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October 5, 2018 – Maxie Forgives Peter, Zere Back, an Award, a Baby, Quotes of Five & Some Jarreau


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Franco brings Aiden to the hospital. Elizabeth thanks him for picking Aiden up. The nurse says he wasn’t feeling well. Aiden can’t tell her what’s going on, so she says they’ll get him checked out.

Cameron visits Josslyn. She asks if he’s seen Oscar. He says, no, and it’s lucky the homeroom teacher doesn’t take attendance or even notice who’s there; he’s skipped out twice today for her. She says he said he’d help her get Oscar back, and she’s figured out way.

Drew tells Oscar to chill. Oscar says he’s sick of waiting, literally. Drew thinks he should talk to his mother. When Kim asks, what about? Oscar says he quit. He’s not going back to school. What’s the point? He doesn’t want to waste the time he has left.

Griff and Kiki are still kissing at the gym.

Maxie tells Peter that they work in the same building. He doesn’t need to avoid her. He says he’s not; he has to get back to work. She asks if he doesn’t have a cell phone, and insists he is avoiding her. He says he’s been busy with the reboot of The Invader, but she knows Lulu told him to stay away. She gets that, but doesn’t get why he agreed.

Danny asks if Jason loves mommy. Jason says he loves mommy very much. Sam overhears.

Kiki tells Griff that she was going to skip boxing and go to yoga. He asks if it’s him she’s running from, but she says she’s not running. She told him that she wanted to remain friend, but in the back of her mind, she knew what it was like to be with him, and wanted it again. Griff says he was committed to make a reconciliation with Ava, but his heart wasn’t in it. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. Kiki wonders what that means they should do.

Oscar asks if Kim wouldn’t mind him skydiving, and Drew tells her it’s sarcasm. Oscar is clearly his kid. Oscar says he doesn’t want to go, and why should he? Kim says, normalcy of life, his friends are there, and he’s always liked academics. He says that’s when he thought he’d be going to college. Why not use the time to read whatever he wants? Sleep late, and go hiking while he still can. He’s not a doctor, but he can do research online. The tumor he has, is as bad as it gets. She tells him that he can’t believe everything he reads, and everyone is unique. If he wants to take it day by day, fine, but he can’t lose hope. The trial is promising. He says, when it doesn’t kill the patient.

Cameron sees a bunch of balloons, and says, balloons again? Josslyn says they’re significant; symbolic. She wants to remind Oscar of their anniversary. Cameron says, when Oscar didn’t show up? Josslyn says he was in the hospital. It turned out fine; he recovered. She’s not convinced the break-up is real.

Peter tells Maxie that she’s still vulnerable and hurting, and Lulu pointed out that his presence in her life will make it worse. Maxie says she can speak for herself. He tells her Lulu was just being a good friend, and is happy they’ve reconnected; don’t blame her. Maxie says she knows Lulu meant well. She doesn’t like Lulu speaking for her though, and doesn’t know why he went along with it. Being stuck in the elevator when he had the panic attack was a bonding experience. He tells her that she’s one of the only friends he’s ever had, and he messed it up. If keeping his distance helps her, he’ll accept it. She says, what if she doesn’t want that?

Danny asks Jason if mommy loves him, but Jason says he’ll have to ask mommy. Sam comes back with snacks, and tells Danny that Monica is coming to pick him up. Danny asks if he’s staying overnight, and Sam says he is. He says there’s a problem. His castle isn’t finished; the pieces got mixed up. Jason says he can help Danny put it together, and Danny adds, when he’s at grandma’s house. I laugh. Slick kid. Sam says Jason will be sorry he said that.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s not saying Lulu is wrong, but she and Lulu have been through a lot together, and not all of it pleasant. Maybe it’s Nathan’s influence, but she finds it harder to hold on to anger than to forgive. He asks if she means Lulu or him. She says she forgave Lulu. Her and Peter’s elevator experience was awkward, but she wanted to help him; from one human to another.

Elizabeth tells Aiden that his temperature is normal, and asks how his tummy is. He says, not so great. Franco says he was feeling good when they indulged in mud pie mayhem. Elizabeth asks if something happened at school. Aiden says, lunch was gross, and Franco says, no surprise. Elizabeth tells Aiden to rest, and asks Franco to get a ginger ale for him.

Josslyn tells Cameron that she’s staging an anniversary do-over. She’s decorating the bench again, but this time he’ll see it done right. Cameron thinks it’s over-the-top, but she says that’s because he doesn’t care about things like that. She could decorate ten benches, and he wouldn’t notice; Oscar would. She knows he still cares about her, but she doesn’t know what’s going on. Since he’s not responding to her texts, Cameron can get him there. Cameron asks, how? and she tells him, figure it out. When he gets there, she wants Cameron to take off. She wants to remind Oscar of how it felt. Like when he was at the hospital, and he showed her the video he made. Feelings don’t go away. She tells Cameron that if he meant it when he said he’d help, text Oscar to meet him in the park.

Oscar asks Kim if she was planning on telling him how the trial killed someone. Drew says they were advised of the risks. Kim says it’s important to get him enrolled, and ensure a spot. Oscar says she’s grabbing at the trail like a life preserver. Kim says despite the trial’s setback, it’s promising. No treatment works for everyone, but give it a chance to work for him. Oscar snarks that he’s so lucky. Drew says medical treatment is just part of it. He needs to stay positive; his mindset makes a difference. Kim says, the mind is a powerful weapon. Being positive can only help. Oscar asks if she doesn’t think he wants to hope. She lied for two years because she already knew he was going to die.

Sam and Jason try to put the castle together. Sam says it has a million pieces that have to be put in the exact right order. You have to be patient and meticulous, and he’s both. She tells him the problem is, Danny opened all the packages, but she has no idea where the directions are. Jason says they’d better get to work.

Griff tells Kiki, whatever’s next is up to them. She says, two cowards, dancing around their feelings. He must have a lot of faith in them. He says he does. There’s no stopping how far it goes. She says too bad they can’t go to a beach, and reenact the scene in From Here to Eternity. Griff has no clue about the film, and she explains the scene (google it if you don’t know either), and he asks if they had an interfering mother. Kiki   says, no; only the start of World War III. He says they got off easy. Kiki says Ava has done what she can to hurt them. They might as well do what they want. Griff agrees, and wonders why they’re still talking. They kiss.

Peter tells Maxie that she was compassionate, and she says, you don’t just watch someone gasp for breath and scream. He says he did not scream, did he? She says when she found out he was Faison’s son, and he’d been lying about who he was, she was incredibly angry and hurt. The more time passed, she thought less about the lies, and more about how much he’d supported her. He helped her give birth. What’s more important than that? Peter says it’s the most significant thing he’s ever done. She says she thought about how many people forgave her, and it’s the only way to pay it forward.

Cameron tells Josslyn, if Oscar doesn’t show, she’ll feel worse. She says she’ll feel worse if she doesn’t try. Her dad taught her that. You only really fail if you give into fear. You quit before start. Cameron asks what about her pride and dignity. She asks if he’s kidding. Is he going to help or not? Text Oscar.

Oscar tells Kim that he spent all night looking for a reason to hope. He only found reasons not to. Kim asks if he saw where it helped. Tumors shrunk. He says, that’s not a cure. Drew says if it can extend his life, he has a chance for a cure. Oscar says he doesn’t want to sit around pumped up with medicine. If the treatment doesn’t work, it could kill him faster.

Sam tells Jason she’ll look for the directions. Jason says they can figure it out. She says he’s dealing with the easy part now. It gets more difficult. He says they have to solve their own puzzle and mystery; her specialty she puts together litt person figured it out Jason puts them in a cube and say don

Kiki tells Griff that they’ll be asked to leave if they keep it up, and suggest they go back to her place. He wants to, but he also wants to make sure they’re doing this for the right reason; not just uncontained lust. Kiki asks what’s wrong with that, and he says he doesn’t want regrets. They’re better than that. He wants to get know each other, without the specter of Ava. Create something they can make last. She thinks it sounds good, and asks what he has in mind.

Peter says, not that Maxie has no right to her anger, but it’s a heavy burden. He’s glad she’s letting it go, so she can get back to being her, unencumbered. James deserves it. Maxie says she looks at his little face, and she doesn’t want to hold on to anything ugly. She wants only good for him. Peter says James is part of his family, and hopes she can find it in her heart to let him visit. Maxie thinks James should know uncle, and it’s a good place for them start. He says, something to look forward to besides murder and mayhem. He says he’s been taking the stairs. She’s glad he’s seen a doctor, and asks if it was PTSD from being held captive, or something else entirely.

Sam tells Jason he clearly has a gift. He says it wasn’t too hard, and she tells him not to rub it in. With the last one, she had the directions, and followed them, and still couldn’t get it to look like the one on the box. Danny didn’t care though, and said hers was cooler than the one on the box. And he meant it. Jason says she’s good at improvising, and they so at each other.

Oscar says Kim got to decide how he lived up to now. Now it’s his turn. Kim tells him not to make decisions based on anger. In the span of 24-hours, he’s quit school and broken up with Josslyn. Drew asks, why? and Oscar says, so many girls, so little time. Drew says, that’s not why.

Josslyn says Oscar didn’t text back, even though he didn’t know it was her. Cameron asks if she sees why it’s a bad idea. She asks what the alternative is, and he says, move on. She says, after a year, and finding Oscar’s long lost father together? She was tough on Oscar when her mom was in Ferncliff, and he never gave up on her. She can’t give up on him. Cameron asks if when she was pushing him away, if she ever actually told him to go away. Oscar did. He made it clear he doesn’t want to be with her. She says you can’t just go from love to breaking up for no reason. Cameron says, there is a reason.

Kim says Oscar is pushing people away that care. He thinks he can spare Josslyn from her boyfriend being sick. Oscar says he doesn’t want her waiting, every minute terrified he’s going to die. Putting every minute into saving him. She should be enjoying herself, not looking up holistic remedies and making kale smoothies. She’s happy now, and he wants her to stay that way. Drew says Oscar thinks he’s doing Josslyn a favor, but he couldn’t be more wrong.

Maxie doesn’t want to pry. Peter says since she talked him down, she has the right to know what caused it. Obrecht was a part of it. Being tied down for a week messed with his head, but some of it was from when he was a kid. Maxie can’t imagine what it was like. Peter says he thought he’d pass out; it’s happened before. It’s ancient history, and it should have been over it. Maxie says she can’t help if he won’t talk about it. He says he was seven. He didn’t know how to swim, and his father decided to take matters into his own hands. He threw Peter into the deep end of the pool. It was sink or swim, and he sank. When he came to, he was on the concrete. Triggers bring him underwater again, and he can’t breathe. Maxie says she’s sorry, and he says, don’t be; he survived. She says, no thanks to his father. What Faison did to him should never have happened.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she knows when Jake and Cameron are faking being sick, but even if Aiden knew how, what would be his motive? Hiding from a test? He does well in school. She wonders if she’s worried about nothing. I’m thinking Aiden has Princess Calenda-itis.

Kim says Josslyn is crazy about Oscar, and he feels the same way. Eventually, she’s going to find out. Oscar says he’ll be gone by then. Drew says he’s not thinking it through. He thinks he’s sparing her in some way, but think of how she’ll feel when she finds out, and knows he didn’t want to tell her. He didn’t trust her enough to be there, or worse, didn’t want her help. Kim tells him not to do this to himself. Make things right with Josslyn. Give himself that comfort. He leaves, and Kim wonders if she got through.

Josslyn says Cameron has to tell her if he knows. Cameron says, all he knows is, Oscar is an idiot. She’s put himself first, and dumped her without even trying to explain. Josslyn says it’s like he’s trying to make her hate him. Cameron asks if it’s working, but Josslyn says, no. She gets angry with Cameron, and tells him, just go, but then tells him to wait. She doesn’t agree with everything he said, but she’s sorry for going off on him. He accepts her apology, and says he’s sorry she’s going through this. She says if Oscar texts back, let her know.

In the hallway at the hospital, Oscar sees the message asking him to meet Cameron in the park. There’s a second one says he needs to see Oscar now. 911.

Jason is finished, and says, it’s not really a castle. No, it’s not. It looks more like an apartment building. Sam says, to Danny it is. He says it’s a collaboration. Sam thinks Danny will wreck it in ten minutes tops. Jason says they’ll put it back together as many times as Danny wants. He doesn’t mind. He likes working with her.

Griff asks if Kiki remembers the film festival, and she says she’s the one who invited him. She says it will make them feel cosmopolitan, but if it gets boring, they can just make out. He says, it’s a date.

Aiden is feeling better, and Elizabeth says she’ll get his homework. He says he doesn’t need it, since he might be sick tomorrow.

Cameron sees Oscar at the hospital. Oscar says he was on his way out, but had to wait. Cameron says he was just with Josslyn, and she’s suspicious that Oscar broke up with her for no reason. He can’t keep this up. Oscar says he promised he wouldn’t tell, but Cameron says he didn’t promise anything. Oscar told him to keep his mouth shut, but he’s not lying. Oscar has to tell her the truth.

Josslyn looks at pictures of her and Oscar on MyFace. She sends him a message, asking what’s going on, but she’s blocked. Then his status changes to single. Um… I think if she was blocked she wouldn’t be seeing a status update, but okay. She wonders what he’s doing, and says, it’s all wrong.

Cameron asks what Oscar just did. He says he blocked Josslyn, and updated his status to single. He has to make her stop hoping. It will be easier to hate him when he goes. Cameron asks if he’s trying to hurt her.

Drew tells Kim that Oscar is pissed, and he can’t blame him. Kim knows that, and knows he feels under attack. He’s afraid. He’s good and smart, and will come to his senses, and realize the trial is his best chance. It is, isn’t it? Drew hopes so.

Maxie tells Peter that she has to confess. Since they got stuck, she hasn’t ridden the elevator. He asks if she didn’t want to get trapped with an awful stranger. She says, what if they ride together. Peter says, no, but she says she’ll trust him if he trusts her. She gets in the elevator, and he follows. She takes his hand.

Jason asks if Sam really thinks it will only last ten minutes. She says, maybe one hour tops. He tells her to let him know when she wants to rebuild. She asks if he’s sure. If one piece gets lost, it could be hours. He says they’ll improvise; she’s good at that. She thanks him for staying, and he says, any time. She kisses his cheek, and they move in for a real kiss.

On Monday, Jordan says they’re dropping the investigation, Mike tells Sonny about the gun, and Jason and Sam get busy.

Z Nation

Last we left, Roberta had taken off in a drone, and it crashed.

The drone crash lands. It opens, and Roberta gets out. she sees the black rainbow in the sky, and realizes she’s wounded. She slowly makes her way across a field. She takes the tarp from some covered bodies to shield herself from the sun. She sees a farmhouse, but keels over before she gets there.

A farmer stands over her, and blurs out. A semi-conscious Roberta is on a pseudo surgical table. A man says he thought he lost her.

She wakes in a bedroom. She walks downstairs. Her clothing has been changed to either a really nice nightgown, or an understated formal gown. She sees pictures of the man and his family. The man is making breakfast. She peeks in on him. He asks if she’s hungry, and starts setting the table. She jumps when he moves toward her, and he tells her that he keeps the door unlocked. She asks where she is, and he says his farm. He found her on the ridge. He tells her that she’s a pretty thing, and he used to be a medic. He says she’s right to be careful. Roberta finds out she’s been there two weeks. He says she’s safe there, but Roberta says she’s not safe anywhere. She asks if he’s the only one, and he says, for some time now. Sarah and Claudette are gone. He’s Cooper. Roberta says she’s sorry, and he says she must be starved. Hopefully the food has minimal radiation, grown by him. He asks what she was doing out by herself. She wonders how he knows she’s by herself, and he tells her that he can look out for five miles; no one is there. She tells Cooper that she crashed her car; that’s how she got injured, and it’s totaled. Well, that’s kind of the truth. He tells her that she bled a lot, and serves her some spinach to help with blood loss. She thanks him for sewing her up, and he asks where she was headed. She says, Newmerica, and he says it’s been a while since he heard that. A lot of people used to come through, but not since the black rain. As far as he can tell, they might be the only ones left alive.

A woman runs from three zombies, but hits a cliff. Doc is… a zombie? She draws her gun to shoot herself, and Doc tells her don’t, apparently just pretending. Or rather, trying to fit in. Doc kills two real two zombies, and grabs her. They run into the woods, and Doc dispatches zombies with a hammer. He meets up with 10k, Sergeant Lilley, and Murphy. 10K tells Doc it’s his best makeup yet. Doc says, tell the artiste. Say my name; say my name. Doc says, it better come off. A few zombies show up, and mini Operation Bitemark takes care of them. Murphy asks if one of the zombies just said no. He pokes it, and says it’s not a living human; that’s good? Doc says, it’s getting harder to tell. The group they’ve been leading comes out and joins them.

Doc asks if everybody is okay, and if they can get food and water for the newcomer. Murphy complains about having another mouth to feed. Doc says, Newmerica, here we come.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch farm, Cooper says Roberta is hurting his feelings, and asks if she doesn’t like his cooking. Roberta says it’s great, but she just isn’t hungry. He says she’s suffered lot of trauma. It might take a while to feel like her old self. She’s not sure what that means. Al Jarreau’s Nothing At All is playing, and Roberta says she likes his musical taste. He says music saved his ass; it gets quiet out there. She asks how long it’s been since he was alone, and he says, over a year; how about her? She traveled alone the whole way? Even zombies aren’t safe. She says she has some friends who are probably looking for her. He says, if they’re still alive.

Roberta looks out over the farm. Nothing is moving, so she goes outside, grabbing a shovel and gloves. She watches Cooper working, and joins him in creating rows for the crops. They work quietly side by side

Murphy tells Doc, Granny don’t look so good. He could swear she coughed up a hairball. Doc is worried she won’t make it, and the others aren’t too much better. Murphy says if they weren’t talking, he’d swear they were Z’s. Just die already. Doc says it’s been like this ever since the black rain. Murphy asks why it’s always their fault, and Doc says because they do stupid sh*t. Once the others are safe in Newmerica, they’ll be someone else’s problem. Murphy wants to track down Roberta, and Doc says they  don’t know if she’s alive. Murphy says, she is. They have a special bond. They’ve shared bodily fluids. Doc says, ew-ew! and tells Murphy that he’s not leaving them. Murphy says he might.

Roberta sees a zombie coming up the road. She tells Cooper to be careful. He moves to shoot it, and it holds its hands up in a defensive way. He says, that was strange; has she ever seen that? Roberta says, she’s afraid. Cooper asks, of what? Dying? Roberta whacks her with a hoe, but she keeps going. Cooper says, have mercy, and shoots her.

Roberta serves Cooper dinner, saying, take note; it’s a rare sight. He says, duly noted. He makes a toast – may you have all you want, and want all you have. They dance. They kiss. Fade to black.

A sign says, Newmerica 452 miles – Apocalypse 3 miles. Murphy tells Doc this is where he gets off. Doc asks if he’s sure, and Murphy says if it was the other way around, Roberta would be looking for him. Doc guesses this is goodbye. Murphy tells him, like everything else in the apocalypse, it’s temporary. They’ll meet up. Doc says, take care of your red self, and Murphy says, people love him; he’s adorable. Murphy puts on his shades, and starts walking.

Roberta watches Cooper sleeping. She looks out the window, and there’s nothing moving. Cooper joins her, and tells her that she’s beautiful. She asks if he believes in fate, and he says he does now. She says it’s been a long time since someone’s arms were around her who wasn’t trying to kill her. He says it looks like the universe has given them a second chance. He doesn’t want to lose it. Neither does she.

Driving now, Doc tells the others shouldn’t be long now; they’ll be in Newmerica. Assuming it’s really there. One of the group says now that the coughed up blood, they don’t feel as bad. Another says, it’s the worst cold ever. Lilley says, Granny is missing. Doc calls for Mrs. Magilicutty, and 10K says, found her! and she’s eating some brains out of a head. Her son tells her, put that down, but she says she needs it bad. 10K doesn’t think she should be doing that. Her son takes the head from her, saying, let’s leave this here, and leads her away. She wonders what’s happening to her. She doesn’t know why she did that.

Roberta tells Cooper that he seems worried, and he says he is. He tilled enough food for one, if he’s lucky. She says they can till more, but he says they can’t do by hand. They need a tractor. She asks if there’s one nearby, and he says, ten miles. She asks if he’s got a car, but he doesn’t. She says it they double-time it, they can get there in a couple of hours on foot. If they’re lucky, they’ll ride back. He says it could be dangerous; infested with zombies. Roberta says, let’s hustle. He likes it.

Murphy sees zombies who have been in a fender bender. He says he’s looking for friend. One of the zombie’s brains are exposed, and Murphy eats a piece. He can see the drone crashing, and looks in that direction. He thanks the zombie for his help.

Cooper tells Roberta there used to be a lot working there; keep her eyes open. They don’t see anything, and Roberta thinks maybe they wandered off. He hopes the tractor starts, and she tells him that she can hotwire a space shuttle. He tells her, do it quietly. They don’t want to attract unwanted guests. He tells her to get it started, and he’ll hit the tiller. He sees zombies scrabbling underneath, and unhooks it. Half-zombies scramble after him, and one gets ahold of him. Roberta aims, but a full zombie grabs her from behind. Cooper throws off the zombie, shoots it, and shoots the one who has Roberta. Another comes up behind Cooper, and Roberta gets that one. A whole flock of them move in, and they knock off a few, and climb into the tractor. Cooper tells her to start the engine, and the zombies get shredded by the tiller. Roberta and Cooper smile at each other as they drive away. I’m smiling too. After nearly having a heart attack.

Murphy reaches the drone, and a bird flies out, nearly giving him a heart attack. He calls for Roberta, and sits on the drone, yelling, yee-ha! like he’s in a rodeo. He finally says, you find me; I’m right here. It’s starting to get dark and the cheese Murphy stands alone. A very deteriorated zombie toddles up. Murphy says he’s looking for a woman friend of his, grabs the zombie, and tells it. zombie focus up. Did it see the woman? Its jaw falls off, and Murphy says, sh*t. The zombie tries to talk. He eats a little of its brains, asking if it saw her. Then he asks why it didn’t say so in the first place. Which way did she go? Is it sure? He says, thanks buddy. Lightening starts to flash.

Doc tells 10K he smells sweet, fresh air. They must be close, Lilley rides with the others in the bed of the truck. One of them asks, are we there yet? and she says, a little father. Doc and 10K see something. 10K asks if that’s it. Doc says it’s smaller than he expected. Two people sit in front of a makeshift shack, covered in campaign posters and surrounded by junked cars and other things that should be in a dump. Doc tells the others stay put while they check it out.

A guy says, greetings stranger. Doc asks if it’s Newmerica, and he says, not yet; they ain’t voted. 10K asks, who is we? and he says, anyone still alive and talking. Doc asks what they’re voting for, and he says their lives. He says it looks like they’ve been on the road a while, and Doc says, the whole damn apocalypse. Granny tries to grab one of the others, and Doc and 10K separate them. There’s a melee with a few of the group, and one of the guys says, somebody didn’t get biscuits. A Rocker Chick stops him from shooting Granny. She takes a cookie out of her bag, and feeds to Granny, who settles down. She tells them they can let Granny go now. Granny hugs her, and Rocker Chick asks how long she’s been dead. Doc says they just thought she was sick; she’s talking. Rocker Chick says, no; she’s dead, and so are those two. They’re talkers. Since the black rain, people don’t just die and turn. Their bodies are dead, but their souls are conscious. They don’t just walk now; they talk. Cool! I’m very psyched for this.

Roberta splits logs. She opens the door to one of the barns, and sees a car inside. She looks through the window, and there’s a zombie inside. Cooper comes up behind her. She sidles past him, and runs out. Yeah, I think I know what’s coming. The zombie bangs on the car window.

Roberta asks if it’s Cooper’s wife and daughter in there. He says before the black rain, things got bad. His daughter, Claudette, got sick, and his wife couldn’t stand to see her suffer. He didn’t know how much Sarah was suffering too. When he was off looking for medicine, Sarah put their daughter in the car, drove into the barn, and left the engine on. That’s the way he found them when he got home. Roberta asks, why? Why are they still in there? Why hasn’t he mercied them? He says he wanted to think he’d find a cure. They were beautiful and conscious, and he couldn’t. He can’t. Roberta drops the ax in her hand, and says let her do this for him. She takes his gun from the holster, and says let her do it for them. He takes out his other gun, and goes into the barn. Roberta waits outside. We hear two gunshots.

Rocker Chick hands out cookies, saying there’s plenty for everyone. 10K is about to put one in his mouth, and she says he probably doesn’t want to eat one, unless he’s dead. Doc asks what’s in them. Rocker Chick says, nobody knows for sure, and nobody wants to know. Rumor has it, there are trace amounts of brains in them. It keeps the zombies happy, but eat enough of them, you’ll be one. Doc asks Granny how they taste, and she says, metallic; needs a little more sugar. Doc asks Rocker Chick if she’s the woman on the posters, and she says, everyone keeps saying that. She introduces herself as George, and introduces Lieutenant Dante; he’s dead. Doc says they’ve traveled a long way to get to Newmerica. Tell him this ain’t it. George says it doesn’t exist – yet. It’s just an idea. There are just outposts, trying to make it on their own, but they can’t. They’re voting on a constitution to make it a new nation. Doc asks if you have to be a citizen to vote, and George says anyone can become one. Lt. Dante says, you don’t even have to be alive. Doc is ready to sign up. She says the biggest outpost, Altura, is up the road; she has friends there. She says, anyone else want to be part of something great?  Granny says, she can vote, even though she’s dead? Everyone is in. George tells them, united we live; divided we turn. Doc says she is the woman on the poster, and George smiles, saying she’ll show them the way.

Cooper lights a funeral pyre. The bodies burn. Cooper puts his arm around Roberta, and they walk away from the fire.

Murphy thanks Bob for his service. He thinks he has it from here. He sees the smoke from the cremation in the distance.

Next time, a biscuit a day keeps the zombies at bay, and trace amounts of brains are an acquired taste. I’m loving it so far.

👴 Good News for Mike…

If Max Gail doesn’t get the Daytime Emmy, there is no justice in this world. But there is this.


👶 MJ Got Her Wish…

I couldn’t be happier for her. I wonder if they’ll name the baby Shams.


💬 Quotes of the Week

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail. – Kinky Friedman

Dear frozen yogurt, you are the celery of desserts. Be ice cream, or be nothing. – Ron Swanson

Do you always have those with you?  **  Of course I do, I’m from Manhattan. – Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs), respectively, after Caroline takes a pair of heels out of her purse on 2 Broke Girls

Happiness is a warm puppy. – Charles M. Schulz

Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else. – Fred Rogers

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General Hospital

Josslyn tells Carly that she’s not going to school. She can’t. Carly asks if it’s about Oscar; did they have a fight? Josslyn says, no fight, no nothing; he just dumped her. Carly hugs her.

Oscar approaches Cameron in the library, who’s working on his Catcher in the Rye report. The most he’s gotten so far is, Holden Caufield is a sort of tool, something we can probably all agree on, but not enough for a report. Oscar gives Cameron his paper, and tells him to take it. He doesn’t need it.

At the hospital, Kim tells Drew that Oscar isn’t talking much. He stayed in his room all night. Drew says his entire world has been turned upside down; he’s still in shock. Kim says he’s angry at her for not telling him, and left without saying goodbye. He’s never done that. Drew says Oscar is hurting. He’ll come around. He needs his family. They all do.

Maxie goes to Nina’s office to give her a non-Crimson relate update. Peter told her that the WSB has a lead on Obrecht. Nina says, uh-huh. Maxie says her crazy aunt might implicate her. What’s more important than that?

Laura tells not-Doc it will take a while for her to re-acclimate. She notices he has no fever, and hated that he slept in the guest room. He says he’d hate it more if she came down with a cold. He coughs for effect. She thinks the idea of being quarantined for a few days with him isn’t bad, but he doesn’t want to ruin her other reunions. She goes to the kitchen to make him some tea, saying she’ll have him feeling like a new man.

Nina tells Maxie, it’s not a good time; she’s meeting someone. Maxie picks up Sasha’s picture, and asks if Nina is thinking of her for the outerwear shoot, and says Nina should book her. Curtis comes in, and Maxie asks, what’s going on? assuming Nina hired a PI to find Obrecht before the WSB does. Maxie leaves, and Curtis asks Nina if she wants to find Obrecht. She says, no. She wants to talk about this picture, showing him Sasha. Why didn’t he tell her that he was searching for her daughter.

Josslyn tells Carly, it came out of nowhere. She thought things were great, and thinking about the past year, she doesn’t get it. Carly asks what Oscar said, and Josslyn says he told her that he needed space, and it wasn’t her fault. She asked for an actual reason; something she did or didn’t do, but he didn’t say anything. He just took off. Carly thinks he’s going through something that he’s not ready to share yet. Josslyn asks, why? They shared everything. What changed?

Cameron reads, the imagery of isolation in Catcher in the Rye, and tells Oscar that he’ll be called out for plagiarism. No thanks. Oscar wonders how the teacher would find out. Cameron says Oscar is her favorite student; she’ll recognize his writing. Oscar tells him to move stuff around and dumb it down. Just take it. Cameron says Oscar hated him for kissing Josslyn, remember? Why is Oscar doing him a favor? Oscar says he doesn’t need the paper, and Cameron asks if this is about what happened at the community center. Oscar tells Cameron that when he said Oscar had cancer, he was right. Plenty of people knew; his parents, Cameron’s mom, Franco, everybody except him.

Kim and Drew meet with Monica in her office. Monica says they wanted to talk about Oscar. Has he had another hypoglycemic episode? Kim says Oscar doesn’t have hypoglycemia. He has a brain tumor, and gives her the specific medical term. Drew says they’re not giving up. They’re going to fight.

Laura says not-Doc seems better already. It must have been a twenty-four hour bug. He tells her that he’ll get checked out at GH. She’s surprised he’s going to work. She was looking forward to spending the day with him. He says they’ll have lots of days. She asks if he can’t play hooky; he has a  good excuse. He says is patients need him. Laura gives him a gift bag, saying she got a present. He says her early return was present enough, and takes out a photo of them in Paris. She thought he could find a nice spot for it in his office. He says he’ll find a very special place. She asks him to wear the blue tie she got him for his birthday. She wants to see it on him.

Kim explains that Oscar’s tumor is inoperable, but Terry is putting him in a trail of amino therapy that’s minimally invasive. Monica says, it sounds promising, and Kim says, it’s a long shot. Drew tells Monica that they’re going to take it day by day. Monica would like to see Terry’s report and test results. She wants to be up to speed and on the same page. Kim promises to get them to her. Monica says even if it should turn out to be a disappointment, trials and treatments are being developed all the time. She apologizes for sounding clinical, but Kim says it’s easier. Monica tells her that Oscar’s family will get him through this. They have to.

Cameron doesn’t know what to say, and Oscar tells him, don’t say anything. He doesn’t care about school. Cameron asks, why? The Quartermaines will send him to a fancy treatment place, and he’ll be even more of a hero to Josslyn. Oscar says, Josslyn doesn’t know. Cameron says she deserves to hear it from him. He’s mad at his parents for keeping him in the dark. How is Josslyn going to feel when she finds out he did the same thing to her? She’s smart, and already suspicious. Oscar says she won’t find out; he made sure of it. Cameron asks, how? and Oscar says, it doesn’t matter. Consider the paper payment for keeping his mouth shut.

Josslyn says, when she asked Carly how you know you love someone, she said there was no magic test. She was wrong. When she said that, Josslyn wasn’t sure if she loved him, but now she knows. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t hurt so much. Carly says she’s so sorry. Josslyn doesn’t understand why he told her he loved her. He looked her in the eye, and said the words. Carly says, he’s going through something. She can’t force him to tell her, and needs to decide how to deal with it. She can’t turn the pain on herself. Carly tells her not to feel small and afraid. Cry, stand back up, and keep moving. She left out, eat ice cream. Josslyn doesn’t think she’s strong enough. Carly says she’s the epitome of strong. She’ll get through this. Whatever is going on, it has nothing to do with her, and it’s not her fault. Josslyn tells Carly that’s what Oscar said, but it doesn’t make her feel better. She knows she has to find a way to deal, but can’t see him. Carly says she’s going to see him eventually. Josslyn tells her not to worry, but Carly says, that’s the thing about being a parent; you never stop. They hug, and exchange I love yous. When Carly leaves, Josslyn picks up her phone.

Curtis tells Nina that he didn’t want to get her hopes up until he had more proof. He wasn’t convinced Valentin’s intentions were pure. Nina says, Valentin is a master of mixed motives. Curtis says Valentin wanted to find her daughter, but also change her mind about the divorce. That’s why he took the case; to protect her best interests. He was able to locate the lawyer Madeline brokered the adoption with, and he filled in the gaps. Spinelli tracked the money that changed hands, and it led to Sasha. He emailed her, they spoke on the phone, and she agreed to meet. It wasn’t easy, but he convinced her to take the DNA test. Valentin insisted on a backup, and he’s waiting on the results. Nina asks if Curtis thinks Sasha could be her daughter.

Maxie is standing outside Nina’s office, trying to listen. Felicia walks in, and says she was thinking about how Maxie has thrown herself back into Crimson. She’s been doing all the heavy lifting for Nina, and has a baby at home. She needs a break. Felicia hands Maxie a folder, and tells her she has some ideas for a mother/daughter trip. They have a lot of options, and can take James if she wants. What does she think? Maxie thinks Felicia needs it more than she does.

Laura is still in the kitchen, and not-Doc takes the price tag off the tie. He says he’ll think of her every time he wears it, and tightens it between his hands, like he’s about to strangle her with it. There’s a knock at the door. I laugh at him being forever foiled. It’s Lulu, who says she hopes it’s not too early. Laura comes out, and they hug. Lulu is happy Laura is home, and Laura says her too. Lulu has five hundred questions, and not-Doc says he’ll leave them to catch up. Lulu thinks Laura clearly has a restorative effect. Lulu suggests not-Doc SKYPE with his patients, but Laura says he’s old school; face to face. Not-Doc says he likes to be intimate, personal, and on time. He leaves, and Laura says her timing is rotten. She finally gets home, and he’s fighting a cold. He spent the night in the guest room, but knowing him, he probably has something wonderful planned tonight.

Felicia asks what makes Maxie think she wants to get away. Can’t she just plan a fun trip for them? Maxie says, under normal circumstances, but these aren’t normal circumstances. Felicia admits that a TV station is hounding her for an interview on Ryan. She turned them down of course. She spoke with Lulu, because she’s a responsible journalist, and promised to focus on the victims and not the sensationalism. She’s not like the others who want to profit from tragedy. Felicia is worried about Maxie though.

Curtis tells Nina the test is 99.9% accurate, but Nina doesn’t care about percentages. She cares about what Curtis thinks. He says nothing that was said convinced him that Sasha isn’t her daughter, but he needs more evidence. Nina says, something like this? and shows him the necklace.

Kim tells Monica that Oscar recently learned he’s sick, and is having a hard time dealing. He doesn’t want anyone to know. Drew says they’re telling her because she’s Oscar’s grandmother, and the chief-of-staff. Monica says she’s also a cancer survivor, and Oscar feels like he’s living under a microscope right now. They don’t want to make him feel any worse. Kim leaves to get the report. Monica asks Drew how he’s doing. He doesn’t know; he feels punch-drunk. He just found Oscar, and has been figuring out how to be a father. He wasn’t prepared for this. He doesn’t know what to do, and Monica tells him it’s the worst thing to face, but they’ll fight it. They’ll do it together.

Cameron arrives at Sonny’s, and tells Josslyn that he cut PE. He’s going to have to run extra laps; this better be worth it. She says, sorry, but it’s important. She needs him to be honest. Last night, Oscar came over and broke up with her. He asks if she’s sure. Maybe she’s overreacting to something Oscar said the wrong way. She tells Cameron that Oscar said he couldn’t be in a relationship right now, and needed space. The he left. Cameron says he’s sorry it happened. She says, don’t be; help her. Tell  her why he did it.

Carly sees not-Doc at the hospital, and says he saved her a call. He says, about what? and she says, therapy. She’s ready to talk about Ferncliff, and ready to process what happened there. He suggests they touch base next week. She tells him to let her know if he has a cancellation. She wants to work through it as soon as possible – even if they have to use Morse code. Not-Doc asks why must she always bring that up? She says the other night, he was tapping, and he says he’d thought she moved past that fixation. She says that’s why she wants to do therapy; to get Ferncliff out of her head completely. The anniversary of her son’s death is also coming up. She thought she’d prepare for the emotions it’s going to bring up, and make it easier. Not-Doc asks her to forgive him. He doesn’t mean to be terse. He has a bug, and he’s out of sorts. He’ll make time. He’ll have his assistant check his calendar, and work her in.

Carly sees Kim, and asks how it’s going. Kim says, not great, and Carly asks if they can talk about Oscar.

Monica tells Drew treatments and cures for diseases once thought terminal, have advances every day. She’s a cancer survivor, and she’s going to make sure Oscar is too. She gives him a word of advice. Let the people he loves in. Let them help him, so they can help Oscar.

Cameron tells Josslyn that he just saw Oscar, and he didn’t say anything about breaking up with her. She asks what he did say, and Cameron says, not much. He was just acting weird. Cameron was working on his Catcher in the Rye paper, and Oscar gave him his. Josslyn asks, why? but Cameron doesn’t know and wasn’t going to ask questions. Josslyn thinks Cameron knows something. This all started at the community center. Oscar was acting weird, he and Cameron had a conversation, then Oscar took off. What were they talking about? What’s really going on?

Laura tells Lulu that Spencer has fully recovered, and is precocious as ever. Lulu says the Snapchats he sends Rocco and Charlotte are hilarious. Laura asks how she’s doing with Dante being away. She says the kids ask about him, but school keeps them busy. She misses him, but he’s away doing important work that he loves. Laura asks how Dante feels about her work.

Maxie tells Felicia she’s been through enough to no comment them into oblivion. She was too young to remember anyway. Felicia says kids pick things up, even when they don’t grasp what’s going on. Maxie says if Felicia is planning a trip to take her mind off the media circus, Mac should be going with her. Mac was her hero when it came to Ryan; let him be her hero now. They can take a trip when it’s actually about them spending time together. Felicia tells her not to think she’s getting out of it. It must be nice. My last real vacation was in 1987.

Nina explains to Curtis about Madeline leaving some significant things from her childhood for her. The necklace was in a pouch, along with a note, saying, this could mend a broken heart. She says it’s not just a pendant. It was important to her as a child. She would steal it, and pretend it was the locket from Annie. She talked to a jeweler, who said it looked like it had been a whole piece that was divided. Curtis asks if she thinks her daughter has the other half. She thinks it was her mom’s way of saying her child is out there and has the other half. He tells her there was no mention of a necklace, and Nina says, it was a long shot. Curtis gets a call. It’s from the second lab, and the results are in.

Curtis tells Nina that the second test confirmed a genetic match; it’s a certainty. Nina is breathless. Curtis tells her that Sasha grew up thinking the woman who raised her is her mother. It’s a big change for her too. Maxie knocks at the door, and Curtis tells Nina to let him know what the next move is. When he’s gone, Maxie asks if he found Obrecht, but Nina says, he didn’t find Obrecht. He found someone else.  

Carly tells Kim that Oscar broke up with Josslyn. Kim says, that’s the last thing he should have done. Carly asks if Kim hadn’t said teen romances don’t last, but Kim tells her that she said before she knew Josslyn, and how happy she makes Oscar. Carly says she feels the same way. He brought out the best in Joslyn, and she’s taking it hard. She asks if Kim has anything to share for Josslyn to have closure.

Cameron tells Josslyn that Oscar never said anything. Half the time, Oscar can’t stand him; the other half, he’s giving him a paper. Josslyn thinks Cameron is holding back, and protecting Oscar. Cameron says he’s not, and Josslyn says Oscar must be interested in another girl. Cameron says Josslyn is smart, hilarious, and really beautiful; there’s no one better than her. Oscar would be crazy to want someone else. She says he still broke up with her.

Drew sees Oscar, who jets the second he sees Drew. Drew asks him to wait. Drew wonders what’s going on, and Oscar says he’s fine. Drew asks why he’s not in school. Oscar says, what’s the point of school? Or anything else?

Lulu tells Laura that she and Dante had bumps in the beginning, especially when she revealed Nathan was Faison’s son. She didn’t think it through or think of the consequences. She did a follow-up on Faison’s other son, who turned out to be Peter. Laura says, her new boss. Lulu admits she likes working at The Invader. Laura says her work is important too; the public needs objective journalism, more now than ever. Laura mentions the Ryan Chamberlain series. Doc brought it up when they were in Paris, and said he was dreading the anniversary. Lulu says she didn’t realize. He’s been supportive about it, and shared some fascinating stories. Laura says, that’s new. He’s never been forthcoming about it. Lulu says, he is now. He’s given her insight only someone close to Ryan could have. She thinks it’s what will set her story apart from the sensationalistic pieces. Laura says it’s just like to be so generous, even when it’s difficult. Her husband is a special man.

As not-Doc studies the hospital map, Felicia asks if he has time for her.

Drew tells Oscar that he needs an education so he can go to college, and further his education. Oscar says he doesn’t know what’s going to happen, and Drew say, no one knows how long they’re going to live. You make plans for the future, and fight for it. Oscar says he’s not spending the time he has left behind a desk looking at the clock. When he puts it that way, I don’t blame him. He tells Drew that he’s there to tell his mother that he’s dropping out.

Cameron tells Josslyn, Oscar made a huge mistake. He’ll realize, and come back. If he doesn’t, it’s his loss. She tells Cameron it’s on him if he’s holding back. He hates seeing her like this, and she says, it’s no picnic on feelings side either. She doesn’t care why. She knows Oscar is wrong. Instead of figuring out why, she’s going to undo it. She asks Cameron to help her get Oscar back.

Kim tells Carly this is the first she’s hearing about the break-up. Carly says they should let the kids figure it out for themselves, but Josslyn is hurting. Kim wishes she had something to tell her to make it easier. He’s going through something personal, but that’s all she can say. Carly says, they’ll fall in love a million times by the time they’re their age. She won’t pry.

Maxie asks Nina if Obrecht had an accomplice. Nina says, no, and Maxie asks who he found. Nina says, her daughter.

Lulu says they’ve covered her marriage and career, what about Laura. What’s next? Laura says she’s settling in, but it’s strange without Spencer. She’s looking forward to going back to the hospital board. She has some new ideas for GH that she’s excited about. She’s glad to be home, and reconnecting with family.

Felicia tells not-Doc that he seems off, and asks if he’s all right. He says he’s a little under the weather. She says they can catch up another time, but he says he always has time for her. He suggests they go to his office, where they can have privacy.

Gregory tells Chase the thing Finn hates more than him is failure, Felicia tells not-Doc that the know the gruesome truth about Ryan, and Carly tells Ava to get the hell out of her house.

Below Deck

This season – Tahiti. We meet the new crew, and get a mini preview of what’s to come. I’m going to miss Chef Ben, but glad Kate is still chief stew. Kate tells us it’s long hours and hard work. A recipe for disaster.

The waves are huge. We have a new boat as well, My Seanna. Kate arrives first, and says the boat looks different on the internet. Captain Lee explains that hurricanes took a devastating toll on the Caribbean, and it will take a while to recover. In the meantime, he’s always wanted to see Tahiti. This time, there’s a chief steward, Josiah, and Kate is excited. Chef Adrian tells us that he has a passion to heal through the creative art of cooking. We see some of his creations, and they look fabulous.

Stew Caroline is stoked to meet a steward, since she’s never met one before. Bosun Chandler goes over things with the captain. He’s already hoping for a good reference. Captain Lee says the seas are bigger in Tahiti, and it’s reef central. Where they’re at is so remote, there’s no one to pull your ass out. He tells Chandler that he doesn’t like to micromanage. Deckhand Ross is taking a step down from being a bosun, because, Tahiti.

Kate goes over things with Josiah and Caroline. Josiah trained at butler school in England, and is a qualified butler. Everyone introduces themselves to each other and gets situated in their cabins, while I desperately try to learn their names. Not my forte. Kate thinks Adrian looks young and malnourished. In her interview, she says malnourished and chef shouldn’t be in same sentence. Deckhand Rhylee was a co-captain on a fishing charter, but wanted a change of pace.

Chandler’s father and brother are both in the field, and he says, it’s not just a job; it’s a career. He expects the best out of everyone, and says they’re all learning the boat together. The new boat is 180 feet, and Kate is excited, but she finds out things below aren’t that big. She says, it’s like dating Shaquille O’Neal and finding out he has a really small penis. Caroline thinks yacht crews are high schoolish, and you have to establish who you are right off the bat.

The boat gets a once over. Captain Lee thinks it’s going well so far with everyone getting along. Well, it’s only the first day. He introduces the first officer and engineers, who we never, ever see. He tells the crew there are three rules. Work hard, don’t embarrass yourself, and don’t embarrass the boat. If they follow those rules, they’ll get along fine. If not, there will be something extra in their pay envelope – a plane ticket home. In his interview, the captain says the crew has the credentials, but if they don’t deliver, they can give their soul to Jesus, because their ass belongs to him.

We find out Adrian’s father recently passed away, and they were very close. The provisions come in. Rhylee gets the attention of Ashton, who she thinks is a fine piece of man candy. Adrian says he’s a free flow artist, and wants to blow people’s minds. Chandler thinks the crew is amazing. Captain Lee tells Chandler that he has good talent. Kate is happy, since she has only one stew who lacks experience. During the first preference sheet meeting, and we discover the first primary will be Steve, the foam guy. He’s become a friend of Captain Lee’s, and we flash back to the last time Steve chartered the yacht. Kate says the foam party was like a malfunctioning car wash. She’s glad he’s returning. She knows his preferences, and he’ll get blackout drunk, so if they mess up, he won’t remember. His fiancé, Jen, will also be celebrating her 32nd birthday, and he wants a romantic dinner, with the servers dressed as Cupid. Kate says she’s not wearing a diaper.

Ros has a four-year-old son, and he’s missed a lot, traveling to provide for him. Kate tells the crew that Steve is enthusiastic and likes alcohol, but has a lot of requests. He’s asking for a Polynesian picnic on a black sand beach. It’s not going to be tomorrow, since they’re stuck in the dock. The crew will have to entertain them. In her interview, Kate says Steve was a drunken handful last time, and with bad weather and being stuck, it’s a lot of extra work for her. Guests are always disappointed; it’s a lose-lose.

The next day, there’s a charter miracle – a blue sky. The crew puts the final touches on the boat. Kate says the guests aren’t the worst part. They leave, but she’s stuck with the crew. So far, so good though. Everyone puts on their whites.

Steve and the other guests arrive, and greetings and champagne commence. Kate gives the tour. Ooh, it is impressive. Steve remarks that his room has a desk in case he wants to work… nah. The stern is cut loose. Rhylee says being a female captain is kind of unheard of, and she has to prove herself in a male dominated industry all the time.

Steve discusses Jen’s birthday party. He’s brought 500 balloons that he wants the bedroom filled with. Kate tells him, no problem. The crew is full of hot air. The captain says leaving the dock is like a choreographed dance. Chandler says they’re sailing out of sh*tty weather, and into the horizon. Steve wants to be just on the bounds of sober, but not sober. I think that might require him to stop drinking periodically, so it’s probably not going to happen. Adrian says he likes to incorporate local dishes into his own cuisine. Steve wants to be dazzled. Adrian makes a beautiful tropical salad with tuna and swordfish. I’m in, and Steve pronounces it delicious; perfect freakin’ fish.

The boat has two feet on either side, and the captain says this is not where you want to screw up. In the Caribbean, there’s a hundred feet water before the shore, and it’s gradual. In Tahiti, you’re suddenly on a reef. Captain Lee says you couldn’t get a straight pin up his ass with a sledgehammer right now. Ha-ha! I missed his witticisms. He tells us in good light, you can see the reef through the water.

Steve gets excited over a door in the galley that you can open by pressing a button with your foot. He plays with this for a while. They drop anchor at a place Captain Lee can’t pronounce, so I won’t even try. In her interview, Kate says she likes Adrian’s naughty side. He grew up in St. Martin, which is the lawless Las Vegas of the Caribbean. It’s sex, drugs, and alcohol, and he’s into it.

Kate doesn’t want to put 500 balloons in the room, and would rather put one sleeping pill in Steve’s mouth. He’s also asking adults to wear diapers. The crew works on blowing up the balloons. Steve has a special gift for the captain, a shirt he wants him to wear at dinner. Steve doesn’t think Captain Lee is going to love it. Kate doesn’t either, and tells Steve that makes her love it a little more. Steve says, him too, and they laugh conspiratorially. We find out Ashton was a stripper, so he’s cool with not wearing much. Kate delivers the shirt.

Steve wears a crown like the one from the old Imperial Margarine commercials, and light-up glasses. Adrian is making deconstruct surf and turf. The shirt isn’t that bad. It’s like those graphic tuxedo T-shirts, except it’s a captain’s uniform. Steve says dinner is off the charts. Rhylee dresses Ashton in his Cupid outfit. He asked her to help, and she’s happy to do it. The next course is beef sashimi. The guests are thrilled. I salivate. Crab and lobster salad is next, but there’s mint wontons with that, and mint is not my jam, as Kelly Dodd would say. Captain Lee is loving life. Kate says she’s never seen him that happy with a new chef. In her interview, she says Adrian’s plates are beautiful and delicious, and he executes confidently and competently. She thinks he’s an alien.

Kate decides tinsel garlands should be added to Ashton’s costume. Adrian shushes Caroline, who interrupts his conversation with Kate, and in her interview, Caroline is like, you shush. And so it starts. Adrian brings the birthday cake upstairs, and Steve screams. Ashton looks like a cupid Christmas tree. A guest asks if there’s anything else in his diaper, like Twinkies. What? The captain thanks Steve for including him. Adrian does yoga, and Kate goes to bed.

On the second day, Steve got on a jet ski. And it was not good. He’s ready to roll. Caroline says he’s insane. He’s on vacay, and drunk from night before. She’s not getting a good feeling. Captain Lee instructs them to stay away from the reefs. Steve thinks the captain doesn’t trust his seadoing [sic] abilities. Steve won’t wear a life jacket, and takes off on the jet ski like a maniac. Kate says he’s like a wild man; he passed the boat twice in ten seconds. I’m not getting a good feeling. Chandler explains that it’s usually at the guest’s discretion whether or not they wear a jacket, and doesn’t think it’s a big deal. I dunno about that when they’re drunk. That sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Ross thinks it’s their job to keep the guests safe, and I’m with him. Ross tries to give Steve a jacket, but he’s not having it. Ross tells Captain Lee that Steve is refusing to wear it, and the captain tells Steve that he has to. Steve says, life is short, and he doesn’t wear life jackets. The captain tells the deckhands, when Steve comes in, pull the plug on the jet ski. In his interview, Captain Lee says hitting the water at 70 mph is like hitting a brick. You can break bones or your neck, and it’s not up for discussion. The deck crew dropped the ball, and it’s deadly serious.

This season, waterfalls, lots of drinking, Rhylee hooks up with Ashton (maybe), Chandler needs to micromanage, Rhylee and Chandler butt heads, Caroline refuses to eat sh*t, Chandler gets his ass chewed out by Captain Lee, Kate makes the captain choose between her and another crew member, a man goes overboard, the captain gets choked up, and someone has one hour to leave.

Fire dancing and flower crowns. We’re not in the Caribbean anymore.Kate Chastain, chief stew


Andy didn’t want to run anymore. Carlotta told him that Cassie was still gunning for him, and it’s not about the money, it’s about pride. She said he could stay with her until she figured out how to keep his stupid ass alive.

Mateo wanted Take 3 to do a hot song for a soundtrack. His real interest though, was producing a movie starring Noah and Star. Carlotta had to tell them Star is pregnant.

Maurice was looking for an artist for his streaming service, and Cassie wanted a strong black Mandingo. She wanted Noah. Maurice tried talking to Noah about the new business, but Noah wasn’t doing business with his shady ass. He was done giving grown men second chances.

Derek thought Alex should slow down, since she was taking every gig that came along since the plane crash. Miss Ruby was acting weird, and Derek knew something was up.

Carlotta told the girls about Mateo wanting the new son. Alex said it wasn’t a drive-thru, and he couldn’t just order up a track. She told them to read the script, and start writing. Simone didn’t think Star was ready to have a baby, and the baby would be messed up like their mom did to them. The Gravity Media gossip site outed Star, and she was sorely pissed at Mateo. Mateo told her, gossip drives traffic. He said she should use the attention to work for her; it’s what a real star does. In response, Star threw up on him.

An officer found evidence of rape on Miss Ruby’s clothing, but she refused to have a rape kit done. Derek asked Alex for to stay with her while he went looking. Miss Ruby and Alex shared a joint, and Alex told her about the fan next to her on the plane dying because Alex was taken off first. Miss Ruby said it wasn’t her fault, and Alex said neither was what happened to her. Miss Ruby said she’d lived there a long time, and earned the right, paid for the right, to have a safe home and he just took it. Alex told her he’s not taking a damn thing. Alex took Miss Ruby to the hospital.

Cotton wanted to know who Star’s baby daddy was, but Star wouldn’t say. Cotton said she’d find out, and Star said let her know who it is when she did. Cotton thought the baby should know who its father was; she never knew Jahil. But Star told her, fathers leave. She wanted to make sure not to pass her mess on to her baby.

Simone accused star of making it all about herself, and that the pregnancy was making her more of a bitch. Miss Lawrence aka Miss Bruce told the girls to get moving on the track per Carlotta’s orders.

Noah wanted to know if the child was his. He didn’t want to be like his pops, leaving his kid out in the cold. Star told him he was off the hook; it wasn’t his.

Jahil’s case was cold, and Cotton went to Cassie for help. Cassie promised she would, but we know that’s not going to happen. Cotton didn’t know what to tell her son. Carlotta said Jahil would want her to move on. Carlotta was honoring his memory by living his dream, and didn’t want Cotton to do anything crazy. Cotton said she’d already talked to Cassie about helping, since Carlotta wouldn’t.

Mateo had a press conference to reveal the movie project, Black Ivy starring Noah. It was also a chance for Star to answer questions, and she ended up calling the press reps nosy bitches. She said it was none of their damn business, and suggested they ask their mommas who their real daddies are. She stormed out, and Simone said she’s like a bulldozer. Star said she bulldozed them out of foster care and into their careers. She does it so Simone and Alex don’t have to.

Noah met with Andy, who said he owed people some money. Noah couldn’t help, but told Andy he knew Andy could make it to the other side and would be all right. The other side was probably a poor word choice.

Simone wanted to audition for Black Ivy, telling Mateo she didn’t just relate to character, she was the character. She also told him that if he came after her sister again, she’d check his ass so fast, he’d never forget it.

Cassie met with Noah, at her new venue. She explained she wanted him to be the artist in residence, and told him, be a king; let it be his castle. He said he wasn’t looking for change, but she said let change come to him. He envisioned the club as being active, with him as the reigning royalty, but told Cassie it had to go through Carlotta. He also suggested Andy, telling her that Andy just got back in town. Oops.

Carlotta told Cassie stay away from her child. Cassie insisted that she didn’t mean to hurt them, and called Carlotta high and mighty. Carlotta told Cassie to get her own life. Cassie said, tell Andy, what’s up. Carlotta was so busy being angry with her, she didn’t see the real reason Jahil is gone was right under her nose.

When it came time to record the new track, Star’s was having trouble with her voice and wanted to throw in the towel, but Simone told her to bulldoze, and Take 3 got it together. Carlotta told the girls it takes a village, and they have everything their mother wanted for them. The video for the track was superb; the set, the choreography, their look, everything. Carlotta told Mateo, manager or not, they were her artists, and they’d move how she saw fit. The new single was going to their Take 3 album.

Simone video chatted with Angel. She said she’d always love him, but needed to stand on her own. She wanted a divorce.

Alex told Derek that she knew he wanted to fix it, but it wasn’t in his hands. He said that’s what Miss Ruby told him. Let the police be the police, and let God be God. He cried on Alex’s shoulder.

At the studio, alone, Carlotta talked to Jahil again. This time, he appeared to her.

Star knocked on a door. Noah opened a door, but it was his father, not Star like they wanted us to think for a moment. Bobby told Noah that he was living in his car until it broke down. Noah asked what that had to do with him, and Bobby said, not a damn thing, son. Noah said nothing, but opened the door so Bobby could come in.

Jackson opened another door to find Star on the other side. He said he got it. She was lonely and he was there. He understood she didn’t want him. She showed him the sonogram.

Queen Latifah’s hair this week included an interesting very straight bob; brown, but with face framing black. My favorite though, was an auburn shag. It wasn’t anything that unique, but it looked gorgeous on her.

Next time, Brandy aka Cassie sings, and Cassie snatches Carlotta’s wig off.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Kameron and family are learning terms of cooking an Espanyol. In her interview, she says she wants her kids to be able to communicate outside of their own bubble. They’ve been taking Spanish since they were babies. If you don’t know how speak Spanish, you can’t talk to half the world. I’ve been picking it up from watching 90 Day Fiancé, and probably more quickly than some of the fiancés. She tells us that Cord is super critical of Sparkle Dog, but she’s going to keep proving that she’s a great mother, wife, and entrepreneur. Cord talks about the time Kameron almost set the house on fire cooking. They make cupcakes, and Cord challenges Kameron to eat a cupcake in one bite. She comes close.

D’Andra discusses college with stepson Koen, who’s on spring break. She says she’s his stepmother, but also his friend. After her failure with Ketan – we flash back to that – she has a chance to start over, and try again. She’s hoping the bonds with her stepsons fill the void in her life, left by not having her own kids. Dee arrives. It’s been a month since she and D’Andra have spoken, which D’Andra says is typical when they have a fight. D’Andra tells Koen that they’re having a business meeting. Dee suggests he put earplugs in.

D’Andra wants to talk about separating companies. She’s at a crossroads. They try to negotiate, but when they talk, they’re not on the same page, and it’s been stressful for her. D’Andra says she’s tired of being angry and stressed, and doesn’t want to feel this way toward her mother. Dee says she’s been bitter too. The more she’s thought about it, she’s seventy-seven, and does she still want to continue battling? I need to stop here, and say I’d love to know where this woman goes to get work done, and who does it. You would never guess she’s seventy-seven, and that includes her neck. I’m sure genetics is playing a part here, but she looks amazing. She says D’Andra is all she has, and tells her to keep building the company. She doesn’t need it; she’s giving D’Andra 100%. D’Andra wonders, why, after all this time? it’s a shock. Dee says she’s shocked too. In her interview, Dee says she gave D’Andra the keys before, but knew she wasn’t ready. She came to the decision that it wasn’t worth losing a relationship with her only child. She tells D’Andra that it felt like a thousand pounds was lifted. All the worry, anger, and stress is off her shoulders. In her interview, Dee says it can go one of two ways. It can go great, or fall flat on its face. D’Andra wants to continue Dee’s legacy. Dee believes they can have a great relationship. In D’Andra’s interview, she has hesitance. She wants to see the signature on the dotted line first. I don’t blame her. Haven’t we been here before? Dee says her lawyer will draw up the papers, and they hug.

Stephanie takes the boys to a private dance class. She’s had a hard time getting Cruz interested in anything, but if he wants to learn hip-hop, it’s cool with her. She learns a combination with them. In her interview, she says doing things with the kids clears her head, and helps with depression. She sees the excitement in the kids’ eyes. This excitement turns into a fight over a shirt. Stephanie says when the kids are naughty, they get in line for their daddy. We see a clip of Travis being the kid whisperer. She has a hard time with discipline. It’s her nightmare that when Travis goes to Harvard, the boys take over, and everything goes to hell. She tells them they’re supposed to be best friends.

LeeAnne talks to her dog, Carly, a beagle who is too funny. She’s staring straight ahead as LeeAnne talks, and you can just see her thinking, shut-up, shut-up.  Kameron calls, and LeeAnne says she’s looking at wedding stuff and feeling her eyes crossing. Kameron is organizing a dog party. They’re going to paint their dogs – on canvases, not their bodies. She’s also inviting the kids. LeeAnne thinks she scares children just by her presence.

LeeAnne asks Rich about getting a new tux for the wedding, but he swears he hasn’t gotten married in the one he owns. She asked if he comes down the aisle or is he there already? He says, usually when he gets married, he’s already there. In her interview, LeeAnne says Rich has no problem getting married, but he better stay married with her. She asks how many are on his list. He has thirty, and she thinks they should cap it at two hundred, because they’ll remember people as time goes on. She’s thinking a quarter million, and Rich says he just ruined the chair. I laugh. I’m sure it’s fun to spend that much, but we spent five grand, including the honeymoon, and people are still talking about that party.

LeeAnne wants D’Andra to help, but doesn’t know how much she wants to be involved. She tells Rich that she apologized, and we flash back to that. She didn’t make excuses, and said she did it, sorry, it won’t happen again. In her interview, she says she was D’Andra’s maid of honor, and it feels sad that she’s not being a part of it. When she doesn’t address it, she’s not done with it. Rich says, she’s down the road. LeeAnne says she’s texted twice, and gotten no response. Rich tells her to call. She does, and gets voicemail. LeeAnne leaves a message asking if they can grab lunch. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she genuinely doesn’t understand why D’Andra isn’t returning her texts or calls. She tells Rich that she thought they were sisters. Now, she feels like she has no family. Rich says she’ll be fine; it’s stupid girl stuff. LeeAnne starts to cry, and Rich puts his arm around her. He tells her it will settle out.

Cary is going to check on the house. Mark thinks they can move into part of it soon. Cary is glad. Living there after her parents get home would be like living in a museum with the owners there, watching you. She says when she was growing up, if she put things in the wrong spot, she’d be disciplined for it. Cary brings out some photo albums, and we see some old pictures. In her interview, she says she felt like she couldn’t do anything right. She couldn’t please her father, and it’s always been a problem. Mark’s dad died from Alzheimer’s when he was young, and he regrets it. She’ searching for a way to forge a relationship and bond with her father. All of her cousins live in Denmark. They’re her father’s relatives, and connecting to family is important to him. Cary thinks if she reconnects with her relatives in Denmark, she can reconnect with him. It sounds like they never had a connection in the first place though.

Kameron puts her dog in a stroller, telling us, little dogs have little legs and don’t go very far. In her interview, she explains that there are a lot of painting parties, but she wanted to do something different. She found Adam, a painter on Bluprint, who teaches painting dogs specifically. This is pretty cool. She shows her dog the paintings. She organizes food for the humans and the dogs, and has also hired a string quartet to set the mood. She’s heard classical music is good for children and dogs. Except when they show up, the quartet is a trio.

D’Andra wonders if orchestral music inspires you to paint dogs better. Maybe LeeAnne rapping would be a better choice. Kameron tells D’Andra that she was an art major. This brings back her college experience, and painting was the most challenging art form she had. LeeAnne come in next. All the dogs are excited to meet each other. In D’Andra’s interview, she says she needed time to reflect, and strategy for today is to ignore LeeAnne. How mature. I suppose I should expect it though, considering how well her mother has taught her to deal with conflict.

Brandi decided to give someone a chance to help her. She wasn’t helping herself or her family, so she hired nanny Allison. She says, finding the right person is difficult, but once you know it’s right, you wonder where they’ve been forever. She says it’s scary, but she’s also excited. She’s picking up the girls, and going to the painting party. Bruin is sleeping, and staying home. She says Sugar doesn’t get along with other dogs. Kind of like LeeAnne.

Kameron thinks family time is important, and wanted to do something where they could bring their children. Stephanie doesn’t bring Biscuit, since she can’t handle kids and dogs at the same time. Cary’s Zuri flirts with Cruz. Those are kids, not dogs.

Brandi picks up the girls. Brooklyn wants to go home the second she gets in the car. She claims she’s overheated, but it looks like a full-blown tantrum. In her interview, Brandi says, thank God for the nanny. If she had to drive with these two tiny bitches and the baby, she’d drive off a cliff. Omg, me too. These girls are obnoxious. Brandi says she’s in the worst mood ever.

Adam tells them, just have fun, and starts the instruction. Brandi says art is not her thing, and she’s a horrible artist. Kameron likes her own art the best. LeeAnne says her dog already took a dump. I’m dying. It’s next to the quartet trio. I love this dog. LeeAnne eats a dog biscuit that looks like a human cookie. Stéphane tells Brandi that she’s going to lunch with Kameron and D’Andra. Brandi says if she wants to be friends with them, good luck with that.

LeeAnne asks to talk to Cary on the side. She says Cary claimed she’d be honest if the girls were talking behind each other’s backs, No one has said anything about her? Cary says, not exactly, and LeeAnne wonders why Cary hasn’t come to her. Cary says she’s not a gossip, but if someone asks, that’s different. No, that is not what she said. She said if anyone talked behind another’s back, she was going to let that person know. She tells LeeAnne that Brandi thought she might be in Kameron’s ear. We flash back to Brandi saying Kameron has no mind of her own, and LeeAnne is in her ear. LeeAnne loves how Brandi blames her for everything. It’s okay for her to feel the way she does, but Kameron is her own human. Cary gives LeeAnne credit, but thinks she deserves some herself. In her interview, LeeAnne says Cary just narc-ed on Brandi. They should add throwing under bus to the Olympics.

Some of the paintings are pretty good, especially the ones the kids are doing. Brandi checks in with the nanny, and gets ready to leave. Of course, now her girls want to stay. The mom group leaves, and LeeAnne says this is the level of noise at her house; it was like birth control on steroids. She says at fifty, nothing is popping out anyway. Kameron says, miracles happen, and LeeAnne tells her that would not be a miracle. In her interview, D’Andra says she and LeeAnne have become strangers, and she feels like she lost a friend. LeeAnne doesn’t get the distance. D’Andra is shutting her out, and it hurts. She needs a conversation to get to bottom of it.

D’Andra meets LeeAnne on a bench. In her interview, LeeAnne says D’Andra called her the day after the painting party for a one on one. LeeAnne says she texted D’Andra after her meeting with Dee. What happened. D’Andra says she didn’t tell anyone. She’ll believe it when the paperwork is signed. She’s been down that road, and she’s not holding her breath. It makes LeeAnne sad that she can’t help D’Andra; it’s frustrating. In her interview, LeeAnne says she apologized, but D’Andra didn’t want to hear it. She doesn’t care how LeeAnne feels.

LeeAnne tells D’Andra she doesn’t know what’s going on, and it’s shredding her. D’Andra says when LeeAnne talks about things, she only tells the good. LeeAnne tells her to ask the right questions. D’Andra asks if she’s getting married. In her interview, D’Andra says LeeAnne always deflects back to her, like with bringing up the $200. I roll my eyes. LeeAnne says she is, and D’Andra asks when. LeeAnne tells her it was going to be in November, but they might change it to spring. D’Andra knows LeeAnne must be worried because Rich has been married before, and won’t stay married. LeeAnne says the fear is there, but she thinks he will. D’Andra asks if LeeAnne thinks he’s faithful.

In her interview, D’Andra insists LeeAnne has been backpedaling about getting married from the beginning. I might be wrong, but it sounds like D’Andra is digging for something that’s not there, and trying to make LeeAnne afraid. LeeAnne says, as many nights as Rich is home, it would be highly unlikely. In her interview, D’Andra says her first husband cheated, but they led separate lives and she let it happen. Oh, that explains it. She’s projecting. LeeAnne says, no; they are not leading separate lives. In her interview, LeeAnne says, no other couple is more rock solid. What D’Andra is saying is accusatory and inflammatory, and she’s pissed. She tells D’Andra that she and Rich don’t make each other do anything. D’Andra asks if she should step back, and LeeAnne says just check in with her now and then. D’Andra thinks there’s something LeeAnne isn’t telling her; something happening. For the thousandth time, LeeAnne tells her, nothing is happening.

Next time, Stephanie gets vaginal rejuvenation (the topic I can’t get away from), LeeAnne confronts Brandi, an adult prom, and LeeAnne tells D’Andra that she doesn’t want to hear about separate lives again.

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October 2, 2018 – Laura is Back for Forever, Wyatt Meets Sal, a New Deck, a Little Flip, a Sad Tale from Dallas & Enough


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason doesn’t think Carly should tell Sonny about the gun. Mike should do it himself. Carly asks if Jason thinks Mike is telling the truth, and the gun is in the Hudson. Jason asks if he seemed lucid, and she says, completely. He thought so too, It makes sense that if Mike was covering for Sonny, he wouldn’t have left the gun with the body. She asks if he thinks Sonny is in the clear, but Jason says, no.

Jordan tells Margaux that she might have to accept that her father’s murder will go unsolved. Margaux says, no, and Jordan asks if it’s because she doesn’t want to. Margaux says she doesn’t need to. There’s another way; clip Sonny’s right hand man.

Kim tells Oscar that in the conference with Terry, she said he’s a good candidate for the drug trial, and there have been promising results. He says if Kim had wanted to help, she would have told him two years ago. What’s the point now? No matter what, the outcome is still the same – he dies.

Lulu brings Chase’s watch to the station. He’d given it to Rocco to play with when he was over for dinner, and forgot it. He’s appreciative of dinner, and she tells him that he’s Dante’s partner, which makes him family. He says at least he feels like he’s useful, keeping an eye on his partner’s family. Not that they need it, but Lulu says she wouldn’t have it any other way. And it makes her feel more connected to Dante.

Nina says Valentin told her Charlotte was okay, but he says he’s not talking about Charlotte. He meant Nina’s biological child.

Not-Doc is expecting Lucy, but Laura knocks at the door. She’s home. Her flight took forever, and she’s exhausted, but never too tired for him. She kisses him, and he says she’s back already? She says that’s not the warm welcome she was expecting. He says she surprised him. She didn’t think he’d mind her coming home early. He says he doesn’t, and hugs her. She caught him at the end of a trying day, but he doesn’t want to talk about him. He brings her luggage inside, and she tells him that Spencer was well enough to tell her that she was cramping his style. She took the opportunity to surprise him, and was in such a rush, she didn’t even tell Lulu. He asks if he’s the only one who knows, and how long she’s going to be there, and she says, forever.

Oscar tells his parents, maybe it’s time to shop for coffins. The side effects go from mild to death. Drew says they should all take a breath. There’s no harm in meeting with Terry again. Better to have a spot in the trial than now. Oscar wonders if he’d be taking up a slot that someone who could be saved needs. Kim tells him not to punish himself because he’s angry with her. They should talk to Terry again. Kim knows Oscar doesn’t want to talk to them, but thinks he should talk to someone. Oscar doesn’t want to talk to a shrink, but Drew says they’re not talking about that. He’s made a lot of friends; he should talk to them. Oscar says his friends are not going to know.

Jason says Mike covered for Sonny, and Carly says there’s no evidence. Jason thinks they can stop the commissioner, but it’s personal for the DA. Carly says Diane can discredit her, but Jason says he doesn’t think it’s that simple.

Margaux says, Jason knows everything, but Jordan says Margaux threw everything she had at him, and he never said a word. They have no supporting evidence; nothing that ties Jason to the explosion or the murder. Margaux trying to subvert his right to counsel, tells Jordan that she’s too close to the investigation.

Valerie comes into the station looking for Jordan. Chase says she’s in the interrogation room. Valerie says Jordan called, saying she wanted a word with her. She wonders what it’s about, and Chase tells her to have a seat.

Nina tells Valentin that she miscarried when she was in a coma. Valentin says, the child survived. Nina’s child is alive, and he can prove it.

Jason tells Carly that Sonny doesn’t regret the killing, but regrets Mike’s involvement. Sonny will do anything to protect him, and Margaux will be investigating anything that might connect Mike. Carly says, that’s crazy; Mike has Alzheimer’s. Jason says that makes him vulnerable. She’ll use anything. If Mike is threatened, Sonny will want to even the score. He wants to protect Mike, but Margaux is going to break the rules, and if she hits him in the right place, Sonny could make a mistake. Carly asks how they stop her, and Jason says, they have to shut her down.

Jordan asks why Margaux thinks Jason is unbreakable. He had nothing to say except through his attorney; it’s going to be carved on his tombstone. She’s seen this before. A case is personal, and the investigation turns into obsession. The case will stay open. A clue could surface, but it’s not coming from Jason. She has to think of the next best thing. Margaux has to go, and jets.

Oscar tells Drew that he’s not telling anyone he’s sick. At least not yet. Kim says he doesn’t want to go through this alone, and he says, why? She did. She says, and he thought that was a mistake. He says if he tells anyone, it will be on his own terms, in his own time. He doesn’t want to be known as the sick kid. Drew says, that’s fair, and Oscar leaves. Julian overhears.

Laura finds the roll of wire cable, and asks what it is. Not-Doc says it was his misguided attempt at DIY. He wanted to hook up his computer, but will need a tech person very soon. He asks about Spencer, and she says she told him that both legs had healed; it was a real blessing. He starts to cover for not knowing, when there’s a knock at the door. It’s a surprised Lucy, who hands her the soup, and says, welcome home. Laura looks at not-Doc.

Valentin asks Nina to let him explain, and he’ll answer any questions she has. She asks why he thinks her biological child is alive, and he says he visited Nina’s mother before she died. He’s had questions about discrepancies that he found troublesome. She wasn’t in the same hospital for the first eight months. It seemed within the realm of possibilities mathematically that she carried to term. Only Madeline knew for sure, and when he offered her freedom, She told him. Nina says she died before he got her out, but he says he was never getting her out. Nina says he double crossed her, and he says, yeah. She tells him she loves him so much, but they’re still divorced. He explains that Madeline told him that she tried to cause a miscarriage, but was unsuccessful. She hired a private nurse until Nina delivered. She had a baby; a little girl.

Valentin says Madeline didn’t want the child to have claim on Nina’s inheritance, so she set up an adoption. Nina asks, what if she was lying and it was her last mind game before she died? Valentin says he found her; technically, Curtis did. She asks if this was the case Curtis was working on for him. Valentin says Curtis made a fortune, but he adores her, and would have done it for free anyway. He tracked her down, and has seen her. Nina says, she’s for real? and he says, Sasha Gilmore. She’s beautiful, and very strong willed, just like her mother. He shows Nina a picture.

Lucy didn’t realize Laura was back in town, and Laura says, clearly. Lucy tells her it’s chicken noodle soup, the most healthy soup in Port Charles. It’s for Doc. Not-Doc explains that he was having lunch with Felicia and Mac. Lucy says, and with her. She noticed he was under the weather. Lucy says he’s resistant to caring for himself. Laura says she knows. She hands not-Doc the soup, and says she’d like to have a word with Lucy.

Jordan sees Valerie, and says they’re going to talk right there. After everything Jordan has done for her; everything the department did for her. She has to embarrass them like this. Valerie doesn’t know what she did, but asks Jordan to let her make it right. Jordan asks where she gets off, showing up the rest of them on the detective exam? The results won’t be posted until later, but Jordan wanted to tell her personally that she passed with flying colors, calling her Detective Spencer.

Julian asks Kim if it’s a bad time again, but she says, no; it’s actually good. Drew leaves, and Julian says, obviously, something serious is going on with Oscar. It makes sense for her to lean on Drew, but he’s there if she still wants him. She says, it’s hard to know what to do, but Julian says if he doesn’t know what’s going on, he can’t help. Whatever it is, she can tell him. She says she can’t.

Oscar goes to Sonny’s, and asks for Josslyn. He wants to talk on the porch. Carly calls Josslyn down. She says she wasn’t sure Oscar was still coming over. Something is obviously going on. He can tell her. What is it?

Laura asks Lucy if they all reconnected, and Lucy says she thinks Doc needs good, quality time with his closest friends in Laura’s absence. Laura says she’s back now, and Lucy says she sees her, right there. She asks how long Laura will be there for, and Laura says, for good. She appreciates their long history, and that they remain friends. She respects it, but Lucy needs to be clear where the boundaries are. Lucy says she’s a realtor; she knows boundaries. Laura tells her, the next time she feels like dropping off soup, look up Scotty. Not-Doc asks if everything is okay.

Lulu congratulates Valerie, and suggests a celebration dinner. Jordan says she’ll get her badge in the morning. In the meantime, her new partner won’t mind showing her the ropes. Right, Chase?

Josslyn says Oscar ran out of the community center like he was on fire. Then, he cut class. Something is wrong; tell her. He says it’s nothing, but she says she can’t help unless she knows; let her in. He says there is something he needs to tell her. They need to break up.

Kim tells Julian there’s nothing she wants more than to tell him, but she can’t. What’s happening is Oscar’s business, and he made it clear she needs to respect his privacy. Julian understands her honoring Oscar’s wishes, and wants to do the same. Oscar already hates him. He doesn’t want to give him an actual reason. But he loves her. What can he do to make it easy for her? Kim says he can’t. Julian says, it must be serious. She says he deserves a relationship with someone who can be open and share everything. As much as she wants to be that person, she can’t right now, and thinks it’s best they stop seeing each other.

Carly tells Jason that it was Oscar. He wanted to talk to Josslyn outside, which is weird. She asks how they stop Margaux, and Jason says, leverage. They need something to hold over her. Carly wonders what could be big enough to get her to drop it. Jason says it’s bigger than just one case. Even if this doesn’t work out for her, she’ll keep digging until she charges Sonny with something else. It’s a numbers game. Sonny has to win every time, but she just has to win once. Carly says Margaux wants to avenge her father, but what if she figures out he’s not worth avenging?

Margaux sees Drew at the hospital, and thanks him for sticking around. He says it sounded important on the phone, and she says it is. It’s about Sonny. He tells her they’ve been over this, and he’s not getting involved. She says Sonny killed her father. The ID came back on the body, and they were her father’s remains. He was killed and buried in cement. Now that he knows, will he help her bring down Sonny?

Carly says Margaux strikes her as deeply self-righteous. She asks Jason what Margaux said about her father. He says Margaux’s father was Skully’s lawyer, knew too much, and wanted out. Carly says she thinks he’s an innocent victim; a virtuous man, but there’s no mob lawyer like that. Diane keeps her hands clean as much as possible, but she still knows who she’s working for. If they want Margaux to leave Sonny alone, they have to take a closer look at her father.

Drew is sorry for Margaux’s loss. She says it was thirty years ago. She doesn’t need sympathy; she needs his help. He has Jason’s memories. He says she doesn’t understand. If Jason knew anything about her father, he found out after the transfer. He can’t help her. She says it was worth a shot, and appreciates his time. She says she was so busy thinking about her own problem, she didn’t ask why Drew is at the hospital.

Josslyn tells Oscar that he’s not funny, and not to joke like that. He says he’s not joking. He can’t be in a relationship now. She asks if he’s still mad about the kiss, but he says she didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just what he needs to do right now. She says, that’s not good enough. He owes her an explanation. He says, there is none; he needs space. He tells her to leave him alone, and stomps off.

Kim tells Julian there’s so much going on, it’s not fair. She’d have to choose between what Julian wants and what Oscar needs. Julian says, when she puts it like that, it’s a no-brainer. She says she’ll always choose what’s best for her child. He says she can swear him to secrecy, but she says they need to step back for now. Julian says he’s not doing that.

Valentin tells Nina that Curtis tracked her daughter down in Chappaqua. Nina says it’s so close, and she’s been there all this time. How does he know it’s her? He says she was resistant to the idea of being adopted, but provided a DNA sample. They had a test done at GH. Nina says they’ve screwed up before, but Valentin says they ran a separate test at another facility. She asks, where? but he says, only Curtis knows. He didn’t want to tell her until then, but didn’t want to keep it from her. She deserves to know her daughter is out there. She likes horses too. He asks if Nina wants to reach out to her.

Lucy tells not-Doc that everything is fine. Laura is back; what could be wrong? Laura asks Lucy if there’s anything else, but she thinks everything is covered. Lucy hopes Doc feels better, and he thanks her for coming. She leaves with her usual, ta! Laura tells not-Doc that she usually likes Lucy, but now she wants to strangle her. Not-Doc tells her, get in line. Ha-ha! Not-Doc tells Laura, in the interest of full disclosure, Lucy has been asserting herself in his life in the last few weeks, but he shot her down. Laura trusts him, but she’s glad he told her. She wants to show him how much she’s missed him. When he doesn’t seem responsive, she asks, what’s going on?

Not-Doc says, there’s nothing going on. Lucy told the truth about one thing. He thinks he’s coming down with something. Laura asks if he didn’t get the flu shot, and he says, guilty. As much as he wants to make love to his wife, he doesn’t want her to get sick. She supposes that’s fair; she’s just glad be with him. They cuddle on the couch, and she says, it’s good to be home. He says, yes, it is.

Jordan tells Valerie to use Dante’s desk until they get one for her. Valerie leaves to get her things from her locker. Chase tells Lulu that it’s just temporary. Jordan probably didn’t want him flying solo. Dante is coming back. Lulu says she knows. She just thought the world would stop while he was away. She leaves, and Valerie comes back with her Phillies cup, telling Chase that Philadelphia is her home town. Chase says, anything is better than the Yankees, and Valerie adds, or the Mets.

Nina definitely wants to find out about her daughter. Valentin says she’s waited decades, and can wait until morning. She needs to be alone, and thanks him. When he’s gone, she looks at the picture and touches the necklace.

Julian wants to be there for Kim, but respects her and Oscar’s privacy. She can tell him whatever she wants when she’s ready. He’s not going anywhere. He cares way too much for that. Whenever she wants to talk or kick back, have avocado toast and a cortado, he’s just a phone call away. She says, perfect, and leans on him, crying a little.

Josslyn thinks back to Oscar saying he loves her.

Drew tells Margaux that he’s there for a family matter. She says, there’s a lot of that going around. She knows she talks a lot, but she’s a good listener too. He says maybe he’ll take her up on that, and she says it’s an open ended offer. He appreciates, and is sorry. He wishes he could help her find justice for her father. She asks him to wait. She might not be able to take Sonny down for the death of her father, but he and Jason have rap sheets miles long. Crimes they’ve never paid for, that Drew knows all about.

Carly tells Jason that they’ll have Spinelli investigate the bank accounts, tax returns, legal matters, and his personal life. If they find proof Margaux’s father is dirty, Jason will take it to her. She’ll see dear old daddy is not an angel. He’s corrupt and complicit. If she doesn’t back off, they’ll take it further. Jason says it has to be Sonny who goes to her. It’s his history; his problem. Carly wonders what if Margaux isn’t finished with Jason, and comes after him again.

Margaux tells Drew that he knows enough to put Sonny away for life. He says he can’t help her, and walks away. She flashes back to reading the flash-drive.

Tomorrow, Nina wants to know why Curtis didn’t tell her, Monica tells Drew that she’ll make sure Oscar survives, and Oscar tells Cameron that he was right.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Holding the stacks of money, Benny thanks Candace. She says it’s her money, but he says, no, it’s his. He says he wrapped it like that. She says, it’s not, but he asks why she’s lying, and why is there blood on it? He realizes it’s from the dude mommy stabbed. Candace says, no, but Benny says he was in the house, robbing her; this is the dude. How does she have it? She claims it’s money she’s been making, and he says she keeps lying. Please tell him she didn’t send the dude to the house. She says it’s her money, and he asks how much it is, but she can’t answer. He says she doesn’t even know, and she tells him that she hasn’t totaled it. He’s asking one more time; how much is there? She’s telling him one more time; she doesn’t know. He tells her sit down. He’s counting it, and if it’s forty-five thousand, she’d better have some answers. She sits, and he counts.

Benny says, it’s forty-five thousand. Candace wants to explain. He says she stole it from the house, but Candace says she just wanted to scare her. Benny says, so she sent him there, and she admits it. Candace says he didn’t hurt Hanna, but Benny says, he did. Their mother can’t even think straight. Candace says they both know that’s not hurting someone. He asks what the hell is wrong with her? Candace says he should have gotten Hanna to sign it over, and he says, it’s not right for her to send some dude in there like that. He’ll be damned; he’s not giving her sh*t – ever. He tells her to get the hell out of there, and stop putting herself in these damn situations. Candace keeps saying she needs the money, and he’s going to kill her. She won’t tell him who, and she refuses to let him handle it. Benny can’t believe her. She’s a hard case, and she’s alone. He says they’re giving the money to who it belongs to. He’s never had his heart broke the way she just did.

Benny opens the door, and Gia is there. She acts like she made a mistake, but he takes her hand, and leads her in. Benny says this is what Candace used to distract him while she does her dirty work. Just like Erica. She got one of her little ho’s to get him, and he fell for it; sleeping with her and everything. Gia says she’s sorry, and Benny walks out.

Candace asks Gia, what’s so important? Gia says the police are asking everybody about Oscar, and some people saw her talking to Oscar at the bar. They want to talk to her. Candace says they know it’s a suicide, but Gia says they’re trying to determine that. Gia says, sorry about her brother. Candace says she told Gia not to sleep with him. Gia says she had to hold him, and Candace smacks her hard, telling her, get out, bitch. Gia says she’s sorry, but her eyes are saying something else.

RK (I finally saw his name in the TV Guide blurb) sits in Veronica’s kitchen. He explains how Justin arrested him one night for a DUI. She says it’s not in his record; Justin didn’t just let him go. That’s not how it is. RK says Justin took him into room and felt him up. Veronica is like, what? did he do? RK says Justin got turned off because he didn’t get an erection. He walked him past Jeffrey to make him jealous. Then he saw Jeffrey at the hotel, but Jeffrey didn’t recognize him. Veronica asks if wanted sex, but he says that’s not his thing; he told her already. She thinks she’s beginning to like him, and he says everybody likes him. She can’t keep tabs on Jeffrey like she used to, and that’s where RK comes in. She says she knows where Jeffrey is every minute. RK says she’s like the CIA, and she says she’s the mother. I’ll bet a lot of people would agree with that. RK asks what’s in for him? She tells him, if he does what she asks, she can make everything in his folder disappear. He can have a fresh start. They shake on it.

Benny comes in to Derrick sleeping on the couch, and tells him that he has to go. Derrick tells Benny that his mom is still sleeping; it’s been a long night. Benny isn’t happy Derrick is there, but Derrick says they both want the same thing for his mother; to be happy and smile. It’s one reason he’s there. Benny asks if Derrick is trying to push up on Hanna, asking if he’s broke or something. Benny says Hanna doesn’t have any money. Derrick says he knows, and Benny asks what he wants. Derrick tells him that he’s not trying to do anything or take advantage of her. Where he’s from, and how he was raised, a beautiful woman is to be respected. He just wants to take her out. Benny says that woman is all he has; he won’t let anybody hurt her. Derrick knows, and asks if Benny is okay. Benny tells Derrick that Candace set it up, and Derrick says, his sister did this? Benny says Candace sent him to scare Hanna, and she ended up stabbing him. Benny says he can’t tell his mother; it will devastate her. Derrick says he knows some people. They can find him, and make sure doesn’t come around. Benny asks who he knows, and Derrick says he was young once. Benny asks if he’s going old school, and Derrick laughs, saying they’ll find him, and make sure he never does this again. Benny is with that, but says Candace didn’t tell him who it was. Derrick tells him to keep working on it, and suggests Benny get some sleep. Benny says Derrick can stay there if he wants.

There’s a knock at Kathryn’s door. The cleaning lady answers, and it’s the hotel manager looking for Kathryn. Kathryn comes down, and he tells her he needed to talk to the board members. She has control with the largest share, so he’s talking to her first. He’s sorry to bring bad news, but there’s been a suicide at the hotel. Kathryn says, that’s not news; it’s been on TV. He says there’s also an undercover investigation of a prostitution ring, with a lot of surveillance. The cops are saying Jim is involved. She asks how? and he says, with one of the young women. They’re making arrests, but trying to be careful, because they want the head, not just the girls. He tells her he’s sorry, and she thanks him for telling the board. He says he wanted to save her embarrassment, and she laughs, saying, he’s never been able to keep it in his pants; she’s not embarrassed. He says, it’s a shame. A beautiful woman like her deserves a man who’s faithful. She thanks him, and he says if she needs anything, she knows where to find him. Anything at all; he’s available.

At the station, Jim meets Austin Langley. Jim thought she was a guy, and she says she understands; it’s the name. It was her dad’s favorite city. He asks how the bastard is, and she says hating him. She’s helping to run her own practice, and getting out of his shadow. She says that Jim’s reputation precedes him, and he asks if that’s a good or bad thing. She says she had to call her uncle, but she thinks she can get bail. Jim says it’s a rush, and she knows Wyatt assaulted a Malone. She says the jail is better than prison, but Jim says if Wyatt’s mom has anything to do with it, that’s where he’ll go. She tells him that she’s waiting for the paperwork to be done, and they sit.

Big dude asks Wyatt, how long since he’s had something? He knows Wyatt is on heroin. Probably everyone knows, since Wyatt is covered in sweat, shaking, and breathing hard. He tells big dude that he doesn’t know him, and big dude says, wanna bet? He asks how long Wyatt has been in there, and Wyatt says, too long. Big dude wants to know how often the officers come by, and Wyatt says, all the time. He asks when shift change is, but Wyatt doesn’t know. Big dude says, it’s going to be hard, not being able to get what he needs. Wyatt calls him a genius. Big dude says he’s been called a butcher. He kills people. People who hurt people in his family think they can run, but they always find them and kill them. They run to jail or prison, but they’re there waiting, watching for the right opportunity. Wyatt asks what his last name is, and big dude says his first name is Salvador. His last name is Malone. He says Wyatt knows that name, but Wyatt insists he doesn’t. Sal thinks he does, and gets up, hulking over Wyatt. He says, it’s just me and you, and the right moment. Sal grabs Wyatt, and Wyatt yells for the guard. When the guard comes, Sal sits back down.

Jeffrey sits by David’s bedside. David asks where Jeffrey’s mother is, and Jeffrey says he was having a bad dream. He asks how long Jeffrey has been there, and Jeffrey says since he found out what happened. David tells him, go home and get some rest, but Jeffrey wants to be there. David says he has a guard; he’ll be fine, but Jeffrey doesn’t mind staying. David suggests Jeffrey go to his house, and avoid that boy who ransacked Jeffrey’s place. Jeffrey says he needs to be on his own. He wants to be independent, but David says it’s overrated. David says he’d like Jeffrey to stay with him. The two of them could be housemates. Jeffrey knows Davis is trying to get him away from Justin, and David asks if it’s working. Jeffrey says he’s moving away – slowly. David is sorry for the way Jeffrey’s mother treats him. He wasn’t there. Jeffrey says David has always been a good dad, and always will be. David wants to try and make it up to Jeffrey when he gets out. Jeffrey says he doesn’t have to, but David thinks he does. Jeffrey says he can start by buying him a new car, and David tells him not to press his luck. Jeffrey laughs, and David tells him, go home, rest, and take a shower. Not too hot though, or he’ll end up like him.

Derrick has breakfast waiting for Hanna. She tells him that they weren’t supposed to go in the kitchen, but he says he was careful. She asks if Benny is there, and Derrick tells her that Benny is upstairs. She thanks Derrick for staying. He asks if she slept good, and she says between the happy pill Kathryn gave her and him, she felt safe. He says that’s how he wanted her to feel. He tells her that he looked in on her while she was sleeping, and she snores. She tells him not to mess with her, and he says he’s kidding. She sleeps beautifully, and smiles beautifully. She insists it was the happy pill, and prays over the food.

Austin tells Jim that bail is set. The desk sergeant says they don’t have the paperwork yet, and she says it was just filed. He sees that, but can’t let Wyatt out until it’s in the system, which updates every half hour.

Sal glares at Wyatt. He gets up and approaches Wyatt, who calls for the guard. Justin comes, and tells Sal, sit down. Wyatt comes to the bars, and asks if Justin has what he needs. Justin asks if Wyatt has thought about what he needs. People make trades all the time. He tells Wyatt, it’s pure, and Wyatt says, get him out. Justin cuffs him, and takes him away. Sal glares some more.

RK snoozes on Veronica’s couch, and she wakes him up. She needs him to call her son; he’s in the car driving home. RK wonders how she knows that, and she says, just call him. Tell Jeffrey that he wants to see him. She needs photos of RK with him, but RK says he doesn’t do men. She says she’s been thinking about the officer who harassed him, and she’ll have his badge. RK asks where he fits in with her evil plan. She says she wants Justin to think they’re an item, and he’ll get pissed off. RK laughs, and calls her twisted. She asks if he’s judging her, but he says he’s just saying. She tells him, then just say and do what she’s telling him. He says he needs to sleep, and she asks if he’s kidding. He says wake him again and find out, and she says she loves when kids try to play big daddy. She needs a man, a real man.

Wyatt tells Justin to give it to him. Justin says, take it, but Wyatt says he can’t; he’s cuffed. Wyatt says to give it to him before someone comes. Justin says he’s the only one coming, and I go, eww! Justin is the worst. Well, maybe Veronica is, but he’s a close second. Justin says he turned off the cameras for a reason. He’s going first. Wyatt just looks at him, and Justin says he guesses Wyatt doesn’t want it. He tells Wyatt to get on his knees. Wyatt says he’s not going to do that, and Justin says he can take him back. Wyatt knows he can’t go without it, so just get on his knees. It will be over soon, and he’ll get his fix. Wyatt says, no, and Justin says, let’s go. Don’t make him drag his ass out. It will be over quickly. Justin shows Wyatt the bag of smack, and says, come on. Wyatt calls Justin an SOB, and kneels. Justin says, no more talking, and gets out his phone. He wants to see how low a junkie will go for a fix.

Jim and Austin walk in.

Next time, Jim asks what Wyatt was doing, Kathryn tells Jim he’s being investigated for the prostitution ring, and Candace tells Hanna she wants her money.

🏊 Deckus Interruptus…

Tonight’s season premiere of the original Below Deck was everything I wanted and more. Not only was I thrilled to see Captain Lee again, along with his trusty chief stew, Kate, the first primary guest was Steve. Steve of the 90s foam party from several seasons ago. Already he’s drunk and demanding. I’ll be posting about it tomorrow though, as it’s been a hellacious week, and we’re only halfway through. There’s also a new boat and crew. In the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with them here:


😵 On tonight’s Flipping Out, it was Jeff’s week to work with Lea Black, as well as deal with an aggravating, and loud, neighbor. If you don’t know Lea, here are some facts:


😨 While reading some news from People, I stumbled on this horrifying tale, with a connection to The Real Housewives of Dallas.


✋ Enough Said…


September 28, 2018 – A Lead on Obrecht, Z News, Quotuple & a Preview


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Lucy tells Mac she wants to have lunch with him, Felicia, and Doc. They’re just having a friendly get together with old friends.

Chase is sorry to interrupt Anna. She says it’s her pleasure, but he says there’s nothing pleasant about it. The WSB has a lead on Obrecht.

Peter sees Ryan pretending to be Doc at the hospital. He says he’s heard Doc treats trauma survivors, and he needs help.

At the MetroCourt, Franco and Ava sit at the bar. She’s sold one of his paintings, and he guesses they’re having another truce. Ava says, a lucrative one, and gives him the check. She says there was a bidding war between collectors of the macabre. Now he can give Elizabeth her dream wedding. He toasts to dream weddings, and Ava toasts to true love.

Kiki sees Griff at the hospital, and asks if his suspension is over. He says he just came in to finish up some things. Maxie approaches, telling Kiki that she has a proposition. Griff says he’s late for a meeting, and leaves. Maxie asks Kiki if everything is okay, and she says it’s just hospital stuff. She asks what the proposition is, and Maxie asks how she’d like to appear in Crimson?

Lulu thanks Felicia for meeting her, and asks if it’s okay to record their conversation. She tells Felicia that it’s okay if she changed her mind. She knows the memories are painful. Felicia says it didn’t stop her from wanting to dig them up. She’s the sole survivor of Ryan Chamberlain’s killing spree, and she’s speaking out for those who no longer can.

Jason tells Sam that he knows about Oscar. She asks who told him, and he says he ran into Oscar on the pier. He was upset, so he let Oscar talk. Sam asks if Oscar told Jason that he’s dying. Jason says Oscar walking in on a meeting between his parents and the oncologist. He feels betrayed. It’s his life and he felt his parents had no right to keep the truth from him. Sam says, he has a point. Jason says it took a while to calm him down, but he got Oscar to call his parents. Sam says Oscar is lucky he ran into Jason.

Chase tells Anna that he got a message from Robert to pass along. She wonders why Robert would call Chase, and he says he’s the PCPD liaison for the WSB. Robert couldn’t reach herm and asked him to deliver it in person. Anna sees she missed a message and a text. She tell him, go on, but he says he’s not privy to the details; it’s outside the PCPD jurisdiction. She says she’ll call back, and find out who the operative is. She apologizes for being curt. It’s her exasperation with Robert. It’s like old times.

Maxie tells Kiki it took guts to take on David, and they want to showcase her power in a fashion spread, along with an article, and celebrate her strength and beauty. Kiki doesn’t know if that’s the way to go, but Maxie says she spoke truth to power. Crimson wants to show that beautiful women aren’t subject to harassment. Kiki made a bold, inspirational choice; a public choice. Let Crimson honor her.

Felicia tells Lulu that people go on about the murders like it was Ryan’s great achievement, but the man was evil. He’s dead, and deserves to be forgotten. Lulu promises to make sure the public knows the names of the victims, and gets a sense of who were. Felicia is concerned about a monster becoming a pop icon, but Lulu says the purpose is to take away the mystery. Felicia says they want to dive into his psyche like he should be somebody. He would love the attention.

Maxie tells Kiki it’s a powerful message that needs to be heard and seen. She can make an impact on women suffering the same battles day in and out.

Peter tells not-Doc that he just needs a prescription for something to sleep without nightmares. Maxie joins them, and says she hopes not-Doc is giving him help. She asks if he told not-Doc about the panic attack. Not-Doc says he had no idea Peter was so important to Maxie. Peter says he’s not, and its complicated. Not-Doc says Maxie’s mother is one of his oldest, dearest friends. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for Felicia. He says he’ll be happy help Peter sort out his demons, and tells him to make an appointment. He can’t write a prescription without a session. There, they’ll determine the best plan of attack. He excuses himself, saying he’s meeting Mac and Felicia for lunch. Maxie asks Peter if he’s still having panic attacks, or is he trying to get a prescription for other reasons? What’s going on?

Lulu tells Felicia that she wants to help. She can’t stop the avalanche of media attention, but was hoping if Felicia maps out what she’s going to say, they’ll get ahead, and she’ll be protected. Felicia asks how Lulu can protect her, and Lulu says she’ll print it word for word, the way Felicia wants. Felicia says she has to go meet Mac and Doc for lunch, but she wants Lulu to know she’s not Ryan’s victim. He came after her, but he didn’t get her. He lost, and she won. He’s dead, and she survived. She gets to have the life he tried to take from her, and she’ll never be his victim again.

Lucy tells Mac the old gang is getting together; like the good old days. Mac says, very old, and Lucy says, and very good. It’s been a while, and Doc needs their company. She got the weirdest vibe, and didn’t like it. Laura should be there; she’s been gone a long time. She thinks Doc is feeling the effects of her absence. It’s up to them to life his spirits.

Franco asks if Ava is still licking her wounds. She says they’re fresh wounds; her daughter’s claws are sharp. She went to make amends, and tells Kiki that she means more to her than any man could. Franco says, impressive, and asks how she screwed it up. When she got there, Kiki was half-dressed, along with Griff. Her boyfriend just moved in down the hall. The one night mistake keeps going.

Kiki asks Griff if he’d like to go to lunch. He’s been there for her, and she wants to be there for him. He says, Maxie seemed excited; what did she want? Kiki says she had a crazy idea to do a fashion spread with her. A powerful women in powerful clothes follow-up to #GHTOO. Griff thinks it’s a good idea, but she says she has a hard enough time being taken seriously at work. He says she doesn’t have to choose. He thinks she should do whatever she wants, but doesn’t think she should hide how beautiful she is. They decide to meet at the MetroCourt.

When Chase is gone, Finn says Anna is going after Obrecht, isn’t she. She tells him the WSB is capable. She’s not interfering. She just got back from a kidnapping. Finn says he was there. He tells her Cassandra is out there, but she says the drugs have probably worn off, and she’s in a coma again. Finn says she wants to do this herself, and she says he’s right. It will make her crazy if someone else finds her. He says he’s coming along, but she says he has his patients. He says his father’s life isn’t at risk; hers is. She asks him not to make her sneak out. Peter could be in danger, and she’d like Finn to keep an eye on him. They kiss.

Sam says it’s great that Oscar can talk to Jason. He doesn’t know how much good he did. The kid has more questions than answers. Sam says he’s not comfortable, and when he does something uncomfortable and supportive, he acts like it’s an accident. She hopes he knows giving Oscar a safe place to talk about hard stuff is a gift. He says he promised not to tell anyone, and Sam says Kim kept the truth from Oscar, and now the instinct is to keep the truth from everyone else. Jason says he gave his word; he has to keep it. Sam says it’s tearing him up, and eventually everyone who loves Oscar will find out, and be heartbroken.

Griff visits Anna, and tells her that he had to hand off patients at the hospital. It’s been a rough month or so. His access to sacraments was revoked. The monsignor believed he was performing duties related to the priesthood after he gave up the collar. She asks if she can help, but he doesn’t think so. He was leaving the hospital when it hit him. He’s without an occupation or a vocation. He didn’t know where to go, so he came there. He knows he kept the information that Peter was Faison’s son from her. She wishes he’d told her, but she can’t resent him looking out for Peter. He says sometimes he thinks he’s doing the right thing, and it tuns out to be a bigger mistake. His moral compass is spinning.

Peter is grateful for Maxie’s help, but they don’t work together anymore. Maxie says, he’s asking her to stay out of his life? Where has she heard that before?

Chase sees Finn at the hospital, and Finn asks, what’s going on? Chase he’s been given a tiny window to see into how Finn felt when his mom got sick. He feels better knowing Finn is the one taking care of dad. He thanks Finn.

Not-Doc sees Lucy and Mac sitting at a table, and Ava at the bar. He says Ava is as beautiful as ever. She turns around, and he apologizes, saying from the back, she looked like Felicia. Franco gives him the side-eye.

Lulu complains to Maxie that she can’t get into the medical records archive to look into Ryan, and Maxie tells her it’s not a library. Lulu says she needs a legal release from the next of kin. She hates bothering Doc, but she met with Felicia who had a great take on the story. Maxie wants to know about the confab between her and Peter. Was Lulu telling him to avoid her?

Franco introduces not-Doc to Ava, who says they’ve met. He apologizes for the mistake. Felicia comes in, and hugs him, saying they have so much to catch up on. Lucy runs up. She’s tells them she’s so excited, and grabs not-Doc, taking him to the table. Ava asks what’s up with Doc. Is he self-medicating? Franco says they all have their own medicines.

Felicia tells them about Lulu wanting to interview her about Ryan. Not-Doc says he thought that was a difficult subject, and Lucy thinks it should be put in the past. Mac says, serial killers are all the rage now. Not-Doc says his brother had a special kind of genius, and Lucy says, evil genius. But everything he lacked in kindness, compassion, and being human, Doc made up for. Felicia says it sickens her. He was a sick, empty shell of a human, but she’s now living the life he tried to take. She doesn’t have to worry about him touching her again. Not-Doc takes her hand, and it’s a pretty creepy moment.

Lulu tells Maxie that she didn’t tell Peter to avoid her specifically. Maxie asks what she did say specifically, and Lulu says she told him that his constant presence was muddying the water, and to stay as far away as possible. Let her live her life. Maxie appreciates Lulu’s intentions, but tells her, butt out. Lulu was just trying to help, but she gets it. They’re Maxie’s waters to muddy, and she’s not even dipping her little toe in.

Finn sees Peter at the hospital, and tells him that Anna has already packed a bag, and is going after Obrecht. Peter is surprised, and Finn thought Anna told him. He says she left a voicemail, but he hasn’t had a chance to check it out. He asks if there aren’t any other agents, and Finn says she’s the only one determined to protect him. How many times does she have to risk her before it’s okay? He wants to know when she can quit making amends.

Anna tells Griff she’s made worse mistakes than he has. She asks if he’s ever committed treason. She has, and should have been before a firing squad. They have people in their lives that they love, and their mistakes hang over them. Maybe she’s committed crimes, but she’s still done good, and tries to hang on to that. He says she’s saved more people than she’s hurt, and she says, so has he. He asks what he’s supposed to do? Wait and see? She says, even if the worst happens, his life isn’t over. He’s made big changes. He left the priesthood, and had a relationship; a whole one, with a beginning, middle, and end.  Who’s to say a seismic shift wasn’t what he needed. He says she’s comparing his life to an earthquake, and she says, after an earthquake, you rebuild. They’ve both been running away from things they should have been running toward. He should stop and look around at life. See where he’s at. He says he feels lost, and she says he’s not. He’s still the same generous, giving person he’s always been. He’s dedicated his life to serving others. Maybe it’s time he just stopped for a minute and figures out what he wants back from the world. He says, how? and she says he needs to ask himself what he should be running toward.

Ava tells Franco that Kiki took Griff’s side while he said horrible things. She shouldn’t have listened to Julian. Franco asks if she’s just figuring that out now. She says, no more. She’s washing her hands of her daughter. Kiki walks in, and Ava says, speak of the devil. She says, isn’t this cozy? and Franco says, great timing. Ava wonders if living down hall isn’t good enough for them to see each other. Franco tells her this isn’t a good idea. Griff thinks they should leave, but Kiki isn’t running, and tells him, let’s take a seat.

Peter calls Anna, and leaves a message to stay safe. He sees Maxie, and says there’s a lead on Obrecht. Maybe she should warn Nina in case Obrecht wants to throw her under the bus about the kidnapping. Maxie says Obrecht wants him dead. What if she comes back to finish the job? Is he safe?

Sam says Monica has lost so many people she loves, and she and Oscar have bonded.  It’s going to devastate her. Jason says she’s right. He has to be present, especially for Monica. Sam say she was terrified when Danny was sick, but she knew he’d be okay. She had that instinct, and she was right. She doesn’t know what Drew and Kim are facing is like. What it’s like to know there’s no cure.

Ava tells Franco that Kiki is trying to deliberately humiliate her in public. He tells her to let the martini do its job. She says she’d need more than one; more like five. He says she and Kiki love each other, and will remember that at some point, but she doesn’t think so; not this time. Her daughter is sleeping with the man she loved, and is rubbing her face in it. She knows what she’s doing, and knows there will be retribution. Anyone who hurts her, gets hurt in return. They’ll see who’s left standing. Whatever happens, Kiki asked for it.

Anna sees Finn at the hospital. She has him to thank, and shows him her phone. He asks if she means her calling plan or phone; both are not his first choice. She says she got a message from her son telling her to stay safe. It’s genuine concern. He says he’s come a long way from trying to shoot her. Not baby steps; leaps and bounds. She kisses him, and he says it wasn’t sufficient, but she’s not making out in the hall. She says they’re finally standing still long enough not to run away from each other. They kiss some more.

Peter doesn’t know if anyone is safe with Obrecht on the loose. Maxie tell him she’s pretty sure she is. Anna is going after Obrecht. She would do everything and anything to protect Peter. He doesn’t know if Obrecht still wants him dead, but better safe than sorry. Maxie knows Obrecht cares in a special way about her, James, and Nina, and has a frenemy bond with Anna. She would never admit it, but it’s there. She asks Peter to let her know if he hears anything, and she’ll pass it along to Nina.

Lucy is determined to lift not-Doc’s spirits. She says Felicia showed her an adorable picture of James. Not-Doc seems puzzled at the name, and Lucy says he’s Felicia’s grandson. She tells him that he only gets like this when he’s coming down with something. Felicia suggests they cut the lunch short. If he is coming down with something, she doesn’t want to risk it with the baby. They’ll do this another time. She and Mac leave. Lucy tells not-Doc while Laura is away, he’s been working himself ragged. She’s going to get him back on track. She knows when he’s not himself.

Jason tells Sam maybe they can do something at the Quartermaine’s this weekend. Bring the kids, and spend the afternoon with Monica. Sam says Danny should like it too. Why do they keep doing this to themselves? Having to be reminded of how precious time is, and spending every moment afraid to lose who they love. He says they have to find balance. She tells him that she doesn’t him for granted, and he says he doesn’t take her for granted either.

On Monday, Nina can’t get past the thing with Peter, Mike talks to Carly, and Margaux tells Jason that Sonny pulled the trigger and his father helped clean it up.

👹 Don’t Forget…

One more week until the new season of Z Nation. I can’t wait! Puppies and kittens!




☝ Quotes of the Week

If you can’t break a man’s rib-cage with your inner thighs, don’t ride a bull. – LeeAnne, The Real Housewives of Dallas

There’s only one party worse than this one – the Donner party. And they had better food. – Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), 2 Broke Girls

A one-armed deckhand is about as useful as a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest. – Captain Lee, Below Deck

Just eat cake and pretend everything’s okay. – Vicki, The Real Housewives of Orange County

The computer looks like something out of a crime scene. – a hoarder’s daughter, Hoarding; Buried Alive

People in LA are deathly afraid of gluten. I swear to God, you could rob a liquor store in this city with a bagel. — Ryan Reynolds

👀 For Your Z-Viewing Pleasure…

Have a wonderful weekend, and be careful out there.




September 27, 2018 – Where’s the Hospital, the Shahs Go to Vegas, Star Shines & Friday Face


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


There was no General Hospital today, due to the hearings. I thought this is why stations like CNN were invented. I watched about five minutes, then switched to People’s Court.

Shahs of Sunset

Some of the group meet at Mike’s before the Vegas trip. MJ says Vegas is about sinning, gambling, and bachelorette parties. Tommy told her go party on her own, but before she left, he told her not to do anything he didn’t like. She informs everyone she didn’t pack any underwear. Mike says, that’s good to know. MJ has fond memories of driving to Vegas in her first car with her dad. He told her, win or lose, your expression doesn’t change.

In Reza’s interview, He says MJ has a hardcore attitude toward bachelor parties. He was excited for his, but she turned it into a debaucherously, disgusting hot mess of a night. He was wearing underwear on his head and making out with strippers, but he’s not going to do her dirty the way she did him. Plus, he wants to see her get married. Reza tells GG that he’s excite for her to sleep with Nema.

Nema is finishing with work. Destiney in the blue hair, and Shervin in corn rows, come to pick him up. In her interview, Destiney says she can’t stick one color lipstick, never mind hair. She’s going to be who she wants to be in Vegas.

Everyone meets at the airport. On the plane, the pilot gives MJ a shout out. The limo picking them up is outrageously long, and Mike tells everyone to drink up. He’s sexier and funnier that way. In his interview, Mike says he spent most of his twenties in Vegas. Once you have a connection in Vegas, it never forgets you. We flash back to Mike on the last Vegas trip. He says he made money, spent ten years there, lost money, and came back with his tail between his legs.

When they get the Planet Hollywood hotel, Reza says, the turn up is real. Mike tells them to make it so they can come back again. There’s a table laden with food in the living area suite, and Reza says, Persians love to share food. As man of honor, it was his duty to have a beautiful buffet spread ready to chow down on when they got there. A sign says, same penis forever, and Nema tells MJ it’s her future. Mike tells Reza and Shervin four girls hit him up already, but he’s ignoring them.

Reza knows Morgan got angry, and left. In his interview, Reza says Mike claims to love Morgan, but he’s keeping her from meeting his parents. He thinks they’ll have a problem with her not being Jewish. Reza tells Mike that they’re both thugs, but Mike isn’t about certain things. In Mike’s interview, he says his parents have been through a lot with him. He wants to protect them from being nervous or anxious about what he’s doing, He’s not sure yet, so why rock the boat? Reza tells everyone to settle in their rooms.

Nema describes it as bedrooms upon bedrooms hidden in bedrooms. Everyone bounces on the beds, and gets situated. Reza brings MJ to the bridal suite, where there’s more food and rose petals all over the place. In her interview, MJ says she’s going to have mandatory sex in the champagne room. She’s clearly getting violated this weekend. Tommy said his bachelor party was a complete blackout, and she never questioned him. She says she might never leave.

Mike encourages Mona to drink more. GG says Shalom is obsessed with her, and Mike says he still loves her. In her interview, GG says Shalom wants the ring back, and he’s harassing her. Mike says he has deep-rooted love, and what she’s doing with the ring is so wrong. It gets back to him, Shervin’s heart bleeds for Shalom, but at the end of the day you can’t force it. In her interview, GG says it’s interesting how Mike is attempting to give her advice about Shalom. We flash back to him giving her a lecture at the last reunion. He says she’s implying a close relationship, and should take off the ring. It pisses her off, because she knows it’s all Shalom wants. Mike insists he’s not taking sides, and GG says he’s speaking for Shalom. She tells him, don’t get involved. Mike asks, why punish him more? In his interview, Mike says he’s the GG whisperer, since he’s known her forever, and can give her insight. He tells GG that he can make Shalom stop contacting her, and she appreciates it. Sammy arrives, and everyone drinks some more.

MJ gets ready with the bridesman/hairstylist, who is doing her hair in a high ponytail. In her interview, she says, the better you look, the worse you can behave. Reza wants to get going to the cabana he rented. Girls in bikinis hold up letters that welcome MJ. Reza wants to hit the pool, and hit it hard. He’s team MJ for life, and all people she loves are there; her dream team. Destiney takes photos. MJ is happy to be the person who’s not skinny in tough crowd who’s not going oh no. She feels sexy, and isn’t everyone’s type, but her fiancé loves it and she loves herself. Self-esteem on point.

Nema asks if MJ is ready for one d*ck forever. She says she’ll cheat on him if he doesn’t give her what she needs. In her interview, she says if she hits a dry spell with Tommy, she’ll panic. She says a good old-fashioned threat is a good way to keep people on their toes. She’ll do what she needs to do. The others try to get them in the pool, but Nema says they’re talking about marital sex. MJ finally joins them in the pool, which is huge and surprisingly not crowded.

Everyone gets ready for dinner. Destiney likes the way she smells; like spring. Reza says the reason Shervin is single is because he uses insect repellant as cologne. We flash to GG saying she’s plagiarized by his cologne. Reza says if you can’t breathe, stand next to him, and he’ll open your sinuses. He tells Shervin that Morgan decided to move out. While they’re having fun, Mike is dealing with sh*t. Maybe they can talk to him about breaking old patterns. In his interview, Reza thinks Mike should look at the situation with Morgan. He’s not catching on, and making the same mistake. It’s called insanity. As a friend, if he’s not catching on, he needs to help before Mike loses his girl. He thinks they should wait until Mike is a little drunk. Shervin agrees.

MJ’s makeup brushes are labeled with a label maker. I’m impressed. Adam asks, what’s the plan? and MJ says, do as much as she can without Tommy calling off the wedding. In her interview, MJ is pretty sure if something happened, this is the one time she can’t be convicted.

Everyone gets ready for dinner at Mr. Chow. Reza says, when Bugsy Siegel was thinking of Vegas, a Persian man must have been in his ea. Vegas was invented for Persians. They sit at an outside table. Reza is grateful to be there, and MJ says everyone looks great. GG asks Mike how he feels, and Mike says, good. She asks, when he feels good, if he likes to hurt others. She’s talking about his relationship with Shalom. MJ asks why they’re so close, and Reza says they’re both Persian and Jewish; there’s a connection. Mike says if she doesn’t want the guy, don’t wear the wedding ring. It’s a symbol of what they once had, and she’s giving mixed signals. He spoke with Shalom, and told him to stop bothering GG. We see a clip of him talking with Shalom on the phone. Shalom says he wants to be with GG, but Mike says she doesn’t see what he wants her to. Mike tells GG that Shalom promised to stop. MJ want to change the subject.

We flash back to when MJ first told everyone about Tommy. She says she fought for him. She’s not like the mama’s boys who live for their mothers. She lives for herself, and does what she wants. She tells Mike to take the opportunity to do the right thing. In her interview, MJ says he doesn’t want to introduce Morgan to his parents. They’ve all been misled by a Persian man, thinking they were his future wife, but then never meeting his parents. That’s not what Morgan wants. She asks Mike if Morgan knows he’s never going to marry her. After nine months, there’s no reason a forty-year-old wouldn’t introduce his girlfriend. He says wait until she’s married, and she says she didn’t marry someone and cheat on them. He can’t just pick on GG, and leave his life off the table. He says she slept with half the city, and she says she’s had the whole city. He gets up, and she follows.

MJ asks if Mike wants it. What about his 95,000 DMs? He says he’s not a whore, and she ask if he didn’t cheat on his wife. He says, sorry; it upsets him, and sits back down. In his interview, Reza says Mike has the nerve to call MJ a slut during her bachelorette weekend. It’s beyond him. Mike says MJ keeps on taking jabs, and Reza says, it’s two different levels. Reza thinks they should get real, and asks Mike what’s going on at home. Shervin asks if there aren’t any Morgan issues. Reza says the issue is, she’s gone, and Mike says not to antagonize him. In Mike’s interview, he says he doesn’t like when they get involved in his relationships. They try to force him into a position quicker than he’s comfortable. Shervin says he found out this morning that Morgan was moving out. Mike says it got out because he told Reza. In his interview, Mike says there aren’t too many people he confides in. He treated Reza like a brother. Why isn’t it reciprocal? He tells Reza, never again. He can’t trust him. He loves him like a brother, and would give him anything. Reza says this is a joke; he does everything. Mike gets up, says eff you, and leaves. GG says, let’s talk about Shalom again.

Destiney tries to get Mike to come back, but he doesn’t want to deal with sh*t. He gets in the elevator, along with Destiney and Shervin. He says he came to Reza as a brother, and he takes sh*t and twists it. Not cool. At the table, Reza says Mike is the most selfish human on the planet. He worked on Mike’s house for a year. We see clips of that. Reza says you would think Mike would check in on him, and see how he’s doing. In the elevator, Mike says he loves Reza, but he keeps doing this. It’s not fair.

Back at the table, Reza says after this much time, you’d think Mike could spring for a massage, but he hasn’t even gotten a card. he’ll say he appreciates it, but can Reza please finish his house?

Destiney and Shervin come back with Mike. GG toasts to MJ, and orders a Tito’s straight with no ice, as we’d all want to at that moment. MJ hopes the friendship is open enough to talks, and keeping it real. Keeping it strong, no matter what the cost. Mike refuses to clink glasses. In MJ’s interview, she says if they’re all in happy relationships, it’s best for the whole group. When there’s a breakdown in one, it has a domino effect. She knows Mike loves Morgan, and hopes he gets to that place where he needs them in order to make a decision. She leans on her friends. A win for them is a win for all. She apologizes for questioning Mike. Mike says it wasn’t a question; it was a statement. She says she’s sorry she crossed the line. Mike is sorry too. They hug, and Mike cries. He apologizes to GG like MJ has her arms around Mike from behind, and GG says if she did that, Mike would say she’s sexually harassing him. MJ tells him, don’t be mad at Reza. In his interview, Mike says he feels betrayed and it hurts. When it’s your best friend, it’s the worst feeling you can ever feel. If a friend betrays him, he cuts them out, and tightens the circle more.

They move on to the Tao nightclub. Congratulations to MJ and Tommy is on a big screen, and the bikini/letter girls are there, with MJ and Tommy. Reza isn’t letting Mike ruin his life. He’ll just keep his distance. Wtf? Let’s have fun. MJ says all her suitemates are on solo missions, but her gayntourage is there for her. She feels like Madonna probably did in the early 90s. Drinking, flirting, and dancing happens. MJ says she could chase after what Mike and Shervin are doing, but she’s doing right thing; going back to her room, and bonding with friends.

Back at the bridal suite, popcorn is everywhere and champagne is popped. MJ says she’s surrounded by amazing, talented people. She loves them and they love her, and she’s having the best time. It’s the perfect bachelorette party. It’s a memory that will be with her forever. It’s what fills her heart with love and joy. It’s not like her last trip to Vegas. We flash back to her being sloppy drunk, and Reza throwing her in the tub.

MJ gets the hotel guy to let her into Reza’s room. Reza and Adam are already sleeping, and she wakes them up, telling Reza it was almost perfect, except for Reza and Mike fighting. She doesn’t want Reza going to bed mad. Reza shows her to the door.

At the club, Nema chats up some women.

MJ wishes Tommy could be there. In her interview, she says, if anyone thinks she’d actually step out on Tommy, they need to modify their medication. She’s die hard, 100% there for him, and no one else.

Next time, last night in Vegas, trying to make sense of Mike’s crazy behavior, Morgan breaks up with Mike, and Vida doesn’t like MJ’s fabulous dress.

🍹The Shahs will return on October 11th.


When we last left, Carlotta and Cassie had drawn guns on each other. They struggled, and Gladys Knight ended up getting shot. Throughout the show, Simone kept flashing back to the plane crash, and the slightly stalkerish fan who ended up next to her on the plane. Noah was back from rehab, and flashed back to his father stopping him from jumping off the roof. His father told Noah that it was a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and he didn’t raise Noah to be weak. Noah said it was the first thing his father had done for him in ten years; make it the last. Miss Lawrence told Noah that he had also gone to rehab, and offered him a listening ear.

Carlotta had another problem on her hands, when Matteo decided he no longer wanted to be part of the music business, and the tour was canceled. He told her Midtown Sound was over. As usual, she planned a crafty move by staging a Take 3 concert at a business event. This was after Noah’s latest squeeze had pulled a gun out at an earlier business meeting, and was hauled away by security. Carlotta informed Matteo that Gravity Records was now part of his company. Matteo told her, nice move, and gave her six months to deliver.

Gladys Knight told Cassie and Carlotta to fix it between them. Cassie said she never wanted to go to war with Carlotta, and Carlotta said she tried to keep the dream alive, but failed. Cassie ruined the moment by saying that Andy forced her hand, not taking responsibility for Jahil’s murder. Carlotta told Cassie that she didn’t need a gun to get respect, and walked out on her. Cassie met with Maurice, telling him that Carlotta wasn’t the only one with big plans, and that she needed a partner.

Alex and Simone admitted to hating Star, but missing her too. Carlotta met with the girls, and Star revealed she was pregnant. Simone also said it wasn’t working out for her in the DR, and she was asking Angel for a divorce. Carlotta said they owed her another album, and they had six months to produce it. She told them they were happier when they were together. Derek danced with his grandma to Fire, and I thought of Hell’s Kitchen. Later, when Derek was out, his grandma was confronted by a rapist. It was a very uncomfortable scene, and I’m hoping Derek arrives back home in time to nail this sleazebag.

The episode ended with Carlotta talking to Jahil, telling him, all these secrets and lies. She didn’t know how much more she could take. After a little conversation with him, she said she had this, as long as she had him.

The best hairdo of the night went to Queen Latifah, as always, with heavy-duty bangs, and shoulder length loose spiral curls, in dark brown with thin white streaks. I loved it! Miss Lawrence came in second with a long side swept bang, like Bieber, but better.

Next time, Noah wants to know if the baby is his, Simone has movie star potential, and Carlotta tells Cassie she’s not winning this war.

🏃 Running on Empty, But…


September 26, 2018 – Jason Gives Oscar Advice, Brandi’s Pop-Up, Star Stall & Thursday Pup


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Finn looks at his dad’s chart. Anna comes downstairs, and he hides the chart. She asks if he got lost on his way to the bedroom. He says he’s just looking at the news on his tablet, and she says it’s a disaster out there. He pulls her over, and they kiss.

Alexis wonders how Sam made such an impressive breakfast, since she has Alexis’s DNA. Alexis tells Sam and Kristina that she has a meeting with Brad and Lucas. She says she has to reassure her anxious clients. They’re nervous first timers. Sam says, they’ll learn soon enough. Alexis says, you never stop worrying, and looks at Kristina. Kristina is like, not too obvious. Alexis asks if she’s giving Julian notice, and giving up the cocktail shaker.

Julian leaves a message for Kim, saying he’s getting radio silence. He hopes she and Oscar are okay. He asks her to let him know, and not shut him out.

Kim paces. Drew says there’s been no sign, and they’ve looked everywhere Oscar could be. Kim sees the voicemail from Julian, and says every time the phone rings, she jumps and hopes the police found him safe. Drew says, they will. Kim knows she’s not supposed to panic, but can’t help it. Oscar felt blindsided and betrayed, ran off, and it’s her fault.

At school, Josslyn tells Cameron she’s texted Oscar three times, and hasn’t heard from him. She asks if Cameron is sure he didn’t say anything. Cameron says Oscar was just in a weird mood. Josslyn asks, why? and Cameron says, because he’s sick.

On the docks, Oscar looks at his phone messages, and flashes back to Kim telling him that he has cancer. He gets ready to fling the phone into the water, and Jason asks if he’s sure he wants to do that.

Kristina gets that Alexis doesn’t like her working for Julian. Alexis says she has more potential than that, and Kristina says she’s just trying to support herself. She has nothing to do with Alexis and Julian’s messed up history. She says she’s going to clean up the kitchen, and Alexis apologizes, saying she did it again. She didn’t mean to pressure Kristina. Kristina suggests that next time, they discuss Alexis’s life and potential. Sam says, so much for not hovering.

Brad tells Julian that he backed off changing Lucas’s mind. Julian was right; he might get suspicious. Now comes the waiting game. He hopes the search for an answer about Wiley’s medical history doesn’t come back to bite them.

Anna tells Finn that domesticity is a nice change of pace. Finn says he could pick up Roxie, and they’d never have to leave the house. He likes their bubble. Anna does too, but wishes things didn’t feel unfinished. They’re both engaged in and energized by their work, but at home they engage in a different energy. It’s the least complicated part of her life. She lacks a relationship with her son Peter, and it’s hanging over her. She says Finn also has unfinished business. He asks, what, and she says, his father, who flew across the country to seek him out.

Chase joins Kim and Drew. He hasn’t found Oscar, but says the search just started. He asks if they know of a reason Oscar would run away, and Drew says he just needed space. Chase asks, from what? but Drew wants to protect his privacy. Chase says, that won’t help find him. Kim says he was upset. She’d kept something from him, and it was pretty intense. Drew says they don’t have to give the details, but a secret is what got them in this in the first place. When Oscar found out, he felt betrayed, and ran off. Chase asks if he’s sick. Did they lie about an illness?

Josslyn asks what Cameron means about Oscar being sick. He flashes back to his conversation with Oscar, and Oscar asking him not to tell Josslyn about it. Cameron says he probably faked being sick to stay home. She doesn’t know why he’d do that, and Cameron says maybe he’s ashamed about how he acted. Josslyn says Cameron acted worse, but Cameron says maybe Oscar disagrees. Josslyn doesn’t think he’d disagree to the point of ghosting her. Cameron suggests maybe it’s his low blood sugar, but she says he’d text her. And he’d just forgotten to eat when he collapsed; it’s not like something is really wrong with him. Cameron says then he doesn’t know. Josslyn wishes she knew what was going on. He says maybe there’s a reason Oscar isn’t telling her, and she doesn’t want to see it.

Oscar asks if Jason is looking for him, but Jason says he was supervising a coffee shipment, and likes to watch the ferry. It’s reassuring; how it keeps going back and forth forever. He asks if Oscar is all right, and Oscar tells him not to worry; he won’t collapse on him again. At least not today. He says it’s complicated, and wonders if he can ask Jason a personal question. What’s it like to die?

Alexis tells Sam her good intentions went out the window. Sam says Kristina is just getting on her feet. Alexis says she knows Kristina didn’t graduate, but it doesn’t reflect on her intelligence. She’s capable of more than pouring drinks. She needs to make the next step. Sam says that’s not going to happen by Alexis imposing on her and making her go in the direction Alexis wants her to. It’s wrong.

😣 Sorry, there’s a little gap here. HP decided to update suddenly. Never again. I’m a Dell girl all the way from now on.

Chase says he’ll be in touch if there are any developments, and asks Kim and Drew to do the same. Kim says Elizabeth can talk to Cameron. Drew thinks he’s likely just hiding out with friends because he doesn’t trust them. They’ll find him.

Josslyn asks Cameron what it is she doesn’t want to see. Cameron says, it’s a great life if it goes according to plan, but it doesn’t. He tells her people who love each other don’t leave them in the dark. She wonders if he can be more cryptic, and asks what he’s trying to say. Kim calls Josslyn, asking if she’s seen Oscar. Josslyn says he wasn’t in first period, and he’s no answering her texts or calls. Josslyn asks if he’s okay, and Kim says she’s just worried. They had a family disagreement, and he left upset. If she hears from him, let her know. Josslyn asks Kim to do the same for her. Josslyn explains to Cameron that Oscar and his mother were in an argument, and she doesn’t know where he is. Cameron says, she’s not the only one. His mom just texted.

Oscar tells Jason that he has a brain tumor. He’s had it for two years, and his mother didn’t tell him. They can’t operate, and chemo would be ineffective. She tried to tell him about an experimental treatment, but he couldn’t listen. He won’t be alive much longer. Jason asks why he’s saying that. Oscar asks if this is where Jason tells him, don’t give up, but Jason says, no. He says Oscar can’t make assumptions. His life is at stake. He needs to accumulate information. He asks if there’s a time-frame; three months or three years is a big difference. Oscar says he doesn’t want to know.

Alexis leaves, and Sam asks Kristina what she was going hiding in the kitchen. Kristina says, eavesdropping. She asks Sam if she’d like her to make dinner tonight, but Sam wants her to go out, have fun and raise hell. Kristina tells her, be careful what you wish for, and Sam gives her a reverse curfew. She’s banned from coming back to the townhouse until midnight or she’ll be grounded. She tells Kristina, have fun, and Kristina says she’ll do her best.

At Charlie’s, Alexis tells Brad that Diane did everything to comb the medical history, and there’s no history of a familial heart condition. Brad asks if they were able to get the father’s history, but she says the father doesn’t know he has a child. Their time together was… fleeting. Brad says she must mean it was a one night stand. So that’s the end of it. There’s no possible way to find out. Brad asks if the birth father can stake a claim on Wiley if he finds out he’s a father.

Anna picks up Finn’s father’s chart. My bad – his name is Gregory, not George. Anna says Finn is more interested than he’s letting on. He says he’s prepping, like he would with any patient he’s consulting on. She says, he’s not just any patient. Finn says he has to maintain a professional objective. If he gets too involved, it could affect his judgement, and compromise the patient’s care. She says that sounds reasonable, and like he’s reading from a manual.  He doesn’t want to show how much he cares.

On the phone, Chase talks to Robert. He says there’s not much report. Oscar’s parents are reaching out to his friends. He tells Robert, understood; consider it done. Julian gets out of the elevator as Chase goes in. Julian sees Kim, and says he needs to talk to her. She says, sorry; it’s not a good time. He asks what’s going on. She ditched him, and didn’t even cancel. She says she’s in the middle of something, and Drew suggests Julian give her space. Julian asks if whatever is going on is about Oscar. Kim says she can’t talk, and he says, can’t or won’t? Drew tells him, back off.

Oscar tells Jason that he’s being stupid. People die every day; it’s no big deal. Jason says, it is. Oscar has no idea what to do next. Jason asks if he’s heard from his parents, and Oscar says they’ve been calling and texting all night. Jason thinks he should let them know he’s okay. Oscar says he’s not okay. His mom knew and didn’t tell him. His dad didn’t know for that long, but didn’t tell him either. Even if he dies tomorrow, it’s his life. They had no right not to tell him.

Finn tells Anna that even if he and his father don’t get along, he still cares about his health. He says he knows about her profession, and he has to be kept in the dark. She calls him a trooper, and he asks if she’d mind returning the favor. He needs to distance himself from the patient the way he was trained. Anna says this patient is his flash and blood, but he says, in the larger scheme, it doesn’t matter. She says competition must be hardwired between fathers and sons. He says, it’s a medical exam, not Oedipus Rex. Anna is like, if you say so.

Alexis tells Brad that the father has thirty-one days from the birth to assert his rights. Brad asks if they’re in the clear, but she says the court reserves the right to look at it on a case by case basis. There’s been no indication of interest though, so he should stop worrying and buying trouble. Just enjoy his son.

Kristina sees a girl handing out postcards, and asks what she’s doing. The girl tells her it’s a free concert, and gives her one. She says it’s one way to get Sam off her back. Alexis approaches her, and says she’s early. Kristina tells her that Julian asked her to cover for him. Alexis asks if she wants to get dinner, but Kristina says she has plans. She asks if Alexis wants to join her, and shows her the postcard.

Josslyn wonders why Cameron’s mother would be asking if he’s seen Oscar. He says she probably knows Oscar’s mother is looking for him. Josslyn says he’s a bad liar. Something else is going on, and it started last night. What were they talking about?

Jason tells Oscar, when he was twenty, he had a fight with his parents, and swore he’d never forgive them. The details don’t matter, but he was sure he was right, and they were wrong. it took years for him to understand what they were up against. There’s nothing worse for a parent than when a kid is sick or hurting. It’s their instinct to protect them. It affects their thinking, and they sometimes do the wrong thing. They love their children so much, they can’t think straight. Oscar asks if Jason thinks he should call his parents. Jason says they’re worried like crazy, and thinks it would help to hear from him. It will help him to help them.

Julian doesn’t want to be in the middle of a squabble. Kim’s phone rings, and she steps away. Drew tells Julian, if he cares about her, he’ll give her space. Julian asks if he’s speaking for Kim, and he says she told him herself. Respect it. Kim says she just heard from Oscar. She and Drew jet, and Julian wonders what’s going on?

Chase arrives at Anna’s house. Finn asks what brings him by; he already has their dad’s file. Chase says he knew Finn would do what it takes, but that’s not why he’s there. He came to see Anna.

Alexis tells Kristina that she wants to go, but can’t. She has a big case tomorrow. She’ll have more fun with the millennials anyway.

Cameron tells Josslyn that Oscar is being super sensitive, even for him. She wonders what he’s not telling her. She gets a text that Oscar called his parents. Cameron says they have to head for history, and asks if everything is okay. Josslyn wishes she knew why Oscar disappeared in the first place.

Julian leaves Kim a voicemail, apologizing. He says he understands why she’s not picking up. He tells her to know he’s know he’s thinking about her, and hopes everything is okay.

Kim and Drew go to the docks. Drew tells Oscar he gave them a scare, and Kim hugs him. She asks if he’s okay, and he says, no, and he never will be. Drew tells him, never say never. It’s far from over. They leave with Oscar, as Jason listens from behind a wall.

There’s a knock on Sam’s door. It’s Jason. He asks if she has a minute.

Tomorrow, Lucy tells Mac it’s just a get together with friends, Franco toasts to a happy ending, and Chase says the WSB has a lead on Obrecht.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Brandi visits Stephanie. Stephanie has a drink waiting and Brandi says she’s on top of her game. In her interview, Stephanie says she’s having a spa party to counteract the smashing things party. Her bathroom is big, but also cozy. She has a hot tub, a steam room, and a toilet I don’t want to talk about. She’s auditioning male models, but says she really just wants to see men with their shirts off.

As each model comes in, Brandi and Stephanie remark on how cute they are, and tell them to take their shirts off. The last guy comes in with a baby kangaroo wearing a diaper. He has no abs, but a damn cute mascot. Stephanie says the kangaroo is number one. They decide to hire them all.

LeeAnne is getting her makeup done. She’s thinking a pageant look, but the makeup artist says it should be glam. Kameron joins her. She asks if LeeAnne is excited. She’s doing a photo shoot of the dress she’s designed, showing all the ways you can wear it. In her interview, she says, it’s literally an infinite dress. They talk about the smash party, and LeeAnne was shocked about D’Andra going off. Kameron says she didn’t see it coming. In her interview, LeeAnne wonders why D’Andra was so upset over two hundred dollars, when she has five bank accounts. She tells Kameron what she said to Cary was in private. She thought they were building a friendship, and she wanted to solve the problem. In her interview, Kameron says Cary takes whatever side makes her most comfortable. She tells LeeAnne about how Cary said she’d pushed Stephanie to the limit, but thinks Cary is playing both sides. LeeAnne says, when it comes to her, there is no LeeAnne side. She says Cary will probably be at Brandi’s pop-up trunk show. Kameron thinks it would be easier to stay home, but LeeAnne tells her to lead by example, and it’s not what Kameron would want if she was hosting something.

In her interview, Kameron says she and LeeAnne are both visionaries, and have adventurous products. She thinks LeeAnne should keep pursuing her dreams. She’s different, and in the business world, if you’re not different, you won’t survive. This dress is so freaking amazing. I want one desperately.

Brandi sets up her pop-up event. Her assistants hang things. She explains that Brandiland is a clothing line she started a year ago. She says Bryan has been in the marina industry a long time, and she wanted to design resort wear that could be worn in marinas, with pop-up shops around Dallas. She works directly with the manufacturer, and designs her own pieces.

On the way there, Cary and D’Andra are excited. Cary calls Brandi a superwoman. She hasn’t seen the new collection, but says Brandi has cute stuff. She puts a Birkin raincoat on her bag before they get out. It’s standard handbag etiquette. D’Andra wonders if she’s kidding. Nope.

The event starts to get crowded. In her interview, Brandi says she’s including everyone. The minute she excludes anyone, she starts sh*t, and LeeAnne’s money is as good as D’Andra’s two hundred bucks. She says they’re going to be the Brandiland bitches. Kameron is impressed with Brandi’s ability to be a mother of three and have a booming business. She’s juggling perfectly, and Kameron hopes she can do it with Sparkle Dog one day. D’Andra likes anything that covers her ass. Everyone drinks, and tries on clothes. She does have really cute stuff.  The jewelry is beautiful.

Kameron asks Cary how the house is going. Cary says the floor is finished. Kameron asks Cary to sit. She wants to talk about something bothering her. She feels sometimes Cary plays both sides. Cary asks for an example, and Kameron says when they were at Beaver Creek. Kameron was upset, and Cary told her she did nothing wrong; that Stephanie put words in her mouth. The next day, she claimed Kameron pushed Stephanie because of what she’d said. In her interview, Cary says she doesn’t like one more than another. She’s not in third grade. Kameron asks why Cary is pointing at her while she’s talking. She’ll listen, but doesn’t like the pointing. In her interview, Cary says an argument with Kameron is frustrating. She can’t let anything go, and will badger, badger, badger, but no fingers. She asks if Kameron thinks she’s a liar, and Kameron says she never said that. D’Andra is like, oh. Lord. Kameron does some finger pointing, but says she’s pointing lower. She tells Cary, if she was a friend, she’d care. Cary calls Stephanie over, but Kameron says she’s not involved in the problem. She gets up, saying Cary has brought her posse in, when it’s between them. In her interview, Stephanie has no idea what’s going on. Kameron saw her, and got more pissed off. It’s the story of her life. Kameron leaves, and Cary says, she’s nuts.

LeeAnne jokes to D’Andra that the requirement is to give wedding gifts that are at least $500 apiece. D’Andra says she won’t be there. Kameron joins them, saying she can’t handle Cary and Stephanie. D’Andra tells LeeAnne that she was upset, angry, and embarrassed about LeeAnne repeating she only has $200. She cleaned out her account so she wouldn’t shop. She doesn’t want to touch her other money. In her interview, Kameron knows social people don’t want to know anyone who’s financially struggling. They judge. The rich forgive everything, but being poor. D’Andra asks how LeeAnne would like it If she said something about a personal issue. LeeAnne says she wouldn’t like it, and hurting D’Andra broke her heart. She’ll never do it again. She gets teary, and says she’d rather hurt herself. In her interview, D’Andra says, LeeAnne has the wonderful ability to produce crocodile tears. She doesn’t want to talk about what’s really happening in her life with Rich.

Stephanie joins them, and LeeAnne jokes that they’re about to have sex. Kameron says she thought that she and Cary were good enough friends to have a conversation by themselves. Cary feels like they get caught up in who said what. She’s sorry she hurt Kameron’s feelings. Kameron says Cary didn’t protect her from Brandi in Mexico, and we flash back to Brandi chasing Kameron with Sexual Chocolate. She says it hurts her that no one is there for her. In her interview, she says she’s known Cary for eight years, but feels like Cary’s loyalty to them is stronger, and it’s hurtful. Cary promises that if Brandi touches her with a dildo again, she’ll shut it down. She says she did stop Brandi from giving Kameron an inappropriate gift. We see a clip of Brandi saying she wanted to give Kameron a box of Stressticles. Google it.

Cary says it’s fun to support other women’s businesses, and mentions the Stressticles to Brandi. In her interview, Brandi says, wtf? She made the decision herself not to give them to Kameron. Stephanie tells LeeAnne that she’s trying not to get involved. LeeAnne thinks when she’s away from Brandi, she’s different, and they have a better opportunity to know each other. In her interview, Stephanie says her perspective of LeeAnne has been Brandi’s. She admits that when she focuses on Brandi, she doesn’t focus on her other friends. This is the first time she’s had her own perspective of LeeAnne. LeeAnne thinks it’s nice to be given a chance. In her interview, Stephanie says she wants her own perspective of LeeAnne, but Brandi is her best friend, and that’s not changing. The party breaks up. Stephanie is proud of Brandi, but Brandi is saying she’s good, and she’s not looking good.

Stephanie asks Brandi, what’s going on? Brandi says Cary told Kameron that she persuaded Brandi not to give her the Stressticles, but it was her decision, and she’s pissed. Stephanie says, tell her or it will eat her up inside. Brandi wonders how to broach the subject, and starts to cry. In her interview, Stephanie says she’s been worried since the smash party. Brandi isn’t sleeping, and she’s been a cry baby all day. She tells Brandi that she’s trying to do it all, and will crash and burn. She’s trying to be a badass wife, and feels guilty if she asks for help. She forgot how hard the baby stage is. Stephanie remembers being so tired, she wanted to cry along with the baby. Brandi thinks she has to be strong, but it’s okay to ask for help. In her interview, Brandi says she’s so focused on making the adoption go smoothly, she’s been neglecting Bryan and the girls. She starts to cry, and Stephanie tells Brandi she’s amazing.

Stephanie and assistant Trey set up spa day. She’s gotten gifts for everyone, and says if you monogram something, it makes it look more thoughtful, like it’s not last minute. I’ll have to remember that. She’s put out crowns for each of the women, saying she wants to make them feel like horny queens. Okay… Callie-Roo the kangaroo arrives. Stephanie says today is all about love, health, rejuvenation, and a baby kangaroo. Trey dresses the models in togas, and two stand outside with palm frond fans. As the guests come in, another model crowns them. In her interview, Stephanie says she feels like a madam. LeeAnne comes in wearing a shirt that says, I’d rather be with my dog, and I want one. She looks around, and wonders if stripper fireman are showing up. Stephanie gives a tour of the house. Cary freaks over the kangaroo. In her interview, LeeAnne says she’s 100% sure it’s not legal. Maybe not, but it’s absolutely adorable. Cary loves the kangaroo, but thinks the kangaroo guy is creepy, and he’s scaring her with his veneers. Now that she mentions it, they are a little scary.

The masseuses and manicurists are ready. Stephanie puts Brandi and Cary together for manicures, hoping they patch things up. Cary says they have mom nails right now. She asks how Brandi is doing. She says she was upset and in shock about Stressticles thing. She doesn’t want to be used to back up LeeAnne and Kameron seeing her as a bad influence. She was under stress when Cary brought it up, but tried not to show it. It seemed like Cary was using it to make Brandi look bad to Kameron, and herself look good. Cary says she did advise Brandi not to bug Kameron, and felt she needed to defend herself for not having Kameron’s back. She’s sorry Brandi felt it was at her expense. Cary thinks they had a mature conversation, even if it was about fake balls.

Stephanie tells LeeAnne that she hates couples massages. Travis falls asleep and snores. In her interview, Stephanie thinks her friendship with LeeAnne is going up. She’s not the same LeeAnne with knives. LeeAnne asks what happened with Kameron, and Stephanie says she felt like Cary didn’t have her back. LeeAnne says, Cary should be neutral, but will never be. They need to talk it out.

Brandi tells Cary that she doesn’t want Kameron to get validation that she’s a bad influence. She knows LeeAnne pulled Kameron aside to tell her that. We flash back to that, and Kameron saying she hopes D’Andra isn’t influenced by Brandi. Cary accepts Brandi as she is, and thinks they all should be like that. Brandi wonders why LeeAnne’s behavior in the bar was okay, and we flash back to that too. She thinks LeeAnne is in Kameron’s ear. Kameron has no opinion of own, and she wonders if Kameron is thinking her own thoughts. In her interview, Cary says she warned everyone that if they tell her something, she’s going to tell that person. No more secrets. Brandi says, Kameron needs a brain of own, instead of listening to LeeAnne. In her interview, Cary thinks Kameron accepts Brandi, but Brandi judges Kameron.

Kameron tells Cord about the pet expo, and we see clips from it. She says there were so many people coming to her booth, she couldn’t even go to the bathroom. Cord says she had two goals; to get a distributor, or get someone who will license her. She says she found a guy who said he’d make her dream come true. He asks if she got a contract, but she didn’t want to get in trouble, since he wants to look everything over first. He says he wants to make sure she’s not wasting time. She wants to prove she can do it all. She needs to follow up, and see where she stands with the people she had conversations with at the expo. I’m starting to really not like Cord. At least Shane has a sense of humor.

Cord asks why Kameron can’t just be a mom. Kameron wonders why she has to choose. In her interview, she says the Westcott family is known to be conservative. The moms are not modern moms, doing it all. She thinks Cord needs to get over stereotypes, and come into the modern world. She tells him she wants to be a mom and an entrepreneur.

Next time, LeeAnne grills Cary, D’Andra doesn’t want to feel the way she does toward her mother, and D’Andra asks LeeAnne if Rich is faithful; there have been a lot of rumors.

🌟 Here Today Star Tomorrow…

Star returned tonight, along with the many hairdos of Queen Latifah. It started off with a literal bang, but it’s late, so I’ll post about it tomorrow.

⛺ Until Then…


September 24, 2018 – Morgan’s Leap of Faith, Sorry Charlie, a Few Thoughts, Aviva, Darcey & Tonya


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Morgan looks down on the wandering zombies in the parking lot. June asks if Al copies. Jim suggests she’s dead, and June tells him, shut it, Jimbo. Jim wonders what Morgan is waiting for. He got them into this. Wen asks if he can do the honors when Jim becomes a zombie. Jim says, the way it’s looking, he won’t be the only one who needs to get put down. Morgan is sorry, but doesn’t know how they’re getting out. June says, if he doesn’t want to lead, fine, but he can help.

Victor hears Alicia yelling. He and John see her and Charlie across the water. John wonders how the hell they found them. Victor says perhaps he was right; they just needed to believe.

Alicia gets through to June on the radio. She tells June she’s with Charlie, and they just found John and Victor. They’re cut off by the flooding, but they’re going to get them. She asks where they are, but Morgan says he can’t tell her; it’s not safe. He got them stuck, and doesn’t know if there’s a way out. Alicia says she did what he told her to – she tried to be there for someone who needed her. Now they found John and Victor; she’ll find them. She tells him, hang in there. June says they have to find Al first, and Morgan tells her they should do that after they get John and Victor. She wonders how they’re getting down, and Morgan says, maybe the same way they came up.

John says the crocodile is hungry today. He says, they ain’t coming back. They won’t be able to find a way. Victor says his doubts are unfounded. John asks if that’s why Victor isn’t drowning his sorrows, and Victor says he’s saving it for when they get out. John asks what makes him think Alicia and Charlie can help. Victor says he was unable to see the promise of what lies ahead, and John thinks he might have used all that up. The way he looks at life, he put himself on an island before living on the brighter side. Someone helped him see it, and took him off the island. Victor says someone helped him get off the island. Alicia knows what Charlie did; who she took. Now, they’re working together. If that doesn’t make John think anything is possible, he doesn’t know what else will.

Alicia tells Charlie that they need something that will float; like a boat or canoe. They look around.

Martha bleeds onto a map. She puts a paper towel on her bullet wound, as I would do.

Jim looks down, and I say, oh, jump already. He hears me, and stands on the ledge. Morgan tells him to wait. Why, is a mystery. Jim asks if Morgan thinks he’s jumping. Morgan asks what he is doing, and Jim asks if he’s ever seen a meat puppet (a zombie, not a member of the band) walk with broken bones. He’s not dong that until some a-hole pokes something pointy through his skull. He’s pissing on them; it’s the only fun he has. And he does. Jim asks if Morgan is there to make himself feel better about what he did to him. Morgan says they’re going to try and get to Alicia, and find a way out. Jim asks if Morgan is asking him to help. Morgan knows he doesn’t have the right. Jim says he can’t do anything about dying, but can decide how he goes. Wow. That’s one long pee. Sarah joins them, and Morgan tells her, Jim’s not coming.

Sarah says, really, Jimbo? He’s not going hand over his beer recipe? They may never see him again. At least not like this. He tells her, go to hell. She says he’s a Class A a-hole, who fills every room with a philosophical fart, but his beer is poetry in a bottle. That’s him too, and he can live on. Jim considers this, and says she’s right. It’s an exceptional brew that packs a nutritional punch. It’s refreshing, with enough alcohol content to provide a buzz. It can give comfort to a dying man. And she can bring him comfort by turning around and leaving him alone. If she trips and breaks her neck, he’ll call it a bonus. She says it’s been nice knowing him. I’d pretend to trip and freak him out.

As they’re looking at some cars, someone shoots at Alicia and Charlie. It’s Martha, who says they shouldn’t be there. Someone broke her chain, and she’s going to fix it She’s going to make them strong. Alicia says she’s hurt; they can help. Martha says she doesn’t need help. She’s not weak. Martha continues to shoot at them, and Alicia repeats they can help her. Martha tells her that she said she doesn’t need it, and keels over. Alicia goes over to her, still keeping a gun on her.

Morgan and the others sneak around the hospital. June wonders where the zombies are. Morgan taps the ground with his stick, telling them to stay close. They’ll circle back. They head down the hall, and Morgan signals for them to stay back. He looks around the corner. They see zombies under a pile of cement, and continue on. There are dead bodies everywhere, and Sarah says, Al has been busy.

They keep walking. Morgan taps some more, and calls out for Al. Luci looks at a clipboard, and says Al left a message. Sarah takes it, and reads. Al hopes they’re alive. The walkie died, but she doesn’t now if they did. She’s taking the freight elevator. If they find out she’s dead, get her tapes and make copies. And if they find that c-word, they need to be settling her sh*t. Sarah says, she didn’t use c-word; she used the full quesadilla. Wen says with the power out, the elevator won’t be running long.

John dresses his wound, saying it’s going to get infected in the muck. Victor says, maybe not. John asks if Victor hears that, and they see the Al’s van, driving right through the water. Victor takes a swig from his bottle, and John does the same. Alicia says they were looking for a boat, and found this instead. Charlie gives John his hat, and he asks if she’s talking now. Victor asks if they’re okay Alicia nods, and says, him? John asks who their fellow passenger might be. It’s Martha.

Morgan says the hallway doubles back; they should go. Outside, they’re still surrounded. Even if they get down, can’t get away – unless he creates a distraction. He got them into this, and has to get them out. He can do something to draw the zombies away from the front. June says he doesn’t have to, but Morgan says he does, and she has to let him. June asks if he’s getting out, and he says they have to go.

The others leave. Morgan drags a body out onto the roof. Jim asks if he got the others killed too. Morgan says they have work to do.

On the radio, John says it’s safe to talk. June asks if he’s okay, and he says he opened up his side a little, but he’s good now. He tells her that he had a Black Jack for her, but he ate it. She tells him that they’re at the hospital, and he says they’re headed that way. She suggests the meet on the outskirts of town. The city is filled with the dead. They can’t miss each other again.

They see a crowd of zombies lining the fence outside. Sarah tells Momo, they’re going to need a distraction. He copies. He wants them to go back inside. He just needs a minute.

Martha comes to with her hands tied. She asks what they did, and John says they’re pretty cordial considering what she did to them. Alicia says she wanted to leave Martha, and Martha says she should have. Charlie says she would have died, but Martha says she wouldn’t have been weak. Alicia says she remembers that Morgan said he’d help her. She should be thanking them. She laughs, and says, they’ll see.

Morgan asks Jim for a hand, and Jim applauds. Just kidding. Jim says Morgan has given him a good reason not to. He sits, and Morgan hangs the body over the edge of the roof. He swings it to get momentum, and then heaves it out and down. It hits the roof of a car, and the alarm goes off. The zombies gravitate to it. Morgan gets on the radio, and says, come on. He doesn’t know how long it will last.

June tells Morgan, get going. Jim too. They’ll wait. The group heads for an ambulance. Morgan says, the power is out, the elevator isn’t working, and the stairs are flooded with walkers. June says, anyone could have made that call, but Morgan says he has things to make up for. If he knows he got them out, and she’s on her way back to John, maybe he can make up for something. The group gets in the ambulance, and pulls out.

Jim tells Morgan that he’s off the hook, at least with them. He gets it. Whatever you have to make up for, it’s hard. Even if works out, he won’t know if what he’s done makes up for it. Does he think Jim being up there is the easy way out? Take it from a Class A a-hole, death is a certainty; getting out from sh*t you’ve done, not so much.

Jim asks Morgan to do him a favor before he… Would he… Morgan nods. June asks if Morgan copies, and asks what’s gong on. He says he’s getting Jim off the roof; he’s not leaving Jim behind. The car alarm is dead. They’ll have to keep going; he’ll find own way out.

John says he just stitched up a woman who tried to kill everyone he cares about. Anything is possible. Alicia says Morgan told her that if she was in the position to help, she should do it. So that’s what she’s doing.

Sarah tells Morgan that they’re all there. June says he’s wrong. No matter what he thinks, they need him. Jim tells Morgan he’s not going to get off as east as he thought. Morgan tells them not to do this, but Victor says, it’s too late. They already are.

A long truck with a hydraulic crane is outside the hospital. Morgan asks where they got it, and Sarah says, the engine is dead, but the generator for the hydraulics purrs like kitten. Martha says, this isn’t going to end well; leave now. Luci grabs an ax, and they hook the truck to the van with a chain. The ladder goes up, but Morgan says, it’s shy by a couple of stories. John asks if he can make it down to that level. Morgan gets a cable, wrapping one end around something to anchor it to the roof, and the other end around himself. He says, let’s go, and Jim sits. Morgan says he can’t leave him up there. Jim says Morgan can’t do anything for him, and tells him to go. Morgan is real sorry, and Jim says he should be, but don’t give himself a reason to be sorry for them too.

Morgan climbs down the side of the building. A zombie pops out of a terrace door, and he and Morgan struggle. The zombie pushes Morgan against the ledge, but crack shot John nails him.

On the ground, June, Luci and Alicia dispatch zombies. Morgan asks how it looks, and June says they’re drawing a crowd. They don’t have much time. In a phenomenal leap, Morgan launches himself into the cherry picker. I say, holy sh*t! He nods to Jim. John tells them all to come back, and they get on top of the truck bed. Zombies clamor at Charlie and Wen in the cab, and start to surround the truck.

Victor says, it’s one hella predicament. Sarah asks Wen if they’re all right, and he says they’re still kicking. Morgan say they need to clear a path; draw them away. He tells them to go to the van; he’s getting them out of here. On the radio, Jim says he’s got this. He can choose how he goes out, and he thinks this beats pissing in the wind. He asks if Sarah is there, and asks if she can remember something. His recipe. She says, sh*t on a stick.

Jim stands on the ledge, and gives her the recipe. She writes it down, and he tells her to hold the radio close to her ear. It’s the most important part, and no one else can know. We don’t know either, since only Sarah hears it. He says, there’s love in there too, if she can believe it, but that’s it. Everyone smiles sadly. Sarah copies that. Jim closes his eyes, and jumps. He goes through the roof of a car, and the zombies move toward it. Morgan says they should get out of there.

Uh-oh. Martha is gone. Charlie says she’s hurt; they have to look for her. Sarah says there’s no time, and Alicia says she doesn’t want their help.

It’s quiet in the van. Luci asks what they’re going to call the beer when they brew it. She says it was called Augie’s Ale, but Sarah says they’re not calling it that chicken sh*t name that the marketing company told him to give it. The name has to mean something. They decide on Jimbo’s Beerbos. Morgan says, Jim would hate that, and Sarah says she knows.

June asks where they’re going, and Victor says, out of the city. Alicia says the hurricane took out pretty much everything. Morgan says he told Jim about Virginia, where he was heading. Jim isn’t making it, but he thinks they can. He says, let’s find out, then make our way there together.

Martha draws on Jim’s face. Bitch. Jim opens his eyes, and makes zombie noises. She puts a spiky-ended pole through him, and says he’s strong now. She says, you’re strong. Now let’s go make him strong too.

Next time, the finale; Martha is going to be stronger than ever, Al is alive, Morgan can’t loose any of them, and Morgan has writing on his face even though he’s not dead.

😳 My apologizes to Jerry O’Connell – who I’m so sure reads this – since I’ve been calling him Charlie O’Connell in referring to his new show, Bravo Play by Play (which premieres tomorrow!). Charlie is his brother. who looks a lot like him and also played his brother on Sliders, which is probably what caused the confusion in my head. But while we’re on the subject, Sliders would be a great show to bring back in syndication.

📺 Brief Observations from This Week’s TV Watching…

I don’t know if Dateline: Secrets Uncovered is the best place to advertise e-Harmony.

Gleaned from watching 90 Day Fiancé – no matter how much or how little of the English language someone knows, everyone has WTF? down, as well as the eff word in general.

And from watching Hoarding: Buried Alive, the two most common reactions upon seeing a hoard for the first time are, oh sh*t! and oh my God!

I finally saw The Shape of Water. The merdude was cute, in a Groot sort of way. It reminded me of how I was in love with Pepe Le Pew when I was five. I also wondered if the guy from Boardwalk Empire is just doomed to play skeevy psychopaths.

👢 Maybe She Could Give Him a Leg Up…

They had to let Aviva go. Once you throw your leg on the table, there’s just no way to top yourself.


❓ What Did Darcey Do?

On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, Jesse was returning to the US to put the final nail in the relationship coffin. He hinted at something abominable that Darcey had done that was some sort of deal breaker. The closest I could come to finding anything was this, but I’m not quite satisfied.


✴ Something Extra…

Tonya Pinkins ALEX FWD Audition Self Tape for Filthy Woman “Martha.”