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March 6, 2020 – Anna Arrests Obrecht, Britt’s Back, Real News, Wives Galore, Another Goodbye, HebdoQuotes & Weezer Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

New York City. On the phone, Alexis thanks Diane. She says she hasn’t been to an opera in a long time. The usher tells her she has a box seat, and she goes in. She sees someone else sitting in the box, and says she doesn’t think it matters, but… She realizes it’s Neil.

Jordan says TJ mentioned he was taking Molly out for a special dinner, and Molly says that’s what she wanted to talk about. TJ never came home. She went to the hospital, and found out he never showed up for work either. Jordan asks if Molly is sure he’s not there; maybe she missed him. Molly says the registry confirmed it. She figure he needed space after what happened. Jordan says Molly needs to be complete honest. What happened? Molly says she thinks she broke TJ’s heart.

Cameron asks if Trina wants a cookie, but she says, no thanks. He says their parents are conferring, and they could be there a while. Trina says, on second thought, sure. They clink cookies. In the living room, Portia thanks Elizabeth for taking care of Trina. Elizabeth says Trina is incredibly brave, and Portia says she should never have gone to the medical conference; she should have been there last night. Elizabeth says she was there, and Cameron was still kidnapped. They had no way of knowing what was going to happen. Portia says, Taggert never warned them.

At Crimson, Maxie is on the phone with Sasha. She says Sasha is a natural, and to send over the agreement so Nina can sign off on it. Nina’s plane was early, but she probably won’t be there until tomorrow. Nina walks in, and sets her coffee on Maxie’s paperwork, spilling some on it. Nina says, the shoot in Tunisia was fantastic; the beaches were phenomenal. She asks Maxie for the post-production budget, and Maxie says she’ll call Sasha back. She starts to leave the office, and runs into Jax coming in. He says he was looking for Nina, and Nina comes out, saying, you found her.

On the phone at the MetroCourt, Peter says, tell Davis to stay at the courthouse, and keep him posted. Sitting at a table, Violet tells Finn about the animals she’s learned about in school. Finn asks if she wants a snack, and asks the waitress for milk and shortbread cookies. Violet says, no. Tea and scones, and Finn laughs. He sees Peter, and barely nods.

As Obrecht leaves the courtroom, Anna opens the door and blocks her way. She says Obrecht thought she got away with it. She thought wrong. Obrecht asks what brings Anna to the courthouse, and Anna tells her to save the pleasantries; she’s neither pleasant nor rehabilitated, and has no place in Maxie and James’s lives. Obrecht asks why she’d say that, and Anna says. It’s over; the lies and deceit. Obrecht said she’d changed, but she hasn’t. She’s been carrying on Faison’s legacy, and Anna is going to make her pay for everything she’s done.

Nina tells Jax that she should have taken the day, but she couldn’t wait to get back and work on the next issue. She missed the office. He asks if that’s all she missed, and she says she supposes not. Maxie brings in the budget Nina asked for, and Nina wonders how to get out of the document Maxie left on her screen. Maxie says, it’s the agreement for the ad campaign, and Nina should take a look at Deception’s layout; it’s brilliant. Nina says she’ll get to it later, and Jax says he’ll take a look. Maxie says they can focus on that, while she handles everything else – as usual. She leaves, and Jax asks Nina if Maxie is okay, but Nina says, she’s just being Maxie. He asks if she’s given any thought to taking him along on her next business trip. She’s surprised he wants to take such a public step, and he says he just got an email from HR about them.

Obrecht says he has no clue what brought on Anna’s attack of righteousness. Faison is dead, and burning in hell like he deserves, and his legacy died with him. She wasted the better part of what should have been a brilliant medical career, and found a way to go on. She has a respectable job, and she’s close with Maxie and her grandson. She’s trying to rebuild her relationship with Nina, and doesn’t take her second chance for granted. Anna says Obrecht had to get rid of her witnesses.

Peter stops by Finn’s table, and tells Violet, hello… or cheerio. She says, like in Mary Poppins, and he says Anna was asking about her. Finn says to tell Anna they said hello, and cheerio to him. Peter sees Maxie fly in, and asks if she’s looking for someone. She says she feels ignored and taken for granted. She does all the heavy lifting while Nina jet sets and goes out for coffee. He asks if she wants to tell him about it.

Cameron pours some milk, and Trina says, milk and cookies? He says, it beats oatmeal. He didn’t tell her, but when he was on his trip visiting colleges, the coach made them eat oatmeal every morning because it’s high in fiber or something. Each college had amazing dining halls – French toast, pancakes, anything you wanted – but they had to have oatmeal. I remember visiting those dining halls too, and it’s no wonder students gain a freshman fifteen. Trina says, it seems like a million years ago, and last night seems like it was another life. In a way, it was. It was the end of her father’s life.

Portia tells Elizabeth that Taggert was good with the divorce. He didn’t want anything, and gave her no argument about custody. He understood the stress of his work, the danger and uncertain hours, and knew it was no way to raise a child. He didn’t want Trina exposed to the worry. She can’t understand why he would show up in Port Charles when he knew his daughter was there, and he was a target.

Molly tells Jordan that TJ proposed, and she said no. Jordan is surprised, and Molly says, it’s not because she doesn’t love him or want to be with him; she does. But from what she’s seen of marriage, it causes more problems than it solves, and she doesn’t want their relationship to change. Jordan says she gets it. Molly doesn’t want marriage right now. Molly says, or ever, and Jordan says, ever is a long time, but they love each other, and that’s all that matters. They’ll figure out a way. Molly says she thinks she really hurt TJ. He even left her at the restaurant.

Alexis asks Neil if Diane put him up to this, but he says he bought a ticket at the last minute. He thought he’d decompress with his favorite opera before the hearing. She says, weird. She thinks Diane had a client who wasn’t using their ticket, and she’s never seen Aida. Neil says the box is all hers; he’ll find another seat, or maybe another show. She says, stay… please.

Nina tells Jax, if they’re get pushback from HR, she’s going to be annoyed with her lawyers, but Jax says HR signed off on them. They’re documented, and free to see each other. (Huh? Is this like parental permission?) He’s confident they can maintain a distance between their personal and professional relationship. She’s glad he’s confident. The Tunisia shoot was incredible, but she kept thinking how it would be a nicer experience to be seeing the beaches with him. He says, there will be more shoots, more adventures. All in good time. She likes the sound of that, and plans on enjoying every moment. They kiss.

Neil says, Alexis wants him to stay? and she says, it’s not like they’ve done anything wrong. It’s a crazy random fluke. Nine million people in New York; what are the odds? A gazillion to one, so have a seat and enjoy it. He thinks there are other seats, but she thinks it’s sold out. They don’t have to talk. They’re just spectators in the dark, watching a tragic tale of forbidden love. The orchestra begins to tune up, and the lights dim. They sit.

Molly tells Jordan, when TJ didn’t come home, she thought he was crashing in the on-call room, or maybe with a friend. She wishes he’d text back. Jordan says maybe they should exchange text messages, and figure out a timeline. Molly says TJ last texted her at 8:47, and Jordan says she’s gotten texts since then. She thinks maybe TJ is just getting some space. Molly says, he was really upset. In retrospect, she should have gone after him. Jordan says, it would have just made things worse, and Molly says, they’ve always talked things through. How can they do that if he’s not around? Jordan says, give him time to process. She knows him, and he’ll calm down and come to his senses. Unfortunately, she has to get back to work. Molly says she’s honored that TJ proposed. She would love to have Jordan as a mother-in-law. It’s just about the institution of marriage. She wishes she had explained it better. Jordan says, don’t worry. Whatever happens, happens. Molly will be her first call if she hears from him.

Trina bets Cameron wishes he’d gone to the dance without her, and he says, what about her? She would have been stuck with Hunter. She says seeing her dad and the guys shooting at him, and Curtis grabbing her away… She tells herself it’s a nightmare, but then remembers it’s real.

Elizabeth tells Portia that she knew Taggert when he lived in Port Charles. She was friends with his sister Gia. He was a good man. Portia says, he was a good father. Committed and supportive, but he was in law enforcement before they met. There was no way he was going to quit. Little by little, she started noticing that he rarely came home. He was at a late night stakeout or combing through files at the office. She told him that he cared more about drug dealers than his own family. It was only a matter of time before his worries caught up with him. She guesses she was right.

Violet asks if stuffed owl Otto would like more tea. Finn wonders what she’s been doing in school, and she hands him some drawings. He looks at drawings of Otto, Roxie, and Anna’s bulldog. Violet asks if she can show Anna the picture, and he says, they’ll see, a favorite phrase of all parents everywhere. Robert comes by, and says, tea for three? Violet asks if he wants to join them, and he says he’d love to. Finn says, yeah, sure, and Robert pulls a chair over to the table. He asks who the owl is, and Violet says, Otto. Robert says Otto kind of looks like her dad. Put some funny glasses and a furry coat on him, and you couldn’t tell them apart.

Obrecht asks what Anna is babbling about. How can there be witness to something that doesn’t exist? She’s fully reformed; Anna has seen it. Anna asks if Obrecht thinks she forgot how she said she lost her son and was going to take Anna’s from her. Obrecht says, this is about Peter? and Anna says it’s about how she framed Peter every step of the way, up until he tried to kill Franco. Obrecht says Franco is her best friend. She could never try to kill him. Anna says she can and did, and she has proof.

Trina wonders what she could have done differently to distract the gunmen, so her dad could get away, and Cameron tells her, stop doing that. He did the same thing with Franco, thinking he could have fought harder and run away. It’s no good blame herself. She says, Franco came back; her dad is gone forever.

Outside of Elizabeth’s house, Jordan leaves a message for TJ, saying, whatever happened, Molly doesn’t deserve the silent treatment. He needs to call Molly, and her. She adds that she loves him, and knocks on the door. She apologizes for showing up announced; she was just checking in. Portia says, Jordan? and Elizabeth introduces them. Jordan says she’s so sorry for Portia’s loss. She hates this. They’re finally meeting, but it’s under these circumstances. Portia agrees, and says she’s heard a lot about Jordan.

Alexis and Neil watch the opera. Alexis looks at Neil, then turns away, and he looks at her. She looks back, and they smile.

Jax‘s phone dings, and Nina says they should probably both get back to work. He says, it’s not work; it’s Joss. Two of her friends were involved in a kidnapping, and her friend’s dad died. She’s kind of freaked out. Nina says, oh my God, and Jax sends a text back, telling Nina, he’s glad they’re in the same time zone so he can be there for her. Nina is glad Josslyn has a great dad, and Jax says he’s lucky he’s got a great kid.

Maxie tells Peter, she’s steamed, and needed to walk it off. Nina breezed in, bragging about the photo shoot, and spilled her macchiato on the files Maxie was working on. She doesn’t think Nina even noticed or cared. She’s been running things while Nina is off planning fake weddings, going to beautiful beaches, and romancing the CEO. Peter reminds her that Lucy made an offer to bring her on board at Deception. She might want to consider it. Maxie says, if Nina keeps this up, she’d rather unbox stock at Saks.

Obrecht tells Anna, she has no time for this nonsense. If Anna has uncovered any wrongdoing, look no further than her son. Ask Robert. He knows the truth about Henrik, and she suspects Anna does too. Anna says that’s all Peter will ever be to her; Henrik. Obrecht says he persuaded Nathan to do an interview that he knew would make Faison come running, and Jason would kill him. Nathan was collateral damage, and it destroyed her, but she accepted and handled it. Anna says Obrecht is an excellent liar, but Obrecht says the only liar is Anna, lying to herself. Henrik is up to his neck in Faison’s crimes. Anna says all the evidence points to Obrecht. She’s hardly surprised, considering Obrecht’s extensive criminal record. Two men come in, and Obrecht says, whatever proof Anna has, she’s wrong. She has nothing to do with this. Anna tells her she’s under arrest for murder and attempted murder. Obrecht says, it’s a miscarriage of justice, as the men take her away.

Alexis tells Neil, she didn’t expect to be so emotional, but he says, don’t feel bad; it’s one of the greats. She says she can’t imagine why she’d find it difficult to see a conflict between love and a sense of duty. Neil says, it’s just his opinion, but perhaps she’s projecting. He asks which character she identifies with most, and she says she’s a Cassadine, so she’s almost like a princess. He says that would make him Radames, although he’d make a good general. She says she might too, because she’s a Cassadine. We like blood. He says she terrifies him sometimes, and she says, don’t be afraid. He tells her that he’s going to get some water, and asks if she’d like something. She asks him for the same, and when he leaves, the usher asks if she’s enjoying the show. Alexis says, it’s so good, it’s affecting her. The usher says Alexis and her husband are adorable, but Alexis says, he’s just a friend. The usher – who I don’t trust – says, sure.

Nina says, obviously, Josslyn is going through lot, so if Jax wants to slow it down until she gets used to the idea… Jax says Josslyn is too busy being a new aunt to worry about his personal life. Nina says she’s missed a lot. Who had a baby?

Peter looks at his phone, and frowns. He says, what the hell? He tells Maxie he sent a reporter to the courthouse to cover Nelle’s arraignment, and he just got a message that Obrecht was arrested by the WSB for the attempted murder of Andre and Franco.

Robert tells Violet about a dog who knew left from right. Finn asks Violet if she would mind asking the waitress for more tea for the table, and she leaves. Robert says Anna won’t tell him why Finn moved out. If he ever wants to talk… Finn thanks him, but says he’s fine. He just hopes it gets easier. Robert says, parenthood? and Finn says, only the part about keeping his daughter safe.

Cameron tells Trina that he’s not trying compare the situations. He’s trying to say he understands some of what she’s going through, and he’s there for her. She says she knows, and she’s sorry; she’s just mad at everything, especially the fact that she didn’t get more time with her dad. Her parents were divorced most of her life, and she never got to ask about him about the stupid stuff he and her mom did. Cameron wonders why she doesn’t ask her mom, but she says her mom doesn’t talk about that stuff. She thought she and her dad would finally have a chance to know each other. Cameron gets that, and wishes he’d known his father.

Jordan tells Portia that they’re investigating the person behind the kidnapping, as well as Taggert’s murder. Portia says, Cyrus Renault? and Jordan asks how she knows that name. Portia says, when Taggert told her that he was going to Port Charles, he said he was following up on a case from years ago; sending Cyrus to prison.

Cameron tells Trina, his biological father died before he was born. His mom told him some stuff, but not a lot. It was pretty messed up with his father’s crimes. He still has a lot of questions. His mom loved his dad once; there must have been some good in him. Sometimes he wonders what life would be like if his dad had lived. Maybe he would have turned his life around, and Cameron would know what it was like to have a father in his life to show him how to do stuff, like shave. She says, he shaves? and he says it’s his dumb way of saying that he’s glad she had her father for as long as she did, but he wishes she didn’t have to wonder about the questions she has.

Jordan tells Portia, Cyrus is still in prison, but they think he’s running a shadow network to get back at those wronged him. The evidence points to him for the kidnapping and Taggert’s murder. Elizabeth asks if Trina was used to lure Taggert, but Jordan says they don’t know if she was the target, but Cameron was collateral damage. Portia says, when Taggert left, he told her to stay safe. He was always paranoid, so she didn’t think anything of it, but now it makes sense.

Maxie tells Peter, as far as they knew. Obrecht had nothing to do with the memory mapping, but what if she was involved somehow, and she was tying up loose ends so nothing ruined her new life? Andre said if Franco didn’t get his memory back, Drew’s memories could intensify, but why would Obrecht try to kill Franco? He’s practically her only friend. She thinks a moment, and says, Obrecht probably has contact with Faison’s associates, and she works at the hospital, and can get in and out. She could have sent an assassin if she wanted to. How could she do this to all of them, especially James? How is she supposed to tell him that he’s never going to see his oma again, because she’s spending the rest of her life in prison? Peter hugs her. I can’t even express how pissed I am that they decided to make Peter a bad guy. And not even a fun bad guy, like Obrecht, or Faison. If nothing else, Maxie deserved better than this storyline.

Robert tells Finn, the world is a dangerous place; more so when you’re a parent. Finn says, so he’s seeing, and Robert asks what in particular bothers him, if anything? Violet comes back, dragging Anna with her. She says look who she found, and Anna says she thought she found Violet. She tells Robert and Finn that she has major news for both of them.

Nina tells Jax, she had no idea the extent of Nelle’s insanity. She’s glad she got Charlotte away from Nelle when she did, and hopes she’s prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It’s heartening that Michael was reunited with his son though. Jax says, Michael’s joy came at Lucas’s expense. Nina says, losing a child he came to love as his own, and Willow coming to grips with the fact that Wiley isn’t her child, and the death of her own child. There’s no love lost between her and Willow, but she must be in unspeakable pain. Jax asks if she’s okay, and she says she has a magazine to run. Vamoose. They can become official when there’s less to do. He asks, what about dinner tonight? and she says, absolutely. She’ll call him. He says, not if he calls her first, and they go back and forth until Nina says she’s already calling him. He leaves, and she looks at some papers, but puts them back down. She takes out the heart necklace.

The theater fills with applause, and Neil and Alexis give a standing ovation. Neil asks what Alexis thought, and she asks if the pile of tissues tells him anything. He says, nothing like a good tragic love story, and she says, at least they were together in the end. He says, it was a beautiful fantasy. Not the dying part, but the opera. He’s glad he saw it with her, and she says, her too. She hopes the review board doesn’t lock him in a crypt, and he says he won’t be singing about it if they do. He asks if she wants to share a cab, and she says she’s staying at the Columbia; she can walk. He says that’s where he’s staying; they can walk together, and get coffee in the lobby bar. She says she’d like that, but does he think it’s risky? He says they just did this, and they’ll be doing that. He thinks they can handle it. They walk out together, and the usher watches. I trust her even less now.

Trina thanks Elizabeth for her hospitality, and Porta thanks her for everything. Trina holds Cameron’s hand for a moment, and leaves. Jordan tells Elizabeth, she’ll be in touch, and goes out with them. Elizabeth hugs Cameron. Outside, Portia asks Trina to wait in the car. Jordan wants Portia to know she’s sending officers to keep an eye on her and Trina. Portia says, if she thinks it’s necessary, of course (🍷), but it should be fine. Cyrus got what he wanted; Taggert is dead.

Maxie asks Peter how she could not see this. She believed Obrecht had changed. Now she’s now been arrested for… Oh my God. If Obrecht really crashed Drew’s plane, how is she going to face Sam again? She knows she should be hating Obrecht, but all she can think about his how much she and James are going to miss her. She hugs Peter, and says, at least she has him. Thank God she can trust him.

Anna tells Finn and Robert, Obrecht was behind all of it; the plane crash, the murder attempt, all of it. The evidence points to her trying to cover her own crimes by saying it was Peter. Robert says he’s going to make a call to the Bureau. He leaves, and Anna says now Finn sees why she believed in Peter; he’s innocent. She doesn’t blame Finn for wanting to make sure, but now that Peter is in the clear, does he think he wants to come home?

On Monday, Nina tells Sasha that they’re on the brink of something exciting, Maxie wonders how she didn’t see what was right in front of her, and Spinelli tells Jason that Peter framed Obrecht.

🧪 Bad Britt…

Another fun villain.


🚓 Real Gets Real…

I’m still annoyed about them killing off Taggert. It sounds like it was a bit of a surprise for him too, since in, like, five minutes, he went from this:


To this:


🥂 If You Can’t Quit Them…

Lots o’ Housewives news.


👼🏼 Another Farewell Too Soon…

Mitch Laurence was the worst. It’s sad to see him go.


🗯 Quotes of the Week

At first, they’ll only dislike what you say, but the more correct you start sounding the more they’ll dislike you. – Criss Jami

I’m telling you a lie in a vicious effort that you will repeat my lie over and over until it becomes true.Lady Gaga

What I’m looking for is not out there, it is in me. – Helen Keller

There is no other way to guard yourself against flattery than by making men understand that telling you the truth will not offend you. – Niccolò Machiavelli

Our ability to adapt is amazing. Our ability to change isn’t quite as spectacular.Lisa Lutz

A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever. – Mary Lou Retton

Love is not what you say; love is what you do. – John Hagee

🎡 It’s On…

See you when walking is not just for the living anymore.

February 28, 2020 – A Kidnapping Foiled, After Ferncliff, Soap Twins Celebrate, Tanya Turns It Up, Scary Kyle, Lies All Lies, Quote Octet & a Day For You


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital


Whatever want just hold her he does

Michael snoozes on the couch with the baby monitor in his hand. Sasha comes in, and touches him. He wakes, and she asks how his day with Wiley went. He says, Wiley doesn’t like sweet potatoes. Who doesn’t like sweet potatoes? She says, apparently, his son. He says, his son. He’s still pinching himself. He’s Wiley’s dad, and that changes everything.

Alexis runs into Lucas at the hospital, and says she didn’t expect to see him. He says they were nice enough to give him his job back. Alexis says, of course (🍷) they would. She asks if he’s okay physically, and he says he’s been given the all clear. The hospital is the only place he feels normal, and Alexis says they could all use more of that.

TJ tells Molly, he knows she has reservations about marriage, but they can make it work. He promises he’ll never ask her to sacrifice her career, or anything else. He wants them to be equals. He wants to spend his life with her. He loves her so much. So will she marry him? She just stares at him for a moment, and says, sorry; she’s overwhelmed. He says, that’s okay. He loves her. She says she loves him too, more than she could ever put in words. He’s very brave to propose after she went off like that, but she doesn’t want to marry him. He says, she’s saying no? and she asks if he’s surprised. He says he is, and she says she just spent 30 minutes railing against the institution. He says, as it applies to other people. This is them. They’re nothing like that. She asks him if being married is important; saying vows and wearing rings. He says, yes, and she says she guesses they’ve never talked about it. She had no idea marriage was something he wanted. He says, now that she does, does it change her mind? She says, no.

On the phone, Elizabeth tells Jason that she just texted the driver’s picture and license number. He can use it, right? Jason sees it’s Cyrus’s guy, and I see his name is Walker. Jason says he knows this guy, and he’s on it. He tells her not to call the cops, and she asks, why not? He says, if it’s what he’s thinking, she could make it worse. Let him check it out. Franco comes downstairs, and asks what Elizabeth is doing. She says, Cameron was kidnapped, and shows him Cameron’s text. He asks if she called the cops, but she tells him, Jason said not to.

Taggert goes into the warehouse. It’s empty, and no one is there. He says he’s there. He followed their orders. Where’s his daughter? Walker comes out, and says, take it easy. Taggert says, bring her to him, but Walker says, the way he sees it, Taggert is in no position to make demands. Taggert says, if he doesn’t see his daughter right now, their plan is going to go up in smoke. Walker calls out, bring them in. Trina and Cameron come out a door at the top of some stairs. Two guys with guns come out behind them, and Cameron practically gets shoved down the stairs. Curtis waits outside with a gun.

Trina asks, what’s going on, and Taggert tells her, don’t worry. He’ll fix this. Walker says, so how are they doing this so Taggert’s daughter and her friend survive? Some other guys come out, and Taggert is surrounded. Taggert says, whoa. They’ve got no problem. Let the kids walk. Walker says that’s not for him to decide. Taggert says he showed up; let them go. Walker laughs, and Taggert asks if he said something funny. Walker says he never thought a man like Taggert would buy into that fairytale. Let’s go.

Willow tells Chase, she doesn’t know what she’s feeling, and he says, it just happened; give it time. She says, it’s so strange. When she gave her child to Brad and Lucas, she missed him every day. At the same time, she knew he was living the life she’d dreamed for him, even if she wasn’t in it. Chase says, then she was in it, and she says, it was the biggest, most amazing surprise. This doesn’t change things. She loves him as much as ever. She’s devastated that he’s not hers, but at the same time, she’s flooded with grief for the baby she held after giving birth; the baby who didn’t make it, and was a physical piece of her. She’s quiet, and Chase says, what is it? She says, if hadn’t given him up, would it all be different? Would her son still be alive?

Michael tells Sasha, Wiley doesn’t go down easy, especially since he’s been moved all over the place. He thought he’d just read a book, sing a song, and rock him. Sasha says, now that he’s Wiley’s dad…  He says, he knows he has to do what’s best for Wiley. Let him cry until he sleeps. She says, his first big parenting decision. He says, before, they just had fun. Now it’s his job to teach and guide Wiley. She asks if setting the rules doesn’t include having fun, and he says, sometimes he caves because it’s easier in the moment, but he’s doing Wiley a disservice. She says she senses Michael has great instincts. Trust them. He says, it’s that simple? but she says she never said anything about simple.

Alexis tells Lucas, she’s so sorry about Wiley – and Brad. It’s just awful that it ended this way. He says, talk about not according to plan. Alexis is one of the few people who saw him. She says, he was beautiful, and Lucas guesses it makes things more bearable if he can help other people. She asks, how can she help him? and he says he could use an assist in his divorce. She says he’s got it.

TJ asks if that’s a hard no, as in never, and Molly doesn’t know what to say. If he wants the truth, the truth is, no; she never wants to get married. He asks if she never did, and she says when she was little, she thought being a bride was like being a princess – the dress, the shoes, the veil – but she’s grown up, and seen how weddings turn normal, rational human beings into Bridezillas. He says, that’s not her, and she says, there are couples who are completely committed who aren’t married; they even have kids. He says that won’t work for him. They’ve been together eight years, and they love each other. He’d assumed marriage was the next step. She says she doesn’t need a paper to validate their relationship or their love. She thought he knew. He says he knew she hated the meaningless display, but he thought, after all they’d been through, when he proposed, she’d marry him. She says she’s sorry, and hands him the ring.

Elizabeth tells Franco, she told Jason that Cameron and Trina had been kidnapped, and sent him the driver’s information. He said he knows the guy, and he’s searching. Franco admits Jason has a set of skills the police don’t have, and Elizabeth says he told her the police would make it worse. She wonders how long she has to wait. He said he’d be in touch. Franco understands why she’d call Jason, and she says she was hoping he’d tell her it was unacceptable, and to call the police. He says, why call Jason? Call the police. Unless she doesn’t want to, in which case he’s behind her 100%. He gives her the phone, and says, it’s 911. She calls, and says she needs to report a kidnapping.

Cameron elbows the guy holding him, and Trina struggles to get away. Curtis comes in, and there’s chaos while they shoot at each other. Taggert yells for the kids to go now. Cameron seriously kicks ass for a moment and runs. Walker says, go after the kid, and shut him up permanently. Trina is still struggling, and Taggert shoots the guy holding her. Curtis grabs Trina and puts her behind some boxes. The shooting continues.

Outside, Cameron falls. One of the guys comes up behind him with a gun, but Jason shoots the guy in the back.

Willow tells Chase, she knows it’s irrational; nothing can change what happened. She’s dwelling on the bottomless pit when she should focus on the next step. Chase says before she does that, the guilt he’s hearing in her voice… She’s entitled to feel how she feels, but remember she’s living with the consequences of Nelle’s cruelty and Brad’s weakness. They did this to all of them, but most of all to Wiley. Nelle is heartless, only thinking of babies as weapons to get what she wants. That’s who she is. Now it’s time to think about the next step. It’s time the people who love Wiley do the opposite of what Nelle did, and make the best choices for him. Willow thinks she knows what that is.

Michael asks how Sasha’s day was. Anything new? She says, Lucy is insane, but in a good way. They had a productive meeting today; it’s an exciting time. Michael says, wow. It’s crazy how just yesterday, they were both in the same place. Now… She says, it’s a whole new world. He says, it happened so fast. They never had a chance to talk about what that means for them. She asks if he wants to talk now.

Jason checks the pulse of the guy he shot. Cameron asks if he’s dead, and Jason says, yeah. Cameron says, all this gunfire. Trina is still inside. Jason says he needs Cameron’s help. Focus. How many men were there. Cameron says, four. There were five, now there are four. Jason asks if they’re all armed, and Cameron says, yes. Jason asks if Trina is tied up, but Cameron says, a guard is holding her. Jason says, who else is in there? and Cameron tells him, Trina’s dad. He was looking to trade himself for them. There was a fight, and everything went crazy. Curtis showed up, and there was gunfire. That’s when he got out, but Trina is still in there. He says he’s going in to help, but Jason says, no. They need a plan, and that’s a bad idea. Cameron has to calm down. They only have one shot at this. Cameron says, tell him what he’s got to do.

TJ looks at the ring, and asks Molly if it’s because she never really dated anyone else. She says, there is no one else. She can’t imagine being with anyone but him. Marriage isn’t for her. He says, even if it’s something he wants? and she says, even if. He says, maybe she just thought she had faith in him that’s not there. He wants to build s life with her, and wants to grow old together. She says she wants that too, but they don’t need a big party to do that. He asks if that’s really what she thinks it’s about for him. He would love it if their mothers could be there, but he wants a commitment through vows. She says, then what? and he asks what she means. She says, sometimes saying the vows puts weight on the relationship, and is the very thing that breaks it up. What if everything is great, and they’re happy and in love, and they get married and expect too much? He says, just because it didn’t work out for her mom, doesn’t mean it’s not for them. She says it doesn’t mean it will either.

Walker says if Taggert was going to double-cross them, he should have made sure his daughter was in the clear first. By the sound of the gunshot, the kid didn’t get far, now he’s going to be forced to see his daughter die. Taggert signals Curtis, and goes around, trying to get behind Cyrus’s guys. Walker says he’s not making a deal; he doesn’t have to. Taggert has trapped himself, and now they’re going to finish it. They won’t be as easy to kill as he thought. Taggert chooses the wrong time to pop out, and gets shot. Trina screams.

Michael tells Sasha, he doesn’t want to make assumptions. He wants her to be involved and a part of this, but he doesn’t expect her to be instamom. He wonders if he’s contradicting himself, and she says, a little bit. He says he’s curious how she feels about all this. She says she’s 100% in favor of the sleeping through the night thing. As for the rest, not everything has to be defined every minute. They love each other, and adore Wiley, and Wiley comes first; his needs are the most important. As for them, she’s good with taking it as it comes, if he is. He says he is, and Sasha says they’ll figure out the Wiley part, and figure out them later. He agrees, and she says, it’s one decision he doesn’t have to make, or at least she’s not asking him to. Michael says, they’ll go with the flow, and she asks if he thinks he can manage to try. He says, somehow, and she says, on that note, she has a conference call in Italy. He says, dinner after? and she says she’d love it. They kiss.

Willow is concerned that it’s confusing for Wiley to be around her. She’s confused, and she’s a grown-up. If she feels this way, won’t Wiley feel it more? He needs someone strong that he can depend on, and she can’t trust herself to not feel grief over the baby she lost and the one who’s not hers. Chase says, it’s like she lost two children at once. She says, it’s too much inflict on Wiley. Chase’s phone dings, and he tells Willow, sorry. There’s been a kidnapping. She asks if there are any names, and he says, it just says, two local teens. She says, go; she’ll be fine. The kids need him more. He says he’ll be back as soon as he can.

Molly tells TJ, sometimes marriage is the very thing that messes everything up. She doesn’t want that for them. He says he asked to spend his life with her. Obviously, he doesn’t want to break up. She says, what about the timing? Does he really think best time is when she’s still finishing law school, and just starting out? He tells her, don’t do that. Act like there’s a chance. She said never. Did she mean it? She says, yes, and he says, then that’s it. Clearly, he did a lot of assuming. He has a lot thinking to do; he’s taking a walk. He leaves, and Molly cries.

Jordan asks Elizabeth to tell her everything. Elizabeth says Cameron and Trina were going to the winter formal, and Jordan asks, who ordered the ride share? Elizabeth says, Cameron; he texted the driver and license plate number to her. Trina’s dad was there only minutes after they left. Jordan says, Taggert was there? and Elizabeth says, he was disappointed he missed the kids, and she showed him the pictures. Then he suddenly left. Franco says, more like abruptly, and Jordan says she needs to know what Taggert said and did. Tell her absolutely everything.

Curtis drags Trina out, and says, listen to him. This is what her dad wanted. He acted as a distraction so he could get her out of there.  Cameron says, Trina, and she runs to him and hugs him. Jason asks, how many are left? and Curtis says, three; Taggert got one. Jason says they have to get him out, but they need to know Cameron and Trina are safe. He tells them to get in the car, and lock the doors. Trina asks if he has a phone so they can call the police, but Jason says, no police; it will just make it worse. Curtis says, Cyrus’s guys think they have more time left than they do. That’s their chance. The kids go to the car, and Jason says Curtis has been in there. What’s the best way to do this?

Michael cleans up  there’s a knock at the door. It’s Willow, who says she hopes it’s okay that she came around back. Can they talk? He says, Wiley fell asleep an hour ago, and she says, fingers crossed he stays that way. He says, tell him about it. She asks how it’s going, and he says, it’s growing pains for all of them. He tells her that he needs to apologize. He should have brought Wiley to see her immediately, and didn’t. He’s sorry.

Molly leaves a message for TJ to call her back. Everything she said came out wrong. She loves him. Alexis approaches the table, and Molly says she didn’t have to come back. Alexis says, her text suggested otherwise. She sits down, and asks, what happened? Molly says TJ asked her to marry him, and Alexis says, she said no? Molly says he caught her off-guard. She had no idea it was something he wanted. They’ve been together eight years, and grew up together. Somehow, she must have missed the importance. She didn’t know it was a deal breaker, and nothing she said came out right. She didn’t make clear how much she loves him, and that she committed to spending the rest of her life with him. Alexis asks how they left it, and Molly says, TJ told her that he had a lot of thinking to do, and walked out. He won’t answer his phone. Alexis says she’s sorry, and Molly asks if she’s crazy. Alexis says she’s just surprised. Molly always wanted everyone married, like Sam and Jason. Molly says she’s older now, and she’s seen what marriage can do to people. Alexis says, specifically what it did to her.

Elizabeth says there’s something Jordan’s not telling them; what’s going on? Franco agrees, and wonders if Jordan thinks the kidnapping is tied to Taggert. Jordan says she doesn’t know. As hard as it is, they have to sit tight, and let her do her job. She has to make a quick phone call, and goes outside. She calls Chase, and says she needs him to run a check anyone with a prior association to Cyrus; anyone who has a drug, organized crime, or racketeering conviction. And get back to her asap.

Trina and Cameron sit in the car. Train wonders if they’re safe, and Cameron says, yeah. She says, right, opens the car door, and throws up.

Jason and Curtis stand on either side of the door. Inside, Taggert lies on the floor bleeding. Walker says Taggert made this harder than it needed to be. If he’d died like he was supposed to, Walker wouldn’t have had to take his daughter. Taggert says, screw you, and Walker aims his gun at Taggert. Curtis and Jason bust in, and Jason shoots the gun out of Walker’s hand. He and Curtis stand there like the badasses they are.

Willow tells Michael, that’s not why she’s there. Michael says he doesn’t know if irony is the right word. He’s been where she is. He knows what it’s like to lose a child, and the grief is indescribable. Now she’s lost two, and he wants her to know he’s aware of it. He knows one child can’t replace another, but thinks it would be a great benefit to Wiley for her to stay a part of his life.

Cameron asks if Trina is okay. She doesn’t understand what’s taking so long, and Cameron says, Jason and Curtis will handle it. She asks, how? and he says, they just will. Trina says she knew her dad was a retired agent, but not in a million years did she think he’d be pulled into something like this. Who are these guys, and why did they hurt her dad? Cameron says, at least she got out. That’s all that mattered to him. Trina says, they’re the dumbest hostages ever, and Cameron asks what they could have done. She says, jumped out, or realized earlier. Cameron says, for all they knew, it was a ride share to the dance. How could they possibly know they were being kidnapped. Trina says, they should have, and he says, it’s not their fault. She says, if she’d realized earlier, maybe her dad wouldn’t have been there. She has to do something. She can’t stand it. She gets out of the car, and Cameron follows.

Inside the warehouse, there’s more gunfire. Jason signals Curtis, and goes around. He shoots two of the guys, and Walker runs out with the other one. Curtis runs after him.

Michael says he’s not asking Willow to be mommy, but a nurturing female presence for Wiley. Kids Wiley’s age put people in categories. That’s how they make sense of the world. He’s transitioned from the guy who puts Wiley on a swing to the bedtime guy. It could take some getting used to, but she can still be her wonderful, sweet, loving, caring self. Wiley needs that, and to be honest, so does he.

Alexis tells Molly, she doesn’t know why she thought none of that would affect her; watching Alexis crash and burn in relationships over and over. Of course (🍷) it mattered, especially with Julian. They were so good, and when they got married, it went so bad. Molly is her stable, intelligent, makes healthy choices girl. An amazing guy like TJ knows she’s the one to spend his life with. She’s sorry she’s been no incredible example in regard to relationships. Molly has no frame of reference, but she’s nothing like Alexis. If she chooses not to get married, that’s fine. It’s her choice to make, but she wants Molly to promise her mother’s past will never be a factor in her decision making.

Jordan tells Elizabeth, Chase is in the field. She knows it’s scary, but they’ll find them. Elizabeth says she called Jason and told him what was going on. She asked him to look into it. Jordan says, as a mom, she has no right to criticize, but as a police officer, she wishes Elizabeth hadn’t done that.

Cameron tells Trina, all they’re doing is putting themselves back in danger. Her dad didn’t want that. She says, she’s not a baby. She can do something; they both can. They get back in the car, and Cameron says he knows the situation is a lot, but Jason and Curtis are good at this; it’s what they do. They said to wait, and as hard as it is, as much as she wants to go back in to help, they need to stay there. She says, help by doing nothing? and he says, yeah. She says, look at him. All mature and stuff. He says, it’s not his first hostage situation. This is the third time. Trina says, it was crazy with guns going off. Curtis pulled her out, and when she looked back, she saw her dad get shot. He holds her, and she cries.

Curtis comes back, and Jason asks if it’s clear. Curtis says, they got away. Jason calls 911, and says, there’s been a shooting. Three men are dead, and one badly injured. Bring paramedics. Taggert asks Curtis if his daughter is safe, and Curtis says, yes. Taggert says, take care of her. He grabs Curtis’s sleeve, and repeats, take care of her. His arm drops, and he closes his eyes.

On Monday, Jordan says Curtis could have been killed tonight, Sonny wants answers, and Trina says he’s waking up.

💉 Mary Pat Lives On…

I was really hoping she’d stick around Port Charles longer, but she got one helluva ending.


🎂 Two Wileys Turn Two On Two/Two…

I’m not a huge fan of babies on soaps, but I’m on board with this baby (or babies as it were). He always looks like he really knows what’s going on.


💃🏾 Atlanta Meets Trinidad…

If I could rock that outfit, I’d be living my best life too.


😱 Still Not As Scary As the Wives…

But possibly a more impressive career move.


🎥 They Forget They’re On Camera…

Or think we have short-term memory loss. It’s not a tangled web when everyone knows you’re weaving it.


🥁 Quotes of the Week

Time is not the great teacher. Experience is.Lynsay Sands

What I did or said should never be more important than why I did it or said it. – Andrea Kelly

Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it. – Andy Rooney

I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music. – Billy Joel

I am not good at noticing when I’m happy, except in retrospect. – Tana French

Find the things that matter, and hold on to them, and fight for them, and refuse to let them go.Lauren Oliver

It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy. – Lucille Ball

When you lose your smile, you lose your way in the chaos of life. – Roy T. Bennett (I think my father said it better. His only advice to me upon leaving home was, don’t lose your sense of humor.)

📅 And You Get an Extra Day…

As we leap into March, see you when it’s time to get in step with the Dead.

February 16, 2020 – No Fish Mating Here, Blessed, Catching Up With the Wives, the Dead Is Coming, Maggie U Up & Going Zen For February


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Shahs of Sunset

Reza asks Adam if he was playing strip Jenga, which still sounds as stupid as it did last week. Adam says, no, but Reza says Ali told MJ that he had. Adam scoffs that it’s coming from Ali, and says he’s going to bed. He immaturely locks the door, but Reza wants to talk to him. Adam admits, when Reza was out of town, he jokingly told Ali that he’d been playing strip games. Reza says Adam can’t blame anyone other than himself, and he led Ali too deeply into their lives. Now there’s backlash. In Reza’s interview, he says, Ali is a troublemaker who’s befriended all of them. As soon as Adam included him, he was everywhere. We see clips of Ali Making like Zelig. Reza says when they were in Las Vegas, Adam found out Ali was talking sh*t about their personal information. Adam cut Ali out of their lives, and he thought they weren’t looking back. Either Adam is being a d*ck or intentionally trying to hurt him. He tells Adam, there’s nothing left to say right now.

Mike gets his teeth checked by dentist brother David. In Mike’s interview, he says, once your teeth go, you look like a crackhead. They discuss their real estate investment. In his interview, Mike talks about the east Hollywood duplex he and his brothers bought, and we flash back to that. He says the area has now become worthy of developing their proposed 24 units, and they stand to make a lot of money. Brother Jonathan arrives, and Mike shows them some estimates. He says, it’s a lot of risk, but David thinks between the three of them, they can accomplish it. Mike says their trust means a lot to him, and since the majority of the project will be on his shoulders, he’s going to expect a salary. In his interview, he tells us that while his brothers are financially contributing, he’s contributing two years of his life. Jonathan asks him to draw up a proposal, and Mike says, that’s fair.

GG meets friend Sara for lunch. In her interview, GG says she needs positive people around her that have their sh*t together. Sara knew Reza somewhat already, since she was in college with Reza’s cousin, and then met Destiney. We see a clip of Sara offering to help Destiney with her business, and Destiney being snippy about not knowing Sara well. In her interview, Sara says she has an MBA in finance, and wasn’t looking to sell herself to Destiney. She grew up in Indiana, where there was a small Persian community, but her parents grew up in Iran, so they weren’t as Americanized as some families. She watered it down in school. In GG’s interview, she says, where she grew up, there was no Persian culture, so she and Sara are very similar. GG has been googling what helps getting pregnant, and says she read about grunions mating on the beach during the full moon. She thinks watching this will somehow help, or be inspirational, or something.

MJ and Tommy pull into the hospital parking garage. In her interview, MJ says she’s at 36 weeks, and it’s the end of the road. On Christmas Eve, the doctor said her cervix was shrinking, and there was a chance of miscarriage. She had to stay on bedrest for three and a half months. At 34 weeks, it was discovered she was at risk for cholecystitis, a disease that causes the gallbladder to stop functioning. The doctor suggested inducing her at 36 weeks, as the disease causes the stillbirth risk to increase at that time.

Reza calls Destiney, and wants to set up a meeting with Ali. In his interview, Reza says Ali knows more about his husband than he does, and he needs to find out how MJ is connected. Mike goes to the bakery to get dessert for Passover; he’s having twenty-two people over, and it’s his first Passover with Paulina. In Reza’s interview, he says, every high holiday, Mike has a new lady in his life. We flash back to the holidays with Mike’s various girlfriends. Reza says, it’s like a wine pairing. Reza meets Mike, and they eat some pastries as they talk about MJ having the baby. Reza says Tommy texted him that MJ had an emergency C-section, and lost a lot of blood. She needed to have her uterus and one fallopian tube removed. In his interview, he says they imagined the day MJ would give birth, but he didn’t think he’d be happy and worried at the same time. Adam calls Reza, who says he’ll talk to Adam later. He tells Mike that Ali created a problem because of some bullsh*t about naked Jenga. He doesn’t want Ali around, and doesn’t want to associate with people who know him. A rabbi comes by, and ties a small leather box (a tefillin, see link below) around Mike’s head, and Mike asks him to pray for MJ. In Mike’s interview, he says, during Passover, it’s a mitzvah to bless other Jews.

Destiney meets Ali, and they order drinks. She says she didn’t know the extent of the issue with Adam. In her interview, she says she’s upset with Ali, giving out information to hurt a man she’s loved and known for decades. Ali says, he’s uncomfortable too. Reza joins them, and everyone sits in awkward silence for a while. Reza says he has a question about what Ali’s motivation is, and Ali says he’s not being malicious. MJ said Reza wasn’t happy in his relationship, and since she’s his best friend, he trusted her. Reza says he’s known MJ for twenty-five years; how long has Ali known her? Ali says, three years, but if he was in Reza’s shoes, he’d want know that Adam was sending his friends inappropriate texts. He tells Reza that he got them from Adam several times a day, to the point he felt sexually harassed, and Adam has done it to other people. Reza asks if Ali is crazy, and who TF does he think he is? If he says harassment again, Reza is going to knock him into next week. Ali shows Reza a pile of printed out texts. In his interview, Reza says he knows Adam sends out inappropriate texts; he’s sent them to Mike, and also to Reza. Adam doesn’t think an overtly sexual text can come back to haunt him. Ali says Adam was making him uncomfortable, and Reza says, then stop being Adam’s friend. Ali says, he did, and Reza turns on Destiney, saying if she’s friends with Ali, she’s not friends with him. He doesn’t want to be friends with anyone who knows Ali. Ali drops another pile of papers on the table, and Reza throws a drink at Ali. He starts pushing Ali around, and Destiney gets in between them. Reza pushes her away, and stomps off. We see broken glass on the table from the one-man melee.

Outside, Reza calls MJ, and asks if she wanted Ali to confront him about Adam, since she told Ali that he and Adam didn’t have a good relationship. He doesn’t like her sharing anything with that weasel. He doesn’t trust Ali. Inside, Destiney tells Ali to wait, and goes to find Reza. In Reza’s interview, he wonders why MJ would share intimate, sensitive information with someone she knows he hates. MJ says her doctor is there, and Reza says they’ll talk later. Destiney joins Reza, who tells her, Ali just accused his husband of harrassment. Destiney asks if Reza doesn’t think she’s uncomfortable, and he calls Ali a bottom dweller. The plan is simple; if she wants to be friends with Reza, don’t be friends with Ali. In his interview, Reza wonders if he’s the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s done with Ali, and anyone who associates with him

In Mike’s interview, he says it’s the first Passover he’s hosted that included his parents. Nema drops off a $400 T-shirt he borrowed from Mike, and checks out the décor and the food. He tells Mike that he’s going to the beach with GG to watch fish have sex. It’s not a win. He says he’d thought everyone made peace, but now they’re at war again. Nema flashes back to Destiney telling him, it was all king fu and glass breaking. He tells Mike, Reza sent a text saying whoever was going to maintain a relationship with Ali, was terminating their relationship with him. It was group message. Mike says, that’s aggressive, and in his interview, Nema says, there’s always collateral damage in a break-up. Like with his ex-wife. He didn’t expect all his friends to dump him and be friends with her. He reads his reply text to Mike, saying he told Reza that he believed Destiney had his and Adam’s best interests at heart.

MJ loves on baby Shams. In her interview, she says, when the doctor took the baby from her, he pushed Tommy out of the room, and looked like he saw a ghost. He told her the placenta was still attached, and she’d need to have another surgery. If he didn’t remove her uterus, she might die. She woke up from the surgery angry, thinking she’d never be able to have another baby. She felt gutted. We see videos of newborn Shams. She says she didn’t hear back from Reza again.

Reza and Adam do some landscaping, and Reza says he’s not happy with Adam, and doesn’t want to go to Passover seder when they’re not in a good place. They need to talk about why his husband is so dumb, he doesn’t understand boundaries. He tells Adam about Ali showing him the texts. In Reza’s interview, he says he waited a day, since he didn’t want to react. He says, as a married man, Adam can’t talk to anybody like that. It makes Adam look like an idiot, and it’s disrespectful of Reza and their marriage. Adam says he was joking, but Reza says Adam’s not making sense. Adam says when he feels comfortable with someone, he’ll ask them anything. Reza says, that ends today, or he’s going to be divorced. In his interview, Reza says Adam knows he had a terrible roadmap in marriage with his parents. He tells Adam that Ali said Adam was sexually harassing him. The things Adam did humiliated him. In Reza’s interview, he says, if it happens again, it’s irreparable. Adam says he’s disgusted with himself and what he did, but asks Reza not to call him stupid. Reza apologizes for calling Adam stupid, but says he’s angry and disappointed. Adam says, Destiney should have talked to the two of them together, and Reza agrees. He says, he lost his sh*t, and he doesn’t like behaving like that. He’s furious with MJ, sharing information with Ali. He tells Adam, do not, under any circumstances, send anything sexual to anyone other than himself. I’m suddenly noticing how immature Adam seems. I thought he was just quiet.

Mike’s parents, Sue and Shawn, arrive at Mike’s place first. Paulina greets them, but Mike takes his sweet time getting ready. In his interview, Mike says Paulina has brought out the best in him. He’s learned a lot from her, and she’s the reason he’s ready to reinvent himself. The guests arrive, and Mike shows them a long table on the patio, lit by candlelight. Sue says the prayers, and Jonathan tells the story of Passover, and why they eat matzos. Mike says he’s happy they’re sharing Passover together. In Mike’s interview, he says he grew up thinking he wasn’t smart enough or good enough, and his parents validated that. He made a lot of mistakes, and had some failures, but he thinks his parents are proud of him finally becoming the man he wants to be. He thanks everyone for coming.

The caterer puts out an amazing spread, and a toast is made to Mike. Reza asks what Mike and his brothers are breaking ground, and Mike says, in a couple of months. He tells Reza that he’s the project manager. In Reza’s interview, he says he helped Mike build his house, and it was a nightmare. Sue asks if Reza doesn’t think it’s a good idea, and Reza says he’d wanted Mike to sell the property potential without doing the hard work. Sue agrees, and Mike says, you need to take risk to make money, and Sue says, it’s not about the money. In his interview, Mike says he’s forty, and being treated like he’s fourteen. He tells Sue that he respects and loves her, and not to worry.

In her interview, Destiney says, it’s been six months since her mom went to Las Vegas. She has this thing with Ali going on, and no one to catch her. She heads for the beach.

Nema videos GG and her friends walking to the beach, titling it, GG & the Hood Rats. In GG’s interview, she talks about the moon’s energy, and the big bang, and how everything is connected. She says, the moon is the earth’s twin, and we can still feel the energy. She wants to harness that power to make her pregnant. Alrighty then. They get to the beach, but don’t see any fish. In Nema’s interview, he says he was promised fish having sex, and there are no fish having sex. GG is high, maybe she sees fish having sex. GG gets all excited about seeing what she thinks are fish, but it turns out to be seaweed. They talk to a total stranger, who actually understands the whole grunion thing, and says she’s seen it before. GG thinks they’re scaring the fish away.

Nema tells Destiney that he got a text from Adam, saying Reza wants nothing to do with her anymore. She has to make it right with him. She says she didn’t do anything. In her interview, she says they don’t understand her position. Nema suggests she talk to both Reza and Adam, and set the record straight. She tells him that she’s in the middle. GG wants to know what’s going on, and Nema just keeps repeating, make it right. Destiney drops her stuff, and walks away, saying she’s sick of this sh*t. Nema tells GG that Ali should have had the balls to go straight to Reza, and GG says she didn’t know Ali was saying all that, but they’d talked about the information eventually coming out. In her interview, GG says she had a conversation with Ali, and thinks MJ set him and Destiney up. In Destiney’s interview, she says she never had a conversation with MJ. She tells GG about getting an ultimatum from Reza. In GG’s interview, she says she knows what MJ is capable of. We flash back to MJ setting GG up for a fall on a few occasions. Destiney says she needs some time, and walks off by herself. GG catches up to Nema, who asks if she killed Destiney. GG complains that there were no fish.

Fifteen minutes later. The fish come up on the beach.

Shawn tells Mike that he’s obligating himself for two years. Sue says, David and Jonathan are too weak to do the manual labor. Mike should get a salary, but he’ll have to be on top of the job every morning. He’ll have to be there before the workers start, and leave after everyone else is gone. In Mike’s interview, he says his parents have a hard time trusting him. They’ve had to take on his failed attempts at different ventures. We flash back to Mike’s shoe launch, among other unsuccessful projects. Sue says, when he’s fallen, they’ve helped, but they can’t do it this time. Mike is taking a risk with everyone’s investment, and his time. Shawn says, if Mike fails, someone has to step in. In his interview, Mike says, once you have the reputation of effing up, it’s all anyone sees.

Next time, Mike’s parents don’t trust him, GG gets a date for IVF, a storm brews between Reza and MJ, and Destiney faces a possum.

🙏 Blessings…

An explanation of the tefillin.


👠 All Wives All the Time…

All the Wives news that’s fit for Page Six.


⚰️ A Tease…

It’s almost Dead time again.


🔎 Is She Still On This Show…?

Maggie is back. Sort of.


💡 Whose Bright Idea Was It…?

Why does there have to be a short month? We should get three extra days on our bill due dates. Remaining calm…

January 24, 2020 – Still Waiting With a Side of Updates, 90 Day Rewind, Donnalicious, a Real Peach, Wives News, Off Probation, LalaCast, GoT Redux, a Farewell, Nearly Ten Quotes & Have a Happy Rat Year


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

So what do General Hospital and the trial coverage have in common? General Hospital has been on for fifty years, and the same information is being repeated for what feels like fifty years. Seriously, when this is over, these people should get newscaster jobs. They also love to repeat things over and over.

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💍 Catching Up With 90…

I figured since GH is on hiatus, and this Friday had a gap (I will forever miss you, Z Nation <sniff>), I’d give you the skinny on the latest 90 Day Fiancé couplings. I am obsessed with this franchise. So much so, I can’t even recap it – I want to take in every second. While I love all of the spin-offs (this could give Law and Order and CSI a run for their money, even put together), my favorite is Pillow Talk/Watch Party, where former cast members watch the latest show, and give commentary. The only thing better than watching TV, is watching other people watch TV. The original is back for a new season, and here’s where they are, in case you want to take the plunge.

American dude Mike and Natalie, a beauty from the Ukraine, seemed to be on shaky ground from the start. Mostly because Natalie’s method of communication is to bore holes in Mike with her eyes, and expect him to know what’s going on in her head. And what’s going on in her head is ridiculous. Mike went to the Ukraine to help her get a K-1 visa, and his time ran out while it was still hung up in the process. During a joint interview, where they were asked if they loved one another, Mike was quick to say yes, while Natalie hemmed and hawed, and said love would come as they got to know one another. Since they were already engaged, this didn’t exactly thrill Mike, causing Natalie to react like a petulant child. She literally threw the ring into his suitcase, but then ended up accompanying him to the airport when she didn’t get the desired response – which was that he should put the ring back on her finger, apologize (for what, was unclear), and sweep her into his arms. She ended up accompanying him to the airport, where she continued to bore holes into him until he left. This was definitely left up in the air.

Finnish lovely Jasmin arrived in America to meet with her fiancé Blake, and so far, it’s a match made in disaster. They have absolutely nothing in common (that I can see anyway), and even worse, Jasmin is a teetotaler/health nut who gets miffed every time Blake dares to have an alcoholic beverage. It doesn’t stop there though. Jasmin refused to get to know his friends, and answered all their questions with barely monosyllabic answers. The topper came when Blake’s best friend was having a birthday. They were supposed to go to a more intimate dinner with just the two couples and on to a party, but Jasmin begged Blake for a dinner alone with him first. This wouldn’t have been so bad if she hadn’t then refused to go the party, and decided to visit her sister instead, who happens to live nearby. I don’t think it takes a Sherlock to figure out there might be some ulterior motive here. Even the sister is telling her that she’s behaving badly. I would have packed this one back to Finland by now.

American born Tania and Syngin from South Africa would be a match made in heaven, if it weren’t for the fact that Tania is a self-centered twit. Syngin has it all; he’s good-looking, articulate, funny, and a hard worker. While he’s not allowed to have a job until he has a green card, he’s still proven his diligence by doing anything and everything that needs to be done, from garden work to revamping a shed for their living space on her mother’s property. A shed Tania was supposed to have finished by the time he got there, but surprise! there was nothing done. As a reward for being such a great guy, Tania took off for 30 out of their 90 days to attend a workshop on natural healing in Costa Rica. Since this is her chosen career, and they agreed it was an investment in their future, Syngin was cool with it. He wasn’t so cool with Tania getting sh*tfaced on the weekends with her classmates, and refusing to call him when she got back to where she was staying. It wasn’t even her getting wasted that he minded, although what he didn’t see was her also flirting shamelessly with any halfway decent dude at the bar. All he wanted was to know she was safe after her night out, because, you know, she was getting blackout drunk in a foreign country. Because her world revolves around herself, Tania failed to see how this was anything but being possessive and harshing her buzz. And even though Syngin had toted and fetched for her mother 24/7 while she was gone, when she came back, Tania was pissed that Syngin hadn’t investigated woodworking courses as she’d instructed him to. Never mind he’s in a foreign country where he knows no one, has no real money, and she left him hanging five minutes after he got there. My advice: Run, Syngin. Run.

Angela from America and Michael from Nigeria are back and badder than ever. I never thought they’d last, much less be riding the Fiancé franchise for this long. Sadly, Michael’s K-1 visa was denied, although it’s unclear as to why. This often seems to be the case, where the applicant is kept in the dark over important particulars. When a visa is denied, the couple has two options. They can appeal the denial or get married in the country of the applicant, and reapply. No surprise, Michael’s family is pushing for the marriage in Nigeria, while Angela wants to be surrounded by her family and friends. Michael shed real tears while giving the news to Angela, so she hopped on the next flight to see him. In the meantime, Michael also told his friends, who have given him grief about the relationship and had gotten in an altercation with Angela on her last trip, to piss off. This is when I started thinking maybe he actually cares for her. With the two being at odds as to how to approach the denial, their reunion started off on shaky ground. It didn’t get any better when, at a gathering of his relatives, their age gap (22 years, with Angela being older) became an issue when the subject of children came up. Michael’s uncle suggested that if Angela’s one remaining egg couldn’t produce progeny, he should have kids with someone else. Needless to say, this didn’t go over too big with Angela. It’s just one more argument in the long line that is their relationship.

American Robert and Anny from the Dominican Republic are a perfect match, just not for each other. Robert has a four-year-old son who he co-sleeps with, while Anny is more interested in another type of threesome. While Anny isn’t behaving like any prize, Robert also misrepresented himself, telling her that he’d buy her clothes when she got there and not to bring anything, and saying he’d take care of all her needs. If her needs were a small one-bedroom for two and a half people, and clothing from the second-hand store, then they were met, but her dreams were a little bigger than that. While their trip to a strip club for her birthday, at her suggestion and complete with a lap dance for her, was a little awkward; him taking her to look at an apartment, only to tell her he’d just signed a one-year lease where they already were, was downright mean. He gave her a give-it-time speech, but I’m not so sure she’s willing to wait. And to be fair, it’s not what she signed up for. I’m also not so sure he wants the stepmother of his son to be quite so freewheeling sexually.

Emily from America met Russian Sasha while she was teaching English in his country. They got to know each other so well, she was pregnant by the time they were on the show. Now they’re living in America, preparing to wed, and Emily has had the baby, but hasn’t shed the baby weight. Fitness coach Sasha has taken this as a personal challenge to get his family healthy, which I think is code for getting Emily to drop a few pounds. In a bold move, he started tossing anything he deemed junk into the garbage, while Emily wailed that the veggie chips were fat free. He doesn’t exactly seem too hands-on with being a father either, and did I mention he has two ex-wives who he also got pregnant before marriage? Sounds like a pattern to me. Still, I think this could go either way. We’re down to getting the wedding dress.

American Michael met Brazilian model Juliana while in Croatia. After a rocky start, and a denied visa, Juliana is now in the US. Another couple with a big age gap (19 years, with Michael being older), Michael has an ex-wife and two children. You’d think this would be a hurdle, but you’d be wrong. His children are a delight, wise beyond their years, and his ex has become Juliana’s biggest ally, even going wedding dress shopping with her. Juliana has also been married before, but it was more of an arranged situation, where she was mistreated, and she split. There was a shaky moment, where Michael suggested a prenup (he has a few bucks), but seriously failed in explaining it to Juliana, who freaked out because he’d dropped out of her life once before when she was still in Brazil. Wisely, he scrapped this idea, and we’re at the wedding. Since I read they’re in the process of adopting her niece and nephew, hopefully, this one lasts.

The one that already didn’t last was Anna from America and Mursel from Turkey. I would have bet the farm on this one at the beginning too. Drawn together online with a shared love of beekeeping, neither one knew the other’s language when he arrived to begin the 90 days. Her two sons weren’t thrilled, mostly the older one, but how could two beekeepers not make it? They were so cute together in their bee suits. Anna had picked out her dress, when she decided Mursel keeping her children a secret from his family was a no for her. She insisted he tell them, and the reaction was not good. During FaceTime with his mother, Mursel got honest, and his mother told him to come home, saying that Anna was no good. As if this wasn’t bad enough, he made it sound like he’d just found out, when he knew all along. When his mother called Anna a deceptive liar, he made no move to correct her. No matter how much Anna cried and begged, Mursel packed his bags, and went home to mommy and daddy. The worst part was, as he was headed to the plane, he turned around and came back to Anna. Both Anna and the viewers thought he’d changed his mind, but he had only returned for another tearful goodbye. I’m all for respecting one’s family, but he’s 35.


👧🏼  I’ll Have What She’s Having…

I’m using the fact that she was on GH to justify including this, but I swear, every time I see Donna Mills, I’m startled. She’s nearly 80, and doesn’t look much different than she did when she was on Knots Landing. Either she has one helluva plastic surgeon or miracle genes.


🍑 NeNe NewsNews…

Reminiscent of Flavor of Love.


They’ll have to pry that peach out of her cold, dead hand.


🏃🏻‍♀️ All the News That’s Fit To Run From…

Coast to coast Housewives.


🥂 Much Ado About Uber…

Publicity for LuAnn is a double edged Chambord.


💋 Lala and…

I love how she thought up a podcast name that could be changed just in case. Planning is everything.


✍️ Write Faster…

One of my greatest fears is that George R.R. Martin will die before he finishes these books.


🖐 So Long Mr. Lacey…

And my favorite Willie.


🗣 Quotes of the Week

We are all equal in the fact that we are all different. We are all the same in the fact that we will never be the same.C. JoyBell C.

The individual who says it is not possible should move out of the way of those doing it.Tricia Cunningham

Hey, fellas – stop manspreading. – Awkwafina, the new voice of an NYC subway train. And the voice of reason.

Always forgive, but never forget, else you will be a prisoner of your own hatred, and doomed to repeat your mistakes forever. – Wil Zeus

Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll never be content with what you have. – Doris Mortman

If you have a boy, you only have to worry about one penis. If you have a girl, you have to worry about them all. – Herb (Ryan Stiles), Two and a Half Men

I am not good at noticing when I’m happy, except in retrospect.Tana French

If you ask me I don’t think there are any such things as curses. I think there is only life. That’s enough. – Junot Diaz

Luck affects everything. Let your hook always be cast; in the stream where you least expect it there will be a fish.Ovid

🐭  Pay No Attention To That Rabbit…

It’s the year of the rat. Happy Lunar New Year!

December 26, 2019 – Anna Makes a Connection, Vicki Screeches To the End, Soap Holidays, Behind GH’s Carol, No Joes Here, Unreal Reality, Social Media Moments, Roll Calls Begin & Abba New Year


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At Turning Woods, Sonny sees Mike in his coat, and asks where he’s going. Mike says, out; he has to get out. Sonny tells him, it’s cold outside, and suggests they stay in. He asks if Mike wants a cookie, but Mike says he has to go. Sonny asks, where? and Gladys comes in, saying she’s got Mike’s hat and they should hit the road. Sonny asks what she’s doing there, and she says she was about to take Mike out.

Franco tells Elizabeth, it’s not possible. She says he had no control over his body, but he says he’d remember if he slept with Kim. He wouldn’t… He couldn’t… She says he thought he was Drew, and had no control over what was happening. He says in his right mind, he would never, and Elizabeth says she had the utmost faith in their love. He didn’t sleep with Kim; Drew did.

At Rice Plaza, Cameron and Aiden bring coats for the coat drive. Cameron tells Maxie and Peter that they just got new coats, and Peter says their old ones will go to kids who need them and will love them. Aiden says they feel blessed because they have Franco back. Maxie says they have Peter to thank for that.

Anna looks at Peter’s resumé, and says, Eurotech. She picks up another folder, and says, Peter was there at the same time; the same DVX front company when the gunman was there. She looks at some pictures, and throws up her hands. Finn comes in, and tells her, Violet said the cutest thing. She says, what’s that? and he says when they were cleaning up, Violet noticed all the gingerbread cookies were all men, and said… Is she okay? He asks if she found something out about Peter.

Brad asks Michael where Wiley is, and Michael says, he’s with Willow. They’re waiting for Brad, but if now isn’t the time… Brad says, it’s totally fine.

Nelle tells Willow that the baby is adorable. He’s so cute; what’s his name? Willow says, Wiley, and Nelle asks if Wiley is hers. Willow says, no, but Nelle says she doesn’t seem so sure. Willow says, it’s a long story, but Nelle says she’s got time. Willow says, probably not that much, and starts to leave. Nelle says she doesn’t mean to be intrusive, but she lost her baby. Does Willow think she could possible see Wiley for a moment longer?

Gladys gives Mike his hat. Sonny asks if she’s taking his dad out, and Gladys says they’re cousins. She was told by the staff that she’s allowed. Sonny says they’re not the ones she should be asking, but Gladys says Mike was asking for her, and she thought it was a good way to reconnect with family. She asks Mike, they’re cousins, right? Mike says, right, and she says, and Dev, who lives with Sonny, is her grandchild. Sonny says this isn’t part of the agreement, and she says she’s been getting the payments on time. Sonny asks Mike what they’re planning on doing, and Mike says, go to the track, and play the ponies. Does Sonny want to come? Sonny says Gladys is taking Mike to the track? Gladys says, he wanted to see his wife, but he can’t. She needed to distract him, and remembered he liked playing the ponies. Problem solved. Sonny says, not really. He asks where Yvonne is, and Mike says they took his wife.

Finn asks what Anna found, and Anna says she was cross-checking the histories of Drew, Faison, Shiloh, Brice, and the would-be assassin David Black.  It was right there, staring her in the face on Peter’s resumé. She cross-checked the bank records on David Black, and discovered they were at Eurotech at the same time. Finn says, it can’t be a coincidence, and Anna says, it would be next to impossible. He says, for what it’s worth, he was hoping she’d find proof of Peter’s innocence. She says, so was she, and he says, now that she knows, what is she going to do about it?

Cameron doesn’t think they need to go into details, but Aiden says he likes details. Cameron says, there was some crazy stuff going on at the hospital, and Peter saved the doctor who saved Franco. Aiden asks what Peter did, and Cameron says it’s too long to go into, and they have to get home. They leave, and Maxie tells Peter, sorry it was awkward. She can’t help that she wants to shout that her boyfriend is a hero. Peter says he’s not proud of taking a man’s life, but Maxie says the man was going to kill Andre, and possibly Franco. Peter says he was probably just doing his job, and she says no doubt his boss is someone worse and bigger. The guy should be ratted out and sent to prison for the rest of his life.

Elizabeth tells Franco that Kim kept trying to convince her to let him go. If she said, Franco is gone, once, she said it a thousand times. He says they need to confront her, but she says they can’t. Kim left town. He asks if Julian had anything to say about this, and she says, they broke up. He says, because of him.

Brook sees Julian at Rice Plaza, and asks how Lucas is. He says Lucas hasn’t woken up, and is being transferred to long term care. Brook says, that doesn’t mean he’s not going to get better. Lucas is tough, and they can’t give up hope. Sometimes it helps to focus on the good things. It’s Christmas, and Julian’s got Wiley and Leo. He says that’s why he’s there; he’s getting presents. Brook says she can’t figure it out. Leo looks like a Falconari. The family resemblance can be seen a mile away. Their DNA is powerful, but how did he and Olivia happen?

Michael tells Brad, no rush. He and Willow have Wiley covered if he needs time. Brad says it might help for him to see his son. He needs that little guy. A nurse tells Brad that he needs to finish signing Lucas’s transfer to Turning Woods. Brad asks if it can’t wait, and Michael says he’ll bring Wiley to Brad.

Willow tells Nelle that she’s sorry about Nelle’s baby. Nelle thanks her, and says it almost would been easier if he’d been stillborn, but he passed away in her arms. As much as it hurt to lose him, she doesn’t think she’d give those few minutes back for anything. She held him, and felt his heartbeat against her chest; saw him looking up at her. She doesn’t suppose Willow would let her hold Wiley for a moment? Willow looks skeptical.

Willow asks if it’s safe for Nelle. She’s injured, and babies are heavier than they look. She doesn’t want to make anything worse. Nelle doesn’t think that’s possible, and tells Willow, just place him in her lap. It’s super easy. Just as Willow is about to hand Wiley over, Michael stops her. He says, that’s Nelle, and Nelle shows them that she’s handcuffed to the chair.

Julian tells Brook that they were having a bad night, and Brook says she’s been there. He says they got Leo out of it, and Brook says Olivia didn’t want Leo to know he existed. He says they worked it out, but she says, not until he missed out on the first few precious months of Leo’s life. She has a gazillion pictures and videos from back then. Does he want to see them? She wasn’t such a screw up when her family wanted to hide Leo from his gangster father.

Maxie is sure that Helena was somehow involved, and Peter asks if all roads lead back to Helena. She says, and Faison. They’ve both been dead a while, but it’s possible they have a henchman out there who tried to kill Drew and Andre. He won’t get away with it though. Jason is Drew’s brother, and he won’t rest until he finds out who the bad guy is.

Anna tells Finn that she has to figure it out. He says she has evidence, but she says it’s a hazy theory. She doesn’t even know the whole story yet. Finn thinks she should tell Robert, and the police need to know. She says they can connect David Black to the second attempt on Andre’s life, but what about the plane crash? Andre ID’d Brice in the first attempt on his life, but there’s no connection so far between Peter and Brice. Finn says Andre was targeted twice, and Peter has one connection to that. Is she looking for a smoking gun? She says, it would help, and he says, help Robert’s case or help her make up her mind? She says, both, and he says, what if someone else gets hurt in the meantime? Violet comes in, and asks if her mommy is going to be back in time for Christmas.

Marcus walks in, and Mike yells that Marcus took his wife. Sonny says, it’s Marcus, and he’s their friend, but Mike says Marcus is no friend of his. Marcus says he and Mike talked about this, but Mike yells, liar! Marcus stole his wife. Sonny tells him to sit, and guides Mike to a chair, saying, just wait for him. Marcus says he would have called Sonny, but the last time he was there, Mike must have been having a good day. He thought Mike would fill Sonny in. He hadn’t realized Mike had gotten so bad. Sonny says, it hit Mike hard, and Marcus says, it was no different with Yvonne. It’s been a month since she could feed herself. It happens to a lot of people like her and Mike. Sonny says he’s got to ask. Did Marcus put her in a hospice? Marcus says, she’s not nearly ready for that. She’s in the hospital, and he’s having a feeding tube put in. Gladys tells him to please listen to her. He’s making a terrible mistake.

Mike asks if Sonny found out where Yvonne is, and Sonny says, she’s a little sick, and she’s in the hospital. Mike asks if she’s coming back, and Sonny says she is. Marcus says he doesn’t know who Gladys is, but this is none of her business. Gladys says he must love Yvonne, and needs to talk to the doctors. They’ll tell him that Yvonne stopped eating for a reason. It’s called de-set, voluntarily giving up eating and drinking. Also known as death with dignity. Marcus insists it’s not voluntary, and says he doesn’t need this woman’s opinion; he needs to get Yvonne’s things. Sonny asks what Gladys is doing, lecturing Marcus about something she doesn’t know anything about. She says she does.

Anna tells Violet that Finn was about to tell her what Violet said about the gingerbread men. Violet says, there should be gingergirls too. Anna agrees, and shows Violet her Christmas stocking, pointing out that Violet’s name is on it. She tells Violet, if she hangs it, Santa will come and fill it. Violet asks if there’s one for mommy too.

Maxie has something to show Peter. She brings out a stocking with his name on it, and says now that he’s moved in, he’s officially family, and they love him. He says he never had one, which kind of breaks my heart. She asks if he’s okay, and he says, funny how the smallest things can get you. She says, like a stocking? He says he loves it, and loves her and James.

Julian looks through Brook’s phone, and she says she’ll put the pictures in an album and send it to him. He thanks her, and says next to Lucas waking up, it’s the best present he can get. She says she can’t figure him out. He’s sappy and sentimental when it comes to Leo, but he was dark, brooding, and pissed off when they met.

Nelle tells Michael that he didn’t have to send Willow and Wiley away. What does he think she was going to do? He says he has no intention of finding out. She thanks him for being concerned about her health. Ryan almost nicked her good kidney. He says she seems all right, and asks when they’re taking her back. The guard approaches, and he asks why Nelle was left unsupervised. The guard says she could see Nelle from where she was, and he says he assumes they’re taking her back. She says there was engine trouble, but the guy will be there in twenty minutes. Nelle wishes Michael a merry Christmas. She’s sure he’ll be surrounded by loved ones while she’s rotting in her cell, thinking about Jonah. How much does he think Jonah would have loved Christmas? He walks away, and Willow tells him that she’s sorry. He tells her, it’s okay. Nelle is going back to Pentenville where she can’t hurt anyone.

Elizabeth says Franco knows she’s not the kind of wife who would look the other way if her husband cheated. Franco says, under normal circumstances… and she says, they weren’t normal circumstances. He’s not to blame. The fault lies with Cabot and Shiloh. He can’t beat himself up. Cameron and Aiden come in, saying, ho-ho-ho! and carrying a tree. Aiden hugs Franco, who says he’s bigger. His shoulders are big enough to hold the weight of the whole Port Charles art scene. Aiden says he missed Franco, and Franco says he missed Aiden too. Franco goes over to Cameron, and asks how he is. Cameron says he’s good, and asks if Franco likes the tree. Franco says he loves it. It’s the best tree in the whole world ever. Aiden says he made Franco a picture every day while he was gone. Franco says, that’s a lot of art. Aiden shows him some pictures, and says, it was more like therapy; it made him feel better. Franco looks through the pictures, and Aiden says, it’s just some of them. He’s giving Franco the rest on Christmas. Cameron says they didn’t want Christmas unless Franco came home, and Franco says he single-handedly saved the entire holiday. He hugs them.

Anna tells Violet that mommy asked them to look after her for Christmas, and she let Santa know Violet was there. Violet says she misses mommy, and doesn’t know why she’s gone so long. Anna knows it’s hard, but says Violet has to be brave. It’s what mommy would want. Violet doesn’t care what Mommy wants. She wants mommy back now. Finn says mommy loves her more than anything. He sits on the couch with Violet in his lap, and says, mommy had to go away for a good reason. Violet asks, what reason? but he says he doesn’t know. She didn’t tell him. For mommy to keep that kind of secret from her, it must be an important secret. So when mommy comes home, Violet will be happy and mommy will tell her why she went away. Violet asks when she’ll be back, and he says, really soon. Anna says they love having her, and don’t want her to be sad. Finn says he knows mommy misses Violet. He knows that because mommy sent this for her. He gives her a wrapped package. He looks at Anna over Violet’s head, and Anna smiles.

Sonny asks if Gladys knows Marcus’s wife, and she says, of course (🍷) not. He tells her, then keep her mouth shut. She says it might surprise him, but she does have friends in Bridgeport. Her best friend died, and she had Alzheimer’s too. They don’t cure it, do they? Sonny says he’s sorry. She says her friend stopped eating, and her husband and kids were beside themselves, but she could tell something more was happening. When they were alone, she asked, why are you doing this, Dot? and Dottie said clear as day, because I’m done. She could barely sit up anymore, had no privacy, no life, and no dignity. Funny thing about dignity, you might not know where or who you are, but you know when your dignity has been stolen. As gone as Dot was, deep down, she knew she couldn’t live that way. Sonny says he’s sure she wasn’t shy about telling them, and she says she fought with Dot’s kids, and begged their father to take Dot to hospice, so she could die with a tiny shred of dignity, but no. They got the feeding tube. She sits down, and says, it was a miserable death. Nobody should have to leave this world that way. When Dot finally died, Gladys was relieved. She was at peace, and Gladys misses her so damn much.

Willow tells Michael that she can’t believe she almost fell into Nelle’s trap. She thought after Shiloh, she could recognize a manipulator. Michael says, Nelle is good at what she does. Willow says Nelle totally played her; she felt sorry for Nelle. Now she knows what he and Chase were up against. Brad joins them, and says, there’s his boy. He knows Wiley misses Daddy Lucas, and is sure Lucas misses him too. Michael asks if Brad knew Nelle was there.

Brad tells Michael, Ryan attacked Nelle. He didn’t mention it because he knows how Michael and his family feel about his friendship with her. Michael says his mom knew. Brad says he can’t think about Nelle at the moment. He has to figure out how he’s going to take care of Wiley without Lucas. He can’t wrap his head around it. Michael says he and Willow can take care of Wiley if he’s not ready, but Brad says, it’s okay. He’s taking Wiley home.

Brook says Julian thought she was a hooker. He had no way to realize that she took care of his baby, and hung out with his other son in high school. He says now that he knows, he’s grateful for the role she played in his children’s lives. She says he thought she was someone he could pay to go away and shut up. He thought wrong. She goes over to the coat table, and Maxie says Brook’s still in town? She thought Brook would be at the recording studio. Brook makes up something about the studio people taking the month off to go to the latest hot spot. Maxie says she’s glad she ran into Brook, and introduces her to Peter. She says Peter just moved in with her and her son. Peter flashes his Christmas stocking, and Maxie says, Georgie is also coming in from Portland. Things at Crimson have been so busy, she’s happy to have the holidays off. They’re gearing up for February’s fashion week. Brook says she gets it. Maxie’s life is perfect. Maxie says, of course (🍷) not. Except wait… it is perfect. It’s amazing how you can have a great relationship if you grow up and stop making stupid mistakes. Brook tells her, merry Christmas, and tells Peter, God help him. When she’s gone, Peter says, what was that about?

Violet opens the gift. It’s a bead crafting set, and Finn tells her that she can make necklaces with it. He puts her in Anna’s desk chair with her gift, and tells her that he needs to talk to Anna for a moment. Anna asks how he knew what to get, and he says, Hayden mentioned Violet loves to make things. Anna says they’ll have to figure out what to tell Violet if Hayden isn’t back before New Year’s. Finn says he has no idea where Hayden is or when she’s coming back.

Franco says he’s happy he came back before Christmas. If he’d come back after Christmas, they wouldn’t get anything and that would make him sad. He’s truly sorry he went away. Aiden says he didn’t mean to. He did it so they could keep Cameron. Cameron thanks him, and Aiden says, it was so weird. Franco looked like himself, but he wasn’t him. Franco says he’s still trying to get used to the idea himself. Elizabeth says they’re running out of time, and the boys have to make their Christmas lists. Franco says if they don’t, then Santa has to improvise, and it will be socks for everyone. Aiden says they got what they wanted, and Cameron tells Franco, that means him coming home. The day is perfect, except for one little thing. He couldn’t get out of community service tonight.

Mike asks Marcus where Yvonne is, and Marcus says, she’s still in the hospital. Mike asks if he can visit, but Marcus says, she can’t see anyone right now and promises to bring her back soon. Mike asks him to tell Yvonne that he loves her, and Marcus says he will. Marcus leaves, and Mike asks Sonny to take him to the hospital. Sonny doesn’t think the doctors would like that, but Yvonne would love to hear about the Christmas festivities there. He suggests Mike rest up so he can sing carols later. Mike says, that would be good to get into the spirit of the holidays.

Cameron comes downstairs in a suit and tie. Elizabeth likes it, and says she could get used to it. Cameron says he’s only wearing it because of community service. Franco says he’s filled with the holiday spirit, and Elizabeth takes a picture of Cameron. Cameron is like, thanks a lot. Franco tells Elizabeth that he’ll see his father tomorrow. Cameron takes a picture of them kissing, and Franco thinks they should put the top on their Tannenbaum.

Gladys tells Mike, she’s sorry they didn’t make it to the track. Mike says, in this cold? Is she crazy? She tells Sonny that she didn’t know how bad Mike was, and he says she should have called him. She says it’s good for her to get out. Dot just died a few weeks ago. Sonny says he’s sorry, and she says, ever since Brando died, she celebrated Christmas with Dot and her family, but they’re not up to it this year. What’s the big deal? It’s just a holiday. Mike says, no one should be alone on Christmas, and asks if Sonny isn’t going to invite her. Gladys says, it’s all right, but Mike says, for him? Sonny asks if she wants to come over.

Michael tells Brad, if he needs anything, give him a call. Willow says, either one of them, and Michael says, they’ll do in a pinch. They adore Wiley. Willow tells Wiley, merry Christmas, and says they’re here if Brad needs anything.

Finn asks Anna how he’s supposed to explain Hayden’s absence when he doesn’t understand it himself? Anna says he needs to assure Violet that he loves her, and he’s not going anywhere. He says, that part is absolutely true. Anna says he’s luckier than he knows. He can be honest with Violet. Their situations aren’t remotely the same. Finn says the difference is, him telling the truth saves Violet from feeling abandoned. Anna telling the truth might save lives. Anna asks him to give her a day or so to think it through. He says he would if he thought that’s what she was really going to do. Is she thinking, or holding onto information? She says he sounds like Robert. It’s her son. What is she supposed to do? Just turn him in? Finn says she has evidence that suggests he shot a hitman he might have hired. She can’t keep it to herself. Anna says she thought he was on her side when comes to Peter, and he says he’s always on her side. She says, okay, and he asks what she’s going to do.

Maxie tells Peter that Brook is a troublemaker from way back. She tried to break up Lulu and Dante. It didn’t work, but she never apologized. Peter says it doesn’t sound like Maxie is letting bygones be bygones, and she says, Brook isn’t really sorry. If she was, it might take Maxie a while to forgive her, but look at them. When she forgives, she forgives all the way. They kiss.

Tracy brings her suitcase into the Quartermain mansion. She looks around, and says, you didn’t… You couldn’t… No, no, no. She calls out for Ned, Olivia, and Monica. Brook comes downstairs and asks, what’s the racket? Is something on fire? Tracy says, Brooklyn? Brook says, granny, and Tracy says, call her Tracy. What happened to this house? Brook says, it’s great, isn’t it? but by the look on her face, I don’t think Tracy agrees.

Tomorrow, Trina asks if Josslyn is going to make Dev’s Christmas wish come true, Jason says everything he’s doing is for the kids, Gladys tells Carly that Sonny invited her for Christmas, and Sam tells Nelle to shut her mouth before Sam does it for her.

The Real Housewives of Orange County – The Reunion: Part Three

Sorry. I missed Part Two. It was on Christmas Eve, so no. Although I doubt I missed anything really, since it’s all flashbacks, and rehashing of old arguments. Here are the highlights.

Vicki got all over Braunwyn for being nakey… with Tamra. After Vicki insisted that somehow Braunwyn ruined the show (i.e. took her place), Andy informed her that nothing had changed on the show. Vicki announced she’s a grandmother now, and wanted to be respected, but I think that ship sailed a long time ago. Andy was happy to prove that point by showing us flashbacks of Vicki, including her involvement in getting Gretchen naked wasted. Everyone else thought this was a laugh riot. For once, Tamra made sense, saying she didn’t think any of them were on the show to be role models. When it was time for Vicki to make her exist, she kvetched all the way back to the dressing room, and beyond. She said she didn’t think she was just a friend, stated several times that she hated Braunwyn, and told the camera man to eff off. The funniest thing was, it never seemed like her role on the show had changed any, and I’m guessing her paycheck just got smaller.

Threesomes and rumors about Kelly were discussed, as well as Kelly’s relationship with Brian, which is no more, and her new engagement. Shane joined the ladies for a while, and I had to laugh when Andy asked how it felt to be a hated househusband, and he said at least he’d accomplished something. Gina talked about Matt getting hauled in for domestic abuse, and IMO, it sounded like she was making excuses for him. He apologized and sent her flowers. Get rid of him.

At the end, Andy asked what each of the women wanted to let go from their lives, and what they wanted to bring in. Kelly wanted to let go of negativity, and bring in Rick Leventhal, her new fiancé. After only three months. Emily wanted to let go of the hurt and the things she’s felt toward Gina, and let in a new beginning for them. Gina told Emily that she felt the same way, and loved her. Braunwyn said she was letting go of always caring what everyone thinks, and trying to please everyone. She was letting in badass Braunwyn. Gina thought she’d let go of a lot already, but was adding risky beauty choices. She would continue to welcome in a new positive brave future. Whatever that means. Tamra claimed she was going to let go of loose lips – highly doubtful – and bring in health and wellness for her family. I’m not sure what that means either. Does she have a new product line coming out? Shannon decided to let go of her past, and let in continued happiness and growth for her family and the new person in her life. Andy said it was all awesome, and the reunion had been fairly therapeutic.

He told the women that he thought they’d toast with wheatgrass. The reaction was swift and negative, and then he added they brought in tequila instead. Braunwyn toasted to sisterhood, and Tamra said, to season 14. May they never relive it.

🎄 A Soapy Christmas…

Spend the holidays in Soapland.


🎭 Breaking Scrooge’s Fourth Wall…

It looks like they had a blast. I’ll bet they were all excited, like how you feel before performing in your high school play.


At Least His Name’s Not Joe…

Good for her. She’s got a life to live too.



🙇 What Is Real Really…?

A few moments that reality TV had.


🏃 Gangnam Style This…

Lots of fun stuff on this list.


😥 To All the Stars We’ve Loved Before…

Roll calls of the dead. I always think, poor Ric Ocasek got lost in the shuffle.



🎉 Switching Holiday Gears…

Hoping your Christmas was merry and bright, and Santa brought you everything you wanted. Moving on to 2020. It seems like only yesterday, everyone was talking about Y2K and planes falling out of the air.







February 19, 2019 -Maxie Gets a Sample, Jim Gets a Beat Down, a Bahamas Trip is Planned & Sleeping


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


😫 Dog sick. Husband sick. Hoping it doesn’t reflect in the editing.

General Hospital

In the examining room, Carly tells Sonny, it’s always so cold. There’s no clock in there either, like they freeze time while you’re trying to find out if your whole world’s about to change. Kim walks in, saying Carly’s OB asked her to cover the appointment.

Drew meets Jason on the pier. He tells Jason that he had another chat with Shiloh. Shiloh made a point of reaching out, and he wants to know why. Who is this guy? Besides Kim, Shiloh is the only person who remembers Drew’s past. He wants to know what kind of game Shiloh is playing.

Sam goes to The Floating Rib, and meets Shiloh. She has a question. He says he doesn’t have the answers to everything, but she says it’s about him. He tells her, fire away. She asks if, as leader of DOD, does he get a day off, or is he playing hooky? He says right now, he’s just a guy having a cup of coffee with a girl.

Michael meets Kristina at Kelly’s. He asks, is it him, or is she smiling? Kristina says, it happens. He says, it’s great to see proof. She says that’s why she asked him to meet her. She wants to talk about a new direction she’s going in.

Maxie tells Peter that she’s about to find the truth about Sasha.

Sasha goes to the nail salon, and tells the receptionist she has an appointment. It’s probably under Maxie Jones.

Curtis answers Lulu’s door. It’s Margaux, who asks if Lulu is available. She’s there to prep her for the arraignment. Unless she’s not up to facing Franco yet.

Drew tells Jason that he was doing all the talking. Initially, Shiloh was interested in what happened in Afghanistan, but then he told Shiloh about the memory switch with his twin. He seemed caring and concerned, but also too anxious. He only relaxed when Drew told him he wasn’t getting the restoration procedure. Since he claims they were so close, why would he be disappointed? For all that buddy talk, Shiloh seemed relieved that he doesn’t remember anything.

Shiloh tells Sam that the sister loyalty is compelling. She asks if sisters aren’t supposed to be loyal, and he says, of course, but people often find them because other support systems failed. Sam says that makes her so sad, thinking her sister would go to DOD because of that. Shiloh says from what he’s seen, Sam and her mother are devoted to Kristina, Sam says, more than devoted. He says he thought they would be distant, but his take might be tainted because of the last time their lives intersected. She asks if he’s calling her out now, but he says, no. He’s calling himself out for having preconceived notions, thinking she was the same person. She says, who stole his father’s money? He knows as well as she does that people change. She’s not the same person as she was before. Shiloh has no idea who she was before, but he’s more and more captivated by this person.

Peter says, about Maxie’s caper with Sasha… She says, it’s not a caper; it’s a mission. She doesn’t want to jinx it by talking about it anymore. He says he’s going to see Lulu, and Maxie has an idea. She’ll stop by Lulu’s when she’s done, and give him an update. He says he’ll be waiting with bated breath, and she says, as well he should.

Carly tells Kim it’s not urgent; they can reschedule. Kim says they can do that, but it’s not fair that she knows when they don’t. According to the bloodwork, congratulations. Carly is officially pregnant.

Margaux tells Maxie that she’s not required to be at the arraignment, but Lulu says she wants Franco to see her standing on her own two feet, and she wants the judge to look at her before sending that psycho to jail. Her mom will be with her. Margaux says, the mayor, even better. She says today is all about his plea, and if bail will be given. He still insists he didn’t do it. She tells Lulu, when he pleads not-guilty, don’t react, dispute with him, or interact with the judge. She’ll get her chance to talk when they go to trial. She asks if there are any questions, but Lulu says she’s covered everything. Curtis has a question. How is Franco?

Lulu asks how Curtis can ask that about the man who tried to kill her? She hopes he’s miserable, preparing for a lifetime in prison. He says they have an eyewitness, and a mountain of evidence, but Franco still maintains he’s not guilty. He wonders if Franco’s had a complete break with reality. Why throw away everything he’s struggled to build? To kill three people, and attack Lulu with no provocation? Margaux doesn’t care why; just that he did, and she can prove it.

Kristina tells Michael, it’s liberating, letting preconceived notions go, and letting her guard down, being aware in the present moment. She knows it sounds cliché, but Michael says, cliché or not, it’s working for her. She thanks him for not having to defend her choice. Sometimes her family makes her feel like she should keep looking over her shoulder. Michael says he’s also gullible, but she says, only in his personal life, not with business. That’s why she’s come to him for help.

Stella sees Marcus at Kelly’s, and asks him if the seat next to him is taken. She never knows if he’ll be glad to see her or rue the day they met. He says she’s the exact person he needs to be around. She asks, what’s wrong? and he says he’s feeling sorry for himself; the Valentine’s Day blues. She gathers it was different this year. He says he and Yvonne both loved Valentine’s Day. He would get her the biggest box of candy; not even the good kind, just the biggest heart he could find. This year, he got to watch her mooning over another man’s gifts. In his mind, he didn’t take it personally, but in his heart, he had rage. Not at them, but at Alzheimer’s.

Maxie tells Sasha sorry she’s late. She loves the color Sasha chose, and tells her, it looks best on short, square nails. Sasha was just planning on having them filed, but Maxie says, there’s nothing worse than the right color on the wrong execution. Sasha says, okay; trim her nails.

Drew asks if Jason dug up anything else. Jason says Shiloh founded a house in Beechers Corners with a woman named Harmony, whose real name is Lorraine. She was his right hand until he came to Port Charles, and she stayed in Beechers Corners. It seemed like she’s hung up on him, and was upset he moved on without her. Or maybe it’s because he’s interested in Sam, the woman who fleeced his father. Spinelli is doing some digging. Drew tells Jason, if he finds out anything, let him know, and jets.

Sam says she wants to be better, but she wants to see Shiloh; who he is. He says, someone who doesn’t pose a threat to her little sister. She understands why Kristina is there, but wants to find out more about him than the DOD guy. She’s the one who’s compelled now. He suggests they take a trip, and she asks, where? Hawaii? He wants her to take a drive with him. There’s something she needs to see in order to understand. She asks if she can’t have a hint, but he says, nope. He tells her to follow her instincts, and he hopes she makes the right decision.

Curtis admires how Lulu survived, and how she’s determined to move forward to see justice done. But he knows the criminal prosecution system, and at some point, they’ll want to know how she got away. She says she has no idea. He thought hypnosis brought back the entire event. She doesn’t know how it works, but apparently, she got so upset, Doc brought her out of it before she could remember the rest. Curtis asks if she thinks someday she’ll want to know the rest of it. She was thinking about that, and thinks when Franco is put away and she’s sleeping through the night, she’ll ask Doc to put her back under. She thinks it will help her recover. Curtis says she’s very brave. The doorbell rings. Curtis goes to answer it, and Lulu says she’s sure it’s fine. He says, that depends on who you ask. It’s Peter with flowers. He wanted to see Lulu at the hospital, but it was only immediate family – or Maxie. Curtis says he’s taking off, and Lulu thanks him. Peter asks if she’s okay, and she says, all things considered. She’s not 100%, but she’s standing there, and has an incredible story to tell.

Sasha tells Maxie, it seems hypocritical. If not for Valentin, she wouldn’t be in Nina’s life. When she first met him, he admitted his greatest regret was losing Nina. He made it sound like the most romantic thing ever. Maxie is sure it is – to him. She asks for a tissue, and surreptitiously takes the nail clippings out of the trashcan. She says, Nina is too honest and trusting, and expects others to be the same way. Sasha says, in all fairness, Valentin admits to everything Nina called him out on; his crimes and mistakes. Maxie says, that she knows of. If the he was as good at changing as he is at apologizing. Every time he turns over a new leaf, there’s another dirty secret under it.

Kim tells Carly and Sonny that they were spot on about the conception date. The sonogram confirms it. She’s six weeks along. They look at the sono, and Carly says, their baby.

Sasha tells Maxie that she did her best to discourage Nina from accepting Valentin’s proposal. She brought up Nina’s doubts, their history, and his history. Maxie wonders how it backfired, and Sasha says Nina told her, hearing Sasha saying it out loud, made her realize the past is past, and her future is with Valentin. She appreciated Sasha for putting it in perspective. Maxie says she hates perspective, and Sasha says, perspective is the worst. Who knew Nina would run back to him? Maxie says, classic Nina. Sasha has never met anyone like Nina, and she means that in the best way. Maxie says Nathan was a lot like Nina. They were total opposites in some ways. Nina is impulsive; Nathan liked to plan. Nina leads with her emotions; Nathan was rational, most of the time, but had her big heart and stubborn streak. Sasha says, it sounds like they made quite a pair. Maxie says, now that Nathan is gone, it’s even more important that the people who love her, protect her against people who want to use her big heart against her.

Kristina tells Michael, for the past few years, she’s been frustrated and confused, playing the role of the family screw-up. It’s a role she created for herself, being a disappointment. Michael says she’s never been a disappointment, and she says he’s taken the role as protector. She loves him for that, but hopes can he can invest in her future. She has a business proposal. She has no access to her trust fund until she’s thirty, and would like to borrow some money.

Marcus tells Stella that his Valentine gesture would be lost on Yvonne, but he couldn’t resist buying candy. Instead of a big box, he sent small boxes to the home, enough for everybody. Stella says it was a healing gesture. He’s keeping the tradition alive in a healthy way, and honoring what they had. He says, she’s right. It made him feel better; a little bit anyway. Stella says, a little better is still better. He likes the way she looks at the world. She says she’s not always rainbows sunshine, and he says, doesn’t he know it. Curtis comes in, and Marcus says his aunt is a ray of sunshine today. He asks, isn’t she always? Stella says they all know the answer. Marcus wants to give Curtis a long overdue thank you. If they hadn’t talked, he would have missed the opportunity to close a chapter in their history. He’s lucky to have her as a friend.

Peter hands Lulu a laptop, saying, more practical than flowers. The police impounded her laptop, but he persuaded them to copy the hard drive onto the new one. She says she felt like her right arm was missing. She’s getting back to work. He says, no work until she’s 100%, but she tells him, stop thinking like a friend, and think like a publisher. She has a great personal story for the front page. He says he’s not profiting from her attack. Murphy can do the report. Lulu says the events surrounding the crime are her personal story, only told through her eyes, in her voice. If he doesn’t want to publish it, there plenty of others who will.

Kim comes back to see Sonny and Carly with some follow-up. She says there are a lot of factors, and Carly says, like her age? Kim says there are many women older than she is who have babies, but yes. Couple with her previous history, her pregnancy is high risk. Sonny asks what the odds are of her having a stroke. Kim says, right now, relatively low, but that could change without warning. She tells Carly to be careful to check her blood pressure, manage stress, eat right, manage stress, get enough rest, manage… Carly gets it. Sonny says he’ll make sure she takes it easy. Kim says, if anything fells off, call. She’ll schedule another sonogram in a few weeks. She congratulates them again. When she’s gone, Sonny and Carly look at each other. In the hallway, Kim looks pensive.

Maxie arrives at Lulu’s, and Lulu wants her to tell Peter how difficult it is to change her mind. Maxie asks if he doesn’t know that already. Lulu says she wants to write a firsthand account of the attack. Peter is concerned that remembering will take it’s toll on her healing. Maxie tells him, throw in the towel. He’s already lost. Lulu leaves to charge her new laptop. Peter asks if Maxie thinks Lulu putting down her story for posterity is a good idea. Maxie thinks if it’s too much, Lulu will stop. If not, he has an amazing story. He asks how it went, and Maxie says she got an amazing (WOTD) manicure, and a bonus. A DNA sample from Sasha.

Kristina asks Michael to lend her $1500, and she’ll make payments with interest. If all goes according to plan, she plans to pay him back in a matter of months. He appreciates her well thought out proposal, but she can go to her dad and ask for money for school. She says her dad will give her a gift or a handout; it’s the last thing she wants. He says it’s free money, but she says, it’s at a cost. She’ll have feelings of guilt and failure. She needs to pay her own way.

Marcus has to go. Curtis tells Stella, it’s nice seeing her have a friend. She says, friends are good to have.

Kim looks at old pictures of Oscar on her phone. Drew joins her, and she says, long time, no see; it’s been forty-right hours. It’s nice to have a little respite from worrying about Oscar. Not that she’s not worried, but she got to give people good news today. She says she’s been meaning to show him this, and he looks at a picture of Oscar at about four years ole. He says, that face. It must be a real picture of the actor, because yeah, that face. Kim says, even then, Oscar was so much like him. She asks if he ever wonders… Never mind. Drew says, what?

Shiloh sees Margaux at the bar. He says he sees she signed up for more seminars. She says they’re resonating with her, and he’s glad they’re helping. She says the timing wasn’t a moment too soon. He tells her that people find Dawn of Day when they need to, and she says, however it works, she was lucky. He asks what led her there, and she says she was desperate to achieve a certain outcome, and betrayed a friend in the process. He asks, how so? She says it’s so out there, she doesn’t think he’ll believe her. He says, try him. She says, basically, she was in possession of information that was the key to her friend’s past that he couldn’t remember. She valued her end game more than his trust, and tried to use the information as leverage to get him to do something he didn’t want to.

Jason gets a text from Spinelli, but we can’t see what it says. Sam comes along, and asks what he’s doing there. He says, getting some air. Her? She says she lost something, and he says he’ll help her look. They walk over to a more private spot and kiss. He asks what Shiloh wanted, and she says to chat her up. He wants her to go away with him. Jason says, that would be a bad idea.

Michael tells Kristina, something he learned from his bereavement group is that you’re responsible for your own healing. He’ll lend her the money, and let her pay him back with interest. She thanks him. He has one condition. They need to have lunch together more often. She says, deal.

Sasha comes into Kelly’s, and Curtis says nice to see her. She says he sounds surprised. He is, a little. When they first met, she was opposed to the idea of any mother but the one who raised her, but here she is. She says he’s not half as surprised as she is. She promised herself meeting Nina would be a drive-by, but Nina dares you not to care, and then you can’t stop. He’s glad she feels that way. He’s the one who tracked her down, and has a personal stake in it. He’d hate to be the one who put Nina in a position to be hurt. She says, no one wants that. He says, when Valentin hired him, he was skeptical. It was too perfect. Valentin came up with the one way to guarantee that Nina would forgive him. He was on guard in case it was a set-up, but everything seems legit. Not just the DNA, but her connection with Nina. He hopes she’s as genuine as she seems.

Maxie tells Peter it shouldn’t be a problem to get a sample from Nina. They can find out if she and Sasha are really mother and daughter, or if it’s a plot by Valentin. Peter says Valentin is a formidable guy, but he’s never gone up against anyone like her. Lulu comes back, and says the temperature has gone up since she left the room. Enough about her. She wants to talk about them.

Kim asks if Drew wonders what it would have been like if they’d raised Oscar together. He says it’s crossed his mind. She wonders if it would have been a disaster, with him stationed all over. She’d still have had to raise him by herself. He doesn’t know. She knew him then, and knows him now. What does she think? She asks if he wants wishful thinking or honest, and he says, honest. She thinks he would have been a wonderful father to their son. He asks if that isn’t wishful thinking, and she says it’s both.

Carly asks what Sonny is thinking. She knows it’s a lot to take in. He says it’s not like they didn’t think or talk about it, but she says, hearing it from a doctor… Sonny says, it brings it home. What does she want to do? She says they have so many people who love them, and who they love. She believes the baby is a blessing. He takes her hand, and they hug.

Margaux tells Shiloh that she betrayed her friend. He says, betray is a strong word, but she says he trusted her, and she tried to take advantage of that. She tried, and failed. She had the key to his past it the palm of her hand, and he refused the deal. Shiloh asks what she means by in the palm of her hand, and she says it was a flash drive; a file with everything. Shiloh says, business records? but she says, mostly personal memories. His whole life. Shiloh asks, what happened to it? and she says her conscience got the better of her, and she gave it back. She’s hoping one day he’ll look. She doesn’t know. It’s up to him.

Jason tells Sam it’s too dangerous, but she insists there’s no way Shiloh will hurt her. I’m wondering how him saying go for a drive turned into some big trip. He says Spinelli got more information; he’s not sure. She says she’s going on the trip. He tells her, slow down and make a plan. She says they have one, and tells him that she’ll get all the information she can. He says that doesn’t mean she needs to go on a trip, but she says she knows what she’s doing. The guy likes to talk. She’ll get the information they need, so they don’t have to pretend. They can be together. He holds her, and kisses the top of her head.

Tomorrow, Cameron says it’s life or death important, Peter tells Maxie that they’re going to find out if Sasha is Nina’s daughter, and Ava is barely hanging on.

The Haves and The Have Nots

Stay away from Jeffrey, got him? Justin lies on the floor, bleeding.

Jeffrey asks if David is sure, and he says he is. He’s tired of being laid up. He wants his car keys. Jeffrey asks, what about mom? Every time he gets in his own car, he worries. David says Veronica knows the FBI is watching her every move. Jeffrey asks where David is going, and he says, just out. Jeffrey’s phone rings, and David asks, is that him? Jeffrey says, who? David says Jeffrey knows who he’s talking about. It rings again, and David tells him, answer it.

Justin says he’s hurt, and Jeffrey asks, what happened? Justin tells him not to act like he doesn’t know. He sent them there. Jeffrey says he didn’t send anyone anyplace. Justin asks, who did? David takes the phone, and says he sent them. Justin asks who it is, and he says, Jeffrey’s father, Judge Harrington. Justin calls him a SOB, and David says he’s already not abiding by the rules. He tells Justin not to contact his son again, Justin says, okay, and David gives the phone back. He tells Jeffrey to let him know if Justin contacts him.

Outside, David says he’s fine. Jeffrey says he’ll start it up, but David isn’t going to let him do that. He knows what Jeffrey is trying to do, but his mother knows she’s being watched. Jeffrey wants to be sure, but David says he doesn’t have to be; he’s fine. He tells Jeffrey go inside, and don’t worry about that boy. He won’t bother Jeffrey again. Jeffrey thinks David wants him to go in so he doesn’t get hurt. David tells him to touch the car. He does, and an alarm goes off. David says he had one installed on both of their cars. If it’s touched, even with a finger, the alarm goes off and he gets a text. Jeffrey goes back in, and David gets in his car. BOOM! Just kidding. He drives away.

Jeffrey makes a call. I’m starting to think he’s an idiot. Justin’s phone rings, and Jeffrey asks if he’s okay. He tells Justin that he’s sorry, and Justin asks, why did he let them do this? Jeffrey says he didn’t; he’s sorry. Justin thinks he’s losing a lot of blood, and needs Jeffrey to come help. Jeffrey says, call an ambulance, but Justin says if Jeffrey doesn’t help, he wants to die. He says Jeffrey doesn’t know how much he loves him. He did this for him. He’s never loved anyone like him before. Jeffrey makes him crazy, and his dad sends guys to beat his ass. What hell is that? Jeffrey apologizes again, and Justin says, then come help him. Jeffrey says he can’t. He’s taking care of his dad. Just call an ambulance. Justin hangs up. Jeffrey calls 911, but doesn’t know the address. He asks them to hold on, and scrolls through his texts

Kathryn is all happy with her threesome dudes. She says she loved it. Rocky says he did too. Roderick gets up to use the bathroom, and she tells him, hurry back. In the bathroom, he makes a call. I don’t want to know where he was hiding the phone.

Candace’s phone rings. She gets a picture of Kathryn in bed with them. She tells Roderick, good boy. Get her more. She’s sorry he has to sleep with that beast. He says she knows he’s a freak, and she says, do you. He has to get back. Candace doesn’t trust Rocky, but Roderick says he’s got this. She asks if the man is still there. He says yes, and a whole bunch of secret service are there. Roderick goes back in.

Kathryn is dressed, and asks him to zip her up. She has to go home. Roderick says, no, and she tells him that he lies so well; she’s beginning to like it. He says maybe someday she’ll believe he’s into her. She believes he’s into her money. He says he’ll miss her, and she tells him, keep it up. Maybe one day he’ll convince her. She leaves, and Rocky smacks Roderick with a pillow. Roderick says, it’s fine, but Rocky says, it’s not. She reminds him of his mother. Roderick says he’ll come out on top, and Rocky says, he’s sick. He jets, and Roderick says he likes her.

Hanna goes in where Candace sitting. Hanna asks what she’s doing there, and Candace says, trying to see Jim. Hanna says, that woman’s husband? Candace says Kathryn doesn’t care; why does she? Kathryn is in a hotel room right now with two men. Hanna says she doesn’t know that, and Candace says she’ll text a picture to Hanna. Hanna tells her not to send filth to her phone. Candace says those guys work for her. Kathryn has no idea how hard she’s being played. Hanna says Candace won’t stop, and Candace says, can’t stop, won’t stop. Hanna calls her crazy, and she says she gets it from her mom – or dad. She wishes she knew who he was. She prefers Hanna doesn’t talk to her, and Hanna is good with that. Candace can’t believe Hanna used to work there, cleaning up after these people. Hanna says, it’s better than selling her ass. Candace says she made more in one night than Hanna probably made in a year. Hanna asks if the President is Candace’s next victim. Is she blackmailing him? Candace says she has a bunch of secrets, and Hanan says she won’t be satisfied until she’s dead. Candace says, it will be a welcome relief. Hanna says none of it means anything, and Candace says, no. Nothing.  Hanna tries to show Candace a video of her son, and she tells Hanna to stop. Hanna doesn’t understand why it’s getting to her. She thinks Candace is realizing it could be her fault. Candace says, turn it off or she’ll do it. Hanna would love to see that happen. Candace puts in ear buds. Hanna sits on the arm of the couch, playing the video, and Candace bops her head to music.

George tells Wyatt that he’ll get out as soon as he talks to the grand jury. Just tell them what happened, and he’s free to go, but he has to tell the truth. Wyatt says, okay, but he wants a fix first. George says he can find one after he leaves, and Wyatt says then he’s not doing a damn thing. George says, Sara is on the stand right now. He needs Wyatt. Wyatt doesn’t care. Not until he gets what he’s asking for. George threatens to release Wyatt to his father. Wyatt says it’s the devil he knows. George says, it’s a devil far worse than he knows. He tells one of the staff to get the doctor. Give Wyatt something; fix him. She says, it’s risky, but George says, just get it done.

Jeffrey calls 911 to find out if the ambulance was dispatched. The operator says Justin called himself. Jeffrey asks if he was picked up, but she says, it was dispatched. He asks if she knows where Justin was taken, but she can’t give him that information. Jeffrey has to call him.

Madison arrives at work. The nurse in reception chides him for getting preferential treatment. Madison says it’s a very powerful family, and his co-worker says, the mother is crazy. Madison doesn’t know anything about that, and the nurse says, speaking of crazy, there’s a loony one in three. Madison asks him not to do that to him. He says the administration might give him special treatment, but he doesn’t have to. Madison goes into the room, and sees Justin. Justin says see what Jeffrey did to him? Madison thinks he’s special. Madison says Justin isn’t threatening him. Justin says he’s not, but this is what’s going to happen. Jeffrey doesn’t care about anybody but himself. Madison starts to leave, and Justin says, don’t love him. Jeffrey will turn on Madison. Trust him.

The nurse asks Madison what happened, and Madison says he can’t help him. It’s the guy who attacked him in the parking garage. The nurse says Madison told security he didn’t remember, but Madison says he knows it’s him; there’s surveillance of him. The nurse says he was seen in the vicinity, but the camera near Madison’s car wasn’t working. Madison says, he made it that way. The nurse suggests he tell the police, and Madison says, he is the police. He knows it’s him.

Jeffrey walks in, and says he was told Justin was there. Madison can’t believe Jeffrey is there to see him, and takes him to Justin’s room. He thinks he and Jeffrey trying to get to know each other is a mistake. He doesn’t think Jeffrey should call again. Jeffrey says, done. Justin says he didn’t think Jeffrey would come. Jeffrey is glad Justin went to the hospital. Justin says the neighbors called, but Jeffrey says, funny. 911 said he called. Justin insists he didn’t. Jeffrey asks how he is, and Justin says, missing him. Jeffrey tells him, don’t start. He has to get control of himself. He can’t keep doing this. Justin says, he knows. He just loves Jeffrey so much. Jeffrey says, it’s not love; it’s infatuation. There’s someone he wants Justin to talk to; Dr. Chambers. He’s an amazing psychologist, and can help. The only person Justin wants to help is Jeffrey, but Jeffrey says he can’t. Justin says they did this to him because he loves Jeffrey. Jeffrey says they did it because Justin threatened him. Justin says Jeffrey’s dad did this, and asks if he deserved it. Jeffrey says, maybe. For the record, Jeffrey is sorry it happened, but Justin needs to know if do this again, what comes back will be even worse. He has to go. Justin begs him not to. He asks if he’ll see Jeffrey again, and Jeffrey says he’s sure Justin will. Justin ask if Jeffrey will come see the place. Jeffrey says he’ll have to be careful, but yes, if it makes Justin happy. Justin says he loves Jeffrey, and Jeffrey says he love Justin too. Once again confusing the hell out of me. Just asks for a kiss, but Jeffrey says, no.

Jeffrey tells Madison, sorry, but Madison says, don’t be. Jeffrey says Madison wouldn’t understand, and Madison says, nope; he wouldn’t. Jeffrey says he has to respect it. Madison says, sorry to disappoint him, but unfortunately the bruises on the back of his head won’t let him. Jeffrey says he’ll see Madison at his dad’s. Madison says he’s trying to get a replacement.

Benny sits with Mitch in Mitch’s car, looking at pictures on a phone. Mitch told him it burned down. Benny asks where the Cryers live now. He doesn’t know, and Benny makes a call to Hanna, but gets voicemail. Mitch says, try Candace; she knows everything, but he get voicemail there too. Mitch says, she’s probably with the President. Benny asks what he’s talking about, and Mitch says, she was with Charles Frederickson, the President, when he was at the hospital. It was like a circus, secret service and everything. He says, Candace one-upped herself. What’s even crazier is, he likes her. Mitch heard him telling their mom how fond he is of her. Benny’s sister is going mess around and get First Lady now. Benny says he’s tripping, but Mitch says, anything goes in that place. Benny still gets voicemail, and Mitch suggests Veronica. He says he’s not calling that chick. Benny tells Mitch to call his family, and Mitch says he’ll probably get hell for this.

The FBI watches Veronica’s house. She pulls in, and marches over to the van, waving as she walks. She knocks on the window, and tells them, if they’re going to do surveillance, they may as well come in. They politely tell her, no thank you, ma’am, and she says they’re not fooling anyone in the van. She tells them, do what they must. She sees David pull into her driveway, and says, now that’s who they need be watching. David gets out of his car, and she goes back.

David sees they have their eyes on Veronica, and asks if he can come in. She asks how his back is, and he says, not good. She says she’s sorry, and they go inside. She says it looks like he’s getting around fine. He says, pain killers; she should know about that very well. She says, unfortunately, she does. She tells him, have a seat, but he’d rather stand. He asks if Alice is there. Veronica says she’s being sued for a hostile work environment. He’s sure it’s a lie. He wants to talk. She asks him if he recognizes the rug. The slight red blood stain where he slapped her to the floor. He doesn’t see any stains, but she says they’re there. She purposely didn’t clean them. She wanted to remember the moment he was dead to her. He says they both have those days. His was the day she sent Erica to him. She says she didn’t do that, but he says, she did. She ask if he’s there to kill her as he threatened to. He says, no. He’s there because he’d like to take her to dinner. We all go, wha-a-at? along with Veronica. He realized he’d gone way too far, and he’s there to apologize. She doesn’t trust him. What’s he up to? He says he realized how much he loves her. He was wrong to try to replace her. She tells him, get out. He says he’s serious, but she means it; get out. He says, okay, but he loves and misses her, and he was very wrong. He hopes she can forgive him. She repeats, get out, and he leaves. She sits down, visibly shaken.

Jim asks Diane where they are, and she says, the living room. He says, well, well, well. What a surprise. What do they want? Candace tells him, let Hanna go first. He asks what’s on her mind. She says if anything else happens to her son, she’ll finish him. Jim scoffs at the idea, and Candace says Hanna might not be able to do anything, but she can. He says, what? Show pictures of old Jim naked around town again? He doesn’t give a sh*t. He went after her brother because she’s the bitch whore who took his $8 million. She says he’s the bitch, and he’s not getting it back. He says, get the money today, or there will be three more stabbings. Hanna wishes he’d send someone. He asks if she thinks she scares him. What’s she going to scare him with? He says, she doesn’t scare him at all, calling her bitch. She says she’s not a bitch, and takes her earrings off. We all know what that means. Jim apparently doesn’t. He says she’s a bitch, and Candace is a trifling bitch. They’re both bitches. Hanna says she told him to watch what he says to her, and suddenly, they’re both on him, beating the crap out of him. I cheer.

Next time, Hanna says she’ll kill Jim, Kathryn is ready to cut them off, Mitch visits Jim with Benny, and David wants to get back together with Veronica.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kyle visit LVP. She asks why LVP has no guard dog, and LVP says she has the swans. That’s a really good point. Swans are beautiful, but can be mean. They get in Lisa’s car. In her interview, Kyle says she loves LVP. She’s been going through a hard time, but they laugh anywhere they go. This time, they’re going for some kind of facial procedures, and discuss it on the way

Kyle says they’ll be looking like different people when they come out. In Kyle’s interview, she says they live in a town where nobody ages. They have to do the latest and greatest treatments. We see a clip of Kyle and LVP talking with Paul Nassif (Botched). The doctor comes out. LVP says she wants to rejuvenate her neck. He asks if she wants laughing gas, and she says, oh yes. Kyle asks if he has some to go. LVP inhales it, and Kyle takes a video of her getting loopy. She says, it’s like drinking a bottle wine without a hangover. She tells Kyle, have one, holding out the tube. It will make her stress go away. LVP realizes Kyle is filming her, and says, it’s not funny, but does she look beautiful? In her interview, LVP says she and Kyle love to have a laugh. After everything she’s been dealing with, a brief respite is something important. The doctor says she has a brand new neck. He asks Kyle what she’s doing. She can’t decide, but thinks something with her eyes.

Erika is meeting LisaR and Dorit at a restaurant, and orders an Arnold Palmer while she’s waiting. When they get there, she orders a bottled beer. Dorit and LisaR reminisce about the kegs of their high school and college days. Dorit tells LisaR about the robbery. Kyle thinks they should get a Doberman or Rottweiler. Erika suggests a German Shepherd. In Dorit’s interview, she says with everything that happened after the Lucy situation, she thinks it’s safe to say they’re family is putting getting a dog on the back burner. She says she can’t bring herself to talk about it, and could use a getaway; a girls’ trip. They talk about Tahoe, and Erika thinks they have a house there. Thinks. They have several houses, including one near Kyle, but she’s never been to that one. We see a clip of her telling Tom about the pool tiles she picked out falling apart. She’s good worrying about one place. She’ll get to the others someday.

Dorit says her sister went to a new place in the Bahamas, Bahamar, and said it was exquisite. In her interview, Dorit thinks a trip would be a great way to connect, and a safe space for them to duke out their issues, and find a way forward. Dorit says she’ll draw a map, and they’ll make a plan.

We meet Denise’s boyfriend, Aaron. Daughter Sami tells Denise she failed her English test; Denise asks if she needs a tutor, and Sami thinks that might be a good idea. In her interview, Denise says she was being provocative in the past, and the effect on future kids wasn’t something she thought of back then. Now she has two daughters, Sami and Lola, whose father is Charlie Sheen. Since she and Charlie are both nuts, they have a shot at being normal. She adopted Eloise when she was born as a single mom. There was a rumor that she was Charlie’s child with a hooker, but that’s false. She laughs. They recently moved to Malibu, and Aaron moved in with them. It’s four bedrooms; simple, beachy, clean, Zen. She thinks it’s a fresh start for all of them. She and Aaron have been together over a year, and she feels like he’s her soulmate. He does frequency work, balancing the body, and she met him when she started going to his clinic. She tells us she’d have to video what he does for people to understand, but it’s fascinating and crazy. With her ex Charlie, if she hung the toilet paper wrong, it was like she burned the house down. She’s grateful for this relationship. She asks Sami about homecoming, and Sami say she hasn’t been asked yet. She tells Sami that she can’t date until she’s sixteen anyway. In Denise’s interview, she says her parents were strict, and she couldn’t date until she was sixteen. I actually don’t think that’s too unreasonable, although I was slightly younger. She wonders if she’s doing her kids a disservice because of her own wild ways. Sami says she wants a boyfriend, now that Denise said she can’t have one Sami calls Charlie, and asks if she’s allowed go with a guy to homecoming. He says he trusts her judgement that he’s the right person to go with. Denise says, whatever. She’s not mad, but she disagrees.

PK and Dorit have wine. He says he had an aggravating week. He’s been on tour for four weeks. He thinks they’ve both had trying, long weeks. Dorit says she had dinner with Erika and LisaR. She thought it would be nice to go on another trip. It will bring them together. He says she’s not asking Teddi, but she says she was thinking of it. With everything that happened, she wants to give it a chance. In her interview, she says they took a baby step at Kyle’s party. She’s hoping Teddi doesn’t interfere in her business, and not make a mountain out of a molehill about the dog situation. They had some differences – we see a clip of the argument over Dorit being late – but they’re trivial, and Dorit wants to put it behind them. PK thinks it’s super cool of her. She says they’ll go there, clean the slate, and move forward. In Dorit’s interview, she hopes that LVP knows she had the best intention with Lucy, and wants to move forward. She tells PK, wish her luck. He says she doesn’t need it. The ladies are the lucky ones.

LisaR and Teddi walk in the hills. Teddi is getting ready for a half-marathon. They see a huge rattlesnake, and LisaR says better here than at her house. Harry doesn’t like to kill them. We see a clip of him showing the kids a baby rattler in a jar. LisaR asks, whose husband does that? I’d probably be the same way. I relocate spiders. Teddi says her work stuff is good. The business has grown, and now she has a different lifestyle. LisaR asks about her taking an acting job. Teddi says she almost turned it down. She doesn’t know if she’s a decent actor. In her interview, we see a clip, and she says he doesn’t think it’s going to lead to an illustrious acting career. She did it to have fun, and just see if she could do it. She tells LisaR that she had big dreams when she first moved there, but put on weight. She was sent out for pilot season, and got a call from her manager that she needed to lose weight or no one would hire her. She didn’t realize it was contingent on her losing weight. She said she was never doing it again, and took a negative turn, developing a problem. Food was her best friend. In her interview, LisaR says they all have issues with their bodies. In the business, you have to look a certain way. Teddi says, it went on for years. It didn’t define her, but it did define what she does. The second you’re not practicing what you preach, you’re a complete fraud. LisaR gets it. Teddi says posting her workouts every day keeps her humble.

Kyle goes to Mauricio’s office. He says everyone is out working; Vera is at an open house. Kyle thinks she might go; she loves looking at them. Mauricio says there are some great properties on the market. Kyle thinks her eye is blinking too slow, and he laughs. She tells him, it’s not funny. In her interview, she says she’s a hypochondriac. There. She said it. As a mom, she doesn’t feel complete without her husband and kids being together. That’s when she’s 100% Kyle. Each one that leaves is difficult, and now Sofia is going to college. We see a clip of everyone at the dinner table, and Mauricio asking what they should do before she leaves. Sofia suggests they have a party every Friday until she goes. Mauricio likes it. Kyle sys her dream was to be a mom and have kids. The last one will be hard. Mauricio says he had to sleep in an awkward position to cuddle with Portia. I identify, since I do that for my dogs. He knows it’s not lasting long. Kyle gets weepy, and Mauricio says it’s not like it’s the first time. She still has two more babies. She says, life changes every time one of them leaves. Mauricio says they’ll also get married, and she’ll be a grandmother with amazing grandkids. She says she’s preparing herself by… she doesn’t know how to prepare. Since she has dogs, it’s easier. Dogs make everything easier. I said that, not Kyle.

LisaR gives the dogs cupcakes. Amelia brings in her new French bulldog puppy, who tries to nurse on he. She tells LisaR about seeing a mom and daughter who looked like they were suffering with an eating disorder, and it was hard to watch. In LisaR’s interview, she says when she first realized something was wrong, her immediate response was, you gotta eat. It scared the sh*t out of them, including Amelia. Amelia says, no matter how many deaths she heard about, all that mattered was her skinniness. She doesn’t want it to happen to other people. She could have died. In her interview, LisaR says, it’s a scary thing when your child is suffering. You feel helpless. Amelia says all of her friends think about calories. They see the bread basket, and it’s like, holy sh*t. LisaR says Amelia started watching food shows, and she thought it was weird for her to want to see people eat. Amelia hopes that people in the industry stop putting on a façade of perfection. In LisaR’s interview, she says she’s always been aware of her weight and what she look like, but that’s not who she is. She tells Amelia about Teddi’s struggle, the agent asking her to lose weight and her gaining two hundred pounds as a result. It triggered her in the opposite way. In her interview, LisaR says she sees the brutalities in the business, and she doesn’t want it to be the only thing her daughters focus on. She thinks she and Harry have shown them there’s more out there. Amelia says she gets so many comments on Instagram, asking how she got out of it. She’ll never be out of it. LisaR says when Amelia came out publicly, she was shocked and proud. She showed everyone something others would never do, a vulnerability that’s so fragile. LisaR is proud of her.

In the car, LVP tells Ken that he’s rear-ended too many people. He says it’s not his fault. She says if he rear-ended them, it’s his fault. She tells him that if you end up in bed with someone and rear-end them, it’s your fault. That LVP. She loves dirty talk, which is so much less dirty with a British accent.

Kyle tells Sofia that she feels guilty about going to the Bahamas. Sofia says she’s not leaving yet, and they’ll be together in DC when Kyle drops her off. Kyle begs her not to leave.

Ex pasty chef Chris Ford sets up shop at LisaR’s. In her interview, she says everyone is away, and there are only so many bikini shots she can put on Instagram to get attention. So she invited the ladies over, including Camille. She tells everyone that Kyle is at a tequila tasting, and won’t be there. Neither will LVP; there’s something wrong with Giggy. 😢

LVP meets Ken at Villa Blanca. Harrison! She says she’s emotionally depleted, and couldn’t put on a brave façade for LisaR’s party. She orders some food, and says TomTom is doing well. Ken says it’s been a lot of work, especially the last two weeks. She asks what he thinks about her going on the Bahamas trip. It’s terrible timing. Ken says, it’s a must. She should go anyway. She says she hasn’t been herself, and has been emotional, but she’s never been there. In her interview, she hopes it will give her a renewed vigor; a fresh outlook. She asks if he’s going to keep Giggy by his side at all times. Ken says Giggy isn’t well, but he’s a strong little bugger. We see a clip if Giggy at the vet. He’s going to need a pacemaker, and LVP asks about the chances of him not surviving. The doctor says less than 20%, and they’ve never lost a patient. LVP thinks it will be a bit of a challenge, but she can use some time away. Dealing with Dorit has been exasperating. The way she handled it, the dog ended up in a kill shelter, when she should have just given Lucy to them, but she loves Dorit anyway. She’s taking the plunge and having fun again. Ken toasts to the Bahamas. She tells Ken that he’s not going to have fun. He’s going to work.

Everyone arrives. There are various small dessert treats in bowls – macaroons, candies, and such – on the gigantic kitchen island. Chef Chris has the ladies write notes to their loved ones, and put their chosen ingredients inside a chocolate half-heart with the note on top. Then they melt the edge of the other half, and fuse them together with some kind of spray. They decorate them with what seems like metallic spray paint. In her interview, Denise says she wouldn’t refer to this as baking or pastry. There’s no dough. She doesn’t know how they’re calling it pastry class. Pastry or not, it’s cool. They go into the dining room for pastry eating class. There are all kinds of sweets on three-tiered dishes. Dorit is weird about the calories, asking if she can take it home. In her interview, Erika says she eats dessert every day. You’re not going to blow up, and if you do, you can work it off. Eat the effing cake.

Erika asks Denise how she met Aaron. Denise says after a few times of going to his center, they had sex in one of the rooms. They’ve been inseparable ever since. He’s still technically married, but they’ve been separated for two years. We find out that the future ex-wife is Nicole Sheridan, who Harry was married to for eleven months. In LisaR’s interview, she says, there’s intertwining stuff going on. LisaR explains that Nicole went to a Michael Bolton concert, and ran off with him. She thanks him to this day. They toast to Michael Bolton. LisaR says she wouldn’t have her beautiful children without them. In her interview, Teddi says she’s never had that urge when she sees Michael Bolton, and I literally LOL. Teddi talks about meeting Edwin, but I’m laughing too hard from her interview comment to hear what she says. We learn they do it twice a week, and it’s very scheduled. In her interview, Denise says she gets it on with Aaron every day. I’m not a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but I don’t recall ever talking much about sex to my friends other than, was it good? and maybe questions about something weird.

The ladies pack for the trip. Of course Erika has her assistants helping to put her outfits together. She says she’d better stop eating now. At almost 6 am, it’s time to leave. Kyle kisses one of the dogs goodbye, and closes the door way too loudly on her way out. They meet at the airport. Dorit wants their trip to be luxurious, glamorous, and fun. They’re flying in a private jet, and it’s a brand new resort. First class all the way. LisaR asks, who doesn’t want to fly in a private jet? Erika says not many people get that experience. One day, you’re in the Gulf Stream, and the next, you’re flying coach. It not about how you got there, but that you’re effing there.

I’m dying because I wish I could be on one of those jets. Even if it’s just for a half hour like on Vanderpump Rules. These girls have a lot more food on board – there’s an entire buffet. Dorit explains what she’s organized. They’re going to a private island for lunch, and massages will be available. All of the rooms are beautiful. She asks if LVP wants to stay in a suite with her, but LVP doesn’t want to share. I would think she might want a room to herself, in case she needs to be bummed for a moment. Erika says she’s available. LVP says Dorit has snoring and gas problems. LisaR says, she’s back. Cheers! Kyle says, it’s all fun and games, and then one jab goes too far.

Next time, omg this place they go to – it’s incredible – LVP wants to move on, Erika says she’ll defend herself to the bone, Teddi says she never told a soul, while LisaR looks like the cat who ate the canary. Hmm…

🔺 You Don’t Need To Have a Point, To Have a Point…

where I should be is sleeping, so I’ll let Harry lead me off.

February 7, 2019 – Evidence is Found, Half Phil Half Chef, Told You & More Blue


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Margaux runs into Sonny coming out of the elevator. He asks if she’s on her way to prosecute Franco. She says she’s not bound tell him anything about the investigation, but he says he already knows Franco was ID’d.

Alexis asks Scotty if he had a rough night. He says, wouldn’t she like to know, but she says, actually, no. He asks what he can do for her. She has an update on Gail’s will. His phone buzzes. It’s Elizabeth, who’s been calling all night. He says he’s having a problem with modern technology. She tells him Franco has been arrested.

Jordan comes into the interrogation room, and asks if she should call Franco Mr. Baldwin or Franco. He says call him a lawyer. She says she’s just there to apprise him about the situation. He’s going to be remanded to Pentonville; no bail. They’re compiling evidence, and searching the house and the art therapy room. He says, search away. He’s going to sue them for false imprisonment and harassment. And when he’s done suing them, he’s going to own Port Charles.

Elizabeth sees the police tossing the art therapy room, and asks, what’s going on? Chase says they have a warrant. She asks why they’re making a mess. They’ve ripped the patients’ artwork apart, after they invaded her house. She asks if they don’t respect anything or anyone. Griff comes by, and suggests she take a second outside with him.

Not-Doc talks to himself, saying, Franco had such talent. It’s logical that he’d revisit it. He did. Ava comes in, and asks if he knew. He says she’ll have to be more specific. She says he knew Lulu ID’d her attacker, and someone was arrested, but she hasn’t found out their name. He says it’s standard protocol, since no formal charges have been filed. She asks, what about the right of the victim? Someone should have told her. The sick bastard who killed her daughter was caught, and he knew. He says she knows how it works, and there are two other reasons for not revealing the name. To help facilitate the investigation, and to protect the suspect from someone seeking retribution. She says, like her? and he says, no. Like him.

Oscar, Drew, and Kim wait in Terry’s office. Terry arrives, and says she has Oscar’s latest test results. Drew tells her to give them some good news. She shows them pictures of the scans, and says the progression shows the scan at the onset, where there’s considerable growth into the brain tissue. Compared to the end result, the tumor is slightly larger. They took a third scan this morning, and there are no discernible differences. Oscar says, the tumor has stopped growing? Terry says they’ve gotten a mild reprieve.

At Charlie’s, Julian asks Josslyn what he can get for her. She says she’s meeting Oscar, but he has an appointment, so she isn’t sure when he’ll get there. Julian is surprised they’re not going to Kelly’s, but she says Oscar likes the food at Charlie’s. Julian regrets letting Josslyn mess with his head. He’s not letting a teenager rule his life again. She says Oscar’s parents can now focus on him, and Julian is free to be with someone more his type. He’s welcome.

Griff asks Elizabeth why the police are there. Elizabeth tells Chase that everything had better be put back before Franco sees it. Chase says he’s in custody, and they don’t anticipate his release anytime soon. Griff asks, what happened? and Elizabeth says, they think Franco attacked Lulu.

On the phone, Scotty asks for case histories on hypnotism. He also wants dossiers on Doc and Lulu. He tells Alexis he has to go. She asks where the fire is, and he says, the PCPD. He asks what the bottom line is. Did a cousin come out of the woodwork? Alexis says the delay is by design, and the details aren’t going to be revealed until April 1st. Does the date mean anything to him? Surprisingly, he doesn’t make a joke about April Fool’s Day, but says he’ll have to cancel his trip to the Bahamas. He thanks her for illuminating the situation. She leaves, and she opens her copy of Shiloh’s book, Every Day is a New Dawn.

Sonny tells Margaux it wouldn’t be the first time Franco nearly killed Lulu. Margaux is aware of the history. Before his brain tumor was removed, Franco created art installations based on the murders he committed. He was fixated on Jason, and terrorized everyone associated with him; Sam, Michael, Dante, and Lulu. Sonny says, then he used the brain tumor defense, and walked away free. He doesn’t want Franco getting away with it again.

Ava tells not-Doc it’s sweet of him to be her avenging angel, but it’s not his style. The retribution part doesn’t quite fit. He says she’s spent too long a time fighting for her place in the world alone. That’s over now. He’s by her side. She says he’s too good for her, and he tells her that’s the first time anyone has said that. She says surely Lucy or Laura would have said something, but he says, don’t bring up their names. They didn’t know him like she does, or inspire him like she does. She’s everything to him. If someone hurts her, they hurt him, and he will exact payment. He’d do anything for her. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Chase, who asks if has the file. Not-Doc asks if he has the warrant, and Chase gives it to him. Not-Doc wants to put it on the record that this goes against what he believes as a psychiatrist. Chase says, even if it prevents another murder? Ava asks if this is about Kiki’s killer, and if it’s one of not-Doc’s patients. Not-Doc tells Chase she’s going to find out soon enough, and tells Ava they believe Franco is the killer.

Elizabeth tells Griff that they took Aiden ice skating, and everything was fine until Jordan showed up. Lulu ID’d Franco as her attacker. Griff asks if Elizabeth thinks she’s lying, and Elizabeth says she thinks Lulu is confused. She believes Franco. She knows him, and knows didn’t attack anyone. They have a beautiful life. He would never throw that away. She has faith in him. Griff says he’s realized, faith isn’t something you just have; you choose it. If you don’t examine your beliefs, you’re just blind.

Scotty blows into the police station, and asks, where is he? Jordan says if he’s referring to Franco, he’s in the interrogation room. He asks, how bad is it? and she says, Lulu identified Franco as her attacker. Scotty says, sorry, but Lulu isn’t exactly a reliable source. Jordan says, Doc performed hypnotherapy, and Lulu was clear. If they get confirmation of her account, Franco is in a lot of trouble.

Ava says, Franco loved Kiki like she was his own. There’s no way he’d hurt her. Chase says he hasn’t been charged yet, but they know he’s connected. She asks what evidence they have, and what plans are there to file charges? Chase is sorry, and hopes her questions are answered soon. He leaves, and she asks not-Doc how long Franco has been suspected. He seemed at the ready with the file. He knew this was coming. He says, only since last night. He was there when Franco was arrested. She says it didn’t occur to him to tell her? He says, there was nothing definite. He thought they’d wake up to the news Franco was released. Apparently, Lulu’s statement was enough cause to hold him. The last Ava knew, Lulu couldn’t remember. He says, with help, she was able get past her memory block. Ava asks, what help? and not-Doc says, not what, whose. His.

Alexis watches Sonny talking to Margaux. Margaux says she doesn’t want the case tainted, and Sonny says it never crossed his mind. She tells him, don’t kid a kidder. She doesn’t need him ignoring or circumventing the law. He feels like she’s still after him or his family, but she says she doesn’t have it out for him. She has it out for lawbreakers. He’s just a humble coffee importer. She tells him, just keep roasting his beans, and keep his hands clean, and there will be no trouble. He wonders where he’s heard that before. She says he’s hearing it from her now. She decided to let it go and move on. She’s living in the present, and not ruled by her past – or his. She gets into the elevator, and Alexis and Sonny smile at each other.

Oscar says this means he can get going and meet Josslyn. They can finish up themselves. He wants to give her good news for a change. He dashes out, and Terry says it’s nice to see him in high spirits. Kim asks if she has anything else, and Terry says they’ll continue to monitor him. She tells them, keep in mind that, although the tumor didn’t grow, it didn’t shrink. Drew says, it’s not a miracle. Terry says, it’s a reprieve.  A temporary one. The prognosis remains same.

Sonny sits with Alexis. He notices she’s reading the book, and says Jason isn’t thrilled with Kristina’s new friends. She knows he doesn’t approve, and Sonny asks if she does. She says she’s not weighing in on her adult daughter’s choices – anymore. Sonny says she’s met Shiloh. Doesn’t she think he’s a little off? She says, the whole thing is weird. He says Kristina doesn’t think so. Alexis says she’d like Kristina to have a conventional life, but that’s what she wants, not Kristina. Neither of them have had conventional lives. She wonders what Sonny’s mother would think of his choices.

Terry says everything depends on how long this lasts, but eventually the disease will progress. The symptoms will become more pronounced, and his condition will deteriorate. His life will become more difficult. It’s in his, and their, best interest to have a plan, but there’s no need to get into it now. It’s a respite for them too. Take a breath, and treat themselves. Take Oscar on a trip. Enjoy each other’s company. Create memories they can keep forever. I like Terry, and hope she gets a real storyline someday.

Elizabeth doesn’t think Griff should be giving her advice on faith, having it or keeping it. He says he doesn’t want her to get hurt, but she says, too late. The man she loves has been wrongfully accused and locked up. When you love someone, you leave yourself wide open for heartache. Hasn’t he learned that? She asks Chase, how much longer? and he says they’re almost finished. He asks if an officer found something useful, and the officer tells him, have a look. Chase says, damn. Bag it. The commissioner will want to see it asap.

Margaux arrives at the station, and asks Jordan what’s the status on the suspect. She says he’s on hold, and conferring with counsel. Scotty just got there.

Scotty asks Franco how it’s going, and what did he tell them? Franco says he didn’t do it, and asks how Elizabeth is. Scotty says, she’s okay. They did a search of the house. Franco assumes the boys were home, and says, damn (WOTD). Aiden has been having a hard time, and Jake is just getting over his PTSD. It can’t be easy to see the cops going through their stuff. Scotty tells him, don’t worry. He’ll straighten it out when he gets out. Franco says, if Scotty gets him released.

Jordan tells Margaux, Lulu’s statement is compelling, but there’s not much physical evidence. Franco’s alibi is thin, but there’s no DNA evidence. It makes the case harder to build. Margaux reads through the file, and likes how the case is going, but Jordan says, it’s not a slam dunk. She gets a text message, and says, the case is getting stronger by the minute.

Not-Doc tells Ava that he’s licensed to practice hypnotherapy, and he’s good at it. He was tasked to help Lulu regain her memory, and he did. She says it couldn’t have been Franco, but he says Lulu was more than certain; she was viscerally terrified. Ava asks if it’s possible she saw someone who resembled Franco, or is mixing two memories. Not-Doc says, she clearly recalled Franco showing up at her office with a knife. In all likelihood, he’s responsible for the other murders. She says, something doesn’t feel right. He says she was so determined to find justice. Why isn’t she relieved? She says she witnessed Franco’s transformation first hand. The man he is now isn’t capable of harming someone he loved as much as Kiki. Not-Doc tells her, don’t try unraveling a serial killer’s mind. It will make you crazy. He tried with his brother. Ava says he was treating Franco. If Franco was unraveling, he would have noticed. Or did he?

Alexis tells Sonny that she’s not blind to the drawbacks, but Kristina is happier. She came back from Oregon with a broken spirit, and full of self-doubt. Now she’s happier. She’s working, maintaining herself, and they’re getting along. Sonny asks if she thinks it has to do with Shiloh, but she says it doesn’t matter who influenced her. She tells Sonny that she went to one of the seminars. He asks if it changed her life, and she says, oh yeah; she’s meditating now. She says it wasn’t horrible, and she had a moment. Sonny asks what the seminar was about, and she says, maintaining relationships while keeping your independence. He asks if her moment had anything to do with Julian.

Julian brings Josslyn the oatmeal she ordered, and she says she asked for strawberries. She asks why he’s being rude, but he says he’s keeping a healthy distance. Isn’t that what she wanted? She tells him what she said about Oscar and his family is the truth. Just because he doesn’t want to hear it, doesn’t mean it will go away. He says she sounds like her mother; a champion meddler. Carly needs to keep her nose out of other people’s business, and so should she. She says, Oscar is her business, but he says Kim isn’t. She says, it’s working; they’re a family. Julian says they’ll always be a family, no matter what. Josslyn asks what he means, and he says he and Kim are back together. Her little plot has come to an end. Oscar comes in, and says, what little plot?

Griff helps Elizabeth put the art therapy room back together. He rubs his shoulder, and she asks if he’s okay. He says he just overdid it at the gym. I’m assuming this exchange was for a reason that we’ll find out some other time. She thanks him, and looks at a drawing. He asks if she found something, and she says, a sketch. We see a cartoon of them in a car that says, just married. She says it’s an invitation to the wedding that keeps getting pushed back. There’s always something in the way. Griff supposes they’ll have to put it off longer. Elizabeth jets with the sketch, and when Griff turns around, she’s gone.

Franco tells Scotty that they’re saying he’s a serial killer who’s killed three people, including Kiki. Scotty says, they’re biased. It will work in his favor when they go to trial. Franco says, trial? They haven’t got enough to hold him, let alone connect him to the murders. Jordan and Margaux walk in. Jordan says she has some questions for Scotty’s client. Scotty says, he didn’t do it. Margaux would like to know about hi relationship with Doc. How would he characterize their sessions? Scotty says, don’t answer, but Franco says he’d characterize them as therapy. Why is she asking? Jordan asks what they discuss, and Scotty says, that’s privileged. Franco says, they discuss a lot; his childhood. Margaux asks if they discuss his bloodlust, and Franco says, what is he? A werewolf? He doesn’t have bloodlust. Jordan says, Dr. Collins disagrees.

Ava says not-Doc told Franco that he’d plateaued, and stopped seeing him. Not-Doc says he changed his mind. He thought maybe he’d been hasty, and they had more work to do. He asks why she’s grilling him, and she says there’s something he’s not telling her. Something captured his attention; what was it? He says he can’t discuss it, but she says she’s bound to find out. Tell her the truth. Was he concerned that Franco was capable of violence again, and a danger to others? Not-Doc says, yes.

Alexis tells Sonny that she no longer has a relationship with Julian. It’s not like Sonny is the guru of relationships. She suggests they stay out of each other’s personal lives. He wants to talk about Kristina, but Alexis thinks he should talk to Kristina. She gives him the book, and says maybe he should go to a seminar. He could stand to evolve a few million years. Sonny laughs, and she leaves.

Josslyn asks Oscar how the doctor’s appointment when, and he says he has decent news. The tumor has stopped growing. She says, amazing, and hugs him. She asks if this means the treatment worked, and the tumor is shrinking. He says he didn’t say that. It’s a reprieve. She says that’s good enough for her. They should celebrate. Oscar says, after she tells him what Julian was talking about. She says, literally nothing; it’s stupid. He says, just tell him, and she says, fine. She asked Julian to take himself out of the equation. Oscar asks, what equation? Josslyn tells him that she wanted Julian to give up Oscar’s mom so she could get closer to his dad, and he could have them both. It lasted five minutes. Julian just told her they’re back together. Oscar takes her hand, and says he appreciates what she’s trying to do, but he thinks they should let his parents do what they’re going to do without their help. She asks if he’s mad at her for meddling. He says, no, but if he gets to live way he wants, his parents should too.

Drew tells Kim, it’s not remission, but it’s something. Kim says, any reprieve is welcome. Drew asks where she’s at, and she says, crashing down to earth. Every day they get a little closer. The news slows things down, but Terry is right. They have to make plans for the end. Drew tells her that Terry also said they don’t have to do it today. They got a break. Kim says, normally, she’d be figuring out some strategy to help Oscar, but she hasn’t. Drew promises they’ll figure out what do, and figure it out together.

Ava says not-Doc knew Franco was going off the rails, and might kill again? He says his assessment was incomplete, and he didn’t feel it necessary to alert the authorities. She asks what he’s going to tell the court, and he says, his professional opinion. Franco was beginning lose control, and was susceptible to sustained bouts of rage. She asks, why not make an anonymous tip? He says he was bound by duty. She asks if he knew before or after Kiki was killed. He says he would have done anything to save Kiki. Does’t she know that? She’s not sure she knows anything. She starts to leave, and he grabs her arm, saying, don’t you walk away from me.

Jordan reads from Franco’s file; feelings of aggression and grandiosity, a failure to accept responsibility for his actions, superficial charm. Franco says Doc wouldn’t say those things, and Scotty says he can’t offer his opinion without consent. Jordan says they have a warrant. Franco says Doc’s been weird lately, but would never write those things about him. Margaux says, the assessment is that of a textbook serial killer. Scotty says Doc is a pompous jerk. They have no evidence because Franco didn’t commit the murders. Jordan says, these were just recovered from the art therapy room, and tosses a plastic bag full of driver’s licenses on the table.

Ava tells not-Doc, let go, and he does. He tells her, forgive him. They never fought before. He doesn’t know what came over him. He can’t say he likes it. Right now, she can’t say she likes him much at all. She leaves, and he wipes everything off his desk, and looks mighty pissed off.

Drew goes to the art therapy room, and sees Griff. He asks if Griff has seen Franco. Griff says he’s at the police station. He’s been arrested for the attempted murder of Lulu.

Kim goes to Charlie’s, and Julian says she just missed the kids. She’s sure Oscar told Josslyn, and asks if Julian heard. He says he wouldn’t mind hearing it again from her, and they kiss. Alexis walks in, and walks back out.

Sonny reads, says, it’s a piece of garbage, and tosses the book onto the bar. The bartender notices the book, and Sonny asks if he knows it. The bartender says it changed his life. Sonny picks up the book again.

Chase says he has to admit, she bought into Franco’s act. She thought he was just trying to help with his insight, but he was taunting them. Elizabeth arrives as Franco is being taken away. He says they’ll sort it out. Scotty tells her there are additional charges for the murders of Mary Pat, Peyton, and Kiki. Elizabeth lets the sketch fall to the floor.

Ava literally runs into Griff. She says she can’t deal with him. Not after everything that’s happened. They’re saying Franco killed Kiki. He was supposed to love her. How could he possibly…? Griff holds her, saying he doesn’t know. Not-Doc sees them together.

Tomorrow, Scotty says they’re not railroading his client after all, not-Doc talks to Griff, and Spinelli tells Jason the story checks out.

🍴 I missed the first half of Top Chef. Dr. Phil once again tempted me with a dude who thought he was Batman. Really. It wasn’t nearly as interesting as it sounds, and he lost all his fights. He was a Marine or something, so I’d hoped he at least kicked some bad guy ass. His fiancé was getting a little skeptical about marrying him, which is understandable. The worst thing was, not only did he not have a full costume, his mask was lame. He also agreed to come on without the mask, but painted black around his eyes, like he was from a bad KISS cover band. Anyway, halfway through, I changed the channel.

When I tuned in, the chefs were already at the Rupp Arena, where the Kentucky Wildcats were hosting a concession stand cook-off. Hunter Lewis, Food and Wine editor-in-chief, was the guest judge. The contestants had split into two teams – blue and white. To keep in the spirit of the game, there was trash talk from the white team that the blue team used boxed waffle mix for their chicken and waffles. Sarah was called out by Adrienne, who had to admit out they did, and got heckled for it. The white team won with their juicy Lucies, a stuffed slider I’ve heard about on Vanderpump Rules. Sarah squeaked by because her chicken was spot on, but not so much Michelle’s ribs, and it was her turn to pack her knives and hit the road. She talked about how much confidence she had, and her hopes for Last Chance Kitchen. Maybe it’s me, but I sense a disconnect with her. Her backstory is sad – her father committed suicide when she was a teenager – and it possibly affects her personality. Whatever it is, I always want to tell her to speak up and look at who she’s talking to. My money is on Eric at this point. Next time a fried chicken challenge and a Muhammad Ali inspired dish.

✈ What I Said About RHOA…

They should not be allowed to have passports.


🐋 It’s Almost Therapeutic…

And I could use some zen. More Deep Blue. And more crazy people.