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June 18, 2019 – Margaux Says Goodbye to Drew, the News About Candace Comes Out, a Wine Tasting in France, a First & Already


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Josslyn looks at the glass of water, and goes back outside. She says, Oscar, is that you?

Julian says Kim wants to have a baby? She says she wants to feel the flutter of life growing inside, and see life with fresh eyes. She wants to feel that love again. She needs to be a mother. He could be a father from the beginning, and be there for the milestones he missed with his other children. They have so much love to share. He kisses her hand, and she says, what do you say, Charlie?

Margaux asks to see Jordan at the hospital. The nurse says she’s had a lot of visitors, and Margaux says she’ll just drop off some flowers. She sees Drew, and tells him she was on her way to visit Jordan. He says he just saw her. Margaux asks how she’s doing, and Drew says, she’s getting by. She says, how about him? She’s sorry about his son. He thanks her, and says he’s putting one foot in front of the other. She tells him that she’s leaving Port Charles in the morning. They’ll probably never see each other again, and before she goes, there’s something she needs from him.

Peter says it was a wonderful party, and Maxie says he deserves to celebrate his birthday. Lulu says she’s going, and Maxie asks if she has another date. Felicia asks if Lulu and Dante split up.

Rocco – who’s had a growth spurt of a couple years – comes into the kitchen with Carly. Carly tells Josslyn that Lulu is busy, so Rocco is spending the night. They just got back from the fair at Rice Plaza, and Avery is asleep already. Rocco shows Josslyn a pinwheel, and says he won it. It’s kind of old school, but it’s cool. Sonny comes in, and takes Rocco upstairs. Carly asks, what’s all this? indicating the table. Josslyn says she, Trina, and Cameron were just messing around. Carly picks up the photo, and asks if they made contact. Josslyn isn’t sure, but if they did, it wasn’t enough. Carly hugs her.

Margaux regrets how she treated Drew. He asks if she’s okay, and she says she’s relearning what her life looks like. She was lost for a while, wrapped up in DOD. He says he didn’t know. She says instead of getting straightened out, she messed up, and compromised her position as DA, so she resigned. Drew says, that’s a lot, and asks what she’s doing next. She tells him, criminal defense attorney, and he says, the dark side. She says maybe what she did in Port Charles was the dark side. She’s not proud of doing whatever she could to bring Sonny down, and stealing the flashdrive. He says she gave it back, but she says she used him. She doesn’t like herself for that, and hopes he forgives her.

Julian tells Kim that he has a sketchy reputation as a father. Kim says he’s a different man now. He says it would be nice, not jumping through hoops just to take his kid to the park or be with them on holidays. Kim says they’ll be there together. Julian says it could be the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Kim suggests they create a family together.

Finn thinks perhaps they don’t need to bombard Lulu with personal questions. Felicia says, nonsense, and Mac says he has a personal interest in Dante. He wants him to come back to work, and is putting in for a leave of absence when he goes into the PCPD tomorrow. He explains how he’s filling in for Jordan, and Lulu asks if there was a press release. Mac says her mom just asked him to step in. Lulu says she’s working on a story. There’s a guy catfishing women on a dating app, and he robs their homes while they’re waiting for him. There’s been a string of robberies. Mac asks if it’s been reported. If there isn’t an investigation yet, there will be one starting tomorrow. Lulu say she still has an article to write. Mac says, using herself as bait for a possible criminal? He thinks maybe he signed off too quickly on giving his blessing to Peter about Maxie. His judgement doesn’t seem to have improved.

Josslyn says she was doing what Oscar told her to; thinking of him at 11:11 every day (I was wondering what happened with that), but it doesn’t do any good. She just feels like she misses him. She looked up information about séances, and they reached out. they thought they heard something, like footsteps, but no one was there. Sonny says he’ll have the guards take a look, but Josslyn says, no; it’s fine. It was probably the wind, or her hearing what she wanted to. She doesn’t want them to worry. She misses Oscar a lot, and so many people believe, she thought, why not give it a try? It’s silly. She should have known it wouldn’t work.

Carly say what Josslyn did wasn’t silly. She’s coping with a difficult loss. Sonny says it’s not weird or unusual to want to speak with him one more time. Carly thinks it would be weird if Josslyn didn’t have that impulse. It’s important she remember how much Oscar knew she loved him. She got to tell him when he was present. They left nothing unsaid. Josslyn says, Oscar didn’t, but she did. She was asleep when Oscar left them. She didn’t even say goodbye. Carly says, Oscar felt her love every time she held his hand and showed up for him. Josslyn says it wasn’t a complete waste. They got off track, talking about Oscar and the good times, and they were able to laugh and smile. It felt almost good. Rocco runs in, saying the Yanks won. He wishes he could call his dad. Sonny thinks Dante knows that Rocco loves the game, and Dante loves him. Rocco misses him a lot, and Sonny suggests Rocco get in bed. Then Sonny is going to make waffles with whipped cream. They leave, and Josslyn tells Carly that she feels bad for Rocco and Dante. Carly says, whatever reason Dante left, she’s sure it was important, and he felt he was doing the right thing. Josslyn says, all the time he’s missing with Rocco; he’ll never get it back. It’s one thing you don’t realize until it’s too late. Time is not unlimited and runs out quicker than you think. Carly says, life does throw you some curveballs. She tells Josslyn that she’s been thinking counseling isn’t a bad idea.

Lulu tells Mac that Rocco is at Sonny’s, and Charlotte is at Windemere. Mac thinks he should call one of his associates in case of anything suspicious. Finn says, it does sound risky. Lulu says she’s not asking to be set up. If the date shows up, he’s not the burglar. Peter ask if she knows what she’s up against, and Felicia says Dante wouldn’t want her to do this. Lulu says it probably wasn’t her best idea to put her actual address in the profile. No, it’s not, even if it was a legit profile. She’ll come up with another strategy, but she has to get going. After she leaves, Felicia tells Maxie, spill. What’s p with Lulu’s marriage. Peter says she really is working on a feature story. Her editor gave her the assignment. Maxie isn’t thrilled with the way she’s throwing herself into it. She needs something more, and they need to work harder to bring Dante home. Mac says it’s his understanding that Dante has severe PTSD, and Anna made it clear that he needs to be there. Maxie says he needs to be home.

Drew tells Margaux, there’s no point in rehashing the past. In all honesty, he did enjoy her company. She says, in all honesty, she enjoyed his too. She let her ambition get in the way, and should have given the flashdrive back to him. He says she did in the end, and she says, for all the all good it did him. He says it’s sitting in his office safe. Once in a while, he takes it out, and holds it in his hand and wonders what it would be like to access his memories. Then he puts it back in the safe, and forgets about it. He has nothing to learn from it that would be worth what he’d have to give up. The nurse at reception overhears.

Kim knows she’s asking a lot. Asking him to bring a new life into the world, and be responsible for him or her. Oscar didn’t grow up with a father, but this child will have him from day one. Julian says, it would be a dream come true. She says, so they’re doing this? He says, no, he can’t. He’s sorry, but he can’t give her what she wants.

Kim says Julian told her it would be a dream come true. He says to have a child with her really would be. She asks why he’s saying no. Is it his relationship with his other children? He says, no. He’s getting along better than ever with Sam and Lucas, and Olivia is giving him more access to Leo. She says, so why? Is he afraid of his past, or that he might fall back into that life again? He says, that’s not going to happen. There’s only one reason; it’s her. She’s not ready yet. She says she is, but he says she doesn’t want just any child. She wants Oscar back, but no baby will ever be Oscar.

Drew tells Margaux, losing Oscar put a lot of things in perspective. He doesn’t love what she did, but he understands. She wanted to avenge her father, but went about it the wrong way. It’s done. Gone. Over. She gave back the flashdrive. There’s nothing to forgive, but if it makes her feel batter, he forgives her. He warns her though, extortion is not a good way to get close to someone. She says, noted. It boomeranged back with Shiloh. Speaking of which, what is his connection to Shiloh?

Peter says he and Maxie make a good team, but his limited experience with the WSB tells him that they’re neither cooperative nor transparent. Mac says, especially to a civilian, and they’d have to deal with the higher ups. Peter thinks they should give it time, but Maxie says Lulu is using herself as bait to lure a burglar to her actual address. She’s setting herself up to get in trouble. Felicia asks what they do, and Maxie says they have to get someone to tell them something. Robert walks in and asks what a guy has to do to get a drink. Or is this one more place where he’s persona non grata?

Lulu smiles at a dude in Kelly’s. He smiles back, and she introduces herself. He says he needs to pick up an order, and he’ll be right back. She calls Steve, and says her date showed. He’s obviously not the burglar, so Steve can head home. Is she stupid? He’s obviously not her date. He brings the food back, saying there’s enough to share. He says she looks like a sweet pot fry combo, and she says that’s exactly the kind of woman she is. She’s also not a very good investigative reporter.

Josslyn tells Carly that the already talked about it, and Carly said she wouldn’t push it. Carly says she thought Josslyn would be more open to talking to someone now. Josslyn says she is talking to someone; Trina, Cameron, and even Maxie. Lucy has also been very nice. She tells Carly not to worry; she’s fine. Carly says Josslyn has no idea how hard it is to be a mom, walking the tightrope between giving support and guidance, and letting your child figure it out on their own. Josslyn thinks Carly should lean into giving her room. Carly says all she wants is for Josslyn to be healthy and happy. She wants that for Michael and the baby too. Josslyn asks if she’s okay. Sonny comes in, and tells them, he hates to say this, but they have a problem.

Drew tells Margaux that Shiloh reached out, and said they’d spent time together in Afghanistan. He swore Drew saved his life. Margaux says he wrote about it in his book. Drew says he has no recollection of it, and has only seen Shiloh a handful of times. She asks if Shiloh knows about the flashdrive, and Drew says he does. She asks if Shiloh ever inquired if he planned to use it. Drew says he asked a couple of times; why? She says she has no hard evidence, but she got the sense Shiloh is invested in Drew’s memories.

Kim tells Julian that she’d never try replace Oscar. How irrational does he think she is. He says she’s the one of the most grounded people he’s ever met, but grief, love, and loss have nothing to do with logic. She starts to walk away, but Julian asks her to hear him out. She’s feeling emptiness in the apartment she and Oscar shared. She wants to get rid of the pain, and find joy in another child; she’s human. She asks why not help her? but he says, it’s not fair to the baby. The baby will never be Oscar. She just needs time to grieve and truly let go. It’s not easy, but he’ll be with her every step of the way. He’s not saying no, but he’s saying they need to wait. When she’s had the time to grieve and let go, they’ll talk about it, and make a plan to bring a baby into the world. He knows the baby will sometimes remind her of Oscar, but will never have to live up to him. They’ll have their own unique identity, and be appreciated for it. It breaks his heart. He doesn’t want to cause her more pain. Please don’t hate him.

Sonny says, Rocco refuses to go to sleep with the baseball glove Dante gave him. He wants to put it under his pillow because it softens the glove. He’ll have a guard pick it up. Josslyn says she’ll go, but Carly says they’re not finished talking. She asks them to please let her, and Sonny says he’ll compromise. He’ll have a guard take her. Josslyn says she can take an Uber, but Carly says, it’s too late. Josslyn asks them to stop treating her like a baby or a fragile thing that needs monitoring. Sonny says it’s probably under Rocco’s pillow, and Josslyn leaves. He asks what he walked in on, and Carly says, her smothering Josslyn with concern and love. He asks if there’s something going on. Is there something on her mind? She says, it’s about the baby.

Lulu’s date asks if she’s a Woodchuck fan, and she says her son is a diehard. He says he has a kid too, the love of his life. She tells him that she’s only there because she’s a reporter for The Invader. He says, cool. He likes their sports coverage, but admits to checking out Page Five. She tells him, what she’s trying to say is that she’s not actually looking for a date. He says they’re just sharing some fries. She says she’s not who she said she was in her profile, and he says, what profile? She asks if he didn’t request to meet, and he says, no.

A dude breaks into Lulu’s place. Way too easily. I could break in there, so, really?

Robert says he heard a rumor that a party was there. Maxie says there was, but he’s late. He hopes not too late for a drink. Maxie goes to the bar, and Mac asks, what’s wrong? Robert says he can’t put anything past his little brother. Maxie gives him a drink, and he says, here’s to the Bureau, who pushed him out the door. Felicia asks what he means, and he says they’re forcing him to retire. Mac wonders how they can do that after all those years of service. Robert thinks all those years of service are what did him in. They probably want someone younger and cheaper. Maxie says she knows he’s still useful. In fact, he can help her out in a big way. Does he know where Dante is? He says, as a matter-of-fact, he does. She looks at Mac.

Drew asks why Shiloh would care so much, but Margaux doesn’t know. He always has an angle; something to make things work to his own benefit. She confided what she’d done to Drew, without giving his name, and Shiloh was fishing for details. There’s something wants Drew to remember, or something he’s glad Drew forgot. Every time he asked, it seemed like he was fishing for confirmation. Drew thanks her for the heads up. She’s glad she could do something positive for him, however small, before she leaves.

Kim says she doesn’t hate Julian. She’s realized he’s very wise. Maybe she does want replace Oscar. Why wouldn’t she? The timing is suspect, but she can’t help the way she feels. He knows that, and he’s sorry for the both of them. They can talk about Oscar if she wants. Kim says he told her that his relationships with Sam and Lucas are improving. What did she miss? He tells her, Lucas and Brad are in danger of losing Wiley. She asks, why? Is he sick? Julian says, it’s not like that. There’s a custody fight looming. The birth father is suddenly in the picture, and he’s a pretty dangerous man. Kim says, that’s something, coming from him. Sorry. He says, don’t apologize. He understands. They all need to be careful, so he teamed up with Sam to make sure Brad and Lucas keep Wiley. Kim says Julian is a great dad. They would make the best family together. He says they still have time.

Maxie says, Robert knows where Dante is? He says, as much as he’d love to, he can’t revel Dante’s whereabouts. She says he owes the WSB nothing; they just kicked him to the curb with no notice. He says, orders are orders, and he’ll take their secrets to the grave. That’s the way it works. Maxie says, Lulu needs Dante, but Robert says, she needs him whole and healed. Until the process is completed, Dante is considered a security risk. He went seeking help for deprogramming, and he can’t undermine Dante’s decision. His phone rings, and he says it’s his replacement, probably seeking advice on how to empty the pencil sharpener. He steps away, and Felicia says, let it go for now; he might be right. Maxie says she’s going to check on Lulu, and make sure she’s not getting in too deep.

In the hallway, Maxie listens in on Robert’s conversation, and hears where he’s being held. Robert asks if they have any idea when Dante is being moved.

Lulu asks if the guy isn’t Timothy from the dating app. He says he’s tried the apps, and they’re not for him. She says when she smiled at him, he came over like he was expecting her. He says when she smiled at him, it made his night, so he decided to go for it. He introduces himself as Bryce.

Carly says she wanted more information before she talked to Sonny. She didn’t want to worry him for no reason. He asks, what is it? and she says she took another test, the MSAFP. It measures protein levels, and hers came back elevated. He looks at the results, and asks if it’s a problem. She says Dr. Navarro said they need more tests to see what it means. Sonny asks what they’re trying to rule out, and she says, it could mean some kind of birth defect.

Julian tells Kim that he’s sorry, but he has to close up Charlie’s. He asks if she wants to come, but she says, no. She needs to face the emptiness. It’s the next step in getting through the grief. Julian says, start small. He wants her to know he’s honored that she wants him to father a baby with her. He wants to talk more when she’s gotten through her grief and truly let go. Oscar’s heart is with her always. He leaves, and Kim wanders around the apartment. She looks at the picture of her, Oscar, and Drew from when he won the Ashbery Award.

Drew tells Margaux, it’s getting late, and he’s beyond jet lagged. She asks where he’s been. He says, Africa, specifically Mount Kilimanjaro. They scattered Oscar’s ashes. She says she’s so sorry for his loss. She’s sorry for a lot of things. He says all they can do is move forward, look back, and smile. She says, go Woodchucks, and he says goodbye. He’s rooting for her. She says, same here.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s got it. She overheard Robert on the phone, and knows where Dante is. They’re one step closer to Dante being home.

Carly tells Sonny, the doctor said, go home and take it easy. He asks how much time she spent on the internet? and she says more time than she should have. She scared herself, and stopped, then took the kids to the fair. She doesn’t need to drive herself crazy thinking about what might happen. It does no one any good; least of all, the baby. Sonny says, no matter what happens, the baby will be perfect in his eyes. He loves them both, and whatever happens, they’ll face it together. They hug.

Josslyn sees Lulu’s door open, and goes inside anyway. Again, really?

Lulu tells Bryce, nice to meet you, and apologizes for the mix-up. She has a phone call to make, and she’ll explain. He says, it seems complicated, and tells her. enjoy the fries. He leaves, and she calls Steve, telling him to go back to her house, and hurry.

Josslyn turns on the light. She says, what the hell do you think you’re doing? We see a young man in the middle of robbing the place.

Michael asks if the DA has evidence that can condemn Shiloh, Josslyn tells the burglar that he better pray the cops get there before her father, and Jason has news that could be helpful in dealing with Shiloh.

The Haves and The Have Nots

On the phone, Jim wants Lloyd to explain how an account opened in his name. Lloyd says Veronica asked him to open it. She said she was trying to hide money from her husband because of the divorce. Jim says, if it’s in his name, give him the money. Lloyd says Candace is the manager, and the only signer. Jim calls him a fat moron, and asks if nothing sounded familiar. Lloyd says he’s sorry. Jim says, he’s sorry? Just great. You’re an idiot.

The dudes in the next cell grab Justin, and pants him. We don’t see the whole picture of what they do next, but it doesn’t look pretty.

Kathryn calls Hanna. Hanna asks if she found out where the money is, but Kathryn says, no. Hanna says, it’s crazy. The bank said it was wired to the Cryer Company. Kathryn tells her, Jim says it’s not his company. Hanna doesn’t like it. Kathryn says Jim left there pissed. She doesn’t think he’s coming to Hanna’s place. She thinks he’s playing a game, but she’s on her way. She tells Hanna, don’t open the door. Hanna says he better not bring his ass there. Benny asks what’s wrong, and Hanna says, nothing. Kathryn told her Jim might be coming there. Benny wishes he would.

Jim says it looks like Benny got his wish. They find Jim sitting on the living room couch. Benny asks if he wants to play games, just walking in there. Jim says it’s his house, and Benny asks if lost his damn mind. Jim says he wants his damn money, and Benny says he doesn’t have Jim’s damn money. Jim says his crazy-ass bitch sister has it, and he’s not leaving until he gets it. Hanna says they don’t have it, and he tells her, get it from her daughter. She says it’s his company, and he asks if she’s that stupid. I forgot to mention that Hanna has a huge chef’s knife in her hand, and she says if Jim calls her that one more time, she’ll bury it in him. He tells her to put him out of his misery. Hanna wants to know how Candace got the money, and he says she opened the company. She owns it, and wrote the check to herself with his money. He wants it back. Hanna tells him, get out, but he says he’s not leaving. She says she’s calling Candace, and he says get the bitch on the phone. Hanna says, call her daughter a bitch one more time, and he says, her daughter is a bitch, and she’s the bitch who birthed her. Get her on the phone.

Hanna moves the furniture out of the way. Benny looks a little insane. Hanna says, Benjamin, this MF is all yours. Benny rushes Jim, knocking him and the couch over. He flips Jim back over the couch the other way, and pounds on him. Then literally kicks Jim’s ass. Hanna wishes she had a cigarette, and I laugh. She says, that’s enough, and Benny grabs Jim by the ankles, dragging him out the door. He drags Jim down the front steps, and kicks him a few more times, saying he gave Jim a good old-fashioned ass whoopin’. He also opened up his damn wound. Hanna says she and Jim are from two different worlds, and she doesn’t have any damn thing of his. He says tell her daughter to send the money. She says it’s all she can do, but next time he comes there with his bullsh*t, he’s leaving in a wagon and going to the morgue. Does he understand? Benny bets his ass Jim won’t do this again, but in case Jim’s feeling lucky, please do it.

Kathryn pulls up, and Hanna tells her that Jim was in the house. Kathryn says she’s sorry. Hanna says they’ll have to move, but Kathryn says, no, they don’t. She tells Jim to get his ass out and get home. He says he wants his money, but Kathryn says Hanna doesn’t have it. Hanna thinks he knows it now. Kathryn tells Jim, go – now – and he stumbles off. Kathryn asks if Hanna did that, and Hanna says she unleashed Benny on his ass. $8 million, Jim has a right to be mad, but she doesn’t have it. He said Candace does. She opened an account in his name, but she’s actually the real owner. Hanna doesn’t know if it’s the truth. She says Jim walked in with a key, and Kathryn says she’ll take care of him. He thinks he owns the world. Hanna tells Kathryn, it’s all fine, but Kathryn says, it’s not. Although after that ass whoopin’, she’s not sure she has to do much. Hanna doesn’t think he’ll stop. Kathryn says she can’t fix stupid, but she can sure try.

Justin lies on the cell floor. A guard finds him, and says they need an ambulance. She asks the dude in the next cell if they did something to him, and dude says Justin was hitting himself in the balls. She asks why his pants are down, and dude says, he’s trying get hisself [sic] out of there.

Broderick packs. Rocky comes to the door, and Broderick says he’s getting the hell out. Rocky says they’re not going to deport him, but Broderick says Rocky doesn’t know what he left behind. He can’t go back; he’s not doing it. Rocky says together, they can give them Candace. Broderick says what if RK already told her, but it’s a chance Rocky willing to take. He wants to see her go down. Broderick says, it’s not the DA; it’s the Department of Justice. Rocky asks what his plan is. Is he just going to run? Broderick says he’ll be fine. Rocky asks where he’s going, and Broderick says, none of his business. There’s a knock at door. It’s Kathryn. Rocky lets her in.

Kathryn says it’s her lucky day; they’re both here. Rocky says, maybe not. He has to go. He’s sorry. She asks, what is this? Freak out on Kathryn day? Broderick says, let him go, and Rocky leaves. Kathryn says Broderick will do, but he says he has to leave. He quits. She asks what he’s talking about, and he says he has to go. The Department of Justice knows about the ring they were running. It was shut it down but it’s Candace. She’s at large, and they’re looking for her. I’m not sure why he said that, since everyone knows where she is, but okay. He tells Kathryn he was threatened with deportation unless he helps them. Kathryn says, so help them, but he says, it’s complicated. RK is missing too. Kathryn says she can help him, but he doesn’t think so. He says he was just sex to her. She says she really likes him, and wants to help. She knows she can. Come with her. She’ll take him someplace safe where she can take care of him. He says he can’t go back to the hotel, and she tells him, trust her. Leave all that. She’ll show him a whole new world. He says, lead the way, and they go.

Hanna cleans up Benny’s wound, telling him it looks like the stitches held. She calls Candace, but gets voicemail. She tells Benny to call, but he says he already tried, twice, and left messages. Hanna says she’s doing this on purpose, but Benny doesn’t think so. Maybe she did it before she talked to them. Hanna says, if that’s the case, she can give it back. If she doesn’t, then it’s proof she doesn’t care about them. The love of money is the root of all evil. They’ll see how deep the roots go.

RK tries to call Candace. He leaves a message for her to call him back.

In an interrogation room, Veronica says, so? The FBI guy asks what she means. She asks if he hasn’t looked at the evidence, and wants to know who the boss is. The Director of the FBI? The Attorney General? The President of the United States? She’d like to speak to them. They dragged her out of her home to ask her questions, but she knows nothing about this guy. FBI guy says he claims she hired him to build s bomb. She says, he’s lying, FBI guy says they have his word. She wonders if FBI stands for foolish, blind, and ignorant. Have they seen his rap sheet? Look up the case where he was charged with murder. FBI guy says she represented him. She says, look at all the false statements he made against the witness. FBI guy asks why he walked, and she says because she’s good at what she does. She’s going to open complaints against the whole country. She’s sitting there under duress, and they have nothing but the word of a thug against a seasoned attorney who’s respected in the community. He says she desperately wanted to destroy her rival, and asks if her husband makes her that mad. She says, Mr….? and he says Agent Morris. She tells him take a closer look at the victim. Did they know she was a whore? It’s the proper name for someone who sells their body for sex. They didn’t know? She had a pimp and a drug dealer in a gang. Ask if anyone knows War. She had a vendetta against him, and he wanted her dead. He’s badgering her because they didn’t do all their homework. She wants to make a call to reschedule her manicure. Morris tells her to reschedule for twenty years later. She says that’s another mistake; them placing her under arrest. He says she came in voluntarily, not under duress. She asks if that’s the game he wants to play. She wants to call several judges. He says she’s not under arrest, and she says, then she’s leaving. He says, not so fast, and she says she wants to make a call. He leaves, and she picks up the phone.

Veronica calls David, who’s sitting in her driveway. He tells her to open the door; he’s there. She says she’s been arrested, and he asks, why? She says she’s at the FBI headquarters, and needs him to come. He asks what she’s done. What’s the charge? She says, something about domestic terrorism and a bomb going off. He says he’s on his way. She asks him to go in the house first, and make sure that kid doesn’t take anything – her young lover. He says, okay, fine.

David gets out of the car, and goes inside. He sees RK drinking on the couch, and asks what the hell is he doing? RK says, drinking. What does it look like? Looks like a wrong answer to me. David tells him, get out. RK says, he’s David, right? David says he’s about to be RK’s ass whoopin’ if he doesn’t get out. RK knows it’s heartbreaking, but he’s a guest of David’s wife. No disrespect, but he’s drinking now; Veronica’s not there. David says he’ll call the police. RK insists he’s a guest, and David grabs him and pulls him up. He tells RK, don’t come back. Outside, RK starts to get into Veronica’s car, and Davis says, no. RK says Veronica said he could take it, but David demands the keys. RK hands them over, saying, fine. Just so David knows, they did it all night. David says, keep walkin’ while you’re talkin’.

Morris asks what he wants to do about Veronica. Scott says, nothing; let her go. He wants to go after Candace. Morris tells Veronica that she’s free to go. She says she knew that, and she’ll see him in court.

Wyatt calls Jeffrey, who asks if he’s high. Wyatt says, no, but Jeffrey says he is. Wyatt says Jeffrey needs to relax. He’s calling to tell Jeffrey that he’s going to do it. Kill everybody in the house. Jeffrey says he already told Wyatt, don’t call him when he’s high. Wyatt says, some friend he is. He called to say goodbye. He’s going to kill everyone, and then do himself in. Jeffrey says, okay. Wyatt says Jeffrey doesn’t believe him, but it’s going to be the wild, wild west. Jeffrey says he’s done with this; goodbye. He hangs up, and Wyatt drops the phone.

Jeffrey’s phone rings again, and a woman asks if he’s related to Justin. He says he’s not, and she says sorry. He’s listed as next of kin. Jeffrey gets up from the couch, and tells her, wait. What’s this about? She says she’s calling from County Medical. Justin was in a bad accident. Jeffrey asks, what kind? but she says she doesn’t know. He’s being treated there, and she needs to locate his next of kin. Jeffrey asks if it’s bad, and she says if he’s not related, she can’t talk to him. He asks where Justin is, and she hangs up. Jeffrey leaves, even though he doesn’t know where he’s going.

Veronica and David go back to her house. Veronica says they had nothing on her. Does that make him happy? He tells her, stop that. They need to talk. She says, about how she’s going to get them off? He says he doesn’t need her that way. They need to talk about them. He sits on the couch, but she says, not there. She’s going upstairs to make sure that boy didn’t rob her, and she’ll meet him by the pool. He says he still loves her. She says she still loves him. They have a lot of making up to do. He agrees.

Wyatt sips a can of something. Jim comes into the kitchen, and Wyatt asks what hell happened to him? Jim says, leave him alone, and gets some ice. He asks if Wyatt broke into the wine fridge. Wyatt says it looks like someone broke Jim’s ribs. Jim asks, what’s in the can, and Wyatt says, soda. Jim smells it, and dumps it out, saying he’s sick and tired of this sh*t. Wyatt says, keep pushing him, and see what happens. Jim says Wyatt is a loser and a junkie, and he needs Wyatt out of his face. He’s in a lot of sh*t. Jim’s phone rings, and Wyatt says, keep pushing. Jim can’t wait to see what happens, and tells Wyatt, get out.

Jim answers his phone, and Scott introduces himself. Jim asks who is he, and what the hell does he want? Scott says he wants to arrange a private meeting with someone who’s interested in helping Jim. Someone very powerful. Jim demands to know who, Scott says he’s calling for the Attorney General. Jim says tell John… and Scott asks, who’s John? Jim says he doesn’t know the name of who he’s calling for? He’s already dealing with the local DA. Scott says he’s not calling for the state attorney; the Attorney General. Jim wonders why he’d want to meet, but Scott says he’s calling to arrange it. Is Jim interested or not? Jim says he is, very much. Scott says it could benefit him greatly. He’ll call back. The wheels turn in Jim’s head.

Candace calls Jim. He answers, really? Let him tell her something. She says she’s calling to tell him that she’s giving the money back. He says she’d better, and she tells him not to threaten her. She’s trying hard to be nice. He says she knows it’s his money, and he’s better have it tonight. She says again, don’t threaten her. She’s calling because she’s giving it back, and needs the account number. He doesn’t trust her, but she asks how she’s supposed to send the money? He asks if she’s giving it back because she’s with the President Elect now. She doesn’t need it. She says she’s turning over a new leaf, and Jim says, sure. He says he’ll text the number to her, and he’ll be looking for the money tonight. She says she told him before, don’t mess with her brother.

She gets the text, and transfers the money.

Not-landon tells Charles, sorry, and hands him the phone. He says, it’s everywhere. The press is outside. Charles says, damn! Where is she? Not-Landon says, upstairs. Should he take her out through the back? Charles says, there’s no back way. Not-Landon says he means the garage in the trunk. Charles says, let him think a moment, and we find out not-Landon’s name is Oliver. Wow. They revealed two names in one night. It’s a record. Charles tells Oliver to let Landon know he’s fired. Poor Landon.

Charles joins Candace in the bedroom, and puts the TV on. A newscaster is saying, you call this Presidential? He’s been seen with this woman, an admitted escort who blackmails men. The viewers can look at the pictures on their website. (I think it’s like a TMZ show.) The guy says, no way she belongs in the White House or with the President.   

Sitting by the pool, Veronica asks what David wants. He says he needs peace. She says she has something to tell him. Jeffery insists on seeing men, and she thinks they should send him away to a retreat in the mountains. It’s in Utah, and some people have left straight. David doesn’t believe that. She says, seeing them together is disgusting. She hates it. He says they’re not doing that to their son. She asks what he wants, and he says, her, the way they were. She says they’ll have to make themselves straight. He says he’s not gay, and never was. She says he’s not Jeffrey’s father. She had an affair. They weren’t getting along, and she was having a hard time getting pregnant. She thought they were going to move on, and she got pregnant. She was going to leave him for the father, until she walked in on him with another man. David says, who? What? She asks if he remembers William, his co-worker; his colleague. He’s the spitting image of Jeffrey. She’s surprised he never noticed. She asks if he still wants to get back together, and he says, no. She didn’t think so. He moves his chair, saying he wants to be close to her. She asks, why? and he says so he can do what he said he would. She says, what’s that? and he says, kill her. She starts to move away, but he grabs her, and pulls her into the pool with him. She tries to get away, but he overpowers her, and holds her under the water.

David steps away, and Veronica does the dead man’s float.

Next time, Charles is sorry – he thought it was handled; Jim asks David how he lost control; David says he had to do it; Madison says Jeffrey is in love with Justin; and RK tells Candace, the sh*t is hitting the fan.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Erika isn’t annoyed that LisaR used the Erika Jayne persona. However, she is annoyed that Kyle and Teddi won’t let it go.

It’s breakfast at the chateau. Everyone is tired. LisaR says they still don’t know about Denise’s house, and Kyle says Denise doesn’t know anything yet. In her interview, Dorit says there’s something about waking up in your PJs together, that makes you feel closeness. Erika has a bit of a migraine. In Erika’s interview, she says it was brought on by bitches who want you to be offended by something you’re not offended by. Kyle tells the group she’s organized a winery trip at 1:30. Everyone can do whatever until then.

Dorit and Teddi decide to go for a run. Dorit thinks getting the front door open is enough of a workout. It is massive. The other women take a walk around the property. Dorit and Teddi play racquetball. Teddi claims you have to warm up the ball, and rubs it in her hands. It didn’t matter. They stink. Teddi thinks this is not their game. They finally decide they killed it, and high-five.

LisaR, Erika, and Kyle check out the chapel. We flash back to Erika’s home chapel. Erika says, this one is like a mini church, which is what I thought a chapel basically was. LisaR says, saying a prayer makes her feel connected in honoring what’s going on at home. Please.

Denise and Aaron head back to their house. Seeing how much of the landscape is burned, Denise can’t believe they even put the fire out. She says it’s lucky they got out. In her interview, she says, it’s a fear no one knows unless they were there. The fire was coming fast, and she never felt so trapped. Aaron says, it’s eerie, and wonders about the damage. He doesn’t think they’ll be living back there any time soon. He says, everything is torched across street from the house. Denise says they got out just in time. They go inside. Nothing is burned, but there’s soot and smell. Denise says it looks like they ransacked their own house. She’s going to need a moving truck get stuff out, and thinks she should buy the girls some new stuff. They look at the devastation from their deck.

Camille’s house is pretty much gone. She walks through the rubble wearing a mask. In her interview, she says it was her first house after the divorce that was all hers. We flash back to Erika bringing Camille a housewarming gift. She says, it’s devastating. Mason says they’ll have to start over again. Camille’s friend, Kimber, says Mason told her the house was going down. Camille doesn’t know where to begin.

A helicopter lands. In Kyle’s interview, she says if she’s doing a trip, she’s doing it right. Teddi says it’s going to be her first time in a helicopter, and Dorit says this is an indication that Kyle has lost all fears. In her interview, Kyle says, in the past, she was terrified of flying, but this past summer, she and Mauricio took a helicopter to the airport when they went to San Tropez. It was beautiful. She tells the others that she’s actually calm. The helicopter hits a little turbulence, and she says she doesn’t like the jiggling though. She wants to do things she wouldn’t normally do. Teddi says, life is short, but Kyle says, not right now.

They land at the vineyard. Erika says helicopters crash all the time. She wasn’t going to say that before the trip. She’s right. One crashed on the roof of a building in NYC recently. She tells Kyle that she did well. The seats look plush for a helicopter. I’m also wondering, don’t they have to go back?  A fantastic spread has been set out for the wine tasting; plates of fruit and cheese and such. Dorit likes a tasting. It’s more of a social activity than a boozing session. In Erika’s interview, she says she’s not drinking it, but she’ll taste to be polite. When they’ve hit ten different wines, Kyle announces that she likes each one better. She jokes that she’s confused as to which one is her favorite, and asks to start again. In her interview, Erika says she has a migraine, and can’t drink. She’s the sober one today, and when you’re not drinking, you get irritated with the drunks. She’s just being honest. They find out the vineyard is looking for a distributor in the states. Kyle says the one of the group who sells alcohol isn’t there. LisaR says she never liked that rosé anyway. She makes fun of LVP. Teddi asks if she can imitate all of them. LisaR says it can be very touchy. Teddi says if they’re laughing and talking about it, it’s fine. In Erika’s interview, she says, last night, Teddi was giving LisaR sh*t about impersonating her, but it’s good today. When isn’t life full of double standards?

Kyle does an impersonation of LisaR talking about Harry. LisaR does one of Kyle seeing a bee and running. Dorit applauds. Kyle does Dorit talking to Jagger. Dorit says she isn’t surprised Kyle hasn’t had an acting job since she was seven. LisaR tells Kyle to do Teddi. Teddi says her walk so bad; it’s like her dads. Kyle does it pretty well, and even Erika is laughing. In her interview, Erika points out that no one is offended. It’s not personal. It’s all fun, and they can take a joke. Kyle imitates Denise being perplexed, as she often is. LisaR does Camille, then Dorit. They decide Erika has already been done. Kyle says, honey, we’re good, and we flash back to Erika saying that a bunch of times. Erika says she’s having a good time. Kyle says they have fun, and they clink glasses. LisaR thinks they’re freaking hilarious.

They return in two cars, answering my helicopter question. Teddi wonders where their wine cups are. They’re about to stop the other car when Kyle finds some in the back. She and pours them more wine, which I assume they bought at the winery. Kyle says she loves drunk Rinna. Sober Erika is worse though. Teddi says, last night was rough. Dorit thinks it’s great how they were laughing collectively. In Dorit’s interview, she says she thinks Kyle and Teddi were out of order last night. We flash back to that. There are so many flashbacks in this episode, it’s starting to border on a cheap show. LisaR lies down in the back of the other car, that Erika is also riding in. Teddi says Erika sounds like Debbie Downer. Kyle thinks sometimes Erika is annoyed being around them.

Teddi says she loves getting drunk and changing into fancy formal wear. I’m not sure if she’s serious or not. They sit for dinner. Dorit wears a $6K McQueen dress. Kyle asks for cocktails. Teddi say she called Edwin and told him about Kyle’s impression. He knew it must be her just got off the horse walk. She says he knows her. LisaR says life isn’t always easy or perfect, yet she wants to act like it’s okay. Teddi says she wants things to be a certain way, and when it’s not, she struggled. Erika asks where Teddi comes from, and Teddi says she grew up without much structure. Kyle says in a weird way, they were raised the same. Teddi say she didn’t feel safe with a lot of people. She never did girl trips, and wouldn’t have if not for them. In her interview, Dorit says Teddi and Kyle have gotten so close, eventually they’re going to work into one person. LisaR says they support one another. Erika says she was never supportive until this group. She’d never found a group she wasn’t competitive with. In Erika’s interview, she says she wasn’t liked by a lot of women. Women haven’t opened doors for her, or been her best friends. She’s comfortable. The dark cloud has been removed, meaning LVP. When she was removed, they were able to connect on a human level. Not a soul in the group is jealous. Kyle says she doesn’t feel anyone is jealous. Teddi thinks Erika was irritated last night. Erika thinks Teddi is making something out of nothing. LisaR asks why Teddi wants Erika to feel a certain way. Teddi says she doesn’t. She just wanted to be honest. In LisaR’s interview, she says, this is why there was an issue to begin with. Erika didn’t feel anything, and had a great time. In Erika’s interview, she says she’s not changing her mind. Stop asking. We flash back to LisaR and Erika on the Ferris wheel on (at?) Farrahween. She didn’t even think about it until they brought it up. She says Teddi seems upset, and this is out of left field. She’s reaching for something that’s not there. In her interview, LisaR says, Erika is finally opening up. Do they want to push her away?

Erika doesn’t understand why they want her to feel a certain way. She’s good. In her interview, Kyle asks if that sounds familiar. LisaR says she’d been playing Erika all night. Teddi doesn’t want to be in there anymore, and flounces out. Dorit follow, telling her Kyle is drunk. Erika gets up, and LisaR says it’s sad that there’s discord around. Kyle says, zzz… She thinks Erika is in a bad mood. LisaR says maybe that’s what she should talk to Erika about. She thinks it’s deeper than this. She’s wondering why it came up again. I’m wondering why no one understands that a migraine is debilitating, and it’s shocking that Erika even went out with them. Kyle thinks Erika isn’t enjoying the time. Back at the table, Teddi says she feels awkward. In Dorit’s interview, she says Teddi and Kyle are out of order. Let go at this point. Enough is enough.

Erika comes back, and stirring the pot, LisaR tells Kyle to say what she needs to, that she doesn’t think Erika is having fun or enjoys being with them. Erika say she has the best time. She didn’t feel good today. She just said she liked the group. Kyle doesn’t think so. Teddi doesn’t either. Erika says they’ve turned this, and asks if they’re trying to push her out. Kyle says she just wants to understand. Erika feels like there’s something else, and feels bullied. She thinks they’re in cahoots, and want her to feel a certain way, and she doesn’t. she’s going to bed now. Make up sh*t; keep going. She walks out, not quite slamming the door.

Dorit says they put Erika in this situation over one incident. It took her off guard. Kyle says she didn’t get a chance to tell Erika something, and LisaR encourages her to go talk to Erika. Kyle goes upstairs, and hunts Erika down. Kyle tries to bring up the Farrah party, but Erika say she’s not getting into it. In her interview, Erika says they’re going around in circles. She’s said everything she has to say, and she’s not changing her mind. Kyle says they’ve never had a proble, and Erika says they’re not having now. Kyle says, they are. Erika doesn’t know where this is coming from.

Teddi says she likes Erika, but she seems uncomfortable. It’s easily resolved by being honest. LisaR says she’s doing the best she can. Maybe it’s best to be honest in the morning. Teddi says it won’t be a good morning if she’s uncomfortable at breakfast. She can’t be the moral compass for everyone, and be held to that. LisaR says she holds herself to that, and has to stop. I think she’s just drunk. Kyle comes back downstairs. LisaR tells Teddi to take herself off the hook. In her interview, LisaR says, a lot of cocktails, and it’s like truth serum. It comes pouring out. She tells Teddi that they’ve grown so much. We flash back to various altercations between Teddi and Erika. LisaR says, don’t take a step back. In LisaR’s interview, she says she thinks Teddi sees herself in Erika. We’re affected by people with the same issues, and get mad because we see ourselves. Teddi knows what she needs to do to make people feel comfortable. LisaR thinks Teddi has empathy because Erika is like her. Teddi says the second Erika becomes better than everyone else, it’s eff you. LisaR thinks Teddi wants Erika’s approval. She tells Teddi, sometimes life is uncomfortable. It’s not perfect, and you can’t fix it. She knows that makes her feel unsafe. Teddi says she doesn’t want to screw up, and cries all over LisaR. She just wants everything to be great all the time. Yep. She’s drunk.

LisaR tells Teddi it’s okay to cry; it’s human. She needs to get a good night’s sleep. In LisaR’s interview, she says if anyone had asked what the day was going be like, she’d never have guessed the highs of the helicopter ride to the lows of drunk despair. They go to bed. LisaR asks if Erika is okay. Erika says she didn’t have a problem, but she’s not sitting there listening to the same thing over and over again.

Teddi hunts for Dorit, and tells Dorit she’s a mental case, climbing onto the bed. Kyle joins them. Dorit asks why Teddi is crying. Teddi says everyone hates her. LisaR tells Erika that Teddi started crying. It was another layer, then another; a lot of projection going on. She doesn’t feel Erika likes them. Kyle says she loves Teddi so much. Erika tells LisaR, who likes being with someone who makes something out of nothing? If Teddi doesn’t want her in the group, say something. Don’t hold a migraine against her. LisaR says hopefully, they can coexist and be fine. Kyle straddles Dorit, and goofs around. Teddi wanders off.

Teddi calls LisaR for help. She says she’s no longer having control of her lifestyle. LisaR asks, what happened? She just gets in the tub, and wtf? Now she’s out of the tub. Not a moment’s peace. Kyle runs to Dorit’s room, looking for Teddi, then runs downstairs. She finds Teddi in the kitchen, and says they’re going to bed. Teddi says she needs chips, and makes a grab for some. Kyle tells her, put that chip down. Kyle helps Teddi back up the stairs, and laughs in her interview about being the one who’s helping. It just shows you how bad the situation is. Teddi wants to talk about it, and says she’s hungry. Kyle says, no, she’s not. Go to effing sleep. Teddi says she can’t. She’s busy. Kyle tells her, don’t move; lay still.

Next time, the women do archery – one of the few sports I’m good at; Teddi is embarrassed, and apologizes to Erika; and Camille admits she didn’t trust Dorit.

🐺 Always Ahead of the Pack…

One Life to Live introduces a gay character – and Ryan Phillippe – to the soap world.


🐪 We’ve Hit the Hump…

I can do the rest of this week standing on my head. Okay, maybe not.

April 10, 2019 – The Kidnapping Commences, Summer Camp In the Berkshires, An Anniversary & Not Cracking


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

After skating, Willow and Chase go to this apartment. Willow asks if skating is going to be Chase’s new hobby. He doesn’t think so, but he loved it because he got to be with her. He tells her that he has something he hopes she’s into. He holds up a bottle, and says, behold. The most magical bottle of wine ever had. At least that’s what the guy at the wine store told him.

Finn says, it feels like May, but Anna is busy looking at her phone. He doesn’t mean to pry, but asks if there’s something about the picture Robin sent that’s concerning. She says she was just thinking about the people who are most precious to her, her daughter and grandchildren. It never occurred to her, what if they’re not…

Peter walks Maxie to her door, and says they have to plan their next date. She says that would imply they had one tonight. He asks if it doesn’t count, and she says only if he thought her spending most of the time with other people was a good date. In that case, they have a problem. He asks, what about tomorrow? and she says she’ll find a sitter. He says he’ll make a reservation. She asks is he staying or going? and he says, staying. She was hoping he’d say that.

On the phone in his office, Sonny tells Carly that he’ll be home soon, and he loves her too. He hears someone at the door, and grabs his gun. It’s Alexis, who says they have to talk. He says, Kristina? and she says, what else? She tells Sonny, he’s not going to kidnap her, and he says, whatever Shiloh is selling, Kristina is buying big time. She’s in deep, and they have to dig her out.

Kristina signs her pledge. Shiloh says, well done. She wants to make him proud by repaying him for everything he’s given her. He says she’s such a special person, and touches her face. He tells her, enjoy the ceremony. He leaves, but she calls him back. She doesn’t know… He says the ceremony will be as painless as possible. Does she trust him? She has nothing to be afraid of. She half-smiles.

Jason tells Sam that he wants to case the house first. Then he’ll grab Kristina, and get her the hell out of there. Sam says they have to make sure Shiloh is fully occupied somewhere else. Jason asks, how? She takes out her phone, and says, watch and learn.

Chase asks if Willow has been to the specialty wine store, but she says she’s too intimidated. He tells her that Stanley said – she interrupts, noting he’s on a first name basis with Stanley – the wine is from a little family-owned vineyard. He hesitates before quoting Stanley that it’s the vintage of love. She says, it must be some wine. They should toast. Chase asks, to what? and she says, to new adventures and magical vintages. They clink glasses.

Finn tells Anna that he doesn’t understand. She says, what if the unthinkable… He says, what? and she says, her sister. He says now she’s getting somewhere. She says what if she’s misinterpreted their relationship all these years? What if Alex despises her? Finn asks, why? Anna says what if she got to raise Alex’s child as her own? What if Robin is Alex’s, and not hers?

Peter remarks on how big James is getting, and Maxie can’t believe he’s going to be one. Peter says, it was a year ago next month. She says, he remembers that night? and he says, it’s hard to forget. James made a dramatic entrance. Maxie says she can never repay him, but he says she did the hard work. She says she never could have done it if he hadn’t been there. He’s glad he was, and she says, her too.

Alexis tells Sonny that their daughter is in big trouble. He says he’ll handle it, and she asks if he’s going to take Kristina kicking and screaming. He’ll make it worse. He asks how much worse it can get. She’s already in so deep, he doesn’t recognize her. Alexis says she talked to someone experienced in cults. They said not to force her. Plant seeds of doubt, encourage and nurture them to grow, until she comes to her own decision and leaves. Sonny asks if she got the advice from a gardener, and she says, no, a therapist. She has a new one.

Shiloh tells Kristina that she won’t be alone. The other Trust members will be with her. She still wishes he would be there, but he says it’s a step she needs to take on her own. She needs to own this; embrace this. He’ll be there after to welcome her into the family, but in the meantime, Harmony will be with her. Harmony comes in, and holds out a cup. She tells Kristina, drink it. It will calm her nerves.

Finn asks if Anna thinks the memory was having Robin. Walk him through this. Anna say she couldn’t see Robin much when she was little. Finn says, Robert couldn’t know he had a kid. She says she was still an agent, and should have gone to jail for treason. She visited Robin as much as possible, as a friend. Robin called her love. She was thinking, what if Alex gave birth, and for her own convoluted reason, had the memory implanted in her?

Maxie asks if Peter wants a nightcap, but he thinks he’s okay. She says she doesn’t have much in the way of food, but they could order out. He tells her everything he needs is standing in front of him. She says. that’s easy. They kiss, gaze into each other’s eyes, and kiss some more. Maxie starts unbuttoning his shirt, when James starts to cry. She can’t believe the timing, but Peter says he’ll be right there. He sits down, and sees a picture of Maxie and Nathan on the mantel.

Shiloh tells Kristina, time for reflection. She needs to make sure this is what she truly wants. She says she knows what she wants. If she seems anxious, it’s just because she’s excited, not scared. She doesn’t know why they can’t start now. Shiloh appreciates her enthusiasm, but tells her, for the sake of the others who come after her, use the time wisely and reflect. Harmony tells her, drink up, and she does. Shiloh arranges the pillows, and tells her to make herself comfortable. She lies down, and he says, think about how far she’s come. He’ll see her later. He and harmony leave. In the hallway, Shiloh tells Harmony, Kristina is clearly ready.

Sam calls Shiloh, who says it’s a nice surprise to hear from her. She hopes it’s not too late to call, but she doesn’t think she can make another session tomorrow. He says she seemed to enjoy the last one. Is she sure she’s okay. Is it Jason? She asks if she would sound unenlightened if she said yes, but he says she’d sound honest. She wants be with Jason, and doesn’t know if this can work. He asks where she is, and she says The Floating Rib, but he doesn’t have to come. He says he’s on his way. She hangs up, and tells Jason, and that is how it’s done. He says, yes it is. She needs to keep him at least a half hour. Can she do that? She says she needs him to get her sister out. Can he do that? He says he won’t leave the house without her.

At this point, my Word program suddenly decides it’s not responding. After waiting a beat to see if it will change it’s mind, I close it and reopen it. Since I don’t hit save every five seconds, only fifteen, it’s missing a paragraph. Since I haven’t slept this week, I decide it’s not worth it to hunt down the two minutes missing. Basically, Sam meets Shiloh outside The Floating Rib, and pretends to be somewhat drunk. He takes the beer bottle from her hand, and they go inside where he orders coffee.

Jason checks his phone; 10:10. He looks in the windows at DOD and sees the living room empty. He slips inside. He hears Harmony asking for help with Kristina’s ceremony. Shiloh pushed it up. it’s go time.

Chase tells Willow that he wants her, but only if she wants him. She says, yes. He asks if she’s sure, and she says she is. They get busy.

Finn thinks it’s crazy for Anna to work herself up for nothing. Robin is her daughter. Anna says she can’t say that with certainty. Look at Drew. Finn says, it’s not the same, but she says they were both parties to the experiment against their will. Drew had no idea his life was not his own, and could recall things that never happened. How does she know that’s not true for her too?

Peter looks at the picture of Maxie and Nathan. Maxie comes back, and says she thinks it was just a bad dream. One book and two songs made it all better. Peter thinks mom made all better. He says the picture makes him smile, and she says it has that effect on her too. She asks if it’s weird, talking about Nathan, when they just… He says, no, but he wasn’t married to him. Is it weird for her? She says, yes and no. She asks when life got so complicated, and he says, for him, at birth. She asks, what about his history? He’s sure she doesn’t want to talk about his father, and she says she means girls; particularly the ones he’s dated. He knows about her past, so it’s only fair she gets the 411 on his exes.

Sam tells Shiloh this place used to be called Jake’s. She and Jason played pool there all the time. She misses him. Shiloh asks if she misses who she was with him. She says, no, and he says, that’s a telling sign. She says give her enough time, and she can give him the bullet points on why they shouldn’t be together. He says it might serve as a reminder she’s on right path, and she asks how much time does he have?

Jason goes to attic, and finds Kristina. He asks if she can hear him. He sees the tattoo instruments, and says her name again.

Anna tells Finn, maybe Alex felt she couldn’t take care of Robin. Then Dr. Cabot did this deranged twin study, and Alex had the memories implanted in her. Finn says, that’s highly unlikely, and she says, but not impossible. Finn asks what the motivation would be. Alex hated her so much, she gave Anna her kid? Where’s the negative? Anna says Alex must have felt some relief. She couldn’t deal, and put the onus on her. Over the years, Anna got to love her and raise Robin as her daughter. Finn says Robin is her daughter. Anna says, now Alex is dropping hints. Finn asks, why now? and Anna says she doesn’t know. For some reason, Alex wants her to realize Robin is her daughter, and not Anna’s.

Peter hates to disappoint Maxie, but all of his relationships were relatively brief and uncomplicated. She asks if he’s ever been in love. He says no, but he’s looking forward to it. On that note, he thinks he should go. She asks, why? and he says he thinks it’s time to call it a night. She tells him James is a one and done kind of kid, but he says it’s not James. She asks, what then? and he says, her.

Chase and Willow bask in the afterglow. He asks if it was okay, and she says, more than okay. Perfect. He wants to make sure she’s all right. She says she had no idea it could feel like this, and the only reason she knows is because of him. They kiss.

Alexis tells Sonny that she’s worried his plan will make Kristina resent him. Sonny says, wrong. Kristina knows he’s the kind of person who takes action when things go bad. At the beginning, she might be mad, but she’ll realize. Alexis says he’s acting like she’ll be rational, and that’s not going to happen. He says, Kristina is still Kristina. She knows he’s not extreme unless the situation is that bad. She’ll realize she’s wrong. He asks if she thinks it’s better to wait and watch, but she doesn’t know. He says they’re getting her out of imminent danger and keeping her safe.

Sam says Shiloh has people who need and want him, including her sister. She can’t believe he has enough time to come out there and listen to her troubles. He tells her, DOD isn’t about one specific thing. Members have different purposes, and serve different roles. It’s up to her to decide what her role is. She asks if he’ll help her figure it out, and he says, of course. I know, let’s play a drinking game when anyone says, of course.

Jason checks Kristina’s pulse, and looks at the time. He picks Kristina up, and carries her out. I laugh because, even though I don’t think she’s that hefty, he struggles carrying her.

Finn tells Anna, let’s go home. It will make more sense in the morning. Anna says, it makes perfect sense now. This person she’s loved, and had the privilege of raising; who has her heart. What if Alex is trying to blow up her and Robin’s relationship? He says, what if it’s true? Would it change anything for her? She says, no. She loves Robin as if she was her own, and will until the day she dies, but how can she explain it to her? It will break her heart. She cries, and Finn holds her. I’m guessing this mom switch is where the storyline is going, but it seems like a sudden, huge leap to this conclusion. I also can’t figure out where Alex was dropping hints about it.

Maxie tells Peter that she wouldn’t have asked him to stay. Unless it’s him. He says there’s nothing he wants more. She doesn’t get it, and tells him, be honest. He says, of course, and I take a drink. He thinks maybe she’s trying to rush things; convincing herself she’s ready. if she is maybe tell tale sign not ready yet 100 okay m say she will be ready one day promise he’ll be waiting promise not like anyone else interested in she’s it take all the time she need he gives her a quick kiss and leaves she ponders looks at pic I’m disappointed

Alexis doesn’t like the idea, but tells Sonny, just get her out. He says, it’s happening tonight. Jason is getting her out now. She wonders why they were even discussing it, and he says she has to be on board. Kristina needs the both of them. She says, fantastic. Thanks for the update. Now she’s involved in a federal crime and could be disbarred. Sonny says if she doesn’t like what he does for a living, she shouldn’t have had a baby with him. She says, too late for that. He’s Kristina’s father; she’s her mother. He asks if she wants coffee, and she says, yes please. He tells her that he’s going to fix this.

Sam thanks Shiloh for listening to her, and he says, any time. She says she should probably get going. He offers to drive her home, since she can’t drive herself, but she says she can take an Uber. He’s already spent so much time helping her. He hopes he see her tomorrow, and he leaves.

Harmony says they’re ready to begin, but Kristina isn’t there. She looks around, puzzled, then panicked. She sends a text.

Shiloh’s phone dings. The text says, she’s gone.

Jason carries Kristina out. She starts to come to, and says, Jason? He tells her, it’s okay. He’s taking her somewhere safe.

Tomorrow, Michael says Kristina needs to know the truth, Jason tells Kristina that he took her from a bad place, and Terry says there’s nothing further they can do for Oscar.

The Real Housewives of New York City

We backtrack a little to the fish room argument. LuAnn says, Bethenny is coming tomorrow, but takes the nicest room. She gets to sleep with the swordfish. The other women laugh, and say she’s sleeping with the fishes. LuAnn gets up, and says, you take the fish room. She walks out, grumbling as she goes about being put in the effing fish room. In her interview, LuAnn is surprised they think it’s funny. She thought Dorinda would be more thoughtful. Since she was messed up last time, maybe put her in another room. We flash back to LuAnn’s hangover that weekend. Ramona asks if Bethenny is queen. She’s involved with someone else; how horrible can it be? Dorinda says, everyone handles grief differently. In Ramona’s interview, she wonders if Dorinda thinks Bethenny is in a bad place, so she gave her the room, or if she’s afraid of her. LuAnn asks the hotel guy for a room. At the table, the women agree it’s a scary room. They’re from NYC and think taxidermized fish are scary? Really? LuAnn comes back, and tells them, for her, it’s like the scene of the crime. She was wasted in that room. In her interview, Tinsley doesn’t think it’s a trigger. It’s just an excuse not to stay in the fish room. LuAnn says she’ll be staying at the hotel, but she’ll see them tomorrow. Sonja gets upset, and Ramona says she can’t do that. Dorinda says, let her do what she wants to do. Tinsley says she was originally supposed to be in that room, and offers LuAnn her room. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, LuAnn is quick to anger. She’s expected to hand over Bethenny’s room as a sign of loyalty to the crown. Tinsley says they all want to be together; she’ll take the room. LuAnn wants to keep the hotel room option open, just in case.

They go back to Bluestone Manor, and Ramona says, no more swordfish talk. Dorinda points out the head in the globe, aka the Grand Countess. LuAnn hopes that’s the only Countess losing her head this weekend. Tinsley unpacked already, and has to move her stuff, but she says, it’s not a big deal. Despite what needy Sonja has said, I think Tinsley probably makes a great guest. She’s only high maintenance with herself. In Sonja’s interview, she says, Dorinda is going out of her way, and it’s getting embarrassing. She wouldn’t do it. In Tinsley’s interview, she says, excuse me, Countess. I’ll just take my luggage. I’ll bow as I go out. She guesses they’re all serving LuAnn at this point. Tinsley says she isn’t in the fish room; Barbara is. In her interview, Dorinda says, she only has to do this for two days. Then she can explode in her cornfield. She tells the women, keep it down. The Countess is trying to sleep.

Yoga instructor Patrick arrives in the morning. He thinks the decorations are super cool. They transport him back to childhood. Dorinda says, that’s the idea. He sets up the mats. In her interview, LuAnn says yoga helps her breathe, be centered, get in touch with herself, and deal with life in general. Who knew that your mind doesn’t have to be occupied by when you can have your first drink in the morning? She gets downstairs first. Ramona and Sonja follow. Struggling, Sonja says this is why she doesn’t get on top anymore. In her interview, she says there have been more moans and groans in the class than she’s had in six months. Dorinda says LuAnn’s ass looks like two firm cherries. Forget LuAnn’s list. That’s the best selling point so far. Maybe I’ll take up yoga. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she’s having summer camp at Bluestone Manor, and she’s not even taking credit card payments. She tells everyone that they have to get going. Patrick says, namaste.

The ladies go to Ventfort Hall, an old Morgan estate. Dorinda thought Sonja would find it interesting. Sonja says it’s run down like her home too. Tour guide Richard greets them, and says, it’s a delight to have a relative. He gives a quick history. We find out that it was considered a cottage, and was built in 1983 by J.P. Morgan’s sister. He says, like the Roosevelts, there was a lot of intermarriage. In her interview, Sonja says, ancestry and history are important to the Morgans, since there are less of them as time goes on. In looking at this house, she’s worried about her townhouse. There’s history attached, and it’s banged up and beat up. She says the crest on the stained glass is like the one on her ring. Richard says she’s a proper Morgan then, and she says that’s what she’s been telling everyone. We flash back to the slipper incident, when Dorinda put Sonja down for wearing the Morgan crest. Richard shows them a room recreation, saying the couple slept in the same room, which was unusual for the time, but had twin beds. Sonja says she and her husband had their own rooms. She adds they’d still be together if things didn’t happen the way they did. In LuAnn’s interview, she says Sonja quickly reverted to Lady Morgan. There are some letters on a desk, and Ramona and Dorinda look through them. In her interview, Sonja says if everybody touches them, they eventually won’t make it. They should be under plexiglass. Truth! They will start to deteriorate over time from the oil and acid in people’s skin. In Ramona’s interview, she says when they first walked in, Sonja was fine. Now she’s in the Morgan zone, and she’s going to spiral down. Sonja says they don’t respect anything, and Ramona tells Dorinda that Sonja is going into the Morgan thing. She’s rambling, and Ramona is getting nervous. Dorinda goes to get Sonja, who’s still looking at things in the room. She tells Dorinda she has a similar trinket box. She’s trying to keep things for her kids. Dorinda says she has a fresh, new apartment, and Sonja says, it’s history. She needs to keep it for the kids. Ramona says, she’s lost in that world again. Dorinda says it’s not good. It’s not the way she wanted it to turn out. Sonja is still glad Dorinda brought her there.

The weather is beautiful, and Dorinda says for the first time, the women will understand why she loves Bluestone Manor. The pool is heated, and the weather is fantastic. Ramona says, the pool is delicious. Dorinda asks to talk to LuAnn. In her interview, Dorinda says she’s given the past year a lot of thought. She didn’t like what she or LuAnn said. She wants to discuss it, and get it behind them. She tells LuAnn that she wants to talk before Barbara gets there. She’s sorry for her behavior. She was hurt, but that’s no excuse, and it snowballed. She loves LuAnn like family. LuAnn misses that part of their relationship. Dorinda wants to go forward. It might not be now, but she wants peace. LuAnn appreciates her owning it. In LuAnn’s interview, she says it’s what she’s been waiting for, and it feels like there really is remorse. It finally feels like Dorinda is sincere. They hug. Dorinda says it’s time to be back where they used to be. She tells LuAnn to relax and enjoy the weekend.

Ramona asks LuAnn how it went, and if they’re in a better place. LuAnn says it was nice, and felt more real than anything they’ve said in six months. Ramona knows Dorinda missed their friendship. LuAnn tells Sonja it was heartfelt, so she can pull Barbara off of Dorinda. Sonja says Barbara meant nothing bad. She knows Barbara was coming from a good place.

Dorinda says the last time she saw Barbara, it was not great. In the spirit of good friendship and comradery, she’s invited her. Barbara marvels at the decorations on her way in. In her interview, she says she’s never seen decorations like this in her life. They’re over the top. It’s the perfect setting for a murder, and she hopes it’s not her. She tells Dorinda the house is huge, and asks how she cleans it. Dorinda says she doesn’t; she has people who do. Dorinda shows her around, and Barbara says it’s a gorgeous house. She wonders what the hell with the fish. It doesn’t exactly go. Dorinda says it’s a boy’s room. In her interview, Dorinda thinks Barbara is speaking like LuAnn’s puppet. She asks Barbara what she thinks of the $250K fish room. Barbara thinks the shark is scary, and Dorinda says it cost $12K.

Dorinda brings Barbara out to the pool. She says Ramona wouldn’t come unless the pool was heated. Sonja tells Barbara that LuAnn and Dorinda are getting along well. Barbara says she’s not unpacking, just in case. She got thrown out of Dorinda’s other house, so why wouldn’t she get thrown out of this one? She tells Sonja if she has to, she’ll call an Uber. Sonja tells her the phone service is not that great. She might be hitchhiking. On the sidelines, Ramona throws shade at Barbara’s fashion choices, and those boots have got to go. Dorinda says Barbara is showing her bellybutton. Even her daughter doesn’t do that. In her interview, Ramona says, Barbara is rough around the edges. Dorinda tells Ramona that Barbara doesn’t like the fish room. Sonja tells Barbara about LuAnn being upset about the room. She tells Barbara it’s an initiation thing. Barbara asks Dorinda why she got the fish room, and Dorinda says she showed up late. Last in, last choice. Sonja says, when swimming with the sharks, stay in the shark room. Fight sharks with sharks. Dorinda doesn’t want Barbara to be uncomfortable, and says she can call the hotel. Usually most people are appreciative. In her interview, she says she’s never seen such horrible manners. Sonja tells Barbara to let Dorinda calm down. LuAnn doesn’t need any drama.

In Bethenny’s interview, she says she had a nice time in Boston with a guy she’s been dating. She’s taken and given a punch or two in this house. We flash back to all that, and I’d totally forgotten about Carole. She says last year was the beginning of the end of a friendship. Let the games begin. She walks in, and there’s no one around. She says, it’s Halloween. Everyone is buried in some cemetery in the Berkshires. She finds them outside. Barbara says, thank God, and hugs her. Sonja says they chased everyone away. Barbara pours champagne. Bethenny says she got her period, and asks what the odds are of someone having a tampon in this cobweb of vaginas. Sonja asks Tinsley if there’s any rosé, and asks her to be their truffle pig. In Tinsley’s interview, she says she’s clearly the kid sister; the runt of the litter. She goes inside to look for wine. Dorinda greets Bethenny, who goes back in with Dorinda.

Bethenny tells Dorinda that last night, she went to see A Star is Born. She didn’t know it was about drug addiction, and the guy died for her. I guess she’s never seen the three previous versions, or absolutely anything about this one? She thought about the texts between her and Dennis during his last week. She was saying she can’t do this anymore, and he kept saying he missed her. She cried for an hour. She gets teary, saying she sat by herself in the theater crying. In her interview, she says it was a stupid thing to see the movie. Dorinda tells her that it was Dennis’s journey, and not for her to determine. It’s done, and she should live her best life with her daughter. She says it’s a lonely, but growing thing, and Bethenny can call her any time. Bethenny gives Dorinda a kit to make signs. Dorinda says, no one wants to be in the fish room. She tells Bethenny about LuAnn pulling the recovery card. Bethenny wonders why LuAnn would be talking negatively behind her back. In her interview, she says they went through an intervention, and she doesn’t feel like LuAnn owes her anything, but she has zero bandwidth for anything negative or catty.

Chef Art Smith arrives. Dorinda explains he’s repping for Adrian, the Bear Naked Chef. She thinks he came along to make sure Adrian’s apron stays on. Sonja says she’s never had meal cooked for her in the nude – that she paid for. Bethenny gripes to Sonja about LuAnn being negative. In Barbara’s interview, she says if they hadn’t stepped in, LuAnn would have lost everything that’s important to her. In Bethenny’s interview, she says LuAnn should still be in the rehab room that Bethenny paid for. She left two weeks early to do cabaret. She should worry about the room she’s supposed to be in. Sonja says LuAnn is being a diva. Ramona and LuAnn sample things in the kitchen. The food, not the naked chef. In Bethenny’s interview, she thinks Barbara is on the Jim Jones lawn. She’s been hypnotized by LuAnn. She would never do something like that. Barbara tells her that LuAnn is the same LuAnn. Bethenny says she was looking for the new Lu.

LuAnn greets Barbara, and asks how it’s going. LuAnn tells her about Dorinda coming to her. It’s the first time she acknowledged what she’d done, and it was heartfelt. She owned it. Outside, Dorinda talks to Bethenny, saying she felt badly about what LuAnn said. Bethenny says LuAnn never even talked to her about Dennis. She just talked about her cabaret. She always does. Apparently, she’s substituted that for the drinking. LuAnn asks if she’s interrupting, and Bethenny says, a little bit, and she goes back in. Dorinda laughs. She loves LuAnn, but she just doesn’t get it. Bethenny says, she doesn’t give a sh*t. In her interview, Bethenny says Dennis’s passing changed her. She’s chill. She’s not letting anything be heightened. Dorinda says LuAnn has no self-awareness. The minute she accepted that LuAnn isn’t harmful or hurtful, that it’s just who she is, it got better. Bethenny says she’s one of those friends you don’t go deep with.

The ladies check out the dining table. Barbara wants to sit at the head of table, but Ramona tells her that’s Dorinda’s seat. Barbara says she’s used to being the boss. In her interview, Ramona says, it’s not your house, bitch. Bethenny changes into pajamas, and the girls all gather in her bed, and Sonja babbles. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, Sonja peaks early. She’s in a contained environment. They’re safe, and all together in a house. Sonja says she’s busted out tonight. Whatever that means. I think it’s another euphemism for drunk. In her interview, LuAnn admits she loves drinking – we flash back to her falling into the bushes – but watching the others drinking is like watching a 3D movie without the goggles [sic]. She can’t comprehend it anymore. We flash back to Sonja trying to make out with Bethenny during a trip. Sonja starts talking about Bethenny’s jean line, and how she has big girl sizes. Ramona says the average girl is huge, and dances in the mirror. I wonder if she’s one of those people who thinks a size 8 is huge. In her interview, she says, get real. She’s hotter than hot. Maybe, but then she opens her mouth. Tinsley and Sonja chant, rosé all day. In Ramona’s interview, she says, Sonja can’t find a middle ground. She’s either all in or all out, and Ramona wishes she wouldn’t drink so much. She asks Sonja to pace herself, but Sonja says she doesn’t drink that much, so when she does, she does.

Tinsley says, thank God the Naked Chef has an apron. He asks Tinsley to round up the girls, and she yells, he’s naked! He does have a rockin’ bod. And tattoos. In her interview, Sonja says the hairy butt was a surprise, and isn’t sure how you sell that. Ramona says the hair on his body isn’t appealing. I have HDTV, where I can see every newscaster’s nose hair, and I have no idea what they’re seeing, but whatever. Tinsley says, food and naked doesn’t work for her – ever. I tend to agree, since I’m one person who does not like eating in bed. Bethenny likes him; he’s passionate. Just keep his balls away from her soup. Adrian pours drinks. Ramona says, no, when he gets to Sonja. In her interview, Ramona says she wants to keep Sonja in check. They thank Dorinda, and toast to her.

LuAnn tells Dorinda that she probably overreacted. Probably? Dude, you have not even gotten to the second step in AA. Dorinda says she hasn’t thought about it. Bethenny is busy making a sign with the kit she brought. Sonja says no one had better come near Bethenny’s bedroom tonight. Dorinda wonders what she’s talking about, and Ramona says, she’s talking sh*t. Bethenny tells Sonja to drink a glass of water first. In Bethenny’s interview, she says, there’s a line in This Is Spinal Tapthis one goes to eleven – Sonja is at fifteen. Sonja says she’s going all night, and picks up Ramona’s dog, holding the dog under her chin. In her interview, Ramona says when Sonja is wasted like this, she doesn’t want her holding Coco. Dorinda extracts the dog from Sonja.

Bethenny shows everyone her ring from Dennis, and Dorinda says Richard had given her a similar diamond. Sonja says, here we go. She doesn’t mind talking about Richard, but Dorinda doesn’t like talking about her husband. In Sonja’s interview, she thinks Dorinda’s biggest problem with her bringing up her ex, is that he’s a Morgan. She doesn’t want to be with John, but she likes John. But John is Joe Schmo. LuAnn and Dorinda go out for a smoke. Sonja talks about Dorinda putting her paws on the letters at Ventfort Hall. She starts to get animated, waving and pointing, and shouting, you don’t touch the effing Morgan letters! Ramona is sorry she’s upset, and Sonja starts bawling. Bethenny wonders, what just happened?   

Next time, LuAnn makes fun of Bethenny, Tinsley says her dad chose drinking over the family, Dorinda tells Barbara to stop being an interloper, and Bethenny says Tinsley can’t live life on Scott’s terms.

⏰ Time Flies…

Whether you’re having fun or not. How did this get to be 25 years ago?


🎸 My Favorite…

I always forget how good this song is until I hear it again.