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November 11, 2019 – Anna Makes Her Entrance, Abbi Bails On the Crew, Kate On Brandy, Cait’s Return, the People’s Vote, Silverware & Johnny’s Flag


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the PCPD, Jordan tells Jason that she can’t allow him near the Cassandra Pierce search. For one, he’s not a cop, and two, someone could say Sam helped Cassandra escape. He says Sam tried to stop her and helped the guard, but Jordan says, what transpired could be interpreted all kinds of ways. He needs to keep his distance.

Laura thanks Valentin for coming to the station. He says he didn’t have much choice. He was told he’d be arrested if he didn’t, but no one mentioned on what grounds. Laura says she asked the Commissioner to bring him in. He asks if it’s something specific, or is this just garden variety harassment? She says Cassandra escaped, and she thought he could help to find her.

Nikolas sneaks into Jax’s place via the terrace door. Jax turns on the lights, like what your dad would do if you were sneaking in after curfew. He says he left the door unlocked for Nikolas in case he was coming back. Nikolas says he tried calling Jax, but got voicemail. Jax says he got Nikolas’s message saying their situation was compromised. Nikolas asks where Jax was, and why he didn’t pick up his phone, but Jax says he’ll ask the questions. Where was Nikolas? Nikolas flashes back to picking up Cassandra at the park.

Finn sits on the couch, eating, reading, and using his laptop, as we all do. He starts to type, and the doorbell rings. It’s Hayden and Violet. Hayden asks if there’s any chance Finn is up for visitors.

At the cemetery, Julian says he hopes Lucas doesn’t mind him showing up. It’s fitting, since their first conversation as father and son happened there. Lucas says Julian rejected him for being gay. Julian says they’ve come a long way; he’s come a long way. Lucas doesn’t think so. His progress was an illusion. Julian hasn’t changed. He’s less homophobic, but he’s still a liar, and Lucas wants nothing to do with him.

Obrecht sits next to Brad at Kelly’s counter. She says he’s looking pitiful, and he says he didn’t ask her to join him. He’s not in the mood. Obrecht says his mood is irrelevant. They have a more pressing matter to discuss. Those tests he manipulated for her; what has he done to cover his tracks?

Lulu asks Maxie when Peter’s move-in date is, and Maxie says, in a couple of weeks. That gives her time to clear out a closet. She suggests planning a dinner for the four of them; her, Maxie, Peter, and hot Dustin. Peter needs more friends, and hot Dustin is great. Lulu says he is great, but she feels it’s too soon for a couples dinner. Speaking of dinner, she needs to get Charlotte home. She looks at the counter, but Charlotte isn’t there. She wonders where Charlotte went.

Valentin asks when Cassandra escaped, and Laura says, this evening. It’s very important that they find her. Like she needs to say this. That’s why Valentin was brought in for questioning. Cassandra’s first phone call was to him after she was apprehended. What did they talk about?

Jordon tells Jason that she’ll have to do a press conference. In the meantime, stay out of this. And they didn’t have this conversation. He says, got it.

Valentin says they dragged him there, and inconvenienced Nina. Nina says she wanted to come. They’re trying to make this Valentin’s fault. Laura says, no one is blaming Valentin. On his way out, Jason calls Spinelli, and tells him that Sam got a partial plate number from the van that picked up Cassandra. He thanks Spinelli, and says he’s on it. Jordan joins Laura, and Laura asks about Valentin’s meeting with Cassandra when she was in custody. Valentin says Cassandra wanted his help; she wanted to trade on their prior association. They knew each other briefly in Europe before he knew she was a criminal. When he found out, he broke it off. Jordan asks why he wouldn’t have ignored her call, unless she had leverage. Valentin flashes back to asking Cassandra if she’s threatening him with telling the police that his wife drugged her. Cassandra says, hardly. It’s not likely they’d take her word over Nina’s, but Nina doesn’t know that, does she?

Jax asks Nikolas where Cassandra is. Nikolas says he doesn’t know. He arranged for her escape, and she managed to escape from him. Jax asks, how? and Nikolas says she jumped out at a red light. He tried to reach Jax to call 911, but Jax didn’t pick up. He had to call 911 himself. Jax asks why Nikolas was helping her, and Nikolas says he thought Cassandra was cutting a deal. He couldn’t risk her telling anyone that he’s alive. He had to help her before she gave him up. Jax says, she’s a huge criminal; a drug dealer. Now he finds out, not only is Nikolas connected to her, he helped her escape prison. He didn’t sign up for this.

Violet asks if this is Finn’s house, and he says he lives there. Hayden says the hospital told her that he was gone for the day, so she thought they’d stop by. He says they saved him from a solo dinner of a turkey sandwich with a side of research. Violet says, what? and Hayden tells her, it’s Dr. Finn’s way of saying he was having a snack while working. Remember how he made her feel better? He has to study up, so he can make other people feel better. He helps lots of people. Violet is glad they’re friends, and Hayden says she’s glad too.

Julian asks Lucas, where is this coming from? Lucas says if he didn’t know better, he’d buy Julian’s innocent act. But he does know better. Brad told him everything. Brad never had an affair. Julian framed him, hoping to break them up, and didn’t care about breaking up Wiley’s happy home, or Lucas’s pain, or his love for his husband. Julian says, not true, and Lucas asks how he can say that. He deliberately set Lucas up to break his heart, thinking he’d shrug it off, and he could buy Wiley enough toys that he wouldn’t miss his other father. Julian says Lucas is wrong; it’s just the opposite. Lucas says Julian attempting to deny it, is how he knows Julian works. He denies everything until one day, the truth comes out. Is that how he wants to play this? Julian says he’ll tell Lucas the truth. He did stage the affair.

Brad tells Obrecht that he admitted to Lucas that he did extracurricular lab work for her. She asks why on earth he would do that, and he says Lucas was questioning his behavior. She laughs, and says, he’s just questioning it now? Brad has always been a furtive weasel. Brad says Lucas knew he was hiding something, and he needed a plausible explanation, so he confessed. She needs to keep her distance; no more special projects. She says Brad might repair his marriage, and perhaps that might work for him, but it doesn’t work for her at all. Brad’s marital problems will get worse when she tells Lucas that Wiley was stolen.

Lulu says she’s checked the whole building, and Maxie says there’s no sign of Charlotte outside. Lulu says, they know Charlotte is independent and impulsive, but she knows better than to wander off at night. When she calls Charlotte’s phone, it’s going straight to voicemail. Either Charlotte has the phone turned off, or she’s ignoring it.

Down by the docks – I’m not sure why anyone hides there, since it’s like Grand Central Station – Charlotte asks if Cassandra is sure Nina is okay. Cassandra says, Nina is fine, and she’ll stay that way as long as Charlotte cooperates. Charlotte says she is cooperating. She came with Cassandra, but all Cassandra has done is play with her phone. When is she going home? Cassandra tells her, be patient. If she tells the police what Nina did, Nina will go straight to prison. Charlotte says Cassandra promised not to; that’s the only reason she helped. Cassandra says, when Charlotte goes home, she’ll find Cassandra is a woman of her word, but she has to exercise patience. Charlotte’s parents put a tracking device on her phone, and Cassandra is a bit of a technical wizard. She knows how to turn it off. Charlotte says, papa needs to know where she is, and Cassandra says Valentin is lucky to have a daughter who’s so devoted. She’ll change her tune in the next year or two, but meanwhile, she suggests Charlotte try to be more pleasant. No one is finding out where Charlotte is until Cassandra wants them to.

Nikolas says he had no idea about Cassandra’s criminal past, and took the trouble to revive her solely to get information about Valentin. He thought they’d never intersect. Jax says, clearly, he thought wrong. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Jason who says he’s got to talk to Jax.

Violet skips around. She sees Anna’s ceramic bulldog with the Union Jack bandana. She asks if it’s Finn’s, and he says it belongs to a friend of his from England. Has she ever heard of England? Violet says, no, and Hayden says she’s never been there, but she’s a fan of one of their customs; the tea party. Violet asks if they can have one right now, and Hayden and Finn laugh.

Lucas says he’s impressed. He expected Julian to lie his way out. Not that it would have done any good. Brad recorded their last conversation, and he heard it himself. Julian says, all of it? and Lucas asks what he means. He knows enough to know Julian tried to frame Brad. Julian says he was trying to protect Lucas. Brad is into something shady, and he didn’t want it to blow up in Lucas’s face. Lucas asks, why not tell him? but Julian says Lucas would have confronted Brad, who would have denied it, which is what he does. Lucas would have been forced to choose between his husband and the father he just let back in his life. He would have chosen Brad, because that’s exactly what happened.

Valentin says Cassandra called him, and thought she’d blackmail him, suggesting she had incriminating information on him, and she was willing to give him up. He called her bluff. She knew nothing; he never committed a crime in his life. Jordan suggests he’s had ample time to cover anything up while Cassandra was with the WSB. He says she had nothing, and she knew that he knew that. That’s the last he heard from her. Nina says, when they thought Sasha was her daughter, Cassandra targeted Sasha, and almost killed her. Even though she’s severed ties with Sasha, she wants to see Cassandra punished. Valentin says Jordan had assured him that Cassandra had been extradited to the Hague to face trial. He’s answered her questions, now answer his. Why was Cassandra allowed to stay in Port Charles?

An officer calls Jordan over to the phone. It’s Lulu, who asks Jordan to send an officer over to Kelly’s. Charlotte wandered off, and she’s not picking up her phone. They can’t find her anywhere.

Jason continues to bang on the door. Nikolas hides. Jax answers, and says, sorry. He was out on the terrace. What’s the urgency? Jason says he’s there about Sam. She was on work detail, when Cassandra escaped. Cassandra hit the guard in the head, and Sam stayed to help. Whoever arranged her transportation could be charged as an accomplice. She met a guy driving a van, and Sam got a partial license plate number. He had it traced, and the van was rented using a credit card from Jax’s holding company, J. J. Jax Alaska.

Hayden asks Finn if he’s sure it’s okay to use the nice China. Finn says Violet seems skillful in pouring; she’ll make a good surgeon one day. Hayden says they’re using apple juice. The pour is the same, but there’s no chance of being scalded. When they have a tea party, they usually have more guests. Finn asks if Violet invites her friends, and Hayden says Bella and Otto join them; they’re stuffed toys. Bella has been around since Violet was three months old, and is very soft and well loved. Otto is an owl who came along when they were in a toy store in Italy. She told Violet that she could get whatever she wanted, and she wanted Otto. He’s wise-looking, and on the formal side; not the most approachable stuffed animal, until you get close enough to hold him. He’s soft and squishy. Finn says he’d like to meet Otto, and Hayden says she knows they’d get along great.

Julian says he was trying keep Lucas free of the hole Brad dug. Lucas asks how Julian justifies using cruelty and deception to help out? He’s not going to let Julian use family as an excuse. He’s done for good. Julian says, don’t do this, but Brad says, no; he’s done. No more lies and betrayal. It’s too exhausting. Even if he could take it, why should Wiley have to?

At Kelly’s, Lulu gives the officer a recent photo of Charlotte. He asks her to text it to him, and she does, while describing what Charlotte was wearing. She doesn’t know how it happened. Charlotte was sitting at the counter, doing her homework. Maybe she got impatient. She can be impetuous. Lulu suggests maybe she went to a pop-up T-shirt stand they passed, but Maxie says she checked there, and the stand is gone. Lulu says maybe Charlotte is out looking for it, and asks the officer, please, just find her.

Obrecht tells another officer that she didn’t see Charlotte. She’s sure she would have noticed; Charlotte is like a niece to her. Brad says he saw Charlotte earlier, but didn’t notice her leaving. He was talking with Willow, then Obrecht. The officer shows them a picture of Cassandra, and asks if they recall seeing her today around Kelly’s. Brad says there might have been a woman who looked like her, but he can’t be sure. The officer talking to Lulu shows her the photo. Lulu says her mother helped apprehend Cassandra, and he says, she’s believed to be in the general area. Lulu says her daughter is missing, and an escaped fugitive is on the loose.

At the station, Valentin is on the phone, and asks if they’ve seen or heard from Charlotte. Laura says her granddaughter is very headstrong and independent. She may have decided to head to Windymere on her own. Valentin says he just spoke to the launch captain, but he hasn’t seen her, and neither has the housekeeper. Jordan wonders if there’s anywhere else Charlotte could show up, and Nina suggests Crimson. She tells them to check the freight elevator and the sample closets. Laura asks Jordan to send a car to Lulu’s house. Maybe Charlotte went home on her own. Nina asks if Valentin is waiting for Charlotte to call, and he says, not Charlotte; Cassandra.

Charlotte tells Cassandra that her papa will give Cassandra what she wants. Cassandra can go away, and never tell about the bad thing Nina did. Cassandra says she’s going to wait, and give Valentin time to get good and scared. Charlotte says he’s never scared, and Cassandra says she has so much to learn. She’s the apple of Valentin’s eye, and he loves her without reservation. He’s terrified harm will come to Charlotte, and she’s going to take full advantage of that fear.

Jordan says there’s been no sign of criminal activity at Kelly’s, and no one remembers seeing Charlotte leave. Laura says there haven’t been any calls about Cassandra sightings since the call to 911. The PCPD is canvassing the area, but she’s concerned it was a diversion. While the authorities are concentrating on one area, Cassandra could have fled elsewhere.

Valentin tells Nina, Cassandra has Charlotte, but Nina says Charlotte was warned about her. Valentin says, Charlotte is a child, and no match for Cassandra. He doesn’t know how she did it, but Cassandra knows he’d do anything for his daughter. She’ll contact him soon enough. Nina asks if he’s going to tell the police.

Julian tells Lucas, life doesn’t go according to plan. He got to know his grandson, and Lucas. They bonded as a family, and it’s meant everything to him. When he saw Brad putting that in jeopardy, he tried to protect Lucas; it’s what parents do. He admits he overreacted, but Lucas says it’s more than making a bad choice. It was a calculated attack on his family. He’s not jeopardizing his family to give Julian another chance. He’s done. Julian asks, what if he says something to help Lucas understand? But he has to listen with an open mind. Lucas’s phone rings. It’s Brad, who says he’s at Kelly’s. Heads up. Charlotte disappeared, and they’re started to worry that she wandered into the path of an escaped prisoner.

Violet sleeps on the couch. Hayden says Violet was having so much fun, she didn’t want to break up the party. Finn hopes there will be more, but the first one will always be his favorite. She says, her too. She’ll give the dishes a quick wash, and they’ll be on their way. Finn suggests putting Violet in the guest room, and then doing the dishes together.

Jax tells Jason that he had nothing to do with Cassandra’s escape. Jason says he didn’t think Jax did, but thinks the card information was stolen. Jax says he charges most of his expenses to his Aurora credit card; the one from Alaska is only for international transactions. It could have been hacked. Jason asks if there’s any chance Jerry was involved, but Jax says, none whatsoever. Jason asks if Jax has any other ideas, and Jax asks if Jason has any leads. He takes it that he should expect a visit from the cops. Jason says Sam didn’t tell them about the license plate, but eventually they’ll trace it to Jax. Jax thanks Jason for letting him know. Jason looks around a little, and sees wet shoe prints near the fireplace. Outside on the terrace, Nikolas looks at his wet shoes.

Lulu tells Maxie that she doesn’t know how this happened; she was right there. Cassandra is at large. What if Charlotte ran into her? Maxie says, maybe Charlotte just snuck off to avoid punishment. She would have done the same thing at Charlotte’s age. Lulu hopes the worst thing is that Charlotte is avoiding a stern talking to and tough consequences.

Valentin tells Nina that the PCPD is incapable of handling Cassandra. He’s going to handle her himself, but he may need Nina’s help.

Obrecht tells Brad, she prays no harm comes to Charlotte. Brad says, she prays? She says, when the situation merits it. Brad might consider turning prayer. He could use divine intervention. Brad thinks everyone is overreacting. Charlotte is known to be a brat. She probably walked off. Obrecht says, typical. A girl who’s strong-willed and has spirit, is a brat. A boy would be considered assertive. Brad says Lucas is coming, and he and Obrecht can’t be seen together. She has to leave. Obrecht says she hasn’t had dinner. Brad is up to his neck in secrets, and expects her to keep them. Brad says, Lucas thinks it’s just one. They see Lucas about to come in, and Obrecht jets out the side door.

Jax tells Jason, the footprints could be from anybody. He has construction going on right now. People are coming and going. Jason says, none of it adds up, but Jax says Jason doesn’t think he’d help a drug dealer or jeopardize Sam’s freedom, does he? Jason says, Jax wouldn’t be withholding information, would he? but Jax says he’s told Jason everything. Jason says Carly and Josslyn are important to him, and he’d do anything for them. He and Jax aren’t always on the same side, but if Jax is in trouble and needs help, no questions asked. Nikolas watches and listens.

Nina asks Lulu what she did to upset Charlotte. Maxie says Lulu is upset about her daughter, and there’s no reason to start a fight. Nina says they all agree Charlotte probably took off. Does Lulu know the reason? Has she been repeating her allegations that Valentin is behind Sasha’s lies? Laura says, this isn’t the time or place. Nina says Charlotte wanted her and Valentin to be married, and Lulu disrupted that. Maybe Charlotte was talking about it, and Lulu scolded her. Lulu says they weren’t fighting. Charlotte was doing her homework at the counter. Nina says, so they were in perfect harmony with the family? Lulu says Charlotte asked to go to Windymere and check on Butterscotch, and she told Charlotte she’d think about it if she did her homework. Valentin gets a call from Charlotte’s phone, and asks, who is this? Cassandra says, who were you expecting, papa? and he asks where his daughter is.

Jason says maybe Jax would like to get closer to the edge, but now that he’s there, Carly and Josslyn can get hurt. Jax says he’d never put them in harm’s way, and Jason says, not intentionally, but if something went sideways… Jax says if he thought that was the case, he’d take Jason up on his offer. Jason hopes he means that. He says if Jax gets a lead on Cassandra, he wants to hear from him. Jason leaves, and Jax grabs something off the mantel and throws it, saying, son of a bitch. Nikolas comes in, and Jax says Nikolas took his credit card, and left a trail tying him to Cassandra’s escape. What was he thinking? He wasn’t thinking, was he? He’s an amateur. Give him one good reason not to hand his sorry ass over to Jason.

Obrecht listens while Brad tells Lucas that the initial theory was that Charlotte took off on her own, but Cassandra has escaped. She was spotted, and now he thinks they’re worried that she has Charlotte. Lucas says Cassandra targeted Sasha by weaponizing a virus. Does Brad think she was in there? Brad isn’t sure, but he was positive enough to ID her, so she might have been. It’s so creepy. Lucas says, it was dangerous. What if Brad had been in the middle of it? He doesn’t know what he’d do if something bad happened to Brad. Brad says he has no intention of leaving Lucas or Wiley. They hug, and Julian watches them through the door, all stalkerish, and totally creeping me out.

Hayden tells Finn that Violet is probably better off on a bed, and asks him to show her where the guest room is. He asks if it’s okay if he takes her, and Hayden says it is. He picks Violet up, still wrapped in her blanket, and takes her upstairs. Hayden follows.

Valentin tells Cassandra, he’ll meet her terms, but only if she follows his to the letter. Let Charlotte go, in public, in a safe place. Understand? He listens, and says, yes, he can do that. He’ll make arrangements.

Nina tells Lulu that her grudge has to stop. Charlotte loves her father, and she knows Lulu hates him. Laura says, that’s enough, and Maxie says it’s got to stop. Where’s Nina’s compassion? Laura calls Jordan over, and Valentin asks, what’s going on? Laura thinks it’s getting too crowded, and Valentin and Nina should wait at home. Valentin says his daughter is missing, and they’re being thrown out? Jordan says they’re being sidetracked when they’re in the middle of two active investigations. They should go. They leave, and Nina tells Valentin that she hopes it’s worth it. He says it might save Charlotte’s life.

Cassandra tells Charlotte, fate is good to bring Charlotte to her. She’s a great hostage. Charlotte wants to go, and Cassandra hates to disappoint her, but says she can’t give Charlotte back just yet. Charlotte says she heard Cassandra promise, but Cassandra says she needs to keep a close guard on Charlotte, so her papa is on good behavior. He’s a tricky one. Charlotte says Cassandra is a tricky one. She’s acting like Charlotte has a choice not to help. Charlotte starts to run, and Cassandra makes a grab for her. Charlotte kicks Cassandra in the shins, but Cassandra gets ahold of her, and says she’ll do as she’s told, or else. Charlotte says, or else what? and Cassandra says she knows how to hurt a little a little girl.

Anna appears, and says, unhand that child. Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?


Tomorrow, Hayden has dreamed of hearing Finn say that, Peter doesn’t buy it, Jason has questions about Cassandra, and Anna tells Cassandra if she unhands Charlotte, she’ll let her walk away.

Below Deck

Simone wants to give Abbi a hug. Abbi just wants to leave. The guests go wild on the slide. Brian asks Abbi, what’s wrong? and she says she needs to quit. In her interview, she says it’s not the right job for her. The perfectionism and level of professionalism isn’t for her. She’s used to knowing what she’s doing, and everyone wonders what wrong with her. She cries, and tells Brian that she’s always so happy all the time.

Kevin checks over his menu. Mccall asks Kate to give everyone fireball shots. Brian tells Ashton that Abbi is crying her eyes out. She’s not happy with her situation, and wants leave. Ashton asks where she is, and Brian says, in her cabin. He told her to relax and not worry for the moment. Ashton goes to see Abbi, and she says she doesn’t like the job, and wants to leave. Ashton says she doesn’t have to stress or feel bad. It is what it is. They hug. In Ashton’s interview, he says he does care about Abbi’s happiness, and doesn’t want her to be there if it’s not what she wants, but in reality, they’ll be a man down. He asks if she’s leaving now or finishing the charter, and she says she’ll finish. In his interview, Ashton says, it’s not good. They’re in a remote location, and it’s going to be a struggle to find someone qualified to replace Abbi. Captain Lee won’t be happy. In the laundry room, Simone says, it’s like it’s raining towels.

The captain stops by to see the guests, and tells them he has a water park scheduled for them. It’s basically a lot of different water toys on a floating platform. Kate says she might need Courtney for help with the Thailand party tonight. Brian and Ashton are going to be shirtless servers. She wants to simulate the feeling of being on a lot of drugs. Ashton says he needs to talk to the captain, and Captain Lee wonders why this isn’t giving him a warm, fuzzy feeling. Ashton says he’s noticed Abbi has been feeling depressed, and she’d like to leave the boat. She’ll ride out the rest of the charter, but Ashton thinks they should find a replacement asap. The captain asks if it’s the workload, but Ashton thinks it’s just different from where she worked before. In his interview, Captain Lee says, it’s a classic example of writing a check with your mouth your ass can’t cash. You’re on a beautiful boat in an exotic location, and getting paid for what most people would do for nothing, and you think life sucks. Are you kidding? He tells Ashton, they’ll probably have to do the next charter short-handed. It’s frustrating. Ashton says, he’ll get on it.

Tanner feels like sh*t. He tells Brian that he just needs water; his mouth dries out in a second. Ashton tells them, Abbi is going to stay until the end of the charter, but then she’s leaving. In Tanner’s interview, he wonders, wtf is going on? Abbi is a tornado of emotions. She just got engaged, and now she’s quitting the boat. Tanner hasn’t eaten in three days, and feels like absolute death. He has to push himself to get anything done.

Captain Lee is eating dinner with the guests, and Kevin is nervous. After the last charter, the captain isn’t his best friend, and has him by the balls. We flash back to Captain Lee reading Kevin the riot act. He has to think outside the box, and already has an ulcer in his mouth. It’s stressful. Kate tells Simone that she’s going to the beach with the guests. In Simone’s interview, she says she loves to see amazing places, and loves getting off the boat. No more laundry. Hallelujah.

The guests head out on the tender for Railey Beach. They play on the water toys. Ashton asks Simone, what’s happening? and she says she was basically a laundry machine. Kate is trying to get her out of the laundry room. Courtney isn’t helping. Simone doesn’t think Courtney has ever ironed. In her interview, Simone says she’s feeling more like the third stew than the second. She thinks she shot herself in the foot. Just because she’s good at something, doesn’t mean she wants to do it the whole season.

Kevin talks to Kate about dinner. He’s making beef tongue. In Kate’s interview, she makes a face that makes me literally lol. She says she’s not sure she’d be super-excited to have tongue in her mouth. She laughs at her own joke. She tells Kevin that he’s a maniac. It’s an interesting menu.

Ashton radios that the guests are on the way back. Kate ask how Abbi is, and Abbi says she’s leaving. This isn’t for her. Kate asks if she’s sure; they only have four and a half weeks to go. In Abbi’s interview, she says it’s hitting her all at once. She’s letting people down, and needs to come to terms with it. The guests struggle to get from the tender to the yacht, even with Ashton and Brian helping. I’m not sure if they’re drunk or just really uncoordinated. Kevin preps the tongue. In his interview, he says most people would think it’s blech, but he’s done it many times and it’s delicious. I’m an adventurous eater; I’d try it. Simone suggests Tanner drink some warm ginger beer. He heats it, and it bubbles over. He jokes, maybe next time she could make it for him, and be a real friend.

The centerpiece is a profusion of sea/Thai themed trinkets. Kate says, it’s like a children’s room .She feels like she’s fifteen again. Tanner continues to be sick. Brian says he doesn’t sound well at all. Sitting in the sky lounge, the captain asks if the guests had fun with the water park, and remarks that Mccall has great color. She gets all happy over the compliment. Brian tells Ashton that Tanner is still sick. In Ashton’s interview, he says he has the situation with Abbi, and now this. It’s a big boat, and it’s just him and Brian. Could this day get worse? Bring it on; he’ll take it all now. He tells Tanner to stay in bed.

Kate makes drinks in buckets that have several straws in them, and mushrooms floating on top. She says there’s so much vodka and other stuff in it, they’ll never taste the mushrooms. In the captain’s interview, he says, the presentation was good last night – as it should be every night. Over the top. It needs to be consistent. Go big or go home. If Kevin doesn’t do that, it’s time to pack his sh*t and leave. The first course is a dish using local scallops, and Captain Lee pronounces it outstanding. Kate tells Kevin, they’re loving it. In his interview, he says he’s taking a huge risk on the beef tongue dish. All he needs is one person to be a loudmouth, and say it’s disgusting. It could be his last meal. It looks good, not like what it is. He visits the table, and says he’d like them to try it. He doesn’t think it’s something they’d ever order on off a menu. One guest asks if it’s a brain, and he tells them, it’s beef tongue. Another guest wants to know who put that on their preference sheet. They’re good sports though, and everyone tries it, finding it delicious. Captain Lee says, a little tongue never hurt anyone, and someone says, that’s what she said. In Kevin’s interview, he says he’s killed two birds with one stone. He got the captain off his back, and the guests are super happy. He sings in the galley.

Mccall asks if the captain has heard of ping pong shows. He says he hasn’t, but imagines it doesn’t involve paddles. I don’t believe for a second he doesn’t know what they are. Even I know what they are. Kate asks Ashton if he and Brian can get painted. In Abbi’s interview, she says it’s been a hard day, and she never wants to work on a motor yacht again. She’s going to focus on her passion, sailing around Greece with Patrick. It’s what they both want, and it’s all that matters. Ashton asks Brian if he’s had his body painted before, and Brian says it’s his first rodeo. Kate says they’re wonderful canvases. In Brian’s interview, he says being painted for a full moon party isn’t his vibe, but he’ll take one for the team. He’s glad Courtney got involved. He’d rather her paint him than Ashton.

Brian and Ashton help serve some kind of flan dessert. Mccall fans herself, and says her mouth is watering. Kate asks if Courtney saw the penis ravine on Brian. I’ve never heard this term, but she’s referring to the abdominal muscle that makes a V toward the pelvis. (Does that sound clinical enough?) Kate says she usually doesn’t like that kind of body (I say, what?), but that muscle is pronounced. It’s aggressive – in a good way. The guests applaud Kevin. Kate thanks the guys, and says they did great. In her interview, she thinks all men should get penis ravine implants. They can even have a small penis if they have a big ravine. She laughs again at her own joke. Kate is feeling her bad self tonight.

The guests go to bed, and the crew cleans up. The captain goes to the galley, and says, about dinner… Kevin stepped his game up quite well. He can find no fault with anything, and he appreciates the effort. Kevin thanks him. In Captain Lee’s interview, he says, Kevin brought his A-game, but the fact remains that the food has to be at a consistently high level. He hopes the trend continues. They don’t do mediocre on his yacht.

Kate serves coffee, mimosas, and breakfast. Mccall says she had a great time. The captain knows how to take care of his ladies. Someone says, that’s what she said, which doesn’t really work here. Courtney is on laundry, and Simone does the cabins. Courtney brings the ironing board into the crew mess, and tells Brian that she hates ironing. Kate checks on Tanner, and asks if she can bring him anything, but he says, no worries. Ashton asks Abbi to pack before they dock. She asks if he’s serious, and he says, after the guests leave, they’ll have a meeting with the captain, and then she’s off the boat. In her interview, she says, it may be impulsive and stupid, but that’s who she is and how she deals with situations. Well, I guess that says it all then. Good luck, Patrick!

Kate asks if she and Captain Lee can have a chat. He says what he needs is green tea mouthwash. She thinks that’s the least of his worries. She tells him that Tanner is pretty sick. He’s been in his cabin all morning, in the dark, in bed, and didn’t sound well. In the captain’s interview, he says, Tanner is sick, Abbi is leaving; they’re dropping like flies. He can’t afford to lose anyone else. He tells Kate that he’ll get Tanner a doctor. Brian asks what Courtney’s parents do, and she says her dad is in finance and her mom didn’t work while she was growing up. He asks if they’re still together, and she says they are. He says, very cool. His parents divorced, then his dad died. They said it was a heart attack, but he OD’d on drugs. Courtney says, that’s sad. In Brian’s interview, he says he didn’t have a good relationship with his father. He wasn’t a good person, but it’s given him the motivation to be a good father. His family has seen a little chaos, and he wants to give his daughter the life he didn’t have, and be there when she needs him.

Anchor is pulled. Ashton says Abbi is upset that he told her to pack and go. What did she think was going to happen? Free vacation for you? Abbi tells Kate that she doesn’t know where to go. They just put her on the dock, and good luck? Kate says, that’s the thing about working in yachting; you’re not just unemployed, but homeless. She suggests Abbi go to the airport.

The guests don’t want to leave. Brian tells Ashton, Tanner is still feeling like sh*t. The captain announces the final approach, and they dock. Kevin helps tie the lines. The crew goes to the aft deck to say goodbye to the guests. Mccall says, the service was fantastic and the food was amazing, every minute of every day. She gives the captain the traditional envelope. After the guests are gone, Captain Lee wanders around the wheelhouse for a while, then radios Ashton and Abbi to come there.

He understands Abbi is leaving today, and he doesn’t have time for this. Abbi says she doesn’t want them to take it personally; she loves working with them. The captain says he doesn’t take it personally, but there’s protocol. He hands Abbi her passport and her share of the tip, and tells her that’s all he’s got to say. Ashton says he’ll help her with her luggage. In his interview, Captain Lee says, what’s he going to do? There will be a lot of things in life Abbi is going to bail on. She’s not cut out for yachting; yachting’s not for quitters. Brian says he feels bad about Abbi being in a situation she doesn’t want to be in, but work is work, and this makes it more difficult. In Abbi’s interview, she says, the hardest part is saying goodbye. She knows it’s the right decision, but she’s still having feelings of sadness. She tells everyone it was awesome working with them, and wishes them good luck. Ashton hugs and thanks her, telling her, get home safe. In her interview, Abbi says, working on motor yachts isn’t for her, but she’s happy she tried. At least she knows. She’s getting married at some point. She doesn’t know what she’s doing, but she’s excited to get back on the sailboat.

The captain calls the crew to the crew mess for the tip meeting. He says as they know, they’ve lost a member of the deck crew. He didn’t get or understand it, but it’s not for everybody. She’s been compensated and she’s gone; they’re moving on. He says, the girls were great. He can’t remember the last time he laughed so hard. He says, they left a nice tip – $19,000, $1700 apiece. He tells Kevin that he nailed it; he was impressed with everything. He has a doctor coming to see Tanner, and depending on what’s wrong, it’s possible they’ll be two down. They’ll wait and see how it plays out. They know what they have to do. Let’s go.

The doctor arrives. The captain gives Tanner his share of the tip. Tanner doesn’t think he can accept it, but the captain says he has no choice. It’s the way they do things. Captain Lee says the doctor is there for him. The doctor examines Tanner, and says he has a viral infection of the stomach, and gives him an injection. In Tanner’s interview, he says he had what’s called sweet belly. It’s a common bug, and nothing serious, but he’ll never eat a cheeseburger in Thailand again. The doctor tells the captain that Tanner should be better by tomorrow, and the captain tells Tanner to get some rest. He’s glad it’s nothing serious, and Tanner says, him too. He goes back to bed.

In Kate’s interview, she says she hopes Brian and Courtney hook up. Someone needs to be banging Brian. He’s so hot. Brian takes Courtney out on the tender to go swimming. In Courtney’s interview, she says she’d like to get to know Brian better. She’s usually attracted to a guy’s mind, and notices their body in retrospect. She doesn’t notice until she gets to know them. Well, that’s just weird. I can understand it not mattering, but not to notice? That’s weird. Brian asks what she’d be doing if she wasn’t in yachting, and she says being the lady of the house. Back at the boat, Simone tells Tanner she’s glad he’s alive. He says he should be back to eating soon. In her interview, Simone says she was hoping to spend some time with him. Her parts have been ignited.

Captain Lee makes a phone call. He says he knows they weren’t available at the start of the season, but he needs them in Thailand in less than two days. Pack a bag.

Courtney says she heard Brian had a daughter. He says he does, and asks if she has any kids, is she married, or does she have a serious boyfriend? She says, no to all of the above. He says, no serious boyfriend? Isn’t she thirty? She says she’s twenty-six, and Brian is embarrassed.

Tanner tells Brian that his FOMO is off the charts. Ashton asks Brian how it went with Courtney, and Brian says, good. Ashton asks Courtney if Brian got to her. Whatever that means. In Ashton’s interview, he says Brian and Courtney have a little flower garden growing nicely, but he doesn’t mind competition. I hate to break it to him, but I don’t think she’s interested. Everyone gets dressed, and they take a taxi to a club called The Library.

This place is lit. It’s humongous, and the décor is what you’d expect – lots of books – but they’re not all on conventional shelves, some are suspended from the ceiling. The bartenders would put those guys from Cocktail to shame, doing all kinds of crazy magic with shakers and shot glasses. Simone says, this club is the one. The music is amazing, and everyone is partying. Simone dances with Ashton, then the girls dance while the guys do shots. Brian tries to convince Ashton that Kate would go for him. In his interview, he says Ashton can be a c*ck block, and he wants to flirt with Courtney. He suggests Ashton have another tequila. In Courtney’s interview, she says, Ashton is trying way too hard. Ashton sees Brian kiss Courtney (nothing real passionate), so he kisses Kate. She asks him if it’s New Year’s. Why are they doing this? In Kate’s interview, she says, no. She doesn’t want to do this. Don’t use her mouth as a receptacle for your insecurity and jealousy. This is why she has trust issues. She tells Ashton, she loves him, but not in that way. She goes to sit with Simone and Courtney, and Simone says Kate kissed Ashton; she saw it. Kate says she did not. She pulled away. It was like he was her cousin, and she was scared.

Back in the taxi, Courtney says she just wants breakfast. She has her feet over the back of Brian’s seat, and he licks her foot. She says, that’s disgusting. Kate says she doesn’t want to be a spectator to their foreplay, and Brian jokes not to make it about him when it’s about the two of them. Kate jokes back, just leave her alone. On the way back to the boat, Ashton says they’re all walking zig-zaggy.

Everyone heads to bed. Ashton makes a plate of toasted cheese sandwiches. He asks if Courtney is into Brian, and says he knows she is. She says she said no such thing, and Ashton says he’s saying it. Brian comes by, and Ashton asks him to get some hot sauce. He brings tangy barbecue instead, and tells them, goodnight. In Brian’s interview, he says when Ashton drinks, he gets way too involved. He’s pretty sure Courtney will pick the better man. Ashton tells Courtney that Brian is into her, but he went to bed. Brain is his friend, but that’s not cool. He starts not making sense, and says, wait. He’ll start again. Courtney says she’s going to bed. In her interview, she says she finds it astonishing that Ashton is thinking he has any luck at this point. She can’t imagine anyone having less of a chance than Ashton.

Back at his bunk, Ashton says he wishes they had girls who wanted to have fun and bang. He’s tired of working so hard to get his d*ck sucked (a remark that has come back to haunt him). Kevin says, these girls have standards.

Next time, beer bong, Simone is hit on by a creepy guest, a beach picnic, and a new deckhand that Ashton already knows. I can find no information on that either.

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And Kate thought it was going to be easy.


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I don’t know if this is the best choice for a comeback, but maybe the paycheck is good.


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Not exactly my choice. The Kardashians over LVP in two categories? Please.


🍴  A subject line in an email I got today said, what your silver pattern says about you. I already know mine says, you got me as a wedding gift.

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Salutes the red, white, and blue.