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July 7, 2019 – Victor Finds a Way, the Last Preacher, Another 90 Spin-Off & Monday Storm


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Annie washes herself up. The rest of the kids watch a cartoon and laugh. Dylan reads The Little Prince. Annie tells Max that there’s hot water. Morgan radios, and asks if everyone is okay. She says, yeah, and he thanks her for holding down the fort. He says they don’t plan on staying much longer. She asks if he understands the roads are out, and tells him, don’t go near the radiation signs. He says he knows, and she asks how he’s planning on getting out. He says he’ll show them if they open the gate.

Morgan drives in with the body of the plane on a flatbed, with a convoy of trucks behind him. He says they were honest, but didn’t tell the kids everything. They did a lot of bad things, and have done things they regret and have to live with. Things they aren’t able to run away from. It wasn’t easy getting there, but they didn’t give up. They found a way because they had something to fight for, even if it wasn’t what they thought. No one was on the end of the radio, but they still had something to fight for – each other – and them. They can do this. They’ve done the impossible before. Luci says they’ll need some help. Dylan asks what they do now, and Luci says, fix the plane. Fly back across the mountains together. I don’t suppose there are any airplane mechanics among those kids.

Morgan asks if Grace copies. He’s working on a way to get home, and found some people he thinks she’d want to meet. Near the car roadblock, Grace turns off the radio. Morgan says he’ll leave the channel open. If she hears him, let them know. Morgan practices with his latest pokey stick. It’s not satisfactory, so he looks for something else. He tries to pull the head off of a mop, and Alicia finds him. They both laugh, and she asks if he’s okay. He says he’s good, and she asks for a hand with the landing gear.

Outside, everyone works to get the plane back together. Luci asks Dylan what he thinks, and he takes off his glasses. He thinks it’s going to work. He says the book says to only see with the heart, not the eyes, so he got rid of eyes. She asks if his heart knows how to fix the reduction gear.

Oil drips on Sarah’s head as she tinkers with something. Victor says he’ll get her a rag, and she tells him to get a beer too. She works better with a five out of ten buzz. Victor tells Charlie to radio the others, and tell them it might take a minute. Annie tells Dylan that they’re there to help, so these people leave, and they can go back to how things were. June asks Annie about her ankle, and wants to look at it. Luci takes Dylan and Max back out to the plane.

June says, Annie wants to run, doesn’t she? She used to run too, but never with a sprained ankle. If she was Annie, she’d wit a week, and maybe get a new pair of shoes. And socks. Her boyfriend says, survival starts with socks. John walks in, and says, that’s a fact. He and Dwight are keeping up the search. He wants to make sure Shari is on the plane when it takes off. June tells Dwight to keep John out of trouble, and Dwight says he’ll try.

Al gets in the plane, and starts it. The propellers turn, but one starts to look dicey. Luci yells, get down! as the propeller flies off. Dylan asks if that’s the reduction gear. Al wonders where they’re going to get a new propeller. A zombie toddles onto the scene. Alicia is about to whack him with what’s left of the propeller, but Morgan gets there first, using his new mop pokey stick. He asks, what happened? and Al says, the engine worked, but the propellers didn’t. Morgan says they’ll start looking for a replacement. Grace radios, asking if they have a generator. They need to unlock it, gas it up, and get it ready for transport. He asks, what’s going on? and she says, a different plan. And if he doesn’t do what she says, there will be another meltdown.

Dwight thinks he and John are wasting time; he’s been down this way already. John says when he was looking for June, he thought she was dead, but when he met other people, things started clicking. An extra set of eyes helps you see better. He says he doesn’t mean to pry, but how did Dwight and Shari split up? Dwight says he and Shari got split up before he left where he was living. John asks how he ended up with her rings, and Dwight says, it’s complicated. John says the first time June told him that she loved him, she didn’t tell him. She spelled it out with Scrabble tiles. They never left his pocket. Dwight says he’s lucky it worked out for him, and John says they’ll find her. She’ll be on the plane. Dwight says he’s not talking about that; he’s talking about how John is, the way he thinks, how he is now. He hasn’t been broken or burned or twisted, and Dwight hopes he never is. John says he’s luckier than Dwight thinks. The world did a number on him, and gave him more than he could handle. It was hard to deal with, but he found a way.

Alicia tells Luci the generator is cooling. The system failed, and Grace needs it. It won’t fix it, but it will buy them time. They need finish the plane – fast. Luci tells everyone she’s pulling the plug, and they’re going dark. Victor says he’ll find a way to get them back. He doesn’t know how, but he will. The radio goes dead.

Sarah tells Victor, it will take too long get there, but there’s an airstrip north of where they are. She radios Wen, and asks if he remembers the airport where they jacked the planes. Victor isn’t optimistic, and Charlie says Victor told them they’d find a way. He says that was just to keep their spirits up. Sarah asks is he d*cking about daisies (a phrase I have never heard), or are they closing the deal? She thought he wanted to help them. Charlie says, so did she. Sarah says they’ve got the pieces, they just have to put them together. Victor says, it’s hopeless. Sarah says, Jimbo took one for the team; he took one hard. Don’t throw that hopeless horsesh*t in the air, and let it land on them. There has to be a way. Charlie asks Sarah if they got everything from Jim’s brewery. She shows Sarah a picture of Jim in a very busy add for his beer. Sarah says, son of a bitch. They’re going to get out.

Morgan meets Grace, and she asks for help moving the cars. She has to suit up and go in.

Al asks if June has heard anything from John, but June says he’s out of range. Al hopes the plane’s circuits aren’t fried. June asks if Al is okay, and Al says she should have kept the helicopter from taking off; they’d be home. June says, no way could she have done that. She asks if something happened when Al was missing. Al shakes her head, but I think June knows better. June says she asked to talk to Al once off the record, and Al let her talk. It helped her, more than Al knows. If Al needs to do the same, she can. June tells Al it’s the least she can do. Al sort of smiles, and says she has to check the battery.

Annie asks Alicia if the woman Morgan left with is from the power plant. Alicia reluctantly says, yeah, and Annie tells the boys, it’s not working. They can’t stay. Alicia says they can’t go back to hiding behind the dead. Annie says they were safe before, and Alicia says they can be safe now. Luci needs all the help she can get to finish the plane. Dylan says he can work, and Max agrees, but Annie says he’s not the one who has to decide. Alicia says they can make the decision together, but Annie says she has to decide for her brothers.

Dwight and John find a dead guy inside an empty diner. Dwight says he saw the guy the last time he was there. He’s been dead a while. Dwight points out that he was shot twice; once by the person who stole his food, and again by himself. John asked him why Shari doesn’t have her ring. She had to give it up to save him. She chose to give up everything for him. The only reason he’s still alive is because of her. He owes her his life. When he left where he was, he was sent away. The person who sent him knew the sh*t he’d done, but knew he loved her, so he said, find her and make it right. Even if can do the first thing, he doesn’t know if he can do the second, or if it’s even possible. John thinks more things are possible than impossible. He takes a food ticket down in the kitchen window. He finds a pencil, rubs it over the ticket and sees the note Shari left, that had been obscured by blood. Dwight is impressed, and John says he used to be a cop. I miss what the note says, but Dwight says he’s been looking down the wrong road the whole time. (I cheat, and check another recap – Shari said there was a storm coming, so she’s switching to country roads.)

Annie packs some cans of food. Alicia asks if the kids are just going to leave like they did before. She says there’s no way they can carry all that, and suggests they take one of the cars – if Annie tells her why they won’t go. Annie says Alicia won’t change her mind. Alicia says, then it won’t hurt to talk about it. Annie says they lived at the camp; her parents, her brothers, and a dozen other families. They found it after everything changed, and it was perfect; like it was built for what was going on. Alicia asks, what happened? and Annie says, a herd of growlers followed them back from a scavenging run. They took certain routes, and did other things to be careful, but they weren’t careful some of the time. That’s all it took. There were so many, and they didn’t look like regular growlers. The growlers were from the power plant, but they didn’t know it. More showed up, but the walls held – at first. The grown-ups got weapons ready for a fight, and when it looked like the walls were about to give, they sent the kids away. They had a spot in the woods that they were to run to, if things went bad. She took the kids there, and they waited; eating and crying in the dark. They tried to stay quiet. They’d done it before, and the grown-ups would come after a night or two, but she just knew. They waited and waited, and after three nights, she went back on her own. Alicia says, she saw them? Annie shakes her head, and says their parents weren’t dead. They killed all the growlers, but they were sick. Her mom and dad wouldn’t even let her come in; they had to talk through the door. They told her not to be afraid, and said they’d get better. They made her promise to stay where they were, and protect her brothers and everyone else. So that’s what she’s doing. Alicia says she gets it; she really does. She thinks about the last thing her mom said every day. Annie says so she understands why they can’t leave. Alicia tells her, just make sure she’s doing what they really asked. Annie asks what she means, and Alicia says, is she surrounding them with the dead to protect her brothers, or is it easier than surrounding herself with the living? Alicia sets the car keys on the counter, and says, all hers. It’s up to her whether she wants to use it. Annie watches Alicia leave. Man, I’d stick with Alicia. She’s pretty badass. Kind of like Addie on Z Nation, but not quite as cool.

Dwight looks at the car registration from Shari, as he and John go toward a cabin. He says she might still be there. John checks the car, while Dwight goes inside. John looks in a knapsack, but it’s empty. He checks the glove box, but nothing. He opens another compartment, and there’s an envelope with an eternity symbol on it. Inside, the note says that Shari had to kill someone. The man at the diner. He almost killed her. They’ve both seen too much, and she doesn’t like the thought of him looking for her. She doesn’t want him to get killed trying to find her. She wouldn’t be able to live with that happening. She asks him to stop looking. She gave him hope, but she wants to give him a chance to get out. This is the end of her trail. It’s the end of them. Don’t let it be the end of him. So he should find something to live for, and live. She’ll love him forever.

Morgan finds his old pokey stick wrapped in plastic, and Grace is like, no. He says the man who taught him how to use it, helped him when he thought death was the only way. He thought if he held the weight of it, he’d know what to say to help those kids – and her. To show them they’re not stuck. But it feels like a piece of wood in plastic. Grace says, wood that can hurt him, and he puts it back. She says she’s not stuck. It’s just over for her. He says she doesn’t know that’s true, but she says she has to do this. She has to give them more time. He asks where the other suit is, and she says, there isn’t one. She gets in her car, and locks it, saying, he can’t come. She’s not letting another person die because of her mistake. He says, there has to another way, but she says, there isn’t. He’s kind and thoughtful, and learned from his mistakes. She’s doing the same thing. She thanks him for helping with the roadblock, and drives away.

Luci find Alicia sitting in a car, and asks if she talked to Annie. Alicia says Annie thinks it’s all on her. She thinks she’s the only one who can protect them. Luci asks if Alicia is leaving, but she doesn’t know. Victor comes through on the radio. Luci answers, and he says, the dulcet tones of a songbird. She asks, where is he? and he says he told her he’d find a way. He’ll see her soon. They’ve got the props. Luci asks if they found a road, but he says, a road isn’t a necessary ingredient to this journey. Look up to the south. We look up to see Victor and Charlie in a hot air balloon, and I literally lol. It’s a huge bottle of Jimbo’s Augie beer. Victor says they’re clearing the runway as they speak. He radios Morgan, and asks if he sees it. He does, and Luci tells Alicia, the kids need to see this. Alicia runs in, but they’re gone. Alicia says, they took off. Morgan says, they need to find them quick. Grace is buying them time, but not a whole lot.

Dwight comes back out, and tells John that Shari wasn’t in there. He found food and supplies though. She was there. John told him when he met the others is when things started clicking with finding June. She’s close; he knows it. He says, she would have left a letter, and asks John if he found anything in the car. John says, no, like I thought he would. Dwight thanks him, and says it’s the closest he’s been to finding her in a long time. It’s everything.

Morgan asks Victor, how long before they touch down? Victor says sooner than he’d hoped. They’re low on fuel. Charlie tells Morgan to come and get them. Morgan asks if they have enough to clear the trees, and Charlie says they’re trying. Victor pulls on the ropes. Morgan tells him not to bring it down there. It’s not safe. It’s contaminated. Victor says, it’s the only way, and the balloon is gone.

Alicia goes to a blockade of the dead in the woods. She calls for Annie, Max, and Dylan. We see a zombie with its intestines hanging out. She radios Morgan, saying, she’s going in. She takes out her weapon. Morgan says, him too. He says if Victor and Charlie can hear him, stay where they are. Don’t kill any walkers. If their blood gets on them, they can die. He trots down the road.

Victor and Charlie see zombies filing out of the forest. Charlie tells Victor, stay away from the walkers. Which IMO, should be easy since they move so slow. The zombies stumble forward.

Next time, Morgan says they’re going to do what they came there to do, Alicia finds the kids, and Victor says they have to make a hasty retreat.

🚬 Preacher’s final season <sniff> will begin Sunday, August 4th.

💒 What Fresh 90 Day Hell Is This…?

Interesting how I’d always thought Chantel, Pedro, and the families that go with them, often seem like they’re reading their lines. Maybe Pedro and Chantel were originally set up by Pedro’s mom Lydia, but perhaps the audience was set up too. The two families hate each other, so now they’re going to create a show together? Makes perfect sense. It also looks like the ever tired-looking Lydia, who jabbered about how no one was interested in a green card, will be looking for one.

The backstory:


The show:


👋 Farewell Long Weekend…

We barely knew ye.

April 12, 2019 – Someone Watches Ava, a Sublime Accident, Another Ax Falls, Nine Quotes Plus One & That Time


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Spencer says, at last the board meeting is over, and Laura says, her sentiments exactly. He says she should have let him stay home, but she was concerned about him booking more travel. He says, think of the frequent flyer miles. You’re welcome. He tells her that he’s trying to find Lucy or Epiphany. He has some ideas for the Nurses’ Ball.

Finn is trying to find the right words, and all he comes back to is how great he feels when he’s with her. That’s not entirely romantic, but he was sleepwalking, and she came along and blackmailed him into working with her. That’s still not romantic, but what he’s trying to say is, he doesn’t want to go back to sleep and wake up without her by his side. Will she marry him? We see he’s talking to a teaching skeleton in the hospital. He says, better or worse than the last one? Yeah that’s what he thought. The skeleton is no more help than Roxie. Laura watches through the window, and smiles.

Anna pours tea, and Robert asks why she’s being domestic. She says now that things have calmed down, they can relax and catch up. Robert doesn’t think they’re the catch up types. There’s nothing else to bring him there? She says, nothing.

Sasha joins Peter and Maxie at Charlie’s. She says they don’t have to take her to lunch, but Maxie says, after running the DNA test, lunch is the least they can do. Peter says they want a chance to make it right.

Curtis goes to Nina’s office, and she asks how Jordan is. Curtis says, Jordan is Jordan, but that brings him to why he’s there. Nina said she’d use her publishing platform to reach out for a kidney donor. How’s that going?

At the courthouse, Jordan tells Margaux, if they pressure the Canadian authorities they might still press on with the Ryan Chamberlain case. Margaux says there’s no reason to ask for favors or allocate resources. Chamberlain is dead. Case closed. Move on. She leaves, and Ava says, just like that, the search for the man who murdered her daughter is finished.

Nora comes in wearing sunglasses, and sipping coffee. Doc says, late night? and she says her son got engaged. His fiancé, Destiny, throws a great party. Doc asks if she has any idea why they were summoned. The jury selection isn’t for two weeks. She says she requested it. If all goes well, there won’t be a trial.

Laura knocks on Finn’s door, and he asks to what he owes the pleasure? She wants to consult his medical expertise, and asks if he thinks Ryan could have survived.

Spencer tells the vending machine that it’s a useless piece of junk. He should sue. Valentin says, allow him, and bangs on it. Spencer’s selection drops down. Valentin says Charlotte told him that Spencer was in Port Charles, and he was wondering if they’d run into each other. He asks why Spencer is at the hospital, and Spencer says he’s waiting for his grandmother. Valentin asks how she is, and Spencer says, fine; he’s taking care of her. Valentin is sure that brings her comfort. Spencer asks if Nina has finally realized that he and Sasha are up to something.

Sasha tells Maxie and Peter that Valentin really seems to love Nina. She doesn’t think he’d do anything to hurt her. Peter says she’s right, to a point. He would definitely manipulate circumstances to his advantage, and they thought he was doing it with her. Maxie says, in doubting him, they called Sasha’s integrity into question. She really means herself; she’s the one who wanted to snoop. She’s sorry. Sasha says Maxie barely knows her, and it’s clear how much Nina means to her. Maxie hopes Nina feels that way eventually. She’s barely speaking to Maxie.

Nina tells Curtis that they did appeal to their readers. They got a lot of responses, not the right candidates. Curtis suspected as much. Donating a kidney is a big ask. Nina asks again how Jordan is doing, and he says she’s doing her thing; working around appointments. Nina says patients can be on dialysis for a long time, but he says dialysis doesn’t lend itself to Jordan’s career. She’s going to need a kidney sooner than later. Nina says she’ll put something else out. She takes his hand, and says they don’t need a lot of responses. They just need the right match. He says, on another note, he’s taking on more work. It helps with the income and keeps him from hovering. He asks if Nina has any assignments, but she says, not lately. She’s been dealing with an investigation she doesn’t want. He asks, what? but she says, forget it. It’s not going to happen. Peter and Maxie spent the last month trying to prove Sasha isn’t her daughter.

Doc asks Nora if a trial Isn’t inevitable, but she says she found an interesting precedent. There’s no way they can find him guilty. He says, but he is. She says, guilt and responsibility are two different concepts. One gets you therapy time, and the other gets you prison time. Let her do her job. Margaux comes in, and asks, what’s going on? Nora is glad she could make it on short notice. Judge Chua comes in, and says she understands there’s a motion Nora would like to file. Nora requests that all charges be dropped against her client.

Jordan tells Ava, the US and Canadian authorities are satisfied that Ryan is dead. Ava says, they recovered his hand. So what? If it was up to Jordan, would she call it off? Does she believe Ryan is dead? Jordan says her opinion doesn’t carry any weight, but Ava says it does with her. She’d like to hear it before… Jordan says, before what? Ava says, it doesn’t matter. Jordan says she has no resources at her disposal, but Ava does, doesn’t she?

Laura tells Finn that the forensic report says Ryan was alive when his hand was severed, and it was a clean cut. They claim the separation was possibly done by a propeller blade. He says it’s not his area of expertise, but Laura says he’s an excellent doctor, and she respects him. What is the likelihood that Ryan survived?

Robert and Anna laugh over old times. He says he did impress himself. Anna says it’s like when Sean put them together. Robert was flying by the seat of his pants, and she didn’t know what she was doing. He says, but they got it right; better than right. She says it’s murky for her. She’d like to hear his memories, any detail. Robert says, now they get to the real reason for the trip down Memory Lane. What’s going on? She says she’s just feeling the subject. He says, back in the day, he couldn’t tell when she was lying. Now he can read her like a book. She’s terrified; why? She says, what if it wasn’t her on the first mission? What if it was Alex, and she’s really Robin’s mother?

Margaux says it’s a matter of record that Doc admitted Ryan to Ferncliff under an assumed name. They have the records, as well as his statement. He deliberately concealed Ryan from the authorities. This is no more than a stall tactic. Nora says, if the DA would let her continue, she’ll demonstrate her request is based on sound reason and precedent. Judge Chua finds sound reasoning impressive, as well as respect for the court’s valuable time. She tells Nora to briefly outline her request. Nora says her client is charged with aiding, abetting, and obstructing justice by harboring a fugitive. His actions are irrelevant. Ryan wasn’t a fugitive at that time. He was a dead man.

Jordan tells Ava that her son was Kiki’s friend. If the department gets the slightest hint that Ryan survived, she’ll get the case moving again. Ava says she can’t sit and wait while Ryan chooses his next victim. Jordan asks what she intends to do.

Finn tells Laura, if the hand was cleanly severed, it improves the chance of survival, but blood loss plus time equals death, unless there was medical attention. Laura says, what if he did get medical attention? Finn says if the proper tourniquet was applied, it would cut off the blood loss. It the wound was cauterized or sealed, it’s possible he survived. She thanks him. He’s sorry he didn’t have a more definitive answer. He’s curious. Wouldn’t she prefer him dead? She says, it would be a lot easier on a lot of people, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be that simple. She hopes she’s not overstepping, but she noticed he’s about to ask someone a big important question. He says she saw? She says, just a little. He’s sorry she had to witness that, but now that she did, perhaps he could ask her opinion as a discerning woman. He shows her the ring, and asks what her take is on it. She says, wow; she’s going to love it. He’s got this. She tells him, good luck, but she’s sure he won’t need it. He thanks her.

Robert says Anna is Robin’s mother and he’s her father. He’s always known that. She says, what if he’s wrong? What if it’s not her memory? He said the memory had to be significant. Robert says she’s had a lot of significant memories, but she says, what if this the one? He says he was there. They were trapped on an island, roped into a wedding ceremony, and nine months later, Robin turned up. She’s Anna’s daughter. She says, prove it. He doesn’t respond, and she says, he can’t. No one can.

Valentin isn’t sure what Spencer is implying, but Sasha is a welcome addition to the family. Spencer says he and Sasha are in cahoots about something. Maybe he should tell Charlotte. Then she’ll have to admit her poppa is a liar and a thief. He says Charlotte was concerned when Spencer told her that he’d rigged the election. She didn’t know what to do, so she told him. He told her not to worry; the truth always comes out in the end. Spencer says he never admitted anything to Charlotte, but Valentin says one concerned call to the election board, and they’ll know a machine was tampered with that Spencer had access to. He asks if Spencer knows the penalty for election fraud. His being a minor will have no bearing on the punishment. He needs to think about that before he throws threats around.

Anna says she and Alex are Identical twins. There’s no DNA that can prove which one of them is Robin’s mother. Robert insists she is, and she says that’s what he wants to believe. He asks if she doesn’t think he’d know the difference between her and Alex. She says, now, yes, but they were strangers then. It was their first assignment. He had nothing to compare her behavior to. It could have been Alex all that time. He says if he wasn’t watching her unravel, he’d be insulted. She say she’s worked it out. Alex could have been impersonating her, and gotten pregnant. She had the baby in secret, and realized she couldn’t handle a child. Cabot proposed the mind study, and Alex had those memories transferred to Anna, who believed she had Robin, and raised her as her daughter. But what if she’s not?

Nina tells Curtis the third test proved again that Sasha was her daughter. He wonders what made Maxie and Peter think otherwise. She says they don’t trust Valentin. She sees that Maxie hasn’t given her a layout, and says Maxie should be doing her job instead of playing detective. It’s convoluted. They think there’s some deal between Valentin and Obrecht.

Nina calls Maxie, and asks where the layout for the May issue is. Maxie thought she had a few more days, and says, it’s a little rough. Nina says, no excuses. Get it on her desk. Maxie says she needs to go. Nina moved up the deadline. She’s sorry to cut lunch short, and asks for a rain check.

Laura finds Spencer, and Valentin addresses her as Madam Mayor, saying he and Spencer were just talking about her. She says he’s not to approach Nikolas’s son. Is she making herself clear? He says, crystal. She says it’s still fortunate she ran into him. They need to create a visitation schedule for while Lulu is out of town. Valentin doesn’t think so.

Ava says she’s taken enough of Jordan’s time. Jordan says grief doesn’t allow her to break the law, and tells her not to jeopardize the integrity of the investigation. Ava says, there is no investigation. Ryan is dead. Case closed. She walks off, and Jordan makes a call to Julien. She says they need to have a conversation about his sister before she does something she’ll regret.

Margaux says Ryan clearly wasn’t dead when Doc was treating him. Nora says he was initially presumed dead for seven years, and then declared dead in absentia. Legally speaking, the state recognized him as deceased, and no longer a fugitive. Her client broke no laws. Margaux says in the case she’s referring to, the defendant was brought up on fraud charges for faking a death. Nora says that was a civil issue, not federal, and based on an insurance payout. Doc didn’t defraud anyone. She has another precedent from a case being tried now. Margaux says she’s doing this so Doc can evade prosecution. He worked to conceal Ryan from the authorities, and because of his actions, a violent psychotic was free to kill people. It was his moral obligation to let the authorities know. Nora says, moral perhaps, but the court is not in the business of legislating morality.

Ana says Robin has been the one constant in her life. The thought of her not being Robin’s mother, and not being Emma’s grandmother… Robert can’t imagine a greater loss. Greater than twenty years in Steinmaur or facing a firing squad. She’s punishing herself. Nothing else is going on. She says if he doesn’t want to help her, he can leave. He says, no. She started it, and they’re finishing. She never forgave herself for being a double-agent. The WSB closed the files, but didn’t punish her, so she’s deciding to punish herself. Don’t punish the rest of them. Don’t rewrite history and trash the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him.

Nina tells Maxie that she’ll look at it. Maxie doesn’t leave, and she asks if Maxie wants a cookie. She’s doing her job; that’s all. Maxie says she knows how much she screwed up. She was just trying to protect Nina. Nina says Maxie set out to prove her fiancé and daughter were conspiring to deceive her. If it was the truth, it would destroy her. She tells Maxie to go, but Sasha walks in, and tells her to wait. Nina owes it to herself to hear Maxie out.

Valentin tells Laura that she’s not Charlottes legal guardian, and she’s not on the custody agreement. Lulu is out of town, and made no provision for that. Her wishes are meaningless if there’s no court order. She made no arrangements, which gives him full custody. Laura says he’s taking advantage of that, but he says he wants things to be amicable. If Charlotte wants to see her, and it doesn’t conflict with any of their schedules, it’s fine. He asks if Spencer is staying with her. Considering his and Charlotte’s checkered history, it might get awkward. He tells her to think about it. She might find they agree on this matter.

Nora says Ryan was declared dead. It’s legally impossible to aid and abet a dead man. There was no crime, and the case can’t stand. Judge Chua is ready to rule. She says Doc sheltered his brother, known to be a violent psychotic, from the proper authorities. It was a severe lapse in judgement, and his actions contributed to three murders and a near fatal attack, carried out by his brother. Nora is correct though. There’s no clear legal precedent to continue. She’s ruling that the charges be dropped.

Robert is going to say it as many times as Anna needs to hear it. She’s Robin’s mother, and he’s Robin’s father. She says that doesn’t make it true. He says she’s going down a rabbit hole of her own making, created from three parts guilt and one part paranoia. Finn comes in, and asks, what’s going on? Anna says she told him. Robert says, he wasn’t there; he didn’t live it. She’s chasing shadows. Finn agrees, but thinks it has nothing to do with Alex or the memory transfer. It has to do with Anna’s past. Robert says, he wasn’t there. Stay out of it.

Nina appreciates Sasha’s input, but it doesn’t concern her. Sasha says, it does. When she and Nina first met, they didn’t hit it off. Sasha wouldn’t even let her in, but then they started to bond. She felt jealous of Nina’s relationship with Maxie at first. They were already family, and she was missing that. Family is family, no matter how they’re formed. Families are messy. People make mistakes, and cross boundaries. The trick is to remember that love forgives and keeps us together. She says us because Maxie is her family too, and Sasha forgives her. Maxie appreciates that, and starts to leave, Nina says, wait.

Peter sees Valentin outside Charlie’s. Valentin asks if he wants a hair sample. Peter says he owes Valentin an apology for doubting his intentions. Valentin says, he’s not a saint, but he’d never hurt Nina. Peter says, not intentionally, but actions have unintended consequences. Valentin asks if Peter was sincere in saying he’d be his best man, or if it was part of his strategy. Peter says, a little of both. He has a good idea of how far Valentin would go to make Nina happy, and this was definitely in his wheelhouse. It turns out Valentin was vindicated, and he’s glad. He wants to see them happy. Valentin’s phone rings, and he says he’s got business to attend to.

Margaux says she intends to appeal. The judge says that’s her prerogative, but her advice is for Margaux to consider the potential drain on her resources in prosecuting a defendant that poses no danger to society. Even if she secures a conviction, it won’t bring back the victims. She’ll just be pursuing a headline; a slippery slope she’s gone down before. The judge dismisses the court. On her way out, Margaux says, this isn’t over. Doc asks Nora, what just happened? and she says she saved his butt. He says what about the appeal? and she says he heard the judge. When Margaux realizes she’ll just further embarrass her office, she’ll drop it. He says, three people are dead, and all he gets is a stern talking to. She says she can’t help him wrestle with his conscience. Her job was to get him exonerated. If he wants to pay his debt to society, there are all manners of charities who would welcome an experienced psychologist. At least wife got her bail money back. He agrees, there’s that.

Anna can’t live with the uncertainty hanging over her head. She needs to know if Robin is her biological daughter. She can retrace her steps or find documents to uncover the truth; whatever it is. Robert says she can do it without him. He knows the truth, and he’s not standing there watching her torment herself. He tells Finn that he’s in for it.

Nora phones Bo. She says she’s done with the case, and will be home around eight. How about celebrating by ordering in burgers from Roadie’s? (Aw, nice nod to OLTL.) She starts to leave the courtroom, and sees Valentin. He says, fancy seeing her there.

Nina and Maxie hug. Maxie is sorry she went behind Nina’s back. Nina understands, but asks her to be up front in the future. Maxie says, deal. She says Sasha stuck her neck out for her, but she’s not sure why. Sasha says, sometimes, even with the best intentions, you dig a hole, and before you know it, you’re in too deep to climb out. If she was in Maxie’s position, she would want Nina’s forgiveness.

Spencer tells Laura that he and Charlotte have a mutual appreciation for her, but they differ on other subjects; like her loathsome poppa. Doc comes out, and Laura tells Spencer to go find Epiphany. Doc tells her that he’s there to file and appeal to the hospital board. The charges were dropped. She says, fantastic. He says it seems he can’t be guilty if said fugitive is already declared dead. She says, on the subject of Ryan, she heard his hand was recovered. She spoke to Finn, and he thinks it’s possible he could be alive. Doc wishes he could say for certain Ryan is gone, but he just can’t. She knows a couple of people who agree. He says, what about her? She tells him, the Canadian authorities seem convinced he’s dead, so she guesses they have to wait. In the meantime, good luck with his appeal. She can’t a part of it, since she can’t be objective, but if she did have a say, she’d vote for him to stay at GH. He thanks her, and says, it means a lot.

At Charlie’s, Ava orders a vodka martini, very dirty with three olives. She says, scratch that, and orders coffee to go. Someone watches her through the window. She says Julian has been telling her to cut back. In this case, he’s right. She needs her wits about her. Outside, someone ducks away as she comes out.

Next Spencer tells Nina that her knight in shining armor is blackmailing him, Valentin needs Nora’s services again, and Jason is working an angle to take Shiloh down.

🎸 Because They’re One Of My Favorite Bands…

Better an ATV than an OD.


🌷 Farewell Tulip…

Another good one bites the dust, and joins Z Nation and Channel Zero in the graveyard of shows that I loved.


👄 Quotes of the Week 

Other people’s definitions of you, sometimes they’re more about making themselves feel better. You gotta define yourself.Christopher Moltisanti

It’s the wrong way to meet your neighbors. – Good Samaritan who helped a victim in the shooting spree of an Uber driver in Kalamazoo

They’re all going on forty.Chef Tracey Bloom, referring to Kim Zolciak’s daughters, Don’t Be Tardy

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. – Joyce Meyer

Adventure is worthwhile in itself. – Amelia Earhart

A woman should be two things: who and what she wants. – Coco Chanel

It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.John Wooden

If the person you are talking to doesn’t appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear. – Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne

These creatures don’t deserve our protection; they deserve our absence. – Sir Benjamin (James Cromwell), Jurassic World; The Lost Kingdom

Every time someone’s driving somebody I lose. – Spike Lee, after losing the Oscar to Green Book. He had previously lost to Driving Miss Daisy.

💸 It’s That Time Again…

The weekend and taxes. Somehow, it just doesn’t go together. I don’t even know if Santeria can help me, but the song makes me feel better.


June 22, 2018 – A Scream Grows in Ferncliff, Fiancé Dish, TV News, Quotes to Ponder & Weekend Plans


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly does push-ups. Jason peeks into her room. They put their hands on opposite sides of the glass in the window. I tell them to get a room. Jasper sees Jason, and tells him to make himself useful and open the door. His hands are full of food trays, and he tells Carly take one. She pulls the bottom one out, and he spills them all over the place. He calls her an idiot, and tells Jason to clean it up

Mike asks if Sonny knows Charlie. Sonny says they’ve never met personally. He wonders if Mike remembers him from the 90s, when he used to live across the street. Mike says, not then. He hasn’t seen Charlie since Sonny was about eighteen. Sonny thinks Mike might be mistaking him for someone else, but Mike insists he knows that man.

Sam tells Curtis there’s no trace of Peter anywhere. Curtis says he left Peter’s picture wherever he went. Sam says some people recognized him, but only from the news. Curtis says he got away clean. Sam says, or he’s hiding in Port Charles. Someone is helping him.

Nina finds little Morocco in her office, and Valentin tells her, welcome back. He sent her assistant away for the evening. Now she can have Morocco without the seven-hour plane ride. She says it was a long time ago. He says it was when they fell back in love, and hopes this reminds that they still can.

Julian sees Alexis at the hospital, and says it’s perfect timing. He was about to let Doc know his decision. He’s going to therapy with her. She asks if Kim gave the green light. He says she no issue with it, and it’s his call. She asks why he agreed. He tells her that she said she needed closure, and he owes her that much. She appreciates it, and he says to let him know when best time is. She says, how about now?

Sam tells Curtis maybe they’re overthinking it. Curtis asks if he’s laying low and waiting. Who would help him? He’s torched every relationship he had. Sam wonders about Valentin. Valentin is his only ally. Sam says, that they know of. Curtis says, the jet never took off and there’s been no trace of him. Sam is sure it must be Valentin.

Nina doesn’t like people messing around with her office. Valentin says he’s not people, he’s her husband. She tells him to enjoy the title while he has it trying. He says he was trying to do something special, and she says it’s Arabian Nights themed prom in her office. He wants her to see what they have to lose; Morocco was incredible. Nina says especially when the expensive necklace was stolen, and Valentin returned it, because he seems to have criminal ties all over the earth. He says he took a beating, but she nursed him back to health. He loves when she takes care of him. He loves when she loves him. He talks about making love in the moonlight, with distant waves crashing on the beach. He says, there was no past, just a future. She is his future. Tell him she feels the same. She says she doesn’t.

Alexis thinks she and Julian should get it over with. He says it’s a little fast, but she says, not for her; she just wants closure. She thanks Julian, and says she’ll talk to Doc. Lucas overhears, and tells Julian that sounded almost too civil. Julian says he’s just doing Alexis a favor, and hopes she’s willing to reciprocate.

Mike says he met Charlie in Port Charles, but not when he lived there. Sonny thinks Mike might be confused, and Mike tells Sonny not to talk down to him. If he listens, he might find out something. Sonny moves to take his arm, and Mike pulls away, saying he’s not an invalid. DA Margaux walks in, and sees the two of them arguing. She asks if there’s a problem here. She sees Sonny, and says they meet again.

Carly wants to hug Jason, but he suggests she doesn’t, since they can be seen through the window. She can’t believe Jasper locked him in there; she could be dangerous. He tells her it was a nice move, getting him to spill the trays, but don’t do it again. She says she’s trying to ignore Mary Pat, but every time she brings up Morgan’s death, she wants to punch her. Jason tells her not to give in. There’s no fight worth winning in there. She only wins when she walks away free. Carly wonders when that will be. Since it’s been all of two days.

Sonny says that everything is fine, and Margaux tells him, if he says so. She wonders why he’s hanging out in a place owned by Julian Jerome. He says they sell Corinthos Coffee. Mike asks if Sonny knows her, and Sonny tells him that she’s the new DA, Margaux Dawson. She asks Mike if Sonny is bothering him, and Mike says if she calls interrupting bothering. Sonny tells Margaux this is father. He mentioned him on the stand; does she remember that? Mike says, what he said. They were just having squabble about when Sonny got started in the business. She asks if they were talking about coffee.

Lucas tells Julian that he doesn’t want to know. Julian says Brad stopped by and told him Alexis is handling the adoption. He hopes she does good by them. Lucas says she’s focused on the legalities, since the only one who has any control is the birth mother. Lucas leaves, and Alexis returns. She tells Julian that Doc gave go the ahead. She asks if he’s ready, and he says as he’ll ever be.

Nina tells Valentin that she doesn’t love him anymore, breaking my heart into a million pieces. He says he doesn’t believe it. She says, that’s the problem. There’s a direct connection between his lies and her brother’s death. His failure to act was an act in itself. He knew Faison was looking for Peter. He made her doubt herself, when the whole time he was undermining her. He says he didn’t know what to do. She says she can’t trust what comes out of his mouth, and he says he never lied about loving her. She tells him love means trust and honesty, but she doesn’t know what it means to him. Reminding her of the trip reminds her that she never should have given their marriage a second chance.

Doc thanks Julian for joining them, and he says it’s not how he saw his day going. Doc asks Alexis to explain what she’s hoping to accomplish. She says she started therapy because she has issues she thinks might have started with her father. He was ruthless, amoral, and cruel. If you loved him, you either adapted to his cruelty or paid price. Her mother paid with her life. No one was left unscathed, including her. Watching his behavior has had a bit of an effect on her. Doc asks if she means it had an influence on her romantic relationships. Alexis says if a man was stable, she’d run for the hills. Doc asks if she ever saw her father behave that way, and she says only if it was a manipulative tactic. Doc wonders if it feels like a trap to her, but she says it feels foreign. Love is obsessive, compulsive, and damaging. From what she witnessed growing up, love could get you killed. Julian remembers her telling him about how Mikkos got off on power and enjoyed ruining people’s lives; love was transactional. Julian asks how he fits in. She can’t believe doesn’t see connection. Neither can I. He says maybe it works for Sonny and Ric. Alexis says they didn’t hold a knife to her throat. Julian says he had no choice. She says he did; he could have told her the truth. The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter it happened; it happened. He says he couldn’t risk his family’s lives. She says he dragged to a pier and held a knife to her throat, making her think he was going to kill her. The only way to cope, was to drink herself into a stupor. It didn’t work. She had sex with him, knowing he’s hurt her again. Julian gets up, saying this was a mistake. Alexis says she wants closure, but if she’s just looking to rake him over the coals, he’s calling the whole thing off.

At the hospital, Brad sees Lucas peeking into a room window. He says something is distracting Lucas; a mother and a newborn. That will be them any day now. Lucas if afraid the birth mother is going to change her mind; it’s keeping him up at night. Brad suggest he go home, have a glass of wine or three, and rest. Lucas is worried about falling in love with the child, and having them taken away. How would they deal with that? Brad says it’s not in their hands. It sucks, but they agreed to keep the faith, and believe everything will work out. They’ve done all they can. Lucas asks why aren’t they talking about names then?

Valentin says Nina gave him thirty days to be a better husband. She says she signed that to humor him. She just wants a divorce. He thinks they can still make it right. She says nothing can make it right. Because of his silence, her brother is dead, and she’s had to take justice into her own hands. He asks what she means by that.

Sam thinks Valentin helped Peter, but something wrong. Between the hotel and the jet, Peter vanished. Curtis says maybe Valentin doesn’t know anything about it. He claims Peter just disappeared. The hotel room has been searched by everyone from forensics to the WSB. Sam says it hasn’t been searched by Ashford and McCall.

Jason cleans up the mess in Carly’s room. She says she should be enjoying it, but wants to help him, and can’t because Jasper will report it to Mary Pat. Jason says Jasper is a bully, but Mary Pat is dangerous. She has it in for Carly. Carly doesn’t know why; she’s not a threat. Jason says she can’t hide how strong she is, and that threatens her. She’ll make excuses to find Carly wrong. Carly says if she was thinking strategically, she’d do what Doc said, and tell him to quit.

Sonny asks Mike to get another round of coffee. He tells Margaux if she has questions, ask him. Don’t play games with his dad. She knows he has Alzheimer’s. She says they might have been discussing his criminal enterprise. Sonny says if she’s implying that he’s anything less than an upstanding citizen, she’s mistaken. She says he’s been investigated for murder, extortion, and racketeering. He pled guilty to AJ’s murder. His community is organized crime. Sonny says, prove it. Everyone else has failed. She says she’s not everyone else. He says no; she’s cruel. She comes after him through his wife.

Carly says someone could recognize Jason, but he came anyway. He says the hard part was getting hired. Mary Pat believed his resume and references. Carly is sure Spinelli was thorough, and Jason tells her that Elizabeth gave him a recommendation letter. Carly wishes it was safe for him to be there. He says on thins he knows, Mary Pat likes to be right, and she hired him. If he keeps doing a good job, she’ll look at him like her person. Everyone else will just see the uniform. She says unless they see his eyes; they’re memorable. He says, to her, but she says, anyone. He asks if she wants him to stay. She doesn’t think she can make it without him.

Lucas says he can’t pretend he’s not terrified, and Brad says he has his moments of paranoia. He reminds himself that they’re everything a birth mother could want in a couple. They have everything a baby could want. If she didn’t believe that, she would have chosen another couple. They have Alexis in their corner, and she’ll do everything in her power to protect them.

Alexis says Julian wants to be a martyr, and he says it’s not about closure. She wants a free pass to tear into him. She says he wants to be forgiven on his terms. Storming out shows he’s not responsible for his actions. Julian says they clearly don’t need a psychiatrist to play referee. Doc suggests more structure in the session, assuming Julian is willing to continue. Alexis says she’d be grateful if he stayed, and Julian says, okay.

Julian sits back down. Doc asks Julian what drew him to Alexis. When he returned again, he knew their lives were I conflict. He was engaged in a covert criminal enterprise, and Alexis was an attorney who prides herself on her ethical practices. He adds that Alexis encouraged it. Alexis says she encouraged nothing. They’re supposed to be discussing why she’s drawn to dangerous men. Julian says he wanted redemption, and he saw a chance for it in her.

Carly says she keeps repeating what Jason told her; don’t panic, no shortcuts, wait for him and Sonny to get her out. Jason says they will. She knows it intellectually, but when she’s sitting alone or with Mary Pat watching her, she feels trapped. Jason says it takes everything not to make run for it. In Russia, it took him months to plan his escape. They would park him by a widow, where he could see the grounds and the city beyond, but he couldn’t move. He knew he’d be caught. When he finally made a run, he knew he had to make it all the way out, like she’s going to. He tells her to wait. Every day gets her closer to home. If she can’t do it for herself, do it for her family. They need her back. She takes his hand, but Jasper is coming in. He asks if Jason is done. He’s got a lot of corners waiting for him. He tells Carly since she spilled the tray, she doesn’t eat until the next meal.

Margaux tells Sonny that she didn’t scapegoat his wife. He says she wants to try anyone who’s a Corinthos. When the judge said she wasn’t guilty – Margaux says, by reason of insanity – she had her sent to that hellhole because of revenge. Margaux says the judge remanded her there, and Sonny says, because of her big speech. She got what she wanted. Now Carly is in lock-up with psychotic murderers. Margaux says, she pushed a pregnant woman down the stairs. Sonny says Nelle admitted she played tricks on Carly, and Margaux asks if he’s implying Nelle deserved to be pushed down the stairs. Sonny says he’s implying there was no justice at the trial. It was about ambition, and she’s responsible for the misery that came out of it. Margaux says she became a DA because she believes in justice, order, and structure. People like him flaunt their disregard for it. She did the same thing she would have done if it were anyone else. His wife committed a felony, and was prosecuted accordingly. The same way she’ll prosecute him if she has to. He doesn’t want her as enemy. He says there’s no way to avoid it, and she says, let the games begin. She leaves, apparently without ordering. Mike asks who she was, and Sonny says, nobody important.

Alexis asks Julian what made him think she could redeem him? He says maybe he saw something; he didn’t realize it until now. Maybe he thought she was strong enough to handle his darkness; this person, who championed the concepts of right and wrong. Doc asks what value it had to him? He says he never thought he could be good man, but with Alexis, maybe he could be a better man. He didn’t just fall in love with her, but with the idea that he could be a better man. He did horrible things to hold onto that. He can never ask forgiveness, but he’s sorry. Maybe there’s some psychological reason that she’s trying to redeem the men in life, because her mom wasn’t able to redeem her father. Well, I guess they don’t need Doc. He can go home now. Julian says, in her, he saw a chance for redemption. At that point, he was wanting – begging – to be redeemed. He thinks they were just trying to break the cycle of violence with each other. He wishes they had.

Outside Peter’s old hotel room, Curtis tells Sam that Jordan’s team swept it already, and he trusts her. Sam says, and she trusts Jason. Sam opens the lock, and they go inside. Someone’s stuff is there, and Curtis says Olivia didn’t waste time in renting it out. Sam says they have to hurry.

Valentin asks Nina what she means by justice. She says Peter should be in custody, but he’s free instead.  instead free. He says she seems worried, and she says, it’s work. He says she was distracted at The Floating Rib, like she was somewhere else. She apologizes for not giving him her undivided attention while seeking her well-earned divorce. He thinks it’s something else. He tells her that if she’s in trouble, he’ll help her, but she has to tell him what it is.

On the way to the elevator, Alexis tells Julian that she thinks Doc is right, the therapy will be good for them both. He under no pressure though, and she knows it’s more than he bargained for. Julian thinks he’s good to go to future sessions. Clearly, they have other things to address, and owe it to each other to move on with their lives. Alexis says, and here they are. The elevator comes, and Alexis says she’ll do whatever he needs on her end to help him move on; don’t hesitate to ask. He says he’ll think of something one of these days. The elevator door closes.

Lucas agrees with Brad that Alexis is a great lawyer, but she can’t stop the birth mother changing her mind. Brad says they could get hit by a bus, or a giant meteor could obliterate life on earth. There’s potential disaster everywhere. Lucas says Brad’s faith is impressive. Brad promises they’re going to bring the baby home, be amazing parents, and nothing can stop them. Lucas says Brad doesn’t know that. Brad says he can, and promises there’s nothing that can keep them from being parents. They kiss.

Nina says Valentin would love for her to be in a crisis, so he can swoop in and rescue her. Even if she needed rescuing, she’s capable of rescuing herself. He asked if she defended herself on New Year’s Eve, when Cassandra attacked her. She needed his help, and he gave it, no questions asked. He cleaned up any trace that would lead to an investigation. Imagine what would have happened if he’d written her off when she needed him. She asks if he’s trying to blackmail her.

Curtis says the place is cleaned out, but Sam sees something above the window. She calls Curtis over to look. Margaux walks in, and asks what the hell they’re doing in her room.

Sonny tells Mike, sorry for what happened. He doesn’t like fighting with him. He says they can talk about anything, and asks what were they talking about? Mike doesn’t remember. Sonny says it doesn’t matter; he shouldn’t have been pushing him. He’s sorry. Mike says, him too. Sonny doesn’t want to be late for Michael’s dinner. Mike says he’ll meet him outside. On the way out, Sonny looks at picture of Charlie. He calls Max, and says he needs a team to look into someone – Charlie Delaney.

Jason is cleaning in the hallway outside Carly’s room. We hear a scream. Carly says, what the hell? Jason moves toward the other room, and Doc comes down the hall, asking if he can help him with something. Jason asks, who’s the patient in this room?

On Monday, Felicia asks Anna who’s comforting her, Margaux accuses Sam and Curtis of breaking and entering, and Maxie talks to Jordan about Peter.

💍 Thoughts on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

I’m liking Anfisa more. The web cam thing was never an issue, because it’s not like she was doing anything illegal, it’s her decision, and it happened before she and Jorge got together anyway. So pfft! But, for a while, I did think she was using him. I wouldn’t go so far to say it was the other way around, but this dude will say anything he can to get over. She seems to be actually listening to what the counselor is saying. She also wanted him to defend her to his family, but he couldn’t get sister Lourdes on the phone. This prompted one of the producers to ask if the last time he saw Lourdes wasn’t at the divorce lawyer. Talk about stirring the pot. Anfisa wasn’t too happy. When denial didn’t work, Jorge did a lot of singing and dancing, finally agreeing to individual therapy. While at first, I thought Anfisa just wanted a green card, it looks like she really does want to make it work. Why? Who knows.

David made an attempt to have a cohesive family moment, taking Annie and the rest of his clan to the zoo. Daughter Ashley said, with Annie, it could go either way. More like, with Ashley it could go either way. I feel sorry for Annie. She’s another one who was lied to, and she hasn’t done one wrong thing. David insightfully realized that Ashley is taking out her anger at him on Annie, and they all managed to have a peaceful day. Annie basically said David was all talk and no action, and she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. If I was her, I’d head back to Thailand, but insist on keeping the water buffalo or whatever it was he had to give her parents.

Pedro sent his sister a ticket to come and visit, which Chantel did not appreciate, especially since he never once paid for her ticket to the DR. He also sprung it on her while they were furniture shopping, and she had to come to grips with the fact they could no longer to be able to afford the couch she just thought was so comfy. Chantel made it clear that sistergirl is to leave her drama in the DR. That sister is a real piece of work, so I can’t wait to see how this visit goes.

Molly is having a hard time getting Luis out of her house. This guy definitely wins the In-It-For-The-Green-Card award. He probably thought he was getting a free ride too, but didn’t bargain on having to “babysit” and not go to the club every night. He locked himself in the guest bedroom, Ricky Ricardo music on full blast, threatening to call the police. Molly says she’s about to snap. I just have to say it. This is what she gets for being a more than grown-ass woman who’s managed to avoid marriage so far, picking up someone she barely knows, and is of barely-legal age, while on vacation in another country, and marrying them.

Russ hit the nail on the head, saying Pao turns into a mean girl when she’s around Juan. Although she finally left with Russ after the non-fistfight outside the club, she’s not willing to let go of the friendship. I’m not sure why, unless she likes being a mean girl. Or at least acquiescing to a mean queen. I wouldn’t be friends with this guy. This is always going to be a thing between them, like Pao wanting to take her clothes off for the camera.

Which brings us to the biggest mistake of all, Azan and Nicole. A “friend” of Nicole’s told her that a voice recording of Azan had surfaced online. (How much you want to bet the producers have something to do with its sudden appearance?) She listened to them, and he talked about wanting a kiss from some girl, but we didn’t hear another person responding. No surprise, Nicole threw a fit, and called Azan at who-knows-what time it was there. She tried to keep the cameras away, but they remained up her ass. Good job! Azan explained that it was long ago, when he was drunk with his boys, and they were leaving prank messages for girls. Nicole whined for a while, but still got on the plane for Morocco with her toddler, to take on an 18-hour travel day. When Azan met her at the airport, he almost seemed like he really cared about her, which confused me. If nothing else, both of them are too young. Nicole’s MO is to whine until her family agrees with her and does what she wants. I think she might be in for a big surprise when the rest of the world doesn’t follow suit. She’s also been sending Azan some large chunks of cash, but keeps saying it’s no one’s business what her “financials” are. Rightfully so, her mother is concerned, saying it’s like putting a frog in boiling water. If you turn up the heat slowly, it doesn’t realize it’s getting cooked. She thinks Nicole is getting cooked. Like my brain from watching this show.

📺 TV Tidbits

Preacher returns this Sunday, June 24th at 10 pm. I’ve never been able to fully commit to this show due to time constraints, but from what I’ve seen, I definitely want to investigate it further.


I doubt Luis is going to contribute to society, although he might contribute to five-dollar margarita night at Chili’s.


Meanwhile, in Morocco… or not.


I can just see Ashley, flipping her hair as she trash talks the show.


📠 Quotes of the Week

What does a nosy pepper do? Get jalapeno business. – sign at Trader Joe’s

Am I still here? In my mind, I was running so fast. – Earl (Garrett Morris), 2 Broke Girls

Selfish, not self-centered: for in such a life my mind would be directed towards a thousand things, not one of which is myself. The distinction is not unimportant. One of the happiest men and most pleasing companions I have ever known was intently selfish. On the other hand, I have known people capable of real sacrifice whose lives were nevertheless a misery to themselves and others, because self-concern and self-pity filled all their thoughts. Either condition will destroy the soul in the end. But till the end, give me the man who takes the best of everything (even at my expense) and then talks of other things, rather than the man who serves me and talks of himself, and whose very kindnesses are a continual reproach, a continual demand for pity, gratitude, and admiration.CS Lewis, From Surprised by Joy

In other words, quit complaining.

⛳ Enjoy – No Matter What They Are…


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June 3, 2018 – The Stadium is Under Attack, a Few TV Tidbits & Not Done


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

John isn’t looking too good, but Naomi tells him to stay with her. He says he got her note. She and Morgan drag John behind a car, and away from the shooting. Morgan tells Naomi he’s john’s friend. She says she’ll get medical supplies, and promises to be back. He says he knows she will.

Mel says they have to get out of there. Alicia hits one of the Vultures. Mel starts the ambulance he’s driving, but Naomi says she needs the field kit from the back. He’s like, too bad, and keeps driving. She runs after the ambulance. As the distance becomes longer between them, the back of it blows up. Alicia is standing there with a grenade lancher, and tells Naomi that they took her in. Naomi says it’s not what she thinks. Naomi runs back to John, and tells Morgan they have to get him out of there.

Luci sees Charlie. Charlie says she’s sorry. Luci has gun pointed at her, but shoots some other guy. Al keeps filming. Morgan tells her they need to get John out. She says she’s not part of story, and Morgan says if she hides, a good man dies. The story is almost finished, and it doesn’t have to be that way for John. Al pulls her mega truck next to John, and opens the gun portal. Alicia puts her hands up, and Naomi and Morgan get John inside. Al says, gotta move.

Morgan tells Charlie they won’t hurt her. Charlie wants to make sure Mel is okay. Morgan says Mel is gone. She needs to come with him, or she’ll die. She gets in Al’s truck. Alicia, Victor and Luci shoot at the back as it’s driving away. Naomi tells Al to go to the stadium. Al says it’s supposed to be gone, and Naomi says, it’s not. Al says Naomi is supposed to be dead, and asks if she wants to tell them what else they got wrong.

[Before] Planting is happening at the stadium, and everyone pitches in. Nick says it won’t be ready for months. Madison says rations will get them through. He asks if she’s ever thought they wouldn’t make it, and she says, plenty of times. He asks what got her through, and she tells him, thinking she didn’t want to be out there; it’s way better in here. Douglas radios, saying they have a visitor. It’s Charlie. Nick asks why she’s there, and she says she needs their help.

[Forward] Morgan tells Al that they don’t have much time, and she says she’ll get him there. Charlie realizes he’s Nick’s friend. He knows what she did. Why did he save her? He says, because this has to stop some place.

Naomi tells John again to stay with her. She finds a tin of Scrabble letters on him. Morgan says he’s been looking for her, and never gave up all this time. Naomi says if you try to protect someone, you wind up hurting them. Al asks what happened; what did she do to them? Charlie says what happened wasn’t Naomi’s fault. It was hers.

[Before] Outside the stadium, a zombie pounds at the car Mel has crashed. Alicia says he’s breathing, but to be careful. He might have lung damage. Charlie insists Mel was trying to avoid the accident. There’s an argument as to whether they should just leave him there. Alicia says, if they leave him, will he make it? Nick says the Vultures lost and know it, and now they have supplies. Charlie says she lied before, but she’s not lying now. She asks Madison to please bring him back with them. Nick says they just started replanting. Madison says, If it’s a trick – Charlie says, it’s not – they’ll handle it. She says Naomi put a gun to her head when they first met; now they’re replanting thanks to her.

[Forward] Alicia sees a Vulture zombie and cuts him down. She tells Victor to wait. She sees someone crawling toward her. She squats down, and Mel reaches out. She asks how long Charlie was with him, and he gurgles something unintelligible. She says, you know what? It doesn’t matter, and smashes him in the head with the butt of her weapon. She should have left him for the zombies

[Before] Mel is handcuffed to a bed at the stadium. He asks what he’s doing there, and Naomi tells him that he has broken ribs. He asks where Charlie is, and Madison says she asked them to help her; she’s fine. He says she needs to let them go. Naomi says he has a serious injury. He says they’re not safe. Madison tells him that he’s said that before, and they’ll make it. If his brother and their crew try something, they’ll handle them. Mel says he and his brother are the ones they need to worry about.

We see a bus load of zombies, trying to get their hands out of the boarded-up windows.

Victor shows the Vultures’ numbered flags to Madison, saying that’s all that’s left. She says maybe Mel is telling the truth. Nick asks Charlie if she thinks Ennis is leading them there, and she says he wouldn’t do that. Madison asks if she’s sure. She tells Victor it will be tough, but they can do it. He says they have cars running the length of the railway. Madison asks if they’re full of dead, and Victor says, they were. She asks how many, and they go through the flags; the highest number is 735. Madison says no one goes in or out without them knowing. She tells Nick to take Charlie to her room.

Mel nearly coughs up a lung. Naomi tells him take the deepest breaths he can. When she gets close to help him, he pulls a knife on her, and tells her to take him to Charlie. Naomi pooches him in his broken ribs, takes the knife, and says not to make her break his cracked rib. He’s here to keep him breathing. He says they won’t listen to him. She’s new; maybe she’s been out there for a while. Maybe she was at another place that went down. Maybe knows what he does; what happens to people who stay. They die, and everything they’re fighting for dies with them. It doesn’t need to be that way for her. This place isn’t worth her life. He asks her to come with them. If she helps them, they’ll help her. He has the feeling she knows he’s right.

Madison pries the boards off of a concession stand. Naomi approaches. Madison says she needs the needs the lumber to reinforce the walls. Naomi says, it’s not safe here, and Madison says it will be. Naomi thinks they should consider what Mel is saying and think about leaving. Madison says that’s what the Vultures have wanted since they showed up. Out there, things don’t get better. She built this place for her kids; so they can have something close to a real life. Naomi says if she wants to protect them, she has to disappoint them. Madison says she thought about walking away. She told Alicia to prep a car just in case. She saw it on Alicia’s face, like she was chipping away at what they built. She told herself she wouldn’t use it. Naomi thinks she should reconsider. Madison asks what he said to her, and Naomi says he didn’t have to say anything. She’s been on the wrong side of where Madison is. Naomi doesn’t want to see it happen to her. What she built for her kids isn’t worth risking their lives – or hers.

Madison continues to accumulate boards off of various structures. Mel coughs some more. Madison says if he wants to go; go. He asks why, and she says while he’s here, he’s going to try to turn the others against her. He asks where Charlie is, but Madison says she’s not going. She can’t let him risk Charlie’s life.

Everyone is helping to reinforce the walls. Madison tells them to open the gate, and get the Land Rover. Mel wants to go. Victor says he might die out there. He’s there because she didn’t give up on him; what’s different? Madison says, open the gate, or she will. Mel gets in the car, saying they won’t make it. Madison says, if Charlie goes with him, whoever Charlie turns into won’t be Charlie anymore. He tells her the walls won’t hold, and Madison says she’ll keep Charlie safe. Mel tells her that’s what her parents said, and died in front of her. Don’t make her go through that again. Madison says she wasn’t there; it wasn’t them. He says they’re trying to be the type of people who are extinct. She draws her gun, and says, no one’s gone until they’re gone, and he drives away, wounds and all. The gates close again. Madison tells them not to think about what Mel said.

Nick tells Madison that she should have made him stay; He wouldn’t have taken Charlie, since he can’t get far. Madison says he’s not getting far without Nick and his sister protecting him. Nick asks if she remembers when he said he was afraid of who he was out there? He was really afraid of being away from her; she showed him the way. She finds him when he’s gotten lost. He felt found here, like he’d finally starting to get it. Letting a guy kill himself because they’re afraid of him. doesn’t sound like what she wanted them to find out.

Charlie says, he’s gone, but he’s hurt? He’s not going to make it, and he’s her friend. Alicia says she put a radio in the car, and it’s on. They should let Charlie see if he’ okay. They call, and Madison asks if Mel can hear her. He coughs, and she asks where he is and if he’s all right. He coughs some more. The signal is lost, and everyone looks grim and sad. Charlie says they have to help him.

More reinforcing goes on, and Cole hopes it holds whatever is coming his way. Alicia says they have to go out. Victor asks Nick if Madison knows they’re leaving. Nick asks, is he letting them out, or what? Victor knows they’re going after Mel, and says their mother did the same thing for him. Who is he to stop them? He lets them out. As they get on the road, Nick says they’re going to find Mel, and help Madison remember why she built this place.

One of the Vultures starts a truck full of zombies. A woman says, you know what to do, and he drives off. Behind him is a whole caravan of trucks.

Naomi finds Madison to tell her that she’s not going. Madison says, in that case, they’ll find her a new bedroom. Naomi says if she starts pulling boards off the showers, she’s chaining herself to the pipes. Madison says she forgot how it was for her kids to look at her like that, but it would it be worse if they didn’t. She guesses she taught them something after all. Naomi says whatever is going to happen, will happen soon. She’s prepping the infirmary.

Nick sees the Land Rover, and radios Victor, says they found him. Victor tells him to get back with due haste. Nick nails a zombie. Alicia says Mel is in rough shape. Nick hears something, and tells her to kill the headlights. They see the trucks coming toward the stadium. The trucks drive past without noticing them. Nick radios Victor, telling him a convoy is coming his way.

Victor tells Madison to sound the alarm. Madison is surprised Victor didn’t try to stop Nick and Alicia. He says they needed to do it, and she says that doesn’t mean she has to like it. Cole says, that’s not a convoy. We see only two headlights. Madison radios Nick and asks if he’s there, but he’s still a half-mile off. It’s an ice cream trail, leaving a trail of… blood? Gas? Something. Nick radios Madison, who tells him to just in get inside. Alicia says maybe it’s a trap, and here come the trucks. Ha-ha! My heart is beating faster.

The trucks line up in the parking lot. Luci asks what’s happening. Madison explains that Nick and Alicia are out there. Lots of zombie rumbling is coming from the trucks. The Vultures set up ramps. Ennis whistles, and signals for the trucks to be opened. Zombies stagger down the ramps. I think it must be gas. Someone is going to get these zombies lit.

Madison radios Nick and Alicia to come inside. and here we go, the gas is set on fire. The zombies crowd Nick’s car. Madison runs down. Victor tells her she can’t go out there. She says her kids in the parking lot. Is he going to stop her? He says, no. He’s coming with her. Luci says she’s coming too. In the car, Alicia asks how much ammo the have, and Nick says, not enough, reminding me of Sheriff Hague (Michael Biehn) in Planet Terror. Madison says there are too many zombies for them to drive through, and Nick says they can’t last much longer. Douglas says they have to get the fire out before anyone can leave. Victor tells him to shut up and open the gate. Alicia radios Madison, saying she’s sorry they had to come out to try and save him, but they couldn’t just hide. They didn’t mean to do this to her, but it was the right thing to do. Zombies grapple at the car. We see the flames reflected on Madison’s face.

[Forward] Al drives past a burned ice cream truck. Naomi says don’t stop; there’s no time. Morgan asks if she’s sure she’ll find what they need. She says she set up the infirmary herself. Any supplies that were taken, were taken from the outside; no one would go in there. Morgan says he thinks he knows who Al is; he’s seen it. She says he doesn’t know who she is. She’s a chick with layers. Me too. I am so one with this show right now. Al tells them to hold on, and she drives through the closed gate into the stadium. The dust clears, and there are a million zombies scattered all around. They grasp at the truck.

Next time, the mid-season finale (sigh) – Madison has nothing else to lose, Al thinks someone will want to know what happened, Naomi tries to save John, and Al machine guns the crap out of some zombies.

Excellent episode!

💍 I only saw pieces of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? and will be watching it in its entirety at a later time. However, I saw enough to wonder what the blip is with Chantel’s family? Are they bad actors? Are they on something? Like a high dose of Valium? Even Chantel has inherited their strange, wooden monotone – in two languages! No wonder Pedro is looking to book back to the DR, but I still think there’s something crooked about the mother/sister grifter team. And note to Molly – all men call watching the kids babysitting. Even when the kids are their own.

🎭 Sadly, Imposters has been canceled:


🙏 In happier news, Preacher will be back on Sunday, June 24th.




June 25, 2017 – A Live Walker, a Little Dead Talk & Preacher Returns


What I Watched Today

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Fear the Walking Dead

An old man asks if his wife is okay. Nope, she’s not. She’s a zombie. She tries to bite him, but her teeth are in a glass next to the bed, so he dances with her. I guess she’s not a very good dancer, because he shoots her and himself in the head. They tumble into a lantern, and it starts a fire.

A commotion is going on at the ranch. Madison and Nick run outside. A building is on fire, and a crowd of people try to put it out with buckets of water. Jeremiah tells them to save the water; everyone inside is gone. He tells them to let it burn.

A soldier asks Madison if she’s up for the rescue mission. He calls her “sweetheart,” and tells her if she isn’t scared, she’s crazy, and she should know what she’s getting herself into. She tells him she survived the wasteland without him and his guns, and she’ll do fine. Nick wants to come, but she tells him to stay and take care of Alicia. Troy starts beeping the truck horn to get her moving. Nick doesn’t trust him, but she says he won’t hurt her, and the more they know about his family, the better.

At the food station, Jake quotes Ecclesiastes to Alicia. He says she should know it, since she’s been to Bible study three nights in a row. He starts to tell her something, and touches her hand, causing her to drop her coffee cup. She gets super annoyed, and Jake leaves. Gretchen tells her that the people who were in the fire were one of the first to be there, and were co-founders of the community. She asks if Alicia wants to party, but Alicia says she’s had enough for now.

Nick brings Luci breakfast. She says the couple’s death was sad, but beautiful; they were together until the end. She thinks they should leave, but Nick says they can’t just walk to Tijuana without a plan. Luci says that she knows people who are closer. Nick says they’re probably gone, but she tells him that they would have hidden in the prohibition tunnels. She thinks he doesn’t want to leave his family, but says she can’t live there. Nick says he won’t force her too, and she tells him that she wants him to come with her.

Victor tells Daniel that he’s impressive. Daniel wants to go into the hotel, guns blazing, but Victor says he’s a negotiator. He also doesn’t know what’s happened since he left. Daniel tells him to drive through the line of zombies blocking their path now.

Alicia goes to Jake’s house, and asks what he was going to tell her before she acted stupid. He says he’s happy that she came there. She tells him that she’s sorry about Russell and Martha, the couple who died. She wonders what happens now, and if they’ll ever be normal again. He asks if she’s okay, and she kisses him. Well, that beats what happened when Russell asked that question.

Troy sees some prisoner zombies in orange jumpsuits wandering around an overturned Department of Corrections truck. He wants to wipe them out, but one of the soldiers points out that they’re on the clock. Troy tells them it won’t take long, and no guns; it’s too much noise. Madison gets wrestled to the ground by two of the zombies, but the soldier who questioned her earlier shoots one with an arrow, and she’s able to pike the other one in the head. When the zombies are all dispatched, Troy says it’s a beautiful thing, and they did it in record time. The soldier takes back what he said about Madison.

Nick looks through the fire rubble, and finds a picture of the couple.

Alicia looks through Jake’s books as she gets dressed, and finds out that he’s a writer. Apparently, there’s no afterglow, because she says she has to leave. He wants to lend her a Charles Bukowski poetry book. She says she used to be into all of that, but now, what’s the point?

Nick is cleaning up the mess from the fire, and Jeremiah says that he’s part of the community now. He tells Nick that the house was once the only building on the property, and it used to be his home. He says Jake was born there, but his second wife wanted something bigger. Nick gives him the picture he found. Jeremiah picks the gun up out of the wreckage, and calls it a work of art. Nick says Troy calls them tools, and Jeremiah says Troy is trying to figure himself out. He tells Nick that every home needs a gun, and he’d given it to Russel. He says if Nick is going to do this right, he’s going to need help.

There’s no helicopter at the crash site. Madison says somebody hauled it away. One of the men finds a spent shell and says there must have been a gunfight. Troy says whoever attacked them probably went to the outpost, and they have to go after them right now. Madison is gung-ho about that, thinking about Travis.

Troy blasts death metal as he drives. Madison says seeing where it happened made it real, but he tells her that there’s no time for grief. She asks what if it was his father, and he says that the best you can do is take out the a-holes who wronged you. She says it’s a game for him, and he says it’s his calling.

Victor asks Daniel how he got out of the fire, and Daniel says something spared him. Maybe the devil wanted him to stay there with Victor. He asks why Victor left the hotel, and Victor says he wanted to broker a deal with Dante. Daniel calls him selfish, and Victor says he would have brought the others – he’s not the same man Daniel knew. He’s getting tired of Daniel’s animosity, and tells Daniel if he wants to kill him, do it, but Daniel just wants to get going.

Jeremiah tells Nick that Luci is okay, and Nick says that she thinks the monsters here are worse than the ones outside. Jeremiah says she should go, but Nick says he thought it was us against them. Jeremiah tells him that Luci should go because she can’t get right with what happened. He tells Nick about how he locked Troy in the basement after a tantrum when he was a child, and then forgot about him. He ran downstairs and found Troy just standing there, repeating, “I’m sorry, daddy.” He felt badly, but not bad enough to stop drinking. He says that Nick’s mom wants to stay, and his girl wants to go, but what does he want? Nick asks what made Jeremiah finally quit drinking, and Jeremiah tells him that he decided to go deer hunting when he was drunk, and nearly shot his privates off. And he didn’t mean the kind in the military.

The convoy goes to the outpost. It looks deserted, but like everyone just disappeared in the middle of what they were doing. They go through the place, guns drawn, ready to shoot. Troy smells something. They follow a trail through the dirt and find a pile of burned bodies.

They hear someone talking, and find one of their men sitting in a chair, rambling a poem. A raven is perched on his shoulder, pecking at his brain, which is exposed. One of the men throws up. Madison puts a knife through the guy’s skull which is easy since part of it is missing. She tells Troy that they have to go. A Native American man is suddenly there and asks why, since they just got there.

Troy calls the man Walker, and asks if he’s lost his mind. Walker says they were only defending their land, and Troy tells him that he’s dead. Walker tells him to lower the volume and put down the weapons. He’s surrounded. Madison tells him to give the order. Walker says they’re taking their guns, vehicles, supplies, and boots. He tells Troy to tell his people to get ready for justice. They want their land returned. Troy says it’s not going to happen. Madison says they need water if he wants them to get there with the message. He says she’s joined up with a lost cause, and she says it became her cause when they took one of hers, meaning Travis.

Jake visits Alicia. He tells her that he wants to show her something, and takes her to a tranquil lake. He says the ranch wasn’t set up for the end times, but it’s not hopeless, and they still need things like poetry. They need something greater than guns to live for.

Victor and Daniel reach the hotel. Daniel asks Victor why he’s hesitating. There are no guards or guns, and Ofelia is waiting. Victor says it’s not good, and no she’s not. They get out of the car, and Daniel tells him to stay close. They go inside. and the place is a bloodbath. There’s no electricity, and Victor thinks they should wait until daylight. We hear zombie noises. Daniel rings the desk bell, and asks where she is. Victor says he doesn’t know; she left them. Zombies come pouring in from the other room and Daniel leaves Victor, saying let’s see how he gets out of this one. Zombies swarm Victor.

Well, he does get out of it, but Danial takes the car. Victor runs down the avenue, whacking zombies with a makeshift weapon.

Nick brings Luci to a moonlight picnic at the burned out house, which is now fixed up somewhat. They look at the stars, and Nick tells her about the people who lived there. He thinks with the right work, the place could be great. He asks her what she’s thinking, but she says nothing.

Troy curses his life while walking barefoot. Madison thinks they should stop. She says the men are tired, and Troy says so is he. She tells him that Walker is going to beat them there anyway. Troy asks if she thinks Nick could handle it, but she insists they’re not going to make it. He barks orders to keep going, and Madison says they listen to him out of fear, not respect. Taking Troy aside, she asks him if his father would make this move, and if he wants to be a mama’s boy. She says even at the end when he cared for her, she still didn’t love him. She tells the men that Troy said to rest up. Troy says they’d better be ready at first light. He’s the only one who knows the way, and he’ll leave them.

Madison wakes up with a knife to her throat. Troy tells her to be quiet. She says he’s better than this. Troy struggles with himself, making all kinds of weird faces, but finally takes the knife away and books. The guy sleeping next to Madison sees what happened, but turns his back to her.

Nick wakes up alone. Luci left him a note on a napkin, but we don’t see what it says. She walks along a border wall. The convoy marches on. Alicia stands at the edge of a cliff. She jumps.

But it’s into the lake. At first, she seems refreshed, but then she looks worried.

Jeremiah brings Nick the gun from the house, now cleaned up, and pats him on the shoulder.

Next time, Troy gets aggressive, Gretchen says the ranch isn’t safe, and Madison shoots someone. Vague, I know.


🔊 During Talking Dead tonight, we found out that Colman Domingo (Victor) and Ruben Blades (Daniel) had a discussion about how no one goes to the bathroom ever on television dramas, and then how they would accomplish the mission to include it in an episode. Now if they could just do something about people never saying good-by at the end of a telephone conversation on soap operas.

🕍 Preacher started its new season tonight after FTWD, but will repeat on Monday night at 8 pm, with the second episode airing in what will be its regular slot at 9 pm. Based on a graphic novel character, it follows the adventures of Jesse (Dominic Cooper), a preacher with otherworldly talents who is looking for God, who has disappeared from heaven. He’s accompanied by his girlfriend, Tulip (Ruth Negga), and Cassidy (Joe Gilgun), a modern-day vampire. (That reminds me, I guess Being Human is never coming back, and I loved that show.) I watched most of the first season, and Preacher is a lot of fun. The dialogue is clever, the characters are original, and the action is weird and wonderful.

👦 Ryan Serhant (Million Dollar Listing New York) has ditched the beard. Thank you.