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March 29, 2017 – Anna’s Truth is Revealed & Quoting Oprah


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Curtis and Jordan meet for dinner. They reminisce over the drinks Jordan ordered for the both of them. Jordan toasts to more good times working together, and Curtis asks if that’s a job offer.

Ava says that Tracy has never shown her any kindness. Now she needs Ava’s expertise, and Ava has debts. Tracy starts to leave, saying how many auction houses could there be? Hundreds just in Istanbul, according to Ava. Tracy says she made her point, and Ava asks if she wants help or not.

Nathan tells Dante that Maxie is on her way to Portland, but it’s not to visit Georgie.

Amy II tells Griff that she’s been chosen for a special task. She says it’s huge, but Nina interrupts, looking for a pediatrician. Griff says he can direct her to the right person. Amy runs off to spread her good news. Griff suggests a doctor. Nina asks Griff to tell Anna to back off her husband.

Valentin tells Anna that they were lovers – she was his lover, but he was her dupe. He says he walked into her honey trap.

Olivia-F meets Ned and manages to be on time. Ned tells her about Larry’s proposal, and says he’s concerned about Tracy getting involved.

Tracy gives Ava a check and says she’ll get the rest when she finds the painting. Ava asks questions about the piece.

Jordan says Curtis’s work helped bring Olivia-J to justice. She spoke to the brass in Baltimore, and they’re willing to reinstate his credentials, which means she can hire him. He says he won’t be taking the job.

Amy Part 2 says this email will change her life. No more standing on the sidelines; she gets to shine.

Griff tells Nina that it’s the other way around; Valentin is bothering Anna. Nina asks for an example, but he can’t come up with anything. She tells Griff about Anna breaking in, and how Valentin didn’t press charges. She says she wants peace for her family. He says he can’t control Anna’s actions, and Nina says that Anna can’t control herself, and might need an intervention.

Anna remembers nothing. Valentin says how pathetically he wanted to believe her, especially after her rejection. She says if it’s true, she’d admit it. The only thing she remembers is him trying to kiss her on her birthday. He congratulates her on the ability to forget the worst about herself. He remembers everything, and it’s very unflattering to both of them.

Anna keeps saying she doesn’t remember. After he tried to kiss her, they went their separate ways. Valentin says that he doesn’t know if the DVX pushed her toward him or it was her idea. His security clearance was higher than hers, and he was contacted by the DVX through her.

Griff tells Nina that if she’s so concerned, maybe there’s something Valentin isn’t telling her. Nina tells Griff that he’s supposed to be a priest and non-judgmental, yet he broke his vows by having an affair with a married woman. He says he doesn’t want to see her hurt, and asks how Anna can come between them, or has she already? Nina tells him have good night, addressing him as father.

Nathan tells Dante that he tried to broker a peace between Nina and Maxie, but it didn’t work. Maxie tried finding work in the city, but that didn’t happen either.

Jordan asks why Curtis is turning her down when he hounded her so much about it? She thinks it’s because she’s been so awful. He says awful is an understatement, and she apologizes. She says she’s been reflecting, and lashing out at him was really about her own guilt. Seeing him reminded her about cheating on his brother and lying about TJ’s paternity. He asks if she hasn’t forgiven herself, and she says she thinks she has, but she’d like him to forgive her too.

Ava tells Tracy that there are a lot of legal constraints in Turkey. Tracy tells her about a painting by the artist recently being appraised at $20 million. Ava messes around on her phone and finds the auction house that dealt with the painting. Tracy tells her to write it down, and she’ll write the check. If Ava is wrong or conning her though, she’s stopping payment.

Ned tells Olivia-F on second thought, let Tracy do what she wants. Tonight is about them. Not wasting any time, he asks her to marry him again.

Curtis tells Jordan that there was a time he blamed her for anything wrong with his brother, but she’s a changed woman. He lists her good qualities, but adds that she’s a little confused about what she wants in a man.

Tracy sits at one of the tables She tries to call the auction house, but can’t find someone who speaks English. Laura joins her because Doc blew off their date. Tracy tells Laura that you would think they’d have people who speak English in Istanbul, and where is she going to find someone who speaks Turkish? Oddly enough, Laura does. Of course. Why am I not surprised?

Ava tells Lucy that she has two checks. As soon as she deposits them, Lucy gets her bribe. Lucy corrects her, saying she only asked for a donation. She looks at the checks, and says they wouldn’t cover her wardrobe. She’s keeping Morgan’s meds.

Olivia-F says how much she loves Ned and blah-blah-blah. She wants to spend her life with him, and there’s no other man for her. He tells her to say yes then. She says she wants what they have right now to continue, and why do they need a document? She asks why marriage is so important.

Nathan tells Dante that Maxie is filling in for an assistant editor while she’s away for three months. Dante wonders why Nathan didn’t join her.

Valentin tells Anna that she’d told him she missed him. He betrayed his instincts and believed her. She told him that she was on special assignment, and needed intel. She thought her life was in danger, and it wasn’t until he was being questioned that he realized she’d made him a traitor. Anna says she’d never do that. She did sell out and risked her own life, but she wouldn’t do it to someone else. Valentin tells her that he’d joined the WSB to make something of himself and do something good, and she took it from him. He starts to cry, and she says how sorry she is. He says she broke his heart and broke him. She looked right into his eyes and told him that he was beautiful. No one had ever been so kind. Anna touches his cheek. Nina walks in and asks what Anna is doing to her husband.

Nina asks what Anna is doing there. Anna says she had to find something out, and Nina says she doesn’t want to see her there again. Anna says she won’t, and leaves. Valentin tells Nina that Anna uncovered some ancient history. Something that happened at the WSB, something sordid that doesn’t reflect well on either of them. Nina says whenever she sees them together, he says it won’t happen again. She tells him that she can’t have another man lie and cheat on her again. Valentin says he’ll tell her about it, but she won’t like it any more than Anna did.

Ned tells Olivia-F that marriage says to the world that they have a bond deeper than just living together or saying “I love you.” It means stability, and partnership for the rest of their lives; romance that will last until their dying breath. Olivia says he’s wanted that before, but it didn’t last. She wonders how he can have faith in it. He says that he knows where he made mistakes, and why they didn’t last. He tells Olivia that they can have a great life together. Olivia says she wants the life, but some document hanging over her head. She asks why what they have isn’t enough.

Jordan asks Curtis what he thinks she wants in a man. He tells her that she thought she wanted Andre, while he was a reminder of the mistakes she made. She says she’s not punishing him for either of their past mistakes. She tells him that he’d be a great asset to the force. He appreciates her renewed faith in him, but he went by Jason’s place, and when he told Jason that he might be joining the force, Jason reminded him of how well they worked together. He likes working without the restraint of rules and wants to continue being a P.I.

Laura explains to Tracy that she and Luke once lived all over the world, and one of those places they lived was Turkey. She asks if Tracy wants her to make the call. Tracy asks if Laura wants to shake her down like Ava and Larry, who think she’s a personal ATM, and tells Laura about Larry’s proposition. She says her father wouldn’t approve giving a finder’s fee to a ne’er-do-well loser, so she’s doing it herself.

Ava tells Lucy that’s not her final offer. She shows Lucy a small sculpture, and explains that it’s extremely valuable. Lucy says antiquities are dicey and a gamble. Ava says money and the sculpture for Morgan’s pills.

Jordan tells Curtis to watch his step. He says if by some miracle they come together, at least they won’t get nailed for fraternizing.

When Laura gets off the phone, she tells Tracy about the painting the auction house pulled. Tracy says that’s it, and Larry wasn’t lying for once in his life. Laura tells her about the painting, and that the seller was to receive $20 million for it, but it was returned to the seller because they weren’t the last listed owner. Which makes perfect sense – not. I would think the auction house might have called the authorities, as the painting could have been stolen. Tracy says has to get the painting.

Olivia-F says it ain’t broke, why fix it? Ned asks her to believe marriage can make it even better, but she has to believe in herself and love. Olivia says she believes in love, but not marriage. He says sorry, but being together like this isn’t enough for him.

Nathan tells Dante that he can fly out on weekends to see Maxie. Dante thinks that’s a bit much. Nathan says it’s either that or missing her for three months. Dante asks if they talked about how it will affect their relationship. Nathan says it didn’t seem fair to put more pressure on her, since Nina fired her. These scenes are absolutely unnecessary filler material, telling us nothing except that Maxie went to Oregon. Even Nathan and Dante look like they wanted to be somewhere else.

Valentin tells Nina about how Anna claimed she wanted to be with him, seduced him, got what she wanted, and turned it over to the DVX. Nina asks why she’s saying that he’s the criminal, and he says getting the information made him a traitor. Nina says he’s not a traitor, and please don’t say he protected Anna. Valentin says he ran, changing his identity every now and then. It was his own fault for letting her manipulate him. Nina says it’s not his fault. He was alone and needed someone, and Anna took advantage of it. Valentin says that Anna doesn’t remember, and he doesn’t think that she’s lying.

Anna comes to the hospital, but the doctor she wants to see isn’t there. She runs into Griff. She says that Valentin told her about something that happened between them years ago. She tells him that the memory was obviously vivid to him. She’d hurt him unforgivably, but she remembers nothing. Griff asks if Valentin could be lying.

Jordan says would take an act of God to bring her and Curtis together. It would have to start raining butterflies. They flirt. They move in for a kiss.

Laura tells Tracy that the painting is in a monastery. Tracy thinks that she should see them in person, but Laura says that the area is impoverished and rural. She’ll need a guide and a translator, and how will she know guide is trustworthy? She would also need to speak the language just to get around. Tracy says that Laura is coming with her.

Nathan tells Dante that maybe it won’t be so bad. He’ll work hard, see Maxie on weekends, and it will be over before he knows it. Dante says it’s a plan, but Nathan says Maxie never goes according to plan. Zzzzz… Unless Perks (where they are) blows up, these scenes were worthless.

Nina wonders if Anna is manipulating Valentin again. He says so much of his life was wasted thinking about her until he met Nina. She and Charlotte are his life now, and he wants nothing to put that in jeopardy. He’s through with Anna’s games. Nina says if he wants to look into it further, they can do it together. She wants to know his secrets. She’ll never use them against him, and keep them safe. She’ll never betray him. They kiss.

Griff wonders if Valentin is either lying or delusional. Anna says that he lived it, and it devastated him. Griff asks if he could have her confused with someone else. She says omg, she thinks she knows what might have happened. She needs to make a trip.

Lucy looks up the sculpture and says it’s extremely valuable. Ava says that’s what she’s been telling her, and just take the deal. Lucy waves the pills around, and sets them on the bar. Unobtrusive she’s not.

Ned tells Olivia-F that there’s no point in continuing if he’s not the right person for her. They don’t look at the relationship the same way, and she’s not invested. She asks if he’s breaking up with her.

Some armed, masked men come in and tell everyone not to move. We focus on the ring Ned was about to give to Olivia-F, and then the sculpture and bottle of pills on the bar.

Tomorrow, one of the gunmen threatens to kill Ava, Franco brings Nina a gift, and Jason talks to Sam about Jake.

I hate to admit it, but I’m not a huge Oprah fan. I liked her early on, but thought she became a bit full of herself. I also think she’s one of those whichever way the wind is blowing people, who will drop their own beliefs in a heartbeat if they think it will hurt their popularity. That being said, she does come out with some gems.

My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.

Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.

Every stumble is not a fall, and every fall does not mean failure.

Turn your wounds into wisdom.

Whatever has happened to you in your past has no power over this present moment, because life is now.

My idea of heaven is a great big baked potato and someone to share it with.

Oprah Winfrey

I have no clue why that last part ended up with a box around it. One of life’s great mysteries…