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July 11, 2018 – Peter’s Location is Changed, NYC Wives Speed Date, Raw Duck, Nimrods & Endless


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Maxie looks through swimsuits in the Crimson closet. Lulu says she’s busted.

On the phone, Nelle says, so if things don’t work out, she has no way to protect herself. Michael comes in, and asks who she was talking to. She tells him that it was a lawyer advising her on the prenup.

Chase goes to the hospital to see Finn sees, He says they need to talk about his mother and their father.

Obrecht tells Peter to quit sniveling. He says she sedated him again, and wonders what happened. She tells him that she’s moved him, and welcomes him to Spoon Island. They’re in the stables. He yells, like that’s ever helped.

Valentin finds out that the stable hand had a family emergency, and tells them that he’ll take care of the horses.

Drew finds Nina at the MetroCourt. He wants to talk about Aurora. He thinks Nina has been hiding something for the last few weeks.

Lulu thought Maxie was on parental leave, but Maxie says there was a problem with Crimson’s Instagram story. She asks if Lulu is implying she’s neglecting her son, and Lulu wonders what’s going on with her attitude. Maxie says, for one, Lulu barged in, saying she was busted. Lulu says she was teasing. She came here to see Nina and set up a visit with Charlotte. Maxie says it doesn’t feel that long ago that she lost her job trying to get Lulu the same thing. Lulu says it’s ancient history, and asks why Maxie is digging it up. She thinks Maxie is finding a reason to be mad at her. Maxie says she doesn’t have to look very far.

Nina tells Drew that she’s not hiding anything. He asks her to explain next month’s issue. He just had to talk a publisher off the ledge. The next issue is due at the printer tomorrow, and over a quarter of the letterhead space is unsold. Nina insists it was a communication breakdown. She says, It isn’t supposed to go until… and realizes it is tomorrow. She can’t believe this happened. Drew can’t believe the oversight. With that much left unsold, the magazine is going to hemorrhage money. They’ll have to cut features in the September issue. Nina says he can’t, but he says this is what happens when things fall through the cracks. He asks her, what’s going on?

Peter calls out he’s in the stables; someone help! Obrecht asks if he’s finished. She thought he’d appreciate a change of scenery. She and his father shared many happy times there – until he tried to gas her to death along with Lulu. Peter yells some more, and she asks him to kindly stop his banshee wailing. He tells her the horses need to be taken care of, but she says the equestrian staff won’t be there for the next few days. He asks if she’s going to keep dragging him from place to place forever. She says, forever is just a word. Everything comes to an end. When the story comes to a conclusion, so will he. She doesn’t want to waste the time they have. She looks in her bag, but can’t find her notebook.

Chase tells Finn not to worry about his parents’ impending visit. They’ve been invited to Germany. Finn says he wasn’t worried. He knows Chase was looking forward to seeing them. Chase says he tried calling Finn, but it went to voicemail. Finn says he’s not avoiding Chase; he’s been busy with something. Chase asks, what?

Nelle tells Michael that she wanted to make sure signing the prenup is the best decision. It’s not a corporate merger; it’s her life. They said it’s pretty straightforward with no red flags, but it seems unromantic to go in thinking it’s going to fail. Michael gets it, but it’s not his idea. She asks why he was so insistent then. He tells her the Quartermaine’s are protective of their fortune. Ned refused to officiate unless she signed it, but don’t take it personally. Everyone who comes into the family has to do the same thing. It only comes into play if they divorce, and he’s not planning on it. Is she? Nelle says she has no reservations about signing; it’s just a formality. As long as they’re together, the papers are meaningless. She signs it, and says, all done. Michael thanks her for being understanding. The only things left is to say their vows. Nelle says she has a lot to get ready for, and Michael tells her to put the prenup in a random drawer, and never look at it again.

Finn tells Chase it might have more to do with his area of expertise. Chase gets a text from Michael, saying, she signed the prenup; UR ON. Chase says he has to go, unless there’s a crime to report. Finn thinks he can handle it.

Nina apologizes to Drew, saying it won’t happen again. He tells her that he’s someone who cares about her, and thinks she didn’t take enough time to grieve. She admits to throwing herself into her work, but it suited her fine. Drew says, maybe, until this. She says they don’t know each other well, but assures him it’s an anomaly. He says, it’s not the end of the world. They can spread the deficit out over a few months. Nina says she’ll get the ads sold. He appreciates the effort, but thinks there’s no way she can do it by tomorrow. She says, watch her; she won’t let him down. Drew tells her, good luck, and leaves. Valentin walks in.

Lulu asks Maxie if they didn’t laugh and have fun, and weren’t they overjoyed with James coming home? Was she dreaming? Maxie says, it happened, and Lulu asks, what is this? How can they have a day like yesterday, and now Maxie is treating her like dirt? Maxie says maybe it’s because Nina’s assistant called her because they weren’t prepped, so she had to come to the place where Nathan was shot. It’s made her remember how he’ll never hold James, and James will never know him as anything but a photo. If the super journalist had thought it through, that could have been avoided. Lulu say she’s actually lost track of how long she’s been apologizing, and begging for Maxie’s forgiveness. Maxie says, five months; Nathan died five months ago. Lulu knows Maxie is living her worst nightmare. Maxie says Lulu thinks she’ll get over it, and they’ll go back to being best friends. Lulu says she stays up at night, wondering how she could have done things differently. Maxie says, join the club. Lulu says, she blew, and she’s sorrier than she can ever say. She wasn’t just bringing Faison out to further her career. She thought he would be arrested, and Maxie and her family would be safe. Maxie says, another Spencer plan goes down in flames. Lulu says every time Maxie pushes her away, then there’s a moment when she’s given hope, and thinks their friendship is back. Is it real or a game? Is it her version of revenge? She asks if she’s just supposed to take Maxie’s punishment forever. Maxie says Lulu is the one who treats her friends like garbage to get what she wants. She says, it’s not fair to give a deadline on grief, but Lulu wonders when she’s going to be forgiven. Maxie says, as usual, it’s all about her. She’s a self-righteous narcissist. Lulu says Maxie can say what she wants, but she’s trying. Maxie says she treated someone she said she cares about like garbage. She turns her back to Lulu, who throws a beachball at her. They start to fight with pool noodles.

Nina asks what Valentin is doing there, and he says, getting breakfast. She says he has staff to do that. He admits he welcomed the opportunity to bump into her, and she asks what his angle is. He says, no angle, and she asks if he’s done blackmailing her to stay in the marriage. He says running into her was serendipity. Charlotte wants to invite her to dinner. She says, now it’s emotional blackmail, but she knows better. Charlotte is staying with Lulu, who said she can see Charlotte whenever she wants. Valentin says it means a lot for her to stay in Charlotte’s life. Nina gets a call. When she steps into the hallway, Valentin says, 3… 2… 1… We hear Nina say, what?! She comes back and asks, what the hell did he do?

Obrecht says it must be here somewhere, and Peter suggests she dropped it when she was moving him. She says she thought she put it in her bag before she took him. She must have left it in the cabin. She has to go back. Peter says, maybe they came back for a second look. If they find the notebook, they’ll turn it into the police. She can’t keep cops away forever. It’s time to choose between her revenge and her freedom.

Nelle mopes on the couch, and Ned asks if she has bridal jitters. She says, guilty, and he tells her not to worry. At least about the wedding. He’s been trying to get Michael to relax and enjoy his final hours as a free man. He asks if she has anything planned, and she says she’s tying up odds and ends; she’s not in a celebrating mood. The prenup was a buzzkill; all clinical. He says she knows how it works in their family. Olivia did the same thing; she insisted. Nelle asks, what about him? He says the thought never occurred to him. He’s been married before, but knew this would last forever. It’s recommended, but not mandated. Olivia wanted to be no question that they weren’t getting married for money. He thinks it was a good idea. It takes the doubt out of marriage. He thinks Nelle made the right decision.

Nelle’s phone rings. It’s Chase. He needs to see her right now.

Lulu starts to throw a shoe, but Maxie stops her, saying they’re on loan for the Instagram story. Lulu puts it back gently, saying she doesn’t think it was damaged. Maxie says it was really close, and they laugh.

Nina says how dare Valentin? It’s outrageous, buying the remaining ad space for the August issue. He asks if he can be honest, and she says, why start now? as I would have said. He overheard she needed sales, and he wanted to be of assistance. Cassadine Enterprises has a robust ad budget. She hasn’t even looked at it. She reads a copy on her phone. To my darling wife… I’m sorry. My heart yearns for your forgiveness. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you. Come back and make my life full again. (I might have paraphrased a tad there.)

Finn leaves another message for Anna, saying he’s on to something, but doesn’t want to explain in a message. He asks her to call him back. He sees Deanna bringing in Wyatt, who has poison oak. He says he’ll take a look. Deanna is surprised he doesn’t have anything more pressing, but he insists he has the time.

Chase meets Nelle on the docks. Shirtless, because he needed to get in his run. I roll my eyes. He tells her that he wanted to apologize for how he acted at the MetroCourt. He went too far. He meant everything he said, but it wasn’t fair to throw it in her face so close to the wedding. He was wrong anyway. Michael clearly wants a future with her and their child. He’s sure the Quartermaines will welcome her into the fold. She’ll be bringing new blood to the family. Nelle asks if he thinks that’s enough, and he says, all that matters is Michael wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He asks if she’s been given reason for doubt, and she mentions the prenup.

Drew arrives at the Quartermaine’s. He tells Michael that he heard he’s getting married; it’s kind of sudden. Ned says he can assure Drew that they all hounded him plenty. He says they’re going to put their reservations aside, and honor the Quartermaine tradition of sending a bachelor off in style. He asks if they are still getting married. He saw Nelle sulking, and thinks the prenup is getting under her skin.

Chase tells Nelle that he didn’t mean to upset her. She says it’s none of his business, but he says divorce scares him. How will she provide for herself? She says they’re not getting divorced, and he asks if Michael agrees. The more he hears about it, the more he doesn’t like it. She doesn’t have to go through with it. She asks what the alternative is, and he says they can still be together.

Ned says he has cigars with their names on them, and leaves to get them. Drew asks if Michael is going to break it to him that cigars make him gag. Michael knows how important traditions are with the Quartermaines. Drew wonders why everyone else seems more excited than Michael is.

Nelle says Chase can’t be serious. When they were at the courthouse, he was threatening her. Was it just romance? He admits his pride got the better of him. He was scared to admit how he felt when he saw her. She’d moved on. He shouldn’t have been afraid to tell her. She asks what makes him think she cares? He says it was now or never, and he’d kick himself if he didn’t. He says Michael is in it for the baby. He can get a divorce, and sole custody. Chase loves her. He can never give her the life she deserves, but he loves her. She says it’s not that easy. Michael is the father of her child, and they’ve planned a life together. Chase says they can raise the baby. They’ll find a place far from the Quartermaines and Corinthoses. They can do things right this time. He can give her the love Michael never could. She says Michael can give her something Chase can’t.

Maxie says she’ll never look at pool noodles the same way, and Lulu says she’ll help clean up. Maxie gets a message that the ad space was sold, and tells her to leave it. She says she doesn’t hate Lulu; she hates herself. She goes back and forth in her head, and knows Lulu isn’t the reason Nathan was killed. He was determined to lure Faison there to arrest him. If Lulu hadn’t written the story, he’d have found another way to track him down. Lulu says, but she did. Her fear of failure led her to take a shortcut. Ambition clouded her judgement. She can understand why Maxie wants to see her suffer. Maxie doesn’t want that, but at the same time, her happiness makes Maxie’s grief worse. She’s not proud of it, but when she sees Lulu with her family, she starts mourning all over again; for the family she’ll never have. Lulu says her life is less perfect and happy with Dante gone. Maxie says misery loves company, but she mostly thinks about how lucky Lulu is. The man she loves is coming home eventually. The man Maxie loves, never will.

Nina asks Valentin how he expects her to react? Be humbled? Touched? Grateful? He says they’re all great. She tells him the ads are not going in. He asks how she’s going to justify turning down revenue; it’s not that objectionable. She says he didn’t say their names, but people will connect the dots. It undermines her authority as editor-in-chief. He asks, how? Proving to the world she’d loved? She says she can’t trust him again. She doesn’t think he’s even aware of lying all the time. He says he never lied about loving her, and she says, he lied about everything else. The final straw was finding out he took an innocent child to seek revenge against Anna. She remembers being pregnant, and felt love. She never wants anything to happen to a child, like he feels about Charlotte. He took an innocent boy, and gave him to Faison. It changed how she’ll look at him forever.

Peter tells Obrecht, if the cops find the journal, they’ll know he was there with her. She says even if they connect it, they’ll never find them there. Really? Really? After they found Mike and Avery there, and it was the first place they wanted to look for Faison? Really? Peter says they’ve lost two chapters, and have to start over. Who knows how long they’ll be safe there? Obrecht says he’s cunning, but she has an excellent memory; thank you, Sodoku. She tells him, let’s pick up where we left off.

Finn wraps Wyatt’s arm, and gives him some cream, saying he’ll explain it to Wyatt’s mom. He wonders if he can ask Wyatt a question. Wyatt asks, what? and Finn asks if he could identify the man in the woods if he showed him a picture. He brings up a picture of Peter on his phone.

Lulu tells Maxie that she’s sorry. She never wanted to add to Maxie’s grief. Maxie knows, and she’s sorry too. She’s all over the place right now. Lulu says she wants to respect how Maxie is feeling. If it means giving her space… Lulu starts to leave, saying she wants Maxie to know she’s there, if she’s ever ready, and know she loves her no matter what. Maxie asks her to wait, and says she loves Lulu, no matter what. They hug.

Michael tells Drew that he thought it through, and given the situation, it seemed like the right choice. Drew asks, for him or his kid? and Michael says, what’s right for his kid is right for him. Drew trusts he knows what he’s doing. He thinks they should make an effort to try to act like family again. Michael likes it. Drew congratulates him, and they clink glasses.

Nelle tells Chase that Michael can give her stability and comfort. Why leave that behind just because he wants to whisk her away? She doesn’t want to make that mistake, and even if she did, how would they start a new life with Michael’s family looking for them? Chase says they’ll work it out. Nelle says she shouldn’t have come. She hopes he can move on. She has. He asks her to wait, but she jets.

Finn tells Wyatt to take his time, and look closely. Don’t tell him what he wants to hear, but tell him the truth. Wyatt doesn’t think it’s him, but Deanna interrupts before he can say more. Finn is needed in the ER stat. Finn tells Wyatt that his mother will get him in a second, and leaves. In the room alone, Wyatt says, it could have been the guy, but he had a beard. You’d think Finn might have thought of that. Being a junior spy and all.

Obrecht tells Peter that when they left their hero, all was lost. How is he feeling now? Peter says, useless, helpless, doomed. She tells him, don’t be so glum. Think of the novel as his legacy. It will outlast him, no matter what unfortunate ending comes his way.

Valentin tells Nina that he loves her, and she admitted she loved him too. They can fix anything. He has to take care of the horses, and tells her, if she wants, he’ll saddle Lumiere. He leaves, and Nina calls Obrecht.

Obrecht says Peter is holding back, and not to allow self-pity to interfere with the narrative flow. He says their hero was surprised to realize the things he’d chased – money, power, revenge – were all meaningless. He discovered what he loved most were moments – ice cream with an unexpected friend; laughing until your sides hurt, with a girl with sparkling blue eyes; a baby’s first breath and cry; the first time his mother reached out to hold him. Why, Octavian wondered, do we never understand life’s meaning and true value until we’re about to lose it all? Obrecht ponders.

Tomorrow, Jordan asks Stella for a favor, Nina tells Valentin that he can’t go home, and Mike tells Sonny that he’s gaining a daughter.

The Real Housewives of New York City

LuAnn rehearses with her accompanist. She didn’t expect to get arrested, and feels stressed that she only has four weeks to practice. She explains that her director worked with Liza Minelli, Chita Rivera, and other cabaret stars. I wonder if they’re hard-up for money. She says she’s lucky to be surrounded by a great team. Sonja will also be in the show to take the pressure off. The script is based on the story of LuAnn’s life, and the songs she likes to sing. Rachel Dratch will be involved somehow, but she doesn’t explain how that happened. The show is called #The Countess and Friends, just to mess with everyone who rags on her about being The Countess. Sonja arrives, thrilled to be a part of the show. She’s in her element. The director maps out what will be happening with Money Can’t Buy You Class. LuAnn will start telling a story, and Sonja will interrupt, saying that’s not how it happened. We see a clip from Sonja’s Caburlesque show. In her interview, LuAnn says Sonja will be wearing panties. It’s a snatch free zone.

Tinsley visits Carole, bringing her a present. Carole says Adam sent five dozen tulips. In her interview, Carole says it’s no secret Adam wants her back in his life, but she’s not sure how she feels. Tinsley gives Carole a pair of fingerless gloves that make a heart when you put them together. Carole says when her friend, Tripp, was walking Baby, Adam ended up coming back with her. Tinsley thinks it’s annoying that he’d walk in unannounced. Carole says break-ups are messy, and she wants to make it right. She’ll contact him when she has time. Scott is in town, and wants to live with Tinsley in New York. She wants to continue staying in the hotel, so they’re moving into the penthouse, which has three bedrooms. In her interview, Tinsley says they hung in during a year of long distance, now she’s happy to wake up next to him. She hopes she’s easy to live with, and Carole says, keep it cute. Good luck with that when you’re living together.

A package arrives. Carole has a friend who runs a matchmaking service, and it’s an invitation to her speed dating party. It’s really cool; a clear box with roses (about four inches of stem) in water. Like something the Queen would send out. They talk about who else could use a date in three minutes. Carole likes the idea.

Sonja drops by Bethenny’s place. Bethenny gives her another pair of Skinny Jeans. I’d call them burgundy, and Sonja declares them the color of the year. In her interview, Sonja says she’s not thrilled about Bethenny and Carole being on the outs, but she’s happy to be getting the jeans. In her interview, Bethenny thinks Sonja has no shortage of men, but needs to be strategic in her dating moves. Sonja wants to dip her toe in the dating pond, and has a profile online. Her flag is up, and it’s waving wildly.  Bethenny reads Sonja’s profession from the profile, and it’s a list of five thousand things. Bethenny tells her that it takes information from all the apps she has. She tells Sonja that no one looks at it anyway. The only look at the picture, age, and height.

Dorinda goes to Jovani. LuAnn needs something glam and wonderful for her cabaret act, and needs about ten costume changes. Dorinda says Jovani has been good to her over the years in lending her dresses, and she persuaded them to extend the favor to LuAnn. LuAnn wants to do a modern take on cabaret, and envisions different dresses for different scenarios. Dorinda wants her to look her best, and she does. Everything she puts on looks sparkly and fabulous, and there are a lot of mermaid hems. LuAnn is amazed that everything fits perfectly. Dorinda asks about court, and LuAnn says it was cancelled today. Her attorney wants to review the evidence. He’s hoping for no criminal charges, since she didn’t show criminal intent; she was under the influence, and not normally aggressive. She thinks having gone to rehab showed initiative, and is hoping for leniency, along with community service. Dorinda says, it will ultimately go where it’s going to go, which sounds like a bad fortune cookie.

Tinsley tells her precious little dog Bambi not worry about the suitcases. She’s not getting left behind. Tinsley’s friend, Michael, is helping her move. She tells him it’s the easiest move ever. She takes sweaters out of the oven, surprising both Michael and myself. I used to store extra dishes in the dishwasher, and admit to storing bakeware and the occasional box of cereal in the oven, but never clothes. I wish I’d thought of that with my first apartment, since the closet was a small triangle. But I digress… In her interview, Tinsley says she and Scott thought this should be the next step in the relationship. Michael stops her from just throwing really expensive shoes into a box. He refuses to watch as she does it anyway. She’s let Scott off the hook for helping, since he helped with the last move. In her interview, she says Scott is very much in charge at work, and she hopes him moving to New York puts them on a more equal level. him in charge at work. She shows Bambi around their new place. She says for once her clothes will be in a closet. In her interview, she explains she likes to always be with her man, and hopes this works out.

LuAnn meets Carole for coffee. They’re both boring coffee drinkers, just regular with milk. LuAnn is slightly more adventurous with cream. In her interview, Carole says she’s weirdly honored that LuAnn asked her to go for coffee after her meeting. LuAnn tells Carole that she’s been nesting. She’s supposed to stay away from people, places, and things, and is taking it day by day. The meetings help her to stay in line. In her interview, she says she doesn’t label herself. She makes a day to day decision not to drink, and she’s good with that advice. She tells Carole that the meetings encourage that she’s here for a reason, and to keep coming back. Carole asks being around other people drinking is cool, and LuAnn says it doesn’t matter if others drink. Carole says she thought it was a good move when LuAnn left he table at the Mayflower. LuAnn says not drinking is exhausting. She’d been burning the candle at both ends, and now she gets up early and does yoga. In her interview, Carole says she’s prepared to be a friend to this LuAnn, who understands her actions have consequences, and is trying hard to turn her life around. They talk about LuAnn’s upcoming cabaret, and Carole tells LuAnn to tell Sonja to wear underwear. LuAnn says she can’t play snatch-guard. She’ll be too busy singing.

Ramona meets a friend at the gym for a workout. In her interview, Ramona says the best thing about staying in shape is that you can wear anything. Truth! It sucks to go through a million outfits that don’t look right. Ramona says she hasn’t met the guy yet. She doesn’t know why she’s good with flirting, which she’d rather call, open to meeting men. She tells us that she has a high libido, which I didn’t need to know. The trainer helps with the machines. Ramona says she wants someone as smart or smarter than herself (which shouldn’t be too hard), but attraction is number one. Meeting men isn’t a problem, but meeting the right one is. Preach it, sister.

Dorinda and LuAnn pass the church where LuAnn’s AA meetings are held. They’re also near Dorinda’s church. LuAnn tells Dorinda that she’s keeping up the keeping up, but restaurants are the hardest. Dorinda says someone sent her a gift basket with wine, and it’s the first thing she thought of on a cold night. She’s proud of LuAnn. In her interview, LuAnn says it’s not easy. It’s like something you’ve learned for a long time, like brushing your teeth another way. It’s not the anxiety of not drinking, but the habit that you’re fighting. They go inside Dorinda’s church. She says it’s helped her get through difficult times. She likes to meditate, recalibrate, and refocus. She thinks it might be a good tool for LuAnn. They could go to church, and then have coffee. Dorinda shows LuAnn the candle she lit for her when she was in rehab. In her interview, LuAnn says Dorinda has been the most supportive. She thinks everyone’s thoughts and prayers together make a difference. Thank you. Dorinda tells LuAnn that Carole is doing a high-end super fun speed dating thing. She thinks LuAnn should come, just see what it’s like. In her interview, Dorinda thinks it might be good for LuAnn to go through the actions, but no real dating. She needs to date herself. The church looks familiar, but I didn’t see what street they’re on. They light a candle together, and Dorinda prays for strength for LuAnn.

It’s time for speed dating! Carole tells the matchmaker that she has six friends coming. Two are coming to observe, and the other four are in various stages of dating. The girls trickle in, with Ramona leading the pack, and latching on to a guy named Bryan before the dating even starts. Sonja says it’s amazing and mesmerizing to watch. In her interview, Bethenny says she and Dennis love each other, but he’s not capable of being a partner, so she’s open. It turns out she knows Bryan, and she says, the dating plot thickens. It’s the last place LuAnn wants to be, and Sonja asks a guy if she smells like mothballs. Tinsley says even if she wasn’t spoken for, no way would do this. She’s a Southern girl, and needs to be wined and dined. We flash back to the kiss she laid on Scott five minutes after meeting him. Carole finds out her date has kids, and it’s swipe left. Tinsley says Ramona’s got game. Dorinda says it’s like watching a fluffy kitty before it pounces on a tiny mouse. Bryan sits with Bethenny, and kind of hits on her. In her interview, she says it’s flattering, but he’s not her type. She doesn’t want to make herself like someone just because they like her. A guy asks LuAnn what she did for the holidays. She says she was supposed to go to South America, but didn’t make it.

Ramona kisses a dude for thinking she’s around 44, and it’s time to mingle. Carole didn’t meet the guy she wanted to (i.e. Bryan), because he was being devoured by Ramona and Bethenny. Ramona gets tequila for Bryan. A guy at the bar says he thinks Bryan likes Bethenny, but Ramona claims she’s just returning the favor since he bought her a drink. She slinks over with it, and makes a presentation. In her interview, Bethenny does an over-the-top, but accurate imitation of her. Tinsley tells a few of the girls about staying in Cartagena, Columbia, and wants everyone to go there with her. Dorinda only knows the scary things that happen in Columbia, and prefers places that have commercials, like the Bahamas. Tinsley shows pictures of the house she stayed in, and Carole says she had them at private island. Sonja talks to a guy about bondage. Carole tells everyone about the trip. Sonja can’t imagine not having an amazing time. Wow. Is she optimistic.

Next time, the Cartagena trip, Ramona gets a ride in a wheelchair, and Bethenny tells Dorinda that she doesn’t always have to share.

🍴 On MasterChef, the contestants made dinner for the wedding of the Season 7 winner, Shaun O’Neale. Juni and Julia were team captains, blue and red respectively, but something happened that I missed (because, dogs), and Taylor ended up taking Juni’s place. The red team undercooked the duck to the point where it was nearly raw, and needed to re-plate that for a few guests. Unfortunately, they’d made the genius move of throwing out everything that was left, and had to start from scratch. Miraculously, they still won. And we learned that service isn’t over until the last person leaves. On the losing blue team, Gordon deemed Taylor and Shanika safe from elimination. To everyone’s surprise, there was no pressure test. Gordon got right to the point, saying Ashley cracked under pressure, and Juni let go of his responsibility. It was Juni who was out, Gordon saying the team was doomed before they started. They had a bad concept and lost direction. Still, Juni gave a graceful exit, thankful for the opportunities. He said there weren’t many people who could say they cooked in the MasterChef kitchen, and that Gordon tasted their food. He thought he made his mom proud. Well said. Next week, it’s crawfish, and Aaron cooks alongside the chefs. It’s the shock of the season, and Joe says there’s more on the line than they thought.

🔥 A once vibrant town that had become desolate, Greenville, Mississippi was Gordon’s destination on 24 Hours to Hell and Back. Sherman’s, owned by the Nimrod family, had been a thriving business, but no more. Gordon made every joke possible about the Nimrod name, since it’s also slang for inept person. Even they recognized the wisdom in not changing the restaurant’s name when they bought it. Gordon did his disguise thing, and found the flounder to be funky; the food dull, bland, embarrassing, and atrocious; and no surprise, the owners argued these points. The hidden cameras revealed loads of cross contamination, and the usual cockroaches. The owners were resistant to change, but Gordon convinced them to give one of the staff the new position of running the kitchen. He also persuaded them, as only Gordon can, to stop arguing with the patrons and online reviewers, and not to allow the chef to use the microwave. Before he disappeared into the night, Gordon told them to watch out for 6’2” Scottish guys with beards. Three months later, the business is booming, and the online reviews are great. Next time, Hollywood and a very dysfunctional family. The whole 24-hour thing is really amazing.

🌌 Yep…

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June 28, 2018 – The Knocking Continues, the Spa Trip Comes to an End, Gumballs on the Mediterranean, Two Kinds of Chefs & It’s Late


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General Hospital

Sonny tells Carly that Doc let him in. She needs to stay strong, and do whatever she needs to make sure Doc releases her. Rupert comes in and says Carly has been breaking the rules, and knows what happens now. Sonny asks his name. Carly answers and he says, great name, and asks Rupert for a chat outside.

Chase sees Nelle at Kelly’s. He tells her not to leave on his account. She says she has nothing to say to him, but he says he has plenty to say to her. He flashes back to being in the cemetery with Carly, and asks what perfume she’s wearing. She says she’s not, but he remembers the same scent when saw Carly at her son’s grave.

Kim asks Julian what gives; why so attentive? He’s paying her back for making his maiden voyage to the great outdoors. It was a memorable experience neither one of them will forget any time soon – or ever. Kim says she finds his vow to take her somewhere to enjoy room service was memorable. Julian says there won’t be any crawling things, and she asks where his sense of adventure is. Alexis comes in, and Julian says maybe he should ask her. Alexis tells Julian she has something to give him.

There are new signs up at the hospital about harassment. Elizabeth tells Franco that they just employed a zero-tolerance policy, and he says, too bad it’s too late to help Kiki. Francesca looks at the sign. Michael comes by, and she says he’s on the board, right? She thinks there’s something he should know. Kiki watches.

Griff punches the bag at the gym and thinks of being in bed with Kiki. He punches harder. Ava come in, saying she thought she’d find him there. She knows exactly what he needs.

Alexis appreciates Julian coming to therapy. He says he was happy to oblige, but she says, no, he wasn’t, which is why it was even more impressive. She gives him an envelope, and he asks if she’s serving him with a subpoena, but it’s a deed to her house. She says he bought it for her. Call it closure or payback, but the house is his.

Franco wonders why David is still there, walking the halls in his scholarly spectacles. Elizabeth says he hasn’t been accused by name; then, he will. The men who violated them are dead and in the past. They’ve chosen not to be victims, and so has Kiki, but if the truth comes out, they’ll deal with it. He says, as long as Kiki believes that.

Francesca says something to Michael about their date, then jets. He asks Kiki what that was about.

Griff tells Ava that he comes there to stop thinking; it helps clear his head. She tells him, nice try. She knows he’s worried about Kiki. She can’t tell him how much it means knowing how much he cares. He admits Kiki has been on his mind a lot lately. Ava says, how dare David harass her daughter? Griff says she has every right to be angry, but Kiki can fight her own battles. Ava knows Kiki’s way is the high road, but it’s time consuming. Griff has to get to the hospital, and she says, her too. She’s lucky to have him. Left to her own devices, who knows what she’d do?

Nelle tells Chase that a guy was just there, wearing a gallon of cologne. She says maybe if he’d helped Carly sooner, Carly wouldn’t have pushed her. At least she’s getting help now. Chase says she’s in a state institution, and Zack’s death was never paid for. Nelle says his family was out for blood, and he was out to prove she was innocent. He says that was before he knew she was an expert swimmer, and manipulated him into thinking he was someone special to her. She says she was innocent until he got her into bed, then she was a murderer. He says someone called the department, accusing him of inappropriate behavior. He knows she’s sure she dodged a bullet, but she thought wrong.

Sonny tells Rupert that he can give him a small gratuity for a few minutes with his wife. He’d consider it a personal favor if Rupert looks after her. Rupert says no one will mess with her, and Sonny says including the nurse he’s been hearing about. If Rupert does this for him, he’ll return the favor. He slips Rupert some cash, and Rupert agrees.

Back in Carly’s room, Sonny asks, where were we? They kiss, and she tells him, nice work.

Kiki ask Michael if he and Francesca are friends. He says they dated for forty minutes, and she says, a record. He asks how she’s doing, and she says she’s getting the gamut of reactions. Some people thinks she’s brave; some think she’s lying. She tells him to read the comments, but he says never do that. She says she’ll remember that moving forward. Looking at the sign, he says, thanks to her, predators are on notice – literally. It was incredibly brave to step forward. She thanks him, but says if she can’t prove it, she’ll be the girl who cried wolf, and David will keep doing what he’s doing. Michael is sure she’ll win. Francesca overhears.

Carly is concerned that Nelle has a clear path to Michael. Sonny says their only goal is to get her out. She says there’s no telling what Nelle can do to him; warn him to stay away from her. Sonny promises he will. She knows Josslyn feels responsible. She wants Sonny to tell her not to be, and that she loves her. Sonny says she knows; that’s why it’s eating her up. She asks about Mike. (Where’s Mike? We haven’t seen him in a while.) Sonny doesn’t know where to start. She says not to make the mistake she did. Don’t be afraid share everything with her.

Inside the envelope is the deed to Alexis’s house. He understands there are bad memories there, but she’s overcome them. She says she hasn’t overcome anything yet; she’s a work in progress. He thinks she’s winning. He’s sorry the good memories they tried to build were spoiled. She says whatever she’s going through, it’s not entirely about them; its about her. She needs to unravel a lot. He asks about the watch, and she explains her father gave it to her mother, and Valentin passed it on to her. She’s hoping Mikkos gave it out of love, but maybe it was to hold onto her. Julian says, like he’s been trying to hold on to their relationship.

Francesca approaches Kiki. She admires Kiki for being brave enough to do the right thing. Not everyone can. Kiki says it’s not easy. If Francesca chooses not come forward, she understands. It’s her life, and she has to live with her choices; it’s not an easy one. She tells Francesca to do what feels right for her, and Francesca says she’s going to.

Nelle asks Chase if this is why he came to Port Charles; to dredge up the past, and something that wasn’t her fault. He tells her that he came for a job, but when he found out she was there, he wanted to prove her guilty. She says the conversation is stressful, and starts to get up. He says that’s how he felt until he saw her. He tried to get her out of his head, and then got a visit from her baby daddy, telling him to back off. She says he’s still here. He asks why she’s there? She doesn’t belong with them. She asks why? Because they’re rich and she’s trash? He says she’s pregnant with Michael’s baby, and he still hasn’t put a ring on it. If he hasn’t by now, he never will. She tells him, playing good and bad cop at the same time doesn’t work. Pick one and make peace with it. He says she won’t fit or be happy here. She asks if she should settle for no-tell motels with rookie cops. He says at least they’re alike. She’s not the same as Michael. He touches her hand, and Michael walks in. Nelle tells Chase to let her go.

Sonny tells Carly to do everything to prove to Doc that she doesn’t belong there, and they’ll do everything to prove she was set up. She asks if he believes Nelle set her up.

Alexis tells Julian she keeps going back and forth about getting rid of the watch. He gets that she wants to cut the cord from the past, as well as the mistakes they’ve made, but don’t confuse the way things began with how they ended. He says, if someone saw them, they would think they were friends. He tells her to keep the house as a reminder of his good intentions, and the watch as a reminder of what not to do. She says he’s convinced her. Her phone wings, and she steps aside. Kiki asks to meet her, and says she’ll come to Charlie’s.

At the hospital, Ava asks if Elizabeth has seen Kiki. Elizabeth asks if Ava wants her to page Kiki, but Ava says Kiki would have her head. She looks at the sign, and says, speaking of heads rolling, was that the result of Kiki’s whistle blowing? Elizabeth says she started a chain that will make life better for all of them. Franco says, except for that skeezy doctor. Elizabeth says he’ll get what’s coming to him. Franco asks if Ava wants coffee, and they leave. Elizabeth gets a message, and tells Griff it’s from someone she never thought she’d hear from again.

Nelle tells Michael that Chase is refusing to let the past be in the past. That’s why he sent her that T-shirt. Chase says he didn’t send her anything, and she asks if he’s denying the note too. Chase hopes Michael isn’t buying it. Michael tells Chase to save it. He thinks some rest for Nelle is in order, and Nele wants to get away from Chase. As they leave, Chase tells Michael that he didn’t send the shirt, and Michael might want to ask himself, who did?

Sonny tells Carly when she was at the grave the same day Mike and Avery were missing, he thought she’d lost touch with reality; that her grief had gotten to her. She thought she was either losing her mind, or something supernatural was happening. Now she knows it was Nelle. Sonny says, she did a helluva job, but once Carly was in jail, it all ended. Carly says out of everything Nelle did, the worst thing was making her think her son was alive. Sonny says, when she’s out of here and the baby is safe, Nelle is going to pay. He promises that.

Julian sits with Kim, and asks if she’s curious. She says, of course, and he tells her that they were just following up on the session. She asks what about the reasons he shouldn’t go; rehashing old grievances, nursing old wounds, being stuck in the past? He says he realized wasn’t about him

Kiki meets Alexis. She wants to go ahead with the suit. Alexis says she’ll file the paperwork. Kiki says she understands that there’s no chance of proof unless someone comes forward. Someone has. Francesca joins them.

At Kelly’s, Ava asks Franco if the doctors are picking sides. He says some, in the good old boy network, but there have to be some who feel the way Griff does. He says, the predator has to go, and Ava says, the predator has a name. She knows it; so does. He asks what they’re going to do.

Michael tells Nelle to lie down and get some rest. She still can’t believe Chase denied sending the shirt. It would be sad if it wasn’t scary. She thinks he came to Port Charles to hound her about Zack, and threaten her. He said it was crazy for her to think she belonged with people like him and his family. Michael says he’s getting a restraining order, but Nelle says it won’t change anything. Besides, he’s right. She walks out

Rupert tells Sonny it’s time. Sonny thanks him, and says he’s a good man. He says in the meantime, Rupert is going to take care of Carly, right? Rupert says, yes sir. When Rupert steps out of earshot, Carly thanks Sonny for solving the Rupert problem. She wishes he could do the same with Mary Pat. He says he’ll think of something. In the meantime (phrase of the day), stay strong. She says she can do anything now that she knows he believes her. They hug, and she says tell the kids she loves them.

Kim asks Julian how it was, and he says a nightmare. His prediction almost came true, but he stuck with it. Kim says he guilty, hence the free coffee. He says maybe he was making amends a little. She tells him she needs no explanations or apologies, and he says she can pay him then. She asks if he’ll take it in trade. He asks how about him finishing where they’re going for room service, and gives her a folder. She says, Florence?

Francesca tells Alexis that David would call her into his office, saying he needed help with something. He touched her in innocent places at first; her arm, her shoulder, her hair. Then he kissed her. When she resisted, he told she’d misunderstood, and it would be a shame if the others knew she wasn’t a team player. So, she let him do things. She let him touch and kiss her, and eventually gave in, and had sex with him. Kiki says she knows how hard this is. Francesca asks if it matters that she consented; will it hurt the case? Alexis asks if she was coerced, and Francesca says, absolutely. He didn’t use physical force, but used his position as her superior to make her do something she didn’t want to. Alexis says, capitulating is different from consent. She asks how long it went on, and Francesca says, for months, but once she did it, he stopped. She was relieved, but then sickened when she realized he must have moved on to someone else. Alexis asks if she’s willing to say it in court, and Francesca says, every word. She’s’ ready. Kiki takes her hand, and Francesca says, let’s do this. Alexis says she needs to know something first.

Ava tells Franco that she’s livid at the thought of David putting his hands on their Kiki, and threatening to kill her career if she doesn’t give him what he wants. Franco asks if she ever wishes the old Ava was back. She says, a little; and him? He says, yeah. Sometimes he wishes he as his old self, but he’s happier now. He’s made commitments, and he’s not going there. Elizabeth is right; Kiki is doing it the right way. Ava tells him, that’s what Griff says. However, hypothetically, what if the right way doesn’t work?

Elizabeth tells Griff, when truth comes out, Kiki will be vindicated, and David discredited. He says the other side has deep pockets, and won’t give up without a fight. She hates how David hides behind his stethoscope, and acts like Kiki asked for it. She wonders what if what they’re doing isn’t enough

Carly’s neighbor knocks on the wall. Carly says she doesn’t know Morse code. She remembers she has a phone, and wonders if there’s an app for that.

At the Quartermaine’s, Sonny tells Michael that Carly is hanging in there, but every day is one too many.  She said he should stay away from Nelle. Michael says that’s not possible, and Sonny says, she’s dangerous. Look at what she did to his mom. He says Jason already told him, but it’s on him to fix. He ignored the warnings, and got involved. Now his mom is in Ferncliff, and his baby has a psycho for a mom. He has to make right. Sonny tells him to be careful, and Michael says his eyes are open. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Sonny says, he’s better, and leaves. Nelle comes down, and says she thought she heard someone. Michael says it was Sonny with an update on his mom. Nelle hopes she’s doing better. She’s worried Michael is going to believe the terrible things Chase said. Michael says, he believes in her.

Julian tells Kim to think about it; exploring the villages, wine in the vineyards, dining under the stars. She can’t wait.

Alexis tells Francesca and Kiki that the other side will dredge up whatever they can find to discredit them. They need to be prepared. Is there anything they need to tell her? Kiki says if she thinks of anything, she’ll let Alexis know, and Francesca says, her too. Alexis says in the meantime, David will be counting on their silence. Francesca says if they stay silent, he’ll move on to his next target. She’s ready. Alexis is proud of them. She’s going ahead, full speed. She’s going to sue his sorry ass back to the stone age where he belongs.

Griff thinks Alexis will bring the fire and fury, but Elizabeth says, it’s going to get ugly. He hopes they’re ready for that. She asks if he’s ready for Ava. If she sees her daughter under attack, her claws will come out. The worst thing is for her to take matters into her own hands.

Ava says she’s willing to wait. They’re two peaceful law-abiding citizens having coffee. She hopes Kiki gets the justice she deserves. If not, then David will get the justice he deserves. They clink coffee cups.

Carly hears more knocking. She looks it up. It’s SOS. Geez, don’t we all know that one?

Chase punches the bag at the gym. Sonny asks what the bag has done to him. Chase asks if he got in to see Carly. He knows Dante pulled some strings. Sonny asks if he objects, but Chase says he’s going to help get her out. They’re on the same side. He punches some more.

Nelle asks Michael, after everything Chase said, how can he believe in her. He says, why does he care what Chase has to say? Nelle says he thinks she doesn’t belong with him. One of these things is not like the others, and it’s her. Michael says, once the baby comes, things will get better; they’ll get closer. He says, why wait? Let’s get married.

Tomorrow, Finn misses Anna, Ava asks Franco to help, Alexis tells David to lawyer up, and Sam tells Jason to think for Carly.

The Real Housewives of New York City

At the spa, some of the ladies do yoga. Carole tells Dorinda that the photo has become a big deal. She thinks Ramona didn’t realize what she was posting. LuAnn joins the yoga group, saying the she-devil strikes again, invading her privacy. Now the whole world knows she’s out of rehab. She’s trying to be in her chill zone, and not let it affect her.

Carole hunts for the pool. Tinsley and Dorinda think wine is in order. Tinsley explains that Sonja is sensitive to her ex-husband’s legacy. In her interview, Dorinda says Sonja has to understand that her daughter is a Morgan; not her. Dorinda thinks she should stay in her own legacy lane. Bethenny asks if LuAnn wants her to call her publicist to help. LuAnn didn’t do anything wrong, so she wants to help her. Ramona tells Dorinda and Sonja that they always post group shots. Dorinda asks if alcohol was in the picture, but Sonja says LuAnn hasn’t even told her family yet. They look at the picture, and there’s no wine on the table.

LuAnn tells Dorinda that she has a court case coming up, there were drinks at the table, and she doesn’t need it. Dorinda says the glasses were empty, but LuAnn doesn’t need the press taking guesses about what she’s up to. Bethenny tells LuAnn to look at the crystals on the table, and let it go. In her interview, LuAnn feels like the rug was pulled out from under her. Dorinda doesn’t want it to be awkward between her and Bethenny, but Bethenny doesn’t feel safe with her. Dorinda thought they were past that. She thinks everything is okay, then it isn’t. Bethenny thinks Dorinda has the issue. Dorinda thought they got through it at Bethenny’s party. Bethenny says she’s not upset. There’s an energy going on with her, but it’s okay. In her interview, Bethenny thinks if she and Carole were fine, everyone else would relax. In her interview, Dorinda says she’s an engager, but Bethenny doesn’t engage. Bethenny tells Dorinda that she’s trying to be productive, and doesn’t want to get in a bad spot.

LuAnn and Tinsley get massages. Tinsley has a hard time relaxing when someone is telling her to, and she’s naked. LuAnn tells Tinsley that she’s not doing too bad. Now that she’s stopped drinking, her skin is better.

Ramona and Sonja also get massages. Ramona babbles about the kids, and wanting to live another forty years. Sonja sees them looking good for martinis at the diner in their old age, and I want to know what diner serves martinis. Tinsley and Carole find the tennis court. Tinsley says Scott is coming back soon. They find a maze, and Tinsley says it’s like The Shining. The gate closes by itself behind them, and they jump. Carole says Adam sent her an email, and she texted back that she was super busy, but promised to reach out. He said he hopes sooner than later. In her interview, Carole says she has better boundaries than Adam, and wants to focus on work. Carole doesn’t think everyone is as relaxed as she is. Tinsley says, no more couples’ massages. She’s saving that for Scott.

Bethenny tells LuAnn they’ve never been on a trip without partying every night. She asks if LuAnn is nervous about going back into the jungle. LuAnn feels better equipped now. She’s going to AA meetings, and doesn’t feel so alone.

Carole hopes LuAnn is okay about the picture. Tinsley says she seems more relaxed, and Carole says she’s more self-aware. In her interview, Carole says she wants to go to rehab; it sounds like heaven. I know what she means. There’s a late-night ad here for a local one that looks fabulous and relaxing. I keep wondering how I can lie my way in. Tinsley tells Carole about trying on wedding dresses just for fun. Oddly, Carole gets it. Tinsley says her mother is going to be the death of her.

LuAnn says Ramona hurt her about trying to get an invite to Tom’s party on the boat. Bethenny remarks that he said no, and thinks it’s embarrassing. LuAnn says, nothing embarrasses Ramona. Bethenny she associates with Tom, and has drinks with him. LuAnn asks what she’s talking about, and Bethenny says they had drinks at the Regency.  In her interview, LuAnn says there are so many guys to choose from, and Ramona is an idiot. Bethenny tells her not to get worked up, and LuAnn says it makes her want to smoke, but this too, shall pass.

It’s dinnertime. Everyone plays non-musical chairs. LuAnn and Carole try non-alcoholic beer, Tinsley says her head hurts from wearing braids, and the oysters look amazing. Bethenny asks if Tinsley is getting engaged. The place where Bethenny got her wedding dress told her Tinsley had been trying them on. Tinsley says it wasn’t real. If she does get married, it will be custom-made, and they’ll know if she’s engaged. Sonja is superstitious, saying she wouldn’t try one on unless she was engaged. In her interview, Bethenny says she kept hers to paint in. She says it’s like trying out coffins, and Tinsley doesn’t find it funny. She thinks Bethenny is being negative, but Bethenny explains she meant it was jumping the gun. She wasn’t comparing marriage to death. They start getting louder and argue. In her interview, Carole says she and Bethenny looked at rings when Bethenny had been dating for only two weeks.

Dorinda brings up Sonja’s family crest again, saying if she was going to her family home, it wouldn’t be in Scotland. Sonja can’t believe she cares. In her interview, Sonja talks about being bullied in school because kids were jealous of her, and how she punched a kid out. Dorinda gets up, and her hands start flying around. And she hasn’t even had a martini. The waitress looks nervous, and I can’t believe these women never care about the other diners. Bethenny asks why Dorinda cares, and Dorinda tells her to stay out of it. Sonja says every time they have a dinner, Dorinda puts her nose in Sonja’s family. We flash back to some of that. In her interview, LuAnn says Dorinda needs to give Sonja a break. Carole says maybe it’s a little pretentious. Dorinda leaves the table, and Carole tells LuAnn, welcome back. Dorinda returns and apologizes, saying she won’t bring it up again. She’s proud of Sonja’s progress. She’s staying in the present, and has many achievements of her own. Bethenny asks what Dorinda is doing. It’s like she’s some kind of authority. In her interview, Bethenny says Dorinda spends 30% of every dining and alcohol experience slurring inaudible insults. Ramona asks LuAnn if she missed them.

LuAnn says, now that she brought it up, the picture Ramona posted caused a problem. Ramona says LuAnn tweeted about being back. LuAnn says that was afterward; she had to say something. Ramona says she didn’t get the memo, and LuAnn says she didn’t get memo that she shouldn’t call Tom either; it’s hurtful. Now she’s the talk of the town again. Bethenny explains to Ramona what she’s done, and the light bulb comes on. LuAnn accuses Ramona of smirking, and says it’s not funny. She needs to be more respectful and thoughtful of her friends. Sonja says this trip was supposed to help LuAnn’s transition. Ramona gets teary, and in her interview, Sonja says, here it comes. Ramona’s crocodile tears. Ramona says she understands; she made a huge mistake, and opened up a can of worms. LuAnn tells her having drinks with Tom is not cool. Most people would never talk to her again. In her interview, Ramona insists it’s just that they travel in the same circle, and she can’t kill him. LuAnn says she’s the lowest of the low. Ramona admits to being socially inept. Tinsley says she’d never go for drinks with Tom. Ramona says she was having drinks with Harry, and Tom was there. In her interview, LuAnn says Harry is her big excuse? Whether it’s Tom, Dick, or Harry, they all live in the same penthouse. Dorinda says Harry said bad things about LuAnn, and LuAnn says Ramona doesn’t have her best interests at heart. She leaves, and in her interview, Ramona says if she didn’t talk to any of the men LuAnn has been with, it wouldn’t leave any. Dorinda tells the waiter they’d like some therapy.

There’s yet another huge spread back at the cottage, and Sonja and Ramona go nuts over the banana bread. In her interview, Sonja calls Ramona a lunatic, since she was just crying a minute ago. Carole tells LuAnn they’re back. LuAnn says she couldn’t look at Ramona anymore. Carole says she did the right thing. In her interview, Carole says everyone is making mistakes around LuAnn. She doesn’t think it’s malicious, but having said that, Ramona should not be drinking with Tom. LuAnn tells Carole that Ramona keeps doing hurtful things, and instead of sincere remorse, she was smirking. Carole thinks she and Ramona need a friendship break.

Ramona tells Sonja that she has a problem when she feels attacked. Even if the person is right, she gets defensive. Bethenny says she’s not being honest to herself in the moment, and Ramona admits it’s immature. In her interview, Ramona says her father was verbally abusive, and she doesn’t know how to react. Dorinda says her intentions are good, but her application sucks.

Carole tells LuAnn it’s a good change, and by next year, she’ll be grateful. LuAnn says she’s grateful already. She doesn’t like that it took an arrest, but she wasn’t heading in great direction. In her interview, Carole says jail is anybody’s wake-up call, and LuAnn is using it to set her life on the right path. Bethenny tells Tinsley she’s going shopping for a divorce dress. Tinsley laughs, and Ramona says, next time, he’s paying Bethenny.

LuAnn tries to wake up Bethenny and Sonja for yoga. She wonders if Dorinda is mad at her for not defending her. Bethenny says Dorinda wants to skate, but realizes she’s looking judgmental.

Dorinda tells Carole that LuAnn wasn’t sticking up for her. Carole suggest maybe she didn’t want to seem hypocritical because of the Countess thing. She thinks Dorinda should drop it. LuAnn tells Bethenny and Sonja that when they go to a restaurant, they should put up sign that says, caution: wild animals. LuAnn decides on a private yoga session. Sonja feels reborn, and Bethenny says she killed it. It feels like she passed a gallstone. Dorinda has been checked.

Tinsley tells Ramona she feels overwhelmed and exhausted from dinner. Ramona says she was shaking. She’s embarrassed. She should have been more sensitive, but she’s a work in progress. Ugh. That excuse.

Everyone gets ready to leave the spa. Ramona wants to talk to LuAnn, and Dorinda tells her no excuses; just say she’s sorry. Ramona knocks on LuAnn’s door. She says she texted LuAnn last night. LuAnn says she got the text, but doesn’t want to do this right now. Ramona still continues to talk about how she showed poor judgement. LuAnn practically has to shove her out the door. Ramona tells the others that LuAnn isn’t in the mood, but got her text. Dorinda thinks by Friday, all will be fine. She jokes about going drinking with LuAnn by then, but Carole says, hashtag too soon.

In her interview, LuAnn says this was the first stepping stone. She knows not drinking with them is okay. New York will be another hurdle.

This season, speed dating, LuAnn’s cabaret, Sonja has a wardrobe malfunction, a trip to Mexico, fabulous earrings, Dorinda insults LuAnn, Bethenny says it’s the worst vacation ever, and the boat ride from hell.

Below Deck Mediterranean

It’s the third day in Capri. João docks the boat. Conrad says he’s blowing so much smoke up Captain Sandy’s ass, he’s like a steam train. He hopes this doesn’t make João’s head any bigger. João says he’s living the dream.

Breakfast happens. My favorite meal. Brooke says Kasey trying. Hannah says, too bad. She was looking forward to firing her. In her interview, Hannah says that dating on boats usually ends Titanic style, but thinks Conrad is worth the risk. The guests begin to pack. Colin says his underpants are pinching his boys. Really. He said that. Everyone gets into their whites. Captain Sandy is proud of Kasey. Adam tells the guests that they were like a breath of fresh air. Derrek says it was the trip of a lifetime, and gives the captain a fat envelope.

And it’s tip time. The captain says Kasey’s work ethic has come up a few notches, and everyone applauds. She says the deck crew’s attitude was spot on. Hannah says the interior is getting there. The tip is $21K or 1480 euros a person. Everyone has champagne.

Captain Sandy asks if Hannah isn’t happy with the interior. She says she’s frustrated, and couldn’t believe Kasey got rounds of applause. The captain says she’s not having a conversation about Kasey’s resume again. You can’t tear someone down and expect a good job. She sees Kasey’s good attitude, and she’s giving 100%. Brooke asks João if he and Hannah are getting on any better. He says she undermines people. She has a bully personality. In his interview, João says he’s not intimidated by Hannah. Brooke says everyone thinks João is a d*ck, but she’ trying to see it from both sides. He says he’s just there to have a good time.

Hannah tells Kasey that she’s tired, stressed, and working hard. She needs to see initiative. Kasey says she’s trying her best. Hannah says she can’t hold Kasey’s hand through everything. Kasey suggests more communication, and Hannah tells her to look around. She didn’t spend this many years in yachting to be an effing work bitch. In her interview, Hannah says she needs to concentrate on other things. She doesn’t have time to teach ironing, and needs more support.

Everyone gets ready to roll out for the evening. Hannah asks if João has crush on Kasey. He can’t exactly say yes, but yes. Adam says he’s never eaten at a Michelin star restaurant, even though he’s served at one. He takes pictures of the menu, and asks the waiter questions about lobster. He wonders why his chief stew doesn’t know as much as the waiter. Maybe because that’s the waiter’s only job, and the chief stew wears many hats? He says he loves watching professionals do their job. He tells Hannah that she doesn’t seem happy. She says she wasn’t. The food comes, and Adam says everything is done perfectly, and it looks damn good. Everything is so good, it’s making him feel like a sh*tty chef.

João asks if Hannah can’t just be nice. She’s not into clinking glasses, and he tells her, cheers. He hopes it goes down with nails. She’s like, what? and he says she didn’t cheers him properly. She calls him a psycho. Conrad and Hannah go on cigarette break. Adam says they can’t have a single night out without an argument between them, and we flash back to some of that. They don’t like to be challenged, but like to challenge.

Conrad tells Hannah that João shouldn’t speak to women like that. Hannah says she didn’t do anything to him; he’s effing psychotic. Conrad doesn’t like how he talks to her. In his interview, Conrad says João has no filter. Hannah and Conrad kiss. Back at the table, Jamie asks Kasey if she wants to bring herself into something with João. Kasey says she likes him, but he failed the test. They bring out some weird lollipops for dessert. Seriously, I want to know what those are. Hannah tells Brooke about what João said. He’s sitting across from her, and squeezes a wine glass so hard that it shatters all over. There’s a stunned moment. Maybe he is psychotic, or related to Ramona or LisaR.

He says, his bad. Hannah says she thinks they’re done, and asks for the bill. Adam says it couldn’t have happened at the last place they were at, instead of the nicest meal of his life. Yeah, I know the feeling. Hannah says João is psychotic. Brooke wants to know where she and João stand, because maybe she’s psychotic. She doesn’t like bullsh*t. In her interview, Kasey says if you want her, don’t flirt with anyone else. Sounds reasonable. In his interview, João says he doesn’t want to get hurt. Kasey asks again where they stand, but he won’t say. I know it’s slim pickin’s on the yacht, but what is wrong with these girls?

On to the club. Adam tells Kasey not to let Hannah get to her. It doesn’t matter what she thinks, and that’s why she’s pissed off. João dances with Brooke, and they have shots. In her interview, Brooke says when she gets drunk, she gets more drawn to João. In her interview, Kasey says she can’t keep up with João. Brooke starts to fall asleep, and some of the crew take pictures with them gathered around her. João says it’s wrong, and takes Hannah’s phone out of her hand. She says insulting women is okay, but not taking a funny picture. João tells her go away, and she starts calling him names, and telling him to get out of her face. So many words are bleeped, I don’t even know what they’re saying. Conrad tells João to respect women, and calls him a pr*ck. João he says they’re unreal. In his interview, Conrad says no one should be spoken to like that, especially a bloke speaking to a woman.

They manage to get Brooke to the car. In her interview, Kasey says her last relationship was eight years ago. He cheated on her, so she’s guarded now. She wants someone to prove themselves and fight for her. Conrad and Hannah get Brooke back to her room. Then go to bed with each other, on the top bunk. I’d love to take a trip on a yacht, but I wouldn’t want to work on one. The quarters are just a little close.

Kasey says she’s trying to prove she belongs here. She tells Brooke about the photo op, and how João was acting stupid. In her interview, Brooke is glad João was sticking up for her in his own way. She he’s a gentleman. Really? We must have different definitions of that. Hannah asks João what his issue is with her. He thinks they just don’t get along. She thinks there’s something weird with him, when he does things like calling her a slut. He looks like a d*ck in front of the crew. He says her advice means nothing to him, and in her interview, Hannah says he can’t be reasoned with. They agree to stay away from each other. Good luck with that.

Conrad says João’s behavior is unacceptable, but as his boss, he has to be professional. There’s a preference sheet meeting, and the next primary guests are Josh and Cindy, who are celebrating their tenth anniversary. They’re self-proclaimed foodies, and Adam has never felt more inspired to make sure they’re blown away. They want the slide, and to jump from the highest part of the yacht. João and Brooke decide they’re similar. Brooke says she can’t flirt as well when she’s drunk. Yes. You have to be awake for that. The provisions arrive. Hannah tells Adam she has an upcoming date with Conrad. In his interview, Adam says she looks like him in Croatia; a bit distracted. Kasey asks João if he’s hungover. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be part of a triangle. He says he’s too hungover to talk, and she says that’s just an excuse.

Hannah says it’s been over five years since she’s been excited about a first date. In her interview, she say all the male figures in her life left her, and she closes down and pulls back. She’s a psycho commitment phobic bitch. She and Conrad go ashore. They go to a restaurant. It’ outdoor seating, and they order a bottle of wine and some food. In his interview, Conrad says he doesn’t like to give too much away to women, and get emotionally attached. He thinks with Hannah, it will be different.

Brooke wonders if Conrad and Hannah are sleeping together tonight. Hannah asks Conrad about their age difference. In his interview, he says he likes a cougar, although I don’t know if I’d classify Hannah as one. She says they’re at different stages of their lives, and he says he he likes it. In her interview, Hannah says she wants to get married and have a baby. He doesn’t just want to get drunk, and looks after her. He’s nice and sweet. They kiss. On their way back, they see fireworks. Literally. The other kind don’t happen until they’re back on the boat.

Adam asks for meeting with service. He wants to make sure they’re on the same page. He’ll be writing the menu out, and it will be on display. They’ll know if somebody doesn’t want something in advance, and if there’s a problem with that, they can speak to the chef. He wants to make sure everyone is accommodated and not overwork anyone. In her interview, Hannah thinks he has a lot of nerve telling the interior what to do.

The new guests arrive. I find out the boat is called the Talisman. I either didn’t know or forgot. Hannah gives the tour. Josh says they’re not in Kansas anymore. Cindy and her friends lounge on the upper deck, and ask for gumballs. When Brooke goes to get them, one of them says they’d better not be white. It’s the only color she doesn’t like. Who is she? Mariah Carey? Sure enough, they’re white, and Brooke goes back to see if they have other colors. Hannah says if they wanted a specific color, it should have been on the preference sheet. In her interview, she says she’s had a lot of strange requests, from hookers to nuts she’s had to fly in, but never gumballs. The white gumball hater says she was going to put it on the sheet, but thought it would make her look like an a-hole. Well, what do you think you look like now? Amazingly, Hannah finds some. One of the guests announces that gumballs make them happy.

The yacht shoves off, and the deckhands get the water toys ready. Adam prepares lunch. In her interview, Hannah says she’s not going out of her way to make Kasey’s life a living hell, but she has to prove herself. She’s still hung up on the resume thing.

There’s a tremendous spread for lunch. Adam says he’s got to put a face to the food, and comes upstairs. He explains all the dishes, and Josh pronounces it fantastic. Hannah tells Brooke that she doesn’t like João. Brooke says, sorry, but she doesn’t not not like him [sic]. In her interview, Hannah wishes she’d stay awake to see what a d-bag he is, but she’s big enough to look out for herself. Brooke asks if Hannah minds, and Hannah says she doesn’t give a flying what Brooke thinks. Brooke says, awkward.

Lunch is over, and it’s slide time. I’d want a nap after all that. A few guests jump from up top. Jamie thinks Colin has a thing for Brooke after he shows her a picture of the two of them. She thinks they’d be perfect. Better than Brook and João. I don’t particularly like Hannah much, but I really don’t like João. The guests move on to the hot tub, and ask who Kasey thinks is cute. She says João, and if I could, I’d leave the room.

Hannah meets Conrad for a smoke. Captain Sandy says they need to think of it logistically, and have more discretion. They’re senior crew; act like it. Adam is disappointed that the guests just want one course for dinner. He’s making sea bass, with a lot of wonderful sides. Adam is pleased that Hannah is finally communicating, and thinks he’s gotten through. He decides to go up and explain the dishes himself. One guest is busy with her hair for ten hours, and keeps everyone waiting. Somebody says it’s been a rough day of fabulous. Hair-do guest finally makes it to the table. Another one says she needs food now. Maybe it’s Cindy. Josh goes down to the galley and asks if it’s coming. Hannah says, it’s on its way. Josh just stands there for a minute, staring at Adam trying to plate the food, and says they’re fading upstairs. Hannah says she wasn’t sure when the last guest was coming. Adam is like, screw communicating.

Next time, there’s blatant chemistry between João and Brooke, Captain Sandy calls out Conrad, and we’re still stuck with the gumball guests.

🍜 On MasterChef, the mystery ingredient was walnuts. Cesar won the challenge, although I missed just what his winning dish was because I was feeding my dogs. Alexi Lalas made an appearance, and Cesar got to pick a dish for the elimination challenge out of several considered favorite soccer game foods. He chose churros with chocolate sauce, thinking the other contestants would be over-confident. Alecia was put on notice for showboating, and Aaron called her a disappointment when her churros were too sugary to be edible. Samantha wept about her lack of experience, but Gordon appreciated her determination. Matt was the only one who did everything right. It was down to Alecia and Bowen, who had double-fried his churros. Apparently, this works well in Chinese cooking, but not so much Mexican.  He was still deemed to have potential, and Alecia was out. Aaron told her that she was well on her way. She felt like she let him down, but met kick-ass people, and learned a lot. She’s going to keep reaching for it, and said she’s still a winner. I like when they leave graciously. Next time, a wedding.

🍴 Gordon took on the Brownstone Bistro in LA on 24 Hours to Hell and Back. Executive chef Clyde had bought the restaurant five years ago, and started off thriving. Sadly, his son was shot, almost right in front of him, and things went downhill. He didn’t want to lose his lazy-ass employees, because he couldn’t do more for his son, and wanted to be supportive. His manager said his kindness was being taken as weakness, although she wasn’t much better. Gordon took them to the heart of his operation, Hell on Wheels, where he showed them the secret camera films of themselves being idiots. The place was also incredibly filthy. Gordon chewed the manager out for thinking it was funny, although later encouraged her, saying she could be a great boss. One employee walked out when he realized he’d actually have to start working, but everyone else got it together. As usual, the restaurant’s décor was revamped, and Gordon included a blessing tree, in honor of Clyde’s son. At the re-opening, some chicken was nearly served raw, and we learned the rule, if it’s not ready, don’t send it out. The LA Times food critic said she couldn’t believe they did it in 24-hours. His work done, Gordon disappeared into the night. Next week, a restaurant serves frozen lasagna. Enough said. I can get a decent one at Trader Joe’s for two bucks.

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June 20, 2018 – Ava Smacks David, a Spa Weekend for LuAnn, Gordon Times Two & Summer


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Oscar asks Josslyn how he looks with a French fry mustache, but doesn’t get much of a response. Josslyn is distracted. She hates that her mom is in that place. She gets that her mom needs treatment, but she was supposed to go to Shadybrook, which is like rehab, but instead, she’s in Ferncliff, which is worse than prison. If she keeps talking about it, she’ll go crazy too. She asks how Oscar liked staying with his dad. He says he liked everything, except his mom being on an overnight with Julian.

Julian and Kim arrive back at Charlie’s. Kim asks if Julian is glad to be back. He says he’ll be better after he checks for ticks. Kim thinks did a thorough job. They kiss, and she tells him to admit he likes great outdoors. He says it was the company. He can’t imagine any better camping company. His phone rings, and Kim takes the opportunity to call Oscar. Alexis tells Julian that she’s been trying to reach him; they need to talk. He tells her that he’s at Charlie’s, and Alexis says she’ll be right there.

At the hospital, David sees Alexis. He tells her that he could use a hero right about now. I don’t think I’d be jumping the gun in saying he’s barking up the wrong tree.

At the Floating Rib, Kiki gets a text from Ava saying that she and Griff are worried. Griff appears.

Ava surprises Nelle on the Quartermaine’s terrace. Nelle says she didn’t hear Ava, and Ava hopes she’s catching up on the gallery work piled up since her convalescence began. We see she’s looking at a newspaper article about Chase from the Palm Beach Press.

At the PCPD, Michael tells Chase that Nelle says he’s stalking her. Is he? Chase asks if that’s what Nelle told him. Michael says, amongst other things. Chase says she’s quite the storyteller, amongst other things.

Nelle tells Ava that she’s busy. It’s personal. Ava asks if her return is imminent, or is she still enjoying her victory lap?

Doc tells Carly the only room available is in super max. She’ll be moved to the main wing as soon as a bed is available. She thanks him. Doc sees Jason, and whispers his name. Doc tells him this is not a good idea. Mary Pat wanders over to introduce them, and asks if they’re already acquainted.

Kim sits with Oscar at Charlie’s. She asks what Drew fed him, and if he’s got scurvy. Oscar correctly says it would take more than a day to get scurvy. She asks if he got his paper done. He asks her to define done, and she asks him to define grounded. Josslyn gets weepy, and says it’s getting late. She runs outside, and drops a cannister of pepper spray. She looks at it with tears in her eyes. Kim comes out, and asks if she got something in her eye. She says her mom gave it to her.

Mary Pat asks if Doc knows the new employee. Doc tells her that he could say that. He practices at GH, and Jason’s last job was there. Mary Pat says she forgot he was on staff there. She says he works so many hours, possibly a second job is unfair to everyone. He could overextend himself, and leave others to pick up the slack.

David tells Alexis that they need to catch up, but she says she has to be somewhere. He says he has something up more than a friendly meeting in mind. He’s in a legal jam, and would like to use her services. She asks what kind of jam. He says word is going around that he’s the ogre in Kiki’s story. It’s not true, but rumors are taking their toll, and he wants to be ready for a defamation case, if it comes to that. Alexis says his career will be dead and buried by then, and as Kiki’s attorney, she’ll be wielding the shovel.

Griff asks to sit down with Kiki. He’s glad to see her out and about. He can’t imagine what it’s like with her picture and name on the front page. She says she’s being trolled in the comments section and on Twitter. She thinks she’s clearly not his first target. She’s hoping someone corroborates her story, but so far, it’s been silence. Maybe she is the only one.

Nelle tells Ava not to pretend to be worried about Carly. She’s reaping the rewards. Sonny’s attention is divided, and Carly isn’t there to meddle with her Avery time. Ava says she wouldn’t wish Ferncliff on her worst enemy. Nelle says Ava should be thanking her. She’s enjoying the fruits of her labor without lifting a finger. Ava tells her not to get too cocky. Her scheme could unravel as easily as a handmade baby blanket.

Michael doesn’t want Chase’s opinion; he wants Chase to leave Nelle alone. Chase tells Michael that he kept his distance, but they were bound to cross paths. He doesn’t know how much she told him about her fiancé dying. Michael says it was an accident, and Chase tells him the case is cold, not closed.  Dante joins them and asks what’s up. Michael says Chase claims that he’s investigating Nelle for the death of her fiancé, but Nelle claims he’s stalking her. Michael asks why Dante didn’t tell him Chase had a history with Nelle, and then realizes Dante didn’t know.

Dante asks if Chase came to Port Charles to follow Nelle. Chase says the same reason he went to Maine and Florida, to enforce the law. Michael says he followed Nelle, and asks if the law doesn’t frown on detectives sleeping with suspects. Chase explains that he pursued the case. He believed in Nelle’s innocence, and she played on that. Then there was an anonymous tip that he was involved with a suspect. He was reprimanded, his career derailed, and the case dried up, as Nelle intended.

Ava tells Nelle that she’s not out of woods yet. The blanket is still out there with God knows what else. She’s sly, but not as brilliant as she thinks. Nelle says, if only Ava hadn’t taken that picture. She wouldn’t want Dr. Priestly to find out she was snooping. This actually caused me to pause for a second, wondering if that was Griff’s last name, then realizing it was a joke. I feel stupid. Ava says Nelle can delete it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t in the cloud or out there somewhere else. She has no way of knowing. While she’d like to accommodate Nelle, she’s going to hold on to her security blanket for the time being. Nelle says she’ll hold on to the photo for the time being.

Griff tells Kiki it’s too soon to throw in the towel. Someone could still come forward. Kiki says she’s in a counter intuitive position, hoping another woman has been harassed. Kiki’s concerned that she really has no say. Griff daydreams about being with her in bed. Kiki says maybe she made a mistake after all, leaning on him.

Josslyn tells Kim that her mom gave her the pepper spray for protection, in case she got locked up. Kim knows that there are scary misconceptions about mental hospitals, but she did a rotation in one. Josslyn asks if it was the same place Carly is in, but Kim says, no. She says Josslyn’s mom will be fine. She’ll get the help she needs, and come home. I don’t hear what Josslyn says, but she jets.

Oscar looks at an arrowhead Julian brought back, and says it looks like a stone; good for skipping, not hunting. He asks Julian if he has a hickey, and Julian says it’s a mosquito bite. They made a feast out of him. he doesn’t know how Oscar stands it. Oscar says some people are born campers; some should just stay home.

David is shocked that Alexis is representing Kiki against him because they’re friends. She says she’s Kiki’s attorney now. He says she had him over for Thanksgiving; they dated. She says that should have been her first clue. It’s been pointed out she has bad judgement when it comes to men. David says the hospital found Kiki’s claims to be without merit. Alexis says it’s in their best interest not to find fault.

No, no, no! There’s a special report, because the news can never wait until it’s time for the news, forty minutes from now. I fill the next part in using my interweb powers.

David thought Alexis knew him, and she says she’s been wrong about a lot of people. In this case, she’s right, but wishes she weren’t. She walks away, and David looks grim.

Julian tells Oscar there’s a first time for everything. Oscar says now that he’s done it, he never has to do it again. Julian says he’d be a quitter, and Oscar says, quitting has a bad rap. There’s no harm in knowing your limitations. Julian says, but there’s glory in defying them. He doesn’t scare easy. Kim and Alexis walk in, and are both surprised to see Julian and Oscar talking. Alexis thought they didn’t get along, but Kim says that hasn’t really been tested. Alexis is shocked Julian goes camping.

Griff tells Kiki that he’s willing to keep his distance, but why deprive herself of the support of a friend? They made one mistake. Kiki says and won’t repeat it. It’s enough to blow up everything between him and her mom, not to mention her and her mom. She’s been jealous of their friendship from the beginning. She can’t do this with him, as much as she wants him there.

Mary Pat tells Doc the rest of the staff are full time, and see all that goes on when he’s away. Jasper grabs Carly’s arm, and says it’s time for her rest. Doc tells him to let her go. He’d like a few minutes alone with his patient. Mary Pat says, it’s vital that they adhere to a schedule. It’s order for their disorders minds. Doc says, the key to recovery isn’t prioritizing what’s on one’s schedule, but scheduling one’s priorities. I’ll have to think about that one. He tells Mary Pat that he’s Caroline’s doctor, and has the best handle on that. Mary Pat says she doesn’t want a half-cleaned room, so he’ll have to tolerate Jason’s presence. Doc says, if he must. The patients get rounded up, except for Carly. Carly tells Jason she’s glad he’s there. Doc says, too bad he can’t stay.

Nelle asks if Ava came over to remind her that she’s indebted. Ava asks if she’s seen the news. Nelle asks what Ava did now, but Ava says there’s a profile on what her daughter endured at GH. She had a bright future, and now it’s uncertain. It reminded her how you can lose everything you’ve gained. Carly’s absence benefits her now, but if there’s one iota of evidence that could set her free, Nelle needs to get rid of it. She leaves, and Nelle takes the bottle of Morgan’s cologne out of her bag. Josslyn comes in, saying she came to talk to Nelle. Josslyn says Morgan once spent time in hospital because he was bi-polar. She went to visit, and it wasn’t scary. She asks what it was like for Nelle, and Nelle wonders if she’s asking because of her mom.

Michael says Chase slept with a murder suspect. Now he made detective, and took a job in Port Charles in his quest to resume holding a badge over Nelle’s head, like he did in Florida. Chase says the only thing he wants is a confession. Michael asks what evidence he has that Nelle killed Zack. Chase says cases like this can develop over a long stretch. Michael tells him to take the rest of his life, but develop away from Nelle and their baby. Chase has some friendly advice – don’t kayak with Nelle, or ever.

Ava sees David at the hospital, telling him that he’s a hard man to find. She asks if he’s not getting her messages about the artwork. She has some things that would suit his taste, and says he should make an appointment. He says he’s rather busy. She says she’s flexible, but he says he was being polite; he can’t patronize her business. She says she’s sorry to hear that, and asks, why? He suggests she ask her daughter. Ava says, it’s you. You’re the one who’s been harassing my daughter.

Julian tells Alexis that he was showing Oscar an arrowhead, and she asks if he’s sure it’s not just rock. She can’t believe he was camping without room service. She says she has an urgent need for his help with something. She needs for him to go to therapy with her.

Oscar tells Kim that Julian is a grown man, and he’s just a kid. How much of a hard time could he give him?

Nelle tells Josslyn that it was scary at first, but she got used to it. She was sick, and needed help. She couldn’t get better on her own. She got the help she needed, but she was in control, and could change hospitals if she wanted to. It’s not the same for her mom, but a good doctor will help her regain some control, even if it’s not up to her. Josslyn wonders how long she’ll have to stay, when Michael brings in a package for Nelle. She says she wasn’t expecting anything, and takes out a T-shirt. She says it’s from a bar she went to in Florida with Chase.

Dante asks if Chase is stalking anyone else close to him. Chase says, sorry, and Dante says, for stalking Nelle or being an obsessed rookie. Chase says he’s not stalking Nelle; she tainted the case. Dante says failure to report it to the department opens them up to a lawsuit. Chase says he disclosed it to the commissioner during his interview, and he was hired anyway. Dante bets she doesn’t know the suspect was Nelle. They never would have been partnered. Chase says Dante has been openly hostile to him, and his father runs half the town along with Michael. How could he trust him?

And here’s where we came back in real time. To some commercials. <sigh>

Jason thinks he has the perfect cover, but Doc isn’t. Jason asks why Doc didn’t tell him he was on the staff, and Doc says he didn’t think it was relevant. He thought Carly was going to be at Shadybrook. It’s a good thing he’s going to be there, or who knows what meds they’d give Carly. Doc tells Jason that he has to quit – today.

More commercials. What?

Nelle says, it’s already starting. Chase is sending her a message. She takes out a note that says, hey, Janelle, remember when? C. Josslyn asks what the problem is, and Michael says it’s no problem he can’t handle. Josslyn says obviously something is going on they don’t want her to know about. She tells Nelle to give the baby a virtual hug from her and her mom.

Dante asks Chase what the plan is. Chase tells him not to trust Nelle. Another department ended up with the case, and she got away with murder. Dante suggests he might have wanted to get Michael to break up with her.

Jason tells Doc that Carly is there on her own, and he’s in the perfect position to keep an eye on her. Carly says Mary Pat is a psycho. Doc says he’s not beholding to her whims. Jason gained access to the facility under an assumed name. If they find out, things be much worse for Carly.

Ava tells David to admit what he did. David says he provided Kiki with knowledge and guidance. Ava says, and unwanted advances. When he came to the gallery, he wanted to tell her that Kiki might make up lies to cover her poor performance. Ava says her daughter is not a liar. David looks forward to suing her for slander. Ava says his reputation will be in tatters when she’s done. He says he’s not the one who came on to Kiki; she came on to him. Ava slaps him, just as Kiki and Griff show up. David says, like mother like daughter. Griff tells him to leave now. David says, they’re all his.

Julian asks if Alexis means like couples therapy. Alexis says they’re not a couple; the therapy is for her. He’d be a guest star. He’s not sure he understands. She says they have an issue, and it was suggested she work through in a safe, neutral environment. She says it’s important. She has a lot of questions, and few answers.

Julian says he’ll think about it. He’d like to help, but she made clear they’re leading separate lives. She says they wouldn’t be talking about the present and future; strictly the past, and how it relates to hers. He asks if she means rehashing every gory detail, and she says, yes. He says, who wouldn’t agree?

Griff asks Ava if David said anything incriminating, but Ava says, no. Kiki says this is why she didn’t tell her. If she gets in trouble, it will weaken the case. She’s hired Alexis, but they need more evidence. They’re hoping the article prompts someone to come forward. Ava asks, what if it doesn’t? She needs to come up with an alternate solution. What would Victor do? Kiki says, he’s dead. No one is fighting her battle on her behalf.

Nelle tells Michael that she can’t stand Chase lurking around. She told him to back off, but he’s completely obsessed. Michael says he’s up against the two most influential families in Port Charles – on both sides of the law. She thanks him, and digs around in her bag. She says her perfume is gone.

Josslyn tries to study, but can’t concentrate. She takes the bottle of Morgan’s cologne out of her bag, and smells it. What did I miss? How did she get it?

Michael tells Nelle maybe the staff put it away; it’s just perfume. Why the big deal? She says, he’s right. She’s being ridiculous, and needs to relax. Michael suggests a bath, and she says, sounds like a plan. She goes upstairs, and Michael gets out his laptop.

Chase tells Dante that Nelle putting Carly in Ferncliff wasn’t exactly the plan, but undermining her was. Nelle wanted Michael, and Carly was the last obstacle. Nelle is good at the long game. Things don’t add up until you factor in a third party. He should have come forward sooner. The longer Nelle is on the  loose, the greater the danger.

Michael talks to Spinelli on the phone, saying it’s definitely working. Nelle is deleting her history every day. The last thing she looked up was Chase, which is no surprise. Michael sees an order form for a T-shirt from Florida. He looks over at the shirt Nelle received, and says, she had it sent to herself.

Jason tells Doc that he needs to be there to make sure Carly is okay. Carly says Mary Pat acts like it’s her kingdom. Doc says if she realizes they’re connected, he and Jason will both be out. If he’s removed, she could be held indefinitely in a haze of meds or worse. Jason needs to bow out now before he’s recognized by someone else. Jason says it’s Carly’s call. Carly says she’ll risk it. She wants him there. Jason says he’s staying.

Tomorrow, Kim tells Julian that he makes his own choices, Obrecht has score to settle with Anna, and Valentin finds someone he was looking for.

The Real Housewives of New York City

LuAnn’s dog! Two days post rehab, and Dorinda visits. She says LuAnn looks bright eyed and bushy tailed, and LuAnn says she is. She made it back, and is feeling really, really good. It was hard to leave; it was like she was in a cocoon. Exercise, therapy, acupuncture, and massage. In her interview, LuAnn says being back in New York will have its challenges. There are parties and dinners with everyone drinking. She lives a fast lifestyle, and it won’t be easy. Dorinda tells her about Grace Mayflower hotel, where they have a great spa. In her interview, Dorinda says LuAnn is slowly reentering them and society. She wants to get there early, and make sure LuAnn gets the nicest room. LuAnn says her worst room was in jail. This sounds like paradise. She’s happy to see them, but heard through the grapevine, Ramona tried to get invited to Tom’s New Year’s Eve party, which happens to be on the same boat where they held their  rehearsal dinner. What’s wrong with her? In her interview, LuAnn says it’s mind-blowing for Ramona to even consider something like that and call herself a friend. Dorinda says she’s a real slob kabob.

Bethenny picks up Sonja, calling her limo her outdoor house. Carole, Ramona, and Tinsley ride together. Carole is looking forward to seeing LuAnn, and asking her what happened. She says the worst thing to do is walk on eggshells. Ramona says she would have freaked out and been mortified. Carole says LuAnn’s dress was the real crime. Meow!

Luann tells Dorinda there will be a resolution in what they’re charging her with. Right now, it’s four felonies, which her lawyer intends to argue down. She doesn’t have to make an appearance yet. Dorinda asks if she went straight to the crime scene in Florida. LuAnn says she was staying at a friend’s house who had been a bridesmaid. The friend’s cat was driving her crazy, so she decided to go to a hotel. It didn’t seem to register didn’t register which one it was. In her interview, she admits her decisions were not of those of a clear mind. She was drinking her emotions away, and self-sabotaging. When the cops came, she hid in the bathroom like a child. In her interview, Dorinda says the only correct response to a cop is, say you’re sorry, agree with them, and start crying. LuAnn says she was being rambunctious, and met up with a polo player. She pushed the wrong floor, and ended up in the wrong room, where they started kissing. Security came, and her date went to find a mutual friend. By the time he came back, she was in handcuffs. She didn’t sleep the entire night, an was in a sundress with no shoes. They threw her a bologna sandwich. She says the last time she had one was probably forty years ago. She took a big bite, and inside was the mustard packet. Omg, I’m dying. She’s even laughing. She says it was hanging out of her mouth like a dead fish, and she was pathetic. Dorinda says it must feel hopeless if you don’t have he resources to deal with it, and get stuck in the system. LuAnn says they put shackles on her in the courtroom. Dorinda wonders why it was necessary, and LuAnn suggest it’s because she tried to slip out of the handcuffs. Oh man, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I too know what its like to get stuck in the system. Not that particular one, thank God, but close, and we’ll leave it at that. A story for another time.

Dorinda and LuAnn arrive.The cottage is a humongous six-bedroom house. LuAnn asks for sparkling water, and Dorinda suggests adding pink dye. LuAnn insists she’s fine. She’s past that point, and feels strong in her commitment to not drink for now. She wants to chill and be Zen.

Bethenny is looking forward to the spa aspect, and hasn’t thought about the LuAnn aspect yet. It doesn’t feel right not riding with Carole though. Anything that’s upset her, is something she heard from someone else, and the someone else Is Dorinda. It’s like a wound she kept pouring salt into. There’s something about Bethenny that Dorinda isn’t into, but Bethenny is into going to the spa.

Dorinda greets everyone wearing a huge fur hat. Bethenny brought detox gift bags. LuAnn says she was on the hamster wheel. Her drinking worked, making her feel better until it made her feel worse. She had a major lesson in humility. Bethenny doesn’t think the Countess has fallen that far. Once she got to know LuAnn, she realized the emperor had no clothes. We flash back to some Countess moments. Bethenny says the last person to realize she wasn’t such a countess was the Countess. LuAnn says she’s inspired Dorinda to drink less, and Sonja says they’ve all been headed in this direction – getting healthier, not locked up. Bethenny wants to get her room, but Dorinda thinks they should wait for the others. In her interview, Bethenny says Dorinda wants to be her boss. Dorinda says someone is going to have to share, and Bethenny volunteers. In her interview, Dorinda says she feels like her friendship with Bethenny is like the weather report. Does she carry an umbrella or put on a bathing suit? Sonja stares into LuAnn’s soul, and they hug. Sonja tells LuAnn that she’d gotten an invitation to Tom’s party. Sonja says she and Tom are friends, but she’s there for LuAnn, and he knows it. She tells LuAnn that Ramona wasn’t invited, but called him to try to get on the guest list. Dorinda says for her, it’s just a party, but it’s very uncool. Sonja says Ramona wouldn’t miss the opening of an envelope. LuAnn says Ramona was texting her support the whole time. She needs to confirm it, but believes it 100%.

The others arrive. Carole is a little nervous. LuAnn looks good, and seems in good spirits, so that immediately makes her feel better. Ramona says LuAnn gets the best room, and is the princess for the weekend. LuAnn asks how Ramona’s holidays were, but she doesn’t say anything about Tom’s party. In her interview, LuAnn says she’d respect Ramona more if she’d come out and tell her. Bethenny went to Aspen, and LuAnn says everyone’s holidays were better than hers. Tinsley wants to know how she got out of the handcuffs. LuAnn says she was in disbelief that she was being arrested for intoxication, and she was getting out of there. She tells the story again, adding she thinks the maid got security. The polo player even asked if that was her Blackberry, and she said, of course. She doesn’t have a Blackberry. They make plans to meet for dinner, and everyone steals fruit for their room. Bethenny says it’s a hard reentry for LuAnn, with NYC and the group.

Carole asks Tinsley what she thinks. She wonders if LuAnn is doing too great, and doesn’t know what she’s talking about, getting the felonies dropped to misdemeanors. In her interview, Tinsley says because of this, her mugshot keeps popping up again in searches. Thanks, LuAnn. The girls end up in LuAnn’s room, and Carole asks if she remembers how to order in a restaurant. Ramona crashes the party, and is thrilled everyone is happy. She’s proud of LuAnn, and says it’s about friendships; it’s what sustains them, and makes life more full. In her interview, LuAnn says, tell her again how girlfriends treat each other, all the time knowing what was done behind her back.

The group gets a private dining room. Ramona asks the server to take photos. In her interview, LuAnn says she doesn’t expect the others not to not to drink, and it’s a good test of her strength. They talk nonsense, about who plays music when getting busy. Carole jokes that she likes the television on. LuAnn tells Bethenny about Ramona looking for an invite to Tom’s party, and Bethenny says that’s effed up. LuAnn says it was on the boat where they got married. Ramona finally pays attention, and says she was the guest of a friend who wanted to go. In her interview, she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. She knows who he is, and accepts it. Bethenny asks if she texted LuAnn, saying if it was Mario, she’d let Ramona know. In her interview, Ramona doesn’t understand why they’re so upset. LuAnn knew she was dating Tom, and dated him behind her back. We flash back to Tom trying to distance himself from Ramona after the engagement. She insists she didn’t want to go. In her interview, LuAnn says Ramona has FOMO. We find out that Tom told Ramona that he was over his limit. LuAnn says that’s what FOMOs do. They put themselves first. Bethenny says LuAnn got married on that boat. Ramona says she wasn’t even invited; let’s call a spade a spade. I call it getting back at LuAnn because she wasn’t invited.

LuAnn says Ramona makes Benedict Arnold look like Betsy Ross. Carole says, bad call, and Ramona agrees she shouldn’t have done it. Sonja would be happy with one of her fake apologies at this point. Ramona says she’s invited Tom to her next party, then says she’s kidding. LuAnn suggests she improve her joke telling skills.

Back at the cottage, there’s a spread, but everyone is tired. Bethenny tells Sonja that Ramona is a terrible human being. Ramona tells Dorinda that she’s not perfect, and Dorinda says it’s about being loyal. Ever the hoarder, Sonja wants to keep the tissue from the gift bags. She and Bethenny try out some sheet masks and tongue scrapers. Sonja thinks she’s detoxing. There’s stuff coming out of her nose. I don’t want to know.

Dorinda brings LuAnn coffee. She says LuAnn is making them all want to go to rehab. LuAnn says it’s a big difference from the last time she woke up with them. We flash back to five weeks ago, where LuAnn woke up begging for water, and Bethenny was asking if Betty Ford was open. LuAnn says she could be upset with Ramona, but she’s kind of pathetic, and has no remorse. In her interview, LuAnn wonders if Ramona is so stupid, she didn’t think LuAnn would find out.

Everyone gathers in LuAnn’s room. Sonja models her slipper shoes from her line. They have the family crest on them, and she shows off her ring with it, saying it’s from her ex-husband. Dorinda scoffs, saying it’s her ex’s family, and she would feel like an idiot wearing Ralph’s family tartan. In her interview, Dorinda says, you don’t get a bloodline by injection, or from sleeping with someone. If you could, Sonja would have every title out there. Bethenny points out the monogram on Dorinda’s luggage. Sonja says she’s still very much a part of her ex’s family.

Back in their room, Bethenny tells Sonja, wtf? She thought they were relaxing and being nurtured. In her interview, Bethenny says Dorinda enjoys badgering Sonja, and it’s not a fair fight. She suggests she be Mrs. Mayflower and have the nutcracker as her crest.

Luann says she’s getting calls from her publicist, who’s been fielding calls left and right. Everyone knows she’s out of rehab because Ramona put a picture of them on social media. The judge told her to keep a low profile, and no drinking. The last thing she wants is a group shot being shared, where it looks like she’s out partying. This is supposed to be a relaxing spa weekend, and she’s hiding in corners, avoiding the press. Bethenny thinks it’s unacceptable behavior. Carole tells Ramona not to post any more pictures. Ramona doesn’t get it, saying it’s all about a happy moment, and everyone looks great. In her interview, Ramona says everything she does ends up being a negative. When she posted the photo, it wasn’t anything intentionally bad or against LuAnn, but Ramona is getting screwed somehow. Because it must be about her.

Next time, LuAnn calls out Ramona, Ramona didn’t get the memo, and Bethenny isn’t feeling safe with Dorinda.

💔 On Watch What Happens Live, Tinsley said she and Scott were on a break. I don’t know what’s sadder – that news, or that I’m bummed about it.

🔪 On MasterChef, the contestants split into two teams. They had to feed the workers at the Busch brewery, and the surprise ingredient was no surprise, since it was beer. The red team made beer battered fish, and the blue team did chicken. The main gripes were not enough food, the batter falling off the fish, and two bun tops on one sandwich. The red team won, and since Chelsea was the blue team captain, she got to save three members of her crew. She was ready for the backlash, saying she was used to people hating her. The ones who were left, got banana cream pie as a pressure test. The main problem here was over-whipped cream, but Gordon said there was one person who was flustered and unprepared. They knew who they were, and he wanted them to leave with dignity and take off their apron. Darrick undid his apron strings. Gordon said he started strong, but ran out of steam. Darrick was proud of having made it to the top twenty, and he wasn’t done cookin’ yet. Next time, a visit from a soccer player (not David Beckham), and a challenge that looks like it involves shellfish.

☕ Gordon descended on the Old Coffee Pot restaurant in the French Quarter on 24-Hours to Hell and Back. Established in 1894, the current owner’s wife had left him and the kids, and his second in command, Dawn, was manipulative and lazy. After the sneaking around, Gordon exposed the filthy conditions, including a poor, dead mouse in the toaster. Although that was nothing next to the live rats that roamed the kitchen when no one was around. Dawn got the boot, and Gordon did his thing; cleaning, redecorating, and revamping the menu, making it modern, but with old world charm. And the staff got new attitudes to go with it. Despite a shaky moment with some raw chicken, they were off to a good, new start. Dustin realized the solution rested with him. Gordon told them his time was done, but didn’t leave before he presented them with a new toaster – for bread. Next time, an LA restaurant owner is broken by tragedy.

🏊 Summer is Officially Here…




June 13, 2018 – Jason Finds a Way In, LuAnn Gets Out, Two Chefs Go Home, More Gordon & Coffee


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Carly tells herself to stay strong, stay focused, go home. She rocks back and forth as she repeats it, which isn’t exactly a good look if she doesn’t want to stay there.

Nina meets Curtis and Sam at The Floating Rib. Curtis introduces Sam as his new partner. Nina says it’s quite a change from Aurora. She asks why Curtis wanted to see her, and he says they need her help to catch Henrik

Valentin puts a record on the turntable. Since vinyl is back, I assume I don’t have to explain what a record is.

Alexis, Kiki. and Elizabeth meet at not Kelly’s, since Kiki wants to keep it private. Valentin sends Alexis a text, saying he has something for her. Alexis shows Kiki a copy of the paper. She says when the article comes out, it will send shockwaves through GH. On the front is Kiki’s picture, with the headline #GHTOO?

Ava asks if Griff knew, and if that’s why he and Kiki are inseparable.

Franco reads the paper in the locker room. David walks in.

At Pizzulo’s Sonny talks to Diane on the phone. He asks how soon Carly can be transferred to Shadybrook. Jason walks in. Mike is there reading car ads, and says he sees a Bel Air, like he used to have. Sonny tells him that wasn’t his car, and tells Diane that’s not soon enough. Jason talks to Mike about going for a drive, and Sonny tells him that Mike isn’t allowed to drive. Jason suggests they just hang there for a while. Sonny tells Diane that she did this, and she has to fix it. Sonny is pissed, and Mike tells Jason, that’s his son, always even tempered. Good thing his wife keeps him in line.

Carly does crunches. The nurse calls her Caroline, and says she’s surprised Carly is up so early. Carly explains that nobody calls her Caroline, and the nurse asks if she’s nobody. She tells Carly that her name is Mary Pat, and she’s the supervising nurse. She sees that Carly is the owner of the MetroCourt, and says, very swanky. She had dinner there once, and it was pricey. She says Carly must be used to being in charge out there, but she’s in charge in here. Mary Pat continues to call her Caroline, and says everyone goes wild for that song when they have their sing-alongs. Carly says she’s not much of a singer, but Mary Pat tells her that she doesn’t have to be Karen Carpenter; just have fun. The road to healing is paved with positive thought.

Sonny throws something, and Mike tells him possessions aren’t like trash. Like his mom used to say, no one is made of money. He tells Jason it was take your father to work day. Sonny, Jason, and Mike sit at a table. Mike says it’s business, not family, but Sonny says they might be able to use his ideas. Mike asks, to do what? and Sonny says, to bring Carly home.

Carly tells Mary Pat that she’ll keep the singalong in mind, but hopes she’s not there long enough to be a regular. Mary Pat says, that’s the spirit. Many patients have a poor outlook like it’s the end of the road. Carly promises to set a good example; she has a family to get back to. Mary Pat notes that she has a boy and a girl, not counting her deceased son.

Curtis tells Nina that her brother would be alive if Valentin had told the truth. Nina says she’s struggling with that, but whatever Valentin’s involvement was, he didn’t intend for anyone to get hurt. She’s not going to deliberately seek revenge on her husband. Sam asks, what about Peter?

Alexis thinks Kiki should take the day off, but Kiki says she’s ready for whatever comes her way.

Ava tells Griff that her daughter was sexually harassed, and she had to find out from the paper like everyone else. He says he just found out too. He suspected something was going on, but not this. Ava wonders why Kiki wouldn’t have told her, and Griff thinks she felt she could handle it alone. Ava says she’s a failure as a mother. Her own daughter couldn’t talk to her. Griff says she’s not a failure. That’s her courageous daughter speaking out about injustice at a great cost. All they can do is be there for her. Ava says Kiki won’t respond to her calls or texts, and Griff says, same here. Ava asks if Griff has any idea who the bastard is. Griff remembers David looking for the men’s room in the dressing room at the Nurses’ Ball, and Kiki crying about being stressed.

Franco tells David, the news these days, there’s always something. David says that’s why he doesn’t follow it too much; he has work to focus on. Franco says being the chief resident, a lot of responsibility is resting on his broad shoulders. It’s enough to make anyone tense. He asks David to let him help get the kinks out, and presses his shoulder with the Vulcan death grip. He tells David that Kiki is like a daughter to him, and asks how the Shadow Program is going. David says she’s not shadowing him anymore, and Franco asks, why? Did something happen? David says he’ll have to ask Kiki. Franco picks up the paper and says it’s right there. There no names, but he can read between the lines. David claims he doesn’t know what Franco is talking about, and Franco slams him up against the lockers.

David tells Franco to let go or he’ll have him arrested. Franco thinks David should be exterminated, like a cockroach. David insists it has nothing to do with him. Franco’s history makes him a more likely candidate. Franco is about to blow, and Elizabeth walks in.

Griff tells Ava that Kiki didn’t name names. Ava says he must suspect someone, since he’s close to her. He says it’s only speculation, and she tells him to speculate away. She wonders why he’s so secretive when it comes to Kiki. What is it he’s not telling her? Kiki walks in.

Sonny tells Jason and Mike that Diane petitioned the court to have Carly transferred, but it’s not an option. Mike calls Ferncliff a nuthouse, and asks why Carly is there. Sonny says there was a misunderstanding, and someone got hurt. It went to court, and the judge said it was Carly’s fault. Mike asks if she got convicted of a crime she didn’t do, and Jason says, right. Carly is innocent. Mike says they don’t send people to the mental hospital for no reason. Sometimes people need to have people watch out for them when they can’t hack it for themselves, like him.

Carly tells Mary Pat that Morgan counts; he’s still her son. Mary Pat says he’s deceased. Face it, that’s why she’s here. She needs to address it head on. Now it’s time to discuss the rules, and how they apply to her.

Curtis says that Peter escaped, and Valentin was in his cell, with no sign of a struggle. Peter left, and Valentin took his place; he must have had an escape route. Curtis needs Nina to help prove it. Sam says, if they find Peter, Nina will get justice. Nina asks what they want her to do.

Valentin tells Alexis that he has the papers. They’re signed and ready for execution. An aria plays, and Alexis asks what that is. Valentin asks if she doesn’t recognize her mother’s voice. She asks if he just happened to drop the needle on it when she rang the doorbell. He says it’s a rare recording; he gingerly placed the needle. It’s the only one of its kind. She recorded it for an audience of one; their father. It’s the second half of his payment for services rendered. She’d like to discuss the first payment. The watch clearly wasn’t his. He says it was commissioned as a gift for her mother.

Franco tells Elizabeth that the doctor and he had a little chat. Elizabeth tells him stop, and he lets go of David, who leaves. Elizabeth asks if he’s kidding; he could get arrested. David is the chief resident. Franco says he’s the chief of something, and shows her the paper. He says David has been harassing Kiki. Elizabeth asks if he admitted it, and Franco says he didn’t have to. He did this to Kiki. He’s smug and arrogant, and in a position of power. Franco isn’t going to let him ruin someone else’s life. She asks if he’s talking about Kiki or himself.

Ava tells Kiki that she’s sorry this is happening to her. She says she didn’t tell anyone. Ava asks if she didn’t want to talk to anyone, or just her. Kiki says it happened faster than she expected, and she tuned her phone off. Alexis is representing her, and they’re prepared to go to court. Ava thinks they should take steps to keep the bastard from hounding her. She asks Kiki to give her his name, and Julian will make sure of it. She’s not leaving Kiki unprotected. Kiki tells Ava to trust her, and leave it alone. She leaves, and Ava is about to follow, but Griff tells her to wait.

Sonny tells Mike that Carly isn’t getting the help she needs, so Diane is getting her transferred. Mike says, family takes care of family, and Carly is stuck somewhere that’s no good for her. Jason says it’s worse than prison; Carly shouldn’t be there. Mike agrees, and suggests they break her out. They all look at each other.

Mary Pat tells Carly that the main wing is over capacity, and it’s a sad commentary on the state of mental health care. For now, she’s in the super max wing, where they house the most dangerous and violent patients. She’ll only be there until a room opens. In the main wing, unlike her neighbors, she’ll have day privileges. Mary Pat gives her a pamphlet. It contains the rules, and the penalties for violating said rules. She continues to call Carly Caroline, and has her turn to the last section, where it says they’re to have tolerance for other patients, and respect for the staff. Mary Pat says, disrespect is not tolerated. She doesn’t want trouble, and if Carly comes up against her, she’ll find plenty of it. Carly says she just wants to go home. Mary Pat says then she’s going to follow the rules, and accept the doctor’s treatment. She’d rather be an all-star than a problem patient. She wouldn’t like that at all.

Mike asks if he said something wrong. Sonny says they have to go through the legal system. The DA went after Carly because she’s his wife. Jason says they have to make sure she doesn’t get herself stuck there longer. He has an idea, and says he’ll keep Sonny updated. He leaves, and Mike says, Jason is a strange one. He’s a nice guy on the surface, but has ice water in his veins. He asks where Sonny dug him up, and Sonny says they go way back. Mike says he’s the kind of guy you steer clear of; an enforcer. The kind that works for a ruthless bastard, who wants to own the world. He didn’t want that for Sonny.

Mary Pat asks Carly what she’s going to be, and Carly says, an all-star. That’s what Mary Pat likes to hear. Rupert is there with her meds. Just the first of many. Rupert is a pretty big guy. Like pro-wrestler big.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he could kill David. Kiki is practically family. Elizabeth says she’s an adult. He needs to trust that she knows what she’s doing, and support her fighting back. He wonders why she didn’t come to him. Elizabeth says it’s hard to find the right words and tell someone. They agree they both missed out when supportive families were being given out.

Ava tracks down Kiki in the hospital. Kiki tells her not to make a scene; she doesn’t need more eyes on her. She says it’s not about Ava, and Ava says it is; she’s Kiki’s mother. Kiki says it didn’t get serious until after she broke up with Dylan. She thought she could handle it, and was afraid to lose the respect of her coworkers. Ava says it’s understandable, except why didn’t Kiki turn to her? Kiki says she couldn’t take her on too. She has her own approach to things, and her own standards, especially when it comes to the truth and sex. They look at it differently. Ava uses sex as strategy and a weapon.

Valentin tells Alexis the watch belonged to her mother; he found it on Cassadine Island. She thinks it’s convenient how he suddenly found it. He asks if she doubts him, and she says she has trust issues. He shows her a picture of her mother wearing the watch. His phone rings, and it’s Nina, who asks him to meet her at The Floating Rib. He says he’ll be right there. Alexis asks if she can keep the picture, and he says, of course. He still hasn’t told her why he gave her the watch. He says, it’s beautiful. If nothing else, it proves how much Mikkos cared about her mother.

Curtis asks Nina if she thinks she can keep Valentin busy long enough for them to look for Peter. He helped Peter escape; who knows where he might be hiding? Nina doesn’t think they’re going to find him at Wyndemere. She gets a text from Obrecht, saying their guest requires more painkillers.

We see two people sneaking in somewhere. A hand puts a code in the alarm to turn it off. It’s Curtis and Sam at Wyndemere. Sam explains where the tunnel is, and Curtis finds the way to access it above a China cabinet. Sam tells him that it’s dark and winding, and to be careful. He hopes Nina can keep Valentin busy long enough.

Nina tells Valentin they’re done. She wants a divorce.

Alexis looks at the picture. She opens her jewelry box, and takes out the watch, as the recording of her mother plays.

Ava tells Kiki to say how she really feels. Kiki says she didn’t want to talk about it. Ava knows It’s been a difficult morning, but that’s no reason to judge her. Kiki says it’s exactly what the Twitter trolls are accusing her of. What Ava does causes women not to be taken seriously. She doesn’t want Ava jumping in, taking over, and making threats. Let her do it her way. Ava says she’s made mistakes – many – but she’s changed. Being with Griff has made her a better person. She’s sorry Kiki can’t accept it. Kiki says, her too, and leaves. I notice Ava’s wonderful hoop earrings; a small hoop connected under a large one. I love a hoop.

Franco gets an email from Sarah.

Elizabeth asks Jason how Carly is doing. He hopes to find out. Elizabeth gives him a paper, and says she hopes it works

Mike says Sonny has fine mind. He’s smart and good with people. He could be a lawyer or a senator. Why is he wasting time with thugs and hoodlums? Sonny says they’ve had this argument, and he won every time. It’s doing no good to talk about it right. Mike says, right. They have more important things to talk about. Family takes care of family. He didn’t want to stay with Sonny, but it’s working. Don’t mess with success.   

Carly says it must be a mistake. She was only taking anti-anxiety medication, and it was supposed to be taken as needed. Mary Pat says her intake orders say lorazepam, risperidone, and lithium. Carly says lithium is a mood stabilizer, and risperidone is an anti-psychotic drug. She doesn’t need it, and doesn’t need lithium. Mary Pat says her intake orders say otherwise. Carly says it’s just a surprise, and takes the pills. Mary Pat says trust is earned; open up. She tells Carly to lift her tongue. Ha-ha! I knew it; there’s pill. Mary Pat says she thought so. Did Carly really think she could hide them? So much for being an all-star. Mary Pat says, Rupert, and he stands in front of Carly.

Curtis damn maze check out stable forget it peter not here found this might put on trail

Nina tells Valentin their marriage is over. She wants a divorce. Valentin says he’d give her the world, but not that.

Alexis puts on the watch, and admires it.

Franco wants to talk to Elizabeth. Her phone rings, and she asks if she can call back. She says, congratulations? Who told them she was getting married?

Griff asks if Ava talked to Kiki. She wishes she hadn’t. It turns out her daughter thinks she uses sex as leverage. She’s so ashamed that Kiki is maybe right. She cries in Griff’s arms.

Kiki sits in the locker room. David walks in.

Mary Pat tells Carly that she doesn’t like doing this, but Carly forced her hand. She holds Carly’s nose while Rupert restrains her, and puts the pills in her mouth. She tells Carly to swallow; she can do this all day. Carly swallows them, and coughs. Mary Pat says it’s easier with water and cooperation. She knows all the tricks, and can wait. Rupert tells her not to forget about her ten o’clock appointment. Mary Pat wonders if they should get the restraints; Carly is a duplicitous one. Carly swears she’ll be good, and Mary Pat says, we’ll see Caroline. Rupert cracks his knuckles.

Sonny tells Mike there’s no point in getting worked up about the future right now; they have the present to concentrate on. Mike says like the Bel Air he used to have. It’s not the car to drive around Brooklyn. Sonny says it attracts the wrong kind of attention. Mike tells him you can’t haul a body in the trunk of a car like that. Sonny doesn’t understand what he means, and Mike says he likes a lot of trunk space.

Mary Pat apologizes for keeping someone waiting, explaining there was a problem with a new patient. She says it’s nice to meet him, calling him Mr. Nichols, but it’s Jason. She looks at his resume, and says his letter of recommendation is impressive. She says GH is a fine institution, and asks why he wants to leave and come to Ferncliff. Jason says he heard he can pick up more shifts and make more money. She appreciates his honesty, and says it’s true; they have a hard time finding and keeping custodians. She tells him that many of the patients are seriously disturbed, and asks if he has a problem with that. He says, no, not at all. Rupert watches as Carly starts to fall asleep.

Tomorrow, Kiki tells David to cut the crap, Alexis asks Doc what’s wrong with her, Franco asks Elizabeth what’s going on, and Carly sees Jason.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Dorinda and Ramona are on their way to Bobby Zarin’s funeral. Ramona got a text. They knew it was going to happen, but it’s still sad. Ramona knew how close they were. We see clips of Jill and Bobby. Ramona says she and Jill had a heart-to-heart and whatever descension was between them, they decided to let it go. Life is too short. Ramona says Bethenny hasn’t seen her in six years.

Bethenny says Sonja called while she was in Aspen. We flash back to Bethenny and Jill deciding not to be friends anymore. Bethenny says, despite what happened, she and Bobby loved each other. We see a clip of the three of them having a good time. She says she took a private plane back, and is going to the funeral for Jill.

Dorinda says he was like a Richard, and it’s a loss to the world. They don’t make them like that anymore. She says Bobby held on for a long time. People might not understand, but at some level, it must be a relief for Jill. I totally get that.

Ramona says Bobby lived to make Jill happy. If she was happy, he was happy. She hopes she’s as lucky one day. We see Bobby toast Jill as his wife, lover, and best friend, and telling her that she’ll always have him.

Bethenny can’t leave. She wants to see Jill. She feels badly; not about their relationship, but Jill’s loss. Jill tells her that Bobby loved her, and Jill says she knows. Bethenny says it’s strange; he’s supposed to be next to her. Jill says she’s alone. She hasn’t been since she was twenty, and doesn’t know what to do. Bethenny says she’s alone too. She jokes with Jill, asking, where are the gift bags? and telling her it’s a terrible funeral. In her interview, Bethenny says Bobby would never tell Jill no, but ironically, the one time he did was when she told him to fix it between her and Bethenny. He said she was wrong and had to learn the lesson on her own. Although in the end, he did fix it – with his funeral.

Bethenny calls LuAnn. In her interview, LuAnn says she saw Bobby before she went ot Florida. He was already going home with hospice care, so she knew he was dying. She didn’t expect to get arrested and miss the funeral. She met him even before she met Jill. Bethenny says she’s sorry LuAnn isn’t there. LuAnn is sorry too, but not sorry; she’s learning a lot. She spent New Year’s Eve in treatment. She didn’t know anyone, and was scared. Bethenny says she’s sorry; it sounds lonely. LuAnn says it was a different New Year’s Eve than she’d planned, but thankful. Bethenny can’t wait for her to get back. In her interview, Bethenny says she’s never heard LuAnn so raw, vulnerable, and honest. She thinks LuAnn has been humbled. She’s shocked by way LuAnn is handing it. Bethenny tells the driver (not Kevin) that she can’t take any more emotion. Geez, I can’t. This is making me sad.

Carole meets Tinsley, and they to go to the hotel steam room. Carole points out that it’s hot, and Tinsley says, it’s supposed to be. She says there are great amenities at the hotel. Carole asks if Sonja is a mess. Tinsley doesn’t care anymore; it’s easier to be friendly. Carole says it’s the same with Bethenny. She doesn’t know if Bethenny really sees what she did wrong, but thinks she’s genuinely realized it affected their friendship, and was upset about it. In her interview, Carole says they’re fine, then something happens, they discuss it, it’s fine, and then something else happens. Um… maybe that’s how it goes with some friendships. Tinsley says her mom is coming to town, and she’s trying to prepare.

Ramona is in shock to see her house under construction. She says it looks like she’s starting from scratch, and the construction dude says she is. She has no budget, and he tells her she’d get mad if she knew how much she was spending. There’s no kitchen, and Ramona thinks she should come back when it’s done. She can’t believe there’s nothing there. He says she asked for a new house, and she says, be careful what you wish for.

Tinsley’s mother, Dale, arrives, along with Bambi the chihuahua. Tinsley fawns over Bambi, as I would. She tells her mom that she’s keeping him this time. Her mom asks how Sonja’s visit was, and Tinsley says they had a great time. We see some clips of them goofing around on the terrace, and waving to the neighbors. She says they’re friends again, and she’s super happy. They go to the hotel bar for a drink. Bambi rubs his head on the dog bed like a lunatic, as my dogs do. Celebrity pets – they’re just like ours!

Dale tells Tinsley that she was drinking too much last year. Tinsley says she was getting over the pain, and can’t believe Dale is going there. They get some red wine. In her interview, Tinsley says her mother knows the things she says will probably piss her off, but she can’t help herself. That’s what moms are for. Dale gives her some papers she got in the mail, regarding Tinsley’s egg storage fee. Dale wonders what happens if you don’t pay, but Tinsley doesn’t think they thaw them out. She says this is just one more opportunity for Dale to bring it up. She wasn’t happy with some of the conversation at Christmastime. Dale kept bringing up babies and weddings with Scott. Dale says she did do something bad. She was talking to Scott, and his mother said he had plenty of time, and Dale said Tinsley doesn’t. And if it’s not working out, he should jump ship. Tinsley is horrified, but Dale thinks it’s hysterical that she said jump ship, since they were on a boat. Tinsley looks like she just got a headache, and asks why her mother is making a joke about this. It’s her life; don’t ruin her relationship. In her interview, Tinsley is afraid Dale is going to scare Scott off. She shouldn’t be around him until Tinsley has a ring or walks down the aisle. Dale suggests Tinsley try on wedding dresses, and Tinsley was hoping she would say that. She says they’re not telling Scott.

Carole is writing an article on self-esteem and confidence, and gets call from Michele at Cosmopolitan. It’s due on Monday, but she hasn’t begun it; she’s allergic to deadlines. Michele tells her to send a draft, then come in and they’ll chat about it. It’s a good excuse to get together and gossip. In her interview, Carole says she hasn’t seen Adam in two months. For all she knows, he could be engaged. She doesn’t think so though.

Tinsley and Dale go to the wedding dress showroom. They tell the concierge, or whatever he is, that they’re just there to play. He tells them, if you buy the dress, the party will come, and gets champagne. It’s kind of fun watching him work. In her interview, Tinsley says the first wedding was about her and her mom, not Topper. They had to kick him out early because he had too many opinions.  They look at dresses, and Tinsley says she needs big, poufy, and ballgown. I’m not sure if I like the first one. I’m bad at gown descriptions, but the skirt is half satiny, and the bottom half is netting that I’m not feeling. The next one is more whimsical and fun, and more for me. It’s got a beautiful embroidered netting overlay. The concierge puts a veil on her, and she says she’s starting to feel the possibilities of getting married again are real. Dale says it’s too bad they have no groom. Tinsley says there’s no ring in her future yet. The concierge asks if he knows they’re here, and Tinsley says, don’t tell him.

Dale and Tinsley sit on the loveseat and sip champagne. Tinsley says, wedding dresses, baby eggs. They have everything set up; they just need a husband. In her interview, Tinsley tells us the eggs are just an insurance policy. She’s going to try the old-fashioned way first. Dale is glad she has them. They call Tinsley’s fertility specialist to pay for the egg storage. They talk about what steps happen to create and embryo, and the doctor shows her a picture of her unfertilized eggs. Dale and Tinsley both start crying, and I think they’re insane. Tinsley says they’re her babies. In her interview, she says they’re potentially her children. Tinsley tells Dale that she’s going to do more off them, and Dale wants more eggs right now. Tinsley wants the picture so she can frame it.

Sonja is back at her townhouse. Bethenny visits, wearing SkinnyGirl jeans. Bethenny gives her a few more pairs. Sonja says her business ventures are her creative outlet, and says the shoes she’s wearing are from her collection. She says Sonja Morgan/New York is going strong, and she just got her first licensing deal. Bethenny tells her about visiting Jill with Brynn, after explaining Shiva to her. She didn’t think it was the time to take on a new emotional conversation, but Jill couldn’t believe she was meeting Brynn. Brynn said, hi, to Bobby’s picture. Jill admitted she was wrong, and Bethenny believed her; she seemed different. She wasn’t the same person. She was calm and real. Bethenny is happy there was closure, but wants to keep where it is. In her interview, Sonja says she believed they still cared about each other.

Sonja is glad her house is back in order. We see some before and after clips, and it looks great. She says she’s jealous of the people moving in now. Bethenny suggests she put her fax machine in a dumpster. She hasn’t seen one since Starsky and Hutch. Who is she faxing? Sonja tells Bethenny about her staycation with Tinsley, and shows her the Louis Vuitton thank you gift. I looked this tote up out of curiosity, and it runs about nine hundred bucks. Sonja says it was fun, and she had a nice time. Bethenny wishes she could give LuAnn a hug. She says even seeing Ramona, she felt a connection; they’ve been through so much together. She doesn’t have anger. Ramona doesn’t even know what she does. Bethenny says she’s getting sentimental, and wonders what happened to her.

The ladies (minus LuAnn) go to a workout place called Con-Body. It’s run by Coss, the owner and founder, who was in prison for seven years on a drug charge. Carole says they have to toughen up to keep up with LuAnn. She tells Coss about LuAnn’s arrest, and he asks if she’s married. Ha-ha! Coss is funny. They all get “mug shots,” and Dorinda says she’s afraid of being the next one. LuAnn’s mug shot reeks of cold and loneliness, and scared her so much, she changed her lifestyle. The workout area has bars on the doors. Tinsley says she’s been waiting for this day. This time, she’s prepared for her mug shot. Bethenny says she likes mellow exercise, not someone yelling at her. They do calisthenics. Carole asks Coss what he thinks about LuAnn going to jail, and he asks if she’s a woman of color. Bethenny says, she was on Halloween. He tells Carole that everyone who works there has been in prison. She thinks he should hire LuAnn. Tinsley says she thought she was the OG of jail.

Dorinda tells the others that LuAnn is glad not to be coming directly back to NYC; she’s going to Connecticut. She asked LuAnn if she’d be comfortable with the rest of them drinking, and she said it was fine. They talk about LuAnn being humble and vulnerable. Dorinda was glad she wasn’t one of those people who says they’ll never drink again; she just said she’d do her best. In her interview, Dorinda says LuAnn has outstanding issues, and can’t afford one more fumble. They take a group picture, and we see all their “mug shots” with LuAnn’s real one in the middle.

LuAnn leaves the treatment center. She says the past month has been eye-opening. We see news clips, and the clip of her arrest. She says she was shaken to the core. She calls Dorinda, and says she’s on her way home. She feels really good. Dorinda says it’s been a crazy winter. LuAnn says she didn’t have best last couple of years, and she didn’t really deal with it emotionally. She just kept it moving, and it bit her in the ass. In her interview, she says she was self-medicating and covering her emotions. Dorinda tells her if this didn’t happen, she might have kept going. In her interview, LuAnn says as she was standing in front of the judge, and he was reading the charges she couldn’t believe it was her. She knew she hit bottom, and needed to go to rehab. Dorinda says she must be healthy, and LuAnn says she is. She’s been working out, and lost weight. She can’t remember the last time she was able to be by herself to reflect and think. In her interview, she says she intends to change her life. She’s taking a break from alcohol, and seeing if she can enjoy herself without it. Dorinda tells her that they’re going to the Mayflower Spa. LuAnn says she just wants to be close to home, and can’t believe she said that. She heads to the Palm Beach airport.

Next time, Luann is back, Carole says her dress is the real crime (oh, snap!), the ladies take a trip to the spa, and Ramona is called out for socializing with Tom.

🗽 Bravo has been showing old episodes of the NYC Wives, and it’s fun to see long gone cast members, like Aviva. What a bizarre, nasty person she was. I miss her. And who could forget Kelly on Scary Island?

🍳 Tonight, on MasterChef, Gordon showed the contestants how to cook a crab, get the meat out of it, and plate it nicely using the shell. Those that did a lesser job had to recreate Gordon’s crab Benedict. Oddly enough, my local diner makes that, and it’s pretty good. (I live in a seafood-oriented area.) Gordon’s looked absolutely fabulous. I enjoyed watching them poach the eggs as well. I love a poached egg, and have a very vintage egg poacher; one of the few kitchen items I stole from the house when I moved away from home. At the end, Olosula and Stephanie were out, for not-so-great hollandaise sauce, and not completing a step, respectively. Next time, a trip to feed the workers at the Busch brewery, and a team challenge. MasterChef still has too many people for me to keep track of, so right now, my money is on Chelsea. She has purple and blue hair that I’m loving. Since it’s so early in the game, and I can’t taste the food, I’m just going for the look.

🍵 Gordon Ramsay has yet one more show that premiered tonight. In 24-Hours to Hell and Back, he’s on the road, going to restaurants on the brink of collapse, trying to save them in 24-hours. Using hidden cameras and a hidden Gordon, he checks out what they’re doing wrong, and then steps in. In the first episode, he visited a family-owned Italian restaurant in upstate New York. It was definitely hell. He gave them new décor, a new, smaller menu, and a billboard on a busy highway. Everything improved, but it looked like they could still use some attitude adjustment. No one wants to hear your bickering. This is kind of like that Michael Landon show, Highway to Heaven, but Gordon is the angel. Next time, a restaurant in the French Quarter, where Gordon finds a mouse in the toaster.

💤 And to All a Good Night… or Morning



June 6, 2018 – Anna Tells Robin Her Secret, LuAnn Goes to Rehab, OC News, the Spades & Psychedelic Tired


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At court, Diane tells Sonny it could be worse. She’s going to try to steer Jason through his testimony, but if they’re not careful, he could wind up sending Carly to prison.

Kim tells Nelle and Michael there are no complications from the fall. Nelle says, good news for a change, and Kim says she’s headed into the homestretch. Nelle can’t believe they’re starting a new chapter. She takes Michael’s hand, and says, they’re so lucky.

Alexis twirls the envelope around, holds it up to the light, and decides to open it. Just as she’s about to, the doorbell rings. It’s Nina, who would like Alexis to handle her divorce.

Obrecht wakes Peter by tapping his face. She hopes he got a good night’s sleep. They have an eventful morning ahead.

Anna is wound up, and Finn asks if everything is all right. He doesn’t know Robin well, but from what he does know, she’s as remarkable as her mother. Anna says Robin leaves her in the dust. Finn knows Robin is capable of understanding; if not today, eventually. She hopes he’s right. There’s a knock at the door, and he asks if she’s ready. Anna says, no, and he tells her she still has to open the door. Robin sees Finn, and wiggles her eyebrows

Carly is uncuffed, and hugs Sonny, glad she can touch him. Diane says if all goes according to plan, she won’t have them back on. Carly asks if Doc sent her records. Diane says he did, and coupled with her medical history, it would be unheard of for the judge not to accept the plea. Carly says, looks like she’s going to Shadybrook.

Julian comes by Kim’s office. He asks if she’s avoiding him because he chased after Alexis.

Nina tells Alexis not to be surprise; she knows Alexis can’t stand Valentin. Alexis says Nina could. Nina says there have been too many secrets. She’s not living the rest of her life waiting for the other shoe to drop. Alexis says she can’t represent her.

Elizabeth asks how Kiki is feeling, and Kiki says, exhausted. Every time she closes her eyes, a feeling of dread washes over her. Elizabeth says it might help if she talks about it, and Kiki thought that’s what they were doing. Elizabeth suggests talking to Franco, but Kiki says the last thing she needs is for Franco to get violent. Elizabeth doesn’t think that would happen, but respects her decision. It’s her story to tell. Kiki hopes HR does the right thing. The thought of seeing David’s face again makes her – and there he is. David tells her good morning, and smirks.

Robin says it’s good to see Anna – and Finn. Together. Anna says it’s a long story, and Finn says he’ll give them a chance to catch up. He’s going to get coffee. After he leaves, Robin says they seem close. She’s assuming it’s not for show this time. She was a little insulted that Anna wasn’t staying with them, but she understands why now. She asks if Anna is going to state the obvious; she was totally right. She asks about Maxie, and Anna says she’s fine, and James is doing wonderfully. Robin says Maxie deserves something wonderful after what happened with Peter. Anna interrupts her, and Robin asks if everything is all right. Anna says, no, it’s not.

Diane tells Carly that they all agree Shadybrook is better than the alternative. Carly wonders how long she’ll have to stay, and Diane says until she’s deemed healed. They have to maintain a fine balance; there’s a difference between crazy and crazy in all caps. She tells Carly to maintain her cool. She asks if Sonny wants to tell Carly, or should she?

Nelle makes her next appointment, and Michael says he’ll clear his schedule. She says he doesn’t have to be at every appointment, but he insists. He asks if she wants a ride home. She’s not going home, but he says he can give her a ride wherever. She sighs, and he asks what’s with the top secret location? Nelle tells him that she’s been subpoenaed to testify against his mom.

Obrecht removes Peter’s gag. He starts yelling, and she puts her hand over his mouth. She tells him that they’re in the middle of nowhere; there’s no one to help. He needs to save his vocal chords. He’s going to need them. He asks for what, and she says his confession. He’s going to tell world what he did.

Elizabeth asks if there’s something she can help David with, but he says they’ve done quite enough already. He had an interesting talk with HR about Kiki being uncomfortable with his behavior. Kiki says she made it clear to him, and doesn’t think it’s an appropriate discussion to have right now. He tells her that he just wanted her to know the matter was handled. He listened to her concerns. She was clearly upset about the misunderstanding. She says, misunderstanding? He threatened to give her a negative evaluation if she didn’t have sex with him. He says that’s not how he remembers it. He already submitted her evaluation, and it’s glowing. HR has wrapped up the case, and he’s confident they can put this ugly matter behind them. Kiki practically trips over herself getting out of there.

Anna tells Robin, something happened in her past that she never shared with anyone. She told herself it was because she was trying to protect Robin. That’s partly true, but she thinks she just wanted to bury the whole thing rather than deal with it. Robin asks what it has to do with Peter, and Anna says, Peter is her son.

Sonny tells Carly not to get worked up. She says their cryptic secrecy is working her up. Whose testimony are they worried about? Diane says, Nelle, and Carly says, the powerful mob wife picking on the poor pregnant girl. Diane suggests they strategize during Nelle’s testimony, so it doesn’t end up like yesterday. Sonny asks, what happened yesterday?

Kim tells Julian she’s not upset if he wanted to be with someone else. He asks if her feelings weren’t hurt when he chased after Alexis, and she says maybe more than she expected. She was wondering what happened. For all she knew, they got back together. He says, not exactly.

Alexis tells Nina that Valentin is her brother; it could be considered a conflict of interest. Whoever he chooses to represent him would pounce on the connection. She says it’s a grey area legally, but if the judge sees a conflict, Nina will have to start from scratch. Nina gets it, but since she’s here, she has some legal questions – hypothetical, of course. She asks if she knew of a crime, would she be liable to report it? Alexis says just knowing isn’t being complicit, but it’s a moot point because of spousal privilege. Nina says what if it has nothing to do with Valentin.

Finn orders coffee and a scone. He hears someone say his name. A man says, I’ll be damned. No hug for your old man?

Robin is shocked that Anna has a son with Faison, and asks how it happened. Did he…? Anna says, no; it wasn’t rape. Robin asks her to explain how she willingly had sex with him, and Anna tells her that she wouldn’t say willingly. She was young; it was probably her first op. She thought she’d set him up, and got herself in a situation she couldn’t get out of safely without revealing who she was. She was pregnant, and didn’t know what to do. She thought the best decision was to have the baby in secret, and give him up for adoption. She gave the baby away, not even holding him. She thought she was doing the best thing for the baby. Faison’s obsession was real, and growing, and would have been transferred to the child. Robin says, so she walked away and never looked back. Anna says she’s thought about the baby every day of her life.

Diane tells Sonny that Nelle paid a visit to his wife, and she lost it. He asks if it doesn’t prove she should be in Shadybrook. Diane says theatrics in small doses helps, but she doesn’t want to end up spending more time there than necessary. She tells Carly not to lose her cool when Nelle testifies.

Nelle tells Michael that she’s in an awkward position. She knows he loves his mom, but at the same time… Michael finishes, she has to tell the truth. Nelle says, not according to Sonny. Michael asks if she talked to his dad, and she says, sorry; she shouldn’t have said anything. Michael asks what he said, and Nelle tells him that Sonny asked her to lie on the stand.

Kim wonders what she’s supposed to say; sorry Alexis rejected Julian? It doesn’t make her feel better. Julian says it’s more complicated than that. He made an overture, but Alexis made it clear they’re not good for each other. That’s nothing new, but it’s the first time, instead of fighting it, he realized she was right. He was only following a knee-jerk reaction to save her. He has a desperate impulse to rescue Alexis. Not only does she not want that, it’s not his job. Kim says it sounds like he got clarity, and Julian says he did. He’s hoping beyond hope that he didn’t mess things up between them. He wants to see where it’s going – if she’s game.

Alexis asks if Nina has something she needs to tell her, or the police. Nina says, it’s hypothetical, remember? The doorbell rings. It’s Kiki, who asks if it’s a bad time. Nina says she was just leaving and thanks Alexis. She asks if Kiki is good, and Kiki says, yeah. She goes inside, and Alexis says she’s not good, is she? She asks how she can help, and Kiki says she wanted to talk to Alexis, as both a lawyer and woman. Alexis says if that’s not a conversation starter, she doesn’t know what is. Kiki says it’s kind of awkward, since she was seeing him for a while. Alexis says she’ll have to be more specific, and Kiki says, Dr. Bensch. Alexis says, David? What about him? Kiki tells her that he’s been sexually harassing her.

Finn asks what his father is doing there, and his father says he could ask the same thing. Berkley made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He says Harrison (Chase) said Finn is a big deal in Port Charles. He’s glad they wound up in the same place; it’s good to have family around. Finn says they don’t see much of each other. His father tells him that Harrison said that. He heard about Blackwood, but Finn says he doesn’t want to pretend everything is fine. His father says it could be, if Finn let it. He’s missed him. He tried reaching out after Rieko died. Finn tells him not to talk about her. His father says he could relate. Finn says they handled their grief differently, and his father asks if he hasn’t found someone since his loss.

Robin don’t know what to say, and Anna tells her to say whatever she’s feeling, but she doesn’t know. She understands Anna was in an impossible situation, and did what she thought was best then, but it was a long time ago. She didn’t once think to tell her that she had a brother? Not just any brother, but the son of the man who kidnapped her. He could be threat. They could have all ended up like Nathan. Anna says Peter only has a grudge with her; no one else. He knows, even though she promised herself she wouldn’t tell him. Robin asks if Anna was never going to tell her, and Anna says she was going to take it to her grave. only reason looked for her son, is that he might have been a carrier of Huntington’s disease. Robin says it all makes sense. It’s why she was overly invested in the case, and working with Jason. Anna says when Jason found him, she needed to be there. Robin says, to keep Jason from killing him. That’s why she left the Nurses’ Ball early. Anna says she had to get there first. Jason saved her life; Robin is right about him. To stop things from escalating, she had to tell Peter that she was his mom. She doesn’t know if it’s generous or selfish, but her daughter is the love of her life. When Robin was born, she made pact that she’d be different for her, and she changed. She never wanted Robin to see her the way she was, and look at her differently. The way she’s looking right now.

Finn’s father says he loved Finn’s mother, and Finn says, so did he. His father is sorry if Finn thinks he moved on too soon, but he can’t apologize for finding happiness again. He hopes Finn does too. Finn is happy, and wants to leave it at that. His father asks if she lives in Berkeley, and Finn says her family does. His father says meeting family? He takes it that it’s serious. Finn says it’s early yet, and his father says finding someone to love who loves you back is a gift. He’s probably pushing It, but he’d love to take them out to dinner. Finn says they have plans, but thanks. His father says they can get together for Harrison’s birthday, and Finn asks if he’s coming to Port Charles.

Robin says she’s trying hard to put herself in Anna’s shoes. She wants to see it from her point of view. She knows Anna’s world enough to know it was part of the job. She had no one to look after her, and her career was her whole life. She can understand what it felt like; alone and terrified. She can understand why she’d have and give away the baby; she felt like it was the only option. Anna says, it did, but she’s not making excuses. Robin knows that rationally, she can process it; emotionally… Anna is her mom, and she’s looked up to her for her entire life. Right now, she doesn’t know who Anna is.

Alexis tells Kiki that her relationship with David was short-lived, but it doesn’t sound like the man she knew. Kiki is sorry to burst her bubble. Alexis tells her, don’t be. Kiki’s plan is to take him to court, and asks if Alexis thinks she should. Alexis doesn’t know what her role could be, given their history. Kiki says she didn’t expect Alexis to represent her. She thought since Alexis is a public figure, the relationship might come up, so she’s giving her a heads up. Alexis appreciates that. She asks if Kiki has any proof she was harassed. The court needs more than just her word. Kiki says she has a diary of instances, and Alexis thinks that’s good, but asks if she has anything tangible; a recording or a witness who can corroborate her accusations. Kiki says she was awarded a position she’s not qualified for.

Julian tells Kim that he was so worried about what he’d lost, he didn’t stop to appreciate what happened between them. Kim asks if he’s trying to say he has feelings for her, and he says, yes. He’s sorry he didn’t take better care of hers. She says she is too. He asks if she means, her too, get lost, or her too, you get a second chance? She says it depends. Does he still have the espresso machine? He says he does, and has one at the place he fixed up. She says then he can have a second chance. He’s happy to hear that, and kisses her.

Obrecht asks why Peter is so silent. They have so much to discuss. He asks what happens if he won’t confess, and she takes out a huge knife. He says he’d hate to disappoint her, but he’d rather die than spend his life in prison. She says she’s not killing him, and slides the knife down his arm. She acts like she’s going to cut off a finger, and Nina walks in with groceries. She asks what Obrecht is doing.

Finn’s father says Harrison is a good kid. Finn says he barely knows him. He’s been married, widowed, an addict, and a recovering person. His family’s not there anymore. His father asks if after twenty years, is what he did that awful? He tells Finn to take care of himself and leaves.

Anna tells Robin that she’s the same person she’s always been. Robin says she’s been keeping an enormous secret; how can she be? If things had gone the way they were supposed to, she never would have known. The worst part is, the whole time Robin didn’t know her. Anna says, she did, but Robin says, not the whole her. She thought when her babies were born, Anna’s tears were happy, but there must have been another part of her breaking, when she held her grandchildren. She doesn’t know what to do with this, and needs time. It’s a lot. Anna says she can ask any questions. She says everything she’s shared and did is as real as it gets. She tells Robin that she loves her, and after a silence so long, we think she’s not going to say it, Robin says she loves Anna too, but there’s no hug. Anna sits on the bed, head in hands, and cries.

Nina tells Obrecht the deal is off if she hurts him; she won’t be a party to murder. Peter says, thanks, and Obrecht says, go to hell. Nina is questioning her commitment to the plan. She has too much to lose. Obrecht says they’re in that deep. Nina says a lawyer told her that her liability is limited if she doesn’t report a crime. As long as she doesn’t help, she’s in the clear. Obrecht laughs, and asks what she calls all this, pointing at what Nina brought. Nina says, groceries, and Obrecht says, sustenance to carry out the plan. It’s called aiding and abetting. Obrecht bites into an apple, and says, isn’t it delicious?

Kiki tells Alexis that she got the position because of David. She got the position because he wanted to have sex with her. Alexis asks if he took her tests, and says she got the position on her own merit. If his behavior is this extreme, there’s been a pattern, and the progression has gotten worse. They need to find another victim. Kiki says, we? and Alexis tells to forget what she said. This is important. If Kiki wants a lawyer, she’s got one.

Michael tells Nelle that his dad is just trying to protect his mom. Nelle gets that, but doesn’t have a choice. She can’t risk her baby. She has to tell what happened, whether she wants to or not. Carly pushed her, and nearly killed the both of them. She wants what’s best for her family. Michael says he wants the same thing. Nelle asks if they’re in this together, and he says, absolutely. Nelle goes to the bathroom, and Michael takes out his phone. He calls Spinelli. He tells him it’s time to make a move against Nelle. She created the situation, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get his mom out of it.

Diane needs verbal confirmation that Carly will keep it together while Nelle is on the stand. Sonny says they’re going to beat this. Carly says they’d better, and asks if he believes 100% that it’s the way to go. He does, and she says she’ll trust him. They hug.

Tomorrow, Lulu doesn’t believe Nelle, Kiki needs help from someone, and Josslyn takes the stand.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Bethenny tells her driver, Kevin, that she’s going to Chicago to speak at a business conference while Brynn is at school. She’ll be none the wiser. She tells him there are two temperatures in Chicago right now – cold and cold AF.

Ramona picks up Dorinda, who’s using a cane. She tells us that she dropped a Christofle salt shaker on her foot. She hadn’t taken it out since Richard died, and thought she deserved to use it. The best laid plans…

Tinsley calls Carole, and asks how California is. She’s jealous because it’s cold. She says she was in Palm Beach when LuAnn was arrested. Carole says she got a call from a friend, and assumed it was a DUI. She googled it, and it was more complicated than that. We see a news clip. Carole was scared for her; it’s not a good place to be. All she knows is what she read, and Tinsley says she was only a few blocks away from where it all went down. She feels badly because she knows how the press can be. Tinsley tells Carole about calling LuAnn and inviting her to her mother’s house for a drink. They laugh about the inappropriateness of the invite.

Ramona tells Dorinda that she hasn’t spoken to LuAnn. Dorinda thinks she’s trying to check out and get better, and not listen to the noise. In her interview, Dorinda says LuAnn is in rehab, and the accusations are pretty major. She doesn’t think LuAnn is ready to be back in polite society. She tells Ramona sometimes God stops you when you’re not recognizing you need to stop. Preach it, sister! Ramona says LuAnn was self-medicating. She was going it during her divorce, and drinking too much. In her interview, Ramona says this was an out of control situation. It was in a public place and the police were involved. It’s bad. She and Dorinda talk about LuAnn going back to the same place where she was with Tom. Dorinda says she stayed at the place where she had her engagement party. Why go where she might run into Tom? Dorinda says if she’d known, she would have done everything in her power to stop her.

Bethenny says she’s proud to have been along on one of LuAnn’s last big nights out. In her interview, she says she has no idea what it must be like from LuAnn’s perspective. She’s in rehab and got arrested. She could deny, blame, accept it, evolve, or cry and be vulnerable; there’s a million ways she could react. She tells Kevin that LuAnn is in a 21-day program. Someday, Keven should write a book. She’s not sure if the amount of time will be effective. Kevin says, it depends on the person. She says it will be interesting to see LuAnn healthy and fresh. In her interview, Bethenny says LuAnn had a sh*t year. She couldn’t crash and burn like that, and have it not affect her. She was a pressure cooker ready to explode. Bethenny tells Kevin that nothing good happens after midnight, and strange people come out at four in the morning. I think about this, and decide she’s probably right.

Tinsley tells Carole, having been in Palm Beach handcuffs, she doesn’t know how LuAnn escaped them We see LuAnn in the police car, telling them to let her out; she did nothing wrong. Tinsley is sure she was hit hard the next day. Carole asks if LuAnn spent the night in jail, and if it was the same one. Tinsley says, yes, and calls it Gun Club Row. In her interview, Tinsley says even though they both have mug shots, the situation is different. Hers was a misdemeanor, and LuAnn is facing four felonies. Carole says her flight is coming in an hour before Bethenny’s party, so she’s not going.

Dorinda asks Ramona if she’s going to the SkinnyGirl jeans launch party, and Ramona says she’s not invited. We flash back to Bethenny’s phone call to her. Dorinda says she felt like she and Bethenny were in a good place, until the nutcracker. Ramona says she thought they were in a good place too, then Bethenny called to chastise her. Dorinda says she needs to be around people who make her feel safe, secure, and happy, or she’d rather be alone. Ramona says what a bunch they are.

At Sonja’s townhouse, everything is covered in plastic. Plastic walls surround Sonja’s bed, and she’s sitting amongst a bunch of junk on the bed like it’s Grey Gardens. She’s happy Tinsley is offering her a place to stay. She can’t stay during construction, because she’s allergic to dust and mites, and can’t find her underwear. She goes through her papers. When she saw what happened, she texted LuAnn. She says LuAnn is strong get through it, but she’s a proud woman. She wants LuAnn to know she’s there, but not sticking her nose in it. She talks to herself as she goes through her paperwork.

Ramona doesn’t have to work, but enjoys it, and is working on her skincare line. She’s working with a doctor, Amy Lewis, and visits the office. She’s excited to be working with a top clinical lab, and shows Any the serum. Amy says when Ramona first approached her, she was skeptical, but now she’s impressed. Ramona says she’s a maven when she’s involved with something. She becomes not just passionate, but intelligent about it. I think what she means is, educated, an shake my head at the irony. In her interview, Ramona says Bethenny’s reaction to her new business was mean. She thinks to be successful, you have to look forward, focus on yourself, and forget the naysayers.

Bethenny feels unsettled, and tells Kevin that she’s seeing Carole tomorrow. They’ve had a rough patch, but she doesn’t know what’s going on. She’d thought their beef was over, and texted Carole over the holidays. She felt depressed and sad, and sent Carole a picture of them, saying she missed her and she seems cold. Carole texted back, that’s a lot. She tells Kevin that Carole texted later, saying everybody has their sh*t, and they’ll talk next year. Bethenny says, it’s next year. On top of it Dorinda is upset that Bethenny didn’t thank her properly for the nutcracker. We see a clip where Dorinda shows Bethenny the nutcracker on her phone, says it’s coming to her house, and Bethenny freaks out, which changes the perspective a little. Bethenny says they’ll see how that goes, and at this point, I’m feeling sorry for Kevin.

Bethenny arrives at the launch party, going down “SkinnyGirl alley,” where there are a lot of logos and neon. She says there’s something about the spirit of brand. It’s all inclusive, and the plus sizes are on the same rack as the zeros. She’s excited. At the bar, Tinsley asks for red wine, but it’s not an option, so she gets a martini. In her interview, she says she had to break up with Tito, but there’s no red wine, she’s having vodka. Sonja walks in wearing a Russian fur hat with earflaps. She asks the bartender for an olive, explaining that she’s having construction done. There’s no food in her house, and she only eats vegetables. In her interview, Sonja says everyone had better steer clear. She’ll trample them for an olive. A waiter offers to get her a falafel.

Sonja says she’s a vegan, but allows herself shellfish because it’s raw, and hits the raw bar with gusto. The CEO of Bethenny’s partner company introduces her. She thanks everyone. She’s excited about the partnership, and says it’s a female empowerment brand. In her interview, she says everyone looks beautiful in the jeans. We see several women of various sizes, mingling, and she’s right. I want a pair. Dorinda arrives, saying neither rain nor snow will keep her away. Sonja says all her essentials are on her four-poster bed. In her interview, Tinsley feels the need to let Sonja know how grateful she is. Bethenny asks if Dorinda is mad, but Dorinda says she’s done with it. She was sensitive at the time. Bethenny says she can’t do everything perfect, and says Dorinda didn’t act perfect in PR, which is an understatement. In her interview, Dorinda says Bethenny doesn’t just use your worst moments against you; she does it every time, and waits for it. She says it’s like Jaws. Just when you think it’s safe to go in, you’ve lost a leg. Bethenny asks why Dorinda didn’t talk to her, and Dorinda says Ramona pointed out that there was no thank you. In her interview, Bethenny says Dorinda likes to throw someone else under the bus along with her. Bethenny tells Dorinda that if not for her, she wouldn’t have saved Christmas, and they hug. Sonja and Tinsley talk about LuAnn. Sonja couldn’t believe she went to Palm Beach, and Tinsley says she didn’t realize what her mind would do when she got there. A server brings a martini for Tinsley. Sonja tells him that Tinsley has a boyfriend, but she’s single.

Tinsley asks if Dorinda has talked to LuAnn. Dorinda says she didn’t see it coming, but knew all was not well. LuAnn is a crime scene goer. Tinsley thinks she wanted to prove she’s fine. In her interview, Tinsley says that Palm Beach is the smallest place on earth. There are few hotels and restaurants. The chances of bumping into Tom were a given. She risked it, and it didn’t work out well.  Bethenny joins them, and again, Tinsley wonders how LuAnn got out of the handcuffs. They laugh about it. Sonja asks if the server has a driver’s license, and finds out he’s twenty-six. In her interview, Sonja says he’s out of range. Either they have to be in their early 20s and not trying to live off of her, or already established. He’ll be labor intensive. Sonja says she’s proud of Bethenny, and that she’s an inspiration.

Carole and Bethenny meet for lunch. Bethenny tells Carole that she literally had forty tequila shots last night. Am I the only one on earth that hates tequila? She says she went to bed at four in the morning, and found her hairpieces in a potato chip bag when she woke up. Carole orders a bloody Mary for her. Carole says even though they’ve texted, LuAnn hasn’t told her anything but story. It’s amazing, and her favorite part is LuAnn getting out of the handcuffs. I have to add my vote to this. It is pretty mystifying. In her interview, Bethenny would love a new normal with Carole. She says she doesn’t know what’s gong on, and asks if Carole is upset with her. She mentions Carole’s text, and says she doesn’t think it was a lot. Carole thinks it was. She didn’t know the friendship had shifted (word of the episode), until Dorinda told her about Bethenny saying Carole hadn’t supported her efforts in PR. She also told Carole what Bethenny had said about Adam’s alleged lack of support. Carole tells Bethenny there’s been a new vibe; she’s been more aggressive and dismissive, but Carole gave her a pass, and isn’t upset about Adam. She wondered why Bethenny was upset, and wanted to talk to her in the Berkshires, but all Bethenny wanted to do was say the friendship shifted, and it was natural; it’s just the way it is. Bethenny says everyone has been generous with the charity. She was taken aback by Adam, but doesn’t think he’s a bad person. Carole says she was talking smack about Adam, and Bethenny says she thought they were broken up. In her interview, Bethenny says Carole and Adam’s relationship has had different shifts (what did I say?); they’re living together, they’re friends with benefits, they’re taking a break, who knows? Carole says his motives are good, and Bethenny says, sorry, it’s none of her business. When she sees a different side of someone and there’s aggressive conversation, there’s a little bit of a sting. In her interview, it bothers Carole that Adam’s actions were interpreted in a negative light, and Bethenny talked to everyone but her. Bethenny says she loves Carole and misses her. It hurt over the holidays. Carole says she needed space. Bethenny asks if three sentences is a lot. Carole says that’s’ what Bethenny says happened, but it’s not what actually happened.

Carole says she opened her phone in LA and Bethenny started texting about Ramona being a horrible person. Carole didn’t want to deal with it or rehash anything. In her interview, Carole says Bethenny is leaving out that she thought it was too big of a conversation for texting, and suggested getting together when she got back, but Bethenny didn’t stop texting. When Carole got back, she texted Bethenny, and here we are. She mentions that Ramona told her Bethenny thought she was depressed. Bethenny says she thought Carole seemed sad, and asks if there’s a gag order on her. Carole says, if Bethenny had a breakup, she wouldn’t go to someone else, and say she seemed sad and lonely. In her interview, Carole says Bethenny knows she’s not crying over it, and it feels gossipy. That’s not being a friend. Bethenny says Carole is debating her. She’s sorry Carole is upset, but they’re friends. Bethenny asks what Carole wants, and Carole says not an apology. Bethenny feels Carole is being critical and picking on everything with her. Carole wants her to understand why she was keeping her distance, and that she thought there was a lot of talk going on without her. Bethenny says she’d thought the breakup might have been traumatic; they’d been together a long time. Carole says if they’d been in a good place, she would have shrugged it off. Bethenny says she’s sorry. Adam is a good person, and she loves Carole. Carole hesitates, but they hug. In her interview, Carole says the conversation was just circling the drain, so it was better to hug it out. Bethenny doesn’t want this to happen again; this was like going to couple’s therapy. Carole asks if Bethenny thinks they should go to couple’s therapy.

Tinsley makes up the bed for Sonja. In her interview, Tinsley is glad she’s able to help Sonja, since Sonja helped her. Sonja arrives, and Tinsley tells her, the rules are, there are no rules. She has to take the elevator – we see Sonja leading Tinsley up the stairs, saying the elevator gets stuck; she’s allowed to have anyone over, the more the merrier – we see Sonja telling Tinsley that she can’t bring anyone home; and she’s allowed deliveries, which the doormen will accept 24/7 – we see Sonja yelling that Tinsley needs to get her own person to accept her deliveries. Touché three times over. Tinsley has another surprise. Sonja has the penthouse suite for the night. Tinsley takes her upstairs, where there are appetizers and champagne waiting, as well as a Louis Vuitton tote with a robe and slippers in it. Sonja says she’ll wake up tomorrow like she deserves this room. Things must be going really well at Coupon Cabin.

Luann calls Dorinda from rehab. Dorinda thinks she’s in the right place. LuAnn can’t believe what happened. In her interview, she says she was invited to wedding in Chile. She was going to Palm Beach to stay with a friend for one or two nights; no one would even know she was there. They weren’t even going out. Then she was going to spend Christmas with her family in Jupiter. She tells Dorinda it turned out differently than she’d planned. She thought she could handle it, but the memories came back. It was altogether too much. She couldn’t do it, and never should have gone back. In her interview, she says she went to lunch where they used to; had cocktails where they loved to go, and sat in the same spot; and she stayed in the hotel where she had her wedding luncheon. Why did she do that to herself? She’s not proud, but she’s learning a lot, and finally dealing with not dealing with her emotions. She knew she needed help to get under control, but didn’t ask for any. She hit a wall, but wishes it hadn’t been a brick one. In her interview, she says the calls to her kids and her mother were difficult; her mother was always so proud of her. It was rough. Dorinda says she heard LuAnn went to the wrong door, and five minutes later, she was in handcuffs. She’s sorry this is what had to happen, but doesn’t know if LuAnn would have stopped if it hadn’t. She could have hurt herself. LuAnn says, or someone else. She’s lucky in a way, finally coming to terms with her emotions. Dorinda says everyone has been supportive on her end. LuAnn appreciates their understanding. She needed to come to a full stop, and it was the hard way to do it. In her interview, she says it sounds crazy, but in a way, she’s thankful. This made her look at herself in ways she wouldn’t have. She tells Dorinda she’s reconnecting with her soul. Dorinda doesn’t want to get arrested, but wonders if she could slip into where LuAnn is staying. She’d like to go too, but three mugshots in the group is enough.

Next time, Bobby Zarin’s funeral, LuAnn come home, and the group goes to a phys-ed class called Con-Body.

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May 30, 2018 – Kiki Makes a Decision, Bethenny’s Holiday Party, a Cruise at the Dock, Selling Spaces & Your Choice


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason talks to Spinelli on the phone, saying they have to prove Nelle set up Carly. He tells Spinelli that she left a trail somewhere, and they have to find it. He opens the door, and Kim is there.

Curtis sees Sam sitting on a bench. She’s like, hi, stranger, and he says he’s been making merry. Since he proposed to Jordan, she can’t blame a brother for wanting to celebrate. She says he missed a lot last night. He says he’s a good investigator, but bows to her expertise, and asks how she figured out that Peter was Henrik.

Peter tells Drew that it’s a simple transaction. Help him get out, and he’ll give Drew the means to remember his life as Drew. It’s in his possession.

Nina calls Nora from the hospital. She wants to start divorce proceedings, and wants Nora to represent her. Obrecht surprises her. She asks if the baby is okay. Nina says he’s small, but growing every day, and Maxie is doing fine. Obrecht wants to see her grandson, but Nina says there are a few things she needs to know.

Alexis looks at a picture of Mikkos, and goes through some Cassadine keepsakes. Her doorbell rings. It’s Valentin. He calls her Natasha. I love that name. It’s too bad she didn’t keep it. I had a German Shepherd named Natasha.

Elizabeth asks Kiki if David actually propositioned her. She’s not doubting it; she just doesn’t want to misunderstand. Kiki says he offered her his hotel key, and told her that he’d be waiting, if she wanted a better evaluation. It’s not the first time he came on to her.

Kim hopes Jason doesn’t mind; Josslyn gave her the address. He tells her it’s not a good time. She says she wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t important. Drew is about to take a terrible risk, and she thinks Jason is the one person who can stop him.

Sam tells Curtis how Peter had already made arrangements to meet Anna, but thank God, Jason showed up. Curtis wonders, if Jason got the drop on Peter, why is he still alive? Sam says Anna threatened to kill Jason, and Curtis says that’s taking law enforcement to the next level. She tells him to brace himself – Anna is Peter’s mother. She explains that Faison got Anna pregnant, she gave the baby up, and now they have Peter. (Really. The explanation was that simple.) Curtis thinks that explains why there’s no record of a history; it was forged. Sam doesn’t think it was entirely, and that the past couple of years, Peter was living under his new name. Curtis asks what happens to him now. Sam says the WSB is working on extradition. Curtis says he knows he’s fired. Sam tells him that Drew put out a press release. Now the truth is out. She thinks Drew needs time to himself to figure out who he is, and she needs to rebuild her own life.

Peter tells Drew that the baseline map of his memories is on the flash drive. It was hidden in an ornament, and given to Anna. She wasn’t aware of it, and donated it to the park Christmas tree, where he appropriated it. A copy of Drew’s memories is his for a price.

Valentin wants to solicit Alexis’s work as an attorney. He’ll pay her hourly, and make a generous contribution toward her daughter’s charity. He wants to move the bulk of his assets to a trust for Charlotte, and avoid any potential legal difficulties. Alexis asks if he’s worried about a lawsuit, and he says he can’t be too careful, but not yet. She asks why her, and he says she’s family; they should help each other. He looks at a piece of jewelry in her keepsake box.

Julian leaves a message for Kim to stop by Charlie’s. Lucas shows up there, and tells Julian he needs help. It’s about his biological mother.

Obrecht asks Nina to explain, and Nina says Peter delivered the baby by the side of the road. Obrecht says she’ll bake him a strudel to thank him. Nina says there’s more. He’s really Henrik. Obrecht says that’s not possible. She remembers Henrik as shy and clumsy, tripping over his own feet. Nina says, obviously, he’s changed. He was Maxie’s friend, and at the fundraiser with her. He was also there when Nathan got shot. Faison wasn’t going to Crimson to find Maxie, but to find Peter, and Nathan was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Obrecht asks if Maxie knows, and Nina tells her yes. Peter is in jail, but she doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Obrecht says there’s time to deal with that later, but now she wants to see her grandson. Nina says she’s not finished.

Jason tells Kim, whatever is going on, he can’t help. Carly is his priority. Kim is sorry about what’s happened, but Carly’s life isn’t on the line, and Drew’s might be. Jason says Drew can take care of himself, but Kim says he’s also Oscar’s father – Jason’s nephew. Oscar is just getting to know him, and if he loses him, it will break his heart. She asks if he’ll hear her out for Oscar’s sake, and Jason agrees.

Sam tells Curtis that she and Drew acquired Aurora to create a safe lifestyle for their family, and she thinks they did that. She wants to support him, and thinks she has, but she’s not wired that way. Curtis gets it. She wants variety, stimulation, meeting new people, and challenges that make her think quickly on her feet. They’re wired the same way. He tells her to look no further. He’s her partner.

Drew says Peter had the flash drive since Christmas. He could have made it known, or given it to someone anonymously, but held on to it just in case. Peter says, preparing for every eventuality is good business practice. Drew says it’s not business; it’s his life. Peter says it has everything on it, and it’s his gift to Drew – if he gets him out of there.

Nina tells Obrecht that Valentin knew. Obrecht says he worked for Faison, so probably saw Henrik when he was home on breaks from school. He also knew Henrik’s mother. Obrecht says she was a streetwalker; one of the many Faison hired to resemble Anna. Nina says, wrong. He never knew the truth. Henrik’s mother is Anna.

Alexis tells Valentin that rooting through her things is no way to solicit her services. He asks if she was feeling nostalgic, and she says she was feeling grateful to escape with her sanity intact. Valentin says he has failings, but galloping insanity isn’t one of them. Alexis says, no, but he inherited a lack of scruples, morality, and a semblance of a conscience. He says he thought she tried to avoid everything Cassadine, but she says she was trying to fill in the gap. Valentin says if she works for him, he’ll tell her everything.

Kiki tells Elizabeth that at first, David was super nice and complementary. He suggested medical school, and encouraged her through the whole process. It was when he started insisting on taking her out for meals and giving her gifts, things got weird. She thought he was just being a mentor. Elizabeth says a mentor isn’t supposed to behave like that. Kiki didn’t want to seem ungrateful or over sensitive. She didn’t know how far it had gone until he kissed her a few months ago. Then she thought maybe she’d misunderstood, and had sent the wrong signals. She told him she didn’t have those kinds of feelings for him, and he seemed to accept it, but then treated her differently. When he wasn’t being extra hard on her for little things, he was super nice, and easy going, and acted like the reprimands and chewing out never happened. He showed her a draft of her evaluation. It was a disaster, but he told her there was still time for revisions – if she was waiting in his hotel room. Elizabeth asks if Kiki thinks he’s there, but she thinks he’s still lurking around somewhere. Elizabeth says he’s about to get what’s coming to him.

Kim tells Jason that Andre thinks at best, he can remove Jason’s memories from Drew, and he won’t recall anything before he came to Port Charles. At worst, he could have severe brain damage. He’s risking the ability to reason and feel, but he wants his own life without Jason’s memories. Jason asks what he can do, and Kim asks if he thinks Drew won’t listen because of Sam.

Sam asks if Curtis wants to open a PI firm and he’s inviting her to join him. He says he already has a thriving business, but there’s too much work to do it alone. She asks if he’s trying to recruit her before she’s his biggest competition. He says she knows how valuable a partner is, and it would be a smart move. Even their names sound great – Ashford and Caine. Sam messes with her ring, and tells him it’s McCall; she already filed paperwork to change it back. Curtis likes it even better – Ashford and McCall. She asks why his name is first, and he says it sounds better. He can also offer the argument that it’s alphabetical, like Lennon and McCartney. It was argued for years who was more talented and appealing, but both were brilliant, and more so together. She says it’s one of the best arguments she’s heard, and he asks if it worked. She says she doesn’t know. She has to talk to Drew. She has things to finalize with him, and a few loose ends tie up.

Drew asks if Peter wants him to break him out. Peter says he should know how; he did for his father. He can make the choice to be the man he was meant to be, or carry his brother’s memories. Drew tells him Andre has agreed to oversee the procedure, and wipe out Jason’s memories. Peter says, without the flash drive, there’s no way to restore Drew’s memories, but Drew says, who knows? Maybe they’re still there. Peter says maybe they’ll come back without Jason’s memories there, or he’ll have no mind at all. Drew says it’s a risk he’ll have to take. Peter says it would be an even trade; he’s making a mistake. Drew says he’s made a lot of them, but he’s not going to make the mistake of setting him free. He calls Peter Henrik, and tells him to enjoy his time there. He leaves, as Peter calls after him.

Obrecht is shocked, and Nina says there’s no question that Anna is Peter’s mother. She had the baby in secret, and gave it away. Valentin found out, and took the baby, giving it to Faison. He never told Faison that Anna was the mother. Obrecht says if Faison had known the baby was the product of a union with Anna, he would have been more obsessed. Peter never would have escaped. Nina tells her that Valentin said the same thing. Obrecht suggests they see the baby. They have a living reminder of her beautiful son, and Nina’s beautiful brother.

Lucas gives Julian a baby scrapbook, and says his mother’s thoughts are fuzzy about his grandparents. He asks if Julian could fill it in. Julian couldn’t be happier. Did Lucas think he’d turn him down? Lucas says he’d be within his rights; they asked him to keep his distance. Julian understands parents protecting their child. Lucas says they have to get the child before they can protect it. The birth mother could change her mind any time during the process. It’s far from a done deal. She could pull the rug out at any time.

Alexis wonders what Valentin is really up to, and he asks what he’d have to gain by lying? She tells him just because she doesn’t know his motive, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have one. He says, spoken like a true Cassadine. No one knows the family better than he does. She says the family didn’t know he existed. Neither one of them had any meaningful contact with their father. Valentin says he’s a demon for research, and has learned a lot since living on the estate. She says it was left to him as a last resort. Their father would never have named his daughter as heir. He asks if she had wanted to inherit it, and she says, hell no, but he says it’s sweet to get validation, even if it’s too late. She asks why she’d want to resurrect Mikkos, and he says sometimes we’re drawn to what hurts us the most.

Kim says Jason’s personal life is none of her business, but Oscar is. Oscar needs Drew, and she wonders if part of why he wants the procedure is because of the of the break up. She can’t imagine what it’s like; which feelings are his or Jason’s. Jason wants nothing to do with it, but Kim asks if he can’t just try and tell him not to take the risk. He says it’s not his choice to make. Kim asks what he’d do in Drew’s place, and Jason says if the only way to be free is to risk everything, it would be worth it. He’d rather die than have someone else controlling him. Maybe Drew feels the same way.

Peter hears someone, and thinks it’s Drew, but it’s Sam. She bets he wasn’t expecting to see her. The only reason he’s alive is that he saved Jason’s life, and could have the answer to rebuild Drew’s. For that, and that alone, she’s grateful. He asks, how grateful?

Drew remembers talking to Jason at the gym, and saying when he looks in the mirror, all he sees is Jason. He doesn’t remember before 2013, but feels like he was there, and doesn’t want Jason’s baggage. He calls Andre, and says he knows what he wants to do.

Nina shows Obrecht the baby, and she marvels at his tininess. o the baby she marvels Deanna asks if Nina is checking on James again, and Nina says he’s quite the looker. Obrecht is thrilled that the baby is named James. She can’t conceive of a finer name.

Alexis tells Valentin that she can do research herself. He says, then he’ll take his leave, but asks her to consider his offer. She says she does excellent research on her own, and he says assuming she knows where to look. She blocked the memory of her mother’s murder. How much of her life is a mystery to her? She tells him to get his portfolio. She needs a full accounting of his assets.

Kiki tells Elizabeth she can’t confront David, but Elizabeth says they’ll take it to administration. Kiki says it will be her word against his, and she’ll be labeled a troublemaker. Elizabeth says that’s what he wants her to think. He’s hoping that her being scared keeps her silent, but he’ll hopefully roll over as soon as he’s called out. Kiki says maybe she misinterpreted him, but Elizabeth says he’s harassing her; there’s no other way to read it. He offered her his hotel room key. Elizabeth had a similar experience as a teen – not the rape – but she felt powerless, thinking the behavior was her fault. No one has the right to make her feel like that, and there’s no way to make it better except speaking up.

Kim asks if Jason thinks Drew is making the right choice, but he says it doesn’t matter. Kim says it does. The more she talks to him, the less he reminds her of Drew. If he’s patient, maybe Drew’s memories will come back on their own. Jason suggests she tell him that. She says if Jason is willing to die to be free, what would convince him otherwise? He says the people he loves. If Sam asked him not to; Sonny or Carly. Carly would tell him he couldn’t do it, because she needs him, and it wouldn’t be fair to risk leaving his kids. She’d tell him it sucks, but people live through worse. Kim asks if that would be enough. He says he can hear Carly in a way he can’t hear anyone else. Maybe Drew can hear her the same way. She says, maybe, and thanks him, saying he’s been a lot of help.

Peter tells Sam to listen carefully; there’s not much time. She says grateful isn’t the same as owing. He kept Drew’s life from him; he kept Jason away for five years. He asks, what about Scout? She’ll wonder why her father doesn’t smile or speak while he’s lying in the hospital. If Andre removes Jason’s memories, he has nothing to replace them with. He says to tell him not to risk it. He needs the flash drive.

Curtis sees Nina, and asks if she knows any nephews who need a teddy bear, and hands her one. He sees she’s teary, and asks if it’s about the baby. She says they’re good tears, and he asks what he’s missing. She says her husband turned out to be everything everyone warned her about; she’s divorcing him. He gives her a hanky. Is he related to Nathan too?

Julian understands Lucas is nervous, but there’s no reason to get worked up. Lucas says state law says the mother has thirty days to revoke the adoption. Julian is puzzled, asking how they’re expected to hold their breath, and not truly call the baby their own. Lucas doesn’t like it, but he gets it; it’s the law. It’s a semi-open adoption; she gets to know them, but they don’t get to know her. They knew the risk getting into it. They knew it could all fall apart. Julian doesn’t want to see him hurt, but Lucas says it’s not his family, and he’s not doing anything to screw it up.

Alexis looks at Valentin’s portfolio, and says it’s a lot of material. He’s worth a lot of money. He says he’ll pay double if she can get it done as quickly as possible. She says he’s going to have to discuss some things with Nina, but he tells her Nina isn’t in the frame of mind to take calls. She tells him amends are made through actions. She hopes he’s not doing this just to get on Nina’s good side.

Kiki asks Elizabeth if she thinks she should report David. Elizabeth says it’s not about her, but whatever Kiki decides, she’ll support her. Kiki says, even if she decides to be a coward? Elizabeth says what David is doing is wrong. She has every right to report him. She doesn’t need to, but by staying quiet, he’ll be emboldened to continue. Maybe not with her, but the next vulnerable person. Kiki says it will be her fault, but Elizabeth says, no. He’s responsible for his behavior; not her. She doesn’t want Kiki to carry regret. She’s not powerless. If she can find the strength to stand up to him, she can stop him. Kiki asks, what if no one believes her, and Elizabeth says, she does, and she’ll be by her side every step of the way. Kiki says, okay; let’s go.

Alexis looks at Mikkos’s picture. Julian calls, but she doesn’t answer.

Obrecht tells the baby it’s her, is oma. She says how beautiful he is, like his father. She gets teary, and says she’s so sorry she wasn’t there when he was born, but she’s there now, and will never be far again. As long as she’s in the world, he has nothing and no one to fear. She promises. She will make sure of it.

Valentin comes to Peter’s cell. Peter says, if it isn’t his old friend.

Drew sees Kim outside Kelly’s. She says she was thinking about their conversation earlier. He says, him too. He’d like to talk some more as soon as it’s all over. He just got off the phone with Andre, and they’re going ahead. The next time she sees him, he’ll be himself, and not anyone else. He leaves before she can say anything else.

On the phone, Jason tells Spinelli that Nelle had to buy the scarf somewhere. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Sam. She needs his help.

Tomorrow, Kiki files a complaint against David, Andre asks if Drew wants to reconsider, Sam wants Jason to help break Peter out, and Obrecht confronts Anna.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Still at dinner after the mystery party. Carol tells Bethenny she talks a lot. Bethenny says Carole is being whiny. Tinsley thinks their tone is off. Bethenny says they were in different place this summer, and she doesn’t need Carole lecturing her. They keep interrupting each other, and Carole gets up. In her interview, Sonja thinks it’s not getting anywhere. Carole isn’t articulating her point, and Bethenny is hurt. Carole insists Bethenny never told her about Adam refusing the trip to Houston. Bethenny says she called Carole, and said that Adam was an operator, and asked if they could be done with him. Carole says other people told her that Bethenny talked smack about Adam, but she never said anything about inviting him to Houston. In her interview, Carole says Bethenny is blatantly lying. Bethenny says she thought she pushed a button with Adam and went too far, and Carole told her everyone was an operator when it came to business. LuAnn interjects, and Carole says no one wants to hear her. LuAnn says Carole and Adam met in her kitchen, and brings up how he was dating her niece at the time; he is an operator. Ramona says it took him three years to operate, and LuAnn says, however long it takes, and calls him a little boy from the Midwest. Bethenny and Carole talk at the same time, which I hate. Carole whines that Bethenny never congratulated her on the marathon, but she called LuAnn a loser. LuAnn is like, what? Why? Bethenny says she doesn’t know and doesn’t know that she did. LuAnn says, if she’s a loser, the rest of the world is screwed. In her interview, she asks if she looks like a loser. She thinks she’s great. Carole calls Bethenny a phony. She thinks it’s okay to say what she has to say, but then she’s done. Carole asks if she’s playing the victim, and Dorinda yells that they can make it okay. In her interview, Dorinda says it’s not about who’s right or wrong, but that feelings were hurt, and why isn’t the friendship the same?

Carole thinks Bethenny doesn’t care enough about the friendship to come to terms with what was said. In her interview, Ramona says Bethenny only wants to understand her own POV, but she’s hurting inside. Bethenny tells Carole if she didn’t care about the friendship, she wouldn’t be tolerating the conversation; it’s ridiculous. She tells Carole not to act like she’s seven. They both get up. Bethenny feels betrayed. She might have thought LuAnn was a loser, but it was sh*tty of Carole to bring it up. LuAnn says it’s more sh*tty to say it in the first place. Bethenny says LuAnn has said bad things about her. LuAnn gets up and says she doesn’t care what Bethenny thinks, but kind of jokes around. Bethenny says they’ve all said negative things about each other at one time or another, but she didn’t expect that from Carole. In her interview, Carole says Bethenny can never admit she’s less than perfect. Carole tells Ramona that Bethenny wasn’t supportive of her running the marathon, and didn’t even give a donation, but she didn’t even say anything. Bethenny says, so much more came out than she’d intended originally. She says you can’t put toothpaste back in the tube. Now she can’t trust Carole. LuAnn says, no loser here, and tells them, ciao, bella. Then she realizes that’s Italian, and says, au revoir.

Ramona tells Carole that she felt their pain, but neither one of them was making sense. She knows they love each other. Bethenny is within earshot, and says Ramona is on stage because she’s there; that wasn’t what Ramona was saying a second ago. In her interview, Bethenny says Ramona thrives on others being in discord; she revels in it. Ramona says she knows their friendship, and this is upsetting to see. Dorinda brings out a birthday cake for herself, and everyone sings. Dorinda puts her face in the cake. In her interview, she says she had to do something to make them laugh, but didn’t consider the candles were in it. Now she has a new hairline. She does it again, and a third time for LuAnn. All in the name of distraction. She wants to get the party started, and puts her face in the cake again. LuAnn licks her. Someone says, one, two, three, and they all say, you made it nice.

LuAnn says she came for a fun night; let’s get on with the party. Bethenny tries to put on an elf jumpsuit, but Dorinda tries getting into it at the same time. They’re drunk and laughing, and Bethenny says she has a Santa suit. Dorinda says she owns Santa.

Carole tells Dorinda that Bethenny is crazy. She’s seeing through the lens of her own experience, like narcissists do. She never said anything about Adam. Bethenny walks in, and in her interview, Ramona says, forget a knife, you could cut the tension with a spoon. Dorinda says it’s not about her, and they should talk. Carole tells Bethenny that she doesn’t want to fight. They both said their piece. Bethenny doesn’t feel that way. Carole insists she heard about Houston from someone else. Bethenny thinks she must be missing something like a text. She didn’t just say, Adam sucks, out of the blue.

Tinsley says, the night is still young. Bethenny says Carole seems to be more into self-care. Carole is offended at being called selfish, but Bethenny tells her that she didn’t say that. She seems more self-involved, and she was letting Carole do Carole. She’s not mad at her. In her interview, Carole says Bethenny needs a reality check. She didn’t change who she is. LuAnn gives Ramona a lap dance. In her interview, Sonja says she loves the part of the party, where everyone is drunk and dry-humping. I don’t think I’ve been at a party like that since high school. Bethenny tells Carole she was too deep into her charity, with everyone depending on her, and Carole didn’t seem interested; which is fine. She says the conversation got to a ten, and Carole suggests they’ve brought it to a seven, but Bethenny doesn’t want it to be anything. Carole asks if there are more holiday PJs. Bethenny says Dorinda stole the other pair.

The Berkshires in the snow is absolutely gorgeous. LuAnn wakes up, saying, water. Everyone laughs at each other’s hair. LuAnn needs the spa. Bethenny says it’s like a bad lesbian porno flick. Dorinda tells them there’s a coffee station downstairs. In her interview, Dorinda says, strangely, everyone is in great shape. They’re tough bitches. Sonja shows Dorinda the before photos of their room. Bethenny says she’s feeling upset and emotional. It doesn’t matter who’s right. She doesn’t want Carole upset. She just wants to make it nice. Ramona tells Dorinda that they left it cleaner than when they came. Dorinda says she gets a star. She thinks they had success; everything is solid in the house, and maybe Carole and Bethenny got something out.

Contractor Leo arrives at Sonja’s. She doesn’t want to spend money, but has to, to make money. She tells Leo that she had sex on the sink in the staffroom, and it pulled off the wall. She’d like him to reattach it. She did glue the towel holder back though. He’s like, great.

Bethenny tries to start a fire in the apartment fireplace. It’s her version of an NYC holiday party. Tinsley is the first to show up, and Sonja follows. In her interview, Bethenny says Sonja is feeling herself. She’s always beautiful, but looks fresh as a daisy and knows it. Sonja tells Tinsley about wanting to move out, and not having a place yet; she’s allergic to construction. Tinsley says of course she can stay with her. Dorinda says three things happen every year: their trip to the Hamptons, their trip to the Berkshires, and Bethenny’s holiday party. The others trickle in. LuAnn is hosting a blood drive, and thanks Tinsley for her donation. Bethenny says she can’t come, but she’ll be sending something. Carole is the last to arrive, and the food starts happening. In her interview, Carole says she’s not feeling any better about Bethenny, but doesn’t want to escalate it. She also doesn’t want to hear any sh*t.

Bethenny tells everyone they’re playing white elephant, where if you don’t like your gift, you can claim another person’s gift. She says it should be called, screw over your best friend for a better gift. Carole says she’s keeping hers, but Bethenny says it’s not her choice, and passes out Santa hats. Dorinda thinks LuAnn’s gift is something she already gave to Ramona. Someone says there’s a special delivery, and Bethenny freaks out. It’s the nutcracker she’d wanted for Brynn, being carried by Dorinda’s decorator, Michael. He says there was only one in America. Bethenny says he found it, and Dorinda says, she did. In her interview, Dorinda says she isn’t the type to look for a thank you, but a little mention of her name would be nice. Carole can’t help noticing the irony, since Bethenny called out Tinsley for not being grateful to Sonja. Bethenny says Dorinda saved Christmas, so there’s that.

Ramona gets some beauty products, and says something about her own skincare line. Bethenny says she wasn’t expecting an infomercial. In her interview, Ramona thinks it would be nice if Bethenny would be more supportive. LuAnn says she’s going to Palm Beach for the holidays, and Sonja asks if Tom is going there for New Year’s. LuAnn has no idea. In her interview, Sonja says LuAnn has been avoiding Tom, and now she’s going back to the scene of the crime. LuAnn says she’s just going to be there for Christmas. Bethenny thinks he’s moved on, and has a busted-up girlfriend. LuAnn is like, what?Sonja says he doesn’t have a girlfriend, and Ramona says he has a different girlfriend every night, and Bethenny apologizes, saying Carole had said he did. LuAnn says, it’s history, but doesn’t want to talk about it. In her interview, Bethenny admits she was uncool all over the place by mentioning it. In her interview, LuAnn says, Tom should live under a rock. She can’t believe how fast he moved on with parading women around.

After the party, Bethenny, Tinsley, Ramona, and Sonja have a last drink. Bethenny thinks Carole looked sad. Ramona thinks it was just the long weekend, but Bethenny says Carole might be lonely without Adam, and not accessing her feelings.

LuAnn comes into the Red Cross for the blood drive she’s hosting. She’s gotten tight with them, and wanted to help collect blood for the holidays. Because they’ve been in Mexico in the last year, they can’t give blood, and she feels awful about it. Ooh, they have little shepherd’s pies. No orange juice and a cookie for these people. Bethenny sends a representative, who brings cash cards to give to those affected. Sonja asks Carole how she is, telling her the others thought she looked sad. LuAnn asks if she’s sad. Carole is miffed that they were talking about her.

Sonja chats with the donors. LuAnn asks about the nutcracker situation. She’d thought Michael got it. Dorinda says she’s dumbfounded. Carole says it was awkward. In her interview, Dorinda says she was excited about achieving something Bethenny couldn’t. It would have been nice to get a shout out. Carole asks Ramona about the feeling sad comment. Ramona says Bethenny mentioned she looked sad, and thought she was upset and lonely. Carole thinks Bethenny is talking about herself. She has a hard time maintaining and creating friendships. Painting her as sad over a breakup isn’t true. Carole says the only thing she’s sad about, is Bethenny not talking directly to her. Sonja demands a snack. Carole brings up Bethenny jumping on Ramona for her infomercial. Dorinda asks why they allow someone to speak to them like she does? In her interview, Ramona says Bethenny isn’t supporting any of them. They do the see you next year thing. In her interview, Tinsley says she’s glad to let Sonja stay wit her, and return the favor. Constipation is discussed, so I’ll skip that part.

Ramona is walking her dog when Bethenny calls. She says she’s unsettled and upset. She doesn’t have many girlfriends. Ramona interrupts, asking what’s her point? In her interview, Bethenny says Sonja told her there was a lot of whispering and negative talk about her at the Red Cross. She tells Ramona that she wanted to express how hurtful it was. She says Carole is good friend. She thinks there have been difficult moments with Ramona, and she’s done emotional damage. Ramona says she’s in a good place, and not dealing with this negativity. Bethenny says Ramona enjoys her arguing with Carole, and Ramona tells Bethenny not to blame her problem with Carole on her. Bethenny says she doesn’t have a problem with Carole, and Ramona asks why she’s talking about it then. Bethenny says it’s unacceptable to prey on the weak, and she doesn’t support women. Ramona says Bethenny is the one who doesn’t support women. She doesn’t acknowledge anybody for doing anything. And she had the audacity to jump on Ramona because she talked about her skincare line, saying she was doing an infomercial. She tells Bethenny about how upset Dorinda was about not being acknowledged. In her interview, Bethenny says she didn’t know she had to send a wax-sealed proclamation. Ramona says Bethenny’s problem is with herself, not her. She puts others down to make herself look good. She wants no part of it, and hangs up. I hate to say it, but I’m mostly on Ramona’s side with this one.

LuAnn’s realtor friend, Ann, comes over. LuAnn is thrilled with her apartment, a furnished penthouse on the upper west side. Yep. It’s incredible. Rich people’s digs. Ann says it’s the perfect spot for a new life; a new chapter. In her interview, LuAnn says her life is a clean slate, and she’s writing her own story. LuAnn says she’s going to have a good time here. In her interview, she says she’s going to visit her brother in Florida for the holidays. After that, she’s going to a wedding in Chile.

48 hours later. We’re in Florida, and hear sirens. LuAnn is in the back of a police car, saying she’s going to kill someone. She keeps trying to get out of the car, which I have to admit, is funny. It’s the recording of her holiday arrest. We see a news clip of her arraignment. The judge tells her the charges are serious, hire a lawyer, and stop drinking.

To be continued…

Next time, LuAnn isn’t proud, Tinsley can’t believe it, Tinsley tells Sonja her rules are no rules, and Bethenny asks Carole what she wants.

Below Deck Mediterranean

When we last left, Hannah was calling out João for not speaking to her properly. She tells him to sit the eff down, and Adam tells him to STFU. João sits, but calls her a goat.

Back on the boat, everyone has snacks. Hannah says she’s too old to be treated like this. Several of the crew sit on the floor, eating ice cream. João continues to act like a jerk, and Adam tells him to get out of the galley and go to bed. Conrad says he was going to diffuse the situation, but they didn’t need him. João asks what he did, and Adam says he caused a problem with Hannah. João doesn’t remember. Brooke likes having him to talk to, since she just broke up with her boyfriend. He gets in her bed, and tells her how amazing and hot she is. Hannah comes in for a millisecond, and comes back out.

Hannah hopes Kasey is able to pick up her own slack, now that she’s better. In his interview, João explains that he has an alter-ego, Jezabob, who comes out when he drinks to the blackout point. He’s never met him, but people say how he is, and he wouldn’t like him either. Adam tells João that he called Hannah a goat.

The unpredictable weather is acting up. Colin doesn’t think João is very professional, and says he’d better not pull that stuff on deck. Brooke calls her mom. Brooke is the one who outed her dad with his online activities, and they’re there for each other. She cries about her ex, and her mother tells her not to get bogged down by stupid men. A lesson for us all. She tells her mom about João, and how she blushes when he speaks to her. She says last night they admitted they like each other. But will he remember?

João says Hannah thinks it’s all about her. No, she’s probably just ignoring you, so she doesn’t punch you. Colin doesn’t want to mess up, because it makes the whole crew look bad. However, if he looks good, the whole crew looks good. Wow. A lot of weight on his shoulders.

The primary is Jennifer, a friend of Captain Sandy’s, who does vaginal rejuvenation. A topic I will never, ever be able to get away from. The captain says it’s a shorter charter, but there’s bad weather coming, and they’re going to have to stay docked. She does not want to look bad, and tells them to figure it out, and thinks of some creative things. She’s going to be hovering. In her interview, Hannah says when they’re on the water, they can entertain the guests with water toys, but when they’re at the dock, interior has to step up. Captain Sandy suggests taking them out on the tender, so they can pretend to be on the water. Hannah sees the preference sheet says Jennifer wants to work out with a hot Italian trainer.

Brooke asks João if he remembers their conversation, and he says, some of it. He’s lying. She says they both admitted had chemistry, and it’s too hard if he’s flirting all the time. She wants him to stop; she wants to focus on work. He says he’ll try. Kasey asks if she can wash red shirts with underwear. In her interview, Hannah says it’s definitely a problem, which is the last thing she needs, especially when they’re not getting off the dock.

Captain Sandy goes over what the deckhands are supposed to be doing. Jamie hopes Kasey is okay, so she doesn’t have to work the interior. João tells Kasey about his alter ego. Conrad and Hannah go for a smoke, and lie on the dock, getting sun. Hannah asks what he’s doing after, and he wants to buy his first house. In his interview, Conrad says he learned early on from his parents about equity. They flipped houses, did well, and he doesn’t want yachting to be his life. Hannah says she has a nice shoe collection.  Kasey hopes prove herself, and Brooke says there’s no chance of seasickness, since they’ll be on the dock. Kasey hopes to show she can pull her weight. Putting red anything in with underwear is not the way. Adam makes a tart. That’s not a euphemism for anything; he makes a dessert. Hannah calls for the trainer. She’s also set up a pizza making course on shore, and confers with Adam on accompanying dishes.

The captain says Jennifer is her friend, and she wants them to do a great job. She tells Adam to knock it out of the park, because she’s still stuck on baseball references. He says he’s going to make a lot of sweet stuff. Sandy asks if they can launch the tender, but Conrad says no boats are leaving, and they’ll be stuck in the dock. In her interview, Captain Sandy explains they can’t launch the tender, because there are boats on both sides. She asks why he didn’t offload previously, since she told him too. We see a clip, and yes, she did. Captain Sandy is officially pissed. Conrad says not being on top of things sux. The captain thanks Jamie for helping with the interior, and tells her that she’ll be helping this charter woo. Jamie is like, sh*t! The captain says Jennifer will be having a birthday party, and she’s thinking rap style.  Colin is used to performing, but not rap. Hannah tells Kasey about last minute clean-up. Captain Sandy tells them to keep an eye on the cushions. The wind is kicking up.

The guests arrive, and Jennifer is overly friendly. Captain Sandy says she wants it special, even though they can’t leave the dock. Jennifer is clearly disappointed, but the captain says she saw the waves. Jennifer says she sees the sun, and Captain Sandy says the crew will make sure they have blast. Hannah apologizes for the weather, and gives the tour. Jennifer asks if the boat needs a resident GYN. Hannah is thinks that would be cool. Adam says he’s going to go above and beyond the preference sheet. His goal is to keep Sandy happy. Kasey irons. João bothers her. In her interview, Kasey thinks she’s doing great job, because not getting yelled at. João gives her ironing hints. Jamie says it’s Murphy’s Law. She still can’t do deck stuff. Captain Sandy tells the guests they’ll make sure they have fun. I’m wondering why they can’t get off the boat and sit in a tender somewhere else. Brooke is having a problem dealing with João. In her interview, Hanna says he’s pissed her off. Until she gets an apology, she doesn’t have much to say.

The waves get higher. Adam tells João that he has a grass is always greener complex. João talks about blackouts. Jennifer gives Captain Sandy a device called The Womanizer, and tells her that she has homework to do. They goof around, and I don’t want to know. Colin goes over his rap lyrics. In his interview, he says people assume because he went to music school, he can spin hot fire. Obviously, they’re right. João suggests they have one person up all the time for security reasons. It’s how they did it on other boats he’s worked on. Conrad isn’t really concerned about that.

The group goes on the pizza making expedition. Adam says they didn’t take salads. He did all that work for nothing. Hannah informs us that the margarita pizza was invented in Naples. My first “real” job was being a short order cook in an Italian restaurant, and I made pizzas. I never did get the hang of spinning the dough in the air like these guys are doing. Everyone goes, oooh, every time it lands. Hannah suddenly remembers the salads, and goes out in the rain with Conrad, only to find the salads aren’t in the car. She’s not happy.

The captain tells Kasey the floor is a mess. Kasey swears she did them. Captain Sandy tells Kasey to come with her (you know that’s bad when a superior says, come with me). In her interview, the captain thinks if they can’t grasp basic duties, their leader should be showing them.

Hannah orders some sides off the menu. She feels like she’s running in circles, trying to keep everyone happy and entertained. The food looks fantastic. João tells Hannah that he’s sorry; when under stress, they have to work together. She says there’s no point in rehashing it; they’re cool. In her interview, she says she’s letting bygones be bygones, but hopes it’s not a pattern.

Adam makes a bunch of amazing desserts. The guests bring back take out from the pizza place. Conrad is annoyed that João has been trying to undermine him, since he’s been yapping to everyone else about how they should have someone on watch 24/7. In her interview, Jamie says João should know his place. They have a hierarchy for a reason. The Italian beefcake comes, and Hannah says she should have asked for picture. This is not what she ordered. He looks like Harvey Keitel. Colin rehearses his rap. João bugs Conrad about the security thing again, insisting it’s standard procedure. Conrad says he’s been in yachting three years, and João is inexperienced.

Jennifer doesn’t seem to mind the bodybuilder’s looks. Yep, she thinks he’s cute. Colin asks if he can use Kasey’s talents for his performance. Jennifer tells the trainer to let her know if her nipple pops out. Really? You exercise in something that makes you concerned about that? Adam says it’s going to be like King Arthur’s Italian Palace tonight. The guests get ready for Jennifer’s birthday. Jennifer begs Captain Sandy to let her wear her shoes for dinner. The captain talks to Hannah about her cabin not being clean. Kasey tells Hannah that she forgot. In her interview, Hannah says they’ve been covering Kasey’s ass while she was sick. Now it’s time to work. The décor is on the cute side of pretty, with lots of balloons, pink being the predominant shade. João flirts with Brooke. Adam repurposes the salads. Captain Sandy eats with the guests. Hannah thanks the Lord for Brooke, and the food just keeps on coming. Adam presents the lasagna, and explains the entrees, getting applause for his efforts. The guests are especially loving the truffle white sauce. Conrad talks to Hannah, saying no one stays up all night on a yacht, and Hanna asks when João is going to stop going over his head.

Hannah is frustrated with Kasey, and in her interview, says you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t drown them. Colin practices his birthday rap. Adam says his desert spread would rival Willy Wonka’s factory. The cake is presented, the Happy Birthday topper twinkling with small lights. The crew starts to sing, and Colin interrupts, saying they’re not doing that boring birthday song. He asks Kasey for some beats. He raps, and Kasey says, the dude has flow. The guests applaud. Hannah says the cabins better be on point tonight.

Conrad talks to João on the deck. He understands the safety concern, but when he says something, he doesn’t want it questioned. João says he’s going to question the security of the boat. Conrad says the questioning isn’t the problem, it’s what he said to the other two deckhands. Conrad tells him to never undermine what he’s said in front of the others. João says, It’s not a matter of questioning authority, but he needs to understand why. They shake hands, but I don’t think João gets it. The guests go to bed.

Conrad helps Hannah get all the dents and crap from Jennifer’s shoes out of the carpet. Hannah can’t believe Conrad chose to crawl around in the main salon with her instead of going to bed.

The next morning, Adam makes custom breakfasts. Brooke is doing the service by herself, and doesn’t feel there’s an equal balance. IMO, there are far too many Cokes ordered at breakfast. Adam says everyone expects him to cook all this random sh*t in a matter of minutes; people assume he can just whip it all up. Brooke wants a rocket up Kasey’s ass. Conrad says everything is a pissing contest with João. He can’t believe João has survived in yachting this long. Captain Sandy keeps ordering more food, and gets pissed when the toast doesn’t come fast enough. She says they’re on a super yacht, and thinks Hannah needs to tighten up the interior. Hannah has to do charter three preference sheets, but the captain thinks she should help the others. It’s not fair to the rest of the crew to do preference sheets while there are still guests on board. She tells Hannah that breakfast service sucked. Hannah says she was up until four a.m., and has blisters from the spoon she was using on the carpet. Captain Sandy says she’s the face of the interior. Hannah promises she’s trying her best, and leaves in tears. She tries to block the camera with her hand.

I gotta say it. I love Captain Sandy, but as a whole, I like the Captain Lee group on the original show better. Kudos to the Captain Sandy’s friends for being the nicest, easiest going charter guests ever, but so far, the obnoxious guests have been the most interesting thing this season.

Next time. Jamie cries, Hannah and Conrad crush on each other, João confronts Conrad, and Captain Sandy says it’s the worst service she’s ever seen on charter.

💰 On Sell it Like Serhant, Ryan’s task was to help Lisa, a commercial real estate broker. He said since real estate is his area of expertise, you’d think it would be easy, but the difference between selling commercial and regular real estate is like apples and steak. She was the only woman in an all-male office, and Ryan agreed that real estate as a whole was a boys’ club. Raising three kids alone, Lisa had left the corporate world, believing real estate had more growth potential, and also flexible hours. She couldn’t pay her mortgage, her boss was on the verge of firing her, and she had no Plan B. And I don’t mean birth control. Ryan said commission-based jobs can be scary, which is why I’ve never wanted one. Even more than her not being aggressive enough, was her use of um… when talking to clients. I almost couldn’t take it. Judge Judy would have gone out of her mind. Ryan taught her to shake her bad habits, brag about her experience in her previous field (she hadn’t closed on one listing yet), and focus on the best use of the building, so the client could envision the marketing angle. While Lisa thought she should downplay her mom role in life, Ryan told her to play it up. He had Lisa do a photo shoot, where he told her to work it mom boss style, and she did. She also got a makeover, and Ryan told a story about having absolutely no wardrobe when he started, and how his father bought him his first pair of good shoes. He still has them.

The moment was tense when Lisa began her make-or-break pitch. Ryan and her boss stayed out of sight, but watched by phone. The client liked what she had to say, she made great recommendations for the use of the space, and only used um… once. The client’s main concern was her lack of experience, and her saying she would be able to concentrate fully on the listing didn’t help. She told him that he wouldn’t just be hiring her, but her whole team, and talked about how they work together. He wanted to give her a 60-day trial period, where if it wasn’t sold in that time, he could move on. Both Ryan and her boss thought she should agree, but she didn’t. And she wouldn’t budge. She told him that she didn’t want to get to a point in a sale, only to hand it to someone else. To all of our amazement, he agreed to list the space with her. Ryan got so excited, he ran out to congratulate her, almost giving both her and the client a heart attack. He said she was a new Lisa, and she went from zero to hundreds of followers on her social media. I can imagine how many more she got after the show. Next time, a struggling body lotion salesgirl. While watching the preview, it occurred to me that Ryan is like Gordon Ramsay. He has to wear many hats, including therapist and stylist. Apparently, Brandi Glanville has tweeted that this is the only show that can make her cry, and she hadn’t even liked Ryan.

🍹 Southern Charm New Orleans will be wrapping it up this Sunday. I’ve decided the difference between Charleston and NOLA is like that between New Hope, PA and NYC. Both great cities, but with a totally different vibe. Speaking of NYC, Million Dollar Listing New York premieres the new season on June 4th at 10 pm.

🚁 Until Next Time (Pick One)…




May 23, 2018 – Valentin is in Hell, Mystery in the Berkshires, Explosive Star Finale & Pup Noses


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the station, Robert says he has to debrief Peter/Henrik.

Finn tells Anna, if it’s any consolation, no one else saw that Peter was Henrik either. Anna says he was hiding in plain sight.

Lulu asks what want Valentin wants. He says he’s here for his wife and daughter. She tells him that Nina is already gone and Charlotte is asleep.

Nina goes into Maxie’s room. She says it was all she could do to tear herself away from the baby. The nurses said his vitals are good and he’s well-developed for his age. Maxie can tell there’s something else. Nina says he reminds her of Nathan. He was a big baby, but the nurses said the same thing, that he was well-developed for his age. Maxie says she felt Nathan there, giving her the strength to pull through and give birth al fresco. She wishes he was there. She says Peter really pulled through, and she’s not sure why he didn’t come to see the baby.

Sam and Jason show up at the station, and Robert says his key witnesses are there. Chase asks what charges are being pressed, and Henrik says he wants to press charges. Jason tried to kill him; he knocked Henrik down, and held him at gunpoint. Robert says he threatened to kill Anna. He tells Chase that the WSB is going to lay out the procedure. Chase asks what Jason is doing there, and Sam says he knows for a fact that Jason is Henrik.

Anna guesses Finn has a lot of questions about how she came to have a baby with Faison. He says his questions aren’t important, but she says he’s important. She pushed him away because she didn’t want him added to the list of people she cared about being in danger. She says Griff was right; she’s a coward. She was terrified to let him see her for who she was. He told her, in case she missed it, he’s made his fair share of mistakes. He’s in no position to judge anyone. She thinks he might change his mind. She explains Faison’s obsession with her started when they were teenagers. His mother was her nanny, and he became fixated with her. She eventually became a cadet at the WSB academy, and he was already high up in the DVX. She thought she could set him up, but misjudged the situation, and wound up pregnant. She compromised herself, and trashed her career before it started. Eventually, she found a solution she thought would work, but she was wrong.

Valentin says Nina misread some things, and Dante says he was led away in handcuffs at the Nurses’ Ball. Valentin tells him the charges were baseless and they let him go. Lulu says he kept Peter’s identity a secret, but Valentin tells her that he respected Peter’s privacy. He was escaping a father who didn’t give a damn about him. Dante says maybe Valentin didn’t give a damn about Nathan, but his wife did. He had to cover his own ass when Nathan died. Lulu says Peter wasn’t helping her, he just wanted to know what she knew, in case she got too close. Valentin is sure she’ll find her next big story. He says he’ll let Charlotte sleep, and pick her up from school tomorrow. Lulu thinks he should hold off on that until he sees how he stands with Nina. He says, we’ll see, and leaves. Dante says he’s in for a surprise, and asks Lulu what she was talking about regarding Peter.

Maxie tells Nina there was no time to panic. She just had to remember the birthing classes and trust her instincts. Nina says she brought natural childbirth to life. Maxie says she couldn’t have done it without Peter. Nina says, if nothing else, she’s grateful for that. Maxie thought she was okay with Peter, and Nina says she’s tired and emotional. She’s going to go and give Maxie time to rest. Outside Maxie’s room, she leans against the wall and takes some deep breaths.

Kiki and Griff go back to his room. She says she doesn’t know why they came back there, when they had the ballroom all to themselves. He wants to call room service for some coffee, but Kiki wants more champagne, and pulls out a bottle. Griff thinks she’s had enough, and she says, just enough. Just enough for the world to glisten at the edges. She’s not hammered or sloppy. She could have worked off by dancing. She asks if he dances, and Griff says, some. Kiki tells him most guys are hopeless; it’s a shame. Every independent woman remembers watching Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella and pretending to waltz around in a ballgown. Then they grow up, and guys aren’t into the waltz. She says, that’s life. Even dreams that come true can disappoint.

Sam tells Peter that he forgot to put his name down as Henrik Faison on his resume, and it’s fraud. Chase asks if she’s willing to press charges, and Robert says the Bureau is in charge. Henrik says Jason is going to claim he was held prisoner for five years, but he saved Jason’s life.

Anna tells Finn that she didn’t want to see the infant, and the midwife arranged for an illegal adoption. She said it would be a loving family, and Anna believed and trusted her. She never thought about it again. She starts to cry, and takes Finn’s hand. She says, another person knew. They took baby, and gave him to Faison. Finn says, Faison had no idea she was his mother. He was rambling on about her being his destiny, and couldn’t have known. Anna says, he never knew. As feeble as it sounds, it was the one gift she could give herself.

Nina arrives at Windemere. Valentin is sitting on the floor next to the fireplace, drinking. She says she’s only there to pack. Valentin asks if she’ll listen, and she says, why? So he can lie some more? He always knew, and if he’d warned anyone, her brother might be alive. Valentin tells her, no one can say that. His father was crazy. Nina says he went to Crimson for Peter, not Maxie. Valentin says, Peter didn’t shoot him, and he tried to protect Maxie. Nina asks if Valentin is saying Peter is an innocent victim. He says, not innocent, but a victim. She tells him not to ask her to feel sorry for Peter, and he says he’s asking for empathy. If she hears the story, parts of it might sound familiar.

Henrik says he changed his name to escape his father. Faison was the head of the DVX, and then became an individual contractor. He shot Jason, and although the body was never recovered, Jason was presumed dead. Faison kept Jason in a clinic in Russia, and coerced him into helping. His father ordered him to kill Jason. It would have been easy; he was heavily sedated, but he wouldn’t do it. He betrayed his father, and risked his own life to save Jason. Sam says he paid Klein to keep him prisoner, and then to hunt him down after he escaped. Chase says he knows Jason doesn’t want to talk without his attorney, but it would save time if he can corroborate anything.

Jason says Henrik’s father shot him in October of 2012. He woke up in 2017 in a Russian clinic – in restraints. They were drugging him, and when he resisted, they drugged him more. There was no medical attention going on. Chase says, but he’d been shot, and Jason says, Henrik paid to have him kept prisoner, and then followed. Henrik says he understands this is about misguided revenge. Jason says he was threatening Anna. Peter says Jason hit him in the head, and he could have a concussion. Chase says he’ll personally escort Henrik to GH, and to get a cell ready for when he comes back. They’ll be holding him pending investigation. Sam gives Henrik a Dragon Lady glare.

Anna tells Finn that whatever unkindness or neglect Peter suffered, it would have been worse had he been the focus of Faison’s obsession. Finn says he told himself she was playing a game with Faison, using his guilt, even though he didn’t know the real reason. Anna says she should feel guilty; she should have kept track of the baby. If she had, Peter’s life would have been completely different. Her phone rings. It’s Robert. Robert tells her that Henrik is on his way to GH; he’s convinced them that he needs medical attention. Anna asks if he’s all right, and Robert says, it’s a stall. Anna tells Finn that her son has been taken to GH for medical attention. Robert thinks it’s a stall, but he could be hurt. Finn says he’ll go. He asks if she’ll be okay, and she says she is okay, and he leaves. She asks if Robert is still at the PCPD. He tells her that they’ll need a statement from her, and she says she’ll be there soon. She has something to take care of first.

Sam wonders why Henrik would want to go to the hospital, and Jason says he’s hoping to escape. She asks if Jason thinks he’ll pull it off. Jason says they should see if that detective knows what he’s doing. Sam says if there’s nothing wrong, what’s the point, and then says, Maxie is there. They run out of the station.

Drew stops by Maxie’s room, and she shows him the baby on the tablet. Drew says he’s a handsome little guy, and congratulates her. She wonders if Kim is still there. Drew says he was going to wait and give her a ride home, but he thinks he’s going home. I hope he tells her first. He asks if there’s anything he can do. Maxie says it’s not his job, but he tells her it’s good business practice. Without her, Nina would bankrupt Crimson. Drew says he’ll run interference while she’s out.

Griff doesn’t think he’s ever drunk champagne straight out of the bottle. Kiki says he’s long overdue. He says, here goes nothing, and takes a swig.

Valentin tells Nina he’d been doing work for Faison. It was highly illegal work, for which he was highly paid. He had a lot of medical bills, so he couldn’t be choosy. He met Faison’s son when he came home from boarding school, a shy ten-year-old, desperate for approval and attention from his father. He’d invited his father back to Bern to see a play he was in. Faison laughed, and mocked him in front of Valentin. Henrik was devastated. Valentin went, and Henrik was thrilled for the support. Thus began their lifelong friendship. Nina says, so what? Being a lonely kid doesn’t excuse what he turned out to be. Valentin says, no it doesn’t, but she can see the struggle, especially being in his father’s shadow. Valentin offered what advice he could, but they eventually lost touch. Henrik was working for his father, reached out. He wanted help to change his identity, and start again. Faison was poison, and he needed to escape. When he came to Port Charles, Valentin protected his secret because he owed him. Nina understands feeling sorry for him, but how did Valentin owe him? Anna bangs on the door. Valentin doesn’t want to let her in, but Nina wants to hear what she has to say. Anna storms in, saying it’s been three decades, but he finally got what he wanted. Her son almost shot her tonight.

Anna had thought her son with Faison was a secret, but to him. He says he’s thought she was a horrible, heartless liar who slept with Faison to further career, and cast aside her child like useless luggage. He tracked the family and threatened them, until they handed over the baby. She calls him an SOB, and grabs his neck.

Lulu tells Dante that after she wrote the article, she got a lot of emails from people claiming to be Henrik, but only one seemed credible. He was interested in meeting to tell his side of the story. She was working with Anna, and ran everything past her. Dante says she didn’t run it by him, and she says she agreed to keep their careers separate. He asks, other than Anna and Valentin, who else did she tell? She says, Peter. He tells her, congratulations. She confided in the guy who was setting her up.

Kiki tells Griff that she went to cotillion three years straight to learn to waltz. Griff has a confession to make – he knows how to waltz. He was also dragged to cotillion; his mom’s friend needed a dance partner. He learned to fox trot, tango, and waltz. Kiki says, prove it. Um… some music would be good. They dance without it, and he twirls her around. They kiss, and I make a sound between, ooh, and uh-oh.

Sam and Jason get to the hospital, where Maxie is in a wheelchair, and asks if they want to tag along to see the baby. Henrik is coming through near the nurses’ station, and Maxie wonders why he’s in handcuffs. Henrik asks if it’s possible for him to speak to her, and in a world only on the soaps, Chase agrees, and they’re given privacy. He tells Maxie he failed to disclose his real name. She doesn’t understand, and he says, Peter is the name he chose for himself. His father named him Henrik. She says, no, and he says, he’s Henrik Faison.

Anna pushes Valentin. She says her son has every right to hate her and want revenge. He had no right to use her child. Why not go all the way and tell Faison?  Valentin says he finally had leverage, and kept it in reserve. She says they’re talking about a little boy he handed over to a monster. Nina agrees. She thought he’d never hurt a child; it was his saving grace. He says he made a mistake. Nina says some mistakes you can’t take back. He says he continued to work for Faison, so he could keep an eye on Henrik. It didn’t take long to see he’d never escape his father. Anna says, protecting him, very noble, if she believed him. He says he made a terrible mistake, and is haunted by it every day. He asks if she thinks she knows what it’s like to go to bed every night, wishing he could make amends, but being a failure. He knows something about that. She tells him to go to hell, and walks out. He says he’s already there.

Dante tells Lulu that he’s leaving for work. She thinks they should talk. He asks, about what? About how she learned nothing from Nathan’s death? Peter appealed to her vanity or something. She says it’s her job to investigate. He says, then investigate. Don’t just take lies her boss is feeding her. Although he probably won’t be her boss much longer. Maybe she should write a story about that.

Henrik tells Maxie that he knows it’s a lot to take in, but please believe he never had an agenda; he wanted to help. The more he got to know her, the more he cared. She says, Faison wasn’t there for her; she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Faison was after him. Henrik says, yes. Maxie asks to go back to her room. Henrik says he’s sorry, but she doesn’t care. Henrik is led away.

Sam tells Drew that Henrik paid the man at Faison’s bank to leave the letters in a drop. One of the envelopes had the flash drive in it. He could have it; a way to restore his memory. Drew says he’s not going to rely on Peter, or Henrik, or whatever his name is. He and Andre are figuring it out. He wants to be Drew, with no trace of Jason. He leaves. Sam tells Jason that Drew might not want the flash drive, but she sure as hell does.

Oh wow. Griff and Kiki get busy. There’s a song part… and Sam gets in the elevator. She and Jason gaze at each other, then he gets in with her. Lulu types on her laptop while she cries. Valentin drinks. Nina walks in with her suitcase, looks at him, goes to the door, takes a last look, and leaves. Valentin dumps the glass over, no doubt wasting some very good bourbon. Anna goes to the station. She takes Robert’s hand. He holds her as she cries. Peter is examined.

Maxie lies in bed, thinking about Peter giving her the baby wrapped in his tuxedo jacket.

Two of my guys knocked out in one episode.

Tomorrow, Julian visits Alexis, Diane says Carly is more out of control than she’s willing to admit, and Nelle tells Josslyn that she and Michael are getting closer.

The Real Housewives of New York City

It’s Christmastime. Dorinda shops for the weekend in the Berkshires. Her house is totally Christmased up. She says the Berserkshires are here. Carole and Ramona arrive first. Dorinda says she wants a relaxed, fun night before everyone else gets there. She describes her decorations as old world meets new world meets kitsch. She has an old-fashioned TV set with an animated Christmas scene inside, and it’s one of the most amazing, coolest decorations I’ve ever seen. Like her own personal Lord & Taylor window.

Facialist Satoko goes to Sonja’s to give her some treatments. Satoko is miffed that Sonja rehomed one of her dogs and the cat. In her interview, Sonja says her life is complicated. She worried about everything, including the pets, and needed it to be simpler. It’s better for them, but hard on her. Satoko asks who she’s having sex with now, and they talk about the disadvantages of hooking up with two men at the same time. Satoko thinks you must have 24-hour downtime in between.

Dorinda, Carole, and Ramona go out for dinner. Carole asks if somebody actually gets murdered at the mystery party. Ramona says Sonja is like the old Sonja, funny and light. In her interview, Ramona thinks it will be a time thing with Dorinda and Sonja. Carole asks about Bethenny, saying she thinks Bethenny is being distant after she got upset with Carole at the dinner. She’s seemed aggressive. In her interview, Carole thinks it’s strange that Bethenny isn’t reaching out or making plans. Something is going on. Dorinda agrees something isn’t as comfortable as it used to be. Carole thinks it has something to do with support for Bethenny’s charity, but she made a matching donation. Dorinda says Bethenny was bummed out about Adam. Carole says Adam told her, but Bethenny never said anything, She wonders why Bethenny would hold a grudge against her. In her interview, Carole says he chose to let it go, but Bethenny was talking behind her back about it. She’s never known Bethenny not to be direct. She says every level of the story sucks. They’ve argued, but privately. Ramona says Carole used to be more cerebral, but has been speaking her mind more.

The girls come down for breakfast. Carole and Ramona marvel over Dorinda’s bed linens.

Bethenny says she put the B in Berkshires, and we flash back to her berating LuAnn, and the argument with Ramona. She’s in such a good mood, nothing can ruin it. Oh, just wait.

Carole gives Dorinda a personalized makeup turban for Christmas, and also a Donald Trump chia pet. In her interview, Dorinda says it’s the gift that will keep on giving. Ramona plays with the snow globes. Bethenny arrives. Dorinda promises to help with a search for an FAO Schwarz nutcracker for Brynn. Bethenny asks where Carole is, and Carole magically appears. Bethenny gives her an All I Want for Christmas is a New President sweatshirt. In her interview, Carole says he wants a conversation with Bethenny, but Bethenny is acting like it’s all good, so she’s doing the same. Bethenny is wearing a Chilling with My Snowmies shirt, and Ramona doesn’t get the play on words. Bethenny tells Carole not to give her any hints, but Carole blurts out, homies. Ramona still doesn’t get it, since she doesn’t know what homies are.

The rest arrive, and there’s another big discussion about Bethenny’s shirt. In her interview, Carole says it doesn’t matter what time it is, single LuAnn wants the party started. Dorinda announces there are rules of engagement this year. Housekeeper Len works for her, and if need something done, come to her. In her interview, Dorinda says if they know the rules, they won’t break them – hopefully. She tells them, don’t touch other people’s stuff. Don’t take it, or wear it. Respect the home. As she’s talking, we flash back to when these rules were broken. She says it isn’t Girls Gone Wild or the Playboy mansion. It’s the home she loves and cherishes. With that said, welcome. Sonja says she’s on her best behavior, and brought her own slippers and PJs. The last thing she wants is to be ostracized.

Luann and Sonja share a room. LuAnn hangs decorations on the fish hanging on the wall. Sonja takes pics to cover her ass in case there’s damage. Everyone gets ready for the party. In her interview, Dorinda explains that she’s a temperance leader, trying to bring Prohibition to Massachusetts, but doesn’t practice what she preaches. There will be actors coming, and at some point, a murder.

Rhett, the butler, shows up, along with the manor owner, Freddy Feathersby, and his assistant, Aiden.  He’s made his money from selling feathers to showgirls, and all of the characters have a vested interest in him. Anyone could be murdered.

Tinsley is the rich neighbor; whose daddy makes money while she spends it. Carole tells her about Bethenny’s beef with Adam, saying it’s not her style to talk to someone else about it. She’s going to have a couple of tequilas and see how it goes.

Sonja is an accountant who cooks the books Sonja loves a costume theme, and the men, although there could be a few more. Bethenny is the brains behind operation, because Featherby is an idiot. In her interview, Bethenny says they’re the same bitches; different era. Carole is a woman running for congress. She has a cigarette in a holder, and in her interview, Bethenny says Carole has taken up smoking through the façade of costume.

Ramona tells Featherby that when he left the room, his assistant said he hated him. Sonja says he told her his life would be easier without him around. Ramona tells Featherby that he surrounds himself with the wrong people. In her interview, Bethenny says there’s Ramona, telling secrets. Finally, her being an a-hole is helpful.

Rhett explains how it works, and that no one should really call the police. LuAnn is late, and strolls in being a French something-or-other. Aiden starts choking, and drops to the floor. They make a pretense of trying to help, but he’s dead. Featherby suggests the go to the dining room to discuss. Sonja points out that they’re a man down for dinner. Featherby talks about calling the police, and Tinsley says her experience with the police has been bad, making everyone laugh. Featherby says he would have never murdered his faithful assistant, so someone in the room did. They toast to Aiden, but then Featherby starts to choke. Despite their best efforts, he too, is dead. Rhett reveals that he’s actually a cop. He thinks he knows who committed the crime. The “body” carted off, and Sonja says now there are no guys for dinner. Bethenny makes a toast that, men may come and go, but strong women last forever.

Rhett tells everyone that Aiden poisoned Featherby’s drink before he died. Dorinda is starving, and reveals that she did it. Rhett says she’s too rich to go to jail, and presents her with a bottle of Dom Perignon. Everyone applauds. Bethenny suggests that next year, somebody should really kill somebody, but the night is young.

They talk about Heather Thomas living close by, and Ramona gripes about her house having no air conditioning. Bethenny confronts Ramona about saying she called Carole a puppet. In her interview, Ramona says those might not have been her exact words, but what she said wasn’t a compliment. Moving right along, Ramona brings up the tension in the group, saying they all feel it, but she’s the only brave one. Carole says the vibe is off. Bethenny says there’s been a shift in the group, and Carole doesn’t understand. In her interview, Carole says, so much for easing it in.

Carole asks Bethenny, if she had a problem, why didn’t she come to her? Bethenny says she didn’t have a problem. Carole says she thought Bethenny was upset because of Carole’s lack of support for her charity. Bethenny says she doesn’t need Carole’s support. In her interview, Bethenny say that she never heard from Carole about it, and she didn’t seem interested. Carole says Page Six contacted her about a story that they were feuding, and she killed it. Now she’s hearing rumblings that it might be true. Bethenny had told her that she thought Dorinda was the source. Dorinda swears she never called Page Six. In her interview, Bethenny says she told Carole that in confidence, and asks if she’s not safe with Carole now. Carole brings up Adam, and Bethenny gets all hung up on the details. Carole calls her honey, which Bethenny doesn’t find amusing. Carole doesn’t like the vibe, and accuses Bethenny of avoiding the topic by concentrating on the minutiae. In her interview, Ramona says the rest of them don’t have the verbal skills to spar with Bethenny, and usually give up. Carole is on top of it. In her interview, Tinsley says she feels like a child; they shouldn’t be there. Carole says she loves Bethenny, but Bethenny doesn’t seem to feel the same way.

To be continued…

Next time, Bethenny is done, Dorinda puts her face in a cake, Dorinda owns Santa, and Bethenny gets a big surprise.


This episode started thirty days before the tour, and counted down.

Everyone was ready to celebrate Take 3’s first album. It was announced that Noah would be co-headlining with Gigi on the tour, and Take 3 would open. While celebrating at the salon, they heard Star’s I Was There track on the radio. Miss Lawrence suggested the knives be hidden. Star said she was just venting; it wasn’t supposed to come out. Alex wasn’t having it, and she and Star had a knockdown drag out. Star confronted Maurice, saying she wanted a hit, but not like this; she was tired of men taking advantage. Maurice said she was about to be the hottest piece of the Take 3 puzzle. Carlotta, Cassie, and Cotton went through Jahil’s studio, and Cassie promised to find out who did this.

After Noah got drunk and arrested, Carlotta said he needed a handler. Noah said she needed to know her place. She told him to sit his ass down, and he fired her.

Charles worried about getting kicked out, but didn’t believe Ayanna could run the company. Star’s single took off, and Ayanna told Maurice he saved his job. Carlotta said he was enabling Noah, and Take 3 was torn apart because of what he released. Maurice told Carlotta he was picking up her slack.

Cassie told Andy she wasn’t playing around, and threatened his parents, who she never knew were white.

Star told Simone that she was doing it for their mama. It’s the least she could do, since she killed her. Simone says she didn’t, but Star confesses she gave her more medicine when she shouldn’t have. Simone wasn’t holding it against her; she was a kid. Simone told her to let it go – it’s a choice to be broken.

Noah hated that Simone got him out of the DUI. Cotton claimed Omari killed Jahil, and it was a mistake to let him live. Carlotta said he was a dead man, and Cassie said she had it, telling Carlotta to get Cotton and her son out of town. At the prison. Angel told Simone that his lawyer would help get them an annulment. Simone said it wasn’t what she wanted, but he insisted. She took to her bed, and when Carlotta tried getting her to face life, she whined that Carlotta had never loved anyone like she loved Angel. Carlotta bounced her out of bed, saying she just buried him

Noah dropped his flask in front of Alex, who said she can’t do this again. He was all, you and me, but she said, get out.

Take 3 was pretty impressive for an opening act, with swings and dry ice. The audience began to chant for Star’s new single. Alex grabbed the mic, and she and Star wrestled on the stage. They were out of the tour, but Maurice said Star could be the opening act. Simone told Star they weren’t family anymore. Star said everything she’d done, she did for them, and Simone told her to stop with the lies. Star said they were a package deal, but Ayanna said, not according to their contract.

Gigi introduced Noah to coke, and he snorted some off of her before he went on stage. Alex went to see Derek, and told him Noah was a drunk like her mother. She said she was going to New York to see her dad. She was going to find out why she’s so messed up. Derek told her he had a girl now, and she doesn’t lie to him. He left her standing on the porch.

Ayanna caught Andy in her office, forging her signature on checks. She was about to call security when he knocked the phone out of her hand. There was a gun in her desk, and they struggled over it. Ayanna was shot, and Andy called Carlotta, who’s like Mr. Wolf in Pulp Fiction.  She took his prints off the gun, and called an ambulance. Ayanna didn’t want an ambulance. She didn’t want to give her father the satisfaction of thinking she’s weak, and told Carlotta she was pregnant with Jahil’s baby

Carlotta asked why Andy needed money, and he told her Jahil’s bullet was meant for him. She asked who he owed money too. She could help, but needed a name. She asked who killed Jahil, and he told her it was her sister Cassie. She asked if he was crazy, owing Cassie money.

Charles showed up for a board meeting, noting they had a quorum. He said Ayanna was in his seat, but she said she was taking leadership of Floyd Entertainment. He taught her to play chess, so checkmate. Carlotta became the new head of Midtown Sound. She fired Maurice.

Star told Noah when she’d pictured the tour, it was with the girls, not with him throwing it away. He told her that he was on top; this is what it looks like. She said they were both alone, and told him he was crumbling. She was learning it was a choice to be broken, and asked if he was ever going to change. This doesn’t make him an artist; it makes him an addict. Not Prince or Michael, just an addict.

The concert ended with Star singing the opening song, I Bring Me, but thinking about how she sang it with the other girls, her victory being bittersweet. Derek ran after Alex. The plane was boarding, but he said his girl was on the damn plane. We saw a television showing breaking news about an airplane down in the Appalachian Mountains. Noah stood on the roof, about to jump.

Carlotta and Cassie sat at the kitchen table, drinking. Carlotta said Jahil died murderes by someone he loved and believed in. Some people always let you down. They both quietly reached under the table for their guns. Carlotta told Cassie that she heard Cassie took Omari out. They both drew their guns, and Cassie said she always had Carlotta’s back. Carlotta said, the hell she did, as her hand started to shake.

A gun went off.

Queen Latifah’s hair-dos did not disappoint. There was a short, swirly do in black and white, shoulder length waves in brown with gold highlights, a magenta flip, and a brown and gold curled bob highlighted with purple. This week, however, Brandi won the Queen of Hair, with brown and gold Queen Nefertiti braids piled high.

This was the finale. Star will be returning in the fall.

🐶 Because It’s the Best I Can Come Up with At This Hour…