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May 30, 2018 – Kiki Makes a Decision, Bethenny’s Holiday Party, a Cruise at the Dock, Selling Spaces & Your Choice


What I Watched Today

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General Hospital

Jason talks to Spinelli on the phone, saying they have to prove Nelle set up Carly. He tells Spinelli that she left a trail somewhere, and they have to find it. He opens the door, and Kim is there.

Curtis sees Sam sitting on a bench. She’s like, hi, stranger, and he says he’s been making merry. Since he proposed to Jordan, she can’t blame a brother for wanting to celebrate. She says he missed a lot last night. He says he’s a good investigator, but bows to her expertise, and asks how she figured out that Peter was Henrik.

Peter tells Drew that it’s a simple transaction. Help him get out, and he’ll give Drew the means to remember his life as Drew. It’s in his possession.

Nina calls Nora from the hospital. She wants to start divorce proceedings, and wants Nora to represent her. Obrecht surprises her. She asks if the baby is okay. Nina says he’s small, but growing every day, and Maxie is doing fine. Obrecht wants to see her grandson, but Nina says there are a few things she needs to know.

Alexis looks at a picture of Mikkos, and goes through some Cassadine keepsakes. Her doorbell rings. It’s Valentin. He calls her Natasha. I love that name. It’s too bad she didn’t keep it. I had a German Shepherd named Natasha.

Elizabeth asks Kiki if David actually propositioned her. She’s not doubting it; she just doesn’t want to misunderstand. Kiki says he offered her his hotel key, and told her that he’d be waiting, if she wanted a better evaluation. It’s not the first time he came on to her.

Kim hopes Jason doesn’t mind; Josslyn gave her the address. He tells her it’s not a good time. She says she wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t important. Drew is about to take a terrible risk, and she thinks Jason is the one person who can stop him.

Sam tells Curtis how Peter had already made arrangements to meet Anna, but thank God, Jason showed up. Curtis wonders, if Jason got the drop on Peter, why is he still alive? Sam says Anna threatened to kill Jason, and Curtis says that’s taking law enforcement to the next level. She tells him to brace himself – Anna is Peter’s mother. She explains that Faison got Anna pregnant, she gave the baby up, and now they have Peter. (Really. The explanation was that simple.) Curtis thinks that explains why there’s no record of a history; it was forged. Sam doesn’t think it was entirely, and that the past couple of years, Peter was living under his new name. Curtis asks what happens to him now. Sam says the WSB is working on extradition. Curtis says he knows he’s fired. Sam tells him that Drew put out a press release. Now the truth is out. She thinks Drew needs time to himself to figure out who he is, and she needs to rebuild her own life.

Peter tells Drew that the baseline map of his memories is on the flash drive. It was hidden in an ornament, and given to Anna. She wasn’t aware of it, and donated it to the park Christmas tree, where he appropriated it. A copy of Drew’s memories is his for a price.

Valentin wants to solicit Alexis’s work as an attorney. He’ll pay her hourly, and make a generous contribution toward her daughter’s charity. He wants to move the bulk of his assets to a trust for Charlotte, and avoid any potential legal difficulties. Alexis asks if he’s worried about a lawsuit, and he says he can’t be too careful, but not yet. She asks why her, and he says she’s family; they should help each other. He looks at a piece of jewelry in her keepsake box.

Julian leaves a message for Kim to stop by Charlie’s. Lucas shows up there, and tells Julian he needs help. It’s about his biological mother.

Obrecht asks Nina to explain, and Nina says Peter delivered the baby by the side of the road. Obrecht says she’ll bake him a strudel to thank him. Nina says there’s more. He’s really Henrik. Obrecht says that’s not possible. She remembers Henrik as shy and clumsy, tripping over his own feet. Nina says, obviously, he’s changed. He was Maxie’s friend, and at the fundraiser with her. He was also there when Nathan got shot. Faison wasn’t going to Crimson to find Maxie, but to find Peter, and Nathan was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Obrecht asks if Maxie knows, and Nina tells her yes. Peter is in jail, but she doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Obrecht says there’s time to deal with that later, but now she wants to see her grandson. Nina says she’s not finished.

Jason tells Kim, whatever is going on, he can’t help. Carly is his priority. Kim is sorry about what’s happened, but Carly’s life isn’t on the line, and Drew’s might be. Jason says Drew can take care of himself, but Kim says he’s also Oscar’s father – Jason’s nephew. Oscar is just getting to know him, and if he loses him, it will break his heart. She asks if he’ll hear her out for Oscar’s sake, and Jason agrees.

Sam tells Curtis that she and Drew acquired Aurora to create a safe lifestyle for their family, and she thinks they did that. She wants to support him, and thinks she has, but she’s not wired that way. Curtis gets it. She wants variety, stimulation, meeting new people, and challenges that make her think quickly on her feet. They’re wired the same way. He tells her to look no further. He’s her partner.

Drew says Peter had the flash drive since Christmas. He could have made it known, or given it to someone anonymously, but held on to it just in case. Peter says, preparing for every eventuality is good business practice. Drew says it’s not business; it’s his life. Peter says it has everything on it, and it’s his gift to Drew – if he gets him out of there.

Nina tells Obrecht that Valentin knew. Obrecht says he worked for Faison, so probably saw Henrik when he was home on breaks from school. He also knew Henrik’s mother. Obrecht says she was a streetwalker; one of the many Faison hired to resemble Anna. Nina says, wrong. He never knew the truth. Henrik’s mother is Anna.

Alexis tells Valentin that rooting through her things is no way to solicit her services. He asks if she was feeling nostalgic, and she says she was feeling grateful to escape with her sanity intact. Valentin says he has failings, but galloping insanity isn’t one of them. Alexis says, no, but he inherited a lack of scruples, morality, and a semblance of a conscience. He says he thought she tried to avoid everything Cassadine, but she says she was trying to fill in the gap. Valentin says if she works for him, he’ll tell her everything.

Kiki tells Elizabeth that at first, David was super nice and complementary. He suggested medical school, and encouraged her through the whole process. It was when he started insisting on taking her out for meals and giving her gifts, things got weird. She thought he was just being a mentor. Elizabeth says a mentor isn’t supposed to behave like that. Kiki didn’t want to seem ungrateful or over sensitive. She didn’t know how far it had gone until he kissed her a few months ago. Then she thought maybe she’d misunderstood, and had sent the wrong signals. She told him she didn’t have those kinds of feelings for him, and he seemed to accept it, but then treated her differently. When he wasn’t being extra hard on her for little things, he was super nice, and easy going, and acted like the reprimands and chewing out never happened. He showed her a draft of her evaluation. It was a disaster, but he told her there was still time for revisions – if she was waiting in his hotel room. Elizabeth asks if Kiki thinks he’s there, but she thinks he’s still lurking around somewhere. Elizabeth says he’s about to get what’s coming to him.

Kim tells Jason that Andre thinks at best, he can remove Jason’s memories from Drew, and he won’t recall anything before he came to Port Charles. At worst, he could have severe brain damage. He’s risking the ability to reason and feel, but he wants his own life without Jason’s memories. Jason asks what he can do, and Kim asks if he thinks Drew won’t listen because of Sam.

Sam asks if Curtis wants to open a PI firm and he’s inviting her to join him. He says he already has a thriving business, but there’s too much work to do it alone. She asks if he’s trying to recruit her before she’s his biggest competition. He says she knows how valuable a partner is, and it would be a smart move. Even their names sound great – Ashford and Caine. Sam messes with her ring, and tells him it’s McCall; she already filed paperwork to change it back. Curtis likes it even better – Ashford and McCall. She asks why his name is first, and he says it sounds better. He can also offer the argument that it’s alphabetical, like Lennon and McCartney. It was argued for years who was more talented and appealing, but both were brilliant, and more so together. She says it’s one of the best arguments she’s heard, and he asks if it worked. She says she doesn’t know. She has to talk to Drew. She has things to finalize with him, and a few loose ends tie up.

Drew asks if Peter wants him to break him out. Peter says he should know how; he did for his father. He can make the choice to be the man he was meant to be, or carry his brother’s memories. Drew tells him Andre has agreed to oversee the procedure, and wipe out Jason’s memories. Peter says, without the flash drive, there’s no way to restore Drew’s memories, but Drew says, who knows? Maybe they’re still there. Peter says maybe they’ll come back without Jason’s memories there, or he’ll have no mind at all. Drew says it’s a risk he’ll have to take. Peter says it would be an even trade; he’s making a mistake. Drew says he’s made a lot of them, but he’s not going to make the mistake of setting him free. He calls Peter Henrik, and tells him to enjoy his time there. He leaves, as Peter calls after him.

Obrecht is shocked, and Nina says there’s no question that Anna is Peter’s mother. She had the baby in secret, and gave it away. Valentin found out, and took the baby, giving it to Faison. He never told Faison that Anna was the mother. Obrecht says if Faison had known the baby was the product of a union with Anna, he would have been more obsessed. Peter never would have escaped. Nina tells her that Valentin said the same thing. Obrecht suggests they see the baby. They have a living reminder of her beautiful son, and Nina’s beautiful brother.

Lucas gives Julian a baby scrapbook, and says his mother’s thoughts are fuzzy about his grandparents. He asks if Julian could fill it in. Julian couldn’t be happier. Did Lucas think he’d turn him down? Lucas says he’d be within his rights; they asked him to keep his distance. Julian understands parents protecting their child. Lucas says they have to get the child before they can protect it. The birth mother could change her mind any time during the process. It’s far from a done deal. She could pull the rug out at any time.

Alexis wonders what Valentin is really up to, and he asks what he’d have to gain by lying? She tells him just because she doesn’t know his motive, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have one. He says, spoken like a true Cassadine. No one knows the family better than he does. She says the family didn’t know he existed. Neither one of them had any meaningful contact with their father. Valentin says he’s a demon for research, and has learned a lot since living on the estate. She says it was left to him as a last resort. Their father would never have named his daughter as heir. He asks if she had wanted to inherit it, and she says, hell no, but he says it’s sweet to get validation, even if it’s too late. She asks why she’d want to resurrect Mikkos, and he says sometimes we’re drawn to what hurts us the most.

Kim says Jason’s personal life is none of her business, but Oscar is. Oscar needs Drew, and she wonders if part of why he wants the procedure is because of the of the break up. She can’t imagine what it’s like; which feelings are his or Jason’s. Jason wants nothing to do with it, but Kim asks if he can’t just try and tell him not to take the risk. He says it’s not his choice to make. Kim asks what he’d do in Drew’s place, and Jason says if the only way to be free is to risk everything, it would be worth it. He’d rather die than have someone else controlling him. Maybe Drew feels the same way.

Peter hears someone, and thinks it’s Drew, but it’s Sam. She bets he wasn’t expecting to see her. The only reason he’s alive is that he saved Jason’s life, and could have the answer to rebuild Drew’s. For that, and that alone, she’s grateful. He asks, how grateful?

Drew remembers talking to Jason at the gym, and saying when he looks in the mirror, all he sees is Jason. He doesn’t remember before 2013, but feels like he was there, and doesn’t want Jason’s baggage. He calls Andre, and says he knows what he wants to do.

Nina shows Obrecht the baby, and she marvels at his tininess. o the baby she marvels Deanna asks if Nina is checking on James again, and Nina says he’s quite the looker. Obrecht is thrilled that the baby is named James. She can’t conceive of a finer name.

Alexis tells Valentin that she can do research herself. He says, then he’ll take his leave, but asks her to consider his offer. She says she does excellent research on her own, and he says assuming she knows where to look. She blocked the memory of her mother’s murder. How much of her life is a mystery to her? She tells him to get his portfolio. She needs a full accounting of his assets.

Kiki tells Elizabeth she can’t confront David, but Elizabeth says they’ll take it to administration. Kiki says it will be her word against his, and she’ll be labeled a troublemaker. Elizabeth says that’s what he wants her to think. He’s hoping that her being scared keeps her silent, but he’ll hopefully roll over as soon as he’s called out. Kiki says maybe she misinterpreted him, but Elizabeth says he’s harassing her; there’s no other way to read it. He offered her his hotel room key. Elizabeth had a similar experience as a teen – not the rape – but she felt powerless, thinking the behavior was her fault. No one has the right to make her feel like that, and there’s no way to make it better except speaking up.

Kim asks if Jason thinks Drew is making the right choice, but he says it doesn’t matter. Kim says it does. The more she talks to him, the less he reminds her of Drew. If he’s patient, maybe Drew’s memories will come back on their own. Jason suggests she tell him that. She says if Jason is willing to die to be free, what would convince him otherwise? He says the people he loves. If Sam asked him not to; Sonny or Carly. Carly would tell him he couldn’t do it, because she needs him, and it wouldn’t be fair to risk leaving his kids. She’d tell him it sucks, but people live through worse. Kim asks if that would be enough. He says he can hear Carly in a way he can’t hear anyone else. Maybe Drew can hear her the same way. She says, maybe, and thanks him, saying he’s been a lot of help.

Peter tells Sam to listen carefully; there’s not much time. She says grateful isn’t the same as owing. He kept Drew’s life from him; he kept Jason away for five years. He asks, what about Scout? She’ll wonder why her father doesn’t smile or speak while he’s lying in the hospital. If Andre removes Jason’s memories, he has nothing to replace them with. He says to tell him not to risk it. He needs the flash drive.

Curtis sees Nina, and asks if she knows any nephews who need a teddy bear, and hands her one. He sees she’s teary, and asks if it’s about the baby. She says they’re good tears, and he asks what he’s missing. She says her husband turned out to be everything everyone warned her about; she’s divorcing him. He gives her a hanky. Is he related to Nathan too?

Julian understands Lucas is nervous, but there’s no reason to get worked up. Lucas says state law says the mother has thirty days to revoke the adoption. Julian is puzzled, asking how they’re expected to hold their breath, and not truly call the baby their own. Lucas doesn’t like it, but he gets it; it’s the law. It’s a semi-open adoption; she gets to know them, but they don’t get to know her. They knew the risk getting into it. They knew it could all fall apart. Julian doesn’t want to see him hurt, but Lucas says it’s not his family, and he’s not doing anything to screw it up.

Alexis looks at Valentin’s portfolio, and says it’s a lot of material. He’s worth a lot of money. He says he’ll pay double if she can get it done as quickly as possible. She says he’s going to have to discuss some things with Nina, but he tells her Nina isn’t in the frame of mind to take calls. She tells him amends are made through actions. She hopes he’s not doing this just to get on Nina’s good side.

Kiki asks Elizabeth if she thinks she should report David. Elizabeth says it’s not about her, but whatever Kiki decides, she’ll support her. Kiki says, even if she decides to be a coward? Elizabeth says what David is doing is wrong. She has every right to report him. She doesn’t need to, but by staying quiet, he’ll be emboldened to continue. Maybe not with her, but the next vulnerable person. Kiki says it will be her fault, but Elizabeth says, no. He’s responsible for his behavior; not her. She doesn’t want Kiki to carry regret. She’s not powerless. If she can find the strength to stand up to him, she can stop him. Kiki asks, what if no one believes her, and Elizabeth says, she does, and she’ll be by her side every step of the way. Kiki says, okay; let’s go.

Alexis looks at Mikkos’s picture. Julian calls, but she doesn’t answer.

Obrecht tells the baby it’s her, is oma. She says how beautiful he is, like his father. She gets teary, and says she’s so sorry she wasn’t there when he was born, but she’s there now, and will never be far again. As long as she’s in the world, he has nothing and no one to fear. She promises. She will make sure of it.

Valentin comes to Peter’s cell. Peter says, if it isn’t his old friend.

Drew sees Kim outside Kelly’s. She says she was thinking about their conversation earlier. He says, him too. He’d like to talk some more as soon as it’s all over. He just got off the phone with Andre, and they’re going ahead. The next time she sees him, he’ll be himself, and not anyone else. He leaves before she can say anything else.

On the phone, Jason tells Spinelli that Nelle had to buy the scarf somewhere. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Sam. She needs his help.

Tomorrow, Kiki files a complaint against David, Andre asks if Drew wants to reconsider, Sam wants Jason to help break Peter out, and Obrecht confronts Anna.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Still at dinner after the mystery party. Carol tells Bethenny she talks a lot. Bethenny says Carole is being whiny. Tinsley thinks their tone is off. Bethenny says they were in different place this summer, and she doesn’t need Carole lecturing her. They keep interrupting each other, and Carole gets up. In her interview, Sonja thinks it’s not getting anywhere. Carole isn’t articulating her point, and Bethenny is hurt. Carole insists Bethenny never told her about Adam refusing the trip to Houston. Bethenny says she called Carole, and said that Adam was an operator, and asked if they could be done with him. Carole says other people told her that Bethenny talked smack about Adam, but she never said anything about inviting him to Houston. In her interview, Carole says Bethenny is blatantly lying. Bethenny says she thought she pushed a button with Adam and went too far, and Carole told her everyone was an operator when it came to business. LuAnn interjects, and Carole says no one wants to hear her. LuAnn says Carole and Adam met in her kitchen, and brings up how he was dating her niece at the time; he is an operator. Ramona says it took him three years to operate, and LuAnn says, however long it takes, and calls him a little boy from the Midwest. Bethenny and Carole talk at the same time, which I hate. Carole whines that Bethenny never congratulated her on the marathon, but she called LuAnn a loser. LuAnn is like, what? Why? Bethenny says she doesn’t know and doesn’t know that she did. LuAnn says, if she’s a loser, the rest of the world is screwed. In her interview, she asks if she looks like a loser. She thinks she’s great. Carole calls Bethenny a phony. She thinks it’s okay to say what she has to say, but then she’s done. Carole asks if she’s playing the victim, and Dorinda yells that they can make it okay. In her interview, Dorinda says it’s not about who’s right or wrong, but that feelings were hurt, and why isn’t the friendship the same?

Carole thinks Bethenny doesn’t care enough about the friendship to come to terms with what was said. In her interview, Ramona says Bethenny only wants to understand her own POV, but she’s hurting inside. Bethenny tells Carole if she didn’t care about the friendship, she wouldn’t be tolerating the conversation; it’s ridiculous. She tells Carole not to act like she’s seven. They both get up. Bethenny feels betrayed. She might have thought LuAnn was a loser, but it was sh*tty of Carole to bring it up. LuAnn says it’s more sh*tty to say it in the first place. Bethenny says LuAnn has said bad things about her. LuAnn gets up and says she doesn’t care what Bethenny thinks, but kind of jokes around. Bethenny says they’ve all said negative things about each other at one time or another, but she didn’t expect that from Carole. In her interview, Carole says Bethenny can never admit she’s less than perfect. Carole tells Ramona that Bethenny wasn’t supportive of her running the marathon, and didn’t even give a donation, but she didn’t even say anything. Bethenny says, so much more came out than she’d intended originally. She says you can’t put toothpaste back in the tube. Now she can’t trust Carole. LuAnn says, no loser here, and tells them, ciao, bella. Then she realizes that’s Italian, and says, au revoir.

Ramona tells Carole that she felt their pain, but neither one of them was making sense. She knows they love each other. Bethenny is within earshot, and says Ramona is on stage because she’s there; that wasn’t what Ramona was saying a second ago. In her interview, Bethenny says Ramona thrives on others being in discord; she revels in it. Ramona says she knows their friendship, and this is upsetting to see. Dorinda brings out a birthday cake for herself, and everyone sings. Dorinda puts her face in the cake. In her interview, she says she had to do something to make them laugh, but didn’t consider the candles were in it. Now she has a new hairline. She does it again, and a third time for LuAnn. All in the name of distraction. She wants to get the party started, and puts her face in the cake again. LuAnn licks her. Someone says, one, two, three, and they all say, you made it nice.

LuAnn says she came for a fun night; let’s get on with the party. Bethenny tries to put on an elf jumpsuit, but Dorinda tries getting into it at the same time. They’re drunk and laughing, and Bethenny says she has a Santa suit. Dorinda says she owns Santa.

Carole tells Dorinda that Bethenny is crazy. She’s seeing through the lens of her own experience, like narcissists do. She never said anything about Adam. Bethenny walks in, and in her interview, Ramona says, forget a knife, you could cut the tension with a spoon. Dorinda says it’s not about her, and they should talk. Carole tells Bethenny that she doesn’t want to fight. They both said their piece. Bethenny doesn’t feel that way. Carole insists she heard about Houston from someone else. Bethenny thinks she must be missing something like a text. She didn’t just say, Adam sucks, out of the blue.

Tinsley says, the night is still young. Bethenny says Carole seems to be more into self-care. Carole is offended at being called selfish, but Bethenny tells her that she didn’t say that. She seems more self-involved, and she was letting Carole do Carole. She’s not mad at her. In her interview, Carole says Bethenny needs a reality check. She didn’t change who she is. LuAnn gives Ramona a lap dance. In her interview, Sonja says she loves the part of the party, where everyone is drunk and dry-humping. I don’t think I’ve been at a party like that since high school. Bethenny tells Carole she was too deep into her charity, with everyone depending on her, and Carole didn’t seem interested; which is fine. She says the conversation got to a ten, and Carole suggests they’ve brought it to a seven, but Bethenny doesn’t want it to be anything. Carole asks if there are more holiday PJs. Bethenny says Dorinda stole the other pair.

The Berkshires in the snow is absolutely gorgeous. LuAnn wakes up, saying, water. Everyone laughs at each other’s hair. LuAnn needs the spa. Bethenny says it’s like a bad lesbian porno flick. Dorinda tells them there’s a coffee station downstairs. In her interview, Dorinda says, strangely, everyone is in great shape. They’re tough bitches. Sonja shows Dorinda the before photos of their room. Bethenny says she’s feeling upset and emotional. It doesn’t matter who’s right. She doesn’t want Carole upset. She just wants to make it nice. Ramona tells Dorinda that they left it cleaner than when they came. Dorinda says she gets a star. She thinks they had success; everything is solid in the house, and maybe Carole and Bethenny got something out.

Contractor Leo arrives at Sonja’s. She doesn’t want to spend money, but has to, to make money. She tells Leo that she had sex on the sink in the staffroom, and it pulled off the wall. She’d like him to reattach it. She did glue the towel holder back though. He’s like, great.

Bethenny tries to start a fire in the apartment fireplace. It’s her version of an NYC holiday party. Tinsley is the first to show up, and Sonja follows. In her interview, Bethenny says Sonja is feeling herself. She’s always beautiful, but looks fresh as a daisy and knows it. Sonja tells Tinsley about wanting to move out, and not having a place yet; she’s allergic to construction. Tinsley says of course she can stay with her. Dorinda says three things happen every year: their trip to the Hamptons, their trip to the Berkshires, and Bethenny’s holiday party. The others trickle in. LuAnn is hosting a blood drive, and thanks Tinsley for her donation. Bethenny says she can’t come, but she’ll be sending something. Carole is the last to arrive, and the food starts happening. In her interview, Carole says she’s not feeling any better about Bethenny, but doesn’t want to escalate it. She also doesn’t want to hear any sh*t.

Bethenny tells everyone they’re playing white elephant, where if you don’t like your gift, you can claim another person’s gift. She says it should be called, screw over your best friend for a better gift. Carole says she’s keeping hers, but Bethenny says it’s not her choice, and passes out Santa hats. Dorinda thinks LuAnn’s gift is something she already gave to Ramona. Someone says there’s a special delivery, and Bethenny freaks out. It’s the nutcracker she’d wanted for Brynn, being carried by Dorinda’s decorator, Michael. He says there was only one in America. Bethenny says he found it, and Dorinda says, she did. In her interview, Dorinda says she isn’t the type to look for a thank you, but a little mention of her name would be nice. Carole can’t help noticing the irony, since Bethenny called out Tinsley for not being grateful to Sonja. Bethenny says Dorinda saved Christmas, so there’s that.

Ramona gets some beauty products, and says something about her own skincare line. Bethenny says she wasn’t expecting an infomercial. In her interview, Ramona thinks it would be nice if Bethenny would be more supportive. LuAnn says she’s going to Palm Beach for the holidays, and Sonja asks if Tom is going there for New Year’s. LuAnn has no idea. In her interview, Sonja says LuAnn has been avoiding Tom, and now she’s going back to the scene of the crime. LuAnn says she’s just going to be there for Christmas. Bethenny thinks he’s moved on, and has a busted-up girlfriend. LuAnn is like, what?Sonja says he doesn’t have a girlfriend, and Ramona says he has a different girlfriend every night, and Bethenny apologizes, saying Carole had said he did. LuAnn says, it’s history, but doesn’t want to talk about it. In her interview, Bethenny admits she was uncool all over the place by mentioning it. In her interview, LuAnn says, Tom should live under a rock. She can’t believe how fast he moved on with parading women around.

After the party, Bethenny, Tinsley, Ramona, and Sonja have a last drink. Bethenny thinks Carole looked sad. Ramona thinks it was just the long weekend, but Bethenny says Carole might be lonely without Adam, and not accessing her feelings.

LuAnn comes into the Red Cross for the blood drive she’s hosting. She’s gotten tight with them, and wanted to help collect blood for the holidays. Because they’ve been in Mexico in the last year, they can’t give blood, and she feels awful about it. Ooh, they have little shepherd’s pies. No orange juice and a cookie for these people. Bethenny sends a representative, who brings cash cards to give to those affected. Sonja asks Carole how she is, telling her the others thought she looked sad. LuAnn asks if she’s sad. Carole is miffed that they were talking about her.

Sonja chats with the donors. LuAnn asks about the nutcracker situation. She’d thought Michael got it. Dorinda says she’s dumbfounded. Carole says it was awkward. In her interview, Dorinda says she was excited about achieving something Bethenny couldn’t. It would have been nice to get a shout out. Carole asks Ramona about the feeling sad comment. Ramona says Bethenny mentioned she looked sad, and thought she was upset and lonely. Carole thinks Bethenny is talking about herself. She has a hard time maintaining and creating friendships. Painting her as sad over a breakup isn’t true. Carole says the only thing she’s sad about, is Bethenny not talking directly to her. Sonja demands a snack. Carole brings up Bethenny jumping on Ramona for her infomercial. Dorinda asks why they allow someone to speak to them like she does? In her interview, Ramona says Bethenny isn’t supporting any of them. They do the see you next year thing. In her interview, Tinsley says she’s glad to let Sonja stay wit her, and return the favor. Constipation is discussed, so I’ll skip that part.

Ramona is walking her dog when Bethenny calls. She says she’s unsettled and upset. She doesn’t have many girlfriends. Ramona interrupts, asking what’s her point? In her interview, Bethenny says Sonja told her there was a lot of whispering and negative talk about her at the Red Cross. She tells Ramona that she wanted to express how hurtful it was. She says Carole is good friend. She thinks there have been difficult moments with Ramona, and she’s done emotional damage. Ramona says she’s in a good place, and not dealing with this negativity. Bethenny says Ramona enjoys her arguing with Carole, and Ramona tells Bethenny not to blame her problem with Carole on her. Bethenny says she doesn’t have a problem with Carole, and Ramona asks why she’s talking about it then. Bethenny says it’s unacceptable to prey on the weak, and she doesn’t support women. Ramona says Bethenny is the one who doesn’t support women. She doesn’t acknowledge anybody for doing anything. And she had the audacity to jump on Ramona because she talked about her skincare line, saying she was doing an infomercial. She tells Bethenny about how upset Dorinda was about not being acknowledged. In her interview, Bethenny says she didn’t know she had to send a wax-sealed proclamation. Ramona says Bethenny’s problem is with herself, not her. She puts others down to make herself look good. She wants no part of it, and hangs up. I hate to say it, but I’m mostly on Ramona’s side with this one.

LuAnn’s realtor friend, Ann, comes over. LuAnn is thrilled with her apartment, a furnished penthouse on the upper west side. Yep. It’s incredible. Rich people’s digs. Ann says it’s the perfect spot for a new life; a new chapter. In her interview, LuAnn says her life is a clean slate, and she’s writing her own story. LuAnn says she’s going to have a good time here. In her interview, she says she’s going to visit her brother in Florida for the holidays. After that, she’s going to a wedding in Chile.

48 hours later. We’re in Florida, and hear sirens. LuAnn is in the back of a police car, saying she’s going to kill someone. She keeps trying to get out of the car, which I have to admit, is funny. It’s the recording of her holiday arrest. We see a news clip of her arraignment. The judge tells her the charges are serious, hire a lawyer, and stop drinking.

To be continued…

Next time, LuAnn isn’t proud, Tinsley can’t believe it, Tinsley tells Sonja her rules are no rules, and Bethenny asks Carole what she wants.

Below Deck Mediterranean

When we last left, Hannah was calling out João for not speaking to her properly. She tells him to sit the eff down, and Adam tells him to STFU. João sits, but calls her a goat.

Back on the boat, everyone has snacks. Hannah says she’s too old to be treated like this. Several of the crew sit on the floor, eating ice cream. João continues to act like a jerk, and Adam tells him to get out of the galley and go to bed. Conrad says he was going to diffuse the situation, but they didn’t need him. João asks what he did, and Adam says he caused a problem with Hannah. João doesn’t remember. Brooke likes having him to talk to, since she just broke up with her boyfriend. He gets in her bed, and tells her how amazing and hot she is. Hannah comes in for a millisecond, and comes back out.

Hannah hopes Kasey is able to pick up her own slack, now that she’s better. In his interview, João explains that he has an alter-ego, Jezabob, who comes out when he drinks to the blackout point. He’s never met him, but people say how he is, and he wouldn’t like him either. Adam tells João that he called Hannah a goat.

The unpredictable weather is acting up. Colin doesn’t think João is very professional, and says he’d better not pull that stuff on deck. Brooke calls her mom. Brooke is the one who outed her dad with his online activities, and they’re there for each other. She cries about her ex, and her mother tells her not to get bogged down by stupid men. A lesson for us all. She tells her mom about João, and how she blushes when he speaks to her. She says last night they admitted they like each other. But will he remember?

João says Hannah thinks it’s all about her. No, she’s probably just ignoring you, so she doesn’t punch you. Colin doesn’t want to mess up, because it makes the whole crew look bad. However, if he looks good, the whole crew looks good. Wow. A lot of weight on his shoulders.

The primary is Jennifer, a friend of Captain Sandy’s, who does vaginal rejuvenation. A topic I will never, ever be able to get away from. The captain says it’s a shorter charter, but there’s bad weather coming, and they’re going to have to stay docked. She does not want to look bad, and tells them to figure it out, and thinks of some creative things. She’s going to be hovering. In her interview, Hannah says when they’re on the water, they can entertain the guests with water toys, but when they’re at the dock, interior has to step up. Captain Sandy suggests taking them out on the tender, so they can pretend to be on the water. Hannah sees the preference sheet says Jennifer wants to work out with a hot Italian trainer.

Brooke asks João if he remembers their conversation, and he says, some of it. He’s lying. She says they both admitted had chemistry, and it’s too hard if he’s flirting all the time. She wants him to stop; she wants to focus on work. He says he’ll try. Kasey asks if she can wash red shirts with underwear. In her interview, Hannah says it’s definitely a problem, which is the last thing she needs, especially when they’re not getting off the dock.

Captain Sandy goes over what the deckhands are supposed to be doing. Jamie hopes Kasey is okay, so she doesn’t have to work the interior. João tells Kasey about his alter ego. Conrad and Hannah go for a smoke, and lie on the dock, getting sun. Hannah asks what he’s doing after, and he wants to buy his first house. In his interview, Conrad says he learned early on from his parents about equity. They flipped houses, did well, and he doesn’t want yachting to be his life. Hannah says she has a nice shoe collection.  Kasey hopes prove herself, and Brooke says there’s no chance of seasickness, since they’ll be on the dock. Kasey hopes to show she can pull her weight. Putting red anything in with underwear is not the way. Adam makes a tart. That’s not a euphemism for anything; he makes a dessert. Hannah calls for the trainer. She’s also set up a pizza making course on shore, and confers with Adam on accompanying dishes.

The captain says Jennifer is her friend, and she wants them to do a great job. She tells Adam to knock it out of the park, because she’s still stuck on baseball references. He says he’s going to make a lot of sweet stuff. Sandy asks if they can launch the tender, but Conrad says no boats are leaving, and they’ll be stuck in the dock. In her interview, Captain Sandy explains they can’t launch the tender, because there are boats on both sides. She asks why he didn’t offload previously, since she told him too. We see a clip, and yes, she did. Captain Sandy is officially pissed. Conrad says not being on top of things sux. The captain thanks Jamie for helping with the interior, and tells her that she’ll be helping this charter woo. Jamie is like, sh*t! The captain says Jennifer will be having a birthday party, and she’s thinking rap style.  Colin is used to performing, but not rap. Hannah tells Kasey about last minute clean-up. Captain Sandy tells them to keep an eye on the cushions. The wind is kicking up.

The guests arrive, and Jennifer is overly friendly. Captain Sandy says she wants it special, even though they can’t leave the dock. Jennifer is clearly disappointed, but the captain says she saw the waves. Jennifer says she sees the sun, and Captain Sandy says the crew will make sure they have blast. Hannah apologizes for the weather, and gives the tour. Jennifer asks if the boat needs a resident GYN. Hannah is thinks that would be cool. Adam says he’s going to go above and beyond the preference sheet. His goal is to keep Sandy happy. Kasey irons. João bothers her. In her interview, Kasey thinks she’s doing great job, because not getting yelled at. João gives her ironing hints. Jamie says it’s Murphy’s Law. She still can’t do deck stuff. Captain Sandy tells the guests they’ll make sure they have fun. I’m wondering why they can’t get off the boat and sit in a tender somewhere else. Brooke is having a problem dealing with João. In her interview, Hanna says he’s pissed her off. Until she gets an apology, she doesn’t have much to say.

The waves get higher. Adam tells João that he has a grass is always greener complex. João talks about blackouts. Jennifer gives Captain Sandy a device called The Womanizer, and tells her that she has homework to do. They goof around, and I don’t want to know. Colin goes over his rap lyrics. In his interview, he says people assume because he went to music school, he can spin hot fire. Obviously, they’re right. João suggests they have one person up all the time for security reasons. It’s how they did it on other boats he’s worked on. Conrad isn’t really concerned about that.

The group goes on the pizza making expedition. Adam says they didn’t take salads. He did all that work for nothing. Hannah informs us that the margarita pizza was invented in Naples. My first “real” job was being a short order cook in an Italian restaurant, and I made pizzas. I never did get the hang of spinning the dough in the air like these guys are doing. Everyone goes, oooh, every time it lands. Hannah suddenly remembers the salads, and goes out in the rain with Conrad, only to find the salads aren’t in the car. She’s not happy.

The captain tells Kasey the floor is a mess. Kasey swears she did them. Captain Sandy tells Kasey to come with her (you know that’s bad when a superior says, come with me). In her interview, the captain thinks if they can’t grasp basic duties, their leader should be showing them.

Hannah orders some sides off the menu. She feels like she’s running in circles, trying to keep everyone happy and entertained. The food looks fantastic. João tells Hannah that he’s sorry; when under stress, they have to work together. She says there’s no point in rehashing it; they’re cool. In her interview, she says she’s letting bygones be bygones, but hopes it’s not a pattern.

Adam makes a bunch of amazing desserts. The guests bring back take out from the pizza place. Conrad is annoyed that João has been trying to undermine him, since he’s been yapping to everyone else about how they should have someone on watch 24/7. In her interview, Jamie says João should know his place. They have a hierarchy for a reason. The Italian beefcake comes, and Hannah says she should have asked for picture. This is not what she ordered. He looks like Harvey Keitel. Colin rehearses his rap. João bugs Conrad about the security thing again, insisting it’s standard procedure. Conrad says he’s been in yachting three years, and João is inexperienced.

Jennifer doesn’t seem to mind the bodybuilder’s looks. Yep, she thinks he’s cute. Colin asks if he can use Kasey’s talents for his performance. Jennifer tells the trainer to let her know if her nipple pops out. Really? You exercise in something that makes you concerned about that? Adam says it’s going to be like King Arthur’s Italian Palace tonight. The guests get ready for Jennifer’s birthday. Jennifer begs Captain Sandy to let her wear her shoes for dinner. The captain talks to Hannah about her cabin not being clean. Kasey tells Hannah that she forgot. In her interview, Hannah says they’ve been covering Kasey’s ass while she was sick. Now it’s time to work. The décor is on the cute side of pretty, with lots of balloons, pink being the predominant shade. João flirts with Brooke. Adam repurposes the salads. Captain Sandy eats with the guests. Hannah thanks the Lord for Brooke, and the food just keeps on coming. Adam presents the lasagna, and explains the entrees, getting applause for his efforts. The guests are especially loving the truffle white sauce. Conrad talks to Hannah, saying no one stays up all night on a yacht, and Hanna asks when João is going to stop going over his head.

Hannah is frustrated with Kasey, and in her interview, says you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t drown them. Colin practices his birthday rap. Adam says his desert spread would rival Willy Wonka’s factory. The cake is presented, the Happy Birthday topper twinkling with small lights. The crew starts to sing, and Colin interrupts, saying they’re not doing that boring birthday song. He asks Kasey for some beats. He raps, and Kasey says, the dude has flow. The guests applaud. Hannah says the cabins better be on point tonight.

Conrad talks to João on the deck. He understands the safety concern, but when he says something, he doesn’t want it questioned. João says he’s going to question the security of the boat. Conrad says the questioning isn’t the problem, it’s what he said to the other two deckhands. Conrad tells him to never undermine what he’s said in front of the others. João says, It’s not a matter of questioning authority, but he needs to understand why. They shake hands, but I don’t think João gets it. The guests go to bed.

Conrad helps Hannah get all the dents and crap from Jennifer’s shoes out of the carpet. Hannah can’t believe Conrad chose to crawl around in the main salon with her instead of going to bed.

The next morning, Adam makes custom breakfasts. Brooke is doing the service by herself, and doesn’t feel there’s an equal balance. IMO, there are far too many Cokes ordered at breakfast. Adam says everyone expects him to cook all this random sh*t in a matter of minutes; people assume he can just whip it all up. Brooke wants a rocket up Kasey’s ass. Conrad says everything is a pissing contest with João. He can’t believe João has survived in yachting this long. Captain Sandy keeps ordering more food, and gets pissed when the toast doesn’t come fast enough. She says they’re on a super yacht, and thinks Hannah needs to tighten up the interior. Hannah has to do charter three preference sheets, but the captain thinks she should help the others. It’s not fair to the rest of the crew to do preference sheets while there are still guests on board. She tells Hannah that breakfast service sucked. Hannah says she was up until four a.m., and has blisters from the spoon she was using on the carpet. Captain Sandy says she’s the face of the interior. Hannah promises she’s trying her best, and leaves in tears. She tries to block the camera with her hand.

I gotta say it. I love Captain Sandy, but as a whole, I like the Captain Lee group on the original show better. Kudos to the Captain Sandy’s friends for being the nicest, easiest going charter guests ever, but so far, the obnoxious guests have been the most interesting thing this season.

Next time. Jamie cries, Hannah and Conrad crush on each other, João confronts Conrad, and Captain Sandy says it’s the worst service she’s ever seen on charter.

💰 On Sell it Like Serhant, Ryan’s task was to help Lisa, a commercial real estate broker. He said since real estate is his area of expertise, you’d think it would be easy, but the difference between selling commercial and regular real estate is like apples and steak. She was the only woman in an all-male office, and Ryan agreed that real estate as a whole was a boys’ club. Raising three kids alone, Lisa had left the corporate world, believing real estate had more growth potential, and also flexible hours. She couldn’t pay her mortgage, her boss was on the verge of firing her, and she had no Plan B. And I don’t mean birth control. Ryan said commission-based jobs can be scary, which is why I’ve never wanted one. Even more than her not being aggressive enough, was her use of um… when talking to clients. I almost couldn’t take it. Judge Judy would have gone out of her mind. Ryan taught her to shake her bad habits, brag about her experience in her previous field (she hadn’t closed on one listing yet), and focus on the best use of the building, so the client could envision the marketing angle. While Lisa thought she should downplay her mom role in life, Ryan told her to play it up. He had Lisa do a photo shoot, where he told her to work it mom boss style, and she did. She also got a makeover, and Ryan told a story about having absolutely no wardrobe when he started, and how his father bought him his first pair of good shoes. He still has them.

The moment was tense when Lisa began her make-or-break pitch. Ryan and her boss stayed out of sight, but watched by phone. The client liked what she had to say, she made great recommendations for the use of the space, and only used um… once. The client’s main concern was her lack of experience, and her saying she would be able to concentrate fully on the listing didn’t help. She told him that he wouldn’t just be hiring her, but her whole team, and talked about how they work together. He wanted to give her a 60-day trial period, where if it wasn’t sold in that time, he could move on. Both Ryan and her boss thought she should agree, but she didn’t. And she wouldn’t budge. She told him that she didn’t want to get to a point in a sale, only to hand it to someone else. To all of our amazement, he agreed to list the space with her. Ryan got so excited, he ran out to congratulate her, almost giving both her and the client a heart attack. He said she was a new Lisa, and she went from zero to hundreds of followers on her social media. I can imagine how many more she got after the show. Next time, a struggling body lotion salesgirl. While watching the preview, it occurred to me that Ryan is like Gordon Ramsay. He has to wear many hats, including therapist and stylist. Apparently, Brandi Glanville has tweeted that this is the only show that can make her cry, and she hadn’t even liked Ryan.

🍹 Southern Charm New Orleans will be wrapping it up this Sunday. I’ve decided the difference between Charleston and NOLA is like that between New Hope, PA and NYC. Both great cities, but with a totally different vibe. Speaking of NYC, Million Dollar Listing New York premieres the new season on June 4th at 10 pm.

🚁 Until Next Time (Pick One)…





May 23, 2018 – Valentin is in Hell, Mystery in the Berkshires, Explosive Star Finale & Pup Noses


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

At the station, Robert says he has to debrief Peter/Henrik.

Finn tells Anna, if it’s any consolation, no one else saw that Peter was Henrik either. Anna says he was hiding in plain sight.

Lulu asks what want Valentin wants. He says he’s here for his wife and daughter. She tells him that Nina is already gone and Charlotte is asleep.

Nina goes into Maxie’s room. She says it was all she could do to tear herself away from the baby. The nurses said his vitals are good and he’s well-developed for his age. Maxie can tell there’s something else. Nina says he reminds her of Nathan. He was a big baby, but the nurses said the same thing, that he was well-developed for his age. Maxie says she felt Nathan there, giving her the strength to pull through and give birth al fresco. She wishes he was there. She says Peter really pulled through, and she’s not sure why he didn’t come to see the baby.

Sam and Jason show up at the station, and Robert says his key witnesses are there. Chase asks what charges are being pressed, and Henrik says he wants to press charges. Jason tried to kill him; he knocked Henrik down, and held him at gunpoint. Robert says he threatened to kill Anna. He tells Chase that the WSB is going to lay out the procedure. Chase asks what Jason is doing there, and Sam says he knows for a fact that Jason is Henrik.

Anna guesses Finn has a lot of questions about how she came to have a baby with Faison. He says his questions aren’t important, but she says he’s important. She pushed him away because she didn’t want him added to the list of people she cared about being in danger. She says Griff was right; she’s a coward. She was terrified to let him see her for who she was. He told her, in case she missed it, he’s made his fair share of mistakes. He’s in no position to judge anyone. She thinks he might change his mind. She explains Faison’s obsession with her started when they were teenagers. His mother was her nanny, and he became fixated with her. She eventually became a cadet at the WSB academy, and he was already high up in the DVX. She thought she could set him up, but misjudged the situation, and wound up pregnant. She compromised herself, and trashed her career before it started. Eventually, she found a solution she thought would work, but she was wrong.

Valentin says Nina misread some things, and Dante says he was led away in handcuffs at the Nurses’ Ball. Valentin tells him the charges were baseless and they let him go. Lulu says he kept Peter’s identity a secret, but Valentin tells her that he respected Peter’s privacy. He was escaping a father who didn’t give a damn about him. Dante says maybe Valentin didn’t give a damn about Nathan, but his wife did. He had to cover his own ass when Nathan died. Lulu says Peter wasn’t helping her, he just wanted to know what she knew, in case she got too close. Valentin is sure she’ll find her next big story. He says he’ll let Charlotte sleep, and pick her up from school tomorrow. Lulu thinks he should hold off on that until he sees how he stands with Nina. He says, we’ll see, and leaves. Dante says he’s in for a surprise, and asks Lulu what she was talking about regarding Peter.

Maxie tells Nina there was no time to panic. She just had to remember the birthing classes and trust her instincts. Nina says she brought natural childbirth to life. Maxie says she couldn’t have done it without Peter. Nina says, if nothing else, she’s grateful for that. Maxie thought she was okay with Peter, and Nina says she’s tired and emotional. She’s going to go and give Maxie time to rest. Outside Maxie’s room, she leans against the wall and takes some deep breaths.

Kiki and Griff go back to his room. She says she doesn’t know why they came back there, when they had the ballroom all to themselves. He wants to call room service for some coffee, but Kiki wants more champagne, and pulls out a bottle. Griff thinks she’s had enough, and she says, just enough. Just enough for the world to glisten at the edges. She’s not hammered or sloppy. She could have worked off by dancing. She asks if he dances, and Griff says, some. Kiki tells him most guys are hopeless; it’s a shame. Every independent woman remembers watching Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella and pretending to waltz around in a ballgown. Then they grow up, and guys aren’t into the waltz. She says, that’s life. Even dreams that come true can disappoint.

Sam tells Peter that he forgot to put his name down as Henrik Faison on his resume, and it’s fraud. Chase asks if she’s willing to press charges, and Robert says the Bureau is in charge. Henrik says Jason is going to claim he was held prisoner for five years, but he saved Jason’s life.

Anna tells Finn that she didn’t want to see the infant, and the midwife arranged for an illegal adoption. She said it would be a loving family, and Anna believed and trusted her. She never thought about it again. She starts to cry, and takes Finn’s hand. She says, another person knew. They took baby, and gave him to Faison. Finn says, Faison had no idea she was his mother. He was rambling on about her being his destiny, and couldn’t have known. Anna says, he never knew. As feeble as it sounds, it was the one gift she could give herself.

Nina arrives at Windemere. Valentin is sitting on the floor next to the fireplace, drinking. She says she’s only there to pack. Valentin asks if she’ll listen, and she says, why? So he can lie some more? He always knew, and if he’d warned anyone, her brother might be alive. Valentin tells her, no one can say that. His father was crazy. Nina says he went to Crimson for Peter, not Maxie. Valentin says, Peter didn’t shoot him, and he tried to protect Maxie. Nina asks if Valentin is saying Peter is an innocent victim. He says, not innocent, but a victim. She tells him not to ask her to feel sorry for Peter, and he says he’s asking for empathy. If she hears the story, parts of it might sound familiar.

Henrik says he changed his name to escape his father. Faison was the head of the DVX, and then became an individual contractor. He shot Jason, and although the body was never recovered, Jason was presumed dead. Faison kept Jason in a clinic in Russia, and coerced him into helping. His father ordered him to kill Jason. It would have been easy; he was heavily sedated, but he wouldn’t do it. He betrayed his father, and risked his own life to save Jason. Sam says he paid Klein to keep him prisoner, and then to hunt him down after he escaped. Chase says he knows Jason doesn’t want to talk without his attorney, but it would save time if he can corroborate anything.

Jason says Henrik’s father shot him in October of 2012. He woke up in 2017 in a Russian clinic – in restraints. They were drugging him, and when he resisted, they drugged him more. There was no medical attention going on. Chase says, but he’d been shot, and Jason says, Henrik paid to have him kept prisoner, and then followed. Henrik says he understands this is about misguided revenge. Jason says he was threatening Anna. Peter says Jason hit him in the head, and he could have a concussion. Chase says he’ll personally escort Henrik to GH, and to get a cell ready for when he comes back. They’ll be holding him pending investigation. Sam gives Henrik a Dragon Lady glare.

Anna tells Finn that whatever unkindness or neglect Peter suffered, it would have been worse had he been the focus of Faison’s obsession. Finn says he told himself she was playing a game with Faison, using his guilt, even though he didn’t know the real reason. Anna says she should feel guilty; she should have kept track of the baby. If she had, Peter’s life would have been completely different. Her phone rings. It’s Robert. Robert tells her that Henrik is on his way to GH; he’s convinced them that he needs medical attention. Anna asks if he’s all right, and Robert says, it’s a stall. Anna tells Finn that her son has been taken to GH for medical attention. Robert thinks it’s a stall, but he could be hurt. Finn says he’ll go. He asks if she’ll be okay, and she says she is okay, and he leaves. She asks if Robert is still at the PCPD. He tells her that they’ll need a statement from her, and she says she’ll be there soon. She has something to take care of first.

Sam wonders why Henrik would want to go to the hospital, and Jason says he’s hoping to escape. She asks if Jason thinks he’ll pull it off. Jason says they should see if that detective knows what he’s doing. Sam says if there’s nothing wrong, what’s the point, and then says, Maxie is there. They run out of the station.

Drew stops by Maxie’s room, and she shows him the baby on the tablet. Drew says he’s a handsome little guy, and congratulates her. She wonders if Kim is still there. Drew says he was going to wait and give her a ride home, but he thinks he’s going home. I hope he tells her first. He asks if there’s anything he can do. Maxie says it’s not his job, but he tells her it’s good business practice. Without her, Nina would bankrupt Crimson. Drew says he’ll run interference while she’s out.

Griff doesn’t think he’s ever drunk champagne straight out of the bottle. Kiki says he’s long overdue. He says, here goes nothing, and takes a swig.

Valentin tells Nina he’d been doing work for Faison. It was highly illegal work, for which he was highly paid. He had a lot of medical bills, so he couldn’t be choosy. He met Faison’s son when he came home from boarding school, a shy ten-year-old, desperate for approval and attention from his father. He’d invited his father back to Bern to see a play he was in. Faison laughed, and mocked him in front of Valentin. Henrik was devastated. Valentin went, and Henrik was thrilled for the support. Thus began their lifelong friendship. Nina says, so what? Being a lonely kid doesn’t excuse what he turned out to be. Valentin says, no it doesn’t, but she can see the struggle, especially being in his father’s shadow. Valentin offered what advice he could, but they eventually lost touch. Henrik was working for his father, reached out. He wanted help to change his identity, and start again. Faison was poison, and he needed to escape. When he came to Port Charles, Valentin protected his secret because he owed him. Nina understands feeling sorry for him, but how did Valentin owe him? Anna bangs on the door. Valentin doesn’t want to let her in, but Nina wants to hear what she has to say. Anna storms in, saying it’s been three decades, but he finally got what he wanted. Her son almost shot her tonight.

Anna had thought her son with Faison was a secret, but to him. He says he’s thought she was a horrible, heartless liar who slept with Faison to further career, and cast aside her child like useless luggage. He tracked the family and threatened them, until they handed over the baby. She calls him an SOB, and grabs his neck.

Lulu tells Dante that after she wrote the article, she got a lot of emails from people claiming to be Henrik, but only one seemed credible. He was interested in meeting to tell his side of the story. She was working with Anna, and ran everything past her. Dante says she didn’t run it by him, and she says she agreed to keep their careers separate. He asks, other than Anna and Valentin, who else did she tell? She says, Peter. He tells her, congratulations. She confided in the guy who was setting her up.

Kiki tells Griff that she went to cotillion three years straight to learn to waltz. Griff has a confession to make – he knows how to waltz. He was also dragged to cotillion; his mom’s friend needed a dance partner. He learned to fox trot, tango, and waltz. Kiki says, prove it. Um… some music would be good. They dance without it, and he twirls her around. They kiss, and I make a sound between, ooh, and uh-oh.

Sam and Jason get to the hospital, where Maxie is in a wheelchair, and asks if they want to tag along to see the baby. Henrik is coming through near the nurses’ station, and Maxie wonders why he’s in handcuffs. Henrik asks if it’s possible for him to speak to her, and in a world only on the soaps, Chase agrees, and they’re given privacy. He tells Maxie he failed to disclose his real name. She doesn’t understand, and he says, Peter is the name he chose for himself. His father named him Henrik. She says, no, and he says, he’s Henrik Faison.

Anna pushes Valentin. She says her son has every right to hate her and want revenge. He had no right to use her child. Why not go all the way and tell Faison?  Valentin says he finally had leverage, and kept it in reserve. She says they’re talking about a little boy he handed over to a monster. Nina agrees. She thought he’d never hurt a child; it was his saving grace. He says he made a mistake. Nina says some mistakes you can’t take back. He says he continued to work for Faison, so he could keep an eye on Henrik. It didn’t take long to see he’d never escape his father. Anna says, protecting him, very noble, if she believed him. He says he made a terrible mistake, and is haunted by it every day. He asks if she thinks she knows what it’s like to go to bed every night, wishing he could make amends, but being a failure. He knows something about that. She tells him to go to hell, and walks out. He says he’s already there.

Dante tells Lulu that he’s leaving for work. She thinks they should talk. He asks, about what? About how she learned nothing from Nathan’s death? Peter appealed to her vanity or something. She says it’s her job to investigate. He says, then investigate. Don’t just take lies her boss is feeding her. Although he probably won’t be her boss much longer. Maybe she should write a story about that.

Henrik tells Maxie that he knows it’s a lot to take in, but please believe he never had an agenda; he wanted to help. The more he got to know her, the more he cared. She says, Faison wasn’t there for her; she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Faison was after him. Henrik says, yes. Maxie asks to go back to her room. Henrik says he’s sorry, but she doesn’t care. Henrik is led away.

Sam tells Drew that Henrik paid the man at Faison’s bank to leave the letters in a drop. One of the envelopes had the flash drive in it. He could have it; a way to restore his memory. Drew says he’s not going to rely on Peter, or Henrik, or whatever his name is. He and Andre are figuring it out. He wants to be Drew, with no trace of Jason. He leaves. Sam tells Jason that Drew might not want the flash drive, but she sure as hell does.

Oh wow. Griff and Kiki get busy. There’s a song part… and Sam gets in the elevator. She and Jason gaze at each other, then he gets in with her. Lulu types on her laptop while she cries. Valentin drinks. Nina walks in with her suitcase, looks at him, goes to the door, takes a last look, and leaves. Valentin dumps the glass over, no doubt wasting some very good bourbon. Anna goes to the station. She takes Robert’s hand. He holds her as she cries. Peter is examined.

Maxie lies in bed, thinking about Peter giving her the baby wrapped in his tuxedo jacket.

Two of my guys knocked out in one episode.

Tomorrow, Julian visits Alexis, Diane says Carly is more out of control than she’s willing to admit, and Nelle tells Josslyn that she and Michael are getting closer.

The Real Housewives of New York City

It’s Christmastime. Dorinda shops for the weekend in the Berkshires. Her house is totally Christmased up. She says the Berserkshires are here. Carole and Ramona arrive first. Dorinda says she wants a relaxed, fun night before everyone else gets there. She describes her decorations as old world meets new world meets kitsch. She has an old-fashioned TV set with an animated Christmas scene inside, and it’s one of the most amazing, coolest decorations I’ve ever seen. Like her own personal Lord & Taylor window.

Facialist Satoko goes to Sonja’s to give her some treatments. Satoko is miffed that Sonja rehomed one of her dogs and the cat. In her interview, Sonja says her life is complicated. She worried about everything, including the pets, and needed it to be simpler. It’s better for them, but hard on her. Satoko asks who she’s having sex with now, and they talk about the disadvantages of hooking up with two men at the same time. Satoko thinks you must have 24-hour downtime in between.

Dorinda, Carole, and Ramona go out for dinner. Carole asks if somebody actually gets murdered at the mystery party. Ramona says Sonja is like the old Sonja, funny and light. In her interview, Ramona thinks it will be a time thing with Dorinda and Sonja. Carole asks about Bethenny, saying she thinks Bethenny is being distant after she got upset with Carole at the dinner. She’s seemed aggressive. In her interview, Carole thinks it’s strange that Bethenny isn’t reaching out or making plans. Something is going on. Dorinda agrees something isn’t as comfortable as it used to be. Carole thinks it has something to do with support for Bethenny’s charity, but she made a matching donation. Dorinda says Bethenny was bummed out about Adam. Carole says Adam told her, but Bethenny never said anything, She wonders why Bethenny would hold a grudge against her. In her interview, Carole says he chose to let it go, but Bethenny was talking behind her back about it. She’s never known Bethenny not to be direct. She says every level of the story sucks. They’ve argued, but privately. Ramona says Carole used to be more cerebral, but has been speaking her mind more.

The girls come down for breakfast. Carole and Ramona marvel over Dorinda’s bed linens.

Bethenny says she put the B in Berkshires, and we flash back to her berating LuAnn, and the argument with Ramona. She’s in such a good mood, nothing can ruin it. Oh, just wait.

Carole gives Dorinda a personalized makeup turban for Christmas, and also a Donald Trump chia pet. In her interview, Dorinda says it’s the gift that will keep on giving. Ramona plays with the snow globes. Bethenny arrives. Dorinda promises to help with a search for an FAO Schwarz nutcracker for Brynn. Bethenny asks where Carole is, and Carole magically appears. Bethenny gives her an All I Want for Christmas is a New President sweatshirt. In her interview, Carole says he wants a conversation with Bethenny, but Bethenny is acting like it’s all good, so she’s doing the same. Bethenny is wearing a Chilling with My Snowmies shirt, and Ramona doesn’t get the play on words. Bethenny tells Carole not to give her any hints, but Carole blurts out, homies. Ramona still doesn’t get it, since she doesn’t know what homies are.

The rest arrive, and there’s another big discussion about Bethenny’s shirt. In her interview, Carole says it doesn’t matter what time it is, single LuAnn wants the party started. Dorinda announces there are rules of engagement this year. Housekeeper Len works for her, and if need something done, come to her. In her interview, Dorinda says if they know the rules, they won’t break them – hopefully. She tells them, don’t touch other people’s stuff. Don’t take it, or wear it. Respect the home. As she’s talking, we flash back to when these rules were broken. She says it isn’t Girls Gone Wild or the Playboy mansion. It’s the home she loves and cherishes. With that said, welcome. Sonja says she’s on her best behavior, and brought her own slippers and PJs. The last thing she wants is to be ostracized.

Luann and Sonja share a room. LuAnn hangs decorations on the fish hanging on the wall. Sonja takes pics to cover her ass in case there’s damage. Everyone gets ready for the party. In her interview, Dorinda explains that she’s a temperance leader, trying to bring Prohibition to Massachusetts, but doesn’t practice what she preaches. There will be actors coming, and at some point, a murder.

Rhett, the butler, shows up, along with the manor owner, Freddy Feathersby, and his assistant, Aiden.  He’s made his money from selling feathers to showgirls, and all of the characters have a vested interest in him. Anyone could be murdered.

Tinsley is the rich neighbor; whose daddy makes money while she spends it. Carole tells her about Bethenny’s beef with Adam, saying it’s not her style to talk to someone else about it. She’s going to have a couple of tequilas and see how it goes.

Sonja is an accountant who cooks the books Sonja loves a costume theme, and the men, although there could be a few more. Bethenny is the brains behind operation, because Featherby is an idiot. In her interview, Bethenny says they’re the same bitches; different era. Carole is a woman running for congress. She has a cigarette in a holder, and in her interview, Bethenny says Carole has taken up smoking through the façade of costume.

Ramona tells Featherby that when he left the room, his assistant said he hated him. Sonja says he told her his life would be easier without him around. Ramona tells Featherby that he surrounds himself with the wrong people. In her interview, Bethenny says there’s Ramona, telling secrets. Finally, her being an a-hole is helpful.

Rhett explains how it works, and that no one should really call the police. LuAnn is late, and strolls in being a French something-or-other. Aiden starts choking, and drops to the floor. They make a pretense of trying to help, but he’s dead. Featherby suggests the go to the dining room to discuss. Sonja points out that they’re a man down for dinner. Featherby talks about calling the police, and Tinsley says her experience with the police has been bad, making everyone laugh. Featherby says he would have never murdered his faithful assistant, so someone in the room did. They toast to Aiden, but then Featherby starts to choke. Despite their best efforts, he too, is dead. Rhett reveals that he’s actually a cop. He thinks he knows who committed the crime. The “body” carted off, and Sonja says now there are no guys for dinner. Bethenny makes a toast that, men may come and go, but strong women last forever.

Rhett tells everyone that Aiden poisoned Featherby’s drink before he died. Dorinda is starving, and reveals that she did it. Rhett says she’s too rich to go to jail, and presents her with a bottle of Dom Perignon. Everyone applauds. Bethenny suggests that next year, somebody should really kill somebody, but the night is young.

They talk about Heather Thomas living close by, and Ramona gripes about her house having no air conditioning. Bethenny confronts Ramona about saying she called Carole a puppet. In her interview, Ramona says those might not have been her exact words, but what she said wasn’t a compliment. Moving right along, Ramona brings up the tension in the group, saying they all feel it, but she’s the only brave one. Carole says the vibe is off. Bethenny says there’s been a shift in the group, and Carole doesn’t understand. In her interview, Carole says, so much for easing it in.

Carole asks Bethenny, if she had a problem, why didn’t she come to her? Bethenny says she didn’t have a problem. Carole says she thought Bethenny was upset because of Carole’s lack of support for her charity. Bethenny says she doesn’t need Carole’s support. In her interview, Bethenny say that she never heard from Carole about it, and she didn’t seem interested. Carole says Page Six contacted her about a story that they were feuding, and she killed it. Now she’s hearing rumblings that it might be true. Bethenny had told her that she thought Dorinda was the source. Dorinda swears she never called Page Six. In her interview, Bethenny says she told Carole that in confidence, and asks if she’s not safe with Carole now. Carole brings up Adam, and Bethenny gets all hung up on the details. Carole calls her honey, which Bethenny doesn’t find amusing. Carole doesn’t like the vibe, and accuses Bethenny of avoiding the topic by concentrating on the minutiae. In her interview, Ramona says the rest of them don’t have the verbal skills to spar with Bethenny, and usually give up. Carole is on top of it. In her interview, Tinsley says she feels like a child; they shouldn’t be there. Carole says she loves Bethenny, but Bethenny doesn’t seem to feel the same way.

To be continued…

Next time, Bethenny is done, Dorinda puts her face in a cake, Dorinda owns Santa, and Bethenny gets a big surprise.


This episode started thirty days before the tour, and counted down.

Everyone was ready to celebrate Take 3’s first album. It was announced that Noah would be co-headlining with Gigi on the tour, and Take 3 would open. While celebrating at the salon, they heard Star’s I Was There track on the radio. Miss Lawrence suggested the knives be hidden. Star said she was just venting; it wasn’t supposed to come out. Alex wasn’t having it, and she and Star had a knockdown drag out. Star confronted Maurice, saying she wanted a hit, but not like this; she was tired of men taking advantage. Maurice said she was about to be the hottest piece of the Take 3 puzzle. Carlotta, Cassie, and Cotton went through Jahil’s studio, and Cassie promised to find out who did this.

After Noah got drunk and arrested, Carlotta said he needed a handler. Noah said she needed to know her place. She told him to sit his ass down, and he fired her.

Charles worried about getting kicked out, but didn’t believe Ayanna could run the company. Star’s single took off, and Ayanna told Maurice he saved his job. Carlotta said he was enabling Noah, and Take 3 was torn apart because of what he released. Maurice told Carlotta he was picking up her slack.

Cassie told Andy she wasn’t playing around, and threatened his parents, who she never knew were white.

Star told Simone that she was doing it for their mama. It’s the least she could do, since she killed her. Simone says she didn’t, but Star confesses she gave her more medicine when she shouldn’t have. Simone wasn’t holding it against her; she was a kid. Simone told her to let it go – it’s a choice to be broken.

Noah hated that Simone got him out of the DUI. Cotton claimed Omari killed Jahil, and it was a mistake to let him live. Carlotta said he was a dead man, and Cassie said she had it, telling Carlotta to get Cotton and her son out of town. At the prison. Angel told Simone that his lawyer would help get them an annulment. Simone said it wasn’t what she wanted, but he insisted. She took to her bed, and when Carlotta tried getting her to face life, she whined that Carlotta had never loved anyone like she loved Angel. Carlotta bounced her out of bed, saying she just buried him

Noah dropped his flask in front of Alex, who said she can’t do this again. He was all, you and me, but she said, get out.

Take 3 was pretty impressive for an opening act, with swings and dry ice. The audience began to chant for Star’s new single. Alex grabbed the mic, and she and Star wrestled on the stage. They were out of the tour, but Maurice said Star could be the opening act. Simone told Star they weren’t family anymore. Star said everything she’d done, she did for them, and Simone told her to stop with the lies. Star said they were a package deal, but Ayanna said, not according to their contract.

Gigi introduced Noah to coke, and he snorted some off of her before he went on stage. Alex went to see Derek, and told him Noah was a drunk like her mother. She said she was going to New York to see her dad. She was going to find out why she’s so messed up. Derek told her he had a girl now, and she doesn’t lie to him. He left her standing on the porch.

Ayanna caught Andy in her office, forging her signature on checks. She was about to call security when he knocked the phone out of her hand. There was a gun in her desk, and they struggled over it. Ayanna was shot, and Andy called Carlotta, who’s like Mr. Wolf in Pulp Fiction.  She took his prints off the gun, and called an ambulance. Ayanna didn’t want an ambulance. She didn’t want to give her father the satisfaction of thinking she’s weak, and told Carlotta she was pregnant with Jahil’s baby

Carlotta asked why Andy needed money, and he told her Jahil’s bullet was meant for him. She asked who he owed money too. She could help, but needed a name. She asked who killed Jahil, and he told her it was her sister Cassie. She asked if he was crazy, owing Cassie money.

Charles showed up for a board meeting, noting they had a quorum. He said Ayanna was in his seat, but she said she was taking leadership of Floyd Entertainment. He taught her to play chess, so checkmate. Carlotta became the new head of Midtown Sound. She fired Maurice.

Star told Noah when she’d pictured the tour, it was with the girls, not with him throwing it away. He told her that he was on top; this is what it looks like. She said they were both alone, and told him he was crumbling. She was learning it was a choice to be broken, and asked if he was ever going to change. This doesn’t make him an artist; it makes him an addict. Not Prince or Michael, just an addict.

The concert ended with Star singing the opening song, I Bring Me, but thinking about how she sang it with the other girls, her victory being bittersweet. Derek ran after Alex. The plane was boarding, but he said his girl was on the damn plane. We saw a television showing breaking news about an airplane down in the Appalachian Mountains. Noah stood on the roof, about to jump.

Carlotta and Cassie sat at the kitchen table, drinking. Carlotta said Jahil died murderes by someone he loved and believed in. Some people always let you down. They both quietly reached under the table for their guns. Carlotta told Cassie that she heard Cassie took Omari out. They both drew their guns, and Cassie said she always had Carlotta’s back. Carlotta said, the hell she did, as her hand started to shake.

A gun went off.

Queen Latifah’s hair-dos did not disappoint. There was a short, swirly do in black and white, shoulder length waves in brown with gold highlights, a magenta flip, and a brown and gold curled bob highlighted with purple. This week, however, Brandi won the Queen of Hair, with brown and gold Queen Nefertiti braids piled high.

This was the finale. Star will be returning in the fall.

🐶 Because It’s the Best I Can Come Up with At This Hour…


May 16, 2018 – The Ball Begins, NYC Reconvenes, a Star Shocker, a Few More Secrets & Closer


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Nick Viall (The Bachelor) tells us that things are heating up on the red carpet. It’s a night of glitz, glamour, and especially heart.

Jason tells Sonny that Carly will be okay. Sonny is afraid she’s breaking down. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.

Nina is in a magnificent red mermaid gown, with sparkly straps and accents. Valentin tells her how wonderful she looks, and that it makes him want to do unspeakable things. He’ll share her tonight, but after the Ball, he’s whisking her away for a fabulous vacation. He has tickets and passports for the both of them and Charlotte. Nina says, tonight?

Anna texts Henrik that she’s eager to meet him, and awaits further instructions. Robin arrives, and wonders why Anna is still in her robe. Anna says she needs a hug.

Robert feels along the walls of the cell he’s trapped in, but there are no secret passageways. There’s nothing except chipped paint. It looks like a really bad dorm room. He says there has to be a way out.

Sam stops in front of Peter’s office, but moves on when she realizes he’s inside. He looks at Anna’s message, and flips the lighter. Maxie enters wearing silver sequins. He has something to give to her. I wonder if it’s a prom corsage, but he hands her a velvet jewelry box.

Backstage on the phone, Lucy says everything had better be Velcroed, snapped, and sticky taped within an inch of its life. She wants no wardrobe malfunctions. She talks to one of the stagehands, and says no one is falling off the stage at the Nurses’ Ball. This makes me wonder if she’ll be falling off the stage when she has this year’s wardrobe malfunction. She tells herself it’s going to be fine. She tells her llama, it’s just you and me, Benny. My apologies for thinking the llama was a camel yesterday.

On the red carpet, Franco asks Nick if he can take the mic, promising nothing will have to be bleeped; it’s important to him. Nick hands the mic over, saying they have an impromptu guest commentator. Franco introduces Elizabeth Imogene Webber as the heart and soul of General Hospital, and the woman he hopes to call his wife. Elizabeth thanks Nick for indulging Franco, and thanks us all for watching. Nick says it was unusual, but he couldn’t have done it better. Franco and Elizabeth get their pictures taken.

Lucy rants about the menu cards. Olivia is freaking out, and Lucy asks if something is wrong. Olivia says she’ll handle it. Lucy tells her it’s the Nurses’ Ball. Nothing can go wrong.

Jason tells Sonny that Carly would never jeopardize her grandchild’s life; Nelle is lying. Sonny understands why he wants to believe that, but Carly’s been unraveling for weeks. Jason has to leave, but says he’ll be in touch.

At the hospital, Kiki is working. David gives her a list of files to pull and have on his desk by 7 am. Kiki yawns, and he asks if she’s tired, but she says no, she’ll be happy to do it. Molly calls her, and she says it’s nice of her, but it doesn’t look like she’s making it to the Ball. She has too much work. She’s bummed too, but maybe next year. David overhears.

Finn looks at some charts in his office, and thinks about seeing Anna’s will. Alexis walks in, and says he looks dapper. He thought he was picking her up, but she figured she’d save him a trip. He asks if she was too antsy to wait, and she says being the center of attention isn’t her favorite thing. She’s looking forward to their date and his introduction though, but he says she might want to hold her enthusiasm until she hears it. They leave for the Ball.

Nina tell Valentin that Charlotte isn’t out of school yet. He wants to go someplace that makes her smile, where they can relax and connect as a family. She says she’ll think about it, but right now, she has to rock the red carpet.

Robin doesn’t think Anna is listening, and asks what’s going on? Anna says it’s just a case she’s working on. Robin says, mm-hmm, Anna asks what that means. Robin asks if the case would happen to be named Hamilton Finn, but Anna says he’s moved on and so has she. There are no unresolved feelings. Anna goes to get dressed, and Robin laughs.

Peter tells Maxie that he hopes he’s not overstepping. He saw it and it reminded him of her, but she’s not obligated to keep. She asks if she can see it first, and he opens the box to reveal a stunning necklace with three pear shaped diamonds going across the chain. He says she can take it back if it’s too much. She tells him to slow his roll. She says it’s beautiful, and it is too much, but she’s learned in life never to return jewelry. I’m thinking it’s funny how when a character is given a necklace, they’re never wearing one, even when they’re in a formal gown. He puts in on her, and she asks how it looks. He says, like it was made for her.

Nina gets to the Ball, and Nick introduces her as his co-host. Josslyn, in a pink sleeveless gown with sparkling flower appliques, comes in with Oscar. She says she feels like Cinderella. Oscar tells her that she’s prettier. He kisses her, and I’m in love – with her matching pink tassel earrings.

At the Ball, Jason sees Spinelli, who says his services are at Jason’s disposal. Jason says Carly is locked up until morning. He can’t help her tonight, so Spinelli can help follow-up on the search for Henrik. Spinelli thought it was important to be there for Maxie. Jason says he’ll examine all claims, and try to figure out how Nelle set Carly up.

Stella visits Sonny, who tells her that he had to fire another nurse. She says sometimes it takes a while, but he’ll find the right fit. Mike comes out, saying he thought he heard the voice of an angel, and he was right. He asks if she can keep them company for a while, but she has to cut it short; she’s going to the Nurses’ Ball. Mike says they have to go. He performed in it once. Sonny says they’re not going, but Mike goes upstairs to put on his tux. Sonny laughs.

Jordan, wearing a burgundy gown with sequin accents and a keyhole neckline, walks in with Curtis. Nina says they’re the perfect ensemble for special occasion, and tells them take everything in and have a blast.

Olivia sits in the Quartermaine living room with someone we don’t see yet. She says it’s the biggest night of the year, and she forgot the chef had a scheduling conflict. Carla Hall, playing Cook 2, is in the other chair, and says she has the perfect solution. Olivia says, she’ll cover her at the hotel? Cook says, no, she can cook.

Jason goes to Anna’s room, and Robin hugs him. She says she’s ready hear about their adventure in Switzerland. Emma was living her best life, picking out a suit for him. Jason says it’s good she and Anna are spending time together; things have been hectic with a case. Robin says, so there actually is a case. She thought it was just a disagreement with Finn. Jason doesn’t know about that, but she’s fixated on finding Henrik. Robin asks if she should be worried, but he says just stay close. If Anna confides in anyone, it will be her.

When they get to the Ball, Peter tells Maxie that they don’t have to do the red carpet, but she says it’s hugely important night to show their support. An interviewer asks if she’s looking forward to anything in particular. She says fashion is her weakness, but her favorite part is that everyone steps outside of themselves and comes together to do good. Nina says word on the street is that it’s Peter’s first Nurses’ Ball, and asks what he’s expecting. He says he’s heard it’s the night to expect the unexpected. Valentin looks shocked to see him.

Valentin walks in, and Nick says Valentin obviously had the good taste to marry his co-host. Valentin says he’d do anything for this woman. He hugs Nina, and looks at Peter over her shoulder.

Robert lies on the cot. He looks at a barred window that’s high up.

Anna is startled to see Jason. Robin says she’ll meet her downstairs. Anna says she didn’t expect to see him, and he asks if she’s reached out to Henrik. She says she’s still waiting for a reply. Jason asks if she’s going to tell him, and she says, of course. He says as much as she doesn’t want him to find Henrik first – Anna says, and kill him – he doesn’t want her to walk into a trap. They need to stick to the plan, and work together. Anna agrees.

Maxie is surprised to see Spinelli.

David asks Kiki why she didn’t remind him the Nurses’ Ball was tonight. He tells her work can wait; she deserves a night off. She asks if this is a trick, and he says to go and enjoy herself. She says she’ll be back bright and early in the morning. He tells her to have fun.

Olivia says she knows she and Cook 2 have had their differences. Cook says Olivia blatantly ignored her wishes. Olivia says it’s a big kitchen; she thought they could share. Cook says she can have the whole kitchen at the MetroCourt to herself. Olivia says, help me, Cook 2, you’re my only hope. She can’t do it by herself.

Ooh, Sam’s dress! It’s navy and red, off-the-shoulder with short lacy sleeves, and sparkly. Nearly all the women have seriously plunging necklines. Alexis and Finn arrive, and Nick says even though she didn’t win the mayoral election, she’s clearly won the people’s hearts. Anna walks in while she’s texting, and trips. Finn catches her in a dip. Nick asks if Alexis and Sam made a pact to come solo, and Nina says, female empowerment! Alexis says she’s actually there with Finn. Robin tells Anna, sure there are no unresolved feelings.

Sonny can’t believe his wife spending time in jail. No way is he putting on a tux and going to the Ball. Stella asks if there’s anything he can do for Carly tonight, and he says, no. She says, but there is something he can do for his father. He says it doesn’t feel right, and she says Mike has Alzheimer’s; his time is short. Opportunities like this won’t come around very often. If she was him, she’d take it. Mike comes down in his tux, saying he needs help with his tie. Sonny says if Mike really wants to go, they’re going. Mike says this beautiful woman here is his date.

Robin and Anna walk the carpet. Robin is wearing a sparkling silver brocade number, and Anna is wearing a pretty purple blazer with a blue sash and black pants, but I’m wondering why no gown? Does she think she’ll have to jet? Anna says they’re there tonight so others can life live as successfully as Robin, and hopefully, one day they’ll eradicate HIV and AIDS.

Elizabeth tells Franco nice of him to slip in her middle name. He says it’s hands down, his favorite thing about her.

Spinelli brings Maxie something to drink, and takes her in to find a chair. Sam thanks Peter for taking care of her. He says he would have come alone, so they’re helping each other. Curtis watches them, and Jordan says, eyes on her. They kiss.

Olivia tells Cook how much respect she has, but Cook says flattery will get her nowhere. Olivia says it isn’t flattery; she thinks Cook is a culinary genius. Cook says she didn’t think that when she was infiltrating her kitchen with her manicotti. Olivia tells her it’s for a wonderful charity, and she doesn’t want people to starve, does she? Cook says she’ll do it on one condition. Swear on her favorite skillet that she’ll never set foot in the Quartermaine kitchen again.

Kiki walks the carpet in silver sequins. Ava, wearing black sequins, comes in with Griff. Lucy says she heard Ava is gracing the stage. Griff says Ava is a woman of many talents. Lucy tells her, good luck, and Ava asks if she doesn’t mean, break a leg. Lucy tells her, good luck.

Sam stands in the empty room before everyone comes in. Jason sees her, and their music plays. He asks if she’s taking a breather, and she says it’s a little much out there. He tells her that she looks beautiful. She takes it that he’s not coming, and he says he gave a donation. She asks what he’s up to, and he says he’s using the Ball as a cover to work on finding Henrik. Sam says she has her own thing going on. He tells her again that she’s beautiful, and I roll my eyes.

Josslyn tells Oscar that she’s having the best time ever, and the Ball hasn’t even started. She walked the red carpet with her boyfriend, who she’s in love with. He says he loves her too, and they kiss.

Elizabeth sees Robin, who asks if anything is going on. Elizabeth says, not a thing. Everything is back to normal, better than normal. Franco comes up behind her, and puts his arms around her. She says she’s happier than she’s ever been. Robin says she’s happy for them both.

Ava drinks a martini, which Griff calls liquid courage. Kiki asks if she’s ready to bring the house down.

Maxie introduces Peter to Robin. He says Robert Scorpio is her father, and she says, the legend himself.

Valentin asks Anna if she’s enjoying herself. She tells him that she’s sure Robert will do what’s needed with Henrik. Valentin is sure he will.

Not much he can do from a cell though. Robert starts to rub one of his arms, and keels over. Hmm… Is he having a heart attack, or does he think someone is watching through the window?

Cook tells Olivia, those are the terms; take it or leave it. Olivia says, okay, fine. She swears on her favorite skillet that she will never again set foot in the Quartermaine kitchen. Cook says, then she has chef for the Nurses Ball. They shake hands.

Mike, Sonny, and Stella come in; Stella in black and silver sequins. Sonny is asked why the Ball is important to him, and he talks about Stone dying, and says he doesn’t want another person dying from the disease. Nina asks who the beautiful lady is, and Mike says she’s with him. Sonny isn’t keen on the picture taking, but Mike says he’s out on the town with his son and best girl, and wants photo evidence; he might not remember. Sonny doesn’t want to do it, but Stella makes him take a photo with Mike.

Lucy walks the carpet with her llama, who is apparently also her date, in a black and white, open shouldered gown. She says it’s a magical evening. Nina tells her to have fun, and she says she always does.

Robin sees Sonny and they hug. Jordan tells Curtis that she didn’t know Stella would be there. He says neither did he. Finn asks Alexis how nervous she is, and she says on a scale of one to ten, she’s at 6,759, but she’s got this. Kiki tells Ava that she would have been disappointed if she missed her performance. David says, fancy seeing Kiki here.

On the phone, Valentin sets up security for the house in Morocco.

Robert lies on the floor unconscious.

Sonny asks Olivia if she’s okay. She says there was a minor crisis, but she has it handled. Although it cost more than she thought.

The doors open. Everyone is seated. Lucy welcomes them to the Nurses Ball, and they applaud. Peter and Valentin glare at each other.

Next time, Chase hopes he didn’t ruin a surprise, Peter says he’ll handle Anna himself, Sam is going to see what Peter is hiding, and of course, the entertainment. I loved Carla Hall, and hope she continues to be a recurring character even after the Ball is over.

The Real Housewives of New York City

In Puerto Rico, Bethenny introduces Dorinda around to the crew helping with cash card delivery. In her interview, Dorinda is glad Bethenny is good at putting things behind her. It paves the way for the day. How motivational poster. Bethenny explains how they’re going door to door, and giving out the cards. The driver says it will take years for recovery. Guys who were in Afghanistan think it’s bad. Bethenny says it looks like the hurricane was yesterday. Dorinda says the news coverage didn’t do it justice, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. It’s complete devastation. She says it’s a feeling of total isolation. Bethenny gives one old lady two cards ($600) and everyone is crying. It sucks man. I went through Hurricane Sandy, but it was nothing like this. Dorinda says we complain about baloney, and she’s humbled by their positive attitude. Bethenny is glad Dorinda came.

Ramona picks up Sonja in a limo. They’re going outside of the city. Sonja says she doesn’t even like to walk out of her neighborhood. It’s Ramona’s way of apologizing. Sonja said what hurt her was Ramona not being supportive at LuAnn’s lunch. Ramona says sorry she disappointed Sonja, but she didn’t know what to do. In her interview Sonja says their friendship isn’t worth the pettiness. They go to an upscale store, where Ramona is friends with the owner. They look at a chinchilla coat and I go, eww. Have you ever seen one? They’re adorable.

LuAnn meets with someone named Ben about doing a cabaret act. It’s something she’s always dreamed of doing. She’s terrified, and that’s why she has to do it; it makes her strong. In her interview, she says she sang on Broadway once, and Liza Minelli told her, gurrl! She says Ben has done a lot of shows and knows everyone in the business. He tells her that you don’t regret mistakes, but steps you don’t take. She’s always bounced back. She says she’s made a lot of mistakes, and fallen on her face a few times. We flash back to her spill into the bushes. Ben thinks they should take their time and is already thinking of people he wants to use. He asks her to just sing something off the top of her head like Happy Birthday. She sings Happy Birthday, sounding better than she has in the past. He doesn’t think the voice matters – which I agree with – but her voice is good.

Bethenny’s group goes to town with no electricity. She says Puerto Rico after dark is intense. The first time they were there, the people were in mud up to their ankles. It’s a freakin’ mess. Bethenny says it’s not a huge place, and you can make a dent going to individual people. Omar talks about roaches and rats and such coming out at night. They’re the first people from the states giving money. Bethenny says they’ve heard that a lot. None of the money advertised is getting there. Sadly, that happens all too often. Dorinda says you’d be surprised what you can do when you have to, and the people are doing it with pride and dignity.

The girls meet for dinner. Dorinda took a pass, and Bethenny wants to wait for her to be there to talk about Puerto Rico. She asks how Tinsley’s weekend was with Scott, and I don’t hear what Tinsley says, but there’s applause afterward. Maybe I don’t want to know. Sonja arrives. She tells Bethenny she went on a date with someone she’d recommended. Tinsley is confused, and asks Carole what happened to Frenchie and Rocco? Tinsley and Carole continue talking about Sonja. In her interview, Bethenny says Sonja doesn’t seem to belong, no matter what she does. She feels sorry for her. Clearly, Tinsley and Carole aren’t into Sonja. Bethenny points out that once Tinsley got a boyfriend, who she met through Carole, she blew Sonja off. Bethenny has compassion for Sonja, and interrupts Tinsley’s conversation, saying it seemed like she was at the bottom when she came back to the city. Tinsley wonders where this is coming from. In her interview, Tinsley says Bethenny is picking on her regarding things she knows nothing about. She tells Bethenny that Sonja lied about her having no friends. In her interview, Carole doesn’t know what’s going on. She says Bethenny is spinning Sonja’s story because she’s not doing a good enough job herself. Bethenny says Carole always defends whoever she’s sitting next to. Carole says she’s a ride or die chick, and Bethenny is loud. She tells Bethenny to get off her jock. Bethenny says she loves Carole, but she chimes into whatever another person thinks. In her interview, Bethenny says Carole doesn’t have her own voice. LuAnn thinks this is sad. She doesn’t think the issue between Bethenny and Carole is about Sonja and Tinsley.

Carole goes to the Cosmopolitan magazine office. Editor Michele is a new friend, and she’s going to write something for them. Carole hasn’t written in years, and thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to get back into it. Michele is thinking something like an “on my mind” column, that runs a page. Carole says what’s on her mind is sexual harassment. She thinks it’s a good time to write about self-esteem, and how you need to affirm it every day. Michele asks how Carole is with deadlines. She’s on to how writers put things off.

Bethenny meets Dorinda for lunch. Dorinda says it’s weird, seeing Bethenny in this environment again. Bethenny says, it’s so clean. Dorinda says it readjusted her mindset. Now, she’s quiet in the morning, and thinking more positively. She asks about the dinner, and Bethenny says she was better off not going. There was too much yelling. Tinsley was going on about Scott. Bethenny thinks Sonja gave Tinsley a leg up, and now Sonja could use one. She says Carole was fighting Tinsley’s battle, and she’s noticed it’s a pattern. Carole jumps on everyone else’s argument. She tells Dorinda that she approached Adam about doing some photography work for the charity, and he asked what the comp was – no one else has ever done that; everyone works for nothing. When she told him there wasn’t any, he said he couldn’t afford to lose a week’s work, and it rubbed her the wrong way. She thinks he’s a bit of an operator. When she said something to Carole, Carole made excuses for him, and said everyone is an operator. Dorinda says, it’s a charity. She asks if Bethenny and Carole’s relationship has changed, and Bethenny says she’s been knee-deep in Puerto Rico, They were on totally different pages In her interview, Bethenny thinks Carole has more in common with Tinsley; she’s not married, has no kids, and no career. Dorinda wonders if they’re at odds, and Bethenny says Carole knows it’s a little off.

Sonja wants her place rented so she can move on with her plan. She invites LuAnn and Ramona over for a painting party. LuAnn is glad she’s finally doing something. Sonja shows them how the clutter is gone. Almost. She has suits for them to paint in, and says they’re going to touch up the chairs in the garden. She takes them out on the patio, and mixes the paint. They discuss Carole and Bethenny. LuAnn thinks Tinsley could be more grateful, and could have left if she wasn’t happy. Sonja says she left when Scott came into the picture. In her interview, Sonja says it’s awkward, but she’s a big girl. She tells them to paint over the bird crap. No. Just no.

Duff is a close friend of Carole’s, and has just written a book about chronic pain. She’s having a book party in what looks like a nice apartment. There’s a vodka fountain, and everything is decorated for Christmas. LuAnn and Ramona arrive first. Ramona tells Carole she feels that Carole has a voice now, and she loves it. She can’t believe Bethenny called her a puppet. Carole doesn’t believe Bethenny would say that. Ramona says maybe it’s more what she thinks than what was actually said. In her interview, Ramona says Carole is in denial. She might not have repeated the right words, but it was derogatory.

The second she gets through the door, Carole immediately asks Bethenny if she said Carole was a puppet. Bethenny says she wouldn’t use that word. They agree Ramona is nuts. In her interview, Bethenny says she implied others pulled Carole’s strings, but didn’t use word puppet. Tinsley, Sonja, and Dorinda join the party. Bethenny asks why Ramona told Carole she’d called her a puppet. Ramona says that was her interpretation, and Bethenny asks if she’s doing interpretations now. In her interview, Bethenny says Ramona thrives on other people being in discord, so she can swoop in to back underdog.

Dorinda tells everyone that she’s having a murder mystery dinner in the Berkshires. The time period is the 1920s, and they’ll all have characters. She passes out envelopes, and they all read their character names and descriptions. LuAnn says she wouldn’t be surprised at a murder in the Berkshires.

Tinsley wants to talk privately with Sonja. She’s heard Sonja has been saying things about her, and she wants to move forward. If Sonja ever felt she wasn’t grateful, she was and always will be. He tells Sonja if she has an issue with her, tell her, not everyone else. They agree to find time for each other. In her interview, Tinsley says she doesn’t want to get into a back-and-forth with Sonja, and get on a ride she can’t get off. Dorinda says she saw Tom wandering around with some tramp. He’s having a New Year’s Eve party on the same boat the engagement party was held on. We flash back to Dorinda’s tipsy toast. Carole joins them, and asks if Tom got a deal. In her interview, Dorinda says she let him know what a d-bag he is. LuAnn is glad she wasn’t there.

Carole thanks everyone for coming. She’s happy to share Duff with them tonight, and says Duff is the most amazing girl she’s met in New York. Someone spills wine all over the books. Not Dorinda.

Next time, the Berkshires weekend, Carole thinks there’s a disconnect with Bethenny, and Carole and Bethenny clash.

🌟 On Star, Cassie hired Derek for something, but I have the feeling it’s not what he thinks. Ayanna told the crew that tonight was a game changer; they were putting every resource behind Noah. Noah promised not to let everyone down. Jahil went to the trailer, and said he was tearing up Angel’s contract with Andy, but Angel was more concerned with being deported. Angel said if Jahil wanted to help him, stay out of his business. Ayanna appreciated Carlotta’s help, and Carlotta said she could show it by helping Take 3. Alex wanted to be able to do projects outside of Take 3. Simone was tired of the drama, and quit. Star accused her of overreacting. Carlotta told them tp do what they wanted, and went to the hospital. Jaden was now on the list for a kidney.

Maurice encouraged Star to go solo too, or watch Alex make her way to the top. Jahil told Andy that Cassie was no one to play with, and as they were talking, there was a drive by. Jahil got shot, but said it was just a graze. Carlotta dressed his wound, and asked who’s trying to kill him? He asked if it mattered, and came on to her, saying she’s his heart, and no one matches what they have. They got busy.

Simone told Angel that music was Star’s dream, not hers, and they decided to run away. Maurice told Star to take her anger to the booth, which she did, and told him to drop the track. Carlotta and Jahil danced, and Jahil started bleeding. Apparently, he had a heart condition only Carlotta knew about, and it created a situation where they couldn’t stop the bleeding. Simone asked if Star didn’t want something more than music, but Star didn’t know what that was. Carlotta asked Cotton to pray with her, and Cotton said, it had been so long, God didn’t want to hear from her. Aww. Miss Lawrence told Carlotta that Mexicans are resilient, and Jahil would be fine.

Carlotta was finally able to see Jahil, who told her that it had always been her, and he loved her. Then he flatlined and died. I was not expecting that. There you go, Benjamin Bratt. The good news was, that his kidney perfect match for Jared. I wondered why they hadn’t known this before, or if Jahil only had one kidney. in which case, he wouldn’t be needing it anymore. Carlotta told Cotton that Jahil’s heart couldn’t withstand him bleeding out. He’d said he wouldn’t let Jaden die, and he kept his word. Carlotta kissed Jahil one last time, and said goodbye. This whole thing was super sad.

Derek told Alex it didn’t have to be awkward every time they saw one another; life is too short. He was proud of her, and said if she needed anything, he was there. Ayanna stared at a pregnancy test in the limo. I wasn’t sure what the news was there, but she wasn’t happy. She called Noah, and told him that his life had finally turned around; he was getting his own tour. The call came just after Noah got pulled over. He was driving drunk, but Alex got behind the wheel before the cop got to the car.

At the funeral, Cassie approached Andy outside the church. She wanted her money or it would be his ass in the box next. She kissed him on the cheek while handing him a bullet. Wow. Brandi. Who’d have thought it? Everyone was all, I can’t believe he’s gone, and I was like, me neither. Star left a message for Maurice to forget about the track, so right away he called to drop it like it’s hot. As the pallbearers were taking the casket to the hearse, ICE came. Angel was one of the pallbearers, but they wouldn’t let him finish the task, dragging him out and cuffing him. When they were driving up, I thought it was the same guy who shot Jahil, there to finish the job. I wondered if that’s what the characters thought too. I have to add that the flower blanket on the casket was incredible, and quite colorful.

On the hair front, Queen Latifah spent most of the show in above-the-shoulder beachy waves with several colors of highlights, but for the funeral, she had long, dark curls with golden highlights, looking tragically romantic. Star won the hair-do wars though, in Rapunzel-like braids.

Next time, the finale – Star confronts Maurice, Noah is arrested, and Cassie and Carlotta draw guns on each other. That ought to be interesting.

🍷 I watched more of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Secrets Revealed, and I just loved the Lisa and Ken segment. They were about to celebrate their 35th anniversary, and Lisa asked what if they just pretended to go away? Ken suggested they hire a chef and stay home. Lisa says there was no place she liked as much as Villa Rosa, and it reminded me of how much the Edies loved Grey Gardens. They agreed they wouldn’t marry each other today, which made me kind of sad, but as a whole, it seemed like their life is a fairytale. There was lots of Giggy, and more sadness over Pink Dog and Pikachu, who passed within a week of one another. Giggy also has a heart condition now, and Ken is talking about cloning him. I would. As always, Lisa was self-depreciating, but so beautiful. I really want them to adopt me. I wouldn’t take up that much space. There was also a nice segment where LisaR and Erika visited Camille at her beach house in Malibu, and had lunch on one of the decks. It was one of those pleasant meals you don’t get in the regular episodes. Another funny thing was when Teddi called her dad. John Mellencamp, asking if he remembered when she got a tattoo in eighth grade. He did, and he’s still mad.

🍌 Hmm…

What you get when you put “weekend getting closer” in google images.




👉 There It Is…


April 25, 2018 – Luck or Fate, Another Hellish Dinner Party, Some Star, Some Serhant & the Weekend (Almost)


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Drew stops by Alexis’s place. She says they must have gotten their wires crossed, since she dropped off the kids at Monica’s. He asks how Sam is doing and where she is.

In Switzerland, back from their quest, Sam tells Jason, that was insane. The driving wasn’t bad, and she had a great time. He says, him too.

At the hospital, Kim asks Finn to hold the elevator. He doesn’t, but says he did her a favor; Lucy was in it. She says Lucy already hit her up about the Nurses’ Ball, but she told Lucy that she had no talent. Finn says that was the wrong thing to do. Lucy will have her on a trapeze, playing the accordion. He says he’s never attended it, and she tells him to give it a try this year. She already has a date.

At Kelly’s, Lucas is on the phone discussing the nursery with Brad. Julian hears him, and says, it’s really happening. Lucas is going to be a father.

Curtis gets down on one knee, and asks Jordan to marry him. She tells him to stand up. He asks her to hear him out. He wants them both to say the words, and commit to each other. Jordan says, till death do us part? She can’t marry him if the only reason he’s asking is that she might die.

Alexis tells Drew that Sam is in Switzerland with Jason. Spinelli was arrested, and they went to help get him out. The three of them decided to stay and work on the investigation. He thanks her, and leaves. Alexis hopes Sam knows what she’s doing.

Sam is liking Switzerland, and remarks that she got Jason to wear a helmet. He says they just robbed a bank, but she corrects him, saying they infiltrated it. The banker should have never have let her behind his desk. Jason says he didn’t have a chance. She wonders if the wire transfer Henrik sent ever came through. Jason finds a letter from Spinelli, saying he was able to secure passage to Seattle, and confirmed two seats to Port Charles (direct from Switzerland?) on Friday. He says they should enjoy the remainder of their stay, and includes a list of restaurants. Sam says Spinelli stranded them there on purpose.

Julian tells Lucas that he didn’t mean to snoop. Lucas says it’s official; they’ve been chosen to adopt. Julian is happy for them, and knows they’ll make wonderful parents. Lucas says they’re thrilled and grateful. it wouldn’t have happened without him.

Curtis doesn’t accept Jordan’s non-acceptance, but he’s on his feet so they can talk about it. She knows he means well. He says he means to marry his woman. Not because she’s sick, but because they love each other. He can’t deny the timing is suspicious, but her health scare is a wake-up call. It’s a reminder that life can change in an instant. The only guarantee is here and now. He hopes they’ll have fifty years, but will take five years or five hours.

Sam calls the airline, and tells Jason the soonest available flight isn’t until Friday. Whether Spinelli knew that or not, she needs to have a talk with him. There are too many coincidences, like them being in the same hotel. Jason admits Spinelli knew where she was staying. She asks how, and he says Spinelli was monitoring her in case of an emergency. She says that’s really good to know, and they’ll need to have another conversation about privacy. She asks how Jason ended up there, and Jason tells her that Anna had a research trip scheduled, and booked the hotel. Sam says Spinelli set them up. Jason says Spinelli told him there were 400+ rooms, and the odds of them running into each other were slim to none. If they did, it would be fate. Sam says he matched everything in the direction he wanted, but Jason says he won’t do it again. He respects her, and respects if she wants to be on her own.

Lucas is grateful to Julian. It made all the difference when he agreed not be part of the baby’s life. Julian doesn’t want his past mistakes to jeopardize his son’s happiness. Lucas says happy doesn’t begin to cover it. Julian says a child will bring boundless joy; it changed his life. Lucas says, just not soon enough.

Josslyn tells Oscar the coach is thinking about moving her up in the rotation. That’s almost as cool as his editorial in the school paper. He says it wasn’t that great, and she wonders if he can’t accept praise or is he afraid to show it to someone whose opinion he values?

Kim tells Drew about Oscar’s piece in the school paper. She says he’s probably embarrassed to show it to Drew. Drew doesn’t want to throw her under bus by asking Oscar about it, but if Oscar doesn’t show him tonight, he will. He has an idea, and Kim suggests she tell him over lunch.

Jordan reminds Curtis that she was married to his brother. She broke her vows, and broke his heart, and it ultimately led to his death. Curtis says some of that is on him; he should have stayed out of their business. Jordan says she created the situation. When it was over and done with, and had fallen apart, she felt guilty and angry, with herself mostly, but took out on him. Curtis says it’s all in the past. They know each other inside and out. They’re not perfect, but they’re smart, and learn from their mistakes. They know enough not to repeat them. She says that’s exactly why she’s hesitant to marry him.

Finn comes by Alexis’s place. She tells him about Drew’s visit, saying even if it’s not true, he perceives that Sam is with Jason. Finn says no one wants to be the odd man out in a triangle. She tells him it’s easier to worry about her children than herself. He asks if she’s worried, but she says she’s more worried about them together.

Lucas tells Julian that he’s been reading parenting books. No one is perfect. No matter what, despite the best intent, everyone screws up, but you put your kid first. Julian did that for him with the adoption; he came through as a father. Julian wishes he could change the past, but he just trying to do better to prove himself. In the meantime, is there anything else Lucas needs to tell him?

Jordan asks Curtis, what if it doesn’t work out? She’s thought about the pain she’s caused TJ. He’s been disappointed too many times, and don’t get her started about Aunt Stella. Curtis says it’s not about Aunt Stella or TJ. TJ is a grown-ass man, and it doesn’t affect Stella either way. They’re the only ones who it matters to, is them. Can she see herself forever with him? She wants to say yes, and take a leap of faith. He tells her to just go for it, and her phone rings. It’s the doctor.

Kim says she promised Drew chili, but her feelings won’t be hurt if likes Kelly’s chili better. They go inside, and see Julian. Julian invites them to join him, but Kim says she invited Drew. He asks if they have the latest on Sam, and if she’s back yet.

Jason tells Sam that they couldn’t have gained access without her. At least they know the letters are gone, and don’t have to waste time on that. They’re also closer to Henrik. Sam says he probably bounced the money through a bunch of corporations. Jason says maybe they should go back to the book. Sam says he told her that he thought Anna knew more than she was saying. Maybe they should retrace her steps. Go to the schools, and pick up the files she was looking at. Jason asks if she’s sure she wants to stay with the investigation. He loves working with her – she’s one of the best – but she said she wanted distance. Sam says she did say that, and this isn’t it.

Jason tells Sam when he got out of the clinic, he had no idea how much time had gone by; he thought it was six months. He was worried about her and Danny, but not afraid anything happened to them. He stowed away on a freighter, and saw a newspaper from another stowaway. When he saw the date, he realized five years had passed. Then he was afraid all the way back, praying they were still alive and okay. He could take whatever happened as long as they were okay. She is, so whatever happens next, whatever she decides, he’s good.

Drew tells Julian, as far as he knows, Sam is in Switzerland. Drew starts to leave, and Kim asks where he’s going; they’re supposed to have lunch. Julian asks if he and Kim are still on for the Nurses’ Ball, and she tells him nothing’s changed. She explains to Drew that she’s seeing Julian casually. She knows his past is far from spotless. Drew says Julian isn’t his favorite guy, but Kim says, up until now, he’s been pretty great. Drew says it’s his least favorite subject, and suggests they talk about their son.

Josslyn tells Oscar that his dad will be proud and call his mom, then parental bonding sparks fly. He says, now she’s reaching. She says he’ll never know unless he makes the first move.

Jordan thanks the doctor, and tells Curtis she’s fine. The spot hasn’t changed, and they think it’s from an infection she had as a kid. Her cough is probably from the earthquake dust. They’re going to do a follow-up, but there’s no cause for concern. He says thank God he’s not losing her, and she says he’s off the hook. He can take back his proposal.

Alexis likes that Finn is smart, funny, and cynical. She likes him, and thinks he’s a softy underneath. He tells her that he’s offended. She doesn’t think they should be each other’s rebound relationship, but he says he didn’t have a relationship with Anna. Alexis points out that she didn’t have to tell him who she was referring to. He admits to having feelings for Anna, and Alexis gets it; he’s going through it or close enough. They talk a good game, but deep down, they’re both… Finn says, weird? Alexis says that wasn’t the word she was going for. They’re vulnerable, damaged, and emotionally raw. Finn is like, great, and she says maybe they’re overthinking it. They should just take the journey. Finn thinks he’s good with that. He’s missed her. Not just at meetings, but in general. It’s been a long time since they were close. She asks if he’s talking about sex. He says it was unplanned and spontaneous. She asks if he wants to do it again.

Josslyn suggests Oscar send Drew the article. He’ll probably be proud and come by the house, then his mom can make dinner. Oscar gets a text from Drew, asking if he wants to go hiking.

Drew tells Kim, hopefully, Oscar will accept the invitation. Kim says he will, and Drew will be proud of what he wrote. It’s about the outsiders and the kids they stood up for. Drew remembers Oscar punching out the kid with the paintball, and Kim says at one point, she would have blamed Drew’s influence, but Oscar isn’t the pacifist angel she thought. She’s not in favor of settling things with violence, but sometimes it’s appropriate. She tells Drew not to tell Oscar she said that. Drew’s phone dings. Oscar accepted his invitation. Kim knows he’ll be proud of their boy.

Sam tells Jason she never heard the whole story about after he broke out of the clinic. He says he had no money, no ID, and was barefoot. He had a safe deposit box in Zurich, and was making his way to the train station, when a Russian priest found him – Father Stanislav. The priest gave him clothes and food, and arranged for him to be smuggled out. He met a few good people, even the other stowaway, Huxley. Sam asks if he means Huxley Lynch, a fussy, weird British guy. Jason says, that’s him. He won Huxley’s watch in a card game, and Sam says, that was him?

Finn and Alexis get busy. Julian comes onto the porch.

Jordan tells Curtis that she wants to work on herself. She wants to be a better wife to him than she was to his brother. They need to nurture the relationship they have; no pressure. If it comes up again when they’re both ready, then they’ll talk about it. They have all the time in the world. Curtis says, no rush. They’ll work something out. She tells him it was a beautiful gesture, and meant the world to her.

Oscar can’t believe Josslyn talked him into sending the article. Drew told him that after the hike and dinner with his mom, to be warned that he has a few miles worth of compliments on Oscar’s editorial. Not because he’s Drew’s son, but a great writer. Josslyn says, see? It wasn’t that hard. He tells her that she made it easy.

Drew is shocked that Oscar is such a good writer, an Kim says he’s always been a special kid. Drew says he’s perceptive and insightful; he must have gotten it from her. She says he has a lot of Drew’s qualities, and they made an extraordinary kid.

Sam asks Jason about the watch. He says Huxley was on the run from a Russian gang he owed money to. He talked so much, Jason stopped paying attention. He seemed more concerned with losing his home than about the Russians. He was keyed up, and Jason didn’t want to talk, so they played cards. Huxley was trying to cheat him, but Jason cleaned him out. Huxley told him it was his lucky watch; whenever he wagered it, he won. He lost again, but Jason gave him the money back. Huxley insisted he keep the watch. The luck was broken for him, but maybe it would be lucky for Jason. When they got to New York, Jason went to a bar to get his bearings. The guys chasing him picked up his trail, but the bartender covered for him, so he gave her the watch. Sam tells him about her and Drew going to NYC to celebrate buying Aurora, and seeing the watch. She asks when he was there, and realizes it was the same day. The airline calls. There’s been a cancellation, and they have two hours before the next flight. Jason tells Sam to meet him in the lobby. Sam says they were apart for five years, and wound up in the same bar holding the same watch within hours of each other. Huxley was right. The watch is lucky. Or Spinelli was right, and it was fate. They soap stare at each other.

Tomorrow, Nina tells Curtis it’s the perfect opportunity, Maxie wants to talk about Peter, and Alexis asks Anna about her search for Henrik.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Still at LuAnn’s for lunch, Ramona asks if they can’t be more considerate of each other’s feelings. Sonja says she’s very sensitive. Dorinda says she buried a husband, and Sonja’s husband left her because she was screwing around in the south of France. One’s a tragedy and the other’s a choice. Dorinda no longer wants to go to dinner with her. Sonja says she doesn’t understand. In her interview, Sonja claims she didn’t cheat and had a beautiful marriage. Ramona says divorce is like a death, but she crossed the line. LuAnn tells Dorinda that Sonja isn’t in her right mind. She’s been on meds, so have compassion. In her interview, LuAnn says Sonja and Dorinda are like dogs in heat; she needs a garden hose to separate them. Ramona tries to keep the peace, and asks Sonja to apologize. Sonja calls Dorinda an insensitive bitch, and doesn’t feel she has to explain the pain of her loss. Dorinda tells LuAnn sorry to ruin the meal, and LuAnn says she’s sorry Dorinda is upset. In her interview, Dorinda is insulted by the audacity of Sonja’s narcissism. Ramona is freaked, and wonders what she’s going to do about the dinner she’s planned.

Bethenny, Carole, and Tinsley walk over to Bethenny’s investment property. It’s an eight-bedroom rental home that she got for a steal at $2 million. We flash back to Ramona saying she’d never buy anything on the highway. In her interview, Bethenny says she looks for properties that have potential. She’s spending $350K to add $1.5 million to the value. She shows the girls around, and tells them she plans on renovating the attic into a livable space. Dorinda texts Carole, and asks her to call. On the phone, Dorinda says Sonja isn’t a nice person and went too far. She tells Carole about Sonja comparing her divorce to Dorinda’s husband’s death. In her interview, Bethenny says she understands both sides. The girls tell Dorinda to try and relax.

Ramona and Dorinda discuss real estate. Ramona says it always goes up in value, and she’d rather invest in that than stocks. She explains that she can rent the house out for two weeks tax free, which is news to Dorinda. In her interview, Ramona says she came from nothing and isn’t a dummy. Well, maybe not about real estate.

Ramona gets ready for her dinner. She loves entertaining, and I have no idea what crazy crap she’s wearing. It looks like some weird thing from the 70s that she bedazzled. Dorinda kibitzes the chef in the kitchen. She’s interested in meeting Kirk, who she thinks is having an effect on Ramona. Ramona tells a couple of the guests that the group can get heated. John wanders in, followed by Tinsley and Carole. In her interview, Tinsley thought it was a party for Carole, but it seems like all of Ramona’s friends. Bethenny arrives with Dennis. Carole is wearing a tattoo bodysuit, which provokes many comments. In her interview, she says it’s a major fashion moment and everyone is jealous, but Bethenny wonders if she joined a motorcycle gang. Dennis talks about Bethenny hiding his sweaters when she doesn’t like them. Bethenny says he likes to wear loud clothing, but Dorinda thinks it shows confidence.

LuAnn and Sonja walk in. Sonja has no plan of action; she’s just going to be herself. In her interview, Bethenny wonders what the eff they’re all wearing, including herself. It’s like a bad bar. Sonja says she had a nice cry today. Dorinda wasn’t sympathetic with her, because she didn’t bury a husband. Ramona asks wtf? and Sonja wonders why Ramona didn’t stick up for her. Tinsley is hearing yelling, and doesn’t want to get involved. In her interview, Dorinda admits to wanting to stoke the fire between Tinsley and Sonja. Ramona tells Sonja she’s learned if she upsets someone, just apologize and move on.

Carole is confused. She thought it was a marathon party, but it’s a family-style buffet with no marathon memorabilia to be seen. Ramona toasts to Carole, saying Carole had never exercised in her life, and while she works out all the time, she could never accomplish what Carole has done. In her interview, Carole says Ramona had the party to have an excuse to flirt with Kirk. Dorinda asks when Dennis lost his hair, and he talks about being on a team in college who shaved their heads, and it never grew back. She mentions that Richard was bald. We see clips of how much Dorinda hearkens back. It’s agreed Dennis has a good-shaped head. LuAnn asks when Dennis and Bethenny met, and Bethenny thought she knew. We flash back to the last reunion, and LuAnn saying he was married when Bethenny started seeing him. Bethenny points this out. In her interview, Dorinda tries to explain the look on LuAnn’s face and can’t, because she’s laughing so hard. Bethenny suggests an apology, and LuAnn says she’s sorry. In her interview, LuAnn doesn’t get it, since she was just making pleasantries.

Sonja says she’s been relegated to the end of the table; why not just put a muzzle on her? Actually, that sounds like a brilliant idea. Sonja claims that Rocco is talking serious, and Dorinda says there is no Rocco; she’s not dating him. In her interview, Sonja says everyone is throwing accusations about her personal life, when they know nothing. Dorinda says liar, liar, ho on fire. Sonja says she doesn’t lie. Tinsley says she lies all the time, and stop talking about her. Dorinda asks if Sonja thinks Tinsley paid for the gift card she gave her for her birthday, and Sonja says no. Tinsley whips out her checkbook, and says she’ll write her a check, adding that Sonja should close her mouth and her effing legs. Alrighty then. In her interview, Dorinda says she told Tinsley to speak up, not lose her sh*t. Bethenny says Tinsley donated a lot to her charity, and Sonja asks where the money came from, adding, who cares? and answering her own question. Bethenny finds it hard to defend her. Tinsley gives Sonja a check, but Sonja doesn’t want her money; she wants Tinsley’s love. The check is flipped back and forth, until Bethenny finally sets it on fire. LuAnn says it’s a laughable moment, and Bethenny just gave it a punchline. Ramona tells Sonja again to just say sorry, and Sonja calls her a fake apologizer. In her interview, Sonja says Ramona puts up a wall when she doesn’t want to get involved. Sonja wanders off, and a cake with candles appears for Carole, since Ramona has the marathon mixed up with a birthday. Everyone applauds. In her interview, Carole says the cake is a nice try, but as far as a themed party goes, she gives it an F.

Dorinda is afraid to talk to Sonja in private, thinking she’ll go off on a tangent. They go into the kitchen, and Sonja tells her that they’ve both suffered great losses, and both have no fathers for their daughters. Dorinda suggests that she move on, since she recognizes that Sonja is never going to understand why she’s wrong here. Sonja says she’s not holding on, but won’t forget. She doesn’t want to let go of the memories. She says she’s having an off day; she’s coming off anti-depressants and not taking hormones anymore. In her interview, Dorinda doesn’t know if Sonja is talking to her or telling herself. She could put a mannequin in her place, and Sonja would never notice. She tells Sonja they’ll talk tomorrow. Bethenny says they’ve destroyed another night in the Hamptons – the gift that keeps on giving.

Ramona says when they met, she thought John was rough around the edges. We see a clip of her reaming him out. She says he’s grown on her. He has a warm heart, and adores Dorinda. In her interview, Dorinda says their relationship is good, but she feels like she’s grown so much and wants to keep growing. She’s feeling tense with him. Ramona asks how her discussion with Sonja went. She thinks something is going on with Sonja, but doesn’t want to deal with it anymore’ it’s not worth it to be involved. She reads Dorinda a text from Sonja, calling her a bitch because Ramona didn’t stand up for her. She rambles about how she never cheated, loved her husband, but couldn’t stay because it was difficult. Dorinda says she has present-day grief from twelve years ago. She wants to talk about today. Ramona continues, with Sonja telling her that she needs help, and saying she wasted her time bonding with an unfeeling POS. In her interview, Ramona says Sonja isn’t a two-year-old, and she doesn’t think she needs to defend her. She tells Dorinda that she’s not saying she’s done, but she can’t relate anymore. Sonja doesn’t listen, and likes to hide behind her texts. Yoda Dorinda says, say it, forget it; write it, regret it.

Carole and Tinsley meet before brunch. Tinsley tells Carole about locking herself out, and Carole jokes that she’s a bad houseguest. Tinsley says she’s had a lot going on, and Sonja needs to be quiet about her; she can’t deal. In her interview, Tinsley doesn’t know how to resolve it. To avoid conflict, she and Carole make place cards. The others trickle in, and Dorinda says the place cards are super fancy. Sonja wants to go home. but can’t say no to an expensive brunch. Not knowing what went on, Carole and Tinsley put Ramona across from Sonja. In her interview, Sonja says she’s always defended Ramona, but she couldn’t return the favor. It’s the kiss of death. She’s done.

Ramona tells Carole about Sonja’s text. Ramona wants to change seats, and Carole says there will be no one at the end of the table. In her interview, Carole says she didn’t know about the tension between Ramona and Sonja, but at this point, there’s tension between everyone and Sonja. Ramona moves down by Dorinda, and tells her to play along. She pretends to be asking Dorinda’s opinion about decorating. In her interview, Sonja says the text worked. Ramona knows she’s a loser, so she’s doing what she thinks will look good with the group. Okay… Bethenny has no idea what’s going on, but sees Ramona jumped the Sonja ship. LuAnn thinks Ramona is being rude. Sonja says LuAnn knows everything about her miscommunication with Dorinda. She harps again on how Ramona could have defended her. Ramona asks when she’s going to stop talking and start listening. She doesn’t know who Sonja is anymore. Sonja says she’s the fun one at parties, then has to go back to the trenches. I guess that’s what she calls a beautiful townhouse in Manhattan. She says she lost everything, and Bethenny says it was a long time ago; they have to get current. Sonja accuses everyone of being judgmental, and asks who brought up Rocco? Ramona says Sonja did, and wonders if she just listens to herself. Sounds to me like Sonja doesn’t listen to herself either. Tinsley says Sonja is like a broken record, and Dorinda says, here we go again.

LuAnn says, check, please.

Next time, Carole says Adam is not her boyfriend, Missy (Tom’s ex) shows up, and Ramona and Sonja create another scene.

🌟 On Star, Cassie told someone on the phone that she wanted her $200K, but didn’t want her mom to know. Maurice brought in old friend Natalie, who got Take 3 a college gig, telling them they needed to establish a fan base. Andy sabotaged the gig by cutting the sound, and got himself cut from the tour when he was found out. Take 3 saved the show by singing acapella with Noah. Alex had enough with Noah’s groupies, but he insisted she was the only one for him. Simone also fought with Angel, thinking he was in on Andy’s interference, but they made up by the end of the episode. Cotton’s ex said she didn’t know how complicated a baby daddy would be, and Cotton told her to try being one with double-Ds. Natalie came on to Maurice, who said he was seeing someone, and she told him she could get him whatever he wanted. The real star of the show, Queen Latifah’s hair, went from a shaggy bob with beachy waves and highlights (loved this look on her!) to a swirly short ‘do that was half magenta. Next time, Miss Lawrence takes the mic, and Noah is getting down with the wrong person when Alex walks in.

💰 This week, on Sell It Like Serhant, Ryan helped Staten Island kitchen cabinet salesman, Frank. Poor Frank, whose wife had passed away from leukemia, was a week away from the unemployment line, since he couldn’t sell ice in hell. While putting Frank through his paces at the gym, Ryan also taught him how to sell a kitchen with an intro/compliment/hook strategy. At the end, Frank went from selling literally zero to $37K a month. Next time, hot tubs.

🏇 The Homestretch…



April 18, 2018 – Emma the Budding Operative, NYC in the Hamptons, An Observation, Some Star, Serhant Sells Wax & Late


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

In Bern, Anna checks out schools with Emma. Robert shows up, saying sorry he’s late.

Franco sleeps restlessly. Elizabeth wakes him, and tells him, it’s just a dream.

Curtis brings Jordan breakfast at the station. She says she’s been working all night. He asks if she’s had any luck finding Avery or Mike, but she’s had no leads. Since Ava called the FBI, they’ve been working with them, but it’s clearly not a kidnapping. She gets it though. She’s a mom, and thinking your child might be in danger is unbearable.

TJ tells Kiki he posted flyers, and she thanks him. She wants to do something, but doesn’t know what. She’s scared for Avery. She and Mike have been gone all night; anything could have happened.

Maxie meets Nina at Charlie’s. Maxie isn’t sleeping, because it leads to dreaming and fresh heartbreak. Nina wanted to discuss something privately – Peter. Peter walks in, and Maxie says what a coincidence. She wanted to talk to Nina about Peter. He joins them.

Anna asks what Robert is doing there, and he says, helping? She says they’re managing superbly without him. They’ve been to three other schools without a hitch, and oddly, he wasn’t there. He says she can’t be too careful. He assumes they’ve had no luck. Anna says they had a promising lead, but it didn’t pan out, and this is the last school. Emma thinks it’s fun, especially helping Anna to spy. Robert says she’s quite the operative. It sounds like it’s Anna’s last hope, and he asks if she’s giving it up if they don’t find anything.

Anna tells Robert to quit trying to control her with his faux concern. He says the only thing that needs controlling is her obsession with Henrik, and she says she just has loose ends to tie up. If wants to help, stop criticizing, and assist. She tells him that he and Emma are to keep the headmistress busy while she hacks into the system. Standing in front of the laptop on the desk, Emma says it’s already open. The headmistress comes back, and asks Emma what she’s doing at the computer.

Maxie wanted both Nina and Peter to be there; she wants them to get along. Peter says they have a cordial working relationship, and Nina says they’re professionals. Maxie thinks they’re smiling through gritted teeth because of her. Peter says this is a little awkward. Maxie thinks if they get to know each other, it will be easier. They can at least try. They’re both important to her, and she asks them to do it for her and the baby.

TJ tells Kiki that his mom has been working with the FBI all night. Kiki says her mom is probably driving them insane. TJ asks if it’s not supposed to be Kiki’s first day in the Shadow Program. She says she’s supposed to shadow Dr. Bensch, but wishes TJ could take her place.

Jordan tells Curtis that the two most vulnerable types are missing; a child and an aging man with Alzheimer’s. Curtis says after finding out about Jim, his awareness has been heightened. He doesn’t want to miss anything else. He tells her that he’s investigating Peter, and Jordan asks, why? He says maybe Peter isn’t what he seems.

Franco cuddles with Elizabeth. She saw the boys off to school, and came back to bed. Franco says they could stay here all day, but Elizabeth wants to know about his dream. Once again, their cheap sheets are so loud when they’re moving around, it’s hard to hear the dialogue. Does no one check this stuff? Although nothing was worse than when construction was being done near the One Life to Live set. But I digress. Elizabeth says Franco can’t go on like everything is fine. He can’t just keep going like nothing happened. He says he’s put it behind him. She knows he wants it to be over, but it’s not. She adds that it will be, and asks about the nightmare. He dreamed he heard a boy calling for help. She asks if it Drew, but he says it was just a kid, like he was.

Emma tells the headmistress that she’s a fan of the operating system. The headmistress is impressed that she’s familiar with the European system, and apologizes for being short. She takes the students’ privacy seriously. Robert makes introductions, and says “Emelia” is exceptional. They’ve been researching schools, and it’s this is one of the highest rated. The headmistress mentions the theater program, and Emma says she’s also a theater geek. Anna thinks they could make a sizeable contribution to a new theater wing. The headmistress asks Emma if she’s truly ready to go to boarding school. Emma says she’d miss her family, thinks it would be fun; she’s already been to camp. She asks to see the dorm, and the headmistress says it will be on the tour. Her recruit coordinator will be taking them around. Anna says she thought the headmistress would be doing that, but she says she’s busy.

Jordan tells Curtis that Peter has been nothing but cooperative. He says Nina had some suspicions. He thought she was overreacting, but he found some discrepancies in Peter’s background check. Jordan asks why he’s so concerned about Nina, but he says it has more to do with Maxie.

Maxie tells Nina and Peter that she’s close to both of them on a personal and professional level. Maybe if they knew each other better on a personal level, it wouldn’t be so awkward. Peter says he’s game, and would be happy to dispel any doubts Nina has. He doesn’t usually talk about himself; he’s more of a listener. Nina says that’s admirable; most people love to talk about themselves. She’d love to hear about his life.

TJ tells Kiki if they wanted him for the Shadow Program, he’d jump at the chance. She apologizes for being insensitive. She’d thought he had it locked down; his test scores and grades are better than her. she was shocked when she was chosen. He says, no disrespect, but so was he. The committee saw something that made a difference, and asks if she knows why they chose her. She flashes back to David saying he has the deciding vote.

Franco tells Elizabeth that when he cornered Jim at the studio, he forced him to write down all the names of the kids he abused. He shows Elizabeth the list, and she asks if he’s sure it’s real. Jim was afraid for his life; maybe he made it up. Franco says he watched Jim write it, and he knew them by heart.

Anna tells the headmistress that “Emelia” obviously has her choice of other schools, and they were shown around by the headmistress at the others. Emma says they should just go, suggesting she be enrolled in one of the others. The headmistress says she’ll have her meeting postponed, and escort them herself. Anna pretends to feel dizzy, and explains she has a rare blood disorder. She tells them go on ahead while she rests. The headmistress tells her to make herself comfortable. As soon as they leave, Anna gets on the laptop.

Peter says he was never good at first dates, and Maxie tells him at least it’s not a blind date; they know each other. Peter says he knows as little about Nina as she knows about him. Maxie ask her to share, but Nina says there’s not much to share. When she was pregnant, her mother told her that her husband was having an affair. She fell apart, and was in a coma for twenty years. When she woke up, she kidnapped a baby, and was institutionalized. She tells him about her other two marriages, and says Crimson fell into her lap. She and Maxie turned it around, and now she has a man who loves her, and a daughter, and a pending niece or nephew who Nathan would have adored, had he not been shot by his father.

Kiki tells TJ it didn’t feel right. She would have turned it down, but was told she would look angry and unprofessional. TJ says he wouldn’t expect her to turn it down. They must have been looking for something else. She works there, and the doctors see her all the time. He thinks he should volunteer more. Kiki says, maybe. He tells her not to worry; he’s happy for her. She says under other circumstances, she’d be happy too, but with a missing sister, she wishes she could take the day off. TJ doesn’t think she’d be faulted if she did.

Elizabeth says there are so many boys on the list; their innocence destroyed and scarred for life. She wonders how it’s affected their thinking, their choices, and hearts, and how they can trust anyone. Franco says maybe they got lucky; he did. Maybe they have someone like her in their lives. She says he’s the one who remembered and confronted Jim, but he says not soon enough. Elizabeth says maybe they’re grown and got help and healed. Franco says maybe they’re still haunted and suffering, the way he is. She asks what he’s doing with the list.

Anna finds a match in the school records. She hears them coming back.

Peter says he didn’t have a normal, happy childhood. His mother wasn’t around, and his dad shipped him to boarding school. He attended several, but came to. He talks about living in Milan, but Nina catches him when he claims to have lived in the center of the city, since she’s more familiar with it than he is.

Curtis tells Jordan that there should be a living situation on record, but it’s like Peter didn’t exist before he turned twenty-one. Jordan suggests he came from a wealthy family who was protecting him against publicity, but Curtis thinks no internet presence is odd. He thinks maybe the records of the offshore companies he worked for were doctored, and Jordan says even big companies do it to protect people. Curtis says there’s no birth record. He asks if she can check to see if Peter is in the witness protection program.

David (aka Dr.Bensch) asks if Kiki is ready. She explains her little sister is missing, and wonder if they could postpone.

Franco doesn’t know what he’s going to do with the list yet. She asks if he thinks they don’t deserve to know Jim is dead; they might be relieved. He says he doesn’t know how to track them down, but she says there are plenty of ways. He asks what if they don’t want to be found or reminded? What if they’re like him, and tried to bury everything. She says then they’ll deal like he did, but it’s up to them. Franco thinks then he’d be the bad guy, dumping everything in their laps. Elizabeth thinks maybe he doesn’t want to talk about it. He says he didn’t remember because didn’t want to give words to something that shouldn’t be spoken. He couldn’t even tell himself. How can he be the voice for all these people?

The headmistress says the tour isn’t over not yet, but she wanted to know if Anna has recovered enough to go with them. Anna says she hasn’t, but feel free to continue. Emma says she’s good, and got what she wanted; they can go. She looks pointedly at Anna.

Jordan asks Curtis, why? He says, for him. It’s a paid job, but concerns someone he cares about. Peter works for Drew, who’s going through hell. He’d hate to see Drew lose his business. Should he keep digging or will she help him?  She makes a call. She tells someone they told her to call if she needed a favor. She just needs a yes or no.

Elizabeth understands the shame and shock. It took a while for her to recover from being raped. She was afraid and angry, and shut down. People helped her through it, like she’s there to help him. She tells him there’s no rush getting through it; it takes time. He needs to take care of himself and heal, then decide about the list. She says he needs to remember he’s far from evil. He didn’t try to kill Drew; he tried to protect him. He was lied to and manipulated, and the one person who should have protected him, failed him. None of it is his fault. He’s free of all of it. He tells her he loves her, and someday, this will be behind them. She knows and will be right there – always – whatever he needs. He says all he needs is her.

David tells Kiki that he heard about it on the news. She says they’re extraordinary circumstances, or she wouldn’t ask. He says it’s too bad she’s having a personal conflict on the first day, but in order to be an effective physician, she can’t let it get in the way of treating patients. She’s learning this on her first day. Kiki wants to be there for her mother, but David asks if she’s essential, or if there’s anything she can do to locate her sister. She admits there isn’t, and he says then her career comes first. They have trained people looking, and she can’t do more to help. The only thing she could do, is hold her mother’s hand. He tells her they’re late for rounds. She asks if he’s doing this because she rejected him.

Peter says where he was, was the center of the city for him, since his office was there. As for love interests, he never stayed any place long enough to find anyone. Maybe if he stays in Port Charles, there will be. Maxie asks why he wouldn’t be staying. What opportunity might lure him away? Nina gets a text, and has to go. Maxie asks if they’re copacetic. Peter says he’s good, and Nina says she has no problem with Peter except for his stinginess with the budget. Nina leaves, and Maxie says that didn’t go as expected. Peter says it was a kind gesture, and appreciated.

Outside of the office, Anna tells Emma that she needs more time. Emma says when they were in the library, Robert was a decoy for her, and she found the school’s production of Julius Caesar. There was an Henri Francoise in the cast, and she thinks it might be Henrik. Robert says Emma is cunning and can get out of a tight spot. She says it’s in her DNA; she comes from long line of spies.

Franco and Elizabeth get busy. There’s a song part. I try to get my email, which is messed up today. The cherry on my internet cake for the week.

David tells Kiki that he’s set their misunderstanding aside, and expects her to show maturity. Not everything is about her. He tells her not to squander the opportunity. They have work to do – unless she wants to wallow in her personal problems.

Curtis tells Nina there’s no record of Peter before he was twenty-one, and his professional records are superficial. There could be a legit reason, but there are also illegitimate reasons. He says to act natural, and don’t tip him off. Keep her suspicions to herself, and don’t tell Maxie; just be there for her. He repeats not to tell Peter anything, and Nina says she just kind of did that.

Maxie insists on picking up the check. She asks what Peter meant about a better offer, and if he wants to leave Port Charles. He says he’s never put down roots or made friends anywhere. He came to do a job, but he might be getting a life too.

Anna says Emma is right; all the dates match up. Emma tells her that all students are encouraged to take part in the theater program. She thought it sounded like something Henrik would be in, because his father’s name was Cesar. Robert thinks Emma’s powers of deduction are frightening. They look at the cast picture. Anna says she can’t tell anything yet, but she will. She swears she’ll find him.

Tomorrow, Drew asks about Franco, Kim is where she wants to be, and Carly asks Griff what’s going on.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Sonja packs for the Hamptons. She remarks to ex-assistant Lulu that everyone her age is going to jail. She doesn’t want to be photographed dancing on tables, and have her daughter see it on Instagram.

Carole usually stays at Bethenny’s, but her house is full, so she’s staying with Tinsley.

Bethenny puts Groucho Marx nose/glasses on her dogs. She calls her brand manager, making sure things are in order for the weekend. In her interview, she says Carole and Tinsley are thick as thieves.

Sonja hasn’t even gotten on the bus – a Jitney, whatever that is – and she’s exhausted.

Dorinda almost runs over a Con Ed guy. Which most New Yorkers probably want to do. Carole says Ramona is throwing her a marathon party. She tells them it’s like a blur to her; she was in so much pain. Carole says she heard Sonja called Tinsley a whore. In her interview, Tinsley says it’s news to her that a guy is paying her way. It’s upsetting, and making her angry. She tells them it’s defamatory and ridiculous. Dorinda says she was blindsided. Sonja is nasty-nice, cutting your throat while smiling; then you see blood on you. Carole tells them to forget she’s mean. Tinsley talks about confronting her, but not right away, and Carole says, it’s going to be a fun weekend.

LuAnn always had cars for the children, and is thrilled to be driving a Mercedes. She goes to a gourmet store to get a gift basket for Bethenny, and picks up some stuff for brunch. Sonja calls, saying she’s in South Hampton. She’s going to pick up her car that she leaves there. LuAnn says Sonja’s laundry list is crazy. She can’t imagine calling a hostess with a list that long. She wants to blend her own smoothies, so LuAnn picks up a blender as well.

Ramona thinks her car is like her – sexy and powerful, with a lot of energy. Is it annoying too? A friend has recommended an artist to her, and she has him bring over some paintings, since she’s redoing her house. She makes him move some furniture while he’s there. And set up her TV.  Wtf is with these spoiled women?

Sonja arrives with her dog. A dog whose hair has been dyed. LuAnn presents the Ninja blender. Sonja says normally, it would be a case of wine and a twenty-year-old, now it’s juices and a blender. They talk about the trip to Mexico, and we flash back to LuAnn drunkenly falling in the bushes. Sonja says she’s not hearing from Tinsley. In her interview, LuAnn says Sonja can be irritating, but Tinsley can be like a spoiled brat. Sonja thinks that Tinsley reacts like she would with her mother, and hides. She doesn’t want Sonja in her business. LuAnn talks about the marathon party. Sonja says she texted Carole after the marathon, and got a THX a few days later. LuAnn says same with her, but hers was spelled out.

Ramona picks paintings, and Tinsley, Carole, and Dorinda arrive. In her interview, Dorinda says Ramona is doing the right thing by getting rid of the man stuff in the house after the divorce. You shouldn’t smell, hear, see, or touch it. Ramona talks about getting the wrong bed because she clicked on the wrong style online. Translation: She was too lazy to actually look at what she was buying.

Bethenny is ten minutes late for the 8:30 dinner, but no one else is there. She’s worried no one is showing for her party, and sits alone at the table, the other restaurant patrons looking at her. At nine, the ladies begin to trickle in, and not one of them says sorry. Tinsley doesn’t want to sit next to Sonja, and in her interview, Bethenny says the table is the size of a postage stamp. Everyone is sitting next to Sonja. Tinsley totally ignores Sonja. In her interview, Bethenny says Sonja didn’t get the memo. Tinsley is clearly pissed about something. Dorinda tells LuAnn that Sonja is harmful, and fills her in on what she said about Tinsley. She tells LuAnn that Sonja says it with a smile. In her interview, LuAnn doesn’t know who’s supporting Tinsley, but she doesn’t ask those questions.

Luann tells Carole the marathon was a great accomplishment. Sonja complains about Carole’s reply to her text. Bethenny says she never got a reply, but didn’t take it personally. She and Carole get in a disagreement about if and when Bethenny’s text was sent. In her interview, Ramona says it’s a whole new Carole, and she’s found her voice. She’s usually the only one who will contradict Bethenny.  Bethenny pulls out her phone. Carole says she was wrong about the time, but she did reply. In her interview, Bethenny says that it’s hard for Carole to take criticism, even when you’re just making a comment. Tinsley says none of them even showed up at the marathon.

Bethenny says LuAnn isn’t doing badly. LuAnn says she should have heeded Bethenny’s warning, but she couldn’t see. We flash back to the Countess of Denial. I pick myself up off the floor, since she seems truly humbled. She says she was in love and was blind. Bethenny doesn’t want her to feel like she has to say anything, but LuAnn wants to say she was right. In her interview, Bethenny says she didn’t know this moment was coming. Let her get ready. In her interview, LuAnn says, in retrospect, she realizes she didn’t see clearly. She stood by her man, and he watched her fall. She says it’s like a Greek tragedy. In her interview, Bethenny says, farce, satire, and a lot of words fit, but tragedy isn’t one of them. LuAnn says Tom couldn’t handle being married. In her interview, LuAnn says she doesn’t regret anything. We learn and grow from our mistakes. Dorinda says good thing she cut her losses and got out. LuAnn says she just wants to move on. Sonja whines about her not bringing it up, and LuAnn repeats that she wants to move on. Ramona says sometimes it’s good to talk to people who care, but respects her not talking about it. Tinsley says she wasn’t being mean, just trying to help. She talks about Scott, and says he didn’t offer her the option to move, but now he’s willing to jump back in. In her interview, she says they’ve been talking. Not full-on back together, but she thinks it’s a step toward it. Somehow, Tinsley has taken her bra off from underneath her large sweater. Most of us know these tricks, and I applaud. In her interview, Bethenny says, cue the music.

LuAnn sings Happy Birthday. In her interview, Bethenny says not everyone gets a Marilyn Monroe birthday performance, but I’m not sure what that was. A plate of several different desserts like brownies and blondies comes out, with a candle in the middle of it. In her interview, Bethenny says no one is taking the evening too seriously; it’s her type of birthday. They put on Groucho glasses, and dance around.

Carole doesn’t believe anything bad will happen, so she doesn’t lock her door. Now everyone knows that. I’m starting to rethink Carole. She and Tinsley meet Bethenny for lunch. They discuss egg freezing. In her interview, Bethenny says Carole isn’t as excited to see her as she used to be. She’s not Carole’s plus one right now. Tinsley says her mom wanted her to freeze eggs that were younger then forty, and basically forced her to do it. Bethenny says people tolerate Ramona, and Carole says LuAnn is a dark cloud and an ominous presence. Wow. I thought she was just a drunk ex-Countess. In her interview, Bethenny says Carole can’t stand LuAnn.

LuAnn bakes pies. Sonja wears LuAnn’s slippers, and is glad she’s not like Dorinda, who was not happy when Sonja raided her closet. Dorinda and Ramona arrive. They talk about Tinsley ignoring Sonja at dinner.

Bethenny asks what Tinsley is mad about, and Tinsley fills her in about what Sonja said. In her interview, Bethenny says kept woman is the next step after socialite, although I don’t think that’s true. Tinsley says Sonja makes it sound like she’s an escort.

LuAnn and the others sit to eat. Sonja talks about taking antidepressants because she’s high strung. In her interview, Dorinda says everything there is to be suffered, Sonja owns it. She’s the only one who’s done anything of worth. Ramona remarks about how defensive Carole and Bethenny were. LuAnn thinks there’s been a change in the dynamic. Dorinda says Carole has changed, and LuAnn says marathons will do that. They give you a sense of empowerment.

Carole says she wasn’t angry at Bethenny, just correcting her. In her interview, Bethenny is excited about the house she bought. It’s not far from the restaurant, and they’re walking over.

Ramona whines about renovations, and Sonja says something about Ramona being involved with the contractor. Ramona doesn’t like it when Sonja makes up stuff. Dorinda asks how Sonja would like it if they just made things up? In her interview, Sonja says Ramona makes fast friends when she needs something, then dumps them. Dorinda goes on a tear, chattering away nonsensically the way Sonja does. In her interview, Dorinda says she wants Sonja to be present. Sonja says she’s not making it up, and Ramona says she is. In her interview, Ramona says Sonja has been missing in action, and she’s not making sense. Ramona suggests they make a pact to be more considerate of each other’s feelings. I laugh. Sonja says she doesn’t express her feelings well; she’s sensitive. LuAnn says Sonja has been through a lot. Dorinda says, stop with the baloney. She buried a husband, and Sonja acts like the world came to an end because hers left her eleven years ago. She tells Sonja not to compare the two. He left her. She was screwing around in the south of France, and he married her friend.

To be continued…

Next time, Bethenny visits the new house, Dorinda and Ramona both demand an apology from Sonja, and Tinsley screeches at Sonja.

🌴 Because I have nothing better to do, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was on in the background, I was thinking about how LVP didn’t use Dorit in the photo shoot for the jewelry in Beverly Hills Lifestyle. LisaR tried to stir the pot, by asking was it the photographer or really LVP who didn’t want to use Dorit? The photographer definitely said he did not want to use Dorit because she’d badmouthed the photos. And she did. She said they were terrible, and she didn’t like anything about them. You might think, who cares, as long as he likes them, and the magazine is happy about them, but I thought of something else. It could be the photographer is just a temperamental artist, but the magazine might be concerned she’d give them bad press, especially since her comments were shown on the program. Dorit needs to quit being offensive, and then being offended when there are repercussions. Yep, this is the kind of thing I think about.

⭐ On Star, Carlotta told Star and Alex they were both messed up, and the common denominator was Noah. Alex realized she couldn’t live next door to Derek and focus on the tour, and Carlotta told her to do what she had to. Carlotta told Maurice that Take 3 needed a hot track, and she’d found an old one for them to use. He decided to have the group and Noah both do demos, and Maurice picked Noah to do the track.

Simone suggested Angel come live at the salon. Carlotta agreed, but later found them getting busy in her new wig room. They weren’t the only ones getting busy, since Angel walked in on his mom and Jahil revisiting their history in more ways than one. Paola decided to go back to her husband, telling Jahil that he was her first love, but can’t be her last.

At the reopening party for the salon, Star and Miss Ruby nearly had a throw down, after which Star got seriously drunk. Jackson took her to a bar, but called Maurice to come and get her. She told Maurice that she’d killed her mother, but didn’t remember it the next day. Maurice offered her another song, but she said she didn’t want a pity track. Alex had seen Derek with someone else at the party, and also saw that he could move. Noah had apologized for coming between them, but since that wasn’t a problem anymore, Alex and Noah got busy in the RV. Lots of that going around tonight.

Simone told Star that she can’t help it if she’s white, and to ignore Miss Ruby. During the party clean-up, Miss Ruby said she could handle Star’s ass, having survived abuse at the hands of white people. She’s not so sure Star is white anyway. So, I guess that was a truce.

A woman knocked at the salon door, looking for her son’s father, Arnold. Cotton told her he’s not there anymore. Next time, Cotton deals with being a father. Throughout the episode, Queen Latifah wore a modern version of a 50s bob, with the subtlest, most beautiful, purple highlights.

💲 This week on Sell It Like Serhant, Ryan helped sell waxing memberships to hairy New Yorkers. He told us that Mariel had sparkle, but no self-confidence. That was putting it mildly, since she could barely get through a sales pitch. The owner said she was opening a new spot, and if Mariel wasn’t up to speed by the time she did, she was going to let her go. Mariel told Ryan that waxing freaks her out. Ryan thought it was the weirdest thing ever after talking to a potential client himself (and selling a membership), but weirder for the person walking in. After she almost gave up passing out flyers, Ryan had a heart-to-heart with Mariel, who said she’d moved to NYC from LA with her boyfriend. Then whined that she had no one. Her parents told her that she had to make it on her own (much like Mary Tyler Moore, but without the spunk). Planning on managing the salon when the boss went to the new location, she told Ryan that her goal was to be an entrepreneur – a term thrown around so much, I don’t even know what it means anymore. Even though she wasn’t that enthusiastic about the business, she didn’t want to switch lanes when she’s halfway there. Her parents sounded sensible, but she struck me as spoiled as far as her expectations of life in the city went. She made it sound like life was lonely and torturous. Her apartment was a million times nicer than my first one, and after living with roommates I didn’t know well, I lived by myself. Somehow, Muriel got it together at a sales event. Ryan wanted to settle for three subscriptions, but the boss wanted five. The takeaway sales point was to never take no for an answer. Muriel’s sales have increased by 60%, so there you go. Next time, it looks like Ryan helps out a cabin salesman, although clips of a gym and some lumberjacking confused me.

🎶 An Appropriate Song Title…




April 11, 2018 – Franco’s Okay You’re Okay, The Day After the Party, Some Star, Some Serhant, a Puzzlement & Pet Day


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason visits Anna. He has news about their search, and wanted to tell her in person.

Peter finds Valentin in his office with his feet us on the desk. Valentin says Peter hasn’t been returning his calls. If he didn’t know better, he’d think Peter was avoiding him.

Nina calls Curtis, and asks what’s going on? She says he had time to cash the check, and tells him patience isn’t her strong suit, but she’ll hang on. Maxie comes by. She thought something terrible happened, and asks what the hell?

Elizabeth sees Franco at the hospital. He says he’s feeling sore, and she tells him it will probably take a while. He asks what about the rest of him, and she thinks even longer. He asks how Jake is, and she says, fine, considering. She’s glad Jim is dead. Franco was a little boy, and should have been focusing on Lego. Star Wars, and playing with his brother. Jim was a disgusting excuse for a human being, but didn’t break Franco; Franco won. Franco says it doesn’t feel like it, but she tells him it will. He just needs to get there. She tells him he’s being released. The boys are on break, and are excited to have him home; so is she. Franco says he wants that more than anything, but can’t.

Elizabeth thought after getting answers, Franco would be ready. He thought so too. He knows for certain that he’s not the despicable person Jim tried to convince him that he was; he’s not evil. He wasn’t trying to hurt Drew. Elizabeth says he was trying to protect him, so why? He tells her that he has things he needs to sort out before he’s comfortable in her home. It’s hard to explain, but he doesn’t feel like he knows his place. She says his place is with her and the boys; they miss him. He misses them too. Elizabeth says the man he was trying to be and scared he wasn’t, was him. She always believe it, and he has proof now. He was good when he was little, and he’s good now. Franco pinky swears that he’ll do everything he can to heal. She says he can heal at home, but he asks her to trust him on this one. She says she’s always trusted him. They exchange I love yous.

Maxie wants to know why Nina didn’t show up for their appointment. When she wasn’t in the office, Maxie thought Nina was meeting her at the hospital, but she wasn’t there either. She didn’t get any messages, and asks why Nina was a no show. Nina says because Maxie broke up with her. She says that Maxie said there was too much Nathan between them, but Peter has no connection. Maxie says he kind of does.

Valentin asks why Peter hasn’t returned his calls. Peter says he’s been busy; he’s still busy. Valentin says he’s been busy too, listening to Lulu. She came by, saying she’s trying to unearth Henrik aka Peter. Peter says it’s her stab at apologizing to Maxie, and thinks it’s a waste of time. It’s not going to happen; he’s on it. He’s her boss, and if she gets too close, he’ll throw her off. Valentin tells him Lulu is the least of their problems.

Jason tells Anna about talking to the publishing company. They don’t know PK Sinclair’s real identity, but the money is going to a bank account in Zurich. Anna say that’s near where she thinks Henrik went to school. She says she’ll pursue that avenue, while he follows the money. She asks about him looking for Henrik’s mother. Jason says Anna is clearly uncomfortable about that; why?

Doc tells Franco that he heard about last night. Franco says, good times. Doc says it was quite the roller coaster, and Franco thanks him for helping Jake through the trauma. Doc says Jake is a remarkable, resilient child. He says Jim is dead; Drew shot him, and Franco says, that’s the short of it. Doc asks, what’s the long? Franco tells Doc he put Jim in the trunk of a car and took him to the studio. He relived what happened that night, and it all came back to him in horrible, vivid detail. Doc asks what he remembers, and Franco says, everything. Jim came to his room, night after night, saying he was a good boy, but only if he kept his mouth shut. His mom had a lot to deal with, and it was their little secret. Doc says Jim sexually abused Franco. Franco says Jim told him that he loved him. He was fatherless and needed a man in his life. Maybe he was right; maybe he encouraged it. He didn’t stop him, and could have told someone. Doc says he was a child; a small, helpless, defenseless child. He had no way to process it. Franco says he knew it was wrong. Doc says, of course it felt wrong. Jim knew what he was doing, and how to keep him quiet. He’s to blame, not Franco; never him.

Nina says Maxie gave her a whole speech about how she didn’t want to be near people connected to Nathan. She was hurt, but understood. Now Nathan has a connection to Peter? Maxie says maybe it’s the wrong word; it’s more like, reminiscent. Nina asks if Peter reminds Maxie of Nathan. Maxie says in the way he moves, and sometimes his gestures; maybe it’s a thirty-something-year-old guy thing. Nina asks if she’s attracted to him, but Maxie says she just sees similarities. Nina asks why Peter didn’t go to the appointment, and Maxie says she didn’t ask; she thought she was going with Nina. Nina says she asked him to sleep on her couch. She doesn’t know him. The problem is, no one does. Maxie insists she does.

Peter says Anna and Jason will get nowhere; he’s thoroughly covered his tracks. Valentin says he doesn’t know that. They’re well-trained, and with the manuscript, he might as well have left a trail of bread crumbs. They know what they’re doing, and he’s playing with fire. Peter says he’s the only one who stands to get burned. Valentin says if Peter thinks he won’t be affected, think again.

Anna thinks she and Jason should respect Henrik’s mother’s privacy. She probably has a whole other life and family. Why drag her out? She asks if he’s sending Spinelli, but Jason says he’s working a different angle. He’s dealing with this himself. Anna says she’s going with him.

Franco explains that when he pushed Drew, he wanted Drew to hide, but Drew didn’t want to go by himself. Franco couldn’t go because of Jim, and Drew wouldn’t go down the stairs, so he pushed him. Doc says he was trying to help Drew, not hurt him, and Franco says he wanted to make sure Jim couldn’t do to Drew what he’d done to him. Doc says he protected his best friend; it’s incredible for a child that age. He says it’s a lot to process, but they’ll work through it. He can rest easy that he’s not damaged in the way he thought. He’s good and decent. Franco says, what if he’s not? What if what Jim did took a lasting toll? What if he’s a danger to Elizabeth’s boys?

Franco tells Doc he went online, and Doc says that was his first mistake. Franco says children who are abused grow up to be abusers. Doc says they can, but the majority don’t. Franco asks what if he’s in the almost category. Doc says he told Franco about his twin who was abused by their mom. He grew up to be a violent criminal, but he wasn’t the only one who suffered. Franco says he’s sorry, adding that Doc seems pretty normal. Doc doesn’t know about that, but a lot of work and therapy put the trauma in the past where it belongs. Franco asks what if he’s not so lucky, and Doc asks if he’s ever looked at Elizabeth’s sons inappropriately. He’s not going to suddenly morph into a predator. Franco says he already has.

Nina asks Maxie, who is Peter? Where did he grow up? Who is his family? Is he vegan? Besides being a gym rat and a bean counter, he’s a mystery. Maxie says they have similar backgrounds with parents who were absent. Outside of work, he eats alone and watches old sitcoms because he wishes he had a family like that. He’s an unexpected friend, and for whatever reason, brings her comfort. Shouldn’t that be a good thing?

Valentin says Peter has known him long time, but he’s changed a lot. He’s a father now, and married. He likes his life, and doesn’t want Peter to mess it up. If Nina finds out he’s been protecting Peter, he’ll lose her forever. Peter asks when this became about him, and Valentin says every time he’s had Peter’s back over and over again. Staying focused on Peter, he’s risking his life. Jason will find him. Peter says he doesn’t know that. Valentin asks why Peter let him live? He was the perfect candidate to kill Peter’s father, and he did. Now, he’s looking for Peter. Every day he digs the hole deeper with Maxie, and it’s going to end badly.

Jason tells Anna that she has Emma. She asks if he can’t wait a week, but he says he’s not putting it off. He can’t get back the five years, but he needs to know why. Anna says they know he was raised by a terrible man, but they also know he has the potential for good. He kept Jason alive. Jason says that means nothing, but Anna thinks it does. Henrik has the right to know that he might have inherited a fatal disease. Jason says he’ll tell him when he finds him, and Anna asks if that will be after he shoots him. Jason says he won’t shoot him on sight, but Anna says he will if he thinks Henrik is a threat, and their definitions of that are distinctly different. She knows he’ll find Henrik, and all she asks is that she’s with him when he does.

Franco tells Doc to look at the heinous things he did. People have been calling him a predator for years. Doc says what he did when he had the tumor is in no way related. Franco thinks it’s a large coincidence, but Doc says his behavior was medically explained, and since the tumor was removed, he’s been a model citizen. He’s committed to Elizabeth and her kids, and they feel safe with him. That’s indicative of who he is now; actions speak louder than words. That he was molested is a horrible and heartbreaking fact, but in no way means he’s be bad as an adult. Doc tells him to ask Elizabeth or her boys. They would say just the opposite, and for what it’s worth, so would he.

Jason says Anna wants to be there so he doesn’t kill Henrik. She agrees, and he asks what makes her think she could stop him? She says he holds her opinion in high enough regard to consider it. She doesn’t think he’s a mindless killing machine; he has a conscience. They’ve often been on opposite sides, but he respects her, maybe because of Robin. He says it’s not just Robin. She says she didn’t think so, and suggests they find Henrik together and deal with him. Jason says he does respect her, but asks that she respect him enough to tell him what’s really going on. She says whatever she can’t disclose, she has her reasons. He understands, but wants to be honest with her. When he finds Henrik, if it looks like he’s picking up where Faison left off, he’s going to shut him down. Emma comes downstairs.

Maxie tells Nina that she didn’t mean to hurt her feelings. Nina says she didn’t, and Maxie’s comfort is her top priority. Maxie says, just not with Peter; Nina wants it to be with her. Nina apologizes if she’s being selfish. Maxie says it’s not, and she is with her most of the time; it just can’t be all the time. Peter isn’t as invested; it’s easier to breathe around him. Nina gets it. It’s like her and Valentin.

Valentin tells Peter that sooner or later, someone will ask why Faison was at Crimson. He wasn’t there for Maxie; he was there for Peter. He knew Peter had double-crossed him, and wanted to kill him. The whole chain of events falls on him, and his issues with his father. Peter says he thinks about his part in this all the time. He wishes Nathan was still alive, but all he can do is help his widow and child. Valentin says then he needs to get out of Port Charles as soon as possible.

Nina tells Maxie that she’s an emotional, volatile person. Maxie says she’s noticed. Nina says since Nathan died, she vacillates wildly between okay and losing her you-know-what all over, usually with Valentin. His response is always something amazing. Maxie says she’s lucky, and Nina says he wouldn’t be able to be that way if he was grieving too. He’s sad and empathetic, but it’s not a personal loss. Peter is probably the same way. Maxie is glad she understands. Nina is still her birthing coach, but Maxie asks if she could ease up on Peter a little.

Peter tells Valentin that he’s not going anywhere. Valentin says, if he stays, there are two alternatives; get caught and killed or exposed. Peter says it’s his risk to take. He likes his life too, and he’s not giving it up because Valentin thinks he should. Valentin says it’s worse than he thought. This is all about Maxie. Peter has fallen for her.

Emma asks what Anna and Jason are talking about, and Jason says they’re planning a trip to Switzerland. Anna tells her that they’re working on a project, but it’s going to have to wait a few days. Emma says she’d like to go along. In class, everyone was assigned to research a country and give an oral report, and she got Switzerland. She tells them some facts about the country, and Anna says it’s a good start. Emma says how cool would it be to actually go there> Anna says it’s a working trip, but Emma says she loves helping her spy. She leaves to get a snack, and Jason asks Anna if she’s really thinking about it. Anna makes a maybe-I-am face.

Elizabeth is waiting for Franco. She knows it’s scary to have been through what he was, but she knows he’s not one of those people. He would never hurt the boys. He tells her that’s what Doc said. She asks if he believes Doc, and he does. She asks if he has any doubts, and he says he has no fears or hesitations. She and the boys are the best hing that’s happened to him. She says he’s made their family complete. He kisses her, and she asks if he’s coming home. He says, yes, and they hug. Everyone is happy, including me.

Maxie tells Nina that Peter isn’t trying to replace Nathan; no one can do that. Nina says Nathan is irreplaceable. Maxie says Peter seems genuine in wanting to know about Nathan. Maybe Nina could tel him some stories. He’d like that, and it might help her too. Nina says, Maxie wins; she’ll give him a chance. Maxie says she won’t regret it. They can make up the class this afternoon. Maxie leaves, and Nina calls Curtis again. She tells him that he’s right; there’s nothing there. She starts to tell him to call off the investigation, and listens. She says, he found dirt on Peter?

Peter tells Valentin not to be ridiculous; Maxie is his brother’s widow. Her child is his only family. Valentin says he’s lived his whole life without one, but Peter says maybe he’s ready for that to change. Valentin says she doesn’t even know who he is, and Peter says it’s better than nothing. Valentin hopes it doesn’t blow up in their faces. Peter says, him too, and remembers Maxie saying he has a unique connection to Nathan, having been there when Nathan was shot, and saying she doesn’t know why he was there that day.

Anna tells Jason to think about it. With a child along, they’ll be less conspicuous. He doesn’t know why she thinks Robin would be okay with it. Anna says where else could Emma be safer than with the two of them? I don’t know. Maybe anywhere?

Tomorrow, Griff plans to destroy the test, Lulu is dropping the investigation, and Carly has a change in plans.

The Real Housewives of New York City

Tinsley meets Ramona and Carole for drinks. Carole is hung over. They talk about the Halloween party. Carole insists LuAnn darkened her skin for her Diana Ross costume, although no one seems to care. I don’t care. I think LuAnn is pretty much clueless about everything, so why bother?

Bethenny gets a snowman cake plate from Dorinda, and says Dorinda is destined to make her a hoarder. In her interview, Dorinda says she and Bethenny got together in the summer; she was intrigued by what Bethenny was doing in Puerto Rico. Bethenny tells Dorinda that she and LuAnn hung out until the wee hours after the party. Dorinda says now that she unloaded the baggage, LuAnn can be herself.

Ramona wonders why LuAnn didn’t talk more about Tom, but Carole is sick of it. In her interview, Carole says LuAnn holds her friends to a higher standard than herself. Ramona says Bethenny attacked her over her opinion about Bethenny’s investment property. Like she’s entitled to one. We flash back to that.

In her interview, Bethenny says Ramona needs an imbecile-ectomy. Ha-ha! As long as she can feel like she’s better than everyone else, she’s happy. Dorinda says she’s staying with Ramona in the Hamptons. Bethenny says she just wants to have a nice dinner there for her birthday. They talk about Sonja, and how antisocial she was at the party.

Ramona is going to have a party for Carole after the marathon. She’s impressed, since Carole never worked out once in fifty years. I agree. My Nikes are off to her. Ramona gets a call from Kirk, her restaurant owner friend, who did her daughter’s graduation party. She asks him to help her on Saturday night.

Sonja meets Dorinda for a walk. Sonja is surprised Dorinda remembered, since they’d made plans at the party and she was pretty hammered. Dorinda likes Sonja, but they get off track, so she’s going to try not to let Sonja trigger her. Sonja talks about being in Costa Rica; resting, juicing, and doing yoga. She tells Dorinda about taking an antidepressant for a while. In her interview, Dorinda thinks Sonja shouldn’t be on anything but vegetables and rest. They discuss the party. Sonja says she thinks Tinsley felt like Sonja shadowed her when they lived together. Dorinda says Sonja was too critical. Sonja says they text. She doesn’t want to tell Tinsley, I told you so, now that she’s living in a hotel. Dorinda thinks Tinsley is happy at the hotel. In her interview, Sonja says it doesn’t make sense. She complains that Tinsley never gave her anything until Scott came around. She says Tinsley likes to be with a guy who picks up the tab, but she isn’t like that. Dorinda tries to keep her cool, and tells Sonja they’ll see each other in the Hamptons. She suggests to Sonja, when in doubt, don’t shout it out.

LuAnn meets Tinsley for dinner. Tinsley ordered wine already, because she was having a texting war with Scott. In her interview, she hopes Scott misses her enough to want her back. LuAnn talks about a time when she dressed like a Moroccan princess and surprised her husband in Morocco. I assume she’s referring to the Count. In her interview, Tinsley doesn’t think LuAnn should be giving her dating advice. LuAnn says the beginning shouldn’t be like this, and Tinsley says LuAnn’s beginning came to an end fast. She tells LuAnn that the others think she’s not sharing that much. In her interview, Tinsley says LuAnn kept talking about it, and now that it’s over, she’s not talking. It seems disingenuous. LuAnn says she’s done with Tom, and Tinsley says she brought him into their lives. In her interview, LuAnn says she feels too vulnerable to share with the other women. Tinsley says she’s using “the Countess wall,” and in her interview, LuAnn says this isn’t coming from place of love, but a place of mean. Tinsley says she’s going to the marathon, and LuAnn says she wasn’t invited. Tinsley remembers that LuAnn and Carole had a fight, but LuAnn calls it a discussion. Tinsley says Adam will be there, and LuAnn calls him Carole’s joy boy. Tinsley remarks that they lasted longer than LuAnn’s marriage. Tinsley says Carole likes LuAnn when she’s being real, and LuAnn asks if Carole is the judge of authentic now. In her interview, Tinsley says she’s just trying to help, not be mean. The Countess LuAnn orders some rosé.

Dorinda and Carole take a walk by the Hudson River. Carole says she runs there, and Dorinda says, two days. Carole says she’s been scared, but finally woke up excited. Dorinda suggests Carole wear a Walkman, and Carole tells her the 80s are calling. In her interview, Carole says her younger self wouldn’t have believed she was running in the marathon. They sit on a bench, and Dorinda says Sonja is nuts. At the party, she wanted to start fresh. Carole tells Dorinda that Sonja said she looked fat in her costume. Dorinda asks if she did, and Carole says she looked adorable. In her interview, Dorinda says that’s not the way to build a friendship, especially after their bad history. Carole pretends to be offended that Dorinda isn’t watching her run, and spending time with her daughter instead. Dorinda suggests throwing a party, but Carole tells her that Ramona beat her to it. Dorinda says she’s supposed to stay with Ramona in the Hamptons. Carole isn’t sure where she’s staying yet.

At Sonja’s townhouse, she goes over bar instructions with her housekeeper. She’s been throwing gay parties on Wednesdays for twelve years. Her designer friend Marc arrives with his boyfriend, and it gets crowded pretty quickly. Sonja is feeling on the outs with the girls, and looks forward to not being judged. It’s no women allowed, because women have an agenda. Sonja tells us that she’s a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. There’s probably an app for that. She spends the night gossiping about the other women, and then shouts, let’s turn this up! The music gets louder.

Bethenny goes to her new apartment. She has six properties now, and is doing four renovations. She says this is next level, and she might stay there a while. She’s also moving into a new corporate space next to the apartment. She hasn’t been feeling the business lately, since she’s been knee-deep in Puerto Rico. She’s hired a president to run things for her, and says everything is up in the air. In her interview, she says show her a woman who is rich, tan, thin, having sex, and getting sleep, and she’ll show you a unicorn.

Dorinda meets Tinsley for lunch. Lots of eating this week. She wanted to meet before they left for the Hamptons. They laugh over ordering wine at 11:30 am. Tinsley says she hasn’t seen Dorinda since the Halloween party, when she was bubbled out. Dorinda says, when Sonja said she looked fat. She says she’s a forgiver, and likes to keep it moving. She went in unprepared, and tells Tinsley to be prepared for the weekend. Sonja has been talking horribly about her, saying she gets men to pay for everything like a kept woman. In her interview, Tinsley thought they were in a better place, and it’s making her angry. She tells Dorinda that she didn’t know what she was walking into, living with Sonja. Dorinda calls Sonja a bully, saying she acts like she has a Candyland mentality, but she’s waiting with a knife. In her interview, Dorinda says she was discouraged. Sonja takes jabs, and you don’t feel it until it’s over. She’s going to be supportive of Tinsley.

LuAnn meets Sonja for tea. Everything is all autumned up at the restaurant, and I love it. In her interview, LuAnn says Sonja drives her nuts, but what are friends for? Sonja calls her The Countess, and LuAnn says it annoys some people, but it will always be a part of her. She has her own Pandora station with that name. Sonja says her financial advisor suggested she rent out the townhouse. It’s too much work for her alone. LuAnn says she’s looking for an apartment. They talk about when they lived together. LuAnn says she met with Tinsley, who felt she should open up more. Sonja says she’s really hurt for LuAnn. LuAnn says she feels sensitive; Tom just wasn’t changing. Seriously, did she really think he would? At his age? In her interview, LuAnn says at least Sonja didn’t say, I told you so. They toast to good friends.

It’s marathon day. This is the moment Carole has spent the last four months thinking about. She didn’t get much sleep, but feels great. Her husband used to run the marathon, and she looked at his stats, feeling melancholy and proud. She wishes she’d made more of a celebration. She and Adam are still in each other’s lives, and they’ve reached equilibrium. The marathon has something to do with it. Her goal is to be finished before the sweeper bus comes. #Goals  Ex-Housewife Heather Thomson and her husband John are also running. Carole says it’s scarier than covering the Middle East. The starting line is the scariest place she’s ever been. She says it’s different than the other challenges she’s had. There’s no support. It’s all on her.

At mile eight, Carole start doesn’t know if she’ll finish, but it’s a mental game, and she can only think one mile at a time. Some of her friends cheer her on, Tinsley among them. In her interview, she says her legs were paralyzed, but she just kept going, and thought the finish line was a mirage. She makes it! She remembers hearing her parents and friends cheering her name, and seeing the guy holding the medal. She says, it’s isolating and lonely; just you and the road. At the end, seeing everyone cheering you on, you remember you’re not really alone.

Carole says, people called her husband Anthony a hero when he battled cancer, and it bothered her, but he was a hero after all. She feels like she’s honoring him the way she should have when he talked obsessively about running.

Next time, the Hamptons, LuAnn thinks there’s a change in the dynamic, and Dorinda goes off on Sonja – finger in her face and all.

🌟 On tonight’s Star, everyone in neighborhood helped to rebuild Carlotta’s place. Simone admitted she married Angel to stay out of juvie, but said they’re getting a divorce when she’s eighteen. I have the feeling they’ll end up really falling in love. Arlene’s twin sister, Charlene (their parents weren’t very creative), showed up looking for Star, and information on who might have killed Arlene. Star didn’t say anything, but told Cotton that she was fairly certain that Brody did it, since he showed up with blood on him, saying Arlene would never bother her again.

Ms. Desmond thought Noah was a risk, and without guaranteed success, there was no tour. Quavo was recruited by Midtown, and Star suggested he headline. Quavo agreed after an introduction to Alex, but Noah was less than thrilled. Carlotta stopped Noah from hitting the bottle, telling him it wasn’t the answer to his insecurities. He still stepped on everyone’s dreams by punching Quavo, who pulled a gun. Since Carlotta is everyone’s mom, she squashed the beef quickly, but Quavo walked. Everyone was like, thanks Noah. Noah ended up thanking Carlotta, and asked her to be his manager.

Star confronted Brody, who said he did what he had to for her protection. She asked if that’s why he killed her mother. He insisted it was an OD, but Star wanted to know what their little secret was, and why she didn’t speak for two weeks afterward. He wouldn’t talk, and she ended up calling him a coward, saying she never wanted to see him again. Angel’s mom showed up, and told him ICE was looking for him because she’d overstayed her work visa when he was little and lied about who his father was. I don’t think that’s how it works, and now he’s married to Simone anyway, but okay. Brody left Star a message that she was right and he was leaving, but a dude slammed into his room, and bounced him through a glass table. After Take 3 sold out a local show, Ms. Desmond agreed to another tour, but without Noah. Star flashed back to her mother’s OD. Brody had found Star with the needle in her hand (she picked it up after her mother used it), and when he asked what happened, she told him that she’d given mommy her medicine. That was the secret. Star called Brody, and told him she remembered, but he said she was right, and he killed Arlene. He told Star he loved her and hung up. It turned out he was calling from a bathtub where twinnie Charlene told him he’d killed her sister for no good reason. He said Arlene was an awful person, and Charlene electrocuted him by dropping a live wire into the water.

Queen Latifah’s best hair tonight was a toss-up between a braid that circled her head and went down her back, and a Veronica Lake fall with sweeping side bangs that had highlights. Next time, Simone feels guilty about Derek (as she should), another tragedy happens, and Queen Latifah sports purple streaks.

💰 Sell It Like Serhant premiered toight, and Ryan helped struggling wine salesman Tim. Tim, who had been addicted to heroin at a young age, served in Afghanistan, and graduated from culinary school, was now riding the “struggle bus,” and not doing well with sales. Ryan strikes me as a really nice guy, which isn’t a huge surprise, since he used to be a soap actor. They’re an acting breed unto themselves, much more appreciative of their audience than your average celebrity. Second only to country singers in understanding where they came from and who put them where they are now. We learned about the selling process, asking questions, listening to customers, and steering them to the right product. Ryan sent a spy to a wine tasting that Tim was working, and they communicated secretly. I don’t think I would have been a hard sell here, since Tim had me at dry Riesling. Ryan felt part of the problem was Tim’s guilt about putting his parents through the wringer, so he flew them out for a visit. After a rough start to his last stand, where he disappeared to make a cheese plate, Tim got on the “awesome bus.” The boss seemed like a bit of a hard-on – Tim only sold seven bottles out of the goal of ten – but decided to keep Tim in the end. Hopefully, Tim keeps riding that bus. Next time, a wax club. Ouch.

❓ Pondering…

Wtf, Jeff Goldblum? Why is he suddenly in so many commercials? Does he have a balloon payment coming up on something?

🐶🐱🐰🐹🐠 Happy National Pet Day! 🐣🐷🐕🐁


April 4, 2018 – Lots of Sneaking Around, an NYC Halloween Party, Cotton is Merciful, a Barbie Comment & Bubbles


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Doc startles Franco, who says he has stealthy feet. Doc says he had a cancellation, and there’s no time like the present. The sooner he recovers his memories, the sooner he can get on with his life – unless he’s having second thoughts.

Ava thanks Nelle for bringing some contracts by. Ava is weeding Julian’s stuff out of the bathroom, and finds Morgan’s cologne.

At the MetroCourt, Bobbie tells Carly that after days of browbeating, cajoling, and fake crying, she finally got an inspector to look at the house. Carly is busy thinking about the scarf that was left on her desk, and Bobbie asks where she is.

Mike tells Sonny and Michael a story about the bar fight of the ages that didn’t happen. Sonny tells him to keep going, and Mike says he knows what they did. They thought if they recreated one of his old haunts, he could piece together some of his past. Michael says it seems like it’s working. Mike says a little, for now, but he needs them to know that he knows it’s not going to last. Sooner or later, he’ll have a bad day, and after a while, the bad days will outnumber the good until there are no good days anymore. Sonny says they’ll cross that bridge when they come to it. Michael says, until then, they’ll take any good day they can. Mike apologizes, saying by the time his great-grandchildren are old enough, he won’t be able to share his stories or infinite wisdom. Michael says maybe he still can.

Jason sits next to Anna at the bar. She says it’s not a coincidence; he wants something. She hopes they’re not at a crossroads. He says he needs to know if she’s keeping something from him about the night Faison died.

Peter comes to Griff’s office. He says he can’t do this. Griff violated his privacy. He wants to know if Griff is going to keep his identity a secret, or sign his death warrant.

Carly tells Bobbie she’s been thinking about BJ. Bobbie says the anniversary is coming up; she’ll be gone for twenty-four years. Every once in a while, she forgets BJ isn’t there. For the longest time, Bobbie imagined her everywhere. She would hear her, but it would turn out to be some other child’s voice. Sometimes, no one was there. It’s just what her heart needed; the laugh or the the image. As much as she wanted BJ to be there, she wasn’t. She asks why Morgan is hitting Carly so hard right now.

Ava tells Nelle that she always loved Morgan’s cologne. She’s surprised he wore it. In some ways, he was naïve, but in others, he was sophisticated. Nelle offers to take the stuff out, and we don’t need to be rocket scientists to guess why. Ava tells her it’s not necessary. She looks through the contracts, and says Nell is very thorough. She asks if Nelle has given any thought to her advice. Nelle says there’s no way she can back off Carly. Ava says it’s simple; just do it. Walk away from the table before she wagers what she can’t afford to lose – Michael. Nelle says there’s no way she and Michael can happen unless Carly is out of the way. Ava tells her to make sure he has no reason to take Carly’s side. Nelle says it’s not that simple, but Ava insists it is. She has the ideal situation with Michael around her all the time. Soon, his feelings for the baby will be overwhelming, and he won’t be able to separate them from how he feels about her. Kill them with kindness. Nelle says he’s already moving on. She has to act or she’ll lose him forever.

Michael shows Mike a new prototype of a phone that allows recording of HD video and audio. Mike is worried that the kids won’t get a chance to know him, so he can record anything he wants to say to them, and it will last forever. Mike doesn’t know what to say. He doesn’t have much in the way of good life advice – just do the opposite of what he did. Michael says tell them about his life. Start with a good day. When and where did he hit his first homerun?

Griff tells Peter that his identity will remain between them. Peter wonders how he’s supposed to believe that, and Griff says it would be a breach of ethics. Apparently, he can’t make up his mind about that. He says the only way he’d be justified is if the harm doesn’t stay confined to the past. He has no reason to believe Peter will harm someone else, but if that changes – if he has reason to believe Peter is going after Jason or someone else – he’ll be ethically bound to out him. Maxie doesn’t deserve to have her trust betrayed. Peter says he wouldn’t do that; it’s his only shot at survival. Griff says his father killed her husband, who happens to be Peter’s brother. If she finds out he knew… Peter says he’ll think about it, but Griff tells him not to take too long. He needs to get ahead before someone else figures it out on their own.

Anna tells Jason that she wants Henrik alive. He slides the book over to her, saying Aurora had an advance copy, complete with the ending. She reaches for it, but he takes it back, and says, first, he needs to know what happened to Faison’s personal effects.

Franco asks Doc what if he finds out something he doesn’t want to? You can’t unknow something. Doc says either he pushed Drew or didn’t, and he wanted to know which was true. The best way is to do this. His mother is in no condition to share. Franco says Jim tried to bury them alive. He sees no reason Jim would come back to town. We see Jim looking at an article about Franco on his phone.

Franco says it has nothing to do with Jim’s fracking or whatever. Why would he take Betsy? It has to do with what happened when he was a kid. Doc can’t promise happy answers, and Franco says none of this is headed toward a happy ending. Doc says it won’t take hold unless he’s 100% on board; maybe they should reschedule. Franco says, no. He has to do this. He needs answers, mostly for Elizabeth. He tells Doc, let’s do it.

Griff tells Peter that Anna, Jason, and he WSB know he’s out there, and they’re searching. He needs to make sure they don’t find him. Peter thanks Griff for his time and discretion. Griff tells him it’s only a matter of time. His best chance for mercy is to come forward on his own.

Carly tells Bobbie about the scarf. Bobbie wants to see it, but Carly explains it’s gone. Bobbie says she had something like that happen, thinking she saw BJ’s costume. Carly says this is different. She held it in her hand. She tells Bobbie about the phone calls, and how they traced them to a phone booth on Angel’s Bluff. Bobbie says grief can play tricks on your mind and heart, but Carly says she’s not imagining any of this.

Mike records a story about a cousin with fast sucker punch, saying not everyone in the family are brutes. The cousin actually started working hard, did well, and became a doctor. His parents had nothing but love for him. He suddenly looks at the clock, and says he has to go. He has to catch the bus and get home. Sonny says he’s not going to Brooklyn tonight, but Mike says his parents will be worried sick.

Mike says he can’t miss the bus, and Sonny says, there is no bus. Mike tells Sonny that he has to go, but Sonny insists he’s staying; they agreed. He says Mike is confused, and Mike says he doesn’t understand. His parents will be worried. Sonny harshly says his parents are dead, stabbing me in the heart once again.

Ava tells Nelle to do what she needs to do when it comes to Carly, but be careful. Actions can have unintended consequences. Nelle is grateful for her advice, but says everything is working out for her. She hopes it continues, and Ava says that makes two of them. Nelle says it’s wonderful that Griff trusts her, and as time moves on, he’ll trust her more. She and the baby don’t stand a chance until Carly is out of the way. Nelle opens the door to leave, and Griff is standing there.  chain collar – earrings diamond with straight dangle

Anna tells Jason that she offered Faison’s things to Obrecht for Britt. She didn’t want them, so she gave them to the WSB. I’m wondering why the WSB didn’t take them after the “autopsy.” Jason points out the passage that mentions the lighter. Anna wonders why she didn’t notice it was missing, and he says now they know who took it.

Franco asks if Doc has a pocket watch. Doc tells him hypnosis is very effective in helping remove memory blocks, but second thoughts hinder the process. He has to be ready, and mean it. Franco says he is. Doc tells Franco to close his eyes, and focus on sound of his voice.

Mike asks how Sonny can say something like that about his parents? Sonny says they passed away before he was born. Mike tells him to shut his mouth. Michael steps in, saying he knows Mike is worried. Sonny is confused, and his parents are fine; they know he’s staying with them a while. Mike offers to call and remind them. He tells Mike to sit while he does that. Michael puts his hand on Sonny’s shoulder.

Carly tells Bobbie if the calls weren’t real, she wouldn’t have been able to trace them. Bobbie says she thought Carly was questioning things. Carly says if it was just phone calls, she could write it off, but a scarf like Morgan used to wear? Someone put it there and took it away.

Griff asks Ava if he’s interrupting gallery business. Ava says he lives there; he can come and go as he please. She tells Nelle that she’ll see her tomorrow, and to remember what she said. Nelle says, her too. After she leaves, Griff asks if it’s anything he should know about, but she says just advice for the lovelorn. Just asks what she would do, and do the opposite (that makes two people who said that today). Griff thinks she’s doing okay in that department, and she says she has no complaints. He feels the same way, but had an exhausting day. Ava asks if he’s still thinking about the test results. He says he is, and asks where the envelope is. She takes it out of the cupboard, telling him that she didn’t open it. He didn’t think she had, but says thanks. He tells her that he trusts her, and she says, just not enough to tell her what it’s about.

Doc tells Franco to slowly open his eyes, and focus on an object in his direct line of vision. Franco picks a sculpture on the desk. Doc says his eyes are getting heavier. Franco gives him a look, but closes them. Doc says he feels contentment, and is alone with his thoughts and mind. Doc tells him to feel himself go into a state of relaxation as he counts down, saying deeper and deeper between each number. He’s now in a deep trance, and will remain there until Doc counts down again. Doc asks where he is, and Franco says, in his house, playing with Andy. Doc tells him to find the door to the basement, open it, and stand at the top of the stairs. He tells Franco to go to the night of accident. Franco says, Andy is standing with him. Doc asks what’s going on? What happens next? What does he see?

Sonny tells Michael he thought Luke’s would pay off, and Michael says it’s called sundowning. Alzheimer’s patients often get riled up and confused when the sun goes down. it doesn’t mean there won’t be good days. Sonny asks how Michael knew what to do. Michael says it’s not uncommon for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia to think they’re parents are alive. It’s going to happen over and over, and they have to just try and keep him calm. Sonny says, the exact opposite of what he did, but Michael says he didn’t know and not to beat himself up. Mike seems agitated, and Michael says he talked to Mike’s parents. They send their love, but want him to get some rest. Mike says he can’t rest. He remembered something he needs to tell someone. Honestly, this storyline is killing me.

Griff tells Ava if he could share, she’d be the first. Ava says he’s entitled to his life with its thoughts, secrets, and wishes, but when something bothers him, she wishes he could share it with her. He says it’ not his secret to share. She doesn’t like it, but understands. Griff says the only thing he has left to do is destroy the document first thing in the morning. Ava asks my question, why not now? He says he’s already made a rash decision, and doesn’t want to make the same mistake. Meanwhile, he needs to was the day off of himself.

Anna says, Henrik stole the lighter, and is keeping it as a souvenir. If they find the lighter, they find him. Jason says it won’t be easy. Finn wasn’t even sure what was there. Anna says maybe he took it when Faison was shot, or it dropped during the struggle at Crimson. She’ll talk to Peter. She’d rather not bring Maxie into it, but there’s also Finn. She tells Jason about an epigraph at the front of the book; something that resonates with the work, or gives the reader a sense of theme or purpose. She reads, Rot comes from both ends; together, the branches must be severed.

Doc tells Franco to stay in the moment. Andy is at the top of the stairs; what happens next? Franco says, Jim. He remembers Jim calling him Bobby, and asking what he did. He says, Andy is at the bottom, and Uncle Jim is next to him. Doc says he went too far back. Go forward a few seconds; he’s almost there. Franco remembers Jim saying nobody going to believe him. He tells Doc that he can’t because he’s scared. Doc asks why? Because of what he did? Franco says, no. He’s scared of him.

Mike says, a field in Croton. Sonny says, he knows, and not to worry; he’s taken care of it. Mike says, he has? Michael says he has nothing to worry about. He tells Mike to lie down and rest, and he’ll check on him later. Mike goes upstairs, and Michael asks if Sonny has any idea what he’s talking about. Sonny says, not a clue, but I have the feeling he’s lying.

Bobbie wonders why someone would deliberately put a scarf in Carly’s office just to take it away. Carly says to mess with her, and Bobbie tells her not to give them what they want. The hospital calls Bobbie, and Nelle spies from around the corner. Bobbie tells Carly there aren’t enough nurses to cover the shift, and she has to go in. Carly says she’ll meet with the inspector; she’ll be fine by herself.

Ava stares at Griff’s back as he walks into the other room. She takes the envelope out, and holds it up to the light. Since that’s good for nothing, she opens it, and reads it.

Jason says he’ll have Spinelli do some research to find out where the original quote came from. Anna thinks it’s something original, and that Henrik is also gunning for his mother. Peter walks in.

Doc says Franco is perfectly safe; no one can hurt him anymore. Franco starts to cry, saying, he can. Doc  tells Franco to help him stop them, and asks who it is he’s so afraid of. Franco says, it’s Harvey. It’s Uncle Jim. He’s scared of Uncle Jim. Doc says he’s very brave. Now tell him why.

Jim walks into the hospital looking sneaky.

Tomorrow, Kiki tells David that she never sent out signals, Jake wants Franco to come home, and Betsy screams no in her hospital bed. How much you want to bet she’s getting a visit from Jim?

The Real Housewives of New York City

Ramona helps some workers lay a carpet. Sonja tell us that you never know when you might need a Marie Antoinette costume. Did I just see a red poodle go by? And I mean red, not like an Irish Setter. Bethenny is getting ready for an event. Tinsley’s dog makes weewee on the floor. Celebrities! Their dogs are just like ours! Carole is on a run.

So begins season ten of my favorite Wives, with the exception of Lisa Vanderpump, who can do no wrong.

Dorinda opens a package containing a Lady Gaga bubble dress. In her interview, she says she’s having a Halloween party to get the girls together, and show she’s an equal holiday opportunist. The theme is famous people, alive or dead. Her costume turns out to be a kit, which is what she gets for drunk shopping, so she calls the designer of the original dress. Must. Be. Nice.

At the Museum of Natural History, Bethenny is the keynote speaker for Delivering Good, a New York charity partner of her company. They started Hurricane Harvey in Texas, then Puerto Rico happened, and it got real. She began by chartering a plane, and ended up with a warehouse. She doesn’t know how they did it, but they did, and they’re still doing it. She invited Tinsley and Ramona because they donated a lot of money. Ramona thinks it’s strange that Carole isn’t there.

Bethenny says it’s her first award ever. She’s grateful, but didn’t do it to be recognized. She did it because it’s something she’s good at, and it changed her life in an incredible way.

The Countess Tom’s wife LuAnn visits Dorinda. She never thought she be there, but here she is, divorced. She was in love with Tom, and it was a whirlwind. We flash back to that. She says she did everything she could to make it work, but sometimes love isn’t enough. Dorinda thinks Tom got worse after they got married. LuAnn says she had blinders on (really?), and when she looks back at the warning signs, what Bethenny said hunts her. She didn’t want to believe it, but what the girls were saying was true. It was ultimately a lack of respect. Meeting with his ex-girlfriends, being caught kissing, going out all night; she couldn’t breathe and was drowning. Dorinda asks if she hears from him, and LuAnn says they text. but at end of the day, a leopard can’t change his spots. Dorinda doesn’t think he’s a bad guy, but shouldn’t be a married guy.

LuAnn says she’s in the Hamptons for the most part, but looking for an apartment in NYC. She tells Dorinda that Sonja has been telling people she’s dating, and Carole is the only one who didn’t reach out – not one word. Dorinda says they’re not really friends, but LuAnn thought they were in a good place. In her interview, Carole says the reasons LuAnn got divorced are understood, but she never understood the reasons LuAnn got married. We flash back to everyone warning her about him. In her interview, Sonja compares the relationship to LuAnn’s camel ride, and we see the camel ride fail. She says maybe it was something LuAnn was supposed to experience, and get right back on the next camel. Pondering this… LuAnn says she’s keeping an open heart and mind.

Carole visits Tinsley. She tells us they spent week in Spain together with Adam and Scott. A room service waitress brings a charcuterie tray to the hotel room, and Tinsley says she’s Eloise all grown up. She’s happy to be in a hotel room all her own, and is feeling like herself again. A tiny Chihuahua comes in, and we’re introduced to Tinsley’s dog, Bambi. Bambi! Carole says she talked to Scott. In her interview, Tinsley says she and Scott were inseparable from the moment they met, and had dated for eight months, but he lives in Chicago. They broke up, but it wasn’t that anything specific happened. Carole says she feels like Adam is a person in her life, but not a boyfriend. In her interview, she says a lot of words when what she means is they’re now friends with benefits. She says people tell her that Adam is having his cake and eating it too, but she also likes cake. Tinsley wants to be with Scott, but it’s just too far.

At the Abracadabra costume store, Sonja meets Ramona. In her interview, Ramona says they had a great time in Mexico, but Sonja hasn’t wanted to get together. It’s sad because they’d been close at one point. Sonja says now that her daughter is in boarding school, she’s been on the go. She needed summer for herself. She’d been taking antidepressants for her anxiety (hmm…), and sat around eating croissants. After that she went to Cost Rica, and got into herself. Now, she’s happy again. They talk about LuAnn. Ramona thinks she and Tom loved each other, but Tom doesn’t understand commitment. Sonja says he was never more than great time, and you can’t turn a party playboy into a husband.

Carol goes to the gym. She says she never exercised a day in her life, and at fifty-four, felt scrawny. She needed to have a goal, or she wasn’t going to continue, so she chose the New York City Marathon. Everyone is telling her she’s crazy, and she tells herself that she can’t do it, but when someone says she can’t do it, that’s all she wants to do. The trainer puts her through her paces. She says her longest run has been twenty-one miles, and she’d never even run across the street to get a cab. Every hat I’ve ever owned is off to her. I had a two-year flirtation with running years ago, but I never really enjoyed it – I’m still waiting for the endorphins to kick in – and the longest I’ve run is 5k.

Bethenny’s driver brings in her dogs, Biggy and Smallz. She asks Kevin if he thinks they miss Cookie, who passed away. He says her spirit is there. He believes in the hereafter, and they probably miss stealing her food. I start to tear up when they show clips of Cookie throughout the years. Bethenny is weeping through an Instagram post after having put Cookie to sleep. She says it’s rough and she’s drained, and I want to bawl with her, since I have an old girl here who is my best girl forever. Bethenny says Cookie had a great run, and was much loved. She had Cookie longer than her child, her homes, or her business. Cookie was her family. She says people tell her about the Rainbow Bridge, and she wants to go there. If I was by myself, I’d be totally losing it.

Pre-party, Carole gets her makeup done with Dorinda. She’s dressed as Amelia Earhart, with a red teddy underneath her flight clothes. In her interview, Carole says Halloween is when all women dress like sluts and feel good about themselves, at least in New York. I think back on my costumes, and I’m not so sure about that. Dorinda says no one has seen Sonja, and it’s like Where’s Waldo? She says that LuAnn was surprised she didn’t hear from Carole, and Carole says everything she does is wrong in LuAnn’s eyes. In her interview, Carole says she half-expected a call from LuAnn apologizing for calling them all jealous bitches for the past two years. She’s still waiting. Dorinda’s dress arrives, and she squishes into it. I don’t remember exactly what that dress looked like, but I don’t think this is quite it.

The venue is the Dream Hotel, and no surprise, the décor is amazing, and everyone made a huge effort to get dressed up. Sonja comes with Rocco as Lucy and Ricky Riccardo. In her interview, Sonja says that Frenchie was fun, but Rocco is consistent and playing the long game. Tinsley arrives as Madonna during her Boy Toy phase. Ramona is Britney Spears, in a skintight red catsuit and sparkly boots, wearing a headset and holding a mic. Sonja and Rocco head immediately to the bar, ignoring everyone. She claims she needs to entertain Rocco, who has to leave early for work, then she’ll deal with the bitches. I have to confess, I have never once called one of my friends a bitch or a ho as an endearment. Tinsley wonders if it’s something she did, thinking it’s strange Sonja hasn’t stopped by to say hello.  LuAnn appears as Diana Ross, with the biggest afro ever. Huge. Ten times taller than Kid’s (Christopher Reid, Kid ‘n Play) in his heyday. I can also tell you right now, she is going to make Twitter mad over cultural appropriation. Carole thinks it’s a little off, which is being charitable for Carole. Luann says she’s feeling liberated without Tom in tow. It’s been a while since she’s felt her girl power. In her interview, Carole says LuAnn is disrespectful. She’s being tone deaf to a cultural stereotype, and is just plain tone deaf. Now there’s the Carole I know. Bethenny thinks Sonja is at the next level of strangeness, and Dorinda says she didn’t just wander in; she was invited. Why isn’t she saying hello? Passive aggressive maybe?

Dorinda is getting more riled about Sonja ignoring them, saying she’s supposed to be a woman of etiquette, and she’s not greeting the host. Sonja comes over, and Dorinda says, finally. She says Sonja has been clinging to Rocco, and Sonja says he had to leave early. In her interview, Dorinda wonders if Rocco is afraid to be polite. LuAnn tells Sonja to stop talking about her to their friends. She talks as if she knows what’s going on, when they haven’t even talked to her. It’s like a bad game of telephone, and it’s not cool.

Bethenny walks in wearing what she calls, a Barbie costume gone awry. She had two drag queens doing her glam and hair, and ended up as a drag queen/Texas prostitute Barbie. She sees LuAnn and says she has to hand it to her for giving zero effs. On the other hand, she does. She thinks Carole’s aviator costume is a retread of the zookeeper outfit she wore to their gangster dinner. And if Ramona can show her boobs and camel toe, she’s happy. Carole says Amelia was a chain-smoker, and smokes without inhaling. Dorinda, who is already slurring her words, says that after the marathon, she and Carole can chill together. She’ll roast some chickens and get wine, and they can share secrets and have a sleepover. Carols is like, okay… In her interview, says on a scale of one to drunk, Dorinda is an eight. Dorinda says the orange bubbly drink was not nice. She leaves early without her wig and losing bubbles.

LuAnn wants to do karaoke. She gripes about two years of defending Tom. In her interview, Bethenny says LuAnn married the disgusting pig she told her was a disgusting pig. LuAnn says Carole didn’t even text, and she was upset. Carole says it’s not like LuAnn called when she and Adam broke up. She respected LuAnn by not saying I told you so. It’s not her business, and she’s happy to be in a club of one. In her interview, Carole thinks it would have been insincere, and she doesn’t do that. She wishes she could be insincere; her life would be easier. I hear her on that one. LuAnn says Carole could have been a woman with a heart and soul. In her interview, Carole says she knows should have reached out, but didn’t. They were friends, and then they weren’t. She wants it to go away. She doesn’t want to live in the past. She wants to be moving forward.

Bethenny talks about an investment property she bought in South Hampton. Since she has to turn down her nose at something, Ramona says she’d never buy on the highway, but she’s not being negative. Bethenny says she’ll be sure to consult her next time. Sonja says, get the boxing gloves ready. Bethenny says Ramona can’t help being unkind. She knows real estate, and has five properties (plus, she worked with Fredrik!). Ramona babbles about the highway, and Bethenny says when Ramona is successful, ro call her back. In her interview, Bethenny says Ramona can’t help herself, and they just wait for next stupid thing she does. Ramona would wear a meat suit in front of a tiger cage. Ramona insists she believes in and empowers women, and Bethenny has enough, saying she doesn’t. Ramona says she’s being crucified for no reason, and Bethenny says there’s every reason. No one believes her bullsh*t.

This season, Dorinda drives like a maniac, Adam goes on a date, Bethenny goes to Puerto Rico, Carole runs the Marathon, another costume party, Jill Zarin’s husband dies, LuAnn gets arrested and goes to rehab, and Dorinda purposely faceplants in a cake.

🌟 On Star, Charles said he owned the girls, and Alex was going on tour with Noah. Jahil wanted Andy and Angel to go, so Charles suggested a sing-off, like in the old days. This prompted Simone to marry Angel on the sly, telling him it was the only way to keep her from going back to foster care. Star was singing her mother’s song in a club, and flashed back to a murder. She got sick and ran out. Later, the guy playing the keyboards (Jackson) tracked her down, telling her there was pain in her voice and he was looking for a lead singer. She said that’s why he doesn’t want to know her. Noah also confessed to Alex that he’s the reason their song was on the radio.

Carlotta told Ayanna that she was fighting for her girls against Ayanna’s father. Ayanna was a mess, but got it together, and they toasted to payback. Ayanna told her father that that she knows the CEO of his sponsoring company. She was one of the women he ass-grabbed back in the day. She told him that he’d be taking the girls on tour, or face a P.R. nightmare. Omari – who I thought was dead – cornered Cotton, asking her to leave town with him, telling her nobody else needs to get hurt. This came back to bite him later, when he really almost died. A bunch of guys jumped him and put a plastic bag over his head, but Cotton called it off after watching him struggle. She told him he might have saved her life in prison, but she doesn’t belong to him. And Miss Lawrence told him not to come back. This was fun, but the real treat was the trio of Queen Latifah, Patti LaBelle, and Brandi, singing in an empty church.

The best of Queen Latifah’s hair this week was a dark magenta, nearly purple, modern twist on the shag, with long bangs. Next time, Arlene’s body is found, Brody tells Jahil that they have a problem, and Take 3 is going on tour.

🔊 Jackie Hoffman – whom I love – was a guest on Watch What Happens Live tonight. I’d seen her in Hairspray on Broadway, and she’s always a delight. Although I often find him annoying, Andy accurately pointed out that Bethenny was not on theme at the Halloween party. Barbie might be famous, but she’s not a person, alive or dead. Next week, the show is going to LA.

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