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November 26, 2018 – A Knot is Almost Tied, the OC Reunites, a Mexican Rehash, Some Dirty & the Dress


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Anna pops champagne. Maxie tells Jordan to leave her robe on. They don’t need any champagne/wardrobe malfunctions. They toast to Jordan. Anna says she’s privileged to have Jordan as a colleague, and proud to have her as a friend. She deserves every happiness.

Curtis calls Stella. He knows she said she wouldn’t be there, but he’d love if she changed her mind. He loves her; they all do. Nina joins him, and says, as best person, there are some things they need to discuss.

Monica opens a box, and asks what everyone thinks. Ned says it looks delicious. She asks, why tempt fate? They end up eating pizza every year anyway, so why not do it up proud this time? She contacted Chef Santora, and had gourmet pizza sent from his Michelin star restaurant. Olivia-Q tells Ned that Chef Santora has the same pizza oven she wanted. Monica wasn’t stressing over a dinner that was going to implode regardless. Now they can focus on the important things. The doorbell rings. Kim thanks everyone for bringing something for the soup kitchen. Ned answers the door. It’s Julian with boxes of food. He says, happy Thanksgiving, Ted. Kim comes out, and Ned tells her it was presumptuous to invite Julian. Olivia, who’s followed her, says Kim didn’t invite him. She did.

Bobbie arrives at Sonny’s. Michael tells her Carly will be late. There’s a minor crisis at the hotel. Bobbie asks about Josslyn, and Michael says he got a cryptic message that she’ll be home soon, but has to take care of something first.

Josslyn walks into Charlie’s. Oscar has his back to the door, and says, sorry, they’re closed. Josslyn says, great. They won’t be interrupted. Oscar asks what she’s doing there, and she says, asking for the truth. Is he sick?

Griff takes a selfie with Kiki, as they get ready for the wedding. She tells him, no more pictures until they get there, and he calls her a party pooper. She thanks him for making her forget how mad she is at her mom. Every time she lets Ava into her life, she does something awful like knock him over the head. Griff says, that was extreme, even for Ava. Kiki has a mind to turn her in to the cops.

At the gallery, not-Doc kisses Ava. In the doorway, Laura sees, and says, oh my God. She asked over and over why he wanted a separation. Now she knows.

Leo tells Julian that he drew a turkey for him. Julian suggests Leo show him, since he thinks Leo’s mom and Ted have things to talk about. Leo says, his name’s Ned, and Julian is like, oops, sorry.

Oscar tells Josslyn that he’s coming down with a cold, and has work to do. Josslyn tells him, stop lying. He’s sick, really sick, isn’t he? He says Cameron told her. He swore he wouldn’t say anything. She says, so it’s obviously true. He doesn’t want talk about it, and she says, just tell her. He says it’s none of her boyfriend’s business. She says Cameron isn’t her boyfriend. They faked the whole thing to make him jealous. Oscar says, it worked. Josslyn says, he still cares about her? and he says he never stopped.

Monica tells Drew that she texted Oscar, telling him that he’s welcome there if he changes his mind. Drew appreciates it, but doesn’t think Oscar will come. She says she tried to get through to him about the amino therapy, but Drew thinks Oscar wants to make his own choices. Monica wonders what happens if Oscar wins the legal right to decide treatment.

Stella arrives at the Quartermaine’s. Mike is glad to see her, but was hoping she would be a last minute cancelation. She asks what kind of greeting that is, but he says he was assuming she had another, more important, place to be.

Nina tells Curtis, always tell the truth. If the truth hurts, spruce it up, but never lie. Gifts help. But most important, never cheat. Curtis says he’s a grown man. He doesn’t need the talk. She says she’s been married a couple of times, and wants him to know what he’s getting himself into. Peter walks in, and Curtis says, back at her.

Kiki tells Griff they’d be better off if Ava was behind bars. He says, proving she drugged Sasha is harder than proving Sasha was drugged, and adds, the best revenge is a life well lived. Kiki says that’s not how her mom sees it. She’s not backing off unless they get lucky, and she finds someone else to focus on.

Laura says not-Doc was too much of a coward to tell her. Ava tries to tell Laura that they’re not having an affair, but Ava is the last person she wants to hear from. She was talking to her husband. Not-Doc says he was completely honest; their marriage is over. She says it’s bad enough that he was seeing someone behind her back, but he cheated with the person who sold out Nikolas’s memory. Does he have any idea what kind of betrayal that is? Maybe Ava can explain it to him, since she’s an expert on betrayal. Now he’s sunk to her level.

Leo wants to add a dog to his picture, and Julian tells him, every turkey needs a dog. Kim asks if they’re all set. If Oscar wins, Julian’s people grab him.

Brad and Lucas come in to Sonny’s. Brad apologizes for being late; Wiley was napping. Bobbie says Wiley is worth the wait. Lucas says, what about him? and she asks if he brought dessert. Brad sees Michael and asks what he’s doing there. Michael tells him that people usually say happy Thanksgiving, and Brad says he thought Michael would be at the Quartermaine’s. Michael says they always eat later. He asks to hold Wiley. Brad hands Wiley over, and asks where the bar is.

Ava tells Laura that not-Doc is telling the truth. Not-Doc says she wouldn’t it believe anyway, and asks if Laura is just about done here. Laura says she keeps looking in his eyes for a trace of the man she married, but she doesn’t see him at all. He’s like a stranger, and she’s probably better off. She tells Ava that she came to discuss her donation. She rips up the check, saying she doesn’t accept blood money, and storms out.

Kiki and Griff kiss, which leads to Kiki and Griff getting busy.

Anna gives Jordan a bracelet for something borrowed. She was wearing it the day they met; when she tried to arrest Jordan, who almost ruined her case. Jordan believes Anna’s words were, completely tanked her operation. Anna says, it was the beginning of a lifelong friendship. Molly has the blue; earrings that TJ gave her. They made her feel special. She says Jordan always made her feel welcome, and like a part of the family. Jordan says her son is lucky to have Molly, and she is too. Maxie has something new, but Lulu says she does too.

Ned doesn’t understand why Olivia didn’t warn him. She says she knew he’d object. He needed to see it with his own eyes, how much Julian means to Leo. Ned says he’s trying be mature about it. Olivia says no one is replacing Ned, but they owe it to Leo to be copacetic with Julian. Ned points out that Olivia is singing a different tune, but she says Julian has been a different man since he got out of prison.

Julian tells Kim that he’s been in touch with his former associates, but he needs her to think long and hard before it goes too far. Kim says she has, and she’s running out of options. If the court rules in Oscar’s favor, she’s going to need his help. Drew watches them.

Oscar says Josslyn is the first person he wanted to tell, and she asks why he didn’t. He says he saw the hell he was going to go through, and didn’t want her going through it with him. He wanted her to forget him, be happy, and move on. She asks, forget how? She loves him, and never stopped. She doesn’t care how hard it is. They’ll do what it takes to get him better. He tells her that he’s not going to get better.

Not-Doc tells Ava that he’s sorry; Laura was out of bounds. She says she’s used to being the town pariah. Her daughter blames every terrible thing that happens in the world on her. Not-Doc says she doesn’t deserve it. Ava says Laura walked in on a spur-of-the-moment kiss, and she doesn’t want it getting in the way of their reconciliation. He says they’re not reconciling, but he’s sorry he overstepped. She asks, who said he did? Whatever he felt, she felt it too. They kiss again.

Kiki tells Griff if they hurry, they can still be late for the wedding. He tells her she looks beautiful, and she says he’s very biased. Griff’s phone rings. It’s Monica, who wants to let him know the board made a decision about his suspension. Hospital policy prevents her telling him over the phone, but she left a copy at the hospital for him to sign. Kiki says they’re going to be even later, but he’s not sure he wants to know. Kiki says Monica wouldn’t have called if it wasn’t good news. He suggests she stay and get ready, and he’ll meet her at the church. He asks why they don’t get away for the holidays; someplace warm. It’s their last chance before life starts up again. She says she’d like that. They kiss some more, and she pushes him out the door.

Maxie tells Lulu that she said something old. Lulu insists Maxie told her to bring something new. Maxie asks why she would have said that when she was the one organizing things? Jordan says it’s fine. She doesn’t believe in old superstitions. Nothing is going to go wrong. Well, we all know what that means now that she said it.

TJ tells Curtis that he tried to get through to Stella, and just focus on how happy he and Jordan make each other. Curtis asks since when does TJ offer advice to his elders? TJ says he’s been in the same relationship for years. Curtis asks what his secret is, and TJ says, cherish what you have, and try not to screw it up.

Maxie comes out. Peter tells her that she looks beautiful. She blows him off, saying she has to say hi to Valerie. Nina says, he’s not leaving her unescorted, is he?

Alexis approaches Finn, and says she hopes Anna didn’t stand him up. He says, she’s the matron of honor. He thinks she’s helping Jordan. Alexis says she was just getting a dig in. He seems more dour than usual. He tells her that Curtis gave him a letter from Hayden. She wants to see him, but it’s probably not a good idea. Alexis says, probably not. He’s put that chapter behind him, right?

Josslyn asks what Oscar means. He says, according to the doctors, he has less than one year. Josslyn says, that can’t be true. His life just started. They have so many things to do together. He says that’s what he thought, but he has a malignant brain tumor; it’s inoperable. She says there must be some way to fight it. Jason had a brain tumor and survived. Oscar says there’s a drug trial that his parents want him in, and Josslyn says, good. That means there’s hope. He says he’s not doing it, and walks away.

Kim thanks Julian. Drew comes over to them, and says he heard Julian planning on kidnapping his son. Kim says it was her idea; anything he has to say, talk to her. He tells Julian to stay the hell away from Oscar, and Julian asks if Drew heard him say he was planning on taking Oscar out of the country. Kim is like, what? and Julian says he’ll leave them to it. Kim tells Drew it was her only option. Drew asks what if she gets Oscar to Brazil and he still refuses treatment. What’s her plan then?

Julian phones Lucas, and speaks with him and Brad. Lucas says he has to do some damage control, and leaves the conversation. Julian asks how Brad is holding up. Brad says he’s been doing some soul searching, and the truth is, Wiley is where he belongs. Julian asks if he’s ready to move on, raise his son, and be happy. Brad says he’s made peace with the choices he’s made, for better or worse.

Laura gets to the church. Lulu tells her that they’re about to start. She asks what’s wrong, and Laura says they’ll talk later. They go into the church.

Ava and not-Doc kiss some more. He doesn’t know what it is, but he wants to spend as much time as possible with her, and hopes she feels the same. Ava says they’re both Thanksgiving orphans. Why don’t they spend it together? He asks if she’s offering to cook, and she says, no, but she has turkey sandwiches. They can pour some potato vodka into cranberry juice and call it Thanksgiving. He’s glad he talked her out of leaving town, but she doesn’t now if she can stay. How long is Kiki going to be flaunting her relationship with Griff in her face? She would be better off if she wasn’t there, or Kiki wasn’t. Ava suggests they adjourn to her apartment. He says he’ll meet her there. He has business to take care of.

Kiki almost leaves, but goes back in for a wrap. Her word, not mine.

Sonny wants to give a pre-dinner toast. Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday, and he wants to tell them the reason why. Mike suggests food, and Sonny says that’s good, but it’s always the time they get everyone together to give thanks for their blessings, especially family. He knows they’ve had a lot of losses, but they’ve also had incredible additions. Right on cue, Wiley makes baby sounds and looks super cute. Sonny says, funny about family; you can’t always choose who’s in it, but it’s the most important thing in the whole world. They toast. Stella ponders this.

TJ goes to find Jordan. She says he means so much to her, and he says he’s glad she and Curtis found each other. They deserve to be happy. She apologizes for not being there for him all those years when she was chasing bad guys. He says her job kept them apart, but she showed him to do the right thing, no matter what the cost. She’s his hero.

Drew tells Kim that Oscar isn’t a child. They can’t make him do anything, short of restraining him. She says, if that’s what it comes to. He tells her no ethical doctor would treat him under the circumstances. Kim wonders what’s wrong with Drew; what if Oscar dies? Drew says, if he does, he doesn’t want Oscar to live his last days as a prisoner. The decisions they make about Oscar are decisions they’ll have to live the rest of their lives with. She needs to think long and hard about what she’s going to do, since she has to live with it.

Josslyn asks why Oscar wouldn’t want treatment that would cure him. He tells her it’s experimental. People have improved, but someone died. She said without it, he’ll die anyway, but he says he doesn’t want his last days being lived as a vegetable, or so sick he can’t leave his bed. She asks what the risks are against the payout. That’s how her dad figures out business deals. He says it’s not a business deal; it’s his life. She tells him that’s why they have to find out what the odds are. Based on what he’s telling her, the odds are 100% that he’ll die without it.

Monica wonders why no one has picked up the boxes that Julian donated. Ned says he thought a volunteer picked them up an hour ago. Olivia says she saw someone carrying something out of the kitchen, but Monica says all the donated food is still there. She wonders what they could have taken, and they realize – the pizza.

Oscar doesn’t think it’s right for his parents to force him into the trial. They think it’s worth the risk, but it’s not their decision. He’s not doing this for them. Josslyn says, what about her? Oscar tells her that he already said he didn’t want to risk the time he has left. She says what about the time they already lost, and he says he thought he was protecting her. She says she can’t force him, but whatever he decides, she promises she’ll be there every step of the way. He hugs her.

Kim asks Julian why he let her think he was going to help her, when he had no intention of following through. She was hoping she could count on him. She walks away.

Griff gets to the church. He sits with Laura and Lulu, asking if they’ve seen Kiki. They haven’t, and he says he thought she’d be there be now. Lulu thinks she must be running behind.

Kiki is wandering around the apartment, looking for her pashmina. Seriously?

Mike tells Stella that he doesn’t mean to pry, but the fellow they ran into… Stella says, Marcus? What about him? Mike says he had the feeling they were more than old friends. Stella says, nothing gets past him. They were serious at one time. She’s often wondered what might have been had they stayed together, but wouldn’t change the life she has now, and knows Marcus feels the same. What’s done is done. There’s no use wishing to change the past. Mike says, the trick is to make decisions now that you don’t regret later. Good luck with that.

Nina asks if Curtis is ready for this, and he says, more than anything. Finn sits with Chase. The music starts. Anna comes in first, followed by Jordan with TJ. Nice dress. Double spaghetti straps with a lace overlay, and I’m loving the tiered skirt (see end of post for a pic I know my fashion descriptions suck). TJ brings the bride to her groom, and hugs Curtis. Jordan mouths, I love you, and the pastor begins.

There are take-out containers on the table, and Michael says that doesn’t look like Chef Santora’s work. Monica says they accidentally donated the gourmet pizza to the soup kitchen. She doesn’t think it would be a good idea to ask for it back, and Ned says it wouldn’t be good for his poll numbers. Michael says, no Quartermaine Thanksgiving ever goes as planned. Why change anything now? They sing, We Gather Together. I get teary, and feel grateful that GH has kept this tradition. Julian looks at Kim, who won’t look at him. The doorbell rings, and Drew leaves to answer it.

Josslyn comes home. She sits on the floor and cries.

Drew opens the door. It’s Oscar. Kim walks up behind Drew, and Oscar and his parents look at each other.

The pastor says, the bond of marriage is more than the union of two souls; it’s a bridge. Two families coming together as one. He says, if anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace. (Which, btw, is almost never said anymore, except for soap weddings.) They hear a door shut, and Stella walks in. Jordan looks worried.

Out in the vestibule, Griff calls Kiki. He leaves a message asking where she is. He’s getting worried. He gives one of his best worried looks.

Ava freshens her makeup at the gallery. Not worried at all.

Kiki who should be worriedfinds her pashmina, and opens the door to not-Doc.

Tomorrow, Kim tells Julian it’s her call not his, Carly tells Josslyn that she can’t make the choice for Oscar, and Stella has to speak her piece.

The Real Housewives of Orange County – The Reunion, Part One

Emily’s goal is to not threaten anyone. Kelly isn’t ready for this. Briana and Vicki FaceTime. Andy finds out Shannon hasn’t spoken to Tamra. Kelly wants an effing minute.

Shane has been blowing up Emily’s phone with what they’re going to say, and what she should say if they say that. We discover Shannon has lost thirty-two pounds, and Tamra got a lower face lift. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Vicki’s kids are worried about her going under again, and swears that’s it. They discuss Vicki’s insurance policy on Don. She figures she’ll get back the money she had to pay him in alimony.

On their trip to Mexico, Tamra, Shannon, and Vicki were the Tres Amigas, based on boobs, booze, and a broken foot. We flash back to their moments together on the trip. Andy tells us that at last year’s reunion, Vicki got to a place of forgiveness, and Vicki declares it awesome. Andy says she got a fresh. At first Tamra was all skeptical, but it got back to where they were. A viewer asks Shannon if David being out of the picture made them closer. Shannon says, not being married made it easier, and they made a pact to move forward. Andy brings up how Vicki said she never wanted to be that girl again when she was at the old lady party, referring to the younger girls. Emily says Vicki is that girl; she still parties. Gina says she was insulting, and it’s an opportunity to say she was wrong. Kelly calls her hypocritical; it’s her M.O. Vicki says she meant she doesn’t want to be single again. Her other M.O., pretending people misunderstood. Gina says he can’t help it if she doesn’t have a husband. Vicki apologizes.

Andy reads a viewer’s comment that Vicki claimed Brooks was her soulmate. They ask if Steve is her soulmate. Shannon’s opinion that they weren’t in love is brought up, but Shannon says, at the time, she had only met Steve briefly twice. She’s spent time with them since, and believes they’re in love. Emily admires their relationship. She’s met him, and she thought he was kind. Andy says Vicki was trying to keep a lid on her behavior because of Steve, and we flash back to her promising not to get naked wasted, and him telling her not to do anything she wouldn’t do in front of the grandkids. Tamra says she saw Vicki changing into someone she didn’t know, and she thought it was to make Steve happy. Andy says Steve did tell her to put a lid on it, and she did. Tamra agrees. Kelly jumps in, and they nearly get in an argument over this. Vicki tells Kelly, dial it down, and Kelly says don’t tell her what to do.

Andy says this season started with the final stop of Vicki’s apology tour, and the tour ended with an apology to Eddie. During the rest of the season, Vicki was trying to be the future Mrs. Steve. We see clips of Vicki putting the pressure on. Tamra wonders if Vicki is trying to convince herself that Steve is the one. Andy says it was sweet seeing Steve take care of Vicki after her surgery. Vicki doesn’t remember any of it, and saw it for the first time when everyone else did. She says Steve isn’t emotional like she is, so it’s interesting that she’s attracted to him, but his stability and kindness make him attractive. Andy asks when she thinks he’ll propose. She doesn’t think it will be a conventional proposal, and they’ll decide together. Andy says she kind of already has proposed to Steve, and we flash back to her asking him to marry her, and then saying, never mind, when he says, what? She repeats they’ll decide together when the time is right. Andy asks why they’re in couples therapy, and she says she doesn’t want to be divorced again. They haven’t gone yet, but she wants to make sure there are no red flags. Everything the counselor told her and Don turned out to be true, and they ended up getting a divorce. Gina wishes she had done it. Shannon says she did, and see how that worked out.

Andy asks for a show of hands on who thinks Vicki and Steve will get married. It seems to be only Shannon and Tamra, who says, season 14. Kelly thinks Steve believes marriage is just if you want to have children. He’s happy being with her, so what’s the point? Vicki says he’s been married three times. Emily thinks they’re committed to each other, and stand up for one another. Andy asks if Vicki wants to marry Steve, or just wants to get married. Vicki says she’s not in a hurry; they’re in a great place. A viewer asks if she thinks the new series Dirty John has similarities to her relationship with Brooks. Vicki says, completely. Andy explains it’s about a successful OC businesswoman who gets conned. Andy adds that Brooks is not a murderer, I assume giving away a huge plot point. Vicki says he murdered her self-esteem and pocketbook. She’s going after him for the latter. Kelly asks if he has any money to go after, and Vicki says she has a spreadsheet on him. Tamra thinks she should close that chapter, but Vicki says there’s no emotion; she just wants her money. Andy asks why Vicki fell for him, and she says he was complimentary. Kelly says he told her what she wanted to hear. Vicki says Don was a good husband, but she always felt inferior. Andy wonders if Brooks studied the show beforehand. Tamra is sure he must have. Andy asks if Vicki wishes she’d stayed with Don, and she says she wishes she hadn’t left Don for Brooks. We flash back to the reunion when Briana accused Brooks of breaking up her parents’ marriage. Vicki says she’s in a better place now, but it was five/six years of hell.

We see Gina’s introduction to the series. Andy says Matt was MIA, and Emily insists he exists; she’s met him. A viewer asks if Gina started the show knowing she was getting a divorce. Gina says she knew her marriage was in a down, but didn’t know it would end up in divorce. Shannon says her story is similar. She thought if David saw it captured on film, it would be a good thing. Gina thought so too, but Matt couldn’t film because of his job. His employer said no, and would have fired him. Obviously, they’ve seen the show. Emily wonders if he’d filmed with Gina, if they still would have divorced. We find out he comes home on the weekends, they’re not having sex, and they still haven’t told the kids. Gina says they’re afraid of having the discussion. Good Lord. Those kids are going to be in college by the time the know. Tamra asks how they’re explaining things, since it’s a small house. Gina says since Matt lives in another house when he’s working, they tell the kids that she’s working when she’s at the casita. Andy asks what the crux of the problem is. Gina says when Matt moved for his job, the relationship wasn’t enough. He’s not the kind of person who builds you up. He’s a good person and father, but not meant to be her husband. She feels bad, because no matter what happens, she respects and loves him; he’s the father of her children. She starts cry, and says they need to have a good relationship because that’s forever. Shannon says it’s hard on her kids. She doesn’t know if it’s better to go through a divorce when they’re bigger or little. Hers grew up with volatility.

Vicki’s Italian dinner is up next for discussion. Kelly says, smart people learn from their mistakes; wise people learn from others. Why? Who knows. Gina says instead of everyone telling her about their experiences, they should have gotten to know her and what her experience is. Andy brings up Vicki thinking that Gina must be divorcing because of an affair. Vicki says if sex isn’t happening in the marriage, people look elsewhere. Shannon says she had a two year dry spell, and never once thought about it. Of course, this is a bad example, since David was having an affair, which several of them point out. Gina thinks a marriage doesn’t end because of an affair, but the affair happened because there was a problem already. Andy asks about Gina not believing in God. Gina says she’s agnostic, but the kids were baptized just in case. Tamra was surprised, but says, to each their own. Emily doesn’t think morality and religion go hand-in-hand. Gina says she might get in the gates before Vicki.

Andy says Vicki and Kelly had been ride-or-die friends, but Vicki learned the cover-up was worse than the crime. We flash back to Vicki telling Kelly about her and Steve’s double-dates with Michael, and Kelly coming against Steve. Andy asks where they’re at today, and Kelly says they don’t speak. He asks how close Steve is to Michael, and Vicki says it caused problems. She doesn’t know when they last saw each other, and Michael is dating someone new. A viewer thinks when there’s a split, the friends should be able to hang out with both. Kelly says that wasn’t the issue. She was freshly divorced, and didn’t know Vicki had hooked Michael up. She heard about the double-dates from someone else. It would been fine if Vicki had told her. Vicki tells her that Michael said it was their business. Andy says it shows where her loyalty lies, and Vicki – who cannot seem to grasp what she did wrong here for anything – says Kelly was dating. Tamra doesn’t think it’s about the dating. Andy asks who thinks Vicki broke girl code, and Emily shouts in her yes vote. Shannon says Vicki should have said something, and Emily says Vicki should have told him that she and Kelly are friends, and she can’t be in that situation. Andy says even after their big fight, Vicki did it again. We see a clip from Watch What Happens Live, where Vicki said they’d gone on another double-date with Michael, but not with the same woman. Kelly says Vicki chose her side. Vicki doesn’t know if there are sides, because she loves playing the dimbulb.

Kelly says Michael has her back, and Vicki says he told her that their marriage was fourteen years of hell. Kelly wonders why Vicki is talking on his behalf. Andy asks how Vicki would have felt if it was Don, and she says she had friends who dated Don, and she didn’t care. They were divorced. Kelly says, Vicki is like a fart; silent, but deadly. Vicki says Michael told her not to share the information. Gina says it was her choice. Kelly says Vicki had no problem sharing what Shannon said in confidence on the bus. Oh snap! We flash back to that. Gina says Vicki has to take personal accountability.

Vicki says Kelly is an unkind person, and Kelly says, so is she – on the sly. Andy says Vicki claims Kelly will only date a man who has money. Kelly asks, if that’s the case, why isn’t she still with Michael? Vicki doesn’t think she loved him, which is just stupid, and Kelly says, of course she did. A viewer asks if Vicki sees a pattern with the men she dates. Kelly says she likes to have Steve do her dirty work. Why would he talk to Page Six? Vicki says he was just corroborating something. Kelly suggests she look at herself, and Vicki says she doesn’t use cocaine. Everyone is like, what? and Kelly asks if Vicki is saying that because she smoked some herb. They can do a drug test, and if she did cocaine, she would be skinny. Not necessarily, but that was really out of left field and nasty. Kelly insists Vicki is familiar with edibles, and everyone says, it’s legal. Vicki acts like she doesn’t understand what edibles are. Kelly says she’s the mother of a young kid. Vicki says she’s never with Jolie, and Gina says, Jolie was in summer camp. Vicki claims Michael said he has more time with her. Kelly gets teary, and Andy puts on his devil horns, and says Vicki just said Kelly uses cocaine and is not a good mother. Vicki tells him not to put words in her mouth. Michael said she’s not with Jolie because she travels a lot. Kelly says she has one week on, and one week off. Vicki says that’s not what Michael tells her, and Kelly says, she believes him? Andy asks if she gets why Kelly is hurt. Vicki says she’s not kind, and needs to take responsibility too. Emily says if she wants to fix things with Kelly, she can’t be friendly with Michael. She doesn’t know what’s true and what’s not, and it looks like they co-parent well. One steps up to the plate when the other has to do something. Kelly says when Michael was in Hong Kong, she never complained.

Vicki doesn’t like way Kelly treats people. If Kelly hits her, she’ll hit back. Andy wonders where they go next. Kelly says Vicki just accused her of doing drugs, and Vicki says Kelly called her fat. Kelly tries to figure out how these two things compare, and Vicki says drugs make people skinny. Kelly said she was a pig on social media. Kelly says she’s not a pig. Stunned Gina says everything they’re saying is not okay. Shannon agrees. They take a break.

Kelly and Gina head for the back. Still at their seats, Tamra tells Vicki that she can’t say that. Vicki says that’s what she heard. Emily says that doesn’t mean there’s evidence. Kelly tells Gina that it’s criminal. Vicki says Kelly went for her, so she’s going back at Kelly. Kelly gets her phone out, and tells the crew that she needs an effing minute. Vicki says Kelly can’t throw sh*t at her and not expect it back. Shannon says they did put up that tweet of Kelly saying she was a pig, but thinks they’re both being cruel.

Kelly calls Michael. She tells him that Vicki said she was a bad mom and does cocaine. Why would she say that? She told Kelly that Michael said he’d lived in fourteen years of hell with her. She said it on camera. Has he ever seen her do drugs? He says, never, and he didn’t tell them anything. She says she was always anti-drug.

Vicki says Kelly is playing the victim, and it’s ridiculous. Michael tells Kelly that they don’t even have a visitation schedule because they agree on everything. Kelly asks why Vicki is saying this, and Michael says he’s not responsible for what she says. Kelly wants to hit Vicki, like most of us at one time or another, and Michael tells her, control her temper. Gina comes in, saying Vicki can’t make up lies like this. Michael and Kelly agree, Jolie is the priority – always.

Vicki whines that Kelly called her a fart, and that’s mean. Shannon tells Vicki that she can’t say Kelly does coke unless she knows it. She’s not getting it.

Next time – the Reunion, Part Two – Shannon talks about custody now being an issue, Gina tells Emily that she shouldn’t have been talking about Shannon’s marriage, Gina doesn’t understand why everyone doesn’t just own it, and Tamra tells Shannon that her favorite words are me and I.

✈ Tonight’s offering of Vanderpump Rules: Passport Edition was basically a rehash of the group’s trip to Mexico, and the brouhaha that occurred when James mistook the words hook up for hang out in reference to Kristen. Good times…  Next week, the season premiere of VPR.

💻 I saw the first episode of Dirty John, and so far, I’m intrigued. Like a Lifetime movie with much better writing, Connie Britton plays a single mother who finds a dude through internet dating. Her daughters are creeped out by him, but can’t put their finger on what’s wrong. Although there’s a huge red flag during their first date. And he’s way too perfect. I find internet dating a little creepy to begin with, so I’m definitely in.

👰 You Too Can Have a Soap Wedding…

Or at least the dress.



November 19, 2018 – Ava Sets Up Griff, a Femme Fatale Gathering, Aunt Viv, Aquaman & Some Stones


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Ava slips the sleep aid sample into Sasha’s soup when the tray is unattended. Room service delivers it, and Ava dashes to the door once they’re gone to keep it from closing.

Michael knows the board put Griff through the wringer, and thanks him for sticking it out. Griff says he loves his job and just wants to get back home.

At the hospital, Kiki sees Franco. She tells him classes are going well, she’s training for a half-marathon, and oh yeah, she has a long lost half-sister. He can’t fake surprise, since Nina already introduced them. She says she thought the universe gave her a sister to replace her mom, but karma had the last laugh. Sasha is more than she bargained for.

At Charlie’s, Sam tells Julian that she’s supposed to meet Kristina. Julian says he’ll make her a drink while she’s while waiting. She’s not too sure about that, and he says he serves customers all day, and nothing happens to them. She says they’re not related to him.

Curtis and Jordan have a meal at the MetroCourt. He says she looks radiant. She says tomorrow, she’s marrying her handsome, sexy, incredible fiancé. He says life could be better with one thing, and she tells him, tomorrow. Tonight, she’s getting spa treatments. He says she can’t look more beautiful.

Monica asks Oscar what he thought of the tour of the Quartermaine mansion. He says he had no idea how much the Quartermaines had done for Port Charles. He knew about Lila’s Kids, but not how much they’d done for Charles Street, GH, the botanical gardens. She says he’s one of them, and part of the legacy. She’s shown him how the family has shaped the community, and wonders how he will contribute to the world before he closes the door so easily.

Kim tells Drew when they meet with Diane, they need to be clear on their expectations, and she needs to explain in detail what they need to do to prepare. Drew says they need to know how to prepare themselves for the outcome. Kim says it’s going to be difficult. They won’t have a lot of time to get Oscar ready for the medical trial. Drew says, no. He meant prepare for the other outcome. If Oscar wins, they need to prepare on how to honor his wishes. Kim says he means how to let their son die on his own terms.

Ava peeks into Sasha’s room, and calls her name. There’s no answer, so Ava goes inside, and sees Sasha sleeping on the bed. She says, sweet dreams, princess. She arranges some of Sasha’s underwear on the bed, and pours champagne in to two glasses, putting Sasha’s lips on one. She picks up Sasha’s phone, and texts Griff, saying, sorry about the miscommunication and asking Griff to meet her in her room. She texts that Kiki is on her way too.

Mike insists he’s treating Stella to pie at Kelly’s. She says he treated last time, so she is or she’s going home. Michael comes in, and Mike asks if Michael is there for pie; he’s treating. Mike sees Griff, and thinks he knows him. Stella says he was Mike’s doctor at one time, and Griff says he’s been away a while. Mike tells him to come back already. Griff gets the text, and says he has somewhere to be. Michael has to leave too, and asks for a pie raincheck. When they’re gone, Mike tells Stella, more for them.

Franco asks Kiki, what’s the catch? She says she and Sasha went from zero to besties in a couple of days. They might share the same father, but they don’t share the same ideas and rules, as in boundaries. She’s getting weird vibes from Sasha and Griff. Franco asks who’s coming on to who? and Kiki says Sasha is a little too comfortable. Kiki tried to clear the air, and suggested they get know each other more, and grow their relationship out of the apartment. Franco says Kiki is remarkably adult, but she wonders if she’s inherited her mother’s crazy paranoia; it’s not a good look. She hopes they can be family in a healthy way, but she’s at a disadvantage since she’s only known dysfunctional. Franco says he’ll share the secret. It’s love and trust.

Jordan asks if Curtis has heard from Stella, and he says, nothing. Jordan says she’s changed her mind, and he can stay with her tonight, but he says, no way. Whatever his beautiful bride wants, his beautiful bride gets, traditions and all. She tells him to just be at the church before her, on time. She can’t do it without him. They kiss.

Julian says he heard Sam is Wiley’s godmother. Even though it’s only been a few months, it seems like Wiley has always been there, and soon enough, he will be. He tells her not to worry. He understands that he forfeited being part of Wiley’s life, so that Lucas and Brad could have their son free and clear. Sam asks if he’s going to respect the boundaries. He says if photos and secondhand stories are the only way to share in Wiley’s life, so be it.

Drew tells Kim that they have to face it. If Oscar is emancipated, he can do what wants; they can’t stop him. Kim says she accepted him quitting school, getting a job, moving out, and even hiring a lawyer; but she’ll never accept his decision to throw his life away. He’s her child, and anything she can do to save his life, she’ll do it. She doesn’t care what the court says. Drew says if Oscar wins, and refuses treatment, it’s out of their hands. She says he may be willing to give up, but she isn’t.

Jordan says, for her groom, and gives Curtis a pair of cufflinks. He likes the way she thinks, and gives her a velvet box, for his bride. It contains a bracelet with heart charm. She likes way he thinks too. He says he wants to fill the bracelet with a lifetime of happiness and love.

Kiki tells Franco that, thanks to Elizabeth, he’s come a long way from art’s bad boy. Franco says Kiki started it. She welcomed him into her life, and tamed the lone wolf. Kiki says she saw beyond what he was putting out there. Elizabeth said he was a good guy, and helped him trust it. He should never doubt himself again. The boys are lucky have him in their lives.

Julian says if Sam lets him back in her life, it will be on her terms. She looks at her phone, and says Kristina blew her off for her new friend Daisy. He tells Sam, nice talking to her, and she says, thanks for the drink.

Oscar tells Monica that he liked library. He loves to read, but the headaches prevent it. She tells him there’s a large selection of audiobooks. He wishes he’d met his grandfather and Lila. Monica says they’d be proud of him, and he says they’d think he was a quitter. She asks what he’s done that would make them think that.

Drew asks Kim if she’s planning on ignoring it if the court rules in Oscar’s favor. She asks why he’s shocked. It’s ridiculous to think he has the ability to make his own medical decisions. He’s feeling well enough now, but has no idea what’s to come. What happens when he can’t see any more, and he’s losing his balance. What will they do then? What if he wants treatment, and they’re sorry they took a sixteen-year-old at his word? It will be too late. Is he willing to live with that? She isn’t, and she’s not letting it happen. He asks what she means. She says if they lose the case, she wants to take Oscar out of the country, and force him to have treatment. It’s on them as parents, and the only hope he has. They have to save him.

Griff knocks on Sasha’s door. It opens, and he calls both Sasha and Kiki’s names. He goes in, and sees Sasha sleeping. He asks if she’s okay. Ava comes up behind him and whacks him over the head with the champagne bottle.

Kiki sees Michael, and says she knows the meeting about Griff is confidential, but can he give her any information? He say he spoke on Griff’s behalf, and several other colleagues made statements. She thanks him, but he says it’s not his call. She says she has a good feeling about it. He asks if med school agrees with her, and she says it’s hard work, but she love feeling like she has a purpose, and she’s doing something worthwhile. Remember what a wreck her life was? She’s come s long way. He says she deserves happiness, and knows Morgan would want that for her.

Stella asks Mike if Yvonne likes pie. He doesn’t know, but knows she likes to dance. When it’s music time, she’s the first on the floor. He joins her, since she can’t dance alone. He asks if Stella is jealous, and she says, maybe a little, but she’s glad he’s having fun. A man approaches the table, and asks, Stella Henry? She says, Marcus?

Oscar tells Monica that he’s not a human Guinea pig, so everyone thinks he’s giving up. Monica asks if he would have chosen differently, had he known all along. He doesn’t know. He guesses they’ll never know. Monica asks if he’d like to know what he’s up against. It’s not her specialty, but she read his file, and thinks she could answer any questions. Oscar asks what the brain tumor is going to do to him next.

Kim says a doctor in Brazil has come up with new treatments in amino therapy. They could be there in hours using the Quartermaine jet. Drew says Oscar’s not a little boy anymore. Even if they could get him on the plane, are they going to strap him down and force treatment on him? She says he’ll realize they’re doing it to help him, and he’ll see it’s the best option and accept treatment. Drew says they don’t know the doctor. They’re going to drag Oscar there, and force him into treatment. What if it’s not safe? What if it doesn’t work, or makes him worse? Kim says, that’s not going to happen. He asks if she understands that she’s taking away time she could have with him, and she says what they need is more time – by any means necessary. He says, by forcing Oscar to go to a foreign country for a treatment that may or may not work; if it doesn’t, he won’t be able to live with himself. He’ll be damned if he’ll betray Oscar, and make him be a hostage for what could be his last days of life. Kim says she won’t forgive herself if he dies and he could have been saved by forcing him into treatment.

Ava has apparently taken Griff’s clothes off, and put him in bed with Sasha. And she didn’t even break a sweat. She touches his face, and deletes Sasha from her phone. She sips champagne, and says, to true love.

Back at the hospital, Ava asks Franco if he’s seen Kiki. He says she’s around somewhere, and he can page her, but Ava asks, what would be point? He said she’d regret cutting Kiki out of her life. Now, when Kiki needs her most, and she wants to protect her, she doesn’t know if it’s possible. Franco asks what happened, and she says she saw Griff with another woman. It’s going to break Kiki’s heart.

Kiki appreciates Michael’s support. She regrets breaking up with Morgan, and feels guilty. She loved him. Michael says she deserves every happiness now. It’s been hard fought and won. She should enjoy it. She says she’ll listen if he takes his own advice. He deserves happiness too; to heal, move on, and find something good. He says he’s trying.

Marcus can’t believe it. He hugs Stella. She doesn’t know what say, and he says her being at a loss for words is impossible. She introduces Mike, who says he was sensing they knew each other. Stella says they go way back. Mike asks Marcus to join them. He must have a lot of stories. Mike bets Stella was a firecracker. Marcus says, she was something. Stella had no idea he was in Port Charles. He says his wife is being treated there, and he wanted be as close as possible. She says his wife must be thankful to have him there.

Oscar asks Monica if his headaches will get worse. Monica says they will, but can be managed short term with steroids. He’ll have increased periods of drowsiness. He tells her that his left side is weak. She says it will affect his strength and coordination. Usually more on one side than the other. Oscar asks what’s next, and she says they can’t perfectly predict the order of symptoms, or how they’re presented.

Sam sees Drew sitting on a bench outside Kelly’s, and asks if he’s all right. He’s not, and she asks if it’s Oscar. Did something happen? He says, not yet. It would be great if they could give Oscar more time, so Scout doesn’t lose her brother, and he doesn’t lose his son.

Kim storms into Charlie’s. Julian asks if everything is okay. She asks if he remembers telling her how he distanced himself from his illegal connections. She needs him call everyone he knows. She needs papers and fake passports. He asks, what’s going on? and she says she needs help to kidnap Oscar. It might be the only way to save him.

Franco asks Ava, what happened? She says she saw Griff with Sasha, having an intimate moment at the fundraiser, and again at the MetroCourt. Franco says, it sounds like a one-way street. Ava thought she was imagining things until she saw them go into Sasha’s room. No matter how angry she is, Kiki doesn’t deserve to be devastated like she was. She realizes Kiki won’t listen to her, and doesn’t know how to reach her. Franco says he’ll talk to her. She might not listen or believe him. Ava knows Griff is a liar, and he’ll just deny it. She thinks the best thing is for Kiki to see for herself. As much as it will hurt, the kindest thing is to strip her of her illusions. They’re probably in bed this minute. Franco says he knows what to do, and asks for the room number. He says their little girl needs protection, and he’s going to give it to her.

Marcus says he expected to see Stella again someday, but on the news because she holds a public office. She says she’s scaled back on her ambitions. Mike says she’s being modest. She’s saving the world one social service client at a time. He’s living proof. She says Sonny and Carly are probably looking for him. Mike says he’s going to get some cookies for Avery, and pay the bill. She’ll be able to see him at all times. Marcus says being a social worker suits her. He asks if she got married. Did someone sweep her off her feet? She says she never found the right man.

Jordan tells Curtis she hates to break this up, but she has pampering to attend to. There’s no bachelorette party, just spa treatments. When they walk into this room this time tomorrow, they’ll be side by side for the rest of their lives. They kiss in the elevator.

Sam shows Drew pictures Scout, and tells him about her new favorite spot under the kitchen sink, and how she likes to bang on pots. Like this is an unheard of activity for a child. He thanks her, saying he needed to see his daughter. She looks happy and healthy. He feels like there’s something wrong with him. He sees one kid doing fine, and feels like guilty for betraying the other one who’s not. Sam says it’s not betrayal because he’s glad one kid is okay. Oscar knows Drew would do anything to see him well. Drew says, would he?

Julian asks if Oscar’s hearing isn’t coming up, but Kim doesn’t give a damn. There’s a doctor in Brazil who’s running a similar trial, and agreed accept Oscar into it. Julian asks if it’s on the up and up. Kim says Drew won’t help force Oscar to go. Julian says, it’s a big step, dragging him to another country for treatment he doesn’t want. She says she’s a mother trying to save her child. Can he help her? Will he please help her?

Franco tells Kiki that he needs to talk to her. He doesn’t want to be the one to tell her, but Griff is with Sasha in her room. Kiki says he wouldn’t do that. Franco says someone who loves her saw them. She asks what room? He gives her the number, and says he’s going with her, but she says she’s doing this herself/ She jets before he can stop her. Ava watches.

Marcus is pleased to see Stella after all these years. She says the older she gets, the more she realizes what a small world it is. Michael comes in, saying he got Mike’s message that he needs a ride. Mike tells Marcus that he trusts he’s leaving Stella in good hands, Marcus says he is. Mike tells Stella that he’ll see her later, and leaves with Michael. Stella tells Marcus that he means well, but she’s perfectly capable of finding her way home. Marcus was hoping she’d stay and have coffee with him, so they can catch up.

Curtis suggests he and Jordan practice their honeymoon. That’s a no, but she kisses him. He says he’s going while he still can. She goes into her room, and is met with a bunch of confetti.

Oscar thanks Monica for answering his questions and q not telling him what do. She says as long as he knows what he’s asking of himself and those who love him, she’ll stand by him, no matter what his choice.

Kim says Julian knows people who can get them out. Julian says Oscar has made his wishes known, but Kim says, when he lives, Oscar will forgive him. But if he doesn’t forgive either of them, she’ll hold him in her heart forever for saving Oscar. Julian agrees to help.

Ava asks Franco if he found Kiki. He says he did, and she asks how Kiki took it. He tells her it wasn’t pretty. He didn’t like being the one who hurt her. Ava says he’s not; Griff did. When she sees what a faithless bastard he is, she’ll know he was acting in her best interest.

Griff and Sasha lie sleeping. The door to the room is cracked open.

Tomorrow, Marcus regrets the time he wasted, Curtis says they’re trapped for the night, and Laura wants not-Doc to answer questions.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Emily talks to sister-in-law Shireen about her upcoming party. She tells Shireen she’s ordered props for the photo booth, and wants a flower wall. She’s thinking about celebrating Mother’s Day with the party.

Gina tells mom Susan that she can come to the party, but it’s a femme fatale theme. Susan isn’t too keen on that, so as a consolation prize, Gina asks if she’ll watch the kids.

Vicki asks Steve if anyone will think she’s had tweaking. Steve says, no; she’s smoothed out. Vicki says it’s like tire change, then tells him to erase what she just said.

Shannon tests new food on her daughters. She’s never built her own business, and to start something that she’s created at her age if a real confidence booster. It will also create financial independence, and she won’t have to depend on and ex-husband. The turkey burger is a success. Sophie says she wants to go on birth control for acne and cramps. Shannon says it’s too early for that; is she out of her mind? In her interview, Shannon says she’s not ready to talk about birth control pills. Sophie says all her friends are on it, and Shannon says, good for them. That argument never works, so I don’t know why kids still use it.

Emily, Tamra, and Kelly go to a store called Wicked Chamber. Emily tells owner Bright about her femme fatale party. Tamra wants to look like a ho, and Bright says they can do that. In Emily’s interview, she says, inside every woman is a femme fatale who wants to come out. Tamra sees a whole lot of stripper there, and Kelly says a whole lot of ho. In her interview, Kelly tells us that she frequents the store. Tamra whacks Kelly’s butt with a whip. Emily says her mom is coming, and hasn’t been to California in five years; she’s never met the boys. In her interview, Emily says her mom went into dark depression, and hasn’t left the house in over a year. We flash back to her saying that she wants mom like Gina’s. She says she’s not keeping her mom from the children; she’s isolating herself away from everyone.

Gina calls. She’s having FOMO, and wants talk to Tamra. She says they haven’t talked since her birthday, but she’ll be at her casita tomorrow. She asks Tamra to stop by for a chat. In Tamra’s interview, she says she’s not just mad; she’s hurt. She didn’t think Gina was the kind of person to run to Shannon and talk crap. She wants work things out, but also wants to understand why Gina did that. She asks Emily to pick out a whip for her.

Tamra visits Gina. Tamra says the place is cozy; that’s probably OC for small. She feels badly that she missed Gina’s party, but Gina says it’s not a huge deal, but it was the first birthday dinner in eleven years that she didn’t celebrate with her husband. Tamra feels that she opened up about Shannon, and had never done that with anyone else. Now Shannon is saying Gina told her that everyone is saying she’s mental. We flash back to Gina telling Shannon that they were concerned about her mental health. Gina says that’s a blatant lie. She doesn’t know Shannon as a liar, but her truth is a little skewed. In her interview, Tamra says Shannon gets riled up and exaggerates, but she’s not a liar – she hopes. Gina says if she wanted to screw their friendship, she’d tell Shannon how Tamra said she can’t complain she’s fat for years and do nothing about it, or saying she’s not pulling her weight as a friend. She didn’t repeat those things, and isn’t trying to cause a problem. Tamra understands, and she’s glad they talked. Gina asks if they’re good, and Tamra totally believes they are. In her interview, Gina says she thinks it’s better for a friendship if you admit the stupid sh*t you did and move on. What Shannon tried, backfired.

Emily picks mom Carolyn up at the airport. In Emily’s interview, she says Carolyn just spent two weeks in therapy, and is a different person. She’s on a high, but there’s always the possibility of a low again. Annabelle shows her grandmother a picture she drew of them, and Carolyn says she’s keeping it forever. In her interview, Emily is concerned that if her expectations are too high, she’ll get hurt. Carolyn says she saw the boys when they were born, but not since then. She says she was there when Annabelle was born too. They get to the house, and Emily says they haven’t seen each other for a year. Carolyn says it doesn’t seem that long, and it’s hard to realize she lost a year out of her life. She wants to make up for it. In Emily’s interview, she says you have higher expectations when comes to your family, but when her mother doesn’t meet them, she feels angry, neglected, and upset. She doesn’t realize the progress that’s been made because she’s mad. She tells Carolyn that she’s setting up for the party. Carolyn thinks they’ll have a good time.

Emily gets in a corset. She says she can’t eat or breathe. Shane says looks good. If she turns blue, just apply more makeup.

Kelly has her glam squad making her up. Her date, Alex, is there, and she tells him, it takes a village. They’ve been friends for a while. In her interview, she says that Alex is thirty-five and a realtor. When she and Michael split, he called her, and she realized he’s young and hot. She asks if she looks like a hooker. He says she looks classy; high priced for sure.

Son Nicholas bugs Gina while she gets ready. She tells him that she’s going to party. He wonders if it’s at their house, but she tells him, no. In her interview, Gina says Nicholas definitely knows something is happening, and it’s not good. She’s scared and nervous, because he’s a sensitive child, and probably a ticking time bomb. Whatever Gina says, Alex answers, no. In Gina’s interview, she says how he handles the news depends on how it’s presented, and they need help with that. She’s bringing her outfit with her, because she’s embarrassed in front of her mom.

Tamra gets glammed up. She doesn’t know what hair to go with. Shannon brings out her leather jacket. She’s going to a Poison concert after the party, but Kelly thinks the jacket is too snug. In her interview, Shannon says she grew up in a privileged family, but she’s a rocker, and anything 80s rock, she’s all about it. Tamra thinks the jacket is fine, since she’s not zipping it anyway.

Tamra likes dressing the part. It’s like her sex party. We flash back to her in a lace bodysuit. She has a hang-up with the femme fatale thing; she thinks it sounds like a big orgy. Old ladies in leather get-ups with sagging boobs and whips… could be fun. She tells Shannon that Gina is sticking to guns. They talked, and Gina said she was coming from a place of concern. Shannon wonders what purpose there was in bringing it up if it wasn’t to upset her. Tamra says Kelly started it. Shannon says, of all people, since Kelly can snap. She says Emily is going to diagnose and put labels on her when she threatened someone’s life. Even people who are licensed have to spend a certain amount of time with someone before diagnosing them. It’s irresponsible and unethical to put a medical label on someone. It’s potentially damaging. In Tamra’s interview, she says Emily doesn’t know who she’s messing with. Shannon thinks Emily and Gina are both sh*t stirrers.

Emily says Pary has high expectations, and she doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers. If her mother-in-law is unhappy with her, she could wake up in a condo driving a Jetta. Everyone starts to arrive. Gina gives Shane a hug. In her interview, she says her relationship with Shane isn’t perfect – we flash back to that – but she doesn’t have to be married to him, so it is what it is. She tells Emily about not being able to dress in front of her mom.

Tamra looks like a Bond girl. Shannon comes out in a black and white dress with a matching jacket. She says here comes the old lady in a grandma dress. I wouldn’t go that far, but femme fatale it ain’t. Shannon asks Eddie if he knows Gina and Emily, and says they’re not that nice to her.

Emily is directing people with Tamra’s whip. Gina thinks she has enough going on without one. She’s only worn her thigh-high boots in bedroom. Twice, to make two of the kids. Carolyn is introduced. In Emily’s interview, she says having her mom there feels like she has part of her back. She’s optimistic about rebuilding the future. It won’t happen overnight, but these are steps forward. The rest of the girls arrive, along with their dates. Vicki notices a girl in a champagne glass, and asks if they’re supposed to wave. Tamra’s mom welcomes Carolyn to the club.

Outside on the patio, Gina asks Shannon what’s up with the silence. Tamra says she told Shannon that she and Gina talked about the situation. She thought it would be better if they all talked; the stories didn’t add up. Shannon says she makes a lot of mistakes, but she’s not a liar. Gina felt like when she initially came to the house, she didn’t say particular things, but expressed concern. There had been a lot of talk in Jamaica about Shannon, but she didn’t say those things. Shannon says she blew up at the dinner party up after she had a few shots, but she’s completely sane. We flash back to Shannon being her stupid, screeching self in Jamaica. Shannon tells Gina what was said was very careless and irresponsible. Gina says Shannon’s friends were being concerned, not her. In her interview, Gina says she was just relaying what happened. Don’t kill the messenger.

Gina tells Shannon that she was concerned about what Shannon’s friends were saying and how Shannon is acting. Shannon says she thinks Gina is a pot stirrer. Gina told her that she said Emily was in an abusive marriage. Gina says that never came out of her mouth. We flash back to Emily saying it seems like a pattern in Shannon’s life. Gina tells Shannon she never said that; she must be mistaken. Shannon says Gina tried put her in the responsible area about Emily threatening to kill Kelly. Gina tells her all she said, is that she would have handled differently. Her advice would have been don’t’ do this In her interview, Tamra doesn’t know why she’s talking. Shannon is like her ex-husband. If he’s pissed about something from ten years ago, and she’s still hearing about it.

Vicki tells Steve’s parents that she proposed to their son a couple of times. His mom says he’ll come around when he’s ready, but Vicki says, maybe she won’t be. She says the day they decide, it will be one helluva country western wedding. They’ll be riding up on horses.

Gina tells Shannon that her friends were concerned, but if she’s fine, fine. She’s trying to be Shannon’s friend too. Tamra asks if her intentions were bad, and Gina asks if she’s displayed this pattern. In Gina’s interview, she says Tamra not defending her is upsetting. She has no reason believe Gina would damage her relationships with her friends, but she’s blinded by Shannon’s bullsh*t. She tells Shannon that she doesn’t wish anything bad against her, but she thinks they don’t get each other. Her name won’t come out of Gina’s mouth again. Tamra asks what can be done to make it better.

Vicki tells Susan that she’s done with surgery. The only thing she’s changing about her body is to work out more.

Kelly and Emily join the girls outside. Shannon says she drank a lot more at the dinner, and was more emotional than normal. She’s tired of them questioning her mental capacity. She’s been working hard on being non-reactive. It’s frustrating when she knows she’s making improvements, and she has people asking if she’s okay. My problem here with her, is that she’s acting like it’s the first time she’s gone over-the-top batsh*t crazy. Kelly says she doesn’t want Shannon to have a stroke. In her interview, Kelly says Shannon knows she’s going to be honest. She cares about Shannon, and isn’t there to hurt her, but she doesn’t have to make it hard. Shannon says they haven’t discussed Emily’s diagnosis, and Emily says she didn’t make one. Shannon says, Emily, not only once, but twice, threatened Kelly, and she’s concerned about her mental capacity? Emily says if she hurt Shannon’s feelings or upset her in any way, she takes ownership. It wasn’t her intention, and she apologizes. Shannon keeps talking over Emily, and Gina tries to say something, but Shannon says she and Emily are talking. Well, Shannon is talking. In Gina’s interview, she says Shannon can’t even see when people are trying to help her. Emily hopes they get to a place where they can move forward. In her interview, Shannon has no idea if it was a sincere apology. She just wants is to get to Brett Michaels.

Gina says Vicki got rid of her gobble wobble. Vicki doesn’t know what that is, but if she had one, she wishes someone would have sent her an email. Kelly wants a facelift, and Shannon says, there’s nothing to pull. Vicki asks if Shannon is still going to the concert, and Shannon realizes she has to be there in fifteen minutes. She leaves to change. Tamra says she thinks that went well, and gets silence. Gina shrugs. In her interview, Gina says, it went awesome. Said nobody ever. Tamra says, Shannon is just Shannon. She’s effing amazing. Hmm… not quite the word I would use. One of them anyway.

Kelly points out her date, and how gorgeous he is. Shannon comes out wearing a bandana, all dressed in black, and her leather jacket. She says sorry she has to go, but Emily gets it. She says Shannon looks sexy. In Kelly’s interview, she says Shannon’s behavior is erratic; that’s what’s frustrating for Gina. Shannon promises to take pictures. In her interview, Shannon says life is incredibly good to her. She’s navigating raising three daughters on her own, launching a food like that’s doing incredibly (WOTD) well. She’ll be okay, and so will her kids. She does a selfie in the car. The text tells us she’s ten pounds from her goal wait, and she’s fine with Archie being the man of the house.

Tamra says life is amazing. Gina isn’t feeling that now, but she will. Gina says she has lot to be happy about. The text says she’s in the process of finalizing her divorce. So no sex with Matt – for now.

Vicki tells Steve she appreciates what he’s done for her for the last two weeks. He says it’s been interesting. She says if they’re even going to consider getting married, they should get premarital counseling. He’s down with that, as long as she gives him dessert. I’m not sure if he means, like cake, or it’s a euphemism for something else. In the text, we find out that they haven’t gone yet, and Vicki is still waiting for a ring.

Kelly doesn’t want a boyfriend. She’s never been alone, and it’s scary, but she’s liking it. She tells everyone that Alex has a PhD – a pretty huge d*ck. We read that she’s dating a new guy she met through Shannon, but keeping her bench full, just in case.

Emily appreciates her mom making an effort. They’ve done a 360 from where they were. Isn’t that a 180? Carolyn thanks Emily for her support. She needs and depends on it. We learn that she still wants a daughter. Shane still doesn’t, but she’s paid for embryo storage through 2019. After which, she plans to divorce him. Just kidding.

Tamra and Eddie take a picture with Sandy and Frank. Tamra says this was a rough year. She had Eddie’s heart problems, doctor’s appointments, moving. This year tested her faith. She didn’t know if she was going to lose her husband. It puts things in perspective. The text reads that she and Eddie sold their home, and are moving to a gated community. There’s no need for a housewarming party. Their neighbors are Vicki and Gina.

Gold confetti falls, and everyone dances. Kelly says this group of girls is 100%. They look up to and help each other. Vicki says, being transparent and kind; that’s what friendship is. Emily and Gina goof around, and fall into the pool. Kelly says getting wet is later for her and Alex

Next time – the Reunion Part One will be aired on Sunday at 9 pm, followed by the Dirty John premiere.

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November 12, 2018 – Sonny’s What If, Gina’s Sequined Birthday, Vanderpump Date, Poor Joe & Made It


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

There’s a storm. Sonny looks and sees his younger self. He’s holding a gun, and a man kneels in front of him. He says it’s Skully’s order. The man says once he pulls the trigger, he can’t take it back. Think about it, kid. Is this the life you want? Mike is there, and tells him that he’s better than this; better than Skully. He’s better than Mike. Any future life he wants is his. All he has to do is give him the gun. Just one time, trust him. Mike takes the gun and kisses Sonny. Sonny wakes up in a chair. He sees a picture of himself in uniform.

He looks around the room. There’s a picture of Dante, one of Olivia-Q with a little girl, and another of two young girl. Olivia asks why he’s up. She thought he was taking a nap. Two shifts back to back; he must be exhausted. She says they’ve been planning this trip for weeks, and tells him not to try backing out. He promised they’re driving to Port Charles to see their son.

Sonny says he has a lot on his mind. Olivia says he can be silent as the grave in the car, but needs to make an effort once they get there, especially with their son. He says she doesn’t need to tell him how to talk to their son. She says it’s not about words; it’s his attitude. Dante made a good life. He doesn’t want him talking right and wrong, and upholding the law. Dante is his son. She thinks he forgets and loses perspective when his pride is triggered. He says he has principles. She says so does she, and number one is that she loves her kids. He says he loves them too, and she says today is a good day to prove that.

Sonny and Olivia walk into Pozzulo’s. Sonny says he’s there to see his son; he works for the owner. Dante is in the back with Sam, and Olivia hugs them. She tells Sam that her earrings are gorgeous, and Sam says Dante gave them to her for their anniversary. Dante asks Sonny how work is. Sonny says he has good says and bad days. Olivia suggests they order wine, and Dante says the food is excellent. Olivia tells him that she brought some chicken parm. It’s in the car; she hopes she didn’t overstep. Dante says it’s an accomplishment for Sam to make toast. Olivia says she’d be in heaven if they came back to Brooklyn, but Dante says he lives in Port Charles. Great things have happened since he moved there. Not just Sam, but he has business opportunities he can’t get int the city. Sonny asks if they’re legit. Dante says they’re lucrative, and he doesn’t understand.

Julian and Ava come in, and Dante introduces them. Ava says she and Julian are extremely fond of their son. Julian says they couldn’t get along without him. He has a rare combination of guts and intuition. Olivia says they’re proud of their son; he speaks highly of them. Julian says it’s their place. Order anything on the house. Sonny says he can buy a meal for his family. Julian insists, but so does Sonny. Julian tells him to suit himself, and says he’ll be in the office. Dante asks Sonny what’s the matter that he can’t be civil for the length of a handshake. Sonny says anything the Jeromes touch is rotten. Dante asks how he knows, and says, prove it, detective. Oh, that’s right, he’s a sergeant now, since he was shot in line of duty. He’s been on the force twenty-five years, and what does he have to show for it? Commendations? A pension? How far will that take him? Dante says his mom is going to have to work the salon until she’s ninety. Sonny says the money he has is clean, which is more than he can say for Dante’s friends or Dante. He walks out, telling Olivia, let’s go.

Sonny goes to the station, and asks to speak to the commissioner. He sees Alexis, who’s busy being the DA. Anna comes out, and shakes hands with Sonny. Alexis explains that he’s Dante’s father. Anna says she’s met his son; he’s charming. Sonny laughs, and says Dante thinks so. He asks to speak in private. He and Anna go into the interrogation room. Anna seems really tired. He says Ava and Julian have expanded their territory, and taken over Port Charles one place at a time. She asks what his point is, and he says it’s a smuggler’s paradise. They take a cut of whatever moves through. Anna says those are allegations, and Sonny wonders when she’s going to do something about it. When is she putting them in prison? She doesn’t see what business it is of his.

Olivia talks to Dante about his sister, but he has to go to work. When he’s gone, Sam apologizes. Olivia tells her not to; Sonny started it. In the back, Dante apologizes to Julian for his father, but Julian brushes it off. Ava says they owe him a debt. Julian says it helped expand the business. He was right about AJ; he was ripe for the picking. There’s a shipment being offloaded as they speak. Dante says he could have supervised it, but Julian didn’t want to bother him. It’s in capable hands. There’s a knock at the office door, and Jason comes in. Ava asks how it went, and Jason says, no problems. She says there never are with him, and kisses him.

Sonny tells Anna that he’s at the 33rd Precinct in Manhattan. Any drugs that come there, come through Port Charles. She tells him that when one mob boss falls, another takes their place. The Jeromes are despicable, but they’re the devils she knows. He says, that’s it? He doesn’t know what broke her, but she must have been a good cop once. He leaves, and asks Alexis what’s going on with the commissioner. He’s been around enough cops to recognize the signs. It seems like she doesn’t care that the city is rotten with organized crime. Alexis says there are extenuating circumstances. Her daughter, Robin, had HIV. It was in the 90s, and there was no access to the treatments of today. She ended up with full-blown AIDS, and died. Sonny asks how old she was, and Alexis says, nineteen. He says it’s tragic, and Alexis says she doesn’t think Anna has been the same since. She just goes through the motions. Sonny says she’s given him a lot to think about.

Sonny goes back to Pozzulo’s. He asks Julian where his son is, but Julian says Dante isn’t there. Sonny says he doesn’t like what’s going on, and tells Julian to cut Dante loose. Julian says he’s not holding anyone prisoner. It’s too much trouble; he doesn’t need it. Julian wonders since when did Sonny make it his personal mission to burn their life down. Sonny says if he doesn’t cut Dante loose – Julian says that sounds like a threat. Ava is sure he didn’t mean it. He’s not aware they don’t deal with threats personally. They have their associate, Jason, for that, and he’s good at his job. Carly storms in, and says, it’s over. Ava and Julian’s plan to trap her son is finished. Ava asks if she’s feeling all right; she seems unsteady. Ava hopes she didn’t drive. She says Michael is taking over ELQ in Singapore. Ava says it’s an incredible city. She knows Carly will miss him. Carly tells her, cut the crap. He had to leave the country because of them. She’ll make them pay if it’s the last thing she does.

Dante sees Jordan on the pier. She says he’s not very discreet, but he says there’s no one there. He has it and she knows the terms of the deal. Jordan says he’ll be listed as a classified source. He gives her something small – a flashdrive? She asks why he’s doing this. It’s a sweet deal for his father. She did a background check, and found out he’s a cop. Is he doing his civic duty? Dante says that’s one way to look at it, and Jordan says, too bad it’s a secret. His father would be proud.

Julian asks Carly how it’s their fault? She says Michael saw their trap, and got out. Now she has to deal with drunk AJ, and will get them indicted; the sooner, the better. Julian says she should be careful who she calls a drunk/ Glass houses… She says the only reason he’s not in prison or dead is because of Jason. They’re like a cancer, and he’s watching them destroy his nephew’s life. Ava says, the only person ruining Michael’s life is his mother. Carly lunges at them, and tells Ava to crawl back in the gutter. Ava says it takes one to know one. Sonny grabs Carly, and says he’ll walk her out. She goes with him.

Sonny gives Carly some coffee at Charlie’s. Carly says coffee doesn’t sober people up. He asks if she needs sobering, and she says she had a couple of drinks. She knows what she’s doing. He says if he had a dollar for every time he heard that, he’d be a rich man. She says she learned from her husband. He’s a drunk, among other things. She tells Sonny that she’s Mrs. AJ Quartermaine. Caroline, but she likes to be called Carly. He introduces himself as Sonny, and says it’s nice to meet her. They shake hands, and Carly says, hello, Sonny. She wonders why he rescued her. He says he wishes he hadn’t. He wanted her to slap the spit out of Julian. She asks, why? and he says, her first. What about her son? She tell him that AJ is the CEO of ELQ, and a drunk. Ava and Julian buy him off, but Michael is smarter than his father. He saw it coming, and got out. Sonny asks if that isn’t a good thing, and she says, he’s safe, but half a world away. They had a fight before he left, and he left angry and upset with her. Carly asks if he’s a father, and Sonny says, three kids. She says maybe he’ll understand. Everything she did to protect Michael wound up driving him away.

Sonny goes back to the station, and finds Anna. She says she gave him one meeting as a courtesy. He says he’s there to apologize. He was a harsh judge without knowing the facts. Jordan comes in. She’s with the DEA, and has an authorized request for the department’s help. Ava and Julian are brought in behind her. Ava says Sonny put them up to this. They’re innocent; it’s a set up. Julian tells them, anything Sonny says is a lie. The cops he knows fabricate everything. Jordan says she’s a federal agent, and knows the difference. It’s enough to lock them up for a long time. Julian says Sonny will pay for this. No one betrays the Jeromes. Jordan says she’s sorry he got dragged in. She doesn’t know why they’d think he’s the one to blame. Sonny says they can blame him all they want, as long as it ends there.

Sonny goes back to see Dante; they need to talk. Dante knows the Jeromes were arrested. Sonny says, let them rot. He doesn’t need this. Dante says Sonny doesn’t know anything about him. Sonny asks if Dante doesn’t think he faced the same choices. Dante says he’s planning to step in; the territory is wide open. The only thing he and Sonny share is the gift of strategy. Sonny knows how good it looks. He knows because he wanted it so bad, he could taste it, but he realized it cost too much. Dante says, not for him. Sonny says Dante is nothing like him, and Dante laughs. Sonny says he knew the first time he held Dante. The first time Dante fell down, he got up and laughed instead of cried. Dante is the best of him. His graces without flaws. No one ever made him feel trapped or small. There’s a fire in him, so he needs to be careful not to feed it, or let it get out of control. He would lose his soul and not care. He’s so broken in ways he can’t understand. Sonny could live the life he wants, but Dante can’t. It’s going to destroy him. Dante asks if he’s finished. He has to go back to work. He gets a text that says, be there in an hour. Pier 55.

Jason tells Dante they don’t have a lot of time. Dante says Julian is probably talking to Diane. Jason says the DEA agent sounded confident. They have to find out who’s against them and eliminate them. There can be no witness.

Sonny sees Carly at the bar in Charlie’s having a beer. She tells him that she used to drink beer out of a bottle. Then she met AJ, and his family cleaned her up. She switched to wine; it’s more ladylike. Sonny asks if she thinks her son would want this. She doesn’t know, and he suggests she go after Michael. She says, easier said than done. He says he’s no one to give advice when he just had a fight with his own son. He’s in a bad way, and Sonny doesn’t know how to tell his wife. She loves him so much, it’s going to break her heart. Carly tells him, fix it. He doesn’t know how, and she says to take the advice he just gave. Tell him that he’s sorry, or stay and drink with her.

Dante is on the phone at Pozzulo’s, saying Diane is finding out the charges. Sam comes in. She asks if the feds contacted him. He’s sure they will. She asks if they’ll find anything, but he tells her, whatever happens, they’re in the clear. Sam says now’s their chance. He’s happy to hear her say that. When the Jeromes go down, the territory opens up for them to take. Sam says, no. She meant it’s their chance to leave and be free; not be a part of what this place is turning them into. He asks what she’s talking about. Look at her. She says it’s not her. She’s not a trophy wife. She’s not sitting at home alone, and missing the guy she fell in love with. She asks if he remembers dancing at Jake’s. He used to make her laugh. Where is he? Dante says if she doesn’t like the life he’s given her, she can leave, and he’ll find someone else to take her place. He leaves, and she puts her wedding ring on the bar. Jason comes out.

Jason asks if Sam is okay. She says the marriage is over. It’s been over for a while, but it’s official now. He asks what she’s going to do, and she says she was just asking herself the same question. She has no idea. She can’t stay. She can’t watch what this has done to Dante. Jason asks where she’s going, and Sam says, Wyoming… Montana. She’s never been. The blue sky, the open road. She’d feel free. Jason says it sounds like a good plan. She asks if he has a plan, and he says he has a job. She says, not for long. The Jeromes are going to prison. He doesn’t owe them anything. He should do something for himself. He says, like what? and she says, you tell me. Get on a motorcycle, and just ride away? He says he used to have one. When he started working for Frank, Frank thought it drew too much attention, so he got rid of it. Sam says, buy another one. Get on, and just ride. He deserves better than this. His phone dings. The text says, meet at Pier 55 – alone. He says he has to go to work, and tells Sam, good luck in Montana.

On the phone, Carly says they’ll speak soon, and she loves him. Olivia sees her, and apologizes for eavesdropping. She heard Carly mention her son’s name – Dante. Carly says she must be Olivia. She introduces herself, and says Olivia’s husband came to her rescue earlier. She almost got into it with the Jeromes. He escorted her out before it escalated, or before she got arrested. Olivia asks if he said anything about Dante meeting him.

At the pier, Jason asks Dante why he wanted to meet there. Dante shoots him in the stomach. Alrighty then. Dante removes Jason’s gun from his waistband and says he won’t be needing this takes. Jason asks why he’s doing this, and Dante says it’s nothing personal. Under the circumstances, he’d be a valuable asset, but he’s loyal to the Jeromes. He’s too dangerous to leave alive. He aims at Jason’s head, and Sonny appears, telling him, don’t do it.

Dante says he wouldn’t understand, and Sonny says, explain it. Dante says he’s right about the Jeromes. They’re scum. Violent and sloppy, and they need to be removed. With Jason gone, he’ll be able to step in. That’s who he is; the man Sonny is afraid to be. Sonny grabs him, and gets the gun. It goes off, and Dante falls. Olivia runs to Dante, and says Sonny just shot his own son. Sonny drops the gun.

Sonny is back looking at his younger self. He tell young Sonny that once he pulls the trigger, he can’t take it back. Mike says, don’t do it. Sonny says it’s not up to Mike; let him do this. It was never Mike’s choice to make. It’s his. Pull the trigger or don’t. Whatever you choose, there will be a price to pay. He knows. Young Sonny shoots. Now Sonny wakes up.

He looks at the storm outside, but only sees his reflection in the window.

Very nice.

Tomorrow, Josslyn has a good time with Cameron, Alexis asks Oscar if he’s sure he’s ready to handle this, and Carly is worried because she doesn’t know what’s going on.

🏆 Sonny, Sonny, Sonny…

More on this very special episode of General Hospital.


The Real Housewives of Orange County

Kelly visits Gina. Gina says it’s a new chapter; a transition. She and Matt are really splitting, and she has to commit. It’s scary, but she’s proud of herself. Kelly sees Matt’s picture, and says she’ll take Gina’s leftovers. She’s renting the Casida, so she doesn’t have to move the kids back and forth. Kelly thinks it’s brilliant.

Tamra goes to Vicki’s house. She asks Steve how the patient is. She tells Vicki that her skin looks good. Vicki says she’s annoyed, but good. Tamra doesn’t want to drop bombs, but Gina. She went to Shannon’s with Kelly, and told her that Tamra was saying bad things about her in Jamaica. In Vicki’s interview, she wonders why they’re still talking about Jamaica. They’re home now. They’re over Jamaica. Vicki says gossip is never good, and Shannon’s not mentally ill. Tamra says she doesn’t do fake

In the car, Kelly says it was a sh*t show. Gina tells Kelly that she never said Tamra was a bad friend. Shannon told her that she was in the middle of a custody battle, and wanted to know what was being said about her. She made Gina feel badly for her. Kelly says she was being manipulating. Gina says she’s flipping out and causing problems with her other friends. She doesn’t need that in her life.

Tamra tells Vicki that she asked for Gina’s side, and when Tamra said she wasn’t talking about Shannon anymore, Gina moved on to her birthday party. We see a clip of Gina asking everyone to wear sequins to her party. Tamra is iffy about going, and knows Vicki and Shannon can’t go. Vicki thinks they should have a PJ party at her house. Tamra says she’d rather do that than hang out with them. She asks if Vicki got a call from Emily. She’s having a cup reading, where someone reads tea leaves. Vicki has no desire to participate.

Kelly helps Gina bring things into the house. Kelly thinks it’s adorable. She asks if Gina has been on her own before, and that’s a no. Kelly says it’s hard and sad. In her interview, Gina says her old life is no longer. She has to grow up a little, and manage money or deal with it if something breaks. Matt was helpful. She tells Kelly that their anniversary is in two days; it’s sad. In Gina’s interview, she says she’s realizing Mrs. Matt is no more. She’s no longer a wife. The Casida is the best solution. The kids are young, and she feels guilty because they miss her. She tells Kelly they haven’t addressed the issue with the kids yet. In her interview, Kelly says the most shocking thing about divorce is not having your kid full time. It’s like getting your arm cut off. You still have it, but it’s not there. Still, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Gina tells her they’re going to say that mommy and daddy don’t love each other the way they should, but they’re still a family.

Emily’s sister-in-law, Shireen, helps her set the table.

Shannon goes to the optometrist. She’s concerned about the range of motion in her eyeballs.

Kelly asks Jolie if she’s been practicing. Jolie says, hours every day. She does Kelly’s makeup, and tells her she looks like a hooker in the outfit she’s wearing.

Emily’s mom is on the way. She’s running out of time, and the kids are very needy right now. In her interview, Emily is excited about having friends over. When she couldn’t have children, a cup reader told her that she’d have three. Tamra gets there first. Shireen explains that you drink Turkish coffee or tea, and the reader turns the cup upside down, and reads the images. Her mom is a big believer. Tamra doesn’t know if she believes it. She thinks it’s fun and games. We flash back to when the psychic said Brooks didn’t have cancer. Tamra says it’s like watching a movie. Gina arrives, and Tamra looks everywhere but at her.

Kelly goes to Jolie’s performance in Oliver! Michael is there, volunteering for the coffee station in the lobby. In Kelly’s interview, she says Michael is a great dad. She picked a great man to be the father of her kid. It’s great seeing him being there for her. Michael fixes Kelly’s hair. She brushes him off, but he says she loves it. In her interview, she says she can’t stand him at times, and vice versa, but it’s not about them. What’s important is their kid, and it makes her happy they’re together. Michael tells her she has a beautiful face, and should get her hair out of it.

Pary joins them. Every time I see her, I marvel at how tiny she is. Emily says she texted Shannon, and she responded. She wants a new beginning, and feels like it’s progress. Gina says she feels bad, but she’s over Shannon. She was trying to help, now it’s about her and Tamra. Tamra has never been a sh*tty friend to her, and that’s all she cares about. Emily says Gina is hard-core straight-up, but she’s seen Shannon flip out. Shannon takes little pieces of information, and feels attacked. Tamra wonders why it happens. In her interview, Tamra doesn’t know Shannon to be a liar or Gina to be a sh*t stirrer. She doesn’t know what to think. Gina says she’s out of it. She can’t navigate it anymore. She has real sh*t on her plate. It’s ridiculous and she’s done with it.

Oliver! Begins. Kelly says watching her daughter perform is rewarding. It’s a high-end production. Nothing like she had in junior high. She’s proud, and it feels good sitting next to Michael. You don’t stop loving someone when you’ve had a lifetime with them. When it’s over, they hug. She says he’ll always a part of her family and heart. She hopes in the future, they’re always on this track. They give Jolie flowers, and tell her that she did a great job.

Cup reader Maryam arrives. Pary says they have a Turkish/Arabic coffee mix. Maryam starts with Tamra. She tells Tamra that she has the right to do something for herself. She sees Tamra praying. There are two people, and it’s dark. Tamra asks if her husband is going to die. Maryam says no, but they might separate. Maybe the problem will go away. In her interview, Tamra says it freaks her out. She can’t imagine going on with life if Eddie died. Maryam tells Emily that she has a nice heart and a nice family. There’s someone who did many for her things. They’re close to her, and she has to give back many things. In Gina’s interview, she says she’s pretty sure everyone would end up where they end up without drinking the tea. Maryam asks Gina if she wants a divorce. She saw a paper, and Gina is going to sign it. She asks who they know besides Shireen who has an SH in their name. They all say, Shannon, in unison. Maryam says Shannon needs help. In her interview, Gina says Shannon is even rearing her head in her teacup. Maryam says Shannon needs help, and they should help her. In Gina’s interview, she says, you’re welcome Maryam tells them, everybody needs to help her soon; tonight; tomorrow. She wishes everyone good luck. Tamra says it could be Shane; she’s calling bullsh*t. Gina says her birthday party is going to be at Social, five o’clock; wear sequins. Tamra is leaning toward not going. I’m hoping something was left out of that scene. Other than the thing about Shannon, the cup reading was pretty boring.

Gina gets ready for the party with a couple of friends. In her interview, she says last year, her 33rd birthday was rad. Do people still use that word? Matt surprised her by taking her to Newport. She realizes she’s not getting a birthday card from him for the first time in eleven years. It’s one of the landmines she’s experiencing along the way. She gets a text that her son got the game ball. She gets upset because she left the game to come there. She FaceTimes with her son, saying she’s excited for him. He’s excited too, and shows her the ball. She tells him she’s at a friend’s house, hanging out, and in her interview, she says it breaks her heart lie to her son. They haven’t had the conversation with him. It’s definitely a major peek into the future. Until you’re there, no one can explain how you’ll feel as a mom when you miss a monumental moment in your kid’s life. She feels terrible. Her friends tell her, no tears, and Gina says, tears are for after forty. That sounds like a great title for a book.

Vicki’s son drops by. She says, it’s not as bad as it looks, and he tells her, it looks fine. He didn’t like Kelly FaceTiming him, and showing him the staples in Vicki’s head. We see a clip of that. He wonders why they do this to themselves, and Vicki asks him not to tell Briana. Michael says Vicki didn’t tell them anything. She says they’d tell her not to do it, and he says they don’t want her to keep doing sh*t to her face. In her interview, Vicki says they weren’t supposed to know. Briana is a nurse, who doesn’t want her going under, and Michael doesn’t get it. She lives in the OC, has a hot guy, and doesn’t want wrinkles. She shows Michael the box of important folders, in case anything happens to her. She says she still has life insurance on Don. In her interview, she says she owns the policy, pays the premiums, and she’s he beneficiary. He probably shouldn’t know. She tells Michael that she wanted to make sure everything was locked down, and he suggests maybe she shouldn’t do things where she might die. She says everything is a risk, but she’s done. She promises that the only other thing she’s changing is, she’s going to work out more. In Vicki’s interview, she says she doesn’t anticipate it, but if something needs to be tweaked, she’ll tweak. She doesn’t need permission. Michael asks if there’s anything happy in the box. She says the information on her retirement.

Emily gets to the restaurant first, and sets up the table.

Vicki asks Steve if she can have half a drink. Steve says, no alcohol, but she says she needs to calm down. Steve says he’ll get her something. In her interview, Vicki says she has the best looking nurse, and he’s a drill sergeant. She’s a type-A personality, and wants to be in control, but she’s at his mercy. He gives her a Xanax. She tells him that Shannon is coming. She hasn’t pooped since her surgery, and they might have to help her. 1) I thought the hospital won’t let you leave until you do, and 2) TMI. Steve gives her a glass of wine. She says now she’ll get loopy, since he gave her the Xanax. Cheers to me.

The table is beautiful; almost Below Deck worthy. It’s also sequined up. Emily loves to plan a party; it’s a creative outlet. She says there’s no Cirque du Soleil performers flying around, but she’s proud of what she did. Gina and friends arrive. Sequins are everywhere; in the tablescape, the cake, and on the women. Gina wonders where Tamra is. She assumed Tamra was coming.

Tamra shows up at Vicki’s house wearing glasses, in curlers, house robe, and slippers. She says it’s an old lady party. Gina had told her not to hang out with the geriatrics in Jamaica, so she thought it would be funny to dress up like an old lady and have a tea party. Vicki thinks Tamra looks like her grandma and says she’s darling. Tamra dances around the kitchen. Vicki says she’d laugh, but she can’t. Tamra takes out a casserole, and Vicki is delighted. We see a clip from the reunion where she says she expected a casserole, and didn’t get one. She also brings out a box with an enema in it. Vicki says she doesn’t need it; give to Shannon. Tamra has a matching nightie and support hose for Vicki. She wonders what the other girls are doing. Tamra says she forgot to call, and had said she was going. Bleepity-bleep-bleep-bleep.

At Social, the girls order. Gina calls Tamra. Tamra says she can’t FaceTime, and ignores the call. Gina hopes everything is okay. Vicki says they’ve known Shannon for five years, and she’s not crazy. She has a rainbow, colorful personality. That’s how God made her. Tamra is loving Xanax Vicki. Shannon finally gets there, and Vicki says Kelly called her, wondering where she is. Tamra suggests giving Shannon the enema, but Shannon says she’s good without it. Tamra says it’s a good excuse for a party, and Shannon says they’re not blaming it on her.

Gina tells Emily about Matt’s midnight phone call. In her interview, Emily thinks they’re getting divorced, but aren’t going to stop having phone sex or in person sex.

Tamera thinks the old lady party is more fun than the sequin party. She puts curlers in Shannon’s hair, and Vicki already has some. Tamra says she’s never seen an enema before. Shannon says she hadn’t either, until she did one before Tamra’s baptism. Tamra reminds her that she got it stuck in her butt, and we flash back to that.  Vicki tells Steve that she’s lost her friends; they’re doing an enema together. He says, that’s good. Shannon says you just stick it up and squeeze. Shannon comes out of the bathroom dying laughing. Tamra says it won’t stop. Steve says he’s not cleaning that up.

Emily says they’ve never been to a Simpson party. Kelly gets confused, since Simpson is Emily’s last name, but she thinks Emily means The Simpsons. Emily says her mother-in-law is a huge part of her life, and she hopes her mom can come. She wants to do a femme fatale party. Sexy women owning it.

Vicki thanks everyone, and thanks Jesus for friendships. In Vicki’s interview, she says the three of them are the epitome of forgiveness compassion, and true forgiveness. Tamra says they love and hate each other, but at the end of the day, they’re best friends. Kelly calls Tamra, who finally answers, but not on FaceTime. She says she’s at Vicki’s, and Kelly says she thought Tamra was coming to Gina’s birthday party. Tamra says she totally forgot, and Gina says she’s an oversight. Tamra calls herself an a-hole, and says, sorry. Emily says, wow, and Gina says, it’s okay. There are more birthdays to come. Gina thinks they must be playing bridge, and Emily says her grandma plays bridge and drinks martinis. Shannon gets pissed that they’re making fun of them. Tamra says, when you get to a certain age, sequins and nightclubs don’t matter anymore. Gina says she doesn’t care, and Emily tells them to go play bridge. In her interview, Gina says it’s a slap in the face. Tamra says, let them be rude. She’s glad she didn’t go. The old lady party rules. Emily is irritated, but she’s not letting it mess her up. She’s having a party, and it’s going to be fun.

Tamra relays what happened at the lunch, and tells Shannon that Emily claimed she saw similarities between Shannon and her mentally ill mother. Vicki says Shannon isn’t mentally ill; she’s emotionally ill. Shannon says Emily threatened to kill Kelly twice. In her interview, Shannon says Emily is an attorney, and that’s unethical. Emily doesn’t even know her.

Next time, the finale – Emily’s mom visits, Gina tells Tamra that Shannon is lying, and Shannon thinks Emily and Gina are sh*t stirrers.

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🍝 I Can’t Help It…

I really do feel sorry for not-so-juicy Joe. I think the court is making an example of him. It’s not like he just dropped in from the sky. Both he and Teresa are kind of obnoxious, yet endearing in some weird way. Like those relatives you love from a distance, and have to invite to Thanksgiving. And it’s fun. Until it’s not.


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November 5, 2018 – Sonny Spills the Coffee Beans, Two Elective Surgeries & On the Wheel


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Jason asks Carly if she’s okay. She says, no. She’s been around violence, but what happened to Mary Pat was horrific. Whoever did it is a monster.

Jordan looks like she has a headache when Curtis comes into her office with a big box. He says he can come back later. Jordan realizes she forgot they were supposed to meet with the wedding planner. He says he explained she was busy, and was given samples to look through. They still have time. He starts to leave, but she asks him not to go. She needs him right now.

At the gallery, Ava hears something. She says they’re closed. She picks up a sculpture with a pointed end, and stands beside the doorway. She nearly clocks not-Doc, and says, thank God.

Laura is distressed, and flashes back on when not-Doc told her that he’s not feeling the same anymore, and he’s thinking they should separate. She’s about to call him, when Spencer comes in, saying, hail to the mayor! He asks if she’s all set for her political upset. She’s not sure if she can pull off a write-in campaign, but he says if it pays off, then his fearless grandmother will be the next mayor.

Margaux walks through The Floating Rib, recording details of Mary Pat’s murder. She says she has to follow-up with Carly and Sonny. Sonny says it’s her lucky day; he’s already there be. He’s offended, since she hasn’t returned his calls. She says she’s busy, but can always make time for him, especially if he’s here to confess. He’s sorry to disappoint her, but has nothing to confess. He and Carly were interviewed by the commissioner, and he’ll tell her the same thing. He hated that sadistic nurse; she made life a living hell for Carly. He’s not crying over her death, but had nothing to do with it. Margaux says, maybe that’s one murder he didn’t commit. He asks if it isn’t unusual for a DA to investigate a crime scene. Margaux says she’s hands, but Sonny says some people would say she’s obsessed. She needs to take a step back. Things like that eat at your soul. She asks if he’s concerned or that’s a veiled threat. He says he’s giving her the benefit of the doubt that she has a sou. She asks if his wife didn’t discover Mary Pats’ head. He says Mac uncovered the barrel, and unfortunately, Carly was close to it. She’s strong, but it shook her up. Margaux promises they’ll get the person who did this. She always gets the bad guy, no matter how long it takes.

Jordan tells Curtis that she could use a sounding board she can trust. She says they have Mary Pat’s remains, both the body and head, but there’s a detail he needs to keep quiet about. There were strands of blond hair in one of her hands. Obviously, there was a struggle. Curtis thinks the M.O. is unique, and the showmanship is especially troubling, and meant to terrify and shock. He asks if there was a sexual assault, and Jordan says she’s still waiting for the report. Why? Does he think it’s personal?  Curtis says maybe the killer wants them to think they’re a homicidal maniac, and Jordan finishes, but maybe they were looking to settle a score. Curtis says maybe it’s not insanity. Maybe it’s the oldest motive known to man – revenge.

Jason tells Carly, sorry; he got her voicemails. He knows she and Laura went to Ferncliff. She says they were looking for anything suspect, and didn’t see anything serious. It was unsettling, but that’s understandable. She left with questions though. Jason asks what kind, and she says when they were there, they ran into Mary Pat, who’d just gotten fired. Words were exchanged. Mary Pat said Carly almost killed her, and Carly says she regretted not finishing the job. Jason asks, who heard? and she says, Laura. She tells Jason even if she hated Mary Pat, that doesn’t mean she killed her.

Lulu visits Laura, bringing campaign buttons. She gives Laura one for Doc, but Laura says he’s not going with them. Lulu doesn’t mean to be critical, but tells Laura that she seems distracted, and she has to be focused on the message when they arrive at the polls. Spencer tells her that she doesn’t want to disappoint her constituents. She says if people want to write her in, it’s up to them, but she doesn’t think she’s doing any more campaigning. Lulu asks, why not? and Laura says she doesn’t think it’s the right moment in her life for going into public service.

Ava apologizes to not-Doc for being on edge. She found a dead body at the gallery. He says that’s why he came by. He was concerned when she missed her appointment; then he heard about the poor nurse’s mutilated body that Ava found. He thought he should check on her. She says she thought it was a Halloween prank. Then the jack-o’-lantern fell down. He tells her to sit. He can only imagine how jarring it was for her. He can only imagine her shock and awe… fullness. She says she thought she’d seen everything, but it was so random and disturbing. The police said the body had hair in its hand; blonde. Everyone was looking at her like she was an ax murderer. She was going to see her lawyer today, just in case. Not-Doc says there’s no need for that. She asks, why not? He says for the simple reason that he knows she didn’t do this. Ava says, she knows, but the other people don’t, and he doesn’t either. Why is he so sure?

Not-Doc tells Ava that he’s never seen evidence in her of this kind of savagery or dark sinister humor. She doesn’t think there’s anything humorous about it; it was brutal. He says if they knew her like he did, they’d know it isn’t her style. She says maybe he doesn’t know her as well as he thinks. She has a rap sheet that’s not for the faint of heart. He says he’s aware she’s made mistakes; who hasn’t? He’s also aware that it’s human nature. With her beauty, brains, and self-confidence, she’s bound to be the target of spite and petty attacks. This isn’t the essence of who she is. Ava is flattered, but not-Doc says he means it.

Lulu asks Spencer to check on the exit polls from his computer. He gets the hint, and leaves the room. Laura knows Lulu is going to say the people are counting on her. Lulu says what’s going on is depraved and sickening, but no one is linking it to Laura’s camp. The body was found this morning. People are shocked and horrified, but they still believe in her. Laura blurts out Doc left her. When she caught him in a lie about where he’d been, he finally admitted he’s been avoiding her since she got back. He was afraid to share his feelings, and it’s her fault. Lulu asks, what feelings? and Laura says she’s not sure. He just said he doesn’t feel the same way about her, or them. He’s not blaming anybody; he’s grappling with it too. Lulu says, poor baby. She’s blaming him. Laura says that doesn’t help right now. Lulu says, sorry, but Laura doesn’t deserve it. She asks if Laura thinks there’s someone else. Laura says she asked, and he said there wasn’t. He says he wanted time to himself, apart from her, to sort out his feelings. Lulu says that doesn’t mean she should drop her life and wait for him. He needs to remember the woman he fell in love withwho he was lucky enough to have fall in love with him. Laura doesn’t understand how things changed so fast. She had no hint when she was in France; not in his phone calls or when he visited. She knows it wasn’t a normal life, and they weren’t together all the time. Lulu tells her not to waste her emotional energy figuring out what’s wrong with Doc. It’s his problem. Hers is getting elected. She tells Laura to get ready for a photo op. If Doc doesn’t appreciate her for who she is, there’s a whole town full of folks who will.

Jason tells Carly, everything is documented in the lawsuit. Carly says he thinks she shouldn’t have talked to Jordan, and he says he wouldn’t have without lawyer, and would have been arrested. Instead of wasting their time, the PCPD should be figuring out who the real perp is. Maybe she’s right to cooperate. She asks if he really thinks that, or he’s trying to make her feel better, and he says, both. She has nothing to hide. It makes her easy to eliminate as a suspect, and they can move on. Whoever killed Mary Pat is sick and twisted, and still out there.

Margaux tells Sonny she’ll use her full force to pursue justice, whether it’s for Mary Pat or her father. He says what he has to tell her has nothing to do with him, but her and her father and mother. She tells him to leave her parents out of it. He asks who told her that it was mob related? She says he left, never returned, and his bones found under the pub. Sonny says it’s an assumption. She says they wanted to keep him quiet. She knows how it works. They have to earn their stripes, and Sonny killed her father. He says, more assumptions. She says, facts, and it’s only a matter of time. He wants to offer her a deal, but she says she thinks she’s the only one in a position to make one, and he’ll never get one. He says she’ll never get him. There’s a cemetery full of people who tried and failed. Here’s his offer; stay away from him and his family, and he’ll do the same. She asks if that’s a veiled threat, and he says, it’s a prediction. Keep pushing, and she’ll end up getting hurt.

Jason says Carly’s physical attack on Mary Pat led to her escape. Carly says, self-defense. Mary Pat was jabbing her with a needle, and she turned the tables. Mary Pat also coerced her into an illegal medical procedure, and forged the consent form. She’s lucky Jason arrived at the opportune moment. He says he had a bad vibe from Mary Pat from the start; when they met. When he and Sam… Carly tells him to keep going. He’s just getting to the good part.

Not-Doc tells Ava that he sees the real her, not what others project; that she’s a wanton woman, heartless, and a bad mother. He looks beyond labels people put on others and themselves. He recognizes projections. Ava says he’s sensitive and intuitive, and she’s glad he’s there. She’s glad he wasn’t there when she discovered the body at her desk. He was thinking the opposite. He wishes he had been there to help her cope. She says if he wants to help, get out of there. He asks if she wants to go to his office. She tells him, no offense, but it’s the last place she wants to be. She needs people, laughter, and life. Anything to keep from thinking about the literal horror show she witnessed. Or does he think it will blur the line between therapy and friendship. He says, some lines are made to be blurred. and they leave.

Spencer comes back, and tells Laura the exit polls are still her way. She can’t quit. Laura thinks if she’d come home earlier, and had months to campaign, she could have created an upset. It’s too late to make a different. Spencer says, it’s never too late. Her public awaits. Lulu agrees, and tells Laura to get camera ready to announce she’s the new mayor. They leave, and Spencer gets on his laptop.

Carly tells Jason that she keeps dreaming about Mary Pat. He knows how hard it is before going to sleep, having jarring memories, but she has to stay on track. It’s just a bad memory; it’s in the past. She tells him about her mantra in Ferncliff; stay strong, stay focused, go home. He likes it, and asks if it worked. She says until they drugged her. She could change it to stay strong, stay focused. She knows he understands. She needs to stay vigilant, but she hates that Mary Pat haunted her in life, and now in death. Jason says she used what little power she had to make people’s lives miserable, but Carly beat her. Carly says Mary Pat was just a cog in a large, rotten machine. There’s a mystery locked up in Ferncliff, and she wants to solve it.

Laura and Lulu return to the apartment, and Spencer says the exit polls are trending on his grandmother. Lulu says standing up for what you believe is important. Spencer asks to come along so he can watch democracy in action. He takes the flashdrive from his laptop with him.

Margaux tells Sonny that threatening a public official is a felony. Sonny laughs, saying she’s making assumptions again. There are different kinds of hurt. If she keeps going down this path, trying to find out the truth about her father’s death, her world is going to come crashing down. She asks if he expects her to believe he’s worried about her. He says he is. He knows she doesn’t believe him, but it’s true. She says her world is firmly in place. He says he’s straddling the Faultline. He tried. He says she likes clarity, so let him be clear. She has no idea what she’s going to find, but he does.

Curtis asks Jordan if he should take the wedding samples or leave them there. They have to make decisions on the menu and stuff, starting with the flowers. Jordan says they were talking about him and Sam getting entry to Ferncliff. He wonders what if someone who knew Mary Pat had a flair for the dramatic. Jordan thinks it would narrow the pool.

Carly tells Jason, when they toured Ferncliff, she wanted to see the condition first hand, but also wanted to find out what happened with the patient next door. Jason says Doc asked them to steer clear because the patient was dangerous. Carly says he spent hours tapping in Morse code – SOS, and that he was being held against his will. When they were there, the room was empty, and they got the run around from the new head nurse. Maybe they have something, or someone, to hide.

Not-Doc and Ava have a drink at Charlie’s. Not-Doc tells her that he did see Mary Pat before her untimely demise. She says he must have been one of the last people to see her. He supposes so.

Outside of Charlie’s, Lulu says she’s proud of Laura. She’s not just casting her ballot for Charles Street, but for all of Port Charles. Laura tells her not to get her hopes up. Spencer says it’s still trending in her favor. It’s her lucky day. They walk inside, and see not-Doc and Ava. Doc tells Ava that he believes in complete transparency.

Ava asks if not-Doc wants to join his wife for an election day photo op, but he says it’s her big day, not his. Even though it’s a not a therapy session, she’s his priority. Laura decides she doesn’t want coffee, and Spencer says he’ll meet them outside. He’s get a coffee to-go. He walks over to not-Doc’s table, and Ava says he must be excited. He tells not-Doc, if it was 1776, he’d challenge him to a duel. He had Spencer fooled. Spence thought he was a real pillar of the community, but like some pillars, he’s hollow inside. It’s all an act. He has nothing; no loyalty or soul. Not-Doc says Spencer is still too young to understand. Spencer says he understands betrayal. Looking at Ava, he adds, doesn’t he? He says not-Doc and Ava deserve each other. They’re two of a kind. He leaves, and not-Doc says no one could accuse him of being inarticulate. Ava says, it was quite a dressing down.

Jordan tells Curtis that she’s hoping for a crossmatch, but it’s a long shot. Curtis says he’s dealt with sickos, but this is next level. Jordan says maybe now she’ll get some answers. The report is back.

Carly tells Jason that she thought she saw him once, but it was after she was drugged up. Jason says, maybe he was discharged, and Carly tells him, that’s what Laura said, but she can’t let it go. It’s driving her crazy. Jason asks what if he’s as dangerous as Doc said? Carly says then they’ll back off. She has to find the answer. What if he didn’t belong there as much as she didn’t?

The only thing Margaux wants from Sonny is the truth. She says his whole enterprise is incapable of that; he’s of no use to her. He says he came with a desire for peace, and she spit in his face. All right, here’s the truth. He’s feeling good today. When first came to her, they were strangers, but her mother wasn’t. He knew her back in the day, and has every reason to believe she was involved with Joe Skully. Margaux starts to smack him, but he grabs her arm, saying, don’t even. He says he used to visit the Skylight Club, and Skully had an apartment upstairs. He thought Margaux’s mother was his girlfriend, but he had many. It didn’t make sense then, but it does now. Her father wasn’t killed because he was trying to get out of the mob. Her mother is a widow because she wanted to be.

Jordan says the weapon was something with a metal spike or hook. The head was severed clean, so it’s someone who has skill with a blade. A hunter, or someone with military training. Curtis says, or a chef, or a butcher – or a surgeon.

Not-Doc tells Ava that, sadly, he and Laura are separated. She’s sorry to hear that. He says he’s managing. He’s sorry Spencer lashed out; saying their the same and deserve each other. She says she’ll take it a compliment. She’s glad she found a kindred spirit.

Spencer meets Laura and Lulu at the polling place. He says he didn’t get coffee because the line was too long. He wanted to see the historic vote. When Laura and Lulu step away to get their I Voted stickers, Spencer puts his flashdrive in the computer there. He asks if they have a sticker for him, but the lady says they don’t have any future voter stickers. As he walks away, Spencer says, sooner than she thinks.

Carly tells Jason that she has a gut feeling. She didn’t get anywhere with the visit, so she’ll arrange to go back. Jason says, bad idea. Carly says she can bring Diane, but Jason says they’ll just cover up whatever they’re hiding. She says she’ll find another way in, but he says he’ll find out for her.

Margaux says Sonny is a damn liar. He’ll say anything to cover up, even accuse her mother of wanting her father dead. Sonny says she conspired with Skully to kill Margaux’s father, and he can prove It

Tomorrow, Lucas says someone is terrified, Finn tells Britt that she won’t be healthy for long, and Spencer says it’s a trap – Quartermaine chicanery.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Vicki asks if Steve missed her. She tells him about bobsledding, saying the sunglasses he gave her went flying, and she wasn’t even drunk. She swears she didn’t overserve herself, because she has surgery coming up, but we flash back, and maybe a little. She says it’s her and Shannon’s last hurrah; Shannon is having her eyes done. Steve asks if she’s done after this. In her interview, Vicki says she’s insecure, and had a lot of procedures. Her nose, chin, boobs, tummy tuck, boobs, eyelift, boobs. She tells Steve it’s an easy surgery, but he says always risk with anesthesia. She mentions a brain issue she has, saying she hasn’t told the doctor. It’s an inner ear tumor that goes to the brain that she’s had her entire life. Steve suggests she call the doctor now. Vicki is excited, but Steve wants this to be the last one.

Tamra talks to Eddie about having backyard party. She’s still tired from Jamaica. Eddie asks if anything weird happened. Tamra tells him that Emily and Gina thought Shannon was snubbing them. He says Shannon thinks her sh*t doesn’t stink, but Tamra says she’s insecure; she feels bad. Eddie says Shannon sucks her dry. She has to want help; Tamra can’t do it for her and keep enabling her. She says she’s been frustrated, and unloaded to other people. She wonders if she’s a bad friend, and Eddie thinks she should keep it between her and Shannon, or people will make it into something it’s not and feelings will get hurt. In her interview, Tamra says she’s like a drug addict. Shannon calls, and she sneaks downstairs and whispers, because her husband is over it. She asks about his doctor’s appointment, and Eddie says he’s supposed to be a rock star surgeon. If he can’t fix Eddie, no one can. Hopefully, the surgery works, and he’ll be back to normal. Tamra says she’s given him a pass on sex because of the medication, but he has a lot of making up to do.

Shane and Emily go to therapy. Emily’s doctor suggested they talk it through. The therapist ask how many years the journey has been as a family. Is this Hobbit therapy? Emily says she was thirty-two when they got married, and she got pregnant quickly, but lost it. In Emily’s interview, she says she had five miscarriages, and carried twins for four months. When she went into labor, she knew they wouldn’t survive. She thinks it’s easier for Shane. He didn’t go through the physical and emotional things needed to have an embryo. Like the clueless dude he is, he says he was with her the entire way. The therapist thinks they should close the chapter, and Shane tells her, whatever he says, he seems heartless. In her interview, Emily says Shane is stoic, and didn’t talk a lot when they lost the twins. It’s emotional for him in a different way. Emily feels that when you miscarry, then carry a baby and lose it, it’s a profound sense of loss. She says the hospital made her a box after she lost the twins, but she never looked at it. The therapist asks if Shane has. He says no, but kept it stored away. Emily isn’t sure she’s ready to open the box. The next step scares her.

Tamra says she’s been drinking a lot, and Eddie says she came home drunk yesterday. She says she’s planning a birthday for son Spencer; something for the family. He just graduated high school and turned eighteen. We flash to when he was seven, which might have been the last time we saw him. Maybe he was upstairs, polishing his skis. (All My Children fans will understand.) Tamra picks Eddie’s nose, which is possibly the most disgusting couple’s activity I’ve ever seen.

Vicki checks in for surgery. She tells Steve, if anything happens, there’s a black box in her office that holds her entire life. She tells the nurse to resuscitate her if she dies. She has a lot of stuff to do.

Shannon checks in for her surgery, and Kelly meets her there. In her interview, Shannon says she’s having eyelid surgery because she’s a single lady, and might date someday. Kelly is excited. They discuss eye creases. In Kelly’s interview, she thinks this will give Shannon a boost of confidence. Kelly goes in with her. Shannon signs the consent form without even reading it. In her interview, she says if she thinks about the negative complications, she’ll panic. They talk about Vicki getting full face lift.

Vicki is getting a steroid that has a side effect of her feeling like there’s a blow torch on her crotch. What? Don’t sign me up.

I don’t think I can watch Shannon’s eyeballs get propped open. She feels good about how the trip ended with Tamra. She thinks an argument turned to a positive is an absolute moment of growth. Kelly leaves before Shannon goes under.

Vicki gets a map drawn on her face. We flash back to her first procedure, when she had her chin done, and looked totally different. She says a facelift doesn’t make you look different. It makes you look like you did twenty years ago.

Shannon’s doctor tells her to pick a dream. She’s going to sleep soon. We go back and forth between Shannon and Vicki getting anesthesia.

Going into recovery, Shannon asks if she snored, and gets a no. She says in a perfect world, she’d have a partner waiting for her, saying everything is going to be okay, but she has a driver, and kids waiting for her at home. It’s all she can ask for right now.

After a five hour surgery, Steve waits for Vicki. When she wakes up, Steve tells her it’s the quietest she’s been in months. He says all went well, and Vicki asks if she’s pretty. He says he loves her outfit, and she tells him that she has no panties on.

Shannon looks like she has black eyes. Her daughter helps her wrap something around her head to hold pads in place. She says she looks like she was in a fight. She looked good right after the surgery, and she wonders what happened.

Tamra says her mom has a thing for Franks. Her dad Frank is there for the party, as well as Sandi’s current boyfriend Frank, and she was also married to another Frank in between. Tamra says there was also a mystery Frank, and thinks maybe Sandi should go to a Steve. Tamra is wearing the most beautiful tiny hat with feathers. I love a tiny hat. She says Spencer is her youngest son, and it’s crazy to think he’s eighteen. He’s going to be studying psychology, but she’d been hoping for plastic surgery. In her interview, Tamra says he’s like an old man. He’s has his life planned out, he’s into history, and likes to communicate. He’s so not her.

The rest of the family arrives, and Eddie takes pictures. Spencer is hoping to get into UCLA. He’s never had alcohol, and Tamra calls him straight edge, but he says he doesn’t identify with any group. In Tamra’s interview, she says it was different when Ryan was a kid. She was young, worked two jobs, and their electricity was turned off most of the time. We flash back to Ryan getting various tattoos. She says Spencer had a totally different lifestyle than Ryan did growing up. Tamra talks about getting matching tattoos with Simon, and having it removed. Sandi says she could have gotten a tattoo that said Frank, and it would have worked for all of her relationships. In her interview, Tamra says her relationship with Simon is the same as it was nine years ago. They make progress, and then go back again, repeating the pattern. It’s not good. She says Spencer was her golden child, and tells him to continue to be a good kid. He wants to change the world, and she tells him that he’s her best work. Did Ryan just hear that? Nice.

Emily’s kids play with their toy cars. Emily tells Shane that she’s going to work, but she thinks she’s ready to open the box. He says he’ll take it out, and she palms the kids off on the nanny. She understands they need to come to a resolution about having another child. She looks through the box, and finds the tiniest handprints ever, and cries. She finds a note from her grandmother, saying she grieved with them, and perhaps some gifts weren’t meant to be. In her interview, Emily says they were close. Her mother was dealing with her own issues, so her grandmother became a surrogate parent. She’s making herself feel better by thinking her children are all in heaven together, and her grandmother is watching out for them. She didn’t feel any closure, and doesn’t know what to do with that. And she still wants another child. She thinks closure is a bullsh*t term that people use, but it doesn’t mean anything. You never really have closure. She says Shane is right. She does have a lot to celebrate. She has three beautiful children.

Gina and Kelly visit Shannon, bearing food and a bedrest pillow. In her interview, Gina says that in the OC, the minute you get off the boat, you’re met with an injection. Kelly asks if Tamra has come by, and we see a clip of her visit. Gina says it obviously got ugly on the Jamaican trip, but she felt she had a breakthrough with Shannon, and she’s glad they’re friends. She feels obligated to tell Shannon what she’s hearing. The day she wasn’t around in Jamaica, there was a lot of talk about her mental health, and if she was okay. Shannon says so many people pipe in about her life, but no one is living in her shoes. Preach it, sister! In Gina’s interview, she says Shannon’s friends are concerned about her mental stability, and she feels a sense of responsibility to come from a place of concern. Kelly admits that Tamra kept talking about it. Gina says she’s not trying to talk sh*t; she’s concerned. In Kelly’s interview, she thinks Tamra and Shannon are co-dependent, in a SWF way. When they’re drinking, it gets exacerbated. Gina shouldn’t get involved. She’s not going to win. Shannon thinks for what she’s been though, she’s been strong. In her interview, Shannon says it’s day one of her recovery, Gina comes over to make her feel like sh*t, and she shouldn’t cry after surgery. Gina tells Shannon that she’s coming from a genuine place, and Shannon can call her.

Vicki and Steve go to a resort. Vicki wears a scarf over her head, as Steve wheels her in. She says the doctor is strict about not going home right away, so they’re on a mini vacation. By the time they get home, everything will be tweaked. She has the greatest man. She’s in love, and can be completely honest. She gets into bed, and says she wants to take her head off of her body. Steve takes a picture, and shows her. She says she looks ugly, and he says she’s just recovering. He says she forgot to tell the doctor about her brain issue. We see a clip of Steve talking to the doctor. He tells her that’s why it took an extra hour. She asks if he’s happy he met her, and he says she’s a handful. In her interview, Vicki says there’s no rhyme or reason why Steve came into her life at a charity event. She thinks her parents were spreading love to her. She tells Steve that she wants a bell.

Tamra is meeting some of the girls for lunch. On her way there, Shannon called, saying Gina claimed Tamra had said horrible things about her. Eddie was right. She should just shut her mouth. She’s the first to arrive, sitting in the outdoor area of the restaurant. Emily is next, followed by Gina and Kelly. Tamra is frosty to Gina, rebuffing a hug. How mature. In Gina’s interview, she says that validates everything she thought about Shannon. She’d clearly called Tamra, and got her pissed. Emily says she came home from Jamaica whiter. She asks how Shannon is, and Kelly says she and Gina paid her a visit. Kelly says Shannon called her afterwards, and Tamra suggests they talk about it. Tamra wants to hear Gina’s side before she loses her sh*t. She demands to know if implied Tamra was a bad friend. Gina says the topic was concern for Shannon, as her best friends were concerned. In Gina’s interview, she says clearly Shannon is trying to cause a fight between her and Tamra. They’re Jedi mind trick masters. Shannon is Yoda. Maybe she should get together with the Hobbit therapist.

Tamra continues to ask if Gina painted her in a bad light. Gina says Tamra was talking about Shannon, but Tamra claims it was nothing she didn’t say to Shannon’s face.  In Tamra’s interview, she says it’s New York Gina, all about loyalty. She didn’t expect to get thrown under the bus. I think the only thing Gina has ever said about being from New York is that she’s opinionated. Tamra asks why Gina is stirring the sh*t, if she wants to show concern? Emily thinks there’s more to the story. Kelly says Shannon called her after she left the restaurant. Gina says Shannon told her a sob story about possibly losing her children, so she thought she should know what’s being said. In her interview, Gina says Shannon is calling everyone, frantic, in the middle of the night, crying. She’s throwing tantrums. We flash back to her flailing around and yelling in Jamaica. She sleeps all day; she’s up all night. We flash back to Vicki saying David takes the kids to school, and she walked in one Shannon pouring vodka. Gina thinks Shannon is deflecting. Tamra – who is often like a broken record – asks if Gina said she was a sh*tty best friend. Gina says, no, and Tamra asks if she insinuated it. Omg. Gina says, no. In Gina’s interview, she says a minute ago, Tamra was questioning Shannon’s mental state, and now she’s believing some cockamamie story.

Emily says what’s resonated with her, is that she’s legit going through an issue with her mom, who has a legit mental illness. There are a lot of patterns she’s seen in her mom that she’s seeing in Shannon. In her interview, Emily says her grandmother’s biggest regret is that her mother didn’t get help sooner. She’s hoping Shannon is willing to have the conversation, so she can get help. Tamra is concerned, but now she’s been labeled a sh*tty friend, because she just can’t drop it. If she said too much, she’s sorry. Kelly says sometimes she takes a lot on. Tamra starts to cry, saying she’s trying to be a good friend. In Gina’s interview, she says she tries to be a good person, but it beats you down. When you’re being truthful and honest, you get in trouble. She tells Tamra that it’s a normal reaction to being backed into a weird place. Tamra doesn’t want to talk about Shannon.

Next time, an old lady party, Michael and Kelly meet, Tamra tells Vicki about Shannon, and Tamra doesn’t show for dinner.

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October 29, 2018 -Information on Marino is Found, Tamra Puts Her Foot Down (Sort Of), Unsure Next Two Days & Skeleton Dance


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Sam says she tried to forget, and tell herself she could live without him. But then when she sees him, even just for a moment, nothing else matters. Jason says he picked up the phone a dozen times, but couldn’t call. Him, who’s afraid of nobody and nothing. He was too afraid to say it out loud. Sam and Jason are going through the letters, and were just thinking out loud. So far, they’ve found noting helpful. Jason says he’s looking for something to figure out if Marino was in deeper than Margaux wants to believe. If they find some dirt she doesn’t want public, it might get her to back off of Sonny.

Finn says he and Anna never made it to Detroit. It’s the one place they’ve both never been. He suggests they take a trip now, unless she has a location on Obrecht. It’s their chance for a romantic getaway. She says, to Detroit? They discuss Avallon (France), but she says they’re not going.

Sonny and Michael are at The Floating Rib. Sonny says he’d love to spend more time with Michael, and asks how he’s doing. Michael says he’s okay. He’s trying not to isolate, but it’s tempting. Whenever that happens Sonny’s voice comes into his head. He says he’s trying, and Sonny says that’s all he can do.

Jordan and Curtis discuss wedding plans at another table. She says the hardest part is the seating chart. World War III could break out unless they focus. Curtis is trying not to focus on Aunt Stella’s boycott of the wedding.

Not-Doc walks through the hall at GH. He tells someone on the phone that he has to cancel because of an emergency, and his will office reschedule. He calls Laura, and leaves a message. He wishes she’d run her Ferncliff plan by him first. He’s on his way. Stella says she’s been looking for him. He says he’s in a rush, but she says, too bad. She has a bone to pick with him.

At Ferncliff, Laura asks if Carly is all right. Carly says this place tried to break her, but it didn’t. It might have succeeded if she hadn’t gotten out. She wants to see the patient who was next door to her, but Kay says she’s not authorized to open patient doors. Laura says she won’t leave until the door is opened. Kay leaves, and Laura asks Carly if she’s sure, but Carly wants to see it. He’s probably dangerous, but he was the only contact she had. She wants to finally put a face to the scream. She looks into the room, and I wonder why she can’t see him through the door window.

Anna can tell Finn is disappointed. He says he had visions of strolling on cobblestone streets and sleeping in late. She say she’d love to escape to Provence, but there’s something more mundane she has to do. They’re at the prison visitor entrance.

Sam says Jeanette and Skully were having an affair for years. She wonders how Jeanette got the letters she wrote to him, and Jason says maybe he had them returned to her after he died. Sam says, love makes you do crazy things, and they give each other a look. They need something to tie Martino to Skully. Jason says Martino laundered money himself on orders from Skully. If they can prove collusion, it would be a huge hit to Margaux’s reputation. Sam says, the DA having ties to organized crime; she almost feels sorry for her. Margaux created a fairytale about her father, and she’s going to find out it’s all lies. It’s a tough pill to swallow. Jason says she deserves what’s coming, and Sam reminds him she said almost. Jason says, Margaux is so obviously willing use anyone and everyone to get what she wants. Mike, Carly, Drew, Kristina. Sam says, she’s targeting everyone in Sonny’s life one by one. She wonders who’s next.

Sonny tells Michael that he knows how hard it is to keep going after you lose someone. The hard part is whether to shut down or reach out. He wishes he could tell Michael it will end, but grief has no time table. The only way out is through. It’s how you deal with it. If he wants to get busy with work, it’s okay. It’s all part of the process. Margaux walks in and sees them. Michael asks what he should know about Charlie’s Pub. Sonny says the DA wants his head, and she’s not going to stop until she gets it.

Curtis asks Jordan, what happened with the search for Marcus? She says, it’s a dead end. He’s been married more than thirty years. Curtis says, so much for pining for Aunt Stella.

Stella tells not-Doc that he still hasn’t signed the form she asked for days ago. He says he’s swamped, but she says that doesn’t mean he can’t deliver. He tells her, first thing tomorrow, but she says, now. Without it, the patient won’t get the care they need. She says she’ll wait, and he stomps off.

Carly looks in the patient’s door, and sees an empty room, answering my question. She says, no one is in there. The patient must be having treatment. Laura says, or they were discharged – or worse. Carly thinks Kay would have told them. She hopes whatever it is, it’s legitimate and with his consent. We see inside the room, and Doc is sitting under the door window, out of it.

Jason tells Sam that Margaux’s father made his own choices. The consequences should be his problem, not hers. Sam wonders how would he have known she’d spend her life trying to figure things out, and Jason says, you can put things on your kids without meaning to. Sam says they’re not talking about the DA, are they? Jason tells her, if something happens to him, he doesn’t want Danny think he was some innocent. His work is his choice, and he’s prepared to assume the risk. Sam says she wouldn’t tell him the details, but she would never lie. Jason says, even if it’s easier? and Sam says she’ll just tell Danny they were Jason’s choices in the life he had before Danny was born. Jason says, choices can’t be unmade, and Sam tells him it won’t be easy, but it beats the alternative. Look at Oscar. She understands why Kim was keeping him in the dark, but in the end the lies caused damage. Jason says they’re on the same page, and she says, as long as he does the same for her; tell the truth. Jason says he will, that she’s the most amazing person he’s ever met, and Danny hit the lottery with her for a mom. Sam says she’s talking honesty.

Michael tells Sonny it’s clear his grandfather had something to do with the explosion. Is there anything he can do on his end? Sonny thinks Mike is okay; it’s just how the DA went after him. Michael says, even though he has Alzheimer’s? and Sonny says, she doesn’t care. The body turned out to be her father, and she’s determined to find out how he died. She’s convinced Sonny did something. Michael asks if she thinks his grandfather had something to do with it. Sonny nods, and says, or he’s covering. Michael asks if there’s anything for her to find out, and Sonny says, not that he knows of, but she’s not giving up. She even hassled Kristina. Michael says Kristina had texted that she wanted to talk to him. Sonny says Margaux has no way to get him, and tells Michael not to worry, but don’t be surprised if she comes knocking at his door. Michael hopes she does.

Back in her old room at Ferncliff, Carly says, a new bed, fresh paint, new furniture. Laura asks what was there before, and Carly says, not a lot. Laura thinks it must have been terrible, and Carly says she doesn’t miss this place. She flashes back to telling Doc about the Morse code, and him advising her not to engage. She knocks on the wall, and says that’s how she and the patient communicated, explaining that she used an app on the phone Jason snuck in. They guy wanted her help. She thinks about him so much. She wonders who he is, and what he did to get in there. She knocks again, and Doc hears. Carly wishes she could tell him. Mary Pat walks in with a box of her belongings, and says, going down Memory Lane, Caroline? Why is she allowed to wander around? Some maximum security.

Jason tells Sam that he never wants his kids to follow hsi path, but he’s already set an example as a father. Sam says parenting is hard. It changes the way you make choices. She’s already having nightmares about Scout getting into relationships. She doesn’t know how to guide her. There’s a tightrope between parenting and controlling. They go back to at the letters, and Jason says, bingo! He reads, the only way to be together is if Vincent is gone. He told her that he’d do anything for her, and if he meant it, prove it. Sam rubs her hands together, and gives Jason the phone.

Jason texts Sonny, saying he’s with Sam, and wants him to come by. Michael says he knows Jason is helping him with the DA, and Sonny says, gotta go. He leaves, and the bartender brings Michael another drink sent from Margaux. She asks if the seat opposite him is taken.

In the visiting room, Finn says Britt zeroed in on Patrick like a missile, and Anna tells him, the lies she planted had a ripple effect. She’s a treacherous, awful person. Finn says they should definitely spring her then. Anna says there is something about her that’s sane-ish, unlike her mother. Obrecht won’t let go of the idea that Peter is responsible for Nathan’s death. The only way going Peter is going to be safe is if Obrecht is behind bars.

Michael tells Margaux that he was just leaving. She introduces herself, and holds out her hand. He doesn’t take it, saying, he knows who she is. He doesn’t have a memory problem. She sent his mother to Ferncliff for something she didn’t do, after she forced his sister to paint her as a lunatic. Margaux says she didn’t know, but he says all she cares about is taking out Sonny. She says Sonny killed her father. Michael says he doesn’t know anything about that. She says, sure he does. Sonny killed his father too.

Carly asks if Mary Pat has all her things. Mary Pat says she does, but she has no place to put them. Her rent was raised 300%, and she can no longer afford her apartment. Carly says, bummer; sad. Mary Pat says it’s thanks to Carly’s petty revenge. Carly says she warned Mary Pat before she pumped her so full of drugs, she didn’t know her name. She made it clear that Mary Pat had a choice. She made the wrong one, and these are the consequences. Mary Pat supposes this is why her credit cards were all canceled. Carly says she told Mary Pat that she wasn’t like others. She’s not helpless, and wasn’t going to be victim to Mary Pat’s personal power trip. She said she had a long reach, and now Mary Pat is paying the price for ignoring her. Mary Pat says Carly thinks she knows everything, but she doesn’t. Carly does have a question. The patient next door isn’t in there. Mary Pat says, he’s not? Carly asks, what happened? and not-Doc runs in, asking what they’re doing there.

Not-Doc says he thought Mary Pat had been dismissed, and she says after nineteen years of dedicated service. She followed the guidelines she was given, and kept confidences. Carly tells him to get her out. Mary Pat says she’s leaving. It’s margarita night at The Floating Rib. She tells Carly, it’s been real, and Carly says, it’s been something. Mary Pat leaves, and not-Doc says if he’s known they were coming out on a fact-finding mission, he would have urged caution. He can’t have the next mayor running that kind of risk. If something happened, he’d never forgive himself. He hugs Laura.

Anna tells Finn that Obrecht is capable of anything. Although Britt is a schemer, she’s no threat. Anna doesn’t think she’s capable of physically hurting someone. She thinks she can suck it up and deal with Britt. The guards bring Britt in, and she says it’s lovely to see Anna.

Jordan asks Curtis if they can put certain people at neighboring tables, and they won’t kill each other. Curtis says if they try, he’ll throw them overboard. Stella comes in, and Jordan tells her that they’re doing seating arrangements. Stella says, the dreaded seating chart. Jordan says they’re still holding a place for her. Curtis hopes she’ll come, but Stella says she can’t.

Michael says Margaux will sink to any level. She asks if she got the facts wrong. Did Sonny not kill his father? Michael says, if she knew the facts, she know there were extreme extenuating circumstances.  He’s not talking about it to her, and she says she understands. He asks if this is the part where they cry on one another’s shoulders and commiserate. Then he helps her. It’s not a good plan, and his father isn’t the one she should worry about.

Sam wonders why Jeanette would keep over thirty years of incriminating evidence. Jason thinks she was probably confident they got away with it. Sonny arrives, and asks if they found something. Sam says Jeanette was definitely having an affair with Skully. Jason says in one of her letter, she asked Skully to get rid of Marino. Sonny says, Margaux’s mother is responsible for the hit. He’ll be damned.

Not-Doc says they’re not supposed to engage with the patients. Carly says she doesn’t care what he’s done, or how far gone he is, no one deserves to be treated like that. Not-Doc agrees, but reminds her that it’s a wing for the criminally insane. The only reason she was there was because of the lack of space. Kay comes back, saying they’re not allowed any contact, and not-Doc says it’s a tough place, and rules need to be followed. Kay asks for their IDs, and not-Doc says he needs to get back to GH. The next time, don’t take the matter into their own hands, or at least give him a heads up. He leaves, and Carly insists on seeing inside the room. Kay says they can’t do it, but Carly says she’ll call her lawyer for a favor, since she has a pending lawsuit with Ferncliff.  She says Mary Pat was in and out of patient’s rooms all day for any or no reason, Open the damn door now.

Britt asks who we have here, and Anna introduces Finn. Britt asks if he’s come to give her a physical, but he says he’s consulting. She says, bummer (word of the day). She tells him she’s a doctor too. Anna says it’s getting late, and Britt accuses her of being a buzzkill. She asks what business she and Anna have, and Anna asks what Britt last spoke to her mother. Britt says over a month ago; not since Nathan’s death. Ann is sorry about her brother. Britt thanks her, and says she heard she’s gained a family member. Anna says, Peter, and Britt says, no more Henrik? Anna says, he wanted to distance himself from father, and Britt says, don’t we all? She asks why her brother isn’t visiting, and Finn says, it’s hard when you’re being held hostage. Britt says her mom is up to her old tricks. Anna asks if Britt would like to meet him in more pleasant surroundings, like the MetroCourt. Britt tells her to make reservations for a few years from now, but Anna says what if she could make it happen soon?

Stella tells Jordan, for the record, she doesn’t think Jordan would do to Curtis what she did to Thomas. She understands that Jordan is remorseful. But it’s so much pain and loss, and when she thinks of that, she thinks of Jordan. Jordan asks if she can’t get past it, and Stella says she would if she could. Jordan gets it. Stella has every right to feel that way. Curtis says they’re going through with it, with or without her. Stella says she’s not about hoping it won’t happen, but she’s being honest with herself. A guest should approve of the marriage, honor the couple, and share in their joy. She can’t do that, and can’t forget who won’t be there and why. Jordan tells her, up until the minute they say I do, there will be a chair waiting for her.

Michael tells Margaux that his father is an excellent business man. Margaux says, the notorious Corinthos Coffee. Michael says if she wants to go after his father, go for it, but if she goes for him through other people – like his grandfather who has Alzheimer’s – they have a problem. ELQ does more for the city than any other company. He has friends who will listen to his legitimate concerns. She’s being unprofessional by pursuing Sonny because of a personal vendetta, and needs to watch her step. He can make things uncomfortable. She asks if it’s a threat, and he says, not a threat; the facts. He’ll do anything legal to protect his family.

Sonny asks how Sam got the letters, and she explains that she and Spinelli posed as insurance agents. Jason says he would be useless at impersonating someone. Sam says he was impressive last time, but Spinelli does have a flair for the dramatic. She says as soon as they mentioned Marino’s name, Jeanette’s eyes darted to the desk. Spinelli got her out of the room, Sam found the letters, and put them in her briefcase. Sonny says, she asked Skully to get rid of her own husband. If that doesn’t back Margaux off, he doesn’t know what will.

Curtis thanks Jordan for being gracious. Jordan says she respects Stella. She’s a good person who was dealt a crappy hand. She asks Curtis if he wants to postpone, and work on her more, but Curtis says he’s not losing the best thing that’s happened to him. Stella knows he loves her, and he has no doubt that everything will be okay, as long as he has Jordan.

Michael doesn’t think Margaux wants lawyers involved. She’ll be inviting a problem. Especially after how it shook out with his mother. She tells him, have a nice day, and leaves.

Sonny says he can’t thank Sam enough. He knows she took a chance. Sam says, it was worth it. He says it’s exactly what he needed for leverage against the DA. Now he just has to figure out the best way to use it.

Anna tells Britt, sign, and she walks out free. Britt says, nothing is ever free. What’s the catch? Anna says, it’s more of a quid pro. If she agrees to work with the WSB, and help trace her mother. She moves out, and Obrecht moves in.

Laura tells Carly that Doc asked them not to. If they cause an incident, it might hurt more than help. She promises to fix the problem, but not this way. Carly says they know their way out. Doc grabs the bedpost, and pulls himself up. He looks out the door window, and weakly says, Laura.

Not-Doc sees Mary Pat having a drink at The Floating Rib. He asks if he can join her, and Mary Pat says, somehow she knew they hadn’t seen the last of each other.

Tomorrow, Britt wants a better offer, Lulu says hell no, and Laura promises to fix what’s wrong with Ferncliff.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

When we last left, Shannon was going apesh*t. Vicki sent her a message saying they love her and let’s have a nice dinner tonight, but got no response.

Jamaica – Day 3. Tamra wonders if Shannon is okay. Vicki doesn’t like to see anyone that way. Kelly is scared to talk to her. Tamra doesn’t like being spoken to that way. In her interview, Tamra wants to be there to help her through this difficult time, but it’s hard being Shannon’s friend. Vicki wants to just enjoy the day, and Tamra asks if she’s going to twerk again. Emily is down with that. Gina is glad they’re moving on. She wants to have fun on vacation, and not talk about Shannon.

They go to the river. Dunn’s River Falls is 180 feet high. Kelly researched it, and climbing it is a must-do thing in Jamaica. Guide Andrew is there to assist everyone, and help them have a safe, fun climb. Kelly says, God help us. It’s not the most coordinated group. We flash back to that, and she’s right. She says one false move, and they’ll all go down. Tamra still can’t walk on uneven slippery surfaces, and Andrew tells her there’s a path along the side. She knows her doctor would have a fit. She was pushing it swinging on the rope and jumping into the water.

They start to walk up. Vicki says it’s against everything she believes, and they’re going against the current. Both of Kelly’s boobs fall out of her suit, and Andrew is like, woohoo. They wave to Tamra. In her interview, Tamra says the joy of watching is seeing them make a-holes out of themselves. Kelly keeps popping out, Vicki is falling on her ass, Gina is afraid of water. They slide down one of the slopes, and Tamra thinks it’s more fun watching them. Andrew promises they won’t die. In Kelly’s interview, she says it’s a bonding experience doing this outdoors as a group. Vicki wants down now. Kelly’s goal is to get up the waterfall in one piece. At the top, Andrew has them say, ya, mon, and they take a picture.

Vicki says they’re having a beach dinner tonight. Kelly thinks Shannon would have been funny on the waterfall. Vicki still doesn’t know where Shannon is, and she’s worried. She thinks they have to show compassion, and be together.

There’s a snack spread at the villa. Kelly says still no text back from Shannon. Vicki says they have to find her, and Tamra wonders if she went home. In her interview, Tamra explains that the hotel called in the middle of the night. They had a new villa with air conditioning, so they packed and left. Shannon chose not to go. She tells Vicki to call. Vicki calls the front desk and has them call Shannon’s room. Kelly thinks this is insanity, and Vicki feels uneasy. Kelly finds it absolutely rude, but Vicki asks, what if something happened? Kelly doesn’t think so. Me neither. I think she’s just an a-hole.

Gina thinks Shannon is immature. It’s a big deal and weird for her, and she hopes Shannon comes to dinner. Vicki pouts, but finally gets Shannon. Shannon says their overwhelming concern for her mental well-being is a kind of a joke. She’s been nothing but fun. Vicki says Shannon didn’t answer for 24-hours, and she was about to call the police. Shannon wanted a fun night, and it turned into a mess. Vicki says that wasn’t anyone’s intention. She asks if Shannon is coming to dinner, and Shannon says he was planning on it. She moved rooms, and tells Vicki to get her on the way to dinner. In Shannon’s interview, she says she’s working on being less reactive. She thinks she’s acting like many woman do who are going through a nasty divorce. I say, no, she’s always been like this.

Vicki thinks Shannon is having a pity party of one, and she can’t help unless Shannon opens her mind and heart. They have to fix this. They’re friends. Shannon tells Vicki that when she’s upset, she needs to process. She’s hurt, and thought they were criticizing her, and judging her for being emotional. She’s doing her best to keep it together. She got an earful from Vicki last night. We flash back to Shannon claiming she defended Vicki, and Vicki saying Shannon called her a con-woman all over town. Vicki says Shannon hurt her. They went sideways, and for two and a half years, no one called her. After Brooks was exposed, she was abandoned. So she did her best be friends again. Basically ignoring what Vicki just said, Shannon says she’s not going sideways. She’s on a path, and doing well. With what she has on her plate, she’s doing the best she can.

Gina asks, what’s going on? and Tamra says Vicki is picking up Shannon. Shannon tells Vicki that she’s not crying every night. She’s excited about her life, and it pushes her buttons when people say she’s doing something she’s not. In her interview, Vicki thinks Shannon needs to stop and go to dinner and have fun. Kelly says, it’s like when you call your kid and don’t get a response. You get nervous. Emily says, and this is in a different country. Kelly says, then you get panicky; then mad. Vicki tells Shannon that they’re have a beach day tomorrow.

Vicki shows up with Shannon, and Kelly thanks Shannon for finally coming. They were worried about her. Shannon says she’s good; she’s there. In her interview, Kelly says it’s ironic that Shannon is the one with the least manners, since she’s gone to a lot of cotillions. Kelly says they were worried about her. Vicki suggests they let it go, and Shannon says, sorry. In Kelly’s interview, she doesn’t think Shannon has any idea of the stress she put on them, and how worried they were. She doesn’t need another freak out though, so she’s going with the apology.

Shannon says she’ll address the elephant in the room. She appreciates them giving her the time and space she needed to take a step back. She was incredibly hurt, and there are things that need discussing, but she needed space first. Gina says she was just trying to be Shannon’s friend. Shannon apologizes, saying she gets it. Everyone has stuff, but for her, it’s more than she’s used to. Emily says everyone feels like they’re supporting her, but it’s not reciprocated. They just want to be friends with her. Shannon says with Gina, she has a hard time because Gina is going through a divorce, but saying they’re still attracted to one another, and he’s her best friend. It’s what she wanted for herself. Her intent wasn’t to judge Gina, but when she started off her own divorce, it was the opposite of what it is now. Gina isn’t saying everything is perfect. Obviously, it’s not. It’s a hard transition. In the souvenir shop, she saw an ornament, and that was their thing, This is her journey, and she wants to be respected for it. When it comes to Shannon, she’s trying to be Shannon’s friend. Let her in. Shannon admits it’s hard for her to let people in. She’s sorry. In Tamra’s interview, she says Shannon owed Emily and Gina apologies a long time ago, but where’s hers? She’s so used to being the one who makes things better, but she’s not doing it this time, and Shannon doesn’t know what to do. They clink glasses. The food comes, and there are little glasses of salad dressing, which Tamra claims is soup. Everybody drinks it, and they’re all like, wtf? She starts laughing, and we all laugh with her.

The next day, everyone gets ready to hit the beach. In her interview, Shannon says she’s reaching out to Tamra. She’s a communicator. Friends have their ups and downs, and she hopes they listen to each other, make amends, and move forward. In Tamra’s interview, she says she’s nervous. She doesn’t want another blow-up. She’s hoping they can resolve this, but she’s going to be 100% honest. If Shannon doesn’t like it, they’re done. Kelly thinks it’s important to have open communication. You can only be sad for yourself for a little while. The reality is, Shannon has a damn good life, and needs to get over herself. Kelly goes to get Emily and Gina.

Shannon tells Tamra that she’s reeling from dinner. Apparently, there are underlying issues with the friendship. Tamra says she was reactive. The only reason it got to where it was, is that she’s always negative. She needs to learn to decompress, put the phone away, and have fun in the moment. Shannon should learn from what Tamra’s gone through, but only complains. If you just complain, no one wants to hear it.

Kelly tells Emily and Gina it’s been hurry up and wait for Shannon the whole trip. Emily says she’s never come across someone so – and Kelly finishes, entitled. Emily says she’s not a doctor, but she thinks Shannon’s behavior is like her mom’s. There’s a chemical imbalance. Kelly says there are manic highs and lows. Emily thinks there’s a lot going on that Shannon doesn’t recognize. She’s dealt with it her whole life. She starts to get weepy, and says it was hard for her. In her interview, she says it wasn’t easy, growing up in the middle of nowhere in Ohio with no dad, and a mom with serious depression issues. Now she’s making me cry. She says, as a child, she didn’t recognize it. She didn’t know her mother was ill or needed help. In Emily’s interview, she says she spent her childhood trying to take care of herself and her sister. She’s the one who got her sister up and dressed for school, and when she went to college, gave her money. They had to stick together. She always thinks she’s put it away, but it surfaces all the time. Her mother didn’t realize early on, but is getting help now. Emily hopes Shannon gets closure and help, so she doesn’t have a lifetime of being depressed or upset. Kelly empathizes. Shannon had an amazing life, now it’s crashing down, and she doesn’t know how to handle it.

Tamra tells Shannon that she doesn’t like being screamed and yelled at. She won’t be talked to like that. Shannon was also accusing her of being a sh*t stirrer. How was she stirring the pot? She’d been defending Shannon. Tamra says her husband was having an unplanned heart procedure, and she still went to Philadelphia. She just did that, and Shannon said that about her? She doesn’t deserve it. Shannon says she’s sorry Tamra feels that way. Tamra says that was a sh*tty apology. Shannon says it wasn’t her intention to hurt Tamra, and Tamra says, but she did. Shannon says, it’s a semantics game. Oh no it is not. I even made a sound when Shannon gave that lame apology. Saying you’re sorry someone feels like that, is just like a murderer saying he’s sorry they’re dead, instead of saying he’s sorry he killed them. That is a HUGE pet peeve of mine – a non-apology apology. When someone says they’re sorry, I always ask what for, so I know if they’re sincere.

Tamra says Shannon accused her of needing medication, when Kelly said that, and she was just trying to help. She could have just said it’s not for her, but instead started screaming. Shannon tells Tamra that Gina said she wasn’t a good friend, and Tamra looked at her like she was talking to nobody. Tamra says that was Gina’s observation, and not anything she said. The only thing she ever told Gina was that Shannon didn’t call when Eddie was in the hospital, and that was a month ago when the conversation happened. Since then, Shannon has been there for her. Shannon apologizes. In her interview, she says there are hurt feelings on both sides, and there has to be communication to have a healthy friendship. Tamra wants Shannon to put this sh*t behind her, and be happy. Shannon says she’ll get there. In Tamra’s interview, she says she doesn’t want the friendship to be one-sided. If it takes tough love, she’s going to do it. Shannon admits she needs to listen more. She has things to work on, and she’s going keep doing it. Tamra says it’s all she can do, and they hug it out.

Kelly wants fun time. She can’t take the bullcrap anymore. The ladies are back on the bus, going to Doctor’s Caves beach, where there are healing waters. Kelly loves the beach, and thinks it’s perfect, since they all need healing. Shannon says she needs a big dip in it. Tamra tells her about Vicki twerking. Emily and Gina go to get something to eat, and the other ladies go down to the shoreline and order tequila. Gina tells Emily that she wants to know what happened, and if Tamra got an apology.

The beach group gets in the water. I’d give anything to be there right now; it’s beautiful. And so calm. Emily and Gina order food, and Gina’s mom calls. She tells Susan that Jamaica is gorgeous. Emily says hello, and wishes they could meet. She tells Susan to come back soon. When the call is over, Emily gets emotional. Gina says she’s sorry, and hugs her. She says Emily is the best mom, and Annabelle is lucky. In her interview, Emily says she loves Gina, but she’s jealous. She wants that kind of relationship with her mom. It’s what Annabelle has with her. Gina’s heart hurts for Emily, and she says Emily is giving Annabelle what she wants. Emily says Gina’s mom is so sweet, and she can tell they have a great bond. Gina tells her not to be sorry. She wants Gina and Annabelle to be like that. Emily doesn’t want to mess anything up. She wants Annabelle to pick up the phone like Gina did, excited that her mom is calling. Gina says they butt heads, but they’re best friends. Even though Emily doesn’t have that, she’s not repeating the pattern. Emily says that’s why she had kids later. In Emily’s interview, she says her kids have a safe environment. She makes them dinner and breakfast. And her husband even brushes Annabelle’s hair. She never had that, and never felt, but she’s happy she can give it to her children. The food comes, and Emily hopes the others are having fun frolicking. Gina says, it’s such a crapshoot. and I laugh.

The girls get drinks in coconuts delivered to them in the water, and declare it good. Gina and Emily join them, and go into water. Tamra tells Gina that she stood her ground for the first time ever. She told Shannon it’s not what Gina meant to convey. Gina says she’s sick of hearing Shannon’s sh*t. Emily says she doesn’t want to upset Shannon, but she doesn’t want to walk on eggshells. In Emily’s interview, she says she doesn’t know if Shannon is aware of all the things Tamra has said, but she thinks it worked out because other factors haven’t surfaced.

Kelly sees a floating trampoline, and says she wants to go on the jumpy thing. Tamra goes back to being an old lady sitting on the beach, drinking and admiring the view. Kelly does a backflip, and she, Gina, and Emily jump around. Shannon gets a foot massage. Vicki notes the masseuse has good teeth. Tamra tells him if he didn’t, Vicki would buy him some. Oh snap. If you can’t remember back that far, Vicki had Brooks’s teeth fixed when they first got together. Tamra says Vicki is a dentist who twerks. Dude wants her to shake her booty, but Vicki doesn’t want to. He says she’s in Jamaica, and asks who wants her to twerk; he’ll pay her. She says she’ll pay him not to. In her interview, she says she’s not twerking. At fifty-six, it’s not good for you. Emily does a cartwheel fail into the water, and we all laugh.

The group goes shopping in the tourist area. Kelly sees a lighter that looks like a penis. Shannon says she’s the one who spotted it, and Kelly says she would spot a little d*ck. Afterwards, they head out to dinner. In her interview, Vicki says her rules for a successful dinner are, no talking about Shannon. The only subjects are the weather, how humid it is, and what the humidity does to their hair. Nothing deep.

Vicki asks what Gina liked most, and Gina says the raft. It was fun, and a big deal for her. Once you face your fears, everything is a party. Kelly enjoyed today; she loves the ocean. Everyone agrees her back-handspring was phenomenal. Emily loved the rope swinging. She doesn’t get do stuff like that three kids. Tamra thinks the whole trip was amazing, but her fight with Shannon was the best thing. As much as it hurt them both, she thinks there was growth from it. Shannon says, you learn and grow from your mistakes. It touches her heart, and solidifies that they’re best friends. It will be okay. Tamra says she’s sorry for telling Shannon eff-you. Gina says, sometimes you just have to say it. There’s only one thing that would make Tamra happier, if Gina and Shannon kiss, and Vicki twerks. Shannon and Gina lean across the table, and give each other a kiss. In her interview, Gina thinks it’s finally happening. Houston, we have contact.

They all chant for Vicki to twerk. She wants Tamra to twerk with her, and Tamra obliges. Emily tries to show Shannon how to twerk. Everyone clinks glasses, and drinks to twerking and friends. Ya, mon.

Next time, Vicki has a procedure, Emily goes to therapy with Shane, Gina talks to Shannon and butts heads with Tamra.

🎃 I’m not sure how tomorrow and Wednesday will shake out. I’m going to try to do recaps, but it all depends on time. I still have to put together candy bags for the trick-or-treaters and put up decorations. We can get up to 100 kids, and last year, I started to get worried that I was going to have to give out granola bars. I also have to take the dogs’ pictures on Wednesday. This year’s theme – Jurassic Bark. Luckily, my costume as a park ranger is simple and comfortable, and I was able to get most of it cheaply at Hot Topic. No time for glamour this year. This should be my worst problem.

💀 Ah, Halloween Nostalgia…


October 22, 2018 – Alexis Makes a Decision, OC Jamaican Invasion Day Two, a Welcome New Show & Says It All


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

In the park, Oscar calls Alexis, and leaves a message. He asks if she’s thought more about taking his case. He sees the selfie of Josslyn and Cameron. Josslyn approaches him, and tells him, happy birthday.

At Charlie’s Julian asks Kim how she’s holding up. She says everything is good, knowing he’s still there for her. He asks if she wants to talk in private. She’s meeting someone, and says, maybe later. Drew comes in. He and Oscar are meeting for Oscar’s birthday, and she decided to join them. She says they’ll see how it flies.

Outside of Charlie’s, Alexis sees she’s missed a call from Oscar.

Kim tells Drew that Oscar can’t avoid her any longer. She loves him, and isn’t going anywhere. Drew understands, but thinks Oscar might feel ambushed.

Alexis sees Kristina behind the bar, and says she want to talk about something that will affect Kristina’s future.

At the hospital, not-Doc calls to check on his patient, Todd Wilson. He says that’s good news. He’s glad the new medication is keeping him calm. Laura approaches him, and he says it’s a nice surprise. She tells him it’s her first board meeting since before she left for France. It was challenging, but she thinks it was a success. She asks if he wants to go for a drink, and he says he’d love to, but has a lot of work. She suggests dinner, but he’s monitoring a sleep study. He’ll see her at home later, okay? She says it’s not okay. Something is going on, and she’s not leaving until he gives her some answers.

Carly naps on the couch, and dreams of not-Doc tapping on the table at The Floating Rib, just like her neighbor at Ferncliff. She moves on to telling Doc about the Morse code, and him advising her not to engage. A lot of the patients are violent. Next, she dreams of the patient tapping on the wall, telling her that he’s being held against his will. She wakes up, yelling, no! Sonny comes in, and she says she was dreaming about a patient at Ferncliff. She never knew his name, but he was tapping messages in Morse code. Sonny is surprised she knows Morse code, and she says she got an app on the burner phone Jason gave her. She told Doc about it, and it must have left an impression. The other night, she walked past him at The Floating Rib, and he was tapping on the table. Sonny thinks it seems random, and guesses it left more of an impression than she realized. That’s why she had the dream. Things linger in the subconscious. She hears a knock, and jumps.

Not-Doc tells Laura, nothing is going on, unless being busy counts. She says he’s been busy since she came back, it’s like they’re still on separate continents. Scotty sees them, and says it’s good see her. She tells him it’s not a good time, but not-Doc says he has to get back to work. Scotty gives him a heads up that he was interviewed about the Ryan Chamberlain murders. Not-Doc wonders, why him? and Scotty says he represented Felicia. It’s good publicity for his practice. Not-Doc asks if he’s sure it’s good. If memory serves him correctly, Scotty lost. Scotty says, win some, lose some. Not-Doc leaves, and Laura asks if Scotty wants to go for a drink.

Kim tells Drew they don’t know if this might be the last… She has the right to celebrate with her son. Drew says Oscar might now interpret it that way. She says he’s interpreting everything the wrong way. She’s tried to be patient, and not show anger, but she’s not letting him throw his life away.

Alexis tells Kristina that she has a former client who’s an accountant. Kristina wonders when she gave Alexis the impression that she wanted to be one. Alexis says he’s really an actuary, and Kristina asks why Alexis can’t let her figure it out by herself. Alexis says she can, and it didn’t work out well in Eugene. She tells Kristina that she has no idea why she says things like that. Kristina says she has made awful life choices, because she keeps pushing back at Alexis. If she lays off, maybe Kristina will make the right ones. Alexis’s phone dings. It’s a voicemail from Oscar.

Josslyn tells Oscar that she’s on her way to a pep rally. He says she was never a football fan, but she says that was before the d-line cheered them on at the last volleyball game. She’s returning the favor. Besides, Cameron is friends with some of the football players. She’s going with Cameron, but he can come too. Oscar would rather not be the third wheel on her date. She says it’s a pep rally, but he says, no. She says, so he’s really going to be alone for his birthday? He tells her that he’s got plans. As a matter-of-fact, he’s running late. Go team, or whatever. When he’s gone, she says, happy birthday, Oscar.

Kim tells Drew the reality is, they don’t have time to wait for Oscar to come around. They have to make the best decision in his best interest. He needs to be in the trial.

Mike tells Carly that he didn’t mean to spook her. Sonny asks why he knocked, and Mike says it’s polite for a guest to knock. Stella says they talked about this. This is where he lives now. Carly asks Mike for help in the kitchen, so she’ll have a snack for Josslyn when she gets home. They leave, and Sonny tells Stella that Mike seems a little off. Did it not go well on the first day?

Cameron meets Josslyn, and she chides him for always being late. He says he wasn’t going to skip soccer practice because he has a fake girlfriend waiting. She tells him that she saw Oscar. It was awkward and embarrassing, and he keeps looking at her like he wants to tell her something, but it’s probably just her imagination. She gives him a team shirt that matches hers. She says if they’re going to make it believable, they have to do it right. She wants him to show his Panther pride, and paint his face. That’s a no, but he offers to paint hers. She tells him not to make it look hideous for their selfie.

Oscar arrives at Charlie’s, and asks why Kim is there. She says she’s never missed one of his birthday celebrations, and she’s not starting now. He says, it makes sense. It’s probably the last one. He tells Drew thanks for ratting him out. Drew says they wanted to spend some time with him. Oscar says they want to pretend this already hasn’t gone to hell. He’s dying, and doesn’t want anything from either of them, but the right to live his life the way he wants.

At the MetroCourt bar, Laura tells Scotty it’s been way too long. Scotty asks if they’re doing this because she’s trying to make her husband jealous. She says she wouldn’t do that, but he says. there seems to be trouble in paradise. Laura says something is bothering her. Doc has been avoiding her since she got back. Scotty says, long distance relationships can be sketchy. Of all people, Doc should be sympathetic. During his last marriage, at the end he was off dealing with patient. Laura asks, what patient?

Not-Doc starts to make a list, writing numbers down the page. Alexis walks in, and he calls her Miss Davis. She says she supposes she deserves that. It’s what happens when you miss sessions. Maybe she did him a favor with the anniversary of the murders coming up. Everyone is talking about it. He says it’s a shame she never had a chance to meet Ryan.

Stella tells Sonny that she’s happy to report Mike thrived. It was good that he got out. He could have a conversation with a wrong number. She says the slip up is because he’s been on all day. Carly and Mike come back. Carly says the last time she gave Josslyn chips, she wanted crudités, so she could have something healthy. Josslyn doesn’t take after her. She says she’ll walk Stella out. Sonny asks Mike what he really thinks of the place, and Mike says he liked it. He also liked knowing he could come home. At the door, Stella tells Carly that she knew Sonny was concerned, but thought they were on the same page. The place was great; the perfect fit, and Mike responded well. Carly says it’s only temporary, but Stella thinks he will be in a long term facility eventually. He’ll need round-the-clock care. Stella thought Carly understood that more than anyone. Has something changed?

Alexis expected a lecture on avoiding, and not-Doc asks, is she avoiding? She says she avoided an argument with Kristina until she meddled in her life. She doesn’t like that Kristina is a bartender at Charlie’s. She’s better than that. Alexis found an entry level job, and when she told Kristina it was available, Kristina blew up. Not-doc wonders why she reacted like that, and Alexis says she’d promised not to meddle. She knew what she was doing, and did it anyway. Unpack that. Not-Doc looks at his notes, and asks if she thinks it’s somehow connected to her father.

Scotty tells Laura that Lucy had been prepping for the Nurses’ Ball, and all of a sudden, Doc was missing. He turned up in Seattle, seeing a patient. It wasn’t just once; it was weeks, then months. He made his patient a priority, and it didn’t sit well with Lucy. Laura is well versed in that part of the story. Scotty asks if she thinks he’s stepping out? She says, no, but it’s clear he’s struggling with something. It started about two weeks before she got home. He was late in returning phone calls, and sounded distracted. It got worse when she came home. She believes it’s because of Ryan.

Alexis says she barely knew her father. She never saw him; they barely had a connection. All of his attention went to her brothers. And by attention, she means he controlled them. What they read, what they studied, what they wore. They had no freedom. If you asked Kristina, she’d say Alexis treats her the same way.

Kim asks Oscar to sit down, and have a conversation about the future. She won’t tolerate the disrespectful attitude any longer. Oscar sits with them.

Kristina tells Julian she’s taking a break; she needs some air. He looks puzzled. Outside, she calls Parker. She makes small talk, saying she should have called sooner. She was thinking about Parker today. She says Parker didn’t have to pick up if it was a bad time. She can tell Parker isn’t alone.

Drew asks what’s on Oscar’s mind. Oscar wants to make his own decisions about his health. Kim asks what that entails, and he says anything he wants. Like dropping out of the trial.

Kristina asks why Parker answered if she’s on a date. Parker is at a faculty mixer, and Kristina says, now she’s embarrassed. Parker sounds happy, and she asks if things are going well. Kristina says she’s doing great. She’s super busy, catching up friends and family, and a new career she’s excited about. She’ll tell Parker some other time. She ends the call, and wipes tears out of her eyes.

Not-Doc wonders why it’s difficult for Alexis to let Kristina live her life. Alexis thinks it’s no surprise. She coddled Kristina into a state of arrested development. She doesn’t want Kristina to feel like she’s being controlling. if anyone should know how that feels, it’s her. Her father made life altering decisions for her. Not-Doc says, do tell. Alexis says she got pregnant in boarding school. He made her have the baby, and made her give it up for adoption. He didn’t consider her feelings at all. The stakes are different, but she and Kristina want the same thing. She says Mikkos did to dictate own life. She trails off, and not-Doc asks, where did she go?

Julian tells Kristina that she’s not going to make much money tonight. She looks like she could use some free time. He walks away, and she decides to leave. She looks at the tequila, and puts it in her bag before she goes.

Kim tells Oscar they worked hard get the spot in the trial. There are many people who would love to be in his place. Oscar says there will be more coming up, but Kim says they can’t afford to waste the chance. He says there’s no we; it’s just him, and he doesn’t want to waste time before the tumor kills him.

Josslyn and Cameron do cheers in the park. He says the other team is bigger and has a better record. Josslyn says, they’ll be playing not to lose, while their school will play to win. They have the mental advantage. If you want something bad enough, you fight for it. They take a selfie, and she tells him to look more enthusiastic. They take another one.

Kim wishes there was no risk of failure, but she can’t say that. If they do nothing, he’ll die. With the protocol, he has a chance. Oscar says, or die sooner. Drew says Kim isn’t just talking as a mother; she has a doctor’s perspective. Oscar says he doesn’t need advice from a hypocrite like Drew.

Carly tells Stella that she knows it’s not a permanent solution, but they can reevaluate down the road. Stella says the thought of a full-time facility seems to affect Carly. Carly says it reminds her of Ferncliff. Stella assures her, it’s nothing like Ferncliff. Carly says she’s projecting, when she should be taking action. Stella asks what she’s planning on doing.

Kim tells Oscar not to speak to his father like that. Oscar says Drew was upset that a medical procedure was done without his consent, and now he has no say in what happens. Drew says, that’s different, and Oscar says not from where he’s standing. Drew says, let them handle it; don’t throw away this one chance. Oscar wants them to let him do it his way.

Alexis tells not-Doc that she has a young kid in a serious situation. He has a critical decision to make, but he’s underage, and his parents want to make the decision for him. Not-Doc asks how she feels about it, and Alexis says she feels badly for him. She thinks the only thing she can do is give him a sense of peace and dignity. Allow him to express what he wants.

Laura says she felt Doc wanted to leave his brother in the past and respected that, but maybe she underestimated how much Ryan and his crimes affected him. Scotty asks if she’s going to get a shrink to shrink the shrink. She says she’s going to remind him that he has a wife he can confide in.

Not-Doc taps Morse code as he makes notes.

Sonny is glad Mike had a good time at the day center. Mike says it reminded him of camp. Like he used to go to in the Catskills, but no swimming hole. Sonny says, thank God, and they laugh.

Carly tells Stella that she was assured changes were made, and the bad staff fired, but what about the patients? The ones who had no Jason to help or no resources for a lawyer like Diane. They need someone to step up – her. Stella asks how she’s planning on going about it. Carly has no idea, but she’ll think of something. Stella says compassion for those suffering mental illness is a major priority in social work. If she can help, let her know. Carly thanks her for helping with Mike. Stella says, he’s a shameless flirt, but she doesn’t mind.

Cameron bikes back to the Quartermaine’s with Josslyn. She asks if he wants a snack, and he asks if they have any caviar lying around. She says they do actually, and he says chips are fine. She says they’ll have to hit up her mom’s junk food stash, and tells him that they’ll go through the kitchen.

Oscar wants to withdraw on the trial on thing. Why can’t he have a say. Drew says he’s staying in the trial. Oscar says he’s tried resolving this, and it’s no use. Happy birthday to me. He walks away. Drew tells Kim that he’s sorry. Julian watches.

Sonny and Mike go out on the patio. Mike guesses autumn is officially here. It came sooner than he expected; it snuck up on him. Sonny too. Mike says they didn’t make it to the Yankee game this yea. Sonny says, maybe next year. Mike sees Cameron’s bike, and says Sonny still has it. He kept it after all these years. Sonny says it probably belongs to a friend of Josslyn’s but Mike says he got for Sonny’s birthday. It was all he asked for. Sonny says, chopper style with a banana seat (which is funny, since I had a bike like that). Sonny says Mike never got it for him. Mike says he’s sure he did. Sonny wanted it for Christmas, and he couldn’t afford it. He promised it for Sonny’s birthday… then he made a bet; a sure thing that was anything but. Sonny says he was a kid; no big deal. Mike says he remembered it, so it was. Sonny tells him, forget about it, and Mike says, don’t worry. He won’t have a choice pretty soon. Mike just can’t be in a scene without jumping up and down on my heart. They hug.

Cameron’s phone dings. He and Josslyn have fifty-three likes. Josslyn’s phone dings, and she says, fifty four, fifty five. He says she owes him a lot of potato chips. Josslyn throws some chips at him, and they get into a chip fight. Carly sees, and smiles.

Still at Charlie’s, Oscar sees the picture of Cameron and Josslyn. Alexis comes in, and he says Kristina left. She says she came there to see him.

Kristina looks at a picture of Parker on her phone. She takes a drink, and deletes it.

Laura goes to Doc’s office. Not-Doc isn’t there, but she sees his keys. She thinks he must have stepped out. She decides to leave a note, and picks up his pad. She sees a list of women.

Alexis tells Oscar that she’s been doing a lot of thinking about his case. She’s not sure him refusing the trial is the right choice, but believes he has the right to make the choice. She’ll help him emancipate from his parents.

Laura looks at the list, and says, what is this? Felicia? Not-Doc is standing behind her.

Tomorrow, Nina tells Ava about her daughter, Oscar wants to divorce his parents, and Elizabeth screams and runs.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Night 2 in Jamaica: 90*F, 99% humidity. And no air conditioning. Shannon doesn’t know how she’s going to get ready. In her interview, Tamra says no one wants swamp ass when they’re going out to dinner. She gets on the limo bus, but Shannon and Vicki aren’t ready. They leave without them. Tamra says Emily will see fun Shannon. Gina says she’s fun Gina all the time.

It’s 9:30 and Shannon and Vicki finally get on another bus. They’re both tipsy, and bring some drinks along for the ride. A whole five minutes. They join the others. In her interview, Tamra thinks it’s rude to make people wait. She understands a little while, but this is an hour. Shannon says she’s having surgery next week, so this is the night to go. She’s having her eyelids redone, and it’s her last night to drink.

Kelly wants to show Gina her moves, like asking a guy if he has a mirror in his pocket, because she can see herself in his pants. BA-DUM-CHH! There’s some dating talk, and Shannon says she thought it was going to be a fun dinner; it isn’t. In her interview, Tamra says the conversation isn’t about her, so she’s bored. Emily thought they were getting fun Shannon tonight. Shannon says she’s never not fun, and Gina says maybe with other people. Shannon says she’s not comfortable with change, and Emily thinks Shannon won’t even give her a chance. Shannon says they had a great dinner together. We see a clip, and it looks like a very quiet dinner. Gina says she has to reintroduce herself every time they meet. Shannon starts getting animated, saying she has a lot going on; a lot of new. She starts waving her hands around, and several of the women imitate her. She says she has to make a future for herself. Emily says she has no time for Gina, and Shannon says don’t put words in her mouth. Gina says Shannon never even asks how she is or her kids are. Tamra thinks they feel she’s not making an effort, and Gina says Shannon won’t even look her in the eye. She didn’t even check on Tamra when her husband had heart surgery. Shannon asks if she’s serious. She’s trying have fun, because she keeps hearing they want fun Shannon. She says fun Emily has one glass champagne when they go out, and Emily wonders how that fits in. In her interview, Emily says she doesn’t need alcohol to be fun or make friends. Shannon says her friendship with Tamra is being criticized, and Tamra can tell them what a good friend she is. Everyone is like, come on Tamra, tell us, like it’s a scene from Grease.

Tamra stutters, and Shannon goes to the bathroom. Gina asks if she shouldn’t say the truth. Tamra follows Shannon to the ladies room. Shannon asks how dare anyone say that, when she has so much sh*t on her plate. It made her sound selfish. Tamra says she’s not being fair. Everyone has a lot of sh*t on their plate.

At the table, Gina asks if she’s not even allowed to say something hurts her feelings. Vicki thinks they should put a pin in it. In the bathroom, Shannon keeps rattling on about her divorce. Tamra says Gina is going through a divorce herself. Shannon says Gina’s husband isn’t berating her; she’s having sex with hers. Tamra gets it. It’s different. Shannon says in the beginning, she and David were having dinners together. Tamra says then she knows how Gina’s divorce will end up. Tamra tells Shannon that she thinks it’s time to flip the switch. When she wakes up tomorrow, think about what a great it will be. In Vicki’s interview, she says she’s friends with all of them. Visit her in Switzerland. That’s where she’s at.  Tamra tells Shannon not to wake up with a negative attitude, and Shannon says she wakes up overwhelmed, and wondering how to get everything done. Me too. The rich, they’re just like us! In her interview, Tamra says she loves Shannon, but the constant negativity, and dwelling on things that don’t matter is getting difficult.

The ladies meet in the hallway, and Kelly says Tamra feels that Shannon makes it all about herself. Shannon says they resolved it, and we flash back to Shannon and Tamra hugging it out. Kelly says they were only discussing how she didn’t ask about other people’s lives. Shannon says, great celebration. They get on the bus, and everyone is quiet. Tamra tells Shannon that she feels Shannon is always thinking about negative things, and doesn’t think about anyone else. Shannon says she thought that was resolved. Kelly tells Shannon that Tamra said she hadn’t been a good friend when Eddie was in the hospital. Shannon says they went through this; why did she bring it up? Tamra says the girls think she never asks about them or their kids. In Tamra’s interview, she says she’s done being a punching bag. Shannon doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. In her interview, Emily says, this is the awkward bus. Very awkward.

When they get back, Vicki asks if anyone wants a nightcap, or are they going to bed? Shannon wants to wash her face, and can’t get off the bus fast enough. Vicki wants go with her, but Shannon gets testy with the camera person. She yells at them to stop following her, or she’s taking the mic off. Tamra comes out, and says Shannon has to stop this; she can’t do this. Shannon says she feels blindsided, and needs a minute; she deserves it. Tamra tells her just because someone disagrees with her, it doesn’t have to be a disaster. On the bus, Gina says someone needs to tell Shannon that she can’t behave like this. Tamra tells Shannon that she’s making a bigger deal out of it than she should; it’s not the end of the world. Everything is disastrous to her. In Tamra’s interview, she says they’ve all had a hard time with their divorces, and they’ve all had outbursts, but it’s been six months. Shannon can’t keep treating everyone badly because she’s getting divorced. Shannon whines that she needs to decompress for ten minutes. Respect her as her friend, and give her ten.

In Gina’s interview, she feels responsible for unleashing the beast that’s been chained up so tight. This has gone to another level, and she thought it was just vacation. They decide to have a nightcap. Gina says it was supposed to be a fun night. Can they have fun now? Emily says they just want to get to know Shannon, and are coming from a good place. Why does no one tell her that it’s not appropriate to scream and yell? Kelly asks how Tamra and Shannon can have a friendship if she doesn’t say anything? She wonders if Tamra is scared. Tamra says Shannon has never had to work, and in her head, she’s the busiest person ever. Kelly says she’s crying over her $13K rent when people are trying to eat. Emily says people would love to have that problem. In Emily’s interview, she says this seems like a common occurrence. Whenever things get heated, Shannon runs away. She’s seen behavior like this before. it’s erratic and concerning for her. Kelly and Tamra talk about Shannon crying every night, and calling in the wee hours. In her interview, Vicki thinks antidepressants might help. She went on them when she got divorced from Don. They got her through the bumps. We flash back to 2011. Kelly says Shannon is depressed. She thinks it has to be draining to deal with day in and day out. In her interview, Kelly can’t imagine living with her and being married to her. Emily tells Gina that she knows it was her dream to be friends with Shannon, but it’s not happening tonight.

Kelly and Vicki tell Shannon that they’ve been offered the villa next door, and it has air conditioning. Shannon doesn’t feel like packing. She’s hurt beyond. She resolved the issue with Tamra five weeks ago, but she keeps talking about it, and talked to Kelly. Vicki tells her to pack. Kelly says Shannon is being defensive. Shannon says she is because she’s a good friend. She defended Vicki to the end, and now Vicki is turning on her. Kelly says she’s not. In her interview, Vicki says Shannon hasn’t defended or stood by her; Shannon was totally against her. She’s never called, asked how Vicki is doing, hugged her, told Vicki she loved her. Vicki says Shannon told the world she was a con woman. Shannon asks if she wants to go there. I don’t know why they keep trying here. Shannon is obviously cruising down a river named Denial.

Shannon screeches that she’s a good person. Kelly says she’s going to give herself an effing heart attack. Relax. Shannon’s arms start flailing, and she says there are ten million things she should have told Kelly to relax about. In Kelly’s interview, she says there’s nothing they can say or do to calm Shannon down. Shannon says they have no idea what she’s been through, and Kelly says she’s been through it. Shannon says she doesn’t share the half of it, and Tamra says she was painted as a bad mother, and Simon tried to take her kids away. In her interview, Tamra says she’s divorced an a-hole before. Shannon calls her all day and night, crying. Shannon talks about it so much, Tamra feels like she’s a part of it.

Tamra tells Shannon that they’re concerned as friends. She’s crying every night. Shannon asks if she’s serious. Kelly says if she gets on meds, they can even her out. Shannon totally freaks, saying she’s not doing that. Vicki says, it will help; she had to take them. Shannon shrieks that this is a straitjacket intervention. I laugh, because that’s a real jump. She says she’s entitled to feel her pain. Tamra says she cries every night. She needs to just listen. Stop screaming for one time in her life, and listen. Shannon says she kept her head together to launch her business in five months. Tamra says she’s not the only one who has any sh*t, and walks out. Shannon insists she’s not sad, and asks Kelly how many times she’s said she’s excited about her life. She is not crying every night. In her room, Tamra says she can’t do this anymore. Be sad. Don’t get help. In her interview, Tamra says this has been building up. She’s been calling at 2 am when she can’t find her car, or crying hysterically because her makeup isn’t right. In Kelly’s interview, she says Shannon calls back and forth between her and Tamra until one of them answers.

Shannon asks why they’re coming at her. Kelly says she has to want to be happy, and Shannon insists she’s excited to be there. Tamra thinks she should STFU. Shannon says she’s not going on meds. Tamra says she’s going though pain. She gets it; everyone does. In her interview, Kelly says there’s nothing wrong with medication. She wises someone had some to give her, since Shannon is stressing her out. Tamra says no one can help, and no one can give criticism. Shannon says Tamra is acting like she’s a mental case, and Tamra tells her that she didn’t say that. Shannon maintains that Tamra said she should be on meds. She’s never spoken to Tamra that way. Tamra asks if no one is supposed to disagree, and Shannon tells her to keep stirring the pot. Which is funny, since for once, that’s not what Tamra is doing. Tamra tells Shannon to keep crying. Shannon says she’s going to bed.

Tamra goes to Vicki’s room. In Tamra’s interview, she says they moved to the new villa last night. Now they can bitch it’s too cold. Kelly calls Jolie. Vicki asks if Tamra has talked to Shannon, but Tamra says she has no words. Vicki tells her that Shannon was in the kitchen having vodka when she came in. It just masks the pain. Tamra is legit worried. Kelly talks to Emily, who isn’t looking forward to the hour and a half bus ride. It couldn’t get any more awkward. Gina is sorry. The crux of it was that Shannon hurt her feelings.

Vicki calls Shannon, and gets voicemail. She leaves a message that Shannon can go bobsledding and to the waterfall, or Vicki will stay behind. She doesn’t want Shannon to be alone. She doesn’t want Shannon sad or going home. It will be okay. In her interview, Vicki thinks there’s nothing worse than feeling abandoned by your friends. Although she’s hurt, she loves Shannon. She wants to show that she’s willing to make an effort to get her through this. Kelly says Shannon won’t talk to her. She’s called three times. Tamra says she’s not calling anymore. Kelly thinks Shannon is out of control. You can’t help people like that. They’re in Jamaica to have a good time. Vicki meets the girls wearing an all-lace top and pants number. In her interview, Tamra says Vicki is showing off, but did she do something to that butt? They head out on the bus with their tour guide.

Mystic Mountain is their destination. Kelly says having fun is what life is about. She knew they had to do bobsledding. Jamaica won the Olympics, and they have no snow. A convoluted conversation happens on the bus with the ladies confusing a parish being a division of land with a parish like a church. And then the guide confusing Emily saying my people in regard to the Mormons, with her saying white people. Maybe you had to be there, but I literally lol’d.  Tamra says she told Eddie that she had it out bad with Shannon, and he said, finally. She’s cleared out the negative energy. In her interview, Tamra says Eddie is over it. He asked how many disasters could one person have. Shannon calls day and night. Even her kids told her to stop picking up the phone. She reads Eddie’s text to them. He’s glad she let it out. Vicki says all they can do is move on and be there for her. Gina wishes Shannon was there. Why? She will just say she’s too fat to fit in the bobsled.

There are other rides at the park. Vicki wiggles her butt, and kind of twerks. Tamra says she could watch this sh*t all day. The guide catches Vicki literally with her pants down. In her interview, Vicki says this isn’t what a professional businesswoman should be doing – or a grandmother. Emily says this is what vacation is about; twerking and smacking ass. The bobsled is similar to those rollercoasters where you sit behind one another. There are three to a car, and the first one drives using levers on the sides. I have no idea how this works. They take sky cars to the ride, and the view is incredible. When they get to the ride, Emily is one of the drivers, and her goal is to get Tamra to pee her pants. Gina is the odd one out, and in a car by herself, but she can’t get it to go that fast, and she’s pissed. She says, it’s a little creepy by yourself. They do some shopping, and Vicki wants to get Shannon a shirt. Tamra wants to get friendship shorts. Kelly is hangry. She and Emily go to get a table.

Tamra loves this Vicki. They wonder if she had a Brazilian butt lift. Tamra makes Vicki stand, and feels her butt. She knows Vicki didn’t get that doing squats. Vicki says she’s been using a booty band. I have no idea what that is, but I don’t use any bands since I smacked myself in the face with one during Pilates. In Gina’s interview, Gina says Vicki is almost sixty, and can twerk with best of them. She wants to twerk her way through life. Tamra orders a Red Stripe, which is some kind of local brew, and Vicki says, Red Stripes give you happiness in your head. I want one! That’s probably the best commercial for them ever.

Vicki says she texted a long message to Shannon, saying they all love her, blah-blah-blah, and telling her how nice the new villa is. She hopes Shannon will join them for dinner tonight. She got no response, and hopes Shannon is okay. She was not happy last night. Gina wonders again why Shannon feels bad. She has a lot of money, business deals, friends; so she’s ten pounds overweight. Get over it; she’s not bedridden. Vicki says when she was leaving for the new villa, Shannon was in the kitchen, pouring a glass of vodka. It’s her pain medicine. Vicki thinks it’s a big red flag. Tamra say she shouldn’t be drinking if she’s depressed. Gina says the emotion is so big, it’s not just about the small thing that she tried to address.

Next time, the girls climb a waterfall, Vicki wants to call the Jamaican police, and Tamra has it out with Shannon.

🐄 Following the OC Wives was Welcome to Waverly, where seven city people move to a Kansas town with a population of 600. It’s an eclectic group, from a conservative gay hairdresser with a man bun (but who is not Josh) to a democratic politician. They’ll be living and working in a city they know nothing about. They all live in the same house, but each one also has a mentor, close to being in their own field. So far, I like it. Cast member Lamar summed it up that he was hoping to get something positive, and leave something positive, and make America work. It’s a tall order, but I’m hopeful.

😵 This Sums It Up Perfectly…





October 15, 2018 – Nolo NelleTendere, the OC Invades Jamaica & Ghosts of Halloweens Past


What I Watched Today

(rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)


General Hospital

Laura lights candles for a romantic dinner. Not-Doc comes downstairs, saying he finally conquered the bug that’s been plaguing him, and is feeling like his old self. She says it’s music to her ears, and turns on a song. She asks if recognizes it, and he says how could he not? She tells him too bad they couldn’t dance to it at their wedding. Not-Doc talks about the blizzard that thwarted their plans like he was there. She thought maybe they could begin second their honeymoon with the dance they missed – or is it too late? What has he done with her husband?

Elizabeth knocks on Sam’s door. She asks if she can come in.

Franco sees Drew on the docks. He loves the dying light there, and takes out a sketchpad to capture it. Drew says he’ll leave Franco to it, but Franco says Drew looks like he could use a friend, and that’s what he is.

Jason gives Spinelli’s research on Vincent Marino to Sonny. He says Sonny was right. DA Dawson’s father was no innocent victim.

Nelle sees Brad, and approaches him. She says, hi, baby, and everyone stares at Brad.

Laura tells not-Doc that he’s not the man she married. He asks what she means, and she says he’s different. He says he’s feeling better, but it’s clear something is wrong. he says she’s right. He froze when saw the trouble she went to because he can’t stay. He was looking forward to celebrating her homecoming at last, but a patient of his is in a dire state, and he’s duty bound to check on them. Laura laughs, and says she certainly understands his dedication. She wouldn’t have it any other way. Not-Doc says he doesn’t deserve her. She asks what time he’ll be back, and he says it could be quite late, but promises to make it up to her. He opens the door to Lulu and Charlotte. Lulu says Charlotte insisted on spending time with her grandmother. Doc pats Charlotte on the head, tells her to have fun, and jets.  Laura asks if Charlotte is really her granddaughter. She’s taller and so beautiful.

Elizabeth apologizes to Sam, saying she won’t stay long. Some things are better talked about in person. It’s about Drew.

Franco says this is where he and Drew resurfaced after Jim tried to bury them. Drew says, it was a long swim. Franco says he kept wanting to quit, but if he died, that meant Jim would win, and Drew would miss him. Wouldn’t he? Drew just wishes his son could do the same.

Jason tells Sonny some of the old files aren’t digitized, but what they know is Margaux is mistaken about her father. She said he was trying to quit the business, but it doesn’t fit with what Sonny remembers. Sonny says Marino was always flashing cash around, and loved being Skully’s consigliere. Jason says he was taking on a case that was likely to go to the Supreme Court, and Sonny says there’s no way he’d walk away from something that high profile. Jason says he’d also just cosigned with Skully on a beach house in the Hamptons. He wanted more, not less, and was getting in deeper. Sonny says Margaux’s whole perception of him is built on a lie.

Brad tells Nelle the baby’s name is Wiley. She says she hardly recognizes him; he’s grown so much. Carly asks how she could recognize him or know that he’s grown? Isn’t it the first time she’s seen him?

Laura can’t get over how grown up Charlotte is. She says she’ll tell Doc to stop patting her on the head. Lulu says she’s fine with Charlotte being a child a while longer. Laura brought Charlotte something from Paris. It’s a doll, but Charlotte says she doesn’t play with dolls anymore; she’s too old. Lulu tells her that’s no way to act, but Laura says, it’s okay. She happens to have a more appropriate gift for her more sophisticated and beautiful grandchild. She gives Charlotte an art book, and Charlotte wants to read it right now. Lulu thinks she should at least talk to Laura for a minute, but Laura says it’s fine. Charlotte sits to read, and Laura says, it’s just a doll, but Lulu says, it’s more than that; she’s growing up so fast, and Dante is missing all of it. When she needs her husband the most, he’s not available. Laura knows the feeling.

At Ferncliff, not-Doc/Ryan asks how his favorite patient is. Real Doc says he’s not Ryan’s patient; he’s his brother. Ryan asks if he can’t be both. Doc says he tried to help Ryan. He’s the one who belongs here. Ryan says, a wise man once told him – no, wait, it was Doc – the road to recovery begins with admitting there’s a problem.

Elizabeth says she knows Sam is one of the small circle who know about Oscar’s illness. Sam says Drew wanted someone he could trust and can talk to. Elizabeth is glad he told her. He can’t handle this by himself; that will only make it more difficult. She says Oscar is refusing the experimental treat, retreating from his friends, and especially his parents. Sam says, the word cancer can turn your life upside down. That must be why Drew came by after the memorial, but he didn’t stay. Jason was there.

Drew tells Franco when he first met Oscar, he was just a random teen who was hanging around with Josslyn. Kim was just a doctor at GH. He had no idea Oscar was his son. Franco says now Oscar calls him dad. Drew says they were just getting to know each other, and Oscar was liking him; no small feat. Now he’s hearing words like oncologist and experimental drug trial. Franco assumes Oscar knows Drew would trade places with him, but Drew says, it’s not that simple. He wishes he could regain the memories of the how he used to be – not for him, but for Oscar. He knows it bothers Oscar, not knowing about things like how Drew handled high school. He wants to give Oscar his history. Drew says what if he told Franco that maybe he could get his memories back. Oscar wouldn’t just know Drew’s name, but he could hand over the history of who he is, so Oscar could know who he is.

Nelle says she recognizes Wiley from the photos Brad posted online. Carly is surprised she’s allowed access. Nelle says her lawyer petitioned for it. She is presumed innocent. Michael says, not for long. She asks if she can hold him, but Chase says they can’t allow that. Brad didn’t know her trial was today. He’s there to fill out a passport application for Wiley. He’s sorry it ended this way for her. Nelle says they can’t all have happy endings. Carly says it’s her last chance to tell them what she wanted to say; her big moment. She tells Nelle to take it. When she walks in, her attorney will dictate her every move. What was her big announcement? Michael suggests she say it now.

Elizabeth doesn’t know why she’s surprised. Sam says it’s none of her business. Elizabeth says she’s not presuming to tell Sam how to feel or what do where Jason is concerned, but other people tend to get trampled. Drew needs all the support he can get. Sam says she was willing to give it, but Drew made it clear that he can’t turn to her. Elizabeth thinks that comes back to Jason, and Sam asks if Elizabeth came there to tell her to stay away from him for Drew’s sake.

Franco asks if Drew thinks there’s a way to get back his memories. Drew says, no; it’s more like a hypothetical situation. What would Franco do? (WWFD) Franco says if it poses a threat to who he is or what he has right now, it’s not worth it. Drew says the risk is minimal. Franco says, there has to be a catch, and Drew says, there always is. He’d have to give up information about Jason and Sonny that will put them away for a long time. Franco asks if that’s something he could do.

Sonny suggests Jason not jump to conclusions. Maybe Marino was acting like he was loyal, and looking for a way out. Skully found out, and Marino got whacked. All Skully told him was that he had a problem that needed taking care of, and Sonny could prove himself. It never occurred to him that Skully had a hidden agenda. He was a kid, and ambitious. He didn’t think that far ahead. Jason says there’s a reason why Skully wanted Marino dead, and why he had Sonny pull the trigger.

Nelle says she knows how much what she has to say will mean to all of them, especially Michael. Michael says she doesn’t affect him anymore. She says it should matter to him that she’s not being found guilty. Under the advice of her legal counsel, she’s pleading nolo contendere. Michael says that means she’ll accept the charge without admitting her guilty. She says, surprise! She’s spared him the ordeal of testifying. Dredging up old memories of his mistakes and failings. He’s welcome.

Lulu tells Laura that she gets that Dante is working undercover, and it’s not easy to call. But when he does, they usually end up arguing about their career choices. When they hang up, she feels even further apart. Even better, her boss walked in on their last phone call. It wasn’t his fault; she was in his office, but she was so upset, she couldn’t hide it. Laura says she supports Lulu’s choice to work for Peter, but given his history, she can’t blame Dante for his concern. Lulu says Peter is nothing like his father. He’s on her side, and has encouraged her every step of the way. Laura says they have to pray Dante comes around. Lulu says they have no way to talk it out. It couldn’t have come at a worse time. Dante just started working well with Chase. One call, and he says yes to a dangerous assignment, without even talking to her. Laura says she got the impression their marriage was solid. Lulu says he didn’t take it because of problems with them. She thinks it offered an escape hatch at the wrong moment. Dante was devastated by Nathan’s death. He couldn’t resist being someone else for a while. She can’t believe he left her with all of this. They should be working through it together. How can she help him with his grief if he’s not there. The longer they’re apart, the more she wonders if he used the assignment as an excuse to stay away.

Doc tells Ryan that he doesn’t have to do this. Ryan says he’s releasing his demons, and living a normal life. Doc says Ryan is living his life. That reminds Ryan. Does Doc have a favorite suit he wears when he’s an expert witness, or special cufflinks? Details are important. Doc says he can still help Ryan. Ryan says he appreciates Doc’s commitment, and points out his own joke. He tells Doc that he’s going to prescribe a new drug regimen. He recently heard that Doc had a mental break after his death. Doc says he thought Ryan was dead, and Ryan says, wishful thinking, but he’s right. There’s only room for one of them out there, and one has to stay at Ferncliff.

Elizabeth thinks it would be easier for Drew not watch Sam and Jason get back together during his ordeal with Oscar. She knows Sam can’t be persuaded though. Just like Elizabeth couldn’t when everyone told her to stay away from Franco. She’s just asking Sam to put the past aside, and work together with her to make things easier for Drew.

Franco thinks Drew is being very specific for a hypothetical situation. Drew reminds Franco that he said he wanted to help. Franco says there was a time when he would have said do anything he can to get rid of Jason, but he thinks they’re good now. He helped Jason break Carly out of Ferncliff. Drew is surprised, and Franco says he was the lookout, the point person, and helped neutralize the guards. Ultimately, Jason got her out, but he couldn’t have done it without Franco. It’s Drew’s life; his memories, and his brother. Franco says he doesn’t get a vote. Drew says other people will be affected, and they have families. Franco says there’s one other person he’s not mentioning in this hypothetical reality – Sam.

Sonny tells Jason, at the time, he thought he’d prove himself; it was way to move up. He didn’t think about it until later that it might be a trap; something to be used as leverage if Skully needed it. Skully never did anything in a straight line. There was always an objective. Jason wonders how Skully would have benefited from killing Marino. Sonny thinks they have to go back to Margaux’s theory. Maybe he was in too deep, and was a threat. But why use a kid to have him killed? Sonny could have frozen or left witnesses Why risk using him?

Chase says there will be no trial. Nelle is accepting the charges. Nelle says she’s not admitting to guilt, but Michael says she already confessed to killing Zack. (Speaking of which, where is Zack’s family? Why didn’t that sister show up?) Chase adds that she also confessed to trying to kill Michael. Nolo contendere means she doesn’t dispute the evidence. Carly says she’s going to prison for a long time.  She only regrets she won’t be there to hear the sentence, but she’s glad she’ll never have to see Nelle’s face again. Michael says he was going to ask the court to be lenient, in Jonah’s memory, but now he doesn’t need to be here. Nelle says she knows he’ll do his best to forgive her, but they’ll always be connected. More than he knows. Chase tells her it’s time to learn her fate.

Charlotte pronounces the book Laura gave her, magnifique. She can’t wait to show it to her papa. Lulu says they have to go, but she’s glad Laura is back. Laura is too. Lulu says she’ll be counting on her, and Laura says they’ll be counting on each other. Before they leave, Charlotte comes back to take the doll. Laura and Lulu look at each other.

Doc tells Ryan any resemblance between them is superficial. Ryan says, no argument from him. Doc lacks the fire of true brilliance. Doc tells Ryan that he can’t embody him. He’s going to make mistakes, and his disguise will wear thin to the people who know Doc well. His friends, his colleagues, and most of all – Ryan finishes, Laura. Doc says Ryan is also behind the times. Ryan says, that can happen in a place like this. He tells Doc that Laura is back, and he’s getting along famously with Doc’s wife – in every sense.

Sam says she can see Elizabeth’s heart is in the right place, even though she went about it the wrong way. It must be Franco’s influence. Elizabeth says Franco is a good friend to Drew; they actually talk. Drew needs all of them. There’s nothing more terrifying than the thought of losing a child. Sam hopes they never have to experience it. Elizabeth asks if they’re good. Sam says she would be there for Drew, but he made it clear he didn’t want her to be.

Drew tells Franco that Sam would definitely be hurt if he turned Jason in, but she wouldn’t be the only person affected if Jason went to prison. There’s Jake, Danny, and Monica. Franco says that’s on the downside. Drew says, on the upside, he’d be getting his memories back. Franco says, fair warning; he’s going to lose his hero cred with Oscar if he betrays his brother. Drew doesn’t care about hero cred; he just wants to be there. The treatment will probably be excruciating, but it might extend Oscar’s life. Franco says it’s silly, having this conversation. It’s all hypothetical anyway, right? Drew says, right. It’s hypothetical and silly.

Sonny thinks there’s something they’re not seeing. Jason says he’ll tell Spinelli. Carly walks in, and says they’ll never believe what happened. Nelle was in a rush to get it over with, and skipped the trial. Michael says she pled no contest. Sonny doesn’t like it, thinking the judge might go easy on her. Carly says she was looking forward to testifying. Sonny asks Michael if he’s all right. Michael says he’s fine, but the last thing Nelle said was that they’d always be connected.

Chase says Nelle wasn’t so clever. She asks if he thinks he enjoys losing everything, including her freedom. She got the maximum sentence. He’s satisfied to know justice is finally served. She says that’s a noble speech, but he’s not as virtuous as people might think. He says he learns from his mistakes, and keeps the past in the past. She says, really? and asks if there’s someone new in his life. She’s not as far in the rearview as he pretends. It says something that he hasn’t moved on. They both know he’ll never meet anyone like her. He says, promise? Brad is still there, and Chase says Nelle is on her way to her new home in Pentonville. She asks if she can have a moment with her only remaining friend and his baby.

Carly didn’t get to tell the court about Nelle, but the good news is, she’s on her way to prison. Jason says she can start to heal. Michael too. Carly says Nelle almost got what she wanted. Ferncliff was awful, especially at the end. It almost broke her. Jason says, it didn’t; she won. Carly says it took too long, and cost too much, but Nelle is finally and forever out of their lives. Sonny tells Michael to forget about Nelle. Michael says he’ll try, but she’s right about them being connected. They always will be connected by the child they lost.

Nelle asks if Brad got the passport all set, and wonders why the baby would need a passport. She asks if he and Lucas are going somewhere. He says, no, but they like to travel, and Wiley is portable at his age. Nelle says it looks like she’s going away for quite a while. Brad says he’ll miss her, but she says he has Wiley and Lucas, and there’s nothing stronger than the bond between parent and child. She tells him, cheer up. If she plays her cards right, she might get an early release. The officer takes her away, and Chase follows. Brad makes a worried face to rival Griff’s.

Doc says Ryan may have the ring, but Laura won’t be fooled by him masquerading as her husband. Ryan says it’s the only reason he’s keeping he distance – for the time being. It’s not easy. She’s more beautiful than he thought possible, and happy to be back. Doc tells him to leave her alone. Ryan says he’ll take care of her – one way or another. He walks out, and Doc yells for him to come back.

Laura starts to clean up the dinner that wasn’t. There’s a knock at the door. It’s someone with flowers, and she looks shocked.

Elizabeth goes to the docks. She tells Franco that she got his message. She asks what he’s doing there, besides not sketching. He says he was trying to help Drew. She says, believe it or not, she was doing the same thing. He asks if she had any luck, but she’s not sure. He says, that makes two of them.

There’s a knock at Sam’s door. It’s Drew.

Tomorrow, Not-Doc tells Ava that she’s a remarkable woman, Spencer shows up in Port Charles, and Sam tells Drew that she’s here for him no matter what.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

Everyone is packing for the trip to Jamaica. They meet at the airport. Shannon wonders who goes there at this time of day. Nobody. Vacation Shannon is ready to play. Gina is hyped. She needs tan lines. On the plane Shannon wonders what the odds are that Kelly will go on a date with her seatmate.

Wow. That’s a lot of luggage for a few days and mostly bathing suits. Vicki says it’s hotter than she’s ever felt. The tour guide welcomes them to Jamaica. Vicki asks if he’ll be mad if they all wear Rasta hats with dreads attached, but he thinks it will be hilarious. They discuss conch being an aphrodisiac, and Vicki says she like to have sex four times a day, which is more than any of us needed to know.

They’re greeted with cocktails by hotel manager Ingrid. She tells them that they’re in the prestigious penthouse. Kelly suggests Shannon bunk with Emily and Gina, but she refuses, acting dismissive. In her interview, Gina commends Shannon’s rude balls. Shannon wants to enjoy herself with people she knows well. The penthouses are quite impressive, especially the view. They also have private butlers who probably realize immediately how full their hands will be with this group.

Emily and Gina say Shannon would have loved them. In Kelly’s interview, she says she went through this with Shannon, who was a little standoffish when they met. A little? She wants Shannon to warm up to Gina and Emily, since she enjoys them. In Tamra’s interview, she thinks if Shannon gives them a chance, maybe she’ll like them.

The air-conditioning is broken at the hotel. Vicki says it’s a beautiful hotel, but she can’t see it because her eyeballs are sweating. Tamra calls Eddie. A part of her is nervous and guilty for leaving him. Tamra tells others that Vicki won’t open the windows because of the Zika virus. Kelly says it’s not like Vicki is going to get pregnant. She’d be more worried about STDs before she’d be worried about mosquitoes.

They get in an extremely long golf cart, and ride to a restaurant that has live music. Shannon finds out her house was sold. They’re going to honor the lease until September. In her interview, Shannon wants consistency and structure for her girls. They haven’t even been there a year, and this is stressful for her right now. She tells the ladies that she doesn’t want to get emotional, but her kids will be crushed. Kelly suggests they think of all the people who are starving. Shannon says she gets that, but her kids don’t understand. Kelly thinks Shannon should take them to the projects. She’s done it, and it’s awesome. We flash back to Kelly and Jolie helping in the soup kitchen. In Kelly’s interview, she says Shannon doesn’t understand how fortunate they are. If she did, she wouldn’t complain as much. They toast to the vacation

Tamra asks about Gina’s living situation, and Gina says she and Matt are doing alternate weekends at the house. In her interview, Gina says they each have their own room. The kids aren’t capable of processing what’s going on, and they need to teach them in a way they’re able to understand. Kelly says Gina will have to think of finances. Gina says Matt is going to pay support. Shannon’s face is in her phone, and in her interview, Tamra says everyone listens when Shannon is venting, but she checks out when it’s someone else. Vicki tells Gina that she’ll need life insurance. In Vicki’s interview, she says if Matt died tomorrow, how would Gina go to the store. Everybody dies someday. Call her. Vicki, a walking advertisement for Codo Insurance. Gina insists she’s going to adult well.

Vicki is overheated. Tamra suggests water and fresh air. She says they can be dying in the street, but she’s not going to another hospital. We flash back to the dune buggy accident, and Vicki’s illness in Iceland. Tamra thinks there’s something wrong, and feels Vicki’s forehead. She dumps some water down the front of Vicki’s dress. Kelly mops Vicki’s face. Vicki says she hates them right now. Shannon laughs hysterically, and people are starting to look.

The next morning, Tamra, Emily, and Gina go to the beach, and order cocktails. The others go to the spa. Kelly has a heat rash, and won’t shut up about it. She’s never had a rash before, despite what people might think. They go into a heated salt lounge, where the walls and chairs are made of warmed salt blocks. Shannon forgot her bathing suit, and covers herself with a towel. Kelly babbles some more about her rash.

Tamra says she was tapped out, but enjoyed the dancing. We see a clip of them line dancing, and Shannon unsuccessfully trying to twerk, banging into everyone. Tamra says Shannon will warm up; it takes time. Gina says Shannon tells them everything about her, but doesn’t give sh*t about them. She thinks reciprocation would be nice. Tamra tells them Eddie says she’s an enabler with Shannon, but she feels badly for her. Emily asks why? and Gina says, she is kind of sad. Tamra says every day, Shannon wakes up with a negative comment. It’s been Shannon’s personality, and she’s adapted to it. Emily says, she’s adapted, instead of meeting in the middle. In her interview, Tamra thinks it’s a fine line between support and enabling. She has to flip the switch, but isn’t sure what to do. Emily asks if Tamra thinks it’s Shannon’s marriage or she’s always been like this.

Mineral pools are next. Shannon says she can only go in up to her vagina. Vicki tells her to put on her underwear. Shannon gets out, but Vicki and Kelly drag her back in, towel and all.

At the beach, the girls get in the water. Gina says it’s the first time she’s been cool. Tamra wants to sleep there. Gina says, beach, cocktail, no kids; it’s nice. She thinks the single life is awesome. She’s never going home. Tamra say she’s used to hearing about Shannon’s divorce every day. In Gina’s interview, she says Shannon blocks everyone out, and remains stuck. She doesn’t have to move on. Authentic, good friendships would be helpful in moving forward. The water looks amazing, and if I was there, Shannon’s issue would be the furthest thing from my mind.

Back at the penthouse, Tamra practically sits in the fridge. She tells Shannon and Vicki that they went to the beach, had drinks, and laughed. Shannon wants to know what they laughed at. Vicki wants to know who Tamra laughed with more. Tamra says she had fun with Shannon dancing. Shannon hopes it was worth hurting her ankle, because she’s feeling it today. Ha-ha! Tamra’s face.

In her interview, Gina says she has a major water phobia. We see clip of her not wanting to get on a blow-up raft at the beach. She says if it’s clear water, it’s okay, but murky water, not so much. She’s skeptical about the upcoming river raft excursion. They drink beers on the bus. Shannon sees how muddy the river is, and doesn’t want that sh*t water near her ass. In her interview, Tamra says Vicki should be only one who’s worried about getting the Zika virus, since she has the sh*t luck. In Vicki’s interview, she thinks she and Shannon have crossed over to a better friendship, and says, ah-ha, Tamra, because we’re five.

At the river, a dude serenades them with loud Jamaican sounds. They’re offered a refreshment before they leave, and get Red Stripes. Vicki says, no rapids, and we flash back to another trip where the rafting was pretty rough. Tamra tells Kelly that Vicki and Shannon are new BFFs. She caught Shannon asking Vicki to pair up with her. In her interview, Kelly finds the co-dependency between Tamra and Shannon strange. It’s weird. Tamra says she’d rather go with Kelly than listen to bitching the whole time. Let the Debbie Downers go together.

The ladies are introduced to the raft captains. Gina doesn’t want to get on. She doesn’t think she’ll get bit by something, but is worried the Kraken will come out of the water, as we all do. Shannon says she’s gassy, and Vicki wants her off the boat. Shannon blames the beer. Vicki says, let’s get this party started. Tamra says every time a captain says, ya mon, they have to take a drink. The see the almond trees along the shore, and attempt a round of Row, Row, Row You’re Boat, which doesn’t work out too well. Tamra and Kelly motorboat each other. Kelly needs another drink because there are so many ya mons. Tamra talks about Shannon not being nice, and Kelly says they didn’t talk for two years. You can’t force a friendship, and if she doesn’t want it, it’s her loss.

Tarzan (I’m not kidding; the text says that’s his name) swings by on a rope, and jumps into the water. Kelly wants to do it, but Shannon says she’ll just observe. Emily feels like any experience for something new, she’s in, and jumps into the water. Tamra calls her a bad ass bitch. Kelly hangs upside down, but swings back to shore. She says she already has a rash. Shannon and Vicki go back to the bar. Vicki tells the bartender she had an allergic reaction, and her eyes are shrinking. She’s allergic to Jamaica. She gets the bartender laughing with her ridiculous repartee. Tamra is next on the rope, swings into the water, and inadvertently flashes. In her interview, Gina says it’s Tarzan’s lucky day. Tarzan gives Tamra a high five. That actually happened to me once at the beach when I got slammed by a wave, but luckily no one was around.

Vicki babbles to the bartender about falling in love with a bad guy, and getting her heart broken. Now she’s met an incredible man, but doesn’t want her heart broke. In her Shannon’s interview, she says she doesn’t know how deep Vicki is going to get with the bartender. Vicki doesn’t want go wrong, and is doing the best she can on her side. The bartender has her own sob story, having falling in love like Vicki. Vicki says, you never know what the other person is thinking.

Gina is next on the rope, but she’s not going into water. She flips upside down like Kelly did, and makes it back. She’s proud of herself, even though she didn’t jump in. At least she tried. They go back to the bar, and tell Vicki and Shannon about their mini adventure, and Tamra’s flashing. Emily wants Shannon to do it. Swing on the rope, not flash. Shannon says no. In her interview, Emily says this is the extent of her conversation with Shannon. It gets to the point where you don’t want to try anymore, and feel like a jackass. Shannon wants air-conditioning. Tamra says the water is dirty, but nice and cool. Shannon wants to sit in the van rather than go in the water. She starts to leave, and Tamra asks if it’s something she said. Vicki goes to the van with Shannon, and the rest gather up their things. Tamra says she’s trying to be patient and help Shannon, but she’s getting so frustrated, and she’s going to blow. She asks why Kelly kept her top on, and Kelly she’s wearing a one piece.

Next time, a roller coaster through the woods, Vicki twerk, Shannon has a lot of new in her life, Tamra gets put on the spot, and screams at Shannon to stop screaming.

🌇 Calling It a Night Because…

Working on Halloween hijinks. Here are some hijinks from Halloweens past.