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July 15, 2019 – Maxie Makes a Mistake, the Queen Takes On the Med, the OC Returns, Prime Quote & Versailles


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the hospital, Finn checks his phone, but nothing from Anna. He runs into Alexis, who’s coming out of an AA meeting. He asks, how was it? and she says, needed. He says he’s looking to get in one, and she asks if he’s troubled. He says it’s more unsettled, and she asks if it has anything to do with Hayden. Does he want to talk? He doesn’t think she has the time, but she says for him, she does.

Ava sits at Charlie’s bar, and Julian says he’s proud of her. She’s doing the Crimson interview and cover as a survivor; not helpless. She tells him, don’t go overboard. Some days it’s too much effort to get out of bed. He says, regardless, she’s still doing it. Her phone rings. It’s Sibley, and Ava says she was hoping it was her.

Laura steps away from her table at the MetroCourt to take a call. Walking out of the elevator, Dev sees, and knocks her bag off the table. When he bends to pick it up, Jason grabs it first. Carly approaches, and asks how Jason and Dev are getting along.

Sonny asks if Lulu has heard from Dante. She says, no, and it’s getting to the point where his absence is more than she can take. Sonny is sorry, and asks if there’s anything he can do to help. She says he found Dante, and brought him home once before. She needs him to do it again. He asks, did something happen? and she says, Rocco’s little league game happened. Charlotte’s Dance recital happened. Olivia lost a family member in Oscar, and Sonny is on the verge of being a father. Dante is missing all of it. Their lives are going on, and Dante’s not there. She doesn’t feel like herself without him. She has no steady ground or stability; nothing. It’s wrong, and it’s time to make it right.

Maxie says she’s not accepting this. Peter tells her, wait, and follows as she barges into the WSB office.. She looks into the room, says, Dante, no! and Peter is shot. She rushes to him, and tells him, stay with her. She asks if he’s in pain, and he says, it’s not best feeling. Guards run in, and a medic runs to Peter. A woman comes out of the office, and says, everything is okay. The patient is secure. Maxie asks, what the hell happened? and the woman tells her, remain calm, and let them handle it. The medic says the bullet went clear through and didn’t hit any organs, but Peter needs to be transferred to a medical facility. Maxie says, no. He’s going to General Hospital in Port Charles, where the people she trusts can take care of him.

Carly tells Jason that Dev needs a summer job, so she’s setting him up at the MetroCourt. She tells Dev to see a guy in the kitchen. When Dev leaves, Jason asks what she thinks of him. She asks what he thinks, but he says, her first.

Hayden sits with Laura. Laura says she understands Hayden had a trip to the PCPD. Hayden says, it was a big misunderstanding, and it’s over now. Laura’s phone dings, and she says, it’s Spencer. Hayden says she wanted to talk to Laura about him, and asks how he’s doing. Laura says, well, and shows her a selfie he took at the Tivoli Gardens. He’s in boarding school in the French Alps, and they go to Paris often. Hayden says, he looks so much older, like a little man. Laura laughs, and says, he sounds older too. It’s hard to believe the precocious grade schooler… He’s still precocious, but he looks more and more like Nikolas every day.

Finn tells Alexis that he and Hayden almost had something. They were so close to making it work, then she was gone. You think you’re going to make it, then realize you’ll never see them again. Alexis says, life happens. Finn says, when she came back, he was forced to come face to face with his epic failure. Alexis says that happens when she runs into Ned… and Sonny, and Ric, and Julian. He asks if she want to talk, but she thinks he needs to talk about Hayden. He says he’s good at near death stuff – Hayden saved his life and he wouldn’t be there if it hadn’t been for her – but it was the day to day stuff. Neither of them trusts others easily, and the impulse is to protect themselves. Hayden said she moved on, and he so did he, but he moved on with someone who disappeared.

Ava tells Sibley that she has a personal item from Kiki. They’re all set. Kristina comes in, and hears the end of the conversation. When she’s done, Ava notices Kristina, and asks if she wanted to be conferenced in. Kristina says she didn’t mean to eavesdrop, and Ava says, yes, she did. Kristina says she heard the name Sibley. As in Sibley Gamble? She’s the most famous psychic ever. Julian asks if she said psychic. Kristina says she even solved a murder upstate. Ava tells Julian that plenty of people believe. She’s getting more in tune with her spiritual side. Kristina says she had a roommate like that, and Julian asks if he’s mentioned how glad he is to have her back. Maybe she should do something. Kristina says roger that, and leaves. Julian says he didn’t think in a million years this is something Ava would be interested in. She says it’s not like the material plane has been good to her. She’s investigating her spiritual side. Julian asks if it’s one spirit in particular – Kiki.

Carly tells Jason that Dev saved Sonny’s life, and Jason says, Sonny likes to pay his debts. She says Jason is the same way, so he gets it. Jason says, to a point. Carly says he’s a little too cocky and charming, but a good distraction for Josslyn. Sonny wants to mentor him, and it’s important. It’s the most involved she’s seen him in a long time. She wants to help, and thinks he should too. Dev put his life on the line for Sonny.

Laura tells Hayden about Spencer’s skiing accident, and says she had to relocate to France for a while. Hayden says, there are worse places. Laura says Spencer is fine now, and has had made strides forward emotionally and academically too. He’s really growing up. The only cloud still over his head is Valentin. Hayden says, because Valentin wound up with Spencer’s fortune? Laura says Valentin stole the home Spencer grew up in with his father, and he’ll never get over it.

Lulu tells Sonny, when Dante was gone first the time, it was torture. Nights were the worst of all. All she did was worry if he’d come home, and would she ever see him again? When he walked in, she had relief like she’d never experienced, which is saying something from the wife of a cop. Sonny says, but he didn’t come back all the way. Lulu says it wasn’t the physical scars, but the emotional toll. Part of it was being away from his family; missing his wife and children. Sonny says, she told him that Dante had scars. Lulu assumes Dante told him in Turkey, but Sonny says, not like he told her. She says, Dante’s back was like a web of ridges. She can only imagine it’s from being tortured. Sonny knew he was haunted, but he didn’t get specific. She says, he’s good at not sharing. He didn’t want to put it on her, but he said he saw and did unimaginable things when he was working for Raj. He told her that he was broken without her, and she’s broken. The only way she sees them as whole again is for them to be together.

Ava tells Julian, she’s not doing this. He says she’s paying a psychic, and she says, so what? It doesn’t have any effect on his life. He says he’s worried about the effect on hers. She says she needs this more than she’s needed anything. He says he understands, but she says he can’t possibly. His children are alive. They’re not his biggest fans, but they’re still breathing. He has a chance to make things better; she doesn’t. Her child was murdered, and at the time, believed Ava hated her. Julian says Kiki knew Ava loved her, but Ava says she doesn’t know that, and that’s why she needs to make contact. She needs to tell Kiki that she’s sorry; it was a terrible mistake, and she needs to resolve things. Julian says this woman can’t do that for her; she’s a fraud who wants money. Preying on grieving parents, and talking to their deceased kids is a good way to do it. Ava says she felt her; she felt Kiki. Her spirit was there. Ava knows it.

Alexis tells Finn to think about what he’s being presented. He says, that sounds like legal speak, and she says it is legal terminology. She tells him not to make up stories in his head about Hayden. It will drive him insane. He says he’s almost there, and she says, focus on what he’s presented. Don’t go digging into the other person’s background. If Hayden is emotionally withdrawn, it’s none of his business. And if you do it, you’ll get kicked out of therapy. He thanks her for talking. She thinks they both need to go to a lot of meetings.

Ava tells Julian, it was incredible. The lights went off and on. There was a chill in the room, and Kiki was there. He asks where Ava was, and she says, the stateroom on The Haunted Star. Julian says, where they found Kiki? Why did she do that? She says she’d endure anything for one more moment with Kiki. Kristina asks if she talked to Kiki, and Ava says she tried, but Kiki left. Sibley said Kiki didn’t want to linger. Julian says, convenient. Ava asks if it would be so hard to support her, but Julian says she’s being played. Kristina tells him, from what she’s heard, Sibley is the real deal. Julian says, she’s perfected her scam. Ava asks if she’s a fool now, and he says she’s a grieving mother. What Kim is going through is the same. Grief makes people do desperate things. Ava feels for Kim. Oscar was too young to be taken, but at least she got to say goodbye knows her child knew she loved him. She doesn’t have that. Julian says she wants Kiki to be at peace, and the only way is if she finds it in herself.

The hospital floor is deserted, when Peter is wheeled in on a gurney. Maxie wonders why no one was there to meet them. Peter insists it’s okay, but she says, no, it’s not. He says, there’s no damage; he’s fine. She doesn’t know how this happened. A doctor comes out, and says they have a room waiting. From the sound of things, he doesn’t think Peter will need surgery. Peter is wheeled in, and Maxie stands there, looking at his blood on her hands, no doubt remembering Nathan. Finn walks by, and asks what happened to Peter?

Jason tells Carly, all they know about Dev is that he was surviving on his own in Ankara. Carly says he’s resourceful, but Jason says he lacks respect for the law. Carly laughs, and he says, Dev is smart and quick, and understands the rules of the game, but not the game in Port Charles. She asks what his concern is, and Jason says, he’ll get arrested. Being undercover is a lot to ask a kid his age. He doesn’t think Dev can handle it. What’s the first thing you learn on the run? She says, don’t make waves. Jason says trouble has a way of finding Dev. Under normal circumstances, that wouldn’t be a problem, but these aren’t normal circumstances. If Dev thinks he’s as good as he is, he’s going to get caught doing something stupid. That means trouble for everybody. Carly says she has to talk to Sonny.

Julian tells Ava, don’t be mad. She says she’s just stunned. She needs this, and if he can’t get behind it, do her the courtesy of staying out of it. She starts to leave, and opens the door to find Alexis on the other side. Alexis says Jax told her about Ava’s Crimson cover, and congratulates her. Ava says she’d be lying if she didn’t say she was apprehensive. Alexis says, interviews are tricky, and Ava hopes her story is told with care. Alexis wishes her good luck, and Ava leaves.

Alexis comes up behind Kristina, and hugs her. Kristina asks what that was for, and Alexis says she felt like loving her daughter. Kristina says, thanks, but she has to get back to work. Julian asks if she wants coffee. She does, and he says he couldn’t help notice that she made a beeline to Kristina. She asks if she’s not allowed to hug her daughter while she’s working, and Julian tells her that he was just saying he knows how her mind works. Although it annoys the crap out of him. She feels the same abut him, and says she didn’t realize they were on speaking terms. He says he was hard on her about some things, and she says she was a tad judgmental, but what he did was not okay. They have to be on their best behavior. She says, truce? and they shake hands. He says when he sees how much grief Ava is in, it shows him how lucky they are. She says she’s grateful every day that she can see and hug her daughters. He says he feels the same way. What Ava is going through is tough, but he can’t do anything for her, or Kim. Alexis says at the reading of Oscar’s will, the pain that radiated off of Kim and Drew was a parent’s worst nightmare. Julian says, Kim is speaking to someone, which is a good thing. Alexis asks, what about Ava? and he says she’s talking, just not to the person he wants her to. She’s headed for serious trouble.

Laura asks Hayden what her plans are. Hayden says she’s staying in Port Charles. She’s working for Jax. She’s the CFO of his branch of Aurora. It was generous of him to give her the opportunity. Laura says since she was busted twice for embezzling, yeah.

Dev tells Jason that he can explain. Jason misunderstood. The purse was on the floor. Jason says he saw the whole thing. The purse was on the table, unattended, and he knocked it off. He looked around to see where the owner and waitress were. When he saw there were no eyes on him, he tried to grab the wallet. Did he miss anything? Dev doesn’t understand. If Jason saw that, why didn’t he tell Carly?

Finn says he and Maxie don’t know each other well, but Anna thinks of her as a daughter. If she needs to talk… Maxie says, it’s pretty simple. Peter was shot, and it’s her fault. He says, not unless she pulled the trigger. She says she insisted on tracking Dante, when they all told her that he was dealing with PTDS, and it wasn’t something to mess with. She wouldn’t listen. She convinced herself that she knew better. She asked her father for the ultimate favor, and got admitted, but Dante refused to see them. She ignored that, and decided to see him anyway. She barreled into the room where she wasn’t supposed to be. She never saw anyone move so fast, and Dante fired at Peter. Finn says Peter is going to be okay, and Maxie says Dante never would have shot Peter if he’d been in his right mind, but he wasn’t. Peter could have died, and Dante would be a murderer. What’s wrong with her? Why can’t she ever learn?

Maxie tells Finn that she forced her way in. Everyone told her to stay away, but she didn’t listen. He says she was probably wrong and should have listened, but her intentions were good. She broke a rule for a good cause, and shouldn’t take on more responsibility than she has to. She didn’t take away Peter’s choice. She says she was supposed go alone, and he says, Peter is a grown man. The doctor comes out, and says Finn is getting sutures to close the wound. He’ll need to take it easy for a few days, but he’ll make a full recovery. He’s asking for her. She heads to the room, and asks if Finn is coming.

Sonny tells Carly that she just missed Lulu. She wants him to find Dante. Carly says she must be going out of her mind. Sonny says he feels for her, but… She says she got Dev set up, and Sonny asks how he’s doing. She says he’s willing and charming, but she thinks he’s in way over his head. Which means, so are they. She says he knows what it’s like to be young and desperate, telling people you’re capable of what you’re not capable of. She would think, what’s one more lie? when she was at the tipping point. She would get scared, panic, and try to cover, just making things worse. He asks if she thinks that’s going to happen to Dev, and she says, doesn’t he?

Jason tells Dev that he didn’t tell because he needed time to consider. He thinks Dev saw the wallet, and went to grab it before he thought about the consequences. He says let him tell Dev about the family he landed with. The wallet belongs to the mayor of Port Charles, who happens to be one of Sonny’s close friends, and Dante’s mother-in-law. Dev doesn’t know the territory or the people. Impulse worked in his old life, but not in his new life. He has to think it through, study the room, figure out who the people are, and does he really need the money? He’s being taken care of, so the answer is no. It’s an unnecessary risk, and he can’t afford to take those anymore.

Laura apologizes to Hayden for bringing it up. She returned the money twelve hours later. Hayden says it bothers her that she did it at all. She felt pride working at GH. Laura says she’s learned you can make pretty spectacular mistakes, and still be forgiven and rebuild. Maybe not overnight, but if she wants a fresh start, she can have one. Hayden hopes she’s right. Laura says Nikolas dug a deep hole, but in his heart and core, she thinks he was a good person, and could have found his way back. Ava approaches their table, and says, if only he’d lived long enough to have that chance.

Alexis has news for Kristina. She wants Julian to hear too. Shiloh was taken into police custody, and charged with a host of things. His second in command – Kristina says, Harmonyagreed to testify against him. He’s going away for a long time. Kristina says, so it’s over, and hugs Alexis.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s so sorry. He asks, why? and she says it’s all her fault. He knew it was a bad idea, and kept trying to tell her. As usual she did what she wanted. Peter says he’s fine, and asks Finn to tell Maxie he’s fine. Finn tells him, sit back, relax, and enjoy this. He’s obviously in good hands. Finn leaves, and Maxie says she can’t apologize enough. He tells her, stop, and she says, it was a stupid idea. Peter says he was there because he wanted to be there. Being shot was no picnic, but he’s glad it was him and not her. She doesn’t know what to say, and he tells her, says she’s glad both of them are still alive. She does, and kisses him.

Sonny knows what Carly is saying; Dev leaps before he looks. He’s clearly a scammer, and conned his way into the US. He’s been in trouble with the authorities in Turkey. Sonny told him stay away from Raj’s place, but he didn’t listen. Now Sonny owes him, and wants to help, or at lest try. Carly says he’s trying because Dev reminds Sonny of himself. She kind of gets it. Dev reminds her of him too.

Jason says Sonny told him what happened, and some of what Dev has been through. It’s rough stuff, but he survived. He has a huge opportunity. Sonny is one of the best there is. He’s giving Dev an opportunity, but it’s up to Dev to take it, or throw it away. Dev says he wants it to work out, and Jason says so does he – for Dev and Sonny. Sonny is his best friend, a guy who wants to repay a debt. He wants to help, and if that means saving Dev from himself, what’s he going to do?

Laura is surprised Ava is spending any time thinking about Nikolas. Ava says she’s been thinking about him quite a bit. He made a lasting impression. Laura and Hayden start to leave, and Ava asks if Laura finds herself feeling like she can still speak to him. Laura says he’s always with her in her heart.

Lulu asks Maxie if Peter is okay. Maxie says he’s resting, and doesn’t need surgery. She has to believe he’ll be okay. Lulu is glad, but wonders, what happened? Why is Maxie looking at her like that? Maxie starts to cry, and says, Dante shot Peter.

Tomorrow, Kim tells Julian that she’s sorry, Sibley asks if Ava is ready to contact Kiki, Peter asks Finn not to tell Anna what happened, and Lulu ask Maxie what the hell was she thinking?

Below Deck Mediterranean

João says Anastasia isn’t a seven-star chef, and Anastasia leaves the table. Travis says, she’s stressed as sh*t. Aesha follows, and hugs her. Hannah thinks João is right, but doesn’t need to tell her. Anastasia comes back to the table. In his interview, João says, it’s annoying how the honest person is the bad person. The crew moves on to a club, heavy drinking commences, and everyone loosens up. Travis tells Jack that João wants to make everyone feel smaller. He’s just a mean d*ckhead. Travis and Jack get on the dance floor. Travis dances with Hannah, and tries to kiss her. She tells him to behave himself. João is a stick in the mud, and calls Aesha whorish for twerking. She tells Jack that João is judgmental. In his interview, Jack says João is being disrespectful to Aesha, and he wants to be João’s karma. It’s best not to mess with him. He tells João, stop being a d*ck, and just relax. The crew gets it together, and heads back to the boat.

In the car, Jack says João showed his true colors, and Aesha says something unintelligible. In the other car, João mumbles something about growing up. Back on the yacht, they get ready for bed. Travis and Aesha eat spaghetti in the galley, and João tells jack if he can’t get up by ten, he’s not going back to work. Everyone finally goes to sleep.

Hannah just wants nine more hours. I know the feeling. João asks Colin what the story is with last night. Colin says Aesha wasn’t charmed by him, and said he was judgmental.  João says he’s done with drinks. In João’s interview, he says he’s disappointed in himself. We flash back to Jezebub, and he says, it’s amazing how you can work on something you don’t like about yourself for a year, and all it takes is one moment to go back to square one. If he loses control on a night out, he loses control of his team.

Aesha says, it was a fine night. Travis says Jack wanted her bad. In Hannah’s interview, she says she’s not looking for a boyfriend, or anything or serious, but Travis is there, and he’s like a cute puppy to play with. João wakes up Jack at ten. In his interview, he says he wants to maintain his relationship with the crew, so he wants to be lenient. He wishes he could trust them as much as he trusts himself. He tells Colin that he’s frustrated.

It’s time for the preference sheet meeting. In her interview, Anastasia says she’s not just helping in the galley; she’s the chef now. The primary is Jackie Siegel of Queen of Versailles fame, Versailles being a 90,000 square foot mansion Jackie and her husband are building. She’s taking a trip with friends, her stepson, and his wife. For her stepson’s birthday, she’s requested blow-up dolls, and she also wants to go to the top of Eze for a picnic. Hannah explains in her interview, that Eze is beautiful, and you can see all of the Med from there. Jackie also wants a celebration of life dinner to honor her late daughter Victoria. Sandy says the family is very philanthropic. She also tells them a new crew member is coming. She tells Travis that he’s to be on deck, and only go to the galley if he’s requested. She asks if Anastasia is ready. Anastasia bites her nails.

Everything is made perfect. João apologizes to Aesha, and she thanks him. In Aesha’s interview, she says she doesn’t like judgmental people. Her mother suffered from an addiction, and she saw people judging her when they didn’t know her. She’s an amazing mother. She came out the other side, and is doing well. For now, she’ll play nice, but if he does it again, she’ll play something different.

Anastasia goes to town to do shopping. Hannah looks up Jackie, and tells Aesha she’s quite the socialite. João makes a list for Jack. He says, there’s no one way to mange everyone. He’s going to try a different approach. He gives Jack the list, and Jack says, it will take all day. Oh horrors. A full day’s work. The new stew is seen on the horizon.

June is both a deckhand and a stew. In her interview, she says she was a bartender and server, but loved to travel, so she got into yachting. She’s been working in the South of France for four months. She doesn’t think she’ll ever speak French. Captain Sandy tells her, good luck. In Hannah’s interview, she says it’s not ideal to get a new person two hours before charter. She’s hoping Aesha will step in, and show June how it’s done.

Anastasia goes to Old Town Antibes. She says the guests come from money, and they’re used to fine dining. The finest ingredients in the world are found in the south of France. Hannah shows June where everything is. In Jack’s interview, he says João gave him a list of the same things he tells Jack to do every day. Like it will make a difference. Anastasia comes back, and says she feels off, not organized. In June’s interview, she says it’s intimidating, and she wants to learn as much as she can. She’s going to be a sponge. Hannah asks if June has a boyfriend, and June says, um… Hannah says she knows that situation. June says she’s always traveling, and Hannah says, that makes it hard. Colin tells June to ask anyone but him. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. In Colin’s interview, he’s glad to have another American on board, and she’s the only person he can understand on the boat. Aesha tells June they have a cool crew.

Jackie and the rest of the guests arrive. Hannah predicts that they’re going to be a lot of work. The usual champagne and tour happens. I never mind seeing it again, even though no one hands me a glass of champagne beforehand. Anastasia asks Travis for a radio. Jackie asks if there’s an elevator (that’s a no). She says Steve is one of her favorite sons. She married into acquiring him. The boat heads out into the peaceful blue water.

Jackie goes to the bridge. She asks if she’s supposed to unpack herself (not in a rude way, just inquiring), and Captain Sandy calls Hannah. Hannah tells Jackie that one of the stews will unpack for her, and Aesha gets that job. Anastasia tells Jack that it feels weird. He tells her just do what she did the last time. Jack says the brake is stuck, and João can’t believe they’re starting like this. João says he should know to take the brake off before the anchor can drop. Anastasia is making a Mediterranean buffet for lunch, and is beyond nervous to serve the first meal. In Hannah’s interview, she’s hoping the promotion doesn’t go to Anastasia’s head. They’ll end up fighting like she has with every other chef. The jet skis go into the water, and the slide is prepared. Jackie says the calamari is fantastic. Not even finished with lunch, they ask what’s for dinner. Jack says, the new girl is a good looking bird.

When Jackie finds out they’re having lamb, she asks if they can have mint jelly with that. Hannah is sure they must have it, but Anastasia looks blank when Hannah ask her. In her interview, Anastasia says she doesn’t know how make that. She has no effing clue. I think that’s what recipes are for. June introduces herself to Anastasia. In June’s interview, she says her dad was a chef. They moved around a lot, and she was always the new girl. Captain Sandy tells Anastasia that the guests love the food. She believes they’d tell her if they didn’t. Anastasia asks Travis to help prepare dinner. In her interview, Anastasia says she just needs to figure out what the hell to do regarding the mint jelly. She’s used to figuring things out on her own, since she was an only child, and her parents worked.

João babbles at Travis. In Travis’s interview, he says he’d rather be inside than listening to João’s bullsh*t. In June’s interview, she says, Colin is the sweetest guy, genuine, and seems like a guy you could tell anything to. The crew opens the packages for two randy Russian love dolls with three horny love holes. Colin asks if they use a pump to blow them up, but João says they have to do it by mouth. I think he’s kidding until I see Aesha doing it. In Colin’s interview, he says, eight guests, two dolls. You do the math. Aesha wonders where the love holes are, and pretends to make the doll talk. After seeing the latest in Japanese robotics, these dolls are just sad. Not that they weren’t sad before, but even more now. Like a really old Macy’s parade balloon.

Travis tests the food, and pronounces it perfect. June and Aesha set the table. In Aesha’s interview, she says she’s showing June how things are done, or Hannah might come down hard on her. Jackie puts on a sash that says, Queen of Versailles, and the other guests put on crowns. I’m not sure what to make of this. Jack suggests to Travis that they double-date with Aesha and Hannah. June does the cabins. In her interview, she says each chief stew has their own way of doing things, but Hannah must be busy, since she’s not getting any instruction. Aesha asks how it’s going. In Anastasia’s interview, she says she’s more comfortable with being chef at this point, but still feels like she has to answer to Hannah. She doesn’t have the arrogance, but it’s working for them. She substitutes mint yogurt sauce for the mint jelly, and the guests are impressed. The birthday cake looks amazing. Hannah tells the crew to bring out the sex dolls and come get rid of their dignity. In her interview, Hannah says she’s never had a request for blow-up dolls. She can’t believe Jackie is presenting them to her stepson in front of his wife. Her stepmother usually gets her bottle of wine and chocolates. Happy Birthday is sung, the cake is served, and the dolls are brought out.

The guests check out the love holes. Then go to bed. Without the dolls. Jack calls for Hannah and Aesha to come to the bridge. Jack asks if Aesha would like to go on a date with him. They all laugh, and Aesha says, it’s so sweet; of course she will. She hugs Jack, and Hannah says he’d like to ask Hannah as well. Because he wants to, and also wants to apologize for being a total d*ick the other night. Hannah hugs him, and in her interview, says it’s nice and fun, and she likes it. It’s the way it should be on a boat. She doesn’t think Travis will catch feelings – a dirty word. In Aesha’s interview, she says they’re so cute and thoughtful. June shoves ice cream in her mouth. In her interview, she says no one is telling her anything. She understands they’re busy, but she’s starving.

It’s morning, and I think about how good their coffee must taste. Colin says he’s more cautious about lifting anchor. Better safe than sorry. He tells the captain, the anchor is at home. The guests come out for breakfast, and Jackie asks Anastasia for boiled quail eggs. For whatever reason, she claims she started the fanny pack trend. Surprisingly, no one smacks her. June and Aesha pack for the picnic. June asks when breaks are. Captain Sandy tells João it’s a long hike up the hill. João says, it’s challenging, but at least he can trust Colin. Jack tells Anastasia that Jackie is happy with the quail eggs. Aesha tells her they said breakfast was delicious. Aesha dries dishes, and Jack helps by putting his arms around her. June says the cabins are done. In Hannah’s interview, she’s hoping it’s new job jitters, but something is strange about June’s energy. I agree. She’s annoying me, and I don’t know why.

João tells Colin that he’ll be going on the picnic. The jet skis and tender are put in the water. Hannah tells Jackie the plan is to leave at one, but Jackie says they can go earlier. They might want to stop by the beach. In her interview, Hannah says she has to organize so many pieces to put this puzzle together, and now she’s down from an hour and a half to twenty minutes. Hannah asks Anastasia what’s the earliest she can have lunch together, and Anastasia says, 12:30? Her question mark. Hannah asks João to get ready, and calls the drivers on shore to be on stand-by. The guests get antsy. João tells Hannah that he’ll take the guests first, and Colin will come back for the food. The guests act like the crew just has to bring the car around, and knew what time they’d be leaving before two seconds ago. I’m hoping they watch this and see themselves, but, rich people. The captain tells Jack she wants all the toys in the water.

The taxi-limos are waiting on shore. Colin goes back to the boat to pick up the food. João tells the guests that they’ll meet at the top of hill, and they go off to shop or whatever. Jack wonders what he and Travis should do for their date. Colin returns to Eze with the supplies. While the guests wander around Aesha, João, and June start hauling everything up the hill.

Back at the yacht, Captain Sandy tells the remaining crew, it’s training day. It’s to show them how better to use the equipment for the guests. This is apparently code for, you can goof around on the water toys for a while. In her interview, the captain says when the crew gets a moment where they can get in the water together, she calls it training day. Everybody gets a turn. She always takes care of her crew. Captain Sandy is the kind of boss we all dream of. The crew plays on the water toys. Back in Eze, Colin is realizing it’s not an easy walk. It looks grueling actually. June says, it’s bullsh*t. We see the huge contrast between the crew on shore and at the yacht. In June’s interview, she says she takes pride in her work, and wants the picnic to be absolutely perfect for the guests. It’s what they do.

The trek up the mountain is done. Aesha asks where the cutlery is. We see it sitting in a plastic bag on a table in the galley. June says, they packed it. Colin goes back to the van, but radios that there’s nothing. Aesha says they’re stuck with no cutlery, and hungry charter guests.

Next time, João and Jack argue, Aesha cries, Anastasia says the guests are requesting weird sh*t, and June gets sick.

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#PrimeDay is like when grandma says “help yourself to the candy jar!” but it has nothing but raisins and sugar-free salt water taffy.Dera Luce, Twitter

👑 Med Save the Queen…

I’ve seen this movie, and loved it. If you enjoy documentaries about rich people building big houses, but with slightly more substance, this one’s for you. It’s also a Sundance winner.