. They start to argue, and Oscar tells them to stop. He tells Kim that she couldn’t be more wrong.

Ava tells Franco and Elizabeth that she knows a DJ, and they can make space for dancing. Elizabeth says they’ll think about it, and Ava tells them to let her know. They leave, and Nelle comes in with roses for Ava. They’re from Griff, and the card says, yours today, tonight, and tomorrow.

Robin tells Jason that Nathan’s funeral was heartbreaking. She thinks Maxie is still in shock, but has a lot of people there for her, including Sam and Drew. She says she was surprised to hear they’re getting married. She’d hoped Sam would take a step back and evaluate Jason’s feelings. Jason says she wants a life with Drew, but Robin says that’s what she thinks she wants. If she abandoned Drew because Jason came back, she would feel disloyal, and that every I love you was a lie. She watched Patrick go through it with Sabrrrina. He loved her, but loved Robin more. She would bet everything that Sam loves him more. Jason says she sounds like Carly. Robin thinks that should tell him something; they actually agree. She reminds him that it’s Valentine’s Day, and gives him one of Emma’s candy hearts. It reads, Real Love. Worst. Tasting. Candy. Ever. Like flavored chalk.

Michael meets Jason, and they talk about Robin. Michael says that Carly made things hard for her and Jason. Jason says it was a long time ago, and it’s forgotten now. Michael asks if Carly used him to get closer to Jason. He thinks that’s what Nelle is doing with the baby.

Ava tells Nelle that a year ago, she never would have dreamed she’d be getting a beautiful bouquet from a wonderful man. A lot can change in a year. Nelle says a year ago, she never expected to be having a baby with Michael; they were just falling in love. He made her feel like she wanted to be a better person, and she was going to try, but it blew up in her face. Ava is right; what a difference a year makes. Ava says your life can turn around if someone believes in you enough. You should believe in yourself, but it helps a lot for someone to look at you like you matter. Nelle is happy for her. Ava tells her that a year from now, she’ll have her baby, and if everything goes according to her to plan, she’ll have her man too, and a bouquet of her own. Nelle says, from her lips to Michael’s ears.

Sonny tells Carly that Mike is a runner, and there was a problem with the money. She wonders if Mike is gambling again, but Sonny says he claims he isn’t, and Rita backs him up. He explains that Rita is Mike’s lady friend, and the best thing that ever happened to him. She’s good people. Carly thinks that’s great for Mike, but what about the money? Sonny tells her that Caruso called him about $10K that Mike lost, but he found it in Mike’s cigar box. Mike said he didn’t know anything about it. Carly says that doesn’t make sense, and Sonny says that’s why Mike is there. He’s going to figure out what’s going on. Mike comes back downstairs, and tells them that they don’t have to talk in hushed voices. He knows Sonny has his eye on him, and they don’t have to count the silverware. The doorbell rings. It’s Robin. She comes in and hugs Mike.

Kim tells Oscar that he might have the day off school, but he has a social studies project due. He goes into his room to work on it, and Drew apologizes to her. He says he should have thought of another way to solve the problem. He promises to do better, and Kim says she could have handled it better herself. Drew says they’re learning as they go. He asks about the bully, and Kim says that Oscar can tell him what’s going on.

Michael tells Jason that Nelle seems clear on them not being together, but never misses a chance to lean on him, hold his hand, or talk about the future. He thinks she’s using the baby. He doesn’t love her, and doesn’t really know her. She has something broken inside, and lies compulsively. He has no faith in her as a good mother, but doesn’t want a custody fight. He wonders what the best solution is, and Jason tells him that he wouldn’t try to make a family with someone he doesn’t trust; it will end up hurting the child. Michael had chaos around him, but also people who loved him. He tells Michael to be there day in and day out, regardless of what Nelle does, and the baby will be okay. Michael thanks him and jets. While Jason is paying the tab, Jake comes in with Elizabeth and Franco.

Ava asks Nelle if she wants to go shopping with her. Michael comes into the gallery. Ava tells him to wish Avery a happy Valentine’s Day from her mama, and leaves them to talk. Nelle tells Michael that Ava misses her daughter, and she’s starting to understand how some bonds can’t be broken. She tells him that she get an email confirmation about the mommy class, but Michael wants to talk about the apartment. Nelle hands him an envelope, saying she’s giving him the rent early, but he tells her to hold on to it. For both of their sakes, he’s decided to stick to the original plan. He’s putting the building up for sale.

Drew says Oscar told him that his friend was different, but not that different. Oscar asks if it matters, and Drew says yes, he admires him more for it. Oscar asks if Drew thinks having the alternative dance is asking for more trouble. He says, probably, but some things are worth it. Oscar asks if Kim is on board, and she’d rather he concentrate on his report before focusing on the party. Oscar tells them that they need to work on their co-parenting skills; he’s getting mixed messages. After he’s gone, Drew says he has a point. It’s nobody’s fault, but they did do something incredible together – making Oscar.

Mike looks at pictures of Robin’s kids, and tells her about his system for remembering all of the kids’ names. He associates family members with his favorite horses. He starts to get up, and sits back down, telling them he gets wobbly when he stands up too fast. He thinks maybe it’s low blood sugar, and Robin asks if he has the same issue when he sits down. Mike says he doesn’t have any issues. Robin says, sorry, it’s an occupational hazard, and she has to ask when his last checkup was. He says this is Sonny’s doing and that everyone is taking his temperature now. Sonny says he didn’t say anything, and Carly tells Mike that Sonny is just worried. Mike says, don’t. He had everything under control until Sonny showed up. Sonny says they’re family, but Mike thinks some family is better off staying apart. He’s going back to Brooklyn. Sonny tells him that he’s not going anywhere.

Jake tells Jason that he won first prize in the art contest. Jason congratulates him, and Jake says he did it with Franco’s help. Franco says it was all him. Jason tells him to enjoy his celebration, and Jake asks if Jason is coming to the wedding.

Mike asks if Sonny is flexing his muscles, or is he going to have his guys do it for him? Robin apologizes, saying that he looks great, and sometimes she can be overprotective. Mike says there’s nothing wrong with him, except the aches and pains that go with collecting a social security check. Rita calls, and he tells her everything is fine. He’s going to stay for a few days, but he’ll be back on Saturday, and maybe they can go dancing.

Nelle says Michael never told her that he’d bought the building. He says it seemed like a good investment, and she says, now it’s not? He thinks it’s better for the child if they set clear boundaries. She says, message received, and hopes he doesn’t take a loss. He doesn’t mean to make things hard for her, especially when she’s having a baby. She says she appreciates his past help. It’s all good; no worries. He promises not to sell it to anyone who wants to turn it into condos or hike the rent. She says she’s sure he’ll do the right thing, and asks if he’s sure he wants to do the classes with her. He says he does, and leaves. Ava tells her, nicely handled. Nelle still has a place to live, while Michael and his family get to be with Avery. She guesses they’re supposed to be happy with crumbs, but Nelle says she grew up with crumbs, and she’s done with it. It’s a momentary setback. It’s not over. Her goals are still on track.

Kim tells Drew that she’d like to take credit for how Oscar turned out, but he’s just a great kid. Drew says he’s clearly got her brains and heart, and he appreciates being his father. She says it’s going to take some getting used to sharing him, and letting have own relationship with Drew. It’s been just the two of them for years, but it’s good for Oscar that he’s there now. Drew says he’ll do his best. Kim knows he will. She still sometimes looks at Oscar like her baby boy. He tells her that she should be proud; he’s growing up to be a fine young man. It takes guts to stand up for someone else. She says his willingness to jump in and confront is from Drew. It reminds her of a time when they were together.

Jason tells Jake that he can’t make it to the wedding. Jake wonders if he said something wrong, and Elizabeth tells him no. Jason says that he found a new place to live, and maybe he can visit. Elizabeth and Jake go to the counter for cupcakes. Franco tells Jason that he’s going to be Jake’s stepfather, and Jason can hate him all he likes, but don’t put Jake in the middle. Jason says Jake doesn’t understand what Franco is. Franco says Jake doesn’t understand he had a brain tumor that made him do bad things. He wonders if it’s something like how Jason’s brain damage made him a stone-cold killer, and if there might be surprises coming from his time in the Russian clinic. Sam should be more afraid of Jason than him. Jason says Franco did what he did, and never paid, but he will. Sometimes I like Jason, but not right now.

Nelle doesn’t put it past Carly to take her baby away the way she took Avery from Ava. Ava says she’s probably already working on it. Nelle says she has to protect herself, and think of the long game. Ava tells her that pregnancy can make you vulnerable. Nelle says if Michael wants distance, that’s fine. Let him think they’re going their separate ways. Carly will be thrilled. Ava asks what’s next. Nelle says she’ll let Michael come to her. He’s going to need a friend soon; someone to lean on. Nelle will offer her shoulder. Her shoulder is sympathetic, and attached to the mother of his child.

Michael brings Avery home. He’s glad to see Robin and Mike, saying he didn’t know Sonny was bringing Mike back. Sonny says it was a surprise to him too. Mike asks who Avery is, and Carly says his granddaughter. Mike makes like he knew that, but Sonny looks like he’s thinking it over.

Elizabeth tells Franco to give her a minute, and he goes outside with Jake. She asks what just happened, but Jason says it’s between them. She says they’re getting married and it concerns her. Jake is excited, and wanted to include him. He says that means a lot, but he can’t. It’s her life and choice, but if he went, it would be the same as lying to Jake. Saying that it’s okay when it’s not. Elizabeth says Jake loves Franco, and Franco inspired him; he’s teaching Jake to be an artist. Franco has been there for him time and again. Jason says that might be true, but Jake doesn’t know Franco like he does. Hopefully, he never will.

Kim tells Drew they’d made plans to meet at a bar near the base. She got there first, and a guy hitting on her wouldn’t take no for an answer. He grabbed her shoulder, and tore the strap on her dress when she pulled away. Drew asks, what happened?

Ava hopes Nelle’s confidence is backed up by one helluva plan. She tried kicking Carly to the curb a few times. Nelle says she’ll never see it coming, and Ava has a stake in this too. She got Carly a special Valentine today; one she won’t forget. Griff calls. While Ava steps away, Nelle digs around in her purse and takes out a small tape recorder.

Robin tells Sonny that she has experience with strong-willed parents, but Mike should have a checkup to be on the safe side. She asks Sonny when the last time was he had one, and he says the last time he got shot. She suggests next time he’s due to omit the first part, and says goodbye. Avery gives Sonny a Valentine that she made. Mike watches them, all misty.

Kim feels strange telling Drew the story. He asks if he killed someone, and she says nothing like that. The guy tore her strap, and boom! he was there. He gently pushed her aside, and turned on him like an avenging angel. He says, they squared off in the bar? Did he win? She says he always won. Oscar listens from the hallway.

Elizabeth tells Jason that Franco has changed; everyone knows it. They don’t have to like him, but they’ve learned to coexist, including Michael and Sam. They’ve moved on, and he should do the same. Jake pops his head in to rush them along. Elizabeth says her family is waiting; her future. Maybe he should think about starting a future of his own. Things change, people change. She’s saying this with love, let it go. She wishes him a happy Valentine’s Day, and leaves. He sighs. If there was an Olympic event for sighing, Jason would win the gold.

Tomorrow, Kiki is glad Spinelli is there, Sam asks if Drew remembers something, and Danny wants his mom.

The Haves and the Have Nots

Justin beats on Wyatt. Jim comes running in, and pulls him off. He asks what the hell is going on, and tells Justin to get out. Justin tells Wyatt to call one more time and see what happens. Jim asks what Justin’s name is, and Justin says his name is go to hell. Jim says he has his badge number, and Justin tells Wyatt not to call Jeffrey again; he means it. Jim is like wth? He asks what Justin was talking about, and if there’s something he needs to know. Wyatt says Jim doesn’t need to know anything about his life. Jim doesn’t care if he’s attracted to Jeffrey, but is puzzled that he came in to find Wyatt and another guy fighting over him.

Wyatt tells Jim to get out. Jim says not until he has a conversation with his loving son. Wyatt has nothing to say, and Jim tells him to listen then. He asks if Wyatt thinks he’s scared of him. Wyatt says jail should scare him. He and Kathryn are both going. Jim ask if he remembers their conversation about the DA. Wyatt says they’re all going down. Jim asks what his life will be like after that, and Wyatt says, so much better. Jim says going from rehab to rehab, and waking up in his own vomit sounds like fun. How long is he going to stay clean? He wants that for him, and loves him. Wyatt says he has a helluva way of showing it. Jim says it’s not going to go well. He’s going to end up broke in a gutter, selling pencils for spare change. He’s already been duped with the overpriced apartment, and knows nothing about money; no one taught him. Wyatt says, yeah, they did a good job. Jim says what’s done is done. He doesn’t want Wyatt talking to this DA. Wyatt asks if he’s heard of witness intimidation. He’s going all the way to the Supreme Court if he has to. Jim says he’ll come crawling back, but Wyatt says never. He says it’s done. Jim wonders how he raised such a stupid son. Wyatt asks if he’s going to kill him too. Jim says he loves him, and Wyatt says love is scary. Jim isn’t trying to scare him, but tell him the truth. He wants him to remember this conversation when he crawls back. Wyatt says there’s no home to crawl back to, since his mom is divorcing Jim. Jim says he’s grossly underestimated the power of his father, but Wyatt says Jim has grossly underestimated the power of his son. Jim hopes so, for his sake. He asks if Jim is done, and says he and Kathryn have to stop coming around there. Jim leaves. When was Kathryn there? Like, three seasons ago?

The doctor goes in to see Veronica. She asks if anything is wrong, and if she has any internal injuries. He says all the tests were negative, and she wonders why she feels so bad. He says she was in a car that flipped over. They can discharge her; there’s no need to stay. He asks if she feels up to talking to the officer who’s been checking on her. She wants to ask some questions about the accident. Veronica agrees, and the officer comes in. Veronica asks where she was when a car tried to run her off the road, and the officer asks if she got a good look at them. Veronica tells her they were in her rear view. It was a truck, an older model, black. The officer asks if she thinks it was deliberate. She does. She says they just came out of nowhere and rammed her car. She asks if Veronica has any enemies. Veronica says she’s an attorney who’s represented a lot of bad people. She has quite a few ideas, but will let her know when she gets to the bottom of it. The officer says that’s their job, and Veronica says, do it. She’ll call her boss, since she doesn’t seem that bright. The officer leaves, and Veronica calls Benny. She leaves a message that she’s being discharged. She’ll get a car home, and asks him to call her back.

David paces at the station again. He must have worn a path in front of the reception desk by now. He says, that’s it, and calls Veronica. She asks what he wants, and he asks why she had Jeffrey arrested. She says he wants to be with the boys, so prison is the best place. He calls her a crazy, maniacal person, and she asks if he’s just finding that out. He tells her to call the DA and have the charges dropped. He’s their son, and she can’t control him. She says she can, and David calls her impossible. He says she’s a simple bitch, and she tells him to say it again and see what happens. He says they have to get Jeffrey out; he’s not doing well. She doesn’t care. David hangs up, and when his phone rings, he answers with saying she’s being a bitch. Erica asks if he’s okay, and wonders what’s going on. He tells her, nothing. He’s just trying to deal with a situation. She asks if it’s another woman, and he tells her that his ex did something terrible. He doesn’t know when he’ll be back. He’s got to deal with his son, and says he’ll see her later. He asks if she’s okay. She says she is, but she doesn’t seem like it.

David approaches Justin at his station desk. Justin has nothing to say. David thinks he does. He needs to know what’s going on with Justin and his son. He knows his son is gay. Justin says there’s nothing going on, and he’s not gay. David tells him there’s a video that says otherwise. He says he just read the report about Quincy’s body being found, and Justin was there. He tells Justin to leave his son alone. Justin says he’s not doing anything. David accuses him of planting evidence to incriminate Jeffrey because he’s a psychotic jealous lover (and David should know about those). He repeats, leave his son alone.

Sarah parks Candace on a bench outside of Jeffrey’s cell. He asks if they had her arrested too. She tells him, no, but don’t say too much. She tells him that his dad is there, trying to get him out, and he will. Jeffrey says he can’t go to jail. This is insane. Candace tells him to be cool. He babbles about the disgusting and dangerous people, and she says to play it right, and everything will be fine. He says he didn’t do this alone, and she tells him be quiet right now. She says not to panic; they have nothing on them, and his father can argue for him. He says he can’t be in here another hour, and she tells him to calm down. Sarah comes back. She tells Candace no talking to the inmates, and leads her away.

Mitch hears Melissa moaning, and opens the bedroom door. He sees her and Benny going at it, and Benny tells him to get out. He does, telling Benny to hurry up. Uh-oh. Veronica walks in. Mitch says he brought Benny to get her things, and she asks where he is. Mitch says upstairs getting her things, and she says he’s not answering his phone. Mitch says he might have left it in car, and offers to go get him. He sits Veronica on the couch, and runs upstairs. He tells Benny that Veronica is home, downstairs right now. Melissa asks what Mitch is doing, and he says trying to get his boy. Benny is throwing on his clothes. She says they didn’t finish, and asks if he wants to start. He asks if this is a joke, and she asks if it sounds like she’s joking. They get out while the getting is good.

Veronica tells Benny that she was discharged, so she didn’t need her clothes. He says she’s still beautiful, but he has to go. Melissa comes down in tiny robe, and Veronica tells her to put some clothes on. Melissa says Veronica always wants her to wear it, and Veronica says, for her son. Melissa says he doesn’t appreciate it, and Veronica tells her to go upstairs. Benny says he’s leaving, and Melissa asks him if he doesn’t want to finish. He says he doesn’t want anything. Veronica asks him to help her upstairs, saying she’ll deal with Melissa later. Melissa makes a snide remark about Veronica having to deal with the edges on her foundation. Benny helps Veronica up the stairs, and Melissa asks Mitch if Benny and Veronica are involved. He feigns ignorance, and she asks if it’s true what they say about tall men. She asks if he thinks she’s sexy, and jumps into his arms. He’s like, no way, and Melissa says she wouldn’t tell. He says, bye-bye, and she says, next time.

Benny sits Veronica down, and takes her shoes off. She asks if he’s going to tuck her in, and asks for a kiss. Benny is getting a lot of action today. She says he saved her life, She wishes she wasn’t in so much pain, or she’d take him right now. She asks him to come back to see her, and he says tomorrow. She calls him, her hero, and he tells her to get some rest.

In the hallway, Melissa blocks Benny, and asks him to come to her room; she knows he enjoyed it. He says he has to go. As he’s walking to the car, he zips up his pants, and Mitch and I both laugh. Mitch says that’s some crazy sh*t, and Benny tells him not to say anything. Mitch says homegirl won’t either. He says she’s touched, but sexy. Mitch still thinks Benny should work Veronica. Benny says she’s watching through the window; dude, drive.

Hanna arrives at Kathryn’s place – a gigantic old mansion. Kathryn shows Hanna around, and says it’s a new day. She’s embracing her femininity, and no more dark brown. She got married there, and shows Hanna the grand staircase she walked down. She still has good memories. Distant, but good  Hanna says it’s beautiful, and Kathryn says it should be, it cost enough.

She takes Hanna to the kitchen, and introduces her to Joanne. Kathryn tells Joanne that Hanna knos everything about her and her family. She practically is family. Hanna is going to show her the rope. Hanna says she knows how hard it is to learn a new family. Derek walks in and Kathryn says Hanna remembers him, right? Derek says he was working there, and Hanna is like, sure you were. Kathryn wants to take Joanne upstairs to show her something. She tells Derek that Hanna makes the best tea ever, and to stay for some. Hanna tells Derek that Kathryn thinks she’s slick, trying to get them to go out. He says he told her that Hanna turned him down, but didn’t tell her why, because Hanna didn’t tell him why. She says she has a lot going on, but he thinks that’s no excuse. He just asked her to have coffee. She says they’re going to have tea. She’ll make it, and if can be their coffee date. It’s not what he had in mind, but okay. Derek tells Hanna that he’s a widower, and has three kids; boys in college who play sports. He was married for thirty years until she died from cancer. She was a funny woman, who told him not to sweat the small stuff. He says, His eyes are on the sparrow, and Hanna asks if he goes to church. He’s a deacon, but she goes to a different church. He tells her to stop by. She tells him that she’s sorry for brushing him off. She prejudged him, thinking he was a dog. They laugh, and she says he seemed like he was on the prowl. He asks if he looked that desperate, and says he needs to work on that. He tells Hanna that he’s lonely; he misses his wife. Hanna says he’s a good-looking man. There must be plenty of prospects at church. She says Kathryn meant well, and asks if he was really fixing anything, or was it a setup? Derek says he did fix something yesterday, and Kathryn said she was coming over, so he came back. How about if they have tea, and see how they feel?

I just love watching these people work. This is real acting, and I’ll bet I never see one of them carrying a coffee cup that’s supposed to be full like it’s empty.

Candace is put in cell with Quita look, who says, who locked up now? Candace tells her to shut her mouth. Quita says they finally got her for what she did to Quincy. Candace says she doesn’t know what Quita is talking about. Quita says Candace killed her brother, and her ass is gonna fry. Candace says the only thing that’s frying is Quita’s brain from all that crack. Quita tells Candace that she better be scared of the electric chair. She says Quincy was good to Candace. Candace says he was an abusive psycho. Quita says he loved her, that’s why he hit her. He told her that he loved Candace every day. Candace applauds, saying she’s so glad. Quita says she stabbed him, but Candace says she doesn’t know what Quita is talking about. Quita says Quincy didn’t even get a proper funeral. She buried him in the backyard like he’s a nobody. She tells Candace, what goes around come on back around. She says it came back fast. Candace killed her brother, and now look her son. Candace tells her shut up. Quita says it happened because of what Candace did to her brother. Her son was shot dead in a bathroom. Candace attacks her, and the prisoners go nuts.

Next time, the DA talks to Candace, Oscar bails out Quita, and Veronica and Benny get busy.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I have to mention that the dress LVP wears in the opening credits is absolutely stunning, and probably one of the best I’ve seen on any of the Wives shows. It’s a glittery copper-colored gown, with straps on top and a full skirt. Simple in design, and it looks amazing on her.

The ladies gather in the kitchen at Teddi’s beach house. Dorit thanks Teddi, saying what a fun night it was, and we see a clip of everyone acting goofy. Erika ended up leaving. LVP doesn’t know why she needed to check into the hotel for stomach cramps, except those weren’t the kind of cramps she said she had. Kyle took Erika’s room, and Dorit says she had first dibs. Erica returns, and Kyle tells her she missed the fun; they were all ridiculous. In her interview, Dorit thought the first topic would be Erika leaving, since they’d talked about it the night before.

Teddi’s trainer Alex arrives, and gets the girls joggling in place, sans Erika and Dorit. In her interview, Dorit says she talked about Erika to the others last year without talking directly to her, and doesn’t want to get caught in that trap again. She tells Erika that she’d rather wait until the others are done, but she wants to be super honest. She tells Erika a couple of the girls were mad that she left. Erika wants to know who it was, and Dorit dances around it, but finally tells Erika that it was Kyle and Teddi. We see a clip of Teddi being annoyed that it was last minute. Erika isn’t too pleased about it. She had intentions of staying, but wasn’t feeling well, and doesn’t know what the big deal was.

Erika ambushes Kyle as soon as she comes in, asking if she was mad about her leaving, and saying that Dorit told her they’d had a discussion. Kyle wonders what sh*t Dorit was stirring up while the rest of them were working out. Teddi says it was weird that Erika said she was staying, and then didn’t. Erika thinks it’s weird she should care. (In all fairness, Teddi did have to prepare the rooms.) Teddi said she’s not mad, but she was just confused. Camille tells Dorit being a tattletale isn’t cool, and everyone should have been involved. In her interview, Camille wonders what Dorit is trying to do. Erika sys didn’t want to bleed all over the sheets. Teddi says it’s becoming a bigger deal than it should be. Camille says it’s because someone tattletaled (my spellcheck – which is pretty liberal – does not recognize that as a word).

Dorit tells Camille that it’s silly, but Camille doesn’t agree with some of the things she says or does. She says things to get attention, and it’s not cool. She can’t keep her mouth shut. She doesn’t think Dorit should have said anything. Teddi says everyone thought it was weird, and now she has to defend herself. In her interview, Teddi says If you’re not okay with it, don’t do weird sh*t. Erika is weepy, and Teddi says the only thing bothering her is that Erika feels badly. Erika brushes her off, saying she doesn’t need any more petting, when Teddi tries to touch her. I’m thinking she’s just emotional because she has her period. Geez.

It’s quiet in the kitchen. Dorit doesn’t think either of them should be upset, and Erika says it’s not personal. Teddi says she didn’t take it personally, but she extended an olive branch, and Erika blew it off, making her feel like sh*t. Erika says it’s her being hurt and embarrassed. Teddi says she’s been confronted like she did something wrong, when all she did was say it was weird. LVP feels badly for Teddi. She’s uncomfortable with entertaining in the first place, and the high-maintenance women are validating her fears. Teddi suggests calling it a day. In her interview, Kyle says no one was mad or said Erika was a bitch. There was nothing Dorit needed to repeat. Teddi thanks them for coming.

LisaR is on the set of The Middle. I’m not a sitcom person, but that show makes me laugh. She says yesterday was a long one, and over 100 degrees. She hasn’t done a sitcom in a while, and her comedy is rusty. She says I’s hard to do the whole day in the heat, and then your closeup is the last one. She’s been through it all on the soaps. She says you learn from your mistakes, and she’s learned a lot.

Everyone packs up. Teddi says she might need Kyle to talk her through Fashion Week. Erika says she’s sorry Teddi’s feelings were hurt, and it was embarrassing for her. Teddi says she had the same feelings when she tried to reach out to Erika.

In the car, LVP says Teddi is trying to hold it together; they’ve all been there. Kyle asks Dorit why, and Dorit says Erika asked her who said it. Kyle says everybody said it, and Erika didn’t single Kyle out, Dorit did. We flash back to Dorit even saying Erika’s abrupt departure was weird. Kyle says everyone thought it was odd. In her interview, Kyle says we all have moments of saying someone did something strange, but you don’t approach them about it the next day. Dorit says it wasn’t a big deal, but can become one. LVP says it just did.

Erika is back home with Tom. Tom has been doing well since the accident, but he’s still working from home. Erika says, in some ways, it’s kind of nice. She tells him about writing her book and writing some new music, and that it’s great, but overwhelming. She doesn’t know how he manages so much; what he does is massive. He says they appreciate each other. She says learned a lot from him. He’s impressed that Simon and Schuster sought her out. He says it means a lot. She’s excited, yet intimidated. She knows no one in the literary world, and is a fish out of water.

LisaR is accompanying Amelia and Delilah to Fashion Week in NYC. LisaR says there’s so much going on, her head is spinning. How this is different from any other time, I don’t know. Amelia wants to spend time with mom, and LisaR says her mom packed her off with a hug and smile. She wants to be able to do the same, no matter how hard it is for her.

PK’s parents are staying a while. Dorit says the kids love their grandparents, but don’t get to see them as often as they’d like. To have both sets to look after PK while she’s gone is a bonus, because he’s five.

Teddi comes to Kyle’s store. She needs what to wear help for Fashion Week. Kyle is having a party at her store in NYC.

PK asks Dorit how she got on with Teddi. Dorit says Erika wasn’t feeling well, and wanted to go to hotel, and it became a big deal. She’s having anxiety over the NYC trip. PK’s mother says time heals, and people won’t remember. Obviously, she doesn’t know this group at all.

Teddi says she couldn’t care less, and wasn’t like Dorit didn’t say something too. Kyle thinks it’s a crafty way of outing them, and stepping away from the fire. Kyle gives Teddi some things to try on. In her interview, Teddi explains that her babysitter is a stylist, and matches her outfits. Kyle puts on a very cute black lace minidress. She’s having fun unleashing Teddi’s inner fashionista. Teddi calls Edwin, and Kyle yells that all the money is gone. Teddi tells him any purchases are Kyle’s fault. She says he couldn’t care less, but it’s her own issue.

Giggy! Harrison! The ladies get ready for the trip to NYC. I wonder if anyone from the NYC cast will cross over. Omg, Lisa’s closet. Erika’s closet. Words can’t even describe them.

Dorit is hosting Bella magazine’s party because she’s on the cover. PK can’t come because he’s closing the deals on her swimwear line. He can’t believe she’s leaving him with all the parents and the kids. Just number him in the latter category.

LisaR shows us Delilah’s apartment. Which has no furniture unless you count clothes all over the floor. They go shopping, and LisaR finds some giant acrylic decorative capsules. We flash back to her pulling out her bag of pills. In her interview, she says she got hand me downs for her first apartment. I got the furniture that was already there. Delilah talks about having a clogged toilet, and not knowing what to do without her dad. LisaR tells us about the cockroaches in her first place, and how this is a whole other level. Yep. I had those too. God bless whoever invented Combat.

Kyle and LVP are going to store, and meeting the others at the hotel later. Erika talks about being eighteen in NYC and not going out until midnight or one a.m., and not getting home until six. She doesn’t think she’ll live there again; LA is easy. Funny, I think just the opposite.

Kyle greets store partner Lizzy when they get to the store. We see the space pre-store, and it was a shamble. Kyle says when she first saw it, she didn’t think they could create such a beautiful store. She tells LVP about the designers she carries. In her interview, she says she and LVP are supportive of each other. They have a history, and friendship isn’t something to be tossed away when something goes wrong.

The ladies meet for dinner. Camille shows us a picture of when she was on MTV as a youngster. LisaR says the girls are going to casting calls with big directors, and it’s humbling to know it’s not just you. They order deviled eggs, and I suddenly want one. Not so much the tuna tartare tacos. I like tuna tartare, but why mess it up with a crunchy shell around it?

Kyle buys some earrings from herself.

Erika asks if they filled LisaR in on the latest. She tells Dorit to go on and tell what happened. Dorit tells LisaR about the dinner with Kyle that LVP walked out of. Erika says very Alexis Carrington. Camille is diplomatic, but Erika says they’re competitive. In her interview, Erika thinks LVP loves them competing for her affection. Dorit talks about LVP and Kyle “getting into it” somewhat at the beach house, and Teddi says there wasn’t going to be a resolution. Then it comes. Dorit tells them about Kyle being outspoken regarding Erika leaving. In her interview, Camille says, here we go again. She can’t help herself. Teddi says she can only speak for herself, but she thought it was weird for Erika to go through the motions as though she was staying, and then leave. LisaR thinks the way they’re dealing with it is weird. Erika says Erika is going to do what Erika wants until the day Erika dies. Camille says there was a lot going on before she got there. Erika tells them that she drove down with LVP, who said she’d felt brushed aside. Camille asks if she might have felt ignored, and Dorit says she does. LVP told her privately that she feels when they’re in a group that Dorit doesn’t include her, and also talks over her. In her interview, Teddi says kindly SYFU. Dorit says she might have said she felt jealous. LisaR asks if she’s saying anything that she wouldn’t say to LVP’s face, and Dorit says she’d say it all to her. In her interview, LisaR worries for Dorit, bcause LVP isn’t going to be happy with what she said.

Next time, Erika wears sunglasses to die for when she meets with her publishers, Kyle talks to LVP about what Dorit said, Dorit confronts LVP, and Kyle confronts Dorit.

💮 I noticed reruns from the first season of Too Close to Home on TLC. Could this mean it’s coming back?

🌹 The Gown



February 8, 2017 – Franco’s Muse is Back, Scary Chefs, a Cuppla TV Tidbits & the Truth


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Kiki asks Elizabeth about the reception. Elizabeth says they’re having a hard time picking the right venue. Ava suggests the gallery, and Kiki thinks it would suit them. Elizabeth says she’ll run it by Franco. He has a lot going on

Franco paints a stairway to heaven. I don’t really know what it is, but it looks like a black light poster from the 70s.

At the hospital, Nelle thanks Michael for coming to the appointment. He doesn’t want to miss anything. She suggests calling the baby by its name, unless it a problem.

Carly asks Jason how he likes his new decor. He approves, and thinks he’ll be comfortable.

Alexis asks Sam how things are going. She says, great, all things considered. Faison is dead, and the only lead they have is his newly discovered son Henrik.

Peter tells Drew that he’ll stay on board until they find a replacement. Drew refuses to accept his resignation without an explanation. He can’t walk away without saying why he’s going. Peter says he accomplished what he came to do.

Anna asks Valentin if he ever crossed paths with Faison after leaving the WSB. He tells her that for a seasoned professional, she’s making a mess of this. He’d play this game with her, but his wife wants her gone, so he suggests they cut to the chase. Why doesn’t she just ask him what happened to the child she had with Faison? She asks what he’s talking about, and he asks if that’s all she has. She’s a wonderful liar – it’s what made her a great spy –  but he understands the paradox of a secret too painful to keep. She starts to leave, and he tells her to go ahead and run away, but she’ll never get the answers she came for.

Michael says he knows Nelle meant well, but thinks they should come up with something else. Nelle says she thought it was a good way to honor Morgan’s memory, but Michael says it brings up painful memories about their loss and the mistakes they made while grieving. Nelle assumes it’s Carly who doesn’t want it, but Michael says he doesn’t either.

Elizabeth sees Franco’s painting, and says it’s illuminating. His muse is back in full force. He tells her the best way to work things out is with a paintbrush. She asks if this is the result of his session with Doc. He doesn’t want to give Doc all the credit, but it was Illuminating. Elizabeth thinks she knows what the painting means.

Carly babbles to Jason about having the boys over. She says now it’s Jason’s turn; it’s his place. The boys will visit, and they’ll make memories. He hopes so, and she tells him, don’t hope; make it happen. He’s the most determined person she knows. When he decides to do something, he does it. She tells him to decide to have a relationship with his boys. If anyone tells him not to, they’re wrong.

Peter tells Drew that he’s still in shock from the shooting. He was lucky to come away spared, but Nathan didn’t. He didn’t see Nathan get shot, but he saw the aftermath with Maxie begging him not to leave her. He tried to staunch the bleeding, but not enough. it sounds cliché, but afterwards, he questioned his life, and if wants to spend it behind a desk. Drew asks if he’s going to the Himalayas to search for enlightenment, and says maybe he should just take some time off. Peter says he knows what he needs to do. Drew tells him that since he’s been there, the revenues are way up, and so is the readership. Peter says he told Drew the company had potential, and he’s glad to realize some of it. Drew tells him that he’s part of the Aurora family, and he hates to see him leaving. Peter thanks him, saying up until now, he didn’t know what it was like to have family.

Valentin asks Anna if she isn’t tied of running. She says she’s tired of him talking in riddles. He says he was clear; he knows she had a child with Faison. She asks how he came to know? He talks about a school in London much like Hogwarts, but it was a spy school. There was a beautiful princess at the school, and a crooked man, ugly as a troll. He knows what happened on a dark sinful night, when the princess went to Brussels where a midwife was waiting to help deliver a child. Anna runs to the door. He says he thought it was Alex, but it was her all along. She asks why he’s doing this. He asks if she doesn’t want to know, and she tells him he wasn’t there. He tells her to let him finish the story without interruption, and she comes back in.

Elizabeth says the painting is Franco crawling out of a dark place into something new and unknown. He says that’s more than Doc would say. Elizabeth is proud of him, but doesn’t want to interrupt. He tells her she’s the most important thing to him. She explains how Ava offered the gallery for their reception. He thinks that’s uncharacteristically generous, and she was probably trying to impress Kiki. He’s glad though, since he thought they’d have to set up food trucks outside the brownstone. They decide to have lunch, and discuss the plans.

Nelle tells Michael she thought naming the baby Morgan would help the contention. He says it was after Morgan died that she drugged his father and pretended to sleep with him to hurt his mother, Naming the baby Morgan will only bring back old pain. His family doesn’t deserve that, and neither does the baby. He suggests they wait until the baby is born, and come up with a name they both like. She asks if he means a name he likes, and asks if there’s anything else he’d like to dictate. He tells her that he wants to discuss anything they can compromise on, and be by her side as much as she’ll let him. She calls him exasperating. One minute, he’s unreasonable, and the next, he’s incredible.

Jason tells Carly that Danny is coming over. He’s nervous about it, since Sam has always been there. Carly says Danny knows he can trust Jason, and is safe with him. Jason asks how, and she says she’s sure Danny senses that his mom feels the same way. Sam knows that if she needs him for anything, he’ll come through. She knows she’s safe with him.

Sam explains to Alexis how Jason and Sonny figured out Faison had another son – Henrik. They think he was involved in the switch with Jason and Drew. Alexis asks if he’s still at large. Sam says she and Drew didn’t know the truth until after Faison was shot. Drew accused Jason of withholding information, but she thinks he wanted proof before saying anything. Alexis wonders if Sam had been alone, would Jason have told her from the beginning? Sam agrees that he didn’t want to put her in the middle. Alexis says, like when they kissed on New Year’s Eve?

Drew tells Peter that if he feels the same way tomorrow, he and Sam will respect his decision. Peter doubts that he’ll change his mind. They part company.

Sam tells Alexis the kiss was mutual. They talked about it, and it’s over with. Alexis suggests she keep her distance just to be safe. Drew calls Sam, and tells her something came up at work. She says she can meet him at the office, but he says he’ll come to her. They need to talk, but he’ll explain when he sees her. She tells Alexis that she needs a favor.

Valentin continues his story. In spy school, the crooked man was hopelessly in love with the princess, and hoped to win her over with a daring act of devotion. He hoped she would see the real him, past his physical defects. Her most obvious weakness was ambition. She wanted to leapfrog over the other recruits, and wanted to bring down the biggest baddie – Cesar Faison. She knew he was already fixated on her, and saw an in using his weakness. Anna says she wanted to destroy him. Valentin says he saw her when she stole away from school. He followed her. Anna says he should have stopped her, but he says this isn’t about him; it’s a story from his perspective. He asks if she wants him to stop, but she says, no. He says he followed and watched as she blended in. He watched her go through a door and come out in disguise, looking like a common call girl. She fooled everyone but him. He followed her out of London, and she went to pub where Faison would be. He was drunk when she sat next to him, and she got him drunker before she left. Rumors were flying that she’d stolen intel from Faison. No one knew how, but he did, and knows she got more than she bargained for. Anna tells him to stop it, but he says she’s made it this far. If she leaves now, she’ll miss the best part of the story.

Anna doesn’t deny her ambition, and isn’t apologizing for it. She wanted the glory of bringing him down. He was sick, and paid women to impersonate her. She thought she could pass herself off as one of them. Valentin says it was a dangerous game that went further than she expected, which brings them back to Brussels. He talks about the creaky stairs the midwife had to go up. Anna wonders how he could know that. He says she took a spontaneous leave of absence from school. There was a lot of speculation, but a contact told him where she was. By the time he got there, the room was empty with no sign of a mother with her child. Anna asks how does he know what happened, and he says he never did. She just confirmed it. She just confirmed she knows nothing whatsoever about birth control too.

Drew tells Sam that Peter tendered his resignation, saying he did what came to do, whatever that means. Sam thinks maybe he was shaken up over the shooting. Drew says he asked Peter to take time to think it through, but he seemed certain. Jim intrudes, saying the fates conspired in his favor. Sam introduces them, and Jim says he plans to be a major advertiser when the Charles Street project kicks into gear. Drew reminds him that’s if the proposal passes, but Jim thinks it will. He goes to the bar to get drinks.

Franco and Elizabeth come in. Franco sees Sam and Drew, and says it’s busy; maybe they should go somewhere else. Elisabeth says she’s ready for comfort food and beer. She tells him that if he’s going to stare, he should just say hello. He thinks Drew would prefer he play in oncoming traffic. They sit, and Jim says, hey, Bobby, small world.

Kiki doesn’t want to overstep, but asks Michael and Nelle if the baby is okay. Nelle says they’re just there to sign up for mom classes. She says she’s exhausted, and asks Michael to sign them up. She leaves, and Kiki says, so Michael is getting his Lamaze on; she wants a video. He says that’s not happening. She’s glad to see he’s getting along with Nelle, as long as she understands. She says they seemed affectionate, but Michael says Nelle understands there’s nothing between them. Actually, there is. It’s called a baby.

Ava tells Nelle it looks promising, and Nelle says the baby is bringing them closer. Ava asks what about Granny Carly, and Nelle says that’s a bit of a setback. Ava says that Carly is not going to give up without a fight, but Nelle says she won’t have fight left in her after what she’s planning. The details have yet to be finalized, but she might need Ava’s help to pull it off.

Jason tells Carly that Sam wants him to keep his distance. Carly insists Sam needs for him to wait until she can admit her love for him. Alexis comes by to drop Danny off. Danny thinks the place is cool. Carly says great taste runs in the family. Danny is puzzled by that, and Jason explains she means that she picked everything out, and is glad he likes it. He tells Danny welcome to his new place; it’s Danny’s new place too.

Danny brought Jason a present; a drawing of him and Annabelle II. Danny tells Jason about a Star Wars game he likes, and Carly says what a coincidence. There just might be Star Wars stuff in his room. He and Jason go to check it out, and Carly asks Alexis why Sam couldn’t bring Danny. Alexis says she had a work issue. Carly questions if it’s really that she can’t trust herself around Jason. Because Carly knows how everyone in the world thinks and feels better than they do.

Jim sits with Drew and Sam. He says it wouldn’t hurt to have a mayor who’s pro-business, and asks if they’re planning to endorse anyone. Sam says that would be unethical, since her mom is a candidate, and Drew is related to Ned. Jim asks if it’s Drew as in Andrew. He’s putting it together for the first time, and explains that he used to know Drew and Franco when they were kids. He dated Betsy, and used to call them Bobby and Andy. Sam asks if he knows anything else he can tell Drew about his past. Jim says, not much. He and Betsy broke up, and later he heard Drew had died, but that turned out to be untrue. He’s clearly alive and well. He says what a crazy coincidence that the three of them are in the same town. They were meant to reconnect. Drew stares at Franco.

Valentin tells Anna that he had the word of the midwife, but never knew for sure. Now he knows the truth; she gave birth to Faison’s child. Anna says the child had a monster for a father. Valentin agrees. That’s why he never told anyone. Crying, she thanks him, and asks if he knows what happened to the child.

Kiki tells Michael she’s celebrating with her mom about getting into med school. He tells her that the hospital is throwing a celebration for incoming students, but she says it seems to be a couple’s thing. She doesn’t want to go and be interrogated about where Dillon is. Michael tells her not to let him ruin her moment. She should go to the party and celebrate. She says she’ll think about it.

Ava asks Nelle how she can help. Nelle says she’ll need more flexible hours. She’ll get her work done, but needs extra time for the baby’s sake. Ava tells her to consider her hours as flexible as she needs.

Jason asks Carly if she wants to stay for dinner, but she says it’s a big night for them. They should order pizza and watch basketball. Jason asks what kind of pizza Danny wants, and Danny says whatever Jason is getting, calling him dad. Carly tells him to get used to it. It’s who he is to Danny, and always will be.

Sam asks if Jim can shed any light on Drew’s past. Jim says Drew is lucky to be alive after what Bobby did. The little psycho tried to kill him by shoving him down the basement steps. Drew gets up to go after Franco, but it’s all in Franco’s head. In reality, Jim tells Drew that he was always building things. It’s not surprising that he built a company. He’s looking forward to them doing business together. He leaves, and Sam asks if it’s her, or was he holding something back? Drew was wondering the same thing. Franco looks at his lucky rabbit’s foot.

Valentin tells Anna that the midwife said she couldn’t bring herself to look at the baby. He assumes it’s because if she did, she would never let go. The midwife told him that Anna begged her to find the baby a home; a place she could grow up happy, healthy and unaware of her father. Anna says, she? Valentin tells her that she had a girl. Surprise!

Kiki tells Ava that she wants to go to The Floating Rib, but Ava says she deserves champagne, not a bib. They’re going to the MetroCourt. She says maybe soon, she’ll have something to celebrate too.

In the hallway, Carly’s phone rings. It says unknown, and no one is there when she answers. Nelle hangs up at a payphone. I haven’t seen one of those in years. No wonder Jim thinks Port Charles is behind the times.

Franco and Elizabeth get ready to leave. Drew gets up, and asks why Franco never told him that Jim knew them as kids. Franco says it’s ancient history. Drew picks up the rabbit’s foot that Franco dropped and hands it back.

Valentin tells Anna that the story has a happy ending. The midwife honored her wishes, and found a happy home for the child. She never knew who her father was, and Faison never knew she existed. So Anna got what she wanted. He tells her good night, and she leaves. Outside, she smiles, and says she wanted a girl.

Peter’s phone rings. He answers, telling the caller they should be aware he’s leaving Port Charles. Valentin says that would be a mistake.

Tomorrow, Nathan’s funeral.


Mike’s girlfriend, Rita (Suanne Spoke), was also the NYC bartender who helped Jason hide when he was on his way back from Russia. He gave her Huxley’s “lucky” watch, so I wonder if this is ever going to factor in. I’m sure that watch was more than a watch.

🍰 This week’s Top Chef had the contestants cooking up desserts in the Stanley Hotel, which inspired The Shining. The challenge was to create their worst nightmare on a plate. For the most part, it was disappointing. One cook had been afraid of seeds as a child. Okay… Another cook wanted to recreate an egg exposing an unborn chick when cracked, which he claimed was a real thing. It was all I could do not to scream at the TV that this is a misconception. When you crack open an egg, and there’s a spot that looks like blood, it’s not a pre-peep; it’s a discoloration. In order to produce a chicken, an egg has to be fertilized. By a rooster. Farmers aren’t going to do that if they only want eggs. Bruce ended up having to pack his knives because of some undercooked barley. At least it wasn’t risotto, although oddly enough, he had wanted to cook it like risotto. Step away from anything risotto.

😬 This weekend, AMC will be having a Walking Dead marathon, as well as a preview of season 8B. When did seasons start sounding like apartment numbers?

🎭 Imposters returns to Bravo on Thursday April 5th at 10 pm. It’s a great show and worth checking out. Lots of fun, lots of drama, and lots of surprising twists.

✋ What’s up with this “my truth” business? The truth is the truth; there’s no yours or mine. What people seem to mean is their point of view of the truth. Everybody has one, but usually the real truth lies somewhere in the middle. #StopItPlease





February 7, 2018 – Valentin Knows All, Kelly Gets a Lawyer, Happy & Sad TV News


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At Windemere, Nina talks to Valentin about funeral plans. Anna comes in, and Nina is like, seriously? She says if Anna has business with her husband, do it later. Anna is there to see Obrecht, but Nina says she’s resting, and she’ll give her a message. Obrecht comes out, and asks what more Anna could possibly want from them?

Sam brings Drew a potted orchid with a pair of tickets to Thailand attached. Drew asks what business they have there, but Sam says it’s a do-over for the honeymoon.

Peter meets Lulu at Kelly’s. He asks how she’s doing. She tells him the happy ending she was writing turned out to be an obituary.

Mike asks if Sonny slept all right. Sonny tells him that he set up the espresso maker he sent three Christmases ago. He asks where Mike has been. Mike says it seems like something is on Sonny’s mind, and Sonny tosses the bag of money at him, asking him to explain it. Mike doesn’t understand, and asks what it is. Sonny says, tell him, and asks again where he was. Mike says he goes for a walk every morning. He meets his friends for coffee, and sometimes they have breakfast; he has his routine. Sonny asks what about the money? Mike says if Sonny doesn’t know, that makes two of them. He has a side job, and he’s not an idiot. He knows what happens to guys who don’t deliver. Sonny asks what the $10K is doing in Mike’s cigar box? Mike doesn’t know, and says he didn’t put it there.

At Charlie’s, Jim asks if Julian has had a change of heart. Julian says his offer is generous, but Charlie’s is still not for sale. Jim says Julian knows where to find him. Julian says at his regular table, and if he ever sold Charlie’s, Jim might starve.

Curtis tells Julian that Jim isn’t smiling, he’s baring his teeth. Julian says he’s trying to start his life over, and doesn’t need this hassle. Curtis realizes that Julian isn’t just holding out; he’s not selling. Julian says Charlie’s is staying right where it is – in the middle of Jim’s plans.

Sam says she’s never been to Thailand, and as far as they know, Drew hasn’t either. He says everything old is pretty much new. She tells him that Monica will take care of the kids, and they’ll have their first real adventure as Drew and Sam Cain. They can make memories of their own, and have more adventures. He calls her ambitious, and says the word honeymoon has a nice ring to it. They start making out, and Alexis pops in, asking if they don’t have work to do.

Peter can only imagine how devastated Lulu must be. She says it’s nothing compared to how Maxie feels. She lost her husband, and Dante lost his partner. They both have a huge piece missing, and she set it into motion. Peter says they might take some small comfort in knowing someone who loved Nathan wrote the obituary. She says Maxie can’t even talk to anyone. He asks how the baby is, and Lulu says fine, but it will never know what a great father it had. Ned approaches the table. He complements Lulu on her byline, and says now that the election is in full-swing, they’ll probably want a one-on-one interview with him. Peter tells him to contact the paper directly, and Ned moves along. Lulu says, well, that happened, and Peter says readers recognize good talent.

Anna wants to search the grounds in case Faison left something behind. Valentin tells her to knock herself out, but he did a thorough sweep, and there was no trace. Anna has an envelope of Faison’s personal effects, and thought Obrecht would want them.

Sonny tells Mike that he took the time to come there because he heard Mike was in trouble. He finds out that Mike is a bag man, and has $10K in his cigar box. He can’t force Mike to take help, but he can reimburse Caruso, and Mike can keep the money. Mike says he doesn’t want or need Sonny’s help. Sonny says he doesn’t need Mike’s help either. Rita comes in, wondering what’s going on. She tells Sonny that Mike is too proud and stupid to ask, but they’re in trouble, and need his help.

Sam tells Alexis that she heard things at headquarters are a little intense, and wonders why she’s there. Alexis asks if they caught the attack ad. Drew did, and tells Sam that it stated Alexis makes bad decisions and is bad for Port Charles. Sam says she’s surprised at Ned. Alexis says he claims he didn’t know about it, but he didn’t have it taken down either. Sam suggests running a counter attack, pointing out that Alexis had enough sense to leave Ned at the altar. Alexis doesn’t think that would help, but she does need an endorsement. Aurora Media could say something pointing out the good she’s done. Drew thinks she’s a terrific candidate, and would like to help, but an endorsement from them would tank the campaign.

Lulu dabs at her eyes, and says Peter has knack of catching her at vulnerable moments. He tells her to be glad she can still cry; most journalists can’t. She says he’s been a great mentor. How is it possible she doesn’t know a thing about him?

Obrecht backs away from the envelope, saying she wants nothing to do with it. Anna thought she or Britt might want it, but Valentin suggests she take it and destroy it. Anna says she could, but not right now. Obrecht said he had a son; what about him? Obrecht says Faison killed the one pure part of both of them. Anna says she’s talking about Henrik, and asks if Obrecht can help find him.

Sonny tells Rita that he’d love to help, but can’t if he doesn’t know what’s going on. Rita says she’ll tell him everything, and he asks how the $10K ended up in the cigar box? Rita doesn’t know. If she did, she’d tell him. Mike says he doesn’t need her to defend him to his son. If his word isn’t sufficient, Sonny needs to get out. Sonny says he wants to believe him, but Mike says that’s not good enough. He says he’s sweaty from his walk, and needs to take a shower, adding something stinks in here. After he leaves, Rita says she knows Sonny hasn’t seen him in a while, but he’s not himself. She told him not to take the job; they’d find a way to get by. Although who can blame him? Is he going to stock shelves with high school kids? Sonny counts the money, and says it’s all there. That means Mike is telling the truth, at least about gambling. If he’d fallen off the wagon, it would be short. Rita says he’s proud. He’s been trying, and has succeeded for the most part, but he needs his own to believe in him. He’d rather die than admit that. Sonny understands, and she says if he wants to help figure it out, go easy on him.

Sam says Drew is right. An editorial campaign headed by Julian’s daughter is not a good idea. Drew says it’s not what she needs. It should come from the Port Charles Press. Sam adds that they made an agreement not to dictate content. She offers to take Alexis to lunch, and Alexis says it’s a nice consolation prize. Sam says they can strategize. They leave, and Drew looks at the tickets.

Peter tells Lulu that his life story isn’t that interesting. He wasn’t close with his family. His mom abandoned him as an infant, and his father shipped him to boarding school. Lulu asks if he had siblings, and he tells her that he had a brother, but he died before they had a chance to know each other. Lulu compares his life to a Dickens novel, and says he deserves better. He says he practices what he preaches, and wrote himself a better ending in spite of his family.

Nina tells Anna that Nathan is the only one who mattered, and Anna agrees he was a great man. Their loss must be profound, but Henrik could be out there following in Faison’s footsteps. Nina wonders where he’s been, and where he is now, and Anna says that’s what she’s trying to find out.

Sonny tells Rita that she’s right. Rita says Mike told her how he abandoned Sonny, and that his mother’s second husband was not a nice guy. Sonny says he’s already come to terms with that, but Rita says that doesn’t mean Mike doesn’t think about it every day. He didn’t know the money was missing, and she tells Sonny that Mike has been distracted, like there’s something heavy on his mind. She’s been worrying about him, hoping he’d tell Sonny. Sonny says she might have noticed they’re not sharing kind of guys. Rita tells Sonny that Mike’s face lights up when talks about Sonny and his kids. He’s proud of him, and despite the cranky bastard act, wanted to be someone Sonny is proud of. Cutting and running wasn’t the best way to do it, but Mike loves him in his own half-assed way. The last thing wants is to need him, but right now… Mike comes back in, and says Sonny is still there. Does that mean he believes him?

Ned goes to Drew’s office. He says despite the rough relaunch, they seem to be ahead of the game. He tells Drew that the family was denied the opportunity to have his back while he was growing up, but they would have, like they did Jason. He has their loyalty, and the family is standing beside him. All they ask is that he stand beside them as well.

Sam and Alexis go to Charlie’s. Sam remarks that Alexis is there a lot, and Alexis says campaign headquarters are across the street; it’s hard to avoid. She tells Sam not to worry. There’s no risk of her getting back together with Julian. Apparently, he has a girlfriend.

Lulu asks if Peter ever looked for his mother. He says he had a fantasy as a kid that she’d come back, but it didn’t happen. He was given to his father through an intermediary, and his father didn’t know who his mother was. His father ran the gamut from boring to unpleasant. He was self-absorbed and unfeeling, but business kept him away a lot, so Peter didn’t have to see him. He was a horrible person. Lulu asks if he’s no longer alive, and Peter says he’s been dead a while. He spent most of his childhood seeking approval, but there’s only so much dismissal and ignoring you can take before you don’t need it. That’s when he was able to break free.

Anna asks Obrecht if she has any idea where Henrik could be. Obrecht says she saw him as boy, but he’s long since grown. Anna says if he’s continuing to do Faison’s work, he needs to be stopped. Nina says, not today; not now.

Sonny tells Mike that he believes him. He tells him not to worry about the money. Things are squared with Caruso; he’s been paid off, and Mike can keep it. Sonny says he should take a vacation, and come meet Avery. He also hasn’t met his great-grandson Rocco, and Dante and Lulu would love to see him. Mike says he’s too young to be a great-grandfather. Sonny says he screwed up, but he can make it up by coming to visit. Carly would love to see him too. Mike asks what about Rita, and Sonny says he’s inviting them both. Rita says she has to work, but tells Mike to go. He says he’s not going anywhere.

Jim approaches Alexis’s table, and asks if she remembers him. She says he’s the one who accused Laura of exploiting the memory of Mary Mae. Jim asks to let bygones be bygones. Alexis says she could try, but apparently, he needs something from her. She invites him to sit, and he says he can only stay a minute. She introduces him to Sam, who says she knows he’s the face behind the Charles Street redevelopment project. He would love to discuss the details, since he did that for Alexis’s opponent.

Curtis comes in, and Julian asks what he found out. He says the guy who attacked his Aunt Stella disappeared. He was the only one injured, Jordan persuaded him not to press charges, and he skipped town. Curtis can’t figure out why. Julian says he might have been acting on someone else’s orders.

Drew asks if Ned is suggesting he stand beside the Quartermaines, or stand beside him. He wonders if Ned is looking for a personal endorsement, and Ned asks if that would be so bad. Drew says, to ask, no, but he’s going to tell him the same thing Sam told Alexis. They’re choosing to remain neutral. He appreciates Ned stopping by, and his kind words, but has to get back to work. Ned sees Alan’s cufflinks, and Drew says Monica gave them to him. Ned says that’s what it means to be a Quartermaine. (Cufflinks?) It’s not about choice, but a legacy. Recusing himself is a great strategy; it makes him more of a Quartermaine.

Lulu says Peter should get his memoirs down on record, if only for his own self-worth. Peter says his work was done by surviving. Sad stories about toxic families are a dime a dozen. Lulu says they’re all unique. Someone might read his, and not feel alone. He says if there are billions out there, there’s plenty to choose from. She thanks him for the distraction, and he says, what are friends for?

Nina tells Anna to have some respect, and give them time to grieve. They have to work out the funeral arrangements. She begs Valentin to get Anna out of the house, and leaves. Anna says she knows they don’t believe her, but she’s sorry. She wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t critical. Valentine wonders how critical something can be about a dead man. Anna wants to make sure everything about Faison, including his son, is wrapped up for good.

Mike appreciates the offer, but he has his routine; it keeps him steady. Sonny says they have sidewalks in Port Charles. Mike says he meets his friends for coffee, and Sonny says he’s got more coffee than Mike could ever dream of. Mike doesn’t want to be away from Rita. She tells him to go; it’s not Timbuktu. Everything will be there when he gets back, including her. Sonny tells him to come to Port Charles and meet his family. Mike agrees.

Jim has ideas for joint ventures between Niagara and Aurora. Sam says she’ll give his card to Drew, but she thinks what he needs is an ad agency. Ned comes in, and Jim leaves to join him. Sam asks if Alexis thinks Ned saw them. She says considering how hard he’s trying not to look at her, yes. Sam asks if she’s going to confront him about the ad.

Curtis wonders why a dude would mug someone, and then try to press charges after they defended themselves? I could actually see this happening in NYC. Julian says the street lights were out, and Curtis adds that the security cameras were too. Stella has been very vocal, and was arrested for assault, and now being made to look like the crazy bad guy. They watch Ned and Jim laughing together.

Peter goes to Drew’s office, and thanks him for the amazing opportunity. He’s tendering his resignation though. It’s time for him to leave Port Charles. Funny, he didn’t mention he’d only be staying a couple of months during the interview.

Anna asks Valentin if he ever crossed paths with Faison after leaving the WSB. Valentin laughs, saying for a seasoned professional, she’s making a mess of this. He can field her vague and ridiculous questions all afternoon, but his wife wants her gone. He tells her let’s cut to the chase. What does she want to know about her and Faison’s son?

Tomorrow, Michael says Nelle knows there’s no future between them, Elizabeth knows what something means, and Drew won’t accept Peter’s resignation.

If Loving You is Wrong

Brad drives off after seeing Alex talking to Randal. Randal laughs, and Alex tells him to shut up. She says he’s going to push her too far. He tells her that when she went to her parents, it was too far. She tells him to leave her alone and harass his own wife. She realizes he doesn’t believe her about Marcie carrying his child, and tells him to ask her. He asks if she hates Marcie that much, and Alex says she’s just telling him the truth. Randal says she needs his help to break up Marcie and Brad. She says yes, she does want him to break them up. She tells him to do what he always does, but he wants to do what he used to do with her. She says that’s never happening again. He says he’s going to ruin Marcie’s life real quick, and come back to ruin hers. He asks if he’s getting under her skin, and she says he almost lost his. She wishes her daddy had hanged him, and mentions she has a lot of relatives and friends back home. He tells her to give them a hog holler. She goes back in the house. He checks his phone to see where Brad is, and gets in the car.

Kelly’s new attorney, Carl Adams, introduces himself to Lushion. Lushion says he called a Marty, but apparently, he’s unavailable. Lushion asks what office Carl is from, and he says the Public Defender. Lushion says it must be a mistake, and give him a moment. Carl steps outside, and Lushion makes a call to Ian.

Ian is still out for dinner with Marcie. She sees the call is from Lushion, and Ian says he’s not answering. She thinks he should, so he steps away from the table. Lushion says he has a kid there from the Public Defender’s office. Ian says his recommendation was busy, and his hands are tied. Lushion says Carl looks like he’s out of high school, and he can’t believe Ian is doing this right now. Ian says he’s sorry. Lushion says the other lawyer didn’t call him back, and Ian tells him that Marty said no; Travis’s family is well-connected, and the case is getting press. Lushion says all the more reason Kelly needs a good lawyer. Ian says no one is going to take the case without getting paid, and Lushion thinks something else is going on. Ian says he told him everything, but Lushion isn’t buying it. He was going to help Kelly, and now he’s so cold he can’t even give a recommendation. Ian says it’s not like that, and to give Carl a chance. I hate Ian right now.

Marcie asks if everything is okay, and Ian says it’s fine. She asks if it’s about Kelly, and he tells her he can’t talk about it. He suggests dessert, but Marcie just wants water. Ian says he’s been out of the dating game for a while, and she reminds him it’s not a date. He tells her that she’s a rehearsal. She says guys have been using her a lot lately, and calls for the waiter.

Larry starts to come to, and Eddie calls him baby girl. Larry says he had his fun; Eddie needs to let him go. Eddie wants to enjoy it some more. He thought Larry liked being dominated. Larry says Eddie has a terrible reputation; he’s crazy. His department hates him, and he has several complaints against him. He’s racist, sexist, and homophobic. Eddie says he’s a lawyer’s nightmare, and he hates Larry. Larry says call it even, but Eddie says call him in power. He makes Larry repeat that he has the power. (♫ We got the power! ♫ plays in my head.) Larry says he hasn’t been to work all day, and it doesn’t concern Eddie? Eddie says he was humiliated, and punches Larry in the face. Larry laughs and says he loves it. Eddie picks up a plastic bag, and Larry says there are ways to do it; Eddie could kill him. Eddie says he thought Larry was turned on, but Larry says not by death. Eddie puts the bag on his head, and Larry struggles.

Carl asks if he can see Kelly now, and Lushion says they’re bringing her. Carl knows Lushion doesn’t like it, but says he’s good at his job. Lushion doesn’t doubt it, but Carl doesn’t believe him. He says people judge him all the time, but he really is good. Lushion says his opinion doesn’t matter, and leads Carl to the interrogation room.

Kelly asks if Lushion got the lawyer, and he says she’s been appointed one. He brings in Carl, who introduces himself. Kelly doesn’t understand, and Carl says he’ll explain it. Kelly asks Lushion to call Natalie and find out how Justice is doing. Carl apologizes, saying he knows it’s difficult. She says it was self-defense. He tells her that he needs to hire a private investigator to corroborate her story. I dunno about that. Everything is on record, and there are quite a few witnesses. Kelly says she has no money, and asks how he’s being paid. He says he’s a Public Defender, and she says she wants a real lawyer. He tells her that’s offensive. She says she needs individual attention. They have huge caseloads, and he’s probably used to doing deals with the DA. He suggests probation and time-served. She asks if he can do that, and he says probably not, but he needed a starting point. Right now, he’s all she’s got. When she gets another lawyer, he can fill them in. He asks what happened.

Natalie gives the kids dinner. One of the boys tells her there’s something wrong with Justice, and wonders when Joey is coming home. I’d forgotten all about Joey. Natalie doesn’t know, and he asks if Joey has seen Justice’s mom. Natalie asks if he’s been talking to someone, and he says it’s all over school. She tells him to go eat.

Justice looks pretty bummed. He tells Natalie he’s not hungry. He asks where his mother is, and she says Kelly had to go to the jail. He asks if she killed Travis; everyone at school knows. Natalie says she’ll let his mom tell him. He’s tired of being treated like a kid, and Natalie says he is a kid. She tells him Travis was trying to hurt Kelly, and she was protecting them. He wasn’t a good person. Justice says it must have happened after he was asleep. He tells Natalie that Travis had been talking to him; he’d been at the window. He told Justice that he loved him, and would always be there for him. Natalie finds out that Travis had asked Justice for Kelly’s financial information. He’d said he wanted to put money in her account, and told him not to tell. Natalie asks what else he did, and Justice says he was just helping his mom. Natalie tells him he has to eat something.

Natalie calls Lushion. Poor Lushion. I say that every week. She tells him it’s about Justice. He told her that the night of the shooting, Travis came to his window and was talking to him, and she knows how Kelly’s accounts got hacked. He says they’ll talk later, but Kelly asked if he’s okay. She doesn’t think so, and he says he’ll be there in a bit. He tells her that he loves her.

At the restaurant, Esperanza asks Stephen if Marcie and Ian are staring. Stephen says yes, but it’s no big deal. He jokes that he could threaten to arrest them, but says it’s not the end of the world if they find out. She asks why he wants them to know, and he says why not? Esperanza says, because they’re not together, and Stephen says, but they are. She wonders if it has to do with Eddie, and if they’re in competition. He asks why he’d be playing a stupid game, and she says they’re always measuring each other up. He tells her that she’s crazy. She says she was just asking, and he says he answered. Esperanza wants to get going, since her daughter is with a sitter. Stephen says since they’re not together, does she want to go Dutch? Good one, Stephen. She tells him that he’s paying, and not to follow her out like a puppy.

Lushion visits Kelly in her cell. She says it’s going to be bad, and he asks what the attorney said. He looked Carl up, and he’s pretty decent. She says she needs great. He tells her that Justice is fine, and she says tell him she’s okay. He asks if she wants him to visit, but she says no. She wonders what will happen if she never gets out. She needs to know what to do with him. Lushion says if that happens, they’ll take care of him, but she’s not being convicted. She tells him he’s done enough, but he says not until she’s free. She thanks him. He tells her they’ve got her, and stay strong.

Ian is hypnotized by his phone. Marcie asks what’s going on, and he says, nothing. She says he hasn’t been the same since Lushion called. He repeats that it’s nothing. She isn’t pretending to know him, but knows when something’s wrong. He asks what she knows about Kelly. Marcie says she’s a good person, and the kind of mother she’d like to be one day. She tries to be on the side of right. Marcie wishes he was representing her. She knows when someone has a good heart, and he does. He says most people don’t think lawyers do. She tells him that some, like Larry, need to change some things. She knows they’re friends, and Ian says they work together. She says it sounds like he doesn’t like Larry, and Ian says he respects him, but has issues. Larry didn’t even show up for work, and he had to stand in for a press conference that Larry asked for. Marcie thinks Ian should have his own practice, and he says easier said than done. She says it’s like getting out of a bad marriage. She hopes Larry can get Randal to sign the papers. Ian says if anyone can, it’s Larry. Marcie sees Brad, and tells Ian it’s his new neighbor. She goes over to talk to him

Marcie asks Brad what’s going on? He says he’s not good. He saw Alex talking to Randal after he’d told her not to. Marcie says they never learn. He asks what she’s doing there, and she says she wants him to meet someone. She introduces Brad to Ian, and tells him Larry just bought a house on the block. She asks if Brad wants to join them. Brad asks if she isn’t on a date, and she says they’re just celebrating Ian’s house. Ian asks about the schools, and Brad says they’re good; he has kids in elementary school. Ian says he has kids that age too. He saw baby carriage and a blonde on Brad’s porch. Brad says the blonde is his wife, and Ian assumes they have a newborn. Brad says she does. His wife had an affair with Marcie’s husband, and they have a baby. Not TMI or anything. Did it not even cross his idiotic mind that he might be embarrassing Marcie? Or her client? Welcome to the neighborhood! Brad tells Ian that Marcie’s husband lives next door, and is driving him nuts. Ian asks if he means Randal; he knows Randal and Larry are friends. He’s sorry to put things together, and sorry for the drama. Marcie says he didn’t bring it. Ian says he can deal without conflicts and chaos, and Marcie tells him that he can handle himself, but speaking of drama…

Randal appears and says hello like Flounder in Animal House, and I laugh. Marcie suggests they go, but Brad wants to stay. Ian says they were just leaving. Randal says he just got there, and he has some questions. Ian tells him, not today. Randal asks if Marcie is pregnant with Brad’s baby, and she she is. He asks if she’s sure. A birdie told him otherwise. She says his birdie is wrong, and Ian says, let’s go. Randal asks if she’s doing threesomes now, and she and Ian leave.

Randal tells Brad that if he finds out the baby is his, Marcie is going to be so pissed off about what happens. He’s about to follow them, but Brad grabs him, and punches him. They have a huge brawl in the middle of the restaurant.

Next time, Brad wants the truth from Alex, Randal visits Kelly in jail, and Marcie has a medical emergency.

 🎭 Good News & Bad News

😈  Channel Zero is back. This time with Butcher’s Block, and Rutger Hauer. Since it conflicts with my viewing schedule, I’ll probably have to watch it On Demand like last time. I hadn’t known that the stories are based on those found on Creepypasta. The one from Candle Cove is quite disturbing. You can read about it here:


🏰 Sadly, Once Upon a Time will be ending after its next, and seventh, season. The death knell of the Friday time-slot has spoken.




February 6, 2018 – Alexis Gets Attacked By an Ad, Benny Gets Busy & LVP Steals the Comfy Chair


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Sonny tells Mike to admit he took the money. The last thing he wants to hear is that his dad is dead in the street. Mike says he’s just an obligation to Sonny; a mess he has to sweep up. He doesn’t know what happened to the money. Sonny says he’ll cover it, but Mike has to be straight with him. Who does he owe and how much is the grand total?

Dante looks at Nathan’s empty chair. Jordan asks why he’s at the station, and he says he just wanted to follow up something. She tells him he’s on leave for a reason; Nathan was his partner. She says the department recommends speaking with someone, but he thinks there’s no need. He wants to focus on Nathan’s family. Jordan says her door is always open.

Curtis picks up the tab for dinner with Stella. He says it’s the least he can do. She needs to save her money in case the developer takes over the community. She says that’s not going to happen. Today is the cut off for voter registration, and she’s going back to knocking on doors; she’s been at it all day. Curtis isn’t happy about her doing it alone, but she tells him Charles Street is safe. He thinks he should go with her, but she says she’ll be fine, and calls him a nag.

After Stella leaves, Curtis check his phone. There’s a text from TJ, asking if he’s seen this. He opens the file attachment, and says, damn.

At the hospital, Alexis tells Finn if he ever quits his day job, he can get something in stand-up. Deanna approaches them, and asks to talk to Alexis. She says she supports Alexis in the mayoral race, and thinks she needs to see something. She shows Alexis the computer, where a campaign ad is playing. The ad asks how Alexis can make tough calls when she hasn’t made the right choices in her private life. The ad shows pictures of Alexis and Julian, saying that Alexis married a known mobster. She’s wrong for Charles Street, wrong to fight organized crime, and wrong for Port Charles.

Kim goes to Charlie’s, where Julian reminds her that his name is Julian. She says he seems more like a Charlie. He tells her that he has some avocado toast with her name on it. She says the last thing she wants to do after a long shift is cook, and her son has a more active social life than she does, so it beats eating alone. He asks what’s keeping her from a better social life, and she says she hasn’t met anyone she’s been interested in. He says the bar is a place to meet people, and they smile at each other.

Anna checks Spyder Finder, but there are no results for Henrik Faison. She hears a baby crying in her mind. Robin comes in, startling her.

On Sonny’s mother’s grave, Mike swears he hasn’t gambled in seven years, and he’s proud of his chip. He made the drop like always, and asks if Sonny thinks he’s lying. Sonny doesn’t know what to think. Caruso needs him, so why tell him that Mike lost ten grand when he didn’t?

Julian is glad to see Kim; he thought she got scared away. She asks, over what, and he says his daughter being married to her son’s father. A small crowd of press runs in and descends on Julian. One of them asks if he has a response to the attack ad using him against Alexis.

The end of the ad says it was paid for by people who want to elect Ned. Deanna says it’s gone viral, and she thought Alexis should know. Alexis thanks her, and sees Diane called to warn her. Finn says all politicians lie, but she says it’s still persuasive. Finn tells her that he’s still registered at his old address, and she drags him into the elevator, saying she’s getting him registered in Port Charles. She needs all the votes she can get.

Jordan asks if Dante is still working on the embezzlement case, but he says he’s clearing Nathan’s desk, so Maxie doesn’t have to worry about it. Jordan says he doesn’t have to worry about it right now, but he tells her since he’s on desk duty, he might as well. He talks about when Nathan first joined them. He’d been on the fast track with New York’s finest, and he wondered why Nathan was there, thinking he wanted the glory without doing the work. Nathan pulled out a Yankees mug, and they got to talking. He realized they weren’t that different after all. He could trust Nathan with his life, and gave his family to him. He was half as close to his family as Nathan was. He says no one gets a cop like another cop. It feels like he’s lost a brother.

Anna forgot Robin was coming. Robin says she would have reminded Anna had she answered her texts. Felicia and Mac told her that Anna was all right; she was starting to worry. She says she’s heartbroken for Maxie, losing her husband to Faison, of all people. She didn’t know Nathan well, but knew he made Maxie happy. They have to be strong for her sake. She tells Anna that at the very least, Faison is out of their lives forever. She moves some pillows, and Anna grabs her laptop.

At The Floating Rib, Alexis tells Finn he can take the sticker off now. He says he didn’t really want to be a walking billboard for civic responsibility anyway. Alexis says she didn’t expect Ned go that low, but Finn tells her not to assume he endorsed it, since there are often independent groups who make ads. Alexis says, except everything it said was correct.

A reporter asks Julian how he feels with his past being weaponized against Alexis. He tells them no comment, and Curtis steps in. He tells them they have five seconds to get out before he calls the police, and shows them the door. Kim says that was unexpected, and Julian wonders what it was about. Curtis tells him that he just saw an attack ad against Alexis, and Julian had a starring role. Kim asks why they’re using him, and Julian says, long story. He suggest he tells her over dinner, and asks her to join him.

Anna tells Robin that she’s doing confidential research for the bureau. Robin asks if it’s something about Faison or forensic research. Maybe she’s not sure he’s gone? Anna says he’s definitely gone; she confirmed it. Faison will never be a threat again. Robin says she hates Obrecht, but for the first time, she understands her. Obrecht gave up Nathan to protect his welfare. Trying to be a good mother was more important than the twisted game she was playing with Faison.

Dante tells Jordan that Nathan was there for them, and all he can think about is the kid he left behind. What if it happens to him, and Rocco is left without a father? Jordan tells him to go home and be with his family, and tomorrow they’ll honor his partner. The desk sergeant says there was an assault on Charles Street, and the perp is on the way in. An officer brings in a cuffed Stella.

She tells Jordan to do something. A man tried to steal her purse. A bedraggled dude says this woman assaulted him, but she says she put her self-defense training to good use. He’ll think twice before mugging another woman on Charles Street. She says she was working on voter registration, when the streetlights went out. Then this reprobate (one of my favorite words) tried to take her purse. The guy claims he thought she needed help, and she asks if he thought so when she clocked him. He says she just admitted assaulting him, and Stella says they struggled over her purse before the cops showed up. He’s a double disgrace, attacking an innocent woman. The guy says there’s nothing innocent about her. Jordan calls Curtis, and asks him to come to the station.

Mike tells Sonny maybe one of Caruso’s guys is skimming. Sonny says he’ll take care of it later; Mike is the priority. Mike says he’s fine, and Sonny asks why he took a bag man job? Mike says he needs to make living; he doesn’t exactly have a pension. Sonny says he can give him money, but Mike tells him a son isn’t supposed to support his father. Sonny says he’d rather give him money than worry. Mike says there’s been no problem until this week, but Sonny wants to stop the problem before it starts. He offers to give Mike an allowance, and says he’ll take care of Caruso later. Mike asks if he’s sticking around a few days.

Anna tells Robin about a drunk Obrecht coming to see her after Nathan went public about being Faison’s son. She seemed terrified. Despite her obsession, or maybe because of it, she understood the threat. Anna wishes she’d paid more attention and done something more. Robin says she’s not responsible. Faison came for his son, not her. The whole nightmare is finally over. No more head games; just peace. She’s sorry Anna had to go through it alone, but Anna says she didn’t. She, Jason, and Sonny were an affective team. Robin says she doesn’t want to gloat under the circumstances, and Anna tells her not to get carried away.

Alexis tells Finn the information was slanted to suit the opposition’s agenda, but it’s not entirely wrong; she’s mad bad choices. Finn says it’s true she’s no saint, but he’d be suspicious of any candidate who came off as perfect. Her past made her stronger, and Ned’s privileged life has made him no match for her. Kim and Julian walk in.

Curtis tells Stella that she had no business walking by herself. She tells him not to blame her, but the guy who tried to rob her. Curtis says he intends to have a few words with homeboy. Jordan says there’s a discrepancy between their stories, and Dante said there’s a store camera, but it was out too. Jordan believes Stella, but there’s no corroborating evidence, and his injury validates his claim. Curtis says unless she can prove her side, it might not end well for her.

Sonny tells Mike it’s all settled. He’ll take care of the debt, but doesn’t want him working for Caruso or anyone like him. They have a drink, and Mike offers Sonny a cigar. Sonny says maybe later, and asks about Rita. Mike says she takes care of him, keeps him out of trouble, and she’s a good woman. Maybe if they’d met ten years earlier… Sonny says he might not have appreciated her then. Mike says who knew Sonny was a romantic? Sonny says people grow. Mike tells him that here he is again, taking care of his dad. When he got into recovery, he moved back to make it on his own. He never wanted to be burden to Sonny and Courtney. Sonny says he means Carly. He tells Mike to let the past go. They’re together. They’re family, and something he’s learned is that nothing is more important. They clink glasses.

Anna says sorry she deceived Robin. She and Finn aren’t together. Robin asks if they broke up, but Anna says they were never together. It was just part of an operation she was running for the bureau. They had to make everyone believe they were involved. She was stalling in telling Robin, because she felt ashamed for misleading her. They all liked Finn, and she didn’t know how to tell them it was just pretend. Robin says it didn’t seem like pretend.

Kim greets Finn. She tells Alexis that it’s nice to meet her, and she has Kim’s vote. Julian asks for a word with Alexis. He saw the attack ad. She says him, and everybody else. He says it’s disgraceful, and she doesn’t deserve it. She says neither does he. He tells her that he keeps trying to make things right, even if it means staying out of her life. He’s sorry. No matter how hard he tries, he keeps hurting her

Jordan tells questionable dude that she ran his name through the system, and sees he’s out on parole. He says he’s the victim, and she asks how it will look if they find out he’s lying? She wonders how his parole officer might feel about false statements or an attempted robbery charge. She tells him that she’ll make it simple. If he declines to press charges, she won’t have to investigate any further. It’s his choice.

Robin says she saw two people authentically involved. There’s acting and being, and they were being a couple. They had a familiarity with each other like shorthand. Anna says only if that means gritting her teeth and smoothing over his catastrophic bluntness. She starts going off about how he acted like an expert about things he didn’t know, and wouldn’t take real expert advice. She feels better now that he’s back in his civilian role and off her conscience. Robin asks who Anna is trying to convince? Her or herself? Neither one is convincing, and she tells Anna to admit she has feelings for Finn.

Kim asks what going on, and Finn explains that Alexis is Julian’s ex-wife. Alexis tells Julian the ad wasn’t his doing, but he says it wouldn’t have existed if he hadn’t done what he did. He’s sorry it was used against her, especially with something so important. He thinks she’d make an excellent mayor, and he’ll do whatever he can to help. She asks if he’d like to endorse Ned, but Julian says that’s asking too much. She tells him that she can fight own battles. Julian sits down with Kim. Finn asks Alexis if she’d rather go somewhere else, but she says let’s just enjoy the evening.

Anna says Robin must be tired. Robin says she’s not sleepy, but she’s starving. Anna says she has actual groceries, but Robin wants to go out. She thinks they both need to get out of the house. She’s not trying to get into Anna’s business, but she seemed genuinely happy with Finn, and he seemed happy with her. She tells Anna to stay open to new possibilities. Faison is out of her life, and it might be a chance at a new beginning. Robin goes upstairs, and Anna looks on her laptop, seeing no results found for Henrik.

Jordan tells Stella that she’s free to go. Stella asks about pressing charges, and Jordan says she just convinced the guy not to press charges, and not to escalate it. Stella balks at letting him go free, but Jordan says they’ll keep an eye on him until there’s something to charge him with. Stella leaves to fill out some forms, and Curtis asks Jordan what the chances are of the streetlights and the cameras shutting down at the same time. She says slim to none. She has no basis to investigate further, but he can.

Mike tells Sonny that he has chili on the stove, and he used Ruby’s recipe. He leaves to set up the guest room. Sonny thinks again about the cigars, but when he opens the box, he finds a package of cash. I’m thinking maybe Mike has dementia.

Kim tells Julian she must be the only person in town who didn’t know he was married to Alexis. He says it never came up in conversation, and she says he’s full of surprises. He says they’re not all good. The attack ad took full advantage of the truth about his checkered past. She asks how much is criminal, and he tells her a lot, If she wants to leave, he understands. She says she’d be lying if she said her dream date is drinks with an ex-con, but her family believed in the power of redemption. If he’s paid his debt to society, and is now a law-abiding citizen, she doesn’t think he should pay for it the rest of his life. She asks if he’s committed to living on the right side of the law, and he says, totally.

Finn asks Alexis if she wants to go. She says she’s not ducking and running, but if he wants to, she doesn’t blame him. Anna and Robin come in. Finn says, on second thought, there is something to be said for ducking and running. Robin asks Anna to tell her again how it was just a work relationship.

Dante starts to leave with the box of Nathan’s stuff. He stops, and puts the Yankee mug on his desk.

Tomorrow, Nina tells Anna to conduct business with Valentin later, Sonny questions Mike about the money in the cigar box, and Lulu tells Peter that she doesn’t know much about him.

The Haves and the Have Nots

David paces at the station. He says he’s Jeffrey’s attorney, and he’s tired of waiting. The desk sergeant says he’s called the DA’s office five times, and David tells him to call again. DA George shows up, and David says these clowns won’t let him see Jeffrey. George asks the sergeant to bring Jeffrey to the interrogation room. Isn’t he already there?

Yep, he is. Justin plays with Jeffrey’s phone, while Jeffrey recovers from the headlock. Jeffrey wonders what happened, and Justin says he only put him to sleep. Jeffrey asks what the hell is wrong with him, and Justin says he can be as crazy as Jeffrey makes him. Jeffrey wants to go back to his cell and never talk to Justin again. Justin isn’t going to just let him walk away after all he gave up for him. Jeffrey says he didn’t ask him to give up anything. Justin says he lost his marriage. Jeffrey says don’t blame him, blame his mom, and accuses Justin of causing the accident. Justin says if he did, he was doing Jeffrey a favor. Jeffrey says he doesn’t need Justin to do anything for him, but Justin says too bad, Jeffrey is stuck with him. He agrees to take Jeffrey back, then throws him against the wall.

David walks in, and asks what the hell? Justin says the prisoner was getting rough. David says to get away from him, and get the cuffs off. He asks if Jeffrey is okay, and Jeffrey says he is. David asks for Justin’s name and badge number. He asks why Justin is handling Jeffrey in that way, and Justin says he was resisting. David begs to differ, but Jeffrey agrees. David realizes that Justin is calling Jeffrey by his first name, and Justin makes the excuse of not wanting a mix-up between the two Harringtons. David realizes Justin is the cop who came to his house, and tells him to get lost.

He asks Jeffrey if he’s sure he’s okay, and Jeffrey says he is. David asks why Jeffrey is in jail, and what did Veronica do exactly? Jeffrey says she told the judge and the DA that he murdered Quincy. David says he’ll do all he can. Jeffrey asks if his mother is okay, but David says his only concern is Jeffrey. David asks about that cop, but Jeffrey says there’s nothing to tell. David needs him to tell the truth about everything. Jeffrey says Veronica taped Justin in his room after they had sex, and showed it to his wife. David is like, damn, and Jeffrey says he asked. He asks why Jeffrey was so upset, and Jeffrey says Justin was aggressive; he’s very jealous. David asks if Jeffrey is in love with Justin. Jeffrey says, no, and he asks if Jeffrey is into him. Jeffrey says at times, and David asks if he needs help dealing with him. Jeffrey says what he needs is to get out of there. David says he’ll make some phone calls and work on it. He tells Jeffrey that he loves him, and Jeffrey says he loves David too. David leaves to make some calls.

Mitch takes Benny to the hospital, and says he’ll wait. Benny goes to Veronica’s room, and she calls him her hero. She gives him a hug, and thanks him. He says he did what anybody would have, but she says, not anybody. She says her husband wouldn’t have done it, or her son. He asks why not, and she says she has a way of trying to make people better, and they don’t appreciate it until it’s too late. Benny is like, okay, and says she has a way of making people crazy; she’s a control freak. She says that might be, but she can’t control him. She likes that. She owes him an apology. Their affair got out of hand, and she said some mean and rude things. He did too, but she gets it. She also lied. He is good in bed, and she wasn’t faking it. He says he knows, and she calls him arrogant. He says, just confident. She thanks him, and asks what she can do. He tells her just get better, but she asks what he needs. Anything. He says he’ll think about it, and she says he has an IOU she’s good for.

Before Benny leaves, Veronica says she needs a favor. She asks him to pick up some things at the house for her. She has to stay at the hospital for a while, and doesn’t want to look like a hag. As if. She tells him to check on the house as well. She has a house guest; her son’s fiancé. He asks if she’s gay, and Veronica says not gay, but she’s crazy. Benny tells her that Jeffrey tried to kiss him once, and he hit him. Veronica says she hopes Benny hit him hard. He had no business trying to kiss him, especially since they were involved. Benny says it was long before, and she asks if he thinks about her. He says he has to go, and gets the keys from her purse.

Mitch asks Benny if she wrote him a check, but Benny says she just wants him to get some things. Mitch calls him an errand boy. Benny asks when Mitch’s uncle is getting back. Mitch says if Benny plays it right, he won’t need his uncle. Benny tells him shut up, but Mitch says Veronica is in love with him. Benny says she’s more dangerous than Mitch’s uncle.

Landon tells Charles that he keeps getting better and better at speaking. Charles calls Landon his cheerleader, and Landon says he’s special. He’s cleared Charles’s morning, and has someone he can spend a long night with. Charles asks if she’s beautiful, but Landon was talking about himself. Charles says he’s exhausted and just wants to go to bed. He asks if he’s checked on “her,” and Landon says he might want to pay a visit soon. He’ll get on a plane after the interviews. They go over Charles’s schedule.

Erica finds Gia in the hotel lobby, and gives her a shopping bag. Gia asks if Candace is Erica’s pimp, but Erica says no. Candace arrives, and asks for her money. Erica says she’s also brought the clothes Candace asked for. Candace asks how it feels with no one watching her back; that’s what happens when she gets crossed. Erica says, sorry, and Candace says unless she wants a slap, don’t say that; she knew what was going on. She’d better work fast on David for the hundred grand. She tells Erica to get her ass out.

Candace asks glia if she has a room. She doesn’t, and Candace says she can use hers, but it’s the last time they’ll talk in public. After this, she doesn’t know her in public. She tells Gia to go ahead of her. Before Candace can follow, a guy walks up to her, saying she’s under arrest. Candace asks for what, and to see his ID. He claims to be from vice, and says she’s being arrested for robbery. Candace says she did nothing, but he tells her not to cause a scene.

Kathryn visits Hanna. She asks how Hanna is, but doesn’t quite buy that Hanna is okay. Hanna asks what’s going on, and Kathryn says Derek thought she didn’t seem too happy. Hanna asks if she’s trying to get Derek to ask her out, but Kathryn says he wanted to. Hanna tells her about Derek doing the dishes, and Kathryn says she didn’t tell him to do that, but thought it would be nice for her to go out for coffee. Hanna says Kathryn knows what she’s been dealing with, and Kathryn says all the more reason to get out. He’s just asking for coffee. Hanna says it’s been a while since she laughed, and asks who he is. Kathryn says he’s worked on their properties for years. His wife died a year ago, and he’s been lonely. She tells Hanna she should go, and she won’t take no for an answer. She’s calling him, and telling him to take Hanna to dinner, even if she has to push her out the door. Hanna says no, and Kathryn says, fine. She asks if Hanna is coming by later, and Hanna tells her not to set her up.

Sarah comes to Jim’s hotel room. She says she can’t stay long. He tells her to suit herself. She says she’s getting married to a judge. Jim calls him an old bastard; old enough to be her grandfather. He asks what the judge did for her, and she says she worked hard. Jim – king of bad double entendres – says she worked him hard. Sarah says she won’t be intimidated. He tells her to relax, sit down, and shut up. He’s not letting the DA bury him without him burying all of them, including her. She asks what he wants. He wants every shred of evidence. She says he’ll find it out in discovery. He tells her whatever they have, make sure they don’t have. She says she can’t tamper with witnesses. The star witnesses are his son and Jeffrey; the rest is circumstantial. Jim wants what’s on record to disappear, like what was on record about her did. She tells him that she paid him for that, and he says the casual sex was his gift to her. She says she’ll do what she can, and starts to leave, but he tells her to take off her clothes. She says she’s getting married, and he says he’s been married for years. He insists, and tells her not to act like she doesn’t enjoy it. He’s the best she’s ever had.

At Veronica’s house, Mitch remarks what a nice place it is. He tells Benny to get that truck, and says he could be living there. Benny says he ain’t that dude. Mitch says it’s in his blood; look at Candace. Girl knows how to come up. Melissa comes out in a tiny robe over some gorgeous lingerie, and asks what they’re doing there. Benny says he’s there to get some things for Veronica, and asks if she remembers Mitch. She says she can’t forget, and calls him very handsome. She says Benny is too, and he says he’s just there to get her things. Melissa asks when she’s coming home, and Mitch says it sounds like Melissa doesn’t like her very much. Melissa says she doesn’t like her at all. He asks why she’s there, and she says Veronica wants her to marry her son. He asks why she’s living there, and she asks if he thinks she’s sexy. He says, hell yeah. She asks if Benny does, and he asks where the bedroom, so he can get Veronica’s things. She leads him leads him upstairs, and Mitch laughs.

In Veronica’s room, Benny looks for the clothes she wants. Melissa asks if he knows her son is gay. She’s been locked up a long time, not being fulfilled, Veronica watching all the time. Jeffrey looked at her like he was disgusted, and she was beginning to doubt herself. She thanks him for saying she’s sexy. She takes robe off, and he asks what she’s doing. He doesn’t know? She says trying to remember what feels like to be wanted and desired. Benny says he just came to get the clothes. Melissa says he could get more, and won’t let him past. She takes a condom out of his wallet, and says she knew he was ready. Benny keeps protesting, but not that hard. She pushes him onto a chair, and gets on his lap. He says Mitch is downstairs, and she says he can’t hear. Melissa doesn’t hear him saying no anymore, and Benny tells her to shut up.

Landon orders a drink. He’s sitting with a woman from the campaign whose name I don’t know. He tells her that Charles has back to back meetings, but he got him situated. The woman says Charles sounds like a five-year-old, and Landon says, a toddler. He’s always whining about how tough it is and how tough it’s going to be. It’s a lot. Landon starts talking about Candace, and the woman says she’s keeping everything in line, but Candace makes it hard. She keeps doing more bad things. Landon says she’s a thug, and he doesn’t want to know. He says Charles really wants that stupid bitch. She says she sees that Candace is getting under Landon’s skin. Landon tells her that Candace almost had a thug attack him, and Charles just melts for her. The woman asks if that’s what it is, or is it that Landon wants Charles to melt for him? She says he’s 100% straight, and Landon says he’s known some who weren’t – in practice.  She says Landon wants him; he’s in love with him. Landon says Charles is his boss, and he doesn’t want to hear it. Landon leaves, and the nameless woman orders another drink.

There’s a knock at Wyatt’s door. Justin yells for him to open the damn door. Wyatt tells him back away, but Justin bangs on the door. He gets it open, and comes in holding a crowbar. He asks if Wyatt is hard of hearing, and says he’s going to show him who belongs to Jeffrey. He asks why Wyatt has been calling Jeffrey, and Wyatt calls him insane. Justin says Wyatt claimed they were lovers. He’s not going to let a drug addict junky take what’s his. Wyatt tells him to get out again, and Justin says, don’t call him. Wyatt repeats that Justin is insane. Justin raises the crowbar, but misses Wyatt. They tumble over the chair, and begin to tussle.

Next time, Candace shares a cell with Quita, David threatens Justin, and Melissa moves on to Mitch.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

PK tells Dorit she’s amazing, and his party was beyond. We flash back to some highlights. He says her performance was great, but George likes to sing with people who can’t sing; it makes him sound better. She’s like, thanks a lot, and moves on to Teddi’s beach house invite. She tells PK about the argument, and how Kyle defended Teddi. In her interview, she says Kyle hurt her feelings by not sticking up for her. Dorit opens a box, and it’s a custom-made 3D figurine of her and the kids. They drop it, and the baby’s head pops off. Well, so much for that. It was pretty cool while it lasted though.

Lisa and Ken are at Vanderpump Dogs, fawning over a bag full of fresh puppies. The assistant tells them the lawsuit was dismissed. Huge relief for everyone. Lisa wants to celebrate. In her interview, she says a public figure is susceptible to litigious bullsh*t. Coupled with the puppies, it’s a glorious day.

Teddi and Kyle shop for athletic wear. They talk about the party. Teddi wonders why it has to be so hard, and tells Kyle the thing between her and Dorit is like water torture. She got excuses, but not an apology. In her interview, Teddi says you have to own your sh*t. Kyle says the ones who think they’re right will never back down. She likes Dorit, but sometimes wants to tell her to shut up and listen. Teddi tells Kyle nothing is easy with this group.

LisaR and Erika meet for lunch. LisaR says she’s in denial about everything. Daughter Delilah is moving to NYC, and she hasn’t processed it yet. She wants Delilah to be safe and healthy, and she wants it to be fine. Erika says it will be. She talks about her soap schedule, and they discus her character on Days of Our Lives. We see an ancient clip. Erika asks what it’s like to be a soap character for decades. LisaR says you have to learn a lot of lines. We see a clip of Erika on Eileen’s show.

LVP waits for Dorit, who calls saying there’s traffic. LVP says she lives around the corner from her. She’s going into Teddi mode, and it’s annoying. Kyle follows Dorit in. LVP immediately tells them about the lawsuit being dropped. They toast to that. Kyle says speaking of negativity, what was up with Dorit and Teddi? She asks if she shouldn’t have chimed in, and says she thought they needed an interpreter. Dorit thinks friends shouldn’t jump in. Kyle says LVP chimed in for Dorit, but Dorit says that was different. In her interview Kyle says now she needs an interpreter. Kyle says it was two against one, and LVP says she wasn’t against Teddi. Kyle says that’s not what she meant, but she thought Dorit didn’t get where Teddi was coming from. She feels ganged up on, and shuts down the conversation. She starts to get weepy, and both Dorit and LVP wonder where this is coming from. LVP says she waited a half hour, and she’s going; she’s had enough. She strides off, and Kyle tells Dorit that LVP is mad because Dorit is talking to her. in her interview, LVP says Kyle is crying over nonsense, and it has nothing to do with her. She wanted to celebrate, and wished she could have talked about that. She’s not dealing with bullsh*t. Kyle and Dorit go after her, and Kyle asks why she’s leaving. LVP wants Kyle to stop saying they were attacking her. She’s going home to her husband, who would rather spend time with her than they would. She leaves them with their mouths hanging open.

Kyle and Dorit go back to the table. Kyle is annoyed, saying LVP left because the focus wasn’t on her. She knew Kyle was upset. Dorit says it’s just because it wasn’t about her, and it isn’t adult behavior. She tells Kyle that LVP needs a lot of attention, and it probably goes back to her parents. We flash back to LVP telling Dorit that her parents weren’t demonstrative at all. Kyle is shocked that LVP never told her about it, and says it hurts her feelings. She’d like to think they’re closer than that, and it’s weird that she was never told. Dorit tells her about the photo shoot for the jewelry line, and Kyle didn’t know about that either. Kyle says she tells her close friends everything, and doesn’t want to feel like the friendship is unbalanced. Dorit says they have to address it, but LVP isn’t picking up their calls.

Delilah wonders how LisaR memorizes so much. LisaR encourages Emilia to get her driver’s permit. She’s dragging her feet, saying she still wants some childhood. LisaR says she forgets Emelia is just a kid. She worries about them growing up too fast, and says they can take their time. She asks Delilah about moving. Delilah says she just needs a bed. LisaR says they really need to pick out stuff, but Delilah is going to the spa for a non-surgical facelift. LisaR wonders how that will help someone who already has a baby face. So do I.

Teddi gets the beach house ready. Hopefully she has the right glasses. She wants everyone to be happy, and doesn’t know if these chicks can handle such a laid-back atmosphere. Dorit is late to pick up Kyle. She calls, saying her driver doesn’t know how to get there.

Giggy! Harrison! Schnookie! Erika picks up LVP. Erika is surprised to see turtles in LVP’s pond, and LVP says she has everything. She asks if Erika brought anything for the potluck. In her interview, Erika says she left her Jell-O salad with marshmallows at home. She tells LVP that she meant to bring a bottle of champagne, but forgot it. LVP brings a cake.

LisaR is busy at the Days set. She says it’s been twenty-five years, and it’s like going home. Before she started on the soap, she’d only done Taco Bell commercials, and it changed her life. She discusses wardrobe with the wardrobe guy. She tells us that she’s the OG Billie, but two other actresses have played the part, and her character has done things she doesn’t even know about. She says it’s a lot of pressure, and she has to be ready or she’ll look like a fool.

Dorit makes it to Kyle’s. She says if she can survive the limo ride from hell, she can survive her issues with Teddi.

LVP tells Erika about how the girls ignored her good news. Erika thinks there’s more depth to LVP than she shows; they’re alike in that way, with keeping things to themselves. We flash back to Kyle taking several calls while at dinner with LVP.

Dorit wants to know what’s going on with LVP. Kyle doesn’t like rocking the boat. She says LVP will hold their friendship hostage, and Kyle cares about her. Dorit thinks they should have a side chat. Kyle says she did nothing wrong.

LisaR calls Erika, telling her that she has twelve scenes coming up. Erika says she’s missing out on the beach excursion. LVP joins in the conversation, saying she has ruffled feathers. LisaR says it’s a shame she can’t be there. Erika says Dorit called Teddi a psycho. LisaR has to jet – it’s call time.

Teddi fluffs pillows. Erika and LVP get there first. Teddi shows them around, and it’s beautiful. LVP says doesn’t know why Teddi was anxious; she never met a beach house she didn’t like. She says it’s casual, funky, and bohemian, like Teddi. Dorit and Kyle finally arrive. Dorit thinks being on the ocean is magical. She brought tons of food since her mother is in town. Teddi says she got glasses just for her. Dorit calls it extending an olive forest. LVP asks if Dorit left late, and mentions waiting for her. Kyle had planned on talking to LVP about the aborted dinner, and wants LVP to cool her jets. Dorit asks if that’s why she left so abruptly. LVP says it was a couple of things. She’d been excited about the canceled lawsuit, and they ignored her enthusiasm. Kyle doesn’t think so. She thinks LVP felt brushed aside. Isn’t that kind of the same thing? In her interview, Teddi says, welcome to my beach house, and asks if they can’t chill for just a moment. LVP says she wanted to talk about something that was huge. Maybe she felt tired and drained, and didn’t like that Kyle was saying they’d planned to gang up on her. Kyle says it wasn’t about LVP for a minute. She felt left out in the moment, and that Kyle and Dorit were having a moment. She asks if LVP would have left had it been Dorit who was crying, and LVP says she doesn’t know. In her interview, Kyle says this is making her question where the friendship stands, and how LVP feels about her. The friendship isn’t balanced. LVP says she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Everyone focuses on the food. Kyle goes to freshen up. She thinks LVP is going to want an apology, but she’s not getting one. Kyle wants an apology, but probably won’t get it.

Dorit says it’s peaceful by the ocean. Teddi and Kyle sit outside. Kyle says she’s pissed off. It would have been easier to just say she’s sorry, but that’s not the truth, and she wants them to be honest. Erika joins them for the sunset, and Camille arrives. LVP sits down, and Dorit follows. The sunset is breathtaking. Kyle tells Camille that she came at a more peaceful time, and Camille asks what happened. Erika says LVP was hurt, and LVP explains what happened at dinner. Kyle believes LVP doesn’t want to say that she really felt excluded. Kyle says she tells LVP everything, and wonders if LVP feels the same way about her. In her interview, Erika says all of them are petty, and this is really about three bitches competing for friendship. Kyle says she’s been LVP’s friend a long time. LVP says she doesn’t prefer Dorit over her, but Kyle feels LVP doesn’t treat her as well. The friendship doesn’t feel balanced (the word of the night). LVP tells Kyle she’s sorry if she was unfair, and asks Kyle to apologize for saying she was plotting against her. In her interview, Kyle says LVP’s sorry is a good sign. She didn’t expect it. Even though LVP isn’t being up front about why she left, she’ll take the apology. They agree to be honest with one another. Kyle says she feels like LVP is too hard on her sometimes. In her interview, LVP says none of it was worth crying over. Since they don’t’ understand each other’s point of view, she apologized. The friendship was too important. As soon as Kyle gets up. LVP steals her comfier chair.

Next time, the ladies take an exercise class, Dorit tells Erika the girls were mad she left, and Dorit tells the group something private that LVP told her.