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February 16, 2018 – Faison’s Final Strike (it’s a doozie), Best in Show & a Quote Sextet


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital


Mike says it’s over the top, but Sonny says Mike almost got himself arrested yesterday. Mike claims he was feeling nostalgic, and they needed help at Kelly’s. He doesn’t need a doctor to tell him he’s just overtired. Sonny says since they’re at the hospital, they might as well have him checked out. If everything’s fine, he can say I told you so. Mike tells Sonny that breakfast is on him, and Sonny says, anywhere he wants. Mike says, maybe not Kelly’s.

Ava gets a call from Griff, but she doesn’t answer. Kiki tells her to turn the siren off. Ava asks if Kiki remembers getting picked up from the drunk tank. Kiki panics, and says no. Ava asks if she was in a blackout. Kiki says she thought it was more of a brownout, but doesn’t remember that. Ava says she doesn’t remember because it didn’t happen. A good Samaritan brought her home. She gives Kiki some food. Kiki says the last thing she remembers is talking to Spinelli, but then recalls Griff being there. She asks Ava if she ruined their night.

Griff leaves Ava a message, saying it’s his second time calling. He doesn’t like the way they left things, so call him back

Nelle messes with vocal stuff on the computer. She says, it’s just beginning, and Monica startles her, saying she didn’t mean to interrupt.

Jason tells Carly that he spent Valentine’s Day with Danny. He wanted another sleep over, and Jason just dropped him off at school.

Anna arrives to the will reading. A guy asks her if she wants anything, but she just wants it over with. She didn’t want anything to do with Faison when he was alive, and doesn’t want anything from him now that he’s dead. The guy says the other beneficiaries should be there soon. Sam and Drew come in.

At the hospital, David asks Mike what’s going on. Mike says there’s no problem; his son dragged him there. He’s been out of sorts, but doing a lot of traveling lately, and just needs some rest. David asks him to describe “out of sorts,” and Mike says he’s left some things here and there. Sonny tells him about Mike working at Kelly’s, and David asks Mike if it’s true, Mike says he was feeling nostalgic, but once his grandson explained it to the cop, it was fine. David tells him it might have something to do with rest, and Mike says his son is an alarmist. To be on the safe side, David wants to do bloodwork and tests to rule out anything serious. Mike tells Sonny that it’s ridiculous. Sonny says it will be over before he knows it. I’m so enjoying Max Gail as Mike.

Ava tells Kiki that she loves a good martini more than the next girl. She says last night was tough, but don’t get in the habit of drinking hurts away. Kiki says she’s retired from drinking for the foreseeable future. Ava asks about Dillon, and Kiki says they’re done. She knows it in her head, but she’s trying to get past it in her heart; it hurts. Ava tells her Dillon isn’t the right man for her. She deserves someone who puts her first. Kiki says that’s easy for to say; she has Griff. She has to get to work, and asks Ava for a ride. Ava thinks she should call in sick, but she has to stay in David’s good graces. Ava asks what if he notices she has a hangover, and Kiki says she’ll tell him it’s her allergies. Ava tells her to take a shower, and think up a better excuse.

Nelle tells Monica, sorry she’s jumpy. Nelle hugs her, says she’s happy to see her. Monica asks about an early lunch to catch up with baby news, but Ava isn’t in yet. Monica says it looked like she was doing something important. Nelle says don’t tell Ava, but she was looking online for baby stuff. She’s surprised how expensive everything is. Some strollers are as much as a used car. She’s right. Monica says that’s what baby showers are for; she’ll make out like a bandit. Nelle says she has no friends to throw a shower for her, and certainly Carly isn’t going to do it. Monica can’t believe Carly is that petty. She’ll want the baby to have the best of everything. Nelle says not if it includes her. Carly seems fixated on making her life miserable.

Carly asks Jason if things are getting better with Drew, and he says Drew is angry with him. It’s not about Danny, but Drew thinks he withheld information on Henrik, when he was just waiting for confirmation. Carly doesn’t think so. She thinks Drew is mad because his wife is in love with Jason. Sam may have married Drew with the best of intentions, but it was the worst possible thing for everyone else. The doorbell rings, and it’s Diane, who says she was in the neighborhood, and drops off Sonny’s paperwork. When she sees Jason, she says it’s serendipitous, since he’s been avoiding her phone calls. Jason says it has nothing to do with him, but Diane says it does. She’s been retained to handle Faison’s will in this country, and he’s been named as a beneficiary. She’s as surprised as anyone, but they need to be on their way to the reading. Jason says he doesn’t want anything from Faison.

Diane’s assistant introduces himself as Henry. Sam hopes this is better than Helena’s will reading. Helena cursed her and left her a third of a penny. Anna didn’t want anything he touched when he was alive, and certainly doesn’t now that he’s dead. Sam asks Henry how long it’s going to be. He says Diane should be there shortly, but they’re waiting for one more beneficiary.

Diane tells Jason that she can’t finalize the will until the Danish government knows she contacted all of the parties involved. They won’t know what’s in it until they read it. Jason says Faison took five years from him, and he killed him; it’s over with. Carly says it’s not. Whatever Faison set up to hurt him, ignoring it won’t make it go away. She steps into the hallway to take a call from Sonny. Diane tells Jason that she can’t believe she’s saying this, but Carly made an articulate and logical argument. Did any of it get through?

Carly asks Sonny what the doctor said. Sonny tells her that he ordered tests and a physical exam. Mike isn’t happy, and thinks he’s just overtired. Carly hopes that’s all it is, and Sonny gives her a raincheck for Valentine’s Day. She tells him to just keep her posted. She looks at unknown caller on her phone list.

Monica knows how difficult Carly can be, and tells Nelle, imagine living under the  same roof. She thinks Carly will ease up, especially after the baby is born. Nelle tells her that Kim already cautioned her against stress, and told her how it can affect the baby’s health. Monica asks if it’s work, but Nelle says Ava is more than accommodating. Monica can’t help unless Nelle tells her what it is. Nelle says she doesn’t mean to speak out of turn, but Carly keeps hurling horrible accusations against her. She’s trying to be the bigger person, but it’s hard when it’s affecting the baby’s health. Monica tells Nelle that she’s sorry, and hugs her. Nelle says there’s only so much she can take.

Ava brings Kiki the phone she left in the car. She tells Kiki don’t thank her, just get it together and stay hydrated. Griff comes out of the elevator as Ava is leaving, and he stops her. He says she’s been ignoring his phone calls, but she can’t ignore him in real life. Ava says he’d be surprised. He asks if they’re going to pretend nothing happened last night.

Sonny tells Mike it wasn’t so bad, but Mike says Sonny isn’t the one being poked and prodded like a lab rat. Sonny looks at his phone, saying, the wonders of the internet. The flowers were delivered to Rita. Mike wonders what flowers, and Sonny tells him the ones they ordered this morning.

Carly debates deleting unknown caller’s number, and finally does.

Monica doesn’t want Nelle to worry, and says the baby will be fine. Nelle says she knows she made terrible mistakes with Carly in the past, but she’s tried to make amends. Monica tells her not to beat herself up. Carly has made many mistakes. Nelle says you’d never know by how she acts. Monica tells her that Carly has been given the benefit of second chances, and she’s sorry Nelle wasn’t extended the same courtesy. Nelle says she’s okay with not being the best of friends, but wants to get to a place where they’re civil and can move forward for the baby’s sake. Monica thinks Carly loves the baby as much as they do, but tells Nelle to let her know if Carly bothers her again. Putting Carly in her place comes as second nature to her. Nelle thanks her, and Monica suggests lunch next week. Nelle agrees, and says Monica has helped her more than she’ll ever know.

Ava insists she’s not avoiding Griff. He says she’s running away. He’s glad Kiki is feeling better, but he’s worried about them. He admits he should have called her. Ava says, yes, he should have, but it’s over and everything is fine. Kiki is okay, and they’re moving on. He asks why she’s still pushing him away. She insists she’s not, but he says she’s pulling herself back then; she’s been keeping her distance since the surgery. She tells him that it’s complicated. He says whatever is going on, she needs to tell him. David comes out and says he needs to consult with Griff. Ava says she has to go.

Henry says Diane is on her way. There’s one more beneficiary who’s been notified, but he doesn’t know if they’re coming. Sam wonders if it’s Obrecht, but Anna thinks not. Diane comes in, followed by Jason. She knows it’s uncomfortable, but the sooner they dispense with the formalities, the sooner they can get on with their lives. The will starts of with Faison revoking any former wills, and declaring this to be his last will and testament.

Monica stops by Sonny’s, and asks if Carly has a minute. Monica says Carly has an elegant home. Carly is surprised Monica has never been there. Monica says she never had an inclination to set foot in it before Sonny murdered her son, and there was certainly none after. She wants what’s best for the family they do share, Michael’s baby and the baby’s mother. She says Carly has the right to dislike Nelle. Carly says she doesn’t know the half of it. Monica says Nelle is carrying Michael’s child, and her hostility could cause a problem with the baby. She tells Carly to back off of Nelle.

At the gallery, Ava says Nelle is chipper. Nelle doesn’t want to jinx it, but things are going well regarding their mutual enemy. She even managed to endear herself to Michael. Ava says Valentine’s Day treated her well. Nelle asks how Griff reacted when Ava told him she loved him, but Ava doesn’t want to talk about it.

David tells Sonny that he had a colleague look at the test results. Sonny doesn’t respond well to seeing Griff, but David says he’s the best neurosurgeon in the state. Griff says he can forward the results to Patrick in Berkeley, but Sonny says no, and asks what’s going on. Griff says Mike recounted some incidents to him, including the one at Kelly’s. He has to ask if Mike gave his own explanation, or was it Sonny’s? Did Mike have a clear idea of why he was there, or was he confused until Sonny gave an explanation? Sonny tells Griff that he said something to Mike, and Griff wants to administer a one-on-one test to determine if Mike has any cognitive impairments.

Diane reads that Faison wants to be buried in his native Denmark, he has no wife, and all his outstanding debts are to be paid. He leaves Britt a load of sandbags. Since she’s been a weight to him in life, he’s returning the favor in death. He leaves Drew what he wants more than anything – a way to restore his memories.

Sonny tells Mike they’ll be out of there soon. Mike says he hopes it’s going to be a good lunch, since they missed breakfast. Sonny introduces Griff, and Mike asks if he’s a hot potato now. Griff says he knows Mike has been confused lately, and he’d like to run another test. Mike says he’ll pass; he has no blood left. Griff says it’s not that kind of test. It’s a mental state exam. Mike asks if they think he’s crazy, and Griff says no; it’s to test his cognitive abilities. Mike says there’s nothing wrong with him that rest and vitamins won’t cure. He tries to leave, but Sonny says that he has to be honest. He’s been worried, and if they can rule out anything serious, he’ll have peace of mind. He’s asking as Mike’s son. Can he do this for him?

Kiki tells David welcome back. He says he heard congratulations are in order, since she got into med school. She says she couldn’t have done it without him, but he says she’s a hard worker, and deserves it. He asks how she’s feeling, and she says relieved, excited, and nervous. He says her boyfriend will have to get used to her working even more, and she tells him that they broke up.

Nelle says, so Ava’s daughter ruined her date, and Ava says Kiki got herself good and drunk. Griff came to the rescue after spending his night off at the hospital. His priority is taking care of other people. Nelle says it’s what drew Ava to him in the first place, and Ava says it’s a paradox. He has a professional obligation to be selfless, even when it makes him selfish. She wonders if their relationship will work if she doesn’t need saving. Nelle says Ava was the one telling her to work for what she wants; why not apply it to Griff? Ava says she’s never felt this way about anyone. She tells Nelle about the dream she had – more of a nightmare – where Griff and Avery were horrified at her and she was left alone. She wonders if it’s more of a prophecy, and a reminder that she won’t live up to his ideals.

Carly asks Monica what has she done exactly? Monica says she’s been gunning for Nelle for months. Carly says she’s just protecting her family. Monica asks if that includes her unborn grandchild. Kim already warned Nelle about stress, and Carly says Nelle couldn’t wait to share it. Monica knows Nelle is far from innocent, but tells Carly to be the bigger person for the baby’s sake. Carly says Nelle is carrying her grandchild, and she’ll handle it how she sees fit. She’s seen the house; now get out.

Diane reads that there’s a detailed account of Andre’s research, including how to reverse the process, locked in Faisons’s safe. It will be released when the parameters are met. To Jason, he leaves the alias and last known whereabouts of Henrik. That’s also locked in the safe, and the combination is only known to his executor in Denmark. It will be delivered to either party upon death of the other. I say, oh ho! out loud. That’s pretty slick.

Griff asks Mike various questions about what words mean, the date, and where they are. He has him repeat three words that Griff tells him, and then count backward by sevens. Geez, I’m not so sure I could do that, but Mike can. Griff asks him for the three words again, but Mike gets stuck.

Ava is afraid there’s truth in her nightmare. She thinks it would be better for her if Avery with her. Nelle says she will be. Ava asks if that’s because of what Nelle has planned for Carly. She says she can’t be involved in anything that makes it harder for her to be with her daughter, and Nelle says she’ll have complete deniability. It won’t be long before they get everything they want for themselves and their children, and Carly will be stuck with the bill.

Nasty Carly asks Monica if she needs to say it slower or louder. Monica says she heard fine. They might dislike each other intensely, but the share a connection in Michael, who wants them to put their differences aside for the baby’s sake. He’s going to remember who honors his wishes and who doesn’t. Carly tells Monica to stay in her lane. On her way out, Monica tells Carly that she’s throwing a shower for Nelle, and expects complete cooperation.

David tells Kiki sorry about Dillon. She says they grew apart; the distance thing ca be brutal. He asks if she’ll be okay, and she says if she stops talking about it. Davis apologizes, and tells her that she’s doing great. She says she’s been keeping herself busy. When she’s not at the hospital, the library is her second home. He says it’s good to see her sharp focus hasn’t waned, and she tells him that he’ll be seeing more of her around there.

Anna tells Diane that can’t be legal. Diane says it’s despicable, but legal. Sam says Faison is still playing mind games, and Anna adds that he maximized the destruction. Drew says he’s pitting them against each other. For either of them to get what they want, the other has to die.

On Monday, Faison leaves his estate to Henrik, Alexis and Ned are in a dead heat, and Griff tells Sonny that he’s correct to be concerned.

🐶  Thoughts on Westminster

I was watching the highlights of the Westminster Dog Show, and reminiscing about dog shows past, since I’ve attended a few times. I had to get up at the crack of freaking dawn and take a 5 am train to get there, so you know I must love dogs. Why they like to show the Pekingese first thing in the morning, I’ll never know. Mine are all divas who sleep until two in the afternoon. I wouldn’t wake them at that hour any more than I’d wake a hormonal teenager, who had been up all night crying over a break-up, that early. The best year was when a friend of mine (sadly, no longer with us) was visiting from Texas, and her husband got a hotel room for us in Manhattan, so we could wake at a reasonable hour. I don’t know what it cost, but it can’t have been cheap. Just to look at a hotel room in the city is two hundred bucks. It was a beautiful place, and the breakfast buffet was spectacular. If we hadn’t had to leave for the show, we’d still be there. But I digress.

The show has spread out from Madison Square Garden, which now only hosts the final battle, Best in Show. The individual breeds are shown in a two buildings at the piers. In some ways, this makes it a hassle. Not only going in between the buildings, but also if you’re there for the whole shebang, you have to trek across town. On the other hand, it’s more up close and personal. The attendance for Best in Show is large, but there’s no need to have so many seats for the individual breeds. Another bonus is that it’s not ten thousand degrees. Going behind-the-scenes at the Garden – where you’d find both the benching and grooming areas, as well as the shopping booths – was a nightmare. The crowd alone was enough to give anyone an anxiety attack, and the hardiest of us could have fainted from the heat. Expanding the territory has alleviated not all, but a great majority of that. While watching the dogs do their thing in the ring is fun, my favorite part was always to meet and greet backstage. Some handlers and owners can be unfriendly, but more often than not, I was able to have a congenial chat and pet a fuzzy head. If you should go, always, always ask first. Never just go up to one of the dogs and touch. I’d say that’s a good rule of thumb no matter what strange dog you’d like to pet. I have to admit, another highlight for me was when a Golden Retriever decided to poop in the ring. The handler was understandably mortified, but the dog, being a dog, couldn’t have cared less.

I didn’t watch the whole thing tonight, but did see a few breed candidates, and the final judging of Best in Show. Betty-Anne Stenmark chose the ultimate winner, and gave an enchanting speech about loving all dogs, but how this was a special night for the purebreds. The Bichon was the big winner, with the large size Schnauzer as back-up. I guess if the winner can’t fulfill their duties? A cutie named Flynn, the Bichon was like a cotton ball come to life, and deserving of a million kisses. I couldn’t help but smile watching him. It must have been hard to choose though. The Borzoi was like a gorgeous, thin, small horse. The Spaniel (I forget which kind) had the sweetest of faces, and when they told us that Bean was the grandson of Stump, I almost fell off my chair laughing. The Border Collie was a TV dog for sure, cocking his head to one side, bringing on the awws. The big distractions were renegade treats on the carpet, as well as a “robot” camera that nearly gave the big Schnauzer a doggie heart attack. The crowd was comparable to one at a sports event, and went wild for the Pug. Me too.

The best part of the whole thing is that, purebred or not, they are dogs. They don’t know why, but they’re making everyone happy, and they’re into it.

👄  Quotes of the Week

Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.Groucho Marx

If shame were effective motivation, there wouldn’t be many fat people.Health At Every Size, web community

The important thing in life is not the victory but the contest; the essential thing is not to have won but to have fought well.Baron Pierre de Coubertin

We can ALWAYS make a difference to someone, no matter what role we play.Lindsey Stirling 

It smells like it looks. – a plumber on Hoarding: Buried Alive

No matter how love-sick a woman is, she shouldn’t take the first pill that comes along.Dr. Joyce Brothers

🏆 Westminster 2016


😜 My Personal Westminster



February 12, 2018 – After the Funeral, Two Birthdays, an Atlanta Mention, a Creepy Town & the Visible Man


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the cemetery, Lulu says she’s sorry abut Maxie’s loss. Maxie says she should be; she killed him. Lulu asks how she can say that. Maxie says Lulu wanted to be the next big thing; journalism’s next superstar. She asks if Lulu got her story, and what the going rate is for her husband’s life.

At The Floating Rib, Anna asks if Felicia and Mac need anything. Felicia tells her, a time machine. Yeah, we could all use one of those.

Kim goes to Charlie’s to get take-out. Julian tells her they have couple’s dinners available for Valentine’s Day, and gives her the menu to check out. She says it’s a little over the top for her son.

Finn and Alexis are leaving an AA meeting at the hospital. Finn asks Alexis if he agrees to buy coffee, will she get off his back about sharing? She says she will, if he’ll add telling her one significant detail.

Sam asks Drew why the staring contest with Franco. He wonders why he’s making Franco nervous. Franco suggests to Elizabeth that they leave, but she wants to wait for Maxie to get there. Mac wonders where Maxie is.

Lulu tells Maxie that she didn’t fire the gun. Maxie says she didn’t shoot Nathan, but she put him in a position to be shot. And for what? A stupid article? A pat on the back from her boss? Lulu says she understands Maxie’s heart is breaking and needs to lash out, but Maxie says, no; she needs her husband. She tells Lulu don’t dare cry, and Lulu says she loved Nathan too. Maxie says she used him to advance her career. She actually believed she’d become a prize-winning journalist after two weeks. Her ego knows no bounds. She exploited Nathan. She knew he wanted to get Faison away from his family, and Nathan agreed because she put the idea in his head, making him think it was the only way when it was just her way. Peter listens from behind some bushes, looking pained. Maxie says Lulu did it to get an interview, and she knows it’s true. Dante says they’re not doing this, and Maxie tells him she knows he told Lulu to leave it to the police. Lulu says Nathan was the police, but Maxie says, no. He was a husband and father-to-be who would do anything to protect his family, and she took advantage of that. Why not? She had nothing to lose. She risked nothing, and in turn took everything from Maxie.

Oscar and Josslyn enter Oscar’s apartment. He tells Josslyn she has to be fast; his mom will be home soon. She asks what if she hurts him, but he tells her to hurry.

Finn wants to go to Charlie’s, but Alexis says Julian is Charlie. Finn wonders when that happened, and says he has to get online more. He asks if she wants to go somewhere else, but she says, let’s just do it.

Franco ponders the rabbit’s foot. Drew asks how it’s going. Franco says it’s a funeral, and leaves the table.

Spinelli tells Anna that his deepest regret is not finding Faison sooner, and Anna agrees it would have played out differently. He asks if she’s still looking for Henrik, and she says, absolutely. He could be planning on picking up where his father left off. Spinelli says Henrik’s trail is as cold as Faison himself. Anna tells him that no one can stay lost forever.

Dante wants Lulu to leave, but she says she needs to make Maxie understand. Maxie says, of course that’s her response. No I’m sorry; no I was wrong, and made the biggest mistake of my life. It’s Maxie’s problem, and Lulu has to make her see she’s right and Maxie is wrong because Lulu is always right. The one thing that could bring her closure is Lulu admitting her part, but she’ll never get it. It’s not Lulu’s style or in the Spencer DNA. Lulu says she admits it when she’s wrong, and Maxie asks when was the last time she did that. Lulu asks if she wants an example, and Maxie says she does, but she doubts Lulu will be able to find one. When Maxie screwed up, she felt terrible and apologized over and over until Lulu forgave her, but she’ll never get that from Lulu. Her ability to feel regret or remorse doesn’t exist. She’s incapable of it, and also a murderer, but a morally superior one, so there’s that.

Lulu says she can’t mean it. She asks Maxie to talk, but Maxie says it’s not her job to make it better for Lulu. Nina tells Lulu to stop; she’s done enough. She tells Lulu to please go, and leads Maxie away. Dante takes Lulu in the opposite direction. Nina asks if Maxie is okay, and suggests they go to the reception. Maxie doesn’t want to leave him; she doesn’t know how to do this. She asks Nina to please tell her how. Nina doesn’t know, but they’ll figure it out together. They hug, and Valentin takes Nina’s hand.

Drew tells Franco that he thought the condolences went well. Franco says the whole thing is sad and awful. Drew asks if Franco is avoiding him.

Julian tells Kim that she’s not walking home alone. She says a free drink, take out, and delivery, and Julian says he aims to please. She says, or make someone jealous. She sees him staring at Alexis, and he says he’s just making sure the customers have what need. Kim hands him the bags to carry. At first, he acts like the bags heavy, giving me hope that one of the actors gets it, but then, not so much. (sigh) Finn asks Alexis about getting something to eat, but she says she’s not hungry.

Peter stands by Nathan’s grave with tears in his eyes. He says it’s strange to say goodbye when they weren’t formally introduced; not as brothers at least. He wishes he’d known Nathan. He seemed like a good man; loving, kind, heroic – all the things their father wasn’t. He says it’s so clear how much Maxie loves him. He’s tempted to say he was a lucky man. He’s truly sorry that his luck ran out.

At The Floating Rib, Anna tells Maxie it was an honorable send off for an honorable man. Maxie looks at the pictures, and says she knows how much Nathan loved her. Sam tells her that she was great today. Nathan would be proud. Maxie excuses herself, and tells Nina that she can’t be there. Everyone is so sad and sorry. Nina tells her to take care of herself. Felicia wants to take her home, but she wants to be alone. After she leaves, Spinelli tells them that what Maxie says she wants and what she needs are often different things. Mac tells him to take care of their girl, and he follows Maxie.

Franco thought Drew would prefer he keep his distance, and Drew says he does. He asks how long Franco has known Jim. Franco says as long as Drew has, since they were little kids. Drew asks if Franco recognized him, but Franco says it was the other way around. Jim showed up at his studio. Drew wonders why he wouldn’t have said something about meeting someone from their past. Franco says there is no “our past,” just the past. The were toddlers, and don’t remember. Drew asks to see the rabbit’s foot.

Valentin sees Anna in the hallway. She asks how Nina is doing, and he says as would be expected. He wants to help, but can’t. Anna says he’s helping more than he knows. She tells him that she’s still processing their conversation. He wonders if there’s anything he can do or any questions he can answer. She asks why keep quiet? He hated her for so long, and all this time, had ammunition at his disposal. If anyone found out she had Faison’s child, it would kill her career and damage her personal life. He had the means to take her down, and didn’t. What stopped him? He says there’s a thin line between love and hate. He loved her, hated her, and everything in between, but could never bring himself to destroy her.

Josslyn is in front of Oscar, who’s sitting on a stool. She’s doing something, but we don’t see what. Kim comes into the apartment with Julian, and Oscar and Josslyn scramble around; Oscar running into the kitchen. Josslyn asks why Julian is there, and he says, love you too. Oscar messes around in the kitchen, and Kim asks what he’s doing. He says grabbing some food, and she tells him to say hello to their guest. He walks over, and we see he has a black eye. I laugh because I thought Josslyn was waxing his eyebrows or something.

Alexis says there seems to have been an uptake in Finn’s attendance at AA meetings, and asks if it’s because of Anna. Finn says he has a tendency not to know what has until it’s gone. Dante and Lulu come in. Lulu tells Dante it won’t shut off. It’s not just the words, but the way Maxie said them. Maxie hates her. So do I. Her point?

Maxie hesitates before going into the apartment. She finally does, and sits on the couch without taking off her coat. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Spinelli, and she asks what he’s doing there. He says her mother was right; she shouldn’t be alone. She says, but she is.

Elizabeth asks Franco if everything is okay, and he tells her Drew was just asking to see the rabbit’s foot. Elizabeth asks why, and Drew thinks he recognizes it. Franco hands it to him. Sam says, anything? Drew says, no, but he appreciates it.

Anna thanks Valentin. Felicia sees them in the hall, but goes back inside. Anna is grateful he kept quiet. She asks if he knows where her daughter is, and if he kept track of her, but he says he only knew what the midwife told him. It was a private adoption; no birth certificate, and no records exist. She went to a good family, and has a good life where Faison doesn’t exist. If Anna found her, she would have to tell her the truth. She says, Robin too; it would turn her life upside down for a multitude of reasons. Valentin says she knows what she has to do.

Oscar tells Kim that he got in a fight. Kim says, that’s clear, but with who? He asks if she remembers the friend he told her about that identifies as a girl, and says he stood up for her. She says next time, tell a teacher, and don’t provoke the bully. He says there wasn’t any time. Josslyn says if he hadn’t stepped in, their friend would have been seriously hurt. Kim says she cares about her son, not their friend.

Finn tells Alexis that he keeps making the same mistake over and over. She asks who left who, and he says this time, it was all Anna. It’s like she opens a door with one hand, and slams it shut with the other.

Dante tells Lulu that he was with Nathan every day. Nathan wanted Faison caught. Lulu admits she pushed him about the interview until he gave in. She should have stayed out of it. Dante takes her hand.

Spinelli gives Maxie some tea. She asks if he thinks it’s strange that she didn’t want Georgie at the funeral. He says on the contrary. She was looking out for their daughter, who is too little to understand what transpired. She also would have missed her school outing. Maxie brightens a little, and says, her first field trip. Spinelli tells her that Georgie went to the Portland zoo, but she doesn’t have to only imagine it. She asks if he has a video, but he was referring to her coming home with him. Their guest room goes unused, and Georgie would be ecstatic to spend more time with her. She tells him that going to Portland won’t make her forget that her husband is dead.

Peter looks for Maxie, and Sam tells him it was too much for her. He says it’s understandable. Drew and Sam hope he’s had a chance to regroup, and rethink leaving. They’re not shutting any doors.

Valentin tells Anna that she made a bold choice. Does she continue going forward with the consequences, or pass it on to her children? He gives her some advice that he ultimately borrowed from her. Let the past be the past. They’ve all made mistakes. The difference between him and her is that she wants to be better; so be better. She wonders if it will be enough, and he says it will have to be. He leaves to be with Nina.

As the kids are leaving, Julian tosses Oscar the bag of frozen peas. Josslyn says she’ll tell her stepdad that he said hello. Kim asks if Sonny is a friend of his, and he says, not exactly.

Finn asks Alexis, where is he supposed to go with this?

Maxie tells Spinelli she can’t jet off to Portland and forget Nathan. She forgot before, when she could have been at home instead of wasting precious time. She’s not wasting more by running away. Not feeling the loss, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Spinelli says he wasn’t suggesting that. She knows he was just trying to help, but don’t. She tells him don’t show up either. He doesn’t understand what happens when she hears a knock or footsteps or the elevator door. Every moment of every day is a reminder that Nathan is gone. All the brief, blissful moments of hope are the hardest to get over. She needs to be there until she does. She doesn’t need reminders. It’s horrifyingly real, and he can’t help her with that. She tells him to leave. He kisses her forehead and goes.

Peter tells Nina how sorry he is. She introduces him to Valentin. Valentin says it’s kind of him to come, and he says they’re all family at Aurora. Nina leaves them to help Felicia. Valentin says he hopes Peter has reconsidered leaving town. Some people might get suspicious. Peter thinks Valentin is overestimating his importance, but Valentin says Drew is going to follow every lead. Peter says there were complications, and Valentin says it was a shame about Nathan being collateral damage. He tells Peter to trust him, since he’s always looked out for him in the past.

Lulu tells Dante she has to quit her job. He says she loves it, but she says she loves Maxie more, and needs to make this right.

Alexis tells Finn she’s a master of mixed signals, both giving and getting them. She says that people can hold mixed truths in their hearts. If Anna is finding it that hard to keep away, she’s not ready.

Kim tells Julian that Oscar is her everything. He’s all she has. Julian says that’s not entirely true. She says she has her work, and it’s meaningful, but he says she also has friends.

Elizabeth asks where the rabbit’s foot came from, and Franco tells her it was in a box with his stuff from New York. It’s been with him ever since. She says it’s done it’s job. They’re happy, in love, and about to get married. Who’s luckier than them?

Sam tells Drew to remember the last time he got that familiar feeling. It was about Kim, and she ended up being a big part of his life. The rabbit’s foot could be a missing piece of the puzzle.

Felicia says she saw Anna talking to Valentin, and asks if she should be worried. Anna says it’s taken decades, and they have no more wars to fight.

Nina places a ticket stub from the Natural History Museum on Nathan’s grave. She talks to Valentin about taking Nathan there, and thanks him for bringing her. She needed one more chance to say goodbye. He tells her that he’s been in a lot of dangerous situations, but he never met someone as brave as she’s been today. She says she doesn’t feel brave. He tells her that she doesn’t have to, and holds her.

Maxie put on Nathan’s jacket and smells it. She talks to the baby, saying she’s so sorry. Sorry the baby won’t get to meet the dad who would have loved them; he already did. She’s sorry she lost it earlier, and hopes she didn’t scare the baby by freaking out about the future. She swears its mom isn’t psycho, just sad and angry. She’ll pull it together. It’s what the baby’s dad would have wanted. He’d want her to sing songs and make the baby laugh, like he was looking forward to doing. She’ll do it for both of them. It’s not the same, and they’ll always miss him, but she thinks if they’re brave and lean on each other, they’ll get through it and be okay.

Tomorrow, Robin thanks Jason for killing Faison, Michael says he’s selling the building, and Sonny tells Mike he’s not going anywhere.

Vanderpump Rules

Stassi and Katie go shopping at Dapper Cadaver. Stassi is having a death/murder-themed birthday party, and I guess this is the place to go. She’s celebrating the death of her 20s. When she dies, she wants to be taxidermized with a glass of wine in her hand and let people take photos with her. I actually think this is a cool idea. She has a list of the various items she wants to get, and goes over the guest list with Katie. In her interview, she tells us that Patrick blocked her when he went to Amsterdam. She tried sexting him, he turned her down, and she got angry, telling him she was going to find someone else. He’s finally unblocked her, so she’s hoping he comes to the party. She thinks she and Ariana having the same birthday is like Bride Wars.

Billie, Scheana, Lala, and Ariana go outfit shopping. Ariana is having a kings and queens party, because she’s a queen. I could make a lot of jokes here, but I’ll leave it. The girls look through the fabulous dresses, lingerie, and accessories. Billie tells Ariana that her 30s is her prime, but Ariana says she’s not having sex. In her interview, she says she’s not a fan of her nether regions. Really. She said that.

Tom and Schwartz go to the restaurant site. Today is the day to find out if the permits are approved. Without them, they can’t start the construction. Tom says they’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, and we flash back to those. Lisa and Ken arrive. Lisa says Tom smells like alcohol. He tells her the triplets are on their way home, but last night they went to a strip club and made it rain. Lisa wonders if Schwartz’s wife knows he went to a strip club. She tells them the permits have been approved, and they start Monday. Tom counts it among one of the best days of his life. He writes a check, but tells Lisa not to cash it until the end of the month. Schwartz is having PTSD from writing the check for the wedding. That’s why they catch you at the end for that. You’re a little drunk, so it doesn’t hurt as much. He didn’t say that last part. It’s my personal observation.

Ariana visits therapist Julia. She says it’s long overdue. She wants to do more to help herself and get her head right. She tells Julia about her self-criticism, and how it’s amplified over the years. Her ex-boyfriend added to the problem. She says in the beginning, she thought it was a fling, but he wanted her to stay, and after she moved in, held it over her head because she had no money. Julia asks about her support system, and she says Tom is a true partner. Julia wonders about marriage and family, and Ariana says she never wants to give birth. Her goal is to just be able to function without so much anxiety. In her interview, she wants to communicate her feelings to Tom, but doesn’t want him to think it’s him. She tells Julia she’s frozen. Well, let it go then. BA-DUM-CHH!

James, Lala, Brittany, and Schwartz go to Villa Rosa to discuss World Dog Day. Lisa wanted a festival that was diametrically opposed to the Yulan dog meat festival. In his interview, James says it’s not the most extravagant or exciting gig he’s had, but on the road to success, you have to pay your dues. Lisa suggests Schwartz make out with the guests for a fifty-cent donation. Brittany asks if Lisa is coming to either of the parties, but she doesn’t have the time. Giggy! Schwartz tells her that she wouldn’t have to dress up for Ariana’s party, since she’s already a queen. Once again, I have to squelch my jokes.

Lisa asks Brittany to stay behind. She wants to talk about Jax. Lisa says it’s been challenging to say the least, and she doesn’t want him there tomorrow. She tells Brittany that she doesn’t want him anywhere near her.

Tom makes breakfast and serves it to Ariana. He asks how therapy was. She says she’s a work in progress, but she’s glad he stuck around. He says he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with her, but when they first started dating, they had sex all the time. In his interview, he says he understands the excitement dies down, but thinks she’s afraid to tell him. He tells her that he knows the newness wears off, but she says the only thing that wears off is confidence; there’s no pretending. He thinks she felt it more back then, but she begs to differ, telling him she was just saying it to impress him. In her interview, she says she knows it must be confusing for him. Ariana isn’t thrilled that they haven’t been spending much time together. Tom says he got a high off of helping Tom’s brothers and we see clips. He gets that some things turn her off, but she says there’s no closeness if they don’t do things together. In her interview, she says when he does other things, it makes her think he doesn’t want her. He tells her that he can’t read her mind.

Katie does Stassi’s makeup. She says she wants to be a hot dead girl, and is going for shot-in-the-head chic. Kristen says they’re like sluts in a morgue. Katie tells them about Kevin Lee bringing her flowers, and we see a clip. He tells her that he’s sorry, and she tells him that he should never make comments about weight to anybody. Ever. She tells the girls it was awkward. His apology doesn’t affect her, but she feels badly for him.

Tom loves dressing up and going over the top. Jax stops by while Tom is trying on costumes. He tells Tom that he and Brittany decided on prom king and queen. He’s wearing a prom style tux, and stopping by Burger King for a crown on the way there. Tom puts in creepy white contacts. Brittany calls, and lets Jax know about Lisa not wanting him at World Dog Day. He doesn’t know why Lisa is holding a grudge when others have done worse. I hate that. I hate when people won’t take responsibility, and try to deflect by pointing at someone else. He tells her just go without him. She says he’ll miss the beauty pageant, and Tom adds there are a lot of hot bitches there.

It’s party time! We visit Ariana’s party first. Tom, wearing a Maleficent costume, introduces Queen Ariana, who is dressed in gold with a huge spiky crown. James says everyone is killing it with the costume game tonight. I would agree, but Scheana and Lala are basically dressed in lingerie and wearing crowns. I’m not sure if that qualifies as a costume. Lala says she’s never missing one of Ariana’s birthdays again. Billie tells Tom that she’s heard amazing things about his drag, and we flash back to that.

Schwartz says Stassi put her name on the party – it’s macabre. He thinks the scariest thing is the ranch dressing fountain, and has no doubt people will put their fingers in it by the end of the night. Peter brings a bottle of Dom Perignon from Lisa and Ken. Stassi is thrilled, since a year or so ago, she would have gotten a bag of Giggy’s flaming dog poopy. Patrick comes in wearing a man bun, which is scarier than everything else combined. Stassi’s mother asks how the trip was, and Patrick says he had a great time. Stassi feels like she’s walking on eggshells, trying to make things work. Her best solution is to drink. She orders Jager bombs all around. Bleh. I think that’s even worse than the fountain. It tastes like cough medicine.

Jax tells Billie that he’s not going to Stassi’s party. He doesn’t want to be around the anxiety; he’s trying to surround himself with better people. Ariana tells Tom that experiencing things together is a huge thing for her, and he apologizes. He says he needs her; she’s his foundation. Well, that beats saying she completes him. It kills him that she’s doubting herself and being self-conscious. He tells her that she’s his number one, and she says ditto. She says if she doesn’t feel the closeness, it’s hard to get busy. They kiss. She says he’s not perfect, and she’s a work in progress (all right already), and she wants to be close to him. He suggests they make magic happen, and she asks if she can keep her crown on.

Katie tells Patrick that he and Stassi need to stop breaking up and making up. He says he doesn’t care if she has sex with other people, but he doesn’t want her to have emotional commitment with anyone else. Kristen says Stassi has always been the conductor in relationships, but with Patrick, she’s second fiddle.

Ariana’s brother, Jeremy, is wearing a little crown that reminds me of Blaine and Antoine (Men on Film) on In Living Color. He takes the mic, and wishes Ariana a happy birthday. The cake comes out, and Ariana tells everyone how glad she is they came. She breaks up a plastic crown, and tosses the pieces out like in Mean Girls. She says she’s not a queen amongst peasants; they’re all royalty.

Katie has brought in Arielle the stripper from her party in in Las Vegas, and wants Stassi to take a shot off of her body. Stassi says she wanted her as a guest, not a serving tray, and declines. She’s nervous about Patrick being there, because they’ve been fighting, and she’s effed-up on Adderall and tequila. She walks outside. Kristen and Katie follow. She tells them she hasn’t been able to talk to Patrick the entire night, and she’s annoyed by how everything turned out. They try to talk her into coming back in, but she tells them to go eff themselves; she’s leaving. Kristen says back in the day, she would have gone after Stassi, but she’s an adult. Get a grip and grow up.

It’s World Dog Day. This year, they’ve taken over the street where the rescue center is. Cute dogs everywhere! Brittany’s Monroe wins the beauty pageant, and title of VP Posh Pup. Brittany hopes it doesn’t go to Monroe’s head, since she can’t deal with two big-headed divas at home, the other one being Jax. Scheana asks Peter about Stassi freaking out at her party. He tells Ariana that Stassi was ticked off about the body shot. Ariana says this is why they’re not friends.

Brittany tells Lisa that Jax will have to do a lot of work before she ever makes him another sandwich. Brittany asks if Jax has texted, but Lisa says no. She tells Brittany his apology doesn’t cut it now. He was in enough trouble at the Beverly Hills Life party, but by not reaching out, he’s dug a deeper hole. Lisa says she supports them, and expects the same in return.  Stassi texts an apology to Katie. Katie says the meltdown was Stassi circa 2012, and immature bullsh*t. They also had to pick up a $1400 tab. Schwartz is surprised, thinking it had just been a mini meltdown.

This season, horses, dancing, the Toms are late for a meeting, Stassi thought it would be different with Patrick this time, drinking, more drinking, Tom doesn’t want to be around Katie, Brittany kicks Jax out, and Jax gets fired… maybe.

🍑 On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha had a vegan dinner for the ladies, and Cynthia invited them all on a trip to Barcelona. Kenya seems somewhat separated from the pack this time around, probably due to being a newlywed and having an ongoing feud with Kim. I’m lukewarm about this season, but this episode did give me what could possibly be the best quote of the millennium:

💥 What kind of fraggle knackle bullcrap is this?Sheree Whitfield

🔪 I’m already loving Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block. In this latest effort, the plot revolves around an odd town with a strange history, where people keep disappearing. Sisters Zoe (Holland Rogan) and Alice (Olivia Riccardi) are making a fresh start there. Alice is a budding social worker, and Zoe is being treated for the “insidious onset” of schizophrenia, as well as battling a drug addiction. Landlady Louise (Krisha Fairchild) made it clear from the start that she wasn’t their mom, not even their cool aunt, but their landlady, yet she shared a joint and a story with Zoe not long after the girls arrived. Louise was also a reporter back in the day, and is working on a book about the town and the disappearances, her brother having been one of them. I adore her already, and hope she doesn’t meet an untimely end.

During Alice’s first day on the job, a child disappears while waiting to be picked up by CPS, vanishing inside her own home. Alice’s supervisor chalked it up to the mother running with the child, but Alice wasn’t so sure. That night, she followed a small, shadowy figure to an old park, thinking it was the little girl. At the entrance, she found Rutger Hauer instead, who was creepy, yet somehow grandfatherly. Out for his nightly walk, he told her his family once owned the park and he lives close by. Further into the woods, Alice discovered the figure, sitting at the bottom of a staircase that went nowhere, and what she had thought to be a little girl, was a little person, with a weird, unnerving baby’s face. It went after her with a mallet, but she was saved by a tall creature – what it would look like if Groot and the Visible Man had a baby – who took the whatever-it-was up the stairs. Later, Alice saw Louise’s research board for her book, which included a photo of the Peach family, who owned a lot of the town way back when. The focal point of the town is a huge brick building labeled Peach’s Meats with a logo of Joseph Peach’s face. He’s the family patriarch, and oddly enough, looks just like Rutger Hauer.

Zoe realized that Alice had concerns about following in her mental footsteps. Feeling smothered and weirded out – there’s also a nutcake lady running around town looking for scissors, which Louise has informed them not to give her – Zoe decides to book. While at the bus stop, she meets Joseph. Being musically inclined, I’m super aware of soundtracks (Vanderpump Rules always has a great one), and I almost fell off the couch when I heard Timothy by The Buoys in the background while Louise was working. For you youngsters, it was a hit in the 70s, written by Rupert Holmes, and is about some miners who eat one of their own when they become trapped. How this became a hit, who knows? but I do have it on a 45 somewhere. This clinched the deal for me with Louise. She also gave me the second-best quote:

🌏  When you set out to change the world, the world changes you.

Creepy babies, creepy Groots, staircases to nowhere, a strange landlady (her hobby is taxidermy) who smokes weed, a mysterious town, and Rutger Hauer. Seriously, what more could you want?

💀 The Visible Man

My sister had one of these when I was a kid, and I was fascinated with it.

Visible Man  Visible Man 2


February 9, 2018 – Nathan’s Funeral, Septuplicate Quotes & Some Danny


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

We see the officers in their dress blues. Jordan says it’s the end of watch call for Detective Nathan West. He’s answered his final call. He was shot by a notorious felon in the course of protecting a civilian, his wife. She tells us about everyone he’s left behind, including a grateful community. They thank him for his loyalty, dedication, his service, and most of all, his brotherhood. They’re proud of him, and his sacrifice will not be forgotten. This is his 1042. His watch concluded, he’s gone home for the final time.

As she speaks, we see everyone getting ready for the funeral.

Robin meets with Anna. She feels like she was just there, and reminisces about when Georgie died. All she could tell Maxie was that she had to keep going because it’s what Georgie would want. How many times can you tell someone to keep going before they stop hearing it? Griff joins them. He’s still reeling from the whole thing. Anna says they all are. They lost a great man and a great friend.

Mac and Felicia pick up Maxie. She says she’s okay. They don’t have to keep holding her up. Felicia says Frisco couldn’t get away, but Maxie says Nathan would be the first to understand.

Valentin and Nina receive people at the church. Amy signs the guestbook. Lulu thanks Curtis for taking her to the hospital that night. He was glad he could do something. She asks him to sit with her, since Dante and Jordan will be with the other officers. He says they can help each other.

Valentin asks if Nina wants a break, but she says it’s the only tribute she can give her brother. She wants to do it right.

Obrecht remembers talking to Maxie about Nathan breaking his arm as a child, and says she’s never been there for her son. Franco hugs her.

Maxie thanks Sam for helping, and Sam says she’ll be there for anything Maxie wants; she loves her. Felicia tells Maxie that she has a lot of friends and people who love her. Maxie says she’s really lucky, but it’s not in her voice. Maxie tells Spinelli he doesn’t have to stay and wait for her. He says before he departs, he has something from Georgie. He hugs her, and says Georgie said to tell her that she loves her mommy. Maxie says she’ll be right down. She looks at the sonogram picture with Nathan’s blood on it. There’s a knock at the door.

She flashes back to the first time she met Nathan. She asks him to please come back to her, but there’s no one at the door. She slides to the floor wondering how she does this. How does she go on without him? She feels someone take her hand. It’s OG Georgie, who says, any way she can. I know it sounds heartless, but I have to mention the fabulous black dress Maxie is wearing. It has bell sleeves with lace-up ties on them, and and exposed back zipper. I love a lace-up tie and a little hardware.

Obrecht thanks Franco for coming. He says of all the people to arrest him, Nathan was the most gentle. She says he had a light touch. She wishes Franco didn’t have to see her like this, and he wishes she didn’t have to feel like this. Nina digs for a lighter in her purse. Anna asks if she smokes, and she says she quit years ago, but started again. She gives Anna her cigarettes, telling her to get rid of them. She doesn’t want Charlotte to see.

Peter and Valentin exchange glances. Peter looks at the funeral program, and remembers trying to help Nathan. Lulu says he made it, and tells him the family will appreciate it. He asks about Maxie, but she hasn’t wanted to see anyone.

Maxie tells Georgie she was always meant to lose Nathan; he was way too good for her. She tried not to get too close, telling herself it would end badly like always. He wouldn’t listen to her, and now she’s here and he’s gone. Georgie says he’s not gone, and Maxie doesn’t want clichés about him being in her heart. Georgie says he’s in the baby. Maxie tells her that she wishes she’d never met him, and just wants the pain to stop. Georgie tells her all the things they wouldn’t have known without each other. Maxie says he would have been a good dad, and would have loved her. Georgie says she would have loved him too. She tells Maxie that she never needed anyone to save her; she already had it inside. Nathan knew that, and it’s time to show him that he was right. Georgie disappears. Maxie gathers up her things, and leaves.

The flag-draped casket is brought into the church, followed by Maxie, her parents, Obrecht, and Nina. Maxie, Felicia, and Mac look at Nathan in the half-open casket. Mac salutes. I check to see if I can catch Nathan breathing.

Nina talks about them going to the Natural History Museum when Nathan was a kid. She tells everyone how he gave his money to homeless people and street musicians. Each person pays their respects, although it usually doesn’t work that way. They seem to have combined the wake with the funeral. Obrecht kisses Nathan’s forehead, while Nina talks about how giving Nathan was, and how in the end, he gave his life. His generosity was only a sliver of who he was, and he touched many people’s lives. She says she’s given her story, and would like everyone to give theirs to her. She says Nathan was a man of action, not words, and asks that they give to those in need and keep his soul alive in them. She puts some coins in Nathan’s breast pocket. Damn. She looks fabulous too. In black velvety suit, with a peplum top and a pencil skirt with a back slit. Sorry, but you know I always get distracted by the fashions.

The officers do the gun salute. The flag is folded, as we hear Dante’s voice reciting a poem about a policeman before he enters heaven. It ends, Come walk a beat on heaven’s streets; you’ve done your time in hell. Dante presents the flag to Maxie. She hugs it to her chest, while tears roll down her cheeks.

A snare drum is played, and the bagpipes follow with Amazing Grace. Each person places a white rose on Nathan’s casket, and they hug Maxie. Anna approaches Obrecht. They look at each other a moment. There’s a lot of that. People just looking at each other.

Maxie cries by the casket. She doesn’t know what to say; she’s not thinking straight. She tells Nathan that she loves him and always will. He saw the best in her, and made her demand more of herself, even when it hurt. He made her want to be better. She can’t promise she’ll succeed without him there to keep her honest, but promises she’ll try. She needs to let him go now. She takes out the sono picture and places it among the roses, saying, not without this.

Maxie lingers by the grave at the cemetery. Geez, they buried him already. She says they’ll miss him so much. She tells Georgie to take care of him. She feels Nathan’s touch, and he’s standing behind her, his hands on her shoulders.

Everyone gathers at The Floating Rib. Spinelli says Nathan was as good a human being as he’s ever known. Words fail him, but as a parent, you learn to communicate in different ways. Sometimes when he can’t find the words to speak, he finds them in song. He sings O Danny Boy, and I’m very impressed. He starts to choke up, and can’t get through it, so Amy joins him. They finish it as a duet.

Maxie finds herself alone at the cemetery. She looks around, and sees Nathan and Georgie together. He mouths, I love you, and takes Georgie’s hand. They walk away.

Lulu tells Maxie she’s so sorry. Maxie says she should be. She killed him.

Distractions aside, that was rough. I’m glad it ended on that note, or I’d be bawling into my coffee right about now.

On Monday, Drew asks if Franco is avoiding him, Spinelli tells Anna that Henrik’s trail is as cold as Faison, and Maxie tells Lulu that she took everything from her.

👂 Quotes of the Week

It’s very easy to get divided when you don’t see people’s faces and you don’t feel the warmth of their skin. As much as comedians are enmeshed in the liberal-bubble universe, we’re also the one form of show business that travels the country – all reaches of it — and whose job it is to connect with people no matter how different-minded. We are both Marvel and DC. It’s inherent in our nature.Sarah Silverman

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.Napoleon Hill

Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you out.Anton Chekhov (I second that.)

The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.Marcus Tullius Cicero

You’ll never solve problems using the same thinking you created them with.Albert Einstein

Of course he’s on the Vikings show.Andy Cohen, referring to Gustav Skarsgård on Watch What Happens Live

A goal without a plan is a wish. – Dammit, I missed who said it, but I heard it on 30 for 30 on Viceland


👥 Some Dannys

Danny1 Danny5 Danny2

Danny3 Danny4 Danny7

🎇 Have a Danny Weekend


February 2, 2018 – Carly is Worse Than Nelle, a Helluva Winner, Idol Return & Six Not-So-Blind Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Maxie sees Nathan next to her in bed. He asks how she slept, and says she looks like she’s seen a ghost.

Ava comes into Kelly’s. The waitress comments on her hair, telling her how great it looks; she can actually see her face now. Ava remembers Carly and Sonny saying that she’s ugly on the inside, and her telling them that her daughter would know her. She spills the coffee. Kiki walks in with Avery.

Sonny talks to Caruso on the phone, and asks what about his father? What kind of trouble is he in?

Carly tells Nelle that she always knew there was something deranged behind her eyes. She asks how crazy you have to be to spend a year in a mental hospital, and how crazy Nelle is now? Nelle should ask her the same about Morgan. Regardless of how manipulative Nelle is, this is starting to tick me off. Nelle tells her it’s none of her business, and Carly says it is; she cares about her grandchild. Nelle says if she cares about the baby to back off, since stress isn’t good for it. Carly says Nelle is volatile and her judgement is questionable. That’s not good for a mother. Nelle asks if Carly is going to try to say she’s unfit. Carly says not her, but if Michael were to think that she was… Nelle raises her hand to smack Carly, and Carly stops her, saying she shouldn’t have done that.

Jason tells Drew and Sam that they were working on theories, including Faison saying that Drew knows more than he realizes. Drew sarcastically says Faison is a very believable guy. Sam asks Jason to tell them everything he knows. If Drew really did know Henrik, it might spark something.

Maxie says Nathan is there, and he asks where else he’d be? He has the late shift, and they can spend the whole day together. She tells him that she had a horrible dream. Faison came to her office, and Nathan saved her. Nathan says of course he would, but she says it’s not just that. Faison shot him, and he didn’t make it; she lost him. He says it’s all right. They start to kiss, and she wakes up. She cries, saying, don’t let this be real.

Kiki asks Ava what’s wrong, and Ava says it’s just a klutzy waitress. The waitress gives her the stink eye as she cleans up. Way to make friends. Ava asks her to make another, and make sure the lid is on tight. Ava offers to treat Kiki and Avery to some hot chocolate, but Kiki says Avery will be pinging off the walls with the sugar. Ava says she knows it’s a lot to ask, and Kiki tells her, then don’t. Carly and Sonny have been decent, and she wants to honor their wishes.

Carly says Nelle has a violent streak, and Nelle says Carly provoked her. Carly accuses her of being a perpetual victim. Nelle says she wanted a reaction, and got one. She’s sure Carly is going to run off and tell Michael. Carly says he needs to know Nelle slapped her and that she lost control. She can’t blame it on the hormones. God help me; I’d like to slap Carly. I certainly wouldn’t goad a pregnant woman. Nelle says she has no right to bring up the past. It has no bearing on who she is today, or her capacity to be a mother. Carly disagrees, but says she’s been wrong before. She doesn’t have to bring Nelle down. Nelle is her own worst enemy, and handling the job fine on her own.

Drew asks Jason if Henrik and the traitor are the same person. Jason says they think so. Klein was working for a client who wanted him brought back to Russia. He thinks the client wanted him contained before Faison found out he was alive. The client was in Port Charles, but they found out nothing until they found Britt. She said Faison freaked out when he discovered Jason was alive, and said the traitor double-crossed him. Britt said she had no idea who it was, but when they found Britt, they found something else – a manuscript by PK Sinclair. Faison didn’t write it, but when he read it, he tried to burn it. Drew asks what it was about, and Jason says the main character was betrayed and destroyed by his son. Sam asks if he thinks the main character is Henrik.

At Maxie’s apartment, Nina looks at a picture of Maxie and Nathan. Maxie comes out, and tells her that she had the worst nightmare. She’d woken up, and Nathan was there like nothing happened. She was so relieved; her heart unfroze. She held him, and could feel him, warm and alive. Just as they were about to kiss, she woke up. She knows she was dreaming, and now she’s awake, but she can’t help but feel it was real, and this is the nightmare. She needs Nina to make her hear it. Nina says, Nathan is gone.

Jason figures the traitor, the client, and PK Sinclair are the same person, and also Faison’s son. They made contact. Drew notices that Jason keeps saying “they,” and asks who he’s working with. Jason says, Sonny and Spinelli. They went to Anna, who said she had no idea there was a son. Spinelli found an email for PK Sinclair. They reached out, and he replied. Obrecht confirmed there was a son, and they wanted to set up a meeting. Drew asks if he knew before the wedding. Jason says he did, and Drew says, yet he chose to keep it to himself.

Carly asks Sonny if everything is okay. He tells her that his old associate from the city called with information about his father, Mike. He’s is living in Brooklyn, and got himself in trouble. He’s guessing Mike fell off the wagon, is gambling again, and owes the wrong people. He tells Carly he’s going to Brooklyn, and she says something doesn’t feel right.

Ava tells Kiki she needs this. Kiki says Sonny and Carly were clear about the rules. Ava did something she can’t take back. Ava asks if Kiki thinks keeping her child from her is okay. Kiki says they have their reasons, and she can’t say she’s in complete disagreement. Ava says that Avery deserves to know her mother. She just wants to hold her for a minute. Kiki hands her over. Ava tells Avery how much she loves her, and tells Kiki that Avery isn’t afraid this time. It makes everything she went through worth it. She tells Kiki that she had a dream where Carly and Sonny were telling her that Avery would never know her, but here she is now. Kiki says Michael is coming in, and he can’t see Ava with her.

Maxie asks Nina where her parents are, and Nina says they were up all night, so she thought she would come. Maxie appreciates it, but says she doesn’t need a babysitter. Nina says it helps them to help her. She suggests Maxie have some yogurt; it’s good for the baby. She goes to look for Maxie’s vitamins, and Maxie sees literature from the funeral parlor on the table.

Kiki asks Ava to give Avery back. She does, and goes to the counter, where the waitress continues to throw shade with her eyes. Michael is happy to see his little sister and big sister. Kiki tells him about taking Avery to the botanical gardens. He sees Ava, and Kiki explains they just bumped into her; it wasn’t planned, and Ava was just leaving. Ava says she supposes she was. When she gets outside, she looks at them through the window.

Carly tells Sonny that Mike hasn’t gambled since Sonny put him in a program years ago. Sonny has kept tabs on him, and would have known. Sonny says if Mike wants to gamble, he will, and if it’s his first time hearing about it, that means he’s in with the wrong crowd. Carly tells him to at least take Jason.

Drew says that Jason told them to get out of town, but never mentioned Faison’s son. Jason thought when he got something concrete, he’d share it. He and Anna waited for Henrik in the park, but that’s when the trouble happened at the hotel. Drew wonders if Henrik could have shown up afterward, but Jason says Anna was there the whole night. She thought someone might have been watching, but never revealed themselves. Drew says he could have been there, and approached him. Jason says he was keeping Sam and the kids safe. He tells them the email account has been shut down, but Faison told him Henrik was hiding in plain sight. Drew thinks Faison could have just been making him chase his own tail and look for a ghost. Jason says he’ll let them know if he finds anything, and Drew says, truthfully this time? He leaves, and Drew tells Sam if they want to find Henrik, they’ll have to do it on their own.

Ava sees Nelle at the MetroCourt. Nelle apologizes, saying she knows they were supposed to meet a buyer in the lobby. Ava says the buyer canceled, and asks Nelle who she was picturing when she impaled the cherry in her drink? Carly? Nelle says Carly is upping her game by digging into her past. Ava says, not to scare her, but be prepared. Anything Carly finds out about her past that she can use, she will, to prove Nelle is an unfit mother.

Jason shows up at Sonny’s place, and Carly tells him there’s a problem. Sonny says Mike is in trouble, but Carly says she’s not convinced. Why would he start gambling again? Sonny says maybe he hooked up with a friend, found a sure thing, fell behind in his rent, and thought he’d use the card tables to compensate. He can’t help himself. Carly thinks it’s a trap. What if Faison set him up? Jason says Faison is dead. Carly asks why Sonny didn’t tell her, and he says he was going to, but things came up. Sonny leaves, and Carly asks Jason if he’s really dead. Jason says he is, and Carly says he won’t get his answers. Jason tells her he did get some answers. Faison told him why he was replaced with Drew. Faison’s mental conditioning didn’t work on him because of his brain damage. Drew was used because Faison and Henrik needed an asset they could control. Carly says he did blow up The Haunted Star. She asks if he’s told Drew, and Jason says, yes, but he told Sam first.

Drew tells Sam that they need to go to Anna. Andre gave her the flash drive. Sam says he put it in a Christmas ornament, and Anna didn’t even know she had it. Drew says she’s close to the situation. She confirmed Faison had a son, and has WSB contacts. Sam is afraid the problem is that they’ll be doing what he said Faison wanted Jason to do – run in circles chasing a ghost.

Maxie looks at a funeral brochure, and asks, what’s this? Nina says she and Felicia thought it might give her some ideas, so she’s not so overwhelmed. Maxie pushes everything onto the floor, saying she’s way past overwhelmed. They should be planning a nursery, not his funeral. Nina says she just wanted to help. Maxie says her husband dead. Everything she counted on and dreamed of, plans for her whole life disappeared in the time it took Faison to pull the trigger. Unless Nina can bring him back from the dead, there’s nothing she can do. Nina says she’s sorry, but she lost her brother too. They hug and cry.

Jason tells Carly that he went to tell Drew, and Sam showed up as he was leaving. He explains how Faison found Drew by accident when he was researching a SEAL team, and saw Jason’s face. It was hard for Sam, knowing it was so random. If he’d looked at another team, things might have gone differently. Carly says, it never would have happened, but Jason tells her not to look at it that way. Carly says she can see Sam’s point of view. Now Maxie is grieving the way Sam grieved for him.

Sam says even if they find Henrik and he cooperates, what can he tell them? They still need the flash drive, and it’s gone. Drew says they’ve talked about it more than once, but he can’t go on with Jason’s memories in his head. He needs to know who he is for both their sakes.

Ava tells Nelle it was all she could do to convince Kiki to let her hold Avery. Nelle says Carly is using Avery as a wedge between her and Kiki. Ava says Carly has no limits when it comes to protecting whoever she deems family, even if it means keeping a child away from their rightful parent. Nelle says, like Michael’s biological father, adding, as if Carly has led a spotless life. Ava calls Carly a staggering hypocrite. Nelle should try to strengthen her bond with Michael, and hopefully, he’ll be more open-minded. Sonny didn’t hesitate to swoop in while Ava was in the burn unit, and got full custody of Avery, so they have all the power. Nelle asks, who says she has to take it lying down?

Kiki wants to make it clear to Michael that she respects his parents’ limits. It was selfish of her mom to push it. Michael is sorry she’s stuck in the middle. Kiki says, not really, but Michael says she is Kiki’s mom, so she can’t be indifferent. He knows his kid will feel the same about Nelle. Kiki asks if they’re really trying to co-parent. He says the emphasis is on trying. They’re making things up as they go along. Kiki thinks he’s going to be a great dad. She remembers how he was with Avery. She and Morgan were wrong. Michael says he was no shining angel, but Kiki says he was the one willing to look past his own hurt, and do what’s right. She knows he’ll do that with his own kid.

Nina knows how Maxie feels; she’s grieving too. She thinks about things Nathan did as a child, and then things he said last week. She missed so many years with him, but she was lucky to have seen the man he became. Maxie says he was a spectacular man, with kindness and heart. She knew it the first night they met. We flash back to when Maxie was leaving to find herself. Nathan tells her that she doesn’t seem bad the way she is, and she tells him not to burn the apartment down. She and Nina hold hands.

Sonny uses the Star Trek transporter to get to Mike’s apartment in Brooklyn. He bangs on the door, yelling that Mike isn’t answering his phone. He came all the way out there; now open up.

Michael tells Kiki passing her medical exams is a big deal, and she should be proud of herself. He congratulates her, and she says now she just needs to attend med school and get a degree. He asks her what someone who’s the last in their med school class is called, and she says, a doctor. BA-DUM-CHH! She tells him she’s always had trouble sticking to anything, but he says with this, she let nothing stand in her way. She says, not even Dillon, and asks if he heard they broke up. He says he got that impression, and he’s sorry. Kiki knows he had mixed feelings, and he asks what happened. She says they gave each other space to pursue their goals, and got lost in it. He says it’s hard to develop a relationship when you’re separated. She says it goes both ways. The more time you share, you get close, whether you want to or not. Hmm… is she talking about Griff or Dr. Bensch?

Ava advises Nelle to make Michael an ally. Carly is relentless. She wouldn’t stop until she pried Avery away from her. Nelle says Ava can be relentless too. Look at her face. She took control of her destiny, and did the impossible. Why not again? Ava says she’ll think about it. Nelle says if they play it right, she can get her child back, and Nelle won’t lose hers in the first place. Ava tells her not to underestimate Carly. Once she puts a target on your back, she won’t rest until she takes you out. Nelle says she has no choice but to take Carly out first.

Carly tells Jason that people say heartbroken all the time, but really mean disappointed, sad, or upset. Heartbroken is what it sounds like; your heart is broken. You can’t breathe. It’s like a weight on your chest. The pain is so strong, you can’t move. Like how it was for Sam when he disappeared. She kept going for Danny’s sake, and did okay. She built a life for herself, and was as happy as she could be with a broken heart. Then, he comes back. Not someone she thinks is him, but him, and she’s not heartbroken anymore. She’s confused, and doing the wrong thing for what she thinks is the right reason, but she knows he’s alive in the world. When she comes up with the courage be with him, she can. Jason tells her to stop it. She says she knows he’s trying to do the noble thing, and wants Sam to be happy, but her love isn’t going away. Waiting for her to admit it, isn’t doing anyone any good. He loves her. Go and fight for her.

Drew tells Sam that his only valid memories are from the past three years, there in Port Charles. She asks what about Kim, but he says it was just a flicker of recognition. Sam says if his memories are gone, that wouldn’t have happened. Faison said that the mind control wouldn’t work on Jason because of his brain damage, but maybe it didn’t fully work on him either, or the process wasn’t as good as they thought. She believes who he is, is still inside of him. They don’t need the flash drive. He can remember on his own.

Maxie looks at the brochure again. She asks Nina to go through it with her. They can figure out what Nathan would want. Nina thinks Maxie should do it with her mom. Maxie says it’s the hardest thing she’ll ever have to do, but she’s doing it for Nathan, and it would be nice if Nina helped her. Nina says okay; they’re family. We see Nathan sitting behind them on the couch. He kisses the tops of both their heads. They look at each other. <sniffle>

On Monday, Griff wishes he had done more for Nathan, Nelle says Carly isn’t an issue anymore, and Michael asks what Carly did. Everything. Carly is the worst.

🍗 It was the Hell’s Kitchen finale tonight. Benjamin and Michelle were the final two, and their families joined them before they had to get cooking. This is also where the previous contestants help the final two in the kitchen. I always think this must be a double-edged sword. You know they’re good, but you can’t help wonder if they’re going to throw a hair into the soup. Michelle won the big prize – being head chef at Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Vegas with a $250K salary – amid much fanfare and confetti. Benjamin said he had no regrets. I’m guessing he won’t do too badly in his next endeavor.

🎤 After its fake quick retirement, American Idol will be back on Sunday, March 11th. Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Katy Perry will be judging, and the hardest working man in show business (besides Tyler Perry), Ryan Seacrest will be back to host. I’ve heard we won’t be privy to the bad auditions, so why bother? I actually haven’t paid much attention to the show since Scotty McCreery’s win. It was such a stellar season – and with Lady Gaga coaching and performing – I just felt it couldn’t be topped. I’ll probably take a peek somewhere along the line though.

 🔊 Quotes of the Week

My life is an ever-swirling toilet that just won’t flush. – Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni), Happy

Let haste not be the ruler, lest we forget the purpose. – Arklon (Wings Hauser), Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time

Not in a million years would they say this stuff in person, because they know they’d get punched right in the face. When they’re behind a keyboard and a screen name, they feel they can vent their frustrations and anger and rage. – BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot, Jeb Corliss, on cyber harassment

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.Jim Rohn

I love the Lord; it’s Christians I can’t stand. – Dr. Phil (I hear you, Phil.)

I can take it or leave it, but I’d rather take it. – an alcoholic on the Dr. Phil show



January 26, 2018 – A Quick Resolution, a Coupla Quotes & More if You’re So Inclined


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Lucas meets with Carly and Bobbie at the MetroCourt. Lucas says there’s something he’s wanted to talk about for a while. Nothing is decided, but it feels weird not to talk about it. Carly jokes that they know he’s gay. Bobbie tells him spit it out. He says he and Brad have decided to adopt a baby.

Jason tells Sonny he’s wearing a wire, so Sonny can hear from the car. Sonny wants to wait with him, since they don’t really know PK Sinclair. Jason says it’s circumstantial evidence, but if they’re right, they can use him to lure Faison out. Sonny says if Anna doesn’t show, she’ll miss it. Jason thinks that might be a good thing. Sonny thinks she’s too close to it.

Finn whines about Anna tending to his wound. She says it was that or, a bullet in his head; which would he prefer? He’s thinking.

Jordan tells Dante that Faison could be anywhere

At the hospital, Nathan asks Amy if she’s seen Maxie. He can’t find her. She says she’ll check to see if Maxie was admitted.

Faison says Maxie is gorgeous; his son has excellent taste. She tells him to stay away from her. Peter starts to say something, but Faison tells him to shut up. Faison says, Maxie Jones, a pleasure to make your acquaintance. He tells her that they have a lot of catching up to do.

Carly and Bobbie want the details from Lucas. He says they explored other options, but he and Brad are both adopted, and they did fine. Bobbie says they’ll be blessed.

Sonny says it’s not like Anna to be late. Jason says if Faison is in Port Charles, she would be his first stop. Sonny says if she doesn’t get there soon, he’s going to send someone to her house. They don’t know if this guy is more psycho than his father.

Finn tells Anna this could have been avoided if she’d listened to him about not putting the gun down. Or she could have run. She says she’s not used to leaving hostages with homicidal maniacs. Jordan and Dante come in. Anna says she already gave her statement. Jordan asks if there’s anything to add, and Finn says Faison is obsessed with Anna. Anna says they know. She tells Jordan they’ll reconnect later. They leave, and Finn asks if they’re supposed to pretend he’s not obsessed with her. She asks if he’ll be okay. She’d like to stay and play nursemaid, but people need protection from Faison, and she’s the best person for that. he tells her to be careful. He also needs a shave. He didn’t say that; it’s just my observation.

Lulu yells for help. Obrecht tells her not to waste her breath; she’ll just inhale more poison. Faison left them where he knew no one would come. His revenge is swift and precise. Accept it.

Amy tells Nathan that Maxie isn’t at the hospital. She asks if he checked Crimson. She got a call about a crisis at the magazine. Nathan jets.

Maxie tells Faison a lot of people are looking for him, but he says he couldn’t care less. She says not just the cops, but the WSB and Sonny. Sonny isn’t happy about him shooting Jason, and Jason didn’t enjoy the experience. Faison calls them street thugs, and Maxie says his ego makes him stupid. Jason has the best technological support there is, and they’ll track him down. Jason will kill him, and that’s fine with her and Nathan, but to save them the hassle, she’s giving him a chance to take off, and she’ll wait a whole minute to call 911. He asks how he can run from a woman who’s making him a grandfather? He tells Peter to get Shane out of there, and Peter drags an unconscious Shane to another room.

Faison asks Maxie how long Nathan has known about him being his father? Did he tell their kid there might be genius in their DNA? Maxie says their kid has a grandfather who’s a psychopath, but they didn’t find out until after they knew they were pregnant. Faison says she’s pregnant, not Nathan, and she says it probably never occurred to him to love and support the women who’ve had his children. She thinks they should have their heads examined, and that includes Obrecht. Although she gets points for hiding Nathan from him. Faison calls that an unforgivable crime. Maxie says she should have listened to Obrecht, but instead they looked for answers and found him. Peter comes back with Shane’s gun, but Faison is quick, and shoots him.

Jason asks if Sonny can hear. He tells Sonny it’s quiet; no movement. If he’s there, he’s watching. Anna gets in the van, and asks Sonny what she missed.

Alexis says Finn missed the meeting, and he tells her that he was otherwise engaged. She sees his wound, and says she knows a good attorney. He says it was Anna, and she says if Anna clobbered him, it must hurt. Finn says Anna claimed she was saving his life, but he’s not sure. Alexis says apparently, he decided to go on the danger highway in the passenger seat at breakneck speed after all.

Bobbie tells Lucas that she saw papers lying around, but has learned never to question your own kids about having kids. He says they’re waist deep in the process. He was wondering if they’d write recommendation letters. Carly says they’ll be amazing parents. Bobbie is proud, and says Tony would be too. Carly is going to start saving Avery’s baby clothes. Bobbie and Lucas leave, and Carly is told there’s a disturbance on the third floor.

Lulu coughs, and says they can’t give up. Obrecht says it will be all right, and lies down. She says it won’t be painful. like going to sleep. Lulu says, no. There has to be a way out.

Nathan arrives at the MetroCourt. Carly says she thinks the commotion is at Crimson, and someone heard gunshots. Nathan calls in for backup and the paramedics.

Faison tells Maxie that it’s not worth her tears. She tells him, screw you, and he tells her to shut up; it’s time to go. She says she’s not going anywhere with him. He says he’d like to kill her, but if anyone can live with disappointment, it’s him. The elevator opens, and Nathan comes in.

Faison shoots him before realizing who it is. Nathan falls to the ground.

Sonny thought Anna wasn’t going to show up, and she tells him about Faison coming to her house, and how he had Finn. She says he’s going to want to introduce himself to Nathan. Henrik has a target on his back, and they have to protect him. Sonny says she can protect all she wants, but that’s not going to work for him. Anna says he can question Henrik, but not use him as bait. Sonny says they’re playing by his rules. He gets a call from Carly, who asks if Jason is there. She needs them at the MetroCourt. She thinks there’s been a shooting. A guest called the desk about a disturbance, Nathan showed up, and called for backup, but no one is there yet. She’s getting reports of screaming and gunfire. Listening in, Jason says he’s on his way. Anna tells Sonny she’ll stay and wait. Sonny tells her if Henrik shows up, to keep him with her. They need answers. Sonny leaves for the MetroCourt.

Carly tells Lucas to leave; there could be gunfire. He says somebody might need a doctor, and goes upstairs

Maxie runs to Nathan, and tells him to stay with her. She tells Faison that he shot his own son, and Faison says they have to go. He grabs Maxie, but Peter has miraculously bounced back, and tells Faison to drop the gun. Faison takes off, and Peter calls 911. Maxie tells Nathan it will be okay, and Nathan says he loves her. Peter thinks it’s bad. Maxie says Nathan got there in time, and saved them. Well, actually, I think that was more what Peter just did. Nathan says, Faison, and she tells him not to worry about him; just look at her. She talks about when she pretended not to like him at first, but was always hoping he’d be at the apartment, and how she watches him hum to himself. He insists he doesn’t hum, but she says he does, and she loves it. The baby will too. Lucas arrives, and Maxie tells him that Faison tried taking her, and Nathan got shot. He tells Nathan to hang in for Maxie. The ambulance is on the way.

Alexis tells Finn there’s a meeting tonight, but he says they have the worst donuts. What he needs is a good research project to keep him in the lab for the next two years. Alexis says, losing himself in work; been there, done that, and it’s a temporary fix. The more you run from your problems, the more they follow you, and the more you ignore them, the bigger they get. He asks if she’s always been this way, or is it a byproduct of the 12-step program. He tells her that he’s not keen on pouring his heart out to get judged, and doesn’t want to be told things he already knows, like that he’s an idiot. Alexis says he’s not an idiot. Anna leads a dangerous life, but she’s no one to judge if he wants to step back. He doesn’t want to step back; he wants to go all in.

Anna waits, wondering where Henrik is. She thinks he must know the risk he took. He knows how dangerous Faison is. Did he betray Faison to save a life or to get revenge. She won’t let Faison destroy him.

Lulu tells Obrecht that she’ll get them out of there. She sees the old Beware the Chupacabra sign. Lulu looks around, and says she hopes that’s what she thinks it is.

Outside the MetroCourt, Dante tells Sonny there was a shooting, and Nathan is there. Sonny thinks Faison will probably wait for him to get there. Dante tells him no one is going in, and that includes him. Sonny asks if Dante is going to arrest him, but Jordan says that’s not necessary. Sonny tells her that they’re supposed to be going after Faison, not him. She tells him if he doesn’t back off, she’ll have him arrested for obstruction of justice.

Carly tells the receptionist to leave. She’ll stay and make sure the guests get out safely. Faison comes up behind her, and asks if she works there. She says she’s the owner, and he says he’s sure she must know a private exit, away from the cops; lead the way, please. At least he’s polite. She says he’ll have to kill her, but he tells her that he’ll shoot an innocent bystander. Is that what she wants? She tells him, okay, but Jason suddenly shows up, gun drawn. He tells Faison to let her go, and Faison asks why he should do that. Jason shoots him. Whoa.

Alexis says, Finn still wants to work with Anna after his brush with death? He knows it contradicts his recovery. By any reasonable measure, he should put distance between them. He asks what she knows about Faison, and she tells him that Faison was an associate of late, hateful stepmother; he’s a psychotic criminal. Finn says he got that impression when Faison was holding him at gunpoint. He knew it was not if, but when Faison was going to shoot him. The most disturbing thing was how he talked about Anna; he’s obsessed with her. When she showed up, he could tell she was afraid, but they both messed with each other’s heads; it was impressive. Physical courage is one thing, but this was another. She was staring down a man who’s been after her most of her life. It was more like valor. Alexis asks what happens next, but Finn doesn’t know. He just knows that when Anna was facing Faison, with the possibility of him shooting her, he saw a glimpse of his future without her, and didn’t like what he saw.

Anna continues to wait. We flash back to when we were all kids. She tells Faison that she loves Robert. He says he’s sure she’ll change her mind. Omg, I love these old clips.

Dante says Faison is alive, but needs a paramedic. Jordan tells Jason to turn over his gun, and yells for medical. Sonny asks if Carly is okay. She’s fine, and says, that was over fast. Yes, it was. Jason says he’s heard her when she called Sonny, and Sonny had told him not to miss. She’s glad he made it. She tells Jordan about Nathan and Lucas being upstairs. Peter comes down, saying there’s one unconscious, and another shot. The paramedics go upstairs. Peter gives a strange, wistful look to Faison on the stretcher. Sonny asks if he’s going to make it. Faison removes his oxygen mask, and says, he’d better hope so, if Dante wants to see his wife again. Dante goes nuts, but is pulled back. Peter tells him about Lulu going to Windemere.

The paramedics work on Nathan. Jordan tells Maxie what happened, and Shane comes out. Maxie says it’s not his fault. She got a call about a work emergency, and Faison was waiting for them. As Nathan is taken out, he gives a thumbs up.

Finn thanks Alexis for listening. She identifies, knowing what it’s like to care for someone who’s not good for you. He asks if she’s talking about Julian. She tells him to keep his eyes open. Adrenaline is a powerful drug. It led to her addiction; make sure it doesn’t resurrect his own.

Anna has another flashback about her and Faison when they were youngsters. Faison kisses her neck, and I want to die. Finn calls, but she doesn’t answer.

Dante and Sonny go to Windemere. Sonny smells gas. Dante kicks down the door.

Carly asks why Jason didn’t tell her to duck, but he says any warning, and Faison would have shot her. He’s sorry he scared her, but she says he saved her life, so she forgives him. She says she has one question, and he says, just one? She asks if he was trying to kill Faison. He says if he was, he would have taken a head shot. As it is, Faison can talk – at least for now. She asks what that means, and he says Faison is old. He’s going to have organ damage, blood loss, and shock. She asks what if he dies before answering? Jason says, at least he’ll be dead, and he’s okay with that. He and Sonny were working with Anna, and every time she said his name, he could see something in her eyes worse than fear. Anna isn’t the only one whose life Faison destroyed. It has to stop.

Anna wonders out loud where Henrik is. She says she can help him. Someone is watching. Yep, it’s Peter.

At the hospital, Bobbie grabs Finn. They see Faison wheeled in, with Nathan behind him, and Maxie following. Amy tells Maxie that she promises they’ll take care of Nathan. Bobbie says he has the best team working on him, and Maxie says she knows he’ll be just fine.

Finn works on Faison. Um… isn’t that a conflict? Maxie tells Bobbie that she tried stalling, but it wasn’t enough. Faison was going to take her, then the elevator door opened, and Nathan was there. He saved her.

On Monday, Anna meets Henrik, there’s a code blue for both Faison and Nathan, and Jason says if Faison dies, there’s somebody else who knows.

👄  Quotes of the Week

Your greatness is measured by your kindness; your education and intellect by your modesty; your ignorance is betrayed by your suspicions and prejudices, and your real caliber is measured by the consideration and tolerance you have for others. — William J.H. Boetcker

My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.Abraham Lincoln



Except Maynard G. Krebs said, “Work?!” not “You rang?”

💣  Retro Faison




January 19, 2018 – Obrecht Drunkenly Spills the Tea, a Chef Mention, Six Wise Quotes & the Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Anna talks into a recorder about Faison, and the latest on his more than one son. There’s a knock at the door. She picks up her gun.

At the hospital, Doc literally runs into Valentin while he’s texting, and Valentin suggests he concentrate on walking. Doc says he’s looking for new subjects, and asks if Valentin would like to volunteer. He’d love to study him. Valentin says he’s going away with Nina, but first he’s going to investigate taking Laura’s seat on the hospital board. Doc asks if he hasn’t taken enough from her.

At Charlie’s, Alexis tells Laura to explore every option, but Laura says no way she can work around it. She takes down the posters, and tells Julian the campaign is over. She’s dropping out of the race

Anna opens the door. Obrecht falls in.

No word from PK Sinclair. Jason says maybe they’re doing it wrong. Even if they draw Faison out, the best they can do is kill him. Sonny says the sooner the better, but it won’t prevent what Jason lost. Doesn’t he mean bring back? Unless there’s a time machine I don’t know about

Sam says her dress is perfect. Drew can’t wait to see her in it, and she can’t wait to marry him.

Anna asks what happened, and realizes Obrecht is drunk. She tells Anna that she’s an adult, pfft! She says she came in an Uber, and Anna wonders why she didn’t Uber to her own home. Obrecht asks what she did with Faison. Anna tells her sorry to disappoint, but he’s not here. Obrecht says it wouldn’t be the first time Anna held him captive. Anna says, as much as she would have liked it to, her place didn’t come equipped with pits and dungeons, but if he showed up, she’d call the WSB. She asks if Obrecht knows where to reach him. Obrecht says she wouldn’t be there if she had a way, but he hasn’t been responding. She thinks he’s coming for his son, and then her. Then he’ll come for Anna.

Sam says the florist will be coming, and a couple guys from the MetroCourt to move furniture. They agreed to get married at home, and she thinks they should take the opportunity to make it meaningful, beautiful and special. She says they deserve it. He says he doesn’t deserve her.

Jason tells Sonny that he was with Sam on New Year’s Eve. He doesn’t want Carly to think he was okay with it, but it did give them a chance to be together without anyone else’s opinion. They talked, and played dominoes, but she said something he’s been thinking about. She wasn’t the same person as she was when he got shot. Time passed for her, but not for him. Sonny thinks it’s just an excuse. If he tells her he loves her it will break her heart, but he can’t lie to himself. Sam is going to love him forever – the same way he loves her.

Jason shows up at Sam’s, because the Russians taught him how to build a Star Trek transporter.

Laura tells Doc this is a situation where she can’t delegate. Spencer’s welfare comes first. Someone will step up and take her place. Alexis says, what if Ned runs unopposed?

Kim comes by Charlie’s. Julian introduces her to Stas, his chef, saying she wants to try their signature dish. Stas says he can’t do avocado toast today, or much of anything else. The delivery was rotten. Everything they ordered is worthless. He doesn’t know what happened, but Julian thinks he does

Sonny tells Spinelli they’re going to wait. He doesn’t want Sinclair thinking they’re eager or getting suspicious. He tells Spinelli to deal with the high-tech stuff, and he’ll deal with negotiations.

Anna asks Obrecht to help her locate Faison and save herself. Obrecht says she’s trying to protect Nathan. He’s brave and naïve, and has no idea what his father is capable of. It’s not the physical danger, but the way he can toy with one’s mind, like he did with Anna’s. Anna says they’re on the same side, but she needs something to work with. Obrecht has nothing, not even a way to plead with him for Nathan. Anna doesn’t know why she kept Nathan a secret, since Faison always wanted a son. Was she ever tempted to tell him? Obrecht says her love for him doesn’t make her blind to his failings. He would have tried to control and fashion Nathan in his image, and would have destroyed him. She knows because she saw how he dealt with his other son.

Drew comes downstairs, and Jason says he’s there to give them a heads up. He and Sonny are working on getting Faison out of hiding. They’re close, and it could get dangerous. Drew tells him now isn’t the right time; he and Sam are getting married in a couple of hours. Jason thinks they should take kids on the honeymoon and stay away a while. Drew asks if he’s sure he wants to do this alone. Sam says they’ll take the kids.

Julian shows up at Sonny’s. Sonny asks if there’s anything he can do to improve Julian’s coffee experience. Julian tells Sonny his grocery delivery was tampered with. Sonny asks if he wants a bouncer. Julian says they’re not dealing with delinquents; it’s much worse than that.

Alexis tells Laura that she’ll draft a press release. Laura tells her to say she’s dropping out for personal reasons, but remains committed to Charles Street. The residents can still fight redevelopment by voting no on proposition whatever. She has faith, and thinks they’ll make the right choice. Alexis hopes they have a choice to make.

Doc tells Valentin he already has what he wants; does he need Laura’s seat on top of it? Valentin says the Cassadine family has a vested interest in the hospital. He came across some papers about the bailout, and says the hospital would have closed without Cassadine money. He wants to continue the tradition. Doc wonders what experience he has, and Valentin says he can offer his expertise in logistics and financials, and they need both. Laura appears, and asks if there’s a problem. Doc tells her that Valentin wants her seat on the board, and she asks what makes him think he’d be welcome? He tells her, big checks. She asks if he’s buying his way in. Valentin says he’s going on his way before she launches into her litany of perceived transgressions. He reminds her they’re just allegations which have no proof.

Anna tells Obrecht that there’s no mention of Faison having one son, let alone two, in any of the WSB folders. Obrecht says she made sure there was nothing to tie Nathan to Faison. Maxie should have left well enough alone. She tells Anna the other son’s name was Heinrich, and he was of little interest to Faison, who sent him to boarding school as soon as he was able to go. Anna wonders why. Given how arrogant Faison is, she would think he’d be thrilled with a son to carry on his name and follow in his footsteps. Obrecht asks if she’s that blind. She doesn’t need a WSB file for this. The reason is simple; Heinrich was Faison’s son, but not Anna’s.

Jason plays pool by himself at The Floating Rib. Kim walks in and asks if he needs someone to break.

Drew tells Sam that the kids are coming with them to Tahiti. She wonders how they can get ready that fast, but he says they’ll get what they need there. She asks what about Aurora, and he says they hired Peter for a reason, and it will be fine. She says this isn’t about the honeymoon, but about Faison.

Anna asks what Obrecht knows about Heinrich’s mother. She says the mother had even less to do with Heinrich than Faison, and disappeared after giving birth. Anna asks how he came by the child, but Obrecht says she never asked and he never told her. He wanted nothing to do with Heinrich, but Heinrich was devious, and tried to emulate Faison’s ways, always wanting his approval. Nathan is handsome and charismatic, and Faison would have doted on him. Now that he’s been rejected, he’ll want revenge. He won’t come to connect with Nathan, he’ll come to punish her for lying and making a fool of him. What would be more fitting than to take Nathan from her? Anna says he won’t have that chance. The time for Faison hurting people is done. She and Obrecht together will see to that.

Sonny ask if Julian thinks Ned is responsible for the sabotage of his bar. Julian corrects that to gastropub, and says maybe not personally. Jim Harvey has been buying up real estate, and those who refuse to sell are finding it hard to go about their daily lives. He wonders if Sonny subcontracted some of his men to help Jim do the dirty work. Sonny tells him he promised Mary May Ward that he’d never go near Charles Street. He tells Julian to sell; the neighborhood would be better off without him. Julian says he’s not the problem; Jim Harvey is. If Sonny doesn’t wake up, he’ll find himself a stranger in his own city.

Doc tells Laura that Spencer with two broken legs mixed with boredom, is a recipe for disaster. She says that’s why she’s flying to France. Doc says he’ll reschedule his appointments, but Laura says his patients need him. He says she and Spencer need him more, and wonders how she’ll maneuver a kid with two broken legs. She says she’s not bringing him back; she’s just staying until he’s capable of getting around himself. He asks if Spencer wouldn’t be more comfortable back home, but she doesn’t want him anywhere near Valentin. Doc says he’ll visit as often as he can. He asks what about the election, and she says a candidate can’t take six weeks off.; she had to step down. Doc is concerned Ned will win by default, but Laura says not if a person steps up who understands the issues, and has been by her side on the campaign trail. They’d be primed to take over. Doc asks if she means him. I’m laughing about the “campaign trail,” since it’s been all of a week.

Kim calls Jason a pool shark. She says he looks just like Drew, but he’s nothing like him. Drew liked to kid around and had swagger, and liked to talk more. Jason breaks, and she says, same as him, a pool shark. Jason swears he’s not, but Kim wonders if she’ll get a chance to shoot. She tells him that she has personal question, but feel free not to answer. Was he trying to get back home for the entire five years? Jason says he can only account for six months. Before that, he doesn’t know. Kim bets he thought everything would be the same, and he says until he saw the date. He didn’t believe it at first; he didn’t want to, but had to face it, so he came straight home. It’s mostly been good. He couldn’t go back to his old life, but he’s good with the one he has now. She wonders how he’s dealing with Sam. He says he trusts her to make the right decisions, and she chose Drew. They’re getting married tonight.

Sam asks Drew, what if Faison shows up? Won’t he want to confront him? Drew says he’d like to choke every answer out of him, but if finding out about the past is less important than his future with her. He wants the kids to be protected. Sam says she loves him, and goes upstairs to get ready.

Jason tells Kim, sorry to blindside her. She says she’s happy for them. They already thought they were married, so it makes sense to make it official. She doesn’t know why she was surprised. Jason says you can know something in your head, but it takes your heart a while to catch up. She wonders if his heart is still catching up. Julian comes in, and asks if she had dinner. Kim says no, and he offers to buy it for her to make up for the lack of avocado toast. She tells him as soon as she finishes the game, but Jason says he’ll quit while he’s ahead.

Julian tells Kim that he thanks God his daughter is with Drew and not that bastard. Kim hadn’t known Sam is his daughter. He says they’re estranged, but he still worries about her. He wishes she would stay away from Jason. He tells Kim not to let his blue eyes fool her. He’s a mob enforcer; a professional killer.

Laura tells Doc that he’s a natural, but he says Ned’s camp will have a field day, especially with his serial killer twin. She says there’s always something to work around, but not to count himself out. He says it would be like gifting the election to Ned. He knows Spencer needs her. She puts family ahead of her ambition to do good, and it’s one of the reasons he loves her.

Obrecht wakes up on Anna’s couch, and sees a note. It says she should stay there and sleep it off. Don’t go out. She has reason to be afraid. Obrecht says she can take care of herself.

On the phone, Sonny tells someone (probably Brick) to see if there’s anything to find on Jim Harvey and Niagara Equities. Anna comes in, using the same transporter Jason did, and Sonny asks if it’s about Faison. She tells him that Obrecht showed up at her house, distraught and drunk. She’s worried about Nathan, but Anna assured her they would find Faison. Sonny asks if she wants to compare notes, and she asks if he has something. He wonders if he’ll get incriminated, but she says if he has a lead, she doesn’t care how he got it. This is one case where the end definitely justifies the means.

The tickets to Tahiti are delivered. Drew wonders if he’s been to Tahiti before. Sam gets ready. She thinks about when she married Jason.

Jason ponders at The Floating Rib, and has a beer.

Doc says who knew a skiing accident in France would have ripple effects on politics in upstate New York? Laura is concerned about letting everyone down, but Doc says she galvanized the neighborhood. It’s about everyone coming together to stand for what they believe in. She says he sounds like a mayor to her.

Obrecht leaves Anna’s house. Someone knocks her out from behind. We see Faison’s hand taking out a cigarette out of his case.

Sonny tells Anna that they made contact with PK Sinclair. She says his real name it Heinrich. Faison had a child with an unknown woman, who gave him up at birth. It’s unclear how he found out, but he regarded the child as an annoyance, and sent him to boarding school even though he admired his father. Sonny says the father rejects the son too many times, and the son goes after him. Once he gets the son, he can use him to get Faison. Anna says, like hell.

On Monday, Sam prepares for her wedding, Spinelli tells Jason that he and Sam are both sacrificing their happiness, and Anna says orchestrating a meeting between Faison and Heinrich will start a war.

🍳  Hell’s Kitchen is down to the final four. For this week’s twist, the contestants guided athletes through making their signature dishes, using only verbal instructions. Robin went home, but she said that she and her pet rock would do just fine. Okay…

📣  Quotes of the Week

Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. – Dale Carnegie

You can’t make the same mistake twice, the second time, it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice.Anonymous

It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something. — Franklin D. Roosevelt

You will fail. It’s a matter of when. The true test is if you can continue and stand up and accept failure and move forward.Lady Gaga

I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.Georgia O’Keeffe

Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more.Louis L’Amour

🎇 Everybody’s Workin’ For It…


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January 12, 2018 – The Jackal Makes a Move, Random Useless TV Information, HexaQuotes, a Nomad & Loverboy


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

The beginning was interrupted for a weather report. News flash – it’s still raining.

Jason tells Sam the money never mattered; he just wants her to be okay. She says she knows. She starts to sign the papers, but Alexis advises her not to sign just yet. She’d be remiss not discussing the issue of Danny’s custody. Diane says there is no issue. Jason is the father biologically and legally. Alexis says he isn’t the father Danny knows; Drew is.

Oscar meets Drew at the gym. He suddenly forgot he needs to study, and says see you later. Drew asks why he wanted to meet. Oscar says it’s stupid, but he wanted Drew to teach him to fight. I wonder if Oscar irritates himself sometimes.

Josslyn says the dress she’s wearing is hideous, and she looks like a sister wife. Carly disagrees. Sonny says she looks beautiful, and asks if Carly doesn’t have the same dress. Josslyn says, says kill me now.

Nina isn’t too enthusiastic about working. She didn’t want to leave her family, and says Maxie is lucky; she can bring her family with her. Maxie says unfortunately, what she feels, the baby feels, and she doesn’t want the baby stressed. Nina says she can go home, but Maxie says it doesn’t help to protect her family. Nina asks, from what?

Lulu and Nathan meet at Charlie’s. She tells him spreading truth is the best way to flush Faison out of hiding. She asks Nathan how he felt, finding out one of the most wanted criminals in the world is his father?

Nina asks Maxie what’s going on? Maxie says PBAs, GMOs; there are so many poisons out there that can harm her baby. Nina suggests reading labels and not using old hairspray. She understands wanting to protect your family, and Maxie asks how far she’d go to protect hers. Nina would go all the way, and knows Maxie would too. She asks what’s wrong. Maxie says it’s Nathan’s father. His father isn’t Victor. It’s someone much worse, who’s alive and kicking.

Fastest. Interview. Ever. Lulu thinks Nathan calling Faison a nicotine stained relic, not fit for a family about sums it up. She says it’s better to add insult to injury, and tells him to look for it tomorrow morning. He begs her to keep Maxie’s name out of it. She says everyone knows they’re married after the Ask Man Landers article, but he says just don’t make it a focus. She says if they played this correctly, when Faison shows his face, it will be to Nathan.

Kim asks Julian for some coffee. She notices one of Sonny’s cardboard counter ads, and says she sees he’s the proud purveyor of Corinthos coffee.

Josslyn says Oscar will be embarrassed to be seen with her, but Carly says he’d love her in a sack. Josslyn asks Sonny if he has any extra coffee bags. Sonny asks if she has something else in mind, and Josslyn says she’ll put it on right now. Sonny asks Carly what’s going on? She tells him, teenage drama. He says that’s the way it starts, but then it always turns into something else.

Oscar says he figured it’s something every guy should know, and he can’t exactly ask his mom. Drew tells him to never discount women. Oscar says sorry to bother him, but Drew calls him back. He says he’s not prying, but if Oscar really wants to learn, he’ll teach him. Lesson number one: he needs workout clothes.

Alexis says it’s her obligation to bring up the custody issue. Diane says if that’s the case, everything else is off the table, and they’ll see each other in court. Alexis tells her that Danny knows no father but Drew, and Diane says it’s through no fault of Jason’s. Alexis says out of fear for Jake’s safety, Jason let Lucky claim him as his own. Diane can’t wait to get it before a judge, so Alexis can give her insight into Jason’s thoughts. Alexis says it makes sense that he’d use the same consideration for Danny, and take himself out of his son’s life.

Nina asks Maxie, why take Obrecht’s word? Peter interrupts, telling Nina that her budget is out of control. He hands her one that works. She asks if he doesn’t have subordinates to do that, and he tells her that he takes an active role, so the team feels they can come to him directly. A successful company isn’t just a business; it’s a family. Maxie looks at him weird, probably thinking what a lot of us are – Peter is the traitor.

Drew begins to instruct Oscar, telling him power comes from his core. Oscar makes the same mistake I always do when kickboxing, and drops his hands. Drew tells him to protect himself at all times, and shows him how to do jabs. He says Oscar is doing good, and Oscar asks what if the guy is bigger? Drew tells him it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. There are ways to fight a bigger guy using leverage. It’s more involved, but he can teach him. It would help though, if Oscar let him know what he’s facing.

Sonny tells Carly it’s a dress, not a crisis; just let her wear it. They’ve got to give them some freedom. Carly says she’ll remind him about this when Avery is a teenager. Dress provocatively, and a reputation will follow. He says if he’d figured out a way to talk to Kristina, she might not have made the mistakes she did. He suggests not being so controlling, and letting them figure it out.

Alexis says it would be in Danny’s best interest to allow Drew to be his father, unless Jason renounces organized crime. Sam says they’ve already talked about this, and she won’t sign anything limiting Jason from Danny’s life. Diane says she’s being sensible, and Sam asks for the pen.

Carly asks Sonny thinks she’s controlling, but he says ask Josslyn. His phone rings, and he tells her that he needs to meet up with Jason. Maybe they can work out a compromise. Carly says he hates compromise, but he says he does it for the people he loves.

Oscar tells Drew that there’s a guy who doesn’t like the way other people act. He’s not getting in their faces, but he’s had enough. Drew asks if he’s talking about himself?

Kim messes with Julian’s coffee machine, and tells him about transferring to GH from Mercy. He says at least she has training and experience in service. The industry is new to him. She asks why get into it, and he tells her that he was lonely.

Sam signs the papers. Alexis says they need to be filed, but for all intents and purposes, the marriage is dissolved, and they’re free to move on. Diane says, good luck with that, and leaves. Jason says, about Danny… and Sam says they don’t have to talk about it. She would never do anything to keep him away. Jason gets a call, and has to go. Alexis tells Sam it wasn’t easy, and Sam says she made it worse. Alexis says as Sam’s attorney, she was only doing her job. Sam says, not anymore. She’s fired.

Nathan goes to the Crimson office, and asks if Maxie can spare a minute. Nina asks Peter if they’re done, and he leaves. Nathan thinks they should tell Nina what they found out, but Nina says she knows that Faison is Nathan’s father. Maxie says she couldn’t keep it in, but outside of a handful of people, no one needs to know. Nina says no one ever will. Nathan adds, until the paper comes out tomorrow.

Jason goes back to Sonny’s office, and says it’s over. Spinelli says they need a better grasp of Faison’s antagonist, and perhaps a means of apprehending him.

Lulu asks what Peter thinks. He says it’s gold.

Maxie asks what Nathan was thinking. He says they can catch him and put him away. She can’t believe Lulu would do this. Nathan says don’t blame Lulu, but Nina blames her – and him for talking to the press. Maxie says Faison is going to come looking for him, but Nathan says they can’t live their lives waiting. Nina says what if Faison thinks the easiest way to get to him is through his wife?

Sam tells Alexis that Jason already gave up everything. Is he supposed to give up his son too? He deserves the opportunity to be a father. Danny already likes him, and no one is taking him away  – ever. Alexis asks what if something happens to her? Will she be okay if a mob enforcer has custody, and not Drew? Sam says she trusts Jason to make the right decision. Alexis isn’t sure about Jason’s definition of safe and secure, but Sam says he’s generous and brave, and he loves without holding back. She wants him to teach their son all those things. It’s her life, her son, her divorce, and she’ll handle them as she sees fit. She tells Alexis to stay out of it, and don’t use her as an excuse to distract herself from Julian.

Julian tells Kim that he just broke the cardinal rule of bartending. He’s supposed to be the one listening to confessions, not giving them. She says she’s a doctor, and she’s used to it. She asks if he’s still lonely, and he says he’s talking to her. His ex got the friends in the divorce. She tells him that she lives alone with her son, and thanks to her schedule, she has no social life. She’s in the market for new friends. They introduce themselves.

Drew asks Oscar if he’s getting bullied, but he says it’s not him. Drew says it’s a little mysterious, but Oscar doesn’t want to name names, and no one is asking him to butt in. Drew prefers to call it stepping in, and says it’s admirable. He says Oscar is a good kid. Defending someone who can’t defend themselves is a good thing, and asking for help is smart. He reminds Oscar that fighting is a last recourse. The world isn’t fair, and can be a rough place. They start training again.

Josslyn comes down in a sparkly black dress. She asks what Carly thinks.

Diane asks Alexis if she wants to go to lunch. Alexis rants that she was just doing her job, and Diane tells her that Sam will calm down. Alexis says she had good intentions, but Sam made it about Julian. She says Sam is just trying to piss her off, and Diane says it worked. Diane says she thought Alexis was dating David, but Alexis says it didn’t work out, and it has nothing to do with Julian. Diane tells Alexis she didn’t say it did, and Alexis says she was thinking it. Diane says she was thinking about lunch.

Sam watches Drew talk to Oscar at the gym. Drew says he’ll teach Oscar everything he knows, but hopes he never needs to use it. He should always try to get out of a fistfight, but if that doesn’t happen, don’t back down. He needs to take care of himself. Sam asks if she missed class. Drew tells Oscar it was fun, and hopes they can do it again. Oscar leaves, and Sam asks if it was his idea or Drew’s. Drew says it was actually Oscar’s, and asks if everything went okay. Sam says the papers are signed; she and Jason are divorced. Drew asks if she told him they’re paying back every penny for Aurora. Sam says he knows, but it doesn’t matter to him. Drew says it means something to him; honor. Sam says there was one exception – Danny.

Carly takes Josslyn to the mirror, and asks what she says. Josslyn says herself in a beautiful dress. Carly sees that too, but wonders what the boys at the dance will see, and she’s not talking about Oscar. One wrong idea, and the whole school will be Snapchatting. Why let anyone shame her? Josslyn says she likes the dress. Carly tells her in a perfect world, she could wear what she wanted, and no one would make her feel bad, but the world isn’t perfect. Women need to be smarter, stronger, and tougher to make it through. Right or wrong, what they wear sends a message, and it can be taken wrong. Josslyn says she just wants to feel pretty, but Carly says she can feel pretty showing less skin. It’s not fair, but she thinks the dress could cause reactions Josslyn isn’t ready for. Slut shaming wasn’t a phrase when Carly went through it. Is she ready for that? Carly will back her, and it’s her decision, but if she’s not 100% ready to wear it and face the challenges that come with it, there’s another choice. She shows Josslyn a designer dress in Crimson. Josslyn asks if Carly would get it for her, and Carly asks if she’ll wear it. Josslyn hugs her, and says it’s a great alternative. Okay, I just need to have a mini-rant here. They should have picked a different dress. The one Josslyn is wearing has no sleeves and a V-neckline, but it shows nothing. No cleavage, it’s not short, and I can’t imagine anyone getting “slut shamed” for it, especially considering what kids wear in real life. I’m baffled as to why they chose it for an example. Okay, done.

Nathan tells Nina that he has no reason to believe Faison would harm him or Maxie. Obrecht didn’t hide him because she was worried Faison would hurt him, but didn’t want him to follow in Faison’s footsteps. Nina asks what about when he realizes Nathan isn’t what he wanted. Maxie says it’s a matter of life or death. She knows he thinks he can handle Faison, and maybe he can, but she’s asking him not to.

Peter tells Lulu the interview is somewhat incendiary. She says it has to get Faison’s attention. Hopefully, it will lead to her getting an exclusive from him to tell his side. Nathan calls her, and says she has to call it off; pull the interview. She asks why, and he says something happened; he’ll get into it later. Just make sure it doesn’t see print. She tells him it’s not that simple, but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t want to go public as being Faison’s son. Lulu tells Peter that he has to pull the interview,

Spinelli says he has PK Sinclair’s email. Very few security systems can withstand The Jackal. It was only used to exchange email with publisher. All communication ceased, but that didn’t stop the publisher from trying to contact him. He reached out again in a recent inquiry. The author didn’t respond, but there was also nothing to indicate the account was closed, and the email had been opened. Someone is monitoring the account. Sonny says that means they can communicate with them.

Sam tells Drew there’s no reason to involve lawyers. They all want what best for Danny, and there’s no reason they can’t work it out. She tells him about firing Alexis, and says they can officially get married again.

Diane takes Alexis to Charlie’s. She wants to try the avocado toast. Alexis doesn’t want to go in, but Diane doesn’t see what the big deal is. Alexis wouldn’t listen to her repeated warnings, so maybe familiarity will breed contempt.

Kim tells Julian to try the coffee maker. It works, and he asks what she did. She tells him she turned it on; the power button is in the back. Alexis and Diane see them laughing.

Oscar drops by to get Josslyn, and Carly asks if he has a suit for the dance. He thought nice jeans would be fine. Josslyn tells Carly they’re going to the library, and Carly says she expects them to be there. Josslyn says she’ll text when they need a ride. They leave, but Josslyn forgets her backpack. Carly picks it up, and condoms fall out.

Spinelli says he took the liberty of generating an email address, but no way will it point in their direction. He wonders what type of missive will generate the desired response. Perhaps he should bait the author with what he wants – Faison. Jason asks if he’s going to pretend to be Faison, but Sonny thinks it’s too risky. They might already be in contact. Just let him know he’s on their radar.

Nathan apologizes to Maxie, saying he should have told her. Maxie says no harm done. Lulu arrives at Crimson, and Maxie asks what was she thinking? Good thing the article won’t make it to print. Lulu says she tried, but she’d already turned it in. She asked Peter to intervene, but it had already been posted on the website. There’s no going back.

Spinelli asks if they’re agreed. Jason says. do it, and Spinelli tells them, hook baited. Now let’s see if they get a bite.

We see a computer screen with several windows open. One with Faison’s picture, one with Lulu’s article, and a document that says The Severed Branch – Epilogue.  An email comes in. It says, love your new book. Can’t wait for the sequel.

On Monday, Ava asks Julian what’s going on, Carly talks to Kim about Oscar, and Diane asks Jason what he’s up to.

👰👰👰 Since many of the shows I watch have been on hiatus or whatever we call it now, I’ve been flipping around, checking out programs I haven’t seen. I’ve been trying to watch Sister Wives, but it’s only marginally interesting. They seem like very decent people, and obviously the family dynamics are different from the usual, but I might as well watch my relatives. Where is Mary Schmucker when I need her?

🍑 While I don’t blog about it, I somewhat keep up with The Real Housewives of Atlanta. After last week’s episode, Marlo wins for the biggest, most fabulous chandelier earrings on any Housewives show ever.

 🍕 But I Haven’t Even Gotten There…

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🔊  Quotes of the Week

I don’t like parties past 2 am. Then it’s all losers and weirdos.Paris Hilton

Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.  –  Roy T. Bennett

Sympathy butters no parsnips. – Mrs. Patmore (Lesley Nicol), Downton Abbey

If you forgot to make a New Year’s resolution just do what we did. Write out everything you did on NYE and at the beginning write the word “stop.” – @N2KOfficial, Twitter

In her blissful ignorance, she married him.Keith Morrison, from an episode of Dateline, but this is so many of our stories… BTW, the antagonist was convicted of “menacing.” I didn’t even know that was a thing.

No one knows what it is or how it works, but everyone wants to possess it. – Nomad (Michael Berryman), Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time

Michael Berryman Beastmaster 2 (1991)

🎼 Trust Me, They Finally Get to It…