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December 6, 2017 – Curtis Brings on the Ho-Ho-Ho, Another Posche Debacle, a Bit of Star & a Hippie Thursday


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Ned apologizes for making Alexis come over and being insensitive. She says they all need to process everything. She opens the door and Julian is standing there. He says he’s not stalking her or trespassing. He’s there to see Olivia-Q. Olivia asks what he wants, and he says, his son.

Carly is making out cards, and tells Sonny they have lots of people to catch up with. Sonny asks if he can’t have one day without conspiracies, mysteries, bad guys, or stationery. A day to enjoy his wife, his kids, and Christmas.

Jordan asks Curtis if he’s ready to do this. He wonders how this became his job, and she says there’s no one else she trusts. He’s dressed like Santa, and does a ho-ho-ho.

Michael takes Rocco to see Santa. Nelle comes out dressed as an elf. She says she’s Santa’s helper, and anyone who wants to see him has to go through her.

Lulu tells Maxie that Operation Sweet Smell of Defeat is a go, and they’ll be out of the hazmat suits soon. They just have to wear them long enough to get in, get the scoop, and get out. Maxie says she feels like she’s been wearing it long enough for corsets to make a comeback. She tells Lulu no offense, but Sam is probably focused on which Jason she’s going to be with, and not finding a place for Lulu in the company.

At the station, Dante questions the credential of the Naval lawyer, who tells him the warrant stands for itself. In the interrogation room, Sam tells Drew that they’re arguing the letter of the law with the lawyer, but it’s just a stall. If they don’t come up with something, he’s going to be court marshaled. Drew says, for leaving a life he didn’t know he had.

Olivia asks if Julian has been released, and Alexis says it’s conditional, and he’s getting a new trial. Ned is sure he’ll be guilty again. Julian hears Leo on the monitor. Ned tells him not to do anything stupid, and goes upstairs. Olivia says if he does, Diane will have him back in Pentonville. She has sole custody since he was convicted, and he has no right to be near her son.

On the phone, The Intruder dude says he has photos, texts, and an adult Teddy Ruxpin costume. Lulu and Maxie knock on the door, telling him he has to evacuate since ammonium sulfide has gotten into the air. They push him out of the office. Lulu says they have to work fast, before he figures out that’s the chemical name for stink bomb. She starts to go through the files.

Michael tells Rocco that every CEO counts on their employees, and the elves are Santa’s eyes and ears. Rocco goes to get hot chocolate, and Michael says he sees Nelle is putting her professional experience with kids to good use. She tells him she can’t be picky, and he says she’ll land on her feet. She says she always does, no matter who tries to keep her down.

Sonny kisses Carly. He suggests they bundle up Avery, and get some holiday cheer. She’s all for a drama-free day, but doesn’t think it can be delivered. He says everything is good, and it’s all settled. She tells him nothing is settled.

Drew tells Sam that he didn’t see this coming. Sam says he’s not a deserter. He was kidnapped by a most wanted criminal. He says a lot of what he did was classified. He doesn’t know where he was sent or what he did, but he sure the Navy doesn’t want him sharing it. Sam says they’re looking at him as a traitor, and he tells her that they’ll transport him to a secure location, and debrief him. This might be a problem, since he doesn’t remember what he’s supposed to know or who he told.

Olivia asks Alexis to tell Julian to scram. She says he’s got grown kids to visit, and asks if they slammed the door in his face. They want nothing to do with him, and neither does Leo. Leo doesn’t remember him, and he’s nothing to Leo. Julian hears Leo call Ned “daddy” on the monitor. Olivia says he’s a non-entity in Leo’s life. Why doesn’t he do what’s best for everyone, and stay far away? Alexis says she’ll give him some free advice. His mere presence there jeopardizes his chance of acquittal, not to mention any chance of release. He says it’s not that simple, and she says it is for her.

Carly tells Sonny that Drew is determined to keep everything that belongs to Jason, and Jason won’t fight. He tells her to give everyone a minute. Maybe he’ll see that they weren’t siding against him. Their friend came back, and they’re honoring that friendship, but they’re still his friend too. Carly says he feels like they betrayed him. She doesn’t know how to fix that, and show him they’re still friends. Sonny says Drew can’t figure out who they are to him, until he figures out who he is.

Dante tells the Naval lawyer that Drew is part of an ongoing case, but the lawyer says he has to bring him back for dereliction of duty. I guess they never bothered looking for him? Sam tells Drew that the most important thing is to keep him in Port Charles. The Navy could take him anywhere, and not disclose it. They have to stop it before it starts. He tells her that whatever happens, and no matter how long it takes, he’ll find his way back to her. She says she’s counting on that. The Navy guys come in

Jordan tells Curtis that he’s got to go in alone; the Navy is taking his friend away. He wants to go with her, but she tells him to stay and entertain the kids. There’s nothing he can do right now. She’s going to protect her turf. She says if any brazen elves get within mistletoe distance, they’ll have to answer to her.

Michael asks Nelle how the apartment is, and she says it feels a little big without him. He suggests putting up a temporary wall, and getting a roommate to save on rent, but she doesn’t think it’s come to that yet.

Maxie asks if Lulu is sure the bomb isn’t toxic, and she says only smelly. Maxie holds her nose, and Lulu tells her to use both hands to look. Maxie says it’s taking too long. Lulu asks if she’s resigned to not knowing who tipped the intruder off. Maxie says if it means saving her hair from smelling like a cesspool, yes. Babies are expensive. She can’t afford using a paycheck to fix her hair. Lulu says she’s a genius. Look for paystubs or a checkbook. The article quoted an anonymous source; they can see how the source was paid. Lulu goes through a folder and finds something. She tells Maxie it even says Ask Man Landers tip. It’s a check for $10K made out to Nelle Benson.

Lulu wonders why Nelle would sell them out. Maxie says the answer is in the dollar signs. It takes two hands to count how many jobs Nelle has been fired from, and Crimson was the last one. It’s probably how she found out. Lulu says she has an exposé to write, and Maxie has some choice words for Nelle. They’re met at the door by The Intruder dude and two other men.

Maxie and Lulu sit in a jail cell. Nathan asks what they were thinking, and Dante asks why they smell so bad.

Michael tells Nelle that he’s flexible if she has a problem with the rent. She says they’re in an awkward place right now, but she has the feeling they’ll make things work, and be in each other’s lives for a long time. Sonny and Carly show up with Avery. Rocco comes back, and Michael says he’s not used to Sonny being called grandpa. Carly says better him than her, and Nelle tells her she’s very suited to the title. Ouch. Curtis comes out as Santa, doing his ho-ho-ho thing. Nelle is left with Carly. Nelle says she loves this time of year, so much possibility. She doesn’t get depressed, since her luck can change at any moment. Carly says as long as it has nothing to do with Michael, and Nelle says that’s up to him. Carly tells her not to mistake his cheer; he’s seen the real her. Nelle looks forward to resetting her expectations, and Carly asks what that’s supposed to mean.

Olivia tells Julian to go before it gets ugly. He says if he leaves, he’s abandoning Leo, and if he stays, the cops will drag him out. He tells her it’s not cut and dried. Look how it almost turned out with Dante. One day Leo will come to him, and he’ll tell him the truth. Ned comes down with Leo, and Julian says he’s leaving. Olivia tells him they’re going to the park to see Santa, and to meet them there.

Sam tells the Naval lawyer that he’s making a mistake. Drew did nothing wrong; he was kidnapped. Drew tells her it’s okay, and to take care of the kids and herself. Alexis walks in, and tells them to uncuff Drew. The lawyer asks who she is, and she says the woman in charge of taking them down, and he’s her client.

Maxie tells Nathan and Dante not to look at her; it was Lulu’s idea. Lulu says they had to buy uninterrupted time, and couldn’t break in, since that’s illegal. Dante is like, so you chose noxious fumes instead? She tells him it was harmless, and he says to tell that to Homeland Security. She says they did this for Nathan. Maxie says they know who almost got them busted for fraud – Nelle.

Nelle goes to do her elf thing, and Sonny joins Carly. Carly wonders what Nelle knows that would turn her world upside down, but Sonny says it’s not the right time. Avery wants picture with Santa. I have to mention that there’s been a jump in all these children’s ages.

The Naval lawyer tells Alexis it won’t help the circumstances in the long run. Alexis says it’s due process. They have a warrant for Andrew Kane, but they’ve yet to see physical evidence that contradicts he’s not Jason. She shows them the folder, and says Andrew doesn’t even look like him. The lawyer says they’ve been apprised of the twin theory, but Alexis says his legal name is Jason Morgan. The lawyer snarks that he probably changed his face so he could enjoy his new life. Yeah, he’s been having a real ball. Sam says he was in a terrible accident. Jordan arrives, and isn’t willing to have him removed from her jurisdiction. He’s connected with a WSB most wanted criminal, and is their only lead to the whereabouts of Faison. I get excited all over again.

Michael welcomes everyone to Christmas in the Park. He thanks the parks department, and Ned thanks the sponsors, saying they’ve donated $50K to underprivileged children. Sonny sees Julian, and tells Carly they were supposed to come here to get away from trouble. He asks what Julian is doing there. Olivia tells him it’s a conditional release. His sister’s confession that she extorted him got him another trial. Sonny tells Julian to be careful on the icy roads; accidents happen. I wonder if Sonny has the power to make ice on the roads, since it’s in the 50s. They take the kids’ photos with Santa, and Olivia is obviously not happy in the photo with Julian. She suggests they take an extended family photo. Nelle takes the picture, and Julian pops his head in between Ned and Olivia. It’s actually a pretty funny scene. I like when they take pictures.

Jordan has a judge’s order and can’t relinquish custody. The Naval lawyer says for a half hour; he’ll have a word with the judge, and Drew better be there when he gets back. Sam tells Alexis she’s amazing, but Alexis says hold her applause. They have less time for a save than a pizza delivery.

Lulu tells Dante and Nathan they found a five-figure check made out to Nelle. Dante hopes she didn’t take the stub, and she says she says of course not. She took a picture; they’re not thieves. Nathan tells them they’re free to go. He only had to promise to take Maxie to Cabo. Maxie asks Nathan if he’s really mad. He says no, and she says that she’ll see him at home. He tells her to shower first.

Michael says Lulu was supposed to pick up Rocco, but Olivia says he can come home with them. Julian tells Ned to get used to him being around. He intends to be a presence in his son’s life. Leo is going to call him “dad.”

Michael thanks Curtis for taking the hit, and he says it’s his pleasure. Curtis tells Nelle that she did a good job wrangling the kids. He leaves, and Michael says he can take it from there. Nelle says it’s not his job. He says it’s his event, and she admits she could use a break. He says that’s what are friends for.

Back at home, Olivia tells Ned that Santa wore the kids out. Ned asks if Leo wondered about the strange man who crashed his visit with Santa. Olivia asks how mad he is, and he says he’s not mad; he’s perplexed. Julian has minimal legal standing, he’s on conditional release, and wearing an ankle monitor. It would have been a win to have him arrested. Olivia says she’s a coward. Ned says she is not. She’s fearless, strong, and gutsy; she even stood up to Monica. She says she’s a coward when comes to her kids. She can’t stand the thought that they might not love her. If Dante had been a different kind of person, it would have been a tragedy. She lied his entire life. Because of it, he went undercover, gathering information on a man he didn’t know was his father, and Sonny shot a man he didn’t know was his son. That Dante survived was a miracle, and an even bigger one was that he forgave her. She has to do better with Leo. She can’t pretend Julian doesn’t exist. Ned says it sounds like a plan to him. She asks what happens when grows up, and wants to know his father? He’ll look for Julian, and will find him. How does he think Julian will handle it? He’ll whine about how much he wanted to be father, and how Olivia kept him from it. He’ll make it Leo’s job to love and save him, and she’s not letting that happen. Ned asks what the alternative is, and she says minimal contact. Ideally, he’ll be in prison, but it’s better for Leo to know the truth than have an idealized picture. Ned says she’s not only fearless and beautiful, but incredibly wise. She says she’s lucky she married him. They kiss.

Maxie and Lulu arrive at the park, and Maxie says it looks like it’s all over. Lulu can’t believe she missed it. She gets text from Olivia saying Leo is with her. Maxie says what a shame; let’s go to the spa not. She can’t think, and needs her wits to go to battle with Nelle. She says, speaking of the skank…

Curtis hunts down Jordan at the station, and she explains she was called in to deal with Drew. He wonders why Maxie and Lulu were hauled in, and what is that smell?

Carly tells Sonny so much for a Christmas outing. He says next time he has a bright idea, remind him of today’s events. She wants to finish her cards, and says she just has Sam and Drew left. Sonny asks her to let him write that one.

Nathan puts Drew in a cell, saying, sorry. Drew tells him there’s something he can do. If Alexis can’t pull this off, and get the Navy to back off, Sam and the kids will need looking after. Others might come looking for him. He knows Curtis will step up, but he’ll need more than one man. He can’t trust Sonny anymore, and Jason will just bring more danger.

Sam asks Alexis how Drew’s chances are. She says Andre is their best shot. She might be able to get the warrant tossed. But if they have nothing more than his word, they need more ammunition and time, and she doesn’t know who can give it to them. Sam says she does.

Tomorrow, Lulu confronts Nelle, Drew confronts Andre, and Sam asks for help from Jason.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Interior decorator Joyce drops by Margaret’s house. She needs the living room done asap. She shows Joyce around. She thinks Joe #3 is crossing over into the style lane, when he’s supposed to stay in the execution lane. She has to go to Italy, and hopes it can be done in a couple of weeks She tells Joe they’ll fight about it after she comes back.

Melissa and Joe #2 make salad. He misses his mom. Melissa feels like no matter how much time passes, he’ll miss her; it’s just the way it is. He’s talked to a medium, because he wants to know that his mom is okay. In his interview, he says he was raised old school, but is hoping the medium will “connect” him. Melissa tells him about Dolores and Siggy going to Kim D.’s store, and how she said Teresa is fanning an old flame. She says there was a time when Teresa was supportive of Kim, but sees the truth now.

Margaret tells Joe #3 the Kim D. story, and about how Teresa went gangster style over it. She says tonight they’re confronting Kim at the fashion show. Joe is a little concerned, but she says she can outrun anybody in her heels.

Dolores and Siggy show up to get their makeup and hair done before the show. Kim D.’s eyes shoot flames. She asks how it’s going, and Siggy tells her about the dinner and how they’d repeated what she said. Kim asks what the reaction was, and Dolores says Teresa threw a wineglass and everyone hates Kim now. Some chick demonstrates how the guy was hugging Teresa in the club, and it’s pretty ambiguous. Dolores and Siggy aren’t impressed either. Kim says she heard Teresa is done with Joe #1 anyway. In her interview, Siggy isn’t cool with Kim messing with Teresa’s marriage. Dolores doesn’t believe Teresa is cheating, and Sylvia Miles Kim says, welcome to the Posche fundraiser. Toodle-oo! Idiot.

Teresa arrives at Melissa’s. Melissa asks if she’s ready for this, and she says no. She wonders why Kim D. wants to start rumor, and Melissa says because she’s an a-hole. I’d say that about sums it up. Teresa can’t wait to confront Kim. She doesn’t care about herself, but her kids. Melissa says Kim goes deep and hard.

Danielle goes to Margaret’s house to wait for the others. She tells Margaret the last time she went to the Posche fashion show, she got chased from the event, and had her hair pulled out. Margaret says they go in, accomplish what they have to do, and never see her again.

Melissa tells Teresa to be careful. Teresa says Kim knows how to push her buttons. In her interview, Melissa doesn’t think Teresa should put herself in this kind of position. If she gets in trouble, she’ll have to “go away” again. Italian for being thrown in the pokey. Teresa says something happens at every fashion show, but if anyone puts their hands on her, she’ll walk away. In her interview, Teresa says she used to like Kim, but she came after both her and Melissa.

They pick up Danielle and Margaret. Danielle says they’re going to a real Italian shake down now. The ladies arrive at the venue, and Teresa says it’s time to call that bitch out. Melissa is nervous. She says you don’t have to be genius to know this isn’t going to end well. They hit the bar and head downstairs. As Melissa walks down the steps, she says it feels like she’s walking into the lion’s den.

Teresa goes in first, and the others follow. There’s a long pause of silence, and Kim welcomes them and asks how they are. In her interview, Dolores says she’s lived in this part of the zoo a long time, and Teresa is not coming in peace. Kim asks if this is going to be one-on-one or are they all talking to her? Teresa asks if they’re scaring her, and Kim says she can “take youse all on.” Teresa says no one is going to talk about her husband or her, and Kim tells her, too bad. Teresa asks if she saw him screwing another girl, and Kim says, no. Kim calls them all dirty bitches, and says her girls have seen Teresa going to clubs. Melissa says Kim is the queen of going out, and Teresa can do what she wants. Who gives a flying; it’s her business. In her interview, Melissa says Kim just admitted her whole basis for destroying Teresa’s marriage is that someone saw her at a club. She can’t believe Dolores and Siggy. Teresa wants to straighten Kim out, and calls her trash. Kim says she’s the one who went to jail, and if Teresa touches her, she’s leaving in handcuffs. Margaret says don’t even speak her. Kim says she hasn’t seen Danielle since Teresa chased her from the first fashion show. In her interview, Danielle says she knows what Kim is capable of, and knows what Teresa is capable of, and she’s glad she’s on Teresa’s side of the fence. Teresa tells Kim that Posche stands for piece of sh*t crazy homewrecker every day (or something like that), and says she doesn’t want to go there. As Kim walks out with her entourage, Teresa says she’d love to grab her by the back of her hair. Me too. Kim says touch her, and Teresa is done. Teresa invites Kim to come at her, and Kim calls them animals.

In her interview, Teresa says she set Kim straight, and whatever her and Joe #1 go through is nobody’s business. We flash back to Joe being stupid, and Teresa says you don’t know what’s really going on unless you’re living together. Kim wants them out. Melissa says she’s disgusting. She can’t believe Dolores and Siggy are walking in the show. Dolores gets a few inches from Melissa’s face, and says, don’t tell her what to do. Melissa asks why Dolores is getting in her face; they’re supposed to be friends. Dolores screeches that it’s for charity. Teresa calls them Kim D.’s puppets, and Dolores says they’re acting like ladies at a fundraiser. In her interview, Dolores is dumbfounded by Teresa’s behavior, saying there’s a time and place for everything, but it’s not here at a charity event. She says she’s a grown woman, makes her own enemies and fights her own battles. She doesn’t need to get involved.

The show starts. Kim explains the fundraiser is for families who lost someone in a tragedy. Siggy dabs at her eyes, and Dolores tells her, let’s go, probably wanting to circumvent the waterworks. Siggy says no kind of rumor or drama will get in her way of doing acts of kindness. She’s thinking of how much money they can raise for the families. Don’t try to stop her. Zzzzz…

The girls gather at Margaret’s house, and she gets them cocktails. Melissa says it was a real sh*tshow. Teresa is glad she went. No one is going to talk about her family, and get away with it. Kim doesn’t scare her, and if she’s going to blatantly lie, Teresa is going to deal with her. Margaret thinks Kim was scared, and won’t say anything else. I wouldn’t bet on that. She wants to be on this show badly, and it’s her only connection. They agree that Siggy and Dolores aren’t supportive, and Margaret tells Teresa their silence says a lot. Melissa can’t believe they just made plans to go to Milan. Teresa isn’t sure she wants to go with them. In her interview, Teresa says it seems to be a pattern with Dolores. We flash back to her being unsympathetic. Teresa asks how many chances does she give Dolores before she sees Dolores isn’t there for her? She thanks everyone and says she’s torn about Siggy and Dolores. They’ll have to come to her.

Margaret goes to the office in rollers, and tells the fashion show story. Marge Sr. thinks it’s ridiculous. Margaret has finally set up her mom with Steve, her accountant. Marge hasn’t had serious boyfriend in years. She was like a wild divorcé in hot pants. She makes an appointment for her mom to get her hair done at the house, so she’ll look glamorous.

Frank and Dolores go out for pizza. Dolores thinks son Frankie needs to see life beyond his girlfriend. In her interview, she asks how a kid in high school is supposed to have relationship? It’s an anchor. She tells Frank that their son should have no distractions. Siggy joins them. She tells Frank about how Kim gossiped that someone saw Teresa getting cozy with a man at a club. She says things got ugly at the fashion show, and she called Teresa a criminal. Frank asks what did they do? and they tell him they did nothing. He asks if they stayed walking in the show. He’s looking at it from Teresa’s point of view, and what message was shown. They should have let Teresa know they had her back. Dolores says in hindsight, maybe they should have gone. Siggy says it makes sense. She thinks as her friends, they have to let Teresa know that they have her back 100%. These two are either stupid or insane.

Melissa and Joe #2 wait for the medium. Melissa says she doesn’t do this sort of thing. Joe #2 asks if she’s afraid of ghosts, and yes, she is. Teresa arrives, and they have some vodka. Joe asks if she’s ready. In her interview, Teresa says mediums aren’t her thing, but she’s there to support her brother. She’s not ready for all this. Medium Concetta enters. Melissa offers her a drink, but she says she never mixes alcohol with dead people. Good to know.

Concetta tells them ask questions. She’s simple girl who’s talked to dead people her whole life. She tells Teresa that her mother is next to her, and has been. She says that one of her children is sensitive to the other side. We flash back to Milania talking about seeing her nonna cooking. Concetta tells her not to discount it. She says their mother is home and at peace. She had a wonderful life, and hears herself being adored. Teresa says she still needed her, and Concetta says she hears the support and love. She tells Joe that she hears music playing. It’s Momma, sung by Connie Francis in Italian, and Joe says he danced to that song with his mother at his wedding. Concetta tells him that his mother had a hard time walking, but now she can run. In her interview, Melissa tells us that when Joe visited his mother in the hospital, he would whisper, go, run now, mom. Concetta knows things that she wouldn’t know unless she was really talking to her. Concetta tells them that she’s worried about their dad. He’s missing her terribly, and secretly talking to her, wishing he could join her. She wants him to know, don’t be in a hurry. Someday, they’ll be together again. Teresa believes Concetta is really talking to her mom, but it still hurts. She wants her to be there to hug, and it’s so painful. A sad, but uplifting and interesting scene.

The hair person arrives at Margaret’s. She asks if Marge has a safe word in case the date isn’t going well. Marge says she’ll pull her earring. Margaret wants her to be happy and have a companion. If it’s not Steve, she’ll find someone with one foot on a banana peel and a big will.

Siggy visits Teresa. She says sorry about yesterday, and Teresa says, her too. Siggy says it got heated, and Teresa asks if Siggy sees what she’s been talking about. What Kim said was out of line. Siggy agrees, and Teresa says if the roles were reversed, she would never support that person. what said out of line Siggy tells Teresa that she defended her in the store, and told Kim it was disgusting and below the belt. Teresa says after she heard it, why not just give her donation and leave? Siggy says they were there for the charity event. She didn’t care about Kim; she didn’t want to disappoint the families. Teresa gets it, and is fine with it. I’m not. Even if they’re considered minor celebrities, and people were there to see them walk, why didn’t either one of them put it like that before? I’d probably leave, but announce why first. Teresa says she never thought Kim would go against her, and it could happen to Siggy or Dolores. Siggy tells Teresa that they’re her friends. She can’t talk with Margaret, and Danielle is up Teresa’s ass. Teresa thought everything was good with Siggy and Margaret. She says it was until Margaret referenced Hitler at the dinner. We flash back, and I wonder if Siggy actually heard and/or understood what Margaret was saying, since it was an appropriate example. She thinks Margaret is missing a sensitivity chip. She doesn’t hate her, but she’s over it. Teresa appreciates her coming, but wonders where it leaves them. Siggy doesn’t know what’s going down, but wants to go to Milan. She won’t go without Dolores though, because we’re twelve. Teresa doesn’t mind Dolores going, but doesn’t know about Melissa; she’s the one who asked them to come. Siggy says if it works out, great, but if not, she wants Teresa to know she loves her.

Margaret and Joe #3 double-date with Steve and Marge Sr. Margaret tells Steve to watch Marge, she can be handsy after a few drinks. Margaret asks Steve what kind of woman he’s looking for, and Joe says, breathing. Steve admires Marge’s tattoo. She’s been thinking about one no one would see unless she’s naked. He asks if she’ll be getting it by their third date. Ha-ha! In her interview, Margaret says it’s going better than she planned. She asks about Steve’s five-year plan, and he says he eventually wants to settle down. Margaret says he doesn’t want to grow old alone; no one does. In her interview, Margaret says, move over, Siggy. She’s not the only matchmaker. Steve asks if they can have another date without them next time. Margaret says he’s approved.

Teresa calls Melissa, and tells her about Siggy’s visit, and how she didn’t want to let the families down. Melissa understands. Teresa says they were talking about Italy, and Siggy won’t go without Dolores. Melissa says she’s not taking the invitation back, but she’s always felt like Dolores is an older sister, and she got in her face. She should have gotten crazy on Kim, if she was in the mood to get crazy. The bottom line is that she doesn’t want to deal with anybody’s sh*t when they’re in Italy. She’s done with Dolores if she disrespects her like that again. Dolores is on her sh*t list.

Next time, a lively trip to Milan, a heated dinner, and Danielle throwing things.

💫 I was only half-paying attention to Star, but saw the important stuff. Like Queen Latifah in a gorgeous shoulder-length deep magenta wig. Star also deserved kudos for bringing on a 1920s bob with waves. Cotton had serious love troubles, with Elliot wanting to get serious with her, and running into her previous bad boyfriend when they were out together. Jahil told Hunter’s mother, Arlene, that Brody was trying to sell pictures of Star looking battered after Hunter beat the crap out of her. Miss Lawrence let Carlotta know what was going on with Brody. She didn’t want to sink to his level, but Miss Lawrence told her to, sink, bitch. Rehearsals for the showcase were not going well, but when the performers were told that if it failed, Ayanna would have no choice but to sell the label, they pulled it together for the dress rehearsal. Noah apologized to Alex, who told him to never kiss her again, but the look on her face wasn’t jiving with her words. The best part, besides the hair, was Arlene meeting Jahil, and telling him that she wanted Brody dead. Brody appeared out of nowhere, turning the tables, and slashing her a million times. Afterward, he returned Star’s phone, and told her that he’d never bother her again. Right. Next week, the finale.

🎆 When You Google Psychedelic Thursday…

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November 29, 2017 – Andre is Found, a Fashion Show Standoff, a Little Star & Random Info


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Obrecht shows up at The Floating Rib, where Mac, Felicia, and Sam are setting up a celebration. Maxie has insisted on a gathering of her and Nathan’s nearest and dearest, but they don’t know why. Lulu has her suspicions, but says it’s not her place to say. Maxie and Nathan arrive, and say they have good news to share, but they’re waiting for everyone to get there. Obrecht suggests entertaining them with a medley of German ballads in the meantime, so Maxie reveals that she and Nathan are having a baby.

Jason goes to the station to see Dante. He’s hoping for some help.

In Havana, Curtis enjoys a cigar. Almost. Jordan takes it out of his hand, telling him that’s a no if he wants to kiss her. He says she drives a hard bargain. She asks if he’s sure about the name Andre is using, since no one has checked in with it. He says his contact is solid, but Andre probably changes it. Using different ones for travel and lodging makes it harder to trace. Curtis tells her that his contact sent a photo of Andre at the place they’re staying, so just sit back, chill, and wait for him to return.

Valentin sees Nina at the MetroCourt, and asks if she’s having breakfast meeting, since there’s an extra place setting. She says yes, but it hasn’t started yet. Cassandra walks up to the table.

Finn tells Anna that he didn’t want to press the issue on Thanksgiving, but they have to move forward. Anna says she could arrest Cassandra on what she has, but the organization would still go on, and it would be for nothing. He’s out, and she intends to keep it that way. Finn says Cassandra will want to flood the market with the new opiate he’s going to develop.

Maxie says she couldn’t hide it after she annihilated the Thanksgiving buffet, and Lulu says she was right. Felicia had been worried they were moving, and asks why she didn’t tell them. Obrecht says the Americans have it wrong. Maxie might be pregnant, but her son is going to be a father, and she will be a großmutter. She tells Mac and Felicia that they’ll be bonded together for eternity, and Mac suddenly needs a drink. Maxie says she wanted to tell Georgie first. She was confused, thinking Spinelli was the father, and still has questions about how a baby can have the same mother, but a different father. She sees Sam, and says, sorry, but Sam says it’s okay; they’re coping.

Dante tells Jason that was some entrance, and Jason says it wasn’t on purpose. Dante says it never is. He has good intentions, reacts, and mayhem ensues. He didn’t want to say anything, but has to admit that Jason’s brother has been a good friend. His twin saved Dante’s life, and he’s a good dude. He didn’t want to think Jason was bailing on him, but now that he’s staring him in the face… He says, welcome home, Jason.

Jordan doesn’t want to just sit there, but Curtis says they’re leaving nothing to chance. She wants to pay the waiter, but Curtis explains that you can’t use an American credit card in Cuba (good to know). It’s cash or nothing. Andre never had a chance to empty his bank accounts, and now that they’re frozen, he can’t access them. They’ll just wait and draw him out.

Cassandra wonders why Valentin is surprised that she and Nina are meeting, since she thought they tell each other everything. Nina says she sent him a text, and he pretends to suddenly see it. Nina says since Valentin told her about his involvement with Cassandra, she thought it best that everything be out in the open, so they met. Cassandra says sorry to blindside him, and Nina says she’s been working late, and by the time she gets home, the last thing she wants to talk about is his exes, but she thought why not still be friends? Cassandra tells Valentin she’s like to get closer to the people he loves.

Anna tells Finn it’s a bad idea. She’s not risk getting him further involved; it’s too dangerous. Finn says it wasn’t when she blackmailed him into treating Cassandra, or telling people they’re dating. Anna says the cover is keeping him alive, but working with her will have the opposite effect. He says Cassandra is interested in him, and if he can convince her that he has the expertise to develop a new drug, she might let him in and show him where the bodies are buried. Anna says, or he’ll be one. She tells him he doesn’t have the resources, and he says, Valentin does? She says he’s a trained spy, and Finn suggests maybe he should be in jail. Anna says Cassandra knows Valentin because he’s a criminal, but knows Finn to be an upstanding citizen. How is he going to convince her otherwise? He says he’ll find a way, but he can’t sit on his hands and do nothing. She tells him no, and Robin appears, asking if everything is okay.

Obrecht tells Nathan that her dismissal was blessing in disguise. She’s been doing some traveling, and Nathan asks if she saw Britt. She says Britt’s whereabouts are a mystery. He says, to everyone or just him? Obrecht changes the subject, wanting to know about the Man Landers story. He says it’s long and complicated. Maxie joins them, saying she’s glad it’s over, but she won’t rest until she  finds out who leaked the story. Someone went out of their way to ruin her career. Sam says she’ll be glad to help.

Valentin suggests he stay, but Nina says it’s a girl brunch, and she’ll walk him out. In the hallway, he asks what she thinks she’s doing. Nina says Cassandra believes she knows nothing about their business relationship. She thinks Valentin told her told her everything, but is convinced she knows nothing. She reminds him about keeping your friends close, and your enemies closer. She says after a few drinks, she’ll find Cassandra’s weak spot. Valentin says she knows his is Nina, but Nina says she’s not going to get away with it. Trust her.

Robin says she didn’t mean to pry. Finn says he’s just worked up about an excess of fentanyl ODs at the hospital. Robin says it’s been the same in Berkeley. I saw a woman hooked on fentanyl on Intervention once, and it was seriously scary stuff. Robin tells him as long as newer end cheaper drugs are produced, more generations will get hooked. He says it’s too bad they can’t stop it before it hits the streets. After Robin leaves, Anna tells Finn not to use her to make point, but Finn says even Robin can see how urgent it is; why can’t she? She says one of the reasons she’s involved is because of Robin.

Jordan asks how Curtis plans on drawing Andre out, and he says Andre likes to collect antiquities. His passion is now his cash flow. He made nice with the concierge, telling him that he’s into artifacts, and asked if he knows someone who might want to unload some. He did, and Curtis asked for a meeting in the café where they’re sitting. Jordan says they’ll have to hang back and hope Andre takes the bait.

Jason tells Dante that Diane is working on proving his identity, but Dante wonders if she shouldn’t be working on keeping him out of prison. He says that Jason’s attack on Franco was unprovoked, but he’ll testify against Franco if necessary. Jason says that’s not why he’s there. He needs to see his file from the night Faison shot him.

Nina confesses that she’s never been to Monte Carlo, and Cassandra jokes the friendship over. Nina says she’ll have to schedule a photo shoots there; the winters are killing her. Cassandra says she’s sure Port Charles has its charms, and she’ll be taking them in while she’s on business there. Nina asks what her business is. She mentioned she was in pharmaceuticals. Nina  tells her about an ad from a pharmaceutical company being pulled at the last minute, and says it must be hard dealing with the FDA. Cassandra says she prefers the European way of keeping business and friendship separate. Nina’s phone rings, and she says her new assistant is still getting the hang of things. She’s just now getting a message about an announcement her brother made an hour ago. Cassandra understands if she has to leave, and they make plans to get together soon.

Finn asks what Robin has to do with it, and Anna says she’s HIV positive. She was diagnosed about twenty years ago. Finn says he’s sorry, and Anna tears up. She says it was at a time when it was practically a death sentence, but she benefited from the advancement in the way the disease is treated. Her boyfriend wasn’t so lucky. Finn asks if she contracted it from him, and Anna nods. She says his name was Stone Cates, and Finn recognizes it from a wing at the hospital. Anna says Sonny endowed the wing in his memory. He was just a kid, and his girlfriend had been an IV drug user. She was just a kid too, but she got hooked, and her addiction changed the course of her life, Stone’s life, and Robin’s life forever. Drug addiction affected her in a different way than Finn, but it’s had an impact on her life nonetheless.

Robin tells Maxie that Noah and the baby will have to grow up being besties. Lulu asks Sam if she’s okay, and Sam says she’s just distracted. Lulu doesn’t know if it’s a bad time, but tells her about how she’s been doing some writing for a local publication, and wants to make a go of it. She asks if they’re hiring writers; she’s willing to start at the bottom. Sam says Lulu doesn’t have to do a hard sell; she’ll help. She gives Lulu the contact information for Peter August, telling her that he’s the new CEO. Lulu thought they were planning on running Aurora themselves, but Sam says it’s a big ship to steer. She’s just glad they found someone to be at the helm with them, since they’re in a lot of flux.

Dante tells Jason that the file doesn’t leave the building, room, or his sight. Jason’s identify hasn’t been legally proven, so it’s at his discretion, and he’s responsible. Sooner or later, it will be a file about himself. Sooner, if Sonny has anything to do with it. He calls Jason, Sonny’s right hand man.

Andre, looking spiffy in a straw fedora, comes up behind Curtis’s chair, and says he heard he’s looking to take something back from Cuba. Curtis gets up, and says, good to see you, doc. He never thought this day would come. Andre pushes him back, and they struggle

Maxie tells Felicia that she made so many mistakes with Georgie, she wants to get it right this time. Felicia says she knows she wasn’t the best mother, but Maxie says she’s managed to make up for lost time. Felicia says it’s love that matters the most, along with patience, forgiveness, sacrifice, and acceptance. She’s never met anyone with more love to give.

Nina tells Nathan it’s amazing. He’s going to be the most incredible, stupendous father on the planet. She’s happy for him.

Valentin visits Anna, and asks if he’s interrupting. She tells him that she’s explained to Finn that she’s using him as a mole instead. Finn says Valentin’s credentials are better than his. Anna says the risk outweighs the reward, but Finn says he’s only person who can create the chemical compound Cassandra needs to develop a new drug. Anna says it’s a terrible idea, but Valentin thinks it’s brilliant.

Robin tells Sam she knows how confusing it is, and apologizes for any part she played in the confusion. She saw his face, the same face she’d known her entire life. She had no idea he had a twin. If it’s any consolation, she has some idea of what she’s going through after what happened with her, Patrick, and Sabrina. Sam tells her to stop.

Jason tells Dante that he heard Sonny thought about getting out of the business. Dante says now he doesn’t have to; he has Jason back. Anyone who crosses Sonny will live to regret it. He loves Sonny, but hates what he does, and Jason enables him. No matter how much he likes Jason, they’ll always be on opposing sides.

Jordan tells Andre and Curtis to stop. Andre says he knew wouldn’t be long before they figured things out. Curtis tells him skipping out was a red flag. Jordan says they know he has information about Jason Morgan, and asks him to come with them to answer questions. He tells them they wasted their time. He’s not going back, and he’s not talking to anyone.

Robin and Sam apologize to each other. Robin tells Sam that she’s heading back, but she’s still reachable if Sam needs her. Nina approaches Sam, asking if she’s okay. Sam says people keep saying she’s confused, but she isn’t. She knows who her husband is, but can’t convince them.

Andre says it’s not going to get better, but Jordan says if he goes back, it would for a lot of people, namely Jason. Curtis says he’s a good friend. They’ve been to hell and back together, and he deserves to know what’s going on with his own life. Andre says he’s sympathetic, but already said too much. The people involved don’t want truth to come out. He says that Jordan has no jurisdiction in Cuba, and by the time she’s able to extradite him, he’ll be long gone.

Anna asks if Valentin is joking. He tells her that Cassandra is threatening his family. His wife has taken it upon herself to do recon for him, and she’s about as subtle as a freight train. Cassandra only trusts him if he’s in check, but has no reason to distrust her doctor friend. She’s actually fond of him; she likes his healing hands and bedside manner. Anna says she’s not sanctioning this. She’ll have Finn arrested for interfering and making narcotics with the intent to sell. Finn says he’s out of there. Valentin tells Anna that he seems like a keeper.

Mac asks what’s on Lulu’s mind. She tells him that she’s thinking of switching her career to journalism. She says it’s one thing to think about it, but it’s totally different to take the plunge. Mac remembers how he felt leaving the PCPD. He thought his life was over, but it was the best thing that ever happened to him. He’s able to do something he enjoys, and put his family first. They agree that if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. He tells her to do it; it worked for him.

Dante asks what Jason is looking for, and he says something to tell him where he’s been. Dante doesn’t think he’s going to find it there. Other than the phoenix figurine Sam gave him, there was nothing to be found after he fell in the water. Faison is a fugitive, so they can’t ask him any questions. All they even know about him is that he’s obsessed with Anna.

Valentin asks Anna why she’s flustered. She says she’s angry and frustrated. She asks him why he’s encouraging Finn. Is he trying to get him killed? He says that Finn would have to work hard to screw up. Anna tells him now she’s angry, frustrated, and annoyed; it’s a trifecta. Valentin says Cassandra is getting close to his wife and daughter, and if she doesn’t back off, he’ll have to take it into his own hands. Anna tells him to get out. He asks if she means out of her house or the operation, and she says it’s still on. He tells her she’s never had a problem putting people in harm’s way. What makes Finn different as an asset?

Finn orders black coffee. No shots, no syrup, no foam. Cassandra asks if he’s had a bad day, and is there anything she can do to help?

Dante congratulates Nathan, and tells him that he’s never going to get another night’s sleep as long as he lives. Maxie asks for everyone’s attention, and proposes a toast, reassuring them she has club soda. She says seeing them all reminds her and Nathan about how much love they have in their lives; Nathan adding, and how lucky their kid will be. They clink glasses.

Finn confesses he’s had a rotten morning, but Cassandra could make it better by joining him for coffee. She says she’d be delighted. Valentin sees them.

Jason goes to Anna’s house. She says she heard the rumors, and there he is. He tells her that he needs her help in finding Faison. He needs to know why he was shot, and what they’re after. Anna says she doesn’t know where he is, but Obrecht would. I get super excited, because Faison is my favorite GH character of all time. I met Andres Hove at a horror convention, where he did a panel with a soap actress whose name I don’t remember. They’d done a horror film together. When I asked them to sign a soap magazine, the both of them snatched it out of my hands, flipping through it to find themselves and their friends. I did eventually get it back, signed. He was really a nice guy, and oozed European charm.

Nina asks how Nathan feels, and he says he has a lot to think about. Mac and Felicia will be awesome grandparents, and he knows his mother is going to spoil their child. He says he never knew his biological father. Obrecht overhears.

Curtis says he’ll make a call to Anna. Jordan might not have jurisdiction, but the WSB does. Andre says he’ll be gone before they get there. Jordan says she doesn’t know how he got mixed up in this, but she knows he’s a healer. She has to believe he had higher purpose, and was doing it to heal in some way. He’s a good man. She never would have trusted her heart to him if she didn’t believe that. As someone he once loved, she’s asking him to come back and make it right.

Tomorrow, Oscar can’t stand not knowing who his father is, Franco wants to know why Elizabeth is taking his side, and Spinelli sees Jason.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Back at the retreat, the women pick a partner and role play. Siggy goes first, picking Margaret. Margaret starts whining about how beautiful the cake was, and how disrespectfully it was treated. Melissa wonders how they’re solving things this way. She doesn’t think this kind of role-playing will result in a happy ending. Siggy pretends to have pigtails, complaining about everything. Vikki tells them it was hard to watch. I don’t know if she means because of the situation or their bad acting. Siggy says she feels like Margaret got to know her better here. Calling her “Soggy” cut her to the core, bringing her back to a time she wasn’t accepted, and was bullied over her name. Vikki tells her to use it as a strength. Margaret says she thought she was being funny, and didn’t mean to hurt Siggy’s inner child. She apologizes, saying now that she knows, she’ll never do anything like that again. Siggy says she was coming from place of hurt – “a place of” being the new catchphrase. They’re good, and hug it out.

Melissa is next, and she says she had a problem with Siggy. She gets that Siggy was sensitive about the cake thing, but feels it was overreactive. She does a spot-on impression of Siggy welcoming Melissa into her home, proceeding to call her an a-hole, then asking for a show of hands as to who else thinks so. She ends with Siggy being a normal hostess again, and it’s all very funny. Siggy says her intention wasn’t to embarrass Melissa; she just wanted her to understand how much effort she’d put into the weekend. Melissa says she could have been more sensitive, but Siggy could have been too. Siggy wants to break down the wall between them, and they also hug it out.

Danielle wants to speak to Teresa about an old wound, surprising everyone, and causing Dolores to breathe a sigh of relief, although I wonder if she’s a little disappointed. Danielle says she and Teresa are in a good place, and she wants to stay there, but there’s an old wound that affected her daughters. Calling her a “prostitution whore” in front of her kids upset them. She’s continually been made fun of for it, and her kids were bullied. She needs to hear Teresa says she didn’t mean it. Teresa says if she could, she’d take it back, and she was coming from a place (sigh) of anger. Danielle asks if Teresa is willing to tell her daughters that. Teresa says whatever she can do to make it better, she will. In her interview, Dolores says that Danielle blames every hardship on Teresa. I’m really starting to dislike Dolores. She doesn’t know Danielle, it was a legitimate complaint, and it’s none of her business anyway. Teresa says there’s an Italian saying that the tongue breaks bones. Siggy thinks the group has taken huge steps in being more compassionate. I think so too, except for Dolores.

Joe #2 takes Milania to play race cars. Not like Matchbox cars, but ones you sit in and drive on an inside track. He says she’s been through a lot. Her mother and father going away (I love that euphemism), and her grandmother passing. They go for a snack afterward. Joe tells Milania that her mom is worried, and told him she was seeing her grandmother in the kitchen. He says she was his mother; he loved her and misses her. He tells Milania not to be a tough girl. When you talk about it, you feel better. She says it doesn’t feel real. Her grandma used to say one day she’ll die, and now it’s happened. He says he knows her dad isn’t around, but anything she needs, let him know, and not just if she wants something; he’s there to talk.

The ladies get ready for a last conversation. Siggy says the idea of the exercises was to get to a point of trust, and the last one is meant to take them to a deeper place. She asks them to tell something no one knows. Margaret says before Joe #3, she had the perfect family. Now, two of them don’t speak to her, and it’s been six years. Siggy says she should have ended the marriage first, like Margaret needs to hear that or could change it, and Margaret says ideally that should have happened. Vikki says her ex is the key, and to ask him to help mend with the children. Her best advice is to never give up. Siggy feels badly, because she’s having a hard time with Josh going to school, and can only imagine how hard and upsetting this is.

Teresa says they don’t all have perfect lives. When she came home, Joe #1 was drinking a lot. She wishes he’d been stronger, but realizes women are stronger than men. She does have resentment, but has to move on. Siggy says she’s taken on a lot, and inside, feelings have a way of festering and need to be released. In her interview, Melissa says Teresa needs to come out and tell Joe she wants an apology, but she’s not there yet.

Dolores invites everyone to her animal charity event. In her interview, Margaret says, are you kidding? She bares her soul, and Dolores asks everyone to come to her dog charity. But of course, she’ll go. Vikki thanks everyone, and thinks the test was successful. It’s awesome that they’re in a great place.

It’s back to routine. Teresa visits Siggy, bearing coffee. Siggy tells Teresa about getting the pellets in her behind, and how it’s been life-changing. She’s actually in the mood now. She asks when Teresa last saw Joe #1, and Teresa says it was before her mom got sick. In her interview, Siggy says that’s three months. She thinks Teresa is frustrated, sad, and holding resentment. Teresa tells Siggy that she’s guarded. Her upbringing was geared to not showing emotion, the old school way. Siggy says she has the right to feel how she does, and no one thinks she isn’t the strongest woman around. She tells Teresa to go against what she learned. Dig deep, and spill it.

Dolores explains that she got involved in the Onyx and Breezy Foundation after the love of her life, Boo, passed away last year. I remember that; it was really sad. It looks almost like a carnival, in a big field, with booths, and food, agility runs for the dogs, and things like a bouncy house for the kids. There are a lot of people there with dogs. Danielle brings her pups in a stroller. Teresa is afraid of dogs, but only big ones. Everyone agrees the retreat was great. Melissa asks Siggy if she’s talked to Danielle, who thinks she went kumbaya too quickly with Margaret. We see a clip of Danielle telling the women that of course she’d want to fix her own problem first to look good.

Danielle talks to Margaret, telling her that she doesn’t understand how they made up so fast, and it was convenient for Siggy to look good. Margaret says she has a point, and Danielle thinks she should be on guard. In her interview, Margaret says understands Danielle has been known to create drama, but thinks she has genuine concern.

Siggy tells Melissa that she doesn’t care. She thinks Danielle has things festering (another popular word), and it is what it is. In her interview, Siggy says she has history with the others, but nothing with Danielle. Two dogs do some weird thing that’s incredibly cute, and everyone goes, aww! Danielle and Margaret join the others. Dolores talks about Kim D.’s fashion show, and asks who’s going. Teresa isn’t, and Siggy doesn’t think it’s the right time to bring it up. Dolores says she and Siggy will be walking in it,  reminding them it’s a charity event for the two boys found in the burned car. Teresa reminds her about Kim D. spreading rumors that Joe #1 was cheating on her. Dolores says she was just throwing it out there, but obviously no one is interested. In her interview, Teresa says of course she’s not going, and she doesn’t think her friends should either. Kim D. is creepy. She reminds me of Sylvia Miles in Midnight Cowboy.

Melisa visits Margaret’s showroom, and she has the cutest stuff! Melissa tells us that no one wanted to help her without cost, but Margaret said she’d show her the ropes. Melissa tells Margaret that boutiques are everywhere in New Jersey. She’s still new to the game, and trying to figure out a way to separate herself from the others. Margaret says she has to find what no one else has. Maybe go to Europe, and find brands no one else is carrying. Margaret invites her to come to Milan, where she’s having her shoe line designed. Melissa says it would be beneficial, and she’d love to. Oddly enough, she’s never been to Italy.

Siggy and Dolores go to Kim D.’s store, Posche. They try on outfits for the show, and she has them do their walk. Siggy says that Melissa and Teresa won’t be coming because they don’t like her, and remember the last time. Kim says everyone was thinking it, but she said it. Siggy says it was only rumors. Anybody can say anything, but unless you have a picture of the “weewee entering the cookie,” people should mind their own business. She says Teresa has been through hell and back, and is working her butt off. Kim says she heard Teresa is rekindling an old flame. Siggy and Dolores don’t want to hear it. Siggy says Teresa has no old flames; the only man she’s ever been with is Joe #1, although no one would blame her. Kim says forget it then, and Dolores says it’s forgotten until they have to tell her what Kim said, and she’ll shoot the messenger. Kim thinks Joe treated her horribly, and Siggy has to leave. It amazes me that they’d even want to be friends with this woman. I don’t care how long they’ve known her. She’s horrifying.

The ladies are meeting for dinner at Fresco. Melissa and Teresa are there first. Teresa says she just dropped Gabriella off at a bat mitzvah, and Melissa says it’s that season. Teresa has to explain that a bat mitzvah or bar mitzvah is related to a 13th birthday. Margaret, Danielle, and the weird ass Bobbsey twins arrive. Melissa talks about how fabulous Margaret’s collections are, and how she’s going to Milan. She thinks everyone should come, because she’s out of her mind. Siggy chooses this time to make it clear that she and Dolores are walking in the fashion show.

Teresa asks why, and Dolores tells her about what Kim D. said regarding Teresa rekindling an old flame. Melissa says not only has Kim done things to hurt her and her family, on top of it, she’s saying Teresa is a cheater, and they’re still supporting her. Siggy says it’s for charity, and Dolores says she’s neutral; she’s known Kim for twenty years. Oh, I see. For her, it’s okay to be neutral, but anyone else who is, isn’t loyal. Melissa says everything Kim D. says and stands for is bullsh*t. In her interview, Dolores pities Teresa for not seeing she’s her truest friend. This woman is delusional. We flash back to Kim D. stirring up rumors that Melissa was a stripper. Melissa tells Dolores she has to pick a side, and Dolores doesn’t get it. Siggy says when she and Margaret weren’t getting along, she didn’t tell them not to go to Margaret’s party. I just stare at Siggy blankly. Melissa lists all of the things Kim has done, and says she’s a vial human being. Siggy says she can only judge on the way Kim treats her. Margaret says Hitler wouldn’t have killed her; should they have been friends? Snap! Teresa is fuming, and Dolores says no one would blame Teresa if it was true. Teresa smashes a glass against the wall, and says they should have stuck up for her. Dolores says they did, and they both get loud, with Dolores leaning nearly all the way across the table. Margaret pulls her back. She insists she stuck up for Teresa, and tells Melissa not to tell her what to do. Siggy says it’s not about Kim, but about the dead kids, and doesn’t she have a heart, since I guess Siggy never heard of just sending a check. Margaret says they’re both hurt, and Dolores tells her to shut up. Margaret says, no thanks, she won’t shut up. Dolores and Siggy leave, with Danielle saying a line has been drawn in the sand, and telling them to have a nice time.

Outside, Siggy tells Dolores they did the right thing by telling Teresa, and Dolores says they did stand up for her. In the restaurant, Melissa is like, great, and I just invited them to Milan. Teresa can’t believe they’re supporting Kim after what she did. It’s screwed up. She wants to confront Kim, and Melissa says it would be like walking into the lion’s den. Danielle says they’ll all go. They’ll walk in like Charlie’s effing Angels, plus one, do what they have to do, and leave. Melissa says okay, and Margaret says she’s never been to a shakedown before. Danielle tells her they’re going to win, and Melissa says, kill me now.

Next time, a medium visits Joe #2 and Teresa, Kim D. and Teresa go at it, and Teresa tells Siggy eff-you.

👌 Who knows? Maybe she is just stirring the pot, but I like Danielle. She set the bar early on. I’d take a guess that she was told to put the book on the table that Teresa flipped, but she took that ball and ran with it. She’s the best thing that could have happened to this season. Her, and Teresa getting sprung.

🌟 Star began with a round of interviews about the shooting, and how it’s a normal occurrence. It was really good until they threw in Al Sharpton playing himself on the TV. Noah and Alex played it up for the cameras, which Star wasn’t happy about, but wouldn’t admit. Ayanna got custody of Simone, and her father put the pressure on about getting the numbers up, causing her to move up the showcase date. The girls were in though. Noah was also hitting the bottle pretty hard, but Joyce was the one who keeled over due to an OD. Ayanna hoped Joyce would go to rehab, and gave Simone a Xanax to calm her down, which made perfect sense. Brody’s loan shark was breathing down his neck, threatening his daughter. Under the guise of needing to use the bathroom, he snuck around upstairs at the beauty shop. Later, he got an eyeful of the pictures of a battered Star, and heard Hunter’s frantic calls to her afterward. Jahil and Carlotta tried to save Cotton from herself (again), and Jahil shot her boyfriend in the leg. Cotton claimed she needed him, but Carlotta told her to stay away from his sorry ass. Noah ended up kissing Alex for real, and she told him to back off. She went back to Derek, but thought about Noah when she was in bed with him. Next time is the finale, because seasons are only like, six episodes now.

🌴🍹 The new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills starts on Tuesday, December 9th, at 9pm. I can’t wait! Giggy!

❄ If you get a chance, check out Bravo’s Winter Warm-Up. Stassi Schroeder (Vanderpump Rules) and Kyle Cooke (Summer House) host a line-up of clips from the new seasons of the old shows and the premieres of the new ones.

😎 Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard from The People’s Couch have a new podcast, Dumb Gay Politics. I haven’t listened in yet, but they were hysterically funny on the couch. You can tune in here:



November 27, 2017 – Kim’s Explanation, the OC Exits, a Rehash & the Pressure Mounts


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Griff asks Kiki how Thanksgiving was, and she says she spent it working and studying. He tells her he’d been hoping to spend it with Ava, but she’s not feeling well. Kiki asks, since when?

Ava visits Dr. Zajac at a clinic where he has visiting privileges.

David and Alexis kiss. She says, sorry. David says they can’t do this. They can, but they shouldn’t. I wonder why.

Sam tells Andrew the kids are down for the count. He says pizza and Quartermaine bickering must have worn them out. She says there was less bickering this year, which he attributes to Tracy’s absence. He asks how she liked the CEO they interviewed, and she thinks he’s perfect. Andrew hopes the job is still theirs to give.

Sonny introduces Jason to Kim, and she calls him “Drew.” She asks how this is happening, but he says he’s not Drew. She’s mistaken him for someone else; his name is Jason. She asks if he has no clue who she is, and if something has happened. He tells her yes, but not the way she thinks. His name has always been Jason Morgan, but he has a twin named Andrew. Kim is embarrassed and apologizes. She swears she’s not crazy, but she hasn’t seen Drew in forever. Carly asks how knows him, and she says he’s a friend from San Diego. Josslyn and Oscar look at each other. Kim’s phone rings, and she tells them on top of this weird drama, they have to leave. She has a colleague begging for consultation on a paper she needs to present. She apologizes for being terrible guests. Carly starts to say something, and Jason makes a motion for her to zip it, but she asks if Kim could please answer some questions about Andrew.

Sam tells Andrew that everything is in a tailspin with his twin, and she doesn’t know what the future holds, but it will be okay. He says that Sonny and Carly resented him walking away, and it makes sense that they’ll buy what his twin is selling because they want to believe it. But what if Sonny decides to call in a favor, and suddenly there’s full proof that his twin is Jason? Sam says they wouldn’t do that to him, but he doesn’t believe it.

David tells Alexis that he likes her a lot, and thinks about kissing her more than he should, but it’s the holidays. It’s a tough season, she’s going through a lot, and this time of year brings stress. Alexis apologizes again, but he won’t accept it. He says there will be a next time, but it will be because she wants to – if he plays cards right. She thanks him for taking an awkward moment, and making it marginally less awkward. She’s grateful, and he says he is too. He had a wonderful time. She says even if she dropped the turkey, and he says because of her dropping the turkey. It was a moment to remember, and this one will be too. He kisses her on the cheek, and says he’ll be calling her.

Kiki is surprised Ava turned Griff down. He has the nagging suspicion she’s fine, and it was just an excuse, but he wants to give her space. Kiki asks if he wants her to get all up in this, and he says that’s what daughters are for. Kiki says it’s possible Ava is under the weather, and she just missed her saying something in her haze of studying. Griff says, maybe. Kiki thinks it’s sweet that he’ worried, but her mom is in a good place.

Dr. Zajac looks at Ava’s face, and says it’s remarkable. He asks if there was more scarring originally, and she says a lot more; half of her face was unrecognizable. The doctor says he can tell because he’s a plastic surgeon, but the average Joe would never know. He asks why she’s not going to the who performed this miracle. She says he’s currently unavailable, but she has his protocol, and now, so does he. She hands him the flash drive.

Molly teases Alexis about hanging out with David. Alexis says he was helping her clean up. Molly says he’s a nice guy; smart, a doctor, good-looking, a good listener, and he looks adorable in an apron. Alexis asks if Molly can give her an early Christmas present by backing off the matchmaking. Molly says she dropped by to pick up some books she left, and also to check on her. Alexis says she knows it’s the anniversary of her vodka binge, and asks about Kristina.

Dr. Zajac says he’s never seen anything like it, and Ava asks if he can finish what Dr. Klein started. He says of course. It’s revolutionary, but nothing he can’t understand. He asks if she’s aware it will be illegal, but Ava says that shouldn’t be a problem for him.

Sam tells Andrew that she doesn’t think Sonny and Carly would steal his identity and give it to someone else. He doesn’t know what to think. He says he just left a Thanksgiving dinner where everyone stared at him like a stranger. Sam says that’s not true. She knows Aurora is his dream, and it’s hers too. She was surprised when he bought the company, but she’s all in. She tells him that’s just part of the dream though. The other part is what they already have; each other, Scout, and Danny. Even if everything goes belly-up, and their assets are frozen, who cares? It will be frustrating, but it’s nothing they can’t handle. She asks what he’s really afraid of?

He tells her it’s like watching someone play him on stage, doing the things he’s supposed to do, and remembering what he’s supposed to. He does remember. They’re his memories of what happened to him, but people can’t or won’t hear him. Sam is sorry he’s going through this. He says Carly, Sonny, Michael, and Robin, he’s convinced all of them. What he’s afraid of, and can’t handle, is what if they convince her to believe him too? He can’t lose her.

Kim says she didn’t know Drew all that well; they should ask his brother. Jason says he doesn’t know him either, and Carly explains that they were separated at birth. Sonny wordlessly hands her a drink, and I laugh. Carly tells Kim that during the time Jason was away, Andrew was hit by car. He needed plastic surgery, and no longer looks the same. Now there’s a legal question as to who’s who. Sonny knows it’s a lot to take in, and Kim says, so it’s a case of mistaken identity. Jason says more or less, and Sonny tells her it would be helpful if she could tell them what she knows. Carly says she’s the only link they have.

Alexis doesn’t want to lose Kristina, but Molly says she never will. Kristina is almost as stubborn as she is, and knows Alexis will never stop trying, so she’s comfortable keeping her at arm’s length. She tells Alexis to look at it from Kristina’s perspective. It’s not easy to be in love with someone who everyone says you should hate. Every time she’s happy, it’s tainted by knowing there’s no support. Alexis says it sounds like Molly has jumped on the Kristina/Parker train. Molly says what Parker did was wrong, and she has days she wishes Kristina had never met her, but think of how she’s grown. She’s also more in touch with herself than she’s ever been, and maybe the reason for that is Parker. Isn’t it possible that as flawed as she is, Parker loves Kristina? If that’s the case, Kristina has the right to choose happiness, even if no one else supports them. Alexis says, like her and Julian.

Griff admits to Kiki that he’s concerned about the magic formula Ava dropped in his lap. She’s so focused on her face, she can’t see anything else. Kiki disagrees, saying Ava knows she doesn’t have to risk everything for a procedure, and thanks Griff for making her understand. He has a way of getting through no one else does. She tries to get Griff to give her some tips on studying, but he’s not paying attention. Kiki tells him that he needs to chill. Ava is dropping the experimental treatment, and she’s back in action at the gallery. Life is good.

Dr. Zajac asks what Ava is implying? She says she’s not implying anything; she’s saying it straight out. He’s been investigated several times for shady procedures. He says he’s never been convicted, and hasn’t she heard of innocent until proven guilty? She tells him to relax. She’s not from the FBI; just google her. She flew to Russia for what she had done, and doesn’t want to do it again. She wants the treatment finished here, with no FDA scrutiny. Is he available? He tells her she came to the right place.

Kim says she was doing her clinical research at a Naval hospital in the early 2000s, and Drew was a Navy SEAL. They met in a bar in the city, and found out they had people in common. He dated a friend of hers, and was a nice guy; honest and straight-forward, but also had mischievous twinkle, and could make everyone laugh. Sonny asks when she saw him last, but she can’t say; it was so long ago. She says they really have to go, but Carly asks for one more question. Does she know what happened to Andrew?

Sam tells Andrew that he’s not going to lose her. He’s the man who delivered their baby on a freezing cold embankment, and made her believe it would be okay. He’s the man who makes Danny laugh, knows her noodle order by heart, and made love to her in a barn. He’s her partner in business, life, and parenting. He’s shown her time and again that her and their children are the most important people on the planet to him. She wouldn’t trade one second for anything. He’s her heart, soul, compass, and husband. She loves him with everything she has, and no one can take it away from them.

Alexis tells Molly that she followed heart, and look how badly it turned out. Molly says she hates Julian, and Alexis knows why, but she wants Alexis to understand that she never hated her for loving him. He made her happy, and she had every right to want him to be better. She’s just sorry he wasn’t. Alexis says she’s one wise Molly Lansing Davis. She loves her now get out, and go home to TJ. Molly leaves, and Alexis gets out the photo album.

Kim has no idea what happened to Drew, or where he ended up. Carly tells her that he’s in Port Charles. Jason asks if she’s okay, and Sonny tells her that they were just trying to figure out where was before that. Kim says he was probably deployed or transferred. He and her friend had broken up, and she lost track of them. Carly wonders if they could find her friend. Kim asks Jason what he meant about being gone, and he says he’s not sure what happened. He got shot in 2012, and didn’t wake up until 2017. As far as everyone knew, he had disappeared. Kim says, so he lost five years. She wishes she was more helpful, but hasn’t seen or heard from Drew in fifteen years. She says it’s wild that he’s here, and Carly tells her Port Charles isn’t that big. They’re bound to run into each other.

Andrew thanks Sam; she means everything to him. Sam says she’ll tell him as many times as she needs to. He says it’s like dying small death, every time he sees the question in someone’s eyes, or when they go from looking at him with love to looking at him with pity, like he’s been duped and doesn’t know his own life. She tells him to look around. Their life, their home, their family. She loves him with everything in her. They hug.

Alexis looks at pictures and hugs the album to her chest. She flashes back to meeting Julian, nookie with Julian, Julian asking her to marry him, and telling each other I love you. She says she’s not going to do this anymore, and goes out.

Griff’s phone goes off. He has to get back to work. David sees Kiki, and asks how Thanksgiving was. She says she was there, and he tells her to get used to it. That’s how it is when you’re a doctor. She says if she gets to be one. The exams are driving her insane. He guesses it’s molecular biology, and she asks if everyone hates it. He says that’s the consensus, but he can help walk her through it. He knows some memorization tricks. He tells her to meet him in the breakroom in fifteen minutes. She calls Ava.

Ava tells Dr. Zajac that money is no object. He says she might reconsider when she hears the number – $75K. She says it’s no problem, and asks when they can start.

Kim says she and Drew probably won’t run into each other, since she works crazy hours. Look how long it took for them to meet, and their kids have been dating a while. She’s sorry to cut it short, and I wonder why Oscar can’t stay. He’s not five. Jason thanks her for answering their questions, and she apologizes again for not being much help. Carly says she was more helpful than she knows, and she’ll send some leftovers. Josslyn tells Oscar to text her, and Sonny says it was nice to meet her. Kim stares at Jason the whole time she’s going out the door. Carly says it was enlightening, and Sonny says Jason’s twin being a Navy SEAL explains a lot.

Outside, Kim tells Oscar it will be all right. As long as she’s got him, she’s fine. She hugs him.

Kiki tells Griff that she called her mom, but it went to voicemail. Maybe she is really sick, and she’ll try again in the morning. She leaves, and Griff makes his signature worried face, and says, what if the morning is too late?

Ava suggests seeing the doctor in Boston in a couple of weeks, but he says what about tonight? Um… Even though he’s unconventional, I might be a little concerned about his hurry.

Alexis sits at the dive bar, and stares at the vodka bottles. Julian asks if this seat is taken.

Sonny says it makes sense. That’s why Jason’s twin can handle weapons and fight. Carly says he’s comfortable in a crisis. She says in all this time, they’ve only been thinking of Jason. It’s the first time she’s thought of Andrew’s life, and what he left behind.

Andrew says Sam is right. Even if they lost everything, they would be okay. They have each other. But they’re not going to lose a damn thing. Not the company, and not one piece of the life they’ve built. It isn’t going to happen. Sam says, no, it’s not. They kiss, and start getting busy.

Tomorrow, Josslyn tells Oscar to prepare to be blown away, Ava’s procedure starts, and Julian only expects one thing from Alexis.

The Real Housewives of Orange County – The Reunion Part Two

And we’re back. Andy talks about Shannon’s stormy season. A viewer asks where fun Shannon went, and she says she’s right there. We see clips of Shannon flailing around and shouting nonsense, ending with her throwing her plate at the ironically named Quiet Woman. She tells Andy she’s reactive, and tells Lydia, way to make herself relevant by trying to get reactions out of her. Lydia says she doesn’t need to try; Shannon’s being crazy right now. Tamra says Shannon didn’t want to admit her marriage was falling apart. Shannon says she was raised with manners, but everything flew out the window this season. I hate to tell her, but I think it’s been every season. Andy asks if she owes anyone an apology. She says she has apologized, so he asks for a show of hands. Peggy thinks from the beginning Shannon has been disrespectful, and brings up Shannon calling her “that one,” rather than using her name. Meghan thinks Peggy is the disrespectful one, and we flash back to her clipping Meghan’s mouth shut with her fingers. Andy says he wouldn’t love that, but Peggy says Meghan kept going on and on, and wouldn’t shut up. Meghan says if they’re talking about disrespect, she should get an apology.

Andy asks about Baby Aspen, and tells us that even with being a busy new mother, Meghan still found time to stick her nose where it didn’t belong. We see clips Aspen being cute, and Meghan being stupid. Andy asks if they’re defrosting more sperm, and she announces she’s pregnant. A boy this time. He asks about her friendship with Kelly. The text thing comes up, which she started. She claims she had no malicious intent, and she asked Kelly directly if she had an extracurricular boyfriend, whereas Kelly came to her, not Jimmy. Andy asks if she’s suggesting Kelly should have texted Jimbo, and Meghan looks confused. He asks if it’s not girl code to alert a friend to rumors. Meghan says she knew Kelly and Michael had a rocky relationship, and had no intention to hurt her. In other words, it was okay for her, but not for Kelly. Kelly says they both apologized, and she’d thought they were done. Meghan whines that she was still hurt.

We go back to drag/Bingo night, and how Kelly told Meghan to take care of her baby. Meghan asks why she’s so damaged that she comes up with such ugly things. Kelly says her meaning was that Meghan should have been more worried about her baby than gossiping. Andy says Kelly has been tweeting about Meghan’s marriage. Kelly says Meghan had written in her blog that she was cheating on Michael prior to the separation. Shockingly, Andy realizes this is a lost cause, and moves on.

Next is Peggy, who makes no apologies for who she is. We see both her extravagant lifestyle and her breast cancer… issue? Scare? I don’t even know what to call all it anymore. Andy says viewers are of two minds. They think either Diko is controlling or super supportive. She says in the beginning, she thought he was controlling, but as they grew to know each other, she felt he was protective. He asks if her mother’s death played a part in her having a double-mastectomy. It did. He asks about them finding cancer, and she says they did, but she was more concerned about her father’s death. It happened just before her surgery, and a few weeks later, they started filming, so if she seemed confused, it was because she wasn’t normal. She didn’t want sympathy; she just wanted support. Shannon says she thinks David was genuinely puzzled, and Lydia quietly tells Peggy it’s all lies. Peggy says when she asked if Shannon was okay, she wanted to help; she could see Shannon wasn’t happy. But inside, she really wanted some support herself. Shannon tells her that she did ask if she was okay in return, but Peggy says it was the way she asked. And Peggy is totally right. Shannon was being rude and nasty when she said it. Meghan says Peggy should have said something. Lydia says no one acted supportive. Andy brings up Meghan saying Peggy “played the cancer card.” Meghan claimed Peggy ended the argument unfairly. Andy asks why Peggy thinks people have a hard time understanding. Peggy says she was in denial, and had a hard time expressing it. Vicki says she didn’t have a double mastectomy because she had nothing better to do, so what more did they need to know? Wise words from the OG of the OC.

On to Iceland. Andy says they partied non-stop, but it wouldn’t be an all-cast trip without Vicki going to the hospital. We see clips from the excursion, and I get jealous all over again. Ha-ha! The casserole. Andy asks about the blanket covering Vicki’s head when she was carted to the ambulance. She says Peggy had poured water on her, and she looked like she had clown hair. It just kept getting bigger. She talks about the various medications the women gave her throughout the day, and Andy says she was high. He asks about the fermented shark, and Meghan – the only one brave enough to actually eat it – says bleh, gross. He asks if they were sober at all during the trip, and that’s a no. Lydia being left out of the group text comes up, and Lydia says Shannon is sensitive too, wouldn’t she have felt left out? Especially after they’d all gone to dinner previously, and no one invited her. She says she apologized, and watching it, agrees she totally overreacted. A fly attacks the women, and Kelly manages to put it out of commission with her bare hand, also using the opportunity to smack Vicki on the head.

We flash back to the Viking dinner, and Shannon acting like a buffoon. We revisit Vicki’s apology, and Peggy’s altercation with Kelly, leading to Peggy leaving early. Andy says it was fun seeing Vicki and Tamra together, and Tamra says the last few episodes gave her hope. Andy asks why Shannon thought Vicki’s apology was bullsh*t, and she says because Tamra told her to apologize. Vicki says it wasn’t an ideal situation, but it was the best she could do.

We move to Peggy telling Kelly she’d have her husband call Michael, and Kelly misinterpreting it, replying with her dad could beat up Peggy’s dad. Peggy tries to explain why she said what she did, and Kelly insists she was drunk, and didn’t remember Peggy’s father had just died. Peggy says she did know about it, but accepts her apology. Andy asks about Peggy recording the women when she thought they were laughing at her, and she says Meghan’s baby was crying, so she went to see what was up. Lydia says Peggy heard the crying, and then heard them laughing, and felt it was about her. Andy asks why she left early, and Peggy says she was in pain and had no support. Vicki says she was feeling isolated. Kelly thinks she took it wrong, but she apologized because she wanted to make things right. Andy says Peggy was going through a great deal of pain, but it wasn’t evident, and her emotions were raw.

Andy talks about the roller coaster ride that is Vicki and Tamra. We see clips of their various altercations and reconciliations. And Shannon being annoyed. Andy asks if Tamra assumed the friendship was over, and she says she went back and forth because of their history. He asks why it was important for Lydia to bring them together, and Lydia tells him that her best times were laughing with them. Tamra tries to bring up Vicki going after her marriage, and Vicki insists that’s not what she did. Shannon says Tamra called her crying once a week, and she didn’t want her to get hurt again. Tamra thinks Ricky’s comments about Eddie were staged. Kelly thinks the whole thing is funny. Andy asks Tamra how Vicki chose Brooks over her? Tamra says instead of coming to her and saying she was right, that’s not what happened. Shannon says they had fun in Iceland, and wondered why Vicki screwed it up. Lydia asks what she did. Tamra says one of Vicki’s friends is on social media with a let’s-get-Eddie-out-of-the-closet campaign, but Vicki says she made them delete it. Shannon claims not to be jealous, but I don’t believe it. Andy asks if Shannon and Vicki will be friends again. Vicki hopes so, and thinks they made headway in Iceland. Vicki says she’s made mistakes, but they’re not innocent. Andy says she makes it worse by saying, if Eddie is gay, or that she doesn’t know, and asks if she can see how this plays into Tamra’s anger at her. Tamra says her actions are homophobic. She’s trying to insult Eddie by saying he’s gay. I’m not sure if that really applies here, and Vicki insists she’s not homophobic. She starts to say something else, and Tamra goes, ♫ la-la-la-liar! ♫ and puts her fingers in her ears. I’m not kidding. Vicki says not a good look, and Tamra says nothing looks good on her. Vicki walks off, calling them effing a-holes, and says she’s off the show.

Lydia checks on Vicki, who says she’s not okay with this. Lydia says they’re both coming from a place of hurt, and they’re strong women. She gets Vicki to come back to the stage, and Tamra asks if she can’t just apologize and mean it. Vicki reapplies her lipstick.

Andy says Tamra seems emotional. Vicki says, she’s sorry and she means it. Tamra wants her to talk from the heart. Her family is important to her, and for Vicki to go one about it, is hurtful. Andy asks Vicki if she understands how it affected Tamra. Vicki says she does. She’s sorry, and won’t ever talk about it again. She promises, and totally surrenders. Shannon makes a face. Vicki says she reached out to Tamra when she found out that there was a situation with Sidney, even though they weren’t talking. Andy asks if Vicki doesn’t owe Eddie an apology, and Vicki says of course, but she planned on having coffee with him or something. She never meant for it to get to the place where it’s at. Andy asks Vicki if Tamra could do anything to help on her end, but Vicki doesn’t know if it’s fair to ask Tamra. Tamra tells her to just say it. Vicki wants her to stop saying she was in on the cancer scam. She was scammed, and will never get the time and money back that she invested in Brooks. Andy asks for them to hug, and they both cry and hug like we haven’t been here before. Vicki wants to hug Shannon too.

She tells Shannon she knows it will be bumpy for her, and Kelly says, this is healing. In the Vicki-Shannon-Tamra huddle, Vicki says they need to bring each other up, not tear each other down. Shannon reluctantly agrees, and asks if they can get shots. Kelly tells them that they’re messing up their makeup. Tamra wants to change couches. She says the last three episodes broke her heart, because they’re good together. Tamra tells Vicki that Eddie is precious, and Vicki can call her ugly, fat, and stupid, but don’t hurt her family. Vicki says she felt alienated, and heard Tamra was telling the others not to film with her. Andy asks how Shannon feels. She says being in Iceland, they had so much fun, and she thought it was a shame. Andy tells her that in twelve seasons, she was the first new housewife that Vicki connected with right away. Vicki says they have a lot in common. Tamra invites Vicki to sit on the same couch with her, which they haven’t done in years. Vicki sits between Tamra and Shannon, holding their hands.

Andy tells them that they have to be transparent and thoughtful with each other. It’s real, but fragile, because of hurt feelings and emotions. He says to be careful what they put out there. Vicki says she admires Shannon’s strength, and she’ll be okay. And if she needs a job, she can come and work for her. Andy says they’re in a beautiful place, and it’s a great place to leave it. He brings out Black Death shots, and a non-alcoholic one for Meghan.

Shannon leads a final Icelandic cheer of Skoal!

The girls go backstage. Tamra sees cake, and tells Vicki they can have friendship cake. She says she has the friendship bracelet Vicki gave her, and we see a clip of them becoming BFFs. Vicki asks if they’re back, and Tamra says they are.

Apparently, this isn’t worthy of more than two parts, so that’s all for the OC, folks.

🍸 I watched Vanderpump Rules: How They Got Here, which was just what you’d think it would be. Old clips from past seasons.

🎄 Just to be a Brat…







November 20, 2017 – Thanksgiving Prep in PC, the Reunion Begins in the OC & a Meme or Three


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

At the MetroCourt, Jason asks how Sonny’s meeting went. Sonny says it will take a lot to rebuild in Puerto Rico, but he was lucky that there was no structural damage. It’s good, but it won’t happen overnight. Jason says it makes you realize how much we have to be thankful for. Sonny invites him to Thanksgiving dinner after they go to the gym. He says he’ll come to diner, but has to skip the gym. There’s someone he needs to see.

Michael tells Ned that Olivia-Q is going to cover every inch of the place in decorations. He calls her an excellent Quartermaine. Ned says they need to have a talk about Jason, his twin, and the future of EQ.

Finn goes to the gym and sees Chet using the punching bag. He’s impressed how fast Chet bounced back.

Amy visits Nathan and Maxie, and asks if they still have debtors prison. Nathan says no one is going to jail. Amy reads some internet comments out loud, but he says tomorrow, they’ll find someone else to go after. Amy wonders what if some enterprising lawyer comes after her for fraud? Maxie says if she’d thought about it before, this wouldn’t have happened. Amy says it wouldn’t have happened if someone hadn’t leaked it. Maxie asks if Amy is suggesting she did.

Felicia and Mac arrive at Anna’s for Thanksgiving, and are surprised to see Robin. Mac asks where the rest of the family is, and she tells them that Patrick had to work, but Emma is at a friend’s house and Noah is upstairs sleeping. Felicia gets excited over the baby, and says she gets first dibs when he wakes up. Robin says she had to come; she couldn’t wait to find out about her mom’s new boyfriend.

Chet infers that Finn must have no troubles, but he says he did, and they weren’t not that far removed from Chet’s troubles. He’s seven months sober. Chet asks how that’s working for him, and he says it depends on the day. He’s most thankful just to be alive. He tells Chet it’s not too late to fix things, but Chet doesn’t know how. He says the first thing is, not to run away from Amy.

Amy tells Maxie that she’s just Jealous of her success. Maxie says she’s pretty sure jail time is considered a universal failure. There’s a knock at the door. Nathan says they can’t keep dodging the publisher forever. It’s Quinn, and she tells them that their days of dodging are over, and so are they.

Ned tells Michael that the twins don’t even know who the real Jason is. They have to figure it out before it affects ELQ. Olivia follows Monica into the room, trying to get her to wear a homemade pilgrim hat. Monica doesn’t know why she bothered decorating, since no one is going to be there; everyone is doing their own thing this year. Olivia says it’s supposed to be a day of gratitude and family, and what difference does it make where they’re eating? Monica says she’s grateful not to be wearing that hat, and that it will all be done by the time she gets back. Olivia dubs her the first Thanksgiving Grinch. Ned tells Monica they need to have a serious discussion about ELQ. Michael says Ned thinks they’re in trouble, but Monica says it’s been a banner year. Ned tells her everything will be in doubt because of there being two Jasons. Monica says there aren’t two Jasons. Susan gave birth to twins, and Alan never knew. Ned says it’s going to affect the distribution of ELQ stock. The Jason who was presumed dead all this time couldn’t care less, but the other one used money that might not be his to bail the company out. Everything they’ve worked for is in jeopardy.

Sonny tells Jason that he can save him from his enemies, but not from Carly. Jason leaves, and Cassandra approaches Sonny, saying he’s just the man she’s looking for. She introduces herself, and tells him she’s a big fan of his coffee. He asks if she lives in Port Charles, and she tells him she’s based out of Monaco, but came there seeking medical advice. Since arriving, she hit on a lucrative business opportunity. She understands he’s a man who likes a business opportunity. Valentin joins them, and Sonny tells her that any friend of Valentin’s is no friend of his.

Chet tells Finn that he’s not running from Amy; he’s just there to clear his head. Finn says she’s a mess, but Chet says she’s better off without him. Finn wonders how he can believe that after all she’s done for him. Maybe it’s his pride talking. Finn understands the impulse, but people care, and it’s hard to look them in eye when they find out you’re not the man they thought you were. Chet says he didn’t mean to go on this path, and didn’t realize he was on it. Finn says if he can come back, so can Chet. It helps to have help (the same way it’s nice to be nice), and he needs to suck it up and accept it, before he drives them away.

Quinn uses just about every word for fraud in the thesaurus, and says they lied. Nathan presented himself as Ask Man Landers, and Amy as his representative. She was the writer; he was her beard. Nathan says they didn’t mean any harm. She tells them that the paperback sales are cratering, Black Friday is a bust, and they have to pull the hard copies from the shelves. The damage isn’t about a single book, but the entire company. Customers will think if they were duped with Man Landers, what about the diet or DIY books? They’re going to go public with a confession, and then pay through the nose.

Monica says every time she looks around, it gets more absurd. Every surface is covered. She’s right. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many Thanksgiving decorations, especially since the stores jump right to Christmas from Halloween. Jason comes in, saying he got her text that she was leaving, and he wanted to say goodbye. She tells him that she’s going to a spa for harmonic convergence. She doesn’t know what it means, but could use some harmony in her life, so why not? She says she’s not good at lying to him, and she’s really running away. The holidays are too difficult with so many missing faces; Emily, Lila, Alan, Edward, AJ. They need the snarking and imploding dinners. Jason says she’s welcome to come to Sonny’s, but she tells him, as Tracy would say, she’d rather stick cocktail forks in her eyeballs. He and Michael are all they have in common, and it’s easier to keep her distance and keep the peace. She’s thankful he’s home, and he says he’s thankful to be there. They hug.

Robin tells Anna it’s time to fill in the blanks; she’s been less than informative. She accuses Robin of  interrogating Finn via texts, and says she can’t do that to an adult. Robin says Anna wasn’t being helpful, and Anna tells her the relationship is in its early stages. She’s sorry she didn’t post a status update somewhere. Mac says there’s no need to get defensive, and Felicia reminds him that he said Finn wasn’t good enough for her. He says no one is, and Felicia only gave him a B. Felicia tells Robin that Mac played him like a fiddle, and it was embarrassing. Mac says Finn is a good guy, and adores Anna. That’s all that matters. Robin says that’s only half. Does Anna adore him back?

Valentin tells Cassandra she’s better off not talking to Sonny, and she says it’s too bad Valentin made an enemy of him. He says it wouldn’t matter. Sonny hates drugs, and he’s going to hate them being shipped through his territory. Cassandra says he needs to change his tune, or have it changed for him.

Sonny sees Finn at the gym, and asks how things are going. Finn says okay, and Sonny asks if he’s going somewhere for Thanksgiving. Finn asks if Sonny is worried he has the blues, and will make a bad decision, and Sonny says it’s that time of year. I assume for both the blues and bad decisions. He tells Finn they have a big table and a lot of food. Finn says he has somewhere to go, and Sonny says the offer stands. Finn tells Sonny there is something he can do. What does he know about street drug traffic?

Chet arrives at Nathan and Maxie’s place, and Maxie tells him not to get in the way of the public shaming. Quinn is preparing to live stream their admission of guilt to shield herself from a lawsuit. Quinn asks who Chet is, and he introduces himself. She says that nobody is going to sue Amy and Nathan, because when they’re done covering the costs, they’ll have nothing left to sue for, including their good names.

Jason looks at a family photo. Michael walks in, and Jason says it’s good to see him.

Valentin tells Cassandra if she rubs Sonny the wrong way, her operation could be over before it begins. She thinks he could be an ally, but will yield to Valentin’s expertise as soon as he’s productive. She’s not about to let some mafioso stop her. She tells him she spent a lot of money on research and development, and has a synthetic opioid that’s twice as potent and addictive. The formula is raw and unrefined, so she’s looking for someone with the right background to help her.

Finn tells Sonny that scores of people are OD’ing at GH, and he wants insight on how to mitigate the problem. Sonny says it’s bigger than one person. The drugs are cheaply made overseas, and it’s difficult to stop. Even if he knew something, bringing them down would just put a dent in the problem. Someone else will fill the gap. He tells Finn to stick to what he does best, saving lives and research. This is above his pay grade. Sonny says, hell, it’s above mine.

Anna tells Robin that she likes Finn just fine. Mac says she’s playing it close to the vest, and Felicia says she doesn’t need to make any declarations today. The baby cries, and Anna says, saved by the squall. Robin tells Felicia to go up, and she and Mac race for the stairs. When they’re gone, Robin tells Anna, out with it. Anna asks what, and she says the truth about her and Finn.

Quinn says they’re live, and Nathan and Amy look uncomfortable as hell. Amy explains that she’s the writer of the Ask Man Landers blog and book – surprise! Well, maybe not a surprise, since The Intruder announced it yesterday. She says it wasn’t a trick or scam; the whole situation got out of control. When interest arose in a book, she asked her friend Nathan to be the face. She didn’t think anyone would buy it if it wasn’t written by someone they’d want to be. The editor never knew the truth, and the publishing company is innocent. Everyone should be mad at her. Nathan says, and him. He made the decision. Amy says it started with her and should end with her. Chet steps in, and Amy says pay no attention to that man. Chet says none of this would have happened if not for him.

Michael didn’t know Jason was there; he forgot his phone. Jason says he came over to see Monica and him. Monica wanted him there for Thanksgiving. Michael says it would break her heart if he wasn’t there; he’s all they can talk about. He says he should have come to see Jason, but Jason says it’s okay. Michael says he was hiding, and scared to talk to him. He’d offered “Jason” a job at ELQ, but he went in a different direction. He wasn’t surprised. Jason Morgan working at ELQ makes no sense, but it did to him, because so much had changed in the last three years; “Jason” changed. Michael thinks the reason he asked him to join was that part of him knew he wasn’t really Jason. He felt too guilty to face the real Jason, because he had put his faith in someone else. Jason made the first move to make it easy for him. Jason always took care of him. It’s who he is, and he should have known that. He’s sorry. Michael starts to cry, and they hug. Jason tells him, it’s okay.

Robin tells Anna that she can play secret agent with anyone but her. She knows Anna is holding back. Anna says things are complicated, and that’s why they’re keeping it casual. She doesn’t want anyone getting the idea there’s a future with them. Robin says it’s been a while since she dated, and they’re just happy for her. The only thing that matters is if it works for her. The doorbell rings.

Cassandra says she’ll be vetting candidates, and he’d better get to work; the product won’t sell itself. Her phone rings. She steps away to take the call, first telling Valentin that she’s excited about their partnership. They’re going to do marvelous things together.

Anna opens the door to Finn. He tells Robin it’s nice to see her after all those text messages. Robin goes upstairs, and Anna asks what he’s doing there. He says he thought she was expecting him. She says every time the subject comes up, everyone keeps pulling for them as a couple. He tells her for what it’s worth, he’s willing to keep dating for as long as it takes. She tells him that he’s very noble, but she tried to explain she doesn’t need his help to bring Cassandra down. He asks why, because she has Valentin? He wonders if Valentin will have her back when the going gets tough. He can’t sit on his hands while the epidemic spreads. There has to be something he can do. Anna’s phone rings. It’s Valentin, who tells her that he just had an enlightening conversation with his new boss, and it’s worse than they thought.

Quinn starts to interrupt Chet, and Maxie tells her to shut up. She wanted the truth, and she’s going to get it. Chet explains that he was wounded in action, and the VA benefits weren’t enough to cover his medical expenses. Amy wrote the book to pay for his care, and Nathan agreed to be the face. He’s not always deserving of what she does for him, but he’s deeply grateful. This isn’t fraud; it’s love, friendship, and sacrifice. Amy never took credit for any of her work, and her work is pretty damn amazing.

Olivia tells Monica to enjoy something for once. Monica’s car has arrived, and Jason and Michael say they’ll walk her out. Monica tells Olivia not to get a Christmas tree until she gets back. Ned asks if she saw that; Michael and Jason. He is Jason, although Ned’s not sure how he’s going to prove it. In the meantime, the other one will hang on to what he thinks is his with a death grip. He tells her this is going to get ugly, and he’s seen more than his share of family infighting.

Amy says she’s proud of Chet, and he says it’s about time he did something for her to be proud of. Quinn makes noises about them hearing from her lawyers, and Maxie says, eat it, bitch. Quinn says, they commit fraud, and I’m the bitch? Happy Thanksgiving. Maxie tells her to feel free to spend the rest of it somewhere else. Quinn suddenly stops, looking at her phone. She says she’s getting real time updates from vendors. The presales are picking up, up, up. Chet turned the tide. Readers are no longer burning Ask Man Landers; they’re buying it in droves. The second Chet stepped in, I’m sure we all knew this was going to happen.

Valentin tells Cassandra that he’s leaving for dinner. She tells him they shouldn’t be late, and she hasn’t been to Thanksgiving dinner in years. He says she’s not invited. She threatened his family, and she can have his service, but not his friendship.

Finn asks Anna if it was Valentin on the phone. She says maybe, and he asks her to tell him what he said; he already knows almost all of it. She says Cassandra is working on developing a new product that’s cheaper and more addictive. He asks how far along she in in the development, and Anna says, pretty close. She needs someone to perfect the formula. They need to put end to the operation before it gets into production and starts killing people. Finn suggests they give her exactly what she wants.

Ned tells Olivia he has no intention of letting Alan’s sons feud ELQ into the ground. Olivia asks if he’s thinking that Michael is in over his head, and it’s time for him to step in as CEO.

Sonny does some sparring by himself at the gym. Michael and Jason come in. He asks if they’re going to just stand there, or spar with him. The guys laugh, punch each other on the shoulder, and everything is all happy. I’m sure not for long.

Tomorrow, Nora holds a press conference, Elizabeth tells Andrew/”Jason” that answers are on the way, and Carly tells Robin they made a terrible mistake.

The Real Housewives of Orange County – Reunion Part One

Kelly’s navy blue sparkly dangling earrings! Okay, I got that out of my system. There aren’t really any outfits that are standouts, but the accessories are all fabulous. Andy asks Lydia if she can stick it out this time, since at her last reunion, she had to take a breather. We look at clips of “hilarious hijinks” from this season. Shannon’s face looks thinner, and we hear that Sophie passed her driving test. Andy asks why Diko knows colloquialisms and Peggy doesn’t. I understand what he’s saying, but I don’t think colloquialisms are what she has a problem with. She says she understands half of it, but some doesn’t make sense, like Santa putting coal in your stocking. I think it’s because Diko wants to be in the know, and Peggy isn’t that interested. Meghan says she thinks Peggy is smart, and doesn’t believe she’s as ignorant as they pretend. They briefly discuss the ladies’ drag night costumes, and Andy asks Vicki when Steve is popping the question. She thinks it’s only a matter of time, but they’re comfortable right now as is.

He says Steve seems solid and straight as an arrow, but wonders if he’s enough for Vicki’s whoop-it-up personality. We go down Vicki’s Memory Lane, and see clips of her and Steve, as well as her medical appointments. Andy says Vicki claimed she didn’t want to get married again, but she says enough time has passed, and she doesn’t want to be alone. Tamra says she went from a crook to a cop. Andy asks how Steve reacted to Tamra saying he’s too boring for her. Vicki says they do whoop-it-up, but she’s interested in a stable relationship. He asks about her health, and she says she’s doing well. Ryan has retired from the service (I forget which branch), and Briana is having another surgery. A viewer asks if Tamra is still in contact with Briana. She says she recently got a text from her. She’d seen the shows from the Iceland trip, and it made her sad to think of how Tamra and Vicki used to be so close.

Lydia is up next. We flash back to the kids, the magazine, and Doug’s vasectomy. She talks about being uncomfortable on bingo/drag night, and says she saw things online about her being homophobic. She says Shannon contributed to it by retweeting something, and Shannon pretends not to remember. Lydia tells Andy it’s never been an issue, and one of her closest friends is a lesbian who was in her wedding party. Meghan says it was uncomfortable to watch Lydia being uncomfortable. Lydia asks what did they want her to do, dance on the table? They discuss psychics, and Meghan brings up her party where there was a psychic, and Lydia said she didn’t really want to be there. Meghan says It doesn’t make sense, since they’re not trying to push anything on her. She tells Lydia to use her brain, and not just believe whatever the Bible tells her. Lydia gives the perfect answer, saying she uses her brain to read the Bible, and tries to be open minded. Vicki says it’s her choice what she wants to be around. This whole conversation annoyed the hell out of me. Lydia is one of the few cast members I like. She’s honest, open, says what she means, and means what she says. Meghan desperately tried to find fault with her, continued to come at Lydia (who, at one point, told her to bring it on), and just came off looking like she wanted to argue. She can’t seem to grasp that, as a Christian, Lydia uses the Bible for guidance, but also uses her brain to figure out how it applies to today and what’s really important. Even though Lydia is willing to be a good sport, it’s like they want more than that; they want her to think like them. I love a good drag queen, but I might not have been comfortable with some of that evening either.

A viewer thinks it was sweet how Lydia prayed for Shannon at The Quiet Woman, and wondered why they didn’t become better friends. Lydia says they ended well, but Shannon got ridiculous when the show was aired. Shannon says Lydia called her crazy multiple times during the season, and Lydia stands by that. HAHAHAHAHA! Andy asks about Doug’s vasectomy, and if they’re still going to try for a girl with the frozen sperm. Lydia says it would be fun, but she’s overwhelmed with three kids, and thinks they’re at capacity right now.

Andy calls Kelly the comeback kid. He talks about the procedures she’s had, and wonders if it’s enough to save her marriage. We flash back to all of that, my favorite part being when she said she literally married her mother. Kelly says it’s sad. She’s lived with Michael most of her life, and they have a child together; it’s hard to see it go. They’re totally separated now. Andy asks how long after the show did she realize she wanted a divorce? She tells him a few months later. Michael would be nice one minute, and not the next, and wanted her all to himself; she had enough. He asks about Vicki’s advice regarding making it work. Vicki says she’s sad. Divorce isn’t easy, and she would have done things differently with hers. She thinks Kelly did what she could, and the age gap is a factor. Andy asks about custody, and Kelly says they’re working on it. Tamra’s advice is to say nothing bad about Michael to their daughter, and be supportive. A viewer asks why she made up with Shannon, and Kelly says she’s a good person and she likes her. Shannon felt Kelly’s apology was sincere, and likes her back. Another viewer wants to know why Tamra forgave her, and Tamra says time, and understanding that Kelly can be impulsive. Andy wonders what single Kelly will be like, and Kelly says she’s afraid. Andy says, lock your doors.

Tamra is next in line. The focus of her montage is mostly on her relationship with Sidney, and how left out she feels, ending with her going to Sidney’s graduation. She says it was the next milestone she didn’t want to miss, and was grateful to be invited. She gets weepy, saying it was hurtful not being involved, and tells Andy it’s not good now. For a few weeks they got along, but Tamra was seeing horrible stories coming out online, and she was impulsive, posting pictures when Sidney didn’t want her too. Sidney made a public Facebook post, saying her father pushed her to invite Tamra to the graduation. Andy says Sidney doesn’t want to be in the spotlight, but Tamra asks how you stay quiet? She thinks Sidney will understand when she has her own kids. Andy asks how Tamra reconciles Sidney not wanting her to talk, and if she wasn’t on the show, would it be better? Tamra says she’s been nothing but a loving mother. Vicki says it’s super sad because family is everything. I might as well put in my two cents here too. I doubt Sidney would care nearly as much if Tamra didn’t act like a screechy shrew half the time on national TV. I’m betting it isn’t as much about the pictures being posted, as it is the embarrassment over Tamra’s behavior. Andy asks about Ryan and Sarah. Tamra says they’ve been split up for a few weeks, and Sarah has a boyfriend. That was quick. We find out Tamra got a facelift for her 50th birthday, and it looks surprisingly good. She still looks like herself. Andy asks what’s next, and if she wants her implants back from the clubhouse. She says she’s good, but she might want vaginal rejuvenation in a few years. When did this become such a thing?

Andy tells us that Shannon wears her heart on her sleeve, and it was never more evident than this season. We flash back to her weight gain, and her blaming Vicki for it. They show one of my favorite clips, when Shannon gets stuck on the exercise bike. They end with her saying that she and David are in the same place they were before he had the affair. Andy says a lot of viewers related to the struggle. She’s lost twenty-five pounds, and says that when the season started, she didn’t want to be in front of the camera. She didn’t mean to offend anyone who’s over a size four, but says for her, it was a huge (I don’t think pun intended) change. Yeah, right. Like I don’t think she’d look at me and think I was fat, being an eight to ten, depending on what time of year it is. A viewer asks why she can’t take responsibility for her weight gain, and she says it was taken out of context. Sure it was. They all say that when they get caught saying something stupid. She makes the excuse explains that it started the ball rolling. Andy asks for Vicki’s reaction. She feels badly, saying it was a private conversation never meant to be discussed. Shannon says she could tell more about her relationship with David in scenes where they weren’t together. She was trying to convince herself it was okay, and took it out on others. She claims that she’s a fun person, and didn’t recognize herself. I think Shannon can be fun, but she’s way overreactive. Not that David should have treated her the way he did. She might be a drama queen, but he’s a total schmuck. Andy asks for the status of her life. She gets weepy, and says she and David aren’t together anymore. It’s not what she wanted and it’s hard, but she’s a mom and role model for her kids, and it got to the point where there weren’t any positive lessons. They deserve better. Andy asks whose decision it was. She says they went to Hawaii, and David left early. When she got back, he said they were done. The girls are living with her, and she’s grateful for that. They’ve agreed to be amicable, so they meet for dinner on Sundays and go to games together. Andy says Vicki seems emotional, and she says she’s sad because she didn’t know. She’d thought they were doing good, and if she was responsible for anything, she feels awful. Shannon says Vicki didn’t cause it; there were issues from the beginning. She talks about how difficult it was to go from the way it’s supposed to be, and have it taken away. She’d asked him what happened, since they had a few amazing years, but he told they only had a couple of good months. This is kind of interesting, since usually it’s the man who thinks it’s all good, when they woman has had enough. Shannon says it’s her job to show the girls, and she’s scared, but can teach a positive lesson. Vicki says wants the best for Shannon, and didn’t expect it. She tells Shannon that she’s got ladies who will be there for her. Shannon says she’s blessed. Vicki says she’ll be okay, but a bad marriage isn’t what life should be, and she deserves the best. Shannon says it will all be good.

There’s an hour break. Everyone is sad and teary-eyed. Shannon says that she needed time to process, and didn’t want anyone to know. Tissues are passed, and they all go back to the dressing rooms for lunch. Shannon tells Tamra it’s real now because she said it and it’s out there. The first time he goes on a date, it will kill her. Vicki talks to Kelly about how shocked she is, but says you can’t make somebody love you.

Next time, part two, a fly attacks, the arguments start, and Vicki says she’s off the show. The OG of the OC? No way.

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November 15, 2017 – Valentin is Paying, Siggy’s Retreat, Brody is a Dog & the Queen’s Hair Rules


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Maxie tells Nathan it’s not often they get a day off together, but he’s going to GH. Maxie wonders if Man Landers ever gets a day off, but he says Amy needs a friend. He leaves, and Lulu comes in with great news – she’s back. Maxie is excited that Lulu has brought her favorite pesto salad.

Nelle goes to see Laura about a job. She thought she was meeting with someone from HR, not the board. Laura says childcare is close to her heart, and she likes to have a personal hand in the daycare operation. She asks why Nelle left her last position.

Cassandra meets Nina at the MetroCourt. Nina has already ordered wine, and it’s her favorite. Cassandra says it must be fate. They don’t even know each other and already it’s like they’re old friends.  Nina tells her to cut the act. She knows Cassandra lied.

Alexis asks Valentin what his connection is to his friend Olivia-J. He says she’s no friend of his, and Alexis says he probably doesn’t have any friends, only co-conspirators. He says maybe that’s fair. She tells him that Julian was scapegoated, but he asks if Julian wasn’t an accomplice to several crimes. One could say he’s getting what he deserved. Alexis wonders where Valentin would be if they all got what they deserved. He tells her he’s not as sinister as she thinks, but she thinks sinister doesn’t even begin to describe what he is. She says their father in hell must be beaming with pride over him. He insists he has no relationship with Olivia, and Alexis asks who paid her legal fees. Or is he going to pretend he doesn’t know Nora either?

At the prison, Scotty tells Julian he was working on a case, but ran right over when Julian called. Julian says Scotty went against his wishes by telling Alexis what happened. If they didn’t have glass between them, he would reach over and wring Scotty’s neck.

Lulu has a confession, and Maxie asks if the pesto is from jar. Lulu says don’t insult her. She tells Maxie that she followed her heart about being an investigative reporter, and already submitted an article to Port Charles Parents. She didn’t want to jinx it by saying anything earlier. She says she was upset by the quality of the food at Charlotte and Rocco’s school, and did some probing. She thinks she has a knack for turning a little story into something big, and wants Maxie to take a look at it. Maxie frowns as she reads, and suddenly runs from the table.

Nelle tells Laura that she loves taking care of kids, helping them, and watching them learn. She was trained in childcare and education, and thinks she’s at her best when taking care of children. Laura agrees she was wonderful with Charlotte, but she can’t help wondering why she would have taken a job with Nina. Nelle says Valentin had some legal troubles, and no longer needed a nanny. Nina offered her a position while she was looking for work, and no one had showed that kind of faith in her before. Laura mentions Carly, and Nelle says that she was angry with Carly for reasons that turned out not to be true, and deeply regrets what happened. She took the job with Nina because she wanted the opportunity to prove she was up to the challenge, both for Nina and herself. Laura wonders why she would leave the glamour to go back to nap time, runny noses, and skinned knees?

Cassandra asks what Nina is talking about. Nina says she knows her name isn’t Cassy White, it’s Cassandra Pierce. She also knows Cassandra had a relationship with her husband at one time, adding that she and Valentin don’t keep secrets. Cassandra asks what else he told her, and Nina says they were involved, but not seriously; at least not serious to Valentin. Cassandra says she can explain, but Nina interrupts, saying she knows what Cassandra was doing, and to be honest, she doesn’t like her.

Valentin tells Alexis that Nora was his counsel in family court, and the reason he got custody. Alexis says until he was arrested for espionage. Valentin tells her that he and Lulu came to an agreement because they acted like grown-ups; she should look into that. Alexis asks if it’s an amazing coincidence that the same day he was awarded custody, Nora represented Olivia-J in her competency hearing. He says she’s an out-of-state attorney, and it makes sense. Alexis calls it collusion.

Scotty tells Julian that he’s not apologizing for sending a flare up to Alexis. Julian wants him to keep her out of this, and Scotty says his job isn’t to keep her out, but get Julian out. Julian says some guys have a grudge against him, others don’t care, and some just want to see blood fly. Scotty says it’s prison; what did he think? It isn’t prayer circles and yoga classes; these are hard core criminals. Julian needs to keep his head down until Scotty can get him out.

Alexis says it’s obvious he and Olivia-J share a common enemy – Anna. Valentin says they’ve reached a détente, and they’re good. He loves her carpet-bombing him, but doesn’t have the time. She says it is just a theory, but she might be compelled to share it with someone who has influence and resources, and blames Olivia for the death of their child. Valentin says she must mean Sonny. Alexis says if he knew, he might feel the need to dig until he digs Valentin’s grave. Valentin says that’s colorful, but what is it she wants? She needs to talk to Olivia, but can’t get access to her because of Nora. She wonders what the odds are of them sharing an out-of-state attorney, and she bets Sonny knows. Valentin says she wants Olivia to exonerate Julian, and if Valentin doesn’t help, she’ll tell Sonny. He says she has no proof, but a grieving father will listen on her say-so. She must really want him free. She tells him to talk to Nora or she’ll talk to Sonny.

Julian tells Scotty that the last thing he wants is Alexis being involved. Being involved with him almost cost her career and her life. He can’t afford any more damage. He says to keep her out of it. Scotty says he might have married her, but she doesn’t take orders from him. Why would she listen? He tells Julian the trouble is, he doesn’t have enough ammo for the appeal. He’s looked at it from every angle, and has nothing. If Julian has a silver bullet, he needs to use it now.

Nelle tells Laura that Nina has been good to her, and she doesn’t want to tell her that she’s looking for a job. Why, Nelle, why? This girl is never going to learn her lesson. Nelle says she was happier when she was watching Charlotte, and is convinced GH’s daycare is the right place for her.

Amy sees Nathan, and says Chet hasn’t been discharged yet, but he’s in occupational therapy if Nathan wants to talk to him. Nathan says that he came to bring some reading material. Amy tells him that if it’s not Sports Illustrated, he probably won’t be interested. Nathan says it’s for her. He’s brought the Man Landers book. He tells her that the presales are good, and Quinn thinks it will be a blockbuster. Amy says the only reason she did it was for Chet, and now he’s mad at her for even trying to help. Nathan suggest she read her own book. He has something marked on page six. Amy starts to read.

Lulu asks if Maxie thinks it was the salad, but she says she only had two bites. Lulu is afraid it was her article, but Maxie says she reads bad writing all the time without throwing up – not that the article is bad. Lulu says maybe it was the details about sour milk and moldy cheese. Maxie says she’s not helping, but it’s not her fault, and she runs to bathroom again. Lulu says omg, Maxie’s pregnant.

Maxie comes back, saying she’s not pregnant, just stressed out about her own article and photo shoot, and her husband having a dangerous job. On his day off, he went to see his needy nurse friend who has a family disaster. She realizes she sounds selfish, and Lulu says, a little bit. Maxie says add the article about spoiled lunch, and no wonder she’s sick. Lulu says she’s ignoring the obvious. She and Nathan have no doubt been making up for lost time. Maxie says she can’t be pregnant; they haven’t talked about it yet. Lulu tells her that’s not a required step. Maxie tells her that Nathan loves kids, and they’ve talked about someday, but not right now; the timing is wrong. Lulu says a funny thing about nature is, it doesn’t care. Maxie suggests a career in fortune cookies. Lulu tells her with all the money Nathan has made with the book, he could be an amazing stay-at-home dad. Maxie says that will never happen. He loves his job and she loves her life the way it is. The last thing they need is a complication.

Amy reads, is it possible to love someone too much? The writer’s husband is an addict, and she wants to know how to keep from losing him. Nathan tells her to read what Man Landers said. The surest way to lose him is to lose herself. Addiction isn’t just an individual’s problem, but involves the entire family. She needs to join a group to help her find strength and courage, and to realize that you can’t force someone to save themselves. They have to come to that on their own. It’s painful, but she’s not alone. Nathan says now comes the hard part, to take her own advice.

Laura tells Nelle she definitely has the right experience, and asks if she has any question. Nelle says the online job description was clear, and Laura says most people ask about the package. She’ll get medical and dental, and a 401K, but HR will go over it with her. She says the salary is every two weeks. Nelle seems disappointed that it’s not weekly, but says she’ll make it work; the kids are what matters. Laura says everything looks great on paper, and the rest should be a formality. Nelle asks to look at the daycare center.

Then, my good friend, George Stephanopoulos interrupts. Because nothing can ever wait until four o’clock. Heaving huge sigh. Once again, thank God for YouTube.

Nina says that when Cassandra tripped over Charlotte’s skates, she couldn’t have known who she and Charlotte were. Then when she found out, what was she going to say? She didn’t want to put Valentin on the spot. She tells Cassandra that she knows about their past, and also present, connection.

Maxie tells Lulu just because she threw up twice, doesn’t mean she’s pregnant, and says, take it back. Lulu says the sooner she knows, the better for prenatal. Maxie says she doesn’t need a lecture on babies from her. She apologizes, and Lulu says they have a complicated history with babies, but it’s in the past She thinks Georgie would love a little brother or sister. Maxie talks about the time she missed with Georgie, and Lulu says she missed years with Charlotte. Maxie starts thinking about the joys of motherhood, and says they have to stop this; she’s not pregnant. They make plans for a future lunch.

Julian tells Scotty that it’s his job to find reasons for the appeal. He’s not paying a retainer to himself. They have to prove something wrong with initial trial and judges don’t want to anger other judges. St. Jerome was patron saint of librarians and students, not knocked around convicts. Julian says he didn’t claim to be a saint, but Scotty says he’s acting like one, and they’ll need a miracle to get him out. Julian says he’ll stop acting like a saint when Scotty starts acting like a lawyer. He needs something to make the appeals court stand up and take notice right now he has nothing. Julian could spend the next fifteen years there if he doesn’t come up with something.

Nina tells Cassandra that Valentin told her that she’s getting treatment from Finn. Cassandra says she did. Nina hopes it’s nothing serious, but she wouldn’t have come all this way for a hangnail. Cassandra says it’s nothing contagious, and Finn is zeroing in definitive diagnosis. Nina says there’s no one better, and Cassandra says she’d be tempted to flirt with him if he wasn’t involved with Anna. Nina plays along, and says Anna went after Valentin. Cassandra can’t blame her. He has charm, wit and is infused with danger; does anything make a man more desirable? No. Oh, sorry, I thought I was part of the scene. Nina says that he can be dangerous, but so can she. She tells her to ask Ava what she’s capable of if someone goes after her man. She realizes what that sounded like. Cassandra says it sounded like a warning. Nina says that’s crazy. She would never do that; their relationship is in the past. Cassandra makes a hand gesture as if she’s waving it away.

Valentin visits Nora. She says a visit from two people from Port Charles in as many days. Sensing early frost. He tells her Alexis told him about speaking to her about Olivia-J. Nora says she’s heard Alexis is a formidable attorney, but made a rookie error thinking Olivia could make a statement exonerating Julian. Valentin says that’s exactly what he wants her to do.

On the phone, Laura thinks Nelle is an ideal candidate for the job. Lulu overhears and says to call them back. Laura hangs up, and Lulu says there’s a lot she doesn’t know about Nelle.

Amy says it won’t be easy, but she’ll try to take her own advice. Who knew she was prematurely wise? She’s lucky to have him as a friend, especially after she turned his life upside down getting him involve. He adds in something he didn’t think he wanted to get involved with. It turned out to be rewarding and long after Man Landers is gone, he’ll be her friend. He signs her copy of the book.

Laura asks to speak to Nelle. Nelle asks if she has more questions, and then sees Lulu is there. Laura says just one. Why did she lie about being fired from Crimson? Nelle thanks her for her time, and walks away. She sees Nathan signing Amy’s book.

Cassandra thanks Nina for being so enlightened and forgiving about her foolish subterfuge. Nina understands, and Cassandra says she was completely caught off-guard, finding out Valentin was her husband. Nina says everything is out in the open now, right? She thinks Cassandra is great, and thinks they have a lot in common. She doesn’t have many girlfriends in Port Charles, and would love for them to be friends. Cassandra says cool, but she has to go. They make plans for lunch. A lot of that going around. When Cassandra is gone, Nina says, keep your friends close

Scotty sees Alexis at the bar. He orders a drink and tells the bartender to put her fizzy water on his check. It’s his way of thanking her for seeing Julian and putting some sense into him. He says he’s not looking for trouble, but it’s finding him. Alexis wonders if it’s a slow-motion suicide, and Scotty says because of her, he’s seeing signs of life. He’s a better guy on the inside than he ever was on the outside.

Valentin tells Nora an innocent man is spending time in prison for crime he was forced to commit. Nora says Julian is far from innocent, and she’s not his attorney; she represents his sister. Valentin says, maybe, and maybe he can’t, in good conscience, pay Olivia-J’s legal bill, but if she makes a public statement exonerating Julian, he might change his mind. Nora says that’s blackmail, but Valentin says, no, it’s a choice. Olivia can exonerate Julian, or try her luck with a public defender. He tells Nora to present her with the options and get back to him.

Amy thanks Nathan. Nelle flashes back to hearing Maxie talk to Nathan about Amy writing the column, and Nathan says they would both be in trouble if that came out. At the time, we didn’t see Nelle listening. Nelle makes a call to a celebrity tip line, and asks how much they pay for a story. She says they should definitely meet. She has inside information on Ask Man Landers.

Laura thanks Lulu. Lulu tells her that Maxie didn’t know the details, but got a strong impression that Nelle did something underhanded to Nina, not professionally, but personally. She says it’s not hard to believe. She’s just one of those people looking for a weakness to exploit. Laura says they can’t have someone like that looking after the children. Lulu says speaking of children, she doesn’t want to jinx it, but a close friend might be pregnant.

Maxie comes home with a pregnancy test.

A guard has a message for Julian – watch his back tonight.

Scotty tells Alexis unless he finds grounds for an appeal – and he doesn’t know where – Julian could be spending the next fifteen years in prison. The way things are going, it doesn’t look like he’ll survive the next fifteen days. Alexis says they might be closer to the answer than he thinks.

Nora tells Valentin it never occurred to her to ask, but what connection does he have to Olivia-J? He says it doesn’t matter. The only question is if he’s going to continue to pay legal fees. He tells her to encourage her client to tell the truth. Nora says once this matter is settled, their business is concluded. Valentin says he doesn’t know about that, and leaves. Nora makes call, saying she needs to talk to Olivia.

Tomorrow, Maxie wonders baby or no baby, Ava begs Griff to finish what Klein started, and Nelle says she has the goods on Ask Man Landers.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Margaret and Joe #3 go wallpaper shopping. She wants something grand; he wants traditional and normal. He asks why they need fabulousity; he wants normalousity. She says it’s a statement room. She tells him about meeting with Dolores. She’s hoping she’ll go back and calm Siggy down. In her interview, she’d thought she and Siggy had mutual respect for each other and never thought she’d be so overreactive. They talk about her stepchildren, and he says they’re holding a grudge. In her interview, she gets weepy about missing a piece of their lives she can’t get back.

Dolores says the one time Teresa could have had her back, she didn’t, but it’s a friendship worth fighting for. They meet for lunch. Teresa wants to see where her head is at. Dolores tells her to lay it out. Teresa says Dolores’s vibe is that she’s not sticking up for her. In Florida, Siggy was saying crazy sh*t, and Danielle said Dolores told her that Teresa thinks money is more important than anything else. Dolores says, don’t trust her; something isn’t right. She suggests Danielle does drugs or is on medication for being crazy. Teresa says she does yoga and is into healing. Dolores says Teresa doesn’t have her back either. She joined in with the girls making fun of her relationship with Frank. Teresa says Dolores is in another relationship. Why would she let Frank move in? Dolores tells her twenty years ago, she didn’t want to put up with what Teresa did. Teresa asks if she’s trying to say Joe #1 cheated on her. I’d say that’s a yes.

Dolores gets quiet. In her interview, she says she’s never approached Teresa about her marriage, rumors, or lack of disrespect, and although Teresa attacked her relationship, she has to be diplomatic. Dolores tells Teresa that she never saw him cheating (interesting choice of words), and Teresa asks what she’s trying to say. Dolores says he was a lot of work, and she’d never stand by someone who got her in trouble. Teresa deserves all the respect in the world. Teresa says hopefully he’ll get his sh*t together when he gets home. She tells Dolores that if it was a choice between believing her or Danielle, she’d believe Dolores. They’ve known each other a long time. Dolores is glad they talked. What a sidestep.

Siggy makes some ice cream sundae thing, topped with what has to be an entire can of whipped cream. Dolores comes over. Siggy says she can’t fit into her jeans, and Dolores asks why she’s eating that. Siggy tells her that she’s stressing out. Michael wanted her to slow down, but she wants to take the next step in her career and do overnight retreats. She has to figure out how to juggle everything. Dolores says she can do it, but be realistic about it. Siggy has booked a retreat at Crystal Springs, and wants to test small group activities with her friends. She doesn’t want to include Margaret, but Dolores says she should.

Siggy calls Margaret, and tells her about the retreat, extending an invitation to her. Margaret appreciates it. After she hangs up, she tells Dolores they’ll see. She asks if she should invite Danielle, and Dolores says go ahead. It wouldn’t be fair not to ask her to give Danielle another chance, when she encouraged her to give Margaret one. She’s not going to hug her though.

Margaret and Melissa meet for lunch. Melissa feels like her kids have an agenda now, and are more work than when they were babies. Well, of course. I don’t even have kids and I know that. Her biggest problem is trying to separate Envy from the other boutiques. Margaret wants everyone to do well, and offers to help. She says the food was amazing at the tasting, but the behavior was another story. A grown woman stuck her tongue out at her, and tried to humiliate Melissa at her party. Melissa says she was invited to Siggy’s women’s empowerment event. Margaret says she got an invite, and wonders how she can go when she feels belittled by her. She’s crossing her fingers that Siggy doesn’t display her anger. Melissa says her biggest issue is that she cries or gets dramatic to deflect when she doesn’t like something. Margaret says Siggy is afraid she’ll steal her friends. She’s a friend thief. Melissa suggests she say a couple of Hail Marys and an Our Father.

Michael hopes the event is successful, but hopes she doesn’t do too many. In her interview, Siggy says he sees it as time away from him; she sees it as building her empire. She tells him about inviting Margaret.

Margaret says Siggy has a lot of issues. Her assistant suggests she walk behind Siggy when she’s hiking.

Frank says he’s an alpha male, and Dolores thinks he’s her bitch. She says it’s hard to take him seriously when he’s holding a mop.

Melissa says Siggy embarrassed her, but encourages women to life each other up. She’s going to have to say something. Joe #2 tells her not to come home if she doesn’t. He wants a tough wife. Melissa goes to Teresa’s house, where they’re being picked up. Teresa’s dog has a pink tail and ears, and I wonder if she’s been hanging out with LVP. Teresa says the crazy thing is, Siggy invited Danielle. The van arrives, and they get in. Dolores is already there, and Margaret joins them. Teresa warns Dolores that Danielle is coming. Dolores says she doesn’t care. She lost her sh*t twice, and Danielle isn’t getting her a third time.

Siggy is excited, and goes over the program with her assistants. She says it’s about helping and empowering people.

Dolores tells them to go with open mind. Margaret asks if they saw Siggy’s Instagram post. We see a picture of her with a bow and arrow, looking like Katniss Everdeen. In the text, she says the last thing anyone wants is her hating on their ass. Margaret hopes it wasn’t directed at her. She says she’ll ask at dinner.

The van arrives at the venue. Guests are already trickling in. Siggy greets everyone with hug. She thanks them for coming, and she and her assistant, Vikki, explain the retreat goal. It’s an opportunity to be open and vulnerable, with no one judging. They should get emotionally naked. They’re to be inspired to live their authentic self, and trust their instincts. What people say doesn’t change who you are. The key is to surround yourself with positive people; negative influencers can make you feel worse. Geez, I could have come up with this. Siggy starts talking about someone she couldn’t get through to, and how if someone is hurting you, you have the right to say eff-you. Melissa thinks Siggy is about to publicly shame Margaret. Yes, she is. She asks Margaret if she’s right.

She says she and Margaret got off on the wrong foot. She felt that she got emotionally naked and it wasn’t working, but it takes two to tango. She withheld a lot. She’d been bullied about her name while she was growing up, and when Margaret called her “Soggy,” it her back. She hated her childhood. She might be a relationship expert, but she has issues too. Character flaws make us unique. I hope it’s more than that. In her interview, Margaret says had she known, she wouldn’t have done that. Siggy thanks Margaret. She tells her that they’ve had no chance to know one another, and maybe she doesn’t want to, but she’s rooming with her and Dolores.

Siggy invites everyone to the “Zone room,” and I think of the Zen room in Rocky Horror. There are different experts they can consult with, like stylists, makeup artists, a plastic surgeon, and a photographer. She says the takeaway is that when they leave, she wants them to understand it’s about them, not her. She also has some swag available, and one of her T-shirts says “Soggy Flicker” on it. Margaret thinks she’s handling it well, and Siggy tells her that she’s getting a percentage. Siggy thanks them again.

Teresa tells Danielle about meeting with Dolores. She wasn’t sure if Danielle was trying to come between them. Danielle says, absolutely not. Teresa lets her know that she’d said if she had to pick, she’d believe Dolores. Danielle says they’ve known each other longer, not necessarily because she’s more believable. Teresa tells her that Dolores thinks she’s on drugs. Danielle laughs, and says that’s never been said before. In her interview, Danielle says Dolores has called her a scumbag and garbage, and is now starting baseless rumors. She has no imagination, but she has an imaginary boyfriend.

They fawn over their rooms. Margaret tells Siggy she appreciates it, and they got off to a wrong start. Siggy says it was a crazy time, and she has difficulty letting go. She has things to work on.

Teresa thinks it’s funny that Siggy is all about knowing your worth, but all the people there are for superficial improvements.

Margaret calls Joe #3, and tells him she was concerned when Siggy called her out, but it went well. They’re rooming together in a suite. She thinks they’re on a good path. At the end of the call, Joe doesn’t understand how to shut FaceTime off.

The ladies meet for dinner. Margaret and Dolores don’t drink, since they’d rather spend the calories on food. Vikki makes a toast, and Siggy asks what they thought. Melissa says she never heard Siggy speak, and was impressed. She was sincere, and had good chemistry with Vikki. In her interview, Melissa hopes they go deeper, and the next day is more about the inside. Danielle says since they’re being open, Dolores is saying she’s medicated, and Dolores asks if she is. She’s so nasty. Danielle says no, and Dolores says she thought she was “off,” since she was making stuff up about what she said. In her interview, Melissa says Dolores said the conversation never happened, but it’s not okay to accuse someone of being a drug addict. Dolores doesn’t trust her motives. We flash back to 2009, and the infamous book. Danielle wants to know what she’d have to gain. In her interview, Dolores calls her a pathological liar and crazy. Danielle says she repeated something Dolores had said that she was confused about, and Dolores says she should have talked to her then. Dolores challenges Danielle, asking what she’s going to do, Danielle says she knows who she is. Margaret doesn’t know what happened, or why it’s at this level. Siggy thinks Dolores should take the high road, and it’s getting out of hand. Vikki, who everyone forgot was there, says there are more workshops to get through. They can make a bad situation positive, and they’re not done yet.

Danielle asks Teresa and Melissa if they think Siggy making up with Margaret was genuine. She thinks it was a little fast. Teresa thinks of course Siggy is going to be all kumbaya, since the retreat is supposed to be about uplifting each other. She thinks Siggy wanted to make a display of fixing her own relationship so she can show how good she is.

Siggy asks Dolores about the Danielle thing, saying Danielle takes it personally and she’s hurt. Dolores says the only redeeming thing about the situation is that she and Teresa are good. Siggy says you can’t buy history.

Melissa says they’re supposed to have a special surprise. She’s hoping it’s mimosas on an island somewhere.

They go to an outside space. Vikki tells them they’re going to have their first activity, and it sounds more like camp than a retreat. She tells them that some things still need resolution. Each person is going to tell another one thing that’s wrong with them using role playing. Sounds like a great exercise for this group. She asks who wants to go first, and there’s dead silence. Siggy volunteers. She says she and Margaret have come a long way, but they haven’t had a chance to say what they’ve wanted. Um… what about that lunch? Vikki tells them to come out and tell the group why they feel hurt. Siggy says when Margaret called her “Soggy,” she struck a nerve and I hurt. Margaret says she thought Siggy was being hypersensitive, and was taken aback. Vikki says there’s no right or wrong, and they’re to role play being the other person. Margaret starts to wail about the cake, Josh, and the cake again. Teresa thinks it’s hysterical, but doesn’t think Siggy likes it too much, judging from he expression. Nope. She doesn’t. In her interview, Dolores wonders if Margaret is off her rocker. Margaret continues to go on about the cake, and Danielle says this is not going to be good.

This season, a trip to Milan, Margaret’s birthday, a visit to Joe #1 in the pokey, Teresa and Dolores fight, Danielle and Siggy fight, and there will probably be other fights they didn’t have time to show clips of.

🌟 On Star, Carlotta went to bat for Simone, but the judge wasn’t having it, and Simone had to go back to the facility. Star told her to focus on the music, and it’s what will get her out. I love the way the music is incorporated into the show when it’s a regular scene (i.e. not a performance). Ayanna suggested emancipation to Simone, and Carlotta said unless it’s business, stay away from the girls. Brody got a load of cash to steal photos from Star’s phone, and gave $10K to the benefit. He hoped to impress Star, but she called him a dog anyway. Alex and Star worked different angles to get Joyce Sheree on their next track. Alex got friendlier with Gigi, and when Noah took a selfie with Alex that went viral, Gigi told her to use it for publicity. Ayanna hit the sheets with Jahil (Carlotta said she’d been there, done that), and was working overtime to restore Midtown’s image, tarnished from the shooting and Noah’s tweets. She ended up giving a press conference, where she sounded like the Queen of England after Diana’s death. Cotton’s old boyfriend also came back to haunt her. Queen Latifah wore some luscious curls this week, and Star rocked some blue lipstick, which I’m usually skeptical about. The next episode will be in two weeks, when the girls perform in the showcase.

🎼 Patti LaBelle and Brandi Norwood will also be coming on board this season, as Carlotta’s mother and younger sister.

🎆 Not the Only One Obsessed…



November 13, 2017 – Franco is Questioned, an OC Candle Party & It’s a Dallas Wrap


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

On the phone, Alexis lets Molly know she’s in Pennsylvania to tie up some loose ends on a case.

Nora talks to Bo on the phone. She loves him, and she’s craving Rodi’s. Alexis knocks on the door, and introduces herself. Nora looks shocked. I’m wondering how they never crossed paths during Olivia-J’s trial.

Nelle goes to the Crimson office. Maxie asks what she’s doing there, since she was fired. Nelle says she’s getting her last paycheck, and Maxie tells her to get it on payday like everyone else. She asks if she needs to call security. Lulu walks in, and asks if everything is okay.

Franco tells Elizabeth the boys went to Audrey’s, so they can have a quiet evening. She seems distracted, and he asks what’s on her mind. She says the man who claims to be Jason.

Jordan tells everyone that the test confirms Other Jason is a DNA match for Jason Morgan. Before Other Jason can even say, I told you so, she says that Real Jason is also a match. Carly says she can’t be serious, and Sonny says it can’t be right. Jordan says the two men claiming to be Jason Morgan share the same DNA.

Maxie tells Lulu that a former employee was just leaving. When Nelle is gone, she says Nina should have listened to Carly. Lulu asks if Nelle pretended to sleep with Valentin, and Maxie says no, but it was probably next on her agenda. Lulu says Maxie must be excited about finding the next big thing for the magazine, and Maxie says her next piece is going to be something different.

At the hospital, Amy looks sad. Nathan says he came by to see how she’s doing. She says she’s fine, but she’s not the issue. Chet has barely spoken two words to her. She had no idea he was addicted. Nathan tells her not to blame herself, since addicts hide their behavior. She says no matter how hard she tries to get through, she can’t, but maybe he can.

Elizabeth tells Franco that talking to Real Jason was like going back five years. Franco says she was in love with him, and asks what about now? She says she’s in love with Franco, whether or not Real Jason is Jason. He says he loves her too. She thinks it would be a show of good faith if he dropped the charges. Franco says he was assaulted twice, but Elizabeth tells him if he’s really Jason, he had no way of knowing Franco is a changed man. It would be the perfect way to prove it. She asks him to think about it, and the doorbell rings. Franco hopes it’s anybody but Jason. If it is, he’ll tell him to come back the day after never. Elizabeth goes to the kitchen, and Franco answers the door. It’s Scotty.

Jordan tells them that the results were cross checked, and they’re both an exact match. She says they both seem quiet. Other Jason says if they’re both matches, they must be twins.

Alexis apologizes for bothering Nora, but it’s an urgent matter. She sought Nora out because she’s the attorney of record for Olivia-J. Olivia’s brother is her daughter’s father. He was sentenced as an accomplice, and is in prison for the next fifteen years. He met up with a group who targeted him, and was beaten within an inch of his life. Nora says she’s sorry, and asks how she can help. Alexis says her client is the only person who can help.

Amy brings Nathan to Chet. Chet says he doesn’t want to see her, but she thinks he might want to talk to a friend of hers. Nathan says, fair warning, he’s a cop. Chet asks if he’s being arrested, and Nathan says no he’s here as a friend of his sister’s. He understands what Chet is going through. He’s served with people in the same position, and says it’s always a good idea to talk to someone. Chet says he remembers where he’s seen Nathan before. He’s Ask Man Landers.

Lulu reads, Meet the Mrs. behind Ask Man Landers, and says it’s really cute, but a little misleading. The article makes it sound like a woman is writing the column. Maxie laughs too long and loud, and says, wouldn’t that be something? She asks what Lulu thinks, and Lulu says it’s a nice read; brisk, but entertaining. Maxie admits her part might be a little exaggerated, how she inspired him and wanted him to share his wisdom with the world. Nathan would rather leave the origin of Man Landers up to the imagination of the readers. Lulu wonders why go public if he wants it private, and if Maxie is jealous. That would explain why the article is about Mrs., and there’s almost no Mr. Maxie explains that the article got her job back, and is boosting her career. Lulu is proud of her. Maxie is surprised there’s no lecture. Lulu says to be completely honest, it kind of makes her jealous.

Nelle goes to the bar. She orders something, but then sees Michael, and says forget it. She starts to leave, and he says there’s no reason they can’t be civil. She tells him that her day got worse after she met with him, and she just wants a drink in peace. He sees no reason why they can’t have their peace and quiet at the same time.

Scotty wonders why Franco hasn’t said anything about the twins, and Franco says it’s not the right time. Scotty thinks he needs to step forward, and let the Jasons know. He says they already do, but believe Andrew died. Scotty says Franco is thinking he’s protecting himself, but he’s making things worse. He needs to tell the Jasons which one is the real one. Franco says that’s the last thing he’s doing to do.

Other Jason says being twins is the only way their DNA would match. He asks Real Jason who sent him there. Jordan asks if Real Jason was aware he was a twin, and he says not until yesterday. Elizabeth told him that Franco found out. Other Jason says Franco discovered photo of himself and a boy who looked like him. Sam says Franco dug around, and found out Susan Moore had twins. One went with Alan, and the other was raised by Betsy. Betsy told Franco that the twin died, and he even had a death certificate. Other Jason tried to question her, but she’d skipped town. Other Jason says, now they know why, and addresses Real Jason as Drew.

Lulu is beyond thrilled that Maxie is doing so well, but it makes her question her own choices. Maxie is like, are you kidding? Lulu has built a life with a stable family, and has a successful business. Lulu says it’s not like she achieved it. She borrowed money to buy The Haunted Star, and it practically runs itself. Maxie says the club plus a family equals chaos. Lulu tells her now that the dust has settled with Charlotte’s custody, and Rocco and Charlotte are in school, she finds herself with hours where she could be doing something, and she’s not. Maxie suggests she work at Crimson.

Michael says he hopes it’s not because he ruined Nelle’s morning, but she says he’s off the hook. She went on to a bigger catastrophe. He tells her to lay it on him (really?). She says her rent check is going to be late; she and Crimson are parting ways. Michael is surprised, since Nina is so dependent on her, and he knows good assistants are hard to find. Nelle says there’s a reason – Maxie.

Chet tells Nathan that he doesn’t need advice on dating, or another person telling him he’s lucky because he came back. He doesn’t feel lucky, and not all of him came back. He wants to be alone.

Other Jason gets stupid, telling Real Jason good for him. He fooled a few people, but he messed with Sam, and whatever con he’s running is done. He says they know who he is, and calls him Drew again. Real Jason says the only name he’s ever gone by is Jason. Sonny says Other Jason needs to accept that they’re both telling the truth as they know it. Carly says they can run other tests, but Jordan tells her unfortunately, Helena had the fingerprints erased out of the system. Carly thinks there must be a copy somewhere, since Real Jason was arrested so often. Jordan says she’ll put out an APB for Betsy. Someone has to know where she is. Other Jason wonders what they need now. Sam says if they can’t get answers, she thinks she knows the next best thing.

Scotty tells Franco maybe Andrew doesn’t remember, or maybe he understands Franco was a kid. He’d be more receptive if Franco was forthcoming. He wants Franco to at least let them know which one is which. Franco is like, no way. Elizabeth went to see the one in the cell, and everything she felt came rushing back. Scotty asks if she said that, and Franco says she didn’t have to; it was written on her face. Scotty says she’s bound to have residual feeling, but Franco is with her now. Franco says they have two Jasons, both in love with Sam. The loser will chase after Elizabeth, and he’s not letting that happen.

Nora asks Alexis how Olivia-J can save Julian. Alexis says if she makes a statement that she threatened him and his family, it might help his appeal. Nora says she can’t consider it. If Olivia makes a statement, her mental health will be reevaluated. If she’s found competent to stand trial, she could be convicted. Nora can’t expose her to that risk. Alexis asks if she can talk to her; maybe they can reach an agreement. Nora says don’t bother to offer to represent her. Many have, but she’s only taken Nora. Alexis asks who’s paying her?

Michael can’t believe Nelle lost her job because of Maxie. Nelle says from the moment Maxie got there, she made Nelle’s life difficult; shoving her stuff all over Nelle’s desk, and throwing her reputation in her face. She’s Nina’s sister-in-law, so guess who got pushed out? She tells Michael with one phone call, Maxie could cut her last check, but she’s forcing Nelle to wait until payday. Michael says that’s standard, but Nelle says she’s drowning in bills. He tells her to take her time with the rent. She thanks him, and he says he knows Maxie can be pushy. Nelle hopes he never loses his gift for understatement. He thinks maybe Nelle should assert herself, and Maxie will just want Nelle out of her hair. He offers to pay for Nelle’s drink. She tells him he’s too nice, and he tells her good luck.

Maxie tells Lulu they need an assistant, and she needs a job. Lulu says no chance in hell is she working there. Does Maxie remember why Nina fired her? Maxie is like, oh yeah, she gave Lulu an unauthorized visit with Charlotte, but they have it figured out now. Lulu says that doesn’t make anything better. Maxie says she was so excited at the thought of working together, she forgot. Lulu thinks when she goes back to the work force, it won’t be in the fashion industry.

Elizabeth wonders why Franco didn’t tell her that Scotty was coming over, and Franco says he was ambushed. Scotty says he heard what happened at the MetroCourt, and hopes she’s okay. There’s another knock at the door. This time, it’s Jordan with the whole crowd, and I literally LOL. Scotty asks if it’s official police business, but Jordan says she’s only a chaperone. The two Jasons have questions for Franco, and she’s there to make sure nothing gets out of hand. Other Jason says there’s one problem with Franco’s story; they’re both DNA matches for Jason Morgan. Franco says it’s not possible, and Scotty tells him to be quiet. Sam says they wondered if any part of the story was left out. Franco says actually, there is.

Nathan asks if Amy is okay. She says she’s spent the past year of her life lying, telling people how to fix their problems, when she can’t fix anything. Nathan says Chet’s problems can’t be fixed by an advice column. He has a long road ahead. He understands that it’s hard for her, but he has some advice for a change. Chet pushes her away because he loves her, and can’t stand the thought of her seeing him like that. He tells Amy as much as they’d like to, they can’t live someone else’s life. Chet has to figure things out for himself. She needs to take a breather, recoup, and let him know she’s there for him. He puts his arm around her, and she leans on his shoulder.

Lulu tells Maxie that she used to daydream about being an investigative reporter. Maxie asks what’s stopping her from following her daydream? Lulu says it’s never going to happen. Whatever job she gets, she’ll have to start at the bottom with an entry level position against kids just out of college. Kids who don’t have to split energy with raising a family. What if she can’t keep up? Maxie says she doesn’t have to prove she’s strong, and she believes in her enough for the both of them.

Sonny and Carly go for a drink. Carly says this is really messy. Other Jason and Sam worked hard for the perfect life, and now it’s broken. What Sam feels for Drew is nothing in comparison to what she feels for Jason.

Franco says the death certificate was bogus, so he went to see the guy who gave it to him – Andre. He thought there were holes in Betsy’s story, and had been talking to him, but that seemed above and beyond what a therapist would do. He says when he went to Andre’s office, he had cleared out. Jordan says she’ll put out an APB for Andre too. Franco says good luck. He could be anywhere.

Alexis tells Nora that Olivia-J has no family to speak of, and her siblings wouldn’t pay for her attorney, so who did? Nora says the conversation is borderline unethical, and she’s shutting it down. She’s sorry Alexis came all this way for nothing. Alexis thanks her, and leaves. In the hallway, she says, thanks for nothing, and if Nora thinks she stonewalled her, she has another think coming.

Amy goes back to Chet’s room. He doesn’t want to see her, but she says she’s there on business. He’s being discharged in the morning, and they have to talk about where he’s staying. She tells him he’s coming home with her, and he says he doesn’t need charity. She says he mistook this for a discussion; he’s coming to her place, period. Chet says she can’t force him. She tells him if he doesn’t, she’ll tell the hospital he’s a danger to himself, and have him committed to the psyche ward. She says not only can she work the system; she is the system. She’s not going anywhere. She’s his family, and she’s not giving up on him.

Nathan goes to Crimson. He tells Maxie that he met Amy’s brother. Maxie thought he’d decided against coming to Port Charles. Nathan says he made it, but he’s in so much pain; he’s pushing away those closest to him. She wonders if it would help him to know that Amy is really writing the column, but Nathan says he doesn’t want help. He’s too proud. Macie says men and their pride; they need to drop that. Nathan adds that both he and Amy would be in trouble if the truth about Ask Man Landers came out.

Carly says no matter what, Drew will have to accept that Jake and Danny aren’t his, and Jason will have to accept that Sam has a daughter with another man. Sonny says Jason will give up everything to give Sam what she wants. Carly says it’s a mess, and to make matters worse, Franco holds the key.

Elizabeth just wanted one day not to deal with stuff, and tells Franco it doesn’t make sense. What reason would Andre have to make him think Andrew was dead. It’s too much. Franco says villagers with pitchforks at the door tends to ruin the mood. Elizabeth hopes they find Andre. He might be the only one who knows which is the real Jason. She goes upstairs, and Franco takes out the paper.

Other Jason says Sam can’t believe Real Jason, who he thinks is staking a claim. She says what they do know, is the two of them are brothers. That won’t change no matter what proof is found.

Franco burns the paper. I try to read it, and it looks like it says Patient 6 over Other Jason’s picture.

Tomorrow, Valentin tells Nina he’s working with Cassandra, Alexis asks Diane who would be paying Nora, and Carly tells Real Jason to fight for himself.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

At the office, Vicki’s receptionist is saying the new headset doesn’t work, and she can’t hear when the phone is ringing. Vicki doesn’t want to deal with headsets; she’s president of the company. There’s a staff meeting, and it’s announced that Michael is going to replace one of the board members. She says it’s been a long journey for him. Her partner sees him in a VP role eventually. He asks if he hears wedding bells for Vicki yet, but she says they’re trying to figure it out. She doesn’t want any more mistakes.

Kelly tells Bobbi that she and Jolie want to give her a makeover. She’s ordered a team. Bobbi says she’s up for change. The guys work on her while Kelly and Jolie watch. My verdict is a thumbs up. Kelly says when she’s sixty, she’s not going to be sitting on the couch like her mom – and Michael. She tells Bobbi one minute she’s good with Michael, and the next she’s not. He’s nice, then he’s a jerk, and she can’t take the highs and lows. Bobbi tells her nobody is perfect.

Tamra tells Ryan that they’re meeting Simon at Sidney’s graduation ceremony, and they’re supposed to go out to dinner afterward. In her interview, she gets weepy, saying it means the world to her. She’s excited, but nervous. She tells Ryan, one day at a time. He says, let’s roll.

Meghan and Jim prepare for their King Collection launch party. She’s thrilled with the venue, the ice sculpture, and the food. Everyone gets super dressed up. Lydia picks out Doug’s jacket. Kelly calls Shannon, telling her Vicki is running late, and she offers to pick them up. Michael doesn’t want to be in a car with David, and says to call Uber. In her interview, Kelly thinks Michael’s problem isn’t with David. He’s just getting older and crankier. She says he’s good at threatening her, and then sweeping it under the rug. Shannon calls back and insists on picking them up. Kelly says Michael is going to freak.

In the limo, David says it’s going to be fun. Shannon tells him that when people first meet her, they tend to get the wrong impression, but after they get to know her, figure out she’s not so bad. We flash back to Meghan, Heather, Kelly, and Lydia. I detect a pattern. David says she’s certainly direct. She says he’s always known where she stands.

Kelly tells Michael that Shannon is picking them up. He says that’s awesome, not really meaning it, and she asks him to be nice in the car. She’d like him to be polite tonight. He says he didn’t get where he is in business by making people uncomfortable. In her interview, Kelly thinks they’re both control freaks who don’t want to relinquish power, and they’ve reached a breaking point.

The launch party starts. Going down the staircase, Tamra flashes back to her wedding with Eddie, which was held at the same place. She says it’s the best decision she ever made in her life. Peggy hasn’t seen any of the women since the trip to Iceland, and says she isn’t nervous, but the others should be ashamed of themselves. Vicki doesn’t know what’s going on with Peggy, and tells Briana that she doesn’t like conflict. Tamra says it’s a little awkward. Vicki tells a random server they don’t have candle parties like this in the Midwest. Tamra claims Vicki runs when she sees Eddie, and tells Meghan about Vicki perpetuating lies about him. In her interview, she says she’s given Vicki a few chances, but there’s nothing she can say to make her change. Lydia tells Shannon about Peggy apologizing to Meghan. Shannon tells her that she told Peggy she was done. For Kelly, it’s all about the side boob.

Lydia tells Shannon she was fun in Iceland, and we flash back to her conducting the men’s chorus. Meghan asks for everyone’s attention, and makes a mini speech thanking them. Kelly asks Peggy why she left Iceland early, and Peggy says she didn’t feel right staying. Kelly says she was drunk, and didn’t connect what she was saying to Peggy’s father. She adds that sometimes, Peggy can act like a princess. Peggy says Kelly is nice, but tends to lash out. Kelly says it bothers her to be controlled. In her interview, Kelly says she thinks Peggy is a good person, and wants to give her another chance. Peggy says she’ll forget about what Kelly said, and they hug.

David tells Diko he can come to him about anything he said, instead of going to Shannon. Diko says it wasn’t an issue, but spread like wildfire. Lydia thinks Diko could use some fairy dust. Tamra apologizes to Diko for calling him a bitch. She says Shannon told her that he pulled her aside at the party, and she felt it was a bitch move. He says that wasn’t the case, and Tamra says she realizes Shannon overreacted. He’s not a bitch. He tells her that he’ll have to return the hat. Tamra goes to Peggy next, and tells her about apologizing to Diko. She repeats what Shannon said about her crying that David hurt her, and Peggy says that never happened. Tamra calls Shannon over. Shannon doesn’t want to make a big deal about something she never should have been involved in. She tells Tamra that Peggy had the audacity to ask her if she trusts her husband. Tamra tries to intervene. Shannon insists Peggy said that David hurt her. We flash back, but it’s not exactly how Shannon is describing it. She says David isn’t a mean guy, and wondered what he could have said to make Peggy cry. Peggy says she was hurt because of what David said, and Shannon says once again, confusing Peggy isn’t giving them a clear answer. Peggy asks if Shannon is okay, and Shannon asks if she is, since she can’t get a story straight. She calls Peggy an effing lunatic. In her interview, Peggy says Shannon needs to get her crap together, or her husband won’t be with her very much longer. Lydia thinks if you’re screaming that someone is a lunatic, you’re probably the one who’s a lunatic.

Shannon babbles at Tamra and Meghan, saying someone needs to have the balls to call Peggy crazy. In her interview, Meghan says Shannon overreacts, but Peggy likes to poke, so she’s with Shannon on this one. Not me. I’m tired of Shannon flailing around. Peggy tells Diko she wants to leave; Shannon isn’t all there. Shannon and Kelly laugh about the Who? You! thing from the 70s party. Peggy tells Shannon that she doesn’t want her to feel like Diko attacked her, and apologizes if she feels like Peggy was out of bounds. There’s total silence, and Meghan suggests going to the bar.

Kelly says she’s mad at Michael, but Vicki tells Michael that Kelly wants him there; she loves and trusts him. Kelly says she obviously doesn’t trust him, and Michael says he’s heading out. In her interview, Vicki hopes they can stick it out and work it out. Who isn’t bugged by their spouse? She tells Kelly marriage is hard, and whoever says it isn’t, is a liar. Kelly says she can’t live the rest of her life like this, and starts to cry. Vicki suggests they have sex, and Peggy says it’s been a while. Vicki tells her the minute she and Don stopped being intimate, the marriage started falling apart. In her interview. Kelly says she gave it her all, and tried. It’s sad to see it go. Vicki says her divorce was a nightmare. Kelly says she wants to move forward on her own. Since this is the finale, we see that she and Michael have sold the beach house, and filed for divorce. Not a huge surprise.

Meghan loves being a mom, and suggests she and Jim have another baby. In her end blurb, we see she convinced him, and they’re using IVF to try for a boy.

Lydia tells us that the last time she was on the show, she just observed. This time, she voiced her opinion, and she’s proud of herself. We find out she’s stopped taking the pill, but wants to defrost some of Doug’s sperm, and try for a girl.

Shannon says she’s had a hard year, with a lot of realization. She’s discovered her marriage and her weight don’t dictate her happiness. They’ve moved into separate houses. This must have been filmed before they filed for divorce.

Vicki wants to be married, especially to Steve, but is in no rush. She and Steve bought a vacation home together, but Briana and Ryan have moved to North Carolina.

Peggy is looking forward to the future. She’s stronger than she knew. Her daughters are now attending college in LA, but still come home for money, laundry, and food. Rich people – they’re just like us.

Tamra says she’s going to be fifty, and looks back, seeing how much she’s changed. Um… She says that Sidney will be back one day and everything will perfect. While they did go out to dinner after the graduation, she and Sidney are no longer speaking.

Vicki tells us that no time heals wounds for Shannon. The girls have a shot, and take a group photo.

Next time, the reunion.

The Real Housewives of Dallas

Mark joins the group. Andy says viewers thought there was tension in the home, and he’s control freak. He admits he is a control freak, saying that’s what surgeons are, and there is a lot of tension in the home. We flash back to them talking about working together, and Mark being scared of not being a priority after Cary had Zuri. A viewer says Mark seems jealous of their child. Cary says that she’s fulfilled by being at home and working, and finding a balance is what they’re working toward. Andy asks what Mark says to viewers who think he doesn’t like his daughter. He says he loves her, but sometimes wants a grownup dinner too. They caught him in some bad moments, and says he didn’t look like that last season. He doesn’t think he took 180 in a year. Cary says they’re overloaded, and have the push/pull of working together. Mark says they’re both aggressive and sarcastic, and sometimes it comes off as mean. Cary says people think they’re both a-holes, so they’re perfect for each other. D’Andra thinks they need to watch what they say. You can’t take it back, and it can infiltrate the rest of your life. She says her husband never talks to her in a condescending way, and that’s how Mark came across. Mark tells her that he can only try to do better. LeeAnne says it’s uncomfortable to watch. Mark explains they’re not a normal couple; they do everything together. LeeAnne says good thing she has dogs.

Andy tells us that rumor-mongering is as popular in Texas as football. We flash back to various remarks about husbands and boyfriends. Andy mentions LeeAnne’s comments about Mark going to the Round Up, and Mark says it’s not true. LeeAnne is sorry, adding she shouldn’t have said it. She says people say all kinds of sh*t. Cary asks who, and she says it doesn’t matter. She repeated something, trying to hurt Cary, because Cary had hurt her. Mark says that people say he must be gay because he’s so into clothes, and it’s perpetuating a stereotype. LeeAnne says she never meant gay as an insult. Mark tells her that his kids see this stuff or their friends do, and they have to answer to that. Cary tells her that her son’s frat brothers made him watch it. Mark thinks LeeAnne believes if she apologizes and “owns it,” that makes it okay. Andy asks if LeeAnne knows the particulars about the Round Up story, but she’s not comfortable with giving them. Andy asks D’Andra and Kameron what they think. D’Andra doesn’t discuss other people’s marriages, and Kameron says it’s not fair. She wouldn’t want her kids to see what LeeAnne does, and think it’s acceptable. Cary says the show was stressful, and hard on them. Mark thinks they’re in a better place than they were. Stephanie says they’re loving, amazing parents. Mark went to soccer practice for her son when she couldn’t get there. He’s a kind and giving person, and it makes her sad. I don’t know if it’s the lights, HDTV, or what, but everyone’s hair looks brassy. Except for Mark, who’s bald.

Andy asks for a response to the comment about Mark’s practice being a chop ship, and he says they work hard to do a good job. They take care of people, and he’s an ethical doctor. LeeAnne says she was hurt because she thought Cary had called her plastic surgeon a vagina doctor. She got pushed, and meant it to be hurtful. Mark says LeeAnne is loud and says a lot of nonsense, but people are realizing she cries wolf.

Andy says telegraph, telephone, tell Brandi. Ha-ha! They used to say that about my grandmother, but it was tell Marie. A viewer asks how anyone can trust her. Brandi feels she owes it to a person to be honest. She doesn’t pass along rumors or gossip, but threats are a different story. Another viewer thinks Cary is hypocritical, referring to her comments that Rich is short in the weenie department. She says that Rich went on a Twitter rant, and messaged her personally. She admits it was nasty, and she apologized to him, but she did it in response to the things LeeAnne had said. (I could have sworn she said that before LeeAnne said anything about the Round Up.) Andy says there seem to be a lot of things said in reaction to being hurt. He wonders if they can get past it or stop, and asks where they go from here. Cary can’t handle much more, and would love to move on. LeeAnne says she can’t handle much more of herself acting like idiot; it’s unacceptable, but the first step to getting better is recognizing it. She thinks she’s improving.

We flash back to Brandi and Cary altercations, and LeeAnne saying Cary claimed she couldn’t be friends with Brandi and Stephanie. Mark brings up Brandi insinuating that Cary broke up his marriage. He’d thought they covered that last year. He explains that they’ve worked together for many years, but there was no affair. She was never his nanny either. His kids were in childcare, but when they were going on a trip, someone suggested she watch them. Andy asks how Brandi found this out, and Brandi says one of the kids told her that Cary had watched them. She thought she was keeping a secret, but it was only in her mind. She doesn’t blame Cary for hating her. Cary says she doesn’t hate her, but was hurt. She never asked Brandi to keep a secret about something her stepdaughter told her while she was sitting right there. Cary talks about being close to Mark’s kids. Kameron thinks Brandi had a reality check. Cary says it’s unfortunate, but once it gets put out there, it becomes a fact. Brandi isn’t proud about what she thought at the time, and feels like a horrible person. Andy asks if LeeAnne feels vindicated, and asks if she still thinks Mark and Cary had an affair. She tells him until today. Stephanie is disappointed, and it made her sad. She knows Brandi feels badly, but they can’t be attacking each other like they have this year. Brandi says she’s probably the most disappointed in herself. She’d feel devastated if someone did that to her. D’Andra wonders why Cary and Mark won’t extend the same forgiveness to LeeAnne, and Mark says it’s been a relentless pattern of bullying. Brandi asks why D’Andra makes excuses for LeeAnne, and she says she doesn’t. LeeAnne confirms that D’Andra tells her when she’s wrong. She says they’ve all learned lessons this season.

Andy asks if Cary thinks Brandi was upset because of her friendship with Stephanie. Brandi says regardless, it was no excuse. Andy asks why Cary would say they should be separate, and Cary says she told Stephanie they should do what’s best for them, but at that moment, thought Stephanie should spend time with her son. She forgives Brandi, but trust will take a while.

We flash back to LeeAnne and Brandi’s friendship, and Stephanie thinking LeeAnne was back to her old ways. They show the clip of Brandi losing it at LeeAnne’s engagement luncheon. Andy says it seems like her feelings were building steam, and exploded at the luncheon. Brandi says LeeAnne’s behavior at the Halloween party was horrible, as well as her threatening Cary. She says you are who you hang out with, and doesn’t need a negative person bringing her down. Kameron says Brandi judged her multiple times. Andy suggests it was like a friendship intervention when Cary and Stephanie invited Brandi to lunch. Brandi says when things are going wrong, LeeAnne festers, and LeeAnne threatened her life.  LeeAnne claims she was just talking, and Brandi says that’s what bullies do. D’Andra says she’s told her that can backfire, but LeeAnne says it’s like when you say, I’m gonna kill you; you don’t really mean it. Kameron thinks they should move on. Ignoring that suggestion, Andy asks what LeeAnne thinks about the intervention. She says she’s not manipulating Brandi, but trying to make things work. She’d hoped to have a learning moment on the boat, telling Stephanie to advise Brandi to stop bugging Kameron, and that they should help each other be better people, like D’Andra does with her. Brandi says she has a mother, and doesn’t need another one.

A viewer thinks it’s outrageous to make Brandi to choose between Cary and LeeAnne. Andy asks if Cary would continue to be friends with Brandi if she was friends with LeeAnne, and she says of course. Stephanie felt like she was being made to choose. Andy asks if she thinks Brandi was influenced by LeeAnne, and Stephanie says she’s not blaming LeeAnne for Brandi’s bad behavior, but had never seen her act that way until this year. The only thing that had changed was her being friends with LeeAnne. She doesn’t want to hang out with someone who threatens other people. Andy asks if LeeAnne trusts Brandi after realizing she was a rebound friend. LeeAnne thinks that inside, Brandi wants what’s right, and she’s tenderhearted. After some healing, she could trust her again.

Kameron is asked about the luncheon. She thinks Brandi forgot that LeeAnne was there for her, and says you should remember who’s there when you’re in tears. She thought the death threat thing was dramatic; just carny talk and not serious. Andy asks LeeAnne if anyone except D’Andra will be invited to the wedding. She says they have so much going on, she doesn’t even know what the guest list looks like; they need to set a date first.

Andy asks if LeeAnne and Brandi can patch things up, but Brandi doesn’t see a future with their friendship. She says LeeAnne uses manipulation in everything she does, and nothing is sacred. LeeAnne says she believes in pitching her tent in the land of hope. She gives grace to people who make mistakes, and gives unlimited chances. Brandi says she needs to remove herself to be healthy and at her best. LeeAnne feels like her heart’s been ripped out. She starts to cry, and Andy asks Brandi if she thinks LeeAnne can change. Brandi doesn’t know, and wonders when she’s giving up the threats and manipulation. LeeAnne says it was a joke. Cary is sorry to barge in, but wonders how she moves on.

Leeanne tells them what she did was not okay, and she’s trying to get better. Cary says she wants LeeAnne to get better. Andy decides to end with the rose and thorn thing, like he did with the NYC reunion. For Stephanie, her rose was her friendship with Brandi, and her son doing well in school, and her thorn was how friendships and people were broken; it breaks her heart. Kameron’s rose is her new friendships, and her thorn those who don’t understand her boundaries. D’Andra says her rose is her relationship with her mother, and the thorn, seeing it play out and people criticizing her mother’s control. Cary’s rose is her husband’s support, and her thorn, all the rumors. LeeAnne says she has an empty garden. Sometimes it’s hard for her to see her roses, since her own thorns get in the way. It’s hard for her to forgive herself, and allow herself to enjoy her roses, but she’s working on the thorns. Andy points out her ring is a big rose. She says she’s a lucky girl. She doesn’t think much of herself, but is glad Rich does. Brandi says her thorn was hurting people. She brings out an actual rose from behind her chair, and gives it to Stephanie. These two should get it over with, and just start dating.

Andy says D’Andra is the voice of reason, and asks if she has any closing thoughts or advice. She thinks that Brandi and Stephanie should work on not judging or making assumptions. She understands Brandi isn’t comfortable about LeeAnne right now, but suggests she see if it settles, and come back with a fresh perspective. She thinks that’s good advice for all of them – walk away, let the dust settle, and come back with a fresh perspective.

And on that note, we outta here.





November 8, 2017 – Jason is Sprung (Again), Teresa Goes to Puerto Rico, Brody is a Snake & The Greatest


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Finn tells Chet that his vitals are better. It’s like he improved overnight. He congratulates Chet on surviving, saying it’s a good day to be alive.

Nathan shows up at the hospital, and Amy asks if he’s going to arrest her brother.

Anna finds Valentin sitting on her couch, and asks if he’s making a habit of breaking in now. He tells her that he wants to help bring Cassandra down.

Maxie babbles at Nina, saying if Nina doesn’t like the article, she can start over from a different angle. Nina says it’s great. Maxie asks if it’s not a problem that she embellished, and made herself the inspiration. She doesn’t want to contribute to fake news. Nina says it’s not like the fate of the nation is hanging in the balance. She’s is impressed that Maxie sounds like the uber confident and uber supportive wife of Man Landers, and she made Nathan out to be amazing. Job well done.

Nelle walks into the Crimson office, and her phone rings. It’s a notice that her account is past due. Maxie is glad to see her, and says they need to get to work.

On the phone, Carly tells Sonny that Diane is seeing the judge. She says Diane will convince them that Real Jason had a reasonable belief that Franco was a threat. She doesn’t think they’ll drop the charges, but he’ll get bail. Sonny says the most important thing is to get him out. Carly adds, and back to his life. At Pizzulo’s, Sonny tells Michael about Diane working on getting Real Jason released. Michael asks if he’s sure it’s Jason.

At the jail, Real Jason stares at Klein. Klein asks what he’s waiting for, and Real Jason says answers. Klein doesn’t have any. There’s been no name attached to anything. Real Jason can’t find his client. Real Jason says yes, he can, and Klein is going to help him.

Valentin tells Anna that he changed his mind. He’s decided to take her offer. He thinks there’s no better way to bring down Cassandra’s operation than from the inside. Anna asks what changed. The last time she saw him, he threatened to expose her. He says he went home and thought about it, and is concerned about protecting his daughter. He wouldn’t wish this on anyone, and he’ll be damned if Cassandra is going to profit from it too. Anna thinks that’s too altruistic to be his motive, and asks what Cassandra did.

Finn tells Chet he’s in Port Charles at General Hospital. Chet asks if they’re done, and Finn says he’s not dying of pneumonia. Chet starts to pull out the IV, but Finn asks him not to. Not only will he have to clean up a mess, Chet isn’t done with the antibiotics. Chet asks why he cares, and Finn says Chet’s not only his patient, but he’s Amy’s brother. Chet doesn’t want to see her, and Finn says she’s been wearing a hole in the linoleum. Chet will have to break it to her himself. Finn says to be honest, he’s afraid of her.

Amy tells Nathan that Chet is the person who OD’d. Somewhere between the rehab center and Port Charles, he got his hands on some painkillers. She had no idea he was addicted. She tells Nathan that he’s been through surgery after surgery with combat wounds; he must be in so much pain. Nathan hugs her.

Maxie tells Nelle that she’s heard a lot about her from Lulu, and Nelle sarcastically says Lulu has always been so kind to her. She’s heard about Maxie too, and they’ve both been the subject of public gossip. Nelle thinks it’s best they don’t believe anything they’ve heard. Maxie asks if it’s true Nelle was a nanny, and Nelle says she also has experience as an executive assistant. Maxie is glad about that, since she’ll be needing Nelle. She’s going to be sharing the space until her office is ready. She tells Nelle to start with hanging up her coat. Nelle goes into Nina’s office, and Nina tells her that she needs Maxie working out there, and there must be a productive way they can coexist. Nelle says that’s not what this is about. She needs a raise.

Sonny tells Michael he should go see Real Jason for himself. Michael says he tried to visit him, but he’d been released already, but he’s back in jail again? Sonny says he beat the hell out of Franco. Michael questions Sonny believing that he’s Real Jason, but Sonny says once he sees him, he’ll know it’s him. Michael is disturbed that Sam married an impostor. Sonny tells him it’s more complicated than that. It’s a set-up. Someone put him in Jason’s place, and now Sam’s husband is trying to hold onto a life that doesn’t belong to him.

Real Jason gets it; it was a job, but the job went wrong. If Klein doesn’t want to take the fall, tell him who’s behind it. Klein doesn’t think Real Jason is in any position to be making ultimatums, but Real Jason says he has friends. A guard comes in, saying Klein made bail. Klein asks who paid it, and the guard asks if he’s particular. Klein says all that matters is he’s free and Real Jason isn’t. Carly comes in and tells Real Jason they’ve got to stop meeting like this.

Nelle tells Nina that she knows Nina said she’ll have to wait, but she’s been an exemplary employee; she spent time in a Moroccan jail for the magazine. It’s embarrassing, but she’s strapped. Nina thought she was getting a roommate, but Nelle says it fell through at the last minute, and although she’s staying in the apartment, she couldn’t get her deposit back from the movers. She’d expected to be sharing expenses, and the holidays are coming up. Nina says Nelle has been perfect and invaluable, but it’s hard with the whole takeover. Crimson has creative autonomy, but financially, they’re still on hold. If she could, she would, but she thinks Nelle will find what she wants in her Christmas stocking. She asks Nelle to go for coffee, and when she gets back, wants her to look at Maxie’s article. Nelle sees that Maxie’s stuff is still all over her desk, and Maxie asks her to bring back a mocha latte with soy and a dusting of cinnamon. Can we collectively smack her?

Sonny says Michael will feel better when sees Real Jason. Michael says if it is Jason, what is he going to say? He was like a second father, a brother, a friend. How can he look him in the face and explain how he thought another guy was him? Sonny says, since he’s Jason, Michael doesn’t need to say anything. There’s nothing to forgive. Michael wonders how he can justify it to Jason or himself.

Real Jason tells Carly that he wasn’t crazy; he was justified. He doesn’t care about Franco having a brain tumor. He just cares about who Franco hurt. Carly gets it, and says his hatred for Franco is a beautiful thing, but Franco is reformed, or at least pretending to be. He’s not going to hurt anyone. Real Jason needs to focus on himself, get out of there, and get his life back.

Valentin tells Anna he’s giving her what she wants; why the resistance? Anna says she’s not just bringing Cassandra down, but the whole operation. She has to trust and rely on him. His motive could be his greatest asset or his biggest liability. She asks if it’s a personal vendetta or what? Valentin gets a call, and steps away. It’s Klein. He says he thought Klein was indisposed, but Klein says that’s no longer the case. He’s calling to thank Valentin for his generosity in posting bail. Valentin says it wasn’t him, and don’t call him again. As he’s hanging up, he hears Klein say, hey, let go of me.

Amy thanks Nathan for the shoulder, and says she guesses it’s time for Man Landers to turn into a cop. Nathan says he’s not taking Chet in, but needs to know where he got the painkillers from. Finn joins them, saying Chet is awake and stable. Amy runs into Chet’s room. She says he scared her, and tells him that he can always call her. Chet tells her if she really wants to do something for him, get out

Real Jason asks Carly how Sam is, but Carly hasn’t seen her. Real Jason doesn’t want her pressured; she’s dealing with a lot. Carly says it’s hard to believe, but they’re friends now. They bonded in their grief over him. If it weren’t for Danny, Sam would have disappeared; that’s how much she loves him. Real Jason says she loves Other Jason too; she’s married, and Other Jason is going to fight him with everything he’s got. He doesn’t want to put Sam through that. Carly says they need to focus on getting him out. Sonny will post bail, and she even went clothes shopping. He can’t look like a fugitive. She tells him that she had the sergeant throw out his old clothes. Great. What’s in the pocket?

Nelle sees Michael at the MetroCourt. She says she’s worried about him. His family is jumping from one crisis to another, with no help from her this time. She’s sure he has questions about Jason, but Michael says he’s working it out. Nelle tells him it helps to work with someone else. Someone who cares. Someone who never stopped caring.

Klein realizes it’s Sonny who has him. Sonny tells the guards that he needs to talk in private. He says Klein kept his friend prisoner, and drugged him to keep him in control. Klein says it was nothing personal, just business. Sonny says he provided a service, and he wants to know who hired him to provide it.

Anna says Cassandra will keep Valentin on a tight leash, and use anything as leverage. Their pasts keep on going, no matter how they outrun them. Valentin says he’s made peace with his past. He has regrets, but nothing that’s stopping him from a better life. Anna asks if Cassandra has gotten to his family, and he says not yet. Anna says he’ll have to get her to trust him, and then betray her. Any lapse in judgement can be fatal. Is he willing to take that risk? He asks if she’s worried, but she says just concerned about the operation. Valentin says he’s her best chance to bring Cassandra and her sordid operation down. Anna says she’ll be watching his every step. He tells her not to threaten him when he’s risking everything. The doorbell rings, and Valentin says someone has awful timing. Or what I like to call, soap timing.

Klein says Sonny is obviously a powerful man, and must have enemies. Sonny says as far as he knows, everyone loves him. Klein says imagine he was paying to keep an enemy alive and sedated; would he want to be defied or get what he paid for? Sonny says it’s a good point, but when Real Jason escaped, he tracked him down. Klein says he doesn’t care; he was glad to be rid of him, but he was ordered to do it. Sonny asks if he always follows orders, and Klein says he’s not unlike Sonny’s men. Sonny asks who gave the order, but Klein doesn’t even know their name; he’s contacted by phone. Sonny has Klein’s phone, and says it’s a burner phone and untraceable. He’s just going to put it on the table, and they’ll wait until it rings, and hear who it is.

Michael says there’s nothing Nelle can do. She says she can listen. She knows she hurt him, and he might not forgive her, but she wants to be there for him. She needs him to know she’ll never stop loving him. Let her be there for him; they can help each other. She puts her hand on his, and Carly sees.

Amy says okay. If that’s what Chet really wants, she’ll go. She leaves, but immediately returns. She says she left, and now she’s back. Chet says he doesn’t want her there. Amy says she got that, but too bad; she’s not leaving him – ever. She knows he suffered and the recovery is painful, but he’s a hero who served the country. He tells her the heroes are the ones who didn’t come back. She says he’s not just a hero, he’s her hero, and she loves him too much to let him quit. Chet tells her that she’s wasting her time; save someone else. She’s says she’ll go, but only because he’s pissing her off and she’s working. She tells him like MacArthur, she’ll be back. He tells her that’s the Terminator. MacArthur said, I shall return. She says she’ll do both.

Amy tells Nathan that all Chet has left is his pride, and he can’t take it away.

Anna answers the door, and it’s Finn. Valentin says he heard they were seeing one another, and Anna says Valentin was just leaving. After he’s gone, Finn asks what that was about, and Anna says spy business; the thing he’s no longer part of. Finn says, what if he wants back in?

Maxie tells Nathan that Man Landers is bigger than ever. Everyone will be looking to him for answers. He says he doesn’t have them; not a single one.

Finn explains to Anna that Roxie’s whole world is her aquarium, and sometimes his room if she gets out. Anna is like, huh? He says he was like Roxie. Since Hayden left, he was hiding out. He has a patient who’s in pain, but can’t hide. He tells her that she was right, adding that he’s a doctor who just admitted he was wrong. She says it’s complicated, and he says it wasn’t when she was blackmailing him. Anna says she’s found another way. Finn says, Valentin? Hell, no.

Michael doesn’t want to hurt Nelle’s feelings, but can’t go back to way they were. He thinks it’s best they went their separate ways. Nelle says he’s right; she’s sorry. She leaves, and Valentin sees her in the hallway. He asks what’s wrong, and she says she’s glad she ran into him. She needs his help, and he might be her only hope.

Carly asks if Michael and Nelle had a lover’s spat. He says they’re not lovers or even roommates. He tells Carly to break out the champagne. He and Nelle are over.

Klein begs to go, saying nothing is being served by holding him. He can make a fresh start, and can help others like Mr. Morgan and Ms. Jerome. Sonny says he’s not a fan of Ava’s, and it wasn’t Klein’s best work. Klein says he wasn’t able to finish. Sonny says as far as second chances, ask his friend if he deserves one. Klein says he’s still in jail. Real Jason walks in, and Sonny says, he’s right here. Real Jason tells Dr. Klein he told him that he had friends.

Anna appreciates Finn’s concern, and he tells her that’s what people say when they don’t appreciate it. She tells him to do what he does best; take care of patients. Do what he’s trained to do, and she will too. He tells her that he has choices; his patient doesn’t. He also has PTSD that’s fueling the cycle. Finn has a network of people now, but he was like this guy. The drugs almost killed his patient, and he’s not losing him. He doesn’t want to just deal with the symptoms; he wants to get the disease – Cassandra and those like her. Anna says he already cut her loose, telling her about the negative test results. Finn says he’s still waiting on one of the tests. Anna says she needs to be clear. She’s not strong-arming him; he’s doing this of his own free will. He could be putting his reputation and career at risk, maybe even his life to bring the organization down. He tells her some things are worth the risk.

Amy goes back to Chet’s room. She says he was always an angel when he was sleeping; he fooled everyone but her. He can’t talk back now, and she wants to set something straight. She loves him, and is never, ever going to give up on him, and that’s an order. She tells him not to give up on himself.

Maxie asks Nathan what happened. He says it wasn’t even in line of duty. A friend needed help, and couldn’t figure out what to do or say; he was useless. Maxie says he was there, and gave a damn; that’s what counts. Nathan tells her how lucky they are. Nina sees them hugging, and smiles, looking at her ring.

Nelle tells Valentin that Nina has been wonderful, and told her she’s in line for well-deserved raise, but Crimson answers to a higher corporate authority. She thinks that during the transition, Nina should assert her independence with the parent company. She might not want to hear it from an assistant, but maybe she would listen to her husband. Valentin asks why he should help. Nelle says if he doesn’t, she’ll blow his marriage out of the water.

Michael says Carly was right and he refused to see it. Carly says the last thing she knew was that they were moving in together. She’s relieved it’s not happening, but can see he’s hurting. She tells him he can talk to her, and he says there’s nothing to talk about. She can rest assured no one is going to sabotage his kayak or steal his money. She says if he can’t talk to her, there is someone he can talk to.

Real Jason says he won’t forget Klein drugging him or keeping him prisoner, or leaving Sam to drown. Klein says it was nothing personal; just a job. Sonny asks if he wants to die for that job. Klein asks what it will take to let him go. Sonny says the name of the person on the other end of the phone. Klein says he would if he could, and they’d both be out of danger, but he doesn’t know. The phone rings, and Klein stares at it.

Tomorrow, Oscar and Josslyn need Sonny’s help, Valentin tells Nelle it’s a mistake to threaten him, and Real Jason asks Klein how much his life is worth.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa gets ready for the trip to Puerto Rico. She’s bringing her dad along. He explains that Speedos are the Italian bathing suit, and everyone wears them. I hope that’s not a foreshadowing of anything.

Siggy gets ready to see the doctor about her hormone levels. Please put a rush on that. She hates Margaret for making fun of her being over-emotional, but admits that she’s having a problem getting control. No surprise, Dolores accompanies her to the doctor. The doctor says she has virtually no numbers, and they’re going to restore them. He says not to blame him if she’s chasing her husband around the block. Why does Siggy always refer to her husband as Michael Campanella? I know that’s his name, but it never seems to be just Michael. She says she agreed to be civil with Margaret. Dolores says they’re claiming her relationship with Frank is weird, yet Teresa visits her husband in jail, and Danielle has been engaged twenty-two times. I thought it was nineteen. Siggy excuses Teresa, because she just lost her mother and has been through a lot, but Dolores isn’t having it. The doctor gives Siggy the pellets, and we’re done.

Margaret gets a visit from her mom, Marge Sr. Margaret tells her about the altercation with Siggy at the Gorga’s party. Marge laughs when Margaret tells her Siggy stuck her tongue out. She says she apologized twice, and Dolores also had a fight with Danielle. Margaret says she gets along great with her ex-husband too, and doesn’t think Dolores should be judged. Marge thinks she should call Dolores, and she does. She tells Dolores that she felt badly about everything going south. Dolores says they need some degree of civility, and they make a date for the next day. Margaret hopes Siggy doesn’t try to blow up her house, since she lives in the same neighborhood.

Puerto Rico looks wonderful, although sadly, this was filmed before the recent hurricanes. It’s day two, and Teresa thinks her daughters are already sick of her. Danielle calls, and Teresa says her father is sunburned and passed out. They discuss the tasting. Teresa says Dolores came at her too; maybe because they’re friends. In her interview, Teresa says that Dolores accuses Danielle of starting sh*t, but she’s the one doing it.

Back in New jersey, Joe #2 and Melissa make dinner and talk with the kids. Little Joey says he has three girlfriends, and Joe gives him a high five. He tells Antonia no boyfriends, and questions her until she finally leaves the room. Melissa thinks he’s too strict. In her interview, Melissa says Joe’s and Teresa’s parenting styles are completely different. Joe tells her that God trusted Adam and Eve, and look what happened. Good point.

Siggy is on her way to meet Margaret, when Siggy calls. She tells Siggy about Margaret suggesting a meeting. Siggy is glad she’s not there. She says she doesn’t want to let her temper get the better of her.

Margaret is already at the restaurant. Neither one of them drink, and Margaret says they’re the lucid ones, which is good. She asks why Dolores was upset, and Dolores tells her it’s about her calling Siggy “Soggy.” Margaret says she thought it was funny, and Dolores says poor timing, poor taste. She says if she was introduced to a new crowd, when things are heated wouldn’t be the time for a joke. Margaret says humor diffuses the situation. She thinks Siggy’s behavior isn’t rational, but Dolores disagrees, and Margaret can’t believe Dolores won’t admit Siggy is at fault. In her interview, Dolores confesses Siggy needs hormone therapy, but says Margaret isn’t hearing it from her. If she has an opinion about Siggy, she’ll share it with Siggy, and only her. Dolores tells Margaret that Siggy felt their questioning of her relationship was a personal attack. Margaret says she defended her; she’s close with her ex too. She thinks it should be emulated, and that it’s impressive. Dolores says she wanted a close family for her kids, so Frank would come over every night for dinner. Instead of being invited out with her friends who were couples, she became the babysitter. For years it was her, the kids, and Frank when he had time. In her interview, Margaret is starting to get why Dolores is friends with Siggy. Margaret talks about her own ex, who had three children that she raised. The marriage fell apart when the kids moved away, and when she fell in love with Joe #3, her stepkids stopped talking to her. She says time doesn’t heal all wounds. Dolores says she can’t imagine the hurt, and says Margaret’s feelings go deeper than they gave her credit for.

Teresa says it’s strange to be on a family vacation without Joe #1. The girls need him, and Milania especially misses him. Teresa has one-on-one time with her, and the eat French fries, the universal food. Teresa talks about missing her mother. Milania says she knows how it is; Teresa was gone and they missed her. Teresa hates that she had to leave them “because of the situation her husband put her in.” Milania doesn’t want to talk about it. Teresa says if anything is bothering her to say something, but she says nothing is. In her interview, Teresa wants them to show emotions, not like when she was a kid, and they were told not to cry.

Melissa takes Antonia shopping. She wants Antonia to talk to her about things like crushes. She wonders what she has to do to get her to talk. Antonia says they’re strict. Melissa says she’s not. Antonia tells her that daddy is, and Melissa says he’s old school. She’s been dealing with daddy a long time. She thinks there’s a middle ground between Joe #2 and Teresa. She promises to talk to him.

Teresa does a professional photo shoot with the girls. She says Joe #1 did one for her when she was in the slammer, so she’s returning the favor. Gabriella doesn’t want to do a photo, Teresa’s father makes noises like a dinosaur, and Milania and Audriana act like toddlers. Teresa tells the photographer not to have four kids.

Joe #2 takes Antonia to a trampoline place. Melissa wants him to spend more time with her. She thinks Antonia is terrified of him, but he’s happy to jump around with her to get Melissa off his back. It looks like fun. They do a bunch of flips and somersaults. Joe says when Antonia was born, he gave her all his athletic ability. He tells her about how he loved her from the moment she was born. He says that Melissa thinks she doesn’t talk because he’s strict, but he just wants to protect her. He says if she would talk a little, maybe he wouldn’t be so strict. In his interview, he’s concerned with peer pressure, and reserves his right to lock her in the house. He tells Antonia he won’t be as strict, but she has to promise to be honest if she thinks a boy is cute. He tells her he loves her, and they have a very sweet exchange.

Dolores and Frank meet Siggy and Michael for dinner. Siggy asks Frank how it is being back at home, and if he sleepwalks (wink-wink). Dolores asks how the pellets are. Siggy says she’s sore, but feels energetic and more sexual. Michael says he paid the pellet guy to put in extra. Some gorgeous seafood platters are served. I should have made note of this restaurant. Dolores says Margaret reached out to her, and they met, and tells them how it went. Siggy says Margaret is allowed to get emotional, but makes fun of her crying. Dolores says she was nice to talk to one-on-one, and she’s not mad at her. There’s no reason they can’t talk and be in the same room, but Siggy says it will never happen. Because even with the pellets, she’s an unreasonable jerk.

Siggy says she’s not going to tell Dolores who she can be friends with. Dolores insists that Margaret was very compassionate and vulnerable; her heart broken over the kids. Siggy understands how that can be painful. In her interview, Siggy says there is a heart in there. She can relate on a mother level, and trusts Dolores. She tells Dolores that she makes sense, and it’s time to move on. The four of them toast to Margaret, and giving her a second chance.

Teresa tells her father the last time they were at the beach was before Adriana was born. Her father says the girls are spoiled. She says they’ve been through a lot. He says she has too. Teresa doesn’t want to fight with them. In her interview, she says her parents raised her and Joe #2 differently. All they had to do was look at them, and they peed their pants. She wants balance, and wants them to open up. Her dad says when she asks something of them, they’re supposed to do it. Teresa thinks they wonder why they’ve lost so much – their mom and dad, and then their grandmother. Her father tears up, and says how much he misses her. Teresa says she does too, and wishes she was there. He says maybe she watches them.

In her interview, Teresa says her father is always so macho. Seeing him cry makes it okay to open up, and cry with him. They’re both without their partners, and need to lean on each other. She wishes Joe #1 had been on top of things more; she would have had more time with her mom. She tells her father that Joe had better be a changed person when he gets back. Her father says she has him now, and she kisses the top of his head. She’s happy he’s moved in with them, and he says he’s always there for advice. Teresa thinks they need a man in the house. Maybe he can help with the discipline. He says maybe he should just take off his belt.

Next time, no belts taken off, but Siggy has a retreat, Teresa asks if Dolores is saying Joe #1 cheated, and Margaret gets emotional about the family dynamics.

🌟 On Star, Ayanna’s father met with her. He told her that he discovered Gigi, and she’ll never get credit for it, but he wishes her well. I’m not trusting Brody at all. Star called him a snake when he showed up at their performance, so we’re on the same page there. Simone’s roommate got transferred to another facility for missing curfew. Derek and Alex broke up and got back together again. Alex had an abortion, and poured her heart out to Carlotta in church. Carlotta told her to believe in God; He believes in her.

Take 3 is the new name of the group, but to be honest, I never knew the group name in the first place. Noah’s best friend Lucky, was not so lucky. He got shot by a cop, who thought he had a gun. Simone wanted to forgive Brody, and Star told him if he messes with her sister, she’ll kill him. He believed her. I would too. After the shooting, Ayanna wanted to “feel something,” and decided to feel Benjamin Bratt. While they were feeling each other, Carlotta walked in.

I’m loving Benjamin Bratt, and the relationships between the characters; the acting is superb. The characters behave and react the way real people would, making them believable and relatable. But of course, the highlight for me is always Queen Latifah’s hair. In addition to an attractive dark bob, Carlotta wore some lovely lilac locks tonight. Definitely one of my favorites among her looks so far.

📜 A Bonus Mid-Week Quote

💪 Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given, than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.Muhammad Ali

💥 Brush with Greatness…

😍 I saw him standing in an elevator once at a hotel I worked in. He smiled at me. He was gorgeous.

Muhammad Ali