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August 18, 2017 – Nina has a List, Shark Sunday & Quotes to Apply to Your Life


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Ava and Griff kiss. She tells him that she needs him, and takes off his shirt. Then we all wake up.

Griff asks Kiki if Anna has checked in for her phlebotomy. Kiki doesn’t know, but says her mom is late for therapy. He tells her about going to the concert with Ava, and she says whatever he’s doing, keep it up.

Anna and Emma are at Kelly’s, but Emma isn’t very hungry. Anna asks if something is bothering her. Emma needs to figure out how to return the heart back to Spencer. It wouldn’t be right to keep it, since she’s going out with Leif. (Going out? Isn’t she like, twelve?) She wonders why relationships are so complicated. Anna wants to check something before she returns it, and Emma asks if she thinks there’s something suspicious about the diamond.

Nina and Valentin meet at the MetroCourt. He shows her pictures of the new rescue horses. He tells her that she should come visit. He’d love to see her there, and back at home.

Franco and Elizabeth go to his studio. He says there are bad memories there, but she suggests they make new ones. They kiss, but he thinks she should go, and they can pick up where they left off at home. She asks if he’s trying to get rid of her.

Anna says suspicious is a strong word. She just wants to ascertain what it is. Emma doesn’t think it’s a real diamond; she doesn’t think Spencer would give away something like that. Anna says she doesn’t think so either, but if it is, she wonders how he got it. Like this would be hard, considering the level of wealth they had at Wyndemere. Nikolas could have had diamonds lying around all over the place. Emma asks if Spencer could be involved in espionage.

Valentin asks what herculean feats he has to do to get Nina’s trust back. She says Hercules was a god, and she doesn’t hold him to that standard, but she isn’t convinced he can attain the standards she does have. He says he’ll find a way.

Franco tells Elizabeth that if he had his way, they’d be home and making up for lost time. He says it’s going to be a mess while he works. She says that she doesn’t mind one, since she has three boys. He says he works better alone, and the faster it’s done, the faster he’s home. She says she’ll see him later then. When she’s gone, he starts spray painting a canvas. There’s a song part, but it’s not a romantic ballad; it’s more punk, and actually pretty good.

Kiki asks Ava why she canceled her appointment. She tells Kiki that she felt feverish (ha-ha), and thought she should stay home. Kiki wants her to see a doctor; it could be serious, since her immune system is compromised. Ava says that she’ll see Finn later, but Kiki says he’s away. She offers to ask Griff to fill in, but Ava doesn’t want that.

Franco slashes the canvas with a box cutter. He realizes he’s cut himself, and drips blood on it. Now there’s a true artist.

Anna tells Emma never discuss espionage in public. She says diamonds of this size are precious, and have a complicated history. Emma says that she has to give it back, and Anna tells her that she will, if it’s rightfully his. Emma wonders if Spencer stole it, but Anna says although he’s precocious to a fault, he’s not a thief. Anna takes the diamond out, and gives Emma the heart. Wow, that came out easily. How Emma hasn’t lost it, since she’s been carting it around, I’ll never know.

Nina has a list for Valentin and he wants to tick things off. First is Anna and her obsession. Nina says that his promises evaporated whenever Anna came around. Valentin says it’s over. He was a prisoner of his past, but priorities have changed. Next is to make peace with Spencer. Valentin says he tried, and got the olive branch thrown back at him. Nina asks about the wrongful death suit, and Valentin says that his lawyers are working on having it thrown out of court. The last thing he wants is a trial, and although Spencer doesn’t know it, it’s the last thing he wants too. Nina asks why, and he tells her that abandonment by Nikolas would be brought up. He’s faked his death before, and they never found a body. Nina says it’s an interesting take, but she’s not sure if it’s true. Valentin tells her the truth doesn’t matter in court; it’s which lawyers have the better argument, but he doesn’t think Spencer understands that. She tells him to put that one in brackets, and moves on to Charlotte’s custody.

Ava tells Kiki that she doesn’t want to bother Griff; he’s not her doctor. Kiki doesn’t think he’d mind, and  says that he told her how much fun he had at the concert. Ava tells her about the bee sting and how she used the lavender treatment on him. Kiki says funny, she’ll treat a doctor, but not let him treat her. Kiki won’t let up, so Ava says she’ll go, but there’s no need to trouble Griff.

Elizabeth apologizes for being late to work. Griff says he covered for her. He takes it that things are going well at home. Elizabeth isn’t happy about Hayden disappearing, but having Franco back helps. He tells her about the bee sting, and Anna comes in. Griff goes to check on the preparation for her procedure, and Anna asks to talk to Elizabeth. She takes out the diamond.

Franco acts like a ringmaster introducing an act. He opens a box of paintings, and starts trashing them. It’s not like they’re great paintings though. More like amateur graffiti.

Kiki brings Ava to the hospital. She tries to escape, but Kiki won’t let her. A doctor takes Ava to an examining room. Griff asks Kiki if she’s okay. Kiki tells him that Ava had a fever, and she convinced her to come in. She tells Griff that she just got a cryptic text message, and asks if he can look after Ava if she’s not there when Ava is finished. He says he will.

Anna tells Elizabeth about the diamond, wondering how Spencer got his hands on it. Elizabeth thinks she should talk to Laura, but Anna says she lived at Wyndemere too. She wonders if it could be one of Hayden’s diamonds, and Elizabeth says Nikolas did spill them once. Maybe he didn’t find them all.

Valentin says that Lulu has been less than cooperative, but Nina says her attitude is understandable, given she was separated from her child for so long and Charlotte doesn’t need her parents at each other’s throats. Valentin says he has to admit that Lulu is good for Charlotte, and is willing to entertain shared custody. Nina sarcastically says he sounds so sincere, but she thinks he’s using it to manipulate her. He says he doesn’t like giving up what’s his, and fights for what he loves. She can see him as manipulative or as a man who loves her.

Franco talks about himself in the third person, saying that providing the work is dark and depraved, he can achieve unique commercial success, making him rich and famous. For a moment, he confuses himself as a genius, when he’s nothing but a garden variety psycho. He slashes at the paintings. Kiki comes in, and tells him stop.

He says he’s getting rid of an eyesore that comes from a deep dark soul. He’s no longer that man, and doesn’t want to be reminded of who he was. He got them back so he could erase that part of him forever. He says he doesn’t want Elizabeth to see them. Kiki says he must be moving in with her, and that’s what the text was about that she’s on her own with the apartment. She says that she’s happy for him; he deserves it. She tells him Picasso had his blue period, and he had a dark blue period, but it’s still art. She says she read an article about his retirement being premature, and says some artists would kill to paint like that. He tells her that’s a poor choice of words. She says that she understands it represents a part of his life that he’s not proud of, but his art still has a place in world, although maybe not with him. She thinks she knows where to send them. Franco suggests a landfill, but she says no, her mom.

Griff sees Ava coming out, and the doctor says it’s nothing to worry about, just a mild case of influenza. Griff says that he’ll see she get to bed (omg, all the double entendres today with these two), and Ava says she can handle it herself. He tells her that he’ll get her home and into bed, and she tells him to stop saying that, and I laugh. She says Kiki will do it, and Griff tells her that Kiki had to leave.

Elizabeth tells Anna to take it easy before she goes into full-scale investigation mode. Anna wonders how Spencer got his hands on the diamond.

Valentin promises Nina that he’ll never to turn to Anna again; he’ll make a contract. He’ll never be around Anna again, but he’ll be polite in public. He promises that Charlotte will always come first, ahead of his work and ambition. He accepts Nina as his equal in every way, an individual with a life and a career and dreams. Nina says that’s everyone’s fantasy, and he tells her to put the ring back on and come home. He’ll spend the rest of his life making sure she doesn’t regret it. She asks if she does, can he promise he won’t do anything to disrupt it or take him away from her? Valentin can’t make that promise, and Nina looks at him like, what?

Kiki tells Franco that his catalog of work is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Elizabeth and the boys could use the money, and if Elizabeth doesn’t want it, he can give it to her for the rent he’s sticking her with or med school. He can turn something bad into something good, and even put it in a trust for the boys, and it would be good for him too. She says destroying them doesn’t change the past. If he gives them back to art, the world might redeem them. He makes people step out of their comfort zone, which is a lot to achieve. She tells him to put them out in the world, and let people react the way they want. She reminds him that he told her an artist doesn’t own his work; he puts it out in the world where it’s transformed in its own way, and it gives back to the world. Or something like that. She asks if that was bull, or did he mean it? Before she leaves, she tells him welcome back and says that she missed him.

Ava keeps punching the elevator button, and says this is what she gets for coming outside. The next time Griff gets the bright idea to pity someone, find someone else. Griff says that he’s her friend. She tells him that she’ll wait outside for Kiki, and to find some other soul to save. After she finally gets in the elevator, Elizabeth asks what that was about. Griff says he wishes he knew.

Valentin says that Nina asked for the truth. He can give her his life and love, and share his heart and daughter with her, but he can’t promise what she’s asking. He’s already done things that can’t be undone, and they come with certain associations. He acknowledges that the criminal circumstances in his life might be complicated. Nina wonders what will happen if he pulls the rug out from under her again. He admits to screwing up, but never stopped loving her. He spent his life chasing money instead of happiness, because he didn’t know what happiness was. Then he had Charlotte, and met Nina, and now he knows.  He wants her in his life for the rest of his life, but he’s not making false promises. He’s done bad things and can’t promise that he won’t again, but he can promise he won’t do bad things to her or Charlotte. He asks if she can take him for who he is. Anna walks in, and he says right on time.

Anna goes to a private room, and meets with a man who works with the WSB. She says he examined the Berlin diamonds, and asks if it’s a possible stray stone. He studies it, and Anna looks at it with bug eyes, like she’s really into this.

Nina tells Valentin that maybe she can do better than that, and maybe she and Charlotte deserve better. Valentin is sure of it, but he can only give her the truth. He’ll do everything he said, but he’s not begging anymore. She says she knows that, and he leaves.

Anna asks the guy if it’s a Berlin diamond. He asks how she got ahold of it.

Back at Ava’s apartment, Ava yells at Kiki for abandoning her, and says she was a few seconds away from calling an Uber. Kiki says she asked Griff to fill in, and Ava insists she’s not that helpless or needy. Kiki says they just want to help; why push them away? Ava tells Kiki to let her take care of herself. She doesn’t want Kiki getting the flu, so Kiki agrees to go, saying she’ll check in later. When she’s gone, Ava looks at herself for the umpteenth time. She asks how anyone could ever feel anything for her but pity.

Elizabeth tells Griff that Ava’s behavior is natural when struggling with recovery, and not to take it personally. He says that he didn’t see it coming, and wants Ava to know her life isn’t over. He wants to help her realize she can live a productive life, and he genuinely likes her. Elizabeth reminds her about how he’d told her that Franco was redeemable, and he was right. If anyone can save Ava’s soul, it’s him.

Franco goes to Ava’s apartment and tells her that he has a proposition.

On Monday, Ned talks to Alexis, Curtis wonders what Stella is up to, and Jordan asks Jason why he wants to protect whoever shot Sonny.

👦 Just in case you didn’t know, Spencer gets shipped off to school because he gets shipped off to the other show he does IRL. I forget the name of it. He only does his GH gig when the other show is on hiatus.

🌪 I spent last Sunday watching the entire Sharknado franchise. Despite how I like to present myself to the world, I love this juvenile guest-starred-to-the-hilt mess. The jokes are terrible, but in an Airplane! kind of way. In acting school, they’ll tell you one of the ways humor works is taking stupid things seriously (okay, I’m paraphrasing), and they seem to have that down. But for me, the cameos are the best part. Absolutely everyone who is anyone (and some who aren’t) eventually shows up in one of these films. Politicians, wrestlers, relatively big names, has-beens, and lots of reality TV stars. I was glad to see my girl, Kari Wuhrer (Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time) get some work in Sharknado 2: The Second One, and Mark McGrath once again surprised me with how good he actually is. Since the second film is based in NYC, it remains my favorite, although I did wonder where everyone got all those pitchforks. It’s not exactly like there’s a feed store, or even a Home Depot, on every corner. However, I found it realistic that everyone stood around and watched dangerous situations from just a few feet away. Yep, sitting ducks, all of us, since we do not know when to leave. I’d missed some of Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens the first time around, and loved seeing Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre) as part of a family who owned a chainsaw store. They had him dirtied up, but I saw him once at a horror convention. Having never seen him sans makeup before, I was quite surprised to find out who he was when I asked, Who is that handsome man? Kellita Smith reprised her Z Nation character, Warren, in the fourth film, and had some banter about zombies, basically plugging the show, which was fine with me. The fifth effort, Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, heavily featured Russell Hodgkinson, also from Z Nation (Doc), and a surprisingly decent performance from Tiffany Pollard (aka New York, pick from several reality shows). My only complaint was the very heavy product placement of a brand that needs none from me. The ever-present Ian Ziering (Fin Shepard) and Tara Reid (April Shepard) both made an insanely smart move getting involved with this series. It was probably a surprise to them too, that Sharknado somehow became the part of pop culture that it is. At this point, they also produce the films, so good for them. I like to see the undersharkdog win.

🐬 I know you’re scared. I’m scared too. They’re sharks. They’re scary. No one wants to get eaten. But I’ve been eaten. And I’m here to tell you it takes a lot more than to bring a good man down. A lot more that to bring a New Yorker down. – Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) just before he cuts a falling shark in half with a chainsaw

✈ Steve McCroskey: Jacobs, I want to know absolutely everything that’s happened up till now.  ✈ Jacobs: Well, let’s see. First the earth cooled. And then the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat, so they all died and they turned into oil. And then the Arabs came and they bought Mercedes Benzes. And Prince Charles started wearing all of Lady Di’s clothes. I couldn’t believe it. – Lloyd Bridges and Stephen Stucker, respectively, Airplane II: The Sequel (On a sad note, the extremely funny Stephen Stucker passed away from AIDS at the young age of 38.)

Good Advice

If you keep your eyes open, your life becomes easier and clearer with maturity.Ewan McGregor

Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create. – Roy T. Bennett

You have to learn to get up from the table when love is not being served.Nina Simone

A key component of wisdom is fearlessness, which is not the absence of fear, but rather not letting our fears get in the way.Ariana Huffington

The year we did a Sharknado theme for Halloween…

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August 11, 2017 – Sonny Gets Questioned, an Endorsement, Quotes & Zombie News


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Prosecutor and pseudo Will Smith asks Alexis if Julian was acting as Olivia-J’s accomplice. She says he was coerced, and Will asks if the night on the bridge could have been avoided if Julian had told her. She says maybe, but he shouldn’t be held accountable for Olivia’s actions. He asks would she have gone to the police if she’d known. Alexis says yes, and he says bloodshed could have been avoided. This is kind of a poor angle, since the only blood that was shed was Julian’s.

Dante and Nathan laugh about Mac and Felicia getting caught while getting busy in the park. Dante says he heard Maxie is riled up about Man Landers’s advice.

Sonny walks around with a cane a little bit. Carly doesn’t want him doing too much too soon. She brings up the last time he had a bullet wound, and pretended he was in a wheelchair. He says she has to trust him. She says she knows he wouldn’t keep a secret again. He thinks about Sam shooting him.

Jason asks if Sam had a bad dream, but she says it wasn’t a dream.

Finn hears Hayden on the phone, saying that she’s Rachel Berlin from White Hat Medical Supplies. He’s looking for the card he lost, and asks what the phone call was about. She tells him some baloney about it being something for the wedding, and he asks why she was calling herself Rachel Berlin.

Scotty asks Alexis what her recollection of those hours is, and she says tumultuous. She was drugged, kidnapped, and handcuffed to the bridge. Scotty asks why she’s still alive, and Alexis says Julian. Olivia used her as bait. She wanted him to shoot Alexis to take away the most precious thing to him, and if he didn’t do it, she’d shoot Alexis herself. Will Smith objects, but the judge lets it ride. Scotty asks if Julian is just a bad shot. Alexis says he’s excellent; he aimed at the handcuffs instead, freed her, and yelled at her to run. When she looked back, Olivia was by herself. It was confirmed later that she shot Julian, and he fell into the water. Scotty asks if his actions were those of a coward. Alexis says no, and he asks if Julian put his life on the line to save her, and if that wasn’t true heroism. Another objection, but Alexis says it was.

Hayden tells Finn that she typed in her old name, and it slips out sometimes. He asks if White Hat isn’t the company that was just flagged for suspicious activity. He says she seems uncomfortable, and she says he snuck up on her. He asks if she’s rethinking things. Hayden says she’s doing everything to make sure they get married, but it’s not enough. Finn asks what’s going on.

Carly thinks Sonny isn’t taking recovery seriously, and says he’ll be hobbling on one leg forever if he doesn’t do his physical therapy. He’s like, all right, all right. She apologizes, and says that other than when babies are born, whenever she’s at the hospital, it’s because something terrible happened. She wants things to change, and Sonny says they will. I hate to tell her, but other than new babies and maybe plastic surgery, most reasons to be in the hospital are terrible for everyone. Mob people problems.

Sam tells Jason that she wasn’t too sick to buy a gun and shoot Sonny. Jason says she didn’t understand what she was doing. She says that he sounds like a lawyer, and asks if he talked to Diane. He says no, and there’s no reason he should have to. There are only three people who know about it – Sam, him, and Sonny. Sam isn’t comfortable with that.

Dante tells Nathan that there are a couple of loose ends, but Sonny’s account matches with everything. He says the guns are missing, and there’s this, handing Nathan the ballistics report. The bullets taken from Sonny’s leg and vest don’t match. Dante says they have an interview to conduct.

Jason tells Sam that it’s never going to happen again. Sam says it will be on her conscience for the rest of her life, and she wants to take responsibility. Jason says at the very least, she’ll be investigated, and she’s still sick. He says hospital is better than jail, and if she says something now, it will hurt a lot of people. Sam doesn’t want to hurt Sonny any more than she already has, and they agree it’s the best solution. Jason tells her everything will work out.

Sonny insists that he’s getting out of the business; he wants it as much as Carly does. Carly says it will be difficult. He’s had a lot of power for a lot of years, and if he’s having second thoughts, she gets it. He asks if she’s trying to talk him out of it, and she says no, but she knows it’s for her. He says it’s for all of them and Morgan’s memory. Carly says the most important thing is to be honest. It’s the only way it’s going to work.

Finn asks Hayden if she’s in trouble. He says to talk to him, and she asks if he thinks she’s stealing from GH. He says no, but an outsider might think so. He believes her, but wants her to understand that someone else might think she’s pulling a scam. She says this is different. She’s going to give the money back.

Scotty asks if Alexis’s feelings toward Julian have changed, and she says she was livid, but her feelings have tempered. He asks why that happened, and she says is was when she got the letter from Julian. Scotty produces the letter, and asks her to read it as evidence. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve heard this like five times, about how Olivia had a hold on him and how much he loves Alexis, so I’ll take a short nap. Scotty asks if it changed her perspective, and Alexis says he was under duress, and an unwilling partner with Olivia in order to keep his family alive. Scotty asks why he perpetuated the lie about Olivia’s identity, and she says to protect his family. He asks about their relationship. Alexis says it was estranged, but knowing the truth makes it easier to be in his presence. Scotty asks if it was enough to rekindle the flame, and Julian jumps up, saying, enough. The judge tells his lawyer to get him under control.

Hayden admits to taking the money. She shows Finn the accounts she set up. She says that she didn’t take that much, and couldn’t go through with it; she’s returning it. She finishes putting the money back, and says when he walked in, that’s what she was doing, but she’s afraid he’s thinking she just did it because she was caught. He asks why she did it, since they have money. She tells him that she wanted to buy their freedom from her ex-husband.

Carly asks Sonny if he remembers anything. He says he was shot and left in a hole, what’s to remember? She asks what about after, but he says it’s a blank. Jason comes in, and Carly goes to see about getting Sonny discharged. Sonny tells Jason he needs the case closed now. Carly is talking about trust and honesty, and it will get ugly. He says they’ll figure it out, and tell her what they need to. Sonny asks about Sam, and Jason says that she’s struggling. They agree that she can’t confess. Dante and Nathan come in. Sonny tells them that he’s getting out soon. Dante wants to ask some questions about the night he got shot.

Sam sees Carly at the desk. She says she needed to talk to Sonny, but owes Carly a conversation.

Scotty asks Alexis if she sees herself forgiving Julian. Will Smith objects, and the judge says if Scotty doesn’t move along, she’ll assume he’s stalling the court. He’s finished, and the judge orders the court to be in recess until the morning. After one witness, who talked for maybe twenty minutes. Julian tells Alexis he had no idea that Scotty was going that route. It wasn’t the plan.

Hayden tells Finn that her ex showed up out of nowhere, making demands. Finn asks if it’s the guy who popped into her office, saying they’d worked together. She says if Jared had given his real name, he’d have lost his leverage. She tells Finn about driving drunk and hitting the girl. Finn asks if she died, and Hayden says no, but she was hurt badly. Jared took the fall, under the condition that her father’s money and connections would get him off, but he ended up going to prison. Through her tears, Hayden says now he knows everything. Finn asks why she didn’t come to him right away; was she too ashamed? She says it wasn’t her proudest moment, but Finn says it’s not like he doesn’t know shame or guilt, or self-loathing. He knows all of that, and she saw him through his recovery. She says she did it for him, at least that’s what she told herself. She was afraid he’d go back to doing drugs if he knew the truth.

Dante asks Sonny to take him through the night he got shot. Sonny says he went to pay Spencer’s ransom. The Garveman was there, and ultimately it wasn’t about Spencer, but about him. He doesn’t remember what happened after he was shot, and says that sometimes when you’re bleeding for 24-hours, it does something to your memory. The last thing he remembers is Garvey hitting him in the vest. Dante asks if someone else was there, and Sonny says not that he recalls. Dante tells him the bullet in his vest and the one in his leg came from two different guns. Sonny thinks about getting a leg vest. Not really, but it would be a good idea.

Carly says good to see Sam up and around. Sam says it wasn’t easy, and Carly tells her to let her know if there’s anything she can do. Sam says she’s the one who should be telling Carly that. Carly says that it’s awful to be thankful that someone’s dead, but when she thinks about almost losing Sonny… She says that she doesn’t want to dwell on it or take over the conversation, and asks what Sam was going to tell her. Sam says she needs to tell her the truth.

Sonny tells Dante that he wishes he could tell him, but doesn’t remember. Dante thanks him for his time. Sonny says he’ll let them know if he remembers anything. They leave, and Jason asks if Sonny thinks that’s the end of it. Sonny says not by a long shot.

Carly tells Sam that it sounds heavy. Sam says that her illness affected her head, and she didn’t see things clearly, and some of what she was seeing wasn’t there. She was scared all the time, of things she hadn’t been afraid of before, like losing Jason. Every time he left, she’d panic. Carly says that’s not crazy, but Sam says this was different. She says she’d do and say things that she’d do anything to take back, and it involves Sonny. She went off on him. She was afraid he’d take Jason away and put him in danger. Carly says that was just the illness talking; he would never do that. Sam says that Sonny told her that, but she really thought it was true, so she had to do something about it.

Finn tells Hayden she didn’t have much faith in his recovery if she thought a piece of bad news would cause a relapse. He might have needed some time, but he would have understood and stayed clean. She says maybe it was an easier excuse than facing that she’s a coward. She brings up Reiko, and says she’s always there, hovering in supreme glory, and can do no wrong for the rest of their lives because she’s dead. She immediately apologizes, saying she didn’t mean it. She should apologize. That was really unfair. Finn says that he loved Reiko and thought she was perfect, but he let it go, and accepted the loss, because he loves Hayden more than anything. He thought that they understood each other, but she can’t even turn to him because she thinks he might relapse. Finn doesn’t doesn’t know what to do, and Hayden says he does. He just doesn’t want to say the words.

Julian tells Alexis that he never told Scotty about anything between them. He came up with it on his own. Alexis says she’s sorry if she disappointed him with her testimony, and he says it’s not a surprise that she hasn’t forgiven him. She says that she didn’t even know she was thinking it. Julian understands how she feels, and she’s glad that she didn’t blindside him. Scotty tells her to get out before she does more damage. Julian says she was just telling the truth, and asks Alexis what she would have said about forgiving him. She tells him that she’s committed to living life one day at a time, and doesn’t know what future holds.

Finn tells Hayden not to put words in his mouth. He’s trying to wrap his head around it. Some other couple would be torn apart, but not them. He loves her, and having a baby; life, for better or worse, and right now it’s worse. He says they can’t just say the right things, but need to live and honor them. Hayden tells him to let her know when he figures it out, and leaves. I’m puzzled. It seemed like it was going her way.

Dante and Nathan discuss Sonny. There’s something he doesn’t want them to find out. Dante supposes that Garvelino could have had two guns, but Nathan says that’s unlikely. Dante says then they’ll go with the second shooter theory. Maybe it’s someone from the five families. He thinks maybe Sonny is afraid of starting a mob war. Nathan says so much for getting out.

Carly tells Sam that she’s not accountable. Sam says she was so scared, and would have done anything to protect Jason. Sonny and Jason join them, and Jason takes Sam back to her room. Carly tells Sonny that Sam seems shaken not stirred up, and the symptoms of her sickness sound awful. Carly asks if Sam talked to him, and yelled at him about Jason. Sonny says it was nothing; she wasn’t in her right mind. Carly says it seemed like something more to Sam, and asks if he has any idea what it might be.

On Monday, Monica decides who goes and who stays, Jason wants to talk to Julian about Sam, and Obrecht and Jared team up.

🦄 Highly recommended – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, on rotation on Showtime. An excellent adaption of the book, with some truly creepy creatures, and of course peculiar children. An amazing cast as well. I was especially delighted to see Terence Stamp. Just perfect.

Quotes of the Week

I’ve had so many false starts. But if it’s easy, what story are you going to tell? Nobody wants to hear about how easy it was. That doesn’t inspire anyone. Taraji P. Henson

I have no doubt that she would piss off a statue.Dr. Phil, referring to a future monster-in-law.

I got through my own father’s death. You think I can’t get through a man getting elected president of the United States? It was so absurd. – Norm McDonald (Thank you.)

Good News

Z Nation will be back in September on the Sy – we can’t spell – Fy network. Among other new faces, Henry Rollins will be joining the cast. I can’t wait! Unfortunately, it looks like The Man won’t be back. But hey, that looks like Michael Berryman (from the original The Hills Have Eyes, among many other films) on the bottom left.

🙀 You can read more about Z Nation here:



August 4, 2017 – Sam Wonders What’s Real, AMC Breaks Some Bad, Predictable Countess News & Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Ava tells Valentin that only two people in this world saw the good in her and could have loved her. She killed one, and he killed the other. Valentin tells her about how he hid from the world, but decided a life of hiding was no life at all. She says maybe she deserves it; she’s paying for what she did. She asks him to give her a good reason why he shouldn’t pay for what he did. He says he’s going to give her an offer she can’t refuse. Ava says if she heard those words from someone else, she’d dismiss them as empty, but she knows coming from him, it’s serious. He tells her that if she withdraws her statement, she can have her old life back, starting with her beautiful face.

Laura tells Spencer that they need to have a serious talk at home; this has to come to a stop. He’s worried that she’s referring to the lawsuit, but she tells him that she’s talking about his life in Port Charles. He suggests that they talk right there, and she says he can’t stay. Spencer says that he’ll go to public school, and promises to make up with Charlotte. He tells Laura that he’ll bring culture to his new place of education. Laura says that’s not what she’s talking about.

The Garvster tells Jason that he has to ask “her” about Sonny. Jason wonders who “her” is, but Garvey flatlines. Jason tries to get him to talk, but that’s not happening.

At the demolition site, Sonny tells Carly to go. She says if he wants her to live, he’ll get moving, and they start to walk, but Sonny isn’t exactly swift on his feet.

Sam dreams about all the times she saw Sonny in her head, culminating with her shooting him at the distillery. She wakes up, and Deanna asks if she had a bad dream, but Sam doesn’t know if it was a dream or not.

Sonny and Carly lie on the ground, surrounded by rubble. An announcement says that stage two of the demolition is coming. Carly tells Sonny to wake up.

Spencer tells Laura that his father’s spirit is all around Port Charles. Kelly’s is where Nikolas taught him to be brave and fight for what’s right, and he’s never going to stop fighting Valentin. Laura tells him that he’s going back to France.

Ava asks Valentin if he has a magic wand. He says no, but knows where she can get a cutting edge procedure. She says that she’s already been told nothing can be done, and she’ll look like this for the rest of her life. Valentin says he isn’t talking about traditional treatment, but the procedures that transformed him.

The doctors say they’re losing Big Garve.

The countdown for stage two of the demolition begins. Carly yells that someone is there, but no one hears her. She tries to get Sonny to stand, but he’s pinned down. As the countdown continues, he tells her to just leave. Dante runs up to the project manager, and tells him to stop. He has reason to believe someone is on site. Carly is moving debris off of Sonny. She asks if he can move, and for a guy who’s been shot and has been living in a filthy basement for 24-hours or more, he pulls himself up pretty well. Over the loudspeaker, the PM says they’re looking for someone on site. Carly kisses Sonny, because now is totally the time for that.

See you on the flipside, Garvey.

Carly tells Sonny to wait, and he says he’s not going anywhere. Dante runs up to them, and Carly tells him that Sonny is hurt. Dante lets Sonny know that Spencer is okay, and Sonny tells him about getting the text picture of Spencer in the basement.

Deanna tells Sam that some medications can cause nightmares, and she’ll see about getting Griff to prescribe something else. Jason walks in, and Deanna tells him that Sam’s vitals good. Sam says that sometimes she can’t think straight. She feels like she’s remembering things that happened that couldn’t have. Jason says that makes sense, considering, but she tells him that she’s confused, and asks how she can tell the difference between what she imagines and what happened? Jason tells her to just focus on getting better, but she feels like there’s something wrong. He says the kids are fine, and he’s fine. Sam asks about Sonny.

Laura says that when Spencer came back to Port Charles, Valentin was in custody, and they thought he was going to prison forever, but that didn’t work out. Spencer calls it a miscarriage of justice that must be righted. Laura says yes, but not by him. He falsely accused Valentin of kidnapping him, and snuck into Windemere when he was supposed to be at camp. Spencer begs her not to send him away, and asks if she doesn’t love him anymore.

Ava asks why Valentin would need a miracle – did Sonny leave him to burn in a warehouse fire too? Valentin explains about having scoliosis and a hunchback, along with a deformed face, saying he was the stuff of children’s nightmares. He was introduced to a group of geniuses, and when they were done, he had a life he never dreamed of. She asks why she should believe him. He tells her their methods aren’t proven, but sound, and he’s a living testimony. Ava points out that it’s just his say-so, and he asks to use her laptop. He logs into his old WSB profile (man, they are a sloppy bureau), and shows her a picture of himself as he used to look.

Dante tells Carly that the doctors are optimistic about Sonny. Carly says that he kept telling her to leave, and that Dante saved them both. Dante says that he raced over as soon as he got a call from Michael about the bullet casing. Carly says the Garvinator shot Sonny and left him to die.

Sam asks if Jason has talked to Sonny. Her dreams seem to be about them threatening each other. She can’t remember exactly, but she was desperate and angry. She says that she would never hurt him, would she? Jason tells her that she’s been through a lot, and her mind is just trying to make sense of what’s happening with her body. He tells her to focus on what’s real – them. It’s going to take time. She says it was about keeping them safe, and asks how she’s been acting. Jason admits she’s been overprotective, but says that’s the illness. Sam asks if she threatened people, and Jason says no; she just seemed concerned for his safety. Sam says it was about Sonny.

Griff tells Carly that the bullet was extracted, and there were no complications. Sonny has lost a lot of blood (not the first time), but once his fluids are replenished, a full recovery is expected. He might be groggy, but asked for her. Fastest. Surgery. Ever. Carly goes into Sonny’s room, and he asks if she’s okay. She tells him that she’s fine, and he’s going to be fine too. He made it. He says of course. She says that she was scared that she lost him; he’d been missing for hours, but she found him. She’ll never give up on him. Sonny tells her that they’re a team. He says that she should have left, but she says it’s over and it’s fine. She just got him back, and wasn’t risking her life without him. She tells him to just say thank you, and says that he’s too doped up to make sense. Dante joins them. He tells Sonny they know that the Big Garvbowsky lured him out and shot him twice, but asks if Sonny can take him through what happened.

Sam tells Jason that she thought Sonny wanted him to work in the business again, and wanted to take him away, but that doesn’t sound right. She wouldn’t have to protect him from Sonny, but thought she did. He tells her stop stressing, but she hates feeling like this. He tells her rest up, so she can get her strength back and come home. The kids love and need her, and so does he.

Ava asks if that’s really Valentin, and then says she can almost see who he is now in the picture. Valentin says he doesn’t; he was born handicapped, and had to make compromises to get what he needed. He’s not a saint or a sinner, but both. Ava says Nikolas’s death wasn’t a small thing, and she’s surprised at him, since he’s a father. Valentin says the charges have been dropped, but Spencer is being encouraged. Ava wonders if he’s afraid that Spencer is going to win. Valentin says no, but unpleasantries on both sides are going to come up. Spencer might be brat, but doesn’t deserve to hear about his father’s bad side. His main concern is Charlotte though, and he wants it to go away.

Laura says that she loves Spencer with all her heart. He says he wants to stay, and she tells him that she does too, but more than that, she wants him safe. Valentin is a dangerous man, and she and Doc saw it firsthand. She asks what if he had lost his temper when he found Spencer at Windemere? What if he hurt him, or worse, and escaped justice? Spencer would be gone, and he’s all she has left of his father. She can’t bear to lose him. Spencer pleads with her not to send him away. Doc says it’s a difficult decision for all of them. They love having him there – he makes them laugh, and think, and challenges them – but they have to act in his best interest. At his age, he thinks there won’t be consequences and that he’s immortal, but he’s not. Valentin is an ongoing threat, and it scares them, even if it doesn’t scare him. Spencer says being all alone scares him. Nice acting. Spencer doesn’t often get to emote that way. What’s kind of funny though, is that Valentin hasn’t threatened anyone the entire time he’s been in Port Charles. He’s the one who’s been threatened by everyone else, including this kid. IMO, he has the patience of a saint.

Valentin tells Ava that Spencer is fortunate; he knows that he’s loved and wanted. Ava says she stole that from him; she saw him shoot Nikolas. Valentin says that didn’t happen. He tells her that she’s far from the path of overcoming her circumstance. What good is she, and what is she doing for the world? She has to take stock of herself. She says that she’s not a good person, and has inflicted pain on people. She wants to hold on to the one thread of decency she has, and wants to prove she’s not as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. Even if she believed him about his geniuses, she’s not changing her testimony. She remembers and knows what happened. Nikolas defended her, and Valentin murdered him. Nikolas was a father too, and Spencer deserves to know that the world isn’t as unfair as it Valentin would have him believe.

Laura says that Spencer isn’t alone, and he says that he’s an orphan. Doc says that he has his grandmother, the rest of his family, and him. Laura says even if he’s not there physically, he’s always in her heart. She wants to protect him, not get rid of him. Spencer tells them that if he’s gone, how will he keep an eye on Valentin? Laura says that’s not his responsibility. Spencer whines that he won’t get to sue him. It pales in comparison to sending him to prison, but it’s the next best thing he can do. Doc says that he should honor his father’s memory by being the fantastic kid that he is. Laura wants to honor Nikolas by keeping him safe, and tells him that his father would want him to have a long and happy life. Spencer says he’ll go to France, and they’ll both honor his father. He hugs Laura.

Jason tells Sam to concentrate on the here and now, and what’s real; she’s improving. Sam says what about her mind, and Jason says that she’s exhausted and needs to rest. He tells her to dream of coming home, and how happy they’ll be. All of this will be over soon.

Sonny starts fading into sleep. Dante tells him that he called Michael, and to just take it easy for now. Sonny thanks him, and asks about Avery. Carly says that she’s fine, and misses him. She tells him to get some rest, so she can take him home. They do the I love you thing.

In the hallway, Jason and Carly hug. Carly tells him that Garvo shot Sonny and left him for dead, but he’s going to be okay. She asks about Sam, and Jason says she’s doing well. The antibiotics are working, but she’s confused, and doesn’t know what’s real or not.

Sam dreams about being at the distillery again, holding the gun on Sonny. She’s telling him that she’s not letting her kids end up like Morgan, and that he pulls death and destruction toward him. She shoots.

Ava tells Valentin to leave. He says it’s her call, but she should think about it. He knows enough to know that she’ll want her old life back, and they can fix it. She says that nothing will be better than telling truth for Nikolas and Spencer. Valentin tells her to think about it. As she closes the door, I take note of the awesome blue, ombre tie-dyed robe she’s wearing. She takes her mask off.

Laura tells Spencer that the fall semester starts soon, but she wants to bring him early, since he’ll be in an accelerated program. Spencer is happy that she’s coming with him, and she says she’ll be staying for a few weeks to settle him in. It will make it easier on both of them; she has to get used to not having him around. He asks if she isn’t going to miss Doc, and says he will too. Doc says he’s coming along, and Laura hugs him. Spencer says group hug, and they do. Must be nice to just be able to take off for France. They did the same thing on Million Dollar Listing NY last night.

Ava has a martini. She takes the drape off the mirror, and looks at herself. She says, oh God, oh God, oh God.

Sam keeps dreaming. Sonny is asking Sam to let him help her, and promising it will be fine. She doesn’t want to do something she’ll take back.

Sonny asks how much Jason knows. Dante pops back in and says he just found out that Ole Garve is dead. Carly says she can’t say she’s sorry, since he kidnapped Spencer and shot Sonny. Sonny says Garvey didn’t shoot him.

Sam dreams about Sonny saying that he understands she’s going through something. She’s like family to him. He puts his hand over hers on the gun, and lowers it. The gun goes off, shooting him in the leg. He says he knows it wasn’t her and she didn’t mean to do this. She says that she did, and gives him a swift kick into the opening to the cask room. She wakes up and says, no!

On Monday, Kiki isn’t going anywhere, Hayden talks to her father, and Dante asks Sonny who shot him.

⚛ I’m caught up with Zoo, although I missed an episode somewhere. At present, my obsession with 90 Day Fiancé – Happily Ever After? is satiated, but I’m still lagging behind with Preacher and The f Word. I’m also up-to-date, for at least the third time, with Breaking Bad. If you haven’t seen this show, you need to, but only if you like intelligent TV. If you’ve seen it before, watch it fresh on Sundays when AMC is running a marathon. Why? Who knows. What difference does it make? For the uninitiated, in a nutshell, the plot revolves around a chemistry teacher who has decided to dabble in making crystal meth when he gets a cancer diagnosis. A guy’s got to provide for his family, and sadly, a drug dealer makes more than a sick teacher. Probably more than any teacher. Along with a former student, Walter White breaks bad all over the place, while we get to enjoy top-notch acting, writing, and all of those departments that get awards that aren’t televised. Bryan Cranston stars, and having also been in one of the few sitcoms I like (he was the father on Malcolm in the Middle), it’s a real treat to see him playing Walter, juggling home and work life. It can get pretty violent, so it’s not for kids, but I was raised by a sailor and grew up on war movies, B horror films, and musicals, so if you’re a parent, it’s your call. They’re up to season four, but there’s always On Demand.

♛ Did you hear? Luann de Lesseps D’Agostino, of The Real Housewives of New York de Lesseps D’Agostinos, is getting unmarried soon. So, how many people called this? Put your hands down; I can’t count that high. She was recently on Watch What Happens Live, explaining that the slap she gave Tom while they were dining out was merely a love tap, and a symptom of the passionate love affair they were having. Funny too, they just wrapped up the reunion. Methinks Luann was wise from the jump, but went through with it to save face, and timed the ending so it wouldn’t be aired or discussed during the reunion. No doubt there will be I told you so’s next season, but there will also be some distance.

Quotes of the Week

There is no such thing as perfection. What I consider beautiful, most likely you don’t.Mila Kunis (Funny, since I’m watching Bad Moms right now, and I chose this randomly. Twilight Zone music…)

If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.Dolly Parton

I’m still hung over from the 80s. – someone on Growing Up Supermodel

🌬 And of course, the greatest Housewife quote of all…


Countess, we salute you.

July 28, 2017 – Someone Please Save Sonny, a Hexaquote, 1000 Floors & an Office GIF


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Julian sees Scotty scarfing down a burger at The Floating Rib. Scotty asks him what’s with the stink-eye. Julian asks if this is how Scotty prepares for his trial. Scotty has good news. For the first time since Julian was arrested, he actually thinks they might win.

Oscar drops by to see Josslyn. He’s glad Spencer was found. Josslyn hugs him, and thanks him, saying he basically broke the case. If Spencer hadn’t escaped, his evidence would have made all the difference. Oscar thinks they should celebrate.

Alexis brings Scout to the hospital. She hands the baby off to Dr. Anderson. Her vital signs are normal, but they still need to run tests. Kristina goes with her, while Alexis finds out about Sam. Griff and Finn ask Alexis questions about Scout. She wants to know what’s going on, and wants to see Sam.

Jason talks to Sam, telling her it’s okay, but she’s seeing Sonny making weird hand gestures at her like Robert Carlyle in Ravenous. Jason asks who she’s talking to, and she says he’s right behind Jason. Imaginary Sonny tells Sam that killing him won’t end it.

Real Sonny is either sleeping or unconscious.

Wavy Garvey starts to take Elizabeth through the parking garage, and they run into Carly. Carly says she heard he was in town. Elizabeth is like, you know this guy? and Garvey says he and Carly go way back. She tells him to let Elizabeth go, and he says, or what? Is she going to yell for help? He says try it, and it won’t be good.

Josslyn tells Oscar it sounds awesome, but no one is home. Carly likes him, and she wants to keep it that way. Oscar says he has a surprise – it’s cool and has a killer view, but they’ll have to bike there. It’s somewhere she’s never been. She says impossible, but he’s on. They have to be back in an hour, since she’s still grounded.

Finn explains Sam’s illness to Alexis. Griff says if she got sick while she was pregnant, it’s possible she passed it on to Scout. Alexis asks how bad it is with Sam, and is told that the spectrum varies, but it’s affected her neurological functions.

Sam continues to talk to fictitious Sonny, who says he’s not going anywhere. Jason says they’re the only ones in the room, but Sam says he’s always there.

Factual Sonny says he has to stay awake. What will he tell his kids? He says he sees himself in Dante. His loyalty and the way he loves his family is a beautiful thing. He’s always true to himself, good or bad, and has courage and strength. Sonny asks him to pass some his way; he’s going to need it.

Carly tells the Garvster no yelling or sudden movements; just let Elizabeth go. He says that’s not happening. Carly can see he’s hurt, and asks what happened between him and Sonny. He says you should see the other guy, because everyone’s a comedian, and she asks what he did.

Scotty says Julian is no walk in park; he’s not exactly a model client. Julian says if he’d taken the deal, he’d be dead, but Scotty says not necessarily. Julian starts to leave, saying his life is on the line. Scotty says he’s going to save it, and tells him to sit down. He got his hands on the prosecution’s witness list, and they’ve put all their eggs in one basket – Alexis. Julian is like, this is your big revelation? and Scotty says it’s a good one. Julian says it’s the opposite, but Scotty says it’s not just any trial. Alexis can see the pitfalls and where they’re trying to get her to admit something, and can mitigate the damage of his actions away from him. Then Scotty gets her to admit that Olivia-J was threatening the family. The jury will see him not as a bad guy, but a hero. Julian wouldn’t go that far, but Scotty says he would, and the only one who can pull it off is Alexis.

Finn asks if Sam has been “off,” and the only thing Alexis can think of is Sam calling Scout by the wrong name. She assumed Sam was run down, and thought she was just acting like a new mom. She wants to see Sam now.

Sam passes out again, and Jason yells for help. He tells Finn that she said she saw someone who wasn’t there. Finn asks Jason and Alexis to leave – it would help the doctors and Sam. Jason talks to Alexis about Scout. She says that the baby seemed fine, but asks what’s going on with Sam, and how long it’s been going on. Jason doesn’t know. He caught her talking to herself a couple of times, but she always has plausible excuse. Griff tells them that she has a severe case of insefilitis.

Sonny tells himself to think of the kids. He sees himself in Michael, even though he’s not Sonny’s blood. He’s a thinker and strategist, but what saves him is his heart. If Sonny was a different person, he’d have him take over the business. But he’s better than that; better than Sonny. Sonny strives to be like him.

Josslyn and Oscar walk near where Sonny is. Josslyn wonders if their bikes will be okay, but Oscar says they’re the only ones there. He says it’s awesome, and she asks what the place is. He tells her it’s an old distillery, built in the 1800s on river when whiskey was transported by boat. He loves places with a story behind them. He tells Josslyn that they’re demolishing some of the buildings, but he thinks the distillery is safe because it’s historical. He asks if she wants to look around.

Carly asks Garvo where Sonny is, moving closer to him. Garvey says he needs supplies now, and her nurse friend is helping him. Carly tells him somebody is going to notice, and he’ll be caught in two seconds. He says he’s staying, and Elizabeth is going to get what he needs. Oh yeah, great plan. Like, wouldn’t she go for help?

Finn asks if Sam can hear him. and asks her to wake up for him. When she doesn’t, he tells her to hang in there; they’ll find out what it is.

Griff tells Alexis that it’s treatable, and they’re doing what they can. Alexis says what if it’s not enough, and he tells her to stay positive. She steps aside, and texts Julian to come to the ER.

Scotty tells Julian that the prosecution thinks Alexis is a slam dunk, but she’s going to sink them. Julian apologizes, saying Scotty has obviously given this some thought. Scotty tells him to buck up; things are going to turn around. Julian says if he’s right, this could change his life and give a fresh start, not just for him. but him and Alexis. Scotty asks how he does it. She’s smart, ethical, and holds on to a grudge, but he’s able to Svengali her. Julian wishes it were that simple. Scotty tells him that if he gets a second chance, don’t blow it. Julian says he doesn’t plan to. Scotty has to go, and tells Julian he gets to pay for the burger. Julian gets Alexis’s text, and jets. I guess The Floating Rib just got stiffed.

Josslyn says the place is super cool, and Oscar tells her that she’s the only person he’s brought there. He sees something on the ground, and picks it up. He likes to make things out of stuff he finds and could use it. He tells her that there’s a cask room that still exists. The should see if they can find some old barrels. I assume that’s where Sonny is.

Sonny talks to Morgan, saying that he’s charming, impulsive, leaps before looking, and suffered the same darkness that Sonny did. He weeps a little, saying he’s proud of Morgan. Josslyn asks if Oscar heard something; it sounded like kids laughing. She thinks they should check on their bikes, and they leave. Omg, I can’t take it. So close and yet so far.

Carly tells Garvito that she can’t just grab supplies; she doesn’t work there. He tells her to be back in ten minutes. Elizabeth tosses her the keys, and tells her where everything is. Carly tells Garvey not to hurt Elizabeth, but he’s starting to fade, and she breaks away.

Jason asks about Scout, but Josslyn comes out. She doesn’t look happy, but it’s that fake-out American Idol moment again. She tells them that Scout is okay, and passed all the tests with flying colors. She hugs Jason.

Finn tells Nurse Deanna to take Sam’s vitals again. He’s looking for any small improvement. He joins the others outside her room, and says that Sam has lapsed into a coma. It’s too soon to tell what it means; maybe her body needs extra time to heal. He says they can see her in a few minutes. Julian runs in, and Alexis tells him that Sam is in a coma. (It’s called a nap, Susan Lucci!)

Carly tells Elizabeth to go get help. She grabs Garvicious by the collar and says to tell her where Sonny is.

Josslyn tells Oscar not to laugh at her just because a flock of geese sounded like kids laughing. From a distance, my dogs barking sound like a flock of geese. Oscar jokes that the geese might steal their bikes. Sonny messes with the tourniquet, obviously not hearing them, even though there’s no one else around and they’re making no attempt to be quiet. He moves on to Kristina. He says they’re the most alike. She’s stubborn, full of fire, and the first one to call people out. She’s calculating, but doesn’t have a cruel bone in her body. She’s full of passion, and that passion lights up the whole world. On the other hand, Josslyn can hear a flock of seagulls geese a mile away, but not hear Sonny talking to himself.

Julian asks what happened, but Alexis doesn’t know. Finn says that the disease is usually transmitted by birds or cats, and since she’s been around neither, it must have been contracted out in the wild. Jason says her system was compromised the night Scout was born; the night Julian’s sister kicked Sam off the bridge, and she gave birth to Scout in the freezing cold. He asks if that sounds right. Kristina asks wth is Julian doing there? Sam hates him, and it’s his fault she almost died, because Julian didn’t have the guts to warn her about Olivia-J. Jason says that’s why they’re at the hospital now; she got sick the night she gave birth. Julian says that Olivia would have hurt the entire family, but Kristina says the only one who believes that is him. She asks how dare he show up, and Alexis says she asked him to come. Kristina asks what’s wrong with her, and says that Sam doesn’t need it. She tells Julian not to come near her sister or anyone else in her family or she’ll stop him. She says don’t think she can’t; her father is more powerful than he is. So there.

Carly tells the Garvman that he’s not safe at the hospital, and to tell her what he did to Sonny. He just laughs. Well, as much as you can laugh when you’re about to pass out.

Josslyn tells Oscar that she’ll race him to their bikes. Sonny looks through his wallet and sees a picture of Avery. He says he doesn’t know what she’ll be like, but he wants to be there to find out. He wants to find out, and be her dad. He slumps, and begs God to let him be there for her.

Griff asks if a conference room is needed, but Kristina says she’s done. Julian asks Jason if he wants to get his licks in. Jason says that Kristina said it all. He’s going to focus on his wife and daughter, but he won’t forget, and neither will Sam. Kristina says she’ll take Scout home. Jason thanks her for stepping up, and she says there’s nothing more important than family. Deanna says they can visit one at a time, but there’s no change yet. Alexis tells Jason to go ahead, and he asks for Julian to be gone when he gets back.

Oh come on. Let’s resolve something before the end of the show.

Alexis tells Julian to go. She says that Kristina is right. Julian says that she’s terrified for her sister, but Alexis says that doesn’t make her wrong. Sam wouldn’t want him here, and he needs to respect that. Julian asks if she thinks he wanted this to happen. She says no, but it did, and he needs to go.

Jason asks for moment alone with Sam. He tells her that he knows it’s not fair. She didn’t even get through her night on the embankment yet, but they can still beat this. He can’t imagine how tired she is and how hard it is, but he tells her not to give up. She didn’t give up then, and she can’t now. He doesn’t know if she can hear him, but he’s telling her again that he has no life there without her. He’s staying there, waiting for her to wake up and tell him that she loves him too.

Oscar tells Josslyn that there are no cars in the driveway, so she’s in the clear. She says good, because the last thing she needs is to be grounded indefinitely. Oscar says him too. Josslyn says he acts like he has no friends, but that’s not true; he has plenty of friends at school. He says they’re okay, but no one is into the same stuff she is, and they’re all on their phones 24/7. He tells her that he’ll see her tomorrow, and she thanks him. She says it was fun, and he says they’ll do it again soon. Josslyn says she’d like that. On the porch, Oscar examines what he picked up at the distillery – a bullet casing.

Carly tells Garvey Shmarvey to wipe the smirk off his face, and tell her where Sonny is. Garvey says that he killed him.

Sonny staggers up again. He yells that if anyone can hear him, get him out of there. Think Oscar will make a stop on his way home?

On Monday, Jason asks Griff for help, Jared wants to leave the past behind, Carly tells the hospital staff that Garvey knows where Sonny is, and Hayden talks to Finn about marriage.

Quotes of the Week

Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from. – Jodie Foster

If you’re very lucky, you’ll have many, many friends and many, many memories, and you can think about them. – Jenny Fields (Glenn Close), The World According to Garp, on getting old

Don’t let your fears overwhelm your desires. Let the barriers your face – and there will be barriers – be external.Sheryl Sandberg

The world doesn’t care how many times you fall down, as long as it’s one fewer than the number of times you get back up.Aaron Sorkin

I think my mistakes have made me much stronger. It’s nice to know that things don’t ultimately break you; that you need to go there to know.Emma Watson

A library is a good place to go when you feel unhappy, for there, in a book, you may find encouragement and comfort.E.B. White

Speaking of Books…

Hopefully, a library still exists where you are. I’m hoping books never go the way of black and white TVs, although I admit to being addicted to e-books on my Nook. I said that just to recommend The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee. The plot and characters are interesting, but were almost immaterial for me with this one. The main character is the thousand-story tower that, in 2118, houses Manhattan. Usually, I’m all about the dialogue, and have been known to even skip over long descriptions (I’m talking to you, Stephen King), but I didn’t even care what anyone was saying. I wanted to read more about the tower. The higher your floor, the wealthier you are. There were times when it reminded me of the train class system in Snowpiercer, another story where the setting is just as much, if not more, a star as the characters. It’s definitely worth it to check out this vision of the future. Floating drink bubbles are sipped from at parties, drugs are designed for your specific chemical make-up, changes in weather are scheduled, a thought sends a text, and driving a conventional car is against the law – these are just a few of the things that await you in this view of the twenty-second century. I’m hoping more books in this same vein follow. I would also love to see this turned into a movie.

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July 21, 2017 – Laura Loses It, a Brave Chef Wins & Wisdom from Reddit


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Ava tosses out her beauty products, saying good-by to each of them. She sips a martini, and says so long to her friends. There isn’t anything that can cover her new face.

Bobbie asks Carly if there’s been any progress with finding Spencer. Carly says no, but they’ll find him. Bobbie asks if she’s seen Laura, and Carly tells her about Laura asking Sonny for help. When Bobbie asks how she feels about that, Carly says they’re in agreement about using his connections to bring Spencer home.

Fantasy Sonny tells Sam that he knows he’s made things difficult for her, but he knows what’s best for her family. She says it’s always what’s best for him. Sonny says that Jason gets results, and Sam says she does too. Jason asks who she’s talking to.

Real Sonny tells Laura she has to take care of herself. She says that will be difficult until Spencer is home, and asks if his guys have found anything.

On the phone, Nina says she knows there are penalties for withdrawing money, but she’s interested in the short term.

Nathan tells Valentin that life expectancy in jail for people who hurt kids is short. He asks if there’s anything Valentin wants to tell him.

Ava calls for a vodka delivery. A case of Voox. She says she’s having a party, and asks them to be quick. Yeah, a party of one.

Sam tells Jason that she was talking to herself. She has a phone app that connects to the baby’s room. (Wouldn’t she be talking to the baby then?) Jason says he has nothing for today, and is escorting her to her follow-up appointment. She says she thinks she’s feeling better and was considering cancelling, but knew how he would feel. He says no one hates doctors and hospitals more than him, but they have to be sure she’s fine. There’s nothing they can’t handle. Imaginary Sonny winks at her.

Carly tells Bobbie that if there was a lead, Sonny would let her know, since Josslyn is drowning in guilt because it happened on her watch. She tells Bobbie that Josslyn internalizes everything. Bobbie is like, teenagers, but Carly says that Josslyn sees herself as an adult; drinking hanging out with boys. Now Oscar is a lifeguard at Lila’s Kids, so they’re working together. Bobbie says she remembers summer romance. Carly says it’s not a romance – is it? Geez, you’d think Oscar was some kind of serial killer, when he was nothing but nice and respectful. Does Carly have any idea of what’s really out there?

Sonny tells Laura they haven’t found anything, but they will. Valentin didn’t do this alone, and people who snatch kids in his town are few and far between. Laura says that Valentin is in lock-up, but he’ll probably make bail. Sonny says no matter what, he’ll get him, so he doesn’t want her doing anything rash. BTW, Genie Francis looks fantastic, and it doesn’t seem like she’s had any work done either.

Valentin tells Nathan that he has nothing to do with Spencer’s disappearance. An officer comes in, and says that Valentin’s bail has been posted. Nathan says it was off the charts, and asks if he had his lawyers post it. Nina walks in and says no, she did.

Nathan uncuffs Valentin, telling him that he’d better stay on the straight and narrow. Valentin tells Nina she didn’t have to do that. His lawyers are on it, and are probably wiring money right now. She wants everyone to know she believes in him. He says he’s used to handling these things by himself. She says not anymore, but that doesn’t mean she’s coming back to him.

Ava thinks about the fire. The delivery arrives, and she asks them to leave it outside. The guy says she has to sign for it. She tells him to slip the receipt under the door, but he has to see who’s signing. She answers the door, and says, boo! For Pete’s sake, she’s really not that bad.

Carly says she’s not ready for this, and Bobbie says he’s just a boy. Carly wants to know how to not screw it up. Bobbie tells her that she survived parenting and adolescent behavior, but she was so thrown when Carly’s brother came out, she didn’t listen. Carly says it worked out though. Bobbie promises Carly will get through it.

There’s a knock at Jason and Sam’s door. It’s Sonny. Real Sonny. Sam wants to return a blanket that Molly left, and says she’ll be right back. Sonny asks Jason if she’s okay, but Jason says he doesn’t know.

Sonny asks if it’s a vibe he’s getting or is it just him? Jason says Sam is going through some things. He doesn’t think it’s serious, but it requires some tests. Jason figures what Sonny wants must be important. Sonny says Spencer is missing, and Nina posted Valentin’s bail. Jason asks if there are any leads. Sonny says not yet, but Valentin needs to be stopped. Jason asks if Sonny wants him to do it. Sam listens at the door.

Carly wants to be Josslyn’s best friend, but she can’t; limits have to be set. Bobbie tells her to do what she failed to do. Keep lines of communication open and give her chances to tell the truth; be her safe place. Bobbie says not to worry so much. Her best advice is to remember when she was fourteen. Carly says that doesn’t help. Josslyn walks in, and asks if they were talking about her. She wonders if it’s about Spencer.

Valentin asks Nina for a chance. She says not today, and he says, someday? She says they’ve both made mistakes, and he tells her not to blame herself for anything. She says everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and they can’t do the same. She tells him to go home and take a shower, but he says it’s not a home without her and Charlotte. She says never say never, and he tells her he’d never do that when it comes to them. He signs the paperwork. Laura walks in and stares daggers at him.

Sam goes to Ava’s townhouse. She’s sleeping on the couch, and Sam wakes her up. She asks what Sam is doing there. Sam says Ava has been drinking, like Ava didn’t know, and Ava says yes she has. Sam tries to clean up, and Ava says she doesn’t have to. Ava asks what she wants to see Julian about. Sam says she has a proposal, but she’ll have to take care of it herself. Ava goes to get her some coffee.

Sonny tells Jason that the cops are all over the place, so it has to be low key. Jason says he’s in. The timing could be better, but he has it. Sonny says that Spencer is important to him, and Jason says that he’ll do what he can do. Sonny asks if he’s sure Sam will be okay with it. Jason says he’s looking for a little kid who she’s related too; she’ll be fine.

Sam is surprised that Julian left Ava alone, and Ava says she’s not five. She asks if Sam wants some vodka in her to-go cup, but that’s a no. Ava tells her that Julian is probably at his office, but Sam says if he can’t be there for Ava, he’s useless. Ava says she told him to leave. Sam wonders why Ava isn’t wearing the mask that the hospital gave her. Ava tells her what’s the point? and Sam says Avery needs her mother. Ava says that Avery doesn’t see a mother, but a monster. She tells Sam that Avery will have to make due with Sonny, but Sam gives her an emphatic no.

Carly says they’ll find him. Josslyn asks what they’re talking about, saying it sounds kind of serious. I miss the rest of the scene because the sound goes out on my TV. I’ve been wrestling with a problematic connector for a few days now, and have to mess with it several times a day.

Nina tells Laura that she bailed Valentin out. Laura says that her grandson has been missing for twenty-four hours with no communication. She doesn’t know if he’s dead or alive. Nina says she’s sorry, and Laura tells her that if she was, she’d do the right thing, since Valentin has time not accounted for. Nina says she understands Laura’s frustration, but Valentin didn’t kidnap Spencer – she knows him. Laura says she does too. He killed her son, and now he’s after her grandson. Nina tries to say something, and Laura tells her to shut up, adding that she’s just as guilty as Valentin. Nathan says they’ll be watching him, and Laura starts to freak out on Nathan. She says Valentin knows he’ll be watching, so he’ll hire someone else to do his dirty work. Nina says that Laura is spiraling out of control.

Josslyn tells Carly that she and Oscar are just friends. Carly asks if she wants it to be more, and Josslyn says that she doesn’t know him. Carly says she can’t stop her from seeing him, but it bothers her that Oscar pressured her into drinking. Josslyn says he didn’t pressure her into anything, but Carly thinks it sounds like she wanted to impress him, and she only needs to impress herself. Josslyn suggests that judging someone she doesn’t know is the same thing Nelle did to her. Carly says she’s right. She can’t make a call on someone she hasn’t met, and she wants to change that.

Laura sees Valentin on the docks. She starts yelling at him, and putting her finger in his face, and he backs up. She says she’ll get Spencer to drop the lawsuit; she can even get him to leave Port Charles. Valentin says that he can’t give her what he doesn’t have. She says what if it was Charlotte. He says he’d be frantic, which is why he understands, but she’s wasting time; he had nothing to do with it. Laura grabs his lapels, and says she wants the truth. He tells her that her time would be better spent looking for who took Spencer. Laura says he won; he got everything, and Spencer is no threat to him. Valentin says she’s making his point for him. Spencer isn’t a threat, so why would he take him? She doesn’t believe one word he says, and he tells he that he’s sorry. She says that he’s not sorry about anything. She knows now why Helena thought he was the worst Cassadine of all; he’s smart and doesn’t care about anyone. She starts getting physical with him, and he breaks away. She whacks him in the back of the head with something, and he falls to the ground. Holy!

Nina says she’s fine, but Nathan says the dance she’s doing with Valentin isn’t fine. She says that she didn’t go home with him; doesn’t that count? Nathan says she’s making him jump through hoops first, so she’ll feel better when she does take him back. Nina suggests giving advice as Man Landers is rubbing off on him, and he thinks he knows everything. He says that he knows her. She thinks Valentin will give her what the others haven’t, but he’s not capable of it, and reels her in every time. Nina asks if this is how he feels about her, like she’s a pathetic, ignorant teenager. Nathan says he always has her back, but he can’t do it anymore. He tells her that if she goes back to Valentin and he breaks her heart, she’ll have to find someone else to help her pick up the pieces.

Ava says she would have thought Sam wanted her out of Avery’s life. Sam says she’s been thinking, and believes that children should be with their mothers. Ava says, mothers like her? Sam says that Ava isn’t a monster, and Ava asks if her actions don’t make her one. Sam says what do Sonny’s actions make him? Ava wonders where this is coming from, and Sam says that she’s been thinking about karma – Ava has had to pay the price for her actions, but Sonny hasn’t. Doesn’t she want to be around when he does? She can close herself off to the world and concede victory to Sonny, or she can have what she wants and reclaim her life the way she wants. Sam puts the mask on Ava, and takes her to the mirror. Now she looks like a character from one of the Purge movies.

Josslyn asks why Carly wants to meet Oscar, and says no way. Carly asks if Josslyn is afraid she’ll embarrass her, and Josslyn says yes. Carly says she thought she was a hip mom, and Josslyn tells her not to say “hip.” Carly tells Josslyn that the teenage years are hard, but they’ll get through it with talking and respecting each other, and Josslyn says she’ll try. Carly insists on knowing what Oscar is about if Josslyn wants to hang out with him. She promises not to embarrass Josslyn that much.

Valentin gets back on his feet, and asks if Laura is insane. She tells him to give her back her grandson. He says she doesn’t want to end up seeing him from behind bars in jail. Jason comes up behind him, and puts him in a headlock. Geez, nothing like some serious overreaction on everyone’s part except Valentin’s.

Sam comes back to an empty place. She sees a note from Jason that says he’ll be back in time for her appointment. In her head, Sonny says it appears that she was wrong about who would have Jason for how long. Sam gets her gun from the closet and leaves.

Carly calls Sonny, hoping for an update. He says that he expects good news soon. She asks why, and he tells her he brought in someone else – Jason is on it.

Valentin is back on the ground again, and Laura asks how Jason knew. He tells Laura that she can’t raise a kid from a prison cell. If Valentin has Spencer, he promises he’ll get him back.

Sonny tells Carly he’ll update when he can, and he loves her. A picture of Spencer in a basement appears on his phone.

Next time, Oscar has information about Spencer, Jason interrogates Valentin, Mac tells Nathan that he can’t tell anyone, especially Maxie.

🍴 I  caught MasterChef tonight, and the contestants had to create a five-star hotel breakfast at the Beverly Restaurant in the Peninsula Hotel. Scrambled eggs reared their ugly heads again, and the blue team was subject to a pressure test. Team captain Yachecia was given a nearly Sophie’s choice – either save herself, or save six of her teammates. She had the confidence to save the six, and was pitted against Jennifer in making fish and chips. Jennifer ended up going home, but got a major consolation prize when Aaron Sanchez told her that the doors to his NOLA restaurant were open for her to work there. In her exit interview, she said she was going to take him up on it. Gordon said she was going home way too early, but she really didn’t seem like the competition type, getting overly emotional over almost everything. I’m not picking on her, just sayin’ that maybe that kind of stress isn’t for her. Next time, steaks are at the forefront. After they introduce Daisy the cow, which seems rather cruel. Something shocking happens to render the judges speechless.

🌟 Both Empire and Star will be premiering back-to-back on Wednesday, September 27th, starting at 8 pm.

Quotes of the Week Via Reddit from TheHustle.co

🐸 The best part of a cucumber tastes like the worst part of a watermelon.

🐸 I have seen more of the surface of the Moon with my own eyes than I have of Earth.

🐸 Fidget spinners have made me question whether I’m too old to understand a trend, or old enough to know it’s stupid.

🐸 I can’t believe that they didn’t make a James Bond film in 2007…

 🐸 My cat must think I’m an idiot when I walk around in the dark and can’t see anything.


July 14, 2017 – An All-Around Sad Day in PC, Premiere News, Quote Quartet & One for Bastille Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Valentin meets Alexis in the park, bearing a picnic basket. He says he doesn’t get an invite to meet her often, and she tells him that they have something important to discuss.

Serena arrives at Scotty’s place. They hug and say how much they missed each other. Scotty asks Lucy if she orchestrated this. She says that she and Gail thought he deserved a good surprise. Serena says she’s glad they’re together, even though it’s because of her grandfather’s death.

Amy tells Nathan that she’ll be outside on the terrace talking him through the interview, and gives him a listening device. She says she’ll be forever grateful, and so will her brother. She asks him to take off his wedding ring, but he says it goes back on the moment the interview is done. Amy says when it’s over, he’ll never have to be Man Landers again.

Laura tells Spencer that one day Valentin will be brought to justice. He says forgive him for wanting to move it along. She says violence isn’t the answer, but he tells her that he’s not thinking about violence anymore.

Sonny tells Kiki that he has full legal custody of Avery.

Ava looks in the mirror, and appears like she did before the accident. Dante walks in, and says she’s under arrest for being an accessory to Morgan’s murder. The mirror drops and shatters. It was just a dream. Dante enters her room for real.

The blogger introduces the podcast, saying that it’s Adam’s Apple, the blog for real men. Adam asks Nathan questions, and on the balcony, Amy gives Nathan the answers. The balcony must be under a cone of silence, because she’s not even trying to be quiet. When Adam asks about Nathan’s own relationships, Nathan says he doesn’t answer questions about his personal life, but Adam wants to know what his credentials are for giving advice.

Scotty asks what happened, but Serena doesn’t know. They were going fishing, and Lee was wearing his lucky hat. She shows them pictures, and says he was fascinated with selfies. Scotty says he always had the magic touch, and Lucy adds, with pretty much everything. They look at pictures of the sunset. Serena says they were all sitting together, watching, and he said it was the most beautiful sunset he’d ever seen. It got darker. He was smiling, and squeezed her hand. Then he said that he felt strange. They noticed he was looking pale. and suddenly, he was gone. The three of them weep together.

Sonny explains to Kiki that he and Ava came to a private agreement. Kiki says she’d assumed one of them was blackmailing the other. He says after Morgan died, he wanted the old custody order off the books. Kiki says she gets it. He’s Avery’s father, but her mom has lost so much. Sonny says that he told Ava everything, and she seemed to accept it. Kiki says that she’s given up.

Ava tells Dante that she has nothing to say. Dante says she’ll feel better if she confesses. She says he hasn’t got a case, and is afraid to tell Sonny, because Sonny will take the law into his own hands. She tells him that she already asked him to put her out of her misery, and he declined. He wants her to stay alive and suffer.

Spencer tells Laura that he let his emotions get the best of him, but came to his senses. There’s no time for childish tantrums. She asks if he’s planning a move against his uncle.

Valentin tells Alexis that the charges were dropped, and his record is actually cleaner than hers. Ha-ha! He’s right. She tells him that he’s being sued. Alexis wants compensation for the death of Nicholas. Valentin says it wasn’t proven, but she says that doesn’t matter in a civil suit, and brings up OJ Simpson. He says they had forensic evidence in that case. She tells him that she’s representing Spencer.

Spencer tells Laura that a lawsuit was the solution. Laura says it will take a long time. She gets a call, and tells Spencer that she’s gotten bad news about an old friend. Spencer tells her that he’s sorry. Laura says that she has to hand him over to Chandler, who has explicit instructions for no detours. She tells Spencer no funny stuff; he wouldn’t want to get Chandler fired. He tells her that he’ll concentrate on learning his lines.

Serena gives Scotty something from Lee – a box of fishing lures. Scotty says that when Lee would disappear into the garage to make them, he knew they were going fishing. He tells them about a big fish pulling him into the lake when he was a kid, and how Lee jumped in to rescue him, but when Lee needed him, he wasn’t there.

Sonny says that he’s sorry for what Kiki is going through; she’s not responsible for what happened. She and Morgan loved each other, but no one can predict how things will end. She made Morgan happy, and Sonny doesn’t blame her for her mother’s actions. Kiki says she feels badly for her mom, but knows Avery is better off with him and Carly. Sonny says she can see Avery any time she wants. Kiki decides to go see her now.

Dante tells Sonny that he has bad news. Wow. Bad news all over the place today. He says that the evidence against Ava is all circumstantial. Sonny asks about the lithium. Dante checked with dealers, but there’s no market for it, since it’s not a drug that gets you high. Sonny thinks they might be protecting someone.

Serena says that Lee wasn’t scared of death, only growing weak and feeble, and his loved ones not knowing how much he loved them. Scotty says that when his marriage to Laura fell apart, Lee wanted him to come there and work for him. He told Scotty that he needed to move on, but Scotty refused. It took him a long time to move on. Right on cue, Laura is at the door.

Adam tells Nathan that if readers are going to take advice, they should know why he’s qualified to give it. Nathan says that he listens well, and a close female friend helps; she should really be the one giving advice. Adam reads him questions. The first one is about a couple who work far away from one another, and sounds like it’s about Nathan and Maxie’s situation.

Valentin tells Alexis that she’s the one who validated the will. She should explain things to Spencer, rather than exploiting him for financial gain. He asks if she’s really going to parade a fatherless boy in front of a jury. She doesn’t have to traumatize him with a lawsuit he can’t win.

Spencer visits Ava. He says he’s been where she is. He suffered in agony, and hated lying in a hospital bed, thinking his appearance had changed. She guesses his burns weren’t as severe as hers. He says he was just as scared, and wanted her to know his heart is with her, as was his father’s. She says that she and Nicholas weren’t close enough to talk about what was in their hearts, but he reminds her of his father.

Sonny suggests checking with pharmacists, but Dante says he did, and there was nothing missing in that timeframe. Sonny says that Ava confessed, but Dante tells him that it was only to him and Carly. He’s already tried to get the DA to file charges, but there isn’t enough evidence. They’re dropping the case.

Laura tells Scotty that she’s sorry. She says Serena is gorgeous, and it’s been a long time. Laura thanks Lucy for texting her. Lucy wanted to honor Lee’s wishes; he had a soft spot for her. Laura says she’s lucky. Scotty says he was too, but never told Lee he loved him. Laura says that Lee knew, and Scotty wonders how she can say that.

Nathan fumbles a little, and Amy tells him that it’s not about Maxie. Nathan asks the reader to think about why they fell in love in the first place, and that his partner’s ideas and knowing her place in the world are special. Give it time, and while she’s away, find ways to keep the spark alive. Respecting each other’s work, and going the distance for each other is what’s important.

Alexis tells Valentin that there was an eyewitness. Valentin says, who? Ava? She saw the gun go off, and Nicholas fall out of the window, but can’t even verify he’s dead. Alexis says she signed an affidavit, and will be a compelling witness – so will Spencer. If the verdict is big enough, Valentin might even have to sell the estate that he inherited to pay for it.

Spencer says that Ava was the last person to see his father, and being with her makes Spencer feel closer to him. He says he’s filing a civil suit, but needs her help. She can tell his father’s story, because his father can’t. Ava says one thing she can swear to is that his father was kind, brave, and was killed defending her; he died a hero.

Sonny can’t believe it. Dante says he hates it as much as Sonny does, but the worst they can do is go to court without evidence. If Ava gets acquitted, they won’t be able to bring it back to court again because of double jeopardy. In the meantime, Ava has to live with herself. Sonny says that’s not enough. Dante says he wants justice as much as Sonny does, but they have to let it go.

Amy excitedly answers the next question, but Nathan answers differently. Amy watches as he’s able to handle the interview fine without her answers. She smiles at him through the window.

Scotty asks how Laura can say that Lee knew he loved him. She says he didn’t have to say it; he showed Lee. He did the things they all hope that their kids will do with them, like confiding in him. Serena says knowing that Scotty is there for her means a lot. Laura says that’s how it was with Lee. Scotty says he hadn’t called in weeks, but Laura says that doesn’t mean he wasn’t thinking of Lee. He says he knows Lee is always with him. Laura says she’s leaving, but Scotty should listen to his daughter.

Ava tells Spencer that she and Nicholas were good together, evenly matched. There was a spark, and if they’d had a chance to pursue it, her life might have gone differently. She’s happy that he’s taking action, and his father would be proud. Spencer thanks Ava for giving his father joy in his last days, and making him feel better. He hopes she finds peace, and she hopes the same for him. He hugs her and tears run down her face.

Valentin wants to avoid the drama of a public spectacle, but if Alexis forces him to trial, he’ll bury her, and tear Nicholas apart. Spencer will hear the illusion torn away, and how his father used him. He says that she just got her license back. Is she sure she wants to start practicing law again by exploiting a small child? She thinks the jury will see it her way, but Valentin says that she doesn’t know anything. She says knows that Spencer will win. He wants justice for his father, but suing Valentin is better than nothing.

Sonny tells Dante that Ava is free to live her life, and Morgan is dead. Dante says it’s not much of a life, but Sonny says it’s more than she deserves, unless he stops her. Dante wonders what he means by that, and Sonny tells him that he promised Carly he’d change. Dante asks how, but Sonny says the less he knows, the better. He’s getting out of certain aspects of the business.

Kiki brings Ava a special surprise, guaranteed to lift her spirits. It’s Avery. She brings Avery over to the bed, but Avery turns away.

Nathan tells Amy that it wasn’t all that bad, especially now that it’s over. She says that he never has to be Man Landers again. She wanders off, and Adam comes out of the elevator. He tells Nathan that the podcast was so well received, that Man Landers will be a regular on the series, and congratulates him.

Scotty toasts to the most ethical, supportive father that anyone could have. He, Lucy, and Serena hug.

Dante asks if Sonny means it. Sonny says that he thought he did; Carly wants it, and he does too. Dante tells him not to let Ava pull him off the path.

Kiki takes Avery back out of the room, and Ava says she scared Avery. Kiki says that Avery didn’t understand. Ava appreciates what Kiki is trying to do, but says that she knows Avery is terrified. Kiki tells Ava that she just has to get used to it, but Ava says she doesn’t want to see Avery again. She tells Kiki that she’s tired, and would like to be alone. Kiki wants to stay, but Ava tells her to go be with her sister, and Kiki reluctantly leaves.

Clutching a handful of popsicles, Spencer finds Laura in the park. Alexis joins them, and he gives one to her and one to Laura. He asks if Alexis delivered the devastating blow. She says she did, but Valentin is a cool customer. They toast to their victory with the popsicles.

On the phone, Valentin says he wants the lawsuit gone before he ends up dealing with Spencer himself.

This episode was in memory of Peter Hansen (Lee Baldwin).

On Monday, Spencer tells Charlotte that Valentin killed his father, Laura says she’ll protect what’s hers, and Jason wants to know why Sam lied to him.

🌟 Haven’t caught up with The f Word yet. but waiting with bated breath for the new seasons of Game of Thrones and Shahs of Sunset to start on Sunday night. Bravo is running a Shahs marathon as we speak, and HBO will be showing GoT‘s season 6 prior to the premiere of season seven. My head might explode.

Quotes of the Week

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. – Oscar Wilde

Character – the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life – is the source from which self-respect springs. – Joan Didion

You can either be a passive victim of circumstance or you can be the active hero in your own life.Bradley Whitford

…[By] engaging in this negativity you are allowing it to spread. I ask you to take a pledge with me to continue the change toward positivity, and to recognize that this behavior is wrong. – Lady Gaga, referring to social media

And One for Bastille Day

Not being heard is no reason for silence.Victor Hugo, Les Misérables, 1862


Peter Hansen (Lee Baldwin, General Hospital) 1921-2017

July 13, 2017 – A Sad Day for Scotty, a Zoo Mention & Uno Quote


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Lucy bangs on Scotty’s door. She says it’s important and can’t wait.

Felicia invites Nathan to poker night, and invites him for other nights. He wonders why she’s booking up all his free time. She says they don’t want him to get lonely with Maxie away.

At the hospital, Amy is perusing some Man Landers questions. Bobbie asks her for a favor. Amy asks Bobbie a personal marital question, but Bobbie says they’re not there yet. She tells Amy to let Monica know that she’s taking an early lunch. Bobbie sees Carly, and tells her that she’s meeting with Felicia. Carly says Michael can’t find out; he’ll think they’re on a witch hunt. Bobbie says they are, since Nelle is a witch, but they’ll be careful.

Outside of Crimson, Michael tells Nelle he missed her, and they kiss.

Sonny tells Oscar that any problem he’s got, Sonny can fix. Oscar starts to record the exchange on his phone, and tells Sonny to get out before it goes viral. Josslyn tells Oscar that he’s her stepfather. Oscar starts to apologize, but Sonny interrupts. He says what Oscar did was exactly the right thing to do.

Bobbie tells Carly to play nice with Nelle. If she can’t, she’ll blow everything. She says the hardest part will be seeing her with Michael, and when they attack, he’ll want to protect her. She tells Carly to stay pleasant and calm, but not too sweet. Carly says she can outplay Nelle easy.

Nelle tells Michael that he likes to live dangerously, since this is Carly’s turf. He says he thinks his mother knows they’re doing more than holding hands.

Nathan tells Felicia that he has been lonely, but the job is a great opportunity for Maxie, and she’s able to see Georgie. Felicia says he’s an enlightened guy, but that doesn’t keep you company. She says Maxie is concerned, and Nathan wishes Maxie would tell him what’s really on her mind. Felicia says Maxie thinks he’s keeping something from her. He gets a text from Amy.

Scotty says Lucy’s emergencies always translate into grief for him. He’s lucky to be alive, and keeps looking over his shoulder since she blabbed about his involvement with Morgan’s pills. He asks her to leave, saying that he’s billing Julian by the hour, and expects it to be his early retirement. Lucy starts to cry, and says it’s about his father. She says she’s sorry, but he’s gone. He says that can’t be true; he just talked to him, and he’s healthy as a horse. He wants to know why Lucy was called, and she says Serena called her but didn’t want Scotty finding out over the phone. He wants to call Serena, but Lucy says that she’s focused on Gail right now. Lucy tells Scotty that he went peacefully, so there’s some comfort in that. He says it’s out of the blue, and calls Lee a bulldog. Lucy says that’s what makes it hard to accept. Having very recently had a friend pass away suddenly in their sleep, this is getting to me.

Oscar says he was in the wrong, but Sonny says he didn’t know. He likes that Josslyn has a friend who takes action on her behalf, and as far as Oscar knew, he was a stranger trying to get Josslyn alone. He tells Josslyn that he has good news. Her dad’s immigration issues are resolved, and he can come back to the US any time he wants.

Felicia tells Nathan that Maxie has an active imagination, but also good instincts. He says she has no cause for concern. Bobbie arrives to meet with Felicia. Nathan gets another text from Amy asking if he can meet her, and says that he has to go. Bobbie asks if everything is okay, and Felicia says that remains to be seen. Bobbie says Nelle has her hooks in Michael, but not on her watch, and it’s time to take her down. She asks if Felicia is with her, but Felicia says no.

Michael and Nelle run into Carly. She asks what he’s doing there, and he says taking Nelle to lunch. Would she care to join them?

Nathan tells Amy to make it quick. She reads him a Man Landers question, and asks how his sex life is. He says his wife is across the country; what does she think? She hands him the proofs from the photo shoot. He says this was the emergency? He has his own life, and the more they’re seen in public, the greater the chance they’ll be figured out. After this, they’re done with him being the face of Man Landers. She says she needs one more teensy thing – for him to be the face one more time.

Sonny wanted Josslyn to be the first to know. He found out from a friend who works for the government. She asks if it’s the same guy who had her father deported. She’s glad, but wishes it hadn’t happened in the first place. Sonny apologizes again, and says he cares about her and always will. He’ll always have her back. That’s one thing he and Oscar have in common.

Carly asks Michael if it’s a real invitation, but says she’s late for an appointment, so she can’t. Nelle says maybe another time, and Carly says maybe. When she’s gone, Nelle tels Michael that was interesting. She doesn’t know who’s more shocking, Michael or Carly. He says he thought it might do some good. Nelle wonders what would have happened if she’d said yes, and Michael tells her it would have been the shortest lunch on record in a place that has no knives. He says that Carly didn’t take her head off, so that’s progress.

Felicia tells Bobbie that she’s not defending Nelle, but she thinks it’s a mistake. She doesn’t want them alienating Michael, and thinks they’ll just push him away. She suggests they let him live his own life. God forbid.

Scotty calls Serena, but it goes to voicemail. He asks her to call when she gets the message. He says they love her, and maybe it was good that she was there. Lucy says she’s sure Serena must be helping Gail with the details. He tells Lucy that she can go, but she says she took the day off. He pours some liquor, and suggests she go to the spa; he can take care of himself. She asks, by downing a drink? and he says that he’s just getting started. Lucy says Lee had problems with alcohol, and is that a way to honor him? Scotty says he was a disappointment to his father in life, so why not in his death?

Nathan tells Amy that he’s out. He has a career he enjoys, and this wouldn’t help if he’s found out. Amy says her brother was on a wait list for surgery, and the approval just came through. It means she’ll have to take a leave from GH. He doesn’t see what it has to do with him. She tells him that she doesn’t have vacation days, so she’ll have to take a leave of absence. In lieu of her salary, she’s arranged for a gig. Man Landers is giving an interview.

After Sonny leaves, Josslyn asks Oscar not to tell anyone about what happened. Oscar says he won’t, and it’s his fault anyway. He says he’s kind of glad he got to meet Sonny; he’s cool. Josslyn says Sonny did have the good sense to compliment Oscar on his improvised defense tactic, but he can’t do it again. She can’t have him sticking up for her, even if he does it well.

At the MetroCourt, Sonny meets Carly, who tells him about seeing Michael. She says she didn’t scream or yell, and kept her cool when Michael invited her to lunch with them. She can’t stand the position that Nelle is putting him in; she’s driving wedge between them. Sonny asks if she’s making progress or is she playing Nelle? She says Nelle played them, and she’s just trying to put her family back together in bad circumstances.

Bobbie tells Felicia that it’s hard to watch and do nothing. They see Nelle and Michael walk into the restaurant. Felicia tells Bobbie to weigh the risks, and if Bobbie still feels the same way, she’ll do it. Bobbie doesn’t want her to be uncomfortable, but Felicia says she’d be more uncomfortable if it was taken to another P.I., and to let her know.

Lucy tells Scotty that Lee wasn’t disappointed in him. Scotty wants to be alone, but Lucy won’t leave. She knows she wasn’t Lee’s favorite of Scotty’s many exes, but she managed to do something wonderful bringing Serena into the world, and then she and Lee were in each other’s orbits. She says he loved Scotty very much. Scotty says he did, but he failed Lee every step of the way. He says Lee was a great guy, and he took advantage and took him for granted.

Nathan tells Amy to forget it. Amy begs for just one interview. She can shepherd him though it. He says he agreed to the other one, but this is as far as he goes. Amy tells him that she needs all the money she can get; she and Chet still have to survive after the surgery. He asks what about the next time, and the time after that? As her audience grows, so will interview opportunities. She can’t hide behind him forever, and maybe now is the time to reveal herself. She says she’s sorry she dragged him into it, and she’ll figure something out. He tells her to wait, and asks how it’s going to work. She hugs him.

Sonny tells Carly that he was able to give Josslyn some good news. He pulled some strings, and got Jax’s deportation order rescinded. He thinks she was glad, but it’s going to take a while to make it right. Carly appreciates that he’s trying, and says that Josslyn will get there eventually. He asks if she knows anything about Oscar.

Josslyn tells Oscar that he got lucky, but don’t push it. Oscar says he and Sonny are good. She says that Morgan was the only one who could bust on Sonny and not get challenged. Oscar wishes he could have met Morgan. Josslyn says that Morgan would have liked him. He liked anyone she did, but he was spontaneous. He leaped before looking, like Oscar did when he stood up to Sonny, and when he asked her to meet him on the footbridge. She says that doing something just for fun or because it’s a cool idea is very Morgan, but he has to promise not to challenge Sonny next time. Oscar says that’s fine, as long as she promises there is a next time.

Nelle asks Michael if Bobbie is still watching, and Michael says they’re still the center of attention. Nelle wants to leave, but he says the sooner everyone accepts reality, the better off they’ll be. When Nelle goes to the bathroom, Michael approaches Bobbie. She says that she didn’t want to interrupt, but she doesn’t want to pretend she approves or it’s not breaking Carly’s heart. Michael says they have a right to their feelings, but it’s his life, and he has to be true to himself. Bobbie says funny that he’s using the word true. She thinks Nelle is using his graciousness against him, and isn’t sure it’s not part of her master plan. He tells her that both she and Carly have made their share of mistakes, and were given more chances. Why shouldn’t he do that for Nelle?

Scotty tells Lucy that Lee never forgave him for goofing things up with Laura. Lucy says they were just kids. He says that Lee was thrilled. He was going to be a success story, then everything went downhill. We flash back to when Scotty was practically a child and arguing with Lee.  Lucy takes the glass from his hand, telling him that’s enough. He’s allowed to feel sorry for himself, but not to rewrite history. He made mistakes and disappointed Lee sometimes, but it was a long time ago, and not who he is now. She says when Scotty met Dominique, it was magic, and together, they brought Serena into the world. Lee saw him as a new man. He had tears of joy, pride, and love when he saw Serena, and for the man Scotty had become. His father forgave him.

Josslyn talks to Oscar about Jax. She’s glad she didn’t have to visit him in Abu Dhabi, and says she’d either be inside all of the time, or die from a heat stroke. She thinks things here are better. They part company, and Oscar smiles.

Carly says that Oscar was the boy drinking with Josslyn. Sonny says he thought Oscar was cool, but Carly gets unreasonable as usual, acting like Oscar led Josslyn astray, when they were just sitting there talking quietly and barely drinking. Sonny says he’ll support her no matter what. She says that she has to intervene, and she will. Carly spends so much time spinning her wheels over protecting her family from imaginary situations, it’s a wonder she gets anything else done.

Nelle tells Michael that she heard what he said to Bobbie, and asks if he’s ready for this. He says that he’ll respect his family’s wishes, but can’t live his life to please them. She asks what if he’s wrong about her, and he asks if he is. She tells him no.

Bobbie tells Felicia that she thought it over and wants to move forward. Felicia tells her to have Carly call HR. She wants to see Nelle’s employment records. She thinks the real dirt is where Nelle started – in Florida.

Amy tells Nathan that the interview is a podcast, and that she has a plan.

Lucy gives Scotty some coffee. He says he only had two drinks, but she says he’ll take it and like it. He tells her to go, but she promised Serena that she would stay with him. There’s a knock at the door. Scotty says to tell them he’s not there, and goes into another room. It’s Serena. She and Lucy hug and cry. Lucy calls to Scotty, saying when he sees who’s here, he might change his mind. He comes back, and sees Serena.

Tomorrow, Alexis talks to Valentin, Kiki brings Ava a surprise, and Dante has bad news for Sonny.

🐘 Not much else going on TVwise tonight, but I’m glad to see that Zoo is back. It’s worth watching for the special effects alone, but the story is intriguing, the acting top notch, and there are a couple of scruffily cute guys on it. Oddly enough, I’m not a huge James Patterson fan (and they should never, ever let him read from his own books), but this story is completely different from anything I’ve read of his. It seems more like something Michael Crichton would come up with. In a nutshell, animals everywhere are organizing and attacking humans. A zoologist, a safari guide, a newspaper reporter, a veterinary pathologist, and a French intelligence agent join forces to find out why. While the animals are the real stars, the supporting cast ain’t bad either.

🌷 Good Advice from a Lady in a Pink Car

Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.  – Mary Kay Ash 


“I like people… I just prefer when they’re not around.” Mitch Morgan, veterinary pathologist, Zoo