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January 8, 2021 – Sonny’s Rescue Becomes Recovery, Who They Are, Julian’s Exit, Shiloh’s New Gigs, Salt Lake Unity, a Warning, a Scandal, a Reveal, a Baby, UK Update, a List, Muppet Surprise, Three For the Holidays, Two Kinds of Goodbyes, Quadteen Quotes & Future


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)

General Hospital

Taggert hears someone come into the jail, and says, Trina? But it’s Portia.

On the phone, Jordan thanks someone for the update. Diane knocks on the door, and comes in with Jason, saying she thinks Jordan was expecting them. Jordan says she was expecting Jason, but she isn’t surprised. Diane asks, where else would she be when her client is being questioned by the authorities? Jordan says, when she initially asked Jason to come, Diane’s presence wasn’t necessary. Jason says, now it is? and Jordan says, that depends. Cyrus’s mother is missing. Any thoughts?

Cyrus tells Laura, if it was her mother, would I’m sure she’s fine be acceptable? Because it isn’t to him. Laura says she doesn’t give a damn. Why doesn’t he send his complaints to her daughter, and when she’s well enough to pass them on to her, then she’ll listen. He says he’s telling her for the last time, he had nothing to do with it. She says she’s sick of hearing him say that. He had everything to do with it. He killed two people, and left her daughter comatose. He says at least he’s concerned about Lulu’s welfare. She doesn’t seem to care at all about his mother’s condition. She says of course (🍷) she cares about Florence, but if Florence is with the people he says she’s with, she’s fine.

On the phone, Michael says, so instead of search and rescue, it’s search and recovery… He knows what that means. He thanks them, and says he’ll let his mother know. Willow comes in, and he tells her that she looks really good. She thanks him, and says she has dinner plans at the MetroCourt… with Chase.

Dante sits at the MetroCourt bar having a beer, one eye on Peter. Chase comes in, and says, the conquering hero returns. Welcome home, partner.

Peter makes a call, and says he’d like to speak to Dr. Arthur Cabot… He knows the doctor is in solitary, but this is an emergency medical consultation regarding a procedure he developed. Dr. Cabot is literally the only person who can answer his questions… He knows that, but there must be something… Fine. He gets it. Thanks anyway. He hangs up, and says, for absolutely nothing. He gets up, and nearly runs into Sam, who asks where he’s going in such a hurry.

Carly looks at the Christmas stockings and takes Sonny’s down. She sits on the sofa, looking at it, and sees him come in. She says, Sonny? and wakes up.

Michael says, it makes sense for Willow and Chase to figure everything out, and she says she can reschedule. With everything that’s happening with his father, if he needs her to stick around… He says, that’s okay. She should go. She asks if he’s sure, and if he’s heard anything from the authorities in New Jersey about the search. He says he has, and there’s nothing any of them can do right now.

Dante says it’s good to see Chase, and Chase says he’s glad Dante is back. Dante says, him too, and Chase says he was going to reach out, and it’s not an excuse, but he had some pretty heavy cases, and there was a lot going on in life. Dante says, sorry. He heard Chase looked after his family while he was gone. Chase says, it was an honor and a pleasure. Dante says it’s what good cops do. Chase is one of the best. He pats Chase on the shoulder, and Chase says he was sorry to hear about Lulu. Everyone at the station is pulling for her. Dante thanks him, and says, she was a fixture there. Chase says, she will be again. Soon. He tells Dante that he needs to get a table, but they should catch up some time. Dante says he doesn’t think so, but then tells Chase, he’s just kidding. Chase asks if he’s going to be in Port Charles for a while, and Dante says he is. He needs to look after his family, and  tie up some loose ends. He glances surreptitiously at Peter.

Sam tells Peter, she’d like to coordinate Maxie’s bachelorette party and his bachelor party. Peter says he’ll be in touch, but Sam says she’d like to pin down a date. The wedding is only a few weeks away. He says he knows when his wedding is, and also knows she’d be more than pleased if it didn’t happen. She says, Peter… and he says he knows she can’t stand the thought of him marrying Maxie.

Carly opens the door to Sasha, and asks her to come in. She says, Michael isn’t there, if that’s who she’s looking for. Sasha says, actually, she’s there to see Carly.

Portia says Taggert wasn’t expecting her. What surprises her is, he actually thought it was going to be Trina. He says it’s more hope than expectation, and she tells him, it’s a lot to hope for, considering how furious Trina was that he lied to her about his death. He broke her heart. Losing him… He says, she didn’t lose him; he’s right there. Portia says, she did, and that loss changed her in ways she doesn’t think Taggert fully comprehends yet. He says he’s so sorry for the hurt he caused her, and Portia. He knows how it must have felt, but that lie kept Trina alive. He can live with his daughter hating him, as long as she’s alive to do that.

Diane says, Jordan didn’t just ask her client to confess, and Jordan says she has no intention of dragging Jason through a pointless interrogation, but Cyrus came to her, saying his mother was kidnapped from Vermont, and leveling all kinds of accusations. Diane says, against Mr. Morgan? With what proof? Jordan says she has to do her due diligence regardless. Diane says, correct her if she’s wrong, but the PCPD has no jurisdiction over an incident that happened in Vermont. Jordan says, Harvard Law paid off, and Diane laughs. Jordan says, that’s exactly what she told Cyrus, but if he’s telling the truth, and his mother was moved against state lines against her will, the Feds will get involved. And none of them want that.

Cyrus asks Laura, is this the kind of caustic repartee they missed out on not growing up together? She asks, why? Does he want more? He says, what he wants, dear sister, is for her to find his mother. He knows she’s more than capable of crossing certain lines to get what she wants when she’s so motivated. For example, the night they met. She says, when she threw him in solitary. She remembers. Good times. He says, exactly. She knows how to work the system, and he also knows exactly what she’s capable of when she’s backed against the wall. David Hamilton. Theresa Carter. Rick Webber. She says if she hears anything, she’ll let him know. Now if he doesn’t mind, she has a city to run. She starts to walk away, but he grabs her arm, saying, he does mind. He minds very much. A voice yells, get your hands off of her! It’s Lesley (Laura’s mom).

Carly asks how Sasha is; is everything okay? Carly takes down the Christmas stockings, and Sasha says, it is, and a lot of it is due to Carly. She owes Carly a great big thank you, and an apology. Carly asks why Sasha owes her an apology, and Sasha says, she started going to out-patient therapy after her… overdose. Carly says, that’s very brave, but Sasha says, she doesn’t feel very brave. Carly says she’s seeking help for something that almost killed her. She’d say that’s very brave. Sasha says she only started going because Maxie threatened to kick her out of Deception, and Carly says she bets Sasha wasn’t the only one there who was strongarmed into going. Sasha says, once she started going, she learned a few things. There were people she pushed away, or worse, dismissed. People who were trying to help her when she was in a bad way, and Carly is one of them.

Sam says Peter isn’t her favorite person, and she’s sure she’s not his either, but they could put their differences aside for Maxie’s sake. He says, nothing would make him happier, if it were true, but he knows it’s not. He knows Spinelli was trying to railroad him. She says she thought Spinelli was over that, and he says, Spinelli changed his tune for the sake of Maxie and Georgie. Sam says, so has she, and Peter says he hopes that’s true. If she really cares about Maxie – she says, of course (🍷) she does – he says, then she’ll stay out of his way, and brushes past her. Dante watches.

Lesley says she doesn’t know who Cyrus thinks he is, but grabbing at women is illegal. He says she’s absolutely right; he was out of line. Laura asks what Lesley is doing there. She was going to meet Lesley in New York on the weekend, when she went to visit Lulu. Lesley says she knows, but she was thinking about how much Rocco and Charlotte need to have their family around them. So she figured a trip up north was what she needed. Laura says she’ll get Lesley settled in at her house, and Lesley says Laura hasn’t even introduced her to her assailant. He must be Cyrus Renault. Cyrus says his reputation has preceded him, and Lesley says, his reputation and his rap sheet. He says, she must be Lesley Webber, and she says Dr. Lesley Webber to him. As she’s sure he knows, she’s an emeritus member of the hospital board. They’re going to be spending time together. He says, how delightful. He’s really looking forward to spending time with the tramp who slept with his married father.

Portia tells Taggert, she doesn’t understand why he would turn himself in for falsifying evidence against Cyrus. He says, his cover was already blown. Jordan thought the safest thing was to take him off the board, keep his head down. At his arraignment, he’ll plead guilty, and get a lighter sentence. She says, he could do that, but he could also fight to get his life back.

Diane leaves, and Jason closes Jordan’s office door. He says, Cyrus was there? Jordan says, he tried pressuring her, but she shut it down. The only leverage he had over her was her secrets, and she’s fresh out. He says, congratulations, and she thanks him, admitting it feels good. She asks how things are with Cyrus on his end, and he says, it’s been handled, for now. She asks if it has anything to do with Florence Grey, and Jason doesn’t say anything. She says, dammit, Jason. She wishes he would at least say no. She says she appreciates this… alliance they’ve formed, and he says he does too. She tells him, then don’t put her in a position where she has to investigate Cyrus’s allegations against him. There’s a knock at the door, and an officer gives Jordan a big envelope. Jason asks if that’s all, and she tells him to wait. This also concerns him.

Laura tells Lesley that she doesn’t have to listen to Cyrus, but Lesley says she’s curious. Cyrus says she slept with his married father. He has to narrow it down. Laura says, mom! and Lesley says, what? She was a tramp. She probably conquered hundreds of married fathers. Cyrus says, this was a special conquest. It’s what binds them together. Lesley doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about, and he says his father was Gordon Grey. She says, oh, that married father, and Cyrus says, he passed away a long time ago. As he remembers, Lesley and his mother were friends, then Lesley betrayed her. She asks how Florence is, and he says, apparently, fine, but his sister is doing her damnedest to keep her away from him. Lesley says, sister? That would make Lulu his niece, and he just about killed her. He says he had nothing to do with what happened at The Floating Rib. Julian was the culprit. Lesley says she’s sure Julian had nothing better to do than set off a bomb in a restaurant full of people for no reason. He says, as he understands it, there’s a good chance Lulu will recover, which is more than he can say for his father, whose death Lesley set in motion when she educed him. Lesley looks at Laura.

Taggert tells Portia, he lost a year in the shadows. Not to mention the two years he lost undercover, trying to convict Cyrus. She says, he’s earned the right to his life back, and he says, except for one thing; he’s guilty. He knows Trina doesn’t want to believe it, but he planted the evidence that sent Cyrus to prison. She says, Cyrus was responsible for countless murders, and they’re going to work together to expose him for the man he truly is.

Chase meets Willow at the MetroCourt, and pulls out her chair for her. She thanks him, and he says he was in the neighborhood… of her chair. He’d convinced himself that she was going to cancel, and she says she almost did. He says he would have understood, but he’s glad she’s there. She says, she is too, and Chase says he’s really happy they’re doing this. She says, so is she.

Sasha says she’s finally come around to telling Carly, her attempt to give Sasha a swift kick in the right direction was appreciated. Carly says she’s welcome, but doesn’t owe her an apology. Sasha was struggling because of the sacrifice she made for Carly’s family, and she’ll always be indebted. Michael comes in, and Sasha says she was just leaving. Michael says it was good to see her, even if briefly. She says, her too, and Carly asks if he has news about the search. Sasha says, search? and he says, she hasn’t heard? Carly says, Sonny was in an accident, and he’s missing. The police are searching, and they’re going to find him. Michael says he heard from the New Jersey State Police, and Sonny’s status has changed. It’s gone from search and rescue to search and recovery. Carly says, but they’re still searching, right? and Michael says he doesn’t think she understands. She says she does understand. She doesn’t know what they expect to find, but what they’re going to find is Sonny, alive and well.

Sam asks if she can join Dante at the bar. She sits down, and says she noticed he’s keeping a close eye on Peter. Why? He says, apparently marrying your half-brother’s widow, the brother who was killed by their crazy father, doesn’t violate bro code. Sam says if he finds anything interesting, pass it her way. They might have aligned interests. He says, will do, and Sam orders a beer. She says, about Sonny. How’s the family holding up? He says, they’re just waiting for the official word from the search parties, but she says, it’s Sonny. If anything, they have hope. Dante guesses they’re supposed to convince themselves, but to be honest, he feels like the hope for Sonny surviving gets smaller with each passing day.

Carly tells Michael, his father has survived worse than a bridge collapse. Sonny is coming home. She says she’s making coffee, and asks if she can get him anything. He says, that’s okay, and Carly says she’ll be in the kitchen if he needs her. Sasha tells Michael, she’s so sorry, and he thanks her. She says she knows it’s a ridiculous question, but… He says, is he okay? He is for someone whose father is missing and presumed dead. Sasha asks if she can make him a drink, or does he want her to go? He says he wouldn’t mind her staying.

Willow says, he retired just like that? and Chase says, he went from the K-9 unit to a well-to-do couple, and he’s living his best life in Niagara. Even though he ruined his cake at the retirement party. He remembers how the kids went crazy when Chase brought him to the classroom, and his brother hated being upstaged. She says, the kids were excited… Why are they pretending there isn’t a giant elephant in the room? He says, they’re just talking, but she says, they didn’t come there to make small talk, and pretend things are the way they were before. So why are they? He says, it’s what he wants more than anything.

Sam tells Dante that she’s sorry, and he says, Sonny could show up, and Lulu could wake up at any moment. Forget he said anything. He should offer condolences. Sam just lost her father. She says she’s not going to pretend to grieve. The world is a better place without that man it. He says he doesn’t disagree, but there’s one person hurt by Julian being dead, their brother Leo. She says she thinks Leo is better off not knowing Julian existed. She’s glad it’s not up to her. He says, the wheels are already in motion for Ned to officially adopt Leo. It’s crazy; he just lost his father. She says, that’s all the more reason for them to step up for Leo as his brother and sister.

Lesley tells Cyrus that she has no idea what lies Gordon fed him over the years, but she never seduced anyone… Well, not him. Cyrus tells her, like she said, there were probably hundreds. Lesley says she should have been so lucky. She and Gordon had an affair. He was her professor, and should have been more conscious of the emotional differences between them in the relationship. Cyrus says, it’s fortunate she can pass it through a modern lens, and absolve herself of responsibility. Does it also hold true for his father’s decision to leave Port Charles? He convinced Cyrus’s mother to start fresh down south. She didn’t realize the exodus was at Lesley’s urging. Lesley says, on that point, he’s right, and Cyrus says, and here we are. Who knows how different their lives and destinies would have been in Port Charles. Laura says he has no one to blame but himself, and asks Lesley if she can have a moment alone with Cyrus. She’s not afraid. She wants to talk to her brother. Lesley gives them privacy, and Laura shakes her fists at him. She says she’s not about to let him use her mother as a scapegoat for his lifetime of horrible decisions. Do they understand each other? He says they do, but understand this. He’s trusted her to resolve the situation with Jason promptly. How would she feel if something happened to her mother? She says, spoken like an innocent man.

Laura finds Lesley crying, and asks if she’s okay. Lesley says, not really. Cyrus said some horrible, untrue things, but there’s one thing she can’t shake. Her recklessness when she was young is what led them down the path to the pain they’re all feeling right now. Laura holds her, and says, it’s okay.

Portia tells Taggert, neither was a good plan, and he says he’s exhausted. He just wants it over with. She says, then get a good night’s sleep. Stop thinking about himself, and think about his daughter. Be the man she thinks he is, and fight so she doesn’t lose her father a third time. Jordan comes in and say she didn’t know Portia would still be there. Portia says, Dr. Robinson, and she was just leaving. When she’s gone, Jordan asks if Taggert is okay, and he says, for a man who just got his ass handed to him by his ex, he’s not too bad. She says, Portia is good at that, and asks why he looks so wistful. He says Portia is good at calling him on his crap. That’s why they got married, and why they got divorced, and why they’re still friends. What’s the good word? She says, Cyrus no longer has a hold on the department. He says, what about TJ and Trina? and she says she’ll explain later, but for now, she does have bad news.

Carly stands in the kitchen, and tells herself, stop it. He’s coming back. Sonny’s coming back.

Peter runs into the hospital, and says he hopes the reception nurse can help him. It’s important that he contact a former staff member – Andre Maddox.

Willow says Chase let her believe he slept with her friend, and he asks if it matters that he did it to save Wiley. She says she appreciates what he did, but not being kept out of the loop. He says he had to focus on Wiley. He misses her, and wonders if she misses him too. She says, of course (🍷) she does. From the moment she left the apartment she was missing him every moment of every day for months, until… The pain they made her feel is still real, even if the betrayal wasn’t. They can’t wish it away overnight. He says, give him a chance to show her that he’s the guy she thought he was; a guy she can trust with her heart, and that their love is worth fighting for. He loves her; he never stopped. He knows in his heart and soul she loves him too. She leans in toward him…

Willow says, she can’t; sorry. Chase says he thought she wanted him to, and she says she can’t. She’s married to Michael. She wanted him to kiss her, but she has to go. He asks if she can take a second, but she says, this is too complicated right now, and runs out. Maybe not runs, but she walks really, really fast.

Sasha asks if she should check on Michael’s mom, but he says, she’s probably trying to face what happened. Or she’s doubling down on her denial. It’s best to stay out of her way. She says, it’s obvious which Carly is doing, and he says he’s afraid her not facing reality is setting her up for more pain. She says, Carly is right. Just because the authorities stopped the search and rescue, doesn’t mean Sonny won’t be alive. He says, it’s the not knowing anything that’s the worst. Hearing that it’s changed to search and recovery… Only living things need rescue. His dad is no longer someone to them, just someone they need to… She hugs him, and he thanks her. She asks if he wants some air. She’s missed the walks they used to take to the boathouse. Of course (🍷) it’s freezing. He says, a walk sounds good.

Portia comes out of the elevator, and Cyrus says, it’s good to see her. He knows she has a lot going on with discovering Trina’s father is alive and well. She says, is there something he wants to ask her? but he says he’s just sharing her good news. She says, they’re done here, and walks away.

Jordan tells Taggert, Sonny was in an accident. A bridge he was on collapsed. He says, how the hell…? and she says they’re still gathering details, but Sonny is presumed dead. He doesn’t know what to say, and she says she thought he should know. He thanks her, and says he and Sonny had a complicated history. It’s strange that someone he dedicated his life to bringing down, bent over backward to make sure he was safe. He was a complicated man. She says, he was.

Sam and Dante sit at a table. Sam says, Sonny had the bright idea for a dinner with Carly and himself, and her and Jason. Carly thought it was part of his big plan. Dante does an impression of Sonny saying, we’re all here right now for the summit, and Sam laughs. She says, she and Carly started cracking up, and realized this was part of Sonny’s plan. Dante says they’ve spent the last 20 minutes telling stories about Sonny like they’ve started his wake. Like maybe this time, he could actually be gone for good. They clink beer bottles, and say, to Sonny.

Jason goes into the house, and looks at a picture of Sonny and Carly. Carly says she didn’t hear him come in. He looks grim, and she asks if he saw Michael and Sasha. He says he didn’t, and she says she didn’t mean for them to see each other, but she’s glad they did. Sasha wanted to apologize, and she left the room to give them time alone. Jason says he was at the police station, and has an update. She says she doesn’t want to know, and he says, waiting isn’t going to change anything. They sent a search team into the wreckage from the bridge, and they didn’t find Sonny’s body, but they found this. He hands her a necklace, and she says, Sonny’s St. Christopher medal. He says, it was snagged on the wreckage. They think Sonny was pinned when the bridge collapsed, and his body was dragged down river. He knows Sonny would have gotten out if he’d gotten clear of the wreckage, but he didn’t. Carly starts to hyperventilate, then starts to cry. She says, he was arrogant, and he was selfish. They couldn’t stand each other. She doesn’t know what made them fall in love. She cries, and Jason holds her. She says, I don’t know.

In the woods, we see someone lying in the snow. We don’t see their face, but gee, think it’s Sonny?

On Monday, Chase asks if Finn can possibly relate, Carly asks if they can’t touch Cyrus, Molly wonders if she and TJ have a future, and Brando warns Jason about the Feds.

🏥 What Cyrus Said…

We’ve covered David Hamilton, but Theresa who?


And in case you didn’t know Rick either.

🐶 He’s An Animal Lover Too…

I wasn’t Julian’s biggest fan, but I don’t think they should have killed him off. Especially since they finally got his hair right.


🏃🏻 Shiloh Strikes Again…

And he’s pulling double duty.

💏 But She’s Not Moving To Ohio…

All is well in the Marks household.


⚠️ A Warning From Candiace…

I don’t know how seriously I could take someone whose hair looked like hers at the RHOP reunion. What was that?

👠 For Those Who Can’t Get Enough…

All about the scandalous scandal.


📡 Full Disclosure…

I have to admit, I was surprised. It’s going to be a while before she’s off the shrink’s couch.


🙌🏼 Her Reality Goes On…

I actually think Stassi was growing as a person on Vanderpump Rules. It’s a shame cancel culture is so narrowly focused.


📮 News Of a London Lady…

The good news.


And the bad news.


🎈 I’ve Got a Little List…

Pop culture from the past four… whatever that was.


🧸 Mixed Message…

Well this must have put a damper on many a family’s holiday season.


🎉 That Holiday Glow…

More celeb celebrations.


🗽 In Case You Missed It…

And you may as well have. Although it was amusing to see an empty Times Square.


🍾 I Can’t Say I Disagree…

The best part was when Anderson Cooper was like, hey dude, slow down, it’s early yet.


🥁 Roll Call 2020…

Those celebs we lost, and it’s probably not even a full list.


From across the pond.


🧻 A Different Kind Of Roll Call…

Celebrities, they’re not like us.


🎙 Quotes of the Week

For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. – Isaiah 9:6, NLT

Do one thing every day that scares you.Eleanor Roosevelt

Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends. – Kate Spade

You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?Rumi

A good education is not so much one which prepares a man to succeed in the world, as one which enables him to sustain a failure. – Bernard Iddings Bell

Sun is like God calling you an alcoholic. – a hungover Jenny Harper (Amber Tamblyn), Two and a Half Men

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. – Anne Lamott

Whoever you are, whatever your dream, you have to be strong in your head and strong in your heart. Be strong. There’s no quitting in the person who wants it bad enough. – Carly Patterson  

Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. – Benjamin Disraeli

The unique ability to take decisive action while maintaining focus on the ultimate mission is what defines a true leader. – Robert Kiyosaki

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not. – Andre Gide

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.Milton Berle  (Or kick one out, I say.)

You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins. – Jim Stovall

🌜 Goodnight, Moon…

Even before the pandemic, my weekends weren’t much different than my weekdays. Every day is a work day in one way or another. But whether your days are all workdays, all days off, or a combination, stay safe, stay innovative, and stay on the road less traveled. It’s easier to keep your social distance that way.

November 29, 2019 – Thanksgiving Begins In Port Charles, a Starlit Thanksgiving, Long Weekend Extras, an Ennead of Quotes, What’s On & Thank You


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

A mini-cap of GH’s Thanksgiving Day episode.

Mike went to Sonny’s for Thanksgiving. When Mike asked if Sonny had a good relationship with his old man, Sonny knew it wasn’t going to be a good day. He rolled with it, saying he and his father did have a good relationship, and Mike told him that you have to tell people how you feel before they’re gone. Life is too short for regrets. No doubt there was collective sobbing from viewers everywhere. It’s at the point where, when I see Mike is going to be in an episode, I figure I might as well just start crying.

Franco met with Andre, who said the memory mapping had been streamlined since he’d first worked on it, and he’d do everything he could to mitigate the risks. Franco told Elizabeth that he was having the procedure done tomorrow. Which will probably be Tuesday in our world.

Finn kept trying to call Hayden, but his calls all went to voicemail. When he checked Violet’s backpack for her doll, he found the letter Hayden left. She wrote that she was in the kind of trouble that could put Violet in danger, and she knew Violet would be safe with him. She asked him, please don’t come after her, take care of Violet, and make sure Violet knows, no matter what, her mother loves her. Finn showed the letter to Anna, and said that when Hayden is backed into a corner, she always runs. Anna told him that Hayden must be in serious trouble if she was leaving Violet. Anna didn’t think Hayden would have left Violet with Finn if there had been an alternative.

Kendra came by to see Alexis, who said she’d been given the all-clear from the hospital, but she was going to wait before going back to working with Kendra. Alexis also said she spoke quite a bit of Italian, and could order the supplement herself. Kendra wondered why Neil had given her the cold shoulder, and asked if Alexis was getting ready to fire her. Alexis said, no; she was just being vigilant. Later, Neil discovered that Alexis had checked herself out of the hospital. He told Julian that he’d accused Kendra of poisoning Alexis.

Michael picked up Wiley to go to the Quartermaine’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Brad begged off, saying he was coming down with something and didn’t want to get anyone sick. Michael didn’t believe it, and suggested it was because of Nelle, since his family knew about Brad going to her parole hearing. While this was going on, Julian sat outside in his car, obviously up to no good. After he saw Michael leave with Wiley, he cut the brakes to Brad’s car.

Lucas told Elizabeth about Brook Lynn being back, and said Elizabeth looked like she’d rather have a root canal than hear that news. Lucas decided he’d rather be home on Thanksgiving, and Elizabeth got his shift covered. Lucas went home, and told Brad that he was sick of fighting. He wanted to know what was going on, and what Brad was hiding.

Peter and Maxie went to Anna’s for Thanksgiving, where they saw Andre. Andre told them about Franco deciding to go through with the procedure. He said Franco realized that no matter how many memories of Drew’s he had, he wasn’t Drew; and there were people who loved Franco and missed him.

Sonny and Mike watched football, and it was all good until Mike wanted to hold Donna. Both Sonny and Carly overreacted, and Mike got the message they didn’t want him holding the baby. He ended up pushing Sonny into the table of appetizers. Mike was persuaded to take a nap upstairs, and Sonny asked Carly to call Turning Woods, saying his dad wasn’t safe at the house.

Kendra went to Kiefer’s grave with a gorgeous autumn flower arrangement. Alexis saw her, and waited for her to leave. When Kendra was gone, Alexis went over to look at the headstone. But Kendra wasn’t really gone, and whacked Alexis in the head with a rock, knocking her out.

On Monday, Lulu tells Brook that Dante abandoned her, Julian wonders why Kendra would target Alexis, and Sonny says he’s not going to be that guy. And maybe we’ll find out about the Quartermaine pizza. I’m a little miffed that they didn’t include that in the Thanksgiving episode.

🍗 Thanksgiving With the Stars…

Soap stars:


And everyone else:


🎢 Some Fun Stuff…

The only thing I love more than pop culture are lists about pop culture.


Wishes, messages, and greetings to share.


🚩 Quotes of the Week

You can’t save everyone. Sometimes you have to give people their problems right back at them. – Dr. Woods-Trap (Phylicia Rashad), David Makes Man (I am a big fan of that philosophy.)

We’re going down on a sinking ship, and the only way to do that with dignity is to be drunk. – Jack Dundee (Robin Williams), The Best of Times

Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step; only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find the right road. – Dag Hammarskjold

Life—the way it really is—is a battle not between good and bad, but between bad and worse. Joseph Brodsky

If bad things didn’t happen, how would you be able to feel the good ones?Elizabeth Scott

Always have a willing hand to help someone, you might be the only one that does.Roy T. Bennett

You don’t sneak up on people in a zombie apocalypse. – Charlie Barnett (Tom Everett Scott), Z Nation

The truth isn’t always beauty, but the hunger for it is.Nadine Gordimer

I’m alone, and I’m old. But guess what? I’m tough. – An 82-year-old bodybuilder who fought off a home intruder.

😘 Last But Not Least…

Hoping that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, full of family, friends, and food. It would be remiss of me not to say how thankful I am for my readers and followers. No Dead this week, only Christmas movies, but some good ones. Saturday night is Elf, and on Sunday, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Christmas with the Kranks. Christmas Vacation holds a spot in my heart because my old acting teacher, William Hickey, plays the part of Uncle Lewis. And we all see where I am today. Just kidding. He was a phenomenal teacher.

🏁 Double Duty…

My thanks, as well as the official start of the season. And so it begins…