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August 16, 2017 – Jared is Foiled Again, Round One of NYC’s Reunion & a Little Bit of Chefs in My Life


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Griff calls Ava a miracle worker. He says the bee sting feels better already. Ava lingers over putting it on him, and I have to laugh.

Kristina approaches Parker at the concert, and asks if she’d like company. Parker says sure, and Kristina sits with her.

Jared meets Obrecht, who thought their business was concluded. He wants to chat about the plan she concocted. He says his money never showed up. Hayden screwed him over – again. Good. Go away.

Curtis finds Finn at Hayden’s office. He wants to stop Finn from chasing her, and says he has to give her time. Finn asks why, and Curtis says she could be anywhere. She’s gone until she decides to come back. He says be glad Monica didn’t press charges, and Finn says maybe she should have.

Elizabeth calls Hayden’s mother looking for her, saying that she and Finn had a lover’s spat. Like Hayden would be going to her mother. Elizabeth literally runs into Franco outside of Kelly’s. They kiss.

Ava apologizes for embarrassing Griff, and he says no need for apologies. She says that’s the first time anyone has ever said that to her. He tells her the remedy worked like a charm. She hopes it will give her less time in purgatory, and asks him what it’s like being perfect. He says he doesn’t consider himself perfect. She says pride is a sin, but false modesty should be too. (It kind of is, according to Paul in Romans.) She calls him beautiful, and asks how he’s not led into temptation. He asks her who says he’s not tempted?

Kristina tells Parker that she loves her mother, but she’s an adult. She wants to know the real reason Parker is there. Tenure isn’t good enough? Parker tells Kristina that if it works out, she might get a senior position. She says she didn’t think Kristina would be there, but would be out seeing the world and forging her own path. Kristina says she’s doing that in Port Charles, and going to business school. Parker says she always knew Kristina would be successful, but needed to find her passion.

Obrecht tells Jared that even if Hayden put the money back, it’s still a felony. Jared says something went wrong; she got cold feet, or got caught, or kept it for herself. She owes him for all the years he spent in prison, and he’s going to collect.

Franco tells Elizabeth that he’s under cover. He’s on a secret mission for brownies, but don’t tell anyone, because it’s a surprise for her. He asks her to tell him how much she missed him. She says she’s incapable of banter because she’s so happy, and they kiss some more. She asks him about New York. He says he’ll have to sell paintings for the settlement, but the rest were returned. I have no clue what he’s talking about, and feel very much out of the loop here. Obviously, I didn’t pay attention to something. Elizabeth says that everyone can move on now, but Franco says they’ll talk about it later. She says she has to get to work, but he doesn’t want to let her go. He says she’s dangerous to the patients because she’s a contagion. He can tell something is up, and asks her what’s wrong.

Curtis asks Finn if he wants Hayden convicted, and Finn says he wants her found. He appreciates what Curtis is trying to do, but he doesn’t need a sponsor. He’s not coming unglued. Curtis is like, okay, and says maybe he’s not as together as he thinks. Finn goes over the last time he saw Hayden, and when he heard her using her old name on the phone. Curtis says it’s rough when you find out what people are capable of – it shakes your foundation. Finn says instead of coming to him, she thought stealing was a better solution. She got defensive and walked out, and he had no idea that was the last time he’d see her. Curtis says he’s not going to want to hear this, but needs to admit to something he’s afraid of –he’s still in love with her. Well, of course, it’s not like it’s been years. More like a few hours.

Griff tells Ava that he’s hardly a saint. Ava says they don’t start that way, and asks if one of them didn’t say, give me chastity, but not yet. He tells her that Saint Augustine sort of said that. He tells her that he has given into temptation, and she mentions Claudette. He says he nearly walked away from the priesthood to raise a family. For a long while, he’d hoped something wonderful would come from his fall from grace. He could have been Charlotte’s father. Ava thanks him for letting her see this side of him.

Kristina asks if Parker’s wife came along, but she didn’t want to leave her patients. She asks if Parker’s wife (who apparently doesn’t have a name) will be joining her later. Parker wants to keep things less personal because, boundaries. She asks about business school, and where Kristina wants to go with it. Kristina says that Parker left her a note and she had to track her down. Parker says sorry. Kristina feels entitled to know how it worked out. Parker says they gave it their all, but her marriage is over.

Elizabeth tells Franco about Hayden being MIA before her wedding. He’s shocked that after all she and Finn went through, she pulled a vanishing act. He suggests consoling Elizabeth, but she says she has to get back to work. He complains that she’s picking sick strangers over him, and she says she’ll make it worthwhile later. Obrecht walks in, and says it warms the heart to see him. Elizabeth says it’s not like she has one. Oh, snap!

Finn tells Curtis that he just wants to make sure Hayden is okay. Curtis asks if he can get past the mistake she made. Finn says he’s as much to blame as she is. When he was detoxing, he told her that she couldn’t be trusted. He wanted her to hurt inside the way he did, and it left a scar. Why would she have faith in him? Curtis says Hayden knew it was the detox talking, and stayed by him. Finn insists that in her mind, he couldn’t return the loyalty. Curtis says that the only thing worse than blaming her, is blaming himself. Idiot Jared walks in, and Finn slams him up against the wall, asking where Hayden is.

Griff tells Ava that there’s no sin in wanting to love and be loved, and feeling the touch of another human. She says it’s getting a little esoteric. She’s getting tired, and still trying to get her stamina back. He reserves the right to lecture her again, or at least go on another outing where there aren’t any bees. He thanks her for coming out with him, and she thanks him, saying that she enjoyed it. He leaves, and she bangs her head against the door. She pours a martini and downs it.

Kristina says that Parker told her she was recommitting to the marriage. Parker says that was the plan. She didn’t mean to take advantage, and Kristina says she didn’t. Kristina tells her that she was never more clear about anything in her life.

Franco suggests Elizabeth and Obrecht remain in neutral corners. Elizabeth leaves for the hospital. Obrecht says she never thought of Franco as the sentimental type, and he says he never thought she’d play three-card monte with urine samples. She asks if she can buy him a donut, so they can discuss what else Elizabeth said about her. Franco wonders why she thinks they’d be talking about her, and she says there isn’t a more scintillating subject. He tells her that Elizabeth is worried about her sister. Obrecht says she’d be worried too, if someone she cared about was hauled off to jail. Franco asks what makes her think that Hayden is in jail?

Jared says he’ll have Finn arrested for assault, and Finn says he’ll have Jared up on blackmail charges. Jared says Hayden owes him; it’s not his fault she lied about her past. Finn says he threatened to expose her, and Jared says he did him a favor, and calls Hayden a bitch. Finn goes after him again, but Curtis stops him, saying he needs his hands for doctoring. Curtis lays Jared out with a punch.

Parker tells Kristina that she and her wife became perfect strangers. Through it all she discovered something about herself, especially when she was with Kristina. Through all the crossed lines and mistakes that she made, she still felt brave for following her heart. Kristina suggests she’s like Anna Karenina, but without the kid or train. Parker says she doesn’t intend to get in Kristina’s way. She hurt her once, and doesn’t want to see her unhappy again. She starts to go, but Kristina stops her.

Obrecht is surprised that Hayden hasn’t been arrested. Franco says that they don’t arrest you for being a runaway bride. She says Finn must be heartbroken. She asks again if Hayden isn’t in jail, and Franco wonders why she keeps asking. She says he just came home from an excursion to a filthy city with a dying Broadway empire (my note: that’s because it’s so freaking expensive); he doesn’t need the stress. Franco questions whether she knows anything about what’s going on, and she says whatever happens to them, they more than deserve it.

Curtis sits Jared down. He tells Jared that Hayden is his friend. He blackmailed her, and caused her to leave town. Now he needs to make it right, and tell him where to find her. Jared says he doesn’t know. Finn tells Curtis how proud Jared is of his tennis skills, and Curtis says it would be a shame if his arm was messed up. Jared tells them that she promised to pay him for taking the fall, and he gave her a divorce. Where is his settlement? He says that she ran out on both of them, but she’s Raymond Berlin’s daughter, and learned to lie and cheat at her daddy’s knee.

Parker says Kristina has grown up a lot, and Kristina says losing a brother will do that. Parker heard about Morgan on the news, and says how sorry she is. Kristina tells her that losing people you love teaches you something about yourself. Parker asks what she’s learned, and Kristina says not to waste time, and not to get caught up in what doesn’t matter, but focus on the things that do. She tells Parker that she’s glad to see her, and Parker says her too.

Ava keeps drinking. She looks in the mirror, and sees herself whole. Griff is there, and tells her that miracles do happen. She asks what she did to deserve this, and he says that grace is not being loved for what you’ve done, but for who you are. He touches her face, and she says that she’s not a freak anymore. He tells her that she’s beautiful, and always was. He kisses her. Her glass drops out of her hand. She’s back in her chair, and gets up to check the mirror. Nope. Still the same.

Ava’s phone rings. It’s Valentin. She says she still has his card. She tells him that she remembers what he said. There’s just one problem – she doesn’t believe in miracles. She hangs up and rips up the card.

Franco brings brownies to Elizabeth at the hospital. He thinks she should blow off the rest of her shift. She takes one, and tells him to take them home to the boys, and she’ll be there as soon as she can. He tells her that maybe she should check the jail for Hayden.

Realizing he’s of no use, Curtis pushes Jared out the door.  He tells Finn that Jared doesn’t know where Hayden is. Finn asks if he’s just supposed to let her disappear with their baby.

Parker wants to start preparing for her classes, and Kristina needs to hit the books. She thanks Parker for sharing, and Parker thanks her for the company, telling her that she can sit in on her class any time.

Ava smells the lavender bottle. She takes it along with her bag into the other room.

Finn says that Rachel vanished and resurfaced as Hayden, but Jared still tracked her down. Curtis suggests she might have learned from her mistakes. Finn says it would take someone pretty savvy to track her down; someone who knows how her mind works.   Could that someone be Curtis?

Franco tells Elizabeth that Obrecht seemed surprised that Hayden hadn’t been arrested, and thinks there’s more to the story. Elizabeth says a lot more. Franco asks why Obrecht would be convinced that Hayden was in jail. Elizabeth says there’s only one reason she can think of – she was in on it. Obrecht approaches them.

Tomorrow, Mac toasts to a new member of the family, Maxie recruits Spinelli, and Nathan and Amy discuss the future of Man Landers.

The Real Housewives of New York City – Reunion Part One

Ohh, nice set. It’s the oldest synagogue in NYC. Ooh, the dresses! My favorite is Tinsley’s, which is a cross between a fairy princess and an 80s prom. Andy is astounded about Carole training for the marathon, since she’s known to be averse to exercise. She said she realized she had to get more fit, but needed a goal. She says it’s strange because she loves it. We find out that Tinsley and Scott are still seeing each other. Sonja has found a three-bedroom that she loves, but hasn’t put her townhouse on the market yet. Andy grills Ramona on her love life. She’s dating someone, but not the guy she met on Love Connection. BTW, this was filmed before Luann’s divorce announcement. I honestly think she waited because she didn’t want it brought up at the reunion. I don’t blame her.

Ramona is up first, and we flash back to how selfish she is. And her birthday party. Andy asks how it was watching the show, and she says that she had a bad year. She didn’t see it the way the ladies did at the time, but when she watched it, she wondered who she was. As she talks, she plays with her hair like she’s fourteen. We all agree that she gives 60 a whole new look, and she talks about the work she has done, saying that she never puts her face in the sun. I’ve been a huge advocate of sunscreen since I was in my twenties, and it makes a major difference. I live in a beach town, and there are people in their thirties who look older than I do.

A viewer wants to know why Ramona made light of trashing Dorinda’s home. She apologizes, but thinks Dorinda looks at it differently. Dorinda says she doesn’t; that’s how it was. Ramona vandalized her house. Ramona admits to being drunk, saying she knew she pulled the lights down (it was apparently something used in production), but didn’t notice that she’d messed up the wall. Dorinda says that Ramona tries to get around what she does wrong, and should just say sorry and ask how she can make it better. Ramona says it’s hard for her, and Carole says that she doesn’t see herself as a bad houseguest. Bethenny tells a story about how Ramona didn’t even acknowledge her staff in the elevator when she’s known them for years. She says that even when she and Luann were in a war, Luann was always pleasant to them. Ramona insists she goes into a zone, and didn’t notice them. Bethenny suggests she go live in a commune in a padded room. Ramona asks why they didn’t say hello to her, and Bethenny says maybe they were intimidated. She calls Ramona a horror show, and Ramona says she is what she is. Bethenny tells her to enjoy that. The way Ramona treated the staff in Mexico is discussed. They also talk about Jill Zaren’s assessment, and Ramona says that Jill doesn’t know her. A viewer asks if Bethenny is interested in reopening a friendship with Jill, and she wonders how many years have to go by before Andy stops asking. Another viewer suggests that Ramona is in the second stage of grief – anger. Ramona says disappointed is more like it. She thought she could control the outcome with her marriage, and it didn’t happen. Bethenny thinks scared people lash out.

Ramona’s party is covered. Andy asks if her wishes came true, and she says that she’s in better place. She’s more settled, and Avery graduated from college with high marks. Bethenny asks if marriage is in the cards, and Ramona says she’d like a partner in life. When asked if it’s the guy she’s dating now, she just smiles, and eventually says she’s in heavy like. Bethenny points out that she’s the only one not in a relationship.

Sonja learned the hard way that when Dorinda comes for you, she doesn’t make it nice. We see clips of Sonja badmouthing Dorinda, and Dorinda saying she has a mole giving her information. We see Dorinda confronting Sonja at dinner. Then at another dinner Clip! Andy thanks her for that, and Dorinda says someone said it to her at Citibank the other day. She explains that she couldn’t stop the verbal waterboarding, and it just came out. They start to talk about Sonja’s love life, but Dorinda is annoyed about Sonja calling her a fraud. Dorinda says she never talks to the press, and she didn’t want to start the season with a bunch of baloney. Sonja defends herself, but Dorinda says she read this stuff for months. Sonja says that by the time she saw Dorinda, she was over it, and had moved on (oh, okay), but still insists that she doesn’t talk to the press. Andy asks about Dorinda’s mole friends, but she’s not talking. Sonja’s sobriety is called into question. She insists she didn’t drink for ten months, but Andy thinks her math is off. A viewer asks about her wearing Dorinda’s PJs, and she says she felt terrible when she found out they were a gift from Dorinda’s late husband. Carole says she didn’t even apologize. Dorinda wants to move forward, and Sonja keeps saying sorry. Dorinda says don’t touch other people’s stuff, and when you do, clean it and return it nicely. Andy is loving this like the antichrist he is.

Congrats all around to Luann. She loves being married, having a partner in crime, and loves Tom. Andy asks about giving up her title, and she says she likes the Mrs. title she has now. Andy talks about how no roadblock was stopping them, even an intervention. We see clips from the whole sad story, including Missy saying she walked in on them, and that’s why she’s not seeing Tom anymore. Luann says she’s a hopeless romantic (and I desperately want to say, no, you’re just hopeless), and being with Tom was like finding home. Yeah, the home for wayward husbands. The final clip in the reel is Tom acting like he hardly knows Missy, as he introduces them. Andy asks why the wedding was so big and so white for a second wedding, plus a shower and a bachelorette party. Luann says she didn’t get that the first time around, and it was also Tom’s 50th birthday. She wanted it big and beautiful. Andy asks if Sonja still clinging to the illusion that she was invited. Luann says she did send a save-the-date card to Sonja, and Bethenny says now they have a smoking gun. Luann explains that Sonja had been talking badly about them to the press she doesn’t talk to. We see the clip of Luann’s friend, Barbara, saying that Luann was only going through with it to save face. Carole says it was out of genuine concern, and Ramona seconds that. Luann says she gets it. Andy asks what up with Ramona bugging Luann about the bridal shower. We flash back to the last reunion, where Bethenny thought Ramona knew something. Ramona says Luann is happy now, but Tom kissed the same girl from the Regency again. Bethenny says she’s heard he was annoyed that Luann was thirsty for press. Andy asks what Ramona knew.

Ramona asks if it’s important, and Luann says no, because there was nothing there. Bethenny says she’d heard that he had gone to the woman’s hotel room in Philly, and told her that he and Luann had an open relationship, but nothing happened. Ramona agrees that’s’ what happened – nothing happened. Andy stirs the pot, asking if anyone else has heard anything. Bethenny says whatever the situation is, Luann isn’t an idiot. She thinks the group is being respectful now that they’re married. They all hear things, and Luann said she didn’t want to know. Luann says not true, but roll the tape.

Luann says that Ramona kept calling Tom’s exes, trying to find out dirt about Tom. Bethenny says that her delivery is bad, but the content is true. He seems like the kind of person who goes into a bar with one person, and leaves with another. We flash back to his dog-with-a-collar comment about his wedding ring. Luann makes like it’s just his sense of humor being off. Andy asks if it’s alarming that they’ve all heard things. Bethenny says that they only care about her happiness Andy asks if Luann has an open relationship, and she tells him that she wouldn’t be married if she wanted that. Like she would say yes even if it was. He asks what she’d do if Tom cheated, and she says leave. Mic drop, and silence all around. Even I start to get uncomfortable. Dorinda says she’d kill him. Well, that settles that. Andy brings up Luann’s relationship with Count Alex, and she says they were separated and she didn’t want anyone to know.

We see the final Missy clip, where Tom takes his mic off. Luann says she hadn’t seen it until now, so she has to interrogate talk to him about it. Andy says it comes on the heels of Tom being flirty with Missy. Bethenny thinks maybe he flirts to get attention, but that there’s no ulterior motive for him marrying her. What would it be? Putting his life up for public scrutiny? She tells Luann that she puts her Countess shield up, and that if she had seen her partner saying that stuff, she’d be crying in the bathroom. Luann asks why Bethenny thinks she spent the night at a hotel last night.

Poking Luann with his pitchfork, Andy asks how she feels watching it. She sees it as Tom trying to be funny, and needs to smack him silly talk to him about how he’s making her feel. A viewer asks if other friends or family came to her with concerns, and Luann says the family situation has been tough, especially with her son, Noel. It was hard for him to accept Tom in the beginning, and he’s protective, but stands by her relationship. She says no one would have anything to gain from stepping out with Tom, and these girls he’s making out with meeting for lunch are just his friends. She has to accept him for who he is; she can’t change him. He’s a grown man who’s lived a certain way. She points out that she’s friends with Jacques, but Bethenny says she doesn’t make out with him. Luann says the only reason he sees Missy is that Ramona brings her to parties. Ramona says that’s not true.

Next time, Ramona says Tom is sleeping around. Sonja claims Tinsley’s party for her was just for show, Ramona talks about her divorce, and Tinsley’s drinking is brought up.

🍜 On MasterChef, the contestants split into two teams, with Dino in charge of the red team, and Daniel in charge of the blue team. The challenge was to cook dinner for VIPs at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Ribeye steak was the focus. I had to feed the dogs, and when I left the room, it looked like Dino’s team was tanking. They’d cut up the ribeye in a way that Gordon was not pleased with. But when I came back, they were picking two cooks from Daniel’s team to be on the chopping block. Newton and Yachecia got the pressure test – champagne poached oysters, which Christina called “Las Vegas on a plate.” I don’t know about that, but these things looked phenomenal. A little tower of delicious with a foundation of capellini, and a caviar top. They also had to make the capellini from scratch. Yechecia’s caviar fell off, but Newton struggled with the top of the jar, costing him precious time and leaving out two ingredients. I gotta say, Yachecia’s dish did not look pretty (which would not stop me from enjoying it, I’m sure), but her oysters were declared perfect. And then they did the thing I hate the most, we have to wait until next week to find out who goes home. Thanks. Next time, crawfish skills are put to the test, and a previous winner is a guest.

🍍 Tonight was The f Word finale, and I hope you caught the show. I never did catch up, but still hope to, while it’s still On Demand. It’s one of my favorite shows on BBC America, and I was thrilled that it’s been brought to the states. It’s the lighter side of Gordon, and it being aired live makes it even more fun.

🦀 It was prettier than this, but…


Champagne Poached Oysters


August 9, 2017 – Jared Text Stalks Hayden, Tinsley Has a Party & Some Gordon


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Jordan tells Nathan that she’ll let him know if she finds out anything about Julian’s trial. Maxie calls, saying she has another layover on her way back from Paris.

Kiki is excited about having been recruited for a medical emergency. Dr. Bench asks to speak with her.

Finn says they’re on their way tomorrow; no turning back. Idiot Jared sends his clock GIF to Hayden again. Finn says there will be a short guest list, and asks if she has any second thoughts. He says she seems distracted, and asks if she’s okay.

In the park, Stella asks Curtis to get a BLT from Kelly’s for her. What the blip is in those sandwiches that everyone loves them so much? He asks if she’ll be okay by herself. She says she’ll have her cell phone, and he tells her not to get in any trouble. After he leaves, she hears something, and looks through the bushes. She’s like OMG. Valerie comes jogging past.

The doctor tells Kiki she went way beyond her responsibilities and took liberties. She says she’s sorry if she did anything wrong, but he says he was impressed and her efforts didn’t go unnoticed. He asks if she’s considered going to medical school.

Stella wonders aloud what’s going on in the world. Valerie asks if she’s okay. She wants to call the police, and Valerie says she’s an off-duty officer. Max and Felicia come out putting on their clothes, and Stella tells Valerie that they were having relations.

Maxie has to leave in two hours. Nathan asks if she can leave tomorrow, but she wants to get back for Georgie’s camp presentation. She appreciates his understanding. He tells her that if she has any concerns, she can talk to him. She suggests a romantic picnic lunch in the park. She says he can finish what he started to say the last time they saw each other.

Stella tells Mac and Felicia that it’s not the place to act like farm animals, and if she wanted to see porno she’d have expanded her cable. Felicia says Valerie knows them; they’ve been married a long time, and were just spicing things up. Valerie says that Stella has a point, and she could arrest them. Mac is like no harm no foul, but Stella insists that Valerie write them up. She says no one is above the law. Felicia says their son-in-law is Detective Nathan West, and he can straighten things out.

Nathan tells Maxie that he doesn’t remember what he was going to say. His phone rings. It’s police business, and he has to see what it is. Maxie says she’ll come along. She doesn’t have that much time, and doesn’t want to let him out of her sight.

Hayden tells Finn that so much still has to be done. The license was easy, but pulling everything together in 24-hours isn’t easy. Finn tells her the Quartermaines have something they don’t – staff. Curtis joins them, and asks when it’s going down, Hayden tells him that it’s tomorrow, and he says his invite must have gotten lost in the mail. Hayden tells him that he’s the first guest they’re inviting, and he’d better be there, and wear a tie. Hayden’s phone rings, and she says she has to attend to some details; some things have to be kept secret from the groom. She jets. Her phone keeps ringing as she’s walking. Jared texts that he won’t be ignored. I guess when he says a week, he means five minutes.

Nathan thinks it was a couple of teens in the bushes, but Valerie says not exactly. Valerie tells him that Stella wants to charge them with indecent exposure, and technically, she’s correct. Maxie enters the picture, bearing to-go drinks, and asks if Mac and Felicia got mugged. Stella says it’s public indecency. Maxie says those are her parents, and Stella asks what they’re teaching their daughter. Felicia says Maxie turned out just fine, and Stella adds despite her freaky parents. Nathan tells Stella they can take it from here, and she reluctantly leaves. Nathan asks if it’s their first offense, and tells Valerie they need to know when justice is blind or needs to squint. Valerie says that she’s off duty anyway, and doesn’t really want to do paperwork. She tells Felicia and Mac to consider it a warning. Felicia is embarrassed, and says she’ll make it up to Nathan and Maxie, but Maxie says forget about it. She just has one question – wth?

Dr. Bench tells Kiki that she should apply to the fast track program. Kiki asks why, since he doesn’t know her. He says that he saw her in action. She was focused, cool-headed, and took care of business. He’s heard nothing but good things about her, and is firm believer in talent. They need people like her. Jordan comes out of the elevator, and asks to talk to him. He tells Kiki to think about it.

Finn tells Curtis that he doesn’t really have any friends in town since Tracy is gone, but Curtis stepped up and was there when he was recovering. Curtis asks if Finn is asking him to be best man. Finn says that he can’t think of anyone he’d like better, and Curtis says he’d be honored.

In the park, Jared comes up behind Hayden, scaring her. She asks why he’s stalking her with texts, and he asks where the wire transfer is. She tells him that there’s a problem, and he says she has a problem.

Kiki calls Dillon. She has news, but will tell him when she sees him.

Maxie tells Mac that when she was in high school, he wouldn’t even let her wear low rise jeans, and now he’s getting busy in a public park. Mac says they’re healthy, breathing, living adults. Felicia says they’re also empty nesters, trying to redefine their relationship. Maxie asks why they don’t just go on a river cruise like normal parents. Mac says he got professional advice. Maxie thinks he means a marriage counselor, but he says it was from Man Landers. Maxie asks if he suggested al fresco sex, and he says Man Landers kicked his marriage into high gear.

At the hospital, Finn approaches Elizabeth, and asks if she’s talked to Hayden. She hasn’t, so Finn tells her about the engagement. She congratulates him, and he says the wedding is tomorrow. She wonders why so soon, and thinks it’s because of the baby. Finn asks if she can be there. He knows Hayden would want that; she’s family. Elizabeth says that she wouldn’t miss it.

Jared asks Hayden if this is some kind of ploy, and does he have to tell her what the consequences will be – saying bye-bye to Finn, Finn’s sobriety, and her new life with the baby. She tells him that GH is a non-profit, and the books are closely monitored. To get money, she has to do it in a way that doesn’t arouse suspicion. She’s set up a dummy company that she’ll buy products from. In the end, she’ll look like a dupe who got suckered. She may get fired, but she’ll have her life back. She gives him the company information and a card to access the account. She tells him it will be there tomorrow. Curtis sees them.

Maxie wonders how Mac could fall for that overrated hack. Nathan is like, hey, and she says he turned down her magazine and isn’t an expert in anything since he has no degrees. Nathan says that there’s something to be said for street smarts. Maxie tells him Man Landers almost got her parents arrested, but he says it’s not fair to blame it all on blog. She asks why he’s defending Man Landers.

Kiki tells Dillon about what Dr. Bench said. She says a year ago, she wasn’t even thinking of working there, so medical school is a leap. Dillon says that Dr. Jerome has a ring to it. Kiki is like, no, and he tells her to say it out loud. She says that she appreciates the support, but what if she doesn’t have what it takes?

Jordan asks Dr. Bench about an altercation on the second floor, and he wonders if he should be alarmed. She thinks it was probably a ruse to get Jason into a patient’s room. Dr. Bench says oh, the G-man, Garvey Sullivan, shocking me that the Garvster has a last name. The doctor says he feels like he’s in a 40s gangster flick. Jordan talks about James Cagney, saying she grew up on his movies, and Dr. Bench asks if that’s why she became a cop. He tells her that they’re showing The Roaring 20s, and asks if she’d like to join him

Stella sees Valerie at Kelly’s. She says needs to catch her breath, and Valerie tells her to sit down. She asks her not to judge Port Charles by the unusual scene in the park, but it was a little entertaining. Stella says she’s looking for her nephew. They were supposed to meet at the park, but he was going to get sandwiches, and she must have missed him. Valerie suggests texting him. Stella finds out Valerie is single. She’s shocked and asks why she wants to be alone. Valerie says it is what it is right now, and Stella tells her that maybe there’s something they can do about that.

Curtis thought Hayden was out planning the big day. She acts like she just ran into Jared, and introduces him as someone from college. Curtis asks if he’s there for the big day tomorrow, and Jared is like, tomorrow? Hayden says that she didn’t have time to tell him, and understands if he can’t make it. He says he wouldn’t miss it. After he’s gone, Curtis asks what’s going on? He asks if the text she got was from Jared, and says that she was acting funny just now. Hayden says that she was just surprised to see him.  Curtis says she can tell him anything, and asks if she’s in trouble.

Curtis asks if he looks like a fool. The last time she was that sketchy, she was hiding her father’s diamonds. She says that her past is haunting her, and Curtis asks if Jared is blackmailing her. He tells her that he can do something about that, but she says she can’t risk it. Jared had nothing to lose, and the power to blow up her life. She made a huge mistake a long time ago, and doesn’t want it to destroy her future. Curtis asks what’s going to stop him from being greedy, but Hayden says that’s the risk she has to take. He says he’s not one to judge, but knows about regretting the past. The best thing he did was own his mistakes, so he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder all the time, waiting to be exposed. She needs to listen to him and not be a victim. He tells her to talk to Finn; take Jared’s leverage away before she’s in too deep.

Valerie wonders if Stella is about to set her up. Stella says she’s in town visiting her nephew, and thinks they’d hit it off – as friends; you can’t have too many friends. Valerie says she’s not into blind dates, especially being set up by someone she doesn’t know. Stella questions her trusting a dating app, and says she was just suggesting coffee with the three of them. If Valerie doesn’t like it, she can always arrest her. She has nothing to lose. Valerie says maybe she’s right.

Maxie says she knows what’s going on – Nathan is a fan and reads the blog. He admits that he reads it sometimes, and blames Mac for raising a super sleuth daughter. Mac asks Maxie not to be mad, and he and Felicia leave. Maxie is like, omg, and Nathan says he thinks they learned their lesson. Maxie says she’s more upset that this is how she spent her layover. Nathan misses her, and she says that not seeing him is hard, but knowing she might not see him for a while is harder. She asks him to come to Portland – for good. She knows he has reasons to stay, but it’s good for her there. The only thing missing is him. She wants them to leave on a good note, but wants him to think about it. He wanders off and she sits down to make a phone call. She says she has a great story, and what do they think about unmasking Man Landers’s identity?

Kiki tells Dillon that it’s not realistic. Med students are always studying and get straight A’s; she doesn’t think she’s up for it. Dillon tells her believe in herself. He believes that she can do whatever she puts her mind to, but he’ll support whatever decision she makes. They kiss, and he says the one question she has to ask herself is if she wants to be a doctor.

Jordan tells Dr. Bench that she doesn’t think dating a witness is good idea. He says that he saw nothing, and isn’t a very good witness. She tells him that she just got out of a relationship, and isn’t looking right now. He says he’s just asking for a movie and a drink. She thanks him, but says no, not there yet. He tells her that you’re not ready until you’re ready. Another Port Charles philosopher.

Stella gives Valerie her number, and says she’ll set thing up for tomorrow. They introduce themselves, and Stella says they’ll get the dating apps off her phone yet. Stella finds Curtis outside Kelly’s. He says he almost called the hospital, and she tells him that she thought she could catch him before he left. He asks how she enjoyed her day. She says it was unnerving, but mostly wonderful, and more productive than he thinks.

Hayden comes to the hospital. Finn says that he told Elizabeth the news. Hayden needs to talk to him, but his phone goes off with an ICU emergency. He says he’ll call her when he’s done. Elizabeth asks Hayden what’s wrong. Hayden says Elizabeth was right about her when she met her. She was someone who got out of paying consequences at all costs, but she’s changed. She’s not the same person, and asks if Elizabeth sees that. Elizabeth says that they all do, and wonders where this is coming from. Hayden says that she just wants the wedding to go off without hitch, and doesn’t want anyone or anything to ruin it. Elizabeth tells her that if she needs help, she’ll do whatever is needed. She wants to make sure nothing spoils Hayden’s big day. Hayden asks her to be maid of honor, and they hug.

On the phone, Jared leaves a message for Hayden not to think of screwing him over. He says that she knows what’s at stake if she does, and calls her Rachel. Finn meets Hayden, who tells him that she asked Elizabeth to be maid of honor. Finn tells her that he asked Curtis to be best man, and asks what she wanted to talk about. Elizabeth interrupts, saying that there’s been suspicious activity with the hospital account, and they need to speak with Hayden.

Tomorrow, Julian asks Scotty if he’s trying to harm his case, Ava goes out to lunch and gets pointed at, and Jared looks for Hayden at the hospital.

The Real Housewives of NYC

Bethenny visits Carole. Carole has become an official cat lady, and can’t open the windows because she doesn’t have screens. Bethenny says it’s like a cat sauna. Carole asks Bethenny about her new place. She tells Carole that her architect has never had as many problems with a building, and they won’t let him self-certify, which is a usual procedure. Carole says she had a great time in Mexico. Bethenny says she couldn’t have been happier – even if they’d taken acid, the trip couldn’t have been better. They talk about Tinsley’s new love, Scott. Carole thinks Ramona should move into Sonja’s. It’s haunted in a good way.

Tom and Luann play tennis. She says they’re still in their honeymoon phase, and it makes me feel weird knowing they’re already divorcing. She says they’re evenly matched at tennis, unlike how Ramona and Mario were. We flash back to Mario yelling at Ramona on the court. She says she taught Tom how to play, and now he’s beating her. She tells him about Tinsley’s party. She thinks everybody is happy for them now, and in her interview, says that she was on a mission to make it work, and she did. Now I feel really uncomfortable.

Ramona visits Sonja, who’s redecorated. She didn’t want to change anything until her daughter was stable, and now it’s sexier. Whatever that means. More pillows? She’s happy that Frenchie is back, since long distance relationships rarely work out. She tells Ramona that Tinsley moved out. We see a clip of Tinsley packing. Ramona wants to move in next, since both Tinsley and Luann found partners after living there. She’s glad everyone is on a good page, and they walked away in harmony from the Mexico trip. They talk about how she and Bethenny made up. She tells Sonja about Tinsley wanting to throw her a party. Sonja says that Tinsley wanted to start fresh, and she was screaming at her on the trip. Ramona says that was bad. In her interview, Sonja thinks it’s just a public statement. Ramona calls Tinsley self-absorbed. I look at the TV like… 😕

Bethenny is having lunch in her new place with a nice-looking hockey player who’s missing a front tooth. She says she’s been a serial monogamist, and isn’t used to dating. Hockey guy has some kind of bridge that he takes out to eat, but doesn’t want a permanent tooth, because hockey. Dorinda comes in, and is wowed by the apartment. She’s also impressed by hockey guy’s butt. Bethenny gives a tour, and tells them how it’s going to be renovated. She tells us that renovations are therapeutic. She could make money by flipping it, but wants to live there.

Tinsley calls about the party cake. She’s living in a hotel, because she wasn’t ready for a commitment to an apartment. She wants the NYC skyline around the tiers on the cake, and tells us that she wants the party to be special. There’s a knock at the door – it’s Carole. Geez, like Carole says, she landed nice. This hotel room is like a small apartment. Carole regifts her something from Dorinda. I think it’s a candle. She says now Tinsley and Sonja can be friends. Tinsley says in Mexico, they’d had enough of each other. She says that she’s expecting fifty people, and it was just a joke when she said it was an f-u party. Carole says it should be her happy-as-a-lark party.

John comes to Dorinda’s place. It’s their first dinner together in a while. Dorinda says now that Hannah has moved out, she can do the homemaker thing again. John has brought a replica of a Beyonce gown that Dorinda had admired. It looks like a wedding dress, and Dorinda says take it a step at a time. In her interview, she says if they ever got married, it would city hall and an Armenian diner afterward. Everyone thinks he’s moving in, but they both enjoy their separate time. She doesn’t get lonely; she calls it freedom. She says he’d softened Hannah up with his dry-cleaning abilities, and they’re in a better place.

Adam walks Carole’s dog with her. She says his moving out has made the relationship stronger. He says he never really moved in. She likes being in relationships, but it’s not a need. Living with someone is stressful for her, and she feels at her most authentic when she’s free. She’s trying to find a balance.

A glam squad comes to help Tinsley get ready for the party. Scott calls and asks if she’s excited, and she says she’ll be happy when it’s over. She says it makes her nervous to make a toast.

Sonja complains to Frenchie that it’s freezing. He has to go back to Burgundy to renovate his hotel. She’s going to be staying there for ten days prior to the renovation. She says the things she does for love – and a croissant. She’s feeling good about it, and will be meeting his parents, but she not letting go of Rocco, just in case. Sonja washed Frenchie’s business cards that were in his jeans, and he says they look more vintage. She says that the party is duplicitous, and she’s not interested in being a part of that.

Tinsley gets to the venue. The cake is amazing, black and white with the NYC skyline around each tier, and tchotchkes, like a small Statue of Liberty, on it. Tinsley gives the workers Thank You, Sonja T-shirts to wear, with XOXO, Tinsley on the back. Carole asks one of the waiters if he slept with Luann, but I’m not sure why. The view is incredible. Scott thanks Carole for introducing him to Tinsley. She says she fixed Tinsley up with her dentist first before she thought of him. Everyone starts to wonder if Sonja is coming. Dorinda says after hearing her badmouth TInsley so much, she wouldn’t be throwing a thank you party, but burning the house down.

Ramona drags a couple of friends along. She doesn’t know if Sonja is showing up, since she was in bed when Ramona called, and didn’t feel like getting ready. She thinks it’s an f-u party. Tinsley is starting to panic that Sonja isn’t going to show. Bethenny says that she has a bad attitude about the party, comparing it to Ramona’s new beginnings party. She wonders why they just can’t have a plain, old party. Ramona tries to call Sonja, but gets voicemail. She thinks it would be insulting for her not to show, and hopes Sonja does the right thing. Tinsley’s sister comes in, and they look and act almost like twins. Tom’s ex, Missy, is also in attendance.

The guest of honor finally arrives, with gay friend Tyler. I guess Frenchie left already. Ramona asks who told her about Tinsley saying it was and f-u party, and she says it was Carole. Tinsley gives Sonja a hug and kiss, and shows her the cake. In her interview, she says thank you is everywhere, but Sonja isn’t seeing it that way. Sonja complains about the Sonjatinis that Tinsley had created, claiming there’s house liquor in them. Tinsley is happy she’s there, but it’s awkward, and Sonja keeps knocking her. She wanted it to be something special. Harry is there, looking old. Sonja tells him Frenchie tossed her like a salad before he left. Ramona says Scott seems like a normal nice guy, and that’s what Tinsley needs.

Ramona tells Bethenny that she wishes she had a partner in life. Bethenny says she pretends everything is okay. In her interview, Bethenny says that she thinks Ramona not having anyone to take care of her is setting in, and she has compassion. Bethenny tells her that it will come. Ramona says she’s waiting for someone special.

Scott tells Tinsley she’s doing great. Sonja finds out her favorite vodka is in the cocktails, and I hope she feels really stupid. Missy asks Tom if he’s fine, and he says he gets choked up seeing her. Missy says ditto. He refers to the last time he saw her, which I believe is when she walked in on him and Luann while she was dating him. Some third party wants to hear his side of the story, and he removes his mic. Bad, bad Tom. Bethenny finds out that Frenchie’s last name is Vaudeville, and says it’s perfect for Sonja. Seriously. Bethenny thinks Tinsley has been passive aggressive with Sonja, and gets where she’s coming from. Sonja says that Tinsley plays damsel in distress, and likes to be the victim. In her interview, Bethenny says that she gives Sonja credit for not airing Tinsley’s dirty laundry. She thinks that Tinsley has to work her stuff out, and not drink vodka at 8 am. Luann’s son, Noel, shows up, and the ladies go crazy over him.

Tinsley says that she wants to give Sonja a present and a toast. Sonja says she doesn’t want a present or a toast, and I’m wishing someone would give her a swift kick already. Tinsley does it anyway. She says that Sonja reached out when she was at low point, and invited Tinsley into her home. She asks everyone to raise a glass to Sonja, and says she’s like a sister and a true friend. Sonja feels that the whole thing seemed fake up until now. She thinks that Tinsley does appreciate her, and wants to cry, since she came in “hot.” Tinsley gives Sonja a framed photo of the two of them. Luann laughs about the shot that Tinsley chose, since Tinsley is in the forefront, and the top of Sonja’s head is cut off. To make up for that, Tinsley also gives her a $5000 gift card for Bergdorf’s. All is forgiven.

It’s time to cut the cake, but Sonja just dives in, shoving some in her mouth. It’s the finale, and we’re told that Scott is moving to NYC to move in with Tinsley; Carole is training for he NYC marathon, despite her aversion to exercise; Bethenny – who says she got her smile and humor back – has taken the old apartment off the market, while waiting on the renovation of the new one; Dorinda – who just likes being Dorinda now – has allowed John to spend the night, but that’s it; Luann, well, we all know what happened; Ramona is cordial with Mario, and endured sharing their daughter’s graduation with him; Sonja went to France, and is still with Frenchie, but is also still keeping Rocco on the back burner.

Next time, part one of the reunion.

🍴 I missed some of MasterChef because I had to feed the dogs, but reigning champ, Shaun O’Neale, was a guest judge and also did some cooking. I didn’t see the first round of dishes, but Cate must have done well, since she was allowed to pick what kind of dish – sweet or savory – each cook would make with coconut. She basically tried to give each competitor what she thought they were weakest at. The cowboy dude (I forget his name) told Gordon he’d made a “deconstructed” something-or-other. Gordon said he was tired of the word deconstructed, and that it means covering up the mess. I agree. Like, who made that one up? Reba went home – her sweet dish was way too much sweet. Gordon praised her work ethic, and said they’d really miss her. She told everyone to keep their dreams alive, and that anything is possible, making everyone cry. She told us that she was going home to the best thing in the world – her family. I love a gracious exit. Next time, it’s the 50th anniversary of Caesar’s Palace, and even Gordon is nervous.

A Little Bit of Gordon in My Life




August 4, 2017 – Sam Wonders What’s Real, AMC Breaks Some Bad, Predictable Countess News & Quotes


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Ava tells Valentin that only two people in this world saw the good in her and could have loved her. She killed one, and he killed the other. Valentin tells her about how he hid from the world, but decided a life of hiding was no life at all. She says maybe she deserves it; she’s paying for what she did. She asks him to give her a good reason why he shouldn’t pay for what he did. He says he’s going to give her an offer she can’t refuse. Ava says if she heard those words from someone else, she’d dismiss them as empty, but she knows coming from him, it’s serious. He tells her that if she withdraws her statement, she can have her old life back, starting with her beautiful face.

Laura tells Spencer that they need to have a serious talk at home; this has to come to a stop. He’s worried that she’s referring to the lawsuit, but she tells him that she’s talking about his life in Port Charles. He suggests that they talk right there, and she says he can’t stay. Spencer says that he’ll go to public school, and promises to make up with Charlotte. He tells Laura that he’ll bring culture to his new place of education. Laura says that’s not what she’s talking about.

The Garvster tells Jason that he has to ask “her” about Sonny. Jason wonders who “her” is, but Garvey flatlines. Jason tries to get him to talk, but that’s not happening.

At the demolition site, Sonny tells Carly to go. She says if he wants her to live, he’ll get moving, and they start to walk, but Sonny isn’t exactly swift on his feet.

Sam dreams about all the times she saw Sonny in her head, culminating with her shooting him at the distillery. She wakes up, and Deanna asks if she had a bad dream, but Sam doesn’t know if it was a dream or not.

Sonny and Carly lie on the ground, surrounded by rubble. An announcement says that stage two of the demolition is coming. Carly tells Sonny to wake up.

Spencer tells Laura that his father’s spirit is all around Port Charles. Kelly’s is where Nikolas taught him to be brave and fight for what’s right, and he’s never going to stop fighting Valentin. Laura tells him that he’s going back to France.

Ava asks Valentin if he has a magic wand. He says no, but knows where she can get a cutting edge procedure. She says that she’s already been told nothing can be done, and she’ll look like this for the rest of her life. Valentin says he isn’t talking about traditional treatment, but the procedures that transformed him.

The doctors say they’re losing Big Garve.

The countdown for stage two of the demolition begins. Carly yells that someone is there, but no one hears her. She tries to get Sonny to stand, but he’s pinned down. As the countdown continues, he tells her to just leave. Dante runs up to the project manager, and tells him to stop. He has reason to believe someone is on site. Carly is moving debris off of Sonny. She asks if he can move, and for a guy who’s been shot and has been living in a filthy basement for 24-hours or more, he pulls himself up pretty well. Over the loudspeaker, the PM says they’re looking for someone on site. Carly kisses Sonny, because now is totally the time for that.

See you on the flipside, Garvey.

Carly tells Sonny to wait, and he says he’s not going anywhere. Dante runs up to them, and Carly tells him that Sonny is hurt. Dante lets Sonny know that Spencer is okay, and Sonny tells him about getting the text picture of Spencer in the basement.

Deanna tells Sam that some medications can cause nightmares, and she’ll see about getting Griff to prescribe something else. Jason walks in, and Deanna tells him that Sam’s vitals good. Sam says that sometimes she can’t think straight. She feels like she’s remembering things that happened that couldn’t have. Jason says that makes sense, considering, but she tells him that she’s confused, and asks how she can tell the difference between what she imagines and what happened? Jason tells her to just focus on getting better, but she feels like there’s something wrong. He says the kids are fine, and he’s fine. Sam asks about Sonny.

Laura says that when Spencer came back to Port Charles, Valentin was in custody, and they thought he was going to prison forever, but that didn’t work out. Spencer calls it a miscarriage of justice that must be righted. Laura says yes, but not by him. He falsely accused Valentin of kidnapping him, and snuck into Windemere when he was supposed to be at camp. Spencer begs her not to send him away, and asks if she doesn’t love him anymore.

Ava asks why Valentin would need a miracle – did Sonny leave him to burn in a warehouse fire too? Valentin explains about having scoliosis and a hunchback, along with a deformed face, saying he was the stuff of children’s nightmares. He was introduced to a group of geniuses, and when they were done, he had a life he never dreamed of. She asks why she should believe him. He tells her their methods aren’t proven, but sound, and he’s a living testimony. Ava points out that it’s just his say-so, and he asks to use her laptop. He logs into his old WSB profile (man, they are a sloppy bureau), and shows her a picture of himself as he used to look.

Dante tells Carly that the doctors are optimistic about Sonny. Carly says that he kept telling her to leave, and that Dante saved them both. Dante says that he raced over as soon as he got a call from Michael about the bullet casing. Carly says the Garvinator shot Sonny and left him to die.

Sam asks if Jason has talked to Sonny. Her dreams seem to be about them threatening each other. She can’t remember exactly, but she was desperate and angry. She says that she would never hurt him, would she? Jason tells her that she’s been through a lot, and her mind is just trying to make sense of what’s happening with her body. He tells her to focus on what’s real – them. It’s going to take time. She says it was about keeping them safe, and asks how she’s been acting. Jason admits she’s been overprotective, but says that’s the illness. Sam asks if she threatened people, and Jason says no; she just seemed concerned for his safety. Sam says it was about Sonny.

Griff tells Carly that the bullet was extracted, and there were no complications. Sonny has lost a lot of blood (not the first time), but once his fluids are replenished, a full recovery is expected. He might be groggy, but asked for her. Fastest. Surgery. Ever. Carly goes into Sonny’s room, and he asks if she’s okay. She tells him that she’s fine, and he’s going to be fine too. He made it. He says of course. She says that she was scared that she lost him; he’d been missing for hours, but she found him. She’ll never give up on him. Sonny tells her that they’re a team. He says that she should have left, but she says it’s over and it’s fine. She just got him back, and wasn’t risking her life without him. She tells him to just say thank you, and says that he’s too doped up to make sense. Dante joins them. He tells Sonny they know that the Big Garvbowsky lured him out and shot him twice, but asks if Sonny can take him through what happened.

Sam tells Jason that she thought Sonny wanted him to work in the business again, and wanted to take him away, but that doesn’t sound right. She wouldn’t have to protect him from Sonny, but thought she did. He tells her stop stressing, but she hates feeling like this. He tells her rest up, so she can get her strength back and come home. The kids love and need her, and so does he.

Ava asks if that’s really Valentin, and then says she can almost see who he is now in the picture. Valentin says he doesn’t; he was born handicapped, and had to make compromises to get what he needed. He’s not a saint or a sinner, but both. Ava says Nikolas’s death wasn’t a small thing, and she’s surprised at him, since he’s a father. Valentin says the charges have been dropped, but Spencer is being encouraged. Ava wonders if he’s afraid that Spencer is going to win. Valentin says no, but unpleasantries on both sides are going to come up. Spencer might be brat, but doesn’t deserve to hear about his father’s bad side. His main concern is Charlotte though, and he wants it to go away.

Laura says that she loves Spencer with all her heart. He says he wants to stay, and she tells him that she does too, but more than that, she wants him safe. Valentin is a dangerous man, and she and Doc saw it firsthand. She asks what if he had lost his temper when he found Spencer at Windemere? What if he hurt him, or worse, and escaped justice? Spencer would be gone, and he’s all she has left of his father. She can’t bear to lose him. Spencer pleads with her not to send him away. Doc says it’s a difficult decision for all of them. They love having him there – he makes them laugh, and think, and challenges them – but they have to act in his best interest. At his age, he thinks there won’t be consequences and that he’s immortal, but he’s not. Valentin is an ongoing threat, and it scares them, even if it doesn’t scare him. Spencer says being all alone scares him. Nice acting. Spencer doesn’t often get to emote that way. What’s kind of funny though, is that Valentin hasn’t threatened anyone the entire time he’s been in Port Charles. He’s the one who’s been threatened by everyone else, including this kid. IMO, he has the patience of a saint.

Valentin tells Ava that Spencer is fortunate; he knows that he’s loved and wanted. Ava says she stole that from him; she saw him shoot Nikolas. Valentin says that didn’t happen. He tells her that she’s far from the path of overcoming her circumstance. What good is she, and what is she doing for the world? She has to take stock of herself. She says that she’s not a good person, and has inflicted pain on people. She wants to hold on to the one thread of decency she has, and wants to prove she’s not as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. Even if she believed him about his geniuses, she’s not changing her testimony. She remembers and knows what happened. Nikolas defended her, and Valentin murdered him. Nikolas was a father too, and Spencer deserves to know that the world isn’t as unfair as it Valentin would have him believe.

Laura says that Spencer isn’t alone, and he says that he’s an orphan. Doc says that he has his grandmother, the rest of his family, and him. Laura says even if he’s not there physically, he’s always in her heart. She wants to protect him, not get rid of him. Spencer tells them that if he’s gone, how will he keep an eye on Valentin? Laura says that’s not his responsibility. Spencer whines that he won’t get to sue him. It pales in comparison to sending him to prison, but it’s the next best thing he can do. Doc says that he should honor his father’s memory by being the fantastic kid that he is. Laura wants to honor Nikolas by keeping him safe, and tells him that his father would want him to have a long and happy life. Spencer says he’ll go to France, and they’ll both honor his father. He hugs Laura.

Jason tells Sam to concentrate on the here and now, and what’s real; she’s improving. Sam says what about her mind, and Jason says that she’s exhausted and needs to rest. He tells her to dream of coming home, and how happy they’ll be. All of this will be over soon.

Sonny starts fading into sleep. Dante tells him that he called Michael, and to just take it easy for now. Sonny thanks him, and asks about Avery. Carly says that she’s fine, and misses him. She tells him to get some rest, so she can take him home. They do the I love you thing.

In the hallway, Jason and Carly hug. Carly tells him that Garvo shot Sonny and left him for dead, but he’s going to be okay. She asks about Sam, and Jason says she’s doing well. The antibiotics are working, but she’s confused, and doesn’t know what’s real or not.

Sam dreams about being at the distillery again, holding the gun on Sonny. She’s telling him that she’s not letting her kids end up like Morgan, and that he pulls death and destruction toward him. She shoots.

Ava tells Valentin to leave. He says it’s her call, but she should think about it. He knows enough to know that she’ll want her old life back, and they can fix it. She says that nothing will be better than telling truth for Nikolas and Spencer. Valentin tells her to think about it. As she closes the door, I take note of the awesome blue, ombre tie-dyed robe she’s wearing. She takes her mask off.

Laura tells Spencer that the fall semester starts soon, but she wants to bring him early, since he’ll be in an accelerated program. Spencer is happy that she’s coming with him, and she says she’ll be staying for a few weeks to settle him in. It will make it easier on both of them; she has to get used to not having him around. He asks if she isn’t going to miss Doc, and says he will too. Doc says he’s coming along, and Laura hugs him. Spencer says group hug, and they do. Must be nice to just be able to take off for France. They did the same thing on Million Dollar Listing NY last night.

Ava has a martini. She takes the drape off the mirror, and looks at herself. She says, oh God, oh God, oh God.

Sam keeps dreaming. Sonny is asking Sam to let him help her, and promising it will be fine. She doesn’t want to do something she’ll take back.

Sonny asks how much Jason knows. Dante pops back in and says he just found out that Ole Garve is dead. Carly says she can’t say she’s sorry, since he kidnapped Spencer and shot Sonny. Sonny says Garvey didn’t shoot him.

Sam dreams about Sonny saying that he understands she’s going through something. She’s like family to him. He puts his hand over hers on the gun, and lowers it. The gun goes off, shooting him in the leg. He says he knows it wasn’t her and she didn’t mean to do this. She says that she did, and gives him a swift kick into the opening to the cask room. She wakes up and says, no!

On Monday, Kiki isn’t going anywhere, Hayden talks to her father, and Dante asks Sonny who shot him.

⚛ I’m caught up with Zoo, although I missed an episode somewhere. At present, my obsession with 90 Day Fiancé – Happily Ever After? is satiated, but I’m still lagging behind with Preacher and The f Word. I’m also up-to-date, for at least the third time, with Breaking Bad. If you haven’t seen this show, you need to, but only if you like intelligent TV. If you’ve seen it before, watch it fresh on Sundays when AMC is running a marathon. Why? Who knows. What difference does it make? For the uninitiated, in a nutshell, the plot revolves around a chemistry teacher who has decided to dabble in making crystal meth when he gets a cancer diagnosis. A guy’s got to provide for his family, and sadly, a drug dealer makes more than a sick teacher. Probably more than any teacher. Along with a former student, Walter White breaks bad all over the place, while we get to enjoy top-notch acting, writing, and all of those departments that get awards that aren’t televised. Bryan Cranston stars, and having also been in one of the few sitcoms I like (he was the father on Malcolm in the Middle), it’s a real treat to see him playing Walter, juggling home and work life. It can get pretty violent, so it’s not for kids, but I was raised by a sailor and grew up on war movies, B horror films, and musicals, so if you’re a parent, it’s your call. They’re up to season four, but there’s always On Demand.

♛ Did you hear? Luann de Lesseps D’Agostino, of The Real Housewives of New York de Lesseps D’Agostinos, is getting unmarried soon. So, how many people called this? Put your hands down; I can’t count that high. She was recently on Watch What Happens Live, explaining that the slap she gave Tom while they were dining out was merely a love tap, and a symptom of the passionate love affair they were having. Funny too, they just wrapped up the reunion. Methinks Luann was wise from the jump, but went through with it to save face, and timed the ending so it wouldn’t be aired or discussed during the reunion. No doubt there will be I told you so’s next season, but there will also be some distance.

Quotes of the Week

There is no such thing as perfection. What I consider beautiful, most likely you don’t.Mila Kunis (Funny, since I’m watching Bad Moms right now, and I chose this randomly. Twilight Zone music…)

If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.Dolly Parton

I’m still hung over from the 80s. – someone on Growing Up Supermodel

🌬 And of course, the greatest Housewife quote of all…


Countess, we salute you.

August 2 – Sam Wakes Up, the Mexico Trip Winds Down & Brien is Sunk by a Cannoli


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Calling from Nelle’s place, Michael wants Sonny’s people searching along the river front. Nelle asks if he’s okay, and he says he’s climbing the walls. She asks if there’s news, but he says nothing since Dante updated them. He doesn’t think his dad is dead, but maybe hurt or trapped, and the longer it takes to find him the worse it will get.

Jason talks to an unconscious Sam about Danny feeling Scout kick, and thinking it was a magic trick. He talks about when they brought Scout home. He told Scouthow lucky she is to have Sam as a mother because she’s tough. He asks her not to make a liar out of him.

Josslyn opens the front door, and Oscar falls over on the porch.

Tracy has sent Finn something for Hayden. It looks like a Tiffany bag, and he says something about gemology, so I assume it’s a ring. Hayden shows up at the hospital since she missed him. She asks if he wants breakfast, but he says he has something to do first. Deanna tells him that he has a patient waiting, and Hayden has someone waiting with an invoice question.

Except it’s Jared. She asks what he’s doing there. He asks if she can fix his broken heart. Please. Where’s Danny Trejo with some latte?

Josslyn tells Oscar that she was getting the newspaper and didn’t mean to scare him. He apologizes for creeping up like a stalker. Josslyn says that Carly gave her stamp of approval, and Oscar insists that’s because of the tie. It always works with parents. She tells him he can use the doorbell, but he says that he didn’t want to intrude; he was just going to leave something for her. She says it’s less bad with him there.

Nelle gives Michael some coffee. He says he’s freaking out. She says he has an instinctive need to handle every situation. He tells her that he became a compulsive fixer as a child, holding everything together. Nelle says she’ll take a personal day and help him look for his dad. He’s her priority today.

Jared tells Hayden that they have business, and Hayden asks if they have to do it at her place of business. She says that she never asked him to cover for her, and he says that she didn’t exactly say no. They have a bond that goes past marriage. She can deal with him, or he deals with Finn. She asks for a half hour, but she doesn’t want him waiting there. She reminds him that if Finn finds out, he loses his leverage. He says he knows the perfect spot.

Finn asks what Griff thinks of the ring. Griff doesn’t know the 4 C’s, but says it’s got them all. Deanna says that Hayden will love it. Hayden walks up behind Finn, asking love what? and everyone disappears. She asks why they took off so fast, and what is Finn hiding behind his back? He didn’t realize he was doing this right now, but shows her the ring, saying that he wants to make it proper.

Jason talks to Danny on the phone. He says Sam misses him, but is doing okay, and needs more time to rest. He asks Danny to be good for his grandma, and tells him that he loves him. Sam opens her eyes.

Josslyn tells Oscar that Carly is out looking for Sonny. Oscar says they can go search if she wants, but Josslyn wouldn’t know where to start. She asks to talk about something else. He thought maybe it was bothering her, but she says it’s okay. She tells him that she’s not sure when she found out that Sonny was a mobster. He was just Uncle Sonny, who her mother was married to once, and gradually she figured it out. For a while she thought it was cool to be close to someone so powerful, but she was stupid not to see the other side of it. The guards were there to protect them, but sometimes they can’t. This time, they weren’t there to protect Sonny. She’s been furious at Sonny, but her mom loves him, and Josslyn has known him her whole life. She doesn’t want anything to happen to him.

Deanna tells Sam to breath slowly and deeply. Sam asks what happened, and Jason tells her that she collapsed in the penthouse, but she’s not sure she remembers. Deanna leaves to get the doctors. Jason says everything is going to be okay.

Finn thinks that Hayden doesn’t like the ring, and tells her that Tracy picked it out. Hayden is impressed that Tracy a diamond delivered to him before breakfast. He tells her a story about a guy owing Tracy a favor. When she asks what he did, Finn says the point of blackmail is not to disclose the actions that caused it to happen. She says he already gave her a ring, and he asks if she wants to keep the onion ring. She hugs him, and by the elevator behind him, Jared points to his watch. Hayden tells Finn that she’s going to get it sized right now, and they kiss.

Michael thanks Nelle for letting him crash there. She says as far as personal debt goes, he’s way ahead. She says that if she doesn’t have to help someone, she dwells on the past. Everything is going right, and she gets nervous; she has a phobia about being happy. He says he’ll do everything he can to change that.

Hayden finds Jared at the house. I just don’t see these two together, even in her old life. For one thing, he seems too old. Not necessarily in age, but the way he presents himself. Maybe she was marrying her father. Jared asks if she made an offer on the house. He says if she didn’t, she can still back out, and he starts telling her about mold on the tennis court. She tells him to save the act and cut to the chase. He says they don’t have to be at each other’s throats. If it were up to him – she says what? They’d still be married? She tells him that he spent more time in other women’s beds than their own, and now he’s blackmailing her. There’s no future. She asks how he wants to resolve it, and he says the only way to get rid of him is to make restitution.

Josslyn tells Oscar that she’s been smack talking Sonny, and now she’s concerned about him. Oscar must think she’s nuts. Oscar says it makes her human. People are more than one thing, and he thinks she sees Sonny more clearly than the people who think he’s either all good or all bad. Josslyn says most people believe he’s either a total criminal, or he’s misunderstood, but the truth is, he’s a little of both. He can be kind and generous, or awful, like what he did to her father. Oscar calls her perceptive, and she says not always – she was a brat about Sonny. He doesn’t think she’s a brat, and he gives her a necklace that he made from the bullet casing. Or as he says, the piece of metal they found. I find it hard to believe that with all the history he knows about, Oscar wouldn’t know what it is.

Finn says that Sam is on the on road to recovery. She asks what happened, and Griff asks what’s the last thing she remembers? She says she was at home with Jason, Sonny came over, and she left. She feels like she’s been dreaming. Griff says that’s common for people with this illness. Finn explains what she has, and that Scout is okay. He tells her about the treatment, and knows it sounds scary, but she’s out of the woods.

In the hallway, Jason thanks Finn and Griff. He says he owes them, but they both say it’s just their job. Finn leaves, and Jason asks Griff about Sam’s memory. He tells Jason to give it time. She’ll probably remember, but don’t push it.

Josslyn tells Oscar that the necklace is perfect. Oscar says his stuff isn’t for everyone, but I’m thinking he could make a bundle at flea markets. He says she doesn’t have to wear it, but she wants to. He puts it on her, and says it looks amazing.

Hayden says she knows that Jared wants money, but he says he wants redress. He sacrificed his time and good name. Hayden tells him that he can’t sacrifice something never had, and he tells her that a little appreciation might buy her some good will. She says she does appreciate it, and is willing to do what she can. She tells him that she can get him an interview at ELQ. They’ll listen to her, and he’ll be in the inner circle. He says he’s not looking for a job, but a payout, and she says it will be better in the long term. Jared doubts they’d hire someone with his record, but she’ll find out what that’s like when he exposes her. He wants money, but Hayden says that she doesn’t have it. She wishes she could honor promise, but has nothing to give. He grabs her hand, and says she’s got that, meaning her ring.

Jason updates Alexis on the phone. Sam tries to get out of bed. She wants to stretch, and Deanna says once around the floor. Jason helps her, and she asks him to fill her in.

Finn talks to his dead wife, Reiko, while he looks at a letter from her. He says he met someone, and it’s serious. He should have told her sooner, but thought he didn’t deserve to be happy. Maybe he was punishing himself for being alive, and not being able to save her. He tried to drive Hayden away, and she wouldn’t go. The more he screwed up, the more she stood by him. He says he has a baby coming, and they’re getting married. He doesn’t know how he got so lucky twice, but isn’t questioning it. He’s betting everything on Hayden. Dammit. I don’t know why Hayden doesn’t just talk to him.

Hayden tells Jared that it’s her engagement ring, and he can’t have it. He tells her to hock it, give him the cash, and she can get it back later. Like she’s going to get much for it. Hayden tells him that they’ll have to pry it from her cold dead hand. He says she’s afraid of what to say to Finn, and to just tell him that she lost it. She says it wouldn’t clear her debt to him anyway, but he says it’s an incentive to keep his mouth shut while she works off the rest. He tells her that once Finn finds out that she put a little girl in a wheelchair, how long will it be before he dumps her? Hayden knows that she ruined Jared’s life, and asks him not to ruin hers too. He says he’ll do her a solid, and give her a way to get what she owes at no cost to her.

Nelle says Michael must drive his family crazy. They’re impulsive, and think they’re winning arguments, while he sits there quietly and then changes everything. Josslyn arrives. She had to tell someone about the amazing thing that happened. She thinks she’s interrupting, but Michael tells her that they’re just getting ready to join the search. Josslyn shows Nelle the necklace, and Nelle says it’s definitely striking. She looks at Josslyn in a weird way, and Josslyn says the necklace is unique. Nelle says definitely again, and shows it to Michael. Josslyn asks if something is wrong, and Michael says he doesn’t think she realizes that it’s made from a bullet casing.

Jared says giving up the ring will cause more problems than it solves, and there’s a simpler solution. She can embezzle it; it’s her specialty. She says that she’s not an embezzler, and he says no, just a drunk driver. He wants her to steal the money from the hospital.

Finn says that a year ago, if anyone had suggested he’d be married and have a baby, he’d have punched them in the face; he thought he’d be dead. Reiko told him to fight and he did. He feels like he has a second chance at life, and wants to make the most of his time. He has a future and a family with Hayden. He wishes he could have all that, and keep Reiko around, but he can’t. She’d tell him the same thing. He sets the letter on fire, and cries a little. He wants her to know he’ll love her forever.

Jared says that Hayden is the CFO, and has the means and opportunity. He says it’s not like she’s hurting anyone, and she tells him it’s a hospital and there to heal the sick. He says it’s big business (truth!); how hard can it be to skim something off? Hayden says it’s impossible, and Jared tells her not to sell herself short. She says she worked hard to keep them in the black, and she won’t do it. He says Finn is in for a rude awakening when he finds out that the mother of his child isn’t the angel he thought she was. Her future with him is about to vanish unless she comes up with the money. She has one week.

Sam tells Jason not to treat her like a delicate flower. She sees the Garvman being wheeled by on a gurney, and he looks at her. Jason asks what’s wrong

Tomorrow, Sam thinks there’s something important she’s not remembering, Valentin has something that belongs to someone else, and it’s twenty minutes to demolition where Sonny is trapped.

The Real Housewives of NYC

Sonja insists that Ramona isn’t happy, but Ramona thinks Sonja is the one who’s not happy. Bethenny describes the group as a hangover meets the Golden Girls, and says wine tasting is for wimps; they go straight to tequila. Ramona says she misses her old life, but she’s embraced the life she has now. Bethenny calls Sonja an emotional buzzkill. In her interview, Tinsley says that Sonja hasn’t been drinking that much, but now she’s letting it loose. Everyone piles on a lounging sofa by the pool. Sonja shouts that she loves tequila – and Luann. In her interview, Luann says that Sonja tends to go bipolar when she’s drinking. Sonja wants to see everyone’s boobs. Bethenny gets nakey and jumps in the pool. Carole and Tinsley say their boobs are real, but they’re not showing anyone anything. Carole says she’ll bare hers for art, while the rest will bare them for tequila. Sonja tries to drink straight from the margarita pitcher, but Luann takes it out of her hands, saying, no, no, no. Sonja gets nakey and joins Bethenny in the pool. Dorinda says she doesn’t even go nakey in her own house.

In the pool, Bethenny talks to Ramona, saying she’s been mean. She says a friend would never have said the things she did about Bethenny’s past and her daughter. Ramona says she didn’t say anything about that, but roll the tape. Yep, there it is. Ramona asks why Bethenny is putting this all on her. Bethenny says because she did it. In her interview, she says Ramona keeps saying she didn’t mean to, but she did.  Ramona says she’s a miserable person. Dorinda tries to put Sonja’s bathing suit back on her, and says it’s like putting a bikini on a piece of spaghetti, and she’ll have to live with that sight for the rest of her life. Ramona tells Bethenny that she’s sorry she did what she did and hurt her. By now, they’re both crying. Ramona says that she doesn’t want to be that person, and Bethenny says that she doesn’t want her to be. Ramona is bawling, and keeps saying I don’t know. Bethenny hugs her, and says she’s not an evil or bad person. In her interview, Ramons says she’s embarrassed about what happened, and it’s not who she is. I hate when people say that. It is you, part of you anyway; you’re the one who did it. She tells us that she says things unedited, but she’s not coming from a place of mean, and there was no valid reason for her being that way. Holy! Is that actually sincere contrition coming from Ramona? She feels like a weight has been lifted off. Bethenny wants them to be respectful and not feel the anger. She says it’s closure. Luann suggests they get ready for dinner. Bethenny says her best reconciliations happen when she’s nakey, and realizes Sonja is wearing her bathing suit. Sonja tries to kiss Bethenny, and in her interview, Bethenny says she’s barking up the wrong vagina. They hug, and say I love yous. I’m glad I hate tequila.

Good thing it’s dinner at the villa. I don’t think this crew could make it very far. As usual, Bethenny is the first one at the table. Dorinda says it’s vacation time; they can do what they want. She says that Bethenny’s aggression is scaring he, and Bethenny says it’s an act. Dorinda starts doing her drunk thing with her hands waving around, and Bethenny imitates her. In her interview, Bethenny says that Dorinda is the weakest link in the drinking chain and a loose cannon. Somehow, Dorinda stabs herself in the hand trying to make a point. Bethenny feels responsible for everyone, and says now blood and a knife is involved. Dorinda tells Bethenny not to pressure herself to be perfect, and asks if it’s overwhelming to be correct all the time. She says that Bethenny is a lot of fun, but wants to be a super human on this trip. She tells Bethenny to let it go. Carole tries to say that Dorinda just meant they should be flexible, but Bethenny says an hour and a half of waiting is flexible. Sonja is sleeping. Tinsley apologizes to Ramona for telling her to shut up. She realizes that it was Sonja who leaked the info to the press. The girls hear fireworks, and go outside to watch. Bethenny tells Dorinda not to psychoanalyze her. Dorinda says she’s a mean bitch. Bethenny says that Dorinda has been harboring feelings, and now it’s coming out. Dorinda says she’s stuck up for Bethenny plenty of times, and leaves. Bethenny says f-u, but adds that Dorinda won’t remember it in the morning. In her interview, Bethenny says it was hurtful. She knows who she is, doesn’t need to be reminded, and it’s probably not going to change. Carole says that Bethenny is being hyper-sensitive. Tinsley says that Dorinda adores her, but Bethenny says she doesn’t think so. Dorinda does owe her an apology though.

In the morning, Ramona decides to try some yoga. She tells Luann she missed so much. Luann says that she talked to Tom and fell asleep. Ramona explains that she talked with Bethenny, and they bared their souls. Luann says that’s great until she screws it up again. Everyone gathers as the instructor waits. Luann asks if everyone is okay, but in her interview, Dorinda says she doesn’t really remember what the argument was about. She tells Bethenny all she was trying to say is that Bethenny is a great person, and she should relax. Bethenny asks if this is how she communicates with her friends. Dorinda says she has no hard feelings, and Bethenny says she doesn’t need to. Dorinda tells us that the only person who never sees her nasty side is her mother. Bethenny says Dorinda doesn’t know how to apologize.

In their room, Dorinda tells Carole that she feels badly, but doesn’t like when Bethenny calls her a nasty person. Instead of dealing with her feelings, she gets aggressive, and needs to deal with that. In her interview, Carole says that she wants Dorinda to know she has her back, since it isn’t fun to realize you were fighting with a friend when you were drunk. Dorinda thinks there’s a mouse in the room and freaks. In her interview, she talks about how much she hates them. True mouse story – after we were flooded during Hurricane Sandy, a mouse took up residence with us for a short time. I knew he was around, the dogs kept noticing something, and then we finally ran into each other one night in the kitchen. We locked eyes, and he was so tiny, and looked so frightened, it broke my heart. I wondered what he must have thought happened, and there was no way to explain it to him. I told him that I wasn’t going to hurt him, but he’d have to move on when all the chaos was over. I didn’t, and he did. I can never understand how anyone can be frightened of such a timid little thing. He looked like something off of a Hallmark card. How can you hate that?

Sonja calls Frenchie. She shows him her swimsuit, and looks like she’s using a TSA wand, going up and down her body with the phone. She says she doesn’t like sexting, but likes to flash. She thinks he should be more worried about the women than her picking up a man. The yoga instructor’s tagline is, the way you treat me is your path; the way I react, is mine. Pretty good. Sonja says she’s exhausted from being happy.

Dorinda and Bethenny talk. Dorinda says when her perception is that she’s being attacked, she attacks, and she reacted poorly. She had a beautiful day, and she was wrong. Nicely and simply put. Bethenny says she wants to make everyone feel good, but doesn’t want to gloat over her accomplishments. They hug it out, and I’m glad. They talk about the distillery, and Dorinda says it was amazing. She’s glad they got past their disagreement fast. Bethenny says she has an emotional hangover, and now she’s the one crying all the time

Tinsley, Ramona, and Carole go yachting with Captain Fred.

Bethenny asks if Tinsley is going to marry this guy (I assume she means the Miami date; I’ve forgotten his name already), and Sonja says that she wants to marry every guy she meets. On the boat, Tinsley gets a text, and says that she’s going to Vegas tomorrow. Carole says that Ramona is next, and suggests she move in with Sonja. Tinsley has been planning a thank you party since before Mexico, but now it’s a thank you party with a sprinkle of f-u.

Sonja says that Tinsley thinks they’re all great – until they’re not. Sonja says that Tinsley might have written a book on Southern charm, but thinks the party thing is just for show.

Carole excels in fishing, and sits in one of those fisherman’s chairs. She tells us that you need to be quiet and have patience to catch a fish, so clearly she’s the only one in the group who can do it. Two whales cavort in the water, and Carole dives in for a swim. I’m so jealous. Tinsley wonders what if a whale bites her, and Carole says maybe it will be a sperm whale. What? They don’t catch anything, so they’re buying a fish and saying they caught it.

Carole tells the others to keep their mouths shut. She thinks she’s the only one who can manage it though. She gives the fish to the chef. We flash to a clip of Carole holding the fish at the market like she caught it. In her interview, Luann thinks the captain of the boat probably caught the fish.

Bethenny thinks they’re getting along too well, and someone needs to be in a body bag before they leave. Dorinda thinks that Ramona is Benjamin Button and aging backwards. They go out for dinner, and toast to their last night. Dorinda says, they laughed, they cried, and no one ended up in jail. Luann says making out, falling down, helicopters – it was fabulous. Bethenny asks for the thorn and the rose, the best and worst things for them on the trip. Dorinda says of course her thorn was their disagreement. Carole says her thorn was seeing Dorinda upset, but her rose was rooming with Dorinda. Sonja says the helicopter ride was her rose, and Tinsley says she never felt more baller. Bethenny thinks that Tinsley is more wasted than Dorinda. Luann suggests that Tinsley not drop the f-bomb so much, since they’re in a restaurant. Tinsley tells Luann that she says Palm Beach too much when she means West Palm, and Luann is like, yeah, but that’s not offensive. Tinsley says there’s a huge difference. Luann asks where she lives in Palm Beach, with her mother? Bethenny says it’s a social nucleus, and suggests they put a pin in it, but not Dorinda, since she’s already had an accident. Ramona says that she and Bethenny’s time in the pool together was her rose, but her thorn was when she hadn’t been invited. She felt like she was in Mean Girls. In her interview, she says we grow as people and aren’t perfect. She’s so deep. Dorinda tells them that her rose was the horse dancing to the mariachi band, and their argument was her thorn. Bethenny agrees. Luann starts to say that her husband is her rose, and everyone is like, enough already. Bethenny makes fun of her saying Palm Beach, dah-ling.

Next time, John shows Dorinda a wedding dress (she’s like, whoa, Nellie!); Tinsley throws her party, but Sonja is a no-show, and Tom takes his mic off to talk about Missy.

🍗 The cooks on MasterChef  fed local merchants, from bee keepers to artisan butchers (whatever those are), using their products. The blue team made fish, while the red team made a pork chop dish. As usual, everything looked fantastic to me, because I never would have made it past the first round. Scratch that, I wouldn’t have made it to the first round. The red team ended up with the pressure test, except for Yachecia, who made the polenta. The test was to make six perfect cannolis. A couple of the chefs couldn’t count, and put less than six in the box. Honestly though, I’m like, who cares what they look like, or how many there are, give me one of those. Gordon told Newton that his cannolis were rough around the edges, but had great filling, much like old Newt himself. Brien went home because he doesn’t know how to spell his name, and his cannolis were a mess. He left his apron graciously, and said he’s taking this as a learning experience. Next time, the MasterChef reigning master champ will be conjuring up a mystery box, and a mysterious ingredient pushes some cooks to their breaking point. I can’t even imagine.


July 26, 2017 – Spencer Tells All, Ramona Worms Her Way In, a Bit of Chef & an Odd Quote



What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nina asks Spencer to say Valentin had nothing to do with kidnapping him. Spencer insists it was him.

Hayden visits Elizabeth.

Finn gets Griff a thank you lunch. Griff says he was just doing his job, but Finn says it’s at least lunch worthy; he went above and beyond. Griff says that Finn has been reinstated, and wants to go back to being colleagues and friends. Obrecht enters the restaurant, and tells them Guten tag.

Sam keeps telling Jason it’s over and she made sure.

Sonny lies bleeding and unconscious. I can never get over how good Maurice Benard looks, since we basically grew up together. He has some amazing genetics.

Valentin says that Spencer is mistaken or lying, and liars get found out. Dante asks what happened. Spencer says that he, a defenseless child, was at the park and a bag was placed over his head by someone with impressive upper body strength and no manners. Dante tells him to stick to the facts. He says he was put in the trunk of a car and taken to a basement, with no food or water. Will I die here? he asked himself. No, he wouldn’t. He escaped his captor despite breaking his glasses. Dante says based on his account – Spencer interrupts, finishing that Dante will be sending Valentin up the river – he didn’t see who it was. How does he know it was Valentin? Spencer says he can prove it because of his shoes. He was wearing them when he kidnapped him.

Obrecht wonders why Griff isn’t on call. He says that he’s picking up lunch. Obrecht can’t blame him for following the herd like lemmings. She’s sure that Finn will make an excellent contribution to the hospital now that he’s back. He says he wishes she’d felt that way before. She says that all she wanted what was best for GH, but who is she to argue if they want a drug addled doctor? He says he’s gotten treatment, but there’s no cure for what she has. She says now that she made the break, her future prospects have improved. As he’s leaving, Finn says thank God it’s over. Obrecht says, not nearly over.

Jason checks Sam for a fever. She says they’re safe and she did what she had to do. Jason says they’re going to the hospital, and carries her out.

Sonny is like wth? He sits up and drags himself over to the wall. He remembers Sam and the gun going off, and calls out her name, saying to get him out of there.

Spencer says not many people can afford $3000 shoes, much less wear them on the grass. Dante takes Spencer to a private room. Valentin asks Nina if she realizes that Spencer is lying.

Hayden tells Elizabeth that she enjoyed her time with Jake. Most important, she wanted to thank Elizabeth for helping her at The Floating Rib. It was terrifying, embarrassing, and ultimately educational. Elizabeth says every pregnant woman has to learn the hard way. She asks why Hayden is really there. Hayden pulls out a bunch of baby care books, and says she’s doing everything wrong.

Jared meets Obrecht. He says he’s intrigued. She says that she knows Port Charles is out of his parole officer’s jurisdiction. She’s been doing research, and has learned a wealth of information on him and someone else. He asks what she wants, and she says to get what they both truly deserve.

Finn and Griff finish lunch, and I want ribs now. Griff says Obrecht doesn’t look like she’s leaving town. Finn tells him, live and let live. He says he came to Port Charles to treat Tracy, got offered a position, and thought he had everything he needed. He didn’t have to think about anyone, except for his late wife. Then he met Hayden, and there was no going back. Griff calls her a force of nature. Finn says she’s been there for him in ways he thought no one except his wife could be. He’s finally getting a second chance at happiness.

Jason runs into the hospital with Sam.

Sonny keeps calling for anyone. His leg is bleeding, and he rips his shirt to make a tourniquet. He’s wearing a bullet-proof vest, which explains why Wavy Garvey didn’t kill him.

Valentin says the only thing missing from Spencer’s recitation was organ music. Nina says when they first met, he was after Spencer. He asks why she posted bail. She wants to believe him, but doesn’t know whether to trust him or admit she made a mistake and he’s been playing her the whole time.

Dante’s phone rings. He tells Spencer that he’ll be back. Laura sits down. She says what happened was horrible, and she’s glad he’s okay. She tells him that what Valentin did to his father was unconscionable, but somehow, someday he’ll pay for it. Spencer says, carpe diem, let today be the day, but Laura says only if he’s guilty. If Spencer is accusing him of something he didn’t do, instead of him being Valentin’s victim, Valentin would be his victim. Spencer wonders if he doesn’t deserve to be, but Laura says what they want is justice. If Spencer isn’t totally telling the truth, everything they’ve been fighting for will be in jeopardy. He’ll use it in court and win, and the worst part is that he’d be right. Spencer says nothing would be worse, but what if he did it; it’s possible. Laura says he has to be certain. Spencer says there are degrees of certainly, and she tells him that she is certain if Valentin didn’t do it, then the kidnapper is still out there. What if he kidnaps someone not as smart or resourceful? He wouldn’t want that to happen. Spencer guesses he wouldn’t, and Laura asks again if he’s 100% certain.

Jared says he’s not one for mysteries. He’s giving Obrecht ten minutes; five if she’s boring. She assures him that she’s never been boring. She says before he went to prison, he was married to Rachel Berlin, and there are so many puzzling questions. She brings up the night they had a fight at the country club, and Jared says he’s done. She assures him not. She has a suspicion that he might want to locate her. He says that he can do that on his own, but Obrecht says she’s just a few miles away, living under a different name, and preparing to have child with new love of her life.

Hayden says Elizabeth is the best resource she’s got. Elizabeth asks before all these books, what were her thoughts about having kids? Hayden tells her that she was raised believing material things and wealth were paramount, but doesn’t want to instill those values in her offspring. She says that she was married before, but it was over before the scandal broke. They lived well, and talked about having kids, but not seriously. This is the first time she’s taken the subject seriously, and that’s because she’s pregnant. Elizabeth takes the books away. Hayden asks what she did to be such a good mom.

Sonny fixes the tourniquet on his leg. He knocks over a crate and steps onto it, pulling himself up. We focus on his shoes, and I wonder why.

Jason tells Finn that Sam has been babbling about being safe. Griff puts a rush on some tests. Jason tells Sam he’ll be right back and she’ll be fine. He leaves, and in her head, Sam sees Sonny, who asks if she’s happy now. She killed him.

Nina knows that Valentin’s version of events in the past has sounded truthful, but sometimes wasn’t. He asks if she believes he loves her, and she says yes, in the way he knows how. She tells him that sometimes ruthless strategy and heartfelt declaration are hard to tell apart, and she’s not sure she’ll ever be able to.

Laura asks Spencer about the shoes, and if he really saw them. He says technically, no. Laura says he has to stop. She loves him, but right now he’s being as vengeful and spiteful as Valentin, and she needs for him to be something better, and tell Dante the truth – no more no less. Dante comes in. He asks if Spencer has anything to add.

Elizabeth says Hayden is being kind. Hayden asks when Elizabeth has known her to be kind for the sake of being kind, and Elizabeth says never. Hayden tells her that she’s observed Elizabeth’s mothering skills. Elizabeth insists she’ll have them too, but Hayden says that in her other life, she wasn’t a good person. In the second grade, she extorted a candy bracelet from a classmate. She has a lot to regret.

Jared tells Obrecht good for Rachel. He says they’re divorced, and he has no reason to track her. Obrecht asks what about his prison sentence? At the time, Rachel was wealthy. Jared says she had a talent for making money, and obviously, Obrecht knows what happened. Obrecht says knowing Rachel as she does, he went to prison for her, and she wants to help him.

Sonny falls. He rests for a moment.

Fantasy Sonny tells Sam that it’s not over just because she killed him; it will never be over. Sam sits up and yells. Jason comes in. Sam wants to go home, but Jason tells Griff that she’s not making sense. She keeps talking about being safe.

Spencer tells Dante that maybe he’s being over-dramatic, and not as accurate as he first thought. Dante asks if he’s certain Valentin is the one. Spencer is certain he could have been, but not actually certain he did it. Dante asks about the shoes, and Spencer says now that he thinks about it, he never saw them. He had a bag over his head, and didn’t see anything. Dante asks if there’s anything else, and Spencer tells him that he doesn’t know who did it. He doesn’t remember or know anything. Dante thanks him. Laura tells Spencer, good job. Spencer says he still hates Valentin. Laura doesn’t blame him, and wants him to know they’ll never stop fighting for justice for his father.

Dante tells Valentin that he’s free to go, but don’t leave town. He says that Spencer admitted he wasn’t sure, and ha no idea who took him. Valentin looks at Nina.

Elizabeth says that Hayden has come a long way from being Rachel. She stuck by Finn, and she thinks they’ve made progress as sisters. She tells Hayden that by the time her shower rolls around, she’ll have it down pat. Hayden says she has no friends; who would throw her a shower? Elizabeth tells her that’s what sisters are for and they hug.

Jared finds out from Obrecht that Rachel is now calling herself Hayden, even though everyone knows who she really is. Obrecht tells him that Hayden’s current lover ruined her life. Until recently, she was a highly regarded physician, and he was hellbent on his own destruction. She tried to save hospital from him, but Hayden saved him instead. She wants to pay him back in kind. Jared asks again what she wants. She says the time he spent in prison was to what end? He’s entitled to more, but if he isn’t interested in getting the recompense he deserves, there’s the door. It will take him to the rest of his unfulfilled life.

Sonny sits down. He sees his shattered phone.

Jason says Sam needs rest. She tells him not to worry, and he says he’s not; the doctors will find out what’s going on. Sam says she did it, and he asks what she means; what did she do?

Nina says she doesn’t know Valentin’s heart. He says she knows it better than anyone because it belongs to her. He went without love his entire life until her, and he doesn’t want to give it up. She has reason to doubt him, but he wants to be a better man. Nina says that’s why she posted bail, and jokes about getting her money back. She has to get to work, and leaves the station. Valentin smiles.

Spencer comes out, and tells Valentin not to think he’s going soft. He’ll do what it takes to make him pay. Valentin says actions have consequnces, and assuming someone kidnapped him, they’re getting away. Laura tells Spencer that she’s taking him home, but he insists Windemere is his home, and Valentin stole it. Spencer tells Valentin, My name is Spencer Cassadine; you killed my father; prepare to die, referring to dialogue from The Princess Bride. I die laughing.

Hayden leaves Elizabeth’s place, almost forgetting her bag.

Jared tells Obrecht that maybe Rachel promised him something, but it was a long time ago, before she lost everything. Obrecht asks if he got nothing, and Jared says just divorce papers in his jail cell. She says he was cast aside, and she knows what it’s like to be discarded, and Rachel/Hayden has a flair for that. What she did to him personally was done to Obrecht professionally. It’s up to them to fire back. Jared says, or move on like grown-ups. Obrecht doesn’t think they have the right to do what they did. Jared doesn’t either. Obrecht suggests that if they work together, they can acquire recompense and retribution.

Griff looks at the test results. Finn thinks he has an idea of what they’re dealing with. More brain worms?

Sonny throws the phone. That always helps. He struggles to get up again, and looks up at the wall.

Jason tells Sam to try and sleep. She says she already did it, and he tells her that he loves her, but for now, just rest. She convulses, and the alarm goes off.

Tomorrow, Sonny continues to call for help, Jordan has news about Dante’s father, and Stella asks Curtis when he and Jordan decided to call it quits.

The Real Housewives of NYC

Dorinda goes to yoga. The instructor tells her to do the egg salad position. I swear that’s what he said. Luann tells us how wasted she got the night before, like we didn’t notice. Bethenny says she’s tough; she’d be praying to the toilet bowl right now. I’d at least be in bed. At breakfast, everyone wonders how Luann is even functioning. A major floral arrangement comes for Tinsley. The card says it’s for the best and longest first date ever. She wonders how he knew where to send them. Um… he asked Adam? Carole says it’s a match made in heaven. Bethenny suggests surfing, but Tinsley and Luann want to shop.

Ramona apologizes to Bethenny for her idiocy, saying it just snowballed somehow. She doesn’t know why she embarrasses herself all the time. In her interview, she says she just wants it to stop, and will say anything. Bethenny tells her she wants a smooth day at the distillery, and Ramona should just stay and chill. Ramona thinks Bethenny might change her mind. Bethenny says she’s never seen anything like it, and it goes back for ten years. She doesn’t want to hurt Ramona, but thinks it’s not in her best interest to go. She says Ramona doesn’t like her, but Ramona says, I don’t not not like you [sic]. Whatever that means. Ramona randomly mentions an article about Bethenny in the Wall Street Journal.

Ramona and Sonja have breakfast. Sonja says that Tinsley’s childlike behavior is being enabled. She talks about Tinsley’s five-day date, and asks who does that? Jealous much? Ramona says she’ll never win with Bethenny. When she’s healthy, she snaps like a turtle. Bethenny suggests going surfing. Dorinda has never surfed, but is willing to give it a try. Better her than me.

Tinsley thinks Sonja doesn’t understand, and asks why she isn’t more protective with the press. In her interview, Tinsley says she would have immediately squashed anything about a friend of hers. Sonja says that Tinsley has to deal with it herself, and that she should have brought it up in private. Her friends just made it worse by enabling her behavior. Apparently, Sonja’s root word-of-the-day is enable.

Luann gets whacked with a surfboard in the elbow, which I’m sure takes her mind off of her hangover. Dorinda says surfing is like birth. Bethenny is very good, but not so much Carole, who wonders why she’s doing this. Afterward, everyone high fives the instructor. Bethenny says they missed Ramona’s floatation devices (i.e. her boobs).

Sonja screeches at Tinsley that she didn’t do it. Tinsley says it came from her. Sonja insists they didn’t talk to her. Tinsley thinks Sonja is being aggressive and bitchy, and had something to do with it.

Bethenny wants an early dinner so they can be fresh in the morning. Dorinda says Ramona hates to be by herself, and thinks she still might end up coming. In her interview, Dorinda thinks Bethenny is going to relent. The girls go to an outside market. I would go absolutely wild there. Ramona has decided to act like nothing is wrong. Bethenny points out an amazing embroidered kimono-sleeved dress. Her card is blocked since her assistant didn’t do something or other with it, and Ramona springs for the dress, much to Bethenny’s dismay. Tinsley says she’s winning. Bethenny says she ultimately can’t be mean, and Sonja says you can’t get rid of Singer. Ramona buys straw tote bags for everyone, but Luann has to lend her money, which she doesn’t expect to see again. Bethenny wonders how much it will cost for Ramona to get herself an invite. She’s saying no, but all signs are pointing to yes.

Back at the ranch villa, some of the girls get in the hot tub. Bethenny asks Sonja how Ramona’s headspace is. She doesn’t want to have a Hallmark moment in inviting her along, but says if Ramona does anything wrong, she’ll have to kill her. Sonja tells them that Ramona was happy in her marriage. She’s fronting, and it’s making her act out. Ramona jogs on the beach, which they all find weird. Carole thinks there’s a hot guy at the end of the beach, or maybe just a guy.

Sonja tells Ramona about how Bethenny didn’t want to exclude her. Ramona says she understands that Bethenny’s feelings were hurt. She f-ed up with what she said, and it wasn’t her intention to hurt her. Bethenny is wearing the cutest dress ever. It looks like something from the 70s – a mini with longish full sleeves that have open shoulders, and it has drawstrings everywhere. Ramona says she has to accept only bringing up what Bethenny wants to. Sonja says they’re growing. Please. Dorinda thinks she’s sore from yoga until Carole reminds her that she went surfing.

At dinner, Bethenny says it can’t be a blackout night. Tinsley sees the Page Six item got published; she was hoping Sonja would negate the story. Bethenny says it mentions Sonja and Ramona too. Tinsley insists it started from Sonja. Sonja says she’s blowing it out of proportion, but Carole backs Tinsley up, and says that Sonja tells total strangers Tinsley is a bad houseguest. Sonja says it was a friendship issue, but Tinsley says she complained so much, it got in the press. Sonja says you don’t stay for five months if you’re unhappy. In her interview, Carole says that Sonja never met an article with her name in it that she didn’t love. Luann tells Sonja to apologize, and she does the sorry, but thing. Bethenny says it’s like a circle jerk, and Carole has to explain what that means. I won’t be doing that. Google it if you don’t know. Dorinda gives out cute and funny gifts. Is there a Spencer’s in Mexico?

Bethenny says that she’s blessed and fortunate to take them on an alcoholic field trip; she just has to get them there. She explains how to dress. Bethenny tells Ramona she doesn’t know how she feels anymore, and begs her to behave at the distillery. She says it’s her life and livelihood, and she doesn’t want it ruined. If Ramona has nothing nice to say, don’t say it. Ramona insists she wouldn’t do that. Bethenny tells Ramona to try to be someone people tolerate, and they hug it out.

Sonja claims she hasn’t had a drink in ten months. I believe it if you do. Ramona cracks her head getting into the helicopter (good) because she has a bandana over her face to protect her baby skin. She’s happy to be included, and thinks they’re on a path to something better. Bethenny says it’s been a rough couple of years, but now it’s overwhelming. Olas all around. A guy blows a conch shell, and there’s drumming. Dorinda thinks Ramona looks like a bad MTV commercial from the 80s, and this time she does not want her MTV.

Raphael is the tour guide. SkinnyGirl margaritas are given out. People in native costume dance. Carole says she’s never seen anything like it – except in Vegas. They’re shown the agave plants, and how they’re harvested. They take a trolley to the distillery. Everyone thanks Bethenny, who says she’s happy they’re all there. Dorinda can’t bear watching Ramona kiss Bethenny’s ass. At the distillery, the girls put on hard hats, and the process is explained. They get old-fashioned powder horns, which is the original way tequila was drunk. It’s 130 proof; 65% alcohol. Oh. No. Everyone drinks from their horns. Luann tells us it’s smooth but strong. Dorinda compares it to drinking smoke.

There’s a dancing horse outside, and a little boy giving out roses. Dorinda says it’s like Disneyland in Mexico with tequila. A tent has been set up for lunch. Bethenny passes out little drinking buddies, tiny plastic guys in bathing suits that sit on the glasses, and the tequila tasting menu commences. Tinsley wants to take a kid home, and Carole calls her the Angelina Jolie of Mexico.

Dorinda isn’t sure they’re going to make it home, but it’s back to the helicopter. Probably the only way you’d get me in it is after a day of booze. When they get back, Carole says they have to keep drinking. Bethenny says light a match and the house will go up in flames. She dances on the table. Everyone goes out by the pool, and Sonja tries to make out with Luann. Some of the girls take advantage of the infinity pool and rope swing.

Ramona tells Sonja about Mario leaving his ring at home, and how she knew something was changing. Sonja says when they start wearing skinny jeans and tight T-shirts, they’re cheating. She doesn’t believe Ramona is happy, since she was having sex every night when she was married. Bethenny says no one does it every night. Sonja says she was there (!), and Ramona says it was three or four times a week. She misses what they had, but has to go on. Sonja wails about how hard it must be, and Bethenny tells Sonja to knock it off. In her interview, she says you know if she’s defending Ramona, it’s bad. Ramona starts to argue with Sonja.

Next time, a fishing trip where whales show up, more tequila is swilled, there are fireworks, and Dorinda injures her hand.

🍴 On MasterChef, after Daisy the Cow was paraded around, the mystery box was revealed to have cow parts. That’s just wrong. One chef wasn’t sure what to do with the kidneys, and I’m reminded of the depression food my father cooked when I was a child. (His neck bone soup still stands as one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.) Angus steak and asparagus were in the pressure test, and Nico went home. Gordon told him he was talented, but couldn’t grasp his fundamental errors. Truth! He could not grasp the reasons his dish went wrong. Next time, the chefs have to cook for the backbone of culinary world, and use their products. We also learn ricotta and halibut don’t go together.

It’s Back…


🍨 Whatever doesn’t kill us, makes us thinner. – Devon, Odd Mom Out


July 19, 2017 – Finn is Cleared & the NYC Wives Invade Mexico


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



General Hospital

Julian rings Alexis’s doorbell. She says she’s working on a new case. He hopes she has time for one more, but she says she’s not representing him. He’s no asking her to; he wants her to be a witness.

Hayden is proud of Finn, and wants to celebrate. He tells her that the townhouse he was buying fell out of escrow. He’s found another one, but they have to move fast. Griff appears and says assuming he passes the next drug test. Finn says they already proved the others were tampered with. Monica joins them, and says that she wants to have a serious talk with Finn.

At the Crimson office, Nina tells Nathan that the Man Landers interview is being edited. He says he’s getting in deeper and deeper. He asks if she’s keeping her promise to stay away from Valentin. She says she is, but he’s not staying away from her; he told her he’s pulling out all the stops. Nina tells Nathan that he’s starting with this, and shows him some paperwork. He says a nursing home for horses; Valentin knows how to win her heart back. He asks if it’s working.

Charlotte says she’s not hungry, but if she gets more ice cream, she and Valentin don’t have to leave.

Laura calls Dante and tells him that Spencer has disappeared. Dante thinks it’s not that unusual. He says Lulu told him that Spencer has taken off a lot. Laura says he’s been aggressive about wanting to get his inheritance back from Valentin, and that’s what has her worried. She thinks Valentin would like nothing better than for Spencer to disappear.

Julian tells Alexis that he wants her to tell the truth, and nothing but.

Monica looks all serious, and says according to his latest test results… Finn is okay. His test was negative, and he’s vindicated her faith in him. She did that thing like they do on the competition shows, acting like the results were horrible, when he’d really won the prize. Finn is wanted in the conference room. Monica congratulates him on being officially reinstated.

Nina tells Nathan that she might be able to entertain the idea of giving Valentin a second chance, but only if he can put the past in the past, and create a future with her and Charlotte. He asks if she told Valentin that, and she says she told Nelle. He says that’s worse; she’s just trying to convince herself. Nina says sometimes people do terrible things, and Obrecht enters her office, saying even she’s capable of indiscretions. Nina adds, sometimes before her morning coffee. Obrecht says no one is beyond redemption. She wants to discuss something with Nina privately, and Nathan leaves.

Nina tells Obrecht that she heard what happened. Obrecht says she’s glad to be rid of GH.

When Finn gets to the conference room, there’s a surprise party for him.

At the station, Laura explains everything to Doc, and tells him about Valentin’s court order. She also tells him that Spencer is missing. Dante says with any luck, someone saw him. Laura says he would have told Chandler if he was going somewhere. Dante asks if he’s that considerate, and Doc says, no, that thorough. Laura says it has to be Valentin, and tells Dante about the altercation at the park. Dante says that doesn’t mean anything, and she tells him about lawsuit. Doc says at the least, he’ll suffer public humiliation, and at worst, be wiped out. Laura says it’s clear he wanted it to go away.

Valentin tells Charlotte that they never have to be apart again. They can even petition the court again, and she could come back to Windemere to live. He says Spencer is a troubled young man, but it’s not okay for him to take his unhappiness out on her. She won’t be seeing him anymore. Valentin sees an Amber Alert for Spencer on his phone.

Alexis tells Julian that she’ll go to jail if she lies, and there’s no proof about Olivia-J threatening her. Julian says that he took bullet so Alexis could walk away. She says Leo could tear this apart on the stand, but Julian thinks a jury will buy it. He says if she testifies, she’ll be risking everything, and has nothing to gain by lying, so they’ll believe her. She says it’s not a good argument, but a huge stretch. The only way she’ll do it is if he testifies too. She makes him swear on a Bible. Like that means anything to him.

Finn tells Monica that her bedside manner is worse than his. She toasts to his courage. She says they look out for each other, but today they’re here for him. He thanks each of them for giving him a second chance, but says wouldn’t be on the planet if not for Hayden. Elizabeth says that in his honor, they’ve raided the vending machines.

Nina tells Obrecht that they already have a medical column, but Obrecht isn’t suggesting anything fluffy. She wants to write a serious scholarly report on medical research. Nina thinks a medical journal would be best for her work. Obrecht says that Nina has no place for her, and why should her talents be appreciated there when they were dismissed by the hospital? Nina says she’ll call around and find an opportunity that’s a better fit for her talent. Obrecht says that’s surprisingly kind. She’ll think about it while she collects her final paycheck, and then goes off to the cow pasture. While Nina ponders this, music from the Planet Terror soundtrack is played. I’m not kidding. I’ve seen that movie a thousand times.

Nathan calls Nina and asks her to come to the station. He needs to talk to her about Spencer.

Valentin suggests that he and Charlotte go to Windemere and feed the horses. Laura and Doc enter the restaurant and ask if Charlotte is having a nice visit. She tells them about going to feed the horses. Dante comes in, and says before they go, he needs to ask Valentin some questions. Valentin says he has a court order for visitation, but Dante says that it’s just a few questions about something else. Valentin tells Charlotte to stay, and if he’s not back in time for them to go to Windemere, they’ll see the horses next visit. Charlotte asks Laura if this is because of Spencer.

At the station, Nathan asks Nina about Spencer coming to Windemere. She tells him about going to get her jewelry, and the door being unlocked. She found Spencer inside, and says he was trying to get proof that the estate was his, but only found a copy of the will saying it was left to Valentin. After that, he seemed more determined than disappointed. Nathan asks if it seemed like he intended further action. Nina says not that night, but before. He came to her office, and demanded Windemere back. She explained that it was Valentin’s, and he wanted to contact him, but Laura and Doc arrived. Nathan asks if she thinks Spencer is capable of acting on his own. She says yes, but all Nathan knows is that he’s disappeared.

Hayden tells Elizabeth to pinch her because everything is going so well. When she does, Hayden is like, hey, and Elizabeth says she told her to do it. Elizabeth admits to being just a little jealous. Hayden says she thought Elizabeth was happy with Franco. Elizabeth says she is, but it will never be normal, not that it’s necessarily a bad thing. She tells Hayden that she deserves some calm for sticking by Finn. Griff gives a toast, saying the day has been a long time coming. He talks about how the guest of honor has been misunderstood. They broke the rules, but is someone that GH couldn’t live without. Obrecht overhears, and for a moment, thinks the party is for her. She walks in.

Alexis questions Julian. He talks about Olivia-J’s machinations, but Alexis says that was after. What about before he grabbed Alexis on the pier and held a knife to her throat? He asks if she remembers him asking his sister if he hadn’t done enough. Alexis remembers, and also remembers Olivia pretending to be an AA sponsor. She says she remembers how Julian didn’t warn her, not even a little hint. Julian says that if she’d known, she would have acted differently, and if Olivia had realized, she would have sliced Alexis’s throat open for real. He begged Alexis not to use her as a sponsor. She’d already almost killed Sam and Scout. Alexis asks if there’s anyone who can corroborate that; there’s no evidence to the contrary. He says he doesn’t have a witness, but he does have proof.

Monica asks Obrecht if they can help her, and she runs out. Hayden follows, saying she’s glad Obrecht came. She asks if Obrecht thought she was getting a gold watch, and says she’s lucky she’s not in prison.

Charlotte tells Doc and Laura about Valentin saying that Spencer is troubled, and that he misses his father, but shouldn’t be taking it out on her. And he told her that she won’t be seeing Spencer anymore.

Nina asks what Valentin is doing at the station. He says he has no idea. Dante tells him that Spencer disappeared from the park, and according to Laura, Spencer told Charlotte that Valentin had killed his father. Nina says he had no right to pick on Charlotte. Valentin says Spencer is a child, which gives him leeway, but he’s unhappy with the grown-ups who have indulged him. He’s a bully and a precocious jerk, which is what he told Laura.

Julian hands Alexis the letter that he’d left for her, and tells her to read it again, so they can enter it into the record. She reads about Olivia-J’s threats, and that he had one mission, to protect his family. Julian starts to recite the letter, saying that he never stopped loving her. He tells her that the defense rests. A tear rolls down her cheek.

Hayden gives Obrecht her severance pay. Obrecht asks if Hayden has any idea what she’s achieved. Hayden says she’s a magnificent healer. She looked at Obrecht’s file, and says she has amazing skill and vision. Obrecht asks why then? Hayden says she also took a good look at her background, and she’s like two people – one willing to help others, and the other willing to destroy them. She has to go, the sooner the better. Obrecht says it won’t stop her. Finn comes out to check on Hayden, and Obrecht says how chivalrous. She asks where his sense of honor and duty was when he was injecting himself while attending to patients. He tells her that he owned up to his mistakes, and now it’s her turn. He has a chance to have a future. Obrecht laughs, saying he’s as sanctimonious as Griff, but at least Griff is easy on the eyes. Finn admits Griff is handsome. Hayden tells Obrecht to take her severance pay and go.

Laura asks what Charlotte thinks her poppa meant. Charlotte says Spencer hurts her feelings, so she doesn’t have to see him anymore. Laura wants to take her home, but she wants to wait. Doc says it might take a while, and she asks why.

Dante tells Valentin that he might want to consult a lawyer. Valentin says that he would never harm a child, and Dante brings up the lawsuit. Valentin tells him that Alexis is exploiting a child with a suit that has no merit, but Dante says maybe he sees Spencer as something to be removed. Dante asks Nina what she thinks, and Nina tells him it’s bad police work, rushing to judgement with no witnesses or evidence. Nathan says someone saw a child being dragged from the park. When Dante asks if there was a description, Nathan says him, nodding at Valentin.

Alexis tells Julian that the letter is convincing. Julian says she knows it’s true, but she says knowing and convincing are two different things. She asks why he left her, and why he didn’t find her after he fell from the bridge? He says it was the only way to protect her. If the police had known, she would have been charged as an accomplice, and he didn’t want to implicate her. She asks why didn’t he stay dead, instead of dragging her into his dysfunction. Julian tells her that he knew he had to see her again, and she wanted it too. She says a jury isn’t going to be amused. He says he’ll take that chance as long as she’s willing. The doorbell rings. It’s a process server. Alexis says that she’s been summoned to be witness for the prosecution.

Finn thanks everyone especially Hayden. He promises she won’t regret it. Monica says welcome back to GH, now get back to work. Finn gets a call, and tells Hayden they’ll be looking at a house after his shift. They kiss.

Obrecht goes to her office, and sees her things packed. She opens her laptop, and uses Spyder Finder to look up Finn. She says what’s the point? She’s already dug up his less than spotless past, and besides, there’s a more effective method to make him pay. She puts Hayden/Rachel’s name in the search engine.

Laura tells Charlotte that Dante probably needed help on a case. Doc says he does it all the time, but it takes a while, so maybe she should go to Dante and Lulu’s. Laura says they’ll make sure her poppa knows. Charlotte says that no matter what it takes, he always comes back.

Valentin swears he had nothing to do with it. He drops a paper. It’s Spencer’s notes on Hamlet. Dante asks why he has it, and Valentin says there’s a simple explanation. (Isn’t it always?) Dante arrests him.

Tomorrow, Lucy has the keys to Finn and Hayden’s dream house, Laura needs Sonny’s help, and Hayden asks Obrecht why she’s still at the hospital.

The Real Housewives of NYC

We’re in Mexico! Bethenny has the flu, but she cancelled the last trip because of health issues, so she’s going this time. She says Ramona looks like the Bride of Frankenstein, since she decided they have a chemical peel five minutes before the flight. Carole wants to go to Taco Bell, and I’m hoping they don’t really have those there. The ladies play marry-shag-kill in the limo to the hotel. Adam and Scott (Tinsley’s blind date) are off on a guy’s trip to Vegas. Tinsley says their first date lasted five days; they ended up going to Miami. Sonja tells them she got her first d*ck pic, but it was a wrong number. Bethenny thinks that’s the best, and I agree. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that pic, but it’s funny when it happens to Sonja.

No surprise, the villa is fabulous. Even Bethenny is impressed. I’m sure Ramona will be complaining in, three…two…one. Bethenny says she wants the trip perfect. It almost didn’t happen so many times, she’s excited now. Dorinda doesn’t care what room she gets, saying she’ll sleep on the lawn. Ramona tells Sonja that they got the worst room in Miami, so she has to speak up this time. Ramona is such an immature jerk. A small buffet has already been put out, and oddly enough, their chef’s name is Ramona. Bethenny says they’re going to do the rooms fairly, and is annoyed that Ramona and Sonja are already scoping out the rooms. When they appear, she tells them they’re not playing the room game, and that nobody acts like this except for them. In her interview, she calls Ramona a grabber. We flash back to Ramona being grabby. She says Sonja isn’t much better; she’s an accomplice.

Bethenny makes the girls pick room numbers from a bowl. Tinsley says she won, and jumps up and down, so I assume she got the most coveted room. Ramona thinks she’s going to be stuck in the shed. Bethenny says karma’s a bitch, and she always shows up – even in Mexico. Ramona tries to get Tinsley to share, but Tinsley gives the room to Bethenny. Ah-ha! (In Nelson voice.)

Ramona is pissed off because Tinsley is staying with Sonja for free, and didn’t give her the room. What a couple of selfish twits. Bethenny sees Ramona and Sonja’s bags in her room, and says get them out. Sonja bitches to Tinsley about giving Bethenny the room. Bethenny tells her this isn’t bringing out the best in her. I have to add that all of the rooms are gorgeous. Carole says the both of them have zero self-awareness. They have no idea what they look like, and maybe don’t care. Ramona continues to act like a moron, asking if they can’t share or whatever. Dorinda has to explain the word lottery to her. Sonja doesn’t want any room that involves going up stairs. In her interview, Carole suggests not drinking so much, and you won’t have to worry about falling down – it’s not that complicated. Ramona continues to berate Tinsley, who says Bethenny planned the trip, and deserves the room.

Ramona and Sonja try to take Dorinda’s room next, and Dorinda asks Bethenny to help mediate. Bethenny wonders if this is normal behavior for grown women, and says, enough; Dorinda switched rooms for them last time. You get what you get and don’t get upset. Tinsley tells them to quit coming at her and being bitchy. Bethenny asks if Sonja would accept her daughter acting like this, and Sonja says no, but she wouldn’t act like this. Bethenny reminds Ramona that Dorinda has been a good friend to her, yet she trashed Dorinda’s place, and calls them room bullies. Ramona is in Dorinda’s bed, and Dorinda tells her to get out or she’s going to throw her stuff in the pool. Bethenny tells Dorinda that Ramona is neither a good nor happy person. Sonja and Ramona gripe all the way to their unwanted room.

As soon as Sonja gets her luggage in the room, Ramona decides to switch rooms. She harasses the guy who helped with her luggage because she’s too tired to unpack. She gives him a bunch of orders for the morning. Holy! Ramona is the worst.

Bethenny tells Carole to enjoy the water while she tries to break her fever. Carole has brought mustaches for everyone. Dorinda says they’re going to play the balloon game, and explains it to Carole, saying they play it in Britain all the time. That explains why I saw it on Ladies of London. Two people try to break a balloon between their bodies, and the team that breaks the most balloons, wins. Dorinda demonstrates on Carole, who calls it a drunk game.

By the pool, Dorinda wonders if Sonja and Ramona are still mad at them. Luann says it should be the other way around. Tinsley talks about how she got lambasted for not giving them the room. Luann rouses Dorinda out of the chaise lounge to go choose their outfits for dinner. Ramona and Sonja are sitting on the beach, and Tinsley thinks Sonja is angry, judging by her body language. In her interview, Carole says she thinks Tinsley is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, and identifying with her captor.

Ramona goes blah-blah-blah to Sonja about how friendships come and go, but Sonja will be in her life forever. Back at the pool, Bethenny says that Ramona brings out the worst in Sonja. They even had two shots at the lottery. Ramona tells Sonja she’s in a good place, and let’s live in the moment. In her interview, Sonja says she’s trying to concentrate on what Ramona is saying, but she looks like a pizza pie. They kiss, and everyone by the pool is like, eww!

Dinner is at seven, it’s eight thirty, and Bethenny is the only one there. Ramona and Sonja are perusing their shoes. Tinsley got an email from someone who said Page Six is doing a story about her not being grateful to Sonja, and it’s not what she needs right now. We flash back, and it sure sounds like Ramona encouraged that story. Sonja tells Ramona that Tinsley is intimidated by Bethenny, and she’s been on her to be more loyal.

Bethenny checks on Carole and Tinsley to hurry them along. She thinks Page Six is stupid, and no one will care anyway. Bethenny asks when Tinsley is moving, and Tinsley hopes it’s soon. Luann shows up at the table. Carole says she usually can’t tell when Luann has had too much to drink, but tonight something is definitely going on. Dorinda has chosen to hole up in her room. Carole calls Sonja, who asks what time dinner is. Sigh. Bethenny says that Ramona trying to put make up on is like throwing an extra deck chair off the QE2. No clue what that means, but Carole finds it amusing.

Carole tells the group about Page Six running the item about Tinsley being ungrateful. Luann wonders who put that out there. Sonja and Ramona finally show up, insisting they’re almost two hours late because their room is so far away. Luann makes a toast to the trip, and thanks Bethenny. Ramona gripes about the toast, and Bethenny asks why she’s an animal. Ramona claims that she’s just being real. Bethenny says that’s interesting, since she needs to own all her stuff. Tinsley brings up Page Six, and Sonja acts ignorant. Tinsley asks who’s talking, and Ramona insists she avoids the press. Carole points out it’s the exact same thing Ramona said to Tinsley the last time they were together, and Tinsley says she doesn’t need this BS. Carole says that Sonja gives Page Six a lot of stories, and Sonja suddenly tries to change things that she’s said. She says who cares, and Tinsley says she does, and tells Ramona to STFU. Ramona wants to know if they’re in high school. That’s rich coming from her. Tinsley gets riled about being called inconsiderate, and Ramona changes what she just said. Almost every one of the Housewives thinks that we have short-term memory loss. In her interview, Bethenny says Sonja loves the press, and thinks it has her name written all over it. Luann has to re-collect herself in a major way, and steps away from the table. At this point, Tinsley is in tears. Bethenny tells Sonja that her friend brings out the worst in her. Bethenny says that some people could never afford this kind of trip (I raise my hand), and the two of them are greedy. She says Sonja needs to change, or she won’t have any friends. Sonja admits to having a bad side, but thinks it’s an overreaction.

Luann and Ramona sit on the steps outside. Ramona says she knows she’s not normal, but the rest of them are acting crazy. She doesn’t believe Sonja put that in the press. Inside, Bethenny tells Sonja to quit blaming Ramona; it’s not a good look.

Luann does a booty shake, and starts to walk down the stairs. She suddenly takes a dive, and falls into the bushes. The two of them laugh hysterically. In her interview, Ramona says out of all of them, Luann holds her liquor the best, so she doesn’t know what happened. One of the staff plucks Luann out of the shrubbery.

Carole and Bethenny try to calm Tinsley down. Bethenny says Sonja doesn’t hear people talk; she just keeps talking. Sonja insists that no one is hearing her side.

Ramona tells Luann that she can’t do anything right by them. Luann takes another spill, and says that’s bad. Ramona bitches about no stairs being there, and gives several other reasons that Luann fell, except the one where she’s drunk off her ass. A staff member helps her to her room.

Ramona tells the others about Luann’s acrobatics. Carole wants Tinsley and Sonja to kiss and make up, but Tinsley says no. Ramona says Tinsley always screeches and it hurts her ears.

Next time, surfing, shopping, the trip to the distillery, and Ramona has it out with both Bethenny and Sonja.

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July 12, 2017 – Valentin Makes the Rounds, Ramona Invites Herself to Mexico & Lotsa Lamb


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General Hospital

At the hospital, Bobbie asks Carly how the wedding was. Carly says it was amazing, and the happy couple is… happy. Bobbie says, a good time was had by all, but Carly tells her not all. Michael brought Nelle as his date.

Nelle tells Nina she has a visitor in her office. Nina assumes it’s Valentin, but it’s Julian. He says he has news for her; the party is over.

Valentin is right behind him though, and walks into the reception area. Nelle thought he was out of the country. He says he’s back, and asks if Nina is in.

Laura tells Doc that she wishes Spencer would take interest in more activities, but right now he’s just interested in the play.

Spencer practices Hamlet in the park. Josslyn sees him, and says it’s a depressing play. At a certain point, she stopped feeling sorry for Hamlet, because he was always feeling sorry for himself. Spencer says there’s no nobler mission than to avenge a father’s death.

Jason and Sonny talk about the wedding. Sonny wants to discuss business. He has something that he thinks will benefit both of them. In her head, Sonny tells Sam that they’re doing business like old times.

Laura asks Doc if she’s doing the right thing. He says that Spencer needs structure and to be with kids his own age. She’s concerned that she can’t distract him from his vendetta, but Doc thinks it’s just a way to keep his father in his life. He thinks they should give him as many opportunities to talk about Nicholas as possible, and maybe they can find better/healthier ways for him to connect to his father.

Josslyn says that Spencer would make a great Rum Tum Tugger (from Cats – which would be even more ambitious than Hamlet for a children’s camp), but he says that he’s better in darker roles; it’s complex, demanding, and takes total focus. She suggests he take a break and do some other activities, but Spencer says that he doesn’t have time for making lanyards and roasting marshmallows.

Carly tells Bobbie about Sonny apologizing to Josslyn, and her not having it. Bobbie says it’s understandable. Carly shouldn’t tolerate disrespect, but Josslyn is allowed her feelings. Carly says that Bobbie is no fan of Sonny’s either. Bobbie tells her that she doesn’t doubt Carly’s love for him, but something always gets in the way.

Mirage Sonny tells Sam that the closer Jason is to him, the farther he is from her and the kids, and the closer he is to death. Jason asks if she’s okay, and she makes something up. She says she has to be somewhere, and asks him to watch the kids.

Nina asks Julian what he’s doing in her office. He says checking on his holdings. He tells her that Crimson is doing well under her leadership. She thanks him, and says not so much the rest of his subsidiaries. He’d better get on it before there’s a hostile takeover.

Nelle tells Valentin that Nina is in a meeting, and he says he’ll wait. He asks about her health and if she’d like to come back as Charlotte’s nanny. She says she just started at Crimson, and he says that as long as she’s working for Nina, she’ll still be in Charlotte’s life. Julian leaves, and Nina sees Valentin.

Doc tells Laura that he’s more worried about her than Spencer. He sees her being strong and meeting Spencer’s needs, but he’s not sure that she’s taking care of her own. He thinks she’s afraid that if she eases up, the loss will overcome her. Laura says she supposes there are consequences for dating a psychiatrist, but Doc says he’s speaking as a partner who loves her. She says they’re coming to the one year anniversary of Nicholas’s death. He asks if it helps that Valentin is gone. Julian pops in out of nowhere, and says Valentin is in Port Charles; he just saw him.

Oscar joins Josslyn, and she introduces him to Spencer. Oscar says it must have been cool to go to a school overseas, but Spencer says he prefers being closer to home; better to reclaim what’s his.

Valentin asks if Nina will see him, and she says let’s get it over with. She asks what he wants, and he says he spent a lot of time imagining her face and smile, and wanted to see her in person. She tells him that she doesn’t have time for this, but he says that he wants to buy an ad for his new non-profit. It offers a safe haven for racehorses that would otherwise be destroyed. He’s named the rescue after her.

Sonny tells Jason that he’s sure Sam is dealing with him getting shot. Jason says she was never like that before, but Sonny says things change. He asks if Jason would like to partner with him in a completely legit business venture.

Carly tells Bobbie that she wants to focus on Michael and why he’s with Nelle. He has good judgement, but feels compassionate toward her, and gave her opening she needed. She says she asked Nelle if it was about revenge. Bobbie asks if Carly caused a scene. Carly says no, but she didn’t do herself any favors; Michael told her to butt out. Bobbie asks if she’s going to listen to him, and Carly says hell no. Nelle is a train wreck waiting to happen, and will end up hurting Michael if she doesn’t do something about it.

Julian explains to Doc and Laura about seeing Valentin at Nina’s office. Doc wonders how it’s possible. Laura says she has to call Lulu.

Valentin tells Nina about how he bought a farm for the horses, and will have children and veterans help rehabilitate them. Covering all the bases, I see. She says it’s beautiful, but transparent; he’s trying to lure her back. He says not lure, but he is trying to get on her good side. She says it doesn’t cancel out what he’s done, and the people he’s hurt, like Spencer. She tells him it’s not about the inheritance, but that he killed Spencer’s father. Valentin says that Nicholas faked his own death, and the rest is open to interpretation.

Spencer tells Oscar that his sinister uncle stole his inheritance, but a peasant like him wouldn’t understand. Josslyn is like, hey! and says she thought he stopped calling people peasants. She tells him that Oscar is a good guy. Oscar wants to get snacks, but Spencer wants to continue practicing for the play. Oscar misunderstands, saying oh, that’s what he was talking about, and that it sounded like he was saying it actually happened. Spencer says it did, and that’s why he’s qualified to play the Dane prince. His real uncle murdered his real father, and stole his inheritance. Josslyn says maybe that’s not the way to go, since Hamlet ended up destroying himself. Spencer says he’s smarter than that.

Carly tells Bobbie that ideally, Nelle will be serving time, and Michael will realize who she really is. Bobbie says Michael has his own life, but Carly says he’s the only son she has left. Bobbie tells her she’s going to lose him.

Sonny tells Jason about a property that he scored when the developer ran out of money. He wants to create a mixed retail and office space. He says it’s a big job, and he needs a partner.

Sam flies into the MetroCourt. Julian is at the bar, and she tells him that she has to talk to him. He thought that she was never speaking to him again, but she says that depends on how the conversation goes. She tells him that Sonny says he’s going legit. Julian says that’s never going to happen, but all she cares about is keeping Jason out of it. If Julian wants a relationship with her and the kids, he’d better care too. Julian thinks he missed something, since Jason has been out of the business for a while. Sam says that Jason dropped everything to warn Sonny about Marvy Garvy. Julian says that doesn’t mean he’s thinking about going back, but Sam says that Jason has loyalty toward Sonny, and she’ll do anything to prevent him getting involved. She asks what he would do. He says if she’s looking for a guarantee, there’s only one option – get rid of Sonny.

Jason tells Sonny that it’s not for him. Sonny says it’s a legit opportunity, and he doesn’t need money, just participation. Jason tells him that there are a lot of great people out there. Sonny says it’s above board, vanilla and mainstream as it comes, but Jason says that people will think it’s a front, and that he’s taking over. He can’t risk it.

Bobbie says she knows that Carly wants to protect Michael, but he made the decision to forgive Nelle. She doesn’t want to back him into a corner. If she does things her way, she could lose him for good, but if she doesn’t, Nelle will take him away. Carly says either way she loses, and Bobbie asks if she honestly didn’t think she wouldn’t come up with a third option.

Nina tells Nelle to warn her next time Julian comes around. She says he’s a liar and a criminal, and tried to undermine the magazine; she can’t trust him. She was going to say she couldn’t trust Valentin either, but there hasn’t been an ounce of proof that he’s committed any crime or broken any law. Nelle asks if she’s happy that he’s back, and Nina says no, they’re divorced. It doesn’t matter; it’s over. Nelle just nods and goes, uh-huh, like she doesn’t believe it. Me neither.

Laura tells Doc that Lulu had a run in with Valentin last night. She asks Doc to come with her to the camp. She wants to get Spencer home before Valentin can get near him.

Spencer continues to practice in the park. Valentin steps out, and applauds. He says that he absolutely believes Spencer could kill a man. He tells Spencer that he wants to talk; things between them are unresolved and they are family. He says he brought a peace offering, and shows Spencer a ring that Mikkos gave to all of his sons to bring them good luck. He wants to pass it on to Spencer. Spencer says that Valentin killed his father. If he thinks that a ring will make them even, he couldn’t be more wrong – dead wrong.

Julian tells Sam that it’s not easy to walk away from the business; it’s almost impossible. Sonny knows too much, and he’d have to turn the territory over to someone he trusts. Sam says that would be Jason, and she’ll lose the family peace that she’s cultivated. Hallucination Sonny tells her that there’s only one way, and too bad she doesn’t have the guts to do it. She says that she has to finish what she started, and tells Julian not to tell anyone about their conversation, not even her mother. He asks if she’s okay, and she says obviously not, since she came to him for help. Outside, she calls someone and asks if they’re still in business. She’d like to make a purchase. Too bad she missed Amazon Prime day.

Jason tells Sonny that it’s not personal. Sonny says he can’t argue it, and Jason says he has faith that Sonny will get out. He asks if they’re cool, and Sonny says they are. He’s going to talk to Michael about a joint venture. He tells Jason to hang on to the papers, so he can give Michael an honest second opinion. Jason thinks he can make it work. Sonny gets a call and has to go.

On the phone in the hallway, Sonny asks Diane to tell him something good. He says, okay, he’ll tell her the good news right away.

Oscar tells Josslyn that Spencer is interesting. She says they’re kind of related. She knows he can be a lot, but there’s a reason. His mom died when he was a baby, so he was close with his dad who was killed last summer. He was supposedly murdered, but no one knows what really happened. The guy was never charged because there wasn’t enough evidence. Oscar says she has a dramatic family, and Josslyn says tell her about it.

Carly says Bobbie just gave her a lecture on sucking it up. Bobbie says that’s not what she said; she told Carly that her plan would backfire and drive Michael away, but it’s not the only way. They need to gather facts about Nelle and arrange for Michael to find out. Carly says he already knows she has a shady past, but Bobbie asks if she thinks it ends there. One secret leads to one hundred secrets.

Carly likes the plan, but says it only works if Nelle has skeletons and if they can find them. Bobbie says it will only work if she keeps her distance. Bobbie calls Felicia, and asks her to find out the rest of Nelle’s story.

Nina tells Nelle that she’s glad Valentin is back for Charlotte’s sake, and the horses at Windemere. And the racehorses at the non-profit he’s put in her name. Nelle is impressed, but Nina says it’s just a gesture and doesn’t change anything. Nelle doesn’t want to overstep, but points out that obviously Nina still loves him. Nina says love isn’t enough, and Nelle asks what it would take. She says to see the future, and know that the future is more important to him than the demons of the past.

Valentin tells Spencer that maybe there’s something he could do to even the scales. He holds out the ring, but Laura and Doc show up. Laura tells him to stay away from her grandson. Spencer tells him to keep the ring; he’ll make his own luck. Valentin can see if the ring helps him when it’s buried with him.

Sam comes home. She asks Jason about the papers, and he explains about Sonny’s project. She says if Jason isn’t going to be involved, why leave the paperwork? Imaginary Sonny says that’s a good question. Jason tells her that Sonny wants Jason to look them over for Michael. She asks what if it’s an excuse, and Sonny thinks he’ll change his mind? Jason promises he’s not going back. Scout cries, and Jason goes upstairs. Not Real Sonny asks if she believes it. Sam says it doesn’t matter; she’s going to make sure it’s not an option, and points a gun at him.

Josslyn tells Oscar that her dad might be away, but he’s alive and well, and her mom is with her. It was selfish and shallow to complain. Oscar says when they start complaining, they should have a special code word they can say to put a lid on it. Josslyn asks if they’re never supposed to complain, but he says there should be a limit. He says the word should be something meaningful to both of them. I swear they say, “bird’s nest,” but that can’t be right. Could it?

At the park, Sonny shows up and asks to talk to Josslyn. She says she has to get back to work; her break is over. He promises that it’s good news, but she’s not interested. Oscar steps in and says she doesn’t want to talk. Sonny says he seems like a good kid, but it doesn’t involve him. Oscar says to leave her alone or he’ll have a problem.

Tomorrow, Carly says she’ll outplay Nelle, Felicia tells Nathan that Maxie thinks he’s keeping something from her, and Lucy visits Scotty with something that can’t wait.

The Real Housewives of NYC

Bethenny goes over the Mexico trip with her director, Joanne. She’ll feel personally responsible if everything isn’t perfect. Omg, more tequila. It’s like tequila week. Bethenny wants to see how the sausage gets made, so they’re going to the distillery, and having a tasting. She says she hasn’t invited Ramona, but since she’ll show up anyway, Bethenny is trying to make sure she arrives later.

Luann and Ramona meet for coffee. Luann asks if Ramona is coming. Ramona says she didn’t get an official invite, but thinks she will.

Carole visits Bethenny at her office. She says she went to court with Adam to get his security deposit back from his last apartment. She was channeling her political angst in another direction, but the landlord never showed up, so Adam won by default. In her interview, Bethenny says Carole is the one person who would want to do jury duty. Not if she lived in Queens. Carole tells Bethenny about getting a text from Ramona. Bethenny says she did too, saying that Ramona is sorry for what she’s going through.

Ramona tells Luann about the text, and remarks on how terrible suckerfish Jason Hoppy is. She says that she was wrong in what she said to Bethenny in Vermont, and Luann says to blame it on the booze. In her interview, Ramona says she has to reach out in a non-confrontational way, or she’ll lose the friendship, and she doesn’t want that to happen. Ramona wonders if Bethenny will exclude her. My Lord, for someone who fears being excluded so much, Ramona certainly acts like a monumental idiot.

Carole tells Bethenny that Ramona is hard to break up with. Ha-ha! Bethenny tells her about the trip schedule, and how she doesn’t want Ramona to ruin the day that she celebrates her business. Ramona won’t be coming when they go to the distillery. Bethenny doesn’t trust her.

Sonja goes to a hair removal salon. She says everyone is hairless except her, and she wants to deal with it before Mexico. I’m not repeating everything else she says. TMI. Way too much. She talks about missing Edgar (Frenchie). Then we get TMI about the men who come into the salon.

Dorinda is throwing a pre-Mexico, post-Vermont dinner at a steakhouse. Carole says she has the perfect guy for Tinsley, and they have a date on Saturday. Dorinda thinks that Tinsley should cut her hair. In her interview, she says long hair on an older woman can make her the Lyceum from the back, and a museum from the front. Tinsley is excited about the upcoming date, and they all look at his picture on Carole’s phone. She says he’s an internet entrepreneur, and creates promo codes for websites. Bethenny arrives. In an incredible new haircut, as though she’d heard Dorinda’s words. No museum for her. In her interview, Ramona says Bethenny greeted everyone except her, but she’s not going to be ruffled. Carole and Dorinda talk about a strip club steakhouse. Luann gets there last, and asks if she can bring anything for the trip. In her interview, she says that she’s only at the dinner to find out if Ramona is coming to Mexico. She tells Bethenny that she’s going to be coming on the same day as everyone else, and in her interview, Bethenny says thanks – in some cases, size does matter. Luann asks Bethenny if she’s inviting Ramona, but Bethenny says she doesn’t want her coming to the distillery. She’s barely adjusting to being at the same table.

Tinsley says she’s moving to a hotel, and plans on being there for two months. Her stuff is still in Florida, and she’s always wanted to be Eloise. Sonja’s newly darkened eyebrows are discussed. Sonja seems to be confused about Tinsley’s move. She wonders why Tinsley would stay with her to get a fresh start, and then go to a hotel. Um… because she’s tired of living with you? Tinsley tells her not to act like she’s blindsided, and don’t be mad at her.

Luann tells Bethenny to just do it, and Bethenny says she’ll have to just rip the bandage off. She sits next to Ramona, and tells her that it’s an uncomfortable situation. She doesn’t want to exclude Ramona, but she’s uncomfortable because of how Ramona has treated her, and doesn’t know how to deal with the situation. Bethenny notices that Tinsley is listening, and tells her MYOB. Bethenny says Ramona tries to make her feel like a failure, and Ramona justifies her remarks. Ramona says that Bethenny has said negative things about her too. In her interview, Ramona doesn’t like how Bethenny is trying to make up, but criticizing her at the same time. Ramona goes blah-blah-blah about her divorce, saying that she was married a billion years, and Bethenny was only married for two. Like being married to wannabe Hoppy for five minutes wouldn’t seem like a billion years. She tells Bethenny not to compare their lives, and to have more respect and sympathy for her. Bethenny says that she’s changed her mind; she doesn’t want Ramona to come on the trip. Ramona says that it’s a group trip and she’s coming, but won’t go to the distillery. This is the most horrific part of Ramona. She suddenly goes off like a rocket – no, into another stratosphere – about something irrational and/or irrelevant, and then acts like she didn’t just do that. And what is it with these reality show people who invite themselves to things they are intentionally not invited to? Sonja thinks Ramona should just let Bethenny speak her mind. Ramona starts crying, and Bethenny says she’s not interested in the waterworks. Ramona says it’s not always about her. Of course not. It’s always about Ramona. Carole thinks this is way too intense for what it is. Because everyone should react like her. In her interview, Bethenny says that Ramona is afraid of being rejected, and when she doesn’t get response she wants, she gets bitchy. Ramona calls Bethenny superficial. Bethenny brings up Ramona saying that she had sex to get where she is, but Ramona conveniently doesn’t remember saying that. In her interview, Dorinda says that Ramona should just be opportunistic, and get the invitation (IKR?); it’s not the place to be assertive and combative. Ramona says people fight and get over it, and she doesn’t need negative energy. She’s the mothering type, and realizes that Bethenny doesn’t want that. Ramona says they’re like oil and vinegar, and Bethenny corrects that to oil and water. Bethenny says that there’s nothing left to say. I swear, even if I’d been in the middle of that argument, I’d have literally LOL’d when Ramona said oil and vinegar.

Sonja tells Ramona that she handled it wrong. Ramona says she’s coming, but not to the distillery. Bethenny is like, hello? I’m sitting right here. That’s another thing. These women will be within two feet of each other and talk like the other one isn’t there. That’s how into themselves they are. In her interview, Sonja says she’s not excusing Ramona’s behavior, but she doesn’t like seeing Bethenny steamroll her, and says it’s Game of Thrones bad. Well, not quite. No one has been flayed alive…yet. Ramona says it wasn’t her intention to hurt Bethenny, and doesn’t know how to fix it. Bethenny says Ramona has done nasty and malicious things to her. Ramona insists that she wasn’t nasty in Vermont. Bethenny, having had enough, suggests they make a pact not to be mean, and just move forward. In her interview, Bethenny says she just agreed to a big bag of BS.

Ramona leaves, and Bethenny apologizes for snapping at Tinsley. Sonja asks if Ramona is coming on the trip, and Bethenny says she didn’t have a choice. She told Ramona that she didn’t want her to come, and she said she was coming. Ramona is like a cockroach that won’t die.

Ramona goes to work with her trainer, Kerry. In her interview, she says it’s good news to be invited to Mexico, but bad news about the truce. She’s not so sure it will happen. Well, it won’t if Ramona drinks, that’s for sure. She says that she has to work off the calories because she’s not giving up her wine. There goes that then. She blabs to Kerry about some guy she met, who said he didn’t mind watching her with another man. In her interview, she says dating is a mine field, where you have to navigate between bombs and goods. Yeah, I’m glad I don’t have to be out there. I don’t think I could be out there.

Carole and Adam join Scott to meet Tinsley. Tinsley is pleasantly surprised, saying he’s cuter in person, and he’s obviously happy. He loves Tito’s vodka, and Tinsley says he’s her man. They high-five. She’s wearing fishnet tights, and his eyes nearly fall out of his head. Carole talks about Scott having a place in Las Vegas, and Tinsley says that she had her 30th birthday there. It turns out Tinsley, Carole, and Scott were all born in August. They talk about Tinsley getting married secretly when she was a senior in high school.

In her interview, Carole says rule number one is don’t talk about your ex. She thinks Scott is a nice guy. and playing along, and that Tinsley needs a genuine nice guy. Carole says he’s never been married, and they talk about him moving away from the company and traveling more. He says that he’s a computer nerd and boring. Instead of surfing, he likes to hang by the pool. Tinsley says that’s right up her alley. In her interview, Carole says she knew they’d get along, and if they get married, she’ll be a hero. Tinsley says that she doesn’t like the taste of alcohol, but it makes her feel more like herself. That’s Carole’s second rule. She thinks Tinsley’s been talking too much about her ex and drinking, and needs a time out to get the date back on track. She drags Tinsley aside, under the guise of using the bathroom.

Carole asks what Tinsley thinks, and Tinsley says she likes him. Carole tells her maybe don’t talk about the alcohol so much, but we can see she’s already drunk. Carole says no on the ex too. Tinsley says this is new to her, and she’s glad Carole is there to keep her in check. Back at the table, Tinsley takes off her wedding ring, that she’s been wearing on her pinkie, and Carole says that it’s a step in the right direction. Scott hugs Tinsley, and she lays a massive kiss on him. He asks what else they can get rid of.

The girls get ready for the trip. Ramona talks to Dorinda, who says to go with a positive attitude, and who knows? By the end of the trip, they might be singing Kumbaya and braiding each other’s hair. Dorinda has never been to Mexico, and asks what to pack. Ramona lists all the stuff she’s bringing, and Dorinda realizes that she forgot to pack bathing suits. This is getting to be a habit with her.

Next time, beautiful Mexico, Ramona complains about her room, skinny(girl) dipping, Luann takes a spill, and no surprise, lots of fighting.

🍴 I need to get to bed early, so I had to skip The f Word (sniff… it’s one of my favorites), but I’ll catch it On Demand over the weekend. I might as well. All the money I pay for FIOS, and they think no one watches TV on the weekend until Sunday night. Then everything is on all at once. Looking forward to Game of Thrones.

🍜 I did catch MasterChef though. Gordon taught the contestants how to cut lamb chops. Geez. That made me think of Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop (google it), and I’ll end up being a vegetarian yet. Come to think of it though, whose brilliant idea was it to name a cute puppet after a cut of meat? It’s kind of cruel. Reba told Gordon she had never had lamb before, and he asked about her hunting skills. One of the things she hunts and cooks up is squirrel. Did you know that the brains are “succulent and delicious?” Me neither. And I never will. Yep, veganism, here I come. It was all about the lamb in the challenge too. Gordon told Sam that his dish was an “insult to the cut.” Ouch! Jennifer was called out for being a basket case before Gordon even took a bite, and he told her to stay composed and not show her weakness. Her lamb was fine, but I’m surprised they haven’t let her go on emotional level alone. At the end, it was between Sam and Newton, whose lamb was undercooked and Christina wasn’t too happy with the breading. Gordon asked one of them to take their apron off, and Sam bowed out. Gordon said he wasn’t ready yet, and Sam made a gracious exit, saying that the criticism made him stronger. Newton appreciated Sam taking a bullet for him, and said he’ll have to rise to the occasion. Next time, the contestants put together a 5-star restaurant, and a breakfast, with scrambled eggs back to haunt them again. There’s also going to be a fish and chips pressure test.


Shari Lewis & Lamb Chop at the Children’s Museum