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May 6, 2018 – Burying Nick, a Variety of Rambling & Creepiness


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead

Everyone is stunned about Nick. Al has videoed the aftermath. We see Luci make sure Nick doesn’t come back by stabbing him in the head, Alicia re-killing Ennis more viciously (somehow, he got rid of the deer head he was impaled on), and Victor covers Nick up. In the van, Victor tells Al, let’s get this over with. Al says it can wait until he’s buried, but Victor says that was the deal. She asks how he ended up there, and he tells her that’s a big question. She says sometimes those are easier to answer. Luci says they could have stopped this from happening.

It’s another one of those back-and-forth episodes. Luci watches a guy, who looks like Riff Raff from Rocky Horror, bring some supplies to the Vultures. Charlie laughs with Ennis. She explains to Al that they had to stretch rations with cattle feed. Victor says it’s an acquired taste.

At the stadium, Victor offers to garnish lunch with maple syrup, and Alicia tells him to save it for the pancakes. He says, for when things get better, and they will. Madison says it’s time to be creative. The need to find places their friends in the parking lot haven’t hit, like maybe a bowling alley.

Victor says it was their first misstep, going on runs that day.

Victor and Cole walk through a greenhouse. Cole says he went to A&M University, and knows which plants are safe to eat. He encourages Victor to tell him something about himself, and Victor says he didn’t go to A&M. They find something edible, and look for a cart. Cole asks how long Victor is going to act like he’s afraid of him. Victor says that’s not the case.

Al asks if he was afraid of Cole, and Victor says, of course not. He says they’re supposed to be talking about Nick, and Al says they’re talking about him.

Cole and Victor fight off zombies in the greenhouse. Cactus zombies. They have quills sticking out of them all over. One gets Cole down. Victor pikes it in the head and helps him up.

Nick takes Luci to a nearby library. His mother once brought him there, and he thinks it’s a sign. Luci says she went with him because Nick thought it would be good for her.

Inside the library, Nick whistles. It’s empty because zombies don’t read. He takes a poster down off the wall, and Luci asks why they’re here. Nick tells her that people need a reason to stick around, and not just food. She says there’s nothing left, but he thinks there has to be something. Luci says it’s about her, referring to Charlie. Nick says she thinks they’re looking out for her and they’re family. Luci says she thought Colonia was a good place to be, but it wasn’t. He helped her.

Al says, but he couldn’t help Charlie. Luci says, she killed Nick. What do you think?

John tells Morgan he used to be a police officer. He knew a guy who drank a bottle of rye every night. One night he survived a close call. A guy stole a garbage truck, and it ended up squashing his patrol car. He went a week without touching rye. John says it takes more than a week to change someone. He thinks Morgan will be on his way after Nick is buried. John is going to find Laura, and wants Morgan with him. He wants them to meet. Morgan just wants to see Nick buried, and he’ll be on his way. He’s better on his own.

Al says they can stop if it’s too much; Alicia’s brother died. Alicia says, yeah, he did.

Alicia and Naomi go to a small waterpark. Naomi sees a van she thinks they should take back, pointing out that it even has a tape deck. She looks for keys, but finds nothing. They head into the park, which looks like something from Abandoned, but with dead bodies all over. A zombie stumbles out, and Alicia stabs its head. Another follows, and Naomi takes care of that one. Naomi says whoever camped here moved to higher ground when the fence came down, showing Alicia a site on a platform at the top of the waterslide. The stairs are barricaded, but Alicia says they can get up there from the slide. They look at the zombies wandering around in the water.

Victor says he wanted to do the right thing in the car. Cole tells Victor that if he doesn’t like him, just tell him. Victor says he does like him. Cole asks why he won’t share information about himself then, and Victor says he doesn’t want Cole to know him. He’s done dumb things, and keeps this to remind him not to be that man. He hands Cole what we both agree looks like a piece of a rock. Victor says, it’s not.

Al asks if going on run brought them closer together, and Alicia says, of course it did. They were the only ones still breathing. She and Naomi wade through the pool, and the zombies. Naomi tries to get up the slide, but keeps slipping back down. Alicia gives her a boost, and tries to follow, but she slips and loses her knife. As they struggle to get up the slide, there’s a terrific crane shot showing the cluster of zombies, grappling at the bottom.

They carefully make their way up. It would really suck to get all that way and slide back down into a mess of zombies. They look at the stuff left behind, and Alicia thinks there’s still some ammo. A zombie toddles out, startling them. They struggle with it, and Naomi falls down to a bowl-like attachment on the slide. I’m guessing you could once slide through it, but now there’s a clog of zombies caked in slime in the opening. Naomi kicks at them, but one is particularly aggressive. Alicia slides down, having grabbed a pipe that was part of the slide. She knocks the zombie in the head, and it slides back down into the clog. I have to admit, I made noises out loud throughout this whole scene.

Al asks when she sharpened it. Alicia says that came later.

Back at the top, Alicia and Naomi go through the stuff. Naomi finds the keys to the van, but says nothing. There’s a trunk of medical supplies, and Naomi tells Alicia to take as much as she can. Naomi gives Alicia binoculars, and suggests she look for what hasn’t been picked over. Alicia thinks there’s a possibility, but when she turns around, Naomi is gone.

Al asks, what happened? Did she run? Victor says, they’re all running.

Victor and Cole go to a parking lot. Cole asks where the hell they are. Victor opens the hatchback of a car, and says, when the crops failed, he gathered things. Cole asks why Victor is showing him. Victor says there’s enough room for two. Cole tells him that people are hungry. Victor says the supplies would maybe feed them for a day; it wouldn’t make a difference. Cole says makes a difference between them making it for another day or not. Victor says so could this. Before, he did things where people got hurt or died. He learned self-preservation. He says famine is on the horizon, and he did it to ensure he survived. He wants Cole to know this is him. Cole shakes his head. He can’t do it. Victor says he didn’t think so. Cole says he’ll drive himself back.

Al asks if he left, and if Victor thinks it’s his fault. Alicia says, it’s not his fault. He wasn’t the only one who thought about leaving.

Naomi starts the car. It chugs to a stop because there’s no gas in it. I’m not even going to say it. Yes, I am. You’d think she’d have checked that first thing. She sure made a good guess those were the right car keys. Alicia is there, and says that’s the second time she ran out since they’ve met. Naomi doesn’t have to tell them anything, but she’s either with them, trying to keep it going, or not. Naomi says she can’t try to keep this going. Alicia tells her that she said the same thing once. She went off on her own; no one could talk her out of it, but wasn’t what she wanted it to be. Maybe she’ll realize that too. Alicia says she’ll go with her to get some gas.

Al asks if Luci thought about leaving. Luci says they all did.

Luci tells Nick that they have to go. He says there could be something there for her. He looks around in the back, and we hear zombie noises. A trail of books leads to a zombie who’s tied up, so it can’t escape. Nick puts it out of its misery, and sees that its wrists are slit. Luci sees a book of maps. Luci say she doesn’t want to end up like that. Nick tells her they know what’s wrong, and they’re going to try and fix it. She says what if they find a new place? Start over. He asks, where, and she hands him the book. She says the first place they open to.

Al asks Luci, what page did it open to? It’s the reason she’s sitting here, isn’t it? Luci says she should have never opened the book.

Madison looks through binoculars at the Vultures. Mel waves and holds up a radio. She gets on hers, and asks if he needs help. He asks if they have relish. She goes down to the parking lot, but I don’t see her bringing any relish. He says they’ve finished it, haven’t they? And the ketchup and mustard. Condiments are the first things to go, in trying to dress up things they don’t want to eat. The dressing up part is true even in real life. I remember putting Italian dressing on green beans and ketchup on mac and cheese at lunch in high school. Mel is cooking hotdogs. He asks where she’s sending people, and she says, why? So they can beat them there? She doesn’t think so. He says every time she sends someone out, they might not come back. Madison says they will; she knows her people.

Mel says before he lived on the bus, he lived like them, in a settlement; his family’s cattle ranch in hill country. It was a nice place to be, but then wildfires kicked up. Madison knows where he’s going. She says, he’s smart, and saw what was coming. He tried to warn everyone, but they wouldn’t listen. So he and his brother left before the fires hit. She says she’s sorry about the rest of his family. Mel says, people are stubborn creatures. He asks if she’d like a weenie, but she’s good. He says if she didn’t come out for food or company, what is she doing there? She says her offer still stands. If they want relish, they could scrounge some up from the concession stand. They can make a go of it, if they work together. He asks if she believes that. She does, and he says that’s why the place is going to fall. His offer also stands. She turns to leave, and he says she was wrong about his story. He told them that they could save the place, and they listened. He and Ennis were the only ones who made it out alive. They could hear them scream as they drove off. Madison walks away.

Al says that’s why it’s so important. They gave up on the stadium.

In the library, Luci flips open the book.

Victor sits in his car.

Naomi tells Alicia that she was a nurse. After a while, she could tell who would make it and who wouldn’t. She says the stadium won’t last. They have to think about where they’re going next. Alicia says she’ll talk to Madison.

Victor says Al thinks she knows what happened that day, but she’s wrong.

Cole drives up to the stadium, and Madison asks if Victor is okay. Victor drives in behind him. Al asks why he came back, and Victor says he got a reminder of what he stood to lose. He looks at the syrup. Al asks what people thought when they found out about his escape hatch. Madison sees all the supplies, and says it looks like they got a break. Victor tells Al that he didn’t tell them the truth. Al asks Luci what page it opened to.

Luci says they’re going north. Nick asks what if there’s another way of looking at this. They bring the book to Madison. Nick asks what if they went further to scavenge than they have before. Madison says they can’t go that far every time, but he says they only need to go once. He tells her they can get seeds and fertilizer. They can replant, and turn the place back into what it was. Madison says okay, because she’s coming from a place of yes this season.

A tear rolls down Luci’s face.

Alicia tells Madison they have to talk. Al asks if Alicia told her about Naomi.

Alicia knocks on Naomi’s car window as she’s starting to leave. She asks if they ever lived when Naomi thought they were going to die. Naomi tells Alicia to let her do the talking, and Alicia gets in, saying, nice wheels. At the stadium, Naomi says if they’re going to make it work, things will get worse before they get better. She’s going to set up an infirmary.

Alicia says instead of fighting to change everything, she should have told them to leave. Luci says they should have found somewhere else. Victor says he wanted to be a better person, that’s why he’s dead. Luci says they could have stopped it all. Al puts down the camera.

Al stops the van, and they get out. Victor says, this is it. They dig, and John asks, why here? Alicia asks what difference it makes to him, and he says he just wants to know. They continue to dig, and dig up a cache of guns. Al says it’s not about Nick. They’re going after the rest of them, even after what happened to Nick. Alicia says it’s what he would have wanted. Al says answers only matter if they’re true. Alicia says it was the truth, and Al says it was served between two slices of bullsh*t. She tells them good luck without her. Victor says they know where the Vultures are meeting up next, and Al says, they needed a ride. John says she’s been snookered. She asks if they’re really going to lug all this, and Alicia says unless she takes them. John says his seems to be the only story that doesn’t end with someone getting hurt or killed. Victor says if Al wants to know how it ends, come see for herself, and Al tells them to load up the van. Morgan asks Alicia if they’re still planning on burying her brother or are they leaving him on the side of the road? Alicia says they’ll bury him there. Morgan says, he liked growing things, right?

In a spot near a beautiful tree, Victor puts the last dirt on the grave. Luci kneels down and touches it. Morgan leaves a bluebonnet.

As they’re packing the truck, John asks where they got some of it. Alicia says it’s just stuff they’ve picked up along the way. He asks for a knapsack, saying it belonged to Laura.

At the stadium, Naomi asks Alicia for a second alone. She takes out a gun that matches John’s.

John takes out the gun. He says, her name was Naomi. She never told him her real name. He asks where she is, and Alicia says she didn’t make it out of the stadium. Things went wrong. He guesses that trip is off, and asks what happened. Alicia says, she’s dead, and he says that’s not true. She’s out there; she’s gotta be. Victor says, there’s the rub, his story did end up with someone getting hurt. Alicia says they did this. Come with them. John asks them to let him be. Al approaches him. She says she’ll find out what happened, and come back for him. Morgan tells them to go; he’ll stay behind. They drive off. Morgan tells John that he’s sorry. John says he was right. We’re always on our own.

Next time, John and Naomi’s story.

👌 I love the Morgan/John pairing. I have more feels for these characters than the ones on Walking Dead. They just seem more well-rounded. Although I probably enjoy Talking Dead most of all. It’s like the day after a convention (sci/fi, horror, Star Trek, whatever, take your pick), when you rehash everything and look over all the crap you bought.

🏯 I’m not really watching Into the Badlands, although it might be one of those things I consume in one bite On Demand someday. I did glance at it though, and it looks awesome. Like a Quentin Tarantino film, but more colorful. The fight scenes are unbelievable – chicks with swords! – and I’ll bet a lot of the actors go home bruised and sore.

🍷 I didn’t really take in too much of The Real Housewives of Potomac tonight, but there was a stand-out quote, brought to us by Candiace: I think I like her better drunk. I don’t know who she was referring to, but I thought of how well it could apply to anyone in the franchise saying it about anyone else in the franchise.

🐎 Was that Walking Dead’s Simon I saw on Westworld?

👻 Sadly, Ghost Wars has been canceled.


😱 🎢 Imagine Zombies Clogging This Up…

Much worse than spiders. I’m talking to you, Stephen King.



AbandonedWaterslide3 AbandonedWaterslide2


April 22, 2018 – Madison Meets New People, Quite the Hat, Film Talk & More Than One Random Thought


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


Fear the Walking Dead


Everyone is sleeping like things are normal; like it used to be. Luci makes coffee for Nick, and everybody gets dressed, and ready for the day. All kinds of activities are going on.

Madison asks a little girl about her family, but she doesn’t want to talk. She asks the girl about some of her favorite things instead. Madison says it takes getting used to, but this is home now. She’ll do what she can to make it happen, but needs help. The girl nods. Madison asks where the girl was coming from, and she points. Madison looks out to see zombies wandering around outside the baseball stadium they call home.

Over a loudspeaker, we hear it’s been 365 days. Victor says they’re celebrating, and pours maple syrup over everyone’s breakfast. Madison hammers away at something, and Alicia brings her some food. She tells Madison that they’re leaving in twenty minutes.

The girl talks to Nick about a story that sounds like Faust; a guy selling his soul to the devil. The turnip crop isn’t doing so great, and the girl, whose name is Charlie, asks about food running out. Nick says they’re almost growing enough not to need scavenging.

Madison tells the others where she thinks Charlie is from, but it’s outside the range. Madison says they have to look for her family anyway.

The group gets ready to leave. Nick asks Luci to find Charlie a new book. If she’s reading Faust, hopefully Luci understands to bring back something at a higher reading level than My Little Pony. Luci says Nick should come, but he has a turnip situation. He asks her to make sure Madison comes back this time. Luci tells Madison that Nick has to come out at some point. Madison says he needs to feel safe right now, but he will. Nick finds out it’s weevils causing the crops to fail, and radios the car. They get out of range before he can finish the conversation.

Madison parks, and tells them eyes open, stay close, keep talking. Victor and Luci go through a building that’s been picked clean; even the lightbulbs are gone. Alicia and Madison find a mess and a burned-out car. Madison says it’s lucky Charlie got out alive. Victor realizes the place isn’t just void of survivors, but also the dead. It’s a ghost town without ghosts. (I said that, not him.) Madison sees half-eaten food, and tells Victor that they’ll be there in a minute.

Luci says Madison won’t stop until she looks under every rock. Victor says she wouldn’t stop until she found him. He still hasn’t asked why she helped him after what he did. Luci suggests he does.

Charlie messes with the radio, and Nick tells her it’s okay, they haven’t been gone that long. Charlie knows it’s not a regular run. Nick says if her family is out there, they’ll find them. He asks if she’ll help with the turnips. What is it with turnips? They grow them on The Walking Dead too. Considering my gardening skills lean more toward enthusiasm than actual talent, maybe I should try growing them.

Madison and Alicia look around, but there’s nothing. A woman comes up behind Madison with a gun, and asks for her keys. Madison tells her that she doesn’t have to do this, but the woman keeps a bead on her. Madison signals Victor on the radio. He says, sh*t! and takes off. Madison tells the woman about the settlement. She says they have strong walls, plenty of food, and good people. She says they took in a little girl named Charlie, and asks if the woman knows her, but she says she doesn’t have a kid, and tells Madison to stop. She takes the keys from Madison’s pouch, but runs up against Alicia, with Victor and Luci now behind her. The woman dashes past them. Madison follows.

The woman runs up some steps leading to an oil tank. Alicia asks her to put the gun down, and puts her own down. Alicia tells her to trust them; they’ll give her the car. The woman backs up, and falls into the tank. Lots of falling through roofs going around. It’s dark, and full of oily water. Zombies pop up everywhere. Madison tells Victor to get the hatch open, and jumps down. Victor and Alicia struggle to get it open, but finally do, and oil, water, and zombies flow out. They kill the zombies, and Alicia gets Madison out.

Luci finds a copy of The Little Prince. Well, it’s no Dostoevsky, but better than My Little Pony. Victor wonders why they’re bothering, and Madison says, no one is gone until they’re gone. The woman introduces herself as Naomie. She says she’s sorry; she wasn’t going to hurt her. Madison asks if she has any idea who let the zombies into the tank, but she just got there. Madison asks where she’s from, and Naomie says it’s been a long time since she’s been from anywhere. We hear zombie noises, and Luci says they should leave – now.

Nick burns the turnip crop. A zombie sticks its dead fingers through the fence. Suddenly, music is playing, then fades. Nick wonders if it’s a signal, and he and the others wait to hear it again. There’s just silence, and Nick asks Charlie to open the gate. He gets in a car, takes a deep breath, and rolls out.

Nick remembers being behind a fence, and blowing up the reservoir. Zombies grapple at the car, and Nick runs into something, hitting his head on the dashboard. A sniper from the settlement shoots at the zombies, and radios him to get back. He gets out, and starts walking toward the gate. A zombie starts to come up on him from behind, and in perfect timing, Madison returns and creams it with her car. Luci asks what happened, and Nick says he was out for a stroll. She tells him get in.

Madison wants to talk to Charlie. Charlie says it’s okay; she knows Madison didn’t find them. Madison  tells Charlie that she has to ask another question; not an easy one. What happened at the camp? Who did that? Charlie says nothing, and Madison says they’ll talk later.

Nick gets his wounds dressed by Naomie, who was a nurse, at the ER, then the ICU. Madison doesn’t think it was a surprise to Charlie that they didn’t find her family. Nick leaves, and Naomie says Madison didn’t tell her it was a baseball stadium. Madison says Naomie didn’t believe she had a camp. Naomie asks how many, and Madison says forty-seven; forty-eight if she decides to stay. Naomie says she pulled a gun, but Madison says they’ve all done worse. She thought she’d lost her kids, but found them and found this place. They built it up together. They are who they are because of it. Naomie says they don’t know her. Madison says she doesn’t know them. They’re both taking a chance. She suggests Naomie take a shower, and Naomie is astounded they have one – with hot water.

Victor pushes the car Nick was driving, while another guy steers. Luci radios them to get inside now; ditch the car. They look behind them, where there’s a convoy of large vehicles driving in. They run in, and lock the gate. This doesn’t look good.

A dude rides around on a bicycle, music coming from the boombox on the handlebars. Another guy opens a boxcar, and takes out a ramp. Biking dude leads the zombies up the ramp, and goes out the other side, while the ramp guy locks the zombies in. He puts a flag up that says 12. (In last week’s episode, Al found a flag that said 51, and said she’d seen a lot of those.) A third guy gets out a lawn chair, sits in it, and cracks a beer. Everyone watches. Okay, they have me. I have no clue what’s going on, but obviously these numbers mean something.

Madison walks over to guy sitting down, and asks what he’s doing. He says, having a drink. She asks if there’s a problem, and he says, we’re good, and asks if she wants a drink. She says they have people inside with guns, and he says, that’s a helluva welcome. She tells him that she saw the camp, and the tanks. He asks if she thinks they did that, and she says she saw their flag. He tells her that they had to clean up the mess. The people never thought of what would happen if the bleeder valve got jammed. He warned them, but they didn’t listen. Madison asks what he wants. He wants them to listen. They have a mess of their own. He knows they had a bad batch of turnips, and says to tell Nick to check the other crops; weevils are a bitch to get rid of. Madison asks how he knows Nick’s name. He calls out for Chito, and Charlie walks over.

He tells Charlie, sorry he’s late, but he got her some new records. She smiles, and he tells her to get in the bus. He tells Madison that she’s a good kid. They found her a while back; she has a knack for finding good stuff, and they hit the jackpot here. Madison says they’re not taking anything. He tells her people often say that. They don’t take anything from anyone; not anyone alive anyway. He knows they’re good people, and how many guns they have. He says there’s a natural cycle to a place like this, and they’re due for something to go wrong. They can either give them their stuff and live, or join them. Become one of them, or they wait for them to die, trying to make things work. Either way, he ends up with what he wants. It’s not a threat; it’s the way it goes. He tells Madison that his name is Mel, and holds out his hand. She doesn’t reciprocate, and says they’re not going anywhere. Mel says he’s heard that too. She says they’ve been like them, moving from place to place, and they’re not going back to that life; they’ve found a better way. Mel says they just haven’t been tested yet, but they’re about to be. If she changes her mind, they’ll be waiting. I’m wondering where the women are in this merry band.

Nick toils in the fields. Mel and his friends play more music, country this time. The weevils still rule the turnips. Madison continues to hammer. The others put down their guns, and join her. Takeaway point: Country music makes people do carpentry.

Luci goes out to the bus. Charlie watches from the window as she leaves the book outside. Luci goes back, and joins in on the hammering. Nick remembers working on Jeremiah’s house.


Morgan and John are on their knees, with Madison and her group around them. Morgan says, we’re not who you think we are. Nick rifles through Morgan’s knapsack, and Morgan tells him to help himself. Luci says they must be with them, and holds up the numbered flag. Al asks, who? Victor says, the Vultures. Al has no idea what he’s talking about, and says, if you a-holes would put your guns down, we can help each other. Madison asks who put the flag up, and Al asks what is it to them? Alicia tells Al that she’s going to answer their questions. Al says they found it, and Alicia says show them where.

They get into Al’s truck, and move out.

Next time, Morgan and Nick tussle, Alicia fights zombies, and Morgan says it’s not going to work out how they think. And in case you didn’t know, Naomie is being played by Jenna Elfman.

😸 Ha-Ha!

On Talking Dead, when they say goodbye to those we’ve lost this week, they included Nick’s crop, calling them tur-nopes.

🍸 I barely glanced at The Real Housewives of Potomac, but I did see Robyn trying to have some serious words with Ashley about respect. Ashley was wearing a hat – a fascinator no less – the size of Potomac, and I wondered how Robyn could even keep a straight face, much less discuss anything important. This was during a garden party Gizelle had for a book she was writing (via ghostwriter) about pastor’s wives in the Black church, who are called First Ladies. It’s fiction, but loosely based on her own experiences. I’d definitely read that.

🏯 I was watching a mini-marathon of Abandoned episodes on Viceland this morning (I love that show!), and it led to my leaving the TV on when the original 1980 film of The Shining followed. I’ve never thought it was as good as the book, and thought Jack Nicholson seemed crazy from the jump. I would never let him babysit my hotel over the winter. And Shelley Duvall… well, she was Shelley Duvall. The remake (1997) had more of a sporting chance, since it was a mini-series and had more hours to tell the story. Sadly, although I finally got the topiary animals I wanted to see (Stanley Kubrick couldn’t get them to look right on film in the original, so they were scrapped for the maze), it was somewhat tepid, and lacked the intensity of the original Danny (Danny Lloyd) and Dick Halloran (Scatman Crothers). Which brings me to my point. It was pretty much background noise until Scatman was on the screen. While I love looking at the hotel – sometimes the setting can be one of the stars of the film for me – my favorite scene is when Dick connects telepathically with Danny in the pantry, then explains the shining to him. They just seem so real. That it still captivates me after all these years is a testament to their acting skills. SPOILER – if you’re the one person who hasn’t seen this film. That’s what made it even worse that they killed him off, totally changing the end of the story, where he saves the day. I heard there was supposed to be a third time, again for the big screen. Whether that’s the charm or not, remains to be seen.

🎷🚬 The second episode of Southern Charm New Orleans was on tonight. While Charleston is your upscale country cousin, NOLA is your sultry, mysterious maiden aunt, who never ages, but has a portrait upstairs.

🔌 I saw a commercial for Amazon Echo, and it was a father telling Alexa to announce “ready or not” to his kids during a game of hide-and-seek. How lazy can you get????  Unplug now. Save yourself.

🔮 Danny Learns About His Gift…

🌎 Happy Earth Day! 🌍

April 8, 2018 – The Battle of Negan & Simon, a Little Atlanta, a Dash of Potomac & Bye-Bye Weekend


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

Rick reads Carl’s letter and gazes out the window. Carl talks about his eighth birthday, and other things he remembers from how it used to be. Tears rolls down Rick’s cheeks. It’s not just the stuff that happened, but how Carl felt, special and safe. He thought growing up would mean a family and a job, but it means keeping those you love safe. He wants Rick to feel safe, like he did when Rick held his hand on walks. He doesn’t think the Saviors will surrender, but there’s regular people in there. They’re close to starting over, and have friends now – there have to be more places and people; a chance to make changes and have a real life. If they won’t end it, he has to. He has to find peace and move forward; not forget, but make it so it won’t happen again. Show them they can be safe again without killing, and maybe one day they’ll have birthdays, schools, jobs, and pizza on Friday night, like they used to. Carl tells Rick to take Judith on walks like they had, because she’ll remember. He tells Rick that he loves him. Rick sees Michonne walking hand-in-hand with Judith.

Michonne lies on the bed, pondering. She checks the nightstand. There’s a letter for Negan in the drawer. I’m hoping somehow, Rick and Negan can work together as frenemies. Not just because I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan is nearly everything on this show, but there’s a tremendous amount of story potential there. Please, Walking Dead, don’t blow another opportunity.

Gregory tells Simon that he came back to make amends. Simon is pissed because Gregory made him look like an ass. Gregory says his intel wasn’t current. Juice and momentum can give you a chance in the game. He had it, and did it. Maggie had Hilltop by the nut, and he didn’t know it. He wants to make it right with Negan. Simon tells him that he’s Negan, and not in the collective sense, but he’s assumed control. Negan no longer in the field of play. Gregory calls Simon, the man, and says he knew he could do it. Negan had a big personality, but was too unconventional. Simon is a leader. Simon tells Gregory that’s why he can’t be seen going easy on him. He has the juice and momentum, and wants to keep it. Ergo, Gregory goes. Gregory says the stupid troglodytes at the Sanctuary can’t advise him in community affairs and politics. Simon tells him, it’s ended. Gregory says he’s achieved, survived, and suffered too much. He’s been reborn as a certified sh*t-kicker. It’s not going to end with him wandering into the wilderness with his d*ck in his hand. Gregory says, he is the juice. Simon throws him to the ground. He says he wasn’t going to send Gregory away; he was going to kill him. He asks if Gregory can make coffee, and Gregory says, the best in the land. Simon tells him they’ll start with coffee, and see where it goes. Is this a date?

The Oceanside people go through the woods. Still trying to convince them to fight, Aaron is there, and is so dehydrated and weak, he can barely fight off a zombie. Cyndie says they made their choice. If wants to die in the woods, that’s his.

Eugene shows the Savior ladies the dish he’s made – mac and cheese with sardines – a staple from his college days. It’s a lasting energy source. He eats some, and says it takes him back. It’s all that’s on the menu until the order is complete. He reminds everyone that their lives are on lock. Negan is MIA, and Simon has taken over. They need to be lickety-quick, but he thinks the best they can hope for, is to squeeze out the bare minimum needed to stop Simon from finding out how short they are. Gabriel coughs up a lung, and Eugene tells him to keep his mask on. He either has influenza or cocca-something. Either way, it’s airborne or he would be dead.

He brings a bullet over to Gabriel, and asks him to feel it. Morgan says the imperfection was intentional. He wanted to make it so didn’t work. He doesn’t want anyone to die. Eugene asks if he wants to die, and Gabriel says he doesn’t want to hep him, but does fear death. He thinks maybe it’s God’s way of showing he’s still the same person who locked his parishioners out. He’s still the same scared animal, doing what he can to survive. Eugene tells him to find an unobtrusive corner; he’s off the line. He tells Gabriel to try not to cry too loud. He’s going outside to test rounds not compromised by Gabriel’s chicanery.

Eugene goes outside, and is ambushed by Daryl and Rosita. They spirit him away.

Dwight goes out for a smoke, and hears Negan’s whistle. Negan asks him if he’s surprised. He shouldn’t be. Dwight says they found his car, and Simon thought – Negan cuts him off, telling him it was a real punch in the d*ck (his second favorite word). Rick cornered him with those decomposed a-holes, and Dwight and Simon never showed. He knows what they were thinking, and wants to know if Dwight remembers who he is. He tells Dwight the conversation is just between them. Dwight says, Simon is his number two, and he thought Negan would want him to go by Simon’s call. Dwight says, he’s Negan. Negan says, good; that’s what he likes to hear. He tells Dwight that when time comes, and it will, to remember this talk. Remember what they’ve done, and can still do together. Dwight looks relieved.

In the boardroom, Simon tells Negan that he thought Negan had been killed, and he was gone. Negan polishes Lucille. Simon admits he lacks discipline, and made it personal. That’s why he moved it from infection to extermination at Hilltop. Things went bad, but he owns it, and asks for a pass. He’ll make it up to Negan; he promises. Negan smiles, and ask if Simon remembers when he took this place; when Simon helped him? He wasn’t sure he wanted to keep Simon on board before he had a system in place. Simon had killed all those people in a settlement long ago. People think that’s psychotic sh*t from a demented, broken ghoul. That’s someone you don’t want to work with, let alone stand next to. He figured he’d figure keep an eye on Simon, and everything seemed to work out until this point. He tells Simon he needs him on his knees. Simon gets ready for a bat in the head, but Negan says, all is forgiven. Get his ass up; they’re good. Simon tells Negan that he won’t let him down. Negan says he appreciates the hell out of that.

Negan has a board meeting, and a Savior takes out a map. Negan points, saying this is where they start. They don’t have to take Hilltop, but they’re going to make sure the farmers can’t leave. If they poke their heads out, the Saviors will clip their asses. They’re going to have teams 24/7, sniping them one by one, until they have full contrition. Simon is happy to have Negan back, and Negan says it’s good to be back. Negan tells them clear out, except for Dwight. He wants to kick around some things. I’m sure Dwight thinks one of those things is his head.

Negan tells Dwight he’s smart as hell. No matter what, he didn’t stew or do anything stupid. He just went about the business of getting his. Nothing shook him. He kept his eyes on what could keep him alive and well. He tells Dwight to keep on keeping that sh*t clear. Dwight nods, and Negan smiles.

Eugene suspects he’s alive because they have a nostalgia for comradery, but he’ll give them space until they’re ready to break the ice. Daryl pulls out a large knife, telling Eugene to shut his mouth or he’ll cut Eugene’s tongue out. Rosita tells Daryl to keep on moving; they’re going to be looking for him. Eugene thanks her, and she tells him to shut up. He tells her that she’s the one who told him making bullets would save lives. He thought the crack of a bat would be the last thing he’d hear, and then thought Negan would torture him, but he didn’t. He gave Eugene a chance to live. Rosita says everyone who has died since then is on him. He says Rick pushed to take the Savior’s home. Rosita pulls out her gun, calling him a selfish coward and a traitor. He turned his back on the friends he had, and didn’t give a rat’s ass about them. They’re going to stick him in the darkest hole, and the only time he’ll come out is when need him to teach them something. He’ll get his wish and live, but they’ll be forcing him to do something useful with his pathetic life.

Dwight writes things on the map. There’s a knock at the door, and he hides everything. It’s Simon, who says, it went well. The status quo has been re-achieved. He asks why Dwight was held back, and Dwight says, for a pep talk. Simon tells him they need to have a serious talk with others who are less than thrilled with the current management. It saddens him, but the time has come to gather like-minded individuals to gather strength, and do what need to do. He tells Dwight to think about what Negan has done to him. Everything he’s extracted; every indignity. He knows what he has to do. They’re meeting in the courtyard after rounds, and going to begin what’s next. Dwight says, all right, and Simon grabs his shoulders, and says, yes, my boy. Well, if it was a tossup I don’t think I’d pick Simon.

Daryl shoots some zombies with arrows.  While the zombies are being a distraction, Eugene sticks his fingers down his throat, and makes himself throw up on Rosita. Considering what he ate, that’s pretty disgusting, but she barely flinches. He takes off, and she shoots at him, but he gets through a hole in a fence. She and Daryl follow. Rosita says they can’t let him get back, and suggests they blow his head off. As soon as they pass, Eugene comes out from under a pile of ashes and mess.

Aaron is sleeping in the woods. It starts to rain, and he gets some water from a can nearby. He hears zombie sounds, and takes out his knife. It’s a mean-looking one, and he pikes it in the head. If we were in a 42nd Street movie theatre, I’d yell, look out behind you! Another zombie grabs him, and they fall together. Aaron loses the knife, and the zombie grabs at his legs. He manages to kick its brain out of its head, but here comes another one. The knife is lost, but he grabs a pokey stick, and skewers it. Yet one more comes, knocking him down, and it’s inches from his face only separated from him by the stick. He gets the upper hand, and beats the non-living crap out of it with the stick. He lies there, rain pouring down, surrounded by the now dead undead.

Someone asks if he’s dead. It’s the Oceansiders. He says they left him. It’s what the Saviors turned them into. They lie, they don’t trust, and don’t live the way they want because of the Saviors. The Saviors hurt them, and will keep on hurting them, unless they do one thing – fight. They just look at him vacantly, and I’m thinking this group seriously lacks personality. Give them a personality or get rid of them.

Commercial break. Red Machete is still not happening for me.

Dwight waits in the courtyard. The others come out, Gregory among them. Simon tells them that if they’re here right now, they’re in. They can talk about approaches and finesses, but they’re in; no take backs. They need to make it quick, quiet, and respectful. Negan has done a lot for them, and deserves it. He says Dwight has legit personal issues with Negan, so the kill is his if he wants it. Something quiet – not a knife, that’s too personal. Maybe a silencer. Then they’ll set a break to start healing. The destruction of Hilltop and its people, and then get on with their lives. He says, right, Dwight?

We hear whistling, and I literally lol. Negan says he’ll take it from here. He says, three… two… one… There are gunshots, and the renegade Saviors drop, save for Gregory, Simon, and Dwight. Two Saviors come out for Simon. Simon lunges at Negan, who says there’s the Simon he knows. He’s coming at him, instead of doing that backstabbing bullsh*t. He asks, why? After everything he did for Simon. He killed the garbage people, when Negan specifically told him not to do that. He pounds on one of the dead Saviors with Lucille. He says after all this, him being him, he’s still going to give Simon his share. If you want to be the man, you got to beat the man. If he can do that, then hell, he should be the man.

Inside everyone gathers. Simon blathers about how they have to get to work when this is done, and how he didn’t want this, but the Sanctuary must stand. As he’s talking, he catches Negan off-guard with a punch. He gets his bearings, and they fight. I’m just a little worried, since Negan is wearing his leather jacket, which probably isn’t a good idea. Negan gives Simon a head-butt. Simon goes down, and Negan kicks him in the face. Gregory inches away. Dwight grabs him, and tells him to get out now. He gives Gregory a map, telling him to give it to Rick. It’s about tomorrow, and the only move they’ve got. He hands Gregory some car keys. Hopefully, he won’t just keep driving.

Negan straddles Simon, strangling him. Finally, he lies still. Negan gets up, and says, what an a-hole. I realize my mouth is open. The crowd was certainly quiet about it. I have to admit, I’ll be glad I won’t have to work around writing Simon says anymore.

Gregory is shoved into the pen at Hilltop. Maggie gives the map to Rick. End Negan, end the risk, is written on it, along with something about where they’ll be. Maggie asks what they’re going to do.

Negan tells Dwight that Simon was a d*ckless worm. What else could he do but crush his throat? But what was bad for Simon, is good for him. They’ve had their ups and downs, but he’s always been able to count on Dwight. He’d like Dwight to be his right-hand man, if he’ll accept the promotion. Dwight agrees. He wants to help Negan finish things with Rick. Negan tells him not to sell himself short. He already has.

Laura, who knew Dwight was a traitor, is in his room. Negan says he found her on the side of the road. She says in Alexandria, he killed their team. She ran and kept running. She wanted to expose him for the scum weasel he is. Negan says it makes sense. He told RIck when to attack, and how to get to the outpost. He’s been slipping workers guns, and maybe even lied about Shari. He thinks he’s some sort of hero, but he’s a nobody and way over his head. When he said Dwight comes through when he’s needed, he meant it. He knew he could count on him delivering the plan to Rick – the brilliant fake-ass plan. He used Gregory. Negan thought he’d take a field trip, but he got a delivery boy; good for him. All that intel will lead them directly into the line of fire. They won’t know what hit them, all thanks to his new right-hand man. He’d thought about killing him, but that was too dignified for a backstabbing, double-crossing dirtbag. Negan says he has plans for Dwight, and laughs.

Looking all angry and rumpled, Eugene tells the workers that they have to prepare to protect the Sanctuary. Negan is back, and they’re going to finish Hilltop. A messenger tells him Negan needs the bullet order by tomorrow. He says to give Negan his personal congratulations on his return. His request will be filled in its entirety, and on time. If he needs bullets, he’s going to get them. All of them. They’re going to rise to the occasion, and will change Savior history forever. He tells Gabriel, all hands on deck. He’s going to be sorting shells. Follow his lead, or cry and die. He says, here we go. He quotes Rosita, saying, time to do something useful with their pathetic lives.

Yay! Simon is a zombie chained to the fence. He’s a good one too; a snapping maniac. Negan is on the deck, and Michonne radios him from a rooftop nearby. He asks if Rick is with her, and to put him on. She says this isn’t about Rick; it’s about Carl. Carl wrote him a letter, and she’s delivering it because that’s what he wanted. Negan says he can’t promise not to kill the messenger, and she tells him, shut up and listen. She reads.

Carl tells Negan that he was helping someone, and got bit. Now he’s gone. Negan might be gone, but he doesn’t think so. He wonders if Negan is working on a way out. Maybe got out. Maybe he thinks it’s a lost cause, and wants to kill them all. He wishes he could have asked if Negan feels that he has to be who he is. If this is what he wanted or wished he could have. The way out is forgiveness. There doesn’t have to be a fight. He hopes his dad offers peace, and he takes it. He hopes things can change. It did for him. He can still start over. Negan listens to every word so thoughtfully, I want to cry.

Negan says, there is no getting out of it now. He wouldn’t accept surrender if they were on their knees. Winning isn’t about beating them, but killing every last one of them. That is starting over. He never wanted this. Rick made it happen. Tell him that. No more talk. He throws the radio down and stomps on it, along with my storyline dreams.

Next week – both the finale of The Walking Dead (at 9 pm), and the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead (at 10 pm). Morgan tells Rick to finish it, the Saviors attack, and Dwight is sent to Jaundice Jadis. I can’t wait to see Fear, since they’re setting up camp in an amusement park. Abandoned amusement parks are creepy all on their own. Add zombies, and you can’t lose.

🍹 A Quick Wives Note…

🍑 The Real Housewives of Atlanta know how to pour on the glam. It was part one of their reunion, and Porsha went full-on princess with a tiara, mammoth jeweled earrings, and a blue velvet gown. Although she claimed to be a goddess because she’s grown. The earrings were all huge, sparkly, and fabulous. Only Kandi was slightly lower key with the accessories, but made up for it with the bling on her gown. NeNe was in red lace and fringe. Kenya was in a frilly yellow explosion. She confirmed her pregnancy, but she never did actually say, I’m pregnant, which made me wonder if the bun is in someone else’s oven. Cynthia had the most glamorous, Rapunzel-like side ponytail ever, and was wearing a red gown fit for a quinceañera. Marlo joined them swathed in lavender cotton candy. Only Sheree was a bit of a disappointment. Her gigantic emerald earrings passed, but she was covered all the way to her chin in a gown of silken material that did not look good on film. She said it was Gucci. Was it his nun period? I wondered if her new felon man doesn’t want her showing any skin. A viewer even pointed out that she seemed unusually covered up this season.

🏰 The Real Housewives of Potomac has mostly centered around Karen’s tax issues, since apparently her husband owes the government. They moved out of the neighborhood, although her idea of downsizing isn’t like the average person’s idea. I guess now they only have 6000 square feet and one pool. What blew my mind though, were the rest of them demanding answers from her like it was their right to know. I’m not a huge fan of Karen’s, but they were like a pack of vultures.









April 1, 2018 – Everyone is Looking for Something, Wrong Lane Legend, Some Ramble & My Neighbor’s Brother


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


The Walking Dead

At the trash heap, Tardis Jadis hears shooting, and covers Negan with a bunch of material. She plays dead, and several people run past. A guy stops and spits on her. Lucky for her, he keeps moving. When it’s over, she removes her boots and coat, and is in the nightgown she wore when she killed the other Heapsters.

Wearing normal clothing – a plaid flannel shirt and jeans – Jadis retreats to a long, narrow bedroom that’s in amazingly pristine condition, and even has a skylight.  She picks up a now clean Lucille, and checks her watch. She goes to the container. She goes to the container. Negan says, what the sh*t?  He’s tied up, and she pulls him out on a dolly.

Carol chops wood. Ezekiel wants to look for Henry, but she says Maggie needs her. He tells her that she’s choosing not to leave; why? Does she believe Henry is already dead? She told him to pretend until it’s so, yet she can’t. He thought she was the bravest person he’d met, but no. She’s being stopped by cowardice.

Tara tells Daryl it’s been over a day, and she’s still not sick. He says she got lucky. She says Dwight shot her with clean arrow. Everyone else who got hit, got sick. It can’t be an accident. Daryl asks if Dwight gets a pass. Tara reminds Daryl about telling her that they might need Dwight. If she’d killed him, now she’d be dead. She thinks it’s personal with Daryl, and he’s not looking at the whole picture.

Michonne asks Rick if he wants to read it. He gets his coat, and says they need food. She asks what he wrote to Rick. Rick doesn’t know; he can’t. Michonne says he has too. Someone stopped her, and now she’s stopping him. Carl wrote it because he wanted Rick to read it. It was one of his last wishes. She tells Rick that he’s staying. She takes his coat and bag, and leaves the room. Rick looks like he has a headache, and takes out the letter.

Morgan sees Carol, and she asks if he’s looking for him for the Saviors. She says he doesn’t have to, but he says he does. He was supposed to do it before. Carol says fine, but she’s coming with him.

In Maggie’s office, Rosita says if the Saviors come back, they can’t defend a sizeable attack. Daryl thinks hand-to-hand combat is the way to go. Maggie asks if he thinks they’re running out of ammo, but Rosita says they have their bullet-maker; they’ll never run out, but she knows where to find him.

Negan tells Jaundice Jadis that whatever happened, he can smell it. He told her that he thinks people are a resource; he doesn’t throw that away. He’s confident that most people can be put on the right path; his own path. He wouldn’t have done this. It’s the work of someone not following the program, but it’s his mistake; he’ll own this. He took a chance, and thought he was doing the right thing, and punched himself in the d*ck. He’s sorry. He really is sorry. Jadis says she lost all she had. He tells her that he can help get it back. She brings Lucille down about an inch from his face.

Carol tells Morgan it makes sense that they stayed near the road. She finds a partially eaten turnip, and says, they were here. Morgan sees something and runs, calling Henry’s name. Carol follows. Morgan sees Henry, who turns around. He looks like death, and says, you know where it is; you were supposed to. Morgan says he’s not there, and tells Henry he’s not there. He tells Carol that Henry is dead. Carol says she didn’t come to look for Henry, but keep an eye on Morgan. She saves people, but she can’t save the dead. Morgan says he’s not dead. He doesn’t die; he just sees them – again and again. Even when he looks away, he still sees them. They continue to walk, Morgan in the lead. He sees a zombie whose head was cracked open with a rock. He says they came through here. Maybe it was a shortcut.

Rick watches Judith play. A single tear rolls down his face. He goes out with his gun, and asks Alden where they went. Alden says his best and only guess is the Sanctuary. He says they talked about getting out, but he hadn’t given their plans too much credit. Rick asks how he would do it, and Alden tells him about an old dive bar Negan talked about turning into an outpost. He asks Rick to do him a favor, and if Rick finds them, not to kill more than he has to. He says it went bad last night. They made a wrong choice, but it probably hasn’t hit some of them yet. He says Rick could bring them back and show them. Rick says he could.

Jadis’s watch beeps. She tosses Lucille, and walks off. Negan says, let’s talk about this. He had nothing to do with it. He moves himself along on the dolly with his feet. Jadis slides out a luggage cart with a zombie attached to it. It’s super weird, like the zombie is part of the cart. Negan says if she really wanted to harm him, she wouldn’t have left him near a bag full of guns, along with pictures of her nearest and dearest. She looks out, and he has a gun in one hand, and a lit flare in the other. Nearby are several photos. He suggests they have a chat.

Down the road, Carol and Morgan see a herd of zombies crossing. Carol thinks they should wait, and let it pass. Morgan says they could lose the trail, but Carol is afraid of losing more than that. A zombie stumbles toward them, and Morgan pikes it in the head. He starts to walk down the road, and Carol says maybe they can find them by another road. Morgan says he knows what they’ll find. She says he won’t know unless they keep going, and she won’t know unless she tries. He can try too. Morgan says he can’t. She saves people; he watches them die. He’s supposed to. Carol says he found her. He saved her. He knew she could come back, and he can too. He says it wasn’t him. He’s not strong like her. He was there watching them, knowing something would happen, and then it did. He has to kill him. He walks off. Carol calls to him, and then walks in the opposite direction.

Gimcrack Jadis tells Negan to leave the pictures alone. He says he figured they meant something to her. Considering the way things are, she can’t just pop around corner and order friends. He’s asking her one more time, what the sh*t is this? Is this how she kills people? Jadis mimics him, saying people are a resource. She asks him to put the flare away. It’s all she has left. He took her world; her everything. He tells her that his wife’s name was Lucille. She got him through. He didn’t give her sh*t, and she got him through regular life. The bat got him through this. He named the bat after her. It’s the last piece of what he has of her life, like Jadis’s photos. Jadis says, yes, and her watch beeps. She pushes the cart toward him, jumping around it. She knocks the gun out of one hand, and tries to grab the flare, but it falls into a puddle. A helicopter comes by, and she runs inside. Negan says, what the sh*t? for the fifteenth time. Jadis runs back out with a lit flare, but it’s too late. She walks over to where Lucille is, amid a pile of kindling, and is about to light it on fire. Negan says he didn’t burn her pictures. What will she have after she burns Lucille? Just a pile of ashes. She says she gets to hurt him, and he says he didn’t do it, but he can settle it. She puts the flare down, and cries.

Rick runs through the woods. He and Morgan see each other. Morgan is about to whack Rick with his staff, and Rick says Morgan knows him. Morgan says he’s not right, and Rick says out here for them and they’ll finish it. He and Morgan go out to the road, and see a car with fresh body parts next to it. The screen goes to black, and we hear shots.

In the dive bar, the Saviors are talking about two guys who are lying there. Jared wants to get rid of them, saying they don’t look too good. Another Savior says maybe that’s because they hacked part of them off. I guess these are the guys who belong to the body parts. Jared says, even if they make it, who’s waiting? They need to make their own way. If they deliver Rick to Negan, they’ll win big and be recognized. He asks if Rick is ready to walk. They’re ditching the dead weight and moving on. Jared is about to kill the two wounded men, and one Savior says they can get them to the doctor at Hilltop. Rick suggests they come back with him. He says they chose wrong, but it’s not too late. Cut them free, cooperate, make a fresh start, and become part of a community. He’s giving his word. There’s not a lot worth much anymore, but a man’s word means something. Jared looks skeptical. He asks if Rick thinks they’re dumb enough to believe him. He asks Jared to hear him out. They don’t have much time. They’re headed this way. They need to make a choice now.

The Saviors start to get nervous, and Jared says, there’s no herd, and there’s no deal at Hilltop. Rick didn’t come to save them. He came for blood. He says, this one here, indicating Morgan, strangled one of his own men with his bare hands. Jared accuses Rick of saying bullsh*t. Morgan says he came here to do what he was supposed to; kill every last one of them. Jared holds a gun to Morgan’s head. Morgan smiles, and tells him to save his bullets. He’s going to need them. The herd is coming, and after, when he’s just torn skin, loose teeth, and blood – stuff the zombies didn’t eat – it will be a damn shame, because there will be none of them left to kill. Now tell us how you really feel, Morgan. Jared tells the Saviors, let’s dump and bounce. Morgan says it never changes. He doesn’t die. No one does. Everybody turns. Jared is about to shoot Morgan, when another Savior stops him.

They hear the herd. Zombies begin to flow in. Jared is like, WTF?! and shoots at them. Rick yells for someone to cut them loose. Someone knocks Jared down, but it backfires, and they get eaten. Jared takes off. Morgan and Rick get loose, and get their weapons. Rick shoots, and Morgan uses his big stick. There are several Saviors helping them dispatch the zombies, and they kill them too. I’m like, he-e-ey. Rick throws the last one to a zombie. Wow. He’s harsh. Morgan looks around in the rooms behind the bar. He sees Henry by the pool table. But not for long. Jared pops out, and attacks Morgan with some pointy thing that looks pretty dangerous. He almost stabs Morgan in the throat, but Morgan throws him off and out, closing a metal gate that separates the rooms. It’s a kind of chain link, so Morgan watches Jared trying to grab through the openings. Jared screams as zombies tear his flesh from him. Morgan shows no emotion.

A dying Savior tells Rick this isn’t what he said, and Rick says, he lied. He shoots the guy in the head. Hmm… I don’t know how I feel about this. Morgan says, everybody turns, and walks out. Rick says Morgan saved him; he would have died. Maybe on the street in front of Morgan’s house. Morgan didn’t know him; why did he do it? Morgan says they should go. Rick says, just tell him. He had his son then. Morgan says, because his son was there. I forgot all about that.

Negan has Lucille back. Anthrax Jadis looks at the pictures. Negan asks what happened there; what was that was all about? He tells her to come with him and he’ll follow a new path. She’s not interested, but he says, the offer stands. Maybe he’ll swing by again. Who knows? Maybe she’ll want to share. He leaves, and I’m disappointed she didn’t go with him. And it seems Negan is better at keeping his word than Rick is.

Carol annihilates some zombies, after seeing Henry is trapped in a tangle of roots along a swamp. She pulls him out, and he says he’s sorry. She hugs him, and he cries. She says she was wrong; he can survive.

The wall guards at Alexandria bang on the sheet metal, and hoot and holler. Jerry runs to get Ezekiel. Carol and Henry walk in. Henry runs to Ezekiel. Carol nods, and keeps walking. Henry and Ezekiel hug. Nice welcome, but way to draw a crowd of zombies.

Carol tells Ezekiel that he was right, she was afraid. He says, but she’s no coward. Carol says she had a daughter. After she lost her, Carol was nothing. The people she was with saw a better version of her, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t find herself down at times.

A wind blows through Alexandria. Morgan and Rick come in. Morgan touches Henry, making sure he’s real. He tells Henry that he killed the man who killed his brother. He smiles, And Henry says he’s sorry, putting his hand on Morgan’s shoulder. Morgan tells him, don’t ever be sorry. Rick walks past everyone, and goes inside. Michonne sees Morgan crying.

Matrix Jadis brings her rolling suitcase to the bedroom. This must be her safe space. Her clean place too. She lies down on the bed.

Negan drives. He pulls over, and opens the passenger door. He says, if sh*t could sh*t, it wouldn’t look as sh*tty as you. Get in. I think this is probably his record number of sh*ts in one episode. Definitely in one sentence.

He drives to the Sanctuary. The guard says he knew Negan was alive. Negan says, hell yes, but not a word. Daddy is home, but it’s going to be a surprise. Hell, he has all sorts to roll out. We hear zombie noises from the car. See? He’s fun. He brings some life to this show. I know that sounds oxymoronish, but it needs some fun.

Daryl and Rosita watch Eugene through binoculars. They make a plan to take him out.

Rick changes into a comfortable t-shirt, and takes out the letter from Carl. Michonne comes in, and he thanks. Her he says he’s sorry, and she tells him that he doesn’t have to be. He says he loves her. She loves him too. They kiss. She leaves the room. He sits on the bed and reads. He cries a little.

Next time, Negan surprises Dwight, Simon wants to gather the like-minded, and the Saviors plan to take the Hilltop.

✝ My Late Slip

Tonight, I hate Walking Dead even more than usual, since they screwed up my entire evening by being on at all. Bravo decided to show new episodes as well, but not for any Wives who are important to me, so I’ll catch up with Atlanta and Potomac later. So how did they screw up my night, do you ask? (Or maybe not.) I’m going to be up half the night watching the late rerun, since I wanted to see Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert. I mostly wanted to see it because, Alice Cooper. Alice was my first real concert that my sister took me to. An hour in, I still mostly wanted to see it for the same reason. Did Chrissy Teigen fund this production? I have nothing against John Legend, but no. He looked like he was having difficulty getting through the score and moving around at the same time. I’m sure he moves around during his concerts, but this is a different kind of moving around. I don’t know if he wasn’t used to it or wasn’t up to it or what, but next to Brandon Victor Dixon (Judas), who knows his way around a Broadway stage, he was a total lightweight. Like vinyl, the concert format of this musical was touted as something new, but isn’t. That’s how the show was first presented. I saw the original on tour. Quite young at the time, I thought they were just really loose with their staging. Especially when Jesus came out and started slapping hands with everyone. At first, I thought he was an actor who showed up late.

It’s always annoyed me that the two most lackluster songs were given to Mary Magdalene. Although I did love her dress, an orange ombre maxi sheath number. The audience was apparently made up of 12-year-olds and/or Legend fans, since they cheered every time he actually made it through a difficult note. Thankfully, they did change some of he score to suit his vocal range. Except for one they forgot. He thought he’s sad and tired? He should have been me watching this. Every once in a while, they also changed a word or line, leaving me with a question mark over my head, because it did nothing to improve on the lyrics or make them more relevant. The lighting was also a problem, most likely looking abstract and cool from the audience, but it wasn’t made for television viewing. During Peter’s Denial, some dude was taking his pic with a cell phone, which also left me wondering. If they were modernizing this, why wasn’t the rest of it like that? Was that supposed to be ironic or something?

Alice gave me a thrill and a smile. Not bad for a seventy-year-old. Thank God (heh-heh) the audience obviously knew who he was. His costume rocked. If a suit could be called psychedelic, this one would be it, again in an orange pallet. (The color scheme in general was in the brown-yellow-orange family.) He also held a walking stick/scepter topped by a small skull. I’ve seen several different Herods – from an Ohio summer theatre Herod, who was downright frightening, taking the apple he was eating and smushing it into Jesus’s face, to the silly film version with my old NYC neighbor Toby’s brother, Josh Mostel (both, sons of the late, great Zero Mostel). Alice was enjoyable and milked it well. I also loved his harem of dancing girls. The choreography as a whole was good.

Oh yeah. Could We Start Again. The third Mary Magdalene song. There’s a reason this one wasn’t even on the soundtrack.

I always feel a little sorry for Pilate, who was really a little fish in a big, Roman political pond. Ben Daniels worked for me here. I love how he seemed like he got a migraine when Herod dropkicked Jesus back to him.

The biggest hit out of the show – the title song, Superstar – was spot-on, again Dixon knocking it out of the park, in the appropriate sparkly outfit, the backup dancing reminiscent of Janet Jackson in the 90s, with some obvious freestylin’ at the end. The crowd went wild.

John Legend is probably a really nice guy and a good singer, but this was out of his whatever. I don’t want to say league, because he’s just in a different one. Lane perhaps? This role was not for him, not at this time anyway. Legend, maybe; Superstar, no. He got lucky though, with a solid supporting cast, winning choreography, and interesting direction.

👠 The Real Housewives of Potomac has a new girl – Candiace. What is wrong with parents?

🎭 I also checked out Your Husband Is Cheating On Us. Multi-talented, JD Lawrence, brings his urban theater circuit play of the same title to NYC. Besides being let in on the rehearsal process, we follow the actors living in the same house. It’s a worth-watching show within a show, and definitely something different.

🏅 Quote of the Night

Rick and Morgan walk into a bar… there is no punchline… just death.Talking Dead

🎶 My Neighbor’s Brother


March 19, 2018 – Jim is Backed Into a Corner, SUR Invades Mexico, a Little Ramble, Tuesday & Ed Grimley


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Griff puts stickers on the charts, covering some information. He gives Brad the subjects’ DNA, and asks if he can put a rush on it. Brad doesn’t think he can.

Jim’s thug asks Jim what he’s supposed to do with Franco and Drew. Jim says keep them on ice for a while. He can’t risk being exposed. The mayor already has his number, but has as much to lose as they do.

Olivia-Q tells Ned that she’s considering running for the school board. She’s tired of hearing parents complaining about bussing in kids from the Charles Street district. She’s going to bitch slap the next one who says they can’t be accommodated. Ned tells her to go for it. She asks if he’s going to bail her out for the assault charges, and he’s like, what? She asks what has him so distracted. He says he’s the newly elected mayor, and asks if recovery from the earthquake isn’t enough. Sam and Elizabeth walk in. They need to ask him a few questions.

Franco looks at the door. Drew asks what he’s doing, and he says remembering he doesn’t know how to pick a lock. He’s sure Jason could open it with no problem. He’d stare at it, and after alternating waves of intensity and aloofness, the door would lose confidence. Ha-ha! I love Todd Franco.

At the MetroCourt bar, Jason gives Anna the PK Sinclair manuscript. She asks how he came by it, and he tells her it was in the fireplace when they tracked down Britt. She said it just showed up, and shook Faison. Jason guesses he tried to burn it. Anna is glad the publishing house has the rights to Faison’s nom de plume, especially if Henrik turns out to be the author.

Maxie stops by Peter’s office to thank him. She apologizes for the vasectomy story, and he says it certainly was creative. She was right about Nina being super sensitive and overprotective of her and the baby. She has good people who care about her. She says with Nina worrying for her, it leaves her time to think about other things. He’s hoping one of them is the Crimson budget; Nina will find a way to adjust with her help. She tells Peter that she’s going home, and he asks if she means she decided to go back to the apartment.

Sam and Elizabeth tell Ned about Drew and Franco being missing, and that the police won’t help them look because they’re dealing with the earthquake. Ned says they can’t expect him to ask the PCPD to divert their attention from the disaster relief. Sam says they need to contact Jim, and they know Jim is a friend of his. Ned snaps at them, saying that man is not his friend.

Jim’s thug hopes he’s right about Mayor Quartermaine being in his pocket. Jim thinks a little time in solitary will persuade Drew and Franco to keep their mouths shut. The thug asks what if it doesn’t, and Jim says then they eliminate them. The thug says, you mean…? Jim says, kill them. What else would he mean? He tells the thug not to look surprised; there are no other options. The thug says he signed up for making millions, not killing people. Jim tells him to wait for his signal. Hopefully, they won’t have to take drastic action, but they have to make sure Drew and Franco aren’t found. Jim doesn’t seem to be a very good criminal or businessman. I’m shocked he’s actually made any money. Or that he’s lived this long.

Franco tells Drew that he had a bad moment, but it’s not all his fault the plan went south. Drew takes responsibility for the plan’s failure, and suggests they get back to the time they trusted each other. Or was giving him the rabbit’s foot an empty gesture? Franco says, no, he meant it. Drew says what’s liberating about being trapped together, is that they have nowhere to go; they’re stuck. If Franco has anything to get off his chest, there’s no time like the present. Franco says he’s good. Drew says then he’ll focus on getting out, and suggests Franco do the same. Drew looks at his hand, and says, you’ve got to be kidding me. Franco asks if there’s somewhere he has to be, and Drew says his wedding ring is missing. If they stole it, he’s going to kill them all.

Anna tells Jason that at the time, she was too close to give an objective analysis to the manuscript. Faison is no longer a threat, so she’s going to go through it, page by page. Jason says Spinelli ran it through a program that can predict the ending, and he can send her the information. She declines, saying she needs to be sure she’s reading the author’s thoughts; his creation. With any luck, it will bring her to Henrik.

Maxie tells Peter that she knows it’s weird. She can’t stand to be in the apartment, but she’s fine in the hotel. He says it’s her grief, and it’s up to her how she chooses to deal with it. She says she’s not mourning the way Nathan died, but she’s mourning their life; the years they could have spent with the baby and Georgie. The office might be connected to his death, but had nothing to do with his life. The apartment is her life without Nathan; accepting reality, and letting go of the plans they had. She’s not sure she’s ready. She almost didn’t have Nina bring her back, but after she heard the test results, she was so relieved, she told herself she had to live on for their child, and asked Nina to take her home. Peter asks what she found, and she says mail piled up. Everything addressed to Nathan. His unfinished business waiting there, and he’s not coming home. Peter hugs her.

Griff says he knows it’s the type of thing Brad usually delegates, but it’s important. Brad tells him that he  hasn’t provided a third party authorization. Griff says Brad has a reputation of asking for forgiveness rather than permission, but Brad says that’s before he and Lucas decided on adoption. He tells Griff that the adoption will be closed, and finding his birth parents affected his family. Griff wasn’t aware Brad was adopted, and Brad says Lucas was too, but he would know that, having known Lucas for so long. Griff asks for a favor as an old friend of Brad’s husband. Brad says he likes this side of Griff better than the holier-than-thou side, when he wore his stethoscope around his collar, but he’s not comfortable getting mixed up in this thing. Griff tells him he’ll be running the test on the side of the angels, and Brad says, there’s the Father/Doctor Monroe we know and love. He asks why it’s so important.

Elizabeth tells Ned that Jim was his biggest supporter. Ned apologizes for snapping; he has a lot on his mind. Sam asks if there was a rift between him and Jim. Ned says, no. He supported measure A and Jim’s redevelopment, but after the earthquake, it was a sore subject. Sam says Jim’s not picking up the phone, and asks if Ned knows where he’s staying. Ned gives them the motel information, and they leave. Olivia says the way they’re working together, you’d never know they hate each other. Ned asks if she noticed they were playing good cop/bad cop. I didn’t, but Olivia did. She says Ned was crawling out of his skin, and asks what gives? He has something he needs to tell her.

Jason asks Anna what she’s hoping to find, and she says, clues. Jason thought Faison never left a trail, but she says Faison the author wasn’t as cautious as Faison the spy. He left clues in his books. If Henrik follows the formula, there might be a message intended to lead to Faison to his son. Jason says Spinelli didn’t find any leads, and Anna says he doesn’t know the author like she does. Jason says Henrik could be completely different. Since they’re working together, he’d like to know the real reason she’s so invested in finding Henrik.

Maxie says she’s sorry, and Peter tells her that she has nothing to apologize for. She promised herself that she wouldn’t break down again. He suggests helping her with the mail, but she says Nina already took it. Except for this piece. She takes an envelope out of her bag.

Ned explains Jim’s motives to Olivia. He didn’t care about redeveloping Charles Street; he wanted what was underneath it. Olivia says he talked a good game, but she knew there was something she didn’t like. Funny how everyone keeps saying this now. Ned tells her drilling for gas is risky, even when properly regulated. When he was confronted, he had zero remorse. His motivation is greed and self-preservation. Olivia says he has to be held accountable, and Ned says, so does he.

Sam knocks on Jim’s door, saying she saw his car outside. He opens the door to find her and Elizabeth. Elizabeth says they’re looking for Franco and Drew. Maybe he can point them in the right direction. He says he would if he could, but he hasn’t seen them. Sam tells him that they said they were going there. After he told Drew what Franco had done, Drew was going to confront Franco, but they haven’t heard from either of them since. Elizabeth says she and Sam thought maybe they came back there. Sam says after Franco threatened Jim, she’s afraid he did worse to Drew.

Drew and Franco can’t find the ring. Franco wonders if Drew put it in his pocket, but Drew says it never comes off; it’s a part of him. He gives Franco the rabbit’s foot, saying he doesn’t want to lose it. Franco says Jim told him that he’d been a bad boy, and his mom wouldn’t believe him. Nobody would ever believe him, because everyone knows he’s just a liar.

Anna tells Jason that she needs to debrief Henrik, as an alleged co-conspirator. Jason thinks there’s more to it, and she explains about the disease Faison had, saying Henrik needs to be told. Jason asks why that’s her job.

Maxie hands Peter the envelope, saying that Nathan opened a trust account for the baby. As soon as he found out she was pregnant, he started a college fund. He was practical, a planner and saver; one of them had to be. He would have been a great father, and now the baby is stuck with her. Peter says she’s a terrific mother already. She tells him that she had it easy with Georgie. As difficult as the separation has been, she has Spinelli and Ellie, and Ellie makes Spinelli look like a beatnik in comparison. She lives beyond her means, and is constantly screwing up. Peter reminds her how far she came in the company, and that she trained Nina. Maxie say that’s just her job, but he thinks it shows understanding and responsibility. Nina would do anything for her; he’s experienced her dragon glare. Maxie says when he puts it that way, she almost believes him.

Griff tells Brad that the patients are high profile and want discretion. Once the test results are on file and the records match up, he’ll get the third-party form. He needs them as soon as humanly possible. Brad will actually be helping a lot of people. Brad says okay, but he’s trusting Griff, addressing him as Father.

Sam tells Jim it’s important, and asks if Drew contacted him. She knows he needed answers as much as Franco wanted to hide them. Elizabeth insists he’d never hurt Drew. Jim says the last time he saw Franco was before the earthquake, and he hasn’t seen Drew since they were at the hospital. Sam wants to give him her number, and walks over to the desk. Jim whips the paper on the desk out from under her, saying it’s proprietary information, and rolls it up. He tells Elizabeth this must be troubling, talking to her in the doorway, which leaves Sam to look around. Elizabeth is worried, since they’re in a disaster area, but she had faith that Franco would never hurt Drew. Jim says the truth is that “Bobby” did what he did to Drew, and kept it buried inside a long time. If they’re both missing, she does have something to be concerned about.

Drew if Jim was talking about the top of the stairs when he called Franco a bad boy. Franco doesn’t know. He remembers seeing Jim at top of the stairs, and Drew at the bottom. Drew asks if he remembers pushing him, and Franco says no, but he doesn’t remember that he didn’t.

Anna tells Jason that she’s beyond grateful, and hopes they continue to work together. What she’s not telling him has nothing to do with the search. She says Robin told her that she trusts him the most to have her back, no questions asked. She hasn’t earned that from him yet, but she’s asking him to treat her like her daughter. She needs him to trust her. She has her reasons.

Maxie thanks Peter for talking, and says he should start charging her. He jokes that he’s docking her. She says going back feels impossible, and he says, until it isn’t. She wonders when she’ll know. He says she won’t be thinking about it, and the next thing she knows, she’ll be standing in doorway. She says she’ll trust him on that. She’s sorry he didn’t get chance to know Nathan. She thinks they would have liked each other. She leaves and forgets the envelope. By the time Peter realizes, she’s gone.

Olivia tells Ned not to think of blaming himself; it’s all on Jim. Ned says he let him drill, but Olivia says Ned let him start construction. Ned tells her that he approved the plan. She says he had no idea, but he says Jim sees it differently. He’d said that given the fact they were working closely, and he was advocating the redevelopment, no one will buy that he was completely in the dark. Olivia says he has no proof unless he has something on tape, but Ned says he doesn’t think the city can take it. Thanks to Sonny, they’re already synonymous with organized crime, and the last mayor stole the election. How is it going to look? The office will still be tainted. How is he going to accomplish anything if they think he was in bed with public enemy number one? Olivia asks what he’s going to do, and he says the only thing he can do.

Jim claims that Franco was in a rage and out of his mind. He could have done something and left town. Elizabeth says, not the Franco she knows. He says it’s difficult to hear the truth, but what reason would he have to lie to her? Sam gives him a paper with her number on it. He says sorry that he couldn’t be more help, and they leave. Outside, Elizabeth tells Sam that Jim knows more than he’s telling. Sam says she found proof, and holds up Drew’s ring. She found it on the floor. Drew was wearing it the last time she saw him, so he was in that room. Jim lied.

On the phone, Jim says too many people are catching on. Yeah, like the whole town. He says, they’re out of options. Take care of them.

Drew says if Franco pushed him or didn’t, they were just little kids. What they do know is Jim is lying, and whatever he’s hiding must be bad. Look where they are. Everything that happened in the past doesn’t matter. What does is getting out and getting answers. They’re going to get them together. He asks if that sounds okay, and Franco says it would be great. They hear the beep of a truck backing up.

Olivia ask if Ned is out of his mind, but he says there’s no other way. She says he’d better think of one. Mayor Ned Quartermaine doesn’t run away, abandoning the city and its people when they need him the most. He says she’s right. He needs to make sure Jim doesn’t get away with it. She says after that, he might want to stay mayor. Let this play out, and trust the people of Port Charles to know who he is, and that his intentions are pure. He wishes he had her faith. She knows how much he loves the city. He wants to make it better. He wants them to see the Port Charles that he knows; the potential he sees. He doesn’t see it happening on his watch, but Olivia says maybe he still can. They’re going to save the city, and she knows just how to do it.

Griff sees Brad leaving the hospital, and asks where he’s going. Brad says, home. His husband made dinner, which is risky at best. Griff thought he put a rush on the test, but Brad says Griff knows they’re not instantaneous. He’ll have it in the morning.

Jason trusts Anna. Whatever she can’t disclose, he knows she has her reasons. She thanks him for his discretion and the manuscript. He thinks it seems to be getting more personal, but he’s not asking why. He hopes whatever is in the manuscript helps her find what she’s looking for. Anna says she does too.

On the phone, Peter says they spoke a few months ago about a manuscript. He’s ready to publish it. He knows how the story ends. He looks at the envelope Maxie left.

Tomorrow, Jordan hopes to find what she’s looking for, Sam isn’t letting Jim out of her sight, and Curtis says he has him.

Vanderpump Rules

Have I mentioned how much I hate Jax?

Tom comes in early to work on cocktails. Lisa tells him to give her something she’s never tasted. They’re meeting with TomTom’s designer, Nick Alain today. Tom wants to prove himself, since annoyed Nick in the Vegas showroom. Lisa tells him not to make it more convoluted than it is already. In her interview, Lisa wants them to leave the designing and organizing to her.

Stassi meets Lala’s music producers, since she’s helping plan Lala’s showcase. Lala is leaving the fancy sh*t up to Stassi. They all check out the venue, the patio of The Phoenix restaurant, which has a satellite bar. Stassi wants it like a sexy, dark, mildly haunted house. She and Lala share a giant pretzel, and Lala asks how Stassi felt about girls’ night. Stassi says even though she’s tried to communicate with Ariana, it’s Ariana’s way or the highway. She says everyone gets shamed for calling someone else out, and then they end up apologizing. Lala calls her a gangster bitch.

Jax has an appointment with Kelsey, and asks Brittany to make herself scarce. He tells her that he’s asking nicely, saying these are the little things that will make the relationship better. In her interview, Brittany is not thrilled. Jax straightens up the apartment, so we know he’s looking at this as more than a reiki session. Kelsey arrives and has him center. In his interview, he says she breaks you down and rebuilds you. Whenever he sees her, he has the best day of his life. He calls her the Jax whisperer, and I gag. He tells her the trip is giving him anxiety. He’d love it to be one big happy trip to Mexico, but that’s not their group. He got a job offer in Tampa doing client relations, social media, and marketing for hockey. Kelsey tells him he’s almost ready to be released, but there’s a lot of emotional and mental stress. That will happen when you try to think without a brain. She gives him some stones to dissolve negative energy. Have I told you that I hate Jax? I hate those stones too.

Brittany asks how it went. Jax says it’s always amazing. Kelsey is helping him cope with his issues. Brittany asks what she’s doing that helps so much. He says she knows how to get through to him. He says blah-blah-blah you need patience with him. Kelsey calls him Jason, because he wants her to know the person he used to be. Brittany says he never asked her to call him Jason, and this is coming out of nowhere. He tells her about the position he was offered, and says it’s a dream job. They’re going to pay him to talk about hockey. In her interview, she says he’s acting like this has been a lifelong dream, but she’s never even heard about it before. He says he doesn’t see much holding him back, and there’s nothing there for him. He’s been living a Peter Pan lifestyle. Brittany says she’s been waiting for him to grow up too, and he whines that she can’t just say it’s nice. She says he knows he’s immature, and he tells her that he has to take care of himself first, and this is what he wants. She says they’ll figure it out when everything is confirmed.

Scheana manages to feed the cat, and gives Rob some fast food. She tells him girls’ night was fun. She thinks Brittany got her mojo back after Jax took it. Rob says it’s Brittany’s choice, but Scheana says sometimes it’s easier to stay, which is why she hesitated to get a divorce. Rob shows her logos for the Divorce Closet. She’s impressed at his work ethic. She asks what her role is. He wants her to be the face of the company, but he has majority equity. She tells him his eyes are very blue today, because her attention span is approximately five seconds. She tells Rob, the day they’re flying out to Mexico, her divorce is final. The next time she’s married, it will be to him. He says, wow, but not like, Wow! It comes out sounding more like, ugh.

Lisa visits the stables. it gives her a respite from the challenges in LA. Brittany meets her, and says she’s nervous, since she hasn’t ridden in a while, but just being around horses makes her think of home. Lisa is glad she came out, and asks how she’s doing. Brittany says she and Jax haven’t been fighting, and she’s planning the trip. Lisa wonders why she needs to make things better when he’s treated her like crap. Brittany thinks the trip will be good for them. In her interview, Brittany explains that Jax seems like a different person outside LA. I have an idea. How about finding a different person than Jax? She tells Lisa about the reiki sessions, and how they help Jax calm down. Lisa asks if the therapist is a man or a woman. Brittany tells her a woman, and Lisa suggests a conventional therapist. Brittany says Jax went once. Lisa thinks she should look after herself in the situation. In her interview, Lisa wonders why put up with Jax’s bullsh*t. She’ll never understand it. She doesn’t see him changing any time soon, but it’s what Brittany signed up for.

Construction is happening at the TomTom site. Lisa has the Tom and Schwartz observe. Nick Alain arrives. She wants it to be his masterpiece. He shows her a sketch, including a huge swinging pendulum. Lisa asks if he’s been smoking pot. He shows her another sketch. It’s all very steampunk, and Lisa says he’s a genius. Tom says they worked on five cocktails. He’s brought them for her to try. He starts with a mescal cocktail containing scorpion chili pepper. Lisa says she thinks she’s been stung by the scorpion.

Kristen goes over some outfits for the trip with Stassi.

Lala shows Scheana her spray tan. Scheana didn’t know they were going Oompa Loompa.

The plane ride is drinking, sleeping, and selfies. More drinking commences at the hotel upon their arrival. James says, I’m in Mexico, bitch, like he’s Jesse Pinkman. Their room has a private pool, and Jax is surprised Brittany has gone out of her way to make his birthday awesome. He should be surprised she’s still with him. I’m stunned. Schwartz opens ten-dollar peanuts from the mini bar, saying he’s opening a bar with Lisa and Ken. Things have changed. Katie is impressed they’ve made it through a year of marriage. The trip already feels different from previous ones. We flash back to some of those, and they weren’t pretty. Katie says they’re making amazing happy memories to eclipse the not-so-happy ones. Schwartz hopes they have sixty more years.

Brittany and Jax check out their pool. James and Peter show up, but Jax says he’s not coming out to where the peasants stay. In his interview, James says it’s the first time he’s been invited to Jax’s birthday, and he feels over the moon about it. I guess it doesn’t take much. Jax feels better, and thinks it has to do with Kelsey. What an a-hole. I can tell you this, if your dude is talking to you about another woman like that, get out. Jax says he’s in his own little world, and tells Brittany he loves her. She says she loves him too, and I want to cry.

Kristen bounces on the bed. Stassi tells her at two a.m., it’s lights out, and don’t deny her basic human rights. Kristen wails it’s her vacation too. Stassi points out that they have a balcony. The last time they had one, Kristen and Tom were dating, and she was going to throw herself off. We flash back to that. Stassi tells her to stay away from it, and in response, Kristen opens some tequila.

Tom exfoliates and does his hair, explaining how it’s a different process in the Mexican climate. He’s a manscaping chameleon.

Jax takes Tom and Schwartz aside, and tells them about his new job opportunity. He’s 95% on the side of taking it. I have to say it. A “job opportunity” does not mean you have the job. We see a clip of Brittany telling him that he sprung it on her, and they haven’t really talked about it. She says she loves her friends, and he tells her that they don’t pay the bills. She says it’s a lot to think about, and not an overnight decision, and he says, for her. In her interview, Brittany says he’s not even thinking about her feelings, especially after the heartbreak she’s gone through. It seems like he’s just thinking about himself yet again. Listen, honey, he’s the one who put you through that heartbreak, and if he’s not thinking about your feelings at this point in the game, he never will. She doesn’t get why he didn’t come to her. He decided without talking to her. He says they’re talking right now, and she tells him It seems like he’s made up his mind without asking her. He asks if she’s going to make him turn down his dream job, and she says maybe she’s not his dream girl. She had a dream of being in a good relationship, and not being cheated on. In his interview, Jax says he’s burned out with the constant battle. Please. She tells him to let her know when he has a definitive answer. She wants to focus on being in Mexico and having fun.

SUR survives without this motley crew. Lisa tells Adam and Wesley that their problems are miles away. Adam wants to go from barback to bartender. Lisa says on a Saturday night, he might have to make 350 drinks. In her interview, she explains that being a barback, doing whatever is needed behind the bar and replenishing whatever the bartender needs, is different from a bartender. Bartending is a skill, and takes more talent than being a gorgeous specimen. She asks Adam to make a mojito. In her interview, she says he needs a lot of work in this department, even though he’s already better than Jax. We see some clips of Jax being the worst bartender in the world. Lisa says he’ll have to focus if he wants to make it work. Adam says she makes him nervous, and Wesley says there are customers tougher than Lisa.

The group in Mexico meets for dinner, and Brittany says they’re going to a natural waterpark tomorrow. They toast with tequila shots to Scheana’s divorce. She has a countdown app, and it’s official. She tells everyone that Rob is a man who hangs a TV in seven minutes. In her interview, Stassi suggests that Scheana get a new hobby, like crossword puzzles. Although if Scheana did one, all of the answers would be Rob. Ha-ha-ha! I love Stassi. Stassi says she has nightmares about those three letters. She doesn’t even like mariachi bands, but wishes one would come by.

Jax takes Tom and Schwartz aside, and says he’s gotten a blessing in disguise. He got a call from a friend in Tampa, where there’s a position open in social media/marketing. They’d love to have him head it up. I’m still trying to figure out how this is a blessing in disguise. Disguised as what? A job offer? Tom asks what that means. Jax doesn’t know <snort>, but says it’s his dream job. In his interview, Tom says he’s known Jax for fifteen years, and would miss him. He doesn’t want the band to break up. Schwarz asks who he would make horrible decisions with. Jax says he’s 38, has no education, and needs security. This is huge. In his interview, Jax says he’s happy for Tom and Schwartz, but he’s also jealous. He’s been falling into his old patterns, and is ready for something else. He tells the Toms that he hates to say it, but it’s time to grow up. He needs something in his life. They three-way bro hug.

Brittany tells the girls and James about the job. Katie says he’s had a few job opportunities over the years. We see clips from him starting a sweater line and a fitness app. She says she’ll believe when she sees it. Stassi asks Brittany about moving with him, and Brittany says he just sprang it on her. She’s not saying or doing anything yet. Lala is annoyed with Jax, and Scheana wants to hook Brittany up with anyone else. Ariana says Adam has a crush on her, and thinks they should invite him out with them. James says Jax will go mental, and I think of Ed Grimley.

Jax joins them, and Ariana asks what’s up with Tampa? How serious is the offer? Jax says he’ll be doing events. In her interview, Stassi says he can’t tell them what it’s called or what he has to do besides tweet about hockey. Ariana wants to make sure Brittany also does what she wants to with her life. Brittany asks if he remembers what her dream is; she did it in high school. Ariana says they all know. Brittany asks if he doesn’t remember her talking about tutoring disabled children. In her interview, Lala says he’s been with her for two years, and doesn’t know sh*t about her. Brittany says she’s told him ten million times that she’s wanted to help with disabled kids. Lala tells Jax that he’s no longer single man, it’s a partnership. He asks if it’s between him and Brittany, or him and her? Lala says she’s watched him disrespect people over and over, and he needs to respect Brittany. In her interview, Lala says Jax is being a jerk, and to bullsh*t around with the coolest girl ever shows that he’s full of it. Jax tells her to take care of her own relationship. James thinks Jax is going to lose his temper, and Tom suggests they pump the brakes on this. Stassi says whenever she walks past their apartment, she hears the disrespectful way Jax talks to Brittany. Tom tells her that’s inappropriate; she’s his ex. Stassi says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and Kristen says she thought he was Brittany’s friend. Tom says he just found out that his friend might be moving to Florida, and we all break out the violins. Stassi leaves, and Lala follows. Jax says it’s a whole ten minutes into the trip.

Next time, fun in the water, Stassi accuses Kristen of being a terrible travel companion, Rob thinks Scheana should turn off her phone, and Scheana tries to hook Brittany up with Adam.

🍻 It continues to be a wasted summer on Summer House. Kyle acted like a drunken fool, after which he claimed they “were all embarrassing.” I hate that. The worst person to party with in the world is the one who says, “we were all drunk,” when they were the one who was the idiot. New guy Amit seems more mature than the others. I think they kidnapped him.

💅 The Real Housewives of Potomac will be back on Sunday, April 1st at 10 pm. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. With this show, I’d have to agree that they are all embarrassing.

😵 Other people I mix up who aren’t Black. Jon Bon Jovi and John (Cougar, not Cougar) Mellencamp, and Cameron Diaz and Ellen Barkin. Just sayin’.

👯 5 Reasons Tuesdays Are Wildly Underrated

  1. It’s the Safest Day to Drive. Car accidents are LEAST likely to happen on Tuesday.
  1. You’re at Peak Productivity. People get more done on Tuesday than any other day of the week.
  1. Tuesday are Great Days to Change Careers. The Biggest Job Posting Day from employers is Tuesday.
  1. People Are Free to Meet. The most available time on people’s calendars is Tuesday at 2:30 PM.
  1. You Can Meet Your Gym Bestie. Tuesday is the most popular day for exercise classes… you can have both Gym and Tacos!

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👦 Ed Grimley



July 9, 2017 – Fear the Mid-Season Finale, 90 Day Nightmare & Part One Potomac Snooze


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Fear the Walking Dead

Part One

Jake walks along a canyon, presumably on his way to talk to see Walker. He’s being watched. He hears the click of a gun and runs. He hides behind a tree, gets his gun ready, and turns to find Alicia. Alicia tells him about Vernon and Kathy, and how the entire family was killed. He says it’s even more urgent now. She says she wanted him to own it, but not this way. He says he’s not doing it for that reason, and she insists on going with him.

They see the tribal headquarters, otherwise known as the abandoned gas station. Jake and Alicia walk past the line of guards, and are stripped of their weapons. We see a bunch of people standing in a circle and dogs are barking. Walker steps out, with something wrapped in a bloody towel. Walker tells Jake that he’s hundreds of years late for talking, but just in time for lunch, plopping down the head of a pig that’s just been slaughtered. Of course, they’d wanted us to think it was a dog, and we did. I hate being manipulated like that.

Madison tells Nick that Alicia didn’t come home, and now she’s not in the camp. She asks him to go to Jake’s, but he tells her to leave Alicia alone. Jeremiah approaches, and says he knows Alicia and Jake are courting, which is I guess what we’re calling it now. Some of Jake’s stuff is gone, and so is he. Nick wonders where they should start looking, but Jeremiah says they don’t. He can’t spare a search party, and everyone has had enough right now. Nick and Jeremiah decide to train new recruits.

Sitting in the diner, Jake tells Walker that his father won’t abandon the ranch. He tells him that Russel is dead, and Walker says karma is overdue. Alicia says that the Trumball family is dead too, and he killed them. Walker asks if “this girl” is speaking for Jake, and adds three down, one to go. Jake says his father did nothing to warrant this, and he thought they had an understanding. Walker says he understood that when Jake came there with his drunken friends, he waited on him with a smile, but the day of the white man’s courts are over. They must vacate the land. Jake was hoping for a parlay, and to negotiate. Walker says maybe he’s right, if a parlay can spare blood They can talk after they eat.

Holy! The waitress is Ofelia!  #ThereIsOfelia

Nick approaches Troy, wanting to sign up. Troy asks why join the militia, and Nick tells him that maybe he feels badly about what he’s done to cause any death. Troy suggests leaving before something worse happens, but Nick talks about getting Travis killed, and says he needs an occupation. He also wants to protect them from whoever killed the Trumball family; he saw those savages. Troy tells someone to get Nick outfitted.

Outside the diner, Ofelia tells Alicia that it’s a long story. Alicia says to tell her, and she’ll tell Ofelia how they almost died when she took the truck. Ofelia says, sorry; she thought they were safe. She says that she almost died after that, but Alicia doesn’t care. Ofelia says Walker found her, took her in, and they’re good people. Alicia says they killed a family two days ago, but Ofelia says there was nothing scheduled for then. Walker goes on all the raids, and he was with her.

Jake tells Alicia that they’re swapping people, and he’s staying; Walker guarantees his safety. Alicia says that she’ll stay. Jeremiah has to hear it from him. Walker asks if they have a parley, and Jake says it appears they do.

At the bunkhouse, Nick gives himself a haircut, and Madison asks if she has to worry. She wonders if he’s going back to back with Troy, and he says keep your enemies close. He tells her good luck, and leaves.

Ofelia comes back with Jake. Jake explains what happened, and Ofelia says she’s the hostage from Walker’s side. Jake promises they’ll get Alicia back. He wouldn’t have left her if he didn’t think she was safe. Madison asks Ofelia how long she was there. Ofelia says long enough to know Walker’s word is good. Madison says he wants them off the ranch, and asks if that has changed. Ofelia says only Jake would know.

Walker shows Alicia around, saying that they call themselves pony warriors even though they drive jeeps. Soon they’ll have their own air force. He points out that many of the people are ex-military. As he’s talking, Alicia tells him that she was on the helicopter. He says she’s lucky; they’d been hoping it was an auto. She tells him that he killed one of her family members. He says it’s good if she hates him; maybe she can understand if she magnifies the hate a thousand times. She says that she hates him for killing Travis – and thinking he knows how she feels. He’s nothing but a hypocrite.

There’s a meeting in Jeremiah’s office. Jake says they need blood, and are willing to take it from them. Jeremiah says let them come. Jake suggests letting them share the water. Jeremiah doesn’t think it will satisfy Walker; he’ll want everything. Jake says they need to meet him halfway, but Jeremiah says he’d rather die. Madison says what about Alicia, and Jeremiah says she made her own decision. Jake says he trusts Walker. Madison is an outsider, and needs faith.

When the others leave, Madison asks Jeremiah what he’s going to do. He tells her that he’s going to listen to Jake. He doesn’t think that Walker is to be trusted though.

Walker has taken Alicia to a trailer that houses relics. Alicia looks at a bunch of weird stuff. She sees a skeleton, and Walker says it’s papier-mâché, but it fooled a lot of vacationers. He brings down a chest, and says this isn’t for tourists; this is real. He shows her his great grandfather’s bones. Alicia asks if they shouldn’t be buried, and he says that they were, in a cave. He desecrated his great-grandfather’s grave to save him from travelers and construction. He hopes his great-grandfather forgives him one day. Alicia says the idea of an afterlife doesn’t make sense; it’s hard to get out of this one. Walker says it’s part of a grand plan that had taken place long before the dead walked. He asks if she knows what apocalypse means. When she tells him the end of the world, he says no, it means a great unveiling. He tells her that he kept seeing a theme in the caves; pictures of a new age, a land that will be pure. He says it’s been a long struggle, but after the apocalypse, all will be returned to them – the first humans.

Troy thinks Ofelia is either lying or stupid. Madison says not stupid, but she needs to be on the winning side. Troy says Madison has a connection with her, but Madison says she thinks Ofelia is for herself. She’s with Walker for a reason. Madison tells him that she needs to get Alicia out, and suggests they get a few guys, and slip her out. She says that Troy owes her. She could have brought the whole ranch down on his head. Truth!

Alicia goes out to get water. While she’s walking back, someone follows behind her.

Jeremiah visits Ofelia, and tells her that he thinks they should have a chat, but she says she has nothing to say. He says it’s good that Walker found her, and she’s not dead; at least if the negotiation works, it’s good. She asks what he wants. He says he’s been thinking strange thoughts about ghosts. He talks about your sins not being the thing that holds you in limbo, and the worst of the somehow carrying your sins. Ofelia asks again what he wants. He tells her that nobody wants war, and not to complicate matters with old business. He says that’s fair and asks if she thinks so. Ofelia doesn’t answer, but he asks a second time, and I guess she figures that if she doesn’t agree, she’ll never get out of this stupid conversation, so she says it is. He tells her that he’ll have someone bring food, even though she says she’s not hungry.

Alicia slops the pigs. In the middle of the night? Troy grabs her, and she sees the others with him. She says they’ll get everyone killed. Two of the soldiers are holding a guard, and Alicia says that if they kill him, she’s not leaving. Troy doesn’t care what she thinks. The guard tries to run, and gets stabbed for his trouble. The soldiers start to drag him away, and a dog barks.

Watching from the top of a hill, Nick tells Madison that someone is coming, and they’re not going to make it. They have to bring the truck down. By now, Walker’s people realize something is going on, and are starting to come out. A guy throws Nick to the ground, and is about to stab him, when Troy shoots him (shoots the guy, not Nick). All hell is breaking loose, with shooting and people running everywhere. Troy tosses Alicia into the truck, and Madison drives away with her. Well, this isn’t going to be good.

When they get back, Jake says congratulations, they just declared war. Troy says they were successful in getting Alicia back, and Alicia can’t believe it was Madison’s idea. Jake says he’d made a deal, and Madison tells him that he was played. There was nothing at stake except Alicia’s life. Jeremiah tells her that Jake had made the call, and them that don’t listen have to be brought to heel someday. Does this guy ever say anything that doesn’t sound like a combination of Yoda and a crazy person?

Jake has filled the truck bed with water bottles. Troy asks if their dad knows what he’s doing, and Jake says he’s drunk. Jake thought Jeremiah would be happy. He’d gone to Walker himself and set everything up. Troy asks what kind of a death wish he has, and suggests that only his scalp will be returning. Jake says that he’s going to give them the water. Troy doesn’t think he’s coming back, and that he should ask himself if that would make him happier.

Ofelia takes Alicia off to the side, and says she shouldn’t stay there. Alicia asks what she knows. Ofelia tells Alicia to come with her, it’s all she can offer. Alicia says that she has to stay. Ofelia says that she’s sorry about Travis.

When he gets to the Black Hat, Jake gets the snot beat out of him. Walker tells him that he broke the parlay, but Jake says that Madison and Troy broke it. He’s brought Ofelia and water. Walker takes out a knife, pulling Jake’s head back. Jake says that there will be peace, and Walker says that there will be, but not now. Ofelia stops Walker from killing Jake. Walker says he’ll finish the scalping of the oldest son, when he sees him next. He’ll feed the youngest son to the hogs, and the father will remain alive to watch, before they burn him alive. Where is the freaking boom person whenever Walker talks?

A motorcycle comes to the ranch gate. Ofelia is dropped off. She tells Madison that all she knows is she’s lost her home and the people who took her in. Madison says shouldn’t have left them in the first place. Jeremiah tells them to take Ofelia to the infirmary.

Troy says they’ll press for attack. He says he can get more information from Ofelia, but Jeremiah says no. Madison says they shouldn’t have let her go back, and Jeremiah says to watch her.

Madison says that Ofelia can stay with her and Alicia. Ofelia asks if she’s a prisoner, and Madison tells her that they’re all prisoners of someplace. Ofelia says that there are no walls for Walker’s people because he says you can’t sneak up on an Indian. She says Alicia was never in trouble, but she had a taste of freedom, and now it’s gone.

Troy and the guys talk. Nick asks what if Walker attacks while they’re on their perimeter. Troy says there are only two roads, and they’ll be on both of them. They’ll leave a suicide note (translation: a suicide squad), and the rest will run back and defend the castle ranch. Nick says if that happens, he’ll volunteer to be up front – he’s suicide proof. Troy thinks they should go kamikaze another day. For now, they’re staying behind the fence.

Alicia asks Madison how she can be sure it was Walker who killed the Trumballs?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the horses are restless. Soldier Joe says he doesn’t like it. The guy next to him tells him to stay frosty, but dude doesn’t feel right, then doubles over in pain. Someone else starts throwing up, and suddenly, soldiers are dropping like flies. Alicia and Madison hear them yelling, and run outside. Ofelia watches from the bunkhouse.

The guards start to turn into zombies. Nice. Everyone is running around, and Nick joins the fray. A soldier tells people to get back inside. Zombies are attacking and being attacked. Madison comes out shooting. Ofelia comes out, and Nick calls to her, but she runs. Nick starts to chase her, but then gets sick. Madison takes up the chase. It looks like Ofelia is aiming to steal another truck.

Part Two

In the desert, Ofelia sees a hole in the fence and goes through. Someone starts shooting at her. She scrambles down a hill, and hides behind a tree. She takes out a knife, and blesses herself. Jeremiah comes around the other side of the tree, and holds out his hand. She gives him the knife, and he tells her welcome to America.

She tells Jeremiah that she was headed to Santa Fe where her fiancé is. Jeremiah tells her she’s free to go, and gives her some water. He says to go from whence she came, find shade, and travel by starlight. She wants a ride, but he says he has to go back, and there’s no use for brown people on the ranch. She spits at him, and he tells her enjoy the walk, and speeds away.

Ofelia walks until she drops. She gets up, leaving her backpack. She starts taking her clothes off, and sees her father. She says the earth will protect her, and starts to dig. Daniel tells her no, she has to stay awake. She reaches for him, but he’s not there.

Eventually, Walker comes by. He checks Ofelia’s pulse, and gives her water. He puts her on his horse.

Walker brings Ofelia to the reservation, and takes her to the Black Hat Motel. He puts her in a tub and bathes her. When she comes out, he gives her some soup. They introduce themselves, and Walker tells her to rest

Back in the present, Madison runs after Ofelia. She gets in a truck and finds the keys in under the visor. Madison busts the driver’s window, and pulls her back out.

Troy and the others attend to whoever is still alive at the ranch. A soldier turns, and Jeremiah shoots him. Madison tells them that Ofelia put powder in the coffee, but doesn’t know what kind. Jake says they have antibiotics, but without knowing what it is, it’s hard to treat. Madison says to keep Nick alive, and leaves.

Madison holds a gun on Ofelia as Ofelia drives. Ofelia tells Madison that it was just supposed to make them sick. She insists her people wouldn’t do such a thing. Madison says they used to be her people. Nick was her friend, and now he might die; does she care? Ofelia says the Nation is her family now, and Madison says they’ll see about that. They drive to the motel. Madison wants to talk to Walker. A guard says he’s in the diner, and Madison drags Ofelia inside.

Madison says that Walker killed her husband, and now the ranch. He says they broke the parlay, but she says no, she did. She doesn’t give a flying about anything except her son. She wants to know what’s killing him. Walker says that it’s anthrax, cultivated from animal hides, and there’s no cure. He gets up, telling his guards to put down their weapons. He says that this woman is more of a man than Jake or any of his relatives, and she’s free to leave. I’m like, all right, Walker! He asks how old Madison’s son is, and she says nineteen. He tells her that if he’s strong, he’ll live. He says that his fight isn’t with her, and suggests she take her family and leave.  She says they’ve fought too hard, and lost too much; they’re not running anymore. Walker says they’ll die then.

Zombies amble around. Victor enters what used to be a restaurant. The food in the refrigerated case is rotten. He sees a boat just offshore, and says, hello, angel. He goes down to the water, and walks out. It’s the Abigail. He boards the yacht, and sees the undead crew stumbling around, making zombie noises. He halts a guest with an arrow to the head, and stabs the captain. He shoots more guests and crew with a handgun. He thinks he’s done.

In the infirmary, Nick throws up again. Alicia tells him, morning, sunshine, and he says it’s like old times. Madison them that it’s anthrax. Those who survive will be too weak to hold a gun. Jake tells one of the soldiers to get what’s left of militia. Madison says that’s a bad idea, and Jake says she’s not the leader. Nyah-nyah! Nick tells her that she’s still the life of the party.

Jake says that Madison is right. Alicia suggests he talk to Walker, and he says talk is cheap without anything to barter with; they have no leverage. Alicia knows where they can get some.

Victor picks up a bottle of Dom Perignon. He goes to the wheelhouse, and messes with the controls. He puts on a white jacket, and pops open the bottle, saying it’s good to be home.

Nick tells Jake that he’s feeling better, and asks to be uncuffed. He thinks someone else might need the bed more, like Jake. He tells Jake that he’s sick, but Jake says they need him. Nick says either way, if they’re attacked, he’s not going to be able to help, so please let him up. Jake undoes the cuffs, and Nick asks him where Jeremiah is. Jake says that his dad can’t help. He’s burning the dead. He’ll only disappoint Nick. The hell they’re in is all because of him.

Nick goes to the new old house and takes out a hammer. He starts ripping up the floorboards.

Ofelia knocks at Walker’s door. She says the Clarks took her in, and she cared about them. He says she volunteered for what she did, and saved the entire Nation. He says when he found her, he almost passed her for dead, but his horse sensed her spirit. She says smart horse, and he tells her smarter than him. She faced death, and wasn’t afraid, that’s why he brought her here. She says he saved her life, and he tells her that the debt is paid. They hear people outside and run out.

Fires are starting. Madison and Alicia watch from the truck. Tents are burning, and what’s left of the militia starts to shoot. Madison attaches the relic trailer to the truck, and starts to move. Troy jumps on.

Nick is digging under the floor. He finds Jeremiah in another room, drinking. Nick says Jeremiah shot up the floor and said it had blood in it. Jeremiah says he’s been known to wax metaphoric while in his cups. Nick holds up a skull, asking who it is. Jeremiah says it’s a long story, but Nick wants to know. Jeremiah tells him that when Jake and Troy were little, the local tribe decided that the ranch belonged to them – it was sacred land or some BS – even though it had been sold to them fair and square. He had a frightened family at home, so the founders killed the leaders. One was Walker’s uncle. Nick asks if it’s his skull, and Jeremiah says no, that’s Walker’s father. He’d come by to see what happened to his brother. Nick says when they were working, he just thought Jeremiah was some wise-ass cowboy. Jeremiah says that Nick is a guest, and he needs to get right with the past, or get off the land. Nick says that it’s their land, but Jeremiah says it belongs to whoever holds it, and it was given up for beer money. Nick tells him that they’ll see who can old the land – they’re coming.

Walker’s trucks surround the ranch. Troy comes back with the relics trailer. He and Madison say that it’s leverage. Nick says Walker values them, and Jeremiah says that Nick might not like his hospitality, but he’ll like it better then Walker’s.

Alicia says they’re on the wrong side. Nick says he gets that Madison wants to protect them, but there has to be a line. Nick tells them that Troy killed the Trumballs. Alicia says that Madison knew, and covered for him. Madison says that she doesn’t understand. Alicia says that Madison is just like them; she’s worse because she has no feelings. No wonder her father was depressed. Madison says she’d love to indulge herself, but doesn’t have time for feelings. They have no idea what she carries.

As Victor snoozes, the radio comes to life. He says hello, and a voice comes through. It’s from overseas, a man who was a cosmonaut (a nod to Z Nation?), and Victor asks if they know what’s happened in America. He finds out that the zombies are everywhere. The man says he speaks from his grave, and Victor says he’s sorry at least he got to go to space – no one else will have the opportunity. The man says he’d give it up for water, and Victor says how about champagne? They talk, and laugh a little, and once again, the boom person was absent that day. The man asks about the champagne, and Victor describes it. The connection is starting to break up, and the man tells Victor that the world turns. Victor says the world is dead, but the man tells him not until he dies, and not to give up. The connection is gone, and Victor says, das vidania.

Madison meets Walker. She says the artifacts are unharmed. He wants to know why she’s thrown in with trash, and she says you can’t always choose your people. She tells him they can end this, and live in peace. He says that this is their land, soaked in Indian blood, the time for peace is over. She says that she heard about his fight with the Ottos, and says she understands this is his father. She holds out the skull, but he says it’s not enough. This isn’t his father, but an old white man’s shame.

Madison comes back to the ranch, and says that Walker doesn’t care about relics; he wants the ranch. They have until sundown to clear out or die.

Victor roots around the boat, and gathers supplies together. More liquor! But instead of drinking it, this time he pours it all over, and sets it on fire. He puts on aviator sunglasses, and the flames look awesome in the lenses. He goes back to shore. The boat burns on the water.

Madison comes back to the bunkhouse. She says that Alicia and Nick have never been to Montgomery, and Alicia says she never took them, not even for her grandmother’s funeral. Madison says there was a local council man who lived there, and he had a beautiful wife and little girl. Everyone loved her daddy because he knew everyone’s names and all of their occasions; he knew when to burn the ballot boxes and which ones to burn, but what he didn’t know was when to turn down a drink. So life was hard for the little girl, and harder for her mother. As the little girl grew, she got tired of crying and seeing her mother get hurt. One morning, she ate her cereal, and brushed her teeth for school. She took the gun from her daddy’s dresser, and shot him while he slept off the night before. Nick and Alicia are like, whoa.

Madison says her mother looked at her then, like they’re looking now, but she’d do it again. She’d do it a thousand times to protect her – protect them. She’s going to convince an old man to set aside his pride and make peace with the enemy. Now I’m looking at her like that.

Madison visits Jeremiah. He says he’s going Alamo, last line of defense. He built the house as a hold out. He has supplies and weapons in the basement, and they’re welcome to join him if it comes to it. He offers her a drink, and thanks her for standing by his boys, by Troy, for trying to stop what’s coming. They clink glasses. Madison says she told Jake they couldn’t come to an agreement; there’s only one way to secure peace. Jeremiah says they want his scalp, and asks if she’s there to kill him after he took her in. He continues to list all the things he’s done for her and her family. She puts the gun on the desk, and says she’s not going to kill him for those reasons, and is tired of disappointing her kids. So he’s going to do it.

Jeremiah says he’s not going to die like some rabbit with no resistance. Madison says they’re surrounded by firepower. If he doesn’t do it, everyone dies. It’s his chance to make things up to his sons. He says the hell with them – one is a feckless crybaby, and the other, a chip off the old block. She tells him that her kids aren’t dying because some selfish old prick is afraid to do what’s right. He says go ahead and kill him then, because some selfish old prick did what needed to be done.

Nick walks in, and Jeremiah says, don’t nobody knock? having a valid point. He asks Nick if he knows why his mother came by, and starts to say, she’s just like – Madison raises the gun, but Nick shoots Jeremiah before she has a chance to do it.

Madison tells Nick to do exactly as she says. We see him running from the scene. Troy and Jake come into Jeremiah’s office. Jeremiah is slumped at his desk, while Madison sits in a nearby chair. The brothers take Jeremiah’s body out and put it into the truck. The truck drives away, as Nick, Madison, and Alicia watch from the balcony.

Madison meets Walker on the road, and sets down a backpack. He opens it. It’s Jeremiah’s head. Or so we assume, since for some reason, they decided to not gross us out and we just got a glimpse. Walker nods, and walks away carrying the backpack. Madison walks in the opposite direction.

This was the mid-season finale (please, who invented such a thing?), so there was no preview.

✈ Okay, I am slightly obsessed with 90 Day Fiancé, but it’s just so weird. I mean the coupling is weird. Maybe because the show should really be called How to Get a Green Card in 90 Days. I’m not saying all of the couples are together for that reason, but I think the ratio is heavily on that side. We have Jorge and Anfisa, who has been pretty blatant about the fact that she wanted to marry him for a free ride. The first one I saw revolved around Mohamad and Danielle, which I’ve I’ve already discussed. There is clearly something wrong with Danielle, who keeps going back and forth about whether to get a divorce or an annulment, the latter leaving Mohamad open to deportation. She goes back every time he says, come on, let’s still be friends, and forth when she realizes she’s been had again. I said it before, but being even more blatant, a guy who looks like that would not be interested in her. He’s no Marc Singer, but she’s pretty close to pre-makeover Susan Boyle. Not sayin’ it never happens, but just sayin’. Then there’s Pedro and Chantal. I don’t know how much he cares about the green card thing, but I don’t see him getting a job, and he seems to send an awful lot of her money back to his mother in wherever-the-blip they’re from. His mother is a real piece of work too, calling Chantal’s family stupid and crazy because they’re concerned about their daughter. I get that every mother thinks her son is wonderful, but she’s waaay out of line, and might consider shutting her mouth since she’s a total grifter. It was pretty funny when Chantal got Pedro to try sushi though. Next, we have Pao, a party girl who thinks she’s going to be a model and make tons of money, and Russ, who is a patient-as-hell, somewhat conservative dude from Oklahoma. At present, Pao is in Miami, hanging out with her best gay pal, while Russ is trying to sell their Oklahoma home. Russ came down for a visit, and the friend relentlessly bashed him in Spanish, with Pao translating. I hope he dumps her sorry ass before she gets her card. At least Anfisa is honest about wanting Jorge to be her meal ticket. Last, and I think the couple most likely to succeed, are Loren and Alex, who met in Israel, and are talking about moving his parents to the US. Despite some altercations, that are mostly due to her keeping things from him, they seem the most genuine. I think that’s all of them. If not, it’s enough.

🏛 The Real Housewives of Potomac had part one of their reunion tonight. Of course the main thing is what they wore and how they looked, and I can’t say I have much criticism here. Some of the dresses bordered on bridesmaids-ish (I’m talking to you Karen and Robyn), and there was one that could have doubled for prom (Monique), but not necessarily in a bad way – they were still beautiful. Huge earrings abounded, and everyone sported new hairstyles, all of them lovely. That being said, same Potomac, different day, just more confined. One of the things I always hate about reunions is the same thing I hate about litigants on court shows. Aside from the blatant lying, making faces is incredibly unattractive unless you’re five years old. And all of these women are the Grand Dames of face-making. Part one is always just the warm-up anyway. It looks like a few sparks will fly when the husbands are trotted out.


Fear the Walking Dead – Season Two Poster

July 2, 2017 – Fear the Safety Perspective, Don’t Let the Potomac Hit You on the Way Out & the Marathon Lingers


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)



Fear the Walking Dead

Jeremiah sets up some target practice for Nick. Nick is worried about the caravan, and Jeremiah says they’ll get back when they get back.

Alicia gets out of Jake’s bed. She’s also worried about the caravan. Jake says he protected Troy when they were little, and she can trust him – on this at least. She says she’s more worried about whoever shot the helicopter down.

The caravan looks like a bunch of zombies coming up the road, ragged and shuffling. Alicia and Nick both run out to meet Madison. Everyone gets water, and injuries are looked at. Jeremiah asks what happened, and Troy wants to talk privately. Vernon says they all have a right to know, and Mike tells them that they’re Indian and slaughtered all of them. He says they’ll die too, if they don’t leave.

There’s a meeting in Jeremiah’s office, and Troy thinks they should hit them back immediately. Jeremiah asks if he scouted everything out. Madison says they were cautious, and Jeremiah says they’re extending the caution and not attacking. Troy says they either stole the land or didn’t, and Madison asks if it was stolen. Jeremiah says it was sold to his forebears, and what difference does it make? Jake tells Madison that Walker is a tribal lawyer. He’s sued them several times, and they’ve beat him in court every time. Jeremiah says the reservation is nothing but drug addicts and welfare cheats. He says it’s not racism, but the truth, and that was before the apocalypse, so he can just imagine now. Madison says the guy who talked to them was formidable and took command. Jeremiah asks if she has a crush on him, and tells Jake to deal with it.

Nick and Alicia take Madison back to their cabin. They unwrap and bathe her feet, which look pretty bad. Nick says Madison is strong, and she says he is too.

Alicia goes out to where Jake is practice shooting. She says sorry about the people he lost, but he says he didn’t know most of them. Alicia asks about Jeremiah, and Jake says that he’s the only founding father left; they’re getting picked off one by one. She asks if he’s afraid, and he says war is a violent place. He shows her how to use the automatic rifle. She asks who takes over the ranch after his dad. He says the land will pass to him and Troy, but the people don’t take orders well, so it could end up being anybody, even her. She says why wouldn’t it be him; they’ll want to look to somebody, so why not? She shoots the target.

Gretchen is looking for Alicia. Madison says she’s out and about, and asks how Mike is. She says he’s freaked, but said everyone would have died without her. Madison asks her to come in, and Gretchen says it’s her whole family. Her father doesn’t think it’s safe, and he’s one of the ones who built it. He said it’s just started, and he wants to leave the ranch. Madison says there’s nowhere safer, but Vernon thinks the Rockies will be safe at elevation. He thinks no one will listen, but being a founder, feels responsible.

Jeremiah drinks in his office. He hears something and goes outside. Nick does too. There are little fires all around, and everyone starts coming outside. The count about twenty, and Jeremiah says it wasn’t meant to burn them out; it’s just bullsh*t. Madison says the people are scared.

Nick goes to the pantry. Troy asks if Lucie took off. Nick gets annoyed, but Troy says he’s glad he didn’t take after her. Vernon and Kathy want to leave with some supplies. Troy tells Kathy that it’s no time to leave, but she says they’re worried. Vernon says this is what they put in, and the rules are that they can take it back out. Troy says the rules are for the people who live there, and if they leave, they don’t live there anymore. Kathy says that they spoke with his father, and to take it up with him.

Jeremiah looks like he has a headache, and tells Madison that it’s migraines. She almost tells him about Vernon, but Vernon joins them and beats her to it. He tells Jeremiah that they’ve been friends going on thirty years, but a man’s family comes first. He thinks the best thing to protect them is to leave. Jeremiah asks if they’re booking at the first sign of trouble, but Vernon says they’ve already killed eight. Jeremiah tells him to go. Madison begs Vernon to think for a minute, but he says his mind is made up, and walks away. Jeremiah tells her that when some men have kids, and it turns them into women, which she really appreciates. I can tell by the look on her face. Madison tells Jeremiah to give him a reason to stay or the rest will follow. Jeremiah says he welcomed them with open arms, and now has to beg them to stay? She says there’s a fight coming, and they’ll need everyone.

Vernon and his family are about to leave in their RV. Troy tells them he’ll shoot if the gate is opened. He tells Vernon to open the door, and tries to get Mike to come out. He says people died, and a man doesn’t run. Jake joins the people starting to gather, and tells Troy that Jeremiah said they could leave. Troy says everything is their property, and starts getting loud and stupid. Jake says that’s not what dad wants, and he’s just protecting the ranch. Troy tells him that he has no clue about protecting anything, and is he going to fight or surrender? Troy hits Jake. By now, Jeremiah is there, and almost decks Troy, but the others stop him. The gate is opened, and the RV leaves, Gretchen looking sadly out the window.

Troy is in the armory, and Madison asks if he’s looking for something to take out his old man. He says, never. All he’s ever had is this place and these people. He doesn’t understand it; the world outside is burned. Madison says that they want to see for themselves. He says Mike has been his friend since they were kids; he never quit on him. Madison says he didn’t quit on Troy; he stood by his family. Troy says it’s hard to know how to react. Madison says she’ll help him to save the others from the same mistake.

Troy tells his soldiers to come to attention. He says Mike is gone, and not coming back. From now on, they set an example, and will be a model of order, discipline, and chain of command. They have to make people feel safe or they’ll leave. They have to defend it with their lives or they’ll be slaughtered. It’s all they have, and it’s teetering. The only thing that can save it, is them. He says they’re all with him and do they understand. Everyone says, yes, sir.

Nick sees someone in the new/old house that burned. It’s Jeremiah, working. He asks where Nick has been; he’s been there drinking all night alone. That ought to be great for his migraines. He offers something to Nick, who says he’s high on life. Ha-ha! He tells Jeremiah to slow down, and asks what happened to his hand. Jeremiah says the expression “love the one you’re with” goes the same for hitting people, and I have no idea how that ties in. Nick says tomorrow is another day, a better one; he can crash there, and he’ll be too hungover to get in any fights. Jeremiah says the house is a sacred spot, where the movement was conceived; his life’s work. Now, two are dead, and one is dead to him. He knocks over the table, and while Nick is picking it up, Jeremiah takes the gun. He shoots three holes in the table, and apologizes. He says it’s Nick’s home and gun. He gets into bed. He tells Nick there’s blood in it; it’s in the earth. This guy is a font of information tonight.

Alicia comes into the bunkhouse, and Madison startles her. She asks if Alicia was at Bible study, and Alicia says she was at Jake’s, adding it’s nothing serious. Madison says the rhythm method is bullsh*t, and Alicia says Madison already told her that when she was a little kid, and she thought Madison was talking about a band. Alicia tells Madison that there’s birth control in the pantry. Madison says that the stakes are higher now, and asks if Alicia likes him. Alicia says yes; like, but not love.

Yep, Jeremiah is hungover. Nick says he raided the pantry, and offers him some coffee. Jeremiah starts to say, about last night… and Nick interrupts, saying that he was at the bunkhouse, and did he miss something? Jeremiah spies a horse near the fence and wonders how long it’s been there. They move closer, and he realizes it’s Vernon’s horse. He tells Nick to get Madison.

Madison, Jeremiah, and Nick go out in the truck. Jeremiah doesn’t think they would just free the horse. He thinks that the family is dead, but questions how they got that way. He tells Madison to be ready for that.

Alicia looks at some of Jake’s desk papers, and sees they’re concerning the Black Hat Reservation. He says he’s going to talk to Walker. He wants to take the back way, so his father won’t stop him. Alicia is afraid he’ll get killed, but Jake says he has to be more than just a voice in his father’s ear. She thinks he should take charge inside the camp. He tells her that Walker isn’t crazy, and his people got a raw deal. She asks him not to go, but he leaves anyway.

Madison and company see the RV. It has bullet holes in the windshield. Jeremiah says to stay ready; a lot of dead wander around there. They hear sounds in the camper. Jeremiah opens the door, gun drawn. He goes inside, and we hear shots. He comes out, and says it was Vernon and Kathy. They see Mike, really dead, leaning up against the RV, and hear zombie feeding noises from the trailer. Inside, Gretchen and the rest of the family are chowing down on a horse. Madison shoots them, but pauses before shooting Gretchen, who’s the last one. Gretchen snaps at her like a rabid dog for a while, and Madison finally shoots her.

They pack everybody up. Nick asks Madison if it had something to do with Troy, but she says Walker is close by. Nick says no way they’d leave horses, an RV, and supplies. Jeremiah says of all the things Troy has done, he’s never anything like this, not to his own people. Madison says they need to be sure. Jeremiah doesn’t know what to do, and she says they have to go back.

The RV is brought back with the truck. Madison opens the truck bed, and looks at Troy. Everyone sees the bodies, and gets a little freaked. Madison says they were good people, and didn’t deserve it. She and her family were taken in as strangers at the ranch, and grew to love it there. She wishes her husband had lived to see it, but he was killed – by the same people who killed Phil and the people at the outpost. Walker’s people have now killed their friends. She explains that she’s seen firsthand what happens to his victims. They haven’t been out in the world, but she has, and there’s nothing out there. If they leave, they’ll die. She tells them that Walker’s people don’t have enough strength to fight them, but they’re trying to scare them out. Out there, where no one can see, and there’s no militia to protect them. If they stay together, they live. Everyone starts nodding, and Nick gives Madison the stink eye.

Alicia looks through Jake’s papers, and shoves some into her bag. Nick watches as everyone puts stuff back into the pantry. He tells Madison that she was impressive, and she says it was necessary. He asks how she could tell such a big lie. She says she didn’t lie; they’re safe where they are, and she’ll sleep like a baby. No one would believe it was Troy; they’re more afraid of what’s out there. Nick says that she should have told him first. He would have backed her like he’s backing her now. He tells her not to forget who Troy is.

Madison joins Troy, who’s sitting by himself. He tells her that he didn’t go out to do that. He wanted to look Mike in the eye, and have Mike tell him directly; he owed Troy that. Madison says Mike didn’t want to. Troy says that they both said things, and it went bad. She says that he could run this place, but not if he lets things break. Last night, he took command. Jake doesn’t have what he has; he’s the survivor and heir. She doesn’t want to hear that he lost control; it can’t happen. She doesn’t care why he does what he does, only that he controls it. He asks her why, and she tells him that a fight is coming. He has to save them. She asks if he can, and he says, yes, ma’am.

I got distracted because one of my dogs was stuck in a little dog tent, but next time is the finale, which will be preceded by a marathon. I did catch Madison saying that sides don’t matter, and Troy doesn’t think Jake is coming back.

🏛 The Real Housewives of Potomac had their finale tonight, with the reunion to follow next time. Apparently, Karen isn’t really downsizing, just making a lateral move to another city. The new house has nine bedrooms and is 14,000 square feet. That sounds like something Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd might “downsize” to. She had a Bollywood themed party, that had a touch of Welcome to America thrown in. I guess the invites said to show up in Indian costume, because Monique arrived in Native American regalia. I wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be a (bad) joke, or if she’s the Porsha of the group. I’ve also started to wonder about Robyn and Juan. Although divorced, they’ve never parted company, and now are devoting six months to working on their relationship. Romantic relationship. Could this all possibly be to get some storyline? Because, face it, there isn’t much else interesting about them. There weren’t any fascinating factoids in the blurbs at the end either. The best of it was that Monique is installing a shark tank in her kitchen, and Ashley’s restaurant and marriage are still tanking.

Because I’ve been watching all weekend…

It’s not easy being drunk all the time. Everyone would do it if it were easy. – Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones