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August 23, 2019 – Robert Confronts Peter About Shiloh, a Whole Bunch Of Great Quotes & Le Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly knocks at Jax’s hotel room door, saying, room service. Jax says he already ate, but she says the coffee is for him; the muffin is for her. She’s just checking to see if there’s anything he needs. He says not that he can think of. Is there something he can help her with perhaps? She says she’s glad he’s there, and asks if he has any leads for a permanent place. He says, not yet, and she says she needs him out by noon. Just kidding. For all she cares, he can stay forever. He says, it’s tempting, and she tells him it’s nice for her and Josslyn that he’s there. They’d like if he’d put down permanent-ish roots. He asks, what’s up? and she says she was speaking with Josslyn obviously, and she didn’t know what to make of Jax and Obrecht. Jax supposes he should wake Obrecht up, so Carly can ask her directly.

Cameron asks if Josslyn wants some pastry. There’s a lot left over, and Aiden wants to make a special one that he makes with Franco. Josslyn says, it’s rough, and Cameron says, Aiden doesn’t understand. The Franco that’s walking around isn’t the Franco he loves, and that Franco might not come back.

Jason, Sam, and Danny go to the park for Danny’s softball game. Sam tells Danny that she and his dad will be watching. He runs off, and Sam asks if Jason hears that. She tells him to close his eyes and take a deep breath. She takes his hand, and says they’re right there, in this moment, and everything is peaceful. Jason says he’s waiting for the ambush, and she asks why he’s always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

On the phone, Peter says give him a chance to figure it out. Yes, he remembers what’s at stake. He says, Shiloh? Hello? He tuns around, and Robert is there.

Monica asks if Finn has made any progress, and he says the virus is getting more aggressive. Michael gets annoyed, and says he thinks it’s time to use his resources, but Monica says she’s sure Finn is researching every avenue. Epiphany reminds Michael that it’s a hospital, and the patient can hear his voice. He apologizes, and Epiphany says, in the meantime, Sasha would like to see him. Get in there. Michael tells Finn, sorry. He shouldn’t have spoken like that. Finn says, if he was in Michael’s position… Michael says he’d try like hell to find a cure. Finn says he wishes he knew what they were fighting, and Michael says, that makes two of them.

Ava wakes, and opens her laptop. She starts reading comments about her Crimson cover. She fed her daughter to a serial killer, and we’re supposed to feel sorry for her? The daughter got what the mother deserved. What kind of narcissist parades on the cover of a magazine, and trades her daughter’s murder for attention? Ava says, they’re not wrong. She puts her had in her hands. Kiki says, boo-hoo. Be honest. Did she really think the magazine article would give her a shot at redemption? Ava says, Kiki.

Michael says he heard Sasha wanted to see him. She says she does, but doesn’t want to make him sick. He says they have quite the conundrum. He wants to see her, but doesn’t want either of them to get sick. She says she’ll get right on that. He asks how she’s feeling. She tries to answer, and has a coughing fit. He gives her some water, and she tells him that he should go; it must be boring. He asks if she’s ever sat through a financial update at a corporate shareholder meeting. She says, no, and he says she doesn’t know boring. She asks if he’s supposed to be there, and he says, yeah. She says good thing she’s sick. He says he was thinking about their next date; a summer concert in the park. Sasha says she would love that, but she’s not getting out any time soon, and they both know it.

Monica tells Finn that Nina is pressing her for answers. Where are they? Finn says he’s consulting with some specialists, and they’re hoping to isolate the virus. Monica says, until they do, get out of the hospital. Get something to eat. Nothing from the cafeteria or in a wrapper; a decent meal. And take a walk in the sunshine. She says he looks like a damn vampire. Ha-ha-ha! A nod to Silas from Port Charles. I still miss that show.

Sam takes food out of a cooler, and says they’re having a picnic like a family. It feels like they’re regular people. He asks if she wants him to be a regular person. She says she thinks she’s as settled as she’s ever going to be, but it’s not so bad. Jason says, not bad at all.

Robert says Peter is just the man he’s looking for. Will he do Robert the honor of joining him for a cup of coffee? Peter says he appreciates Robert phrasing it like a request. Robert asks if Peter would care to enlighten him as to why he was visiting the prison. Peter assumes Robert already knows he was visiting Shiloh. Robert says what he doesn’t know, is why?

Kiki takes Ava’s laptop. Ava says she’s really there. Kiki reads, Ava doesn’t care that her daughter’s dead, as long as she got the cover photo shoot. Ava says, that’s not true, and Kiki asks if Ava is mad because she can see past the excuses to how black her soul really is. Ava says she’s filled regrets. Kiki says the only thing she regrets is, the one man who truly got and understood her, is the same man who stabbed her to death. Ava says she hates all of it. She fell for his lies. Kiki says he was obsessed with her, and when she heard his adoration, nothing else mattered; certainly not her daughter. Ava is disappointed in her. No wonder she chose him over her daughter. Ava says Kiki is everything to her. She needs Kiki’s help. After all that’s happened, all the things she did, she can never find any peace. Kiki says, what a coincidence. Because of Ava, neither will she.

Carly tells Jax, it’s not funny, and he says, but the look on her face is. She says he didn’t answer the question. He says, whose? Hers or Josslyn’s? Obrecht is a fascinating woman. She has a certain panache. Carly asks if that’s French for she lures children to her gingerbread house so she can eat them. He says, there’s nothing going on. They just wanted to continue their conversation from the park, after the softball game. By the way, they won, so they’ll be playing Corinthos Coffee. He’s looking forward to the game. She says she wanted follow up about the lunch he was having with Obrecht. He says, she’s an interesting woman. They were talking about her concern over Sasha. The doctors haven’t been able to figure out what’s causing her illness. Carly says, the uncertainty alone must be driving Nina crazy. He says, Nina is going out of her mind, but between them and Valentin, they should be able to help. Carly says she thought Sasha could help Michael move on. He says, she still can. Carly knows; the positive thinking thing. Now answer her question. He says, there’s no torrid affair. Carly is concerned that someone else will get their hooks in him who’s even more dangerous – Hayden.

Josslyn tells Cameron, it’s not his fault. He says his mom tells him that a thousand times a day. Josslyn says, that’s what moms do. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Trina, who says, he lives. Why wasn’t Cameron at soccer practice? He says he didn’t feel like kicking a ball he can’t aim at Shiloh. She asks what to tell the team, and Cabot says tell them he was kidnapped by a mad scientist. She says they’ve seen the news; they already know. He’s going to lose his spot as a starter, and he loves soccer. He says he doesn’t want to deal with the fallout about Franco. Been there; done that – a lot. He wishes he could drop out period, and Josslyn says maybe he can. They could get tutored together. He says, she’s not coming back? and she says, not if she can help it. Trina tells them to find their brains, and put them back in their heads. They’re coming back to school.

Peter tells Robert that Shiloh is interested in doing a piece for The Invader. First, he went to get Shiloh’s consent, and then they went over the details. It required a personal visit; the prison doesn’t take messages. Robert says he’d like a copy of any recording, but Peter says he has none to give. Robert says when it happens, he’d like a copy, but Peter says, freedom of the press. Robert says, his job as DA is to build a case. If Peter gets in the way, he’ll charge Peter with obstruction of justice

Sam wonders why Danny is batting lefty, and Jason says the pitcher is a southpaw. Sam gets up, and says she’s going to talk to the coach. Jason says, in front of Danny and the other parents? She says, no, and he asks if she’s going to give Danny pointers. She says, that would be obnoxious; she’d never do that. He asks what she is going to do, and she says they are going to sit and finish lunch, and she’s going to let him distract her. He asks, how? and she says, talk to her about anything. She gets silence, and says, why not talk about Shiloh, Franco, and Drew? They know Shiloh sold fuel in Afghanistan. Why does Jason think he wanted the money? Jason says he thinks the money was a bonus. Shiloh feeds off of control. It’s a thrill for him, having the power to manipulate other people. Sam says, he’s behind bars now. She hopes there’s nobody there he can manipulate.

Jax tells Carly, it’s strictly business; nothing romantic. Hayden is just an employee, and an asset. Carly says Hayden’s not stupid, but she’s left a long trail of pain. Like what she did to Finn. He asks what she’s worried about, and she says she’s just looking out for him. He’s a catch. He says, so he’s been told. Maybe they should agree not to talk about the other’s romantic choices. She says, okay, and he says Josslyn isn’t the only one he’s worried about. How’s the pregnancy going? She says, we’re good, and he asks if she’s sure about that. She says she couldn’t be better, and Jax says he hasn’t forgotten the risks she took carrying Josslyn to term. She says all the bedrest in the world couldn’t have prepared her for the kidnapping. He asks if she and the baby are in danger.

Epiphany tells Sasha, say the word, and he’s out of there, but Sasha says, Michael is on board. Epiphany says she needs to rest. Sasha says, five more minutes, and Epiphany says, fine, but that’s it. She has her eye on him. When she’s gone, Michael tells Sasha, don’t hold it against him, but Epiphany still scares him. She says she’d wonder what was wrong if Epiphany didn’t. She tells him, suddenly, she’s tired, and he says he’ll let her rest, but she asks him to stay until she falls asleep. It will be about ten seconds. He takes her hand, and she says, there’s something she can’t get out of head. What if this happened for a reason? He says, it’s probably a virus, and Finn will figure it out. She says, what if it’s not a virus? What if it’s karma? What if all this is the punishment she deserves?

On the phone, Finn says it’s nice to hear her voice. She’s always telling him if he sees Robert or Peter to say hi. They’re standing about ten feet from him. Does she want to speak to them? He says he didn’t think so. He loves her too.

Peter tells Robert it comes down to journalistic integrity. Finn comes by, and tells them, Anna says hi. Peter asks when she’s coming home. Finn says, Drew located Andre in Ethiopia. He’s hoping Andre can restore Franco’s memory. Robert says, it’s a long shot, but Finn thinks Andre can be more helpful than Robert gives him credit for. Robert says, they’ll see.

Ava asks what Kiki means that she can’t find peace? Kiki asks what upsets Ava more, her spirit not being able to rest, or that it’s because of her? Ava says maybe if Kiki tells her how to help, Kiki can do the same for her. Kiki says she wants a transactional relationship. Kiki looks on the laptop, and reads some more. Kiki stopped being Ava’s daughter when she stole Ava’s boyfriend. Ava says she cares about Kiki’s happiness. It was all she wanted. Kiki says she wanted it on her own terms. She didn’t want Kiki with Morgan, so she tampered with his medication. She didn’t want Kiki with Griff, so she knocked him out and posed him in bed with Sasha, and arranged for Kiki to find them. Ava says she was angry, and she was wrong. Kiki says Ava resents it when Kiki calls her on the hell she’s caused, and she’s upset that Kiki won’t get over it. She killed Connie, destroyed Morgan, and almost charged Mike with kidnapping. How sorry is she really, that Kiki is gone?

Ava says it’s not what she wanted. She didn’t reach out for Kiki to treat her this way. Kiki says she seems to be under the impression that the dead take requests. And here Ava is, using her death for attention. Ava says she thought she was with Doc, and Kiki says nothing is ever her fault. She made Kiki’s murder about her. Ava says she wanted forgiveness. She didn’t mean for all this to happen. Kiki reads, Ava Jerome is toxic, and should never have contact with another human again. She says Ava wanted the public to see her the way she sees herself – a martyr – but this is the way she really is.

Carly tells Jax, everything has been covered. She even promised to go on full bed rest if necessary. He asks if it’s all good with the baby, and she says he has a history of high risk pregnancies. Why should this be any different? If anything comes up, they’ll cross that bridge when they come to it, but they’re not there yet. In the meantime, they have an amazing, wonderful daughter, and she’d go through everything again for her. Jax asks how Josslyn is doing. She puts on a brave face. Carly says she’s healing, bit by bit. She sees it, but doesn’t know if Josslyn does. Josslyn is dreading school without Oscar, and floated the idea of finishing at home. Jax says, maybe it’s a good idea, but she says, it’s a terrible idea. He says he can take her on an educational trip around the world, but Carly says, that’s not an education; it’s a vacation. He says she can see the world away from the painful memories, but Carly says they’re not letting their daughter run away.

Josslyn tells Cameron and Trina that she doesn’t know if she can go back. Everything seems trivial. Cameron says he hates how Franco is all over the media. Trina says they’re going to be juniors. They’re finally upper classmen. There’s soccer, letter jackets, and prom. Soon, they’ll be inheriting the school. Cameron says, maybe it’s not that bad. Josslyn says, maybe for them, but nothing makes facing it without Oscar any better for her.

Monica comes by the park to watch Danny play. She tells Sam and Jason, it’s a nice respite from a lousy day at the hospital. Sam says they have food, but Monica has to get back. She asks them to tell Danny she’s proud of him. Jason thinks he heard her cheering. She leaves, and Jason asks, what’s wrong? Did something happen? Sam says she got an email from Drew. He’s on his way to get Andre.

Finn scarfs down food at the MetroCourt bar. He tells Peter and Robert, sorry; long night at the hospital. Peter asks what he’s saying, since he’s talking with his mouth full. Finn says, it’s probably a long shot, but Andre is the best shot Franco’s got. Cabot worked on the original memory transfer, but Andre took it to the next level. Finn’s phone dings, and he says, the test results are in; he has to run. He grabs the rest of his sandwich, and thanks Robert for lunch, handing him the check.

As Sasha dozes, Epiphany asks if Michael would stay; it’s good for Sasha. She only smiles when he’s there. Sasha says she heard that, and Epiphany asks if she doesn’t know better than to listen other people conversations. She leaves, and Sasha says, still scary? Michael says, hell yes. Sasha says she’s terrified about what she just told Michael, and Michael says he thinks he’s gotten to know her pretty well. She says he doesn’t realize she’s done things.

Carly tells Jax that she knows it’s a terrible loss. Jax says, she’s sixteen, and Carly says, that means she’s young and resilient. She’ll find her way through with her friends. Jax says consider his request, and Carly says maybe a gap year after high school, but she’ll probably want to stay with her friends. Jax says, also sixteen. They can’t understand what Josslyn is going through. Carly says, Josslyn needs to know normal is possible. It’s not going be the same, but she’ll find her way out, and not on a yacht. Jax says, when she puts it that way… Maybe they can do one semester. Carly says, Josslyn is going to miss Oscar wherever she goes. If she’s going to move forward, she needs to know she’s capable of moving on, on her own. She has to do this; give herself permission to have fun without Oscar. Jax says, so she picks up where she left off? Kick back, and maybe get in trouble? Carly can’t believe she’s saying this, but yes. Jax says they have to teach her to be a kid again. Carly says, whether she wants it or not.

Sam tells Jason that Andre is working in Ethiopia, with a mental health initiative. Drew is going to get him on a plane to Port Charles, then head to Afghanistan. He recovered the money, and wants to return it to Afghanistan as some sort of humanitarian aid. Jason says, at least some good will some of it. Does Drew think Andre can reverse the procedure? She says, yeah, and Jason says he doesn’t know about science, but Franco has no intention of going back to his old life.

Ava says she can’t go on like this, and Kiki says Ava went on after her boyfriend stuck the knife between her ribs. Ava says she was wrong about Ryan. There’s got to be something she can do to redeem herself. Just tell her what to do, and she’ll do it. Kiki wishes she could help, but she can’t. Ava asks, why not? Kiki is still her daughter. Why can’t she help? Kiki says, why does Ava think? She’s dead. She disappears.

Ava wakes. She calls for Kiki, but there’s no answer. She opens the laptop, and reads. Ava Jerome should lock herself away forever. She deserves to die alone. She closes the laptop, and says, it looks like you got your wish, Kiki. I’m alone… alone… alone.

Carly says so she and Jax have a united front. Josslyn is going back to school, and staying there. Jax says, absolutely. Carly says, if she keeps her grades up, Josslyn can go on a highly educational trip with her dad. Jax says Carly is open-minded, and Carly says she knows; she’s amazing. He says he’ll have to run it by his sister wives, Obrecht and Hayden. She says, not funny, but it would be funny to watch the two of them duke it out. He says, over him? She doesn’t care. She’s just looking out for him, and he says he’s always there for her, no matter what.

Cameron says, he knows it’s not the same without Oscar. Trina says, Oscar was cute and smart; the whole package. Cameron says he’ll miss him, but he didn’t like him. Trina says he loved Oscar like a brother. Cameron says, he did, but he didn’t like him. Trina says it’s her duty to remind him how close they were, and he says, how lame. Maybe he could try out for the lead in the play. That’s a lame thing Oscar would love. They come up with other lame ideas, because Oscar was lame. Josslyn says she knows what they’re trying to do, and it sounds great.

Jason tells Sam, Franco was looking for a fight. When he wouldn’t take the bait, Franco punched Chase. He never saw Franco so angry. He didn’t want to hear about his old life or how to bring it back. He considers himself Drew. Sam says, he’s not. Jason says, if he woke up, and Jason was gone, and these people were telling him that they all wanted him to have his old life. If he couldn’t connect, and they tried to force him back to what he used to be, he’d fight with everything he had.

On the phone, Peter says, listen carefully. Drew is on his way to find Andre Maddox. Make sure he doesn’t.

Michael tells Sasha, everybody has done things. It’s comforting to believe there’s a balance, but there are terrible people who reap rewards, while virtuous people are taken from over and over. She says this isn’t having the inspirational effect he wants it to. He says good things happen for no reason at all, and he’s been feeling lucky since they met.

Finn asks Epiphany if that’s it. She hands him an envelope, and says, rushed and ready. He looks at the paper inside, and sighs. He says, no, no, no. How is this even possible? He and Epiphany look through the window at Sasha and Michael.

On Monday, Epiphany asks Finn if it can be treated, Carly tells Sonny let’s do it, and Sasha tells Nina that she’s grateful.

🔊 Quotes of the Week

You’re already putting a stink in the room, and you’re not even there yet. – Elizabeth, 90 Day Fiancé

Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will. – James Stephens

You wanna fly? You gotta give up the sh*t that weighs you down. – Toni Morrison

Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is. – Francis Bacon

This is the precept by which I have lived: Prepare for the worst; expect the best; and take what comes. – Hannah Arendt

The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course. – Billy Graham

When we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. – Dr. Seuss

Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought. – Albert Szent-Györgyi

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. – Harriet Tubman

Like What you do, and then you will do your best.Katherine Johnson

There’s things going on in that house that need to be addressed by a professional. – son-in-law of a hoarder, Hoarding: Buried Alive

Something has to change in the world. Without change, young people will have no future. – Donatella Versace

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. – William Shakespeare

Diaper backward spells repaid. Think about it.Marshall McLuhan

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.Eleanor Roosevelt – Or as a friend of mine once said, only you can make you feel like an a-hole.

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But a weekend nonetheless. I have an early morning, so until we’re fearing the dead again, I bid you adieu.






















August 16, 2019 – Call Him Franco One More Time, Pride For GH, Some Carrrlos, Crossover Guest, Oh Brad, a Celebration, Endless Wedding, Life Reflections, Teddi’s Heartbreak, Three Squared Quotes & Weekend Shantay


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny’s doorbell rings, and Carly says it must be family, since no one called on the house phone. It’s Sam, who says she knows she should have called, but she’s got good news and bad news.

Josslyn and Dev walk into Charlie’s. Josslyn says, it’s better than the library. Dev says, it would be better without books, but she says he’s got to get caught up for the fall. They can grab something to eat while they work. He says he worked all day at his coffee job. She tells him, that’s just a summer job. He has to be ready for school. He needs good grades and good test scores to get into a good college. He needs college to survive. He says, it’s a waste of time. He’s going to prove himself to Sonny, and be a truly valued member of Sonny’s organization.

At the hospital. Monica asks Drew if he’s seen Kim. She made an appointment to talk to Monica, but never showed up. It’s not like her. Drew says, a lot of people aren’t acting like themselves. Monica asks, what’s going on? and he asks if she has time to talk private

Hayden sees Finn at the reception desk. She hopes he knows she didn’t mean it when she didn’t want to see him again. He says they’ve probably both said things they don’t mean. She says, probably. He tells her that he wants to talk to her about her sister Elizabeth, and Hayden says, what about her?

Elizabeth goes home. She sits on the couch and looks at her ring. Cameron comes downstairs, and says, Franco’s not here? Is he still at the hospital? Is he going to be okay?

Franco says, Jason Quartermaine. Jason says he’s half right. Jason Morgan. He’s Drew’s twin.

Sonny says, the bad news must be about that bastard Shiloh. Carly says Jason told them what he tried to do to Cameron. Sam says, everything? and Carly says Shiloh kidnapped Cameron, and planned to use the flashdrive to imprint Drew’s memories on him, but Franco showed up and took his place. Sonny says, it’s a helluva story. Sam says Robert told them. She’s happy Cameron is okay; that’s the good news. Sonny asks what the bad news is, and Sam says, the procedure worked. Franco woke up with Drew’s memories, and thinks he’s Drew.

In her office, Monica says she knows Franco was admitted for trauma, and that the episode involved Shiloh and an unscrupulous doctor. She didn’t know Franco was subjected to a memory transfer. Who benefits from that? Drew says Cabot wanted to continue his life’s work. He’s a misunderstood genius. Shiloh wanted information; probably something Drew learned in Afghanistan. Monica is glad Franco took Cameron’s place, but it must be devastating to Elizabeth. He says, she’s broken up about it, and Monica says, what about him? Drew says it looks like Franco remembers his life before 2012, but he’s not only remembering. Franco thinks he’s Drew. Even seeing his own face didn’t shake his belief. Monica asks if Drew isn’t a bit upset, and he says, that doesn’t begin to cover it. He’s mad as hell. His memories and his life have been stolen twice.

Finn says, it’s a long story, and Hayden says her head hurts thinking about it. He says, his too, but he thought she should know, for her sister’s sake. She says she appreciates it. If Franco has Drew’s memories, and doesn’t remember his real life, then he knows nothing of his life with Elizabeth or the boys.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that she’s glad it’s just them. She wouldn’t know how to explain it to the boys. He asks if Franco will ever get better, and Elizabeth says, he needs to time to come to terms with his new reality. Once that happens, they can figure out a way to reverse it, and he can come back to them. Cameron says she’s talking like it can happen with the snap of a finger, but they both know it’s not like that. If it was, Drew would have done it long ago. Elizabeth says, it’s not easy, but the doctors are already looking at Franco’s tests. They’ll figure out a way. GH has the best doctors. Cameron says, don’t treat him like a kid. He knows it’s bad; he was there. It could have been him. Where is Franco? Maybe he can talk to him. Elizabeth says she doesn’t know. Cameron says Franco needed to get away from them? and Elizabeth says, he’s confused right now. He thinks he needs to get away from everybody who’s telling him who he is, when he’s insisting he’s someone else. Drew said the best thing to do is fight for him. Try to get him to remember the life he had. The one waiting there for him. Cameron says, sounds good. He’s willing do that too, but how do they do it if Franco won’t come home?

Franco tells Jason that someone showed him his own face, and he didn’t look like himself, but Jason does. He didn’t know Jason even existed until he saw Jason’s photo in a newspaper. It was the state champion soccer team, and there he was; MVP. A rich kid with his face.

At a nearby table, Willow tells Chase that she has a lead on a job that’s teaching related. She has no problem with waiting tables, but… Chase is staring at Franco and Jason. She says, the job really is 24/7. Even when he’s off-duty, he’s not off-duty. Chase asks, where’s this coming from?

Franco says he did research at the library. It wasn’t difficult, since the Quartermaines are a prominent family. He learned about their father Alan, and their mother Susan, his mistress. She died and he dumped Drew, but kept Jason and raised him. Jason says, no; that’s not what happened

Sonny asks if Sam has spoken to Drew. She says she ran into him at the hospital. He was trying to console Elizabeth. Carly asks how Elizabeth is feeling, since Franco is running around with Drew’s memories? Sam says, optimistic. Drew is telling Elizabeth that Franco will come around when he remembers their love. Carly says, it’s a romantic scenario, but not likely. Drew still has Jason’s memories. They haven’t faded or worn off. What are the chances it will be different with Franco?

Josslyn tells Dev that he needs to work hard this summer, and not in the warehouse. He needs to hit the books if he wants to navigate American high school. Dev says they should discuss what classes he needs to take, and she says, American history. The teacher is big on the Civil war. He says she must want them to read The Civil War Diaries. He cites some other books, and she says he knows those authors? He’s read them? He says, of course (🍷). Hasn’t everyone?

Hayden says, if a doctor did it, can’t another doctor undo it? Finn would like to think so, but it’s complicated. To start, they’d have to convince Franco that he’s not Drew. She says, it’s a horrible mess, and he says it’s not the mess he needed to speak to her about. She mentioned she’s working at Aurora. Has she been in the Crimson office? She asks, why? but he’s not sure how to say it. She may have been exposed to a serious contagion.

Monica says the flashdrive had Drew’s memories on it? and Drew says, yeah. He’d all but forgotten he had it – there was so much going on – except when Shiloh asked him about it. Monica asks if Drew wanted nothing to do with it, and he says using it would have meant losing the memories he’s made since he came to Port Charles. He’d have no memories of his children, and he couldn’t make that sacrifice to learn about himself. Monica gets it, and thinks Drew made a good choice. What she doesn’t get, is why he’d hang onto it. He says he thought it was in a safe place. He wasn’t even thinking about it, but in the back of his mind, he thought maybe one day his memories could be replanted without him losing his recent ones. He never dreamed Shiloh would steal it, and plant his memories in someone else. Monica is glad Shiloh is locked away, but Drew says, it doesn’t do Franco and Elizabeth any good. They were just beginning their life, and it was ripped away. To make it even harder, Franco doesn’t realize what he lost. Elizabeth does.

Elizabeth tells Cameron that she has no idea where Franco is. Cameron asks if she wants him to talk to the boys, but she says, no. She wants them to know as little as possible. He asks, what if they read it on the internet, or hear it from their friends? She says she’s going to tell them Franco has a medical problem, and the doctors are working to solve it. Cameron asks how they can convince Franco he belongs there, if he doesn’t remember who they are? Cameron takes out his phone, and Elizabeth asks who he’s calling. He tells her, Sonny, but she asks him not to call. She says she appreciates that he wants to fix things for her and his brothers. Cameron tells her, Franco said he wouldn’t quit on their family, so they can’t quit on him, even if doesn’t know it.

Jason says the family didn’t know about Drew. He was given away to a woman named Betsey Frank, and Alan was never told he had twins. Their parents never knew, or he and Drew would have grown up with them, but that has nothing to do with him.

Willow tells Chase, Lulu was candid about what it’s like… Chase says, to put up with a cop? She says, no; to love one. She felt awkward, discussing it with Lulu, considering what happened with her and Dante, but Lulu wanted to talk. Chase takes it Lulu was illuminating. What did she learn? She says, nothing she didn’t know. Loving someone who puts their life on the line is difficult, sometimes terrifying. Like when he texted her that he was at the hospital, and she rushed there thinking he was hurt in the line of duty. She had a sudden surge of terror that she might lose him. He asks if it scared her off. Is his job too much for her? She says she’s right there, isn’t she?

Carly tells Sonny that if she’s learned anything after what happened to Drew, it’s that there’s no way to force someone to see the truth. Not at first. Sonny says, Franco will come to terms with it on his own, and seek help – if there is any. She says, what if there isn’t? Will Franco spend the rest of his life thinking he’s Drew? And are they supposed to treat him like a version of Drew? Do Elizabeth and the kids spend their lives with a stranger?

Hayden tells Finn that she thought it was the flu, not a serious contagion. Finn says it’s a flu strain, but he doesn’t know if it requires isolation. Until he figures it out, he needs to test everyone who was in close proximity of Sasha. Hayden asks, is it fatal? Could she have it and not know, and have passed it to someone else? He says he didn’t mean to alarm her. It’s mostly precaution. She seems fine. She has no symptoms, and minimal contact with Sasha. She says she’s been places that Sasha frequents; most recently, Windymere. She was there the night of the storm. Alcohol made her say a lot of things, but she doesn’t think it was the flu talking.

Drew tells Monica, even if Franco agreed to a reversal, it could seriously backfire. Andre made it clear that there could be put into a permanent coma. Monica says maybe Franco is better off living the rest of his life with Drew’s memories. He says, what about Elizabeth and the boys? They’re grieving a husband and stepfather. Franco is alive, but he’s dead to them. Monica says, as devastating as it is, there’s a silver lining. Drew loves the optimism, but isn’t sure he follows. Who would benefit from it besides Shiloh? She says, how about him?

Elizabeth tells Cameron that Franco truly loves them. If there’s an inkling of memory left somewhere, he’ll grab ahold of it, and ride it back to them. Cameron says Franco risked everything for him. He put it all on the line for him. The only way Cameron can repay him is to bring him back somehow. She says, remind him of the life he shared with them. No matter how Franco feels or doesn’t feel, it doesn’t change how they feel. They’ll go on believing in him, caring for him… Cameron says, and go on loving him, right? They hug.

Jason says his your name is Franco, and his wife’s name is Elizabeth. Franco says he’s never even met anyone named Franco, and he just met Elizabeth. If everything goes according to plan, he’ll never lay eyes on her again.

Willow tells Chase, Lulu said, Dante and Nathan were two of a kind. They were strong, and needed to make the world a better place. Lulu recognized that about Chase too. Chase says he’s honored to be in the same category. Willow guesses that’s why she relates so well to him. It’s why she became a teacher. Not that wrangling third graders compares. He says he’d rather do what he does. She’s seriously brave to face down eight-year-olds. He thinks teachers are heroes. One in particular inspired him to make a difference in becoming cop. Willow asks, who? and he says, his dad.

Franco says the solution for everyone’s problems is for him to just leave Port Charles. Jason asks if he’s sure he wants to do that, and Franco says, yes. Why? Is Jason going to try and stop him?

Carly asks how Sam is doing after her ordeal with Shiloh. Sam says there’s nothing like being locked in a nasty freezer to make you appreciate life. You think it’s your last breath, and appreciate life a lot more. Sonny says he had a reminder at his dad’s wedding. Sam apologizes, saying she forgot. Carly says it was so sweet. She especially enjoyed the minister. Sam thought it was in name only, and Carly says, he was a minister of convenience. Mike was having an episode, and thought Sonny was the pastor. Sonny says he started out with dearly beloved, they said their own vows, and professed their love. Then he and Carly decided to renew their vows.

Josslyn asks Dev, who is he? Dev says, Sonny’s cousin from Bridgeport. Josslyn wonders what a street kid from Turkey knows about literature, and Dev says he knows a lot of stuff. He picked it up from tourists. She says, a lot kids grow up on the street, but few of them turn in it into education. What makes him different?

Finn tells Hayden, if her contact was minimal, he has no reason to believe she’s infected. She asks if he thinks it’s okay to be around children, like Elizabeth’s kids. Finn thinks the more time she spends with Elizabeth and her family, the better. They’re going to need support until Franco comes home; assuming he’s coming home. Hayden says maybe there’s a brilliant doctor who’s not afraid to take risks. Finn says neurology isn’t his specialty. She says he saved her life, in more ways than one. Don’t sell himself short.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that he’s sorry it took all this for him to see the guy she saw all along. She says Josslyn is at the library with her cousin, and they’re going to Charlie’s afterward. Does he want to meet up with them? He says he’d like to stay there tonight, if it’s okay with her. She says, it’s more than okay.

Franco asks if Jason is still rich. Jason says he does okay. Franco says, give him some money. Float him a loan, and he’ll take the next bus out of town. Jason says how about if he finds Franco a room for tonight, and tomorrow, Jason can take him to some people who can help him. Franco says he doesn’t need a doctor or a shrink. He’s comfortable with who he is.

Chase tells Willow that his dad loved to teach, and he was good at it. He made his students come alive and want to learn. That’s how he inspired Chase to make a difference. His dad instilled it in him and Finn, and they each chose their way of making a difference. The problem is, you can’t always turn it off when it’s inconvenient. Willow says she’s beginning to understand.

Franco tells Jason, on second thought, keep his money. And as long as he’s stuck there, until he figures a way out, stay the hell away from him. Jason says, like it or not, he’s connected to a lot of people in this there. He can’t just disappear. Jason calls him Franco, and Franco says that’s the last time he’s going to let anyone call him that today. Chase watches.

Sam tells Carly and Sonny, it’s so exciting. Congratulations. She asks if it will be a church wedding, and says it probably depends on the season. And Avery can be the flower girl. Carly interrupts, saying they’re not that far, and Sonny says, it will be a simple, family celebration. Carly says, it’s not a wedding redo. They’ll speak their hearts surrounded by the people they love, including their newest family member. She touches her baby bump. Sonny says they’ll appreciate what they have with the people closest to them.

Dev tells Josslyn, the greatest treasure isn’t gold or diamonds, but education. His mom told him that. She had big plans for him. Josslyn says, she sounds like a good woman. He says he couldn’t let her down, so he decided to continue his education, whether or not it was in a classroom. Josslyn thinks she would be proud. She asks him to tell her more about his parents. There’s so much she doesn’t know. He says, there’s nothing to tell.

Drew tells Monica that he never imagined someone would be forced to end up with his past; especially someone he cares about. He can’t see a silver lining. Monica says he hasn’t thought it through. He doesn’t have to choose. He can keep the memories he has, and Franco can tells him about the man he used to be. Drew says Franco could fill him in at the expense of Elizabeth. Monica says, it’s Shiloh’s doing. She hopes it can be undone, but doesn’t he want to know more? She thinks she does. Drew says, the twin Alan didn’t claim, and she says, the twin he never knew existed. They missed out on Drew’s childhood, and his youth. It would be a chance to fill in the blanks. For the family too. The more they know about him, the closer they can become. Doesn’t he want that too?

Finn says he recalls he and Hayden saved each other. She says, he wins. He still reached out after she embarrassed herself at dinner. He could have just left her a message. He says she’s fun to tease. He’s not keeping score, and hopes she isn’t. He says he could never hate her. He was in love with her, and it hurt when she left, but he learned a long time ago that life is too short to keep grudges. Hayden is glad he told her what’s going on with her sister. She has to figure out how to get Elizabeth through this. Does he have a suggestion? He thinks she already knows what to do.

Elizabeth tells Cameron, go upstairs and get ready for bed; she’ll straighten up down there. He hesitates, but then goes. She looks at her ring, and flashes back to Franco in the jail, saying he’s down for more loving, cherishing, and honoring. He says, I love you, Elizabeth Imogene Webber. Till death do us part. Elizabeth wipes the tears from her cheeks.

Jason says he’s not going to fight Franco. Franco says if Jason calls him Franco one more time, he might not have a choice. Chase asks them if everything is okay. Franco says no one is talking to him. Chase calls him Franco, and Franco punches him in the face.

Sam says she assumes she and Jason will be invited, and Carly says they’ll be at the tippy top of the list. Sam says she can help, but she’s not good at that kind of thing. Sonny says they’re keeping it small. Sam says, good luck, and leaves. Sonny says if Carly wants a big, splashy wedding, he can rent a place, but she says she loves keeping it small. They could do it on the terrace. Sonny says that would make him happy, having it at home. When they’re apart, this is just a place to live in, but when they’re together, it’s a home. Because of her. She’s his whole life. Carly says, right back at him.

Josslyn tells Dev that she didn’t mean to offend or pry. He knows all about her family. She’s just curious to know more about his real family. He says she does. He’s a Corbin.

Elizabeth’s phone rings. It’s Finn, and she asks if he’s had any word about Franco. He was hoping she had some, but she says, nothing. He’s sorry. He wishes there was something he could do. For what it’s worth, he’ll talk to Monica, and tell her Elizabeth needs some time off. It’s a difficult situation, and she has the kids. It won’t do anyone any good if she runs herself into the ground. She says, good advice. She might take it. Her doorbell rings. I know we were all hoping for Franco, but it’s Hayden. She tells Elizabeth, don’t just stand there. Help her get settled. She’s moving in, and won’t take no for an answer. They hug. On the other end of the phone, Finn smiles.

Drew tells Monica, sorry. It strikes at his core. He knows exactly were Franco is; he’s been there himself. He can’t take advantage. Monica says, the memories are his, and Drew says, technically, they are, but Franco believes they’re his. Frankly, he doesn’t think Franco would share them if he asked. Monica tells him, think about it. Something good could come of this yet.

Jason tells Franco, settle, and Chase says he just hit a police officer. Franco asks how he was supposed to know that. Chase isn’t wearing a uniform. Jason tells Franco, do himself a favor – shut up. Chase says he’ll take it from there, and arrests Franco. He asks if Franco understands his rights.

On Monday, Julian tells Sam he was hoping to say a proper goodbye, Shiloh has information someone might find interesting, Scotty wants to see his son, and Lulu tells Olivia that Dante isn’t coming home.

🏥 Now If She Can Just Get a Storyline…

I love Terry, and wish she had more screen time.


🎨 Remember Him?

It’s Carrrlos! The man of many talents, who also taught Don Draper how to be Zen.



👠 Sashay Shantay…

A crossdressing crossover.


🎉 A Milestone…

Brad reaches his 200th episode.


🎂 Happy Birthday To Obrecht…

Fun will be had!


👰 No GH Talk Is Complete Without It…

The longest wedding celebration in history.


📺 A Trip Down Llanview Memory Lane…

Great photos!



✋ Raise Your Hand If You Identify…

Hollywood should be ashamed of itself. And she looked far from fat.


🙊 Quotes of the Week 

War is like love; it always finds a way.Bertolt Brecht

Never let a cat in. It’s really a person who’s reincarnated, and it will bring in all the bad Jews. – Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), 2 Broke GIrls

Men are like floors. If you lay them right the first time, you can walk all over them for the rest of your life. – Kathy, s’Mothered

It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit. – Noel Coward

Much of what was said did not matter, and that much of what mattered could not be said. – Katherine Boo

I love being a woman … But I wanted to have a man’s life in a woman’s body, and I did that very early on. I want every woman to have that.Diane von Furstenberg, NY Post interview, Page Six

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. – Albert Einstein

I’m like Rumpelstiltskin. Everything I touch turns to gold. – delusional guest on Dr. Phil – just in case you’re not up on your fairytales, it was King Midas who turned everything to gold.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Unknown

💃 Sashaying Away…

Until there are dead to fear, the weekend is my oyster. Or at least a clam shell.


August 9. 2019 – Memory Download Complete, General Spoilers, Billy’s Exit, More On the OC, Jill Moves In, Fear Comeback, OctogenariQuotes & Coastal Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Peter goes to the Crimson office. Maxie says it’s been crazy. Valentin and Nina have decided to prioritize their wedding, happening next month, and Sasha collapsed. No one knows what’s wrong, but the hospital is keeping her until they do. In the meantime, she’s stuck doing Nina’s job, which she’s always wanted, but Nina has minions and Maxie is minionless. James has forgotten what she looks like. She rambles on for a while, then asks Peter why he didn’t stop her. He says he didn’t think it was possible, and it was a lovely symphony. She asks if it even made sense, and he repeats what she said, but more concisely, and asks how he can help. She says he can start with this, and kisses him.

Lulu meets Robert at Charlie’s. He thanks her for coming, and she says it must have something to do with Dante. He says, savvy as ever. He’s afraid he does.

At a nearby table, Willow gets a text from Chase. He’s sorry. It’s a work thing. He’ll be there soon.

Chase asks Elizabeth if there’s been any word. She says she tracked Cameron’s phone to 721 Dewitt. Chase says that’s the warehouse district. It’s a dicey neighborhood. She says she’s going to go looking for him, and Chase says he’ll take her there.

Meanwhile, at 721, Franco tells Cameron it will be okay. He’s enjoyed getting to know Cameron. He’s a good kid. Cameron says Franco is a good man. Franco says he needs Cameron to do him a favor. Tell his mother that Franco loves her. Tell her that he’ll be back. Cabot injects him. Cameron cries, and tells Cabot to stop. Shiloh pats Cameron’s head, which is really weird. He tells Cameron, if it works out, it won’t matter what he tells Franco. He asks Cabot how long it’s going to take, and Cabot says he’s starting the process now. There’s some kind of device on Franco’s head that looks like it was made by Fisher Price.

Robert tells Lulu that Dante suffered a major setback after the shooting. The facility wasn’t equipped with what he needs to be helped, so the Bureau moved him. Lulu says it’s bad news, but hardly a surprise. She asks what the new facility can do for him, and if the WSB is still going to help. Robert says the primary concern is Dante hurting himself or other people. The deprogramming has been postponed. Lulu asks for how long, and he says, indefinitely.

Maxie is thinking velvet tablecloths, and asks what Peter thinks. He thinks whatever she chooses will be perfect. He kisses her neck, and she says she’s supposed to be working. He says she was supposed to be working last time, but she insists she needs to work. He says, fine, and kisses her again. Work it is.

Shiloh asks Cabot if it worked, and Cabot says it’s in progress; look at the status bar. Shiloh wants the information he needs, but Cabot says he’ll have to wait until the subject wakes up. Shiloh asks when that is, and Cabot says, when he opens his eyes and asks, where am I, and how did I get here? Cameron tells Cabot that Shiloh isn’t letting them live. When he gets the information he wants, he’ll kill all of them. Shiloh tells Cameron that he’s had enough, threatening him with the duct tape.. He says if Cameron isn’t a good boy, he’ll tape his nose shut too. Drew and Curtis bust in, and Drew knocks Shiloh down and out. He runs to Cameron, and Curtis drags Shiloh back up. Cameron tells Drew to help Franco. Drew tells Cabot, stop it now, or he’ll put a hole in him. Cabot says, the procedure cannot be stopped or reversed. Unless it failed… Drew says he better hope it failed. Cabot says, the procedure can only function in the way it’s deigned. Forgive the metaphor, but it’s a one-way street. Ideally, when the patient regains consciousness, his consciousness will be that of Drew; the man Drew was in 2012. The screen says memory download complete. Franco’s eyelids flutter.

On the phone, Drew gives the address to the police. Curtis ties Cabot’s hands behind his back. Cabot asks if they must do this. It’s undignified. Curtis tells him not to talk dignity or fairness. Drew says, Franco had better live. Cabot says physically, he’ll be fine. Drew says, mentally…? Shiloh says Franco won’t be his friend anymore. He’ll be a Navy SEAL, or whatever the hell he was in 2012. Drew tells Franco that if he can her him, they’re getting him out of there. Hang on. He tells Cameron it will be okay. Elizabeth and Chase run in, and Chase says they were already on their way when he got the 911. Cameron says what happened is his fault; he’s so sorry. Drew says, no, it’s not his fault.

Robert tells Lulu that he doesn’t feel Dante is coming home. She says, ever? and he says, for the foreseeable future. He still has a lot of friends at the bureau. If anything happens, and Dante’s status is changed, he’ll be all over it. She says knowing Robert is looking out for him helps. He kisses the top of her head, and tells her, good luck. They’ll get through this. She says, she has to. He leaves, and Willow approaches the table, asking if Lulu is all right. Lulu says she’s the opposite of all right. Willow asks if she needs company, and Lulu nods. Willow sits, saying Chase was held up at work. God only knows when he’ll show up. She guesses it’s the downside of dating a cop. Lulu says they seem pretty serious, and Willow says, it looks that way, Lulu says, before Willow gets in deeper, she needs to know what it’s really like trying to build a life with a man drawn to danger.

Cameron tells Elizabeth that he’s sorry, but Elizabeth says, the only ones responsible are these evil men. Cameron says he should have run when he had the chance. Drew says he had nothing do with any of it. Shiloh whines that the cuffs are hurting him. It’s serious police brutality. Chase tells him he’s being arrested for kidnapping, assault, false imprisonment, and more charges that are pending. He gives Shiloh his rights as he pushes him out the door. Drew starts to release Franco, but Cabot says he can’t do that. Drew says the procedure is over, but Cabot says the equipment is sensitive. Only someone properly trained can safely disconnect him. The brain has to recover at its own pace, like a computer. If it’s shut down abruptly, everything will be lost. Drew asks if Elizabeth believes him, and Elizabeth asks if she has a choice.

At the hospital, Lucas brings Cameron out, and says he’s in good shape. He’s running every test on Franco, and will let her know as soon as he gets the results. Drew thanks him, and Lucas says they have a good neurology department. Elizabeth says she knows Franco is in good hands. Chase joins them, and asks how Franco is doing. Drew says they’re doing tests now, and Chase asks if Cameron is up for giving a statement. Cameron says he wants to be there for Franco, but Elizabeth says it’s going to take some time, and he should go while it’s fresh in his mind. Drew promises he isn’t going anywhere, and Chase says they’ll only be a few steps away. Cameron leaves with Chase, and Elizabeth says Cabot’s not a doctor. Doctors take an oath to do no harm. They don’t take a hostage for forced medical experiments. She says, what if Franco doesn’t wake up? Drew says, he will. Elizabeth tells him that he doesn’t know that. Drew says he knows Franco. He’s such a big pain in the ass, he won’t be snuffed out so easy.

Chase asks Lucas, does he think it’s necessary for Cabot to be at GH? They want to take him into custody. Lucas says throw him in jail, where he can’t hurt anyone. Epiphany tells Lucas, a patient is waiting in cubicle two. It’s Shiloh, and I make a loud sound. I also think Epiphany might have warned him. Shiloh says he was hoping it would be Lucas.

Maxie tells Peter that she doesn’t mind picking out the wedding décor; she has excellent taste and doesn’t mind helping. But she wonders if she’s crossed the line between being supportive and being enabling. Peter says, enabling the wedding? and Maxie says, enabling Nina to marry Valentin. He deeply loves her, but loving someone doesn’t make you a good person. It can make a bad person worse if they deceive someone they love into believing they’re good. Peter says, or she could just respect Nina’s choice, and throw a spectacular wedding. Maxie says, on one month’s notice, they’ll have to settle for tasteful. Peter says, everything Maxie does is spectacular. They kiss, and Robert walks in. He says, isn’t this cozy? He just came from seeing Lulu, and telling her that her husband has taken a turn for the worse. And here Maxie is wrapped around the guy responsible. Funny, how things always come back to Henrik.

Lulu bets the things Willow loves about Chase also make him a good cop. Honest, protective, loyal, brave. Willow says, he’s also funny, kind, and incredibly sexy. Lulu says, here’s the thing about cops who are also great guys. They feel an obligation to do the right thing. They want to protect society at large, especially their loved ones. The obligation is so strong, they no longer care about their personal safety. Willow says, that’s not just bravery, and Lulu says, it’s a weird mix of bravery and righteousness – and sheer male stupidity. Every time they walk out the door, you take a snapshot of the person you love, thinking it might be the last time you see them, but you think, don’t let it be the last time. You want to tackle them, and beg, please don’t go, but instead you say, bye, have great day, and watch for a few seconds after the door closes. Every. Damn. Time. Willow asks if Lulu regrets marrying Dante. Lulu says, not even for a moment. If she had it to do again, she would, in a heartbeat.

Shiloh asks how Lucas’s son is. He bets Wiley is walking. It’s amazing how he resembles his mother around the eyes. The strong chin is from his side of the family. His daddy had a strong chin. Ask Sam. Lucas says Shiloh doesn’t he has a concussion. He’ll be sore for a few days, and Lucas ordered antibiotics, just in case. He’ll have plenty of time to rest up in prison. Shiloh says, if he goes to prison.

Cabot tells Drew that his attorney will be in touch, so Drew can speak on his behalf if there’s a trial. Drew says he’ll be happy to testify, but Cabot isn’t going to be happy about what he says. Cabot says when his friend wakes up and tells him about the life he doesn’t remember, Drew will thank him. Drew tells an officer, get his ass out of here.

Elizabeth tells Cameron they’re bringing Franco in any moment. Cameron says he has to tell her something about when Franco found him. He asked Cameron to give her a message. Dr Cabot had knocked him out, and by the time Franco showed up, he was out of it. Franco yelled, and woke him up. Elizabeth says he must been terrified. Cameron said he thought if Franco found him, someone else could. Shiloh was worried about the same thing, and kept pressuring Cabot. She says he doesn’t need to talk right now; he’s safe. All that matters is that he’s safe. Cameron says, because of Franco. Franco convinced Shiloh to use him instead. He said people would be mad if he hurt Cameron, but because of Franco’s past, Shiloh would get a medal for using him. Cameron tried to tell Franco that she and the boys would miss him; so would he. She’s sure that helped Franco, but Cameron doesn’t know. Franco seemed scared. Franco was telling him it was okay, but he saw it. Then Franco asked him to tell her that he loves her, and he’ll be back.

Drew asks Epiphany if he can stay with Franco, and she says, of course (🍷). He asks her to tell Elizabeth that Franco is back, and she leaves. He tells Franco, he just wants him to know that his past, all those years, mean nothing to him in comparison to their friendship. He hopes that crazy experiment doesn’t work, and Franco wakes up the same person, and his past stays buried exactly where it belongs.

Elizabeth tells Cameron, Franco said he’d be back? Cameron says after that, Cabot gave Franco a shot, and he couldn’t answer anymore. She thanks Cameron for reminding Franco how much they love him, and for giving her the message. If Franco said he’d be back, She trusts he will be.

Maxie says how dare Robert? Robert says Peter is Faison’s son. He always has another agenda. Maxie says, Peter is not his father. He’s a good person. He made mistakes because of the lies his father told him. He’s not the reason they finagled their way in to see Dante. It was her idea. Peter came along to protect her. Robert says, and that brought them closer together. No one ever said Henrik was stupid. Maxie says her mom and Mac have both accepted him. Robert says, that’s their mistake. This guy is going to drag her down as low as she can possibly go. His advice is to run. Otherwise, she’ll be sorry she ever crossed paths with this dirtbag. Geez, did I get a different impression in the preview. What’s with Robert?

Willow doesn’t know where Lulu finds the strength. Lulu says Willow escaped a cult. She got away from a very dangerous man. Willow says, not far enough. Lulu knows Shiloh did a number on her. Sometimes she feels weak and fragile because he told her that she was. What she did was beyond bravery. She’s the hero of her own story. Given all the press Shiloh and what’s left of DOD have gotten, maybe she should get some press of her own. Willow asks what she means, and Lulu says she’d like to write Willow’s story for the Invader. What compelled her to leave DOD? Willow asks if Lulu is interviewing her, and Lulu says, off the record – for now. Willow says her parents were always searching for someone to guide them. Truthfully, to make decisions for them. When it was her turn to give up control of her life, it was easy, but when she got pregnant, she had to think for the baby and herself. She needed her life to belong to her. Lulu says she makes it sound easy. Willow says, when she realized she had control all along, it was hard to let go. Lulu thinks the story is a good idea. Not just for Willow, but those who read it. She tells Willow to let her know if she changes her mind. She leaves, and Willow’s phone dings. Chase texts he’s sorry he missed her. It’s police business, and he’s at the hospital. She jets.

Elizabeth goes into where Franco is, and asks Drew if there’s anything, but no. Cameron asks Drew if they can talk outside, and they leave together. In the waiting area, Cameron says he didn’t tell the police about this because he doesn’t know the situation; it’s so bizarre. Shiloh and the crazy doctor kept talking about wanting information only Drew knows, or at least used to know.

Elizabeth asks Franco to open his eyes. Say something silly so she knows it’s him. She knows he’ll come back because Cameron told her that he said he would. She trusts he’ll keep his word, and trusts how much he loves her. She says, please come back, and touches his face.

Drew asks Cameron if Shiloh said anything else? The smallest detail. Cameron says it was something that would allow Shiloh to disappear. Drew doesn’t know what that means, but whatever it was, it was important enough for Shiloh to risk everything, including Cameron and Franco’s lives. Cameron says, he had no right to do that. Drew says, no, he didn’t. Nobody does.

Elizabeth thanks the unconscious Franco for protecting Cameron. He’s a hero to Cameron now, like he’s always been to her. She has to admit, she’s sick of seeing him in a hospital bed. Give it a rest for a while. She was thinking about what he said to Cameron. She’s so in love with him, the world would be infinitely less wonderful without him in it. Cameron asks if he can join her, and she tells him, come in. He wanted to say how sorry he is, but she says, stop. He didn’t do anything wrong. He says, none of this would have happened if he’d done the smart thing and run when he had the chance. She says someone asked him for help, and it was the wrong person. She’s proud of his compassion, and of Franco, risking everything to save him.

Maxie tells Peter, she’s so sorry. Robert had no right to talk to him like that. Peter says his father tormented Robert and his family for decades. He can understand why Robert would want to protect her. Maxie says, that’s crap. Anyone who spends five minutes with Peter knows he’s transcended his father’s influence. If he hadn’t, she’d still blame him for Nathan’s death. Which she doesn’t. She’s accepted him, and so have Anna and Robin. And Mac doesn’t dislike him. It’s time for Robert, along with the rest of the world, to let him live outside of his father’s shadow. He doesn’t know if that’s possible. Lulu comes in, and Peter says he’ll let them talk. He’s going to get take-out. Maxie says Robert was just there, and Lulu says so she knows about Dante. Maxie says he was too busy raking Peter over the coals to tell her anything useful. Lulu says there’s not much to report, but she’s made her decision about Dante.

Willow runs into the hospital, looking for Chase. Lucas asks if she’s heard. Shiloh is shuttled past the reception desk, and sees Willow. He says, how touching his baby mama, and her pretend daddy. She asks what he did. Did he do something to Wiley? Lucas says he was just telling Shiloh that Wiley is at home with his father, who loves him very much. Willow says Shiloh isn’t Wiley’s father, and never will be. The officer takes Shiloh away, and Willow asks what he’s doing there. Please tell her that he’s dying. Lucas says, no, but she happen to notice his traveling companion? He’s wracked up more felony charges. He’s going to prison. Chase arrives, and Lucas says he’ll let Chase fill her in. She grabs him, and he asks what she’s doing there. She says looking for him. Thank God he’s okay.

Robert asks Curtis if Shiloh and Cabot actually tried the memory map process on Franco. Curtis says, they did more than that. Robert asks if it worked, but Curtis says they’ll have to wait for Franco to regain consciousness. If it failed, everything’s fine. If it didn’t… Robert says they’ll have to deal with the fallout.

Drew stops Shiloh, and says he claimed Drew had some information that could make him disappear. Shiloh says, the key to our future lies in our past. Zzzz… Drew tells him, knock it off. Cameron sees Shiloh, and runs toward him, but Drew grabs Cameron before he reaches Shiloh, who’s laughing his head off. He says, come and get me, kid. Cameron says he’s going to pay for this. He thinks he can just erase his stepfather. Shiloh is the one who should be erased. Shiloh says his stepfather wanted to do it. Cameron is his witness.  Drew tells the officer to get Shiloh out of there. Shiloh laughs like a hyena, as he’s led away. Drew tells Cameron, breathe. Cameron says he’s going to make Shiloh pay.

Lulu tells Maxie that she never wanted Dante to go after Raj. They never discussed it; it was a done deal, just like the divorce. Too bad. She loves him, and doesn’t want a divorce. She’s choosing to honor her vows. For better or worse; for sickness and in health. She won’t fight Dante in court, but if he wants to end the marriage, it’s entirely on him.

Chase asks if Willow wants water or bad coffee, but she just wants him to stay there. He asks what happened, and she says he texted her, saying he was going to be late because of work, then he landed in the hospital. He says he told her that he was at the hospital, not in the hospital. His job requires it sometimes. She says, all she saw was his name and hospital, and her imagination ran away. She thought something happened. She tells him, stop smiling; it’s making her feel better, which makes her feel stupid. He says he can’t turn it off when he’s around her. She tells him to promise never to scare her again like that. He says he’ll do his best, and they kiss.

Cameron asks why Drew stopped him. Drew says because assaulting a dirtbag is still a crime. Cameron and his mom have enough to worry about. Cameron says he never felt that helpless. Drew says he feels helpless too. He wasn’t there in time to save Franco, the way Franco saved him. Cameron says he saw Shiloh, and all he could think about was that Shiloh was walking around, after he took Cameron’s stepfather from him as he watched. Drew knows it hurts. He wants to get back at Shiloh for all the people Shiloh has hurt too. Hate isn’t a word they’re supposed to use or feel, but the predators and users… Cameron says, they deserve to be hated, and to pay. Drew says he’s right, but they have to go about it in the right way. The world needs less Shiloh and more Cameron. If he can take that hate and focus doing the right thing, he can get great things done. That’s why Franco put it all on the line for him. He knows the world needs more Cameron. Cameron thanks him. He can’t believe he’s saying this, but the world needs more Franco too.

Lucas tells Elizabeth, the good news is all Franco’s brain functions are operating as they should. Elizabeth says, so he’s physically fine. Lucas says, the bad news is, they don’t know how the drastically procedure impacted him. Elizabeth says, so until he wakes up, they won’t know how much Franco is still inside of him. Lucas says, yeah.

On Monday, Lucy tells Kim that one door shuts and another opens, Elizabeth asks Franco to fight and wake up, and Carly tells Sonny that he can do this.

🏥 Half-Spoiled…

Some of these we already know, but others are still a question mark.


🚑 Will Billy Be a Hero…

They’ve been wrong before though.


🍊 OC Tea…

And more on the OG’s demotion. Ouch.


🗽 But the Rent Is Too Damn High…

Jill Zarin has a new squeeze.


💀 See You When the Dead Walk…

Fear the Walking Dead returns Sunday, August 11th, at 9 pm.


📍 Quotes of the Week

The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values. – William S. Burroughs

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions. – Stephen Covey

It is downright aggressive to open a bag of salmon jerky in a contained area, and especially one where everyone is basically tied down to a seat (aka plane).Fodors.com (sorry, the author’s name obliterated by an ad. 😕

We don’t need to settle on a medieval solution for a 21st century problem. — South Carolina democratic representative Joe Cunningham on increasing border security by building a wall.

Make up your mind before time makes it up for you. – Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin), General Hospital

We’re not just behind the eight ball, we’re behind the whole pool table at this point. – contestant on MasterChef

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen. – Orhan Pamuk (author, My Name Is Red)

Guilt: the gift that keeps on giving. – Erma Bombeck

✈ Whatever Coast You’re On…

Or even if you’re just coasting along, enjoy your weekend.





































August 2, 2019 – Some Of Drew’s Past Is Revealed, Finding OLTL, Billie Lee Moves On, Cindy Who, Almost Ten Quotes & Royal Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Puerto Rico. Sasha wonders why she and Michael are so good together. Maybe it’s the island. Michael thinks it’s more because of her. The more he more knows her, the more he cares about her. She says, that must be it. She feels the same way about him. They kiss.

On the phone, Cassandra says it’s lovely there, but time for her to move on. She thanks them for making the arrangements, and asks what time she needs to be at the air strip. She says, perfect. She’s having breakfast with some very important guests.

Finn starts to go into Kelly’s, and sees Hayden pop out. He asks if she’s leaving. She says she’s decided to go someplace else. He says if he didn’t know better, he’d think she’s trying to avoid him. Maybe she regrets something she said last night.

At Kelly’s with Jason and Elizabeth, Jake wants to celebrate. The game was rained out, but Jason caught a ball. Elizabeth says maybe they’ll have a make-up game, and Jake says the only thing that would make it more perfect is if Franco was with them.

Kim gives Cameron the paperwork for the car, including a death certificate from the DMV, making it official. I don’t think that’s how it works, but okay.

At Rice Plaza, Sam thanks Willow for meeting her. Willow thanks Sam again for her help with nailing Shiloh. Sam says that’s why she asked to meet. She needs more information about Shiloh’s time in Afghanistan.

Chase knocks on Drew’s office door. Curtis answers, and says he’s glad Chase could make it. Chase knows the flashdrive is missing, and Drew says it holds all of Andre’s notes, and Drew’s memories prior to 2012. Chase says, assuming that’s what Shiloh was after, what does Drew think he could do with it on his own? Drew doubts Shiloh could anything without help.

At a cheap hotel. Shiloh thanks Cabot for meeting him. It’s less conspicuous than the MetroCourt. Cabot says he prefers five-star accommodations when possible, but to each his own. Shiloh is facing multiple felony charges, and he’s broke. Shiloh says he has reserves in Afghanistan. Drew knows where they are, and it’s why he needs to access Drew’s memories. Cabot asks if he’s still planning on transferring the memories to Drew’s twin.

Jason tells Jake, the Chucks are having a great season. Jake says, too bad Franco isn’t into sports. He’s a little artsy, but Jake thinks he’d like them if he tried watching. Elizabeth points out Jake’s friend Blain is at the counter, and Jake goes over to show him the ball. Elizabeth asks Jason, what just happened? She thought he’d made peace with Franco. Jason tells her that he didn’t say anything, but she says his silence speaks volumes. Jason sighs, and she says he’s still doing it. Doesn’t it make a difference that Franco is her husband and Jake’s stepdad? Jason says he respects her choices, but doesn’t have to agree with them. She asks if he doesn’t see that what he’s doing will affect Jake. He was trying to sell Jason on Franco, and when Jason diverted the conversation, Jake tried harder. Jason says he’s not saying anything negative, but he’s not going to lie either. Elizabeth says Jason still doesn’t forgive Franco for what he did when he was sick. It was a long time ago, and Franco’s not the same man. What will it take for Jason to accept that?

Cameron says he didn’t know cars were this complicated. Kim says, the policy is paid until the end of the year, and gives him the extra key. Cameron says, great, he guesses. Kim says, it’s okay, and Cameron says, of course (🍷) he’s excited. It’s a car, but it was Oscar’s car, and he’s not here anymore. Cameron leaves, and Franco says, sorry. He can’t imagine what Kim is going through. If there’s anything he can do, let him know. It might sound silly or strange, but if she wants to try art therapy… She says she’s trying to work things out in traditional therapy, but since he asked, there is something she’d like from him.

Sam asks if Willow knows any details about Shiloh’s time in Afghanistan. Willow says he told them basically the same story that’s in the book. Money motivated him until he saw the dawn; blah-blah-blah. Sam asks if he mentioned anyone who was there besides Drew. Like a Charles Owens, nicknamed Tex.

Curtis says the theft was perfect timing. He was having cameras installed next week. Drew asks if Chase got the MetroCourt footage, and Chase says, it’s being reviewed now. They brought Shiloh in for questioning, and while he was there, sent a team to gather evidence. Shiloh has an alibi for the time frame. Drew says, of course (🍷). Chase says he denied hiring anyone, but they’re focusing on any remaining followers. They know Shiloh’s pattern of getting them to take the fall. Drew says Shiloh wouldn’t stop asking about the flashdrive, and Chase wonders how he knew where it was. Drew says he never discussed it with Shiloh, and Chase asks if he ever talked in public about it. Drew says, several times, and Chase says if a Dawnie heard, they could have passed the information to Shiloh.

Shiloh tells Cabot that he wants the memories transferred by any means necessary, but Cabot suggests he exercise caution. They don’t need the subject in a diminished state. Shiloh says, what if they’re injected with something? What if something goes wrong? Is there a back-up plan? Cabot says, if one twin is ineffective, the other twin might serve.

Chase asks why Shiloh would want the flashdrive with Drew’s memories on it? Drew says they were in Afghanistan together. He served as a SEAL, and Shiloh was a contractor. He thinks it has something to do with their association. Chase says, Shiloh is desperate, and Curtis says, the more desperate Shiloh becomes, the more dangerous he is. Chase says, Shiloh is staying at the Midwood Hotel. He’s going to get a warrant to have the room searched before Shiloh has a chance to do anything with the flashdrive. He’ll be in touch.

Shiloh tells Cabot that Drew is already suspicious, since the flashdrive was stolen from his office. How soon will Cabot be ready? Cabot says he needs a few essential supplies for the procedure. He asks Shiloh for the flashdrive, and Shiloh asks, why now? Cabot says Shiloh just told him that Drew suspects. If Shiloh is on the police’s radar, doesn’t he think it will be safer? Shiloh says Cabot was just released from the WSB, and Cabot says he was given an outright release. He has no charges pending in this or any other country. It’s a pity Shiloh can’t say the same.

Willow tells Sam that she doesn’t remember Shiloh ever mentioning Tex. He always made it all about himself. How he used to do anything for money. He did the contracts looking for a payoff, and came close until fate stepped in, in the form of an EID. Sam repeats, he said payoff, and Willow says, before he was hurt, he was planning on cashing out and leaving the next day.

Kim tells Franco, it’s pretty simple. Just keep being a good friend to Drew. He puts on a great façade, but he’s hurting. He keeps his feelings tight, and he’s not letting them out. He needs to let them out. Franco says he’s there for Drew. She is too, right? She’s not going anywhere? She says she has to check on a patient. Tell Cameron, enjoy the car. She’s glad he has it.

Elizabeth tells Jason that she gets it. Time stopped for him, but not for the rest of them. Franco isn’t the same man. Jason says it doesn’t matter what he feels. Elizabeth says, like it or not, Franco has been more of a constant in Jake’s life than he has. If he disapproves, Jake will have divided loyalties. Does he want to be that kind of dad who turns a kid against his stepfather? Jason says he wants to be the kind of dad who doesn’t lie. When Jake is old enough to understand who Franco is, he’ll know Jason has been honest. He’s not pretending acceptance he doesn’t feel.

Franco asks Cameron, what’s up? Cameron says he didn’t realize how much of a pain a car is. Gas, plates, inspections. Franco says he can handle it, but Cameron says his mom is going to take the keys for safekeeping, and there’s the parking. Franco says he’s taking care of the parking problem.

Hayden tells Finn that she had too much drink. She doesn’t remember what she said. He says he can’t remember either. It must not have been important. She says, what a coincidence, him being there. Finn says he had no idea she’d be there, and Hayden says, but he just crashed the party? Who was the woman he was talking about? Cassandra. Is she another ex?

Michael says Sasha is amazing, and she says he is too. After all that exercise, she’s starving. He says, him too, and she says they should shower – only shower – and meet Sandy. Michael suggests they stay, and order room service, but Sasha says, Sandy is obviously lonely. Why would she near-invite strangers to breakfast? It will only take an hour. Consider it a random act of kindness. Michael says, how bad can it be?

Still on the phone, Cassandra says she’s meeting the friend she mentioned for breakfast. She thanks them for getting the perfect gift to enhance their breakfast. We see a syringe in her purse.

Cameron says there’s no more parking on their street, and Franco tells him that his dad’s office isn’t far. He’s giving Cameron a dedicated parking spot. Cameron says, for real? His own parking spot? How is he going to pay for it? Franco says his pop will take care of that too. He’s had a rough time lately, losing his father and stepmom. He could use some family. He gives Cameron a parking pass to hang on the mirror.  Kim comes by, and says she just called the insurance company, and put the policy in Cameron’s name. They’ll send it to him, along with an ID to put in the glovebox. Cameron promises to do everything right. He tells Franco to thank Scotty too. He leaves, and Kim says, it looks like Oscar’s gift is doing some good.

Elizabeth tells Jason that she doesn’t care if he wants to disrespect Franco, but he’s disrespecting her. She’d never put the kids in danger. Jason says, that doesn’t erase the pain Franco inflicted on Sam. She carries it every day, along with everyone else he hurt. Aiden has no idea what happened, but what happens when he’s old enough to look it up for himself? Elizabeth asks if he can never factor in the good things that Franco did after his tumor was removed. He bailed out the hospital, helped Jason break Carly out of Ferncliff, and helped catch Ryan. She has to go to work, but maybe he can try to give her credit for knowing the man she married. She tells Jake they have to go, but Jake wants to hang out with his dad. Elizabeth asks Jason if it’s okay, and he says, of course (🍷). Jake asks if Jason was hurt, catching the ball with no glove. He says, it stung a little, but there’s nothing he could do for Jake or Danny that would ever hurt.

Willow asks if Sam thinks Shiloh has money stashed somewhere. Sam says it’s totally possible. He probably would have run, except for the explosion. Willow tells her that he said it was a fortune. Shiloh sees them, and says his two favorite ladies in one spot. He’s staying at the Midwood motel, which is less than luxurious. They’re just what he needed to make his day.

Drew tells Curtis that he’s still waiting for information on Charles Tex Owens. He was married stateside when he was on leave. He had a few weeks to go before the explosion. Drew wonders if it was a coincidence Tex was there, or did he and Shiloh have a prior connection?

Finn tells Hayden, Cassandra isn’t an ex. She was part of a drug cartel, and tried to kill him, Anna, and Valentin. He wanted to warn them in person that Cassandra had been spotted. Hayden asks how he got mixed up in a drug cartel. Did Cassandra try to kill him because of Anna?  It doesn’t sound like a safe or healthy choice. He says, when love is put on the line – unconditional love – you give up your life for someone else. They had that once, a long time ago. He was angry that she destroyed it, but she was really right; he should thank her.

In a private cabana, Cassandra injects a grapefruit half. Michael and Sasha arrive, and she thanks them for joining her. She says she took the liberty of ordering. She asks about Sasha’s dress designer, but Sasha doesn’t know anything about it. She says her mother insists on giving her samples, but she doesn’t keep up with the trends. Cassandra tells Michael, it must be a relief to be with someone not concerned about image. Michael says, Sasha doesn’t have to worry about image. She’s uniquely herself. He’s lucky she chose him. Sasha says she’s the lucky one, and digs into the grapefruit.

Cassandra tells Sasha that she loved the article on Ava. It took her emotions in different directions. Not many editors could pull that off. It was a huge success; one of many. Nina has so much talent; a successful career, an adoring daughter, beautiful and brilliant. Sasha thinks the grapefruit is a little bitter, and Michael offers her his, but she declines. Cassandra says she’d love a selfie with her two new beautiful friends, so she can remember their time there. Michael gets in the middle, and Cassandra takes the picture.

Finn tells Hayden, she was right to run out. She says, a lot went down. She got scared. He says she was smart; smarter than him. She saw through them. They never would have made it. She says, no. They weren’t meant for each other. In time, they would have fallen apart. He thanks her for her honesty, and Hayden says, if she thinks about it, he’s better off with who he’s with now. He says, so is she, and she says she hopes she never sees him again, and leaves. He says, same.

Willow can’t believe Shiloh is out on bail. He says it’s the first step to his exoneration. He’s on the way to his attorney’s office. Chase appears, and says he’ll save Shiloh a trip. He stopped by Shiloh’s motel room – how the mighty have fallen. Shiloh says, it’s a place to stay, not a state of mind, which is actually a pretty good one. Sam tells Willow that she has an excellent plastic surgeon, if she wants her tattoo removed, and Sam will take care of the cost. Sam leaves, and Shiloh says Willow can erase the tattoo, but not the constant reminder of what they shared. Chase tells him to step away from Willow, or he’ll arrest Shiloh for violating the terms of his bail.

Elizabeth tells Jason, everything worked out. He’s back with Sam, and Danny is happy. Is he? Jason says, it’s all good. Cameron comes in, and asks if Jake caught the ball. Jake says his dad did, and Cameron says, cool. He asks if Jake is ready to go to camp. Jake says he’s bringing donuts, and goes to the counter. Cameron says, Jake loves baseball almost as much art. He’s always drawing, and Franco encourages him. He says, sorry. He knows Jason isn’t really into Franco. Jason asks what Cameron thinks.

Elizabeth goes to the hospital and sees Kim at the reception desk. She gives Kim a giftbag, telling her, it’s a swag bag from the reception. She’s glad Kim could make it, but sorry they didn’t spend time together. She had a lot going on. Kim says, tell her about it. Elizabeth says she remembers Kim said she wanted to get pregnant again. Kim says she did something at the party that crossed the line. She had to take a look at how she’s dealing – or not dealing – with her grief, and get back to a semblance of normalcy. Elizabeth says she’s been through a major ordeal. Kim says she thought work would, but being around babies is harder than she thought. Everything is. Elizabeth says, there’s no right way to grieve. You just learn to cope, and take the time you need to heal. Kim says she’s starting to realize she might need distance too. She doesn’t think she can stay in Port Charles.

Curtis says Tex was on his superior’s radar. Something tells him that Drew was Tex’s superior. Drew says, there was something in the paperwork that wasn’t redacted and stood out. It said he had an appointment to meet with NCIS, but he was snatched before the meeting happened. Curtis says, it had to be serious, and Drew says he’ll check his email and see if the Navy got back to him.

Cassandra asks which picture Sasha likes better. Sasha picks one, and Cassandra agrees. She says, sadly, she’s leaving the island to get back to business. She tells them, stay and enjoy their meal. They’re a delightful couple, and she hopes to see them again someday. She tells Sasha to give Nina her compliments. Sasha says it was nice meeting her, but Cassandra says the pleasure was all hers. She leaves, and Michael says he’s glad she’s gone. Sasha says, her too. She’s exhausting. Michael says he can think of better ways to be exhausted. Sasha says that’s why they’re simpatico, and they kiss. Geez, get a room.

Elizabeth asks if Kim is sure she wants to leave, but Kim says she’s not sure of anything. What she’s doing isn’t working. Maybe it’s time for a change. She wants Elizabeth to know how much she appreciates her, and how glad she is they became friends. Elizabeth says, her too. She asks, what about Julian? He cares about her. Is she ready to leave him? Kim says he’s been wonderful, her rock, but she keeps spiraling. Elizabeth says she owes it to herself to take whatever time she needs to grieve. Kim says she’s no good for Julian or anyone right now. Elizabeth asks if Julian shouldn’t be the one to decide that. She thinks Julian would like Kim to stay, and for the record, so would she.

Drew tells Curtis that he called NCIS, and got a sympathetic agent who knew who he was, and remembered his disappearance. Drew told him that he needed to find any records of his deployment, and the agent said he’d get back to him this morning. Drew gets on his laptop, and says he’s a man of his word. He reads, and tells Curtis that he did ask for a meeting. He suspected one of his men was conspiring with a military contractor to sell fuel on the black market. Curtis asks what Drew wants to bet the contractor was David Henry Archer, aka Shiloh.

Shiloh tells Chase, easy. He’s just taking a stroll like any law abiding citizen, and ran into the mother of his child. He was saying hello, not breaking any laws. Chase says he’d arranged to meet Willow there, and her order of protection against Shiloh has been approved. He hands Shiloh a paper, saying, he’s been duly served. He’s required to stay 300 feet away from Willow at all times. He’s also to refrain from contacting Brad, Lucas, or Wiley. Shiloh smirks, and Chase tells Shiloh, if he sees any of them, he should cross the street. Or better yet, go in the opposite direction. Chase gives Willow her copy, and Shiloh asks if this is really necessary. Chase tells him, it is, and to stay away from her. If he violates bail, it will be revoked, and he’ll be remanded to Pentonville. Chase says, that’s his cue, and Shiloh says he was just leaving. When he’s gone, Chase hugs Willow, and asks if she’s okay. She says she’ll feel better when they finally put Shiloh away. Chase thinks it will be sooner rather than later. If his warrant goes through, he’ll have additional evidence.

Finn is shocked to see Cabot at the hospital. He asks what Cabot doing there when he’s supposed to be in custody? Cabot says congratulate him. He’s been released. Finn asks how he managed that, and Cabot says he cooperated with the WSB. He told them everything he knew about memory transfer. Finn can feel free to confirm it with his contacts. Finn asks if there’s any complications with his original study, and if he should be concerned for Anna. Cabot says, no, and Finn asks what he’s doing there then.

Cameron tells Jason that he and Franco don’t always get along, but Franco has always been good to them. He thinks Franco is pretty okay. He goes to get Jake, and Jason’s phone rings. It’s Sam, who says she broke into Shiloh’s motel room. She’s looking for the flashdrive. Jason asks where Shiloh is, and she says, he has a meeting with his lawyer. She should have time. He tells her, please be careful, and call when she’s done. She says, of course (🍷), and starts going through the drawers

Michael asks Sasha, gambling or sailing? and she asks if they can do both. He says he likes her style. She says, how lucky is she? She’s in an extraordinary place with an extraordinary guy. it’s her dream. He says he feels the same, and they kiss. We see the empty grapefruit rind.

Sam continues to search, rifling through drawers. She looks underneath one of them, and finds the flashdrive. She takes it, and jets, but opens the door to Shiloh. I say, oh! out loud, even though I suspected that would happen.

Willow thanks Chase. She wishes it was as easy to get rid of Shiloh for good. He says, the DA is confident he’ll get a conviction, and Shiloh will go to prison. She’ll never have to see him again. It’s not easy on anyone, especially her, but it’s almost over.

Drew says they were selling fuel on the black market, but he was kidnapped before he had a chance to make a report. Curtis says, Shiloh has had a year. Why is he hot to trot now? Drew says he clearly wants to uncover something. Maybe he stole something he needs to get to, and only Drew knows about it.

Elizabeth suggests she and Franco take Kim and Julian out for dinner. Kim says she’ll ask Julian. She leaves, and Franco tells Elizabeth that almost everything is taken care of with the car. She thanks him, and says Cameron just needs to get his license back, and one of them will have to be in the car with him. Franco says not him. He remembers what the psychic said. She says that he won’t be feeling himself? but he says, not that one; the other one. He doesn’t want to worry her, but the psychic said, don’t take that drive. She asks if he thinks it’s in Cameron’s car, and he asks, what else could it be?

Finn says Cabot is the last person he expected to see picking up a prescription. Cabot says, no worries. He shan’t be staying.

Jason tells Blain and Jake to have fun at Lila’s Kids. His phone rings. It’s Shiloh. Jason asks what the hell he wants, and how did he get Jason’s number? Shiloh says Sam gave it to him. More or less. If Jason wants to see her alive, he’ll do what Shiloh tells him. The clock is ticking.

On Monday, Finn tells Drew that they have a potential situation, Obrecht confronts Brad about trying to kill her, and Jason attacks Shiloh.

🔥 Eterna Lives On…

One Life to Live was always my favorite soap. They had a wicked sense of humor, and although it didn’t always work out, they weren’t afraid to take chances. Like the time Vicki went to the Old West. Or heaven. They also gave us Roger Howarth, the best soap actor out there IMO. It’s attached to so many good memories too. I was blessed to visit the set once, and everyone was warm and inviting. And Bo winked at me.


💃 The Ballad of Billie Lee…

I think the two key points are, with the help of so many powerful people, including Lisa, I now have the opportunity to lead my own projects that you will see in 2020, [Billie] wrote, and Radar reported Lee is working on creating her own show after ditching VPR.

It looks like her gripes have been rewarded with bigger and better things. By no means am I discounting the issues that go along with being trans, but she did make a big deal about some things that were not what she made them out to be. Like being left out of the Girls Night planning. The only people who were involved were show cast members who have been a tight group (well, off and on) for a long time. News flash: she was never in the opening credits. And in a moment that was glossed over, Katie even said they were still pissed at her for something else that had happened, so they didn’t invite her. If that’s not treating her like one of the girls, I don’t know what is.


👯 And In a Similar Vein…

Another Housewife I don’t remember very well, putting her hazy fifteen minutes to good use.


🎐 Quotes of the Week

There is just one life for each of us: our own. – Euripides

Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thought we would be. – Daniel J. Boorstin

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. – George Bernard Shaw

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.Benjamin Spock

Burt Reynolds once asked me out. I was in his room. – Phyllis Diller

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.Maya Angelou

Our Age of Anxiety is, in great part, the result of trying to do today’s job with yesterday’s tools and yesterday’s concepts. – Marshall McLuhan

Life is too short to waste your time on people who don’t respect, appreciate, and value you.Roy T. Bennett

No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.Christopher Morley

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July 26, 2019 – Franco Gets a Warning, Twirling Back In, Ramona Gets a Sale, Five Times Two Quotes & Waits On the Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina looks at the new Crimson issue. Valentin comes in, and she says, she did it. She put aside her loathing for Ava. She’s thinking like a pro now. Valentin asks if she wants to celebrate. She says, local or international, and he suggests the Champs Elysees. She says they will, but tonight she needs him to do a favor for her.

Jax reads the new Crimson issue at the MetroCourt. Hayden sits with him, and says, congratulations. He says he doesn’t deserve the credit; it was Nina’s idea. She says the magazine is great too, but she was talking about the invitation to Windymere. She’s impressed. He says that wasn’t his idea either. Nina invited them. She asks if he isn’t suspicious, and he says, of course (🍷), but do they care? It gives them a chance to search for their objective.

Elizabeth gives Obrecht some paperwork. Franco says she must be excited to get out, but she says, not particularly. Her attacker is still out there. In the hospital, she’s protected; witnesses abound. Out there, it’s open season on Liesl Obrecht. Franco tells Elizabeth that Obrecht is talking about herself in the third person. Chase comes in, and she asks if he’s there to tell her that she fell by accident. Chase says the PD is convinced that she was attacked. Franco asks if they enhanced the photo, and Obrecht asks who attacked her? Hayden? Franco says, she has an alibi. Chase says from the photo, it’s clear her attacker was a man. Obrecht says that’s all he’s got? He says they were hoping she could tell them more, and shows her the photo.

Michal accepts the charges from Nelle’s call. Nelle thanks him, and he asks what she wants. She says she needed to hear his voice today. She assumes he remembers. He says he’s been thinking about Jonah since he woke up. She says, her too. It might help to share their grief together. He says they can’t help each other, but she doesn’t believe that. She asks him to come and see her. Regardless of what he thinks of her, she’s the mother of his child. They lost him a year ago, and she thinks they should be together. He says, okay. He tells Carly that he’s going to visit Nelle in Pentonville.

Valentin asks why Nina invited Jax and Hayden to dinner. She tells him that she wants to gain insight on why Jax has a file on Cassandra. Valentin asks why this is necessary, and she says because she made a mess of things. She should have listened to him, and gone to the police. It was self-defense, and it would have been done then and there, but she thought no one would believe her with her criminal history, so she begged Valentin to cover it up. He says he did, and she says that’s why they’re vulnerable. It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up. He asks if she remembers what he said that night. She says he told her that he’d always protect her. He says, he always will. Ava storms in with a copy of the magazine, and asks if this is Nina’s idea of journalism. Nina asks if there’s a problem, and Ava says she’d better have a damn good lawyer. Ava is suing her for everything she’s got.

Ava says, it’s defamation in its purist, ugliest form. Going into detail about her and Kiki being involved with the same men. She publicly outed Kiki’s affair with Griff, and tarnished Kiki’s reputation with whatever she could dredge up. Nina says, there wasn’t one quote out of context. Every word came out of Ava’s mouth. Valentin says Ava should be thanking Nina for her generosity. Ava says, it was a smear job. He says, Nina didn’t mention Nikolas. She could have gone there, and talked about how Ava was with a fugitive while he was faking his own death. The public would have eaten it up with a spoon, but she didn’t go there. Ava asks if they’re really going to talk about Nikolas. Otherwise known as the man she watched Valentin murder.

Jax tells Hayden that he’s never lived at Windymere; she has. She says, good thing she’s tagging along. He says Nina has the false impression they’re an item. She says she thought he was putting an end to that rumor, and he says, circumstances call for him to bend the rules. She says she has no problem keeping up appearances; she welcomes it. He wonders if she’s using it to keep Finn at bay, and she asks if that would be so awful. He says she’s a beautiful woman, but his heart lies elsewhere. She says, his ex-wife? and he suggests they keep their personal lives out of it. She copies that, and he says he’ll pick her up at seven. She says, it’s a date.

Obrecht says, for all they know, it’s Hayden in a pair of pants. Franco says, she has an alibi. Chase says they were hoping there was something Obrecht recognized, but she says nothing that would lead to her assailant. Chase says she admitted that she had a lot of enemies. He suggests they go through which ones were at the party. Franco says, that could take a while, and leaves to make a call. In the hallway, a woman named Chelsea approaches him. She says she’s passing on a message. Kiki congratulates him on getting out of his own way, and letting himself be happy. He asks when Kiki gave her the message, and she says, just now. Kiki visits him more than he realizes. He says she’s a psychic. She says she prefers paranormal influencer, but it’s basically the same concept. He says there’s another one floating around, but she says she’s not affiliated with Sibley. He tells her that Sibley said, soon he might not feel himself. Does she have any idea why Sibley meant by that?

Nelle tells Harmony that Michael is coming to see her. The reason is sad though; it’s the anniversary of Jonah’s birth, and death. Harmony says her grandson was born on the same day. She wishes his father didn’t know, or even know about him at all.

Carly hates that Michael is talking to Nelle, not to mention seeing her face to face, but it’s his life. He needs to do what he thinks is right, and she’ll always love and support him. He thanks her for the lecture she didn’t give him. He knows she’s worried. Nelle is a broken, damaged person, but he’s realized he can’t save her, nor does he want to. She says, thank God he said that, but she doesn’t get why he’s going to Pentonville. He says, in the brief moment Jonah was alive, Nelle was with him; she got to hold him. Michael hates that he never got to meet Jonah, and anything he can know, he wants to know. Unfortunately, Nelle is the only person who can tell him. He’s not going there for Nelle’s sake. He’s doing it for himself and Jonah. He wants feel close to his son. If seeing Nelle is the only way to accomplish that, then that’s what he has to do.

Valentin says, now who’s telling tales? Ava says she was there. She saw the whole thing. He says it’s interesting how she changed her story from the sworn affidavit she signed. She says she was coerced into lying. He insists he encouraged her to tell the truth. Right to her face; her restored face. She tells him, go to hell. He says he’ll meet her there, but first, he has to run an errand for his wife. He leaves, and Nina tells Ava, before she threatens to take them to court again, she needs to look at the responses. They might surprise her – both the content and volume. They usually get 450 to 500,000 comments the first day, but this issue got two million. Say what you want about Ava – Ava says, and people do – she certainly drives traffic. Ava looks on Nina’s tablet.

Franco tells Chelsea that he wants to better understand. Aside from the obvious, what did she mean? Is he going to be sick, have an accident, or a run of the mill identity crisis? She says she can’t interpret Sibley’s message for him; only the messages she receives personally. She looks into the distance, and Franco asks if she’s okay. She says, whatever you do, don’t take that drive.

Obrecht signs her release papers, and Elizabeth says she’ll process them right away. Chase says, the night of the party, she was drinking. Obrecht says she partook of the refreshments. He says, sometimes alcohol can fuel emotion. Did she get into an argument and threaten anyone? She says, who? Her?

Jax calls Carly over and asks, what’s wrong? She says, Michael is on his way to Pentonville to see Nelle. She can’t stand it. She knows they’ll always have a connection because of Jonah, and she wouldn’t wish losing a baby on her worst enemy. But Nelle lost it at the end, and she’s using the baby to try and manipulate him. Jax says, try. Michael won’t fall for it. Carly says, he says he doesn’t feel anything for Nelle. He says he only wants information about the last moments of his son. But she knows his heart, and he’s compassionate. She’s afraid he’s still vulnerable, and he’s been hurt enough. Jax says, she didn’t tell Michael this, did she? She asks if he thinks she’s wrong, and he says he thinks they’re both right. Michael probably doesn’t have things as under control as he’s insisting, but he’s not as vulnerable as she fears either. She raised a strong boy. He has no illusions about Nelle, but if Michael wants hear about his child’s life, as a parent, he gets to do that. Carly says she keeps trying to tell herself the same thing, but it helps hearing it from him.

Nelle asks Harmony if her grandson’s father is really that terrible. Harmony says her daughter used all her strength and fortitude to run while she was pregnant. Nelle says, so he never knew? and Harmony says, not until recently. Nelle asks if he was abusive, and Harmony says, in his own way. Shiloh is the leader of an organization called Dawn of Day. The way he treats his followers, at least the special ones, is sickening. Nelle assumes Harmony’s daughter was one of his special ones, and Harmony says, perhaps the most special. Shiloh drugged these woman, and marked them. Nelle says, marked them? and Harmony explains he tattooed their backs as a sign of possession, that they belonged to him. Then he’d sleep with them, making them think it was consensual. Nelle says that’s how Harmony’s grandson was conceived. Harmony says she’d proud of her daughter, breaking free. She changed her name and left town, putting the baby up for adoption, but now Shiloh tacked her down. He figured it out, and since her daughter didn’t get consent, he has the chance to claim his child from the adoptive parents. Nelle says she’s so sorry. Harmony says Wiley is so happy with his two fathers. Nelle asks, did she say Wiley?

Ava reads the comments. You do you, Ava. Let the people who disagree with her kiss… Ava is an inspiration for bad girls everywhere. Nina tells her, don’t too get excited. Not everyone feels that way. Ava says, regardless, she appreciates the outpouring of support. She continues to read. Her daughter is a hero to women everywhere. If she hadn’t been killed by Ryan Chamberlain, seeing her mother glamorize her grief would have done it.

Franco asks Chelsea, drive where? but she says she doesn’t control the insight. They just come to her, and she shares them. She has to go. She’s meeting a new client.

Chase tells Obrecht, if she thinks of anything or anyone, even if it’s unlikely… She says he’ll be her first call. He leaves the photos there, in case they spark anything. Chase heads for the elevator, and literally runs into Hayden, who’s on her way out of it. She says, it’s him.

Jax tells Carly that he feels responsible for bringing Nelle into their lives. Carly says Josslyn was going to die without a kidney. He would have done anything to find one, and he did. Jax says he had no idea Frank was going to take one from his own daughter. Carly says Jax offered him a million dollars, and he says that’s the part he hates. When he has a problem to solve, he reaches for something most people don’t have, a bottomless bank account. Carly says their daughter is alive thanks to him. She says Nelle’s feelings aren’t entirely different from how she felt about Bobbie back in the day. Jax says Carly quickly realized the reality of the situation. Mistakes were made, but Bobbie was her mother and loved her. Nelle can’t get there. Carly says, Nelle was so stuck in her own interpretation, she was incapable of finding a way out. Jax says that’s not Carly’s fault. Carly says, people are like that. Jax says he’s lucky she isn’t. They would never have gotten together and had their beautiful daughter. He means it as a compliment, and she says she’ll try to see it that way.

Nelle says, Wiley is a cute name, and Harmony says, it’s the name his fathers gave to him. One is a doctor, and the other is a lab technician. They make a lovely family. She can’t bear the thought of Shiloh destroying that. Nelle says, he can’t do that, right? but Harmony says, unfortunately her daughter did break the law. She did it because Wiley was at risk. Shiloh is obsessed with the thought of having a child. Nelle says, it’s not possible, after all he’s done, but Harmony says, she’d be surprised. He’s in a lot of trouble, but he has his ways to get out of it. If it looks like he’ll get that far and he’ll get custody, Harmony prays Wiley’s fathers take their baby and run. Anything to keep him from his birth father.

Ava says she was tricked into trusting Nina, so Nina could crucify her. That was her goal. Increased circulation was just a perk. She believed Nina would be fair. Nina says they were. They gave Ava a platform; no lies, no deception, no fabrication. Some people liked her, some didn’t. Such is life. Ava says Nina is just flying high. From crazy pathetic Nina in Shadybrook – no sanity, no baby, no nothing – to sitting on top of the world. She’s found her beautiful, long lost daughter, she has the magazine, a beautiful stepdaughter, handsome husband-to-be, and don’t forget about her dashing boss. Ava has been where she is, or close enough. Does Nina want her advice? Don’t look down. It’s a long way to fall. Ava walks out of Nina’s office.

Valentin visits Obrecht. He says she looks dry, and Obrecht says, no thanks to her assailant. He hopes he’s not interrupting, and she says she was just looking at photos provided to her by the PCPD. He says, that sounds official, and she says it is. He looks at the picture of her and Franco, and says she looks like she’s having a good time. She says, it’s the person lurking in the shadows that’s important. He pushed her off the boat to her near death. Valentin says, he? She says, the police are convinced it’s a man. Valentin says, hopefully, they’ll find him. She says, from his lips. He tells her that he’s been sent with specific instructions from her niece to escort her home.

Hayden asks if Chase is bringing her to the station again. He hopes she knows it wasn’t personal. He was glad they were able to strike her from the suspect list. He asks if they can hit the reset, and start over.

Obrecht says she can take a car, and Valentin says, her choice. But he still has to assist her onto the launch. She asks, what launch? and he says, to Windymere. He’s not escorting her to her home, but to theirs.

Carly gets a bottle of champagne for Jax, and he asks what he did to deserve it. She says he ran an exposé on Ava. It was everything he promised and more. Her vanity, her shallowness, her refusal to take responsibility for anything. Short of being tried and convicted, it’s the next best thing. He says it wouldn’t happen if not for her. Ava did the interview to spite her. Nina was the brainchild, and he played his part, but Carly delivered her. Carly clinks her water glass to his champagne glass. Ava approaches their table.

Nelle says she admires Harmony’s daughter. She thinks it’s every parent’s right – no, obligation – to do what it takes to protect their child. But even if you take every precaution to keep harm from your loved ones, life happens. You think you have it set up perfectly, but one wrinkle, and you have to adjust. So be it. There’s nothing more important than making sure your kids are safe. The guard comes, and tells Nelle that she has a visitor.

Ava asks what Carly and Jax are toasting. Carly says, the Crimson article. Carly picks up the magazine, and says she marked it. Ava is sure she did. Carly says she adored every word, although it was tough seeing Morgan’s name linked to hers. Given the context, it was worth it. Ava says she just came from the Crimson offices. She hears sales are up. He says he’s very pleased. She asks him to tell her something. Is his revenge complete?

Chase says he’s sorry he didn’t get to know Hayden sooner, and Hayden says, her too. She’s glad he exists, for Finn’s sake. He’d never admit it, but he’s always been lonely. It’s nice he has a brother to look out for him. Chase gets in the elevator, and she says, about the reset; she’s game if he is. He smiles, and the door closes. Elizabeth joins Hayden, and asks if all is good. Hayden asks if Elizabeth has a lunch break. She wants to go house hunting. Lucy is showing her some places, and she’s tired of living out of a suitcase. Elizabeth says she and Franco talked, and they want her to stay with them until she finds a place.

Carly visits Nina’s office, and says the article showed Ava for who she is, and the best part is, it wasn’t a hatchet job. They let Ava do it herself. Nina is glad she enjoyed it. Carly says she thought Jax was crazy, but it was an act of genius. Nina says, while she has Carly there, what can Carly tell her about Jax?

Nelle goes into the visiting room, where Michael is waiting.

Ava tells Jax it was a scathing attack. That’s how he really feels about her, but turned on the charm, and got her to do the interview. He didn’t want a good business deal, he wanted her story told so the world would judge her. He got what he wanted. He says he usually does, tells her, have a nice day, and leaves.

Hayden thanks Elizabeth, but hopes it doesn’t come to that. Elizabeth says she’ll try not to take it personally. Hayden says she needs her own space, and Elizabeth says they have the room if she needs it. Hayden asks if Elizabeth can house hunt, but she says she can’t today. Hayden leaves, and Franco shows up. He tells Elizabeth, it’s probably nothing, and she says, it’s something. He tells her he got another psychic message. She asks if he saw Sibley, but he says it’s from a different psychic, Chelsea. She said, whatever you do, don’t take that drive. Elizabeth asks what that means, and he says, exactly. She suggests they figure it out at lunch, and he asks if it’s within walking distance.

Obrecht tells Valentin she’d rather not go back to Windymere. He says, it’s what Nina wants. He loves her, so it’s what she’d going to get. So why don’t they agree to get along, because the alternative would be very unpleasant.

Chelsea approaches Ava’s table, and introduces herself. Ava thanks her for coming. Ava offers her the champagne Jax left, and Chelsea pours herself a glass. She says she’ll have to thank Mr. Jax, if she’s ever lucky enough to meet him. Ava asks how Chelsea knows Jax ordered the champagne. Psychic flash, or did she ask the waitress? Chelsea says she got an image of him when she touched the bottle. She says Ava wants to believe, but she also wants it to be a lie, because if she’s a fraud, so is Sibley. She can write the experience off as a lapse in judgement brought on by grief. Ava says, convince her otherwise, but Chelsea says, she can’t. She relays messages as she receives them, but it’s up to Ava to believe. Ava says, that’s what Sibley told her, and Ava fired her. She said Kiki was angry, and wanted Ava to leave her alone. Chelsea confirms that, and Ava asks if Chelsea has been in contact with her daughter. Chelsea says she stopped by GH, and could sense Kiki’s presence. She gave Franco a message. Kiki is glad he got out of his own way, and let himself be happy. Ava says, that sounds like Kiki. Anything else? Chelsea says, no. Ava was hoping Kiki had seen the article. Chelsea says, in Crimson? Chelsea loved the cover and found the interview informative. Ava says she did it for Kiki. The question is, was it enough? Now that her sins are on display, can she make peace with Kiki?

Carly asks what Nina wants to know, and Nina asks if Jax is too good to be true. He swept in all supportive, wanting to build up the magazine, and the first thing he did was ax the Ava cover. It occurred to her that maybe he was setting her up, and he wants her to fail. Carly says Jax isn’t too good to be true. He’s really that fantastic. He’s a shrewd businessman, maybe a shark, but never a cheat. If you play fair with Jax, he’ll always plays fair with you. Nina asks if he’s the revenge kind of guy, if you try to screw him over. Carly says, he has the rare ability to cut his losses. She can’t think of a better boss. Nina is surprised they’re exes. Carly says they have an unusual relationship, but it works. Jax is about making things work. If Nina trusts in that, she’ll be good to go.

Nelle is glad Michael came, and he says he didn’t come to talk about them. He came to talk about Jonah. She says that’s what she means. She called him for a different reason, but now it’s all about their son.

On Monday, Franco tells Drew what he did was impressive, Willow wants to clear the way for Julian to be part of Wiley’s life, and Nelle tells Michael that she knows something about their son that he doesn’t.

👗 A Fabulous Return…

Gone with the Wind fabulous.


💰 She’s Movin’ On Up…

She’ll also rent you her Southhampton home.


👄 Quotes of the Week

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. – John F. Kennedy

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. – Plato

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.Voltaire (Was he referring to Hollywood?)

Wounds heal quicker than hasty words. – Mexican saying, Texicanas

Unless you are a pizza, the answer is yes. I can live without you.Bill Murray

Ever wonder about those people who spend $2 apiece on those little bottles of Evian water? Try spelling Evian backward.George Carlin

My weaknesses have always been food and men — in that order. – Dolly Parton

Life is a lively process of becoming.Douglas MacArthur

Man has survived and prospered for more than 150,000years on this planet without the help of use-by dates. – Clarissa Dickson Wright, Two Fat Ladies

You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth. – William W. Purkey

🎸 To Those Who Are About To Weekend…

Tom Waits salutes you.



July 19, 2019 – You Can’t Keep a Good Con Man Down, My Theory, More Gina, OctoQuotes Minus One & Hot


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Aiden is having a birthday party at Perks. Franco tells Elizabeth that Aiden has style and talent. He can’t believe how skilled Aiden is. Cameron hopes he’s skilled with the drum set he got. Franco says, and Elizabeth thought Cameron’s car gave them a headache.

Curtis and Jordan walk into the prison visiting area, where they have glass partitions. Curtis tells Jordan he’s glad they’re getting their lives back, but didn’t imagine they’d be going to Pentonville. He was thinking more like walks in the park or binge watching a show. Jordan says she needs peace of mind. He says, don’t count on it. Ryan is brought in, and acts like he’s in pain, clutching his side.

Willow visits Harmony, and says she’s sorry Harmony is back in prison after her statement against Shiloh. It doesn’t seem fair. Harmony tells Willow that she meant what said, and she has to take responsibility for her actions. It’s difficult, but it could be worse. Willow says Harmony’s cellmate Nelle is a comfort. Harmony says Nelle is young, like Willow. Because of her cooperation, Harmony has also been appointed to prison librarian. Willow says it suits her; she loves to read. Harmony says Willow does too. Willow wants to let her know Shiloh was arrested. Harmon says, wonderful. Willow’s son is safe from him. Willow says, yes. He’s finally safe Thanks to Harmony.

Drew and Jason go into The Floating Rib. Jason says, not a bad first day of work. Drew tells him the treehouse will be crawling with kids by August. I’m going to say this right now. There are days when the boom man is sleeping or something, because the sound will be unbalanced. You can hear things like people’s shoes louder than the dialogue. This is one of those days.

Sonny finds Kristina at Charlie’s, and tells her how proud he is that she stood up to Shiloh. She says Shiloh can’t hurt her now. She told him about the Pledge, and she’ll have to work through it, but he’ll be in prison. It serves him right.

At the station, Chase tells Laura, Robert wanted Shiloh held without bail. The judge set it impossibly high instead. She says, apparently not high enough. Shiloh comes out, and Chase tells him not to leave town. Shiloh says he can assure him until he retrieves the results of the DNA test, he’s not going anywhere.

Lulu tells Franco and Elizabeth, at the reception, Jake said Aiden wanted a drum set. They were saying he’d forget, but he didn’t. So her mom and Doc went for it. Don’t hate them. She says she heard what happened at the reception, and she’s so sorry. Franco tells her, blame the guest list, not the boat. There’s no talk of a lawsuit from Obrecht. Elizabeth thinks her sister has something big up her sleeve.

Charlotte asks Nina if she thinks they should have gotten a mixer instead. Nina thinks the mixing bowls are perfect, and is sure he’ll love it. Hayden arrives. In something sleeveless.

Kristina tells Sonny that she hates the thought of running into Shiloh. Sonny says she didn’t show it at the MetroCourt. She was on fire. He thinks Shiloh’s lawyer was more impressed with her than her client. She’s strong and resilient. She says it helps having her dad by her side. He says nothing matters more than his kids being healthy and whole. His phone rings. He steps away, and talks to someone in Spanish.

Willow tells Harmony that she can rest easy, knowing Wiley is safe. DOD is being brought down too. She doesn’t know about Beecher’s Corners, but in Port Charles, almost everyone left the group. Harmony imagines it will be the same in Beecher’s Corners, and wishes she could explain to them. They’re good people; just lost and searching for a connection. Shiloh took advantage of them, and even worse, she helped him. Willow says he took advantage of Harmony too. He’s the one to blame, when she’s behind bars. Harmony says she deserves to be, for many reasons, especially because she’s Willow’s mother. She should have protected Willow, instead of handing her over to Shiloh. Willow had to give up her son because of him. Harmony takes Willow’s hands, and says she’s so sorry. She was so blind. Willow tells her, please, if Shiloh winds up there, and she somehow runs into him, don’t let him manipulate her again.

Chase tells Shiloh, the judge has suspended any action in family court, pending the outcome of his criminal case. He can’t even get court date. Shiloh says, until he’s exonerated, but Chase says, not happening. Shiloh says he’s innocent until proven guilty. The charges are groundless. Chase says the evidence against him is piling up, including having a window of opportunity the night Douglas Miller was murdered. Shiloh says, one way or another, he’ll be a father to his son. Laura says, the evidence is overwhelming. He says, nothing is overwhelming to a man of faith. One day, they’ll work side by side. Their goals aren’t that different. They want to provide the best possible life for their children. He leaves, and Chase says he’d give anything to see Shiloh behind bars permanently.

Shiloh tells Daisy that Zahra can’t do it; he needs a criminal attorney. He says she needs to help. The future of DOD rests on him getting legal representation. She says she wants to help, but she can’t. It took her entire trust fund to pay his bail, and her parents cut her off. She asks what’s going to happen to him, and he says, it’s always darkest before the dawn. Zzzzzzzzz…

At The Floating Rib, Drew tells Jason that he doesn’t think the point of them building the treehouse was for them to become master carpenters, but to build a relationship between brothers. Hammering nails is a start, but maybe they should share a meal, have a beer. He thinks that’s what Oscar wanted. Jason says he’s starved, and they sit. Drew thinks he’ll have the brisket. Jason blows air, and Drew says he knows it’s weird for him, but Jason says, it’s fine. What’s bothering him is Oscar leaving his ELQ shares to Shiloh. Drew says, him too. Shiloh waltzed his way into the will reading like it was a joke. He had to exercise self-restraint. Jason says it conflicts with Oscar’s plan to use the shares for kids who want to make the climb, but can’t afford it. Drew says he’d like to think it was forged. Jason isn’t saying that, but maybe Oscar was confused, and forgot his bequest to Shiloh. Drew says he checked, and it’s legal, but Jason says, so is the Kilimanjaro Foundation. It’s in Oscar’s handwriting. Drew asks where that leaves the shares, and Jason says, tied up in court, probably for years. Drew says it’s a silver lining that Shiloh can’t get his hands on them.

Ryan picks up the prison phone. Jordan asks how he is, and he says the surgery gives him a twinge. It’s life-threatening, living with one kidney. It’s made him vulnerable to hypertension and a stroke. He doesn’t want his premature death on her conscience. Curtis tells Jordan, unfortunately, Ryan isn’t dying anytime soon. He’s seen Ryan’s medical records.

Aiden opens a present, and it’s a remote control truck. Charlotte wants to try it, and he says, sure. The kids go off, and Hayden helps gather up the paper. Elizabeth asks what’s going on with her, and Franco says he’ll leave them to it. Elizabeth asks if Hayden invited Jax, but Hayden says it never occurred to her. Elizabeth says, Jax is fun, easygoing, and children love him, Hayden says she doesn’t think of Jax that way, and asks if Elizabeth thinks Finn will show. Elizabeth asks why Hayden would care if he came or not.

Aiden wonders what’s in one of the boxes. Cameron gives him an envelope, telling him that a pastry chef (I don’t catch the name, but it’s not Christine Tosi, who’s the only pastry chef I know) is taping episodes of their show in the area, so he got right in line and got tickets. Aiden is excited, and Cameron tells him not to lose his cool. Aiden wants to have cake, and Cameron says, whatever he likes.

Hayden approaches Nina, and tells her that her future stepdaughter is lovely and energetic. Nina say she and Valentin are proud of her. Hayden says they didn’t get a chance to talk, and Nina says a finance meeting isn’t the best place to get acquainted. Hayden says she’s heard about Nina, and her work at Crimson. Nina says, that’s strange, since she’s heard next to nothing about Hayden. Nina excuses herself, and walks away.

Lulu is proud of Charlotte, and tells her it means a lot to Aiden that she came. Charlotte asks why Rocco isn’t there, and Lulu says he has a cold. Charlotte says, too bad. They’re hardly ever together as a family, especially since Dante’s been gone. She asks when he’s coming back. She misses him. Lulu says she does too, and hugs Charlotte.

Drew tells Jason, Shiloh is a con man. He can’t help thinking that Oscar got wrapped up with Shiloh because of him. Shiloh came after Oscar, and when Oscar died, Shiloh tried to console Drew for half a minute before he started on the past. He said Oscar was interested in Drew’s life, especially his time as a SEAL. The more he thinks about it, the more he wonders why.

Kristina turns around at the bar, and sees Shiloh. He says he’s there to make peace. She doesn’t know how he got released, but says he made a serious mistake showing up there. He says he made bail, and just wanted to come by. He’s missed her. Daisy says, her too. DOD suffered a huge blow, but with her help they can make DOD stronger and better. Shiloh says they’re not there to not pressure their sister, just to say hello. Even after what Kristina said to malign him, he forgives her. He wishes her nothing but love and happiness, and hopes to see more of her soon. She says he will. She’s going to testify against him. She can’t wait to tell a judge and jury how he pressured her into revealing person information he could blackmail her with. How he drugged her, and coerced other members of the Trust. He’s a sexual predator. Sonny tells her not to waste her waste her breath. He’s a cockroach to be stepped on. Shiloh tells Daisy, come. They have work to do.

Curtis takes the phone, and tells Ryan that the prison doctor said he’s doing good. He’s healing well, with no side effects. Ryan asks how Curtis got access to his medical records, laughs, and says, impressive. Curtis is a remarkable tracker. Curtis says Ryan doesn’t know him, or what he’s capable of doing. Jordan tells Curtis not to let Ryan bait him. Jordan thanks Ryan for saving her life. Ryan says, it wasn’t voluntary; he was forced. A kidney was taken from him, and that means a crime was committed. He asks if the commissioner is going to let that stand, or is the law as flexible as her husband’s morals?

Cameran says Aiden wants him to share the experience, so he’s going with him to see the pastry chef. Laura asks Lulu if she’s okay. Lulu says she looks around, and it’s a family party, but Dante’s not there. She wishes he would come home. Geez, why? So he can commit mass murder? He didn’t sound ready. Charlotte sees Willow, and says she’s glad Willow came. She’s doing Lila’s Kids this summer, and working on jumps with her pony. She asks if Willow got Aiden something to cook with. He likes to bake. Willow says she knew that. Charlotte tells Willow about the monster truck Aiden got. He doesn’t know how to operate it, but she does. She runs off, and Nina says she’s glad Willow is there. She’s afraid she owes Willow an apology.

Harmony goes into the visiting room to find Shiloh. She asks what he’s doing there. She was told he was never going to see the light of day, He wonders from whom; Willow? She’s misinformed. He made bail. Harmony says, the accounts are frozen, but he says his followers are still loyal. He hopes she follows their example. She sits down, and says, not likely. Shiloh knows she’s trying to atone for her perceived failing with her daughter, but what about her grandson? She’s depriving him of a father. He urges her to reflect on what she’s doing, In the name of what they created together. She needs to recant her statement, and he promises to do everything in his power, and use every resource he has to get her freed. And they’ll raise the child together.

Drew tells Jason that Margaux gave him back the flashdrive. It’s in a safe in his office. He should probably destroy it. He can’t risk losing the memories he’s made over the last five years to recover his old ones. Jason asks if he told Shiloh, and Drew says, more than once. Shiloh asks, and the answer is always the same. He can’t tell if Shiloh thinks that’s good or bad news. Jason says, it depends on what happened in Afghanistan. The story Shiloh tells is that Drew saved his life by pulling him from a wrecked convoy, but knowing Drew, he can’t believe they were friends. Drew says he can’t either. It’s more likely the truth is the opposite. Why go out of his way to reconnect with Drew?

Curtis says Ryan’s signature is on the donation form; he gave his consent, and there were multiple witnesses. Ryan says their plan worked. Curtis’s friend drugged him, and Ryan’s brother signed. Curtis says he could never prove it, and Ryan says Curtis is his kind of guy. The question is, has his wife become Bonnie to his Clyde, Curtis asks if Jordan wants to go, and Jordan tells Ryan if he has something to say, say it. Otherwise, they’re leaving. He tells Jordan it’s inescapable. Now he’s now literally in her blood. His kidney will affect her heart and soul, and she’ll never get him out.

Nina tells Willow that she realized she set something in motion. She overheard Willow say she put a baby up for adoption. She was obviously upset, and snapped at Nina, who snapped back, and mentioned the baby. She realized that Shiloh must have overheard. She’s the reason, and she’s so sorry. Willow thanks her, but tells her not to blame herself. It was only a matter of time. Shiloh has ways of finding things out. But it worked out. Wiley is safe, and Shiloh is in jail.

Harmony says Shiloh has always underestimated her. She always helped him to build, but he took all the credit. He wrote a book, got followers, and made himself a legend in his own mind. She finally sees him for the sexual predator that he is. He’s right. She feels guilty, but she can make amends. When she testifies, she’s going to more than sing like a bird. About all of it. He’s going to be found guilty, because he is guilty. He’ll go to prison, and her grandson will be safe, because she sees him now for who he is. Hank. A pathetic little man whose desperation reeks. She tells him, stay away from her daughter and grandson. She yells for the guard, and says she’s through there. The cheese Shiloh sits alone.

Kristina can’t believe they let Shiloh go, but Sonny says, just because he made bail, doesn’t mean he’s free. She says, Daisy must have posted bail; her mom is rich. Sonny is rich. She thinks that’s the real reason why Shiloh thought she was special. He asks why let Shiloh’s poison come to her; don’t do that. She says, he’s right. She’s stronger than Shiloh, and has love and support around her. She’ll be fine. She goes in the back, and Sonny takes out his phone.

Jason says it’s not a random guy Drew saved. They knew each other, Maybe Drew knew something, and it’s on the flashdrive. Jason’s phone rings. Sonny tells him, ready for this? Shiloh is out on bail.

Nina tells Willow that she read the article. She hopes the women he abused come forward to testify. She’s just happy Willow’s son is okay. Maybe they’re not so different after all. Aiden comes by, banging on a snare drum. He asks Willow if she thinks the principal would start a marching band. She thinks it’s a wonderful idea, and suggests he take it to the principal on the first day of school.

Laura tells Lulu, it’s going to take time. She’s in shock. Lulu still can’t believe Dante shot Peter. She heard the words, and tried to process them. When she woke up this morning, she didn’t want it to be true. Dante must be horrified, and feel lost. Laura says he’s getting the help he needs. A delivery guy gives Lulu an envelope.

Chase finds Willow, and she says he just made her day perfect. Shiloh’s been barred from family court, and she saw her mother. It was like rediscovering her again. They had an unbelievable breakthrough. And finally, there he is, her knight shining armor. She kisses him, and he says, it’s not all good news. Shiloh made bail.

On the phone, Jason says, got it. Shiloh comes into the restaurant, and Drew says, son of a bitch.

Kristina comes back, and asks if Sonny called Jason. Sonny says, yeah, he did. Kristina doesn’t want Shiloh to disappear. The only way for him to hurt her is if they got blamed if he disappeared or ran away. Sonny hopes he stays put, and has his day in court. Give Sam, and everybody else, a chance to face him down. Then he can rot in prison, where he belongs. Sonny gives a charming smile.

Shiloh tells Drew that he hates the way things ended between them. Drew says he made bail, and Shiloh says, that’s a good thing. They can put the ELQ stock drama behind them. Drew says Shiloh will be old and grey before he can touch the stock. Doesn’t DOD preach that money doesn’t matter? Shiloh says he’s the victim of a witch hunt, and unfortunately has to pay a lawyer. Drew says, good luck with that. Shiloh says Drew has forgotten that their friendship used to matter

Lulu tells Laura that Dante is divorcing her.

The kids whack at a piñata. No surprise, Charlotte is the one who finally cracks it open.

Jordan tells Curtis, sometimes justice serves, sometimes it doesn’t. He says there’s nothing just about letting her die while that monster lives. He tells her, don’t believe what comes out of his twisted mouth; the lies. She says she doesn’t feel any kind of connection, but she’s not comfortable knowing Ryan was forced to give up his kidney. Curtis says she deserves to live, and she says, it’s still wrong, but she’s not giving it back. She’ll just have to live with it. Curtis says saving her was the best thing he’s done in his miserable life. She says she can’t imagine a future without Curtis, and he says, him neither.

Harmony sees Shiloh’s book on the book cart, and is about to get rid of it. Ryan comes out, accompanied by a guard, and says, never discard something as precious as a book. She says this one is worthless. He takes it, and says perhaps he’ll find something. She says not if he has a brain. He says his brain is intact. It’s the rest of him that’s missing a piece. He’ll let her know what he thinks. Give his regards to her cellmate Nelle.

Chase tells Willow that the case against Shiloh is only getting stronger. She’s afraid he’ll fina a new way around the law, and come back to do more damage. She’s an adult, and can handle it, but what if he finds a way to get to Wiley?

Sonny tells Kristina not to worry. He doesn’t want Shiloh to disappear either. She says she’s out, and it’s up to her to stay out. He says he never believed what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but in her case, he agrees. She seems stronger.

Drew says Shiloh didn’t care about his son. He used Oscar, but Oscar came home to his family. Shiloh says Oscar left him the shares as a sign of his faith. Drew says Oscar had plans for the stock, and he’s going to make sure they become a reality. Shiloh will not tarnish his son’s legacy. Does Shiloh hear him? Shiloh smirks, and walks away. Drew picks up a pool cue. Jason says he’s going to take off, and Drew says he’s going to shoot some pool. He’ll see Jason back on treehouse duty later. Jason says he’ll be there. Jason gives Shiloh a look before he leaves.

At the bar, Shiloh remembers being in an infirmary tent in Afghanistan. A dude pounds on his chest and tells him, how about waking up? Shiloh says, hey, Drew, but sees the old Drew’s (Jason’s) face.

Laura says Lulu can give Dante what he wants or fight him, Jax gets the feeling Nina isn’t telling him something, Jordan asks Stella if she’s at peace with that, and Drew attacks Shiloh.

I’m wondering if Shiloh didn’t do something stupid in Afghanistan to get the convoy attacked. He could possibly been involved in Drew’s disappearance as well.

🎡 Like A Hamster In a Wheel…

It’s been a long week with that losing the internet business. Gina was the best I could come up with.


🌋 Quotes of the Week

No longer being MasterCard’s bitch? Priceless. – Doug (Kevin James), King of Queens

Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits. – Thomas Jefferson

Unless we remember we cannot understand.E. M. Forster

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… These are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. – Confucius

Be stupid, be dumb, be funny, if that’s who you are. Don’t try to be someone that society wants you to be; that’s stupid. So be yourself. – Christina Grimmie

If my answers frighten you, Vincent, then you should cease asking scary questions. – Jules (Samuel L. Jackson), Pulp Fiction

If you must have motivation, think of your paycheck on Friday.Noel Coward

🚣 Long Week Too…

And since we’re in for one hot weekend, apropos.

July 12, 2019 – Shiloh Replaces Willow, Bravo Save the Queen, Three Times Three Quotes & Weekend Life


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Dev and Sonny walk into Sonny’s office at Pozzulo’s. Dev tells Sonny, Bensonhurst, New York City, and Sonny tells him, just say Brooklyn. He says Dev is doing good with Corinthos and Corbin, and he wants to move on to something more important. He needs to know who Sonny’s enemies are.

Jax walks into Nina’s office while she’s getting flowers for Obrecht. When she’s finished, she says she should get some for him too; he saved her aunt. He says he and Finn were just there at the right time. Nina wonders what the deal is between him and Hayden.

Finn asks Chase if something is wrong, and he says that’s what he’s trying to figure out. He needs to ask Hayden some questions. She says, ask away. He says, in public? but she says she doesn’t mind. Finn tells her the detective is his brother. Hayden says, since when? Chase says he’ll tell her the whole story on the way to the station. She asks what it’s about, and he says the attempted murder of Obrecht. Finn says, it’s a mistake, and Hayden asks if it’s some kind of joke. Chase says, not at all, and tells Finn he has orders. Hayden says, it’s ridiculous, but goes with him. Finn follows. Laura and Lulu come out of the elevator, and Chase greets Laura saying, Madam Mayor. Hayden is surprised, and Laura tells her, lots has changed since they last saw her. Hayden says she’s getting that impression.

Going into the restaurant, Lulu asks if Laura knew Hayden was back, but she says this is the first she’s heard. Valentin approaches them, and asks to talk to Lulu about Charlotte’s schedule for the rest of the summer. He knows she’s spread thin with Dante out of town for the foreseeable future. He’s there to pick up the slack where Charlotte is concerned.

Maxie and Peter wait at the WSB. Maxie tells Peter, relax, but he says, it’s not every day he walks into the enemy’s lair. She says, they’re not the enemy anymore. He’s one of the good guys. He says, some might disagree, but she says plenty will agree when they reunite Dante with his family.

Jason tells Sam, Shiloh is on his way to GH to pick up DNA test results he’s had run on Wiley. Mac comes out, saying he has a warrant for Shiloh’s arrest, and Jason tells him that Shiloh is at GH. Mac says it makes his job easier. Sam says she’ll see him there, and he tells them he hopes they don’t think he’s deputizing them. Sam says it’s personal to her. Shiloh didn’t just hurt her, but hurt her family. Mac says, what the hell. He’s only a temp anyway.

Curtis tells Jordan that he can get used to that kind of check-up. Jordan says, only good news. He says her kidney is functioning properly, and she’s on track with the anti-rejection meds. They couldn’t ask for much more. Jordan says, the green light to go back to work, and he says she’s impossible. She’s glad her recovery is going smoothly, and she’s aware of how lucky she is, but she’s going stir crazy. Curtis says, not for much longer.

Shiloh tells Lucas that Wiley is his son, and he has the DNA test to prove it. Lucas says he can’t take Wiley away from his parents. Shiloh says he’ll be just as good a dad as Lucas and Brad ever were. Better.

In the interrogation room, Chase asks Hayden, if given the opportunity, would she push Obrecht over the side? She says, tempting, but no. Is she under arrest? He says, it’s just a friendly chat. She says they’re not friends, and she doesn’t speak to the police without her lawyer present. Finn looks through the window. Chase goes out to the squad room, and Finn asks him to go easy on Hayden. Chase says, she’s making it difficult for herself. Finn says, that’s her style. Under the cutting remarks, there’s a really good person. Chase says it sounds like Finn knows her well. Who is she?

Jax says Nina has been given the wrong impression. Nina says, on second thought, she doesn’t need to know. His personal life is just that – personal. He says she brought it up, but she says upon further consideration, they should keep their relationship professional. His private life is his, and hers is hers. Jax gets a call from Hayden, who says she needs a lawyer. Finn’s brother dragged her to the police station for the attempted murder of Obrecht. He says, Liesl? And she asks if he knows another one. After he hangs up, Nina asks what was that about her aunt? but he says he can’t say. He wouldn’t want to share personal details.

Valentin tells Lulu that he’s offering to have Charlotte stay for the summer. He thinks it would be good for her. She says she’d prefer to stick to the court ordered schedule, and he says, fine. He just thought he’d free her to work on her marriage. Laura says, Lulu has lots of help from her family – like Sonny. She wonders how Sonny would feel about Valentin interfering in his son’s affairs. Valentin says she doesn’t need thinly veiled threats. They’re on the same team, wanting the best for Charlotte. He was just trying to help.

Sonny tells Dev, Josslyn’s father isn’t dangerous, just irritating. He’s bound to run into Jax, since he’s living with Josslyn. He’s going to wonder who Dev is. Dev says there is one way to avoid that, and Sonny asks what he has in mind. Dev suggests he not go to school.

Michael visits Willow in her cell. He asks how she is, and she says, good. Better, now that he’s there. She has great news. He just missed her mother. She got a temporary release from Pentonville to give the police her statement, incriminating Shiloh. He says, so she turned? and Willow says, completely. Something shifted, and it’s like she finally saw the scope of Shiloh’s crimes. They’re arresting him now. He’ll never get his hands on Wiley.

Shiloh says Lucas did a great job, but he’ll take it from here. Unfortunately, Wiley won’t remember who Lucas is, but Shiloh will. Lucas grabs him, calling him a son of a bitch, and slams him up against the wall. Jordan and Curtis run over, and Shiloh tells Jordan to arrest Lucas. She says, no can do. She’s in no position to make an arrest. Mac joins them, and says he is. David Henry Archer, you’re under arrest.

Willow tells Michael that she was totally shocked when she saw Harmony. After all this time, Harmony was like her mom again; like she was before DOD. She said she saw Shiloh for who he is. She says Michael will never guess who her mother’s cellmate is – Nelle. She said Nelle talks about Jonah all the time. It sounds like she misses him as much as Michael does.

Shiloh asks why Mac isn’t arresting Lucas. Lucas assaulted him. Mac asks if there are witnesses. Curtis says he didn’t witness any assault. Just two guys, having it out. Mac asks if anyone saw anything different, and Jordan says, nope. Even though nobody asked him, Shiloh thinks he might name his son David Henry. Wiley is too precious a for his son. Lucas says Wiley isn’t his son, but Shiloh says when the court sees the DNA evidence, they’ll think differently. He tells Sam that she can visit, and she says if he’s in Pentonville, she just might.

Sonny says Dev is going school. End of discussion. He tells Dev that he has to have an education in order to succeed in this country. Dev is concerned that Josslyn and her friends will see how far behind he is, and he’ll draw attention to himself. Sonny says he’ll get Dev a tutor. Dev says he looked it up. He’s old enough to drop out. It’s a waste of his talent. He wants to be out learning in the real world, working for Sonny.

Chase asks if Hayden is Finn’s ex-girlfriend, and Finn says, ex fiancé. It’s complicated, and ended badly. Chase asks if he’s defending Hayden, and Finn says she made mistakes, but there’s no way she’d try to kill Obrecht. Hayden saved his life. Chase says maybe one day Finn will trust him enough to tell him the whole story. Finn sighs, and Chase says, maybe not. Jax comes in, looking for Chase. He introduces himself, and says they have a friend of his in custody – Hayden.

Laura tells Lulu not to let Valentin get to her, but Lulu admits nothing he said was untrue. Dante is gone indefinitely, and he’s not in touch. He told her not to wait. She has two kids at home, and every day she goes to work, going on fake dates for an investigative piece that makes her miss Dante. She should be respecting him, and give him the space and time he needs to heal. Laura says Lulu has been an angel. It’s natural she’d want answers. Lulu says she’s feeling resentful, when Dante is trying to get the help he needs. What about the help she needs?

A WSB agent looks at Maxie and Peter’s ID’s. He says he hopes the know how much trouble they caused their friend. He’ll have to be relocated. Maxie says it’s important they speak to their friend about his family. They have a lot to talk about. He goes back into the office, and Maxie asks Peter if he noticed the guy was armed. Doesn’t he think that’s excessive? Peter says, not necessarily. Maybe Dante is being protected.

Michael tells Willow, Nelle is broken, and can’t be repaired. Whenever she’s kind, it’s because she’s manipulating someone. No one should believe a word she says. She’s sorry to upset him, and he says the night Jonah was born, Nelle put him in Michael’s hands. She cried the right tears, but he knew deep down that she liked seeing him hurt. He wishes he could bring Jonah back, but his son is gone. He’ll be damned if he lets Shiloh take Wiley away. Willow says he won’t if he never knows the truth, but Michael says Shiloh got a call from GH that the DNA test results are in. He’s afraid it will prove he’s Wiley’s father.

Mac asks if Shiloh is coming, or does he have to cuff him? Shiloh asks what the charge is, and Mac says, extortion, false promises, and he’s a suspect in the death of Douglas Miller. (Once again, I almost type Dennis Miller.) Sam says she’ll testify that he threatened her. Lorraine will also testify against him. Shiloh looks confused for a moment, and Sam says, she stopped calling herself Harmony. Jason says he doesn’t have an alibi for the night Douglas died. Sam says, it’s over. He’s over. Shiloh says Harmony would never do that. She’s his son’s grandmother. Mac tells an officer to cuff Shiloh. He’s under arrest. He reads Shiloh his rights.

Sonny asks what Dev thinks he does, and Dev says, he’s in the coffee business. Sonny says Dev isn’t a citizen. The further away he is from customs, the better. Dev says he can make himself useful. He could be the solution to a problem Sonny never knew he had. Sonny asks if that’s what Dev had in mind. Was he looking for a safe place, or a place in Sonny’s business?

Chase says Hayden’s record is something. Fraud, fraud, blackmail, false statements, perjury, and her favorite, fraud. How could his brother have wanted to marry her? Finn said she was capable of a lot of things, but she’s not a killer. Finn has never mentioned her before. Why should he believe her? She says Finn has a habit of compartmentalizing. Chase asks her to tell him all she knows about his brother, and what he needs to know about her.

Valentin goes up to the Crimson office, and Nina asks how it went with Lulu. He says, as expected. She had no interest in him taking care of Charlotte for the summer. She says, but he did it anyway, and she admires him for it. She says something is bothering him. If it’s not Lulu, what is it? Valentin says, Jax. Her new boss is not forthcoming. He doesn’t think Jax is concerned about Crimson, but concerned with what happens between the two of them.

Dev says he was in full survival mode when Sonny met him. It’s the first time he’s thought about his future. Sonny says if he gets an education, he can be anything he wants. Dev says he wants to stand on his own; be respected, and not be afraid of anyone. Like Sonny. Sonny says if Dev wants his trust, it has to be earned. He’ll keep Dev in mind for a business opportunity, but he has to learn when to take no for an answer. Go to school. Dev says, if Sonny insists. He does, and tells Dev to think about nailing down the background. He’s sending Dev to the MetroCourt. Carly will give him a job there. Dev says, not the warehouse? Sonny says if he wants to prove himself, do it by taking direction.

Valentin tells Nina that Jax has files on him and Cassandra. He has a source who’s seen them, and is working on what’s inside and why they exist. Nina says, no offense, but considering his reputation and last name, it would be surprising if Jax didn’t have a file on him. Valentin asks, why have one on Cassandra? Nina asks what he thinks is in it, and he says he doesn’t know. That’s what his source is working on. She asks him why he doesn’t just say it. His source is Curtis.

Chase asks Hayden to tell him about the relationship his brother kept secret. They can exchange stories. Jax is brought in, and Hayden says, her white knight. Where’s his horse? Chase says security footage cleared Hayden. She says he knew she was innocent, and just wanted to pump her for information about his brother. Mac says if they’re finished with whatever that was, he’s bringing in a prisoner that might interest Chase. He leaves, and Shiloh smirks his way in.

Willow asks how Shiloh obtained DNA proof. Michael doesn’t know, but Shiloh was dropping hints at Oscar’s will reading. She says, if he can prove he’s Wiley’s father, she’s there for no reason. It’s all for nothing.

Sam tells Lucas to go home to Brad and Wiley. He says he’s not okay to drive, and she says she’ll drive. Lucas wonders how he’ll face Brad, and Sam says he doesn’t have to. It’s over. Lucas says, is it?

Laura asks what kind of help Lulu needs, and she says the kind Dante gave her. The one she knew, who would do everything he could to support his family while he was gone. That’s not the person he is right now. He hasn’t been himself since he came back from Turkey. Laura wonders if being separated makes it harder to heal. Lulu says she’s not a psychiatrist. Laura says, but they have those there. Lulu asks if the WSB doesn’t know how to handle it best. It’s not their first experience in deprogramming. Laura says their mission statement is to help all over the world, but they don’t treat their agents well. They’re not fighting for her marriage. Lulu says, so she has to.

The agent tells Maxie and Peter that their visit can’t be accommodated at this time. The patient refuses to see them. Maxie asks if he told them who they were, and that it’s on behalf of Dante’s wife, who’s worried sick. The agent says, he’s aware of that, and doesn’t care.

On the phone, Jordan suggests Robert involve the Feds in a case against Shiloh. Curtis gives her the eye, and she says, it’s just a call, not a stakeout. He tells her, he didn’t say anything. If he did, it would be that it’s the most engaged he’s seen her in moths. Finn approaches them, and says he talked to Jordan’s kidney doctor, and her kidney is the picture of health. And she shows no sign of infection. Jordan asks if she can go back to work, and he says her surgeon needs to decide, but he’ll put in a good word. He has an ulterior motive. Maybe she could make a call, and clear Hayden of Obrecht’s near-drowning.

Jax brings Hayden back to his office. He says the reason she kissed him at the reception was because she wanted Finn’s attention. She says she was happy to see him. He says, for Finn’s benefit, say something. If she doesn’t tell him they’re not together, he will.

Nina says Curtis is conveniently made head of security at Aurora just before the files are uncovered. She’s telling Drew. Valentin says, please don’t. She’ll blow Curtis’s cover. She says, Drew will be in the dark, and he asks her to give him time to find what he can. She doesn’t like keeping secrets or having them kept from her. Valentin says he’s worried they’re the crux of Jax’s plan. She says, because of Cassandra? and he says he can’t think of another reason. No one knows that they were involved in Cassandra’s near-death. She says they do, and Finn, Anna, and Obrecht. That leaves Cassandra.

Lulu asks if Sonny has a minute. He asks, what’s wrong? She says, the same thing that’s been wrong for months – Dante.

Lucas tells Sam that he remembers getting his acceptance letter to med school. This is the opposite. A paper never felt so heavy. It’s proof of Wiley’s father; proof he can be taken away from them. Sam says, it will never happen. Lucas says she doesn’t know that. Shiloh has been exposed as a criminal a hundred times over, and got away so far. Sam says the judge isn’t letting him near Wiley or taking him away.

Michael tells Willow, nothing went to waste. Her being there gave time for Sam and Jason to build a case. Shiloh is going to be convicted, and go to prison. Willow asks, for how long? Ten years? Five? Michael says he murdered her father. He’ll get life. She says what if he’s wrong? What if Shiloh beats this charge like he’s beaten everything else? What if he goes free, and takes Wiley? Michael says the test results aren’t admissible. They’ve come this far, and fought so hard; they can’t give up. He’s going to GH to see what’s going on. She thanks him for being there for her and Wiley. He says there’s no place he’d rather be.

At the station, Mac says, the evidence is quite damning. Chase says there’s no reason to keep Willow in custody now, and Mac says he’ll call Diane. Shiloh is brought in, and he says he wants a lawyer. Mac asks if he can afford one, and he says he has stock in ELQ. He can afford the best. This case isn’t going to stand. It never does.

Jax says he and Hayden have a business arrangement. They’re not together. She says she’ll tell Finn, and he suggests she do it sooner rather than later. They have a job to do. Don’t let issues with her ex get in the way.

Finn calls Anna, and leaves a message. He asks her to call when she gets the chance. It’s nothing urgent. He just wants her to know Hayden is back in town.

Nina asks Valentin why Jax would connect them to Cassandra, unless someone told him. They didn’t, Obrecht didn’t, and she can’t see Anna or Finn doing it. Valentin says, there’s only one option. Jax and Cassandra are in touch. Jax comes into the Crimson office with Hayden. He says he was helping Hayden with a legal difficulty, and wants to get on with the budget meeting. Nina says Valentin can walk Hayden out, but Jax says, she’s part of this. Starting immediately, all financial decisions go through her. Jax tells Nina to say hello to her new CFO.

Laura gets a call from Mac saying Shiloh is under arrest. She says she can’t hear, and steps away from the table, leaving her bag on it. Dev comes in, and knocks her bag down. He starts to pick it up, and Jason takes it from his hand. They stare at each other.

Sonny asks if Lulu has heard from Dante. she says, no, and it’s getting to the point where his absence is more than she can take. Sonny is sorry to hear that, and asks if there’s anything he can do. Lulu says he found Dante and brought him home once before. She needs him to do it again.

Maxie tells the agent that Dante’s wife is worried sick. He tells them, wait there. Someone will be there soon to show them out. Maxie says she doesn’t accept this, and goes into the office. She says, Dante! No!

Jordan says Curtis didn’t tell her Hayden was back. He says the information got lost. Chase went overboard. He can’t believe Chase dragged Hayden to the PCPD. He wishes they were following her lead. He thinks they want her back. She asks if he’s suggesting she go back to work. They get in the elevator.

Chase goes to Willow’s cell. He tells her Shiloh has been arrested, and Judge Walters ordered her release. They kiss.

Sam tells Michael that he just missed the party. Shiloh was arrested. He says, fantastic. He asks about the DNA results, and Sam says he didn’t get to open them. Michael tells Lucas to destroy them. I can’t believe no one has actually bothered to take a look at the results.

Shiloh is brought into the cell, and says hello to Willow. He says he won’t be there long. He’ll be free soon. Free to be you and me a father to his son Wiley. A new day will dawn. It always does. Zzzzz…

Michael says, rip it, burn it, get rid of it. Sam says the records will still be there. There’s nothing to stop Shiloh from confirming he’s Wiley’s father. Not really answering that question, Michael says, it’s not legally admissible. It’s a failed threat. Genes don’t matter. Wiley has only two parents he needs or knows. Get rid of it. Lucas rips the envelope up, and throws it into the trashcan.

On Monday, Laura talks to Hayden, Jason says there’s going to be trouble for everyone, and Lulu says it’s time to make it right.

👠 The Sainted One…

Here’s the story of a lovely lady, who basically got ousted from her friend circle by mean girls. But they own it, which makes it okay.


🎯 Quotes of the Week

I do not wish any reward but to know I have done the right thing. –Mark Twain

Every burden is a blessing. – Walt Kelly

People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.A. J. Liebling

The best proof of love is trust.Joyce Brothers

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes. – Oscar Wilde

Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure. – James Altucher

The more things change, the more they are the same. – Alphonse Karr

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.Ann Landers

You can’t set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm. – guest on Dr. Phil, while discussing his alcoholic mother

👯 May Your Fantasy Match Your Reality…

The real weekend situation.

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