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September 19, 2019 – Shiloh’s Trial Begins, a Tale of Two Tonys, Jeff’s Big Mouth & Hawaiian Vibe


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Michael comes out of the shower, and asks Sasha how long she’s been up. She says long enough to see the news alerts flood her phone. He asks, what happened?

Valentin walks Nina into Crimson, telling her, everything’s still there. He’s sure someone would have told her if anything catastrophic happened. She says she left Crimson in good hands. Maxie is her number one number two. The problem is, Maxie is soon going to be number one, and she’s going to be number AC1490. He tells her not to borrow trouble, and she says, who’s borrowing? With Cassandra in custody, it’s just a matter of time before she winds up in prison.

At the station, Laura asks how their guest is. Jordan says, demanding a doctor and disinfectant for the interrogation room. She can’t wait to get rid of Cassandra. Robert says, it won’t be long; the WSB is coming to pick her up. Laura hopes not too soon. She goes in to see Cassandra, who’s wiping the table with a tissue. She asks if Laura is aware of the pig sty the police force is running. Crack dens are cleaner. Laura says she’ll take Cassandra’s word for it. Cassandra demands to see her ambassador. Jordan is bringing Sonny in, and says they don’t have one from Monaco in Port Charles. Sonny asks if he’ll do.

At Kelly’s, Maxie asks Jason if Sam is nervous. She answers her own question, saying, the only things that make Sam nervous are shopping trips and personal relationships. He says, she’s looking forward to  testifying against Shiloh. Maxie says it will be easier for her, since she never believed in that stuff anyway. She feels sorry for Kristina and Willow. She doesn’t think the trial will go on for long; obviously, Shiloh is guilty. Jason asks if Peter will be there. He seems to have taken a personal interest in the case. There was a big article in The Invader this morning. She says, crime drives traffic. It’s not like it was a sympathetic piece. Shiloh is going down. Jason says, maybe. Maxie asks why he sounds unconvinced, and he says, Shiloh was offered a deal and insisted on a trial. He must still think he has a shot at acquittal. Spinelli appears, and says, that’s why they called in the big guns. Maxie jumps up, and hugs him.

Sketch guy meets with Peter at the docks, and Peter asks if he was followed. Sketch guy says he knows what he’s doing, and Peter says, then why is Andre still alive? Sketch guy says if Peter’s changed his mind about paying him, he can take care of Shiloh himself.

Chase walks into the empty courtroom to find Willow sitting on the stand. She says she wanted to get there before the place filled up. She wanted to remind herself what it feels like to be on the stand. He asks if she’s nervous, and she says she’s eager to get this done, and stop Shiloh from hurting anyone again. A guard brings Shiloh in, and he says he’d never hurt Willow. He loved her. And she loved him. He promises when this is over, they’ll be together again.

At the MetroCourt, Kristina practices her testimony for Alexis. She says she’s confident if it hadn’t been for her parent’s intervention, she’d still be under Shiloh’s control today. Alexis tells her, be careful. She doesn’t want to come across like she has a vendetta. Kristina says, she does. She can’t wait for Shiloh to go to prison. Alexis says, it’s not solely on her. Kristina says she wants to do her part, and Alexis says she will. She’s strong, and that’s who she’ll be on the stand. She’s proud of Kristina for taking back her strength and agency. Shiloh couldn’t hurt her now if he tried. Kristina is sure he will.

Maxie asks Spinelli how Georgie is; she looked great in her first day of school outfit. Spinelli says he and Ellie are grateful for her consultation. Georgie loved the outfit, and she was a hit with her peers. Maxie says she chose the dress because it looked great, and it was unique enough to stand out. Jason says, Maxie, and she says, right; the trial. Maxie asks why Spinelli is being called to the stand, and he tells her Robert said they might want background on the operations in Beecher’s Corners. She tells him, remember, clear concise statements, don’t volunteer anything, and don’t ramble. He laughs, and says he’s fully prepared. He asks if they’ll have a chance to dine while he’s there, if she’s not too swamped handling Crimson single-handedly. Maxie says, Nina is coming back, and the pressure will be off. He says she sounds disappointed. She says she was happy to do it, but she’s just as happy to hand it back. She needs to get back to work, and leaves. Jason says it’s good to see him, and Spinelli says, it’s good to be seen. It appears there’s work aplenty waiting.

Peter gives sketch guy a bag, and says he’ll need this. He’ll get the rest of the money upon completion of the job, and he’ll be richly rewarded. If he fails, they’ll both be up the creek. Understood? Sketch guy takes a gun out of his waistband, and says, after today, David Henry Archer will be nothing more than a bad memory.

Shiloh says Willow looks pale, and asks if she’s sleeping well. He says Chase must know about her restless legs. Chase starts to move toward Shiloh, but Willow stops him. She says she’ll sleep like a baby when Shiloh is in prison for the rest of his life. He asks how she’d know how a baby sleeps; she got rid of theirs. Chase says, Willow sacrificed her own happiness to protect her baby from him. She says, Wiley’s where he’s supposed to be, with two parents who love and protect him. Shiloh says, two fake parents are no substitute for one real one. She can’t stop it. One day, Wiley will know his true father.

Michael says, they found Cassandra? and Sasha says, hiding out on the Haunted Star. Talk about close calls. Does he think Cassandra came to finish her off? Michael says, it doesn’t matter. She can’t do anything to anyone. She’s going to prison. Sasha says, she’ll be there beside her pretty soon.

Nina asks Valentin if he thinks Alexis has time to defend a would-be murderer. He says they’re not hiring Alexis. She says Alexis probably wouldn’t want to defend his fiancé anyway. They’ll stick with Diane. He says they’re not hiring Diane. He’ll take care of Cassandra. Nina tells him he’s not to go near Cassandra. He’s a father… He silences her with a kiss, and asks if she trusts him. She says she does, and he says, then trust him.

Laura wonders where Cassandra’s lawyer is. Jordan says, no one showed up. In the meantime, she’s not talking to them. Robert says, maybe she’ll talk to Sonny.

Sonny tells Cassandra that he advised her to stay away from Port Charles the last time they met. She says, yet here she is. He says it’s not the worst mistake she’s ever made. The worst mistake was poisoning Sasha, and risking poisoning his son. He’s going to make sure that never happens again.

Michael tells Sasha that she’s not going to Pentenville. She can’t believe he’s standing by her, and he says, he was mad, but after he cooled off, he realized sometimes people get caught up in bad situations. There’s time for them to figure it out between them. Sasha says, in that time, Nina could have her arrested. Michael says they’ll get her situated with a lawyer, and construct the best way for this to come out. She asks if there’s any good way for Nina to find out she lied about being her daughter. He says Sasha didn’t dream this up. She was Valentin’s pawn, and made an error in judgement. The point is, she’s rectifying it. As far as crimes go in this town, hers don’t rate.

Jordan tells Laura, a couple of minutes with Sonny, who knows what Cassandra will offer up in exchange for protection from him? Laura asks if Robert doesn’t have a case to prosecute, and he says he’s waiting for his third counsel. A woman walks in, and he introduces her as Jennifer, an ADA. Laura asks what the chances are of conviction, and Robert says, excellent. Shiloh was a fool to pass up the offer. Jordan says for the victims’ sake, she’s glad he did. They deserve their day in court. Robert says he’s going to give them just that.

Sonny tells Cassandra to watch her back. She suggests he do the same, but he says, threats from a holding cell don’t play. She says she’s giving him advice like he gave her. She might be out of the game, but she’s still in the loop. The sentiment among their colleagues is that he’s outgrown his place.

Valentin comes into the station. Laura asks what he wants.

Cassandra tells Sonny, if he hadn’t refused partnership with her two years ago, he wouldn’t be in this position. He says, what position? and she says, vulnerable to those disinclined to share. He asks if she’s saying people want what he has. He thanks her for the news flash, and says, have a nice life – what’s left of it. Jordan brings Valentin in, and asks if Cassandra is under the impression he’s a lawyer. Cassandra says, why call a lawyer when you can call a old friend? Jordan leaves, and Valentin says, she wanted to see him? She says, last night. Next time, come when she calls. Valentin asks, or what is she going to do? Tell the police his wife drugged her and left her for dead? Cassandra says, ex-wife. The police are hardly motivated to follow up on that, and the police aren’t likely to take her word over Nina’s. He knows that, but Nina doesn’t, does she? And apparently, that suits him just fine.

Sasha tells Michael, she’s had some incredible experiences, living this life. Meeting him for one. He’s glad he’s on the good list. She says working at Crimson; being part of the process, and working with Maxie. She’s so smart and fun, and has a great sense of style. Maxie was in no hurry to bond like Nina, and she had to work to earn Maxie’s respect. What she’s saying is, Maxie is going to hate her like everyone else. Michael says Maxie is one of the biggest liars he’s ever met. She faked a pregnancy and perjured herself in court. Her daughter Georgie was supposed to go to someone else. Stuff happened, and she lied. Long story short, she tried pass her daughter off as the other couple’s kid, until she couldn’t go through with it. Sasha says, wow, and Michael says the point he’s making is, that Maxie found a way to turn it around. She dug a hole deeper than Sasha’s, and found a way to rise out of it. He’s confident that she will too. She wants to believe that, but even if he’s right, and she pulls a Maxie and turns into someone wonderful, that doesn’t lessen the pain Nina will feel, or Charlotte, or even Valentin. He did this because he really loves Nina. This isn’t her way to get out of telling the truth; she just wishes it’s not going to hurt so many people. He holds her.

Maxie is surprised to find Nina at Crimson. Nina says she thought she’d show up, and give Maxie a break. Maxie says, when Nina sees the surplus, it’s because she brought in the last issue under budget. Nina says Maxie is amazing. What would she do without her?

Jason tells Spinelli that Shiloh called him. Spinelli asks if he thinks Shiloh was provoking him, and trying to undermine Sam’s testimony, but Jason doesn’t think so. Spinelli asks, what other reason he would have to contact the person most responsible for his downfall? Jason says that’s what he wants Spinelli to research. Shiloh made a special point to drop Peter’s name, and he wants to know why.

Peter walks into the courtroom. He and Shiloh stare at each other.

Kristina tells Alexis that she’s trying to be more mindful, as they say in group. Alexis asks if group isn’t helping, and Kristina says, it’s fine, but right now, it feels like work. It was easier talking to Neil. Alexis asks if she wants to go back, and Kristina asks if it’s possible. Alexis says, of course (🍷), but if she’s considering that, she might want to consider a little wrinkle. Kristina asks, what kind? Alexis says she and Neil are seeing each other.

Kristina says, Alexis is dating her shrink? Alexis’s shrink? Was this before or after Kristina got treatment? Alexis says, very after. Kristina asks if it was after Neil was Alexis’s therapist, and Alexis says, nothing untoward happened. They’ve been careful to address all the implications and pitfalls. Being her daughter doesn’t betray any of Kristina’s confidences. Kristina says, with her or Neil? and Alexis says, both. Kristina doesn’t know what to think or how to feel. She’s been pouring her heart out to Neil, and now Alexis is dating him. Alexis says Neil would never tell her anything, and Kristina says she knows; confidentiality. She’ll need some time to adjust. Alexis says, nothing is more important than Kristina. If Kristina doesn’t want her to see Neil, say the word. Sonny approaches, and asks if Kristina is ready to go. He wonders if everything is okay. Alexis’s phone dings, and she says she has a referral for another client, and has to go. She’ll try to get to court as soon as possible. She jets, and Sonny asks if Kristina wants to talk about it. Kristina says, if she never hears those words again…

Valentin tells Cassandra, they have an understanding. There’s nothing more to discuss. She asks if it’s been so long since he laid eyes on Charlotte’s surrogate. The world thinks Claudette is dead, but they both know she’s very much alive. He says the photo she sent is long gone, and she says, who needs a photo when she has Claudette? She tells quite a story about him. Valentin doesn’t think Cassandra has checked on that since she was in a coma, or she would have learned that Claudette has long since flown the coop. Cassandra says it would be in his best interest to work with her. He says, au revoir. Prison or hell, he hopes she rots somewhere. He leaves, and Laura says, good talk? He says, it’s good to clear the air sometimes. Laura says Cassandra gave her the impression that she could do a lot to hurt him. He says he gets that a lot, and leaves.

Maxie is on the phone, and hears Nina yelling her name. She says she has to run. Nina tells Maxie there’s a glitch in her scheduled meetings, but Maxie says, all meetings are on Thursday now. It was an experiment to address chronic lateness, and no one’s concentration is broken. No meetings are longer than forty-five minutes. It works; she swears. Nina wishes she’d known, but Maxie says she didn’t want to bother her. Nina says she’s sorry, and thanks her, saying her mind’s not in the game. She keeps thinking about Cassandra and Sasha.

Sasha tells Michael that Lucy texted her about a  test shoot. Maybe she’ll be behind bars by then. Michael tells her wait until she sees a lawyer. She wonders how she’s going to face Nina in the meantime. Nina is excited about the wedding, which isn’t going to happen when she finds out. Michael says he’ll get her through it; it won’t be much longer. She says, a few more weeks of living a lie? She’s a pro. He hugs her.

Spinelli has misgivings about Jason’s quest. Maxie loves Peter, and he’s in James and Georgie’s lives. Jason says, all the more reason to be sure of him, but Spinelli says, Maxie is sure about him. Jason says, she’s been wrong before. He tells Spinelli, poke around and see if there’s a connection between Peter and Shiloh.

Jennifer says she needs Willow to project agency to the jury. They need to believe she’s testifying because she wants to. Willow says she is. Chase wonders why Peter is there, and Willow tells him The Invader is giving Shiloh a lot of coverage. He says, but Peter’s not a reporter; he’s a publisher. Robert says Peter is probably there to see him fail, but he’s in for a big shock. Jennifer tells Willow do all she can to make eye contact with the jury. She can look at Shiloh, but don’t direct her testimony at him. Sketch dude has shaved, and poses as a guard. Peter looks at Shiloh. Jason comes in stares at both of them. Peter leaves, and Spinelli says, curious.

The judge speaks with the attorneys. Sam asks Kristina where their mom is, and Kristina says Alexis said she’d be there soon as she can. Sam asks if they got in a fight, and Kristina says, not really… Not yet anyway. Mom is dating their shrink. Sam says Molly told her. Kristina wishes Molly had told her. Michael comes in, and Willow smiles.

Jennifer tells the jury, it’s not a complicated case, but it’s difficult to listen to. They’re going to hear ugly testimony about an ugly man – David Henry Archer. He’s a fraud, a thief, an extortionist, and a sexual predator. He’ll have a separate trial for kidnapping, assault, and murder. He lured in the vulnerable and the lost, and asked them for money, their innermost secrets, and finally sex, to prove themselves worthy of his attention. He deserves no less than imprisonment for the rest of his life. Shiloh’s lawyer says her client is a victim. A victim of prosecutorial overreach, police misconduct, religious persecution, and entrapment. Her client is a spiritual man. The people who hate him are using the justice system to exercise their jealousy. Don’t let them ruin a good man. Shiloh smiles at Willow. The people call Willow to the stand. She gets up.

Jordan says Cassandra requested a moment with Laura, and Laura says she agreed in the hope Laura might incriminate herself. But she asked for Laura’s help, In return for helping Laura destroy Valentin. Jordan says, interesting that Valentin was her only phone call. Alexis comes in, and Laura asks if she shouldn’t be at Shiloh’s trial. Alexis says she has to meet a new client. She goes into the interrogation room, and Cassandra says she’s delighted to have a lawyer with such prestige as Alexis. She’s heard a great things. Alexis says there’s not a lot she can do for Cassandra. The WSB is extraditing her. Cassandra says Alexis has to fight the extradition. She can’t leave Port Charles.

Nina asks if Maxie wants to get breakfast, but Maxie says she has a lot of work to do. Nina says it hasn’t gone unnoticed; the way she stepped up. The time and effort she put in, not just to keep Crimson afloat, but to make it thrive. Maxie says she was glad to keep things going, and Nina says, now she’s throwing herself into the wedding. She appreciates it. Maxie says, what are sister-in-laws for? Nina says she’s going to do right by Maxie. Maxie says Nina doesn’t have to do anything, but she’s been thinking about next moves. Sasha comes in, and Nina hugs her.

Nina asks if Sasha heard about Cassandra, and why isn’t Sasha resting? Sasha says, the elevator isn’t very taxing. Nina asks how things went with Michael. Sasha says they had a long talk, worked some things out, and tabled some others. Nina says, good. She’s glad to see Sasha out of the hospital. Soon, Sasha will be standing up for Nina at her wedding, and she’ll be striking a pose for Deception. Sasha says she doesn’t think she’s going to take Lucy up on her offer. Maxie asks if Sasha is for real. Lucy doesn’t ask just anyone. Nina says, if it’s not Sasha’s thing, it’s not her thing. Sasha says it’s too much of a commitment, and she doesn’t think it will be possible for her to leave town. Valentin comes in, and says he needs to discuss something with his wife.

Alexis says Cassandra wants her to fight the extradition? Cassandra says she prefers to face justice there. Alexis says Cassandra can’t defend herself against the WSB in Port Charles. Cassandra says, surely she can trump up some charges; unlawful imprisonment, attempted murder. Must she do Alexis’s work for her? Alexis says she has no interest in trumping up charges. Cassandra says she just needs Alexis to buy her some time to secure her position and make the deal. Alexis says if all Cassandra wants is a delay, she can do that. Cassandra says she’s going to need one more call to secure funds. She’s so pleased to have Alexis in her in corner. She takes Alexis’s hand, which makes me suspicious for some reason. Maybe it’s the way she took it.  It was weird.

Jordan tells Laura that when she worked undercover for the DEA, Cassandra was on their radar. Compared to her, Valentin is a choir boy. Laura says Jordan doesn’t know Valentin the way she does. Jordan asks if it’s possible Laura knows him too well. She has every reason to hate Valentin, but maybe it’s blinding her to the dangers Cassandra presents. Laura says, even if Cassandra could give them evidence against Valentin, they’re going to lose her to the WSB. Alexis comes out, and says, maybe not. Cassandra decided to fight the extradition. She’s staying in Port Charles.

On the stand, Willow says, her parents were seekers. Harmony says, she was looking for more from life. Kristina says, she found it in Shiloh, in Dawn of Day. She thought she found the answers to questions she didn’t know how to ask. Jennifer asks what he wanted in return, and Kristina says, at first, it was money. Willow says, then secrets. He said it was vital in establishing a bond of trust, but really it was blackmail material. Harmony says, he wanted her to groom young women, and lead them to his bed. If they hesitated, she was to spur them along. Jennifer asks, how? and Harmony says, drug them. Shiloh’s lawyer ask if she’s currently an inmate in Pentenville for drugging women. She says, yes, and his lawyer asks why Shiloh isn’t with her if she was coerced? Harmony says she covered for him. She was protecting him, but not anymore. The lawyer asks if prison is more difficult than Harmony thought, and Robert objects. She asks Willow if her client forced himself on her, and Willow says, no. The lawyer says, so she made a conscious decision to sleep with Shiloh, and for that he should go to prison?

Shiloh’s lawyer asks Kristina what happened to the cup. Why is there no lab report? Why is there no one to substantiate the claims? The court listens to the recording of Sam’s almost initiation. She tells Shiloh that she doesn’t need drugs; she wants to experience everything. He tells her that he wants her transition to be painless, and to trust him. Sam says, there’s the evidence, in Shiloh’s own words. Jennifer asks if she was taken to GH, and Sam says, yes. Jennifer asks if she was given a toxicology scan, and Sam says she was. There was the presence of the drug in her system. Jennifer presents the court with the report, and asks if it’s something Sam took willingly on this, or any other, occasion, and Sam says, no. Shiloh’s lawyer asks Sam to tell the court how many times she slept with Shiloh’s father before stealing his fortune and ruining him? Shiloh smirks.

Maxie asks Sasha what she’s going to tell Lucy. Sasha says she should do it in person. She should get used to giving bad news. She leaves, and Peter comes in, and asks what he missed. Maxie says, a lesson in turning down a once in a lifetime opportunities. He says he’s sure they’re going to get a ton of them when word gets out about how she’s been running Crimson. When she’s ready to spread her wings, there are plenty of people ready to see her fly.

Nina asks Valentin how it went with Cassandra. He says he spoke to her, and she knows she overplayed her hand. She can’t accuse Nina of anything, because she’s just a drug trafficker. And Nina is the sexy editor-in-chief of Crimson magazine. He thinks the WSB is coming for her, and has her totally contained. Nina says someone broke Cassandra out before. What if they come back?

On the phone, Cassandra says she knows she should have listened, now listen to her. Her options are nil. If they don’t come to her aid, she’ll have no choice but to give them up. She says, good to hear. Laura comes in, and says she’s been thinking about Cassandra’s offer, but Cassandra says, it was nothing. She was bluffing.

Alexis sees $10K has been deposited to her account.

Maxie tells Peter she’s too busy helping run Crimson to fantasize about a big career move. She thought he’d be at the trial. Jason mentioned he’d shown an interest in it. He says he likes to leave the nitty-gritty to his staff. He’d just get in the way.

Jennifer tells the judge, any past relationships Sam has had have no bearing on the case. The prosecution has no further questions, and the judge tells Sam to step down. The prosecution rests. The defense calls David Henry Archer, aka Shiloh to the stand. On his way there, Shiloh half winks at Kristina. Willow rolls her eyes.

Tomorrow, Lulu asks Maxie if she’s leaving Crimson, Carly says there’s something she hasn’t told Bobbie about the baby, and Jason tells Sam that he’s going to deal with this person.

🗽 On this week’s Million Dollar Listing New York, Tyler needed to up his game. His boss wanted him to start showing high level listings, in the $5-$10 million range, which he found intimidating. The firm also needed brand recognition. He checked out a property where the owners were interviewing different brokers. I didn’t catch the location (and didn’t recognize it), but the apartment was on the ground floor, as big as a freaking warehouse, and filled with art of all mediums. Ryan was interviewed as well – there was a lot of crossing over in this episode. The owners had done a renovation themselves, and were all about details, like a working porthole in the shower that opened to a wind tunnel. There was also a leather floor, which the owners’ leather guy friends helped create. Tyler said he knows a few leather guys, telling us that he’s a believer in the power of humor. He did make the owners laugh, but instead of clinching the deal, Tyler decided to give them space. He believed the dude was not emotionally ready to let go, but his wife was, and would talk him into it.

In his visit to the same apartment, Ryan could see it was the owners’ baby, a space they were passionate about. Ryan told the dude that Picasso wasn’t done after one, and it was time for him to go to his next canvas, and he agreed. Ryan told us that time kills deals, and if he waits, another broker will swoop in and get the listing. When Tyler found out that Ryan had landed the listing, he said it was soul crushing. He visited Ryan at his office, and Ryan wondered if Tyler was there to hit him over the head and take his listing. What Tyler wanted to know, was what Ryan was doing that he wasn’t. One of his daily affirmations is to become 1% better every day. In Ryan’s interview, he said that he and Tyler probably did the same thing. He just did it better. He told Tyler that he was a chameleon, and if he has confidence in himself, the clients have confidence in him. He’s selling enthusiasm. When they get hesitant, he finds out what their why is. It’s not about pushing something they don’t want. If they didn’t want sell, and weren’t really ready, they wouldn’t have called. Time kills deals. In his interview, Tyler said sometimes his heart gets in the way of closing a deal. It was time to be more assertive.

In advertising the listing, Ryan wanted to make a viral video. He asked a couple members of his team what gets the most views on YouTube, and they told him, kids and music. He decided on a music video. People would think it was funny because he doesn’t dance. It also makes him uncomfortable, which is what people want to see. He told his guys to find him a director.

Steve had an upper West side listing. It was basically handed to him, which he thought was great, but he didn’t get to establish a connection with the owners. While on his way to see it, he told driver Will that pictures sometimes don’t tell the whole story, like with internet dating. It was in a pre-war building, and had been used mostly by artists. Norman Rockwell had once lived there. Will asked if he could have a look too. In his interview, Steve said Will had spoken to him about joining the team, but you need to be super qualified. He said he can’t hate Will for seeing him as an opportunity. He told Will, if he could park in ten minutes, he could come up. The apartment was a penthouse, a triplex with a private vestibule. Steve explained it was done in Memphis design. Founded by Ettore Sottsass, it uses bold color and large patterns. It was big in the 80s, and now popular again. Actually finding a parking spot in the allotted time – a feat that alone should give him a position on Steve’s team – Will made it, and Steve let him practice a sales pitch. It wasn’t that great, but Steve schooled him a little. The property had been on the market for a year, and since all the brokers had already seen it, Steve decided on a different kind of open house. He visited publisher friend Lynn (Hamptons, Gotham, et al), and pitched the idea of having a publishing event there. It just so happened that Assouline Books, connected to the magazines, was having a book launch for New York by New York, so it was the perfect storm. Steve said it was a win for everyone – the publisher, the book, and him. Gotham has 65,000 subscribers, so there would be a lot of people seeing the apartment. Lynn also hit Steve up for being in Hamptons magazine’s best dressed spread. The launch was a success, with Steve using what he called Ninja style brokering. Not everyone was there to buy, but if he sniffed out someone who was, he pounced.

Fredrik had a property in Hudson Square, or as he also called it, old New York. It was a big area in the disco club days, but had now been rezoned as residential and was emerging. He met seller Kathy at the gym, and she was looking to sell her penthouse in a building built in 1920 that was originally a paper factory. Kathy had combined two apartments, and it was pretty amazing, from the original tin ceilings to the disco hallway. There was cool stuff everywhere, and Fredrik sat in a tiny chair to talk to Kathy. She was a little nervous about that, and told him, you break; you buy, but he said, he breaks; he sells. Fredrik needed to find that one buyer, and had the idea for a disco party, capitalizing one the energy of the building. Kathy wasn’t sure how that was going to sell the apartment, but agreed. While Fredrik was discussing it with Kathy at the gym, Ryan showed up. Fredrik told him about the disco party, and Ryan said disco was cool – for old people – but said he’d come anyway. If he gets a chance to get dressed up and be awesome, he’ll do it.

At the brokers open, Fredrik was dressed a la Tony in Saturday Night Fever. Much to his delight, quite a few people showed up in costume. He said had they showed up in suits like they were ready for the board room, it would have felt boring or dated; this way, they were loving it. While discussing the vibe, a broker informed Fredrik that one of the Beastie Boys had lived there. In his interview, Fredrik disclosed that he didn’t know who the Beastie Boys were, and thought they were big in disco. I guess he was mixing them up with the Village People, although I’m not sure how that’s possible. The seller showed up in costume, as did Ryan – the same costume Fredrik had on. He said it was the one-size-fits-all disco outfit. While Ryan had a photographer friend interested in the ground floor apartment with the art, he thought Fredrik’s disco penthouse might be more appropriate for his friend’s needs, and cheaper. The downside was, it was surrounded by construction, that would be there for the next twenty years. A disco party goer insisted on a dance-off between Fredrik and Ryan, and somehow Ryan won. He said he had it in the bag, but Fredrik said it was rigged. Ryan said he didn’t go not to win.

Next time, Ryan puts ads literally on the street, Derek tells Fredrik how much he hates L.A., and Tyler’s boss gets a call from Ryan.

🏫 And She Has the Sarcasm Level Of a Sixth Grader…

I guess the option of keeping his thoughts to himself didn’t occur to Jeff.


🌴 🍹 Rock Your Grass Skirt… 

Why does it sound like everyone is having a more fun Friday than me?