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March 12, 2020 – Jordan Confronts Cyrus, a Runway Winner Is Chosen & Endless


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Michael tells Brook that Wiley is unstoppable. She says she’s starting work at ELQ tomorrow, and he says he looks forward to seeing what she does with the place. The doorbell rings, and Brook goes to get it. It’s Chase, who asks if he can come in. She asks if he has a warrant.

At Charlie’s, Nelle asks Julian about Brad’s arraignment. He refuses to engage with her, and she threatens him with a scathing Yelp review. He tells her, do what she’s going to do, but from over there. She sits at a table, and calls Zara. She says she needs to know what happened at Brad’s arraignment. Willow and Sasha walk in.

Brad sits in the empty courtroom with his head in his hands, and Britt comes in. She says he sure looks like he could use a friend, and he says she has no idea. They hug, and she asks how he got there. He asks where she’s been, and if she didn’t get his voicemail. She says she’s sorry, but she’s been fighting to get her license back. Everything worked out, and she’s sorry she missed his arraignment. She assumes he made bail. She says, he doesn’t want to go to prison. You’re never alone, always looking over your shoulder, and the food is terrible. Brad sits back down, and she says, cheer up. She’s here now, and they’re not going to let Nelle win. He says, she already has. He pled guilty.

Stella shows up at Curtis and Jordan’s place, and asks what Curtis has gotten himself into now.

Jordan tells Cyrus, if he has something to say, say it. He says, no locked windowless room, no mayor, no Commissioner, no one can keep a very determined man from doing what’s necessary to get what he wants. She asks if he has her son, and he wonders why she’s asking. She says, where is her son? He just said no one can stop him. He says he was merely commenting on the state of the world. The powerful do what they must to retain power. He has nothing to do in solitary, but become philosophical about how he got there, and all the wrongs he has yet to right.

Sasha tells Willow, they can go somewhere else, but Willow says she’s not going to let Nelle chase them out. That’s giving her too much power. Sasha says they don’t want to give her the satisfaction. They sit down, and Sasha says she’s so glad they could get together. How is she doing? Willow says, she’s coping. The best thing Sasha can do is give her a distraction. Fill her in on some juicy gossip or tell her what’s going on with Deception. Sasha says she has some juicy gossip, and Willow asks, who’s it about? Sasha says it’s about her and Michael talking marriage.

Chase says he’s there to see Michael, and Brook yells for him, saying, it’s the cops. Carrying a six-pack (of the beer variety), Chase says Michael couldn’t come to The Rib, so he brought The Rib to him. Michael says he’s a true friend. Chase says Brook can join them if she promises not to swing one of the bottles at his head. She says she has to meet with Ned, and Michael congratulates her on her new job, telling Chase, Brook has an exciting new role at ELQ. She leaves, and Michael asks if everything is okay. Chase says, not completely. They need to have a conversation about Nelle.

Britt asks if she’s taught Brad nothing. Never admit guilt. He’s guilty of loving his husband, and wanting a family. He made a mistake in the midst of a tragic event. He was coerced when he was deep in grief, and didn’t mean to hurt anyone. She knows Brad, and knows he doesn’t roll over so easy. Something happened; what? He says, Sonny happened. He made Brad an offer he couldn’t refuse. Plead guilty and live. She says, it’s a compelling offer. She’s thought his father-in-law was helping him keep the secret, but Brad says, he did. Until he didn’t.

Nelle tells Julian that her lawyer said Brad pled guilty. She wonders why, and Julian asks if she isn’t happy. She says, justice was served, but no amount of punishment will change the amount of suffering she and Michael were put through. Julian says, no one is buying her act. They all know Brad didn’t steal her baby. She traded Wiley like baseball card, and isn’t fit to be a mother. She says he’s no shining example of fatherhood. She’ll have a better relationship with Wiley than Julian has with Lucas. He says, Wiley is a Corinthos, and they don’t compromise. He bets by the time Wiley is grown, he won’t know she exists.

Stella asks if Curtis expected her to stay an ocean away, when she heard about a shooting where his partner got killed. He says Taggert wasn’t his partner; he was just helping out. Stella says he was like a partner. Thank God they managed to rescue the kids. She knows Cameron, and met Trina; she’s very impressive. She’s so sorry Trina’s daddy was killed. She asks if Curtis is all right, and he says he’s good. She says she knows he’d lie to protect her, but he insists he’s good. No bullet wounds, no broken bones. He’s got some bumps and bruises, but he’s good. She says it could have been him who was shot. Taggert died, and he lived; how does that make him feel? He says, awful. He left Taggert in the warehouse, and now his daughter is grieving. She says, it’s not his fault.

Jordan sends a text to TJ, saying she needs to hear his voice asap. It’s an emergency. Cyrus supposes there’s nothing more terrifying than the feeling when your child is missing. No matter what their age, it’s excruciating. Not knowing makes your mind go to the worst case scenario. She says if he’s hurt her son, she’ll kill him herself, and he tells her, be careful with the death threats; the walls have ears. She tells him, stop the toying and the doublespeak. He has her son. He says, prove it, although now that she mentions it, snatching the Commissioner’s son on his way home from GH, gives tremendous leverage to someone who wants to exact a favor in exchange for his continued health. She asks what he wants, and he says the same thing she does; TJ’s safe return. Her phone dings, and she takes a quick look, but puts it back in her pocket. He asks if she isn’t going to answer that, and she says, TJ is the only person she wants to hear from. He says, the text might be important; you never know. She opens it, and finds a picture of TJ, sitting up, but leaning against a wall like he’s passed out.

At the café, Ned asks how Brook’s day was. He was surprised when he got her call accepting the job offer. She says she surprised herself too, and he says, it’s the mature, responsible thing to do. What changed her mind? She says she’s a Quartermaine, and should work for the family, but maybe she has something to offer; a more modern sense. He says Michael isn’t ancient, and neither is he. He appreciate her enthusiasm, but needs to clarify that she’ll be coming on board as an assistant. She says, executive assistant, and he says she’ll have to answer phones and take messages. At least at first. She says she can update the music on the phone, instead of it being just a step up from elevator music. He says they use a service, and any music played in a public environment has to be licensed. Since she can’t read a contract, he doesn’t know if she can deal with licensing. She says she can be the in-house music curator. She’ll start there, and maybe she can create an ELQ streaming system that the employees can listen to in the break room. He says she’s ambitious, and she says, but…? He says, no buts. He likes it. He likes how she’s trying to connect to ELQ in her own way. Maybe there’s a consultation fee in it for her. She says, good, because she wants to put her family first.

Sasha says, family court can still be traditional, and it will be hard to get a judge to bar Nelle from Wiley’s life. Unless Wiley has a mother figure. Willow says, wow. Sasha could end up being Wiley’s mom. Sasha says it’s freaking her out little bit. She and Michael only moved in together because of Nelle. Raising a child wasn’t on her radar until a month ago. Everything happened so fast. Willow thought things were going well, and Sasha says, they are. She and Michael are so compatible, and it’s wonderful knowing she’s going to see him every day. Willow asks if Sasha is having a problem loving Wiley, but Sasha says she loves the little guy. She’s just having a hard time thinking of herself as a mom. Raising a child is huge. Willow says, it’s everything.

Nelle tells Julian, it’s wrong of Michael and his family to think they keep her away from her son. They think they’re above everyone and everything. He says she just wants to stick it to Michael and his family. She doesn’t care about Wiley. She says she doesn’t like the name Wiley; she never did. She’s going to change his name. She likes the name William. Willow approaches Nelle, and says, what? Nelle says, it’s a classier name, and Willow says, Wiley is the name he knows. Nelle says, he’ll adjust, and Willow says, he’s a person. She can’t just change his name. Nelle says she’s sick of Willow’s self-righteousness. She’ll raise her son how she pleases. Willow is delusional, and needs to remember that her son is dead, and stay the hell away from hers. Willow picks up a drink, and throws it in Nelle’s face.

Michael tells Chase that Diane thinks the chances of him getting full custody are good. Chase says Michael is the obvious choice in this situation, but Michael says Nelle is still insisting Brad stole her baby, and the court might find that sympathetic. Chase says sometimes he feels like the criminals have all the protection. Michael asks if Chase is sure there’s no way to prove Nelle assaulted Willow. They have evidence that she was planning on kidnapping Wiley. Chase says they haven’t located the forged passports, and Michael wonders how they could get lost. Chase says they were stolen.

Britt asks why Brad didn’t give Julian up, and Brad says he needed to leave Lucas something. Lucas is the only man he ever loved, and he’s already taken on so much. He was a coma for a month after the accident. Britt says, the brakes failed, and Brad says, before that, he told Lucas the truth, then he lost control of the car. She asks if there had been anything wrong with the brake system before. Brad says, no, and the cops couldn’t determine what happened, since there was too much damage. They were lucky to get out alive. It felt like a miracle when Lucas woke up, and didn’t remember, but he was on borrowed time. Then he got the job in Portland, and for a moment, he thought they’d get away and have a fresh start. Has he been delusional, like Nelle? She says, no; just crazy in love. He says he was. The lies and deception were wearing on him to the point that he couldn’t eat or sleep, and was physically sick. He thought he was going to have a heart attack, and could have used a friend. She says, sorry. She was busy readjusting to normal life after a year in prison. Speaking of which, she heard her mother was arrested for attempted murder. She didn’t see that coming. She thought once her father died, her mother was committed to being a doting grandmother. Brad says, who blackmailed him every chance she got.

Curtis tells Stella, they thought Taggert would pull through, but suddenly the alarms went off, and that was it. Stella says, it’s heartbreaking. Trina’s father sacrificed himself for her. Curtis says Taggert drew fire, so he could get Trina out safely. She says, and that’s what he did. Thank God neither of them were hurt. He says, Trina isn’t so grateful. All she knows is that her father was shot, and left to die. Stella says, she’s young, and not aware that she’s blaming herself for surviving. She can’t process it and needs someone to be mad at. He says, it makes sense, but it doesn’t make seeing her pain any easier. She says he can’t take on the guilt. Taggert put his life on the line to save the child he loved. It was his right as parent.

Cyrus asks if something is amiss, and Jordan says, where is he? He says, it looks like TJ’s been through quite an ordeal, and she asks what Cyrus has done to him. He says he’s locked up, away from the world, in solitary no less, and without a phone. She says they both know he has people on the outside doing his dirty work. What the hell does he want? Obviously not to kill her. It’s something else. What?! He tells her, calm down. She needs to focus. She’ll have to move fast. From what he sees in the photo, the people who have TJ aren’t concerned about his health. She says her son has nothing to do with this. He’s going to become a doctor, and save people’s lives. Cyrus says he’s sure TJ is fine, and he knows she’s the type of woman who will do anything to bring him home safe.

Curtis says, somehow Stella always manages to make him feel better, even when facing the hard truth. She says she loves him, and he says he loves her too. He asks how long he’s going to have the pleasure of her company, but she’s not sure. She wants to call TJ, and asks him to make room in his busy schedule for her. He says, that might be a problem; TJ has been a ghost lately. She asks, why? and he says, TJ proposed to Molly, and she turned him down.  

Ned asks if Brook minds if he asks why she changed her mind. She says she was visiting Mike, and singing for the folks at Turning Woods. Olivia sent meatballs over. Ned says it was sweet of her to go, and she says it’s one way she can perform off of Linc’s radar. She knows how much Mike means to her mom. He and Sonny are part of the old neighborhood, and anyone from there is family. Ned asks how Mike was, and she says, to be honest, the Alzheimer’s pretty advanced, but she got him to smile. He started going on about how important family is, and it struck her. A guy who’s losing so much still remembers how important family is. They don’t always get along or like each other, but they’re the ones who show up for you and support you when you need it most. Ned says, you’d better believe it.

Britt says her mother helped deliver Nelle’s baby? Brad says, when Obrecht got back, and was exonerated, she put it together that the babies had been switched, and the baby he and Lucas adopted was Michael and Nelle’s baby. She used it to make him do her bidding whenever she wanted. She says, forget Julian. Use her mother to confirm Nelle was involved. He says he figures she’d lie to keep herself out of trouble, and Britt says she’s sorry her mother made things harder for him. Brad says, we all do things we regret, but at the end of the day, Obrecht wasn’t the problem; he was, and all the terrible decisions he made. He just wanted to be good enough for Lucas. He’d do anything to make Lucas happy. She says, that never works. We can’t change who we really are, no matter how hard we try.

Nelle says she’s going to have Willow arrested for assault, but Willow makes an innocent face, and says, it was an accident. Julian says, it looked that way to him. Nelle says she’s not paying a dime for dinner, and stomps over to her table. Sasha laughs, and Nelle asks if she has something to say. Sasha says, encore? Nelle deserves more than a drink in her face. Nelle says Sasha is nothing more than a tramp, wandering around the Quartermaine mansion, until Michael is sick and tired of her. Sasha says, at least she’s welcome, and no one has packed her off to sleep with the boats. Willow says she thought Nelle was leaving, but Nelle says she’s not going anywhere. Get used to it.

Michael says he was hoping they’d found the forged passports. They were either buried or taken, but by whom? Chase says, that’s what’s disturbing. Either there’s someone on the inside, or with access. Michael says, Nelle has an ally they don’t know about. She threw Brad under the bus and he’s in jail. Who else is out there who would help her? Chase says, another true believer helping Shiloh’s widow, and Michael says, possibly. The only other person who helped Nelle was Ava, and she regretted it pretty quickly. Chase says, the thought of someone backing Nelle up is all kinds of bad, and Michael says they have to stop her, no matter what. Um… Daisy anyone?

Brook asks Ned how this works, and he says he usually arrives at 7:30. She says, a.m.? She thought it was 9 to 5. He says, the hours are more fluid than that, and she says, good; she’d like to work 12 to 8:30, since she’s not a morning person. He says he’ll see her at 8; coffee helps. She panics, saying she doesn’t know how to work a word processing program or anything else, but he says she’s smart, talented, creative, and thinks outside the box; qualities he looks for in an ELQ employee. He thinks the music idea is good. There might even be a title for her down the road. There’s a learning curve, but he believes she can do whatever she puts her mind to. She says, except what she loves most. Five years without singing. She’s always been a singer, and doesn’t know who she is now.

Britt tells Brad, she knows what it’s like to fall in love with a child that’s not yours. She carried Lulu and Dante’s baby just to get Patrick back, but she loved Ben (now Rocco) so much, she couldn’t bear to let him go. Brad is glad someone gets it. Britt says she would have never let Julian walk away. She would have handed him over to Sonny without a second thought. He asks if she thinks he made a mistake.

Sasha tells Willow, she’s totally jealous. How did it feel? Willow says, extremely satisfying, but she wishes Nelle had melted like the wicked witch she is. Sasha says she feels bad for Michael. The mother of his child is a nightmare, and now there’s a brutal custody battle brewing. She wishes there was something she could do. Willow says, it seems like there is, and Sasha says, marry Michael for real? She doesn’t want to jump into something they’re not ready for, but what if they are ready, and didn’t know it?

Chase asks Michael, assuming they can’t send Nelle back to prison, how are they going to keep her away from Wiley? Michael says, Diane had an interesting idea. She thinks he should get married. Chase slides the beer over, saying Michael needs it more than him. Michael says, it doesn’t scare him… much, and Chase asks if he’s considering it; Sasha has been by his side through everything. Michael says, she’s been amazing, but married is a whole other level. Chase says, so is fatherhood, and Michael adjusted. He put Wiley first. Michael asks if he shouldn’t, and Chase says, of course (🍷) he should. What he’s saying is that he thinks Michael should do it. Michael says, propose to Sasha? and Chase says, if it were him, he’d consider anything to give himself the advantage over Nelle.

Jordan comes home, and Curtis says they were just talking about her. Look who’s here. Jordan hugs Stella, who says Jordan is shaking. Jordan says she’s chilly, but happy to see Stella. Curtis asks if everything is okay, and Stella asks if Jordan wants to talk about it. Jordan says, it’s just been a long day. She could use some downtime. Curtis says she’s clearly upset; what happened at Pentenville? She says Cyrus got under her skin, and Curtis explains that Cyrus is the man they believe is responsible for Cyrus’s death. Stella says, it must be awful to be face to face with a man who took someone she cared about. Jordan says she’s sorry, but she can’t do this.

Britt says Brad passed up a chance for revenge for Lucas’s sake. He put the man he loves first. He did the right thing. Brad says he doesn’t hear that much. Maybe one day, Lucas will understand. She hopes so, for both their sakes. Lucas will never find someone who loves him as much as Brad. A man comes in, tells Brad the waiver is ready to be signed, and cuffs him. Brad says that’s his cue, and Britt says, goodbye. He says, it can’t get much worse, right?

Jordan tells Curtis, Cyrus is hateful, dangerous, and should be dead, not languishing in prison. She apologizes to Stella. She knows Stella is probably tired, but she can’t stay there tonight. Stella asks if Jordan is kicking her out.

Ned says he understands what Brook is going through, but he has complete faith in her. He has no doubt she won’t lose who she is. She says she doesn’t want to become a corporate drone. No offense. He says, none taken. Neither did he. He resisted ELQ, but he kept finding himself being pulled back in. She asks why he kept going back, and he says, mainly because her grandmother would harangue him until he gave in. And also what Mike said. It all comes down to family. He wants to continue his grandfather’s legacy. He wants ELQ to remain in the family, and give a prosperous future to her, Leo, Wiley, and their kids. She says she has no plan to pop out babies any time soon, and he says he’s glad to hear it. She needs to focus on her career. She says, thanks to Linc, her career ended before it started.

Chase tells Michael, they need to hash out a plan, and Michael says, at least they have a start. Chase says he can’t tell Michael how much he regrets not dealing with Nelle when she killed Zack. If he hadn’t bought into her lies, Michael wouldn’t be in this position. Michael says, then Wiley wouldn’t be here, and he’s worth all of it. He just hopes Nelle doesn’t inflict her misery on him. Chase says Michael has a strategy for that, and Michael says, marriage. Chase says Michael and Sasha are the real deal. He has a piece of friendly advice. Michael can speed things up, and neutralize Nelle, or risk Nelle having a permanent place in Wiley’s life.

Ned says he knows five years sounds like forever, but you never know what can happen. Think of it as simply putting her career on hold. In the meantime, she can still be creative, when she’s not taking ELQ by storm. She says she’s ready to be a cog in the corporate machine, and he says, it’s not that bad. Tonight is karaoke night at The Floating Rib. Does she want to go, and celebrate her first day on the job? She says she’d love to sing with Eddie Maine, and thanks him. They hug, and he tells her that he loves her.

Chase finds Willow sitting outside of Charlie’s, and asks if she isn’t cold. She says she needed some air; Nelle is inside. He asks if she wants to leave, but she says, no. Now that he’s there, she won’t even notice Nelle. They kiss.

Julian asks Nelle, cash or credit? and she says she’s considering getting dessert. He says they don’t have it, and she says he doesn’t know what she wants. He says, whatever she wants, they don’t have, and she storms out without paying. Britt is at the bar, and Julian asks what he can get her. She says, that’s the question.

Sasha goes back to the Quartermaine mansion, and Michael says, hi. She kisses him passionately, and he says her greeting is better than his. They both start talking at once, and Michael tells her to go first. She says she was thinking about them and marriage. He says, so was he, and she wonders if they weren’t a little premature, saying it’s not an option. He says, maybe it’s not such a crazy idea after all, and she says, if it can sway his case even slightly, it’s worth talking more about it, isn’t it?

Curtis asks Stella to please give them a minute, and Stella says she’ll go freshen up – if that’s okay. Jordan says, of course (🍷). Sorry. Curtis tells Jordan, they’re alone now. Please tell him what Cyrus really said.

Tomorrow, Michael asks if Sasha can love Wiley, Chase hopes Harmony lives up to Willow’s expectations, Britt tells Julian that she knows he helped Brad, and Stella is still worried.

Project Runway

Karlie asked Steven if he thought all four designers deserved to move forward, and he said he did. Elaine said, hell yes, and Nina agreed. Brandon said he hated to be the one to deliver… the fact that he agreed with everyone. Like there was any doubt at that point. Karlie said they were all going to Fashion Week. In Sergio’s interview, he said those were the best words he’d ever heard. Geoffrey said he was super proud, but still had three designers left to battle. It was far from over. Karlie reminded them to take the judges advice into consideration when finishing their collections. They had 48 hours, and Brandon told them to show up and show out. Geoffrey said his mantra was, get it done.

Christian texted the designers to meet him at the CFDA. There, they met Sara Kozlowski, the director of professional development, and publicist Rachna Shah, who works with Givenchy, Fenti, and Victoria Beckham, who would give them one-on-one guidance on branding. Rachna agreed with the judges that Victoria had too much branding going on, and suggested she do at least one piece of work without any. Victoria fretted that it might be too simple. Nancy told them that she didn’t see gender, and it was a journey of textiles. She said it didn’t matter about age, size, or gender, and Rachna told her that she still needed to define what the appeal was for different people. She suggested Nancy go with her empowerment message. Geoffrey said bravery and survival were a big part of who he is, and Christian suggested he lead with that, not the fabric. Rachna told Sergio that just seeing the clothing would necessarily impart his narration, and he should pay attention to the hair and makeup as well. He said the judges had said the collection was too dated and old fashioned, and Rachna told him not to lock himself into one clientele age group. He said he was going to figure out how to modernize his collection to make it younger and fresher.

Going to Mood was next, where the designers had a budget of $400 and 45 minutes to shop. Christian told them that they would have seamstresses to help, because he’s nice and they needed it. Sergio said he was trying to make his collection messier, and Christian said him taking advice was a first. It only took the whole season. In Sergio’s interview, he said, being a perfectionist, it was hard for him to mess things up. Geoffrey was hoping to alter the crazy purple dress with enough sleeves for an octopus, and bring it back. It was time for them to work with the models, and Sergio said he wanted the model to not only feel the garment, but sell it to the judges. Nancy wanted to find models that didn’t just fit the garment, but reflect her mission of inclusivity. Stylist Karla Welch returned, and Christian told the designers that they’d be fitting five models the first day, and the other five on the second. In a double-duty commercial break, Christian discussed the fashion in the new Mulan movie with Sebastian, last season’s winner, and costume creator for the film.

Sergio said his collection needed a lot of alteration, which was a problem. The designers moved on to their makeup consult with MAYBELLINE. Victoria said ideas were fighting each other in her brain. The group took a break, going to West Wine Bar, where they talked about the loved ones coming in for the show. Geoffrey said his father was having a knee operation, and couldn’t make it . Sergio’s partner was going to be there, and Sergio said Kade had put his own career on hold in order for Sergio to come to New York, and he intended to propose.

The designers worked with the models, and Christian brought in Karla to work with the styling. She told Nancy they were getting rid of the wine tote, and suggested there be nothing superfluous. Geoffrey was all about putting one gigantic earring on each of his models, but Karla said it would throw off the symmetry. In Geoffrey’s interview, he said she gave him the same advice as the judges, and he was trying to find a way to meet in the middle. Dial back, yet stay true to himself. Karla told him not to do anything that would take the eye away from the clothes. In Sergio’s interview, he said Victoria was a force to be reckoned with, after she whipped up a gorgeously simple white gown in like, two hours. Karla suggested Sergio replace a fringed jacket he’d paired with a skirt, with a T-shirt. Sergio said it wasn’t his vision, and he was going to have to go to a place he wasn’t comfortable with, and push himself to the brink. Karla pointed out that Victoria had a mixture of styles, so she should have no extra distractions, and suggested all the shoes be nude. In Victoria’s interview, she said her mother wanted to be a designer, and was living her dream though Victoria. Geoffrey couldn’t find his bag of face studs, but Karla told him again not to detract from the garments, so he let it go. Next came hair with TRESEMME.

Christian said they weren’t done yet, causing the designers to panic, but he was just there to give a pep talk, telling the designers it had been about them being themselves, and figuring out who they were and who they wanted to be. He hoped they were proud. He let them know their guest judge was going to be Serena Williams. Rather than a T-shirt, Sergio decided to create the most wonderful knit turtleneck the world had ever seen. Nancy announced it was their last half-hour in the workroom, freaking everyone out. Geoffrey started crying, and then couldn’t see what he was sewing. He was nervous that he still had a ton alterations, and no time. If this turned out to be his last show, he’d need to go out and get a job. He was afraid of making a mistake he’d never forgive himself for.

It was the final day, and Geoffrey said he was a steaming hot mess, but thankful for the opportunity to grow. He’d found himself as a designer, and somehow pulled it off. Victoria said it was an important moment, and thought about the sacrifice and struggle it took her to get there. She said it had been a tough journey. We flashed back to her almost quitting, and she said she learned an amazing lesson – it was okay to fail some along the way. Sergio said he was confident coming in, since he was good at sewing, but the experience taught him to be open, and evolving as a person and designer. He made three friends, who all had outstanding collections, and he knew it was going to be a tough decision for the judges. Nancy said she’d been the underdog, not because of her age, but her lack of experience. When she had looks in the bottom, she listened to the advice, and said this was her authentic self. It was where she belonged, and hoped she’d shown it was never too late to live your dream. Don’t let anyone stop you.

The designers dressed their models. Sergio found there were holes popping out in his turtleneck. He said it was his worst nightmare, and rushed to fix them. I wondered why he didn’t just leave them, since Brandon’s advice was to f*** it up.

Karlie looked stunning in a black cut-out long-sleeved belly shirt, and black ballgown skirt with a high slit – and pockets! Victoria was up first, saying her collection, Revelation, was inspired by her home country and her mom, and told her husband that she loved him. In her interview, she said this had been her dream since she was a child, and she couldn’t believe she’d come this far from her tiny country. It was a strange feeling, and she didn’t want to take her eyes away, because she wanted to see every moment. She’d been a good designer, but not designing to her fullest. She thought her collection was modern and chic, and every piece was her aesthetic.

Nancy explained her collection, Sustain-Our-Ability, was zero waste wearable art, and her brand mission was inclusivity and sustainability. She dedicated it to her husband and son. I liked her collection, but was especially impressed with an amazing distressed jumpsuit. She said she didn’t have any particular woman in mind, she just designed for people. She wanted her fashion to allow people to express who they were as individuals. She got cheers for one of the dresses made of liquid fabric, and Nancy thought it was magical. She said she might be the oldest designer ever on the show, but she belonged there. She has a place in the fashion world.

Sergio said his Ocean Anthem collection portrayed what humanity doing arctic, and dedicated it to his partner Kade. The sheer white dress was a lot less sheer, and Sergio thought the model looked like Mother Nature herself. He’d totally revamped everything, and I was pretty impressed, thinking was going to be the winner. In his interview, Sergio said it was an emotional experience, seeing his collection in this amazing space on beautiful models, the way he’d envisioned it coming to life on the runway. He thought it was super chic, with a twist of modernity; designed for the woman who wants to be the best dressed at the party. He said, everything was so beautiful, ethereal, and elegant, and the movement spectacular, and he’d conveyed the entire story in one collection. All of his years in the industry was a warm-up for this moment.

I was surprised Geoffrey didn’t have a heart attack, but he rallied, and introduced his Purple Heart collection, saying it was about survival and bravery. He thanked his friends and family for their support over the years. In his interview, he said it was everything he’d been hoping for, and couldn’t be more proud. He’d revamped it well, but it still wasn’t my taste. Except for that one dress I loved from last week, which he’d given more shape to by taking in the bodice from the back. He said he learned it was okay to be shy and nervous, as long as his designs were fearless. His self-worth had magnified to a level he’d never dreamt of, and he was proud of his edit and collection. It was everything he’d hoped for, and he had no regrets. It was truly his best work, and he believed in it.

Karlie said it was going to be tough. Serena said it was a strong show with amazing designers. Karla was super impressed. Backstage, Sergio said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Kade, and asked Kade to marry him. Luckily, it was a yes, since it would have been really embarrassing had it been a no. Karlie told the designers it had been a fabulous show, and they’d all earned the right to be there. She reminded everyone that the prize was a quarter of a million dollars, their designs included on Bluprint, a feature in Elle magazine, $50K from Pilot pens, and a career changing mentorship with the CFDA.

It was time for the final judging, and Geoffrey was up first. Elaine said they’d seen a range of emotions from him (no kidding), and he had a Billy Eilish take on fashion. Brandon said Geoffrey’s brocade looked moved him emotionally, but I have no idea what that meant. Serena said she was a huge fan of outerwear, and loved his jackets, most of which would swallow me whole. Nina thought how he manipulated fabric so that it felt modern was amazing, but was concerned about the work being referential to Rick Owens. Karlie said his work became stronger and better, and he let it speak for itself. Karlie was glad he lost the bag with the face studs, saying all the over-styling was unnecessary.

Nancy was told both her designs and models were inspiring. She’d incorporated who is and what she stands for, and the industry needed more of that. Nina said Nancy proved sustainability can be fashion, and Elaine praised her clear intention. Brandon said he could tell she’d thought about how good the fabric would look on the runway under the lights, as well as the hair and makeup. Serena loved the collection, but would have like more of a silhouette, and Nina said she would have liked more pieces like Nancy’s tailored suit, but the collection came from her heart, and was bold authentic.

Nina said Sergio was most skilled in execution and polish, and his collection was high luxury level, but it seemed frozen in time. She wanted to see a more relaxed version. Sergio said he grew up in a very conservative place, and taking control made it feel safe. Brandon  made safe place took longer control to feel safe. Brandon thought he needed to take more risks, and go for it. His favorite was the sheer turtleneck, which he said felt modern, and I imagine he would have liked it even better if Sergio had left those holes alone. Elaine said they’d gotten a glimpse of Sergio 2.0, and Serena said she loved classic design, so she loved his collection.

Serena told Victoria her execution of the cut-outs was on point, and they were difficult to do. Elaine gave her kudos for creating clothing that real women will want to shop for. It was fresh, but Victoria had gotten clear feedback about the branding, and still had a head-to-toe labeled outfit that was hard to see next to her elevated pieces. Brandon said everyone wanted her all-white dress, including him. Nina said it had a never before seen fluidity, and was like a graduation for Victoria. I guess that was another way of saying, it wasn’t the same asymmetrical cut-out mini dress that they’d seen ten thousand times.

The designers left the stage so the judges could discuss. They agreed they had a good problem, since all four designers were incredible. Brandon said it was clear Victoria loved the female form, and everyone loved the white dress, Brandon saying she could win on that alone. Serena loved the tailoring, and Karlie thought Victoria’s ideas could easily be commercial. Elaine said, Nancy definitely had a dog in the fight, which she wouldn’t have bet on in the beginning. She had the ability to evolve quickly, and Brandon said that stood for something in the industry, but she needed to push herself creatively, although her designs were both inspirational and commercial. Karlie said her fabric was lux, but thought the designs lacked variety, even though they were beautiful. Serena thought Nancy was amazing. The judges thought Sergio’s color story was poetic and moving, and Nina said it was perfect, polished, and dreamy, while Brandon added that it was also sellable, but didn’t know if it was something the market needed. Karlie said it was technically finished to perfection. Elaine said Geoffrey’s perspective was exciting. Brandon thought his ideas were crazy, but Nina said they were commercial as well. He had big ideas that would translate commercially, and if they didn’t have big ideas, they had nothing. Backstage, Sergio said it was the beginning of something big for all of them.

The designers brought back out, and Karlie said they all showed extraordinary work, but the winner delivered a warning shot as to what future was to come in fashion. Geoffrey was the big winner, and I was like, what? since I did not see that one coming. He said he’d worked hard his whole life to find a way to be an artist. His new confidence was insane; all the counseling in the world wouldn’t have done the same thing. It had been an incredible ride that he wouldn’t change for the world. He needed a rest, and was going to take four days off in a row. There were lots of hugs, and the champagne was flowing. Jeffrey called his dad and stepmom, and said he hoped he’d made them proud. He did.

🚴🏻‍♀️ The Never-Ending Week Continues…

I swear, every problem solved this week was replaced by three more. Is it Friday yet? Oh, wait, it is. Tea tomorrow, but bed right now.

March 5, 2020 – Jordan Refuses To Cooperate, Dr. Robinson, Fashion Week Challenge, New Material & Matching My Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Cameron dozes on the couch, and dreams about when Jason showed up to save him. He tells Jason, everything went crazy. Then Curtis showed up and there was gunfire. Trina is still inside, and they’re crazy outnumbered. Jason says he’s going to help. Cameron sits up, and Elizabeth asks if he’s okay. He says he’s fine, but Franco says he doesn’t seem fine. Cameron says, it was just a bad dream, and asks how long he was out. Elizabeth says, a couple of hours. He seemed tired, so they let him sleep. He asks where Trina is, and Elizabeth says, upstairs. She just checked on Trina, and she’s resting. Elizabeth thinks they should give Trina some space. She’ll come down when she’s ready. Cameron says he’s grateful Jason and Curtis showed up. Otherwise, he and Trina could have been killed. Trina has come downstairs, and says, instead of her father.

Sonny says he knows it’s a complicated situation, and respects them for reaching out. Jordan says it wasn’t her idea, and asks Curtis to explain what they’re doing there. Curtis says, call it a meeting of like minds. It’s time they set aside their differences for a common good. They need to take down Cyrus Renault. Sonny asks if Curtis thinks that’s a good idea, and Curtis says, it’s worth a try. Jordan disagrees, and Curtis asks her to trust him. She says it’s difficult when she’s feeling ambushed, but Curtis says, joining forces makes sense. They have a common enemy, and Cyrus’s people are coming for all of them. Sonny says he gets why Cyrus wants him, but why would they be a target? Curtis says, because Jordan was on the task force who put Cyrus away in the first place.

Spinelli texts Sam, who’s at the MetroCourt. He has 👀 on the target. She texts back that she’s at the MetroCourt to meet Molly. Stay on Peter, and let her know what he finds.

Spinelli peers over some hedges at a bench where Peter sits in Rice Plaza. He’s obviously not such a great spy, since probably everyone but Peter can see him. Anna joins Peter, and thanks him for meeting her. She sits with him, and says the WSB contacted her about him. Obrecht comes up behind Spinelli and touches him. He jumps a mile, and she asks what he thinks he’s doing.

Michael tells Nelle that he’d rather not do this in a public hallway, and they all walk back into the empty courtroom. Nelle says, that’s fine, since they’re going to be in a courtroom anyway. Carly says, no one invited her there. She dropped her bomb; she can go now. Nelle says, no one is denying her rights as a mother. She’s suing for full custody of her son, and she’s going to win.

Jordan asks if Curtis has any idea what he just did. He says her identity was compromised already, but she says that’s no reason give out classified information about her career to the mob. She’s leaving. Curtis says she hasn’t heard his plan, but she says she’s heard enough. Sonny says, hold on a second. He and Curtis have worked together in the past, and he’s right. Her connection with Cyrus is out in the open; maybe they can do something about that. He asks what Curtis is thinking, and Curtis says Taggert and Jordan were part of a DEA task force that put Cyrus in prison. The two other agents turned up dead, supposedly of an overdose on opioids, and they know what happened to Taggert. Cyrus extended his business into Port Charles to do one thing; make Jordan watch it burn, and make her pay. At first it was personal, but he’s coming for Sonny’s territory too. Sonny says, then they have to do something about it. Jordan says, that doesn’t mean they have to fix it together. She doesn’t trust him. Curtis says, Sonny has sources who would never communicate with the cops, and Jordan has information not available to Sonny. Face it, they all need each other. Combine forces, and they can stop Cyrus from every hurting anyone else they love. He knows it breaks Sonny’s code, talking to the cops, so he’s willing to act as an intermediary. Jordan says she’s not working with Sonny, and that’s the end of it.

Trina asks if her mom is back yet, and Elizabeth says, her flight was delayed, but she should be there soon. Cameron says, when he said that, he didn’t know Trina was there; he’s sorry. Trina tells him, it’s okay, and they hug. Elizabeth says she and Franco will make sandwiches in case the kids get hungry, and go to the kitchen. Cameron asks if Trina slept at all, and she says, off and on. Him? He says, the same. He keeps picturing that night over and over. She says, her too. She feels like such an idiot. When Josslyn went through lockdowns, she was jealous. It sounded exciting, and that was a stupid way to think; there’s nothing exciting about that kind of life. People get hurt… People get killed. Cameron says he’s sorry. The doorbell rings, and Trina says she can’t believe he’s gone. Elizabeth answers the door, thinking it’s Trina’s mother, but it’s Ava and Nikolas.

Michael says Nelle is wasting her time and money. She has no grounds to sue for custody of Wiley. She says it turns out she does. Starting with his Uncle Brad. He kidnapped their son, and convinced them their son was dead for two years. Carly says, Brad is going to do serious jail time, and won’t be spending time with Wiley again. Nelle says, that doesn’t do anything about the family business. It’s a miracle they all survived that coordinated attack, but it’s undeniable their family poses a clear and present threat to her son. Willow says, that’s ironic, since Nelle poses more of a threat. Did Nelle forget she’s a convicted murderer? Nelle says she served her time, like Michael did. He’s just as much of a felon as she is.

Spinelli says Obrecht startled him, and she says, so she sees. Did she catch him doing something illicit? He says, certainly not, and she says, lurking in the park isn’t a good look. He says he was just admiring the foliage. The refurbishment of this public space is a huge success. Obrecht says the only thing he was admiring was the six-foot Nordic spruce named Peter. He was spying. He says he believes Peter is up to no good, and she says, no kidding. What insight from a supposedly genius hacker. He says he knows she’s no fan of Peter’s either. Who could blame her, since he’s responsible for Faison coming back. She asks what’s his point? and he says, perhaps it’s time for Peter to pay for his myriad of transgressions. She says she’s listening, and he says perhaps they could work together. She asks, how? and he says if she has anything on Peter, it could be useful to his case. She says, there’s a case? He says, theoretically, but with her help, it could be realized.

Anna tells Peter, the Bureau Chief in central Europe is conducting a forensics investigation on Faison’s operation. He turned up some interesting things. Peter says, on him? and she says his name came up, among others. Peter flashes back to Obrecht saying, like him, she has a past she’s trying to live down. There was a time she would have used his past to her advantage, but she’s not that person anymore. Anna says they’re researching Eurotech and Faison’s other shell operations. She asks if he’s heard of Luna Industrial enterprises.

Ava says she’s there to see Trina, if that’s okay, and Elizabeth invites her in. Ava tells Trina, she’s sorry about her father. She heard he saved Trina. He must have been a very brave man. Trina says, the bravest, and they hug.

Jordan asks Curtis if he really expect her to go for this. She’s not working with a mobster. Sonny says she’s worked with him and the Jeromes before, but she says that’s when she was undercover with the DEA, and the only reason she associated with Julian was to bring down his operation. And she was trying to save Sean from Sonny. Sonny says now she can work with him to save herself. She says she’s wasted enough of her time there, and walks out.

Sam and Molly hug, and Sam asks how Molly is. Molly says, mom told Sam. She’s not very subtle. Sam says, mom is in New York, and feels bad that she can’t be here; don’t be mad. Molly says she’s not, but she’d wanted to tell Sam herself over some much needed wine. They sit, and Sam asks, what’s going on? Molly says, mom didn’t give her the details? and Sam says she’d rather hear it from Molly. Molly says, TJ asked her to marry him. He had the waitress bring her the ring on a slice of cake. (How upset was Molly? It was a whole cake, albeit a small one.) He was loving and sincere, and she turned him down. Not because she doesn’t love him; she just doesn’t want to get married. But TJ does, and the more they tried to explain their positions, the worse things got, until TJ just walked away. She knows he’s upset, and she hates that she hurt him. Sam says he probably feels disappointed. She can’t blame him for being mad. Molly says she thought once he cooled down, they could talk it through, so she waited at their place for him to come back. She waited all night, but he never did. She doesn’t want to freak out, but it’s not like him. They’ve had their share of arguments, but he’s never not come home. (Are you thinking what I’m thinking?)

Peter says Luna was a front for Faison to obtain visas for his associates. Anna says, Howard did some digging, and found out that Faison arranged for some of his associates to travel to Afghanistan. She’s wondering if one of his associates was involved, and they’re trying to cover their tracks.

Spinelli says if Obrecht has anything on Peter, it could be most useful. He has to expose Peter’s lies before they hurt his loved ones. Keeping silent is never the answer. Look at what happened to Lucas. She says, what now? and he says she didn’t hear? Lucas was cruelly deceived by his husband and Nelle. The baby known as Wiley is actually Nelle’s son with Michael. Nelle persuaded Brad to facilitate the baby swap, but now their crime has been exposed, and they’ve been arrested. She says, how unexpected, and he says he never would have thought Nelle would concoct a baby swap, but now she’s back in police custody. Her arraignment is today.

Michael says one count of involuntary manslaughter while he was a minor, doesn’t compare to multiple counts of murder, attempted murder, fraud, conspiracy, perjury, and oh yeah, assault. Carly says, and Nelle pled no contest to all of them; they’re on her record forever, and admissible in family court. Michael’s one mistake happened years ago. Nelle says, a mistake? Is that what they’re calling bludgeoning Claudia Zacara to death? Carly says Nelle is a repeat offender, with a history of violent crimes, starting with killing her first fiancé, up until a year and a half ago, when she tried to kill Michael. Nelle says she was suffering from hormonal imbalance due to pregnancy, which family court will take into consideration, since they usually side with the mother. Willow asks if Nelle hears herself, gloating and snarking. She doesn’t care about Wiley as a person. She just wants to use that little boy as a weapon against Carly and Michael. Nelle says she’s a mother deprived of her child. Willow tells Michael, if he needs a witness, she volunteers. She’ll tell the court that Nelle is dangerous and emotionally unstable Nelle really is. Willow walks out, and Michael says, can Nelle picture it? Her, up on the stand with her crocodile tears, then Willow takes the stand and tells the truth. She can’t fake kindness or generosity or courage or love, because all those things are real to Willow. When Nelle is going against someone real, the judge will see through her just like the rest of them. He leaves, and Carly says Nelle knows he’s right, and she’s choking on it. She knows the judge will see her as nothing but trash.

Jordan goes back to her office, and throws her coat down on a chair. She sits at her desk, huffing and puffing. She looks at a photo of herself with TJ, Curtis, and Stella.

Sonny says, Jordan is a formidable woman. Anyone who tries to take down Cyrus is impressive. It takes guts. Curtis says, it also takes its toll. He thinks that’s why she kept it secret for so long. Sonny asks if he blames her. Curtis says he noticed they weren’t too surprised when she mentioned her history with Cyrus, and Sonny says they weren’t. Jason says they realized there was a connection between Taggert and Cyrus when he showed up there looking to team up, and then saw there was a connection between Taggert and Jordan. Sonny says, Curtis just filled in the gaps. Jason asks why Jordan hasn’t gone to the DEA, and Curtis says, she’s concerned that someone at the DEA leaked the names of the task force. Jason says, so she doesn’t want the DEA involved, and maybe pulling some records. Curtis asks what he’s saying, and Jason says, Cyrus has something on Jordan, doesn’t he? Curtis says he’s going to go find his wife. He’ll be in touch.

Ava asks if she can speak to Trina alone for a minute. Cameron says, of course (🍷), and Ava sits with Trina on the couch. She asks how many times she’s been asked if she’s hungry, and Trina says, non-stop. Ava says she won’t join the chorus, but she will tell Trina that she brought some really good chocolate chip cookies. Trina thanks her, and Ava asks how she’s feeling. Trina doesn’t know how to answer, and Ava says, that’s totally fine. Don’t feel pressure to feel okay for anyone. Don’t put a timeline on grief; it takes the time it takes. Trina asks if you ever get over it, and Ava says, no. She hasn’t; not yet anyway. She tells Trina not to be discouraged. One day, she’ll find she’s moved on from the pain she’s in now. She’ll always miss her dad, but the loss will become more bearable. Her life will fill up again. She’ll be more wounded, but stronger. Trina asks how she gets there, but Ava doesn’t know. She wishes she did, but Trina will know when it happens. And if anyone rushes her or tells her how to feel, they’ll have to deal with Ava. They hug. Trina’s mom (Dr. Portia Robinson) comes in, and Trina runs to her.

Nelle tells Carly, Zara thinks they have a strong case, and she’ll make a compelling witness. Carly says that’s because Nelle is paying her retainer. She’s going to lose. The facts speak for themselves. It’s bad enough she tried to kill Michael, but then she kidnapped his son, and hid him for a year and a half. Nelle says, Brad stole Wiley from her, and Carly says she’s sure he did. Nelle strongly suggests Carly stop harassing her, or she’ll get a restraining order. Carly says, please do what she has to. If Nelle wants to go to war with Carly and her family again, they’re ready.

In the hallway, Obrecht asks if Carly came from Nelle’s arraignment. Carly says, it’s over; all charges were dropped. She wonders why Obrecht cares, and Obrecht says she wants to interview Nelle for her medical column. Carly tells her, good luck with that, and Obrecht goes into the courtroom. She says, good. Nelle is still there. It seems they have unfinished business.

Portia says she’s sorry she wasn’t there for Trina last night. She got on the first flight back. Trina says, she’s there now, and Portia promises it will be okay. She says she’s thankful for Elizabeth looking after Trina, and Elizabeth says, of course (🍷). Portia says she’s glad they’re okay. Ava introduces herself, saying Trina interns for her at the gallery. She came by to offer her condolences. She thinks the world of Trina. Portia asks Trina to get her things, so they can head home, and Cameron says he’ll help. Ava says if there’s anything she can do, but Portia says she has it under control. Ava says if she changes her mind, if there’s anything at all, don’t hesitate. Franco says he thinks she’s got it covered, and Ava says, Trina is such a special girl. She wants Trina to have everything she needs to cope. She knows Portia is busy with work, and that’s okay, but she can keep Trina company; she’s available. Portia says she appreciates the support, but wants to keep the boundaries clear. Trina is her daughter, not Ava’s.

Sonny tells Jason, the way Curtis was acting, whatever Cyrus has on Jordan must be pretty bad. Jason asks if Sonny is considering Curtis’s proposal, and Sonny says, it’s always good to have an ally at the PCPD. Jason says, Jordan’s not going to cooperate, but Sonny says, she could change her mind. Jordan is the reason Cyrus came to Port Charles, and for whatever reason, she feels guilty about it. Maybe it will motivate her to resolve this mess fast.

Curtis goes to Jordan’s office, but she says she has nothing to say to him. He thinks she does, and she says, how dare he blindside her in front of Sonny and Jason? He says he was trying to be helpful, and she says by exposing her and her past to the local don? She tells him, wake the hell up. Sonny might be GH’s biggest donor, and fund outreach programs, but don’t forget who that guy really is; a criminal. In what universe would she work with him? He says, it’s better than ending up dead. She can be pissed at him all she wants to, but that doesn’t change the fact that her life is on the line. He’s terrified for her.

Molly asks if Sam thinks she should show up at GH, and talk to TJ. Sam doesn’t think they should hash the whole thing out there, but they could set up a time to talk. Molly says she should go. She’s sorry to cut this short. Sam tells her, go find her man. Spinelli comes in, and Sam asks if he found anything on Peter.

Anna tells Peter that Howard is texting her a list of the Luna employees, so she can see who might have gone to Afghanistan. They have turned up something very interesting. There was a large wire transfer from that company to David Black a few weeks before the attack. Her phone dings, and she looks at it. She says, it can’t be. We see Obrecht’s name on the list, and Peter asks, what is it? Anna looks at him.

Obrecht tells Nelle, she came as soon as she heard Nelle was out of court. Nelle asks if Obrecht wants to congratulate her on being a free woman, but Obrecht says she wants to make it clear where they both stand. If Nelle implicates Obrecht in her grubby little crimes, Obrecht will turn her in for kidnapping.

Michael says he wants to thank Willow, and she says, for losing her temper? He says, for calling Nelle out to her face. She was incredible. She says he’s the incredible one. How does he keep his cool when Nelle is so awful? He says, the only way to beat Nelle is to not engage. The moment you get angry, or worse, feel bad for her, is when she can manipulate you. Don’t let her. Willow says she meant what she said; she’ll be happy to testify if he thinks it will help. He says he might take her up on it. He’s willing to do whatever it takes so Nelle doesn’t get custody.

Nelle says, if one more woman threatens her today… but Obrecht says, it’s not a threat; it’s a prediction. If Nelle implicates her, she can do far worse to Nelle. Nelle says she has no intention of telling anyone about Obrecht’s involvement in Wiley’s birth, or that she knew Brad was raising Michael’s son. Obrecht says Nelle is cunning; she’ll give her that much. She knows if she implicates Obrecht, she implicates herself. How is she going to explain the babies being switched? Nelle says, she passed out, giving birth alone, and was unconscious, with her infant in her arms. Then Brad switched babies without her knowing. Obrecht says she’s pinning the whole thing on Herr Cooper? and Nelle says, better him than us.

Anna says, it was right in front of her eyes. Obrecht was involved. Peter asks if she really thinks Obrecht would engineer Drew’s death and the attack on Franco, and she says, it’s in her wheelhouse; she’s murdered before. She doesn’t have to remind Peter of Obrecht’s violent tendencies. She was running the clinic in Switzerland at the time, and it isn’t a stretch that she could have helped Faison with the logistics of the original memory transfer. She doesn’t care who dies, as long as they cover her tracks. Peter asks what they should tell Maxie, and she says, nothing. Nobody is going to be told anything until she finds out how the Bureau wants to proceed. If she’s right, and Obrecht is involved, it’s going to be an enormous shock to Maxie. She’ll coordinate with the Bureau, and be back in touch. Peter says he’ll keep the information to himself.

Spinelli regrets to inform Sam that getting damning information on Peter proved unsuccessful. He found Peter speaking to his mother, then Obrecht showed up, and pestered him with questions. Sam wonders what she was doing there, but Spinelli says, other than terrorizing him, he has no clue. Thankfully, the day wasn’t a complete waste. She asked for help finding leverage against her parole officer. He accidentally gained access to her home server, and apparently Delores has made several calls to a burner phone every day for the last few months. Sam asks if he found anything, and he says, not yet, but it’s a burner phone. It can’t be good.  

Ava says she didn’t mean to intrude, but Portia says intruding has nothing do with it. She’s beyond grateful to Elizabeth and Franco for stepping in while she was away, but her eyes are open to Ava’s history. The same kind of people Ava used to associate with, are the type of people who got Trina’s father killed.  Her daughter isn’t available to fill some emotional void Ava has. Ava says that wasn’t her intention, and Portia says, then they’re on the same page. Now she’s going to get her daughter. She heads upstairs, and Ava jets. Franco says, wait, but she keeps going. He asks if Nikolas isn’t going after her, but Nikolas thinks she’d rather be alone. Franco says Nikolas really is a selfish son of a bitch, and goes after Ava.

Jordan says Curtis doesn’t have to be afraid for her; she’s figuring it out. There are always risks. Curtis says, this is different. Cyrus isn’t some local thug; he’s the head of a major drug cartel. He can easily come after her or TJ. She asks if he doesn’t think she knows that, and he says he saw Taggert get shot, and they both watched Trina see her father die. Are her ethics worth so much that she’d risk putting TJ in the same situation with her?

Sonny tells Jason they have intel on Cyrus, but it would be nice if Jordan filled in some gaps. She knows Cyrus better than anyone. Jason says, that doesn’t mean they have to work with her, and Sonny says, they’ve had cops on the payroll before. Jason says, not the Commissioner. It’s bad news to have her around in any capacity. Jordan is smart, and got in her line of work to put guys like them behind bars. They can’t give her a chance to take them down.

Elizabeth says Ava is obviously upset, but Nikolas says, she has a flair for the dramatic. She says, and he doesn’t care at all. He says they’re nothing more than business partners, and she says, wow. He sounds like his Uncle Stephan. She hated him. Not just because he was a liar who tried to destroy the Spencers, but the way he pressured Nikolas to be just like him; calculating and detached. Nikolas used to fight against it, but now he’s given in, but he says, not completely. He doesn’t enjoy seeing Ava suffering, but whatever comfort she needs, he’s incapable of giving to her. That’s why he’s grateful she has someone like Franco in her life.

Franco finds Ava with a martini at the MetroCourt bar. He says, looks great, and she tells him, just leave, please. It’s a self-loathing pity party of one. He says, Dr. Robinson didn’t know what she was saying, but Ava says, she did. And she wasn’t wrong. She noticed something familiar in Trina the first day she bounced into the gallery. She doesn’t know if it’s Trina’s love of art, no-nonsense attitude, or that her heart is ten times bigger than anyone else she knows, but she reminded Ava of Kiki. Trina reminds her of the great potential Kiki had, before Ryan took it from her. Dr. Robinson might have been blunt, but she also had it right. There’s no bringing back her daughter. Franco puts his hand on top of hers.

Jordan tells Curtis not to dare use TJ to manipulate her. He asks if that’s what she thinks he’s doing. She can’t change the past, and she can’t help it’s come back to bite her, but she can do everything in her power to avoid hurting him and TJ. But this is non-negotiable. She’s not working with Sonny, period. Understand? Curtis opens the door, and Molly is there. As he leaves, she comes in. She asks if it’s a bad time, and Jordan says she’s been meaning to reach out. TJ mentioned that he took her out for a special dinner last night. Molly says that’s what she wants to talk about. TJ never came home, and he never showed up for work either.

Sonny tells Jason, there’s no need debate this; Jordan didn’t seem interested anyway. He only likes to work with cops he has leverage over; that way, they work for him. Jason says they don’t have any leverage, and Sonny says, not yet, but they could. Jason thinks Cyrus has something really damaging on Jordan. Curtis bolting proves it. Say Jordan changes her mind and wants to work with them. That could be their insurance policy. Sonny says it sounds like Jason is starting to reconsider, and Jason says, they need find out what Cyrus has on Jordan. Sonny says, it’s time to find out.

Sam says, Spinelli is a godsend, and he says, it’s hyperbolic, but he’ll take it. She says, seriously, if Delores is up to something shady, maybe they can convince her to back off a little, and it will give her and Jason some leeway. Spinelli says then they can double their efforts with their main priority; taking down Peter before he hurts someone else.

On the phone in the park, Peter says, the Bureau already accessed the company server. He thanks them for getting the information out in a timely manner. He appreciates it.

Willow tells Michael, what scares her is, Nelle is right. The courts have a tendency to side with the mother. He says if the mother is like Willow, yes, but Nelle has a history of everything from murder to mental instability. Carly joins them, and says she just got off the phone with Diane. She’s going to get a head start on Nelle’s custody. She doesn’t want Michael to worry. She’s going to crush Nelle, and he has to let her. No backing off, or compromising for Wiley’s sake. He says, there is no compromising with Nelle. He has to win sole custody for Wiley’s sake.

Obrecht says, so Brad was the mastermind; Nelle was just the innocent victim. She’s astonished that anyone would believe such an obvious lie. Nelle is quite adept at manipulation, and might actually succeed. As long as they’re clear, Obrecht never gets mentioned. If anyone asks about their conversation, Obrecht was interviewing Nelle for her column. Nelle says, about what? but Obrecht says, it doesn’t matter. She refused the interview. Selfish snit that she is, she didn’t care that her experience could be used to help others. Now begone with her. She’s getting on Obrecht’s last nerve. Nelle leaves, and Obrecht says, that, as they say, is that. She wonders what Maxie and James are doing for dinner tonight.

As she’s about to leave, Anna comes through the door, blocking her way. Anna says Obrecht thought she got away with it, but she thought wrong

Tomorrow, Jax tells Nina that he got an email from HR about them (hard to believe, but okay); Jordan thinks she has a lead in Trina and Cameron’s kidnapping; and Anna tells Obrecht, she can and did, and Anna has proof.

🏥 A New Face In Port Charles…

Trina’s mom is back, even though we’ve never met her.


Project Runway – Finale – Part One

Christian was excited to see what the designers were doing, and traveled to see each of them. Nancy was first, and Christian was astonished at how organized she was. In his interview, he said he found it interesting, since it felt like Nancy was a mess during the competition. She had a cardboard stand-up of Christian saying, amazing, which Christian thought was fantastic, but a little creepy. She said she’d learned a lot creating the gown for a woman in a wheelchair; it was a challenge. In her interview, she said she’d always felt like she didn’t fit in, but had found a home where she belonged – making fashion. We flashed back to various critiques of her designs. Christian said her fabrics were beautiful and her designs were amazing, but to be careful of the fit, which was something the judges had warned her about. He told her not to overwork it, or try too hard. In Nancy’s interview, she said she was going to listen to Christian, and do some editing. She wanted to make pieces that were worthy of fashion week. Nancy showed Christian her view of the Rocky steps (before the entrance to the Philadelphia Museum of Art), and asked if Christian would run them with her. He said he’d just had a cheesesteak, so he would. He beat her, but not by much. He said it was Nancy’s moment, and to work it out. He thanked her for the Rocky moment.

Sergio was next, where Christian was sure he was going to hear about a political statement. Sergio introduced Christian to his partner Kade, and his collection. His inspiration was global warming, and his focus, the melting glaciers and ice caps. He explained his pieces went from starting with glaciers in a solid state, and ending at the point there were no glaciers; a lot of the effect made by using a color palette going from white to almost black. Christian asked how Sergio was being sustainable, and Sergio explained there was a process to grow leather using kombucha. I am not kidding – see below. He showed Christian some leather fermenting in his bathtub, which apparently smelled pretty strong. He told Christian it was a living organism, and had to be fed honey. I think this freaked Christian out a little, and he said he wanted to look at clothes, not organisms. He told Sergio that his color palette made sense, but he didn’t know if anyone would get the reference in the styles. He wasn’t sure if it translated to glacier. Christian also said the vibe he was getting was Victorian saloon, and thought the designs should be more modernized. Sergio told Christian, everything he designed had a classical influence, and in his interview, said he was always open to advice (really?), but was sticking to his guns. At the end of the day, it was his story. Christian suggested the designs should have a sense of wetness and volume. He reminded Sergio about the judges pointing out he was referential, and Sergio said he looked to history for inspiration. Christian said he should push himself to go new, different, and never been done. Sergio said he had soccer practice, and asked if Christian was into boys running around in shorts. Christian said he was always up for that, so Sergio brought him along, but Christian mostly spun around on the field, doing pirouettes. I like Sergio a lot, and especially love his helpfulness to the other contestants, but he’s still the man of excuses.

After that, Christian visited Victoria, and said her hair was bigger than ever. She told Christian that her overall story was traditional, and she was using Moldavian ornamental patterns in her work. She also had her brand, Kheopo (a pharaoh’s name), strategically placed, Christian remarked that the collection was different from what she’d done, and Victoria said Karlie had told her to focus on not just one type of woman. Her mother had helped with crochet work on hats and bags to go with the outfits, but Christian thought her work was more powerful when it was streamlined. She introduced him to her husband Dan and son Christian, who was too little to get any jokes about them having the same name. Dan seemed like an awesome guy, who was totally on board with being supportive. He’d gone from being a soccer player to a truck driver, so she could pursue her dream. He said if she rose to the top, it was a win for him too. She said if she made it big, he could retire from driving, and  the family would have a chance to stay together more.

Christian’s final visit was to Geoffrey, who’d had a skateboard accident, so he wasn’t as far along as he would have liked. It had prevented him from doing things like fabric shopping, and in his interview, he said he was frustrated. All he’d done was hypothetical sketches, incorporating futurism with clean lines and details. Christian told him to think about who was going to wear it on the runway, and who would buy it. Geoffrey said his brain was on fire. He told Christian that because of the accident, he was kicked financially, so he took on a Disney project, The Little Mermaid. He’d also broken up with his partner, so Geoffrey had quite a month. He said he did his best work when he was submerged in the design process, and Christian said Geoffrey’s ideas were never ending, but he’d have to figure out how make sense of his collection.

The designers arrived in NYC for Fashion Week, and went to see Christian’s runway show, which opened the week. Karlie met with them, saying they would be seeing their new workroom tomorrow. I would say Christian’s collection was beyond amazing, and Nancy said seeing the show gave her another push – this can be you. Geoffrey said he’s been gearing up to Fashion Week his whole career. Possibly closing it was mind blowing.

The new workroom was fabulous, and everyone opened their collections and hung them on the racks. Nancy said she’d elevated her collection after Christian’s visit. The judges had never seen pieces like that from her, and she didn’t even use horsehair. She did, however, use liquid fabric, which is the epitome of glamour IMO. Geoffrey also took Christian’s advice to heart, and  thought he’d come up with some great work. Victoria said she’d changed 99% of her designs, which shocked the hell out of me, since she never seemed to take advice very well. She said it now looked cohesive; a thread. While it wasn’t exactly a compliment when Christian called Sergio’s collection Victorian saloon, Sergio thought he’d embrace that, making it cool, new, and clever. In his interview, he said he could see problems with everybody’s stuff, including his. Karlie arrived, and said the judges couldn’t ask for a more talented group. They all had the potential to make a real impact in the industry. So they were throwing out the rule book. All four could be moving on – or three or two. It depended on what the designers could show them 48 hours from now. In two days, the designers were to show three looks. The strategy was up to them. They could show their favorites, or choose save their showstopper for impact at Fashion Week. Victoria said the hardest part was what to show. They were to decide among themselves who would get what models, and Sergio said a model could make or break a look. Geoffrey wanted a male model, but said it was difficult to choose when there was $300K on the line. At the end of the day, the designers headed for the Box House Hotel. Nancy said, at this point, they knew each other way too well.

The designers worked on finishing touches. Geoffrey said he was obsessed with metal mesh metallics. In his interview, he said he named the collection – Purple Heart – in honor of his father, who had three of them. When he was younger, their relationship had been bad, but they were friends now. Because of his father’s belief in him, he wants the proud dad moment; it would mean a lot. He told Christian that he hadn’t tried any of the pieces on a human yet (not sure what he meant by that – did he try them on dogs?), and Christian tried on a gigantic puffy, sparkly coat that made him look like he was in a Sumo wrestler costume.

Although Victoria was very excited over her mom’s contribution, Christian said her collection was very styled, but not to overdo it. Think about what would surprise the judges. He thought her layered sportswear was the most interesting and exciting, but it needed editing. Geoffrey started a feather storm while stuffing his massive coats, which Nancy called the attack of the feathers. Christian suggested Sergio modernize his dresses. They weren’t costumey, but they were period-like. He said Sergio should rock it up a little.

Nancy said Christian’s visit had helped so much, and he told her to pick strong looks that wowed, so the judges would want to see more of what she created. She got all teary over Christian being complementary, and had to take a moment. She told Geoffrey that Christian appreciating her collection was overwhelming. Christian thought everyone was being too casual, and reminded them that two could go home, which made everyone pay attention. It was time for the model fittings, and I was not crazy about all the puffy jacket stuff in Geoffrey’s collection. On the other hand, Victoria had a sparkly hoodie jumpsuit paired with a solid blazer that I loved. I seem to always love what I could never wear. Short people got no reason to wear jumpsuits. Christian thought Geoffrey needed feedback on a couple of his pieces, especially something that looked like it was possibly made for an octopus.

Christian said he was going to the Oscars, so he wouldn’t see them before the runway. He said they’d have two and a half hours the day of, and DON’T FORGET THE TRESEMME AND MAYBELLINE STUDIOS before sending their models out. The product placement is heavy with this one. Geoffrey said he was swimming in his thoughts, and Nancy said the liquid fabric was difficult to work with. She had one shot with sewing it, and couldn’t redo it or the fabric would be wrecked.

On runway day, the feather situation was still not good, with feathers floating along the floor. Sergio notice a visible panty line (or VPL as they say in the business) on one of his choices. He hadn’t realized how sheer the front of the dress was. Didn’t anyone try the clothes on anyone. Geoffrey was so wired, he kibitzed the entire time his models were in makeup and hair. In his interview, he said he thought he’d be calm during the finale, but it was getting to him. I thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown during the interview. The real Victoria came back, and said she wasn’t taking any of Christian’s advice.

The guest judge was Steven Kolb, President and CEO of the CFDA (the Council of Fashion Designers of America). In Nancy’s interview, she said, this was business; Steven was tough. Victoria looked like she was going to be sick.

Sergio felt he had a clear point-of-view. He thought his beading created an essence of wetness and water, and the feeling of Arctic ice melting. The cocktail dress he chose weighed in at 45 pounds. Nancy included her creation for the wheelchair bound model, which had a skirt that doubled as a cape. She thought her tailored suit showed her progress as a designer, and her third choice was her evening gown of liquid fabric.

All of Victoria’s pieces incorporated a blazer. She thought her sportswear separates collection was fresh, and super modern. I thought at least it was different from the same dress she kept making. Geoffrey’s goal was to be big, bold, and loud. I loved his metal mesh dress with an open bra neckline, but not so much the dude in the puffy boat paired with a simple tank top and shredded… pants? Skirt? I wasn’t sure. Karlie said one thing was certain – they all had distinct points of view. She added that if the judges didn’t think they should move on to Fashion Week, they’d be out. I wondered if all this angst was just so they could stretch this out into two episodes.

Brandon said, let the games begin. Victoria said her collection was called Revelation, and she went with her gut. Nina was concerned about the colors and the fit, saying her tailoring had to be impeccable. Elaine didn’t think the jumpsuit looked well-made, and said Victoria had to think about adjusting the fit, and it made the fabric look cheap. I had to agree, because although I loved the jumpsuit, especially with the blazer, the fabric did remind me of those cheap Halloween costumes that have shiny circles attached that aren’t real sequins. Nina said editors and retailers love separates, and Steven thought the matching caps were a good go-to piece, which every designer should have. He thought they should be her signature, as they included her heritage in her mother’s crochet work.  Karlie thought it was unnecessary to have a bag with each outfit, and Brandon said she didn’t need branding. Her brand hadn’t been around long enough for people to want something with her name one it.

Sergio said he’d gone with Ocean Anthem, explaining the glacier tie-in. Steven said it was American to have a message, but the audience had to get message, and he didn’t think it was coming across. Elaine said Sergio jumped from issue to issue, and she thought he should decide what the one thing was he wanted to stand for, and use his fashion for that platform. Elaine brought up what was more than a VPL on Sergio’s sheer gown, saying she didn’t need to see the model’s thong; it was distracting. The sheerness took away from the elegance. Nina said the styling was beautiful, but dated, and they’re looking for something modern. Brandon thought Sergio had to f*** it up. What was his version of a modern evening gown? It should be constructed well, but he needed to edit. Brandon suggested he take off a sleeve. Karlie said he was trying to prove all the techniques he could do in one look; less is more. Geoffrey explained about Purple Heart, and Brandon said makeup and hair was important for what he was trying to achieve. Everything had to look expensive. He also needed to edit. Nina told him, veer on the lux side. I was surprised they didn’t like the metal mesh dress as much as I did. Steven agreed on the puffy coat though, saying there was too much volume, and no sexiness. Nancy told the judges that her two goals were sustainability and inclusivity, and her collection was zero waste. Elaine thought she needed more modern styling. She was taking Elaine to a past she didn’t want to revisit. Nina complimented her on her evolution as a designer, saying her pantsuit was the most tailored garment she’d made. She suggested Nancy tone down the print. She also felt the neckpiece on the liquid fabric gown swallowed the model’s head, and had her take it off, then liked much better. Again the main suggestion was to edit. Brandon said there was so much going on, he wanted to examine it with a magnifying glass, but there was no time for that during Fashion Week.

At this point I started to get nervous, and… to be continued.

Next time, Serena Williams is the guest judge, and a winner is chosen.

💧 It’s Real…

Meet home grown leather.


🧗🏽‍♀️ It Certainly Has Been…

So bidding you goodnight… er, morning.

February 27, 2020 – Cyrus Has a Far Reach, Vessel Runway, Vanderthon, Ex Reaction, Geoffrey’s Favorite & Take a Leap


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jordan tells Taggert, let her get straight. He asked Sonny to work with him to get Cyrus. Taggert says, it wasn’t an easy decision, and she says she bets it wasn’t. She tells Curtis that Taggert spent most of his time there working to put Sonny away. Taggert says if they want to take Cyrus down, they might as well team up with the most powerful man in Port Charles.

Sonny tells Jason, Laura means business. If they can’t stop this from getting bigger, she’s going to get involved. Jason says, if she does, it will make her a target – for real this time. He suggests they continue to stop shipments, so Cyrus’s distributers lose faith in him, but Sonny says it will take too much time. Jason says they know people on the inside at Pentenville, and could possibly arrange an accident.

Carly finds a bullet in the stuff that fell out of Dev’s backpack. She calls upstairs to him, but there’s no answer.

Trina tells Cameron, smile nice. Her mom and dad are going to see the pictures. She takes a selfie, and the driver watches in the rearview mirror. Trina says they’d better take more with Josslyn and Dev at the dance. Cameron asks if she’s sure they’re coming, and she says, Josslyn just texted; they’re on their way.

Elizabeth tells Franco that he didn’t have to get her anything. Cameron is at the dance, and Aiden and Jake have a sleepover. Franco says he’s aware they’re alone, and she says that’s all the gift she needs. He says, it won’t take long, and she opens the box. A note tells her that she’ll find a surprise under the fries, and he says, it’s a scavenger hunt. She asks if he’ll give her a hint, but he says he’s not going to make it easy. He loves her, and it might not be what she wants, but it could turn out to be something she needs. She says having him back is all she needs, and they kiss.

The driver says, it looks like there’s traffic; there’s an accident ahead. He asks if Trina and Cameron mind if he takes a shortcut, and Trina says, whatever’s fastest. The driver does something with his phone, and Cameron tells Trina, one more. She says, serious, but not too serious, and they take another selfie. They bicker, as the driver keeps an eye on them.

Alexis sees Molly at the MetroCourt, and says she’s dressed to the nines. Molly says, as opposed to her usual burlap sack, and Alexis asks what the occasion is. Molly says Alexis’s guess is as good as hers. TJ insisted on treating her to a special romantic evening. He’s the best boyfriend.

TJ is at the hospital, messing with his phone, when Neil comes by. Neil asks how it’s going, and TJ says he’s been busy. Neil asks if he’s cracked any more medical mysteries, but TJ says, it was a stroke of luck with Alexis, and he had a lot of people helping before he made the diagnosis. Neil asks if TJ’s luck has continued with Molly. Did he propose? TJ says, not yet, and Neil asks, what’s the hold up?

Trina wonders where they are, and Cameron says the driver is taking the scenic route. Trina thought it would get them there faster, and Cameron hopes so, since they’re going to be late. She teases him about wanting to see Josslyn, and says she can’t believe her dad didn’t show. He’s sure her dad has a good reason, and she says, at least Cameron dodged a grilling. He says when Trina showed up, she looked… She says, flawless? She knows. Cameron tells the driver they seem to be going out of the way, and the driver says he figured they wouldn’t mind alone time. It’s their first date, right?

Elizabeth goes into the kitchen, and asks Franco if she’s getting warmer. He says he’s not telling her, and she remembers there are leftover fries in the refrigerator. She takes the container out, and there’s another box inside. It tells her to look under the chapeau, but she says she doesn’t speak French. He tells her it means hat, and she sees a bowler on top of the paper towels. She finds a box underneath, with a note that tells her to look in the cabinets, where she finds one more box. That note tells her to look under the pillow. Franco tells her it’s technically under the pillow, but it’s really under the sofa. She pulls out a bunch of art supplies, and he says he and the boys were talking. They thought, like him, she’d like to have art in her life again. She thanks him, and he sits on the floor next to her. He says he can’t wait to see her paint. She kisses him, and her phone dings. She looks at her phone and says, Cameron sent the ride share information; it’s all good. Franco asks if she wants to set up her paint set, but she says, after this, and kisses him. She says she loves him, and he says he loves her more.

Jordan says, no way in hell is she working with Sonny, and Taggert asks, why not? She says collaborating with one mobster to stop another is ethically compromising. Taggert says, and they’ve never crossed the line before. Curtis asks if Taggert got Sonny on board, and Taggert says Sonny didn’t refuse; he sees the advantage. Jordan doesn’t get it. Just because they have a common enemy is no reason to partner up. If he wants to do that by himself, go ahead. Taggert says he never brought up Jordan’s name. He respects her position, and she’s made clear she wants nothing do with this. Jordan asks if he pitched a specific plan, and Taggert says she can’t have it both ways. If Sonny chooses work with him, he’s keeping it to himself unless she changes her mind. He gets up, and says his daughter has a big dance, and he’s late to take pictures. Keep in touch. He leaves, and Jordan asks if Curtis heard that. Curtis says he can actually believe Taggert. He’s right. If Sonny is down to help them, she should take him up on it.

Sonny says, it won’t be easy to get to Cyrus in Pentenville. Maybe Taggert has a way. Jason asks if Sonny wants to trust him, and Sonny asks if Jason doesn’t think he should. Jason doesn’t know, but says if Taggert is telling the truth, and he was on the DEA taskforce that took Cyrus down, he saw how Cyrus operates. He knows how much damage Cyrus could do in Port Charles. Maybe his offer is sincere. Sonny says they still have to be careful. Even if they cooperate, Taggert isn’t going to look the other way if they take Cyrus out.

Carly looks for Josslyn, and starts to panic. She remembers Josslyn said she changed her mind about going to the dance. She grabs the phone, and the doorbell rings. It’s Josslyn, Dev, and Brando. Carly asks what’s wrong with Josslyn? She specifically told her not to go to the dance. She said not to leave, but Josslyn did it anyway. Why? Josslyn says, it’s Dev’s last night in Port Charles. Unfortunately, Brando found them leaving. Carly is glad he caught her fugitives. Carly tells Dev, talk to her, but Josslyn says it was her idea to go to the dance. Carly says, it’s not about the dance, and Josslyn asks what the problem is. Carly says, this, and holds up the bullet. She asks, why was there a bullet in Dev’s backpack?

TJ tells Neil that he keeps waiting for the perfect time, and then things get in the way. Neil says, they always will. Does he want some advice? TJ says, by all means, and Neil says, don’t wait for perfection; it doesn’t exist. The truth is, the closest we get to perfection is when we stop trying to make things perfect. The time will come when TJ least expects it. TJ says he doesn’t want to regret anything, and Neil says, if it feels right, go for it. TJ says he was planning on tonight. He shows Neil the ring, and says he’d better go. He doesn’t want to keep Molly waiting. He asks Neil to wish him luck, but Neil says he doesn’t need it. He and Molly have something special; cherish it. TJ thanks him for the advice, and leaves.

Molly tells Alexis that she and TJ are giving their night out another shot. Their first try fell through. TJ had to study and went to the library, and she went through more emails from Jamie. She can’t believe how much time and effort has been wasted on this superfluous drama. Alexis tells her not to let it ruin her idea about a wedding and marriage. Molly says, too late, and Alexis says, it’s about love, and… yeah, she sounds like a greeting card. Molly says, a little, and Alexis tells her, enjoy her night.

Jordan asks if Curtis is siding with Taggert. He says he’s on her side – always. He understands her reservations about Sonny, but desperate times call for desperate measures. She says he just blew up a warehouse, but Curtis says, no one died. No one was hurt. But Cyrus lost a shipment and a lot of money. It’s a great way to send a message. Jordan asks if he approves of Sonny’s methods, and he says he approves of anything that will stop Cyrus. Taggert could have been dead from an OD like the other two, and he’ll be damned if Jordan will be next. She says she can protect herself without getting involved with Sonny, but Curtis asks, what if that’s the only thing that’s going to keep her alive?

Sonny admits the bastard is smart. Cyrus made it public, so it’s difficult to retaliate. Jason says they don’t want the Feds involved. Sonny says, if that happens, they have to make sure the Feds don’t find anything leading to them. He’s worried about Laura. She’s his friend, but she’s the mayor, and under pressure from the media to clean up the waterfront. Jason asks what he wants to do, and Sonny says, they have people in Pentenville watching Cyrus. Have them figure out when he’s alone, so they can get access to him. To be clear, he doesn’t want to take action. Not yet.

Carly says the bullet fell out of Dev’s backpack, but Dev says he doesn’t know how it got there. What would he do with a bullet? Carly asks him to walk her through every step of his day, and he says he woke up, went to school, and came back; that was it. She asks if he left early, and he says he went to all of his classes. She asks if he made a stop, and Josslyn asks why Carly is interrogating him. Carly says because she found a bullet and needs to know how it got there.

Elizabeth tells Franco that she’s missed painting. While she’s creating, time flies. He says, doing the portrait reminded him of how fulfilling it is, and he wants that for her. He asks if she’s going to set everything up, and she says, maybe later. She wants to do something else first. He likes that idea, and she takes his hand. The doorbell rings, and he says, don’t even. It rings again, and he suggests they hide; it’s not their problem. She answers the door, and it’s Taggert. She invites him in, and introduces him to Franco. She says, so he’s Trina’s dad, and he says, small world. They’ve both been busy since they last saw one another. He’s sorry he’s late, and guesses he missed the kids.

Cameron tells the driver, they’re not on a date; they’re going out as friends. Trina says she should have hired backup. Cameron is going to be trying to get Josslyn’s attention all night. Cameron says, make a left, but the driver says he knows a better way.

Alexis sees Neil at the hospital, and tells him, careful. He might turn into stone. She asks what he’s up to, and he says he’s in the running for a staff position there. They’re making their final decision after his review. How about her? She says she goes to meetings there. He thanks her again for agreeing to make a statement, and she says she never turns down a trip to the Big Apple. She’ll see an opera, he’ll keep his medical license; it’s a win-win. He says, except for them for the next two years. She says she was trying to be altruistic.

TJ arrives at the MetroCourt. He gives the hostess the ring, and she takes it in the back. He sees Molly at the bar, and says their table is ready. He asks, what’s wrong? and she says, Chelsea emailed her about lunch tomorrow to discuss her wedding. Her bridesmaid total is four gowns she’ll never wear again. It’s a consumerist joke. He says, there’s more to it than that, and she says, like a whole history of patriarchal subjugation. Fathers used to give dowries along with a woman. He says, it’s not like that anymore, but she says, want to bet?

Jordan goes to Pozzulo’s, and asks Sonny if it’s a bad time. He says he’s got to get home, but she says, it won’t take long, and he says, if she insists. Curtis says he’ll stay out there, and Sonny asks what he can do for her. She says she was hoping to ask about a visit from a former associate of hers. He says he was there earlier, shortly before he was attacked.

Elizabeth shows Taggert the pictures, and he says they look happy. Her son is a fine young man. She says, most of the time, but Trina is amazing all of the time. Taggert says, no argument, and Franco says he’s not clear on how they know each other. Elizabeth says she was friends with Taggert’s sister Gia a long time ago. She asks Taggert how Gia is, and he says she figured out what she wanted to do with her life, and got a law degree. She’s now an immigration lawyer in Texas. She asks what he’s doing there, but his phone rings. He says he needs to make a quick call, and goes into the kitchen. It’s a text with Cameron and Trina’s picture, saying, we have your daughter, and if he doesn’t meet them, she dies.

Cameron says the driver missed another turn. What is he doing? The driver says, driving, and Trina tells him, take them to the school now. He says, there’s been a change in plans.

Molly tells TJ, she knows she should respect their decisions, but she can’t watch them throw their lives away for a stupid fairytale. He says, maybe it’s not a stupid fairytale to them, and they want to get married. She says, since they were girls, they’ve been convinced marriage is the be all and end all, and don’t get her started on the ring industry. Why can’t it just be about love? TJ says, maybe it can, but she says, it’s rooted in the man controlling the narrative. Even the proposal. It’s so unfair. He says he’ll be right back.

Taggert tells Elizabeth that he has to leave. Everything is good, and he appreciates her hospitality. He’ll let himself out. When he’s gone, Franco says, weird, and Elizabeth says, hurry. They head upstairs.

Carly asks if anyone else handled Dev’s backpack. Brando asks if he left it when he used the bathroom. Dev doesn’t think so, and Brando asks if he had it the entire day. Dev says, no. He had to leave it in his locker when he went to gym. Brando says, it was planted, and Carly says, they were hoping she and Sonny would find it and get the message. Josslyn asks, what message? Brando says, obviously there’s someone watching everyone in their family, and they’re all within reach.

Jordan tells Sonny that Taggert said someone was tailing him when he left. He led them to an alley, intending on confronting them, when he was met with a second assailant. Any idea who’s responsible? Sonny says, it wasn’t his guys, if that’s what she’s suggesting. She says she’s not suggesting anything. She knows he and Taggert have a complicated history. Sonny says, it’s over now, and asks if Taggert is okay? She says, he was roughed up, but he survived. Jason asks who she thinks it might be, and she says, who does he think? Cyrus might be locked up, but his reach goes far. He has his eyes on Sonny’s place, and everywhere else he and his family frequent. Sonny says he’ll beef up security, and thanks her. He owes her one. She says she’ll remember that. Sonny leaves, and Jason asks if Jordan has a second. He has something to ask her.

Curtis asks Sonny, how’d it go? and Sonny says, it went. Curtis says he sure hopes Sonny gets a handle on the situation before anyone else gets hurt. Sonny leaves, and Curtis’s phone rings. Taggert says he needs Curtis’s help. Trina has been kidnapped; Cyrus’s man took her. Curtis says, hang on. He’ll get Jordan. Taggert says Curtis can’t tell her.

Trina tries the door, but shakes her head. Cameron says, let them out. They’ll find another ride. The driver just keeps going and Cameron says he’s going to file a formal complaint. The driver makes a sharp swerve, and takes out a gun. Trina says, don’t shoot, and he tells them to hand over their phones. Now. They do, and he starts driving again. Trina takes Cameron’s hand and cries quietly.

Alexis says Neil helped Kristina get out of DoD, and helped her out of a number of messes. And he saved her before Kendra rendered her road kill. He’s very good at saving people, and it’s unfair of her to keep him from saving anyone else. Two years will go by like that. He says he used to bury himself in work. Then he met her, and she made him want to pay attention to the world around him. She says he had his dating app, and he says, the dates were awkward, boring, or both. Until he went out with her.

TJ tells the bartender that he’s looking Candace. She’s supposed to deliver a dessert to his table. The bartender says, he’s the ring guy, and says, there she is. Candace is already putting a small cake on the table in front of Molly. The ring is on top, and Candace says, wow. Lucky lady. TJ tells Molly, he can explain.

Carly checks Josslyn’s backpack, but Josslyn says she had it he entire day. Carly says, all clear; nothing out of order. Dev says he’s sorry. He guesses he should have been more careful. Brando says, it’s not his fault, and Carly says he’s right. There’s nothing he could have done. Josslyn says, it’s insane. They just got over the shooting at the pier, and now there’s a bullet in Dev’s backpack. What next? Sonny walks in, and Carly says, thank God he’s there. They got another message. She gives him the bullet.

Elizabeth looks at her new supplies. Her phone dings, and she sees a message from Cameron. Kidnapped. HELP! She says, oh my God.

Curtis tells Taggert, he’s got to get the police involved, but Taggert says, no police, especially not Jordan. They made it clear, if he shows up with law enforcement, they’ll kill Trina and Cameron. Curtis says, they want Taggert dead, and Taggert says, at least he can trade himself for his daughter. He asks Curtis to help him.

Jason says, when Jordan first came to Port Charles, she was with the DEA, right? She says, yeah; why? He says he was just wondering, which I’m so sure she believes. Jason would never ask a question for no reason. She leaves the office, and asks if Curtis is ready to go. Does he want to grab some food? He says he just got a call from a client, and has to go. He jets, and she calls the station. She tells Martinez that she’s headed back, and to make sure the latest reports on the Corinthos shooting are on her desk.

Jason’s phone rings. It’s Elizabeth, who says she needs his help. Cameron has been kidnapped.

TJ tells Molly, the ring belonged to his mom. He thinks it was from an ethical source, but they can have it appraised and verify that. She says it’s beautiful, and he says he knows she has reservations about marriage, but they can make it work. He promises. He’d never ask her to sacrifice her career, or anything else. He wants them to be equals, and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He loves her so much, so will she marry him? She sits there, just staring at the ring, and says she’s sorry. She’s overwhelmed. She loves him too, more than she can put into words. He’s very brave to propose after she went off like that, but she doesn’t want to marry him.

Alexis tells Neil, so they won’t mess with success. The one kiss they had was perfection. Neil says, the closest they’ll ever get to perfection, is when they stop trying to make things perfect. (Good for him. He was able to use that gem twice within an hour.) She asks if that’s a Neil original, and he says, as of a half hour ago. He told TJ the same thing. TJ was getting ready to propose to Molly. Alexis says she ran into Molly, who said they were having a special night. Does Neil think TJ is popping the question? Neil says, it seems so, and she says, maybe they’ll have something to celebrate in New York. He says he won’t be celebrating anything if he’s not still practicing. She says she doesn’t want to be late to her meeting. He says, take care, and she says, him too.

Brando tells Sonny, he thinks the bullet was planted while Dev was in gym class. Carly says, that means they got into the school; this has to stop. Josslyn says, maybe it’s a good thing Dev is leaving, but Brando isn’t so sure that’s a good idea. They know what everyone is doing. What’s to stop them from getting into the boarding school? Sonny says Brando has a point. It’s best stay to close where he knows he can protect them. He puts the bullet on the table.

Jason tells Elizabeth, they’ll figure it out. The best thing to do is stay calm. Elizabeth says Cameron was going to a dance with Trina, and sent her a picture of the driver and the license plate number. She sends it to Jason, and says maybe he can use it to find them. Jason looks stunned, and says, he knows this guy.

Taggert goes to the meeting place, and opens the door. The place is empty, and no one is there. He calls out that he’s there. He followed their orders. Where is his daughter? The driver/Cyrus’s guy comes out, and says, take it easy. Taggert says, bring her to him, and the guy says, the way he sees it, Taggert is in no position to make demands. Taggert says, if he doesn’t see his daughter right now, their plan will go up in smoke. The guy calls for Trina and Cameron to be brought in. Two men with guns bring them out, and practically shove Cameron down the stairs.

Curtis lurks outside with a gun.

Tomorrow, TJ asks Molly if she’s saying no, Willow thinks she knows the best thing for Wiley, and Jason tells Elizabeth not to call the cops.

Project Runway

Two designers were going to be ousted tonight, leaving four to go home and prepare collections for New York Fashion Week. The two-day challenge was avant-garde – ahead of the pack – what Brandon described as something that challenges your feelings, and goes beyond the norm. The destination for the runway would be The Vessel in Hudson Yards, a venue where no one had shown before. Geoffrey said it was his favorite building in NYC, and while I think it’s cool, we radically disagree on our style of favorite. Since she was the winner last week, Nancy got first pick of models, and then chose who would go next. It continued that way, until Victoria was the last designer, like being the last one waiting to be chosen for the team. In her interview, she said maybe the others were afraid of her, but I thought it was more that she was unfriendly, self-absorbed, and rude. The contestants were told to show why they deserve a collection for Fashion Week, and Brandon told them, go big or go home. In his interview, Marquis said he’d done a lot of ballroom work, which calls for avant-garde. In Brittany’s interview, she said she was nervous about the challenge, but Sergio was already thinking ahead to female samurai warriors, and how he wanted to show that while women were viewed as weaker, they can still do what men can do.

It was the designers’ final shopping trip to Mood, where Christian begged them not to use satin, or he would cut them. They got a whopping 60 minutes, and $600 to shop. Nancy thought the challenge was going to take everything she had, but Geoffrey said avant-garde was his thing. He was going for ceremonial and regal, and if he didn’t nail it, his client base would be blown. No surprise, he headed for the satin, but Christian intervened, telling Geoffrey how much his satin was hated by the judges the previous week. He decided to use latex, a skill set he hadn’t shown yet. In his interview, he explained he had a latex company, and he still does custom latex. He could make it do stuff no one else could. After buying a ton of horsehair fabric, Nancy puzzled over what she was actually going to make. Geoffrey said Nancy liked to do things on the fly, but he didn’t think that was a good idea for this challenge. Marquis rose to the occasion, deciding to make pants out of chains, but Brittany was freaked out by there being no rules.

In Sergio’s interview, he said he thought he set the bar high for the other designers, and his most difficult competition was himself. Modest too! Nancy FaceTimed with her husband, who she’d met on a golf dating site. She’d been his one and only date, but he hadn’t been hers. Christian interrupted the designers with a surprise, which caused everyone to panic, but he said it was a good surprise. He told the designers to follow him, and took them to a room that housed all the pieces they’d made throughout the season. Seeing everything she’d done, Brittany felt accomplished. In Marquise’s interview, he said his brother had been shot, and it was one of the reasons why he’d moved to NYC. His brother had given him $200, and told him to stay focused and make his dreams happen, because time is limited. He didn’t want Marquise to lose sight of why he was there. Christian said they were to show their unique point-of-view by choosing two past looks. They’d be creating a retrospective that proved who they were as a designer, and also showing what their collection would be like. They would also get a seamstress to tailor the garments to the models. Nancy said it was going to be one magical moment.

Approaching Brittany’s humongous, poufy pink jacket, Christian said he was afraid the judges would think it looked like a pink straightjacket. In Sergio’s interview, he said he wore his confidence like armor, and was voted most likely to succeed in high school. He told us, understanding you can do anything you set your mind to is empowering. Christian introduced the designers to Justine, a stylist from Tresemme (brand placement!), telling them that hair design was a crucial part of the avant-garde look. They’d be collaborating with her on hairstyle. In Nancy’s interview, she said it was all about the details, and she was taking every suggestion. Christian announced the show would be at dawn, and the contestants had to be back at work at 3 am.

Geoffrey pricked his finger, getting blood on his fabric. Since he’d gotten black from an iron on last week’s dress, I wondered if he’d been stain jinxed. He said blood wasn’t avant-garde, and immediately ran for the sink. Sergio suggested licking it, as saliva removes blood (good to know), but luckily it came out with water. Nancy was having trouble believing it wasn’t all a dream, while I pondered why there were geese wandering around outside the design studio.

At the Vessel, afraid of heights, Brandon refused to go one the admittedly scary glass elevator, and opted for the stairs, but freaked out a few flights up, and just stayed there. Rachel Brosnahan (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) was introduced as guest judge. When the judges were assembled, the models came up in the elevator, and walked down. I doffed my cap to every single one of them, going down those stairs in gigantic confections and high heels, without death-gripping the banister. Elaine said the designers had done a great job curating their collections, as everything was cohesive. Much of it was indescribable, but Elaine said it best when she described Nancy’s dress as a piece of walking art. She said Sergio was pushing the classic modern aesthetic, and always his own biggest fan, he said in his interview, he felt like he always did that more than the others. Victoria said she was trying to take pictures with her eyes of a once in a lifetime moment. The model trios stopped on various landings to display the collections, then came together to form a circle, so everything could be seen together. After that, it was back to the regular runway.

Brittany got kudos for the pink color of her jacket, which she thought represented her, but Karlie said although she was close, Brittany fell short. Brandon liked the coat, which was covered in plastic and fabric butterflies, but Nina thought the plastic took away from the upscale look. Elaine said Nancy’s garment was like looking at a sculptural piece, and Karlie called it wearable art. Nina said she was a fan, but also a truth teller. Because of Nancy’s black/bronze color combo, she felt like it was a black cloud, and said Nancy had missed the opportunity to use color. She thought Marquise’s outfit was over-complicated (although everyone loved the chain pants), and Brandon said that was a common mistake. He said Geoffrey’s piece – a jacket/shorts ensemble with a train – was other-worldly and sexy. Elaine added that usually latex was skin tight, and the fluidity was poetic. Brandon said Geoffrey’s creation matched the location the best, but it was very Land Before Time, whatever that means. Sergio explained how female samurai fought in wars alongside the males, and his design was an avant-garde version of who he is as a designer; it was theatrical. Elaine said the image of his model going up in the elevator was haunting, Nina said both Alexander McQueen and John Galliano had similar designs, and no surprise, Sergio pleaded ignorance, as he’d done before when called out on the backward tux. Victoria was praised for her use of color – champagne – and Karlie said she could tell Victoria’s model felt regal. However, Elaine was a bit taken aback by a huge earring thing going on, and said it overcomplicated the outfit. After the designers went backstage, Victoria said the judges had been tough on them.

Elaine said there wasn’t a single loser. Every designer left was talented. Nina said Geoffrey’s engineering blew her away, and while some designers fall, he’d gained momentum throughout the season. Elaine said, he takes his designs to another planet. Brandon said Victoria had brought out unexpected romanticism, but Elaine said Victoria’s design didn’t knock her dead. Brandon said he was surprised, since she’d been excited by a latex panty. Elaine said Nancy’s design was true avant-garde, and a show piece. Nina was impressed by so much passion. Elaine thought Brittany’s jacket was elegant and cool, and she wanted to buy it. Karlie said the jacket looked avant-garde, but up close was a full-on Monet. Nina said Brittany had the right fabric, but couldn’t carry it to the end. Karlie said Marquise had raw talent, but needed mentorship. Nina thought his silver effort looked like the Tin Man. She said Sergio’s problem was referencing the work of other designers, but Elaine said, considering the time constraints, Sergio was a cut above.

The designers were brought back out for the final critique, and Karlie said they were all deserving, but only four could go through to the finale. Geoffrey was the first one in. Brandon said he showed up and he showed out. Nina told him to think streamlined and  sophisticated. Brandon told him, it was okay to be nervous (he is kind of a nervous guy in general), as long as it’s translated into confidence with his fashion. Victoria was the next one in (sigh), and Karlie told her to not just think of one woman while she was designing, but think of all the women who would want to wear her designs. NANCY was next, and the clouds parted to reveal angels singing. Nina said Nancy represented a second shot at living your biggest dream, and I swear, I got tears in my eyes. Elaine told her, no more oversized, ill-fitting garments, and she looked like she was going to cry. Karlie said she wished all of them could be in, but Brittany was out. Brandon said she was a great designer, and her strength was in the way she carried herself. It was a joy to be let into her talent. Brittany said she appreciated being there, and in her interview, said she didn’t think she’d be going home. It wasn’t that she didn’t think the others didn’t deserve it, but she thought she deserved it more. Sergio was in, and Elaine said it pained her to tell Marquise that he was out. He blossomed there, and should be proud. He thanked them, and said it had been a blessing. In his interview, he said, being self-taught, he was at a phenomenal standpoint, being able to show what he could do. He and Brittany commiserated, while Nina told Sergio not to hide behind excuses and other people’s work. She told everyone to go home, and in five months, create a ten-piece collection for Fashion Week (for which they get a $10K budget).

Christian said Marquise had amazing moments, and he’s going to do amazing things, because amazing is Christian’s favorite word. He said he was ready for it all in menswear from Marquise. He told Brittany that she’d also be amazing, and he was proud of them. In Marquise’s interview, he said he was thisclose. It was a bummer, but he was going to continue to grow, move on to harder things, and put his all into designing. In Brittany’s interview, she said she was allowed to come into her own, and was reassured that she’s on the right path, and doing the right thing. She’ll make it to Fashion Week eventually, but it might be a longer road. Christian poured champagne for the finalists.

Next stop, New York Fashion Week. And as Brandon said, let the games begin.

🍸  On Sunday, March 1st, Bravo will be having a Vanderpump Rules Leap Day Marathon. It starts at 10 am if you’re up for it.

👠 So I Was Thinking…

Not that any of my exes would be dating Lady Gaga, but if they were, I’d ask for an introduction. Way to use it to justify overspending though.


🐝 You Say Honeycomb, I Say Beehive…

The Vessel.

🏃🏿‍♀️ Go Ahead and Leap…

It’s the year for it.

February 13, 2020 – Finn Packs His Bags, Leslie Judges the Runway, Million Dollar Baby & Creepy Love


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason tells Sam, they’re going to get through this. Sam says she knows, and loves him so much. He says he loves her more. They kiss, their theme music plays, and I feel drowsy already. He tells her to leave first; he’ll come in a couple of minutes, to be safe. Sam takes a breath, and peeks through the blinds. She turns back to Jason, mouths I love you, and goes out. Delores comes down the hallway, and says she’s glad she bumped into Sam. They have a problem. Sam says, which is? and Delores asks why she’s at the hospital. She tells Sam, be careful with her reply. Full disclosure is important in establishing her trust.

Anna says, Finn told them, didn’t he? How could he? Does he have any idea what he’s done? Who the hell does he think he is? He says he cares about her, and made a conscious decision to tell them because he cares. She says she gave him the information because she trusts and loves him, and he betrayed her. He says he did for her because he loves her.

Lulu sees Dustin at the MetroCourt, and asks if she forget they had a date. Dustin says, they don’t. His date is with someone else.

Jax ponders his kiss with Nina. He looks at his phone.

Nina tells Ava, it was one little kiss, and asks Ava to promise not to tell anyone. Ava asks if she should cross her heart, and Nina says, she’s serious. It didn’t mean anything, but Valentin will think something else. Ava asks why Nina cares what Valentin thinks. Valentin walks in, and says he’s glad he found Nina. There’s something he needs to talk to her about.

Chase comes home to find Willow dressed up. She says, ta-da! And he says she’s beautiful. She says he’s not so bad himself. She moves toward him, but he says he’s toxic, and doesn’t want to contaminate her. He questioned a suspect for nine hours before he got a confession. It was so hot in there, he was ready to confess. He can’t let her near him until he takes a shower. She says she’ll risk it, and kisses him.

Walking into the MetroCourt with Brad, Maxie says, he remembers Ellie Trout, right? She was supposed to head the lab until she had the title ripped out from under her by Brad’s underhanded dealings. She had a great job in Portland, but found an even more fabulous job as lab manager at Queen’s Point. She and Spinelli are moving back, so all’s well that ends well. He says, tell Ellie congratulations, and she says she’ll do that, and says, have a wonderful night.

Brad sits with Nelle, who says she hopes he doesn’t mind that she ordered wine. She asks, what’s the occasion? and he says he wanted to share his news with her. As soon as Lucas is well enough, they’re moving away. She says, what about Wiley? and he says, they’re taking him of course (🍷), but she says, no. That’s not happening.

Chase toasts to staying in, his favorite kind of date. Willow says, he’s been working non-stop; he must be exhausted. He says, what’s exhausting is working this hard and not getting anywhere. But he’s given it sixteen hours today, and that’s more than enough. He wants to talk about literally anything else. Something happy. She says she’s got happy news. Lucas asked her to come back as Wiley’s nanny.

Brad tells Nelle, the doctors expect a full recovery. Lucas’s family is smothering, and the best thing for their family is to move away from Port Charles. A fresh start. She asks where they’re planning on going, and he says he heard about a job opening in Portland.

Lulu asks Dustin why he’s meeting Jax, and he says Jax asked to see him. He thought he’d fortify himself first. She says he doesn’t have to; he’s a hero. She can stay and wait, and they can have a date when he’s done. He says there’s nothing he’d like more. He leaves, and Lulu sees Maxie sitting with Peter. She goes over to their table, and Maxie asks how Laura is doing. Lulu says she’s making an amazing recovery, and Maxie says she saw hot Dustin leaving. Tell her everything. Peter wonders if he should be in on this conversation, and Lulu tells him, if he wants her to write about Dustin’s heroics during the shooting on the pier, she can’t be impartial. She sits down, and says they just took a big step in their relationship.

Jax looks at Nina’s number on his phone, when Dustin appears. Dustin asks if he’s too early, but Jax says, come in. Dustin assumes this is about Josslyn, and Jax thanks him again. Josslyn could have been seriously injured, or worse. Dustin says he did what anyone would have, and Jax says he’s profoundly grateful. He hands Dustin a check.

Nina says she wishes Valentin hadn’t come back there, and Ava asks if he’s stalking Nina. He says he got the test results back. It turns out the codicil is right; he’s not a Cassadine. Ava says, her husband will be pleased, even though he had no doubts. Nina asks Ava to give them some privacy, and Ava says if it’s what she really wants. She tells Nina, give her a shout if she’s needed. She goes in the back, and Nina says she knows Valentin wasn’t expecting this. He says he doesn’t know who he is anymore.

Finn says he loves Anna, and from time to time, feels the need to protect her. She says she doesn’t need protection, but he says she’s blind to Peter. He’s a murderer. She says, he stopped an assassin from killing Andre, and he says, maybe, but the assassin was also on Peter’s payroll. She says he doesn’t know that for sure, but he says she’s lying to herself. Peter kept Jason prisoner for years. Based on that alone, she should know the truth. She says he just gave Jason the ammunition to kill Peter, but Finn says, Jason gave his word that he’d hand the case over to the Feds. Something she should have done.

Delores says she went by Sam’s house for a surprise check. Sam says she had no right, but Delores says she has every right. She was told Sam was at the hospital, but they didn’t know why. She says someone was watching her kids, she’s sick, and didn’t want to alarm them. Delores says Sam looks healthy, and Sam says, Delores became a medical expert when? Delores says Sam came out of the examining room just now, so the doctor must still be in there. She’ll see if Sam’s story check out. Jason listens at the door.

Nina tells Valentin that she’s sorry. He says he always knew who he was with her. He’s the man who loves her; it’s all he has left. She says, he’s Charlotte’s father; that’s all Charlotte ever wanted. He says, Nikolas has his victory, and Jax too. She says he never gives up. He should take this and turn it to his advantage. He’s free from the Cassadines. His life is his own. He says that’s kind of her, and asks if that’s all they have left. She asks what else he wants from her; they’re over. He says Ava can come out, and leaves. Ava asks Nina if Valentin overheard them talking about Jax, but Nina’s not sure. Ava says Nina didn’t tell him. Why not?

Dustin tells Jax that he can’t accept the check, but Jax tells him to see who it’s made out to. Dustin reads, the Port Charles Educational Fund, and Jax says, so the teachers don’t have to use their own money to buy supplies. Dustin supposes he should stop assuming before he reads the document; something he teaches his students. Jax says he would also like to know how Josslyn is actually doing. Outside the door, Josslyn listens in.

Sam tells Delores, she’s read her parole restrictions. Nowhere in them does it say Delores can check up on her doctor’s appointments. Delores says the conditions provide that she can check up on Sam at home or anywhere else. Epiphany walks up to them, and asks if she can help Delores. Delores should be afraid. Very afraid. Even Jason is afraid of Epiphany.

Anna says Finn can’t be so naïve that he thinks Jason will back off and let the authorities handle it. Finn says, Jason went straight to Robert, and she says, who was also told to back off. What does he think Jason is going to do, now that Peter won’t be investigated? He says, which she prevented, and she says, he’ll take a flimsy link and run with it. It’s circumstantial at best. Finn says Peter and David Black worked at Faison’s company for years; it’s not circumstantial. She says he has no idea if their paths crossed. They don’t know if Peter and David met or worked with each other. He asks, if she’s so sure why didn’t she get rid of the evidence. He finds it on her desk, and suggests they get rid of all her fears. Does she want him to do it for her? He holds the papers over the flame in the fireplace, but she says nothing. He says she can’t do that, because she knows in the deepest part of her heart, Peter is guilty.

Willow tells Chase, with everything going on, Lucas thinks it’s too much for Brad to handle, and asked her to help. Chase asks if she’s sure she wants to get involved. Brad is super stressed, and not handling it well. He might take it out on her. She says she can handle it. She knows they love Wiley, but sometimes Wiley takes second place, especially with everything going on. He says she’s being super loving and generous, and she knows he’ll support her 100%. She says, it sounds like he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, and he says he thinks it is for Wiley. He’s not sure about her.

Nelle says Brad wouldn’t move because he thinks Lucas’s family is smothering. Where is this coming from? Brad says, Lucas is at Turning Woods, and hired Willow back as nanny. Nelle says, so he wants to move across the county to avoid Willow. It seems extreme. He says, Lucas might remember, and she says, remember what? He has nothing to remember, does he? Brad says, before the accident, he told Lucas truth about Wiley.

Maxie tells Lulu, she and Dustin have taken an enormous step, staying home and watching a movie. It’s shocking. Peter says, barely, and Lulu says, they’re funny, but when she and Dustin go out, something always happens. They need normal time. Peter says he wouldn’t mind having normal time. Lulu says she’ll give them some privacy, but Maxie says, he’s talking about Spinelli. Peter says, he’s moving back permanently, and Lulu says, that’s great. Isn’t it?  

Delores asks Epiphany who she is, and Epiphany introduces herself as head nurse. Delores says she’s Sam’s parole officer, and Epiphany asks what her business is there. Delores says she’s checking up on Sam, and Epiphany says she appreciates a fellow professional doing a thorough job. But she doesn’t appreciate anyone interfering with proper medical care, She was with Sam when the doctor examined her, and there are strict privacy protections in place – as Delores knows. Is there anything else she can help Delores with? Delores says, no thank you, and tells Sam she’ll be seeing her again soon, and leaves.

Anna says she believes Finn proved nothing. He wonders, if it’s nothing, why she didn’t leave it in the file? The Feds will find the link, and track Peter’s movements afterwards. She says, it’s not a smoking gun, and he says she broke the law by withholding evidence. That’s all the evidence he needs to prove Peter is guilty. Despite the evidence to the contrary, she believes Peter. She says, no one else will give him the benefit of the doubt. Not even Finn, the man she loves.

In his hotel room, Valentin toasts to himself – Valentin Mikkosovich Cassadine, prince of nothing.

Ava tells Nina, she didn’t like the look on Valentin’s face; too cold and calculating. Either he overheard something, or Nina gave it away. Nina says Valentin has been jealous of Jax ever since she stayed at Jax’s beach house. Ava says she can’t believe Nina left Valentin at the altar, and ran off with Jax. Nina says, it wasn’t intentional. Jax was outside the church. Ava doesn’t think Valentin sees it that way. He needed to confirm Nina has moved on, and now he has all the confirmation he needs. If Nina didn’t tell him, he figured it out by looking at her. She wonders what Valentin’s next move will be, and Nina says, he’s going to kill Jax.

Valentin opens a safe in his hotel room, and takes out a gun. He puts it in his waistband, and leaves.

Dustin says Josslyn has been more quiet than usual, but it’s understandable given what she’s been through. Jax said he heard Dustin encouraged her to keep a journal. Dustin says, it wasn’t an assignment, but he suggested it. Jax says, it’s been working, and Dustin hopes she’s writing about the shooting. Jax says Dustin seems to know how to handle Josslyn. She respects him, and talks about him all the time. He’d like Dustin to keep an eye on her for him. Outside the door, Josslyn has been listening, and Valentin strides past her and into the office. Josslyn says, wait, but he keeps moving. Jax asks what he wants, and Valentin says, just this. He shoots Jax, and Josslyn yells, no!

Jax looks down, and sees he’s bleeding. He slumps to the floor, and Josslyn runs to him, saying, dad, no! Dustin calls for the paramedics. Nina arrives, and asks what Valentin did. She runs to Jax, and asks if he can hear her. She tells Valentin that he’ll never see her or Charlotte again. They’re going to hate him for the rest of their lives.

Back in the real world, Jax asks Valentin what he wants. Valentin says he got his DNA results back. He’s not a Cassadine after all. Congratulations. He walks out, and Josslyn steps in, saying, wow. That was weird. Jax says, and not unexpected. They were just talking about her. Why is she here?

Nina tells Ava, she’s wrong. Valentin wouldn’t kill Jax. Ava asks, why not? Valentin tried to kill her, and he thought he had killed Nikolas. Nina says, Valentin can’t expect to get away with being charged for murder. Lulu will get full custody of Charlotte. Ava says, true; good point. She knows Valentin always puts his own best interests first, which in this case, is good news. That leaves Nina free to pursue a relationship with Jax.

Finn says Anna is choosing to believe Peter, but don’t lose sight of the fact Peter is a killer. He could be responsible for Andre being stabbed and Drew’s plane going down. She says, Peter wants to be a good man. He wants to step out of his father’s shadow, and overcome the circumstances of his upbringing. He says, which she feels responsible for, even though Alex could be his mother. She says she feesl like his mother, and the way Finn wants to protect Violet, she wants to protect Peter. She has faith that he can make the world a better place for Maxie, and be the father James needs. She cries, and says she’s never going to let Peter’s fate be put in someone else’s hands. She’s been given a second chance. Can’t he see that? And she’s going to take that chance. He says he sees it, and walks upstairs.

Sam thanks Epiphany, who suggests they finish their conversation in the examining room. Epiphany tries the door, but it’s locked. She says, Mr. Morgan, if there’s a broken lock, there will be hell to pay. It opens, and Epiphany tells Jason, you’re welcome.

On the phone, Valentin tells Charlotte that he misses her too. Did she go riding? He hopes he can come riding with her soon, but he’s a little busy right now. He says, no trouble. Nothing daddy can’t fix. He tells her, sweet dreams, and says he loves her. He hangs up, and closes his eyes.

Nina tells Ava, it was one little kiss, and Jax was clear that it wasn’t a good idea to move forward. There’s nothing to pursue. Ava asks, who is she? Since when has she let any man make a decision for her? She tells Nina, live a little; she’s earned it. Nina says, even if Jax reconsidered – and that’s a big if – Valentin has lost everything. It’s no time to prove she’s moved on with anyone. She assumes Ava votes for Jax, and Ava says Jax isn’t her cup of tea, but she doesn’t see anyone else waiting in the wings.

Dustin thanks Jax, saying his contribution is extremely generous. He leaves, and Jax says Josslyn knew they were meeting. Was she spying on them? Josslyn says she wanted to make sure he didn’t say anything embarrassing. He wonders if asking how she’s doing is embarrassing, and she says she’s fine. She doesn’t want any special attention. He asks if she’d rather he didn’t care what goes on in her life, and she says, no, but asks him to promise not to overdo it. He asks if he was, and she says, no, and hugs him. She thanks him, and he says, anytime.

Peter tells Lulu, Maxie loves Spinelli. Nothing is going to change that. Maxie says she hates that Spinelli keeps asking the same questions. He keeps trying to catch Peter in a lie, but she doubts there’s anything she can do about it. Peter says Spinelli has a right to question his past. Maxie says Peter doesn’t deserve it. He says he can handle anyone who doubts it.

Finn and Violet come downstairs, dressed to go outside. Finn is carrying a suitcase, and Violet tells Anna that her daddy says they’re going on an adventure. Finn suggests Violet check to see if stuffed pig Bella is hiding in the kitchen. Violet runs off, and Finn tells Anna, she said she wouldn’t leave without Bella. She says she thought he said he understood, and he says he does. But he hopes she understands that he needs to protect his daughter. She asks if they’re coming back, but he doesn’t know. They can’t be there right now. Violet comes back with Bella, and says she wishes Anna could come. Anna says she does too, but she and her daddy will have a wonderful adventure. She’ll miss the both of them. Violet says she’ll miss Anna too, and Finn says, let’s go. He walks out with Violet, barely glancing back. When they’re gone, Anna cries.

Chase tells Willow, legally, Wiley is Brad and Lucas’s son, but that’s not what’s in her heart. She says she loves her own son, and he says, how could she not? But he’s afraid the more time she spends caring for Wiley, the harder it will be to maintain legal boundaries. She says she asked herself the same question, and he’s right. Signing the adoption papers didn’t change what’s in her heart. She loves Wiley, and wants what’s best for him, and right now, he needs help. She’ll take care of Wiley as long as she’s needed. Then she’ll stop. He asks if she’s sure she can do that.

Nelle says, Brad told Lucas the truth about Wiley? How big an idiot is he? Does he want to lose Wiley? Brad says he was losing his mind keeping the secret. He couldn’t think straight. Nelle asks if Lucas has no memory of it, and Brad said he started to, but can’t get ahold of it. Nelle says, he thinks if he stays in Port Charles, Lucas will see her and Michael around and it will come back? He says, like a ton of bricks. She gave Wiley to them so Michael would never get his hands on Wiley. Nelle says, Lucas can remember just as easily in Portland. What is he going to do to make sure doesn’t happen?

Dustin meets Lulu, and she says he survived his meeting with Jax. He says, it went well. Josslyn stops by, and says she’s sorry she interrupted, and thanks him for being great with her dad. She apologizes for the weirdness. Dustin tells Lulu, Valentin walked in, and announced he’s not a Cassadine.

Maxie tells Peter, she knows Spinelli is a bit much. When he gets to know Peter, he’ll see there’s nothing to worry about. He says, all that matters is she knows. Finn and Violet come in, and Peter asks if Violet is ready for another game of Captain Marvel. She says she is, and tells him, daddy said they’re going on an adventure. Maxie says, cool, and asks, what kind? Finn says they’re staying there for tonight. Violet wanted to get a sundae before they head out. Finn and Violet move on, and Maxie wonders if Finn and Anna broke up. She asks what Peter thinks that was about.

Anna looks at the papers she withheld, and cries some more.

Sam thanks Epiphany, and Epiphany says, nobody backs her people into a corner. Not on her turf. Jason thanks her, and she says she’s happy to help – to a point. Rules are rules, no matter how unfair they are. Sam is a mother out on parole, and her first duty is to her children. Don’t do anything to get separated from them. She tells Jason that he needs to help Sam. If she suggests they meet somewhere they could get caught, don’t show up. Next time, she might not be there to save them. She leaves, and Jason says, she’s right. Sam says she hates this. She can’t accept this is their life for the next two years. She’s going to try and win Delores over; convince her that Jason isn’t a threat. Jason says, okay, but what if it doesn’t work? Sam says, then she’ll find a way to silence Delores.

Willow tells Chase, when the time comes, she’ll step back, reset, and reestablish boundaries. She has faith she can do this. He says he has faith in her. There’s nothing she can’t do once she sets her mind to it. She asks if she’s told him how incredible she thinks he is. He says, not enough, and she kisses him. She asks if that helped, and he kisses her, and says, it’s getting there.

Brad tells Nelle, maybe Lucas will remember; maybe he won’t. But it’s better than staying. She asks if he wants her blessing, and he tells her, do what she wants. He has arrangements to make. He leaves, and Nelle makes a call.

Valentin’s phone rings, but he’s busy drinking. He sits down with a wooden box, and looks at his tattoo of the Cassadine crest.

Nelle leaves a message for Valentin, saying she spoke to Martin. She’s ready to sell her ELQ shares. She needs to make a deal now, because she has travel plans to make.

Nina throws a folder on Jax’s desk, and says, it’s all his fault.

Valentin opens the box, and takes out the ring matching his tattoo. He says he never had use for this thing. He never even bothered to put it on. It was never his to begin with. He looks up to find someone standing there, and says, tell me how you did it, Helena.

Tomorrow, Brad tells Lucas that he can’t believe they’re doing this, Nelle tells Willow and Chase that Brad and Lucas are moving, and Valentin asks Helena how she pulled it off. Because Helena will never really die as long as Constance Towers lives.

👗 On Project Runway, Brittany was relieved she’d been brought back, the Siriano Save giving her redemption. This week’s challenge showcased tie-dye, which I love. Nancy said she’d grown up in the 60s, during the hippie revolution, but this concept was about erasing old ideas. The designers were to take tie-dye from dated and casual, to fresh and fashionable. Nina said tie-dye was having a moment, and was wearing a gorgeous Prada tie-dyed dress. She told them to elevate tie-dye to a runway chic look. They would be doing the dying themselves, after taking a master class taught by professionals from Metro Dying. The challenge was one day – and night. They’d be having a sleepover. Delvin said he wasn’t sleeping in the workroom, after which we saw clips of him sleeping just about everywhere. Since Marquise was last week’s winner, he got first choice of model. There was also no more immunity. While I love tie-dyed garments, I’m only crafty in my mind, so it was impressive watching masters of the craft creating five different kinds of patterns. In his interview, Geoffrey said he was ready to die. He thought tie-dye was for pot smoking in the park with friends. I wondered what he was smoking. Brittany noticed she was the only one taking notes. In her interview, she joked about sabotage, but said other designers had helped her along the way, so she’d return the favor when the time came. The ever-humble Victoria said she was a professional already. Sergio did have some previous knowledge, saying cotton would look dull and dated, and satin takes the dye better. While the other designers practiced the technique, Nancy used the time to pin her garment, as she’d done tie-dye before.

Right away, Delvin and Geoffrey started asking Brittany questions, She said she was more than willing to help, but they should have taken notes. Victoria wanted to focus on showing the judges something different, and change her strategy. The designers got $175 and 30 minutes at Mood, to get supplemental fabrics and notions. I love notions. They were told to make sure tie dye was the focus. A Boston bull named Swatch was hanging out in the store. Now I’m really going to have to check this place out.

Sergio patted himself on the back for taking on difficult topics. He had a video chat with his partner, who said they’d change the world. Christian said the workroom looked like a laboratory of color. Nancy said she’d had experience with tie-dye when she was in fashion school. She worked with refugee women, teaching them to make scarves and ice dye them (a variation on tie-dyeing). She was scaring Christian, who was concerned about how much time she was going to have.

Christian said they needed to erase the old idea of tie-dyeing, and make it fresh and exciting. Geoffrey said there was a lot of military inspiration in his fashion, having grown up a military brat. Christian suggested Geoffrey’s pattern could be the new camo. Brittany felt a lot of pressure, and Geoffrey thought Delvin was playing it safe by doing something the judges had seen before. He never wanted to make the same thing twice during the competition.

There was a midnight model fitting, and Geoffrey said everyone’s stuff was a mess, and the workroom was a disaster. Delvin realized the dye didn’t take on his cotton twill, and it looked faded. Christian announced that Leslie Jones was  going to be guest judge. She cracks me up, especially on Twitter. Brittany said she was surprised that Delvin and Victoria used cotton, since it needs to sit for hours; time they didn’t have. Delvin asked what would happen if it wasn’t rinsed, and Brittany told him, the colors would bleed. Then it was onesie time, which only Brittany, Delvin, and Marquise participated in. Delvin said, not everyone was up for fun. Marquise enhanced his onesie with a ruffled collar. Nancy said she was going to do pastels, but had learned to go with her gut, and went with a green/yellow color combo. Delvin, who was surprisingly full of good humor, decided to start over rather than use the faded colors. Geoffrey said it was the worst challenge of all of them for him. He asked Brittany what hers was, and she just looked at him.

Victoria got a nasty surprise when she found that her pleating technique had disappeared, and the fabric was all green. Sergio gave her extra fabric, and in his interview, said he thought Victoria would be in the final four, but she’d been struggling with the last few challenges. In Victoria’s interview, she said the most she was worried about was everything. Geoffrey’s green came out black, and he freaked out. Nancy thought it still had potential, but he didn’t want to listen. Pizza arrived at around 5 am, and in her interview, Nancy said they were all feeling a sense of fun, because they were all feeling the pain together. It was a night to remember. Geoffrey said he’d had a meltdown, but the fabric just needed to be dried. The black had lightened to a dark OD green, with ochre sunbursts. At this point, he was being fueled by Red Bull. Victoria’s second try was fabulous, and I was disappointed. Sorry. I just don’t like her. On the other hand, I was starting to like Delvin, who was the most fun he’s ever been. In Nancy’s interview, at 6 am, she said she was starting to question why she didn’t start earlier.

Geoffrey said, seeing the sun come up was tiring, especially when he knew there was a long runway ahead. Christian came in wearing a very cool T-shirt, tie-dyed in an American flag pattern. Another one of my favorites, flag shirts. He revealed this would also be a flash sale challenge, since tie-dye was meant for the people. Sergio said he was presenting no political message this time; the judges would have to go by the outfit. Which is what I thought was the idea, and pretty much what they told him. Christian felt Delvin’s dress needed something more, and told him, it was good to be clean, but not boring. Delvin agreed it was too simple. Nancy and Christian bantered, and in her interview, Nancy said her father had same sarcasm Christian does. She wondered if her father had been preparing her for this moment her entire life, so she could deal with Christian. Nancy went with a two-piece pant ensemble that was very cute. While some were clearly better, I thought everyone’s designs were excellent.

When Nancy’s outfit came out first, Leslie was liking the flowing pants, calling them capezio. Elaine corrected her with palazzo. Leslie gave a shout out to Sergio’s sleeveless number, saying it deserved to be twirled. I’m not sure what Victoria was thinking with a tie-dyed, puffy sleeved top and a shorts-over-pants combo, splattered in spots. Victoria thought it looked like she worked drunk, and I wondered if Little Edie Beale helped her. Delvin was worried his dress wasn’t enough, and it wasn’t. Brittany thought she’d done well with her comeback look, and was happy with her redemption garment. Anything would have been better than those shorts last week. When Geoffrey’s gown came down the runway, Leslie told the model, take it off; it’s hers. She kept making the models laugh, and when the runway was finished, she said she loved tie-dye, but a couple of ties died. Whatever that means.

Brittany and Marquise, both with cute dresses, were safe, and they were thrilled with that. Nina said Sergio’s look was stately and elevated, Brandon called it chic, and Leslie said it looked as though the fabric Sergio had created was something he’d purchased; it was that professional. She thought Geoffrey’s gown – with a plunging neckline, hip high slit, and orange accents – was a tall glass of sexy Pam Grier. Karlie thought it was a refined silhouette, and looked effortless. They moved on to Nancy, who said she was a child of the 60s, and the judges deemed it updated, chic, and elevated. Backstage, Brittany marveled that, this morning, she didn’t even have top. Nina said her tie-dye technique was impressive; balanced and controlled. She reinvented her pant to make the movement romantic and poetic. When the focus went to Victoria, she immediately said she wasn’t crazy about tie-dye, but that wasn’t an excuse. Brandon said it looked like denim diaper shorts over pants, and Nina called it a mess. Brandon said he understood where she was going, but she didn’t succeed. At least she took the risk. I thought, so did Elaine, noticing she was wearing what looked like a faux llama rug, either as a long skirt or pants. Leslie thought Delvin’s colors made the dress look like a cheap church dress, and Karlie said it was everything she didn’t want to see. Delvin said it started as a coat dress, and Elaine said it was dated, and it wasn’t the first time that was in one of their critiques. Nina said it was a mess, and when in doubt, turn up the dial. Brandon said both Delvin and Victoria tripped up.

While the designers waited backstage, the top three – Sergio, Geoffrey, and Nancy – were discussed. They agreed Nancy’s creation was beautiful, and her tie-dye technique was flawless, but it wasn’t anything they hadn’t seen before. Everyone marveled at how the skirt on Sergio’s dress looked like a lemon wedge when the model pulled it out. Nina thought Geoffrey’s gown had versatility; everyone could wear it. Moving on to the bottom two – Delvin and Victoria – Brandon said Delvin wanted to prove he was a great craftsman, and got hung up on that, forgetting what he was supposed to show them. Leslie said the buttons on the front of his dress belonged on a cartoon dog inspector’s coat. Nina said it was too safe. Nina said Victoria’s outfit was a hot mess. It was like a lava lamp exploded. Elaine said she wrote one word – why?  Leslie thought Victoria must have decided the jeans alone weren’t enough, and panicked. It was time for them to decide who the final four would be, who would do collections. I prayed Victoria would go home, but needless to say, I was thrilled my underdog Nancy was in the final four.

The judges told the top three that they proved tie-dye could be taken to the next level, and they all created beautiful runway looks. Nancy was released from the stage first, and Geoffrey was the winner. Leslie told him that his gown was perfection, and would look beautiful on all types of women. Geoffrey said it was the hardest challenge yet, but this made the hours of no sleep worth it. In his interview, he said he felt better with every challenged, and thought he was being recognized. He was so close, he could taste it.

Karlie said Delvin and Victoria made numerous mistakes. Delvin’s dress was neither elevated nor chic, and had no direction. They were baffled by Victoria’s top and jeans, and said her tie-dye was a technical mess. Delvin was out, and I was in shock. Brandon said it ultimately came down to the ideas. He told Delvin that he’d shown beautiful craftsmanship, and they’d be seeing him. He said he was glad he’d started there, and valued their critiques. He wasn’t going to let fear hold him back. Karlie thanked him for bringing elegance to the runway. In his closing interview, Delvin said he chose not to take the risk of not being liked or accepted, and regretted playing it safe. It wasn’t a reflection of him or his design skills. Christian told Delvin that he was one of the most brilliant tailors, and he thought every dream of Delvin’s would come true. Delvin said his biggest challenge was putting his confidence behind his designs, but giving up wasn’t in his blood. They’ll see him in Paris one day.

Next time, the designers have to create looks for Special Olympics and Paralympics athletes.

👶 Havin’ His Baby…

Ryan and his ladylove Emilia seem like genuinely nice people. Here’s what they’ve been up to.


🧟‍♂️ A Creepy Little Thing Called Love…

Well, Valentin’s Day is technically here, and if you haven’t gotten your dozen roses or whatever by now, you’ll probably pay double. Or pay later if someone is expecting them. As for me, I’ll stick with the half-price day-after chocolate.

February 6, 2020 – Lucas Has Visitors, Tuxedoed Runway, Afterward, a Bit O’ Live, Chefs Back, Parry’s Pup, Wife Ban, a Revelation, Over It & Bad


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Taggert comes by Jordan’s office, and says he’s glad he caught her. Her phone rings, but she doesn’t answer. Curtis leaves a message for her to call him.

Anna brings Emma home, and asks if she’s happy to see snow. People say there are no season in California, but the seasons there are just gentler. They get real winter in Port Charles. She asks if Emma remembers the ice rink, and thinks they should go. They can rent skates. Emma asks if everything is okay. I have to add, Emma has grown into a gorgeous young woman now.

Finn tells Sam, he supposes a person can get desensitized. They’re used to risks to themselves, and don’t perceive how they can bring a risk to others. How do you get someone to listen who doesn’t want to? Sam supposes the person making the big mistake is Anna, and the mistake she’s making is about Peter.

Brad wants to see Lucas, and Carly tells him, take a deep breath first. He goes into Lucas’s room, and sees Bobbie by the bed. Lucas’s eyes are closed, and Brad says, oh no.

Laura opens her eyes, and Doc says, there she is. She says, sorry. She was so worn out from the visits from her children, she needed a nap. He asks if she wants visit restricted, but she says, no. Her kids needed her. They needed her reassurance. She can’t say she blames them.

Jason tells Michael, the shootout came from a drug trafficker with a long reach and a bad reputation; Cyrus Renault.

Sonny picks up the prison phone, and Cyrus says, Mr. Corinthos, we meet at last. Sonny says, Mr. Renault, and Cyrus tells Sonny, please call him Cyrus. Sonny leans forward and says Cyrus made a big problem for himself, and he’s not sure Cyrus can solve it.

Doc asks Laura, who wore her out more; Lulu or Nikolas? She tells him, it’s hard to say. Lulu is falling in love with Dustin, and isn’t sure what she wants to do. Nikolas is up to his neck in dysfunction with Ava, and doesn’t want to admit it. She didn’t have the heart to tell them that their mother had been shot, and was too tired to listen. Doc says, so she listened anyway. Jason walks in, and says he hopes he’s not interrupting. Laura says, not at all, and invites him in. She asks what she can do for him, and he says he’s just checking in to see how she’s doing. She says she’s fine, and Doc says she shouldn’t have been in that situation to begin with. Jason says, Sonny had no idea there was going to be an attack, and deeply regrets her involvement. Doc says, not as much as Laura does, and Laura asks if Sonny knows who’s responsible. Jason says, he’s working to address the situation, and Laura says, tell Sonny that she appreciates his concern. As his friend, she’s happy he and his family weren’t hurt, but as mayor of the city, she’s not about to allow Port Charles to be ground zero for a mob war. Whatever Sonny is doing to address the situation better not include violence or retaliation. Jason says she’ll pass on his message. He leaves, and Doc says he guesses she told him.

Cyrus tells Sonny, his only problem is with the Feds. They sentenced him to life without parole for something he didn’t do. Sonny says the Feds must like him. Why was he transferred to Pentenville? Cyrus says, bureaucracy works in mysterious ways, and Sonny says, not for him. He keeps what’s his. Too bad Cyrus didn’t think about that before he tried something stupid.

Brad says he knew it was too good to be true, but Bobbie says, Lucas woke up about an hour ago. Carly says, he’s sleeping, and Bobbie says, it’s part of the recovery process. Brad hugs her, and says he was so scared he’d lost Lucas. Bobbie says, when he was in a coma, Lucas wasn’t sleeping. His body was actively fighting to get better, and he’s exhausted. He’ll be in and out for the next few days. Brad says he’s not leaving Lucas’s side. He’s going to be there until he wakes up. Julian asks how long it will be, and Bobbie hopes not much longer. She’s going to check with the neurologist on his tests. Carly says she’ll take Wiley, and give them time together. She looks at Julian, and coughs, then says, or not. Brad tells Lucas, wake up, and Julian asks what he thinks he’s doing. They need to get their story straight. He told Lucas the truth before the accident. What is Brad going to say when Lucas brings it up?

Anna thanks Emma for taking the guest room. Violet saw Emma’s room, and it was love at first sight. She’s generous. Emma says she’s so excited to meet Violet in real life, and Anna says she’s just like Emma was at that age. She’s precocious, and loves to read, draw, do crafts, and play make believe. This morning, they were playing Avengers, and Violet was Captain Marvel. She was Nick Fury, and Peter was the bad guy. Anna tears up.

Finn tells Sam, he’s just talking; don’t take what he says literally. Sam is aware they don’t know each other well, but assures him that she can be trusted. He’s not the only one who thinks Peter is bad news. Robert is on his side. Finn says, that would be a first, and Sam says she promises Robert is determined to put Peter away.

Emma asks Anna if everything is okay with Uncle Peter. Anna wonders why she’s asking, and Emma says Anna seems like she’s trying too hard to be happy. She seems sad underneath, and there are tears in her eyes when she talks about him. Anna says Emma is perceptive. She should know better than to try and fool her. Emma says she doesn’t need to; what’s wrong? Anna says, it’s convoluted, with a complicated history that really should stay in the past, and not be dredged up. Emma asks if she’s talking about Peter, and Anna says she is. When Peter was younger, he didn’t always make the best decisions, but he’s done everything possible to make amends, and turn himself into a better person and make better choices. He’d prefer his mistakes were left in the past, but some people won’t let him. Emma asks, who?

Sam tells Finn, Robert offered to broker a deal. A new parole officer who’s less strict, so she can spend more time with Jason, providing they give him something big, something incriminating. Finn says, on Peter? and she says, yeah. She wants her family back together, and thinks they can help each other. If he has any damning information, he has to tell her. At least before Peter hurts Anna.

Sonny says he understands Cyrus’s strategy – go big or go home – but this time, it was a very public attack on Sonny and his loved ones. There was an attack in Brooklyn, and two in Port Charles. If it had worked, Cyrus would have been able to take over, but guess what? It didn’t. Sonny is still standing and Cyrus is twisting in the wind.

On the phone, Laura asks someone to have Jordan call her back asap. Curtis comes in, and says he’d offer to pull some strings to get her call through, but shouldn’t she be recovering? Doc says he made that point, and Curtis says, no luck? Doc says, not even a little. Laura says she has responsibilities, and asks what she can do for Curtis. He says he was about to ask her the same thing. She says she doesn’t know who’s behind the shooting that landed her there, but she intends to find out. Curtis says he knows she has her own security detail, but he’s more than willing to provide backup. She says, as much as she appreciates it, it’s not necessary. She has information that she wasn’t the intended target; she was collateral damage. Curtis asks how she can be sure, and Doc says, it was confirmed by an inside source. Laura says that’s why she needs to speak to Jordan. She saw Jordan and Marcus Taggert conferring the other day, and bets it has something to do with the latest flare up of mob violence.

Jordan says it’s good to see Taggert, and he asks how she’s holding up. She says, if he stopped by to get Sonny’s statement, they’re going off of what they received from the NYPD. He says he’s not there to bring Sonny to justice, and she says, sorry, Captain Ahab. Has he abandoned his quest for the great white whale? Spill. Why is he there? He says he got information on their friend Bob.

Chase finds Willow outside of Kelly’s, and she asks, how’s work? He says, pointless and frantic. Everyone is rushing around, but there’s been no resolution. They know the target, but don’t know who’s responsible. So far, they have no leads. What about her? He’s not so stressed she can’t tell him about it. He asks if she’s heard from Brad, but she says, not since he told her that he doesn’t want her taking care of Wiley. Chase says Brad’s husband is in a coma, and it’s probably misdirected anger. Give him time to cool down, and he’s sure Brad will reconsider making Willow Wiley’s nanny. If that’s what she wants.

Brad asks Julian, what’s wrong with him? and closes the door. Julian says, his son woke up, and he’s worried about something Brad said. Brad should be as well. He told Lucas that Wiley is Michael’s son. There’s no way in hell Brad is bringing Julian down with him. Lucas says Brad’s name, and Brad jets to Lucas’s side. He says, you’re awake. Apparently, Julian isn’t so concerned that he’s not willing to talk about this right in front of Lucas, asleep or no. What a jerk. I sometimes wonder if the actors ever tell the director, no; I refuse to even say this. It’s too stupid.

Curtis asks who Taggert is, and Laura says she thought he knew. Taggert was a detective at the PCPD a long time ago. He was actually in the trenches during the last mob war. Doc says Taggert left more than fifteen years ago, and Curtis says that explains why he doesn’t know him. Does Laura think the shooting brought him back? She says, possibly. She doesn’t know what other connection he’d have to Port Charles. Maybe Jordan. Curtis says, what about her? and Laura says, they knew each other from work; she bumped into them at the PCPD  the other day. Curtis says he’s headed there now. He’ll tell Jordan that Laura is trying to reach her. He suggests Laura try to pencil in recuperation between work. Doc says he hears that, but she says, no promises. Curtis leaves, and ponders a while in the hallway.

Jordan asks how Taggert got his hands on Bob’s records. They had to have come from Bob’s personal physician. Taggert tells her, don’t ask questions if she doesn’t want the answers. She looks through the folder, and says, just like Bob. He had two check-ups a year, and was a total hypochondriac. There’s no shortage of bloodwork, but no traces of drugs on his last visit. It was less than a month before he died, so he got addicted in a couple of weeks? It’s a stretch. Taggert says, there’s definitely been foul play.

Cyrus looks at the guard, who makes himself scarce. He asks Sonny if he follows football. Sonny says he loves it, and Cyrus says, then Sonny will understand his perspective. A preemptive strike is like a hail Mary pass. If the team scores, the player is a hero. If the ball is intercepted, he’s benched or fired. Sonny says, it’s not a game, and Cyrus says, it’s a negotiation.

Jason tells Michael that they’re doing research on Cyrus; how he works and who he knows. All they know is he’s in Pentenville for a Federal drug crime. Michael says he was running his operation from prison, and Jason says, that’s for Sonny to worry about. Michael says he wants to know what they’re dealing with. His phone rings, and he says he has to take it; it’s his grandmother. He listens, and says, wow. Thanks. He tells Jason, Lucas woke up from his coma.

Brad says he didn’t know if Lucas would come back to him, but he did. He loves Lucas so much. Lucas starts to sit up, but Brad tells him, take it easy; he’s been through hell. Lucas asks if his mom is there, and Brad says she’s talking to the doctors. Lucas says, they were in an accident? and Brad says, they were driving on Thanksgiving when the brakes went out; they don’t know what happened. He asks if Lucas remembers anything about being in the car or the accident.

Sonny says, Cyrus wants to negotiate? Cyrus says Sonny gets 10% of everything he moves through Port Charles. He guarantees no merchandise will be sold in Sonny’s location; he can keep the market to himself. Sonny says he’s not interested, but Cyrus says he should be. Every day Sonny refuses to allow Cyrus’s produce to move, it costs him money. He doesn’t care about himself; he’s rich enough. But if you don’t change with the times, the times will destroy you. So do they have a deal?

Willow tells Chase, she’d love to be nanny again, but she doesn’t want to get her hopes up. She was almost embarrassed at how important the job was to her. Chase says she has no reason to be embarrassed. She says, being a part of Wiley’s life is a big deal, but seeing him every day, maybe it was too much. He says, how so? and she says, maybe she was so happy being close to Wiley, she blurred the lines she put up when she chose adoption. Her phone rings, and she says, it’s Michael. She takes the call, and tells Chase, good news. Lucas woke up. Chase says, Wiley’s got his dads back. Willow looks at him.

Lucas tells Brad, he doesn’t remember being in the car, and Brad asks, what does he remember? Lucas says, he came home from work. Elizabeth got Terry to cover for him, so he could see Brad; he wanted to hash things out between them. That’s all he remembers. Brad says, that’s okay. None of it matters now. Lucas sees Julian, and says, dad? Julian says Lucas knows how to scare someone. He understands Lucas is still pissed at him about Halloween. There was no excuse. Brad says Julian has been his rock the whole time. He doesn’t know how he would have gotten through this without Julian. Lucas asks about Wiley, and Brad says he’s there, and lets Carly in. Carly says Wiley thought he’d never ask. She brings Wiley over to Lucas, and puts him on the bed.

Finn tells Sam, there’s something he wants to say. Her phone rings, and he tells Sam, she should take that. Sam says nothing is as important as what he was about to say. Finn says he’s sorry about her parole situation, but he’s got nothing to give her on Peter. He gets up, and her phone rings again. It’s Jason, and she asks, what’s up? He says he just heard her brother is awake.

Anna asks if Emma is sure she’s all right on her own, and doesn’t want Anna to drive her to see Epiphany. Emma says she likes the walk to the hospital, and wants to see the park, the library, Rice Plaza, and her old school. Anna says she’s a little young for nostalgia, but Emma says she likes to see places that were important to her. She can stop by the MetroCourt and say hi to Uncle Peter. Anna says they’ve become good friends, and Emma says, even though he’s miles away, he’s been a good uncle to her and Noah. She tells Anna not to listen to anybody. They don’t know Peter like she and Anna do.

Jordan says she knew Bob’s death was suspicious. They need to get the investigation reopened. Taggert says, it’s circumstantial, but she says if they give them Bob’s background, they’ll see it too. Unless… What if this has to do with what they did? They said they’d take it to their graves. He says, it looks like Bob kept his end of the bargain, and Curtis walks in.

Anna thanks Emma, who says the people who are judging Peter don’t know him like they do. They have to keep believing in him; he deserves their faith. Finn comes in, and says it’s a nice surprise. He’s impressed how Emma got there on her own. She says, it’s no big deal, and he says she’s a seasoned traveler. Anna says, she’s independent now. She’s going to see Epiphany on her own. She tells Emma to be back by dark, and if it starts to get late, call, and she’ll pick Emma up. Emma says she’ll give them plenty of time to… talk.

Lucas says, let him get this straight. He was in a coma longer than Sam served time for manslaughter? Sam says, funny. She’s glad he still has his sense of humor. Lucas says, it’s fully intact. Michael says, they’re happy he’s back, but not more than Brad is. Sam asks when he can go home, but Bobbie says they don’t want to risk moving him yet. They’ll keep an eye on him for a few days before he’s discharged. Julian asks Brad to step outside with him. They need to take care of some administrative work. In the hallway, Brad asks Julian, what’s up? Julian says they need to get their story straight now. Brad asks if he didn’t hear Lucas say he doesn’t remember, but Julian says, what if he does? Then what? Brad says, that’s a big if, and Julian says, it’s a big possibility. Brad thinks Julian should calm down and chill. For once, Brad feels like everything will be okay.

Jordan hugs Curtis, saying she didn’t know he was stopping by. He says he was visiting Laura, who’s been trying to reach her. Jordan guesses she’s been busy, and Curtis says, this would be…? She introduces Taggert, and says they go way back. They were colleagues during her stint at the DEA. Curtis asks if Taggert is still in law enforcement, but Taggert says he’s retired. Curtis wonders what brings him back to Port Charles, and Taggert says, coincidence. He used to live there, and he’s visiting old friends. He didn’t know Jordan was Commissioner. They just ran into each other today. (D’oh!)

Cyrus tells Sonny, he’s offering an olive branch, but Sonny says he doesn’t want peace; he wants Cyrus gone. Cyrus says Sonny is going to be disappointed. He has personal reasons for moving to Port Charles, and he’s there to stay. Sonny says, you never know. Cyrus is far from his base of operations. Accidents happen.

Finn tells Anna, Emma is great. Anna says she should have been more patient; she’s sorry. Finn says he should be apologizing. He was wrong. Anna says, okay, she accepts. She thanks him, and says things are a little strained between them. He says he can’t pretend they’re not, but he doesn’t want to be the guy who runs out when things get tough. She says, that’s not like him, and they kiss. He says there’s something he needs to tell her. He ran into Sam at Kelly’s. Sam and Jason are determined to find a link between Peter and the attempt on Franco and Andre’s lives. Anna says, Jason is relentless, and Finn says, Robert knows, and he’s working with them.

Cyrus tells Sonny, it’s true; prison is dangerous. But he has supportive friends. Sonny says he has friends in Pentenville and Port Charles too. He doesn’t trade in Cyrus’s merchandise, but he knows people who do. Unfriendly people, who can be expected to go against Cyrus. It could cost Cyrus his life. Sonny hangs up, and Cyrus smiles.

Jordan tells Curtis, today is the first time she’s seen Taggert in ages. (Double D’oh!) She can’t believe it’s been so long. She wishes he’d come at a better time, but maybe they can catch up before he leaves. He says he bets TJ is bigger than he is now, and she says TJ could give him a run for his money. Taggert says the three of them should do dinner, and Curtis says, that sounds nice. How long is Taggert there for? Taggert says he’s there for the time being. It was nice meeting Curtis. They shake hands, and Taggert says he’ll see them around.

Sonny calls Jason at the hospital, and Jason asks how it went. Sonny says they’re in for a fight. The son of a bitch isn’t backing down.

Doc supposes he can’t hide Laura’s phone and pretend it’s lost. Laura asks what kind of mayor she would be if she dodged the phone during a mob war. He says, Sonny is an old friend. Is she going to reach out personally and ask him to keep the peace? She says she’s sure Sonny would avoid it if he could, but she’s afraid whoever is responsible is forcing his hand. That means there could be more collateral damage.

Chase says, amazing, and hugs Willow. She says she’s thrilled. Lucas’s family must be over the moon. He asks if she wants to see them, but she says she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. She doesn’t want to intrude. Chase doubts it would be an intrusion, but she says she doesn’t want to cross the line. Lucas is out of his coma, and God willing, will recover, and things will get back to normal. He says, doesn’t she want that? and she says, of course (🍷), but she won’t have a role in Wiley’s life anymore.

Carly asks if Lucas is okay, and Lucas says he’s fine. She says she’ll take Wiley, but Lucas repeats, he’s fine, just tired. Bobbie says his body is exhausted, and Carly suggests they leave, and give the two men some time. She’ll bring Wiley back in the morning. Michael says he can take Wiley for the night, as long as his dads sign off on it. Lucas thanks him, and Carly gives Wiley to Michael. They all leave, except for Julian, who stands there like the jerk he is, with his arms folded. Lucas flashes back to vague memory of Brad telling him Wiley is Lucas’s son. Brad asks, what is it?

Tomorrow, Nina tells Valentin that they have to move on from each other, Lucas says Brad was working up to a confession, and Nelle accuses Michael of bringing her there to kill her.

🎩  On Project Runway, Victoria decided she wanted and deserved to be there. I didn’t get a vote, so there she stayed. We found out the tuxedo was named in 1886 after Tuxedo Park, a place for the rich and elite. No surprise, Billy Porter’s tuxedo gown was talked about as modern, innovative, and a reinvention of the tux. The designers were challenged to show a modern take on an old classic. They were told that use of satin was what made the difference between a tux and a suit. That was news to me, so now I’m going to have to check that out. Christian said they weren’t monsters, so help had been brought it – the designers who’d already been eliminated. The eliminated contestants chose who they wanted to work with, in order of how their names were drawn. Jenn chose Brittany; Tyler picked Delvin; Melanie wanted Geoffrey; and Veronica went with Sergio, after saying in her interview that she’d never work Victoria. Chelsey selected Nancy; Alan had a mental blackout, and went with Victoria; and Shavi was left with Marquise. Since there was one extra eliminated designer, Asma was left to go get a cab home. (Not really. I don’t know where she went.) The designers had their choice of male, female, or non-binary models, since tuxedos are for everyone. Sorry, not me. I can’t imagine a tuxedo on my short self. I would look like I was playing dress-up. In his interview, Alan said Victoria was a solo designer, and didn’t work well with others. She barely works well with herself. For the two-day challenge, they were given a $600 budget, and 30 minutes at Mood. By the first commercial, Victoria was telling Alan to shut up. Delvin went for powder blue material until Christian was like, um… and he switched to an emerald green with a print for the lining. Geoffrey decided on a jumpsuit, saying the judges vibed on them. Victoria went with a gown, and Sergio, a backwards tux, saying he was thinking outside the box. This was a puzzling statement, since even I know that’s been done before.

Everyone got a night out at a rooftop bar, and the next morning Sebastian, winner of season 17, brought breakfast. He said the competition had changed his life, with the CFDA helping him launch his first collection, and finding him buyers. His advice for everyone was not to look at the other designers – in other words, don’t compare – and to go with their first idea. Geoffrey was very weepy during his interviews, and unsure of what his next move would be. Victoria said she only wanted Alan for moral support, and wouldn’t really let him help. He mostly did things like get water for her. Christian told Geoffrey to reassess the details, and he decided to streamline. After sleeping on it, Brittany decided she didn’t like the grey color scheme she’d chosen, and opted to change the design rather than make something she wasn’t proud of. For the outside of the jacket, she used the print she’d originally meant for the lining, and created black shorts to go with it. Nancy poached Tyler to use as a model, since he was the same size as hers, making Delvin extremely irritated. In Victoria’s interview, she groaned that Nancy kept doing the same silhouette, even though that’s exactly what Victoria does. Asymmetry mean anything to her? Marquis said he was getting his inspiration from the military – he’d been in the ROTC in high school – and wanted his design to be crisp and clean.

Delvin, Brittany, and Victoria were trashing Nancy, saying her tux looked like a glamorous garbage bag. Unbeknownst to them, she wasn’t far away, and heard every word. I laughed when Delvin realized; his face was priceless. Sergio told her that it was their problem, not hers. In Sergio’s interview, he thought all they saw was her age, but she would sneak up on them. While Nancy was on the buttonhole machine, it broke down, and Delvin said that was the second time Nancy had been in his way. That’s like the millionth time he’s been a jerk. Christian said they didn’t have buttonhole machines in his day, and he did okay. In her interview, Brittany pointed out that Sergio’s backward tux was a direct copy of Celine Dion’s iconic look.

The guest judge was Thom Browne, three time CFDA designer of the year. Brittany was a stand-out, but for all the wrong reasons. She should have stuck with the grey palette. The jacket wasn’t awful, but the lapels were weirdly thin, and the shorts were horrifying. At this point, I figured she was on her way out, even though I desperately wished it was Victoria. I don’t like her, and wouldn’t want to work with her, or even know her. Unfortunately, Victoria somehow whipped together a gorgeous jacket with a long, asymmetrical skirt that revealed a sparkly garter – the one thing she let Alan do. Karlie said the model looked like a sexy villain in a Bond film, and thought the whole show was amazing.

The judges felt Geoffrey’s jumpsuit was minimalist, and he stayed true to the challenge. On the other hand, Nina said she didn’t get tuxedo from Delvin’s look, and Brandon said it looked like a leprechaun in a corset. Personally, I didn’t think it was that bad, but I agreed with Sergio, when he leaned over and told Nancy, karma. Thom said the look was too safe. Victoria got high praise for combining feminine and masculine details, boosting confidence and power, while still embracing femininity. Everyone loved the open back that had a satin strip running down the middle. Nina thought Marquise’s tux made his male model look regal and powerful – I have to add here that his model was super-hot with a bangin’ bod – and Brandon said Marquise let his ideas fly; he just needed help anchoring and executing them. Thom said he loved male cleavage, by which he mean a show of the ankles. I actually thought, flood pants, when I saw it, but okay. His tux had a horizontally pleated jacket, with a pant/skirt combination, and Thom said he would have pleated the skirt. I agreed, nodding my head, like Thom cares. Brittany was mortified from the jump, and said she’d never done menswear. Karli’s face was like, WTF? and Elaine said, it was hard to look at; there was so much wrong. She was shocked it was Brittany’s design, and said, it was like a douchey Hamptons party look. (Ha-ha-ha! They probably would wear that on Summer House.) Brandon said, it was a mess, and I thought the whole thing was just sad. Thom said the proportion was the hardest thing for him to take, and if she was going that way, she should have gone even shorter, and pushed the limit. Sergio – who needs to either get it together with his causes or stop throwing them in there – said he went with the backward thing because of the state of the country. Everyone thought they knew where he was going, but he did a 180 by saying we should go back to the 1950s, when everything was better; a house was affordable, and a family could live on one income. Granted, he’s right there, but Elaine pointed out that the 50s wasn’t a great time for people of color. She told him that his messaging was frequently off, and he should stick to fashion. Because somebody had to, Nina brought up John Galliano’s backward tux that Celine Dion wore to the Academy Awards. Sergio claimed he’d never seen it, and absolutely no one bought that. Nancy got all excited about her sleeveless print tux, and babbled endlessly. Brandon said he wished he could do interviews that way. People asked what his inspiration was, and he’d say he didn’t know. Thom said it didn’t speak tuxedo to him, and thought she was playing it safe. Nobody seemed to like it very much, which surprised me. It wasn’t anything I would wear, but I thought it was something different, and looked terrific on the model. The judges were so negative, at this point, I worried about Nancy being out.

The judges deliberated, and Sergio, Marquise, Geoffrey, and Victoria were on top; while Delvin, Nancy, and Brittany were at the bottom. Brittany’s placing was obvious (they were all like, what the hell?), but the judges said Delvin had too many things going on, and Nancy’s tux wasn’t anything they hadn’t seen before. Karlie thought the brocade was overwhelming, and she was underwhelmed with the design.

Marquise was the big winner, the judges saying his garment was well-tailored, and that he’d reinvented the tux. He had the confidence and ability to extend and challenge himself. He said it was an honor to be able to come back and prove his worth. In his interview, he was especially honored by Thom’s approval, and was thrilled he got to show the judges why he shouldn’t have been eliminated. It is pretty cool that he got brought back, and then won a challenge.

The judges said the bottom three missed the mark for different reasons, but one look was a clear failure. I knew then, Brittany was out. She looked miserable. Delvin was crying, but I’m not so sure it was for her. I’d hoped it was because he was humbled after trashing Nancy, but it was probably because he just escaped by the skin of his teeth. Brandon told Brittany, it was painful to see her go, but sometimes a devastating thing brings you back to life. He suggested she use it to propel herself to other great things he knew she was capable of. Through her tears, she said it had been an honor to be there, and she looked up to all of them. It had been a crazy ride. She got a Karlie hug, and in her interview, said she disappointed the judges and herself. She had thought she’d be in the finale. I thought Sebastian was right in saying you should go with your first idea.

While backstage, Brittany bemoaned there being nothing to be happy about or proud of with her tux look, Christian made his usual appearance to gently tell the loser it was time to clean up their space. He told Brittany, he was so sorry. She’d have to endure this a little longer. It was the Siriano Save, used at last. He said he thought she’d lost her way, but she was talented and her work was amazing, so he wanted to save her. We saw a clip of Christian telling the judges about his decision to save Brittany, and the judges being all happy. In her non-exit interview, Brittany said she had to show she was worthy of Christian’s save, and not let him down.

Next time, a tie-dye challenge, and Leslie Jones is the guest judge. I love her!

👓  After the Runway…

See Christian interview Sergio, and a dog in a bowtie.


🕵🏻  Omg, I guessed the secret word on Watch What Happens Livefashion – before they showed it. True story. Christian was on, and inferred he didn’t buy Sergio’s political statements.

🍳  Top Chef All Stars will begin cooking on Thursday, March 19th.

🐕  Good Brad…

Another happy ending for a rescue pup.


🍊  Two Amigas Down…

So you think Vicki is going to get married now? Or will she just wait until the ban is over?


🛥  A Surprise For the Captain…

Methinks there might have been one or more terminations had Captain Lee really known what was going on.


🖤  He Felt Nothing…

I doubt she cares very much, but he is freaking rude. Good riddance, I say.


🧨  Valentine Flipside…

She knows the struggle is real.

January 30, 2020 – GH Catch Up, Sheer Runway, Beyond Plus, Adios Amiga, For Laughs & Billy’s January


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

It looks like ABC will have caught up to me tomorrow. FYI, they are showing new episodes on their site (ABC.com) and on their app after 8 pm EST. The shows will also be aired on HULU and On Demand the following day. Why not at 8 pm? Who knows?

In case you’re not caught up, and just want to read all about it, here are the links to the transcripts recaps for the past two episodes not aired on regular TV. They’re in order – i.e. the oldest is first.



👗 Project Runway

This week’s challenge was to create an editorial look using sheer fabric; editorial meaning it told a story. Brandon told the designers there was nothing more important than making a woman feel good, and they were to celebrate the female form using a provocative trend; a barely there editorial look. He emphasized that it wasn’t about exposing a woman, but about getting creative in a sexy, but not obvious, way. Since last week’s winner was Brittany, she got first pick of the models. Nancy chose the same model, wanting to redeem herself from having swallowed the model with fabric the previous week. It was a one-day challenge, and they were to work with the models during sketch time, to make sure they were comfortable and confident with the designs. It would also be the last challenge where immunity was given. The designers were cautioned that the finishing had to be spot-on because everything would be shown with a sheer fabric. A medic had to be called early on for Dayoung, who still wasn’t well. She said her mind was saying keep going, but her body said she’d done enough. She decided she was a human before being a designer, and chose to leave the competition, saying it was the most difficult decision she’d made in her life. She was grateful for everyone who’d helped her, and told us that her story wasn’t done. She’d be designing up until her last day.

Because Dayoung left, Marquise got a save, and came back to the competition. He said it would be his revenge moment, when he proved why the judges shouldn’t have sent him home. The contestants were given $300 and 30 minutes at Mood. Victoria mulled over disappointing herself last week, and got pouty in the store, claiming she didn’t understand what sheer meant, even though Christian explained it to her. The designers started working, and Christian interrupted, asking, who’s ready for a twist? striking fear in their hearts. But there was no twist. He said he wasn’t that evil, just a little. As he walked around giving encouragement and advice, he told Victoria that she couldn’t keep doing the same dress over and over. She insisted what she was designing was different (it wasn’t), and acted like a big baby. Sergio said it was a tough competition, and sometimes made you question who you are as a designer and person. Victoria again insisted she didn’t understand sheer, and walked out, Brittany following. Victoria told her that it was better to leave than be on the bottom, and grabbed her bag, ready to jet, basically wanting to quit before she was fired. Brittany was pissed because there were talented people who had been eliminated, and Victoria was trashing her opportunity. She told Victoria that they still had four hours, but Queen Victoria said she was tired. As she reclined on a chaise lounge with her water bottle, Chelsey promised her that they were all tired. Personally, I wanted to kick her ass. She decided to stay for her husband, who had always been super supportive. It’s probably easier than listening to her complain.

Paloma Elsesser, an extremely accomplished plus-size model, was guest judge. Victoria whined that she didn’t want to look at her own design, saying there was nothing of her aesthetic in it, and she was embarrassed. It wasn’t horrible – a yellow asymmetrical (no surprise) number using a lot of lace – but it wasn’t sheer either. Christian remarked that it was the worst fabric ever. Karlie said, overall, it was clear it was a one-day challenge.

Brittany and Delvin were deemed safe, and I was surprised neither one was in the top. Although I guess it’s getting to be a pretty small pool. Brittany had designed the cutest pink romper with humongous puffy sleeves, and Delvin concocted a black crop top and maxi skirt ensemble. The top was unmemorable, but I thought the skirt was fantastic, kind of prairie style. Rather than just being grateful they were still in the game, they both seemed annoyed, and exchanged a lot of commentary backstage during the critiques.

Having scrapped her original design of a blue baby doll dress, Chelsey had designed a long, fitted, trench coat style jacket. This might have been okay, but she chose to hang on to sleeves that hadn’t matched the baby doll dress either; a series of horizontal loops, held together by a vertical strip running down the outside of the arm. Frankly, they didn’t look like they’d match with much of anything, they were just plain odd. Nina asked why she’d used a nude slip underneath, rather than matching the blue, and Brandon remarked that he kept waiting for a nip slip from the demi-bra on top. Elaine said the fabric choice was just wrong; there was no fluidity. So, it was in the bottom three for Chelsey.

On the opposite end, Nancy designed a prom dress for her model who had never been to prom, black and silver, with a dramatic stole/collar that exposed one shoulder. Nancy said it was also zero waste, which impressed the judges. Nina thought the shoulder drama was everything, and Elaine liked the glamour – it was taking her someplace she wanted to be. Karlie remarked that she loved a pocket in a ball gown, and I said, me too! I think there should be a law requiring at least one pocket in all garments. Marquise also designed a stunning black and silver gown, taking it a step further by making a matching, but more low-key, T-shirt for himself with the extra fabric. Brandon said he loved a comeback story.

Joining Chelsey in the bottom were Geoffrey and Victoria. While it was no surprise about Victoria, I’d liked Geoffrey’s dress, a sheer blue above-the-knee creation, with a black and white trim at the waist, collar, and cuffs. The judges were in agreement that it was too sheer at the bust (the model was fine with that, and had fleshtone nipple covers). They also felt that the cinched waist was too much. When they got to Victoria, she blamed her bad English and started crying, saying she was ashamed she’d done so poorly. Paloma suggested she put her big girl panties on, and Nina said she didn’t want any more excuses. My thoughts exactly. Nina told her to find the lesson in a difficulty. It’s when she should look deep within herself, and find her inner strength to accomplish her dream. They’d all had failures, but you don’t quit. Brandon told her that sh*t days were when you found out what you were made of.

Rounding out the top three was Sergio, who’d designed a gorgeous sleeveless gown – another in black and silver – with fringe adornments. His inspiration was his model and her husband, German and Chinese respectively, and a story about them meeting in the rain. Nina said the fringe was so strategically placed, you couldn’t even tell the model was naked underneath. Paloma said it was a dress that all of the models could have worn.

While the designers went backstage, the judges deliberated, Elaine saying that Nancy had already proven her chops as a technical designer, and had now added a cool (i.e. relevant) factor. Sergio’s tailoring was also praised, and Nina said his piece was highly editorial. Paloma said Victoria’s sob story left a bad taste in her mouth; the humility was lacking. She hit the nail on the head with that comment. Nina said she was scared Chelsey’s model was going to lose her underpinnings, and everyone agreed. Backstage, Nancy thought none of them were going home, and Christian would use a save.

When the designers came back out, Karlie reiterated the challenge was about creating an editorial look that celebrated the female form, and embraced sheer fabric. Sergio was the big winner, and the last one who will get immunity. Moving on to the bottom three, Geoffrey was deemed safe. The consensus was that Chelsey had made poor design choices, and there were flaws in Victoria’s construction and attitude (ouch!). Chelsey was out, surprising me, and pissing me off. Elaine told Victoria that she was safe today, but she needed to save herself. Brandon said it was like two women they love both had a bad day, and they had to pick the worst of two evils. He told Chelsey that it didn’t take away from her talent. She thanked them for the opportunity, got a hug from Karlie, and told her compadres, it’s not a cryfest. When Christian came to gather her, he said everyone is so good at this point, it’s hard to judge. In her interview, Chelsey said she wasn’t 150% proud of what she’d done, but was surprised she was going home. Again, me too. She wasn’t mad that she fell short, and was leaving with her head held high. She believed the women in her family would be proud, and she was a shining example of a strong Black woman. She planned to do what she does best; make everyday clothes for not so everyday people.

Next time, the designers are challenged to reinvent the tux. Sebastian (last season’s winner), and Alan (too cool for school, and voted out this season) pay the designers a visit.

💋 She’s Got It Goin’ On…

Meet Paloma, model extraordinaire.


🍊 I’m Shocked, Pleased, and Slightly Annoyed…

Shocked because she brought on the drama; pleased because I can’t stand her; and slightly annoyed because the reason might be ageism. If they’re judging by her character though, I’m 100% behind it. Bye, Felicia.



🍸 And Now For Some Snark…

I love the Betches’ Vanderpump Rules recap.


📌 Saving It Up…

I’ll finish the tea party tomorrow, hopefully, with a new episode of GH. Until then.

January 23, 2020 – No Soap Possible Spoiler, Pop Art Runway, Fashion Café & Wondering Where


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

The best I can tell you is this. On the GH Facebook fan page – not ABC, who is being cagey – I read there will be no new episodes aired on any platform until the Is-This-Guy-Still-Talking show is over. This could very well be, since I can’t find them anywhere, and even On Demand is showing reruns. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime – POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT – someone also claimed to have seen the next episode after the shootouts. Again, I can’t find it, which is why I can’t be positive on this info. They said that Gladys is the one who led Sonny into the trap by telling him about the medical trial, her son Brando is still alive, and he’s behind the ambushes. This sounds like a distinct possibility, except the medical trial was in Manhattan. Gladys would have had to bet on Sonny being in the right place at the right time in Brooklyn.

Not that making sense has stopped anyone before.

Project Runway

Sergio was still trying to get over his big loss last week. He said he wasn’t giving up his truth for anything, even though his message had nothing to do with him being in the bottom. The designers took a trip to Bergdorf Goodman’s, specifically their café, Palette, where they met pop artist Ashley Longshore. I was unfamiliar with her work, but apparently she’s been lauded as the modern day Andy Warhol. The 2-day challenge was a collaboration with Ashley (who was also a guest judge), where the designers would have to showcase one of her prints. Ashley was thrilled, since she’d never seen fashion done with her art. Each contestant chose a print, starting with Chelsey, who was last week’s winner. Victoria – who’s quickly becoming my least favorite – said she didn’t like flowers (what?) and acted all weird about having to use a print. After they did the usual at Mood, and met individually with Ashley, they dipped into the trim cart, which generated a lot of excitement. Afterwards, Ashley sent them an awesome dinner spread, and they did some runway walks for each other. Dayoung was sick again, but saw a medic, and soldiered through.

Besides Dayoung being under the weather, Marquise probably fared the worst, since he scrapped his original idea of pairing the print with a metallic fabric. He felt it made his jacket and skirt ensemble too busy, and used white for the top, gracing it with some sparkly bumblebees (or something) from the trim cart. This would have been fine, but he had difficulty with placing darts, and it ended up looking ill-fitting, and bunched in the wrong places. His solution was to ask the model not to remove the jacket, and keep it as closed as possible.

Sergio was sure he was the winner, with a cocoon coat that would reveal a strapless dress designed to symbolize a butterfly. His tribute to the trans community. His win was not to be, however, and he actually got pissed off about being in the safe group. Everyone else thought safe was just fine.

In the top three, Delvin got high marks for his fitted pantsuit, including a matching belt with a circular buckle, which I loved. Even better, Delvin was a happy man, and it showed. Karlie pronounced it very Versace, and Brandon said Delvin’s strongest suit is tailoring, adding he should stay in his lane on that one. It would make him recognizable in a sea of crap. After Delvin’s accolades, the judges did us a dirty by leading Victoria, and us, to believe she was on top, when she was really on the bottom. It was a very early season American Idol moment. I have to admit, although I was surprised, I was glad, because when her model came out, all I could think was, what is that? A pair of pants using the print, and a white top with her usual asymmetrical, cut-out style, all dripping with hardware. She said she was afraid of prints, and hated that she didn’t know what she was doing. Ashley thought it was cool, but not a banger, but Brandon said it best by telling her, you can kill it with the hardware, or kill it with the hardware. No surprise, Victoria wasn’t happy, and no doubt it killed her that she used her extra time to help Dayoung, who ended up in the top three, presenting a paneled dress with an Asian inspired vest overlay. Nancy was at the bottom as well, having designed an over-sized pants and jacket combo that Nina said swallowed the model. The judges liked it better with the jacket off, and also marveled at the hidden wine, phone, and dildo pockets, but it wasn’t enough to keep her safe. Marquise’s darts, as well as overuse of the print, landed him in the bottom – Brandon saying they were at a point where everything needed to be perfect – and Brittany’s gorgeous creation, cold-shoulder, asymmetrical dress, with 3-D butterflies attached, placed her in the top three. Nina said Brittany’s dress was what a successful collaboration looks like; the artist is celebrated, but the designer is still seen. Victoria pouted about being in the bottom, saying she didn’t like to lose.

When the designers were discussed, Brittany was clearly Ashley’s favorite. She said Brittany had brought her artwork to life, and Nina again said it was a true collaboration. She said she didn’t recognize Victoria’s design as her, and Elaine pointed out that it was the second week that Victoria disregarded the challenge. They agreed that when Victoria is given narrow parameters, she loses herself. Brandon thought Marquise’s darts were unforgivable, and Elaine said that Nancy didn’t know the difference between over-sized and too big.

Brittany was the big winner, Ashley saying her design is what partnership is all about. Victoria was deemed safe, but still brooded when she went backstage, refusing to talk to anyone. I was sure Nancy was going to get the boot – not that I wanted her to, but I thought Marquise’s past accomplishments might save him. Instead, it was Marquise who was out because of construction issues the judges couldn’t get past. Marquise said it was a blessing for him to have made it this far, being self-taught. Nina said he was going to make it, and he said he thought he’d be going home on day one. The opposite of Victoria, he told everyone, no tears, Christian assured him that his work was amazing, and at this point in the competition, the judges were being nitpicky. In his exit interview, Marquise said he wanted to give other self-taught designers hope to go for it. He wanted to show himself to the world, and he did.

Next time, the designers are challenged to make an editorial look, Dayoung has another emergency, and Victoria walks out

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✂️ Cutting It Short…

Regardless of GH’s status, I’ll spill some tea tomorrow, and whatever I can find out, I’ll pass along. I have to get up early, so I might as well take advantage of an early night. Since I usually average about five hours.

Pretty soon, we’ll need to send out a search party for Sonny.