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June 22, 2017 – Vacation Day Usurps GH, No Abbey Whales, a Quote & a Vacay Comparison


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Due to someone else’s vacation beyond my control (my husband), I wasn’t able to recap GH today, but I did see most of the last half hour, walking in on a tender moment between Spencer and Nina. Here are a few takeaway points.

Spencer admitted that it’s not really his inheritance he’s upset about, but the loss of his father. He and Nina had a sweet conversation where Nina comforted him. Laura and Doc showed up, and Laura sat Spencer down for a talk. She confiscated his phone, and told him that they need to let the law take its course. This caused a light bulb to go on over Spencer’s head, and he told her Valentin isn’t going to know what hit him. Maybe he’s going to hire Diane.

Molly met Aunt Stella, who said she missed so much of TJ’s life, she didn’t even know he had a girlfriend. Molly misunderstood and let slip that Shawn is TJ’s father. This caused Stella to march down to the PCPD and confront Jordan. Now everyone knows that Shawn is TJ’s father.

Sam let Jason know what’s going on with her, but later told Molly she thinks she’s going crazy. Molly talked her down, but Sonny came to Sam in another vision, telling her that Jason is still his.

In Puerto Rico, Carly beat the pants off of Sonny at poker. When she decided to go out for some air, she opened the door to find Garvy/Kirby/Carney (the latter according to another recap), or whatever his name is, at the door.

Tomorrow, Curtis tells Stella to leave Jordan alone, Sonny goes after Garvey/Gravy, and Sam wants to head to Puerto Rico.

🍺 Although I can’t actually stomach watching it, I caught an E-News article and film clip about What Happens at The Abbey. Chris called Erin a whale, which didn’t go over too big (no pun intended) with any of the cast. Even sadder was how she told him that his opinion was meaningless, but then howled about how she’s a size two over and over. Now she’s hardly a whale, and when a man says something like that, it’s usually about control, but she’s a size two like I am, depending on the vanity size. Back when I was in my 20s, some guy called me fat when I called him on his driving skills. Rather than get bothered by this jerk, I simply said that I was not fat. He was majorly startled, probably because 1) he’d expected I cared what he thought, and 2) most women would take his comment to heart. Then, after stuttering for a moment, he admitted I was right, and that I wasn’t fat. D-bag.

Something to Ponder…

…the best way to deal with speech we dislike is not to restrict it or quarantine it. Rather, it is to combat it, challenge it, to question it, and to expose precisely what it is about such speech that is erroneous.Zachary Wood, a student, speaking to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

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The vacation in my head


The vacation in reality

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June 18, 2017 – What Happened to Daniel, a Little TV Tea & My Favorite Canine Papa


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Fear the Walking Dead

We look out over a bunch of cities from the top of a cliff. A lone zombie wanders the highway. Wait, it’s not a zombie – it’s Daniel. He’s desperate for water, but there’s none to be found. He shuffles behind a truck, hiding from a mini-horde of zombies. The last one turns and sees him. They shuffle at the same pace, Daniel not too far ahead. He hides under a car, but she pulls at his leg. A dog distracts her. Daniel quietly freaks.

Daniel can hear the zombie skulking around as he hides. He sees a pair of boots, and the zombie is taken down. He’s pulled out from under the car. A guy tells him to relax. He sees a wound on Daniel’s leg. Daniel says it had him, but let him go. The guy introduces himself as Efrain, and tells Daniel that he’s dying. Daniel yells for water. Efrain says the good news is that he has water and is happy to share it; the bad news is that they have to walk. He helps Daniel up.

They go into a building and Efrain shuts the gate. It looks like a warehouse flea market. Efrain leads Daniel to a fountain, but it’s dry. He asks where the water is, and Efrain says it shouldn’t be long. The word agua is heard repeatedly over a loudspeaker, and water begins to pour from the spout. Daniel drinks, and Efrain fills a jug. He says every week at this same time, a little miracle. He puts the jug on his bike and peddles away through the zombies, with Daniel in a cart at the front. Daniel is like, hey stairs! but Efrain drives his bike right up them. He’s got a stick for errant zombies, but doesn’t need it.

Efrain drives into an alley where several people are gathered. Daniel keels over, and they hide behind a dumpster. A truck goes by, crowded with men looking around. Someone in the group says that they’re coming by more often now.

Efrain discusses Daniel’s wound with a woman named Lola, who thinks that Daniel could possibly lose his leg. Daniel mumbles about a horse, and Lola asks if he’s a Broncos fan. The wound has to be scraped. Daniel says it take a steady hand, and Lola tells him to try not to scream. Efrain gives him some booze, and Lola sings. Daniel sings with her. She scrapes the wound, and it’s painful just to watch.

Fast forward, and Daniel and Efrain are scavenging. Daniel looks through a photo album. Efrain knocks down a zombie, and tells him to hurry up. Efrain gives the zombie Last Rites before finishing it off. Daniel asks if Efrain was a priest, and Efrain says he’s been many things and he found his calling. He pulls out a flask, and takes a drink, offering it to Daniel. They toddle off with the cart.

Efrain takes Daniel to where he lives, saying all are welcome. He shares some food. Daniel says he’s been kind. He didn’t have to help him, but he did. Daniel asks when he last had a professional haircut, and styles Efrain’s hair. Efrain says it’s been a while since he saw himself, and thanks Daniel. He asks when Daniel is going to sneak out. He knows running when he sees it, and something worse than Daniel’s leg is rotting in him. Daniel says he’s a bad guy, and he pays his debts. He’s killed ninety-six people. Efrain says that’s not it though. They share a bottle of liquor, and Daniel tells Efrain about leaving El Salvador, and how he never told his daughter about his past. Efrain says the burden was his, and asks if Danial is looking for his daughter. Daniel nods.

He tells Efrain that they were in a house surrounded by death, and he was trying to protect her, but his mind wasn’t right. He woke up in a fire, and could hear her calling. He was trapped, and burning, and the ceiling was collapsing. Somehow, he got out, but then he collapsed. When he came to, no one was left alive. Efrain asks what he’s saying. Daniel says he doesn’t know if he burned his daughter alive, and to forgive him. Efrain isn’t so sure forgiveness is his to bestow. He half-hugs Daniel, and tells him to take it easy. He says the good news is, there’s nobody left in this world to judge him; the bad news… he nods off. Daniel covers him with a blanket and jets.

Daniel travels down the highway with a lantern. He pops a zombie in the head with a shovel, sending it into the canal. He tries for another, but loses his weapon. Great. He opens his arms and awaits his fate. The zombie falls, but so does he, with his feet dangling in the current.

Daniel watches some clean-up guys do a coin toss to see who gets to clean the sewer pipe he’s in. They pull out some bodies smushed together with a carpet of leaves and laugh. Daniel rises from the leaves, and I’m surprised neither one of them has a heart attack. They take him to an office and discuss what to do, afraid that they’ll get nailed for sneaking him in. Lola walks in, and says she knows who he is, and they did the right thing in hiding him.

Lola explains that Daniel is at the Gonzalez Dam. Daniel asks why they’re hogging the water when people are dying of thirst? Lola tells him that there’s a new boss making decisions, the President of Tijuana. Daniel asks how much control she has, and she tells him that he never met her before today. He came there looking for a job. A guy breezes in, asking what Daniel is doing there, and Lola tells Daniel that he’s J.C., head of security. She says she hired Daniel because they need more help; they don’t want dead bodies building up in the water system.  J.C. suggests that he discuss this with the boss, but Lola tells him his job is security, hers is water treatment. Let her do her job, and go do his. He nods, and leaves. Daniel is impressed.

Daniel is now on the clean-up crew. He looks at the trucks, and asks another worker if he doesn’t have a problem with the distribution of water. The worker says it’s either get eaten, shot, or work. What’s it gonna be?

It’s dinnertime, and Daniel has an entire can of SPAM on his plate. Unappetizing to say the least. The big boss, Mr. Dante, comes in, and everyone stands up except Daniel. Dante tells everyone to sit, and they go back to eating. J.C. asks Daniel why he didn’t stand, and Daniel says he didn’t know he was supposed to. J.C. says, well, he is, and he’s also supposed to look at J.C. when he’s talking to him. J.C. leans over and puts his middle finger in the middle of Daniel’s SPAM. Daniel stabs him with his fork, and J.C. draws his gun. Dante comes back and asks what’s going on. J.C. whines that he was stabbed, but Daniel says he was just eating. Dante asks what his name is and where he’s from. Daniel tells him, and Dante wonders if he’s Sergeant and NCO Salazar. He looks at the tattoo in Daniel’s mouth. He says, Sombra Nega, which I googled, and it’s a name for El Salvadorian death squad groups. Dante tells J.C. that he needs to read more. He’s picking a fight with a CIA trained killer. He asks how many communists Daniel killed, and Daniel says he lost count. Dante tells everyone that they have a guest, and leads Daniel away.

Daniel questions the way Dante is using the dam, and Dante tells him that it might be the apocalypse, but it’s not communism. He asks what Daniel wants and needs, and says to speak freely. Danial asks if Dante can lend him a jeep; he’s looking for someone. Dante says sure, but his talents deserve more. If Daniel works for him, he’ll give him something befitting of his stature. He holds out his hand.

Daniel is on a truck, looking for a thief. It’s the same kind of truck Efrain and his friends were hiding from. Daniels sees where Efrain lives but says nothing. The truck busts into the warehouse where Daniel got the water. The fountain is dry, and Daniel still says nothing. J.C. says, nothing there, and Daniel looks at the clock. Sh*t. They’re going past the fountain right when it turns on. Sh*t. The water starts to drip, and Daniel panics. The agua announcement is made, but Daniel creates a distraction, saying he found something. He points and says, there’s your thief.

Daniel tells Lola that he had to; they were going to find the fountain. She says he saved Daniel’s life. He says first they’ll find Efrain, and then her; then they’ll both be killed. He did it to protect her. Lola tells him that if she stops running the water, the people will die. Not from bites or gunshots, but of thirst. Daniel says if they find her, there won’t be anything he can do. She says Dante is right; he’s perfect for this place. He tells her to do what she wants, but he warned her, adding not to save people who are already dead.

Daniel sees the guy he pointed out being beaten. He’s taken to a cell, and Daniel brings him a canteen of water. It’s Victor, and we’re back to the ending of last week’s episode. He tells Victor that he said he’d be his guardian angel, and Victor says, or angel of death. Victor wonders how Daniel got out, and Daniel asks if Ofelia is alive. Victor says they fled the compound, and they all thought he was dead, but she’s alive. He tells Daniel that Ofelia is holed up in a hotel. It will take a day, maybe less, to get there. He says to get him out, and he’ll take Daniel to her; she’s waiting for him. Daniel just looks at him.

He calls Victor an s.o.b, saying he doesn’t believe Ofelia is waiting for him. Victor says she survived the fire, and Daniel tells him that he’ll says anything to save his life. He tells Victor that this place is perfect for him. He’ll rot there, like the dead. He says Ofelia is dead, her father is dead, and so is Victor. Victor says that Daniel owes him, but Daniel just keeps walking. Interesting.

Dante announces that the expert is here. A circle of men parts, and Efrain looks at Daniel. Dante asks what Daniel needs, and Daniel says just space. He goes up to Efrain, and talks quietly to him. He says that if Efrain talks, they’ll kill him, and then Lola. If he doesn’t talk, Daniel will kill him. All he can offer is to do it as fast as he can. Efrain says those aren’t options, and Daniel asks Efrain to forgive him. Efrain says, again?

Daniel punches Efrain a bunch of times, saying, confess! Daniel tells Dante that he isn’t going to speak, but Dante says he will, and to keep going. Daniel picks up a hammer. Lola says, enough, leave him alone, and runs to Efrain, crying and hugging him. Daniel drops the hammer.

The lot of them are on a very high ledge on the dam, along with a few other people. Dante says to let it be a lesson that when you steal from him, this is what happens.  Daniel takes the first guy out of the line. Dante tells the guy that he just needs a messenger pigeon to tell the others. The guy thinks he’s cheated death somehow, but Dante hoists him over the railing, and down he goes. Next, Daniel chooses Lola. Dante asks if Daniel is ready. When Daniel hesitates, Dante tells J.C. to do it. Daniel shoots J.C., and throws the other henchman over the railing. Dante is all offended, saying he let Daniel in, but he’ll always be a goddam dog. Daniel says nothing, and just shoots him, and I laugh.

Daniel hands Lola the gun, gets on his knees, and asks her to forgive him. He bows his head. She holds out her hand, and he takes it.

Next time, a fire at the ranch, Troy has a calling, and Victor is surrounded.

I knew it. Jesse Borrego is playing Efrain. He was in one of my favorite 80s TV shows, Fame. At the time, I’d decided VCRs were invented just so I could record that show. The tapes are still in the black hole around here somewhere.


☎ Better Call Saul is having its season finale on Monday, Jun 19th. You can actually watch too much TV, and I kind of lost track of this show along the way, but it’s very good. It’s clever, and like TV’s hooker with a heart of gold.

🏛 I have no idea why I’d thought The Real Housewives of Potomac was going to give some actual sophistication to the franchise, but I couldn’t have been further off. I definitely think that this bunch is the most focused on money, and comparing who has more of whatever. That makes me wonder if they’re the group with the least amount money. Ashley told us she still needs to work on both her marriage and the restaurant, since passive/aggressive Michael made some changes to the latter while she was in Bermuda. Although when both of them agreed that the marriage was more important in less than five minutes time, I wondered if all this hands-on management was just for storyline. Charisse held an opening for her champagne room, and cut a ribbon, making this the most excessive thing I’ve ever seen on any Wives show. And that includes Heather Dubrow’s skabillion dollar mansion and the birthday party Taylor Armstrong had for her toddler. This week, the girls also had an overabundance of time to spend analyzing why Karen was downsizing her living quarters. Refusing to descend from the cloud that she lives on, when someone pointed out that Karen would no longer be living in Potomac, she told them that was “a matter of opinion.” Funny, I thought it was a matter of zip code. Next time, a Bollywood party where Monique attends appropriating the wrong Indian culture, and wearing a feather headdress.

🍺 It looks like What Happens at the Abbey has been relegated to midnight status. And rightly so. It doesn’t need to be taking up the space of a show that has some genuine direction.

Quote of the Night & One More for the Dads

You don’t mess with a man’s SPAM.Rueben Blades (Daniel, FTWD) on Talking Dead

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person — he believed in me.Jim Valvano

CaseyInTie (2)

💖 One of my favorite dads, Casey 💖

June 16, 2017 – Sam is Troubled, Cosby is Depressing & Happy Father’s Day!


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Laura says she feels a little in the way. Lulu’s family is now four, and Charlotte needs her own room. Lulu says it’s fine. Spencer blows in, and says the living arrangements are unacceptable, and Charlotte is the problem.

Jake tells Elizabeth she looks scared, like at the Nurses Ball. He wonders if it’s him, but she says everything is fine. He says that she and his father make everything fine for him, and they hug. Hey, where is Franco these days?

Hayden runs to the examining room, unlocks it, and runs to the bathroom past Elizabeth and Jake.

Doc sees Sam at the MetroCourt. Jason is late and it’s bothering her. She has a weird feeling.

A cop comes to the examining room door, but Elizabeth tells him that it’s just her sister. He says to make sure she locks the door. Hayden comes back out and says hi.

Up On the rooftop reindeer’s paws. Costa tells Jason it’s not his job to ask questions, and it was never Jason’s either. They can kill each other or walk away. He jumps down to the balcony, and slams Jason up against the doors, but Jason quickly gets the better of him. Jason says Helena is dead, so who is Costa working for?

Amy says Nathan eavesdropped, and it’s none of his business. He wants to help, and says he didn’t know about Chet before; Dillon filled him in. She says her brother is a private guy, but Nathan says that’s not the whole story. He says she can talk to him, but she says Chet wouldn’t want her to.

Dante comes in with the kids, and Laura asks if something happened. Lulu asks what happened that Rocco is so dirty, and he says checking under rocks for worms. Laura asks Spencer what’s with the attitude, and he says he’s questioning the company they keep. Charlotte asks if he always talks like that. Spencer says that she and her father stole his life. Laura says that’s enough, and he says his father didn’t die that long ago. Has she forgotten?

Elizabeth gives Jake her phone to play a game, and asks Hayden if she’s okay. Hayden talks about how she’s been feeling sick, and Elizabeth tells her it must be the flu, jokingly adding, or she’s pregnant. Hayden says, surprise!

Sam feels like it’s something dire, which isn’t her M.O. Doc asks about the baby, and congratulates her. He asks if she thinks her anxiety has to do with Jake. She says it doesn’t help, but she’s thinking about that time in Jason’s life, two years unaccounted for.

Costa tells Jason that it was his job. Jason says he failed his job. He wants to know why Costa endangered his son. Costa grabs ahold of him, and holds him over the edge of the balcony.

Amy says that Chet is amazing, and was the envy of everyone in high school. She says he was nice, changing it to is nice, wondering why she keeps using past tense. She talks about how he championed losers. She was thrilled when he got a scholarship, but knew she’d miss him. Most big brothers would have teased or ignored her, but he gave her advice. He came up with the Man Landers name when he wrote to her from college; he always knew what to do. She says it’s different since he came home from Afghanistan. Nathan tells her that he read about Chet getting injured in combat. Amy says he’s in a group home, because their mother couldn’t take care of him anymore.

Laura sits Spencer down. She says his father was her son and she loved him. Charlotte isn’t to blame for what Valentin did, like he isn’t to blame for what Helena did. He tells her that’s a low blow. She says he’s upset and angry, but doesn’t have the right to take it out on Charlotte. She asks if they’re on the same page, and he says yes. She sends him to do a jigsaw puzzle with the other kids. When his piece doesn’t fit, he messes up the entire puzzle. I feel his pain. I often want to get a hammer and make the piece fit.

Hayden tells Elizabeth that she just found out. Elizabeth asks if it’s Finn’s, and Hayden says of course. Elizabeth asks how she’s feeling emotionally, and she says it’s been rocky, but she’s getting there. She asks why Elizabeth is hiding, and Elizabeth says Helena. Hayden tells her that answer is good enough. She asks how Elizabeth dealt with what happened to Jake. Elizabeth says you always want to protect your children. It’s not always possible, but if she didn’t keep going, she’d be missing out on the greatest experience of her life.

Sam tells Doc that in some ways Jason is the same, but in others, completely different. She wonders if he’s hiding from himself. Doc says he treated Jason way back when, after his accident, and he’s the single most resistant patient he ever had. Self-determination was the most important thing to him. Sam says Helena took that from him; he wasn’t in control. Doc says that went against everything he stands for. Needing to check his messages, Doc steps away from the table. There’s something from the hospital telling him that all non-emergency situations have been canceled for the rest of the afternoon. When he looks back at the table, Sam is gone.

Jason asks why Costa didn’t disappear. Costa says he had no choice, just like Jason didn’t when he was working for her. He and Jason struggle back and forth.

Nathan asks how Amy got material for the blog. She says she read an awful advice column, and looked at a comments section. She gave her own advice, or what she thought Chet’s two cents would be, and got a ton of responses. Nathan says she was channeling Chet, and she says she’s gotten good at giving advice too. It started off as fun, but then her mother died. There isn’t enough money for Chet to stay where he is. Nathan asks about her father, but Amy doesn’t quite reply to his question, saying that’s why she broke the sick-out; she needed to work to keep Chet afloat. She realized the blog could be her answer, but by then everyone wanted to know who Man Landers was and what he looked like. Nathan says, the rest is history.

Costa says it’s not over for him, like it’s not over for Jason. Cops storm through the doors, followed by Sam, and Jason releases Costa. One of the cops says they’re both going downtown. Sam tells them that the other guy threatened Jason, and asks if they don’t recognize Jason as the one who disarmed the bomb. Jason says Costa tried to kill his son and his baby mama. The cop tells him that he’ll have to make a statement, and Sam says she’ll make sure that happens. Jason tells her that Costa is still working for Helena. She says Helena is gone and still taking from people. She asks if he’s okay.

Hayden doesn’t know if she’ll be a good mother. Elizabeth says no one does, and nothing prepares you, but concerns are good sign. Hayden asks what about her day with the boys, and Elizabeth tells her that coffee and sugar are not a good idea. Hayden says she’s learned her lesson with that. Elizabeth asks if she wants the baby, and when Hayden says she does, Elizabeth says that’s all that matters. Jake comes back, and says he hopes Hayden is feeling better. There’s a knock at the door, and a cop tells then that the incident is over and it’s all clear. Jake asks what incident?

Dante tells Spencer that they have to treat each other with kindness and respect. If he can’t manage that, he needs to sit by himself until he can. Laura tells him don’t look at her; clean up the puzzle that he ruined. She apologizes to Lulu, but Lulu says they’ve all been there. Doc drops by, and asks Laura if she has the afternoon free. She says she does, and Spencer says he does too. Doc says it’s a plan. I like Doc and Laura together, and he’s probably one of the few who would have the patience for Spencer.

Jason sees Jake and Elizabeth, and asks if they’re okay. Elizabeth says what about him, and he says she can’t hurt them anymore. Oh yeah? How does he know? Costa just came out of nowhere. Maybe there are fifty other Costas. Not to mention that’s awfully optimistic for Jason.

Amy says with Nathan’s face on the blog, it exploded. She thought she could generate revenue, but he found out. She says it was wrong of her to steal his picture. She took it down, but that doesn’t help with the publishing deal. They wanted to meet him, but it’s her problem, not his. She asks him to keep everything in confidence. She drops her folders all over the place, and Nathan helps her pick them up. He sees the medical bills.

At the park, Spencer asks to get a hot pretzel. Laura says only if he promises to apologize to Charlotte. He does, and goes off, while Laura and Doc sit on a bench. Laura feels like she’s just run a marathon, and Doc says parenthood is a marathon that never ends. She tells him that Spencer was spoiled to begin with, then after the tragedy, he was indulged even more, but she has to reign him in. She says he’s angry about Valentin, and has the right to be, but it’s coming out now, and he’s focusing on Charlotte. Doc says he can see how that would be tense in tight quarters. Laura thinks she should leave now, so Lulu can settle in with her new family. Doc asks if Spencer isn’t going back to school, and she says that’s up for debate, but she should still find her own place. Doc tells her he knows just the place – his place.

Charlotte pouts, and Lulu suggests a snack break. Charlotte says she isn’t hungry. Lulu sends Rocco to the kitchen to find out what they have that might be tempting. She asks Charlotte if Spencer upset her. Lulu says he’s not really mad at her, and Charlotte says she knows that. She says she likes staying there, and she’s having fun, but she misses her papa and Nina. She asks if Lulu and Dante are mad.

Hayden takes Jake to the vending machine, and Elizabeth asks Jason how do they know Costa isn’t answering to someone else? Jason says he said he wasn’t. Well, I guess that settles it then. Sam moves away to sit on the steps, and Jason says he can’t be 100% certain, but he doesn’t think so. Costa was just carrying out orders. Jason thinks they can stop worrying. Sam starts getting buggy on the stairs.

Amy asks Nathan for her paperwork back. He says some of the bills are from years ago, and Amy says they keep piling up. He asks how she’s going to pay for all this, and she says she’ll figure it out. She begs him not to tell anyone, and he promises not to. She starts to jet, and he asks her to wait.

Laura tells Doc that he doesn’t have to, but he says he wants to. She doesn’t want him to feel like he needs to rescue her, and he tells her that he must be doing something wrong. He loves her. Waking up next to her and having her next to him at the end of the day, what could be better? She says it sounds wonderful, but she wants to be realistic. What if he hates something about her? He doesn’t think he’ll have any problems. She asks if he’s scared, and he says no. His feelings are real and aren’t going to change. And if that’s not enough, he can dig out the Santa suit. He says, let’s do this.

Dante tells Charlotte that they’re not mad. Lulu talks about all the people who love her, and says the more love you have to give, the more is given back. Charlotte says it’s like a star, even if you can’t see it in the daytime, it’s there. Dante says he knows that everything is strange, but they’re here for her. Lulu says they’re her family, and it’s forever. They hug, and Rocco comes back with snacks, joining in the hug.

At the vending machine, Hayden tells Jake to choose wisely, and explains buyer’s remorse. He picks something, and she says she likes a man who knows what he wants. The candy gets stuck, but Hayden bangs on the machine and it falls. Jake is impressed.

Sam worries on the stairwell. Elizabeth tells Jason that it will be new, not waiting for the other shoe to drop. She says that Jake is lucky to have so many people who love him, but Jason says they’re the lucky ones. When Sam looks at Jason, she sees blood running down his face.

Amy thanks Nathan for listening. He asks what Man Landers wears in public. He’ll need to know for meeting the publishers. Amy says she didn’t tells him for that reason, and he says that friends help each other. She hugs him.

The puzzle is done, and Rocco gives the last piece to Charlotte to put in. Lulu says their first family puzzle is complete. The kids go to pick out another one, and Dante and Lulu kiss.

Laura tells Doc that it won’t be just them; she has Spencer. She hopes that Doc knows she loves him. She says he’s been the most amazing gift, and she doesn’t want to mess it up. He says they’re a package deal, and he’s okay with that. As long as she’s with him, he’s happy. Laura agrees to move in, and they hug. Spencer comes back, and asks what about him?

Elizabeth decides to check on Jake. Jake tells Hayden that she’s pretty cool, and she says he is too. Elizabeth watches Jake hug Hayden.

Sam is crying, and staring at Jason, and he asks her what’s wrong? He asks if she’s okay, and still seeing bloody Jason, she says that she doesn’t think so. Thank goodness. I nearly went into diabetic shock with all the hugs and happiness today.

On Monday, Spencer asks what Doc’s intentions are, Nelle wonders who would be out to hurt her, and Griff asks Sonny if he’s planning on killing Ava.

🎭 I’m watching Bill Cosby: An American Scandal, and the whole thing is just depressing and sad. I grew up with Bill Cosby. He was extraordinarily funny. My sister taught me his stand-up routines when I was five or six years old, and I would repeat them to my fellow kindergartners. I guess you could say I was somewhat precocious. I also remember I Spy being a TV staple, although I was too young at the time to understand what a landmark show it was. Then there were his later TV efforts, and even though I’m not a sitcom person, I watched dutifully, and found it not painful, and often amusing. It’s almost like finding out an elderly family member committed heinous crimes. I realize he hasn’t technically been found guilty, but… Like I said, depressing and sad.

😱 I also took a look at 90 Day Fiancé – Danielle &Mohamad: Our Continuing Journey. The only thing I can say is, What. Is. This?!

😵 I had a zombie senior moment this evening, thinking I had missed Z-Nation. When is that coming back? Is it with Franco?

Father’s Day – Quotes of the Week

The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.Abbé Prévost

My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. – Clarence B. Kelland

She did not stand alone, but what stood behind her, the most potent moral force in her life, was the love of her father.Harper Lee

Never lose your sense of humor.My father. It was the only piece of advice he gave me when I left home.  I’m sure he knew how easy it would be to lose it in this world.



June 13, 2017 – Sessions Replaces Soaps, Kenny WILL Eat Onions & a Wild Quote


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Funny. That doesn’t look like GH. It looks like the Sessions testimony. Wake me when it’s over.

3:22 (the time, not a Bible verse) and it looks like it’s not going to be over.

Thank you, FOX, for not bothering with this drivel. At least I got to see my favorite judge, Marilyn Milian, on People’s Court. I suppose this screws up the entire GH rhythm for the week though.

Below Deck Mediterranean

When last we left, Chef Adam was doing his best to make sure the tip is as low as possible. Primary guest Kenny is going to eat onions whether he wants to or not, and no matter how much money he’s spent not to eat them.

The ferry has been delayed, and Adam gripes that the food is going to spoil. Hannah says she can’t look after both the inside and his food, so he should take the initiative. He suggests maybe Bugs should be chief stew, and Hannah suggests they get a chef that can read preference sheets. Bugs is annoyed at being put in the middle, but I’m not sure why she didn’t speak up for Hannah here. The ferry arrives, and champagne corks are popped.

Hannah says she doesn’t need Adam diminishing her rank in front of her first stew. Adam is thrilled to be on the ferry with Malia. He has a burning feeling inside that he wants to pursue. I think that’s called something else, but we’ll leave it there. Hannah tells us that the waterfalls there are the most beautiful in Europe. Seeing them, I’m sure she’s right, although the picnic spot is crowded, and reminiscent of an NYC park in summertime.

Adam says he’s met Kennys before on charters, and they’re his rivals. He thinks Kenny should be appreciative and like onions. Hannah tells Wes about Adam’s attitude. In his interview, Wes says people come out of their shells on charters. You see who they really are, and Adam is an ogre on the inside. Man, is he being polite.

Adam and Malia sneak off to the waterfall. Although it’s not that sneaky, since the rest of the crew notices. Bobby is miffed that he’ll never get his chance. The guests have more shots than I would before going into the water. Adam talks to Malia, who says she likes being on the outside, like the yacht is a prison. He answers that he likes being on the outside with her. Bleh. They talk about what they’re doing after charter season. In her interview, Malia says part of her is thinking that Wes didn’t get the opportunity to come, and yaps about how she’s getting to know two very different guys. Zzzzz…

The guests come back to the boat, more liquor, and the Jacuzzi. Bugs alerts Adam that they’re asking about dinner already. In his interview, Adam says Kenny rubbed him the wrong way, saying that people hire him because they like his food, and “this redneck isn’t going to pull him through the mud.” Honestly, what is wrong with him? Because the guest was given a preference sheet and filled it out with his preferences, this makes him an awful human? Adam is dragging himself through the mud. He puts onions in the soup. A guy, who has paid tens of thousands for his yacht vacation, has one freaking request, and not only can Adam not comply with it, he has to call him nasty names. I swear, if I ever see Adam on the street, we’re having it out. He annoys me more than Puck from The Real World. And that is saying a lot.

The dinner table is decorated in gold, silver and pearls. Love the pearls! Hannah tells the guests they’re doing an obstacle course in the morning, with the crew competing against the guests. Hannah and Lauren serve the soup, and I hold my breath. Kenny asks if it’s onion soup, even though it was presented as lentil. The worst part of the whole thing is how Adam watches them again on the monitor like some creepy voyeur.

Out on deck, Max asks Malia if Adam is her cup of tea, and what about Wes. In his interview, he says he’s glad he’s taken, so he’s out of this. The entrée is lamb and some kind of local vegetables. I’m not a fan of lamb, but it looks fabulous, and I’m intrigued by the vegetable plate. Hopefully, it’s not laden with onions. Wes and Malia go for a walk. Hannah serves the lamb, and the guests joke that they’re vegetarian. Kenny is sure there were onions in the soup. What if he was allergic or it caused some other health problem? He seems like a nice guy too. If I’d paid that much not to eat onions, Adam would be wearing them.

Max tells Bobby that Malia was put off by the Lauren thing, but Bobby thinks he could win her over and is still going to try.  Wes says he and Adam used to be buddy-buddy, but it’s not happening now because of Malia. One of the guests falls asleep on the toilet. Apparently, it’s not the first time, and he has a reputation for it.

Bobby asks Malia if she’s up for a chat. He asks her if she’d be interested if it was a different situation. I guess they must all be after her because pickin’s are slim on charter. She’s cute, but it’s not like she belongs on a runway. Malia doesn’t think that Bobby is a bad guy, and he’s her type of guy, but the baggage with Lauren is a blockade. She’s willing to hang out and see if a friendship develops, and he thinks he still has a chance. Actually, he looks pretty good next to Adam.

Breakfast is followed by cocktails. Kenny thinks maybe they’ve set the bar too high for Adam. Hannah doesn’t feel anything is resolved, and becomes all business with Adam. The obstacle course is set up. One of the challenges is carrying an egg on a spoon while wearing a diving suit, which is pretty amusing. Bobby says he feels like Gumby (dammit!). By the time they get to the hotdog eating challenge, it’s more goofing around than anything else. Lauren says the crew really won, but they’re calling it a tie. Captain Sandy arrives with shots. Kenny says it’s been great except for the onions in his food. In her interview, the captain is like, what?

Bugs says everything was perfect between her and Hannah, until Adam said something. My advice is that Bugs should have countered what he said, instead of acquiescing. Kenny talks to Bugs about the onion issue. He thinks they were clear after the first time, and he’s sure there were onions in the soup. Hannah asks if Adam can make chips instead of French fries, but that’s also too hard for him. I’m starting to wonder about his credentials. Maybe he really handed out samples at Costco. The captain asks Adam if he’s putting onions in the food. On deck, Bobby says when he gets his own boat, he’s naming it “See You Next Tuesday,” because he’s really a fourteen-year-old boy, and negates all the good feelings I had for him a few paragraphs ago.

Adam admits to cooking with onions, but claims he didn’t do it after the first time. Captain Sandy asks if he can cook without them. In her interview, she says guests pay top dollar and make out preference sheets for a reason. Thank you. Kenny talks to Hannah about the soup. She asks Bugs about it, but Bugs isn’t sure. Max is concerned that Adam is going to cost them. Hannah approaches Adam about the soup, and he admits to putting onions in it. She asks why he would do that, and he claims you can’t make a good soup without them, and he thought it was funny. Hannah thinks he’s psychotic. She wonders if she should tell Kenny he’s right, and Adam says if she wants to ruin the tip. She calls him a wanker. Ha-ha! He claims he can’t make these people happy, and he didn’t like the way Kenny was talking. Huh? Hannah says she just does her job, and gives the guests what’s on their preference sheets. He asks if that’s a resting bitch face, and the captain overhears. She tells him not to put onions in the food.

Bobby complains that he’s being strategically placed where Malia isn’t. Hannah tells Captain Sandy that her issue isn’t with the onions on the first night, but Adam went out of his way to put them in the food on the second night because he thought it was funny. In her interview, the captain also uses the word “psychotic.” Hannah tells her about how Adam said that Bugs should be chief stew, and thinks he’s directly affecting the guests. Lauren asks Hannah how it’s going, and Hannah tells her about Adam. She wants the rest of the crew to know how he sabotaged them. Bugs and Malia talk. Malia thinks this side of Adam isn’t a good one, and didn’t know it existed.

Time for the guests to depart. It should be interesting. I’d give the rest of them Adam’s part of the tip, purposely cutting him out, like it was a will and I was Joan Crawford. Kenny says the interior and the crew nailed it. He tells Adam that he doesn’t like onions, and Adam breached that. His only suggestion is in the chef area, explaining that they had the same breakfast every day, and feels that if they hadn’t specifically asked for eggs, they wouldn’t have gotten them. Of course not, he would have given them onions. Kenny gives special kudos to Hannah, who he says has extraordinary patience. I don’t think these people were bad at all, and there were plenty of guests who would have totally flipped out over the onion thing.

The crew meets in the main salon. Captain Sandy says that no one was carried off on a stretcher and there were no breakdowns (not sure if she’s referring to the boat, the people, or both), but it wasn’t necessarily a success. She addresses Adam specifically, saying the guests obviously weren’t happy. In her interview, she says she’s pissed off, and if he did it out of spite, she’ll want to meet with him. Shockingly, the tip is the best they’ve had. $20K, or $1,818 each. In his interview, Adam says reality is starting to kick in. Idiot.

Bobby says if he was the captain, Adam would be gone. Wes is getting mixed signals from Malia. The captain asks Adam why. He claims that it was the only way the soup could have any flavor, since he’s never heard of celery, bay leaf, or beef stock. Captain Sandy says next charter, she’s watching him. In her interview, she says that she wants to fire him, but can’t find chef mid-season in Croatia. Where. Is. Ben?

Drama, onions, ego. Hannah is ready to let loose. Lauren pours vodka into her Coke bottle. Adam doesn’t want to go out, but feels like he should show he’s part of the team. Hannah says it’s been awkward with Bugs, but Adam is the only one who should feel awkward. Agreed. At dinner, everyone talks about the guests and how cool they were. Adam says if they hadn’t gotten a tip, he’d be feeling horrible, and offers them his share. Malia respects him for that, but they say no, which he probably figured would happen, so I call bullsh*t. I’d take it. In his interview, Wes alludes that Adam made the gesture for Malia, but money can’t solve being a d*ck. Never a truer word has been spoken.

The crew moves on to a club. Hannah talks to Lauren about what Adam said. She thinks it made Bugs’s head get big. In her interview, Bugs thinks Hannah has something against her. Adam feels emotionally attached, and isn’t sure what’s happening with Wes and Malia, so he runs back to the boat like a middle schooler to the bathroom at a dance. Bugs says he wasn’t feeling the vibe, and Malia says she’ll be right back, because she’s an idiot too. Bobby says that just killed the vibe, and Wes is no longer interested. He says one day she’ll wish she chose the good guy.

Next charter, sparks fly between Hannah and a guest, a guest makes a pass at Bobby, Bugs confronts Hannah, and Captain Sandy says one more screw up and Adam is gone.

A Quote & Meme to Make Up for GH

I don’t give two hoots about civilization. I want to wander in the wild.Jane Goodall 


June 9, 2017 – Ava Comes Back from the Brink, Some Ramblings, a Quote Quint & Flowers for You


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Opening the door to Jordan, Aunt Stella says, speak of the devil. Curtis takes the bag from Jordan, and tells Stella that they’re seeing each other.

Hayden comes to Finn’s room. He says she smells like she was hit by a coffee tsunami, and asks what happened. She says she had children.

Julian tells Scotty that he’s not paying him to waste time on a pipe dream. Scotty isn’t so sure about that.

Dante calls Lucy into the interrogation room. He wants to know why she had Morgan’s pills. Sonny and Carly deserve answers.

Just as the doctors are working on Ava, my best freaking friend, George Stephanopoulos, interrupts my viewing pleasure. I hate him. Even more, it’s not like it’s even anything real – they’re discussing one of the President’s tweets. For the love of all that’s holy, go away. I hate all of them. And I’m a bi-partisan hater. What really bites my butt is that the actual message is usually less than five minutes, but then the so-called experts have to weigh in, like I give a flying about what they think. Is insurance actually affordable yet? Let me know when it is.

Rant over. Back to GH. Thanks, ABC, for wasting 25 minutes of my life.

Jordan tells Stella that her husband had the right to know his wife slept with his best friend. She hates herself for it, and says Stella has a right to hate her too.

Dante asks if Lucy switched the pills. She says no, and he asks why she had them. She flashes back to putting them in the safe, away from Scotty. Dante wonders if Ava knew she had them. He says that Lucy knew something was up, but kept quiet. She says she had no idea what was going to happen. Dante says either start talking or he’ll arrest her as an accessory.

Scotty suggests that Julian tell the truth. Olivia-J threatened his family, and made him do the dirty work. Julian says he has to go, and Scotty asks if it’s something with Ava. Julian tells Scotty that she might be dying.

Dante asks Scotty to have a chat with him and Lucy. Scotty asks what Lucy is doing there, and Lucy tells him not to act like he doesn’t know.

As the doctors work on Ava, Griff tells her to fight, saying that her daughter is outside. Her heartbeat comes back. Kiki hugs Dillon. Carly says she’s happy for Kiki, and Sonny says he is too. Griff tells Kiki that Ava is at risk for another cardiac episode. Kiki asks if she’s going to live, and Griff says that they’re doing everything they can. He asks if she needs support, but she says no. Sonny tells her that if she wants to see Avery, just come by, or if she needs anything, ask. Carly says they’re here for her, and Sonny tells Dillon to take care of her. Kiki tells Dillon that she has to go in to see Ava. Dillon says no matter what she did, Ava is still her mom. He says to tell Ava how she feels while she has the chance.

Scotty asks to confer with his client. Lucy says she’s not his client. Dante wants to ask questions, but Scotty points out that he doesn’t have a subpoena. Lucy talks about everything Scotty did to get the pills from her, eventually breaking into her safe. She says he was trying to get Ava off the hook. Dante tells Scotty that he knows the pills were switched, and nice try, but wrong dose.

Curtis tells Jordan not to beat herself up. She goes into the other room, and he asks Stella what good that did for anyone. Stella says losing Thomas broke his mother’s heart, and put her in the grave. Curtis says they’re all just trying to heal, and maybe she should do the same. Stella says she’ll leave that to the two of them; they have no time for remorse or decency. He says he didn’t know she was coming, and didn’t mean for her to find out this way. He loves her, but no one is trying to hurt her. Jordan comes back, saying that they were family. Stella tells her that she destroyed her sister and their family, and she should leave Curtis alone before she destroys him too.

Jordan understands why Stella would think that, but she’s changed, and would never make that mistake again. Curtis says all they’re doing is trying to find happiness, and Stella says nothing about it makes her happy, like she’s a third person in their relationship. She says she’ll get her stuff and be on her way. She’ll reach out to TJ when she calms down. She tells Curtis she’d made her peace with Thomas’s death – until now. Mark her words, until this is over, there will be no peace. Not too dramatic.

Hayden comes out of the shower. Finn has the backgammon board set up. He says it helps him think. She asks if he’s thinking about who’s destroying his career. She says she knows, and tells him to think harder. It’s so obvious, she’s the last person he’d suspect.

Dante tells Scotty about Ava switching the pills. Dante says then Lucy found them, and Ava went to Scotty, but he got the dose wrong. Scotty says he has nothing to say. He’s Ava’s lawyer, and has attorney/client privilege. He tells Lucy that she should be quiet, but she doesn’t care. She says what if this happened to Serina, and she spiraled out of control and they had no idea why. She knows he doesn’t like Sonny and Carly, but it’s wrong. She asks if he’s that heartless.

Julian asks Dillon what happened, and if Ava got to see Kiki while she was conscious. Dillon says no, and Julian says if she comes back for anyone, it will be Kiki. Kiki stands by Ava’s bed. She apologizes for not coming sooner, when Ava was awake and could hear her. She hopes she’s not too late. She doesn’t want Ava to die.

Carly tells Sonny that was rough. He believes that Ava is getting what she deserves, but to see Kiki suffer is awful. Carly says that Kiki is Ava’s victim too, and she can’t stand seeing her go through this. Sonny asks where Ava’s heart was when Morgan spiraled. Carly says part of her wants Ava to go to trial, and Sonny finishes that if she dies it’s okay. Carly says maybe then they could heal.

Kiki says she’s here and won’t let Ava go. She holds Ava’s hand.

Finn tells Hayden that once they pinpointed Brad, he dismissed Obrecht. Hayden says she’s jealous, and had the opportunity and expertise, but Finn says that they don’t know if she was working with Brad or alone. He tells Hayden that he has a better idea than playing detective. I don’t think it’s playing backgammon either.

Curtis asks if Jordan is okay. He says she was harder on herself than Stella was, and she says she says she was thrown off guard in every way. She’d put Stella in the back of her mind, and now she’s been read the laundry list of her life so loud, she can’t ignore it. Curtis hopes she’s not thinking of backing out.

Scotty tells Lucy that nothing they say or do will change anything. They set nothing in motion, and it’s all hearsay and speculation. Dante says he’ll find out where Scotty got the lithium, and that it’s far from not setting anything in motion. He switched the pills back for Ava, and his hands are dirty. Dante says that he’ll build a case against Ava, and Scotty too.

Julian wonders if it’s divine justice. Dillon asks if he’s saying that Ava deserves it. Julian says he thought there was a chance to turn his life around. His lawyer told him to blame his sister, and what if he gets acquitted? Is that the tradeoff; he’s free and his sister dies?

Kiki says that she hates what Ava did to Morgan. She says she told Ava that she’d lose her forever, but she doesn’t want that. She still loves her mother, and doesn’t want her to die.

Carly tells Sonny that through all the chaos, she had one quiet thought – this is where it ends. All the hurt, hostility, and wounds they’ve inflicted will vanish when Ava does. It was all grief, and they didn’t know how to deal with the pain and loss. She feels like if Ava dies, they’ll have justice for Morgan. Maybe not comfort, but peace. Sonny asks if she means peace for them. She says maybe they can start to heal, and kisses him.

On Monday, Stella talks to TJ, Kiki tells Ava to make up her mind, and Dillon punches out Scotty.


🍑 Real Housewives of Atlanta revelation. I finally realize why Porsha’s parents spelled her name the way they did, rather than the traditional Portia. The only way they could get her to spell it correctly was to spell it phonetically.

🐙 Driving me crazy – or is it just a short putt? Gordon Ramsay is the king of this, but I’ve heard it on other shows too. This is the worst <insert main theme of program here> in the history of <insert program title>. For example, this is the worst meal I’ve ever eaten in the history of MasterChef. Gordon has also had way too many worst meals of his “entire life.” It becomes somewhat amusing though, when the show has only had one season under its belt, making a pretty short “history.”

Quotes of the Week

You can start late. Look different. Be uncertain. And still succeed.  – Misty Copeland (Thank God. I was worried about that.)

I think we’re slow to change…There is a racism that exists and will always exist. If it’s not Black people, it’s another so-called minority. I think human beings have to feel that there’s someone beneath them and they don’t realize it’s because they have such little regard for themselves they feel that way.Dustin Hoffman, Yorkshire Evening Post

You remember the Imitation says, ‘Bear your cross, for if you try to get rid of it you will probably find another and worse one.’C. S. Lewis referring to The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis

God didn’t save your ass from drowning just to leave you die on the beach. ** I dunno. He was pretty tough on his own kid.  – Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy) & Christy (Anna Faris), respectively, on Mom

You live by the meme, you die by the meme.NY Post referring to Kathy Griffin

🌷 To send you on your weekend…










June 2, 2017 – Ava’s Aftermath, Gordon Does It Again & a Tetrad of Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Anna thanks Lulu for keeping Emma overnight. She also wants to find out what Charlotte understands and what Lulu knows. Lulu says she gave Charlotte minimal details, telling her that her father is in the hospital. Anna says it was a bad injury, but not life-threatening. Lulu asks what happens to Valentin next.

Valentin asks Nurse Deanna, who does he talk to about getting out of the hospital?

Carly asks Kristina if she’s talked to her dad, but Kristina says Michael filled her in. She says Ava is getting what she deserves, and Carly agrees.

Ava opens her eyes. Griff tells her that she’s in the hospital and to relax. She’s been in a pretty severe accident.

Julian asks Alexis what she’s doing at the hospital. She says she heard about Ava. He says it’s not good. He starts to tear up, and Alexis hugs him.

Kiki visits Sonny, who lies, saying he’s sorry. She asks what her mother did to Morgan.

Nathan sees Amy at Kelly’s. He wants to talk. He shows her an article about Man Landers being poised for a book deal.

Carly thanks Kristina for hiring Morgan; it gave him a sense of stability and purpose. Kristina jokes that she wanted someone to boss around, and Carly calls her a good sister. Carly sees Andre, and goes to talk to him. She tells him that she’s not great, but thanks him for everything he did to help them.

Sonny explains to Kiki that Ava tried to cause a breakdown by replacing Morgan’s lithium with a placebo. She admitted it, but they’d also found placebo dust in the bottle. Kiki says she used Avery as her way into the house. She doesn’t understand why Ava would do this to Morgan, and Sonny tells her that if Morgan was in the hospital, Kiki would have been free of him.

Griff tells Ava she’s on a morphine drip, and she has to rest. He doesn’t know where they’re going with treatment until they assess the nerve damage.

Alexis says she’s there for Julian, and she also has good news. She tells him that her law license has been reinstated. Julian congratulates her, and moves in for a hug. She says one hug is plenty. Ha-ha! He says that he should fire Scotty and hire her, but he wouldn’t drag her back into his mess. Griff comes out, and tells them that Ava is awake.

Deanna tells Valentin to give himself time to recover. He says he has things he has to get back to, and asks if she can speed things along, acting all charming.

Anna tells Lulu that Valentin will stand trial, and most likely go to prison. Lulu wonders about Charlotte. Anna says she has to fight for custody, or Charlotte will end up a ward of the state. Anna gets a message that it’s time to arrest Valentin.

Amy tells Nathan not to believe everything he reads online. Kristina arrives, and Amy says that she has perfect timing. Nathan explains to Kristina that Amy has been writing advice columns and using his picture. He asked her to take it down, and now he has a book deal. He tells Amy that he can’t be a cop by day and an advice columnist by night. He asks for one reason he shouldn’t arrest her for identity theft.

Sonny brings Avery downstairs. Kiki comments on how big she is because of soap super-speed child aging. Just wait, Kiki. By next year, she’ll be in high school.

Julian talks to Ava. He tells her that she had him worried. They might fight like cats and dogs, but that’s how they express their love. He tells her that Kiki was there all night.

Kiki thanks Sonny, and he says Avery is her sister; she can see her any time. He says that Kiki is as much of a victim as Morgan was. Sonny tells her not to take Ava’s guilt on herself. Kiki says she can hear it already – Ava was doing it to protect her. She flashes back to Ava saying that whatever she did, she did for Kiki’s well-being. Kiki realizes that Ava practically told her. She says she must have been talking about switching Morgan’s pills. Sonny says that Ava is a master of excuses, but Kiki doesn’t have to buy into it; it’s on Ava. Kiki tells him to protect Avery from her mother.

Andre tells Carly what Ava did was the worst kind of sabotage. Carly says Ava doesn’t have a conscience. He says had Morgan lived, they never would have gotten an accurate read on his condition. He would have been hurting Morgan while trying to help him, a nightmare scenario for a doctor. Carly says at least they know the truth, but when Andre asks if she’s gotten closure, she says no.

Anna goes to Valentin’s room, but he’s gone. Deanna tells her that Valentin signed himself out against medical advice.

Lulu tries to get the kids moving for school. The doorbell rings. It’s Valentin.

Amy begs Nathan not to arrest her. He says he’s a detective and has to interact with people. He can’t perform those duties if people are asking him relationship questions. Amy says she took the picture down. Nathan has to go to work, and tells her that he won’t say anything, but it had better not come back to him. He leaves, and Amy says that was close, and thanks Kristina for the assist. Kristina asks why she used Nathan’s picture, and Amy says everyone wondered what Man Landers looked like. She wishes Nathan understood how important it is.

Carly says she still feels the same hopeless ache, and Andre says grief isn’t that simple to get over. She says that she thought there would be comfort in justice, but there is no justice; it won’t bring Morgan back. Sonny appears.

Ava moans. Griff says they can’t completely neutralize the pain. Julian asks if she’s going to be fine after surgery. Griff says it’s too soon to speculate, and tells him to wait outside.

Sonny thanks Andre, who was glad to help. Andre goes back to not working, and Carly says that Sonny must be there for the same reason she is. He says he feels close to Morgan there, and Carly says that she does too. Morgan had hope for the future there, but it’s gone because of Ava. Sonny says that Ava isn’t done suffering.

Lulu asks why Valentin is there, and he says to pick up Charlotte. Charlotte comes out, thrilled to see him. She tells him that she was scared. Lulu says she’ll take the kids to school. When Charlotte goes to get her lunchbox, Lulu tells Valentin that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to have Charlotte with him right now. He’s about to be arrested.

Alexis opens the door to find Julian on the porch. He gives her some flowers to celebrate her law license. She says she thought it was a retainer. He’s going to need a defense attorney, since Scotty has his hands tied. She asks if Port Charles should be bracing itself for more bloodshed.

Sonny tells Carly that it’s best if Ava doesn’t see Avery at all, and talks about Kiki’s visit. Carly says as much as she hates Ava, she didn’t wish this on her. She wants Ava tried, and asks what if she just walks away again? They have no way to be sure she’ll pay for what she did. Sonny says she will.

Lulu tells Valentin that the WSB is going to have him tried by the ICC. She tells him to spare Charlotte seeing it happen, and asks him to give her secondary custody, so he can leave the country. She tells him to do what’s best for Charlotte. Charlotte comes out, and Lulu leaves to help Rocco find his shoe or something.

Anna tells Nathan that they have to check the airports. She also has an officer at Charlotte’s school. Griff asks if Valentin is gone. Anna says he checked himself out. When he asks why Valentin hadn’t been handcuffed, she says he hadn’t been under arrest yet. Griff asks why Anna isn’t more upset. She says Valentin was running for his life when he sold the Chimera, and wasn’t responsible for what happened at the Nurses Ball. It was like Helena set him up to take the fall. He asks if Anna feels sorry for Valentin, but he says it more like, you don’t feel sorry for him, do you? The same way that when I want to finish the cookies, I say, no one wants anymore cookies, do they?

Lulu comes out to find Valentin and Charlotte gone. Charlotte’s lunchbox has been left on the table.

Kristina tells Amy that Nathan is a nice guy, but he has a point. Amy says she took the picture down. She says guys like taking advice from other guys, and women like to take advice from good-looking men. Kristina suggests she take credit for her own creation.

Griff tells Anna that Valentin needs to pay for what he did to Nicholas and Claudette. Anna says those are separate issues, but he’ll be convicted on Alex’s word for this. She says they were friends, and she reacted badly when he wanted more. It made him vulnerable, and Alex took advantage of it. He’s not innocent, but not completely guilty. Lulu calls, and tells Anna that Valentin took off with Charlotte.

Julian tells Alexis that he’d like Sonny to feel the same pain. Alexis says Sonny and Carly probably felt the same way after Morgan’s death. Ava started the fire, and he can’t blame Sonny. Alexis asks if he doesn’t want revenge, and Julian says he’s not starting another cycle of violence. Alexis says that he’s said that before. He says he meant it, but she says he still went back. Julian says that he thought it was the only way to protect the people he loved. Now, there’s no one to protect. Alexis isn’t sure that’s true. He says she didn’t turn him away, and asks if there’s hope for them.

Sonny comes into Ava’s room. She asks if it’s Kiki, and he says, guess again. Really? Really? He’d be allowed in there under what circumstances? Plus, because of the possibility of infection, whoever comes in has to wear all kinds of gear. Did no one notice him putting all that on? Sometimes the suspension of belief is hard, even for me. And I would never, ever agree to be put in this hospital. I don’t care if the next closest one is in Albuquerque.

Kristina insists that Amy can do it on her own, but Amy says content is only half the battle. She wonders if she can change Nathan’s mind. Her phone rings. She’s got an unofficial offer for the book. Kristina congratulates her, but Amy says they want to meet Man Landers.

Nathan and Anna go to Lulu’s place. She tells them what happened, and says it’s all her fault. She wanted to do what was best for Charlotte, and told Valentin about the arrest. She wanted him to sign over secondary custody, but instead he ran. What if she never sees Charlotte again? Well, yeah, Lulu, it is all your fault, because you were really just thinking about what’s best for you, as usual.

Valentin tells Charlotte that they’re going someplace special, where no one will bother them again.

Julian apologizes for hurting Alexis. He says he made mistakes, but loving her wasn’t one of them. It made him a better man. With everything that’s happened, he thinks he could get it right this time. She wishes she could believe him, but she can’t. Not today. She thanks him for the flowers, and goes inside. Julian says it wasn’t a no.

Kiki sees Carly at Perks. She says she heard what happened, and she’s sorry. Carly says she’s not responsible, and Kiki says that’s what Sonny said, but Ava did it because of her. She went after Morgan, and did the worst thing she possibly could. If it wasn’t for her, he would still be alive. Carly says that none of it is her fault, and Kiki says she really loved him. Carly says she believes her, and he loved her too. Kiki says it got him killed. They hug. Carly says Ava is responsible, and repeats that none of this is Kiki’s fault. They hug some more.

Sonny looks very scary. He messes with one of the plugs that hooks Ava to a machine. He says that Kiki wants nothing to do with her. He calls her a twisted, selfish monster, and asks how she feels about everyone knowing what she did and who she is. She sealed her own fate, and deserves what she’s getting. Ava asks him to kill her. This is freaking me out a little.

On Monday, Laura tells Elizabeth there’s something she doesn’t know, Anna asks Nina for help, and Carly isn’t stopping Sonny this time.

The f Word with Gordon Ramsay

It was everything I’d hoped it would be.

This is a different Gordon than we’re used to seeing; kinder, gentler, and more fun-loving. We get a bit of it on MasterChef Junior, but this is more adult fare. This time, The f Word stands for food, fun and family. I’ve always liked Gordon. Even with all his screaming, yelling, and real f-words, my gut feeling has been that he’s one of the good guys; he really seems to care about people. On both Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Nightmares, he’s not only had to turn around businesses, but people’s lives. I’ve seen him wear many hats, being a marriage counselor and a psychologist, helping families build something better, even if he has to smash what exists to do it.

The challenge part of the show was between The Spice Boys (blue team) and The Sexy Paesans (red team). They cooked dinner for a restaurant full of people, who filled out cards saying whether they would pay actual money for the meal. The team with the highest percentage was the winner. The ladies won, but it was close. I don’t know what the prize was, since I spaced out. Maybe just being in Gordon’s presence was enough.

The show didn’t disappoint with celebrity appearances by Jamie Fox, Snoop Dogg, and Kevin Spacey. Gordon discussed philanthropy with Jamie, who has his own Beat Shazam going on. There was also a nice interview with Snoop and his kids, where he told us that you can’t go wrong with a bowl of cereal and milk. I assume he consumes a bowl of something else first. Kevin and Gordon played some tennis and did some grilling, with Kevin choosing the ingredients – swordfish, couscous, and asparagus – and Gordon making the dish. Kevin also talked about playing Clarence Darrow on Broadway.

The home audience wasn’t left out, with Gordon encouraging Instagrams of food. He told us that if it looks good, they might show it, but if it doesn’t look good, they definitely will. Gordon put his acting skills to the test, playing a prank on his former head chef, by disguising himself and attending a class she was giving. He was surprisingly convincing, and her reaction was everything.

There was also schmoozing with the restaurant guests, including a couple who was on their first date. Dude, you will never be able to top this. Your dating life is downhill from here.

Quotes of the Week

Never miss a chance to shut up.Dr. Phil’s dad

Those who hate you don’t win. unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.Richard M. Nixon

Do I go to an animal shelter, or do the cats just appear? – Bonnie (Allison Janney) giving up on love, Mom

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.Marie Curie




June 1, 2017 – GH Interruptus, Some Real Estate, Some Little Women & a Quote


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Finn caters to Hayden. She’s not feeling so great, and finding out that morning sickness isn’t just for the morning. Finn insists she’ll get to the radiant glow phase in no time. She tells him she doesn’t want him going out of his way, but he says, what if he wants to?

In the hospital, Nelle wakes up. She sees Michael sleeping in a chair. He asks how she slept. When she says wonderfully, he says it must be the company.

Diane calls Alexis. She asks if Alexis has time to see her. Alexis says she’ll squeeze her in between doing nothing and doing nothing. Diane gives Jordan a cease and desist order. She suggests instead of harassing Sonny, they bring Ava to justice. Julian – who just happens to be walking by – asks, for what?

Dante visits Sonny. He says the Fire Marshal’s report came in, and it backs Sonny up.

Bobbie tells Kiki that her mother’s condition is critical. It’s a near catastrophic injury, and the next few hours will be crucial. Bobbie explains various procedures, and says once Ava is stable, they can decide on a course of action. Kiki looks through the window at Ava, all bandaged up and using a breathing tube.

Hayden is feeling better – for now. Finn suggests that she leave some clothes at his place. She says he doesn’t have enough room, and he tells her that he will soon. He’s about to close on the house, and will have enough room for the both of them, and the baby.

Bobbie tells Kiki it’s a lot to process. Dillon says she hasn’t eaten or slept. Bobbie wants to know if there’s someone she can contact to take the pressure off, but Kiki says she doesn’t want to deal with her grandmother right now.

Diane is shocked that Julian has made bail. She tells Jordan he’s still a threat, and suggests that his passport be confiscated. He asks Jordan what’s happening with his sister.

Dante tells Sonny that Ava is critical, but Sonny says he’s not interested. Dante says what about Avery? He says that he hates what Ava did, and she deserves to be punished, but no one deserves to be burned alive. Sonny doesn’t care; it could have been Carly. Cold Sonny.

Michael tells Nelle that she looks better. He thinks he should get her an actual doctor, but she says it only hurts when she laughs. She tells him that he’s already gone above and beyond, and he’s off the hook now.

Diane asks if Alexis wants the good news or bad news first. Alexis says, whatever. Diane says the good news will fortify her for the bad. Alexis is officially a lawyer again.

Jordan tells Julian that he has to stay in the county, and if there are any infractions of the law, he’ll find himself incarcerated again. He asks about Ava, and Jordan says she’s in critical condition at the hospital.

Sonny gives Dante the pill bottle, and tells him who he can call about back-up information regarding the switch. He also thinks Scotty was helping Ava cover it up, and he’ll sing like a canary with a little pressure. Dante tells him to be realistic. Ava is in critical condition. No one is in a hurry to prosecute a dead woman.

Dillon tells Bobbie that Kiki isn’t alone; she has him. Bobbie tells her about patient advocates who can help her make decisions. She says with no family available, Ava’s care will be left to Kiki. She makes Dillon promise to make Kiki eat something, and goes to get a social worker. Kiki cries on Dillon’s shoulder.

Michael tells Nelle that if it’s too much, he’ll clear out. Nelle says she isn’t saying that. He wonders what hook he got let off of, and she says he’s taking care of her like he does everyone else. He says he wants to, because he cares about her. He tells her about knowing that she wouldn’t ditch Charlotte, and how he found her on the pier and it scared him. She thanks him, saying it could have been a lot worse. Michael says he waited a long time because she didn’t want to see him. He says if caring about her and liking her is a hook, he doesn’t want to be off. I expect him to break into song any moment. Bobbie sees them through the room window.

Hayden asks Finn if he’s saying they should move in together, and he says it makes sense. She says it’s a huge question, and she has to consider the ramifications. They might be getting ahead of themselves, and haven’t even discussed their future. Finn adds, and whether she thinks they’ll have one.

Alexis tells Diane that she was about to downsize and get a job at Kelly’s. Diane wonders why she didn’t keep the letter of reinstatement to herself, since she’ll have to face Alexis in a courtroom again now. Alexis thanks her, and says she won’t mess up again. Diane says time for the bad news now. Julian made bail and is out.

Bobbie goes into Nelle’s room, saying she hopes she’s not interrupting. Right. If you believe that, I have some land in Florida for you, and a couple of bridges. Michael says he was about to find a doctor, and Bobbie says she’ll do that. She asks to talk to Michael outside.

Once again, thanks to George Stephanopoulos, our programming is interrupted. Like we’re all not surrounded by news on the internet 24/7. He also gives us a weather report that we don’t need.

They never go back to the show, and I hate all politicians everywhere. Oh well, at least it’s not Friday.

🏰 On Million Dollar Listing New York, Frederik had a showing for the most fabulous townhouse ever – there was a cut-out in the middle where you could look into other parts of it. Shades of Roman Polanski’s The Tenant. It was over 6000 square feet, and the living room was 100 feet long. There was also a less equally fabulous penthouse above, but that’s only because it was in the middle of construction. Bethenny Frankel also made a brief appearance, albeit by phone, but we’ll see her next week when Frederik shows her a place. I like new guy Steve a lot. That he owns a rescue pup endears him to my heart, but his assistant is also an old high school friend. As much as I like Ryan, I am not feeling the beard. He’s still trying to unload a property that the owner’s son wants to list too high. This show is basically: look at amazing homes you will never be able to afford, even if you win Publishers Clearing House, watch Frederik do high kicks when he closes yet another multi-million-dollar deal, rinse, and repeat.

💃 I glanced at Little Women LA, and the highlight was Terra telling Briana that she has body odor. She has no sense of smell, and has a tendency to exhibit hippie-ish behavior, like not showering. Jasmine got seriously miffed about this, but it wasn’t like Terra just mentioned it out of the blue. Briana had asked her for advice regarding her modeling “career.” Apparently, when she’d previously modeled a piece from Tonya’s athleticwear line, it came back with such a pungent aroma, Tonya said never again. But I digress. She asked. Terra answered. That should have been the end of it. Instead, the outcome was Jasmine stirring the pot about Terra’s book that’s being published, Fierce at Four Foot Two. Briana uses #LittleFierceMama on Twitter, and Jasmine decided that Terra was purposely infringing on her territory with the book title. When Jasmine confronted Terra, Terra seemed sincerely blindsided, saying she didn’t have time to know what hashtag Briana is using, and why wasn’t Briana the one asking her about it? Elena hit the nail on the head when she said they have enough problems in the group without Jasmine making it worse.

🍑 As for Little Women Atlanta, I don’t know what it is about the ATL that makes women want to have knock-down, drag out fights, but I can’t watch these people. It’s like Porsha from the Wives times however many there are. This week was their reunion, with Terra from LA refereeing hosting, and security was on stand-by. How much of this is done for the camera, I don’t know, but it’s not a good look regardless.

👴 While it doesn’t make up for no GH ending, here’s one of my favorite quotes:

When I said I wanted peace and quiet, did you hear “talk more and disappoint me?” – Flo’s grandfather (Stephanie Courtney), Progressive commercial