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September 7, 2020 – Rerunning Violet’s Party, Ibiza on Deck, Reunion For a Cause, New York’s Brunch, the OC’s Return, and a Hurry


What I Watched Today

one life(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Today’s GH was from April 14th, 2020. If it was Friends, it would be called The One Where Violet Has a Birthday Party.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Jess comes out of the water, and says her heart is palpitating bad. She sits, and Alex goes to get her some water. The brood of vipers Malia tells her to take deep breaths, and suggests a hot shower. Jess stands under the guest shower on deck, and Malia calls Captain Sandy, saying, there’s a medical issue with Jess; she’s having heart palpitations. The captain tells Malia to have Jess come see her. Rob asks if Jess is okay, and she asks if he’ll walk with her to the shower. he tells her everything is going to be okay.

At the O Beach closing party in Ibiza, Michelle straddles Aesha, pouring something from a plastic cup into Aesha’s mouth. In her interview, Aesha says Michelle has been trying to do everything to get alcohol in her. She’s not resisting much, but Michelle is strong.

Tom asks, what’s wrong with Jess? and Bugs says, she’s not feeling well. Rob tells Jess, clearly what he said made her anxious, and she’s putting on a show. A-hole. Jess gets dressed, and Captain Sandy calls her to the bridge to check things out. Jess tells her about the heart palpitations, and says that it freaked her out. She’s never had that before, but feels better now. The captain takes Jess’s blood pressure, and says she takes her own every day. She tells Jess, it’s 154/102. She’s not sure about the numbers, so she texts a friend who’s a cardiologist. In Captain Sandy’s interview, she says she had that issue, and the end result was a heart attack. She says, as captain, she wants to stay on this, and make sure Jess is okay. Jess says heart disease runs in her family, and the captain says, hers too; both of her parents died from heart attacks. In her interview, Captain Sandy says she was in a cycle class when it happened. She gets a text back, and her friend says Jess’s blood pressure is not that bad. Jess says she feels fine now. She thinks riding the jet ski was too much, and Captain Sand tells her to go and rest. Alex asks if Jess is feeling better. In Jess’s interview, she says the relationship is taking a physical toll on her. Her worst fear is to be completely vulnerable, fall in love, and have it deteriorate. She tells Rob that she’s going to lie down.

In Ibiza, acrobats fling themselves in the air, while dancing girls with headdresses shimmy through the crowd. Michelle puts her crotch in Johnny’s face, and in Aesha’s interview, she says, Johnny is f***ed. Back at the boat, Bugs puts up string lights, and decorates the table for the Great Gatsby themed dinner. She asks if Captain Sandy is joining the guests, and the captain says she is. Aesha radios, saying the guests are ready to come back, and Bugs tells Malia, who bangs her head on the ceiling getting out of her bunk. No surprise, I laugh. Bugs attaches sparkly suspenders to Alex’s pants, and discusses the menu with Tom. Alex picks up the guests, and Michelle says they need to make their way back to Great Gatsby. Johnny makes an attempt to bat at some balls Alex is throwing, and strikes out twice, but gets a hit on the third try. In his interview, Alex says Johnny is in a good state of mind. He’s wasted. Johnny says he’s the best two strike hitter in baseball.

The crew gets ready, the deckhands and Malia in sparkly suspenders with bowler hats, and the stews in flapper outfits. Bugs tells Jess that she doesn’t have to be on service, but Jess says, it’s okay. Alex takes a picture of Bugs, and tells her the table looks great. The guests get ready.

Tom puts an apron on Malia that has a picture of cats and says Mallorca on it. Why? Michelle says, the tablescape is out of this world, and Johnny toasts in Spanish, saying, health, love, money; long time the tree of fruit. He announces that kids are easier than dogs, since you can’t take dogs everywhere like you can with kids. Um… never mind. In Tom’s interview, he says, in the galley, you try to do everything right, so if the guests don’t like it, it’s hard because you’ve invested yourself. You want to wow people, and that’s what hurts. Bugs brings Johnny’s steak back to be cooked a little more, and I guess Tom must be hurting. Upon return though, Johnny pronounces it perfect. Michelle says the food is fabulous, and even Captain Sandy says it’s delicious. The captain asks if the food is hot, and Johnny squeezes Michelle’s boob. I’m not sure what that means. Is that a yes? Malia tells Rob that he can turn in early and get an extra hour. Jess says she’s on early shift too, and they cuddle. Jess is worried about how much things have been changing in the last few days. He says he’s sorry about today, and she says, her too. Aesha calls Bugs a sh*t stain, and says it’s a term of endearment, but Bugs isn’t so sure. In Aesha’s interview, she says she doesn’t see bantering much with this group. Johnny, Michelle, and Adena (the one who got drunk and hurt herself last week) dance on the couches. Michelle yells, Ibiza! for no particular reason. Aesha says, they’re so fun, and the guests toddle off to bed at around 2:30 am. Johnny lingers on deck, and finally goes to the cabin. He tells Michelle, they do need not to have more babies [sic].

The early shift is up at 7 am, except for Rob. Jess tells him, it’s 7:20, and he ends up being 23 minutes late. He asks if Alex is pissed off, and apologizes, but Alex says it’s okay. In Rob’s interview, he says, it’s not okay, because it transfers to someone else’s hours of rest time. Malia sees Jess and Rob kissing, but keeps walking. Jess does the breakfast table, and Malia grumbles, the boat looks like sh*t. Rob gets coffee, and Malia radios him, saying, seriously? What the hell? She tells him that she doesn’t want to come out and see him and Jess kissing when things aren’t done. The boat looks like absolute sh*t, and he’s asking for coffee.

Malia rants that the morning is the most critical time, so they can prep the area before the guests get up. She points out various chores on a list hanging up, and says the morning people have to bust ass. In Rob’s interview, he says he knows better, but got totally lost in his romance with Jess. He’s not thinking clearly. Tom cooks breakfast, and Bugs tells Jess that the table is pretty. Jess says she’s feeling better, and Bugs says the laundry is looking great too. In Bugs’s interview, she says, the more time you invest in someone, the better they do. She’s happy she’s taken the time with Jess. She tells Jess that she’s doing really, really well. In his interview, Rob says, there’s a lot of sh*t with him and Jess, and it’s affecting his work. It’s not okay. Bugs tells Captain Sandy that Jess is doing great this charter.

The captain calls Jess to the bridge, and says she sees her clothes hanging in her closet. She thanks Jess, and tells her that Bugs says she’s killing it. Jess thinks she was never allowed the time to do her job effectively, and now she’s realizing it. in her interview, she says a compliment from Bugs and Captain Sandy. Did she die today? She tells Malia that the captain called her up for a compliment. Rob hears, and asks if it’s her first one, and congratulates her. Jess admits the structure is better, and in her interview, says she’s doing better at her job, but her relationship is getting worse. Alex asks Bugs for coffee, and she says, a special treat for a special boy. Johnny says he slept too good on the boat. The guests are just getting to breakfast, and it’s an hour before they disembark.

Jess asks Rob if he’s in his head, and he says he doesn’t want to think too much anymore with them. They should understand one another. Jess says she won’t ask anymore, so don’t think she’s ignoring him. The guests pack, and the captain gets ready to dock. Rob keeps missing throwing the stern line out. In Malia’s interview, she says, it’s like amateur hour. Losing the stern line is a disaster.

In her interview, Malia says they’re docking terribly, and are going to look like absolute fools. Malia tells Rob to do it quickly, and in her interview, she says, Rob is killing her. She tells him, it’s not locked off, and he finally gets it. Malia tells Bugs, she’s about to lose her effing mind. Rob says, everyone is allowed to make mistakes; it’s a bit rude. Malia tells Alex, from now on, she needs him on whichever side is critical.

It’s time for the guests to say goodbye. Johnny says, it was incredible, and Michelle says the food and service were amazing. The last charter was good, but this was way better. Johnny gives the captain the tip envelope, and the guests leave. Captain Sandy tells the crew to get out of their whites, and into their reds. Malia wants to talk to Rob, and tells him that the stern is super critical when they’re coming in. Once is a mistake, but he did it three times. Then they had to hustle, correcting the time he took with the line. In his interview, Rob says he’s trying to be present in the situation with both Jess and the boat, and needs to compartmentalize better. While they’re cleaning the cabins, Jess asks what happened with Aesha’s last relationship? and Aesha says, it was the same situation as Jess is in. It had been years since she’d had a boyfriend. We flash back to her and Jack, and she tells Jess, when they got back, Jack went back to his ex. Jess asks if they were at the I love you stage, but Aesha says they weren’t even at the sex stage. In Jess’s interview, she says that’s probably why Aesha doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Captain Sandy tells the crew, well done. Having Aesha on board is like a breath of fresh air. She tells Jess that the laundry situation is better, and thanks her. She says the food was so good, she was blown away, and tells them, cheers. The tip was $18,000, or 1500 euros per person. They clink glasses, and Bugs thanks Tom for a great charter. Aesha poses the question to Jess, if she fell in love, and found out the guy had a micro-penis, would she still love him? Is she trying to tell us something about Jack? Jess says, of course. Rob asks Aesha if the main export of Tunisia is sarcasm, but she says she thinks it’s sheep, or wool, or something to do with farming. Jess tries to get Rob’s attention, but he’s too busy talking sheep or whatever, so she asks if Alex wants to go shopping on shore. In Alex’s interview, he wonders if Jess is jealous. Jess asks why Rob isn’t talking to her, and he says she was having a conversation with Alex. She says, he was having one with Aesha.

Jess asks if she can talk to Rob, and they go outside. She asks if he’s looking for things to get upset about at this point, and he says sorry he was caught up in conversation and so involved. He wonders if she feels threatened, and she tells him not to get mad. She was trying to figure out how to get him some clothes, and he was ignoring her. He says, sorry he wasn’t seeing that. He was in a conversation, and there was a time crunch. She asks, WTF is this? and he says he was in a surface conversation, detaching from everything that was happening. She says she doesn’t want to bring drama into his life, and she’s sorry she’s not bringing him detached fun conversation. Geez, how old are we? It shouldn’t be this hard, or dramatic.

Alex and Bugs go shopping in Old Port Ibiza. On the boat, Rob says Jess feels like arguing, and he doesn’t want to. She says sorry she’s not bringing fun conversation to his life. Malia and Tom fool around, and he asks if she wants to have a sunset drink. Alex tries on a shirt, and Bugs says she might have to date him if he wears it. On deck, Aesha calls her brother Jared, and tells him, most of the crew are Americans. They’re lovely, but last year, there was good banter. We flash back to that, and she says, this crew is harder to get going so far. Jared tells her, give it time, and she says they’re going out drinking. He tells her to have fun. The crew gets ready to go out.

Rob tells Jess that they need to try to get better at communicating, so this doesn’t happen. In his interview, he says he thinks there’s jealousy because he was having playful conversation with someone, but it doesn’t mean anything. They apologize to each other, and Rob asks if they’re good. Malia and Tom watch the sunset, and Tom says he thinks the more prepared he is, the more ready he is for the next trip. That makes it easier, or the standard of food goes up. The last boat he worked on had three chefs; it’s a big difference. In his interview, he says he’s never had so much stress. Being the sole chef makes it three times harder. Alex tells Bugs, he wants to have a good night, and Bugs says they have to. Bugs puts glitter around her eyes.

Bugs, says, Ibiza, baby, and Aesha says she’s excited to go out. In Aesha’s interview, she says she was told she had a good time in Ibiza, but doesn’t know for sure. They go to a restaurant, and Bugs tells Alex that she’s the boss. He says, no, and Malia says, let’s get f***ed up. They order, and a mime comes by, doing some kind of illusions with a ball. In her interview, Aesha wonders how he’s doing that. The ball is literally floating. WTF? The crew applauds, and Jess asks Alex if he remembers when they worked together, and she was talking about the sexy South African who was with another guy. She thinks it was Rob, and says, it’s crazy. Rob, who seems to have lost all sense of humor and whimsy, says he’s there now, and she says, sorry. She’s just piecing it together, and realized she had a conversation about him before she knew him. In his interview, Rob says she can’t expect him to remember everything. He’s not an elephant. She asks Rob to respect it a little, and he says he does; he’s here. In her interview, Aesha says it’s the stupidest sh*t she’s ever heard. If they’re fighting this early, no way is it going to last. It is really stupid. I’m not even sure what it is they’re fighting about exactly. I look in my bag of vanilla wafers, and decide if a cookie is broken, it doesn’t count.

Jess asks if he can respect that (what? what is he supposed to respect? I’m not getting this), and he says, he does; he’s there. She asks if they can stop arguing, and he says he’s not; he’s there. She asks him to stop making her feel like this, and I want them both to stop making me feel like changing the channel. In Jess’s interview, she says, stuff happened before she got there, and he’s missing her point. Bugs announces that she’s putting face paint on everyone, and puts glitter on them. They move on to more serious drinking. In the taxi, Malia tells Tom that she doesn’t know if Rob and Jess are the best match, and he says, they’re the worst match. Rob is spiritual. Malia says, Jess is sweet, but the background on her phone is herself. That’s rich, coming from someone so completely self-centered. Tom says, Rob’s is probably spring flowers or something. They get to a club, and Rob tells Alex that Jess is acting weird. Is it me? Rob seems like the one who’s acting weird.

Rob says he can’t do anything right, and Tom asks what the actual problem is. He says he doesn’t know, and Tom suggests he have some beers and chill out. Jess is circumspect, and goes off by herself, while everyone else gets crazy. Rob sticks a beer can to Aesha’s hand. In her interview, Jess says she’s annoyed. Now she has to watch Rob flirt with Aesha. What the hell? Alex tells Bugs that he’s really into her. He’s never met a girl who made him nervous. She asks why he’s nervous, but he can’t explain. She’s the first thing he thinks of in the morning, and the last thing at night. They’re both effing weirdos. They kiss, and everyone starts dancing. In his interview, Alex says, buh-bye, friend zone.

Rob says he doesn’t like how Jess is being hot and cold. Jess thinks he’s done, and just looking for an excuse. In Malia’s interview, she says, it sucks to go out with them. It changes the mood. Rob tells Jess that he changed his ticket to go to Bali, and to stop being hot and cold; she keeps doing this to him. In his interview, Rob says he feels broken, and I roll my eyes so hard, my sister in Ohio can feel it. He asks if Jess is mad, and she asks him to get out of her face. She’s done. He says, for f***’s sake, and tells Alex, I’m an idiot, bru. No argument from me.

Next time, a guest wants cucumbers when Tom is busy giving his cucumber to Malia, Tom gets nasty with Aesha for no reason, Alex tells Rob and Jess that they have to figure out if it was real or a moment that went too far, Rob says maybe he and Jess aren’t meant to be, and the boat loses power before docking.

👠 Vicki and Her Men…

On September 17th, One Life to Live’s Erika Slezak (Vicki), Jerry verDorn (Clint), and Mark Derwin (Ben) will be having a special reunion to raise money for autism.


🗽 New York New York…

I had no idea Tiffany Pollard had a chat show. It was digital, but now you can catch it on VH1. I think she’s a lot of fun.


🍊 Uno Amiga This Time…

The Real Housewives of Orange County will be back on October 10th.


🚴 Rushing As Usual…

It’s Monday night crunch time, while I get tomorrow’s article ready for https://mupoentertainment.com/theresa-krakauskas/, so bidding you a quick goodnight. Hope your Labor Day weekend included some fun, such as it is these days. Until next we meet, stay safe, stay keeping your boundaries, and stay not being an idiot. Or at least making sense.

July 16, 2020 – When Nikolas Heard From Spencer, a Seven In the Berkshires, GH Events, a Movie For Erika, Catch Up With Ricky, Days Restart, Goodbye Hope, an Interruption, This Makes Twice, Hero’s End, Creating the Child & Feelin’ It


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Even though the guide tries to convince me this GH Flashback is from May 12th, 2020, I know it’s from May 4th. Refresh yourself below, or go here for the full monty:


Jason saw Brando at the gym, and Brando wondered if there had been some kind of cease fire; the kids were off house arrest. Sonny told him that he was free to go back to Chicago, but he’s decided to stay. Ava called Franco to confirm her last portrait sitting. She sent out the invitations, and wanted to make sure there was something to unveil at the unveiling. He assured her the portrait would be finished. At Windymere, Nikolas walked in, and told Ava this had to stop. Franco poured over the bills at his hospital studio, and Elizabeth saw Ava’s invitation on his desk. She started reading it, saying it sounded swanky. The smile left her face, and he asked, what is it? Molly, Kristina, and Sam sorted clothes for the clothing drive, which Molly said was to give professional wardrobe options to women in challenging situations. Neil showed up at Charlie’s, grabbed Julian by the collar, and asked if Julian had any idea what he’d done to Alexis.

Brando said Sonny was okay with him staying, and told Jason that he liked Port Charles and running his own place. Jason asked if he could use another customer. Alexis was late, and Molly stressed about sleeping with someone else when TJ was literally tied up. Sam wondered if Molly shouldn’t tell TJ the truth. Julian asked Neil what the problem was, and Neil said Julian had made his and Alexis’s personal business public. Julian accused Neil of taking advantage of Alexis, and driving her to drink. Because of Julian, the medical board got word that he had lied about their relationship, and it cost Neil his career. On the phone with Diane, Alexis said she’d lied at the hearing, and asked if Diane thought the bar would see it as perjury. Franco asked Elizabeth what was wrong, and Elizabeth read from the invitation that Ava’s portrait had been painted by notorious bad boy Franco, ten years after his fall from grace. She said Ava was dredging up Franco’s past for her vanity party. He said his past was no secret, and it’s what people thought about when they heard his name. Nikolas told Ava that the adolescent games had to stop. She’d given instructions to have trees cut down, but she didn’t get to change the house or grounds. Ava accused Nikolas of putting the snake in her purse at Violet’s party, but he said he didn’t do petty revenge. Ava noticed a letter from Spencer had arrived. Neil said Julian made a public spectacle of him and Alexis, and Julian said Neil had abused his privilege as Alexis’s therapist, doing damage to her. Neil said what Julian had done was worse.

Sam asked Molly what happened after she left Charlie’s, and Molly said she’d decided to tell Brando about her decision not to tell TJ that they’d slept together. When she got to the garage, Sam was there. Sam said she wanted to know where Brando stood, which Molly thought was inappropriate and unnecessary. Sam said she didn’t want Brando taking advantage of Molly, but Molly said she didn’t need Sam running to her rescue. Alexis showed up, and asked what they were fighting about. Jason told Brando that he needed a stabilizer for his Fatboy, and Brando said he’d thought Sam was Jason’s mechanic. She’d been at the garage, and seemed to know a lot about bikes. Jason asked why Sam had gone there. Elizabeth told Franco that Ava knew he’d changed his life around, and just because her life was trainwreck, it was no reason to expose Franco. Franco said a producer had reached out to him about participating in a documentary about Ryan, since he’d been involved in Ryan’s capture. It had also been ten years since his Francophrenia show, the night tried to frame Jason for pushing him off a roof. Nikolas read Spencer’s letter, and told Ava that Spencer was willing to accept him back in his life if he left Ava. Spencer hadn’t forgiven her for selling out to Valentin, and said Nikolas’s turncoat wife had to go. Ava said Spencer needed someone to blame and focus his anger on, but it was wonderful that he wanted to give Nikolas a second chance. Spencer deserved to have his father in his life. She assumed Nikolas would be wanting a divorce. He said, sorry. He’d do anything to reconcile with Spencer. She said she understood, and asked when he was moving out.

Molly told Alexis that they weren’t fighting, and Sam said it was just a spirited debate. Alexis asked what the debate was about, and Kristina said it was about Molly and TJ. Molly had news. Julian said his relationship with Alexis didn’t concern Neil, but Neil said what Julian had done to her was very much his concern. Julian asked if Alexis confided to Neil in therapy or in bed, and Neil said Julian was in denial about holding a knife to Alexis’s throat, and terrorizing a woman he’d said he loved. Then Julian had made their private business public. Julian said Alexis had a reason to be angry at him, but he didn’t know why Neil wasn’t thanking him. Elizabeth told Franco that ten years ago seemed like a lifetime; Franco wasn’t the not same man he was today. Franco said it was because of her. He’d been put in the spotlight, and asked for his side of the story. He was being offered a lot of money, and it was an incredible opportunity. Elizabeth said, absolutely not. She knew it was painful, and didn’t want Franco to relive it, but these were strangers. Ava was supposed to be his friend. Franco said, like or not, scandal sells, and there had been an uptick in purchasing his old artwork. His old paintings had become more valuable. He taught sick kids, had kept the hospital afloat with donations, and single-handedly stopped Ryan, but his past would always be there. Nikolas asked if Ava thought he was giving her Windymere. She said, and the island as well. It was part of the 90% she’d get if they divorced. He said there had been no failing on his part, and it was because of his son. Why was she doing this? He thought she’d wanted him to have a relationship with Spencer. She said she did, but the terms were clear and binding. Nikolas said she was about to overplay her hand, and if she tried to keep his son from him, it wouldn’t end well for her.

Ava told Nikolas, threats were unnecessary. She wasn’t standing in the way of his reconciliation, but a deal was a deal. She wasn’t walking away without her fair share. He accused her of trying to steal Spencer’s inheritance, but she said the remaining 10% was more than enough for Spencer to live on, and Nikolas had agreed to the terms. He said she only cared about herself, and had proved it by driving her daughter away. Ava slapped him, and told him not to talk about her child. He said to stop using his child as a pawn. Ava said now was his chance to prove he loved Spencer. Give up his fortune, and give Spencer the father he wanted – or not. He could stay married to her and keep the money. He insisted she’d fooled him, but she told him not to kid himself. It was his choice – his money or his son. Franco told Elizabeth that they should cash in on the publicity before it crashed. He didn’t think anyone had bought any paintings because of his talent in a long time. It was about his reputation. He didn’t care, and neither did the college fund. Elizabeth said, not at the expense of his art’s integrity; she preferred her art speak for itself. Franco said she wasn’t a real artist. Julian told Neil that he’d treated Alexis like a dirty secret, but now it was out in the open. Neil said Julian was being simplistic and selfish. Alexis had been hurt. She’d lied to the medical review board, and was looking at disciplinary action and possible disbarment. Julian said they were the ones who’d jumped into bed together and lied about it. Neil got what he deserved, but Julian was sorry it was coming back to bite Alexis. He asked if Alexis had kicked Neil to the curb, and Neil said, no, but maybe she should. Brando told Jason about fixing Molly’s car, and said they were on good terms, but Kristina and Sam couldn’t stand him. Molly told Alexis about how TJ had suggested a domestic partnership. Alexis asked if Molly was happy, and Molly said it was more than she’d hoped for. Alexis didn’t buy it, and asked what was really going on.

Realizing what he’d said, Franco told Elizabeth, of course (🍷) she was a real artist. She just didn’t have a lot of experience with the idiots who were in charge of professional work. He wasn’t trying to offend her. Elizabeth said he was right; she had no idea how the art world worked like he did. He told her that it was Ava’s last sitting, and there had to be something to unveil at the unveiling, and she told him not to keep the gravy train waiting. Neil told Julian that Alexis deserved a clean slate, and he’d done more harm than good. Julian asked if Neil was walking away after what Alexis had gone through. She’d risked everything for Neil, now he was going to disappear? It wasn’t about helping Alexis, but about Neil. He was running away to protect himself. Jason asked Brando why he had a problem with Kristina and Sam, and Brando said he’d offended Kristina, and Sam was offended on Kristina’s behalf. He’d been talking to Sam about how she’d helped take down Shiloh, and said people who join cults are idiots. Then Sam told him about Kristina being involved with DoD. He tried to apologize, but the damage had been done. I still fail to see why this was so horrible. Didn’t Kristina think she’d been an idiot? Molly told Alexis that she was sorry she’d kept quiet about it, and Alexis said it was her fault. She’d been too focused on her own thing, and hadn’t been there for Molly. Molly said Alexis had nothing to feel bad about, and Alexis said she thought the domestic partnership was a great idea. Molly was very sensible, and Alexis was proud of her. Molly said Alexis was making her out to be perfect, but she’d jumped in bed with someone when TJ disappeared.

Nikolas went to the hospital to see Elizabeth, who snapped at him, saying she was working. He said she seemed upset. He’d come looking for a friend, but was there any way he could help? Franco went to Windymere, where he found Ava crying, martini in hand. He asked, what happened? but she said she was fine. Franco told her that he was feeling down, and could use a hug. He held her while she cried. Julian told Neil to try and put Alexis first. Use his shrink intuition, figure out what she needed, and act accordingly. He didn’t need to bail. Neil asked if Julian wanted him to be with Alexis, and Julian said, hell no, but Alexis wanted to be with him. He wanted Alexis to be happy. Neil said he couldn’t make up for Julian’s failings, and Julian said he could try not to add to them. He told Neil to fight for her. She was going to need his help. She didn’t let a lot of people in, and had laid herself on the line for him. Julian didn’t know what Neil’s issues were, but told him to conquer them. He’d be a fool to walk away. Brando said Sam was protective of her sisters, and Jason agreed. Brando said he’d apologized, and hoped they were good now. Jason asked if he’d fixed Molly’s car, and Brando said he did. Molly’s boyfriend had come to pick it up. Sam said she was there for the same reason, but it could have just been an excuse to chew him out. Jason suggested Brando not mess with Sam or her sisters, and Brando said he’d learned his lesson.

Molly told Alexis that she’d slept with Brando, who was Sonny’s cousin, but they weren’t related. Alexis said, thank God for small favors. Molly said she’d just had a fight with Jordan, who’d said TJ was done and it was Molly’s fault. She felt frustrated and angry. She’d thought TJ had bailed on a ten year relationship, and let his mother deliver the news. She ran over a curb, damaging her car, and Brando’s was the closest garage. They got to talking, and one thing led to another. Molly flashed back to kissing Brando, and told Alexis that Brando didn’t even know she had a boyfriend. When she explained, he couldn’t have been more decent. Nothing he did was wrong; it was her. Kristina said, it was one night. There was no good reason for Molly to tell TJ and risk the relationship. Molly didn’t think she could swallow her guilt, and Sam told Kristina that Molly didn’t handle her problems the same way Kristina did. Kristina handled them or not until they blew up in her face. Kristina said Sam had been pushing Jason to meet her in secret, and Sam said Kristina was the reason she was on parole in the first place. Kristina asked if Sam was blaming her, and Sam said, yes.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Ramona says, earlier, the energy was bad. She’s hoping that tonight, everyone will be lighter and in a better place. Restaurant guy Ben delivers a load of food. Dorinda pops out in a sequined number with huge angel sleeves that looks like it’s from Danceteria in the 80s. In the time it takes for Ben to put the bags in the kitchen, Ramona tells him that she looks good, but she’s sloppy, and she looks thin, but likes to eat. Nothing like giving herself a couple of compliments. She puts the food into bowls. Dorinda says she doesn’t know why Sonja puts up with LuAnn, and Ramona says Sonja loves LuAnn and likes to perform. Dorinda thinks maybe Sonja should do her own show, and Ramona says Sonja was doing cabaret before anyone else. LuAnn has supersonic ears, and asks what Ramona is talking about. Ramona repeats herself, and LuAnn says, it was caberlesque, and not the same thing. We flash back to Sonja’s show, and LuAnn tells Ramona, she didn’t think Sonja was that good. In the kitchen, Sonja mumbles that she knows the Countess is a major cabaret star. Dorinda tells LuAnn to stop it; she’s being nasty. In LuAnn’s interview, she says Dorinda was trying to protect Sonja, but Sonja was capable, and didn’t need defending. Sonja says she doesn’t care what Lu Ann is saying. She loves LuAnn. LuAnn explains to Sonja that the show is called Countess and Friends; it’s about her, but she brings Sonja in because she loves her. Don’t tell her what to do.

Sonja sits at the table, and says she’s done with LuAnn and her show. In the kitchen, LuAnn tells Len that she has a professional show because that’s what she does. Len says, eat. Sonja says LuAnn disrespected her, and LuAnn asks, how? Sonja says LuAnn thinks she sucks, and LuAnn tells her that she didn’t say that. She said she didn’t want her to be in the show. Ramona says LuAnn isn’t paying Sonja, and it’s insulting. Dorinda says Sonja was with LuAnn when she was down and out. In Ramona’s interview, she says LuAnn is using Sonja for laughs, and not paying her, when LuAnn could afford it, and Sonja could use the money. Dorinda gets weepy, and says, shame on her, and repeats that Sonja was with her when she was down and out. LuAnn says she doesn’t know what going on, and Dorinda leans over the table. They start yelling, fingers in each other’s faces. Dorinda says LuAnn has a mugshot of her drunkenness, and she’s an effing fool. In Leah’s interview, she says, it sucks to hear that coming from Dorinda. All of  them are one drink away from a mugshot. Ha-ha! I want that on a T-shirt – I’m one drink away from a mugshot. LuAnn walks out of the room, and Ramona tells Dorinda that she’s being aggressive. In her interview, Ramona says Dorinda is like a dragon, and she’s after whoever’s in front of her. When she’s drinking, she’s vicious. She went after Tinsley, then her, and now LuAnn. Who’s next? LuAnn hiccup cries as she packs. Ramona tells Dorinda that she’s shocked, and Dorinda says, karma’s a bitch. She doesn’t want to fight, but LuAnn uses them. She used Jovani, which Dorinda gave her. LuAnn continues to pack, and says no way is she staying in this house. Dorinda says Ramona is making her feel ashamed and bad, and that’s not what a girlfriend does. Dorinda sees the Jovani logo on LuAnn’s bag, and starts singing Feelin’ Jovani.

LuAnn tells Dorinda, get over it. Dorinda follows her out, but then comes back without incident. She says, LuAnn never says thank you. What’s wrong with her? Leah goes outside, and tells LuAnn to stop. Dorinda announces that her dress cost $400, and LuAnn says, she’s drunk. In Leah’s interview, she says you would think Dorinda owns stock in Jovani, the amount of times the word has come out of her mouth. It doesn’t make any sense. LuAnn suggests going to pub, and Leah says, they’ll hang out with the locals. Sonja falls over backward in her chair, hitting the floor. LuAnn cries, and Leah hugs her. LuAnn says Leah is so drunk, and Leah says, no, LuAnn is. Leah goes inside and calls for Ramona. She finds Ramona on Sonja’s lap, and tells her that LuAnn is outside hysterically crying. Ramona agrees to come with them – no doubt wanting to look for new men – but Sonja wraps her arms around Ramona’s waist. Outside, LuAnn says she’s not staying, and Leah tells Ramona, LuAnn is in a bad place. LuAnn keeps repeating, I need to go. In Ramona’s interview, she says she’s never seen LuAnn like this. She’s in pain. Dorinda went for the jugular, and it’s not cool. Ramona says she has no phone, money, or card, and LuAnn says she’s got her. They get in a cab, and drive away. Sonja decides to go to bed, and the others follow, even though it’s 8 pm. Len is left to clean up, although it could be worse. It could be the Hamptons.

In the morning, Dorinda finds Ramona in the kitchen. Ramona asks how she’s feeling, and Dorinda says she shouldn’t have gotten involved. She could tell Sonja was drunk; they were all drunk. The rosé gets you every time. She felt defensive of Sonja. In Ramona’s interview, she says Dorinda doesn’t realize how nasty she gets. She used to go from 0 to 60, and it lasted a second or two. Now she goes from 0 to 100, it lasts 30 minutes, and she gets vicious and evil. Sonja sits in bed reading, and Elyse comes in. Sonja says LuAnn is at a hotel, and Elyse asks, what’s the issue? Sonja says, LuAnn is back on her high horse. In Sonja’s interview, she says, all is forgiven because they were partying, and it doesn’t bother her. But LuAnn thinks Sonja’s time isn’t as important as hers, and that bothers her. Ramona tells Dorinda, she she saw the old LuAnn come out. Leah tells Sonja and Elyse that they went to an old school bar that had a jazz band. In her interview, she says, LuAnn was dancing, and she thought LuAnn wanted to sing, but they weren’t interested. In Leah’s interview, she says she had some martinis, flirted with the bartender. Ramona did nothing. What? Sonja says, at least they had fun, and Leah says there were a bunch of 90 year olds there; it was geriatric central. Sonja says she should have gone, and Leah says she would have loved it.

Dorinda decides she has to call LuAnn. Surprisingly, LuAnn answers the phone, and Dorinda says she loves her. LuAnn says she loves Dorinda too. She doesn’t know what happened. Dorinda says, rosé happened. Another T-shirt I want. Dorinda says she woke up, and ran to LuAnn’s room, wondering where she was. She loves LuAnn, and wants them to stay good place. She was feeling defensive of Sonja, and she doesn’t use liquor as an excuse, but can she do it this time? LuAnn says she was also over-served. In her interview, LuAnn says she’s not going to let one night ruin their relationship, but this behavior is hurtful to Dorinda’s friends, and she hopes Dorinda wakes up and smells the roses. Dorinda tells LuAnn, they peaked too soon. She loves LuAnn, and wants her to come back. LuAnn says she just ordered room service, and suggests meeting them shopping. They’ll chalk it up to bad… Dorinda says, rosé. Ramona says Dorinda always knows how to make it nice. In Ramona’s interview, she says she doesn’t understand it, but it’s not worth fighting the battle. It’s easier to just say, okay, and bury it under the rug.

Sonja, Elyse, and Leah join them in the kitchen, and Sonja says she heard a lot of laughing. Dorinda tells the others that she spoke to LuAnn. She got in trouble defending Sonja, even though she had no skin in the game. Leah asks, what happened? and Dorinda says she doesn’t remember. In Sonja’s interview, she says Dorinda is off the hook. Dorinda lost it, but Sonja knows where it’s coming from. They visited Richard’s grave. We see a clip of them in the cemetery, and Dorinda talking to Richard. Dorinda tells the others, Richard is good, and unfortunately, that was his journey. Sonja tells us, it takes a while to get over pain like that. She’s still grieving her ex. I love how Sonja compares her divorce to Richard’s death. Dorinda tells the women, it’s a beautiful little town. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, being stuck in the house isn’t a good thing for these women. They need something fun and different. They need to change it up. Ramona talks to Sonja, saying LuAnn and Dorinda made up after two seconds; what about them? Sonja says she’ll always love LuAnn, but she’s not doing her show; she’s too busy. Dorinda says they were all in the same mindset – rosé. Leah says she’s happy she was the least drunk, and she’s not getting yelled at. The women applaud. Dorinda says Leah was the best behaved, and Leah says she can’t be the psycho bitch forever.

Dorinda points out The Red Lion Inn, a restaurant she worked at, telling Elyse and Sonja that she was Senator and Mrs. Fitzpatrick’s favorite. She brownnosed her way to the top. They pick up LuAnn, who gets in the other cab with Ramona and Leah. LuAnn says she’s glad they get over things quickly and move on. It’s how they roll. She says, now she knows how Ramona feels. Ramona says Dorinda doesn’t realize how she gets; it’s hurtful. In her interview, LuAnn says, Dorinda pushes resentments down, and doesn’t deal with them. Then it rears its ugly head. She should have played dead like Ramona did at the Halloween party. When they all get out, Dorinda, LuAnn, and Sonja hug. LuAnn says it feels like she had a lovers quarrel. They go to Annie Selke. I love their stuff, but I so can’t afford it. LuAnn tells Sonja that she wants her in the show, and if she gets a bigger venue, she can pay Sonja. Sonja says she wants LuAnn to know that she enjoys it. LuAnn says she didn’t mean to act like Sonja was doing her a favor. It’s good for both of them. It’s a creative thing they can do together, and it’s fun. In Sonja’s interview, she says she can’t help but move forward. It’s not a big deal. She just wants LuAnn to know her time is valuable, and that was accomplished. Leah says she and LuAnn made out. LuAnn says, they did? That’s hot.

Dorinda leads the women to a wine and cheese shop. Dorinda mention for the 47th time that she grew up there, and says she has to pick up some cheese. Ramona says, it smells delicious, and they taste various cheeses. In Dorinda’s interview, she says Colin Cowie is a friend of hers – we flash back to them together – and he’s an incredible host, entertainer, and event planner. She was looking to have a fabulous dinner party, and he’s at her stove cooking right now. The cheese guy says the triple cream is from Burgundy, and Sonja says her lover is from there. In her interview, she says, Frenchie has always been in the picture, and we see a clip of them together. She says, ideally, he’d like her to live in France, but she has too much going on where she is. She tells everyone that Frenchie is an amazing intellect, and a jet set guy. Leah talks about going out with a prince, and peeing on him. In her interview, she says she doesn’t normally pee on people, but when would she have another chance to pee on a prince? I can’t say that one is on my bucket list. LuAnn says she’s had prince boyfriends, but has never peed on one. Leah says, don’t judge her, and LuAnn says she’ll give Leah a trophy. In Sonja’s interview, she says she has other ideas about what she’d like to do with a prince.

Dorinda’s taxi gets to Bluestone Manor first, and she says, let’s take our shoes off. Ramona and Elyse go, ahhh. I know the feeling. Sonja tells Leah that she tried to be real, and got in trouble, and Leah says, when keeping it real goes wrong. The table is set, and everything looks amazing. Upstairs, Ramon has clogged the toilet, and works at it with a plunger. I wonder why she doesn’t roll up her sleeves. In her interview, she says she doesn’t want Dorinda to get upset and rage on her. Sonja relaxes in a bubble bath. Not in the same bathroom. Ramona tells the toilet, please flush, but it doesn’t. Leah comes in, and Ramona tells her about the toilet being clogged. Leah says she’ll do it, but it flushes on Ramona’s next try. In Leah’s interview, she says she saw the nastiest little sh*t she’d ever seen in her life. Dorinda comes in, and asks what Ramona did to the toilet. Apparently, the clog is still going on, and Dorinda works at the toilet with the plunger. She tells Ramona, let it sit, and Leah says Ramona can use her bathroom. Why? So she can clog that too?

Ramona brings out a breathalyzer, and LuAnn shows her how to use it. In Ramona’s interview, she says she thought it would be fun to bring. They can get toasty, and now they can’t yell at her about having another drink. The breathalyzer doesn’t lie. LuAnn calls Ramona a bad blower, and says she’s a pro. Everyone gets ready for dinner. Dorinda’s sister Melinda arrives, and Dorinda hugs Colin for doing the dinner. In her interview, Dorinda says Colin has planned weddings, and done events for Oprah and Michelle Obama, so she’s appreciative that he did this because he’s her friend. She welcomes Melinda, and everyone gathers in the living room for cocktails. Leah says she wants to text the bartender; she’s thinking of inviting him. Melinda asks what’s up with that? and Leah says she’s desperate for d*ck. In Leah’s interview, she says she loves a hot bartender. They’re a therapist, eye candy, and get you drunk. What’s not to love? She asks Dorinda if it’s okay for him to stop by, and Dorinda says, no problem. She has a long history as a waitress and hostess there, and how can she say no to a fellow Red Lioner. Dorinda’s friends Sam and Lyle come in, and Leah asks Elyse if Erica is coming out to play. In Elyse’s interview, she says Erica was the nickname she had when she was on Wall Street. It’s her alter-ego, who would come out when she drank. Erica is a party girl. Leah hopes to meet Erica, and Leah says she can’t handle Erica. Leah says, bitch, yes I can. Heather Thompson and husband Jon arrive. In LuAnn’s interview, she says she hasn’t seen Heather in ages, and she’s looking hot. Sonja hits on Colin. In her interview, Dorinda says Heather lives close by, and when you live in the Berkshires, you all know each other. It’s that kind of environment. Everyone sits for dinner, and Dorinda says Colin has graced them, not just with a meal, but a fantasy. Even the salad is impressive. Elyse asks for straight vodka, and Leah tells Ramona that Elyse is wasted. Colin brings out the lamb, and Heather says, what a rack. BA-DUM-CHH! In her interview, LuAnn says, a rack of lamb and a hot man. What more can a girl ask for? I can think of quite a few things, but okay. Dorinda asks Sam if he can help her with online dating. Ramona tells Sam that it doesn’t work for her. If the woman is more successful, the man can’t get it up. In her interview, she online dating is difficult for her. Because she’s just so special. Okay. I added that last part.

Dorinda says she loves Leah because she’s unfiltered, but confident. Leah understands and owns her sh*t, and she’s a good mother and businesswoman. Dorinda is impressed by her. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, once Tinsley was out of the picture, she realized she loves Leah. Leah is her mini me. She tells Leah that she has chutzpah, and Leah says she’s slightly edited. She gets up, and says she’s a work in progress, and feeling herself. She’s honored and humbled, and doesn’t know what to say. She’s happy to be the only one with her period. Everyone cheers. Heather says, everybody take your pants off. Leah hugs Elyse, and in Elyse’s interview, she says, Leah is the type of girl Erica would have a crush on. They kiss. LuAnn asks Leah about the bartender, and Leah tells her that he said he was into casual living. She doesn’t know what that means. Probably that he doesn’t have any money.

Bartender James shows up, and Leah introduces him. In her interview, she says, it’s a good thing to have one available straight guy around, adding to the vibe. Dorinda tells James that she was The Red Lion Inn. She finds out James also grew up there, and says they’re true Berkshireites. She waitressed her way out. Leah asks for more vodka. Dorinda says Leah is amazing. LuAnn thanks Dorinda for a wonderful time. She slept with the fishes, and swam with the saints. She’s happy they’re together. They’ll always have each other’s backs, and LuAnn will always love her. They hug, and Leah tells James that he’s brave to come there; it’s crazy. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she never expects a perfect trip in the Berkshires, but gives it a seven out of ten. They’re like sisters, and have to work stuff out, but the fun outweighs the lingering issues. Ramona and Sonja kiss.

Next time, LuAnn speaks at a meeting, Ramona has her party, Sonja dances on a mirror, and Ramona wants to shut down the party.

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Not to belabor a celebrity death, but it touched my heart that they think Naya died after saving her son.


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July 14, 2020 – When Finn Told Chase Fix It, Slippers For Everybody, Reunited, Where’s Alice, Dancing Switch, a Tease, Leave Lisa Alone, Teddi Update, Quite a Legacy, Of Course, a Teaching Moment, Don’t Do It & Up


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Okay, now it’s personal. The guide said May 7th, 2020, but in reality, this GH Flashback is from April, 29th, 2020. Here’s the short version, but you can find the whole thing here if you need total refreshment:


Finn asked Chase why he’d pretended he was sleeping with Sasha, and Chase said if Nelle got custody, Willow would never forgive herself. In the eyes of family court, Nelle and Michael were on almost equal footing, so Michael needed a wife who was equally devoted to Wiley, and Sasha had a problematic past. Finn said there was no body count, and no one was perfect, but Chase said Willow was close. However, when he broached the subject, Willow wouldn’t consider it. Finn said it was because Willow loved Chase, and he was doing her a disservice. Chase said, they were adults; Wiley was a defenseless child and needed protection. Sasha called Michael to let him know her things were out of the house, and she’d left the key. She guessed this was goodbye. He told her, goodbye, and Sasha flashed back to telling Chase they’d made a mistake, and should tell Michael and Willow the truth. They were the best thing to happen to her and Chase, and they could have the people they loved back. Chase said that would be awesome for them, but asked if she honestly thought Michael and Willow would be happier with them, or together with Wiley. Carly told Michael that his goodbye sounded final, and he said he and Sasha were over. At the MetroCourt, Willow got on the phone with Lucy to find a new place to live. Nelle appeared and said the rumor must be true; Chase broke another heart. Kristina told Molly to consider her options, but Molly said she needed to be completely honest and tell TJ everything. Sam told Brando that Molly and TJ were about to make it official, and if he made trouble for Molly, he’d be in a world of trouble with her. He asked if Molly knew she was getting involved, and she asked if he was going to run and tattle on her. He said he thought Molly would prefer to fight her own battles, and Sam said he was in no position to tell her about her sister. He said he got it, and she told him, stay away from Molly. If my sister got all up in my business like that, I’d be furious. Lulu ran into Crimson, asking where Charlotte was, and Nina asked her to give Valentin a chance to make it right. In Nina’s office, Charlotte asked if Valentin still loved her, and he said with all his heart, but it wasn’t that simple. She said they could run away right now, and no one could stop them.

Nelle said Chase had thrown Willow away, like he did with her and other women. He was a liar, a user, an expert manipulator, and seduced vulnerable women. Michael told Carly about finding Sasha and Chase together, saying that they’d felt jealous about Michael and Willow spending so much time together with Wiley. He said Carly had been right, but Carly thought she shouldn’t have gotten involved. Brando told Sam that TJ wasn’t going to hear anything from him. Sam said Molly thought she was single, and was heartbroken. Otherwise, she’d never have slept with someone like him. Ouch. She said he’d hurt Kristina’s feelings, saying people who joined cults were stupid. He said he’d apologized, and suggested she not butt into her sister’s business, since Molly was an adult. Sam said she’d always protect Molly, and he said, even if Molly didn’t want her to? Molly told Kristina that telling TJ was the right thing; they’re relationship was bult on honesty. Kristina thought Molly just wanted to make herself feel better at TJ’s expense. Valentin told Charlotte that she wouldn’t see him for a while, and Charlotte wondered if it was because she was bad, but he said, no; she was a good girl. She wanted things to be like they were when she was little, and it was just the two of them, back when he loved her. He said he’d always love her, and she asked why he wouldn’t fight for her. Valentin flashed back to Charlotte saying it wasn’t his fault; it was everyone else’s for lying, even Lulu’s, since she didn’t want him to be happy with Nina. He remembered Charlotte insisting that he’d find a way to get Windymere and Nina back, so they could live happily ever after. Nina asked Lulu why Charlotte was so upset, and Lulu said she thought Charlotte overheard her talking with Laura about Valentin not choosing to fight for custody. Laura thought Valentin was sincere, but Lulu didn’t trust him. Valentin came out with Charlotte, and Lulu told her that she couldn’t run off like that. Charlotte said she couldn’t let her papa leave. She knows he’d do anything for her, and she had to show him that she would too.

Willow said Nelle was trying to manipulate her, and she could go to hell. She knew who Nelle was, and if Brad was telling the truth about anything, it was that Nelle gave him the baby. Nelle didn’t want Michael to have him, and used Willow’s dead child like a prop to convince Michael their baby was dead. Nelle said Sasha was more Chase’s type anyway, and Willow said, goodbye. Finn asked Chase why he thought Willow and Michael would marry, and Chase said once the road was cleared, Willow would follow her heart to Wiley. Finn said he believed Chase’s intentions were honorable, and Chase said Sasha had been stand-up about it. She wasn’t happy either, but agreed that Wiley’s safety came first. Finn said Chase wasn’t going to like what he had to say. His intentions were good, but his methods stunk. He made a huge mistake. Valentin told Charlotte there was a right and wrong way to keep a family together, and they had to figure out the right way. They’d always be family, even if she didn’t see him. She kept his heart beating. Charlotte said Valentin kept her heart beating too. Lulu asked to speak to Charlotte alone, and they went into Nina’s office. She told Charlotte to be totally honest, promising that she wouldn’t be in trouble. Did she overhear Lulu and her grandma? Valentin thanked Nina, and she said she was sorry Charlotte was going through this. He said he wasn’t fighting Lulu for full custody, and Nina said she never thought he’d give up on his daughter. Sam told Brando that Molly saw the best in people, but she was more realistic. She said Brando had been locked up, and he said that made two of them, but he was free and Sam was on parole. It wasn’t about Molly. It was about Sam and Jason. Kristina asked Molly, if TJ had communicated with her, would she have slept with Brando? Molly said, of course (🍷) not, but TJ hadn’t ghosted her; he’d been taken against his will. Kristina said Molly had no way of knowing that, and asked if she slept with Brando to get back at TJ. Molly said, no. She’d been tired of feeling frustrated and angry, and Brando made her laugh; it felt good. Kristina said that was her point. It had nothing to do with TJ, and Molly had no reason to tell him. In that perfect soap moment that sometimes happens, TJ walked in, and said, tell him what?

Kristina told TJ that Molly had been telling her about their upcoming domestic partnership. TJ told Molly that he’d wanted to surprise her, and picked up her car. He wanted to prove to her that he’d do anything for them to stay together. Sam said she and Jason were none of Brando’s business, and he said like he and Molly were none of her business. How about if they both just minded their own business? Sam said he couldn’t dismiss her; she wasn’t done. He said they were done. Valentin told Nina that she knew he would never give up on his daughter, and she said, then fight stay to stay in Charlotte’s life. He said he was trying to do the right thing. He’d been a bad influence on Charlotte, and wanted to keep his distance. Nina said he could do that, or be a better man. Lulu asked why Charlotte didn’t speak to her first, and Charlotte said Lulu never wanted to talk about her papa to her; she always changed the subject. Michael told Carly that he loved Sasha, and had thought it was real. Carly said she thought it was too, but didn’t think Sasha was the woman Michael needed. Michael said Wiley had blindsided them, and Sasha wasn’t ready for an instant family. Either consciously or subconsciously, she got out. Carly swore Michael would get custody and find the woman he deserved.

Molly told TJ that Sam was picking up her car, but he said he’d seen Sam there. Molly said she had to run some errands, but he should stay at Charlie’s and eat. They declared their love for each other, and she left. Brando told Sam that he wasn’t there to cause trouble; it was the opposite. He was covering for Dev because Sonny wanted him to. She wondered if he had an ulterior motive, and he said if she was happy with her mechanic, they never had to cross paths again. Nina told Valentin to be a better man, and be the positive influence Charlotte needed, instead of proving you should walk away when the going got tough. Charlotte wasn’t going to see it the same way he did. He said he’d lived a life fueled by resentment, but she said he was capable of great love. He wasn’t so sure, and she said Charlotte would love him unconditionally for the rest of his life. The right thing he thought he was doing was just wrong. He said, of course (🍷) she was right. He’d tried being noble, and screwed it up. In Nina’s office, Charlotte said she’d heard Lulu say her papa was walking away from her for her own good, and said she was glad. Lulu said Charlotte heard part of a grown-up conversation that she didn’t understand. She wished Charlotte had  talked to her, but Charlotte said Lulu didn’t care how she felt. Michael told Carly that he couldn’t afford to make any more mistakes. Wiley’s custody was in limbo, and Nelle was unpredictable. Carly suggested he go for a run, and flashed back to giving Sasha a second chance, and telling her there were no third chances where her children were concerned. Chase told Finn, get out. It was hard enough for him. He loved Willow, and had to break her heart, tearing his own to shreds in the process, but it had to be done. Finn said it was a bad move to lie. Willow would have made up her own mind, and made her own choice. Chase said it was too late, but Finn told him to come clean, and there would be a chance to save his relationship. There was only one way to find out. He told Chase to let Willow decide how to help Wiley. It wasn’t fair that her decision should be based on a lie. Find her and fix it.

At the park, Michael flashed back to better times with Sasha. Sasha went to the MetroCourt bar, and Nelle zeroed in on her, saying Carly would destroy her for cheating on Michael. She said her lawyer wanted to talk to Sasha about being a character witness against Michael, and Sasha said she couldn’t believe what bitch Nelle warned. Nelle said she thought Sasha had been warned, and called her a backstabbing boyfriend stealing slut. On her way out, Nelle saw Carly, and said they’d have to talk soon. Valentin told Nina that it killed him to think Charlotte believed he was abandoning her. Nina told him to be the Valentin she knew he could be. Lulu and Charlotte came out of the office, and Lulu told Valentin they needed to talk. Molly showed up at the garage, and asked why Sam was there. Sam wondered why Molly was there, and Molly said she decided not tell TJ. Brando said he’d told her before that he wouldn’t say anything, and Molly told Sam to go on ahead. She wanted to talk to Brando.

Nina tried to distract Charlotte, who thought her parents were taking too long. Nina said whatever they decided, it was because they loved Charlotte. Charlotte said she understood, but didn’t have to like it. Nina said, no matter what, she’d be there for Charlotte. Lulu and Valentin came out, and Lulu said it was time to go home. Valentin said he’d pick Charlotte up tomorrow; he wasn’t going away – ever. Lulu said she and Valentin were going to be better. Charlotte deserved to be loved by both parents. TJ asked Kristina how Molly seemed. He thought she seemed a little shaky. Kristina said Molly had been heartbroken thinking TJ had ghosted her. She thought she’d lost him forever. He said good thing he got kidnapped, and Kristina said they had their whole lives ahead of them. She suggested they put the past behind them, and TJ said they had their whole future to look forward to. Molly apologized for Sam, but Brando said family was supposed to look out for each other. Brando said he’d told Molly that he wasn’t going to say anything, and Molly said she’d made her own choices. He didn’t take advantage, but it could never happen again. He said nothing happened between them, and she thanked him, adding she was sorry. He said nice knowing her.

Carly told Sasha that Michael blamed himself, but she blamed Sasha. Michael ran into Nelle, who asked if he was having a bad day. Chase contemplated finding Willow and fixing it, when Willow showed up. She said she was there to pick up her stuff. She breezed past him, and he said her name.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

JoshA came by JoshF’s messy office to discuss the Razor house. JoshA said he’d gotten and offer, but the buyer was very well-known, and the caveat was that he’d represent them. In his interview, he said he’d had to sign an NDA. The buyer was a big deal, and it was the perfect property for them. This left JoshF with representing the buyer. JoshA said he was a little sad, but both buyer and seller needed equal representation. JoshA told JoshF to get his beauty sleep; they were going to negotiate tomorrow, and hopefully close the deal. JoshF said JoshA was dead to him, and it was a nice run while they had it. David James was showing homes to Brittnie and Jeremy, who were having their first child and in a time crunch, but still being very picky. James said that if you could get between your home and office in 30 minutes, that was heaven, and the couple owned a successful weed cannabis company in Venice. The buyer’s agent, Santiago, showed them a 4200 square foot, 6 bedroom, 5 bath house, priced at $3.795 million. Brittnie said she wasn’t sure it was their vibe; it was too traditional. James said at their price point, it was hard to find a modern home.

Scott Gillen had given Tracy a listing portfolio of 13 residences, between $60 and $100 million each. She’d told her team they had to pull something elegant together to pull in people, and had a week to do it. In her interview, Tracy said Scott was so anal about keeping his house clean, she was surprised he was allowing her to throw an event there. She told assistant Eleanor that, at the bare minimum, she would have 30 to 40 brokers. If it hit 100 to 150, she’d have a nervous breakdown. There would be a shoe check-in, where everyone would be given slippers. On the deck, they’d have incredible food and beautiful drinks, and she wanted delicate, nice touches. They wouldn’t be able to use the bathrooms either. In Tracy’s interview, she said she’d heard rumors on how difficult Scott was, and how most people didn’t last long. Everyone had discouraged her, but she was doing it. She’d worked her entire career to land a listing like this. It was a tight timeline with a challenging client.

David James showed Brittnie and Jeremy another house in Pacific Palisades, north of Santa Monica. He said it was a tight community in an iconic neighborhood, often used as a backdrop for TV shows. The house was partially staged, since they had been in escrow, but the buyer dropped out. I didn’t catch the square footage, but it was big, with 6 bedrooms, 7 baths, and a smart system. I thought of those people on Dr. Phil, who had been threatened through their own security camera, and I’m not so sure I want a smart anything. The kitchen was fabulous, as always, and I cried inside once again over my postage stamp sized what-passes-as-a-kitchen. James said it was the epitome of a modern, new construction, but not so kid friendly. In his interview, he said he didn’t think they realized how much baby proofing they would need to do. I loved the dual master closets (which you know she’ll take both of), but I cringed at the dual sink in the master bath. I’ve never been close enough to anyone to want to brush our teeth together. And that includes my husband. We have a dual sink in our upstairs bathroom, and all it does is take up too much space. James pointed out the canyon view, and said no one would ever block it. In his interview, James said his clients had no effing clue what comes next. He’d had his daughter at 26, and couldn’t look after himself, much less a baby. He said, Brittnie and Jeremy had an established business, and had no effing idea what was happening. He told them it wasn’t a ridiculous price, and the seller was willing to negotiate.

JoshF tried to convince assistant Wilie that he should change his name to Wilie Coyote. JoshA visited Tracy’s office, looking for booze. He was there late, preparing for his negotiation with JoshF about the Razor house. He figured Tracy was always good for some liquor. She told him that he’d better have a plan, and a backup plan if he was negotiating with JoshF. JoshA said he’d retire if he lost to JoshF. Tracy said she’d never had a client send back an event invite 32 times, but Scott had done it. In her interview, Tracy said he called all hours of night, and texted her at 10 pm, asking her to call him. JoshA told her that he’d had the listing two years ago for 10 days. It was going to destroy her. In Josh’s interview, he said Tracy could hold her own with anybody in any room, but his experience – the non-stop calls, impossible demands, and Scott being an ass in general – was unbearable. There was no light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel didn’t end. Tracy said she expected him to cancel the event at the last minute. Josh asked if he was invited, and she said her last list had been rejected, so she’d put him on the next one. In her interview, she said there were difficult people and bad people, and she hoped she wasn’t spending tens of thousands just for Scott’s ego.

The Joshes met at Canter’s, oldest Jewish deli in L.A. In his interview, JoshF said, they were two Jewish guys. Where else would they go to negotiate a deal? He said he’d found out JoshA’s buyer was Alicia Keys, and wasn’t going to go easy on him. JoshF told him, all cash and a quick close at $20 million. He’d tried to comp it, but it wasn’t easy. I understand this, since my house has been difficult to comp in the past. JoshF laughed, and said, give him something work with. JoshA said trophy houses went from $1800 to $4000 a foot, and it was a decent start. JoshF brought up that they’d been asking for more the last time around, but JoshA said, no matter what they’d been asking, that didn’t mean it was worth it. I get this too, since I have an eBay store, and everyone thinks their stuff is worth tons of money. It’s not. JoshF got on the phone with the seller, who said the house was one of a kind, but Josh said the seller was paying him a lot of money, and they had to show they were ready to negotiate, and had to be realistic. The seller told him, get it done. JoshA said he wasn’t messing around, and he’d gone straight to his client’s maximum. In JoshA’s interview, he said his client trusted him to get the best deal, and even though he could go to $23 million, he wasn’t leaving until he squeezed more out of JoshF. In JoshF’s interview, he said he knew he could squeeze more out of JoshA. JoshF told JoshA, $20.8 million; tell her to write another song. JoshA said they had a deal. In his interview, JoshA said he was apprehensive at first, but the more he and JoshF worked together, the more he liked it. They had good times and weird times, and maybe he’d miss JoshF a little bit, but he wasn’t getting carried away. They hugged, and JoshF left, sticking JoshA with the check.

In his interview, David James said Brittnie was due in one week, and they needed to close on the Palisades house yesterday. He and David met with broker Alex, and made an offer of $6.4 million (the asking price was $6.785). Alex said they had a higher offer before, but David said, it wasn’t real, and James said he was giving them a deal on a platter. The developer had three other houses going on the market, and in James’s interview, he said the seller would be a fool not to take the deal and run. James got the buyers to come up to $6.650 million with a 14 day close, but they also wanted the audio visual equipment included, and for the seller to install blackout shades in several rooms. They had a deal, and in his interview, James said, it wasn’t a moment too soon. A few days after they closed, Brittnie had a boy named Tiger. They showed a picture, and I thought it was a good name for him.

Tracy brought a port-a-potty to the New Castle, and in her interview, said she’d gone above and beyond for the launch, and spent $15K. She told the team, no food or drinks in the house, slippers for everybody, and no delivery trucks in the driveway. Party planner Michelle worked like a maniac, and Tracy said it needed to be perfect. Scott was watching everything. She told Michelle to have two golf carts in place at either end of the driveway, to make sure no one was ever waiting, and to make sure the guests got gift bags. Scott arrived, and griped about shoes being everywhere. While Tracy dealt with the hand-rolled sushi bar, Scott bitched about equipment being on his stucco. Tracy said they needed to plug in somewhere, and Scott said he wasn’t talking to her; he didn’t want to ruin her day. In Tracy’s interview, she said, as impossible as it felt to create the event, she did it. She told one of her team that it had to function like a normal effing event, or she was going to lose it. She only got one shot. She wanted to make sure the brokers’ clients got a digital key with all the information on a flashdrive. In her interview, she said the digital key was major. It was the only way for the brokers to deliver the material to their clients. Who knew if they’d ever be able to get in again? The Chairman of Douglas Elliman, along with his CEO, showed up, and Tracy said Chairman Howard was the only person she cared about seeing the house. She wanted him to be impressed, since he was connected to the richest people, and her greatest asset. We saw a clip of Tracy consulting Howard when she wanted to take a leap with her business. He told her if she was good at what she did, she’d be good at it no matter what. James and David arrived, and were told not to touch or lean on anything. David James said he’d heard of neurotic, but this took it to a whole new level. Then they discovered the Saran wrapped toilet, and he said there was particular, OCD, and completely effing nuts. He told Tracy the price was an ambitious number, and she’d need a very specific buyer. JoshA and brother Matt got there just as Scott was pulling out to leave.

Josh said they wanted a personal tour from Scott. In his interview, Josh said the last time he was there, he’d told Scott the house was outrageously priced, and a giant waste of his time and money. They’d told each other to f*** off. Scott said he wasn’t doing a tour, and Josh said he thought Scott was going to break the record for days on the market with a house. Inside, Tracy saw Josh talking with Scott, and James said he’d never seen her look nervous before. Matt argued with Scott about his price, and Josh asked how many times he offered to fire Tracy this week. Scott said, three, and Josh said he was getting soft, but he put agents through the ringer. Tracy couldn’t get outside fast enough, and JoshA said they were there to support their girl. He told her that they were proud of her for dealing with this sh*t. In Tracy’s interview, she said she was shocked Scott hadn’t kicked everyone out, and she was keeping her mouth shut. Scott left without further incident, and JoshA told David and James that he’d lasted a week with Scott. David James said some clients just weren’t worth it. Tracy said she separated her personal feelings about the client’s personality from the business deal. In her interview, she said it had been a roller coaster, but outside of JoshA and Matt, most of the people enjoyed the house. James David said he’d needed to pee for the last two hours.

Next time, a house that’s like a resort, JoshF hires some airplane advertising, Tracy has a party, and JoshA argues price with a client.

🏡 A Family Reunites…

Don’t miss OLTL’s Rappaport reunion on Thursday, July 16th.


🧹 Go Ask Alice…

Alice was the best, but somehow, she just faded from the GH canvas. I would love to know how she got on the jury for Michael’s trial though.


👠 Smize This…

Looks like Tom is out and Tyra is dancing in. While I find the work impressive, I never really watched DWTS except for when Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) was a contestant. I left when she did.


🎃 You Can’t Keep a Good Boogieman Down…

Unfortunately, there’s not much to it, and you’ll have to wait a year to see the whole movie.


💋 Leave My LVP Alone…

How dare anyone pick on Giggy’s mom, She Who Can Do No Wrong?


And it’s not the first time.


👶 Hang On, Baby…

I might not be a fan of Teddi’s, but I’m still hoping for the best.


❤️ He Loved New York…

Oh wow. Someone who died under normal circumstances.


👨🏻‍⚖️ I Was Framed, I Tell Ya…

Wow, what a shock that he pleaded not guilty.


👩🏾‍🏫 A Gentle Correction…

Great article for when someone doesn’t grasp Black Lives Matter. The house metaphor is excellent.


🙅🏼 You Don’t Got ‘Splainin’ To Do…

I hate when someone tells me, it’s not that bad, so I can’t even imagine.


👩‍👩‍👦 Stuck In the Middle…

Here we are, midweek again, or it’s the next day, depending on your viewpoint. Try not to let the whiplash of phases get you down. Stay safe, stay well-balanced, and stay keeping your head held high.

April 27, 2020 – Molly Spills the Brando, a Proposal Fail, Soap Tease, Self-Isolated Soaps, Reunions, Oh Brad, Peach Shade, Kelly’s Comment, Moms Return & the Right One


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Brando says, Sam and Kristina are Molly’s sisters? and she says, same mom, different dads. She asks if he told them that they slept together, and he says he has his faults, but he doesn’t blab about his personal life. She apologizes for snapping, but… He says, it’s awkward. She says, a little bit. He asks how her boyfriend is, and she says, better. The whole time, when she thought he’d dumped her, he’d been abducted, and was tied up in a basement. He says he’s sorry, and asks if they know who or why. She says, the police are still investigating, but at least he’s back now. He says she must be relieved, and she says, relieved, terrified, remorseful. She loves him, and should have believed in him. None of it is Brando’s fault. She completely misrepresented herself and her situation. He says, it’s okay. What happened between them will stay between them. Sam comes out, and says she saw them through the window. Do they know each other? We flash back to Molly kissing Brando, and Brando says he did some work on Molly’s car. It’s ready for pick-up. She thanks him, and he leaves.

Mac tells TJ, start at the beginning. What does he remember before the abduction? TJ says he was upset about something personal, and figured he’d walk it off; clear his head. Mac asks if he remembers where he was, but TJ isn’t sure. He heard a car behind him as he was about to reach the corner of Elm and 10th. Mac says, it’s deserted there at night, and TJ says, the next thing he knew, some guys jumped him. They wrestled him to the sidewalk, and put a sack over his head. Mac asks, how many? and TJ says, two. He was trying to fight back, but one tied his hands, and they both beat him up. He thinks he blacked out. The next thing he remembers is being in the back of the car… a van. He remembers a sense of room. Mac asks if it’s the same van that dropped him off, and he nods. He says, the muffler was loud, and woke him up. He thought he might be concussed, and better stay awake. Mac asks if there was anything distinct about the ride, and TJ says he was trying to pay attention so he wouldn’t pass out. After a few turns, the van stopped, and he heard a train horn. Mac says, Dockerty is the closest street to a train crossing. How long before TJ got to the basement? TJ says, thirty or forty minutes. It was a straight shot. The van opened up, but he was chloroformed before he could identify anyone. He came to in the basement. Mac asks if he remembers any sounds or smells, and TJ says he remembers both.

Neil says, it’s been an insane couple of weeks, and Alexis asks what the odds are that they’d be at the same opera, with Britt staying in the same hotel, on the same floor, spying on them. Neil says, and Alexis telling her ex. Alexis says she can’t believe Julian felt he could just attack Neil like a feral Neanderthal. Then he announced they’d slept together to the hospital. She didn’t like it, but it’s not why she drank. Neil says, maybe Sam’s words wouldn’t have been so hurtful if it hadn’t happened, and she asks if he’s angry. She says he sounds angry, and he says that’s because he is. She asks at her or him? and he says, both.

Cyrus tells Lulu, her mother was so worried about his safety, she insisted he return to Seattle. When he insisted he was going to make this wonderful community his home, she said if he were killed, she would make sure the perpetrators came to justice. Lulu says her mother cares about all of her constituents, no matter who they are, and he says he’s proud to call himself one of Port Charles’s newest citizens, and wants to prove it by benefiting the community. He’s starting by contributing to Laura’s reelection.

Sonny tells Carly, as long as Mike has good moments, can talk, smile, and eat food, it doesn’t feel right to talk about a DNR. Carly says having one in Mike’s chart is just a precaution. So the doctors don’t take heroic measures. He says, by heroic measures, she means, save his father’s life? Does she want to let Mike die? She asks if Sonny wants Mike hooked up to machines with a tube down his throat? Does he think Mike would want to live that way? He says he has no time to deal with this; he has to deal with Cyrus. He tells Jason, the longer Cyrus sits, the more time he has to retaliate. Set up a meeting. The sooner he takes care of Cyrus, the sooner he can take care of his father. Jason says he’s on it, and leaves. Not one person so far has told Sonny, a DNR is even standard procedure for anyone who might undergo surgery, and not a personal affront.

Laura tells Cyrus, it’s a generous offer, but it’s not an election year for her. Cyrus assumes politicians accept campaign contributions, no matter what the year. She thinks he should use it for a cause, like freeing Port Charles from illegal drugs. They could use more rehabs, recovery houses, and social workers. Or why not a children’s after-school program, to keep the kids busy and off the streets? Cyrus thanks her, and says he’s going to do some research to see which organization can most benefit from his investment .We flash back to Cyrus telling Sonny that he wants 10% of everything that moves through Port Charles, and won’t sell locally. Sonny can keep that market. Sonny says he’s not interested, and Cyrus says he should be. Every day Sonny refuses to allow product to move, he weakens himself and it costs money, making someone like Cyrus rich enough to take him down. If you don’t change with the times, the times will destroy you. Laura tells Cyrus, she looks forward to hearing about his decision.

Neil tells Alexis, he had every intention of telling the board that they’d slept together. It would have cost him his license, but she would have been in the clear. She says she made the choice to protect him, rather than prostrating herself before his Draconian review board, and she’s had no consequences. He says, yet. If he’d told them, she could have appealed. She asks if it’s her fault, and he says, it’s both their faults. She asks, what’s going on; she’s confused. She wonders if this is controlling or narcissistic. Her phone dings, and she tells him, hold that thought. She just got an email from the New York Bar Association.

Kristina tells Molly that she’s happy TJ is back, and ask if there are any leads. Molly says, no, and TJ can’t remember much. They’re trying to figure out why it happened. Kristina asks if she thinks it could have something to do with TJ’s mom, and Molly says, maybe. Sam remembers telling Jordan that she knows it was Cyrus, and Jordan asking her to please not tell Molly any more. If Molly or TJ know everything, it will put them in more danger. Molly tells Kristina, it’s not like there was a ransom note. Sam says, the important thing is, TJ is going to make a full recovery, and Kristina says, the problem is, Molly turning down his proposal. Did they talk things out? Molly flashes back to TJ asking if she wants to spend the rest of her life with him, and her saying, of course (🍷). Domestic partner is genius. She’s thrilled he’s back safe, and he says he can’t wait to go home with her, put this behind them, and focus on the future. Molly tells Sam and Kristina, TJ had the perfect compromise. They’re going to apply to be domestic partners.

TJ tells Mac, it smelled damp, like it was near water, and there were people upstairs. Mac says, men or women? and TJ says, men. One of their ringtones was Old Kentucky Home. He knows the song because they play it at the Kentucky Derby. He and Molly like to watch and make their own bets. Mac asks if there’s anything else, and TJ says, the ringtone guy brought him smoothies. His phone rang once while he was with TJ. He never talked to TJ, but he answered the phone, and had a Southern accent. Mac asks, who was on the other end? and TJ says he told them to wait, and went upstairs. Mac asks if there was anything else that was distinct, besides the smell of water, and TJ says, there was a constant pounding, morning to night, like there was construction going on. Mac says, the only project he knows of is the new development where they’re putting up a new pier. TJ says, Kentucky guy sounded like he had taps on his shoes. Mac says, some people wear taps to keep their heels from wearing down, and TJ says he kept thinking the guy was a dancer moonlighting as a kidnapper. It was the kind of crazy thought that stopped him from wondering if he’d ever get home.

Kristina asks Molly how domestic partner is different from marriage, and Molly says there are essentially the same legal protections, but not the same negative connotations, such as the labels of husband and wife. Sam asks if Molly is sure this is what she wants, and she’s not just saying yes because she almost lost TJ. Molly says she didn’t expect him to bring it up so soon; she barely had time to process it. Sam asks if she felt like she had to say yes, but Molly says she didn’t. Sam says, so she said yes for all the right reasons? Molly says she thinks so, and Sam asks what that means.

Sonny asks Carly how the girls are, and she says Avery was missing him. She told Avery he was with Mike, and she asked when Mike was coming to visit. Carly said she wasn’t sure, and told her Mike liked Turning Woods, so they made a plan to color a picture for his room. Sonny thanks her for making it okay for Avery. He wishes he could make it okay for his dad. He flashes back to telling Mike that he’s going to be okay; Sonny isn’t going  anywhere. He remembers Mike asking, is it over? and thinks about Elizabeth telling him that while Mike’s memory is fading, his body is struggling to remember how to work. She asks if he’s thought about palliative care, and he says they’re not ready for end-of-life care, but she says, it’s more like an extra layer of support for both the patient and the family. It can be easily done at Turning Woods, and he’ll have a team of people experienced in Mike’s condition. She thinks it would be helpful for all of them. Sonny says, just when you think you have a handle on the disease, it gets worse. He flashes back to trying to feed Mike, and Mike not wanting to eat, then suddenly saying, smells like home, and taking a bite. Carly hugs Sonny.

TJ waits for the elevator, and Felix comes out. Felix tells him to get some rest, and TJ says, actually, he’s going to meet Molly and her sisters. After everything Molly has been through, he has an idea for a surprise. Oh yeah? How’d the last one work for you?

Curtis tells Jordan, when she went undercover at the DEA, she made a promise to do whatever was necessary to bring Cyrus down. She says she did it the wrong way, and he says, now she has a chance to do it the right way. She asks, how, when Cyrus can threaten TJ, and God knows who else? He says she got close to Cyrus; he trusted her. She said the reason Cyrus was in Port Charles was because she got in his head. Use that to get to him. Jordan flashes back to visiting Cyrus in Pentenville. Cyrus says, karma coming for Jordan looks like her watching as all she knows and loves burns to ashes, starting with the city that’s her adoptive home, the one she’s sworn to serve. Curtis tells her, get close. Find out Cyrus’s vulnerabilities, and we’ll figure out a way to use them to bring him down. She says, we? and he says she’s not doing this alone. There’s a knock at her office door, and Mac comes in. He says he spoke with TJ. He’s strong, and clear, and his memory is resurfacing. TJ gave him significant information, and he thinks they’re on their way to knowing who the kidnapper is.

Sam tells Molly, they know she loves TJ, and he loves her. Molly says he does, and she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. He’s her soulmate; the love of her life. Sam asks what the problem is, and Kristina seconds that. Molly says, when she thought TJ had dumped her, she slept with someone else.

Brando comes by Sonny’s, and tells Carly that Sonny was supposed to sign come paperwork. She says Sonny has been busy, but she’ll see if it’s on his desk. Brando says, the remodel is finished, and she asks what he thinks. He asks if it matters, and she says she’s not going to rip it out if he doesn’t like it, but she can always use fresh eyes and an objective opinion. He says, it’s cozy. He’s not sure it’s his style, but Sonny will love it. Carly says she was putting in some safety improvements, which is really important right now, and she just kept going. He tells her, great job. If he ever needs an imposing living room, he’ll call her. She finds the paperwork, and says he’s in luck. He says he has to keep his papers in order to stay in business, and she asks how it’s going. He says he’s had a few customers already. She might know one; Molly Lansing Davis. She says, that’s Sonny’s niece. Did he give her a discount? He flashes back to Molly kissing him, and thinks about Sonny telling him that he was always family; they just hadn’t met. Family takes care of family. Brando tells Carly, he will now. Molly seemed like a nice person. He tells her, congratulations on the remodel. He leaves, and Carly smiles at her work.

Lulu says she and Cyrus really should finish their interview. Cyrus asks if she doesn’t think the exchange between him and Laura will make for compelling reading, but Lulu says she decides what’s compelling reading; not him. He says he didn’t mean to offend her; he just hates for her mother to leave them. Although he’s sure their paths will cross again, and soon. Laura flashes back to Cyrus telling her that he appreciates her commitment to justice on his behalf, in the unfortunate event it’s necessary. She suggests he save her the work and his life, and leave Port Charles. He says it would look like he’s running, and he’d lose respect. Not only that of his peers, but hers too. She says he doesn’t have her respect, and never will. He says, they’ll see. He takes out his phone, and reads, meeting is back on. Pier 55. Now. Laura asks if everything is all right. I love how everyone always assumes a text is bad news.

Alone with Lulu, Laura asks what she thinks Cyrus meant when he said he’d see more of her. Is she paranoid? Is it just her? Lulu says, it’s not just her. It sounded like a threat. Laura wonders what to do about it, when Lulu’s phone rings. She says, it’s Diane. It must be about her custody petition. She answers, saying, any news? Is she sure? She tells Laura, Valentin isn’t contesting her petition. He’s basically agreed to give her full custody.

Neil asks Alexis what the bar wanted. She says his accreditation board reported her to the bar. The bar know she lied under oath, and they slept together. They want to see her immediately.

Kristina says it’s the last thing she expected, and Molly says, shocker; she’s not perfect. Kristina says, at the time, she thought TJ dumped her, but Molly says she should have known something was wrong, and that TJ wouldn’t just bail on her. Sam says, so who was he?

Brando works on his laptop in the garage, and hears someone come in. He asks if he can help them, and sees TJ. TJ says he hopes so. He’s there to pick up a car.

Sonny and Jason meet Cyrus and his dude that’s not Jason at the pier. Cyrus says he was disappointed that Sonny chose to cancel last night. Some would take it as a sign of disrespect. Sonny says he’s there now. Let’s get this over with.

Mac tells Jordan, he thinks TJ was being held where there’s new construction. Elm and 10th is where TJ said he was abducted, and there’s a bodega at the end of the block. Jordan says, speak to the owner, and see if there’s any security footage. Mac says she read his mind. He’ll report back as soon as he knows anything. He leaves, and Jordan asks Curtis what she’s going to do if it leads him closer to Cyrus. Curtis thinks the more important question is, what is Cyrus going to do? Jordan flashes back to telling Curtis that he doesn’t know what she’s capable of. It’s not murder; it’s justice. Curtis says he’s not letting her throw her life away on that scum. She remembers making a call on the burner phone, saying she knows she’s not supposed to call, and wouldn’t if it wasn’t important. She has to do something, and isn’t sure if she can go through with it. She needs to be told it’s okay.

Molly says, it was one night; she barely knows him. Sam asks if she picked him up, like in a bar, and Kristina says, this bar? Molly says, it’s not like that. She was fed up. She’d thought TJ dumped her without even the courtesy of a goodbye. She was thinking, the last ten years was a waste; a mistake. She was angry, and frustrated, and looking to vent. He was the first face she saw, they got to talking, and they clicked. Kristina says she has one thing to say … good for her. She probably thought she’d be spending the rest of her life with TJ, and not know who else was out there. Now she knows. Molly asks if Kristina thinks she sampled him like a freebie at the supermarket, and Sam asks if he was hot. Molly says she wants a change of subject, and Sam says she’s curious as to why Molly agreed to the domestic partnership. Kristina asks if she felt pressured because she slept with another guy. Molly asks if she’s going there, and Sam thinks Molly owes it to herself and TJ to figure out what she really wants.

TJ says, Brando repaired his partner’s car; Molly Lansing Davis. Brando flashes back to Molly telling him that her boyfriend was just brought into GH. She’d thought he dumped her, but he didn’t; he was kidnapped. Brando tells TJ, it was a hybrid, and she ran over a curb. TJ says he was hoping to pick it up, and surprise her, if the car is ready. Brando says, it was finished this morning. He looks for the invoice, and says he takes card, cash, or a check. TJ asks if Brando doesn’t want to check his ID.

Sonny tells Cyrus to get his man off of him, and not-Jason backs up. Cyrus says, no apology? He wonders how it would play out if the situation was reversed. Sonny says, if it was nothing personal, it would be no big deal. Cyrus says, it was about Sonny’s father, wasn’t it? and Sonny says they’re here to talk business. And he’s going to do the talking.

Back at her place, on the phone, Lulu says she wants a revision as soon as possible. She’ll believe it when she has the documents, and wants to move forward as soon as possible. She thanks Diane, and Laura says she told Abigail to go home, and Charlotte is listening to music with her ear buds. What did Diane say? Lulu says Diane told her there’s no reason to go back to family court. She said Valentin won’t fight her petition. Laura says, but she’s going anyway, and Lulu says she is. Laura says, Lulu doesn’t trust him, and Lulu says, does she? Laura flashes back to telling Valentin, she’d never heard him call his own parenting skills into question. He says he doesn’t want to overthink it, and asks her to promise to take care of his daughter, and instill conscience, generosity, and kindness in her. Laura says, of course (🍷) she will, and asks what he’s saying. He says if Lulu decides to go ahead with her petition, he’s not contesting it. Laura tells Lulu, normally, no, but in this case, she thinks Valentin is telling the truth.

Molly says she slept with another guy because she lost faith in TJ, and Kristina says she gets that part. Molly wonders why she was so quick to think the worst, and Sam says, TJ disappeared for several days. They had no idea he was kidnapped. Molly flashes back to Jordan telling her to stop acting like a child. She’s acting like a spoiled, entitled brat. TJ doesn’t want to see her. Grow up, and accept that her actions have consequences. She broke TJ’s heart, and he doesn’t want to be with her. Molly tells Sam and Kristina, she had the worst fight with TJ’s mom. Jordan said she’d rejected TJ, and he had every right to reject her. She was so mad, she thought TJ was breaking up with her through his mother, but of course (🍷) he’d never do that. She should have realized. Kristina says she was hurt and angry, and Molly says, it wasn’t the best time to be thinking clearly. She got in the car, and was driving distracted. She drove up on a curb, and did something to the undercarriage. She didn’t want to drive home and damage it more, but there was a garage not far away. It was already closed, but the mechanic let her in. She was speed talking, like she is now, but worse. He said it was fixable, and she asked if he could do the work. He went out of his way to avoid taking advantage of her. Kristina says, he sounds like nice guy, and Molly says, very. They just met him. Brando Corbin.

TJ asks if Brando doesn’t want to call Molly and double-check. Brando says his driver’s license is fine, and the address matches Molly’s. That’s good enough for him. He’ll just run the card, and TJ is good to go; the keys are in the car. TJ looks at the invoice, and says, hold on. There’s something wrong here.

Cyrus tells his dude, it’s okay. Sonny is right. His father’s condition is a family matter, and has nothing to do with their negotiations. Sonny says, Cyrus made his father part of the negotiations, when he tried to take Sony out in front of him. Cyrus says he was in Pentenville when the attempt was made on Sonny’s life. Sonny says it was the same day Cyrus tried to take out his son, and his place of business. His wife was almost killed. Cyrus says, yet here he is; a free man. Sonny says, that doesn’t mean he’s untouchable, or innocent… or safe.

Tomorrow, Molly knows what she has to do, Charlotte tells Nina to leave her alone, and Sonny tells Cyrus that he’s going to do the talking.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Time to watch Adam do what he does best. Be a d-bag.

Syvota, Greece. Primary Lyndi yaps about how much she loves Adam, and boyfriend Jesse tells her, lock it up. She says she’ll do the opposite of what he says. She’ll do what Adam says. Jesse asks if he means nothing, and she says she showed up for him when it was important. He tells her, if she wants someone else, tell him now. Guest Missy tells Jenna, she needs alcohol for this conversation. Jenna tells Madison, they’re breaking up. Jesse asks if Lyndi is still mad about Mother’s Day, and she says she is. We get no more insight as to what that means. Georgia flirts with Chris. In Chris’s interview, he believes if you have a connection with someone, you should act on it. Usually, the first three months is amazing, and then it deteriorates. Jenna pushes Chris to do them all a favor, and hook up with Georgia.

Missy says she and Lyndi will be together forever, and be buried together. The guests get up from dinner, and Lyndi wants to fine the galley. Ciara tells Adam, incoming. Lyndi asks if this is where the magic happens. In Adam’s interview, he thinks it’s funny that these women are hitting on him, and Jenna has to work for them. Well, they are drunk, and I doubt they’d look twice at him on land, and if he wasn’t cooking fabulous food for them. Jenna tells Jesse, the ladies went to galley. Adam thanks them for dropping in. Jesse drinks straight from a bottle of (I think) champagne, and Adam says, it was the most awkward thing ever.

Madison cleans up. In her interview, she says, without Parker, she’s not lonely, but alone. She has no one to eat granola and shoot the sh*t with, and misses a friendly face. In his interview, Chris says he creeps in and out of the cabin when he’s on anchor watch. He’s the ninja of night watch. He relieves Ciara, who says Paget will be there around 8 am. Glenn wants to move the boat, then do the music festival. Paget and Chris throw their native slang around.

A swarm of bees suddenly congregates around the breakfast table. On the breakfast really. Evelyne says she’s being attacked, and Lyndi says she’s excited about the avocado toast. Evelyne gets up, and edges away from the bees. In Jenna’s interview, she says they’re in the middle of the ocean. Where TF are bees coming from? It is pretty weird.

Adam and Jenna snuggle in the galley. Georgia flirts some more with Chris. In Madison’s interview, she asks, can we not be all coupled up? Jenna makes a call to order tiki torches, and material for flower crowns. In Chris’s interview, he says seeing Paget and Ciara, he knows how hard it is. He worked on Eric Clapton’s boat with his ex, Clair, and it was fine, but previously, when they both worked on deck, it was a nightmare. Paget tells Chris that Ciara works as hard as his mum, and Chris asks if Paget goes for women like his mum. Paget says, that came out a little weird. Jenna tells the guests that they’ll be having dessert on the beach.

It’s 14 knots, and Glenn decides to sail. Jenna asks Paget if he’s good with playing guitar tonight, and he and Georgia decide to rehearse. In Jenna’s interview, she says, Ciara has no reaction unless she’s hiding it. If it was her boyfriend, she doubts she could sit back and watch that happen.

Lyndi tells the other girls, it was a bad idea to go to the galley last night, and she thinks they embarrassed Adam. He’s hot, talented, and sweet. Jenna tells them that she and Adam are dating, and the girls squeal, telling her they’re adorable. Lyndi says, Jesse will be happy. Paget and Georgia practice, and in Georgia’s interview, she says, Paget is talented in singing and songwriting. She’s never had that in common with a guy. The more time you spend with someone, the more you like them, and that’s when more things slip through the cracks. It’s effing inconvenient. Anchor is dropped.

Georgia tells Jenna that flower crowns are going to be harder than olive branches. Jenna says no one has ever done anything special for her, and she’d probably cry if Adam gave her flowers. In Adam’s interview, he says it’s absurd to him that Jenna has never gotten flowers. He asks Paget to run him over to the beach. In his interview, Adam says he’s not usually romantic, but he wants to be a good boyfriend. He has no time to pull this off, but he’s going to make it happen. He runs onto the beach, immediately clonking his head on a low branch. Paget asks if he’s okay, and in his interview, Adam says he’s not sure which is more bruised; his ego or his face. He says he went full speed foraging for wildflowers. Paget says he looks like a mountain goat, and Adam says, there are slim pickings.

The guests take photos on deck. In Byron’s interview, he says, before this charter, he didn’t know what an influencer was. They can make enough to charter a yacht by posting photos? Sign him up. In Adam’s interview, he says he barely has time for a bathroom break, but he got the flowers. He puts them in water, hiding them, and tells Jenna he went to shore for garnishes. Adam makes dinner, and Madison and Chris set up on the beach, while Jenna is on dinner service. In Jenna’s interview, she says, the last barbecue Madison did was an effing disaster, but this time she’d love to see some initiative. She says she’ll check it beforehand.

Adam serves dinner. What the hell is a reduction anyway? Madison and Chris set everything up on the beach. In Madison’s interview, she says Jenna thinks she can’t do this, but she attended a lot of music festivals after her sister passed away. She’s got this. She tells Jenna, she thinks it looks cute, and Jenna heads out on the tender. She says, it’s nice to see a sandy beach for a change. She was nervous as to what Madison could pull off, but it looks beautiful. Little lights make everything look beautiful, and there are lots of those, along with some small fire pits. Chris sleeps, and Madison does laundry, while the girls get flower crowns at the beach. Georgia and Paget play guitar and sing. Jesse asks Missy if he’s crazy, and says he loves Lyndi. He’s not sure if she loves him though, and Missy says she does, and tells him that he’s sweet. When the song is finished, everyone applauds, but in her interview, Ciara rolls her eyes. Jesse tells Jenna that he wants to propose, but has no ring. She asks if he wants hers, and she struggles to get it off. In Jenna’s interview, she says, it’s super awkward. Twelve hours ago, Lyndi was flirting with Adam, and not interested in Jesse. She hopes this guy gets married. Jesse kneels in front of Lyndi, and gives her some roses. He tells her that he loves her, and shows her Jenna’s ring, saying, it’s just a symbol, and asks her to marry him. This would be a totally romantic thing, if there weren’t a dozen other people around, and if there hadn’t been this weirdness the night before.

Everyone waits, and Jesse kind of kisses Lyndi. She says she’s uncomfortable, and wants everyone to stop. Jenna says, this is awkward, and tells Paget and Georgia to play something. Lyndi and Jesse find a more private spot, and he says all he’s hearing is that she doesn’t want to be with him. She says she doesn’t know what she wants, and he says that means she knows what she doesn’t want. Adam hands out bananas foster. Lyndi says Jesse is sweet, but she doesn’t know if she wants to get married. Jesse gives her a piggyback ride back to the group. Evelyne says, congratulations! She loves them! Jesse says Lyndi didn’t say yes, squashing Evelyne’s hope for an Instagram story as her bridesmaid. Adam goes back to the boat, and Jenna radios Madison that she’s coming back with the guests.

Adam whistles as he arranges the flowers. In his interview, he says, Jenna said she loves small gestures, and he wants to show her that he’s listening. Being romantic and vulnerable isn’t like him; she’d better love the flowers. I can tell already that this is going to go bad. Who makes this big a deal out of flowers unless they’re five and picked them for mom? He brings the vase to Jenna in the galley. She admires them, and says if she had more energy, she’d be tearful. She didn’t know you could get flowers in this sort of situation. He says, the flowers are ugly, but it was the best the beach had to offer. I hate when people act this way. The flowers are actually quite pretty, and include my favorite, Queen Anna’s lace. He also arranged them well. In Adam’s interview, he says he thought they were on the same page, and she’d be stoked. It hurts a little. He was excited to give them to her; he worked all day for them (more than a slight exaggeration), and wanted to make her feel special. He feels like he failed, and he hates to fail. Jenna tells Byron about the proposal, and how she leant Jesse her ring. She says, she didn’t say yes, and Byron says it’s Jenna’s fault. In the hot tub, Jesse tells Lyndi about Jenna being all for it, and Lyndi says she wouldn’t be talking to Adam then. On the way back to their rooms, Lyndi tells Missy that Jesse handled it well, even though she thought he might cry. She would have hidden under a rock.

In the morning, Adam makes breakfast. He’s short with Jenna, and in her interview, she says he seems to be mad at her. Why? She has no clue.

Glenn docks the boat. The crew lines up, and Georgia pretends to be a guest leaving, and says she’ll have Chris later. In his interview, Chris says, Georgia is flirty, and says what she thinks. She’s a little dirty, and he likes that. Lyndi says it was the best vacation of their lives, and the crew outdid themselves. After bestowing the tip envelope on Glenn, the guests leave, and he blasts the horn, his signature. Chris hunts down Georgia in the laundry room, and asks what she’s up to tomorrow. Would she like to come to a fish foot bar with him? We both say, what? Then she says, okay? It’s the pinnacle of romance. In her interview, she says her mama didn’t raise a quitter. She’ll give it a go. I’m guessing it’s one of those pedicures where little fishies nibble at your toes.

It’s charter debrief time. Glenn welcomes Chris, saying, he hit the ground running. In Chris’s interview, he says he survived his first charter. No one pissed him off, everyone seems fun, and he fits in his bunk. Glenn says, the beach picnic went great, except for the proposal, but that’s on the guests, not them. He tells them, the music made a real impression; keep it up. They have two more charters, and he wants to turn it up a bit, and finish strong. The tip is $12700, or $1400 each. Meh. In Byron’s interview, he says, so influencers don’t make that much money. Good to know. Ciara asks Paget to go out to dinner with her, and in her interview, says they’re always preoccupied with work, and forget to spend time with each other. Paget will forget he has a girlfriend to take care of. Chris has put on a Hawaiian shirt, and Ciara and Georgia both wear black bras under denim jackets. In Jenna’s interview, she says, Paget’s girlfriend and dream girl are both dressed the same. They’re one step closer to that threesome.

The crew goes to the oldest restaurant in the city. Ciara, Paget, Jenna, and Adam split off and go across the street. Jenna keeps thinking they’ll run into Parker. She asks where Paget and Ciara would live if they weren’t working on a boat. Ciara says she likes Spain, but they were talking about Portugal. Paget wanders across the street, and drinks Georgia’s shot. In Madison’s interview, she says she’s over this dinner. Going out with the entire coupled crew blows d*ck. She tells everyone that she’s just an ugly a-hole, and Byron says, that was random. It’s no surprise everyone stared at her when she said that, but she says she doesn’t need everyone looking at her, and Byron asks, what’s going on? Why the random outburst? Chris says, they care, that’s all, and Madison walks off. Byron says they have a leaver. She craves attention, but hates the spotlight.

Madison comes back, and Byron asks why she’s in a bad mood. She says she’d rather not be there, and Byron says, so let’s go. She says she’s not a fan of group dinners. They move on to a club, and have shots at the bar, except for the cheese Madison, who stands alone. Georgia dances like a robot on crack. Jenna tells Byron, Madison has no tolerance for anything. In Byron’s interview, he says, it’s a façade. Madison is all high-fives and positive vibes, but she thrives on being overly dramatic. He doesn’t know why she’s insecure. He suggests they go back to the boat, and Adam whines that he’s been waiting to go for the last two hours.

On the way back, Madison jets ahead. Byron says she has issues, but he doesn’t know anything about her family. Georgia says she knows there was a tragedy; Madison’s sister was murdered. Byron says that’s enough for him to know. In Paget’s interview, he says that’s horrible. He doesn’t know Madison well, but when he hears something like that, it could explain some behaviors. Jenna asks if Adam wants to go to the master, but he says he doesn’t need a crew mutiny. She says the only mutiny he has to worry about is hers.

Chris gets in the hot tub, but Georgia tells Paget she’s not getting in. Paget and Ciara go to their cabin, and Jenna and Adam go to the master. We don’t see them, but we hear their conversation, and they don’t exactly bask long in the afterglow. Adam says it was amazing, and Jenna says she feels like he’s holding something back. He asks why she always brings up something stupid, and she says he’s this person she loves. He tells her, he’s not saying he loves anyone three weeks in. She asks if he’s aware of what he’s doing, and he says they just had incredible sex, and she has to bring up this effing bullsh*t and ruin the moment. She tells him not to attack her, and he says he will attack her. He’s showered her with compliments. She says, and if she doesn’t react properly, he gets mad. He says all he’s done is tell her how cool and beautiful she is, and he brought her flowers. She reacted like a corpse. She says she’s not sure if he’s pushing her away, but he’s pushing somebody away. Stop. He says she started it. Give him his pillow; he’s leaving. She says he’ll go hang in a van by himself; it’s what he does. He says, it’s easier than being with her, and she tells him, don’t do this.

I say, Jenna, don’t do this. Adam is such an infant, he doesn’t deserve a grown-ass woman.

Next time, the boat tilts in a big way, Georgia and Chris go to the fish foot bar (which is what I thought it is), the primary is battling stage four cancer, Adam throws a tantrum, and Madison is done with this sh*t.

💇‍♀️ Just Another Tease…

By the time they revive All My Children and One Life To Live, Erica will be on her 25th husband, and Vicki on her 25th personality.


🎭 If There’s No Audience, We’ll Make Our Own…

They’re actors, dammit! I love these shows done from people’s homes now. I like looking around, even though you know they’re talking from the most KonMaried room in the house. I keep checking out the bowl of oranges in Dr. Phil’s kitchen, seeing if they change.


📸 For the ATWT Fans…

While the date for this has passed, you can still watch the reunions.


🏃🏻 Brad On Brad…

I love Parry Shen. Brad always thinks he’s doing the right thing, then starts sweating bullets immediately.


🍑 Not So Peachy…

Nene talks smack.


And Kenya claps back.


🗣 She Just Can’t Help Herself…

Even if they had certain thoughts, a well-adjusted person wouldn’t say them out loud. Or on social media.


🍼 A new season of sMothered begins on May 24th at 10 pm on TLC. I watched the first one, but I don’t know how I feel about any of it. The mother/daughter relationships go from cutsie, but still intrusive, to downright creepy. Yeah, I’ll probably watch it again.

🛺 Getting There…

It’s been a little while now, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Soon we’ll be back to the new old normal. and while I can’t promise this will all seem like a mediocre to bad dream, it will ultimately be what you make it. In the meantime, stay safe, stay (relatively) sane, and stay not as tone deaf as Gal Gadot.

February 24, 2020 – Willow Mourns Her Son, Parker Has Opinions, Revival, the Jerome Gallery, Contract Stretch, Best Trash & Leaping


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the hospital, Nikolas approaches Elizabeth, but Ava comes out of the elevator, intercepting him. She says, a happy coincidence, and he asks if she’s following him. She says, he wishes. The sight of him brightens her day. She hugs him, and says, rest assured she treasures every moment they’re apart. He asks why she’s there, and she says, Franco had an opening, so she’s going to sit for her portrait. And him? He says he’s seeing his mother, and Ava says to give Laura her best. Nikolas says Laura opposed the marriage. The less he mentions Ava, the better. She says she thought they agreed to show the public that they’re a loving couple, and he says they did, but he had no idea how demoralizing it would be. He goes to the reception desk, and Elizabeth asks how she can help him. He asks if she’s seen his mother; she’s not in her room. Elizabeth thinks Laura is getting her final round of tests before she’s discharged. She starts to walk away, but Nikolas asks her to wait. He needs her help.

Willow gets ready to leave for work, and Chase startles her. He asks if she wants to join him for breakfast at Kelly’s. She thanks him, but says she has to get to work. He’s surprised she’s going in today, and she says, why wouldn’t she? The world doesn’t stop because something terrible happened to her. He suggests she call in sick; she’s recovering from a head injury. She says she wouldn’t have been discharged if she wasn’t fine, but he says she’s not fine. She needs time for herself. She’s going through a lot. She says she has to keep busy, or she’ll cry all day because her baby is dead.

Julian goes in to see Brad, and Brad asks if Wiley is okay. Nelle was in the cell across from him, but she wouldn’t tell him what happened. Did she hurt Wiley? Julian says, Wiley is fine; he’s with Michael. Brad asks, what about Lucas? and Julian says Lucas won’t return his calls or texts. Brad wonders if Lucas is still at Carly’s, and Julian says he wouldn’t know. Sonny kicked him out. Brad says he tried to protect Lucas, and it backfired, but he loves Lucas so much. He asks why Julian is there, and Julian says he wanted to thank Brad for not telling Lucas that he knew. He can help Lucas get through this. Brad tells him not to kid himself. He can still blow Julian’s cover.

Sitting in Sonny’s kitchen, Jason tells Sonny, nothing yet. He’s doubled down on security on all of their properties. Carly comes in, and asks if they were ever going to tell her. The police are calling the warehouse explosion suspicious. Jason asks how Michael is, and she says it’s his first day as Wiley’s dad, and he’s sent about thirty pictures. Sonny is glad Michael got his son back, but he should have never lost time with him. Brad and Nelle are going to pay for that.

Michael tells Wiley, he thinks they’re off to a good start. Breakfast went smoothly. He says he loves Wiley so much. He’s going to do the best he can to be the best dad. Monica comes in, and says she didn’t know Michael had Wiley today. Michael says he’s going to have Wiley for a while. It turns out Wiley’s not his godson. Wiley is his son.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth, he’s at a loss. Spencer won’t answer his calls, so he emailed. Spencer wrote him back. He takes out a letter, and reads, don’t contact me again. Any further correspondence is pointless. Spencer writes, his father died three years ago. He mourned being an orphan, but realizes how lucky he is. Nikolas says, it’s on stationery. Who still writes letters? She says, people like Spencer. He says he misses Spencer, and Elizabeth says Spencer seems like he’s done with Nikolas, but don’t give up hope. Not yet.

Franco finds Ava watching Nikolas and Elizabeth, and says, all set? She says, just a moment. She asks Franco what her husband and Elizabeth are doing, and he says he doesn’t know. She suggests he go over and find out. Show Nikolas who’s boss. He says, it’s not a good day to punch someone’s lights out. She says, what about tomorrow? and he says Elizabeth told him that she can handle Nikolas all on her own.

Brad says Julian didn’t come there to thank him. He’s covering his own ass, and keeping himself safe. Don’t get used to it. Julian asks if that’s a threat, and Brad wonders what Sonny would do if he found out Julian helped keep Wiley from Michael. Julian knows it’s hard on Brad, but says Brad asked him to help. Brad says he was just keeping his family together, and now he’s stuck by himself, paying the price. He lost everything. Julian says, that’s on Brad. He couldn’t keep his mouth shut, and had to tell Lucas the truth on Thanksgiving. Brad is the reason the plan fell apart.

Monica says, what an ordeal, and Michael says he and Chase found Nelle before she could leave with Wiley. Monica tells Wiley that he had an eventful night, and Michael says, it turned out all right. Monica says she’s thrilled for him, and the fact there’s another Quartermaine in the family. She doesn’t mean to suggest a name change, but Michael says he wouldn’t mind. She asks how he’s feeling. It must be overwhelming. He says he’s exhausted. He didn’t sleep; he was up every hour checking on Wiley. It feels like a dream. She says, it’s real, and Michael says he got a miracle, but not everybody was so fortunate.

Chase asks what Willow is looking for, and she says her ID badge. He asks if she checked her purse, and she says, twice. She can’t believe she lost it. She dumps her purse out, saying she can’t be late. He says they should talk, and she says she knows he wants to help. His support meant the world to her, but he can’t hold her hand forever. He says, why not? and she says he doesn’t get it. She needs to keep busy, and going to work will help. He asks if she’s sure she’s in the right mindset to be around kids, and she says, what? He says, that came out wrong. She’s always telling him that kids pick up on emotions. Does she want to bring everything she’s feeling to the kids she works with?

Carly says she wanted to see Lucas, but her mom just texted that Lucas wants to be left alone. She wishes he’d let his family help. Sonny says, if he wants space, give him space. He’ll just try to convince Carly that he’s okay to make her feel better. Carly guesses she’ll stay there, and wait for him to ask for help. She asks if she can get them anything, but Jason says he’s on his way out to see Michael and his son. Carly loves the sound of that, and Sonny says Michael brought Wiley over last night. Whatever was broken inside of him, seems healed. Jason can’t wait see that, and says he’s heading over there right now. He leaves, and Sonny asks Carly if she’s okay. She says, yeah, but he says she’s not very convincing. She says she’s overjoyed that Michael got his son back, but it’s killing her that her brother lost his son. All because of Nelle. She’s determined to destroy their family. She gaslit Carly, and had her sent away. She nearly killed Michael, and kept him from their grandson for almost two years. Sonny says, Nelle is heading back prison, and Michael has his son back. Nelle lost; they won. Carly says, she’s in custody, and she’s weaseled out of prison before. Someone has to stop Nelle for good.

Franco suggests he and Ava brainstorm. He wants her to share her feelings. Does she want to go Mona Lisa? Ava says, too conservative, and he says, The Birth of Venus, but she says, a little too naked. He says she doesn’t want her new husband to have a heart attack, unless that’s what she’s going for. He asks how the marriage is going, and she says, it’s functional. He says, it sounds like a transaction rather than a marriage. She says, if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck… He hopes whatever she’s after is worth living with the dark prince. She says, it’s not so bad. Elizabeth found it in her heart to forgive Nikolas. Franco says, that’s who she is, and Ava says she understands Elizabeth and Nikolas were close once upon a time. Franco says, Elizabeth felt it was the biggest mistake of her life, and not just because she was married to Lucky. Ava says, Elizabeth and Nikolas had an affair?

Elizabeth tells Nikolas, Spencer is just a teenager; however, he has every right to be furious. Give him some space, and see what happens. He says Ava told him the same thing, and Elizabeth says Nikolas talked to her about Spencer? He says they had time to kill on the way back from Paris. It got her to open up about Kiki’s death. Elizabeth says it was shocking and senseless, and Nikolas asks if Kiki and Elizabeth were close. She says they got to be while Kiki was working there, but she knew Kiki first through Franco. Nikolas says he vaguely remembers that Franco thought he was Kiki’s father, but it turned out to be Silas. Elizabeth says, Franco and Ava had a brief affair when Franco was starting to make a name for himself, but they weren’t together when Kiki was born, and weren’t speaking. He says, now, Ava is representing Franco professionally, and he’s painting her. He guesses time really does heal all wounds.

Jason walks into the Quartermaine living room, and Monica asks if he heard. He says he did, and she says, Michael’s son is home where he belongs. Jason says, fatherhood looks good on him, and Michael says he’s seesawing between excitement and terror. Monica says, that sounds about right, and asks if Jason can stay a while; she needs to freshen up. He says he’ll stick around, and when she’s gone, Michael says, not to change the subject, but he got an alert about the warehouse fire. Jason says, there’s nothing to worry about, and Michael says he’s glad, especially now that he has even more reason to keep his family safe.

Carly tells Sonny, what Brad did was unforgiveable, but he was following Nelle’s lead. He’s weak that way. Nelle was the mastermind. Sonny has no doubt, and she asks what they’re doing about it. He says it didn’t happen to them, but she says Nelle let them believe their grandson was dead. He says, it’s about Michael’s son, and he’s a grown man. It’s up to him. She says, Michael will never retaliate in any real way that makes a difference. They have to make the decision for him. it’s time they remove that psychotic bitch from their lives once and for all.

Willow says she’ll tell her students the truth. She lost someone she cares about, and misses them, and it helps her to focus on her students. Chase suggests she take a personal day, but she says she can’t. She shouldn’t even be around him. It’s hard to keep herself from screaming, she’s so angry. He says, of course (🍷) she is, and she asks why God took her little boy. Why does Nelle get to be a mother when all she does is hurt people? He says, it’s not fair, and Willow says, it’s not. Michael deserves to have his son back, and she’s happy for him. Chase says she doesn’t have to be; not now when it’s so raw. Curse, cry, do whatever she needs to. She says she doesn’t know what she needs to do. It’s all she can do to keep from screaming. He says he’ll scream with her. He loves her. He loves everything about her, even her anger. He’s angry too, that she has to go through this, but let him help. She says, if he wants to help, give her some space, and she leaves.

Brad tells Julian that he wanted to be honest with Lucas. He thought they could work through it, and eventually Lucas would forgive him. It’s not possible now. Julian says Brad has no one to blame but himself. Brad says Julian is probably grateful for the accident. Their car crashed before he could tell Lucas that Julian was in on it. Julian says it was the worst day of his life. Lucas never should have been in the car in the first place. Brad asks what Julian means.

Nikolas wonders what drew Franco and Ava together. Physical attraction? The artist and his muse? Elizabeth asks if he’s jealous, but he says, not in the slightest. She says, good. Whatever happened in the past, they’re just friends. Nikolas hopes he and Elizabeth can be friends, but she suggests they not get ahead of themselves. He says he feels lucky Elizabeth is speaking to him, and she says, that’s only because of Spencer. He appreciates her compassion for his son, and she tells him, don’t act like the Nikolas she remembers. The one who acts with thoughtful consideration. It almost makes her forget how angry she is with him. Almost.

Franco tells Ava, lighten up. If he draws her all moody and broody, they’ll think she’s Helena. She says she’s surprised to hear Nikolas and Elizabeth had an affair. She’s only heard about Nikolas’s great love Emily. She says she’s curious about what happened. Was it puppy love, or something more? He says he’s going to draw warts on her if she keeps it up. If she’s that curious, consult her loving husband. She says maybe she will. Who someone chooses to sleep with says lot about that person. He says, fascinating theory, and tells her, chin up; to the right.

Jason says Michael and Wiley always looked alike, but now the resemblance jumps out. Michael says he’s still in shock. Wiley laughs, and Jason says Wiley is lucky to have Michael as a dad. Michael says, before Brad confessed, Wiley had his own world. He had his home and two dads. Now Wiley’s just got him. Wiley has spent plenty of time there, but now he lives there. It’s got to be confusing. Jason says, he’ll adjust, just like Michael will, but it might take Wiley a while to realize he’s home. Michael says, Wiley has already been through so much. What if he can’t be the father Wiley needs? What if he’s not enough?

Brad asks what Julian means by Lucas shouldn’t have been in the car. Julian says neither one of them should have been hurt; it was a freak accident. Brad says they still don’t know why the brakes gave out, and Julian says, there was no way to know; the undercarriage was too badly damaged. His point is, it’s just beginning for Lucas. He’s going to need the support of his father to get through it. Brad says Julian should  tell Lucas he was keeping the secret, and let Lucas decide. Julian says he knows Brad was protecting him because Lucas will need help after losing Wiley. Brad says, so Julian and Nelle walk, while he’s left twisting in the wind. Nelle went into victim mode, telling the guard that he was harassing her. She said Brad stole her baby after she gave birth, and she had no clue the babies had been switched. Not only did she lie, it’s a complete reversal. It was her idea in the first place. Julian says, Nelle isn’t just a psychopath; she knows how to protect herself. If Brad does as Julian says, Julian will protect him, but they need to work together on this.

Nikolas says when Elizabeth is ready, they’ll get back in a good place. It will take a while, but she might forget what a jackass he is. She says, it will help if he doesn’t do anything to remind her. She’s sure his mom’s tests must be ready by now, and Nikolas goes off to find Laura. Chase runs in, and asks if Elizabeth has seen Willow. She asks if he checked the children’s wing, but he says he went there first. Elizabeth says she’ll check the schedule, and says, Willow called in sick. He asks, when? but she says, it doesn’t say. She asks if something is wrong, and he says, Willow just lost someone precious to her.

Willow goes to the cemetery. She keels by the baby’s grave, and brushes snow off the headstone. She says, hi. She should have visited long before now, but she didn’t know he was there. She says, it’s your mom; I’m right here.

Carly tells Sonny, Nelle denied them their grandson. She’ll keep using Wiley against Michael if she’s not stopped. Sonny says she’s the worst user in the world, and he wishes Michael had never met her, but he did. Now she’s Wiley’s mother, and however Michael wants to deal with it, they can’t interfere.

Jason says he had a big advantage with Michael. He had zero experience with babies, so he had no expectations, and followed Michael’s lead in letting him know what he needed. His advice is for Michael is to let everyone help. Michael says when he couldn’t sleep, he looked up kids and memories online. Wiley probably won’t have conscious memories of what happened, but he’s bound to feel the absence. What about when he’s older? How much does Michael tell him? Jason says, it’s up to Michael. Tell Wiley the truth when he feels Wiley is ready. Michael is in control. Michael went through a lot of chaos when he was a kid, and knows what Wiley is dealing with more than anybody. Michael says, but he’s facing what Jason didn’t have to. Nelle as Wiley’s mother. He doesn’t want her anywhere near his son.

Brad says Julian got what he wanted; Brad is out of Lucas’s life for good. He can take his empty promises, and get the hell out. Julian asks if he’s sure. When he walks out, the deal is off the table. Brad asks, what deal? and Julian says, if Brad keeps his mouth shut about his part in this, he’ll make sure Brad walks out.

Ava tells Franco, she’s proud of them, remaining close like Elizabeth and Nikolas. She understands better now why Elizabeth forgave Nikolas. They have a rich past history. Franco asks what she’s doing, and she tells him, she’s just saying that once you share an intimate connection, it binds you forever. Whether it’s a sweet one night stand or a passionate love affair, when you see the person, you get a spark. I’d say that’s debatable, but Franco asks again what she’s doing, and she says, contemplating the human condition. Posing for a petulant artist is giving her time to conjure deep thoughts. He says she acts like she’s been there for hours, and she wonders, why after all these years, he’s never painted her. He says, because she’s impatient, and she says maybe the time would go faster if he was better company. He says, she didn’t just insult the person who’s painting her. Nikolas watches through the window.

Brad tells Julian that he’s listening. Julian says Brad has a chance to dodge this conviction. He’ll hire the best defense attorney money can buy, and Brad can beat the charge. Brad says, in exchange for…? Julian says, his continued silence. So do they have a deal?

Jason asks Michael what he and Chase found, and Michael says, Willow was unconscious. Jason says, a felony assault, and Michael says, Nelle was headed out the door with Wiley. She had plane tickets and fake IDs. Jason says, that’s kidnapping. Nelle isn’t going anywhere but back to Pentenville. Michael doesn’t think Nelle is going away that easy, and Jason says, she can always be dealt with. Monica returns, and says, three generations of Quartermaines has to be documented. She takes a picture of Jason, Michael, and Wiley, and Jason says he’ll take one of her. They sit on the sofa, and Monica says she wants to remember this forever. Jason takes a picture, and asks how he did. Monica says, good. She loves it. She shows her phone to Wiley. Who immediately deletes all of her pictures. Just kidding.

Willow doesn’t know what to say. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He wasn’t supposed to die before her. She cries, and says she gave him up because she wanted him to have a better life. She wanted him to have a family who would give him all the love, support, and opportunities he deserved, but he didn’t get any of those things. He died the day Brad brought him home, and she’ll never know what would have happened if she’d kept him with her.

Nikolas goes into Franco’s studio, and says, there’s his beautiful wife. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says, being a devoted husband. She tells him, save his charm. Franco knows. Franco says, they despise each other, and are in it for the money. Their secret is safe with him. Nikolas says, somehow, he doesn’t find that comforting. The reason he interrupted is to remind Ava about dinner tonight. She says, networking for Cassadine Industries; she wouldn’t miss it for the world. Nikolas says, happy sketching, and leaves. Franco and Ava laugh, and Franco says, it’s like they’re in the park and he’s making her into a cartoon. He doesn’t know how Ava puts up with Nikolas, and she says, eyes on the prize. When Nikolas breaks the terms of their contract, she’ll have all of the money with none of the ball and chain. And he will break them. He won’t be able to stop himself. Franco asks, how? and she says that’s for her to know, and her husband to find out. In the hallway, Nikolas says his turn is coming.

Julian asks if they have a deal, and Brad says he’s not feeling there’s an alternative option. Julian says, yes or no, and Brad says they have a deal. Julian says he can’t guarantee anything, but Brad says he can. If Julian’s lawyer fails, he’ll bring Julian down with him.

Willow says, she hopes he was asleep when it happened. She hopes there was no pain. She sobs, and says she’s so sorry. She is so, so sorry. Elizabeth approaches, and says she didn’t mean to startle Willow. Willow asks what she’s doing there. Elizabeth squats next to her, and says Chase was looking for her. He told her about the baby. She’s sorry for Willow’s loss. Willow says, Brad put him down in his crib, and when he came back, her son wasn’t breathing. He was all alone. Elizabeth puts her arm around Willow, and says she’s not alone. Willow cries.

Michael tells Jason, it feels right, like it always should have been this way. He should have known better. Things didn’t add up. Jason tells him not to be hard on himself, but Michael says he knows with Nelle, nothing is what it seems. There’s always an agenda. Jason says, don’t worry about Nelle. Wiley is Michael’s and no one is going to take him away. He’ll handle Nelle.

Sonny asks what Carly is thinking. Can’t she let go, and be happy that Michael has his son and they have their grandson? She says, Nelle has beat the system before, and Sonny says, and she got caught. No one is going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Carly says she’s thrilled and relieved, and Sonny says, if the justice system does it’s job, Nelle will be sent back. Carly says, agreed, but that’s a big if.

Tomorrow, Ned tells Brook the free ride stops here, Trina tells Josslyn she’s going to spend more time writing about her life than living it, and Carly says Nelle’s first steps in the sunshine could be her last.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Paget tells Ciara, nothing has been done, and she says he’s only looking at what hasn’t been done, not what has. In his interview, Paget says Ciara has to respect his authority. This is too much. The guests tell Jenna which crew members they’d like to hook up with. Jenna radios Madison, asking her to make coffee. In Madison’s interview, she says she’s worked with stellar chief stews in the past, and the interior was a cohesive unit. Here, she just doesn’t know. Paget asks if he and Ciara are cool. She says they are, but her expression says, I don’t think so.

Parker has anchor watch in the middle of the night, and disturbs Adam’s sleep on his way out of the cabin they share. In Adam’s interview, he says, a sure sign that Parker has never worked on a yacht – slamming doors. Later, he tells Parker about waking him up, and in Parker’s interview, he says he knows Adam has one of the most important jobs on the ship, and Parker doesn’t want to hinder him in any way. Moving forward, he’s going to be quiet as a mouse. Adam says, everyone can take a nap except him. Paget flirts with Georgia, kind of. The guests tell Jenna that they’re ready for breakfast anytime. Captain Glenn says it might be more exciting sailing today than it has been, and tells the crew to make sure all of the cupboards are locked. The sails go up, doors bang, and the boat nearly turns sideways. In her interview, Jenna says she’d never serve breakfast while sailing, but what the guests want, the guests get. Adam says he knows his job is to cook, but it couldn’t be more windy. It’s absolutely ridiculous. He asks the captain if they can pull the sail for forty minutes, and cruise in for breakfast, but the captain says, the guests want to sail. In Captain Glenn’s interview, he says, there was no wind yesterday when the guests wanted to sail, and he can’t pass up the opportunity. Adam doesn’t get to tell him how to sail. Jenna serves breakfast, and the captain says they’re heading back to the dock. They’re sailing upwind, and have to tack their way in. Tacking means to zigzag your way up. Things slide all over the kitchen, and a glass container of something slides off the breakfast table, and crashes to the floor. Jenna calls Parker to clean up the mess on deck, and he suggests they find a nice vacuum cleaner that picks up glass. In Jenna’s interview, she says, Parker has a kind heart, but he doesn’t get it. The number one thing she learned starting out was that you have no opinions. You just shut your mouth, and do your job. She tells Paget that Parker has opinions.

A guest goofs around, sliding across the floor on her ass, and the rest of them laugh. Paget radios Parker, and points out that Parker asked Jenna why they didn’t have a vacuum cleaner in front of the guests when he was sweeping. Parker says, he loves Jenna, and doesn’t want to piss her off. Captain Glenn says they’re going to be backing up, and in his interview, Paget says, a sidewind of more than 15 knots makes it difficult to dock. It’s an expensive boat, and if they hit the dock, it could be hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. Paget tells Parker that he’s throwing the wrong line, and Parker freaks out, saying the guy on dock asked for it. Paget says Parker doesn’t throw anything unless he says so. Ciara is having difficulty pulling on another one, and is afraid it will snap. I have the feeling Parker isn’t going to last the season. Captain Glenn asks, what’s happening back there? Paget manages to tie up the line, and the captain says he has no reference, and needs someone to give him the distance. Paget goes to the line Ciara is struggling with, and secures it. Glenn says he can’t see where he is, and he can’t stop because the boat has momentum. In Parker’s interview, he says he threw the line because he thought it was the right thing to do. He just wants to make people happy, and do a good job. It’s tough to know he screwed it up. I’m not so sure yachting is for him.

The crew says goodbye to the guests, and primary Whitney apologizes for their debauchery. She thanks Adam for putting up with their dietary restrictions, and gives Captain Glenn something for their trouble. The captain tells the crew to finish up, and then they’ll have a debriefing. Paget hugs Ciara, and says he was worried about her hands getting caught. In his interview, Paget says they’ve been bickering lately, but he loves her confidence and work ethic. He doesn’t want to say she’s like his mother, but he said it.

Captain Glenn calls the crew to the saloon. He says, the deck had a problem with communication on the dock. Make sure it doesn’t happen again. He tells Jenna that he was impressed with the interior, and Adam was challenged, but he nailed it. The tip is $13500, or $1500 each. Adam was expecting more, and so was I. The captain says there’s still a lot to do, and tells them to power through. Byron hands Jenna a woman’s crew shirt that was in his clothing. In Jenna’s interview, she says, at the bare minimum, she expects a stew to be good at organizing. It’s not rocket science. She tells Georgia, the laundry is a sh*t show. She has to get it together; stuff is not going back properly. Georgia says she has no system to work with, and Jenna says they’ve all been doing everything. In Parker’s interview, he says, the last charter was rough. He wants to make the captain and crew proud, and feels like he let them down. He hopes everybody sees something great about him this charter. The crew gets ready for dinner.

They go to a restaurant, and order a tasting menu. In Jenna’s interview, she says she’s enjoying the casual flirtation between her and Adam. She doesn’t want to eff it up like last time. We flash back to the hot tub fiasco, and she says, no red wine for her. Georgia says Parker has zoned out. She doesn’t like to see his energy level dip like this. He says he doesn’t either, and in her interview, she says she’s trying to get him to cheer up, but it’s not helping. The crew goes outside to drink and check out street food. Adam says chicken fried steak is his favorite thing, but Paget says he’s never had it. Neither have I. In Paget’s interview, he says, it’s nice to go out with the crew, have a drink, and treat each other as friends. He talks with Georgia, and in Ciara’s interview, she says, in between charters is the only time she and Paget get quality couple time. She wants a little attention. Parker apologizes to Madison, and says his vibe has been off. They go back to the boat, but Parker hangs back a little, moping along. In Adam’s interview, he says Jenna is cute, and she makes him laugh, Maybe for the first time, he can get through a charter season without being miserable. Parker tells Madison that he’s tired, but wants to give Adam some space. In Madison’s interview, she says she wants to be there for her bud, and let him be him. They snooze in the crew mess.

In his interview, Parker says, yesterday was tough. He needs to keep being him, and be confident. Positive Parker is back and ready for action. Paget tells Ciara to do something, but she says, if it’s not a priority, she’s not doing it. Georgia tells Madison that Jenna won’t show her how to do anything. In Madison’s interview, she says Jenna doesn’t give two sh*ts about them. She’s been in the same position as  third stew, and she’s glad she can be there for Georgia.

The new primary is Sylvia, a single mom with a cleaning service. She’s bringing along her daughter, son-in-law, her two sons and their girlfriends, and her daughter’s one month old daughter. The captain says, obviously, they need to think about safety. They want to do some cliff-jumping, and one couple wants a secluded beach campfire by themselves. There are no dietary restrictions, which thrills Adam. Parker asks Georgia to talk to him while he deals with some chores. She asks about his last relationship, and he says it was two years ago; she’s doing yoga sh*t in Thailand. In his interview, he says parting ways was the hardest. He never believed in love at first sight, but had it with her. It took him a long time to recover. He tells Georgia, if that hadn’t happened, he wouldn’t be there.

Paget tells Parker to cut his conversations short with the guests. In Paget’s interview, he says Parker has a problem with rules and discipline. He has to repeatedly tell him what to do, and it’s becoming a problem. In her interview, Georgia says she’s giving it her best shot, but Jenna nitpicks things that haven’t even happened. She feels it’s a testament to Jenna that she’s not paying attention except in the galley. She doesn’t know what’s happening in her own department. In Jenna’s interview, she thinks Georgia should get her sh*t together, and organize the laundry. It’s not that complicated. Georgia tells herself to harden up, and in her interview, she says she doesn’t like sharing emotions. It gives her more control over the situation. She goes into the bathroom and cries.

An hour before charter, Madison asks if Georgia is okay, and says she appreciates her. Georgia says she’s not an effing moron, and she’s frustrated. In her interview, Madison wonders if Jenna thinks the worker bees are going to think it’s the best job ever when she’s being a d*ck to them. Jenna comes by, and asks if Georgia is okay, and Georgia quickly closes the bathroom door in Jenna’s face. In Jenna’s interview, she says she doesn’t set out to make people cry, but it’s her job to hold them accountable. Suck it up, and do your job. The laundry. Jenna tells Georgia that she doesn’t want to upset her, but she has to do a job as well. Georgia says she’s 100% right; no problem. Jenna moves in to hug Georgia, but Georgia puts her hands up. Captain Glenn tells the crew to change, and they put finishing touches on everything.

The guests board with baby Angelica, and Adam says they have precious cargo this time. In Jenna’s interview, she says, the parents are crazy. How are they taking a vacation when they had a baby one month ago? Take a breather. She gives the guests the tour, and Sylvia’s daughter says there’s been a change in her preferences. She can’t have eggs, dairy, nuts, or coffee. Jenna relays that to Adam, and in his interview, he says, oh my God. He was so close. Madison decorates the table with shells. Parker talks to the guests about where he’s from, and Paget asks if Ciara thinks Parker talks too much to the guests. In Paget’s interview, he says, Parker gets too personal with the them. He needs to cut the conversation short, and continue on. And he’s got to listen to his boss. He calls Parker over, and Byron points out that Parker has a shammy. Parker says he’s supposed to have one at all times. Paget says the guests shouldn’t see it (like it’s Disneyland), and he told Parker about talking to the guests. Parker says the guests talked to him. In his interview, Parker says it’s rude not talk with people who engage with him. It’s what people do.

Adam makes lunch, and Sylvia says she wants a private chef. Adam describes the menu to the guests, competing with the baby wailing her head off. In Byron’s interview, he says seeing the family reminds him of his daughter. Saphira is 14 months old, and the light of their lives. Being a dad is the greatest thing he’s ever done. Bringing a little human being to life, and nurturing and educating them, is a miracle. Captain Glenn points out a beach, asking Paget if he thinks it’s a nice place for a campfire. Jenna asks if Parker will be checking it out, and Parker says, when his superior tells him. Paget says Parker is still not getting it. He told Parker to keep his voice down, and a guest is right there. In Paget’s interview, he says, Parker is really frustrating. He can’t baby Parker for the whole season. He tells Jenna that he already told Parker to keep his voice down. Parker tells Paget that he’s not saying anything negative, but Paget says, the guests don’t need to know who’s who, and he should be aware. In Parker’s interview, he says he’s not perfect. He’s growing and learning, and doing a kick-ass job at being the best Parker he can be. At least he didn’t say he was a work in progress.

Madison gives Georgia some laundry tips, and Georgia thanks Madison for helping her. Byron is informed that there are some guests who would like to see the engine room. In his interview, he says, in the sixteen years he’s been doing this, no one has asked to see the engine room. It’s not like they know what they’re looking at. He could tell them a bullsh*t story that he machine makes diamonds. He has no problem though, if it increases the chances of them getting a better tip. If they want him to dance around naked, he’ll say, okay. Go sit over there.

Three guests go water skiing on the tender. In Jenna’s interview, she says her appendix burst when she was seventeen, and the doctor told her that she was infertile. She thinks she’d be a good mom, but she has satisfaction in other aspects of her life, and made peace with it. In Adam’s interview, he says he dated a single mom who had two little girls, and he played dad. It was fun, but after six or seven months, he learned he didn’t like having screaming little sh*ts around. In the crew mess, Georgia tells Paget that his hairstyle looks nice; it matches the aesthetic of the boat. He says her hairstyle is nice, and matches the head it’s on.

Ciara goes to the beach with Paget to start prepping. Adam says he’s excited about dinner. He’s not sure how he managed to get Japanese Kobe beef out in Greece, but they’re going to love his elevated meat and potatoes dish. On the beach, Paget starts digging a firepit, and Ciara tells him that he’s not digging a grave. In the galley, Jenna tells Adam, the food looks dynamite, and he says she looks dynamite. Byron says, this is a professional environment, and laughs. Dinner is served, and the baby starts crying. Angelica is handed off, and Adam explains the meal while competing once again with her wails.

Paget doesn’t know what’s a bigger pain in the ass; breaking rocks or Ciara telling him where to place them. After four years, you’d think he’d be used to her nagging, but no. Jenna asks Madison why she’s not helping Georgia, and Madison says because she was doing service. In Madison’s interview, she says she’s spreading herself so thin, the whole thing sucks. Jenna tells Adam they have teen ‘tude on the boat. Madison asks if Georgia did the master, but Georgia says she hasn’t; that’s why she’s worried about time. Jenna tells Madison that she’s going to the beach. She’s concerned about the time Georgia is taking. In her interview, Jenna says if they have charter guests who want to go to bed before dinner, and they’re still ironing the sheets, that’s a problem. She tells Georgia to do the master, and Georgia says, f*** me. Jenna goes back downstairs, where Madison is getting her shoes on, and Madison says it would be nice to know where she’s going, but not twenty seconds before she’s leaving. Jenna says at least she’s getting out of turn-down. Jenna tells Adam that it’s taking Georgia two hours to do three cabins. When she told Georgia to do the master, she said f*** me. Adam asks what Jenna is going to do, and Jenna doesn’t know. Georgia will cry again. Adam says, break her down to a pulp. In Georgia’s interview, she says she’s torturing herself trying to do the best she can. F*** you guys. Adam tells Jenna, personally, he’d can her ass, and Jenna says, maybe…

Next time, lots of wind, Georgia leaves laundry undone, Parker asks if Paget thinks he’s undermining him, Jenna admits she really likes Adam, and the boat hits the dock

🧼 A Little Bit Of Soap…

The latest on the AMC/OLTL revival.


🖼 Ava’s Artistry…

This is pretty cool. I’d never thought about it before. I guess I thought they bought art from one of those hotel sales or something.


🥛 Way To Milk an Opportunity…

I’m not surprised that Obrecht turned into a favorite. Kathleen Gati rocks!


📺 One Perception Of Reality…

I’m not so sure I’d agree some of these are the best reality shows. I just can’t with The Bachelor. And Jersey Shore, no. Just no.


🏃🏾‍♀️ Every Four Years…

There’s a leap.

December 4, 2019 – Nikolas Haunts Ava, Ping Pong Ain’t What It Used To Be, Jamaica Jersey, New Seasons, Heavy Star, Renee’s Next Move, Charming News & Christmas Past


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Finn reads the letter from Hayden again. Anna asks if he’s still looking for clues, but he says he’s still trying to process it. He asks where Anna has been, and she says, checking on Violet. He says he should have done that, and she says he still can, but Violet is asleep. It’s cute how she put the wishbone on her nightstand, and worth a peek. He says it’s his responsibility; she shouldn’t have to check. Anna asks if he’s feeling guilty, and he says, kind of. She tells him, get used to it. It’s A feeling he’s going to have for the rest of his life. She’s had plenty of experience with little girls, and is more than happy to share the responsibility. Until Violet is a teenager. Then, she’s his problem altogether. They kiss, and he asks if she heard something. She says, imaginary noises; the first of many. Violet is really getting to him, and Anna thinks it’s sweet. She asks if he’s all right, and he says, no. Today, he has to tell his beautiful daughter that her mom is gone.

At Shadybrook, the nurse asks Nikolas if he swears it’s not going to hurt her. Nikolas tells her to trust him, as he gives her a bunch of cash. He says she’s been a great help. In her room alone, Ava says, it’s Thanksgiving Day and not a single visitor. Not even a call from Julian. So much for family. She wonders if she could be any more maudlin. No wonder she has no visitors. She’s not a joy to be around. The nurse knocks at the door, and tells Ava it’s time for her meds. Ava doesn’t suppose her brother has called; she was hoping for a visit. The nurse says she’s sorry, and Ava says the pills are different. The nurse tells her, they’re a different brand. They’ll make her feel much better. Ava takes the medication.

Nina toasts to Valentin at the MetroCourt. She says he was generous, letting Lulu take Charlotte for the weekend. He says, there’s nothing wrong with having peace in the family, and she says she’s glad he said that, because she wants the wedding to be more inclusive. She invited Laura. Valentin says, she is Charlotte’s grandmother, and Nina says, and Jax.

Jax tells Carly that he’s put Nikolas on notice. He has to find the codicil by New Year’s Eve, or Jax is cutting him loose. Carly says that means it has to be dealt with by the end of the year. Sonny is already suspicious. Jax says he’ll be more careful, and if it goes sideways, he’ll cut his losses and give her a heads up. She doesn’t know what she’s going to do when she sees Laura. If their positions were reversed, she’d want Laura to tell her. She wishes he hadn’t gotten mixed up with this. Michael comes in, and Carly asks if he made a stop, since he’s been gone a while. He says he and Josslyn taught Dev to ice skate. He asks if Brad and Lucas picked up Wiley, and she tells him Lucas said they were on the way, but she hasn’t seen them and they haven’t called. She hopes they’re okay.

Willow comes out, and Sasha says, well… what do the results say? Willow says she took the test… Chase appears, and says he’s glad he found them both. Something has happened, but first, Willow needs to know Wiley is safe. There’s been an accident with Brad and Lucas.

Due to the lax security at GH, Julian stands over Brad’s hospital bed where he lies unconscious. He says it was supposed to be Brad, not Lucas. Not his son. The nurse tells Julian, sorry, it will just take a second, and Julian leaves.

Michael wonders if Lucas and Brad stopped to talk things out. Carly hopes so. She’s glad Michael is there. Sonny left to meet Kristina, and there’s still lots of putting away to do. Jax’s phone rings, and he says, sure he can meet them. Carly says, perfect timing, and Jax asks if she expected him to help clean up a Thanksgiving meal he didn’t eat. She says he has a reputation for chivalry, but that sounded pressing. Michael says he did eat, so it’s kind of his duty. Carly says that’s why she adores her son. He doesn’t shrink from a tough job. Jax wishes them a happy Thanksgiving, and leaves. Michael asks if Wiley is staying the night, and Carly says he’s sound asleep, along with Donna and Avery. Bobbie calls, and tells Carly, get to the hospital now.

Nina asks if Valentin is sure he doesn’t mind, and he says if she wants Jax there, it’s fine; as long as he has her, Charlotte, and the Justice of the Peace. She promises it will be a day he never forgets, although anything is better than last time. He says, barring a natural disaster; flood, famine… Nina says, frogs. He says they’re in this together, and she says, anything for him. He tells her that Jax and Laura are trying to get their hands on a portrait that may contain a codicil that disinherits him, giving the estate to Spencer. Nina says, that’s ridiculous, and asks if it’s hidden in the frame, or under the painting. Valentin says it might be nothing but Helena sending them on a wild goose chase, but he’s not willing to take the risk. Not with Charlotte standing to lose everything. He has to get his hands on the painting before Jax does.

Ava says, happy Thanksgiving, Kiki. On this day a year ago, Ava lost her, and her whole life fell apart. She misses Kiki. She gets up, and feels woozy. She says she’ll just lie down a minute and wait. Wait for what? Nobody’s coming. Nikolas calls her name.

Carly gets to the hospital, and Chase tells her that Lucas is in surgery. His and Brad’s car was hit by another car, and went off the road. They were both unconscious, and trapped for at least an hour. She asks how Brad is, and he says, fine, but unconscious. Lucas’s side took the brunt of the hit. She asks about the other car, and he says they were attempting to murder Alexis. Alexis was targeted by Kendra Bower. Nine years ago, Alexis killed her brother Kiefer accidentally. Carly says she remembers that. It must have been why Kristina called Sonny. Is Alexis okay? Chase says, she was admitted for observation. Kendra drugged her, and left her in the road. She was going to intentionally run Alexis down. Carly says, like Kiefer, and Chase says, before it happened, Brad and Lucas’s car struck hers. It was serous; Kendra was killed. Bobbie joins them, and she and Carly hug. Carly asks how Lucas is, and Bobbie says, he’s still in surgery; there’s been no word. Carly says, it will be okay. What about Brad? Julian sidles up, and says, he’ll be fine.

Brad flashes back on telling Lucas that Wiley is Michael and Nelle’s son.

Willow approaches Bobbie, and says she’s sorry this is happening. She hopes she’s not overstepping, but Bobbie says Willow is the mother of her grandson. Willow asks how Wiley is, and Carly says, he’s good. He’s with Michael.

Sasha goes back to Sonny’s, and tells Michael, anything she can do, name it. He says, Lucas is still in surgery, and Brad hasn’t woken up yet. He asks if they have any idea what caused it, but she says, if Chase knew, he didn’t mention anything. Michael says, Wiley could lose both fathers tonight.

Finn tells Anna that he never thought he’d be anxious to hear from Robert. She knows the feeling, but Robert is making every effort to find Hayden. She asks if pacing is helping Finn, and he says it is. She suggests getting Roxie, but he says, Roxie is for anxiety. She says, and this is…? He says, anger mixed with frustration. He doesn’t want to bring Roxie into that. The doorbell rings, and it’s Jax, who says Anna told him it was urgent. Finn asks what Jax got Hayden into, and Jax says, nothing. What did she tell him? Finn says, she skipped town, and Anna says, Finn found a note. Jax asks if she took Violet, but Anna says, Violet is there. Finn says, Hayden wrote that she was in trouble, and left town to keep Violet safe. Tell him what the hell is going on.

Ava asks if Nikolas is really there, and he says, yes; it’s him. She says she thought he was dead, and he says he is, and she backs up on the bed. She says, if he’s dead, how is he there? He says he’s not really there, and Ava asks if it’s a dream, or is he… Nikolas says he’s in hell – because of her. She says, Valentin did this, and he says Valentin sent him there, but she’s the reason why he’s trapped and doesn’t know peace. She says she’s sorry, and he says he hopes that true. Now, she’s going to make amends.

Willow sees Julian, and says, poor man. Carly says she doesn’t know if Willow knows this, but her son Morgan was killed by a car bomb intended for Julian. Morgan wouldn’t have been in the car in the first place if Ava hadn’t switched out his meds for placeboes, and he spiraled out of control. She hates Julian and Ava, and wished such suffering on them. Now Ava is in a psychiatric hospital, and Julian is staring down the same loss. She guesses she got her wish.

Jax says, if Hayden was in danger, she never mentioned it. Anna says she thought they were close, and he says she worked for him at Aurora, but that was the extent of the relationship. Finn says she must have a side project going on, and whatever it is, it got her in trouble. Anna says Jax always has a side project going on; maybe it’s the same one. Jax asks if there was anything about it in the note, but Finn says Hayden keeps secrets because she thinks she can deal with things by herself. Anna says if Hayden is in trouble, maybe Jax can help. Jax says the only thing he can do, is check her office at Aurora, and see if she left anything behind. Finn says, other than their daughter. Jax says if Hayden left Violet, she must think the danger is real and she’ll be back. He’s sorry; keep him posted. Anna asks him to do the same. When he’s gone, Anna and Finn both say, he’s definitely lying.

The surgeon comes out, and says Lucas is critical, but stable. Julian asks, which is it? and Bobbie says, it means he’s in bad shape, but not getting worse – at the moment. The doctor says there was swelling on the brain, and they had to open his skull to release the pressure. He’s in a medically induced coma. Carly asks if there’s going to be brain damage, but he says, it’s too soon to tell. Lucas is in recovery, and will be moved to ICU, where they’re going to monitor him closely.

Ava knows she wronged Nikolas, and tells him that she’s sorry. She covers her face, and he tells her to look at him. She says she can’t, but he tells her, it’s all right, and sits on the bed. She looks at him, and he says, they were friends. They understood each other. She says she thought they were good friends, and he says she was there when he died. She says there was nothing she could do, and he says he doesn’t blame her. She thanks him for that, and he says, but Spencer needed her, and what did she do? She says she can’t say it, and he asks, why? She says she’s ashamed, and he tells her that she chose her own beauty over his son’s future. He never thought she’d betray him. Ava says he doesn’t know what it was like for her, looking in the mirror. He says, at least she had a face. His was lost at sea. She says she’d do anything to make it up; just stop. He tells her to promise she won’t let Valentin win. She says she won’t. Nikolas was the first. After he died, something happened. It was like a wave of darkness. She lost Morgan, then Griff, then Kiki. Ryan wasn’t real. She sinks to the floor, saying, he was a monster. He should be in hell, not Nikolas. He says, think of Spencer. He needs her again. The portrait of Helena. She says he knows she’d do anything for his son. She’d do anything for Avery and Kiki, but it’s too late. Kiki will never forgive her. He says he knows. He’s seen Kiki. She’s there with him.

Nina asks Valentin how Ava got her hands on the portrait, but he says, she’s being tight-lipped, and she’s as unreliable as Helena when it comes to telling the truth. Nina asks if he thinks Ava still has the portrait, but he says she was pretty doped up in Shadybrook. He thinks she’s going to try a bidding war, but it won’t be easy from there. Nina thanks him for telling her and being honest. He says, it’s not easy. A lifetime of bad habits is hard to break, but he’s trying. She says, whatever happens, they’re in this together. All the way. He says, that’s what he wants to hear. Jax suddenly grabs Valentin, yanking him out of his seat. He tells Valentin to take a walk with him. He pushes Valentin against the wall, and asks what the hell he’s done with Hayden.

Michael sits on the couch with Wiley and Sasha, and tells Wiley that he’s sorry Wiley’s dads couldn’t be there. Not to worry. He and Sasha will keep him company. Sasha says Michael is so good to Wiley, and Michael says, who wouldn’t love Wiley? Sasha asks if he thinks Wiley would like a snack, and he doesn’t think Wiley would say no to ice cream. (I know I never do.) Sasha goes to the kitchen, and Michael says, it looks like it’s just them.

Willow tells Brad that he’s at GH. He has a concussion. Chase adds, plus bruised ribs. Brad asks about Lucas, and Willow says, he’s alive, and in ICU. Brad says he needs to be with his husband, but she says not until the doctor says it’s okay. He asks her to get the doctor, and she jets. Brad asks Chase, what happened?

Carly says, Lucas is out of surgery; it’s a good sign. Bobbie says, it is, but she know too much about trauma, brain injury, and recovery stats. Julian just wants Lucas to wake up. He doesn’t care if Lucas hates him and kicks him out of his life forever, as long as he’s all right. The nurse says they can go in, two at a time. Bobbie and Julian go into the room, and Bobbie says, her poor baby. How did this happen?

Chase asks what Brad remembers. Brad says they were headed to Sonny’s, and Lucas was driving. There was a car in front of them, and they were headed for it. Chase asks if Lucas tried to stop, and Brad says he stepped on the brakes, but the car didn’t slow. Chase asks if there have been any problems with the car recently, but Brad says, it was working fine yesterday. He doesn’t understand what happened.

Bobbie tells Lucas that she’s glad he’s resting. It’s the only way to heal. Keep doing what he’s doing, and everyone will be waiting for him. Julian goes back out, and Carly asks, what happened? He says she should go in and be with her mom. She does, and tells Lucas that she’s sure his mom is being nurturing and loving, but she’s his big sister, and she’s going to tell him the truth. He needs to rally and pull it together. There’s no way Donna is going to miss her first Christmas with her Uncle Lucas. Bobbie says he can’t disappoint three generations of Spencer women. Carly says she got the cutest Santa outfit for Wiley, and Bobbie says, he’s going to be adorable. Carly says, here’s the deal. He needs to follow doctor’s orders. Take the time he needs, but he needs to wake the hell up. He has so much to look forward to.

Valentin asks Jax if something happened to Hayden, and Nina tells Jax to let Valentin go. She’s sure Valentin will tell Jax everything. Jax releases Valentin, and says, talk. Valentin says he has no idea who threatened Hayden or chased her out. If she left town, she did it on her own. Why does Jax think it was him? Jax says Valentin has been targeting Hayden, and Valentin says it could be because she’s trying to steal his family estate. And she and Jax are working together.

Ava says, Kiki can’t be with Nikolas. He said.. Nikolas says, he’s in hell, and Kiki is right beside him, suffering. She says Kiki can’t be; she was good. He says, murder victims never rest. Can’t she hear the crying? She tells him, stop it, and crawls away, but he follows. He says the only way it will stop is when she tells him who she sold the painting to. Ava says she didn’t sell it; she still has it. He says, good. She can still help Spencer and Kiki. He’ll rest, and Kiki will rest. She says it’s all she wants. She’s begging him to help her. Kiki shouldn’t have to pay for what she’s done. She loved Kiki, and didn’t mean the things she said to Ryan. She didn’t mean for Ryan to kill her. Kiki was so good and sweet; such a pure soul. She asks Nikolas, please help, and he says he will. Just tell him where Helena’s portrait is. She says she has it in the gallery. Does he forgive her? He thanks her, and says she did well. Don’t tell Valentin. Don’t tell anyone. Keep it between them; between friends. She says he’ll tell Kiki, right? Promise her. He helps her back to bed, and she closes her eyes, saying his name. She sits up, and he’s gone.

Sasha comes in with a tray, and Michael calls her their fearless forager. She says there are still a lot dishes to put away, and he says that’s his job, but instead, he’s babysitting. Sasha says, Willow called, and Brad is awake. Michael says, good. He’s glad to hear that. She asks, what is it? and he says his mom texted. Lucas is in a medically induced coma in ICU. She says she’s so sorry, and he says, Wiley has no idea how his world could change. Sasha says, or everything could be fine. Michael says, no matter what, they’ll always have family, and family will always have them.

Anna tells Finn that he is going to wake Violet up if he keeps checking. He says, this time last month, he didn’t even know he had a daughter. Now she’s upstairs, and he’s a single dad. Anna says she’s there. She’s not going anywhere. If it’s all right with him.

Julian goes back to Lucas’s room. He tells Bobbie that Carly said she wanted to see him. She says she was hoping he could sit with Lucas for a while, so she can update Brad. She knows how hard it is to see Lucas like this, but if he could just sit and talk with him. She leaves, and Julian goes to Lucas’s bedside. He says he made a mess. He’s so sorry for everything. Lucas was supposed to be at work, and Brad should have been in the car by himself. He was trying to protect Lucas the only way he knew how, to make sure Lucas and Wiley would be okay, but instead, Lucas is punished for his sins. He’s so sorry; he loves Lucas. He asks Lucas to forgive him, and Brad says, forgive him for what? Julian turns around, and Bobbie is there with Brad in a wheelchair.

Julian asks what Brad thinks he meant. All the time he wasted not knowing his son, and the reasons he gave Lucas to keep his distance. The nurse tells them, only two, and Julian says he’ll leave. He goes out to the hallway, and looks back through the window.

Carly calls home, and says she thought Michael was there. She tells him to give Wiley a squeeze for her. She doesn’t know how long they’ll be at the hospital. Everything is okay, considering. She says she loves them too.

Julian says, Lucas doesn’t deserve this, and Carly says they have to believe Lucas will be okay.

Brad says he loves Lucas so much. He’ll be there by Lucas’s side until he wakes up. Bobbie says Lucas’s family is waiting for him. His son needs him. Brad says, they both do.

Michael gets the door. It’s Willow, and he asks if everything is okay. She says, it’s fine. It’s just… Brad and Lucas. She couldn’t stay away. Wiley smiles at her. He is one smiley kid.

Nikolas calls Jax, who asks where he is. Nikolas asks, what’s going on? and Jax says, Hayden left town. Nikolas asks if Jax thinks Valentin has something to do with it, but Jax doesn’t want to discuss it on the phone. The situation is out of control, and they need to talk. Nikolas says he knows where the portrait is, and he’s going there now. Jax tells Nikolas to meet him now, or he’s going to the police. Nikolas says, and lose the big prize? but Jax says he’s lost bigger, and he’s still rich. It’s not a bluff. He’ll send Nikolas the location, and he’d better be there.

Nina says she defended Valentin with Jax. Now he needs to tell the truth. Valentin says he didn’t force Hayden out of town. He wanted her to stay so he could get more information. Nina believes him; that’s how his mind works. He appreciates her faith in him, but Nina says she knows him. He says he’s going to the gallery to look for the portrait. She says, if Ava put the picture where no one would find it, wouldn’t the gallery be the last place? He says he wants to eliminate the obvious first. He leaves, and Nina calls Shadybrook. She asks if Ava is allowed visitors, and says she’ll be right over.

Ava drifts off, saying, no more ghosts. We see Nikolas’s cufflink next to the bed.

Just a thought. Maybe Nikolas should get some cufflinks that will stay in his cuffs.

Tomorrow, Brad says it’s all his fault, Nelle says it’s time to catch up, Jax can’t believe Nikolas staged the attack on Hayden, and Nina asks Ava, who told her Kiki was in hell?

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Bangkok. The women get ready to go out. Kameron has brought her own adaptor, and tells LeeAnne that Thai holes have three round prongs. Jokes abound. Kary still has jet lag. She says she’s slept four hours in three days. In her interview, Stephanie says at first, she thought D’Andra wore LeeAnne’s dress to be supportive. If she wore it as a joke, it was a joke at LeeAnne’s expense, and it isn’t funny. It’s not what friends do, and it felt wrong. The women discuss this in the lobby while waiting for LeeAnne and Kameron. Stephanie tells D’Andra, she thinks their continuing critique hurt LeeAnne’s feelings. D’Andra says she’s the only one who was supportive. She bought two of the dresses. In D’Andra’s interview, she says, it’s not that big of a deal. It was fun. LeeAnne and Kameron join the conversation, and LeeAnne says she’s right there now, if they want to disrespect her. She tells Kameron that she doesn’t think D’Andra was just being funny. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says, bitch, you’re not funny. You’ve never been funny. And by the way, it’s the best her boobs have ever looked. D’Andra thinks LeeAnne is making a big deal about something not that important. It wasn’t meant to hurt LeeAnne or bring her down.

The women get on the bus to go to the elephant sanctuary, singing Kameron’s song. In case you forgot, it’s loosely to the tune of Toyland, and goes: ♫ Thailand! Thailand! Where everyone gets a baby elephant! ♫ And that’s pretty much it. Not a millisecond after they sit, Kary insists D’Andra wearing the dress wasn’t meant be rude. LeeAnne says, what if Kary made a nice necklace, and she said it looked like anal beads. This is really bad example, since, as Kary points out in her interview, LeeAnne did say that in Mexico. We flash back to make sure everyone knows this is true. Kary doesn’t care if LeeAnne shoves the jewelry up her ass, as long as she pays for it. Her salesmanship is impressive. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she’s trying to move on. She gets it. Kary doesn’t want to be friends, and she’s good with it. Stephanie explains that they’re going to the elephant sanctuary, and it’s a two-hour drive. She hopes they see some elephant babies. Brandi says, it’s 9 am there, but 9 pm at home in Dallas. She’s ready to party. The drinking commences, despite several of the women being concerned about having to go to the bathroom during the ride. They play Never Have I Ever, covering the Mile High Club, being intimate with another woman, and having sex in a public place. In Brandi’s interview, she says she’s not going to lie. She and Stephanie have kissed. They were trying to make their husbands jealous, but they actually liked it. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says probably the only public places she hasn’t had sex are a department and grocery store. Kameron is adamant that a stairwell in an apartment complex isn’t public if no one ever uses it, but the rest of the women insist it is public.

They get to the sanctuary at 1 pm. The guide explains they’re not a zoo; they’re a rescue center with an emphasis on conservation. It’s 102 degrees out, and as much as I’d love to see Thailand, I’m not so sure I would survive it. They get on a safari-type bus, and their first stop is to see the honey bears that have been used in circuses and shows. One bear plays with a tire. In her interview, LeeAnne says she worked with snakes, bears, and gorillas in the carnival. She never knew the background of how they were treated because she was a child, and didn’t think about it. The gibbons are next, and the guide says they communicate through song. When they get out, a gibbon who’s been hanging in a tree, drops down and runs around like a nut, then swings all over the place. They laugh, and he makes a racket. The guide says he’s competing. A dude comes along and asks if they want to toss coconuts to the gibbons, and instructs them to throw them over the fence. Kary tries to put hers under the fence, repeating in her interview that she doesn’t listen to instructions. They nearly bean the poor gibbons with the coconuts.

They move on to where the elephants are lodged. The guide points out a blue-eyed Asian elephant, which is rare. Kameron says, they’re so precious and so sweet. You want to save all of them. A girl brings bananas for them to feed the elephants, and the guide says, in Thailand, elephants are classified as livestock. They’re broken. They’re put in a pen, and weapons are used against them. The first thing they do at the rescue, is cut their chains, and they never have to wear chains again. After that, they begin to get their own personality back. They take photos. In D’Andra’s interview, she says she’s not used to seeing animals this way. She’s used to seeing them in the wild. Seeing an elephant makes her feel like there’s hope in the world.  In Stephanie’s interview, she says, it’s magical to interact with the elephants. They’ve been through a lot, and this place is their safe haven. LeeAnne talks to a smallish elephant, and the guide says she was a taxi. She has a limp because she was hit by a van in the street. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she wants to hug her (me too!), and let her know there are humans who only want to love her. Every time she sees an animal that’s been beaten and used, she gets it. When she was three years old, she was told to perform. She relates.

As they leave, one of the elephants says goodbye. Kary says they’ll remember this experience forever. She’s never going to ride one again. LeeAnne says any elephant that you ride has been broken. As a human who knows what it’s like to be broken, it’s horrible. Kameron pets LeeAnne’s head, and LeeAnne says, it’s horrible what they do to them. In Brandi’s interview, she says, it’s frustrating. Just when they’ve experienced something together, LeeAnne made it about herself. Ugh. Why do they feel the need to say stuff like this? I don’t look at it the same way at all. I think if LeeAnne still needs to talk about her childhood, she still needs to talk about her childhood. As friends, they should just be supportive, and quit being dismissive because they’ve heard it already. If identifying with various situations helps LeeAnne, let her be. Kary suggests a nap, and LeeAnne thinks they should have dinner in their rooms. In Stephanie’s interview, she says they’re all still jet lagged, so they’re just going to order room service and relax.

Back at the hotel, Brandi grabs a box of tampons, and says she’s going to help LeeAnne with her Red Sea parting. She goes to LeeAnne and Kameron’s room, and Kameron asks if she’s drunk without liquor like they are. Brandi says she took her sleeping pill, and Kameron says that should be fun. She asks Brandi to sit down. They have a lot to ask her. LeeAnne can’t stop laughing. Kameron says she loves Brandi on sleeping pills; she’s funny. LeeAnne says Kameron wants Brandi to be like she is on Xanax, and we flash back to that. LeeAnne says when she joined everyone this morning, they were having a public conversation about what happened at dinner. Brandi says, D’Andra said she was trying to be funny. Brandi ponders for a moment, and says, maybe D’Andra said that. She thinks maybe D’Andra did. LeeAnne tells Brandi that she and D’Andra aren’t in a place where she can do that. Brandi thinks she did it to be a little a-hole. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says Brandi sticking up for her is like a light in a dark room, and she needed it. Brandi hugs the wall going back out, but makes it to her room.

The next morning, the women have breakfast in their rooms. Kary tells D’Andra that she thinks they’re going to a market, and not to eat monkey. D’Andra says she has limits. The get on another bus, and Kameron says they’re going to the main market, and Kary says it’s the biggest outdoor market in the world. In Kameron’s interview, she says, it’s hot, and there’s no wind. She needs a fan, or she’ll get a whiff of the mystery food. Smells are coming at her. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she’s been holding her breath since they got there. They’re either smelling it or eating it. In Brandi’s interview, she says, it’s like burnt popcorn mixed with B.O. In D’Andra’s interview, she says she loves trying different food. Her husband says she likes food better than sex, and he’s probably right.

Kameron suggests getting friendship bracelets, but LeeAnne opts out. In Kary’s interview, she says, of course LeeAnne poops on their parade. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she’s not twelve, so it’s not a thing for her, but if it makes them happy, O to the K. Kameron and Kary go for a massage, and LeeAnne buys some hand-carved wooden serving utensils. Brandi says she might want to get some, but not for sexual reasons. Brandi, LeeAnne, and Stephanie have a beer. D’Andra joins Kary and Kameron. Kameron says she’s having a good time. There hasn’t been much drama, besides the other night. D’Andra says she was trying to be funny, and thought LeeAnne would be laughing because she wore the dress. Kameron thinks it’s when they started talking about the faults of the dress, it hurt LeeAnne’s feelings. Kary tells Kameron, if that was the case, LeeAnne could have said so, and suggested they talk later. She would have just said, sorry. I think that’s basically what LeeAnne did say, and I don’t believe for a second that Kary would have apologized if she’d listened. Kary says, instead, LeeAnne walked off, crying. It’s not appropriate. Kameron wonders what if she told Kary that she had poorly constructed jewelry in front of other people? Would hurt her feelings? Kary says she would ask if they could talk later. Kameron says they don’t have the history that LeeAnne and D’Andra do. It’s been rocky. Kary tells her not to make excuses for LeeAnne, and Kameron says she’s not doing that. She’s just trying to explain that her feelings would be hurt in the same situation. In Kary’s interview, she says Kameron has LeeAnne’s back, because she’s that kind of friend. Kary is too, and she gets it.

Stephanie asks LeeAnne how things are with Kary and D’Andra. LeeAnne thinks D’Andra has said her piece, and she’s done with it. She doesn’t know how Kary feels. She tunes Kary out after a couple of sentences. Stephanie asks what LeeAnne and Brandi want to do, and LeeAnne says she wants to see a lady boy show. Brandi asks if that’s a ping pong show, but LeeAnne says, no. Lady boys are real boys. In Stephanie’s interview, she says she’s heard the lady boys are real famous. She’s intrigued. LeeAnne tells Brandi, if she sees a ping pong ball flying at a lady boy show, it didn’t come out of a p*ssy.

D’Andra calls Mama Dee, who asks what time it is there. D’Andra says they’re getting ready for dinner, and Dee asks how the food is. D’Andra says, delicious, but no one likes the food except her and Kary. It’s been a good trip; they’ve only had one hiccup. Dee is sure D’Andra was involved, and D’Andra says, of course. She tells Dee that she got LeeAnne’s dress to wear at dinner for fun, but LeeAnne got upset. She started crying, and left the table. She tells Dee that Brandi said she was being mean, and Dee says she would tell Brandi off. D’Andra guesses Brandi needed to defend LeeAnne, since LeeAnne can’t defend herself. Ha-ha. Wow. These two are quite the package.

On the next bus – everything seems to be far away – Stephanie says Travis will be there tomorrow. They’re going to a restaurant called Cabbages and Condoms. She and Travis have been there before. In her interview, she says Travis wanted to give a subliminal message to her. I’ve been in some oddball restaurants, but this takes the cake. It’s everything condom. The lampshades on the ceiling lights look like upside down condoms, and there’s all kinds of condom art, even a Santa made out of condoms. I never thought I’d type the word condom so much in one paragraph. A dialogue box tells us that the restaurant is condom themed to promote safe sex. In her interview, LeeAnne says she’s allergic to latex, and it caused bad problems with her trying to have sex using one early on. Kary says she didn’t know they came in pink, and says she’s never used one. She’s always been in serious relationships. In her interview, she tries putting one on a banana. They order all kinds of food, and Kary and Kameron are very chatty. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says, Kameron is like a shiny new toy, and Kary is like a three-year-old. Kameron says when they got a massage, she and Kary talked about what happened at dinner. Kary thinks she and LeeAnne need to have a talk. LeeAnne says she realizes that Kary thought it was offensive when she said something about Kary’s hat, but she was just being cautious. There were so many monks, and she didn’t want to offend the people in their space. Kary says LeeAnne has to respect that about her. LeeAnne says she’ll never mention it again. If Kary wants to wear her hat in a temple, that’s up to her. LeeAnne asks if she sees a car coming, and screams at Kary to run, is she just going to stand there? Kary nods, so we can hope. In Stephanie’s interview, she says, the food sucks. It’s like a TGIFriday’s for nasty food. LeeAnne says she felt like when she didn’t react, they kept going, and she was shocked. D’Andra says if she’d done that four years ago, LeeAnne would have thought it was hilarious. LeeAnne says they were in a totally different place then. Brandi says she felt like they were picking on LeeAnne, and Kary admits it was a mistake to keep bringing it up. In Kary’s interview, she says Kameron helped her to understand, and she feels bad. She doesn’t like to hurt people’s feelings. I choke on my coffee. D’Andra tells LeeAnne that she said she was sorry, but LeeAnne was upset, and probably didn’t hear her. She didn’t mean it in a nefarious (she likes that word) way. She was just trying to get them back to a fun place. Kary says they had good intentions, but it turned bad. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she thinks the apology is 100% fake, and they 100% tried to hurt her deeply, but she’s trying to take the high road as best she can, and stay on it. The waitress gives them after dinner condoms. Brandi blows hers up like a balloon.

Kary says the red light district in Thailand is a big tourist attraction. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she loves a good drag show, and heard the performers there are amazing, and over-the-top. Fifteen minutes later, we see them leaving. In her interview, D’Andra says, it was all pageantry, and the music starts. Stephanie says, they take their skirts off, and stick their wieners out. They were in the first row. Brandi says, all of a sudden, there’s a threesome. D’Andra says, the guy’s junk was right in front of her eyes. Kameron draws a diagram, and I’m laughing too hard to type what she’s saying. D’Andra calls Jeremy and says they just saw a live sex show. In her interview, Kameron says, this is not appropriate for a stage presentation. Brandi says she just wants to see one ping pong ball shoot out of a vagina. LeeAnne points out that if they’re in a bad part of town, it’s how they use and abuse women. Kary pouts, saying LeeAnne is trying to convince them to leave. In LeeAnne’s interview, she says she’ll go with them, but Kameron isn’t aware of what it is. She thinks Kameron believes this is like a magic show. Like the other show, we don’t get to see it, but again after fifteen minutes, they’re out of there. Kameron says it’s the grossest thing she’s ever seen. She didn’t think it was real. Brandi says she thought it was two women playing ping pong with their vaginas. It’s very misleading. In Kameron’s interview, she does another diagram, explaining, this leg goes up, and ping pong balls were shooting everywhere, hitting everyone in the head. And they were kind of bossy. She tried to get up, and they tried to hit her in the head with a dart. LeeAnne says, Kary wanted to go, and was the first bitch to run out. In her interview, she says, one ball, and Kary is running like a bitch out the door, and Kameron ran after her. Kameron says she ran as fast as she could. It was scary. LeeAnne asks what she thought was going to happen. Kary says, it was an experience, and she doesn’t regret it. Stephanie says it’s no one’s fault; everyone wanted to come. In her interview, she says she thinks LeeAnne is upset because Kary and Kameron are hanging out. A security guy goes to get them a taxi, and Kameron says she has to go to the bathroom. LeeAnne says they’re not in a good part of town, but Kary says she’s been there with her daughter by herself. She’s from Mexico and knows when something bad is going to happen. In Kary’s interview, she says LeeAnne is being super manipulative. She’s trying to get everyone scared because she wants to leave. I dunno about that. LeeAnne looks genuinely concerned, and it doesn’t look like where you’d want to be hanging out – or using the bathroom.

A cab comes, and LeeAnne gets in it with Stephanie. She tells Stephanie that Kary can defend herself because she’s from Mexico. Please. In Brandi’s interview, she says the night is still young. They left Kameron and D’Andra because they have security with them, but they’re going back to their rooms, even though it’s only 10 pm. In another cab, Kary tells Brandi that LeeAnne is being negative (her favorite word). LeeAnne tells Stephanie that Kary demanded they go, and then ran out. Stephanie asks what Kameron said about it, and LeeAnne says, Kameron ran out after her. Kary tells Brandi that Kameron is her own person.

Another twenty minutes later, Kameron and D’Andra get back. Kameron says she’s going to barf. She goes into the room, and LeeAnne asks if she has any clue how many sex workers they just looked at. Kameron asks why LeeAnne is yelling at her.

Next time, LeeAnne says Kary needed to have her way, Kary says LeeAnne shouldn’t make Kameron feel guilty, and LeeAnne won’t speak to Kameron.

I don’t even know if there was a new episode last week, but this week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the women went to Jamaica for Jennifer’s birthday celebration. Another fine trip wasted on the underserving. Jackie told her husband that she can’t go anywhere with these women without something aggressive happening, which is hardly a difficult prediction. Dolores thought that Jackie brought up things she shouldn’t, like the normal things you bring up with friends. She said Jennifer’s parents had raised her more liberally. Jackie thought Dolores had a lot of rules, and didn’t know her well enough to talk about how she was raised. Jennifer, Jackie, and Margaret went horseback riding in the water, which was mega cool, except they kept slipping all over the place. Theresa, Melissa, and Dolores went to the beach and drank. Teresa said the past five years had been dark, and Melissa wanted her to think of the possibilities instead. When Jackie said she didn’t think she could ever be close to Teresa, Margaret said she could identify with Teresa’s stress, especially over her financial situation. I know it’s all a matter of perspective, but it’s hard for me to be sympathetic because someone has to downsize to 4000 square feet. When Melissa told Joe #2 about how Marge made a joke about 21-year-old scotch, Teresa, and jailbait, he predicted Teresa would eventually explode over it. Another thing you don’t have to be the Long Island Medium to figure out. Teresa did explode, but more to Melissa and Dolores during more drinks after the beach. Back home, the guys got together for cards, drinks, and sex talk that I didn’t need to hear. When the women reconvened for dinner, Teresa saw a sign that said, Any woman can have the body of a 21-year-old, as long as she buys him a few drinks first. Marge swore that she wasn’t referring to the article about Teresa’s boy-toy, only the scotch. Teresa let it slide, but in her interview, said she didn’t believe it. Dolores brought up Jackie being upset with her, making some big speech about them not being cut from the same cloth, that sounded like a bunch of BS. Melissa backed up my thoughts in her interview by saying the same thing.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Jackie is to RHONJ what Marilyn was to The Munsters.

Next time, Frank tells David that Dolores wants a commitment (and Jackie is a weirdo?), Teresa and her daughters go through pictures, and Juicy Joe’s appeal is denied.

📺 The new season of Project Runway starts Thursday, December 5th, at 9:30 pm, and Vanderpump Rules new season begins on Tuesday, January 7th (2020!) at 9 pm.

🎄 I watched a lot of Christmas in Rockefeller Center, and it kind of freaked me out when they said the star was 900 pounds. I will never stand close to that tree again.

🎭 And She Was In Hamilton…

A woman who’s certainly done well since her soap days. I saw her in Shakespeare in the Park’s musical of Two Gentlemen of Verona, also starring the yummy Oscar Isaac and Rosario Dawson. The cherry on that theatre cake was that I sat near some other OLTL cast members. Ah, those brushes with fame…


🍹 Losing Some Charm…

I can rearrange my schedule, but it would be a tough commute.


No mention of Naomie, but I hope she’s planning a wedding. Trader Joe’s butter chicken has now become a staple in my diet. I think there might be crack in the curry.


🔧 Revving Up the Wayback Machine…

To a simpler time, when people were less offended, and David Bowie was alive.





November 4, 2019 – Laura Makes An Appeal, Ashton Loses Patience, Nelle’s New Flick, Dorian Leaves DOOL, Drew Moves On, Tony Returns & Waking Late


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Still at the MetroCourt, Valentin asks how Nina is feeling. She says, mostly relived, and a touch frustrated because Sasha won’t pay for what she’s done. Valentin says, it’s time to celebrate. He suggests getting a bottle of their finest champagne, and seeing where the evening takes them. He goes to the bar, and Jordan and Curtis walk in. Nina asks why she hasn’t seen them, and Jordan says they were out on the terrace. Curtis says he hasn’t heard from Nina in a while, and Nina says, things have been busy. Curtis felt that maybe she needed space, and Jordan asks how she’s holding up without Valentin.

Sasha and Michael have changed out of their costumes, and go to Charlie’s. Michael wonders if Sasha thinks he went too far with Valentin, but she says if it wasn’t for him, she doesn’t think Nina would have dropped the charges. Michael says Sasha is the reason Valentin is walking away unscathed, and Sasha says she’s protective of Nina’s feelings. She tells Michael that he was impressive and hot, and she owes him one. He gave her life back to her. Now if she only knew what do with it. Peter and Maxie come in, and Peter says James is enjoying his time with Brad and Lucas. Maxie says, he gets treated like royalty there. Peter says, now for the adult part of her birthday, and asks if she wants a drink. She does, and kisses him. Obrecht comes out, and tells them to get a room. She tells Maxie that she hasn’t seen James in a while, but Peter says, it’s not the best time. Obrecht can understand why Maxie has been standoffish, since she was supposedly involved in Sasha’s lies. Maxie says, it was horrible, and Obrecht admits to knowing Sasha was a fraud, but she only found out shortly before the wedding. She wanted to protect Nina’s heart. Her actions were misguided, but her heart was pure.

Sonny tells Carly, it’s been a long night. Carly says Brad and Lucas are still there on the terrace. He suggests asking them to leave, but she says A, that would be rude, and B, she senses they’re in the middle of something. Outside, Lucas tells Brad to admit it. Who the hell are the nude pictures from? Is he saying it was an accident? Brad says, yes, and Lucas asks if he hears how ridiculous it sounds. Brad doesn’t know what to say or who the guy is. All he knows is that he’s not cheating.

Laura goes back to Julian’s office with him. She says she knows it’s not easy. Julian says he could use a drink, and Laura says, make it two. She asks if he’s sure he’s all right, and Julian says, no, but he’ll get there. He’s glad Ava is getting the help she needs, but wishes he’d gotten her to Shadybrook sooner before she imagined Nikolas in the gallery. He asks how Laura is holding up, and she says it’s not easy on her. It’s never easy for her to bring up Nikolas. He’s been gone for more than two years, but it’s just as painful as it ever was.

Nikolas asks Hayden if she’s happy to see him, and Hayden asks what he was thinking to show himself to Ava. He was supposed to stay in hiding until they found the codicil. Nikolas says their current tactic involves his mother; what genius thought of that? Jax says, she’s doing it for Spencer, but Nikolas says he was clear. He didn’t want to show himself to his mother or son before Valentin was neutralized.

Carly tells Sonny that her brother is probably reading Brad the riot act for being close to Nelle. She can’t believe Brad went to her parole hearing. Sonny says it’s none of their business. On the terrace, Brad asks Lucas not to do this there. Let’s go home. Lucas says he’s not looking other way when Brad gets nude pictures from some guy. Brad asks if Lucas wants him to text back to prove he doesn’t know them. They’re probably going to be mortified that they sent the pictures to the wrong person.

Julian wonders why Ava would be imagining Nikolas now, and Laura says she has a theory. Valentin got rid of a portrait of Helena recently, and she’s pretty sure it ended up at the gallery. Maybe seeing it reminded her of all things Cassadine, Nikolas included. Julian’s phone dings. He looks at it, and a text from Brad asks, who is this? Who sent these? Hello???

Michael toasts to whatever’s next. Whatever it is, he hopes it doesn’t take her away from Port Charles. Sasha says, it would be easier for Nina, but he says, not for him.

Obrecht tells Maxie, after the truth came out, she knew she’d be blamed for staying silent, or accused of being a co-conspirator. So she arranged an extended stay in Switzerland. Peter didn’t tell her? Maxie says, no, and Obrecht says he convinced her to stay. Peter says she’s important to Maxie, and part of James’s family. Obrecht asks Maxie to please say she’s still family. Maxie says she’s forgiven Obrecht for worse. She’s James’s oma, and a part of Nathan. She’ll always be family. They hug, and Obrecht says it means the world to her. Does Maxie think Nina could find it in her heart to forgive her too?

Jordan says her office advised her that Nina dropped the charges against Sasha, and Nina confirms she did. Curtis says, that was decent, since Sasha was just a pawn acting on orders. Valentin returns to the table, and says he sees they have company. Curtis says, you’ve got to be kidding, and Valentin says it’s good to see him after that debacle of a wedding they had.

Hayden tells Nikolas he needs to stay and wait, but he thinks he’s done more than enough waiting. He’s been waiting since he was rescued from the water. Jax says Nikolas is the one who reached out to him with an attractive offer. When it stops being attractive, he’s out.  Nikolas flashes back to meeting with Jax. Jax hears a voice asking if Rome isn’t spectacular, and he says he doesn’t take meetings with a disembodied voice. Show himself, or Jax is leaving. Nikolas comes out, and Jax says, not so dead after all. Nikolas says, not for lack of trying on Valentin’s part, and Jax says he heard how Valentin murdered Nikolas, and Nikolas says, clearly not. It’s taken years for him to position himself, and now he’s ready to reclaim what’s his. Jax wishes him good luck, but Nikolas says, it will take more than luck. He needs Jax’s help, and he’s willing to pay. In the present, Nikolas thinks they should all take a step back. Jax agrees. It’s time rethink things.

Jax says Nikolas agreed to stay in a place of his choice until he and Hayden found the codicil. Nikolas said if Valentin found out, he could do something desperate. Nikolas says he was careful to conceal himself, and Jax says, wearing a mask? Nikolas says it’s commonplace on Halloween. That’s why he went to the gallery to retrieve the portrait. Jax says Ava saw him briefly, but Nikolas says before she woke, he was long gone. Hayden says now they’ll have to wait for possible blowback. Jax says Ava told Nikolas’s mother, and Nikolas says that’s why he didn’t want his mother involved. Jax says Laura thinks Ava had a nervous breakdown, and so does Ava. She thinks she was hallucinating. Nikolas says, no one believes anything Ava has to say. He’s safe. Ava betrayed him. She was supposed to testify that Valentin murdered him, but she recanted her testimony. She deserves whatever she gets.

Curtis says Nina and Valentin are back together? and Jordan adds, after what he did? Nina says, Valentin had no idea; Sasha played the both of them. Curtis says, that’s what Valentin told her? and she says, Sasha told her. Curtis says Nina knew how he’d feel about her getting back with Valentin. Now he gets why Nina has been avoiding him.

Sasha tells Michael that she doesn’t want to be away from him. He suggests she make a life there, but she says, it’s not easy. Michael says he can be of help to her. Obrecht comes by and says she needs to speak to Sasha – privately. Sasha says, Michael knows everything; whatever Obrecht has to say, she can say in front of him. Obrecht says Sasha knows she kept her hands clean. What did Sasha tell Nina about  her involvement in Sasha’s subterfuge? Sasha says she took the blame; Obrecht had nothing to do with it. Nina just agreed to drop the charges. Obrecht wonders if Nina ever asked about the fake DNA test, and Sasha says as far as she knows, Obrecht wasn’t involved. Obrecht says, when Sasha had the flu, Finn – why is it always him? – ran a test that could have exposed Sasha. She may have arranged some influence over the result. Michael says Sasha can’t help Obrecht cover her tracks. She has to go to whoever she helped.

Julian thanks Laura for being kind to Ava, and Laura says she’s had her own bouts of mental illness over the years. Julian didn’t realize, and Laura says she missed a whole part of her life that she fought hard to recover. It made her a better person and mother, and she thinks it will do the same for Ava. Julian doubts Sonny agrees. It’s a perfect set-up for him to go for full custody.

Carly wonders if she should go outside, and Sonny says there’s not much she can do to help. Carly says he’s right, and she doesn’t want Brad to feel ganged up on. Sonny tells her to let them work it out. Carly hopes they do it fast. It’s been a long day.

Brad hands Lucas his phone, saying Lucas can look; full transparency. Lucas says, better late than never. He looks at the phone, and Brad asks if it’s him. Lucas says, yeah, and Brad asks what he said. Lucas reads, ha-ha! you know who it is. Brad says they’ve clearly confused him with someone else, and Brad tells him, give it up. He got caught. Brad says he didn’t do anything. He’d never jeopardize their marriage. He reaches to touch Lucas, who backs up. Brad swears on Wiley; he’d never cheat on Lucas. Doesn’t Lucas believe him?

Obrecht tells Maxie that she’s off. They’re free to commence canoodling. Maxie says that’s why she can’t quit Obrecht. Who says things like that? Obrecht thanks Maxie. She’s glad they’re in a good place. Maxie says, her too. James misses her, and she asks if Obrecht wants to come see him tomorrow. Obrecht says, absolutely. She’ll bring strudel. She leaves, and Maxie tells Peter that he’s deep in his phone zone again. Didn’t they just have a fight about that? Peter says, they did, and she says the Franco/Drew hearing is over. What’s captured his attention now?

Michael asks if there’s any chance Sasha might be interested in working at ELQ. Sasha says it would change their dynamic. Making it on her own is important for her. Michael says then it’s important to him too. They gaze into each other’s eyes.

Laura says, everything happened so fast, she didn’t consider Avery’s custody might be affected. Julian says, now is Sonny’s chance to take Avery away from Ava. Laura says she and Sonny are good friends. She can talk to him, but Julian says, now is not the time to kick up the hornet’s nest. He’ll think of something. Laura says, there’s no need. She can do this.

Obrecht sends Brad a text saying they have to make sure to cover their tracks.

Brad asks Lucas, why would he risk their whole life together for a random guy? It’s just a misunderstanding. He’ll prove it. Please, Lucas has to believe him. He loves Lucas so much. Brad’s phone dings, and Brad looks at it and frowns. Lucas asks, is it him? Brad sees Obrecht’s message saying they have to cover their tracks in the recent fixing of the Gilmore girl’s test. Lucas asks again, is it him? and Brad says, no. Lucas says, let him see, but Brad says, it’s confidential about a patient. Lucas says he’s a doctor, and has access to the same information, but Brad says, it’s a special case. Lucas laughs, and says, of course (🍷) it is. Is it more pictures? Brad says he can explain, but Lucas says he can’t do this anymore tonight. He can’t; just go. Lucas can’t deal with him anymore tonight. Brad says, don’t do this, but Lucas says, go! Brad walks through the room in tears, past Sonny and Carly. Sonny asks, what’s going on? and Brad says, nothing; sorry; goodnight, and jets.

Valentin says he senses hostility, but Nina tells Curtis, don’t worry. She knows what she’s doing. Curtis says they’ll always be friends, especially on the day Valentin gets his due. He’ll always be there. Jordan tells them, enjoy their evening. Curtis steers her out, and she asks where they’re going. He says they’re going to do what they do best. I have no clue if he means detective work or getting busy.

Jax says far be it from him to defend Ava, and Nikolas says, then don’t. Hayden says she’s been helping him, and he says she knew what she stood to gain. Nikolas flashes back again. He tells Jax that he wants to return the estate to its rightful heir. The codicil is hidden on Spoon Island. He can’t search for it, and Jax says, Nikolas wants him to? Nikolas says he’s well-respected, and has a daughter there. He has every reason to go back. Jax asks what’s in it for him? and Nikolas says, the shipping division in Cassadine Industries, but Jax says their family feuds are unpredictable and rarely profitable, but he’d like Spencer to have the fortune he’s entitled to. Nikolas says, conscientious of him, and Jax says he’d once claimed Spencer as his own. He’ll never forget the four months he had with Spencer. Nikolas is sure that Jax has Spencer’s best interests at heart, and asks if they have a deal. Jaz says, for Spencer’s sake. But he will take the shipping division. Nikolas wants to present the third member of their venture, and says, you can come out now. Hayden comes out, and Nikolas introduces her to Jax, saying, this is his new partner. In the present, Hayden says she promised to do everything in her power for Spencer. Have no fear, dear husband, we will.

Jax asks if they’ve figured out how to resolve their marital situation, but Hayden says, not yet. It’s tricky, divorcing a dead man. Nikolas says they had a less than healthy relationship, and Hayden says, understood, but here they are joining forces. Nikolas flashes back to Hayden telling Jax that Nikolas tried to have her killed, but they’re still married. Nikolas says, technically, she’s his wife and widow. Jax asks if Nikolas trusts Hayden 100%, and Nikolas says, she’s always had a soft spot for Spencer, and when they uncover the codicil, she’ll get a generous cut of the fortune. In the present, Hayden says she had reservations about working with Nikolas, and him showing up doesn’t inspire confidence. Nikolas says he’s going to take what’s his back, and leave Valentin with nothing.

Valentin and Nina toast to everything falling into place. Obrecht approaches their table, and says it’s good to see her lovely niece. She was told Nina has chosen not to pursue the charges against Sasha, and wants Nina to know she had nothing to do with Sasha’s plan. She only knew Sasha was a fraud for a short time before Lulu overheard them talking. Nina says she believes Obrecht, and Obrecht says she’s most grateful. Consider this a formal apology for not telling Nina immediately. She wants to get back to where they were before the whole saga erupted. It would mean so much her.

Peter tells Maxie that he put his phone on silent and away, so they can focus on her birthday. She says he didn’t answer her question. Why is he attached to his phone? He says he was hoping to have one more present for her. One that she wants. She asks if he’s talking about what she thinks.

Sasha tells Michael that she has a solid resume in tech. Michael says he could get her an interview at the MetroCourt, but she says she won’t let him pressure his mom. He says his mom likes her, and she says, to a point. Carly doesn’t trust her, and Sasha doesn’t blame her. The surest way to alienate Carly is to let Michael pull strings for her.

Laura apologizes to Sonny for dropping in so late, but he says she’s always welcome. She hopes he still feels that way after he finds out what she’s there to talk to him about. She knows Ava is supposed to pick up Avery tomorrow, but it’s not happening. He asks, how come? and Laura says, Ava was involved in an incident at the gallery, and voluntary checked herself into Shadybrook. Sonny says, it’s the best thing for her. She’s been heading for trouble for a long time, since Kiki was killed. Laura repeats that Ava went voluntarily, but Sonny says it makes him wonder if she should be allowed near Avery in her state of mind.

Carly asks Lucas if everything is okay. They saw Brad take off. Lucas says, good, and she asks, what’s going on? He says Brad is cheating on him.

Julian ponders, and Brad flies in, saying thank God Julian is there. He and Lucas got in a big fight, and Lucas kicked him out. He’s convinced Brad is having an affair. Julian says, he’s not? and Brad says, never. Julian says he thought Brad would, and Brad asks how Julian can say that. Julian says, it all adds up. He got caught yelling Michael’s name in his sleep; he’s seeing a shrink and getting meds; and a secret admirer sent him flowers. Then he changed his password. Brad says Julian convinced him to change it. Julian says, and someone is sending Brad nude photos. Brad asks how he knew, and Julian taps his phone. Brad says, it was him? Why? Why is Julian doing this to him?

Peter asks what Maxie thinks he’s talking about, and she says their dream apartment. He says he put a bid on it, and Lucy was supposed to call back shortly. He was hoping she’d call before dinner. Maxie wonders what’s taking so long, and he says the board is taking a closer look at his application. Maxie says, co-op boards are notoriously strict, but Peter says he can see why he’d be a hard sell. They want to keep the building trouble free and tranquil. She says, he is, but he says, not everyone thinks so. His phone rings, and he says, it’s Lucy.

Sasha tells Michael, there’s only one way to get back in his parents’ good graces on her own; to work hard and prove herself. She’s ready. Michael says he knows a woman who’s ready to hire her, and Sasha says, she knows. Lucy. But Sasha doesn’t like the idea of being the face of Deception. The idea of capitalizing on what she did to Nina feels wrong. He thinks she should tell Lucy; she’ll understand.

Laura tells Sonny that Julian is afraid he’s going to use Ava’s illness against her to try and get full custody. She was in the same situation once, and she’s glad she didn’t lose her children over that. Sonny is sympathetic to all that, but right now Ava isn’t equipped to take care of Avery. Laura says, right now. The situation is temporary. Tell her that he’s not going to use it as an excuse to take Ava’s daughter away.

Carly tells Lucas, a lot of Brad’s behavior sounds shady, but it doesn’t prove Brad is having an affair. Lucas says, he’s been acting weird for over a year. When he asked what Brad was doing, he caught Brad holding on to a big secret.

Brad asks why Julian is turning on him, and Julian says Brad is spiraling, and constantly putting their secret in jeopardy. He’s calling out Michael’s name in his sleep, so Julian is cleaning things up. He staged the affair to protect Lucas. It will hurt Lucas less than the truth coming out. He wants Brad to leave town with his imaginary lover, and get as far away from his son as possible.

At the hospital, Jordan tells Curtis when he said they were going to do what they do best, she thought he meant something more intimate, not checking lab results at GH. He says he has to find out how Valentin got away with doing it. She says he could do it tomorrow, but he says, it can’t wait. Jordan says, so it will prove Sasha’s not Nina’s daughter; then what? Curtis says they’ll keep digging. A technician comes out, and hands Curtis an envelope.

Obrecht tells Nina that Maxie has forgiven her for not speaking up sooner. She hopes Nina will do the same in time. They have a small family, and Nathan would want them stick together, if only for his son. Nina says she’d like to put the whole ugly mess behind her, and move on as a family again. For James’s sake. Obrecht says, yes, and they hug. Valentin stares at Obrecht.

Hayden says Nikolas can’t be serious. He’s considering staying? Nikolas says he’s decided, and Jax says he never agreed to hide Nikolas. Nikolas says Jax is free to walk away any time, but where does that leave Spencer and Nina?

Sonny tells Laura that he and Carly will take good care of Avery while Ava is recuperating. She says she doesn’t hear Sonny saying he won’t go for full custody, and he says he’s not sure. He asks when Laura joined team Ava, and she says she didn’t. That’s not what’s happening here. Ava has been though sheer hell, and Laura can’t help but feel for her. She’s suffered the worst kind of loss; she doesn’t have to tell Sonny that. He thanks her for stopping by, and she thanks him for listening. He says, always, and she leaves.

Carly says, if Brad is having an affair, Lucas has a lot to think about. She suggests he spend the night, but he doesn’t want to put them out. Carly says there’s a room upstairs with his name on it, across from where Wiley is sleeping. He asks if she’s sure it’s okay, and she says, of course (🍷). Whatever is going on with Brad, he’ll get through it. They hug.

Julian says the best thing Brad can do for Lucas and Wiley is to leave. Brad says, it will break up Wiley’s family, but Julian says, Wiley still has a father. Going against Julian won’t go well for Brad. The next time he sees Brad, he’d better be on his way out of town. Stop by first to tell him the marriage is over. Got that?

Peter thanks Lucy for letting him know. He tells Maxie that he didn’t get the property. She asks, why? and he says the co-op board thinks he’s too risky. His past is catching up again. Maxie says they’re better off. Who wants snobby neighbors? He says he’s sorry. He thought it would be a special birthday surprise, but she says she doesn’t need it. It’s still a beautiful night. He says she’s a good sport, and she says she’s an even better roommate. Let her show him. Move in to her place.

Michael says Lucy wants Sasha, and Sasha has the power to negotiate. She can stipulate that she won’t use her reputation or exploit Nina. Sasha wants a simpler life, like the one she had before. She wants him to know the woman she used to be. He hopes she’s not too different, and Sasha says, she’s way better. He asks how that’s possible, and she tells him, stay tuned and find out. They kiss.

Curtis and Jordan look at the test, and Curtis asks what Jordan thinks. She says she can’t believe it either.

Nina says now that Obrecht got her emotional, she has to check her makeup. Obrecht says, sorry not sorry, and Nina leaves for the bathroom. Obrecht says doesn’t Valentin look pleased, but he hasn’t quite reached his happily ever after. The DNA sample is still on file at GH. If the lab runs the test again, the results will show that Sasha is Nina’s daughter. Imagine the questions that will follow.

Curtis says, Sasha is definitely Nina’s daughter, and Jordan wonders why the test results say that. Curtis says, something is wrong, and they can bet Valentin is behind it.

Obrecht says there will be an inquiry as to how the sample was passed to Sasha. He says Obrecht isn’t in the clear; she’s just as involved. She says, perhaps, but she has far less to lose. Nina watches them talking. I think Nina might be playing Valentin.

Nikolas says if Hayden and Jax can pull it off, fine, but if not, wrap it up immediately. Hayden says they’re all on the same page. The sooner they get it done, the sooner they bring that bastard to his knees.

Tomorrow, Julian wants it to be like Brad never existed, Carly tells Josslyn there will be consequences, and Kim says she needs help.

Below Deck

27 hours before charter. Ashton tries to get Abbi on the radio. Tanner asks if he got Abbi’s text. She said she didn’t know if she’d be up by 9, and needs a toilet nearby. We see, yes, she does. Ashton wonders where the blip she gets off, and says she’s not on vacation. She gets to be a deckhand. It’s her primary job. I just have to say it. Because of his accent, every time Ashton says deckhand, I think he’s saying d*ckhead.

Kevin sings about winning as he works. Kate asks if Courtney is open to Brian, but she says, no. In Courtney’s interview, she says he’s hot, but she doesn’t get with people until she knows them better. She wants to know his personality, so she’s overlooking his body. Abbi continues to get sick. Ashton tells Tanner, sorry he’s alone, but Abbi is hugging the toilet. Abbi gets dressed, puts on some makeup, and comes out. She says she feels better, and apologizes. She says she threw up at 8:30, and needed some extra time. Ashton tells her that he’s been pretty lenient. You have to understand what your limits are. If you can’t drink and still keep up, you have to manage yourself. It’s not fair to the crew. Abbi admits she drank too much. In her interview, she says Ashton has a point, but rules are not her forte. Um… marry a rich guy then, and don’t work?

Time for the preference sheet meeting. Captain Lee says there will be eight guests. The primary’s name is Mccall, and she’s bringing girlfriends to join her. She’s a doctor, and addicted to charters. They want to enjoy all the water toys, and they’re big drinkers. Normally, they run out of alcohol on a boat. In Kate’s interview, she’s relieved it’s an all girl charter that loves to drink. It’s like an adult slumber party, and they’ll just pass out. The captain says they want a tasting menu, and Kevin says he’ll try not to disappoint them. The captain says presentation is everything, and Kevin asks what about presentation on the last meal? Captain Lee says he wasn’t impressed with it. Kevin should be blowing their socks off. In Kevin’s interview, he says, to be honest, he thinks he pissed the captain off in a way besides the food. None of the charter guests said there was anything wrong, but the only way to retaliate is to hit him where it hurts – his food. Kevin thanks the captain for his honest feedback, and Captain Lee says if Kevin doesn’t want an honest answer, he’s not the guy to come to.

The davit is fixed. Abbi tells Tanner that Ashton overreacted. In Tanner’s interview, he says his game plan is to plant seeds, and see if they grow. Kate’s garden died quickly.

Patrick and Abbi text. In her interview, Abbi say she’s been naïve and stupid, thinking Patrick is just a boyfriend. The reality is, they have something special. Being around a bunch of hot guys made her realize that she’s not attracted to anybody else. Abbie tells Simone and Courtney that she and Patrick just got engaged. He told her that he loved her in a text, she said her too, and he asked her to marry him. In Abbi’s interview, she says it may be abrupt, but she’s going with her gut feeling. In Courtney’s interview, she says Abbi and Patrick have been together two years, and suddenly say they love each other via text. Her eyes are rolling off the boat. Everyone goes to bed. Abbi tells Kate that her Greek captain is coming to Boston after the charter season, and they’re getting married. In Kate’s interview, she says, millennials are cute. Do you want to get dinner, and maybe spend the rest of your life with me?

Kevin calls his sister. He needs support, since he’s feeling emotional. He’s the only boy in the family, and has three sisters. He was the baby of the house, and thinks he still is. He tells her that the captain said he’s not good enough. No way you can say that to a chef and expect them to hang around.  Yep. He’s definitely still a baby. In his interview, he wonders if he should stay or hop off the boat. Then the captain can cook. I see he’s a  true professional as well. His sister tells him not to let the stress and bother get in the way of what he’s doing. In Kevin’s interview, he says he keeps playing it over in his head. He’s been hard at work, and Captain Lee is saying he’s not good enough. The captain is playing with his head. His sister says she doesn’t want to see him on her doorstep three days from now. Kevin is such an a-hole. Working hard and doing his best is not having no seafood for a seafood extravaganza, or eating the captain’s entrée. In his interview, Kevin says he’s giving the guests ten courses in the tasting menu. He wants it to be really impressive.

Tanner says, something is wrong. He’s feeling the worst he’s ever felt; he feels like sh*t. Abbi tells the other deckhands that she’s getting married. In his interview, Ashton thinks it’s bizarre. They spent time trying to hook up, and he can’t believe it. This changes things. The provisions arrive. Hopefully, there’s food. Kate says the guests want a beer in their hands all day. Brain knows the feeling. Tanner cracks his head on an overhang. In his interview, he says he’s not 100%. Ashton tells Tanner to let him know how he’s feeling at the end of the day. Kevin says he’s making gnocchi from scratch, and Kate says, that changes everything. She’ll need to have some. The crew changes into their whites, and drinks are made. Kate has an armful of leis ready.

The guests start squealing before they even get to the boat. Captain lee tells the crew, they can still get away if they hurry. Kate puts a lei on everyone, and a guest says she hasn’t been lei’d in a while. It must be some sort of requirement to make a joke like that. In her interview, Kate says she loves an all woman charter. They just come on to get loose, happy, and drink wine. There are lots of woo! Sounds, and Courtney makes faces. The guests marvel over the boat, and jump on the beds.

The table is set, and the women scream over Ashton, and tells him if he wants to take his shirt off, it’s okay with them. Ashton says they’re going to be trouble. Tanner gets a break, and Kevin fries up the gnocchi. He says he’s thinking that the captain doesn’t think he does a good job, and he’s sweating bullets. Lunch is served. Ashton asks how Tanner is doing, and Tanner says, better; he’s there. Ashton tells him they’re putting out the water toys. One of the guests says, it’s gonna happen, referring to Ashton, and when she’s out of hearing range, Kate says, so gross.

Anchor is locked. Abbi chats with the guests, telling them she’s from Boston. They scream, which seems to  be their natural reaction to everything. Ashton calls her again. Brian thinks Ashton is jealous after hearing about the engagement thing. Abbi tells Ashton that the clients want to jump off the bow, so that’s where they’re headed. He tells Abbi to get the swim platform set up. In Ashton’s interview, he says, since the engagement, Abbi has been distracted. Her work ethic wasn’t the best to begin with, and she needs to get more focused. Simone is back in the laundry room, and Kate asks if she want out of the laundry hole for a while. Simone says, hallelujah, and Kate says she can tell. Simone can help Courtney. In Kate’s interview, she says, Simone is good at laundry, and likes it, but if you stay there too long, you can lose the upbeat attitude real quick. She’s done it.

Ashton goes to the bow, and the guests says he should probably take his shirt off. He jumps into the water with them. Tanner manages to get out of bed. Kevin studies his menu, and goes over it with Kate. Simone and Abbi are talking nearby, and he asks them to take it somewhere else. In Kevin’s interview, he says, this dinner is important. He can do it; he just has to focus. He goes through all ten courses with Kate, and she makes notes. She thinks ten courses is strong. In her interview, she says she’s quickly learning that every meal is a roller coaster of Kevin’s ego. It’s Kevin’s boat; they’re just on it. She asks Courtney to do laundry.

In Courtney’s interview, she says she’s in service, and constantly doing laundry is boring, mind-numbing, dirty, and she’s bad at it. Her ex did all her laundry. The slide is put away, and Abbi whines that she’s had no break and got up at 6 am. In her interview, Abbi says she’s not used to this sh*t. On a sailboat, they have one paddle board, and it’s never deflated. Here, they have a trampoline and slide. Is it a jungle gym or a boat? Tanner feels lightheaded, and Ashton tells him, go to bed.

The guests get ready for dinner. Captain Lee checks out the menu, and Kevin explains about some kind of Bloody Mary dressing he’s making. In the captain’s interview, he says he’s expecting Kevin to deliver better food. A ten course menu is a big bite of the apple; so many things can go south. If Kevin doesn’t step up to the plate, he’ll fire him. Kevin wonders since when they captain has been so interested in the food, and Kate says, when Kevin decided to make ten amazing courses.

Kevin says he’s getting nervous. Kate says if he’s nervous, she’s nervous. In Kevin’s interview, he says a lot of people probably want him to sink tonight, but it’s not going to happen. Kate tells the guests, the first course – a cucumber salad with the Bloody Mary dressing – is to awaken the palate. The captain checks to see how Kevin is doing. Everything looks fabulous, and Captain Lee says he loves it. One of the guests says she needs to marry this man. Kate tells Kevin that they’re loving it. Abbi talks to her new fiancé on the phone. He’s happy and looking forward to getting married forever and ever. And if they get a divorce, these will still have been the best years. In her interview, Abbi says, since the engagement, she’s always thinking about Patrick now. In Courtney’s interview, she says when she thinks about her last meal on earth – and she thinks about it often – it has ten courses, but normally, that would be too much. It’s not like they’re huge dishes though. They’re actually quite small. Like a couple of bites. The guests tell Kate that they wouldn’t be disappointed if he did a striptease, and she says she’ll be happy to tell him. Kate tells Ashton that the guests have a big request. They want him to strip. He says he’s hung up his G-string, and does some gyrations. Kate tells him, his mouth is saying no, but his pelvis is saying yes. In Ashton’s interview, he says, when he was younger, he did a male review. It comes naturally. The captain watches Kevin work. In his interview, Captain Lee says, it’s a step in the right direction. They’ll see if he can keep it up. He tells Kevin that he’s having dinner with the guests tomorrow.

Kate tells Ashton to bring out the eleventh course. He comes out, and says he heard he had a request. He tells them he usually asks for a volunteer, and one of the guests gets in a chair up front. He says he’s going to show them the fundamentals you have to remember when doing a lap dance. First, you learn how to touch yourself. He does some moves, and they scream. He bumps and grinds, and in Kate’s interview, she says, you can take the boy out of the strip club dance group, but you can never take the strip club group out of the boy. Ashton says, last, but not least, you say thank you, and he kisses her hand. In his interview, Ashton says, memorable moments can mean the difference between a $15K and $20K tip. Kate tells him, good job.

Kevin wishes it was the final night. In his interview, he says he proved himself. Good on him. Now he’s thinking about dinner for the captain tomorrow night. He’s walking into the lion’s den. Ashton wonders why the deck hasn’t been mopped. Brian is the guy he counts on, and Ashton has been busting his ass on deck, while Brian is flirting with Courtney, and munching on Kevin’s leftovers. He’s employed as a deckhand, not a sous chef. Ashton kind of jumps down Brian’s throat, and Brian thinks Ashton is being unfair. In Ashton’s interview, he says, Tanner isn’t well, Abbi is mucking around, and it feels like the wheels are falling off the bus. Brian says they’re supposed to be a team, and Ashton says that’s his point. Brian says he works hard. He’s sorry he missed something, but he’s not perfect. Ashton says, it’s simple stuff, and Brian is saying he’s wrong for bringing it up. In Ashton’s interview, he says he has to put his foot down. He can’t have Brian help inside; it’s not his job. He’s trying be fair, but Brian needs to stop focusing on the interior. It pains him to speak to Brian this way, but as bosun, he has to speak to him about it. Then Brian has audacity to say he’s unfair, and it gets Ashton’s back up. In Brian’s interview, he wonders what this bullsh*t is about. He doesn’t know where it’s coming from, since he pushes himself to the limit every day. Dude, relax. Wtf?

Kevin tells Kate he made granola with his sweat and blood. She says she’ll use her tears as a garnish. Breakfast – my favorite meal – is served. The women start eating, and it gets very quiet. One of them says, food clearly shuts them up. Ashton thinks maybe he came across wrong to Brian, and tells Brian that he appreciates his hard work. If he came across otherwise, he apologizes. He just wants Brian to channel his efforts on the exterior. In Ashton’s interview, he says, bosuning is hard. You have to manage your own emotions and everyone else’s. He’s still trying to figure it out.

Tanner is still not well. He says he feels like absolute dog sh*t. He just wants to relax and watch cartoons. The guests don’t give a f**k if you’re sick, so you’ve got to suck it up and get through it. He goes into the bathroom and throws up.

Kate calls Simone to the galley, and tells her tonight isn’t a ten-course meal, so she can be the alternate, and next charter be on service more. In Simone’s interview, she says she’s looking forward to doing service with Kate and furthering her career. She’s mostly been doing housekeeping for the last two years, and she’s ready for service. She helps Kate serve drinks. Tanner comes out to the crew mess, and says, it’s nice being able to eat; he had nothing yesterday. Ashton tells the deckhands that they need to be more detail oriented. He feels some of them have their heads in the clouds instead of paying attention to details. Tanner says, sounds good, and Ashton says he doesn’t want anyone doing things they’re not enjoying. In Abbi’s interview, she says she loves how he basically singled her out. He can’t expect everyone else to be like him. Tanner tells her that he doesn’t think it was directed toward her. In her interview, Abbi says she wants to be positive, but it’s really hard.

Kevin preps some fish, Tanner says he’s dehydrated, and Abbi can’t stop eating. Brian asks if something is up, and she says she thinks she’s depressed. Tanner asks if it’s the work itself, but Abbi says she doesn’t like the vibe. She wants to get past it and move on. Brian says it happens a lot on charters, and Tanner says it’s always like a roller coaster. In Abbi’s interview, she says she eats when she’s stressed, and she hates this job.

Courtney tells Kate that Abbi doesn’t like the job. Kate says Abbi isn’t depressed; she’s just a brat. Courtney agrees. Ashton tells the deckhands to bring the toys in, and asks Abbi to help with the slide. Simone passes out beer, while Ashton and Tanner take a couple of guests out on the jet skis. Brain tells Abbi that she has to focus, but she doesn’t know what he’s asking for. She gets weepy, and tells Simone that Brian is being a d*ck, and she wants to leave. She starts to cry, and says she’s always so happy. She’s sick of this sh*t, and thinks she needs to quit. Well, she’s not the first one who didn’t like it when they realized it was actual work.

Next time, Captain Lee didn’t see this coming, Abbi doesn’t like the job, Tanner is still sick, the captain expects Kevin to go big or he will be going home, and beef tongue doesn’t go over well with the guests.

🏢 Meanwhile, Outside Pentenville…

Nelle has another project going on.


No More DOOL for Dorian…

But she’s okay with that.


OG Drew…

So that’s where he went after the plane crash.


🏥 It Looks Like He Might Be Ghosting Us

Tony returns to Port Charles.


⏰ Better Wake Up Now…

I hit the snooze. For the impatient, the bulk of the song starts at around 4:00.













September 20, 2019 – Shiloh Testifies, Winner Winner Made the Best Dinner, Casting Call, Date Revealed, a Feud Revisited, a Dozen Minus One Quotes & Not My Saturday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

On the phone, Sonny leaves Carly a message that he left the trial early. He couldn’t stand looking at Shiloh’s face. Jason will fill her in. He’s getting lunch. He’ll improvise in getting her something.

Carly is also on the phone. Carly realizes the semester started already, but Dev is a fast learner, and she feels the school is a perfect fit. She says she thinks an interview is a great idea.

Dev and Josslyn sit outside Kelly’s. Josslyn thinks the essay is a waste of time. Dev asks if she’s not a Nathaniel Hawthorne fan, and she says she’s not a fan of the assignment. Rather than explaining the symbolism of light and dark, she’d like to discuss whether it’s misogynistic or feminist. The reason it’s dark in some of the scenes is because it’s nighttime. The end. She says he’s quiet; is something wrong? He says no, and she asks if he’s still worried about school. He remembers hearing Carly tell Sonny that they’re going to have to send Dev away. He says, maybe a little.

Lulu and Maxie bring lunch into the Crimson office. Lulu says their lunch is long overdue. Maxie agrees. Lulu has updates, and Maxie asks if they’re about hot Dustin. Lulu says she’s still mortified about her mother walking in on them. Maxie is sure her mother is too, and suggests a heads up next time. Lulu asks to change the subject. Lulu asks how James is, and Maxie says, delicious. Lulu asks how it’s going with Peter, and Maxie says, so good. She’s almost nervous.

On the phone, Peter says they’re not going to get another opportunity like this again. There can’t be any mistakes. Understood? Sketch guy being a guard says, don’t worry. After today, Shiloh won’t be a problem for anyone.

Shiloh is sworn in. Sam makes a meh face at him.

Sonny sees Dev and Josslyn outside Kelly’s, and asks, what’s going on? Josslyn says, homework with a side of homework. Sonny says, already? and Josslyn tells him, the teachers aren’t being easy on them. Sonny says, hit the ground running, but she says, it feels like they’re sprinting. Sonny tells Dev to take some time off from the warehouse; they’ll survive without him for a bit. Sonny is proud of them, staying on top of things. Josslyn says she’s not ditching, and going back to being an outstanding PCHS student. Sonny says, good. It’s one less thing for her mom to worry about with the baby on the way.

Bobbie stops by to visit Carly, saying she had time before picking up Wiley. Carly says she misses Wiley, and Bobbie says they’re going straight to the Y for his swimming lesson. Lucas and Brad are both working, and didn’t want him to miss it. Carly says Bobbie is living up to her World’s Best Grandma mug. Bobbie says she’s hoping to stay on the same streak with Carly’s little one. That’s why she’s there. She wanted to go over a few things. Carly’s due date is approaching like a freight train, and she hasn’t shared her birth plan. Carly says Dr. Navarro scheduled her for a C-section weeks ago. Bobbie is surprised that she’s having a C-section.

Peter walks into the Crimson office. He says he was going to ask Maxie to lunch, but Lulu beat him to it. He asks for a raincheck, and Maxie gives him a kiss. He asks if Lulu shouldn’t be working on her story, and she says it’s the first break she’s gotten. The pet fashion show was a longer time investment than she anticipated. Maxie asks did she at least have fun, and Lulu says, yes – for the first hour. Peter asks, how long? and she says, four hours of dressed up pets with punny supermodel names. Peter is sure she found a good angle. She says she tried, but she’s craving more. She knows she promised that she wouldn’t ask for another professional favor, but she’s desperate. Can he please convince her editor to put her back on the crime beat?

Shiloh’s lawyer, Miss Soto, asks his name and his occupation. He tells her to call him Shiloh, and says he’s the founder of Dawn of Day. She says they’ve heard testimony about the supposed horrors that happened within his organization. It he the leader of DoD, and is it a cult? He says, no; absolutely not. He takes issue with the term leader. No one person is above another in their organization. She asks what they do, and he says, community outreach mostly; clothing and food drives, and beautification projects. She asks if he’d describe the members as volunteers who better the community, and he says he would, but a more vital component is that they’re a self-help organization. She asks him to elaborate, and he says they believe, in order to heal the world’s wounds, they have to heal theirs first. They’ve helped many lost and misguided souls, some of which are in attendance today. Kristina came to him confused and troubled, alienated from her family. He put her in their outreach program, and watched her blossom into a self-assured young woman. Alexis was involved in a highly toxic, abusive relationship with her ex. The work they did helped move her to a stable more mature relationship. (Huh? Does he mean her relationship with the shrink she needed to help untwist Kristina’s mind from what Shiloh did to her?) He says Sam was unlike her sister and mother. She came to him under false pretenses, saying she needed help working on her co-dependency issues with her son’s father. It became clear that she had an ulterior motive, and ultimately conspiring with the man who tried to kill him – Jason Morgan.

Jennifer objects, saying, the witness is assuming facts not in evidence. Shiloh says, the fact is, Jason threw him down a flight of stairs. Jennifer says, unsubstantiated allegations, and the judge says, sustained. He tells Miss Soto to keep her client focused. She asks if Shiloh takes issue with Sam’s testimony, and he says he takes issue with the fact that she’s lying. Jennifer objects again, saying, inflammatory, and it’s overruled, but the judge advises defense counsel to tone down the rhetoric. Miss Soto asks what might have motivated Sam into giving false or misleading testimony? Shiloh says it might have had something to do with their past history. She asks him to elaborate, and he says, years ago, Sam married his father under a false name, and wiped out their family’s life savings.

Peter says he’ll mention Lulu’s concerns to her editor, but his help comes with a price. He wants her to assure him that she’ll stick to reporting. No more vigilante stuff, and going after the suspects herself. She agrees, but Maxie thinks the crime beat might not be good for Lulu. She won’t have time to hang out with hot Dustin.

Josslyn tells Sonny that she doesn’t want to cause her parents any stress. She knows the baby needs to be the number one priority right now. Sonny is glad to hear it. He asks if they need a ride, but Josslyn wants to finish her essay so she can enjoy her weekend. Sonny says he’ll see them at home. Dev tells Josslyn that he’s glad to get a head start. Josslyn says she can’t take another pep talk. He says he’s just glad she hasn’t written off school.

Bobbie asks why Carly opted for a C-section, and Carly says Dr. Navarro thought it was a safer option. She’s sorry she didn’t tell Bobbie. It must be pregnancy brain. Bobbie tells her, enjoy that excuse while it lasts. She asks if Carly is getting nervous, and Carly says, a little. Bobbie says she’s doing everything right. There are advantages to a C-section, especially if a difficult delivery is anticipated, but they’d know that by now if there were serious complications with the pregnancy.

Carly says, actually, there is something she hasn’t told Bobbie about the baby. Bobbie asks what it is, but Sonny comes in. He gives Carly some take-out from Kelly’s, and Bobbie says Carly was about to tell her something about the baby. What’s going on with her grandchild? Carly says they know the sex of the baby, but decided not to tell anyone. Bobbie says Carly can’t even tell her own mother? and Carly says she wanted to, but she changed her mind. Bobbie says they’re not having a big reveal party, are they? Sonny says, absolutely not. Carly thinks it’s better to surprise the whole family, and Bobbie says, at least they’re all in the dark together. She’d love to stay, and weasel the truth out of Carly, but she has to get Wiley. She leaves, and Sonny says, Carly isn’t telling her mom? Carly says she thought about it, but the more she thought, the more it sense not to tell her. They won’t know the severity until the baby is born. It’s in her mom’s best interest. She’ll just hover, and Carly wants the next few weeks to be peaceful. Sonny says, all right then; it’s settled. They’ll wait until the baby is born.

Josslyn tells Dev, just being in that building brings up memories of Oscar. She’s constantly reminded that Oscar is gone. Dev says he’s sorry, but Josslyn says, it’s okay. It’s not, but she doesn’t want to stress out her parents. She doesn’t want to mess up too bad, or make them think she’s losing it. There’s no telling how far they’ll go if they think they need to protect her.

Carly hands Sonny the boarding school brochure, and asks what he thinks. He says, it seems good. Carly says she’s done research, and thinks it’s a perfect fit for Dev. She’s been in touch with the school, and spoke with the administrator. They’ll have to interview Dev personally, of course (🍷), but they’re open to taking him this semester, even before the holidays. Sonny says, stop, now. He never agreed to send Dev away.

Peter says he didn’t know Lulu and Dustin were serious. Lulu says, they’re not. Despite what Cupid has to say, they’re not a thing. Maxie says, they are. Lulu says, not serious enough to affect her career decisions. She doesn’t know what the conflict between her work and social life is. Theirs don’t conflict. Maxie says she’s not exactly hunting criminals, just those of the fashion variety. Lulu says she’s just second-in-command at a national fashion magazine. Peter says, only until she’s running her own fashion magazine. Lulu says, what’s that? and Maxie says, it’s nothing. Lulu says, it’s something. It’s something Maxie doesn’t want Peter to tell her. Is she leaving Crimson?

Miss Soto asks if he’s sure Sam was aware of the connection. He says she confronted him directly, but he assured her that he’d long since forgiven her. She didn’t believe him, and did everything in her power to remove him from Port Charles. Jennifer objects, saying Sam isn’t on trial, but Miss Soto says, it’s motive. Sam would have reason to fabricate her allegations against Shiloh. The judge says, sustained, and tells the jury to disregard speculation with regard to Sam. Miss Soto has no further questions. Jennifer says Shiloh stated everyone in DoD was equal. That’s actually not true, is it? Some were more equal than others. How did the Trust operate? He says it was the highest level of the organization. Jennifer says, and Trust members were expected to have sex with him? He stammers, and she says, yes or no? Did the initiation into the Trust conclude with them having sex with him? He says, it has on occasion, and Jennifer says, how many times? Five? Ten? Fifty? Give her a number. He says he doesn’t keep track of that sort of thing. She shows the court a stack of papers, and asks if these sworn affidavits, given by his victims, will sharpen his memory. How many women were initiated into the Trust? How many were ordered to drink the drugged tea to lower their inhibitions? We flash back Kristina’s initiation. Jennifer asks, how many did he mark with his tattoo? We flash back to Sam’s initiation. Jennifer asks, how many did he sexually assault? We flash back to Shiloh finding Willow in her classroom. She says she wants him to leave, and he says that’s not what he wants. She made a promise to never leave him, and she broke that promise. Miss Sotto objects, and Jennifer says, withdrawn.

The judge adjourns for the day. The defendant is remanded to Pentenville. Shiloh is cuffed, and taken out. Chase tells Willow, she was amazing. He’s proud of her. Kristina says she could use a drink, or two, or ten. She asks Willow, any interest? Willow suggests they get the hell out of there. Chase says he’ll text her, they exchange I love yous, and Chase leaves. Spinelli tells Jason and Sam, it was a most satisfying day. Shiloh looked trapped. Sam says she should have known Shiloh was going to use her past against her; he always has another card to play. Jason says her testimony was strong, but they have to cover every possible angle. He tells Spinelli to investigate the connection between Peter and Shiloh. He asks if Sam is okay, and she says she can’t believe he used her past against her. I’m not sure why. He says they knew this was coming when Shiloh opted to stand trial. His only hope is to cast doubt on the witnesses. Sam says she can’t let it get to her. Not after what he did to Kristina.

Sketch guy approaches the guard with Shiloh in the hallway. He says, the warden wants this to be a two man operation.

Carly thought they were on the same page, but Sonny says, obviously not. He didn’t think she was going to schedule an interview. She says nothing has been scheduled. She just got available times. He doesn’t think it’s right to send Dev off. Maybe he’s wrong. She says she doesn’t know what he wants her to do. She won’t ask Josslyn to continue to lie, and she won’t do it to Dev either. He knows his presence there means Josslyn has to lie. Sonny says he knows he’s asking a lot for Josslyn to be patient during this arrangement. Carly says, it’s not sustainable. He says, maybe they could consider letting Josslyn move in with Jax for a while.

Josslyn doesn’t want to talk about school, and asks Dev to talk about literally anything else. How is it working in the warehouse? Dev says, fine, and she wonders if he can be more vague. He says, things are okay, and she tells him that he’s going to flunk English if he doesn’t expand his vocabulary. How’s it really going? He says, good so far, but he feels like not relating, the way some people talk to him. Josslyn asks if they talk down to him, and he says they think Sonny made up the position to keep him busy. He feels like he’s in the way. Not just at the warehouse but at home too.

Peter says, it just came out, and Lulu says, this is happening? Maxie says, nothing is happening. She’s not leaving Crimson. Peter is fixated on the idea that she can run her own magazine. Lulu asks why Maxie is reluctant, and Maxie says she’s happy at Crimson, and she loves working with Nina. Lulu asks if she doesn’t want more. Maxie tells Peter, now that he hijacked their catch-up session, she’s politely asking him to leave. He gets up, puts his jacket on, and tells Lulu, one more thing. She shouldn’t rock the boat at work until he’s had a chance to speak with her editor. She thanks him, and says she’d love to get back to crime. She’s love to cover the Shiloh trial. He says, too dark, but she says, it’s torture waiting for other reports instead of just being there. He says he knows the feeling. In the hallway, he flashes back to Shiloh threatening him, saying he’s an eyewitness. Peter can deny it, but with his track record, who would believe him? Especially not that cutie he brought to the Nurses Ball, Maxie Jones. Shiloh says he wants the hell out, and Peter is going to make it happen.

The real guard says, the warden didn’t say anything, but sketch guy says, with all the media attention the case is getting, and all the crazies coming out of the woodwork, he thought there should be help just in case. The guard says, whatever the warden wants. Sketch guy’s phone rings, and he says he needs to take the call. Start the van, and he’ll be out in a second. It’s Peter, and sketch guy says, the situation is being handled. Peter says, it had better be finished by the end of the trial. Keep him posted. Peter turns around, and Spinelli is standing there.

Carly says Sonny wants Josslyn to move in with Jax? He thinks it’s the least damaging thing for her and Dev. Carly tells him to forget that idea; it’s not happening. She won’t help Dev at Josslyn’s expense. He says he never meant to prioritize Dev; he was just thinking out loud. She tells him, keep thinking. That plan doesn’t work for their family. This is Josslyn’s home, and it will devastate Avery. The first thing she does in the morning is ask where Josslyn is. He says he would never sacrifice their family for Dev. He’s just trying to help the kid out. Carly gets that, but he’s not Dev’s father. Maybe the best way to protect Dev is keep him at a distance. He says he’s not hanging Dev out to dry, but she says they would never do that. He says, sending Dev to boarding school feels that way, but she says, they’d be sending him to a place to create the life he wants. He won’t have to worry about fielding questions about his past. He’d be free. Why she thinks he wouldn’t be fielding questions at another school, I don’t know.

Josslyn says he’s not getting in the way, but Dev says it’s not fair for her to lie. It’s a lot. He appreciates everything they’ve done for him. Josslyn knows he’s grateful, and he says he’s serious. He wants her to know it’s meant a lot – whatever happens. She asks what that means, and he says, it just means that anything can happen to anyone at any time. He doesn’t want to go another day without apologizing. He’s sorry he was a jerk at the beginning. If he suddenly wasn’t around, he’d want her to know how much it meant to him. Josslyn tells him to stop auditioning. He already booked the gig. He’s not going anywhere. She says she’s heading home, and asks if he’s coming. He says he’s staying there. He’s hoping inspiration will strike. She says she’ll see him at home – where he’s not getting in the way.

Lulu asks Maxie to tell her about the new job opportunity. Maxie says there isn’t one, and Lulu says, not until she leaves Crimson. Maxie asks why she would do that. It’s part of her DNA. She asks if Lulu remembers when they were both assistants. Lulu knows Maxie is passionate about it, but she’s not obligated to stay. Maxie says her own fashion magazine is a fantasy. There’s no offer on the table. Starting a magazine is asking to fail. Lulu asks what she’d do if she was put in charge, and Maxie says, it would have to be online. Crimson has an online presence, but she’d want the site to be the crux of the enterprise. She’s want to see a lifestyle brand. They’d do things like affordable concerts, interviews with influencers, the history of fashion designers. Lulu says, so she hasn’t thought about this at all.

Sam asks what Robert thinks. He says Shiloh’s testimony could have gone better, but thinks the jury will see through it. Jason hopes he’s right. Robert says they all want Shiloh brought to justice, but it has to be by the legal system. Not Jason’s personal brand.

Peter says Spinelli snuck up on him, and Spinelli says he’s well-versed the techniques of stealth and surveillance. He hopes he didn’t disturb Peter’s call. Peter says, it was business, and Spinelli wonders how Shiloh’s trial is business. Peter says Spinelli can read about it if he has The Invader online. Spinelli says he didn’t mean to overstep. He was just curious about Peter, since Peter is getting close with his daughter’s mother.

Robert hopes Jason isn’t planning retaliation. All eyes are on the trial. If something happens to Shiloh, the PCPD and his office will know where to start asking questions. He leaves, and Sam asks if he’s kidding. It’s an unfair, unnecessary lecture. Does he think Jason is going after Shiloh while he’s in custody? Jason says Robert thinks he wants Shiloh dead, which is true. He thinks Jason can get to him, which is also true. If the system fails, he’s going to deal with Shiloh personally. Robert can ask all the questions he wants, but there won’t be any proof. Chase sees them, and says, dammit! Shiloh is gone.

Sonny says he’ll keep an open mind, and Carly tells him, don’t take too long. They have to make a decision before the next semester. He promises a decision will be made before the baby is born. She says her goal isn’t to pick on Dev, or push him away. Her goal is to support her daughter. If Josslyn wants to divide her time between them and Jax at some point, they’ll have that conversation as a family. She’s not uprooting her daughter for Dev. She wants Josslyn to pick what’s right for herself.

Dev looks travel options from Port Charles to Montreal. Wow. The flights are pretty cheap. Like, thirty-nine bucks.

Maxie says, sorry to ramble, but Lulu says she’s not rambling. She sounds excited, and Lulu is proud of her. Maxie says she has a big notion of what she’d like to do, but she’s not an entrepreneur; she’s a fashion editor. She’s not qualified to launch a magazine. Lulu says, it sounded like a smart business plan. Maxie says Lulu is too kind. Lulu says when she was considering switching careers and becoming a journalist, it seemed like a pipe dream. But a close friend told her it took three things to make her dream a reality – talent, drive, and commitment – and Maxie has all three. Maxie says, she did say that, didn’t she? Lulu says, she did, and she was right. Maxie says it’s great to about it, but it’s not happening. She’s not leaving now; no way, not yet. The last few years have been rocky for her, and things are just settling down. Besides, she likes how much time she has to spend with James and Peter. Why jeopardize that?

Josslyn gets home, but no one is around. She sees the brochure, and says, boarding school?

Spinelli suggests he and Peter do a double date. Peter asks if Spinelli wants to go out with him and Maxie, but Spinelli says, and Ellie, of course (🍷). The next time they’re all in the same city, they can grab dinner. Peter says, sounds great. Spinelli says with the holidays coming, he’ll be back soon, and Peter suggests he run some dates by Maxie. She can set something up. Peter leaves, and after an extremely awkward moment with Peter waiting for the elevator doors to close, Spinelli makes a call. He says it’s the Jackal, and he needs a trace on a cell phone call.

Sam asks Chase how Shiloh could be gone? He was cuffed and under guard. Chase says, the van never made it back to Pentenville.

Bobbie is pulled over. She asks the officer if there’s a problem. The officer is Shiloh, and he says, afraid so.

On Monday, Finn wants to ask Peter some questions, Franco tells Elizabeth that she has no claim on him, Josslyn thinks she’s being sent away, and Bobbie calls for help.

🍰 If You Didn’t See It…

I missed the first hour of the MasterChef finale, but apparently, everything was getting so close, Joe resorted to complaining about plate colors. Some of the plates were truly unique. One looked like an open book – at least I hope it was a plate, and not really a book, which seems a little unsanitary. The other plate design that caught my eye had a pair of hands on it, which made it look like they were holding the food. Nick got the boot before the end, an undercooked piece of seabass being his undoing. The consolation prize was Joe offering to take Nick under his wing. It came down to Dorian and Sarah, and desserts. Dorian said her dessert was her way of bringing her mom into the kitchen, and Joe said when he ate her food, he got to know her better. She told her story on a plate, and it took major talent to do that. Sarah made some ganache, and I don’t really know what that is, but it was chocolate, and it looked amazing. Both Sarah and Dorian received a Viking kitchen, which was sweet, but would never even fit in my postage stamp sized kitchen. In the end, it was Dorian who got the quarter million, the trophy, and the chance to train in all three of the judges’ restaurants. At age 45, she was thrilled to prove you should always go after your dream. I’m sure Sarah won’t do too badly either. It’s like being one of the finalists on American Idol. There are still plenty of perks.

🍗 If you’re interested in auditioning for the next MasterChef, you can go to: masterchefcasting.com. I laughed to myself, thinking I should go in there and make boiled hot dogs and scrambled eggs.

🏩 Wondering If Tad Is Still a Cad…

Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Colonel Sanders?


💰 The Return of Tuc…

The 80s? Wall Street? Lamborghinis? Don Cheadle? I’m in.


👠 A Feud For the Ages…

One of my favorite frenemy pairs.


📡 Quotes of the Week

After all, what did they have in common? She was a lawyer, and he was a sandwich. – Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Sex in the City

Raise your voice, not your words; it is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. – Rumi

Anybody can become angry — that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way — that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.Aristotle

Patience is not the ability to wait. Patience is to be calm no matter what happens. – Roy T. Bennett

I cannot let the fear of the past color the future. – Julie Kagawa

Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. – Mark Twain

Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties.Jules Renard

If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend. Doug Larson

If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.George Bernard Shaw

Justice ain’t about bringing back the dead. Justice is about justice. – Tadzu Lempke (Michael Constantine), Thinner, by Stephen King

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. – William Shakespeare

👓 It’s a Conspiracy…

Everyone seems to have a more fun Saturday than me too. Warning: bad words.












September 17, 2019 – Cassandra Reveals Herself, Kelly Gongs Shannon, Another Life To Live, Anticipating Spinelli & Hump Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Curtis asks Laura if she thinks it’s Lulu’s scarf, but she says, no; it’s not her style. She can still smell the perfume. Curtis says they’re on a boat closed for repairs. No staff; no guests. Laura says, Dustin and Lulu weren’t the only ones on the boat, and Curtis says, now, neither are they. She asks if anyone else is looking for the document, and he says, as far as he knows, just them and his client. He opens the closet door, and Cassandra is standing there with a gun.

Valentin and Nina bring Sasha to her hotel room. Sasha says they don’t have to do this, but Nina says, nonsense. Finn wants her close to GH in case she has a setback. Not that she anticipates anything going wrong. Valentin says Sasha’s proved she’s a survivor, and Nina says they come from sturdy stock. She tells Sasha to sit and put her feet up. She made a vow to never risk losing Sasha again.

Chase tells Michael if there’s anything he can do, just ask. Michael thanks him, and says, it’s just life taking another unexpected turn.

Brad sees Julian, and asks if it’s over. Julian says he did what he needed to do. Brad says he needs specifics, and Julian says he acted accordingly. Brad asks if accordingly means Obrecht is dead.

Finn tells Andre, it’s looking good. He’s pleased with Andre’s progress. Andre realizes things have changed since he was there last, but he’s betting Finn switching his specialty isn’t one of them. Finn says Anna asked him to keep an eye on Andre. She feels  somewhat responsible. She let Drew know where he was, and he fell into a trap. Andre says, no one could have foreseen the trap, even her. He came there to restore Franco’s memory. Elizabeth walks in, and he says, unless Elizabeth has changed her mind.

Franco tells Kim that he’ll let her know where he is; he’ll send her a postcard. She says, please don’t. He says he needs her to know where to find him, even if she doesn’t want to look. You gotta give a man something to hope for. He starts to leave, but she says, wait. She can’t say goodbye to him again. She grabs him, and they kiss.

Cassandra tells Curtis and Laura, back up, slowly. Curtis says, look who we have here, and Laura says, it’s not every day they find a fugitive hiding in the closet. The scarf is hers? Cassandra says, indeed. She tells Curtis not to be a hero; his wife has been through enough. Curtis says, she knows him? She says she does, and she knows they’re looking for a document that could bring down Valentin, a desire they have in common. Curtis suggests they combine forces. Tell them what she knows. She has a better idea. Tie each other up, and she’ll watch.

Nina tells Sasha, there’s also the additional security at the MetroCourt. She doesn’t expect Cassandra to come after Sasha again, but she can’t be too safe. Valentin has confidence Cassandra will be dealt with. Nina asks, how? and he says the authorities are on to her. He suggests they do what Peter said, and look to the future, which includes the wedding. Nina reminds Sasha that she’s the maid of honor, and has to be kept healthy and well. Environment impacts attitude, and attitude impacts health. Nina wants to get Sasha some fresh flowers, and fruit for healthy snacking, but Sasha says she needs to talk to Nina. Nina wants to pamper Sasha first, and goes off to find what she needs, leaving Sasha alone with Valentin. Sasha tells him, she’s feeling tired, and wants to lie down. He doesn’t need to watch over her. He must have more important things to do. He says, actually, he doesn’t. He wants to know what was going on with her and Michael, but she says that’s her business. He says, it was a little chilly in there. Michael wasn’t his usual devoted self, and was in a hurry to get out. What’s going on?

Michael tells Chase, three days ago, they didn’t know Sasha was going to survive, and now she’s been released. Compared to that, everything else is manageable. Chase admires his perspective, but if he needs to talk… Willow joins them, and says she just had her second interview. Fingers crossed, she thinks it went well. Michael says he told her that they’d like her. Willow says she should know by the end of the day, and Chase says, maybe they’ll have something to celebrate. He leaves for work, and Willow tells Michael that she was trying not to get her hopes too high, but she feels she could do a lot of good with the kids in pediatrics. Michael does too. He says he has to take off, and she asks if everything is okay. He says, yes… Well, it’s not as okay as he thought. She wonders where that’s coming from, and Michael says, he has the bad habit of seeing what he wants to see in people, and ignoring who someone really is. He thought he was past it, but he believed someone who turned out to be someone he doesn’t even recognize.

Julian grabs Brad, and brings him into an examining room. He tells Brad, they’re at the hospital, and he’s talking about killing Obrecht. Brad doubts anyone one will shed a tear, but Julian thinks Lucas might have a problem with it. Brad asks, what happened? and Julian says he went to the garage and found Obrecht’s car. He thought about how easy it would be to tamper with the brakes. She likes to speed like she’s on the Autobahn. It would just be a matter of time. Brad says, she drives like a bat out of hell; it’s finally over. But what if she crashes with someone else? Julian says, that’s not going to happen, but Brad asks how he can be so sure. It’s over right?

Apparently not. Obrecht goes to the MetroCourt, and orders a vodka tonic, light on the vodka. She’s sure the bartender isn’t as heavy handed as Julian. Julian makes exceptionally strong drinks. She tells him, on second thought, make it a Virgin Mary.

Finn says he’ll give Elizabeth and Andre a chance to talk. She asks him to stay. She’s holding Franco’s future in her hands, and needs all the input she can get. Andre told her there were four things that could happen, and only one of them is good. Andre says, one, Franco’s memory is restored. Two, the procedure has no effect. Three, Drew’s memories intensify. Elizabeth says, the fourth outcome is Franco being in a permanently vegetative state. Andre says she has to make a decision based on what she can live with. Elizabeth says she had to think about what Franco would choose, if he was speaking for himself and not Drew. She keeps coming back to the same thing. She knows what Franco would want.

Franco kicks door shut, as he and Kim kiss. They get busy, and I’m very, very disappointed. Not with Franco – he doesn’t know any better – but Kim has surpassed Monica in the selfish department.

Elizabeth says, the man she loves told Cameron to tell his mom that he loves her and he’ll be back. He’d want her to fight as hard as she can to choose the option of bringing him back. Andre asks if Franco agreed, but she says, leave that to her. She leaves, and sees Chase in the hallway. She asks if Drew was found, but he says they’re changing it from rescue to recovery. Is she okay? She says, it’s a lot to take in. He’s very sorry for her loss. He was about to go see Andre, but before he does, he needs to tell her something about Franco.

Julian tells Brad, he couldn’t go through with it. He started to tamper with the brakes, but came to his senses, and put things back to normal. Brad says, what the hell? Julian said he did what he had to. Julian says, he did; he walked away. Brad says he could have stopped Obrecht once and for all, but he let her live to hold the truth over Brad’s head, an make him dance to whatever tune she wants or lose Wiley. Why? Because he got cold feet?

Michael apologizes for dumping on Willow, and tells her, forget it. She says, it’s a little late, and she’s pretty sure when she was there tearing her hair out over Shiloh, he listened and supported her without judgement. Consider it payback. And while they’re on the subject of not being truthful, she wasn’t honest with him when they met. She let him think she was a grieving mother whose baby died. Even after she told him the truth, she left out the part about Shiloh being his father. He says she was protecting her child, but she says, it’s still dishonest, and it almost backfired. They almost lost Wiley. He says she was willing to go to jail to protect him. She tells him, what she’s saying is, some people, like Shiloh, lie for power or fame or to take advantage. That’s completely different from someone who lies to cover up a mistake they made, thinking they can fix it. Michael asks how you tell the difference, and she says, actions speak louder than words. What matters is who they are inside, and what they do with their lives moving forward.

Sasha tells Valentin she’s waiting for a mother/daughter conversation. She’s sure he appreciates that, since it’s why he found her in the first place. Valentin says she didn’t make the mistake of telling Michael about their arrangement. She says she’s tired of Valentin demanding answers about how she goes about her life. Stay out of her business. He says if she told Michael, it is his business. She said she’d never hurt Nina, but if she had an attack of conscience… Nina comes in, and asks what she missed.

Laura tells Curtis, this is staring to get old, and he says, yep. Cassandra asks them if being tied up is a common occurrence. How do their spouses feel about that. Curtis says every agency has her on their watch list. It’s only a matter of time before she’s caught. She says there are many more dangerous criminals then her, but Laura says, not many criminals weaponize the Avian flu. Cassandra says she only did that to put Valentin and Nina on notice. Curtis gets her grudge against Valentin, but why Nina? She says, it’s personal, and he says, for him too. Nina is his friend. She says, and she was just starting to like him. Laura asks Curtis what he’s doing, and Curtis says he can’t let her take another crack at Nina or the people she loves. He rushes Cassandra, and her gun goes off.

Valentin tells Nina that they were talking about the wedding, and all he’s willing to do to prevent their special day from being ruined. Nina says, Sasha needs rest, but Sasha says she’s fine. She doesn’t need sleep; she needs to talk to Nina. Nina says she doesn’t know what happened with Michael, but it will work out. All couples fight. Believe her; she knows. She looks at Valentin. Sasha says she doesn’t understand. There’s a knock at the door, and Nina says, it’s probably the bellhop, but it’s Michael.

Curtis ties up Cassandra, while Laura holds the gun on her. Cassandra tells her, put the gun away. She’s surrendered. Laura says that’s not happening, and Cassandra says she’ll never underestimate Curtis again. He says she won’t get the chance, but she says, never say never. There’s no reason for them to be enemies when they could easily be allies. If they join forces, Valentin doesn’t stand a chance. Laura calls the PCPD, and says she has a fugitive in custody – Cassandra Pierce.

Finn tells Andre, it’s just them. He doesn’t need to finesse anything for Elizabeth’s sake. Can he reverse the procedure or not? Andre says he can’t tell Finn any more than he told Elizabeth. His best offer is a one in four chance. The more he knows about Franco’s medical history, the better his chances. Finn says he’ll get Franco’s medical chart to Andre. He wants to do everything possible to increase the odds. Andre says, if Franco agrees. There are only two people who can make that decision – Franco and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth says Chase removed Franco’s ankle monitor? When, and how long ago? Why wasn’t she called first? Chase says, the judge dismissed the charges, and he was ordered to remove it. He gets a call from the station, and has to go. Elizabeth asks if Franco is there, but Chase says, he’s not at the station. He’s at Kim’s apartment.

As much as it pains me to say it, Kim and Franco bask in the afterglow. At the same time, Julian tells Brad, he thought of what it could do to Kim; he’d be betraying the two of them. Brad asks, what about Lucas and Wiley? Julian says Brad made a mess, and now Brad has to clean it up. Julian turned his life around. He’s Charlie now. Trust and love is the surest way between an act of violence, and the life he’s worked so hard to change. Brad says he’ll be screwed anyway. He’s delusional. Sonny hates him on a good day, and they’ve been seen together. Sonny will kill them both, and the only way to save them is to shut Obrecht up for good.

Nina welcomes Michael in. He’s sorry he showed up without calling; he didn’t know Sasha was there. Nina says, doctor’s orders. Finn didn’t like her so far away from the hospital. He asks Sasha if they can talk privately, but she says what he has to say, he can say in front of everyone. Valentin suggests he and Nina leave them alone, and Sasha says she and Nina definitely have to talk later. They leave, and Sasha says if Michael doesn’t want her in his mother’s hotel, she’ll leave. He says he’s not there to evict her. He asks how she’s feeling, and she says, like she hates herself. She had the benefit of Nina’s love and his kindness, and doesn’t deserve either. He has every right to call her out. Have at it. He says, actually, he’s there to apologize.

Willow sees Wyatt, and asks if he needs help finding his room. Wyatt doesn’t say anything, and she asks if he can’t speak, or does a cat have his tongue? Finn says he found his favorite PC Pioneer. Wyatt just looks at him, and he says, that bad. Willow asks how he knows Wyatt, and Finn says, he’s kind of a hero. He helped rescue Peter when he was held captive. Wyatt says he’s no hero. He tried, but he blew it.

Chase tells Laura and Curtis that Cassandra is going to be booked, and he’ll get their statements. Laura says, Curtis outsmarted the queen of criminals, but Cassandra says he wouldn’t have been able to turn the tables if she hadn’t let him. She’d like a word with the mayor alone. Chase says, absolutely not, but Laura says, okay. She checks the interrogation room, and seeing it’s empty, they go in.

Valentin and Nina find Obrecht at the MetroCourt. Nina says they have good news. Obrecht says that’s what she likes to see; Nina happy. It makes her realize how lucky she is. Nina says she’s the lucky one. She has so much. They’re a ragtag group of complex personalities, but they’re family. Obrecht says they’re fortunate to have each other. Family sticks together. Nina tells her that Nathen isn’t there to walk her down aisle, and it would mean the world to her if Obrecht gave her away.

Wyatt sits next to Willow, eating a bowl of Ice cream. Finn says he checked Wyatt’s chart, and his surgery was a big time success. The hospital just wants to keep him for observation and to eat ice cream. Willow says, that’s good news, but Wyatt says he was scared at first. She says, who wouldn’t be? Surgery is scary. He says Peter helped him to be brave so he could have it. He tried to do the same for another kid, but everything he said sounded silly. He wanted to feel like he feels when he plays the cello, with no worries. Willow says she tried to play the cello, but she wasn’t very good. She played for two months, but couldn’t get it to sound right. The bow kept locking on the string. Wyatt says, the bow didn’t have enough resin, and she says she wishes she’d had someone like him to help out, but there still might be a  way for him to help the other kid out.

Julian tells Brad, when Obrecht dies, what about Wiley’s birth mother, Nelle? Is he prepared to kill her? And there’s always Britt. Once he takes her out, when is he going to decide it’s enough? Once you go down that road, there’s no turning around. You can’t start over. You can either live in fear or live for the people you love. He’s made his choice, and nothing will make him regret it.

Kim asks Franco if this really happened, or is she just dreaming. Franco says, if you asked him, reality is the world they dream, and they’re real. She says, when she looks into his eyes, she sees her friend’s husband. Franco says he’s not. He feels bad for Elizabeth, but he didn’t make any promises. Kim says she made a promise to Julian. Julian has been there for her in her darkest days, and he loves her. He changed his whole life, and he’s leaving everything for her. Franco says she and Julian made a connection before they met. No fault there. They’ve been broken, and went to hell and back, but here they are. They won.

Finn says Wyatt’s mom is on the way with his cello. They’re going to have a mini concert to see if music might help the kid waiting on his surgery. Wyatt isn’t sure he wants to join in, and Willow asks if he has stage fright. He says he didn’t mention he’s not that good, but she says he’s a hero just for trying. He asks if she’s staying, and she says she wouldn’t miss it.

Cassandra says she could do without the handcuffs, but Laura says they’re staying. She won’t though, if Cassandra doesn’t start talking. Why did she ask to speak to Laura alone? Cassandra says, cards on the table. She’s prepared to do Laura a big favor in exchange for her freedom. She’ll bury Valentin once and for all. Tell her that’s not of mutual interest.

Obrecht tells Nina that she’s touched, and asks if Valentin put her up to this. Valentin assures her not. Nina asks why she would think it was his idea, and she says, an olive branch. They’re not the biggest family, and they’ve had their differences, but they’re still family, and family matters most. Nina says hers is getting bigger, and she wants everyone there when they exchange vows. So is that a yes? Obrecht says, yes, and hugs her. Nina says she wants the wedding to be perfect. It has to last them the rest of their lives. Obrecht hopes so, and Valentin says she doesn’t need to hope. They’re going to have the happy ending they deserve, no matter what it takes.

Sasha says she doesn’t want Michael’s pity. She doesn’t want him drying her tears. He says he’s not there out of pity, and she says, then why apologize? He says he’s sorry about how he reacted. It triggered him, and brought up stuff he has every right to be angry about. Nelle was so good at playing the victim, he nearly turned his back on his family, and he never should have made a comparison. Sasha says, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. He says that’s what he was thinking, but when he cooled down, he realized she’s nothing like Nelle. Sasha says, they’re both liars, but he says, Nelle intentionally targeted his family, intending to cause misery. Sasha was just doing a job. Valentin hired her, not to take advantage, but to be the daughter Nina always waned. She says she could have turned him down, or walked away at any time. Instead, she got in deeper, and convinced herself it was the last time. Michael says she was trying to help her grandmother. It’s not an excuse, but it doesn’t make her a monster. Trust him. He knows the difference.

Cassandra tells Laura, it’s a straightforward transaction. Get her released, and she’ll make sure Valentin is out of commission once and for all. She knows Laura doesn’t approve of her, but Valentin is much worse. Laura doesn’t know about that. It’s not within her power to bargain for Cassandra’s freedom, and even if it was, she wouldn’t do it. Cassandra says, too bad. They would have made quite a team. Laura tells Chase that they’re done. Cassandra reminds Chase that she still has a phone call, and asks if she can have privacy. She’d also like the handcuffs removed; they’re bruising her delicate wrists. Laura says, too bad. She’d better make her phone call work. She’s going to need a really good lawyer.

Valentin says they have so much to celebrate. Obrecht’s roll in the wedding, and Sasha’s recovery. Obrecht says she wasn’t planning on drinking tonight, but she’ll drink to this. To family. They clink glasses. Valentin gets a call from the PCPD. It’s Cassandra, who says it’s good to hear his voice.

Sasha tells Michael, as bad as she feels for lying to him, she feels worse about lying to Nina. She tried to keep her distance, but Nina wouldn’t have it. She was determined to build a relationship. She loves Sasha so much. Sasha starts to cry, and says, or thinks she does. The irony is, she’s come to love Nina too. Michael says he has to hand it to Valentin. He knew Nina wanted a daughter more than anything, and he knew where to find one. He couldn’t risk hiring a con artist, who might use Nina’s love to take her money. He had to find someone strong, decent, and down on her luck, and he found Sasha. Sasha thanks him, saying he’s very generous; too generous, but she’ll try to live up to it. She’s finally doing the decent thing, and has to tell Nina. Michael agrees. Nina deserves to know the truth, but maybe not right now.

Finn asks how the concert went, and Willow says, standing room only. Wyatt is a better cellist than he thinks. He can play the march from Raiders of the Lost Ark. A woman approaches Willow, and says the offer is official. She’s just the kind of teacher GH is looking for. Willow can’t wait to get started, and the woman says HR will contact her to discuss the next step. Finn says they’re going to be colleagues. Congratulations.

Brad tells Julian, fine. Start his new life in Manhattan, and he and Lucas will be there with Obrecht tightening the screws. Julian suggests he get on Obrecht’s good side, but Brad , she doesn’t have one. Julian says, find one. He need to protect his family, and if that means making Obrecht happy, do it. They’ve already lost too much.

Franco says, he’s a free man. Kim says it’s like the years they lost were found again. Franco says they could have a happy life together; he promises. Kim says, but if being happy means making other people miserable… He says the longer he stays, the more difficult it will be for Elizabeth and her boys. They need to make a clean break. Nothing will stop him and Kim. They’re about to kiss, and Elizabeth stands outside the door.

Tomorrow, Maxie wants Lulu to tell her everything, Elizabeth tells Kim they need to talk, Cameron says he finally got what he wanted, and Shiloh has important information for someone.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Emily asks Annabelle if she knows where mommy is going on her trip. Annabelle says, Costco. Emily calls Braunwyn, who’s excited to see Emily on stage. In Emily’s interview, she says she hasn’t been this nervous in a long time. She was a cheerleader, and danced in the past, but there’s a difference between a high school auditorium and a Vegas show. I’d say so. Braunwyn says they’re going to have a great time.

Gina sees lawyer Michael. He says she had a scheduled arraignment, but due to a misunderstanding or whatnot, her previous law firm didn’t show up. I guess lawyers don’t like to call other lawyers idiots. He tells her that he’s continued the arraignment, and they need to talk strategy. He needs to ask for what’s called discovery, making sure he has all the reports the prosecution has. In her interview, Gina says Shannon gave her the gift of her attorney, to help straighten out the biggest screw up of her life. She’ll be forever grateful. Gina asks about her license, and he says she’s probably looking at a year. She says, it sucks, especially being a single parent. Michael says, it could be worse, and she starts to cry. She says, it was stupid. Thank God no one was hurt, but she feels terrible. In her interview, she says she’s disappointed in herself. She made a decision that’s having a negative impact on her kids. She’s disappointed in herself for letting her kids down. She asks if she should go to the arraignment, and he says, 100%. If their plan is to accept a plea, it’s going to help her if she goes. It shows she’s accepting the judge’s sentencing. She says, she did it.

At some kind of health convention, Kelly is hawking Positive h2o vitamin water. She’s not a formulator, but a partner. In her interview, Kelly says she got a lump sum in the divorce. It’s enough for a while, but not the rest of her life. The cost of living is high in the OC, and her Amex bill is $30K a month. What the blip is she buying? Friends Zack and George came up with the concept, and she invested a quarter million dollars. She believes strongly in the product. Tamra and Eddie come by, and Kelly tells them she’s going to Emily’s burlesque show. Emily is doing a sexy dance. Tamra wonders why she and Shannon weren’t invited. In Tamra’s interview, she says she thought she just made a breakthrough with Emily. She thought they were good, now this makes her wonder who Emily is. Kelly says, after she gets back, she’s going to Arizona with Tamra. Tamra says they’re branching out with their health products at the gym. Give her the pitch. Kelly puts on sunglasses because the future’s so bright, she’s gotta wear shades.

Emily arrives at the Westgate in Las Vegas. Larry and Pary have come along. She’s celebrating her ten year anniversary with her in-laws. She says it means a lot that they’re supporting her, but she thought her husband would be there. Butler Valentino shows them around their suite, which is more like a town. It’s 15,400 square feet, and includes a private pool. Braunwyn walks in, and says, it’s like Liberace times a million. She’s taken nice trips before, but if this is VIP service, they’re going to have fun. Emily calls Shane, and tells him the suite is bigger than his parents’ house. He says, there’s a bad connection, which is probably bullsh*t.

Emily rehearses. The choreographer tells her not to think about the steps, just let her body move. In Emily’s interview, she says she wants to show people who’s sexy. She’s not the typical blonde, tiny OC girl. In Braunwyn’s interview, she says she hasn’t been awake past 10 pm in a year. She deserves this trip. Valentino takes pictures of her, I assume for her social media. She says, life good for Braunwyn right now. She drinks and jumps around, then soaks in the tub. Emily tells the choreographer, body rolling is hard, and the choreographer tells her to think about sex. Emily thinks about a taco, and the choreographer loves it.

Kelly is greeted by Westgate mascot Sir Winston, a Wheaten terrier. Emily comes back to the suite. She tells Braunwyn that she kept messing up, and Braunwyn tells her, no matter what happens, keep going. In Emily’s interview, she says it’s totally different than when she was rehearsing in her kitchen. In her kitchen, she was a 10. On the Vegas stage, she’s a 2; maybe a 3. Kelly joins them, asking if she’s in Versailles. She tells them that she met Barry Manilow on her way in, and shows them a picture. In her interview, she says she’s not a Fanilow like Shannon, who’s way older, but he’s an icon. Emily jokes that he’s partying with them tonight.

Emily gets her makeup done. Braunwyn and Kelly get dressed. They declare each other hot. Braunwyn explains that she likes to carry a little blackboard with her, and write messages on it. Right now it says, What happens in Vegas.  Braunwyn is glad it’s a smaller group. Kelly is afraid to go to Arizona. With Vicki there, it’s going to be a sh*t show. She’s not a perfect person. She tried drugs when she was in her 20s, but she doesn’t do drugs, and now she’s a whore. We flash back to the train rumor. She says, it’s absurd. She wants nothing to do with Vicki. Vicki is not her friend, Vicki is her foe, and Kelly wants to keep it that way.  Braunwyn knows Shannon has good intentions, and wants it to be a positive experience, but with Vicki there, it’s going to be harder. Kelly has to look at Vicki as completely irrelevant. Emily comes out, and Braunwyn asks how she’s feeling. Emily says, good, and Braunwyn says she’s proud of her. It’s supposed to be her anniversary. Emily says, it was for Shane. Screw him.

Emily is told that she’s the sixth number in the show. The girls in the audience toast to Emily bringing sexy back. Btw, the name of the show is Sexxy. In her interview, Emily says she’s nervous, and wondering what the hell she got herself into. Why did she think this was a good idea? She’s wearing a thong and a lace bodysuit, she’s had one practice, and she’s going to dance on a Vegas stage. What was she thinking? it’s show time.

Braunwyn says, as a dance mom, she approves of the choreography. And the boobs are nice. In Kelly’s interview, she think Emily’s in-laws are cool. They’re in their 70s, and there to watch a titty show. She can imagine what goes on in the bedroom. Emily does her dance, with women wearing pasties dancing around her. Kelly says she screwed up a little bit, but there’s no way in hell she would do this. Once Emily gets going, she’s pretty good, and the screw-up actually worked in the grand scheme of the dance. It’s like she comes into the middle of this bevy of half-naked chicks, and at the end they lure her into their group and she walks off with them. Pary says, it makes you feel like you want to dance. Kelly says it makes her feel like she wants to do a lot of things. In Emily’s interview, she says, Shane missed out. How can you not have fun with naked ladies? They all decide to go to the bar.

The next morning, the women hang out in the suite, along with Larry and Pary. Braunwyn says, it was so much fun, and Kelly says she had a blast. Shane shows up with flowers. Wtf? How dare he make me almost want to like him. In Emily’s interview, she says she’s sure if she looks out the window, pigs will be flying. Hell has also frozen over. It means a lot. She’s usually the one who takes care of things like childcare. He had to book a flight, buy a plane ticket, and plan things. He gets an A for effort. In Kelly’s interview, she says she’s shocked the little dork showed up. Emily and Shane are left alone, and Emily says, this is a huge step in the right direction. She was feeling isolated. Shane says she was with his parents and her friends, and she chose to come. She says she’s talking about feeling isolated in the marriage. She’s been feeling a disconnection. Shane says they just go with the flow. In their interview, Shane says, being married to Emily is extreme. Emily says, triple extreme. She tells him that they need to commit to having a good marriage to have happy kids. It’s something the kids see and emulate, and want to be around. He tells her, well said, and she says she’s committed to do whatever it takes to make them happy. What he did was a huge gesture of love and care. They’re not perfect, and need to work on some things. He says he accepts her the way she is, and kisses her.

Tamra, mom Sandy, and Gina go to LaserAway for some procedures. Sandy tells Gina to call her if she finds herself in a situation again. She’ll pick Gina up. In her interview, Gina says she’s been embracing the OC lifestyle more than she thought she would. She’s getting Botox – OC crack. Tamra wants to get rid of sun damage, but nothing too invasive. Tamra doesn’t know what they’re going to be doing Arizona. Gina thinks it’s yoga. She says she’s that desperate and messed up right now. Tamra says, it can only be up from here. In Gina’s interview, she says she’s gone through a sh*t storm. She got arrested, she’s losing her license for a year, and her husband, who she’s co-parenting with, took up with the woman he had the affair with. She was knocked on her ass hard. She tells Tamra that Shannon reached out to her. Emily was too busy doing her Vegas show. Tamra asks what the purpose of it is, and Gina says she thinks it’s weird. Emily put pressure on her to go. The kids were with Matt, and she couldn’t even get out of bed. We see a clip of Emily FaceTiming with her, and telling her to come out there. Tamra says, the guilt trip. In Tamra’s interview, she says Gina has been going through a lot. The last place she needs to be is Sin City. Gina says Emily’s in-laws are going, and Tamra says, happy anniversary, babe. I just gave your dad a boner. She’s being crude, but it is kind of odd.

Everyone gets ready, and after a two-second plane ride, they’re stepping out of the limo at Miraval. Shannon says they’re one step closer to healing. Gina says, let’s get well, people. Shannon tells them, they don’t have individual rooms. There are two villas. Theirs has a bedroom with two beds, and since Vicki is only going to be there one day, she asked if Gina would share. In her interview, Emily says, Vicki will have just enough time to swoop in, irritate Kelly, and get the hell out of Dodge. The group is greeted with some kind of fancy juice drinks. In Shannon’s interview, she says she loves anything natural or alternative that helps you to be spiritual. There’s a giant gong near the entrance, and Shannon asks if they can hit it. Kelly makes several gong (rhymes with dong) jokes, and in her interview, Shannon says she’s feeling negative energy from Kelly. Kelly thinks if Shannon got gonged once in a while, she’d be happy too.

The women are taken to the sound tent where they’re going to get their energy cleared. I’m really trying not to roll my eyes. Kelly says, good luck with that. Shannon says, too bad Vicki’s not there. Shannon tells the instructor that they’ve all been friends a while. They’ve all been though stresses, and it’s time they worked through issues and become closer as a group. The instructor places a bowl of water in the center, and tells them, think of something they want to let go of, and what they want to bring in. As they speak, each woman takes petals from a yellow rose and throws them into the bowl of water, passing the rose on. A dude named Tim gently hits a gong in between the speakers. Emily wants to get rid of anger, and reacting before thinking. She’d like more appreciation as a wife, mom, and friend. She does so much that no one notices. In Emily’s interview, she says Gina hasn’t been responsive to her calls or texts. She doesn’t know if Gina is busy or what’s going on. All she knows is Gina isn’t talking to her. Gina is letting go of being sad that she’s not having the life she thought she would. I hear you, sista. Shannon lets go of bitterness and resentment over her marriage ending, and choses happiness. Tamra wants to let go of the things she has no control over. and chooses the Lord to guide her. Braunwyn says she married as a teenager, and never adulted. She wants to let go of being dependent, and chooses to be the kind of person her children can look up to. Kelly lets go of her anger. She says she has a positive beverage she thinks will reach everyone, and chooses Costco, Target, and Walmart. In her interview, Shannon says, this is a place of healing, and Kelly is making a mockery of it. They all want success in business, but how superficial. Don’t mock the process. This is one of the reasons I don’t like Shannon. Who is she to set rules on what someone else should want? I’ll bet if it was a couple of years ago, she’d be asking for the same thing for her fish sticks, or whatever it is she sells.

The instructor explains that if they want, Tim will put a bowl on their head, and clear their aura. Okay, now I’m stifling a guffaw. Shannon stands in a bowl, and Tim puts another one on her head. He hits the bottom bowl, and Kelly comes up behind Shannon, and hits the bowl on her head. Tim says, that was not cool. It probably wasn’t a good idea, but I can’t say I blame Kelly. When they’re done with the aura clearing, the instructor asks how Shannon feels. She said, one of them hurt, and Tamra says, Kelly did that. Kelly says, it wasn’t hard. In Tamra’s interview, she says she has no words for Kelly. Shannon says her head is killing her. Tim tells them, have an amazing stay. He probably can’t get the hell out of there fast enough. Hostess Vanessa says the power is out, and she’ll take them to their villa.

Everything is lit by candles, and there’s a fire in the fireplace. Sitting outside, Tamra asks how Shannon’s head is, and she says, it hurts. She asks how Shannon’s chakra is, and Shannon says, messed up. In her interview, Shannon says the trip was supposed to be for healing, and making people more spiritual. She can take a joke, but there are certain lines you don’t cross. Getting physical isn’t funny. I guess that’s why there’s so much of it on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Tamra stupidly tells Shannon about Ryan’s father hitting his head, and it leading to spinal fluid leaking. Shannon says her left eye is blurry; she took her contacts out. She shines the light from her phone in her eyes, and tells Tamra to check. Tamra says her pupils are dilated from the light. She thinks Shannon should talk to the doctor.

Sitting with Braunwyn and Emily, Kelly says she didn’t mean to be malicious, She imitates Shannon saying she was trying to get her aura out of her system, and now she has a concussion. Shannon is getting worked up, and tells Tamra and Gina that she’s not supposed to be crying. This was supposed to be a fun girls trip, and now she’s scared. Tamra says sometimes Shannon talks herself into things, but Shannon says she can’t talk herself into blurry vision. I dunno about that. Tamra tells her to get checked out. The staff, who’s been hanging around, waiting for them to eat, are just trying to look straight ahead. Tamra says Shannon doesn’t want swelling in the brain, In Tamra’s interview, she says she knows Shannon overreacts; that’s who she is. We flash back to Shannon overreacting. Tamra says, in order for Shannon to settle down, she has to see a doctor who will tell her it’s okay, and then she can move on. Tamra say she’ll take Shannon, and asks why they can’t go on a trip and have it be peaceful.

Emily tells Kelly that Gina has been hanging around with Shannon. We see a clip of Gina telling Emily that she and Shannon drank a whole bottle of tequila. Kelly says it wasn’t that long ago when Gina was complaining that Shannon wouldn’t speak with her. Braunwyn says if someone is mean to you, then suddenly is, you shouldn’t just go with it. We flash back on animosity between Shannon and Kelly, ending with not my plate. Braunwyn says Shannon has been nice to her since day one, and she likes Shannon. Gina calls, and says she’s having a romantic dinner by herself. Tamra took Shannon to urgent care. Kelly asks, why? and Gina says because Kelly whacked her in the head. In her interview, Kelly says she was just trying to put a ring in Shannon’s ding. Gina suggests they come eat with her; she has chefs. Kelly says, did she not call it? Braunwyn says Shannon just wants to make sure she’s okay, and Kelly says, she’s a dumbass.

In the car, Shannon feels like she should call someone. She looks at her phone, and says she feels like she can’t see. Um… she did take her contacts out. In Shannon’s interview, she says, what kind of dumbass wouldn’t want to be checked out? Tamra calls Vicki, and tells her, Shannon had a bowl on her head, and Kelly hit the top of it with a mallet. Vicki says, Kelly is out of control. Tamra says they want to make sure nothing is wrong with Shannon, and asks when Vicki is getting there. Vicki says her flight is landing at around ten, and Tamra tells her to call them when she gets there. They pull into the emergency parking lot.

In Shannon’s interview, she says, so far, it’s hashtag not so zen yet. A nurse asks if she wanted to press charges. It’s assault.

To be continued…   

Next time, Vicki arrives bearing shakes and burgers; Tamra asks Emily why she and Shannon weren’t invited; Emily says she wanted to invite people who were supportive and kind, and they make fun of her; Emily confronts Gina about her drinking.

👼 On To the Next Life…

An original makes an exit.


💻 The Jackal Returns…

No clue as to what he’ll be hacking.


🐪 The Obvious Wednesday Choice…

And I gotta admit, it’s pretty catchy.






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What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny’s doorbell rings, and Carly says it must be family, since no one called on the house phone. It’s Sam, who says she knows she should have called, but she’s got good news and bad news.

Josslyn and Dev walk into Charlie’s. Josslyn says, it’s better than the library. Dev says, it would be better without books, but she says he’s got to get caught up for the fall. They can grab something to eat while they work. He says he worked all day at his coffee job. She tells him, that’s just a summer job. He has to be ready for school. He needs good grades and good test scores to get into a good college. He needs college to survive. He says, it’s a waste of time. He’s going to prove himself to Sonny, and be a truly valued member of Sonny’s organization.

At the hospital. Monica asks Drew if he’s seen Kim. She made an appointment to talk to Monica, but never showed up. It’s not like her. Drew says, a lot of people aren’t acting like themselves. Monica asks, what’s going on? and he asks if she has time to talk private

Hayden sees Finn at the reception desk. She hopes he knows she didn’t mean it when she didn’t want to see him again. He says they’ve probably both said things they don’t mean. She says, probably. He tells her that he wants to talk to her about her sister Elizabeth, and Hayden says, what about her?

Elizabeth goes home. She sits on the couch and looks at her ring. Cameron comes downstairs, and says, Franco’s not here? Is he still at the hospital? Is he going to be okay?

Franco says, Jason Quartermaine. Jason says he’s half right. Jason Morgan. He’s Drew’s twin.

Sonny says, the bad news must be about that bastard Shiloh. Carly says Jason told them what he tried to do to Cameron. Sam says, everything? and Carly says Shiloh kidnapped Cameron, and planned to use the flashdrive to imprint Drew’s memories on him, but Franco showed up and took his place. Sonny says, it’s a helluva story. Sam says Robert told them. She’s happy Cameron is okay; that’s the good news. Sonny asks what the bad news is, and Sam says, the procedure worked. Franco woke up with Drew’s memories, and thinks he’s Drew.

In her office, Monica says she knows Franco was admitted for trauma, and that the episode involved Shiloh and an unscrupulous doctor. She didn’t know Franco was subjected to a memory transfer. Who benefits from that? Drew says Cabot wanted to continue his life’s work. He’s a misunderstood genius. Shiloh wanted information; probably something Drew learned in Afghanistan. Monica is glad Franco took Cameron’s place, but it must be devastating to Elizabeth. He says, she’s broken up about it, and Monica says, what about him? Drew says it looks like Franco remembers his life before 2012, but he’s not only remembering. Franco thinks he’s Drew. Even seeing his own face didn’t shake his belief. Monica asks if Drew isn’t a bit upset, and he says, that doesn’t begin to cover it. He’s mad as hell. His memories and his life have been stolen twice.

Finn says, it’s a long story, and Hayden says her head hurts thinking about it. He says, his too, but he thought she should know, for her sister’s sake. She says she appreciates it. If Franco has Drew’s memories, and doesn’t remember his real life, then he knows nothing of his life with Elizabeth or the boys.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that she’s glad it’s just them. She wouldn’t know how to explain it to the boys. He asks if Franco will ever get better, and Elizabeth says, he needs to time to come to terms with his new reality. Once that happens, they can figure out a way to reverse it, and he can come back to them. Cameron says she’s talking like it can happen with the snap of a finger, but they both know it’s not like that. If it was, Drew would have done it long ago. Elizabeth says, it’s not easy, but the doctors are already looking at Franco’s tests. They’ll figure out a way. GH has the best doctors. Cameron says, don’t treat him like a kid. He knows it’s bad; he was there. It could have been him. Where is Franco? Maybe he can talk to him. Elizabeth says she doesn’t know. Cameron says Franco needed to get away from them? and Elizabeth says, he’s confused right now. He thinks he needs to get away from everybody who’s telling him who he is, when he’s insisting he’s someone else. Drew said the best thing to do is fight for him. Try to get him to remember the life he had. The one waiting there for him. Cameron says, sounds good. He’s willing do that too, but how do they do it if Franco won’t come home?

Franco tells Jason that someone showed him his own face, and he didn’t look like himself, but Jason does. He didn’t know Jason even existed until he saw Jason’s photo in a newspaper. It was the state champion soccer team, and there he was; MVP. A rich kid with his face.

At a nearby table, Willow tells Chase that she has a lead on a job that’s teaching related. She has no problem with waiting tables, but… Chase is staring at Franco and Jason. She says, the job really is 24/7. Even when he’s off-duty, he’s not off-duty. Chase asks, where’s this coming from?

Franco says he did research at the library. It wasn’t difficult, since the Quartermaines are a prominent family. He learned about their father Alan, and their mother Susan, his mistress. She died and he dumped Drew, but kept Jason and raised him. Jason says, no; that’s not what happened

Sonny asks if Sam has spoken to Drew. She says she ran into him at the hospital. He was trying to console Elizabeth. Carly asks how Elizabeth is feeling, since Franco is running around with Drew’s memories? Sam says, optimistic. Drew is telling Elizabeth that Franco will come around when he remembers their love. Carly says, it’s a romantic scenario, but not likely. Drew still has Jason’s memories. They haven’t faded or worn off. What are the chances it will be different with Franco?

Josslyn tells Dev that he needs to work hard this summer, and not in the warehouse. He needs to hit the books if he wants to navigate American high school. Dev says they should discuss what classes he needs to take, and she says, American history. The teacher is big on the Civil war. He says she must want them to read The Civil War Diaries. He cites some other books, and she says he knows those authors? He’s read them? He says, of course (🍷). Hasn’t everyone?

Hayden says, if a doctor did it, can’t another doctor undo it? Finn would like to think so, but it’s complicated. To start, they’d have to convince Franco that he’s not Drew. She says, it’s a horrible mess, and he says it’s not the mess he needed to speak to her about. She mentioned she’s working at Aurora. Has she been in the Crimson office? She asks, why? but he’s not sure how to say it. She may have been exposed to a serious contagion.

Monica says the flashdrive had Drew’s memories on it? and Drew says, yeah. He’d all but forgotten he had it – there was so much going on – except when Shiloh asked him about it. Monica asks if Drew wanted nothing to do with it, and he says using it would have meant losing the memories he’s made since he came to Port Charles. He’d have no memories of his children, and he couldn’t make that sacrifice to learn about himself. Monica gets it, and thinks Drew made a good choice. What she doesn’t get, is why he’d hang onto it. He says he thought it was in a safe place. He wasn’t even thinking about it, but in the back of his mind, he thought maybe one day his memories could be replanted without him losing his recent ones. He never dreamed Shiloh would steal it, and plant his memories in someone else. Monica is glad Shiloh is locked away, but Drew says, it doesn’t do Franco and Elizabeth any good. They were just beginning their life, and it was ripped away. To make it even harder, Franco doesn’t realize what he lost. Elizabeth does.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that she has no idea where Franco is. Cameron asks if she wants him to talk to the boys, but she says, no. She wants them to know as little as possible. He asks, what if they read it on the internet, or hear it from their friends? She says she’s going to tell them Franco has a medical problem, and the doctors are working to solve it. Cameron asks how they can convince Franco he belongs there, if he doesn’t remember who they are? Cameron takes out his phone, and Elizabeth asks who he’s calling. He tells her, Sonny, but she asks him not to call. She says she appreciates that he wants to fix things for her and his brothers. Cameron tells her, Franco said he wouldn’t quit on their family, so they can’t quit on him, even if doesn’t know it.

Jason says the family didn’t know about Drew. He was given away to a woman named Betsey Frank, and Alan was never told he had twins. Their parents never knew, or he and Drew would have grown up with them, but that has nothing to do with him.

Willow tells Chase, Lulu was candid about what it’s like… Chase says, to put up with a cop? She says, no; to love one. She felt awkward, discussing it with Lulu, considering what happened with her and Dante, but Lulu wanted to talk. Chase takes it Lulu was illuminating. What did she learn? She says, nothing she didn’t know. Loving someone who puts their life on the line is difficult, sometimes terrifying. Like when he texted her that he was at the hospital, and she rushed there thinking he was hurt in the line of duty. She had a sudden surge of terror that she might lose him. He asks if it scared her off. Is his job too much for her? She says she’s right there, isn’t she?

Carly tells Sonny that if she’s learned anything after what happened to Drew, it’s that there’s no way to force someone to see the truth. Not at first. Sonny says, Franco will come to terms with it on his own, and seek help – if there is any. She says, what if there isn’t? Will Franco spend the rest of his life thinking he’s Drew? And are they supposed to treat him like a version of Drew? Do Elizabeth and the kids spend their lives with a stranger?

Hayden tells Finn that she thought it was the flu, not a serious contagion. Finn says it’s a flu strain, but he doesn’t know if it requires isolation. Until he figures it out, he needs to test everyone who was in close proximity of Sasha. Hayden asks, is it fatal? Could she have it and not know, and have passed it to someone else? He says he didn’t mean to alarm her. It’s mostly precaution. She seems fine. She has no symptoms, and minimal contact with Sasha. She says she’s been places that Sasha frequents; most recently, Windymere. She was there the night of the storm. Alcohol made her say a lot of things, but she doesn’t think it was the flu talking.

Drew tells Monica, even if Franco agreed to a reversal, it could seriously backfire. Andre made it clear that there could be put into a permanent coma. Monica says maybe Franco is better off living the rest of his life with Drew’s memories. He says, what about Elizabeth and the boys? They’re grieving a husband and stepfather. Franco is alive, but he’s dead to them. Monica says, as devastating as it is, there’s a silver lining. Drew loves the optimism, but isn’t sure he follows. Who would benefit from it besides Shiloh? She says, how about him?

Elizabeth tells Cameron that Franco truly loves them. If there’s an inkling of memory left somewhere, he’ll grab ahold of it, and ride it back to them. Cameron says Franco risked everything for him. He put it all on the line for him. The only way Cameron can repay him is to bring him back somehow. She says, remind him of the life he shared with them. No matter how Franco feels or doesn’t feel, it doesn’t change how they feel. They’ll go on believing in him, caring for him… Cameron says, and go on loving him, right? They hug.

Jason says his your name is Franco, and his wife’s name is Elizabeth. Franco says he’s never even met anyone named Franco, and he just met Elizabeth. If everything goes according to plan, he’ll never lay eyes on her again.

Willow tells Chase, Lulu said, Dante and Nathan were two of a kind. They were strong, and needed to make the world a better place. Lulu recognized that about Chase too. Chase says he’s honored to be in the same category. Willow guesses that’s why she relates so well to him. It’s why she became a teacher. Not that wrangling third graders compares. He says he’d rather do what he does. She’s seriously brave to face down eight-year-olds. He thinks teachers are heroes. One in particular inspired him to make a difference in becoming cop. Willow asks, who? and he says, his dad.

Franco says the solution for everyone’s problems is for him to just leave Port Charles. Jason asks if he’s sure he wants to do that, and Franco says, yes. Why? Is Jason going to try and stop him?

Carly asks how Sam is doing after her ordeal with Shiloh. Sam says there’s nothing like being locked in a nasty freezer to make you appreciate life. You think it’s your last breath, and appreciate life a lot more. Sonny says he had a reminder at his dad’s wedding. Sam apologizes, saying she forgot. Carly says it was so sweet. She especially enjoyed the minister. Sam thought it was in name only, and Carly says, he was a minister of convenience. Mike was having an episode, and thought Sonny was the pastor. Sonny says he started out with dearly beloved, they said their own vows, and professed their love. Then he and Carly decided to renew their vows.

Josslyn asks Dev, who is he? Dev says, Sonny’s cousin from Bridgeport. Josslyn wonders what a street kid from Turkey knows about literature, and Dev says he knows a lot of stuff. He picked it up from tourists. She says, a lot kids grow up on the street, but few of them turn in it into education. What makes him different?

Finn tells Hayden, if her contact was minimal, he has no reason to believe she’s infected. She asks if he thinks it’s okay to be around children, like Elizabeth’s kids. Finn thinks the more time she spends with Elizabeth and her family, the better. They’re going to need support until Franco comes home; assuming he’s coming home. Hayden says maybe there’s a brilliant doctor who’s not afraid to take risks. Finn says neurology isn’t his specialty. She says he saved her life, in more ways than one. Don’t sell himself short.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that he’s sorry it took all this for him to see the guy she saw all along. She says Josslyn is at the library with her cousin, and they’re going to Charlie’s afterward. Does he want to meet up with them? He says he’d like to stay there tonight, if it’s okay with her. She says, it’s more than okay.

Franco asks if Jason is still rich. Jason says he does okay. Franco says, give him some money. Float him a loan, and he’ll take the next bus out of town. Jason says how about if he finds Franco a room for tonight, and tomorrow, Jason can take him to some people who can help him. Franco says he doesn’t need a doctor or a shrink. He’s comfortable with who he is.

Chase tells Willow that his dad loved to teach, and he was good at it. He made his students come alive and want to learn. That’s how he inspired Chase to make a difference. His dad instilled it in him and Finn, and they each chose their way of making a difference. The problem is, you can’t always turn it off when it’s inconvenient. Willow says she’s beginning to understand.

Franco tells Jason, on second thought, keep his money. And as long as he’s stuck there, until he figures a way out, stay the hell away from him. Jason says, like it or not, he’s connected to a lot of people in this there. He can’t just disappear. Jason calls him Franco, and Franco says that’s the last time he’s going to let anyone call him that today. Chase watches.

Sam tells Carly and Sonny, it’s so exciting. Congratulations. She asks if it will be a church wedding, and says it probably depends on the season. And Avery can be the flower girl. Carly interrupts, saying they’re not that far, and Sonny says, it will be a simple, family celebration. Carly says, it’s not a wedding redo. They’ll speak their hearts surrounded by the people they love, including their newest family member. She touches her baby bump. Sonny says they’ll appreciate what they have with the people closest to them.

Dev tells Josslyn, the greatest treasure isn’t gold or diamonds, but education. His mom told him that. She had big plans for him. Josslyn says, she sounds like a good woman. He says he couldn’t let her down, so he decided to continue his education, whether or not it was in a classroom. Josslyn thinks she would be proud. She asks him to tell her more about his parents. There’s so much she doesn’t know. He says, there’s nothing to tell.

Drew tells Monica that he never imagined someone would be forced to end up with his past; especially someone he cares about. He can’t see a silver lining. Monica says he hasn’t thought it through. He doesn’t have to choose. He can keep the memories he has, and Franco can tells him about the man he used to be. Drew says Franco could fill him in at the expense of Elizabeth. Monica says, it’s Shiloh’s doing. She hopes it can be undone, but doesn’t he want to know more? She thinks she does. Drew says, the twin Alan didn’t claim, and she says, the twin he never knew existed. They missed out on Drew’s childhood, and his youth. It would be a chance to fill in the blanks. For the family too. The more they know about him, the closer they can become. Doesn’t he want that too?

Finn says he recalls he and Hayden saved each other. She says, he wins. He still reached out after she embarrassed herself at dinner. He could have just left her a message. He says she’s fun to tease. He’s not keeping score, and hopes she isn’t. He says he could never hate her. He was in love with her, and it hurt when she left, but he learned a long time ago that life is too short to keep grudges. Hayden is glad he told her what’s going on with her sister. She has to figure out how to get Elizabeth through this. Does he have a suggestion? He thinks she already knows what to do.

Elizabeth tells Cameron, go upstairs and get ready for bed; she’ll straighten up down there. He hesitates, but then goes. She looks at her ring, and flashes back to Franco in the jail, saying he’s down for more loving, cherishing, and honoring. He says, I love you, Elizabeth Imogene Webber. Till death do us part. Elizabeth wipes the tears from her cheeks.

Jason says he’s not going to fight Franco. Franco says if Jason calls him Franco one more time, he might not have a choice. Chase asks them if everything is okay. Franco says no one is talking to him. Chase calls him Franco, and Franco punches him in the face.

Sam says she assumes she and Jason will be invited, and Carly says they’ll be at the tippy top of the list. Sam says she can help, but she’s not good at that kind of thing. Sonny says they’re keeping it small. Sam says, good luck, and leaves. Sonny says if Carly wants a big, splashy wedding, he can rent a place, but she says she loves keeping it small. They could do it on the terrace. Sonny says that would make him happy, having it at home. When they’re apart, this is just a place to live in, but when they’re together, it’s a home. Because of her. She’s his whole life. Carly says, right back at him.

Josslyn tells Dev that she didn’t mean to offend or pry. He knows all about her family. She’s just curious to know more about his real family. He says she does. He’s a Corbin.

Elizabeth’s phone rings. It’s Finn, and she asks if he’s had any word about Franco. He was hoping she had some, but she says, nothing. He’s sorry. He wishes there was something he could do. For what it’s worth, he’ll talk to Monica, and tell her Elizabeth needs some time off. It’s a difficult situation, and she has the kids. It won’t do anyone any good if she runs herself into the ground. She says, good advice. She might take it. Her doorbell rings. I know we were all hoping for Franco, but it’s Hayden. She tells Elizabeth, don’t just stand there. Help her get settled. She’s moving in, and won’t take no for an answer. They hug. On the other end of the phone, Finn smiles.

Drew tells Monica, sorry. It strikes at his core. He knows exactly were Franco is; he’s been there himself. He can’t take advantage. Monica says, the memories are his, and Drew says, technically, they are, but Franco believes they’re his. Frankly, he doesn’t think Franco would share them if he asked. Monica tells him, think about it. Something good could come of this yet.

Jason tells Franco, settle, and Chase says he just hit a police officer. Franco asks how he was supposed to know that. Chase isn’t wearing a uniform. Jason tells Franco, do himself a favor – shut up. Chase says he’ll take it from there, and arrests Franco. He asks if Franco understands his rights.

On Monday, Julian tells Sam he was hoping to say a proper goodbye, Shiloh has information someone might find interesting, Scotty wants to see his son, and Lulu tells Olivia that Dante isn’t coming home.

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I love Terry, and wish she had more screen time.


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It’s Carrrlos! The man of many talents, who also taught Don Draper how to be Zen.



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Brad reaches his 200th episode.


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Hollywood should be ashamed of itself. And she looked far from fat.


🙊 Quotes of the Week 

War is like love; it always finds a way.Bertolt Brecht

Never let a cat in. It’s really a person who’s reincarnated, and it will bring in all the bad Jews. – Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), 2 Broke GIrls

Men are like floors. If you lay them right the first time, you can walk all over them for the rest of your life. – Kathy, s’Mothered

It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit. – Noel Coward

Much of what was said did not matter, and that much of what mattered could not be said. – Katherine Boo

I love being a woman … But I wanted to have a man’s life in a woman’s body, and I did that very early on. I want every woman to have that.Diane von Furstenberg, NY Post interview, Page Six

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. – Albert Einstein

I’m like Rumpelstiltskin. Everything I touch turns to gold. – delusional guest on Dr. Phil – just in case you’re not up on your fairytales, it was King Midas who turned everything to gold.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Unknown

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