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July 29, 2019 – Shiloh Crashes a Party, Two Time Winner Aboard, Returning Listings, Birthday Surprise, Sneezy, Lots Of Wives, Honeymoon Over, MJ Update, No Charm & New Month


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Franco and Drew have lunch in Drew’s office. Franco says, it’s a little out there, but a psychic at the reception told him that he may not be feeling himself soon. To make it weirder, Ava is trying to communicate with Kiki somehow, and he saw another psychic at the hospital. She told him, whatever you do don’t take that drive. He asks what Drew thinks.

Ava asks if Chelsea would like to sit. Chelsea says they can talk about the article in Crimson, but Ava says that’s another way Sibley failed her. She could have warned Ava that she was walking into a hatchet job. Chelsea doesn’t think it was a hatchet job. It was honest, and didn’t take a side. Ava told her story in her own words. Some readers approved, some didn’t. Such is pleasing the public. Ava says she wasn’t trying to please anyone. She did it to make amends with Kiki, hoping Kiki would maybe forgive her.

Willow goes to Charlie’s to find Julian. She says Michael mentioned that today is Wiley’s birthday, but he’s at work. Julian says he didn’t think he’d be invited. Willow says she’s the reason, and she’d like to change that.

At the hospital, Shiloh approaches Epiphany at the reception desk. He says he called about getting a copy of his medical records, and she asks if he filled out a request form online. He tells her, no, and she says he needs to fill one out in person then. She can’t release them without a request form. She gives him the paperwork. Bobbie comes by, and tells Epiphany that she got her shift covered. Epiphany tells her to have fun at Wiley’s birthday party. Bobbie says, Lucas already left for the MetroCourt, and she doesn’t want to keep the guest of honor waiting. Shiloh listens.

Carly says she’s glad Sasha could be there, and Sasha thinks her for being included. She asks if she can help, but Carly says, no. Just be patient with the family. She promises they mean well. Alexis arrives, followed by Brad and Lucas with Wiley. Brad says Wiley is ready to party, and so are they. Lucas says Wiley has made them the happiest guys on the planet.

Michael tells Nelle that he didn’t come there to talk about them; he came talk about their son. Nelle says that’s what she means. She called him for a different reason, but now it’s all about their son. She knows something he doesn’t about what really happened to Jonah.

Julian tells Willow that he’s tried to keep his distance. Willow says, at the time, she didn’t know he’d put his past aside. She’s seen how people can change. Her mother changed, and she changed when she left DOD. She’d like to clear the way for him to be part of Wiley’s life. She thinks Wiley needs a grandfather like him.

Epiphany tells Shiloh, his medical records are being prepared now. He asks if there’s any way to expedite that. He has somewhere to be. She says, it’s a hospital, not a fast food counter. Paperwork comes second to patient care. She suggests he take a seat.

Bobbie says it’s Wiley’s birthday and gotcha day; the day he was adopted. Carly tells Sasha that the days were so close, they decided to celebrate them together. Brad asks Lucas if everything is okay, and Lucas tells him that Willow has changed her mind about Julian seeing Wiley. Brad says it’s fine with him, but he supposes it’s up to Lucas. Carly introduces Sasha to Bobbie, who says, oh, Michael’s girlfriend. Sasha says, they’re really just… but Bobbie says, nonsense. She asks if Wiley isn’t incredible, and Sasha says, he’s a charmer. She asks if Sasha wants to hold him, and Carly takes a picture of Sasha holding Wiley.

Nelle tells Michael, the night their son was born, she gave birth alone in the woods. She was in deep despair, literally out of her mind. She asks him to please try and understand. His phone dings, and he sees it’s a message from Carly. Nelle asks if Carly knows he’s there. Does she want him to come home and forget about her? He says, it doesn’t matter, but she tells him to open it. He does, and sees the picture of Sasha and Wiley. The text says, look who’s stealing your godson. Michael explains that Wiley is Lucas and Brad’s son, and his godson. She asks if Sasha is his girlfriend, and he says they’re seeing each other. That’s all he’s saying. What does she know about Jonah that he doesn’t?

Julian says he can’t thank Willow enough. She says she’s happy to do it. He says, ironically, he has Wiley’s birthday gift there. He was going to send it by messenger, but now they can take it together. He goes in the back, and Willow gets a message from Lucas, who hopes she can come to Wiley’s big day.

Franco asks what Drew thinks the psychic meant. Does he think it has something to do with the car Oscar left to Cameron? Drew says he had it checked bumper to bumper; it’s the safest car on the road. Franco says clearly, it’s bothering him. He didn’t want to saddle Elizabeth with it, and since Drew has nothing better to do than listen to him… He tells himself to stop babbling, and Drew asks Franco to do him a favor. Stop worrying. The psychic probably wants him to be curious so he’ll pay for a consultation. Drew tells him to enjoy his new life with Elizabeth. Franco says, that’s what’s bothering him; he’s happy. He’s happier than he’s ever been, and now he has something to lose. They both know how easy it is to lose things in this life. Drew tells him don’t do that to himself. Don’t rob himself of joy worrying about what he can’t see coming. Drew’s assistant brings in a package for him from the Department of the Navy.

As they walk, Ava asks Chelsea why they’re in the park. Does she hope to reach Kiki there? Chelsea says it’s a spot Kiki enjoyed. Ava says, Kiki loved it; she loved running there. She especially liked when the sunflowers were in bloom. They reminded her aliens visiting for a while. She had a quirky sense of humor. She was sweet, but not a pushover. She was so beautiful. Chelsea says, like her mother. It’s remarkable considering the fire she went through. Her surgeon must be in great demand. Ava tells her, the less said about the fire, the better. The only good thing was that Kiki forgave her. Chelsea says, for tampering with Morgan’s medication? and Ava says she’s not paying Chelsea to judge her. Chelsea says she’s not judging; she’s stating facts. Ava entered Morgan’s room under false pretenses, and switched his lithium with a placebo. It’s just like how she shot Connie. Ava says Chelsea is dredging up things best left forgotten. Why doesn’t she contact Ava’s daughter?

Nelle says she sees Michael has moved on from the loss of their son. Michael says he thinks of Jonah every day, and she asks if he dreams about Jonah every night. She does. He says he’s supposed to be at a party, but came there to honor Jonah’s memory. Whatever she has to say, say it now, or he’s leaving. She says she wanted to tell him about a dream she had. It was so real. Jonah was surrounded by angels. They were singing to him, and he was smiling. He was at peace, and so beautiful. She wanted to share it with Michael. Michael says they’re never going to see each other again after this. He calls for the guard, saying he’s done. He leaves, and Nelle cries a little. She says, this is not goodbye. She’s not done with him or their baby.

Sasha tells Lucas that his son is a charmer. Lucas says they like to think so. Bobbie asks Carly if Michael and Sasha are serious, and Carly says, we’ll see. She asks if Bobbie can have champagne, and Bobbie says, a little. It’s a special occasion in more ways than one. It’s the first time Carly has liked, or even approved, of Michael’s girlfriend. Carly says she likes Sasha, and the contrast is like night and day. Michael seems light and happy. She adds, until today. Nelle called, and Michael is on his way to see her.

Alexis tells Brad and Lucas that she has no idea how Shiloh made bail, but it doesn’t change anything regarding Wiley. Shiloh is banned from making any claim in family court until his criminal charges are adjudicated. Brad can’t wait, and Lucas says, today is about Wiley and family. Julian comes in with Willow, and Carly asks what the hell he’s doing there. Lucas says Willow gave him permission, and Brad says he’s been a lifesaver. Willow says she’ll contact Diane and make it official. Bobbie says, anything for her grandson.

Drew asks his assistant if she has any idea what this is about. She says Oscar wanted him to have his military medals. He filled out the paperwork, and she got Drew to sign it. He thought he was signing a contract. He says his son co-opted her into getting his signature without his knowledge? She says it was back in February, and asks if she’s getting fired. Drew says she’s getting a raise and an extra week’s vacation. She asks if that means they’re okay, and he says they’re great. After she leaves, he says, that kid. Franco says, Oscar probably went to a lot of trouble. Drew should take a look.

Drew opens the box, and it’s filled with jewelry-type boxes. He opens one, and says, the Silver Star. Franco says, wow, and asks if he can open the envelope that came with it. Drew tells him, go ahead, and Franco reads that it’s from the Secretary of the Navy for his gallantry in actions against the enemy. Some of it is redacted, but Drew saved lives, and whatever he did was impressive. He should check them out. Drew wonders what made Oscar want to request them. Franco says Oscar was curious about Drew’s past. Maybe he thought these would help explain it. Or maybe he was proud of his old man, and wanted Drew to have them. And he should. He earned them. Drew just wishes Oscar could see them.

Carly asks if they’re ready to toast the birthday boy. Michael runs in, telling Sasha that he’s sorry he’s late. Sasha tells him, don’t apologize. It’s been great, and his godson is darling. Michael says, Wiley definitely has a way of bringing people together. Lucas toasts to their son, Wiley. He’s only been in the world a year, but his impact on the family is immeasurable. Shiloh strolls in (I’m sure we all saw that coming), and says sorry he’s late. He says his invitation must have gotten lost in the mail, and out-smirks himself.

Ava asks Chelsea, please contact Kiki, and ask what she thinks of the article. Chelsea says she can’t do it on demand, but Ava begs her to try. She’s got to reach Kiki one way or another. Chelsea looks into the distance, and says, my goodness. It’s the Coachella of dead people. It’s a crowded field. Connie is there, and someone named AJ. Ava says she doesn’t want to hear from them; she wants to hear from her daughter. Chelsea says, there’s a very elegant women named Helena who has a message. Ava says, she’s Nikolas’s grandmother. Chelsea says, Helena claims Ava knew Nikolas killed her, but didn’t tell anyone. Ava says she didn’t bring Chelsea there to contact Helena. Where’s Kiki? Chelsea says, sorry. She hears an infant crying. Ava says she didn’t kill a baby, and Chelsea says, so she knows nothing about a dead baby boy and his mother?

Carly tells Shiloh, it’s her hotel; get the hell out before she calls security. He says, no one is looking for a physical confrontation, and it would only upset Wiley. Willow tells him, get out, but he says he only wanted to wish love and light to their baby boy. She says he’s nothing to Wiley. Shiloh says he should have known when he saw Wiley’s smile; it’s her smile. Wiley is the miracle they created. Michael tells him, leave now, but Shiloh says not until he gives his son a present, reminding me of Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty.

Franco tells Drew, in 2012 he saved a civilian contractor. He should let them know, so they can send him a fruitcake every Christmas. Drew says, he already knows. He goes by the name of Shiloh.

Shiloh says they can’t object to a gift, but Lucas says they don’t need or want anything from him. Shiloh says it’s important that Wiley has the medical records of his biological parents. Lucas says they already know about the heart condition, and Brad takes the envelope from Shiloh, hustling Lucas away. Alexis tells Shiloh not to make a scene or she’ll have his bail revoked. Brad tells Shiloh, just stop, but Shiloh says Wiley is his son, forever and always, and one day, Wiley will be his. Michael asks Sasha to call for the elevator. Shiloh says they can’t force him to leave. I’d like to know how he figures that, since it’s a private party, but Michael says he wouldn’t dream of it. The elevator doors open, and Michael gives Shiloh the bum’s rush into it. Everyone is like, wow, and Michael suggests they get back to the celebration, and what’s important; Wiley’s birthday. Wiley smiles like he knows what just happened.

Harmony ask Nelle how the visit with her baby’s father was, and Nelle says, disappointing. Harmony says she’s sorry, and Nelle says, her too. She was going to tell him something important that would have changed everything. Instead, she realized he doesn’t deserve to know. Harmony thought Nell had said she still loved him, and his mother was responsible for sabotaging the relationship. Nelle says, she did, but he let her. He didn’t need to, and could have fought for them. He could have committed himself to them, but he let his mother ruin it, and convince him that she was trash. He’s as much blame as Carly is. He doesn’t deserve their son.

Ava tells Chelsea that she had nothing to do with the death of Nelle’s baby; they were in a car accident. Chelsea says it’s something to do with a baby blanket; yellow and green. Ava says she can see that? and Chelsea says there’s no telling what pops up. She senses a hidden secret. Ava is a magnet for restless souls and psychic turbulence. Ava asks where Kiki is. She must be seeking closure. Make her listen. Chelsea says she can’t make Kiki do anything, and Ava asks if she can locate Kiki. Chelsea says, she’s there. Ava wishes she could see her, and asks what she’s doing. Chelsea says she’s refusing to come any closer. Ava says she’s so sorry. She loves Kiki so much, and wants them to have closure. Not just for her, but for Kiki, so she can rest in peace. She asks if Kiki understands, but Chelsea says, no; sorry.

Drew thinks he should send that medal back, but Franco says, who knew Shiloh would come back to the US and start a cult? Drew says, to hear Shiloh tell it, they were best buddies, but it doesn’t sit right with him. How could he be friends with someone he doesn’t trust? All the times Shiloh was fishing around, hoping Drew would remember, or hoping he didn’t. He may or may not remember Shiloh is a total sleazeball, or know something that might have legal ramifications. He’s been trying to get Drew to open up and find out what Drew knows to reassure himself. The gap in his memory is one thing, explaining it to his son was another. Shiloh convinced Oscar that he and Drew were friends. So much so, Oscar left his ELQ shares to Shiloh. Fortunately, he made a second bequest to use them to endow a foundation for deserving children to climb Mr. Kilimanjaro. Franco says, it sounds more like Oscar wanted to neutralize Shiloh’s claim, so he had no leverage. Drew wishes he knew what happened.

Shiloh meets with a lawyer, who tells him that she’s been assigned as his public defender. He’s entitled to a defense. Shiloh says, even if he’s broke? He has no home, and his accounts have been frozen. She says he still has the right to an attorney. The charges are formidable. It’s her job to handle that, and they have a lot of work to do. The evidence is extensive. Multiple women have come forward, saying he drugged and assaulted them at the DOD house here, and in Beecher’s Corners. He says, those poor, deluded women. She says there’s also a prescription for whatever that drug is, under his name. (I keep trying to figure it out. I thought she said carfentanil, but that’s illegal in the US). Harmony also confessed her complicity in drugging the women. She produced concrete evidence of fraud and blackmail with personal, privileged information about his followers that was used as leverage. He asks if it isn’t her job to discredit that, but she tells him to be realistic and assess the situation. He’s not going to beat the charges. He says, so that’s it? She’s not even trying? She tells him, she’s saying he has a choice. He can go to trial, be convicted, and spend the rest of his life in prison, or take a plea. Twenty years, and he’ll be out in fourteen. The only question is how long he wants to stay in prison. Twenty years is a gift. Take the plea, or spend his life behind bars.

Alexis says, at least they have Shiloh’s medical records, but Lucas says they already knew about the heart condition. It probably came from Shiloh. Brad tells Julian that Lucas can’t see the records, but Julian says, he’s a doctor and will eventually. Michael tells Lucas that his trip to Pentonville wasn’t a total waste. Nelle is manipulative as ever, and the next time she calls, he’s refusing the charge. Lucas is glad Willow came, but Brad says he’s sorry she had to witness Shiloh. She says she also witnessed how the family stepped up to protect Wiley. Lucas says she’s at the top of that list. She trusted them to have Wiley in the first place, and then continued to protect him. Being thrown jail was heroic. She says, all that matters is Wiley is safe now. Lucas says they’d love for her to be part of Wiley’s life, and Brad adds, if she’d like to be. Willow says she would, more than anything. Sasha tells Michael that Wiley is one lucky baby with him as a godfather. Michael says he loves Wiley like his own.

Ava asks Chelsea, if Kiki won’t forgive her, even after the article, is there anything else she can do? Chelsea says, Kiki seems to think so. Ava says she’ll do anything. Chelsea says Ava is a truly haunted soul. The afterlife clings to her like cat hair on a black suit. Kiki is angry that Ava fell in love with a serial killer. He won her over by validating her worst impulses. Kiki hates that Ava gave him her soul when he doesn’t have one. She was so desperate for attention and admiration, Ava was blinded to the danger. Ava says she knows that, but how can she fix it now? Chelsea says Ryan has no soul, but he still has a heart, and it belongs to Ava. Ava asks what the hell that means, but Chelsea says she’s just the messenger. Suddenly, Ava says, oh my God. She has to go, and runs out of the park.

Shiloh tells the lawyer that he needs time to consider his options. She says, it’s not difficult. Twenty years or forever. He says not if he’s a ghost, but she tells him, don’t think of trying to run. He says he’s not running. His son lives there, and he has the utmost faith that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. He’ll get back to her. She says he has her number. She leaves, and he says, resources. He flashes back to Drew telling him not to take it personally, and asking Drew if there’s any chance his memory might return. Again, he says, resources.

Wiley unwraps presents wrapped in very LOUD wrapping paper. Lucas tells Brad that their son is opening presents. He doesn’t want to miss any of this day. Everyone gets excited over a toy car.

Nelle tells Harmony it’s too late for her to undo what’s done. She needs to think about what to do. She says Harmony needs to keep Shiloh away. Do anything she can to affect the outcome. Harmony says she’s fully cooperated with the prosecution, and she’s going to testify. Nelle asks if Harmony is sure the prosecution has enough evidence. Harmony thinks so. Shiloh has run out of people to do him favors. Nelle hopes she’s right. Whatever it takes, it’s worth it to keep the baby safe.

Ava waits in the prison visiting area. Ryan sits down on the other side of the glass. I gotta say, the Miami Vice unshaven look suits him.

Franco asks Drew if he didn’t say there was a procedure to help recover his memories, but he decided not to pursue it. Drew says nothing is more important than his memories of Oscar and Scout. He’d never jeopardize that. His memories are on a flashdrive, safe and sound in his office, and that’s where they’re staying. Drew looks at his credenza.

Shiloh wanders around outside, and finds a dollar. He remembers Drew saying that there’s supposedly a procedure that could possibly undo what’s been done. Shiloh makes a call. He says he’s glad they picked up. He was afraid they’d duck his call. It’s been a while. He says he’s got a job for them.

Tomorrow, Jordan tells Stella that the mystery relative is closer than they realized, Sasha asks Valentin how he proposes they handle Obrecht, Jason tells Shiloh not to approach his family again, and Ryan asks Ava how he can help her.

Below Deck Mediterranean

When we last left, new stew June had left the table during the crew’s night out to get sick in the bathroom. Hannah asks if she’s crying, but Anastasia says, no. In June’s interview, she says she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her personal life, but it’s no one’s business. Colin says he’s been in her shoes, and it can be intimidating. June returns to the table, and asks where they’re going next. They head out to a club. Jack suggests he and Travis not party too hard, since their big double date is tomorrow. João tries to be Colin’s wingman, but Colin isn’t into it. He’d rather talk to June than randoes. Jack wants to kiss Aesha, but he’s too wasted. In Hannah’s interview, she says, Travis is easy on the eyes, but there will be no feelings involved this season. The producer asks what about making out with him, and Hannah says, that’s not a feeling. I think she’s confusing the word feeling with emotion here.

In the taxi going back, Hannah says she thinks Jack and Aesha are cute. Jack licks Aesha’s foot, and asks for a little nibble of her bellybutton. Jack says she looks like she’s been raped. Aesha says she has been, and it’s not funny. Can they not talk about it? In Aesha’s interview, she says there are few things she won’t joke about, and rape isn’t funny at all. Jack asks if she’s okay. He feels badly about it. The crew gets back to the boat. In her interview, Aesha says, you don’t know what people have been through, so you should watch what you say. Amen to that. The crew sleeps.

The producer asks if Aesha is normally this open. Aesha cries, saying she remembers she kept apologizing to her mother, thinking it was her fault. Her mom said they all get wasted, and they have the right to feel safe. She thinks it’s important for women not to blame themselves. You should be able to party and not worry about it. João gives Jack a priority checklist. In Jack’s interview, with tears in his eyes, he tells us that he said something stupid. He jokes about sex all the time, and he’s a d*ckhead. He wants to talk to Aesha. They almost have me crying here. They’re both very sweet, and it’s unfortunate he made that mistake. I don’t think she’s holding it against him though.

Jack finds Aesha, and hugs her. He says how sorry he is. She says she knows Jack isn’t malicious. She’s just making people aware. He feels bad for her. In her interview, Aesha says she doesn’t want to be a gilded survivor. That’s not her. She’s just her, and it happened to her. It’s not who she is. She tells him that he’s the sweetest man.

The crew cleans up. In her interview, Hannah says Travis is adorable, but she’s not emotionally invested. Jack and Aesha will be there, so it will be easier to swallow. Not in a sexual way. June asks Anastasia where some glasses are, and Anastasia says she doesn’t really know. In her interview, June says, Anastasia gets a little crabby. You’d think she would have more sympathy and help her out. It’s confusing. Anastasia says she has other things to worry about, and June says she’ll figure it out. In João’s interview, he’s surprised Hannah is going out with Travis. He feels protective of the people he likes, and he likes her. He thinks she deserves more.

Jack and Travis are technically off the clock, and begin drinking beer. It’s time for the preference sheet meeting, so the captain gets together with Hannah, João, and Anastasia. The primary is Johnny Damon, a two-time World Series winner, once with the Red Sox, and again with the Yankees. He’s coming with his wife Michelle, and a bunch of other people. One of their requests is to visit Monaco. Hannah says they have a long preference sheet. She says they want local food, and anything with truffles. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she’s feeling confident. If she can please the Queen of Versailles, she can please this guy.

An alarm goes off, and black water system flashes on the computer screens. Travis and Jack continue to goof off. Even though he’s being radioed by everyone, engineer Mike doesn’t miss a beat in doing his strength training. João says it means no toilets or water. The captain tells Jack and Travis, stop drinking, and find the engineer. If they can’t fix it, they have to cancel the charter. Captain Sandy mumbles about them being drunk, and says, it’s ridiculous. It’s not cool. Travis looks for the engineer, while Jack has a smoke. Travis says it’s not their job.

In his interview, João says it’s not against the rules drink after work hours, but it is against the rules to ignore alarms. It’s the lowest level of respect being shown to him and the captain. Captain Sandy continues to look for Mike. Water is backed up in one of the work rooms. Hannah doesn’t want to go on a date with someone who’s wasted. Travis says it’s not his job to check the alarms, and Jack finds Mike. Mike goes to deal with the problem, and Captain Sandy asks Jack if he’s been standing there the whole time. She tells him, today’s not the day not to hustle. He’ll be off the boat so fast. When she sees him next time, he’d better be moving. She tells him, get the room cleaned up. Mike says, it’s clogged. Jack mops. The captain says she’s going to strangle Jack. In her interview, Captain Sandy says, the clog was related to the pump. They repaired the pump, and got the toilets working. Jack tells Travis, hide the beer.

Travis and Jack step off the boat. Travis says they have no connection to the problems happening. Jack says they can have a beer after work. Hannah approaches, and asks Jack if they can do the date another day. She doesn’t want to go after he’s been drinking beer all day. He says it was a stupid move on his part, but he’s going with or without her. She tells him, have fun. In his interview, he says he feels bad. He’s not actually drunk. He tells her, just come, but she goes back to the boat. Jack says, she’s playing hard to get. João joins them, and says they’re pissing the captain off. Travis tells João, it’s five o’clock. In João’s interview, he says he realizes he can’t come out guns blazing with these guys. He has to be diplomatic. Travis says, no beer before five.

Hannah finds Captain Sandy in the crew mess. She says she wanted to make sure the captain isn’t stressed, and tells her they’ll be fine. The captain gives her a hug. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s felt Captain Sandy’s wrath before, and doesn’t want to again. The captain says, it means a lot, and Hannah says the captain doesn’t have anyone above her to tell her that. Anastasia goes over the menu. In her interview, Anastasia says, people who excel have raw passion and raw skill. June does laundry. In Colin’s interview, he says he finds it hard to talk to June. He’s working on his game.

Aesha asks Jack where they’re going on the date. Travis says he and Hannah aren’t coming. Jack feels badly, but just wants to have a good time tonight. Aesha chooses her outfit. Jack gets dressed up. Aesha is excited. She says with other boyfriends, she’d get drunk, and barely remember their first kiss. She wants to remember all the nice things. She deserves it. Jack puts on in his suit. In his interview, João says he can’t control people’s personal lives. He’s happy Jack is going on a date, but if it was him, he’d lay low because of the mistake he made.

Colin listens to music. Travis gets in his suit, and approaches Hannah, who’s sitting on the bow of the ship. In Jack’s interview, he says he likes Hannah, and hopes this isn’t too awkward. He scares hell out of her when he suddenly appears, and she asks what he’s wearing. He says he decided to make himself look pretty to sit with her. In his interview, he says his parents don’t drink, and wouldn’t appreciate his pinhead antics. Hannah asks why today, when he knew they had a date? In his interview, he says with any job that’s physically demanding, you feel like you’re entitled at the end of the day, and it’s the start of bad habits. She hugs him.

Jack asks for little kiss, but Aesha says, later. She wants the right timing this evening.

João says, oh the irony. Last season he had to worry about his job and two girls. This season he’s in a good place if he can just fix the sh*t show of a deck team. Hannah takes a selfie with Travis. He asks if he should get some rosé.

Aesha toasts to their first night. She says Jack isn’t her type. In her interview, she says she likes the alpha male, who can be an a-hole. Jack is a bit softer. She tells him they can be the most disgusting version of themselves with each other. In his interview, Jack says he’s witnessed true love, and wants it. A guitar player serenades them. On the boat, Hannah and Jack make out

Aesha tells Jack, this could be his moment, and they kiss. In Aesha’s interview, she says she thinks a kiss changes the dynamic of a relationship, bringing in an intimate side. She’s exited to have that with Jack. She likes him, and has no idea where it’s going, but just wants to have fun, and take day by day. They make out in the taxi, and she tells Jack he’s getting greedy. Hannah snacks in her bunk. Back on the boat, Aesha jumps in bed with Travis, while Jack takes a pee. Aesha takes a peek, and tells Jack that he has a nice willy.

The next morning, Colin asks Jack how the date went, and if he and Aesha are Facebook official. The boat is readied. Aesha thanks Jack for last night, saying, it was the nicest thing ever. Hannah cuts lemons and limes. In her interview, she says she’s concerned about June. She’s not answering the radio, she’s struggling with cabins, and the beds haven’t been turned down. Hannah isn’t sure what’s happening, but she was clearly a bit of a twat in her last life. It’s like the last three seasons all over again. Captain Sandy announces the guests are arriving at noon. Colin burps. The crew lines up.

The captain welcomes the guests. Colin shakes Johnny’s hand, and in his interview, says he’s not washing his hand again. Captain Sandy tells João that he’s taking them off the dock. Hannah does the tour, while the captain walks João through the steps. In her interview, she says she’s not rewarding him for last night, but he needs to feel responsibility. She wants to show him how he needs to teach his crew. In João’s interview, he’s thrilled that the captain is giving him the opportunity after what’s gone wrong. It proves she has his back, but anything can go wrong at any time. Aesha gives champagne to the guests, one of whom is a GYN, who’s already talking loudly about vaginas. Hannah is like, oh my God. Captain Sandy points out a boat at the bow that Jack missed. In her interview, the captain says, coming up as a woman in the industry wasn’t easy. She had to constantly work harder than her male counterparts. If a crew member has the willingness to learn, she wants to give them the opportunity. She tells João, good job. In his interview, he says there are few moments in his life he’ll talk about forever, and this is one of them.

In June’s interview, she says, Aesha is patient and kind. You don’t meet many people like that, but she’s not used to scowls. They put fresh flowers in the napkin rings. Anastasia thinks simplicity is key with these guests. She wants to make it fancy, but more low key than sea urchin and caviar. Hannah tries to get June on the radio. June finally comes upstairs, and Hannah tells her to keep her earpiece in. Aesha tells June, it’s all good, and let it go over her head. Johnny says he’ll bang everyone. In her interview, Hannah says somehow she doubts it. Me too.

Aesha asks if she can get the guests anything. Johnny says they’re fabulous. Lunch is Caesar salad, and in her interview, Hanna says, it’s like a meal you can get from your local Chili’s. I dunno about that, unless her local Chili’s is a lot more sophisticated than mine. As much as she wants Anastasia to succeed, she wants her back because she’s selfish. Johnny continues bragging about his sexual prowess. In Jack’s interview, he says he’s over doing double duty. The guests play in the water. June tends bar, and has a problem opening the wine. Clouds come, and the guests get nervous, especially when the boat starts rocking. Captain Sandy says the sea is rough there, but when they go around the corner, it will be calm. That sounds like the weather in my area. Colin and João try to get the jet skis back onto the boat. Colin wonders where the rest of the deck crew is. Johnny steps in to help, and pulls the jet ski back on deck with his teeth. Not really, but he’s pretty jacked, and gets the jet ski in. In Colin’s interview, he says it’s embarrassing when two deckhands can’t get the jet ski back because of a swell, and they have a two time World Series champion helping them.

Anastasia calls Travis to the galley. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s gotten closer to Travis since he’s been in the galley. He has depth to him, but uses alcohol to suppress his emotions, which a lot of people are guilty of. Captain Sandy radios the deck crew, saying the slide is still on the side of the boat. She needs it brought in now. Travis seems annoyed at helping, and she asks, why the attitude? June irons. Aesha tells Hannah that June is doing well. Colin tells João that Travis is helping in the galley, and in his interview, João says he’s going to have to put a stop to that. Pointing to another yacht, João says, that’s fifty meters, right? and Colin says he doesn’t know what a meter is, but sure. I literally lol. Colin is a funny guy.

For some reason, Hannah isn’t thrilled with the food. The guests are talking about circumcision, and ask Hannah’s opinion. She says she’s never had to worry about it. In the galley, Anastasia asks the other crew members to lower the volume while she’s plating. In Aesha’s interview, she says, Anastasia does two charters and all of a sudden, she’s an artist who needs quiet time. The entrée is filet mignon. A few of the guests want it cooked a little more, and Hannah brings their dishes back to the galley. In Anastasia’s interview, she says it’s annoying to her that the steaks aren’t cooked properly. She’s a perfectionist, and thinks it comes from her mother. She thinks you have to be a perfectionist in the industry, and adds she’d rather undercook something than overcook it. Good point. You can’t exactly take it back. The guests proclaim it’s all good. June tells Colin about Anastasia being annoyed with too many people in the galley. He suggests she call Anastasia out on it, but she doesn’t want an issue. She tells him that she doesn’t feel welcome. In her interview, she says she dropped her life because they needed her. She treats people with respect, and expects to be treated the same way. She tells Colin not to say anything.

João calls Jack to the bridge. He goes over some navigational things, and gives Jack some seafaring hints. In João’s interview, he says he wants to motivate the crew, and teach them what he knows. He wants it to work out for all of them. Hannah cleans up dinner, and the guests act stupid in the lounge, wrestling each other. Johnny announces bedtime, and flips his wife over his shoulder.

Hannah tells June not to have her phone with her all the time. Colin tries to get the anchor up, but it’s stuck. He says, it’s getting caught on something. Captain Sandy says, there’s definitely something on the chain. She calls Travis to get on the tender. João says at 17 meters, he can scuba. They need see what’s going on. Colin tells João, the best thing about yachting is that nothing ever goes well. Sandy tells João to go in, and radios Travis to go with him. The captain tells the guests the goal is to get them to Monaco, and they’ll meet them there. Hannah tells Aesha and June that they need to distract the guests. In Jack’s interview, he wonders, for the wages they get, what’s the point of doing the scuba dive? He wouldn’t want to risk his neck. In Travis’s interview, he says if you get pinned down by the chain at 40 meters, you’re dead. Hannah radios June. Sandy watches as João gets in the water. Hannah decides to look for June. In her interview, Hannah says she doesn’t care if you make a mistake, take too long, or even sleep on your break. Just keep your earpiece in when she radios. Sandy continues watching out for Travis and João. In her interview, she says, if they don’t communicate, one slip could be the end of their life. Hannah tells June that she’s been radioing her.

Travis and João start to go down the chain, and the guests leave for Monaco.

Later in the season, partying, putt-putt, a guest is king of the world, Colin gets another injury, Captain Sandy says yachting isn’t Hannah’s passion, Hannah says Anastasia has gotten too big for her britches, Travis is called out for his drinking, a storm comes up, and Ben is back.

🗽 Million Dollar Listing New York is back on Thursday, August 1 at 9 pm.  

😮 A Surprise Surprise…

I was more surprised than Jason Momoa, when I saw two of his guests were Neil and Lucas from General Hospital.


🏰 Farewell To One of Storybrook’s Finest Citizens…

An untimely for a Once Upon A Time cast member.


🍵 A Cup of Wives…

Shannon makes it Instaficial.


Camille takes a walk.


Ken stands up for his lady love. Ken is the best.


Vicki has me confused. Did I miss something?


Yes, I did miss something. Be sure to check out the Southern Charm video after the RHOC trailer.


While I rarely watch RHOA anymore, I think Cynthia deserves all good things. But poor Peter. He’s really going to have to give up now. Or step up his game.


They’re back.


🌴 In Another Part of Beverly Hills…

Already Jax and Brittany have problems. What a shock.


They also have a $2 million dollar home. I wouldn’t call it a mansion though.


👶 Sad News For MJ…

But she does have baby Shams, and a beautiful pregnancy photo.


🔎 The Plot Thickens…

And in a move we didn’t think possible, T-Rav becomes an even sh*ttier person.


🏄 Oh Come On…

How is August almost here? And why aren’t there more songs about it?

May 18, 2018 – Worlds Collide at the Ball, NB Fashion, Goodbye OUAT, Junior Winner, Joybell Trio & Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The show was on for a couple of minutes, when ABC broke in with news about the school shooting in Santa Fe. I get that, but it had happened several hours earlier, and, as usual, went way past the point of giving us news. That’s what I hate. My problem isn’t with the news itself, but all the amenities that come with it, like interviewing the janitor’s second cousin who witnessed nothing, but knows when it’s going to rain. Seriously, unless the world is coming to an end – and I mean literally, like if the sun is hurtling toward us – or we’re being invaded, I don’t see the point and it’s just irritating. Later, I was able to watch what I missed online with Verizon, but they usually don’t list it the same day. Lucky me, I didn’t have to imagine the lips syncing with the words on a pirated version.

General Hospital

Molly introduces Alexis, but she’s busy eavesdropping on Anna and Finn backstage. Finn tells Anna he’s never stopped caring. She’s never far from his mind and heart, and he wouldn’t want anything to happen without her knowing he cared.

Jason stops by Nelle’s room to find Michael. Michael asks if she’ll be okay for a few minutes. She says sure, and then the show gets interrupted for news that can wait an hour. I catch up a few hours later. Jason gives Nelle a stupid look. In the hallway, Jason tells Michael that Carly didn’t push Nelle, and deep down he knows that.

Finn apologizes to Anna for taking so long to tell her. Alexis makes herself known.

Nina doesn’t understand why Valentin is so eager to leave; he still has to perform. He promised Lucy, and Nina tells him not to let her down. She asks if something is going on.

Sam looks at the lighter on Peter’s desk, and sees the initials, CF. She says, Cesar Faison. She remembers Jason telling her about Faison carrying it, and that it wasn’t with his belongings. At the time, she’d said, if they find the lighter, they find Henrik.

Alexis, Finn, and Anna all look at each other. Alexis walks away. Finn says he should – and Anna says, yeah, he should. On stage, Lucy apologizes for the glitch. Alexis comes out to applause, but she keeps moving, and goes out the door. Mike points out to Sonny that she’s upset, and asks if he wants to go after her. Sonny says it doesn’t have anything to do with him.

Valentin tells Nina that he wants to get away with the two people that matter to him the most, her and Charlotte. Nina reminds him that his song at last year’s ball convinced her to give him another chance. He screwed up. Here’s his chance not to do it again.

Sam says Peter was in the hospital the night Faison died. She sees his copy of The Severed Branch. She flips through it, and says, just like it happened in the book.

Michael knows Jason will always defend his mother, and he’s grateful, but he wasn’t there. Jason says, neither was he. Jason asks what Nelle said. Michael says she told him that his mom lost control. Jason say that’s proof Nelle is lying. Carly would never risk her grandchild. He knows she would lie down in front of a train for her family. Michael says, under normal circumstances, and it’s been anything but normal lately. Jason insists it’s Nelle sabotaging Carly’s life.

On stage, Lucy says it’s not the Nurses’ Ball without some drama, but they’re not letting it ruin a good time. She tells the audience to kick it up a notch for the rocker others call Eddie Maine, but they call him Mr. Mayor. He and his first lady are spearheading the rebuilding of their city. In 60s garb with a flower power background, Olivia plays the tambourine, and Ned sings, (What’s So Funny ’Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding. Excellent.

Colleen Sullivan tells us to stay tuned for more glamor, excitement, and surprises. They’re just getting started.

Jason tells Michael there have been calls from a payphone near where Morgan died, a replica of his scarf, the power outage and intruder at Bobbie’s house, and Carly finds Morgan’s picture on the floor, broken. Michael asks if he thinks Nelle did all that. He’s going to have to prove it. Jason says like he’ll prove the blanket is real. Jason gets a call from Sam, but asks her to hold on. He says he needs Michael to be careful, for the baby’s sake and himself. Michael says Jason has given him a lot to think about. Jason gets back on the phone, and asks Sam what’s going on. She says she needs to see him. It’s important.

Molly – in a very becoming sleeveless gown that looks like it’s made out of blue/green glitter – tells Finn that whatever he said to upset her mother, she’s completely humiliated. So don’t apologize or try to fix it, just accept the fact that he’s a jerk and leave her alone. Anna says, oh dear. Ha-ha! She’s so British sometimes. He says it didn’t go exactly as planned. Anna says, for the record, she’s not dying. Finn says, for the record, he meant everything he said. Anna says she cares a lot about him too. Oh, kiss already.

Ava suggests she and Griff take advantage of his room upstairs; she could use a warm-up before her performance. Griff says he wants to watch the rest of show, She says it’s cool.

Stella tells Sonny it’s manifestly none of her business, but sometimes an outsider can pick up on things another person is too close to see. Sonny asks where she’s going with this. She tells him that he has a stare that could freeze a blasting furnace. Putting it on the woman who is the mother of his child might not be the wisest thing. Mike tells her to forgive him; he has a helluva temper. Sonny says it’s difficult to be in the same room, especially tonight, but she’s right. It’s not a good thing to show the world how you feel. Stella agrees. Sonny raises his glass to Ava, who’s like, huh?

Backstage, Kim asks Josslyn and Oscar if they’re ready. Drew joins them. Oscar says he didn’t know Drew was coming, and Kim says, neither did she. Drew says once he heard Oscar was performing, he couldn’t be stopped. Oscar hugs him, and says, thank you. Everyone smiles.

Anna says Finn needs to find Alexis and apologize. He says, yes, he does. Anna tells him that she’s not staying much longer. She looks at text from Henrik: Midnight. Pier 55. Come alone. She says she has a meeting. She can’t tell him about it, but after tonight, she’ll be closer to it all being over. She tells him to go find Alexis.

Alexis sits at the bar. The bartender asks what he can get her. She looks at the bottles.

Michael goes back to Nelle’s room. She tells him that she’s gotten the all-clear from the doctors. She’s being released tomorrow. He says that’s good news. She asks if there’s something wrong. He says Jason was telling him what was going on with his mother. She thinks someone is harassing her; messing with her head for months now.

Finn sits next to Alexis. She says he found her. He tells her the concierge saw her take the elevator. He says, that’s not a double-vodka? She says, it’s a club soda, and she wishes people would stop acting as if she’s dying for a bottle of gin every time she feels crappy. Finn says he never meant to hurt her; he’s sorry. She says he has nothing to be sorry for, and he didn’t hurt her. She just hurts. She knew he still cared about Anna; it’s not on him. He didn’t do anything. She allowed herself to be a prop in the game he was playing with Anna.

Anna starts to text Henrik. Robin startles her, and asks what’s up with her and Finn. Anna says it’s complicated, and suggests they go and enjoy the show.

Peter is messing with his phone, and Maxie says, more work? He tells her these are the last ones, and goes out to the hallway. Julian asks Molly if she’s getting nervous about Finn. She says she doesn’t want to fight with him – he did save her life – but her mother is in a vulnerable place. He’d better think long and hard before he does anything for Alexis’s sake. Julian says he’s not sure what means. She thinks he does. Kim asks what Julian doing about Alexis, and Julian says he’s here with her, and they should get back to their seats; her son is performing. Lucy says the Nurses’ Ball is known for spotlighting younger performers, and introduces Molly and Oscar. This is when the news released us back to the program. Or rather, commercials, then the program.

Molly sings, while Oscar accompanies her on the guitar. I think the name of the song is I Never Knew, but I’m not positive. I’m not familiar with it, and come up empty in a subsequent search. Sam shows Jason the lighter. She says she found it in Peter’s office. She was confused at first, since he said he wasn’t a smoker. She remembered he’d said he had to confront Faison about something in the hospital the night Faison died. Jason says Faison was honest for once. He’d said Henrik was hiding in plain sight. Jason says, Peter August is Henrik.

Mike tells Molly she was spectacular, and tells Oscar his date is pretty, but not as gorgeous as Stella. Kim motions Oscar over.

Kiki asks if she can sit at Molly’s table. Molly thought she was sitting with Dr. Bensch, but Kiki says she wants to be with people her own age.

Kim asks if Oscar is glad now that he took music lessons. I’m assuming that means she forced him to take them.

Michael asks Nelle if his mom mentioned anything to her. Nelle says she rambled about a disappearing note and Morgan’s cologne, but she wasn’t making sense. Something starts to beep on Nelle’s monitor. She begins to panic, and Michael tells her, just breathe.

Sam tells Jason that Peter is with Maxie, and asks how they’re going to do this.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s not feeling so great, and asks him to take her home. Valentin watches.

Robin asks if Anna is leaving already; there’s a lot left. She asks if it has to do with the emails she’s been receiving. Anna is cagey, and says she wouldn’t leave if it wasn’t important.

Lucy tells Valentin it’s his turn.

Kim asks Julian if he’s thinking about going after Alexis. Julian says he’s here with her. She says they promised to be honest with each other. He says they’re having a great time. She tells him if he needs a friend, he has one, and leaves.

Finn tells Alexis that she was never a prop. He fell for Anna more than he wanted to admit. He wasn’t using her; he wanted to move on. Alexis says that’s why they call it a rebound. There’s a good reason why people in same AA meeting shouldn’t hook up. He says it’s not about that; it’s about him. She deserves better. Alexis says that she needs him to not be there right now, and he wisely leaves.

Kim sees Olivia looking into the swag bags, and Olivia says she’s taking advantage of the break to snoop in the bags. We get an advertisement for Olay with Kim pitching the product.

Michael says he didn’t mean to upset Nelle. She tells him that she was so scared when Carly pushed her; she was out of control. Michael asks if she’s sure Carly pushed her, and she says, she absolutely pushed her. He tells her to get some rest. She says she’ll be fine, because he’s there.

Mike sees Deanna, and says he found his favorite nurse at the Ball. Deanna says, since it’s the Nurses’ Ball, the odds of that were pretty likely. Stella introduces mike to Felix. She thinks they’ll get along well.

Jason asks Robin if her mom is still there. He has to talk to her. Robin says she left, and asks, what’s up? He tells her Anna will explain when there’s time. Sam tells him that Peter left with Maxie. She thinks he’s meeting with someone. They have to get into Peter’s email account.

In the car, Maxie apologizes to Peter for making him leave early. He says he had to work anyway. He asks how she’s feeling, and she says like the baby is doing a kickboxing workout. She suddenly tells him to pull over. Her water just broke. Shouldn’t they jet to the hospital? Peter asks if she’s sure, and she says, very, and she’s done this before. She says they have no time to get to the hospital. There’s something wrong with the baby. Where’s that Star Trek transporter they always use?

Julian sees Alexis at the bar. Kim asks if she can join Drew. He’d thought Julian was her date. She says he had to see someone; she’s flying solo. They go in and sit together.

Jason and Sam go into Peter’s office. Jason leaves a message for Spinelli. He tells Sam that they don’t have a lot of time. They need to hack into Peter’s email. He pushes the keyboard toward her

Lucy tells the audience to give themselves a hand, and to keep the momentum going. The next performance was a surprise addition to last year’s Ball. He was so good, they asked him to come back. Valentin sits at the piano, and performs Peter Gabriel’s Book of Love, accompanying himself. He sings to Nina, and she smiles. He is really good.

As the song finishes, Robin get up. Robert is on stage. He punches out Valentin.

On Monday, David follows Kiki, Robert wants justice, and Anna waits for Henrik. Who is busy delivering a baby.

👗 Since I know my dress descriptions were lacking, you can see some of them here. I voted for Sam.


🏰 Sadly, tonight was the Once Upon A Time finale. Since they shoved it into the death spot on Friday night, and I knew it was the last season, I found it hard to commit, so I hadn’t watched much of it. I figured I’d catch up on a rainy weekend some time. I did want to see the end though, and it was sweet. They brought in many of the old characters for the farewell. In a nutshell, Rumpel/Gold and Belle were reunited at last, in heavenly clouds. All the realms were united, and Regina was chosen to lead them. Snow White and Prince Charming officiated at the coronation, crowning her The Good Queen. Emma called it a happy beginning, since Regina didn’t like endings, and the stories were far from over. However, Regina thought second chance was a better choice. because in the end, they could get past it all – with hope. And we saw the sign, saying, Leaving Storybrooke. Sad face.

🍖 It was also the finale of MasterChef Junior. The final three – Quani, Beni, and Avery – had to create a three-course meal. For their entrees, they each gathered inspiration from their roots, cooking catfish, veal chops, and a ribeye, respectively. A lot of attention was given to Quani having elevated the catfish. Apparently, none of the judges were a fan of it, which surprised me, since I like catfish. Although it sounded like one of those things that, if it’s not done exactly right, you don’t want to eat it. When they moved on to the dessert, and Quani’s tart broke, so did my heart. It was not a happy moment. Beni was the big winner, and the young chefs ended with a group hug. I have to confess, I both rooted for Avery, and was glad she didn’t win. She’s eight. Eight. And cooks better than anyone I will ever know.

⛲ Quotes of the Week

All from the same poetess.

A lifetime isn’t forever, so take the first chance, don’t wait for the second one! Because sometimes, there aren’t second chances! And if it turns out to be a mistake? So what! This is life! A whole bunch of mistakes! But if you never get a second chance at something you didn’t take a first chance at? That’s true failure. —  C. Joybell C.

Ends are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. And there are many things that don’t really end, anyway, they just begin again in a new way. Ends are not bad and many ends aren’t really an ending; some things are never-ending.C. Joybell C.  Or as Semisonic put it more simply, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

We have to allow ourselves to be loved by the people who really love us, the people who really matter. Too much of the time, we are blinded by our own pursuits of people to love us, people that don’t even matter, while all that time we waste and the people who do love us have to stand on the sidewalk and watch us beg in the streets! It’s time to put an end to this. It’s time for us to let ourselves be loved. — C. Joybell C.

🎈 Last But Never Least…




February 7, 2018 – Valentin Knows All, Kelly Gets a Lawyer, Happy & Sad TV News


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At Windemere, Nina talks to Valentin about funeral plans. Anna comes in, and Nina is like, seriously? She says if Anna has business with her husband, do it later. Anna is there to see Obrecht, but Nina says she’s resting, and she’ll give her a message. Obrecht comes out, and asks what more Anna could possibly want from them?

Sam brings Drew a potted orchid with a pair of tickets to Thailand attached. Drew asks what business they have there, but Sam says it’s a do-over for the honeymoon.

Peter meets Lulu at Kelly’s. He asks how she’s doing. She tells him the happy ending she was writing turned out to be an obituary.

Mike asks if Sonny slept all right. Sonny tells him that he set up the espresso maker he sent three Christmases ago. He asks where Mike has been. Mike says it seems like something is on Sonny’s mind, and Sonny tosses the bag of money at him, asking him to explain it. Mike doesn’t understand, and asks what it is. Sonny says, tell him, and asks again where he was. Mike says he goes for a walk every morning. He meets his friends for coffee, and sometimes they have breakfast; he has his routine. Sonny asks what about the money? Mike says if Sonny doesn’t know, that makes two of them. He has a side job, and he’s not an idiot. He knows what happens to guys who don’t deliver. Sonny asks what the $10K is doing in Mike’s cigar box? Mike doesn’t know, and says he didn’t put it there.

At Charlie’s, Jim asks if Julian has had a change of heart. Julian says his offer is generous, but Charlie’s is still not for sale. Jim says Julian knows where to find him. Julian says at his regular table, and if he ever sold Charlie’s, Jim might starve.

Curtis tells Julian that Jim isn’t smiling, he’s baring his teeth. Julian says he’s trying to start his life over, and doesn’t need this hassle. Curtis realizes that Julian isn’t just holding out; he’s not selling. Julian says Charlie’s is staying right where it is – in the middle of Jim’s plans.

Sam says she’s never been to Thailand, and as far as they know, Drew hasn’t either. He says everything old is pretty much new. She tells him that Monica will take care of the kids, and they’ll have their first real adventure as Drew and Sam Cain. They can make memories of their own, and have more adventures. He calls her ambitious, and says the word honeymoon has a nice ring to it. They start making out, and Alexis pops in, asking if they don’t have work to do.

Peter can only imagine how devastated Lulu must be. She says it’s nothing compared to how Maxie feels. She lost her husband, and Dante lost his partner. They both have a huge piece missing, and she set it into motion. Peter says they might take some small comfort in knowing someone who loved Nathan wrote the obituary. She says Maxie can’t even talk to anyone. He asks how the baby is, and Lulu says fine, but it will never know what a great father it had. Ned approaches the table. He complements Lulu on her byline, and says now that the election is in full-swing, they’ll probably want a one-on-one interview with him. Peter tells him to contact the paper directly, and Ned moves along. Lulu says, well, that happened, and Peter says readers recognize good talent.

Anna wants to search the grounds in case Faison left something behind. Valentin tells her to knock herself out, but he did a thorough sweep, and there was no trace. Anna has an envelope of Faison’s personal effects, and thought Obrecht would want them.

Sonny tells Mike that he took the time to come there because he heard Mike was in trouble. He finds out that Mike is a bag man, and has $10K in his cigar box. He can’t force Mike to take help, but he can reimburse Caruso, and Mike can keep the money. Mike says he doesn’t want or need Sonny’s help. Sonny says he doesn’t need Mike’s help either. Rita comes in, wondering what’s going on. She tells Sonny that Mike is too proud and stupid to ask, but they’re in trouble, and need his help.

Sam tells Alexis that she heard things at headquarters are a little intense, and wonders why she’s there. Alexis asks if they caught the attack ad. Drew did, and tells Sam that it stated Alexis makes bad decisions and is bad for Port Charles. Sam says she’s surprised at Ned. Alexis says he claims he didn’t know about it, but he didn’t have it taken down either. Sam suggests running a counter attack, pointing out that Alexis had enough sense to leave Ned at the altar. Alexis doesn’t think that would help, but she does need an endorsement. Aurora Media could say something pointing out the good she’s done. Drew thinks she’s a terrific candidate, and would like to help, but an endorsement from them would tank the campaign.

Lulu dabs at her eyes, and says Peter has knack of catching her at vulnerable moments. He tells her to be glad she can still cry; most journalists can’t. She says he’s been a great mentor. How is it possible she doesn’t know a thing about him?

Obrecht backs away from the envelope, saying she wants nothing to do with it. Anna thought she or Britt might want it, but Valentin suggests she take it and destroy it. Anna says she could, but not right now. Obrecht said he had a son; what about him? Obrecht says Faison killed the one pure part of both of them. Anna says she’s talking about Henrik, and asks if Obrecht can help find him.

Sonny tells Rita that he’d love to help, but can’t if he doesn’t know what’s going on. Rita says she’ll tell him everything, and he asks how the $10K ended up in the cigar box? Rita doesn’t know. If she did, she’d tell him. Mike says he doesn’t need her to defend him to his son. If his word isn’t sufficient, Sonny needs to get out. Sonny says he wants to believe him, but Mike says that’s not good enough. He says he’s sweaty from his walk, and needs to take a shower, adding something stinks in here. After he leaves, Rita says she knows Sonny hasn’t seen him in a while, but he’s not himself. She told him not to take the job; they’d find a way to get by. Although who can blame him? Is he going to stock shelves with high school kids? Sonny counts the money, and says it’s all there. That means Mike is telling the truth, at least about gambling. If he’d fallen off the wagon, it would be short. Rita says he’s proud. He’s been trying, and has succeeded for the most part, but he needs his own to believe in him. He’d rather die than admit that. Sonny understands, and she says if he wants to help figure it out, go easy on him.

Sam says Drew is right. An editorial campaign headed by Julian’s daughter is not a good idea. Drew says it’s not what she needs. It should come from the Port Charles Press. Sam adds that they made an agreement not to dictate content. She offers to take Alexis to lunch, and Alexis says it’s a nice consolation prize. Sam says they can strategize. They leave, and Drew looks at the tickets.

Peter tells Lulu that his life story isn’t that interesting. He wasn’t close with his family. His mom abandoned him as an infant, and his father shipped him to boarding school. Lulu asks if he had siblings, and he tells her that he had a brother, but he died before they had a chance to know each other. Lulu compares his life to a Dickens novel, and says he deserves better. He says he practices what he preaches, and wrote himself a better ending in spite of his family.

Nina tells Anna that Nathan is the only one who mattered, and Anna agrees he was a great man. Their loss must be profound, but Henrik could be out there following in Faison’s footsteps. Nina wonders where he’s been, and where he is now, and Anna says that’s what she’s trying to find out.

Sonny tells Rita that she’s right. Rita says Mike told her how he abandoned Sonny, and that his mother’s second husband was not a nice guy. Sonny says he’s already come to terms with that, but Rita says that doesn’t mean Mike doesn’t think about it every day. He didn’t know the money was missing, and she tells Sonny that Mike has been distracted, like there’s something heavy on his mind. She’s been worrying about him, hoping he’d tell Sonny. Sonny says she might have noticed they’re not sharing kind of guys. Rita tells Sonny that Mike’s face lights up when talks about Sonny and his kids. He’s proud of him, and despite the cranky bastard act, wanted to be someone Sonny is proud of. Cutting and running wasn’t the best way to do it, but Mike loves him in his own half-assed way. The last thing wants is to need him, but right now… Mike comes back in, and says Sonny is still there. Does that mean he believes him?

Ned goes to Drew’s office. He says despite the rough relaunch, they seem to be ahead of the game. He tells Drew that the family was denied the opportunity to have his back while he was growing up, but they would have, like they did Jason. He has their loyalty, and the family is standing beside him. All they ask is that he stand beside them as well.

Sam and Alexis go to Charlie’s. Sam remarks that Alexis is there a lot, and Alexis says campaign headquarters are across the street; it’s hard to avoid. She tells Sam not to worry. There’s no risk of her getting back together with Julian. Apparently, he has a girlfriend.

Lulu asks if Peter ever looked for his mother. He says he had a fantasy as a kid that she’d come back, but it didn’t happen. He was given to his father through an intermediary, and his father didn’t know who his mother was. His father ran the gamut from boring to unpleasant. He was self-absorbed and unfeeling, but business kept him away a lot, so Peter didn’t have to see him. He was a horrible person. Lulu asks if he’s no longer alive, and Peter says he’s been dead a while. He spent most of his childhood seeking approval, but there’s only so much dismissal and ignoring you can take before you don’t need it. That’s when he was able to break free.

Anna asks Obrecht if she has any idea where Henrik could be. Obrecht says she saw him as boy, but he’s long since grown. Anna says if he’s continuing to do Faison’s work, he needs to be stopped. Nina says, not today; not now.

Sonny tells Mike that he believes him. He tells him not to worry about the money. Things are squared with Caruso; he’s been paid off, and Mike can keep it. Sonny says he should take a vacation, and come meet Avery. He also hasn’t met his great-grandson Rocco, and Dante and Lulu would love to see him. Mike says he’s too young to be a great-grandfather. Sonny says he screwed up, but he can make it up by coming to visit. Carly would love to see him too. Mike asks what about Rita, and Sonny says he’s inviting them both. Rita says she has to work, but tells Mike to go. He says he’s not going anywhere.

Jim approaches Alexis’s table, and asks if she remembers him. She says he’s the one who accused Laura of exploiting the memory of Mary Mae. Jim asks to let bygones be bygones. Alexis says she could try, but apparently, he needs something from her. She invites him to sit, and he says he can only stay a minute. She introduces him to Sam, who says she knows he’s the face behind the Charles Street redevelopment project. He would love to discuss the details, since he did that for Alexis’s opponent.

Curtis comes in, and Julian asks what he found out. He says the guy who attacked his Aunt Stella disappeared. He was the only one injured, Jordan persuaded him not to press charges, and he skipped town. Curtis can’t figure out why. Julian says he might have been acting on someone else’s orders.

Drew asks if Ned is suggesting he stand beside the Quartermaines, or stand beside him. He wonders if Ned is looking for a personal endorsement, and Ned asks if that would be so bad. Drew says, to ask, no, but he’s going to tell him the same thing Sam told Alexis. They’re choosing to remain neutral. He appreciates Ned stopping by, and his kind words, but has to get back to work. Ned sees Alan’s cufflinks, and Drew says Monica gave them to him. Ned says that’s what it means to be a Quartermaine. (Cufflinks?) It’s not about choice, but a legacy. Recusing himself is a great strategy; it makes him more of a Quartermaine.

Lulu says Peter should get his memoirs down on record, if only for his own self-worth. Peter says his work was done by surviving. Sad stories about toxic families are a dime a dozen. Lulu says they’re all unique. Someone might read his, and not feel alone. He says if there are billions out there, there’s plenty to choose from. She thanks him for the distraction, and he says, what are friends for?

Nina tells Anna to have some respect, and give them time to grieve. They have to work out the funeral arrangements. She begs Valentin to get Anna out of the house, and leaves. Anna says she knows they don’t believe her, but she’s sorry. She wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t critical. Valentine wonders how critical something can be about a dead man. Anna wants to make sure everything about Faison, including his son, is wrapped up for good.

Mike appreciates the offer, but he has his routine; it keeps him steady. Sonny says they have sidewalks in Port Charles. Mike says he meets his friends for coffee, and Sonny says he’s got more coffee than Mike could ever dream of. Mike doesn’t want to be away from Rita. She tells him to go; it’s not Timbuktu. Everything will be there when he gets back, including her. Sonny tells him to come to Port Charles and meet his family. Mike agrees.

Jim has ideas for joint ventures between Niagara and Aurora. Sam says she’ll give his card to Drew, but she thinks what he needs is an ad agency. Ned comes in, and Jim leaves to join him. Sam asks if Alexis thinks Ned saw them. She says considering how hard he’s trying not to look at her, yes. Sam asks if she’s going to confront him about the ad.

Curtis wonders why a dude would mug someone, and then try to press charges after they defended themselves? I could actually see this happening in NYC. Julian says the street lights were out, and Curtis adds that the security cameras were too. Stella has been very vocal, and was arrested for assault, and now being made to look like the crazy bad guy. They watch Ned and Jim laughing together.

Peter goes to Drew’s office, and thanks him for the amazing opportunity. He’s tendering his resignation though. It’s time for him to leave Port Charles. Funny, he didn’t mention he’d only be staying a couple of months during the interview.

Anna asks Valentin if he ever crossed paths with Faison after leaving the WSB. Valentin laughs, saying for a seasoned professional, she’s making a mess of this. He can field her vague and ridiculous questions all afternoon, but his wife wants her gone. He tells her let’s cut to the chase. What does she want to know about her and Faison’s son?

Tomorrow, Michael says Nelle knows there’s no future between them, Elizabeth knows what something means, and Drew won’t accept Peter’s resignation.

If Loving You is Wrong

Brad drives off after seeing Alex talking to Randal. Randal laughs, and Alex tells him to shut up. She says he’s going to push her too far. He tells her that when she went to her parents, it was too far. She tells him to leave her alone and harass his own wife. She realizes he doesn’t believe her about Marcie carrying his child, and tells him to ask her. He asks if she hates Marcie that much, and Alex says she’s just telling him the truth. Randal says she needs his help to break up Marcie and Brad. She says yes, she does want him to break them up. She tells him to do what he always does, but he wants to do what he used to do with her. She says that’s never happening again. He says he’s going to ruin Marcie’s life real quick, and come back to ruin hers. He asks if he’s getting under her skin, and she says he almost lost his. She wishes her daddy had hanged him, and mentions she has a lot of relatives and friends back home. He tells her to give them a hog holler. She goes back in the house. He checks his phone to see where Brad is, and gets in the car.

Kelly’s new attorney, Carl Adams, introduces himself to Lushion. Lushion says he called a Marty, but apparently, he’s unavailable. Lushion asks what office Carl is from, and he says the Public Defender. Lushion says it must be a mistake, and give him a moment. Carl steps outside, and Lushion makes a call to Ian.

Ian is still out for dinner with Marcie. She sees the call is from Lushion, and Ian says he’s not answering. She thinks he should, so he steps away from the table. Lushion says he has a kid there from the Public Defender’s office. Ian says his recommendation was busy, and his hands are tied. Lushion says Carl looks like he’s out of high school, and he can’t believe Ian is doing this right now. Ian says he’s sorry. Lushion says the other lawyer didn’t call him back, and Ian tells him that Marty said no; Travis’s family is well-connected, and the case is getting press. Lushion says all the more reason Kelly needs a good lawyer. Ian says no one is going to take the case without getting paid, and Lushion thinks something else is going on. Ian says he told him everything, but Lushion isn’t buying it. He was going to help Kelly, and now he’s so cold he can’t even give a recommendation. Ian says it’s not like that, and to give Carl a chance. I hate Ian right now.

Marcie asks if everything is okay, and Ian says it’s fine. She asks if it’s about Kelly, and he tells her he can’t talk about it. He suggests dessert, but Marcie just wants water. Ian says he’s been out of the dating game for a while, and she reminds him it’s not a date. He tells her that she’s a rehearsal. She says guys have been using her a lot lately, and calls for the waiter.

Larry starts to come to, and Eddie calls him baby girl. Larry says he had his fun; Eddie needs to let him go. Eddie wants to enjoy it some more. He thought Larry liked being dominated. Larry says Eddie has a terrible reputation; he’s crazy. His department hates him, and he has several complaints against him. He’s racist, sexist, and homophobic. Eddie says he’s a lawyer’s nightmare, and he hates Larry. Larry says call it even, but Eddie says call him in power. He makes Larry repeat that he has the power. (♫ We got the power! ♫ plays in my head.) Larry says he hasn’t been to work all day, and it doesn’t concern Eddie? Eddie says he was humiliated, and punches Larry in the face. Larry laughs and says he loves it. Eddie picks up a plastic bag, and Larry says there are ways to do it; Eddie could kill him. Eddie says he thought Larry was turned on, but Larry says not by death. Eddie puts the bag on his head, and Larry struggles.

Carl asks if he can see Kelly now, and Lushion says they’re bringing her. Carl knows Lushion doesn’t like it, but says he’s good at his job. Lushion doesn’t doubt it, but Carl doesn’t believe him. He says people judge him all the time, but he really is good. Lushion says his opinion doesn’t matter, and leads Carl to the interrogation room.

Kelly asks if Lushion got the lawyer, and he says she’s been appointed one. He brings in Carl, who introduces himself. Kelly doesn’t understand, and Carl says he’ll explain it. Kelly asks Lushion to call Natalie and find out how Justice is doing. Carl apologizes, saying he knows it’s difficult. She says it was self-defense. He tells her that he needs to hire a private investigator to corroborate her story. I dunno about that. Everything is on record, and there are quite a few witnesses. Kelly says she has no money, and asks how he’s being paid. He says he’s a Public Defender, and she says she wants a real lawyer. He tells her that’s offensive. She says she needs individual attention. They have huge caseloads, and he’s probably used to doing deals with the DA. He suggests probation and time-served. She asks if he can do that, and he says probably not, but he needed a starting point. Right now, he’s all she’s got. When she gets another lawyer, he can fill them in. He asks what happened.

Natalie gives the kids dinner. One of the boys tells her there’s something wrong with Justice, and wonders when Joey is coming home. I’d forgotten all about Joey. Natalie doesn’t know, and he asks if Joey has seen Justice’s mom. Natalie asks if he’s been talking to someone, and he says it’s all over school. She tells him to go eat.

Justice looks pretty bummed. He tells Natalie he’s not hungry. He asks where his mother is, and she says Kelly had to go to the jail. He asks if she killed Travis; everyone at school knows. Natalie says she’ll let his mom tell him. He’s tired of being treated like a kid, and Natalie says he is a kid. She tells him Travis was trying to hurt Kelly, and she was protecting them. He wasn’t a good person. Justice says it must have happened after he was asleep. He tells Natalie that Travis had been talking to him; he’d been at the window. He told Justice that he loved him, and would always be there for him. Natalie finds out that Travis had asked Justice for Kelly’s financial information. He’d said he wanted to put money in her account, and told him not to tell. Natalie asks what else he did, and Justice says he was just helping his mom. Natalie tells him he has to eat something.

Natalie calls Lushion. Poor Lushion. I say that every week. She tells him it’s about Justice. He told her that the night of the shooting, Travis came to his window and was talking to him, and she knows how Kelly’s accounts got hacked. He says they’ll talk later, but Kelly asked if he’s okay. She doesn’t think so, and he says he’ll be there in a bit. He tells her that he loves her.

At the restaurant, Esperanza asks Stephen if Marcie and Ian are staring. Stephen says yes, but it’s no big deal. He jokes that he could threaten to arrest them, but says it’s not the end of the world if they find out. She asks why he wants them to know, and he says why not? Esperanza says, because they’re not together, and Stephen says, but they are. She wonders if it has to do with Eddie, and if they’re in competition. He asks why he’d be playing a stupid game, and she says they’re always measuring each other up. He tells her that she’s crazy. She says she was just asking, and he says he answered. Esperanza wants to get going, since her daughter is with a sitter. Stephen says since they’re not together, does she want to go Dutch? Good one, Stephen. She tells him that he’s paying, and not to follow her out like a puppy.

Lushion visits Kelly in her cell. She says it’s going to be bad, and he asks what the attorney said. He looked Carl up, and he’s pretty decent. She says she needs great. He tells her that Justice is fine, and she says tell him she’s okay. He asks if she wants him to visit, but she says no. She wonders what will happen if she never gets out. She needs to know what to do with him. Lushion says if that happens, they’ll take care of him, but she’s not being convicted. She tells him he’s done enough, but he says not until she’s free. She thanks him. He tells her they’ve got her, and stay strong.

Ian is hypnotized by his phone. Marcie asks what’s going on, and he says, nothing. She says he hasn’t been the same since Lushion called. He repeats that it’s nothing. She isn’t pretending to know him, but knows when something’s wrong. He asks what she knows about Kelly. Marcie says she’s a good person, and the kind of mother she’d like to be one day. She tries to be on the side of right. Marcie wishes he was representing her. She knows when someone has a good heart, and he does. He says most people don’t think lawyers do. She tells him that some, like Larry, need to change some things. She knows they’re friends, and Ian says they work together. She says it sounds like he doesn’t like Larry, and Ian says he respects him, but has issues. Larry didn’t even show up for work, and he had to stand in for a press conference that Larry asked for. Marcie thinks Ian should have his own practice, and he says easier said than done. She says it’s like getting out of a bad marriage. She hopes Larry can get Randal to sign the papers. Ian says if anyone can, it’s Larry. Marcie sees Brad, and tells Ian it’s his new neighbor. She goes over to talk to him

Marcie asks Brad what’s going on? He says he’s not good. He saw Alex talking to Randal after he’d told her not to. Marcie says they never learn. He asks what she’s doing there, and she says she wants him to meet someone. She introduces Brad to Ian, and tells him Larry just bought a house on the block. She asks if Brad wants to join them. Brad asks if she isn’t on a date, and she says they’re just celebrating Ian’s house. Ian asks about the schools, and Brad says they’re good; he has kids in elementary school. Ian says he has kids that age too. He saw baby carriage and a blonde on Brad’s porch. Brad says the blonde is his wife, and Ian assumes they have a newborn. Brad says she does. His wife had an affair with Marcie’s husband, and they have a baby. Not TMI or anything. Did it not even cross his idiotic mind that he might be embarrassing Marcie? Or her client? Welcome to the neighborhood! Brad tells Ian that Marcie’s husband lives next door, and is driving him nuts. Ian asks if he means Randal; he knows Randal and Larry are friends. He’s sorry to put things together, and sorry for the drama. Marcie says he didn’t bring it. Ian says he can deal without conflicts and chaos, and Marcie tells him that he can handle himself, but speaking of drama…

Randal appears and says hello like Flounder in Animal House, and I laugh. Marcie suggests they go, but Brad wants to stay. Ian says they were just leaving. Randal says he just got there, and he has some questions. Ian tells him, not today. Randal asks if Marcie is pregnant with Brad’s baby, and she she is. He asks if she’s sure. A birdie told him otherwise. She says his birdie is wrong, and Ian says, let’s go. Randal asks if she’s doing threesomes now, and she and Ian leave.

Randal tells Brad that if he finds out the baby is his, Marcie is going to be so pissed off about what happens. He’s about to follow them, but Brad grabs him, and punches him. They have a huge brawl in the middle of the restaurant.

Next time, Brad wants the truth from Alex, Randal visits Kelly in jail, and Marcie has a medical emergency.

 🎭 Good News & Bad News

😈  Channel Zero is back. This time with Butcher’s Block, and Rutger Hauer. Since it conflicts with my viewing schedule, I’ll probably have to watch it On Demand like last time. I hadn’t known that the stories are based on those found on Creepypasta. The one from Candle Cove is quite disturbing. You can read about it here:


🏰 Sadly, Once Upon a Time will be ending after its next, and seventh, season. The death knell of the Friday time-slot has spoken.



December 15, 2017 – Franco Wants to Come Clean, a Curse is Evoked & Renewal Happiness


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Anna tells Finn it’s lucky he met her, and he says his presence is the only thing preventing her from putting on a bathrobe and adopting a cat. She can’t believe he played the cat card, and says plenty of men would want to be with her, starting with him. He asks if she thinks he wants to be with her, and she says, doesn’t he? He grabs her and kisses her. He says she’s still arrogant, and she says he’s still miserable. They kiss some more.

Franco asks if Elizabeth wants to go to the art therapy room for some therapy. She likes the idea, but has to mail Jake’s cards. She says he made a card for Franco, and Drew, who he still looks at as his father, but not for Jason. Franco says it’s an adjustment. Elizabeth says normally she’d ask Andre, and Franco says, no, she doesn’t want to do that.

Jordan brings Andre some food from Kelly’s. She hears Julian shouting. He wants to know what’s going on, and why he was dragged down there. Jordan tells him to kindly dial it down. He says he’s not saying another word until his lawyer gets there. Magically, Scotty appears, and Julian complains that they didn’t even read him his rights. Scotty was supposed to get the shackles off. He says he’s done with trials, prison, and the PCPD. He says he’s walking out. If they don’t like it, shoot him.

Alexis waits for Drew in his office. He tells her sorry he’s late. He needs some help with some contracts and other paperwork. She tells him those are legalities that can be arranged. She’s not just any attorney, she’s Sam’s mom, and needs to know if he’s going to do right by her daughter.

At the docks, Sam says Jason wanted her to have the ring because she was his wife, but she’s not anymore.

Anna’s phone rings. It’s Robin. Anna says she wishes she had something exciting to report, but things are dull at the moment. I’m surprised Robin isn’t asking what’s wrong, since Anna answered the phone panting, like she was in the middle of a workout.

Franco tells Elizabeth why make trouble where none exists? Jason is doing fine. Elizabeth is disappointed in Andre and herself. She trusted him, and it’s made her doubt everything and everybody. Franco asks if he’s included, but she says no, she has complete faith in him. He says he’s going to do whatever he can to make sure it stays that way. Elizabeth tells him that she loves him, and they start kissing. Kiki clears her throat, and says she’s going to report them to HR for fraternizing. Franco says they’re not fraternizing; they’re just making out. Kiki comments on Elizabeth’s ring, and tells them congratulations. Elizabeth says she’ll be back, and they can go home together. Kiki tells her that she’ll keep an eye on him. When Elizabeth is gone, Kiki asks if everything is okay, and Franco says, great, but it doesn’t sound like it.

Julian whines that it’s open season on Julian Jerome, like always. Jordan tells him if he doesn’t quit it, she’ll have him arrested for resisting release. DA Campbell elected not to retry the case. Scotty says the good news is, he’s free; the bad news is, his bill is a doozy.

Drew tells Alexis nothing personal, but it’s not his life he needs help with; it’s Aurora. Now that they’ve determined he’s not Jason, he wonders what the legalities are. Alexis asks why he doesn’t go to Diane, since she negotiated the purchase. He says she’s no longer his lawyer; she’s Jason’s. he’s worried that she’s going to confiscate what’s his, and give it to Jason. Alexis says she is fiercely diligent. Drew asks if he can count on her help. She says that depends on if she can count on his.

Sam says when she thought Drew was Jason, they started to reconnect, but wanted a clean slate, so they got divorced. They wanted a fresh start, instead of recreating the past. When he asked her to marry him, he put this ring on her finger, but it wasn’t his to give; it’s Jason’s.

Robin puts Emma on the phone, as Finn bites the head off of a gingerbread man. Anna tells Emma it seems like yesterday they were going to see Santa, and not to be in a rush to grow up – some people never do. After she hangs up, she tells Finn those cookies are expensive. He asks if she wants to talk about it, and she says no. Did he think she would because she’s a woman, and they’re all talky-feely?  She’s sorry to disappoint. She pulls out some gifts and wrapping paper. She tells him they need to wrap gifts for the children’s home, and take a box of ornaments to the park for the tree. Finn calls her a regular Christmas elf. She knows he’s more the Grinch type, but if they’re going to look authentic, he might as well help, since he’s determined to go undercover. He says he’ll work with her as long as it takes to bust her. Ann says that Christmas cheer is part of the deal.

Julian thanks Scotty, and says now they can move forward with the other project. Scotty says he’s on it. Jordan tells Julian to use his second chance to live a better life, or it will be her pleasure to send him back to Pentonville. Elizabeth asks comes in wanting to talk to Jordan.

Drew tells Alexis he’s not going to forget what he had with Sam, and hand her over to Jason like a baton. Alexis says she was just testing him. She’s on his side. He’s good to and for her daughter, and made a calculated choice to give her and the kids a safer life. That’s why she’s here. They need to tackle the biggest problem first. He and Sam aren’t legally married.

Jason tells Sam the traitor could be in Port Charles. A call Klein made in Russia was traced call back to there. Sam says she’s trying to give back the ring, not talk about Faison. He says Faison is the reason she’s giving It back. He lost five years, and needs to know how everything fits, and if there’s a threat. To do that, he needs his brother’s help.

Elizabeth visits Andre. She needs answers. Jake trusted him, and he broke that trust. She doesn’t know how to explain it to him, but has to tell him that Andre broke the law, and can’t talk to him when he needs it the most. His father isn’t his father’ he’s a stranger. Andrew says it’s confusing. He knows Jake is struggling, and it’s a lot to process, but he has the tools now. He can trust his family and himself. He’s in a good place, and Andre is confident he’ll find a way through with their love and guidance. Elizabeth says he has Franco too, and Andre says, about Franco…

Kiki asks Franco what’s going on with Elizabeth. She knows when he gets twitchy, something is bothering him, and he’s in serious danger of making it worse. He tells Kiki that he didn’t trust to tell Elizabeth something. He’s learning to care and feel, but he’s bad at it. Kiki says the alternative is the old Franco, who had no conscience, and no one to love.

Alexis looks through Drew’s paperwork. He says doing this feels like packing up bits and pieces of his life. She asks if he still wants to leave Jake and Danny in his will. He does, and she asks about Sonny and Carly being guardians if something happens to him and Sam. Drew says his entire existence is invalid. Alexis tells him it’s nothing that can’t be fixed, but they need to discuss everything with Sam. It’s her life too.

Jason explains to Sam that Drew went AWOL three months before he was shot. Drew might have seen the traitor. He doesn’t remember, but maybe the baseline exists. Sam asks if Jason thinks his memories can be given back. He doesn’t know, but he’s like to find out. Sam says even so, it wouldn’t matter. She’s married to Drew; they have a life and family together. Danny is Jason’s son, but he loves Drew. They can’t undo what Faison has done, and she can’t keep the ring, since she can’t keep the promises made with it. She tries to hand it back. He touches her hand, and they give each other soap opera looks.

Finn wraps gifts way better than I do, and Anna too, apparently. She tells him that hers aren’t as compulsively perfect, but her skill set more suited to espionage. He tells her to stop; it’s hard to watch. He takes over making a bow.

Elizabeth tells Andrew that Franco is handling it. She knows he’s not the most forthcoming, and has a tendency to keep dark and damaging things inside, but he’s been through a lot, and she loves him. They’re getting married. She asks if this is where he throws warnings at her, but he says he knows Franco loves her. She brings out the best in him. He congratulates her, and wishes them nothing but happiness

Franco tells Kiki that everyone says to be honest, but everything between him and Elizabeth is perfect; why mess it up? Kiki can’t tell him what to do, but thinks he’s paying a price for staying silent. He says he’s mostly scared to disappoint Elizabeth, and for her to lose faith in him or herself. Kiki says he’s being human, having feelings for people he loves. He tells her it sucks. Aiden wants him to read Pinocchio every night, and he hates it. He’s spent his life being hollow pieces of wood. Kiki wonders if that makes Elizabeth the Blue Fairy. Franco says she’s magic. Kiki says love is a gift, and stop trying to save her.

Julian thanks Scotty for coming through. Scotty says he can’t take all the credit; Julian’s crazy sister helped. As for the other piece of business, once it’s done, it’s done. Scotty wants him to be aware of what he’s signing. Julian says he is, and Scotty tells him to go ahead and sign his life away.

Alexis tells Drew that they’re navigating uncharted waters. They need to resolve the custody issues and the Quartermaine trust settlement. Drew tells her about Oscar, saying it just keeps on coming. He just found out, but had never known. He and Kim knew each other when he was in the Navy. He only knew her a short time, but that was enough. Sam knows, and has been nothing but supportive. Alexis thinks they should table the questions before his head explodes, and they can talk tomorrow. He’s dreading talking to Sam about their marital status, but Alexis tells him to face it head on; he might be pleasantly surprised. Drew appreciates her believing in him. She says he’s good to her daughter, and that works for her. When she gets outside, David calls. She tells him they’re still on for tonight.

Jason won’t take Sam’s ring. He can’t; it’s hers. He understands why she’s not wearing it, but tells her to give it to Danny. He’s their son, and someday, he can give it to the woman he loves. As fast as kids grow up on soaps, that shouldn’t be too long from now.

Anna asks what is it with Finn? He doesn’t dance, he doesn’t do Christmas. She takes a piece of mistletoe out of the box, and they smile at each other.

Alexis sees Julian at dive bar Charlie’s. She asks if he has a tracking device, and he says no, and he was there first. She tells him she’s meeting someone, and doesn’t want to be uncomfortable. She’s glad for his freedom, but doesn’t want drama. If he respects her, he’ll leave; one of them has to. He says it should be her.

Jordan tells Andrew that she wishes things could be different. So does he. The guard cuffs him, and he’s taken away. Before he leaves, Jason asks to speak to him briefly. Jordan wonders if he should have a lawyer present, but Andre says it’s fine. Jason says he took a baseline of the memory map, and asks if it still exists, and if the memories could be returned. Andre says it’s never been done, but in theory, it could. Unfortunately, he destroyed everything before he left. Jason asks if it’s gone, and he says, not quite.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she went to Andre because she needed closure, and for him to understand how difficult it is for Jake. He thinks Jake will be okay, and is in a good place. Andre said he’ll adjust, and she believes him.  She also told him they’re getting married. Franco asks if Andre told her to run for the hills? She says actually he said congratulations and wished them happiness. He told her that she brings out the best in Franco. She didn’t say it, but Franco does the same for her. She kisses him, but then asks, what is it?

Sam goes to the office. She tells Drew she went to the pier to think, and ran into Jason. It was a little intense. She thanked him for clearing up the desertion charges, and they talked about Spinelli. It came up about Spinelli being the one who married them, and she realized she was still wearing the ring Jason gave her. Drew says Jason did give it to her first. She says it was his grandmother Lila’s ring, and he wants her to give to Danny to give to someone he loves someday. Jason hands her his ring, saying Danny should have that too. It belonged to Alan, who was also his father, but he raised Jason. They shouldn’t be wearing rings anyway, since they’re not actually married. Way to drop that bomb.

Julian tells Alexis that he was just about to order. She asks him to surprise her, and do the right thing. He says he’s not leaving. He owns the place. He just bought it.

Finn takes the mistletoe. They get close, but then he pulls away, saying, let’s get going, and puts it back in the box. They gather up the presents, and he asks if she needs help putting them in the car. She says no, and he puts on his jacket. They keep looking at each other. He tells her goodnight, and not to wait up. She says she wouldn’t dream of it. This is going to be like Moonlighting, isn’t it?

Franco tells Elizabeth that Andrew was right. She brings out the best in him, but he hasn’t been his best self lately. He used to be able to lie or keep things to himself and sleep like a baby, but now it actually hurts him. He to tell her something that he should have told her before now.

Jason asks Andre if there’s a copy of the baseline. He says there’s a copy of both memory maps, along with a detailed record of what he did. He put it in a Christmas ornament, and gave it to the only person he trusts, but they don’t’ even know what it is.

Anna takes the box of ornaments to the car. I guess that means it’s her.

Drew tells Sam that they married when he thought his name was Jason Morgan. It isn’t legal, but he meant every word of his vows. He needs to say them again in his own name. So, would she marry him?

On Monday, Elizabeth asks why Franco didn’t give anyone the proof, Jason thinks Drew remembers more than he realizes, and Lulu asks Maxie for a favor.

Once Upon a Time

Jacinda takes Lucy to the hospital.

In Lucy’s parallel life, she’s born into a magic kingdom. Henry wonders where his mother is, and Drizella says she was detained. He wants Drizella to leave, but she has a prophecy to deliver. On Lucy’s eighth birthday, their lives as they know them will end. Hook says not so fast, and Henry tells her to look down. She’s turning into stone, and Lady Tremaine says she can’t have Drizella casting the curse. Drizella says she’ll be back, and they’ll know what true misery is.

Tiana thanks everyone for coming to Lucy’s birthday. Regina lights the candles with a poof! but when Lucy blows them out, it gets dark, and lightening flashes. Gothel pops in next to the now statue of Drizella. She asks if they really thought there would be a celebration. Hooded figures are backing her up, Drizella comes back to life. Regina says the magic can’t be broken. Gothel says not by one, but as a family they can do anything. She tells Drizella the suffering shall begin. They disappear; no poof, no smoke, no nothing.

Back at the hospital, Sabine tells Jacinda that Lucy will be fine. She thinks Jacinda should call Rogers; maybe he can help them figure things out. Victoria watches Anastasia watch TV. Weaver says he didn’t know Lucy would pay the price. Victoria says her daughter isn’t his Guardian. Her magic might save Lucy, but not if she dies. Victoria has no choice but to let him protect her.

In San Francisco, Roni looks at the vial, and asks Henry if everything’s okay. He thinks something’s wrong, but she tells him to focus. They came here for a reason. Spin class? They take their places on the bikes, and Roni tells him to play along and pretend he loves it. Zelena is the instructor, but her name is Kelly here.

In olden days, Henry tells Lucy they stopped her once, and can stop her again. They’re going to fight. She asks if she gets a sword, but that’s a no. Cinderella wonders if they’re doing the right thing. Henry says if Regina can’t stop the curse, it’s the only way to keep her safe; to keep all of them safe.

In the forest, Regina watches some piglets in a pen. An arrow comes thisclose to her, followed by more. She turns around, and tells the archer she’s impressed; she’s getting good. Zelena appears, and says luckily, she has her father’s aim. Regina says Robin is growing up fast, but Zelena says not in their realm.

Because you can never be alone, even in the middle of the woods, Drizella grabs Zelena from behind. Regina tells her to free her sister, and the cloaked figures appear. Zelena says they’re witches, the cult of the eight; the worst of the worst. Regina thinks they should fight witches with witches. Zelena says, let her get her wand.

After spin class, Kelly is surprised to see Roni, who’s interrupted her happy place, and is the epicenter of her unhappiness. Roni says she’s there for a reason. Henry leaves them to talk, and Kelly asks why Roni is there. Roni says they were like sisters, but Kelly sees the bitch who ruined daughter’s life, giving her a ticket to Amsterdam, and telling her only losers get an education. Roni says she’s sorry, but Kelly doesn’t understand the whole story. She asks Kelly to have a drink with her, but Kelly says, never. Henry runs in, saying Lucy is in the hospital. He’s getting on the first plane back. Roni tells him be with his family – help Jacinda

Back in the day, Rumpelstiltskin giggles as he spins. Hook says they need his help. He must have magic to stop the curse. Rumpel says he has a bit, and shows Hook a white elephant figurine. Hook asks if it will stop the curse. Rumpel tells him nothing can stop it, but it can keep his most precious relationship intact. When it happens, it will insure that he will still be a father and she will still be a daughter. Alice hides behind a tree, and Hook asks if that’s who she wants to be. She owes it to him to stay by his side. She gives him a note to give to her mother. He says he’ll deliver it, and do his best to make sure nothing harms any of them.

In Hyperion Heights, Tilly sees Weaver on the street, and asks if he remembers the symbol from the journal. She shows him where someone has painted it like graffiti. He wonders what that’s doing there.

Henry arrives at the hospital. Jacinda cries in his arms.

While waiting for Kelly, Roni puts the contents of the vial in some liquor. She tells Kelly that the anger is all meaningless. She’ll remember they were like sisters. She’s not leaving until Kelly has a real drink with her, and she pours some shots from the bottle in her purse. Why Kelly doesn’t mention how weird this is, I don’t know. Kelly drinks it, and Roni says they’re cursed, doesn’t she remember? They are sisters; the Evil Queen and the Wicked Witch. Suddenly, Kelly remembers everything, and becomes Zelena. She asks what’s going on, and Regina says she teaches peddling. Zelena says she was cursed to be a hippie, and Roni tells her that Gothel is out. They’re in danger, and Zelena has to come with her. Someone has to pay for this. Zelena hesitates, saying she had a life here; it’s not that easy. She unzips a garment bag, revealing a fabulous wedding gown. She’s getting married.

Weaver has a line-up of daggers on a table. He tells Anastasia that he’s performed this test many times, and asks her which one has magic? She picks one up, and says no. The table starts to shake, and the daggers fly into a cupboard door. She thinks it’s in there. I wield no magic whatsoever, and I’d probably think the same thing. Weaver opens the cupboard, and takes out the real dagger. Anastasia doesn’t want its power if it does things like that. He says it can be used to heal and help. Victoria’s little girl needs time to show what she can do.

Zelena tells Regina he’s a good guy. She might be cursed, but he makes her happy. Regina says she can come back after the curse is broken. She doesn’t mean to screw up Zelena’s life. Zelena says she loves her, and knows Regina has to save her family. It’s what she always does. She tells Regina, let’s go.

Jacinda and Henry watch over Lucy. Henry wishes he could do more. Jacinda suggests reading to her, and takes out Once Upon a Time. She tells Henry whenever Lucy looked at his book, it gave her strength. He takes Jacinda’s hand.

In ye olde forest, Henry shows Lucy the oldest part of realm. He points out a tree that has the same magic that brought his mom to Storybrooke. He introduces her to Tiger Lily, who says she found Geppetto’s ax. Henry asks if Lucy remembers the wardrobe. She doesn’t want him to cut the tree down. He tells her if the curse happens, she has to go to a land without magic, and find their people. With the book, she can help them believe. He tells her it’s okay. Just believe in him. He gets to work cutting the tree. It’s so big, it should only take a million years with an ax. Henry hears something, grabs a torch, and runs to a cottage. He tells Lucy wake up; they’ve been found, and it’s time. He’s going to stay behind to give her time to escape. She doesn’t want to go without him, but he says she has to make sure the book stays safe. Something very big is at the door. Henry makes her take the book and run. The something comes in, and it’s shadow encompasses the entire room.

Lucy says witches got her father. Cinderella says what Drizella wants is to distract them from stopping the curse. If they don’t, nothing will matter, not even Henry.

Gothel works some magic. Drizella looks at her notes for the curse. She says she’s waited so many years to cast this curse, and thanks Gothel. Lady Tremaine tells Drizella she finally found a mother figure, but she’s just being used. Drizella says no one controls her. Lady Tremaine is going to think she did it to save Anastasia, when actually it will be in service to her. Then she’s going to rip Anastasia from her arms forever. She tells Lady Tremaine to go to sleep, and she does. Regina asks if she’s still working out her mommy issues. Drizella says the sisters won’t be enough, and Regina says Zelena isn’t the only one she brought. She has Cinderella, Hook, and Jack. Regina says if she wants a witch fight, they’re happy to oblige; she won’t be casting a curse.

Drizella says, no, you will, and tells Gothel to show her. Gothel reveals Henry, who looks like he’s in bad shape. She says they did to him what witches do best – poisoned him. Regina’s magic won’t work, and Drizella says it’s not going to, and the only thing that can change that is a trip to land without magic. Regina tells her don’t do this; a curse takes time and ingredients. Drizella says there are eight, and she has seven. The last one is the most important, and hardest to find – magic from a witch who crushed the heart of one she loves most. Does she choose Drizella’s curse or Henry’s life?

In the land without magic, Weaver tells Anastasia she has it, and it’s the only ay to save a girl. Anastasia says, someone is here; it’s her place. Everything starts to shake. The door blows open, and it’s Gothel. Everyone flips around like the characters in Carrie at the prom. Anastasia runs out of the room.

Drizella finds her and says her mother called her to come and help. She tells Anastasia that these will help dampen the magic, and puts bracelets made of vines on Anastasia’s wrists. Anastasi says the witch is after her, but Drizella says she won’t let anything happen to her, and leads her outside.

In the land with magic, Drizella says there’s nothing Regina can do except cast the curse. Regina says she’ll do it. Zelena says it’s not what she wants, but Hook says she’d do it for Robin; let her go. Regina says, let’s do this, but know one thing, it’s not over. The pattern of a wheel has been dug into the ground. Regna drips blood into it, and it bursts into flames.

Rumpel says, gold in a room in my mind. Alrighty then. He gives Alice a key, and says if it doesn’t work, she knows what to do. Robin sees Alice, and says she got her letter. They kiss. Robin says she wanted to see her one last time. Alice says they’ll always know each other. A storm starts to brew.

Cinderella asks what happens to Lucy? How will she find her, if she doesn’t even know she exists? Hook gives her the elephant, and says she’ll know. The flames leap higher. Everyone watches from their respective spots. Smoke envelops the kingdom.

At the modern-day hospital, Henry reads, every curse can be broken. You just need believe. When he learned that, he knew he could believe in everything to save child’s life. He says he gets it. He would do anything to save Lucy, no matter how crazy. If somewhere he’s her dad, he believes. He kisses her om the forehead, like the illustration in the book, but nothing happens. Jacinda sleeps in a chair in Lucy’s room.

Roni tells Zelena that Henry says Lucy is no better. Zelena suggests true love’s kiss, but Roni says he tried it. Victoria must have stopped Lucy’s belief. Zelena says if it will help, she’ll get her magic back, but there’s only one way to do that. Regina says, break the curse. If they do that, Henry dies. If they don’t, Lucy does.

Anastasia asks where they are, and Drizella says a gathering place for her and her family. Gothel appears, and asks what’s going on. Drizella says she’s sick of living in Anastasia’s shadow. She’s going to steal her magic, like she’s stolen everything from her. Anastasia grabs her hand. Drizella tells her to let go, but she can’t. Drizella asks what happened. Gothel says she didn’t plan to use the vines to give Anastasia’s magic to her, but used them to give Drizella’s magic to Anastasia. She should have listened to her mother. Gothel throws Drizella into a well. Victoria is already there, and says, don’t dare look at me.

Gothel takes Anastasia to a room that holds the witches’ cloaks. Gothel says they’re beautiful. They’re just cloaks right now, and belong to the darkness, but soon they’ll find the women meant to wear them. The sisters of the coven of eight will be joined.

This spring, the battle has just begun, a conflict of dark magic where two families hang in the balance, and the war of the witches. Once Upon a Time is back on Friday, March 2nd, 2018.

👹 It was also Z Nation‘s season finale, as well as a two-parter. I realized there’s no way I could properly edit that and get any sleep at all. It’s so late, it’s possible I’m not even making sense right now. But fear not, I’ll bring the zombies in all their gory to the blog tomorrow, as well as this week’s quotes. The really good news is…



December 9, 2017 – Z News, Sacrificing for Family & a Couple of Thoughts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



I was hoping to recap Z Nation, but wanted to cry when it wasn’t On Demand yet. Usually it is the day after it airs. Hopefully, it will show up before the next episode. BTW, there’s no news of it being renewed yet, so if you love it as much as I do, let the SyFy channel know.

Once Upon a Time

A carriage is driven through the forest. Rapunzel is driving, with her husband Marcus and their two daughters in the back. She says she always finds a way for her family. She steps out and goes through a gate. She stoops to gather up some radishes from a garden, and a cloaked figure appears, asking who dares to pick something from Gothel’s garden? and the radishes disappear from her hands. She tells Gothel that her husband is sick, and her children haven’t eaten in two days. Gothel says many come to try and steal her magic, but she’s selflessly risking Gothel’s ire for radishes. It’s rare to find a flower growing amongst the weeds of human nature. Rapunzel says she’ll meant no disrespect and will make payments. Gothel asks what she’ll sacrifice for her family, and Rapunzel says anything. Gothel says they have a deal. Suddenly, thorny vines wrap around and dig into Rapunzel’s wrists, then disappear.

Rapunzel finds herself in a tower with no way out. She tells Gothel that she didn’t agree to this. Gothel says she swore to pay the price for her family’s happiness, and there’s a difference between hers and theirs. Rapunzel says they’ll look for her, but Gothel says they’ll never find her. Rapunzel yells out the window, but the tower is in the middle of a dense forest, and like in Alien, no one can hear her scream.

In the kind of real world, Victoria is in the visitor room at the jail, looking at the scars on her wrists. Ivy/Drizella walks in, and tells her orange looks better on the women in the Netflix show. Victoria says her wardrobe has something in common with Ivy; she’s been stuck with what’s been thrust upon her. She asks why Ivy is there. Ivy says Victoria has taken a family heirloom from her, and Victoria asks if she means Anastasia’s body. She knows Ivy wants the magic within her, and says they both know what she wants to do. Ivy tells Victoria that she has all her assets now, and telling her where Anastasia is, is the only way to get out of jail. Victoria says she doesn’t need Ivy to get her out. Ivy says she’ll find Anastasia herself. She has Gothel helping her now. Victoria says she always gravitated toward any mother figure she could, and asks if someone didn’t get enough hugs. Ivy tells her have fun in prison. Victoria says it’s not the first time someone tried to lock her up, but they learned the lesson that when it comes to her family, she always finds a way. Apparently, she’s the wicked stepmother and Rapunzel.

Lucy asks Jacinda if they can invite Henry over to share the good news that she’s back for good. Jacinda says they’ll talk about it tomorrow, and to get ready for school. Sabine tells Jacinda that Lucy keeps trying to parent trap her. Jacinda says she went to Roni’s to see if she and Henry could work things out, but he’d left for San Francisco with Roni. The bartender was vague about the details, only saying that Roni needed a ride.

Weaver visits Victoria. She says she’s missed their talks. He asks if she enjoyed the talk with her daughter, but Victoria says not since she was four. He says given her current situation, she has little to offer. She tells him she needs help getting to Anastasia, and asks why he’s pretending not to be concerned that Gothel is out of the tower. Weaver doesn’t understand what her nonsense means. She talks about all the knickknacks he’s been collecting, the great love he’s been separated from, and the dagger he can’t get rid of. She asks how the search for the Guardian is going, and says if he helps her today, she’ll share some information with him. She calls him Rumpelstiltskin, and he tells her she has a deal.

In the tower, Rapunzel ticks off the days as her hair grows longer. She sees lanterns floating in the sky outside her window, and gets a scathingly brilliant idea. She anchors her hair, and tells herself to be brave as she climbs out the window.

In Hyperion Heights, Rogers asks Victoria how she got out. She tells him determination. She didn’t get where she is by waiting for others to improve her odds. He tells her that he didn’t ask for a TED talk; he wants to know how she beat the charges. Weaver comes out of the station, and tells Rogers it’s his doing; he didn’t get a warrant. Rogers says there was immediate danger, but Weaver says the judge didn’t see it that way. Rogers knows Weaver is getting something out of this, and he’s going to find out what. Weaver suggests he not cross him. He gets in the car with Victoria, and she says she needs some things to wake her daughter. They have a few stops to make.

Victoria goes to Jacinda’s place. Sabine says a fugitive is here, and Victoria says she’s a free woman. She’s there about her long-standing agreement with Jacinda. Jacinda says she’s not getting Lucy back, and Victoria says she’s there to do the opposite. She’s removing all claims to her granddaughter. Sabine asks what the catch is, and Victoria says there is none. She was testing Jacinda by asking her to sign Lucy over, and she failed, but now she’s passed. She reached out to Nick, and she’s glad he’s back in Jacinda’s life. Jacinda wants to know where this is coming from, and Victoria says she was forced to think about what’s important, and it’s Lucy’s happiness. She gives Jacinda a doll Lucy is fond of, and says family is worth fighting for.

To confuse me even more, young Anastasia is the one sending up the lanterns in front of her home in the enchanted forest. Her sister Drizella says it’s been six years, but Anastasia says she’s not giving up on their mother, and something feels different about tonight. Rapunzel walks out of the woods, and Anastasia hugs her. Marcus comes out, and says he thought she was dead; all he found was her tattered cloak. She says it was a trick. She’d promised Gothel anything for her family to thrive, and was locked away in a tower. Another girl comes out, calling him father, and he tells Ella to go back inside. He tells Rapunzel that she’s his stepdaughter, and introduces her to his wife, Cecilia.

In the present, Gothel tells Ivy that her mother’s entanglement with Rumpelstiltskin is going to prove meddlesome. Ivy says she can team up with the Seven Dwarves for all she cares. If they follow her, she’ll lead them to Anastasia. Gothel tells her it’s a mistake to underestimate Victoria. Ivy asks if she’s speaking from experience. In her experience, her mother always takes wrong path and made poor choices because of it. Now she has to deal with her.

In the fairytale world, Rapunzel pours tea for her daughters. Anastasia says they came for her company, but Drizella says she’s thirsty. Marcus arrives, and asks if they’re ready to head back to the manor. He needs to speak with Rapunzel, and they go inside. He tells her the girls love her. Anastasia speaks about her constantly. Rapunzel says Drizella seems more distant by the day, and he says to give her time; she was very young when Rapunzel left. He takes her old cloak out of his bag, saying he mended it. She’s surprised he kept it. He places it around her shoulders, and says if she hadn’t made the deal, he would most likely be dead and the girls would be in the street. The family owes all their happiness to her. She asks if he still loves her, and he says of course. The girls mean everything to him, but so does Ella and Cecilia. I guess bigamy isn’t against the law in the world of fairytales.

He leaves, and Gothel appears, telling Rapunzel that she’s too strong for tears. Rapunzel thinks Gothel is there to put her back in the tower, but Gothel says no; she admires her resourcefulness in escaping. She knew Rapunzel would escape, and is curious to see if she’ll sacrifice someone else’s happiness for hers. She gives Rapunzel a cartoonish mushroom, something she picked up in Wonderland. She tells Rapunzel to squeeze it into Cecilia’s drink when she least expects it. She can make her go away, and have her family back. Rapunzel throws it into the fire, and says she’s not the kind of person to harm an innocent. Gothel says maybe she’ll find other happiness, but if not, she might come to see it her way. Another mushroom materializes.

Back in Washington state, Nick looks over the papers, and tells Jacinda that Lucy is hers. It’s finally over. She’s glad she called him. She owes him a future life. He kisses her, and she’s like, whoa, and says didn’t want to do this. Nick says he must have misread the signs, and Lucinda says it’s not about him. She’s glad he’s back in their lives, and wants him to have a relationship with Lucy. He says him too, and leaves. Jacinda picks up the mix tape that Henry gave her.

Rogers pulls a fire alarm, and goes into what looks like an evidence room. He sees his Captain Hook hook in a plastic bag, and looks puzzled. He finds a box of folders regarding all of the players in this story. He wonders what Weaver is doing.

Rogers sees Sabine at the food truck, and is impressed at how spiffed up it is. Sabine says they’re nearly ready for the big ball. He tells her that he’s following up on the fire, and she says Weaver already did. He says they need more details, but he didn’t want to bother Weaver on his day off. He asks what she and Weaver spoke about, and Sabine says he told her about how the door was jimmied with a knife he found in the dumpster. Rogers asks if she can describe it, and she draws him a picture of the dagger. She says it didn’t look like something you’d break in with; more like something out of a Tim Burton movie. She tells Rogers that Weaver kept shoving it in her hand, asking if felt anything. She asks what this is about. He says he doesn’t know, but he’s going to find out

Victoria and Weaver go to a mausoleum. He tells her they’ve been followed since they left the police station. She’s aware of it, but not concerned; she has a plan for those two. They open a vault, and Victoria takes out a huge purse, saying it has everything she needs to wake Anastasia. Weaver finds it odd that she wants to reunite with one daughter, when the other waits outside. He had a son who thought as little of him as Ivy does of her, but he never stopped trying to make things right. She says good for him, and he tells her that he ended up losing his son. She tells him not to compare his grief to hers. He has no idea what she’s been through. He says he knows what it’s like to seek reunion, and the costs involved. He paid them, and then his son did. She tells him that she can’t stop now that she finally has a way. He asks where the information is that she promised. Victoria says he’ll get it when Anastasia is awake. As for Ivy, she hasn’t been her daughter for long time.

Back in the day, It’s Drizella’s birthday party. Rapunzel is serving, and Cecilia approaches her, telling her it’s her daughter’s birthday; she should be celebrating, not working. Cecilia wanders off, and Marcus tells Rapunzel the girls get along; maybe the parents should take a cue from them. He says the girls need her, and she says Drizella didn’t even smile at her gift. She sees Drizella getting all excited about Cecilia’s present.

Inside the house, Rapunzel smashes a mirror, and sees the mushroom. She takes it, and squeezes it into a lemonade.

Fast forwarding, Drizella and Gothel go into the mausoleum, but see only Weaver. Drizella asks where Victoria is, and he says long gone. They need to learn how to tail someone better. Gothel wants a moment with Weaver. When Drizella is gone, he wonders how she bought into Gothel’s mother routine; she’s not a mother to anyone. She says mother means different things to different people. She tends to their needs like she can with his. She never thought she’d see a pout on the Dark One, or love in his heart. He says there’s always a time for firsts, and she asks how Belle is. He tells her don’t dare say her name, and she remarks that she struck a nerve. He’s never getting back to her unless she helps him. He says he doesn’t need her help, and Victoria is going to wake Anastasia. Gothel says whatever role she’s assuming today, Victoria neglected to ask the cost, and the cost is the loss of an innocent’s belief. She asks if he has any idea where his great granddaughter is.

Lucy sees Victoria at school. She wants to give her something, and takes the Once Upon a Time book out of her bag. She tells Lucy that she was right. Fairytales are real; her family and belief are all real, but she doesn’t know the whole story. Victoria tells Lucy to come with her, and she’ll tell her the rest.

Lucy is surprised to find out that Victoria is Rapunzel as well as Lady Tremaine. Me too. Victoria says Marcus’s last name was Tremaine, and she took it from him. Lucy says she knew her mom was Cinderella, and Victoria says her unfettered belief is what makes her special. Lucy sees an illustration of Rapunzel using the mushroom, and is shocked that she poisoned her mom’s mom. Victoria says the witch tricked her. She needed her family to be together again. Lucy asks if Cecilia died, and Victoria says no; she could never do that. It only caused her to flee. She didn’t know Marcus would chase after her. Eventually, the family was reunited, and they even welcomed Ella in, but the story didn’t end there.

It’s winter in the enchanted forest. Rapunzel and Marcus watch as the girls build a snowman. Rapunzel says the three seem like sisters. Marcus says he’s been thinking about how much she’s done for the family. The snowman’s hat blows away, and Ella chases after it onto a frozen lake. Anastasia follows her. Their parents are too busy making googly eyes at one another to notice. Marcus tells Rapunzel it’s time he did something to show how much he cares. The ice cracks, and the sisters fall in. Marcus goes after them, diving into the hole they fell through. He pulls out Ella. Rapunzel screams, where’s their daughter? He says he could only grab one.

In modern times, Anastasia is in the hospital on life support. Lucy asks why Victoria is showing her this, and Victoria wants her to see how the world really is, even for the people in the book. She only did what heroes would do. She sacrificed everything for her family, and only got pain in return. Fairytales are real, but happy endings aren’t. Lucy says happy endings are real if you work for them. She believes her family will be together again, and Victoria isn’t a part of her family. Victoria says she believed it too, for far too long; it’s already too late. She shows Lucy her phone, where she has a video of Nick kissing Jacinda. She says Henry means nothing to her. Lucy cries, and Victoria says their stories are the same. They’re separated from those they love, and willing to do whatever it takes to get their families back. Henry has already left town. She tells Lucy that when you’re betrayed by people, you must let them go. She says it’s time to let her belief go. Lucy closes her eyes, and a tear falls on the book. She runs out of the room. By the look on Victoria’s face, I’m guessing a tear is what she needed.

In the old fairytale days, Rapunzel brings Anastasia to Gothel, who says as long as her last breath is in her, she hangs between life and death. Gratitude alone is not enough to wake her though. Anastasia will be going to the tower. Rapunzel says she’s done nothing wrong, and Gothel says it’s not a punishment; it’s a test. She needs a Guardian. When Rapunzel sacrificed everything for her family, Gothel thought she had potential, but she couldn’t resist the temptation to harm an innocent. Perhaps someone else will do better. Rapunzel says if Anastasia is in the tower, she’ll scale it brick by brick. Gothel says she’s made improvements, and there’s magic to prevent any escapes. She checks her pockets for something, and Rapunzel holds up a vial. She says Gothel taught her, when they least expect it. She throws the vial on the ground in front of Gothel, and Gothel disappears, poof! in a cloud of black smoke. Rapunzel tells Anastasia that she’ll bring her back.

In the modern-day hospital, Victoria takes the tear off the book with and eyedropper.

Out on the street, Weaver asks an officer if she’s seen any sign of Lucy. The officer gives him a backpack they found. She asks if he’s sure they shouldn’t contact her mother. He tells her to just keep searching, and remember to report directly to him. Rogers comes by, and shows Weaver the picture Sabine drew of the sword. He asks who Weaver is looking for. Weaver says that’s his business, and to stay out of it. Rogers says he’s been in Weaver’s locker, and he has files on half the town. He can’t tell if Weaver is a dirty cop, or the best one he knows. One minute, he’s talking in riddles, and the next, he’s shutting Rogers out. He can’t shake the feeling that Weaver is trying to tell him something, so just spit it out. Weaver says he’s looking for someone, like Rogers is. Rogers asks what Victoria has to do with it, and Weaver says he thought she could help him, but he was wrong. It’s hard to put into words, but he’s been separated from his wife, Belle. He’d do anything to get to her, and this is in service to that. Rogers believes him, and asks what he can do to help. Weaver says tonight they have to find Lucy.

Victoria approaches Anastasia’s bed with the eyedropper.

Lucy goes home, and Jacinda asks what’s wrong?

Victoria drips the tear onto Anastasia’s forehead. Her eyes open.

Lucy keels over.

Anastasia asks what happened, and Victoria says she saved her. When it comes to her family, she always finds a way. Ivy looks through the window, and walks away with tears in her eyes.

Next time, the winter finale – someone wicked returns, Regina suggests fighting witches with witches, and the first strike ignites a war.

💍 Will Anyone Get Married?

Re 90-Day Fiancé – still working on my monthly dissertation, but it looks doubtful that any of them are making it to the altar. David turned out to be an obnoxious drunk; Luis (who held such promise) didn’t realize that when you marry a woman with children, the children come with the deal; Andrei is a control freak; the guy half of the couple whose names I don’t remember argues with her over wedding plans and refuses to talk about sex (they’re both virgins); and Azan and Nicole are a no, just no. I sense a pattern here…

👘 In Other News…

I got an e-newsletter from a fashion website. The subject line said, the coat of your dreams. It wasn’t. Not even close.



December 8, 2017 – Oscar’s Father Revealed, a Quint of Quotes & an Excuse


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


I have a bit of a busy evening – why, oh why, are they always on Friday? – and will catch up with Z Nation tomorrow for sure, and maybe Once Upon a Time. If there’s time.

General Hospital

Jason kicks in the door. It’s Britt! She tells him not to shoot.

Carly puts toys in for donation at the hospital Toys for Tots bin. She sees Kim, who tells her she’s working there now. Carly says the toy donations cheered her up, and Kim asks if everything is okay. Carly says her best friend is back but the situation with Drew and Jason is a mess. Kim says she must have heard that Drew was arrested this morning

Drew is out, and Sam hugs him

Josslyn gets the test results. Oscar tells her to wait. He says he saw Drew on the footbridge, and they were like strangers, so he probably is. Josslyn says there’s one way to know for sure. He asks if she would be mad if he wanted to delete the results instead.

Michael suggests Nelle start fresh somewhere else. She asks how she can when she’s carrying his child. He tells her not to make up another lie. She’s not pregnant; she’s desperate. She says she’s both.

Jason tells Sonny one room has her stuff, and the other is empty. Britt says her father is gone. Sonny asks when she last saw him, and she says a few hours ago. He said they had to move on, and she told him to go without her; she’s tired of running. She asks how Spencer is, but Sonny is still angry about her part in his kidnapping. She says it was one mistake. He tells her to turn it around, and tell them what they need to know.

Drew tells Sam that in light of his service record and corroborating testimony, they’re going to resurrect his discharge. She says someone is finally reasonable and rational. He tells her not at first, and wonders what she and her mom did. She says it wasn’t all them. Everyone looked at her like she’d been watching too much sci-fi when she told them about the memory mapping. Drew asks what else happened, and she says Jason spoke on his behalf. Jason is the reason he’s free.

Elizabeth and Franco discuss Santa. He says the jury is out on him. This year, he wants marry her on Christmas, and make all his Christmas wishes come true.

Kim tells Carly that she went to talk to Drew about the stunt Oscar and Josslyn pulled. Carly says it was probably Josslyn’s idea, and she’s lost privileges. Kim thinks it was more like 50/50. She tells Carly that when they were talking the Master of Arms showed up, and arrested him for desertion. Carly says It doesn’t make sense; he had a distinguished service record, and just vanished. Kim asks if she thinks he was abducted. She says she knows it; Jason was.

Oscar tells Josslyn that he’ll pay her back. She says that’s not a problem, but she thought he wanted to find his father. He says maybe he doesn’t want to know. His mom has gone his entire life without telling him, and maybe there’s a reason.

Michael tells Nelle the timing is convenient. She says convenient or not, it’s the truth. He asks if she took a test, and remarks that the last time they slept together was in October. She says she’s about six weeks pregnant. He says that’s if she’s pregnant, and if he’s the father.

Sonny asks if Britt knows Jason, and she says they met briefly. She did exam on his little boy when he came back. He asks how much she knows about what her father did to Jason, and she says nothing. He thinks that seems odd, since she traveled with him. Jason had been held captive, and switched with his own twin. Britt asks if when Sonny does something criminal, if he tells his daughter. Sonny says she might have overheard something. Jason tells her about Danny teaching the dog tricks, and how he lives with a man who isn’t his father. Her father did that, and he needs to know why.

Drew asks how Jason got involved, and Sam says she called him. The story was so crazy, it had to be proven. He looks like the photo in Drew’s Naval folder, and his life was documented until 2012. It seemed to be enough that he explained what happened to him, and what he thinks happened to Drew. She tells him to relax. He could be on his way to military prison, but instead he’s with her.

Oscar tells Josslyn that going behind his mom’s back is kind of a violation of privacy. Josslyn says he has the legal right to know, but he thinks he should give her one more chance to explain.

Carly gets off the phone, and tells Kim that Drew was released with no criminal charges. She thanks her for being helpful in clearing things up. She gave them a place to start looking. Kim says it looks like it worked out better for Jason, but Carly says not really. He lost so much, and everyone assumes he’ll be okay. She sees Franco and Elizabeth, and says case in point. Kim mentions that they just got engaged.

Carly stomps over, saying she heard something she can’t believe; they’re engaged. Elizabeth confirms that. Carly says she has no room to judge, since she once agreed to marry him, but she didn’t go through with it. Franco says that’s revisionist history; he dumped her. She says she thought he was her last link to Jason; what’s Elizabeth’s excuse, and what is she telling her kids? Elizabeth says the boys love him too. Carly tells her they’re too young to understand. What about when they find out, and what is she going to say to Jason about how the man who sexually assaulted his wife now being Jake’s stepfather? She thanks God that Sonny made her see that it would have been her worst mistake, and prays someone does the same for Elizabeth. She stomps back to Kim. Elizabeth tells Franco that she’s wrong about everything, especially him.

Kim tells Carly, sorry. Carly says Jason is her best friend, and Franco set out to destroy him. Now he’s going to marry the mother of one of Jason’s kids.

Michael says if Nelle can drug his father and convince him that she slept with him, she can fake a pregnancy, or get pregnant and try to pass it off as his. He wants to see a test conducted by a medical professional, and tells her, let’s get started.

Jason explains about his twin brother to Britt. He went AWOL in July of 2012, same year her father shot him and he disappeared. He was taken to Andre, who imprinted his memories on Drew. Drew was sent to Helena, and then to a clinic where he escaped. She says she knows about him being Jake Doe, and that he helped her father escape from the police. Sonny asks if that was always the plan.

In the park, Sam tells Drew that she wasn’t going to let the Navy take him away. He says he wants to be there for Scout’s first Christmas. Sam says he will. Elizabeth and Franco arrive with Jake. Jake tells them that he asked Santa for a fishing rod. He wants to go fishing again with Drew, like they did last summer. It was the best with just the two of them. He asks if he can have some money to win a stuffed animal for Scout. He runs off, and Sam asks Elizabeth if that’s an engagement ring. Franco says he doesn’t expect them to be happy, but say what they need to before Jake gets back. Drew says he’s not Jake’s father, so he doesn’t have a vote.

Carly explains to Kim that Jason is Jake’s father. Drew spent the last two years thinking Jake was his son. Jason hates Franco, and he’s going to do what he thinks is right regardless of the consequences. Kim has to see a patient, but thanks her for the history lesson. Carly messes with the toys some more. Josslyn and Oscar round the corner, and Josslyn asks what Carly is doing there. Carly asks what Josslyn is doing there.

Kim sees Michael, who thanks her for seeing Nelle on short notice. Nelle told him that she’s pregnant with his child, and he told her to prove it. He knows she can’t disclose medical information without permission, but wanted her to know the circumstances. She goes in to see Nelle. Nelle acts like she and her boyfriend are both happy about it, and just wanted to make extra sure, even though she took an EPT.

Elizabeth says she hasn’t told Jake that Drew isn’t his father; she thought they should tell him together. She doesn’t feel that there’s any hurry, and Franco thinks they should let him enjoy Christmas. Drew says it’s public knowledge; it’s out there. He’s drew, not Jason, and they don’t want Jake to find out from someone else. They need to try and help him understand and get through it. Jake comes back sans stuffed toy, and says the game hard, but he knows they can win. Drew says they will in a minute, but they need to have a talk. He asks if he’s in trouble, but Drew tells him no, and it’s nothing they can’t work out. They step away.

Sam asks if Franco is really worried about Christmas, or that Jason will tell truth about what he did. He tells her he decided not to press charges, and she should be thanking him. Sam says he didn’t want a trial, with her and Michael telling everyone what happened. He’d thought they’d arrived at truce, but she says he thought wrong. He might not be legally responsible, but she’ll carry the scars for the rest of her life. Jason lived it too, and he’s not done with him. Franco says it sounds like she’s not done with Jason either.

Jason asks Britt if Drew was put in Port Charles as a sleeper agent. She says there seemed to be an arrangement between her father and Helena, but he didn’t talk to her about it. Jason says he was deliberately shot when they already had Drew. Why weren’t the memories transferred the other way around? She says she doesn’t know, but he says she knows something, and needs to tell them.

Franco tells Sam that she wasn’t surprised when they made the announcement about who was jJason. She knew, and just pretended to be standing by Drew. Maybe she’s just counting the days until she can run back into Jason’s. Sam says maybe he’s hoping to marry Elizabeth before she runs to Jason herself.

Elizabeth explains to Jake that Drew had a brother who he was separated from at Birth. One grew up in Port Charles, and was Jason, his biological father. Jake says he knows; he’s right here. Drew says the thing no one realized, but Jason is his twin. He’s Drew, which makes him Jake’s uncle. Jake gets upset, saying it’s a mistake. Elizabeth knows it’s confusing. He says he’s not confused, and Drew isn’t his uncle; he’s his dad. Drew asks Jake to hear him out. He feels like his father, and Jake will always be his son. It’s tough, but they’re tough, and will face it. Jason is also his father. Jake says he doesn’t want him, and doesn’t need another dad; just him.

Carly tells Josslyn they had an agreement. Josslyn says, sorry, and Carly asks if she’s sorry got caught, or sorry she did it. She limits her own options, and Carly can’t trust her to make good choices. Oscar says his fault.

Kim tells Nelle and Michael that Nelle is approximately six weeks pregnant. She gives Nelle pre-natal instructions, and leaves. Nelle asks Michael is he’s going to apologize for doubting her.

Drew knows it’s hard, but have to face it, and there will be changes. Jake asks how, but he’s not sure. He doesn’t know anything about Jason or what he wants or plans to do. Elizabeth knows Jason wants him to be okay, and they’ll take it a step at a time, do their best to communicate and listen, and figure it out together. Drew tells Jake to remember he’ll always have him, and he’ll always be in his life. Jake says he’ll always be his dad. Elizabeth thinks it’s enough for him for now, and they go back.

Franco asks if everything is okay, but Drew says not really. Jake asks Sam if this means new old Jason is Danny’s dad too. She tells him, yes, and he asks what about Scout? She says that Drew is Scout’s biological father, and Jake asks if that means she’s not his sister anymore. Drew says she’ll always be his sister. He tells Jake to do him a favor and win his baby sister a stuffed polar bear. Jake hugs him, and they exchange I love yous.

Jason tells Britt that the Navy was going to arrest Drew for desertion, but it was cleared it up. Sonny says Drew doesn’t remember his own life, and is holding on to Jason’s; living with Jason’s wife, raising his children, and bought a company with Jason’s money. Faison sent Drew to Cassadine Island; where did he send Jason? Jason says he woke up in a clinic, missing four and a half years. Britt says she doesn’t know and can’t tell them anything. Jason says she does  know something; he can see it in her eyes. Whatever it is, she’s got to tell him. She says what’s the point? He can’t get the years back. He says maybe he can protect his family from her father. She says her father doesn’t care about him. Up until a month ago, he thought Jason was dead.

Elizabeth tells Franco that everyone involved loves Jake, especially Jason. They’re history has nothing o do with Jake. Franco hopes she’s right, and she asks him to trust her; everything will work out. He asks her to please marry him on Christmas.

Oscar explains to Carly that they were doing their homework, and he wanted to talk to his mom about something, and asked her to come. Joslyn says she should have asked, and she’ll go straight home after this, but would like to stay in case Oscar needs her. Carly tells her one hour, and no matter what her part is in the mystery research, it’s over after this. Oscar is on his own. Carly heaves a Jason sigh.

Wait for it…

Carly sees Michael with Nelle. He says he has important news. Nelle smiles.

Drew tells Scout as lost as he is, with everything he doesn’t know, at least she’s his; made out of love, and no one can take it away from him or her. Sam brings some presents down. He tells Sam that she’s going to have to tell Danny, and she says it’s going to be fine. He doesn’t think Jake is. Sam says he has to realize he’s not losing Drew. She doubts Jason is going to take it away. Drew says sometimes when she says Jason’s name, part of him feels like she’s talking about him. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Kim.

Sonny asks why Britt’s father thinks Jason is dead. Dr. Klein and his gunmen followed him back. She says they weren’t working for her father. When Jason dropped in from the skylight, the story went viral, and he was furious, saying Jason was supposed to be dead; the traitor crossed him. Whoever was supposed to kill Jason didn’t do it. Jason says that explains why Klein wanted him, and Sonny says he was working for the traitor. Jason asks if Faison was there to look for the traitor, and she thinks so. But something spooked him, and he left. Jason says the traitor could still be there.

Elizabeth says no matter how much loves Franco, Christmas is about the kids. She doesn’t want to be worrying about her dress. She wants Christmas to be special, and wants the wedding to be special too. She tells him soon. January; February at the latest. Jake comes running to them with a stuffed polar bear. He and Franco high-five.

Nelle says they’re happy she’s here. They just got news. She knew, but Michael insisted she take the test. Michael confirms Nelle is pregnant, and Nelle tells Carly, congratulations, grandma. Ha-ha!

Oscar says his mom left, and Josslyn asks what he wants to do. He says he has to find out tonight. She tells him she can forward the results, and he can open them when he wants or delete them. He says no, he wants her to be with him, and wants to do it now, but not here. They need to find somewhere quiet.

Drew lets Kim in, and she apologizes for just showing up. Sam takes Scout upstairs. Drew asks if it’s about Oscar, and she says in a way. She asks if everything is okay, and he tells her there’s still some paperwork, but he’s no longer AWOL. She knows he doesn’t remember, but he was proud of his service and being a SEAL. He asks how well she knew him. She says she didn’t know him long, but their time together was pretty intense. She got pregnant, and Oscar is his son.

On Monday, Cassandra says she and Finn can help each other, Michael tells Nelle to prove it’s his child, and Kim tells Drew it’s up to him what happens.

Quotes of the Week

If people talk about you, you know you’re interesting.Susan “Honey” Good

I don’t believe in luck. It’s persistence, hard work, and not forgetting your dream.Janet Jackson

No man wants to kiss a girl in black. – The Dowager Countess, Downton Abbey

Don’t worry about aging. Worry about being boring.Susan “Honey” Good

Don’t be defeatist, dear. It’s very middle-class. – The Dowager Countess, Downton Abbey




November 24, 2017 – Broadcast News Zombies, Chuckles the Clown & Quote Quintuplet


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Today, General Hospital was replaced by football, and Once Upon a Time was replaced by Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town. So in keeping with this week’s theme of gratitude, I’m thankful Z Nation was on.

Z Nation

To make this an easier read, the show flipped back and forth from the past – a zombie attack at a television station – to the present – Operation Bitemark discovering the station.

We see a weather broadcast. All seems normal.

Kaya locks herself in a safe room, and watches as the Zona soldiers look around. She tells Nana that they won’t find them unless they know where to look. She turns on the monitors. She wonders what they’re looking for, and says Simon would know. She gets on the radio with a mayday from Kaya in the Skya, requesting assistance. She tells Citizen Z if he’s out there, she needs him. The main dude looks at the camera, holding up his radio.

Doc wishes they could do something. Murphy says they’re even, since she can’t help them either. Roberta says they need to find a way to boost the signal. They see the remnants of a small plane in the street, and looking up, a huge satellite dish on a roof. Roberta says that ought to boost their signal.

The building is barricaded from the inside. 10K says the town must have turned fast, and suggests breaking down the doors, but the others are concerned the noise might alert the zombies.

Breaking news. The weathergirl, Carly, sits in the anchor’s chair, and talks about the flight crash, and says terrorism hasn’t been ruled out. She gets applause from the other staff, and intern Doug tells her it was very newsy. Station manager Bruce says it’s not about her, just deliver the information simply and with empathy. He tells the staff disasters mean eyeballs glued to the screen, and it’s action news time. Jack, the real news anchor – a Ted Baxter (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) type – walks in, and asks if he missed a memo, thanking Carly for keeping his seat warm. He’s. Bruce wants a live report, and two guys run out to the news van.

Doc opens the same van. They find a lot of supplies, along with some gas. Roberta says the van isn’t going to drive again, but she has the keys to the news station. They go inside, and she says somebody made a stand, and never left. 10K hopes it’s not a trap. Murphy asks if they heard that. They didn’t, but we did. A zombie flies out of one of the rooms in attack mode.

Carly cries in the bathroom. She gives herself a pep talk, telling herself to embrace her moments. Someone starts banging on the side of the stall. She sees their shoes, and asks Helen if she’s sick, adding that sometimes Taco Tuesday fights back. She talks to herself in the mirror, saying it’s showtime, as Helen makes zombie gurgling noises inside the stall.

Doc comes out of the same stall that Carly did, and sees a zombie trying to get out of the adjacent one. He opens the stall, and whacks Doug in the head with a hammer. In the hallway, he tells Murphy something horrible happened in there, and Murphy says to have some dignity. Doc says that’s not what he meant, but Green Bay is the TP capital of the world (I verified this – it is), and the first to develop splinter free TP.

Kaya watches the men searching the place, and wonders what they’re looking for. She sees someone open the secret door, and gets her gun ready. She watches as they come down the ladder, and cracks them in the face with the butt of the gun. She tells Nana to stay back, and prepares to shoot. She asks what they want, and turns the man over. He says he wants to see his boy. It’s Citizen Z. Finally. She tells JZ that it’s his father, and the boy embraces him.

Simon wonders if he’s really there. He’s dreamt of this moment for two years. He says it was a long walk. She says his stupid little plane went down, didn’t it? He says the pilot did everything he could, but was mercied on impact. He tells Nana that Kaskae was a great man, and saved his life. He gives her a necklace that Kaskae wanted her to have. He asks about JZ’s name, thinking Kaya named him after the rapper, but she says it’s Junior Z. She totally named him after his dad. She tells him that he owes her 600 diaper changes.

Operation Bitemark goes to the basement, where they find a gas-powered generator.

Bruce tells someone on the phone that he doesn’t care if everything is grounded, get the chopper in the air. They have survivors, and they’re going live to the crash. Jack tells the viewers that there was a plane crash near Green Bay, and preliminary reports say there are survivors. They go live to the crash site, where we see the two reporters running as zombies are attacking them. Jack keeps asking them to describe what’s going on, and they lose the feed. Carly tells the viewers that they’re having technical difficulties. The scene is chaotic, and they’re working to verify any information. Jack asks why the reporters were running from the story, and the lights go out.

10K gets the lights working at the station. They look around, and Roberta says it looks like nothing has been touched in eight years. Murphy says zombies are bad for your health; film at eleven. Roberta tells the group to look for anything that can help them contact Kaya.

Kaya tells Simon that they have uninvited guests. She wants to make it clear that she thought he was from Zona, and her hitting him wasn’t a passive aggressive move. She asks what they could be looking for, and Simon tells her it was a top-secret base for thirty years; it could be anything. Kaya hasn’t intercepted anything from them in a while, and Simon wonders why they would leave a rich, hermetically sealed Z-free paradise. Why are they here?

Roberta and Lily try to adjust the satellite dish. Murphy says, everyone dead; film at eleven. He tells them he’s just a natural. Doc asks if being a zombie messiah not enough; he wants to be an anchor too? Murphy starts reading from the teleprompter about the crash, and they hear zombie noises.

The reporters come back from the field, one bleeding badly. The other says everyone is going insane; someone bit Mike. Bruce says that the survivors must be in shock, but the reporter says he doesn’t think so; he’s the one that’s in shock. Mike tells them to stay inside; it’s not safe. Bruce decides to put him on the air. The other reporter thinks he should go to a hospital, but Bruce says they’ll just bandaid him up. Jack says it looks brutal, and announces a special report. He says their reporter, Mike, has just returned from the site of disaster. He’s going to tell them in his own words what he saw. Mike just stares at the camera, and Jack says he knows it was a harrowing experience, but try to tell the viewers what it was like. Mike looks like he’s about to pass out, and projectile vomits on one of the staff.  Jack calls for a medic, and Mike grabs the other reporter, biting him. He starts to grab and bite whoever is closest. Jack says they’re going to a commercial, and to call security. He books, but Carly stays at the desk, telling the viewers a curfew has been issued, and to stay indoors. It’s not clear if the mob behavior is related to the crash. Bruce calls for a first aid kit, but gets bit instead. Doug tells Carly they’ve got to go. She asks what’s happening, and he thinks it’s zombies. Mike comes toward them, and they run. Carly says they need to get to the roof. They grab cameras and run toward the stairs. Jack is trying to sneak out, and is stopped by Mike. He tells Mike that what he needs are antibiotics. Jack sees Bruce coming toward him from the other side, and asks if it’s a problem with contract negotiations. He’s won nine Emmys, and is the face of the station. Bruce and Mike converge on Jack, and feast on his neck.

Doc crowns a zombie with a hammer. 10K joins him and Murphy, showing them an Emmy he found. Doc thinks the place went down during a newscast, and it would make a helluva blooper reel. Zombie Jack pops up from out of nowhere, and 10K tosses the Emmy to Murphy, who puts it through Jack’s eyeball. He says now he knows what local Emmys are good for.

Kaya tells Simon that she can reroute power and lock them in. She calls the leader the man with a plan, and they watch the Zona emissaries on the monitors. Simon wonders again why they would travel from a secure paradise to a wasteland. He sees a zombie he calls Scampy, and says he thought he’d lost him. He’d run a pipe through him – we see it’s still through him – but he won’t die. Kaya says he’s one of the mad Z’s. She’s had unconfirmed radio traffic about them. One of the Zona soldiers shoots him, but it only pisses Scampy off, and Scampy attacks him.

Kaya and Simon venture out. Kaya says it’s a real bummer, and Simon tells her it explains a lot. Scampy sees them, and Kaya tells Simon, here comes your friend, but he says it’s more like an acquaintance he keeps murdering. Scampy waits at the bottom of the stairs. Simon tells Kaya he’s smarter than the average Z, and she says, let’s hope we’re smarter.

Simon asks Scampy, what’s up? and says sorry about the pipe. The pipe gets stuck in the stair railing, preventing Scampy from getting to them. Simon and Kaya take off. Simon tells her that he thought he’d lost Scampy seven years ago. She says for someone who’s been through eight years of a zombie apocalypse, he’s unrealistically optimistic. Scampy makes it up the stairs, and they run, but the end of the hallway has no stairs and it’s too high to jump. Simon tells Kaya to get back, and shoots Scampy in the knees. I say the eff-word out loud because this doesn’t slow him down any. He’s like Yul Brynner in the original Westworld; he just keeps coming. Simon keeps the pipe between them, and bends Scampy over the railing. Kaya helps to push him over, and he falls, but he’s lying there still alive dead undead. Kaya asks if this is for real. She sees the man with a plan, and yells to him, asking what he wants. She and Simon head in other direction.

Lily and Roberta decide to go to the roof.

Carly grabs Doug, and pushes him into the ladies’ room. They block the door with a garbage can. She starts to put soap on a paper towel, and tells Doug to get toilet paper. They can make the floor slippery for those things. He opens a stall door, and before Carly can stop him, Helen comes out. She kills Doug, and starts to go after Carly, but slips and falls on the paper towel Carly dropped, cracking her head open. Before Carly can take a breath, Doug gets up. She whacks him with her purse, and shoves him into a stall. She goes out into the hallway, and there are zombies everywhere.

In the hallway, Operation Bitemark is confronted with the zombie news team.

Kaya tells Simon that he’s not just smart, but impossibly brave. He says he didn’t come all this way to die in front of her. He kisses her, and she says, two years away, and he’s a better kisser. He tells her absence makes the heart grow fonder. She says she’ll kill the power; he can capture the dudes. He leaves, and she says she loves that man. Me too. I’m so glad to see him back. Where’s Pup though? Did he die in the crash, or did he not go with Citizen Z? If not, where is he? The important questions.

Roberta tells everyone to run for the stairs.

Carly runs up the stairs, the zombies following her. She falls, and drops her phone. She hears the chopper pilot say that he’s approaching, and she somehow grabs her phone, the zombies grasping at her. She says she’s coming, and slams the roof door in their dead faces.

Kaya looks on the monitor, and sees someone in the control room. She tells Nana, who’s just been calmly smoking her pipe through the whole thing, to stay quiet. She goes to the control room, and sees the man with a plan fiddling with the computer. She cocks her gun, telling him that she’s Kaya in the Skya, and he’s in the wrong control room.

She fires a warning shot, and says now that she has his attention, who is he and why is he there? He says it’s of critical importance, and she asks to whom. She hears Simon and gunshots, and the man starts to get up. She tells him to sit right there, but he says it’s time for him to go. She keeps the gun on him as she’s backing into the hallway, and he sits back down. Simon is methodically shooting zombies in the knees. Scampy is back – come on now – and they struggle. Another zombie grabs Simon’s leg, and Kaya whacks Scampy from behind. They proceed to beat both zombies to a pulp. They see the Zona helicopter take off. Simon tells Kaya that they have to figure out what they were looking for. Kaya says she had him, but had to let him go; sorry. He says she saved his life, and she tells him that he owes her one then.

Carly tells the pilot she’s at the landing pad, and he’s her only way out. He tells her he’s inbound, and will be there in five minutes. She sets up the camera as zombies bang on the door. She says it’s an Action News Nine special report from the top of the broadcast center. The crash pales in comparison to the epidemic of the dead or something, whatever they are. Because she’s a professional, she’ll broadcast when she can, but they should take care of each other and be safe. It’s all they can do now. The helicopter starts to descend, and the roof door starts to open against the barricade.

Operation Bitemark goes out onto the roof. Roberta says they’ve got to make a long-distance phone call, and Lily hooks up the equipment. Zombie Carly comes at Roberta, who shoots her. Murphy says the door was barricaded from the outside, and Roberta says she died alone on the roof. Doc says she was waiting for Chopper Nine to rescue her. 10K says, that is harsh.

Kaya tells Simon that whatever was on the disks has been wiped clean and transferred to a hard drive. Nothing is recoverable. They hear Roberta’s voice coming through. Simon says it’s Citizen Z there, with Kaya in the Skya. Roberta says she heard Kaya’s mayday, and asks if she’s okay. Kaya says she is now; Simon’s home. Simon asks what their status is, where’s Murphy, and how about Addie and the others? Roberta tells him that they lost contact with Addie, Lucy is dead, and she and Murphy escaped Zona. He says that Zona just attacked them, and stole all of their files. They don’t know what was on the disks, but the name on the files is Black Rainbow. Roberta says black rainbow is real, and we see her black rainbow vision.

Next time, the last sliver of paradise, and barbershop zombies.

Ted Baxter’s Ad-Lib Eulogy for Chuckles the Clown

Ladies and gentlemen, sad news. One of our most beloved entertainers, and close personal friend of mine, is dead. Chuckles the Clown died today from – from uh – he died a broken man. Chuckles, uh, leaves a wife. At least I assume he was married, he didn’t seem like the other kind. I don’t know his age, but I guess he was probably in his early sixties; it’s kind of hard to judge a guy’s face especially when he’s wearing big lips and a light bulb for a nose. But he had his whole life in front of him, except for the sixty some odd years he already lived. I remember, Chuckles used to recite a poem at the end of each program. It was called “The Credo of the Clown,” and I’d like to offer it now in his memory – “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.” That’s what it’s all about, folks, that’s what he stood for, that’s what gave his life meaning. Chuckles liked to make people laugh. You know what I’d like to think, I’d like to think that somewhere, up there tonight, in his honor, a choir of angels is sitting on whoopee cushions.

Quotes of the Week

He who has God and everything else has no more than he who has God only.  – C.S. Lewis, From The Weight of Glory, Compiled in Words to Live By

Fashions fade, style is eternal. – Yves Saint Laurent

If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present.Roy T. Bennett

We all have chapters we’d rather keep unpublished. – Lord Grantham, Downton Abbey

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.Roy T. Bennett


Yul Brynner in Westworld, obviously the bad guy




November 17, 2017 – A Meeting on the Footbridge, a Zombie Saint, Not Once & a Quote Quinary


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


As Riff Raff said in Rocky Horror, a decision had to be made. Once Upon a Time had a two-hour episode tonight, overlapping Z Nation, which is not being shown again tonight. Z Nation, I choose you, especially after the disappointment that was Walking Dead last week. If it’s possible, I’ll do an extra blog using On Demand tomorrow.

General Hospital

Curtis is at the gym, using the punching bag. Andrew comes in, and thanks him for taking the case. He asks if Curtis found evidence that he’s Jason Morgan. If this dude isn’t Andrew, there are a few of us who will be embarrassed. Carly, Sonny, me…

Elizabeth, Franco, and Jake get ready for movie night. Jake goes upstairs. Franco asks if Jake picking a movie about twins is an eerie coincidence. Elizabeth says he doesn’t know about it, but thinks they should tell him what’s going on. Franco says that’s the last thing they need to do.

Kiki is studying in the gallery when Ava comes in. She asks if Ava wants to talk about her passing along the flash drive. Ava says it was a wonderful gesture, but turned out to be disappointing. Griff told her no doctor would risk performing the surgery. Kiki is sorry didn’t work out, but also glad.

Nathan and Maxie walk in as Maxie is telling Chet that Amy is really Ask Man Landers. His sister loves him so much, she did it to get him the care he needs. Nathan tries to cover, saying that’s not what Maxie meant, but Amy says it’s true. She’s Ask Man Landers.

Nina visits Sam to discuss the Crimson budget. She tells Nina that Jason isn’t there. Nina asks her if she’s not co-owner with Jason, or whoever he is.

Jason sees Robin on the footbridge. She says she knew he’d be here.

Franco tells Elizabeth it’s confusing enough for him; he can’t imagine what it would be like for Jake. Elizabeth asks, what if someone else tells him, or he sees the man again? Franco thinks it’s Jason’s news to share, but whatever she decides, he backs her up. She says he has a good point. She’ll talk to Jason (or whoever he is). The doorbell rings. Franco answers, and I wonder why Elizabeth no longer answers the door. He assumes it’s a process server, but it’s a package. He brings it inside, and it’s the painting of the brothers. Elizabeth asks who it was, and Franco tells her, karma. Geez, it wasn’t even in a crate. It just had a piece of cloth wrapped around it, not even tied.

Nina tells Sam that if Jason isn’t Jason, the company could be in flux. Sam tells her it’s none of her business, but she says it kind of is, since it puts the sale in question. Sam is sure it will be fine. Nina says she feels bad for the other one. If he is Jason and his story is correct, she understands what it’s like to wake up and find out that everyone has moved on. At least she didn’t have to fight for her own identity. Sam says he’s not the only one it’s hard for.

Jason tells Robin that Sonny told him she was alive, but he couldn’t believe it. It’s good to see her. Robin says Sonny said he had his old face, but seeing him… He knows it’s a shock, but everything will be okay. She says it makes no sense. How can this be? He says because it is it’s him, Jason. She knows that, right?

Amy explains to Chet about how she started the blog. She called it Ask Man Landers in honor of him. He always gave her the best advice, and teased her, saying he was Man Landers. When she gave advice, she would think of what he would say, and have the right answer. Telling him isn’t hard, but telling him why is. He’s her hero. Everything she is, is because of him. He’s brave, strong, courageous, and smart, and she watched him and learned. When the blog turned into a book deal, she used the advance to pay for his treatment. She lied about the VA because she knew he was too proud to let her help him. After everything he did for everyone else, and serving his country, she wanted to be his hero, even if he never knew it.

Nina tells Sam, sorry, she didn’t mean to upset her. Sam says it’s okay, but she needs to be alone. Nina thinks that’s the last thing she needs. Sam says they’re not friends. Nina is an employee, and she wants to keep it professional. Nina says years ago, when they were fighting over Silas, she didn’t think they’d ever be working together, but here they are. She says people change and move on, and doesn’t think either of them are who they were years ago. She thinks Sam might be resistant because the guy who came back is really Jason.

Robin doesn’t know what to think. She knows Sonny believes in his core that he’s Jason, and she sees someone who looks like him. Jason says the last thing he remembers is being shot in the back. The next thing he knew, he was in a Russian clinic, where it took him six months to escape. Robin tells him about how the guy she’s known as Jason took her place in an elevator rigged with a bomb. He has Jason’s heart and spirit; who else could he be? Jason says, he’s his brother; his twin.

Curtis tells Andrew that Betsy’s trail went cold. He wants to sit tight, and maybe he’ll get a hit on her credit cards or bank account. Heather isn’t talking – literally. She took a vow of silence to repent or something. He tells Andrew, that girl cray. Andrew needs answers, and Curtis says he’ll keep digging, and maybe find them in a new direction. Andrew says he might have one – Andre.

A note with the painting says that Andre thought he’d return this, and Franco knows the right thing to do. Elizabeth asks what he meant, and Franco tells her that he has no idea. In his last session, Andre had told him to move on from his past, so that’s what he’s going to. She hopes he’s not going to destroy it, but he says he’s not. He says to tell Jake to save him some popcorn. He’ll be back.

Chet asks how Nathan got involved, and Amy says her readers wanted to know what she looked like. She stole a picture of Nathan, and when he found out, he made her take it down. When the book deal happened, the publisher wanted to meet Man Landers, so he became the face of the brand. He’s a cop, and technically committed fraud. Chet asks why they did all this for him, and Amy says because she asked them. Nathan says he made a huge sacrifice in serving his country. Amy says he probably hates all this, but hopes he doesn’t hate her. Chet hugs her.

Franco brings the painting to the gallery. Kiki thought that Andre bought it, and Franco tells her that he regifted it. Now he wants Ava to sell it, and use the proceeds for Kiki’s education. Kiki thanks him, and Ava asks her to put the painting in the storeroom. She asks Franco what’s up with the late night delivery? He says the last think Elizabeth needs is a reminder of his dark past. Ava says, out of sight, but not out of mind. What’s he going to do about two Jasons nipping at his heels?

Andrew tells Curtis that Andre took off. Curtis finds it hard to believe the epitome of professionalism just left his patients and snuck off without cause. There’s definitely something going on. Andrew is counting on him to find out what. Curtis says he knew squeaky clean wasn’t the real deal. Elizabeth calls Andrew. She needs to see him about Jake.

Jason tells Robin that the cops ran a DNA test, and they both match; they’re identical twins. Robin says maybe he’s the twin. Jason says his twin didn’t stand up there with her all those nights, taking about everything and nothing. He wasn’t here when she made the decision to go on protocol, and didn’t have to say goodbye when she left for Paris. He might have those memories, but there’s no feeling behind it. He tells her all that matters, is that she’s alive and well. Believing in him would be the icing on the cake. She repeats, icing on the cake, and asks if he remembers the night in Montauk when he described what it was like to kiss her. We flash back to when we were all practically in diapers, and him telling her that being with her is enough, kissing her… and she finishes it would be the icing on the cake. He doesn’t know what she means, and she tells him it means better than the best, and he says, that’s it. Back on the footbridge, Jason laughs, and says he didn’t know what she was talking about; better than the best. He tells her it’s true. Her being there is better than the best. She says, omg, it’s you, and hugs him.

Amy apologizes, saying lying by omission is still lying. (Thank you.). Chet tells them it’s been a tough reentry to the world, and Nathan suggests he talk to a group. Chet says that the pain doesn’t go away, but for the first time in a long time, he feels less alone. Amy tells him to look around. He has friends he didn’t know he had. He’ll never be alone again. They hug.

Jordan goes to the gym, and tells Curtis she needs his help on a case. She doesn’t want to leave a paper trail, and a PI can go places cops can’t. This one is personal. She has reason to believe Andre is mixed up in the Jason Morgan case. Curtis asks if she’s saying the Ivy League brother she chose over him is dirty? Fancy that. She asks if he’s going to help her, and he tells her, wait for it… He’s already on it. She’s not the first person today to ask.

Franco tells Ava that everybody needs to shut up about Jason Morgan, and both Jasons need to shut up. She says that one is married to Sam, and thinks he’s concerned the other will make a play for Elizabeth.. He says hypothetically speaking, those concerns would make him paranoid. She thinks those concerns would be valid. They’ve aligned themselves. No matter how hard those they love try to see past their faults, they wonder if they’re good enough. Their loved ones try to pull them into the light, but are afraid they’ll be pulled into the darkness. She says it’s exhausting. It would be easier if they were different, fixed. Franco asks if he should be worried, and Ava says she would be.

Andrew asks Elizabeth if something is wrong, and she says she thinks it’s time to tell Jake about his twin. Andrew thinks Jake has been through enough, but Elizabeth says what if Jake sees him again. He needs to be prepared, and he should hear it from them. Jake comes downstairs, and asks if his dad is watching the movie with them. He says, no, but he and Jake’s mom have something to tell him.

Nina tells Sam that she meant no disrespect, but she recognizes Sam’s brain is on overdrive, and her heart and mind are on disconnect. She’s hurting, and can’t talk to the people closest to her. Maybe she can talk to Nina. She wonders if Sam believes the new guy is Jason, if she’s afraid she won’t be able to fit her husband into her life somehow. Sam says that’s not if. Nina asks what she is afraid of? That she might be in love with two different men?

Robin can’t believe Jason is real and they’re both here. She asks if he remembers when she left for Paris, and talked about the future. She never imagined this. Jason says it usually isn’t what you imagine, but sometimes it’s better. Sonny told him about her little boy. She thinks maybe they could have a playdate with Bella and Scout, and then remembers Scout isn’t his daughter. He tells her whatever happens, Sam has a little girl, and Danny has a little sister. They’re happy, and that’s all that matters.

Chet says he still has a lot to work through, but now he’s not alone. Maxie points out that no one can know. Amy could be sued, and Maxie’s professional reputation could be shot, then corrects herself to include Nathan. Chet says no one will hear it from him; they went above and beyond. Amy says they’ve intruded enough, and says they’ll go to her place. She thanks Nathan for all he’s done, and Maxie for putting up with it. Maxie tells her don’t mention it. Seriously, don’t mention it, not until their out of the woods. Amy and Chet leave, and Nathan tells Maxie that her judgement call was spot on. She says she has to tell him something.

Ava searches for unethical doctors on her laptop, to see if there are any out there who can help her.

Jordan tells Curtis that she has her own agenda, and asks if he can separate the two. He says he’s only interested in finding Andre, and wants to know if she’s okay with it. She says for once they’re on the same side, and he says he’ll probably be sharing the same information. She tells him it came to her attention that Andre was working with the WSB on something called memory mapping. Curtis doesn’t like the way it sounds already, but it would explain why both guys think they’re Jason. Jordan doesn’t know what they’re dealing with or who. Andre was never an open book. She was always uncovering things about him. She thought it was charming, but now thinks she didn’t realize who he was at all.

Sam tells Nina that the man she’s in love with is her husband. They’ve made a great life together. Nina asks what if the other guy turns out to be Jason, and Sam says they’ll still love each other; that’s all that matters. Nina asks if she loves who he is now, or who he used to be?

Jake says he knew it! His dad has a twin brother. Andrew says he didn’t know much about him until now. Jake asks what he’s like, and Andrew says he’s a confused guy who thinks he’s him. Jake asks, how could he? He’s him. Andrew says he’s his dad, but because he looks the way he used to look, some people believe him (like me). Jake asks who, but he says it doesn’t matter. He and his mom know the truth. He’s Jake’s father, and that’s not going to change. Jake says he loves him, and Andrew says he loves Jake too.

Sam tells Nina that she loves her husband, the man she’s committed to. She says she’s also committed to the business, and Nina takes that as her cue to leave. She says they can discuss the budget another day. In the hallway, Nina’s phone rings. She looks at it, and says, oh no.

Maxie tells Nathan she has unexpected good news, she hopes. He’s up for that, but her phone rings. She looks at it, and says, omg. It’s an alert from The Invader. They just broke a story that he’s not Ask Man Landers. She shows him the article with his and Amy’s pictures.

Ava reads a Crimson article about unconventional cosmetic procedures. She notes the doctor’s name – Gregory Zajack. Kiki comes back, and asks what she’s working on. She tells Kiki that she’s just doing inventory. She has new work for a new exhibit. She thinks everyone will be happy when it debuts.

Sam looks at her (latest) wedding photo. She flashes back to a few days ago, when she was telling Jason it’s the kind of love that just is; you can’t stop feeling it, can’t deny it, can’t shut it down. All you can do is choose not to act on it, and accept the reality that the person you’ll always love can’t be in your life. The background music is so sad, it makes me want to cry. She looks at the photo again.

Robin can’t imagine what Sam is going through. If she admits he’s Jason, she has to admit the last two years of her life weren’t exactly a lie, but not what she thought. The man she thought was him, isn’t. Jason tells her that Sonny and Carly want to prove he’s Jason, and Diane is working on it. She’s looking for cold cases where he was arrested to find a hard copy of his fingerprints. Robin says at least she has a wealth of material to chose from, Jason tells her they’re focused on the wrong thing. He only cares about who’s responsible.

Curtis tells Jordan even though he hates to admit it, Andre is a good dude who just got caught up. His phone rings, and he says, speak of the devil. He might have hacked into Andre’s personal account. Jordan says she doesn’t want to know, but she does want to know what he found. He tells her that Andre had a courier service make a shipment to an address on Elm Street, and he has the IP address he used.

Franco sees Andrew coming out of Elizabeth’s house, and stays hidden. Elizabeth says they did the right thing. They might have their differences, but they’re a good team when it comes to Jake. He thanks Elizabeth for believing in him. It means more than she knows. Franco listens.

On Monday, Ned and Michael talk about ELQ’s future, Jason says goodbye, and Robin asks about Anna’s new boyfriend.

Z Nation

Kaya messes with the circuit breakers. She tells her son not to tease the frozen zombie. She sees someone walking toward them in the distance, and hopes it’s Citizen Z, but it’s a group from Zona. They begin to shoot, and she shoots back. She tells Nana not to panic but they have intruders. She grabs her bag, and Jay-Z CD, and says let’s go. They take a ladder to the bunker downstairs. where she sets up the radio. She makes an emergency broadcast, saying they’re under attack by Zona forces. She asks if Simon or anyone is out there.

Lily and Doc sing Camp Granada, the stoner version. Murphy tells them those aren’t pot leaves; they’re maple leaves. They’re in Canada. Frozen wasteland of peace, here they come. Murphy says he believes in no one but himself, and Roberta says he’s like a cockroach. He says they survive, and he plans to keep on surviving. Mounty zombies stagger out of the building.

A few zombies in toques come out of the woods. Doc calls them hosers, and tells them to, take off, eh? They dispatch the Mounties, and Lily takes one of their hats. Doc says he hates to stereotype, but they’ve been the nicest zombies he’s seen. Roberta tells them to go back to America, as a hockey team races toward them. She and 10K jet, and the rest run into a chapel on the border. They go upstairs, and hear some really weird sounds. It’s zombie nuns, and Doc says, zombie mother of God, whacking one with her own guitar. Murphy struggles with two of them, and says this is why he hates organized religion. 10K and Roberta have come back, and they save him.

Zombies clamor at the boarded-up windows. Doc says as if Catholic school didn’t scare him enough, and backs into a holy water font. He knocks it over, and says now he’s really going to hell. Lily says it was a church, but zombies run it now. Doc is afraid what’s outside is Mother Superior mean. He informs everyone that the food and water is back in the van. Murphy misses Zona. He thought they won, and it was over. Now, the best he can hope for, is freezing his nuts off in Newmerica. Doc wonders how many Z hordes they need to get through to get there. Roberta doesn’t know how far the darkness spreads. Maybe her dreams are true, maybe not. She asks Murphy what they did to her. She tells them if her dreams are real, nowhere is safe; not even Newmerica. Doc says they need to get inside her head, and she tells him, good luck. 10K says Murphy can do it. Doc agrees. She has his blood in her, and it’s worth a shot. Roberta says she needs to know.

She and Murphy concentrate, but Murphy says it isn’t working. Roberta tells him to give it a minute. She tells him to look at her. They close their eyes, and she thinks of her vision. He opens his eyes to a beautiful field, where he’s standing with her. She says it’s the end of the world, but he can’t see it. The fire, ash, darkness, and pain. She tells him to look in the distance, but he only sees a snow-capped mountain. She says she’s sorry. The rain is coming; it’s here. The ash begins to fall. Murphy is on fire, and he opens his eyes, brushing at himself. Doc asks what he saw, and he says, nothing, but he felt what she’s feeling. It’s excruciating.

Lily motions for them to come. Murphy takes Roberta’s hand. He asks if what he felt is what she’s been feeling this whole time, and she says, yeah. He asks if they’re going toward it or away from it. She tells him that she doesn’t know. They reinforce the door, but Roberta thinks they need something stronger. Murphy opens the confessional doors, and zombies tumble out. They shove them back in.

Lily, Doc, and 10k see a live person, a backpacker, who runs from them. The church bells start to ring, and the zombies are drawn to the noise. They begin to punch through the barriers.

The backpacker continues to ring the bells. Doc tells him, not so fast, Quasimodo. Zombies are trickling in, and Roberta is mesmerized by a hockey player for a moment. 10K and Lily come downstairs, and help put up barricades. Murphy slices up a nun, doing a Zorro number with his cane sword, and says he’s getting good at this. When the others see what he’s done, he tells them he has issues.

Doc brings the backpacker downstairs. Lily says she’s always wanted to interrogate someone, putting a gun to the backpacker’s head, and telling him to give her one good reason not to off him right now. Roberta pushes her aside, and says she’s Lieutenant Warren from the National Guard. He tells her his name is Louis. She asks if there’s any reason he wants to get them killed, and he says no. She asks him if he has a death wish, and he shakes his head. She asks what he’s doing here, and Doc says he came with this, showing her a pickax. Roberta looks at all the jewelry he’s wearing, and asks if he’s a grave robber. Jewelry would be important, but not off of corpses. Lily notices he has a load of St. Christopher medals. She says her granddad had one, and never took it off. He would never take it off, unless he was dead. Louis snatches them back, and Roberta asks why he has this stuff. Doc tells her he searched Louis’s bag, and he has a cornucopia of comparative religions. He shows them a Buddha, and a necklace like one he once had, from a woman at Grand Canyon. Louis says he mercied an old lady before she turned, and she was holding it. Roberta asks why take it? Was he moved by the Great Spirit? He says someone was, and someone will be when this is finally over. Lily says it sounds like grave robbing to her. He came from downstairs, where there’s a crypt. He says it’s not what she thinks, there’s a relic from a saint’s bone buried there, and it’s supposed to cure the sick. Roberta tells him to believe what he wants, but quit trying to get them killed. Louis says he didn’t know who they were. People are weird and dangerous. Doc says that’s an understatement. Roberta asks if it’s worth risking his life. Lily says there’s a horde situation, and all ways out are blocked. Louis knows a way out.

Louis takes them to a tunnel that leads to an old graveyard. The zombies aren’t far behind, and they push a faux sepulcher aside. There’s an opening underneath. Zombies bust in. Louis jumps down, and they follow, one by one, as 10K shoots the zombies. Doc holds his nose before jumping, and I laugh.

The zombies start dropping down. Doc and 10K manage to move the sepulcher back enough to stop them from getting through. They walk through the tunnel. There’s a room with a a real sepulcher, and Roberta asks Louis if this is his saint. He says it’s a relic, buried along with a bishop from 20s. She was a martyr, killed by her father when she wouldn’t marry. Doc comes back, and says they hit a literal brick wall. Louis says it wasn’t in the blueprints. Roberta asks for his ax.

Louis asks Roberta to help him open the coffin. She says not many people have religion since the apocalypse, and he says he doesn’t , but if the relic can cure people, people will need healing when this is over. Roberta says if he thinks it will be over, that’s faith. He says it’s basic survival. He has to believe it to live.

10K works at chipping away the bricks.

Roberta asks Louis, why all this stuff if he’s not a believer? He says his mom was a good Catholic. It made no sense to him, but he was glad she had something; it was comforting. One day, the whole world literally lost its mind. It was a bad first night. He was in a garage; he was a mechanic. Roberta says her too. He tells her it was in the middle of the city, and it seemed like ground zero. his boss first to turn; then his buddy Juan. It was up to him to put them down. It took forever; they didn’t know what was needed back then. We see him fighting with zombie Juan. He picks up a huge wrench. He tells Roberta all he could hear was screaming from outside, and the sound of the wrench, hitting. Then it was done. They were dead. It was dark, and Juan’s candle with the Virgin Mary on it kept burning. Roberta asks if that isn’t a miracle, and Louis says it was a light. He needed it, so he took it, and ever since then, he kept finding stuff. It gives him reason to keep going, a mission. Roberta asks what if it ends up being nothing? What if the apocalypse never ends, or does, and no one wants it? Is he doing good, or just delusional? How does he know. He tells her that he doesn’t. She looks for something to help him with

10K is still working on the wall. Roberta asks for the crowbar, and Murphy brings it to Louis. He says the saint had a pretty crappy dad, and Louis says all those girl saints did, but St. Lucy had a crappy mom. She’s the patron saint of the blind and epidemics. Murphy says his daughter’s name was Lucy, and she could have cured everyone, just like his saint, but she died saving him. She wasn’t a saint, just a little girl. Louis tells him sacrificing yourself for someone you love, it doesn’t get more holy than that, Murphy says he needs more leverage.

He asks for pickax, telling the group it’s important. Louis, Roberta, and Murphy start to slide the top across the coffin. When they get it over several inches, smoke wafts out and banging comes from the inside. The bishop sits up. Roberta tosses 10k the crowbar. Murphy struggles with the bishop, and Louis whacks the zombie in the back of the head. He says he thought he was supposed to be dead dead. He fiddles with a pendant the bishop is wearing. He says it doesn’t open, and there’s no secret compartment; it’s just a cross. He looks around in the coffin, and says, it’s empty. Murphy says, then it’s probably time to go.

There’s another wall behind the bricks, Lily tells them she has one grenade left. Roberta thinks they need an actual miracle. Murphy doesn’t think they’re going to find one, and the bells begin to ring. Murphy is like, oh, come on, and Doc says someone is ringing them. They go back upstairs, and the zombies are all tangled in the bell cords. They look around, and no zombies. They see a dead little girl in her First Communion dress, who looks like Lucy. She’s holding the relic that’s embedded in a sculpture of a hand, studded with gems. Doc says he calls that a damn miracle. Murphy says, St. Lucy.

They leave the church, and Roberta looks at the relic. She gives it to Louis. He says it’s more beautiful than he thought. Murphy asks to look at it. He turns his back to them, and touches the bone. He thanks Louis. Louis thanks Roberta, and she says she didn’t do anything; she was just there. He wants to give her something for helping him and not killing him. He asks if there’s anything they need to keep going, and Lily suggests bullets, aspirin, and toilet paper. He has batteries, and gives them to her. She calls him my man.

As Doc leaves, Louis gives him the necklace like the one he had, and tells him have faith. Doc says he will, and they part company.

Lily gets the radio going. They hear Kaya in the Skya, and that it’s an emergency. Lily tries to answer, but Kaya can’t hear her. Murphy hears her say Zona, and says that’s bad. They decide to look for a transmitter, but Roberta is missing. She’s walking back toward the US. Murphy says sometimes you just gotta believe. They follow her in the van, and pick her up.

As they drive by Louis, he waves. A zombie falls out a window on top of him, and he goes splat. I laugh.

I know that sounded mean, but it was funny in a Zombieland kind of way.

Next time, a news station is awash with zombies. No comment.

Quotes of the Week

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.Elbert Hubbard

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller   When I moved to NYC after high school, I didn’t bring a lot with me, but I had a mini-poster that said: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Any fool can be happy. It takes a man with real heart to make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep.  – Clive Barker

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.William Arthur Ward

Dorinda best drunk in Housewives history. – Michael Rapaport

😣 So My Week Be Like…





November 10, 2017 – Both Jasons are Jason, Roni Wakes Up, Insane Clown Zombies & Quaternary Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At Pizzulo’s, Carly wants to toast to Michael kicking Nelle to the curb. Sonny says Michael is hurting, but Carly tells him, what happens in Pizzulo’s stays in Pizzulo’s. Jordan comes by. Sonny says it’s been a long day, and she tells him it’s not over yet.

Ava can’t make sense of the files. Kiki can’t do much better. Ava says Klein used cutting edge techniques, and these are the schematics she can be healed with. Kiki adds, and a doctor who can perform the treatment.

David asks Griff about the area. He’s looking to invest in property, but with the riverfront being declared historic, he has to look elsewhere. Griff knows nothing, but David thinks a certain lady friend might know more.

Alexis offers Monica an ear if she needs to talk. Monica says she’s not sure what she’d have to say. A guy drops through the skylight, looks like her son, and claims to be her son. She tells Alexis to put her energy into helping Sam. She’s fine; she always is.

Other Jason goes to the family crypt.

Real Jason asks if he can come in. Sam steps aside but says nothing. Real Jason asks if he’s here. Sam says no, but doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to stay. Scout starts crying, and Sam tells him that’s her daughter.

David asks how Alexis is faring since the MetroCourt party, and she says it’s been a trying couple of days. He apologizes for bowing out at the last minute, but she thinks maybe he should be glad. He wants to make it up to her. She has a lot going on right now with Sam and her ex-husband, and David says exes have way of making presence known, no matter how far the distance. She tells him not to put his life on hold for her, but something tells him she’s worth it.

Ava tells Kiki that she’s made incredible progress, but no one knows how to replicate the process. Kiki says it’s promising. Ava wonders why she can’t manage some enthusiasm. Kiki says there’s no proof it works, and Ava says she’s proof. Why can’t Kiki be supportive, or does she want Ava to stay like this?

Sam brings Scout downstairs. Real Jason says she’s beautiful, and Sam says her name is Emily Scout Morgan. He says she named her after his sister; Emily would have loved that. He thanks her.

Other Jason tells Alan the only brother he came to know is Sonny, but he’s not sure about anything anymore. There’s nothing for him there, and he doesn’t know why he came. Monica stands in the doorway.

Jordan’s not there to socialize; they have business. He posted bail for Klein, and she’d like to know why. Sonny had questions the PCPD couldn’t answer. She says Klein had better show up for his hearing, and Sonny says he walked out without a scratch. She asks if the conversation was productive. Sonny says, you show me yours, and I’ll show you mine. Carly tells her they know DNA tests were arranged, and they want to know the results.

Kiki tells Ava, of course she wants her to be whole. Ava asks if she’s sure. Maybe she likes being in charge. Kiki wonders if Ava thinks she’s worried about Ava stealing her boyfriend again. Ava says she thought she had a handle on things, but maybe she doesn’t. Kiki says she’s reinventing the gallery and has a wonderful man in her life. She battled despair, and has a great life to show for it. Ava asks how long before Griff meets someone whose face is intact and has no baggage? Kiki is surprised Ava thinks that’s the kind of man Griff is; the lack of confidence is unlike her. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Alexis, and Ava says she knows Julian is in prison, right? Kiki leaves, and Alexis asks to come in. Ava asks what it’s about, and Alexis says Julian is in trouble.

Jordan tells Carly that everyone wants to know which man has the rightful claim to be Jason, but there won’t be any advance notice. Carly says the longer it’s dragged out, the harder it is on everyone, especially Jake Doe. Jordan notes that Carly has already changed his name. Carly says he needs to see the results; it’s the only way he’ll accept the truth. Jordan says there are a lot of assumptions going around, and they’ll get the results when they get them. She tells them not to go running to Dante either. She doesn’t want the past or their relationship interfering with the case they’re building against Klein and his men. They need to find out who’s in charge, and she asks if Sonny knows. Sonny says Klein called the person in front of him, but it was a burner phone. He does know the call originated from Port Charles.

Real Jason says Sam finally has a little girl and Danny has a little sister. Sam says Danny is absolutely in love with her, and named her. He’d wanted a puppy to name Scout, but named the baby instead. She tells him about how the Quartermaines ended up with the dog, and he and Danny get in all kinds of trouble together. Real Jason says Carly told him, but he was kind of distracted. He tells her what matters is, she has two beautiful children and she’s happy.

Monica tells Other Jason that the groundskeeper said someone nosing around. He asks what if he was burglar, but she saw his motorcycle. He apologizes, and she says don’t; he’s always welcome there. He says she might change her mind when she hears what he has to say. She asks if it has anything to do with the man who dropped through the skylight, and Other Jason asks if they’ve met. She says no, and she’s glad, since she wouldn’t know what to do. Other Jason says he says he’s Jason. Monica asks what he says, and he tells her he’d never lie to her. She says he’s her son, and always will be. They hug, and Other Jason says, the thing is, he might be her son too.

Kiki asks David for his help.

Alexis tells Ava that Julian is in trouble, and Ava says what else is new? Alexis tells her that he’s alone with no one to back him up. Scotty alerted her to a certain faction being after him, and Ava says that happens in prison. Alexis wonders why she doesn’t seem to care. Ava says she tried to visit him twice, and he refused. He won’t take her calls or email, and won’t use the money she puts in the commissary for him. Alexis says he was beaten badly, and she needs to do something. She says Ava knows people who can help him. Ava asks with what, paintings and sculptures. Alexis says Ava isn’t exactly a law-abiding citizen, and had wanted to take over the organization. She can call in a favor. Ava says she has nothing; she left that life behind. Alexis is a lawyer, and better equipped to deal with it. Ava wonders if Alexis is worried she’ll send the wrong message – or the right one. She’s still in love with him.

Sonny tells Jordan that the voice was altered, but when Klein wanted help, his boss cut him loose, and said he’s on his own from now on. Jordan asks if Sonny is still in possession of the phone, and he says he’ll see if he can find it. She tells him it’s not a trophy; it’s evidence in the shootings and a murder. Carly says the chain of evidence has already been broken. The best they can hope for is to get more information, and build a case. Sonny wonders why he pays Diane when he has Carly. Carly says for all they know, the phone was misplaced. Sonny says he’ll look for it, and if he finds it, he’ll send it over asap. Jordan understands that it’s personal; some is screwing with their friends, but when Sonny goes it alone, people get killed.

Jordan leaves, and Carly asks Sonny if he’s sure the boss is in Port Charles, and if Real Jason knows. Sonny says he was there, and seems fine, better than he would be. Carly feels like she betrayed him. She forced Sonny to accept Jake Doe, like she forced Jake Doe to accept he was Jason, and it turned out not to be true. Sonny says whatever happened is still happening, and it’s not her fault. She feels worse for Jason and Jake Doe. Jason’s entire life was taken over by someone else, and Jake Doe is realizing his life was never his own.

Other Jason tells Monica about the twins, and how Heather took one baby, and placed the other with Betsy. Monica says Alan had a child he didn’t know about because of that gold digging tramp and her lunatic cousin. Other Jason says he’ll find answers, whatever they may be. Monica says she’ll do everything she can to help. He has to get back, since he told Sam that he was clearing his head. She tells him that she overheard what he was saying, but there is something there for him – his home and her. She kisses his hand.

Sam has no idea how two men can think they’re the same person, and neither does Real Jason. When he saw her and Other Jason together, he had no idea Other Jason thought he was Real Jason. He woke up in a clinic where they’d been drugging him, and he lost track of time. He was stuck in wheelchair, parked in front of a window where he sat for hours, thinking of how to escape, and get back to her and Danny. He’s glad Danny’s not Franco’s son, and will never have to deal with what Franco did. Real Jason says he would love him no matter what. In his heart Danny is theirs no matter what. He wanted to tell her that; he needed her to know.

Ava tells Alexis it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Alexis asks if Julian being targeted by jailhouse thugs concerns her at any level. She tells Ava to stop digging at her and care. Ava says there’s nothing she can do, and tells Alexis to toughen up and handle her own problems. Doesn’t she have a sponsor to help figure things out?

Sam asks how Real Jason got to Port Charles, and he says another patient at the clinic helped him – Ava Jerome. Sam says Ava is he aunt, and he says she told him her brother was Sam’s father. She asks if he knows anything about the Jeromes, but he says they were played out by the time Sonny took over. Sam explains that Julian met her mother at bar in New Hampshire when he was in college, and she was in high school. Alexis got pregnant in the back seat of a car, and years later, he came back. He was part of the witness protection program, and went by the name Derek Wells. He figured out that he was her father, and he and Alexis fell back in love, if you can call it that. Sam says he’s an abusive pig, and lied to Alexis and made her lie for him. He held a knife to her throat, and almost killed her. He’s in prison now for other crimes, but he broke her. She almost lost her career and started drinking. She’s in recovery, but will struggle for the rest of her life because of him. Real Jason says he’s sorry, and Sam says Alexis still loves him. It’s the kind of love that just is. You can’t stop feeling it, can’t deny it, and can’t shut it down. All you can do is choose not to act on it, and accept the reality that the person you’ll always love can’t be in your life. Scout fusses, and Sam asks him to tend to her while she gets whatever. He picks her up. You know what’s going to happen, right? He says he was almost her father.

Carly thinks they should contact Sam’s husband, and let him know what they know. Sonny says they need to bring him back in the loop, and Carly says he shouldn’t have been left out of it; it must be overwhelming. The both realize they haven’t talked to him since Sam was in the hospital. Carly wants to call him, but doesn’t know what to say. He thinks they stabbed him in the back. He might not be Jason, but he’s still their friend. Sonny says he’s always been loyal, and never done them wrong. They can’t abandon him,

Real Jason tells Scout about her big sister, Lila, who’s in heaven. He says she never got a chance to be in the world and do the cool things Scout will. Her mom never held her, but loved her, and so did he. Lila brought him and Sam together. She gave them a reason to be patient with each other, to understand and forgive and have a chance to fall in love – the kind of love that just is. Yep. Other Jason walks in and says get away from his daughter or he’s going to kill him.

Ava looks at the laptop and wonders what happened to the research/ A lightbulb comes on over her head, and she says, Kiki.

Kiki shows David and Griff the flash drive. She says obviously it’s over her head, and she wanted it reviewed without her mother around, so she didn’t feel pressured to tell her what she wants to hear. David says the research is sound, and it’s groundbreaking, but it’s untested. Kiki says it worked on her mom, and supposedly other people. Griff says they didn’t operate under any supervision, and there was no peer review. They don’t know what side effects might occur. David says they’re sympathetic, but can’t help. It basically amounts to voodoo, and no doctor in their right mind would get involved

Monica remembers saying that she had to let go of who she wanted her son to be, and love the man he’s become, and that she wants a relationship with her son.

Sam comes back from the kitchen, saying she was just getting a bottle. Other Jason says Real Jason will stay away from his family. Carly and Sonny show up, and Other Jason says their friend was just leaving. Sam says they can’t keep doing this.

Ava sees Griff, and asks if he’s seen Kiki. He asks if she’s looking for her daughter, or this, showing her the flash drive. Ava asks if Kiki told him what’s on it, and he says she showed it to David in hopes they could finish the work. She asks what the verdict is. He says they reviewed Klein’s notes. Neither of them are experts on the subject, but they agree that moving forward would be a bad idea. It’s a gamble for both the patient and the doctor. She says she doesn’t need any doctor, just the one she’s looking at – him.

On the phone, Alexis requests a visit with Olivia Jerome. She listens, then asks for her attorney, and says, contact Nora.

Sam tells everyone that Scout is at the Quartermaines, and they have to figure out way to deal. What they’re doing isn’t working. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Jordan, and she’s like, oh good, everyone is here. Other Jason asks why she’s there, and she says they ran separate DNA tests on both individuals claiming to be Jason Morgan. She has the results

Monica remembers Real Jason talking about when he woke up and things didn’t make sense. She tells him she loves him, and he says he loves her too. She touches Alan’s plaque, and says she could be on the verge of a miracle. She wishes he was around to witness it.

Other Whiny Jason tells Jordan they didn’t have his permission for a test. She says they didn’t need it. It’s a matter of public safety. They can’t have two guys running around saying they’re the same person. Sonny says they just want answers. She tells them they had the tests double-checked, and the test confirms Other Jason is Jason Morgan, and Real Jason is also a match. Everyone stares at her.

On Monday, Nora meets with Alexis, Maxie tells Lulu she has an idea to solve their problems, and Scotty asks Franco who the real Jason is.

Once Upon a Time

Today, Henry says the photograph is supposed to be a scene from his book, with Roni as the Evil Queen; he doctored the picture. Roni says Victoria is screwing with them. Jacinda blows in, but I get interrupted, and she blows out in the one and a half minutes I’m not listening. Henry is like what was that, and Roni says this is all the magic she’s got, and clinks beer bottles with him.

In the other realm, Henry teaches Cinderella about a torque wrench. A group of ruffians appears, and says, oh wow, look at the magic chariot. Henry figures they want to kill them, and take said chariot, and the head thug says he’s smarter than he looks. Henry says, too bad you’re not, and the fight starts. Regina appears, and says get away from her son, fireball at the ready, but he and Cinderella are doing fine for themselves. They win the fight, and Henry tells Regina they’re fine thanks to this, and shows her his lunchbox. She says she got it for him when he was ten, and here he is with a sword, motorcycle, and girl. He suggests she come along, but she says she’s busy. He doesn’t need his mother around all the time anymore, and obviously can take care of himself.

In Seattle, Ivy asks Victoria is she’s okay. She has a migraine. Ivy thinks maybe the flowers triggered it, and says she’ll remove them. She brings them to the secret room. The witch grabs them, saying she can’t wait. They have the tiniest seed of the magic required, but need fertile ground. She tells Ivy to be patient, and remember how they survive. Ivy closes her eyes, and imagines her mother’s destruction, which I guess is her happy place. The witch says Veronica isn’t the only one to be wary of. It might not have been wise to give Regina the photo. Ivy says by the end of the day, she won’t be a problem.

Henry shows Roni pictures of him on social media, having a drink with Ivy. That’s probably what Lucinda was in and out about. Lucy runs in, and wants to see the picture of Henry and Regina. She remembers reading the scene in his book, and says Roni is Regina. She adopted Henry in the real world in Boston. Roni says give it up; the picture is fake. Lucy says Henry never gave up, and she won’t either. Regina will break the curse. She just has to remember, and Lucy knows exactly how to do it.

Weaver is feeling better after getting shot, and wants to go back to work, but Rogers says the captain wants him to stick it out for a week. Weaver says he’ll deal with the captain, and tells Rogers to watch his phone. He might have errands for him. Rogers asks Tilly what Weaver does when he needs her help, and she says, buy her lunch.

As they walk down the street, Henry tells Roni that she’s been quiet since Lucy dropped the Regina bomb. She says she did try to adopt once, but at the last minute the agency thought she wasn’t a good fit. He says she seems like mom to a lot of people around there. She thinks that if they pretend to believe Lucy, it will stop her from being defensive. The sooner the fantasy fades, the sooner things will get better. Henry calls it Operation Heartbreak. They see the food truck, and Roni tells Henry to ask Lucina out – be charming and don’t slouch.

In the enchanted forest, Regina sees a hooded figure. The figure picks up a fancy box, and opens it. Tree branches come snaking out and she drops it. The branches get bigger, and it turns into a giant Venus flytrap, kind of like Audrey Jr. in Little Shop of Horrors, but prettier. It begins to envelop the figure, and Regina gets a fireball ready. She throws it at the flytrap and destroys it. She says be careful about strange magic. The figure removes its hood, and it’s Drizella. Regina says she should have let that thing eat her; she tried to kill her son. Drizella says she’s through doing things for her mother. Regina thought she was marrying the prince, but Drizella says that wasn’t her choice. She says she was born with magic, but never allowed to cultivate it. If she can’t use her own magic, she’ll use someone else’s. Regina understands. She also had a controlling mother. She says perhaps she can help, but Drizella doesn’t need to steal it. She can use the gift she was born with.

Ivy brings a mound of earth to the witch, who says she’s been under Victoria’s thumb for too long. She messes with the dirt and something grows out of it. It’s Groot! Not really. Ivy says it’s perfect, and the witch says it’s dangerous. Ivy says they’ll see if Regina is as powerful as she thinks she is, and puts pieces of it in a jar.

Jacinda works on the truck. Henry holds a boombox. He says last time he was single, mix tapes worked when he wanted to ask a girl out. She asks if he’s asking her out. He babbles about John Hughes movies, saying he feels the need to explain himself with her. He can’t stop thinking about her. She says he has seen a lot of John Hughes movies. She has a daughter, a business, and no time. He says he has nothing but, and if she gets some, he’d like to take her on a date. She says what about now? Mix tapes always work. He can help her with the truck. They both roll underneath it.

Roni finds Lucy. Lucy tells her when Henry needed magic the most, a book showed up for him, and when they touch it, they remember who they are. Roni says if she grabbed it, she’d remember being a queen? She’d love to believe it, and knows enough to know she doesn’t know everything. She suggests they prove this thing together. Lucy hugs her.

Regina gives Drizella magic lessons. Drizella thinks she’s wasting Regina’s time. Regina says she just needs the right motivation. Rocks start to fall from the mountain above them, and Drizella stops them. She didn’t think she could do it, or it was even possible. Regina says if she believes in herself, it is. She’s a lot like Regina was, but she didn’t have the right guide. Her power came from anger and hate. She did terrible things, and cast a dark curse. Drizella asks if she got what she wanted, and Regina says for a while, but she wanted the wrong things. The only thing that’s truly made her happy was her son Henry. Drizella wishes she had a mother like Regina. Don’t we all? says Rumpelstiltskin, who is suddenly on the scene.

Roni gives Weaver some booze as a get-well gift. She asks if he can find out if a woman applied to adopt a baby. Her name is Regina Mills. Weaver asks what would make him want to take this on? Roni says she’ll owe him one. He says they have a deal.

Tilly asks for a rematch while she and Rogers chat. She asks about Eloise Gardener. Rogers says she was a normal kid up until she disappeared. She was an amateur poet; fearless, but something spooked her. He shows Tilly the rune in the journal. He says all that matters is that she disappeared. Tilly says take a good look at the board. What pieces doesn’t he have? What does he need to pay attention to, to find himself on a different path that leads to Eloise?

Weaver goes to Roni’s, and tells her there was a Regina Mills who adopted a baby boy in Boston. She says that’s impossible; she didn’t think it was going to work. Weaver wonders why she’d ask for help, and she says she wanted information, not to be interrogated. He gives her an envelope with all the information, saying what are friends for if not favors? She owes him one.

Regina tells Rumpel that all those years went by in the blink of an eye for them, and he lived a lifetime with Belle. He says they lived a good life; she made him a new man. He’s finally ready to pass on the path of the Dark One the right way. He says change is inevitable. Regina says tell her about it; her son no longer needs her. He asks about Drizella, and she says Drizella has raw talent. She needs to get on the right path, and stand up to her mother. Rumpel wonders why Lady Tremaine would want Drizella to learn magic.

Drizella looks in a mirror and sees her mother standing over Anastasia. Lady Tremaine reaches in and takes out Anastasia’s heart. Regina says she’s practicing for waking her up. She nearly ripped out her son’s heart. The only way to wake her is to replace her heart, and Drizella thinks it’s going to be her who provides the replacement. She always knew her mother loved Anastasia more, but didn’t realize how much until now. She says she’ll never be free. Regina says she’ll help; she can protect her heart. Drizella asks Regina to help her kill her mother. Regina says she can’t let her go down that dark path. Drizella says she thought Regina cared, and Regina tells her that’s why she’s saying no. Drizella says that sounds like what her mother told her, and if she’s not going to help, she knows a prince who will.

Rogers looks at the paperwork of the dude with the rune tattoo. He goes to his house. When there’s no answer, he looks through the window, and sees the guy lying on the floor. He breaks in.

Roni looks at the adoption papers; She writes Regina Mills, and compares it to the signature. They look the same.

Lady Tremaine is hovering over Anastasia, and Drizella comes in, dragging along Prince Gregory. He says he won’t let her harm his bride, and suddenly freezes. Regina appears, saying she doesn’t want to do this. Drizella says she tried to get her mother to love her, but she’s never going to. Regina tells her not to kill Lady Tremaine, but Drizella says she didn’t bring Gregory to kill her. She opens the fancy box, and the tree thing pops out, spearing Gregory. Drizella says she’s giving her mother what she wants. Regina asks her what she’s done. What is she so afraid of that’s turned her heart black?

Drizella tells her mother she failed. Lady Tremaine asks if she wants congratulations, and Drizella says she wants her to suffer. She threatens a dark curse, and Regina tells her a curse is never worth the cost. Drizella is going to transport her mother to another realm, and plant the seed of pain in her life. It will start small, but it will grow until everything she sees, every breath is pain. Regina tries to get her to listen. She wanted to help, but she’ll do whatever it takes to stop her. Heroes can always break curses. Drizella says then she’ll make hers unbreakable, and thanks Regina for the final lesson. She disappears, poof! in a cloud of purple smoke.

Ivy goes to Roni’s, insisting they have a top-shelf drink. Roni says what she found out had better be good. Ivy says it’s about what Roni found. She needed Roni to go on an adventure. What if Henry’s fairytales were true? Roni asks if Ivy put something in her drink. She starts to remember Storybrooke, and she’s like, omg. Ivy says, welcome back, Regina.

Roni says, Drizella, and Drizella asks if she missed her. She tells Roni she has no magic yet. It was just enough to wake her up. Henry calls, but Drizella says she wouldn’t answer yet. Roni is foggy, and Drizella tells her to give it a minute. It all starts coming back. Drizella reminds her that she said she’d make her curse hero-proof. She tells Regina to remember what she did before the curse, and why she can’t allow it to be broken. If it is, something very bad happens to the people she loves. She should be proud; the student surpassed the master, the sign of a great teacher. Roni asks if she wants a gold star or did she wake her to gloat. Drizella says she needs help. She’s on the verge of showing her mother what true suffering is, and she can’t break the curse now. Roni says, Cinderella, and Drizella tells her to do whatever it takes to stop true love’s kiss from happening. It shouldn’t be too hard for the Evil Queen. Breaking hearts is what she’s best at. Drizella leaves, and Roni cries.

Regina tells Henry that she came to help him. She thought he needed it, but he’s not kid anymore. He left Storybrooke, and can fight his own battles, and he has Ella. Henry says he still needs her. He can take care of bullies and brigands, but will always need her. She says she needs him. Living in Storybrooke without him isn’t worth anything. Whatever else she’s supposed to do with her life, she’s his mother first. She hugs him.

Sitting on a bench, Roni looks at the picture of her and Henry. Henry joins her, and says she’ll be happy to know things with Jacinda went well. They’re going to see where it goes. He asks how things are going with Lucy, and Roni thinks maybe it would help if she knew more about him, like his mother’s name. He says he was born in prison, just like his character, but he was never adopted; he grew up in the system, like Emma in his book. It used to bother him that no one liked he book, but he thinks he wrote it for himself. He dreamt of having a mother, and found a way to get her. Roni says she’s glad they’re getting to know each other, and Henry says he is too.

Next time, a two-hour episode, Rapunzel gets tangled up in the story, a trip to Wonderland, an astounding revelation, and Roni confronts Weaver about Rumpel.

Z Nation

A service is held for Lucy. She’s on a funeral pyre, her body covered, wearing a crown of flowers. Murphy say he’s sorry. Doc says they loved her from the moment she clawed her way into this world. She wove her way in and out of their journey, and was a bright spot in world of darkness; freaky, but a bright spot. In the short time she was alive, she damn near saved world. As another doctor once said, let’s not cry because she’s’ gone, but smile because she was here. 10K lights the pyre. Zombies throw themselves on it.

They stop on the road. Doc wonders what stinks. It smells like old French fries and zombie fish sticks. Roberta tells him it’s grease for fuel, and they’re lucky to have it. Murphy says they’ve got company, and a lone zombie ambles toward them. Murphy starts walking. Roberta tells Doc that he has something to work out. He whacks it, and keeps on whacking. Then he stomps on it.

They hear someone yelling for help. Roberta says keep going, but Murphy wants to stop. A sign says Mystery Hill Carnival, but the Carnival is changed to Carnevil.  Roberta tells Murphy to never get tout of the boat, but he wants to kill some bad guys. She says no good can come of this, and he says no good comes from anything.

Doc say it’s the world’s saddest carnival. Zombies grapple at the bottom of Ferris wheel, and a woman is tied to one of the seats. Doc says it’s not the zombies that make the apocalypse suck, it’s the people. The woman says they tied her there and left her for the Z’s. The zombies clamor at the fence; they’re wearing clown greasepaint. Doc distracts them, calling them over to car. Murphy works to get the woman down. Doc locks the zombies in the car, telling them hands and teeth inside the ride at all times. A stray zombie nearly gets Doc, but Murphy stabs it through the neck. The woman asks if they’re done playing around.

Roberta says she’ll live, and she wants to get back on the road. Murphy wants to know what happened. They can hear people inside the building. The woman babbles, and Murphy says he’s putting a stop to it. Roberta tells him it won’t bring Lucy back, or Red, or any of the others. 10k thinks Murphy is right, and follows. Doc thinks they’ll need help, and leaves too.

It’s a pretty ratty looking place. Doc sees a giant mushroom, and is glad 10K sees it too; he thought he was having flashbacks. Lily tells Roberta that Murphy has PZT, Post Zombie Trauma, bad. She says she’s not going in there. If she does, she’ll become a part of it, and she doesn’t want to. The woman carries on, asking if they have any Zagnuts, and saying she’s thirsty. Doc says it sounds like a lot of people in there, and Murphy says the more, the better. Roberta has joined them, and says it’s not their fight. She wants them to go, but Murphy says the apocalypse isn’t an excuse. She says those are humans, and even if they’re bad, there aren’t many left. The woman gripes to lily, and says she keeps the party going. She reminisces about good times, as Lily bandages her arm. She tells a long story, and it’s like when a drunk person tells a story and it’s only funny to them.

Murphy sees a couple of guys in makeup, and says it’s mad Z’s. 10K says, it’s not mad Z’s; it’s mad clowns. Doc tells them it could be worse. They could be mimes. The two guys are teasing a zombie they have buried up to its neck, reminding me of Motel Hell (highly recommended – It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent’s fritters).

Lily asks what’s with the circus crap, and the woman explains that they wanted to form their own posse, like their heroes, the Juggalos, except they wanted their own thing, and call themselves the Zuggalos. She says they’re all family, and family always comes back. They’re better together. She suddenly doesn’t feel well, and wants her medicine from inside. Lily finds out it’s oxy the woman wants. She’d thought they ran out of that years ago, but the woman says they recycled it. They’re all so full of drugs, they filter their urine, dry it out, and snort it. It’s called Z-Wack. She asks Lily if she parties, but Lily says no; the apocalypse numbs her brain enough. The woman accuses Lily of thinking she’s better than they are, and then invites Lily in, saying they have Zagnuts and Fritos. And music, because life ain’t worth livin’ without it. They also have solar power. King knows how to work all that, but she’s going to kill him for disrespecting her. She tells Lily she’s just messing with her, but she’ll mess him up for sure.

Murphy says he’s seen enough, and stomps over to the men. Roberta tries to stop him, but the clowns notice, and one shoots at them. Murphy pushes Roberta out of the way, and goes after them with his cane sword. Roberta sees the landscape in her mind. She tells Murphy don’t do this, but it’s too late. Clowns come out of everywhere, with guns drawn. They’re not like regular circus clowns, but weird. And not weird like Pennywise, but more like Insane Clown Posse or Twisty.

King welcomes them to his humble home, and Dark Carnival of Mayhem. He says let the games begin, and Doc don’t think he means parcheesi. 10K is put on the Wheel of Sudden Death, and a guy throws a knife at him. He hits the clown spinning the wheel, and they both laugh. Alrighty then. Doc is getting balls thrown at his head, which is through a hole photo board picture. King announces they also have high tech torture, and we see Murphy in some kind of high voltage booth. They shock him, and King says it’s set to wussy and not even cranked up yet. Roberta plays a “drink for your life” game with King, where he asks her obscure music questions. If she’s wrong, she has to drink, and Murphy gets shocked. To everyone’s surprise, she gets the first question right. The next one is a trick question, and she gets a right answer, but not the right answer.

The woman asks Lily how long they’re waiting, and what if they don’t come back? They’re in a house full of knuckleheads on drugs. She notes how quiet it is, and says that’s when you worry. Someone yells, and she says that’s better. Lily tells her stay put; they tried to kill her. She says all the more reason she shouldn’t be left alone. Lily says to stick close and be quiet.

Everyone watches the drinking game. Doc gets himself free.

Roberta knows some rap lyrics, and they all get crazy.

A zombie grabs the woman. Lily incapacitates it, and the woman beats its head in. She says it was a friend of hers, and takes its weapon.

Doc wanders into an unfinished part of the house, and one of the clowns sees him. Doc gets backed into a corner. He sees a gun on the floor, and grabs it. He shoots, and a flag that says, Bang! pops out. That was pretty funny. The clown disappears, and Doc continues on, but it drops down from the ceiling behind him. He makes a run for Doc, who steps aside, and the clown goes out the window.

King and Roberta have a rap battle. Lily looks in the window, and tells the woman what’s happening inside. She wants to go in, and Lily tries to stop her, but is unsuccessful. Doc frees 10K, who tells him that Roberta is kicking King’s ass at the mic. King calls Roberta his Zuggalo queen, and the clowns start chanting, wedding, and then, Warren. They all raise their cups, and Murphy chants along with them. Doc asks 10K if he wants to crash a wedding. A clown with a gun stops them, and he says they’re with the bride.

Everyone is in greasepaint, and a clown with a top hat performs the eternal bonds of unholy matrimony. When they get to the “forever hold your peace” part, everyone looks at Murphy. The clown officiant says they’ve shared beats and their two lives are coming together to celebrate in grand family tradition, before God, the devil, and men. He says they’ll be sharing in the blood rite, the ceremonial exchange of pinkies, and later, a sharing of the bride. The woman shoots the officiant, and Lily is like, whoa. The woman looks at Roberta, and says she’s beautiful. Her baby is getting married. King says, aw, mom. The woman holds her gun on Lily.

The woman asks what kind of son he is. She breastfed him until he was five, and this is how he treats her? King says they were just messing around. They were going to get her down. She tells him just because he’s playing king doesn’t mean he is. He whines that she’s never there for him, and she says he’s the center of her universe. Murphy tries to give them advice, and gets zapped. The woman says his daddy would have wanted him to respect his momma, and King suggests they ask him. A decrepit zombie is wheeled out. The woman complains that King was getting married without inviting either one of them. She tries to touch him, and he snaps at her.

King asks if he should be head of the he’s ready to become king clown and run the clan; a grunt for yes, and nothing for no. It’s a yes, and the woman asks if she should run the clan, and there’s silence. She goes nuts, and jumps on King’s back. He flips her onto a table. He says he knew she’d like Roberta, and she breaks a glass jar over his head. While they’re wrestling, Murphy escapes his shackles. King pins down his mother, and says he hates her. She says she never wanted him, and he asks if she can’t be a normal mom for once. Because they’re wearing metal, Murphy is able to shock them. He tells King to stop trying to kill his mom; it’s hard being a parent today. King says she tried to kill him, and Murphy says she cares about him, but she’s conflicted. He was selfish prick, and when his daughter was born, he wanted something for someone else. His little girl is gone, but they still have each other; don’t mess it up. King says it’s her fault. Murphy says to stop putting up walls, and listen to her. The woman says that’s the problem; he doesn’t listen. Murphy zaps them.

Murphy says she needs to see King for who he is; he’s not a little boy any more. At least she got to see him grow up. He never got to see Lucy grow up. He never saw her for who she was. And she’d needed him to see that. Her son needs her to see that. The woman says if he doesn’t get his clown ass of her back, she’ll beat him. Murphy shocks them good. Roberta whacks a wandering clown with a chair. King is able to get up, but his mom is down for the count. No, wait, she’s up as a zombie.

Chaos starts to happen, as clowns turn into zombies. Murphy says this is bad, even for them. Roberta says it’s time to GTFO.

King limps outside, and gets in the car full of zombies. Oh well.

The gang gets back to their truck. Roberta tells Murphy he was right. He says, about what, and she says about Lucy. What happened was her fault. She doesn’t know what they’re doing. These visions, or whatever she’s having, are leading them nowhere, and she still doesn’t know what it means. She can’t have anyone following her until she figures it out. They’re heading to Newmerica.

Next time, zombie nuns and a zombie bishop – Doc prays for a miracle.

Quotes of the Week

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. – George Eliot (Me too!)

Do the scary thing first, and get scared later. – Lemony Snicket

People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.Harper Lee

All that pleases is but for a moment. All that troubles is but for a moment. That only is important which is eternal. – carved above the arches at the entrance to the Milan Cathedral


Milan Cathedral

November 3, 2017 – Jason Fills in the Gaps, From Beignets to a Truck & Frankenzombies


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Ava sees Griff at the hospital. He asks if they have plans, but she’s there for a follow-up. She tells him everything is fine, and they were actually impressed. Too bad the doctors in Russia didn’t finish what they started. She says what you see is what you get, and Griff tells her what he sees is beautiful. It’s bad enough they constantly hand each other cups of fresh empty from Perks, but now I’m expected not to notice Ava is anything but gorgeous.

At the MetroCourt, Diane tells Sonny that Real Jason is being held as John Doe. Sonny appreciates the irony. Diane hasn’t seen his face yet, but understands that he and Carly want to believe he’s Jason. As his attorney, she has to raise the idea they might be being played.

Alexis visits Sam. Other Jason says she’s fine, but let her sleep. Alexis asks who rescued Sam, and Sam, now awake, says the man said he’s Jason.

Real Jason is at the station. Curtis sees him, and says the rumors are true. Jordan apologizes; they had lunch plans and she forgot to cancel. Curtis says he’s only seen a few pictures, but dude is a dead ringer for Jason. Jordan says all parties involved are as much in the dark as they are. Scotty blows in, and asks to be pointed in the direction of the poor soul who needs his expertise. Jordan says he’s waiting for Diane. He sees Real Jason, and says, omg.

Elizabeth tells Franco it makes sense now. He knew there was more to the story, and knew Betsy was lying. He says there was a twin, and he knows what happened to him.

Ava tells Griff to stop saying that; she might start to believe him. Not everyone can see past her scars. She’s starting to meet with new clients, and aesthetics come into play, especially in the art world. I dunno. A scar might be an asset. The art world is pretty weird. Griff thinks they should celebrate her first show. Going after a client is a huge deal, and he won’t take no for an answer.

Sam asks where Danny is, and Other Jason tells her he’s at the Quartermaines. Alexis says they can talk childcare later; how is she feeling? Sam says she’s in one piece. Alexis wonders what happened to taking it easy. Other Jason says there’s a man in town with his old face. Alexis says she heard he rescued Sam, and they owe him a debt of gratitude. Other Jason says he’s an impostor, and he’s at the station now.

Jordan tells Scotty that dude is calling himself Jason Morgan. Scotty suddenly has to go. Jordan tells Curtis that she has to postpone tonight, but he understands. He has a lot going on too. He says they’ll talk later. When he leaves, Real Jason comes out.

Elizabeth tells Franco it’s not their secret to keep. Franco says there are no answers yet. He takes a paper out of his pocket and hands it to her, saying Jason’s twin is dead. Quit confusing me.

Sonny tells Diane that when she sees him, she’ll know the truth. She says Sam’s husband had that face too, and has a DNA test to back it up. Sonny says he’s not Jason; Jason is the guy at the station. Diane tells Sonny that according to Carly, he’s not keen on being released. For some reason, he wants to stay in lock-up.

A guard puts Real Jason in a cell, noting he has experience. When the guard is gone, Real Jason sees Klein, and says they finally have a chance to talk.

Franco shows Elizabeth the fake death certificate. She notices the name is Moore. Franco tells her that’s why he couldn’t find it, but he followed a hunch and a friend helped. Whoever the stranger is, he can’t be Jason’s twin. Elizabeth asks how he can be sure; documents can be faked.  He says that’s not Betsy’s style. Elizabeth thinks they should give Jason as much info as they can to help him figure out what’s going on.

Alexis asks why Real Jason is in jail. Other Jason explains that when he saw Franco, he beat the crap out of him; clearly, he’s done his research and sticking to the act. Other Jason leaves to talk to Epiphany about Sam’s release. Alexis asks what Sam thinks.

Real Jason tells Klein that he’s lucky Sam survived or he’d kill him. Klein says she was only a diversion, a way to lure him to the docks; he had no intent to harm her. Real Jason points out that he threw her in the water, but Klein assumed he’d save her. One thing he’s learned about Real Jason is that he’s extremely capable. Real Jason asks how long he was at the clinic, and Klein tells him long enough to dismantle the operation. Real Jason asks who was paying Klein to keep him there?

Diane wonders why Real Jason would choose lock-up, but Sonny says she’d have to ask him. She says the attack on Franco was brutal and unprovoked. Sonny doesn’t think that sounds like Jason, but Diane says he’d have every reason to want Franco dead. Sonny suggests Franco will finally pay, but she tells him one step at a time. Sonny tells Diane to call him when she admits he’s Jason.

Griff and Ava come into the restaurant. Griff has to return call, and Ava goes to the bar. She got a new hair color with her new face, and she’s a strawberry blonde now. Sonny approaches her. She asks what he wants, and he says answers about Jason.

Sonny says she met him in the Russian clinic, and Ava says he was referred to as Patient 6. Sonny wants to know who was holding him, but Ava tells him that she only dealt with the doctors and staff. Griff asks what going on, and she says they were chatting about the clinic. She tells Sonny that she heard Klein on the phone, warning someone that Patient 6 was getting better. She has no idea who he was talking to though. Sonny asks if she’s sure, or is she lying to cover her part in it?

Klein tells Real Jason that the client wanted to remain anonymous. The only contact was by phone or email. They wanted Real Jason sedated, healthy and secure, and no questions asked. Jordan comes in with Diane. She sees Real Jason, and says my, my. He tells her, hello, Diane, and she guesses they have a lot to catch up on.

Curtis sees Other Jason. Other Jason assumes he heard what happened at the launch party. Curtis heard enough, and thinks Real Jason must be a con man, an enemy getting in his head. Other Jason says it’s definitely working. He’s got the people closest to him believing. Not Sam, but Sonny and Carly. He says it’s hard to explain. He doesn’t know what to think, but needs to figure out who he is. Curtis tells him to stay and keep an eye on Sam. He’s not sure Other Jason can be objective anyway. Other Jason says that’s why he called Curtis. He says the guy has no record on file at all. Curtis isn’t sure where to start, and Other Jason tells him to start with Franco.

Franco tells Elizabeth the information won’t help; it will just throw him off the scent. Elizabeth tells him that she’s kept things to herself over the years, and it was a huge mistake. Franco says it won’t be forever. When it’s sorted out, then they talk to people. They don’t want to give the mystery guy any more ammunition to disrupt Jason’s life more than he already has. Scotty interrupts, and practically strong arms Franco away

Alexis asks what Sam remembers. Sam tells her that she was at the MetroCourt, when a guy stuck a needle in her arm. Everything got hazy, and there was a crash from the ceiling and guy. She doesn’t remember what happened after that, then she was thrown into water. It was cold, and she thinks she got stuck. The next thing she remembers is being on the docks, coughing up water. She could feel his hands on her, and hear his voice. She looked up and saw him. She asks if she’s going to be okay. Alexis says, so he maintains he’s Jason, but what does Sam think? She thinks he believes he’s telling the truth. Alexis says obviously she can’t talk to her husband, but can talk to her. What if it’s true, and he is Jason? Where does that leave Sam and her husband?

Monica is glad Elizabeth’s injuries aren’t more serious, and Elizabeth says Franco is more shook than her. She tells Monica the man who crashed through the ceiling was at the hospital with Carly. He attacked Franco; he said nothing, just tried to strangle him. Monica asks what happened, and Elizabeth says he was arrested and is in police custody.

Scotty tells Franco that he saw him; he’s a dead ringer for Jason, i.e. a twin. He thinks Franco should talk to Betsy, and he says he already did. Andrew is alive, but he can’t tell anyone, especially Elizabeth. Scotty asks why, and Franco says he tried to kill Andrew.

Other Jason says he didn’t think much about it at the time, but Franco had a picture from when he was a kid. There was another boy in the picture, and Jake insisted it looked like him. When he asked Franco about it, Franco said he got rid of it. He knows better than to take Franco at his work, but it’s a starting point. He tells Curtis thanks. He’s not just reaching out to him as a PI, but trusts him. Curtis says damn right. He doesn’t rummage in a dumpster with rats as big as his foot without bonding a little. He’s sorry people are doubting Other Jason, and wants him to know he has his back.

It’s time for Klein’s arraignment. Diane asks for time alone with her client. She tells him seeing is believing is a grotesque understatement, and it’s good to see him again. He’s surprised she doesn’t think he’s a fraud, and she says she’s a litigator. She’s paid to find holes in stories, and the yarn about the other guy is chock full of them. She always had doubts. Real Jason wonders why Carly and Sonny went along with it. Diane says as fond as she is of him, they love him, and they needed him to be alive. There were gaps in his story no one could fill. Real Jason asks if his story doesn’t have gaps, but she says his story logically fills the gaps in Other Jason’s. She has no doubt he’s the one and only Jason Morgan. He says that’s good to hear. She wants to get him out of there, but he says he’s not going anywhere until he’s done with Klein.

Sam tells Alexis that she loves her husband, and he loves her. He’s Scout’s father, and the only father Danny knows. They spent the last year falling in love and built a life together. Alexis says, a life away from Sonny. Sam agrees that’s not like Jason, but does it matter? Other Jason comes back, and Alexis has to leave to meet a doctor about a case. She tells them good luck.

Franco tells Scotty that apparently when he was a kid, he pushed Andrew down a flight of stairs, and almost killed him. Betsy sent him away for his own protection. Scotty scoffs at any truth from Betsy, but Franco says he found another proof; a guy who has knowledge of the situation. Scotty says so there are two Jason Morgans – one with his original face and a bad attitude, and a bouncier Jason with a different face. He asks if they guy told him which was which.

Franco explains about memory mapping, but doesn’t know what to do with the information. He says there are two Jasons who want him dead. Scotty tells him to quit pretending it’s about him. It’s about Elizabeth.

Elizabeth tells Monica that Real Jason beating Franco was brutal and terrifying, but just what Jason would do if didn’t know about the brain tumor. Monica asks if she’s suggesting this guy is her son. She doesn’t accept it. She and Other Jason took a long time to get back to where they are, and she knows in her heart he’s her son. She’s sure somebody will find way to put this all to rest.

Other Jason carries Sam into the apartment. He tells her it’s romantic, efficient, and he likes being next to her. She says they’re the worst CEO people ever. He says she’s okay, and that’s all he cares about; everything else is second. He doesn’t know what he’d do if he lost her. They hug.

Diane understands Real Jason’s desire to question Klein, but suggests they get him out of there. She thinks he should plead temporary insanity. Considering Franco’s history with him, it’s plausible, but he’s legally in the wrong unless he’s not accountable. Real Jason says he’s not doing it; they have to find another way. He asks her to get a message to Sonny.

Griff tells Sonny that Ava was fighting for her life when he found her. Sonny asks if he expects her to believe Ava, but expects him to believe him. Ava would have been killed if he hadn’t intervened. He lets Sonny know that he’s no longer a priest, in case he wants counsel. Sonny can’t believe he’s leaving the priesthood for Ava. He’d thought Griff was on a mission to save his soul, but maybe Sonny should be praying for him.

Franco tells Scotty that Elizabeth will learn he was a monster even back then. Everything he’s done isn’t because of a tumor, but it’s in his DNA. Scotty is like, so he did something bad as a kid. Just tell them which one is which, and leave out the rest. If Franco doesn’t do it, he will. He helped Susan raise Jason. Franco says he can’t lose the woman he loves; Scotty has to keep quiet. Scotty agrees, but says if Franco thinks it will end well for him, he’s sadly mistaken. They leave the office. Franco continues down the hall, but Scotty’s phone rings. He tells Clem to tell the warden to leave a message, then says, what?

Scotty sees Alexis and tells her that he needs to discuss Julian with her.

Griff hopes Ava isn’t letting Sonny get to her. She’s worried he has point about her corrupting Griff.  Griff says she’s not corrupting him. She woke him up, and helped him face the reality of the life he wants to live and who he wants to be with. She says this is a lot of pressure for a second date; let’s just enjoy the evening. They drink their martinis.

Diane tells Sonny that Real Jason rejected her strategy. It’s unlike him, but she did suggest temporary insanity. Sonny says he would have beat up Franco too, and Diane says just think of all the hours she could have billed for the both of them. She tells him that Dr. Klein is being arraigned, and Real Jason told her that if he wants answers, start with Klein.

Jordan calls Curtis, who tells her the case he’s working on got heavier than expected. He asks for a raincheck. She understands, and hopes he’s not getting into trouble. He’s like, who, me? never, as he’s breaking into Franco’s office at the hospital.

Other Jason asks Sam how she’s holding up, and she says good. He says with everything going on with the other guy, and Sonny and Carly, he’s been focused on making sure people know who he is. He hadn’t thought about how hard it is on her. Sam says it’s definitely not how she thought the launch party would end up. Other Jason says he’ll figure it out. He’ll find out what this fraud wants. He realized this stranger is right about one thing – he’s part of a set-up, but Other Jason knows he’s her husband.

Curtis looks at a sketch of old Jason. He opens a locked cabinet, and looks through it. He finds the envelope with the death certificate.

At the desk, Franco asks Monica where Elizabeth is. She says she left, and Monica assumed she went to look for him.

The guard tells “mystery man” that he has another visitor. It’s Elizabeth. They stare at each other.

On Monday, Scotty tells Alexis that Julian was beaten up, Cassandra decides to stay in Port Charles, and Real Jason tells Elizabeth that he’s Jason.

Once Upon a Time

Last week, the bulk of the story followed Belle and Rumpel/Gold/Beast’s story from start to finish. On her deathbed, Belle told Rumpel that once he rids himself of the dagger, he’ll find her again. He buried her in the front yard, which I found a little disconcerting. This was interspersed with Ivy losing Lucy when she took her trick-or-treating. All was well at the end, when Lucy ended up with Jacinda (who I’ve stupidly been calling Lucinda, so I’m apparently going deaf or they don’t pronounce it very well), and Henry ended up having a drink with Ivy at Roni’s. It was definitely worth watching, especially for the fairytale cottage Belle and Rumpel ended up living in, but not a whole lot was added to the plot.

Moving on…

Victoria brings a tray to her witch prisoner. She thought they might make amends. The witch says destroying Lucy’s belief must be more challenging than Victoria thought, and if Lucy doesn’t forfeit her belief, Victoria will never see Anastasia again. She sees belief as independent and solid, but it’s like a weed. It grows deep, and you have to uproot it. Victoria asks if the witch would like tea, but she snarls, saying she wants her own special brew. Victoria says she’ll get it – when Victoria gets what she wants.

Ivy is watching Lucy at the Belfry Towers reception area. Sabine comes by, and Victoria tells her that she’s decided to increase the rent. Lucy says it’s not fair, but Sabine says she can fight her own battles. If Victoria wants to push them out, they’ll push back.

Many years ago, Tiana’s mother welcomes a group to their home, telling them the auction begins shortly. Tiana says it’s humiliating, and Drizella agrees. Drizella complains that everything has been picked over already, but spies something she thinks is valuable. Tiana says it’s not for sale, and she doesn’t know how it got there. It’s a medal containing a firefly ruby; a reward for her father’s heroism. Drizella says too bad he’s not there to protect them now.

Tiana’s mother explains to her that taxes have been raised, and they need to sell everything or be homeless. She wishes Tiana could find a prince. Tiana thinks she knows where to start looking for a prince who will save them.

In Seattle, Rogers brings his box of evidence on the missing girl to Henry. It’s a cold case, but he’s been working it like a side hustle. Henry asks why it’s so important, and Roni says they all have things personal like that. Rogers takes the missing girl’s diary out of the box and wanders off with it. Roni wonders why Henry had a drink with Ivy. He thinks she might be willing to help them. Roni says she’s heard that story before, and it doesn’t end with him happy.

Sabine goes to the chicken place. She’s got great news for Jacinda – their rent is being raised. Jacinda wonders if Sabine is mispronouncing “terrible,” but Sabine thinks she has a way to turn the tables. When everyone finds out how amazing their beignets are, they’ll be rich. She dipped into the rent money for the baking supplies. Jacinda asks if she dipped in a pinch or a dash, and Sabine admits she took it all.

Rogers reads the diary, and looks at a drawing of a castle window. He walks into the station, and sees a fist fight between a cop and a perp. The cop knocks the perp out, and tells Rogers he found the guy at the Pleasure Island Cabaret. Rogers realizes the guy has a tattoo that looks like a drawing in the diary.

Sabine tells Jacinda that Louie won’t be back from his convention for a while, and they can base their pastry operation out of Mr. Cluck’s. He’ll never know. Jacinda loves that Sabine is a dreamer, but she thinks it’s too risky; she needs her job. Sabine tells her that she needs to take the risk for Lucy. They owe it to her. When you love someone, you fight for them. Jacinda agrees, and they hug.

Back in the day, Tiana walks through the shady side of town, and comes to a cottage. She tells one of the people that she’s looking for the traveling soothsayer. She’s recognized, and the townspeople gather around her with their hands out. Dr. Facilier appears, and says she’s there to see him, and the crowd disperses.

He welcomes her into a cottage decorated like a fortune telling den. He tells her a prince is in her cards, and soon to be in her arms. He’ll make her troubles evaporate. She asks how he knew, and he says it’s his job, and he has a few friends on the other side. He shakes out some runes. He reads them, saying it’s the story of a princess whose father passed away. The story turns darker, and their wealth dried up. The people suffered without a strong ruler; that’s why she’s come to him. The prince will save her and he’s going to give her the kingdom discount for desperate souls. He tells her the path is clear, and she’ll find the price she seeks this very night. Just follow the red crow.

Fast forwarding, Ivy brings some herbs to Victoria at the office. She complains, and Victoria tells her not to thinks she wouldn’t trade in her daughter for an actual assistant. She tells Ivy to shut up and earn her job title. When Victoria is gone, Ivy looks on the monitor and watches as she pushes a secret button in the elevator. The side of the cab opens, and Victoria steps into the secret room where she’s holding the witch. Ivy leaves a message for Henry, saying if he still wants dirt on her mother, she has a good idea where to start.

Henry tells Roni that he has a lead. Victoria has been spending time in a secret room on top of Belfry Towers. Roni wonders what’s worse – him believing Ivy or falling for her, when there’s a better, single mother staring him in the face. Henry appreciates her mama bear routine, but not hers, Roni says if she was there, she’d tell him to get back to writing, take Jacinda on a date, and tip her well for the advice. Henry leaves his phone on the bar. Roni sees a text come in – Belfry lobby now – and says she’s on her way, deleting it before she leaves.

Sabine and Jacinda bake up a storm for their pop-up shop. Lucy comes in. She says it’s amazing, but she has a small addition, showing them a firefly stamp. She says that Sabine told her since she couldn’t afford stars, she wished on fireflies. Sabine tells her to stamp all the bags with their official logo. Jacinda suggests doing a farmer’s market next, but Sabine thinks they should get a food truck. They’re finally headed in the right direction.

In the enchanted forest, Tiana says there’s no such thing as red crow. Yes, there is, but not that kind. She sees a tavern with a sign that says The Crimson Crow, and goes inside. A man approaches her, saying he guesses the auction fell short, and he’ll take her earrings – at a discount. A prince steps in, telling him to bow and show respect. She might not be a princess any more, but she’s still a lady. He threatens the man with his sword, and he backs off. He introduces himself as Prince Marius, but tells her to call him Robert. She’s grateful, and not deserving of a nobleman’s heroism. He hopes to be deserving of her company. He says getting rid of a tipsy rogue is simple, but seeing why their paths crossed is more difficult. He asks her to have dinner with him.

In the sort-of real world, Victoria eats one of the beignets, and she loves it. Until she realizes she loves it. She calls a guy named Ralph, telling him she has a job for him. She says there’s a place selling beignets, and she wants him to wreck it. Ha-ha! Wreck-It Ralph.

Rogers asks the perp about his tattoo, telling him it’s a drawing in a notebook from a missing person, Eloise Gardener. He asks the perp if the name sounds familiar, but he says he was serving a sentence elsewhere when she disappeared. He tells Rogers it’s a sign to ward off evil. Rogers tells him it’s more trouble than it’s worth to press charges, so he’s free to go. The perp tells Rogers it’s a powerful rune, and he’d hate to meet what she was facing.

At Mr. Cluck’s, the patrons keep coming. Sabine says their business is on fire. Jacinda smells something, and says she hopes that’s not literal. The run into the kitchen, and everything is burning. They try to put it out, but it’s already out of control. Sabine pulls the fire alarm.

In the world of Tiana’s castle, Robert loves the view. Tiana says her father spent his lifetime building the kingdom. Robert sees the firefly ruby, and says her father was quite the hero. She tells him that her father was a cook until he was the only one left. He threw down his ladle, and picked up a sword, and that’s how the war was won. He also won her mother’s heart. She says now they’re losing it all, but Robert says not if he can help it. He wants to see her again. He leaves, and Tiana sees the ruby is gone. She runs out, telling him to stop, and throws something at his head. He tells her he had no choice. Dr Facilier wanted him to steal it. He’s just a commoner, and Facilier is holding his true love captive; she’s a frog. Tiana says there must be another way. She tells him to go. She never wants to see him again.

Tiana’s mother approaches her on the balcony. Tiana says she was self-centered, and saw the world the same way. Her mother says they tried to protect her; there was no way she could have known how bad it had gotten. Tiana says all her life she was told stories of her father’s success, but once she took action, she realized they have everything they need. Her mother says the people need a legacy, but it isn’t the medal. It’s her; embrace it.

In Hyperion Heights, Lucy sees the firetrucks outside the restaurant. Sabine says it’s just a setback, and Jacinda tells her that she took a huge risk, and looks what happened. Sabine says she just wants what’s best for Jacinda and Lucy, but Jacinda says she doesn’t live in real world. There’s no room for crazy dreams. Lucy tells Jacinda that Sabine just tried to help, and Jacinda says she doesn’t need that kind of help. Sabine gives her the cashbox, and says there’s enough money for ten months’ rent (that’s a lot of beignets!). In that time, she can find a new job – and a new roommate. She walks away.

Roni tells Ivy to put away the war paint; Henry’s not coming. She’s stopping the game before it starts. She asks if Ivy is trying to piss off her mom or take one more thing away from Jacinda. Ivy asks why she’s interested, and Roni says she knows enough to know good kid, and won’t let him mess up his life. Ivy says she’s risked a lot, and if her mom finds out, she’ll be cleaning toilets for real. Roni says if she’s eager to destroy her mom, prove it. Ivy tells Roni to follow her, and brings her to the secret room. There’s a setting for tea, and Roni thinks it’s a strange place for it. She wonders if she’s wasted her time, and then says, maybe not. She opens a locker and sees a photo.

Sabine tells Lucy that she’s going to crash on her mom’s couch. They can’t make it; they keep trying and failing. Lucy says that’s what Victoria wants her to think, but she can’t give up on her dream. Sabine says sometimes bad guys win, and we have to grow up. Lucy says she’s not growing up; she’s running away. She’s supposed to be with them, like she always is. Sabine tells Lucy she’ll always have her, but there are some things in life even she can’t fight.

Reeling back the years, Tiana goes to Dr. Facilier. She’ll give him the firefly ruby in exchange for the kidnapped woman. He points to a frog in a cage, and says, her?  It’s quite a sacrifice for a lowly frog. The ruby is powerful. It transformed a cook into a prince, and caused a princess to make a sacrifice for a man she doesn’t know. He asks why the transformation, and she says she didn’t realize who she was. She says there’s no magic in it, and Facilier tells her it will set him free. He’s in a prison, trapped with one foot here and one in another place. Everything in the cottage starts to tremble. He says he’s keeping the ruby, but he’ll never let the frog go. Tiana says she’s not leaving without the frog, but Facilier stabs a voodoo doll, and she doubles over. He says it feels good to be back. She knocks over the table, and grabs the frog, holding Facilier at bay with a sword. He squeezes the ruby and disappears, poof! in a puff of black smoke.

In modern times, Jacinda apologizes to Sabine. Every time the miserable world gets her down, Sabine picks her up. She didn’t realize Sabine needs picking up once in a while, starting with this – Jacinda shows her a food truck. Sabine asks how she did it, and Jacinda says Rogers helped her out with the auction, and she used the rent money. She took a big risk, like Sabine taught her to, doing what friends do – help each other.

In not-Seattle, Tiana brings Robert his frog. She figured out she doesn’t need a hero if she can be one. He says she sounds like her father, and she’s on the right path. She tells him the king is holding a ball, and she’s going to use the opportunity to turn the tide. She hopes he and his lady will join her, after true love’s kiss. Robert says he kind of misled her. He puts the frog in her hand, thanks her, and kisses the frog. Then he becomes a frog. Tiana puts them together, and they hop into the pond and swim off. I saw it coming, but that didn’t make it any less precious. Cutest. Frog. Couple. Ever.

Back in Seattle, Jacinda goes to the station, and Rogers reminds her the truck is from an impound auction, and she should clean it well. He tells her heat distorted the film in the security cameras. He has a good idea of who caused it. They agree it was someone Victoria hired, since she wouldn’t want to get a smudge on her blazer. The tattooed perp is making a phone call across the street. He says they have a problem. Someone is looking for the girl.

Victoria sees a photo of the truck on Instagram. When Ivy asks if there’s anything she can do, Victoria belittles her.

Henry walks into the bar (not the start of a joke), and Roni has something to show him. She tells him that she answered a text to him from Ivy, and met her at Belfry Towers. She knows it was wrong, but she wanted to know if they could trust her. He asks if they can, and she says maybe. She tells him that she found this while she was there, and shows him the picture. It’s a picture of Regina and Henry. Roni says she’s never owned clothe like this, and has no idea who the kid is. Henry says it’s him.

Ivy goes to secret room. She calls out for the witch, who startles her by coming up behind her. She knocks over the tea set, and say, lurk much?  She suggests getting the witch a stylist, since she looks like Lucy in Sweeney Todd (my description). The witch asks if they trust her, and Ivy says as much as her mother does. She calls Victoria a fool, and says she’s doing a good job of convincing Victoria that she’s the one in charge. She might not see how clever Ivy is, but the witch does. She tells he witch to play the charade until the end. The witch says Ivy knows she will. Ivy tells her not to use that name anymore – she’s Drizella.

Next time, Henry explains the photo, discovering life is a lie, and the most feared villain.

Z Nation

Roberta floors it, hits a zombie, sees the black rainbow, and keeps moving.

Doc says knows it’s the apocalypse, but maybe she should slow down. She turns a sharp corner, and Doc says Murphy is going into cardiac arrest. Lucy tells her stop, but she goes faster. Lily keeps telling to stop, and she finally does, just before they hit a building. It looks like a military facility. They get out. Murphy says he’s fine, and then throws up black stuff.

They get him inside. 10K and Lily take out some zombies who are following. It’s number 8991 for 10K. They set Murphy on a table, and Doc says he’s a walking petri dish. Murphy thinks being cured six ways to hell and back should be good for something. Lucy takes his hands. Doc and 10K confer about taking precautions, thinking they should restrain him. He keels over, and Roberta takes a look at his bite. Lucy says she has to try and save him, and bites him. 10K says he has a pulse. Murphy sits up, but passes out again. Roberta tells Lucy to bite him again, and she does. Murphy says he’s not dead yet. Doc thinks it’s working.

Lily is trying to keep the door closed, and says there’s more of a crowd. 10K goes outside with her. Roberta starts to look around the building. She comes to a room with computers, with decomposed bodies sitting at the keyboards. That would be my luck. She says, square key, and takes a key ring.

Doc keeps slapping Murphy, saying, stay with me. Murphy tells him to quit it.

Roberta travels the hallways. Doc bandages Murphy’s bite. Murphy says he’s better thanks to his little girl. Lucy says her hands are all wrinkly. They look at her, and she’s changing. She’s getting older.

Murphy sits up, and throws up again. Lucy looks at herself. She says it’s okay; it’s happened before, and it’s her business. Murphy says the biting is killing her. She can’t do it again. Lucy says he’s not the boss of her. Murphy says he’s her father. Her life is more important. She asks why he won’t let someone save him for once, calling him The Savior of Mankind. He says not anymore. Lucy thinks Roberta is in trouble. She feels something strange.

10K and Lily come back. Lily says they were doing M&M, mayhem and mercy. Doc tells them he wants to see if Roberta needs back up. They notice Lucy has changed. Lucy stays with Murphy, while they go down the hallways. Lily notes there’s a smell worse than death. Roberta continues on through the building. She sees a door keypad that’s wrecked, and she opens the door with a fire extinguisher. Doc wants to join 10K and Lily. Murphy doesn’t sound good, but tells him to find her. Doc tells Lucy no biting.

Roberta gets the handle off the door, and enters. It’s a lab. She sees a hand in an aluminum pan. She opens another door, and it’s the landscape in her mind. A zombie appears behind her.

Lucy looks in the mirror. She tells Murphy she wants to hear about her mother, Serina. She’s heard Addie’s and Doc’s version, but doesn’t trust it. She wants to know the truth. Murphy says her mother was living with group of women for protection. It was four years ago, when things were still wild, and they thought they were going to die. There was no tomorrow, so they lived for today. Lucy wonders if they just hooked up, but Murphy says Serina was a good friend. They went through a lot together, and he did love her. Not at first, but they saw each other again, and Lucy was born. Serina was fiercely protective, and fought like honey badger to protect her. Lucy brought out her motherly instinct, and Serina would have been proud of her. Lucy says, but she died. Murphy says she died protecting her. Some things are worth dying for. Lucy wants him to explain what it means, there was pie, but he passes out.

Roberta walks through the landscape. She sees some kind of metal unit. She’s back in the lab. She puts in a code next to the unit, and slides a metal window up. There’s a tube inside, and she unscrews it from its base. She injects herself with something, and collapses.

10K and Lily continue to walk. They go through a big room where experiments are done. There’s steel shelving lined with body parts in jars, a row of animated hands, and zombies with parts missing on gurneys. 10K doesn’t know who’s responsible, but he doesn’t like them. Lily says, roger that. They hear something. Lily asks what that was, and 10K tells her to take her pick.

Roberta opens her eyes. She realizes what she’s done. She sees beakers and jars containing experiments, brains and an arm attached to electrodes. She sees a desk and there’s a jacket on the back of the chair. She’s sees an ID for Dr. Caligari.

Murphy is convulsing. Lucy bites him again, but he tells her to stop and save herself. He wants her to promise, but she won’t. He starts to cry. He says she’s the only one he’s loved besides him; she’s one of a kind. He convulses some more, and she doesn’t know what to do.

Doc walks through the experiment room, and says more scientific shenanigans. Give a guy a lab coat, and he’ll screw things up every time. He calls to 10K and Roberta. He sees the partial zombies and animated hands, and says he can’t unsee that. He looks at a jar of eyeballs, remarking you can’t have too many of those. He wonders what in zombie hell these people are up to, and why. He notices a tail, and asks why it always has to be crazy evil sh*t. Why can’t they find a bakery for once? Is it too much to ask? He hears something, and looks all around. He bangs into a shelf, knocking over dozens of animated fingers, and says anything but that. He hits at them with a hammer, but one manages to dig its way into his side (ouch!). 10K and Lily hear him yelling, and he says there’s a finger in him; get it out! It keeps moving around, and 10K says it’s too fast. They manage to isolate it, and 10K slices into Doc, and it pops out. Lily says, die, mother finger, and steps on it. That was definitely the oh sh*t moment of tonight, or at least this half hour.

10K says they were looking for Roberta, but heard him yelling, and came back. Doc says he heard something breathing. They look slowly around, and see something behind one of the shelves.

10K says it seems as afraid of them as they are of it. Doc says not to shoot; they might wake something worse up. 10K wonders if they can go around it. It steps out, and it’s a gigantic zombie with extra arms, like an Indian goddess on steroids. Doc says, frankenzombie. 10K punches it, and it lifts him up by the throat. Lily tries to stab it, but it gets her with another arm. There’s a face in its stomach. Doc hits it with a hammer, and it drops the other two, and grabs Doc. They should have guessed right away they would just irritate it with these feeble attempts.

Roberta goes through papers and files, and finds a gun. She looks through some journals, and sees pictures and drawings of the experiments. We see a photo of the doctor and a friend.

Lucy keeps Murphy warm. He asks if she’s seen their baby, thinking she’s Serina. Lucy calls him “daddy,” saying he’s making a mistake. He says he knows; he never should have left her alone when she was pregnant. His biggest mistake was breaking up their family. Lucy says it’s okay; don’t worry. He doesn’t think Lucy will forgive him for leaving her with strangers. She turned out okay, strong and brave like Serina. He asks where Lucy is, and Lucy says she’ll come back soon. He says she’s the best, and she tells him that he’s not so bad himself. He calls her his little baker, and starts to convulse again.  He laughs about blueberry pie, and throws up. Lucy yells for help.

Super zombie throws everyone around, and punches Doc. Lily shoots him, but he has an automatic weapon, and begins to shoot back. He never runs out of ammo, because his other arms hand him new clips. Doc says this is no regular Z, and he pounds on his chest like King Kong.

Lucy does chest compression, wondering how this works. She looks at Murphy’s bite, and cries. She says he can’t leave her again.

Mega-zombie has Lily by the throat. 10K hits it with stool, and he throws it back. Doc tries to hit it with a metal thing, but it knocks Doc out. I go, ooh! Lily begins to pass out, and we hear Roberta say, Charlie Baker, Roberta. The zombie turns around, and she holds a gun on him. She asks where Dr. Caligari is, and does he understand. The zombie nods. She hears someone say, I’m here. The zombie turns his back to her, and the doctor’s face is there. Well… I don’t even know what to say.

Murphy opens his eyes, and says he feels great. His bite wound is gone. He tells Lucy to wake up; he’s cured. She’s now an old woman. He asks what she’s done, and sees the bites she gave him. She says it’s all right; she can feel him again. He takes her hand. They smile at each other, tears in their eyes.

Dr. Caligari asks what they’re doing there. Roberta says they came to see him. He asks how she knows his name, and she says she was in his office and saw a picture of him and Charlie. She asks if he knows her, and he asks her to come closer. I hold my breath, but he says, no. (He’s wearing glasses, btw.) She asks if he’s certain she’s never been there. He asks how she got the canister; it was locked in his office. Roberta says she knew the combination, but doesn’t know what it is. He says if she knew what it did, she would be a dangerous woman, and Doc says she already is. Charlie snaps his teeth, and Doc says just sayin’.

Roberta asks what happened, and Dr. Caligari says his knowledge exceeded his wisdom. Isn’t that always the way? He was graphting zombie tissue to humans, hoping to pass on their superior genetic qualities – immortality. 10K says that’s insane, and the doctor says, in retrospect. Roberta asks how he and Charlie happened, and we see as he explains. He says they were both bitten by another assistant, and became infected. Charlie turned quickly, and it was too late to save him, but he was able to chop off his own hand before the infection spread. He mercied Charlie, and used his graphting discovery to attach Charlie’s hand to his arm. It became a part of his body, passing on the immunity. But something went wrong. Instead of the hand becoming part of his body, the zombie cells grew out of control. Charlie was growing from his hand, taking over his body as host. This was five years ago, and this is all that’s left of him.

Dr. Caligari asks why Roberta is there, and she says to find this. She says she has to go, an the doctor asks her to wait; he needs something from her. He whispers something to her that we don’t hear. She looks at him, and pats his hand. One of them anyway. He kneels down and holds out his arms. Roberta says, we give you mercy, and they all shoot.

Murphy cries, holding Lucy. She tells him not to cry; it’s all right. Aw. Can’t somebody do something? She says it’s almost over. He tells her not to say that, and she says she had a good life – her life. She’d promised Addie that they’d stick together. She wants Murphy to tell Addie that she tried. She closes her eyes. Murphy cries, and I tear up, which is more than I did for Glenn and Abe on The Walking Dead. Sorry.

The others come back. Roberta kneels down by Murphy. She cries, and kisses Lucy’s forehead. She touches Murphy’s face, and he turns away.

Murphy covers Lucy, and carries her out. The others follow. The door closes. A sad song plays, about saying goodbye too soon.

Next time, crazy ass clowns say let the games begin, and Doc doesn’t think they mean parcheesi.