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July 26, 2017 – Spencer Tells All, Ramona Worms Her Way In, a Bit of Chef & an Odd Quote



What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina asks Spencer to say Valentin had nothing to do with kidnapping him. Spencer insists it was him.

Hayden visits Elizabeth.

Finn gets Griff a thank you lunch. Griff says he was just doing his job, but Finn says it’s at least lunch worthy; he went above and beyond. Griff says that Finn has been reinstated, and wants to go back to being colleagues and friends. Obrecht enters the restaurant, and tells them Guten tag.

Sam keeps telling Jason it’s over and she made sure.

Sonny lies bleeding and unconscious. I can never get over how good Maurice Benard looks, since we basically grew up together. He has some amazing genetics.

Valentin says that Spencer is mistaken or lying, and liars get found out. Dante asks what happened. Spencer says that he, a defenseless child, was at the park and a bag was placed over his head by someone with impressive upper body strength and no manners. Dante tells him to stick to the facts. He says he was put in the trunk of a car and taken to a basement, with no food or water. Will I die here? he asked himself. No, he wouldn’t. He escaped his captor despite breaking his glasses. Dante says based on his account – Spencer interrupts, finishing that Dante will be sending Valentin up the river – he didn’t see who it was. How does he know it was Valentin? Spencer says he can prove it because of his shoes. He was wearing them when he kidnapped him.

Obrecht wonders why Griff isn’t on call. He says that he’s picking up lunch. Obrecht can’t blame him for following the herd like lemmings. She’s sure that Finn will make an excellent contribution to the hospital now that he’s back. He says he wishes she’d felt that way before. She says that all she wanted what was best for GH, but who is she to argue if they want a drug addled doctor? He says he’s gotten treatment, but there’s no cure for what she has. She says now that she made the break, her future prospects have improved. As he’s leaving, Finn says thank God it’s over. Obrecht says, not nearly over.

Jason checks Sam for a fever. She says they’re safe and she did what she had to do. Jason says they’re going to the hospital, and carries her out.

Sonny is like wth? He sits up and drags himself over to the wall. He remembers Sam and the gun going off, and calls out her name, saying to get him out of there.

Spencer says not many people can afford $3000 shoes, much less wear them on the grass. Dante takes Spencer to a private room. Valentin asks Nina if she realizes that Spencer is lying.

Hayden tells Elizabeth that she enjoyed her time with Jake. Most important, she wanted to thank Elizabeth for helping her at The Floating Rib. It was terrifying, embarrassing, and ultimately educational. Elizabeth says every pregnant woman has to learn the hard way. She asks why Hayden is really there. Hayden pulls out a bunch of baby care books, and says she’s doing everything wrong.

Jared meets Obrecht. He says he’s intrigued. She says that she knows Port Charles is out of his parole officer’s jurisdiction. She’s been doing research, and has learned a wealth of information on him and someone else. He asks what she wants, and she says to get what they both truly deserve.

Finn and Griff finish lunch, and I want ribs now. Griff says Obrecht doesn’t look like she’s leaving town. Finn tells him, live and let live. He says he came to Port Charles to treat Tracy, got offered a position, and thought he had everything he needed. He didn’t have to think about anyone, except for his late wife. Then he met Hayden, and there was no going back. Griff calls her a force of nature. Finn says she’s been there for him in ways he thought no one except his wife could be. He’s finally getting a second chance at happiness.

Jason runs into the hospital with Sam.

Sonny keeps calling for anyone. His leg is bleeding, and he rips his shirt to make a tourniquet. He’s wearing a bullet-proof vest, which explains why Wavy Garvey didn’t kill him.

Valentin says the only thing missing from Spencer’s recitation was organ music. Nina says when they first met, he was after Spencer. He asks why she posted bail. She wants to believe him, but doesn’t know whether to trust him or admit she made a mistake and he’s been playing her the whole time.

Dante’s phone rings. He tells Spencer that he’ll be back. Laura sits down. She says what happened was horrible, and she’s glad he’s okay. She tells him that what Valentin did to his father was unconscionable, but somehow, someday he’ll pay for it. Spencer says, carpe diem, let today be the day, but Laura says only if he’s guilty. If Spencer is accusing him of something he didn’t do, instead of him being Valentin’s victim, Valentin would be his victim. Spencer wonders if he doesn’t deserve to be, but Laura says what they want is justice. If Spencer isn’t totally telling the truth, everything they’ve been fighting for will be in jeopardy. He’ll use it in court and win, and the worst part is that he’d be right. Spencer says nothing would be worse, but what if he did it; it’s possible. Laura says he has to be certain. Spencer says there are degrees of certainly, and she tells him that she is certain if Valentin didn’t do it, then the kidnapper is still out there. What if he kidnaps someone not as smart or resourceful? He wouldn’t want that to happen. Spencer guesses he wouldn’t, and Laura asks again if he’s 100% certain.

Jared says he’s not one for mysteries. He’s giving Obrecht ten minutes; five if she’s boring. She assures him that she’s never been boring. She says before he went to prison, he was married to Rachel Berlin, and there are so many puzzling questions. She brings up the night they had a fight at the country club, and Jared says he’s done. She assures him not. She has a suspicion that he might want to locate her. He says that he can do that on his own, but Obrecht says she’s just a few miles away, living under a different name, and preparing to have child with new love of her life.

Hayden says Elizabeth is the best resource she’s got. Elizabeth asks before all these books, what were her thoughts about having kids? Hayden tells her that she was raised believing material things and wealth were paramount, but doesn’t want to instill those values in her offspring. She says that she was married before, but it was over before the scandal broke. They lived well, and talked about having kids, but not seriously. This is the first time she’s taken the subject seriously, and that’s because she’s pregnant. Elizabeth takes the books away. Hayden asks what she did to be such a good mom.

Sonny fixes the tourniquet on his leg. He knocks over a crate and steps onto it, pulling himself up. We focus on his shoes, and I wonder why.

Jason tells Finn that Sam has been babbling about being safe. Griff puts a rush on some tests. Jason tells Sam he’ll be right back and she’ll be fine. He leaves, and in her head, Sam sees Sonny, who asks if she’s happy now. She killed him.

Nina knows that Valentin’s version of events in the past has sounded truthful, but sometimes wasn’t. He asks if she believes he loves her, and she says yes, in the way he knows how. She tells him that sometimes ruthless strategy and heartfelt declaration are hard to tell apart, and she’s not sure she’ll ever be able to.

Laura asks Spencer about the shoes, and if he really saw them. He says technically, no. Laura says he has to stop. She loves him, but right now he’s being as vengeful and spiteful as Valentin, and she needs for him to be something better, and tell Dante the truth – no more no less. Dante comes in. He asks if Spencer has anything to add.

Elizabeth says Hayden is being kind. Hayden asks when Elizabeth has known her to be kind for the sake of being kind, and Elizabeth says never. Hayden tells her that she’s observed Elizabeth’s mothering skills. Elizabeth insists she’ll have them too, but Hayden says that in her other life, she wasn’t a good person. In the second grade, she extorted a candy bracelet from a classmate. She has a lot to regret.

Jared tells Obrecht good for Rachel. He says they’re divorced, and he has no reason to track her. Obrecht asks what about his prison sentence? At the time, Rachel was wealthy. Jared says she had a talent for making money, and obviously, Obrecht knows what happened. Obrecht says knowing Rachel as she does, he went to prison for her, and she wants to help him.

Sonny falls. He rests for a moment.

Fantasy Sonny tells Sam that it’s not over just because she killed him; it will never be over. Sam sits up and yells. Jason comes in. Sam wants to go home, but Jason tells Griff that she’s not making sense. She keeps talking about being safe.

Spencer tells Dante that maybe he’s being over-dramatic, and not as accurate as he first thought. Dante asks if he’s certain Valentin is the one. Spencer is certain he could have been, but not actually certain he did it. Dante asks about the shoes, and Spencer says now that he thinks about it, he never saw them. He had a bag over his head, and didn’t see anything. Dante asks if there’s anything else, and Spencer tells him that he doesn’t know who did it. He doesn’t remember or know anything. Dante thanks him. Laura tells Spencer, good job. Spencer says he still hates Valentin. Laura doesn’t blame him, and wants him to know they’ll never stop fighting for justice for his father.

Dante tells Valentin that he’s free to go, but don’t leave town. He says that Spencer admitted he wasn’t sure, and ha no idea who took him. Valentin looks at Nina.

Elizabeth says that Hayden has come a long way from being Rachel. She stuck by Finn, and she thinks they’ve made progress as sisters. She tells Hayden that by the time her shower rolls around, she’ll have it down pat. Hayden says she has no friends; who would throw her a shower? Elizabeth tells her that’s what sisters are for and they hug.

Jared finds out from Obrecht that Rachel is now calling herself Hayden, even though everyone knows who she really is. Obrecht tells him that Hayden’s current lover ruined her life. Until recently, she was a highly regarded physician, and he was hellbent on his own destruction. She tried to save hospital from him, but Hayden saved him instead. She wants to pay him back in kind. Jared asks again what she wants. She says the time he spent in prison was to what end? He’s entitled to more, but if he isn’t interested in getting the recompense he deserves, there’s the door. It will take him to the rest of his unfulfilled life.

Sonny sits down. He sees his shattered phone.

Jason says Sam needs rest. She tells him not to worry, and he says he’s not; the doctors will find out what’s going on. Sam says she did it, and he asks what she means; what did she do?

Nina says she doesn’t know Valentin’s heart. He says she knows it better than anyone because it belongs to her. He went without love his entire life until her, and he doesn’t want to give it up. She has reason to doubt him, but he wants to be a better man. Nina says that’s why she posted bail, and jokes about getting her money back. She has to get to work, and leaves the station. Valentin smiles.

Spencer comes out, and tells Valentin not to think he’s going soft. He’ll do what it takes to make him pay. Valentin says actions have consequnces, and assuming someone kidnapped him, they’re getting away. Laura tells Spencer that she’s taking him home, but he insists Windemere is his home, and Valentin stole it. Spencer tells Valentin, My name is Spencer Cassadine; you killed my father; prepare to die, referring to dialogue from The Princess Bride. I die laughing.

Hayden leaves Elizabeth’s place, almost forgetting her bag.

Jared tells Obrecht that maybe Rachel promised him something, but it was a long time ago, before she lost everything. Obrecht asks if he got nothing, and Jared says just divorce papers in his jail cell. She says he was cast aside, and she knows what it’s like to be discarded, and Rachel/Hayden has a flair for that. What she did to him personally was done to Obrecht professionally. It’s up to them to fire back. Jared says, or move on like grown-ups. Obrecht doesn’t think they have the right to do what they did. Jared doesn’t either. Obrecht suggests that if they work together, they can acquire recompense and retribution.

Griff looks at the test results. Finn thinks he has an idea of what they’re dealing with. More brain worms?

Sonny throws the phone. That always helps. He struggles to get up again, and looks up at the wall.

Jason tells Sam to try and sleep. She says she already did it, and he tells her that he loves her, but for now, just rest. She convulses, and the alarm goes off.

Tomorrow, Sonny continues to call for help, Jordan has news about Dante’s father, and Stella asks Curtis when he and Jordan decided to call it quits.

The Real Housewives of NYC

Dorinda goes to yoga. The instructor tells her to do the egg salad position. I swear that’s what he said. Luann tells us how wasted she got the night before, like we didn’t notice. Bethenny says she’s tough; she’d be praying to the toilet bowl right now. I’d at least be in bed. At breakfast, everyone wonders how Luann is even functioning. A major floral arrangement comes for Tinsley. The card says it’s for the best and longest first date ever. She wonders how he knew where to send them. Um… he asked Adam? Carole says it’s a match made in heaven. Bethenny suggests surfing, but Tinsley and Luann want to shop.

Ramona apologizes to Bethenny for her idiocy, saying it just snowballed somehow. She doesn’t know why she embarrasses herself all the time. In her interview, she says she just wants it to stop, and will say anything. Bethenny tells her she wants a smooth day at the distillery, and Ramona should just stay and chill. Ramona thinks Bethenny might change her mind. Bethenny says she’s never seen anything like it, and it goes back for ten years. She doesn’t want to hurt Ramona, but thinks it’s not in her best interest to go. She says Ramona doesn’t like her, but Ramona says, I don’t not not like you [sic]. Whatever that means. Ramona randomly mentions an article about Bethenny in the Wall Street Journal.

Ramona and Sonja have breakfast. Sonja says that Tinsley’s childlike behavior is being enabled. She talks about Tinsley’s five-day date, and asks who does that? Jealous much? Ramona says she’ll never win with Bethenny. When she’s healthy, she snaps like a turtle. Bethenny suggests going surfing. Dorinda has never surfed, but is willing to give it a try. Better her than me.

Tinsley thinks Sonja doesn’t understand, and asks why she isn’t more protective with the press. In her interview, Tinsley says she would have immediately squashed anything about a friend of hers. Sonja says that Tinsley has to deal with it herself, and that she should have brought it up in private. Her friends just made it worse by enabling her behavior. Apparently, Sonja’s root word-of-the-day is enable.

Luann gets whacked with a surfboard in the elbow, which I’m sure takes her mind off of her hangover. Dorinda says surfing is like birth. Bethenny is very good, but not so much Carole, who wonders why she’s doing this. Afterward, everyone high fives the instructor. Bethenny says they missed Ramona’s floatation devices (i.e. her boobs).

Sonja screeches at Tinsley that she didn’t do it. Tinsley says it came from her. Sonja insists they didn’t talk to her. Tinsley thinks Sonja is being aggressive and bitchy, and had something to do with it.

Bethenny wants an early dinner so they can be fresh in the morning. Dorinda says Ramona hates to be by herself, and thinks she still might end up coming. In her interview, Dorinda thinks Bethenny is going to relent. The girls go to an outside market. I would go absolutely wild there. Ramona has decided to act like nothing is wrong. Bethenny points out an amazing embroidered kimono-sleeved dress. Her card is blocked since her assistant didn’t do something or other with it, and Ramona springs for the dress, much to Bethenny’s dismay. Tinsley says she’s winning. Bethenny says she ultimately can’t be mean, and Sonja says you can’t get rid of Singer. Ramona buys straw tote bags for everyone, but Luann has to lend her money, which she doesn’t expect to see again. Bethenny wonders how much it will cost for Ramona to get herself an invite. She’s saying no, but all signs are pointing to yes.

Back at the ranch villa, some of the girls get in the hot tub. Bethenny asks Sonja how Ramona’s headspace is. She doesn’t want to have a Hallmark moment in inviting her along, but says if Ramona does anything wrong, she’ll have to kill her. Sonja tells them that Ramona was happy in her marriage. She’s fronting, and it’s making her act out. Ramona jogs on the beach, which they all find weird. Carole thinks there’s a hot guy at the end of the beach, or maybe just a guy.

Sonja tells Ramona about how Bethenny didn’t want to exclude her. Ramona says she understands that Bethenny’s feelings were hurt. She f-ed up with what she said, and it wasn’t her intention to hurt her. Bethenny is wearing the cutest dress ever. It looks like something from the 70s – a mini with longish full sleeves that have open shoulders, and it has drawstrings everywhere. Ramona says she has to accept only bringing up what Bethenny wants to. Sonja says they’re growing. Please. Dorinda thinks she’s sore from yoga until Carole reminds her that she went surfing.

At dinner, Bethenny says it can’t be a blackout night. Tinsley sees the Page Six item got published; she was hoping Sonja would negate the story. Bethenny says it mentions Sonja and Ramona too. Tinsley insists it started from Sonja. Sonja says she’s blowing it out of proportion, but Carole backs Tinsley up, and says that Sonja tells total strangers Tinsley is a bad houseguest. Sonja says it was a friendship issue, but Tinsley says she complained so much, it got in the press. Sonja says you don’t stay for five months if you’re unhappy. In her interview, Carole says that Sonja never met an article with her name in it that she didn’t love. Luann tells Sonja to apologize, and she does the sorry, but thing. Bethenny says it’s like a circle jerk, and Carole has to explain what that means. I won’t be doing that. Google it if you don’t know. Dorinda gives out cute and funny gifts. Is there a Spencer’s in Mexico?

Bethenny says that she’s blessed and fortunate to take them on an alcoholic field trip; she just has to get them there. She explains how to dress. Bethenny tells Ramona she doesn’t know how she feels anymore, and begs her to behave at the distillery. She says it’s her life and livelihood, and she doesn’t want it ruined. If Ramona has nothing nice to say, don’t say it. Ramona insists she wouldn’t do that. Bethenny tells Ramona to try to be someone people tolerate, and they hug it out.

Sonja claims she hasn’t had a drink in ten months. I believe it if you do. Ramona cracks her head getting into the helicopter (good) because she has a bandana over her face to protect her baby skin. She’s happy to be included, and thinks they’re on a path to something better. Bethenny says it’s been a rough couple of years, but now it’s overwhelming. Olas all around. A guy blows a conch shell, and there’s drumming. Dorinda thinks Ramona looks like a bad MTV commercial from the 80s, and this time she does not want her MTV.

Raphael is the tour guide. SkinnyGirl margaritas are given out. People in native costume dance. Carole says she’s never seen anything like it – except in Vegas. They’re shown the agave plants, and how they’re harvested. They take a trolley to the distillery. Everyone thanks Bethenny, who says she’s happy they’re all there. Dorinda can’t bear watching Ramona kiss Bethenny’s ass. At the distillery, the girls put on hard hats, and the process is explained. They get old-fashioned powder horns, which is the original way tequila was drunk. It’s 130 proof; 65% alcohol. Oh. No. Everyone drinks from their horns. Luann tells us it’s smooth but strong. Dorinda compares it to drinking smoke.

There’s a dancing horse outside, and a little boy giving out roses. Dorinda says it’s like Disneyland in Mexico with tequila. A tent has been set up for lunch. Bethenny passes out little drinking buddies, tiny plastic guys in bathing suits that sit on the glasses, and the tequila tasting menu commences. Tinsley wants to take a kid home, and Carole calls her the Angelina Jolie of Mexico.

Dorinda isn’t sure they’re going to make it home, but it’s back to the helicopter. Probably the only way you’d get me in it is after a day of booze. When they get back, Carole says they have to keep drinking. Bethenny says light a match and the house will go up in flames. She dances on the table. Everyone goes out by the pool, and Sonja tries to make out with Luann. Some of the girls take advantage of the infinity pool and rope swing.

Ramona tells Sonja about Mario leaving his ring at home, and how she knew something was changing. Sonja says when they start wearing skinny jeans and tight T-shirts, they’re cheating. She doesn’t believe Ramona is happy, since she was having sex every night when she was married. Bethenny says no one does it every night. Sonja says she was there (!), and Ramona says it was three or four times a week. She misses what they had, but has to go on. Sonja wails about how hard it must be, and Bethenny tells Sonja to knock it off. In her interview, she says you know if she’s defending Ramona, it’s bad. Ramona starts to argue with Sonja.

Next time, a fishing trip where whales show up, more tequila is swilled, there are fireworks, and Dorinda injures her hand.

🍴 On MasterChef, after Daisy the Cow was paraded around, the mystery box was revealed to have cow parts. That’s just wrong. One chef wasn’t sure what to do with the kidneys, and I’m reminded of the depression food my father cooked when I was a child. (His neck bone soup still stands as one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.) Angus steak and asparagus were in the pressure test, and Nico went home. Gordon told him he was talented, but couldn’t grasp his fundamental errors. Truth! He could not grasp the reasons his dish went wrong. Next time, the chefs have to cook for the backbone of culinary world, and use their products. We also learn ricotta and halibut don’t go together.

It’s Back…


🍨 Whatever doesn’t kill us, makes us thinner. – Devon, Odd Mom Out


July 5, 2017 – Sam Goes Over the Edge, a Toast to Friendship & Some Odds & Ends


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Sonny goes through some paperwork, and thinks he’s found the exit ramp he’s looking for.

Jason takes Sam to the doctor. He says whatever it is, even if it’s nothing, they’re in this together. Sonny texts, asking if he’s free.

Molly and Alexis meet TJ and Aunt Stella for dinner.

Jordan tells Curtis that Obrecht is awaiting arraignment. Curtis asks if she wants to celebrate, but she says she has to arrest him too.

Anna and Andre have apparently danced through the holiday weekend. He asks if she feels better, and she suggests putting a dance floor in his office. She asks if he’s good, and he kisses her. I guess that answers her question.

Nina gets a call and says she’ll accept it. It’s Valentin calling from The Hauge in the Netherlands. He says it’s good to hear her voice. Nina asks how it’s possible, and he says he gets the occasional phone call. He called Charlotte, but it went to voicemail. She wonders if he called for her to give a message to Charlotte, but he says he misses her and loves her. She asks if a trial date has been set, and he tells her that there isn’t going to be one.

Andre tells Anna they should forget it happened, and Anna asks if that’s what he wants. If not, maybe they can go back to her place.

Jason tells Sam that he’ll call Sonny later. Sam hates that Jason is worried about her. The doctor comes out, introducing himself as Dr. David Bench. He says he prefers to meet with Sam alone, and she suggests Jason find out what Sonny wanted; it might be good news for a change.

Stella is happy to get to know Alexis, and looks forward to meeting the rest of the family. Alexis asks if she has kids, and Stella says her sister’s kids are enough. She wonders where Curtis is, and TJ says he couldn’t make it; he’s working.

Jordan tells Curtis that she has no choice but to arrest him for unlawful access to medical records. Curtis is flabbergasted, and says that Monica set it up. He realizes that Jordan is teasing him, and she says she got him good. He asks her to come have a drink with him. She says one drink. He says, and nothing more, but in the next scene, they’re at her place, getting busy. And there’s a song part. You know when there’s music with lyrics playing, things are serious.

Stella tells Alexis that she thinks TJ is trying to cover up that she and Curtis had a rough patch. Having three daughters, Alexis says she knows all about rough patches. She adds that Curtis is probably working on a case. Her son-in-law works with him occasionally.

Jordan tells Curtis that it was a mistake. Curtis says that she’s denying how she really feels. The past is the past, and they deserve happiness. She tells him to try telling that to Stella. He says Stella’s feelings aren’t the only ones to consider. TJ is cool with them, and they can’t deny how they feel. He says they can’t live their life looking backwards, and if it offends Stella, she’ll have to live with it. He thinks they’re on the verge of building something special, and doesn’t want to give it up

Nina asks if he’s cutting a deal, but Valentin says no. He says that he’s not going to make it through the preliminaries. The Chimera’s existence embarrasses the WSB, and they’re going to make him disappear. She says if anything like that happens, she’ll contact all of the publishers she knows, in addition to splashing it on the cover of Crimson. Valentin tells her that she’ll only bring trouble to herself, and all she should reveal is that he was arrested and she cut him out of her life. He’s sorry he had Charlotte believe he was coming back; it was the wish of a desperate father. He apologizes for bothering her, but wanted to hear her voice. He hangs up.

Andre tells Anna that he dislikes scrutinizing a moment to death when not on the clock, but doesn’t want to ruin a good thing for a night of satisfaction. Anna’s phone rings. It’s Nina. She says she needs to talk to her about Valentin.

Dr. Bench asks Sam what the problem is, and she says that Jason wanted her to get checked out. They’ve been having disagreements and she’s been more short-tempered than usual. He says it could be lack of sleep, and wonders if there’s anything else. She says she thinks there is something in her life that’s off.

Jason goes to Pozzulo’s. Sonny thanks him for the warning about the Garvster, who is now in the hospital, but will be going to prison. He says he’s making a decision, and wants Jason to know first. He’s giving up the territory and getting out of the business.

At Nina’s office, Nina tells Anna that Valentin told her he wouldn’t live to stand trial, and the WSB will make him disappear to avoid publicity. She says she doesn’t understand. Aren’t they the good guys? Would they really kill him, and what can they do to stop it?

Stella compliments Alexis on how she raised Molly, and Alexis says TJ is no slouch either. Alexis says she has a tendency to swoop in and “save” her kids, but made a promise to keep her nose out of it. Stella asks what she would do if one of her daughters was responsible for another daughter’s death, and if she wouldn’t interfere.

Jordan says that Curtis is the one who will pay for it if they ignore Stella’s feelings. He says she may raise some hell, but she’ll come around eventually. Jordan doesn’t think she’s going to get past it anytime soon. He says that she’s not the only stubborn one in the family, and he’s chosen Jordan.

Sam tells Dr. Bench that she doesn’t feel like herself, but he wants her to be more specific. He asks what was going on the last time she felt like that. In her head, she tells herself to be careful or she’ll get sent away. She tells him about how her opinion changed on something, and it’s caused her and Jason to clash more. The doctor says he can’t say there’s nothing wrong yet, and asks if she’s familiar with postpartum depression. He suggests a blood test.

Sonny tells Jason that it’s been a long time coming, and that he and Carly changed their minds about the divorce. He decided that if they survived, he would leave the business. He says he’s starting a new life like Jason did. Jason asks what makes him think he can pull it off, and Sonny asks if he doubts his sincerity or his ability. Jason says someone will want to take his place and might want to make sure he can’t come back. Sonny says he can’t keep trying to stay with the control and power if it means he’ll lose the people he loves. Life is too short. He knows it takes more than a resignation letter, but he has to do it. He says it has to be careful planning, and Jason says he needs a successor who won’t screw it up or come after him. He asks if that’s why he’s there.

Dr. Bench comes back with the initial results. Fastest. Lab. Tests. Ever. Sam has an iron deficiency, and he tells her that it can cause physical symptoms that possibly affect moods. He wants her to schedule another appointment for more tests. Sam sees Sonny in her head, and he tells her that what’s wrong with her can’t be fixed.

Stella and Alexis agree not to take a one size fits all approach to discussing each other’s families. Stella says she doesn’t interfere, but has a knack for making her feelings known to get the desired results. How that isn’t the same thing, I’m not sure. Curtis and Jordan walk into the restaurant together.

Anna tells Nina that Valentin has reason not to trust the WSB, but she knows the head guy, and he’d never make Valentin disappear. Nina says her understanding of the situation doesn’t matter, but Valentin does. If she hadn’t told Anna where he was, he, Nina, and Charlotte would all be together. What if she’s wrong, and they find out he disappeared? Who’s going to tell Charlotte that he’s never coming back?

Valentin writes Nina a thank you letter for the happiest months of his life. She gave him a chance to be better, and for a while he was. He’s sorry to have given her reasons to doubt him. He swears he loves her and always will. Their time together was a gift for both him and Charlotte. He says Charlotte will always have her, and begs Nina to stay in her life. He wishes he could have given both of them more.

Anna tells Nina that it’s espionage, plain and simple, and it’s a crime. Nina says it’s convenient that her friend is head of the WSB, and asks if he turned his head regarding her sister. Anna says that Nina has no idea what she’s saying. Nina says all she knows is that everything was amazing until Anna showed up, breaking into their house and accusing Valentin of all kinds of things, and then her sister took over. Now he’s in prison and thinks he’s going to die, and Anna says she should trust the bureau. Anna says they’re not going to kill him, but they’ll see him convicted. She advises Nina to distance herself. If he calls again, it might be better for both of them if she doesn’t pick up.

Alexis thanks Stella for the evening, and leaves. Stella tells Curtis that he just missed TJ and Molly, and he says he didn’t know they were having a family dinner. Stella sarcastically says that’s because he was working, and too bad he couldn’t make the time. He tells her that Molly and TJ don’t need any additional drama. He made the mistake of giving in to Stella’s every wish, but he’s corrected that mistake now.

Sonny tells Jason that he hasn’t figured it out yet. Whoever he chooses might come after Jason, and he says Jason should be ready for that. Jason sees a text from Sam saying that she’s been delayed at the hospital. Sonny toasts to a peaceful transition. He says who knows what’s coming next, and Jason says whatever it is, they’ll handle it.

In her head, Sonny tells Sam that the only way to solve the problem is to get rid of what’s distracting Jason. Dr. Bench gives Sam some advice and another appointment date. He tells her to call if she needs to come in sooner. He leaves, and as Sam is about to walk out, she eyeballs a tray of surgical instruments.

Andre sees Anna, and asks what brings her to the hospital. She says that she thought he’d be there, and stumbles over her words, saying that she thought they could pick up where they left off.

Nina looks at the family photo on her desk, and remembers when Valentin gave her the engagement ring. She takes off her wedding ring set.

Valentin folds the letter. A huge man comes in, and Valentin says he’s not the regular. Dude says he’s with the WSB. Valentin asks him to take the letter, but he says that’s not his job. He tells Valentin to stand up, and cuffs him.  He takes him out of the cell. I’m hoping that he’s an emissary from Alex.

Stella says that Curtis is treating the family with shame and disrespect. He tells her that she’ll have to respect he’s with Jordan. Jordan asks if they can’t co-exist respectfully for TJ’s sake. Stella suddenly keels over and falls to the floor.

Jason gets to the hospital, and Dr. Bench tells him that Sam left already.

Sam shows up at Pozzulo’s. Sonny tells her that she just missed Jason, but she says she came to see him. She wants to give him a gift. She pulls out a surgical scalpel, and stabs him repeatedly.

Tomorrow, a fire happens, Olivia-F has a bachelorette party, and Carly wants to talk to Josslyn about her father.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Ramona makes breakfast in Vermont. Dorinda’s stuff has finally arrived. She doesn’t want to go skiing with the others because she doesn’t want to be on the bunny hill with the six-year-olds, or injure herself before the Mexico trip.

Bethenny tells Tinsley that she has compassion for her. In her interview, she says that Tinsley seems like a mess, and she doesn’t want to add to it. Tinsley tells her that she felt like people wanted her to just get over it, but Bethenny tells her she should take whatever time she needs. Tinsley is happy that they’ve cleared the air.

Sonja tells Luann that she’s getting it that Luann is married; she’s transitioning. In her interview, Luann asks if this is a partouze, which is basically French for a threesome. She says that Sonja seems to act like her relationship is a joke and says inappropriate things. We flash back to Sonja talking about them having sex with the same guy (i.e. Tom). Sonja says she just wants to be herself, but it’s hard because inappropriateness comes with the territory. Luann wants an apology, but says Sonja won’t apologize to save her life. Sonja feels like she’s apologized enough, and complains to the others that she hates having rules, but she’s going to try for Luann. Dorinda suggests she drop it for the rest of the time they’re in Vermont, which is probably like waving a red flag at a bull.

Tinsley and Luann both have red ski jackets, and Luann thinks they look like a Swiss ski patrol. Ramona yaps about how much she’s been doing, and Dorinda says she took the Catholic guilt option and gave Ramona the bigger room. Everyone else leaves for skiing, and she breathes a sigh of relief.

Luann says it’s perfect weather for skiing – both snow and sunshine. Ramona isn’t a fan of East Coast skiing because it can be powdery on top, but icy underneath. She captures a young ski instructor to help her. In her interview, Sonja says Ramona can hot dog behind him on the slopes, but nothing romantic is going to happen. Luann thinks it’s a miracle that Ramona still has her clothes on.

Carole stays behind with Dorinda; she prefers going to the lodge. She tells Dorinda how nice it was of her to switch rooms with Ramona, and about how Luann complained about her room. Dorinda says married or not, first come, first served. She’s also annoyed with Sonja for the comments she’s made about Tom.

Luann complains on the ski lift about Sonja’s inappropriate (word of the day) comments. She says she thinks because Sonja has been single for so long, she’s forgotten how it works. In her interview, Luann talks about how Bethenny has SkinnyGirl everything, including a car. The instructor takes a picture for them, and in her interview Bethenny compares him and Ramona to a baby chicken and a barracuda.

Carole tells Dorinda that she feels like Tinsley was ganged up on. Dorinda says after leaving an abusive relationship, it’s like having PTSD. On the slopes, Ramona wishes Tinsley would get out of her way, because she wants the hill to herself. Bethenny is snowboarding, and says the trip couldn’t have come at a better time.

Dorinda says everybody handles their stuff differently. Carole says wannabe Jason is gaslighting Bethenny, even though she’s kept her mouth shut about him publicly. She shows Dorinda a Page Six article, and says that it’s a game changer. The suckerfish has been arrested for stalking, and the article talks about him showing up at Bryn’s school. Dorinda wonders if he’s lost his mind. No. He never had one. She doesn’t know how Bethenny holds it all together. Carole says she thought it would go away after the settlement, but it got worse, and he wouldn’t let up.

Ramona makes a point of telling the instructor that she’s single. In her interview, she thinks Bethenny is acting like they’re in middle school, and a question mark forms over my head. Because she’s snowboarding instead of skiing?

On the lift, Bethenny tells Tinsley that she couldn’t sleep because of anxiety over their conversation. She says the Mexico trip will be a challenge. Luann reminds Bethenny that she’s going to arrive later, giving Bethenny the idea to invite Ramona to come halfway through. Half of the trip will be good, and the other half will be psychotic.

Ramona drags the ski instructor back to the lodge. It turns out he’s from an area where Dorinda lived, and Ramona asks him to get her something to drink, because she doesn’t like his attention being divided. When he goes to the bar, Ramona says how sweet he is. Carole says he gets paid to be sweet, and in her interview, thinks Ramona is a rude flirt. After the instructor returns, Ramona wants him to get something for Dorinda, but Dorinda tells her that he’s not a waiter. In her interview, Dorinda says it’s awkward; he knows what’s going on, and it’s past cougar. Ramona makes a toast to how great everything is. Sonja asks if everyone is good, and Dorinda says yes, she feels her drinks kicking in.

Ramona thinks Bethenny is having difficulties. In her interview, Dorinda says she doesn’t like to pry, and goes by people’s reactions and actions. Bethenny isn’t sure how much to say, since there are some people she doesn’t trust. By that I think she means Ramona. Tinsley is on antidepressants, and in her interview, Carole says she’s not a shrink, but knows you’re not supposed to drink when you’re taking them. Dorinda and Bethenny discuss relationships. Bethenny says she’s private about certain things, and Dorinda tells her that if she wants to talk about it, she’s there. Tinsley is annoyed that Ramona has her bare feet on the coffee table. I would be too.

The ladies go back to their lodging. Carole tells Bethenny she confided in Dorinda, but noticed it’s blowing up anyway. I love Bethenny’s sweater, and wonder if she knitted it herself. In her interview, she says she just wants some relief and normalcy.

Luann tries to light a fire in the gas fireplace. At first it does nothing, then overcompensates. She wonders if she still has her eyebrows.

A few guys from a local restaurant arrive. Ramona met some restaurateurs on the mountain, and set up a dinner for the girls. Ramona does Sonja’s hair, and in her interview, Luann wonders if Ramona was kicked out of beauty school for being mean. Luann asks if Sonja and Ramona were invited to Mexico, and Ramona says she wasn’t. Luann tells them about Bethenny saying Ramona should come for a few days, since Luann is going to be late. In her interview, Ramona feels slighted for the backhanded invite.

Dorinda says Tinsley is a professional shopper and professional day drinker, amending the latter to Olympic style. Ramona tells Sonja that she didn’t feel any bad energy from Bethenny. Sonja wonders if they’re on the same planet, because she thought Bethenny seemed annoyed. In her interview, she’s sure Ramona will be going to Mexico, since she wiggles her way into everything. Maybe she can bring Christy from Little Women: LA. Ramona gets all excited when she sees that the restaurant has sent the wine that she likes. I get all excited about the food, and another fabulous sweater on Bethenny. Ramona explains that the dinner was inspired by one of Bethenny’s ideas. In her interview, Bethenny talks about how awkward Ramona must be feeling.

Bethenny thinks they should play Truth or Dare, but Carole says it’s too easy to cheat and make something up. For whatever reason, Bethenny starts it off with a really personal sex question. Tinsley answers, Dorinda is grossed out, and in her interview, Luann says it’s TMI. I’m with the Countess on this one. Sonja picks a dare, and Bethenny wants her to give the waiter a passionate kiss. He’s not exactly receptive, but Bethenny gives her props for trying. Dorinda is next for truth, and John’s penis is discussed. We’ll just leave it at that. Carole admits to having sex with George Clooney a million years ago, and rates him a nine. Carole asks Ramona how many men she’s been with since the divorce. She says three, but doesn’t count Bill Clinton’s kind of sex. The restaurant people can’t believe the conversation. Neither can I. Luann says she feels lucky to be in a relationship, and in her interview, Ramona says Luann is acting superior. Dorinda says the truth is, that Tom was out there, a lot of things were public, and everyone is tired of hearing about Palm Beach. Luann tells Dorinda not to make her feel bad about it. In her interview, Dorinda says they’re happy for her, but don’t want to hear about it anymore; they’ve got it. Bethenny says it was a rough road, but if Luann wants to revel in it, that’s fine. Dorinda says Bethenny is doing an about face.

Dorinda says she’s stuck up for Luann more than anyone. Bethenny says she understands how Luann got there. A lot of stuff happened on the way to the wedding, and it’s a human moment to want to enjoy a honeymoon phase, whereas Luann’s excessive bragging wasn’t. Luann says she made it. (She’s married!) In her interview, she’s surprised at Dorinda. Dorinda says Luann is looking at her weird, and that she’s not God. Luann says she didn’t mean for it to sound the way it did, and loves Dorinda. Carole makes a silly rhyming toast about friendship. Sonja decides to make a toast too, but manages to slip in something snarky about Tom. Carole says that’s mean-spirited toasting and she doesn’t like it. Luann says, and these are her f-ing friends.

Next time, Sonja gets electrolysis for the Mexico trip, Ramona is sure that she’s going to be invited to Mexico, Carole fixes Tinsley up, and Ramona demands respect and sympathy from Bethenny.

🍴 Both MasterChef and The f Word were reruns tonight. Which is just as well, since I spent last night running interference between small dogs and loud noises.

🌺 Little Women: LA ended their season with an 80s prom, where Tonya and Kerwin were crowned king and queen. Kerwin also asked Tonya to marry him. She said yes, but is still hesitant to get married. Briana’s husband, Matt, is still a creep, but she’s still with him. SMH. Next up is the reunion, where the latest girl that Matt has “only kissed” will be trotted out.

🎸 Dave Navarro will be guest starring – well, really guest walking by – on Odd Mom Out this season. I don’t know his music well, but I liked him so much in an interview, I’ve supported his solo efforts since then.

😆 WiFi. It’s not a question. – a character in Ford commercial


June 15, 2017 – Jason Faces Costa, a Cyrus Musing & Two Shows I’m Surprised I Like


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Olivia-F flips through a bridal magazine. Julian approaches, saying he doesn’t suppose he’s getting an invite. Olivia asks how he got out of jail, and he tells her that he’s out on bail. She asks about Ava. He says she’s fighting and winning, but her life isn’t going to be the same. Olivia says she’s cheated death before and it must run in the family. Julian says he wants to see his son.

On the phone, Amy says they’ll have a visit later, and she’ll come up with a new plan to keep them afloat. When she hangs up, Nathan asks if there’s something he can help with.

Griff sees Sam at the hospital. He asks if she feels sick, and she tells him that she’s tired, stressed and can’t sleep.

Jason tells Spinelli that Costa works for Helena. He asks what if he’s still in Port Charles?

Costa eavesdrops on Elizabeth and Jake. She says it’s late, so they have to skip Lila’s Kids camp. She asks if something bothering him, and he says the magic set he got for his birthday.

Amy says now Nathan wants to help her, after snooping on her phone call. She says she already asked for help. He says the advice column is something he can’t do being a cop. Dillon comes along, asking about the reunion. Amy says who cares about high school? Some people’s live went downhill after graduation, and she can’t do this right now. She stomps off, and Dillon is like, what’s that about? Nathan doesn’t know, but says something is definitely up.

Olivia tells Julian that Leo is used to him not being around, and it’s just going to confuse him. She talks about Leo’s second birthday and how great it was. Julian wishes he could have been there. She says, but he wasn’t, and to remember what she said – the best thing for Leo is to let Ned adopt him. Julian says he’s Leo’s father, and she says be a good one then. Do the selfless thing and stay out of his life.

Griff asks Sam some questions. She says she’s achy like with the flu, but she had a shot. He says there are other viruses out there. He checks her temperature, and says it’s fine. He asks if there are any other symptoms. She thinks about how she envisioned Elizabeth having a gun, and says there is something else.

Spinelli asks if Jason thinks Costa is still there. He returned the rental car, and there’s no record of another lease. He says they got lucky because of the license plate, and Jason says has to be another way. Spinelli says there is.

Jake asks where the magic kit is, and Elizabeth asks why. He says doesn’t want to be a magician anymore. It turned into something weird and scary, and he doesn’t want it back. Elizabeth tells him that he doesn’t have to think about it again. Jake asks if he can get something from the vending machine, and she gives him change. Costa is at the machine, pretending to be a normal person.

Dillon wonders what’s going on between Nathan and Amy, and asks how Maxie is. Nathan says determined, like her mom, then apologizes, and asks about Ava. Dillon says Kiki hasn’t left the burn unit at all. He’s getting some food for her, hoping she’ll eat. He’s glad Maxie is getting quality time with Georgie, and asks if she’s coming home soon. Nathan says the person she was filling in for left, and she feels obligated to stay until a replacement is found. They both like their jobs, so for the time being, they’re bi-coastal. Dillon questions what was wrong with Amy, and Nathan says he tried to help, but it backfired. He tells Dillon about the Nurses Ball, and how they became friends. Dillon says that they went to high school together. Nathan tells him that something is going on.

Costa eyeballs Elizabeth while Jake is at the machine. Jake looks at him.

Spinelli looks up the credit card number, calling it a trail of breadcrumbs. He says they’re going to find this guy.

Sam tells Griff that she’s on edge, and it’s not like her. Griff says illness brings anxiety. She asks if there’s a magic pill for that, and if she’s overreacting. Griff suspects mono, and wants to give her a blood test, but she says she thinks she’s wasting his time, when she’s just stressed with the kids. He says he thinks he might know what’s wrong with her.

Olivia tells Julian that what Leo needs, she and Ned can give him. Julian says that Leo is the only child he has who doesn’t hate him, and Olivia says that’s because he doesn’t know Julian is the monster under the bed yet. Julian says she has no cause to be righteous, and they agreed to raise him together. She says that was after he promised to be out of the mob – a lie like everything else. She wants to know when they can look forward to him being out of their lives, and he says he might be able to walk and get his life back. She says that’s impossible. He tells her that he’s free now, and wants to see his son. Olivia says that Leo is hers and Ned’s son; he’s never even sent a birthday card. He has no rights anymore. Popping into the conversation, Alexis say he has every legal right to see his son.

Griff tells Sam that it could be PTSD, but Sam says that’s not her. He wants to do full check-up. She practically runs out the door, but he asks her to promise to make appointment with Dr. Lee. She says she will. Griff wants to come with her, but she says she won’t make break for it. He tells her that he’ll back off.

Jake stares at Costa with narrowed eyes. Costa jets before Elizabeth gets near him. The machine doesn’t have what Jake wants, and she says they’ll find another one. They get in the elevator as Costa watches.

Jason says it’s taking too long, and Spinelli asks if he doubts The Jackal. He tells Jason that Costa retuned to Greece after the delivery, but he’s back. He charged a hotel room, and bought clothing at a medical supply place – a set of scrubs. Apparently, he’s not a very good spy.

Jake thinks maybe Andre is right, and he could be a doctor. Elizabeth says that would carry on the family tradition, but they’ll love him no matter what he decides. She says that he doesn’t need to figure it out right now, but he tells her that career day is coming up, and they’re supposed to do a demonstration, so he wants to learn more. Elizabeth says it sounds like plan. Jason calls and asks where they are. Elizabeth tells him they’re at the hospital in search of a snack. He asks if Jake is with her, and tells her not to say anything, just go somewhere safe. She asks what about home, but he says not to go there because the delivery man is still in Port Charles. He tells her to find a room and lock herself in. He’s calling security, and on his way right behind them. He says to do it right now, and she says, see you soon, not wanting to alarm Jake. She tells Jake that Jason is meeting them there. She thinks they should find someone to help with his presentation. In the meantime, Costa continues to slither sneak around.

Costa watches. Elizabeth sees Griff, who’s on his way to meeting. She says Jake wants to talk to him, but Jake says they don’t have to do it now. Elizabeth says, yes, they do, and shoves Jake into an examining room. She tells Griff that they could be in danger and asks him to stay and not let anyone get in the room. Costa looks grim.

I missed a little bit here, as I was busy cursing out my computer. The little spinny thing was happening, and it wouldn’t let me do anything.

Jason arrives at the hospital. He talks to a security guy about Costa, and he says they’re patrolling the floors. Jason says he’s dangerous, and they have to find him now. Elizabeth sends text to Jason, who replies that he’s on his way with security. Griff locks the door, and when Jake asks why, Griff tells him that he’s hiding from a mean administrator who wants to take him to a meeting. Jake talks about being a psychiatrist, saying he wants to make people feel better, but not do gross stuff, just talking. Elizabeth tells Griff that she thought Jake could ask him some questions to be better prepared for career day. Griff says the first thing is figuring out what’s wrong. Elizabeth peeks out between the blind slats, while Griff talks to Jake. They decide to role play with Jake being the doctor. When we had career day in junior high, I went to the talk by the local TV weatherman. I didn’t give a flying about being a meteorologist, but I thought he was hot stuff, and wanted to meet him.

Jason and the security guy do a sweep of one of the floors. Costa gets in the elevator. Jason sees him, and runs to get in, but the door closes before he can.

Dillon tells Nathan about going to high school with Amy, and says there was more drama than Pretty Little Liars. Nathan assumes that Maxie wasn’t the nicest, and Dillon says she was the queen of everything, and could have been characterized as a mean girl. He tells Nathan about Amy always being there to help, while her brother was the star running back and his jersey is still hanging in the gym. He was also a nice guy, even to drama dweebs like him. Amy lived in his shadow, but worshipped him. Nathan asks where he is now, and Dillon says he played for Wisconsin, but threw out his shoulder, and hasn’t been heard about since.

Olivia asks Alexis if she’s going to welcome Julian with open arms if he walks. Alexis says he has a legal right to see his child, and Julian says just give him that. Olivia says when he found out that he was Leo’s father, he went on and on about being a father from beginning this time, and how he was going to be father of the year. Instead, he got himself involved in his lunatic sister’s crime spree. He didn’t warn anyone or do a damn thing, except sink back into his lying, criminal ways. She asks what father does that, and he says one whose children were threatened. He did it for Leo. Olivia says she read his masterpiece of self-justification, and warned Alexis not to fall for it, but she did. It’s obvious why he loves her. She turns a blind eye to his criminal ways, and is putting Leo in danger to prove that she still loves him.

Alexis says she’s not using Leo to prove anything; she’s fighting for Julian’s legal rights, like any lawyer. Sam joins them, and asks what’s going on. Olivia says Alexis is championing her father. Alexis says she might think he’s a bad man, but he has the legal right to see his son. Sam says she doesn’t want him near any of her kids, and he’s never going to see Scout. He put their lives in danger, and Sam wonders how Alexis can defend him. Olivia thanks her for being the voice of reason, and says she’ll see the star-crossed lovers in court. Sam tells Alexis that if she insists on defending him, she has nothing to say, and tells her to get back to her client, or whatever he is to her.

Nathan googles Amy’s brother. Dillon asks if Nathan thinks he’s criminal. Nathan says Amy is stressed out, but shut down when he tried to help. When Dillon brought up high school, she said some people’s lives went downhill. He has a hunch that she was talking to her brother, and he’s learned his hunches are usually right. Dillon says he’s untraceable on the web and social media, but Nathan says he has access to other avenues. As they’re talking, Nathan finds something

Jake tells Griff that they’ll have to keep an eye on his tonsils. Elizabeth acts as Jake’s nurse, and he asks for the reflex mallet. Griff fools around, overreacting, and Jake says this is better than career day, and better than his act at the Nurses Ball.

Jason traps Costa on the roof. He wants answers.

Nathan tells Amy they need to talk. He thinks he knows what’s going on, and understands.

Alexis tells Julian not to start. He thanks her for being on his side about Leo, and she says she’s on Leo’s side. He says she always does the right thing, making me gag, and probably Alexis too. She says, hardly. He tells her if there’s a custody fight, he won’t ask her to represent him. Wow. He must be a narcissist. Who would grant him custody of anything? He says he’s grateful for Olivia recognizing that he loves her. He still does. She blows him off, saying she wants to talk to Sam. I laugh, because that’s such a guy thing, to pick out that she loves him from all the trash talk.

Sam says she’s waiting for Jason. Alexis asks what’s going on, and Sam asks how she can defend Julian – he has her where he wants her. Alexis says that’s not true, and Sam tells her to leave. Alexis thinks there’s more to it than Sam’s father, and Sam says maybe she was thinking about getting shoved off a bridge and wondering if she was going to lose her baby all night in the cold – because that great guy couldn’t be bothered to warn her. She says she’s fine, but can’t deal with them right now. Alexis tells her to call when she wants to talk.

Jake listens to his own heart on the stethoscope. Elizabeth says he has big heart, and he tells her that Andre said that too. He says she looked scared at the Nurses Ball, and asks if it was him. She says he didn’t do anything wrong, and promises it will be okay. They hug.

Jason asks Costa why. Costa says all he did was deliver a package. It wasn’t his job to ask questions, and it’s not Jason’s either. He says it can go two ways – they kill one another or walk away. They start to fight, and Costa slams Jason up against the door, holding him there.

Tomorrow, Spencer asks if Laura has forgotten about Nicholas, Amy tells Nathan it’s none of his business, and Jason asks who Costa is working for.

🏠 I find Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer downright creepy. It’s like watching two older-than-Miley women with her head on them. I also wonder if any of them had the same frustration I did as a teenager. While other kids could pretend they were adopted, and their real family was rich and fabulous, and would one day come to find them, I couldn’t. We all look way too much alike.

👶 Odd Mom Out begins again on Monday, July 10th, at 10 pm. This show was a surprise for me. Not having kids, I didn’t think I’d relate, but main character Jill (Jill Kargman, who also was a Club Kid in the 90s) is very relatable. She’s awkward, often unfiltered, and a consummate New Yorker, calling Hamilton akin to Frozen for adults. Like Seinfeld before it, people familiar with NYC will find a real gem in this show, but you don’t have to be a mom or from the city to laugh your ass off.

🏃 Bravo has also been rerunning Don’t Be Tardy, which was another one I was shocked that I liked so much. I wasn’t a huge Kim Zolciak fan when she was on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and agreed with NeNe that she should close her legs to married men. But it seemed like once she took that advice, and took up with Kroy Biermann, she was a decent person waiting to happen. I had always liked her daughters, so I figured there must be something there somewhere. While she can still be brassy and grating, the family as a whole is fun and sweet. They’re also probably more real than most, Kim calling them the Beverly Hillbillies of Los Angeles. It’s a nice break from the usual harshness of reality TV.


January 11, 2017 – So that GH isn’t Lonely, a Coupla Quotes & Several Random Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Maxie and Nathan get to the cabin they’ve rented in Canada, and Maxie is disconcerted by the moose head on the wall. They’ve struck out with the local precinct, but Nathan thinks Claudette’s mom is their best bet. Maxie suggests that going through Claudette’s stuff to see if there’s anything significant. Nathan tells Maxie she can keep Claudette’s mother busy while he goes through everything.

Nina and Charlotte wait for Valentin at the MetroCourt. Nina compliments Charlotte on her skating. Valentin arrives. He tells Charlotte that he and Nina have something very important to tell her.

Franco goes home, surprised to find Kiki there. Kiki tells him that she hopes he had a happy new year, and says there are leftovers from her takeout feast. He keeps looking at his phone, and she asks what’s going on.

Alexis tells Julian he’s not calming her, and he’s the reason she’s in this mess in the first place. He thinks she’s really upset because she wants a drink.

Sam thinks the fire was a closer call than Jason is saying. Jason wishes that they’d come up with more, but  the place was tossed before they got there. He shows Sam the picture he found of a young, blonde boy, and she says there’s something familiar about the face.

Nell asks Sonny what he means by “a new understanding.” He says they agreed not to say anything about what happened between them. He asks if she changed her mind, and why she told Carly she was dating a married man. Nell says she didn’t; she just said he was unavailable, and Carly made the assumption. She says she was trying to stop Carly from matchmaking and meant nothing by it, but Sonny tells her that she made Carly curious. Nell says if he wants her to say something else, she will, and asks what he wants her to do.

Valentin tells Charlotte that Nina has been spending a lot of time with them, and Charlotte says she likes Nina a lot. Valentin says they’ll be able to spend even more time together now, because he and Nina got married.

Has Maxie been watching a Kardashian marathon? She needs to tone the contour down. Nathan tells her that if it was up to him, they would go to Niagara Falls right now and get married. He’s thinking they should move into a house when they get back.

Kiki asks why Franco is jumpy, and he says he wasn’t expecting her to be there. She says he obviously didn’t see her note that says she’s moving to LA. He wonders why she wouldn’t say good-by in person, but she says it doesn’t matter, she turned around in Detroit. When Franco asks why, she says Dillon, confusing him. He thought that’s why she left, and Kiki says he’s also the reason she came back. She explains that Dillon was on the bus to get away from her, but now they’re together. She’s decided to stop fighting her feelings for him. Franco says he’s happy for her, and she should do everything to keep herself happy.

Julian suggests that Alexis is going through withdrawal. She says if he wants to talk, let’s do it. He asks if there’s anyone else who can place her at the bar, but she doesn’t remember. He asks if she talked to anyone. She says Gene, the owner, who I assume is also the bartender.

Jason tells Sam that he thinks the picture looks familiar too. Sam says it’s possible it could be Julian. Jason assumes the boss lady has a relationship with him, but adds that the picture is decades old. Sam tells him that she doesn’t think Ava has anything to do with it.

Charlotte asks if Nina is going to live with them, and Valentin tells her that now they can play whenever they want. Nina says Charlotte can come to her about anything. She’s still going to be Nina, but she’ll just be there all the time. Charlotte looks sad at first, but then says it sounds wonderful.

Nathan tells Maxie that they should get a three-bedroom house. Maxie says he’s really been thinking about it. He tells her that he’s wanted to build a life with her forever, and she asks when they can move in. He has one condition though.

Franco chows down on Chinese leftovers. He says Kiki seems happy. She says she is, and he says then Dillon is okay in his book. She says she’ll never stop missing Morgan, but has to move on with her life. She thinks Morgan would approve, and she’s learned to hold on tight to those she loves, because everything can change in an instant. She asks what’s up with Franco, and he asks if she remembers Tom, and tells her that Tom was murdered.

Alexis tells Julian that Gene remembered the night for her. Julian says obviously he didn’t go to the police with anything. Alexis doesn’t think he cared, but covered for her as a customer. He saw Tom follow her out, and she assumes he caught up with her. Julian says she’s not thinking like a lawyer, and asks if anyone else saw. Alexis sees Tom standing behind Julian. I wonder if he’s buddies with Carrrlos now, although Carrrlos has more honor than this dude.

Sonny asks Nell if she understands what it’s like to feel happy for just a moment, and says that she’s not to say anything else. She says that she was just trying to protect him and shut the conversation down. She didn’t expect Carly to deduce her boyfriend was married. She tells Sonny that none of it is her fault, and Sonny says it never is. Sam and Jason come in, and Sam says she hopes they’re not interrupting.

Nell tells them Carly asked her to check in on Sonny while she’s gone, and Sonny explains that Carly is in Australia. Nell says her work is done and jets. After asking how Sam is, Sonny asks Jason if he’s found out anything else. Jason tells him about the pawn shop burning down, and says they don’t think Julian is involved, but they’re close to finding out who is. Sonny asks if there’s a man behind it, but Jason says no.

Tom talks to Alexis, saying she’s the one who killed him. He tells her she should have a drink.

Franco tells Kiki he had nothing to do with it, but the police think he did. Kiki asks if he has an alibi, but he says his alibi would make things even worse. He tells her that he knows who killed Tom, but can’t go to the police.

Charlotte says she wishes she could have been at the wedding, but Nina says it was past her bedtime. Valentin tells her that it was at the stroke of midnight. Charlotte wonders if it was like Cinderella, and Nina says it was magical, but no one turned into a pumpkin. She says the only thing missing was Charlotte, but Valentin says there was one more thing.

Nathan tells Maxie he wants a moose head in their house, and explains how he always wanted to be one with nature. She tells him if they take the moose head, they’ll also need throw pillows and throws some pillows at him. They get silly, and there’s a knock at the door. It’s a police officer who has information about Claudette.

Kiki asks why Franco is hesitating, and he says it’s complicated. He says he might be innocent of this, but he’s committed other crimes. He says that he’s hurt members of the person’s family who killed Tom. Kiki tells him that knowing what Tom has done, it was probably self-defense. Franco says all he knows is he can’t turn her in, even if it means losing Elizabeth.

Alexis says she’s not going to drink, and Julian says he’ll help her through this. Tom says he’s never going to leave her alone. Alexis says she didn’t kill him; she couldn’t have. Julian tells her that she’s hallucinating. She asks if he doesn’t see Tom. Alexis sees a bloody knife in her own hand, but looks again to find it empty.

Sonny asks Jason if he really thinks a woman planted the bomb. Jason says yes, but any evidence has been burned up. Sonny says he’s glad they got out, and asks if there are any theories. Jason says not yet, but she must have a personal tie to Julian.

Valentin tells Charlotte about how they improvised with ribbon wedding rings. Valentin says when they were skating, he went to the jewelers. He asks Charlotte to help them exchange rings. She opens the box and Valentin tells her to give each of them the other’s ring. Valentin and Nina exchange rings, saying a few things, and then kiss. Charlotte is like, Yay!

The officer tells Nathan sorry it’s late. They found the body of a woman in the river who was an apparent suicide, and reran the prints after speaking with him. They were a match for Claudette’s.

Kiki asks if Elizabeth believes that Franco didn’t kill Tom. He says he thinks she does, but he’s done so many other things, it’s hard for her to trust him. He wanted them to start with a clean slate, and was going to find the real killer, but it looks like he’s remaining the prime suspect. He tells Kiki not to tell anyone, and says maybe they won’t have enough evidence to charge him. She says fine, his secret is safe. She tells him that Elizabeth stopped by.

After the officer leaves, Nathan tells Maxie that he doesn’t believe Claudette would kill herself, even though the prints were a match. Maxie says Claudette is gone, and the important thing is that they know what happened. He says she was a horrible person, and Maxie adds, but he loved her. He says for a few years, he really did.

Valentin gets a call and excuses himself. The officer from Canada says he did what Valentin told him. Valentin thanks him for his assistance.

Sonny thinks the woman is a cover hired by Julian as a smokescreen, and judging by the picture, they have long standing ties. Sam has to excuse herself, and when she goes upstairs, Jason tells Sonny things looked tense between him and Nell. He asks if everything is okay.

Alexis says she didn’t mean to kill him, and Julian tells her to calm down. Alexis tells Julian that if it hadn’t been for him, she would have never been in that bar and killed Tom. She still thinks she’s holding a knife, but there’s nothing in her hand.

Nathan wants to tell Claudette’s mom in person. He also has to call Griff, and someone has to let Charlotte know. Maxie suggests they get some sleep for now.

Valentin, Nina and Charlotte leave the MetroCourt. Carly calls Nell from the plane, and Nell says she’ll take care of everything. She says she’ll make sure to take care of Sonny. I’ll bet.

Sonny tells Jason that everything is fine, but Jason says it didn’t look that way. He says if Sonny is in trouble, he can tell him. Sonny says he’s pretty sure Nell isn’t as innocent as she appears to be.

Kiki tells Franco that Elizabeth told her not to say she came by, but she thought better of it after what he said. Kiki says whatever doubts Elizabeth has, they obviously don’t outweigh her feelings for him. She asks if he’s still going to keep his mouth shut. He says all he knows for sure is that he can’t go to prison.

Alexis stares at the non-knife in her hand,and finally realizes it’s not there. She tells Julian that he’s going to send her to prison and he doesn’t love her. He promises her that he does. He says he knows she’s in pain, and she starts to cry, begging for a drink. He says they’ll get through this. She cries in his arms, saying she needs help.

Tomorrow, Jordan questions Franco, Alexis wants to turn herself in, and Anna talks to Valentin.

Hump Day Quotes

I love cauliflower and I would agree that it’s incredibly versatile, but I’m starting to think that maybe everyone wouldn’t have felt quite as tragically disappointed and jaded by how 2016 shaped up as a year if we hadn’t put so much of our faith in cauliflower to be everything we needed.Darcy Lenz, 11 Food Trends That Need to Die in 2017

If you die when you’re fat, are you a fat ghost?Carrie Fisher, while working out on the treadmill.

💫 Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, you’re missing out. I love documentaries, and this immediately became one of my favorites. I’ve already watched it twice. I’d intended on watching it even before they both passed away, but that definitely added another dimension. Part Grey Gardens, part [fill in the name of your favorite Broadway musical here], with the comedic slant of The Office, this was the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. The mother and daughter team are brilliant and witty, and have given us a totally honest portrayal of themselves. This is what the reality genre ought to be. It’s my understanding that when they first saw the completed film, both Carrie and Debbie were not happy with so intimate of a portrait, but finally allowing its release. I’m sure there are no regrets here. It’s one of the most wonderful legacies ever left.

🌟 Geez, Star took a chance tonight. One of the girls had an accidental overdose, and they did a fantasy video sequence in the psyche ward, using staff and patient characters. I wouldn’t be surprised if some special snowflakes protest that. Maybe by burning some scrubs or kneeling during the opening music of an NPR program.

I have to add that Queen Latifah‘s aqua hair was everything. If I could pull that off, I would wear mine like that every day. I tried to find a picture, but stuff from The Wiz just kept popping up.

🍻 Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce is also back. I forget how much I like it until there’s a new season again. (That’s when the network throws a dart at a two-year calendar to decide when a show is returning.) The characters in this show are much more realistic than the ones on Sex and the City. I also hadn’t known that Lisa Edelstein (Abby) was a Club Kid back in the day, until I saw her on Watch What Happens Live. As soon as they mentioned it, I was like, that’s where I know you from.

Bravo has done well so far with their scripted shows. I also love Odd Mom Out, which I assume will come around again after Girlfriends’ Guide is done. That one surprised me. Not being a mom (at least not to two-legged kids), I didn’t think I’d relate, but as someone who lived a lot of their life in NYC, I can totally relate. And it’s funny as hell. As if that wasn’t enough, both programs have fashion to die for. The soundtracks ain’t bad neither.

🗣 I heard the word “shenanigans” twice on TV tonight, from two completely unrelated and surprising sources. Let’s see if shenanigans ends up happening, or goes the route of “fetch.”

July 25, 2016 – Is GH’s Luke Dead? & the OC Wives Battle in 70s Armor


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Kristina suggests that she and Parker let tomorrow be tomorrow. That song from Annie pops into my head. You’re welcome. Kristina kisses Parker and Sonny sees. He almost trips coming up the stairs, which makes me laugh.

Elizabeth fills in Finn about a patient who was recently in South Africa. He tells her he’s going out of town for a few days.

Naomi and Hayden have gotten subpoenas and have to go to NYC to testify. Hayden wonders what else they could possibly have to testify about. She also wonders why Naomi had a panic attack and asks what was happening prior to it at the MetroCourt. Elizabeth comes in and Hayden leaves. Naomi asks why they don’t get along. Franco enters the room and asks Elizabeth if he was dreaming or did she really agree to go on a date with him.

We repeat the Friday scene where Valentin (no “e” on the end) shoots Doc. In the melee that follows, Dante gets ahold of Valentin and puts him in a headlock. Lulu freaks over the skeleton in the tunnel. She sees a bracelet on its wrist and thinks it must be Luke.

Hayden asks Finn if he wants to go to lunch. He says he’s got somewhere to be and she asks if he’s found a new connection for his drug.

Parker tells Kristina she has to focus and get ready for her speech. Kristina asks if she can come along. Parker tells her that the attendance list was closed a while ago, but it’s the same thing she covered in class. Kristina apologizes again for how things started with them. Parker accepts the apology, but says it makes it hard for them to move forward.

Doc regains consciousness. Laura tells him to stay still. Dante says if everyone doesn’t drop their guns, he’ll break Valentin’s neck. Another thug has a gun drawn on Dante and Ava says it’s not worth it.

Lulu examines an earring and a bracelet just like her father’s. Hmm… Maybe Luke was hoping someone would find it and think he’s dead.

Ava tells Dante he can’t win the fight and to let Valentin go. She says she just watched Nicholas die and doesn’t want to see him die too. Dante releases Valentin, who acts like he was going to let everyone go and Dante just blew it. Yeah, right.

Hayden tells Finn she wants to help him and apologizes for implying he was a junkie. He thanks her for what she did for him and tells her he’ll return the favor some time, but for now, stop stalking him. She tells him not to flatter himself and that she’s there to see her mother.

Elizabeth tells Franco this isn’t the place for a dating conversation. He says they’ll always have toast. <snort> He starts talking about sending her kids to summer camp again, but Elizabeth says she’d never take anything from Heather. In the background, Naomi starts to have another attack. Elizabeth accepts the date and Franco tells Naomi that she’s his good luck charm. He leaves and Elizabeth sees that Naomi’s heart rate is climbing.

Kristina says Parker wasn’t hesitating last night, so what changed? She asks if they can just be in the moment and Parker says okay, but they need to be responsible. Kristina wants Parker to admit that she likes Kristina as much as Kristina likes her. Parker says she has to go. They kiss good-by. Kristina says she’ll stay there until Parker gets back. They make a cute couple, but it almost seems like their emotional roles are reversed all of a sudden.

Parker leaves. Sonny knocks on the door. Surprise!

Hayden tells Finn about Naomi’s panic attack and the subpoenas. He asks if she’ll be in the slammer by the time he gets back. She asks why he cares. He says he wanted to create some distance, but prison is a little extreme. He tells her he may have found a new source for his drugs and she asks if Sonny has something to do with it. Finn draws the line at that question and tells her to back off. Hayden calls him a colossal jerk.

Elizabeth apologizes to Naomi for Franco barging in and asks if he said something to upset her.

Franco visits Heather bearing a bouquet. She asks if he wants more money, but he says he wants to return what she gave him. He says he wanted to give it to Elizabeth and she refused, but she did say she’d go on a date with him.

Lulu wonders if it’s a set up, but thinks that would be too elaborate a plan. She hears a noise and hides.

Laura tells Doc to stay with her. Ava calls Valentin a bastard, but he says they’ve already established that. He says he was going to let them go, but now they’ve complicated everything with Doc jumping in front of his warning shot. Dante suggests Valentin keep him as a hostage and let everyone else go.

Kristina asks Sonny what he’s doing at the hotel. Sonny tells her he’s there to pick up Morgan’s meds. He asks if she’s staying there and she says no, it’s just a friend who’s in town for the conference and they had breakfast. She tries to blow Sonny off, but he says they need to talk. He tells her he saw her kiss a woman.

It was driving me crazy, so I looked up who’s playing Valentin. It’s James Patrick Stuart who used to be Will Cortlandt on All My Children. I thought I recognized the voice, but he looks very different with a mustache. I have to say he’s grown into a fine looking man.

Franco says Heather had a negative reaction to him dating both Carly and Nina, and he wants to make sure there’s no repeat performance. Heather says even if she objected to Elizabeth, what could she do from prison? He makes her promise she won’t do anything to interfere and she agrees. He wants to know what’s different about Elizabeth.

Naomi tells Elizabeth about the subpoenas. Elizabeth says Naomi’s anxiety increased when Franco was in the room. She says she recognized him from her art collecting friends. She says there were rumors that he was a serial killer, but Elizabeth says he’s not the same person anymore, and he’s been amazing to her and her son. Naomi asks if she’s sure he’s changed and Elizabeth says she is. She feels that if someone acknowledges their faults and sincerely tries to do better, they deserve a second chance. Naomi says too bad more people don’t feel that way. She adds that eyebrows might be raised if Elizabeth starts dating a relative.

Finn tells Hayden about all his research being confiscated and wonders if it’s been destroyed. He says the drugs are a temporary solution and what he needs is a cure. She tells him not to give up, but he says he’s just being realistic. He says he doesn’t want her to watch him die. He doesn’t want to be the reason for more sorrow in her life.

Dante says if Doc recovers, no one has to know about it. Valentin says you can’t hold someone hostage indefinitely, it’s a lot of overtime for his thugs and someone is bound to start asking where Dante is. He says if everyone is dead, there’s no more problem.

One of the thugs comes past Lulu in the tunnel and she whacks him in the head, knocking him out.

Sonny wants to know who Parker is. He says she seems a lot older than Kristina. He asks if she’s a student, and Kristina says no. Kristina tells him that the woman is Parker. He’s astounded that it’s the same Parker that reported her for her advances. Sonny has a look on his face that’s definitely a father in I-can’t-believe-my-kid-just-did-this mode.

He asks why Kristina didn’t tell him and she says she was afraid. He asks what she thinks would happen, and she says she doesn’t know. She says he always wants to fix things and some things can’t be fixed or explained. She says he seemed to like Aaron and he says she did too. She says she does, but she also likes Parker. O.M.G. Kristina tells Sonny she just had the best night of her life with Parker, but she still doesn’t know if she’s gay. Why is she giving her father TMI? Seriously, telling him she might be gay is fine, but would you really tell your dad about the best night of your life?

Heather says Elizabeth is Jeff Webber’s daughter and she loved Jeff. She says Jeff is the reason she’s a woman of means, which doesn’t get explained further. Franco tries to return the money again, but she says it’s useless to her in there. She suggests he buy art supplies and bring her a painting next time.

Elizabeth says she doesn’t understand. Naomi says she overheard her say Franco’s mother is Heather Webber, but Elizabeth says they’re not related, even though Heather was once married to her father. She tells Naomi that Heather is locked up now. She leaves to get Naomi’s release paperwork started.

Hayden says for the first time in her life she wants to help someone even though there’s nothing in it for her. She says if Finn doesn’t like her fine, but don’t tell her to leave just because he’s afraid she’ll fall apart if he dies.

Lulu wonders whether to stick with the plan and try to get help, or take the gun and shoot Valentin. She tells herself that Luke would have said, when in doubt, improvise.

Laura talks to Doc. She says she’s going to keep him alive, but he has to do his part and stay with her.

Dante tells Valentin if he wants to live, he needs to let them go and run. Ava says Valentin will be spending the rest of his life in a cell if he doesn’t disappear. Valentin says she makes a good point, but the last time he listened to her, he almost lost his eye, which makes it difficult for him to want to believe her.

Finn says he thought he was doing Hayden a favor. She tells him to go make his mysterious connection.

Heather has another visitor. It’s Naomi, who is apparently Heather’s money source. I’m trying to make some connection between her and Jeff, but it makes my head hurt. Naomi says that she knows Elizabeth is seeing Heather’s son and tells her not to breathe one word about Elizabeth to Franco, or her life will be more miserable than it already is. Again, I’m thinking that Elizabeth and Hayden are related somehow.

Franco asks Elizabeth if it’s good or bad that his mother approves of them dating. Hayden comes in and wonders where Naomi is. Elizabeth says she doesn’t know, but she escorted her out, and she was surprised to find they have a lot in common.

Kristina asks Sonny if he can accept having a gay daughter and if he can accept her.

Valentin says all he wanted was the Cassadine estate. He says it belonged to him anyway, since he’s older and Nicholas has a questionable background. He says he wants to believe he can trust them, but it’s not likely they’ll keep their mouths shut. He asks who would like to die first. Lulu suddenly pops in with the gun and says she votes for him.

Tomorrow, Carly asks Nina why she wants to help, Parker talks to Alexis, Lulu threatens Valentin, and Sam keels over.

The Real Housewives of the OC

Shannon’s 70s party looks like one of my junior high school dances, both in wardrobe and attendance. We start off in the middle of a fight, but then go back to 48 hours earlier when everyone is getting their costumes together. Shannon and David are at a costume store and Shannon picks out a Farrah wig (Fawcett, not Abraham) and David gets some tight blonde curls. A bizarre conversation happens where the girls are asking David how many times he’s…never mind. My TV viewing today has been filled with things I would never talk to my father about.

Tamra goes shopping with Kelly at a vintage store. Tamra asks how Kelly is feeling about Shannon, since they didn’t exactly start off great. Kelly thinks Shannon is a Debbie Downer and says she’s not the only one who got that first impression. We flash back to Heather kicking Shannon out of her house a couple of seasons back. Tamra tells Kelly about the falling out she had with Shannon, and how it was really her fault and they mended fences. Kelly thinks if Shannon forgave Tamra, she should forgive Vicki as well. Tamra says she has, but doesn’t know if she wants to continue the friendship.

Heather’s nanny is cooking dinner. Heather tells us that she doesn’t cook, but loves to surround herself with food oriented things, like cooking shows and equipment. I totally understand this.

Meghan is going to speak about colon cancer in Washington DC and Heather is going with her. In her interview, Meghan talks about Jimmy’s ex-wife passing away from it. She got involved with a non-profit that raises funds and awareness. She has nothing written out yet, and Heather tells her she might want to move on that.

Terry arrives home. Heather is annoyed that he chose to work on Mother’s Day. He suggests she come with him to New York, but she doesn’t want to leave the kids, so he says he’ll see if the date can be changed.

Briana is home and feeling better. Her kids seem like a freakin’ handful and a half. No wonder she’s sick. Vicki hasn’t responded to Shannon’s invite, but now that Briana is on the mend, she thinks she might go to the party.

Kelly takes her daughter, Jolie, for a mani-pedi. Jolie is nine and Kelly’s mini-me. Kelly says she’s a strict, but fun mom. She asks Jolie about the upcoming Justin Bieber concert, saying she has Bieber fever, and her daughter informs Kelly that she’s too old to be a fan. As Jolie asks for the latest electronics, Kelly informs us that OC children are the most spoiled in the world.

Meghan’s ultrasound and blood work are coming up tomorrow. She asks Jimmy if he’ll be able to Facetime with her, since he’s off to do whatever he does wherever he does it. Meghan says he’s not used to a highly emotional woman going through IVF. She tells him that by the time he gets back, the embryo will have been transferred to her uterus. She’s disappointed that he’s not more enthusiastic, but I don’t think Jimmy is enthusiastic about much. Meghan says she feels isolated.

It’s party time! David is surprised that Shannon invited Vicki and is more angered than Shannon about the whole Brooks/cancer debacle. Vicki stops by Kelly’s place first, wearing the most amazing pink and gold paisley mini dress. We see a high school picture of Vicki in the 70s. She really hasn’t changed all that much. Well, the braces are gone. And she’s blonde. They have tequila shots. Why does everyone like tequila so much? I think it tastes foul and leads to the worst hangover of any liquor.

The venue looks really cool, with a lot of details like lava lamps and pet rocks. The guests are greeted with Jell-O shots. Ha-ha! Eddie has the biggest wig ever – a gigantic blonde Afro. Vicki is hoping they can all hug it out and move on. In her interview, Shannon says she didn’t want to be the one excluding Vicki. That’s probably wise, since Vicki rescued Shannon from her own exclusion once.

Kelly is introduced to a friend of Shannon’s named Jaci (pronounced like Jackie). Jaci says they’ve met before and brings up seeing Kelly with someone else when Kelly and her husband were separated. She does this in front of Kelly’s husband, which Kelly says is kind of a bitch move. Um, yeah. Heather says she’s chosen to move on with Vicki, and if Vicki did lie, karma and God will catch up with her. Meghan starts to feel uncomfortable and ill because of her preparation for tomorrow’s procedure.

Here’s where it starts looking like the school dance. Lots of people on the sidelines and a few straggling dancers out on the floor. Heather is on roller skates and takes a dive. Tamra is annoyed, since she’s preparing for a fitness competition and can’t really drink. Meghan asks where Tamra stands with Vicki now and Tamra says she’s forgiven her and they’re moving on. Meghan says she wasn’t really friends with Vicki to begin with, and doesn’t trust her. In her interview, Tamra wonders why Meghan is sticking her nose into her business with Vicki.

Kelly jokes that David looks like a pedophile. Shannon doesn’t find it funny, but Meghan is actually right. Terry and Heather have a private conversation. Terry promises to be home more after this season of Botched. Heather says she’s heard this before. She says at some point, he’s going to have to realize he can’t always say yes. She tells him that he says yes to everyone except his family. In his interview, Terry says he loves Heather and the kids, but she’s right.

Champagne and liquor flow. Tamra takes note of Vicki and Kelly being drinking buddies. I have the feeling this rubs Tamra the wrong way. Jaci sits with Tamra and Shannon and gossips about Kelly. Kelly comes by with Vicki looking for Vicki’s purse and some girl named Nina gets all involved. She gets nasty, telling them to look somewhere else. When they start to walk away, she says Kelly and Vicki are ghetto. Tamra thinks Jaci and Nina are trying to pick a fight with Kelly. I think wtf?

Vicki finds her purse near Heather, and Heather informs her that Nina put it there. Yep. She did. We see the video. Tamra stirs the pot by coming out and telling them that Nina has a problem with Kelly. Kelly returns to the gossip circle and says she heard Nina had something to say about her.

Tamra tries to extract herself from what she started, which is typical. Kelly says she doesn’t remember Jaci, who looks like every other Malibu Barbie chick. Nina keeps her nose in her phone. Kelly keeps calling Shannon Mrs. Roper and Shannon gets pissed, finally telling her to leave the party. Kelly says fine since the party sucks anyway. To be honest, it looks like a sparse crowd and not much fun. Shannon asks if Kelly is going to get hammered again tonight. She drags Heather into it, whining that she’s being accused of not having a 70s outfit. Huh? Tamra says she sees how Kelly feels set up. Well, yeah, you set her up.

Vicki somehow gets into it with David, who tells her to shut her f-ing mouth. Shannon comes running in, in tears, telling David they’re making fun of her or something. David and Vicki get nose to nose and David calls Vicki a scumbag. She tells him that’s the way he might talk to Shannon, but he’s not married to her. There’s a lot of yelling between David, Shannon, Kelly and Vicki, with everyone else just watching. Terry probably has the best observation face and Kelly’s husband continues to laugh through the whole thing. Kelly says no wonder David cheated. Everyone is like, whoa, and Shannon goes ballistic, accusing Kelly of cheating on her husband, and tells some story about her neighbor having an affair, alluding to it being with Kelly. Kelly keeps saying, who? and Shannon keeps replying, you, like it’s a Who’s On First routine. I think what Kelly is drunkenly trying to ask is, who is the neighbor?

Kelly gets loud, calling Shannon disgusting and ugly, and calling her Mrs. Roper again. Suddenly, Shannon claims she wanted to look like Mrs. Roper. This is so unbelievably juvenile and weird. Kelly curses them out all the way to the limo. Vicki is like, it’s all Brooks’s fault and calls his voicemail, complaining about having to still be dealing with his lies after nine months. Wow. How come I never get invited to parties like this?

Shannon wonders what happened to her party and if it can be salvaged. She and Tamra dress up in some weird costumes where they look nakey, but not really, and giant Afro wigs. They descend on Heather. I don’t know what to say. It’s been pointed out that whenever these girls have any kind of gathering while in costume, a battle is waged. Remember 80s night? Or the Bunco party?

Kelly goes on and on in the limo about being attacked. She says she felt that Shannon set her up with the two wannabes. Michael says she was hijacked, whatever that means. Kelly agrees.

Next time, Briana starts house renovations, Meghan gets her implantation, and Shannon and Kelly meet.


🎠 I don’t recap Odd Mom Out, but highly recommend it. Whether your a mom or not, it’s hysterically funny. Maybe you can tell from this snippet if the show is for you.

Tonight’s episode began with main character Jill in Kiss makeup, waking up on the kitchen floor amid bowling pins and other game pieces, being kissed by a miniature pig. She stumbles to the bathroom to find her husband in the bathtub with a tiger. Drew Barrymore guest starred.

July 11, 2016 – GH & the OC – Spencer Confesses & Vicki Apologizes


What I Watched Today
(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Nina and Carly are at the MetroCourt. Carly tells Nina she’s trying to solve a mystery. Nina says she understands, since she’s in the middle of the Crimson cover dilemma. She says now that Julian’s been arrested, she has to change her idea. She asks Carly what her mystery is, and Carly says, her daughter.

Teddy is going to be okay. Tracy praises Finn to Michael and Sabrrrina, and goes off to see what she can do about getting his job back. Sabrrrina says the way Michael is acting, it’s like they’re family.

Finn is trying to get another source for his medication. There’s a knock at his door and he yells at them to go away. It’s Hayden, who lies to get him to open the door.

Laura asks Spencer who he’s been talking to. He pleads the fifth. She suggests calling back the number and he says he’d hate to subject her to telemarketers. Laura isn’t buying it, since he’s been returning the calls. She wants the truth, but Spencer says she can’t handle the truth.

Nicholas tells Ava to sit tight. He says as soon as the storm breaks, he’ll try his phone. Sam and Jason discuss what happened to Nicholas, who could have done it, and why. A figure lurks in the next room, watching them. Sam tells Jason that she knows she shouldn’t let Helena get to her, but the conditions are perfect for Helena’s brand of mischief. She suggests tying up Nicholas and Ava, when Ava calls for help.

Laura says she can handle the truth fine. Spencer says ignorance is bliss, or so he’s heard. Doc tells him he needs to answer Laura’s question and Spencer tells him to butt out. Laura hits redial.

Ava is concerned that Nicholas is going to pass out. Jason says there’s not much they can do until the storm is over. He and Sam leave Ava and Nicholas locked in the room. Nicholas’s phone rings. Jason hears it and comes back. He asks if he has to take Nicholas’s phone away again.

Hayden brings Finn a bunch of supplements. He says thanks, but no thanks; he needs his medication. He tells her he’s working on a new connection and she says she has one.

Jason answers the phone, but neither he nor Laura can hear one another. Laura tells Doc the call dropped. Spencer wants the phone back. Laura tells him she’s going to take it to Dante and Spencer says, “No not the fuzz,” and I laugh. He finally relents and says he’s been calling his father. He tells them Nicholas is alive.

Nicholas tells Jason he has no idea what he’s just done. Jason tells Nicholas and Ava to take their shoes off because it’s harder to run without them. The intruder, dressed in black, peruses the family history book and knocks a ceramic to the ground, breaking it. Jason and Sam leave Ava and Nicholas again. Sam tells Nicholas maybe they can get some rest, and sees the broken ceramic. She says someone else is in the house.

Hayden tells Finn her father moved in influential circles and she still has connections with pharmaceutical people. Finn tells her to stay out of his life. Hayden says she’s just trying to help. Finn says he can manage his condition without her help and she reminds him of what she did for him in jail. He says she’s making a cause out of him to make herself feel better about her father being a thief. She says she’s genuinely concerned, but he says he doesn’t want her risking it and tell her to stay away. He opens the door and Tracy is there.

Michael tells Sabrrrina they should take their time figuring out what they want. She says Teddy’s health and happiness come first. Michael asks what’s next, and she says she wants to be a nurse again.

Doc asks how Spencer knows this. Spencer explains that Nicholas told him before the fake accident. Nicholas said something would happen and everyone would think he’s dead, but he’d really just be on the lam for a while. Laura says it makes sense considering Nicholas’s poor judgement lately. Spencer says Nicholas had to save himself. Doc asks from what and Laura says, no, from whom.

Ava gets comfortable in Helena’s bed until Nicholas tells her that Helena died there. She finds a journal of Helena’s. Nicholas says it must be a forgery, since Helena never kept a journal. She reads aloud about Helena feeling the dead members of her family around her. She says she knows she’s been poisoned and can’t do anything, but she’ll make sure they pay, including her beloved grandson Nicholas.

The intruder is grabbed by Jason from behind. It doesn’t look like Helena, unless she’s been taking hormones and grew a mustache.

Tracy asks if she’s intruding. Hayden says of course she is, but Finn tells her Hayden was just leaving. When Hayden is gone, Tracy tells Finn the walls at the hotel aren’t exactly thick and everyone could hear them arguing. She tells him that the hospital board has seen the error of its ways and he’s officially reinstated.

Carly tells Nina the story about Jake’s return. She tells Nina she still doesn’t know where the kidney originated or who the donor is. Nina starts to get weepy and talks about not being able to have children. She says she was a mother for a short time and knows what it’s like to have dreams for your child. Carly says she might never get answers, but she has to try. Nina says that’s what brought them together – they can help each other.

The intruder says his name is Theo and he didn’t mean to trespass. He says his boat was taking on water and he had to come to shore. He says he would have rather come anywhere but there, since people often don’t come back from Cassadine Island.

Ava asks Nicholas if he killed his grandmother, but he says Helena was paranoid. She says she thought she and Nicholas were kindred spirits, but maybe she was wrong.

Laura asks Spencer if Nicholas was ever going to tell anyone else. He says Nicholas was planning on coming for him. He says he didn’t mean to hurt anyone and wanted to tell her the truth. She says she knows how sorry he is, but he’s not half as sorry as Nicholas is going to be when she gets ahold of him.

Sabrrrina tells Michael that watching the nurses attend to Teddy made her realize what she was missing. Michael suggests he talk to Monica. Sabrrrina hugs him, saying she can’t believe it. They kiss.

Finn thanks Tracy. She says she owed him and she doesn’t like owing anybody anything, even people she likes. He says no time like the present to get back to work. She says he seemed tired, but he blames it on Hayden. She tells him not to overdo it, but he says he doesn’t know any other way. She leaves and he leans against the door.

Theo says this is his first time in the house and his only relationship with the Cassadines is selling them fish.

Spencer doesn’t know exactly where Nicholas is and Laura tells him to get dressed. Doc asks if she’s okay. She says she knows she should be relieved, but she’s angry. Doc says it sounds like Nicholas was in fear for his life. Laura says not his life, but the way he lives it. He asks what she knows and she says it wouldn’t be fair to confide in him.

Ava tells Nicholas his plan to start a new life is a failure. She says she also failed when she tried the same thing, but regrets are worthless. Nicholas asks what he is to her and she says that remains to be seen. He asks if she’s ever wanted a do-over. She tells him she has to see what’s in store for them before she wishes for one. They kiss.

Michael says it was too soon, but Sabrrrina says no. Finn enters the hospital and Sabrrrina tries to thank him, but he says he has work to do.

Tracy sees Hayden at the bar. Hayden explains that Tracy needs to use her influence to save Finn’s life.

Nina suggests using the magazine to tell Jocelyn’s story. She says at the very least, it will shed light on the organ donor black market. Carly agrees.

Laura says she doesn’t want Doc to perjure himself, so she won’t tell him the details. She says that Nicholas will be in trouble if he comes back and Jason has been left a fugitive. Doc asks what she’s going to do, and she says get Spencer home.

Theo says he was just there for shelter. Jason asks what he saw. He says a man and a woman. Sam explains they’re fugitives and it has nothing to do with him. Jason says something about Nicholas getting hit in the head.

Ava takes a pouch from Nicholas’s pocket while they kiss. It’s the diamonds. She says look, she pulled the family jewels out of his pants. BA-DUM-CHH!

Jason tells Theo to stay in plain sight. He goes near the fire to warm himself. Jason tells Sam to go to bed, but she decides to catch up on Cassadine history and takes the book. At the fireplace, Theo pulls up his sleeve, exposing a tattoo.

Tomorrow, Anna goads Julian, Hayden asks Tracy for help, and Laura tells Lulu that Nicholas is alive.

The Real Housewives of the OC

Briana and family are moving back to the OC. Vicki is glad to see the end of Oklahoma City. Briana has some health problems, so this will make things easier on her. I guess Ryan is staying behind to sell the house? We flash back to when he and Vicki weren’t exactly getting along, but now things are just peachy. Okay, Vicki explains that Ryan has to finish up his job, but he’ll also be overseeing the sale of the house.

Meghan is taking fertility shots and making a video diary for Jimmy who’s away at baseball camp or whatever. Concentrating on a future baby, Meghan overcomes her fear of needles and finally does it after I’m not sure how long because I wasn’t paying attention. She’s pretty proud of herself.

Shannon and David’s house is in escrow. She says they’ve been in escrow a few times and are waiting for buyers getting overseas money. She says it’s like a symbolic fresh start for the family and she’s looking forward to starting new. She visits the realtor (from Sotheby’s!), who’s hoping to see some action from the buyer by the end of the week. Shannon and the realtor discuss the family getting a rental while looking for another house. She wants to create a “green” home.

Briana is at the wheel as she, Vicki and the boys drive back to California. Briana flashes back to her and Vicki’s estrangement because of Brooks. One of the kids has to use the bathroom, but they’re in the middle of nowhere. Vicki suggests finding a bush, but good luck in that forever flatland. They discuss Briana’s health issues. Vicki wonders why a doctor can’t just fix her.

Meghan calls Kelly. The girls are going out, but Meghan isn’t feeling well, so she’s taking a pass. Kelly is nervous not to have Meghan with her and we flash back to Kelly’s awkward meeting with some of the group.

Thirteen hours to go and I have the feeling we’re on at least round three of complaining about everything. Briana has recently had surgery, and is feeling the struggle, and I’m not sure why Vicki isn’t driving. Vicki asks if Briana wants to spend the night in a hotel, but Briana just wants to get the blip home.

Kelly orders a shot for medicinal purposes because she feels a cough thing coming on. Heather tells the ladies about a book that she and Terry are writing about their adventures in health and beauty. She wants to do a launch party, but shes’ worried the house won’t be ready. Kelly also wants to have a party. She thinks the ladies should loosen up.

Tamra can’t wait to tell everyone that Kelly had lunch with Vicki. Kelly says she knew Vicki through a hairdresser and likes her. Heather explains that they’ve all just been through the mill with Vicki. In her interview, Kelly says she’s been in Vicki’s position, loving the wrong person, and sees herself in Vicki. Heather thinks Kelly should take their past with Vicki into consideration, but Kelly thinks they should cut Vicki some slack. It’s an agreement to disagree at this point, but I’m sure this will rear it’s ugly head later.

Hour twenty-one and Vicki and company make it home. In her interview, Briana talks about how uncomfortable she is with her leg swollen and bleeding, but I have to add that she looks really good. Last season, it seemed like she could barely bother to comb her hair, but now she looks much more pulled together.

Briana has to go to the hospital and the boys drive Vicki nuts. Ugh! This is not a fun grandma moment. She’s bringing a bag to Briana, and getting them in the car is a major achievement. One forgets his iPad and I just shake my head.

Tamra is having her BMI measured. She says she’d been praying for Christian people in her life and God sent her trainer, Mia. She says Mia is her therapist and spiritual guide as well. We flash back to Eddie telling Tamra to stay out of Ryan’s financial business. She and Mia discuss giving the control over to God and praying rather than worrying.

Heather is tired of working on the new house and just wants to move in. She’s looking at $7000 grills, and it reminds me of when my husband and I got a grill at Sears. There wasn’t a salesman to be found and we started to wander around, looking at the pricey ones, just like Heather is now. Voila! A salesman appeared. When he asked if he could help us, and we said we wanted the $300 grill rather than the $3000 one we had been looking at, his disappointment was apparent. We both said, “Sorry!” at the same time.

Heather tells us hexagonal ice is jewelry for your drinks. Shaking my head again.

Briana gets something in her arm to give her antibiotics and other medication while she’s at home. She says it wasn’t easy to convince the infectious disease doctors to let her go. Vicki talks about Kelly’s invitation to the party, but Briana wants to lie down. Vicki tells Briana that she has to get to work. In her interview, Briana complains, but in hers, Vicki says she just bought Briana a house and money doesn’t come out of thin air. Truth!

Kelly and Michael get ready for their party. Kelly nixes Michael’s outfit and chastises him for not putting the ice machine on the night before. They have a beach backyard where the party is going to be happening. Michael gets the fire-pit going and Meghan arrives. Kelly tells her she isn’t sure if Vicki is coming, but she told her to bring Briana.

The guests trickle in and there’s talk of a volley ball game. Vicki shows up in some really cute camo wedges. In her interview, Vicki says she doesn’t want the ladies to dictate her social life. She says hello to everyone. Kelly’s mother and brother are also there, and Jimmy actually makes an appearance.

It’s time to eat and I drool over the fancy sandwiches. Heather and Vicki discuss Briana. Heather has decided to treat Vicki as an acquaintance. Shannon is pissy about Vicki being there. Vicki sits with Tamra and tells her that she’s still healing from last year’s sh*tstorm. She says she misses her friends, but it goes both ways and she doesn’t feel that Tamra was there for her. Tamra says her story was always changing and wonders how she could live in the same house as Brooks and not know what’s going on. She asks why Vicki wouldn’t go to her friends.

Meanwhile, Shannon gives Kelly the skinny on the fake medical document and what went down between her and Vicki. Shannon doesn’t believe Vicki didn’t know about the lying and says there’s a difference between making a mistake and perpetuating a lie. Vicki tells Tamra that she believed Brooks and was rooked along with everyone else. Tamra tells her to be honest and Vicki says she has been. She repeats that she believed Brooks and was ganged up on by the women. Tamra says she’s disappointed that Vicki never apologized. Vicki says Tamra didn’t handle it well either. In her interview, Tamra says Vicki is best at blaming others for her own messes.

Vicki insists she didn’t lie about Brooks, but Tamra says even when the lies were exposed, Vicki still chose Brooks over them and her own daughter. She says Vicki needs to be less stubborn. Vicki starts to cry and asks Tamra to forgive her. In her interview, Tamra says Vicki will never admit she knew Brooks didn’t have cancer, but she’s going to let it go. Vicki wants to start an apology tour and Tamra says, just do it.

Next time, Party at Kelly’s, Shannon and Vicki get into it, Meghan tries for a baby, and Briana is back in the hospital.

** Hope you’re watching Odd Mom Out. Even if you don’t have kids, it’s easy to relate to. And although it out New York Citys every other show set in there (including Sex in the City – sorry, no real humans live that way), you don’t have to live there to “get it.” Tonight’s episode revolved around the futile effort of trying to get tickets for Hamilton, using several of the Broadway actors in bit parts. Very funny. I literally lol several times during every episode.

I’m glad Bravo has branched out into scripted territory with this dramedy, as well as The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. Both of these shows are sophisticated, yet full of laughs.