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May 25, 2020 – Ball Rewind, Final Sail Of the Season, a New Soap, a Little Too Close, Charming Reactions, Aaron’s Job, Say Goodbye Already, See the World & Tears


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Today’s GH was the start of the Nurse’s Ball 2014. We were treated to an Obrecht takeover, treating us with Kathleen Gati singing WIlkommen from Cabaret. It looks like the entire week will be dedicated to episodes from the 2014 and 2015 yearly event.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Avlaki, Corfu. Glenn asks to talk to Nicole, and explains that two crew members saw a guest with white powder under their nose. He wanted to speak to Nicole first, but says he’s obligated to get to get to the bottom of it. If there are drugs on board, it will be the end of the charter. He hopes that’s not the case, but says it was confirmed that the crew members definitely saw something. His next step is to talk to Billy; maybe he has a logical explanation. In Glenn’s interview, he says he could easily lose his license, or go to jail. Glenn tells Billy that a couple of crew members saw evidence of white powder under his nose. Billy says his hand to God, on his mother’s grave, he didn’t bring drugs onto the boat. Madison and Jenna listen in, while Georgia sings in the laundry room. Glenn asks if he can see Billy’s cabin, and if Madison will be a witness. In his interview, Glenn says he found a guest smoking a joint once, plucked it out of their mouth, and tossed it into the sea. If the authorities find drugs on board, it’s a big deal.

Glenn looks through Billy’s bags, and asks if there’s anything Billy doesn’t want him to find. Billy says he has nothing to hide. Glenn comes across some Gold Bond powder, and Billy says he’s not snorting that. Nicole tells another guest, this is so uncomfortable. Glenn says he didn’t find anything, and apologizes. In his interview, Glenn says he’s disappointed, but it sent a message. If there’s anything left, hopefully Billy has the sense to get rid of it. It’s not like he tossed the room. He just checked through some semi-packed bags.

Billy tells roommate Nicholas about the search, and wonders who the crew members were. What’s of interest here is, Nicolas immediately asks if Billy had anything. Billy says, no, but why would Nicholas ask if it wasn’t a possibility? Nicole says, it was intense. Jenna tells the other stews to keep them drinking. In Jenna’s interview, she says she made an observation, and was under obligation to tell Glenn. She didn’t relish ruining the guests’ vacation. Nicole says she just wants not to be stressed. In her interview, Jenna says she wanted to go out on a high note, but it’s going to be an awkward note at best. Glenn tells her there’s not much he can do, and she says it puts a damper on the last charter. Glenn tells Chris that he didn’t find anything, so he’s going to leave it there.

Jenna tells Madison there’s a bad vibe after the investigation. Madison brings Nicole a drink, and  tells her to just breathe in, breathe out, and enjoy lunch. In Adam’s interview, he says, the guests are pissed, crew morale is in the dumps, and it sucks when the last charter goes sour. He has to kill it. Ooh, ceviche. I’ve never had it, but I’ve been dying to try it since I saw it on Shahs of Sunset (and where is that reunion anyway?) Adam serves the guests. Billy says he’s not hungry, and pouts. Jenna tells the guests, the sailing will be from 3 to 6, and afterwards, they’ll have the Greek party.

In Madison’s interview, she says, it’s an utter disaster. Get them drunk, get them fed, get them off the boat, and get the tip. Glenn asks her how the guests are doing, and she says they’re happy. Not so Billy, who decides to stomp up to the bridge and confront the captain. He says he gets that Glenn is doing his job, and it’s a serious thing, but he’s offended. Glenn apologizes, but says they have a blanket zero-tolerance policy. Just because he didn’t find anything, doesn’t mean it’s not on board. Billy says he was pretty effing drunk last night, but that was it, and his effing luxury vacation is now ruined. Please. First of all, boo-hoo that ten minutes was taken out of his luxury vacation because at best, he was acting stupid. And I don’t believe this guy wasn’t/isn’t on something. I’ve pretty much seen it all, and I’ve never seen anyone act like he does when they’re drunk. That dude was high. Billy says, there’s nothing there, and nothing was. He doesn’t know how to deal with this. In Glenn’s interview, he says he would hate for the season to implode when they’re this close to the finish line. A charter is always remembered by the ending. Billy stomps back to the deck.

Glenn calls Ciara, Paget, and Byron to the wheelhouse to talk about the regatta. He says if they want the charter to be a success, put on a big smile and happy faces. They have to sell it, and have the opportunity to finish on a high note. Glenn shows them the game plan, and they get ready to start. The course is set up, and Byron drives one boat, taking Billy (lucky him); and Paget drives the other boat with Nicholas. In Chris’s interview, he says he spent his childhood racing, and it’s heartbreaking. He wants to be out there. In Byron’s interview, he says, of course he’s stuck with the guy who was searched. He hopes Billy doesn’t get pissed off more. A third watch boat goes out, with a few guests, including Nicole. Paget gets a slow start, and the boats race around markers. Byron’s boat goes totally sideways, and into the water. He manages to right the boat, but team Paget wins. In his interview, Byron says he wants to punch Paget. Glenn says, good race, and Billy says, awesome, apparently forgetting his luxury vacation was ruined.

In Adam’s interview, he says, after the awkwardness, the guests’ vibe is getting better. It’s all about the food, and he has no room for mistakes. The guests put on togas and Greek themselves up. Ciara takes what my dad used to call a Navy bath, basically just splashing water on her armpits. Paget tells Byron that he hasn’t gotten Ciara anything for her birthday yet. In the crew mess, Paget tells Ciara, happy birthday, and Georgia looks at them like she hates them. In her interview, Georgia says she has feelings for Paget (don’t we have feelings about everything? that sounds so stupid to me), and the closer they get to the end of the season, she realizes she has to say something. In Ciara’s interview, she says, the season is almost over, and she’s looking for much needed time away from the crew. Madison and Georgia do a happy dance over their last turndown.

A Greek buffet is served. Adam sings, last meal of the season. Billy deigns to eat. Jenna tells Adam that the guests are happy. Nicole says the only thing that could make it better, would be someone rubbing her feet. I’m surprised a crew member doesn’t pop out and do it. In Jenna’s interview, she says she’s trying to do everything she can to make it better, but under the circumstances, she doesn’t know if it’s enough. It’s not a good way to go out.

Glenn tells Ciara, happy birthday. In Glenn’s interview, he says he sees the finish line. They need to keep it going; keep doing their best. The guests toddle out, and Adam makes breakfast. Nicole says she’d definitely charter the boat again, so evidently she couldn’t care less that Billy’s luxury vacation is ruined. Georgia says she’s going to be getting on an airplane so fast, and Madison says she wants to cry. Georgia tells Madison, if Jenna cries, it’s because she threw a rock at her. Paget says they’re all like old men, limping around the boat. The boat is carrying more dead weight than Byron’s jokes.

It’s finally time to say goodbye. Nicole floats off on a cloud of alcohol after giving Glenn the tip envelope. Glenn honks the horn, per tradition. In Paget’s interview, he says, they did it. And if they can do what they just did, the sky’s the limit. Jenna tells the stews that they need to get the boat fresh and ready for whatever she does next. Adam and Jenna talk about going to Venice. Georgia and Madison eat like madwomen in the crew mess. In Madison’s interview, she says she can’t be happier. Jenna joins them, and Georgia says she’s never worked with this big a crew before. Jenna thinks it went well. There were some things that pushed her over the edge more than usual. She says they joked around, but she doesn’t personally mind. Georgia asks if that’s because Jenna is the one doing the bullying. Jenna asks if Georgia thinks she doesn’t get bullied. In her interview, Georgia gives a surreptitious middle finger. Georgia says Jenna makes jokes at other people’s expense, and was having personal jokes with Adam in the galley. Jenna says, to be honest, it was her frustration coming out. She did think there were a lot of stupid questions, so she’d vent to Adam. Georgia says if there were questions, it was because she wasn’t familiar with the field. There wasn’t one day when she didn’t work her ass off. Jenna says she doesn’t disagree, and Madison says, we made it; it’s over. Let’s have one more good night.

Jenna tells Adam that the girls think she can be mean, and they’re afraid of her. Madison and Georgia eavesdrop, and roll their eyes. In Madison’s interview, she says, it’s how you treat people, how you talk to people, and how you manage a team. She’d never want anyone to feel like she was made to feel. She thinks she knows how it should be run, and could handle the job

Jenna tells Byron, when they started in the industry, it was more cutthroat. In Byron’s interview, he says there’s a level of respect that the younger ones need to learn. Georgia tells Madison, if there was a separation, it was because Jenna made it that way. Paget  gives Ciara a gift bag in the crew mess, and she takes out a Leatherman. In her interview, Madison says, how romantic, but in Ciara’s interview, she says she loves practical birthday gifts. Paget says she’s park of the deck team now, and they hug. The crew sings Happy Birthday.

Glenn radios the crew for the debriefing. He says, they got through the final charter, and it was definitely challenging. But even though they had a situation, they still finished on a high note. The tip was $15,000, or $1660 each. Jenna is shocked, along with having a sense of relief. Glenn says they got more than $16K each in tips, and made a total of $143K. It’s a testament to how well they work as a team. He tells them he’s set up dinner at a beach bar; their final night out together. He’s coming along, and tells them to do as much as they can before they head out.

In his interview, Adam says he’s serious about the road trip. Even though it was a terribly emotional time, at this point, Jenna is the closest he’s ever gotten to saying I love you. He doesn’t give his heart easily, and it’s hard to believe sometimes. In Georgia’s interview, she says she can’t ignore her feelings for Paget anymore. It’s been weighing on her for a while, and she has to tell Ciara before Ciara finds out. She has to admit it’s a disloyal feeling, and it’s terrifying. She goes up on deck, where Ciara is coiling a gigantic rope, and asks if Ciara wants help. Ciara says, sure, and Georgia says she kind of has to tell Ciara something before they go. She’s having a bit of a thing for Paget. I honestly don’t get why she feels the need to do this. It’s not like she and Paget did anything but joke around. It seems like she’s just making an idiot of herself. I also don’t get how Ciara would find out otherwise. Does Georgia post her diary online?

Ciara says she already knew that, and it was no surprise. In Ciara’s interview, she says, this is super awkward. Georgia says she hasn’t ever wanted to cross the line, and wanted Ciara to know that. In her interview, Ciara says, let her silence speak for itself. She tells Georgia, you’re fine. In her interview, Georgia says to open up, and have Ciara say she knew, and never thought of Georgia as a threat, is twisting the knife; she wants to jump in [the water]. Again, I’m not getting this. On top of this need to tell Ciara, she wanted a jealous reaction? It’s like some weird mean girl backfire. I thought more highly of Georgia than this. Ciara tells Paget that she was washing the bow, and she and Georgia had a conversation about him. Georgia apologized and admitted she had a thing for him. He laughs, and Byron eavesdrops. Paget says, has or had, and Byron laughs. Paget tells Ciara, if it’s any consolation, he fancies Ciara. She says she hopes so, and they hug. Everyone gets ready for dinner.

The crew gets in the van, and they drive to the beach club. There’s a long, candlelit table near a firepit outside, where they sit. Jenna asks Ciara if they ever initiated the threesome, and Ciara says she wishes everyone would stop bringing it up. Paget says, it’s not happening. Glenn asks what everyone’s high point of the season was. Chris says it was sailing; the feeling of the sea, and the power of the wind. For Paget, it was the regatta, and for Adam, meeting Jenna. Everyone aww-groans. Glenn says the crew blew him away. The people knew, as well as those he just met. He congratulates them on a great season, and they clink glasses. In Glenn’s interview, he says, at the beginning of the season, he was with his core family, but the new crew coming in became like family. They don’t always get along, like you don’t always get along with your siblings, but overall, it was a fantastic family. He goes back to the boat, leaving the crew to their own devices.

Georgia says she’s not going to miss an opportunity to play guitar, taking it out of its case. Paget says he has a request from her number one fan. It’s in his head, but he can’t think of the name of it. He tells her, just play. She plays and sings, and he says, that’s it. I’m pretty sure it’s one of her own songs. In Jenna’s interview, she says, nice of Paget to call himself her number one fan. I think Paget feels a little sorry for her. Paget plays air guitar and sings along. In Ciara’s interview, she says if she never had to hear that song again, it would be way too soon. She cuddles with Paget. The song concludes, and everyone applauds. Georgia asks if they want another one, and there’s a moment of crickets before Madison says she wants to dance. They go to the main part of the restaurant; it’s somewhat enclosed, but has no walls. Byron, Jenna, and Adam stay behind, lounging on a long couch. Chris asks Paget if he thinks they’re falling asleep, and Paget says, they are 30 plus. Paget sees Georgia, and says he wants to tell her something. Oh please.

Georgia tells him, make her night. There’s a brief exchange I can’t really hear, and Paget says, forget about it, and walks away. When he gets back to Ciara, she asks if he loves her. He says, of course, and she asks if he’s happy with her birthday. He says, if she’s happy, he’s happy. Paget rounds everyone up. Chris wants to wait one more song, but Paget suggests they get in the effing van. Back on the boat, Chris writes, it’s over, on the whiteboard.

In the morning, Paget says his head is killing him. Chris complains that he had so many clothes he didn’t get to wear. In his interview, he says it’s scary for him. He started well, but now he’s going to head back to the UK and see a specialist to get his back sorted out. Hopefully he’ll come back better and stronger. In Byron’s interview, he says the crew has been mostly capable, but he’d never pass up an opportunity to work with Glenn. They made great tips, but he can’t wait to see his wife and daughter. He leaves, and wife Hayley meets him on the boardwalk, along with baby Saphira.

In Madison’s interview, she says she learned a lot, and is more sensitive than she thought she was. She takes things too personally, and shouldn’t. She’s going to miss Georgia the most, since she felt like she found a sister. She and Jenna high-five. She tells Georgia, you’re coming with me, and walks out on the dock. Georgia follows, saying she’s been waiting to hear that all season. Georgia and Madison say goodbye, and in her interview, Madison says she knows she’ll be friends with Georgia for the rest of her life.

Georgia asks to talk to Paget. She tells him it was great that she formed a strange, crazy connection, even at the expense of her dignity. She’s glad she met him; no one has gotten her like he has for a while. She gets teary, and says, it’s nice to know someone gets her. It means more than he realizes. Paget says Ciara told him at some point that she thought Georgia had feelings for him, but he couldn’t act on that. In his interview, he says Georgia is a good person underneath all the jokes, and she’s just looking for someone to treat her right. She’s talented, funny, good-looking, and available! Please treat her well. Paget reminds me of the nice college guy who’s gently brushing off the middle school girl who has a crush on him. Jenna tosses her clothes on the bed, wondering how she’s going to fit them in her suitcase.

Paget looks around the boat, and says, it’s a lot of work. Jenna tells Georgia, she knows it was complicated, and Georgia says, that’s the nature of the beast. Jenna says she thought she handled it well, but in Georgia’s interview, she says she thought she’d have team members to rely on. Instead, it was three times more complicated. Just saying. Ciara tells Georgia, it was nice, finding a hardcore bitch like herself.

In Jenna’s interview, she says, she fell in love in this hopeless place. How could she not love this season? Adam tells Glenn that he’s a great captain. He’s had his fair share, and Glenn is one of the few he’d work for again. I notice that Glenn is like, thanks, but doesn’t return that sentiment. In Adam’s interview, he says he’s learned a lot, and being vulnerable may not actually kill him. He asks if Jenna is ready for a road trip.

Glenn, Paget, and Ciara sit in the crew mess. Ciara says, it’s just us again. Glenn says it was a great season, and he’s glad they were there. He’s glad it worked out with Ciara being a deckhand. Ciara says she’s glad Glenn pushed her. In her interview, she says, she realized she’s more capable than she gives herself credit for. Being outside her comfort zone was good for her. She thanks Paget for making it happen.

Meanwhile, on the road… Jenna and Adam, living in a van down by the river. Or at least near the beach. Adam cooks over and open flame, and asks what time the primary wants to eat.

🧼 Leave It To LOGO…

A new soap is born. It’s always a roll of the dice, but if Morgan Fairchild is in, so am I.


👯‍♂️ Joined At the Hip…

While it disturbed my comfort level its first season, this time sMothered actually made me feel a little ill. Returning cast members Dawn and Cher, and Kathy and Cristina, who were not in the first episode, seem relatively normal in comparison to the newbies. And even then, mostly Dawn and Cher.


🍹 Because I’m Obsessed…

And so disappointed. If it weren’t for Naomie’s boyfriend Metul, I would never have had butter chicken.




🕶 I Get It, But I Don’t…

You’re not paranoid if someone really is following you.


🐎 Glad I’m Not Alone…

When the man in black became the man in white, I started feeling lost. By the time Jessie Aaron Paul came on the scene, I was more lost than I was when I was watching Lost. Another disappointment. When will it end?


✈️ Travel the World For Free…

Well, free virtually. Enjoy the Summer Solstice.


Visit Alaska.


Oh the places you’ll go.


🎈 Memorial Times Two…

Sadly, my buddy dog Casey lost his battle with the infection that attacked his kidneys. Run free, little man, run free. And as for you, stay safe, stay sound , and stay passing the open windows.

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May 20, 2020 – The Custody Hearing Begins, An Astrological Evening, Goodbye Basement Artie, Farewell To the Best, Child Reunion, Togetherness, King Costume, TNT Train & Raining


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sonny tells Jason, the disease takes away everything that makes you who are, and you’re left with an empty shell. When he asks what Mike wants, Mike doesn’t say anything. Sonny doesn’t know if Mike doesn’t want to say anything, doesn’t understand, or he doesn’t know. If his dad wants to stay and fight, he has every right to do that. Jason says, of course (🍷), and Sonny says, then again, what is Mike fighting for? He has no quality of life – the doctors made that clear – and he has nothing to look forward to. His heart is still beating, but his brain can’t hold his memories. He’s lost his appetite, and they’ll have to feed him by putting tubes in him. Sonny doesn’t know how much more he should do, and his dad is confused. That’s where they’re at. Jason knows Sonny wants answers, but can only tell him what he’d want if he was in Mike’s place.

Laura opens the door to Lulu, who holds up an envelope. She says, see this? Nikolas and Ava are having a party to celebrate the unveiling of Franco’s portrait. Laura says she got one, hand delivered; fancy stuff. Lulu says she can send regrets for both of them if Laura wants, but Laura says, actually, it’s not what she wants.

At the MetroCourt bar, Nikolas tells Ava that he saw some of Avery’s drawings. She’s quite the artist. Ava says she can’t wait to show Avery’s stuff at the gallery, and he says, speaking of art, he ran into her favorite painter at the gym. She hopes he didn’t use Franco as a punching bag, and he says, why? Is there something or someone they should be fighting about?

Elizabeth tells Franco that Nikolas is trying be the person she used to know; trustworthy and loyal, and someone who values honor and integrity.  If he ends up being that person, she’ll most likely be friends with him again. Franco says Nikolas is also the person who ran her sister out of town, and Violet has no mother now. Does she want to be friends with that guy?

Diane tells Michael and Willow to go ahead; she needs to talk to Carly. She asks if Carly is ready to be cross-examined by Nelle’s attorney. It’s not going to be pretty. Carly says she’s going to present herself as a loving grandmother and mother, who wants the best for Wiley, which happens to be true. The judge needs to know Nelle should never get custody.

Willow looks at a picture of her and Chase. She asks if Michael still has photos of Sasha, but he says he’s deleted them. Willow says she knows Michael is hurting like she is, but what makes it bearable is not being alone; they’re going through it together. Michael says when he needs a reminder of why they married, and why they’re there, he looks at this. He shows her a picture of Wiley.

Nelle practices her testimony. She say she doesn’t claim to be perfect, but has been given the most precious thing anyone can possess. She’s not asking for custody for herself, but for her son Wiley. Martin says, too saccharine, and not enough sincerity. Once more, with feeling.

Lulu asks if Laura is thinking of going to this charade. It’s just Ava’s excuse to patronize the little people, now that she’s queen of Spoon Island. Laura says Nikolas is still her son and Lulu’s brother, and Lulu says, he brought Ava into their family, and brought it on himself. She doesn’t see why he should inflict her on the rest of them. Laura says it’s important to show they still love him and he’s still part of the family, but Lulu says Laura wouldn’t be attending that ostentatious overblown party as Nikolas’s mother. She’s the mayor, and represents the city of Port Charles. Laura doesn’t think it’s a big deal, but Lulu says attending is giving Ava her stamp of approval; knowing Ava coerced Nikolas into marriage, and they’re both miserable, and that Spencer would rather stay in France than be there. Is she sure she’s prepared for that?

Ava tells Nikolas, like most talented artists, Franco is moved by powerful emotion, and she’s promoting his art. He says she’s promoting Franco’s ugly past, but Ava says he doesn’t mind. Nikolas says, Elizabeth does. She asks if he showed Elizabeth the letter from Spencer, and he says he told her that Spencer is willing to restore their relationship if he divorces Ava. Ava says Elizabeth must have loved that. Did he tell her how he responded to Spencer’s proposal? Did he choose his son or his fortune?

Nelle asks if Martin has any other unwanted advice. Is her dress too short? He says, just tell the truth, and let it stand up next to Michael, Carly, and Willow’s version. She says she’ll have Nina as a character witness. Julian comes in, and she says, her husband. He says, hello darling, and Martin asks if he’s been drinking. Julian says he had one shot for court, and Martin gives him a tin of mints. Martin leaves, and Nelle tells Julian that if she wins, Sonny need never find out that Julian knew about the baby switch. Stick to the script. Losing is not an option.

Diane asks Carly if Sonny will be in court, but Carly says, no; he’s with his father. Diane says it’s probably for the best, since his presence in the courtroom might be construed as intimidation.

Michael asks if Willow is ready to go head to head with Nelle’s attorney, and she says she has nothing to hide. He says he can’t say the same. He and his family are going to be dragged through the mud, and some of it is bound to splash on her. She says, for better or worse, and he says, they’re starting off worse. She asks if he means the honeymoon is over, and he says, when this is over, they’ll take Wiley and go somewhere fun. She says she’ll take him up on that.

Jason says he told the doctors before his first surgery, he didn’t want tubes and machines keeping him alive. Sonny says Jason didn’t have kids then. How would he feel for his kids to lose him? Jason says he’d never want his kids to go through what Sonny is going through; seeing him in bed, knowing he can’t recognize them, and can’t even feed himself. Sonny asks if he’d want them to sign a DNR, and Jason says he wishes Mike hadn’t put it on Sonny. Sonny says there’s a lot he and his dad didn’t talk about; a lot they didn’t share. Now it’s too late.

Ava says she’ll take Nikolas’s silence to mean he hasn’t talked to Spencer. Nikolas says, what if Spencer doesn’t want him without his money? Is Spencer really willing to lose the money and prestige that comes with being a Cassadine? She says, Spencer is still young. He’s still figuring out what’s important. But if he didn’t care, he would have been indifferent upon Nikolas’s return. Spencer loves Nikolas, and wants him, money or no money. He says, she’d like that because she gets it all. Guess again.

Elizabeth tells Franco, she knows Nikolas can be selfish, but he’s also incredibly sensitive, kind, and patient. Franco says it sounds like she’s already halfway there in forgiving him, and she says she’s trying to understand why one minute he’s a stranger, and the next, she sees flashes of the friend she used to know. He says, sorry; they don’t have to talk about it, but Elizabeth says they should talk. He admits they can’t pretend their feelings don’t exist, and she says her feelings for Nikolas are complicated. Like his for Ava.

Carly takes the stand, and Diane asks what the nature is of her relationship to Michael. She says she’s Michael’s mother, and Diane asks where she was when Michael got engaged to Nelle. Carly tells her, Ferncliff, a hospital for the criminally insane. Diane asks what was the reason she was there, and Carly says Nelle accused her of pushing her down a flight stairs at her baby shower. She was forced to plead temporary insanity. Diane says, with the help of friends, she managed to escape; isn’t that criminal as well? Carly says it is, but when the truth came out, she was exonerated, and her sentence vacated. Diane asks if Nelle ever visited, and Carly says she did, when she and Michael became engaged. Nelle said Carly was trapped, and she was going marry Michael, and in time, the family would forget Carly, and she’d be left to rot. She wanted Carly to know she’d won. Martin objects, saying her testimony is highly inflammatory, and Diane says, withdrawn.

Martin asks Carly what kind of business she’s in, and she says, hospitality. She owns the MetroCourt. He asks what business her husband is in, illegal or otherwise, and Diane says Sonny isn’t there to testify. Martin says, withdrawn, and asks Carly to explain what happened on April 24th, 1988. She tells him that Tony Jones kidnapped Michael, and received a suspended sentence. He asks what happened to Tony next, and she says she shot him. He asks what punishment she received for shooting her former lover, who was also her stepfather, and she says she went to Shadybrook mental institution. He says, and she’d believe her grandson would be safe in her less than stable care? Diane objects, and he says, withdrawn. Diane says, it’s a matter of public record that Nelle perjured herself in an attempt to secure a conviction against Carly for attempted murder. In simpler terms, Nelle lied to cause Carly grievous harm. She asks if Carly tried to retaliate, but Carly says, no. She would never do that. She loves her son and grandson too much to stoop to Nelle’s level. Michael is called to the stand.

Laura says Lulu always looks out for her, and Lulu says, translation; Laura appreciates her concern, but she’s going anyway. Laura says, someone has to look out for Nikolas, and Lulu says, he has a wife for that. Laura says, she’d love it if Ava would be the person to bring out the good out in Nikolas, but they know that’s not going to happen. Lulu asks if Laura thinks there’s still good to bring out, and Laura says, of course (🍷). Nikolas just needs the chance to show it. Lulu says Laura sees it that way because she’s Nikolas’s mom. What if he’s become a Cassadine through and through, and is as deceitful as the rest? Laura says, not Nikolas. She would never give up on him, just like Lulu wouldn’t give up on Rocco or Charlotte. There’s a knock at the door, and it’s Nikolas bearing flowers.

Franco tells Elizabeth, there’s nothing complicated about his relationship with Ava. She cares about his career. Elizabeth says, second only to Ava’s concern for herself. Ava comes by, and says that sounds like something her husband would say, and she wouldn’t put too much stock in someone who pretended to be dead for two years. She says she has something for Franco, and reaches into her bag. He says she doesn’t have snakes in her bag, does she? but she says, no; a check. It’s the balance due on her portrait, and he deserves every penny. I try to read it, and it looks like $16K.

Martin asks when Michael got to know Wiley. Michael says when he was asked to be Wiley’s godfather. He was honored to be included in Wiley’s life. Martin asks if that’s all he felt, and Michael says he felt a connection to Wiley; nothing supernatural, just the instinct that Wiley needed him. When he learned Wiley was his son, the bond grew stronger. He made a promise – a vow – to never let Wiley down or let anyone hurt him. Martin says, no one doubts his love for Wiley is true. He submits Michael and Willow’s marriage license as evidence, dated yesterday; the ink barely dry. Diane objects, and Martin says, he’ll rephrase. Given the timing, does Michael love his wife? Michael says, Willow is loyal and generous, and inherently decent. She’s courageous and compassionate, and sees the best in people, but she’s nobody’s fool. Yes, he loves her. Martin asks, then why didn’t he marry her earlier? Which begs the question, is he in love with her?

Michael says he loves Willow, but he’s not in love with her. Nelle whispers to Julian that she loves it. Martin says, Michael didn’t marry for love. He married to put on a show for the court; to project an image of a loving, stable couple. Michael says, it’s not that at all. He married for love. Willow’s love of Wiley is equal to his. Martin says he’s not asking if Michael loves his son. He’s asking if there’s mutual love that’s the bedrock of a genuine marriage. Absent of that, it’s a marriage of convenience.

Sonny tells Jason, he wonders if Mike is listening to music, something in his head, or nothing. They watch Mike, and Sonny says, they didn’t get lot of time when Mike left him and his mom. Jason says, Sonny got him back, and Sonny says he’s grateful for that. Jason says, not everyone gets a second chance. Look at Michael, fighting for the son he thought was dead. Now here Sonny is, fighting for his father, so Sonny will have him in his life. Sonny says he’s losing Mike a little more every day.

Nikolas asks Lulu how Charlotte is, and Lulu says, fine. He says, of all the mistakes he made, one of the worst was letting Charlotte believe he was her secret bodyguard. He hears Lulu is fighting again to keep her safe from Valentin. Does she have a court date yet? Lulu says she and Valentin agreed to continue with their 50/50 custody agreement, and Laura says she’s proud of Lulu, putting Charlotte’s needs first. Lulu hopes Nikolas doesn’t intend on giving her advice about raising children, and he says he supposes he can’t, but that’s why he’s there. He’s hoping they can give him some advice. Laura asks if something is wrong, and he says Spencer said he’s willing to welcome Nikolas back into his life if he dumps Ava. Nikolas gives Laura the letter, and she asks if Nikolas answered him. He says, not yet, and Lulu asks what he’s waiting for. His son in his life, and the wife he despises kicked to the curb. It’s a no-brainer. Laura asks, what’s stopping him?

Franco tells Elizabeth, check it out. Maybe they can plant the check, and get a money tree that will pay for Cameron’s college. Ava says the unveiling will be a huge success, and he’ll be swamped with business. Elizabeth says, along with a reminder of the past he worked hard to put behind him. Ava agrees it’s unsavory, but there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Elizabeth suggests Ava try working on bringing out the best in Nikolas, and Ava asks what makes her think it’s there? Elizabeth says she’s seen it.

Michael says he and Willow will work to provide a loving, stable home for Wiley. A marriage of convenience? Far from it. It came at a cost, but Wiley is worth it. Martin has no further questions.

On the stand, Willow tells Diane, adoption was the hardest thing, but she had to protect her baby from his father. Diane says, who was? and Willow says, David Henry Archer. He changed his name to Shiloh when he founded the cult Dawn of Day. Diane says, and before he married Nelle, he was previously convicted of murder, drugging women before he raped them, and kidnapping. The trial transcripts show the depositions of the women this man drugged and raped; this man whose widow wants to assume sole custody of Wiley. How did Willow feel when she learned another child was alive and her son was dead? Willow says, the grief was unbearable, but at the same time, she was so happy for Michael. Diane asks why she didn’t stay away, and she says Michael asked her to stay in Wiley’s life. Wiley had already been through so much, and been through so many changes, Michael knew the best thing he could do for Wiley was to give him a real family. One with the both of them. Martin asks if there was another side, a darker side of her involvement.

Laura says, so if Nikolas divorces Ava, he loses his money, Windymere, and Spoon Island. Nikolas says, Spencer’s legacy, and Lulu says, Ava is no dummy. Spencer is a good kid with expensive taste, and a long list of necessities. Laura says, all Spencer needs is his father. He felt betrayed because Ava backed up Valentin, and he’d do anything to punish her. Nikolas doesn’t need them to tell him what to do. Just be a father, and everything else will take care of itself. Lulu says she needs someone to translate, and Nikolas says their mother will. He leaves, and Lulu asks, what was that about?

Ava hopes Elizabeth can put aside her misgivings, and join Franco. Not for her, but for Nikolas. Elizabeth suggests she and Franco go back home together after work. She goes to finish up, and Ava says she thought by promoting Franco it would be good for him and his family. If he feels like he’s being exploited, or that it will have any negative impact on the boys… He says the boys know who he is, and the mistakes he’s made. He wants to be honest, and a good stepdad. He hopes one day they forgive him for who he was.

Martin says, Willow became a teacher of the third grade, and he asks if she’s still employed by the school. She says, no, and he asks, why not? She says her employment was terminated because of parental complaints. They said she kept inserting herself in her student’s lives, and disregarding their parent’s wishes. He asks if that’s how she intends to care for Wiley; ignore the wishes of the woman who gave birth to him. What if she decides she knows better than the father himself? Who will be there to protect Wiley from her?

Diane says the principal must have refused to give Willow a letter of recommendation, but Willow says, no; she received one. Diane submits into evidence, Willow’s glowing letter of recommendation, and asks who Willow’s current employer is. She says she’s part of a pediatric teaching program at GH, and Diane submits her current performance evaluation. She has Willow read it out loud, and it says she’s compassionate, caring, and respectful of other employees, her students, and their parents as well.

Jason asks if Sonny remembers when Mike was bartending. He could always connect, and find something to talk about; some crazy story. Jason didn’t realize it then, but he can see now that Mike was trying to win back Sonny’s trust, and be someone Sonny could count on. Then he’d gamble, lie, and get in trouble, and after that, Sonny would shut down. The disappointment was like a wall between them. And then Mike would go back to work, and try to find something else to talk about, trying to tear down that wall. Sonny says he should have been more forgiving, and not so hard on Mike. Jason says maybe he’s not saying it right. Mike never gave up. He just accepted the wall, because he knew it was his fault it was there in the first place, but he kept trying to tear it down because he’s Sonny’s dad. Mike loves him, and wants him to be okay. What Mike wants is for Sonny to be okay. If Sonny wants to keep him there or let him go, he’s going to be doing what Mike wants. Jason wipes his eyes (!), and says he’s going to take off. Sonny decides to stay a while longer. He wants to be with his dad. He tells Jason that he appreciates it.

Sonny says, all right, dad, taking the earbuds off Mike. He asks if Mike wants to watch TV. Maybe the Yankees are on, and continuing their home run streak. He knows Mickey Mantle is up there, looking down on the Yankees, cheering. He says, guess what? He still has the baseball card Mickey signed and gave to Mike. He’ll never forget Mike telling him it was going to be worth more than gold. He remembers that.

Laura tells Lulu, she’s just reminding Nikolas not to underestimate Spencer. She thinks if he’s open and completely honest, Spencer won’t disappoint him. Lulu asks if there’s something Laura isn’t not telling her, and Laura says she can’t see into the future; she could be wrong. Lulu says, even if she is – which is highly doubtful – her capacity for forgiveness and understanding are amazing. Lulu is in awe of her. Laura says she’s in awe of Lulu, her sweet, loving, and smart daughter. She hopes Lulu’s brother has learned his lesson and is willing to change.

Nikolas calls Spencer. He says he got Spencer’s letter, and he’s ready to respond.

Ava says she looks forward to seeing Franco at the party, and kisses him on the cheek. She says, Nikolas is hoping to see him as well. She leaves, and he asks if Elizabeth is ready. She says, yeah, but seems distant, and walks past him. He takes the flowers, telling her not to forget them. They get into the elevator, Elizabeth still being weird.

Martin calls his first witness – Nelle. Willow takes Michael’s hand, and squeezes. They look at each other.

Tomorrow, Brook accuses Olivia of having an affair, Valentin says nothing is ever as black and white as it seems, Nina tells Jax that she doesn’t know if she should stand up for Nelle, and Martin asks Nelle why she deserves sole custody.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Garcelle got together with her equally gorgeous group of non-Housewives girlfriends. They talked about Garcelle’s divorce, and Garcelle said she’d been blindsided by her husband’s cheating, but her girls had been there for her.

Kyle said Denise would like them to think nothing ruffles her feathers, but Kyle wasn’t buying it. She was seeing another side of Denise, and wondered where it came from. I guess Kyle is so one-dimensional, she can’t understand that people can have different facets to them.

At Denise’s house, Sami was getting ready for her Homecoming date. Last year, she had gone with friends, but this time around, she had a real date with a boy she’s crushing on, and was getting pink hair for the occasion. In Denise’s interview, she said she was  struggling with parenting. Sami was starting to behave badly, hoping for a reaction. She said she and Charlie hadn’t been the wild couple people thought. He was sober when she married him, and she was six-months pregnant when they divorced. Erika griped about Denise having an issue with her talking about the threesome in front of the kids, when Denise was free with her happy ending story, and no one judged her. Man, this issue is really pissing me off. For one thing, Denise isn’t coming from a place of judgement. She didn’t want her kids hearing an adult story. And apparently, Erika doesn’t understand, it was a different audience when Denise talked about her sex life. It was just the women on a camping trip. Like, is it really that hard to grasp? Erika had a private dance rehearsal for Chicago, because, you don’t want other people to have to work doubly hard to make your ass look good. The cast also sent her a welcome video that was really sweet.

Harry Hamlin was off doing a play with Stephanie Powers. He was loving it, but sorry he couldn’t go to the DNA launch. Dorit and PK had a meeting with the restaurant guy, as Dorit was going to design a room in one. PK said by the time she was done, she would design the whole restaurant, put on another level, and add on a hotel. Dorit said she always gave 120%, which is mathematically impossible, and always irritates me when someone says it. I know, very Sheldon of me. PK was all interested in whether LVP knew about Dorit’s project (the guy said he had no reason to be telling her, and rightly so), and Dorit said she wasn’t trying to compete with or follow in LVP’s footsteps.

Erika invited everyone over to her house for a meeting with her astrologer friend, Shawn. LisaR showed up in the exact same pink jacket dress Erika was wearing, which caused LisaR to scream at the top of her lungs. Tom hung out for a drink with the girls, and was quite charming, telling a story about how he was in a John Wayne movie. He played a guy who was shot, and fell off a roof. In her interview, LisaR thought the evening could either be fun or an epic disaster, and we flashed back on several of the parties that were the latter, including the dinner party from hell. When Shawn arrived, Tom wisely took that as his cue to leave. Shawn talked about each woman’s sign, their moon sign, and ascending sign. He said Denise had an intensely complicated side, hidden to most. Kyle’s eyes bugged out, and got even buggier when Shawn said that if you break Denise’s trust, inside, she’d be figuring out how to even the score, and taking her time with it. In Denise’s interview, she said, she’s never plotted revenge. At least not yet. In Kyle’s interview, she wondered what Denise had in store for her. Because even in Denise’s sign traits, Kyle has to be the center of attention. Unless there was a lot we didn’t see, it seemed like all Shawn did was tell the women what kind of people they were, which seemed like a waste of time. He pointed out that Teddi gravitated to one person, usually an earth sign (Kyle), and Dorit said, if Kyle would just admit the rules that apply to the others don’t to Teddi, it would be all good. In Garcelle’s interview, she said that Kyle wants to be liked by everybody. They went over the Dorit freaking out because Sutton said she might freak out issue. Sutton said she didn’t deserve the way Dorit reacted, and Dorit said they weren’t friends yet, so she didn’t know if Sutton would make a scene. In a voice-of-reason moment, Kyle said that was the dumbest thing ever.

In her interview, Garcelle said, the more she got to know Kyle, she could tell Kyle was great with surface stuff – like, I love your bag – but she didn’t care enough to get to know people. These women were so wrapped up in themselves, she could do naked cartwheels on the table, and they wouldn’t notice. On the way back from Erika’s place, Garcelle, Denise, and Sutton shared a limo. Denise said Kyle always comes back to Kyle. In Garcelle’s interview, she said they were being catty, but that’s what girlfriends do. And Kyle deserved it. I like Garcelle. So far. Denise said Kyle talks at you, not to you. Back at Erika’s house, she said she thought the relationship between Kyle and Teddi was strange because Teddi could do no wrong, and Kyle claimed Erika had no close friends. Erika said she had plenty of close friends, and considered Kyle to be one of them.

Next time, a trip to Santa Monica, Teddi thinks Dorit possibly dislikes her, and LisaR confronts Denise – who can’t catch a break – about allowing Charlie’s hookers into her children’s lives. Unreal. Even Jesus ate with hookers, and I’m sure Denise doesn’t introduce them that way.

🗽 The Real King Takes a Final Bow…

Jerry Stiller left behind some fine work, and watching him in King of Queens never gets old.


And the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.


🐕 One Of the Best…

I was surprised to find out Fred Willard was 86 years old, and then I realized how many things I’ve enjoyed him in for so long. It’s like he’s always been there.



🧼 Reunion Of Children…

On Friday, May 22nd, Pine Valley will be taking an online meeting.


😎 Some Good News…

Not everyone is going stir crazy.


🐯 It Saves On the Red Paint Bill…

I don’t agree with PETA on everything, but this was pretty clever.


🚝 A Virtual Train…

Snowpiercer is one of my favorite films, so I definitely want to put this on my must-see list.


Speaking of films, I caught The Joker this weekend on cable. Hey, I know I’m behind, but I’m not going to put a second mortgage on the house to go to the movies – God forbid I want popcorn. I thought it was well worth watching, but I did wonder if Joaquin Phoenix was allowed to direct himself. Just do what you want, Joaquin. I have to make some calls.

🌧 When It Rains…

I have a second sick dog. Thank God for small favors, it’s not as bad; an old eye injury has come back to haunt her. But it’s like, come on already. Entertainers are dropping like flies, along with the general public, but at least it looks like we’ll be able to venture out soon. How weird will that be? Stay safe, stay alive, and stay true to your school.

May 13, 2020 – Sonny Asks What Mike Wants, Blind Defense, VanderNews, Impressing Nema, Free Happy Hour & Upcoming Freedom


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Chase is in the shower, and turns to find Willow. He asks, what about Michael? and she says she couldn’t stay away. It will always be him. They kiss, and he wakes up. Willow wakes at the Quartermaines, sees the rings on the nightstand, and remembers the wedding.

Brook says, dumb question, and asks Michael if he got any sleep. He says he did. His body must have known it had to be rested. She asks, honestly, how is he feeling? and he says, honestly, he feels ready. She says she admires him. He did what he had to do to win custody of Wiley. Now he’s married. They’re not all so lucky. He says it will happen for her, and she says, yeah? When? He says, one day when Leo is hitched, and she’s old and grey. She throws a roll at him, and says she’ll never grow grey. Willow teaches sick children, and gave up her baby to protect him from Shiloh. Not to mention that she’s sweet, kind, and drop dead gorgeous. She’s perfect for him, and a perfect stepmother for Wiley. In the end, that’s all that matters.

Ava brings Avery to see Mike, and Avery shows him her drawings. Mike recognizes himself, and Avery asks how he knew. He points to his bald head.

Olivia says she didn’t expect Carly to be in, and Carly says she didn’t expect to be there. She was sitting at home, climbing the walls, and figured she might as well make herself useful. Olivia asks if she can do anything, and Carly suggests dropping a house on Nelle. Olivia says she’s fresh out of tornados, but she can lend support. Carly asks if she has any words of wisdom on mother-in-law-hood. Olivia sees Lulu walk in with Dustin, and says, bite your tongue, exercise patience, and slap on a smile.

Robert rolls off the couch in his sleep, and wonders where he is. Laura walks in, and asks if she should be offended that he doesn’t remember. She tells him, good morning, sunshine, and he’s like, ugh.

Michael tells Brook, he and Wiley hit the jackpot with Willow. She’s everything they could hope for. Brook says, but… and he says he knows how much it’s costing her. How much she’s given up. She lost the man she loves. Brook says, that’s Chase and Sasha’s fault, not his. He says, Willow has sacrificed a lot, and thought she’d spend the rest of her life with Chase. Brook says, Chase turned out to be a giant tool, but even if he’d walked on water, Willow would still be trading up. Not because he’s loaded – although that’s a plus – but he’s an amazing guy. Speaking as a single woman, he’s smart, funny, loyal, would never cheat, and always puts family first. That’s not as important for all women though; some want stardom. She sees Willow, and says, but Willow has enough sense to appreciate him, right?

Chase scrolls through pictures of him and Willow. Mac calls, and asks if all his bones are broken. Chase says, no, and Mac asks if he stopped on the way to work to pull a cat out of a tree. Chase says, no, and Mac says, why isn’t he there in the squad room? Chase says he’ll be there in ten minutes, and jumps out of bed.

Laura gives Robert some coffee, and he asks where Doc is. She says he’s wrapping up an overnight shift at the psyche ward. Robert says she doesn’t want him in her hair, but she says, that’s all right. They have plenty of time to pick up where they left off. Robert asks where did they leave off? and she says, it’s kind of what you’d expect from two old friends with a lot of history, comradery, and chemistry. He puts his head in his hands, and she laughs. She says he showed up falling down drunk, and she managed to get him to the couch. She gave him a blanket and water, and went to bed. He says she’s a vision of true evilness, and she says she’s been called worse. She’d like him to tell her what brought him to her door in the middle of the night. Or is he going to make her guess?

Carly says she takes it Olivia isn’t a fan of Mr. Phillips. He’s Josslyn’s teacher, so that’s how she thinks of him. Olivia says it’s better than she thinks. Lulu and Dustin approach the bar, and Olivia asks if it’s a breakfast date. Lulu says Dustin gave her a ride to work; he’s meeting Brook there. They want to get a quick look at the ballroom, so they can prepare for the Nurses Ball. Dustin says he’d also like to ask Olivia about her culinary expertise, and Lulu says, Rocco needs cupcakes, and Dustin volunteered to oversee it. Carly asks if he cooks, and he says, not as well as Olivia. Rocco has a new recipe, but they feel it’s off. Olivia asks what the occasion is, and Lulu says, it’s for Take Your Dad to School Day.

Ava tells Avery to show her grandfather some of her other masterpieces. She steps into the hallway with Sonny, and he says he didn’t know she was coming by today. She says they dropped in, and hopes it’s okay. He says, Avery never needs permission to see her grandfather. How’s he been? She says, he took a while to warm up, but he’s been smiling ever since. He’s not talking too much though. Sonny says he hasn’t been talking a lot lately, and asks if Avery is scared. She says, no; Avery is fine. She’s had some experience with her mom being in Shadybrook. She’s so young, she doesn’t understand Alzheimer’s or what happened or what’s to come. Being there doesn’t make Avery sad like it might the older kids. She’s just spending time with her grandfather and loving him.

Olivia asks if Dustin is going to be there on dad school day, and Lulu says, that’s the plan. Olivia tells him to send the recipe, and she’ll get back to him. Carly asks to talk to Dustin about Josslyn’s curriculum, and they step into the hallway. Lulu asks Olivia if something is wrong, and Olivia says she could say that. Lulu has only known Dustin a year, if that. What’s going on? Is she actively trying to erase Dante from Rocco’s life?

Ava asks Sonny how Mike is doing. She takes it this is a good day. He says the good days are fewer and far between, so he’s stopped measuring the bad days, and stays in the moment. He keeps wondering if Mike is having coherent thoughts that he can’t voice, or has any thoughts at all. He just kind of rolls with it. Sometimes Mike makes a precise observation. Ava says that’s when Sonny knows his father is still in there. She owes Sonny and Mike an apology.

Laura says she can’t believe Holly is dead, and Robert says he’s been trying to put it together himself. How could someone like that – Laura says, young and full of lifebe gone; cease to exist. She says she’s sorry, and he says he’s the one who should be sorry for dragging her out of bed. She says, it’s fine, and he says they’re talking about a person she didn’t have the greatest relationship with. She says, that was a long time ago, and people who are important to her cared about Holly; him at the top of the list. Was she ill? He says, it would be easier if that was the truth. She was on a ship that went down in a storm. Laura doesn’t remember hearing about a ship sinking, and he says she won’t. It was no ordinary ship. She asks if it was with the WSB, and he says Holly was doing contract work for them. He doesn’t know the nature. Another one of Holly’s secrets.

On the phone with Anna, Mac asks where’s the rest of the folder he’s looking at? There’s nothing there. Let him know if she turns up anything. Chase runs in, and says, sorry. Mac asks if Chase needs a day off. He senses even though Chase is there, he has something to take care of. Do it for all their sakes.

Brook tells Michael, good luck at the hearing. She says they won’t need it though. One look at them, and the judge will know Wiley belongs with them. She goes upstairs, and Michael tells Willow, he’s sorry Brook put her on the spot; she has a flair for drama. Willow says, really? She hadn’t noticed. He says, it’s funny how everyone is talking them up to each other. She says, you’d think they defy gravity, and he says he already knows how incredible she is.

Carly says she knows Dustin is a nice guy, and appreciates what he’s done for Josslyn. She doesn’t think he knows how fraught the situation is, and how hard it is on Olivia that Lulu is moving on, and not leaving room in her life for Dante. He doesn’t think that’s necessarily true, and she says she’s not judging. Lulu is her cousin, and Carly knows her. Her decision to move on is the right decision. It’s full steam ahead, which is great for Lulu, but she doesn’t think Lulu understands how it affects Olivia. She knows he can’t understand, but if her daughter-in-law walked in and casually mentioned she was bringing another man to Bring Your Dad to School Day, instead of his dad, Carly would kick her to the curb with half her hair pulled out of her head. Rocco’s dad isn’t a deadbeat who walked out, but has a severe case of PTSD, so she can imagine how hard it is for Olivia.

Lulu tells Olivia, no one is trying to erase Dante; it’s what she calls making Rocco happy. Olivia says he could have been happy with Sonny or Michael or with the mailman. Lulu says, when the day rolled around, Rocco didn’t want to feel left out. He came to them, and they sat down and decided together. Dustin is going to be Rocco’s honorary uncle, and he’s going to wear a Yankees hat to represent Dante. Olivia tears up, and says she wishes Lulu would have told her what she was doing. Lulu says it’s really what Rocco wants, and she thinks they both know it’s what Dante would want too.

Robert tells Laura that he and Holly haven’t seen too much of each other in the last few years. And when they did, it wasn’t always friendly circumstances. Laura says, Holly broke Robert’s heart and ran away with a piece of it. Part of him thought he’d get it back one day, and he has to accept that’s not going to happen.

Michael says he has something to say to Willow, and she says, her too. He tells her, ladies first, but she says, no; him. He says he made a promise to do whatever it takes to get custody of Wiley. Now that they’re married, it’s important that they tell the truth. The truth is, if he was going in without her as his wife, he’d be very, very nervous, but with her, he knows he’s going to win. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a counter-suit six months from now. It’s not going be easy. She says, the twists and turns are constant with Nelle, and Michael says, but they will get custody of Wiley. Her turn. She says she heard what he said to Brook, and she needs him to know that she doesn’t regret this. She can’t, and never will. Now she has to get ready for court. Her first appearance as Mrs. Michael Corinthos. She has to look the part.

Ava tells Sonny, when she wanted to press charges against Mike for kidnapping, she had so much going on, but that was no excuse. It was the wrong thing to do, and she deeply regrets it. She’s sorry. He appreciates that, and appreciates her bringing their daughter to see her grandpa. She says, anytime; she means that. They go back into Mike’s room, and Avery is drawing. She says look what she and grandpa made. Ava asks if they did it together, and Avery says, grandpa told her what to do and she did it. Ava says, it’s wonderful. It’s a boy on a bike, and Ava asks who it is. Mike says, his son, and Ava asks if Mike taught his son to ride. Avery says, daddy taught her, and Ava says, the best dads do that. They need to say goodbye; she has to get Avery to school. Avery hugs Mike, and Sonny tells her to have a great time. He tells Mike, what say they put it up on the wall? Out in the hallway, Avery asks if Ava will ever forget her like grandpa forgot daddy. Ava says, even if that happens, it will be far in the future when Avery has a family of her own. Avery asks if she’ll ever forget Ava, and Ava says, just try.

Dustin thanks Olivia for the advice, and she says, anytime. Brook asks if he wants to tour the ballroom, and Dustin says give him a minute. Carly asks Brook how Michael and Willow are, and she says, calm and focused. She can’t figure out Chase; she didn’t peg him for a cheater. The worst part is, he broke Willow’s heart, and now he’s walking around with puppy dog eyes; the guy who arrested her three times. She thought he was better than that. Carly says, Brook was arrested three times? and Brook says, the most recent was yesterday. She had the audacity to call out Sasha, and accidentally bopped her on the nose. Chase gave her a ticket, and she tore it up, like any sensible person would, and he hauled her to the station. Talk about a headcase. Carly says, excuse her, and Brook wonders if it was something she said.

Olivia says Lulu can’t get into Dante’s head, and doesn’t know what he’d want. Lulu says, maybe not the Dante he is today, but she has no doubt the Dante she knew before everything happened would want his son to feel safe with a man as good and kind as Dustin. She thanks Dustin for the ride, and leaves.

Sonny says he got Mike something. It was Jason’s idea. He puts earbuds on Mike, and says, it’s all his favorites; Bobby Darin, Paul Anka, Frankie Avalon, The Platters. He knows Mike hated his taste in music, and said he didn’t know about the classics, but he always knew when Mike was around. When he came home, his mom would put the Platters on. Sonny turns on the iPod, and Mike says, it’s loud. Sonny takes the earbuds off, and says, sorry. They’ll do this another time. Maybe one night when Avery comes to visit. What does he think of Sonny’s little girl? Mike laughs, and Sonny says he’s got to ask something. He needs to know what Mike wants, because next time he asks, Mike might not be able to say. Does he want help? Does he want to stay? Mike looks dreamy, and Sonny says, or does he want to go? The doctor pops in, and asks to speak to Sonny. Sonny tells Mike that he’ll be right back.

Chase tells Mac that he doesn’t need time off, but Mac says his record suggests otherwise. He’s arrested Brook three times. Chase says she was combative and belligerent, and Mac says, she’s a Quartermaine. They’re born that way. Chase asks if they’re supposed to get special treatment, and Mac tells him, get some perspective. Three times in three months? The review board might see it as abuse of power.

Laura tells Robert, she doesn’t mince words. Isn’t that why he came there. He says he drank too much, and gave the wrong address to Ride Share. She says, if he didn’t want it straight, he wouldn’t have come to her. He needs to grieve Holly, and say goodbye. She hugs him.

Dustin tells Olivia, he can’t imagine how difficult the situation is for her, and he doesn’t want to be an impediment to her relationship with Lulu and Rocco. He doesn’t want to take Dante’s place. She respects his willingness to put himself on the line. He says, it’s a strange position to find himself in, and she says, it’s just the way it is.

Lulu visits Laura, and says, sorry to just show up. Laura says, Lulu is her daughter. She can show up whenever she wants. Lulu says she needs advice. She thinks she just blew her relationship with Rocco’s other grandmother.

Sonny asks the doctor if a feeding tube will hurt his dad, and the doctor says they’ll provide pain medication, and keep Mike as comfortable as possible. The greater challenge is, it might further disorient him. He’s stopped eating, and without a tube, they can’t supply proper nutrition. Sonny asks what he recommends, and the doctor says, some patients make provision for life extending measures, but Mike left the decision up to Sonny. Sonny says he needs time to think, and the doctor says, of course (🍷). Michael arrives, and Sonny says he thought Michael was at court. Michael says he had time to see grandpa and tell him that he got married. Does Sonny want to talk? Sonny says they’ll do it after. They want to keep his dad alive with a feeding tube, and he doesn’t know if it’s what Mike would want, or would he want to let go? Michael says if Sonny can, he should ask Mike, and Sonny says, what if he can’t? Michael says, Sonny knows what his dad would want more than anyone, and Mike trusts that. Sonny says, selfishly, he’s not ready for Mike to go, and to be honest, he doesn’t think Mike is ready. It’s easy to say, but what if Mike wants to stick around and see his granddaughter, and see Michael and Wiley? What if he doesn’t want to die?

Robert goes into the station, and Mac asks if he’s wearing the same clothes that he had on yesterday. Robert says he is, and Mac says, interrogation room, now. They go into the room, and Mac says, what happened? He put Robert in a cab. Robert believes he washed up on Laura’s couch. Mac says, the mayor? and Robert says he felt like doing work to get his mind off of things. Mac says Robert isn’t working; take the day off. And take this with him. He hands Robert a folder, and Robert asks what it is. Mac says, a heavily redacted report from the WSB on Holly’s death. Robert asks why it’s so redacted, and Mac says, read it and see.

Willow comes into the station, and stands in front of Chase’s desk.

Robert says, it’s all black; there’s nothing here. Mac says, look closer, and see what he and Anna did. Robert says he has a screaming headache, and Mac says, there’s more to Holly’s death than what’s there. He and Anna aren’t convinced the ship accidentally went down.

Carly tells Brook, Olivia is Dante’s mother, and mothers don’t move on the same way. Sadly for Olivia, she might be waiting for Dante to come home for the rest of her life, and she’ll have to accept it

Olivia thanks Dustin, and he says he appreciates it. She says she’s not going to pretend it’s easy, but she’s happy Lulu found someone like him; a decent person. He thanks her, and says, it means a lot. She says, just so she’s clear, Dante is her son, and she’ll never give up on him. She’ll never stop hoping and praying, and doing everything in her power to bring him home. Dustin says they want the same things. Brook comes by, and says, shall we? She asks if Dustin needs a drink, but he says, it’s not even noon. She says, he knows what they say; it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

Michael asks Sonny how long Mike hasn’t been eating, and Sonny says, a few days. It’s not like he’s starving himself on purpose. It’s almost like he’s forgotten how to eat. When Mike was with Avery, he was so happy. Sonny could see it. Sometimes he thinks it would be easier for him to let it be over, but it’s not what he wants. It’s what his dad wants. With Avery, Mike had a moment; more than a moment, a connection. If keeping him alive – Sonny cries a little – if keeping him alive five more months will give him five more of those moments, who is he to say Mike can’t have that?

Chase asks what Willow is doing there, and she says, it’s probably not the place, but she has something to tell him that can’t wait. She and Michael got married last night. She didn’t want him to hear it from anyone else. He asks, why? and she says she thought it would hurt less coming from her. He asks if it matters to her what he thinks, and she says, it always will. Goodbye. He calls her back, and says, good luck in court today. She thanks him, and walks out. Carly walks in, and looks at Chase.

Tomorrow, Robert tells Anna that he wants to prove Holly was murdered, Valentin tells Martin that he’s closer than the Quartermaines realize, Chase asks why Carly is there, and Maxie says someone has five minutes to get there.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The bickering continued at Denise’s dinner party. Sutton tried to explain to Dorit, that her saying she had a life resonated with Kyle. Since trying to explain anything to Dorit is like explaining something to a hamster, Dorit insisted she didn’t say it that way. She did. Kyle said it was offensive, and then made the mistake of informing Dorit that other people had lives, or as Garcelle put it in her interview, everybody has stuff. LisaR compounded things by saying that Kyle blindly supported others, but Kyle said, even when it was her sister Kim, she’d supported LisaR. LisaR said that wasn’t always the case, and cited her nasty impression of Erika Jayne at the party where she harassed Kim. This actually supported the argument that Kyle didn’t blindly give support, since it varied by the situation. Why Kyle didn’t say this was beyond me, but instead, she said, f*** you all, and removed herself from the situation. Teddi followed, which everyone else took as evidence of said blind support. In Dorit’s interview, she said, Kyle is upset; cue Teddi. In Denise’s interview, she said Kyle needed to be the center of attention and was childish. It pissed her off. While I totally agree that Kyle grabbed that crown and ran with it this season, I can’t blindly support Denise in this instance, since it was a case of the gang-up style the ladies love. Dorit reminded everyone that Kyle had called them fake-ass bitches. Teddi returned, and told them when someone was upset and crying, barraging them with questions didn’t make the situation better. Letting them recover was just common decency. LisaR insisted that talking honestly was the better choice, but with this bunch, that’s usually code for talking smack. Teddi said, when someone is upset, let them be, and LisaR said, but she wanted to fix things. Right.

Amelia had come back home, and she and sister Delilah had created a new clothing line called DNR. A launch party was planned, and LisaR horned in on the photo shoot. I think we can safely say, every single one of them wants to be the center of attention. Except maybe Denise.

Erika met Denise for coffee, and Denise said she hadn’t liked where the conversation was going at the party in front of her kids. Her oldest daughter Sami overheard them arguing over threesomes. In Denise’s interview, she said she didn’t want the kids’ friends going home and repeating what they heard. They’ve never been that house. She told Erika that she wasn’t thrilled with Kyle yelling, f*** off to everyone before she stomped away. Erika thought Kyle was under a lot of pressure when everyone came at her. In her interview, Denise said, bitch, we all have a lot going on. That’s no excuse to be an a-hole. Truth! She told Erika that she’d sent out a thank you to everyone, and Kyle was the only one who didn’t respond. Denise said Kyle must consider her one of those fake-ass bitches.

Garcelle had a birthday party for her twin boys, and in her interview, she said that kids’ parties in Beverly Hills were usually over-the-top, but her kids were fine with donuts and ice cream. Her ex-husband Mike was there, and they seem to get along quite well. In Garcelle’s interview, she said, after the divorce, she put things together quickly to co-parent, so the kids weren’t damaged. They didn’t see the ugly side of divorce. She told Mike that the kids were getting older, and it was freaking her out.

The women made plans to have cocktails at Erika’s pied-à-terre, go to the DNR launch, and then go out to dinner. Kyle didn’t want to be piled on again, but decided to suck it up and go. LisaR’s mom Lois, who is probably the only one who isn’t a fake-ass bitch, along with Denise, joined them. LisaR sort of apologized to Kyle, and Kyle insisted she didn’t blindly defend people, citing the example of standing up for Dorit at the expense of her friendship with LVP. She said she defended what was right. LisaR said Kyle was there when it matters, In Kyle’s interview, she said she thought LisaR’s apology was genuine, but also motivated by wanting them at her daughters’ event. LisaR said the event was going to be a collaboration, and they’d see when they got there. Sutton was concerned the collab was with LisaR’s makeup artist, who she had issues with. When they got there, she made the huge mistake of telling Dorit that she might freak out, which caused Dorit to be concerned about what Sutton might do. Like Sutton has a reputation for tossing wine glasses at people. I’m talking to you, LisaR.

LisaR hoped her daughters inherited her hustling gene. In her interview, she said she thought they’d gotten Harry’s intelligence and her hustle. They’d hit the gene lottery. The collaboration turned out to be with The Fat Jewish, and Sutton breathed a sigh of relief. Sutton explained in her interview, that she’d been worried it was with Joey Maalouf, at one time a mutual friend of hers and LisaR’s. He and Sutton went into business together, and apparently there had been some problems, which Sutton didn’t go into details about. She said the business survived, but she and Joey had a falling out. Kyle explained she had left Denise’s party because she wasn’t having a good time in that moment. In Denise’s interview, she said she loved Kyle’s half-assed apology, and Kyle only cares about what Kyle has to say.

At dinner, Dorit said she was uncomfortable when Sutton said she might freak out, since she didn’t know what that meant. Sutton said it meant she’d start to cry and want to go home, and explained how she thought it was a collab with the makeup artist. Somehow, this stupidly turned into LisaR claiming this was an attack on her kids, even though it had nothing to do with them. LisaR said if Sutton had caused a commotion, she would have thrown her out immediately. Sutton was taken aback, and in her interview, she said she’d never seen this aggressive side of LisaR (really?), and since LisaR had put her in this lion’s den, shouldn’t she be throwing Sutton a sword? Dorit acted like a complete a-hole, finally making Sutton cry, and LisaR kept saying, don’t come for her kids. Sutton told Dorit, she’d had her fun; let the mouse go. Kyle said Sutton didn’t have any bad intentions, and Dorit took this opportunity to remind everyone again that Kyle had said they were fake-ass bitches, and demanded an example. Kyle said it was like when Dorit got all glammed up for the retreat, and added how Denise acted all down-to-earth, yet dared to have an ice sculpture at her party. Dorit said Teddi hadn’t been very glam the first season, but changed her look for season two, and told Kyle that it was a double-standard. Denise tried to talk to Kyle, who (no surprise) wouldn’t let her finish a sentence. Denise said Kyle talked at them and not to them, and doesn’t listen. In her interview, Erika wondered where Miss Laid Back was, since I guess if you’re laid back, you can’t have feelings. Lois chimed in, saying they were going to look back on this, and think it was crazy. Then they’d wake up and be 81. LisaR said Lois was 91, and told her, don’t be a fake-ass bitch.

Next time, the women meet with an astrologer, and once again, Kyle wants to be the center of attention.

🍸 Behind the VanderScenes…

I still can’t imagine Scheana is the brightest bulb in the box.


Still, she has her supporters.


On the flip side, our heroes.


👑 Didn’t See This One Coming…

When potential Shahs and royals mix.


📺 Free For You…

If you can stream it, you can sling it for free.


🦅 Moving Toward Freedom…

Little by little, things are opening. So stay smart, stay helpful, and stay on the bright side.

May 8, 2020 – Which Way Did They Go, Today’s GH, Get Well Soon, Tyler’s Royals, Happy 10th, Hello Elijah, Golden Girl, Chef Spat, BH Dish, Nosy Husband, No Charm, Virtual Andy, Quotes of Eight & Could Be Worse


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Shahs of Sunset

Your guess is as good as mine as to what happened here. Part one of the Reunion was supposed to air at 9 pm, but somehow it turned into The Notebook. I checked everywhere – Bravo’s site, Twitter, Facebook, Google – nothing. I saw the question being posed on the Shahs Facebook page, but no one answered. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I even checked through the entire next week of the digital guide, and nada. Is there a lawsuit pending? As soon as I find out what the blip is going on, I’ll let you know.

It was probably just as well, since I have a sick child dog who had to stay at the hospital tonight, and I’m just a wee bit distracted. I poured an entire pot of tea though, for your entertainment pleasure.

Casey-December14-2013 (3)

My Little Man

🏥 Today, General Hospital’s Flashback Friday was the episode where Jordan and Curtis got married on The Haunted Star. Then found Kiki’s body in their wedding night stateroom. And they still haven’t gone on their honeymoon.

🤕 At Least He Didn’t Lose His Head This Time…

I love Joey Pants! Wishing him a smooth recovery.


👑 Two Degrees Of Royalty…

Along with Josh Altman giving his two cents.


👒 I Can See the Resemblance…

But does she still have that nutcracker?


🏝 Hawaiian (Re)Hash…

No earth shattering revelations.


👶🏽 A Distant Meeting…

GG’s baby Elijah makes his quarantine debut with the cast.


And takes a stroll(er).


💃🏽 Looking Good As Gold…

TBH, I kind of forgot about her.


🍽 Dinnerware Debate…

If you’re back is to the rack, you’re under attack.


💋 Joanna Explains It Not At All…

I never heard someone use so many words to say they weren’t talking about something. Note to Joanna: I can’t comment on that is sufficient.


👉 Stay Out Of Women’s Business…

But if it’s a reality show, and the reality is, Denise’s husband wants to get involved with her issues, what’s the problem?



🍹 Methinks He’s Thirsty…

I barely remember this dude, and if he hadn’t brought it up, I wouldn’t have remembered this incident at all.


🖥 Virtual Reality…

Andy dishes on the VPR reunion.


🦥 Pandemics Make Strange Bedfellows…

It’s bigger than the Teddy Bear’s Picnic.


🗿 Quotes of the Week

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.Theodore Roosevelt

Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it. – Groucho Marx

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow. – Robert Tew

It’s a baby, not a weedwhacker. – Danny (Gary Valentine), King of Queens, when Doug wants to borrow his baby.

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. – Margaret Mead

It is easier to change a man’s religion than to change his diet.Margaret Mead

We are continually faced with great opportunities which are brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems. – Margaret Mead

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.Maya Angelou

🍾 Everybody’s Not Working For the Weekend…

I hope you’re making the most of any new free time you have, and changing it up on the weekend. Remember…


May 7, 2020 – The Plan Is In Motion, the Curse Is Lifted, Warring Restaurants, Beverly Hills Drama, Breaking the Wall, a Surprise For Jax, Tucci’s Negroni, Happy Dog & Loaf’s Light


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

You guessed it. I missed the beginning. Why break a streak? There was mostly a lot of backtracking. The only new news was, Laura and Carly meet at the MetroCourt, and Finn runs into Willow at the hospital.

Laura says she knows Carly is busy, and the Nurses Ball is just around the corner. Carly says, Michael’s custody case is tomorrow. She’s done everything she can to strengthen it, and hopes it’s enough.

Trina sees Portia at the hospital, and Portia asks how the movie was. Trina says the movie was fine, but the four of them being together was awesome. Portia wonders why she’s back. She thought Josslyn’s driver would take Trina home. Trina says they offered, but she wanted to drive back with Portia. Doesn’t that make her a thoughtful daughter? Portia says, it does, unless she’s worried about not being safe. Then it makes her anxious.

Jason and Sonny meet Curtis at the pier. Sonny says they were giving Cyrus room to let TJ go, and Curtis says, all eyes are on Jordan now. Sonny asks how TJ is, and Curtis says, good; he’s back at work. Jason asks how TJ’s memory about the kidnapping is, and Curtis flashes back to TJ telling him and Jordan about being abducted, and telling Chase that he didn’t get a good look at them. Curtis tells Jason and Sonny, it’s sketchy, and Sonny says, that’s a good thing. The less TJ remembers, the safer he is from Cyrus.

Mac shows up at Jordan’s office, and says he’s been working non-stop on TJ’s kidnapping. Jordan says she appreciates it, and asks how it’s going. Mac flashes back to TJ telling him about how he heard a train, the basement was damp, and he also thought there was construction in the area. Mac says he spoke to TJ this morning, and TJ remembered a few more details. He’s hoping to piece it together, and narrow down the area. She asks if he’s had any luck, and he says he’s getting closer. There are still a lot of questions, and he’s hoping she can point him toward the answers.

Laura says, Nelle is dangerous, isn’t she? and Carly says, she’s a relentless nightmare. Carly flashes back to confronting Nelle about pretending she slept with Sonny; Nelle causing Carly to think she was being haunted by Morgan; and Nelle telling Carly she has 5% of the ELQ shares, and a room at the Quartermaines, and saying, Carly doesn’t know what she can do to blow Carly’s entire world apart. Carly remembers Nelle saying Michael was abusive, that she’s never going to see her grandchild, and Carly’s mom is going to lose her license. She flashes back to Nelle telling her about how they met when Nelle was a child, and Carly trying to get her to do the right thing, but Nelle saying she’s going to bankrupt the hospital, and it’s all Carly’s fault. Laura says, it’s not just Michael that Nelle wants to bring down. She’s filed a lawsuit against GH. Carly says, Nelle did that to force Michael into giving her custody; it’s just collateral damage. Laura says she doesn’t think the hospital’s insurance is going to cover it. They see Cyrus at the bar, and Carly says, you’ve got to be kidding her. Laura can’t believe he’d have the nerve to set foot in Carly’s establishment. Carly says, if it were up to her, he’d still be in Pentenville.

Curtis says, from what he can tell, the police department found nothing that links Cyrus to TJ, although Mac is getting closer. Sonny says, it doesn’t surprise him. It’s a high-profile case, and Mac is the Chief of Detectives. Curtis says, Mac is making it his personal mission to find out. We flash back to Mac telling Jordan where he thinks TJ was held, and suggesting they get surveillance footage from the bodega on the corner. Curtis says, if he finds out… Jason says, it will put TJ and Jordan in danger. Sonny asks where Jordan is, and Curtis says, she’s not coming. She doesn’t even know the meeting is happening. Sonny asks, why not? and Curtis says he’s not sure Jordan is ready to talk about what needs to happen next, but he sure as hell is.

Jordan asks what Mac is thinking, and Mac says he doesn’t understand why Jordan was sent text messages that seemed to be from TJ. We flash back to Jordan getting the messages, and Curtis saying that TJ is just taking some space. Mac wonders, why go through the trouble of convincing her that TJ is safe?

Finn tells Willow that he knows his brother hurt her. There’s no excuse, but it took courage for him to face her, and own up to what he did. She says he sounds proud, but he says, after what Chase did, he wouldn’t blame her if she never wanted to see him again, but he did talk to her and explain. She says she saw him when she went to get her things. She knows he’s sorry. She is too, but that doesn’t change anything. Sasha comes out of the elevator, holding a bloody towel to her nose, and Michael is with her. He looks sheepishly at Willow.

Laura tells Carly, Nelle is claiming the head of the hospital and a senior staff member conspired to give Wiley surgery without permission. We flash back to Nelle saying she didn’t sign the form, and everyone else saying she did. Laura says, charges like that aren’t covered by insurance. If the hospital did have to pay, along with all the negative press that would come with it, she’s not sure GH would survive. Cyrus approaches their table, and says, it does sound dire.

Mac wonders, why no ransom? Why did they want Jordan to think TJ was just letting off steam? Jordan says she’s wondered herself. Maybe they were biding their time. He says, for what? She wishes she knew. TJ didn’t hear them talking, so unless he remembered… We flash back to TJ saying he was chloroformed before he could identify anyone. (I just thought, what about the dude with the Kentucky ringtone? Didn’t TJ interact with him? Why didn’t Mac ask for a description?) Mac says nothing like that has happened, and she says, it sounds like he has a theory. Lay it on her.

Curtis says, the less he knows about Sonny’s methods, the better. Jordan is the Police Commissioner, and can’t be near what happens next. Once she threw Taggert and the others under the bus, and Cyrus’s sentence was vacated, they were supposed to handle him. It’s how Sonny maintains peace and protects his loved ones. Sonny says, it is, and Curtis says, with all due respect, what’s taking so long?

Portia says she knows Trina is still processing everything. It takes time, but constantly worrying about her isn’t going to help. Trina says she just wants to spend extra time together. Portia asks if Trina is sure it’s not because she doesn’t want to be home alone, and Trina admits she’s right. She says she’d rather wait with Portia. Portia says, it’s okay. What happened to Trina’s father was the exception, not the rule. The police department keeps the town safe. Trina asks how she can say that. Jordan is the Commissioner, and threw her dad under the bus. We flash back to Jordan telling Trina about the undercover operative, and Taggert tampering with evidence to make sure Cyrus was found guilty. Trina asks Portia how she can trust anything that has to do with Jordan?

Carly tells Cyrus, they were having a private conversation. He says he didn’t mean to interrupt, and Laura says, and yet he has. He says, after decades of hearing almost nothing but male voices, forgive him for being drawn to the siren song of female conversation. He’s sorry; however… Laura says, an apology followed by a however, and he says, the future of General Hospital is a matter that concerns everyone in Port Charles. Laura says, she’ll keep everyone posted, and he says, knowing her steady hand is at the reins remediates his concern. Carly asks if she missed the part where he told her what he wanted, and Cyrus sits down. He says he wanted to know her and Sonny’s address, so he can invite them to his housewarming party. They’ve been so gracious in welcoming him, he’d like to return the gesture.

Jason understands Curtis’s concern, but they have to move carefully, and not rush in. They both know that if they force it, things can go sideways, and who knows how it will play out. Curtis says he has a family now, and all he can think about are Trina and Cameron, and how one bullet was all that was separating them from life and death. He flashes back to pulling Trina out of the warehouse, and says, he hears Trina calling out for the father he couldn’t save. Sonny says, it couldn’t happen at a worse time for all of them. Curtis says, Stella told him what’s going on with Sonny’s father, and Sonny says Curtis knows he wants to neutralize Cyrus as much as he does. He’s trying to solve the problem, and doing everything he can. Curtis has his word. The plan is already in motion.

Mac tells Jordan, without a ransom demand, the kidnappers weren’t motivated by financial gain. The only other reason would be to gain leverage, but the only person connected to TJ with power and influence is Jordan. She says, TJ was returned, and he asks if any demands were made. Jordan flashes back to meeting with Cyrus in prison, Harmony’s subsequent visit with Cyrus’s instructions, and finally admitting to Sonny what’s going on. She remembers Sonny saying she told him Cyrus came to Port Charles for personal reasons, and that means her. She tells Mac, nothing. He tells her that he’s grateful for the job. He appreciates her trusting him, and has come to think of her as a friend, as well as a boss. Jordan says, the feeling is mutual, and he says if she ever wants to talk, about the job or anything else, he’s there.

Willow asks, what happened? and Sasha says she just has a bloody nose. Finn says he’ll have a look, and takes her into an examining room. Willow asks if Michael wants to talk about it. He says he and Brook ran into Chase and Sasha at the boxing gym. Tempers flared, and Brook accidentally punched Sasha. We flash back to Brook accusing Sasha of being too shallow to see Michael for who he is, and saying she could have been sitting pretty, then punching her. Willow asks, if Chase was there, why didn’t he drive Sasha?

Carly tells Cyrus, it’s thoughtful of him to include them, but they have a lot going on. Their plate is full, and their calendar is booked. He says, what a pity. He’d like to send one anyway, in case the day opens up. She says he can send it there or the coffee warehouse; he knows that address. We flash back to the ambush at the warehouse, and he says, why would he? She says, it’s a business address. She’s sure it’s as easy to find as a pub in Brooklyn. He says now she’s making him hungry for a pastrami sandwich. He can’t remember the last time he had one. Do they serve them there? She says, no; they don’t. He sighs, and says he hopes Laura’s schedule is a bit more accommodating. Laura says, the city is going through a major crimewave, and he says, tragic stuff. He hopes she gets a handle on it soon. She says, in the meantime, it’s keeping her busy, so she’ll have to pass. He says, it’s a shame. He was hoping the both of them could attend; or rather, all three of them. He doesn’t know if Sonny told Carly – he knows Sonny doesn’t like to burden her with the details of coffee importing – but he and Sonny reached an understanding. Laura says, about what? and he says, a conflict of interest, but it’s all cleared up. He’s planning on making a memorable debut in Port Charles. Laura says, he’s a memorable guy, and he says, likewise; they both are. They can expect invitations. He certainly knows where Laura lives. Carly says, it’s a matter of public record, but he makes it sound ominous. He says, it’s unintentional. He starts to leave, and says he’ll put them both on his Christmas card list. Laura tells Carly, raincheck? and Carly says, absolutely.

Curtis asks what he needs to do, and Jason says, keep doing what he’s doing; keep living his life. Curtis says, maintaining cover, and Jason says, the best thing to do is put on a normal front. What they have in mind takes time. Curtis says, how much time? and Sonny says, it depends. Jason says, if they attack now, while Cyrus is parading around town acting like the wronged party, it could draw unwanted attention. Sonny says, it’s the last thing they need. Curtis says, so he’s waiting for better optics? Sonny says, he and Cyrus reached a truce. Curtis says, which means? Sonny says, they dig in and play nice, until they find the right moment to act. Curtis flashes back to Jordan wondering if she should confess. He says while Sonny tries to thread a very narrow needle, Jordan is stuck on a tightrope.

Jordan says she appreciates Mac’s loyalty and friendship. He’s glad to hear it, and she says there’s nothing about the kidnapping she’s not telling him. He hopes she’s not offended, and she says she knows how it looks from his end, and that he had to ask. She’s glad to have the right man on the case, and has every confidence that he’ll get to the bottom of the kidnapping. Mac says he’ll stay on it until he does.

Curtis goes to Jordan’s office. She says, it’s good to see him, and kisses him. He asks if she thinks she can drop everything and join him for a late dinner. She says she was wrapping things up, but she wants to check on TJ at the hospital. He asks if everything is okay, and she says, it’s fine, but it will be better once she sees him. They leave, and Mac watches.

Finn checks Sasha’s nose, and says, good news; it’s not broken. She’ll want to put ice on it to keep the swelling down. She says, so much for the new face of Deception. They haven’t even launched yet. She’s glad the paparazzi weren’t there to see it. She knows Chase told Finn, and he knows everything. Finn says he wanted Chase to walk away from a well-intentioned disaster before it got worse. He flashes back to telling Chase, it’s not fair to Willow that her next decision is based on a lie; fix it. He tells Sasha, for what it’s worth, he thinks they should both come clean. She says, then what? Everyone is happy? He says, that sounds better than what they’re doing now. She says, it would be for her and Chase, but Michael and Willow will never be happy if Nelle gets Wiley.

Portia says she doesn’t like it any more than Trina does, but Trina’s father trusted Jordan. Trina says, clearly, he shouldn’t have, but Portia says, it’s not their call. Even if they don’t know the reason, that should count for something. Trina says, maybe. She’ll get back to Portia on that. Portia says they can agree Trina’s father would want her to move forward, and focus on her future, not his past. Trina says he wanted to watch her grow up. Now he doesn’t get what he wants. It’s not fair. Portia hugs her, and says she knows.

Sonny goes the MetroCourt, and Carly says he just missed Cyrus. He asks if there were any problems, and she says Cyrus was pretending to be nice, and denying he was a threat. Sonny asks what she means, and she says Cyrus wanted their address, so he could invite them to his house warming. She told him that he already had it, since he tried to gun them down. Then he invited Laura, making it clear that he knew her address. Sonny says he’s there now, and she asks, how much longer is Port Charles going to have to endure this guy? 

Portia asks if Trina feels better, and Trina says, a little bit. Because she has a great mom, not because she despises Jordan any less. Portia says, Jordan’s not the enemy. Trina says, no, she isn’t. He is. Cyrus walks toward them, and Trina stomps up to him. She says she knows who he is, and he says he’s so sorry to hear about her father’s death. She tells him that he doesn’t sound sorry. He sounds like someone who needs to be stopped. He says, it’s a misunderstanding. Curtis and Jordan arrive, and Curtis tells Cyrus, back off. Stay the hell away from her.

Finn tells Sasha, there will be some bruising, but no scar. She thanks him, and says she knows he’s worried about her and Chase, but they know what they’re doing. He tells her, if she says so. He noticed how she looked at Michael. She says she wasn’t looking any kind of way at him, and Finn says, she loves Michael, and Chase loves Willow. Is the best solution really to play God with everyone’s life?

Michael tells Willow that he wasn’t going to make Sasha call a Ride Share. Chase was reading Brook the riot act, so he drove her. It’s hard, turning off the feelings. She says she knows. Tomorrow is Wiley’s custody hearing, and they have to be ready. He says, they will be.

Carly asks Sonny, remember the time they got married so she couldn’t testify against him? He says, which one? and she says, either one. Is there anything she needs to know? He says, for now it’s best… and she says, to wait until she needs to know. She wants him to promise her he’s going to end it, and he says he promises. She asks, when? and he flashes back to making Cyrus an offer. Sonny tells him, he can live there, but he can’t move his merchandise through Sonny’s territory. Cyrus says, they have a deal, and they shake hands. Afterward, he tells Jason, they’re buying time. When Cyrus stops looking at him out of the corner of his eye, they’ll take him out. He tells Carly, sooner than their friend Cyrus thinks.

Mac sees Laura, and asks if she’s looking for the Commissioner. Laura asks if she’s in, and he says they both missed her. He has some things for her to sign, but it can wait until morning; closed cases. Can he help her? She says, not unless he can get rid of Cyrus for her.

Cyrus says he doesn’t believe he and Curtis have been introduced. Curtis says Cyrus knows damn well who he is. He’s Jordan’s husband. And he knows who Cyrus is; he knows everything about him. Play his game somewhere else, and stay away from Trina and Portia. Understand?

On Monday, Nelle is prepared to make Julian a generous offer, Chase wonders who will help Brook if her father doesn’t, Finn asks someone to meet him at The Rib, and Willow asks Michael if he can marry a women who will probably never be in love with him. The digital guide lists tomorrow’s show as the one from November 27, 2018.

The Real Housewives of New York City

LuAnn goes to Tavern on the Green to meet Jacques, who is still pretty cute. In her interview, LuAnn says they were together for four and a half years. She’d just gotten divorced and her kids were teenagers. We flash back to that time, and she says they have a healthy relationship, and check in with each other. Now he’s engaged, and she’s happy that he’s happy. She tells Jacques that her probation is over, and it feels good to move forward. It’s been two years. He asks, what’s next? and she says she’s taking it day by day. She’s with the girls a lot, and they like to drink, but she promised herself that she’s not going to right now. She hasn’t decided either way, but she’s wondering if can have wine with dinner. (Yep. It’s always wine with dinner.) Jacques says, he thinks a glass of red wine is fine, if she can manage to have one. She says, not two? And he says, one. One or none. He’s not worried though, and says, whatever she decides will be the plan and she’ll follow it. In LuAnn’s interview, she says having his support makes her happy. He knows her well, and he’ll have her back no matter what she decides. She recently got involved with a podcast called Chanel in the City, and she’s co-hosting an event featuring comedy. Jacques recently started doing stand-up. She’s researching material for Marry-F***-Kill, and asked him to make a guest appearance. She tells him that she’s performing Feeling Jovani at the event, and he says he hasn’t heard it. She plays it on her phone, and he asks who Jovani is. She says, that’s the best question ever.

Dorinda gazes at her and Richard’s old townhouse. In her interview, she says, today, she’s visiting old haunts. The townhouse was a special place for her and Richard. He carried her over the threshold. They had a huge garden, lots of wonderful dinners, and hosted parties. Everyone who was anyone walked through their doors. It was a beautiful, growing, loving time for them. She goes to Nello, and maître d Jon, greets her. She points out the ring she’s wearing, and says Richard gave it to her there on their five-year anniversary. The restaurant is where they always celebrated. In Ramona’s interview, she says, Dorinda has been dredging up a lot, and talking about Richard non-stop. Sonja, Ramona, and Elyse join Dorinda. Sonja pulls a shaker out of her purse, and says she’s on liquids, since she broke a zipper putting on her dress at the fashion show. In Sonja’s interview, she says she does an occasional detox of all liquids. Day three is always the worst. Dorinda says Sonja’s show was incredible, and she loved how Sonja diffused things with Leah. In her interview, Sonja says, Leah doesn’t wear the same kind of sparkly numbers the other girls do. She thought Leah would like the cashmere twin-set. She does. That’s why it has her name on it. She says, it couldn’t be worse. They’re eating this gorgeous food, while she’s eating this putrid-looking soup. Dorinda says she and Leah had a great talk. Leah is an interesting person. We see a clip of the two of them, hanging out at a bar and talking. She says Leah is very open. If she’s asked a question, she’ll answer it. In Dorinda’s interview, she says she feels like Leah has access to Tinsley in a different way. She wants to go to lunch with the two of them, and thinks maybe Leah can provide Tinsley with a comfort level or a connection, and maybe bring them back together. Ramona asks, who’s going to LuAnn’s thing? Elyse asks if LuAnn is drinking, and Ramona says, she’s taking it day by day. Elyse says, so she’s not committed to it long term? and Ramona thinks that would be setting herself up for failure. In Ramona’s interview, she says, if LuAnn wants to drink again, it’s her choice. She’s a big girl, and a responsible woman. As long as she’s not out of control, Ramona is supportive. Dorinda points out that Elyse only ate half her pasta. That’s why she’s a size zero, and Dorinda is a six. She’s a full-figured lady. Since when is a six full-figured? And while I’m on the subject, since when would a six fit Dorinda?

Tinsley and Dale go out to lunch. In Tinsley’s interview, she says her mom loves to come to town. Seeing the babies (Tinsley’s dogs) is a new excuse. They’re Dale’s grandchildren. Who knows if she’ll have any others. She thanks Dale for taking care of the dogs while she was gone. Dale says she loves them, but they’re a lot of work. Boy, don’t I know about that. Tinsley says she and Bruce are done. In her interview, she says that they broke up, and it was a mature ending. They don’t hate each other; they’re just done. Dale says she never even met him. She can’t imagine Tinsley living in Chicago, and Tinsley says she thinks that was part of the attraction. Bruce was a Chicago guy. In her interview, Tinsley says she thinks she just wanted to be in Chicago, but she doesn’t know. She tells Dale that Bruce couldn’t make time in his life for her, and Dale says, his life is set, and he doesn’t need any complications. He probably decided it was too much for him. She asks how Tinsley feels, walking the runway after all those years. Tinsley says she loved it, and Dale says when she’s on stage, she’s happy. Tinsley says, it makes ger irritated with the girls that she is younger, but she’s done a lot, and it’s never acknowledged. No way is she letting them gang up on her again. In Tinsley’s interview, she says she’s not letting them walk on her again. Particularly Dorinda. Dale says, the only thing that worries her is the issue of a baby. She’s afraid Tinsley is going to miss out if she dies before that happens. She’d like to croak after the baby is born. Tinsley says she can’t croak before. She promised to help Tinsley take care of it.

Sonja goes to Englewood, New Jersey, where the office for her brands is. She meets with VP Laura, and CEO Gaurav. She tells Laura that she’s annoyed that her clothes don’t fit. In Sonja’s interview, she says, she and Gaurav been in business many years, and just had a fantastic show. HE needs to show her the money. Gaurav says they have a very select customer, and Sonja says that’s why they’re expanding their base. She knows they lost money up front; that’s the business. She asks if they got sales from the show, and he says, no. She says, what the hell? In her interview, she says she knows there were losses up front, but seeing it on paper makes it real. There is a future. That’s why they’re working hard to make a profit. She tells Gaurav, she thinks Century 21 will be good exposure. In Sonja’s interview, she says, they sell online, but she recently got a call from Century 21, and they want to buy her collection. She wants to see what they have to say.

Leah talks to Rob. In her interview, she says, they never married, and she’s upset that he never proposed. It took a long time, but they made a point of being best friends, and being there for their daughter. Even though they live in separate houses, two blocks away. She tells him that Kier said he likes someone, but he says, no; he was talking about someone he worked with. She says they need to date people; this isn’t normal. He says he’s done, and she asks if he isn’t lonely. She is. She wants passion and romance. In Leah’s interview, she says she thinks they should date more, and show as parents that they can maintain a healthy relationship. She wonders if they’re going to be single forever. She tells Rob, her mom still isn’t talking to her, and in her interview, explains that when she decided to drink, her mom stopped speaking to her. She tells him that her mother won’t be happy until she’s in church, repenting. She did that once, and the priest hit on her, and asked how many partners she’d had. Obviously, she lied about the number.

LuAnn goes club Slate, which has a giant slide from the third to first level. LuAnn meets with podcast host Chanel, and says she loves the room. In LuAnn’s interview, she says Chanel asked her to be on the podcast, and they’re hosting a comedy event to benefit Stomp Out Bullying and Fortune Society, that helps people get their lives back after incarceration. Jacques arrives, and LuAnn says he’s going steal the show. In her interview, she says Jacques is engaged to a lovely lady, and has her stamp of approval. LuAnn wants to introduce Jacques by saying she wants to set the record straight; she never screwed the pirate. Jacques doesn’t think it’s funny, and she says if she’d done it, she’d be defensive, not joking about it.

Leah picks up Ramona, who says, it’s weird being back in the city. She wants to get in the fall swing of things. Now that she’s settled in more, she feels good. Leah says she texted her mom that she wanted to stop fighting – life is too short – but she got no response. Ramona says she told Leah, go in person. The only way to maybe come to terms is to go there physically. In Leah’s interview, she says, the nine years she didn’t drink helped, and now her parents are closer. When her mom is disapproving, it takes her back to her teen years. Ramona tells her, mothers deserve respect, even if they’re not always right. Leah says she shouldn’t be judged by her failures, but her achievements, and starts to cry.  Ramona says Leah’s mother is afraid Leah will fail again; she’s scared. In her interview, Leah says that Ramona and her mom are complete opposites, but having Ramona’s attention in a maternal way is comforting. Ramona says, people hide behind texts. She asks what Leah’s mom’s favorite flower is. Leah says, lilacs, and they’re also her favorite. Ramona says they’re her mother’s favorite too. She tells Leah to bring her mother a bouquet, and say she’s sorry she disappointed her. Leah says they need comedy now.

In her interview, Ramona says podcasts are gaining popularity, but she doesn’t have time for them. Dorinda suggests that she, Leah, and Tinsley have lunch together. In Tinsley’s interview, she says she doesn’t like the idea. She doesn’t need someone else there. In Leah’s interview, she says, Dorinda thinks she would be a great mediator, but Tinsley’s not batsh*t crazy. Her being the voice of reason is scary. Jacques asks if Ramona has ever bullied anyone, and we flash back to several of the many times she has. She says she doesn’t think so, and he asks Dorinda, who says, no. We flash back to ditto. Dorinda says she used to fight the bullies who picked on other kids. Sonja says she’s glad she and Leah talked it out. In Leah’s interview, she says maybe she misread things, and Sonja wasn’t doing some weird shady sh*t, but she doesn’t think so. It’s not a big deal though. Sonja sent her a pair of pajamas. She can get over it. Dorinda says she doesn’t think LuAnn is an alcoholic. Tom literally drove her to drink. In Dorinda’s interview, she says LuAnn always says, it’s not about Tom, but it was. It was fast and furious, and stressful, beyond LuAnn’s control. She turned to the tipple. LuAnn says she needs some water, and picks up a glass. Ramona tells her, it’s all vodka, but she takes a sip anyway. Then takes another. In LuAnn’s interview, she says, it tastes so good. Dorinda says, it’s over; let the curse be lifted. In Ramona’s interview, she says, it was bound to happen. All she had was a sip. Dorinda says, it’s a big moment. No one is judging or cares. In her interview, LuAnn says, to be able to take a sip of vodka and not get arrested is huge. She doesn’t have to make excuses; she’s a grown woman. She’s ready. Elyse asks if she isn’t in AA, and Dorinda says Elyse isn’t the judge and jury. Elyse says she’s not, but if you’re in AA, you want to resist. Dorinda tells her to mind her own garden. In Elyse’s interview, she says she knows Dorinda and LuAnn are drinking buddies, but LuAnn just got out of AA and off probation. If LuAnn was her buddy, she’d be pulling the drink out of her hand.

LuAnn is introduced, and says she’s proud to be part of the organization. In Dorinda’s interview, she says, there’s so much going on, she doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Were you bullied, in jail, or are you part of the comedy act? LuAnn reads an entry from her journal, and jokes about it. In her interview, Dorinda says she’s proud of everyone that tries. LuAnn makes her pirate joke, and introduces Jacques, who takes the stage. He says he was bulled as immigrant because of his name, which people pronounced Jackass. Sonja says, he could be funny, but she can’t understand him. Dorinda wishes  there was a bouncing ball of interpretation. Jacques says he’s sorry to interrupt Sonja, who insists she’s listening. It’s just these cackling bitches. In her interview, she says, maybe in France he’s hilarious. Ramona decides she’s bored and gets up. In Sonja’s interview, she says she usually has the pulse of the room, and there’s no pulse here. She can’t eat, can’t drink, and it’s not funny. She leaves with Ramona, and they go to the bathroom. LuAnn sings Money Can’t Buy You Class, and the crowd joins in. Elyse says Ramona dances like Elaine on Seinfeld.

Sonja tells Dorinda, she’s not drinking, and LuAnn is. In her interview, Sonja says, the last thing she wants is LuAnn drinking – without her. Tinsley goes down the slide, and Leah follows. Ramona thinks it’s the funniest part of the night. Tinsley says she wants to work on herself, and she’s not ready to be set up. She wants to be single for a little bit. Ramona is proud Tinsley made the decision to end something, and is taking charge of her life. She tends to stay to the bitter end. Dorinda goes down the slide, then LuAnn, and Sonja nearly slams into her. Dorinda tells Leah that Tinsley seems apprehensive about the lunch, and Leah says Dorinda is a little intimidating. Dorinda tells Tinsley that Leah said Tinsley is intimidated by her, and in Leah’s interview, she says, Dorinda and tequila, no Bueno. Ramona asks if she’s scary, and Leah says, not really. In her interview, Dorinda says, of course Tinsley is intimidated by her. She’s intimidated by a butterfly. Tinsley says she doesn’t need Leah to have lunch with Dorinda, and Dorinda says she thought it would be nice for her. Leah has positive access to Tinsley in a different way. Tinsley says she doesn’t need other people to help solve her issues. Dorinda says, everything she does is no good. Sonja says, here we go again. Tinsley says she’s sick of people talking for her, and Sonja can’t believe that they’re fighting at an anti-bullying event.

LuAnn plays ping-pong with Ramona. Dorinda tells Tinsley, she came with good intentions. She’s leaving because she’s starting to get mad. In Leah’s interview, she says, Dorinda and Tinsley are so stuck, they don’t need a mediator; they need a miracle. Tinsley says, way to make it work.

Next time, Dorinda thinks Ramona is behind a Page Six item about her, Dorinda tells Tinsley that her gum lasts longer than Tinsley’s relationships, the women go to an orchard where there’s a hayride, a corn maze, and a winery tasting.

🔪 On Top Chef, Gregory and Kevin were going to have their concepts come to life, and drew knives as to who would pick someone first for their team. Kevin got the first choice. His team consisted of Bryan, Melissa, and Karen, all Restaurant Wars winners. Gregory’s team included Brian full of Malarkey, Lee Anne, and Stephanie, Lee Anne described the team as a bunch of wild cards. Gregory wanted his diners to feel like they’d been whisked away to the Caribbean, while Kevin wanted to present a style of country cooking not usually found outside of people’s homes. Gregory said it best in his interview, by telling us, it was quite an undertaking in the timeframe they had.

The chefs had 48 hours to plan, and no restrictions. They began by planning their menu, setting up their kitchen, and selecting the décor. The winning team would split $40K, and get a subscription to Open Table stockware to help run their restaurants.

While buying dinnerware, Kevin nearly had a fistfight with Lee Anne and Brian full of Malarkey when he’d put down some plates only to have them end up with the other team. Lee Anne swore they had no idea Kevin was saving the plates, and Karen diffused the situation, talking Kevin down. While part of the teams began cooking, the rest set up the restaurants. Kevin hit another snag when his curry brand wasn’t available. He was concerned that it was going to be struggle to get out his twelve dishes. Karen felt she was spread too thin, and not dedicating enough time to both the front and back of the house.

Karen explained to the diners that Country Captain was family style, and really a feast. Melissa felt there was too much on the menu, and it was overwhelming for all of them. The first set of diners ran late, causing the next group to have to wait. Brian full of Malarkey did the front of the house for Kann, but Lee Anne felt he wasn’t absorbing the original plan.

The judges said both teams had conveyed the mood board, there was a lot of good food, and all in all, they did an awesome job. Kann was the winner, having a well-designed menu that was cohesive. Kevin was clearly disappointed. Tom told Gregory that he didn’t try to chef it up, and stayed true to what he’d said it would be. He said it made him want to go to Haiti, and Gregory had expressed what the island was about in ten dishes.

Gail said Kevin had taken on a lot, and he said he could have made last minute changes, but didn’t think that would have been in the spirit of Top Chef. I have no idea what he meant by that, and got the vibe that the judges didn’t either, and thought it was an odd excuse. The judges felt there were too many dishes, but Kevin said, although some editing might have been in order, his grandmother would have thought the chef should give everything they can, and then give the guest more. Tom said, the mushrooms were just bad, and Karen whined that she didn’t have the help she was promised. Tom asked why Kevin thought he shouldn’t be sent home, and Kevin said he was raised to own his mistakes, and couldn’t live with himself if he threw anyone under the bus. In the end, any mistake rested on his shoulders. That being said, he was told to pack his knives and go. Or at least move on to Last Chance Kitchen. In his interview, he said it was important to do the right thing, and the captain went down with the ship. He admired captains who did that when they could have jumped into a lifeboat.

Coming up, summer camp, a dinner for athletes, Brian full of Malarkey feels betrayed and maybe walks, and the finale in Europe.

🎭 Garcelle Explains the Drama…

She might be a newbie, but she’s not afraid to jump into the thick of it.


🥤 It Wasn’t Exactly a First…

Teresa broke the fourth wall too, when she threw the Solo cup at the camera.


🕶 Poor Jax…

Maybe he should have broken out those sunglasses he stole in Hawaii.


🍸 Bartending With Stanley…

One of my favorite actors gives a lesson in mixology.


🐶 Raising the Woof…

Does he know it’s him? Does it matter?


🤷🏽‍♀️ TGIWhatever…

Friday may not have the same meaning for everyone right now, but it’s still Friday. Stay strong, stay following the guidelines, and stay knowing what day it is. Or at least the month.

May 6, 2020 – Robert Drowns His Sorrows, Two Hours of Dreck, Teddi’s Retreat, Returning, Jimmy’s Soap, the Latest On Erika, Atlanta Reunites, Non-Essential, NOS4A-Part 2, a New Gala & Balloons


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I honestly don’t know wth happens. I think I have extra time, then I run late. I’m usually here by the time the opening credits roll, but still. So here’s the set-up. Robert is crying in his beer at The Floating Rib, and Anna arrives; it’s Dante’s birthday, and Sonny went to visit Mike; Brook and Michael spar at Sonny’s gym, and Jax catches up to Carly at the MetroCourt bar.

Sam tells Kristina, it’s no secret that Carly and Sonny are Jason’s closest friends. Jason knew them before she came along, and she’s fine with that. She supports it. Alexis asks Kristina, what’s going on? Why is she saying hurtful things to Sam? Kristina says she’s not trying to be hurtful. She’s trying to get Sam to see the truth. Molly says, it sounds like something Kristina learned from DoD, but Kristina says, just the opposite. She’s gained perspective since then, and is trying to be a better person. Molly says, so now Kristina is a relationship expert, despite never having had a healthy relationship herself? Is she jealous of Sam’s love for Jason?

At The Floating Rib, Mac thanks Anna for coming. Robert is sad, but okay. He’s been drinking a lot of beer. Robert says he can’t believe Holly is gone. He texted Luke, but he’s probably preoccupied with Ethan. Mac says, it’s horrible, losing a parent. Robert says, Holly could charm the pants off of you, steal your wallet, and you’d still be charmed. He really did love her. Anna asks how he is, and he says, lousy. Mac tells Anna, he didn’t lose a great love, but Holly was a great friend. Anna says she’s sorry, and Felicia says, Holly would want them to celebrate her life, not mourn her death. Anna says, champagne and caviar, everything first class. On someone else’s dime, of course (🍷). Maxie and Peter come in, and Maxie asks, what’s going on? Robert says, it’s a terrible time. He doesn’t need Peter around, so get out.

Sonny shows Mike Dante’s picture on his phone, and says it’s his grandson. Does Mike recognize him? Mike says, nice phone. Felix comes in, and asks if Mike needs anything. Mike asks if Felix wants to play checkers, but Sonny says he needs to talk to Felix. He’ll be right back. He leaves Mike his phone, and they go into the hallway. He tells Felix that his dad is struggling to eat, but Felix says, Mike had some applesauce when he woke up. Is it a problem? Sonny says, it’s not a problem. It’s just that Mike is eating the same thing his baby daughter is eating, and it’s strange for him. Sonny goes back into Mike’s room, where Mike is staring into space and smiling.

Jax tells Carly that Nina had a front row seat to the custody war between Lulu and Valentin, and they called a cease fire. Carly says, that’s great, but Charlotte’s case is nothing like Wiley’s. Nina said she wanted to protect Wiley, and that’s why she hired Nelle. He says, if there’s no smoking gun, Nina isn’t going to plant one, and Carly says, why not? Nelle has done it often enough. Turnabout is fair play. He says, Nina looks at Nelle and sees herself. She never got the love of a mother. She says, it’s the same sob story Nelle has given before. It’s an act. She’s a total manipulator, and Nina should know better.

Nina says Nelle misinterpreted the conversation. She wasn’t defending Nelle; she was just  trying to understand. Nelle says, that’s more than anyone else has done or tried to do. Nina says, if Nelle is honest, she’s given people reason to doubt her; even to fear her. Nelle says, she can’t deny that, but can’t people change? Learn from their mistakes, and become a better person? Like Nina. Nina says, it doesn’t matter what she thinks, what matters is what the judge thinks. Nelle says, the judge will listen to Nina, but Nina says she doesn’t know why she should get involved, since the custody hearing has nothing to do with her.

Brook tells Michael, he can hit harder; put some muscle into it. Get in touch with his anger. He needs to get his aggression out, or disaster will strike. He’ll see Nelle, and lose it, calling her out for the psycho bitch she is. Then Nelle will turn on the waterworks, and tell the judge he’s abusive and vindictive. Michael says, that’s why he’s going to be under control, but she says if he goes in cold and calculating looking to inflict maximum damage, he’ll regret it. That’s why he has to vent while he’s there. Pretend she’s Nelle, and let her have it. He punches harder, and she says, that’s it. Now pretend he’s that girlfriend stealing Chase, and give him what he deserves. Michael turns around, and sees Sasha and Chase standing behind him, outside the ring.

Anna tells Maxie and Peter, Charlie’s might be a better fit. Robert is hurting, and drowning in beer. Maxie explains to Peter that Holly was Robert’s ex-wife. He says, Robert was married to Anna, but Maxie says, you can have more than one great love; look at them. Anna says her relationship with Holly was complicated. Sometimes they were friends, sometimes enemies; they were frenemies. She feels bad, especially since Robert adored Holly. Peter says she’s right. They should go to Charlie’s. Maxie says she wants to give Robert her condolences first. It was so sudden. He must be devastated.

Sonny tells Felix, it’s great having him there for his dad, and Felix says he’s glad to help. Sonny says he knows it’s tough, putting in the extra time, but Felix says he’s glad Sonny reached out. He’s always liked Mike, and if his being there makes Mike more comfortable, that’s the reason he became a nurse in the first place. Sonny says, he appreciates it, and goes back into Mike’s room. He tells Mike, he’s learning things about him all the time. He likes his pillows firm, but not too firm. Now he’s learned Mike likes applesauce. Who knew? He’s tired of thinking about what Mike wants, and needs Mike to tell him what he needs. How does he want to live the remaining time he has left? Does he want the doctors to take every measure they can to save his life, or does he want them to do nothing? Mike’s got to tell him something. What does he want? Mike motions him closer, and says, Yankees.

Carly tells Jax, she gets that Nina has unresolved issues about babies and motherhood, but Nina will be to blame if Nelle gets her hands on Wiley. Jax asks if that’s not a little unfair. Carly says she knows Jax is thinking about what she said regarding Nina not being a mother, but she thinks Nina paints a romantic picture of motherhood. Just because you carry and deliver a baby, doesn’t mean you become a good and selfless person. Look at Nelle; there’s been no maternal bonding. Jax says Carly admitted she wasn’t good or selfless until she had Michael. Isn’t that what changed her? Carly says it did, but it wasn’t like a magic wand. She didn’t go to bed a gold-digger, and wake up a Madonna. She had to make choices, and had to give up things she liked. She hated it, and had to learn to sacrifice things she loved when she realized it was the best thing for her kids. Nelle never learned that. That’s why she’s dangerous.

Nelle wishes she knew how to convince Nina she’s changed. Nina says, if she agreed to testify – and it’s a big if – the only thing she could say is, in the brief time Nelle has worked there, she’s been a good employee. She can’t vouch for Nelle’s motive or character, or how she’d be as a mother. Nelle says they’ve talked about it. She told Nina what she’s up against, and why she needed the job. She knows what happened with Sasha still hurts, and how badly Nina wanted it. That’s how she feels about Wiley. Don’t believe Brad. She didn’t give the baby away; she believed he died. Now she has an incredible second chance to hold her son. Nina says, Nelle is good; she’ll give her that. Nelle says, she’s not good. Everyone knows that, but she has a chance to do better for Wiley. It’s a start, and maybe one day, she’ll grow into someone people admire, like Nina, but she can’t unless somebody gives her a second chance.

Sasha says she had no idea Michael would be there, and tells Chase, let’s go. Brook says, don’t leave on their account. Not that they care. Chase says it doesn’t involve Brook, but Brook says Michael has a custody hearing tomorrow, and can’t risk beating up a cop. She’s in a different boat. Chase tells Sasha, let’s go, and Brook says she was willing to give Sasha the benefit of the doubt; a bad girl who turned her life around because of the love of a good man. It was a fairytale she was willing to buy into, but Sasha isn’t just bad. She’s rotten to the core. A liar and a user; one step above Nelle. Chase tells her to stop, and she says, and him. A cheating cheater who cheats. Willow found out her baby died, and he jumps into bed with her supposed friend. Sasha says if Brook’s got a problem, bring it to her. Brook says Sasha’s got it.

Kristina agrees with Molly. Her love life has been like the Titanic, where she’s reaching for a life preserver that isn’t there. But she doesn’t want to feel desperate. She wants a relationship like Molly and TJ have. Molly says, the one where she cheated on TJ, and Kristina tried to convince her not to tell him? Sam doesn’t want to talk about Jason, TJ, or anyone else. All she wants is a drink right now. She looks at Alexis, and says, sorry. Kristina says their mom has been sober for years, and Molly says she doesn’t think mentioning a drink will send Alexis to a bar. Alexis says, since they’re being brutally honest, she’ll tell them what she’s already told Sam. She’s only been sober for two weeks.

Maxie tells Robert, she’s so shocked. It doesn’t matter how long they were apart. She knows how much he cared. Peter tells Mac and Felicia, sorry for their loss, and Felicia says that’s kind of him. Robert says, the late Holly Sutton. How does that happen? It makes it better when you say late. She’s not really dead, just late. Anna says he’s not being fair to Peter, and Robert says Peter always means well. He laughs, and says, Henrik, how is it that such a remarkable woman like Holly’s got to die, and a completely unadulterated dirtbag like you gets to live?

Sonny and Mike watch a baseball game on TV, and Sonny says, Mike’s got a hit. Felix says, it’s a nice father and son moment. Sonny says he asked his father what he wanted. He was thinking about life and death, but Mike said, the Yankees. They all love baseball, especially Dante. They didn’t raise him, but it’s in his DNA. Even with everything Mike’s forgotten, he remembers baseball. He wishes Dante was here. He’d love it as much as Mike.

Jax tells Carly, he knows Nina seems to be wavering, but she cares more about Wiley’s welfare than Nelle’s. Trust her to do the right thing. Carly hopes he’s right. On top of the hearing in the morning, there’s a lot going on with Mike. Sonny has some difficult decisions to make. Jax says he’s sorry, and she says, that’s why she was hoping to uncover something that would lock up the case for Michael getting custody, and it would all be over with Nelle. He says he would help in any way he can with either situation. He’d drop everything, and hopes she knows that. She says she does, because Jax is the guy he is. He’s the good guy who wants to swoop in to save the day, but he can’t. He says, as far as the custody hearing goes, he’ll talk to Nina. She thanks him, and says, if Nina will listen to anyone, it’s him.

Brook steps out of the ring, and tells Sasha that they can go ten rounds, but Sasha says she’s not like Lulu, who will back off after a few insults. Chase tells Sasha not to stoop to Brook’s level; let’s go. Michael suggests they all cool down, and Brook says, what was Sasha thinking? She’s obviously too shallow to appreciate Michael’s loyalty and commitment, but he’s the shining star of the Quartermaine family. He’s got prestige and connections, and a bottomless bank account. Sasha could have been sitting pretty. Instead, she jumped into bed with Chase. Brook punches Sasha in the face, and is like, oops.

Molly says she’s sorry, and asks if Alexis is okay. Alexis says, she’s fine. She had one drink, and went straight to an AA meeting. Molly asks, what happened? and Alexis says, maybe her and Neil testifying at the hearing. Maybe there was too much pressure, and she took the easy way out. Sam says, that’s not what happened. She went off on Alexis, and said some things she shouldn’t have. Alexis says, Sam didn’t make her drink; she did. If she drank every time they exchanged words, she wouldn’t have a liver. She’s ready for whatever comes. Kristina asks if she means Neil, and Alexis says she’s not sure.

Felicia tells Robert, no more beer; coffee. Peter says he’s going to get out of everyone’s way, and steps outside. Maxie tells Robert, she loves him, and knows the pain he’s experiencing, but he doesn’t get to talk to Peter like that. Robert asks why Holly had to die. He knows in his heart that she wasn’t ready; it wasn’t her time. Mac says they’ve all lost people, and Felicia says, no one ever thinks it’s the right time. Out in the hallway, Peter sends a text: Need answers. NOW. Maxie comes out, and says, sorry. It’s the grief and a lot of beer talking. Peter asks if she’s telling him not to take it personally, and she says, with Robert, it’s always personal, but it’s not Peter’s fault Holly died.

Sonny says, are you kidding him? He was off by a mile. He sees Mike is asleep. Carly comes in, and says she can hear Sonny down the hall. He says his dad wanted to watch the Yankees.

Nina tells Nelle, before she even considers testifying on her behalf, Nelle has to do more than promise to be a better person. A child is at stake. A child who’s been taken away from the only parent he knows. Nelle says that’s why she needs Nina. Michael’s family is going to raise Wiley to think that she didn’t want or deserve him. He’ll wonder why his mom is a stranger. She needs him to know she didn’t turn her back on him. Will Nina give her a second chance? Help her out? There’s a knock at the door, and Jax asks if he’s interrupting.

Brook tells Chase, she’s calling a Ride Share. She’s going to check on Michael at the hospital, and make sure he doesn’t do something stupid, like forgive Sasha. He says she can’t go around punching people, and she says, it was an accident. He wonders why there are always accidents when she’s there, and she says, look around him. It’s a boxing gym. People are supposed to throw punches. Don’t blame her for his bad mood, and that he lost his girlfriend because he couldn’t keep it in his pants.

Felicia tells Robert that he can use some more coffee.  Robert says, fine, and Mac says, drink up. Robert tells Anna, it’s not like he said anything bad, and she says he told Peter that he should feel guilty for being alive. He says that’s not the way he meant to say it, and Mac asks if there’s a right way. Felicia says Robert owes Peter an apology. Holly would want that. Maxie comes back, and Anna asks where Peter is. Maxie says, he needed some air. She doesn’t blame him.

Outside, a guy approaches Peter. He says he got there as fast as he could. What’s the problem? Peter slams him up against the side of the building, and the guy asks, what’s wrong? Peter says he told him to distract Robert, not kill Holly. The guy says, they were monitoring her, but had nothing to do with the incident. Peter says, if he finds out the guy is lying… and they guy swears it’s the truth. Peter lets him go, and he asks if Peter still wants them to do something to distract Robert. Peter says, there’s no need now. Fate seems to have done it for him.

Carly and Sonny go into the hallway. Mike says, the Yankees were Mike’s idea. He told Mike it was Dante’s birthday, and Mike mentioned the Yankees. He connected the two things. Carly says, maybe Mike was telling Sonny what he wanted to hear, and Sonny says, could be, but at least his dad connected it. He wanted to talk about the DNR, and asked Mike if he wanted the doctors to let him go or take extra measures. That’s when he brought up the Yankees. That says his dad isn’t ready to give up.

Jax asks if Nina is done for the night, and she says she is. Nelle says, actually, they were in the middle of a conversation, but Nina says, Jax is right. Nelle has a big day tomorrow, and should get some sleep. Nelle thanks Nina for listening, and hopes Nina thinks about what she said. Jax says, goodnight, Nelle, and Nelle grabs her stuff and leaves. Jax asks what Nelle wanted, and Nina says Nelle wanted her to be a character witness. He says, wow; she’s shameless. Nina doesn’t respond, and he says, she isn’t seriously considering it, is she?

Chase tells Brook, she needs to clean up her own life before she points fingers at him. She asks if it makes him uncomfortable; her pointing out that he’s a lying, sleazy cheat who betrayed her cousin. It’s a funny thing about the Quartermaines. They talk about each other, but close ranks when an interloper like Sasha. Chase says, what they do behind closed doors is her business, but… He takes out his ticket book, and says, disturbing the peace is his. He’s citing her for public disturbance. Be grateful it’s not misdemeanor assault. She can pay online or in person. He hands her the ticket, and she rips it up, saying that’s what she thinks of his ticket.

Maxie tells Mac, she knows how much he loved Holly too. Peter joins them, and Mac asks if he’s feeling better. Peter says, very much so, and Mac asks him to overlook Robert’s words; it’s the grief talking. Peter says he understands. What happened is tragic. Felicia tells Anna, when the shock wears off, they need to have a proper memorial. Not too proper; Holly loved a good time. She asks Anna, what is it? She’s been quiet all night. Anna says she read the report from the WSB about the incident where Holly was killed. Felicia wonders why the WSB is involved, and Anna says, Holly did contract work for them. Felicia asks if Holly was killed while she was working, and Anna says, that’s classified, but let it suffice to say, she saw enough to believe there’s more to the story.

Sonny tells Carly, he’s not ready to make a decision on how Mike should live his final days. He’ll  try to talk to Mike tomorrow. Carly asks if he wants to turn off the TV, so Mike can sleep, but he says, leave it on, in case he wakes up. He looks in on Mike one more time, and they leave.

Brook calls Chase a glorified meter maid, and he tells her that she shouldn’t have done that. She asks if he’s going to write her another ticket for littering, and he says, no. He takes out his handcuffs, and says, she’s under arrest – again.

Nelle sits at the MetroCourt bar, and calls Martin. She says he’s going to be proud. She thinks she may have found a character witness that will make the case a slam dunk. Um… hardly. Not only does Nina have a past of her own, wasn’t she just bamboozled by Sasha? That doesn’t exactly speak to her credibility as a judge of character.

Nina tells Jax, she didn’t tell Nelle that she would testify for her. Jax says she didn’t tell Nelle that she wouldn’t. She says she has a lot think about between now and the morning. he says he admires her compassion, and respects her opinion, but if she gives Nelle the benefit of the doubt, Wiley will end up paying the price. Can she live with that?

Kristina says, Neil lost his license because he and Alexis were involved? Alexis’s phone rings, and she says, it’s Diane; she has to take it. She asks Diane if it’s good news or bad news. She can’t talk; she’s with the girls. They’ll talk tomorrow. Sam asks, what happened? and Alexis says she’s been disbarred.

Tomorrow, Trina tells Portia that she doesn’t trust Jordan, Sasha tells Michael to stop being so nice, and Sonny says the plan is already in motion.

🤽🏻‍♀️ Since Andy Cohen hates me, RHOBH was on at 8 pm with no rerun encore performance tonight. Instead, Summer House had a two-hour finale – a final episode, followed by a reunion at home, doubling as Watch What Happens Live. Why those awful people should be allowed a two-hour block of air time is beyond me. I wasn’t paying a lot of attention, but they had some huge party that I think was supposed to have a rave theme. Unfortunately, this stupidity is being stretched out, with a Secrets Revealed special next week. I don’t want to know.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

It was the weekend of Teddi’s retreat, and she said she wasn’t tolerating any bullsh*t. Sutton decided to apologize to Teddi and go to the retreat, but Teddi acted like the unappreciative jerk she is, and was annoyed. It’s not surprising that she didn’t understand why telling people she didn’t care if they came or not caused a negative reaction. Her own feelings take up so much space, she doesn’t have room to decipher anyone else’s. Dorit was late, which didn’t sit well with Kyle, especially when she saw Dorit’s Instagram. Apparently, her tardiness was due to getting hair and makeup done so she could squeeze in a Glam Barbie photo shoot. Dorit screeched that she had a life, as though no one else did and commitments don’t matter. Oh, wait. That’s right. They don’t to Dorit. To Teddi’s credit, she did explain that she’d been put on the defensive when LisaR asked what if someone came and caused sh*t (the sh*t being caused wasn’t specified). She said it shifted everything for her. Although I stand by my theory that she was breaking up with them before anyone broke up with her, because she’s so insecure and afraid of failure.

After a boxing exercise, where Sutton looked lost, there was I have no idea what, then lunch, and free time in the afternoon for spa treatments, journaling, or whatever. Yeah. Like any of these women are going to write about their feelings when they could be getting a massage. I wouldn’t either. And I like to write. In the evening, there was an hour of meditation, and in her interview, Dorit said that she’d rather go to the DMV for a month than do an hour of meditation. Wow. Either she has one easy time at the DMV, or she can’t sit quietly for an hour. I can’t clear my mind either, but there’s no time for a nap like at meditation. When Dorit said she was going to be leaving early, Kyle called her out, saying she’d been hours late, skipped meditation, and now wanted to leave early. Dorit again said she had a life, adding an effing in there for emphasis. In Kyle’s interview, she said Dorit was shallow and selfish. Erika said it best and simplest when, in her interview, she thought they should just admit no one wants to be there. Although there are two different camps here. The ones who don’t want to be there, but they’re actually being supportive, keeping that to themselves, and participating; and Dorit, who makes it clear she doesn’t want to be there, and pretends she’s being supportive. Actually, there was a third camp. The ones who were supportive from afar.

Amelia was back from NYC, and feeling happier for it. She wanted to get an evaluation. LisaR said, when she’d seen Amelia in the city, she thought Amelia was in trouble. Amelia said, when things get difficult, her decision making tactics shut down. LisaR told Amelia that she barely made it through three months of college, then proceeded to gesture wildly to the paparazzi. Amelia said she was a handful. That’s one word for it.

Garcelle took her sons out for dinner, one of whom informed her he wanted Gucci. She told him, get a job, and he said he was eleven. She was like, exactly. So you don’t need Gucci. So far, I like Garcelle. In her interview, she said she grew up in a strict family with a Black mama who was not playing. She told her sons that they weren’t getting Gucci anything. It’s obnoxious.

Denise was over living in Malibu. She had PTSD from the fire, but didn’t want to move and take the kids out of school. She was getting ready to have everyone over for a not typical Beverly Hills dinner party in the backyard. They were having pizza made in a pizza oven, and a sundae bar that sounded magical. An ice sculpture carved into a huge diamond, like the ones they hold in the opening, was delivered. This thing looked absolutely beautiful after it got dark, and there were lights on it.

Apparently, Dorit had been on repeat, talking about Kyle sharing a bed with Teddi, and Kyle wondered if Dorit was jealous of their friendship. Dorit might be jealous of their more well-behaved children, since Jagger wailed and whined when Dorit had to leave the house. If that’s here effing life, no thanks.

When the women sat down for dinner, sexual exploits were discussed, with Garcelle saying she kissed a girl and liked it when she was a model, and Erika saying she had been part of a threesome with a couple (before Tom). Denise was concerned about the kids overhearing, and in Erika’s interview, she wondered why pearls were being clutched. In Denise’s interview, she says she’s open sexually – we flashed back to last season’s happy ending conversation – but that didn’t mean she wanted her kids hearing it.

Dorit said it was a pattern that Kyle had blind defensiveness when it came to Teddi, and in her interview, said Kyle and Teddi were a package deal. If you had an issue with one, you had an issue with the other, and she was frustrated with it. Kyle was mad at her for being late, when it was Teddi’s event, and Teddi wasn’t mad. Kyle said she was late to do her Glam Barbie look for working out, when she wasn’t going to work out. In her interview, Dorit wondered why TF Kyle cared. Kyle said she didn’t think Dorit was genuine, and Denise asked them to cool it when the kids were around. Erika took up somewhat for Dorit, explaining that Dorit thought Kyle blindly rushed to Teddi’s defense. In Kyle’s interview, she said she lost one of her closest friends defending Dorit, and Dorit had a selective memory. LisaR said Kyle was the same way with her, and defending her sister. Although, that was a whole different thing. LisaR was talking real smack, and it was untrue. Kyle insisted that wasn’t the case, and the text said, to be continued…

Next time, Kyle walks, and Denise gets into it with Kyle. I’m starting to notice, I’m making this more of a personality analysis than a recap.

🛥 FYI, Below Deck Mediterranean will be back this summer.

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April 29, 2020 – Finn Says Chase Made a Mistake, LisaR’s Game Goes South, Hills Newbie, GG Is a Mom, Culture Backlash, Best Bromance Ever & Staying


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

I missed the first couple of minutes, but it was mostly a replay of the end of yesterday’s show, and Sam harangued Brando some more about Molly.

Brando asks Sam if Molly knows she’s making ultimatums on her behalf. She says, stay away from Molly.

Lulu runs into Crimson, and Nina says, Valentin is with Charlotte in her office. She asks Lulu to give him a chance to make it right. Charlotte asks if Valentin still loves her, and he says, with all his heart. She says, then take her away. They can be together, the way it’s supposed to be. He says, it’s not that simple, but she says they can run right now, and no one can stop them.

At the MetroCourt, Nelle tells Willow, she didn’t mean to eavesdrop. She wants to apologize. Willow asks, for what? and Nelle says, it was rude when she said Willow meant nothing to Wiley. Willow asks, which time? and Nelle says, all of them, but especially at Crimson. Nina helped her realize that they’re just two mothers who had their children cruelly taken from them. Willow says, forgive her if she doesn’t want to form a support group, and Nelle says, now Chase is throwing Willow away like he did to her. She wondered how she could be so stupid to fall for him, but under that gorgeous face and sweet veneer, is a liar and a seducer. He’s an expert at seducing vulnerable women.

Michael tells Carly, he found Chase and Sasha together. Carly says, as in sleeping together? and he says, it had been going on a while. He and Willow were so focused on Wiley and the custody fight, Sasha and Chase turned to each other. Carly says, so Chase and Sasha were jealous and angry that he and Willow were spending time with Wiley. He says Carly told him not to get in too deep with Sasha, but Carly says she doesn’t think she said that. He says she did, and she was right.

Brando tells Sam, he let Molly know that TJ won’t hear from him; it’s not his place. Since Sam decided to insert herself in their business, he asks if Molly is going to be coming clean. Sam says Molly is an honest person, so she assumes so. Brando says, she’s honest, but didn’t tell him that she had a boyfriend. Sam says Molly thought she was single, and was heartbroken. She’d never sleep with someone like him. He says Sam doesn’t know him, and she says she knows he hurt Kristina’s feelings. He says, he apologized, and she should stop butting into things that are none of her business. Sam says Molly is her sister, and he says, she’s an adult. Sam says she doesn’t care. She’ll always protect Molly. He says, even if Molly doesn’t want her to?

Molly says there’s nothing Kristina can say that will convince her the truth isn’t the right thing, but Kristina says, why risk everything for a one-night stand that didn’t mean anything? Molly says, their relationship is built on honesty, and she has to be honest for it to work. It will be written all over her face anyway, and if she gets caught keeping a secret, it’s not worth it. Kristina thinks Molly confessing is a way to make herself feel better, at TJ’s expense.

Valentin tells Charlotte, neither one of them is going anywhere, but she won’t see him for a while. She says, because she’s bad? but he says, she’s a good girl. She says she wants things like they were when she was little; just the two of them. He loved her then. He says he loves her now, and always will. They hug, and she asks why he won’t fight for her. He flashes back to telling Charlotte that he wishes she’d never been involved, and he’s sorry. She says, it’s not his fault. It’s Nikolas and Ava’s fault, and Sasha for lying. And mommy too. She doesn’t like him, and didn’t want him and Nina to be happy. He’s going to fix it, right? Find a way to get Windymere back, and make Nina love him again. Then they can have their happily ever after.

Nina asks Lulu if she has any idea why Charlotte was so upset, and Lulu says she thinks Charlotte overheard her talking to Laura about Valentin choosing not to fight her custody petition. It was a shock. Her mom thinks he’s sincere, but she still doesn’t trust him. Valentin comes out with Charlotte, and Lulu hugs her, saying, she was so worried. Charlotte can’t run off like that again. Charlotte says she couldn’t let papa leave her. He’d do anything to keep them together. Lulu says she knows he would, and Charlotte says she had to show him that she would too.

Willow tells Nelle, go to hell. Nelle says, she’s just trying… and Willow says, to manipulate her, like she did Chase and her mom? She knows who Nelle is. She murdered her first fiancé, and tried to murder Michael. When it didn’t work, she left Michael to die in a burning car. If there’s one thing Brad is telling the truth about, it’s that Nelle gave him her baby. Nelle wanted Lucas to keep him, so Michael wouldn’t have him. She used Willow’s dead child like a prop, to convince Michael that their child was dead. Nelle says, all’s well that ends well. Sasha is more Chase’s type anyway. Willow says, goodbye, and walks out.

Finn asks what makes Chase think that Willow and Michael will get married? and Chase says, because as sure as Finn was that he was lying, he’s positive once the road is clear, Willow will follow her heart straight to Wiley. Finn sighs, and says, bro, bro, bro. He guesses Chase’s intentions are honorable. Chase thanks him, and says, just so he knows, Sasha has been incredibly stand-up. She’s no happier than he is, but they agreed Wiley’s safety comes first. Finn says Chase isn’t going to like what he has to say. His intentions are good, but his method stinks. He made a huge mistake.

Valentin tells Charlotte, there’s a right and wrong way to keep a family together. Charlotte asks what the right way is, and he says they have to figure that out. They’ll always be family, even if they don’t see each other for a while. She doesn’t want him to go away, and he asks if she remembers when he went away on long trips. Claudette would take care of her, and he always came back. She says, what if he doesn’t come back this time? and he says, impossible. He would miss her too much. Loving her keeps his heart beating. She says, hers too, and Lulu asks to speak to Charlotte. Charlotte says, no, he can’t leave, but Valentin says he’s staying right there; he promises. Has he ever broken a promise to her? Charlotte shakes her head, and Valentin goes out to the reception area. Lulu says she needs to ask Charlotte a question, and Charlotte needs to be totally honest. She won’t be in trouble. Did she hear Lulu and her grandmother talking?

Valentin thanks Nina for calling, and Nina says, of course (🍷). She’s sorry Charlotte is going through this. He says, he is too, and she says, Lulu said he’s not fighting her petition for full custody. He says, he’s not, and she says, wow. She never thought he’d give up on his daughter.

Sam tells Brando, Molly likes to see the best in people; she’s more realistic. She knows he’s been locked up. He says, that makes two of them, but he’s completely free, legally speaking. Isn’t she on parole? Now he gets it. She asks what he thinks he gets, and he says, this isn’t about Molly. It’s about her and Jason

Kristina asks Molly, if TJ had called, and said he was angry and needed time, would she have slept with Brando? Molly says, of course (🍷) not, but TJ didn’t ghost her. He was taken against his will. Kristina says, she had no way of knowing that. Did she sleep with Brando to get back at TJ? Molly says, no, and Kristina asks why she did it. Molly says because she was tired of feeling frustrated and angry, and Brando made her laugh; it felt good. Kristina says that’s exactly her point. It had nothing to do with TJ. There’s no reason tell him. TJ walks in, and says, tell him what? Ha-ha! I love soap moments like that.

Kristina says, her future domestic-partner-in-law. Molly told them the big news, and she’s so happy. He’s now stuck with the Davis sisters forever. He says, that’s been the plan for a while. Molly says she wasn’t expecting him to show up, and he says, that was the idea; he wanted to surprise her. He picked up her car. He knows how hard it’s been for her, and how lonely she must have felt. Molly says she’s been a bit of a mess, and Kristian says, was she ever. TJ says, something is wrong, but Molly says, no. He’s there now. He says the way she was looking at him… She says, sorry. It’s just the past few days have been surreal. He says, they’re together now, and he’s going to do everything to prove they’ll stay together from now on.

Sam asks what Brando could possibly know about her and Jason. He says Josslyn said they can’t be together because of her being on parole. She says, that’s none of his business, and he says, like what happened between him and Molly not being hers. How about if they find their own business? He needs to get back to work. She says, don’t dismiss her; she’s not done. He says, he’s done. She’s welcome to watch him work. She tells him something about the mechanics of a nearby bike, and he asks if she’s a bike expert.

Valentin tells Nina, she’s said things to him that he’s earned, but she knows better. He’d never give up his daughter. She says, then fight for her; stay in her life. He says he’s trying to do the right thing. He’s a bad influence, and has to keep his distance. She says, he could do that, or he can be a better man.

Charlotte tells Lulu, she came down for a snack, and heard them talking about papa. Lulu wishes Charlotte had told her that she was there, but Charlotte says Lulu never wants to talk about papa in front of her. She always changes the subject.

Michael tells Carly, he loves Sasha, and thought what they had was real. She says she thinks it was real, but doesn’t think Sasha is the woman he needed. He thinks she’s right. The whole Wiley situation blindsided them both. Sasha wasn’t ready for an instant family, and consciously or subconsciously, she got out. Carly says, they’ll get him through this. He’ll get custody of Wiley, and find the woman he deserves. She hugs him.

Molly says she has to call Sam; she was going to pick up the car. TJ says he ran into her, and she knows he has it. He was surprised to see her. He figured they’d still be talking. Kristina says, they have busy lives. Her lunch break is over; can she get them anything? TJ says, a veggie burger and fries, and asks if Molly wants something. Molly says, now that she has the car back, she has to run errands. He asks if she wants company, but she tells him, enjoy his burger. She’s going to the library to pick up a law book, and maybe she’ll research some precedents. He says, remember, be home by dinner. They start to kiss, and Kristina says, a veggie burger and fries coming up. TJ says he loves Molly, and she says she loves him too.

Brando tells Sam, he’s not there to cause trouble; the opposite. She asks what that would be? Solving people’s problems? He says he’s staying there to help cover for Dev because Sonny wants him to. She asks what exactly is he getting out of the deal, the garage? He says he has no ulterior motive, and she says, everything was out of the kindness of his heart. Sam says she’s calling a car, and getting the hell out of there. He says, she doesn’t have her own car? but she says she came to pick up Molly. Hers is in the shop, if he must know. He hopes she’s satisfied with the service. If she is, they never have to cross paths again.

Nina says Valentin has done terrible things. He can be a better man, and stay in Charlotte’s life. Be the positive influence she needs, instead of proving you walk away when the going gets tough. He says he’s trying to do right by his daughter, but Nina says, she’s a little girl. She won’t see it that way. He says he’s lived a life fueled by resentment, but she says he’s capable of great love. He’s not sure he is, and she says, he’s Charlotte’s papa. She’ll love him unconditionally for the rest of her life. He says, she’ll see he’s trying to do the right thing, and Nina says, she’ll see what it’s costing him. It doesn’t have to be that way. The right thing he has planned is just wrong. He says, she’s right, and she says, of course (🍷) she is. The one time he’s trying to be noble, he’s screwing it up.

Charlotte tells Lulu, she said papa was walking away for her own good, and said she was glad. Lulu says she’s so sorry, but Charlotte heard part of a grown-up conversation she didn’t understand. She wishes Charlotte had talked to her, instead of running. Charlotte says Lulu didn’t ask how she feels. She doesn’t care that Charlotte misses him every minute.

Carly asks if there’s anything she can do for Michael, and he says she already did. She listened and didn’t judge. She says he didn’t do anything wrong, and he says he can’t afford any more mistakes. He feels like he’s jumping out of his skin. The custody situation is in limbo, and he doesn’t know what Nelle will do next. He’s got to do something. She suggests he go for a run; clear his head. He says, good idea, and she says he should always take her advice. Carly flashes back to calling Sasha a con artist, and saying she thought Sasha was different. She remembers telling Sasha that she’s willing to give her a second chance, but make the most of it. She doesn’t give a third when her kids are involved. I guess Carly forgot to flash back to when Sasha told her about how she’d be willing to step aside for Michael to marry Willow.

Chase tells Finn that when he said he was glad Finn was there, he was wrong. He opens the door, and says, get out. Finn asks if love and family aren’t about being honest, no matter how difficult. He read that somewhere. Chase asks if Finn doesn’t see how hard this is for him. He loves Willow, and hated breaking her heart, and his was torn to shreds in the process. Finn says he should have told Willow what was at stake, and let her make up her own mind. He can’t make those decisions for her. She has to make her own choices. Chase says, it’s too late. It’s over; done. Finn says Chase has to find her, and tell her the truth. If he comes clean, he’ll have a chance to save the relationship. Chase says he doesn’t know, and Finn says, there’s only one way to find out, and no time like the present. He needs to move on this. The longer the lie festers, the smaller the chance he has of winning her back. Chase says, Wiley needs Willow, and Finn says, let her decide how to help him. It’s not fair to her, Michael, or Wiley if her decision is based on a lie. Go find her and fix this.

Michael gets ready to run in the park. He flashes back to telling Sasha, he’s had the best time of his life on the island because of her, as they bask in the afterglow. He remembers telling her that he loves her, and her saying she loves him too. He thinks about her saying that she felt shut out, and she and Chase were commiserating. She never wanted to hurt him, but didn’t know how to tell him. She was wrong, but she can’t stand watching him hate her. He begins his run.

Sasha goes to the MetroCourt bar, and Nelle says, proceed at her own risk. Carly is going to strike Sasha down for cheating on her precious son. She might save herself from the humiliation of being thrown out, and leave on her own. Sasha tells her to find someone who cares, and Nelle says, it saved her lawyer a phone call. He wants Sasha to be a character witness against Michael. After what happened, she can’t be staying at the Quartermaines. Did she move in with Chase? Where can Nelle reach her? Sasha says she can’t believe what a bitch Nelle is, and Nelle says she thinks Sasha’s been warned. All of this from a backstabbing, boyfriend stealing slut. Nelle walks away, and sees Carly coming. She says she heard Michael had his heart broken again. She’ll talk to Carly soon.

Valentin tells Nina, it kills him to think he’s abandoning Charlotte, and Nelle says, show her that she’s wrong. He says he hopes he gets the chance, and she says, the Valentin she knows doesn’t wait for a chance; he makes one. He says, the old him that she told him not to be? She says, be the Valentin she knows. Lulu comes out with Charlotte, and says she and Valentin need to talk.

A car horn blows, and Sam says, it must be her ride. Brando says, don’t be a stranger. Molly walks in, and says, Sam is still there? Why? Sam asks what Molly is doing there, but Brando thinks Molly has the better question. Why doesn’t Sam answer her? Molly says, this saved her the trouble of telling them separately. She’s decided not to tell TJ about their night together. Brando say, it’s her business. He already told her that he won’t say anything. She thanks him, and Sam says she has a car waiting, if Molly wants to walk out with her. Molly tells her, go ahead. She wants to talk to Brando for a second. Sam says she’ll check in on Molly, and Molly says she knows Sam will. Sam leaves, and Brando asks if there’s something Molly needs to say.

Nina suggests she and Charlotte look at pictures from the shoot. Charlotte can help her pick some out for the spread. Charlotte says, they’ve been in there forever, but Nina says, they haven’t, and asks Charlotte to come over there. They have to take their time, because they’re talking about the most important thing in the world – her. Charlotte says, that should be a no-brainer. Nina laughs, and says she wants Charlotte to understand that, whatever their decision, it’s because they love her. Charlotte says she understands, but she doesn’t have to like it. Nina says, she doesn’t, but whatever they decide, she’ll always be there for Charlotte, no matter what. They hug, and Valentin and Lulu come out of Nina’s office. Charlotte says, well? and Lulu says, time to go home. Charlotte asks what about Valentin? and he says he’ll pick her up tomorrow. They have some riding to do. She says he’s not going away? and he says, never. Lulu says, they’ll be better. Charlotte deserves to be loved be both parents. Charlotte hugs both of them, and Valentin smiles at Nina.

Molly serves TJ his meal, and asks if he’s okay. He asks how Molly seems to her, and she says he sees her more. What does he think? He says, to be honest, she seems a little shaky. She’s usually strong and steady, but since he got back… Kristina says, from being kidnapped. Molly thought he’d ghosted her, and was heartbroken. Then to find out what really happened… She knows it’s hard for him to imagine. Molly is strong, but she was lost without him. He’s her rock, and she thought she’d lost him forever. He’s sorry Molly had to go through that, but Kristina says, it’s not his fault, which is good. They don’t have to hate him forever. He says it’s good he was kidnapped? and she says, understand the silver lining. He and Molly have their whole lives ahead. Put the past behind them, and move on. TJ says, agreed. There’s nothing he’d like to do more than look forward to the future with Molly.

Molly hopes Sam wasn’t too hard on Brando, but he says he can take it. He doesn’t want to be on Sam’s bad side. She says, definitely not, and he says, Sam is her big sister, and family is supposed to look out for each other. She says, it’s one thing the Davises are good at. He tells her, no reason to worry. He’s not going to say anything. She says, one more thing she wanted to be clear about. She made her own choices that night. Everything she did, she wanted to do. He didn’t take advantage of her, but it can never happen again. He says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Nothing happened between them. She thanks him, and says, for what it’s worth, she’s sorry. He says, nice knowing her.

Sasha tells Carly, before she says anything… Carly says she spoke to her son. He blames himself for what happened, but she wants Sasha to know she blames her.

Michael slows down, and stops. Nelle appears, and says, bad day? Does he want to talk about it?

Chase looks at a picture of him and Willow. He says, find her and fix this. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Willow, and he says, it feels weird having her knock. She says, it feels weird to knock. She won’t stay long. She’s just picking up her stuff. She starts to go into the bedroom, and he says, Willow…?

Tomorrow, Sonny has something to tell everyone, Julian tells Brook to stay out of his bar, Michael says he’ll never trust Nelle, and Carly asks why Sasha cheated on her son.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Tonight’s show began with PK making extremely important decisions from his hot tub. Apparently, there are his and hers hot tubs at their house. Mauricio and the kids welcomed Kyle home from NYC. She didn’t exactly relax, immediately getting ready to have sixteen people for dinner. Erika rehearsed for Chicago, and said her mother’s critical voice in her head always interfered with her psyche. In the picture they showed of Erika with her mother, her mother looked stern and unyielding, like a retired nun, or a Nazi. According to Erika, she acted like one too, but Erika said at least she was honest.

Teddi disagreed with LisaR on whether Amelia should come home from NYC, but didn’t want to call LisaR’s parenting skills into question. In Teddi’s interview, she said she’d wanted to come home from L.A. when she was younger, and her parents told her to say there. I understood this, since there was a moment I’d wanted to leave NYC, and go back home, and my father suggested I stay put. We got a glimpse inside the gift bags Sutton passed out last week, and it included a clutch worth almost $2K. How do I get on the next gift bag list? Sutton told Teddi that she’d be coming to Teddi’s retreat, and hoped Teddi gave a sh*t. Sutton thought Teddi’s I-don’t-care-if-you-come-or-not invite wasn’t the right approach with girlfriends, and in LisaR’s interview, she said it was fun to rile Teddi up; it didn’t take much.

Denise was still recovering from her hernia operation, and said she was used to sucking it up; it’s how she was raised. The morally corrupt Faye Resnick was at Kyle’s party, and Garcelle arrived wearing the most amazing tulle high/low ballet skirt. When dinner was served, I started wondering why there always has to be a foam of some kind. I don’t want any food foam on my plater. Every time I hear it, it makes my stomach turn a little. Kyle thanked her husband for doing a stellar job holding down the fort. LisaR got the bright idea to play a game by telling the person to their left what their first impression was of them. It was a mutual admiration society until they got to Sutton, who said she thought Teddi would be boring, and she was pregnant, God help us. But then she found that Teddi had more depth than she’d thought. She added she thought it was strange for Teddi to tell everyone she didn’t care if they came to her retreat, and this was the final straw for Teddi, who started crying, which prompted several of the women to gather around and hug her. The guys all looked at their plates, and Edwin said all she heard was boring. Mauricio said she was going to magnify the word all night, and it would be like a Pacman. Sutton said she was sorry to offend Teddi, and in LisaR’s interview, she said, what you see is what you get with Sutton.

Kyle asked Aaron about what he did, which prompted a long and rambling speech about the splitting of atoms being able to cause a nuclear reaction, when we couldn’t cure cancer. At first, I thought he must have gotten stoned with Mauricio, but I deciphered he had something to do with alternative medicine, and was against Big Pharma. Denise said people were following them, who didn’t want Aaron publishing his results, and in her interview, Garcelle said it started off awkward, and went to bizarre, and then more bizarre. Denise finally told Aaron to quit talking about it, and everyone guessed the sex of Teddi’s baby. The general consensus was a boy, but we saw a clip of the reveal party where the confetti was pink. Teddi told them they were wrong; it was going to be a girl. Denise apologized, and she and Aaron left, and Kyle announced it was time for Fireball.

Sutton told Kyle, she thought Teddi was pissed at her, but Kyle said if Sutton was being honest, then she was cool. In Kyle’s interview, she said she sensed Sutton felt intimidated by all the women. I got the feeling Sutton wasn’t used to there being zero etiquette at a party. We saw clips of Kyle rocking it out afterward, and Mauricio filming her doing the splits. The next day, Sutton got together with Kyle, and said she’d felt picked on. Kyle said she’d wanted everyone to get to know one another, but it went awry. At lunch, Erika asked how Teddi really felt about Sutton coming to her retreat, and Teddi said she didn’t want Sutton there. For being the only one not holding a diamond, Sutton sure gets a lot of screen time. And from the preview, apparently Sutton goes to the retreat, and LisaR picks on Kyle at dinner.

Aaron had the best quote: if you live up here for a while, you want to drink tequila.

🥄 Garcelle’s Digging In…

And Kyle’s not having it.


👶🏽 It’s an Elijah…

GG gives birth to her baby boy.  🎉 Congratulations!



🎶 Singing My Tune…

Rather than being the great equalizer celebrities have touted, it’s more like the pandemic widened the divide. While I begrudge no one a lavish lifestyle, I’m tired of celebrities having undue influence. Just stick to entertaining, dammit.



🏆 Couple Of the Year…

I love Deadpool.


🌱 Soon…

As we get close to another (what’s a) weekend, it looks like restrictions are starting to be lifted. I hope you kept your job, or at least your sanity, and have used the time to hone a useful skill, like calligraphy, or solo beer pong. Stay safe, stay smart, and stay ready for not having to stay.